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1h Can't acess "seat of the Triumvirate" I can't access the dungeons "Seat of the Triumvirate" on a new boosted 110 character after completing the argus questline. I get the error "You must progress further in the Argus storyline in order to access the Seat of the Triumvirate." yet I have the quest "Seat of the Triumvirate: The Crest of Knowledge" to complete. I have this problem on a new boosted toon "Piklinkizz" (yet I can't post here as that character for some reason), my original goal was to make a 110 toon on the alliance to unlock their allied races before BFA but now I'm stuck.Redyggdrasil7 1h
1h Magni Emissary I have completed more than 4 required quests for the Magni emissary but it says 0/4 still, cant hand quest, have re-logged multiple times but nothing, anyone else have this problem?Hexøxø0 1h
3h Best in Show !@#$ this quest. %^-* whoever came up with it and !@#$ whoever designed it. Im about to throw my computer out the %^-*ing window. If a hit doesnt register then a jump doesnt register. !@#$ing %^-* !@#$Varietypack1 3h
4h Treasure in Deadwash I completed every quest in Stormsong, I've searched every inch of this map and there's no quests left. Yet it still says I'm only 7/8 on the story progress and I did not get any achievements?Rotation6 4h
4h Allied races Were does the scenario for allied races starts? i have the achievements but can'd choose one in creation.Crematorium5 4h
5h Faction Change Query So I've reached 120 on this character only to find out that people that I used to play with are playing Horde instead of Alliance. I'd happily do a faction change to play with them again but I was just curious if I would have to go through all of the Horde Quest Lines to unlock everything again or if I would keep my progress? Any help would be appreciatedCriarth0 5h
6h Zuldazar SPOILERS - Bow to your masters - help Is there a way to /bow to Rezan after he gets killed? i tried doing it in the dungeon but it didn't count toward the achievement.Ktulu0 6h
6h gamebreaking bug in stormsong valley. cant lvl anymore. So i was lvling just fine till i got to stormsong valley part to make magic bridge to shrine of storms isle. as i was passing bridge i kinda buged out. now i am literaly "invisible" to all mobs in every single zone no matter what. i try to hit them but they evade after first hit like i dont exist. i tried to relog. i tried to rest ui. i killed my char and still same.i cant touch single mob in game. for them i do not exist. plz help. just noticed. game keeps telling me i am pacified on every action i try to do. and noticed any npc who is with me has "invisible"buffDellerium3 6h
6h Darkshore world quests So... they are gone forever, aren't they?Nealde2 6h
7h Legion reputations Just like in MOP, there should be bonus 100% xp to reps in Legion(legacy content now) if you already have achieved exalted with that faction on your battlenet account. The current system of gettibg 85 rep for a WQ is silly.Retributor0 7h
7h Can't unlock the second allied race So i unlocked the nightborne but i was 200 points short with becoming exalted with highmountain. Today i became exalted but the quest for recruting highmountain tauren doesn't show up. Any help?Heykan1 7h
7h King or prey [Zuldazar storyline] I completed "To sacrifice a loa", the last quest of "Among the people" chapter of Zuldazar, and I should have gotten the quest "King or prey" to progress in the storyline... but King Rastakhan in won't give me any quest. Anyone else encountered this? I guess it's a bug, cause I won0't be able to progress with zandalar's storyline. Edit.: quests n. 59/60àn1 7h
8h Nighborne recruit ridiculous problem... jHajlajtsy0 8h
9h can't start war campaign was doing first war campaign quest on the ship. while on loading screen before going with ship to stormsong valley i got dced and when i relogged back there is quest but you cannot interact captain to go for quest. got other campaign quests but cannot do them too anyone have problem like this? what i need to do? i want to do them for unlock world quests but now just waiting...Gevice3 9h
9h Old Content Quest Lines Hi guys. I would like to ask if there is an addon or a guide that would only filter out important quests from older content. I would like to go through the older stories that i missed but to clear out all the areas would be hell of a work. It could be a lot easier with list of the tasks that are needed to unlock the next step so I can complete story lines and experience the older content without grinding all side-quests in each zone. Dont you know about anything like that? Thanks for the info :)Lutero1 9h
11h A Nation Divided I have now been waiting for 3 and a half hours, and I still cant click the scouting map. I would've thought it was a priority to fix that asap, it is also unbelievable that bugs like that slip past the beta testing. Horrible release day for me and several others.Tomferno1 11h
12h Nightborne Unlocking Problem So i've got with my alliance character the requirements for the unlocking of Nightborne as it is shown in this photo with my horde character: But i get no quest for that? Is there something wrong? Or something i should know? 12h
15h A Wall of Iron insanely annoying! This quest for Horde is insane! You have to kill 40 npcs with cannons but before they spawn they are attacked by someone else already! It was the worst idea to give players shared npcs. Everyone should have their own.Sivaliel0 15h
15h Ashenvale Zoram Strand mobs phasing out. Tittle says it all whenever you approach the zoram strand the mobs/npc/lower level players that quest and what not all phase out and it becomes the pre-zone for the prepatch before u burn the tree... Can anyone shed some light how can i get my loremaster without doing the quests required in Ashenvale?.Illhorn5 15h
23h Stock on !@#$ quest Stock on the !@#$ing bull%^-* quest "A Nation Divided" so cant even start lvl or do anything.. i can get the quest but cant press the freaking map it light up but nothing happens....... FIX ASAPNerdywork1 23h
1d Scouting map missing I can't choose new strikepoint for Master of the isles quest, because my scouting map is missing from command map.Mikita6 1d
1d Stabilizing Suramar question Does the raid world quest in suramar count towards the 'stabilizing suramar' quest?Vitalforce0 1d
1d Missing 3rd Artifact Quest hello, I’ve recently got back to level my alt and figured out that I was still missing Ebonchill and the questline for it (checked the flag as false for the Finding Ebonchill questline. Initially I thought that I may have accidentally dropped it, but as I’m seeing around the forum other comments about missing quests I would like to please ask you if anyone can please help me out on this subject. Thanks a lot!Grizzo2 1d
1d Pre patch q-line needed for Bfa? Are the pre-patch quest lines required to continue on bfa?Maerlin1 1d
1d I abandonned the quest "The battle of Lordaeron" Can someone help me figure out how to get it back? Ive tried to find it but its after a scenario and i cant find anyway to get it back.Elgen3 1d
1d I deleted the quest "The battle for lordaeron" ive competed the quest but i had not delivered it. Can you help me get it back?Elgen0 1d
1d Help please, I abandonned a quest i cant get back NEED HELP ASAP GAMEMASTERS! I abandoned a quest called "the battle of lordaeron" need it back asap so i can start the expansion tonight!Elgen0 1d
1d Only the Pantient... If anybody want the corrupted fire hawk and the only the pantient achi add me Stefok#2843Stefok0 1d
1d Only the Penitent Need help to do the achievement for the mountHyperblade1 1d
1d Only the Penitent LF 5 more ppl to finish this of. You can get a cool purple birb for it ;)Reiteram1 1d
1d Hour of Reckoning not popping up on my boosted Warlock Hour of Reckoning is not popping up - completed all the Darkshore quests and followed the trail back to Sylvannas in Orgrammar where she asks you to select a choice of who to recruit to assist the war - except nothing happens after she says this. Looking on the map I can see there is a quest available in Grommash hold but although their is a portal to Undercity in there, there is not quest to accept. Is this a bug or have I missed something?Froot0 1d
1d ''Only the Penitent'' Achievement mount LF 2 people Hi, we're willing to do the ''Only the Penitent'' achievement to get the corrupted purple halk mount from Firelands.Thilsey2 1d
1d Faction Change BFA Question Couldn't find any information on my concrete question so I'll make this post just to clarify. If I play through BFA Horde campaign and then after that change to alliance could I play through their campaign from the beginning as well or how does it work? Would love to change race and faction and server when I finially unlock void so I thought it could be interesting to also play through both campaigns with one character but not sure how that works so yea.Horuzz1 1d
1d Only the Penitent Achievement Looking to complete 'Only the Penitent'. EU- Horde, need 4 more people.Opposition1 1d
1d Digital deluxe FOS Hello, I was wondering if I buy the standard digital edition, and upgrade to digital deluxe later, will I still get the FoS for the mounts? Was it like that with the WoD/Legion digital deluxes? Cheers and thanks, UnmovabullUnmovabull2 1d
1d The removal of rep grinds. I enjoyed rep grinds such as Isle of Thunder or other reps where you grind mobs in a certain area with no time gate restriction. I could no life for a day or two and feel I've earned it. But as a returning player it's such a pisstake to be timegated by only earning rep through world quests. Hope the new contract system solves it. How would you improve the rep system MoP had it pretty good imo or WotLK with tabards.?Voyces2 1d
2d Loremaster across characters and factions I'm working on loremaster achievement and just need Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimor, where apparently I have very little progress. My plan is to create new lvl 1/20 characters and quest until they hit about 60, ticking off zones as they go. When they hit 60 I'll start a new toon and cover new zones. I have some questions around limitations of doing this across multiple characters: 1. Can i complete zones on alliance and have them count towards horde? I'm generally planning to do horde in kalimor and alliance in eastern kingdoms but I have a lvl 66 worgen who I'm sure has complete most of Thousand Needles. Is it worth me finishing off thousand needles with that druid, or will I need to re-do it as horde anyway? 2. Some zones are paired e.g. Wetlands and Loch Modan. I already apparently have Loch Modan completed from 2012. Do I need to find the toon I completed it on and do Wetlands with the same toon, or can Wetlabnds and loch modan be completed by different characters? What if that 2012 toon has been faction transferred to horde? Thanks!Znot5 2d
2d Doing Gorefiend (WoD) lvl110? Hello, Tried to google my bottoms to get an answer to this one but came up with no solutions. Tried to do Gorefiend several times 2-man and with zero results - either he resetted or simply oneshotted both of us from the start. Just asking if anyone has done this in a 110 comp and is it doable without x amount of players?Enthrone5 2d
2d Myth15 after balance of power Do i need to complete 15 mythic dungeon for artifact appearance before next expansion? It seems very hard to get invites to groups...Donteatmeplz6 2d
2d Heart of Azeroth Quest Chain. Anyone know if this quest chain will only pop in Org? Or will we be able to save a little time tomorrow night by waiting in Silithus? ThnxShróomz3 2d
2d Whats up with the "DANGER: Kosumoth the Hungering The worldquest always give the pet. I did the events leading up to that i could do this world quest on my hunter like 3 months ish ago and all those two week sessions have been granting the pet and not the mount. Is it not suposed to change now and then?Deadalivekil20 2d
2d A new coin > Gold New Coins? We are getting mounts that costs 5 000 000 can we have a higher valued coin over gold?Dodgèbot9 2d
2d Overwhelmed by soul crushing quest series I started playing WoW again 5 days ago or so, haven't played since early WoD, and I must say I'm getting pretty sick of the avalanche of quest series you are bombarded with as a recently dinged level 110 character. I just want to unlock allied races, I don't want to be sidetracked doing irrelevant quests for weeks. Trying to get a grip on this stuff when you just returned to the game is well beyond my threshold for obscenely annoying. Suggestion: Stop spamming quest series on players, its TOO MUCH.Asurathia0 2d
3d Mobs with thorns buffs wrecking Dual Wield melee DPS I'm leveling my Highmountain Tauren Fury Warrior and I've found that mobs that have a damage reflecting aura like Thorns really, REALLY hurt. In the Howling Fjord, at level 60 with roughly 5700 HP, I was fighting mobs in the Twisted Glade. These have a Thorns spell that at that level do over 110 damage for every hit they take. There are similar mobs in Northern Barrens, Razormane Thornmancers. Now, Fury has a number of spells that do their damage in more than one hit: Raging Blow hits 2 times, Rampage hits 4 times and Whirlwind hits a staggering 6 times. During an average fight with one of these mobs, I hit 2 Raging Blows, a Bloodthirst, a Rampage and 2 Whirlwinds. This is with enchanted heirlooms on btw, so my gear is slightly overtuned for the level. so that's 4 + 1 + 4 + 12 attacks, so 21 attacks, or about 27 with autoattacks included. At 110 damage each, that's almost 3000 damage, or about half my HP amount. If I fight 2 mobs with such an aura at once, I run serious risk of death. If I accidentally pull 3, I need to run away or die. I don't have this problem with any other mob type apart from elites. I can pull 6 vrykul at the same time and not have as much troubles as with 2 thorns mobs. There is actually a named quest target mob in this area that has roughly double the HP of the normal mobs and also has thorns. This single mob brought me from full health to 5% HP almost purely through the thorns effect. If I didn't have a victory rush from the previous mob I killed, I'd have died. I died 2 times because I pulled this mob together with another thorns mob. I've already reported it as a bug a couple weeks ago (at least I think I did), but I wanted to bring it to wider attention and have some discussion on whether this is good gameplay. I think this could be balanced better. At the very least, Enhancement Shamans with Windfury, Windwalker Monks with Fists of Fury and other melee with attacks that deal damage in multiple hits might have the same issue.Twochantaura0 3d
3d Stuck in Legion after upgrade? Hello! I recently upgraded to BfA but for some reason this character Ppaplol on Outland is stuck in legion, if that explanation makes sense. See I recieve the "A Short-Lived Peace" Quest in Stormwind to turn in to Anduinn at Stormwind Keep but for some reason I cannot turn in the quest to Anduinn and Varian Wrynns grave still lies in front of the throne in Stormwind keep instead of being in Lions rest and so on. Basically I can´t do the new questline on my main character which really sucks ;/ would appriciate if some1 could help me out! :)Ppaplol0 3d
3d Rep with Horde So once you get exalted with a faction you get the "Reputation with Horde increased by 350" or w/e. Where does this rep go? Googled on it and everyone says it spreads over the major Horde factions, like rep for Org. etc... Guess what, it doesn't. so where does it go?ßæðñýiúøç0 3d
3d Thousand Needles "Save the Sentinel" Not Available! Hi all, I'm trying to complete "The Chief of Chiefs" achievement but the starting quest doesn't seem to be available for some reason. I went to Brienna Starglow ( but for some reason I can't pick up the quest. I've tried this on two characters now. The whole point of me going through all this trouble is to get for my transmog. Please help!Praff2 3d
3d Rezira The Seer ( Commander of Argus Achievement) Hello! I am in dire need of an portal to Rezira the Seer, is anyone willing to help me out? =) I play on Argent Dawn if that is of importance.Vallanora0 3d
3d Seat of the triumvirate : can't get next quest Hello all, So I did the dungeon,got the crest of knowledge and placed it on the vindicar but the next quest doesn't pop up,I tried logging out/in and nothing changes PS:I have not done the death of a titan raid which was a quest earlier on and haven't done invsasion point offensive from illidan if that matters Any ideas?Trollpotkin1 3d