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1h LF Sentinax bosses. I'm looking for someone has the right items to summon two of the Sentinax bosses: Than'otalion and Skulguloth. Skulguloth comes from the green beacons(Firestorm) and Than'otalon comes from the blue beacons(Domination). If anyone has these please add me to BTag friends. Thank you. Tempus#2230Bllackhorn2 1h
4h 103/140 quests in Icecrown Stuck once again in Icecrown doing my loremaster on 103/140 quests. Tried using the icy-veins/wowhead tools to figure out what quests I am missing but I am not able to figure out where to continue... Did anyone else have a problem with 103 quests? Appreciate y'allPutch1 4h
4h The WQ leeching is out of control! I think most of us have been there, we join a group and start working... and then we notice that the bar only goes up as WE kill things, meanwhile there are 4 other people just sitting on flying mounts in the air/on the ground on a safe spot or standing fighting a trivial mob to appear as if though they're contributing. The problem is particularly obvious when the Legion invasions are up! I join groups in order to have them finish quick, but I often end up being the one doing the quest for max level players... It would be a miniscule issue if it wasn't so common! Every.single.WQ I do across every character that I do them on each day, have leechers. I'm not sure how this could be remedied, people with such lousy attitudes towards others will always exist, but I'm thinking something along the lines of a report system along with some sort of gauge for player activity in order to get credit for the quests?Malëficent2 4h
6h Epic Sentinax Beacons, where are they? I am trying to finish Naxt, but I haven't seen an epic beacon in ages. Or an epic mob being summoned for that matter. I have farmed in groups, done the nether portal mobs, and named mobs, and still no epic beacons. Unnerf this please. I only have two mobs left, and it used to be so much easier.Icebytch0 6h
6h Dinner Party Good day. I have a problem with Guild Achievement "Dinner Party". Description of the achievement says "Place 1500 Feasts.". But as I found out - Legion feasts don`t count towards progress. Actually, if to believe Game Masters, only Pandaren and Cataclysm feasts count. I have a question: WHY? Initial idea, i assume, is to reward guilds for using feasts(which is mainly used in raids) with small token for that. But it completely ruined and literally twisted into idea "go farm old content mats to get this useless achievement". What the hell with that? Could anyone explain? And even more to that - to find out about it, you need to spend a hell lot of a time. As a minimum - add 3 words to achivement description: "... Cataclysm or Pandaria feasts.". So it becomes immidiatly obvious that it's crappy and useless achivement.Singus0 6h
6h Weekly "content" they say huh? am i the only one getting really tired of how the quests added weekly on broken shore, are just telling us to do what we've already been doing for weeks now? nothing new to them at all, and i'm sick of farming nethershards, killing the same rares over and over and flying around looting chests. for a game with a 13$ monthly fee, there should be loads of content to do every week. i know blizzard can do way better, so why don't they? to save money or some bs? as this should be "the biggest content patch in the games history" it really has little to do... there were more to do on timeless isle and isle of thunder 2 expansions ago, and they came out almost instantly on patch launch day, except the opening of ToT, but atleast ToT prequests were well planned/executed. broken shore has become a mindless grinding spot, and that's really bad. are blizzard giving up on legion already? i hope not. up until 7.2 this expansion was REALLY promising if you ask me, fun questing, inovative systems for max lvl to get people out in the world, and a hell of a lot of content compared to WoD launch. then 7.2 came, and we get told that half of the content announced for 7.2 will actually first be made by the time 7.2.5 is out (ToS, class mounts etc.) it might have 7.2 in it's name, but 7.2.5 is a new patch, so it's not 7.2 content. it's smart of blizzard to launch the patch when some of the content is done, if they added REAL content over the next weeks, to make it the full patch that were announced. but what we get is "oh you want a quest huh? well go grind shards and do world quest, i bet you haven't done that for weeks by now". i can go on for hours why this patch sucks so far imo, but what i really wanna know is if i'm alone with this feeling? is dungeon, raiding and bg's, enough as the only valid content for you guys, or do you want some real content in the open world as much as i do aswell?Epiphica2 6h
8h Time for Essence of power in LFR? Hello, with Legion being hard on the alt front, and Blizz making efforts to make it better for alts, i feel and have found im at a stage where i can work on an alt, but i have hit a roadblock. I consider myself a collector, i like mounts, pets, achievements and in Legion, Artefact skins, so with my alts i would like to have their skins as well, so the Essence of Power quest line, it cannot be completed in LFR, to start that was fine, at the time my guild was progressing in Emerald Nightmare, so for my main, this was not an issue, but now for alts, for two weeks now i have been keeping an eye on the group finder looking for EN normal runs, so far iv seen one run that was in the process of clearing it and never responded to my invite request, i am sure i have missed others making normal runs, and countless people selling runs of EN heroic/mythic, when it comes to people trying to sell me anything in game, im very sceptical, i always just assume there gold farmers/sellers, and just stay away. I know some will say "make your own runs" i do not have the confidence or skill to run and or organise people, and i find the idea very daunting, as for my guild, we are not a big guild, and dont have a combination of people who are interested and or have alts, so im left in a position of at this time, not being able to ever complete this quest on any of my alts.Bossk0 8h
11h There's too much to collect so I dont try. Wow is full of collectables pets, toys, transmogs, achievements and mounts, there are so many of these that I have stopped collecting. Lets take the Highmountain rep mount for example its a nice mount I'm sure someone at blizzard worked hard on it. If it drops for me tomorrow I'll probably ride it once then never again, it will never be a regular use mount for me. All it will be is +1 in my mount list getting me closer to a green dragon mount I'll probably never ride. I'm a completionist and these collections are almost impossible to complete and if you do get close how can you appreciate all of them.Kevjp3 11h
11h "Naxt victim" - what's the efficient way? I'd like an advice please. What's the sane and efficient way to get lieutenants for "Naxt victim"? People who farm shards don't usually summon them. Server hop seems to bring no positive results. Netherportals are nerfed and no longer have higher chance of blue summoning beacons. Any good ideas will be appreciated because an alternative is to solo farm this for specific summoning beacons is going to take a long !@# time.Кракозюбрище2 11h
1d Legendary Profession Quest - again! Hi all, can anyone else explain why I've just received the quest line to be able to make legendary armour from Eliezer Hammerbeard again? I only have tailoring and have already completed this quest line to create Celumbra, the Night's Dichotomy. What will happen if I complete it again? Is this a bug?Hecker2 1d
1d Fox mount is impossible to get! So, I just realized that this Reins of the Llothien Prowler quest item has the lowest chance out of all mounts in the game to be dropped. Farmed it each time the withered daily was available for the past 3 months (plus Nightfallen caches) and still nothing. I came to that point when I'm sick of trying it anymore, so I'm just gonna give up sadly, and accept the thing that I won't have the fox mount ever. RiP to all those in the same boat as me.Kliez4 1d
1d Can't find quests!?! I can't find any quests to do i don't understand?? I have things to do on My other charachtes but this is My absolute favorite and It killls me to not play It so much because of the quests. I do dunegons very often (not raids that often) but i want to quest too. What should i do? And im tired of seeing all this "Low level" quests:((((Babyygiirl2 1d
1d Spires of Arak QuestLine Hello. I've been having a problem. I've been trying to get the draenor pathfinder achivment so I can level up my alts faster, but I seem to not be able to complete the main story line of this zone. I'm missing the missions "The Gods of Arak", "Legacy of the Apexis", "Securing Southport" and "When the Raven Swallows the Day" to complete, I cannot find them anywhere to start. i went to wowhead and other wikis and check the start locations of this quests, but there is no npc with a quest. Not sure what to do :/Allearaa1 1d
2d Darkbrul arena Trying to get the free for all, more for me achievement for roughly 1.5 months now. Got an easy 20 on all missions, but darkbrul hasn't only popped up 5 times....... It pops up less then 1/4th of the time what the others do. Rougly once every 10 days. What gives?Mazeari2 2d
3d leroooooy...? I did everything the achievement told me to do in upper blackrock spire with leeroy. even followed him through dungeon, watched him obtaining his shoulders, and yet i did not get the achievement and neither did i get the title... even with me having him as garrisonfollower... #blizzpls... i knida want the title, what must i do to gain it :'(Arendyl2 3d
3d Winter Catalog bug? So I got all full tier for ICC as required for Winter Catalog achievement - but I did not get the achievement- anyone else had same problem?Astrea3 3d
3d WTB Naxt Victim (Than'otalion) I am looking for a horde who has the item to summon the sentinax boss Than'otalion. Paying 50.000 gold. B-tag Duplex#2917Duplex0 3d
3d Is there any more to the Molten Front? Just did the achievement for the Flameward Hippogryph where you have to recruit all the different factions, but the story seemed to end abruptly. No 'the time has come to invade the firelands' or similar. Am I missing something? Are there follow-up quests to complete the storyline? Other than just doing Firelands, of courseVólks0 3d
3d [Didn't Stand a Chance] LF alliance to do [Didn't Stand a Chance] at wintergraspWingér0 3d
4d Is it worth it to do draenor? So after they nerf it is it worth doing it, i mean all the stuff and unlockings of the garrison? Im a new player and i dont stand good at all with the money and when i saw the buildings and other stuff cost alot of gold to build, im wondering if its worth it now to invest to build them or just try to do quests ignoring the garrison build and reach 100 to start the legion questlineVoodoorises4 4d
5d Alt char questing and progression Hi all, I will be leveling my 4th 110 but hopefully my main this time... but I've got all the zones but Suramar quest achieves on all chars. Do I really need to do them again on this char and if I don't, what will it hinder in my character progression? I've gotten a couple of levels through the invasions and will do the same again once they become active... but only if it doesn't mess my gameplay up at level 110. Are there any drawbacks, or am I safe to hit 110 without touching 2/4 levelling zones?Lowspí7 5d
6d "Been waiting a long time for this" help hey if i did this achievement on my hunter which hasn't completed any of the others would it still count towards Glory of the Icecrown Raider? Only need this one for the mount on my monk. I was told it isn't doable on a none pet class. Thanks :)Vadgar1 6d
21 May Elite Sentinax Order Halls Missions Bug? Hello, ma friends! I've got a strange bug/problem especially with sentinax elite missions in order hall, I always send my champions with 100%+ chance. But for some reason always my missions become -2%, no idea why really, and in the end I get nothing at all. Anybody here can tell me if they had such a problem? Maybe something with order halls perks? Bug? Two players on one account cant get a credit? (I dont think so, tho). No idea really :< Happened already thrice times :|Liliary0 21 May
20 May Relieved of Their Valuables - Seriously. Another week, another totally useless quest. I mean, Blizz has a history of awesome progressing questlines, but this is just hilarious. How did we get from Landfall/Thunder Isle in Mists, to this? Can someone working at Blizz positively say that these Broken Shore quests where not made as an afterthought? Like the night before deadline?Peaches10 20 May
20 May Which gives better items? Should i finish Highmountain area or should i do world quests? Which gives higher lvl items? Also, what is the fastest way to boost item lvls?Sanidux1 20 May
20 May Item level difference from main to alt question My question is this. What makes my item level 835 Druid alt get item level 875 - 900 gear and my IL 880 Pally only get max 865's ? This is world quest rewards and chests etc no dungeons or raidsThorhalla3 20 May
19 May June 28, 2011 - May 08, 2017 one achi only 50% progress "Have... Have We Met?" achi ( quest, cataclysm one ) So almost 6 years and 50% progress is fine Blizzard? Good RNG? "Rage of the Firelands" patch containing Firelands Invasion was released June 28, 2011 and I still can't meet all npc. It's not funny, it's pathetic example of absurd RNG.Hibiki2 19 May
19 May Gearing past 860 Hi, I've encountered sort of wall here so wanted to ask for your insight. Up to 860 my gearing routine was joining groups in Premade section for myth +2 +3 and doing it for 2-3 chests in hope for higher upgrade. However most of such upgrades were shooting in 855 range and only few skyrocketed higher. Now, that i have hat and chest in upper division I also risk getting doubles (for example, yesterday i got 870 chest which sadly i had to charity as i already own legendary for this slot). I tried to opt for +4 myths but with avrg geared ppl they tend to give 1-2 chests which is myth 5 gear (850 ilvl) and is still too low to beat 860 wall. For higher dungeons i mostly see requirements as 870 gear. Should i opt to pugging raids at this point?Orlandinni19 19 May
19 May Garrison 2.0 Hi guys :D I started playing yesterday after quite a long break, so I wanted to ask about this garrison-ish thing in my order hall. I hope i chose the right forum, if not im really sorry :(. so about my issue, how can I get more of this champions, heroes however its called? Now I have only Garona, Vanessa and a bunch of troops, so I can send max 1-2 missions at the same time. I have to unlock more by myself or wait till higher level ? I really doesnt understand this mechanic so if anyone of you could make it clear for me I would be very gratefull ;d Thanks!Vaenthres3 19 May
19 May Why is suramar city so frustrating? /rant Tried to go from middle to eastern side, tried several paths and mobs everywhere. Finally waited for HS to come off CD to go around it. I could kill a bunch of mobs while my mask wears off and I body pull everyone, but didn't really feel like it. Somwe of the tries I swam around some, just to be annoyed by swim speed (I know, I could go and grind for 2 weeks and be less frustrated with it). Feels to me, this game is not enabling us to do things, it is preventing us, and the more you grind the less frustrated you are. Maybe there should be tokens of 1 month gameplay that let you remove some frustrating things for 10-15 euro instead of playing through some of the grind, this way Blizzard gets what they need and us too? On another note recently mountain lines are crafted in a way to make sure we get so annoyed we stay for 2 more months and grind the flying. Mountains should be somewhat obstructing while you can go around them, not go around and around trying to find that 1 path on the whole map that allows you to pass. I know time tends to make things better but I have the feeling old maps weren't so obstructing, these "hard" mountain lines were only there when they had to separate very different level areas or such, the rest you could go around on ground mounts. It is like artificially boost the value of flying with unreasonable terrain to make sure everyone grinds for it and pays the extra sub. I know, I know, this is probably some newly formed planet... everything can be explained.. :/Plasticknife14 19 May
18 May Stormheim No quest's. Hi, I have a slight problem, I am levelling a Beast master hunter. As always I start in: Azsuna - Val'Sharah - High Mountain - Stormheim - Suramar. My first two toons went through with no problems But With this Hunter all was going well until I finished questing in High Mountain, I then went back to the class hall to the board and choose my next levelling area which is Stormheim, so I did just that and then I go to Sky Admiral Roger's to pick up quest etc, On arriving at Sky Admiral Roger's He did not have any quest's for me, In fact the only quest's in Stormheim are my Hunter class quest's, I have no Stormheim levelling quest's at all anywhere??? I even went to Surama and have done 60% of quest's there and then went back to the Admiral but still nothing, What am I doing wrong??? Regards Dave.Domaz5 18 May
17 May its clean up time follower mission? Hi everyone i am trying to get meatball as a follower but for the past 2 days i am not getting the follow up quest Its Clean Up Time after completing council of war and the 200% bonus quest item of course, anyone knows what is up with this?Justíce0 17 May
17 May Artifact Knowledge compendia Double Bug. So, I had a DH just doing nothing since 7.1, always at AK 25. I decided to send him a Compendium i - vi, thinking it would boost his AK to 30 (as it says on the description, without catches). I was hoping to not have to do the entire introduction quest to Broke Shores. A man can hope, right? Of course, it didn't work. I could use the item but I stayed at AK 25. Thanks for the wasted 1k resources btw. I did the stupid quest and I spoke to the AK npc. he accepted the quest but didn't automatically send me to AK 26 NOR DID I HAVE A NOTE IN MY POCKETS ANYWHERE You must understand that, by know, the alt is already underpowered compared to "regulars". I decided to place two orders. Then I proceeded to buy another compendium i -vi because I REALLY wanted to see this throug. And it placed me at AK 27 with two running orders for AK. Like. Yeah, it's hard to have alts in this expansion. But can you actually make it so that being an alt is not SLOWER than a main?Greymalkin7 17 May
16 May Seeking lost Knowledge So I just got my Hunter alt to 110 and used the AK book from my main to get her to AK 30. After that I went on and started doing Legionfall Campaign. I didn't get the Seeking lost Knowledge quest though. I guess that's because my hunter was already at AK 30. It sucks to not get the 1k shards though because now it's really hard to gear this character! Please fix this somehow....twinking in legion is hard enough as it is!Deadlyshots1 16 May
16 May strange stuff going on Everytime i go near the tomb of sargeras area(for questing or anything else)players and monsters start fading and dissapear!sometimes im in a party and as i approach i can see my group and it fades as i get closer.also if i run around the world quest area my player starts falling in a gap and disconnects!!every time!can this be fixed somehow?im missing game content this cant keep onZaroza0 16 May
16 May How do I continue from here? (Suramar storyline) So I have almost complete the Suramar storyline (left only Jandvik's Jarl chapter), I killed Guldan, I got their mount (Arcanist's Manasaber) and now I don't have any more quests. Where do I continune the rest of the story? I want to get rid of it and finish it. Thanks :)Joofie4 16 May
16 May Might of Dalaran I have the crystal, click on a quest on the map, but nothing happens. Bug?Nilsmartin0 16 May
16 May Class Challenge Hi guys, I'm not sure where to post this. It's regarding the tanking challenge from the mage tower. The Nether Horrors are giving me a real problem. They keep attacking Velen instead of me after spawning from their gates. The issue is that after I gain aggro whilst they're grouped, they start casting and I only have arcane torrent to interrupt them all. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Aeronwen.Aeronwen2 16 May
16 May World Quest item 860+. Warforged 865. Meh. I'm a 905-907 ilvl player, doing some world quests. I see theres a 860+ item reward with some nice stats so I'm going for it. World quest completed. Item reward "WARFORGED!!! >>>865<<". Seriously ? Is there even a chance i get that item beyond 880 ? If not, just let me know so I can completely ignore the world quests and close the game untill raid reset day.Primal2 16 May
16 May Quests on Draenor map Hi there. I do not got the Legion expansion, I just started grinding a bit for my garrison to see if it is something for me. While I do quests, I see on the map some large ! in each area in Draenor. I would like to know, what are these quests? And are they relevant for your garrison?Savagelight1 16 May
15 May Warlord of Draenor So this quest require me to pvp. Fine, I do it every day anyway. But since I cannot queue up for Ashran cause I need to be level 110 and I do not got Legion expansion, how on earth should I be able to collect these bones? Cause seems like they do not drop in battlegrounds, which is btw. pvp... And I am on a pve server and I cannot attack anyone since they are either 110 or just simply on a pve server.Savagelight0 15 May
15 May Headmaster / Headmistress Title Hi all :) So I'm looking to obtain the 'Headmistress' title which comes from defeating Elya Azuremoon in Nar'thalas Academy (using the Key to Nar'thalas Academy). I know this can be completed via an Archeology quest in Dalaran, but unfortunately I seem to keep missing the one I need for the title. Is there anyone out there with the key who would like to help me get the title? I believe you can still get it if someone in your group has the key. I'm willing to donate 5k to whoever can help me out. My Bnet is Lesleypants#2332 :)Sháy2 15 May
15 May Stuck in icecrown hey guys im stuck in icecrown at 77 quests; from what i read there are double that number of quests; checked the map on wowhead and went to all areas with quest givers and nobody gives any questVoodoorises3 15 May
14 May Good Suramaritan Achievement? Hello guys! I'm trying to work my way trough the Good Suramaritan quests. i have 862/12000 rep atm. I have done Jandviks jarl, Tidyin Tel'anor and Eminent grow-main i cant find any more quests i have tryed to search wowhead for each quest for starting npc. But no luck at all. Anyone know what to do next ? Thanks!Olê6 14 May
14 May Infernal Downfall Infernal Downfall quest on the Broken Shore can not be completed, the 3rd Ritual stopped can not be done because there is only 1 char defending and can not be attacked.Saense0 14 May
14 May Attention collectors! Big pet sale I got 332 pets listed on the Ragnaros horde AH, ranging from common to incredibly rare ones. Examples: Guardian Cub Spineclaw Crab Darkmoon Rabbit Hatespark the Tiny Searing Scorchling Spire Darter Hatchling Crawling Claw And over 300 others. If you are looking for a pet, maybe more than one, I will give interesting trade chat discounts. Just /w me, mail me in-game or reply here with the name of the pets you would like to buy and I will get to you with an irresistible offer!Bankatov0 14 May
14 May Order Hall Campaign for Paladins? - NO! My hubby - who doesn't have the time to play as I do (he's working for our living) is really stuck on this. He have done ALL quests there is - he has done ALL rep with them all - he has 4 followers - he is working on Broken Isle - and he is a Ilevel 887 - BUT - he can't complete his order hall campaign - and there is nowhere to be found WHAT quest he is missing... We have been "talking" to Blizzard several times about this issue - but nothing they say - he haven't done - they just treat him as a complete idiot... He has done ALL there is to be done - but still only 80% in on this Order Hall Campaign...can somebody help him please??Miitzziie5 14 May
14 May Returning to quest/questchain I got pretty far into "Broken isle pathfinder part one" a long time ago. I only miss 2 in the loremaster of the legion. Problem is, i probably did some of the startquests and left them at ine point. Right now, i cant find out where i left and jump back on them.. Using WoWhead and going throug them from 1st questgiver makes me....well.....pull my Nails out.... Any ideas how to find out the least painfull way? Thnx in advanceElamandri1 14 May
13 May Legion companion app and rewards with a max limit So, a couple of days ago, I started the elite quest for 500 legionfall Resources. Being the "sometimes" min-maxing person I am, I calculated it would be done shortly before my next artefact reserarch. So I decided to hold off on cashing in since I was Close to maxed already. Result, I Wake up the next morning and while still half asleep, I open the app, "Oh look! Completed champion quests!" And before I even realize it, I am wasting Close to 400 Legionfall Resources because the quest on the map was a simple chest With no info to the rewards whatsoever. (My own bad for not using the "quests in progress" tab in the app I suppose) I realize there should be at least SOME Level of challenge to this this game, and if I want that, I'll go Raid in Tomb of Sargeras or do the mage Tower Challenges. The whole situation above was not challenging, it was nothing but annoying and frustrating. At the very least it could have given a warning or an error rather than just throwing 400 effing Resources out the window. -_- Thanks.Talvarah0 13 May
12 May Command Center Missions AUTO fail now ? So you send Followers on a 3 day to a week long mission and then every one of them automaticaly fails due to the sheer length of these when the Command Center got destroyed, unless you are able to login RIGHT when that building is built ??? What the ... Already bad enough that we got this mission table relict from the "best expansion ever" ...Clarx5 12 May