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1h Cannot transmog into any warlock artifact appearance I'm currently using a wand+off-hand combination, that I got from questing before I reached level 120, it seems like I cannot transmog those into any warlock artifact appearance using any of the specs, like it is supposed to. The drop-down menu option for "Legion Artifacts" is not showing at all in the transmog npc.Rinotx4 1h
3h legion raidfinder transmog Hi guys, I am hoping someone on here can help me. Whilst sorting out the bags for my warlock I noticed that I have somehow deleted the helm that I got from raider-finder (diabolic helm). I must have done this as I received lots of duplicates and better versions from normal etc. Anyway, I want to wear this set a transmog, as IMO it is by far the best looking set from legion for locks, but am now missing the head. It the raid-finder version, the green one. Is there any way that I can go back and try to get this again? I did a couple of runs yesterday before BFA launch but no luck and it is now locked. Or is there somewhere else I can now get this? Any help much appreciatedFrostfingers6 3h
3h Dual wield Artifact transmog problem in BFA. After the BFA pre-patch when you switch out your skull of man'ari etc. i cannot transmog my offhand atall like the function to transmog is put into the main hand dagger and that gives skull if you take it and overides offhand aswell. which mean you can no longer wear enchant on off hand or main hand atall same goes for rogues fury warrs etc. why cant we mog one weapon anymore? i had this in legion and bfa removes it? now you have to choose between your enchant or artifact atall :/Freyzul6 3h
5h Scrapper Hey, I think this is a bug if you scrap something and you don't have the appearance collected the appearance will not be given to you and the item will be scrapped.Majestas2 5h
6h Transmog question Hi, are transmog unlocks for quest items, that are not chosen as a reward, still a thing in BFA? I have been getting only unlocks for things that I have chosen. So, is it a bug or working as intended? CheersProttagon4 6h
9h WoD Legacy Loot not working as intended? After finishing with levelling for the day I decided to take a break to run Blackrock Foundry heroic and try out the new legacy loot system on that place. I noticed an odd pattern. Bosses that don't have tier tokens on their loot table dropped normally for legacy loot mode, five random drops per boss. However, the six bosses that dropped tier loot all dropped only three tier items (and not tokens). For example, Operator Thorgar gave me tier shoulders for monk, mage and druid and nothing else. Blackhand just gave me three 'Essence of' item tokens. I still got non-tier loot from one of my bonus rolls, but all tier dropping bosses just dropped three tier pieces and nothing else. Has anyone else had this problem while transmog farming?Liung0 9h
9h Transmog confusion/account wide? Hey guys, This'll be my first post on these forums as I didn't want to initially do it. But after searching Google for a while now to no avail I'd like to try my luck here. I've taken a long break from WoW and it shows, so much has changed and im especially confused with transmog. Anyway, I've been told transmog styles are account bound as long as they're the same type, plate to plate, cloth to cloth etc. But I have a 58 Worgen death knight and a 102 human warrior. I really love the style of the 2 hand start Ebon blade the death knight gets on completion on the quest chain but I'm using him as frost and have no intention of using the blade, thr runic style would look great on my warrior but it's not in his transmog options. Same goes for the death knight, a lot of low level plate I unlocked on my warrior does not appear for the knight, but illusions, a few quest specific swords like the House of Wreynn one does. Also I unlocked Stormwind armour set from my garrison bunker and that's missing on the knights list to despite the description saying account bound. Am I missing something? Many thanks.Reignald2 9h
10h transmog bug after completing my first war effort quest i did not get the transmogs for all the rewards from the last quest, was this removed? or is it a bug?Sarfayn0 10h
15h legion raidfinder transmog Hi guys, I have a bit of a problem and am hoping someone here can help. Hav ebeen sorting out my bags for BFA and on my warlock I somehow managed to delete the helm that I got (diabolic helm) from raid-finder; think I did this as I obtained better gear from normal etc. However, I am now missing the head only from this set, the raid-finder set, which I think is by far the best looking set for locks from legion. It is the green one I ma talking about Is there any way that I can now go back into legion raid-finder to try and get this again? Did a couple of runs yesterday before BFA launch but didnt get it and it now seems to be locked. Any help much appreciatedFrostfingers0 15h
1d Rate the transmog above you - part 14 The old thread reached the post limit, so I decided to make a new one. So rate the poster's mog above you on scale of 1-10! :)Tinkiloo161 1d
1d feral druid artifact weapons bug? I Have 2 feral druids lvl 110 with artifact weapons equiped but my cat form does not change pls help.Kazhal1 1d
1d Tier21 Warrior belt side plates missing? The Grondfather girdle and the pvp ones are missing the two sideplates since last couple of patches.Johnson4 1d
1d Please allow us to mog Shadowmourne! Nice touch with the Illidan glaives from TW Black Temple. Allowed Demon Hunters to mog those iconic glaives, as the only legendary weapon skin in the game. Please do the same for Shadowmourne! Allow the ones who have grinded this weapon to mog it - make ICC a TW instance, if you want to follow the concept with the glaives! Shadowmourne still looks amazing! Please let us mog it.Plasmid7 1d
1d WTS Original starter shirts, multiple realms -Squire 's Shirt (Arathor) -Initiate 's Shirt (Chamber of Aspects) -Initiate 's Shirt (Defias Brotherhood) -Trapper 's Shirt (sporeggar) -Brawler 's Harness (sporeggar) -Primitive Mantle (sporeggar) -Brawler 's Harness (Stormreaver) -Initiate 's Shirt (Stormreaver) Prefer payment connected-Stormreaver.Ripaskaman0 1d
2d WTS Chromatic sword, realm doesn't matter As I said, it doesn't matter what realm u on, but server with low/normal population and RP servers have advantage :P I have sword on Medivh (French) atm, but if u are playing, for example, on Emeriss, give me gold on Emeriss, create trial char on Medivh and I will give you sword on trial char but u can transmog it on your main server too. For serious offers please contact me via bnet. My Btag is medicinar#2394.Dementius0 2d
2d WTS Chan's Imperial Robes (A) Sylvanas Selling the very rare chest Chan's Imperial Robes on Sylvanas ally side, willing to discuss price. 2d
2d nice armor to glorious legplates Hello i need advice. I really love glorious legplates but i don't like glorious breastplate. Any idea guys which armor can looks well with this pants?Vinessaa0 2d
2d Firelands feral transmogg At this point I see no reason why it shouldn’t be added to the transmogg tab for ferals. It’s kinda sad having this awesome form in the game but only usable with a level 85 staff or a toy .Kappador2 2d
3d What is that chest piece Can someone tell me what is that chest piece ????????Dranurzal1 3d
3d Mythic Funerary Plates of the Chosen Dead? Hello, is it possible to still obtain the Mythic Funerary Plates of the Chosen Dead?Androme1 3d
3d WTS few rare Trasmog Khorium Champion Plans: Helm of the Great Chief Plans: Stronghold Gauntlets Rage-Possessed Greatsword Stonevault Bonebreaker Server: Well of Eternity EU ( Ally ) Tag: Eçlìpsè#2416Eçlìpsè0 3d
3d Icebane Gauntlets Looking for someone who has Icebane Gauntlets. Got gold on Magtheridon (EU) Horde side. Hit me up if you have them. (Fingerprints#2371)Caged0 3d
3d Please change Voidelf Heritage Armor collar The collar on the Voidelf Heritage chest armor has tons of clipping issues on male Void elfs This was previously "fixed" on female Void elfs, by Blizzard decreasing the size of the collar drastically. But the collars remain unchanged on male VEs. Pretty much every longhaired options clips thru the collar. Wouldnt it be possible to give male VEs the same treatment as female VEs? Or just remove the collar altogether? I like the rest of the armor, but that collar is a big issue for me. Apparantly alot of VE players are bothered by it.Armand2 3d
3d Sword not transmogable for other characters Hey I recently bought on this character and it's added to arsenal. But only for this character - it's missing on all others. Is that a bug or feature?Yuugi2 3d
3d Greatest Transmogs of Azeroth (NEW COLLECTION) I would like your opinion on the best transmo of Azeroth(mine) Here are some images (attention you can lose the sight in front of the splendor of this 8th wonder of the world) For those who are afraid to click on the links, you can click on my profile It cost me about 500k gold And as a bonus a little preview of the second best transmo of the game (still mine of course) It cost me about 10k gold. You're probably gonna tell me: But why don't you farm instead of buying at a high price? And I'll tell you that style doesn't wait, I don't have time to waste, I have to shine, I have to be at the top of style 24hours/7days. So your rate out of 10 ?Bogossus44 3d
3d Appearances for Challenge Mode set. I earned the Challenge Mode set for Mage back in Mists of Pandaria, but I can't use the appearances on other characters, because I have been unable to log in on my Mage after the Appearances system was added to the game. Is there any way to have it added to my Appearances? I have the mounts and achievements, but I don't know if it is possible to confirm that I should have the Mage set.Thor3 3d
3d Are artifacts character specific? That would be dumb. So logged on to my other paladin and tried to make him the same tmog I have on my main. Only to learn he doesn't have access to legion artifact in transmogging window. Now the odd thing is he doesnt have ANY option at all to tmog into legion artifacts, not even the early skins he has unlocked himself. So what gives? If the skins are actually character specific that's REALLY dumb and for no reason. To clarify, I have obtained the skins and they're visible in the appearance tab, says visit a tmogger to apply it. When I try to use the mount to mog or actually visit a tmog in town, neither have an option for legion artifacts.Eräjorma3 3d
4d Cant buy PvP Transmog on level 58 I was gonna buy the Merciless gladiator set for my Rogue who is level 58 (Going to lock him at 60 to twink) but i have to be level 70 to buy the set, but i can still transmog it at 58??Lolguylol1 4d
4d Tabards cutting into plate legs? Anyone else having this issue with the wider style plate legs or know a way round it? It's definitely the legs causing the issue, change the legs to a thinner style and the tabard stops cutting in. Like this: 4d
4d Transmog doesn't add to collection I have seen it a couple of times now with green BoE's. I send it to the character that can use that type of item. I equip it, but it still doesn't add to my collection. Anyone knows why this happens?Fimba0 4d
4d Problem with upcoming warglaives! The Alliance gets Alliance themed Vengeance-looking glaives, and the Horde gets Horde themed Havoc-looking glaives. Could we pretty please get both types of glaives for both factions? They look really cool but it's a shame that I only get nice looking Havoc glaives if I play Horde.Cuino2 4d
4d Warglaives of Azzinoth not transmogable after legion? Hello all! I heard some rumors that Warglaives of Azzinoth wont be transmogable after legion ends, is that true? i couldnt find any official info about that. Today i finished my 31 run and still no luck. I just want to now am i wasting my time cuz, 31 runs took some of it... Cheers!Takeen7 4d
4d Teebu's blazing longsword So, I've returned from a few years off. Working on some Tmog and I hear you can get Teebu's again. different sources have said you can kill level ~60 mobs i.e. silthilis twilight folk and it will have a % of dropping. Along with all other Classic world drops (however low % it may be ) Is this true and if so what level must I be on to get it. I was farming on my 110 but someone mentioned scaling so i have to be on a level 58 or something? I don't really understand how it works.Efexor4 4d
5d Weapon for my transmog (YELLOW) I'm looking for a "yellow-ish" two-handed swords that matches my transmog and was wondering if you guys could help me out. I have looked around but havn't found any good yet, please help! Thanks :)Jompii0 5d
5d Legion artifacts Transmog why can we not transmog one part of our atifacts to our new weapons rather than the whole thing, surely if you can make for example swords in to fist weapons would it be too big of a stretch to only tmog part of the artifact?Thálera5 5d
5d Old Elite PvP mog for honor level I think it's fairШоколадно21 5d
5d Xmog and other ideas for BFA Hello everyone. I would like to talk about some things i have in mind about what i would like to see in the upcoming expansion. Tbh though, some of them has been discussed in separated threads over the years so i thought to put them in one post and listen to your ideas aswell. I was very happy to see with the announce of the new expansion those new warfront sets, especially for Alliance! They remind me of the Knight's set we see in WC3 cinematic. I always hopped to see something like that in WoW with a proper, realistic style (and with no any crazy helm design like Blizz likes to do). Also, i would love to see a nice Lordaeron shield to match those sets (see WC3 cinematic), besided the Royal crest of Lordaeron we already have. In general i hope to see more items about Lordaeron, like a tabard now that humans will reclaim their lost Kingdom! I was troubled though with the Dark Iron Dwarfs set, cause i saw no helm on. I hope they add one. Another thing is the guard's armor sets of factions. I really hope, and i'm sure many more, to finally see an updated version like they did with Humans and Orcs. Imagine Dwarf guards having a heavier, more detailed armor set as they desrve! Awesome! Ofc, it would be nice to see an updated version of SW's Royal guard's set aswell, cause they left it outdated compared to what guards have. Using one of those warfront sets for that would be a great solution. BFA is focused on faction's conflict and imho it's the right time to do changes like these which will also boost our immerse feeling ingame and make us enjoy it even more. Thx for reading my post! p.s. Feel free to add more similar subjects for discussion.Crônus11 5d
5d Stonevault Bonebreaker Mog selling Cause of the long time trasmog items take to sell, i posted it here in case anyone it's interested, knowing that drop chance are very low maybe it's worth a try. Free to contact me if interestedRnjèsus0 5d
5d Missing Transmogs. Hi, I have been farming quite a lot of old raids recently for something to do. I have noticed quite a lot of items being added to my collection, when I knew I'd had them previously. When I checked, I found others missing as collected, that I knew 100% that I got when the content was current or afterwards farming Glory or Mog runs. EG: Both weapons from Deathwing show as not being collected in any variant. I have had both weapons, the staff and dagger in all variants at some point. I was wondering if there's any information on this? I see it has happened to quite a lot of players, but without any official response as yet. Thanks in advance.Mysticdude2 5d
5d Weapon tips for my tmog I'm currently aiming for armageddon from naxxramas with some fake elemental enchant, any other suggestions?Hùstal0 5d
5d Quell'Serrar for DHs Can we finally be able to mog it on DHs as well ? since DH has tank spec like other classes who can wield it.Soichi1 5d
6d Thori'dal transmog? Thori'dal transmog ? will we hunters ever be able to transmog it just as other classes like the rogues can transmog their blades?Gurkrunkare1 6d
6d Specific item bug? A couple of days ago I was running Sethekk Halls for tmog and rep when I noticed an odd bug with a certain item; Light-Woven Slippers. I have both versions of the boots: Normal: And Heroic: But it still says "Not Collected" on both pieces and on ATT on the left. I've tried removing ATT, relogging, reloading, restarting my pc, equipping the item, I also waited a couple of days to see if that did anything but nothing seems to change and the funny thing is the appearance IS available in the wardrobe. Wardrobe: I didn't have them before I started running Sethekk and I never got that little chime or notification that the appearance had been collected either. Has anyone else noticed this bug with the same item or something similar or has figured out a fix for it? It's going to bug me when it says I need 1 appearance from Sethekk Halls for my collection when in reality I don't!Eliastrasza1 6d
6d Any way to complete Elite sets from past seasons? Hola, This is probably been asked about before - but is there anyway i can purchase old elite gear which i already have pieces from? I do have 4-5 pieces of wod s1 gear on both my rogue and warrior and id like to complete those sets. BR Grokkz.Grokkqt2 6d
6d Battle Mage Jaina The new look on Jaina Proudmoore in the Siege of Lordaeron is breath taking. Can't recall any outfit even close to that in the game - at least for my taste in fashion. Anyone of you fine fellows got a transmog close to that or has any idea if we will be getting something like that in Battle for Azeroth? That belt with beltpouches, that corset top, greatcoat, one sided shoulderpiece... I'm in aweCheech1 6d
6d Stuck with old bear form Hi. I got the guardian relics (claws of Ursoc) on my bear yesterday, and was expecting to get the new artifact bear appearance. This didn't happen, and I'm still in the pre-legion form. Things I've tried: Relogging Restarting the game and client Revalidating game install files Unequipping and re-equipping artifact Applying and removing chameleon glyph (I never had any glyphs applied to begin with) Applying a transmog to weapon then removing it Rapidly shape shifting None of this has worked, yet in the transmogrification window it shows the new bear form so the game clearly recognises that I should have it. Is there anything else anyone can recommend? I can't log a ticket cos the system is useless and there are no options even close to what I need... Thanks!Qruzr1 6d
07 Aug mop wod challenge gear unlocking We need blizzard to unlock the warlords of draenor challenge weapons and mists of pandaria challenge sets For many people inculding me i started playing on retail at the end of wod it is really lame that we can't get those weapons and sets PLEASE BLIZZARD :( :( :(Plât5 07 Aug
07 Aug Legendary transmogs in BFA? Have the devs said anything about this? Will we be able to transmog into the old legendary weapons in BFA? Since we are getting to transmog into the artifacts, I don't see why we shouldn't be able to transmog legendaries. Some of the artifacts, like Ashbringer and Doomhammer, are actual weapons in the lore that existed before Legion. Thori'dal, the legendary bow, has no lore behind it that we know about. So I don't see how it is fair for everyone to be able to run around with Ashbringer but I won't be able to transmog for example, Thori'dal or Shadowmourne. There is so many nice weapon models for legendaries yet they are only collecting dust in our banks!Julia4 07 Aug
07 Aug Remove the reputation locks for transmogs Reputation locks for transmogs from past content should get acccount wide. The amber scythe of klaxxi'vess for example, just to mention one. If one character already is exalted, you shouldnt be forced to grind the rep again on a different character just because you want a specific transmog item on that character.Vathia53 07 Aug