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23 Feb Demon Hunter - Havoc in Legion 7.0.3 Welcome, To all new Demon Hunters! This Thread is purely related to Havoc speciliazation, Which is a melee dps Specialization. My intentions of this thread, is purely for all of you Demon Hunters, to take part, in the Demon Hunter Dps discussions, for the upcoming expansion. Many Thanks to all of the Beta Demon Hunter Testers, The people at Icyvein, and the people at other various of Demon Hunter sources :) Should you have more questions, you could Refer them to me, at my btag. Btag: Koukaiian#2509 ... 1.1 Stats Stat Weights Our current stat weights vary depending which final talent is selected. This means that you will likely have to run two sets of gear to be effective in all situations. If the choice is between two equal pieces the choice of the Fel Barrage piece will often be more beneficial, as pure single target encounters are far more rare than multi-target encounters. Chaos Blades ... Fel Barrage ... A more in-depth look at these weights can be found here. Please remember, your individual stat weights will vary. For optimal damage you will need to sim your own character. Gems and Enchants These will vary depending on your stat distribution. Crit will, in general, be a strong choice but diminishes in value if your haste or versatility lag too far behind crit or each other. For best results you should sim your character before gemming or enchanting in-game, as always. Food will follow the same pattern. Havoc Demon Hunters will use the Flask of the Seventh Demon and Potion of Deadly Grace.Stalliona45 23 Feb
08 Apr 2017 Demon Hunter - Vengeance Guide (Reference Tool) THIS GUIDE WILL BE UPDATED FOR FUTURE PATCHES - THIS GUIDE IS CURRENTLY OPTIMIZED FOR PATCH 7.1 This is a Simple Guide with only the most basic information. I will not go in-depth in the guide it self, but write it so it can be used as a reference sheet. Press CTRL+F and find the info you need! This guide is an adaption of Munkkys guides and is based off the Wowhead guide, MMO-C guide, Icy-Veins and the Vengeance Discord Channel Discussions. INDEX: - Stat Priority - Potions and enchants - Talents - BIS Gear List - BIS trinket list - Legendaries - Relic priority - Misc - References Stat Priority: We have 3 different stat priorities: ... POTIONS: Unbending for Survivability Prolonged Power for Trash Old War for Bosses ENCHANTS: Mark of the Heavy Hide for neck survival Mark of the Satyr for neck dps Binding of Versatility For rings - Raiding Binding of Mastery for rings - M+ Binding of Agility for cloak TALENTS: Level 99: Agonizing Flames will be the best for AoE and can be for ST. Level 100: Feast of Souls for Single Target, Fallout for AoE Survival (primarily in dungeons), Burning Alive for higher level Mythic+ Dungeons Level 102: Felblade for Learning/"surv", Flame Crash for DPS Level 104: Soul Rending is the go to, Feed the Demon can be used for Smoother Damage Taken, requires Fallout to max the benefit, Fracture is for ST DPS only Level 106: Quickened Sigils for Easier CC, Sigil of Chains for higher level dungeons/when it fits your group (this is a preference row) Concentrated Sigils for max DPS unless you have the Legendary bracers Level 108: Fel Devastation for Burst DPS/Burst Healing, Spirit Bomb for Smoother Healing and can be better for DPS if you feed into it. Level 110: Last Resort is the go to, Nether Bond for situational raid utility, and good for M+ with Necrotic , Soul Barrier extremely situational talent, only for when you have constant non spiky damage, ideally from multiple sources. BIS Gear list BIS Gear isnt a "thing" since they added War/titan forged. A general rule of thumb is to focus on main stats, but if a item is +10 ilevels, its better regardless of stats. This does not always apply for rings and necks. BIS List PRE-RAID Use this list to optimize your bonus rolls.  Kraken Hide Helm - Helya - Maw of Souls  Strand of the Stars - Advisor Melandrus - Court of Stars  Steelgazer Hide Mantle - Dargrul - Neltharion's Lair  Mainsail Cloak - King Deepbeard - Eye of Azshara  Tranquil Bough Vest - Archdruid Glaidalis - Darkheart Thicket  Compact Trifold Wristbands - Millificent Manastorm - Violet Hold  Guileful Intruder Handguards Patrol - Captain Gerdo - Court of Stars  Taut Halyard Waistband - King Deepbeard - Eye of Azshara  Warden's Martial Greaves - Cordana Felsong - Vault of the Wardens  Tunnel Trudger Footguards - Ivanyr - The Arcway  Band of Crystalline Bone - Shivermaw - Violet Hold  Braided Silver Ring - King Deepbeard - Eye of Azshara BIS List Emerald Nightmare  Cowl of Fright - Emeriss  Cursed Beartooth Necklace - Ursoc  Otherworldy Leather Mantle - Il'gynoth  Gossamer-Spun Greatcloak - Elerethe Renferal  Scarred Ragefang Chestpiece - Ursoc  Wristwraps of Broken Trust - Elerethe Renferal  Dreamsculptor's Gloves - Il'gynoth  Lifeless Buckled Girdle - Nythendra  Repulsive Leathery Pants - Xavius  Stained Maggot Squishers - Nythendra  Dreadful Cyclopean Signet - Il'gynoth  Mindrend Band - Ysondre BIS List Trials of Valor  Cowl of Fright - Emeriss  Sea Fan Pendant - Guarm  Otherworldy Leather Mantle - Il'gynoth  Mantle of the Victorious Dead - Odyn  Helbeast Skin Tunic - Guarm  Sky-Valiant's Wristguards - Odyn  Gloves of Issued Challenge - Odyn  Strand of Whelk Shells - Guarm  Sucker-Scarred Leggings - Guarm  Moccasins of Silent Passage - Guarm  Dreadful Cyclopean Signet - Il'gynoth  Mindrend Band - Ysondre BIS Trinkets Trinkets varie a LOT based on the use, and the stats. We have a wide assortment of trinkets, each with a good specific niche. A-Tier Darkmoon Card: Immortality Gnomeregan Auto-Blocker 601 (Will be nerfed in 7.1.5 - hotfixed dec. 6, change pending) Valor Medal of the First War (Will be nerfed in 7.1.5 - hotfixed dec. 6, change pending) B-Tier Bloodthirsty Instinct Unstable Arcanocrystal Shivermaw's Jawbone Majordomo's Dinner Bell C-Tier Grotesque Statuette (can be good with high ilevel on specific fights) Goblet of Nightmarish Ichor (Is B-tier in fights with high uptime) Coagulated Nightwell Residue Writhing Heart of Darkness Infernal Alchemist Stone Impenetrable Nerubian Husk Legendaries Legendaries can be seperated into two groups; best for raiding, and best for dungeons. Below they are listed for each; ranked BEST to WORST (Best first) Legendaries BiS list for Raiding Fragment of the Betrayer's Prison Cloak of Fel Flames Kirel Narak The Defiler's Lost Vambraces Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus Cinidaria, the Symbiote Sephuz's Secret Runemaster's Pauldrons Legendaries BiS list for Dungeons Fragment of the Betrayer's Prison Kirel Narak = The Defiler's Lost Vambraces Cloak of Fel Flames Sephuz's Secret Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus Cinidaria, the Symbiote Runemaster's Pauldrons Relic priority For relics, higher ilevel is ALWAYS the best choice. Only use the below list for EQUAL ILEVEL RELICS. Below is listed BEST to WORST, BEST first. For DPS: Aura of Pain (Single Target and AoE) Honed Warblades (Single Target) Fiery Demise (Single Target Burst) For Survivability: Devour Souls Embrace the Pain Aldrachi Design Will of the Illidari MISC Like i wrote first, this guide should be used as a reference tool; a quick "look up" for the most needed info. I will keep the guide updated in future patches. This post is based on guides by, and approved by Munkky. PATCH 7.1.5 is expected in January, with some small nerfs and big buffs. We can expect our Meta to be much stronger, making Fueled by Pain and Meta stronger, giving us space to choose other talents. Also adjustments to health, armor, 10% less physical dmg taken on base, and 10% less physical dmg mitigated with spikes among the changes. Weak Auras: Demonhunter Discord: The Fel Hammer: Maradum: Laste resort vs. Soul barrier argument: Feel Free to ask any questions below, ill do my best to reply to them all ASAP References and usefull links: Smørholm35 08 Apr 2017
1h 4 piece set bonus vs Spirit of the Darkness Flame Hello everyone. I have a question : what should I choose at ilvl 945(with set bonus)-947(without set bonus), as a tank, 4 piece set bonus or the legendary(Spirit of the darkness Flame)? I have equiped Kirel Narak, and other legendary items : cloak of fel flames(equiped random ilvl 940 ), the defilers lost vambraces(equiped random 935ilvl), insignia of the grand army (equiped random 925/930ilvl). setpieces all are 930+ , only the gloves are 915 from LFR. any advice on best combo? P.S. I tank normals atm, trying to get into hc. Thank you all for the input :)Thehornstar1 1h
6h Rate The Transmog Above You II Last post reached it's limit.Xávius275 6h
9h Where do we fit in after Legion? I am big on lore and love the whole RPG style of WoW. So I am curious, after the Legion has been vanquished and Ilidan no longer with us, where do we fit into the story? This has always been my issue with 'hero classes.' How do they assimilate? I'd like to hear your take on it.Lorsellius9 9h
22h Havoc DH changes in BfA I see that some people said DH is in a good spot in BfA, but when I checked the changes in wowhead I can't really... agree? So leech is reduced in Soul Rending's metamorphosis to a whooping 20% from previously being 70%. Wow. Nemesis being on the GCD Chaos Blades removed from the game... which gave you 30% damage increase for 18 seconds and 150% increased damage on auto attack with chaos damage. Momentum nerfed. Changed from 20% damage increase for 4 seconds after using fel rush and 20% for 4 seconds after using vengeful retreat (for a total of 40% for 4 seconds) to a whooping 15% for 6 seconds with fel rush and 100 fury for vengeful retreat. Demonic Appetite nerfed from 35 to 30 fury per soul fragment Chaos Nova doesn't stun anymore, but instead disorientates???? Thanks. We had a lot of stuns being a Demon Hunter, so please remove one of the few ones we had. Now you have to pick a talent (Fel Eruption) to actually get a proper stun. Thanks, blizz! The artifact ability being removed is a huge negative for us as well. More than other classes since DH has been dependent on that ability since the very start. The only 2 good things I see in these changes are: Fel Mastery that increases your fel rush damage by 100% and the new talent Dark Slash. Nothing else.Ðiáblø20 22h
1d dh without blindfold is there a way i can remove my blindfold and just have normal eyes without the glow effect i saw couple of guys like thatAurelious3 1d
2d Rate the DH name above you! 1-10 should do a fine work! Let's start with meDathedr412 2d
2d Hidden artifact appearance (question) Good evening fellas, I'v already gotten the hidden appearance on my DH about more than a year ago, and all the other tint/colors are unlocked but now i noticed that when switch tank spec i can pick any colors off of it besides the basic tint, which is the starter one(green one). Any idea why the first one is locked or how to fix this ? I appreciate your help with this. :) ! MoeMôe2 2d
2d Struggling A Lot I am struggling in PvP to do any damage to other people. My main abilities just seem to do all of the same low damage whilst other classes beat the crap out of me. Does this improve at 110? I am struggling toLorallian3 2d
2d How do I create a demon hunter? I an in need of help, I have returned to wow after some time, but when I want to create a new demon hunter I cant ?? Why is it a can’t create one even though I don’t have one at the server I usually playTrisle1 2d
3d Demon Hunters kinda suck as a class concept Now I'm not saying that Demon Hunters aren't cool, because they are! I mean who doesn't want to play as their own version of rule 63 Illidan? I do, as you can see. But that's exactly where the problem lies. Demon Hunters aren't really a class, the way the original 9 (and to some extend the other 2) classes are, they're pretty much just Illidan impersonators. When you create a Warrior, you don't just make a reskin of Garrosh or Varian, even though you could, if you wanted. But Warriors can be a million different things. A knight, a blademaster, a barbarian, a warden, even a spell-breaker if you want, your imagination is the limit. Same goes for Hunters and Rogues, those are such basic and flexible archetypes you can do almost anything with them. Priests and Paladins are different classes entirely, depending on what race you play. Not to mention some classes can change their whole identity just by respecing, shadow/holy Priest would be the best example. Druids are getting a similiar treatment with Kul Tiran and Zandalari druids, which are independent of the mainstream druids who follow Cenarius, there's variety, and so Druid characters don't feel like you just play a Malfurion ripoff. Not All Mages are Khadgar, not all Shamans are Thrall, and so on. Monks are a litte worse, but that's because Blizz decided all monks have to be Pandarian monks. But you can still RP outside of that, as there are monks and brewmasters outside of Pandaria. And even though DKs are all former Arthas' servants, they still come from different backgrounds, and have little in common besides the use of necromancy (and having glowing eyes, i guess). Unless you make a male pandaren monk with a straw hat, or male human DK with long white hair, DKs and monk characters have their own personal identity, and don't feel like Chen/Arthas cosplay clubs. But Demon Hunters are literally just Illidan. There is nothing more to the class. You can't even pretend you're anything else, because as a DH, your backstory is predetermined. You are Illidan's student from Black Temple, and you were molded to look like him, and trained to fight like he does. There is nothing beyond that. The most you can do to differentiate yourself from him, is by playing a BE female, but you're still an Elf with warglaives and messed up eyes, that grows wings and horns. And There are only 2 specs within the class, one of which exists more because of game mechanics, than for flavour/lore reasons. That just further proves how little there is to the premise of a Demon Hunter. I mean heck, you are called a Demon Hunter. DEMON Hunter. You were trained to hunt demons, you hunt demons. That's all that defines your character, that's all you are. And sure, it's a cool concept, but the problem is, the class makes little sense outside of the context of the expansion it was introduced in, which of course, was demon themed. How is the class going to function in the future expansions, where the Legion, and by extension all demons, no longer exist, or at least aren't a serious threat anymore? Imagine if Cataclysm introduced a class "Dragon Hunter", or "Zombie Slayer" in WotLK. Sounds cool, but that's not enough to create a class around. Dragons and Undeads haven't been a threat for a long time now. The problem here is, that Demon Hunters, as a faction, aren't defined by who they are but who they are fighting against. Paladins are serving the Light, their job is to protect the Light. So whoever threatens it, be it orcs, undeads, demons, or just common bandits, it makes sense for the Paladins to deal with. Not for specialists like the Demon Hunters, who may be out of job very soon. Heck, even their leader retired after the Legion was dealt with. Demon Hunters are proffesional Dodo hunters in a world where Dodos are extinct. I hope i made my point by now, moving on, let's talk about some solutions. Well the first idea I've had, way before Legion, was not to introduce Demon Hunters in the first place, but instead give us a more 'broad' class, that would include the concept of a demon hunter, but wasn't limited to just that. Maybe a mix of Demon Hunters, Shadow Hunters, Wardens and even Spell-breakers, they all use glaives, but have vastly different themes. Maybe even too different to create a unified class, but remember that both Blood Knights and Sunwalkers are technically Paladins, and they got noting to do with eachother. Of course it's too late for that, Demon Hunter is a Class and that isn't changing. They were too iconic not to implement, and some mishmashed glaive-wielder wouldn't be a satisfying replacement. They could also reopen the Black Temple academy and let all races be a Demon Hunter. Then at least being Illidan lookalike won't be your only choice when rolling a DH. They could start at level 55 or 65 (so it makes sense for them to be in outland) and have a different starting scenario than what we currently have. This would be ideal if you ask me, anything to expand the class beyond just Illidan, but it would require quite a bit of effort. As every race would need their own set of DH skins and customizations (tatoos, horns, eyebands) + metamorphosis forms. It's just too much work, if they haven't done that when the class was relevant, they never will. I mean, what's the point of training more Demon Hunters when the legion is already defeated? (that goes back to DH being a weak class concept). So we can forget that. So what can be done realistically? Nothing, Demon Hunter just isn't as strong class concept as the other ones. It was fine for a single WC3 Hero with 4 abilities, but it's too little for a fully fleshed out WoW class. Maybe not even because DH is a bad class idea on it's own, but because the others are so good, and it just doesn't live up to them. Unless Blizz is fine with heavily altering the class - which i doubt, the only thing they can do is to make Demon Hunter's lack of variety stand out a little less... How? By adding more classes like this. Embrace the idea of "micro-classes", and follow up Demon Hunters with Necromancers, Dragon Knights, Shadow Hunters, Spell-Breakers, heck, maybe make Sunwalkers a proper class. Anything that would otherwise make people say "But class X already does something similiar", because what is a Demon Hunter if not a mix between Warlock and Rogue? If we are getting flooded with Allied Races that are heavily based on already existing races, why not do the same with classes? Tl;dr Demon Hunters aren't a strong enough archetype to be a class on it's own. They are one trick dogs who have no identity of their own, outside of what was already defined by Illidan. And nothing can be done to fix that at this point, but it wouldn't be that big of a deal if we got more one-note classes like that. So I guess what i'm saying is, give us "Allied Classes"?Deande1 3d
5d Starting a new character So I want to make a new character but I dont know what I want to make so give me your best class/race combo (asgrtic look not lore and stuff)Aurelious2 5d
18 May Vengeance Received a nerf again :( Vengeance Demon Spikes Demon Spikes physical damage reduction increased to 12% (was 10%). Fracture Fracture damage decreased by 5%. Spirit Bomb Spirit Bomb damage decreased by 10%. i think it is totally a nerf... sprit bomb decrease by 10% is painful.. i don't think vengeance SB is so powerful and yet, they still get a nerf..Mègazia20 18 May
15 May DH Population Hi all, So with DKs, they quickly rose to be the most popular class in the game and still hold that to this day. I was expecting DHs to go the same way, but according to the wow Pop websites I've looked at, it seems as though they are underplayed! Any idea on why?Traegar7 15 May
14 May DH invisible fist weapons Could there be a way to make demon hunters transmog fist weapons to be invisible and actually use their "claws" as weapons? i think it would be a good fresh change.Dimonjuice0 14 May
12 May Havoc Dh Bfa PvP Issues As a dh we lose base aoe stun skill and if you pick 1 target stun you cant have a slow/snare skill. Can you imagine melee char without snare. Bm can kite you all year lol. Also you gave master's call back to bm for extra snare cleanse while they overpowered mobile. We lose 2 charge of throw glaive we lose all ranged damage skills (fel barrage 8 yard range now, bloodlet gone, glaive throw dmg nerfed to the ground). Imprison cd nerfed 15 sec to 45 sec. I have no idea how we can catch and stay just for a while (im not expecting %100 stay time ofc but this is ...) on healer monk, healer druid, mage, any hunter or other mobile ranged class. Also our ranged interrupt nerfed to 10 yard range from 20 yard and mastery movement speed nerfed too, so we have only 2 charge of fel rush and most of time you have to burn 2 charge of it for catch ranged and without slow its tottaly meaningless. And last problem our 2 burst skill tottaly interruptable. Eye beam 2 sec channel, fel barrage 3 sec! channel now.(some 1 can say casters always has this problem but first im melee spec and second i have to cast fel barage from melee yard so i have zero chance to avoid pummel in my face) They have 30sec and 1 min cd, None of them slow or stun enemy and has longer cd then monk's fist of fury. And fof stuning enemies too. Do you think is this normal ??? Tl:dr havoc dh's dmg almost %100 melee now and we lose stun and snareSolidari1 12 May
10 May DH State Hey, so I wanted to create a DH but I'm making this post to ask you about Demon Hunter's state. How is he doing in both PvE and PvP ? Is he worth playing ?Rakor1 10 May
09 May so happy DH are pruned next exp No double slow No aoe stun Nerf imprisonment Reduction in mobility BFA will instantly be better because of thisStormhorn6 09 May
08 May Vengeance in PvP - I can never go back Have you guys tried Vengeance in random BG's? After trying it and study the playstyle, i can never go back to Havoc :) Let me tell you my secrets: "Secret Technique Ultimate Special Attack " There is an artifact talent that increases your fire damage by 40% when you use Fiery Brand. You do all your fire damaging abilities after fiery brand and you watch them melt Fiery Brand > Soul Carver > Immolation Aura > Sigil of Flame > Fel Devastation > Infernal Strike (x2) This combo on a DPS without defensive cooldowns is certain death :) have fun doing it "How to do DPS?" Pick the Talent Unending Hatred (pvp talent), Razor Spikes and Fracture. Razor spikes increases your physical damage by 30% Fracture does physical damage. Demon Spikes (x2) > Spam Fracture (Unending Hatred feeds you Pain if someone is attacking you) "Chain CC the Healers" You see a healer free casting? Use: Imprison > Sigil Fear > Sigil Silence > Illidan's Grasp > Arcane Torrent > Interrupts ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ That is all guys Here are my talents: Pick Abyssal Strike and Demonic Trample if you want to prioritize Survival and Flag Carrying Otherwise this are my talents to chain CC healers and do damage.Shadowpunk3 08 May
07 May Demon Hunters need a weakness what do the not have? aoe 5 second stun instant cast clone massive single target burst massive cleave burst best mobility in the game very good survival (even got immunities stronger than ice block)Tenebris8 07 May
06 May DH Re-Create Hello guys , i want to ask if i delete my DH , can i create a new one or not ?Doomczech3 06 May
30 Apr demon hunter or hunter? beastmastery hunter or havoc demon hunter i dont know what i want to play, i have both ,and tryed playing arena the big problem is self healing both have low self healing .also i tryed tank dh and beated from bm hunter he stay away from me and cc me cant reach to him can some one help me to decide class to play it ? note:i cant play with many buttons so im using macro and tell me what is best talent for pvp and what is the most important abilitiesServamp3 30 Apr
30 Apr Will you main DH next xpac under status quo? Will you main your demon hunter in the next expansion, If demon hunters stay as they are now? For the sake of the argument lets assume DHs lose the legendaries (cuz rng atm), but keep the first 51 artefact traits (cuz sorta guaranteed) I do not think I will unless blizz adds some more depth to our rotation, like adding armor penetration like skill(raw damage increase) or something like slice and dice (increasing fury generation). Cuz there are classes that are more attractive rotation wise when it comes to legendaryless dps.Miraeni54 30 Apr
30 Apr Number of DHs at 110 Hello, I was wondering about starting to play DH but I don't like playing a class that everyone rolls, therefore I'm asking if there are a lot of DHs you guys see in endgame pvp and pve. I know that according to RealmPop its the most represented class at 110, but do people play it or they went back to their original classses? ThanksSengó25 30 Apr
26 Apr Am I really the only one who is worried ... Am I really the only one who is worried about the future of DH's especially in BfA ? - Demonic form being nerved big time -reduced life leech by a !@#$ lot & super long cooldown - Having to choose between slow or stun, where the obvious answer is that in PvP you need the slow - Loosing a lot of other tools also, plenty more to go around Anyone who plays alpha can confirm they are in a good state both PvE as in PvP, from what i've seen till now PvE is okeish but PvP is bad.Ayurox12 26 Apr
26 Apr DH is the most limited class in WoW For starters we have only two specs, we can only be one race per faction, and don't bring up race lore restrictions because ----> Tauren Paladins/Gnome priests, Blizzard pays people to make Lore go with class/race combo decisions they had Lore reasons attached to their refusal to allow shamans in the Alliance, and paladins in the horde, and they changed their minds, when people whined about having only one race to chose from they added Tauren and Dwarves to the list, but at least Shamans and Paladins had three specs each. It's fine having two specs, and three buttons to push when a class is new, but I can guarantee you, two years in the same gameplay and you will be bored as hell, Night elf racials depend on the time of the day you play and are mostly useless to havoc, when they announced Allied races I was hoping DH could finally have another option as a race, but nope ! even if it's new elves. I am not excited for BFA, even if I pre-purchased the expansion, I don't really know if I am going to play it, one thing is sure, it is not going to be Demon Hunter. they are removing things like aoe stun, and reshifting talents again pretending they are working on something. Adding a third spec would be a thing to consider, but they are too lazy for that.Möè24 26 Apr
26 Apr Making dh my new main,couple of questions. hey there fellow wow players. im really liking my dh,melee wise i always liked fast paced type of classes but my ret pala feels to slow and i could never get used to playing a rogue...just didnt feel right. but oh man dh is so much fun,definitely he is my new main :) couple of questions thou: -havent leveled my tanking artifact since im playing havoc but just in case should i just unlock the traits? i dont plan in tanking but maybe one day i will give it a try. -the whole purple orb mechanic is the only thing im not to fond about,havoc's dont have any way of getting them automatically right? and if we dont are there any plans in bfa for changing that mechanic? -guilty pleasure: anyone else uses Vengeful Retreat as a means of fast travel? i mean for me i always end up using dash then turning around and perform a backwards flip with Vengeful Retreat. i always use this whenever im indoors and i cant use my mount hehe. -is dh supposed to be this spiky? not a complaint but sometimes dmg seems beh and then others its like wam bam thank you maam type of thing ;) so i was just wondering if this was just me or if the class is like that? that's about it,thanks in advance folks. cheersPinhead4 26 Apr
26 Apr took me all expansion took me all expansion, and i -FINALLY- got anger of half giants -_- after getting every other legendary (not including crafted and the legendary pantheon one) from what i've seen cascading eyes+half giants is what people go with?Ithilean1 26 Apr
25 Apr PERMA-VISIBLE WINGS come on blizzard, make it a glyphe. I sold you my soul anyway, can't you grant me this wish?Off3 25 Apr
25 Apr Other Demon Hunter Races? Hi! Im wondering if any of the new races will have the Demon Hunter class? I know the demon hunters story only resolves around night elves and blood elves, but i find this class so repelling. Ive never found a class that ive liked this much, so to see other races with it too would be awesome! Are there no other races that might be connected to elves in some way, or make it playable for nightborne and void elves? I hope atleast one more race would be able to play this ^_^ Seems odd to have only two out of so many races that can play this one class ^_^ <3 <3 <3Mechnoìa6 25 Apr
25 Apr [help] how to kill Paly Retri Hi guys, First, im a pve player, so i dont really do pvp. But i just got gank by a paly retri ilvl 886. And i want my revenge. the problem is, his Judgment skill hit 6 mil to me. Eveytime i found this dude, he hit me 6mil again. Any suggestion to take down this dude?Ossen1 25 Apr
23 Apr PERMA-VISIBLE WINGS Seriously, make it a glyph blizz. I'll !@#$ing pay you (even more than I do anyway) xDApathylon1 23 Apr
21 Apr Artifact Weapon Won't Change Appearance EDIT: Issue now resolved. Hello there. When playing on my Demon Hunter on the Havoc specialisation, using the Twinblades of the Deceiver, my weapons won't change their physical appearance when using the Cursed Forge in the class order hall to select a different appearance skin that is already unlocked. When looking at the character tab, the artwork for the weapons do change, but the physical appearance does not. They'll change on the forge when I select them, but as soon as I exit the forge, they revert back to the default appearance, as though the selected appearance was locked. This is despite the fact that the appearances I try to select are in fact unlocked. If I change specialisation to Vengeance, automatically equipping the Aldrachi Warblades, they automatically change their appearance to the appearance I selected, that my Twinblades of the Deceiver refuses to change to. However, as soon as I switch back to Havoc, my Twinblades revert right back to the default appearance. I've tried switching specs, relogging, but nothing is fixing the issue. Please help. Thank you.Orcishdk11 21 Apr
21 Apr Demon Hunter - Havoc PvE Guide 7.3.5 INTRO Demon Hunters Havoc Specialization is constructed like 2 (viable) different Speccs. On one Hand the Chaosblades Build and on the other the Demonic Build. These 2 Play styles are so different to each other, that completely other Talents have to be chosen in the same Specc to achieve a clean play style in each Variant. This makes the Specc so Special but also a little bit inconsistent, where other Classes have way more Talents to choose, Demon Hunters are bound to some Talents to make their chosen Play style viable. /The recommended play style for Antorus the Burning Throne @ Patch 7.3.5 is Demonic Edit: I did not include the Prepared/Momentum Build, because i don't think its going to be played again in Patch 7.3.5 In this Guide i hope to help some Beginners with their Choice of wich Playstyle matches their favours and maximising DPS advanced. I will work with the recommended Talentsbuilds. Feel free to comment criticism and notice me about Mistakes if i made some. Also reachable - Parzevile @ Blackhand-EU Important Things to mention for Havoc DH: - Chaosstrike is your Main Dmg Tool ! When it crits you get half of the Ressource back. Means critting 2 Times with Chaosstrike gifts you with a 3rd one for free. [As long as you are not overcapping Fury]. -> Wich makes Crit the most important Stat for Havoc Dh. HOW TO USE THIS GUIDE Post 1 - Introducing Post 2 - 1. Chaosblades Guide Post 3 - 2. Demonic Guide Post 4 - 3. Stuff (in progress) includes: Important Things to mention x.1 Talentbuild x.2 Rotation [Opening - Burst - Singletarget + Multitarget] x.3 Stats x.4 Set and Legendaries x.5 Macros x.6 Weakaura Strings [only in Demonic Section] (@Request) also at Stuff: 3.1 Relic System 3.2 Enchants and Consumables 3.3 Addons and Personal Settings 3.4 EditsParzevile33 21 Apr
20 Apr New weird BfA trait that sucks ! In last build they added a new trait (for azerite armor I guess) which says the following: "Meticulous Scheming Your spells and abilities have a chance to grant you Meticulous Scheming. For 8 sec, which transforms into Sieze the Moment! after you cast 3 different spells, granting you 0 Haste for 20 sec seconds" (from MMO-C) I really really don't like this one; what if this procs and I have no fury ? I'll have to smash demon's bite at least twice to fill up at least 60 fury, with eye beam on CD (given I have blind fury as a talent) This could only be viable if you have taken felblade, immolation aura and dark slash, which will give you additional spells to press when you have the proc, at least if they are not on CD. It should be even worse if you have chosen demon blades because you don't have control over fury regeneration. This trait is weird, and I hope they will change it, it reminds me of WW monks mastery that I hate, but monks have a passive energy regen at least, and you could fill it fast if you chose certain talents. What do you think ? If anyone could test it on Alpha and give us his/her thoughts.Möè3 20 Apr
20 Apr A few questions regarding dps and how to improve Hi I have a few questions regarding DH dps especially in higher keystones. Hope someone here can help me :) 1. In regards to fury management, I often find that I get a few soul fragments that put me at max fury but also finish the cooldown on eyebeam. Since EB also gives fury is it better to use it at once (thereby wasting a bit of potential fury) or is it better to spam some chaos strikes to dump some? Keep in mind when dumping you might get lucky and get even more fragments thus postponing the EB (and short meta + haste) even further. Ofc this depends a bit on pull if the mob is about to die I obviously don’t use EB so it’s ready for the next pull. 2. I see many DH’s having different opinions here in regards to leggy use. For bosses raddon + anger is a given but should I be running raddon + sephus for trash? The hero proc from EB + sephus is insane but I sometimes find myself fury starved and using that short meta on spamming demons bite helps no one. 3. Consistent high single target dps: I find myself performing vastly different on single target form boss fight to boss fight. Some fights I’m as low as 1.3m dps but some I’m at 2.2m +. I realise this is a bit of RNG given how many soul fragments you get back from chaos / annihilation but it seems just way too inconsistent. (I have simmed my gear and should have my best equipped).Also I don’t use blade dance in single target unless I need the 100% dodge. Question 2 also applies here. For bosses with minions / consistent interrupts is it better to procc sephus or use anger for higher fury output? 4. Anyone know any guides or websites that takes on high end m+? All I Seem to find are basic class guides etc. I’m looking for something more advanced and detailed. Thank you in advance for replies :)Elìr1 20 Apr
17 Apr Metamorphosis model Blizzard, please, make this form playable for demon hunters!Эсканор2 17 Apr
16 Apr WHERE to take the VENGEANCE art. weapon Q? Hello, I just spent an hour trying to find out any information about where to get the quest for the vengeance artifact weapon. I watched few videos, all of them show NPC in Krassus landing, but I can't see the NPC there. Could you please advise where to get the starting Q?Frenetic1 16 Apr
16 Apr RAIN FROM ABOVE IS STILL BUGGED. Let's all stop drooling over BFA for a moment and talk about a bug that's been in the game since 2017. DemonHunter PVP talent RAIN FROM ABOVE. WHY is this !@#$ still in the game? It's been over 400 DAYS GUYS COME THE %^-* ON FIX THIS !@#$. When I press this ability in ANY pvp situation, ANY my demon hunter flies up in the skies and ALL MY 5 CASTING BARS START FLIPPING THE %^-* OFF. I CAN NOT DO ANYTHING. MY BARS ARE JUST POPING ON AND OFF. Is this intended ? I am using NO bar addons, AND THIS IS JUST BUGGED. IT'S BEEN A !@#$ING YEAR DUDES FOR %^-* SAKE, I CAN't BE THE ONLY ONE WITH THIS BUG.Morthuus3 16 Apr
16 Apr Help in tanking m+ Hi fellow DH So, through out the xpac i was a pvper until my pc broke down at 7.1. It was only in 7.3. that I returned to legion and so time after that i was inv for my guild to raid with than as a tank. Now, and after clear normal and almost hc Argus, i whant to venture in tanking mytics. The problem its in a little afraid to start cause of the tactics. I only have done normal and hc dungeons but things go down so quickly that i can’t learn how to do the dungeons. So With key lvl should i start, where can i learn the tactis. Ty in advance.Ogaithpombal3 16 Apr
16 Apr BfA Havoc - Don't Kill BASELINE Crit Interaction! I noticed in the recent build for BfA that every single trace of interaction with Critical Strike has been removed. I'm afraid Blizzard might leave baseline specs barebones in terms of stat interactions and focus on Azerite Traits. It'll be the same problem as Legendaries in Legion, where some specs would essentially feel "wrong" until they got a specific Legendary. In Live: Eye Beam is auto-crit, which devalues Critical Strike. Chaos Strike refunds Fury on Critical Strike, which makes Critical Strike useful to the spec. Demonic Appetite is RNG based on Chaos Strike frequency. It gives Haste a use while keeping Crit useful. Legendary Delusions of Grandeur gives Haste a use while keeping Crit useful. It's not perfect, but every stat has a purpose. However, it's all possible due to Chaos Strike refunding Fury on Crit. In BfA: Chaos Strike refunds Fury on RNG, cutting all ties to Critical Strike. I'm afraid Blizzard will make Havoc another APM junkie like Retribution, favoring Haste above all other stats. Please don't kill Crit interaction. I know it's overboard in Legion, but don't flip it 180º... Interaction with Crit and Haste is what makes a lot of the gearing process fun. and there are multiple ways to nerf Crit reliance without killing the mechanic: 1 - Give the Proc a base chance, and make Crit simply amplify it. #1 - 50% Chance to refund 20 Fury, 100% on Crit - slight buff compared to Live. #2 - 40% Chance to refund 20 Fury, 80% on Crit - more neutral comparead to Live. #3 - 40% Chance to refund 20 Fury, 60% on Crit - buff compared to BfA. #4 - 30% Chance to refund 20 Fury, 60% on Crit - more neutral compared to BfA. 2 - Give Bad Luck Protection to most Procs, specially those that rely on Crit. Based on #3: 40% Chance to refund 20 Fury. If it fails to proc, stacks 20% chance. Total chance multiplied by 1.5x on Crit - guaranteed every 3 crits or 4 non-crits. Based on #4: 30% Chance to refund 20 Fury. If it fails to proc, stacks 15% chance. Total chance doubled on crit - guaranteed every 3 crits or 6 non-crits. 3 - Make Crit affect Outcome instead of Chance: #5 - 40% Chance to refund 20 Fury, or 30 Fury on Crit - double RNG. #6 - 40% Chance to refund 20 Fury. Crits have a separate 100% chance to refund an additional 10 Fury - no double RNG. #7 - Refunds 10 Fury on Crit but has a 40% Chance to instead refund 20 Fury on Hit - this means Crit is simply a safety net to your bad luck.Wrathiel8 16 Apr
15 Apr To fel and back Hi guys does anyone know how to unlock this quest? I've read that you need to speak with malevolence, but she doesn't have any quest, I already have the slayer title so I guess I have finished the class hall campaign.. Can you help me?Stormidan0 15 Apr
14 Apr New Demon Forms Please? Just seems like with all the druid forms coming in it would be nice to see some different demon forms or just some customization options for it. Heck even from a lore standpoint we have multiple variations of demons we can absorb to become a demon hunter, maybe accomodate void versions or felhunter for example. Not going to lie but it would be rather nice to have the vengeance form take on the armor your wearing too, as a side note =) Thanks for reading =)Shirohikage1 14 Apr
12 Apr Havoc Hidden Skin So how long does it take for quest item to drop? 3 hours of farming random mobs in Felsoul Hold in Suramar. No luck so far.Avines3 12 Apr
11 Apr Casting animations bugged after Spirit bomb Couldn't find any posts or bug reports about it. After using Spirit bomb my character stops showing any cast animations. Herb gathering, mount, quest objects interaction, hearthstone cast, well any "cast" animations are just missing and my character just stands there... Logout or zone change fixing it till next Spirit bomb cast. Very annoying >_> Anyone else experiencing this?Nebbz6 11 Apr
11 Apr A 3rd spec for DH ? Hello; I was questing until I thought about this, how about a 3rd spec for DH like everyone else ? Druids cover all 4 roles so they don't count, but if we talk about all the other classes, they all have 3 specs, and none of them cover melee dps, ranged dps and tank, so what if we, Demon hunters, got a 3rd spec as a ranged dps ? do you think this could be a good idea ? if you got any idea go ahead and share them maybe blizzard would read our comments and make it happen (Please Blizzard) ! P.S : Give DH's demonic form a tail or we will riot !Jhen13 11 Apr
09 Apr RNG = FUN | Demonic build 2 button rotation? Hi all! Now that legion pve content is done I would like to share my views on the whole expansion. I've been playing wow on and off since vanilla and legion has without doubt been the most fun. I see so many hateposts about the rng in game. I love the rng! The excitement before every boss fight, getting some huge crits and procs. For a DH my dps can go from 1.8 - 3m dps 200 sec st. Try to think back, wotlk, cata. Your dps was always the same. Getting a new armor piece it went up alittle. Your nr 1 guild dps stayed nr1 every raid. Now its fun to look at the dps meters. "Damn John u got 4m on that fight!" This is not a dh thing, relates to almost every class, but some more stable than others. Like when our ele sham gets mass procs and shout it out on discord and we all see adds getting nuked. Its so satisfying. I also see alot of posts about the demonic build being a 2 button rotation. If you only have a 2 button rotation you are doing something very wrong. My rotation of a boss fight: Nemesis - throw glaives - fel rush to boss - fury of the illidary - demon bitex1-2 - eye beam - chaos strike spam - meta - eye beam - chaos strike - picking souls to get fury while smashing - bite - placing darkness on group / tank on huge hits. Ofc prepot and all that. In dungeons it will be more, as you are using stun, trap etc. Yes, we have 3 major attacks, but if you are only using them you are slacking. I feel like some people only go meta - bite - chaos strike. Yes, that is a 2 button rotation. You got to move alot, look for orbs and using your throw at distance to keep uptime etc. In legion you can always do something. There is always a reward. Like when I was helping ny friend lvl from 100-110 in dungeons. I got ap, blood and so. Even a chance to get a legendary. Oh, the legendaries! I got all legendaries on my main now, but i love it when a new one drops for my tank specc. Sorry to say this, but I love the leggo system. The feeling when you get your first BIS leggo and inspecting others to see what combo they are using for each situations. The only bad thing about legion is pvp. I enjoy doing random bg's occasionally, but the lack of gear you get are pushing people to do pve content. The 1% upgrade each 10 ilvl above 930 (i think) is a big deal for high rated players. I got to prestige 6 over time, and the pvp badge makes me look pro, but since im ally I lost the most but honor boost gave me alot. Pvp talents is kinda cool tho. Thanks Blizzard for an amazing expansion. Dont worry, I wont start a "Bring legion back" movement.. yet. I will try my best to enjoy bfa. It looks cool, but will it top legion? Sorry for typos. Writing this in a rush at work.Humber43 09 Apr
08 Apr ILVL 963, but low DPS. Sorry, not sure how I should go about troubleshooting my DPS, but here are my WarcraftLogs: Now, I'm Item Level 963, which is awesome and all, but Simcraft says that I should be hitting 2m DPS. Now, not only does that feel low as I see people my Ilevel (or even below) hitting higher than that, but to be honest I'm not even touching that save for the initial burst. It's more like I'm getting 1.8M at the highest when the fight's over. Can anyone give me pointers as to how I'm supposed to get around this problem? I understand part of the Demonic Build is RNG, but come on. EDIT: I'm thinking perhaps swapping out Raddons for Tier helm and Tier shoulders (useless stats) for Delusions for dat extra Metamorph.Zakkuri7 08 Apr
08 Apr Imprison breaking CC Good day folks, Over the past couple weeks I've been noticing that sometimes when I cast 'imprison', the CC breaks instantly. Initially I thought it was breaking due to AoE spells (sigils, immo aura etc.). However, I now have discovered that it is due to imprison triggering relic traits such as Shadowbind and Chaotic Darkness on the same target. Obviously, this is not intended by the player: you're CCing something for a reason, not just to have it break out of the CC instantly. Is this intended by Blizzard, or is there a possibility for a hotfix to remove imprison from the spells and abilities that trigger such relic traits? Sidenote: I have been experiencing this as Vengeance, not sure about Havoc. Has anybody else been experiencing similar issues?Kyler4 08 Apr