Demon Hunter

08 Apr Demon Hunter - Vengeance Guide (Reference Tool) THIS GUIDE WILL BE UPDATED FOR FUTURE PATCHES - THIS GUIDE IS CURRENTLY OPTIMIZED FOR PATCH 7.1 This is a Simple Guide with only the most basic information. I will not go in-depth in the guide it self, but write it so it can be used as a reference sheet. Press CTRL+F and find the info you need! This guide is an adaption of Munkkys guides and is based off the Wowhead guide, MMO-C guide, Icy-Veins and the Vengeance Discord Channel Discussions. INDEX: - Stat Priority - Potions and enchants - Talents - BIS Gear List - BIS trinket list - Legendaries - Relic priority - Misc - References Stat Priority: We have 3 different stat priorities: ... POTIONS: Unbending for Survivability Prolonged Power for Trash Old War for Bosses ENCHANTS: Mark of the Heavy Hide for neck survival Mark of the Satyr for neck dps Binding of Versatility For rings - Raiding Binding of Mastery for rings - M+ Binding of Agility for cloak TALENTS: Level 99: Agonizing Flames will be the best for AoE and can be for ST. Level 100: Feast of Souls for Single Target, Fallout for AoE Survival (primarily in dungeons), Burning Alive for higher level Mythic+ Dungeons Level 102: Felblade for Learning/"surv", Flame Crash for DPS Level 104: Soul Rending is the go to, Feed the Demon can be used for Smoother Damage Taken, requires Fallout to max the benefit, Fracture is for ST DPS only Level 106: Quickened Sigils for Easier CC, Sigil of Chains for higher level dungeons/when it fits your group (this is a preference row) Concentrated Sigils for max DPS unless you have the Legendary bracers Level 108: Fel Devastation for Burst DPS/Burst Healing, Spirit Bomb for Smoother Healing and can be better for DPS if you feed into it. Level 110: Last Resort is the go to, Nether Bond for situational raid utility, and good for M+ with Necrotic , Soul Barrier extremely situational talent, only for when you have constant non spiky damage, ideally from multiple sources. BIS Gear list BIS Gear isnt a "thing" since they added War/titan forged. A general rule of thumb is to focus on main stats, but if a item is +10 ilevels, its better regardless of stats. This does not always apply for rings and necks. BIS List PRE-RAID Use this list to optimize your bonus rolls.  Kraken Hide Helm - Helya - Maw of Souls  Strand of the Stars - Advisor Melandrus - Court of Stars  Steelgazer Hide Mantle - Dargrul - Neltharion's Lair  Mainsail Cloak - King Deepbeard - Eye of Azshara  Tranquil Bough Vest - Archdruid Glaidalis - Darkheart Thicket  Compact Trifold Wristbands - Millificent Manastorm - Violet Hold  Guileful Intruder Handguards Patrol - Captain Gerdo - Court of Stars  Taut Halyard Waistband - King Deepbeard - Eye of Azshara  Warden's Martial Greaves - Cordana Felsong - Vault of the Wardens  Tunnel Trudger Footguards - Ivanyr - The Arcway  Band of Crystalline Bone - Shivermaw - Violet Hold  Braided Silver Ring - King Deepbeard - Eye of Azshara BIS List Emerald Nightmare  Cowl of Fright - Emeriss  Cursed Beartooth Necklace - Ursoc  Otherworldy Leather Mantle - Il'gynoth  Gossamer-Spun Greatcloak - Elerethe Renferal  Scarred Ragefang Chestpiece - Ursoc  Wristwraps of Broken Trust - Elerethe Renferal  Dreamsculptor's Gloves - Il'gynoth  Lifeless Buckled Girdle - Nythendra  Repulsive Leathery Pants - Xavius  Stained Maggot Squishers - Nythendra  Dreadful Cyclopean Signet - Il'gynoth  Mindrend Band - Ysondre BIS List Trials of Valor  Cowl of Fright - Emeriss  Sea Fan Pendant - Guarm  Otherworldy Leather Mantle - Il'gynoth  Mantle of the Victorious Dead - Odyn  Helbeast Skin Tunic - Guarm  Sky-Valiant's Wristguards - Odyn  Gloves of Issued Challenge - Odyn  Strand of Whelk Shells - Guarm  Sucker-Scarred Leggings - Guarm  Moccasins of Silent Passage - Guarm  Dreadful Cyclopean Signet - Il'gynoth  Mindrend Band - Ysondre BIS Trinkets Trinkets varie a LOT based on the use, and the stats. We have a wide assortment of trinkets, each with a good specific niche. A-Tier Darkmoon Card: Immortality Gnomeregan Auto-Blocker 601 (Will be nerfed in 7.1.5 - hotfixed dec. 6, change pending) Valor Medal of the First War (Will be nerfed in 7.1.5 - hotfixed dec. 6, change pending) B-Tier Bloodthirsty Instinct Unstable Arcanocrystal Shivermaw's Jawbone Majordomo's Dinner Bell C-Tier Grotesque Statuette (can be good with high ilevel on specific fights) Goblet of Nightmarish Ichor (Is B-tier in fights with high uptime) Coagulated Nightwell Residue Writhing Heart of Darkness Infernal Alchemist Stone Impenetrable Nerubian Husk Legendaries Legendaries can be seperated into two groups; best for raiding, and best for dungeons. Below they are listed for each; ranked BEST to WORST (Best first) Legendaries BiS list for Raiding Fragment of the Betrayer's Prison Cloak of Fel Flames Kirel Narak The Defiler's Lost Vambraces Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus Cinidaria, the Symbiote Sephuz's Secret Runemaster's Pauldrons Legendaries BiS list for Dungeons Fragment of the Betrayer's Prison Kirel Narak = The Defiler's Lost Vambraces Cloak of Fel Flames Sephuz's Secret Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus Cinidaria, the Symbiote Runemaster's Pauldrons Relic priority For relics, higher ilevel is ALWAYS the best choice. Only use the below list for EQUAL ILEVEL RELICS. Below is listed BEST to WORST, BEST first. For DPS: Aura of Pain (Single Target and AoE) Honed Warblades (Single Target) Fiery Demise (Single Target Burst) For Survivability: Devour Souls Embrace the Pain Aldrachi Design Will of the Illidari MISC Like i wrote first, this guide should be used as a reference tool; a quick "look up" for the most needed info. I will keep the guide updated in future patches. This post is based on guides by, and approved by Munkky. PATCH 7.1.5 is expected in January, with some small nerfs and big buffs. We can expect our Meta to be much stronger, making Fueled by Pain and Meta stronger, giving us space to choose other talents. Also adjustments to health, armor, 10% less physical dmg taken on base, and 10% less physical dmg mitigated with spikes among the changes. Weak Auras: Demonhunter Discord: The Fel Hammer: Maradum: Laste resort vs. Soul barrier argument: Feel Free to ask any questions below, ill do my best to reply to them all ASAP References and usefull links: Smørholm35 08 Apr
05 Apr Demon Hunter - Havoc in Legion 7.0.3 Welcome, To all new Demon Hunters! This Thread is purely related to Havoc speciliazation, Which is a melee dps Specialization. My intentions of this thread, is purely for all of you Demon Hunters, to take part, in the Demon Hunter Dps discussions, for the upcoming expansion. Many Thanks to all of the Beta Demon Hunter Testers, The people at Icyvein, and the people at other various of Demon Hunter sources :) Should you have more questions, you could Refer them to me, at my btag. Btag: Koukaiian#2509 ... 1.1 Stats Stat Weights Our current stat weights vary depending which final talent is selected. This means that you will likely have to run two sets of gear to be effective in all situations. If the choice is between two equal pieces the choice of the Fel Barrage piece will often be more beneficial, as pure single target encounters are far more rare than multi-target encounters. Chaos Blades ... Fel Barrage ... A more in-depth look at these weights can be found here. Please remember, your individual stat weights will vary. For optimal damage you will need to sim your own character. Gems and Enchants These will vary depending on your stat distribution. Crit will, in general, be a strong choice but diminishes in value if your haste or versatility lag too far behind crit or each other. For best results you should sim your character before gemming or enchanting in-game, as always. Food will follow the same pattern. Havoc Demon Hunters will use the Flask of the Seventh Demon and Potion of Deadly Grace.Stalliona44 05 Apr
3m Rain from above bug fo like 6 mounths now i have this bug here hes action bar returns normal after he lends for me its still jumping when i landed and icant use any skillsDownbreak2 3m
6m Tip from friendly warior. (Arena) Hi guys, When you do Rain from above don't target warriors please. You are just hurting yourself. Every time I see a DH doing RFA I just turn on my spell reflect and they just damage themself. Have a good day <3Kobasica9 6m
45m Will Blizzard sort Havoc out in this expansion? To make something clear, I am not on the bandwagon of "THE WARCRAFT DEVS SUCK I HATE THEM, FIRE THEM NOW". I have respect for these developers, and I love this game immensely. So this isn't a hatred post... That being said, I really hope they're thinking of solutions to fix Havoc's issues at the moment, and I also hope it will happen soon. I love this expansion, but it's a shame that the class+spec that I have committed so much time to has come to this. I didn't mind so much at first, but now all of the RNG, the declining ST DPS, and faceroll rotation is making it a dull class to play. Which is an even bigger shame, because Demon Hunters should be super fun! We're demon hunters, damn it! I know other classes and specs deserve more attention right now (sorry Monks) but I seriously hope this spec doesn't fall any further than it currently is.Revvon21 45m
1h Rate the DH name above you! 1-10 should do a fine work! Let's start with meDathedr243 1h
3h DH Tank survivability Hi, I'm trying to understand, what is the cycle of surviavibility with the DH tank ? When i'm not the one tanking the bosses, i'm spamming shear,fracture and spirit. And the other cd... But when i'm tauting and tanking the boss,I just have to keep the frailty up which heal me 20% of all my dmg right ? And spamming shear and soul cleave ?Kîaral7 3h
7h Convergence of Fates bugged? I can't get this trinket to drop Meta CD at all anymore with DoG. With or without the trinket, CD ~2min35sec Am I the only one?Seiðr17 7h
10h at least we got little buff before TOS M just check next hotfix, what do you think, guy? Demon Hunter Havoc Damage of all abilities increased by 2%. Demon's Bite Demon's Bite damage increased by 46%. Effect of Mastery: Demonic PresenceMastery: Demonic Presence (damage only) increased by 7%.Mègazia0 10h
14h Rename DH to RNGesus Seriously reverting back to RNG? Nice move blizzy, also feel free to add a legendary cloak which adds more how about fixing the class either by reworking their name to Rngjesuits or fixing the RNG on DH! You choose! :DReavx7 14h
19h Fel mastery I have been simming this char in mrrobot to find best talent build and found out that fel mastery + prepared is ~10% above DB + fel blade on single target. Is it real or is sim flawed?Aphelius5 19h
20h What does the demons bite buff mean? So should i be spamming the demons bite ability now? Now that its getting a buffStrygg8 20h
22h Are DH noob class? I have been in some doubt about Demon hunter class. I have seen some people IG calling DH edgier than DK's n a noob class that has op mobility, op dmg and are godlike. Yesterday I made DH and I really had fun with the DH class, and I especially liked the double jump. So, is it true that Demon Hunters are noob class?Deepcover11 22h
1d Buffs incoming Havoc Damage of all abilities increased by 2%. Demon’s Bite damage increased by 46%. Effect of Mastery: Demonic Presence (damage only) increased by 7%.Zburatoru20 1d
1d Highest DH World in 3s and 2s Q&A Hi guys, Im here to help you guys reach your goals on your Demon Hunter. If its 2k for the elite set or 2.4 or Gladiator. Feel free to ask me anything. Currently I'm 2803cr #5 overall in 2v2 and 2925 in 3s #20. Last season I achieved 3015cr. Ask me anything about the class not random stupid questions ^_^ - Tren.Trenacetate17 1d
1d Interesting. Well, day 1 and we're one of the lowest? :P Look at the gap between survival hunters and affliction locks.. geez xD - Note, I know that it's day one etc.. and not many have their tiers etc. But yeah. Do you guys think that we'll get higher once we start getting the T20 4 set?Tahamine13 1d
1d Leveling Hi all :P I created my dh yesterday, I want to play as a tank, and here is the first question. I know nothing about dh tank so can u tell if its more difficult to play than other tanks or viable to raid ? And second one, if I want to play veng I thought that would be better if i level up in veng also or should I switch to havoc for the time of leveling ? Cheers all :DVaenthres3 1d
1d Chaos blades 7.2.5 Heya! Did everyone else have much more mastery then me or did chaos blades just get 9-13% buff ?Karned48 1d
1d A small idea to fix Havoc... Or at least fix the most annoying thing about havoc. Step 1: Remove Demon Blades Step 2: Make Felblade a 5 second cooldown instead of 15, adjust the fury benefit to what ever creates a smooth fury generation and adjust Felblade damage to whatever seems reasonable. Is it me, or would something this simple be such a quality of life improvement? Then again I suppose a 5 sec Felblade would be pretty OP in PvP.Revvon5 1d
2d Demon blades dmg nerfed? So im not sure if this is intentional or not, but with the revert of demon blades going back to 60%, it seems like the dmg nerf of demon blades did not get reverted with it. Watched some videos from our Nighthold kills and Demon blades seems to be doing around 50-60k normal hits and 100-110k crits pre patch, but after the patch it seems to be doing around half of the dmg (25-30k hits and 50-60k crits) Can anyone confirm if this is intentional or have blizz confirmed this and im just blind and overlooked it?Latioz3 2d
2d Every big patch I log on my nerfed yet again DH Sup dudes! So I have a small request, just for once after a big patch I would love to log on my DH where it has NOT received an other giant nerf. Seeing as we're finally lowest of the pack (on warcraftlogs at least) maybe the next patch it might finally happen! (though tbh i dont think so... :P) Edit; maybe even a buff for onc..... nah nevermind now I AM dreaming lolzBankotsu9 2d
3d Demon Blades Nerf Blue Explaination ... I don't know quite where to begin with how silly this is... 1: Well you removed the higher reliance on movement with nerfing Momentum. You need to make a Third DH spec, with Momentum baseline and baked in. 2: Demons Bite Fury generation isn't 'static'. Well neither is Demon Blades... Even at 100% proc. /sigh 3: A stable constant flow of Fury is boring and predictable, making Havok dull. Yet nerfing Demon Blade leads to "periods of time where players running Demon Blades found themselves unable to use any abilities" which somehow isn't dull? Go home Blizzard, you're drunk. All you needed to do was keep Blades at 100%, give us the QoL stable resource generation, and act interactivity to the Havok rotation. Add some synergy between existing abilities. Not revert back to extended periods of not being able to use any abilities, because managing that is 'fun'. It isn't.Bitterness24 3d
3d How do demon hunters stay in the air in arena? Once in a while I'll see a demon hunter jump high in the sky and glide back down slowly while doing damage. How are they doing this?Kruger5 3d
4d DH Questions from WoW AMA ...Bitterness1 4d
4d Is momentum still, if not viable, usable? Hi all, I've just returned to my DH after not really playing wow much at allsince soon after the start of legion, and it seems that nemesis is the go to talent in tier. I'm not back massive fan of nemesis tbh, I just don't find it as fun as the small burst period of momentum. Similarly, I'm usually demonic at the top tier because, though I know it's not the best, it's just more fun. Would I be able to get away with this talent build (you should be able to see it on my armoury too), I don't mind it not being top tier but I might think of changing if it was making me seriously underpowered.Pvris5 4d
4d Class mount gliding animation Hello everyone! There is one thing that is bothering me since release of class mounts. I am not complaining, I just would like to share this with others. I already wrote suggestion in game section, but maybe here it would be more visible :) Every winged mount in game has a moment, while flying, when it spreads its wings and glide for a few seconds. Demon hunter's one isn't doing it and I would get over it BUT I cannot do it since there was a moment in class mount questline, where the animation IS SHOWN. So it exists and it is somewhere in game. There is no need to make a new animation, just add it to mount that can be used by players. As I am watching some videos of questline, not everyone had this moment, but I had it and it looks EPIC. I't a very satisfying, chilling and VERY well designed animation. I think that it's a big waste, that mounts aren't using it. Here is an example video where gliding animation is shown, exacly at 6m 19s. (the video is not mine) I hope this post can be noticed, or at least I could get an answer why DH mount isn't going to use this animation, if it is impossible. Cheers to everyone, especially flying addicts! ;]Nyaver0 4d
4d Havoc Momentum Playstyle guy, do you miss momentum playstyle? well, for me i feel havoc now so dull, they just stay in one place wait for felbalde proc... Chose strike blah blah blah.. demon hunter suppose to be fast and agile. i really miss the momentum playstyle which jumping around..Mégazia12 4d
4d Do we switch to Crit>Haste>Vers>Mastery straight away? Or do we wait until we get T20? Is Mastery still the best secondary stat in T19 gear?Revvon21 4d
5d need help with xylem im able to get to 4th glimmer phase but im not able to get to xylem fast to not get onehitted anyone have some tips when do i start getting him to mid ? for 3rd glimmer phase i know its 3 times ice shards then i get him to mid but cant seem to figure 4th glimmer phase thx for help and sorry for my bad englishRujjinjakka1 5d
6d Improving my DPS /w logs Although I wish I had more logs to give out, just recently started to use them again, I did have a fight on which I was performing better than better geared players, or so I thought, but it seems I got 18%. I am using the demonic build because I was pugging the raid and wanted the extra sustain, also simcraft told me chaos blades build would just give me 20k more deeps. I think simcraft is full of bs lately but regardless. Why am I 18%? Is it the gear? Rotation? I just want to improve. Logs: I think I linked them right...Flameztar4 6d
6d why is Chaos Theory supposedly 2nd BIS? So I got Chaos Theory @970 ilev just now. So I did some simming and a few boss fights in NH HC, and my results are in ( I dont have aotg): when using CT + cinidaria: on bosses I found a steep dps loss of about 40-60k over about a 4 min fight. simcraft puts the dps loss at 50k when using CT + grandeur: 80-100k dps loss. So my question: How on earth does this legendary rank 2nd, over grandeur or cinidaria... I guess its T20 and haste reliant, which DHs tend not to have atm? is that lil bit of haste gonna be so much influence on the dps increase CT provides...?Miraeni5 6d
20 Jun Vengeance 7.2.5 Questions Hello I'm plan on rolling DH Vengeance. Is it viable? Will vengeance be viable after incoming nerf? Any suggestions? Any tips? I know it may sound like a dumb thing to say but I want to have at least one well geared tank and without lying I want it to be performing very good (I do know that a lot is up to player but I simply want it to be strong) so acording to this, is DH vengeance good choice?Murtysh4 20 Jun
20 Jun Some DH glitches A) if you click metamorphosis, get rooted, and click on the pos you wanna land at, meta doesn't activate your shapeshift buff, but goes on CD without you gaining the benefits. B) fel rush STILL 99% DC crashes you if you use it in rivers or other small bump areas.... literally every time I fight in water in a BG my stress hormones shoot up thinking will I DC again!!!????Solídsnake0 20 Jun
20 Jun New Legendary cloak suggestion So the new legendary cloak is obviously not worth it with a 10 % proc chance off a 8-9 sec cd? Doesn't make much sense, how about making it a 100 % proc and have it stack with our own Chaos blades (so the 6 second proc just adds to our chaos blade timer) And add an Internal Cooldown to it? Makes it alot more reliable and worth having, with the ICD being up for moderation by the class balancers, so it wouldn't run rampant. As i see it right now that's the least you could do after slaughtering the class with the recent changes.Reavx6 20 Jun
19 Jun Spirit bomb damage Hi ... so with 7.2.5 i had high hopes for tank balancing since i played worst tank at before this patch, specially damage and mitigation wise ... Well ... and how was i surprised when i saw that things didnt get anyhow better ... instead of bear being extremely OP we now have DH at same position ... With "rebalanced" spirit bomb we got tank that does twice damage of other tanks, one of best HPS and has best mobility ... Is this really how balance is going to happen? instead of making less imbalance blizzard is intentionalyl going to make some classes extremly OP to force ppl to play them? I would expect this in free to play game, not game with subscription payment model ...Siginka27 19 Jun
19 Jun Spirit Bomb damage nerf=healing from SB nerf too? for the final hotfix before the TOS open, i read it Spirit Bomb damage reduced by 33%.. well, i do understand that SB do a lot of dmg. but, i hope that if they nerf the SB 33%, they should increase the healing effect for us. because, Nerf our dmg= nerf our healing too....Mégazia0 19 Jun
18 Jun BEST DAY :) Chaos theory dropped :D 5 emmisaries and it dropped well im so happy atm :PGlaivedancer13 18 Jun
18 Jun Spirit Bomb vs Soul Cleave Hey guys, with the new 7.2.5 changes i was wondering when and how to use spirit bomb and soul cleave. I understand we need to maintain frailty, but in what situation is soul cleave better than spirit bomb? or do we always use spirit bomb instead of soul cleave? CheersGlaivy10 18 Jun
17 Jun Havoc stat prio change? So ive mostly been in playing the st build for higher keys to maximize my dmg output on bosses which require high crit and mastery as much as possible. But now with the nerf to demon blades i was wondering if i should start priotising haste more than mastery, mostly cause i noticed yesterday that on heimdall i had 1,3mil burst and after cds ended i got down to cca 690k, before the patch i had close to 820k stable. While on hyjra my dps was 600k even though we cheesed it and the movement was minimal. I had almost 5 secs of no fury generation at all. Basically, ive noticed that i have fury generation problems, i was wondering if prioritising more haste(currently standing at 14%) than mastery(29%atm) would help my dps out, i also have first tier set bonus. Could you guys help me out, maybe i could move my talents around a bit aswell? Im not that versed with my DH yet.Athílla5 17 Jun
17 Jun Need some help So they nerfed my legend favorit, bracers. and i just dont have a clue what legend and build is the "go-to" to now for raids. I got KJBW Feet Chest Shoulders NeckHopedevour1 17 Jun
17 Jun Overnerf? Hey, So we were all agreed that SB was too strong and needed tuning; I have no issue with the nerf to SB damage. But the 5% overall damage nerf on top seems like its overkill. Napkin math makes it look like about a 15% overall damage nerf, and considering self-healing through charred warblades and frailty is a significant part of our mechanics, this seems overkill. Thoughts?Kylàr8 17 Jun
17 Jun State of Vengeance Demon Hunters So after the 7.2.5 patch hit, a lot of vengeance demon hunters has been seeing some pretty crazy numbers, myself included, however I fear a lot of players is not quite understanding why we got so much damage and that blizzard will revert a lot of the changes back to 7.2 again. I think that blizzard managed to make Vengeance tanking really engaging in its own right and make up for a lot of choices when it comes to how you'll play in your dungeon or raid in that very specific scenario. Many of the top damaging Vengeance Demon Hunters we see right now, completely ignore every hint of survival in order to do more dps. It's worth noticing a lot of the data we got right now is not really that viable, due to most guilds and players that are recording their data, is outgearing the current content and more often than not, not running with survival gear and is trying to push their dps. That being said, I still see issues with both the tanking and survival of demon hunters as of right now. One of the core issues I see is, sacrificing soul fragments and pain into fracture and spirit bomb gives too high survival as it is. I think it's interesting gameplay that you actively choose whether to use Soul cleave or Spirit bomb/fracture, but because spirit bomb and fracture provides more souls to consume and high dps with frailty, it seems viable to use in terms of self healing as well. So TL:DR Vegeance Demon Hunters right now are fun, but, the changes I'd like to see happen is; 5% damage reduction on all abilities 5-10% damage increase on spirit bomb, but 5% nerf on frailty and that the souls consumed using spirit bomb do not heal And potentially a buff to feed the demon so it reduces cd of demon spikes by 1.5 seconds per soul, to actually make it viable against fractures selfhealing right now with spirit bomb combosKiwilinn6 17 Jun
16 Jun Question regarding the class hall missions Hey, I've recently resubscribed and a problem I noticed is that my followers barely get any xp from the class hall missions, I can't get them to epic tier, it seems far more easy to level them up by making them a combat ally (made altruis after I activated him again and he leveled up to epic tier in few hours). To add that my mission success chance is pretty low (even when my followers meet the level requirements) I barely get anything good from these missions. All my champions currently active are lvl 810 other than one that is 850. I'm saving up the ilvl upgrade gear for later, but right now I don't see the point of even doing missions like that, as I said the missions success chance is low a lot of the times(and I can't get the bonus loot which sometimes is better than the normal loot itself) and they barely get any xp. What should I do? I guess I screwed it up somehow...Rezeus0 16 Jun
16 Jun Demon Blades back to 60% Well, this was to be expected with our fury per demon blade not being nerfed. '' Demon Blades Your auto attacks have a 100%60%[u][/u] chance to deal additional Shadow damage and generate Fury.'' PTR build 24287. (wowhead) So now we are going to turn in 10% crit for 20 fury per 9 sec? seems hardly worth it. Curious how this is going to play out.Miraeni62 16 Jun
16 Jun Viable specs for 7.2.5? So I was thinking what spec options we have now. I assume demonic build is still good, but personally I don't like that spec much even, if I'm using it. 3311333 Demonic at least sims far better for me than 2221321 (but in actual use my logs show similar performance. I dislike demonic since i'm not sure why I cant reach higher numbers even, if it sims much higher). I'd also like to discuss spec for some specific encounters. My guild is still probably going to try M gul'dan down before ToS opens. Since blizz nerfed the legendary bracers, my usual cleave spec with bloodlets and motg isnt good idea anymore. Demonic has burst aoe from eye beam, but I have been playing with idea that I'd try some kind of fel barrage spec first that should provide far more burst aoe. Any opinions regarding this matter?Khareal4 16 Jun
15 Jun Fel Barage animation is it possible for fel barrage to have a cast animation alongside the levitate one? looks strange to shoot beams while only levitatingDemonjuice0 15 Jun
14 Jun Stupid question, but I'll ask anyway I've got a fully levelled 110 DH and I'm currently Havoc but I want to try out Vengeance. Can I get both artifacts though, or can I only get one and I need to equip other weapons to play Vengeance? I've seen online that you can take a quest for the other artifact from your class hall, but I've walked round every NPC and no one gives me a quest to go after the other artifact (and it's not in my quest log either), so I've no idea. Am I missing something and if so what do I need to do to get the 2nd artifact (if it's even possible)?Bueller7 14 Jun
14 Jun Artifact Weapon Won't Change Appearance EDIT: Issue now resolved. Hello there. When playing on my Demon Hunter on the Havoc specialisation, using the Twinblades of the Deceiver, my weapons won't change their physical appearance when using the Cursed Forge in the class order hall to select a different appearance skin that is already unlocked. When looking at the character tab, the artwork for the weapons do change, but the physical appearance does not. They'll change on the forge when I select them, but as soon as I exit the forge, they revert back to the default appearance, as though the selected appearance was locked. This is despite the fact that the appearances I try to select are in fact unlocked. If I change specialisation to Vengeance, automatically equipping the Aldrachi Warblades, they automatically change their appearance to the appearance I selected, that my Twinblades of the Deceiver refuses to change to. However, as soon as I switch back to Havoc, my Twinblades revert right back to the default appearance. I've tried switching specs, relogging, but nothing is fixing the issue. Please help. Thank you.Orcishdk6 14 Jun
14 Jun Xylem challange lag okay i ve tried this many times inside of mage tower double jump and fel rush lags and i rush into ice shards and die , when i try it out side its perfect no problem its only happening inside of tower i ve 60-80 ms . I have tried to lower graphic settings still it lags inside of tower anyone else having such problem?Jeduthun6 14 Jun
13 Jun Prepared: Now a viable option? Given the embarrassing U-turn on the Demon Blade changes, as well as the buff to Prepared, does anyone else think Prepared might be a viable option for more fluid fury generation?Dokken3 13 Jun