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2d PvP Disqualification Policy Update As part of our continued efforts to combat cheating and unfair play in World of Warcraft, we’ve recently made a change to our policies regarding PvP disqualifications. As of the Battle for Azeroth Pre-Patch, any player who is found to have engaged in unfair practices that result in their disqualification from end-of-season PvP rewards will also have their ability to queue for rated PvP matches immediately revoked. This restriction will continue through the remainder of the season in which they were disqualified, which includes the current “Post-Season” available until Battle for Azeroth launches. This change is intended to minimize the impact that disqualified players have on those who are playing legitimately while the PvP season continues, and is just one aspect of our ongoing commitment to upholding the competitive integrity of World of Warcraft PvP.Lore15 2d
3d Upcoming PvP Hotfixes (8/2) The following hotfixes have been applied to beta, and will be added to the live game later this week. We continue to work on other adjustments, such as the damage and healing output of other specs including Discipline, Retribution, and Balance. Those changes are going to take a little longer than the following hotfixes, but we wanted to get these in your hands for testing while playing on beta. We appreciate all the feedback that has been generated from testing out the combination of Azerite Traits, Talents, Enchants, and Gearing options found on Gladiator's Sanctum. In these hotfixes, we've targeted specs that are currently over-performing in certain PvP situations. Instead of reducing the overall damage that specializations such as Assassination Rogues and Marksmanship Hunters deal in PvP, we've chosen to reduce some of the talents and abilities that can contribute to high damage burst windows. Changes to specializations in Battle for Azeroth have increased the power of specific PvP Talents. Restoration Druids in particular gained a large increase to Lifebloom in Battle for Azeroth, so we have in turn reduced the overall power of Focused Growth. Racial Abilities Light's Judgment deals 50% less damage when engaged in combat with enemy players. (was a 60% reduction in 7.3.5) Light's Reckoning deals 50% less damage when engaged in combat with enemy players. (was a 60% reduction in 7.3.5) Death Knight Unholy Strength increases Strength by 10% when engaged in combat with enemy players (was 15%). Frost Pillar of Frost increases Strength by 10% when engaged in combat with enemy players (was 15%). Unholy Wandering Plague damage reduced by 50%. Necrotic Strike's Necrotic Wound healing absorption reduced by 33%. Virulent Plague deals 25% less damage when engaged in combat with enemy players. Virulent Explosion deals 25% less damage when engaged in combat with enemy players. Druid Restoration Focused Growth reduces the mana cost of Lifebloom by 40% (was 60%). Focused Growth increases the healing of Lifebloom by 30% (was 50%). Hunter Beast Mastery Dire Beast: Hawk damage reduced by 40%. Marksmanship Double Tap's effects are reduced by 50% when engaged in combat with enemy players. Careful Aim increases Aimed Shot damage by 33% when engaged in combat with enemy players (was 50%). Aimed Shot deals an additional 25% damage to targets you have not damaged yet when engaged in combat with enemy players (was 50%). Streamline increases the duration of Rapid Fire by 2 seconds when engaged in combat with enemy players (was 3 seconds). Monk Windwalker Fists of Fury now deals full damage when engaged in combat with enemy players (was a 20% reduction). Priest Shadow Edge of Insanity now properly reduces damage taken when at or above 90 Insanity (60 Insanity while talented into Legacy of the Void). Rogue Prey on the Weak increases damage dealt to the target by 5% when engaged in combat with enemy players (was 10%). Death from Above increases Eviscerate/Envenom/Dispatch damage dealt by 10% (was 15%). Assassination Fixed a bug that caused Creeping Venom's duration to be refreshed to a longer duration than intended. Creeping Venom's damage has been reduced by 50%. Deadly Poison deals 20% less damage when engaged in combat with enemy players. Vendetta increases damage dealt to the target by 20% when engaged in combat with enemy players (was 30%). Toxic Blade increases Poison damage dealt to the target by 20% when engaged in combat with enemy players (was 30%). Garrote deals 20% less damage when engaged in combat with enemy players. Subterfuge causes Garrote to deal an additional 50% damage when cast from stealth in PvP situations (was 100%). Outlaw Plunder Armor reduces the target's max health by 10% (was 15%). Plunder Armor increases the Rogue's max health by 10% (was 15%). Thick as Thieves increases the damage you and your Tricks target deal by 10% (was 15%). Subtlety Shuriken Combo increases Eviscerate damage by 3% per stack when engaged in combat with enemy players (was 5%). Night's Vengeance (Azerite Trait) effectiveness reduced by 66% in PvP situations. Shaman Restoration Spirit Link now redirects 35% damage to the team (was 50%). Spirit Link's mana cost has been increased by 12.5%. Spirit Link reduces the heal generated by Spouting Spirits (Azerite Trait) by 80%.Taepsilum24 3d
20 Mar Legion PvP Season 6 Ends March 21 The gates will close on Legion PvP Season 6 for all Arena and Battleground competitors on March 21 at 6:00am CET. Season 6 – End of Season Rewards If you participated in Season 6, to ensure you receive the rewards that you’re due, please keep the following in mind: Refrain from transferring your character(s) to another realm or faction until after Legion Season 6 has ended. Legion Season 6 titles and mounts will be awarded approximately two weeks after the season ends. Faction-Based Rewards Don’t forget—end-of-season rewards are based on your faction. If you transfer your character to the other faction, you must have 50 wins after your transfer to receive the reward. Please note that you must have 150 wins for Gladiator and Dominant Gladiator.Aerythlea0 20 Mar
2m New pvp season Yo guys so i just returned from a 4 month break and was wondering about the new season in bfa. I dont enjoy levelling or pve and was wondering when the new season starts im led to believe its in around 3 weeks. Does this mean no rated arena until then ?Yungnvpoli2 2m
1h Ret or ww for pvp? I like to play both what do u think guys i can preform pretty well with both despite monk been nerfedAthênâ10 1h
1h What class do you play in arena and why? So as the title says.. what class do you play in arena and why do you play it? I’m interested in hearing why you all play what you do :) Personally I always play healers, even though I didn’t originally enjoy it! I just hated spending all of my time trying to find one, which then ended up being useless.. so I ended up playing them myself! I now enjoy it (as much as you can these days) and can’t see myself going back to a dps anytime soon. FireZetan37 1h
1h Top tiers Heal what are for you the top 3 healsMaidintaiwan1 1h
1h Are casters gonna be unviable? So many ppl claimed Azerite will fix things... from my POV it made it even worse. While I had pretty bad matchup against melee before, now my Chaos Bolt hits for like 10% of enemy HP and takes me a lot of time to juke all kicks by casting other school spells, enemy Warrior just connects on me, I can't run and deletes 50% of my HP with Mortal Strike. It takes me sometimes even 20 second to get off Chaos bolt due to stuns, fears, interupts (and i dont ever get interrupted on chaos either) and LoS.Whisperer1 1h
2h Rerolling to healer Heya! I am thinking about rerolling and start playing healer both for PvE and PvP ,mainly PvP tho ;) any tips or advice for which class to reroll for?Avyna3 2h
4h Arena Coaching? First of please don't flame me because you don't agree with coaching or comments like why spend your money on that sort of thing....lets just agree to disagree and leave it at that. So are there any coaches out there or has anyone used any of the coaching services on google (there seem to be a few around) that can provide some advice to get me pointed in the right direction? If you are interested add me in-game and we can talk :)Dziaduu26 4h
6h Moonkin disarm is twice longer than a Warrior And it has a shorter cooldown on top of it being ranged. Is this really necessary? Warriors already have the worst fear, worst defensives and unreliable snares. You'd think their disarm would get some justice, seeing how they had the original disarm and its their identity.Vatghern13 6h
6h 2v2 ele still bad? Hi guys. My friend roll priest and wanna heal. Its bad since my main is shaman resto. So is ele still bad in 2v2? Is enha better? Enha seems so slow i cant catch anybody and ele was freekill. Also ele without gust of wind cant catch people so when people start pillar huging its just annoying. Have 110 mage but dont want to split grinding power on start of expac. Make ele great again(lb while moving have to come back!as pvp talent)Shamanic1 6h
12h Avenging wrath still not increasing crit Can we fix before the pvp season starts plz?Akiyuki1 12h
14h What is the easiest PvP class? A class where you can really turn your brain off and just tunnel vision, and still do perfectly fine in 3s So in your objective opinion, what is the easiest PvP Class?Xumo71 14h
22h Pre-patch is teaching us something Only certain classes have the necessary toolkit to play Arenas. Right now everyone is doing more damage that we are supposed to. I can see that. Thing is Warriors do only damage, have almost no CC and low Survivability. Rogues, Mages, etc's toolkit is way more viable. The only thing that supposedly stop them from being the top is damage numbers tuning. If Blizz is to make other classes viable like Warrior we need better toolkit to compare with themStansmash34 22h
1d glad and r1 titles in bfa hello does anyone know FOR SURE how glad and r1 titles will be acquired in bfa? I haven't seen any specific info, I've been told that glad will be 50 wins above 2.4 cr and r1 will still be top % but still don't know the exact % figure or even if this information is correctDrøné1 1d
1d Dear developers. Hello dear developers and fans of the rogues specialization "Stealth." I want to draw your attention to one very acute problem of this specialization - lack of energy. Yes, this problem is partly solved by the talents of "Shadow concentration," "Vigor," "Shot in the dark," "Alacrity" and "Master of shadows," but it is worth noting that some of these talents are not suitable for fighting with other players, while others put specialization in a losing position in front of other rogue specs. For example, if you take the "Shadow concentration" and "Vigor," the rogue burst specialization "Stealth" will yield burst specialization "Liquidation." It is worth noting that the tunnel damage of "Liquidation" specialization significantly exceeds the similar damage of "Stealth" specialization, and the burst of "Liquidation" specialization lasts as much as 20 seconds against 5 seconds (10, if you spend two charges "Dance of shadows") or 6 (12) seconds (with the talent of "Subterfudge") specialization "Stealth." It is important to mention that if the rogue specialization "Stealth" wants to spend two charges "Dance of shadows" with the selected talents "Subterfudge," " Mark of death," "Survives the strongest" and "Master of shadows," (the only build where he bypasses "Assassin" with burst), then the second charge "Dance of shadows" he does not have enough energy even if the time to use "Symbols of death" (to restore energy) and "Mark of death" + final reception (to remove the moment of drawdown on energy). In addition-the rogue specialization "Stealth" have to save energy for a long time before the burst, which instantly respond to any experienced player, which I think is not fair (regarding the rating pvp). I propose several solutions to this problem: 1. To return to an active ability "Fangs of the devourer" - "Bite a bloody mouth." 2. Make the basic energy recovery equal to 10 (as it was before). 3. Turn "Shadow strike" into a talent "Shot in the dark" 4. Change the talent "Master of shadows" for example to restore 40 energy for 4 seconds. I play this class for about ten years and for me the problem is on the face. If you do nothing in addition to "Battle for Azeroth" rogues specialization "Stealth" in pvp will play a few players, because in its effectiveness it will be inferior to other rogue specializations. Thank you for listening.Зэйл17 1d
1d What hunters specs do you think will be viable in what comps ?Kátárinä1 1d
1d 2v2 by two damage dealers BFA Tell me how realistic is play 2v2 by two dd with an average skill against dd + heal in BFA? Who tried it? Maybe rogue + mage, for example, or more options. Or in BFA much easy way is pick up DD + healer in 2v2?Mutolisk5 1d
1d Buff frostDK, thanku ^Bankerganker12 1d
1d fierce gladiator rank 1 title missing hi fierce glad title missing for 3 weeks pls fixAdadqwdwdadw7 1d
1d Monk + Mage viable ? Hey guys, Have reactivated my old WW Monk again, and had to realize that he just Had too Less deff has cd * s, is simply tunneled after Karma and the mini heal is not there now the blast -.- how do you see the Monk at the Moment ? What are possible 2n2 combos? Is WW Monk + Mage going? And what about 3n3s? Monk + Mage + Diszi? And what is your general opinion about Monk in Pvp right nowYoûka6 1d
1d Subrogues need fix They need to be tuned as other rogue specs they do more dmg thatn warriors in arena with all the defensivs stealth and best cc kit in game WEAK UP PLSKayjitsu11 1d
1d Best Healer for 2v2 with Rogue? I got sick of playing dps all throughout legion, so today I decided to try out healer, my friend and I want to play 2v2 arena together in BFA, so I was wondering which healer is really good with assassination rogue? I'm currently torn between MW monk, Rest shaman and Hpally. I heard that disc priest is op but I think it will get nerfed and I don't like the idea of being priest.Alphaturtle5 1d
1d 2k lexp healer for 3s Looking for a healer for 3s for a affliction + fury/arms and ret. Only Rdruid/Hpala/Rshaman you require minimum of 2k lexp on that character during a season no pre patch crap please. You may contact me on my character Aerithaes-Argent Dawn or you can add my btag being Hugo#2589. We are aiming to be 2.3-2.4k during bfa season 1, have a way to voice.Aerithaes0 1d
1d CR reset Anyone know when CR resets?Triø2 1d
1d What needs to be nerfed for 2vs2 1. Resto druid throughput and cc. I can just spam few hots + bash into Cyclone and win. Cyclone should have a cooldown and bash should last shorter. Hot healing is too strong atm. 2. Rogues. All spec, too much dmg, too much cc. 3. SV hunter dmg is insane. More OP than Rogues atm. Freezing trap is broken. 4. Warrior dmg is insane 5. MW monk throughput is insane. It can compete with Resto druid. It is really too high atm. 6. Mind Control from Priest need to have cooldown I think this is pretty much it for now. Other classes / specs seems quite balanced, they match each other. So if Blizzard put some effort in balancing the above mentioned, I think that we may have very good quality 2vs2 bracket in BFA.Init23 1d
1d Glorious Tyranny. Gone for good? As title suggests it was removed during the after season here from the vendor does anyone know if it will return? Or is it removed completely? and if so will it be purschasable for reaching duelist in any of the seasons from legion? I'd like some clarification, thanks!Onetrick6 1d
1d Pilav vs asmon (clonerz) Okay does anyone think this feral clonerz played badly on purpose and let pilav win or do you think he played his very best? Just when I watched Sodapoppin duel Asmon, soda dotted and ran around pilars everytime, but this Clonerz didn't do that. Should Asmon pay Pilav the $500? Or was it rigged? Your thoughts? 6:30 is where it begins. 1d
2d 8.0 Fury Warrior 1.5k RATING - SGSAMI Hii Guys am back from Holiday thank you all so much for all the recent support on My WOW Videos now that am back were on the full grind !! So i have managed to Reach 1500 Rating GIVE OR TAKE in this Pre Season! I Hope You Enjoy This Video :D Link - Thanks for all the nice comment XD XDYoutubsgsami18 2d
2d Does Mages have self heal in PvP? Is there a way for Mages to heal themselves or are they the only class without a self heal? Also what defensive CD:s does Mage have and what is the cooldown of them?Adhominem6 2d
2d mmr in this preseason is a joke literally 25+ wins and stucked at 1999 mmr. 25-0 or so n mfw got like 2 per game and then we just randomly lost 1, he lost 18 rating. So basically it's like we never done the previous 9 wins in a row. fix mmr pls it's broken. thnxJitea12 2d
2d Charge GCD Are they even playing their own game? Who in their sane mind thinks a 0.5 gcd on gap closer makes any sense?! Its not only charge, also wild charge, harpoon, etc. This ruins charging to mounted players, they can keep running away in the 0.5 sec after. Also makes fighting laggy players the worst it has ever been. And why do rogues still have shadow step off the gcd when everyone else got this clunky !@#$? Maybe only the rogue designer plays the game.Hexagon6 2d
2d EMFH/Relentless vs. BF/Hardiness For a non-healer-class - what do you think: which racial/talent setup will perform better? EMFH + Relentless vs. Blood Fury + Hardiness + Trinket Cheers RakkraRakkra1 2d
2d Remove PvP achies people got in postseason 2 Since we all know how fast Blizzard is in terms of moderation when it comes to pvp forums.. @CMs feel free to merch or do whatever with the first thread. Since CMs done shiat here original thread: 2d
2d Comp predictions - surv hunt Hola, What do you predict to be top comps for surv hunt in BFA, and do you think the spec itself will have options for top tier 3s? /GrokkGrokatmebro6 2d
2d remove stealth Rogues have sustain, cc, burst, cc, stealth and mobility idk why this !@#$ is still in the game literally the worst experience in arena for a new player like me and a lot of others seem to have the same one they are guaranteed the first hit and if they %^-* up they cc for 20 sec and heal full like how boring and !@#$ty is that concept. remove and nerf extremely hard and people will find their way into pvp I'm sure, burst is fine, cc okay, sustain whatever but guaranteed first hit and making people unable to play the game for literally half an hour until you run out of cds 20 times is just so disgustingly stupidAssoult19 2d
2d The Rage Cage The Rage Cage!!!! The Rage Cage strives to become a pvp community Less personal then your friendslist , yet more personal then using lfg or even spamming trade like its 2006. You enjoy your guild due to raids or longtime friends or due to the cute pink tabard with white crybear logo , but would like to play pvp on a bit serious note? That’s fine The Rage Cage isn’t a guild. You just get an extra channel with like minded guys and gals You’re a casual but want more wins in randoms so you want to party up? Find them within the Rage Cage. Hell why don’t you meet up and kill some alliance while waiting for que to pop up. Franticly running around in a zone to become an assassin or to slay an assassin? Well 4 eyes see more then 2. Who knows that rogue that sniffs flowers before picking might be in here too. TEAM UP and yes… he does smell alliance too before brutally stabbing them. You wanna roll Rated Bg’s or Arena’s? The Rage Cage will help you make a team or fill up that missing spot cause jack got drunk again and cant find his mouse (don’t be like jack!) You’re an elite 11 rank 1 title glad with vanilla high warlord to boost wich you didn’t win trade for. Sweet! how about we gave you a place where you can help ppl and boast. Where ppl recognize your name and skills instead of being mr 1 time meet and forget the name like it is now. Because The Rage Cage is a fresh started community , lets try to make it grow to something beautifull First 20 joiners will get mod rights (wait this he just say power privileges?) so they can spam too make it even bigger and bigger and bigger Join Now! 2d
3d best pvp race for shadow? Void Elf or Iron Dwarf? Human? Forsaken? Alliance or Horde for PvP this time? What you guys think?Voidyy10 3d
3d No tanks in 2's please. Nerf the !@#$ out of them ,stop the disease.Garooda8 3d
3d Rogues Are Broken In Arena What did Blizzard think when thay gave Rogues 10second Dodge? Thats all thay need to Nuke down a full HoTed Healer. You can't stun,Fear or do Anything aganst them for 10 whole seconds thats just brokenDoomhammêr24 3d
3d Rating abuse because of op Classes Accepted by blizzard? Seems so or?Needhealty2 3d
3d Glorious Tyranny READDED 7.3 Enchanter’s Illusion - Glorious Tyranny is now available to purchase from Prideful Gladiator vendors, for characters who earned Duelist: Season 14 or Duelist: Season 15. Enchanter’s Illusion - Primal Victory is now available to purchase from Warmongering Gladiator vendors, for characters who earned Duelist: Warlords Season 1, Duelist: Warlords Season 2, or Duelist: Warlords Season 3. Source: Front page of mmo champion.Moanerlisa384 3d
3d BM Pet in arena Do you always use a MS pet if you dont have anyone with heal reduce on your team? Or is spirit beast better?Lupofin5 3d
3d Make glorious tyranny accessible for 2.2k Title says the most. Make glorious tyranny accessible for 2.2k players in season 13-14. It really does not make sense since you only needed to have 2.2k rating to get the bloody dancing steel scroll (which i bought and saved; they got deleted though). I think a lot of players were actually looking forward for this illusion and the fact that the "requirements changed" really sucked.Wallaha24 3d
3d Boomkin healing Why are people moaning about this? If our heals are healing for huge amounts at 120 it will need a numbers tweak but at 110 our heals aren't very strong. Regrowth is our only moonkin heal and it ooms us in 4 casts plus its kickable. Our other heals require us to spec resto affinity (losing out on guardian) and to cast them we need to leave moonkin form (losing out on lots of armor), cast then use another global to get back. It's not exactly OP.Abombinabull19 3d
3d BM Hunters self healing Okay blizz you must be trolling... I can handle Hybrids having insane healing I can handle fury warriors with legendaries having insane healing I can somewhat handle Rogue healing in stealth but BM hunters healing is just out of this world.Drpewb6 3d
4d how to fix the rogue class in pvp I found the easiest way to balance the entire class , simply by making their cooldown taking two time longer to recharge while in stealth.Zakalios32 4d
4d Can you buy Elite Mog atm? Hello, as the title says. If I would get 2k rating now, would I be able to purchase the Elite season ensemble?Mordförsök33 4d