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9h Seeking lost knowledge/using old artifact traits help! As soon as i capped my mage i instantly brought it to AK 40 and got all 54 traits with the old traits (buying those ones that increase damage by 0.5%) and i have never gotten that elven tome that i think is a requirement for the quest seeking lost knowledge to unlock the traits in the bottom right with the concordance of Legionfall. Can anyone help me with how im meant to do this quest and get the new artifacts traits as i think im stuck with the old traits and bags filled with AP tokens that i can never use because ive practically maxed out my artifact weopen.Éllastíel0 9h
19h Swift Zulian panther? For whoever got it, how many runs did it take for you before it dropped? I got Armored Razzashi raptor after 5 runs, but I didnt go to Zul'Gurub for that one. Not complaining though :). Meanwhile I have lost count for how many runs I did for Swift Zulian panther. I would like a catmount on horde too. The panther can still drop?Yashziel0 19h
22h Suramar city/flying Whoever designed Suramar city and the suramar storyline should get kicked. Its a never !@#$ing ending gridning for either rep, ancient mana or just running around back and forth doing the same god damn %^-* over and over again. Another thing i hate, and im sure ppl here will QQ about me stating this is the following: What the hell is wrong with just being aible to pay for flying and just lock it for certain ammount of time, before allowing ppl to use it, for example during mid expansion. What is the purpose of all this harsh grinding just to get flying? Ye now some say the same crap as blizz are saying "Explore the land, find out the continents" Sure this can still be done by for example, dont allow ppl have flying for X ammount of time, then when blizz feesl for it, let ppl just buy the skill as we always have done. Its the same system as we have no, but saves one from this harsh vanilla like grinding which is something blizz themselves said ppl shouldnt have to grind so much. Did they learn nothing from Vanilla and MOP? The harsh grinding at the start of MOP was one of many things they called "A misstake" Blizz says WoW is and should be for everyone. As PhD student, with the limited aamount of time I have playing, this is the kind of crap i have to spend my time on. Haters, feel free to hate. Dont really care as IMO everyone is free to speak their mind.Balzy14 22h
1d Cant get new artifact traits from broken shore help? Cant get new artifact traits from broken shore questing? I recently just finished levelling my mage to 110 and started the broken shore questing and i cant start the quest to upgrade my artifact to get the new traits in the bottom right corner. I instantly boosted this mage to AK 40 and have gotten every single trait on my weopen but the quest wont show up. Is there any other requirements im missing as ive practically done nothing on this mage but grind normal dungeons and start broken shore questing at max. Any help?Éllastíel2 1d
1d Got My Mind On My Draenor Money (again) Hi All, I have read somewhere recently that the 10k target has been reduced to 2.5k as of patch 6.1.2 and the 10k is just a graphical error which should of been sorted in the December 8th hotfix. I am tracking this achievement and am currently looking at 2516g 70s 9b ... and as you may of guessed ... I don't have either the achievement or the level 3 Storehouse unlocked (kind of obvious really, or I wouldn't be posting here) I've tried logging out and back in again, logging into alts ... even logging into my second account and then back to my main. Does anyone have any idea as to why I don't have the unlock I'm after ? Thanks in advanceDharkon2 1d
2d Withered Army Training Disconnect So today i got the World Quest for the "Withered Army Training" and as everyone would guess i immediatly went there to do that one. After i spent 1300 Ancient Mana for the entry into this Scenario i got stuck in a loading screen. A few minutes later i decided to restart my Client and i was standing in Shal'Aran again. Got the icon on the minimap aswell to port back into the dungeon again. Now you may be questioning yourself why i am posting about this. Well its kinda obvious, as i tried to port back into the dungeon the only thing that happened was an error message saying "You can't do that right now" Tried a few things, was running around in Suramar and did go back into Shal'Anar, relogged a few times but nothing worked. I even deleted my Cache and restarted my PC so i literally tried everything out. Stillt couldn't warp into the Dungeon and that's where i decided to go look into Dalaran for a few Seconds while i was still in this Scenario, but after i arrived at Dalaran i wasn't in the Scenario anymore. So long story short meaning... Wasted 1300 Ancient Mana and the entry into the Reputation-Chamber from the "Withered Army Training" because i got a DC and couldn't port back into the Scenario which i wasn't even allowed to start. Hope Blizzard does something about that... <,<Verela160 2d
2d Class Mount Scenarios difficulty So far I have obtained 11 of 12 class mounts on my alts, only 1 missing is Warrior (because I can't do it). My impression is that class teams were given principally different ideas about what they are supposed to make of these scenarios. Most of these quests/scenarios are very easy, basically faceroll. But few of them are so hard they feel more like artifact appearance challenges or hard brawl bosses. Most of my alts have about the same ilvl - between 860 and 880, I never raid with any of them and only doing world quests to progress basically. Here are some impressions of each quest chain's ending: Hunter: simply found a few elite mobs, had no problem with any. Used BM spec with tanking pet. Also, no preparation quests were needed before scenario. This is my highest ilvl char though (885), maybe that's why it was so easy. Rogue: Not hard really, you just have to get to the targets in stealth and nuke them. Did them as outlaw, with dreadblades and Anticipation you can nuke them pretty fast with double run-through per single AP generator swing. They are not even elites... Monk: also no problems at all, probably because all the healing. Also the boss is in open world so you can kill it with other monks who do the quest. Demon Hunter: this was trivial, no problems whatsoever. Death Knight: also trivial. Maybe it's harder in dps spec, but as blood you are invincible basically. Paladin: you are given 2 npc supports so you can have personal tank and dps. Even if you die at the last boss, you resurrect right there and the boss does not reset. Faceroll. Shaman: 3 faceroll bosses, I didn't even have to heal myself if I remember correctly... Priest: there are 2 helper NPCs and mobs are pretty easy - most normal mobs die to shadow word:pain and elites take only a few seconds to kill as shadow. Druid: I don't even remember, so something trivial. Mage: first 2 bosses went down easily, the last one took a few attempts though. However, I didn't have to kill the first 2 again when I died on the last one, unlike in Warlock scenario. Anyway, since mage got a instant slow spell it's easy to keep out of melee and you can kill the ads with a single arcane missiles cast and use nukes to kill the boss. Warlock: this one was quite hard for me but there is a simple exploit, not sure if intentional or not. You can die, then resurrect with Soulstone, then simply target the boss's horse and enslave demon which has very long range. Then you simply give in quest, optionally kill boss because it can't move when the horse is green to you. But the boss is fairly hard, I didn't kill and can't re-run the scenario to check if I can do it since the quest is finished . Warrior: First boss is unbeatable for me, because it got a huge area of effect huge damage totem or something that deals unavoidable damage. And all Warrior specs basically have no reliable heals at all to survive this encounter long enough. So basically Warrior, Mage and Warlock (unless the exploit is intended) are a lot more challenging than the rest of them. Maybe nerf them or at least bring the others in line? I don't think they are supposed to be that hard though. It's just a class campaign quests that were never challenging, and the mounts are simply recolors anyway.Undaur5 2d
2d Good Sarumaritan, Stucked A Growing Crisis, does it need Emeral Dream farming? A Change of Seasons too?Jüther0 2d
2d Mount collecting achievements. How do they work? in my collections tab it says that i have 131 mounts, but in my achievement it says i have 94/100, why is that?Thedraes3 2d
2d Why not fix this for the hidden Feral Druid artifact? I really think a way of helping people that actually play FERAL to get this hidden artifact is for blizzard to simply just not give away the screech to people who aren't in the feral spec. Since, I see a lot of people, including myself, who indeed DO play that spec not getting the screech for ages. While some others, just get it when they are in Guardian, or even Resto spec. Shouldn't the RNG roll be for the people who actually wants to use the skin? And actually play that spec go to first? This is one of the things that makes me want to play WoW less and less and less.Alyosha0 2d
2d Right information not showing in tooltip? So I've noticed how the tooltip sometimes doesn't really do it's job. Take the quest "A Warm Welcome" in Zangamarsh. I need to collect 30 Naga Claws. Normally in the tooltip it would show when hovering over a mob that I would need to kill it to collect the quest item but no. It's shows highlighted on the map but nothing in the tooltip. However, when it's about killing mobs. Like kill x amounts of this mob then it shows in the tooltip. When I first noticed this I deleted all my addons to see if it was something about that but no. Even with no addons the tooltip is still acting all funky. Anyone has any ideas about this?Rodau1 2d
3d An impossible foe Question how the hell is this supposed to be even remotely possible unless you massively out gear it because I got exterminated in about 2 seconds even against the imps my attacks where having virtually no effect and if I can't even take the imps then how am I supposed to take down the imp mother when she is almost as powerful as a raid boss that is impossible without some serious help Seriously if they are going to make a mission that is all but impossible unless you massive out gear it then a little bit of warning would be nice so that I don't waste my time trying to complete a quest that I no chance in hell of completing because you need to be in 900+ gear minimum and even then its still tough as nails and due to the extra 20% damage taken that fight is well overturned and if you don't have a chance of completing it you shouldn't even be offered it, or it should be a group quest.Bethrezen4 3d
4d Solo glory of the legion hero Do you think it would be possible for a disc priest to solo this achievement? I'm having a very difficult time finding groups willing to do these very specific things in dungeons to get the achievement...Glauron3 4d
5d The Highlord's return after Switching Specs Hey everyone! First, I hope this is the right place to post this question. My main currently is a Tank Demon Hunter. I "switched" specs only a short time ago and I already had the artefact challenge Quest for DDs (I did not complete it, only had it in my quest journal). I realised I enjoy the tank spec much more and I really want to get the artefact appearance from the Highlord's Return Quest, but somehow am not able to activate the quest. I abbandoned thr DPS Quest, but the Highlord's Return won't activate. I searched the Interwebz for sollutions, but found nothing. Anyone had the same or a similar Problem? Thanks in advance! CheersXabraxxis3 5d
5d Looking for/Selling extremely rare items Feel free to use this topic to sell your rare item/transmog/recipe/shareable old quest/whatever is rare, so we could have 1 centralized place for it. I'm selling a lot of rare transmog such as 1 Chromatic Sword. Try adding me if you're looking for something specific. I'm a serious buyer, buying for gold the following ingame items: Blue Murloc Egg - starting at 30M Pink Murloc Egg - ?? but probably a lot too Open to other rare collection items I might miss, like : Plans: Golden Scale Gauntlets Pattern: Nightscape Cloak Pattern: Shadoweave Mask Also buying rare transmog, almost any realm. And old retired quest to share A and H. -Where can I buy expensive and extremely expensive collection items ? By order of preference : Draenor> Ravencrest > Silvermoon > Outland. If the deal is planned early enough, might be able to buy on : Twisting Nether, Kazzak, Sylvanas, Argent Dawn, Aegwynn, Defias Brotherhood. -Why is it good to have gold on such realms ? Those are the highest pop EU realms, TCG pets are cheap there, meaning you can easily restock there and sell for a profit on your low pop realm to buy BMAH items, as well as having access to a very wide variety of account wide toys, mounts, transmog or in game pvp/pve services like Mythic Archimonde kills. Or simply using it to buy the WoW Token over time. Vaëa#2310Aadä66 5d
5d The Aspirant's Challenge Bugged? Is the "The Aspirant's Challenge" Bugged?. when i talk to Squire David, Argent Valiant spawns but does not move from his spawn point making the quest completable.Cyberhit1 5d
6d Chromie Quest Line Hey guys, just wanted to know is the chromie quest line worth doing that much grinding since time is valuable and blizzard has no idea about this. Even not in loot sense but storywise, is it worth to be completed ?Trythatweed0 6d
6d Time-Lost Proto-Drake is almost impossible to get Hi guys I'm a huge fan of the game and its mounts, but this has gone too far. A casual mount collector like myself can't even dream of getting this particular mount. It has 4 spawn locations with CRAZY timers (typical up to 8 hours a day). And then there's a chance that another rare comes in its place instead. Then there's CRZ. When I'm camping this mount, a dozen players a day show up out of thin air and come stacking to steal the kill. The horde just attack on sight for the same reason, or just to annoy you. Making camping IMPOSSIBLE. It would really be helpful if blizzard would look into this matter. I'm on the verge of insanity here. 6 days in a row of intensive camping and the only thing I've seen is that big, stupid, blue dragons face. What do you guys think? Should Blizz do something about it???Gerrhardt21 6d
6d Tanaan Jungle dailies Hello, I was reading tanaan jungle dailies guide and it says that i can do five dailies every day, but when i complete one quest, it doesn't pop another one, whats wrong?Nergaahl0 6d
6d Key to Nar'thalas Academy Hey, I just finished the archeology quest in Azsuna which rewarded me with the "Key to Nar'thalas Academy" key. I already finished the quest line in Nar'thalass' academy and I can't get into the "Hall of Arcane Learning" anymore. Both door are shut. Please help. :)Rexein0 6d
6d Follower mission 200% bonus fail Yesterday I sent my champions for gold mission, even though I had 200% mission success chance, bonus roll failed. I know Blizzard hates me on RNG, but come on... :D Here is link to screenshot: 6d
21 Jul Why is suramar city so frustrating? /rant Tried to go from middle to eastern side, tried several paths and mobs everywhere. Finally waited for HS to come off CD to go around it. I could kill a bunch of mobs while my mask wears off and I body pull everyone, but didn't really feel like it. Somwe of the tries I swam around some, just to be annoyed by swim speed (I know, I could go and grind for 2 weeks and be less frustrated with it). Feels to me, this game is not enabling us to do things, it is preventing us, and the more you grind the less frustrated you are. Maybe there should be tokens of 1 month gameplay that let you remove some frustrating things for 10-15 euro instead of playing through some of the grind, this way Blizzard gets what they need and us too? On another note recently mountain lines are crafted in a way to make sure we get so annoyed we stay for 2 more months and grind the flying. Mountains should be somewhat obstructing while you can go around them, not go around and around trying to find that 1 path on the whole map that allows you to pass. I know time tends to make things better but I have the feeling old maps weren't so obstructing, these "hard" mountain lines were only there when they had to separate very different level areas or such, the rest you could go around on ground mounts. It is like artificially boost the value of flying with unreasonable terrain to make sure everyone grinds for it and pays the extra sub. I know, I know, this is probably some newly formed planet... everything can be explained.. :/Plasticknife16 21 Jul
20 Jul HELP ! DONT HAVE CLASS HALL QUESTS So few days ago i transfered my 110 level Demon Hunter to Horde. I had my class quests when i was alliance,now i dont have them ? can someone help pleaseRdn0 20 Jul
20 Jul Key to Nar'thalas Academy So I got this archaeology thing done, and got my key. So going into the academy's learning area and phasing into the "old" place. I don't seem to be able to duel Elya Azuremoon. She keeps telling me not now and bla bla bla. So I read online, and some people said after doing a few of the minigames like rune thing and fighting the book bosses will allow you to. But guess what? No it didn't. Another person said to relog and try fighting the boss and then duel or. Or just relog and duel her. Neither worked for me. I even tried yelling at her to no prevail. So does anyone know what I'm missing here? 'Cause clearly relogging, redoing all the runes, redoing all the boss fights (all were available from the get go) and still I can't duel her. What am I missing here?Vemod0 20 Jul
20 Jul Draenor Pathfinder, stuck in Gorgrond Hello, I have started doing the questlines needed for Pathfinder achivement in Gorgrond and after completing Supporting you Garrison there are no other quests in order to move on and finish the rest 2 quest lines (In the Land of Giants & The Iron Approach) . Can someone please help me with this? Also from what I have seen in guides in each area these should always been in main map an exclamation showing the quest related for the main campaign, but I can't see anything in Gorgrond. The only quest that I see in the main map is on my Garrison's dock and it seems irrelevant with the campaign quests.Ailor0 20 Jul
20 Jul "The Highlord's Return" = severely broken. Now before you jump to conclusions, let me preface this by saying that I actually enjoy the whole concept of the artifact solo challenges. I don't think they are terrible, I don't think they are unfair in terms of required gear (I'll get into that in just a bit), and I don't think they should be nerfed to allow more players to get them done more easily. What I do think, however, is that certain aspects of this challenge quest scenario in particular (The Highlord's Return) should be fixed. As another preface, please don't tell me to "git gud" - in actual fact, I did. I went in for the first time at item level 895 (obviously slightly undergeared). I wasn't really expecting much, got a good grip of the whole fight nonetheless and got as far as bringing Kruul down to 16% in my best attempt, then failing because I simply didn't pass the DPS check. I took it as "lesson learned" and wanted to come back for the next mage tower with better preparation. In the following days I geared up, gained 9 additional item levels (currently at 904) with optimized secondary stats. At this point it should be very much doable, considering you have a good enough understanding of all the mechanics and can handle them accordingly. Whenever I got into phase 2, that's actually what happened, indeed: I was consistently getting better and better at Kruul, having him almost dead (5-6% best attempt, but a healing orb was up which I failed to reach in time). So, do I think Kruul is the one who needs fixing? Absolutely not. What little RNG he has (i.e. whether or not his first cast is a Twisted Reflection or Annihilate) isn't a game breaker at all. Yes, you have to react quickly, and yes, you still have a lot of stuff going on, but all in all it's a tough, fair and fun fight. Inquisitor Variss however is a friggin' slot machine. If he casts 3 or more Mind Rends in a row at the beginning, you're screwed. The first Drain Life will be delayed due to that, which in turn messes with almost every single other aspect of that phase, for example when to pick up healing orbs: you will probably have to pick up the first one earlier in that case, giving you less survivability later on. It also causes you to waste precious interrupts, because by the time the first wave of Nether Horrors comes around, again: you'll most likely have already used the first orb. Speaking of Nether Horrors: most of the time (at least for me) they come in... run around a little bit, either going towards me or Velen, and then starting to cast their deadly stuff once they've reached their target. Sometimes however they spawn with that ability already casting (or casting it almost instantly shortly after spawning) - if in that case they reach Velen before you reach them, which tends to happen quite a lot, guess what... fight's over. What is the determining factor here? Pure RNG. And don't even get me started on Velen himself; that dirty old son of a prophet only adds to the disaster: if he just so happens to put a healing orb right infront of you, just as you were charging in for an interrupt... you'll accidentally grab it and be screwed down the line. Sometimes he doesn't even bother putting an orb down to begin with, so his timer seems to be based on at least a little bit of RNG as well. Those are things you can't do anything about, not even if you're the most skilled player in the world. If they happen, you might as well just jump off the platform to not waste your flask uptime. Another ridiculous thing, albeit slightly off topic, is actually the class that I'm playing; Druid, that is. When some of your core class and / or artifact mechanics (e.g. Thrash, Pawsitive Outlook, Galactic Guardian if taken) are tailored around RNG as well, the Inquisitor phase becomes an absolute nightmare. I had damage swings of up to 200k DPS while doing the exact same thing, because sometimes you get the lucky proccs - sometimes you just don't. This should never be an issue, especially not in a scenario where you're supposed to beat the encounter with skill. I've got well over 300 attempts in total now, with the very apparent result that gear only really seems to matter once you get to Kruul. The number of failed attempts at Inquisitor Variss was roughly the same, both whenever I was trying to beat him with 895 and 904 item level. I saw absolutely no difference. Some might argue now that you just need to upgrade your gear even more to get this challenge done. While that might be true, it's at the same time utterly ridiculous and basically the devs admitting to themselves that they failed to design this scenario properly. Why? Because if you just stack stats, go in there and faceroll everything, the whole point of it being a challenge is completely falling apart. That would be like releasing a new raid and then just waiting for the next expansion to come around so that you can easily solo it. TL;DR Please remove the heavy reliance on RNG from the Inquisitor Variss fight (and maybe introduce some less RNG / more deterministic ways for Druids to output overall steady DPS as well). It wouldn't necessarily make the fight easier per se, but most certainly less frustrating. Examples of things you could do: - Make the Inquisitor's cast order a fixed one. Pet battles do it, why not here? - Make it so that Velen doesn't put up orbs in a certain minimum radius around you. - Put the Nether Horror's cast on a fixed timer after they spawn. - Don't allow Velen to put two healing orbs directly on top of each other. - Put the spawning of healing orbs on a fixed timer as well. - Infernals shouldn't be able to use Smash without cast time after reviving. (Bug?) Thanks.Dryadia3 20 Jul
20 Jul The WQ leeching is out of control! I think most of us have been there, we join a group and start working... and then we notice that the bar only goes up as WE kill things, meanwhile there are 4 other people just sitting on flying mounts in the air/on the ground on a safe spot or standing fighting a trivial mob to appear as if though they're contributing. The problem is particularly obvious when the Legion invasions are up! I join groups in order to have them finish quick, but I often end up being the one doing the quest for max level players... It would be a miniscule issue if it wasn't so common! Every.single.WQ I do across every character that I do them on each day, have leechers. I'm not sure how this could be remedied, people with such lousy attitudes towards others will always exist, but I'm thinking something along the lines of a report system along with some sort of gauge for player activity in order to get credit for the quests?Malëficent9 20 Jul
20 Jul Bugged questing or lost? Hey there, i'm working on the Loremaster of Legion achievment and i have Suramar left. Apparently, i have 0/11 chapters completed, even though i recall having Khadgar make a portal to send me to Suramar to then make a long quest chain where i ended up in Shal'Aran (I believe that's where i ended the quest chain). Thing is, i have NO quests whatsoever in Suramar after this and none of my current quests seem to be related to Suramar. Did i break the game or do i have a quest that IS related to Suramar, but i don't know that because it doesn't say so? Becuase i can't really know if i should send a ticket about this being a serious problem or if i'm just missing something... My current quests i have accepted are: Jump-Capable Edict of the God-King Chromie Ravencrest's Legacy Trial of Valor: The Lost Army I have taken all quests in Dalaran as well, and i have doubts sidequests from Stormheim are somehow relevant to Suramar.Dømínus1 20 Jul
20 Jul Tabards? So, why nowdays we get tabards when exalted? They are useles on exalted tbh.... used to get them when you were honored/revered and could wear it in dungeons to gain that specific rep, not just crazy amount of wq for that rep:/Damios0 20 Jul
19 Jul World bosses in Broken Shore I killed the world boss Apocron 3 times already, no loot not even gold or an option to loot him. No bonus roll no nothing. I was in a raid to kill him, I don't have any world quest for him (apparently everyone has one) and I can't find anything about what I'm doing wrong or it supposedly is a bug. Can someone please help me out here? Do I need a specific quest or is it bugged and shouldn't this supposed to be happening?Montar1 19 Jul
18 Jul Wrong end of the knife I'm trying to do the LW quest Wrong end of the knife in suramar city. But I can't kill Tallian because as soon as I leave the bazaar all npc despawns. I've completed the suramar storyline too.Sophinius1 18 Jul
18 Jul Warden Tower WQ's So I decided I was gonna do my daily PvP wq's, but when I get to Highmountain and started killing horde NPC's the wq just vanished.. I understand the mechanics of the invasion, but you could give me like 2 mins to complete the freaking quest? So I dont have to wait 5 hours to complete it?Skippy0 18 Jul
18 Jul Balance of Power Hey, I am soon done with the questline Balance of power, I wonder if I finish it on my Demon Hunter and get the artifact appearence. Would that transfer to my paladin too, because I think doing the balance of power questline would be annoying to do more than once.Zàkè1 18 Jul
17 Jul So , I got Windflight Arrows... hi guys, So finally after mindless grinding through the same WQ's day in, day out I got my 1.6million AP and the final gold trait on my artifact weapon named windflight arrows which gives me a 5% bonus to all my damage. My question is, now what!? Surely I can't be expected to do the same WQ's to get a 0.5% damage increase each time? This one for example I need 1.9million AP for a 0.5% damage increase and there's 20 of them. I thought Blizzard was trying to get away from the grind, but it appears not so. So is it worth it?, are any of you doing it or just quitting now that you have you final trait? thanks.Venatorlupus6 17 Jul
16 Jul Pillars of Creation quest bugged? So I picked up the "Pillars of Creation" quest from Khadgar on the Broken Shore, but it says I still need Hammer of Khaz'Goroth, Tidestone of Golganneth and Tears of Elune. I already completed all of these quest chains early on. They are even visible in the room in Dalaran. I assume this might be related to me changing factions a few months ago, but it doesn't look like there is anything I can do to re-activate these quests, since they are done. Anyone else encounter this issue?Petergrippín14 16 Jul
16 Jul Can't start Stormheim quest line Hi all, I'm supposed to start questing on Stormheim as my last storyline on Broken Isles. Normally I'd need the Order Hall map for this but there's no longer a tab for this on the Scouting Map (just the tabs for missions and followers). I've quadriple checked my quest log, checked most exclamation marks of Wholly (my addon that tracks uncompleted quests if someone's unfamiliar with the addon) and tried googling with no results. It's possible I've abandoned some quest earlier when my log was full. Now I can't figure out how to start the questline. I'm level 110 and already Revered with Varjalar. Any help would be very appreciated. Ty. :)Megli0 16 Jul
15 Jul Battle for Stormheim; help please! Hello, I've completed the story here up to 'Battle for Stormheim' I now have this qust listed in my quest tracker. I did other quests & WQ's now I can't locate Val'kyr of Odyn to continue, It says I must speak with this NPC to start! Has anyone else had this situation and where did they find Val'kyr to continue? bit lost at the moment! Any help would be appreciated, thanksLividguard0 15 Jul
14 Jul Darkbrul WQ Hello The achivement The Darkbrul-oh seems lika an impossible achivement. It only seems to spawn late night since the few times i actually done it is at morning with only minutes before despawn.. I have done all the other achivement towards the mount 19/20 19/20 17/20 and darkbrul 4/20. Is this inteden or?Wallflower0 14 Jul
14 Jul World Quests bug? So the problem I have is that the progression bar won't go up in ANY PvP WQ. The only difference I've noticed is that enemy NPCs have that sword next to his portrait instead of the horde symbol. Has this happened to anyone? If so, how did u solve it? The problem is been here since 2 or 3 days ago... Thanks in advance P.D: i've just realized i cannot do any WQ... it happens the same with everyLatroow1 14 Jul
11 Jul Ordon Sanctuary Hi. I recently saw a mount called the "Heavenly Golden Cloud Serpent". I looked up how to get it, and I need to get to exalted level with the emperor. I've also found out the only way to get that rep is through a low yield daily quest given by the emperor, and to kill specific creatures on that island. The best way I can tell to farm this rep is by killing things in the Ordon Sanctuary area over and over again, but when I tried to get into the temple I was kicked out, saying I needed the blessing of the celestials. I have googled this, and apparently the questline for this has been removed. Firstly, why was it removed? And secondly, is there any other way to stay inside the temple? I am aware you can acess small parts of the temple, but if you get too close to the center you get kicked out to the Celestial Courtyard. Any help on this would be appreciated!Findareon2 11 Jul
11 Jul Deaths of Chromie Scenario Problem I'm having trouble with the whole chain of quests leading up to the Deaths of Chromie scenario. I have seen elsewhere that the chain of quests starts with The Day That Chromie Dies which is supposed to reward 50 Timewarped badges followed by Rewind, The Many Adventures of Being a Time Dragon, Preserve The True Future and finally The Deaths of Chromie. I have The Deaths of Chromie on my quest list, but can find no way of entering the scenario. I'm at Wyrmrest Temple spoke to Chromie etc, etc. Also, I don't exactly recall doing the quest chain leading to this, and I don't have any Timewarped Badges in my inventory. Am completely stumped.Adûnakhôr1 11 Jul
11 Jul Quests I have a question i dont know what to do to be honest im lvl 37 right now i did dungeons but my questing is in the hinterlands , those seem to be easy quests cuz i normally have to be like lvl 32 . Can i skip them and where i have to go? im new to these game thanks guysElmagicoz2 11 Jul
11 Jul Kiranys Duskwhisper Not sure if this is the right one to write this in, but this WQ is bugged, i have tried to kill this mob for like 7 or 8 times now, and i still can't get the WQ to finish, i have even killed on my own and i still will not get the reward, this is obviously a problem, i will admit i don't know what could have triggered this particular WQ to not work, but i know that it's definently down to some kind of tagging issue, just not what kind. Given that this was not the only WQ with that kind of reward today, i just find it strange that this particular one would not work, if we could get a blue to explain why it would be nice :) Hope to see it fixed soon.Saintexboom5 11 Jul
11 Jul nethershard wq just got 100k, just sayingSquekee0 11 Jul
10 Jul Mount achieves not updating So I had a look at my mounts total in the collections tab and it said I have 301 mounts. Yet according to the achievements I have 249, and that number hasn't changed even after getting two more mounts that should count towards the total. This is stopping me from getting the Felfire Hawk reward, what's the deal?Niehr3 10 Jul
10 Jul Ive been waiting a long time for this Rogue Solo Is it possible to do ''Ive been waiting a long time for this'' solo with a rogue? Will bribe work on the minions he spawns so i can trigger the plague thing?Tarroke1 10 Jul
09 Jul What's the rush? I know some people don't care about the story and want to hit the endgame as fast as possible. I've got no issue with that. When it messes up those of us who want to follow the storyline and let it play out then I do have an issue. Case in point, being spammed with the Armies of Legionfall quest every time I log in. I've only done 2 zones, I still have 3 more to get through and the game's acting like I'm done with all that. Well I'm not, I'm playing this toon to see the horde side of things. I can't even properly start Highmountain because Khadgars standing there with all the leaders rather than the highmountain tauren I'm meant to talk to.Wakibaki0 09 Jul
09 Jul Bronn Fitzwrench Hi guys. Can someone confirm if Bronn's repeatable quest "Making Amends" in Everlook still decreases Bloodsail Buccaneer reputation in Legion ?Hogan0 09 Jul
09 Jul Satisfaction to its highest! The World Quest ''Reclaiming Morheim'' By far one of the most satisfying quests of all times! -you go to a shore village of murlocs - You kill all murlocs on sight, children women no matter! - You kick and burn their houses By odins beard if this game wasnt for children too i bet they would even let you do nastier stuff!Eomor0 09 Jul