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1h Convert Order Resources to Nethershards Dear Blizzard, I have 200.759 Order Resources. Please convert those for me to Nethershards .. ( or anything useful really ! ) I can convert almost anything else to something else useful, like Bloods which gives me a wide range of other resources .. but i am stuck with an abundance amount of useless Order resources and they just add up... (yes, i know i can buy seals for a small amount of them, but really .. ) Please give options of conversion !! Thank youTheroshán1 1h
10h Eminent Grow-Main hey i am 10/11 suramar quest line only thing left is the Eminent Grow-Main quest looked everywhere and can not start the quest chaini have exalted rep with the nightfallen and icy-veins qust tracker says i still need to do it . I looked all over irongrove retreat not a single quest in the areaHealformemes1 10h
12h NO MORE INVASIONS FOR LOW LVLS? Please say that it's my ui bugged or something but since today I can't do invasions anymore on my 100-109 characters!!! This is insanely frustrating, since this was by far the most fun way to lvl! And Blizzard just take it away???Maldydh7 12h
13h Unwanted Legendaries Today I bought a token for nethershards and I received a legendary item, which I don't need. Is there any option to do something with it? I can't sell it, I can't obliterate it. Nothing. So, did I just wasted my 5k shards? :(Sigurrós1 13h
17h Invasion Scenario and Demon Hunters. Why do you glide down to boss and strand the rest of the party? What happened twice for me now is that a spastic Demon Hunter reaches last stage and glides down to last boss, kills him and leaves the group. The rest of us cant get to him as he despawns.Dall1 17h
19h An impossible foe Question how the hell is this supposed to be even remotely possible unless you massively out gear it because I got exterminated in about 2 seconds even against the imps my attacks where having virtually no effect and if I can't even take the imps then how am I supposed to take down the imp mother when she is almost as powerful as a raid boss that is impossible without some serious help Seriously if they are going to make a mission that is all but impossible unless you massive out gear it then a little bit of warning would be nice so that I don't waste my time trying to complete a quest that I no chance in hell of completing because you need to be in 900+ gear minimum and even then its still tough as nails and due to the extra 20% damage taken that fight is well overturned and if you don't have a chance of completing it you shouldn't even be offered it, or it should be a group quest.Bethrezen3 19h
20h Withered Training. Wtf is this joke? So i spent my mana. Go to scenario(didnt start it) and then i got dc. I can go back now? really? wtf is this !@#$ world quest with no prevention in these type of things? guess ill be stuck without flying for some more time.Konshience2 20h
23h Help with a DPS melee class for a newish WoW player Need help with a decent melee dps class with a somewhat easy rotation and is fun to play!Thulkan2 23h
1d getting tank artifact at lvl 110. Hit 110 while ago with my lvl100 boosted pali, never played prot but really got into playing my blood DK, so wanted to try tanking on my pali... one problem. Completing the senario at 110 is ultra hard, only got a lvl 740 shield and 1h. just get killed insanly fast by everything. I'm sure I'm not the only one that been in this situation, if anyone knows what to do, pls tell me. literaly can't play prot pali atm. edit:item level on my pali is 830, only got artifact power infested in rep edit nr.2: just re-read my own post and forgot to mention I was talking about senario to get the artifact, in the senario you have to tank. but at 110 I don't have anyway to get good tank gear.Murpy4 1d
1d Paladin/Warrior solo tanking So honestly. I always see Palas solo tanking everything in the game. Can it be done with a warrior? Does he have enough self healing to last forever? Im in a bit of a struggle. I love the prot pala playstyle while i hate ret. And I like fury warrior and ok with prot. But I want a tank that basiclly can live along time. Whats ur take?Healiux4 1d
1d Quest Into The Nighthold Hey Folks I`ve been wondering. In this week i cleared whole HC and normal nighthold and got only 4/20 nightshards for quest "Into The Nighthold". I wanted to ask, is this normal? On wowhead players says, that it is 100% drop, or even more. Am I really so unlucky, or drop rate has changed?Drakkáinen0 1d
1d What's required to do An Impossible Foe? Hi I've lost count on how many times I've attempted to do An Impossible Foe. I kill imps in following priority Umbrel imps>healing imps>smoldering and kiting the plague imps. But when agatha's shield gets up I can't seem to burst it quick enough. Is my iLvl too low or do I need certain legandaries? For when she gets the shield i use my soul reaper + apocalypse and bursting her shield down with clawing shadows, but even that takes some time Can anyone give me some advice?Rosulao0 1d
1d Completely lost on class hall campaign My WoW play has been very sparse lately and I'm at a loss for what to do next in this campaign, which I need to complete to get flying. There are no quests available in the class hall. The quests I have are Aalgen Point, Redemption for the Fallen, Seek the Unsavory, 'Locke and Load, and Legionfall Supplies. Any ideas which of these quests is for the class hall, or anything else I need to do to get the "A Glorious Campaign" achievement?Pentagram1 1d
1d Got My Mind On My Draenor Money (again) Hi All, I have read somewhere recently that the 10k target has been reduced to 2.5k as of patch 6.1.2 and the 10k is just a graphical error which should of been sorted in the December 8th hotfix. I am tracking this achievement and am currently looking at 2516g 70s 9b ... and as you may of guessed ... I don't have either the achievement or the level 3 Storehouse unlocked (kind of obvious really, or I wouldn't be posting here) I've tried logging out and back in again, logging into alts ... even logging into my second account and then back to my main. Does anyone have any idea as to why I don't have the unlock I'm after ? Thanks in advanceDharkon0 1d
2d Looking for/Selling extremely rare items Feel free to use this topic to sell your rare item/transmog/recipe/shareable old quest/whatever is rare, so we could have 1 centralized place for it. I'm selling a lot of rare transmog such as 1 Chromatic Sword. Try adding me if you're looking for something specific. I'm a serious buyer, buying for gold the following ingame items: Blue Murloc Egg - starting at 30M Pink Murloc Egg - ?? but probably a lot too Open to other rare collection items I might miss, like : Plans: Golden Scale Gauntlets Pattern: Nightscape Cloak Pattern: Shadoweave Mask Also buying rare transmog, almost any realm. And old retired quest to share A and H. -Where can I buy expensive and extremely expensive collection items ? By order of preference : Draenor> Ravencrest > Silvermoon > Outland. If the deal is planned early enough, might be able to buy on : Twisting Nether, Kazzak, Sylvanas, Argent Dawn, Aegwynn, Defias Brotherhood. -Why is it good to have gold on such realms ? Those are the highest pop EU realms, TCG pets are cheap there, meaning you can easily restock there and sell for a profit on your low pop realm to buy BMAH items, as well as having access to a very wide variety of account wide toys, mounts, transmog or in game pvp/pve services like Mythic Archimonde kills. Or simply using it to buy the WoW Token over time. Vaëa#2310Aadä63 2d
2d Noblegarden - Shake your bunny maker Anyone doing the Shake your bunny maker achievement for Noblegarden on Kazzak? (Place bunny ears on female lvl 18+ character of each race except for Pandaren) I need Dwarf, Gnome and Worgen. Message me on Katiesaurus#21623Katiesaurus3 2d
2d Invasions and reputation So, today i waited untill the daily "Demon invasion" begun. I completed all the 4 wq's and then began the scenario, upon completing the scenario, my friend and i didnt get our 1650 (+-) reputation? Did we do something wrong, or have they changed the reward from "Demon invasions?". I have also completed all wq's in the zone, but i got no rep from that too. I hope that you guys can help me :)Immol3 2d
2d Stuck in Suramar I cant find the first quest for Suramar anywhere. I've just returned to the game after a couple months off, I came back and done a couple chapters but now there isn't any quests. I'm exalted with Suramar so I'm guessing the quests should be popping up? Am I missing something? Thanks, any help is appreciated. My maps says I'm 9/11 btw.Íjames0 2d
3d Meatball champion quest bug so im trying to get Meatball for my order hall champions roster and im in process of doing the order hall missions. almost done, think i just need to do one more mission. so when i complete a mission and claim the rewards when i come back to the next mission being in my roster i see the mission i have just done still there. i believe this stops the next mission from appearing. this is so annoying. can you look at it and maybe sort it so the old mission doesnt show up if you have got the 200% reward from it already?Adidasler2 3d
3d "Naxt victim" - what's the efficient way? I'd like an advice please. What's the sane and efficient way to get lieutenants for "Naxt victim"? People who farm shards don't usually summon them. Server hop seems to bring no positive results. Netherportals are nerfed and no longer have higher chance of blue summoning beacons. Any good ideas will be appreciated because an alternative is to solo farm this for specific summoning beacons is going to take a long !@# time.Кракозюбрище0 3d
3d WQ: Like the Wind Wh... what... did... Was this even play tested?! Fans are paying you guys monthly for a quality experience and with all that wealth and great developer experience you somehow manage to make a quest more broken and more frustrating than the White Elder Horn Moose whatever leatherworking quest. What even is this... how... how do you mess up a platforming quest?! It's unplayable, this quest cannot be completed, world bosses aren't completing! Your Game Is Breaking! I get it, you're trying new things, but TEST THEM FIRST, bring players in, get feedback... oh god just... WHAT IS THIS!?Brizz66 3d
4d Witchmatron Magora Witchmatron Magora for the World Quest Contagion Containment doesn't spawn very fast compared to other monsters on the broken isles. Any chance we could have her spawn rate turned up a notch? I didn't even have time to alt-tab last time I was waiting for her because there's so many players sat waiting for her.Gretchan2 4d
4d An Impossible Foe Bug? I've now tried to get the new Artifact appearance ever since Mage Tower went up the first time, I've also maybe spent over 6000+ Nethershards on trying to defeat this boss over and over again, but until now, i've started to see a pattern. Every time in Phase 1, when she puts up her shield, i always burst it down until its not there anymore, but she still uses dark fury on me. I try to burst her down even more but nothing happens(and yes, all the imps are dead). The Dark fury damage just keeps going at me until i die. Is this a bug? Because from what i've seen other people go through, this never happened to them!Gruumz4 4d
5d Broken Isles Assaults I have a simple question on which I can't seem to find an answer. Will the assaults on the zones in the Broken Isles stop happening after the Tomb of Sargeras opens? Do we have a limited timeframe to do them like the prepatch invasions or they will stay forever? There is a spreadsheet on a Wowhead official post that points to June 23 as the day of the last invasion. Could that be the day of opening of the tomb? Thanks.Izoku0 5d
5d Archaeology Quest Missing? There doesn't appear to be an archaeology quest up currently and I'm wondering if I'm missing something daft, anyone? I didn't need to do the last one that was up so I know it's not because I've still got that in my log or something like that...Mëlk4 5d
5d Class Hall Leggings Earned progress? How do i check the progress of "Class Hall Leggings Earned" for the Class Hall Leggings? I looked everywhere in the achievements Tab and there is no were to check which Bosses i killed on Alts.Shaynu4 5d
5d Contagion Containment How can you have a 10 min respawn time for a mob that can be oneshotted? 25-30 ppl camping the spawn atm. What were you thinking?Belenub4 5d
6d Nightfallen rep and Suramar progression Hey all! Painful topic. I apologise if this is a repeat, I wish to avoid Ninja treading and maybe shed a new light at what is happening. Let me start with this - I love Legion. Everything in it is made with care to detail and amazingly superior than anything we have played thus far. (don't look at my achievement points with judgemental look - they do not reflect the truth right now haha) So getting to the point - Nightfallen Rep grind. I am unable to progress through my story because I need higher rep value with the faction. Great! I can't say anything bad about this - extends the needed time to complete the story and gives you even more chances or even forces you to play through other content more and more discovering the beauty of Suramar city and the zone and lore itself. Dandy! BUT - Why don't we have enough sources to do so? Please, correct me if I am wrong but right now I find myself starting alts just to keep finding new things to do. I main a DH and its Heroic ready and tested but at some point dungeons bore you and you want to do something else. Like story quests for instance. I can't do them because I need to be around 8000 honored with the NF to proceed with any quest on the map (i tried and scoured all I could but cant find any more side ones) The "dailies" and sources for such rep: feeding the 3 npc - 1 time/day WQ - had 2 days without a single one showing up on the map Withered Army - same situation along with the fact that the first few times are more or less pointless as maybe you dont know the mechanics but still - superb. and .... am I missing something? I am happy to grind and go nuts from dungeons or others as long as I know there is a point in it. Right now, running normal and heroics gives me .... gold and lower ilvl drops. At some point I was stuck at 5925/6000 rep without any chance to get the last ...75 mind you .... points. My feedback is - give us more sources. Make it hard, make it longer, but give us a way to keep going without being left with little things to do. I am also unsure if the 2 suramar dungeons are locked because of my reputation or because of a missing quest I haven't done yet maybe? just confirmed for myself that 8000rep is needed and a questline that is unavailable before that. What are your thoughts? Is there something I am definitely missing?Gauronthar8 6d
6d Children's Week - School of Hard Knocks I'm bringing up this achievement in advance, because if I do it by the time the holiday comes up it'll be too late. Blizzard, would you consider not making this achievement part of the meta achievement? I can already tell, months in advance, that I am going to despise being forced to do PvP for events, especially one as demanding as this. Over time, whenever there have been PvP related achievements for things like events, I've noticed countless of people who commented on not liking this trend. There are a lot of people who hate PvP with a passion, and if you want to stick some achievements in there that are somewhat doable, then fair enough, I suppose we shouldn't whine too much. But this achievement... It basically comes down to luck, because other people will be competing for it on top of the fact that regular PvPers are trying to win and go for these objectives as well. This helps no one. The PvE-ers hate doing it, and the PvPers hate us noobs coming in to ruin their games by only going for the achievements and losing them the game in the process because we're focused on that and nothing else. I'm not the first who brings this up and probably not the last. I suppose there are arguments against my request and I'll happily hear them as long as they're brought up in a civil manner. For now, though, I'd really, really like it if they'd get this out of the meta achievement before the Children's Week starts in May.Tasalae15 6d
6d Nether Disruptor worldboss and weekly reset So I was wondering, if I kill the Worldboss do I get to kill him again tomorrow after the reset?Felpain0 6d
17 Apr Withered Army Training Disconnect So today i got the World Quest for the "Withered Army Training" and as everyone would guess i immediatly went there to do that one. After i spent 1300 Ancient Mana for the entry into this Scenario i got stuck in a loading screen. A few minutes later i decided to restart my Client and i was standing in Shal'Aran again. Got the icon on the minimap aswell to port back into the dungeon again. Now you may be questioning yourself why i am posting about this. Well its kinda obvious, as i tried to port back into the dungeon the only thing that happened was an error message saying "You can't do that right now" Tried a few things, was running around in Suramar and did go back into Shal'Anar, relogged a few times but nothing worked. I even deleted my Cache and restarted my PC so i literally tried everything out. Stillt couldn't warp into the Dungeon and that's where i decided to go look into Dalaran for a few Seconds while i was still in this Scenario, but after i arrived at Dalaran i wasn't in the Scenario anymore. So long story short meaning... Wasted 1300 Ancient Mana and the entry into the Reputation-Chamber from the "Withered Army Training" because i got a DC and couldn't port back into the Scenario which i wasn't even allowed to start. Hope Blizzard does something about that... <,<Verela159 17 Apr
17 Apr Thwarting the Twins Can't find War Councilor Victoria to teleport me.Athran0 17 Apr
17 Apr Request: Theldurin the Lost change. @Blizzard, my request is simple having played the ever funny 'The Day that deathwing Came' quests and got a thought from it. Could Theldurin the Lost be given an outfit homaging Saitama from One Punch Man? Heck maybe even a bald head despite him being a dwarf.Urth0 17 Apr
17 Apr Kirin Tor Guardian recruited In my hall upgrades I chose to be able to recruit a Kirin Tor Guardian. It's finished and it says, "You are now able to recruit Kirin Tor Guardians", but I can't find where to do that. Do I recruit them in the same way as I recruit Kirin Tor invokers and water elementals? If so, where is the person to request them from?Starfeather1 17 Apr
17 Apr Meet with Vethir I've completed the assault on Stormheim, it shows that assault is completed and I need to meet Vethir in Shield's Rest but he is not there...what next?Inquis3 17 Apr
17 Apr good suramaritan ? do i need exa with suramar for all quests ?Belenoss1 17 Apr
17 Apr quick join can you please add a button to turn off quick join?Tanyatanline2 17 Apr
17 Apr New Artefact ability quests not showing up I have unlocked more than 35 abilities Titanstrike, I've completed all the initial broken isles quests (besides the Goblin one which I know isn't necessary), I am honoured with Legionfall and have done the extended class order hall campaign. Yet still for some reason I am not getting the quest to even start unlocking my new artefact traits. The only thing I haven't done is gather the other two artifact weapons, since I don't plan on using my off specs anytime soon. Yet I'm told that you only need one to start said quests. Is this true? If so, where am I going wrong here?Ragvir0 17 Apr
17 Apr x Over the last few days i've been turing in recources to complete the mage tower to finally be able to do the new class challanges. I was told these were gonna be extremly hard and almost nobody would be able to complete them early on. Yet i went into the scenario and completed it on my third attempt on my enhancement shaman. I was really looking forward to a challange in which i could over weeks, maybe months progress over hundreads off attempts, finally making that tight damage per second squeeze because of some new gear i got from ToS. What i got was a easy, doable in 900 gear, in less than 5 attempts joke. I know this only counts for the questline for enh/ret/arcane etc. I know the demon hunter/tank/healer quest is very hard. I only wish we got one that was as hard, if not harder. I hope you will consider adding another level to these so we can actually experience the challange you said we would get. I would even accept if you took away my artifact skin and achievement and made the scenario twice as hard so i could work my way towards it in a way that feels rewarding. Thanks For reading.Belelith4 17 Apr
17 Apr Glory of the X Y Anyone doing those anymore? Specifically stuff from WoD up.Tosuro1 17 Apr
17 Apr REMOVE FLYING IN WORLD QUEST ZONES For how long has flying been out now? I don't even care. what I care about are the 100s and I repeat 100s of flying enemy faction players flying over world quests just to kill you. So don't even bother with world quests anymore. and yes you could just defend it by saying well play on a PvE server then. it is funny though that this problem started with flying. and it wasn't a problem before hand. Better yet remove flying all along as people will soon be asking for more world quests or more content and we will be back in the old not enough content circle again as flying now has increased the speed of reaching endgame by far. flying is taking the fun out of the game... Wonder why you never learn... flying in areas = soon people has nothing to do. because they are running out of stuff because everything is so easy.Shadowey6 17 Apr
16 Apr Crushing the Legion BUG part of the invasion Green hammers on the ground don't despawn. 16 Apr
16 Apr Legion flying question Can the achievments be spread through an account? Ie if i do the rep quest on one charecter, then the explore on another charecter. will it still count overall? or do all achievements have to be on one charecter. thanksPlaet1 16 Apr
16 Apr Raid lockout on quest items Hello! Does the raid lockout apply to quest item? I would really love to complete my Essence of Power quest, but I already completed emerald nightmare normal. Will I be able to get the quest items on 2nd run this week?Waxlor4 16 Apr
16 Apr remove removedGreydeath1 16 Apr
16 Apr invasions and reputation with zone faction. so i just finished azsuna invasion, and yes i did get some rep from WQ, but after finishing the invasion and handing in the quest i get like 100 rep, it should be more like 1000-1500, since it happens like once each few days in this each zone, my idea may not be that good but still.Wrýnn0 16 Apr
15 Apr No permission to loot Quest items in vanilla dungeons I've been Experiencing difficulties to loot quest items in Stratholme (both parts). This goes for the following quests: Cutting the Competition. The Great Fras Siabi. Weapons for War These quests involve clicking on an object, which causes a mob which in turn drops the quest item. Now every time i try clicking said object it says i don't have any permission to loot which causes no mob to spawn, this was the same for the rest of the people in my group. I also tried rerunning it to see if anything was different but still no succes As far as i can tell this goes for any clickable objects because "The Tube" in Maraudon (Not sure which side it was) which spawns a giant larva every now and then, isnt clickable either, or at the very least gives an error as well which results in larva keep getting spawned. Anyone else having the same issues or anyone knows if theres a solution for this?Narzhur1 15 Apr
15 Apr Challenger appearence Why does the challengers appearence not work like the hidden one, where if you unlocked it for one you did it for all specs. Now I've to do everything twice. Which to mention is terrible to do 10 rbg's as holy. Surely would be well appreciated by my friends I've to go holy instead of disc.Mazeari1 15 Apr
15 Apr Class Mounts and Reputation? Hey all, So recently I've been wondering about class mounts and the reputation you need to acquire them. I apologise if this has been covered somewhere before. Will you have to grind to exalted with Armies of the LF on all of your characters to gain each class mount, or will you be able to simply unlock the mount if your main is exalted? Many thanks.Aaries2 15 Apr
15 Apr Challenge Modes Placed in general section.Pamicsoo0 15 Apr