Emerald Dream / Terenas

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3h (A) Soppa - ED/Teranas Finnish/Suomi 11/11HC Recruiting Alliance guild formed for Legion Soppa is a finnish only guild that aims to have a good time. Now please pardon my language: http://soppa.enjin.com/ Soppa etsii lisää sekoittajia Battle for Azerothia varten! Emerald Dream / Terenas - Alliance Soppa on Emerald Dream / Terenas (EU) akselin ainoita aktiivisia Alliance Suomi-kiltoja. Legion 11/11HC hyvässä Curve ajassa. Server 14HC Tavoitteenamme on pitää hauskaa pelin sisällä, hyvällä ryhmähengellä. Kilta perustettu, jotta löytyisi aina Suomalaista peliseuraa, jokaiseen pelin aktiviteettiin. Raideille tai muuhunkaan ei ole pakko osallistua. Jäsenvaatimuksena rehteys, kypsyys ja edes kohtalainen huumorintaju. Päätökset tehdään suhteellisen demokraattisesti. Killan on tarkoitus olla vähän vapaamuotoisempi. Personal Loot. Progress Normal/HC/Mythic sitä mukaa, miten sopivalta tuntuu. Ei paineita. Päämääränä kuitenkin clearata vähintään HC Raidit. Raidit KE ja SU klo19:00-22:30. (Muutoksia mahd. luvassa.) Alt-run ja pugituksia muinakin päivinä. Osallistumiseen vaadittavat kriteerit määritellään tarkempana ajankohtaa. Tullaan pitämään suhteellisen matalana. Hakemukset: http://soppa.enjin.com/Soppis20 3h
2d <H> <Da Udder Guild> Recruiting Da Udder Guild is returning after a break, A little about us. We are an English speaking social guild made up of older players who have been together since Vanilla in one game or another, we had a good run on Horde joining fairly late in the legion expansion and had some success with raiding. Because we have been together so long we all work well together and don't take the game too seriously, we don't enjoy wipefest's but we don't grumble about it we work it out and move on. We are ultimately looking to recruit enough people to have a regular raid night(s) come BFA. Our regular night for raiding was Friday 2000 - 2300 BST, however due to low numbers this has not been happening recently, we are hoping with this recruitment drive we can start a little raiding pre-BFA and get everyone working as a team. A little about you. We are currently recruiting all classes and specs, just happy to have some more folk along. You must have a good sense of humour, trust me when you have been together as long as some of us, that gets you through a lot. To contact us either message me here or contact any one using the command \who da udder guild and we will get you an invite. Discord: https://discord.gg/rNA46W3 BNET: Shteel#2181 Looking forward to making some new mates :)Actaea7 2d
3d Omen - Mythic Raiding Horde ED/Terenas 10/11m Just realized our recruitment post is long buried so taking some initiative to fix that, but most of you on this server know us, if you're new, hello! Current recruitment positions are on the website. I'll just copypaste our description. But from my own experiences; If you are someone on Horde who's looking to take their game up a notch while enjoying some cheery atmosphere and good friends. We're the ideal solution for you. Alot of us are off to Blizzcon personally this year as a large group of 13, we enjoy some genial relations with other top end guilds on the server and just generally try to be as open and welcoming as we can to all. Link to the website: http://www.omen-guild.enjin.com/ About us: OMEN was created in order to satisfy our desires to explore the endgame content World of Warcraft has to offer, all while having fun in a nice social atmosphere. Ever since the guild was formed about 10 years ago we have been among the top guilds of the server and a top horde guild. Our guild is made up of members mostly around 20-30 years old who appreciate social qualities such as maturity, tolerance, patience and reason; and we try our best to abide by ideas and principles of fairness, kindness and mutual respect. Though when it all comes down to it we are really just a bunch of relaxed people who enjoy a shared laugh as much as the challenges of raiding. For recruitment status see above; however we may also consider recruiting good players of other classes, so don't hesitate to apply if you think you would fit into our team! Recruitment info and our expectations. We raid 3 nights per week: Wednesday, Sunday and Monday. 19:45 invites, 20:00 raid start, 2300h raid end (all game time). - The trial period usually lasts 2-3 weeks. - You must be able to attend at least 65% of raids, but the higher the better - You are an adult and mature person with control over your own playtime. - You own a computer with good hardware able to perform well in raid situations. - You have a good understanding of classes and game mechanics. - You have good raiding experience and an off-role invested artifact. - You are expected to be able to bring your own consumables in raids: both flasks and potions. - You have Discord installed and are able to listen (talking is fine too! :D) The Ideal Candidate: If you are interested in learning new encounters and constantly improving then you will fit right in! Our ideal candidate is someone who generally spends a lot of time playing this game: a person who loves playing their class, has ways of working around its weaknesses; a player who appreciates what responsibilities they have, and can understand and meet the expectations others will have of them. You need to enjoy progress raiding and be able to stay focused even after hours of wiping and remain positive in the face of adversity. Officers to contact on further details: Cantor, Tussilago, Tymia, MogrollAqua9 3d
3d [A + H] Paranoid, for those with Social Anxiety Founded in June 2011, Paranoid is a guild for the socially awkward, the shy, the people who'd like to raid, but get a headache just thinking about all the things they could screw up. The people who type a message to someone who's LFM in trade, then backspace, then type, backspace, type, stare at what they've written, backspace again and go quest on their own. And if they do press enter, they're relieved if they get the reply: "Sorry, full." Paranoid is a no-pressure guild. We don't care if you make a mistake that wipes the raid (seriously, we're too busy worrying about our own mistakes) and we won't think badly of you if you suddenly need a break if you can't take it anymore. We brought a bunch of people together who get this. Really get it. We know exactly what you mean when you say: "I'm out of social energy. I have to go" or "I need to turn off gchat for a while." We started out as an Alliance guild, but some of us decided to branch out and explore the Horde side as well! Although our Horde guild is still rather small, we're slowly building a safe and friendly home there as well. If you'd like to be a part of either our Alliance or our Horde guild (or both!), please visit our website www.paranoid-ed.com. While everyone with SA or similar issues is welcome, we're looking for DPS and tanks in particular, so we can continue our raids! :)Meranger32 3d
5d < Embassy Of The Void > Newly formed social guild for leveling, PvP and Raids. I also have a Discord server we hang out in. We play others games on there aswell. https://discord.gg/ur3WuJe I'm not going to lie I'm new to Guild managment so I'd imagine its a pretty big undertaking haha. Hopefully I can get together some people and we can all have some fun :D I'm mostly into Battlegrounds but do some tanking and healing on the side. If you are looking for a fun small social group to hang out with then embrace the call of the void.Ashvsworld0 5d
08 Jul [A] Epiphany [11/11 HC] - Casual Raiding/Social Were you once a Mythic Raider, but now have a job to think about? Have you swapped Grinding Rep with lots of factions to Grind Rep with the Missus? Do your evenings sometimes involve small kids wanting to “help” you play? And do you miss the time when you could actually raid and enjoy the game? Then Epiphany might well be the home for you. Most of us are old school raiders who have been around since vanilla. But we’ve now got jobs and family and other real life commitments to think about, or we just don’t want to be that harcore anymore. We are a casual raiding guild with a friendly active player base. We raid two to three times a week on heroic difficulty. During non raid nights we run Mythic/Mythic Plus dungeons, old content raids on for achievements/mounts/transmog, level alts, farm etc….. You know the usual thing. We also have a decent number of players on during the day time. We are currently using Discrod for both voice comms and out of game communications. Raid Nights *Friday *Sunday All raids start at 20.30 Server Time and end 23.00 Currently recruiting *Ranged or Melee DPS If you play another role please get in touch and have a chat. Socials always welcome! Progress *11/11, Antorus the Burning Throne Heroic *9/9 Tomb of Sargeras Heroic *10/10 Nighthold Heroic *3/3 Trial of Valor Heroic *7/7 Emerald Nightmare Heroic Other guild activities currently *Social/alt raid every Tuesday starting at 20.30 *Fun run (guild achievements, transmog runs etc.) every Saturday starting at 20.30 *Mythic+ 15 key runs every week. Officer Team *Vainzki - Btag: Vainzki#2950 *Masazuka *Drisana *Xanestra *Lascielle *Kard *Zone Thank you for your time! -VainzkiVainzki19 08 Jul
06 Jul <Oblivion> 11/11M Boost Community Hello and Welcome to Oblivion's Boost Community, formed by top 11/11M Raiding Teams. We Provide our Boosting Services on Eu Horde Only. -If we fail to achieve a Boost run for you, you will get the full refund for the price you paid for the boost. -Once you become a regular buyer, you will also receive free boosts and discounts on certain occasions. We accept payment on Any realm, you can find a regularly updated list of prices on our Discord Server. Discord Link: https://discord.gg/JtPYkdQ What do we provide: Trials Of Valor Mythic + The Chosen Title : Days: Any Day Time: 16:30 - 00:30 Server Time (Runs every 30minutes) Extra Info: You will Receive 3 Achievements and The Chosen Title. Nighthold Mythic: Elisande Trinket (Convergence of Fate): Day: Any Day (6 runs per day) Time: 17:30/18:15/19:00/19:40/23:30 Server Time (Flexible with times) Guldan Mount: Day: Any Day (6 runs per day) Time: 17:30/18:15/19:00/19:40/23:30 Server Time (Flexible with times) Extra Info: You will get Guldan Mythic Achievement and Mount! Guldan Mount + Full Run: Day: Any Day Time: Custom Time (What Suits You) Extra Info: You will get Full loot priority from all 10 bosses and Guldan Mythic Mount! Antorus, The Burning Throne: Antorus Heroic Masterloot Full loot Priority: Day: Any Day (Have 1-2 runs per day) Time: 17:00/23:00 Server Time (Flexible with Times) Group Size: 20-25 all unsaved Extra Info: Full loot priority is basically you get all the loot you need for your spec. You will Roll on Rings/Necks/Cloaks. Antorus Heroic Personal Loot : Day: Everyday Time: 15:00/18:00/20:30/22:30 Server Time Extra Info: Boosters Roll out loot that they don't need! Boosters are unsaved! Antorus Heroic PL Special : Day: Custom Day (up to you!) Time: Custom Time (up to you!) Extra Info: We assign 3 unsaved players of the same class to trade all items to you. Argus Heroic Personal Loot : Day: Every Day except Wednesday Time: 17:00/20:00/22:30/00:30 Server Time Extra Info: Get your Curve, Mount and Chance on Legendary/Pantheon Trinket! Glory of Argus Raider : Day: Sunday Time: 20:30 Server Time Extra Info: Done via Normal difficulty, Get your Glory Mount and Lots of Achievements! Glory of Legion Raider : Day: Sunday Time: 20:30 Server Time Extra Info: Done via Normal difficulty, Get your Glory Mount and Lots of Achievements! Note: If you are interested in booking a spot for the services we provide, please join the discord and if the boost you are looking for is not listed then you can ask about it as well! Contact us Discord Invite Link: https://discord.gg/JtPYkdQReginé2 06 Jul
03 Jul <A> Safety Not Guaranteed - 10/11M - Recruitment Safety not Guaranteed is an English speaking Alliance raiding guild on Emerald Dream. We raid 3 times a week and are mainly focused on mythic raiding. Current Progress: 10/11M Antorus Recruitment: We are currently extending Mythic Antorus until Argus is killed, so recruitment is limited to the following classes: Melee DPS: DK Ranged DPS: Mage, Priest, Ele Shaman, Hunter, Lock All recruits interested in raiding with us before BfA must be already geared and prepared for Argus progression Our raiding schedule is: - Thursday: 20.00 - 23.00 (server time) - Monday: 20.00 - 23.00 (server time) - Tuesday: 20.00 - 23.00 (server time) Apply here: http://safetynotguaranteed.guildlaunch.com/ Even if we are not actively recruiting your class, we will consider any exceptional applications. We are also recruiting a wider range of classes for BfA, so don't be scared to apply if your class is not listed above. About us: Safety not Guaranteed (SnG) was initially formed on horde side by a small group of friends in early MoP, raiding 10man heroic. Later during the expansion we faction changed to Alliance and expanded our roster to a 20man mythic team, where we cleared SoO mythic as a guild. Many of us have been playing together since as early as WotLK, and have friendships with each other that extend outside the game as well. Our goal ever since the guild was formed has been to progress through content at a steady pace, without hardcore hours, while having a good time together. We aim to clear each tier before the next one is released. We cleared all mythic content in WoD, and have cleared each tier so far in Legion obtaining most mythic cutting edge achievements, and plan to continue doing so. What we offer: A structured mythic raiding team and raiding times. We start invites 19:45 and begin to clear trash so we can have the first pulls at 20:00 A fair rotation and loot distribution via loot council. We keep spreadsheets! A steady guild with a good community and good guild atmosphere. You may encounter some trolling during your stay. A focused attitude during progression, and relaxed attitude during farm content. We like to chat and have fun, but focus during difficult content. A desire to raid. We often run an extra raid day on the 1st week of a new raid tier. This is 100% optional, but most people are excited to get into a new instance. Additionally we often run some sort of alt raids on fridays (100% optional), and do a lot of mythic+ content within the guild. What we want from you: High attendance. We expect a minimum of 80% attendance, though most of our raiders have near to 100%. We run a small roster to minimize rotation, and want to be able to rely on you. Commitment. We don't want someone who is looking to join, get geared and then leave. We have a 2-3 week trial period during which we will control gearing while we get to know you. Honesty. If you're having problems within the guild, or have real life issues, we'd like to hear rather than you just disappearing. Talk to us. Be prepared! This means reading up on new fights, having consumables (flask, pots, food, runes), gemming and enchanting properly, and being on time! Communication. We want you to know how to communicate both verbally and in writing. We have a guild Discord we use for our raids and other games! Raiding awareness. We want you to not stand in fire, unless it's required... Progression oriented attitude. Everyone makes mistakes, but learning is part of progression, so we value people who continue to improve over time. Understanding. Sometimes, things don't always go smoothly. We may hit a wall on a specific boss for a while, or you may have to sit for someone else during a progression raid. This is part of mythic raiding. We try to treat everyone fairly, and are open to feedback. For more information you can add an officer to chat: Menetherin#2691, Joana#2806, Kitty#2896, Noxxus#2229 Or visit our website: http://safetynotguaranteed.guildlaunch.com/Joana51 03 Jul
03 Jul Delete old postEvery0 03 Jul
18 Jun [A] <BattleRagers> Recruiting 6/11M Hi All, We are currently recruiting for our Mythic Raiding team and prep for BFA. Looking for : A tank (so our off spec can go back to main spec) A healer (any type will be considered, though would be great to have a priest to complete our variety) Ranged DPS Exceptional Melee DPS While raiding only 2 nights a week, and only 2.5 hours on each of those nights (Wed/Sun 21:00-23:30 game time), we don't raid for that long, and are extremely proud of our ranking position on the realm considering this fact. (Raid Smarter, not Longer) Apart from our raiding scene, we are also found doing multiple M+ groups throughout the week, and will also run a Social/Alt run on Saturdays through HC Antorus to help gear toons we like to play on the side. For more questions, whisper one of us in game, or visit our website http://battleragersguild.net/ Should you have no questions, you will find a short application form on the site that you will need to fill in. We do this to ensure we can vet players joining the guild in an effort to avoid issues and politics. We are very happy with the atmosphere within our guild and would like to keep it that way, that is why we are one of the oldest guilds on the realm. Penguinx (Raid Leader)Penguinx3 18 Jun
14 Jun <Oblivion> 11/11M Boost Community Hello and Welcome to Oblivion's Boost Community, formed by top 11/11M Raiding Teams. We Provide our Boosting Services on Eu Horde Only. -If we fail to achieve a Boost run for you, you will get the full refund for the price you paid for the boost. -Once you become a regular buyer, you will also receive free boosts and discounts on certain occasions. We accept payment on Any realm, you can find a regularly updated list of prices on our Discord Server. Discord Link: https://discord.gg/JtPYkdQ What do we provide: Trials Of Valor Mythic + The Chosen Title : Days: Any Day Time: 16:30 - 00:30 Server Time (Runs every 30minutes) Extra Info: You will Receive 3 Achievements and The Chosen Title. Nighthold Mythic: Elisande Trinket (Convergence of Fate): Day: Any Day (6 runs per day) Time: 17:30/18:15/19:00/19:40/23:30 Server Time (Flexible with times) Guldan Mount: Day: Any Day (6 runs per day) Time: 17:30/18:15/19:00/19:40/23:30 Server Time (Flexible with times) Extra Info: You will get Guldan Mythic Achievement and Mount! Guldan Mount + Full Run: Day: Any Day Time: Custom Time (What Suits You) Extra Info: You will get Full loot priority from all 10 bosses and Guldan Mythic Mount! Antorus, The Burning Throne: Antorus Heroic Masterloot Full loot Priority: Day: Any Day (Have 1-2 runs per day) Time: 17:00/23:00 Server Time (Flexible with Times) Group Size: 20-25 all unsaved Extra Info: Full loot priority is basically you get all the loot you need for your spec. You will Roll on Rings/Necks/Cloaks. Antorus Heroic Personal Loot : Day: Everyday Time: 15:00/18:00/20:30/22:30 Server Time Extra Info: Boosters Roll out loot that they don't need! Boosters are unsaved! Antorus Heroic PL Special : Day: Custom Day (up to you!) Time: Custom Time (up to you!) Extra Info: We assign 3 unsaved players of the same class to trade all items to you. Argus Heroic Personal Loot : Day: Every Day except Wednesday Time: 17:00/20:00/22:30/00:30 Server Time Extra Info: Get your Curve, Mount and Chance on Legendary/Pantheon Trinket! Glory of Argus Raider : Day: Sunday Time: 20:30 Server Time Extra Info: Done via Normal difficulty, Get your Glory Mount and Lots of Achievements! Glory of Legion Raider : Day: Sunday Time: 20:30 Server Time Extra Info: Done via Normal difficulty, Get your Glory Mount and Lots of Achievements! Note: If you are interested in booking a spot for the services we provide, please join the discord and if the boost you are looking for is not listed then you can ask about it as well! Contact us Discord Invite Link: https://discord.gg/JtPYkdQReginé0 14 Jun
03 Jun Returning player LF weekend raiding. Any weekend raiding guilds about looking for members? Had to stop playing due to a job change, but now (finally!) got some time to spare over the weekends for raiding.Addict0 03 Jun
31 May [A] <Indecisive> 10/11 Mythic - 3 nights - LF DPS Indecisive is a mythic focused raiding guild on Emerald Dream - with a big emphasis on a social atmosphere whilst maintaining competitive progress. Raid Schedule : Thursday / Monday / Tuesday - 20:30 to 00:00 (server time) Due to our 3 day a week schedule, a commitment to 100% attendance is preferred although 75% must be maintained and will be still be considered. Current Recruitment: We are currently looking for DPS to finish our progress on Argus and bolster our ranks for BfA. Please keep in mind that even if we are not currently recruiting for your class that all outstanding applications will be taken into consideration. Stability Now into our eleventh year, our numbers are made up of extremely experienced players, mainly aged between 25 - 35 years old, from all around Europe. The raid team is a tight-knit group, with many who have raided since Vanilla and TBC, we welcome both new players and WoW veterans. Raiding Raiding in the mythic bracket is the core activity of the guild. Veteran or ex-hardcore raiders who have taken a step back from punishing raiding schedules often find a happy home with us in a relaxed but progressive raiding environment. Our raiding hours allow players with real-life commitments to take part in end content raiding without it becoming a burden or a chore. Newer players to WoW will find an environment where they are encouraged to make the best of their character and gameplay by players who know their classes inside out. You will never be asked to raid an extra day or extended hours and non-raid day activities are purely optional. Social Our Discord server is VERY active both during and between raids. Whilst raiding is our primary focus you can log on 'out of hours' and always find guild members online. We have a healthy number of players who wile away their evenings PvPing, playing alts, or just catching up with each other whilst playing other games. A lot of our guild members have met in real life or have known each other for years, this has led to the feeling of a real gaming community where the large social contingent is an important part of our guild life. Commitments Raiders are expected to maximize their character and bring their best to every raid, making sure they have prepared for the challenges ahead by studying our tactics thread. Our raid time is precious and we all want to make the most of the time we have together. Being friendly, talkative and having the ability to communicate well in game and on Discord is a must. We only accept applications from people aged 16+ In return the officer team ensures the smooth running and organizing of raids, provides tactics the team will employ for each encounter in advance and a EPGP loot system incorporating a loot council that ensures newer members can obtain items along with established raiders. What We Offer: - Stability as a guild and in terms of leadership. - Fun and social atmosphere inside and outside of WoW. - A relaxed but progressive raiding environment. - Fair and open leadership were opinions are valued. - A diverse community with people from all over Europe. What We Expect: - Players committed to achieving the best attendance possible. - Focused attitude to raiding and character development. - An understanding of raid mechanics and an ability to learn from mistakes. - Positive friendly attitude and being a good team player. - Working Microphone, discord and a good understanding of English. - Stable connection and computer. Contact Us: If you want to be part of a team who knows how to laugh, has a stress free raiding environment but can put on their serious faces and get the job done Indecisive is the place for you. You can either contact us in game, on our website or via discord. Any recruitment queries should be whispered or PM'd to any of our officers or if you have already heard enough and want to apply this can be done via our website. Officers: Kayara (Krathe#2321), Fweo (Ferlathin#2352), Toazt(HijaKer#21100), Navi (Navi#2155), Essari (Cerbeh#2771) Discord: https://discord.gg/W3G5EQ8 Website: http://indecisive.eu/Kesara14 31 May
21 May <Forming a new raiding guild> Hello, i recently formed a new guild on Emerald Dream and are looking for active raiders, but also socials. Our core purpose is prepairing for BFA. If you are guildless and searching for one feel free to join :). If you have any more questions feel free to ask. Athrelle <3Athrelle0 21 May
15 May <Exception> Mythic Antorus Boosting Services <Exception> is offering multiple types of boosts please see below for the different types of runs we offer. What we have to offer right now is: Mythic +15 Dungeons for Weekly reward + Keystone Master achievment Argus Mythic + Shackled Ur'zul Mount Antorus Mythic 11/11 + loot + Shackled Ur'zul Mount Antorus Mythic 11/11 + loot We ONLY accept gold as payment. If you can pay on Shattered Hand and connected realms you will get the cheapest prices. However we do accept gold on most servers. Antorus Mythic run is on Wednesdays at 19:30 server time. All our raiders are 965+ ilvl, so the run is smooth and efficient. To book a spot add my battle-tag: smithy#2925 We do our best to get our buyers as much loot as possible, this means no more than 1 buyer each armor and token type. For more info or if u have any questions please add my battle-tag: smithy#2925 or send me a whisper in-game. These runs are HORDE ONLYßíó0 15 May
10 May WTB Magic Rooster Egg Tcg Mount WTB Magic Rooster Egg Mount ( Gold on Silvermoon-Alliance) BattleTag: Psarman#2811 PM me for more Info pls.Shockwaver0 10 May
08 May <Ascendance> Recruitment <OPEN> (A) Hello all, First of all let me thank you for opening this post... Now to the good stuff: <Ascendance> - A newly formed Guild on the Emerald Dream Server, with ambitions to be one of the TOP raiding guilds during BFA! The Aim ... How we are going to achieve this: ... What about the current expansion? ... Raid Schedule: ... Recruitment: ... Contact: ...Dáx0 08 May
02 May [A/H]<Aspect of the Squirrel> casual/social Guild: Aspect of the Squirrel Guild type: Casual/social Faction: Alliance and Horde Region: EU Server: Emerald Dream/Terenas Contact: katbee#5377 on discord or ask one of us in game for a trial ginvite Aspect of the Squirrel is a social guild. We play both factions and have a guild with the same name on both sides. We are a helpful, fun loving group of slightly disturbed but really nice people. Mostly. We play other games. We don't do drama. We play for fun. Some of us live on WoW but most of us have families or work commitments. Our members range in experience and ability. We have both elitist muppets and uber noobs but we all get along. There are people that have been playing since Vanilla and players that started in Legion. Whether you've been playing forever or you've just started or even returned from a break, you're welcome to join. If you need or want it, we will help you if we can. PVE: We're fairly casual right now. We do mythic+ and run normal and heroic dungeons when people need them. We run pug raids sometimes. Some of us are in other raid guilds, but not enough of us raid in this guild atm. We may add a raid group at some point in BFA. PVP: Dirty casuals. Older content: We do transmog and achievement runs as well as levelling. We don't always do it as an organised guild event but there's usually people willing to join you or invite you along. Social: We have a discord server. We don't do games or giveaways atm but we will do again, probably in BFA. Requirements: Sense of humour. Over 18. If you want to join us, send me a message on discord or find one of us in game.Katbee0 02 May
01 May 101 Twink selling Dungeon Boosts As title implies. I'm a 101 Twink Enhancement Shaman [841 iLevel] selling dungeon boost runs. Requirements: You MUST be 680 iLevel [To queue through LFD for bonus xp, this is how you level fast]. Gold. [Wouldn't be profitable if I did this without payment!] I run fast, efficient and clean dungeons where the party can AFK the dungeon. Bosses take 10-15 seconds per boss. Each dungeon costs 1.5k Gold for 1-5 dungeons or 1.25k per dungeon for 5+ bulk dungeons. [Payable on Emerald Dream, I accept pets and mounts on other servers for bulk buys]. Feel free to contact me ingame or through my Battletag if you have any questions. Arieden#2223Sjunnsen1 01 May
27 Apr (SILVERMOON) 2Day Weekend Raiding guild - M+ Focused About Us as a guild <Obscurity> is a Newly formed guild, that's looking to strive in the Mythic + Scene, we are willing to offer opportunities to players of all skill levels, that are willing to learn new ways, and brainstorm with others of their own class to strive to be a better overall player. Our Aims in BFA Our Overall aim is a pretty big one and would require a lot of team work (after all theirs no 'I' in team ^^) we would like to set our aim to helping players get a foot in the door to be one step closer to the mythic invitational (after all its what all mythic+ want eventually), we would also like to clear all content on normal and hc (due to no tier items we find pushing mythic isn't worth what it should be) the idea behind the Saturday/Sunday hc / normal raid clears (possibly Mythic, (Team Focus dependant)upgrade your azurite gear and any possible trinkets that may be a help to mythic+'s We would like to (overtime) make a community where the guild members within the guild could bounce mythic+ tactics and idea /tips off each other to increase your teams/personal mythic+ experience (always remember to keep it fun, after all its a game which is meant to be enjoyed) The aims we have above may seem a little high to start with (but Rome wasn't built in a day Right !? :D) but bare in mind this is what our long terms aims are, we'd like to kick start the guild with chilled calm atmosphere and keep it on that path :) Mythic + Aims As stated above we will cater to every skill level of players in the community, and we will eventually offer something a little more competitive to cater to those that would be interested. Raiding Aims Clearing Content on HC, to improve your gear via the Titan Forge/ War forge system, Trinket upgrades that may benefit you in mythic+, and to upgrade azurite gear if needed. What you can expect from us as a guild As a guild you can expect us to be there for players than need a push in the direction to be a more focused individual/ a better team player, we will be doing a few team building exercises such as the hc weekly clear which is optional, and running m+ as separate guild teams What we Expect from you as a player As a player we would like to expect you to be confident in your self and to be able to manage your time correctly, as raiding isn't mandatory in our guild, we would like to see the players in guild investing time getting to know each other, showing leadership when your in a team, we would also expect all member to able to play along with others with a mature mind set, (treat people how, you would like to be treated). a list of skills that interest us in players : .Maturity .Skill (knowing your class/spec to the maximum to be able to adapt) .Awareness .Dedication Feel free to contact either myself (Wolfskie) or (Zerotar) for either more info, or an invite, please state what your interest is (either Mythic+ or Social rank) Wolfskie#2902 zerotar#21341Wolfskie0 27 Apr
27 Apr Valour - small, friendly guild Valour is awakening from a long hibernation, and is looking to recruit new members. All classes, specs and levels welcome. We are currently a small guild made up of experienced players who have decided to reboot Valour as a place for people to come and play in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. We will be raiding Antorus twice a week (Wednesdays and Sundays) on normal/heroic, with the emphasis being on having fun and enjoying ourselves. We also regularly run M+ keystones, quest together and do the in-game weekly events as a team for those who want to. If you're looking for a casual guild with some raiding included, then we might just be the place for you. If you'd like to know more, please whisper myself or one of our officers: Wishmasterr Teophic Vengedsevenx Blitzspark NadyrahKeltoi1 27 Apr
22 Apr (A) EXILES - LFM DPS You may have realm-transferred to ED to join a specific guild, and maybe it hasn't worked out for you, or perhaps your current raiding environment makes you anxious and stressed out. There really is a better way, and it IS possible to find a guild that you actually ENJOY spending time in. Come and meet us and see for yourself! We are an English speaking guild on Emerald Dream/Terenas that has been around for 13+ years. We have a pleasant, open atmosphere that many are surprised by when they first join, and stay because they enjoy it. We are currently recruiting more raiders due to some of our members having to focus on IRL more at the moment, which is absolutely fine, because to us, someone's wellbeing is more important than hardcore progression...however...we do love raiding! So we'd like to bolster our ranks (you read that in Thalyssra's voice didn't you?) by welcoming new raiders who are like-minded and seek to progress on mythic in a calm, structured manner. Our members age range is 22 to 40+ with some having played since Vanilla and others having joined the game as recently as Cataclysm and beyond. We are a mixture of Dutch, Swedish, Danish, English, Finnish, Belgian, Swiss and there's even a German who refuses to play on German servers, because reasons. Occasionally he can be persuaded to call out raid warnings in German, which results in much hilarity...especially on Kingaroth...LASERSTRAHL! ACHTUNG! We use English to communicate, because the English are lazy and most only know one language - and that's about as harsh a joke as you will hear on our voice comms, for which we use Discord. Anyone with sufficient gear (normal/heroic Antorus) is welcome to contact me for a trial, or if you are just returning to the game, and are intending to raid, but would like to join somewhere with kind, non-elitist members, as a social, please contact me as well. Trials last 2-3 weeks max, and if you aren't cut out for Mythic raiding, you are always more than welcome to stay on a social basis and join Mythic +, and work on your skills. Our players are happy to help with advice for people who are unsure of the current meta builds etc. We raid 2 nights a week, and although this is currently Thursday/Monday from 20h00 -23h00 (CET) server time (or 19h00-22h00 GMT), we are considering altering these days to suit our group best. Please contact me for details. When a new raid is released, we usually add a completely optional 3rd raid to help gear players early on. Our current progress is 2/11 Mythic. 11/11 HC. We provide raid feasts, flask cauldrons and are able to help with enchants and gems where needed, all we ask in return is that you are a reliable adult (21+) who enjoys raiding, and isn't a megalomanical loot !@#$%. (We use RCLootcouncil and loot is distributed in a fair and equitable manner.) To date, I have yet to witness an argument over loot - clearly our system works well and everyone benefits. To see more of our guild's activity, please visit our website at mythicraiding.com and either use the contact page there, or add me in-game if you would like further information about the guild. Artenesse#2124 - Lariel#2628 - Mith#2828 - Theonus#2461 You can also type /who Exiles if you are on ED/Terenas, and ask if there is an officer online. Come and join us!Artenesse1 22 Apr
19 Apr Path of Redemption is recruiting Path of Redemption is now recruiting Ranged DPS for our raid team preferably casters. PoR is quite a new guild (Formed in August 2016) Created by a bunch of wow addicted friends, most of us have played since Vanilla. If you would like to know more about us before applying to the guild, feel free to contact Thindra, Aylish, Zelmiss, Rhoslyne, Sallyjo or Crawdor. Our vision for the guild Recruit more players that are just as social and crazy as we are. We love to do things together, like run dungeons, raids, quests, transmogruns and more. We are not aiming for mythic raids atm just normal and heroic difficulties, we are not a hardcore guild. Most of us have fulltime jobs and children, so time is limited. Progress Emerald Nightmare • Normal 7/7 • Heroic 7/7 Trial of Valor • Normal 3/3 • Heroic 3/3 The Nighthold • Normal 10/10 • Heroic 10/10 Tomb of Sargeras Normal 10/10 Heroic 10/10 Throne of Antorus Normal 11/11 Heroic 11/11 Schedule Thursday: Raid Progress Saturday: Social raid What we wish from the applicant, that means YOU • A mature person above the age of 21. • A person that can behave and be trusted with our guild name, meaning when you are in our guild u have to behave properly if u play with others. • Always be polite to people in the guild and to others in the game • A social person who just love to chat and help others. • A person who has an interest in raiding and is willing to take the responsibility of turning up prepared to the raid. • If you want to be a part of our team we hope u understand that for success there is hard work behind it, so dying is a part of the game whatever we do, and that we do it for fun not for hard core So you have decided to join us?! Then don’t hesitate to contact any of usThindra16 19 Apr
19 Apr [A] Looking for a place to kick back and relax! My and my wife played since release and quit just before RotLK after burning out. We've come back and we're looking for a guild for some community and dungeon/raid fun. We're both 100% casual but like to help people out so a "leveling guild" is a great fit though we probably won't move on and be that odd couple that are still here and will help people out ;) Drop a message here or in game if you'll put up with us :DStemlak1 19 Apr
05 Apr Outland Revolution Hi please check out this video if you loved or enjoy The Burning Crusade and Outland. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLJtTmoOMPE Add my Battle-Tag Rikard#2959 for interests in the new Project 70 on Silvermoon <Raiders of Outland>Zpikkz0 05 Apr
05 Apr Outland Revolution Hi please check out this video if you loved or enjoy The Burning Crusade and Outland. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLJtTmoOMPE Add my Battle-Tag Rikard#2959 for interests in the new Project 70 on Silvermoon <Raiders of Outland>Zpikkz0 05 Apr
03 Apr [H] Back and looking for guild Hello to anyone that remembers me! I played in Vanilla in FTLOG and then Uprising, skipped BC, came back for WotLK and most of Cata before taking a break again up until just before Legion released. Got to say I am hooked again, while I enjoyed exploring Pandaria and Draenor as I levelled up from 85, Legion is by far the most fun I have had in game since my return. I've got to the point where I could really use a guild for dungeons and maybe a bit of Heroic raiding. I'm currently still tagged in my old Cataclysm guild but there is no one on regularly except myself. Therefore I am looking for a Horde guild that would like a Enhance Shaman. I've been known to do a bit of healing in my time (;)), so that spec is also being worked on but Enhance is where my passion lies. In RL, I'm a 40+ yr old with kids and responsibilities so hardcore raiding is not an option but I am online most evenings for an hour at least. Give me a shout if you remember me/need me! Happy Wow'ing, RaliRali4 03 Apr
23 Mar Gold Trade Looking for trade Gold from Blackmoore Eu to Emerald Dream / TerenasAurêlían0 23 Mar
22 Mar [A] Unexpected Recruiting Hi, Guild Info Unexpected was formed late 2017 on the EU-Emerald Dream server by Mirayane. We as a guild hope to build a strong sense of family & a community that makes everyone feel welcome no matter what. The core of the guild is aimed towards progression raiding we are aiming to push into the BFA raiding scene and make a name for ourselves on the Emerald Dream Server. Anyone is welcome to join the guild as we are also recruiting casuals and people new to raiding that would like to join the raiding "scene" in BFA. We are also looking to make a dedicated Mythic + team! Raid Times Friday 17:00 - 00:00 Saturday 17:00-00:00 If you wish to join please fill out the below google forms! Application Form - https://goo.gl/forms/eWDpQajQWwq6NmZu1Níbirú0 22 Mar
19 Mar (A)Recruiting for EXILES on ED-Terenas Alliance Side Recruiting for EXILES on Emerald Dream-Terenas Mythic Raiding Guild currently 4/9M. No scary application process, and the most chilled out raid environment you could imagine. Guild language is English, with a good mix of EU nations represented. Chilled - meaning you won't get yelled at if you mess up. Focused - meaning when the pull timer goes up, the chat subsides and the boss falls over. Friendly - you won't lose a raiding spot, just because you have a life. Relaxed - currently 2x nights a week, with a possibility of 3x when the new raid opens. Consistent - if we don't have enough numbers for Mythic - we will clear heroic. If we've already cleared HC, then OMG, you can have a night off - or run M+ or go pew pew in Overwatch. Notcrazy- the Guild Master is not an insane control freak that will insist on GPS tagging you IRL, will not track your movements on WoWProgress, and also doesn't mind if you have alts in other guilds, or other friends that you play with. Realistic - we have realistic expectations of you, and you should a) want to raid, b) be reliable c) know your class/spec d) show up prepared. Generous - Feasts and flasks are provided and if you need help with enchants and gems, there's usually someone who has mats. Easy - raid times are easy on your schedule: Mon 20h30-23h30, Thurs 20h30-23h00 in-game-time (EU). All classes and specs currently welcome, trials last a month, and if you aren't cut out for mythic, then guess what? You can stay and be social, or come along to normal and heroic. Please add Zpike#2858 or whisper any member of the guild if you're on ED-Terenas by typing "/who exiles" - and they can point you in the direction of an officer who can invite you.Artenesse3 19 Mar
15 Mar [A] <Easy - Lightbringer> 2/11 (M) is recruiting. <Easy - Lightbringer/Mazrigos> is recruiting. We are presently 2/11 Mythic. We are happy to discuss cross-realm applications by single individuals or small groups of players. Recruitment is currently open for DPS and healers. Applications of exceptional quality, or those from players with raid leading experience will always be given special consideration regardless of our current recruitment status. Minimum requirements for Raider applicants for Antorus Mythic: iLvl:950 Artifact level: 74 All Epic Gems, Fully enchanted, etc. Raid attendance: 50% (we raid on Mon/Wed/Thu/Sun from 21:00 to 23.30 server time) To apply to Easy, please complete an application form in our forum. Make sure to read the sticky, and to complete the application form in full. You do not need an account to post an application. The link to our forum is http://www.wow-easy.net/forum/viewforum.php?f=25 We are happy to discuss applications by small groups of players. If necessary, create a character on Lightbringer or Mazrigos and contact an officer: Templaar, Rotkwa, Nephesh, Liria, Irukandzi <Easy> was founded in 2006. It has a long and stable membership; many of us have raided with Easy for 10 or more years. We are an adult guild and we tend to keep chat clean and to raid in a pleasant and non-threatening atmosphere. We don't bench members once they qualify as raiders - we have a system which gives preference to raiders who have been rolled out of a previous raid. We prefer raiding as friends together to hardcore progress, but our progress is usually solid enough, but without the aggro of hardcore raiding and without compulsory attendance at all raids.Halfamo0 15 Mar
15 Mar (A) <Mortality> 11/11H LFM dps & heal for mythic <Mortality> is a relatively new guild to the server, started by several players that have raided together cross-realm for a number of years. We have been raiding together since Pandaria through Openraid events and since then we have conquered every heroic (and mythic when it went cross-realm) raid we've set our mind to - Siege of Orgrimmar, Hellfire Citadel etc as well as all current raids on heroic difficulty. We are a two night raiding guild with progress raiding on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We also have a run on Wednesday for lower difficulty content e.g. a normal clear which is optional for progression raiders. We raid for just under 4 hours on raid nights unless we clear the content early. Our raids have a friendly and fun atmosphere although we like to knuckle down and get serious during progression fights. We have many exceptional players amongst our ranks who get top logs and parses and we aim to get content cleared all while having a good time doing it. We are currently looking for new recruits to bolster our ranks - particularly dps (ideally ranged dps although some good melee will be considered) and one, maybe two healers. If you would like to apply or try us out, contact us here, message any officer in-game or post via our website www.mortalityguild.com. We are unique in that we raid heroic with several cross-realm members which we organise through openraid.zergid.com. As such, if you are thinking of joining us, you can apply to join us on one of our normal or heroic runs without leaving your current guild.Sophaea2 15 Mar
10 Mar [Horde] Terenas player looking for casual/social guild I'm a 51 y/o Brit, pretty new to Wow, but I've been gaming almost every day since the 80s ;) Fair at PvE but never done a dungeon and only a few Raids via LFR. No microphone as I'd get funny looks from the wife. 100% casual. Real life might interrupt my gaming at any minute. More interested in making gold than getting gear. Willing to put this in the guild coffers. My main is an Affliction Warlock [893] that ground her way to 110 via getting rep in Suramar. God I've grown to hate that place. I'm levelling a Disc Priest as my Alt. Not really interested in "raid nights" as I won't commit to turning up (the previously mentioned real life) but I'm online most of the time and happy to do fun runs of any content (even raid nights if I'm around) with the guild most evenings and I'm often around during the day to help others with their quests etc.. Anyway, if you've made it this far through my rambling and think I might fit into your guild please let me know. Many thanks, Tony, aka Miasma and Annilusion.Miasma1 10 Mar
08 Mar [DUTCH guild] Optimus Pruim - Bloodhoof[H] Casual LFM This post is in English but we’re a DUTCH speaking guild. Optimus Pruim is a guild on Bloodhoof/Khadgar with members from Belgium and the Netherlands. We’re a CASUAL guild and we value the SOCIAL aspect. We're not a raiding guild! We're a social bunch who enjoy different aspects in WoW, raiding happen to be one off those. We have a strong active core at the moment with guildies and a bunch off friends outside off the guild. Together we’re venturing into Antorus HC. Our progress: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/bloodhoof/Optimus+Pruim We’re very pleased with the direction the guild is going, and we want to continue this way in BfA. That’s why we’re on the lookout for like minded dutchies/belgians (18+) to expand our dutch/belgian WoW community. If you want to know more check out our forum post with more details: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17616122934?page=1 or add my battletag: Stougmeister#2832 Remember, we’re a DUTCH speaking guild. Groet en misschien tot later, PuikPuik0 08 Mar
05 Mar [H] Dead Weight is recruiting! 7/11 Mythic Dead Weight [H] is a guild on the server Stormscale-EU. We recently moved from the realm Bloodhoof/Khadgar-EU to Stormscale-EU. Currently we are 7/11 Mythic and we’re going strong for achieving Cutting Edge this, and upcoming raid tiers. Our goal is to clear Mythic Antorus in this tier, so we’re only considering players that are on par or better than our top players in the guild. We strive to develop as a guild. All applicants should have a good attitude towards raiding and a good social mentality during raids in order to created a pleasant environment we can enjoy as well as being able to progress raids at a reasonable pace also you will be needed to attend the raid prepared. We expect you to min/max your character and you should be able to handle constructive criticism if/when it’s directed at you. You’ll also be required to install Discord and have a working headset and microphone and also be able to understand the English language. We raid the following days and times: (SERVER TIME) Wednesdays 20:30-23:00 Thursdays 20:30-23:00 Sundays 20:30-23:00 We are currently looking for: -Blood Death Knight -Fury/Arms Warrior -MM Hunter -Affliction Warlock -Frost/Fire Mage We are also taking exceptional players in consideration. Are you interested? Please contact Yvafourtwenty-Stormscale in-game or add Yva#21447 feel free to add any of the other officers too: -Azörius: Abobalypse#2387 -Discordiansz: Discordians#2834 -Ruxi: Miz7#2772 -Canine/Anubis/Coyote: TheKingEcho#1129 Team DWYva3 05 Mar
01 Mar 970 EQ Feral Druid LF Guild (H) Hi all, I am a Feral Druid with Guardian offspec looking for a new guild to make my home. I have multiple clears on Heroic and I am generally interested in a guild that is planning on moving to Mythic progression. I am a very flexible person and I can raid any time. Feel free to add my battletag for offers: Tabi#21206Druídeka0 01 Mar
27 Feb Looking for something fresh, new, exciting ??? Hello fellow WoW´ers ! My name is Näruxo (Battletag: Näruxo#2882) and I am the Guildmaster of a brand-new Horde Guild on the EU-Kazzak Server, called <HowMuchTheFish>. We just started out a few days ago, and are now happily recruiting for our Raid Roster in an effort to tackle Normal/Heroic and later Mythic, both in Legion, Battle for Azeroth, and beyond. Our raid days will be wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday - starting on 20:00 p.m each. You could be either a new player aswell, or a veteran, who took some time off of playing or someone who wanted to tone done his hardcore raiding schedule a bit. Currently recruiting all classes - this is YOUR chance ! I promise a nice guild and raiding enviroment, fair loot, and hopefully getting back all the excitement, that you felt, when you were in your first guild, ready to gear up your main for raiding or doing some M+ ! Would love to hear from you ! Sincerrely, Näruxo#2882Täntrum0 27 Feb
25 Feb [H] EU-Kazzak <HowMuchTheFish> LFM Hi all, <HowMuchTheFish> is a brand-new progression Guild on the EU-Kazzak Server, which aims at a semi-hardcore approach when it comes to raiding. Our goal is to eventually do Mystic and progress through BfA and beyond. To do this, we are recruiting for our 25 man Raid Roster (for Normal/Heroic). We will raid on wednesdays, thursdays, fridays, saturdays, from 20:00 CET each. Right now we are looking for the following classes to build up our Raid Roster : 1 Tank (any class) 1 Retribution Paladin 1 Havoc Demon Hunter 1 Fury Warrior 1 Feral Druic or Frost Deathknight 2 Assassination Rogue 2 Affliction Warlock 2 Mage (Frost/Fire) 2 Hunter (multi-spec) 2 Shadow Priest 1 Holy Paladin 1 Discipline Priest 1 Restoration Druid 1 Restoration Shaman We accept socials aswell !!! Additionally, we are in need of dedicated Raid Leaders/Officers. If you would like such a role, please approach me :-) Here is our website, where you can file your application : https://howmuchthefish.enjin.com/ Alternatively, whisper Näruxo#2882 ingame. Cheers, Näruxo, GM of <HowMuchTheFish>Näruxom0 25 Feb
23 Feb Returning player to the server LF Raiding or PvP Guild hello every one, im an old player returning to terenas after some years out in the weeds because an old friend is returning to wow for BFA. as such im looking for a guild that could accommodate the both of us possible depending on his schedule. i intend to play paladin in bfa though hes currently only 920ilevel he is my oldest and dearest char that i mained from vanilla to wotlk. my raiding experiance. in vanilla i was a crazy noob kid only cleared MC, BWL, AQ 20 raiding wise. in TBC i cleared kara, SSC and TK in wotlk i cleared nax, OS, VOA ,EoE, half of uld, tot 10, icc 25, ony and ruby in cata i did sweet FA because i took a break for uni in mop i did hof, vaults, had a break for more uni work then came back to do SoO in wotlk i cleared hm heroic, brf heroic, and hellfire heroic in legion i have cleared nightmare mythic, tov heroic, nighthold heroic and 3 bosses mythic, tos heroic, and antorus heroic. my legion chars i have mostly raided on. https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/thunderhorn/ka%c3%adoshin https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/stormscale/ahanu https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/stormscale/santhios https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/thunderhorn/infirmum with that out of the way. im looking for a nice guild thats in need of a holy/ret paladin + what ever my friend decides (hes between warlock monk and dh atm) that raids around 8:30pm server to fit with my work, is relaxed and has a good laugh. my PvP experience is long but shallow if that makes sense. ive always spent alot of time in random battle ground and skirms but never fully dipped my toes in rated pvp, i have sargent major from vanilla and the justicar title if that means anything. and my highest 2s rating was 1700 ish in wotlk and i cant remember how high (or not ) i got in 3s thank you for reading and apology's for any spelling error's dyslexia + the internet is a pain.Nixsun1 23 Feb
23 Feb [A] Tabula Rasa - casual shenanigans!! Hey everybody! Tabula Rasa is currently looking for a few more people, to join us for our crazy shenanigans! We are 9/9 heroic ToS, and will now be progressing though AtBT heroic (8/11 heroic). We also do mythic+ runs, and we need a handful of new people to help us do MORE stuff. (we love stuff!) We raid 2 nights a week; Wednesday and Thursday (20-23 server time). Currently, we're looking for just about any class/spec. Mostly DPS, but a hybrid or two would be amazing. We're trying to get some more stable mythic+ runs going. That is of course only what we currently want for our raids - if you're just looking for a nice social guild, it doesn't matter what class you play! You: - Must be at least 18 years old. Preferably older. We're grown-ups, and our voice chat banter is certainly not for kids :O Also, don't be easily shocked or offended... (in case this is actually keeping people away, I'd like to point out I am just referring to a slightly crude/adult sense of humour, as well as no lack of swearing at times) - Must not be scared of wiping. Seriously, don't rage-quit. It never makes you look good. Ever. - Have a sense of humour and be tolerant of other people. We offer: - Fun chat, voice chat, instance runs and raids. - Friendly and casual environment with low pressure. Also, we care more about you than your character. - A place where it's okay to talk about stuff on your mind (heck, even your kids!) - No judgement ("Doesn't matter if you're black, white, ugly or fat - everyone be kicking booty in the World of Warcraft!" -Jace Hall) - A facebook page with all our sexy kill shots :P If any of this seems interesting to you, feel free to poke me in-game on Muad, or one of the other officers (Zahrah or Laradan) do a "/who Tabula" and ask anyone for me, and we can have a chat :) I don't regularly check these forums, so don't wait for a response here :P - Muad, Officer of Tabula Rasa (which, by the way, means "clean slate". In the guild's case, it means "a fresh start")Muad14 23 Feb
21 Feb ShadowStepED Place to be if over 30 and work:P Shadow Step started out back in 2009 on Emerald Dream where i joined a very small guild as a complete wow beginner. A few months later i suffered at the hands of a nasty key hacker and ended up naked and penniless in Stormwind. We've all been there right? Well to compound my failure I had just been made an Officer of this group of less than 10 and the GM had gone AWOL. Having no clue how to fix this i contacted a GM mortified at my situation and ending up being made the guild GM in order to recover all the stolen booty from the GB due to my failure. So still being a relative noob of the game i thought i'd give it a go, 7 years on i'm still here and so are many others whom were their from the off or ended up joining our merry band along the way. Since then we have grown somewhat bigger than 10 and we have created some great friendships and i like to think had a lot of fun raiding in our own raucous way. We are quite a mixed bag of early to middle aged Gamers looking for more like-minded people to join us. Currently 5/11HC 11/11N, We raid Tues/Thurs 8pmST. We also run a casual raid on a Sunday 5pmST. check us out @ http://shadowsteped.enjin.com/home or contact me in game Teora#2366.Teora0 21 Feb
15 Feb [A] 958 warrior looking for N/HC raids. Looking for guild to do weekly normal/heroic clears with until BFA launches. Not looking for mythic raiding, just some casual fun stuff and good company. Avaliable times I can commit to raiding; 15.00-24.00 Avaliable days I can commit to raiding; Friday Saturday Sunday Tuesday Previous raid experience; Legion Antorus - 11/11 HC ToS - 9/9 HC NH - 10/10 HC Warlords HFC - 13/13 Mythic BRF - 10/10 HC HM - 7/7 HC For those of you who want to look at logs and the link, link below. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/id/26045330Addìct0 15 Feb
10 Feb LF raid team BM hunter NM/HC/MC (weekend) Hi there I'm looking for a raiding guild/team which are progressing either on weekdays between the hours of 5pm - 8pm and/or on friday or saturday (hours don't matter as I am off work then). For the classes I can play I am pretty adeptable as in first place I really wanna be playing but I'd much rather play my main ofcourse. Main: BM - Hunter - 942 - Rovelzixu/EmeraldDream Alt: Demo - Lock - 936 - Orvynius/EmeraldDream As for my raiding experience? Well I don't really have any up untill now, I have been raiding in pugs mostly and I've cleared NM Antorus both on my hunter & lock. I am willing to learn for the benefit of the raiding team however! Thank you for your time to read this through and have a nice day! Greetings Rovelzixu (Btag: Porvaxyz#2907)Rovelzixu0 10 Feb
10 Feb Double topic <Delete> <Delete>Rovelzixu0 10 Feb
30 Jan <A> Artemis - looking for healers. Mythic progress Who we are: Artemis is a guild dating back to vanilla with some very experienced mmo players at its core. After having reformed at the start of the expansion we gradually grew in numbers. Slowly being able to do heroic and then progressing to early Mythic bosses. Currently we’re 02/11 Antorus Mythic and want to keep pushing the mid tier Mythic bosses. What we’re looking for: We’re looking for healers who want to join our raid group, are 18+ and comfortable communicating in English. We’re a diverse guild with multiple nationalities. Many of us know each other well and have been playing together for quite a while, and we’ll try to make you feel at home quickly. Being on comms is mandatory during raids. We use Discord for communication. Class-wise we’re looking for : Druids, Shammies and/or Priests. What we have to offer: We’re a relaxed yet result driven raid group that raids on Thursdays and Sundays from 20:30 - 23:00 with excellent raid leading. The guild provides for all consumables like flasks, foods and potions, but also enchants and gems. We don't make use of any form of DKP or any other attendance based loot priority order. https://raider.io/guilds/eu/emerald-dream/Artemis https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/reportslist/235861/ Poke one of these people to contact us : Leandor#2566 Leillani#21635 Fubarella#2203Catootje2 30 Jan
23 Jan ED/Terenas Alliance, AFK On Trash; LFM Players. AFK on Trash are recruiting. If you want to raid in a mature, laid back manner, pull random turtles and listen to bad jokes, you need look no further. As a mature guild, we have hobbled into Antorus, slaying demons with vicious swings of our Zimmer frames and crushing bosses under our wheelchairs. We are considering all applications. 18+ to apply. Whisper Pheebe(dragon#2262) or Hellꞵells for more details. P.S Socials are welcome too :)Pheebe2 23 Jan
18 Jan WTB Pristine Moon-Wrought Clasp Mythic As title says. I wanna buy this BoE Mythic mail belt. If you have one sitting in bank hit me up. Thunderstruc#2658 Paying 200kGromche0 18 Jan
18 Jan Our funeral, guildmember **Update Hello Sunday 14th, we recieved some pretty sad news. One of our beloved guildmember passed away. We had the funeral ingame wednesday 24th. Thank you very much for showing up :)Pheebe0 18 Jan
18 Jan <H> Riders of Delusion is Recruiting Raiders <H> Riders of Delusion is Recruiting Raiders to Join our building Raidteam Hello fellow Gamers, A little bit about us : This is newly formed Guild and is made of experienced Raiders and PvPers that wanted to have more focus on the Endgame aspect of WoW. Having fun with our Member is our Top goal because without fun well gameing sucks :) and ofcourse to tackle the Endgame content in the higher Difficulties. What we want : Are People that share that same mindset and are looking for the higher Challenges but still want to enjoy themselves in other activities outside of Endgame. As we want to grow into a Strong and Active Community. As we want to go into the Mythic content filling a Raidteam for the following Setup 2/4/14. Currently Recruiting Spots for our Raid team are: Tanks : 1 Dps : 4 in particular we are looking for Hunters , DH , Warlock , Ret Pala Healers : 0 As we are a new Guild we dont have Guild Progress but our Raiders all have 9/9 ToS Hc. All Players are welcome to join us even if you dont want to go into endgame and just enjoy questing or talking in the Guild or on Discord a great Community is nothing without the Social part :). Running M+ dungeons, Bg´s or Arena is a Daily thing for us so if anyone wants to do that there is allways someone in the Guild thatll Join. We are using Discord as our Voicechat. If this has peaked your interest or you have any Questions whisper my Partner in Crime or me :) Aîlee- Emeralddream, Sungchul-Terenas or Chunso-Terenas. You can also look us up over the Guildsearch. Hope to hear from you Soon till then happy Hunting :)Sungchul8 18 Jan