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18s how can some1 lose as feral? highest dmg in the game highest instant cc in the game highest mobility in the game how is it not nerfed yet?Andrej38 18s
3m Nerf ferals le goCarriedbydh12 3m
3m where is.. Where is Sp/Boomie/Lock nerf?Urafgt12 3m
20m RMP Its time to look at this comp from a dev perspective and nerf it. Suggestions. Polymorph now have a cd of atleast 6 seconds. Vanish Cd increased to 1½ minute for sub. Orc racial removed and cheapshot changed to 3 seconds. Maybe some dmg nerfs aswell but not sure if that would be over the top.Mgz68 20m
33m PROBLEM: BRAINDEAD LAME ROGUES Some people, esspecially 1.5k rated lames think that rogues are so hard to play, that class is not the same class you watch in steams with x5 skill bars etc etc, they just put same macros on several buttons to click easier. And btw, it is clearly the EASIEST !@#$ in pvp atm. Reason? Dh is easy but as a dh you are limited af. Or warrior? For me atleast easiest melee to deal with atm. Rogue? LOL HE CAN DO FCKIN ANYTHING, he can pop a spell to get %100 dodge, he can simply 16 sec cc your healler or you, he can be immunne to all fckin magical effects, he can stun you for 6 sec every 10 sec, he can do anything. This game sucks more everyday, %^-* me i love to play it since 6 years ago. Today i've gone around 30 2s matches, i swear i won all expect rogue matchups, and there were around 10 rogues in 30 matches. Delete god damn sap/blind/kidney, whatever from that class and take their passive dodge, thats all BUT NO FCKIN ROGUE ALWAYS NEEDS TO BE TOP TIER PVP CLASS REMEMBER RMD NERF? MAGE GOT NERFED, DRUID ALSO, ROGUE? SUB ROGUE GOT FCKIN BUFFED INSTAED. WHY? TO HOLD RMD PLAYABLE AGAIN. Im trying to talk with no abuse, but its seriously hard for me. Esspecially when people in forums cry about feral nerf. F*CK THIS REALLY. Rogues got a passive called 'catlike reflexes' %35 perma dodge. WE ARE FCKIN CATS ITSELF AND WE DONT HAVE ANY DODGE/PARRY/IMMUNNE/MISS AANYYYTHING. WE CANNOT ALSO POP ANYTHING DEFENSIVE WHEN WE ARE STUNNED. OUR DMG IS REAL, BUT WHICH CLASS CANNOT ONESHOT YOUR CLASS WITH 1 BURST? THIS GAME IS ALL ABOUT BURSTING ATM JUST UNDERSTAND THAT. AND SUB ROGUES CAN FCKIN BURST FOR 10 MIN NONSTOP. I think spriests, destrolocks, dhs are pretty strong too atm. But i believe there will never be %100 balance in this game's pvp, there have never been so. They are viably equal to rest of the game. You can pillar, kite. There is no other class that cannot be kited, and cannot be killed even when he lost his healler expect fckin rogue. They got best defensives in game, for both magic+melee dmg. They got a fckin kinda 1 sec cd vanish. They got longest cc chain in this game made by only 3 macros, TRUST ME FCKIN NEWBIES THATS NOT SO HARD TO DO, PRESS 3 BUTTONS, WAIT 8 SEC BEFORE EACH AND YOU CCED ENEMY HEALLER FOR 20 SEC. 8 BLIND 8 SAP 4 SAP. Waiting for rogues to cry in this post. CRY MORE FCKIN LOSERS. IF YOU ARE NOT 3K AS ROGUE YOU ARE FOOLS, ITS NOT YOUR FOULT, ITS GENETIC. Sory about that angriness, but my hands still judder atm. Gotta drink alcahol i guess.Seairex46 33m
1h PvP Gang - RBG/Arena Find Players Discord Hello European PvP Friends, I am Madnuzz, and I like having people to PvP with! I have seen a few tries at discord communities but have always thought "this can improve". Therefore me and my friends banded together and have build a Discord community over time, we already have over 100 active people! We've had our first Discord RBG group up and running, and maintained a 80% winrate, with over 2000 MMR Suggestions are always welcome! Server features: Horde/Alliance ranks and separate chats! Online memberlist, sorted on rating! Armory-confirmed rating ranks! Find people of your own level for arena/RBG No more looking for people through forums/reddit! What do we do? RBG's (Already pushed 2k MMR within a few days) Premade Arena wPvP Events Friendly arena/bg battles and tournaments Training and practice You can find and join us here:øx8 1h
1h Blizzards new lead pvp dev 1h
1h 30k+ viewers for M+ Inv. What? people like wtv they want to like but wheres the fun? I kinda laughed when i see that with more viewers than arena, shows the potencial for wow to have quite few viewers (even when ppl say, OLD game...)Jinsk20 1h
1h Orb/Blizzard affected by Frostbite. Orb/Blizzard shouldn't get affected by Frostbite. Season 5 and it's still not fixed... Toxic design on the same level as double Spelllock or maim not breaking on dmgTyross2 1h
4h Can I get uhhh...Soloque? Look... Everyone wants soloque, why isn't it already there? Holinka is dead, there is no one who took his place and soloque nowhere... ADD SOLOQUEEboshi15 4h
4h nerf this feral freak show spec NERF IT, it's BROKENPuppyeyes5 4h
6h How to solve DH problem Step 1). Remove dodge from sweeping strikes. Step 2). Make meta 1,5 min CD but half the duration baseline Step 3). Remove the eye talent which will give you free meta Step 4). Leech in Meta shouldn't get higher than 10%, even with talents Step 5). Remove physical part from chaos damage Step 6). Remove glide and doublejump from instanced PvP And we are good. For being able to do that much damage and to cleave the survivability are over the top. Also chaos damage allows you to bypass almost every defcd, since it deals the highest between magical + physical, which means it ignores armor, but when you turn your antimagical cooldowns it will do physical damage instead and ignore your magic shields. It is basically impossible to burst down Demonhunter while he can does the same to you. Oh, and step 7). Remove Demonhunters from the game (back to prison, Maiev is waiting for you)Spyroblast66 6h
11h Advice for a new arena player? Hi there! I'm pretty new to arena (1300CR this season, 1600CR last) and I was wondering what kind of composition/partner I would be looking for in order to try and push for a better arena rating. I'm not looking to be the best of the best, but I want to try and push 2000ish rating if I can so I can at least wear the elite appearances about. How do I go about this? I'm Affliction, so do I need to look into a healer buddy, or?Koshdrol8 11h
11h Pvp is so bad omfg f u holinka So I was playing in 1000 rating (super duper high)and a rogue stun locked me, I need 10 trinkets when im playing vs a rogue. Kidney shot 6 seconds? I can !@#$%^-*! by the time it is over.Asmongold26 11h
12h those are your clients now.this is your game fotm rerollers,alts who have no clue,ppl who have no clue in general,boosted ppl.thats your participation.thats why you wait for an hour now in lfg to get a team.and when you do get a team you enter in arena and you get destroyed in under a min.cause the healer has gladiator achievement and doesnt know how to heal.i had a shammy calling me an idiot cause i void shifted him on my priest and he didnt even check his health he just stood there.when you finally get a decent team you stun someone and he keeps moving around the map or behind pillar.this server lag is over a year now.its not fromm our part.and you havent even commented on this you enter the arena and you get either a frost dk,a feral or a demonhunter.or a combination.they just pop cds and youre dead. !@#$ off. reallyGornac11 12h
13h legion pvp in a few words legion in a nut shell stun stun stun stun dead or stun stun stun silence stun dead or bot bot bot bot bot bot bot dead or fly fly fly 10 mins into game dead roll on 24hoursSecsí1 13h
14h only in looking for group does it happen where you join a hpala and a warrior to play no voice thunder. You win the first two games then lose the third against dh sp hpala because you have Eye of Leotaras debuff on you entire game and your '2400 lsxp' healer doesn't notice to dispel it. Then your teams hpala starts screaming "REPLACE ENHANCER" in party chat because you're not standing ontop of the other teams sp and he thinks you're tunneling the dh at the pillar. Like how can you play 3 games with someone, first game being a dampener and not notice the buffs I have, my positioning, the flame shocks, the earth shock stuns, the knockbacks or the fire elemental? And call yourself a 2400 lsxp player? I bet there's a lot of decent players out there that are held back by the endless idiots that lie about cr and exp or just got boosted in general in LFGAlcia7 14h
15h Healers and PVP Blizzard. Why do you allow healers in 2vs2 arena's? It's suppose to the death, unless you've got a healer, than it's decided from the start. Not very, arena like is it? Two tanks are not allowed to enter, but it really does not matter, when the other team has a healer.Kolos25 15h
16h Glorious Tyranny READDED 7.3 Enchanter’s Illusion - Glorious Tyranny is now available to purchase from Prideful Gladiator vendors, for characters who earned Duelist: Season 14 or Duelist: Season 15. Enchanter’s Illusion - Primal Victory is now available to purchase from Warmongering Gladiator vendors, for characters who earned Duelist: Warlords Season 1, Duelist: Warlords Season 2, or Duelist: Warlords Season 3. Source: Front page of mmo champion.Moanerlisa145 16h
17h Anyone who hates melees, READ Hey guys. Im not a pro player, nor a noob one. (atleast as i believe) I just wonder why people are crying so much about melees, or esspecially demon hunters. Im playing dh mostly atm but my main is feral, so im gonna be objective, dhs hit hard, mobile af, and got really got cc overall. But such as all melees, they are soooooo easy to get down from game. First of all, i believe kick on casters = root on melees. So a caster can get rid of kick by playing good, and fake casting. But a melee got nothing to deal with roots, unless he gets dispelled by his healler. So at this point, my opinion is in low mmr, and low skilled games melee are %100 more advanced. But in serious games casters are strongest as always. Melee got much more limited things to do. First of all they need to always have an eye on his healler, atleast more then the caster. So in my opinion this is the high skill cap of melee in general, pillaring and trying dont get lost to healler. In the other hand, casters need to kite and fake cast. Equal enough. Anyone who crys out about melee/caster opness in arenas seriously should think twice, and check ladders first. Its kinda 50/50 (casters are generally more) AND ALSO nobody has any right to say anything about easiness of a class atm. Esspecially to the old players. Easiest class untill wod is still harder then the hardest class after wod. Its my case close. Btw nerf sub rogues.Egomn87 17h
18h GUYS CLICK THIS YOU MUST SEE IT I was crying about rogues for days in forums. Finally i got my answer why they are that strong, broken. Nothing to say more. 18h
18h We need Communism So we can throw Ion Hazzidick and the weaboo Celetablet into the Gulag . . . . . . Like this comment or 7 more seasons of Legion PvPFrasiyav20 18h
20h Do you truly enjoy arena gameplay? Or you do it just for uniqe rewards? Never played any rated seriously, but they feel kinda meh compared to bgs/rbgs. I understand that arenas have a lot of depth and they are thy only place where such mechanics like focus targeting, losing, etc. are used. But is it really fun for you? For me personally fun means taking some beer and doing some stupid AOE damage in bg/rbg with friends :)Шатурас6 20h
20h whoever is developing this joke do us all a favor and cant get any worstGornac38 20h
21h feral is ok :D GJ BLIZZFAK gave this azz game a 3 chance every patch made this game worse milking us for money making a rollercoater of class that are op no more you lost me and 3 of my mates your pvp game is deadDownbreak13 21h
22h How do you change targets? My hardest part in arena that makes it really hard to get higher is not the rotation, not the kicks in time and not fall for fakecasts, not killing myself on karma/cs totem but pretty simple: swapping targets. Right now I have it changed to tab - each time I press tab it choses other enemy hero. My problem is: it often takes way too long. Sometimes I have to instantly jump on someone else and start punching that person instead, sometimes I have to pick CS totem and destroy without losing any second in GCD but I fail that. I just have absolutely no idea how to do it right. Not even a clue. That is why I am asking you, dear PvP community, how do you switch targets? Do you keep healer always as focus? How do you target things like CS totem? Do you use mouseover, some sort of frame selection or what? Please help meSpyroblast10 22h
22h WLS I’ve recently levelled a warrior to play alongside a lock buddy. We tried WLS (actually was a Druid healer) and found it really tough. Is it just that I suck at warrior or is WLS(D) a comp that needs a lot of work? Should I just stick with the boomie?Holyonion6 22h
1d Hotfixes, still... ....Frost dk and ferals overlordsJinsk8 1d
1d Mistweaver Is top healer in rbgs, and #1 rated team on us uses 2 of them. In what way do you buff them without making them an absolutely necessary and too OP healer in rbgs? Honest question guys, don't be madNnugug10 1d
1d nerf feral still not nerfedPuppyeyes6 1d
1d Arena representation - premade queue It's worse than ever. Today I was trying to find anyone to play on Alliance. I met few newbies or alts only. Unless my friends are online I can't even play PvP. We need solo queue so bad. What also makes me laugh are these fotm rerollers still playing on 1500 cr because they change spec every season and play play only "rank 1" comps. The most frustrating part of WoD and Legion PvP is waiting in Premade queue not being able to do anything hoping for any decent partner/partners. No wonder people are leaving this game if they wait 1 hour in queue to play 2-3 games with a new player who barely has any idea how to play his class.Isheartears21 1d
1d disc guide/tips 7.3 1) relentless reduces all cc by 20%, even dk's snare and every other slow/cc. example when relentless is ULTRA good: fdk+rdruid. its also good against some other comps. 2) body&soul vs rsham+dk/dh and possibly vs rsham+arms/fury and other rsham comps. 3) masochism vs arms and probably fury warrs. im not 100% sure but i think against rsham+warrior masochism is possibly better than body&soul. but need more testing and maybe depends on ur comp. 4) masoschism is also rly good against teams where u dont need feather and u know ur enemy might stick on you its all ^ for 2s atleast.Antimelee19 1d
1d purge purge purge purge purge purge purge purge purge purge purge purge purge purge DEAD HAHA LUL U SUCK AHAHAHAHAHAA GET REKT SCRUB IM R1 SHAMAN HAHAHA xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDavahkiin18 1d
1d Vicious Saddle Guys, when do you get the vicious saddle, can you keep it indefinitely in your bag or does it reset when the current season ends? Asking cuz I'm trying to decide between the vicious war bear and foxKharimm1 1d
1d SP/Balance/lock/Healer /clap because this is so much skillDynames52 1d
1d Priority nerf list: Feral DH Frost DK Spriest Ret !@#$ing freak shows. disgusting specs. wake up.Evatar39 1d
1d pls halp munk every game vs resto shamans enveloping mist gets purged off instantly resulting in my partner actually taking dmg from my heal cus shaman uses electrocute talent aaaaaaaand partner dies xDDDDDDDDDDD Im having fun legion is awesome 10/10 bois Cx buff mw ples :(Buffmw7 1d
1d 43% in the arena occupy only 4 classes,BRAVO! SP Lok and Restor shamans captured the Arena. 47% of the total number of 2 dd classes in the arena, and 35% of one class for Hills, we get 82% of 3 classes. This is a game, this is the balance, this is the diversity. RANGED # 1 Shadow Priest 4038 / 22.61% # 2 Destruction Warlock 2410 / 13.49% # 3 Affliction Warlock 2229 / 12.48% HEALERS PLAYERS SEEN # 1 Restoration Shaman 6436 / 34.98% Yes, 87% is exaggerated if we take the absolute value, then we get: Miles - 22,216 Renzhy - 17862 Heels - 18399 Total: 58,477 If on the basis of this, take the above named polechim 25.8% that is 1/4 But here's another interesting point, plus here the retreats of the holipaladins and the DC of the priests and get 42.9% in the Arena plays 4 CLASS, 4 classes It occupies almost 43% of all arenas. This is normal? Actually, unsubscribe if to whom that is.Лилиофаныч35 1d
1d Please remove templates and reverse prune It has just destroyed this game, it really has. What is the point in an mmo to have 100's of set pieces and weapons that have set bonuses which are now disabled and useless?!?! Its so fking stupid and wow is going backards alot more than it is forwards. You removed skill from the game with the prune so much to the point that your player base has dropped significantly and less and less people are subbing let alone queing up for pvp. Pvp at max level is at its all time worst and at lower levels gear doesnt matter so there is no point obtaining gear or doing anything til max level and when you get max level its utter crap anyway and your loot is determined by RNG. You dont even get tokens anymore to save up and buy loot. There is just simply a chance.... I remember reaching level 80 and getting guildies to take me through a few 80 raids, I'd gear up, gem and enchant my newly dinged and within being 80 for 2 hours I already had a strong, fun character that I could bring to bgs that was fresh, exciting and took time, skill to develop. And this is where the game started to rapidly go into decline.... ''Oh but you say this is unfair and I now have an advantage against snowflakes who didnt spend some hours gearing, gold enchanting for glyphys, gems etc. WELL NO, other people can spend 2 hours playing to do exactly the same thing why should I/we be penalised for spending time, gold and effort on making our character stronger just for you to remove any point in us doing so?! LITERALLY THERE IS NO POINT. WHYY THIS IS AN MMORPG, ITS NOT THE SPECIAL OLYMPICS. Also am I going to complain that on my newly dinged 80, I got owned by someone who has remained an 80 twink for months and has shadowmourne, DBW and 4/4 set!? NO, its an mmorpg and I would see that person and think, I want to try and get shadowmourne and become as powerful as he I wouldn't be like 'Waaah, I just dinged 80. I have green gear and this was my first bg on this char but I got owned by a ret who plays at 80 all the time, was 2.4k+ in wotlk and has shadowmourne' All you have done with templates is make FOTM re-rolling worse than ever and you also killed the whole excitement about seeing a pro player aka 'Wow look at him, hes got full mythic gear and a legendary already and mythic has just come out' So everyone has him on set-focus, tries to heal, help him and is in awe of his sheer power. Now its just, oh there is someone with 950 item level but its ok hes destro lock, I R SUB r0gue I can 1 sho0t him Sorry I know there wasn't much point in this post and it probably has been touched upon 100's of times but GOOD LORD, wtf have they done to this game. Killed almost every aspect of it and the only positives I see from legion are Mythic plus dungeons. Pretty much everything else has been one if not a few steps backIenjoylegion33 1d
1d Nerf feral ^^^^^^Sveh14 1d
1d Returning player lf partners Hi! A little backstory: I was an avid player in vanilla and burning crusade but got sick of where the game was heading in wrath and quit. I would consider myself to have been a decent PvPer back in the day with a all-time-high rating of around 2,1. Now I'm back but I'm not really enjoying the slog through LFG with rager-kids, elitist knobheads etc. just the other day I ran in to a 935 ilvl warrior that did around 80k dps and proceeded to curse out the healer for loosing us the game.... My main problem is that I'm having a hard time finding good and enjoyable people to play and improve with. I'm a fairly easy going fellow and not afraid of using voice-coms. It would be awesome to get to play some 2s/3's with some chill and experienced folks, just drop a line if you're up for a few games :)Oknytt0 1d
2d Playing 1v2 in arena If you cant load an arena fast enough to be a part of the fight, then dont !@#$ing play.Crazydiamond4 2d
2d People crying about ferals:LUL Guys are you fckin serious or are you just sitting in your seat and crying about all other classes but yours? ANYONE prefers melee cleaves instead of casters seriously dont know !@#$ about this game. No offense, but shadowplay can have %100 pressure on you how defensive ever you play. Or rmd/p (if it counts as caster thing) can... You know what they do, and you still fckin cry about ferals? Atleast feral needs to do something to get you down, you think 'he just rake stuns and shreds fck it!' if you think so, try to play it please. Also, feral got no perma dodge/parry such as plade wearers or rogues. You can simply kill a feral with 1 stun if he has no trinket, cuz we cannot use our only 1 defensive when we got stunned. Btw, i need to say this for me the classes need nerf are; sub rogue>spriest>dh>mage>dk And btw, feral got a nerf inside 7.3, our regrowth was healing 270k when we got 3m hp, atm we got 5m+ hp and it still heals for 290-300k maximal. I might be missed some classes for nerfs for you ofc, every class got some counters and all players think the classes that kills them is the most strong and op one. I just tried to think objective.Seairex25 2d
2d Can you do something with your lagy game ? it's so frustrating when someone is moving when shouldn't move ! Can you finally fix it ?Mgodx12 2d
2d hey guys buff mwBuffmw15 2d
2d Hpala and Arcane mage comp hi ppl.. we are getting owned by rogue, monk and dk teams... - how do you kill a healer monk ? when we cant catch him ? - how can you kill a double dk team when they out heal the healer ? - how can you kill a rogue when i keeps cc the fuk out of you ? oh and how can we win over a druid/warrior team? when the warrior can 100% uptime destroy me and the mage !Sacredwarrio14 2d
2d 7.3 MM Hunter Arena Montage BROKEN DMG !! So i made a MM hunter got it too 110 and KINDA geared and made a video MM hunter are actually broken in Arena and world pvp but am still only iLVL 870 So cant do world PVP Check the video out :D Have any feedback tell me :)ámíí19 2d
2d Are gladiator tabards (2.2k) account wide? There doesn't seem to be a definitive answer to this anywhere, with some people on my friend list telling me they are and some people telling me they are not. Well which one is it?Bleachvendor3 2d
2d melee meta Kappa do people really still think that we're currently in a 'melee meta'? I'm not defending that that are some strong melee cleaves but there are just as many equally strong caster comps like with specs like boomy/destro/sp/ele/arcane mage, you can put literally any two of those together with a rsham and it becomes a t1 comp with the exception of arcane mage which tends to fit into slightly different compsTom16 2d