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9h Rate the Transmog Above you - Part 11 Previous thread reached it's limit. So here we go again. Rate the transmog of the person above you on a scale of 1 to 10. Xaero124 9h
9h Anyone else attempting to collect everything? Perhaps it's a futile task, but collecting stuff is a pretty awesome experience. In real life, I collect Björk vinyls & acoustic guitars, while in-game, my life goal right now is transmog - All the transmog! As soon as the wardrobe went live, I started to prepare. I had more than enough for the Fabulous title on day one, and was honestly disappointed that some of the numbers required were so low. In the pre-patch, I systematically went through every Vanilla & TBC dungeon (N & HC) & collected every piece of usable Warrior transmog from them all. Spent about 12 hours in BRF going after Ironfoe, while Sunken Temple thankfully dropped its epic long before I'd even collected the blues from the dungeon! I've a far way to go, but I'm currently sitting on... 272/350 Helms 262/337 Shoulders 575/772 Capes 284/384 Chests 84/97 Shirts (Need to do the Brawler's Guild) 82/83 Tabards 241/251 Wrists 268/362 Hands 254/358 Waists 264/356 Legs 279/389 Boots 330/456 Shields What I've currently collected Tier 1-17 (minus T3, LFR, and T17 normal) complete - All difficulty variants. All Vanilla dungeon loot. All Vanilla raid loot except 2 items (farming on 6 characters) All TBC dungeon loot (N/HC). All TBC raid loot except for 7 items (farming on 5 characters) All WotLK dungon loot (N). All WotLK raid loot except for 7 items (farming on 5 characters) Vast majority of Cata-WoD dungeon loot. All Cata Raid loot except for normal Firelands & LFR. All MoP Raid loot except for Ra-den & HoF normal & LFR. All Highmaul loot except 4 items (farming on just this toon) All BRF Heroic/Mythic tier, but still farming normal. Complete PvP sets for seasons 1-7 including offspec pieces. (Almost) all non-MoP crafted armor & capes. What I'm currently chasing PvP sets & offset pieces for Season 8+. The Vanilla through WotLK pieces I'm missing on multiple toons. MoP & WoD gear on my main. After that, I guess I'll go back to systematically powering through dungeons from Cata onwards. So yeah, miles to go, but I'm enjoying the journey. My saved instances looks like this just a few hours after the Wednesday reset: Anyone else going for it? How's your progress?Subbie3 9h
9h Legion Season 2 Elite Gear in the next season? Hey guys, i started doing a lot more pvp this season, one of the reasons is the elite pvp gear, it looks really good and i want to get all the pieces for transmog, i recently got 2000 rating for the first time and started getting my weekly elite drops, but sometimes i get an artifact relic like i did this week or maybe i'll get a neck next week (for example) and that's only for better stats, nothing visual (which is ok) but then saw that the season will be ending soon, this is what concerns me. If this season ends and i don't get all the elite set pieces that i want, will there be a way for me to buy the missing pieces in the next season or something, since i reached 2k rating and i'm eligible for that elite gear.Arlinea3 9h
9h LFR Transmog Group runs Greetings Transmog community ! As a desperate Transmog and Appearance collector (always been a completionist) I ran into a little issue in regards to the collecting of the LFR Appearances of old Raids. This issue is mainly related to: barely anything drops ... The drops we do get are either duplicates of non-transmoggable slots (rings, trinkets, neck pieces). Since a lot of people seem to be running into the same issue (mainly to Collect specific Weapons/Tier sets) and Blizzard has no intention to change the current Loot system anytime soon. So I came up with an idea. The solution I'm willing to give for now is to make 25 man Raids of people who are into collecting those Appearances. This to make it possible to trade items around (in case you have the item/don't need it) to make it more fun and easier for your fellow collectors. If this post receives enough positive comments/suggestions I'll make it my weekly routine to make as many LFR Raids as possible. For now I'll drop my battle.tag (Mhyroth#21201) for those who already wish to join the journey. I ask for no requirements, only that you're able to qeue for the Raid (appropriate level-range). The loot-rules I'll use in those Raids will be Personal Loot, this to make it easier for others to trade around items and make it possible to get appearances you otherwise wouldn't be able to get on a certain Character (2H Axe from Sha of Fear in ToeS on a Shaman is impossible to loot unless you trade it). Any questions or suggestions, please have no hesitation to post them; we're all here to have fun. Thanks for your time and see you around Azeroth fellow collectors ^^.Shockvalue3 9h
10h What set is this from? I saw a belf paladin with shoulders like these: The rest of the outfit was a bit different, but seemed to be from the same set. I want to know where to get that entire matching set from - somehow I failed to find it out myself.Afera2 10h
12h Level 60 PvP Replicas; Let us Have Them! So recently I have been shifting around transmogrifiable items on my Paladin, and I swinged by the PvP vendors in Orgrimmar, and I saw the level 60 PvP gear. Seeing as I was also a bit of a Roleplayer, I decided "Why not get this set?", so I looked in the collections tab and saw that I need a "Replica" item to unlock the style, as apparently I can't transmog using the original gear, which hit a bit of an uncomfortable snag all things considered... Anyway, decided to go to the vendor for the Replicas, and I saw that I cannot buy them. Furthe digging made me conclude that I will NEVER be able to use the style because I didn't have a Paladin/Warrior/Anything that could effectively purchase these items. I am not exactly a big fan of gated PvP gear. The level 70 PvP gear can be obtained without a problem, why is it that the level 60 gear is locked away behind what I could call an arbitrary "Fun Restriction"? Because it was popular, it was thought that it needed to be locked away? Kinda daft if you ask me. So you might be thinking "You can't get it. Deal with it", but I don't see why I should merely "Deal with it", as it's going to drive collectors mad because they can't collect something that is still in the game, obtainable but unobtainable at the same time (I mean, I can go buy the gear from the PvP vendor but I won't collect it's style, so there's no point in doing it). You might also say "You're a Roleplayer, buy the level 60 gear and wear that when you're doing your thing", which is a bit of a flawed argument; I like to go out in the world, higher level places, and I'd like to do so prancing around looking like one of them Blood Knights. I won't exactly be very effective wearing level 60 gear in a higher level zone since... Well it can be imagined why. I may have missed something regarding this, maybe I can pick up the style just it doesn't say on the level 60 gear. If anyone has any information on this I'd appreciate it so I don't rampage around in complete outrage over this for naught.Tubri1 12h
12h Troubles with obtaining few items Hello, at first i would like to thank everyone who will find time to asnwer me! I am farming few missing pieces like crazy and got some troubles, mostly in Pandaria expansion. There are few items i got trouble obtaiting, i would like to know if anyone got these items in last 3-4 months. 1) Terrace of Endless Spring - Weaver's Cord of Eternal Autumn NORMAL version of Thunder -Bo-Ris, Horror in the Night , here i am missing all versions of this item, would any tips. 3)Dragon soul -Vagaries of Time LFR version I know i am going to hear just bad luck , but doing 5 chars a week for few months now , so i would like to know if anyone got any of this items!Saskulinek1 12h
13h Transmogs & quests. I finished on goblin shaman quests, and unlocked mostly mail items etc. Do i need make another goblin to unlock plates, leathers and cloths for transmogs? Asking since in legion, warriors can use plates from lvl 1 while shamans mails from lvl 1 so idk how it works.Sapherea1 13h
1d Where can I find Embersilk recolour in Badass Black? I didn't like the embersilk tailoring sets from Cata and never made one for myself. But today I happened to see a really cool recolour of the set, all black and looking badass. Tried to find info about where to get it, but no luck. Does anyone here know anything about it? Is it a scrapped set that never made it to the game? Here is a picture: 1d
1d Old PvP transmog question/clarification please I've bought old PvP polearm on character A. It still has refund timer on and it says I would lose its transmog if I refund it. I can use it as a transmog on character A. Now comes character B from the same account. He can't use this polearm as a transmog. Why? Is it because: - Refund timer disabling transmog on chatacter A is still up? - PvP weapons, even old ones are not account wide? Some are... - It's a bug? - Something else? Thanks in advance for answers.Afera2 1d
1d Legplates of Forgotten Myth Hi how can i get Legplates of Forgotten Myth but in different colour. Vendor offer me a yellow one but i want green oneCyroz1 1d
2d Gladiator's gear farming I figured it was time for a wardrobe change, when I noticed I had one of the pieces of the Vindictive Gladiator's Pursuit in my transmog collection. Thought the set would go perfectly with one of my longest used bows (Lohn'goron, Bow of the Torn Heart). Thing is I have no recollection of how the piece (chest) came into my possession. I just know it's PvP gear, but don't know how to farm it: I tried some battlegrounds, five wins so far, all I get is Combatant's pieces. Are the Gladiator's pieces possible to get from battlegrounds, or is it an arena exclusive? Because I suck at arenas. No-one in-game gave me a solid answer.Joldis4 2d
2d Looking for matching boots Looking for boots that will match what I am currently wearing, any suggestions?Larts2 2d
2d Illusion - Glorious Tyranny Hey there. Im sure this issue has been addressed a few times but im still gonna give it a go. I want to bring this awesome illusion back into the game by getting as much likes, comments on this why it should and why it shouldn't be added back to the game. it really upsets me seeing this illusion each day knowing there is no way to obtain it. So maybe everyone who has missed their chance gets one more shot. i know it's a controverse issue. Some people fully agree with me some might have it already or think its ugly and disagree. So i ask you kindly if you dont agree with us here pls dont dislike the post. Rather like it and write down below WHY you disagree. Make this post go big and get attention. So we get many opinions and can see what the majority is for. i hope this will help on this issue. its a big deal for me and im sure for some others aswell. Thank you and have a lovely day best regardsPlumbus0 2d
3d Hunter SV and BM weapon appearances Balance of Power How come SV and BM weapon appearances for Balance of Power are so poorly done, compared to MM which is really nice. Those appearances really need to be updated to something better.Furi0 3d
4d So, how about the pecies we cant have? If its something that vexes me, its when npcs gets armor/outfits that cannot be obtained by placers. Sure sometimes it works to give a special apperance, say for a legendary hero or a faction leader etc. But when it comes to simple guards/average troops wearing peices that we players cannot have, its just somewhat insulting/irritating. Some grand examples are these: The kor'kron tabard and shoulder armor: as well as the horned helmets of the Warspear grunts: Just mere examples of what could had been good transmog peices but never were. Any one got any similiar outfits they wish they could have but cant have?Durgrol1 4d
4d Enchanting Bows/Guns in legion (illusions) Hi guyz ! I thought it was impossible to put enchantement illusions on Guns, but apparently, it's possible look at this : Do you think this weapon is the only one which allowed us to put enchant illusion on it ? or do you think he used a "Glorious tyranny" or some token like that from wod ?Goyavx1 4d
5d Absolutely ugly! How is it possible to design such a boring disgusting tier gear for DH?? It is the most lame looking tier of all tiers or any other items.. How is this possible? First tier for DH and this is what you came up with? Beyond dissapointing......... Fire the designer who design this crap!Croniq0 5d
5d Paladin Tier 12 recolor? (Blue) So I used this toy on my mage called Coin of Many Faces - And I turned into a dwarf wearing a blue colored version of Paladin Tier 12. Where can I obtain this set? 5d
6d Improve potential! It has been a long time I have not been sharing ideas on this forums, but since we getting login error, I guess I got free time. The transmogrification, seems to be, is not been used to its max potential, at least when compared, for example, with the system in swtor. To follow that example, would mean, the ability to create slots for sets, so you can change between sets any time, without extra costs. This system in WoW is way too expensive, when compared to swtor, but it would be ok, if after paying for one set, we would keep it and use it any time, without having to pay again. So, the idea is, allow us to purchase slots for trasnmorg sets, then pay what we already pay to transmog our chosen set, but once we do that, we would not lose it, we would keep it for ever, and w would use it any time, without extra costs. Imagine you could have 5 slots on your chars, and you could change between those without having to pay anything extra. Maybe I would like one set for tanking, one for healing, one for dps, one for solo questing, one for raiding, one for pvp, etc, you get the picture. I think, by doing this, a lot more people would actually spend more time in the search for nice sets, now knowing they would be able to have several sets always ready to use on demand.Tüne2 6d
15 Mar Trading Jade legplates for Jade breastplate Hello, i would like to trade a jade legplates for a jade breastplate. I have the legplates on the Ragnaros server for trade, since the items account bound once unlocked in transmog collection - we can trade the items on different servers, although you might need a plate wearer if you want to unlock the apperance of the legplates, a fresh dk will do. Tag Ragnaros#2329Sorrowsinger1 15 Mar
14 Mar Someone with [Enchanted Thorium Breastplate] pattern? Hi! I am looking for a Blacksmith who has this pattern (or someone who has this item), I have characters on: Silvermoon (Alliance) Frostmane (Alliance) Draenor (Horde) I will of course get the mats needed for the pattern. So if you have it, please respond in this thread, so I can send you a PM in game! I don't have very much gold, but I am willing to pay a few thousand for the item. :)Jevila0 14 Mar
14 Mar Need help with making a transmog I suck at making transmogs, so I was wondering if any of you could help make me a dark green-ish (legion colour) blood elf female monk set.Sathlice1 14 Mar
12 Mar Transmog items Hi! i was just wondering what is the reason that my replica shado-pan helmet cannot be transmogged for my other characters? do i have to farm the reputation for the other character too? is it about faction? is it because the character is in different server?Cho1 12 Mar
12 Mar help me finish this mog looking for gloves,legs,boots to match this setéhexd0 12 Mar
12 Mar Wild/Warmongering Gladiator's Runeaxe Is the blue model available for Horde? It does not seem to be contained in the (blue) warmongering arsenal, will buying it on Alliance give me the blue model on Horde? Or is it completely unavailable on Horde?Edanna0 12 Mar
10 Mar Transmog Whish List Edit: This post originally targeted white gear, but was changed to include all items you wish you could transmog, but can't. Hello everybody. I was thinking we could use this new forum to give detailed feedback about a recurrent topic, namely the transmogrification of white, grey and any other items that you wish you could transmog, but can't. The most important thing is to name exactly the items you wish to have. So, instead of just asking "make white items transmograble" we could provide a list of the items we really wish we could use. Even if we can never use these specific items for transmog, Blizzard has shown that they are looking at old models for inspiration with Tier 20. So I believe this could still be valuable feedback for new items in the future. Upvote a post if you like the item too :) My pick would be the Goblin Acolyte's Robe: It looks absolutely fantastic in blood elves. And the detail on the chest even reminds me of the blood elf phoenix. What are your suggestions?Korrina10 10 Mar
10 Mar Flayed Demonskin Belt I'm looking for the Flayed demonskin belt (Myth version) If anyone has this please contact me as i'm in dire need for this belt drops in HFC mythFershie0 10 Mar
08 Mar Amazing DH transmog, anyone know the item names? Does anyone know what this DH transmog is? It looks really awesome, but i couldn't find it in the default blizzard transmog appearance tab.. Does anyone know the names of the pieces? Thanks in advance.Eternalblíss6 08 Mar
06 Mar more transmog weapons for elementals, give us proper 1h Hi this one goes out to the devs. As of this post elemental shaman can only transmog their artifact weapon into fist-weapons and shields. Any plans on giving us some other alternative since there aren't that many unique fist-weapons?Dranqil1 06 Mar
04 Mar Any way to obtain old raidfinder items? Hello community. I got a small problem. I want this item on my Alliance hunter The issue is it only drops from highmaul kargath Raid finder. There is a look a like weapon to which I encountered another problems. None of my other characters can wear polearms on the horde so I cant get the look from it to be saved. Any kind of idea how to get it? Please I desperately need it :DChaoshunt3 04 Mar
03 Mar Goblin Transmog staff? Does anyone know of any cool looking tech based staffs that would suit a Goblin Priest?Keezal0 03 Mar
03 Mar Selling Gloomshroud Armor on Sylvanas Alliance. Title pretty self explanatory. going for ~200kBankomaniac5 03 Mar
03 Mar Looking for Chromatic Sword As title says, i am looking for this sword. Add my btag so we can chat. noellebell#2606 420 blaze.Nells0 03 Mar
03 Mar looking for item hi . is there a way/item that makes me immune to items like Hallowed Wand - Leper Gnome ( ?Bumpers1 03 Mar
02 Mar Looking for Bloodtusk Shoulderpads Looking for a pair of Bloodtusk Shoulderpads (drops from Isle of Thunder mobs) for transmog purposes. Willing to pay decent amount for it!Elysae0 02 Mar
02 Mar Dragon Soul LFR Group loot plz !! Make it happen please , The raid is old , give us the option to have Group loot for all old raidsSolidhulk3 02 Mar
02 Mar Warglaives of Azzinoth - model update So we have a Legion based expansion, we have Illidan back, Demon Hunters as the new class, warglaives as the new weapon type, Illidan novel out, 'Azeroth Armory: Forging Warglaive' promo, updated Illidan in-game model, so everything's revoling around Legion, Illidan and Demon Hunters. Just an idea, could you update Warglaives of Azzinoth to a high definition model? The current model is 10 years old, and it's really, really low resolution. Also, for some reason, they are flipped over when sheathed on your back, i.e. they face your character, whereas they should face your screen, as is the case with warglaive artifact weapons, and any other weapons that sheath on your back. I wouldn't mind Thori'dal, the Stars' Fury's model (the legendary bow from Sunwell, TBC) to be updated as well.Doraii3 02 Mar
02 Mar We should be able to mog the old legendaries. When everyone's running around with weapons that are much more powerful important lore-wise, I do not understand why I cannot mog my Shadowmourne yet (and Sulfuras etc.) . Is there any chance for this nonsensical restriction to be lifted? What harm is there for allowing this? The weapons are otherwise useless, making them moggable would make them actually useful and rewarding for those who spent time on them.Shimmra11 02 Mar
02 Mar Non-Robe Transmog set As the title suggests, I am looking for a non robe set for my mage. I did try google but no results were recent. My mage is currently frost spec so it would be cool if a set matched that but any suggestion would be welcome at this point. Not a fan or robes at all so any ideas would be great, i dont mind buying the gear or farming.Lilolidan4 02 Mar
01 Mar New vanity models A while back Blizz launched some vanity helms you could purchase. Frosty one, flames one (using now). I'd love to see some more of these items. Maybe shoulder or weapons etc. Easy cash for Blizz, more transmog options for us. I wondered if there was any info on further items being made?Káine2 01 Mar
01 Mar Searching for a good Red Cloak Well, like the title suggests. I am going for an all out evil ax wielding red head theme on this character, my current TBC cape feels odd since it's not the same red as the rest of my set and I couldn't find a fitting red cape to suit the rest of my armor and hair. Any help is appreciated! Thank youEuzeth3 01 Mar
28 Feb Legion season 1 and season 2 pvp sets Hey everyone, By the time I got my hunter alt to Legion, season 1 armour had been and gone and season 2 i feel will be the same soon. Will these armour sets be available to buy with honour marks soon like previous pvp sets?. Many thanksSestren4 28 Feb
27 Feb Frost themed DK mog. So, it's time for the real endgame of wow. Transmogs. After having respecced i'm looking for something to go with the theme, frost outfits. And let's look apart from the obvious like the Magma set, Cataclysmic Gladiator set, crafted malevolent, conqueror's darkruned and so on. Any ideas boys? Bonus points for suiting mount, extra bonus points if it's both ground and flying.Frakale0 27 Feb
27 Feb [Request] Barber shop - option to show with armour on! Wouldn't it be nice to see what you look like with the armour on before you decide the haircut? It could be like the worgen, the haircut look is shown on the human form also. Please upvote and comment this if you like the idea. :)Shaqa0 27 Feb
27 Feb Please Fix - Female Models "Hat" Transmog Items It's high-time the Female models should get their Hair shown when they wear Hats ("Wikket Witch's Hat for example). Please Take a Look Here: Right now, as soon as we use any kind of Hat, the hair disappears leaving the Character completely Bald & is not a pretty sight to look at. It might cause some clipping problems with other hairstyles, but I'm sure the Devs can fix it.Xaero3 27 Feb
27 Feb Selling Removed Vanity Items Hi all , i am back in the business and i am selling the following items : TCG Mottled Drake Big Battle Bear Sack of Starfish( BOE TCG TOY which doesn't appear on BMAH ) Removed Items Icebane Gauntlets Polar Gloves Glacial Gloves Icy Scale Gloves Icy scale Breastplate Polar Tunic Glacial Cloak (all the items mentioned above are Vanilla Naxxramas Frost resistance gear crafted with frozen runes) Removed Materials 55 primal tiger leather 26 primal bat leather 4 dreamscale 12 frozen runes I am selling all the items for GOLD and GOLD ONLY ! If you have a lot of gold to spend and know the value of these items feel free to add me on btag : deb#21952 or feel free to /w me on Dêb-TarrenMill PS : Most of the items except some materials are located on Tarren Mill HordeDêb0 27 Feb
27 Feb Chains of the chosen dead Hello! Next week I will finish the quest to obtain this set, but I don't really like shoulders with big skull. As I'm going through mail armor shoulders on wowhead, the only shoulders that would fit are from this set: ... Do you have any other ideas for shoulders? Also, I'm looking for a bow to match this, I'm going for Wildhammer kind of vibe and I can't find model from this picture: ... Is this bow part of the transmog set or database is not complete? Can't find this weapon on icy veins either. Cheers!Wildheart4 27 Feb
26 Feb Looking for a chest that would match the elite druid shoulder And if u also find the rest of the set that would be perfectShaonaxqt0 26 Feb