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1h well thats 12hrs of my life Im never getting back Ive caved in and decided to get flying in Legion, all thats left now is grinding rep and finishing the Sumura quest line. how boring and pointless is this, my god Ive done some boring stuff in WoW but this takes the biscuit, I dont have any choise as Blizz have created a two tier server now by allowing the flying thing, so if I want to compete I have no choise. thanks for thatCluid7 1h
1h [PETS]Gonna Need a Bigger Bag LF people to farm following pets at the Timeless Isle: [Death Adder Hatchling] []Spineclaw Crab these two are farmed by grinding snakes/crabs, a rare may spawn after at the same place and drop a pet with a chance of 1-2%. [Jadefire Spirit] [Ashleaf spriteling] drop from rares who spawn appr. every 30-60mins with a 1-2% chance. These pets ARE TRADEABLE and can be shared with the group. When a rare spawns, group gathers before killing it, then in case pet dropped, the person who got it DOES NOT LEARN, but instead logs out of the game and then back in. That's it, now pet is counted to his achievement. He trades it to next person, who does the same, and in the end pet is returned to the owner. Pros: we get a much bigger chance of getting a pet, can grind the entire island at once, instead of camping one spot when you try to farm it alone. I am gonna invite people to a half-dead realm. I almost never see a single person in the location, except for myself. Looking for dedicated people, willing to drop these pets rather sooner, than later. No afkers, no noobs or greedy dudes, using pets for themselves right after it drops. btag: JodieHolmes#21525Supremacyson1 1h
6h Looking for/Selling extremely rare items Feel free to use this topic to sell your rare item/transmog/recipe/shareable old quest/whatever is rare, so we could have 1 centralized place for it. I'm selling a lot of rare transmog such as 1 Chromatic Sword. Try adding me if you're looking for something specific. I'm a serious buyer, buying for gold the following ingame items: Blue Murloc Egg - starting at 25M Pink Murloc Egg - ?? but probably a lot too Open to other rare collection items I might miss, like : Plans: Golden Scale Gauntlets Pattern: Nightscape Cloak Pattern: Shadoweave Mask Also buying rare transmog, almost any realm. And old retired quest to share A and H. -Where can I buy expensive and extremely expensive collection items ? By order of preference : Draenor> Ravencrest > Silvermoon > Outland. If the deal is planned early enough, might be able to buy on : Twisting Nether, Kazzak, Sylvanas, Argent Dawn, Aegwynn, Defias Brotherhood. -Why is it good to have gold on such realms ? Those are the highest pop EU realms, TCG pets are cheap there, meaning you can easily restock there and sell for a profit on your low pop realm to buy BMAH items, as well as having access to a very wide variety of account wide toys, mounts, transmog or in game pvp/pve services like Mythic Archimonde kills. Or simply using it to buy the WoW Token over time. Vaëa#2310Aadä80 6h
8h CoS Literary Perfection Where can I find Winds, Sigils, and the Nightborne WayPhilprocter1 8h
11h AGAIN!!!!!! okay this is an old problem that I had to open a ticket for 2 years ago and it still exits In the Battle for Gilneas west the thing resets part way through and plants me back at the start at the bridge Anyone got a work around cause when I try and sort this with Blizzard they refer me to outside websitesLoghan2 11h
14h Can't turn in Greater Power for Greater Threats Hi. I finally dinged 110 and I have a quest called Greater Power for Greater Threats that I have to turn in at the Broken Shore. There was no flight path available for me so someone flew me there, but when I got there there were no NPCs to hand the quest in to. I tried relogging but the problem persists.Lafonda1 14h
16h Get That Achievement Seeing as the forums have been merged, thought it was worthwhile to continue the game. @Exodeo - go and try Bombs Away (Outland quests), surprised you haven't got this old stuff yet. People new to the game, here are the rules: Whenever you post, take a look at the armory page of the last poster, find an achievement they haven't gotten yet, and tell them to go get it in your post! Then the next time someone posts, they'll find an achievement for you to do. Once you've achieved that, come back and post about it if you'd like, but make sure to give out an achievement! That's it, just rinse and repeat. As long as you do that, everything else is up to you!Lyyli69 16h
16h Is There a Medic in the Zone? hi all ... is possible finish achievment "Is There a Medic in the Zone?" or is bugged? Before 7.1 quests dropped everywhere and i have ZERO progress in achievment. After 7.1 drop nothing. any expoerience with this achievment?Dudulinek9 16h
16h Naval Mechanics Hi, I'm trying to get this achievement crossed off, but for some reason the original quest 'Blast Furnace' didn't count towards the achievement, buying it doesn't work either from the NPC vendor. Is this bugged? NKNickolina0 16h
17h Gief the good stuff, dont make it half way! So, WoD CM gear is account-wide. But MoP CM gear is still locked on the character you did it with. why make some account-wide and some player-locked? make up your mind. The most !@#$ed up part of this is that Blizzard make us "hate" the class that u played with, since they change the playstyle completely, force us to reroll and then all the good stuff vanishes. by goodstuff I mean the awesome CM gear that you worked to get. Like me, I loved the demo lock, before the change, so ofc I did CM on it. than the change came and I kinda hate my lock now. Been playing Monk since the announcement of ruining the Demo spec. But I want the awesome gear om my monk. Plizzz blizzz, gief the stuff. ps. u can leave out the head (its ugly :P) Its not that I cry myself to sleep cause of it, but its more the "I want it" and "the achivement system". make it acc wide all or player specific all. And plz, gief more "meaning less" achivements to work on. not because its needed, but its fun and make us go out in the world and do random stuff. specially for Achivement hunters. And I know that alot of ppl will say that I should just /delete my game or something because this is silly for ppl. but hey, someone wants it and I know Im not the only one!Kalenco1 17h
17h Can anyone help please? good morning guys, Im trying at last to complete the flying quest thing in legion and have done everything apart from grinding the rep and the last questline story, "The Good Suramaritan" but I dont have a clue where it all starts, Ive flown to Surama but cant seem to find any quests to get started, can anyone please point me in the right direction, Im totally confused with this now??Cluid4 17h
18h Can't pick up Brawl: Deep Six Hello! Im having trouble picking up the quest through the Adventure Guide - Suggested Content. When i click "Start Quest" it opens up my Map, and theres no quest in my quest log. I've tried to disable all my addons, /reload and even changed my character on to another server during the problem. Its only been a problem for my Death Knight. I've also tried to go into the brawl and win it without any quest being completed or popping up. Please help :)Ðìe2 18h
1d Glroy of ... solo Hi guys, I'm asking myselft about this question: Which ones are completely solo-able? I'm using a tank class Many thanks ina dvance for your feedback :)Arozora3 1d
1d Can't Mage Tower Challenge Hey guys, So Mage Tower is up and I wanted to try the Mage Tower Challenge for the artifact appearance. I went to Broken Shore, i completed the construction but when I talk to the npc at the front, she does not give me any quest to try the challenge, just a random message. What seems to be the problem? I have level 8 on concordance of legionfall, so i have all 35 traits and the new ones. I did not, however, complete the questline for said new traits. Is that the problem? Cause that sounds stupid... Why would we get the new traits handed to us only to not be able to do things that require them in the first place? If not, what seems to be the problem?Seekër18 1d
1d invasion points BS okay im really tired of this BS, this is 6th time this happened to me. i joined an invasion point group today and the boss was killed THE INSTANT i joined, no loot. I WOULD RATHER have no loot and kill the boss again than this BS i would rather spend 20 more minutes getting something than absolutely nothing. (Yes the invasion point is 'cleared' but no loot, cant redo it)Potatoaim2 1d
2d Can't pick up Brawl: Deep Six Hello! Im having trouble picking up the quest through the Adventure Guide - Suggested Content. When i click "Start Quest" it opens up my Map, and theres no quest in my quest log. I've tried to disable all my addons, /reload and even changed my character on to another server during the problem. Its only been a problem for my Death Knight. I've also tried to go into the brawl and win it without any quest being completed or popping up. Please help :)Ðìé0 2d
2d PvP Quests reward lower level gear now? Hi folks! So I logged on (my main) today and saw that that one of the PvP WQs that should have rewarded me with a Fierce Gladiator Armor piece only displayed a Fierce Combatant armor piece. I've been collecting the Gladi Set for some time now so the character definitely is viable to receive those gear pieces. Is this intended? Is it new? Is it a (display) bug? (Also, please fix the forum/character thingy :P) (Edited for clarity.)Calithra6 2d
3d Guardian artifact challenge Hello. I got the feral artifact challenge done, but I would like to also get it on my guardian spec. However, when I go guardian, the quest does not appear when I am at the mage tower (it is active right now). I've tried relogging and all, how can I make the quest appear?Zechey1 3d
4d Torn invitation had a question if there are more ways to obtain it then just the army withered training and the night fallen emissary quest? as lately i haven't had the WQ anymore only those annoying argus WQs. and already having bad luk with the witherd army training even tough i try it every 3 days with my 13 chars ( really getting frustrated now and patience running out) so was wondering if there more ways to get it then just those 2 cause after all these times and still not getting it im getting desperate and really want to try everything.Fendorantes5 4d
4d Fastest legendaries? Whats the fastest way to farm some legendaries? Right now im just in argus killing rares, looting chests, invasion and doing world quests in general for caches. Are there any others ways that are more productive? Thanks!Codeindream1 4d
4d Cannot abandon /decline quest line I have been stuck with an account-wide quest (in all my characters' logs and won't go away) to do with the vanity pet mini-game for as long as I can remember, and I can't abandon it. Today I looked up an online guide on how to complete the quest in the hope of getting rid of it. Unfortunately, when I succeeded, another quest came up, which I was unable to decline. I hearthed rather than accept it, but it added itself to my quest log anyway. I have googled what I need to do for this next quest and I don't have vanity pets of the correct categories for it, and it looks like it just leads to more mini-game quests which I don't want to do anyway. I appreciate that some people enjoy this mini-game, but I don't enjoy it and I don't want to do these quests, and from what I remember I am stuck with them because I clicked on and accepted a quest in a capital city on one low-level alt, and now I'm stuck with them on all my characters. QQFesil0 4d
5d Vigilant Kuro Not Spawning Hey all, I've been near-competition with [Command of Argus] for about a month now, but still I haven't seen Vigilant Kuro spawn. Does he spawn less often? Is there anything I can do to help improve my chances? It's becoming very frustrating.Cassilda2 5d
5d New achivment in battle for azeroth? I was thinking that we could get an achivment for killing boars in Elwynn forest 1-60. With the scaling that is coming it will be possible to do that for the first time on live servers just like in the south park episode. I suggested to my friend to do that on stream no hierloms etc and with paul stanley live to win blasting on repeat untill i reach lvl 60. So what does everybody think about that? Best regards // Laserugglan <Riot Squad> Bloodhoof euLaserugglan3 5d
5d how ? how the heck can I finish hides from legends when the horde never get Tol Barad :( tried for days :( sobMollifer7 5d
5d Madam Viciosa not crediting me complete So what is going on... i defeat her and i do not get quest reward or credit.. I just cant deal with these bugs anymore...Distorted0 5d
6d Where is this NPC? This is the only quest left to do on the map with my garrison and I can't find it. I know that when the question/exclamation mark is grey, this means the NPC is inside a building or a cave. So I thought maybe this NPC was wrongly marked as being outside and went inside the cave - no NPC. No up on the hill, no down in the base of the hill - no quest giver NPC anywhere! The quest itself is named something like "Engorged Goren" or similar. 6d
6d dungeon before ending quest line how come i've never been in a zone before.. but I can do the dungeon that basically spoils the questline of an entire zone? why aren't the quest lines needed to unlock the dungeon on dungeon finder. why even have a dungeon be there at all, if you can just queue up for it.. who is gonna still use the inworld dungeon, why not make all dungeon portals available in dalaran.. its basically the same already and discreditting the world builders IMOHolyavocado3 6d
6d (A) LF Nemesis Garrison group (goblins) Are there any boosting groups still selling these services? Kind of missed the boat a little...Garretta0 6d
6d Lord/Lady of war Hi everyone. Why isn't Lord of war title class bound? Similar to how the CM mop sets are or a lot of other things in this game. I get the a whole other group of titles/items/mounts are acc wide but not a title like this? I get it shouldnt be acc wide but why not make it class bound. So i don't have to swap faction for example when i really want the title on my ally pala. Any input is welcome.. ThanksVakuu3 6d
15 Nov Only the Penitent Self explanatory, looking for 2 people, only thing I need left for glory Achiev, and mount. Reply on here and I can contact you battle.netDraebe1 15 Nov
14 Nov Darkbrul WQ Hello The achivement The Darkbrul-oh seems lika an impossible achivement. It only seems to spawn late night since the few times i actually done it is at morning with only minutes before despawn.. I have done all the other achivement towards the mount 19/20 19/20 17/20 and darkbrul 4/20. Is this inteden or?Wallflower2 14 Nov
14 Nov Shadowmourne (Soloing the quest chain) hey GMs am just wondering if you can take a look at the shadowmourne chain quests specially these two quests these two require some group related mechanism and due to my limited time , my wow experience become very soloable game to me which I enjoy a lot with no problem with that pretty much all the legendary quests in the game that I have done is easy to solo except this legendary quest chain due too these 2 quests I hope you can take this in your consideration cause I really enjoy the game in solo mode (yes I know it's a multiplayer game but the LFD and LFR is more than enough for me as a multi player game) so if you please make those quests more soloable my legendary collection is not completed because of this also another main point to finish the shadowmourne is the which is a very wannable tabard for a paladin like me or any paladin out there. thanks for reading my topic hope I can have an answer for itArthustinus4 14 Nov
13 Nov Seat of Triumvirate : The Crest of Knowledge Hello there, I am doing a quest on my alt. Quest name is Seat of Triumvirate : The Crest of Knowledge. My problem is that i cannot loot quest item from the last boss called L'ura. I have tried this quest 3 times, abandoned the quest too. It is only me or anyone have same problem? Have a nice day, CarryptoCarrypto2 13 Nov
13 Nov Need more fruit of arcan'dor in the quest 'arluin's request' we need to find arluelle and give her the fruit of arcan'dor. but i don't have any fruit of arcan'dor left. all other quests are complete which were suppose to give me fruit of arcan'dor. what do i do?Veeru5 13 Nov
13 Nov Suramar quests/areas anachronism I'm trying to do the Suramar questlines to understand the story there, but I keep randomly running into quests and areas that make no sense, lore-wise. E.g. I'm fairly early in the rebellion in Suramar storyline, then ride to a quest objective and suddenly I'm in the middle of Nightborn rebels all-out fighting Demons in the streets. I'm riding along to a different quest, see a marker, then the quest giver tells me "now that the shield is down..." - but it isn't! There have been four or five instances of this and it just makes the story completely incomprehensible and ruins all immersion. Inb4 "oh you want hand-holding!" - No, I'm fine with exploring and looking for quests, it just kind of ruins my experience if I keep getting quests completely out of chronological order, not only because it makes it hard to understand what exactly is happening, but also because it spoils the whole story if I just ride from one quest to the next and then suddenly there's Kirin Tor standing there in Suramar City, or someone tells me in the quest text that the attack on Suramar city is happening soon, and oh! There's Lady Liadrin - for whatever reason. Honestly, isn't this why phasing was invented in the first place? It's not like I'm going out of my way to find areas and quests that you're only supposed to be in later on in the story. This is not even to mention the fact that world quests have the exact same problem: I'm just doing quests at the Waning Crescent and suddenly I've got Tyrande in my ear telling me to let the Nightborn know the Alliance is coming to help and I'm like, when did that happen then?Mitleid1 13 Nov
12 Nov WOD challenge mode in legion could you do this gold challenge mode from wod in legion ? To get weapons for transmogs like Cloudsong Glaive .Pepperone2 12 Nov
12 Nov Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion Hi, i wondering that if I'm able to do quest chain from Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion at 90 lvl solo?Nerrgal5 12 Nov
12 Nov Balance of power for alts Hello, this has been posted thousand times before, and i will post it thousand times more if thats what it takes. I currently have balance of power artifact skins on 4 chatacters, and my goal is to get it on all classes. The grind thou.. it should have been account bound, but hey, the disguesting long quest chain would actually be ok, only if you removed the reputation locks. I will probably end up comitting suicide before reaching revered with nightfallen and valarjar on 12 characters. Save me please..Shaiyà3 12 Nov
12 Nov Torn Invitation will it stay in the battle of Azaroth? Was wondering this as im still farming for it to get the fox mount with my 13 horde alts since the beginning and even leveling up 12 alliance alts so i can do the army wither training with 25 chars and trying to do the Emissary quest to for the night fallen when its up but till this day no luck and to make matter worse now with the argus Emissary quest in the rotation and getting priority over the others ( as i seem them more often then the older 1s ) my changes even grew slimmer and what im afraid of is that will allot of changes in the next expansion that it might even be gone like the tiger from zul gerub ( now its just the panter) so was wondering if it will stay there even in the next expansion as after these times im giving up hope that i will get it before the new expansion is here ty for reading btwFendorantes2 12 Nov
11 Nov Emissary WQ rotation Since there is random rotation of emissary WQ, could we please get Kirin Tor more frequently? So we can progress with reputations we actually want to.Bighand1 11 Nov
11 Nov WQ Rewards! Okay, these honestly needs to be upgraded, they arent worth the effort.... maybe those 1k resources are and relics but if they all gave like 10 bloods each quest i would honestly do em all till i puke, these whatever gears n low gold rewards are just blaah! Could be way out from rng a bit atleast with upped crafted set, dont wana farm dungeons on every char, some sure....Damios1 11 Nov
11 Nov Gearing Up! I am currently trying too gear up before next tier is released and im looking for people to do dungeons, raids (ToS preferably), rares and treasure farming on Argus. im currently ilvl 890. If you are intrested, feel free too add me Giovanni#2979Riculez0 11 Nov
11 Nov WTB Heavy junkboxes (Insane achievement) Is there any rogue selling me 1300 heavy junkboxes ? for the insane achievement Even if you won't farm all the 1300, sell me the ones you got. I'm from Ragnaros, , the realms I should be able to trade with are: Bloodfeather Darksorrow Defias Brotherhood Frostwhisper Haomarush Lightning's Blade Neptulon Ragnaros Sylvanas The Maelstrom The Venture Co Twisting Nether Vashj Add me Metallus#2918 Thank youDeathglare0 11 Nov
10 Nov What the Eck achiev bugged Did someone do this achiev lately? mine Eck is bugged, when i engaged him, he going down through the textures and do nothing... try on all my alts and its the same bug on them allNerrgal8 10 Nov
10 Nov Prestige rewards; mounts, titles What happens tho these after legion? I know you can get artifact appearances later, but not sure with prestige system or not. But im curious about these mounts and titles, id like to go for farm and do pvp as i like to play single player The prestigous black mount looks so nice that i'd like to have it and have that 'achivevement feeling' when im done with itTervaskanto2 10 Nov
10 Nov BRH Archaeology questline So there is an archaeology questline for the BRH instance. Without telling too many spoilers, you get acces to a secret room in BRH, but you can't do anything in the room. All you get is a red button. So my question is, is there like any secrets about the room? Or is it just useless. I was very annoyed by it, since I thought there would be a cool easteregg or something.Swipeygotits0 10 Nov
09 Nov Not gering any rep past exalted Just noticed today that I didn’t get any Armies of Legionfall rep, even as it is the Daily for today. I’m currently stuck at 9150/10000 past exalted, same as I was yesterday. Some of my other chars are kind enough to send my new main rep tokems, these brought me to exalted with The Nightfallen and The Dreamweavers today, but not a single point past exalted. Anyone got any idea as to what is wrong?Sgaj1 09 Nov
09 Nov Khadgar Where art thou? I have a fresh 110 belf mage. Leveled mostly through invasions and missions. Never finished a zone quest cchain. Not far on the mage class quests. Had the Uniting the isles quest and the Khadgar Discovery quest but Khadgar is not at the usual place at the Violet Citadel, his voice is though. I dropped the Discovery one and portal in and out of Dalaran, No Khadgar. Reloaded Ui, No Khadgar. Will you be so kind to fix this please, right now i can not do any WQ with this mage and yes, thanks for asking this IS frustrating. Thank you.Alcmene2 09 Nov
09 Nov Problems with priest class hall So I am having two problems in the priest class hall. The first is, I wanted to get the hidden appearance for disc, and after a short search, I found that I need to talk to the dwarf in the class hall. But he appears to me as "unknown" and refuses to talk to me. Anyone experiencing this? The other one is, I switched from Tithe to Blessed Seals and the npc for "Blessing of order" disappeared. Is it intended, just not written, or is that a bug? Any help appreciated.Malsaern3 09 Nov