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15h Deadeye monocle transmog bug There are several cosmetic items that you can transmog on every armor type. Examples: Fel-proof goggles. Crown of the fire festival. Both Fel-proof goggles and Crown of the fire festival appear in the transmog npc. Deadeye monocle is also such a cosmetic item. However its not working. Deadeye monocle does not appear in the transmog npc. Can you please fix this?Boeiyas0 15h
15h Fist of Ra-den Could Blizz please make us able to transmog this fist weapon, we can use 1/2 dozen or so weapon types but are stuck with fist 's only. Most other classes can transmog 1h or 2 h weapons if they so wish, show us some love...Soulsham0 15h
18h Rate the Transmog Above you - XII Rate the Transmog Above you on a scale of 1 to 10 (Part - XII). Previous thread reached it's limit, so here we go again.Xaero36 18h
22h "Trial of Style" but alas, only 20 Outfit Options. What a great idea for a Micro-Holiday – “The Trial of Style”. I don't normally do the Micro-holidays but this one has just caught my eye. I have read about it and it looks really fun and for someone who cannot always commit to regular guild events, other in game events such as Pet Battles, Achi.s and Collecting take up more of my time. I decided to get prepared as 2 minutes is not a long time if you really want to try and get things right so I decided to set up all 16 outfits in the T.mog tab in advance. Unfortunately I already have 5 outfits sets already and the maximum allowed I think is 20. This means I have to delete one of my T.mog sets to add the 16 Trial of Style Outfits. I do have an add-on but would prefer not to use it as the Blizzard Transmogrification Window through the Transmogrification Vendor is so neat and pleasing to the eye. It is also easy to use. Is it possible to increase the Outfit limit to say 30? or maybe group them so the Interface is less busy if that is why the limit is 20. Or maybe like the backpack the code is so deeply embedded it would be kinda difficult. Still looking forward to it and hopefully this might be a micro-holiday that comes more than once a year if it proves popular. A Christmas theme might be fun. - apologies if this should not be a new topic but the last trial of Style thread is from MayStealaway1 22h
1d Hammer of Vigilance Soooo, this just dropped on my druid. Is there an artifact weapon which can gain this transmog? How do we apply this transmog in legion? I thought about my holy paladin, but hes only lvl 80, and when he gets holy, the artifact weapon is gonna be 2H so thats no good.Lokumspapir2 1d
1d Furious Gladiator's Greatsword (Return the old look) Dear developers of Blizzard, RETURN the former beautiful look for two-handed pvp swords of season 5 and 6, as they were in WotLK, what they look like now is simply horror, and this continues with a Cataclysm. I hope to see a blue post in this thread.Локтан0 1d
1d Returning player - I have a question(s) Hi All, Not played since Mists so forgive me if this is a silly question to you all. So, if I have a character on one server and roll the same class on another server - do they share transmoggable gear? And is the transmog/collection limited to class if it is set pieces? Eg: - I can't have a warlock wearing a Transendance tranmog yes?Flanj0 1d
2d Tusks of Mannoroth! After just 2 days of farming and only 99 runs Garrosh finally dropped his tusks for me. I was prepared for the long haul but RNGesus blessed me. Good luck to everyone currently running them. Don't give up! Ps ignore the mog if it hasn't changed yet I was just goofing around with my friend.Chogwobbler2 2d
2d Nightmare Transmog There isn't enough of it. Throne of Thunder (N10 tier) and 1% drop shoulders from Xavius are the only tmog pieces that are nightmare related. It would be nice to have more, even if the Emerald Nightmare is gone.Nythian0 2d
2d The struggle of transmog and mount-farming Basically, I think it's really boring to do old raids by myself. I could bring friends; however, I have no incitement to do so, as loot is shared - who would ever lose Ashes of Al'ar or Apostle of Argus to a friend? So I was thinking: Wouldn't it be nice if loot was individual in old raids, as it is in new raids, so that you have incitement to go there with friends whilst questing for mounts and transmogrification gear?Anuiri1 2d
2d Challenge Mode gear should be obtainable again So, i know that the Challenge mode stuff is no longer obtainable but i mean wouldn't it be nice if they made it like the old tier set from vanilla that is only obtainable from the like Black Market Auction House, I know that people with the challenge mode gear that got it when it was hard to get will hate that idea but i mean it's a cool transmog and all that so it would be kinda nice if they added it to the Black Market Auction House or something like that so that players that never got it back in the day can have a chance of earning it now too. Give me some feedback of what u think about thisGrithbane5 2d
3d Black Plate Mog Helmet Im looking for a plate helmet, black in color that will match my black mog and wont look too awkward with my UD! Please help!Seithan10 3d
4d Disappointed with blizzard's customer service So since the release of legion i have tried to unlock my bloody dancing steel enchant illusion i have had nothing but problems with GMs on this topic, with them saying that i simply just bought the enchant and didnt rightfully unlock it what they dont seem to understand is the fact that i didnt even play during 5.2 when they bug was active, futhermore i have proven multiple times that i have rightfully unlocked it with screenshots, and the fact that i have the prideful gladiators tabard, cloak, elite set, t2 weapons with the enchant currently equipped on on top of that, i just got threatened by a GM that action may be taken towards my account, because they fail at answer my question of why a 2500 tabard isnt proof enough that i recieved the required rating for the enchant (which was 2.2k+ back then) So now i'm logging out in all my proof, and linking them my armory... anyone else having issues like this with GM's? they dont seem to even look into whats going onBrewsfkinlee0 4d
4d Sha'tari Defense Plate. Mogable if not revered? I know you have to be revered with Sha'tari Defense in order to buy the cosmetic plate gear "Sha'tari Defense Plate" in the WoD-Garrison Trading Post. But once you have bought it, can it then be transmogged on another toon that is not revered with Sha'tari Defense? Or do the toon have to be revered with the faction in order to transmog it?Viela2 4d
4d Help with transmog hello, how can i open Crown of the Wayward Vanquisher as a monk? i have a lot of those marks but its only limited for rogue how can a monk get that gearset? Thanks in advanceZynthetiic0 4d
6d Roast the person's mog above you Do itKitt311 6d
6d Make mop challenge mode gear buyable on all your chars So what im trying to say is, it would be interesting if they did pandaria challenge mode accountable in that understanding I mean if you just got it completed by one class in Pandaria as I did would it be nice that I could buy all class cm gear. The reason im thinking this is because of the wod cm change thats exactly what I prefer with mop cm too.Monkiuss6 6d
6d Paladin elite gear BUG! there is a problem with the small plates on gloves when character movingStormenson0 6d
6d Disguise toys that show gear? As a druid this frustates me. I managed to make my guardian and feral transmogs only to have them hidden most of the time. The only option I have at the moment is the Orb of the Sin'Dorei, but it's only 5 minutes with a 30 minutes CD. There's also the Orb of Deception but... it turns me into an undead, and that's the most anti-druid race I can think of. Are there any other disguise toys that show your gear?Gedyne0 6d
6d Glorious tyranny destroyed Add back swirls/trails please, it's what made the illusion awsome. Atm it looks like a HD version of the wotlk enchant berserkering. It also appears to be more pink than red atm. It was fine for like 5 years till 7.2.5 hit, how can it be an issueSebxxarthas0 6d
20 Jul Level 60 PvP Replicas; Let us Have Them! So recently I have been shifting around transmogrifiable items on my Paladin, and I swinged by the PvP vendors in Orgrimmar, and I saw the level 60 PvP gear. Seeing as I was also a bit of a Roleplayer, I decided "Why not get this set?", so I looked in the collections tab and saw that I need a "Replica" item to unlock the style, as apparently I can't transmog using the original gear, which hit a bit of an uncomfortable snag all things considered... Anyway, decided to go to the vendor for the Replicas, and I saw that I cannot buy them. Furthe digging made me conclude that I will NEVER be able to use the style because I didn't have a Paladin/Warrior/Anything that could effectively purchase these items. I am not exactly a big fan of gated PvP gear. The level 70 PvP gear can be obtained without a problem, why is it that the level 60 gear is locked away behind what I could call an arbitrary "Fun Restriction"? Because it was popular, it was thought that it needed to be locked away? Kinda daft if you ask me. So you might be thinking "You can't get it. Deal with it", but I don't see why I should merely "Deal with it", as it's going to drive collectors mad because they can't collect something that is still in the game, obtainable but unobtainable at the same time (I mean, I can go buy the gear from the PvP vendor but I won't collect it's style, so there's no point in doing it). You might also say "You're a Roleplayer, buy the level 60 gear and wear that when you're doing your thing", which is a bit of a flawed argument; I like to go out in the world, higher level places, and I'd like to do so prancing around looking like one of them Blood Knights. I won't exactly be very effective wearing level 60 gear in a higher level zone since... Well it can be imagined why. I may have missed something regarding this, maybe I can pick up the style just it doesn't say on the level 60 gear. If anyone has any information on this I'd appreciate it so I don't rampage around in complete outrage over this for naught.Tubri8 20 Jul
20 Jul Which transmog looks the best? Can't figure out which mog to pick Opinions would be appreciated!Trickidk6 20 Jul
19 Jul Transmog Help (Priest-ClassMount) Hi there I was looking for a transmog-set that fits the Disc-Mount ( but couldn't realy find something. I tried a mix of the blue 10-man Ulduar set (Shoulders and Robe), the pvp-absolution hood and some "tight" blue/gray gloves. But i'm still not very happy with the result. Especially with the staff (can't find a good one...). Could you help me please? Greetings YotakarasuYotakarasu0 19 Jul
19 Jul Frostmage Transmog Help Hello guys! I am looking for an awesome Transmog for Frostmage. I kind of like the Glacial Robe, but it feels like I can't fit any shoulders. Any Idea for that ? (T3 shoulders too expensive :/) I am happy too if someone could give me other input of transmog. Only requirement is that it should be fitting to a frostmage and no random set like the Firelands one (actually hate that) Thanks boys and girls!Cøølertyp9 19 Jul
18 Jul DK's // What do you think about of new set? People what do you think about blue color of new tier to be obtainable only for mythic raid?Barroncze0 18 Jul
18 Jul Artifact appearances after Legion Hello there, I'm just realy curious about artifact appearence transmmoging to new weapons in later expansions. How it will work ? For example, if I make a mage after Legion but I want to use Felo'melorn on him is it enough to make him lvl 110 and get the atrifact, and I'm ok, I can use Felo'melorn later on my new weapons after Legion ? -What about the raid achivement appearances, quest, pvp ect.... will I able to get them after legion ? Or I have to make all caracters and do all achievements while legion is there ? ( I hope the second option is not true, because its nearly impossible ) Making them unobtainable is like removeing all weapons from Wrath of the Lich King or Burning Crusade, there is no real reason. For the mage tower chalenge appearances its fine to remowe them after Legion, like chalenge gear from MoP. You can get the basic gear tmogs from raids, pvp, but not the chalenge ones. Also with for the Twinblades of Azzinoth, for demon hunters, are they need to get the legendary glaives drop before legion ends ? ( What would be pretty ridiculous counting that the glaives realy rarely dropping, if Blizz closing artifacts appearances from tmoging in future expansions demon hunters have a realy short time to farm that Glaives what are realy rarely dropping ). So Thats my question, which appearences will be able to transmog after legion ? On new and old caracters ? Thank you,Grinmolthar2 18 Jul
18 Jul WTS Papal Fez WTS Papal Fez. Ravencrest alliance 1.7mil DannyPuncake#2584Punchburst0 18 Jul
17 Jul Rate the Transmog Above you - Part 11 Previous thread reached it's limit. So here we go again. Rate the transmog of the person above you on a scale of 1 to 10. Xaero500 17 Jul
16 Jul High Society Top Hat LF Tailorer. Hi. I am looking for a tailorer who can make the High Society Top Hat. Will pay. SERVER: Ravencrest: Alliance Anyone knows whether or not it still drops? Wowhead doesnt really confirm that. There's a guide which says which mobs from Cata drop the pattern but when u check the mobs drop list the pattern is not really there. Any1? :DBartoss1 16 Jul
16 Jul WTS Chromatic Sword ALL EU Realms Hey there folks, I'm selling the currently unavailable and super rare sword for collectors and transmoggers. By request, I can transfer the item to any EU realm, for this to happen, first I'll require the needed amount of in game gold for server transfer, then this amount will be subtracted from the agreed price. If you are just looking to get the item for it's transmog, then a server transfer will not be needed since transmogs are account bound now. The item is in German realm "Frostwolf", in case any of you have been wondering. If you are interested, feel free to add my battle tag: Stalker#21275Eledriw0 16 Jul
15 Jul Warglaives of azzinoth mog for DH's Soo, is it only me who think its unfair that only dh's get warglaives of azzinoth transmog? I laid down pretty mych work on my rogue collecting those.. Selfish thaugts maby from my side maby?Shaiyà7 15 Jul
15 Jul Blizzard its not fair! Dear Bugzard I write because i just finished the timewalking raid and killed ilidan for achievement and yes i already had the 2 main and off hand warglaives but the transmog of the warglaives of azzinoth is fcking not looks that it should be.Its up side down on my back,please do something its looks ridicolous!Stormota5 15 Jul
13 Jul Transmog suggestions! I adore transmogging, and I think it's super fun, though there's something I never quite understood and because of that, I have some suggestions that I hope to be added in a future patch. Grey/White items: Why are they not transmogable? I've often found myself wanting a less shiny transmog. It's also great for lower level transmog and sometimes, I'll find the perfect piece, which is a grey or white item and we can't transmog it. I don't see any reason for it to not be transmoggable. It just gives players more oppotunities to create interesting transmogs! Tabards: Why aren't tabards accout-wide? I understand a human wouldn't wear a Blood Knight tabard, but why can't we transmog some of them to alts? I spent so long grinding out the tanaan rep in WoD, and I could really the tabard on an alt, but I can't transmog it unless I farm ALL of it out again. It's especially bad with bigger / gated grinds and I wish we wouldn't have to regrind reputations just to use a tabard. I really hope this gets changed too. Hiding wrists (And other items): So, I hope we can, in the future, get the abitily to hide wrists/bracers. They are often invisible, but will conflict with shirts. Especially the swasbuckler shirt. I really like the poofy sleeves but I can't have that because of the bracers. I also think hiding the gloves would be a great option, so that we wouldn't have to wear them. In the end, I dont understand why we can't have a hide option for everything but the weapons. Sure, some people will run around naked, but if they really want to do that, they can just use the polish toy or take all their gear off. I think it would, as above, greate a lot more options for transmogs. If these things got added, I think it would be beyond amazing! I'd probably constantly be on wow, making transmogs, hunting transmogs. Flying around to vendors across azeroth to buy grey items and all! Thank you for reading.Anstarian1 13 Jul
12 Jul Argent Crusader's shield: The dream Right, so with the latest patch (7.2.5 as of the making of this post), the blue version of the Ardent Hammer was added. (The one-handed mace you can get from the Silver Hand Armaments on Broken Shore)... Pretty much completing the amazing set that is the armaments of the Silver Hand. BUT! Ever since WotLK, there have been Argent Crusaders wielding an amazing mace, as well as lovely looking shields in-game. [ICC, Stratholme, Scarlet Monastry] ... And since lore-wise the Argent Crusade now is part of the Silver Hand as an organization... Would it not be the perfect time to throw in either one, or both of these AMAZING looking weapons into the Armaments mix? I'm pretty sure you'll make Roleplaying realms very happy (Including myself as an Argent Roleplayer), as well as finally giving all of the players these lovely models to mess around with. Share your thoughts, people!Brîmwulf3 12 Jul
11 Jul F2P Transmog So... I wanted to ask if there was any breastplate, belt and helm (possibly boots) that would fit my set that I could get at lvl 20?Tappajä0 11 Jul
11 Jul WTS [Blade of Hanna] Selling [Blade of Hanna] on Arathor - HORDE EU pm me or mail me if you are interested :) it's a katana who has a very low drop chance.Bullsheet0 11 Jul
11 Jul WTT Transmoggitems like to trade my items against some i missed. i have 5 guild banks with items, mostly random dropp green items We can trade them xrealm for the wardrobe Linostar#1310Spéctral7 11 Jul
10 Jul Grey and white items Hi friends Dont know if this is right forum but I want to buy or change items like Ragged, Frayed, or Flimsy. Other.... Perrines Boots, Fingerless gloves, Blackrock pauldrons, and keen machete. Ye Im looking for others to.... but this is enough. Send me a lette to my mailbox. cya and have fun.Aqwirra2 10 Jul
10 Jul Arms hidden appearance Ok. This is getting rediculous... I see so many newly dinged 110 arms warriors running around with the appearance while i've 110 since release and still hasnt gotten it. I've even lvled an alt warrior and checking everyday on 2 characters... and still nothing. Cmon blizzard, this isnt fun, where's the skill? the gameplay? hello??Feldara2 10 Jul
09 Jul Transmogrification Colorization huh? yo, so why can we color gear in Diablo but not in World of Warcraft?Eomor1 09 Jul
09 Jul landfall moccasins-leather boots Hello everyone.Today i looking for pirate theme xmog and see this boots , doesn't look like other boots (of course it have recolor ) and wowhead don't have any database about this it's bug or something like that?(i don't talk about vancleef battlegear or garona battlegear piece this is different brown-grey color boots)Loenir0 09 Jul
08 Jul Mage Tower Challenge Artifact Tints = Spec Specific? I got 2/3 of my challenge artifact skins, frost and unholy. The other day I happened to finish the requirements for unlocking the legion dungeon bosses tint on my frost weapon, since that's my main spec. Usually, it's been the case that if you unlock a specific tint (mind you, not the base appearance, just subsequent color tints, such as for the hidden appearance, balance of power, etc) you'd unlock that color tint on your other specs as well, again, provided you had unlocked the base appearance for those as well. It doesn't appear to be the case with the challenge artifact skin however. My unholy weapon doesn't have the legion dungeon bosses challenge artifact tint even if its unlocked on my frost one. Is this a bug or intended? If intended, this means we'd actually have to get the requirements done on each spec individually? So that's... 30 RBG wins instead of 10, HC Kiljaeden on all specs and so on? Please tell me this is a bug and not what the devs actually intended.Berseq3 08 Jul
08 Jul Bracers Blizz I invite you to have a peek at my armour sets to see just how missing bracers is causing me to have a lot less sets. Before 7.0 I had full void storage, full bank, I had so much transmog gear during the end of WOD i was actually carrying transmog gear in my bags. What makes it worse is a few of my sets missing bracers are PVP sets. I dont want to farm PVP tokens for bracers I'll never see. ThanksKevjp5 08 Jul
08 Jul ToV transmog removed from lvl 1 characters bring back ToV transmog for lvl 1 characters pleaseJinexsus0 08 Jul
07 Jul Enchanted Thorium Breastplate? I have been spamming tradechat for quite some time now. Is there none on this realm with the recipe? I'd really appriciate it if one of you could point me towards someone with the recipe. I'm not too rich, but I can pay 10k for the precious time of one such blacksmith.Hallya0 07 Jul
07 Jul Old Elite Sets not "Sets" ? Hey, providing you were "Good" enough to obtain one of these from previous expansions you might of noticed that they are labelled as one of two things. One: Actual pieces of gear. Two: "Cosmetic" pieces. If you are also paying attention, you would have noticed these do NOT grant you said achievements. The S12 Elite set is labelled as a Set in the appearances tab. S9-15 are not, with the exception of S12. Side note, anyone else notice they might be missing appearances? I'm missing S14 Elite.Exephia8 07 Jul
07 Jul Selling Warchief kilt and Windweaver staff Please contact me with an offer if interested on: Beerback#2131Gravefiend0 07 Jul
07 Jul WTB Primal Batskin Jerkin!!! As the title says, i wish to buy a primal batskin jerkin! Primarily, I'm after the vest piece, but will consider a good offer for the 3piece set if offered Can purchase it on any realm. Serious sellers please contact: Seph#21701Icesage0 07 Jul
06 Jul . Hey there folks, I'm selling the currently unavailable and super rare sword for collectors and transmoggers. If you are interested, feel free to add my battle tag: Stalker#21275Eledriw0 06 Jul