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2h Priest Campaign quests Hello, I have a problem where I abandoned two of my priest campaign quests, and none of them cant seem to Find anymore. Crossing Legion Lines and Unexpected Guests. Does anyone know where to aquire them again?Swingtokill1 2h
3h War Mill 2 Plans Hello, I am wondering if I am able to get the plans to make War mill 2 (Comprehensive Outpost Construction Guide) if I've already done the quests in talador (Due Cause to Celebrate) Seems like I don't have the plans and sold them, therefore I can't get War mill 2 plans.. Any help is appreciated Thank youKupray1 3h
3h Can't Mage Tower Challenge Hey guys, So Mage Tower is up and I wanted to try the Mage Tower Challenge for the artifact appearance. I went to Broken Shore, i completed the construction but when I talk to the npc at the front, she does not give me any quest to try the challenge, just a random message. What seems to be the problem? I have level 8 on concordance of legionfall, so i have all 35 traits and the new ones. I did not, however, complete the questline for said new traits. Is that the problem? Cause that sounds stupid... Why would we get the new traits handed to us only to not be able to do things that require them in the first place? If not, what seems to be the problem?Seekër29 3h
4h A challenging look achievement not awarded Hi i just finished my mage tower challenge. I finished the quest chain and was sent to dalaran and raised my weapon too. but the achievement didnt unlock. I also killed KJ in hc and the green tint didnt unlock. any help? I am able to use the default flame tint though as a proof i completed the challengeBlindrush3 4h
6h 350 and 400 mounts achievements in Bfa? As title says is there any chance we will get 350 and 400 mounts collected usable on single character in Bfa? 300 mounts collected was added in mid Wod and nothing ever since. I am currently at 400 mounts mark and having some unique looking mount for such massive collection would be great. For example bee mount and frog mounts that were datamined would be great rewards for collectors. I know alot of people who would love to get new achivs but so far nothing is poping up. Please if there is any info or chance we get something like that let us know. Been long time since us mount collectors got anything new to go for.Dellerium10 6h
6h Time-Lost Proto-Drake is almost impossible to get Hi guys I'm a huge fan of the game and its mounts, but this has gone too far. A casual mount collector like myself can't even dream of getting this particular mount. It has 4 spawn locations with CRAZY timers (typical up to 8 hours a day). And then there's a chance that another rare comes in its place instead. Then there's CRZ. When I'm camping this mount, a dozen players a day show up out of thin air and come stacking to steal the kill. The horde just attack on sight for the same reason, or just to annoy you. Making camping IMPOSSIBLE. It would really be helpful if blizzard would look into this matter. I'm on the verge of insanity here. 6 days in a row of intensive camping and the only thing I've seen is that big, stupid, blue dragons face. What do you guys think? Should Blizz do something about it???Gerrhardt34 6h
6h Quintessential Quintet I am currently max leveling my 5th Character to level 110. With the pre-release of BATTLE OF AZEROTH now live, does anyone know if I will still be granted this achievement once my 5th character reaches level 110 please?Grístle2 6h
7h Artefact appearance I was wondering. Does anyone know if, after BfA starts, will it be possible to go back into the Legion zones and unlock any artefact appearances you didn't pick up during Legion? Or will they be forever locked away?Bluejayeh3 7h
12h World Scaling - Combine more expansions I don't see any reason why Outlands, Northrend, Pandaria and the Cataclysm zones aren't combined and works from 58-90 or even 58 to 100, if Draenor was included. I just leveled an allied race, and I got through Northrend from 58-80 after completing 2½ zones and doing a few dungeons. I see no reason why I shouldn't have had the option to stay there until I decided to move on, or I got to the latest expansion. What are your thoughts on this? :)Terenes4 12h
17h Can't deactivate followers Got 5/5 and 3 on a mission. 2 are not on a mission, "free/available", but the 'deactivate' on right click is grey and won't let me. What the hell? I just want to activate others and lvl them up...Megámonk1 17h
19h Champions of Legionfall I need help with this quest line- I have done the first 6 segments of Breaching the Tomb but have no quests for Champions of Legionfall or for my Order Hall and I can't progress on this on my Hunter. Really frustratedHexenbtch6 19h
1d New races/Reputation. Hello People of the forums. Can u earn the reputation needed for the new races with another character? or do you need to get it with the character that u are playing with? if the reputation gain is also account wide/spread then that will make it a lot easier for me. PS:I already figured out that the achievements are account wide/spread so u don't have to get them on every specific character.Angor4 1d
1d Only the penintent Hello I'm looking for people to do this achiv. Quel-thalas, Alliance.Bakral1 1d
1d Suramar - Insurrection cant start Hello I completed suramar ages ago and when i wanted to start Insurrection, no quest popped op so i didnt bother and ignored it. Now with allied races i really need the achievement. In Shal'aran i have 0 quests and when i fly around in Suramar i cant find any quest or just anything at all. I opened a ticket for this problem but the GM just sent a link to wowhead and really it didnt help at all lol. Im exalted with Nightfallen and completed the Suramar questline. Is there anything i still need to do before i actually get a quest to start Insurrection ? Thanks!Snõwpaw1 1d
1d VElf - Can't Get To Vashj'ir. Boosted 110 Vold-Elf. Trying to do Elder of Cataclysm. Only have Elder Moonlance in Vashj'ir left to do so as I have used the other Cata Ports in SW I clicked on the Vashj'ir one and... nothing. Oh ofc, I remember pre-quests. I fly off to have a look at the Hero's Call Board in the Dwarven District but it just says "There is nothing interesting posted here right now". I go over to the board in Trade District but it say's the same thing. Went back to the portals in SW and spoke to Naraat the Earthspeaker and did the quests 'The Eye of the Storm/The Maelstrom/Deepholm, Realm of Earth and The Call of the World-Shaman'. Naraat has no more quests for me. No 'Into the Abyss' or 'To the Depths'. Went down to the Harbor to find Recruiter Burns, not phazed so I can't find him.Darway8 1d
2d No more Silithus Quests? Are there no more Silithus Quests? I done like 6-8 a month ago.Lunyra1 2d
2d Mage Tower artifact challenge on boosted character. I can't start the Mage Tower artifact challenge on a 110 boosted character. Mage Tower just came up on EU realms but War Councilor Victoria does not offer any quest. According to Wowhead the requirements are the following: Be level 110 Have 35 Artifact Traits Complete the new Empowered Trait questline in 7.2 to access the new traits. All of these are automatically completed on a boosted character. Am I missing something? Edit: Spoke to GM. Need to complete Broken Shore campaign part 1 + 2 first.Aryth4 2d
2d Change of ilvl in Raid-Q-Cache / Reward Some time ago I got a class hall mission quest for TOS raid and at that time of completing the mission I had only done LFR difficulty of TOS and so, (the reward) the ilvl of item looted from the 'Cache of Fel Treasures' was naturally as if it was LFR; And so I would like to know, when i kill TOS bosses multiple times on a higher difficulty, whether the item looted from 'Cache of Fel Treasures' will change the reward from an item that has LFR ilvl into an item that has for instance HC ilvl. Thank you for early reply.Zanzilmixtur3 2d
2d Love is in the Air/is over I just logged in having collected more than 250 love tokens, and was planning on getting the final 20 for the love boat this evening. Despite the in-game calendar saying that the holiday would run until the 16th Feb, I found that it had ended, and all my hard earned tokens were gone from my bags. Is this normal? And why can't we keep them in the bank towards next year?Longarm1 2d
2d Fastest way to level? Hey. Currently rafing with a buddy and it's stupid slow to level now even with RAF. Was wondering, is spamming dungeons still the fastest way to level when rafing? cheersZetilia6 2d
2d allied races requirements hello people, I am here to complain about the requirements that new races need's i have purchased expansion for that reason and I cant still make a high mountain tauren, world quest are giving only 75 rep each , emissary's happens once per 15 days and mission on board happens every 20 days so I am asking how many days more I need to get 12.000 rep? I am very despair and I am complaining. what about new players ? what if I was a new player that I paid 45e to get nothing at the moment? also I have many complains about the game but that's other sessions. pls do something fast I wanna play main a highmountain and I must farm and wait many days, sorry about my English and thanks for reading this.Pinezas11 2d
2d Need help unlocking races and flying I find the way of unlocking races and flying pure crap so i al asking for help. Can somebody from the draenor realm fly me with a RaF mount to all the locations you need to explore for the flying skill in legion and can somebody help me farm rep for the new races? I want to create characters with those new races but WoW is just forcing me to do stupid and time wasting things... help is verry welcome and will be rewarded in gold or something else If i can give it.Umgrah6 2d
3d Help with Soft Hands Hello, I need a priest fella, that would like to help me with completing the achievement Soft Hands. All he/she needs to do is grip me at the right moment and cast 2,3 smites. All in all, it wont take more then 10 minutes including traveling. Gold payment possible as well or helping for something else in return. Hit me up @ aenema#2720Ìsara5 3d
3d Propaganda quest Is Moonbrook propaganda bugged...can not find the last item....normally lying in full view on road. There is a parchment there but it is blacked out.Mushypeas0 3d
3d Waning Crescent portal (Suramar) I have completed Suramar quest line, i am 11/11 and there is no new quests anywhere. Yet i have only 8/9 portals. I am missing Waning Crescent portal.Hecky0 3d
3d Legendary upgrade quest Hey guys I recently upgraded my first legendary to 1000, but i get no new quest to upgrade my next legendaries. I have like 300 essence but no quest. Do i have to do something specific ??Snõwpaw2 3d
4d Question about HFC and NH quests Hi, The Nighthold: Talisman of the Shal'dorei and Fel Spire Quest are acc wide?Nerrgal1 4d
5d The Lightforged When i speak with Anduin, I can start the quest. I follow Turalyon outside to take the beacon. I take the beacon but then when I arrive at the Vindicaar the quest doens't continue it still says i need to take the stormwind embassy beacon.. HelpPoetrie1 5d
5d Have.. Have we met? I have literally been trying to get this achievement for 7 years since it went live. Since the area is deserted there are no horde there, so the proc that never ever happened, Mankrik, is impossible to spot now as Alliance. I made a ticket about how insane it is to have to farm just 1 achievement for 7 years and the response was yeah, too bad, maybe someone on the forum can help you proc him. So i'm begging you guys. Is anyone on on EU (i'm @ Zenedar) able to help me proc Mankrik? i'm at my wits end here and getting desperate and slowly insane. Really thanks in advance.Kobrakaï2 5d
5d Have... have we met ? Hello, Today I have Mankrik on ConseildesOmbres-EU. I am still looking for Thassarian and Nat Pagle. Leave a reply if you're interested.Kaano1 5d
6d The Chosen Hey guys, how hard is it NOT TO DIE in MYTHIC Trial of Valor? Especially with the ilvl you can get now. For example going in with the guardian druid spec as a dps role with ilvl 950, what are the chances of death?Gelbert2 6d
6d World quest reward ilvl I have a question about a world quest reward ilvl. Im playing mistwiever monk with 900ilvl and my world quest reward gear is from 850-865ilvl. When I change spec to windwalker (897ilvl), same world quest reward ilvl instantly changes to 875-890. I usually play with mistwiever, so my artifact weapons is much better than my windwalker's artifact weapon. And relics are much better too. Everywhere is said, that on world quest reward ilvl affects only my ilvl, but as I see, it's not true and I don't understand how I can get normal reward with my mistwiever. Help please, I'm tired of changing spec, to complete world quests. :DDavine0 6d
6d The Legion Returns quest problem I recently faction changed this character to her current state. I've been able to log in just fine, but while I was on Argus before, I now can't use the beacon in Dalaran. I get the quest "The Legion Returns" (the one to invade the Broken Shore the first time, with Varian Wrynn) when I log in, but the Recruiter Lee NPC I'm supposed to talk to doesn't spawn.Talraea2 6d
6d Flying mount achiev legion unlock flying to do this achievment.. where are they cant really find themGarmi1 6d
6d No secondary stats on quest rewards. So many quest rewards come with 0 secondary stats, making them much worse then others. This happens in 1-80 content. Including Old World, Outland and Northrend. Allied race for example start with itemlevel 25 greens, dual secondary stats, proper itemized. It's just many OLD items are not proper itemized. Especially important in the 4 non-heirloom slots (gloves/belt/wrist/boots), This character still using 3 of the starter gear at 35 just because of lack of secondaries on quest greens. Again, this isn't just a low level issue, Also occurs all the way up to northrend to find items with none , or very low secondary stats. Please with 8.0 in mind (itemlevel/stat squish), can we fix this ahead of time??Lilydra1 6d
6d Netherstorm Loremaster Hi, I'm doing Loremaster and right now i'm missing one quest chain in Netherstorm called "Socrethar". I googled it and I'm guessing it starts with this one: . Unfortunately the quest npc is hostile and doesn't have any quests for me. As she's from the Aldor faction, does this mean I have to be friendly with the Aldor first before I can do the Netherstorm quest achievement? That would honestly be a bit annoying.Subtle1 6d
6d I pitied the fool Arathi Basin time - 6h and no battle Anyone trying for the love fool? Part of I pitied the fool must be done in Arathi Basin. So far I queued for 6 h (minus time spent at Ulduar), 2.5 h today minus Slabhide (average wait time 45 min), and several hours at friday (avarage times 1 min for the queue 6h and several hours). I used specific battlegrounds group finder. Chamber of Aspects, 100 lvl Alliance. I asked my guildies and their times were 6 min and about 20 min. WTF?? What I`m doing wrong? At this rate I won`t be able to get the title, becouse the needed items duration is only for the valentine event.Starglade2 6d
12 Feb Allied race quest chain Hello! I want ask about this quest because I want do it again on other character and read every quest one more time but I cannot see Sylvanas in Horde room, on any of my characters.Plamcia7 12 Feb
12 Feb wtb grey camel (dormus kill) Hi all, if anybody happens to pass the right Mysterious Camel Figurine, please can you let me know asap? I'll pay with a WoW token. Kind Regards Ultradin (Please add my bnet asap Spamalot#2555Ultradin0 12 Feb
11 Feb Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza And Lost Mail I cannot finish the Lost Mail quest chain due to being hated with the Steamwheedle Cartel, and its impossible to get first place in Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza when I cannot hearth to Booty Bay when others can and beat me to delivering the fish. Any plans by blizzard to change Lost mail quest and maybe move the quest giver for the fishing extravaganza ?Sartor1039E34 11 Feb
11 Feb Quest Bug: Inoculation Hey everyone, So I'm running the old quests and going through the starting zones. However, when I am running the Draenei Starting Zone, I have discovered an issue with the Inoculation quest. The crystal instantly marks the mob as red, and while I do not auto attack, it does not allow the cast to complete and therefore does not allow the quest to progress. Do I have to have a low level Draenei in a group to help me with this, or is there a way to progress it myself? I have tried using the crystal from just in range and also not facing the mob.Proximos0 11 Feb
11 Feb WQ's Why am I getting screwed over so bad? Yesterday I completed all Court of Farondis, Valarjar and Dreamweavers wq's. The only thing I got left for Pathfinder part 1 is getting revered with the Dreamweavers (yeah I know i'm late). All my CoF and VJ wq's are refreshed and ready to do. except for my dreamweavers only 1 new quest appeared. I'm so damn close to revered and they give me 1 new quest... Just one?! Arggh I hate this so much -.-Thorínn0 11 Feb
11 Feb Archeology weekly quest Hello guys! I completed the archeology quest from the last two weeks, but on this reset i was supposed to get the Highmountain one (for the sweet spectral moose). The thing is i didnt get it, i checked my quest log and i dont have anything related to archeology. Am i going to get it on the next reset or i dont meet some requirements or something? I searched through all the archeology guides and checked as much information on google as i could and i couldnt find an answer to my problem.Lynndá2 11 Feb
10 Feb No Artifact weapon after 110 boost. Hey, So i boosted this char to 110 and selected the spec to be Affliction. The character was already level 100 and had the Artifact for Demonology. When i logged in after the boost finished i received the 110 gear and Relics for the Affliction Artifact weapon but did not get the actual weapon itself. I have no option to pick up a quest for the Affliction weapon. When i went to the quest giver it gave me the Destruction weapon quest as my final quest. Any idea what i can do to try an fix this issue. I've waited close to 24hrs to see if it was just a time thing but still nothing. Thanks.Alethlea2 10 Feb
10 Feb The Nexus Vault stage 6 bugged? Hi guys, So I picked up my quest to get my artifact weapon, I beat prince Bilaal and I went through the portal. Apparently I need to place some scrolls, which I don't have in my inventory. Does anyone happen to know what I can do to solve this?Deniserosali5 10 Feb
10 Feb Artifact Quest gone! Okay so i hope im in the right place here but I just did the quest chain to get the Claws of Ursoc to play my guardian spec but when I accepted the last quest "The Dreamer Returns" and went back to the Dreamgrove, the quest disappeared. It is not in my quest tracker and not in my quest log so I thought i didn't accept the quest or something so I went back to grizzly hills to reaccept but the questgiver (Lea Stonepaw) isn't there. The quest also can't be hidden or something because i cant turn it in either... So im kinda lost because i can't finish this quest chain now. Pls help.Màhn2 10 Feb
10 Feb Need Help "Champions of the Legionfall" Guys If anyone could look through my quest tracking, as im useless! haha Came back to wow after about 7 months, back to the grind of getting flying and completing my Class hall etc etc. I picked up the quest from Maiev called 'Champions of the Legionfall' but have no follow up.. no one is on missions so thats not the reason. If anyone could help i'd really appreciate it. Thanks !Xeluna5 10 Feb
10 Feb I need help So I've had this 110 monk for a while and this week I was going to gear him up. After done some LFR and other stuffs he's now 900 and I'd like to go to Argus to keep gearing up. The issue is that I CAN'T find the quest to start the Argus journey. * I have done the quest at Khadgar that gives me the whistle and unlocks all WQ. * I've done enough to Broken Shore that I got the WQ's. What am I missing? Can it be that the character is simply bugged out? Got a ticket waiting but won't get any answer there for a while!Ember0 10 Feb
10 Feb My two top issues with WOW after patch Dear Blizzard I have been a keen WOW player since start. I play every day and enjoy the game and my alts. But I have two things to say about this expansion, one good and one very bad. 1) LFG - with the new scaling, so that a lvl 20 can play in same dungeon with a lvl 43 or even higher. That is SO epic, that me and my friends enjoys it a lot, not needing to be in same level to join LFG. EPIC change Period THAT SAID........................! 2) Why have you nerfed XP and heirlooms on OLD wow players to prolonge the levelling to 110??? I could understand new players had to lvl up and get the heirlooms, but why the nerf on us players? I have all and several of all classes and know seriously how play them. I seriously hate to spend so much time more on levelling again and I sincerly urge you to change the system, so players that want long XP levelling, they can do that and me and others can press on a button in SYSTEM, that we want the levelling speed we had before the patch. And I'm not alone on this opinion, lots of my friends and guildies have been discussing this. Heirlooms should be as intended from the beginning and option for altoholics. I hope you saw I gave you a gold medal with the LFG scalling absolute EPIC, but I give you a very low grade on the slow XP gaining. That should be implemented for new players without looms, optional for us old players that loves our alts. Thanx in advance WOW is still ma best game I only play. But gee I have wasting more time unessary on slow XP gaining with all my looms. Cheers and best wishes to Blizzard Devs. Yours sincerly HammerUltravoid0 10 Feb