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57m Rate the Transmog Above you - XII Rate the Transmog Above you on a scale of 1 to 10 (Part - XII). Previous thread reached it's limit, so here we go again.Xaero212 57m
7h Roast the person's mog above you Do itKitt388 7h
19h The First Satyr's Spaulders? Does anybody know if you can actually get them from LFR / Normal? I see in-game they're not officially on the loot table, but WoWHead has an LFR and Normal version, and people in the comments have said that they can drop, but without any proof.Dameg5 19h
21h Brewfest transmog set - per toon only? Starting 2017, now the items of the Brewfest set are suitable for transmog. However, as I see, the items are only added into the collection of the character who purchased them. I can't see and use them for transmog on my other toons. Is it the intended behaviour or a bug? If yes, why so?Бризаг7 21h
1d Shoulder appearance Bug?!? So i got my weekly quest for Heroic ToS opend my catch and got from it Shoulderplates of Crackling Flame,witch drop from Goroth usally.What i noticed is that they where not counted in as paladins tier 21?or is it a bug? Cause i know that the tier set's lookalike count for tier set's in the appearance tab.Blurey0 1d
1d Suggestion: More "Appearance" tab filters. I love transmogging, it lets me indulge my obsessive need to collect without filling up all my bag and bank space. However, I feel like there are some huge improvements needed for the appearance window. We need: Profession -> %Expansion Name% Dungeon -> %Dungeon Name% Raid -> %Raid Name% Reputation -> %Faction Name% I am sure there are others that would be massively useful, and I daresay the other collections tabs could do with similar filters. As somebody who doesn't play WoW for iScore or PvP points, I feel like making it easier to know exactly what you are missing and where you can get it would be a huge help. Side Note: Also, screw the Battle for Mount Hyjal and those damned gargoyles. I soloed that raid for the first time the other day (I need a belt from the second boss), and regretted everything after getting to the Horde base and seeing how poorly laid out everything was. It's supposed to be a defensive camp/war camp, why do they seem to have gone out of their way to make it as indefensible as possible? >_>Thavius0 1d
1d GET RID OF REP BOUND MOGS Dear Blizzard, Is it really necessary to farm certain transmogs with every single character on their own? I farmed quiet a while for the masks of the laughing skull, just to find out I can't use them on anyone else than my troll now, who looks stupid with it... Farming exalted for a certain mog once is already unnecassary enough; please take the pain away to farm for everything like three times..Off5 1d
1d Brewfest gear tmog Brewfest hats just showed up in my transmog - is this newly added (for plate wearers). Its only the brewfest stuff tho, not fire festival or hallows end etc. Anyone know if this is indeed newly added or bugged? Would love if blizz added all cosmetic items for all classes..Slácksalot2 1d
1d Why some tabard appearances are not account-wide? Is it intentional that many tabard appearances are reputation-locked on alts? Today I finally gained exalted reputation with Armies of Legionfall and spent 10k Nethershards so I could use this faction's tabard appearance on my other character. It turned out that it's not possible because my alt isn't exalted with that faction. I find it very strange because there are so many cosmetic items that we obtained on mains (mounts/gear/toys) and can be used on alts but for some reason that's not the case for tabards which are purely cosmetic items (at least the new ones). For someone who really enjoys the transmogrification system it is really frustrating that all my effort put on obtaining exalted reputation is for nothing since now I have to do exactly the same thing on each alt on which I want to use the particular tabard appearance. If this is really intentional, shouldn't there be any catch-up mechanism for other characters to gain reputation faster (for example reputation tokens that can be bought on main and sent to alts)?Cydros3 1d
1d Caster Artifact Transmog Restrictions Isn't it about time that casters are allowed to transmog their staffs/1h's into 1h's/staffs? ( 1h's that their class are able to wear) Previous "explanation" to why that woesn't possible was that they didn't share same combat animations, but demon hunter's weapon transmogs from glaives to swords proves the opposite. It's very dissapointing not being able to use a 1h because u're forced to use staffs, and vice versa.Sylvxo2 1d
2d Bracer/Wrist really part of tmog set completion!? I just want to know who's bright idea was it that wrist are part of a tmog completion set in the apearence tab.I have like 20 tier set's and they are all incomplete just cause i miss wrist's in that apearence tab. Most of the wrist get covered in every tmog set so litterly there is no point of it beeing a part of any tmog set.Feel's like this is some kind of extended farm to bug off the completionist in people.Ahvahlah8 2d
2d Darkfallen transmog I know we have the sanctified bloodmage set but this one is just infinately more sexy. Please add this to the game! 2d
2d Zealous cloth/plate world drops. Does someone know if they are dropping from all the rares and treasure chests in both antoran/krokuun and mac'aree? I have probably open every chest now and i only have 5rares left to kill out of the 61. I have killed some rares twice and Three and four times, from that we traveld to argus until today i have probably kill around 200rares but only gotten 4pieces, legs, legs, gloves and wrist, ofc the gear that are the most visual to others......Iamlordònke2 2d
2d Looking for cloth/leather pieces Hia folks I'm trying to set up some transmogs, and would like to know if anyone knows of: White version of Farmhand's Vest (or as similar as possible). Completely black leather trousers, with as few details as possible.Hammerbolt2 2d
2d Trial of Style changes The event was fun, but the actual activty a bit short, and once you got some tokens for the limited stuff to buy - it was over. I'd get rid of the rewards - and cross the event with the thinking behind the disco night in the AH. I'd like a themed Tmog party in Karazan - perhaps changing the theme every 30-60 minutes - and a 'Like' buff so people can praise people - but with no reward to earn so it won't be abused as there is no reason to group up and spoof the system. Chuck in some mechanic using the selfi camera perhaps - or something similar just for the event. Loads of people went to the AH disco just for the sake of it with no reward and little point to it - i think a party night (laid on by a Goblin looking to make a quick buck by putting on a themed retro event inan old ruin just as party promoters do today). Just a though.Bonesai0 2d
2d Can't obtain Cata RF set Hi, i want ot get this set: However, it drops only from Dragon Soul on RF mode, so queued up for it and did already 5 time (each for week). Suddenly, only thing that dropped for every boss was gold. Any idea how to obtain these transmogs?Argarin4 2d
3d whats a cool chestplate for orc warrior? and cheap (under 100 gold)Fizzacles0 3d
3d WoW Classic Trailer Characters Transmogs Sup people! I tried to replicate the outfits worn by the characters featured in Blizzard's first World of Warcraft cinematic trailer. The link to the trailer on YouTube is here: Please keep in mind that my outfits are still work-in-progress. Feel free to suggest better fitting items! Dwarf Hunter: Night Elf Druid: Undead Warlock: Tauren Shaman: Orc Warrior: Human Mage: See ya!Balfur0 3d
4d FISTWEAPONS WASTED See, I understand that Blizzard wants fistweapons to only look like fistweapons, but there is so much potential lost when not allowing us to use Fists as transmogs. These weapons got some of the most awesome looks i've ever seen in WoW; but i barely get a chance to look at them, because like two specs need them and the rest probably doesn't even know they exist. Dear Blizzard, think about at least giving us the option to use fist weapons as transmogs for onehanders or at least daggers... You'd make a lot of players very happy!Off9 4d
4d Challenge Mode gear should be obtainable again So, i know that the Challenge mode stuff is no longer obtainable but i mean wouldn't it be nice if they made it like the old tier set from vanilla that is only obtainable from the like Black Market Auction House, I know that people with the challenge mode gear that got it when it was hard to get will hate that idea but i mean it's a cool transmog and all that so it would be kinda nice if they added it to the Black Market Auction House or something like that so that players that never got it back in the day can have a chance of earning it now too. Give me some feedback of what u think about thisGrithbane54 4d
5d Grand Marshal's claymore What the hell? I can't mog my weapon to Grand Marshal's claymore anymore?Maxilimus3 5d
5d Rate my mog please What do you guys think of my mog, and how could I make it look better? Thank you in advance!Zonate2 5d
5d Bloodsail gear should be Cosmetic i think its long overdue that the regular pieces of pirate armor from the bloodsail pirate be made cosmetic and usable for all classes, i mean how is it fair that only clothies get to be pirates. it is rogues after all who are the true pirates out thereNearial0 5d
18 Sep Krokul Mining Pick not transmoggable? Just though I'd inquire as to whether this is a bug or intended, but I just hit Honored with the Argussian Reach and bought the Krokul Mining Pick. However, no new transmog options were unlocked for my character. Here's hoping this is a bug, but if not, why is it that this awesome appearance is not able to be mogged into when basic Azerothian picks can be?Tsaila1 18 Sep
17 Sep transmog bug ? there is a transmog problem i think need to be solved because i can wield all kind of 1 handed weapons but i cant transmog like my artifact to fist weapons or daggers but i do can wield them i think that is strange and not usefull since they do count for the appearences please blizzard fix thisVolkaria1 17 Sep
17 Sep Mythic Radiant Lightbringer Armor I was just wondering why [Shoulderplates of Crackling Flame] Mythic from Gorroth is not counting for the complete set of mythic version of Radiant Lightbringer Armor. Since M[Wave-Hammered Breastplate] from Harjatan is being counted for the set.Teratøma0 17 Sep
17 Sep Replica staff of Gul'dan So I was one of the people who sadly didn't get the Fight for the Horde achievement when the Warcraft movie came out. I really like the staff of Gul'dan, I see a lot of people running it in their transmog in the warlock class order hall. Do you think blizzard is ever going to bring it back in some way? Maybe with the next Warcraft movie? I'm quite sad I didn't get it in time (and so are probably many others) but is there a reason they would not bring it back? Seeing many people have it anyways. I mean, they basically gave it out for free. The only real reason I could see they don't bring it back is because they want to keep it 'authentic', so the people who did get it feel like they have something special. I would personally be really happy if they brought it back sometime. What do you guys think about it?Nabalock1 17 Sep
17 Sep Tier Sets Appearance across Classes I'd like to be able to use the appearance of set items acquired as a rogue on my other leather wearing classes. Now to the reasoning of my wish: It somewhat started back in TBC when dungeon items were introduced that bore the likeness of previous tier sets. Now any class could wear these tier sets (even if just a recolor) that fit their armor class. Fast forward to today... Now we are able to acquire items in raids, that are not even recolors anymore. They exactly resemble the current tier set of the respective class. That is pretty much what I want, but here comes a problem into play. These non set items come in very little quantity. More often than not, you're able to just almost complete a set with bits and pieces missing. And this seems like an arbitrary hurdle to me. It gets even more frustrating if boots or belts are missing from the set in general, since those were non set to begin with. I'd like to simply remove class restrictions from the appearance tab, except some special cases (order hall / challenge mode / PvP). This might require me to play a different class in said content, but it'd still be a means of acquiring the set. Furthermore it would be amazing to simply unlock boots and belt once you have all the other set items. Alright, thanks for reading. I hope I gave you an incentive to think about it and wish you all nice day!Stabbs0 17 Sep
16 Sep Dungeon loot bug or intentional? Recently older dungeons default to personal loot without the option to change it to group loot. As this would pretty much make collecting old dungeon Tmog gear solo impossible I can only assume this is a bug?Planetdune3 16 Sep
16 Sep Missing weapon appearance - help! Greetings. Yesterday I have looted the item Phemos' Double Slasher from mythic difficulty Highmaul - The item however is transmogable only on the character which picked the axe up, and does not register on all of my other characters - appearing as if I have never collected the appearance. Bug report has been sent out, I am wondering however if there's any use in submitting a ticket in the items category. Any thoughts/help would be greatly appreciated!Maire3 16 Sep
16 Sep Legion Season 3 and 4 appearance Is it still possible to get legion season 3 and 4 gear? I really like the look of the set.Torstion4 16 Sep
16 Sep Saurok Stalker's Spaulders Does it still exist in game? I have the item that you need to actually buy it but I can't see it in the vendor. I've been to both Teng of the Flying Dragons and Ao Pye. Why can't I see it in the vendor? I have also tried filtering it with "all". Really frustrating.Shobruh2 16 Sep
15 Sep Mogs not shared between characters Hello! I have recently submitted a bug that weapons looted from rares on Argus are not shared appearance between characters. They are not unlocked on other character than one who looted them, not redded out but grayed out. Now same problem appeared with Seat of Triumvirate plate appearances. I am farming SoT on my platers hoping to get full set and join Army of Light with perfectly matching armor and weaponry from Commander of Argus achievement. But my fashionable crusade have been brutally denied! Like with Argus weapons I have plate pieces grayed out in appearance tab, unless it's on character that looted the item. I submitted bug again but I feel like I should also make this topic for everyone to post list of appearances that are blocked like this if they have similar problem. Maybe it will help resolve it. So far appearances that I am 100% sure are not shared: Legplates of Ultimate Sacrifice Vambraces of Lost Hope Trap Jammers Crown of Dark EnvoyGharetth2 15 Sep
15 Sep Arsenal: Weapons of the Lightforged I wanna know why would Blizzard decide that this Arsenal should not include 1h/2h Maces, Axes and Daggers ... Like my main is a shaman and All i get out of this achievement is Shields I also received staves on completion but tell me how do I even use Tmog on staves as a shaman when the only thing I am allowed to choose from are axes or maces as main hand and shields.................Innerdarknes4 15 Sep
13 Sep loosing apparence if I trade a Bop item probably been asked and discused here, but I just could not find it. anyways, why on earth do I loose an apparence if I loot it in a raid or dungeon, if I give it away, I already got it, so it should stay, I can understand that Boe items need to be equipped to become a transmog, but Bop items are already bop so why not let me keep the apparence even if I give a way my item to someone who realy needs it.Waleria2 13 Sep
13 Sep Master Builder's Shirt Heya all! So i've been running Blackrock Depths multitple times now on several different characters and I've not seen the Master Builder's Shirt that is supposedly meant to drop from Fineous Darkvire. Has anyone managed to get this shirt recently? Is it still in game? According to the in game loot tables its not there but when I search for it on the Appearance Tab it is a "World Drop". I have had a look at different websites, WoWhead, WoWwiki etc, but none of the comments are recent at all, any feedback would be greatly appreciated!Blakelyn3 13 Sep
13 Sep Q's about artifact TM and future plans after Legion.. So I have a couple of questions and I haven't seen anything comprehensive about it: How is the artifact transmog going to work when Legion ends? What do we get to keep, and what do we absolutely need to do now? I have a bunch of alts and I'd like to prioritize stuff that's not going to be obtainable, or at the very least start with unobtainable skins I personally like, and then go from there. - For example, if you unlock your first tint of Mage Tower skin, do you have to do achivs for other three before Legion ends for them to also be unlocked? - Is Mage Tower skin unlocked across all specs? And is Mage skin (and any other of a certain class) shareable across different characters that are the same class? - Are Balance of Power and Prestige going to be removed? Or maybe shareable across all your characters after you had your fun during Legion with the skin only unlocked on your main? Because it's mind-boggling to expect someone to grind for example all the Prestige skins on all characters. I'm not against the concept of choosing what you want to put your effort into and even skipping some skins that you feel you can't get. But I would like to at least know so I can plan accordingly or say my goodbyes.Rhaenyss2 13 Sep
13 Sep Black War Wolf's eye colour? For some strange reason mine has blue eyes?? I don't know if it's a bug or something. I mean, isn't Alliance supposed to be blue and Horde -red? Gimmie your thaughts on it.Deathroid0 13 Sep
13 Sep Glorious Tyranni! :((( Hey Blizz people, you have FINALLY added the enchant Illusions, bloody dancing steel, and spirit of conquest to the game via a vendor, and put requirement as Duelist ??? Why.. why duelist ?... Why not just 2200+ those season like it was required? ( i had 2200, even 2560 at one point, but no duelist?) Why no way to obtain from RBG? ( i had HotH, Hwl, 2400+ on 2 chars and 2200+ on 5 others, in those seasons where it was obtainable ) I even had the enchant on my hairloom weapons ? and now its back in game, and i cannot purchase it.. makes 0 sense to me.. the green one from legion is meeh compared to the old red one, i really hope you will look into this.. Thx :(!Rageburnz5 13 Sep
12 Sep Legion Season 5 Elite Set I really like the way this Juggernaut set looks, and im trying to get it. I just want to know, that if i reach 2000 rating (somehow if gods praise me), will i be able to buy it Mark of Honors from the seller in Broken Shore dalaran?Yrolden1 12 Sep
12 Sep Legendary in my wardrobe but it never dropped Ok so I decided to change my transmog and as I mouse-overed a belt I noticed that it was a legendary (this one: but I never seen it drop and this is the only eligible cloth legendary wearer I have on my account. My question is: Where did it come from?Sáphirè2 12 Sep
12 Sep Blizzard getting lazy with designs I know im not the only one who is disappointed with the reward for the Commander of Argus achievement. People spend hours on the rares and then find out the arsenal of weapons only include 1 handed-, 2 handed sword, staffs and shields. Euhmm hello blizz.... What about the rest of us? Why is there no dagger, axe (1 and 2 handed), mace, fist weapon, warglaive, polearm, bow, gun or crossbow? We also have the Argus Transmog Sets... Why is it only cloth and plate? What about leather and mail? And what about Argus Draenei Weapons... Again no polearm, bow, gun or crossbow.... Are you guys getting lazy? Does the design team only have so little time that they forget half of all the classes?Veerme0 12 Sep
11 Sep Tabard-Clipping Belts Blizzard, please stop, don't get me wrong, I absolutley love the armors you are making in legion, all of them, especially the 3d model of the black temple gear.. But please.. Stop making almost every belt for plate, mail, and leather just cut the tabard in half, There was so many opportunities to create awesome mogs with tabard, only for a belt that for no seeming reason, just clips the tabard, to ruin the transmog. Please make all belts show the full tabard. /rantoverTyraissa3 11 Sep
11 Sep Fel chain mail transmog Fel chain mail it still possible to get it in game?Thrallash1 11 Sep
11 Sep Argus Transmog Weapons So after looking at all the transmog options, I have to say I really like some of the weapon designs. I don't like the armor at all. I think the armor sets are as bland as the green background I'm typing this on from the Wow website. But oh well. What grinds my gears, is that hunters get screwed over. Completely. There is no gun (which I personally thought was moronic for BM). There is no crossbow. There is no spear. There is no regular bow. On any level. I may sound slightly arsed off with this. That's because I remember when the invasions first came out, and the first round of weapons were launched. We got them from the invasions around Azeroth. Even then, the PIPE BOW, which literally looked like someone bent a dirty old 100 year old pipe into several pieces, was gifted to us. I really don't know how that EVER got passed through the door as acceptable. But that started it. So if the design team for the weapon artwork is either a) too busy to bother with any sort of hunter weapon or b) simply don't care or even c) can't think of anything, might I suggest you ask the fan base. I'm sure there are plenty of artists who would love to give you free artwork to use. Yes. There is salt. For a bloody good reason. I finally thought we would have the option of having even a tiny bit more choice as BM hunters who detest guns. P.S. The light-bows of the Armies of the Light would even do. And the effect they give for their multi-shot is exactly the kind of thinking that needs to go into the next round of attack animations for hunters. Personal opinion of course, but getting tired of my Cobra Shots looking like snotballs.Zují0 11 Sep
10 Sep How did I collect this appeareance? So I wanted to get a mace and shield for this Shaman because it just looks the most Shaman-esque, if that is a word. I somehow stumbled upon this Diamond-Core Sledgemace ( and thought damn, this looks like a classic Shaman weapon and it looks like this heirloom hammer that I see on other players all the time. But looking through my collected appeareances I realised that I had already collected Mogor's Anointing Club ( which looks almost the same. On WoWhead it says that this weapon 's only source is a level 68 group quest in Nagrand. But I'm level 64 and I've never been to Nagrand. So my question is, why or rather how have I collected this appeareance?Balfur3 10 Sep
10 Sep Option to hide Hands So, wouldn't it be really great to be able to be able to hide the Hands at a transmogger ? Because there is some of my mogs that get ruined because of the Hands. :|Tyraissa3 10 Sep
10 Sep Belts affecting tabards Can anything be done about these new style of belts that end up deleting part of the tabard? Surely everybody has encountered this issue.Morphtech1 10 Sep
10 Sep Returning player - I have a question(s) Hi All, Not played since Mists so forgive me if this is a silly question to you all. So, if I have a character on one server and roll the same class on another server - do they share transmoggable gear? And is the transmog/collection limited to class if it is set pieces? Eg: - I can't have a warlock wearing a Transendance tranmog yes?Flanj1 10 Sep