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47m Wanted: Shadowcaster Voruun EDIT: Closing in to 5 days now! EDIT 2: Crossed the 5th day. People are very frustrated. EDIT 3: Almost a week now, and no reaction from any dev or blue poster at all. This is not fun, please respond/investigate. _________________________________________________________________________________ Good day to all! I've no idea where else to post this, as it is turning into quite a ridiculous situation... For the past four days (EDIT: Apparently for over a week) or so, myself and a bunch of my guild and Bnet friends have been waiting for Shadowcaster Voruun to spawn in the South-South-Western part of Mac'aree. As we are aware that the elites rotate every 4 hours, and NPC's like Wrangler Kravos, Slithon the Last, Herald of Chaos being up for anywherwe between 40% and 75% in that same timeframe of 4 days, we thought it would not take too long to get Voruun to spawn. It has been At least 4 days. If it suddenly spawns for one rotation, and people happen to be at work, they'll miss out on days of frankly boring camping every 4 hours being rewarded. Because who knows how long it'll take the time after? The bottom line to this: I think something might be wrong in the elite rotation on Argus for things like this to happen. It is frustrating to have to wait days on end, while other elites are up most of the time in between. Thanks for reading, and I hope this is indeed a problem in the rotation as opposed to an actual intended thing ^^Dorvos43 47m
2h Have... Have we met ? It looks like Igzy topic on wowhead is dead because he didnt managed it more then 1 month. So i decided to make discord server for it! feel free to join read information and share NPCs! Text me when you know about any improvements that i can make there. like more achievement or anything else ! upvote my topic on forum so more people can see it thanks.Dabels0 2h
13h Shadowcaster Voruun grrr Sat my char there for 5days now i check every 4 hours when the Rotation happens i also check a good Few times a day just incase :) but i have yet to see him amean he is the only one i need for the Achi but nothing.... is there a trigger?is he on a timer seperate to all the other Rares?does he only spawnduring his WQ? Id love a Blue response as this is starting to annoy me now its beyond pathetic....Aeonaxx and TLPD farm didnt get me mad but this is doing my head in as no real info!Undëäd4 13h
1d Need to keep repeating Argus quest chain on alts Now that the 3 weeks have passed and Argus is unlocked, any chance of a 'We have already done this' option so that alts can move to the same point without having to do the quest chain. To be clear this would be an option not wanting to stop people who enjoy the chain from repeating it? I have done it twice and really do not want to do it again.Peterc2 1d
1d Seat of the Triumvirate: The Crest of Knowledge problem While doing Seat of the Triumvirate: The Crest of Knowledge quest from Velen i finished almost everything, placed the Crest on the Seat and all i had to do more is activate the Crown of the Triumvirate. The point is I can't click on anything there. I saw tutorials on yt when ppl just placed the Crest like i did and the quest ends but I am stuck now.Ciama3 1d
1d Legion Bonus Objective Areas Is there a list of Bonus Areas in each zone somewhere, I have had a search on google but the wikki page has 0 information and other posts concerning the Bonus Objectives are commenting on the objective itself rather than how many in each zone and where they are.Forbiddenone2 1d
2d Looking for/Selling extremely rare items Feel free to use this topic to sell your rare item/transmog/recipe/shareable old quest/whatever is rare, so we could have 1 centralized place for it. I'm selling a lot of rare transmog such as 1 Chromatic Sword. Try adding me if you're looking for something specific. I'm a serious buyer, buying for gold the following ingame items: Blue Murloc Egg - starting at 25M Pink Murloc Egg - ?? but probably a lot too Open to other rare collection items I might miss, like : Plans: Golden Scale Gauntlets Pattern: Nightscape Cloak Pattern: Shadoweave Mask Also buying rare transmog, almost any realm. And old retired quest to share A and H. -Where can I buy expensive and extremely expensive collection items ? By order of preference : Draenor> Ravencrest > Silvermoon > Outland. If the deal is planned early enough, might be able to buy on : Twisting Nether, Kazzak, Sylvanas, Argent Dawn, Aegwynn, Defias Brotherhood. -Why is it good to have gold on such realms ? Those are the highest pop EU realms, TCG pets are cheap there, meaning you can easily restock there and sell for a profit on your low pop realm to buy BMAH items, as well as having access to a very wide variety of account wide toys, mounts, transmog or in game pvp/pve services like Mythic Archimonde kills. Or simply using it to buy the WoW Token over time. Vaëa#2310Aadä68 2d
2d Commander of Argus: Rare rotation Commander of Argus, the Achievement that has sparked some controversy surrounding its, for some small reward, has a problem which I feel should be adressed. The rare rotation seems to be set at every 4 hours or so, with some rares being up nearly 70% of the time, while others do not spawn for days. This, to me, seems like a big inbalance. It is fun to know that some will not always be there, so you can return every now and again to have a chance of it spawning with the next rotation. But when some rares take two or three days to spawn for only 1 rotation (4 hrs), and you happen to be at work or something... This makes the [Commander of Argus] achievement a real pain to get. So I wonder: Is this inbalance intentional? I get that rares are supposed to be exactly that, rare. But if all are part of the same cycle, would they not be better off if they're evenly distributed so we can at least get our hands on the rewards?Íronheart3 2d
4d Good Suramaritan - can't find Hi, I got revered with The Nightfallen but still haven't got the quest. How do you actually get it? I've completed every other except for "A Growing Crisis" and "A Change of Seasons"Laracrofts4 4d
4d Shroud of the Celestials - Guild Edition How are you to go about getting this guild achievement now the cloak's no longer obtainable? I googled/checked wowhead comments but I can't really find too much about it. ThanksPoepplaspies2 4d
4d Huolon spawn pattern Not sure if anyone made a post about this yet but anyways. I've been camping huolon for his mount the past 2 weeks or so and have around 200kills, the spawn point/spawn timer has always been the same until todays reset with Pandaria timewalking. Before reset he had a spawn timer within 30-70min and always spawned in the location but after i had one kill that took 92minutes to spawn and he can spawn anywhere in his flightpath. Does anyone know if this is intentional or just some weird bug ? sorry if the english is bad, 3rd language.Nutnaa1 4d
4d Relics of the Ancient Eredar I can't complete this quest. It doesn't matter how many missions I complete, I don't get any of the iLevel-increasing missions I supposedly should get. Right now I've got seven in progress and ten available, and it's been a few days since I got the quest. I've had the 'box of Argus equipment' missions, just not the ones I need.Blayzereborn0 4d
4d Veteran of the Horde/Alliance ll rewards Hi, so I'm about to get the achievement Veteran of the Horde and the reward currently says the Epic Wolf. I understand before you would just mail it to an alt and that would be that. Now that all the PVP mounts have been made account wide I was wondering if we would see this change or if there has been any news about this? As much as I'm looking forward to selling it for 2.50g I think I might just prefer a saddle to pick another mount.Altéri0 4d
5d Ahead of the Curve / Boss kills not registering. Hi, I have killed Kil'Jaeden on Heroic ToS several times now but still haven't gotten the Curve achievement (Even though i have loot from HC KJ), and my boss kills don't seem to be registering towards my raid progress. According to armory i have 2/9 HC ToS (Goroth and Harja), but i should have at least 5-6/9 bosses killed on HC... Is anyone else having this problem?Demonraevil2 5d
5d Nurf Argus Rare HP Some builds steamroll .. Others get steamrolled .. From Affliction to most other non healer/tank specs .. Just nurf all Rare HP by 25% and be done with it ..Shockazoid2 5d
5d Class mount quests. I've now got my 5th 110 character but have yet to see any of the class mount questlines pop for any of them. I know I must be doing something wrong. What are the prerequisite quests for the class mounts again? Do my characters need to be exhalted with the Armies of Legionfall still? As far as I can tell I've done most of the questing questlines on the broken shore. I only have worldquests that pop up. Thanks in advance.Peoni8 5d
5d Heralds of the Legion (Orumo the Observer) Hours and hours in Custom premade groups but no luck :) It needs five players to encounter him and hes part of the achi wileywonga#2615 is my player tag, feel free to add if u up for the kill =)Chîmera1 5d
5d Emissary Quest Bug at Argus Reach Hi, i just got my first emissary quest in Argus. When I completed 4 world quests and checked where to turn it in on the map, i realized that it said 0/4 world quests completed. I relogged and did another one, yet faced the same problem. Anyone else having this problem? Perhaps I need to do the main story line a bit more, I am very new in Argus. ThanksAido2 5d
5d Leather Working Questing Stuck Hi there i'm 600 at leather working right now, and last quest i've done was the Fenryr skinning & the Tol Barad, Thunder Throne,Trial of the crusade. & Since then i haven't found/triggered any more Quests to continue, nor the Dawnrunner started selling my Leather working recipes which i'm pretty sure it means i have some missing quests, i have looked everywhere and still haven't triggered the rest. Please help.Gallymix2 5d
5d Important questing Hi, as i really just like to do dungeons, raids, pvp etc to gear up and i dont really like questing i want to ask the question. Is it important to finish quest line in suramar, the broken shore and argus? legionfall campaign? etc? Besides needed for unlocking pathfinder?Salyth2 5d
6d Suramar, help. Hi fellow folks. So.. I've got a problem. I got the quest to Suramar, started it and flew there. But when I got there I was like "Naaah, cba right now", and went about and hearthstoned away. I believe I abandoned the quest I got when I got there, thinking I could pick it up later. What do I do? I can't find any quests in Dalaran, and when I ride to Meridil there's no quest to be taken.Ondskab1 6d
6d No albino drake I just finished the Leading the Cavalry achievement, got the achievement ok but no Albino Drake?Luceraccx8 6d
6d Brawler's Guild Reputation (previous seasons) Sugestion Hello, As you can see, I'm an achievement / reputation / toys kind of guy. Some time ago I discovered that I'm missing Brawler's Guild Season 2 reputation. I have no idea how that was possible. I played durning Warlords of Draenor. I've talked to a GM and sadly it is not possible to get the reputation now (since there is a new season), but maybe that can change? The GM that I talked to pointed out that: ... So maybe you should? This could bring a lot of fights back with little cost. Let me know what you think. Best regards, TymotheusTymotheus0 6d
18 Sep order hall tier 3 Hey, Have a question: does Advancement tier 3: Weapons Smuggler drop Argus equipment ?Natalee0 18 Sep
18 Sep Master and Commander Its pretty hard nowadays to find group for this achi's bosses so lets start a thread for this achi. Items to summon garrison bosses sometimes drop from Garrison invasions. Bosses Im missing: Teluur Lady Fleshsear Mage lord Gogg'Nathog Lets help each other and comment here if u happen to get boss summoning item :) bt: wileywonga#2615Chîmera1 18 Sep
18 Sep Sholazar Bazin start quest Hi Everyobne, So I'm helping a guildy get a nice green mount. I tell him go to Monte Muzzleshot and start the quest line. He goes there no quest, even with 'Trivial Quests' on. Then I said try the Hero's Call sign in Northrend Dalaran.. No quests there eitehr. Actually non for Northrend at all. I tried replicating this on one of my boosted characters that have never seen Northrend and behold.. I can replicate same issue. So my question, how do you start old content if there are no start quests no more? Thanks JoanhaJoanha2 18 Sep
17 Sep I can't continue Mac'Aree Questline The Quest Seat of the Triumviarte: The Crest of Knowledge is missing ... I have done all the quests before it but the Seat of the Triumviarte quest is missing .-. Please HelpNorasadil1 17 Sep
17 Sep Quest I was trying to finish Goddness Watch Over You (Quest) and it does not work. So can you help me some somehow or what? I can't see it on map I can't collect tear, I can't turn Quest to Dalaran.Veler0 17 Sep
17 Sep Cant get rid of Nomi That stupid panda follows me all the time and its sooooo annoying. I just dont want to do her stupid quest and it keeps following me for no reason. Can that stupid panda just go away somehow without spending a single sec doing her boring quest?Ereckthor1 17 Sep
16 Sep WQ only gives resources? The last two caches I got from WQs have only given me order resources. Normally I'd get an item as well but it hasn't been doing that an no mail from the postmaster. Have I overlooked patch notes that state you won't be getting items anymore? Or have I just always been very "lucky" to get an item?Zankha3 16 Sep
16 Sep Phasing out in Suramar evermoon commons I am trying to do some WQ in suramar, while everything seems to be fine whenever I enter Evermoon Commons in suramar I am phasing out, I am completely alone, I dont see NPC or do any WQ that is related to the area. someone know a solution?Lyinna6 16 Sep
16 Sep Commander of Argus Hello guys, I wondered if anyone knew how often the rares do cycle? I miss 8 of the required Rare spawns but seem to get 1 I haven't killed each day :( Can anyone please give me so clearance best regards =)Enjoylegionx0 16 Sep
16 Sep Blades of the fallen prince quest. Hi! I have done the quest for the frost spec. I have my blades of the fallen prince but the quest isnt complete. So now every time i use my death gate i start the scenario for the blades again. I cannot abandon the quest. Anyone had this problem aswell that knows what to do?Herö1 16 Sep
16 Sep WTB Naxt Victim Than'otalion + An'thyna I'm looking for someone who got the stone to summon Than'otalion an/or An'thyna. I have the stone to summon Force-Commander Xillious but I can also offer gold on either Stormreaver (H) or Tarren Mill (H) If you got any of the stones, please add me: Powercat#2700Anouszka0 16 Sep
15 Sep Instance problem - Mac'Aree Last night i was doing the quest in the Argus quest line that takes you to Mac'Aree with Velen . I had a problem and ported out with a hearthstone and when i came back i was unable to enter , i tried abandoning the quest but still would not let me enter the zone because Velen isnt on the ship at all - what i am looking at on my mapYajirobe4 15 Sep
15 Sep How to get "locket of magical memories"? How to get "locket of magical memories" for "High Fash-Djinn" quest? Have used 6 hours all over and got nealy all others. The NPC that drops this item according to wowhead can't be found any where. This quest su.. Hope anyone can help me.Blodrus0 15 Sep
15 Sep The ruins of oronaar I just completed the argus questline-did the dungeon-everything fine and dandy-bu i didn't get the following quest The ruins of Oronaar!Can someone help me?Should i do something to trigger it?Nayia1 15 Sep
15 Sep Can't Mage Tower Challenge Hey guys, So Mage Tower is up and I wanted to try the Mage Tower Challenge for the artifact appearance. I went to Broken Shore, i completed the construction but when I talk to the npc at the front, she does not give me any quest to try the challenge, just a random message. What seems to be the problem? I have level 8 on concordance of legionfall, so i have all 35 traits and the new ones. I did not, however, complete the questline for said new traits. Is that the problem? Cause that sounds stupid... Why would we get the new traits handed to us only to not be able to do things that require them in the first place? If not, what seems to be the problem?Seekër2 15 Sep
14 Sep Feltotem's Fall aka Tugar's Buggy Ride So I've gotten to know Tugar well over these last three days after attempting over 30 times (I stopped counting after I hit thirty) to try and kill him. I've changed my talents and tried different strategies to get through his rotation of instant kill spell, beat on my pet, raise some spikes, drop some spikes and bugs, stun me and then try to instant kill me, repeat and occasionally pat the massive wyrm on the head. I've had some good attempts on him and some horrid ones that made me die almost instantly, I've been crushed, spat on, fel blasted, stunned and gassed to death and I know this fight is meant to be challenging. After all it's for the challenge appearances. But and this is a big But, it's not the fight mechanics I'm having trouble with. Sure I've flubbed up my stun, interrupt, freeze rotation a couple of times but that fault lies on me however it's almost consistently whenever I get close to my best attempt of 65% health the fight bugs out and leads to my death. -_- I have had Tugar 1) Despawn for no reason, when I'm using AoT and Feign Death with a pet out and because I walked too close to the cauldron wasting 100 Nethershards apiece as he doesn't respawn. 2) Drop threat on a full health pet and switch to me before hitting me with a Fel Burst 3) Double cast Fel Burst after being Frozen 4) Frozen and the Wyrm's Scream has hit for triple damage And not to mention the Wyrm also is extremely temperamental about whether it decides it's going to damage and stun me or just ignore me after charging underneath me or the fact that Tugar likes to hide his totems inside any fallen rocks that remain after the wyrm stops charging making it difficult to see where the totem that the warning message tells you about is. Now as I said I know these are meant to be challenges and all, but come on how am I meant to beat a bunch of bugs at the same time as mechanics?Ceire2 14 Sep
14 Sep Horrible WQ positioning With the World quest, blizzards try a few things, which I think is cool enough. But there is a problem with The Magic of Flight and other quests of that sort, which gives a big risk of dying in positions where there is no chance of corpse running.... So now I sit with 10 min Debuff, because a guy thought it fun to kill me as I completed "The Magic of Flight" in Stormheim, on the top of a peak I can't get to without grapple hook...Nuzraek0 14 Sep
14 Sep Are achievements tied to your account forever? Hello My question: I have my 4 of my own accounts on my primary A few years ago I merged my friends account (that was not linked to a email yet) to my account. Biggest reason for this was that he stopped playing years earlier and he had the vanilla collector edition pets on his account. Now not to long after I did the merge, his account was banned. I have no idea why as I never actually played on it. (I only wanted it for the pets) Now years later I was thinking of moving some accounts to my second (trashcan) account. I done this years ago with two others and support moved them for me. However, I wouldn't mind moving that banned account as well as I will never play it. But will I keep the pets? (Diablo, Zergling & Panda) if I do this? The achievement I got on my main account is "blue" as in "Battle.Net account bound". If I move the banned account what will happen? A: Will I keep the pets on my account and the moved account will loose them. (Good!) B: Will I loose the pets on my account and the accounts on the trash will gain the pets? (Bad!) I tried looking this up but saw conflicting information on how things like this are handled.Planetdune0 14 Sep
14 Sep Argus quest issue Hello! I cant seem to hand in quest 'Fuel of a doomed world' within Argus. The golden question mark is on the map but theres no one there... Anyone else having this issue??Queeglock1 14 Sep
14 Sep 'Bugged' Brawler's Guild I've completed all the regular bosses in the Brawler's Guild during all 3 expansions it's been going, and it's only getting worse. Here are some examples of bosses that aren't necessarily bugged, but definitely aren't working as intended either: Burnstachio: You may or may not randomly die in the beginning, even if you don't move AT ALL. You'll have to move to either the right or left and pray not to get hit. Moreover, a good 50% of the time no water orbs spawn at all, or the clouds just don't move over to them whatsoever. Hexos: Hexos worked fine before Legion, but now it seems like 70% of the time, you'll die during the very first part where you have to turn around, even if you do it perfectly. The Blind Hero: Not necessarily bugged either, but as a Death Knight (notoriously slow class, I know) you simply CANNOT make it out of wild cleave unless you use wraith walk (sometimes it won't be up in time for the next), or darkflight (provided you're a worgen). Sure, you could just pick up engineering and a speed potion, but 0.2s longer on that cast time would solve this issue making it, not easier, but less annoying and ruthless for death knights. B3@7-b0x: Same issue, you really just have to pray you get the right pattern and have wraith walk ready. This may just seem like I'm complaining it's too hard, I don't want it nerfed, hell my DK is geared plenty for this and I have completed all of these bosses, I would just like to point it out so maybe in the next expansion, if you're going to reuse some of these bosses, please tweak them just a tiny bit, especially the first 2, as with the others there are ways to work around it, but the first 2 can feel like pure RNG sometimes.Mardekuskus2 14 Sep
14 Sep "Game of Throning" the storytelling Hello everyone. Dont be confused please, I do not want to discuss the show. I just would like to share my views on the way of storytelling. Similar as GoT releases the series once per year and when I watch it, I am like "eh, who is this guy anyway?", since there is a year of break, WoW does it in a similar way. 3-4 quests on Wednesday, then a week nothing and then again. This "unlocking" transforms the storytelling into a bunch of quests. Nothing more. And I think it is quite a pity, since the story can be quite cool and people spent their effort in inventing it. Think about it, Blizzard. The waiting ruins the story.Putridius1 14 Sep
14 Sep Trove of Thunder King scenario Sorry, I don't know where to post this. I am regularly running this scenario for artefact appearance. Yesterday I got two keys and I did it twice. It turned out it was completely broken. Potion of light steps did not work. I was levitating but the traps on the floor hit me nevertheless and I could not open the door to third room although I pulled the lever as usual. Anybody knowing anything about it? I'm gonna have to give up the whole thing if it stays like thisJaguaryokota0 14 Sep
14 Sep Elite Strike: Legion Supply Cache is now USELESSS This mission is totally useless for now. Chests from adding supplies to towers are removed.. Vendor with tokens which had chance to drop leggos is also removed. What's the point? If someone just started gearing up, removing one of ways to get faster a legendaries. gg bois. gg. tbh -> Elite Strike: Lost Temple which reward pure Ap, reward a lot more than this 500 supplies...Sephuz3 14 Sep
14 Sep Invasions, afk vs death. A few days ago I died on the very last boss on 15% but participated all the way til then. And I noticed it was no loot that dropped, it was either wait 30s at spirit healer, or walk to my corpse so ofc I can just walk and hoped the loot would come in the mail since I could not loot the boss nor did anything come in my bag but nothing came because he died when I was still dead. It was quite a few people there but many just afked at the start and it was maybe 2ppl clearing, but it was more people that came to kill the boss when he was almost dead than help clearing up to that point, and then a few days after I read that people afk and just tap boss to get loot, but if you die on last boss and helped all the way through you get nothing? Thats not very encouraging...Kaisja4 14 Sep
14 Sep Can't click Tidestone of Golganneth in ToS. Did the first wing of LFR last week on 2-3 characters, and when someone clicked it I got quest credit on my character. Today I have done it on 3 alts, and none of them could click it after someone else in the raid used it, and they didn't get quest credit when someone else did it. Am I missing something, or did it get drunk on the weekend and bugged out? ;-)Brogh2 14 Sep
14 Sep Seat of Triumvirate : The Crest of Knowledge Hello there, I am doing a quest on my alt. Quest name is Seat of Triumvirate : The Crest of Knowledge. My problem is that i cannot loot quest item from the last boss called L'ura. I have tried this quest 3 times, abandoned the quest too. It is only me or anyone have same problem? Have a nice day, CarryptoCarrypto0 14 Sep