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2h How to start legion quest line? Hello. I just hit 98 with my Horde Druid. i am trying to see how to start the Legion content since it starts on level 98 as I ve seen. and cant seem to find anything. trying to get artifact and dalaran to Broken shores. can anyone help me please ?Samandriel1 2h
4h Sephuz's Secret legendary ring I'll keep this short: This legendary is garbage. it is effectively useless in pve, and doesnt work in pvp. Please change the proc to something else, or have the current proc be triggered by something else, like crits. Or just make it so it still procs from CC even though the boss is immune to it. As it stands, getting this ring is like getting kicked in the balls with a steel toed boot.Heles33 4h
5h Zones Scaling I created this char this week. I went through Wetlands 20-28, then Loch Modan 28-36. After that I got to Redridge Mountains and only got 36-40. :O Why is that? Is Redridge shorter than the others? Does it scale worse than the others? Or just because I did more herbalism and mining in the other two? Do they matter that much? :O My herbalism skill is 75 and mining is 33. Also noticed that I could find way less ores than herbs... :O Interesting.Ennedzur0 5h
20h The chosen ToV Hello, I want to ask how hard is to do this achiev now? Is it total zerg like emerald if you take group of 970il or people must know tact to not wipe? I want to build a group for it but dont know how high I should set requirements for it because I start play legion after ToV.Lightbringrr3 20h
1d Fight, Kill, Salute Hi, It's been noted that a couple sensible changes are incoming with regards achievements. I don't suppose this has been addressed in BFA? Currently impossible to complete at 110. NKNicko4 1d
1d Experimental Potion: Test Subjects Needed Im wondering if anyone know what triggers this quest? I have goten it once on my shaman alt, while my druid main got it about 10-12 times durring her eye farm for the mount. Now i just wanna finish leatherworking on my shaman, but its about impossible to get the recipes from eyes. I have given up farming in the sewer as my shaman is undergeard and staying that way, only option with it constantly being PVP down there is this quest ;)Yewïe1 1d
1d [Bug?] Loremaster Hello everyone, Today I noticed you can get the Loremaster Achievement without having to do the WOD one. Is this intended?Bernalex2 1d
1d Tushui pandaren rep farm -> need help Hey guys! Does anyone have any tips for getting my rep for the Tushui Pandaren up to standards? I got the tabard but am not really sure where to start farming, as they don't provide dailies or anything... Hope someone can help out! Thank you:)Gìggles1 1d
1d Artifact Weapon Quest dont show up Hi im lvl100 warlock, trying to start the qust for artifact weapon. Im runing for hours in Dalaran, and in underbelly, but qustline dont show. Any ideas what im doing wrong!?Skysparkle1 1d
1d Save Those Buildings! - Ogre I'm trying to complete the Acheivement "Save Those Buildings!" and just need to complete an Ogre invasions without any buildings being destroyed. I'm struggling to determine which Scouting Missive (the ones you can buy from yout Garrison Quatermaster) will trigger an Ogre invasion. Any help?Jenei2 1d
1d Archdruid Questline Hello. I think I'm stuck on the Archdruid's lunarwing questline, I have done "Defense of Aviana" and now Thisalee Crow sitting in my order hall and won't give me the last quest "You Can't Take the Sky from Me" I'm going crazy, I must have missed something, an old questchain or something? Or is it a bug? You can check my achievements if you can see if something is missing that I should have completed. Regards a lost Druid :(Xrayzor2 1d
2d Dropping Some Eaves REMOVE Just as the title says. We need Dropping Some Eaves REMOVED from Glory of the Legion Hero. If you have tried getting this achievement, most of you will immediatly get what I mean. For the people that don't, let me clarify. Dropping some Eaves is an achievement that is "done" in Court of Stars Mythic and Mythic+. It requires you to do multiple actions inside the instance to stay "unnoticed". It's a very sensitive achievement, that is also heavily influenced by the worst thing ever. RNG. Randomness. An eventual Court of Stars farm for what is supposed to be a doable achievement! Blizz, hear me out. I don't think anyone wants to have RNG based achievements. Especially in a Glory Achievement that rewards a mount. This achievement needs a good rework, so it's actually doable in 1 go without having to pray to RNGesus that you get it. If that's too hard, just remove it from the Glory. I recall this being done before with 1 or 2 achievements for Pandaria Raider. So why not now? I don't want something as rare as a mount drop to be part of a cool Glory Achievement. It's supposed to be a mount reward for doing stuff with friends and other players, and not a frustration. Hope something will be done about this.Roguináá5 2d
2d Fishing 'Round the Isles Is this achievement even possible to complete these days? I'm still missing 1 world quest for it (I'm at 19/24) and I've been looking for the remaining ones for 2-3 months now at least once a day. It's 4 work order ones and one from Highmountain, but they never ever show up :( I'm beginning to wonder if they actually pop, but just don't show on the map.Daylo1 2d
2d Darkbrul arena WQ Hi everyone, I am trying to do this WQ PVP achiev. but its not easy to complete darkbrul arena since it always seems to spawn late at night and even niw i see in legion app that it ends in like 2 hours. Any suggestions on this? Is the spawning timer always like this? Because i come home from work everyday at around 2:30 PM and all the PVP WQ i see are in azsuna and Blackrook hold arena. Thx for answersThrallash2 2d
2d LFM Glory of the Thundering Raider. Looking for people to do the Glory of the Thundering Raider achievement in the Throne of Thunder. Some of these achievements are extremely hard to solo such as Soft Hands and You Said Crossing the Streams Was Bad. So hoping to find people who are interested and commited to do these at some point. My Btag: Floris#2606 Add me if you are interested.Hakuran0 2d
2d Achievements Points Number Hello all! I think the 7.3.5 patch actually broke the armory. It now only shows points earned on the character - not including meta achievements, multi-character achievements, or account wide achievements . It shows the same number of achievements from GUILD Tab Page - > View Achievement Points. Before 7.3.5 : ARMORY - > Total Bnet Account achievement points (28k for me) IN GAME ACHIEVEMENT POINTS TAB -> Total Bnet Account achievement points (28k for me) IN GAME GUILD PAGE TAB -> Only character specific points -metas, glory.etc (25k) After 7.3.5 : ARMORY - > Only character specific points -metas, glory.etc (25k) IN GAME ACHIEVEMENT POINTS TAB -> Total Bnet Account achievement points (28k for me) IN GAME GUILD PAGE TAB -> Only character specific points -metas, glory.etc (25k) I would say it would be normal to be displayed the TOTAL ACCOUNT Achi points everywhere. I have inspected top achievement players from wowprogress and the possible maximum character specific achi points its 26,3 k or so.. Even so i saw there are some bugged armories like this one(shows the bnet acc achivs): Its not possible to have 28205 Character Specific points. Thank you (and sorry for my bad english) Rodex1 2d
3d Master and Commander We have 2 summoning items for these bosses: Lady Fleshsear and Teluur. Ready to summon them for ingame gold. Alliance, EU-Gordunni. Contacts in Discord: Lemniscate#1649.Вьян8 3d
3d Fix Achievements Unobtainable Hi to everyone, i would ask some of your opinion about that. World of Warcraft has changed a lot during these years, but i feel like the lack of communication from blizzard has grown. I am an Achievements Hunter and like you can guess i play only for complete all the achievement avaiable, but the blizzards seems to not pay care about old content or player request. For example: 1) A lot of players on forum asks for an Tol Barad and Wintergrasp update for complete old achievements without pay a lot of golds! 2) The numer shown on Armory has been dived for each char, i play since 2008 and i have about 21k of achi, but with this politics i have 2 character with 9 and 7k, and that is another great problem for Achi Hunters, and its not correct, i have 21k on my battlenet account but they dont count in this case. 3) Highmaul Coliseum isnt updated so i cannot get the achi without farm or pay a lot of gold, and i cant farm Bones for join it cause now Ashran is 110 level. 4) Master and Commander is pretty impossible to get because the items drop rate is so low and no one wants to play invasions anymore. And that are only few problems, but they are a lot, and seems no one cares about people who play casual but only focused on raiders. What do you think about this Guys? Which other problem persist? Let me know your thought hoping one day we can resolve all of these things and enjoy the game to 100%Tyrannia4 3d
4d Worst zones for Loremaster? I am currently going for loremaster, and was wondering which zones did you find the least bearable to complete?Joash5 4d
5d Bucket List achievement bug i bring shannox to every place they mention in youtube videos or wowhead maps. but achievement isnt tracking or completing at all. any idea what should i do before engaging him ?Aragom0 5d
5d happy gamers I hope this makes sense to people I am dyslexic so writing not my strongest point. The bigest problem with the game as it stands is reward vs effort based you can spend houres, days and months doing quests invasions etc and never realy progress your charicter in any significant way. another words the game is 100% geared towards doing mythical raids,keystones etc. thats all fine if you play the game that way but for the 90% that dont that way will always become bored, disinfranchized and ultimitly unintrested there is however a solution. token items to improve ilvl or functinality of existing gear gems or prity much anything that is equitable. some could have requirments to unlick such as reputation with x.. faction or completion of quests in zone a... along the lines of current legon play. however these would continue to be of use and have function threwout an entire expansion. for example type 1 ilvl + 5 for 600 crystals, type 2 +socket for 800 crystals type 3 +tushy stat for 5000 crystals, type 4 change of wepon class for 100 credit type 5 change of aperance for 200 credit this would alow people who prefer to quest or casual raid etc to eventualy gain end game equivlent gear but would not in any meaningfull way depreciate end advanced raid, as the time takes to upgrade all gear would be considrable in comparison to doing the raids aka say doing a end game raid at max difficulty you could fully equipt in 6 months it would take token based players 10 moths to achive same level and of corse the visuals would remain the same dynamic aka you can only get this perticular visual from this gear in this raid at this difficulty.Flameonlife1 5d
5d Leveling is now a painful grind. Yeah kinda went into the scaling with high hopes, I put of rerolling horde again to see what it would be like....I mean okay its likely to slow down a bit but it would be great to not have to swap to the next zone a handful of quests in but now you've taken a minor inconvenience and replaced it with a nightmare. Why did you slow leveling down? No im not talking about the scaling (although you could take 1/5th of the mobs health off at least) but the exp gained from quests/mobs is pitiful compared to the amount required to level. It's forced me back into dungeon grinding because spending 30-45 minutes doing quests for a level WITH HEIRLOOM GEAR is just and I hear it gets SLOWER once past 80..... And dungeons don't feel great right now either as healers are clearly struggling and don't always understand that they need to be spamming/chaincasting their 1.5 sec cast on pretty much every pack once you drop below 75%. Dire Maul comes to mind, especially those Mortal Strike Ogres, wasn't too much of a problem when you just required 1 good dpser to kill them quickly....but now that scaling messes that up rightly doesn't it? I've seen so many groups drop out at that point.... I handed in 3 dungeon quests in one of the Zangarmarsh dungeons and only got 7%.... 7!!!!! That would of given you at least 2 bars of exp before per quest (probably more from what I remember actually). The time taken should have stayed the same as before or at the very least 15-25 mins tops a level if all you care about is leveling fast. Either buff or add more heirlooms exp bonus or add a new exp bonus set for those who just simply want to get to max level asap. Every single content creater is now saying the same thing, its fun at the start but past 60 and into the 70's its just so slow and grindy its like IM DONE. NO MORE. MAKE IT STOP. And they aren't wrong in saying that once we're done with one alt .....definitely makes you want to stop....which surely must show its having the desired outcome.Fangled0 5d
5d Missing DK artifact quests Hi all, I have my Frost DK artifact level up and most quests done. I can't find quests for blood or unholy? Could I have potentially abandoned the quests? I have tried speakin with every NPC in ebon hold to start the quest but it none of the give it. Please help! Thank youScrawlerr1 5d
5d Underbelly Tycoon - Sightless Eye Is there a way to track how many Sightless Eye you've accrued on your character? I'd like to be able to see how many I have collected so far and how many I have left to go.. is there a macro for this or anything? Obviously, with me spending it on items as I go to speed up mob spawns etc, I kinda lost track of my progress..Vuljak1 5d
6d Achievement: "Variety is the Spice of Life" is bugged. I started doing some WQ for the pathfinder achievement but as i can see the "Variety is the Spice of Life" achievement isn't working properly. I have done 6 DIFFERENT WQ but it tracked only 3. Am i doing something wrong?Ñada0 6d
6d Missing DK Artifact Quests Hi all, I have my Frost DK artifact level up and most quests done. I can't find quests for blood or unholy? Could I have potentially abandoned the quests? I have tried speakin with every NPC in ebon hold to start the quest but it none of the give it. Please help! Thank youScrawlerr2 6d
13 Apr Gather round children. It's story time. Here is a story about something that has just transpired, grab a cocoa and get comfortable. I pre-purchased Battle for Azeroth on a whim this afternoon. I hoped to dive in right away to take a look at the new allied races, plus there was a free 110 boost thrown in the mix. REAL NICE. I found that I was closest to unlocking Nightborne, so I started out on that most painful of journeys, an achievement grind. As some of you may know, you need to complete the achievement 'Insurrection' in order to unlock the Nightborne. What I didn't realise, however, is that there is an annoyingly flippin' stupid ruddy damn time-sink RAMMED in the middle. Absolutely well and truly wedged in like a knife in my back Blizzard. The quest 'Stabilizing Suramar', is unnecessarily necessary. Unnecessary for us to complete, necessary for Blizzard to have us complete so we hang around a little longer. Anyway, this lovely little quest stands between you and the progress of the 'Insurrection' achievement, and it asks you to complete ten...TEN...Suramar world quests. Only then will that desperate mana-addict Thalyssra send you off on the next bunch of crap required for 'Insurrection'. I was happy to see that ten world quests were up on my Suramar map. Holy smokes, I thought, am I the luckiest Blood Elf in all of Azeroth? I thought so. Like a rat up a drainpipe, I got stuck in. I had nine of the world quests in the bag, while I applied for The Nighthold raid groups to down Torm the Brute for my tenth and final Suramar world quest. Took an age to find a fresh group, but got one in the end. Anyway, Torm was dispatched quickly, and lo and behold...oh. It didn't count towards Suramar world quests. Eh? Am I missing something in the lore? Is The Nighthold a sovereign state? Is it the Vatican of Suramar? Who is the Pope... Gul'dan?!?! They do look similar to be honest. Now, correct me if I am wrong, but The Nighthold is in Suramar, yes? So the quest for the Nighthold (Ettin Your Foot in the Door: Torm the Brute) falls under the jurisdiction of Suramar. It is within the confines of the borders of Suramar. If there was a fire, the Suramar Fire Service would be called. If you press M for map, and click on Suramar...HOLY CRAP THERE'S THE NIGHTHOLD...IN SURAMAR!! You get the point... So... I have 9/10 Suramar world quests, an open ticket to ask WHY OH WHY GOD WHY, and a lengthy quest line ahead of me...and all to stare at a different pixel arrangement. If anyone knows the answer to WHY OH WHY GOD WHY?!?! then please do feel free to let me know. <3 UPDATE: GM replied to my ticket, credited me with the tenth world quest, so now I can get back to the grind. GM's eh, what a wonderful bunch of people ;)Isadien1 13 Apr
13 Apr Farseer Nobundo/Exodar -quest Farseer Nobundo / Exodar -quest still bugged in year 2018 and after several patches. If You do 100% in killing enemys or rescued all peoples then that quest become "void"; nothing happened. Related link (US-forum): 13 Apr
12 Apr solution to boosted char missing quests To Hagut and any other Blizz employee closing threads with regards to people that have 110 boosted character and unable to do certain quest how about helping them instead of telling them to submit a bug report specially since the issues is effectively stopping them form play the game and therefore is a much bigger issue and needs more than just a bug report to deal with it. now on to the issue with the quests I recently had the same problem I couldn’t start the Suramar quest chain or get my artifact weapons for my other specs again due to not be able to do the quest chain and yes, I had boosted my character to 110. after search after search after search I couldn’t find a solution after speaking to a player in game, I wish I could remember his name to give him the credit but what he told me is that due to the way blizzard has setup on the backend their database still thinks you are level 1 after the boost and it needs time for the database to update to recognize you as a 110, this can take up to 24 hours. I figured I give a try maybe the daily rest would update the database, makes sense since everything seems to be reset and updated during the daily reset, sadly it didn’t work. I decided to try 24hrs after I done the boost to see if anything had change and it had I can now do the quests so, to anybody having problems with certain quests after a boost wait up around 24 hours after the boost and the quest should be available. you might get lucky and gain access to them earlier but really depends how bad blizzard backend is again, all you have to wait and the quest will become availableDorfbawlz4 12 Apr
12 Apr Ahead of the Curve, Is it even fair? Just get rid of Curve. Does it have proof that you're a pro at mythics? Even the ones that have good damage that don't even have the achievement get turned away because of stupid high demand of ilvl and achievement. Can it be like old times when curve isn't so much of a burden? The achievement means nothing apart from You've beaten this raid in mythic before the new upcoming raid has been released. That's what it means... it doesn't mean "You need this achievement to prove you need to get into mythics" Even in premades you get "You need a brain" "Link Curve" "ilvl over 9000" crap. I am seeing lots of posts in the forums about the high ilvl requirements even in the easiest raids. This is really stupid imho Getting turned away because you don't have the achievement isn't fair at all. Is there a good reason why people need it? To get accepted so you get better gear? People need curve to shut other peoples mouths up so we all can get the gear we wanted. I don't even care about the achievement, I want to get into mythics without it because I know the tacts, my ilvl is high, I have a brain but people don't really see by pass it. So in your honest opinions: Is Curve unfair or fair. (Don't be elitist about it)Nylleasia4 12 Apr
12 Apr Champions of Legionfall I need help with this quest line- I have done the first 6 segments of Breaching the Tomb but have no quests for Champions of Legionfall or for my Order Hall and I can't progress on this on my Hunter. Really frustratedHexenbtch7 12 Apr
11 Apr Was Arathi Highlands always this dark? So I remember Arathi Highlands from BC and Vanilla being this bright greet area, similar in color scheme to Elwynn Forest. I remember that distinctly, especially the AB battleground. But now while questing there, even though it's noon right now, the zone is pretty dark, with washed-out colors. The sky is dark blue withhints of white light through the clouds. Is the weather simply gloomy at this exact time, or was the zone changed, maybe during Cataclysm? Or this is the result of the undead advance? (but that's weird, since Hillsbrad, which they conquered, hasn't changed in color like this)Lysende0 11 Apr
10 Apr "Have... Have We Met?" Achievement Hello. So I've been trying to farm for 'Have... Have We Met?' achievement, curious if anyone know if there is a group or a list of people to do this daily with at any specific time in EU realms of course. ( Just gotten Hemet Nesingwary if anyone is interested in this toon!)Bronzebust1 10 Apr
09 Apr Legacy VS FoS Greetings community . I was wondering whats the point of having 2 seperate tabs with the same meaning. Legacy and FoS. I mean both achievements there are not available to get obtained in the future if you didnt get them on the current content time. Why dont you just merge these 2 tabs into one?Violetta4 09 Apr
09 Apr Mage Tower, prequests? I can't do the Mage Tower, I've been searching around like a fool for the last 2 hours and I can't figure out what quests I have to do in order to be able to do the mage tower. Anyone have an list of the quests I have to do in order to do it? ThanksRaiz4 09 Apr
09 Apr Void Elf Unlocking - storyline? One thing that puzzles me with the storyline regarding Void Elves. For the Nightborne, the Suramar story seems perfectly logical. For Draenei, I would assume Argus, accessed via the Exodar is fine. For Tauren, the High Mountain, full of Tauren, is also fine. However, where is the storyline for Void Elves? Is there an outpost of Void Elves somewhere who need to be helped and freed, like with the Nightborne in Suramar? I have unlocked the Nightborne and the completion of the storyline was perfectly matched with the reputation gains, so I completed Insurrection (apart from the Raid to kill Gul'dan) just as I reached Exalted. Admittedly, my other characters do not say they are Exalted with Nightborne but I was able to run the Unlock Quest and create a Nightborne (which of course does have Exalted status). Now trying the same for Void Elves but there seems to be no storyline to follow - just go here, kill stuff, do separate quests, get reputation, unlock I suppose.Zjeena5 09 Apr
07 Apr Lord of the Reins, What counts? I'm on 295/300 atm, just bought a Steelbound Harness and I'm still at 295/300 but it's usable on all my toons, so why didn't it count? Any help is awesome thanks :)Minimynx9 07 Apr
07 Apr Broken Isles Patherfinder Pt.1 Hey, So I am working through part 1. I have everything done except the Diplomat achievement. My DH has all reps at 50% honoured or more apart from Nightfallen that is at revered. However my Warrior has Valajar at revered. Will this count to the meta? As in if I do all the other reps on my DH will it still count? I have looked around but can't find an answer to this. Thanks in advance.Unwound1 07 Apr
05 Apr Mount Collecting-Champion's Treadblade Alright, so I like mount collecting, as I'm sure a lot of you do. After searching around on Wowhead about the Champion's Treadblade (The alliance side Warlord's Deathwheel us Horde got), I found comments that supported that it will count towards your mount collecting achievement. I just want to give a warning to those out there, that like me, are never sure about the ruleset as to what counts and what doesn't towards the achievement. And after tonight I can confirm that if you already have the Warlord's Deathwheel on horde, it WILL NOT count to your general mount collection total. So, only if you are a player that does not have the horde version will this help you at all. I kinda regret spending the 100k for it now, seeing that it did not change my own mount total, but hey, it looks cool and I can use it on some alliance alt, so at the same time not a total waste. Just wanted to leave a note out there, because it is really hard to find this specific info.Cyclon11 05 Apr
05 Apr Noble Gardener - Shake Your Bunny-Maker I hate these type of achievements, I need only two more. A goblin and a Tauren, can anybody at all help me :(Lòop4 05 Apr
05 Apr in defence of halaa quest, blocks the chain! hey i am doing (or at least trying) to do all outland quests, i am in nagrand now, and i did all the quest i could but still i can't do in defence of halaa, in silvermoon there is basically no horde player that is doing this continent at the moment, i even used my 110 hore alt, to conquer the halaa zone and i tried to kill npcs after but they dont die at all. so my question is, since i am blocked there, from 3 days already and i don't see an exit, can i please get the quest done from a gm so i can keep going? the alt is this one on silvermoon, please i really need the area to be done i'm at 5/8 progression in nagrand... help me pleaseSharpstill4 05 Apr
05 Apr Plans for Wintersgrasp & Tol Barad Achievements Hi, Is there any plans to burn these old achievements? Or are they still doable in the next expansion. Still a bit of token farming to be done :) As for the PVP achievements.. These are quite hard to complete :( NKNickolina5 05 Apr
05 Apr Frostbitten & Bloody Rare It’s not that they really need a major nerf, just bringing in line with the rest of the achievements from other expansions. They don’t show up on the mini map very well which is the first issue as quickly as Pandaria/Draenor/Legion They have multiple spawn locations, majority of Pandaria/Draenor/Legion are fixed They have ridiculously long respawn timers, again Pandaria/Draenor/Legion are far quicker Address these issues and it will make a massive difference to those trying to tick them off. 4:30am this morning, spent 1-2 hours painfully trying to track them, relying on addons. Unfortunately I must have been tailing another play or players because I didn’t get a single hit despite flying and tracking the entire map. That’s my experience, they desperately need an overhaul.Chapterix10 05 Apr
05 Apr {Going To Need A Bigger Bag Achievement} plz nerf... Hello and good evening; I am writing this thread because of how frustrating it is to get this achievement completed, it is not just hard, time consuming, soul devouring, it is very horrible that we have to complete the entire List 56 items and A LOT of them are like 0.2% 0.3% Drop Chance OUT OF RARES NOT NORMAL MOBS, its very tiring really me and a lot of people are trying to get it done for a long time but barely any progress at all, some mobs take around 1 hour or more to spawn and even when they do ull come and find them DEAD, even if u kill it Goodluck with 0.2% drop chance, just tell me how is it possible to complete this Nightmare, even if u sit 16 hours in a day farming trying to kill stuff (probably killed or not even there) u still will not get any progress for 16 hours per day if u are farming the rares! Please Nerf this achievement, make it for example like: Collect 20 of the List Below or 30 or something, please or make it a Feat of Strength cuz that Achievement is Insane for 10 Points, Please :'( .. Best Regards; DeathgrabDeathgrab14 05 Apr
05 Apr "A Personal Touch" JC quest Just a quick FYI as I saw a question about where to find the item Nightborne Loupe. It droped after killing a mob at 48.53/77.66 for me Hope it helpsRaygon0 05 Apr
04 Apr Ready for the RAAAAIIIIDSSSSS (MoP) im going to create a group for this achievement on Isle of Thunder, feel free to add me iG & when we got a large amount of people we go kill some ! @ Avedis#21242Avedis0 04 Apr
04 Apr [Shake Your Bunny Maker] Meet-up between factions? Would anyone else be interested in meeting in a neutral space so that we can get this achievement? Or is there such a place already? I'm on Quel'thalas. Oh and if the Alliance dude who tried to talk to me in Dalaran sees this, I'm sorry I didn't understand what you were saying xDSiviä0 04 Apr
04 Apr Pristine Pandaria Solves? Hi! I'm still one pristine solve from my achievement (iron amulet). Is that normal, considering the 1000+ solves in Pandaria, or just really unlucky!? 1 in 10 chance I'll get the Iron Amulet and a 10% chance it will be pristine from what I understand. 23 amulets later, and still no joy :( NKNickolina5 04 Apr
03 Apr Artifact questline not appearing. Help pls. Ok, i have a little problem. I have already finished quests for 2 Artif Weapons (balance, feral). I tried and applied for pursuing the Resto Weapon, after which i didnt recieve the questline for aquiring it. It is not showing up in the quest logbook. I have tried reloging, it didnt help.... So, after 3 days i still have no solution for this and i dont see a question mark above the questgiver, nor there is a quest for pursuing another arti weapon. What should i do? Thank you for your help. PapablessPapabless0 03 Apr