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2h Warlock Transmog Hey, your probably reading this and as soon as I mention my character you will take look at him... Now you have taken a look we can both agree it's, well beatiful in its own way. I need some help finding Transmog to match the helmet I bought. Any suggestions would help!Vexeer2 2h
2h Skyhold cosmetics As a proud warrior, I have a hard time strolling around glorious Skyhold and realizing that all these magnificent pieces are not in my collection! Did I miss something, or is there absolutely no trace of all of these armors and weapons as obtainable transmogrification items? I am particularly fond of Ragnvald Drakeborne's axe. Is there any hope?Siedran1 2h
17h Rate the Transmog Above you - XII Rate the Transmog Above you on a scale of 1 to 10 (Part - XII). Previous thread reached it's limit, so here we go again.Xaero403 17h
17h The Sunglasses Alright, so, I'm sure I'm not the only one here, although we're most likely a minority within the Transmog community, but here goes. With WoW's 13th Anniversary event (Grats btw guys) they gave us one of my favorite gifts thus far: the Bronze-Tinted Sunglasses. Not only did I spend a good few hours setting up Transmogs for all my characters to match the glasses (heck, they're too good not to use, no matter the mog!) I also came across a few items in particular on my monk and my rogue, namely the Rhinestone Sunglasses, as well as the Ruby and Sapphire Monocles, all from Cataclysm Jewelcrafting. With the recent addition of the Bronze-Tinted Sunglasses, I would like to ask for you to look back at those items, and maybe possibly hopefully consider finally allowing them to become Transmoggable. I have been holding on to them for this specific purpose for years, and you would make this Pandaren a very happy Pandaren indeed, if my dream could at last become a reality. (This is where I would lecture you about how the glasses' temples clip through pandaren ears and how we should totally have "normal glasses" like the NPC Pera Firestone for example) but I suppose asking for one big thing is more than enough for now. So, I ask you, the Transmog Community, to give your opinion on the matter! Strive to be as passionate as me, or even more so if possible. And as for the people in charge of making it happen: Pretty please? :3 Yours sincerely, A very desperate Pandaren with sight problems.Tasogare4 17h
1d Elegant Leather transmog (Blue color) What's some cool elegant transmog set for druid ? I am looking for something like Nightborne have to match my Cat Form of my druid (Blue shiny cat, challenge appearance).Deathfyre4 1d
2d Flower Crowns Blizzard, please, spoil us a bit and tell us how and when are we going to be able to obtain them. Please, I need that cuteness in my life, I shall make a sacrifice if needed!Moeraé13 2d
2d TRANSMOG OF ARTIFACT WEAPON Artifact weapon gona go away in next expantion BFA , but we still gona have the artifact sworld or shield look in our transmog aperance that we earned. But a sword have many diffrent looks. Me havent locking up all yet. I wish we can have that as thing to do aswell . The diffrent apperance and colour wariations to lock up as a thing to do beside all. It is like to say. All transmog was only for this expantion then gone. Let us have that artifact aperance look and coulor to still hunt like the transmog of all other things. Would be a great thing. I also wanna do it on all my other classes. but now i feel im in a hurry. Not fun at all , i have my ordinary life aswell. So please let the hunt for Aperances and coulor variation still be as a thing in game to do. It is like hunting Ordinary transmog. All thoose doomhammers so lovly but how should i have time, then ashbringer in all variations. we don't need to have any statts on the weapons. just transmog hunting for all classes still in BFA. I think many people would like that. Would be nice for us all wow players around the world to know if Blizzard could think about this.Windslasher7 2d
2d Less lasers and pointy bits please. Does anyone else feel the lack of plain and typical gear in the game? I'm starting to have a major gripe with the lack of options when it comes to having options of gear that actually resembles an armor and not a "crystal laser toaster". Great that we have those too, but I wish there were more plain looking gear out there to choose from. If you feel the same and created a mog without fireworks I would really love to see them, get inspired even. Would also love to hear your opinions on the matter. Thanks.Thedice5 2d
3d Druid artifact appearances We know that we are going to be able to transmog our artifacts in BFA but what about Guardian and feral, we cant transmog a skin onto our cat and bear form... and if we have to transmog the weapon to get the skin applied it means we have to wear horrible looking daggers that probably wont go with our transmog just to get a cool form.Cycos1 3d
3d Artifact transmog in BfA Greetings, it is a well known fact that some skins for artifact weapons are going to be used as transmog in Battle for Azeroth, another well known fact is that some of the skins won't be possible to get after Legion ends. Could I ask what skins specifically will be unavailible after Legion? Thanks for response.Nessarie2 3d
3d Plate eye patch Just wish i had some options for eye patches on my warrior. I use them on my shaman and rogue but all thats available for my warrior is gogglesKunai4 3d
3d Loot Rules for Wow 13th Anniversary Bosses Does anyone know how personal loot rules work with this? If you are a fury warrior with that loot spec, will you get the 2h sword? If you are a holy pala, will you get the str plate? Worried I have to be switching around loot specs to get the bits of transmog gearGulzar8 3d
3d Help A Fellow Goblin Out!! Calling all Goblin Transmoggers! I have recently given in to the urge of playing a goblin named crafty. Can you help me with ideas of how to make my transmog more goblin like? Im a DK I need Plate I like Engineering Themed things I also really like cold winter evening walks in the corn fields. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks In advance!!Crafty10 3d
3d plate eye patch i would wonder with the coming expansion and a pirate theme area, i would love to a plate eye patch so i can make a pirate themed transmog. blizzard please give us plate eye patch D:!!!!Rokaro0 3d
3d Demo, Arcane and Shadow Mogs ! So i was wondering, as you know we have 3 artifacts that speak. So my question lies on, will they talk if they are mogs, i know that the appearances will be lock to the spec. So that should be easier to keep the their " talking files ". i can imagine myself moging a weapon and for example Aluneth saying " ahh, is nice to be back " something like that.Häwke4 3d
3d [Resolved]Transmogrification Bug I just got a few pieces of the World Defiler plate set on my DK, specifically Helm, Belt and Shoulders and wanted to make a set out of them, but as I went into the Transmogrifier the pieces were nowhere to be found, the same applied to all my other Plate characters. Basically, my characters have the Items in their Appearance tab and even Favorited, but when I try to transmog to them I cannot find them. Has anyone experienced a bug like this? I'd appreciate any help on the matter. EDIT: Turns out I'm a big dummy and I had filtered out World Drops.Kang0 3d
3d Again Cosmetic items that do not go to transmog tab.. What the title says, the anniversary goggles , you can buy are AGAIN Cosmetic BUT not Transmoggable... WHY? ffs I do not want to clutter my inventory with that stuff I get it to learn it for my transmogs and then get rid of it I am tired of Blizzard constantly adding cosmetic !@#$ that in the end just clutter my inventory and cannot transmogged... I hate that ... well I bought it on one char , will not bother to waste tokens to buy on another ... srsly if I had known it was again not transmoggable I'd not even bought it in the first place.... GRMPF...Iwony1 3d
3d Furious Gladiator's Greatsword (Return the old look) Dear developers of Blizzard, RETURN the former beautiful look for two-handed pvp swords of season 5 and 6, as they were in WotLK, what they look like now is simply horror, and this continues with a Cataclysm. I hope to see a blue post in this thread.Локтан3 3d
3d Alternative helm Posting cause I encountered this a second time already (once on my Shaman), either way there is an alternative coloring in the in game wardrobe for this helmet: According to the wardrobe it is a quest item, but I cannot find anything even related on it, the name of the item comes up from a Jade forest quest (Peacebreaker's heavy helm) but that is not it. Anyone actually have this transmog from somewhere or the item is simply not in the game?Chunnuo4 3d
3d 3 problem about collect transmog Hello. I have 3 problems and I hope Blizzard can do something about these. 1- As a druid I joined Heart of Fear lfr and I wanted collect a fist weapon from last boss: Claws of Shek'zeer. But ofc at mists of pandaria guardian druids couldnt equip fist weapons. Now we can equip it but when I search hof what items I miss for collect, I cant even see this fist weapon at Adventure Guide Tab. Blizzard, Please, if EVEN an old raid fist weapon gives strength, show it for druids at Adventure Guide Tab. if a cloak gives strength just show it as guardian druid loot :D if a 2 hand mace... you got this I think :D You can figure this out. 2- I remember there was flexible raids at Siege of orgrimar times. Now it removed from game but I have a problem about it. When I join SoO, Highmaul, BRF, HFC, I cant turn raids to 25 man. Changing mode 25 heroic but it shows me 10 heroic and ofc drops 10 man loot. Blizzard come on, flex raids gone why these raids cant doable 25 man as BWD :( 3- And last thing is at Adventure Guide Tab I cant see Heart of Fear, Terrace of Endless Spring, Throne of Thunder -LFR- gear. Can you add this LFR drops to Adventure Guide Tab please so I can see which transmog gear I miss. These are my 3 problems while I collect transmog, I hope you help me Blizzard.Abushir5 3d
4d Fierce Combatant's Dragonhide Armor Hello, I've found this armor set in-game and I couldn't find a way to obtain it. There is also this item, but there are no comments or any info how to get it. I know these are described as World Drop but I wonder if we can get them in anyway specific.Feralim3 4d
4d Mortal Kombat: Raiden's Tmog good or bad?Fedrivern1 4d
4d Will artifact weapon transmog work across classes? Will Paladins for example be able to transmog a warrior artifact weapon after Legion?Zector3 4d
4d Where is my scarlet tabard?! Done the Scarlet Halls and kicked Armsmaster Harlan's back like 60 times by now. Isn't it dropping for level 107 DH:s or am I just unusually unlucky? =( Can't say I've ever seen a roll for it when levelling alts through lfg either.Thamidea2 4d
4d Need help finding armor from fanart. Some of you might recognize the fanart. I was wondering if anybody knows if this armor even exists ingame and if yes, could post a link to the wowhead set or tell me the name/where to get it. Fanart: In any case.. thanks :)Anethia3 4d
4d Calamity's Edge transmog i got Calamity's Edge on my hunter (Horde) but i cant use it as transmoge on my Warrior anyone know why?Solaxius6 4d
4d Ulduar 10man I recently started to complete the transmog set from Ulduar on 10man, but there is no way , as far as i know, that can be completed. In order to gather all the set pieces you need "Ashelia's Adorned Waistguard", that cannot be aquaired anymore. Most drops were from "Big Crate of Salvage", but from Legions's launch they were replaced with "Large Crate of Salvage", wich has no chance for drop. So please tell me how am i supposed to complete the set if the only appearence for waist is "Ashelia's Adorned Waistguard" and there is no source of drop for it, and on my realm this item was not on AH for more than half and year !?Voltrax3 4d
5d Transmog legendary weapons in BfA? Blizzards argument to why we haven't been able to transmog our old school legendaries is that they would loose their prestige if you saw everyone running around with thunderfury and warglaives, but in BfA we will be able to transmog our artifact weapons ( as far as I understand). Will not legendary weapons like the Doomhammer and Ashbringer loose their prestige if every single shaman and paladin runs around with them ( not as if they haven't already in legion) Also I farmed my Warglaives for a reason, they look awesome, the problem is I have them on a character I haven't touched for a couple of years so they just sit there. I want to show people my Warglaives I farmed for months just like I can show of my mount I farmed for years. The weapons might loose their prestige, but I feel like the players who have taken the time to farm them can feel prestigious themselves.Pallapenjo1 5d
5d Demon Hunter Transmog I was wondering if anyone could link me some good transmog gear or give me adivce on where to look for it. As you can see, my DH is not the prettiest of them all!Defiance10 5d
5d Anyone who can suggest me boots that fit my xmog? I really cant find any boots that fit well :cDinoza6 5d
6d Rate my mog and I'll rate yours Basically what the title says... I would love to have the blue version of this weapon but I don't pvp ofter with my mage, I raid with him... or the mage tower skin (which I'm not good at)Semivivus1 6d
6d Diabolic Raiment/Cruel Gladiator's Felweave Armor bug There is a visual problem with the Warlock Tomb of Sargeras set(Diabolic Raiment and the pvp variant Cruel Gladiator's Felweave Armor ) When you look to the side and jump the wings sprout from the side of the back and not from the middle, could you please just make the wings stationary so that no matter where my character looks the wings will sprout from the middle of my back Please its the perfect Warlock set...Nerhat0 6d
6d Garrison Class Xmog Sets Hi Can anyone advise if class specific Xmog sets (for example, the druid Springrain set) still drop from the Garrison Salvage Yard in Legion? Cheers!Dogthebounty1 6d
14 Nov Trasmog An hunter survival, at level 100 ,when bring the talonclaw polearm, can be mog it with another 2hands? Or can only with another polearm? ThanksScaerecrow1 14 Nov
14 Nov Class mounts and Artifact appearances after legion So i have these questions feel free to answer and read it so u know: 1.Will we be able to complete class hall mounts after legion? 2.Will we be able to collect artifact appearances after legion? 3.Will we be able to collect colors on artifact appearances after legion? I would be really happy if u answer these Q so i can be sure that i have lot of time and dont have to do all things on all classesIlaiyn4 14 Nov
14 Nov Roast the person's mog above you Do itKitt424 14 Nov
13 Nov Why are my Jade Legplates Soulbound? So I ran Zul' Farrak on my rouge at level 44, and the Jade Legplates dropped, and I got them. Only thing is, they are soulbound, but it says on the tooltip that it is Bind on equip. But I can't have equipped it becuase I was level 44, and a rouge, so I can't equip plate gear. This was in dungeon finder too, if that helps. Someone, please help!Venzola11 13 Nov
13 Nov Will druids be able to transmog Fangs of Ashamane? title pretty muchDeathfyre1 13 Nov
12 Nov Balnazzar Broken ? Ran Stratholme 20 times, and literally this boss only drops Wyrmtongue Shoulders. That doesn't seem quite right for a boss who is supposed to drop 9 items.Lswindrunner1 12 Nov
11 Nov Rate the transmog above Rate the transmog above from 1 to 100 or roast the transmog above ;)Oldpspice2 11 Nov
10 Nov [RESOLVED] Transmogging problems [EDIT] I resolved this myself. The real problem was that they were simply filtered out, so I changed the filters to show everything on the transmogrification menu. Hey. Not sure if this is the right place to put this thread to, but I figured it might be the closest. To the point: On my Protection Paladin, I attempt to transmog my Truthguard to a Stormwind Shield, however I'm unable to do so. There is also a lack of Maximillian's Shield in the possible transmog choices despite the fact that I have that shield on two different characters. Also, not too long ago a character I had deleted had had the Stormwind set - besides the shield - in their bank, but I would assume the set should still show up as something I've collected, yet it doesn't. Do I need to restore the character/re-gain the set in order to be able to transmog my gear into them? Thank you in advance.Khaz0 10 Nov
09 Nov Selling Elemental Attuned Blade Selling on server 'Sporegarr' gold cap ono post here and we can discuss or add Unforgotten#21736 UNOBTAINABLEStanbank0 09 Nov
09 Nov Artifact transmog class account wide. I have 2 druids, horde and alliance one. One has lots of artifact appearances unlocked, the other one hasnt. After Legion you can still transmog your artifact and has been confirmed by blizzard. However wondering if I can transmog it account wide over my other druid and maybe druid when i wanna level another highmountain one. Anyone has news on this?Ursixx3 09 Nov
08 Nov Quivers and other items carried on the back. I had an idea for how they could implement this system with all bows not just Thasdorah. Use the weapon enchant icon and UI for things that commonly can be slung across the back E.G, quivers, totems, barrels, bags.Leicerion0 08 Nov
08 Nov [Request for BfA] Classic PvP Armor&Weapons Hi there with BfA bringing back the faction conflict i think it would be awesome to see the old level 60 pvp items back in new glory! So, please Blizzard, consider this!Cidric1 08 Nov
08 Nov What's this Priest set? or 08 Nov
08 Nov Weapon Transmog - Suggestion Hi, Would it be possible to make all weapon types that a class is capable of equipping across their different specs available for transmog? For example, I currently play a Balance druid but don't really like the staff/polearm/2H mace theme. I'd much rather look at something like a dagger which the feral spec can equip but balance cannot. I understand why Blizz wouldn't want to enable double handed axes or something the druid class as a whole can't use but it would be nice to see the limitation within class gone. Cheers! DDoggadin0 08 Nov
07 Nov Tranquil "privates" belt So let's discuss the leatherbelt "Tranquil Bough Cinch"....I mean have you seen it? Properly? Cause that's a pair of nuts and a banana if I ever saw any. I used it for months, until I one day studied it properly and now I cannot unsee it or use it, lol. I find it a little comical if Blizz didn't notice themselves cause it's so obvious now!Tríck0 07 Nov
07 Nov Addon for Look-a-like sets So guys like most of u im transmog addict. i rly love to get mogs. i got almost every class except cloth wearers. so my question is this : in aperances menu we can see progress on our " class sets ". but as a pally i would love to see how im doing on for example warrior look-a-like set. or as a hunter how im doing on a shaman look-a-like set. so i can decide what difficulty on on what class i should farm the raid. so is there any addon or somehow to track my look a like sets ?? i know there is a option called "outfit" but i dont wanna check like 15 tabs of items for each slot.Valnarion0 07 Nov