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52m WTT Transmoggitems like to trade my items against some i missed. i have 3 guild banks with items, mostly random dropp green items We can trade them xrealm for the wardrobe Linostar#1310Spéctral0 52m
1h Mog from old Raids Can I actualy get any LFR token gear anymore? Its on Vendors and in my Collections (implying its something I could collect) but I cant see how to get it. Theres so many but Chestgaurd of Cyclopean Dread is the one I really wantPsychocandy1 1h
2h Quick Question If i buy a FULL set for 12 Mark of Honor. does that ''item'' become soulbound or is it possible to let someone else buy a set and trade it to me?Feldera3 2h
3h Rate the Transmog Above you - Part 11 Previous thread reached it's limit. So here we go again. Rate the transmog of the person above you on a scale of 1 to 10. Xaero237 3h
4h Make past season's elite transmog available I wanted to make a post about this for so long... I don't even know where to start. I'll just start with: "Yes" I have seen there was some discussion about this but there was no real topic about this on the forum, only comments. So I want to make it a topic. Since the PVE elite transmogs are available to anyone anytime without time limit, WHY is there a time limit to obtain the PVP elite transmog set? It makes no sense in today's World of Warcraft. I understand there are seasons in PVP and I respect that there should be some challenges with limited time rewards*, but, by that I refer to the players racing for the Gladiator achievement and they indeed FULLY deserve a custom and unobtainable mount and any other rewards that they are given (tabard, title, etc). The elite gear transmog, on the other hand, should be available to be obtained even after the season ends, such as the mythic counter part. It is not only my opinion, I have had a lot of friend who I played with and agreed with me on this (besides being a lot of people on the forums as well, as I've seen) This discussion has been shutdown very quick and with no time to debate it. I want it opened for a reasonable debate here on the eu forum. I do not want free stuff, don't get me wrong. I've seen people suggest they should be as trivial as their mythic raiding counter part. As in... you don't need Cutting Edge: Gul'dan to get the gear from HFC mythic. I don't expect that, of course, since it's a bit more of a delicate matter since it wasn't treated equaly from the start. While I think that is the easiest approach, I am willing to work for my pvp elite transmog, and I'd like to suggest the following for consideration: Make the elite transmogs of the current season obtainable as they are, starting with 2000 rating. If you weren't able to ever obtain this rating while the season is live, then you shall have to work extra for that transmog in any other next season, for example, the requirement to unlock the transmog from past seasons will be raised to 2200 rating and that will still make it motivating to work for in the current season. On top of that, I like it very much how the Vicious Saddle system works for mounts, why not use that for past season elite transmog as well? By that, I mean you can only gain only 1 past elite transmog per season for your character and you will have even more reasons to play in the next seasons. I want to hear more opinions on this, so please, leave them below. But, remember to be reasonable! *Edit: My suggestion would be that there should be other seasonal rewards for pvp instead of elite gear transmog. Elite gear transmog should be obtained through the same means, but after season ended, they should become available for everyone and be treated as the pve counter part is treated: easy to obtain. This way, people will work to be "Prestigious" in the current season, which makes sense! And for the seasonal rewards, there should be other items than elite gear transmog for brag rights. (can be Mount, Tabard, Illusion, or w/e - lower/different than the Gladiator reward, but better than non-rated pvp can obtain)Icetalon48 4h
11h Can we obtain Unobtainable Armour? Have you ever seen a certain npc whilst questing in WOW and thought to yourself I want to make a transmog of the npc ek hmm( alexandros mograine). So you go on the transmog page and find some of the set but certain unique items such as the gloves and shoulders are unobtainable. Blizzard I speak for everyone who wants a cool transmog here and I say "implement the unobtainable armour!" It's very easy and makes everyone's time playing wow alot easier.Mogrâiné2 11h
22h Transmog Options For Role Players As a frequent role player, I hoard many many items because they're pretty, look interesting or use them in session, however as a result, my backpack and bank space is always full (a problem across the board though it seems). I have all seven tabs unlocked, each with the 30 slot Hexweave Bags equipped and the same with my backpack, but because the majority of the items are either white or event items, there's not really much I can do with them except have them take up my bank spaces. Basically what I want to say is, I would like to see more transmog options and tabs available in the future. Here is a list of my ideas that I would like to share: Allowing white items to be transmoggable, or just even event whites! Converting event item gear (clothes and weapons/off hands) such as Spring Circlet, Elegant Dress, Red Winter Clothes etc. into cosmetic items such as the Authentic Troll Shoes and the Warm Red Woolen Socks (these can then be transmogged) Perhaps adding another collection tab at the Transmogrifier named 'Event' 'Miscellanious' or 'Cosmetic', this can contain all the white and/or event items; I would also like to see an achievement added in to coincide with this, "Fashionitsa: Cosmetics" or my personal favourite, "Cosmetic Connoisseur" I would also like to see more unique options available for transmogging such as fishing poles, farming equipment and the kitchen gear back from PandariaNot only would this save hundreds of bag space slots and the despair of not having enough space for other more important items, it adds just that little extra flavour to your everyday experience, I'd love to be able to run current content in Winter Veil get up without having it affect my stats!Chiisune3 22h
23h Warglaives of Azzinoth but no Gorehowl or Frostmourne? Warglaives of Azzinoth but no Frostmourne or Gorehowl?!! Are you f****** kidding me? Allright, i get the logic behind Frostmourne lore since it was destroyed etc etc etc so that is done deal. But to give transmog for warglaives while major character in game wields them is ludacris ( Illidan is not major character, he is THE character in this expansion). Why not give damn Gorehowl to warriors? You got new ingame model that was wasted in WoD (my personal opinion),i want someone from blizzard to respond to this post, in my 13 year wow career i wrote maybe twice on forums, but this really made me mad. I want someone to explain the logic of giving warglaives transmog to Demon Hunters in Legion while not giving Gorehowl to Warriors in WoD. This is simply stupid and ignorant. We deserve an explanation. Regards, MarioDurokthar4 23h
1d Legendary transmog Legendary transmog.. something that is not in the game yet. It would be amazing if blizzard would find it in their hearts to give us.. the players who farmed our butts off .. the chance to transmog our legendary weapons! What do you guys think? Also I hope you take this suggestion and give us some good news in the near future.Demonilisher3 1d
1d WW weapon models Greetings! How about blizz makes that windwalker's fist weapon become always on display like Guardian's druid claws? Or make it "toggleable" in artefact forge, so people that doesnt want their artifact to be always on display, and other way around. I know this is not the biggest issue with monks right now, but its still disturbs me (and a lot of monks as well i bet) everyday. I mean it should not be that hard to fix this isn't? isn't? p.s. sorry for bad engВанфистинг1 1d
1d Vanilla Corrupted Ashbringer Returning? Blizzard just wondering if retribution paladins could get the vanilla corrupted ashbringer as an appearance. considering there is nothing stopping you, and the weapon is the most sought after can we have it as a new appearance. I and many others would love to see the weapon return. people would say we got the corrupted ashbringer as our hidden appearance but i don't mean that one. i mean the original one which actually looked nice. share your thoughts in the comments down belowMogrâiné5 1d
2d Fury warrior transmog better Fury warrior transmog The hidden artifact apperance for fury warriors is the dragon slayers edge, its a really good looking transmog with 4 different colour variations that fits almost all trnasmogs, but almost. The second colour variotion for the skin (which can be gained through complating 30 dungeons) fits red-idh transmogs such as blackrock foundry set (tier 17) but the flames coming out of it is kinda purple-ish instead of red, and it ruins the transmog. my request it can you darken the shade of the flames so we can transmog it better? please and thank you.Diablodan0 2d
2d Appearance tab Hello all, specially blizzard! How come those Elite sets in the Appearances in Shift+P in-game, isnt avaible ? :(Wukidiwn0 2d
3d Noblegarden Trasmo Any1 able to trasmo noblegarden things? (helms/chests)?Marco3 3d
3d More druid bear and kitty options Looking through the different artifact skins you can get, some of them are awesome for cat and bear. Made me think how nice it is to just look a bit different. There is a whole load of models around the world of warcraft, and I think an ability to make your kitty or bear form look like any kitty or bear form the world would be epic. Some of the rare cats and bear looks would add a some new hunter style pet tracking to the class too, trying to find that rare look. I think you should have to find the beats, then preform some kind of ability to use its look. Then it goes into a mogable window like gear does now, so you can go collect them all for the completionist. What you guys think? 3d
4d Anyone else attempting to collect everything? Perhaps it's a futile task, but collecting stuff is a pretty awesome experience. In real life, I collect Björk vinyls & acoustic guitars, while in-game, my life goal right now is transmog - All the transmog! As soon as the wardrobe went live, I started to prepare. I had more than enough for the Fabulous title on day one, and was honestly disappointed that some of the numbers required were so low. In the pre-patch, I systematically went through every Vanilla & TBC dungeon (N & HC) & collected every piece of usable Warrior transmog from them all. Spent about 12 hours in BRF going after Ironfoe, while Sunken Temple thankfully dropped its epic long before I'd even collected the blues from the dungeon! I've a far way to go, but I'm currently sitting on... 272/350 Helms 262/337 Shoulders 575/772 Capes 284/384 Chests 84/97 Shirts (Need to do the Brawler's Guild) 82/83 Tabards 241/251 Wrists 268/362 Hands 254/358 Waists 264/356 Legs 279/389 Boots 330/456 Shields What I've currently collected Tier 1-17 (minus T3, LFR, and T17 normal) complete - All difficulty variants. All Vanilla dungeon loot. All Vanilla raid loot except 2 items (farming on 6 characters) All TBC dungeon loot (N/HC). All TBC raid loot except for 7 items (farming on 5 characters) All WotLK dungon loot (N). All WotLK raid loot except for 7 items (farming on 5 characters) Vast majority of Cata-WoD dungeon loot. All Cata Raid loot except for normal Firelands & LFR. All MoP Raid loot except for Ra-den & HoF normal & LFR. All Highmaul loot except 4 items (farming on just this toon) All BRF Heroic/Mythic tier, but still farming normal. Complete PvP sets for seasons 1-7 including offspec pieces. (Almost) all non-MoP crafted armor & capes. What I'm currently chasing PvP sets & offset pieces for Season 8+. The Vanilla through WotLK pieces I'm missing on multiple toons. MoP & WoD gear on my main. After that, I guess I'll go back to systematically powering through dungeons from Cata onwards. So yeah, miles to go, but I'm enjoying the journey. My saved instances looks like this just a few hours after the Wednesday reset: Anyone else going for it? How's your progress?Subbie22 4d
4d PvP elite sets and usability as transmogs I have a question. I have been obliterating pvp items that I do not need for a while now. Soon I will be able to buy the token and acquire pvp item stuff for transmog that I wouldnt otherwise bother to get. Anyway... I have missed it before, but there are two types of tokens for sale. Since I'm looking for the shoulders, I'll use it as an example here. There are normal token for shoulders AND elite token for shoulders. Now... I dont pvp a lot, but isnt elite pvp stuff that requires you to have rating to use? So... should I buy an elite token and it gives me item that I cant use will I still receive the transmog? Or how do these work? The actual tokens seem entirely buyable for me and usable. It doesnt mention anything about not being able to use it afterwards, but I'd like to be sure. My only source of pvp items for obliteration is pvp wq's and actual items may drop rarely so if I spend my stuff on a thing I cant use, a long period of work is wasted.Khareal2 4d
4d 2h Undead Male Scaling This is me next to an OUTLAW ROGUE wielding 1h weapons. What do you think? The funny thing is that when unsheathed the swords is almost 2 times bigger. This only happens to male undead. BLIZZARD ******* PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT.Nyxnik1 4d
5d Mists/WoD Challenge Mode Rewards Challenge Mode's weapons and gear from Mists and WoD were lovely sets; but for players who came in too late, or didn't get the chance to do the content back when it was there, that's entire sets of armour and weapons that you don't have access to. I'm aware that the current Order Hall sets are variations of the Mists challenge-mode gearsets; but the weapons from WoD are completely unique. I'm sure that a lot of players who want that gear would happily spend a sum of gold; maybe even real cash, for a chance to get some of those pieces that we now can't get. I know I would, I'd love some of the WoD Challenge weapons. Maybe Blizz might consider bringing them available? Maybe not. Who knows. What's people's thoughts? :)Selashari6 5d
5d What is this Techy Bow-Thingie? Hello! While perusing the Mechanical Pet Guide on, I saw this glorious techy bow in one of the screenshots: Needless to say, I immediately started looking for it on wowhead, and the internet in general. But I cannot for the life of me find this thing! Does anyone know what bow this is? Thanks in advance and have a great day!Thistleblast4 5d
18 Apr Fury weapons 1hand/2hands transmog The idea is this why not make 2 hands weapons able to transmog into 1handed weapons. From the time they introduced titan's grip fury warrior kind of had to use 2handed weapons since they had better stats and in legion the weapon that they gave us is a 2handed weapon leaving us no option to transmog or use our beloved 1handed weapons. I think that many of us fury warrior would like that to happen since there a probably more people that would like to play as a 1handed weapon users and it would add that extra flavor to the spec if fury warriors are able to transmog 2handed weapons into 1handed. Now for example some races would look much better with 1handed weapons for example dwarfs, trolls, bloodelves,gnomes, nightelves and dwarfs again. Plus it would be great to play as that fury warrior that uses 1handed weapons with all that attack speed and feeling like a raging beast that could slice everything really fast and it makes you feel like you are playing the fury as it is supposed to be, Fast and deadly with 1handed weapons. Many of us would like that I think and everyone would like to be able to transmog 2handed weapons into 1handed for fury so we can at least look or try to look as badass as our boy muradin. And in my opinion it would be much better for fury warriors to be able to transmog 2handed weapons into 1handed weapons instead of being able to transmog our weapon into staves. Maybe it's just a dream of mine but I think this would make the warrior class feel like the real master of all weapons.Zengoo4 18 Apr
18 Apr Hunter SV and BM weapon appearances Balance of Power How come SV and BM weapon appearances for Balance of Power are so poorly done, compared to MM which is really nice. Those appearances really need to be updated to something better.Furi2 18 Apr
17 Apr Artifact skins for transmog after legion After googling a bit, it seems to me that we'll get to keep all the artifact skins we have obtained and use them as transmog for normal weapons after legion. Can anyone confirm? And if so, will the skins be spec specific, only mm skins for mm? Or would I be able to use artifact bow skins while playing bm?Tripster3 17 Apr
17 Apr Spectacles/glasses I know this has probably been mentioned alot but I would -really- love to get a real set of glasses for transmog ingame, they fit my character so well and its not like they're not already present in the game files. S'just a real shame to know they exist but are impossible to get.Evangaline4 17 Apr
16 Apr Burning Plate of the World Breaker It is an immense source of frustration that there is absolutely NO SKILL involved in collecting this. It is simply a "Maybe today is the day" luck roll. Well... for 35 days now, no "luck". This is exactly the kind of thing that makes people not want to play the game. Just to be certain I'm not doing anything wrong, this is my daily routine: Fly to Vault Of Nelthatrion, go into the cave entrance and stand by the torch. Run this macro - /run print(IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(44311)) which ALWAYS returns "false". I run through anyway, checking all the gold piles, and nothing. I've asked a GM who replied: " We here in the support don't give any information on how to find certain items in-game. Specially we can't tell you how to obtain such hidden artifact appearances. Fanpages like wowhead ( usually are a good source of information for that type of questions." So... Whats the deal, am I wasting my time?Boagreás0 16 Apr
15 Apr Unable to change ARTIFACT APPEARANCE Hello, before new patch came to the game, I was able to easily change my warglaives appearance to any unlocked skins with "Cursed Foge of the Nathrezim" (where you buy traits for AP) in Demon Hunter class hall. But it doesn't work anymore. I have eight unlocked artifact skins, so I tried to apply any of them, I see them "flying above the forge", but the change won't happen. Anyone has solution please? Thank you. Kind regards.Reel1 15 Apr
15 Apr Cant transmog Sandrene's Invisible Vest on my druid. Done a quest on my druid and a reward was a leather chest. Wanted to transmog it on my druid but could not found on the chests list. Why I cant trasmog Sandrene's Invisible Vest? Ok its invisible on the character but should not been invisible on the transmog list.Aiwan1 15 Apr
15 Apr Artifact to artifact transmog Hello I was just wondering, if you would enable us to transmog our artifact weapons to other artifact weapons. For example, I play a paladin, and I would really like to use the Holy Paladin artifact weapon as transmog on my DPS spec, as both weapons are two handed. Thanks.Valoreyan3 15 Apr
15 Apr In game transmog competition 7.2.5 is going to introduce a cool new feature: transmog competitions. Check it out for yourselves: That seems fun and it also seems I need to go after those tier sets I'm always putting off for some reason, my plate collection is quite underwhelming :DKorrina0 15 Apr
14 Apr Helms from Onyxia's Lair not part of wardrobe sets Just head the Wrath helm dropped for me on my Warrior in Onyxia's Lair. Had been hoping this would fill in the wrath helm slot in the near set appearence system in the wardrobe but sadly it doesn't. Not sure if this is intentional design or not.Cenariar2 14 Apr
14 Apr [Bug] Armory showing wrong weapon Hey there, Ive just noticed that my character page doesn't show the correct colour variation of The Bladefist. I have the heroic version in game, which fits really nice with my transmog, but the armory page shows the normal version, which is green. Whilst it is not a huge issue, I would like to know if anyone else is having the same issue? Maybe it is a fist weapon specific bug or even just related to the specific weapon.Alphred1 14 Apr
14 Apr Warriors & Paladins: who does Judge Dredd better? I'm feeling like a change is in order as soon as I finish my Legion flying progression, and I'm feeling a Plate class. I really can't make my mind up which one of two: Warriors or Paladins (I should have every reason to make a Death Knight, as a compromise between the two, but they haven't Death-gripped me since Cataclysm). Also in the mood to be a bit silly about it... which class can do a Judge Dredd (the Sylvestor Stallone version) better?Deltawaves0 14 Apr
14 Apr Brewmaster Barrel Yea the title says the most i'd say... and i'm just really wondering why blizzard hasn't put this in the game for players yet. because it's in the already in the game just not for players, you could just make it a toy... but this time bigger and lasts forever instead of a crappy 5 minutes. i'd like to hear peoples thoughts about it and if you think it should be put in...Spotler0 14 Apr
14 Apr Prydaz... I'm afraid I'll get it It's too good not to use, but the bubble... The giant golden bubble... I think it's a terrible idea to use a bubble visual effect on something that is going to be up all the time while out of combat. Not sure what the reasoning behind it was. It's one of the best legendaries out there for most tanks, but it only really fits Paladins. I can't see my Demon Hunter rocking a golden holy magic look. Not when all his spell visual effects are green and purple.Mazra2 14 Apr
14 Apr Blades on back Can you make an option, that puts blades on a back, not on belt. I don't like how my blades looks like on my belt.Ермаклич2 14 Apr
14 Apr Warglaives of Azzinoth Currently datamined from 7.2.5!ía0 14 Apr
12 Apr Ardent Warhammer and Gilded Warhammer So why did Blizzard just sneak it in that the Ardent Warhammer and Gilded Warhammer is now paladin only transmog. It fit my warrior so well and it's still in his appearance tab and all but cant transmog it because its suddenly paladin only...Folvar9 12 Apr
12 Apr Why can't warrior transmog to fist wepons? I just wana have fist wepons cus i like dem. and why can't warriors have dem de ar one handen (prot att lest).Ironjawbob2 12 Apr
12 Apr Hunter can't collect Dreadleather appearance? I really need someone with greater insight to clarify for me why I can't collect the Dreadleather appearance on my hunter. I'm a skinner/leatherworker and I've been making Dreadleather gear since I started Legion Leatherworking and happily donned a piece every time I got a new recipe but today when I looked for it in my Appearances, not a single Dreadleather was found. On Wowhead it figures as a Demon Hunter transmog set only, has this always been the case? Perhaps it's the Appearance system that I'm not getting but I thought that the rule was if I could equip it (cloth, leather, and mail), I would collect the appearance. I'm relatively new to WoW and have never really transmogged except to hide helms and such so I might simply have missed something.Zinjera5 12 Apr
11 Apr Switching Mogs with Specs... what happened? Hi... Am I going mad?... I remember a few months ago switching specs from Tree to Boomkin and back. Both mogs being totally different depending on what spec I was in. (But NOT changing gear, still wearing the same gear) But it doesn't do this anymore... Is it a bug that transmog stays the same with all specs? or was it a bug before? I preferred having a different mog for each spec without constantly changing it :S So, have I gone mad? was it an addon I don't have? can anyone else remember this?Renoka3 11 Apr
11 Apr Transmog Set greyed out and unusable? For some reason NO sets whatsoever are appearing in my tab eventhough i have many, i don't even have the option to click it as the button is just greyed out and unusable, i can't check where to get sets from or check my progress on what sets i have etc, nobody else seems to be suffering from this that i've asked so i don't quite understand what the problem is?Ryan2 11 Apr
11 Apr Random Loss of Transmog? Well this just happend. I jumped form skyhold to Dalaran and my Transmog of Bloodied Ebon Warsword was gone form my wepons.. and i can't transmog back to them or the axe.. is there any reason why I can NOT transmog to the wepons i want? this is highly annoying if blizzard are going to make those transmogs To Death Knight only <.< what is the point then? i'm just really annoyed at the moment that im not allowed to transmog my wepons to wepons i sought after.Nakatina3 11 Apr
10 Apr TCG tabbards in Store Dont know if this is the right place for this post, but i dident find any other place and since it hass to do with transmogrification i post it here. I like to see the old TCG tabbards (like tabbard of flame and nature) added to the cosmectic section of the store for transmogrification use, i know you can spend x amount of gold on the blackmarked and a crazy amount if real money on ebay and 3rd party sites to get this but i think its easyer and safer if this where added to the blizzard store. Would like to hear your opinions :) NecrothiczNecrothicz1 10 Apr
09 Apr Elemental Shaman limited transmog I'm sure this has been mentioned before (atleast I hope it has because it's annoying). But Elemental Shamans are very limited with their weapon transmog. They can only use fist weapons- which there aren't many of- and shields. It would make things a lot better if we could transmog our weapon into a staff or atleast use 1h maces and axes. If Blizz are gonna give us a weapon that stays with us for the whole expansion, atleast let us change how it looks rather than the same 5 boring skinsSamizus0 09 Apr
08 Apr Red warrior transmog? Can anyone help me make a red warrior transmog ? If possible, match it with : My main is human male if that helps :DStanwolf2 08 Apr
08 Apr Warglaives and transmog. Hello Blizzard, any chance (in the future) that you can let Warglaives transmog into more than just swords and axes? Kind of limited. I would have loved if they could also transmog into fist weapons or daggers too, seeing as how Demon Hunters can already equip it. Also before the whole, ''Animations are different'' argument, so is the animation for say, 2h'ded swords and polearms, but no restriction there.Plaguevii1 08 Apr
07 Apr Veteran's Satin Slippers Just logged in to see the new transmog feature (which is great) and it says that I'm missing the veteran's satin slippers from my blue avatar set. BUT it doesn't say were it can be purchased from. I've looked online and can't find any information on who I can buy it off. Help please!Leycia1 07 Apr
06 Apr Monk tier 20 pvp Hi all! As you know, the monk tier 20 looks friggin' badass, and I try to farm the pvp version. Problem is, when I do bgs, all I get is trinkets and pieces from other leather wearer classes. I got 2 pieces from WQ, so that is the only reliable source I've found so far (when they pop up). Am I doing something wrong?Peaches3 06 Apr
06 Apr Guardian Drood Artifact... Why does it change color depending on if one is using the hidden appearance or not? It is the only appearance that does this from what I can tell; I don't have them all unlocked, but Feral artifact doesn't change color if you use the hidden appearance... Also, the blue tint on my Claws doesn't match my transmog look AT ALL! :P Means I pretty much can't use the hidden appearance... Why not let us set the color of the Claws independently from the model/skin of our Bear form? Oh, I know the answer to THAT one... Would I rather have this, or a new raid tier? Yuup... ;)Lynxanna1 06 Apr