26 Oct Horseman So... after i got the mount a 4th time, can i finally get the helmet ?Liezey3 26 Oct
25 Oct New model: 7th Legionnaire's Gloves???? Does anyone know where we can get those gloves ??? I can't find this exact model on WoWhead nor I can find any info about supposed Quest which is rewarding those gloves.Blinkrush0 25 Oct
25 Oct Mage tower colors on new character Is it possible to unlock alternate mage tower colors from another character of the same class? I left my 110 alliance druid with mage tower completion to go horde at the start of bfa. Do i have to go and unlock the other colors on my original 110 druid (Not done with any ease) or is there some way to do so on my 120 horde druid?Lonie2 25 Oct
24 Oct Rate my fury transmog I've seen a really unique transmog one day and I thought I could make it better, so this is it after I was done thoughts ?Titanian5 24 Oct
24 Oct [World-Defiler's Sabatons] What happened?! This plate feet was really awesome in the legion. But now the little knee piece has disappeared in bfa, and makes it's look pretty common. I already wrote hundreds of bug suggestions about it, but nothing happens. I dont think it's so hard to fix it. I ask every plater (and anybody who cares) to write suggestions/bug suggestions about it. I'm tired of blizzard don't care about our suggestions. Warriors, paladins and death knights of the world, it's time to fight for our game.Azuulaa1 24 Oct
24 Oct Warswords of Valarjar Hello, So, somehow I got the hidden artifact weapon where I need 1000/1000 kills with the swords and I can transmog it. But I don't have the original one where I need to collect items from different world bosses in Legion. However, I did complete the appearence where I need to complete 200/200 world quests and I did get the appearence for it BUT I can't transmog my other weapons to this appearence, so my question is do I need to have the original hidden appearence where I need to collect The Dragonslayers, Haft of the god king, Skull of skar'thos and Nithogg? If this is the case, how can I transmog the appearence for 1000/1000 kills and not 200/200 world quests? Any help is appreciated *EDIT* I fixed it by a simple relog, so if anyone having the same problem, just relog! ^-^Kupray1 24 Oct
23 Oct Any plans to finally fix alliance warfront/elite belt? Like please? Doesn't look heroic at all... :(Relomox0 23 Oct
23 Oct Ursoc Hi everybody, i want to ask something. Im thinking to main a guardian druid in bfa. I didnt play druid for a while and thats why i didnt get the ursoc skin for it. But i really want to. There will be a chance to get it later on or buy it in a bundle or i dont know. I think that bear form is totally different from the original. Its the most unique xmog than all xmogs of other classes. Please tell me i can get it later somehow. Sorry if my english was bad. Thanks for the answers.Tordithas3 23 Oct
23 Oct Elite leather gloves missing (Alliance) As the title says, I have unlocked all my elite dread gladiator parts except the cloak. BUT elite leather gloves look the same as the normal ones, and this is only for Alliance. Horde has a different model for elite leather gloves (which looks cooler than normal gloves). Wowhead shows the real model of elite gloves on Alliance but the model is missing in game. This is frustrating.Suneye1 23 Oct
22 Oct Warriors Tmogs Could you please let fury tmog 2h to 1h or let us actualy use 1h again. Also remove the faction shield from Dstance for arms? thanksSnake4 22 Oct
22 Oct 7th legion appearance bug i keep getting items in 2 of my chars, but they never show up in the appearance tab, i got the cloak for the plate set in my bag, but it still show as grey in the appearance tab, same for the mail shoesShaharzad3 22 Oct
22 Oct We can finally hide our gloves! Finally my main has naked hands!!! Rejoice! Link: Background Originally intended to be implemented at BFA launch, this wonderful addition was added in a recent ninja hot-fix. Let thy hands be free. Best wishes, ThousandaireThousandaire4 22 Oct
22 Oct Unlockable Challenge Mode Items MoP As the title says , its kind of a shame whenever you have completed all Mist of Pandaria Challenge Modes you can only buy the set on that specific character. Please it would be twice as cool if there was an option to buy all other class sets from challenge modes ( MoP ) so we can have more transmogrification options.Maxkarma0 22 Oct
22 Oct Unused items and sets Did Blizzard mention if Island expedition loot table will be expanded ? There are so many good sets which never got released. Or weapons like the crossbow pvp in wod season 1. any news if we can expect something ?Kappador0 22 Oct
22 Oct burning reprisal ashbringer burning reprisal ashbringer is not showing in transmog panel even though i unlocked it is this a bug or somthingLornethar2 22 Oct
21 Oct Shaman specific illusions So, i just looted Illusion: Frostbrand from SSC on my demon hunter, but it's only "Learnable" by Shamans it says. So i got this idea; Make it so that other classes can learn the illusion but only make it so that Shamans can actually use the illusion at the transmogrifier, that way it'll be way easier to farm those specific illusions for those who wants! :D Who Agrees?Ostcuben1 21 Oct
21 Oct WTS two rare vanilla horde shirts I found out i have "Thug Shirt" and Brawler's Harness. How much are they worth? I have them on my alliance toonTotalwar0 21 Oct
21 Oct Transmog check for all characters Currently I use some different mods to check what looks I have and don't have.. But I would like to know if there is a mod that can check across my entire account? For example, if I loot some mail armor on my priest, it would check if I needed it on my hunter, and so onObsidianlake4 21 Oct
19 Oct Guys i need your help I want to xmogg that Sadly the shoulders gloves and boots are changed a bit and the once from the crusader raid are to fat to look good on female nelf so plz help me to find fitting alternatives plzStormfeather10 19 Oct
19 Oct Hallows End Transmogs So I’m just wondering if items like the HH helm and the HH slicer can be used as permanent transmogs all year around, or just during the event? As I seem to remember the Pumpkin helm is only while the event is active?Azmodani4 19 Oct
19 Oct Frostwolf gear OK so now that we have Mag'Har in the game i feel that the unreleased Warlords of Draenor content should be released as it makes perfect sense for the new allied race for the horde. I am mainly talking about the frostwolf battlegear that is only available for leather wearers or as a toy for everyone with a 2H cooldown. However leather wearers are monk, rogues and druids which the frostwolf clan doesn't really identify as and it makes no sense why they made it leather and not cosmetic and that is why they made the toy so all classes can use it. Now the other part is that the battlegear isn't complete as the most important piece (the wolf headdress, of it was removed because it didn't fit on all races. Why should it even fit on all races if it is a frostwolf gearpiece and why can't Blizzard just make it wearable only by normal orcs or Mag'har orcs as they are the members of the frostwolves. Last part is the different weapons that is much needed transmog for the frostwolves, such as the axe Durotan wields: This axe is also seen wielded by many NPCs in the new warfront scenario for example by several horde races, so it does not feel as too much to ask for to have it added as a piece of gear to players as well. Please upvote this topic if you agree, now that we have the Mag'har orcs playable it feels important to bring this up as the other clans have themed armor/weapons, most noticeably the blackrock clan with several weapons and armor pieces matching their clan.Bigbadorc1 19 Oct
18 Oct Blunderbuss of Khaz Modan and it's current look I posted it on General, but probably was better here. So, BoKM. With the pre-patch it's color scheme was changed. I do not recall well, it has been 9 years since Trial of the Crusader was released, but seems this current look was the original. However not much later the color changed, to be more 'dwarf-like'. Bronze/brass, with brown stock, and green cloth wrapped around it. It was a perfect looking gun, and when my hunter was ready, i farmed mark to acquire it. During MoP, there was a copycat weapon that even Horde could acquire, but for both factions it was only able to get trough Black Market. Flintlocke's Blasthammer, if i recall. Now, back to 8.0.1. I was surprised when noticed the mog i have changed color. I couldn't even remember this color existed, being used on the last 6 years to the green and brown model, after i managed to get enough patience to earn it. And, to make matters worse, Flintlocke's Blasthammer has a different color scheme too, being golden an blue. Is possible to put it as a bug? Or that they bring up the green and brown model some time soon? Please, it isn't game breaking but ruin the look i have been using for a couple years...Sarbok4 18 Oct
18 Oct PvP Polearm transmog as Strength class Is it possible to get the transmogs for other roles/main stat classes in any way? I can use polearms but they are agility so they don't drop as loot for us Paladins.Androme5 18 Oct
18 Oct Warrior Transmog 1-10 Hey guys! I just put together a new transmog. Would be nice if you could give me your opinions about it! (Scale 1-10) 18 Oct
18 Oct The Horseman's Sinister Slicer - Transmog Hi there, Interestingly, the headless horseman's sword dropped for my Priest who cannot actually use swords. So because of that I think the appearance was not added to the transmog list so I cannot use it for transmog on my Rogue. Is this intended? If so, why did it drop for my priest in the first place? Thanks in advance.Corvinus1 18 Oct
18 Oct Suggestion - Bloodelf Heritage Armor First things first: thank you. I've had the pleasure this morning to behold the fine work that has been done on Silvermoon's latest fashion masterpiece, and everyone responsible for this deserves thanks. But something caught my attention, namely around the gloves and wristbands. Looking at the datamined icons, this set will work as expected, with gigantic elbow-climbing gloves and basically invisible and useless wristbands. And the more I look at it, the more it seems like such a waste of potential to me. I mean, if you look at the gloves' design, you clearly do have an entire, complete and independant armband, supporting the gorgeous phoenix-themed protection. That would make for a perfect, actually existing, functionnal, useful, wristband piece! Then you have the actual glove, most of the fabric underneath protecting the hand, and the awesome golden claws. These items should be separated in this way! Not only it this how gloves and wristbands actually work... But can you imagine the possibilities of having armored parts for arms (as if we were... wearing wristbands?) with such character, for people not necessarily interested in going all clawy? Even better, can you imagine the possibilities of such simple gloves featuring impressive, detailed golden claws, used with... Anything else you fancy that's not the big phoenix? It's nothing new, wristbands are severely underused in this game. The simple possibility to use them is heavily hindered by how gloves are handled anyways (not even by the artistic style itself -which I do love-, it's just a matter of what piece comes from what item). That's a shame, but obviously that's how things will keep going... But seeing how this particular and long-awaited design just... Basically has the unmistakable elements that are the very definition of both items, yet are still used in a way that makes one wonder why we have a wrists slot at all... I just had to say something. Thank you for taking the time to read, and possibly considering that it might make sense.Farael0 18 Oct
18 Oct Hide gloves ? Hey there. I noticed an item "Hidden gloves" on the Wowhead. Are these items finally coming and what about hidden bracers option? IThese two would be really good addition to the mog system. I for one, would also be nice, if one could just change the mog on the fly with a button to suit many needs of roleplaying. I have the yak, but its not as good as having it on equipment manager/Outfitter for automation. :)Gregori0 18 Oct
18 Oct Krol Blade Hi I started playing again after some time away from the game... Now I'm interested in farming the Krol Blade. I don't know if it is worth it though.. Cause I am not sure if it is still in game or not. Does anybody know? And if it has been taken out, Is there a similar model ?Maweric2 18 Oct
18 Oct Faction change - artifact weapon appearance Do you keep your artifact weapon appearance after a faction change?Locos4 18 Oct
17 Oct Transmog Question If an item drops that my character cannot wear, if it is BoP will that automatically unlock the transmog for my other characters? For example, a plate bop helm drops for a cloth wearer. He can’t equip it, but will the transmog open up for my plate wearing toons even though they never got the item?Azmodani2 17 Oct
16 Oct Hunter transmog Hello hunters! I’m looking for some really good looking transmogs for hunter, do you guys have any suggestions? I have a night elf hunter and I prefer bows over guns-these are pretty much all requierments I haveFerla6 16 Oct
16 Oct Tier 20 Shaman (Skybreaker) issue The Tier 20 set is currently not showing its leg plates through the robe, as it did in Legion. Is this intentional? It just looks like something's missing. It would be great if someone could enlighten me on this, as it's been bothering me ever since prepatch when it happened.Suhdude3 16 Oct
16 Oct LFR bags from mist raids Heya, Am farming items for the Vestments of the Haunted Forest, now am only a few items off but am kinda stuck on the boots, Deeproot Treads now normaly I would just find some other boots but as am on a mission to finnish all the older sets i missed out on over the years. so a few questions A can you still get the raid finder boots ? B whats the best way to farm them ?Kasisse1 16 Oct
15 Oct Transmogging v 2.0 An overview of the current issues Tell me if this has ever happened to you: it’s raid-night and you want to show off your new cool-looking warrior-set. You’re flexing and you’re posing right before Taloc. You’re feeling good about yourself. After beating Taloc however you get a new head-piece that is a 15 ilvl upgrade. Great! Right? Except that equipping it makes your transmog look totally off. No big deal, either you wait until after Mother to pony up on your 120k goldsink Grand Expedition Yak, hope someone else has the yak, or hope someone’s got engineering. At Fetid Devourer the raid leader asks you if you can tank instead of dps. Fair enough, just got to equip a few other pieces and… again, transmog’s ruined. Want to keep playing with your transmog for the rest of the raid? Pony up again. Sink more gold and energy into the mere idea of wanting to look a certain way for the evening. Got another piece of gear at Zek’voz? The message is clear: just don’t transmog for progression raids. Recognize the scenario, at least in some form? It’s not untenable but it is surprisingly disruptive for what should be a natural part of the game, that is: Play what you want to play and do it the way you want to look like doing it. That’s shouldn’t be too much to ask for, right? Let’s say you saw a sweet priest transmog while in the raid and wanted to save it somehow so you could review it later for your own 120 priest. Well, first of all, you can’t access your warrior’s Dressing Room and the Outfits you saved there while you’re logged on your priest -- fair enough, they’re two different characters and Blizzard have expressed that they want characters to be as separate as possible. But the Dressing Room in WoW checks the items you saved against -your- character and whether -you- can equip them. So when you go to check out the priest-set in the Dressing Room it will probably not show anything on your warrior, since you can’t equip cloth. Unlucky, guess you shouldn’t have been playing a warrior? So to summarize the current transmog issues: Changing between transmogs incurs a gold fee (around 400-600g) every time that you want to mix things up a bit. Wanting to experiment with different looks and how you want to express yourself in-game should reasonably be encouraged, accessible to even new players who mainly want to focus on their RP experience. Similarly, changing between transmogs must be done in specific capital cities. Want to RP scenes at Silvermoon? Tough luck, you’re stuck with the one transmog you’re wearing. That or enjoy having to port between the transmogrifier and wherever you want to RP for however many times you want to show something off. This disrupts the flow of whatever your group is doing. Likewise if you have the mount: one second you’re roleplaying, the next you try and hide out-of-sight behind a few bushes to mount up on a yak? I mean, surely that can’t be considered ideal gameplay. Having to change a single gear-slot results in upending your entire Outfit. This diminishes some of the joy of getting a new piece of gear or just replacing one with what you have in your bags. Likewise if you have three azerite chests with different traits in your bag (something that Blizzard has come out encouraging you to have), you better make sure all of them are transmogrified to the same item if you want to switch between them. And that’s just for 1 Outfit! If you want to be able to switch between 2 Outfits (the mere audacity!) you’re looking at another 150-200g just for transmogging the chest pieces. Then there’s 3 different sets of shoulders… 3 sets of helmets... Transmogging quickly adds up to being a downright chore that you just want to avoid. The Dressing Room can’t be regularly opened in-game while you’re by yourself. Want to take a look at one of the Outfits you saved earlier? Either head to the transmogrifier to access it or right-click another player’s portrait -> inspect -> then click on Dressing Room. The Dressing Room barely functions like it’s an in-game system, certainly not meant to be accessed and used for its own purpose. While in the Dressing Room you can’t really “save” other people’s transmogs even though one of the two only ways to access the function is by inspecting other people. First of all they have to be your armour-class, prompting the question: should the expected gameplay be to regret being on your main when you come across another armour-class? Second of all, even when you are the right armour-class the Outfit in the Dressing Room won’t tell you what the names of the pieces are so that you can collect them yourself later. And if you go to the transmogrifier to see if you can transmog it yourself, it’s only able to show you the pieces that you have already collected, the ones you have yet to collect won’t even show up as non-transmoggable pieces.Angeliel6 15 Oct
15 Oct advice on making transmog farming easier? unfortunately, my ocd ways make me a completionist. to that end, i feel a need to learn all transmog on all Armour/weapons. as all of you know, this is terrible cause of the rng. so, is there any way to increase the rate you learn items? atm i use 4 different Armour types to farm, with a warrior for plate so he can also learn all weapons except wands. when i can be bothered, i try to run as many alts through a place as i can, i have about 17 110+ toons. but running a place once can be boring, let alone 17 times. and for any blues or people in charge of the droprate or stuff, can you just make life easier for us when things are in legacy mode?Vintoleth4 15 Oct
15 Oct Artifact Transmog Hello, The issue i have is that my Feral Druid has unlocked 14 artifact appearances on my fangs of ashamane, however in bfa when i use any weapon and go to the transmogrify vendor i can only transmogrify into Nature orange, and 3 of the hidden artifact appearances, i want to know is this intended or do i need to do something.Clawchief3 15 Oct
15 Oct Enhancement Shaman Legion Artifact Just throwing out the idea, but since both our weapons (left and right hand) look different, wouldn't it be cool to have the option to use the same one on both left and right hand? Take the "Blackhand" transmog I got, if I could use only the "Fire" part of it on both weapons, or even the "Fire" part from the initial, basic version, that would rock, and probably the coolest t-mog weapons ever :-).Khariz1 15 Oct
15 Oct Warrior DW/Tank Artifact Appearances Hello. I've known this for a while now, but figured to wait and see if this gets fixed. We're unable to lets say, use the weapon part of a Legion artifact tank combo, and pair it with a different shield. Taken how much I love the flail part of the Scale of the Earthwarder, and how much I hate the shield, I'd very much like to see this fixed.Warkryn0 15 Oct
14 Oct what if transmog was a proffesion? Like the title says. what if blizz had approached transmog like in the old days you open the trade window and the person that has enchanting applies a enchant on the item. but instead it isn't enchanting but a transmog of another item applied by someone with a profession called "artist". the items this artist can apply very on 2 things he or she will need a skill level equal to where the item is found and he or she will need a X number of that very item on applying this the X number of these items gets consumed for example you need 3 green items 5 blue items or 7 epic items all ofc the very same item making this a costly but still a doableSeptagon1 14 Oct
14 Oct Can't obtain glove appearance for Warfront set So I'm only missing the gloves from the Warfront set. What I don't understand is that I got the 7th Legionnaire's Handwraps on 2 characters already. To be honest, the gloves I got look differently from the one on the set, but they have the same name and came from the Warfront. I'm pretty much a noob when it comes to tmog, so could someone please help me understand what's going on and explain how could I obtain the gloves included in the tmog set? Thank you!Ájmage4 14 Oct
14 Oct Which one do you think is cool? So I have 10 transmogs that I constantly work on and I never seem to be finished because there is always room for improvement imo, but, I think I'm almost done with the majority of these mogs anyway. Here's a list of my 10 mogs that I'm currently working on. Which one do you think is coolest? Best regards, -RhunokRhunok20 14 Oct
14 Oct more "1 sided shoulder pads" ( this is a double post I accidentally posted it in general as well ) more "1 sided shoulder pads" what do I mean ? well most shoulder pads cover both shoulders. there are however some that only cover 1 shoulder. what I like to see is more existing models having a 1 sided equivalent. either by new items or.. by a added option in the transmorg window. best regards, septic tank.Septagon1 14 Oct
14 Oct Alliance elite gloves not in game. Alliance bfa season 1 elite set leather gloves are missing. You get the normal version of the appearance when you get 1600. But the actual elite version is not in the game. Horde ones are working correctly. I already made post in arena forums. Maybe someone important sees it here or something. GM told me in game to make bug report. Maybe other will report it too. Here is picture comparing my appearance tab horde and alliance. So here is the normal version of the gloves And here is the elite version 14 Oct
14 Oct Suggestion: Let us favourite unobtained appearances Sometimes one wants to make a transmog set consisting of pieces from multiple different sources. It is very irritating to have to scroll through pages and pages of appearances when trying to remember which ones you wanted. I know you can save outfits in the dressing room thing, but that doesn't help when trying to figure out where to farm the items. Please let us bookmark unobtained appearances in some way so that they show up at the beginning. I feel like this would remove a lot of needless frustration from transmog farming.Wobwobwob1 14 Oct
13 Oct Keep the transmog and trade the item (idea) Blizzard, could you please make it so the original owner of a looted item could keep the transmog look even if it's traded? i know, that would mean the item could be traded around to everyone to obtain the look. but what if we change that rule like this would work only for items obtained via personal loot and those items could be traded only once? that way transmog runners could get the item look they want without feeling "guilty", maybe even feel gracious as they could help out players who would use that item as gear, those low geared people could get more gear and so there would be less frustration in dungeon runs because of fear of getting kicked fruiting in more dungeon runs maybe? on one hand it would mean +1 person could get a tmog per item. on the other hand it would decrease the toxicity among the LFG/LFR runners. opinions?Fatum0 13 Oct
12 Oct Legion artifact spec gated why? T_T all i wanted was to hang out with my GF Xal but now every time i change to disci she goes away T_T you made me cry blizz.... seriously tho.. any news regarding a possible intention to change this? pretty pls?Eltharynd0 12 Oct
12 Oct Feral/Guardian Tmog discuss Hey! As of recently I rerolled to my beloved druid and I've mostly been playing feral and I came across this dilema of '' Do I wanna look good in cat form or do I want to have a matching weapon for my Human Tmog? '' and it got to the point of being annoying since the artifact weapons coloring is odd for most leather transmogs so it always looks off or even bad if you tmog the daggers. Wouldn't it be lovely if we had the option in the transmog vendor to only choose the cat form / bear form ( for guardian ) that we want and tmog to the daggers optionally? Since we unlocked the forms appearance and not really the dagger ones.Akhu10 12 Oct
12 Oct Transmog only loot mode? Something's been on my mind quite a lot lately whenever I've been doing transmog runs on old content... Why do we still get rings/necks/trinkets drop? Seriously, I know transmog isn't a huge part of the game but it's fun to get a group of friends together and go and blitz down the bosses that gave us so much trouble in the past, only to get a damn ring or trinket to drop. I don't need them, I'm never going to need them or want them, nobody is. So what if there was some sort of way we could have it so that only transmoggable items drop. I understand the implication of loot table changes and such, and I'm also not asking to step into say Throne of Thunders and come out with a full tier set for whatever class I decide to run on, I just want to know whether or not it's possible to have some sort of loot mode, whether it be automatic or player choice (timewalking usefulness of old trinkets comes to mind) that we could just take away the chance for the non-transmoggable items to drop? Like I said, I'm not asking to walk into a raid and get guaranteed tier pieces or whatever, it's just super frustrating running the same raid for the 8th week in a row only to still be getting useless items from bonus rolls and such. Surely I'm not the only one that feels this way?Broxxar0 12 Oct
12 Oct Warglaives to fist weapons or mage tower So since all the transmogs for demon hunter weapons look like absolute garbage, and the only ones worth getting are the ones from the mage tower challenge in legion (which i obviously don't have, cuz i didn't play dh in legion) and warglaives not mogable to fist weapons, can u please make up your mind and allow us to get one of the 2 at the very least? thanks.Dhørma1 12 Oct
12 Oct Taran Zhu's Polearm/Staff In this cinematic. Taran Zhu's using a Polearm or Staff that I'd really like to pair with my current Transmog. But so far, I haven't been able to find it. Do any of you fine folk know what this weapon is, and where to get it? It would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance -OmrilOmril2 12 Oct