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2h Best 2h Sword for my mog? Hey guys, I'm in love with the DK 2h they get when starting, but as a warrior i know that isn't available to me. Any suggestions?Grimmrace2 2h
2h Ebon Ravagers Axe In upper part of Ebon Hold Ebon Ravagers are fighting in training ground. They are holding same type of axe. It looks really nice and i wonder if i can drop it from somewhere. I looked in wardrobe in two handed axes part but i didnt find it. Anyone know from where this can be get?Rastarus1 2h
3h Your most important transmog piece What piece do you guys consider as the most important when it comes to a transmog? What do you require to be perfect to tie your look together, or what do you base your transmog around? Personally, my transmog is always based off the shoulders. I base most of my transoms around shoulder pieces, and find myself inspired by shoulders usually whenever I try to create a new tmog. A good pair of shoulders on my character is what I always look for first in Mogit, and then I usually base the rest of my outfit around that.Froot2 3h
4h Roast the person's mog above you Do itKitt262 4h
4h Rate the Transmog Above you - Part 11 Previous thread reached it's limit. So here we go again. Rate the transmog of the person above you on a scale of 1 to 10. Xaero363 4h
5h Gnome transmogs Hello my gnomic friends! I want you to share your transmogs, for the greater glory of Gnomeregan. Hunters, warriors, mages, warlocks, priests, monks, DKs, rogues... show how awesome we are!Ori6 5h
6h Let us transmog White & Grey quality gear Across Azeroth there are countless vendors who sell white gear sets that look quite good for transmog, but Blizzard decided we can't use them for some arcane reason. The same goes for grey items. In Legion there is grey gear with flavour text that looks good, but all you can do with it is sell it... what a waste! Give us more options! Remove silly restrictions!Subtleknife4 6h
11h Invasion Transmog Hi - so I noticed that the weapons with unique transmog that drop from the end bosses of the Legion Invasion events don't show up in the Appearances UI unless obtained. For example, I got the Soulmage's Spire staff, and it duly appeared in my appearances tab after a chat alert. But I don't have the Eredar Battle Staff - I only know it is available because of the internets - it is nowhere in my list of greyed out 'not obtained' appearances in the UI yet. I asked someone via ticket and they just said 'must be your add ons'... I diabled everything and no change. Anyone else got this? My OCD cna cope with items I can see but haven't gotten yet. But not items I haven't got and can't see to know I haven't got!!Skybull5 11h
12h Transmog Whish List Edit: This post originally targeted white gear, but was changed to include all items you wish you could transmog, but can't. Hello everybody. I was thinking we could use this new forum to give detailed feedback about a recurrent topic, namely the transmogrification of white, grey and any other items that you wish you could transmog, but can't. The most important thing is to name exactly the items you wish to have. So, instead of just asking "make white items transmograble" we could provide a list of the items we really wish we could use. Even if we can never use these specific items for transmog, Blizzard has shown that they are looking at old models for inspiration with Tier 20. So I believe this could still be valuable feedback for new items in the future. Upvote a post if you like the item too :) My pick would be the Goblin Acolyte's Robe: It looks absolutely fantastic in blood elves. And the detail on the chest even reminds me of the blood elf phoenix. What are your suggestions?Korrina14 12h
1d LFR rate drop on Legacy Raids Hi. I have farm a few legacy raids on normal and heroic for whole sets and specific transmog pieces, eventually completing my "shopping" list. But only recently I went after some color variations available in LFR. My issue is that it seems that I never get any loot whatsoever from LFR bosses. No armor tokens, no weapons, only those gold caches. I am doing something wrong? Do I need to change the group loot to personal loot? Am I just extremely unlucky? It seems odd in comparison to the eventual success i have gotten from Normal and Heroic modes. Specifically I'm running Dragon Soul. What is more odd is that my Armory shows as if I have never ran that instance in LFR, even though I have run it partially and completely a few times (solo Spine of Deathwing, uff...). Any help appreciated!Molka1 1d
1d WTT Transmoggitems like to trade my items against some i missed. i have 3 guild banks with items, mostly random dropp green items We can trade them xrealm for the wardrobe Linostar#1310Spéctral6 1d
1d Warder's shirt question Hey guys, I recently found this on one of my belf inactive toons. I'm an alliance player and my question is that if I collect the appearance of this shirt will it apply to my alliance characters as well?Yazzle0 1d
3d Lupine Axe Hi, Got myself my hands on this beauty.. Intressted of selling it for a good price.. Highest bid right now is 400k. Add me on TomJensen#1612 if you want to leave a bid. Kind RegardsNilsbabtist0 3d
3d Blade of the Sky Champion, a dwarfish problem. The new artifact appearance: Blade of the Sky Champion is a bit big for a Dwarf. It took some time to acquire it and i really like the look, but makes me a sad Dwarf that, quarter of the model is in the ground. It would be nice to have a scale option for weapons @ transmog to solve it.Dorrgo0 3d
4d Old Elite Sets not "Sets" ? Hey, providing you were "Good" enough to obtain one of these from previous expansions you might of noticed that they are labelled as one of two things. One: Actual pieces of gear. Two: "Cosmetic" pieces. If you are also paying attention, you would have noticed these do NOT grant you said achievements. The S12 Elite set is labelled as a Set in the appearances tab. S9-15 are not, with the exception of S12. Side note, anyone else notice they might be missing appearances? I'm missing S14 Elite.Exephia7 4d
4d Collection question Not sure if this is a bug or not, i did report it as one but it might be intentional, so i was wondering, it seems like if your character cant equip an item it's not added to your collection, i didn't notice this at first because warriors can equip nearly any item. So does anyone know if this is intentional?Valdari4 4d
5d New Cloak Models! Hello Guys! I Think the cloak models in the game is so casual and doesn't looking Good. And Blizzard Should Change the Models or Add new Models to The Game. I Mean Longer and Wider Cloaks that covers all of your Back! For example The Lich Kings Cloak is Looking awesome And its Merged With Hes Shoulders! '' '' Maybe not like this, but Something like this can be added to the game! And give more heroic Feelings to the Players!Arshavon0 5d
6d Bracers Blizz I invite you to have a peek at my armour sets to see just how missing bracers is causing me to have a lot less sets. Before 7.0 I had full void storage, full bank, I had so much transmog gear during the end of WOD i was actually carrying transmog gear in my bags. What makes it worse is a few of my sets missing bracers are PVP sets. I dont want to farm PVP tokens for bracers I'll never see. ThanksKevjp4 6d
21 May Burning Plate of the World Breaker It is an immense source of frustration that there is absolutely NO SKILL involved in collecting this. It is simply a "Maybe today is the day" luck roll. Well... for 35 days now, no "luck". This is exactly the kind of thing that makes people not want to play the game. Just to be certain I'm not doing anything wrong, this is my daily routine: Fly to Vault Of Nelthatrion, go into the cave entrance and stand by the torch. Run this macro - /run print(IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(44311)) which ALWAYS returns "false". I run through anyway, checking all the gold piles, and nothing. I've asked a GM who replied: " We here in the support don't give any information on how to find certain items in-game. Specially we can't tell you how to obtain such hidden artifact appearances. Fanpages like wowhead ( usually are a good source of information for that type of questions." So... Whats the deal, am I wasting my time?Boagreás5 21 May
21 May Sell: Black Metal Axe Selling rare x-mog 1h axe : if you are interested pm me ingame or add suki#2497 accepting gold from all server :)Sukix3 21 May
21 May Any Server Where Scarlet Chestpiece is on the AH ? So recently while browsing the AH i found the Scarlet gloves on sale.I was stunned there were people that still had them and didn't sell them 3 expansions after they were removed. So i bought them them immediately and noticed there were some more.Checked on servers of my alts.But couldn't find any where the chestpiece was on the AH. Could anyone point me in the right direction ?I really love that set and always regretted i didn't farm it before the revamp.Brightshade4 21 May
21 May Shout-out to Blizzard Dear Blizzard, We all love and enjoy this game, but sometimes small things, quality of life things irritate us the most. Some of the players will agree with me, some won't. I currently play a mage. If you ask me Kirin Tor set for mages looks the best. I always liked that "battle mage" style of looks. But there is one stupid thing i can't get over it. There are no matching boots. The closest thing to a matching pair of boots is General's Dreaweave Stalkers. The thing is, this model needs higher polly count (higher rez model) and a toned down saturation to match the rest of the set. I know this isn't something to get prioritized in the future patches, but just my 2cents on the matter. There are also some boots drops in Ulduar that could be used as a base for a new model. I also know that we EU players don't get much love from GMs, Devs, etc, but if this can relayed to the people in charge, regarding matters like this, it will be quite satisfactory. Also to the players who read the post, if you agree with me, have your say on the matter. Thank you all for you time.Maripheth0 21 May
20 May Why are the replica items still broken in armory? So it's been about a year since the Warcraft movie came out, and we got the replica items for transmog (The sword and shield for Alliance, Axe and staff for Horde). And they are still broken in the armory. Kinda ruins it when people look at your character's transmog and they are holding a cube instead of the weapon.Jevila0 20 May
18 May New Ironforge Guard Set During WoD we got this nice updated SW guard set and ppl wonder why still Blizz haven't done the same with IF guard's set too (??). It would be great to see those Dwarfs with a nice updated set fully available to players aswell ofc. Others have made similar threads in US-EU forums aswell cause this is one of those easy things to make that will give a fresh look to the game. I hope to finally see it done before the game comes to an end. It's about time Blizz!Cròm0 18 May
18 May The concise elite pvp thread Make them available: > reach 2k rating to unlock previous sets. > requires as much work as current season. > prestige comes with current season with achievent. > only elite set I ever wanted was Mops. > huge motivation factor to reach 2k in any season. > some past seasons have been impossible to reach hit 2k due to my class. > had bad luck finding dedicated enough partners. Cannot get 2k alone. Please reply with your arguments regarding these points, if you can't make a good enough argument then the only reason you do not want them available is for selfish, greedy and unsympathetic reasons and you know it.Abacabb60 18 May
18 May Tier 6 - when did the goalposts get shifted...? As is the same with all T6 sets, I think it's more than strange that back in TBC, all 8 pieces - irrespective of where they came from - were deemed to be ONE 8-pc set, yet in the intervening years it has been decided - probably by those who feel that what they look like matters as much as (if not more than) how they perform as their character - that these 8-pieces are better suited to TWO sets. TBC Raid tiers were probably some of the most fragmented of any expansion, being that there were more Raids in that expansion than there has been in any expansion since (except maybe Wrath of the Lich King). If Tier 6 is accepted as being made up of THREE Raid (Battle for Mount Hyjal, Black Temple & Sunwell), then why not have just ONE set for the whole Tier, given that all three contributed to said set...? It worked for Tier 11 (Cataclysm - Blackwing Descent & Bastion of Twilight) and Tier 14 (Mists of Pandaria - Heart of Fear & Mogu'shan Vaults) so why stick a spanner in the works for Burning Crusade...? I don't doubt this will get me ridiculed beyond reason, but it tends to fall into the category of "Blizz. make the game & set the rules, who are the players to change them...?" Adapt them, sure... but some things should be set in stone as the creators intended & left sacrosanct... Tier 6 is an eight-piece set from three Raids - let it be.Eighjan1 18 May
17 May Jandvik set bugged? Just bought the Jandvik set (green quality plate set attainable at 110, it's the blue and silver recolor of the Demonsteel set) off the AH, have it unlocked in my appearance tab, but when I try to mog my paladin into it it doesn't do anything. The cost is displayed, but every time I click the transmog button all that happens is I hear the fizzling noise one gets when you complete a transmog, but the look isn't applied and no gold is removed from my inventory. Anyone else experiencing this bug?Laranaia0 17 May
17 May Can we obtain Unobtainable Armour? Have you ever seen a certain npc whilst questing in WOW and thought to yourself I want to make a transmog of the npc ek hmm( alexandros mograine). So you go on the transmog page and find some of the set but certain unique items such as the gloves and shoulders are unobtainable. Blizzard I speak for everyone who wants a cool transmog here and I say "implement the unobtainable armour!" It's very easy and makes everyone's time playing wow alot easier.Mogrâiné7 17 May
17 May Can't transmog gear into Lightbringer armor Hi, I think that the Lightbringer armor is the best looking gear for paladins and I would really transmog my gear into looking like if I wore Lightbringer armor. I have farmed Black Temple & The battle for mount hyjal to get all the pieces and I've got them, but somehow when I visit the transmoger the armor won't show up in my collection at the transmoger even tho it shows up when I click on collections -> sets and it says "visit at transmogrifier to apply this apperance to your outfit" when I hover the mouse over the items. So, I have the armor in my bank & bags. I can equip it but somehow I can't transmog my gear into looking like if I wore the Lightbringer armor. I have googled on this question, I've read through forums and I have read through the text in "Help" but I don't find the answer to my question. Why can't I transmog the Lightbringer armor?Narcissm2 17 May
17 May Spectacles/glasses I know this has probably been mentioned alot but I would -really- love to get a real set of glasses for transmog ingame, they fit my character so well and its not like they're not already present in the game files. S'just a real shame to know they exist but are impossible to get.Evangaline5 17 May
17 May Graphical bug: Staff of the Redeemer I'm sure that I'm not the only one who noticed, but the ribbon on the Staff of the Redeemer is kind of glitchy. I made a quick video to show what I mean Nor was I sure rather to post this in the transmog forum or the bug forum, since it is a bug regarding transmog. Redirect if needed ^_^Daisaishi0 17 May
17 May Glasses / Spectacles! So! Since Cataclysm this item popped up on WoWhead: ( And, when it first appeared in the database it's safe to say a lot of people were quite excited at the prospect of being able to wear glasses on our toons! Especially for us nerdy mages. As a role-player I know for a fact that the role playing community would do a lot to get their hands on these if they were ever added in-game, to the point where it may be quite an embarrasing spectacle (no pun intended, honest). In any case! I think it's safe to say that a lot of people would love this item added in the game. A lot of us have been waiting since Cataclysm and I feel like I remember seeing a confirmation from a Blue Poster that they may be added in Warlords in some way, but then again it could have been an optimistic dream of mine. In Legion during the Broken Shore scenario we had the nice addition of a cloth hood item in the wardrobe system, this one, which you could find lying around: It had a nice little quest to go along with it and a backstory which was a really nice touch! I would love for more little transmogrification items like this to be included in game, and if you were considering adding the glasses in some way then this may be a way to go about it! The Ruins of Gilneas is a pretty vacant zone, and it could be that if player's wish, they can fly over and admire the wonderful work that the art team put into the zone and while they are there, visit where Godfrey leapt from the cliff. Perhaps his glasses are submerged under a shallow mound of dirt for players to find! They could hand in the quest to Genn or Sylvanas and get a nice pair of glasses out of it! It's just a little suggestion, would love to know what people think!Silverstave0 17 May
16 May Gold CM Mop Question Hello. I wonder what happend if I have the gold CMs done on my Shaman on my current account, If i want to move the Shaman to another account. Can I still use the gold CM gear from MoP on my new account on my Shaman? The end.Tuvya1 16 May
15 May belf with red eyes, pale skin? I came across some sort of blog dedicated to someone's hunter/dark ranger. i'm not sure if im allowed to post links but if you google Ahëza you'll see the pictures im talking about. In the pictures the belf has red eyes and a pale skin much like the dark rangers do. I was wondering how such effect would be possible. i dont think its photoshopped because in different lightning/quality it still looks (sorta :P) legit.Etherii1 15 May
15 May Funerary plate of the chosen dead Hello I am looking for the light blue plate set from Trial of Valor, link below: Where exactly is is supposed to drop? I am running ToV on normal and LFR every week but i have never seen this drop. Am i doing something wrong? I finished the quest, but i only got the red/brown version of it.Tereus1 15 May
14 May Mage challenge skin Hey, so I just completed the fire mage challenge for the new appearance, and I want a new tmog set to go with it. I noticed that it goes very well with the Aldor set, do you have any other cool sets for it ? If so, I'd love to see them. Thanks guys !Thadien1 14 May
14 May Lack Of Warglaives Like the title says. There is a lack of warglaives for transmog. Yes, we are getting the possibility to transmog to Illidans glaives, but is that enough? This might sound pretty weird, but I like the glaives for Vengance alot more than the ones for Havoc. Imo it would be awesome if we were able to transmog to the glaives from the other specs, I know it sounds stupid, but to get more alternatives would be awesome! This is just my opinion. Would like hear what others has to say about this.Brittaskaffe1 14 May
14 May Addon for collecting missing transmog Is there an addon that shows which gear/weapons I haven't collected and where to find them? Also when I enter an instance it shows what drops and what I haven't collected.Filidix2 14 May
14 May Not sure about the look of this... What do you guys think? I love this shadowy look for my priest but that graphics seem off? Kinda feels like the strip of purple shouldn't be there. Is this a glitch on my end?!Am3EhvU83dWgnhWbN6CoxU6h2Vtd!Am3EhvU83dWgnhaNR8ukIPoiZ5u2 Any thoughts?Bazard2 14 May
13 May Appearance not in collection Hello, On one of my characters - Paladin - I have looted an item "Blazing Demonhilt Sword" that I wish to use for transmogrification on another character - Demon Hunter - . Both characters are eligible to use the item and the item has been added to my collection on the character that looted it, however is not displaying in the collection of the second character. I haven't found any clue why the other character could not use or have it in collection, as it meets all requirements for transmogrification. Thanks for answersTazdinghoe1 13 May
13 May dump DumpDarïus2 13 May
12 May Weapon illusion for hunters. Hi everyone. I want to try that Blizzard put weapon illusion for hunters on his range weapons (bow, crossbow...). One idea is that the illusion were on arrows for example. I don't like that hunters are the only one class that can't put illusion on his weapons. Let's try to change it! I made a so everything helps here! (Sorry for my english :P)Krâyta1 12 May
12 May Please Fix - Female Models "Hat" Transmog Items It's high-time the Female models should get their Hair shown when they wear Hats ("Wikket Witch's Hat for example). Please Take a Look Here: Right now, as soon as we use any kind of Hat, the hair disappears leaving the Character completely Bald & is not a pretty sight to look at. It might cause some clipping problems with other hairstyles, but I'm sure the Devs can fix it.Xaero4 12 May
12 May why only paladin and deathknight weapons blizz hello all i'm a warrior so ill be talking about my class, but i would love to see your opinion about what your class can also get in the comment below the paladins got their hammer from WC3 paladin art work, so i was thinking warriors can get SI:7/Kor'kron transmog which is already within the game. i would love the kor'kron tabard/shoulders/axes to be add for the horde while the alliance can get SI:7 tabard/shoulders/(spear or sword) this is my idea for my class feel free to discuss in the comment below PS: blizzard its about time you unlock wod orc clan outfits for all classes and give us the frostwolf head for moggingRokaro4 12 May
12 May Earthripple Shoulderpads transmo not shared Hi, I'm writing with a strange problem that happened to me. I have finally unlocked Earthripple Shoulderpads Mythic for my cloth characters but mainly needed for my warlock, I collected them on my priest and they are showing up on him but not on my warlock. It's a first time that something like that happens to me, earlier every transmo was shared to my other classes (of course non-class, cloth to clothers etc.). Did someone knows how to fix this or where to report that?Asmodereus1 12 May
12 May Level 60 PvP Replicas; Let us Have Them! So recently I have been shifting around transmogrifiable items on my Paladin, and I swinged by the PvP vendors in Orgrimmar, and I saw the level 60 PvP gear. Seeing as I was also a bit of a Roleplayer, I decided "Why not get this set?", so I looked in the collections tab and saw that I need a "Replica" item to unlock the style, as apparently I can't transmog using the original gear, which hit a bit of an uncomfortable snag all things considered... Anyway, decided to go to the vendor for the Replicas, and I saw that I cannot buy them. Furthe digging made me conclude that I will NEVER be able to use the style because I didn't have a Paladin/Warrior/Anything that could effectively purchase these items. I am not exactly a big fan of gated PvP gear. The level 70 PvP gear can be obtained without a problem, why is it that the level 60 gear is locked away behind what I could call an arbitrary "Fun Restriction"? Because it was popular, it was thought that it needed to be locked away? Kinda daft if you ask me. So you might be thinking "You can't get it. Deal with it", but I don't see why I should merely "Deal with it", as it's going to drive collectors mad because they can't collect something that is still in the game, obtainable but unobtainable at the same time (I mean, I can go buy the gear from the PvP vendor but I won't collect it's style, so there's no point in doing it). You might also say "You're a Roleplayer, buy the level 60 gear and wear that when you're doing your thing", which is a bit of a flawed argument; I like to go out in the world, higher level places, and I'd like to do so prancing around looking like one of them Blood Knights. I won't exactly be very effective wearing level 60 gear in a higher level zone since... Well it can be imagined why. I may have missed something regarding this, maybe I can pick up the style just it doesn't say on the level 60 gear. If anyone has any information on this I'd appreciate it so I don't rampage around in complete outrage over this for naught.Tubri7 12 May
11 May Missing transmog Hi there, don't know if anyone else got the same problem. On my hunter I am posting from, I collected the Black Iron Sniper Rifle, but it is not in my transmog window. I am even wearing it, so it's not a question about if I can wear it or anything. Anyone knows if it is a bug or something?Savagë2 11 May
10 May Leather tokens not usable by DHs A bit of background. I recently relocated my paladin to the Timeless Isle. All great fun and getting new transmog looks is the icing on the cake. The only problem is with leather tokens. The only high level leather class I have is demon hunter. The problem is that during MoP the Demon Hunter class didn't exist, so the leather tokens can only be used by Rogues, Monks and Druids. I haven't tried the ones from Tanaan, but I imagine they work the same way. I think DHs should be able to use these tokens. This restriction doesn't make sense, the tokens were meant to be use by any leather class. I understand restricting to avoid the tokens being incorrectly used on characters with other primary armour types, but please Blizzard consider making old leather tokens available to Demon Hunters.Korrina2 10 May
10 May Bloodseeker's Bulwark I just completed an invasion in highmountain and I got the shield "Bloodseeker's Bulwark" and it looks awesome from the front... The backside on this shield is well blank Intended?Linchbane1 10 May