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8h Seasonal Transmog Limitations Why are seasonal/event transmog items only transmoggable during these events? A lot of them are unique and fun to collect and use, and while some of them can be outlandish (like the Pumpkin helmet from Hallows End), lots of them are versatile and beautiful, and I would love to be able to use them all year round. Some appearances are always useable, such as the Horseman’s Sinister Slicer. Surely this could be applied to most seasonal items? Sincerely, a player who wishes she could use the appearance of her Forever-Lovely Rose... forever!Talaanah4 8h
10h Rate the Transmog Above you - XIII Old thread reached its limits and is now full, so lets continue with "Rate the Transmog Above you - XIII" number 13. Starting with the last guy in the previous post. @Arctursus Very simple look which I like and the design and colours match. 8/10 for you my man. The gloves are a little too big for your mog and I can't see your weapon which is why you don't get a 10. But it's still a nice mog :)Rhunok245 10h
10h Challenge appearence, two same characters Hello fellow heroes, I have a question about challenge artifact appearences. I've done them all on my hunter, let's call him hunter A, he has all the challenge skins completed. Now if I create hunter B on another server will I have to do the challenges again or will they be unlocked, because i've done them on hunter A? Thanks.Pawter1 10h
15h Whites and greys? Hai folks Any word on being able to use greys and/or whites for transmog? There are so many cool pieces we cannot use...Soulsaviour0 15h
18h Transmog farm and personal dungeon loot since 7.3.5 Path 7.3.5 has introduced personal loot in all dungeons. This has some consequences for transmog farmers / completionists (AllTheThings addon user) like me: Bosses now regularly drop only gold, likely because behind the scenes the item the boss dropped didn't show up on the items my class can loot. This is fairly annoying, as my character, before 7.3.5 could in the same run also acquire the transmogs for strength swords, agility staves, cloaks, etc. Those now have to be farmed on specific alts (who also again have those gold drops). As such the current mode has made farming more timeconsuming. I see two solutions to this: - a mode where, if you are soloing a dungeon, you still receive whatever the boss drops and not just gold - a boss always drops an item (not gold) from the items it can drop for you based on the encounter journal. This isn't gamebreaking in any way, but I don't believe the intent of the 7.3.5 patch was to make it more time consuming to farm oldschool transmogs, hence my request.Rumbo12 18h
19h Flower Crowns Blizzard, please, spoil us a bit and tell us how and when are we going to be able to obtain them. Please, I need that cuteness in my life, I shall make a sacrifice if needed!Moeraé22 19h
20h Void Elf "wings"...chest piece? Is anyone else really disappointed about the awesome dark naaru shards flying behind you are part of the chest piece, as such forcing you to stay half naked if you wish to use it and can't use it on any other set. (A sad salute to all shadow priests, hoping to rest in a beutifull robe and wings. It won't happen) (Please refrain from hate on velfs in general Here and try to stay on topic. If you don't like velfs, no need to spend your time in a discussion about their mog! :D)Laishin11 20h
21h Is Trailseeker still obtainable? Is it possible to get the lvl 90 boost set? Its called Trailseeker I think, apparently the only way to get it is from salvage crates from your garrison. Is it still possible to get this? If so, what is the best method of farming the crates? Thank you.Disperse2 21h
23h World Event Tmog gone after world event? Not sure if this is working as intended or not but would someone please tel me why after implementing transmogable items from world events then Blizzard make them non-transmogable after the event is over? I'm taking about the love is in the air dresses in particular but I'd assume this would apply to all world event items too? I've just logged in after work and noticed my heirloom robe isn't a lovely black dress any more. /sadpanda Are the world event tmogs only able to be tmog'd during the world event? Personally I think it's stupid if this is the case, but that's just me.Zihizikuhl2 23h
1d Stylish black shirt with wrong colours Hello, I'm completely unsure if this is suppose to have happened but when trying to use a set from Naxarammas(Completely misspelled most likely) that the stylish black shirt changes from its black colour to a brown one. Ref images; I am unsure if this is intentional or a mishap. I was hoping to find an all black shirt that would make this set work properly. Anything would be helpful ♥ Edit 1: I've noticed that it is actually the breastplate which causes shirts underneath it to change to a lighter colour. Once more, unsure it was intentional or not. Ref images; 1d
1d Colours! Transmog is in game for some time now, around 5 years? And recently i have been spending more time trying to find new cool looks, even for my alt chars. But i find it very hard to find good combinations, other then the class sets, and even those most of the time are not that great. I think it is time for an upgrade on the transmog system. And that is to enable the option to change the colours of the items. Not all the colours, as most items display more then one, but the main colour and even a secondary colour. One of the hardest thing, when trying to find the right looks, is to find the right colour combination. The system with dyes in ToR is great, as it allow players to create an infinite variety of unique looks. As an example, the Oathkeeper's helmet (plate), nice looking helmet with a brilliant green colour, yet there is no more items with similar colour. Dyes can be crafted with inscription, and/or sold by factions with reputation. Is an improvement that the Transmog system really needs.Tüne2 1d
1d Grand Marshal set. Some wont add. So I bought the whole set and alot of weapons. Added them to favorites to make them soulbound so I didnt have to wait for vendortimer. Some items went accountwide and some didnt. - - - In particular Marshals Boots, Gloves and Legs. Rest of the armor set and weapons became accountwide.Ðoll2 1d
1d (Answered) Artifact Skins after Legion? Are they coming back? Will they stay as transmog options in our journals? Will they be gone forever?Shalamayne4 1d
3d Missing Transmog - Brutal Gladiator Plate Armor Hello, Hope you're well. Apologies if this is the wrong place to post but I was wondering whether anyone could help me at all. Having returned to Legion a couple of days ago after previously playing at the beginning of the expansion on my now-deleted Death Knight, I have recently boosted a Warrior to play. With my priorities in order, I immediately visited the Three Winds in Stormwind to transmogrify my gear, however, the set that I always default to (Brutal Gladiator Plate) appears to have the majority of it missing in my collection, despite having always used it before. The only pieces I can transmogrify are the boots, wrists and belt, however, the rest is missing. Were the other pieces removed entirely or I am just being really daft and missing something obvious. Any help at all would be highly appreciated! Thanks very much!Tyrannical2 3d
3d Raid Finder Legacy - Raid Difficulty option Dear Blizzard. Would it be possible to get "Raid Finder Legacy" incorporated as a Raid Difficulty? that we who are missing pieces in the raid finder colours of some sets can set the difficulty so and grind for it? Would be really helpful. Thanks. Mr. BoofBoof6 3d
3d Claws of shirvallah Should the removed talent/form claws of shirvallah be added in the next expansion as a druid cat form transmog? We already have a similar look in legion for guardian druids which made me remember that beast of a cat form from WoD. What do you think fellow druids?Billidan1 3d
4d Doomlord Kazzak Respawn Rate Hi there, Short question, I have been reading on this guy's spawn rates and i've been only hearing different info. People saying he spawns every 6 hours to once per week. Please illuminate me.Silentrider0 4d
4d Trasmog items not dropping when they should I've run Dire Maul 58 times now trying to get Fluctuating Cloak as well as Heliotrope cape on my DK , Druid and Rogue combined but those items just dont drop , they arent extra rare , journal says the characters are eligible to get them as loot , so im either super unlucky OR there is a bug going on , anyone else encounter something similar?Alondra2 4d
4d Recolor Paladin's T6 - Sunwalker Jo'hsu At Thunder Bluff in Sunwalker Lodge there is an Npc named Sunwalker Jo'hsu who owns a recolor of the Paladin's T6 Is there any way to acquire this aspect for the Transmog?Goyathlay1 4d
4d Help me with mixing heritage armor. Can i ask for little help? I leveling slowly my nightborne, but when i will done, i want do transmog mix of heritage armor with some older items. Got any ideas? Nightborne Warrior. Void Elf Rogue. Lightforged Draenei Paladin. Highmountain Tauren Shaman / Hunter. Any ideas?Sapherea0 4d
4d Option to switch betwen one/two shoulders. Please Blizzard, I beg you. Make this happen. Give us option to hide one shoulder (left or right). This would change Transmogrification to completly different level. Thank you!Westera1 4d
5d Are the Paladin boots from ToT 25HM still in the game ? Hey, sorry for the dumb question but I've been farming ToT 25HM for a long while on multiple characters and I've yet to see them drop, either from Megaera or Ra Den. I've literally managed to drop the two mounts and still no boots. Am I doing something wrong ? I know there has been talk of items not dropping because of loot rules but I don't know if it affects ToT, my loot specialization is set to Holy on my Paladin just in case, does it even work ? Sorry if I sound a little paranoid but I farmed the T1 Shaman spauldrons for months before Blizzard finally acknowledged that they were bugged and weren't in the drop table anymore so... For clarification here is the set I'm trying to get: Here are the boots in Megaera's cache: Here are the boots in Ra Den's cache: Thanks in advance.Oathkeeper0 5d
6d Heritage Armor AFTER boost? So, I haven't quite found my answer around the internet. If I choose to boost a void elf to lvl 110, and THEN level a void elf from 20-110 after I've done the boost on the other void elf. Will both of them get the armor set?Zakkar8 6d
6d Elite gear missing in Apperance tab. Hi, I've tried to find any answers to why it is that we can't see the current seasons elite sets in the apperance tab next to combatant and gladiator sets but haven't been lucky. Even if I've unlocked a couple of the items I still can't see the full set. Both the set and the tabard should be possible to view during that season since they're possible to unlock. I can understand that they dissapear after the season since they're not possible to collect anymore but as stated above, they should definitely be possible to review during the ongoing season. Please take into consideration to fix this Blizzard. Thanks !Cashmeoussid0 6d
6d Greenhorn's armour There is hardly much to find about this, I know it drops from random BG chests but is there a specific bracket it drops from classic ones? I have been suffering through 10-19 and 20-29 but as long all that dropped was: Wrist (truckloads, like 90% from the boxes), Boots and one trousers. Since Blizzard removed this transmog option from quests, I would like to know for the sake of my sanity that it drops from all of them or from a certain bracket ones?Mingbao0 6d
6d Artifact in BFA A simple question can my Nightborn hunter at lvl 110 in BFE use all of my artifact apperance that my main Night elf Hunter has unlocked? Or can only the character i got them on use them in BFA?Vataraa3 6d
6d LFR rate drop on Legacy Raids Hi. I have farm a few legacy raids on normal and heroic for whole sets and specific transmog pieces, eventually completing my "shopping" list. But only recently I went after some color variations available in LFR. My issue is that it seems that I never get any loot whatsoever from LFR bosses. No armor tokens, no weapons, only those gold caches. I am doing something wrong? Do I need to change the group loot to personal loot? Am I just extremely unlucky? It seems odd in comparison to the eventual success i have gotten from Normal and Heroic modes. Specifically I'm running Dragon Soul. What is more odd is that my Armory shows as if I have never ran that instance in LFR, even though I have run it partially and completely a few times (solo Spine of Deathwing, uff...). Any help appreciated!Molka2 6d
6d Starter Shaman Fist Weapons Can anyone tell me what the character creation screen fist weapons for Shamans are called? The boosted set has different looking ones.Dundonn0 6d
10 Feb Tier 3 Hi. Since i stoped raiding (mythic progress). I shift my focus on Tier 3 from BMAH. I have few chars on three different servers and thing i see rarely is shoulders piece. This is not qq, maybe its better that way (maybe not idk..). I just need some opinions on rarity and prices for shoulders pieces people saw on BMAH. I look specifically for shaman Tier 3 shoulders. Wich doesnt mean i dont want equip my warrior too. Soo... What are thosse numbers you saw people throw on tier 3 shoulder or even helmen pieces and how offten you see them. ThanksGromche7 10 Feb
10 Feb Any staff that you can suggest me for my tmog? The one I use right now does fit, but the purple on the grip just bothers me too much! And I really can not find any other staff that fits... Too bad I cant mog my staff in dagger+off-hand cause there are many awesome combos, but since Im destro I must stick to staffs.Dinoza0 10 Feb
09 Feb Black Panther look-alike I know Marvel Online has its Black Panther character. However I want to play something similar to Black Panther. I am thinking a Human Windwalker Monk or Worgen Subtlety Rogue. Which one do you suggest? And what is the best transmog combination for a Black Panther style? Is there a better transmog than "ninja" outfit? 09 Feb
09 Feb Mog - One handers into Fist Weapons Why can we transmog two handed swords into staves and polearms, but can we not transmog one handed swords into fist weapons? Would be really nice to play with fist weaps on a rogue again.Seylin28 09 Feb
09 Feb PvP Elite Gear If I will reach 2k during the last Legion season. Will i be able to get full transmog set gear if i I will not have luck in that fckin one item per week loot system? Cause now is set from last obtainable. But i don´t know if it´s be same after legion´s endGharno1 09 Feb
09 Feb Grand Marshal gear level requirement. Found my answer, forget about it ;DCastamere1 09 Feb
09 Feb Speedy Racer Goggles Greetings. Yesterday i have found these headslot item ( in wardrobe as obtainable from the "Quest" source: Wowhead's comments said that reward was removed from quest "Gahz'rilla" in BC and was return as an alternate reward in patch 7.1 despite the fact that this quest is impossible to complete. So this googles now is available for transmog to anyone, who have completed this quest by cloth-wearer before the Cataclysm, not the BC expansion. As any others GFD items, removed in the Cataclysm, these googles must not appear in the wardrobe as obtainable, because the source doesn't exist anymore. But it is and the sourse is specified. Is it mean i can get these googles rigth now? Thanks and sorry for my english please.Ibhn2 09 Feb
09 Feb Anybody seen "Veil of Turning Leaves" from BT recently? Yes I know RNG is RNG, but when I've done over 40 runs for what is a 1/6 drop chance my brain is telling me to check that Blizzard hasn't buggered up some loot drops when messing around with the loot/scaling changes. Anybody seen these drop from Illidari Council since 7.3.5 and able to confirm that I am, indeed, frustratingly unlucky?Oldbury0 09 Feb
08 Feb Rate Transmog above you! my transmog is called Primal Assassin :DRazorchaos2 08 Feb
08 Feb WTT Transmogg Items Xrealm Hello, i have more than 600 items in stock and looking for people to trade missing items to unlock missing items. We dont have to be on the same realm. Just create a lvl 100 test char, use the items and they are unlcoked even after deletign the cahr. Add Linostar#1310Spéctral0 08 Feb
08 Feb Allied Race Starting Equipment Mog So, there are a couple of nice pieces of gear that certain of the allied race characters start with (specifically the velf hunter bow and the lfdraenei Paladin mace (which is otherwise only available from high end WoD content) I don't seem to be able to mog to either of the appearances entirely correctly. The bow works for me but sheathed at the waist rather than on the back (which interestingly doesn't happen with the real item) and the mace just doesn't transmog at all for anyone. Am I going to need to try and track down the full level mace for the appearance or just keep hold of the one I have until I get to the level range for the full level item, equip it and get the appearance that way? I guess for the bow, is it just bugged (assume it shares a model with a bugged item) or is there a way to select the working lower level item appearance?Jessaline3 08 Feb
07 Feb Lf robes to show tatoos Im lacking good robes to show off nightborne tats, anyone have recomendations. The slave breaker robes i have now are really nice but the stiching isnt greatElendre1 07 Feb
07 Feb Show off your Allied Race Transmogs!! I want to see some new Allied Race Toons - go!Dazegoby10 07 Feb
07 Feb Chains of the Chosen Dead bug on male Nightborne There is a bug / scaling / placement issue with how the shin guards of the Chains of the Chosen Dead sets are displayed on male Nightborne. I have included a link below to show the current in-game appearance and the way they are shown in Wowhead's dressing room, which I believe to be the correct and intended appearance: As you can see, the shin guards are too high up on the character's legs and disconnected from the "shoes" part of the boots. They might be smaller than they should be as well, but I'm not 100% sure on that... It would be very nice if this could be fixed, as these sets are current content and awesome, but right now the male Nightborne look like they're airing out their ankles, wearing them. Edit: I have already reported a bug for this, in-game. Just wanted to make sure it got some attention here as well.Lorfean0 07 Feb
06 Feb Tusks farm was wondering if there are any new sick strats for farming the good old tusks, only thing I want to farm for anymore so any way to make is easier would be coolRigamortis2 06 Feb
06 Feb Warriors & X-Handed Transmogs So, one of the things that warriors can do in roleplay is use a two handed weapon in one hand and a shield in the other. It serves no functional purpose, but it can look cool as heck. So, what I'm considering is; how can this be made functional? First, I considered extending Titan's Grip to Protection, but that doesn't really help and you'd have to work out how to compensate for stats. Instead, what I'm going to propose is a warrior specific transmog trait; "Weapon Master"; "Warriors can apply any weapon appearance to any weapon". The theory is this; warriors have access to weapon appearances of everything from staffs to daggers and fist weapons, but we cannot always use them. My suggestion is that warriors, being weapon masters, should be able to wield any combination of weapons to their liking. This way, protection warriors can equip both shields and two-handed weapons, setting them apart from paladins and death knights as tanks. But it would also allow, say, fury warriors to replace their weapons with boxing gloves or arms warriors to use a single, dinky dagger. What do you think?Sellanor3 06 Feb
06 Feb pvp gear duplicates but not duplicates? I have recently tried buying all the pvp TBC gear for all my horde alts (every class) and noticed something when i got to my clothies, which may or may not have occured with my other armour classes. one item as an example, Marshal's Mooncloth Cuffs all 3 of my clothies have it, and it looks the same on each of them, but it says it is unlearnt on each class until i buy it. and if i sell it back, it unlearns it. why is this? its the same item, it is not tier, it is cloth useable by mage, priest and lock so should this not be just 1 look? if this is the case, we are losing dozens of marks of honor for identical gear as for the 4 TBC pvp sellers, i have to buy about 25 boots, belts and bracers which are not learnt from the ensemble set. 25 pieces per toon adds up fast, and boots are 2 marks.Farintoriel2 06 Feb
06 Feb AQ40 gear with no lvl req? Hey folks, Just saw a lvl 20 warrior in AQ40 set. Same with me - got an axe which I could use on my twink from there also. How does it work? Would love to chop some heads in style :POverloaded2 06 Feb
05 Feb Allow to change loot in older dungs/raids. As title says. Right now all older dungs and raids got personal loot. Blizzard please allow players who do old raids and dungs to change loot from personal to FFA or group loot. Personal loot making transmog collecting really difficult. If anyone from Blues EU can read it and send ofc. Doubt it may happend but worth to try.Sapherea4 05 Feb
04 Feb Scaling zones and green gear drops so now the old vanilla zones mostly scale up to 60 does it mean we can only get green level 60ish drops from them when on a 110 character and does that mean that if you want a transmog green than used to drop from say a level 30 mob you can only get it using a a character of that level. I guess if thats the case some rare level 60 greens will become much more common and lower level items are going to become more and more rare as people stop levelling up new allied races etc.Ilistria1 04 Feb
04 Feb Demonic gladiator armors? Hey, Was wondering if any of you bbgrills, knew where to obtain this armor. Or if its even in game yet. I know its PvP based. Just dont wanna grind to 2000 rating if it aint in yet. Thanks in advance!Meratan2 04 Feb