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15 Nov 2018 New Cloak Models! Hello Guys! I Think the cloak models in the game is so casual and doesn't looking Good. And Blizzard Should Change the Models or Add new Models to The Game. I Mean Longer and Wider Cloaks that covers all of your Back! For example The Lich Kings Cloak is Looking awesome And its Merged With Hes Shoulders! '' '' Maybe not like this, but Something like this can be added to the game! And give more heroic Feelings to the Players!Arshavon4 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 Fire Cat animations still bugged Hi devs! The toy named Fandral’s Seed Pouch from Firelands gives Druids a fire cat skin - which is awesome! However, the skin doesn’t come with the now-normal cat fighting animations. So using abilities with this fire cat skin results in some odd movements. Please fix this. Allow us to use this fantastic toy with the new cat combat animations introduced in Legion!Whitepaw0 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 Warglaives of Azzinoth not transmogable after legion? Hello all! I heard some rumors that Warglaives of Azzinoth wont be transmogable after legion ends, is that true? i couldnt find any official info about that. Today i finished my 31 run and still no luck. I just want to now am i wasting my time cuz, 31 runs took some of it... Cheers!Takeen10 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 Challenger sets from MoP and WoD So ive been talking to alot of different players who have the Challenger set from MoP and Challenger weapons from WoD, they all say the same when I ask em, that they think that it should be possible for new players or older players who have commed back from a long time of not playing, to be able to optain the looks for Transmog. Is there any chances for any ways for us to optain the looks? My idea is like you have the timewalking events, that when its WoD or MoP timewalking u are able to que up for the challenge and then like in a normal timewalking u get set back to that level and your gear gets scaled down to fit. What do you think about that Idea?Brymidaine12 15 Nov 2018
14 Nov 2018 Dread Aspirant gear drops. I don't know if I'm missing something or not, the past couple of weeks I have been doing a lot of BG's for the leather PvP set (Dread Aspirant Leathers) but besides the Boots, Legs, Belt, Gloves and Wrists I can never get the rest by the loot chests at the end of BGs. I have had so many duplicates of the items listed above and plenty of Weapons, Rings and trinkets but they no of the other items (so Chest, Cape, Shoulders and Head) never seem to drop. Am I missing something here? Can you only get these items from the Airdrops on Warmode? I've tried to look it up but I don't seem to find anything useful discussing this topic so I need to ask you guys for help. Is it possible for the rest of the set to drop from PvP or can you only get them from Air drops?Frozenshadow3 14 Nov 2018
13 Nov 2018 ITEM WANTED: Demonweave Raiment Looking to buy the cloth chest Demonweave Raiment. It drops from Mekthorg the Wild in Hellfire Peninsula :) Because of the rarity of the mob, I`ll pay up to 10k for it :)Brees0 13 Nov 2018
13 Nov 2018 Tier 21 Warrior Belt and D.I.D Belt After the release of BfA i noticed that my warrior's tier 21 armor tmog no longer had these extra plates on his legs that came with the belt armor piece. After leveling and unlocking my dark iron dwarf heritage armor i also noticed that the extra plating that was shown in previews was missing. Is there a change in these armor sets that i have missed? Is it a graphics option that i have to re-activate? These little details really made those armors look like real plate armors and real thic Are there any other armor sets that you have seen extra plating missing?Nargrom0 13 Nov 2018
13 Nov 2018 Titanic Onslaught Armor transmog I wonder if the full set of Titanic Onslaught Armor (Mythic Lookalike) is available for Dk's, so far the head and shoulders are missing and i don't see any way of seeing how this can obtained.Morgothx6 13 Nov 2018
12 Nov 2018 Lightning themed ground mount? I am working on a lightning themed look with regalia of bound elements. Using the mecha mogul as flying mount. But i am struggling to find a suitable ground mount.Kamazh1 12 Nov 2018
12 Nov 2018 Expanding Sets tab in Appearances menu I like playing content through dungeons, raids and some lightweight PvP and they're source of armor appearances for personal transmog collection. While browsing available Sets in Appearances window, we can only find sets which are only available from PvP, raids and events like Legion pre-expansion. Would it be great to have Sets tab updated with checklist on transmog sets you could obtain from other sources like dungeons, questing and profession?Beromus1 12 Nov 2018
12 Nov 2018 Transmog droprates too low? I need a cloak that has around a 5% chance of dropping from a world boss I can only loot once every 15 weeks. The cloak is not some amazing cloak with special effects or anything like that. It just happened to be the only cloak that fits with the mog I'm building. When it comes to mounts, which are highly detailed and often completly unique, I can understand insanely low drop rates. Random pieces of low level gear though? It seems unfair and a bit absurd that if you want f.ex. blue pants with grey lining then it's an easy quest to kill 10 mobs but if you want blue pants with red lining you're lucky to get it within the first year of farming. I think that many of the items from previous expansions should have their dropchance buffed.Sinvara1 12 Nov 2018
11 Nov 2018 Why can't I transmog legion artifacts? So as you can see I have quite a few of them unlocked, but when I equip my normal staff and try to transmog them I only have 4 of them unlocked. One is the lvl 50 honor PvP appearance, and the other three are from the hidden appearance. So where are my mage tower appearances, the rest of my PvP appearances, and the other baseline skins?Dameg5 11 Nov 2018
11 Nov 2018 Cannot transmog into any warlock artifact appearance I'm currently using a wand+off-hand combination, that I got from questing before I reached level 120, it seems like I cannot transmog those into any warlock artifact appearance using any of the specs, like it is supposed to. The drop-down menu option for "Legion Artifacts" is not showing at all in the transmog npc.Rinotx21 11 Nov 2018
11 Nov 2018 Rate the transmog above you - part 14 The old thread reached the post limit, so I decided to make a new one. So rate the poster's mog above you on scale of 1-10! :)Tinkiloo401 11 Nov 2018
11 Nov 2018 Blood tank Was on my dk tank last night and a shield dropped used preview looks so good wish dk' s could use it :) what's your thoughts If it could only trans mog maybe just be so good a one handed and a shield be amzing have the off hand slot open be great if could just trans mog a shield to it sayHornfu1 11 Nov 2018
10 Nov 2018 Transmog Sheath Option is NEEDED! Pls add! Can we pls have the option to be able to sheath weapons from the side of out hips to our backs? It looks so much better if I could sheath whatever weapon I wanted on my back. The ones limited to it aren't that nice since I can only mog an axe that has it. Please add this in!Jirion0 10 Nov 2018
10 Nov 2018 7th Legion Marine transmog Hey there, I was looking for some cool looking Transmog for my Nightelf Warrior. And I was looking at some of the NPC's and liked the 7th Legion Marine outfit in Boralus. Only I can't find the set, is this one just not available? Beneath a link to the actual NPC I mostly like the helmet and shield, the tabard looks like it's thesame 7th legion tabard we can get. And while talking about tabards, will the Wrynns Vanguard tabard be available again? It would suite better than this Storm Wake tabard on this mage. Thanks for the help.Moustacho3 10 Nov 2018
09 Nov 2018 What is the name of this Weapon Hi Can anyone tell me what is the name of this two-handed weapon link: i looked on wowhead and the mog list in game and didn't see itUnseenbeauty6 09 Nov 2018
09 Nov 2018 Feral Druid Skins Not Showing Hello. I'm a feral druid and I have all skins unlocked (not all color variations). I changed my weapon and my skin disappeared (obviously), so I decided to transmog it. I talked to the Transmog dude and clicked the "Legion Artifact" tab, but only my hidden skin (of the owlcat) shows along with the colors I've unlocked for it. Where is everything else??Nikkitty7 09 Nov 2018
09 Nov 2018 Advice on DK Sets Hi all, I've only been back in WoW since Sept, which was my first time of playing since MoP, but that was briefly and it's not since WotLK that I had really been into the game. As you can see with my current transmog, I am not really too good at making my own sets and I still have a love for ICC era gear. I was hoping some DK's could please recommend me,some really nice sets (and where I need to farm them) for DK? That was a set I briefly saw in a YouTube vid, where a DK had a full set of grey/shard style armour on, that to me look beautiful. I love the shoulder model I have with my DK and I had been mixing it with the H25 ICC DK armour set, but with these shoulders, the whole look of the DK seems too random.Felìx5 09 Nov 2018
09 Nov 2018 Halloween Transmogs I just saw a Paladin with the Headless Horsemans helm transmogged onto another helm, and the sword. My impression was these transmogs expired when Hallows End finished. Can you transmog these all year around?Azmodani2 09 Nov 2018
08 Nov 2018 set appearances hello, i wanted to ask when is blizz gonna had all the class look alike and recolors to the appearances tab? for ex: ICC has full set of warrior and dk for plate users, like rogue and druid sets for leather users etc.Gulduck2 08 Nov 2018
08 Nov 2018 Heritage armor: recolors?? Why are we still waiting for the awesome recolor versions of the heritage armors? Like the purple one for the Lightforged? Like the red one for the Nightborne? And so on... Like an argent+blue themed one for the (awesome) Blood Elf armor? The mag'har already got theirs ... :|Ajaxandriel9 08 Nov 2018
07 Nov 2018 paladin or plate set mog problem hi. I have a problem with 3 sets for transmog for my paladin. 1st - is the one from Ulduar where i need a belt wich aparently is does not drop from ulduar but from WOD. is that true? i want full set to be available from collection and on 10man normal i cannot get that belt. 2nd - is the uldir set. the cloack from the normal set is dropped from world boss wich i consider is not fair. u have only one chance on loot and then wait for many weeks untill u can roll on it again. i used a bonus roll and still nothing. pls fix 3rd - is the warfront set. I got the cape for the set many times but in collection tab does not count as learned. 7th legionair bloody drape. pls advise or come with a fix. thank youScubadiver2 07 Nov 2018
07 Nov 2018 Please help with my question Im so eager to get the hidden Ebonchill transmoge the Frostfire Remembrance I know that i need the Nexus portal, and after that there is a daily chance to get the system message, and go to the portals. Can anyone please confirm these 2 things all i need? Secondly, is it orth to have multiple mages to boost my daily RNG chances? As far as i know transmoge is account wide, and not hero bound. thank you for the helpAhaa2 07 Nov 2018
06 Nov 2018 Emanation of the Winds I have asked this question in the middle of a discussion on General and fear I won't get any answer since it is kind of lost in the middle of nothing, so posting it here. Does this quest still work for rogues post Legion ? I did not find any recent comment in wowhead comments section. I have the original Thunderfury, and also the inflatable version with a few charges remaining... But this set looks absolutely fantastic and I'd love to have it. Thanks for your help ♥Bagerah3 06 Nov 2018
06 Nov 2018 Monk Tier 20 bug Hello there ! Just wanted to check with you guys, on my monk, when I equip the Tier 20 chest (the one from Tomb of Sargeras), there are two 3D pieces on the elbow. Except they disappear as soon as you equip gloves (EVEN when they're transmogged as the T20 gauntlets of the same set !). I think it's a bug, because I remember using this chest and those gloves when they came out and I don't think they disappeared ... I checked and it seems to be doing the same on every race. I reported the bug in game weeks ago and it hasn't been solved :/Aelouise0 06 Nov 2018
06 Nov 2018 A few things that still bother me... Let me just get this out of my chest... 1- Fist weapons and Wands, why ? Besides animation, whats stopping you from lifting the restrictions ? 2- Hair out of hats, npcs have that option (lord stormsong for eg) but not our characters still. 3- Hide chest has to be a thing, im not asking for nudity or something, i just like some shirts as an option for transmog. Or maybe completely hide a shirt/chest piece that looks awful with kilts. Something like that monk boss in scarlet monastery. 4- back to number 3, option for a shirt over chest.Môe1 06 Nov 2018
05 Nov 2018 Legion PvP sets. Is it possible to unlock Legion PvP sets such as Demonic gladiator sets?Nuumar3 05 Nov 2018
04 Nov 2018 Remove the reputation locks for transmogs Reputation locks for transmogs from past content should get acccount wide. The amber scythe of klaxxi'vess for example, just to mention one. If one character already is exalted, you shouldnt be forced to grind the rep again on a different character just because you want a specific transmog item on that character.Vathia55 04 Nov 2018
04 Nov 2018 Guise of the Deathwalker skin Hi, i am searching for the Hidden artifact Guise of the Deathwalker skin for twinblades of the deciever. Anybody knows how and if it's still available in BFA? Thankful for answers.Baltezar3 04 Nov 2018
04 Nov 2018 Fist weapon transmogging comment at Blizzcon Transmogging fist weapons was mentioned during the Q&A panel, but does this mean you can transmog a fist weapon into a 1 hand weapon or 1 hand into fist weapon, or both?Felyana1 04 Nov 2018
03 Nov 2018 Collectors flippers and twinks wellcome here Hello guys and gals i am a happy obtainer of[The Jackhammer]one of the rarest items in the game . exclusive for collectors and lvl 60 twinks. It is for sale( in game gold only) EU Draenor Horde side. You are welcomed to add me on battlenet so we can talk about the price i am open for offers. Mand1x#2480. Good treasure hunting and have good one.Grimmjoe0 03 Nov 2018
02 Nov 2018 Fist Weapons - transmog into other one handed weapons? ok, the title says it all. And why not? I mean, hunters can transmog a gun into a bow ! A gun is entirely different than a bow, but it can be done. (animations for a gun and bow are not the same, so that can't be it). So, why not a fist weapon into a 1H sword or something ? Also, some fist weapons are visible when sheethed on the back, but tbh it looks kind of strange when looking at it. Or an alternative would be to sheethe a fist weapon on the sides and NOT on the back or have a choice on either sheething it on the back or on the sides like most other 1h weapons. Or better yet, and please think about it ! .. What about you have an option at a vendor to swap a fist weapon for a 1h weapon (keeping the exact same stats, ilvl, etcetera) ? That would be awesome, if you could just trade or swap a fist weapon for something you would prefer, like an 1h axe or sword.Xynn2 02 Nov 2018
01 Nov 2018 Best Mog Over the years, i've had loads of mogs on my different chars. I got thinking, what is the best mog item of them all? Really fast i realized, that to me, there is one mog above the rest and that i find the coolest and best looking compared to all other items. It is: Bulwark of Azzinoth What's your best mog item? /FearFear4 01 Nov 2018
31 Oct 2018 Legacy Loot from Legion Raids As the title states. I decided to try and get the Nighthold normal tier set. I solo killed 7 bosses, rerolled 5 times and only ended up getting 2 items (wrist and a trinket at that). So my question is - is there any word about this being somewhat changed anytime soon? Because it is a bit ridiculous. With each boss dropping up from 3 items and not even having a guaranteed chance to get a drop even if you're the single person in the party, grinding full sets is going to take months (and a lot of them). It will become especially apparent later during the expansion when more and more people will be geared enough to try the Legion content.Graztuli2 31 Oct 2018
31 Oct 2018 Can't Warriors have one handed weapons for Transmog? Why can't Warriors have One Handed Weapons for a Transmog? I have seen a whole lot of awsome looking one handed axes and yet I do not understand why can't a warrior hold any of them or any of the one handed weapons as a transmog?Morkvesh4 31 Oct 2018
31 Oct 2018 Anyone else noticed this? You know that one-handed sword from Blackhand? Yeah, usually they hang on your hip, right? Right. WRONG! I saw a monk with them transmogged and they were on his back like two two-handed swords! I transmogged my swords to the same, but they ended up hanging on the hip. What's this about?Dowelliee2 31 Oct 2018
30 Oct 2018 A weird problem with a Head transmog The transmog I am wearing right now has a weird problem with the headpiece being way to high placed on top of the head... In WoD when it came out it was perfect and low and covered the eyes abit. But now it looks like every race is hiding something under there, and there is some weird clipping at the neck when the char moves now that it is so high up. If you could please fix this it would make my old favorite mog go back to looking sooo good. Not sure if devs ever look in here, but I'll give it a shot.Lìx0 30 Oct 2018
30 Oct 2018 Rare-dropped transmog tracking addon? Is there an addon that tracks rares that drop a piece of gear? I need some levelling greens for one of my transmog and I'd really like to be able to map out where I can find the rares that drop them.Sinvara0 30 Oct 2018
30 Oct 2018 Sword design Hello, over the years the design on weapons has changed a lot. A great deal has improved but on some parts the design has been made worse imo. I don't think Blizzard is using the improved graphics and design capabilities the current game offers compared to early 2005. Especially if I look at swords. When I flip through the transmog pages of swords, there's such an obvious change in overal design and appearance. The blades have become larger, much(!) larger, more colored and worst thing, a lot thicker. Some blades sport a thickness equal to a female character's upper arm. And I'm talking about the edge thickness. The blades of early wow look like that, actual blades. Thin, silvery swords resambling a realistic sword design. Now I understand that you're running out of design options with so many weapons in the game, and that the weapon needs to stand out more in order to fit better in the overal game design. But don't exagerate. Maybe you can redesign the old sword appearances with the newer detail and graphic options available in current game design. Weapons nowadays look like they've been inspired from cosplay, instead of the other way around.Decaye0 30 Oct 2018
28 Oct 2018 Bloodied Dancing Steel. Hello folks, i've been looking for other persons who have the issue of owning weapons with bloodied dancing steel, but can't get the illusion since at the time it wasnt made apparent that duelist would be the req. This i find errournous from blizzards part. I spend alot of my highschool freetime getting 2.2 for bloodied dancing steel, and i actually feel robbed from it. I found this post on the US forum, explaining exactly my thoughts. I'll copy pasta the opening and then link the US post. "So what I want to ask and hear from the game dev's is why Bloody Dancing Steel & Spirit of Conquest isn't available for use as an account wide illusion. So pretty every elite item from pvp got put into the wardrobe whether that be a weapon, gear or WoD enchant. So the question is why wasn't the MoP enchant for Bloody Dancing Steel & Spirit of Conquest added. It was a elite pvp enchant just as is any other pvp elite item thats already in the wardrobe and illusion list. Not everyone maybe played WoD and was able to get the Glorious tyranny but people still did earn the elite enchant back in MoP and should get just as much love for it as WoD enchants did after all there both elite pvp earned items. So i want to hear the dev's answer to this and if there is any future plans for this to be added. There is quite a handful of us who would love to see this hit the illusion board that have extras laying in the bags going to waste that want to relive that period of pvp time when we earned them." From this post, which has many valid comments and points. : Hope there's others out there with the same problem that will support this threadSternum22 28 Oct 2018
28 Oct 2018 How to get the BFA Tier 3 sets? First of all, are the BFA Tier3 sets already available? How can they be obtained? Are we now only able to obtain the Tier 1 set through random battlegrounds, 1800+ arena rating orwarfronts for different color variants and will the T2-T3 sets come at a later stage?Fayas4 28 Oct 2018
28 Oct 2018 Legacy World Bosses fix I'm currently trying to obtain a cloak that drops from Withered J'im. The drop chance is around 5% - 10% which would be fine if it weren't for the fact that I can get it only when Withered J'im is up. He is one of fifteen world bosses in Legion and they only spawn one at a time. That means every 15 week I have a 5% chance of getting the item. The odds are I won't get it before 2020. For rare mounts like Invincible this is an acceptable chance of getting the item but this is a cloak like any other. In my opinion legacy World Bosses should either all spawn every week or should have 100% drop chance for an item. It really shouldn't be down to luck whether or not the items that fit to your set are less obtainable than Invincible.Sinvara2 28 Oct 2018
27 Oct 2018 Wands still can't be transmoged to artifact Okay so i understand there is A LOT worse with the game in its current state then this but its really tilting knowing that i can't use my fire mage appearance (sword and offhand) just cause i have a wand over a staff. i ain't a game dev but i'm sure it wouldn't be rocket science to fix this and could be hotfixed.Scottishstab3 27 Oct 2018
27 Oct 2018 Robe/Kilt for Lightbringer Sunwell Set Hey folks, I've been diving around Wowhead and various model viewers to find a decent robe/skirt that matches this set. I stick to Holy, and something about the spec makes me feel like the robe look is better. Does anyone know of an item that would help out?Lasadh1 27 Oct 2018
26 Oct 2018 Fury weapon transmog I would love to be able to transmog my 10m long 2h weapons to smaller 1h weapons while playing my fury spec. This would bring more variation to the class, you would have 2h with arms, 2h/1h with fury and 1h/shield with prot.Moistzerker2 26 Oct 2018
26 Oct 2018 LFR items Sorry for my lack of knowledge, but I've been a bit abscent and "out of character" for many years... are items from outdated LFR's(previous expansions) no longer obtainable in any way at all? If they are, could it be possible to add them back to be bought through currency from e.g. Timewalking vendors? Or any other currency?Aylish5 26 Oct 2018
26 Oct 2018 Anyone know where these are from? I found the name but can't find the source anywhereYo2 26 Oct 2018