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23 Feb Demon Hunter - Havoc in Legion 7.0.3 Welcome, To all new Demon Hunters! This Thread is purely related to Havoc speciliazation, Which is a melee dps Specialization. My intentions of this thread, is purely for all of you Demon Hunters, to take part, in the Demon Hunter Dps discussions, for the upcoming expansion. Many Thanks to all of the Beta Demon Hunter Testers, The people at Icyvein, and the people at other various of Demon Hunter sources :) Should you have more questions, you could Refer them to me, at my btag. Btag: Koukaiian#2509 ... 1.1 Stats Stat Weights Our current stat weights vary depending which final talent is selected. This means that you will likely have to run two sets of gear to be effective in all situations. If the choice is between two equal pieces the choice of the Fel Barrage piece will often be more beneficial, as pure single target encounters are far more rare than multi-target encounters. Chaos Blades ... Fel Barrage ... A more in-depth look at these weights can be found here. Please remember, your individual stat weights will vary. For optimal damage you will need to sim your own character. Gems and Enchants These will vary depending on your stat distribution. Crit will, in general, be a strong choice but diminishes in value if your haste or versatility lag too far behind crit or each other. For best results you should sim your character before gemming or enchanting in-game, as always. Food will follow the same pattern. Havoc Demon Hunters will use the Flask of the Seventh Demon and Potion of Deadly Grace.Stalliona45 23 Feb
08 Apr Demon Hunter - Vengeance Guide (Reference Tool) THIS GUIDE WILL BE UPDATED FOR FUTURE PATCHES - THIS GUIDE IS CURRENTLY OPTIMIZED FOR PATCH 7.1 This is a Simple Guide with only the most basic information. I will not go in-depth in the guide it self, but write it so it can be used as a reference sheet. Press CTRL+F and find the info you need! This guide is an adaption of Munkkys guides and is based off the Wowhead guide, MMO-C guide, Icy-Veins and the Vengeance Discord Channel Discussions. INDEX: - Stat Priority - Potions and enchants - Talents - BIS Gear List - BIS trinket list - Legendaries - Relic priority - Misc - References Stat Priority: We have 3 different stat priorities: ... POTIONS: Unbending for Survivability Prolonged Power for Trash Old War for Bosses ENCHANTS: Mark of the Heavy Hide for neck survival Mark of the Satyr for neck dps Binding of Versatility For rings - Raiding Binding of Mastery for rings - M+ Binding of Agility for cloak TALENTS: Level 99: Agonizing Flames will be the best for AoE and can be for ST. Level 100: Feast of Souls for Single Target, Fallout for AoE Survival (primarily in dungeons), Burning Alive for higher level Mythic+ Dungeons Level 102: Felblade for Learning/"surv", Flame Crash for DPS Level 104: Soul Rending is the go to, Feed the Demon can be used for Smoother Damage Taken, requires Fallout to max the benefit, Fracture is for ST DPS only Level 106: Quickened Sigils for Easier CC, Sigil of Chains for higher level dungeons/when it fits your group (this is a preference row) Concentrated Sigils for max DPS unless you have the Legendary bracers Level 108: Fel Devastation for Burst DPS/Burst Healing, Spirit Bomb for Smoother Healing and can be better for DPS if you feed into it. Level 110: Last Resort is the go to, Nether Bond for situational raid utility, and good for M+ with Necrotic , Soul Barrier extremely situational talent, only for when you have constant non spiky damage, ideally from multiple sources. BIS Gear list BIS Gear isnt a "thing" since they added War/titan forged. A general rule of thumb is to focus on main stats, but if a item is +10 ilevels, its better regardless of stats. This does not always apply for rings and necks. BIS List PRE-RAID Use this list to optimize your bonus rolls.  Kraken Hide Helm - Helya - Maw of Souls  Strand of the Stars - Advisor Melandrus - Court of Stars  Steelgazer Hide Mantle - Dargrul - Neltharion's Lair  Mainsail Cloak - King Deepbeard - Eye of Azshara  Tranquil Bough Vest - Archdruid Glaidalis - Darkheart Thicket  Compact Trifold Wristbands - Millificent Manastorm - Violet Hold  Guileful Intruder Handguards Patrol - Captain Gerdo - Court of Stars  Taut Halyard Waistband - King Deepbeard - Eye of Azshara  Warden's Martial Greaves - Cordana Felsong - Vault of the Wardens  Tunnel Trudger Footguards - Ivanyr - The Arcway  Band of Crystalline Bone - Shivermaw - Violet Hold  Braided Silver Ring - King Deepbeard - Eye of Azshara BIS List Emerald Nightmare  Cowl of Fright - Emeriss  Cursed Beartooth Necklace - Ursoc  Otherworldy Leather Mantle - Il'gynoth  Gossamer-Spun Greatcloak - Elerethe Renferal  Scarred Ragefang Chestpiece - Ursoc  Wristwraps of Broken Trust - Elerethe Renferal  Dreamsculptor's Gloves - Il'gynoth  Lifeless Buckled Girdle - Nythendra  Repulsive Leathery Pants - Xavius  Stained Maggot Squishers - Nythendra  Dreadful Cyclopean Signet - Il'gynoth  Mindrend Band - Ysondre BIS List Trials of Valor  Cowl of Fright - Emeriss  Sea Fan Pendant - Guarm  Otherworldy Leather Mantle - Il'gynoth  Mantle of the Victorious Dead - Odyn  Helbeast Skin Tunic - Guarm  Sky-Valiant's Wristguards - Odyn  Gloves of Issued Challenge - Odyn  Strand of Whelk Shells - Guarm  Sucker-Scarred Leggings - Guarm  Moccasins of Silent Passage - Guarm  Dreadful Cyclopean Signet - Il'gynoth  Mindrend Band - Ysondre BIS Trinkets Trinkets varie a LOT based on the use, and the stats. We have a wide assortment of trinkets, each with a good specific niche. A-Tier Darkmoon Card: Immortality Gnomeregan Auto-Blocker 601 (Will be nerfed in 7.1.5 - hotfixed dec. 6, change pending) Valor Medal of the First War (Will be nerfed in 7.1.5 - hotfixed dec. 6, change pending) B-Tier Bloodthirsty Instinct Unstable Arcanocrystal Shivermaw's Jawbone Majordomo's Dinner Bell C-Tier Grotesque Statuette (can be good with high ilevel on specific fights) Goblet of Nightmarish Ichor (Is B-tier in fights with high uptime) Coagulated Nightwell Residue Writhing Heart of Darkness Infernal Alchemist Stone Impenetrable Nerubian Husk Legendaries Legendaries can be seperated into two groups; best for raiding, and best for dungeons. Below they are listed for each; ranked BEST to WORST (Best first) Legendaries BiS list for Raiding Fragment of the Betrayer's Prison Cloak of Fel Flames Kirel Narak The Defiler's Lost Vambraces Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus Cinidaria, the Symbiote Sephuz's Secret Runemaster's Pauldrons Legendaries BiS list for Dungeons Fragment of the Betrayer's Prison Kirel Narak = The Defiler's Lost Vambraces Cloak of Fel Flames Sephuz's Secret Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus Cinidaria, the Symbiote Runemaster's Pauldrons Relic priority For relics, higher ilevel is ALWAYS the best choice. Only use the below list for EQUAL ILEVEL RELICS. Below is listed BEST to WORST, BEST first. For DPS: Aura of Pain (Single Target and AoE) Honed Warblades (Single Target) Fiery Demise (Single Target Burst) For Survivability: Devour Souls Embrace the Pain Aldrachi Design Will of the Illidari MISC Like i wrote first, this guide should be used as a reference tool; a quick "look up" for the most needed info. I will keep the guide updated in future patches. This post is based on guides by, and approved by Munkky. PATCH 7.1.5 is expected in January, with some small nerfs and big buffs. We can expect our Meta to be much stronger, making Fueled by Pain and Meta stronger, giving us space to choose other talents. Also adjustments to health, armor, 10% less physical dmg taken on base, and 10% less physical dmg mitigated with spikes among the changes. Weak Auras: Demonhunter Discord: The Fel Hammer: Maradum: Laste resort vs. Soul barrier argument: Feel Free to ask any questions below, ill do my best to reply to them all ASAP References and usefull links: Smørholm35 08 Apr
7h RNG = FUN | Demonic build 2 button rotation? Hi all! Now that legion pve content is done I would like to share my views on the whole expansion. I've been playing wow on and off since vanilla and legion has without doubt been the most fun. I see so many hateposts about the rng in game. I love the rng! The excitement before every boss fight, getting some huge crits and procs. For a DH my dps can go from 1.8 - 3m dps 200 sec st. Try to think back, wotlk, cata. Your dps was always the same. Getting a new armor piece it went up alittle. Your nr 1 guild dps stayed nr1 every raid. Now its fun to look at the dps meters. "Damn John u got 4m on that fight!" This is not a dh thing, relates to almost every class, but some more stable than others. Like when our ele sham gets mass procs and shout it out on discord and we all see adds getting nuked. Its so satisfying. I also see alot of posts about the demonic build being a 2 button rotation. If you only have a 2 button rotation you are doing something very wrong. My rotation of a boss fight: Nemesis - throw glaives - fel rush to boss - fury of the illidary - demon bitex1-2 - eye beam - chaos strike spam - meta - eye beam - chaos strike - picking souls to get fury while smashing - bite - placing darkness on group / tank on huge hits. Ofc prepot and all that. In dungeons it will be more, as you are using stun, trap etc. Yes, we have 3 major attacks, but if you are only using them you are slacking. I feel like some people only go meta - bite - chaos strike. Yes, that is a 2 button rotation. You got to move alot, look for orbs and using your throw at distance to keep uptime etc. In legion you can always do something. There is always a reward. Like when I was helping ny friend lvl from 100-110 in dungeons. I got ap, blood and so. Even a chance to get a legendary. Oh, the legendaries! I got all legendaries on my main now, but i love it when a new one drops for my tank specc. Sorry to say this, but I love the leggo system. The feeling when you get your first BIS leggo and inspecting others to see what combo they are using for each situations. The only bad thing about legion is pvp. I enjoy doing random bg's occasionally, but the lack of gear you get are pushing people to do pve content. The 1% upgrade each 10 ilvl above 930 (i think) is a big deal for high rated players. I got to prestige 6 over time, and the pvp badge makes me look pro, but since im ally I lost the most but honor boost gave me alot. Pvp talents is kinda cool tho. Thanks Blizzard for an amazing expansion. Dont worry, I wont start a "Bring legion back" movement.. yet. I will try my best to enjoy bfa. It looks cool, but will it top legion? Sorry for typos. Writing this in a rush at work.Humber35 7h
19h Rate The Transmog Above You II Last post reached it's limit.Xávius207 19h
2d A sincere rant from a frustrated fan I don't even know where to begin. But I believe in order to not fall out of context, I will have to put this into different categories. Arena perspective Double Demon hunter So. I believe we all saw it. The menace. The disease. Outrageous was it. Demon hunters was climbing the ladder. DH/WW, DH/DK, DH/war and DH/DH. So, I get it. We were too strong. I wont deny it. But a pattern seems to be drawn here. When feral was at its peak and double feral was a thing, they got nerfed. Now we barely see feral outside of jungecleave. DH just vanished altogether. Those, during the current EU tournament, that actually tried using a DH, lost. Not once has it been useful to use a DH. Why? Because we're very similar to a monk. Though a monk got better burst, better defensives, better mobility, better CC and self healing. A monk can litterally do everything a DH can, just better. And may I just add? Tripple monk- I'll just leave that there... Unique or critique? I'd argue that the Havoc is a unique class design in the bigger picture. But if you look at what it brings or what it offers to a team. Outside of darkness.. Not much, right? In perspective, our biggest offensive cooldown is a 5min CD. So in order to be just a little bit useful, we HAVE to talent to reduce the cooldown, its 100% mandatory. So much for freedom with talents? Or talents being equally powerful? Meta should never had been a 5min cooldown. Ever. Period. PvE perspective Utility vs practicality In a raid setup, I'd argue that it's much like pvp. It's about what you bring, what you offer. Look at it like a jobinterview. Why should we chose you?! Why should we chose you?! Here is the deal. I don't do more damage than a fury warrior, hell I don't even have as much raid utility as he does. I can probably do better than rogues, but I don't have any utility. Overall, you're better off picking a class with better raid utility, because there are even better damage dealers. Tanks? There are even better tanks. Moving forward (BFA) Talents = balance I still don't understand it. I argued a long time ago that Fel blade should be chaos damage for havoc. That way, it would scale with mastery and make the talent much more viable to the spec. Now we're getting immolation Aura and, funny as it is, that is fire.. Still not changed to chaos damage for havoc. Fire doesn't do anything for us. At all.... That it's so difficult to see, is frustrating to me. I understand it from a vengeance perspective. But that raises the question for BFA. Will fire damage still heal Vengeance? I'm blind, not deaf Why not combine the pvp talent into meta permanently? Make meta a 2min CD that only lasts for 15sec and give 10% dmg outside of Meta. Make Fel blade and Immolation Aura into chaos damage. Solitude talent is rather bad as well in pvp. For the most part it will never win over Cover of Darkness. But if you combined Cover of Darkness into darkness itself, it would give Havoc a raid utility. The 20% chance is barely worth the 3min cooldown in every scenario you could think of. Also.. People run out of it. Are you saying Demon hunters are useless or can't be played? Not at all. I'm saying Demon hunters are a casual class, if that makes sense. If you want to pvp at a competitive level. You need to play something else. If you wish to raid at a very high competitive level, you'd might have to play something else. Wanna do mythic dungeons at a very high competitive level, you'd might have to pick something else. I'd say, what one once told me, all classes can reach the end game, all classes can reach 2k in arena. That is not the problem. The problem is, that some classes has huge disadvantages in order to get there and the chances of them getting there is much lower or takes a lot more skill to do so. For me, that is what class balance is about. Equal skill vs equal reward. That being said. I really don't understand the nerfing process. Why is it ALWAYS too much? Why is it always to the point where people litterally give up on the classes that gets nerfed? Just to later being buffed again because the nerfs was devastating to the class?Chaotica3 2d
2d Elves I know this is a stupid question, I know the answer is probably NO and always will be because Lore and what not. Do you think Blizzard will ever extend the right for other races to play DH. I know it's probably a resounding NO because it defies all lore and logic and everything. Just out of all the races any type of 'Elf' race would always be my least favourite choice, I always like to go for a race that resembles my personality and physical traits better. Being a larger guy I always opt for Pandaren or Dwarf. I honestly can't believe Blizzard introduced a class that can only be played by two races.... I mean don't get me wrong, not bashing on the class, I adore the design and the concept I REALLY DO hence this post but I can't bring myself to play one as I feel so disconnected because of the lack of race choice. I never thought Blizzard would introduce a class that could only be played by two races in the game.... ever... that seems like a poor business choice. I know many will bash and flame on me and trust me I'm not disrespecting the class I love it, I'm not even disrespecting Night Elves or Blood Elves it's just personal preference I suppose, but from a business perspective purely, surely Blizzard knew the limited race choices for DH would be a huge gamble.Whitworth6 2d
3d Hero Moudiyo is really nice, he helped me with my rotation. <3 BIG THANKS <3Jasczurka1 3d
4d DH WINGED FORM are we going to get wings for flight form in bfa blizzard? please...Demonjuice7 4d
5d Seen the BFA talents? This actually looks quite good, I'm interested in how they further this. Obviously changes can happen etc, but it looks rather interesting..Tahamine25 5d
09 Mar Number of DHs at 110 Hello, I was wondering about starting to play DH but I don't like playing a class that everyone rolls, therefore I'm asking if there are a lot of DHs you guys see in endgame pvp and pve. I know that according to RealmPop its the most represented class at 110, but do people play it or they went back to their original classses? ThanksSengó16 09 Mar
08 Mar Casting animations bugged after Spirit bomb Couldn't find any posts or bug reports about it. After using Spirit bomb my character stops showing any cast animations. Herb gathering, mount, quest objects interaction, hearthstone cast, well any "cast" animations are just missing and my character just stands there... Logout or zone change fixing it till next Spirit bomb cast. Very annoying >_> Anyone else experiencing this?Nebbz5 08 Mar
07 Mar Rate the DH name above you! 1-10 should do a fine work! Let's start with meDathedr395 07 Mar
07 Mar Would I like a DH Hey guys and gals and x*'s! I haven't touched the DH for the whole expansion (boo me!) and I'm looking for a next melee alt to play. I'm torn between shaman and dh. To keep it short I like/dislike: +weapons and hitting stuff with them +exploration +easy to grasp rotation +single target dps -magic -attacks sounding like plasticknife hitting a rock -long cooldowns -bursting windows Would DH be a fun class for me? Cheers- I mean LORD ILLIDAN KNOWS DE WHEYThedice10 07 Mar
07 Mar Green / Felfire transmog? Finally got green flamereapers (and Warglaives of azzinoth, but gotta wait for that timewalk lol). Problem is I can't find a good looking heavy green, fel themed set. Any suggestion?Leizen1 07 Mar
06 Mar A stunless or a slowless class in BfA I've been following the BfA class changes and it seems like Chaos Nova is no longer a stun. Which is fine for me since "Fel Eruption" will be buffed to a 4 second stun instead of 2. BUT Both "Fel Eruption" and "Master of the Glaive" are in the same row of talents! So Blizzard is literally saying: "You will either be a stunless class or a slowless pick one" Anyone else feeling sad about this? Mainly for PvP.Shadowpunk5 06 Mar
06 Mar Describe your class Hello fellow wow players, i want to switch my main in near or further future. So i came here to ask to describe your class (healer or dps) What are the major trait that describe the play style and what is the thing that makes you play this class and spec. Thank you for the time, and thank you already in advance for your opinions :)Lazykitty7 06 Mar
06 Mar How the hell is T21 so awful compared to T20? I'm performing better on my current gear than by going T21, I use 935 legs and gloves and the shoulders and cloak are 930 and the rest can't be switched out (Vari trinket, ring and crit/mast belt) because I don't have those pices yet. Should I wait till HC pieces? it was very weird other times i was swimming in fury orbs and other times they rarely spawned. Talking ST here. Edit: So head 915 > 1k, Shoulders 1k > 930, cloak 905 > 930, hands 920 > 935 and legs 900 > 935.Sylnyae41 06 Mar
05 Mar Highest DH World in 3s and 2s Q&A Hi guys, Im here to help you guys reach your goals on your Demon Hunter. If its 2k for the elite set or 2.4 or Gladiator. Feel free to ask me anything. Currently I'm 2803cr #5 overall in 2v2 and 2925 in 3s #20. Last season I achieved 3015cr. Ask me anything about the class not random stupid questions ^_^ - Tren.Trenacetate33 05 Mar
05 Mar We were fun all Legion but what now? If You browse logs of Antorus mythic not even single boss has DH at #1 dps. Best is #6 at Garothi. We aren’t as useful as other classes in raids. One small mistake in rotation and our dps is low. It’s hard to keep a spot in mythic raid. I think demonic build needs some changes. It is just bad for a class which should be highly mobile to stand in place (even do your metamorphosis without moving) just not to collect soul fragments because it will drop your dps. It just feels wrong. We don’t have burst anymore, nor mobility and what will be next? Our warglaives? ( x . X )?>Rhuten11 05 Mar
04 Mar Will you main DH next xpac under status quo? Will you main your demon hunter in the next expansion, If demon hunters stay as they are now? For the sake of the argument lets assume DHs lose the legendaries (cuz rng atm), but keep the first 51 artefact traits (cuz sorta guaranteed) I do not think I will unless blizz adds some more depth to our rotation, like adding armor penetration like skill(raw damage increase) or something like slice and dice (increasing fury generation). Cuz there are classes that are more attractive rotation wise when it comes to legendaryless dps.Miraeni45 04 Mar
04 Mar Demon Hunter Vengeance-spec feedback Hi there, I am not sure where I should post this so here I am, trying my luck. First and foremost, I am not a Raider and I won't pretend I am one, however I am a lover of 5-man content, since it is more accessible to a smaller group of friends and without a more steady schedule attached to it. Also, I play mostly as a Tank, be it on my Paladin, Druid, Demon Hunter or Monk. So, I would like to just write down something that came across my head while playing as a Vengeance... It relies mostly around the [Shattered Souls] passive, I do understand its mechanic and to be honest I kinda like it in a minor way. However, it bothers me the fact that those same Orbs interact a lot with other spells that may, or may not, be on our rotation, such as: [Soul Barrier], [Soul Cleave] and [Spirit Bomb]. Since those Orbs are mostly random and specially their spawn locations, I came across some problems while running lots of 5-man: => Orbs can spawn near a pack of mobs or close enough that forces us to pull them even if you don't want to - this scenario is very unlikely to happen since we can just AoE grab them, but still. => Orbs can spawn so far away (its max. range) that when we need to move just for a bit to grab a caster or a running mob, we will run out of its range and turn it useless, screwing us later for a better burst or defensive -spell. => Orbs management isn't that optimal - I understand the decision making between doing damage ([Soul Cleave] and/or [Spirit Bomb]) or using as a defensive CD ([Soul Barrier]). But, for some reason Orbs can also spawn below us and we will then spend them right away, overhealing most of the times, and then not allowing us to time/predict our next move/spell - I could be aimming for a 3 or more Orbs-stacking to blow them up with a single [Spirit Bomb], but due to their spawn location/timming we can't do that as often as we desire. => One last bit that I think it could be improved relies on those spells cost, why shall we always spend all the Orbs on a single spell/usage?! We should be able to choose, f.ex. 4 Orbs for [Spirit Bomb] and then 1 Orb for [Soul Barrier], just because it could be handy to have that available and because having 5 Orbs at that right moment doesn't happen in every pull, even when spamming [Fracture] and [Shear]. So, after all of this, I thought about 1 or 2 suggestions: 1st) Delete the fact that we can spend an Orb just by walking over it - that would help us predict better how many Orbs are available and not waste them just because I had to move 2 or 3y to catch a mob. 2nd) I don't see the point of [Soul Cleave] spend Orbs, since its damage and heal is not affected by those same Orbs - just turn it into non-Orbs cost. Best regards, everyone! Hope to read some feedback from this... edit: Spelling errors.Sighuman2 04 Mar
01 Mar Havoc DH asking for advice Hello guys, I posted my armory . I am having troubles with my dps, I am like 940/942 and I am struggling to do a decent dps. I sometimes find it difficult to do 1m dps...I know that for my Item Level the damage I am doing now its not decent. I am farming Antorus for the 4set bonus and got only 2 pieces ( happy these have sockets though). I will try to write here the things I think I am doing wrong with my DH : - I am spamming too much Demons Bite and sometimes i waste it ( over cap ) - I use the rage/fury I am generating on Chaos Strike, Blade Dance Only - I have to optimize my Nemesis CD : that means keep an eye on Eye Beam CD - I am not sure I have enough Haste ( 18%) right now - I am not sure about statistics : what is the recommended crit strike cap ? - Mastery increases Chaos Damage ( Eye Beam). Good sinergy with t21 2 piece, should I increase it ( and whats the cap). Speaking about Legendaries , I have Helm and Ring, and the Cloak doing something I dont remember now with throwing blades. Speaking about rotation , I am pretty sure I am doing something wrong but can not understand what exactly is making me losing dps. I spam pretty much Demons Bite and use the Fury for EYe beam , Chaos Strike and the Blade Dance. I try to generate as much fury as possible and spend it on Chaos Strike during my Methamorphosis Short activation after Eye Beam ( im talented into that). Any Advices are really appreciated and I hope i did not annoy you too much , I am hoping to see some help since I love this Character.Vilemotion2 01 Mar
01 Mar Soul cleave traits theorycrafting Hellooo!! So spirit bomb spirit bomb spirit bomd.. sounds familliar? Yeah Ive had enough too. I have an theory im planning on testing and since it will require alot of luck to get going I thought id theorycraft alittle with you fellow hunters of demons. 1221321 is the talents im talking about that will basicly be all about spamming Soul Cleave as much as you can. Legendaries can wary but im thinking of 4 in particular, bracers legs leech ring and bubble trinket. Forgive me for not knowing the names and since im on the phone I dont feel like looking them up. Lets say you use bracers and legs. With Soul Cleave heal relics in all 6 traits. This means you spend nearly all pain on soulcleave and every soulcleave reduces CD on Sigil of Flame. Which means you are healing a very large amount from soulcleave and the fire damage from a very short CD on Sigil of Flame. Not to mention all the souls you devour which in turn lowers CD on your AM. Running this with alot of crit/versa gear I believe will result in insane amounts of self healing. Do you think itll work or am I just a dreaming fool. Discuss ;)Karned6 01 Mar
28 Feb Demon Hunter - Havoc PvE Guide 7.3.5 INTRO Demon Hunters Havoc Specialization is constructed like 2 (viable) different Speccs. On one Hand the Chaosblades Build and on the other the Demonic Build. These 2 Play styles are so different to each other, that completely other Talents have to be chosen in the same Specc to achieve a clean play style in each Variant. This makes the Specc so Special but also a little bit inconsistent, where other Classes have way more Talents to choose, Demon Hunters are bound to some Talents to make their chosen Play style viable. /The recommended play style for Antorus the Burning Throne @ Patch 7.3.5 is Demonic Edit: I did not include the Prepared/Momentum Build, because i don't think its going to be played again in Patch 7.3.5 In this Guide i hope to help some Beginners with their Choice of wich Playstyle matches their favours and maximising DPS advanced. I will work with the recommended Talentsbuilds. Feel free to comment criticism and notice me about Mistakes if i made some. Also reachable - Parzevile @ Blackhand/Aegwynn-EU Important Things to mention for Havoc DH: - Chaosstrike is your Main Dmg Tool ! When it crits you get half of the Ressource back. Means critting 2 Times with Chaosstrike gifts you with a 3rd one for free. [As long as you are not overcapping Fury]. -> Wich makes Crit the most important Stat for Havoc Dh. HOW TO USE THIS GUIDE Post 1 - Introducing Post 2 - 1. Chaosblades Guide Post 3 - 2. Demonic Guide Post 4 - 3. Stuff (in progress) includes: Important Things to mention x.1 Talentbuild x.2 Rotation [Opening - Burst - Singletarget + Multitarget] x.3 Stats x.4 Set and Legendaries x.5 Macros x.6 Weakaura Strings [only in Demonic Section] (@Request) also at Stuff: 3.1 Relic System 3.2 Enchants and Consumables 3.3 Addons and Personal Settings 3.4 EditsParzevile31 28 Feb
27 Feb New Dh Havoc need tips Hello, Im new to dh I wanted to start gear him and see how it go so what is the best build to start with? And what for later on when 4/4 tier 21? My il now now like 890 so i can start lfr And i can do normal antorus runs with alts i have my first Lego the belt dont think its great ? It feels im starving furry fast hope it get bether when you get Some gear.Aidén11 27 Feb
26 Feb What to run for transmog? Im running old instances for transmog but there are no tokens for DH. Is it any idea at all to run WoTLK raids and so on? Can we get anything?Vedtrae4 26 Feb
26 Feb Fel Rush D/C in AtBT Well discovering fel rushing into the adds on Kin'garoth when they are charging up does it, anymore spots people discovered?Sylnyae6 26 Feb
26 Feb Fel Rush Disconnect issues... When are these issues gonna be fixed? They are annoying to say the least and happen everywhere..Glaiverunner7 26 Feb
25 Feb The VDH 110 BFA talent is... Void Reaver - Enemies hit by Soul Cleave (and presumably Spirit Bomb) deal 8% reduced damage to you for 4 seconds. ...yay?Severemon6 25 Feb
23 Feb How does The DH look? So I have not tried out the alpha myself, so I was wondering if someone would like to tell me how the future looks for DH? And please keep it constructive.Wikie1 23 Feb
22 Feb Thanks You blizzard you killes dh Why in hell so mush change? And why we dont have our artifakt skill fury of illidari, it my favo abiltiy And the talens change are so f”””””k Bad. I hope that !@#$ dont go live IF that go live pls. Kick all retard DH team or that idiot..... idé that make that %^-*ty change. Comon you can Make better them that !@#$, Or just let dh like this and just %^- new talens for lvl 120, and pls pls i beg you keep our fury of illidari i cant play dh whitout thatGtesh21 22 Feb
20 Feb Item lvl vs stats ? Crit vs mastery/versatility So i have a 880 neck that gives me 1700 crit/ 700 mastery, from argus vendor i got neck that gives me 1700 mastery/versatility. When i change the neck i am losing around 5% crit chance but i can around 5k damage on abilities. Felblade damage increased from 312 k to 317k. So is it worth upgrading or should i change it back. SmC tells me it is a 11% upgrade for my character ( not havoc overall ). All sites tells that crit is the best stat for havoc so that is why i am not sure what is better. Thanks for the info, cheers,Shirrel9 20 Feb
17 Feb Warglaives of Azzinoth - Model Upgrade? I can't remember reading where, but somewhere I heard about the Warglaives getting a HD model update, considering they're from as far back as TBC it definitely seems the right thing to do. What's people's thoughts on it actually happening and how awesome would it be eh?Fakevox7 17 Feb
17 Feb My Demon Hunter died to Boredom Hello, I have been playing my Demon Hunter since Legion pre-expansion patch, I have enjoyed it for a year and a half, I was proud to top DPS charts of my guild on many occasions, I was always sought after for high Level Mythic + and I got my +15 artefact skin really early, I didn't care about the only single viable talents choice at the begining, I didn't care about being forced to chose a talent that I hated because of a set bonus, I didn't care about fel rush disconnecting me on a boss fight, or eye beam failing to do its full damage ... at the early months. One day I went back to my holy paladin, I picked up some talents and went to Tomb of Sargeras, it was fun, a week later, I picked different talents, it was still fun, days later my guild asked me to go Retribution, it was even more fun ! It was the day I looted the Vision of Aman'Thul that got me really mad, I alt-f4 right after the legendary popped up, I hated myself, it was the first time I killed Argus the Unmaked with my paladin. As if it was a sign to go and play my paladin more ... My paladin was created 11 years ago. Don't get me wrong I don't hate my Demon hunter, I only think I need a third spec, so I can switch to when the other spec is not enough. <3Möè15 17 Feb
17 Feb (havoc) talents for mythic+ ? Hello how's it going, i'm kinda confused about the talent choice in 7.1.5 since there are so many options for cleave-st-aoe and i was wondering what the "best" choice for mythic + would be. enjoy the patch lads.Doomfel7 17 Feb
14 Feb New skills in BFA Giving out ideas.what I like to see! visual wise An Illidan skill which jumps to air and lands something like death from above,which waste some kind of fury for dmg,or smthing I cant think about simple as this!! :DSkelgar8 14 Feb
14 Feb Why DHs need a ranged specialisation Perhaps 'need' is a strong word, but I argue that there is a strong case to be made for giving Demon Hunters a ranged specialisation. If we compare classes and specialisations in terms of Melee DDs versus Ranged DDs, then we have: > 9 classes that have at least 1 Melee DD specialisation versus 6 classes that have at least 1 Ranged DD specialisation. [Classes with both, e.g. druids, are included in both counts.) > A total of 13 different melee DD specialisations across all classes versus a total of 11 different ranged DD specialisations. By numbers alone, the ratio between melee DD and ranged DD is quite imbalanced; not so much in terms of specialisations, but noticably by class (for the most part because 6 out of 11 ranged DD specialisations are confined to Mage and Warlock). Giving a current melee-only class a ranged options would aid in the convergence of these numbers — a good balance between the number of classes capable of performing ranged and melee roles is important because, for instance, it makes raid encounters not severely biased against a majority of the players by favouring either ranged or melee in terms of mechanics. Demon Hunters are the natural first choice for giving a new ranged specialisation to, given that DHs: 1) Currently only have 2 specialisations to choose from, the lowest of the lot. 2) Already have some ranged elements in their arsenal (e.g. Eye beam and Glaive Toss); their ability to use chaos magic, possibly combined with ranged combat usage of their iconic warblades, would offer a lore-friendly (or at least plausible) way of justifying a ranged specialisation. Another option would be taking inspiration from Allari the Souleater and having ranged DHs use a Scythe-like weapon (much like traditional staff-wielding casters), or perhaps from Succibi and introducing whips as a player weapon. 3) Are less easily given a lore-friendly heal specialisation, which —in terms of balancing out the number of specialisations— would be the other option for their third specialisation. 4) Could be able to be another leather-wearing intellect user, of which there currently are only 3 (Balance Druids, Restoration Druids, and Mistweaver Monks); compared to the 9 leather-wearing agility users, that is quite few. This would spread out the leather off-set loot pieces with intellect a bit more across different classes. In my opinion, the above reasons accommodate and/or justify Demon Hunters being given a ranged DD specialisation. So... Blizzard, please give us a late Winter Veil present and make it happen! I've been a very good Demon Hunter y'know!Phaelora15 14 Feb
14 Feb Demonic Build Fury Generation Hi guys, I'm an experienced DH that normally plays chaos blades and nemesis, however recently I've been intrigued by the demonic build: Level 99: Blind Fury Level 100: Demonic Appetite Level 102: Chaos Cleave Level 104: Soul Rending Level 106: Momentum Level 108: Demon Reborn Level 110: Demonic What I don't quite understand however is how you're supposed to generate any fury, you can't even get demonic appetite started because you don't even have energy to chaos strike, so literally all you can do is white hit, fury of the illidari and arcane torrent for 15 fury.. Am I missing something here?! Cheers, JamiePüritania7 14 Feb
13 Feb Some random questions Hey guys. So let me tell a bit of my background first. I've been a wow player since vanilla. Once legion hit I played rogue/warlock/priest all as like a main and skipping the other class. In vanilla and tbc I always played a holy paladin. So when legion came ofcourse I had to try out this new class DH. When leveling I had a lot of fun. The mobility is something I always really like about MMORPGs and mostly is the reason I have a rogue/assassin type of character. When hitting 110 i did a few rated arenas and actually got a legendary from it. Now from here I noticed I didn't like the pvp much. Mostly because I just didn't put the time in it yet and I felt super squishy. Also afraid of doing PvE and coming to the forums because I think a lot of people have a mindset of thinking DHs are kids or people w/o brain. Tldr: So my questions are; Do you like the class/spec and why (I'll only play damage) What makes you play a Demon Hunter? Is there any good source/community for DHs to check like tips tricks for both pvp and pve? (Example a specific youtuber) I'm aware BfA is around the corner but I don't mind spending time in a new class, the hell i might even go for a totally new main next patch. Hope to see some answers and thanks for readingAeldorin4 13 Feb
13 Feb Fury of the Illidari I would like to address something that most demon hunters have been using throughout legion: The Fury of the Illidari ability. In Battle for Azeroth we might be losing this ability because it's an artifact weapon ability and as we'll no longer be using our artifact weapons... I was wondering if it will be added to our default abilities or will we be losing it forever?Ñýx4 13 Feb
12 Feb Best race for dh Wanna know which race is the best for dh? YES? Dwarf and tauren, those passives give about 30 to 50 k dps more then any other race. Make it happen. Though it makes 0 sense lore wise.Ryura7 12 Feb
08 Feb Caps DH tank Hi guys! My stats are: Crit 20% Haste 20% Mastery 26% Versa 12% Dodge 17% Parry 13% Are this stats ok? My ilvl is 931 and I tanked Imonar perfectly. Are my stats fine? I must grow up versatility? I'm noob like a tank. Thank you all for the answers!! :DIlydari9 08 Feb
08 Feb Need help with a Macro pls Hello fellow Demon Hunters, I have a question about a macro that I'm using, it is for the spell Consume Magic to be cast at mouse location: #showtooltip Consume Magic /cast [@mouseover][@target]Consume Magic My problem is: when I don't have the mouse over a mob it will not cast the Consume Magic on my current target, any idea why? Thanks in advance and good hunting!Illürlot2 08 Feb
06 Feb Something needs to happen to Fury This is just how ive experienced Havoc, Its really easy and spammy and it feels good to see those big numbers on Chaos Strike. But thats only if you are lucky with your Fury. At times its reeeeaaally slow depending on procs. And to me just how unreliant the Fury generation is, kills the class abit for me. You either choose demon blades wich is a booring auto hit but it can make it smoother not having to use a generation spell. Demonic appetite wich is justa as booring with its 25% proc. And you got wich i woukd have liked due to showing off some nice animation with your Glaives. However its slow, Unintresting weak and just puts everyhing on GCD when you want to spam your other abilities. I dont think anything will change with DH in BFA but i would have hoped to see something intresting happen to Demons Bite or just an overhaul in general how we generate Fury.Faruxx2 06 Feb
06 Feb Reign from above bugged? Is the pvp talent Reign from Above bugged? I've tried it several times already in different areas and every time i go into the air it just blinks the action bar many times without actually giving me the shoot ability thingy EDIT: this would appear to be a problem with all actions that include action bar switching (vehicles in battlegrounds, skills that make your action bar into a different UI e.g reign fro mabove)Hawen2 06 Feb
05 Feb Noob Vengeance on Mage Tower Hi there everyone! I am currently 928, however I have never raided nor I will, so my gear is only from Argus-tokens rolls or the few My+ I did - stats wise isn't optimal, so to speak. Also, I only got one Tank-Lego ([Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus]). That being said and, I can also add that I have already done this Challenge on my Protadin and on my Guardian with this similar conditions of gear. However, on my DH, I am currently having a lot troubles on the P1 because it seems I can't handle the ghosts/voids, I have tried both Silence and Misery but even with the faster activation talent both seem to activate too late for me, at least it seems so - so I am relying a lot on the Velen's Orbs, which I would like to keep few for the 2nd phase. Apart of those Sigils and/or the Velen's Orbs, is there any other tip anyone can give me, please?? Best regards, everyone!Sighuman3 05 Feb
04 Feb Lego advice Hello guys. Once again, I need your help. Counting all the bad legos out, I now got 3 good ones: Cinidaria, Grandeur and Raddons (I still don't have the ring) Now... I wanted to go with Raddons + Grandeur, but then I lose my 4set bonus.. so im forced to go with belt, and either head or shoulders... which one should I pick? Cinidaria + Raddons Cinidaria + Grandeur Thanks once again!Banderaaz12 04 Feb
04 Feb Switching from Vengeance-Havoc So, after playing Vengenace the all xpac im switching to havoc to compensate the lack of dps of our guild (yes we have tanks, healers but little dpsers). Im searching for advices, like stats, rotations (what spells are useless in raiding) and with build rocks more in raiding, meta or chaos blades? Ty in dvance. P.S.: my ekips are stil tank oriented so mastery its very high.Ogaithpombal2 04 Feb
31 Jan [LONG POST] The future of Vengeance Warning: Long post. TL;DR at the end. With Legion coming to an end and Battle for Azeroth on the horizon, Demon Hunters have survived their first expansion. I have been playing a Vengeance Demon Hunter as one of the main tanks for my casual mythic guild. Looking back on Legion, I am quite pleased with the spec. However, as with any new class, there are still some kinks that can be ironed out. In my downtime, I have been brainstorming a bit about how to progress the Vengeance specialization into their niche, and how to improve their overall gameplay flow. This post is about areas where I think improvements to the spec could be made. Feel free to leave your comments. Theme First of, let's start with the theme of the specialization. Vengeance Demon Hunters are badass, nimble elves who have absorbed a demon into their very being, granting them immeasurable strength and a proficiency with fel and soul magic. This is reflected in the various mechanics Vengeance deals with: Metamorphosis, Soul Fragments, Parrying to mitigate damage (Demon Spikes), Immolation Aura, Infernal Strike, etc. I really like this theme and feel it fits well with what we know of Demon Hunters. Parrying the attacks of bosses so much larger and stronger than we are really brings home that feeling of immeasurable, demon-fueled strength. We also see Illidan parry Turalyon's attack, which again reflects this incredible strength. My only complaint with the parry theme is that it's not embraced more. I feel like the Vengeance playstyle could greatly benefit from some sort of Overpower-like ability, which gets activated upon parrying and has a short cooldown. Maybe some sort of fel Eye Flash, an ability that deals some damage to targets in a small cone in front of the Demon Hunter. My last complaint with the theme is the animations during Metamorphosis. Out of meta, our animations are super badass. However, during Metamorphosis, there are maybe 2 to 3 different animations which are all very disappointing. The animations are super boring and they actually kind of make me hate proccing meta, or at least make me excited to drop it again since that will give me back my cool animations. And that's not even mentioning the glide animation, which is in its own category all-together. For a big cooldown ability that should feel super powerful, the animations really ruin that feeling. Combat flow Let's first talk about the baseline flow and focus of the combat rotation. The focus here lies on Pain, which fuels your Soul Cleaves for damage (threat) and healing, and Demon Spikes (active mitigation). The Soul Fragments created by Shear/Soul Carve feel like small extras. I feel this flow is quite clunky, since it forces you to certain actions when you may not want to. For example, if you want to avoid capping Pain, but don't want to absorb the Soul Fragments (to save them for later), there is no way to do this (without talents). This in turn makes the transformation Shear goes through during meta a little off-putting as well. During meta, Shear deals more damage and always creates a Soul Fragment. Logically, you would want to spam Shear to create as much Soul Fragments as possible. But, by spamming Shear, you generate so much Pain (meta also passively generates Pain) that you will cap Pain very fast. This means you should Soul Cleave, but that will absorb your precious Soul Fragments. This creates some sort of weird dilemma between spamming your empowered Shear ability and capping Pain, and using Soul Cleave to spend Pain but absorb your precious fragments while missing out on special Shear casts. Fortunately, we have talents that can improve this flow. Namely Fracture and Spirit Bomb. However, these talents remove Soul Cleave from the rotation almost completely. It does offer a clearer use for each resource: Shear (free GCDs) generates Pain (+ a chance for Soul Fragments) Pain generates Soul Fragments (through Fracture), and active mitigation (DS) Fragments are used to heal and damage (through Spirit Bomb) Having played with these talents ever since they became viable, I feel this creates a much better flow in the rotation. So here's how I would do it: First off, Fracture should be made baseline. Then, Soul Cleave's Pain cost should be removed. It's damage and healing should be rescaled. The base damage and healing should be reduced, while the damage and healing from Soul Fragments should be increased. It should not be worth it to just spam Soul Cleave, but instead you should be making Soul Fragments and spending them with Soul Cleave. Lastly, Spirit Bomb should replace/upgrade Soul Cleave, offering more damage, a better AoE pattern (radius around DH, instead of cone in front), deal Fire damage, and apply Frailty as it does currently. This makes Shear a filler ability you only use when you have nothing else to do (which isn't a bad thing). Personally, I feel like Felblade would be a fine replacement for Shear (or combination where it can also generate Soul Fragments). The meta upgrade for Shear has now lost even more of its allure however. So, I would suggest to upgrade other abilities as well for the duration of meta, such as Fracture (more damage or fragments maybe) or Soul Cleave (again, bigger numbers). I think that with these changes, the Vengeance rotation will feel a lot smoother, and give Blizzard much more oppurtunity to play with the spec. As an aside, I also hope that Soul Fragments eventually get their own resource indicators (much like Arcane charges got), instead of forcing us to use WeakAuras or AddOns to track them. Talents I have also brainstormed a little about the talents. What I've tried to do is determine the general theme for each row, and see how each talent fits in that theme, paying a little extra attention to underused talents. I am not a balance specialist, so I've tried to avoid talking about numbers. I think it speaks for itself that each talent in a tier should be roughly equivalent in throughput. Level 99: Damage and mobility The only talent in this tier that could use some work is Razor Spikes. My ideas were to either make it dispell snares when cast, or make it cast an AoE snare around the Demon Hunter on cast. Level 100: Defensives against multiple targets Feast of Souls feels like the odd one out in this row, mainly because it doesn't scale with number of targets. A simple fix would be to make Feast of Souls heal a certain amount *per target hit*. Level 102: Damage and utility I thought this row lacked a clear theme, and also all these talents are a little lackluster. I figured that this row could be used to embrace the Parry theme. Maybe have it upgrade the Overpower-like ability (Eye Flash) in a certain way. Three ideas: reduce Demon Spikes cooldown based on targets hit by Eye Flash, reduce damage of targets hit by Eye Flash, fracture Soul Fragments from targets hit by Eye Flash. Level 104: Soul Fragments This row seems to be about interaction with Soul Fragments. Soul Rending feels very lackluster in my opinion and could be scrapped and replaced with a talent reduce the cooldown of metamorphosis or extend its duration if active. Furthermore, with Fracture baseline another spot on this row opens up. An idea for that slot would be a talent that makes Soul Fragments explode when they get absorbed. Level 106: Sigils First off, I think Sigil of Chains should be baseline. Talents in this row should focus on improving the sigils. This can be done in a number of different ways: Quickened as it is now. Larger sigils would be interesting. And maybe a talent on improving sigils, adding/changing some functionality of how they work (Fire can pandemic, Silence reduced cd if interrupts, Misery stuns for a short while, Chains roots after pulling). Level 108: AoE damage and defensives Blade turning really feels like a waste of space in this row, with the other two being much more impactful and fun. Blade Turning could be replaced by some new Sigil that drastically reduces damage of targets and taunts them. Level 110: Panic defensives For when !@#$ hits the fan. I feel like these talents are in a pretty good spot. Only troublemaker is Soul Barrier, since it absorbs all active Soul Fragments. Removing that functionality would greatly increase the QoL of using this talent. Losing our artifact Finally, I'd like to say a few words about our artifact traits that I hope get baked into the class. Demon Hunters, like no other class, have been designed from the ground up with their artifacts equipped. I feel the Vengeance specialization would be very naked without certain traits, such as Painbringer (reduce dmg taken per Soul Fragment) and Charred Warblades (heal for % Fire damage). But most of all, Fueled By Pain (chance to proc meta per Soul Fragment) feels like a core component of the entire spec. Popping in and out of meta is a great survivability tool, but also just looks and feels so cool. I really hope we don't lose that. TL;DR I like Vengeance. I have thought about how to make it better. Main thing: Fracture baseline and remove Pain cost from Soul Cleave. Make Spirit Bomb upgrade Soul Cleave. Meta upgrades Fracture as well. Shear and Felblade combined. Change some talents based on the theme of their row. Bake in golden artifacts trait that we're losing.Cirilla3 31 Jan
30 Jan BfA Fel Rush 1sec CD??? I mean that cant be real Would be OP with MomentumMoerzer4 30 Jan