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1h Time to fix Old dungeon and Raids? So yeah They need some fixin Mostly talking about the Glory achievements and how you can solo almost all but a few. Like Share the love, Schools out for ever, Only the Penitent... etc etc. Whats the point in having old achievements that forces you to beg or pay people to help you do them. I think its time to fix that or remove them from the meta achievement, You have removed/change other achievements from the meta before. so i´m hoping you can do it again. Its a real pain to see all but one achievement in the meta list. Don´t tease people and then add one achievement to stop it. That just seems cruel. Take Only the Penitent... I have tried doing this 2 times now. both times someone has failed it and instead of resetting they just killed the boss. and if you kill the boss i need to wait a week to try again. Dont get me wrong i know back in the day this was a cool way to do something with people, But today its almost impossible to get people to help you.Illizhul0 1h
3h Artifact Questline MIA So i level boosted my character awhile ago. And now i can't get the artifact weapon questline. It's not showing. And i tried looking on Youtube to see the questline, if I could pick it up if i alredy startet it. but can't find it. plz helpBoulsoup3 3h
6h Bug heart of dragon When i come to the area where dragon should be there he isnt there so i cant even take quest pls helpAntonioh1 6h
6h Still have the problem so now i'm a 102 and still haven't gotten my first artifact weapon. and now i gotta pick a new assault point. but i can't even press it. can i plz get some help...Boulsoup0 6h
12h Whats Wrong With Reputation Grinding? I've been a WoW player since original Vanilla and took a break somewhere afer MoP as the WoW train has just been busy de-railing itself. Poked my head back in during WoD and didn't take. Legion seemed to be a bit more promising again but eve since WotLK the game has not done that great and I'm pretty sure lots of people will agree but I digress. This is not the main reason for this post. The rep grinding currently in game is straight out of facebook games. Yes, I'm comparing playing WoW (in particular rep grinding) to facebook social media games. The same mentallity seems to be at play. Provide limited RNG opportunities per day. Complete those and wait until the next day/unlock and do the next batch of RNG opportunities to grind rep. I'm specifically referring to World Quests in Legion here. Don't get me wrong, I love the concept. I think it's a cool idea. It's has just been implemented wrong. Again, please don't misunderstand the reason for this post as I'm trying my best to convey the correct message and concerns at the same time. I'm all for difficult or even long rep grinds BUT it needs to make sense or have purpose! And by purpose I'm not refering to the rewards you get from grinding the rep. Thats not the "purpose" its the "reward". We as the players are at the mercy of the game to dictate to us how we are allowed to grind our rep. Make the rep required for a mount double than it is now. Make its a ridiculous amount to grind BUT give us the tools to take control over how we reach those goal ourselves instead of neutering the experience. Give me a tabard at a Friendly/Honored as in WotLK or Let me tag a faction as in MoP and allow me to put as much time as I want to into grinding those reps on my own terms. If I have 10hours of straight game time available that I decide I want to spend on running dungeons non-stop, that should be my choice for gaining rep. Like I said, i don't want the rep handed out for free. In fact I believe in working for everything thats worthwhile BUT that needs to be done right and we do not have the correct tools/features in place (or taken away) to achieve those goals. Getting back to the facebook approach that the rep grinding in WoW seems to follow at the moment. Many facebook games forces people to spend more money just in order to play a bit more/longer each day. They fall just short of the necessary resources they need for an item that day and either need to wait until tomorrow for more resources or spend more money. Thats borderline lootboxing concept. We are already paying subscription every month. Why gate/restrict our experience in the game based on what YOU (Blizzard) want us to do. Am I wrong in saying that a game is made for the players to enjoy and not just the company that made it? Theres enough constraints/limitations in the game to force players down certain paths. You have already taken away talent specs and replaced it with noob friendly cookie cutter builds. Don't make grinding rep a boring endless chore also please. As a casual gamer thats gotten majority of LFR gear that I can get I'm left with just logging in every day and doing few world quests for measly rep and logging out. I want to level my alts but not without flying. I've gone through the whole storyline and explored everywhere ON FOOT (ground mount) and not keen on doing it again on alts. Now I'm stuck on boring limited/restricted rep grinding until oneday I finally have flying. Bottomline, make rep grinding meaningfull again please. I'm not asking for easier rep grinding, I'm asking for a proper progression to be put in place, which there seems to be a lack of at the moment. I'm losing enjoyment for the gaming as I cannot continue on my alts unless I'm forced to travel everywhere on foot again. I'm left with a flying achiement that needs to be unlocked which is gated behind a bad rep grinding system. PLEASE FIX!!! Thanks. Long time WoW fan and supporter. Looking forward to Classic!Stjustice0 12h
13h So we get a 100 rep mount... That's cool, however what's not so cool is that achievements only count from the character you have the most on. I'm sure many people have switched mains over the years, who will have no chance in hell to get this mount, despite having done the effort to get a ridiculous amount of reps exalted. I don't want to be forced to play a class I don't enjoy anymore, with the constant changes classes go through, just to get this mount. Please please please, make reps from your entire account count towards achievements like this. I don't care for account wide reps, I just really don't want to play a class I don't enjoy, to do this mindless grind.Lavenora3 13h
14h Fight, Kill, Salute Hi, It's been noted that a couple sensible changes are incoming with regards achievements. I don't suppose this has been addressed in BFA? Currently impossible to complete at 110. NKNicko5 14h
14h Master and Commander We have 2 summoning items for these bosses: Lady Fleshsear and Teluur. Ready to summon them for ingame gold. Alliance, EU-Gordunni. Contacts in Discord: Lemniscate#1649.Вьян11 14h
1d Bloodsail buccaneers (need an answer please) I am exalted with the bloodsail buccaneers after farming guards in booty bay. I am looking for a way (i dont care how hard it will be ) to go the steamwheedle cartel to exalted without losing exalted with bloodsail buccaneers. Just tell me please where i have to go and what to kill. thanksStormenson0 1d
1d Questline stopped!! Valewalker Farodin stopped giving me quests in Suramar. I can't progress any further.. help!Birgittejo3 1d
1d 10k world quests achievement and BFA ? I hope it will be doable in BFA, I'm still far from 10k... I would be awful to be forced to complete world quests in broken isles in BFA.Twinkle1 1d
1d Operation Shieldwall - Missing Dailies? Hello! Ive done this faction on a alt back when Mists of Pandaria was current, and I remember that there were bunch of dailies that you have go to do wide spread in Krasarang Wilds, like killing x amount of opposite faction soldiers. But I only have dailies in the Skyfire ship. Is this a bug or what am I missing? I am Friendly 4600 reputation with Operation Shieldwall at the time of making this forum post. Please help!Naaura1 1d
2d Can't get back to Artifact questline Somehow I messed up. I died during one of the quests on the questline and was unable to finish it so I abandoned it. I tried getting it back. Finally managed to track that I'm supposed to finish City Under Siege but when I got there Khadgar wasn't there, obviously… I abandoned it but now I don't know what to do. Please help. Edit: You answered to other people who posted after me but I got nothing. Seriously. I can't play the game right now because I pretty much can't quest and I can't do dungeons because I'm on level 107.Holywolfbm0 2d
2d Lost artifact questline Somehow I messed up. I died during one of the quests on the questline and was unable to finish it so I abandoned it. I tried getting it back. Finally managed to track that I'm supposed to finish City Under Siege but when I got there Khadgar wasn't there, obviously… I abandoned it but now I don't know what to do. Please help.Holywolfbm0 2d
2d Champions of legionfall I seem to not be able to pick up the quest champion of legionfall yet my Rogue has managed to pick it up and they have been doing it for the same length of time. Is it because this is Nightborne?Tothsurm1 2d
2d Shadowmoon Valley - Outland problems I'm doing the Loremaster achievement and currently stuck in Shadowmoon Valley (Outland). I have 6/8 chapters done and the remaining ones are "Borrowed Power" & "Akama's Promise". I can't find any quests in the zone and I've flied around the zone several times. I do not know how to continue forward and completing this zone and I need help. Thanks in regards.Tseden1 2d
3d World Boss ''The Soultakers" Hello, ''The Soultakers'' is the only world boss i need for my Unleashed Monstrosities achievement and my artifact appearance. Can anyone tell me when this world boss will be up? or is this completely random? I really want to do it before pre-patch.Eversóng3 3d
3d Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings -Heroic Mode I am trying to finish the Val'anyr quest, and I am a little confused about the heroic mode criteria. I can't find clarification on this anywhere. The text reads: This can only be completed in Heroic mode and only if at least one Ulduar Watcher is not assisting you. I thought that Yogg-Saron's 'heroic' mode was already just defeating him without at least one keeper? Does this mean I need to kill the other bosses on heroic mode as well? Or will Yogg-Saron with no keepers on 25-man work?Evee2 3d
4d Army of the Light Paragon reward bug Hello! So I've encountered this problem when farming Glorious Felcrusher. I have obtained Avenging Felcrusher and Blessed Felcrusher within my first 10-15 Gleaming Footlockers, and ever since then, I have managed to open an additional 50+ boxes trying to get the third mount and I haven't seen it NOR any duplicate of the first two mounts so I decided to look it up on forums and I have found on wowhead that many people have the same issue! Link to the comment section --> Can anyone please address this? I have been loosing it lately trying to get it because I'm investing A LOT of time into this and it seems that for the last 3-4 months I have wasted all this time farming reputation only to see it has been bugged all the time? I'm really hoping for a reply from someone who can contact and report this issue to the developers or whoever needs to fix this bug. Thanks for reading!Nycto9 4d
4d God-Queen's Challenge kinda weird? When the Mage Tower is up, we can all do the God-Queen's Challenge questline. Thing is, I tried it once and just got obliterated (I'm about 925ilvl), when I tried to go again, the loading screen just gets stuck and I lose about 100 nethershards when I try to go in, but it never puts me in the instance again. Anyone with this problem aswell AND Is this soloable or can we do it as a group?Wolfclan2 4d
4d Challenge Appearances Looking for opinions here from people who have successfully collected one or more challenge artifact appearances. I'm a long time casual player who hasn't played non-stop through Legion and recently had PC issues which put a big dent in the time and effort I could put into this game. Besides this shaman I have eight other characters at level 110 (approximate average item level about 860) and I was just wondering about this. There's about what, two and a half months left before BfA comes out? I read that you can only collect the colour variations of these appearances then (or in the pre-patch, I guess) and the first one of each artifact will be unavailable to anyone who hasn't collected it/them yet. So my question is, how likely do you think it is for someone who can't put a ton of hours into the game (as a casual player, not raid ready, etc.) to collect one or several of these appearances? My plan was to try and collect the currency required to create one or two legendaries per character and then try the fights but now I'm doubting wether that will be enough and if I can even make that. If it was easy, I'd go for as many as I could or even all of them. But since there's probably more time and effort required than I can put in, I'm particularly interested in (among others) the challenge quest bear form. Less so in some others like the shadow priest dagger, which is rather underwhelming. EDIT: To gather more of the wakening essence I do plan on running Antorus frequently with each of the characters to raise their item level anyway. The adventurers guide shows the item level of loot in there to be 915+ for LFR, so that's my goal in average item level for the characters.Carnanum7 4d
4d No Artifact weapon after 110 boost. Hey, So i boosted this char to 110 and selected the spec to be Affliction. The character was already level 100 and had the Artifact for Demonology. When i logged in after the boost finished i received the 110 gear and Relics for the Affliction Artifact weapon but did not get the actual weapon itself. I have no option to pick up a quest for the Affliction weapon. When i went to the quest giver it gave me the Destruction weapon quest as my final quest. Any idea what i can do to try an fix this issue. I've waited close to 24hrs to see if it was just a time thing but still nothing. Thanks.Alethlea4 4d
4d Tillers Rep Are these counted as individual rep or are all the Tillers guys just counted as one rep as a whole? Just trying to count up my reps! Thanks :)Mynxprincess3 4d
4d Mission cache problem Solved ^^Paantha0 4d
6d Hidden Wardens' Rep in WQs? Hello, I was wondering if The Wardens' rep is ever a hidden bonus in world quests or if it is always the mentioned Rep? I know some WQs offer 2 sets of rep (Usually the Wardens with the zone faction the WQ is in) but recently did a High Mountain WQ where I got both HM rep and Valarjar as a hidden bonus rep. So, is Wardens rep ever bonus Rep for WQs?Twìgs3 6d
13 Jun Abandoned story quest I abandoned and story quest in suramar and now I cant start it again.It's the one where you escort a child trough the city.Vanclef1 13 Jun
13 Jun Pressing the assault quest bug Pressing the assault : 0/1 Next strike point chosen i have the quest pressing the assault and i go to dream grove and then the scouting map and there are no options to choose an area to attack. What do i do?Oger1 13 Jun
13 Jun The issue with School of Hard Knocks This achievement is really toxic, and I have no idea why it's still required for the meta achievement for world events. Topics complaining about it usually get replies along the lines of "git gud, you just suck", but the difficulty isn't really the issue with it. I'm pretty terrible at PvP and I'm completing it just fine. The issue is that it almost forces PvEers to grief PvPers, because unless you want to run battlegrounds 24/7, people will try to increase their odds by ignoring the objectives and sometimes even letting the enemy grab the flag or letting allies with a flag die without helping. Not only is this an achievement that nobody who has to do it actually enjoys, it's an achievement that ruins the fun of anyone else doing battlegrounds.Gálmar27 13 Jun
13 Jun Broken Isles Diplomat (The Wardens) Achievement Hey, i do the Broken Isles Diplomat Achievement, but i have to finish The Wardens in that Achievement. what i need do to finish The Wardens? Picture link: Thanks for help.Hooligan5 13 Jun
13 Jun 100 rep achievement: feeling shackled to my main. Let me preface this by saying this is an achievement I can see myself getting, on account of only maining 2 characters from 2005 to the present day (A rogue from vanilla to MoP and a windwalker monk throughout MoP, Warlords and Legion until being permanently benched in Tomb of Sargeras and forced to dig out the rogue yet again). As such, I would kindly ask people to refrain from comments such as "Don't expect freebies" or "Nobody forces you to grind this". However, I know many other veterans who have been just as committed throughout the game - and, in fact, have put in more time and effort than myself, as their efforts were spread across many different characters. Some choose a new main every expansion. Considering that every single class, including monks and DKs, is unrecognizable from the state it was when it first came out, this is perfectly understandable. A single character - and specifically character class - should not be a lifestyle choice; if the developers make changes to the class that negate the reason a player chose it, said player should not have to waste a major part of investment that went into the previous character. The developers are quite adept at ensuring that every new maximum level character is able to obtain gear mostly adequate for current content. Unfortunately, levelling and item level represent a very low fraction of the effort that goes into a character that has been played for years. Account-wide achievements and collections were a tremendous help in retaining the sense of progression between characters, but creating a new character still feels like losing a major amount of progress. This is primarily due to reputations and professions. Some attempts at alleviating the issue (such as account reputation bonus in MoP or assorted insignias that can be transferred between characters) have been made, but these haven't been consistent. As it stands, the most daunting reputation grinds in the game (such as those time-gated behind raid lockouts and daily quests) still need to be repeated on a per-character basis with no discounts. A similar issue revolves around profession recipes, many of which require reputation to obtain. Likewise, many recipes are no longer obtainable (mostly courtesy of the Cataclysm revamp) but remain in the list for old characters who have managed to obtain them in the past. Some recipes are discovered completely at random; thus, filling the book on your second alchemist can be extremely frustrating. This is not the worst issue with professions (that would be the fact that vast majority of recipes are nearly irrelevant to anyone who is not a recipe collector to begin with), but it is one that needs to be addressed at some point. The class-specific content and allied races are a clear proof that Blizzard is keen on encouraging players to try out new things. It is a shame that many of us are unable to commit to newly rolled characters because they do not reflect the investment they have put over the years. As of me, it is time for me to choose a BfA main and I am unsure whether I will be able to commit to something else besides my rogue. And it's not that things aren't looking bright for rogues, at least unless they're outlaw - considering the expansion's attention to world PvP content. I just want to put some decent investment in my hunter or druid without feeling like I have to do 13 years of grind all over again.Slithra1 13 Jun
12 Jun Champions of Legionfall after recruiting all champions For the Champions of Legionfall quest - i am asked to recruit a new champion in my order hall (monk in this case) - easy enough exept i have completed my orderhall campaign and already have 8 Followers - how then, do i complete quest?Bluecircle2 12 Jun
12 Jun Balance of power Hello im currently working on getting my artifact appearance from the balance of power quest line on my monk. Problem is i have no clue on how to get the quest that begins it called "Before the storm". Ive completed all zones on the broken isles, completed my orderhall campain and gotten my class mount Help me plz. Thanks in advance :P -OdderOdder3 12 Jun
12 Jun Fight, Kill, Salute! Issue Hey there! Today I upgraded my garrison gladiators sanctum to level 3 and got a quest that sent me to highmaul which requires me to que for an instance to complete the quest, but I am unable to que because it says I do not meet the requirements to enter even though I'm lvl 110. I know that some people are unable to enter it aswell once they have lvled up and only level 100s can enter, but I only thought that was after the intro quest (Fight, Kill, Salute). So now I am unable to complete the questline and I am unable to complete the warlord of draenor achievement as it requires the Fight, Kill, Salute achievement also. Would like to know if this is going to be fixed and let 110s enter as well mabey? I know if this happens people are just gona go there for the lord/lady of war title again, but if blizz doesn't want that happening mabey make the instance scale with the lvl of the player who que's for it. Would like a blue post please thanks. :)Goremash5 12 Jun
11 Jun Free for all, more for me.. This achievement states we get "Prestigious war mount" .. but afaik there are several of these.. Does that mean that if i complete it i get to pick which one? and in so.. i can complete it on another toon and earn another mount? anyone know?Heymom3 11 Jun
10 Jun Paladin Order Hall Campaign, follower quests Hi, I boosted my lvl 30 paladin to 110 when I prepurchased BfA. Been doing my order hall campaign without any problems. However , at some point, I think it was after the Light's Heart quest, where Turaleon speaks to Arator, I was given a choice. Sent my 2 followers to fight, or recruit more followers. I was stupid enough to chose the first choice and now I'm stuck with only two followers, lady Liadrin and lord Maxwell Tyrosus. Does anyone know how to get back the quest where you recruit followers? Thank you.Nefelly1 10 Jun
09 Jun Forced to raid :( I am happy playing alone , my guild of 11 years is almost empty of regular players, mainly just the 2 of us.. . Thats ok by me , I like running about doing achievements, quests or just exploring . But every skill needs a dungeon .. and now after buying the expansion and getting rep up for a Nightborne , I HAVE to raid and do dungeons to get the quest to get my new class . But I do not raid and do not do dungeons , speaking to a GM I am told that it is the just the way the game is. He suggested I either pug or join another guild . I would not last long in any pug.. no-one wants to play with a mage who is likely to cause a wipe just by being inexperienced, so I feel that I am either being forced to play in a way that will not give me any fun , or not have the class I want so I feel that I have wasted time and money .Endellientia7 09 Jun
09 Jun Ghostlands Quests Situation In their current state, Ghostlands quests aren't bad given their age and while I was hoping for a revamp (Draenei starting zones included), I see that it wasn't planned after all for BfA either. BUT Some of the quests need some tweaks in order to lower the frustration and I mean the ones involving quest items drops. You know the ones... for example: Spinal Dust and Rotting Hearts. Not to mention the Zeb'Nowa area quests... the drops are horrible. Why I'm giving this advice? They bring nothing constructive to the table. Before, surely, you needed to farm mobs in order to make those 10 levels in Ghostlands, but now with the plethora of zones to choose from (since the leveling revamp), this isn't the case anymore. So, please, give this a thought. If not a revamp, at least these minor tweaks are to be considered.Arayla1 09 Jun
09 Jun Soooo... the Cataclysm legacy buff was removed it seems Okay, so as we know, when we reach the level cap of an expansion, we start doing multiple amount of damage against those mobs. It's as early as double damage at level 61 against level 60 enemies. But now it seems like, since they upped the Cataclysm level cap for regular questing zones to 90 from 85, you no longer get this At level 92 I am doing just normal damage in Deepholm. Not that it's too much of an issue, but it's hilarious that heroic Cataclysm dungeons (which are still level 85, and therefore still give you the legacy buff) are 5 times faster to complete than on normal mode. But oh well, I guess I won't speed through Vashj'ir like this as easily as I thought :PLysende1 09 Jun
09 Jun Glory of the Argus Raider - LFM Glory of the Argus Raider - LFM A few members from our guild have decided its that point of the expac were progress is well over its time for some achievement runs. Sunday 10th of June we will be starting a raid to tackle the achievements in Antorus. Will be doing it on normal not Heroic. We will be starting pugging around about 19:40 ish UK time for about a 20:00 start time depending on how long it takes to form. We are open to all joining and all roles are open bar tanks at this moment. As this is not a gearing run but for achievements we will only be taking high geared people that have at least fully cleared Normal before on the character they sign up to do the achievements with. All Achievements can be found here if you want a run down of them. 09 Jun
09 Jun Get That Achievement Seeing as the forums have been merged, thought it was worthwhile to continue the game. @Exodeo - go and try Bombs Away (Outland quests), surprised you haven't got this old stuff yet. People new to the game, here are the rules: Whenever you post, take a look at the armory page of the last poster, find an achievement they haven't gotten yet, and tell them to go get it in your post! Then the next time someone posts, they'll find an achievement for you to do. Once you've achieved that, come back and post about it if you'd like, but make sure to give out an achievement! That's it, just rinse and repeat. As long as you do that, everything else is up to you!Lyyli78 09 Jun
08 Jun Why doesn't Blizzard have love for PvP World Quests? Hi. I'm wondering. It's clearly not a thing Blizzard wants to evolve and improve. Why am I saying that? Well, lets look at eh facts. 1. When Legion expansion dropped, Blizzard release WQ and with that 4 PvP World Quest. 3 Tower regular and 1 "Brawl" wq's. 2. Blizzard drops patch 7.1(with Suramar-World Quests). 0 PvP World Quests. 3. Blizzard drops patch 7.2(with Broken Shore-World Quests). Again, 0 PvP World Quests. 4. Blizzard drops patch 7.3(with Argus-World Quest). For real, 0 PvP World Quests. I dont think implementing a PvP World Quests, is a hard thing to do. There has to be another reason. Did you think I didnt have more reasons to think that Blizzard hate's PvP WQ's? Well, here's another: 4b. When an Invasion hits the first 4 zones on the Broken Shore. Lets say it hits High Mountain. All PvP World Quests in that Highmountain then disappears. For the entire invasion(6 hours). Im just...out of words...why are Blizzard doing this? I get that you wanna make PvP rewards hard for PvE players to get. But if you want to get to Prestige level 15 just by world quests. It will take you around 300 days, if we trust the honor farming article on wowhead. My prayer is this: Please add a PvP World Quest, or two. Im farming Random Battleground as a god this summer, but Im not even closing up to Prestige level 6. Please help us out a little. Please get some love for PvP World Quests.Shalnark8 08 Jun
07 Jun Arena Grand Master changes not announced! I enjoy the twinking aspect of World of Warcraft but when changes are not announced I get a bit pissed off. This item cannot be obtained by a character below level 30 anymore, I found this out the hard way. I farmed 12 "Arena Master" trinkets for the quest and when I went to turn them in for my "Arena Grand Master" trinket I was not able to complete it. This change was not announced and I have later been told that the change was implemented in patch 7.3.5 (not confirmed). Blizzard GMs refuse to give me my "Arena Grand Master" trinket because the Level requierment, which I totally understand but when a change like this is not announced how can they expect people to just say "ok"? I hope Blizzard considers changing the quest back to what it use to requier. I'm not happy with how it is now and I'm honstly a bit sad they are removing such a big part of the twink experience.Saw0 07 Jun
07 Jun WTB "the Chosen" title Hello! I am looking for a boost for said title, since it will disappear in BfA and it's not a bad title to have. I am obviously paying with gold, preferably on Outland-Eu, but we can discuss. Add my btag wiseDADA#2692 Thanks in advance!Eonixx1 07 Jun
06 Jun The Suramar campaign's reputation removed question I saw on patch notes 7.3 from last year that it says "The Suramar campaign's reputation attunements are being removed so you can complete the entire questline without any gates" however, I'm still being gated by "Exalted/Reserved" rep on quests. Am I misunderstanding something with this fix or was it changed back again? Thanks.Chappa1 06 Jun
05 Jun How to get Garrosh to leave When boosting a character to 110, Garrosh remains in Grommash Hold because the storylines in Warlords have not been completed. Is it sufficient to complete the starting scenario of Warlords, or do you have to finish the entire Nagrand storyline to get him to go away? :PArdeth0 05 Jun
05 Jun Stormheim intro quest bug - it's been over a year now. Pardon if this is the wrong forum section for this. It has now been 473 days since Legion was released. I'm creating this post after my 4th or 5th unsuccessful attempt at leaving Stormwind Harbor onboard The Skyfire, only to be sent from the loading screen directly back to Stormwind, or getting to run around an empty Skyfire in Stormheim for a moment before ultimately being teleported back to Stormwind: How can this still be an issue in the game? edit: After trying several more times I've now given up on Stormheim.Eindren5 05 Jun
05 Jun Armorcrafter's Commendation Broken Mechanic So, finished the disruptor, got LW to 800, did not get the commendation. Thought it was a bug so I contacted support. Was informed "This is not a bug, it is the same for all players" have to wait until it is completed the next time around. Give or take, that might take a while, as in a few days. Browsed through some forums, it seems this has been a problem since 2017. Now, dear Blizzard, can't you inform people BEFOREHAND via some in-game popup or mail, that we must not complete the quest until we first got the profession to 800? Not trying to be rude or anything, but since this seems to be an old problem (Am a returning player did not know of it), why has it not been fixed or other measures implemented? I am pretty sure that I am not the only one with this problem. Might as well additem for everyone that reports this problem, because they would have had it if it was not for this broken mechanic, now our time gets wasted...Hecatte0 05 Jun
05 Jun shadow of the betrayer Trying to get this achievement done, I've tried to figure out where I am and if I've done anything on these two questlines, but completely stuck on Borrowed power and Akama's promise. I'm friendly with Scryers, but either one of Arcanist Thellis nor Larissa Sunstrike wants to give me a quest. Is it possible to get some help so I can continue on? Thanks.Coíkie2 05 Jun
04 Jun [Nerf Scrapbots] achievement bugged? Hi! Today I've spent more than 3 hours trying to solo this achievement but with no result. I've read on Wowhead and seen many videos about it: XT-002 usually runs into the scrapbots, absorbing/destroying them and counting them for the achievement but when I try to do the same, it seems to count only the bombots destroyed. I've read there were many changes to Ulduar achievement and mob scaling in 7.3.5, could this bug be related to it? And are there other people that can confirm this is a bug?Solix3 04 Jun