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1m Stocked: Demon Hunter Class Mount (Legion) Hello everyone - Hope someone can help me with obtaining the DH class mount from Legion. I am not sure what I'm doing wrong, but the quest for the mount will not appear for me. I started finishing the legion expansion in 8.01 BFA, so in the past weeks I've completed: Class Hall campaing - got the artifact looks and the achievement "a glorious campaign" Assult on broken shore - I got the "Breaching the Tomb" achievement. I've retrieved 4/6 artifacts to the Dalaran Portrat room (i assume this has nothing to do with any of it) I have also finished the quest line "Balance of Power" and got the achievement + skins. yet, Matron Mother Malevolence do not have a quest for me, as she should have, for the mount... Do anyone know what i am missing? from what i've read all other restrictions has been removed, exalted faction etc. What am i missing? Hope someone can help me, thank you in advanced.Vengeblade0 1m
10h Halloween Mask Achievement I’m just curious, do all the masks have to be obtained on one character? Or can I split them over a few if I want and still get progress towards the achievement.Azmodani0 10h
10h "the Purifier" title not account wide Mythic: G'huun title reward (The Purifier) is not showing on alt characters. It is marked as "account-wide" on wowhead and other 3rd party sites. Is this intended, or a bug? All previous expansion titles were account-wide. I couldn't find anything related to a change being made.Kvaernq1 10h
16h the missing fleet quest ( Taelia) Im in BFA (on a Paladin) in Boralas im unable to finish The missing fleet quest as im unable to interact with Taelia in harbormasters office to start the final quest no quest marker appears etc ive done all the others up to this point but unable to progress furtherSturmdark0 16h
22h Highmountain story quests I want to start the story in highmountain so I can complete all the chapters and grind to become exalted so I can eventually unlock the highmountain tauren as a playable race, but I can't seem to find anyone to start any quests except side quests. Anyone know where I can start?Niehla2 22h
1d Ancient Jawbreaker/Incessantly Ticking Clock WQ Has this world quest been removed? I've been checking the companion app every time the WQs reset (or logging in) and I haven't seen the quest pop since the first week of the expansion. All the other Zandalar trinket quests have shown up multiple times, but never this one, which is a shame as I really like how it works.Scáil1 1d
1d Ahead of the Curve, Is it even fair? Just get rid of Curve. Does it have proof that you're a pro at mythics? Even the ones that have good damage that don't even have the achievement get turned away because of stupid high demand of ilvl and achievement. Can it be like old times when curve isn't so much of a burden? The achievement means nothing apart from You've beaten this raid in mythic before the new upcoming raid has been released. That's what it means... it doesn't mean "You need this achievement to prove you need to get into mythics" Even in premades you get "You need a brain" "Link Curve" "ilvl over 9000" crap. I am seeing lots of posts in the forums about the high ilvl requirements even in the easiest raids. This is really stupid imho Getting turned away because you don't have the achievement isn't fair at all. Is there a good reason why people need it? To get accepted so you get better gear? People need curve to shut other peoples mouths up so we all can get the gear we wanted. I don't even care about the achievement, I want to get into mythics without it because I know the tacts, my ilvl is high, I have a brain but people don't really see by pass it. So in your honest opinions: Is Curve unfair or fair. (Don't be elitist about it)Nylleasia17 1d
1d In the Blink of an Eye In the Blink of an Eye Quest So I can pick up the quest fine and own Legion, however in cleft of shadows I only see portals to Blasted Lands and Ashran. Ive been directed to Orgrimmar, Dalaran and a place beginning with a K near Blasted lands, no portals, Tried all the advice on Wowhead and dropped quest and picked it up again but still doesn't work. please help, so annoying! Support responded after a few days in order to tell me to post new and not bump a relevant thread which was oh so helpful. If someone could actually help that would be great, It seems this quest has been bugged since forever so people have to buy expansions they cant even use due to a well documented fault. If anyone could actually help thatd be brilliant, thanks in advance xMehmehmeh1 1d
1d Cant find a quest Hello, i play a monk healer/dmg and i need a help. I just complete intro into a legion, where i complete save the monks temple against the demons. after it i was in new Dalaran where i cant found a quest which will open a new quest line for me. Can anybody help me where i can find this quest???Maytheholy2 1d
1d zandalar so i levelled completely in dungeons and now i am 120 i dont see any way / quest to go to zandalar. How can i unlock this?Bose1 1d
2d DANGER: Kosumoth the Hungering world quest Is the DANGER: Kosumoth the Hungering world quest ever going to be fixed? The reward for it has been the pet for more than half a year now consistently. Based on wowhead comments from early Legion, the reward was cycling between pet and mount every 2 weeks, but currently, I have got the attunement completed in April, and since then the reward was always the pet. Other reports suggesting that they haven't seen the mount since February/March.Puszta4 2d
2d It is time to remove The Insane FoS Since it is easy to get, they should have removed it since the classic rep was not required anymore or atleast when DMF is super easy and not time consuming anymore. Please remove it, to obtain it isn't insane anymore. Yes I know that I did it after they removed shen'dralar rep. But in the end I respect also the people who consumed a lot of time doing this FoS the easy DMF way. But it is time to make it real Insane again with extra "time consuming rep' or just remove it completely to give everyone some kind of honor who did it. It is enough now. Just give a warning for maybe 2 months for players who are in the middle of this process. ThxPruciuxtia6 2d
2d Danger: Kosumoth the Hungering is broken The world quest, located on the broken isles, is supposed to reward either the hungering claw pet or the fathom dweller mount. The quest is refreshed every other reset, with the reward being 'random' between the mount and the pet. It has been the pet since at least May, which is when I unlocked the quest (which takes a couple of hours btw). I unlocked this world quest to get the mount. If this isn't bugged, which I assume it is, is it not time the devs stepped in to amend it? Sure you shouldn't be given random loot drops, however this is supposedly an equal chance. I'm pretty sure I am not alone with this issue. Have devs noticed or looked into this at all? This was created in July, and whilst initially dismissed as bad rng it is still ongoing.Katlynx1 2d
2d Zalazane returns quest missing / Rokhan missing Hello so i am revered with zuldazar i have compleated the zuldazar forever achiv but rokhan is not there and i cant get the quest chain have no idea why.Phoenixgodx0 2d
2d Timeless Isle Hi I joined in WoD, been trying to play through some old content but there is a part of the timeless isle with a number of unique mobs and WB I cannot get to because of not having the legendary cloak. I understand the mechanic encouraged players to do the cloak questline to access content and give progression but it has been 5 years since the patch was released. The cloak really is not going to effect endgame and neither is anything from the WB. Could either the cloak quest be reinstated or the cloak requirement to enter the area be removed, to allow new players a chance to see the content the developmement team put so much effort into making.Daylren0 2d
2d World Quest showing wrong spec I'm just curious. Wouldn't it be possible to have the current Alliance War Effort WQ, or WQs in general, reward an item specific to your spec? (The current WQ is showing an outlaw weapon as reward, which makes little sense to me). Just experiencing a bit of a buzzkill lately because Sin rogues are limited to daggers, they're very hard to come by, and there doesn't seem to be a good system to adjust for this limitation. No doubt some other classes are feeling this too; I'm just sharing this from my pov.Shoohs0 2d
3d The Battle for Lordaeron quest failed I was doing The Battle for Lordaeron quest, at the end i get transported back to orgrimmar to turn in the quest, but when i get there i can't turn in the quest to Nathanos Blightcaller, i can't abandon the quest to try again since it not in my quest logKalub1 3d
3d Alchemy - Changing to Transmutation Mastery Hi I have raised an in game ticket about this EU63998783. Game Masters were helpful however my problem still exists. I have Logged a bug report as well and have not heard anything at all. I am trying to change my Mastery from elixir to Transmutation Master however the quest does not show. I have followed all the advise i can find, 1. Make sure im at 300 in classic Alchemy 2. Have Trivial quests switched on in tracking 3. Have 4 living steel bars I logged this 2 weeks ago now so for 2 weeks i have been waiting but this is silly i want to be able to change the mastery without having to drop Alchemy and start again? Not to mention i have lost 2 weeks worth of transmuting as i want to be able to have the chance of procs. Please can someone help?Memnochh4 3d
3d Achievements Points Number Hello all! I think the 7.3.5 patch actually broke the armory. It now only shows points earned on the character - not including meta achievements, multi-character achievements, or account wide achievements . It shows the same number of achievements from GUILD Tab Page - > View Achievement Points. Before 7.3.5 : ARMORY - > Total Bnet Account achievement points (28k for me) IN GAME ACHIEVEMENT POINTS TAB -> Total Bnet Account achievement points (28k for me) IN GAME GUILD PAGE TAB -> Only character specific points -metas, glory.etc (25k) After 7.3.5 : ARMORY - > Only character specific points -metas, glory.etc (25k) IN GAME ACHIEVEMENT POINTS TAB -> Total Bnet Account achievement points (28k for me) IN GAME GUILD PAGE TAB -> Only character specific points -metas, glory.etc (25k) I would say it would be normal to be displayed the TOTAL ACCOUNT Achi points everywhere. I have inspected top achievement players from wowprogress and the possible maximum character specific achi points its 26,3 k or so.. Even so i saw there are some bugged armories like this one(shows the bnet acc achivs): Its not possible to have 28205 Character Specific points. Thank you (and sorry for my bad english) Rodex8 3d
3d Whats up with the "DANGER: Kosumoth the Hungering The worldquest always give the pet. I did the events leading up to that i could do this world quest on my hunter like 3 months ish ago and all those two week sessions have been granting the pet and not the mount. Is it not suposed to change now and then?Deadalivekil59 3d
3d Word up on this reddit post. I don't know if this has been posted before. Or lifted in any other way, but i will post this just in case. Read it . For me, this is word up. 3d
3d Arakkoa Outcasts Hi! Don't know if I'm accidently double posting this but... I'm trying to farm Arakkoa Outcasts reputation. I've been checking online for the best farm spots and all info says that each mob grant 5 rep/kill. I've tried farming both at Skettis and Lost Veil Anzu but every mob only gives me 1 rep/kill. Am I doing something wrong or have they changed the rep?Spoocher15 3d
3d "Show Me Your Moves" achievement alteration request At the moment, the "Show Me Your Moves" achievement is unobtainable, but I'd like to request an alteration to the achievement when it's re-implemented. Briefly, during the boss fight "Will of the Emperor" the two mobs, Jan-xi and Qin-xi are supposed to do a combination of attacks which require players to move out of area of effect damage. Successfully doing this a few times in a row awards the player the ability to use "Opportunistic Strike", an extra action button ability. At present the bosses are not gaining energy, so will not execute the abilities which they used when hitting full energy. However, the philosophy of the fight is what I'd like altered: I'm not sure of the damage scaling for opportunistic strike, but it may be impossible to execute without killing the boss using level 120 players. With other fights, such as "Patient Zero" in Trial of Valour, it's possible to solo an achievement which would otherwise require raid coordination, which I think would be the better approach - if there's only one raid member and they execute an opportunistic strike, that should be enough (though presumably one would have to do it with two minimum regardless, since there are two bosses using the devastating arc and stomp). Equally I'd be content if the achievement were removed or made a feat of strength, I just don't like the feeling of having an achievement outstanding.Gamerunknown2 3d
4d Scouting map bug I`m playing an alliance night elf druid 115 atm , did the drustvar questline and now i can t start the quest lines for the other two zones because i can t interact with the scouting map.I know i should be able to start questline for any zone even if i didn t finish the the previous zone since i leveled my horde warr and mage and i could pick up quest from scouting map for all 3 zones. If i did something wrong i don t know what that is ... and i realy want to switch to druid because prot warrior sucks ...Amarhanth1 4d
4d Fall of Lordaeron Scenario I had to leave the fall of Lordaeron scenario before completing it, is there any way to go back and run it again? Couldn't see it in the group finder tool. Sorry if this is the wrong place, did a search here and on the web but couldn't find the answer and haven't played for a few years...Modsognir0 4d
4d Show me what you've got and Cooper I do not know if anyone from blizz reads these things but here goes anyway. In 10 years of playing this game I have never come across anything as painful as the horse jumping achievement on the Norwington Estate quest line.. It makes no sense from a story line perspective (been riding mounts for most of that 8 years and have a few hundred in my stable) and it certainly gets in the way of completing the quest sequence. I can put up with the idea of a focus on raiding, I see the fascination for PvP, but at my age (65) I now play the game to while away the time and I see no reason why or fascination with having to continually repeat an exercise that seems to be there simply to demonstrate programming dexterity. This particular player will not be renewing his subscription when the current one runs out. I see this particular quest as little more than obstructive.Sacristan1 4d
4d Gnomeregan Fun Run - No Achieve? I have to say, I am a little disappointed in there being no achievement for completing the Gnomeregan fun run... Literally ever player who crossed the finish line while I was there had the same comment "is that it?". An achieve for participating in this would have done two things. 1. It would have given players a sense of accomplishment. 2. It would help to ensure players participate in the next event planned by Blizzard. This was a bit of a wasted effort on the part of Blizzard.Eboncraft0 4d
4d "Showdown at Stonewatch" impossible to complete It's the quest in Redridge Need to kill two elite guys with elite bodyguards But they have like 5k health each and 3 shot me in full heirlooms. And the elites I have with me to complete the quest either die really easily or just disappearIamahobo3 4d
4d Harrison Jones quest timed or bug? Hi, I was doing the quest chain Treasure Contract: The Thunderlord Sage (A daily quest from Harrison Jones in my Draenor Garrison) yesterday but didn't finish. Got to the point Gronnsbane: The Blessing of Beasts but I didn't have any Raw Clefthoof Meat in my bag (didn't know you needed it beforehand). I was really tired so I thought I finish it tomorrow. When I logged in today the quest was gone from my quest log...... Been searching wowhead and google for answers but found none so I'm trying here, is the quests you get from Harrison in your Garrison timed to the day you get it or what? A lot (all I've ever gotten at least) of the other dailies are saved in your quest log for you to finish when you please. (have had a daily in my log for over a week before I finished it..) Would really appreciate any answers to this so I know if it's a bug or if it's timed so I have to finish the quest the day I get it. I really need to know to plan for future Harrison quests (Btw it's really annoying that you can't choose to get Harrison everyday instead of getting raid quests...) CheersZargath1 4d
4d Dont have quest on BROKEN SHORE?! 110lvl broken shore 6/15 dont have any quest?! Someone can help me? Any quest on dalaran, broken shore and monk island. [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL] Photo: 4d
4d 100 exalted - time to change Hello! With introducing of 100 exalted reputations achievement it's time to change system. I think, that it's time to make reputations account wide. Why? Imagine that you have 80 exalted on your warlock, that you have been playing for 10 years. After 10 years you are burned out as caster DPS and discovered that tanking is your thing. Blizzard introduces demon hunter. After few hours of gameplay you fall in love with DH and you know, that its your main from now on! And here's the problem. You are achievement hunter, want this shiny white unicorn from 100 exalted reputations. To get it you are forced to play on your warlock who's nightmare to you to play on, and get those 20 missing reputations, instead of getting them on your new main Demon hunter that you fallen in love with. Now here's the solution. Every fraction (excluding fractions on new Expansion, to not make it too easy) after you get exalted with them on your main provide you a quest (easy one like "talk to X") gives you instant Exalted with fraction on every character you do it. This quest can start at friendly, or honored, just so you have to do something instead of getting it for free. Blizzard with introduction of 8.1 is making Champions of Azeroth reputation easier for alts. Why not every other reputations? Why are we, achievement hunters, forced to play on character we are no longer having fun with, only to be on par with others? Maybe it is the right time to change?Elthirien5 4d
5d Quest quality in BfA. Hey. I just wanted to say that I'm really enjoying the questing in this expansion. Questlines atleast on Alliance has been fun and enjoyable. I generally like the storylines, even when some of the story points have been REALLY predictable. If only there had been few more surprises in the normal quests, this would have been even better. But regardless, the zones are really well done, the quests are narrowed into the areas well and generally speaking they work like charm. Overall. I have been enjoying quest content of expansion every time me and my friend hop on to play it. Thank you. :)Nëstor5 5d
5d World Quest GoodBoy! in Storm Song World Quest GoodBoy! in Storm Song is bugged. You have to use a dog to scare tunnelers out on some location and killed them. i used the dog on over 15 locations and lost a lot of time in wich only 1 panicked tunlere apeared the rest were boneback or soemthing and did not count. pls fix this questScubadiver0 5d
6d Blood Elf Heritage Armor Questline is not appearing Hi I just got exalted with silvermoon city but the questline didnt show in the Orgrimmar Embassy as it supposed to I relogged and restarted my Client still nothing i don't see the quest there btw this is an alt, I unlocked all allied races with my main ult, so all the exalted BFA rep is on that alt, does this has anything to do with the quest ? even tho im honored with all bfa rep with this alt I did all the quest on this alt too, there are no quest showing for me to do, and I cant see Sylvanas in Orgrimmar Embassy as well dont know if this also has anything to do with that EDIT: nvm, the quest come with 8.1 patch ... my brain went off for a whileDarkestknig1 6d
6d Outland Group quests are too hard! Been questing in Netherstorm to get the achievement Into The Nether. I never completed the zone in TBC and meant to work on the Loremaster title on this leveling alt. It's been great fun, sometimes almost as hard as I remember it from back in the days. The scaling has been working just fine until now and I managed to get two of the questlines needed. Now I'm at the end of quest chains, where there are group quests I can't manage on my own at lvl 75. For example when you need to kill Socretar and it should be a group of 5 people. I'm a solo type of player and have no friends that will come all the way to Netherstorm, and there isn't a living soul around. (Low populated server and no one is phased here for reasons unknown. I've had the whole world all to myself since lvl 20 really. I will leave as soon as I can afford transfer because this unpopulated world feels really weird.) But now to my questions: What lvl do I need to be to be able to solo the hard group quests on this ret pala? How much would it help me if I speced Prot and learned how to play it?Eulalia8 6d
6d Achievement points are not working Achievement points are not working on my character. I just earned two achievements one for do dungeon first time and second fo lvl 85. But instead get 20 points i have 10 and its every time when i earn X ach. points i get smaller than i should. And so I have very little points i cant even earn them. Please answer or fix this.Unholypower0 6d
6d Personal Wingman in BFA Is it possible to earn the WoD achievement 'Personal Wingman' once you've hit 111+? From what I remember you only get rep with your bodyguards from mobs that award experience, meaning that after you hit 111 I can't see how this would still be doable.Synvash7 6d
6d Make LV110 zones scale Now that Legion is no longer current, half the content in Legion is gonna be "dead", except for achievement hunting. But even then, you won't get the experience of completing them on the intended difficulty level, unless you use the stop XP mechanic. Suramar, Broken Shore and all three parts of Argus should scale, like level 105-110. In fact, maybe put both Draenor and the Broken Isles in the same level bracket of 90-110, and have the max level zones in both unlock at level 100, and scale up to 110. The same thing was done in the Isle of Quel'Danas, Timeless Isle and Isle of Thunder among others. You could creare a lot more relevant content to new players and leveling alts, with comparatively minor effort.Lysende3 6d
6d Draenor Bodyguard rep impossible? So I was doing some stuff on Draenor and noticed that I wasn't getting notified of bodyguard rep increases due to mobs being gray level. Does this mean that after 110 the achievements related to bodyguards are impossible unless you use an alt?Shallin7 6d
11 Oct [Legion Keymaster] Link: According to the comments on Wowhead this is no longer possible to get. I just wanted to get it verified; is this no longer obtainable? If no, why is it still on the achievements list and not moved to FoS or Legacy?Dead1 11 Oct
11 Oct Quests rep Knights Of The Ebon Blade As far as I know there are quests in Icecrown and Zul'Drak that give rep for Knights Of The Ebon Blade, could anyone give the specific quest chains?Vryknir1 11 Oct
11 Oct [Naxt Victim] Hey, Me and a friend have been farming for this achievement for a while now. We only need to summon Skulguloth to complete it and i was wondering if anyone have the epic beacon for it or some greater beacon of firestorm.Zaxile0 11 Oct
10 Oct Legion reputations Just like in MOP, there should be bonus 100% xp to reps in Legion(legacy content now) if you already have achieved exalted with that faction on your battlenet account. The current system of gettibg 85 rep for a WQ is silly.Retributor6 10 Oct
10 Oct Show me your moves ... BUGGED ?? Hello, I would like to know if anyone tried to do the achievement "show me your moves". Took me 5 hours of waste of time to gather 10 people just to realize the boss energy never went up. reset the boss multiple times, we tried hitting him to see if it would change anything... Nothing happens. Was i missing anything ?? Is it a bug or is it something we did not do ?? I saw another post like this one on the US forums but no one replied, not even a GM, just ignored the forum as always. Sorry for being mad but i find it pretty frustrating when GM's ignore us, its not because its legacy that its not important. You should even fix the old content bug before adding tons of bugs with the new expansion. Thanks for you response.Ethernum4 10 Oct
10 Oct Scouting map I`m playing an alliance night elf druid 115 atm , did the drustvar questline and now i can t start the quest lines for the other two zones because i can t interact with the scouting map.I know i should be able to start questline for any zone even if i didn t finish the the previous zone since i leveled my horde warr and mage and i could pick up quest from scouting map for all 3 zones. If i did something wrong i don t know what that is ... and i realy want to switch to druid because prot warrior sucks ...Amarhanth0 10 Oct
10 Oct Expert Expeditioner Why did my counter reset to zero? When I had already done 30+ out of 50 Mythic Island Expeditions?Avines1 10 Oct
10 Oct Faction / Allied Race Achievements Hi, The allied race achievements are horrific and represent a dreadful grind that's just not fun in the slightest. Either dump the levelling requirement and replace with a quest at 110 OR just revert back to FOS please. NKNicko3 10 Oct
10 Oct Quests in Ashenvale is the lore worth it? hi i have been in ashenvale for 2 days now and its kinda the same thing kill this kill that is the lore even worth it cuz the stories are legit just elfes are invadingAlarikgrey1 10 Oct
09 Oct What we may Regret Quest I’ve just gotten Kul Tourist and am into the story but I can’t get this next quest! Is there anything else I need to do? It’s really frustrating!Rapidursa1 09 Oct