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15h How does Karazhan Lockouts work? Yesterday we ran through Kara, a pug, all the way up to Mana Devourer. The group had to leave for a raid, we decided to continue later on the same day. After their raid we gathered and tried entering the dungeon, but we couldn't join the same lockout ID. We are all 6/8 locked for Mana Devourer. Group split up and I decided to try join some random pugs tomorrow. Now here I am, jumped through several different pugs trying to join their ID's, but the dungeon is always reset for everyone but the party leader. If I enter kara solo, I will spawn at mana devourer, where I'm supposed to. If a friend who's also sharing my lockout, 6/8 joins my group, he will enter a different lockout, with locked doors and respawned bosses. I did manage to join a group which had not killed either medivh or curator, I could share their ID perfectly. Trying to figure out the logic behind this, these are all the conclusions we could make.. 2 players with shared lockouts, both at 6/8. 1. If both are in the same group, and enters the dungeon they will be at a completely fresh Karazhan. New bosses, new trash, locked doors. 2. If player 1, who's locked to 6/8 leaves group, enters solo he will spawn at mana devourer. If he now invites player 2 and then have player 2 enter the dungeon, he will be in a different ID, completely fresh one. Makes no difference if you swap places on P1 and P2 here. 3. If P1 joins solo, and P2 joins solo, then invites eachother to a group, the players will see eachother on the minimap within the dungeon(At Mana devourer), but not ingame. Relogging or reloading UI will not help in any way. every group I find is complaining and not understanding what is going on or how to handle lockouts properly, all I can think of is running the dungeon again. We are currently a full party, everyone locked with 6/8, running through the bosses again with 0 loot just to get to mana devourer. Again. So could I please have an explanation or some kind of clearence how this works? How is it that I can join and share ID's with a group who haven't yet killed Curator, but I can't join and share ID's with a group who's sharing my 6/8 lockout for mana devourer in any way? -writing this while running the dungeon, haven't read through my post. Thanks.Barinavarina11 15h
1d Fight, Kill, Salute! Issue Hey there! Today I upgraded my garrison gladiators sanctum to level 3 and got a quest that sent me to highmaul which requires me to que for an instance to complete the quest, but I am unable to que because it says I do not meet the requirements to enter even though I'm lvl 110. I know that some people are unable to enter it aswell once they have lvled up and only level 100s can enter, but I only thought that was after the intro quest (Fight, Kill, Salute). So now I am unable to complete the questline and I am unable to complete the warlord of draenor achievement as it requires the Fight, Kill, Salute achievement also. Would like to know if this is going to be fixed and let 110s enter as well mabey? I know if this happens people are just gona go there for the lord/lady of war title again, but if blizz doesn't want that happening mabey make the instance scale with the lvl of the player who que's for it. Would like a blue post please thanks. :)Goremash0 1d
1d Kirin Tor Barrel game Is it nerfed? The barrels used to shuffle 10 times, it is now only 6 times. I liked that game :(Meetyoutoo0 1d
2d Suggestion: Legacy WoD PVP Gear As Legion came around all legacy gear from Warlords of Draenor became obtainable with Marks of Honor, however, there are still a few pieces that is locked behind reputation status e.g. Primal Gladiator's Plate Pauldrons sold by Ingrid Blackingot in Stormshield. This is quite frustrating as it is near impossible to acquire reputation with the required faction - Wrynn's Vanguard - as you need to actually be able to queue up for Ashran and complete tasks/objectives in the zone. There are however are huge lack of people doing this content, as it is of course outdated. I cannot enter the zone and LFG also proved to be useless in this task. Please remove the reputation lock on the WoD legacy gear or make Ashran attractive for current content again, like any other battleground. Thank you.Whiskeybear1 2d
2d WTS Long-Forgotten Hippograyph Rare mount!! We have been doing some studies on how to obtain the “Long-Forgotten Hippogryph” RARE mount to sell it in game currency (IN GAME GOLD ONLY). We have spent weeks searching for realms and strategies in most EU servers’s as a small team helping other player’s to obtain it. How can I claim Long-Forgotten Hippogryph? We are farming 3-5 days a week as soon as we find someone interested. For that, we start by searching for 5 crystals in the zone. Once we find all 5 crystals, we will message the person who’s reserved as next in line to come and claim all crystals. Our purpose is to search in all places and mark them to be claim. SELF-PLAY process Payment Process? As I mentioned before WE ONLY ACCPET GOLD. We sell Long-Forgotten Hippogryph based on the 5 crystals. Meaning we sell every crystal we present to our customer. E.g if the price was 500k ,we sell each crystal for 100k as totally 5 crystals again to avoid scammers .As one of our strategies that we use is to ask our customer to trade us gold based on our agreement to see if he/she has enough amount of gold to avoid scammers. Once we settle down and agree on the conditions, we invite the person and take him straight to the all crystals. Other than that we accept full payment once all crystals are found and ready to be claimed. We accept payment"(GOLD)" in Eu servers Kazzak, Twistingnether, Stormscale. If you’re interested please don't hesitate to contact me on battle net (Alimhs#2688) Thank you^^Aryoon0 2d
2d Emerald Nightmare 10-man comp Basically what the title says. My current selection of raiders consist of 2 guardian druids, Havoc DHs (2-3), Arms and Fury warriors, Holy Priest and for now the rest I'll have to pug. Personally I wouldn't want to kick anyone of my guildies for this, I realize we are strongly in the melee DPS section and 2 guardians are not the best duo tanks. I would appreciate tips on how I can make my comp work and what pugs to get until I can fill the spots with gear ready guild members. Thanks for the feedback in advance!Flamerino3 2d
2d How do I get quest to get out of Un'goro crater I'm standing in marshal's strand but cant get quest from Zen' Aliri, anyone know why?Thesecndgrol0 2d
2d Double weekly cache Hello! I just found out that most of my guild have gotten a raid quest from classhall followers both from EN AND NH this week, while I've only received the one from EN. I tried to search for information on how these timers work without results so if anyone got any pro-tips they would be highly appreciated. Poeser out.Poeser1 2d
3d Withered Army Training Disconnect So today i got the World Quest for the "Withered Army Training" and as everyone would guess i immediatly went there to do that one. After i spent 1300 Ancient Mana for the entry into this Scenario i got stuck in a loading screen. A few minutes later i decided to restart my Client and i was standing in Shal'Aran again. Got the icon on the minimap aswell to port back into the dungeon again. Now you may be questioning yourself why i am posting about this. Well its kinda obvious, as i tried to port back into the dungeon the only thing that happened was an error message saying "You can't do that right now" Tried a few things, was running around in Suramar and did go back into Shal'Anar, relogged a few times but nothing worked. I even deleted my Cache and restarted my PC so i literally tried everything out. Stillt couldn't warp into the Dungeon and that's where i decided to go look into Dalaran for a few Seconds while i was still in this Scenario, but after i arrived at Dalaran i wasn't in the Scenario anymore. So long story short meaning... Wasted 1300 Ancient Mana and the entry into the Reputation-Chamber from the "Withered Army Training" because i got a DC and couldn't port back into the Scenario which i wasn't even allowed to start. Hope Blizzard does something about that... <,<Verela152 3d
3d Getting into Stormheim Is there any way to get into Storheim without doing Greymane's Gambit? I have tried and tried, but just can't get through the scenario. (Hate scenarios). The first captain - Darkweaver Cassandra - kills me off every time. Grateful for any suggestions.Nightcomet2 3d
3d Looking for grp for insane title Hi I am looking for a group for the insane title, beginning from scratch whisper me if interested: teraxion#21449Valramax0 3d
4d Children's Week - School of Hard Knocks I'm bringing up this achievement in advance, because if I do it by the time the holiday comes up it'll be too late. Blizzard, would you consider not making this achievement part of the meta achievement? I can already tell, months in advance, that I am going to despise being forced to do PvP for events, especially one as demanding as this. Over time, whenever there have been PvP related achievements for things like events, I've noticed countless of people who commented on not liking this trend. There are a lot of people who hate PvP with a passion, and if you want to stick some achievements in there that are somewhat doable, then fair enough, I suppose we shouldn't whine too much. But this achievement... It basically comes down to luck, because other people will be competing for it on top of the fact that regular PvPers are trying to win and go for these objectives as well. This helps no one. The PvE-ers hate doing it, and the PvPers hate us noobs coming in to ruin their games by only going for the achievements and losing them the game in the process because we're focused on that and nothing else. I'm not the first who brings this up and probably not the last. I suppose there are arguments against my request and I'll happily hear them as long as they're brought up in a civil manner. For now, though, I'd really, really like it if they'd get this out of the meta achievement before the Children's Week starts in May.Tasalae2 4d
4d brawler's guild, 500G rabble card bug -bought the penguin flock rumble card, it activated (I couldn't buy another one as rumble was in progress). -when I reached 1. in queue position (which I assume is when it activates) I got kicked to character selection. -logged back instantly, was not in queue and there was no mass fight anyone experience something similar? (and no, I wasn't inactive, was jumping moving betting etc)Annaconda2 4d
4d Recharging the blade I did the first part of the quest and could not get into the vortex, I either kept falling to my death or it wouldnt take me up to my quest finish!! so I deleted the quest in order to start it again but I cant find the quest giver, I flew to the VP but the quest giver is not there??? have I screwed up??Stormtone3 4d
4d Shadowsedge / shadowmourne Hey everyone, I'm trying to get shadowmourne / shadowedge for my Primal Gladiator tmog but I'm having real trouble with finding the quest start point. Can anyone help me out. Many thanksRamdin2 4d
4d Herald of the Titans (19h - Horde) Hey! If you´re interrested just add Tendrif#2485 Best wishes, TendrifTendrif0 4d
4d Share the love Hey, looking for 4 people to help me with the achievement Share the Love for the red proto drake. Would be appreciated, thanks. Add me - Light#23271 Nevermind, got the achievement, thanks.Zenace0 4d
5d Talon's Vengeance I'm just wondering why is the Talon's Vengeance rep even is in game. Haven't you learned anything from the "blood coins" leading to more not fun experiences then fun experiences. The npc's at the tower wq's hit pretty hard on me already, and i don't stand a change if someone wants to farm this rep. I know if a horde where there he/she killed me too but I could live with that, still, In my opinion it's not fun to get killed just doing a tower wq by someone from your own faction. But players are incentivised by blizz to do this, i really wonder, why?Yamila2 5d
5d LFG with School's Out Forever achievement Greetings guys. Need help w/ School's Out Forever achiv. Someone interested? I am playing in Draenor realm. 5d
5d High bonus chance on 6/7 hour class hall missions I've noticed with any class hall missions I have that are set at 6 or 7 hour duration it's very difficult to get the bonus loot at a decent percentage to be worth aiming for. Considering most equipable items for champions only deal with buffs that are 4 hours and below or 8 hours and above in duration, how am I supposed to maximise my bonus loot chance? Even if I had each champion carrying a 5% off duration time, on a 7 hour mission for example that won't bring it under a 4 hour threshold to use with other items.Meriadoc6 5d
5d What is the reason? Hello, I'd like to know what's the reason of blocking the questing while in raid group? Maybe it would matter in vanilla but what's the reason to keep this outdated system in the game? You can afk in a 5 man grp and complete a full questlog or you can go into a world quest zone and tag 50 mobs and get the quest done without being in a group, so again- what is the reason to block questing while in a raid group? And no, I don't want to see an answer that "you can complete some quests while in a raid group...Veour0 5d
5d Loading Screen Failure Is anyone having a problem with freezing on the loading screen? Please tell us the problems you are having. I am trying to progress my alts and I'm having this problem certain quests (not such on my main as I've passed this, on my warrior). But on my alts, which have progressed differently, I can't get them further.Onevlaar2 5d
6d Bring back Reforging :) Dear Blizz and wow community, I'm not the kind of guy that starts complaining about mechanics in forums. I do understand that Blizz has to think about the community, and let's be honest, about 90% won't even see the intended end content. The underlying Legion systems supporting the conclusion I mentioned above endured a lot of criticism. For instance, the legendary system and the RNG upgrade systems for items. Gear doesn't represent skills, and despite the fact I really dislike these systems, I'm not going to complain about them. Mythic raiders experience a lot of RNG with lootdrops. You can have warforged, titanforged, and a socket. The chance of getting optimized gear is already near 0 when stating that. However, getting the perfect RNG on a item with worthless stats, makes it even harder to optimize. Moreover, the fact of set loottables for EN and NH is not optimal for every class specialization. Suggestion: bring back Reforging in the game. In that way, we can actually use the titanforged socket items (and even some legendaries) with rubbish stats. In my opinion that would help the top10% players, for which the game was intended at the beginning of vanilla and tbc. I hope either blizzard or the community would recognize and respond to my suggestion. Kind regards, a wow player from day #1, mythic raider on Magtheridon with Sanctum Guards, Euphryus (IRL Dennis)Euphryus84 6d
6d Fury Road - Lamest WQ as of yet? If you dont get the correct phasing youre duckef! If your Rageshard should die from the opposite faction and you dont phase youre duckef! (since players can oneshot you as a Rageshard) If you should die as a normal player in the cave you lose the crystal and have to go back out and get a new one. Kucf!Dall2 6d
6d Obliterum Forge Questline Removal Can we please not start with the inevitable removal of content 7 months into the expansion? The obliterum forge questline was genuinely very enjoyable for me and I am sure for many other players. I understand the concern with the insanely high prices of the crafted bracers, but this problem can easily be solved by placing a few game objects in the various armor shops in Dalaran that provide a quest item version of those bracers (soulbound, cannot be sold to vendors etc.). Seeing quests being removed from the game saddens me and I am definitely not alone on this. Thank you.Izoku2 6d
6d A Valiant's Field Training? Bugged? How do, Doing some old Argent quests to get the <of Ironforge> title. The quest listed above requires you to kill 10 of the dudes in the specific area. When I kill them, nothing happens. I've tried it equipping the lance and without the lance but no luck. Occasionally it'll count the kills but most of the time it wont. Is there a buff or something I need to do prior to killing them? Cheers!Daegin1 6d
6d Class for achievement hunting I want to start maxing reputations and completing achievements like Insane in the membrane & Loremaster, but I can't decide what class would be best. Any suggestions would be nice ^^Champloo1 6d
6d Lord of War LFG Hi! Straight to the point I'be been searching a group for the high maul coliseum scenario to get the Lord of war title. So since the scenario is impossible to get into these days through queueing I was hoping I could put together a group to get it all done in an evening. Add me if your interested 2221#xavanteexDreadkeeper1 6d
6d Talon's Vengeance exalted reputation rewards I want to express my feelings towards the rewards for raising the Talon's Vengeance faction reputation to exalted. I'm guessing I am not the only one who thinks about this the same way. In short, it turns out to be a very, very underwhelming experience..especially if you look at the requirements of reaching exalted with this particular faction (+-440 mark of prey is not an easy task, considering the fact there's cooldowns involved). My reasons as to why I think the experience is underwhelming: Reason #1: There is no associated achievement for reaching exalted status with Talon's Vengeance. I mean, there's even an achievement for simply logging into the game.. so what's up with that? Reason #2: Because there is no achievement, there also is no title reward. A "Talon's Vengeance" title reward would be very nice (at the very least). Reason #3: Currently, the only real "reward" is the Ivory Hawkstrider. I've placed reward in quotes, because it isn't really a reward. You actually have to buy it for a hefty 10k gold. Furthermore, the mount is almost a exact duplicate of the Swift White Hawkstrider. Hell, even the tooltip (when mounted) says "Swift White Hawkstrider". And yes, were talking about a mount from several expansions ago. A more distinguished mount would most certainly be justified (in my humble opinion). I don't know as to why it is as it is right now, but I'm guessing it's a unfinished product, being rushed into release. Either that or a very sloppy programmer was tasked with this.. ;-) Either way.. I hope Blizzard will realize that the current state of this faction isn't as it should be..(let's just be honest here) and, eventually, build in a fix with some proper rewards!Forluce1 6d
6d Adventurer of Aszuna? How do I kill Beacher? I've been coming for 5 days already every day, but the region is covered with Mist of the Kvaldir, even though I finished that WQ, the mist is still there... so how am I supposed to get this last elite??Kliez3 6d
16 Mar Remove "Pop Quiz: Advanced Rune Drawing" Remove this crap from the game, please. It isn't funny, and it's border-line trolling. Forget about having to turn walking on; that's annoying, but it's not as annoying as the very concept itself of the game forcing you to "walk the line". And I mean the pun, not the game mechanic of the quest. Then, there's the issue of the nausea-inducing camera movement while trying to do this quest; the game or camera is telling you that your head is spinning, but your body is stationary, probably on a chair, so the disconnect can be jarring and very uncomfortable for some people, depending on whether they play first-person shooters a lot or not. Anyway, I'm most definitely not an exception, but the norm when it comes to this quest. You only have to check the US forms and Wowhead comments about this specific quest. The most annoying quest I've ever seen in WoW. And I believe it's required for flying, the achievement.Rokmend1 16 Mar
15 Mar Buying TCG mounts on silvermoon-EU Mainly interested in: Feldrake Spectral tiger(blue/purple) Rooster egg. Add me at Snow#22433 for other rare mounts aswell.Snowblight0 15 Mar
15 Mar Rewards that have nothing to do with your spec/class Just got the 3rd frost relic in a emissary box, and there's only INT trinkets+ life relics up on my worldquests ever since i dinged 110. Very useless seeing this char is Windwalker, and yes loot spec is on Windwalker too. Anyone else had such "bad luck" or is this character simply bugged? Be nice if you could do something about this Blizzard :/Káychi0 15 Mar
15 Mar Anyone got the "haft of the god-king" yet ? Hi fury warrior friends ! I'm starting this topic to make some clearance for the drop for one of the 3 pieces we need for our secret weapon appearance - Dragonslayer's Edge. As known to get it we need 3 pieces 2 of which are drops from world bosses that are not out yet. The third one however is drop from God-King Skovald in Halls of Valor. I have done 3 mythic runs on him and many many heroic ones and still have not seen it drop. Is there anyone that has got it dropped ot seen it dropped? Appreciate all the info we can gather here. HFRagebreeze9 15 Mar
15 Mar The Hunt for Illidan Stormrage[quest] Can someone please tell what the point with this quest is? I mean it is not possible to complete in a life spam of 8 weeks which makes the rewards tottally useless for 99% of players.Hellia1 15 Mar
15 Mar Questline for Balance of Power for alts? srsly ? Hey there, Game Master's told me to make a post here for letting you know about my Skin Problem on my alt's, So you have to fix the BIG ISSUE of Quest Line for Alt's ''Balance of Power'' it's the most annoying thing in this Patch when you have everything share between Main and Alt's,this is the main thing that you have to fix as long as the Quest : ''Soul Prism of the illidari'' needs 80 Souls and this take something like 8 weeks to be completed...And ofc think about that we have done it again on main's so what's the reason to do it again on alt??? i mean you got skin's so we can use them and use time on them but we did on main's we have to do it on alt's also ? That's at least idiotic cause we did mythic +15 for skin we did Unleashed Moonstrites.we spent time !!! Think about that and please i want an answer and of course also consider that this is my first time i have to post something to you for my whole WoW life and believe me and of course you can see its long way till here.Quadpower4 15 Mar
14 Mar eye of aman'thul Hello today when I hit 110 it struck me. Do I have to complete the Suramar quest line in order to get the eye of aman'thul? When I learned that I could do the Nighthold without being attuned to Suramar was a relief but what about the eye?Gugisloco0 14 Mar
14 Mar Death From Above: RNG on RNG THANK YOU FOR FIXING THIS! After 7 years I -finally- have the achievement today. I am so happy!! Now to go fight the none-bugged RNG-gods for Invincible, Mimirons head, etc. THANK YOU! ------------------------------------------- Could we please fix this after all these years? :S It's the same 3 elementals up, and to bypass the RNG-on-RNG one has to keep the quest in their log, and it apparently disappears randomly too. "Fires in the sky" allows you to bomb elementals, which are practically impossible to completely kill (or get down to 1%) alone. They fixed so you only need to bomb them once, but the issue of having the same 3 repeatedly spawn is -still- an issue. No idea what to do about it, and having looked through WoWhead comments etc - others besides me have also had this issue, ever since cata. ----- This quest seems bugged as it's -always- the 3 same mobs up. Blazefury, Singeslayer and Ragepyre on all servers I have tried, hopping via getting help from friends - same elementals everywhere, everyday. I remember trying to do this daily back in Cata and having the same issue and it made me stop trying. It's been a few years and it's still an issue. Can a GM / Programmer fix this, please? :(Náia4 14 Mar
13 Mar The Great Elderhorn Hunt -> Worst Quest of Xpac Well that pretty much sums it up. Jumping on waterfalls a thousands times that requires exploiting defects in the whole wall collision to be able to hit the desired platforms and on top making every retry a big long boring ride around the whole hill or maybe even add a ghost healer run to it... Sorry but this is a 10/10 on the "Green Hills of Strangelthorn" scale!!! The quest is so arbitrarily no fun it only acts as a perfect to reason to quit playing for the rest of the weekend and do something that isn't so blatantly poorly made by someone who misunderstands trolling for game design yet still managed to score a job at blizz. Just wanted to leave you this feedback, so you can consider if game content that actively makes users want to not go on playing and do some chores instead it what is right for your game.Leena4 13 Mar
13 Mar Suramar quest bug Hey, im stuck at "hungry work" quest. I cant feed oculeth it is always a grey question mark. I tried abandoning the quest and re-take it. Didnt work. So i cant continue my quest line. It became really annoying. I would be very thankfull if someone can help.Crêature0 13 Mar
12 Mar Hidden Artifact Appearance - Dungeon Count Bugged? Hey so this actually applies to my prot warrior artifact, which i've been working towards unlocking the blue shade for, which requires 100 dungeons completed with it. I've been tracking it fine until I went offline yesterday with it at 85/100, today I come on to discover it's suddenly at 1100/100 and unlocked? This is technically fine I guess but can I expect it to suddenly revert back to 85 and be locked again or what? I have no idea why it's suddenly at 1100, just wondered if anybody else has experienced this.Kotharyu2 12 Mar
11 Mar The nighthold: lord of the shadow council hello! i finished raid finder quest and after gul dan kill got invite to other raid, so i left without turning in quest. is there any way to turn in this quest somewhere else? if there is not, blizzard should add option to turn it in in dalaran or something.Biubiubiu0 11 Mar
11 Mar Master & Commander - Garrison Bosses I'm trying to finish this achievement off and I just need Teluur and Commander Drogan Does anyone have either Heart of Oak or Bloodied Iron Horde Banner which are required to summon them? If so, I will pay some decent gold! Alternatively, if anybody else needs any of these bosses maybe we can farm some invasions together? Thanks!Narcosis1 11 Mar
11 Mar Artifact appearances, account- and character-bound? I was able to completed the achievement "Improving on History" on my main and have the appearance unlocked just for that character. I was able to completed the achievement "This Side Up" on my main and have it unlocked the appearance for my alt and my main. I was overjoyed when i was able to take my Guardian druid alt and tank a +15 within the timer, finally I was going to show off my pink shiny fur. imagine my disappointment when i went to class order-hall and it was still locked. I was told this was an "alt friendly expansion". ITS NOT! Do i need to the glory of the legion hero achievement on bought my druid AND my shaman!? What is this! Rage and PST from Suramar aside, what are account-wide and what is character bound? When will this be fixed? When can i start using the skin I EARNED in this game I PAY TO PLAY!? I can't go back there. I ... I can't.Bolted0 11 Mar
10 Mar Leaving a Mythic+ should be social suicide. WARNING: This forum post is a classical rant. Please you do not have to comment so because I am quite aware. You probably already guessed about what this post is going to be about but still I want to release my thoughts on this forum on (rage)quitters in Mythic+ dungeons. The current situation is just unacceptable. (Yes I am talking to you Blizzard Entertainment.) My friend and I decided it was fun to run a couple of mythic dungeons together and he obtained a lvl 2 keystone from said dungeon. Therefore we decided to run it. Darkheart Thicket, sounded easy enough to run on Mythic+2. Replaced two DPS from our last group and we were off. My friend (tank) made a small mistake forgetting to aggro some ranged mobs during the first few trash pulls, which killed me (healer), resulting our group to wipe in the first 5 minutes. Of course, this caused one of the DPS to already quit the dungeon while we still had 25 minutes on the timer... Immediately I saw what this was going towards as I was in the similar situation only a day ago. Back then we still managed to clear out the Mythic+ with two chests with one DPS lacking. In the latter situation, another DPS thinks after we kill the first boss with still 19 minutes in that we better should quit it because it would take too long. Why!? Is it really more important for people to get these three chests up and running otherwise it is just a waste of time? Why do people have to suffer a depleted keystone because some jerks decides they are not worth their time. Better ask, why is this still UNPUNISHED!? Currently, when you quit a dungeon via dungeon queue prematurely you get penalized by not being able to reenter queue for at least 30 minutes (or more, not sure). Which to me doesn't sound that bad as there is no lockout for these dungeons you just have to wait it out. With normal mythic dungeons people team up with group finder and find themselves in a group that does not fit their "standards" they will find themselves locked for a boss but still being able to continue the mythic dungeon with another group. Why do the keyholders get punished instead by inviting the wrong people into their groups? Surpassing ilvl 840, I quite frankly want to run mythic keystone dungeons and get these sweet sweet items, but I rarely am able to finish one because of this toxic behavior I tried visualize before. I want to keep my raid lockouts free for when my guild is running these and I do not want to be bored out of my mind when I am finished with my world quests. I just want to be able to do a decent Mythic+ dungeon! Therefore I plead for some kind of punishing mechanic that will not allow people to run Mythic+ dungeons until the weekly reset for leaving prematurely. One big fat debuff that screams "SHAME ON YOU". People will think twice before letting you into their raid groups and normal mythic dungeons because you may not deserve it. What may this cause for this community? I do not know for sure. But what I do know it will make people think twice before quitting a Mythic+. My idea to stop this kind of behavior may be a bit extreme and probably will never be implemented but I just want it written out here. I like to see what you people think about it and may you come up with better suggestions then I do. Thanks for reading and please comment if you feel the same way.Razulei19 10 Mar
10 Mar Insurrection Can anybody tell me how to start this questline?? Ive figured out its time gated and you need to complete the Good Sumaritan quests but I still cant find any way to start it. Ive gotten to the stage of feeding the 3 Nightfallen in Shal 'Aran their magic fruit but now all I have left are a couple of dungeon quests....what am I missing?Barleyhoof4 10 Mar
10 Mar Realm hoppers using the WQ group joining tool Hello, I might be the one of the only ones experiencing it, but every time I do a pvp world quest (one of the ones where you have to kill other players) I group up with others so it goes faster. Lately I've seen a lot of people in the groups who are below level 110 or in another zone to realm hop. At least half the people (if not more) who are joining those groups are that way. Isn't there a way to fix that?Shamanmike2 10 Mar
08 Mar Timewalking Vendor on Timeless Isle I am very unhappy with the new Timewalking vendor -the NPC named Mistwalker Xia- and her location -Timeless Isle. All the other Timewalking vendors are located in sanctuaries providing easy access. This one however became the perfect spot for being corpse camped by raid groups of the opposing faction. And just to double the fun for the campers there's an on-spot spirit healer. You are practically left with a single option: forming your own raid to go corpse camping. Which is not quite a sollution no-thanks to the phasing and faction mechanics. I'm sure the general idea is to make the event more challenging but let's be honest it's just a reminder of the worst expansion in the worst possible way. I am asking the developer team to move this NPC to Shrine of Seven Stars where she truly belongs. I'm sure she will be more happy beside a cosy fire.Larodar1 08 Mar
08 Mar Blizzard, tell us how to do Dropping Some Eaves This is the most frustrating dungeon achievement I have ever seen. It's the last one that I and others need for the meta. People are discussing madly how to do the achievement, what it is that triggers the conversation you need to hear. Here is a list of things that people say you need to do. You must deactivate all beacons. You must kill all sentries. You need to guess the demon spy on the first try You must use a stealth class to sneak to the door after killing the demon spy. You must get to the door within a certain time. And yet people say they got the achievement by not doing all of that. Some even say they got the achievement by doing mythic+ Some say you don't need to do anything, that the whole thing is nothing but 100% RNG. I want to know if it's RNG or not. If it's not RNG, then what must I do to trigger it? If it is RNG, then I hope you will increase the chance for the conversation to happen.Snorrï4 08 Mar
08 Mar Withered Army Training hidden appearances Is there some kind of bad luck protection on this? I've been doing this since I've been able to on both this char and my paladin and I've yet to see either. I'm absolutely dreading having to do this on my dk as well :/Haraheleil3 08 Mar