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4h Rate the transmog above you - part 14 The old thread reached the post limit, so I decided to make a new one. So rate the poster's mog above you on scale of 1-10! :)Tinkiloo17 4h
7h Need a mount to match my look Greetings, I’m looking for a mount that goes with my look, appreciate suggestions. GrimmrockGrimmrock4 7h
1d Gladiator Gear not at Vendor? Is this intended? There is no Gladiator Gear from the recent season available for marks of honour at the vendor Would really like the monk one This is the Non Elite oneKursch1 1d
1d Plate Class Transmogging Cloth -> Cloth? I've seen it very rarely but sometimes I see a Plate Class equipping a cloth item and transmogging it into another cloth item on the armory or forums (never ingame). Whenever I try this myself, it doesn't work. So far, I'm only able to transmog other weapon types (that I can equip and follow the transmog rules). Is this a bug on the armory display or can you, as a Plate Class, transmog Cloth Gear to look like other Cloth items? Thanks in advance.Drijara1 1d
1d BFA transmog clarification hey guys so i need to find out now so i know what class to pick for BFA. i am an outlaw rogue always have always will (combat since 2005) now my main concern is the number of fist weapons at 120. will i be able to tmog my fist weapons into my artifact sword. i dont care about any other swords i just want my artifact swords. i cant seem to do it on PTR now but i heard its possible on the beta atm.Vilitrix0 1d
1d DH warglaive transmog/BT time walking anyone know if this is going to be up? because i got both glaives tonight but iv gone all the way through to march 2019 and there is nothing on the calander for BT timewalking? is this as intended or am i missing something?Snapoff5 1d
2d Use the artifact weapons appearance in BFA Hi! I have the suggestion Battle for Azeroth (BFA) In the legion there are many of good weapons transmogification, for example mage tower challenge. I want use them the BFA but a little diffrent as now. for example: I earn mage tower weapon with my assassination rogue (ghostblade). I want use the weapon appearance the another specialization not just assassination. And any my character which can use the dagger. Finally, it would be good if we could use the enchant appearance with artifact weapons. I think many would be happy these weapons the collections. I hope this can happen. Regards!Elessår4 2d
5d No left eyed eyepatches As the title implies, I'm having quite a problem with eye patches. It's been 14 years and we still have yet to get an eye patch that does not look ridiculous on every gun wielding hunter in the game. There are in total 11 eye patches currently available (including leather ones which hunters obviously can't do much with) and all cover the eye hunters use to aim. It's a really small thing but at the same time it really bothers me because every time I want to transmog my hunter with an eye patch I either have to switch to a bow or deal with looking stupid every time I go into combat. I'd be really glad if we got a left eyed eye patch.Critikal5 5d
5d Artifact Transmogs classwide? Hey, I was wondering if in BfA the skins I earned for one rogue's artifact weapon will be available on another rogue (that hasn't gotten the skins itself) too. Anyone heard something about that? Thanks in advanceMythenmetz8 5d
5d Tmog Help What are the most easiest tmog sets you can get atm ? I want to be solid as well XDSnikwins2 5d
5d Transmog options I think it's due time that we get an option to be almost bare chested to show of those sick pecs and the choice to choose to hide the left or right shoulderpad. It's not hard to figure out that I want my main warrior to be able to look like Harod.Akelvar1 5d
6d Important Tmog suggestion I've been thinking that Tmog could be improved a great deal by a very simple change.It'd be far more convenient if you could keep your mogged outfit when you replace an armor piece with a new one,especially if you consider the fact that getting higher ilvl gear is a constant procedure and as a result you have to visit the Tmog npc way too often,also paying a huge amount of gold.In other words,would't it be nice if Blizz implemented a cosmetic character window exclusively for armor appearances,that would be completely independent of what your wearing,while ofc giving you the option to 'hide' outfit so you can see what you 're actually wearing or not if you dont have any armor on.This system exists at Eso and is admittedly a much more practical system to customise your character.I hope a blue sees this and recommend it at the devs!Besides Wow is not a free-to-play game so Tmog should not be sth that you can't have easy access to and right now it's far too expensive imo.Celestios4 6d
10 Jun Collecting Transmog from Hellfire Citedal (M) I would typically post this in LFG forum but that's overwhelmed with people wanting to do current raids that I feel this would get buried. So I'm just looking for a group of rag tag players just to do above mentioned raid to collect the relative transmog. Feel free to add me on bnet.Sprouticus1 10 Jun
10 Jun Valkyra looks Hello, i like to ask, why are we not allowed to transmog our 1Handed and Shield to a polearm and shield? I am asking because i would like to look like those Valkyra you see in Warriors hall. They have that you know.Oboxan0 10 Jun
10 Jun Which PvP set pieces don't require Marks of Honor? So I recently found out that not all PvP sets requite marks of honor to buy them. Some of them can be bought with the raid tier tokens, for example all of Season 2, and also 5/8 of Season 1 and 3/8 of Season 3. Is there a complete list of such items, so I won't waste precious marks of honor on them?Lysende1 10 Jun
10 Jun Trasmog items not dropping when they should I've run Dire Maul 58 times now trying to get Fluctuating Cloak as well as Heliotrope cape on my DK , Druid and Rogue combined but those items just dont drop , they arent extra rare , journal says the characters are eligible to get them as loot , so im either super unlucky OR there is a bug going on , anyone else encounter something similar?Alondra3 10 Jun
09 Jun Transmog - Changes and Ideas Hello! WoW's transmog system is so big yet so small. Finding a cool looking set or items for my characters is what I call fun as strange as that may seem to some. Especially growing up and having less time to do stuff like having raid nights due to responsibilities. My fun though, has always in some form or another experienced hiccups while searching for that (next) perfect set. Two examples always come to mind. First main example: Mag'har orcs are on their way to being released with the upcoming BFA expansion. My main for many years has been my Enhancement Shaman and have claimed Frostwolf Clan since I can remember. WoD expansion released an amazing Frostwolf Clan Transmog that cannot be used by Shamans or Hunters because it is locked into Leather armor. Point being Frostwolf Clan are known for being great Shamans & Hunters. Please change this. (A)Turn it into a "Cosmetic Set" or (B)Release multiple versions of the Frostwolf Set ex: Leather & Mail. Also finish the set and add the helm please. This can also be said for the other sets such as the Warsong set only available to Mail wearers. Second example: I also play quite a bit on my Warrior and I am a big fan of the ICC Tier 10 sets. Nearly 10 years later and at least we've come a step closer to completing Warrior Tier 10 25HC. With the release of Legion and it's version of Violet Hold, the "Feet" were finally made available. The "Belt" is still missing and hopefully it won't take another 10 years to complete my set. I am sure other classes out there have similar issues and please state what problems you want to address. Currently I can only address what I have experienced. This does lead me to an idea I had. With the ever expanding and popularity of Timewalking, I would love to hunt down sets of old and items that were never made available. Ex: Timewalking ICC for the Tier 10 set recolors, as I stated in a recent reddit post I would jump at the possibility of earning the Blue Warrior Tier 10 set. This would give great incentive to partake in Timewalking. Older weapons that were never used or even variations with a different coat of paint. I would love to see your opinions of this and hopefully I've kept this constructive and not too much like a rant. Cheers!Yamabushi0 09 Jun
09 Jun So about a frying pan mog... I don't know about the rest of you, but I think it's time we had the restrictions lifted on some of the "silly" weapons in WoW. Most notably the frying pan (1H mace) - especially as we have a fancy hi-def model in our "Cooking Fire" just waiting to be used! And if ever a case was needed that this fits a fantasy setting: :DPinchpenny0 09 Jun
09 Jun Sheathing and Scaling of Weapons hi all, I dont know if anyone ever discussed this before or where to post it, but i would like to share my opinion regarding the sheathing of weapons, would it be possible for blizzard to give players the choice of sheathing their 1handers sideways or on their backs, I personally love carrying my weapons on my back so i'm always looking for options (tmogs) to do just that, and it saddens me that there arent so many options out there, not a single frost dk artefact skin can be sheathed on your back :( now i know this may seem silly to some but please dont shoot me for expressing my opinion, same goes for warriors, imagine you wanting to be an awesome arms warrior wielding a huge 2hander, feels great right? then you have fury warrior wielding 2 TWO huge 2handers and even manipulating them faster than any arms warrior could ever dream of, imo it would have been better if fury had been for dual wielding 1handers. another thing thats been bugging me is the size of some weapons... wouldnt it be possible to let players scale their own weapons within reasonable margins, some like BIG weapons but there's also people who like a more realistic size. these are all just minor cosmetic things but still important for some players, and i hope there's more than just some who might feel the same way as me, so how do you all feel about this? let me know please.Dkarian0 09 Jun
08 Jun Glasses shouldn't be NPC-only Hi there. I've taken a screenshot of every NPC currently in-game that I could find that are wearing NPC-only glasses, which for whatever reason, despite the model being linkable in game and here, have yet to be availiable for players to obtain ingame. Considering that Blizzard seem to be starting to put in armour that's more 'casual' (Such as the Kul Tiras leather questing armour), I believe these glasses should be put into the game, especially as a variety of NPCs of different races already wear them, and you can even preview for yourself how they'd look on your character by pasting this script ingame. /script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("\124cffffffff\124Hitem:67108::::::::110:::::\124h[Lord Crowley's Old Spectacles]\124h\124r");Falerian0 08 Jun
08 Jun Bad news for hunters The wonderful Wardens longbow, going forward into bfa as it currently is on the beta is nolonger hipmounted. This is really a shame It was wonderful as the only bow you can have strapped to your waist. Edit: 08 Jun
07 Jun Cross-Spec Artifact Mogs After Legion I know it's been stated that Blizz intends to keep the artifact transmogs class-specific after Legion. My Highmountain Warrior weeps for the lack of Talonclaw, but I can sort of understand it otherwise. My question is this: Will they be spec-locked as well, or just class-locked? Obviously I have something specific in mind, so on the off-chance someone from Blizzard reads this, I'd like to just beg for one, measly thing: Please, please, please let Subtlety rogues use the Ghostblades transmog. The shadowy ninja theme just does not work with a pair of big teeth, but ethereal, shifting blades? Especially in purple, if you can grind through the PvP long enough? Mmm, perfect!Talraea4 07 Jun
07 Jun Petition, Hide chest option ( for male chars only ) It's as the topic says, there's really no other option than the orgrimmar chest from draenor garrison, why do demon hunters have the option to hide their chest to show off their tattoos and we don't? I know people will abuse the heck out of it and do slutmogs but it could be solved to be exclusive to male characters only, doesn't hurt anyone i guess right?Ektelion5 07 Jun
07 Jun 2.4k enchants bring it back to the way it looked before... it was okay (same for bloody dancing steel) for 2 expansions and never EVER made any problems to the game the new version alongside Demonic Tyranny looks absolutely disgusting... I have 0 incentive to do PvP when the rewards you get look this bad the reason the animation was changed to this garbage is because apparently it was dropping fps or whatever but again for 2 (TWO) expansions I never had a single problem with this enchant PLEASE BLIZZARD I don't even have it, but it tilts me every single time I see it nowadays... just makes me sad how ****** bad it looks as compared to how amazing and unique it looked before just imagine how awesome Demonic Tyranny could look if it was the same as Bloody Dancing Steel/Glorious Tyranny and not this nerfed ugly cloudAccelero0 07 Jun
06 Jun Please add DH to old sets I got the rep, i'm a leather class, please fix :) 06 Jun
05 Jun Transmog Unlock Questions As far as I can tell: If you play a class which can equip a certain weapon (which is not shown in the rewards), you will get the transmog unlocked. For example: Warrior gets as reward a sword and shield but also unlocks a bow transmog which was not listed with the rewards. Does this somehow works for armors too? Like you have done the quest and get its leather armor rewards. Do you also get the mail/plate/cloth rewards with this?Leafkettle3 05 Jun
05 Jun Shadowed Gauntlets of Paroxysm not dropping According to wowhead, these gloves should be 19% drop chance from M'uru. However, I've killed him like 30 times and never seen these gloves drop, so I'm starting to think they don't drop anymore for some reason. Pretty lame if this is the case, as the gloves are the only thing I'm missing from my SWP transmog set.Inanis0 05 Jun
04 Jun WTB Replica Darkmantle set Looking to buy Replica Darkmantle set. Realm Ravencrest preferred since that is where my gold is at. Thanks. :)Exgirlfrîend0 04 Jun
03 Jun Speedy racer goggles? So I noticed a while back, that the Speedy racer goggles show up in the collections tab, even if you haven't done the original quest that rewarded them. For me it says they are earned from a quest. I did not play back in Vanilla so I have not earned them. On Wowhead it says they are unobtainable, and I haven't seen them in the collections until this patch. So I was wondering if there is any way to get them now? Did they get added back to a quest as reward?Tinkiloo2 03 Jun
03 Jun Rate the Transmog Above you - XIII Old thread reached its limits and is now full, so lets continue with "Rate the Transmog Above you - XIII" number 13. Starting with the last guy in the previous post. @Arctursus Very simple look which I like and the design and colours match. 8/10 for you my man. The gloves are a little too big for your mog and I can't see your weapon which is why you don't get a 10. But it's still a nice mog :)Rhunok500 03 Jun
03 Jun Replica Champion's Battlearmor Hello! I have a question about this transmog.How to get it? I heard that you have to knock a lot of points in the ranking, but I do not know exactly how much.Cormundum0 03 Jun
03 Jun Suggestion - Fury Warrior Transmogs Hi! Would it be possible for Fury Warriors to be able to transmog their two-handed weapons into one-handed ones? Although holding two huge axes fits the barbarian theme of the spec, I think that it would be cool for players who see their Fury Warriors more like 'whirling blademasters' to be able to don a pair of smaller weapons. Given the quick swing speed of the spec, I think that this would give greater fluidity (and less unwieldiness) to some of the slimmer or shorter races like trolls/elves/dwarves. It would be great to see more troll berserker and mountain king transmogs around! Plus, surely fist weapons are perfect for those who see their warrior as more of a brute!Apollis6 03 Jun
02 Jun Make Transmog great!!! My request is pretty simple.Let all classes transmog any armor type,except of course the iconic sets that are exclusive to only one class(like judgement set or pvp sets).There is a wealth of options when it comes to customising your gear but we 're only restricted to a small part of it.For example,I've always wanted my paladin to wear a dusty old robe and hood and yield a giant hammer but sadly i can't(or imagine a full black plate warlock with the 'Conqueror's Deathbringer Hood' exclusive hood).There are many old armor pieces that are not followed by a complete set or others that look like they belong in another armor type(mail eyepatch?)!Npcs no matter their 'class' wear sweet combos of differet armor types(Darius Crowley wears badass eyepatch) but actual players can't?And don't tell about class fantasy because it's totally irrelevant,when we talk about generic armor pieces like a Wotlk green cloth hood(Arthas wore a hood when he came back as dk and killed the king and Uther looked more like a monk).Besides someone can be a warrior wearing a noble dress if he likes and yield a 2-handed shovel but not equip a mail helmet(which he wore under 40 lvl some time ago btw)?And now we have heritage armor which contradicts these restrictions by letting a mage go full plate so it's about time the transmog system goes to its full potential.Lastly,I'de like to see fist weap mogged to one-handed and one-handed to to 2handed(there are one handed weapons bigger than old 2handed-like Quel Serrar so size is not the issue).Anyway,If you agree upvote so blizzard sees the post or go make your own,otherwise give me a real reason to disagree!I know it's not a big deal but it will be a great change for customisation(which lacks in character creation)!!!Thanks for reading!Celestios4 02 Jun
02 Jun wts frozen runes for naxx resistance peices Looking to sell some frozen runes have 9 in total across two realms outland and sunstrider for anyone interested in crafting the naxx frost resistance pieces for tmogsMoocg0 02 Jun
02 Jun More cosmetic on the shop + new AURAS? opinions Hello everyone! I'm curious to hear your opinions on having more cosmetic items such as the helmets currently on the blizzard shop. My personal opinion is that even though I'm against making the game pay-to-win at a competitive level, I wouldn't mind having more cosmetics, toys, titles, mounts etc. on the blizzard shop! I'm 100% about cool transmogs and wouldn't mind throwing my money at blizzard for such items, were they cool enough ;) Also I have some ideas for the transmog enthusiasts out there: what if we added a new cosmetic socket into the transmogrification window called "auras", what I mean is imagine having a small radius of holy light, circulating shadows or frozen misty air around you? This would ofcourse be cosmetic ONLY. I'd imagine there might need to be option to hide/show cosmetic auras given they could cause additional fps lag in the major cities or raids. I currently have a very frosty transmog ( not complete :D ) and would LOVE to have some lich king'ish ice around me to compliment my icy tmog! My second idea is the option to transmogrify your items to give them unique names shown to other players, and/or add items some personal text added to those items like some legendaries etc. have? I don't ever use the forums so don't hate if I'm out of line here ;) Hope you all have a great time while waiting for bfa!Mográh1 02 Jun
01 Jun Please make legendary items eligible for transmog.. Please change it so you can transmog legendaries - especially weapons. There would be nothing cooler than being able to transmog your one handers in to Warglaives of Azzinoth from Illidan in Black Temple (which are the best looking weapons still ingame by the way) as a melee DPS. Same goes for Titan's Grip Warriors and other melee classes using Two-Handed weapons all the time - we want Shadowmourne! It is seriously also the best looking Two-Handed weapon out there. I don't see what the problem is. It requires so much effort to farm the legendaries and I think a perfect reward would be that you can use their appearance on your ordinary weapons, that even motivates people to farm and obtain the legendary items from previous expansions. How can it not be acceptable? I just don't understand the logic behind restricting legendary items from being transmoggable. Sure there are lots of other legendaries in the game these days too, but why can't people transmog them either if they would like to? It's such a shame that the legendary items that are outdated are completely useless and there's really no point in even having them take up bag space when you can't do anything effective with them. At best you can equip them while going afk but then you don't get to enjoy their beautiful combat nature your self, at most another random player that happens to walk by when you are having a break being AFK might notice them and comment shortly about how he likes your weapons. Is that really how those extremely legendary weapons should live on? I certainly think there's better use for them and a good potential for positive feedback from tons of other players too. Please comment in this thread if you agree. This is about the most feedback we can give to Blizzard and they do listen to their customers, believe it or not.. So I'm just trying to make some kind of impact here since what is there to loose anyway. Please let me know if you disagree too, but then please explain why you think so in a way that makes sense and not just a rude comment that has no real argument and is just pure denial because you enjoy opposing others. I'm pretty sure there has been other threads on this matter but the more people interacting with the company that makes these products for us, the better I would imagine the message arrives to the developers and people who actually deal with this.Nebuq10 01 Jun
01 Jun backpacks tmog for cloak slot? this would be really neet to see id love to see your opinions :)Thálera10 01 Jun
01 Jun Rated or Normal BG for artifact appearance unlock For the mage tower artifact I remember something happening and it getting changed to normal BG? CheersBaenz0 01 Jun
01 Jun Heritage Armor AFTER boost? So, I haven't quite found my answer around the internet. If I choose to boost a void elf to lvl 110, and THEN level a void elf from 20-110 after I've done the boost on the other void elf. Will both of them get the armor set?Zakkar10 01 Jun
01 Jun Same artifact appearance on multiple characters in BfA? I got an appearance on my ally feral druid that I'm quite fond of; and wondering if it's possible to use the same appearance on a future horde druid, without having to unlock it again first? It's one of the Balance of Power ones, so I'm really not too keen on having to unlock it a second time ^^;Isyali0 01 Jun
01 Jun Spire of the Stoneshaper Hello All I got my hand one the staff "spire of the stoneshaper" If anyone is interested you can find me on Tarren Mill Regards Ember - btw I hope I don't break any rules posting thisEmbersnacker0 01 Jun
31 May Elite Conquest Quartermaster WoD NON FUNCTIONAL Hi! After attempted assistance from an in-game gm I'm still not being able to talk to the Elite Conquest Quartermaster to buy my Primal Elite PvP set for the 3 characters i achieved 2k+ rating in WoD. I showed date-stamped achievements to this GM and he still questioned my legitimacy.. HOWEVER I already have a few of the Elite PvP pieces available for transmog on my warrior which makes NO sense that I shouldn't be able to buy the rest of my pieces i'm missing (i currently have shoulders, gloves and helmet). I would also very much like to pick up my transmog from my other two characters: Chopstuey and Ballongknudå (which was a human death knight called Crossox at the time). It is my belief that after Ashran got instanced, the vendor has gotten bugged out and is not able to sell the elite pvp sets anymore, which is funny becasue you can buy the elite pvp sets from other seasons which are over. Please someone with more knowledge than the previous GM who thought the vendor was walking around in Warspear and couldn't even find the requirements needed at the time respond.Chopstíxx1 31 May
29 May Unable to see new robes in Appearance or Mog So I just received "Queen Azshara's Dressing Gown" through archeology, and sent it over to this alt. I took it from the mail and I got a message in chat saying it was added to my appearance tab. I can equip the item no problem, and it should have shown up when trying to transmog it. No luck though! It doesn't show up on the Appearance Tab (even after searching) and isn't an option for transmogging either. Is there anything to be done to fix it? I wanted to make a ticket but there's not really anything that matches this issue. this is a screenshot of me "learning" the robes in chat, but then not showing up when searching for it to transmog.Aliterra7 29 May
29 May Problems with transmogging tier sets hey i exchanged tier tokens for the tier 5 priest set Avatar on two priest chars and only some pieces show on one of my priest and the other has the other ones any1 know why? :( it seems it is not account-wide on my Priests :(Marsat2 29 May
27 May Fire Mog Weapons Im looking for Swords etc that has a fiery look but i can't seem to find anything on AH/the web. Where should i look for these and do you have any example?Youngsinatra10 27 May
26 May Cosmetic Mask/Bandanna to cover face? So just want to know is their a Mask/Bandanna that a hunter can use? I love the blood elf bandit mask but I cant mog it even though its a Cosmetic item..... I have looked around but cant see much really hoping some can point me to one.Vorren2 26 May
25 May Artifact Skins Clarification Hello there, as I've done some work with my alts lately with Balance of Power and the Magetower I've got almost all of the base skins and the M+15 skins done (29/36) I wanted to get some things clarified (ideally by some MVP/Blue) so I know what I need to target next. I've read that the Mythic+15 colour variant from the Balance of Power Skin aswell as the Magetower Challenge Skin will be unobtainable as soon as BfA Prepatch hits, so I tried finishing those with priority. So what about the other colour variants and Hidden skins for example? For example the one you get from killing Kil'Jaeden in Heroic or the one for the hidden skins you get for 200 World Quests? Will I be able to obtain those after BfA launches and still be able to transmog those onto my newer weapons? For example I have the base skins for all Magetower skins but none of the other three colour variants, if I do all the tasks described to unlock them in BfA - will I still get the colour variants for transmog then? What about the PvP skins? The system changes to an account wide prestige system so I figured that the sum of all my account wide honor I've gathered goes into that new accountwide Prestige Rank which would mean as I've unlocked most of the PvP variants on my main I should automatically get all of those for my alts aswell as soon as the prepatch hits? Is that correct? Thanks for clarifying this for me in advanceGwelwenant2 25 May
24 May Good troll plate helm? Dont have much plate as i boosted this character, but would am trying to find a good troll helm (preferably to go with my gear). Not a fan of the jaw, head pieces. Any suggeations?Rosjin2 24 May
24 May Judgment farming on several paladins? Anyone know if the set is shared between more paladins? Can I have several paladins on different realms or same and farm for the set?Joetesting2 24 May