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45m Mortal Kombat: Raiden's Tmog good or bad?Fedrivern4 45m
1h Ulduar Transmog for DH Does the terrorblade set drop for Demon Hunters? I have only done 3 runs but I wanted to make sure it drops for us as there were some issues with other things from older raids that do not drop specifically for Demon Hunters. Anyone had any luck?Empharia4 1h
3h Trial of Valor Mythic set, can it drop? So one thing i was wanting to know is if the ToV mythic sets can drop like the other difficulty sets or does it have to be obtained from The Chosen achievement? Cause i really want both the warrior and the Hunter sets but not only is it hard to get a group for the raid its near impossible to get a group that actually know what they are doing and will not abandon the raid after 1 wipe. And if it does, can the set be won from the broken seals? But if it does not then it sucks how we dont have any more than 4 months left to get the achievement as it goes when BfA comes out...Shirifuari4 3h
6h Rate the Transmog Above you - XIII Old thread reached its limits and is now full, so lets continue with "Rate the Transmog Above you - XIII" number 13. Starting with the last guy in the previous post. @Arctursus Very simple look which I like and the design and colours match. 8/10 for you my man. The gloves are a little too big for your mog and I can't see your weapon which is why you don't get a 10. But it's still a nice mog :)Rhunok401 6h
6h Shoulders Suggestion Hi. I know this is the EU forums and the chance of someone seeing this is extremelly small, but here it goes. How about an option to hide one of the shoulders, and also choose which one. How about adding the same option for gloves as well? I dont know how hard that would be to implement, but i'm pretty sure blizzard has the people and the budget.Hordsax0 6h
1d can we get get transmog NPCs in all the capitals? I'm currently levelling in Kalimdor on several alts, having to go all the way to stormwind if i need to transmog is a real pain. Could we at least get Transmog in the other capitals? I'm hopefully not alone in liking my characters to look good as they are levelling as much as when they hit max level (and have the convenience of a hearthstone to dalaran)Barryhn6 1d
2d Reputation restriction on transmogable items Can someone please give me reasonable explanation why there is still reputation requirement for items that require certain level of latter to acquire? Not like that we didn't work towards that reputation once for the item. What's the point making the items moggable account wide THEN require reputation on that character to use? I think it should be removed. Once unlocked, item should not have any other requirement for usage on other characters.Sallazar5 2d
3d WTT transmoggitems I stockpille over 700 items i already learned from questing/raids and would like to trade them against items i miss. add Linostar#1310Spéctral4 3d
3d Shattered Reckoning mog Hey all, today I finally bested sigryn and obtained the shattered reckoning apperence for my paladin. But I'm having real difficulty creating a mog around it I would love to use the warriors pvp Primal Gladiators shoulderplates the spikes the blue goes very well with the sword and its theme but obtaining a suitable chest and legs is proving difficult. Any one got a shattered reckoning mog or two to share so I can get some more inspiration?. Many thanksKaylob0 3d
3d Spring Robes unavailble for Transmog? As I understand it, the Spring Robes cannot be used for transmog. My only question is...why? They are literally a recolour of a non-restricted 'barbaric cloth robe' and others. Aesthetically they are not obnoxiously out of place like bunny ears for example. I can't see a reason why these need to be limited?Znod0 3d
4d Artifact Transmogs classwide? Hey, I was wondering if in BfA the skins I earned for one rogue's artifact weapon will be available on another rogue (that hasn't gotten the skins itself) too. Anyone heard something about that? Thanks in advanceMythenmetz5 4d
4d Items left over from last expansion Hello, Just started playing again since Warlords and just sorting my items out. For some reason I have a group of weapons, they are axes, swords etc. Since my char is a Warlock I can't figure out why I would have them. I guess its for some sort of Transmog, but from what I can find, you can't cross them anyway. Does anyone have any ideas why I might of kept hold of them? These were all in my bank, however I was carrying around a two-hand sword in my "always carry around bag". I am stumped. They are fancy weapons so probably kept for a reason, but I'm stuck. CheersBlackswan2 4d
4d New Cloak Models! Hello Guys! I Think the cloak models in the game is so casual and doesn't looking Good. And Blizzard Should Change the Models or Add new Models to The Game. I Mean Longer and Wider Cloaks that covers all of your Back! For example The Lich Kings Cloak is Looking awesome And its Merged With Hes Shoulders! '' '' Maybe not like this, but Something like this can be added to the game! And give more heroic Feelings to the Players!Arshavon1 4d
6d Nightborne female and robes (Shadowform issue?) Hi all, So I'm not sure whether this is the right part of the forums to be posting about this, but I've noticed a pretty annoying issue with female Nightborne and robes (specifically in Shadowform). Basically at the bottom of the robe around the feet area there the robes appear much darker, and whenever you go into Shadowform this same area of the robe becomes bright purple/pink and seemingly becomes untextured. Here are some pictures to show what I mean: (Shadowform) Here's how it should look on any other race: (Shadowform) I've found that SSAO seems to be the cause of the darker shadowy parts around the feet whilst not in Shadowform, but even when SSAO is completely disabled as well as shadows then the bright untextured patch still appears around the bottom of the robes when in Shadowform, and yes, I've tested this with multiple robes. There must be some weird interaction here with robes on female Nightborne and how they work with SSAO/Shadowform (and possibly other auras etc). I guess I'm reporting this as a bug, and whilst it's only a visual one, it's pretty annoying considering I'm in Shadowform almost all the time. (:Claritee6 6d
6d Options on where to sheathe weapons I wish there was a choice on where to sheathe your weapon, I'd like to wear some of the cool weapons in this game on my back rather than on my side. It bugs me so much I'd rather wear a weapon transmog that doesn't fit completely, but sheathes on the back rather than on the sides. ;(Lîx3 6d
6d Artefact appearances on different specs Hi all, Once BFA hits and we get our artefact appearances available for transmog, will I be able to transmog my weapons to look like the prot mage tower skin while I play as holy? Or will I still be locked behind having to play prot to have access to the prot skins? Thanks for your time, have a nice dayIlnexiax2 6d
11 Apr Make the WoD clan outfits cosmetic already! With the coming of Mag'har orcs, I can imagne alot of players will want to add some more clan-identity to their various skin choices. This is, at the moment, a bit a limitation as the various orc clan outfits available from our garrisons are restricted in armor sections from cloth to plate. It gets even worse with the Frostwolf outfit available from the Vol'jin's Headhunters faction, this armor is leather and restricted to rogues, monks and druids only. I am sure I am not the only one feeling this should be adressed, with something a great as this expansion?Durgrol8 11 Apr
10 Apr Path 7.3.5 and rare drops So i am wondering if the world scale now does rare drops still drop from places like uldaman if the mobs are lvl 60 up there ? Thanks for the info, cheers,Makyuri0 10 Apr
10 Apr BFA Artifact transmog changes In the picture above I have the tint for the hidden artifact weapon appearance for unholy. Does anyone know if that since I don't have the base skin, After they remove the artifact weapons when BFA hits will I keep the tint that I want? Hope that makes senseDenbynator1 10 Apr
09 Apr WTS Ruby Shades! Looking for 140k A rare collectors items no longer available in-game. BT - Nathlee#2152 Tarren MillVault0 09 Apr
07 Apr Arator's Redeemer Sword As Paladin's follower, what's his transmog sword called?Whisperer2 07 Apr
07 Apr About TBC tokens. So I went and did the Serpentshrine Cavern raid on my priest, looking to get that tier 5 XMOG set, but to my dismay, all I got was Tokens of the Vanquished Hero. Those aren't even for my class, what's the point? I mean, a lvl 110 priest, what else would they want in a 10 year old raid? Probably some XMOGs! Why do I have to go through the pain of doing a raid again, simply because tokens that do not correspond to my class decided to drop exclusively on each and every boss of the raid? Seems like plain logic they would make it so you only get the tokens that your class can actually wear. And it's not like this time I didn't get them, but I probably will next week. There's a pretty good chance that even next week the tokens I need will still not drop, like, this could go for more than a month in the end of the day. I wonder why this has not been adjusted.Archaneus1 07 Apr
07 Apr Mage tower skins after bfa I haven't read anything on if we can still obtain the colour variants for the mage tower appearences after bfa hits. Anyone have a source to put my mind at ease?Arkeyo1 07 Apr
07 Apr Artifact weapon skins Sooo..since we are getting new races in battle for azeroth are the artifact skins going to be shared across our characters, or at least across the same classes? It would be a shame not having the mage tower appiearance or +15 dungeon on a new mag'har orc warrior and basicly forcing people to pay for race change.Ka1 07 Apr
06 Apr WTB Frozen runes or Glacial Vest Hey everyone as you can see on the title i search Frozen runes or a Glacial Vest too Add me on bnet Tor#2434 Thanks Good game !Põmmepelope0 06 Apr
06 Apr Character name suggestions Greetings fellow players, i wanted to ask everyone here what name would you choose for a character with this transmog/style? yes it is a simple transmog i know but i really like the style of it, so, that being said i'll gladly accept some suggestions.Orcthedork0 06 Apr
06 Apr Give me my illusion I aquired 2,2k rating back in mop so I could buy the weapon illusion "bloody dancing steel" and "spirit of conquest". I bought a lot of them, so I could transmog it with some heirlooms and show my impressive achievement. I was super happy about it, then wod came out and I didn't find the same joy in the game as before and I took a break. Now I came back in legion and I see all the transmog hype and big wardrobe and weapon illusion and all crazy stuff. I noticed that I couldn't transmog my illusion on my weapon, must be a bug... I asked a gm and he said u can transmog the illusion if u obtainted "Duelist" back in season 14. I quickly looked at my achievements [Challenger: Season 14] F***! and I remember when I got the enchants I didn't care about my rating anymore and just played for fun with some friends and droped rating. Back then duelist was around 1900rating on my server. Now I understand that you need the requirements for the enchant, but if I already have the enchant on plenty of weapons, wouldn't it make sense to add the illusion to my wardrobe? Now I can understand some people will stay that back then it was 2,2k for the enchant and now there's Enchanter's Illusion - Glorious Tyranny which is basically the exact enchant but for 2,4k rating. But you gotta understand the rating was so different back then you played on different battlegroups, so some realms could've 3k rating for rank 1 and on others 2,5k rating was rank 1. So it was easier to gain rating on high pop realms and get 2,2k+ rating But on low pop servers there was much more of a grind and u had to play every night when other people were quein, to obtain 2,2k+. Also IF they were to change this so people that already have the enchant in weapon got the illusion added. It wouldn't affect a lot of people since it was just a minor percent of the people who would actually get the illusion and then drop the rating, most people would just afk their rating and not think about it. But how would we know that they would add a achievement years later that would give us the illusion instead of giving us the illusion based on our weapons. I would love to hear what you guys think about this I've seen a few threads about this but no blizzard response and not really any good counter arguements.Vippenmlg3 06 Apr
06 Apr Reputation-locked Class Hall sets. Okay this is really getting to me so I feel the need to vent. If the purchase of certain Class Hall set pieces requiring reputation grinds wasn't bad enough, the fact that you still need the rep for using the mogs on alts, is just ridiculous. Honestly, this is just silly. We should be able to use set pieces (including tabards!) that we got by rep grinding on alts! Once again, I will state that rep-locking mogs is just silly, and is very time consuming and repetitive if you want said mogs on alts.Liaethre0 06 Apr
05 Apr Mage tower artifact appearances - BFA Now i have completed the mage tower challenge some time ago and now i only need the 3rd appearance (Win 10 RGB) I am not really into RGB's so i might complete it later on. But since Bliz confirmed you cant unlock the mage tower skin in BFA. Does that also include the other 3 wich require having completed the mage tower challenge? Even tho i have completed it before BFA?Maltherion1 05 Apr
05 Apr Princess Zelda mog This is my first attempt at a mog of Princess Zelda as she is featured (most of the time) in "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild". Tbh, I'm really pleased with how it turned out, even if there might be some things here and there that could be added/changed (I simply just took what I had atm, and if I find anything better I will probably switch things out). But, it's simple, and I kinda like it. Idk why I decided to post it here, I just wanted to show it off a little! Shoulder: Gaea's Amice (not necessary, but she looked so naked/tiny without them) Chest: Windchanneller's Tunic Shirt: White Linen Shirt Wrist: Revitalizing Wristguards Hands: Heavy Linen Gloves Waist: Willow Belt Legs: Vicious Fireweave Pants Feet: Reed Sandals Staff: Spiritchaser Staff (I am aware that she doesn't have a physical weapon in the game, but I had to do *something* about it, and this one reminded me of the Triforce, so.~) If anyone has any idea of how I can improve this, please let me know! ^-^Allindae1 05 Apr
05 Apr Transmog farm and personal dungeon loot since 7.3.5 Path 7.3.5 has introduced personal loot in all dungeons. This has some consequences for transmog farmers / completionists (AllTheThings addon user) like me: Bosses now regularly drop only gold, likely because behind the scenes the item the boss dropped didn't show up on the items my class can loot. This is fairly annoying, as my character, before 7.3.5 could in the same run also acquire the transmogs for strength swords, agility staves, cloaks, etc. Those now have to be farmed on specific alts (who also again have those gold drops). As such the current mode has made farming more timeconsuming. I see two solutions to this: - a mode where, if you are soloing a dungeon, you still receive whatever the boss drops and not just gold - a boss always drops an item (not gold) from the items it can drop for you based on the encounter journal. This isn't gamebreaking in any way, but I don't believe the intent of the 7.3.5 patch was to make it more time consuming to farm oldschool transmogs, hence my request.Rumbo17 05 Apr
05 Apr Chromatic Sword The sword is on Balnazzar server. The connected realms to it are: Shattered Halls / Balnazzar / Ahn'Qiraj / Trollbane / Talnivarr / Chromaggus / Boulderfist / Daggerspine / Laughing Skull / Sunstrider.Desolatrix0 05 Apr
04 Apr Transmoggable fishing poles I like the Underlight Angler and its different color variations just as much as anyone else. Yeah, they're neat, but I'd prefer to have a more standard looking fishing pole over a murloc skeleton any day. With the constant updates to transmog these days I'm really hoping to see the option to transmog fishing poles eventually. Thoughts?Thaldran1 04 Apr
03 Apr Make this weapon transmogable! NOW Back in the day a young vippen traveled to grizzly hills to farm some fishing and I obtained the legendary item " Dark herring". It had an item lvl of 187 with 11agility 16stamina 20 crit chance and engraved with "herrings seeks your life!" I enjoyed backstabbing people with my mighty weapon, goin around in stv slaying low level people with a fish in the hand and a robe. Years later, I cleaned my bank and I found my dark herring onces again. I instantly poped sprint and ran towards the transmog guy. "that item cant be transmoged" my hopes and dreams got crushed.. ok blizz its a fish..not a thunderfury or a warglaive, let me transmog it for old memories and fun. There are plenty of "strange" weapons in this game so I dont understand why this isn't already transmogable. Please help me get some awareness about this manner. Dark herring seeks your life!Vippenmlg1 03 Apr
03 Apr How to become Stormwind Guard (Transmog) Guys, Best way to become a Stormwind Guard in therms of Gear for transmog? Thanks!Maxmen3 03 Apr
03 Apr Mage Tower skins after legion I wonder what will happen to mage tower skins after legion. are Challenge skins going to be account wise or not? For example i unlocked all 4 challenge artifact skin for my druid , in b4a if i decide to play a another druid can i be able to transmogrify those skins to that druid ? or are they only available for the character who obtained em?Lare1 03 Apr
03 Apr Solo old raids, ffa loot vs personal Hi lads, Been doing some old raids for tmog and somehow the lootsettings changed. I did normal BRF and I got multiple pieces, most nnot for my lootspec or class. Went for hc afterwards and lootsettings somehow got changed to personal. Can't seem to change this, what caused the change? All I changed outside was the difficulty of the raid. Also, which of the 2 would be better for farming tmog?Blurberry2 03 Apr
02 Apr How do I get this set? (Rogues please help). Hello, I have been trying to get this set for my Rogue: I've been running random battle grounds for several hours but not a single piece has dropped. The Wowhead link kind of confuses me as well. The ingame "sets" tab also shows the same as the Wowhead link, saying Legion season 5, 6 and 7. I hoped to get this get from just running battlegrounds and be lucky with gear drops. So far I've only gotten 2 season 7 pieces, but from the "Combatant" version. Not the "Gadiator" version that I am after. How do I get this set? Can I still get it? And if so, what is the fastest way? Thank you very much.Philomeen1 02 Apr
02 Apr Make 'created' sets available to all toons Came across this nitpick today. On my Horde rogue, I have a Sylvanas type leather transmog. It's saved as a set so that I can equip it when required. However, today I wanted to equip my Alliance rogue with the same set too. And much to my surprise, she has no 'created by me' 'sets' available to her. I have to create them from scratch again by going in and picking every individual piece and then saving it. Thinking that it was because she's Alliance, I logged onto my leather wearing Horde demon hunter, and surprisingly, she doesn't have any of the 'created' sets available to her either. Especially for stuff such as 'Trial of Style' such a feature, as making created by yourself sets, available to all your toons who can equip that armour type, would also be a huge timer saver too.Lswindrunner1 02 Apr
02 Apr Heritage armor I think that heritage armor should be available to the main race of the sub/ally race. Because else it defeats the purpose. My main is Tauren DK, since Highmountain dont have dk's i cant use that armor. And as I understand it, non of the released and upcoming sub races will be able to be Death Knights, so any heritage armor is not usable by DK's. I was really hopping to reroll to new orc dk but it seams that DK hero class wont be available for any of the sub races. What are your thoughts.Taralir3 02 Apr
31 Mar Artifact Appearances post Legion Hello there guys So i have been wondering about our obtained artifact appearances. Once we go into BfA, will the appearances we have obtained be transmogable on other characters of the same class? As an example: My unholy DK obtained the mage tower appearance, but he is an alliance toon and i have started playing way more on my horde DK. Will the unholy skin be transmogable for both toons when BfA goes live, or will i have to do the mage tower on both toons?Kaelthaz1 31 Mar
30 Mar Hood as plate head mog? As said in the title; are there any transmogs for a hood in the plate category? I want my DK here to have a hood over his head. Any hood would do but the thing I'm going for is the first generation DK like Teron Gorefiend, as in warlock-warrior hybrid with plate armor but a hood over his head. Best aesthetic would be something like Gul'dan's hood, tattered leather that is lazily sewn together. I've given a description of how the character should look like in a thread on the RP forum. I'll quote it here: ... Any help with making a tmog that remotely resembles this description would be greatly appreciated.Wrognash7 30 Mar
29 Mar The First Satyr's Spaulders? Does anybody know if you can actually get them from LFR / Normal? I see in-game they're not officially on the loot table, but WoWHead has an LFR and Normal version, and people in the comments have said that they can drop, but without any proof.Dameg8 29 Mar
29 Mar Please make legendary items eligible for transmog.. Please change it so you can transmog legendaries - especially weapons. There would be nothing cooler than being able to transmog your one handers in to Warglaives of Azzinoth from Illidan in Black Temple (which are the best looking weapons still ingame by the way) as a melee DPS. Same goes for Titan's Grip Warriors and other melee classes using Two-Handed weapons all the time - we want Shadowmourne! It is seriously also the best looking Two-Handed weapon out there. I don't see what the problem is. It requires so much effort to farm the legendaries and I think a perfect reward would be that you can use their appearance on your ordinary weapons, that even motivates people to farm and obtain the legendary items from previous expansions. How can it not be acceptable? I just don't understand the logic behind restricting legendary items from being transmoggable. Sure there are lots of other legendaries in the game these days too, but why can't people transmog them either if they would like to? It's such a shame that the legendary items that are outdated are completely useless and there's really no point in even having them take up bag space when you can't do anything effective with them. At best you can equip them while going afk but then you don't get to enjoy their beautiful combat nature your self, at most another random player that happens to walk by when you are having a break being AFK might notice them and comment shortly about how he likes your weapons. Is that really how those extremely legendary weapons should live on? I certainly think there's better use for them and a good potential for positive feedback from tons of other players too. Please comment in this thread if you agree. This is about the most feedback we can give to Blizzard and they do listen to their customers, believe it or not.. So I'm just trying to make some kind of impact here since what is there to loose anyway. Please let me know if you disagree too, but then please explain why you think so in a way that makes sense and not just a rude comment that has no real argument and is just pure denial because you enjoy opposing others. I'm pretty sure there has been other threads on this matter but the more people interacting with the company that makes these products for us, the better I would imagine the message arrives to the developers and people who actually deal with this.Nebuq8 29 Mar
28 Mar More "slim-fitting" boots please Can I urge wow designers to pHLEEase make more "slim-fitting" boots like "Shellshock Footguards" ( or at least Nightslayer Boots ( Btw. You have no idea how much it pains me that the latter is Rogue only... I use the word "urge" because I really think, and I've come to agree with a friend of mine also, that the 99% of boots in wow just fits ridiculously awful... I get the cartoony style and all but please... More "slim-fitting" boots for us who care for that... Mogs for me are like 50% of the game-immersion and I feel very restricted in making mogs cuz I have to center them around 2 recolors of Shellshock Guards cuz all other are barely wearable for me... If you could make a few more recolors of "Shellshock Footguards" I would litterally die for it... :'D Also, if u could also make "Nightslayer Boots" available to all leather wearers, that would be just dandy... Aaand, I know it might be too much to ask for but, could you make any way to shift the color of the item appearance for at least just a few hues up or down on the spectrum?? It really pains me that I can't match yellowish gold items with bronze gold ones... Or hues of red and black on different items... Bothers me so much :/ Thanks :D Ps. please, please, please, please, pleaseOdan1 28 Mar
28 Mar Legendary transmogs in BFA? Have the devs said anything about this? Will we be able to transmog into the old legendary weapons in BFA? Since we are getting to transmog into the artifacts, I don't see why we shouldn't be able to transmog legendaries. Some of the artifacts, like Ashbringer and Doomhammer, are actual weapons in the lore that existed before Legion. Thori'dal, the legendary bow, has no lore behind it that we know about. So I don't see how it is fair for everyone to be able to run around with Ashbringer but I won't be able to transmog for example, Thori'dal or Shadowmourne. There is so many nice weapon models for legendaries yet they are only collecting dust in our banks!Julia1 28 Mar
27 Mar Thori'dal, the Stars' Fury? mog? Something is really anoying me.. Why cant we hunters use "Thori'dal, the Stars' Fury" as transmog. This model is awesome! but mine is just gathering dust... We got other legacy legendarys that are used for other classes, like rogues dragon soul daggers and shadowmourne, and the demon hunters can use the warglaives. Anyone wondering the same? Sorry for my bad english :pCenez1 27 Mar
26 Mar Mag'har Orc Transmog Sets Suggestion Hello, i was wondering if with the Mag'har Orcs coming in BfA we could get the Armor-Type removed (or changed to Cosmetic) for all the Garrison Armor Sets. They Represent different Clans for each Set, but are locked to specific Armor Types. If i want to create an Orc Rogue from the Warsong clan i can not use the Warsong Transmog-Set because its classified as Mail. Likewise, if i want to create an Orc Hunter from the Thunderlord Clan i can not use the Thunderlord-Set because its classified as Lether. Don't get me wrong, I really like the Heritage Armor Sets for the Mag'har Orcs! But it would be a shame if already existing Armor would not be useable for the Clans just because you happen to play the wrong class that doesnt fit the Armor Type. The Orgrimmar-Set is already classified as Cosmetic. Should be quite easy to make these Transmog only Items available to all Classes. Thanks for reading! Have a good day Lads n Lasses.Zultrak4 26 Mar
26 Mar New cosmetic pirate items are white This means we can't transmog them. Why Blizzard? Let us mog these cosmetic items please. They would look good, this would be so fun. Specially on the Alliance side.Korrina1 26 Mar