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23 Feb Demon Hunter - Havoc in Legion 7.0.3 Welcome, To all new Demon Hunters! This Thread is purely related to Havoc speciliazation, Which is a melee dps Specialization. My intentions of this thread, is purely for all of you Demon Hunters, to take part, in the Demon Hunter Dps discussions, for the upcoming expansion. Many Thanks to all of the Beta Demon Hunter Testers, The people at Icyvein, and the people at other various of Demon Hunter sources :) Should you have more questions, you could Refer them to me, at my btag. Btag: Koukaiian#2509 ... 1.1 Stats Stat Weights Our current stat weights vary depending which final talent is selected. This means that you will likely have to run two sets of gear to be effective in all situations. If the choice is between two equal pieces the choice of the Fel Barrage piece will often be more beneficial, as pure single target encounters are far more rare than multi-target encounters. Chaos Blades ... Fel Barrage ... A more in-depth look at these weights can be found here. Please remember, your individual stat weights will vary. For optimal damage you will need to sim your own character. Gems and Enchants These will vary depending on your stat distribution. Crit will, in general, be a strong choice but diminishes in value if your haste or versatility lag too far behind crit or each other. For best results you should sim your character before gemming or enchanting in-game, as always. Food will follow the same pattern. Havoc Demon Hunters will use the Flask of the Seventh Demon and Potion of Deadly Grace.Stalliona45 23 Feb
08 Apr 2017 Demon Hunter - Vengeance Guide (Reference Tool) THIS GUIDE WILL BE UPDATED FOR FUTURE PATCHES - THIS GUIDE IS CURRENTLY OPTIMIZED FOR PATCH 7.1 This is a Simple Guide with only the most basic information. I will not go in-depth in the guide it self, but write it so it can be used as a reference sheet. Press CTRL+F and find the info you need! This guide is an adaption of Munkkys guides and is based off the Wowhead guide, MMO-C guide, Icy-Veins and the Vengeance Discord Channel Discussions. INDEX: - Stat Priority - Potions and enchants - Talents - BIS Gear List - BIS trinket list - Legendaries - Relic priority - Misc - References Stat Priority: We have 3 different stat priorities: ... POTIONS: Unbending for Survivability Prolonged Power for Trash Old War for Bosses ENCHANTS: Mark of the Heavy Hide for neck survival Mark of the Satyr for neck dps Binding of Versatility For rings - Raiding Binding of Mastery for rings - M+ Binding of Agility for cloak TALENTS: Level 99: Agonizing Flames will be the best for AoE and can be for ST. Level 100: Feast of Souls for Single Target, Fallout for AoE Survival (primarily in dungeons), Burning Alive for higher level Mythic+ Dungeons Level 102: Felblade for Learning/"surv", Flame Crash for DPS Level 104: Soul Rending is the go to, Feed the Demon can be used for Smoother Damage Taken, requires Fallout to max the benefit, Fracture is for ST DPS only Level 106: Quickened Sigils for Easier CC, Sigil of Chains for higher level dungeons/when it fits your group (this is a preference row) Concentrated Sigils for max DPS unless you have the Legendary bracers Level 108: Fel Devastation for Burst DPS/Burst Healing, Spirit Bomb for Smoother Healing and can be better for DPS if you feed into it. Level 110: Last Resort is the go to, Nether Bond for situational raid utility, and good for M+ with Necrotic , Soul Barrier extremely situational talent, only for when you have constant non spiky damage, ideally from multiple sources. BIS Gear list BIS Gear isnt a "thing" since they added War/titan forged. A general rule of thumb is to focus on main stats, but if a item is +10 ilevels, its better regardless of stats. This does not always apply for rings and necks. BIS List PRE-RAID Use this list to optimize your bonus rolls.  Kraken Hide Helm - Helya - Maw of Souls  Strand of the Stars - Advisor Melandrus - Court of Stars  Steelgazer Hide Mantle - Dargrul - Neltharion's Lair  Mainsail Cloak - King Deepbeard - Eye of Azshara  Tranquil Bough Vest - Archdruid Glaidalis - Darkheart Thicket  Compact Trifold Wristbands - Millificent Manastorm - Violet Hold  Guileful Intruder Handguards Patrol - Captain Gerdo - Court of Stars  Taut Halyard Waistband - King Deepbeard - Eye of Azshara  Warden's Martial Greaves - Cordana Felsong - Vault of the Wardens  Tunnel Trudger Footguards - Ivanyr - The Arcway  Band of Crystalline Bone - Shivermaw - Violet Hold  Braided Silver Ring - King Deepbeard - Eye of Azshara BIS List Emerald Nightmare  Cowl of Fright - Emeriss  Cursed Beartooth Necklace - Ursoc  Otherworldy Leather Mantle - Il'gynoth  Gossamer-Spun Greatcloak - Elerethe Renferal  Scarred Ragefang Chestpiece - Ursoc  Wristwraps of Broken Trust - Elerethe Renferal  Dreamsculptor's Gloves - Il'gynoth  Lifeless Buckled Girdle - Nythendra  Repulsive Leathery Pants - Xavius  Stained Maggot Squishers - Nythendra  Dreadful Cyclopean Signet - Il'gynoth  Mindrend Band - Ysondre BIS List Trials of Valor  Cowl of Fright - Emeriss  Sea Fan Pendant - Guarm  Otherworldy Leather Mantle - Il'gynoth  Mantle of the Victorious Dead - Odyn  Helbeast Skin Tunic - Guarm  Sky-Valiant's Wristguards - Odyn  Gloves of Issued Challenge - Odyn  Strand of Whelk Shells - Guarm  Sucker-Scarred Leggings - Guarm  Moccasins of Silent Passage - Guarm  Dreadful Cyclopean Signet - Il'gynoth  Mindrend Band - Ysondre BIS Trinkets Trinkets varie a LOT based on the use, and the stats. We have a wide assortment of trinkets, each with a good specific niche. A-Tier Darkmoon Card: Immortality Gnomeregan Auto-Blocker 601 (Will be nerfed in 7.1.5 - hotfixed dec. 6, change pending) Valor Medal of the First War (Will be nerfed in 7.1.5 - hotfixed dec. 6, change pending) B-Tier Bloodthirsty Instinct Unstable Arcanocrystal Shivermaw's Jawbone Majordomo's Dinner Bell C-Tier Grotesque Statuette (can be good with high ilevel on specific fights) Goblet of Nightmarish Ichor (Is B-tier in fights with high uptime) Coagulated Nightwell Residue Writhing Heart of Darkness Infernal Alchemist Stone Impenetrable Nerubian Husk Legendaries Legendaries can be seperated into two groups; best for raiding, and best for dungeons. Below they are listed for each; ranked BEST to WORST (Best first) Legendaries BiS list for Raiding Fragment of the Betrayer's Prison Cloak of Fel Flames Kirel Narak The Defiler's Lost Vambraces Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus Cinidaria, the Symbiote Sephuz's Secret Runemaster's Pauldrons Legendaries BiS list for Dungeons Fragment of the Betrayer's Prison Kirel Narak = The Defiler's Lost Vambraces Cloak of Fel Flames Sephuz's Secret Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus Cinidaria, the Symbiote Runemaster's Pauldrons Relic priority For relics, higher ilevel is ALWAYS the best choice. Only use the below list for EQUAL ILEVEL RELICS. Below is listed BEST to WORST, BEST first. For DPS: Aura of Pain (Single Target and AoE) Honed Warblades (Single Target) Fiery Demise (Single Target Burst) For Survivability: Devour Souls Embrace the Pain Aldrachi Design Will of the Illidari MISC Like i wrote first, this guide should be used as a reference tool; a quick "look up" for the most needed info. I will keep the guide updated in future patches. This post is based on guides by, and approved by Munkky. PATCH 7.1.5 is expected in January, with some small nerfs and big buffs. We can expect our Meta to be much stronger, making Fueled by Pain and Meta stronger, giving us space to choose other talents. Also adjustments to health, armor, 10% less physical dmg taken on base, and 10% less physical dmg mitigated with spikes among the changes. Weak Auras: Demonhunter Discord: The Fel Hammer: Maradum: Laste resort vs. Soul barrier argument: Feel Free to ask any questions below, ill do my best to reply to them all ASAP References and usefull links: Smørholm35 08 Apr 2017
27m Not causing drama, but... Just started leveling up my prot paladin tank. The azerite traits are absolutely fantastic and seem like they really enhance the playstyle depending on what you want to do. I guess what it seems like is missing (as has been posted countless times) is that (at least for vengeance DH) there is no affinity with your demon form. If you are meta form then something bad happened...Endarken2 27m
37m Azerite traits Should i switch 355 head that has laser Matrix and 355 chest that has arhive of titans with 340 gear with revolving blade? Also my sholders are 370 with some crit change trait. I suppose IT not worth changing them but would IT be better to Take thirsting blade on them?Ælaeyanna0 37m
1h VDH and Disc priest in mythic +? Hello fellow demon hunters! I've been playing VDH for the last couple of weeks and really finding it enjoyable. Love the mobility/utility kit aswell as the "living on the edge" HP wise most of the time. Im currently running mythic + 8-9, which is fine atm, since im still learning the ropes for this spec. My question is, how do you guys find disc priest as healers in mythic +? My buddy is having a real hard time keeping me alive, aswell as the group, not to talk about his big mana consuming problem? I tried running with other classes just to see, if that would make a difference which i really feel it does. They seem to have an much easier time keeping me and the party up, and the mana isnt a problem either. I also dont dive in HP as much. Sooo.. How do you guys finding disc priest as healers? Is it just my friend who pushes the wrong buttons, or is this healer class not good for us as VDH?Goodtymz1 1h
9h Best 2v2 Partner for DH? Hi, Havoc in 2s, what class should we play with?Sorel4 9h
12h Death from above bugg Is it only me or when i m playing in dalaran arena and i use death from above. i sometimes depending on the spot hit the ceiling and drop down instantly. Do other people have this problem and is this bugg intended?Morninghunt1 12h
14h Rate The Transmog Above You II Last post reached it's limit.Xávius412 14h
14h Stat Priority Havoc So pretty much trough out all of BfA I've been gunning for Agi->Haste/vers->crit as my priority stats. But I just did a new sim today and it came out like this: Agi: 1.85 Vers: 1.39 Crit: 1.38 Haste 1.32 Ive had some 355 legs with crit vers, and some 355 legs with haste vers, until today pawn had said the haste vers ones were 1% better, but after doing a new sim today its the other way around. Anything changed ? I realised its based on what stats I allready have and such, but I'm only sitting on 13% haste though.Terhesa0 14h
15h A way to save my stats? So, been awefully unlucky with what stats I get on my gear. I seem to be thirsting for vers and being drowned in Mastery. and AFAIK ideally it should be the opposite way. I'm really bummed out due to this, it affects my DPS severely compared to other DH's and was wondering if there is any way to fix this relatively soon without beside just going for lower iLvl gear in order to aim for the enchansments I need.Talgaros1 15h
1d How much DPS is ok for DemonHunters? I feel like I'm doing way less damage than all my friends, so I'm wondering if anyone else has the same feeling about this. My dps is as follows Raid/m+: Momentum build: - Trash: groups of trash can spike up to 30 - 40k but after a while will stabilize at around 16k - Bosses: bosses without adds = 9 - 11k depending on crits/procs.. Demonic build: - Trash w/ trail of ruin: steady 15 - 16k w/ fell barrage: big spike 40k+ but still steady 15kish - Bosses: 7-8k My friends are playing mage, ret and rogue and usually get 11k+ in bossfights. We're all between 340 - 350 ilvl, so gear is not the big factor i feel like. Any tips or is this just my dps?Acre8 1d
1d Sometimes i can't double jump or glide Sometimes my character refuses to jump or glide (all commands, attached to spacebar). That usually happens in old dungeons like Black Temple or in cities - Orgrimmar, Zuldazar. It does not look like my spacebar taste is broken, but i still don't understand why it happens. Maybe overpopulated zone and it starts lagging? Also separate problem: sometimes my DH simply can't jump. That lasts for few minutes. Bind is ok, taste is ok. Is it known DH bug?Øhne0 1d
2d Two Sigel of Silence in a row (?) Hey, I saw this video: and I am wondering how it is possible to cast two "Sigel of Silence" in a row? Any ideas? Thanks in advance.Saty1 2d
2d Vengeance tanking issues Hello, I just tanked 3 horde dungeons on normal : Temple of Sethraliss, Atal´Dazar and The Underrot. I am using the survivability/DPS build recommended by icy veins and I am wondering a couple of things: - When using fracture: isn't it a waste to use 3 fracture procs for a 5 soul fragment spirit bomb since u just don't use the 6th soul fragment or is there a way to time it so that there is a 5 soul fragment spirit bomb but have 1 soul fragment stored away. - While tanking, metamorhpis feels completely useless aswell as demon spikes. I had the most trouble in the underrot on the thrashpacks where the enemies use a boneshield around them, while you can indeed silence the cast, I was just not able to poperly tank through them when all of them had a bone shield active. - I am currently using 2 traits of immolation aura (which gives me around 450 armour when it is active) but apart from this and demon spikes )and the obvious fiery brand which is mainly usefell on bosses) I feel that the tanking spec is severly lacking a decent amount of survivability. - The selfsustain and healing from rend and spirit bomb feels very underwhelming. I feel like it has become a sponge tank, you just try to heal back the damage you take because we are lacking mitigation on prolonged thrash packs which makes me wonder how vengeance tanks are one of the best tanks for mythic+. If anyone has any tips or feedback, it is very much appreciated.Iltrhandur22 2d
2d Guess I'll just reroll monk. Guess I'll just reroll monk and see if it is any fun. Not going to sit here and wait half of the expansion hoping for Blizzard to fix the Vengeance spec. And even if they fix it later, it'll probably just be a quick patch that don't really tackles any of the actual problems anyway. They always just half !@# a fix out, hoping it'll make people happy enough. For all those staying Vengeance. Good luck out there.Facetroll14 2d
3d Demon Hunter creation Hello, I have a question about the dh.CAn i made one on a server with no other toons of mine??Marialena2 3d
3d Roll to Demon Hunter ? Hello Demon Hunters. Thinking on rerolling from dk since blizz letting us rot away, and wanted to ask before that how demon hunters doing in the arena ATM ? best comps for both 2v2 and 3v3 ? I know pve wise DH's are in a good spot now. I'm enjoying tanking with my 111 alt dh and dps seems ok from M+ experience. main issue here is pvp.Kordruk3 3d
3d Stats of vdh What are the stats you aim for tanking mythic+ I found that you have to start at least 14% haste, 8% vers with buffs on haste to be able to feel OK inside mythics. Anyone managed to find the soft caps to aim as we get dressed with better gear? What to aim for crit, haste, vers, Master etcSoultana0 3d
3d DPS help Hey guys, Looking for some advice.... I am a returning player (last played when the cap was 85) and picked a DH as it was something new. Basically my problem is with the DPS I am achieving and what I can do to improve it. All the SIMS and what not are saying I should be doing 12.5k dps. I believe it's against ONE target in the SIMS. I can't even get close to that much with just 1 target... I am following the rotation from icey veins. Is there an easy way of working out where I am going wrong? On our Zul kill for example I finished on 9.7k dps which was not even green..... Vectis - 8.1k. I have logs and what not but I feel like I must be doing something very wrong, other than just being bad of course ^^ Dunno if I can post links but if it works below is the log from uldir recently. Pls help.Gypsiee1 3d
4d DH or Monk Tank for Mythic+? Hey guys, i played rogue till now. But I have not enough time for raiding because I am a dad now :-) and my itemlvl falls back because of this. I at the tank role and I have both tanks (monk/dh) on lvl 120 and I like both on their own way. Pre bfa all pros said dk and dh are the mythic+ tanks. But is this the truth? I often read in the dh forum that dh feels squishy and monk raises up the ladder. So what do u guys think is the better mythic+ tank in the long run? Thx for ur opinions. GreetingsJochen9 4d
4d DH =DC Hello. Im playing with my friend 2 vs 2 arenas. He play with DH and he got about 5 times from 15 games disconnects. Its happens after he use skill eye beam, as he said. Its must be buggy. It’s annoying to lose cos of that. Please someone look into it. RegardsEvilanimals4 4d
4d Weapon enchant Gale-Force striking + quick navigation the best possible option for single target? or am i wrong? has anyone tried it?Alëêex0 4d
4d Warglaives of Azzinoth - a few questions I am working to get this transmog, and yesterday the Warglaives of Azzinoth droped for me. First thing i am quirous about is if I need to get a second type, or is there just one type that drops but you need two? Trying to clarify.... Are there two different types, so there is a chanse i get the wrong one - hence two of the same, or do i only need one more - and there is only one drop existing. Secondly - everytime I enter Black Temple i see the instance is registered as 10man. Every boss only drops like 1 or 2 items. This is even though i have set 25 man on Raid instance. I didnt know 10 man even existed for this instance. At first i thought it was a bug, but judging by the litte drops the bosses have - i am feeling like it really is 10 man. How can i change this? Tip to anyone doing this: After the first teo bosses you enter a room With Chains going up from the corners... If you head to the Chain in the first left corner you can (as Demon Hunter) jump up this and skip to the final Three bosses. You will be able to get to the harem.Uxoríous11 4d
4d A couple of questions regarding Demon Hunters Hello, like title says I’ve got a couple of questions regarding DH’s and was wondering if someone could assist please 1. What is the most optimal stat strategy for Havoc? Wowhead and icy veins claim it’s Haste and Versatility, but on world of logs and in my current raiding guild I’ve seen people choosing Crit and Haste. From what I gathered from the guides the crit mechanic of chaos strike got changed in BFA so the stat focus should have shifted? 2. Vengeance - is this a viable spec in mythic plus? I’ve read that the stat strategy is the same as Havoc which is haste vers, which looks attractive as it simplifies the gearing up process somewhat. Please advise. 3. How are DH in PvP in terms of survival and damage output?are they viable in arenas? I am currently maining a holy Paladin which I’m currently bored of and looking to potentially switch at some point in the future, and as it happens I’m looking at a DH at the moment. I look forward to your feedback.Corbray3 4d
4d Could we get Bloodlet back please!! Pretty much as the tittle says; "Could we get Bloodlet back please!!" It felt great in the single and multi-target rotation and from my perspective at least that's something this class really needs. My personal suggestion would be to replace Cycle of Hatred, Unleashed Power or Fel Eruption for Bloodlet, simply because I find all of those talents to be rather dull and boring. If anyone here has any other suggestions please post them. As an alternative solution at the very least buff Throw Glaive damage because right now even IF you hit 3 targets it still does less dmg then a single Chaos strike, which kinda feels like why even bother having it hit multiple targets in the first place.Bankotsu0 4d
5d Demon Form Customization and more I really wish we could customize our demon form. 1. Tattoo color and hair style identic to demon form Otherwise i can't really identify myself with bland standard demon form. 2. Our wings is a best mount It will be so much fun for all DHs to use their own wings to fly. I dreamed of it since Legion announcement. 3. Cosmetic glyph "Restrained Metamorphose" WIth this optional glyph your Metamorphose will keep your original character look but wings will be appeared on your back for its duration (So people could still recognize Meta is on). Similar to moonkin's glyph. Metamorphose is so bulky and clumsy. I dream of being able to see MY character all the time and not some bland ugly demon for 30 seconds in beginning of every fight. I can't identify myself, it lacks customization. 4. Option to change all greenish spell colors Color can simply depend on tattoo colors - red, purple, etc, or through achievement or quest. Very cool example of blood elf DH you can see in Machinima video (If you didn't watch it - do it, worth it): I would kill for a possibility to have those red effects. 5. GCD removal from Vengeful Retreat Offtopic but not less important.Øhne13 5d
5d How difficult is DH DPS Considering i am very bad at this game, struggle with keybinding and overall spend more time running around in a raid trying to avoid stuff. Is DH a suitable dps class for me? I am looking for something that is extremely easy. All help appreciated.Xstasea6 5d
6d It's been a while but... I'm still getting dc'd for double jump while getting rooted, stunned, casting eye beam while still in the air after the jump. I guess this won't ever get fixed... It's already 2018 and this is still an issue. Can I get atleast a YAY or NAY?Rankler1 6d
14 Sep What are the best enchants for PvE/PvP Hi I am curious what you guys think are the best PvP/PvE enchants for a Havoc Demon Hunter.Zirahael1 14 Sep
14 Sep Request - Action bar during Rain from Above. As of this moment, you cant see your actionbar while hovering. And since you cant do that, you cant trinket if you get CCed when landing for 1-2seconds. Also you wanna see your CDs before you land so you can make your next call. Is there a way to solve this? Thanks in advance, Raphner.Raphner0 14 Sep
13 Sep DH's look very small in the Character Selection screen Is it just me who think it is a bit annoying that Demon Hunters look so small in the Character Selection window? Its so akwardly small that I almost want to play another class because of this..... Its like - everyone else has a "Close up" - but DH are a mile away. Every time i look at my DH there i start to search for a way to zoom in.... If there is ANYTHING Blizzard should focus on right now...its adjusting this distance so we get a fair viewing of our characters. My champion aint that small.... plz...Uxoríous0 13 Sep
12 Sep Vengeance relevance problem We all do know that veng DH is not a great tank for raids. I feel like spirit bomb should be a baseline so we could take gluttony for that spicy rng morhps.Avencia0 12 Sep
12 Sep Which trinket for my DH? Hello! I just got a Frenetic Corpuscle (370) from Uldir HC. I already got a Fathoms (355) and Dead-Eye Spyglass (355) equipped. My question is, which combination of trinkets should I do? My spec is HavocUnstickable1 12 Sep
12 Sep Metamorphosis Glyph Suggestion Hello 0/ I wold love to have some Glyphs for Metamorph skill. As in its looks it can go in many ways. Here are some of my suggestions on how i wold like it to be. Metamorphosis Glyph Suggestions: - It can make your tattoos burn or ignite in a powerful glow - You can have a fell aura on your body - You can leave fell flame tracks behind youFelsa0 12 Sep
11 Sep The DH Problem In a Nutshell(PvP) Everything a DH does requires a significant risk. This is due to the way our fury generation works, because the class barely has any ranged abilities and because we have no sustain outside of doing damage up close. You cannot even eye beam without first getting some fury, or even chaos nova or fel spike. This is one of the reasons why I think we see so many rogues, ret paladins, frost mages, and BM hunters... those classes are "safe" compared to DH. You take far less risks when engaging, and you also have more "oh !@#$" buttons when disengaging. Pretty much all of the aforementioned classes have some sort of a "bubble", can start a fight either from afar, or from stealth, and can often rely on either great CC and / or heals that do not rely on doing damage or using offensive abilities first. DH feels like an okay duelling class, probably above average. But what do we bring to the table in group PvP like BGs and arena? I can't name a single thing that other classes do not do better than us. There are specs that can peel better, CC better, and specs that provide some sort of anti-heal, which we do not. What do we have, a 10 yrd interrupt? Most of the time I still cant reach the healer / mage because of all the roots and slows, and because they are smart enough to keep their distance. In BGs or large WPvP skirmishes I feel like an annoying mosquito. I zap around, I try to do some damage, maybe throw a stun here, dispel, an interrupt there. But as soon as there's healers around, especially discs, I dont see myself doing any damage whatsoever. The burst is easily countered by their own defensive CDs. This isnt a DH only issue - I see discs surviving an onslaught of 5 people all the time. Even 10+ if they have another healer assisting them. Its absurd. But I digress. I feel like we are stuck in a similar role to Arms Warriors. They have very little sustain of their own as well, and they are not very good at escaping. But while a DH might have a bit of extra mobility over a warrior, they offer far better single target burst on a lower CD coupled with mortal wounds. What do we have? A measly 5% magic dmg taken debuff? Might make a difference in a raiding environment, maybe. Not so much in PvP. Warrior also has safer engages. Thunder Bolt does not take rage, our Fel Spike takes fury. Charge roots the target, Fel Rush needs to be perfectly lined up or we end up behind our target. Also doesnt do much damage nor apply any sort of buffs or debuffs. Unless you pick momentum, of course. Don't get me wrong, I do not think DH is in the -worst- spot this expansion / patch, I have had quite a bit of fun. But at the same time I've had quite a few disappointing experiences in skirmishes, BGs, and world pvp as well.Oseiron7 11 Sep
10 Sep spirit bomb should replace soul cleave? I'm wondering why spirit bomb doesn't just replace soul cleave in the spell book when you take it and then benefit from the azerite traits that enhance soul cleave? having botth seem pretty redundant to me no?Arkanfel3 10 Sep
10 Sep Glimpse rework suggestion So as of now Glimpse (pvp talent) is hardly seeing any play, mostly because the 3s Blur it gives is just not good enough to make it better than other defensive options such as improved Darkness or Rain from Above. Having this in mind plus the need (?) of better self sustain I came up with an idea to make Glimpse restore % health and/or give % leech (similar to Achor, the Eternal Hunger legendary). This could perhaps make the talent viable/competitive to other pvp talents. Any thoughts or suggestions?Rhenys0 10 Sep
10 Sep Traits & trinkets PVP What it says in the title, what are you preferred guys?Akrazil0 10 Sep
10 Sep Rate the DH name above you! 1-10 should do a fine work! Let's start with meDathedr465 10 Sep
09 Sep DH abilitys shouldnt not be interruptable Fel barrage and eye beam shouldnt be able to be interrupted, i can understand if it was on a small CD but its not. having to fake my eyebeam in order to do barrage is overkill. What do you guys think?Raphner11 09 Sep
09 Sep DH PVP Fix my class or im out.Reiy40 09 Sep
08 Sep Bring back Bloodlet for PvP Demon Hunters which got the task to detect Rogues can now almost literally not do anything at all other than spotting them. You throw a glaive and they pop back into stealth, and you must actually reach the rogue with fel rush and be lucky to hit it so you get one dot on the Rogue. In legion we could choose "Bloodlet" which worked excellent with "Master of the Glaives" which gave you a dot on the blades and you could throw it twice. This seemed to be a intended combo and was one of the last things I thought would be removed. A rogue will usually anyway kill you 1v1, so you must use it smart when others are nearby. Please bring back bloodlet - would be perfect for the PvP talents section. I want to annoy rogues as they annoy all others with their saps - it's annoyingly fair! :P From the US forum: 08 Sep
08 Sep DH, Worth playing ? Title.Evilalice6 08 Sep
08 Sep Soul Cleave useless with Spirit Bomb? I feel that Soul Cleave is utterly useless once we pick the Spirit Bomb talent. Spirit Bomb does more damage, it's a true 360° AoE rather than just a 180° cleave, and it seems to heal a similar amount to Soul Cleave. Maybe with the Void Reaver talent in the final talent tier Soul Cleave could be relevant again in combination with Spirit Bomb, but otherwise, I don't see a reason to ever bother using Soul Cleave. I only started playing a Vengeance Demon Hunter a few weeks ago, so maybe I'm missing something. But even so, I think Spirit Bomb and Soul Cleave are just way too similar, and the design of these skills just feels off. Class skills should feel unique and purposeful, but with these 2 skills, I'm confused.Benjin6 08 Sep
08 Sep Havoc levelling help. Hi folks . First off I levelled my DH as Vengeance to 110 . BFA turns up and taking my prot pally up to 120 I found it really slow . Played a few Melee classes and found it to be way better . Hence the change Anyway my go to website is icy veins for builds and rotations but the rotations are mostly raid rotations etc and I'm finding it really difficult and blowing cooldowns on one trash mob in open world . Yeah I suck . So I need to learn the spec , any advice welcome . Especially on the lines of levelling rotation from 110 to 120 , it would be most appreciated . Thanks , a real crappy DH player .Wampoose1 08 Sep
07 Sep Auto Glide Is there a way to disable Glide from space bar? It really annoys me, I''d prefer to have it on different keybind. Not that I don't have free binds on DH ;PZbir18 07 Sep
07 Sep Demon Hunter (Vengeance) is a mess PART 2 Part 1: Hey, this is my fix to Vengeance Demon Hunters. Since a player suggested these changes, non of it will appear in the game, unfortunately. If you find any abilities in here really fun and interesting, then I apologize in advance for ruining what could've been great. But regardless of what happens, this is how I think VDH could scale with the content and not meet a dead end where abilities suddenly become obsolete. Today VDH do not scale. High-damage content will kill your defense instantly once you run dry for cooldowns, while a Warrior's defense will propel it ahead because their defense is built around scaling. This is true for both raid and high keystone mythic. Sure VDH can kite high-end mythic, but we're tanks, not weaklings. Our mobility is just a tool to let the healer get a breather if needed, it is not what our entire defense should be built around. It shouldn't even be included in the math, because you'll build a scenario where one tank has to jump around like a monkey, while the other tank can actually tank properly... unless you'll allow kiting mobs around. But that isn't tanking. Just remove Vengeance then. Of course I didn't have time to balance anything, so I'm using %'s, nor am I going to spend the time and energy to make everything harmonize, since it'll be a complete waste of my time. I also didn't have time to think how crit/haste could be implemented properly, I only focused on Mastery. Crit today increase parry for example, and is a somewhat viable strategy. The biggest change is changing how VDH mitigate damage. All tanks need to use the same system. They either scale with the damage received or they all use flat numbers. Which means that with flat numbers, all tanks will face the same problem of zero defense if they take too much damage AKA overkill. Today tanks use different systems, making it really unfair for some tanks in specific situations. So if you build a tank to scale with incoming damage, you don't run into VDH issues such as: Complete overhealing in uncesscary situation, and you don't run into the problem today where our healing can't keep up, because we our armor is left wide open, thus getting overkilled by the content. Instead it'll be a smooth ride where all damage is smoothly mitigated from the get go. Everything else just adds flavour to the class. Quotes taken from gamepedia's wow page. "Sacrificial magic was considered the greatest violation of life and we were attuned to instantly punish those who delved into such... delicious sorcery." "Fel is fueled by drawing life from living beings and consuming their souls, utterly destroying them in the process." "Disorder manifests as highly destructive fel magic, a destructive and extremely addictive energy originating as a result of the mutual destruction of Light and Void as they collide on a cosmic scale in the Twisting Nether." "It can also be used to breathe life into constructs such as infernals, or in a necromantic way by resurrecting demons as undead." Let me apologize in advance if I overlooked something, made something completely overpowered, completely useless and unrealistic, or confusing words. I just don't have the time to make everything perfect. The most important thing is the baseline passives that will allow a VDH to actually tank properly.Facetroll5 07 Sep
07 Sep Comprehensive feedback of DH in BfA PvP Dear forum reader, Blizzard employees, I'm TrenacetateTV also known as a DH player. I've been playing on Rank One level the entire legion and has reached the highest DH world many times. I wanted to share some thoughts on the current status of DH in BfA PvP. I have a stream focused on only Demon Hunter game play and most of my viewers are DH players themselves. These last days I've been streaming pre-patch DH game play but also Beta, and so far my reaction just like everyone else is that Demon Hunters are barely playable in the current state. In this post I will just briefly go through why me and many other Demon Hunters feel this way. The main issue is that the Range of abilities is forcing us to use our defensive cooldowns as offensive cooldowns. Firstly Demon Hunter lost their range abilities completely. One of our biggest damage outputs used to be Fel Barrage. An ability that could be used within a 30 yd range and was a target AoE spell but now it's on 8 yd and it's only AoE. This is making the spell more or less useless because you can interrupt it with everything, it's in range for stuns, kicks, fears or any other CC. I'm trying to figure out when it's good to use it but I can't. No matter the match up you face the enemy team will be able to stop it. This is making it very hard in the current state to get damage out in arena. However, this is great for PvE. The second problem I picked up on is the GCD change of Vengeful Retreat. It now shares the same GCD as every other ability ( I support the GCD changes on certain abilities, but on movement it shouldnt be changed.) making our class lose alot of mobility and movement. Just like the mayority of Demon Hunter players me myself enjoyed the class because it was a fast pace class and this is removing that feeling completely. In the current state of playing Demon Hunter it just feels very slow and clunky. The third problem is The removal of Bloodlet. We no longer have a range bleed instead our bleed comes from Trail of Ruin (Blade Dance) which is a melee range ability. This is a big problem because normally Blade Dance is used defensively. This change is forcing us to be in the fight and stopping us from playing on range. Demon Hunter has always been and is still a super squishy class which means we need to be very careful with how to use our defensives otherwise we just die instantly in arena. For example, if we before didn't have blur available we could still play on range using our Fel Barrage or Throw Glaive for the Bloodlet, we could also imprison every 15 seconds or use Kick on the 20 yd range. But now all of these abilities are changed into shorter range or longer cooldowns which is forcing us as previously said - be in the fight all the time even though we don't have any defenses available. Demon Hunters mobility used to be what defined a Good Player from a Bad player and now we can't use this to our advantage or our game in any way. If you on blizzard are planning on making any future changes to DH's please have this in consideration for PvP. [ US POST ]Trenacetate34 07 Sep
07 Sep DH in 2s and 3s, any potential (comps)? Hi all, Fairly new to DH, but it seems to me that DH have the potential to be decent/good in arena (not rogue level probably). They have decent utility with: Dispel: consume magic (combined with dispel arcane torrent) AOE stun: Chaos Nova Range stun: Fel Erruption Range sap: Imprison AOE dispel own debuffs: Reverse MagicDecent defensives/mobility, just a little bit squishy: Blur (can be pvp talented with Vengeful Retreat AOE defensive: Darkness (with pvp talent really good, I think) Demonic (so you have leech often) And ofcourse the mobility from Fel Rush to get out of situations or get to own healerOn-demand burst with: Dark slash Last talent row: Demonic, Momentum or Nemesis Metamorphosis Fel BarrageIt seems to me that DH has some potential, but I'm not a good arena pvper. Does anyone else has some input as of why DH is bad, decent or good? Also what are some nice comps to play in 2s and 3s as DH? Thanks!Dêmonblood2 07 Sep
07 Sep Leech on Vengeance DH Has anyone experimented with putting leech on two 1h weapons? I am not sure how much 200 leech counts for at 120 but I wonder if the 5% talent plus 200 leech might be interesting?Fellwitch2 07 Sep