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20 Mar Legion PvP Season 6 Ends March 21 The gates will close on Legion PvP Season 6 for all Arena and Battleground competitors on March 21 at 6:00am CET. Season 6 – End of Season Rewards If you participated in Season 6, to ensure you receive the rewards that you’re due, please keep the following in mind: Refrain from transferring your character(s) to another realm or faction until after Legion Season 6 has ended. Legion Season 6 titles and mounts will be awarded approximately two weeks after the season ends. Faction-Based Rewards Don’t forget—end-of-season rewards are based on your faction. If you transfer your character to the other faction, you must have 50 wins after your transfer to receive the reward. Please note that you must have 150 wins for Gladiator and Dominant Gladiator.Aerythlea0 20 Mar
13m #Solo Que for BfA Okay so we don't really see any major change coming in BfA that could revive this dead horse we call pvp. I have a solution for that : #Soloque ! Are you sick of brainafking in lfg for hours listening to rick astley ? Are you sick of getting a partner that has the exp achievment but still sucks !@#? Are you sick of looking for healers that don't even exists? Are you sick of playing against RMP or Jungle all the damn time? Are you sick of not being able to play your spec because it's not "viable"? Then my friend, #Soloque is just for you! Of course it will be broken, but we need this so the average joe can have a shot at playing as well. Look at the pvp championship, 15k viewers ? Pitiful ! Make pvp great again ! Support the Soloque !Ravenflow47 13m
19m Nerf lock so we can have 4 months of fun ^Bankerganker83 19m
1h Hardest to easiest class in arena? I was wondering what the community thought was the easiest to hardest in arenas. Please note if you mean in 2s and 3s since it can differ alot between classes.Trankos157 1h
1h Belf silence removed Let us all pay our respects towards Arcane Torrent's Interrupt, as it has served us well... *New* Arcane Torrent removes 1 beneficial effect from enemies within 8 yards instead. 1h
1h Belf Racial will still be overpowered Rogues, Warriors, Demon Hunters, Death Knights now being able to dispel major defensive such as BOP, Spell Reflect, Shields and other things is just a joke. change it into a Mana Siphon Steals 5% targets mana, goes with the belf loreGôd2 1h
2h Bring back healer/dps 2v2 skirms Healers are the hardest specs to play but they don't have any place to practice before going ranked. I know that someone will say "go play random bg" but healing in battlegrounds and healing in arenas are 2 different things. Legion shown that 2x dps skirms are barely played. Definetely less than 2s skirms in WoD. It's shame that such hard specs to play like healers cna't practice because someone cried for banning them from 2v2 skirmishes.Isheartears25 2h
3h Bfa is gonna kill pvp It's gonna be worse than wod, just sayingPepelnik29 3h
3h healers should deal zero damage in pvp look at title, healers should deal no damage otherwise give all dps the healing equal to that of healers dps. Way of the Rage - Warrior becomes immune to all CC and Mortal strike changes into Immortal strike healing everybody for 4 billion Melee Wings 2 - Retribution Paladin can now auto bubble everybody in the game upon death.Gôd31 3h
5h Players who think they know it all You know who you are. You comment on every single topic on the Arena Section, what class is good at this, what class is good at that, what needs to be nerfed, what needs to be buffed, how to counter this, how to counter that etc... And yet your experience in PvP is garbage. Leave the PvP discussions to the players who actually PvP on a fairly high level. And FYI, I don't do PvP on a high level, so don't go and think that this post is about me... GG.Wagner81 5h
12h Pls Fix lock games vs lock are always: any melee need to run away from lock untill damp SUper boring games long and super boring not losing to locks but pls give do somthing that if i stun into my druids clone then i interapt and then i get pet stun into bash and pet interapt it what we do to healer when i burst lock and locks survives pls fix your stupid pvpKayjitsu4 12h
14h Imagine... a Grand Colliseum for 1v1. A thread about a dream :) First of all... Can it be done without major changes? No. Clearly. But it isn't impossible. And the changes need not be active outside of this mode. Moment we enter, our classes / specs differ. All made 1v1 viable based on 3 simple factors: large health pools, lower damage taken and dealt, and cooldowns thatll be re-balanced to be similar to one another in terms of downtime and uptime. And an armor rating thatll result in everyone taking the same damage more or less ( Depending on ability balance of course) Imagine a Grand Colliseum alike the one from The Elder Scrolls Oblivion where we, the player enter. Fighting for Gold and Glory versus monsters or other gladiators to prove who truly is the best. Chris Metzen or someone else with an epic voice narrate our entry! The glorious player who seeks the wonders of victory and fame. Both of the participants! And there could even be titles involved which would be magnified in the speech to dignify progress for being the last man / woman standing. A different way of PvP for the whole family who want to see just how great they are... or die miserably :) How could this be done you ask? WoW is balanced around 3v3 and that ain't gonna change. Correct. And thats fine. I hear you. I'm not saying alter it in any other mode. I just suggest a scaling system where in this theoretical mode, we'd get our healths buffed 200 % or more, certain cds nerfed = stuff belonging to tanks for instance or certain DPS classes that are duelist specialists. DPS lowered significantly. And then the fight would commence. Whoever did their rotation properly. Used defensive cds at the right time, managed to move better, etc. All of which would culminate in a long, skill based duel where a burst window wouldn't dictate who wins the fight in the long run if all you got is burst. Cds would be balanced so people could get them back in a reasonable amount of time. All participants of course. Things wouldn't be too OP or too weak. Classes with lots of defensives would maybe deal a bit less damage than those with very few. And again... all of it would never leave this 1 specific mode. Isolated scaling for the sake of fun Grand, Glorious, epic gladiatorial fights where players could test their measure. DPS would be DPS: Tanks would be a DPS class but with lower damage of course and more emphasis on lowering damage taken without being ludacris which of course goes for self heal especially in terms of fighting blood DK's or Demon Hunters. Healers would not be allowed to participate because this is all about killing eachother, not healing eachother. Feel free to share your ideas and dreams, fellas! Maybe one day Blizz will give it a shot just for fun. Isolates scaling and a few fixes opens the door to wonders ! Imagine it, fellow warcraft players! A grand tournament. A massive colliseum! A crowd screaming, a commentator describing if we're doing well or about to die horribly! And a glorious entry and victory ! Blizz is being all creative with Warfronts for PVE. Maybe we could see some cool stuff like this for PVP one day. Share your thoughts. Whatever it may be :)Hellscreãm6 14h
14h Pvp Experience What's the deal anyway with 90% of the LFM requests: CR = 0 or Low CR, but 2k+ XP?? Almost everyone seems to have 2k experience, even though they have no rating or low ratings, typical. But, hey, from my perspective, you ARE what your rating says you are. If you are low CR, then you are low CR. I think of someone saying, "I used to be a handsome captain of my local football team, but now I am 40, and have gained 50 lbs." or, I maybe a woman says, "I used to be a model, when I was 15, but at 45, she might not quite look the 'same.'" I get it, that people want to play with good players, but people's rating from 2008, with another class, when they used to play 24 hours per day, and now they only play 2 hours per week...well, it's just not the same. I am not diminishing past accomplishment. Congratulations. But, really, my point is, "you are what your rating says you are." Now, I think there are certain levels where it might make a difference, like gladiator level. I think if you reach that level, you might be able to play-if nothing else on reputation alone, for some time. Then, people complain that there is no one to play with?!? Too many professional gamers I guess. I am have never achieved 2k. Then, again, I never really tried. I might, emphasis on the might. have queued 1000 games over 10 years of Blizzard, across 10+ characters, with no set team. Mostly just capping, or "grinding" (fast queue games) for mount farm. And, yeah 2k, players are better than Cr = 800 players. But, the gap between 1500 (any monkey can get 1500) and 2000 isn't so great. Not, like 2400+, 2800+. I don't really care, I have no really queued much arena in Legion, as I mostly play healers classes (RIP). In sum, You are what your rating says you are. If you're such a pro, you should be 2k, am I right?Jalisco21 14h
15h Holy Paladin in PvP Hi guys, Just returning not so long ago I used to love Holy paladin (From Wrath) but I feel it's changed a lot, maybe for the worse. I took advice from the forums and videos that Holy Paladin / Feral was a good combo, so we tried it. Vs double DPS it seems a straight forward win, there's not really much else to sy. However, vs healer / dps, it appears Paladin has a world of problems. Now bare in mind before I say it - this isn't QQ, in fact it's asking for advice and an opinion on the situation I feel like paladins are in. I often feel that for example resto druid has much more value, I seem to find myself just heal spamming my feral with only 1 CC, while Druids are constantly healing more and having much more CC and they do more damage. Exactly what value does a Holy Paladin offer? I need my Holy Shock constantly for my partner because I'm heal tunneling him constantly, I only have 1 CC (My hammer), compared to a shorter CD of Fears/Cyclone/Bear Stuns. I do less damage than other classes, and I have to be in meele range to even use CS and Judgement isn't high damage compared to other classes. What exactly does Holy Paladin excel in? I'm on the back foot vs every other healer and after researching I seem to constantly be told that feral is a strong combo for me, but why? What is the synergy? It doesn't seem to work that great for me.Skyplusbox4 15h
17h Healer kills me in 3 globals through barkskin OMEGALUL ma boy channelled his inner jackiechan But seriously, 2 million damage within a 3 sec stun. Is this rng or some bull!@#$? I play 4 healers and have never come across this before. Literally turbo cleave does less burst damage than this one mw monk.Greil18 17h
18h Ele/ret LF Chill Peeps Heyo, so uh, I don't usually do this forum thing, but I thought I'd give it a shot. I might be rambling on a bit, but I suppose I could leave a TLDR at the end or something for the more impatient people. Though I guess those aren't really the ones I'm looking for. And now I'm just rambling about rambling. ANYWHO, hi. I've been looking to get into rated PvP for quite some time (like wotlk, lol), but just haven't really taken it beyond dabbling with it a bit. Mostly due to the difficulties in finding partners that you stick with, that all want to improve their skills and do some chill games. At the moment I'm looking to change things up a bit, as I've been what you might consider an altoholic over the years. So now I'd like to go with mainly playing as an Ele, possibly also a bit of Retri, and stick with that. (Currently got all classes at max, though not all are horde) The highest achieve I got ages ago (2011:'D) was for 1550 in 2s, but I have a decent understanding of all classes and how arenas work and now just need to find some like minded chill peeps that want to develop and push some ratings. So if anyone's actually read this far, who plays something that would be compatible with ele and has a working mic, feel free to add me on Omicida#2268Ghorok3 18h
1d Hpal & Feral vs Dk & heal, Lock & Heal Hello Everyone, Me and a friend of mine started playing arena this season. We are not great but we enjoy it. I play Melee Wings and we severely struggle vs DK heal or Lock heal. DK / heal Who should we target (mostly? They have more pressure out of the gate. We try to sync our burst skills on the heal, but very often the grab stops all the pressue. Lock/ heal We just die over time. Unless the healer is a druid, we never really reach a point where a kill would be possible. We tried both targets, WL & healer. We would appreciate some helpful suggestionsCowlol3 1d
1d Glorius Tyranny, can i have it now blizzard? I had it in season 3 wod , got ripped of my weps in pre patch, you told me i could achieve it in legion, but that never happend i achived it in mop season 14, i have it in bag, on 2 weapons i have date of achivement, i have pictures prof. still you wont give me it, and the recuirment you set was duelist, i dident achieve that. thats a bad fix, alot of players feel betrayed, alot of posts, we arent satisfied, please blizzard, just make so if you have the enchant in your bags, you can put trade it for the glorius tyranny, and then learn it on your wardrobe, or just fix so if you have blood enchant/glorius tyranny on weps, it gets off the weps and the scroll goes in your mail/bag, some kind of fix, or simply add this back in next expansion. please i love the design and i want it, and the update of the encahnt was lame, it looked better before and ull have to play at verry high graphics, to even see it, but thats another story, even tho its weird u redesigned it cuz it caused fps drop instead of finding the actual cause, you redesigned the looks, you shud be able to have same looks and fix the fps drops. but either way it still looks like the coolest enchant, so can i have it back? tyBankerganker16 1d
1d Glorious Tyranny READDED 7.3 Enchanter’s Illusion - Glorious Tyranny is now available to purchase from Prideful Gladiator vendors, for characters who earned Duelist: Season 14 or Duelist: Season 15. Enchanter’s Illusion - Primal Victory is now available to purchase from Warmongering Gladiator vendors, for characters who earned Duelist: Warlords Season 1, Duelist: Warlords Season 2, or Duelist: Warlords Season 3. Source: Front page of mmo champion.Moanerlisa303 1d
1d New idea for 5v5/solo queue and tanks in PvP Before you bash it please read it. I'll try to make it short. Everybody remembers our discussion about solo queue. Many people (actually the majority) were against. I see their points and I understand them. So here comes my idea. 5v5s even though they weren't the most attended bracket were really fun and I know many players who enjoyed them. The biggest issue in playing 5v5s was finding 4 other partners to play with. Tanks are also controversial topic in arenas. Many players are completely against them and as they are needed for RBGs people need to practice them somewhere. So to sum up please make 5v5 solo queue bracket. People who doesn't want 3v3 solo queue will be happy cause nothing changed for them. I'd be happy (and some other players) that I will have a game mode with matchmaking that allows me to practice and actually play rated PvP when my partners are offlne. 5v5s forgive more mistakes so they will be more newb friendly. Disabling tanks in 2s and 3s will make them more enjoyable and allowing tanks in 5s will let them also get conquest (new PvP gearing system) and practice for RBGs. I feel that it's possible as we had brawl already with that boss within 5 people groups. What do you think about it?Isheartears14 1d
1d Solo Q for BFA Do we think the dream is alive?Gallant36 1d
2d Questions about the road to 2K rating Hey everyone, i'm currently trying to try for 2k this season. And i've some questions that generally cover some things, i'm playing Assa rogue and currently at 1.5k rating. 1. People leaving after the first game with them is a loss. Generally confusing, if the first game is a win in a pug then they stay but if it isn't they straight up leave. Sometimes it's my fault and sometimes it's theirs or we just got outplayed, but seriously. Not every game is a win. 2. Is it worth bringing in comms? Simple question, really. 3. If i go on a losing streak, what would be the main thing to blame from your own perspective? Most of the time as an Assa i try to apply pressure on both the healer and the dps, this mostly works. I keep up my poisons and bleeds on main target and chase them, and save Blind and Kidney Shot (outside of Vendetta) for offtarget. Does this sound like a legit strategy or should i look for something else? Thanks for any answers.Rolandt12 2d
2d 2v2 MW+?? Noob question Hey Guys im started Arena as a MW Monk, i would like to train on the 2v2 Bracket, before jumping into 3v3, what would be a good DD for MW ? i played with Ferals, they seem do do a lot of damage, but get so much damage inc, i think FDK/DH would be good? played some games with that class and it was smooth, but... but some of my DDs running behind Pillars and die on low life lol... Also i have some problems against DH+heal/Assa+mage-heal,/Feral+Heal, if they Tunnel me, the game is almost lost, il use teleport/Chitorpedo, but they stick so hard on my !@#. im Playing at low cr like 1,5. assa+Mage is the worst, if they get the opener good, almost one of us dies, you die literaly in a gcd, that damage inc is insane.Malaihana5 2d
2d lock, dh, dk and arcane mage nerf soon? Chaos Bolts need to be toned down by 5-6% Demon Hunter need something doing about the amount of mobility, cc, defensive and damage they have, but given that's need some reworking, i'd say lets drop there agility by 4-6%? Death Knight damage output needs dropping by a minimum of 7% Arcane Mage missiles need to be reduced by 20%-25%Stormhorn3 2d
2d Best Healer 2s<-->3s?? 7.3.5 Best Heal For 2v2 <---> 3v3 ???? My Ranking 2s: 1. Resto Druid 2. Resto Shamy 3. Disc Priest 4. Mw Monk 5. Holy Paladin My Ranking 3s: 1. Resto Shamy 2. Resto Druid 3. Mw Monk 4. Disc Priest 5. Holy Paladin Who is the best heal characters??? Legion 7.3.5 Season 7.?!?!Sîfty9 2d
2d Annemia - Aegwynn - DK bot (?) What do you think min 34 full arena on hdÐeceptiøn3 2d
2d finding people to play with is horrible barely anyone plays healers... >.>Alchemiczka63 2d
2d RIP stun immunity for Crane in BFA If you check mmo-champion. The stun immunity is removed from the tooltip.Stunlulz13 2d
2d Why is kiting to win a thing? People running around pillar all game line of sighting every cast, waiting for procs and trying to oom heal before I can oom thers. Affli is not the worst class at this but my dots can be dispelled and deal almost no dmg that way. I have no idea how to win vs: BM-DP or Ele-RD or combs like that. Is there anything I have to know or is it just that broken? A few games now where they just run around wall all game and use every proc they get or let pets deal dmg while my heal slowly goes oom. Whenever I burst its dispelled and then its line of sight again until there are cds to get to them. It's no fun to play this way and I dont know how to win. I deal the same dmg if not more than the enemy but I deal all the dmg to the heal who dispells the dots.Znerol19 2d
3d BfA alpha - Burst CD now on GCD ... I like.Cptncarrot102 3d
3d The optimal gameplay *DISCLAIMER* Please do not talk class specific balance in this thread, but rather focus on the overall gameplay / feel. When i say gameplay i mean the overall way we interact in pvp combat and how fights play out. As of recently, alot of light has been brought to the rated pvp section of WoW as alot of tournaments has been broadcasted on Twitch either by Blizzard themselves or community driven tournaments such as the GCD cups. I'm very happy about this. Because of the recent tournaments (which many of us rated players have followed & discussed here), i think it's more important than ever to discuss how the game should continue to develop in regards to pvp, especially with BFA around the corner. What caught my attention (and many others) is how booring the tournament matchups sometimes are, some say WoW is a hard game to understand (which partly is true) but that's really only half the story here. The other factor here is what i like to define as gameplay, the kind of void that dictates how maches are to be played in a general fashion. A funny term emerged in the middle of Warlords of Draenor which has commonly been used ever since it was spoken about, namely "scripted gameplay". What players mean when they say "scripted gameplay" is that comps are to be played in a certain way, and thats the only way. The skill here is to play enough games with a comp to ultimately master "the script". Another example of scripted gameplay are: "Enemy rogue used vendetta on my dps, im going to bark that, and that's the only time i will ever bark." (Also known as cooldown trading, its a part of the reactive & scripted gameplay). "They do X, we always answer with Y" This type of gameplay worries me alot, i belive this is perhaps the furthest away you can get from optimal gameplay. I think players abandoning their mains to play alts in order to counter comp says quite alot about the state, it's just taking scripted gameplay to the next level. "They queue X, we answer with comp Y" The ideal gameplay in my mind is where no match almost ever turns out exactly the same way, however, we can't have this today and i'll tell you why: Defensive & offensive cooldowns are way too strong in comparison to normal damage / defensive play, which makes it almost impossible to score kills outside cooldowns. This is what i think hinders the game from getting intressing. No matter how much the enemy screw up, you can even trinket air if you'd like, you cannot punish that misstake without cooldowns, at best right now by forcing enemy healer to use a little bit extra mana. This is why we see games going to high dampening in almost every tournament game, the script for both sides are so refined that additional mechanisms such as dampening needs to exist in order for either team to score a kill. Either that or counter comp (which is an extention of the scripted gameplay). An overextention should be punishable instantaniously, a bad trinket should be game ending, missing several kicks should be disasterous etc. So what's my solution? Cooldowns need to matter way less, if its defensive or offensive don't matter. Sustained damage and healing needs to be higher (this is key), and to be able to have this sort of fast paced gameplay you probably would have to reduce the length of CC abillities (this is why defensives are so strong in the first place, to offset long cc durations). With this type of gameplay defensive cds would be forced because of an missplay, not because of an offensive cd. I think thats way more healthier and fun. Another important topic is reactive and proactive abillities, reactive abillities are for instance warlocks unyeilding resolve and an proactive abillity is rogues feint. For this i think alot of reactive abillities have to go/remade into proactive. It's way more fun to watch someone pre-use an abillity rather than responding to an offensive cd. It should kind of work like a reverse kick / juke situation but in terms of damage reduction instead. I think it's infinitly more skillfull to read a given situation and respond in advance to an event rather than responding during an event. What do you guys think, how would you change the gameplay moving forward?Séb5 3d
3d Name of recent arena buddy Heya, I was just thrown off a game in 2's, and I had a really good streak going with a guy whose name i can't recall. I finally was able to log back in, but he was obviously long gone. Is there any way to find out his name? Thanks!Præsteprygl2 3d
3d New Ranked PvP System In BfA In the latest alpha build Ranked PvP icons were added into the game, with the following names: ......As you can see on the image, there are 7 icons, which stands for 7 tiers. Considering other Blizzard games, it really well could be: Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Diamond Master Grandmaster The names fit the icons, and since there are UI elements for it, not just achievement icons, this change is likely. PS: Fix the Demonic Tabard plsExxidae13 3d
4d Guides tab on Bnet or ingame? Hi guys, I play few different PvP games and they all have guide tab on their website/client. Where you can create in game guides, builds. Wouldn't it be nice to make your own builds/guides for every class/spec so we can share them. For example in Dota 2, Heroes of Newerth you had in game tab with guides. You could choose one and follow it. As we have PvP and PvE in the game and most of specs use completely diffrent talents for each then why not? It will help some casuals and newbs to choose correct talents for their situation. Let's say there will be leveling build/dungeon build/raid build/bg/arena/w pvp build. I'm pretty sure that some talents will be changed for different content. I change my talents a lot even for few different bosses in Antorus. I would go even further and ask Blizzard why can't they pay Skill-Capped contributors. Keeping in mind that the amount of PvP players in the game right now I don't believe they earn a lot of money on these guides. Why can't Blizzard pay them a little bit more to upload their guides on Bnet so players can see them for free. Do the same for PvE mythic players. Instead of making the game easier for casuals educate them and make getting knowledge about WoW easier to find. It will be benefitial for us all.Isheartears0 4d
4d Demonic Gladiator's Tabard As a mediocre arena player 2.2-2.5 every season, I find it kinda disappointing that this seasons tabard is the exactly replicate of the Ferocious season tabard. I guess the cloak is fine, and you guys are very busy with BfA and all, but I would appreciate greatly if you could at least recolor it. You could also put in the previous Demonic tabard, even tho it looks kinda meh, at least it's not completely same as the current one. Just a few ideas. Obviously you guys won't have time to design completely new one, but reusing the exact same one from season 4 is not fine imo :(Drainhunter6 4d
4d Need help in learning Resto 3s Hi, i'm quite new to pvp and i would like to get better. Are there any youtubers/guides you can point me to get better at resto pvp? and are there any tips and tricks you can tell me about healing in arenas? btw i don't plan to go top ranks, just have some fun (since i can't raid due to time restraints) and slowly collect some saddles tyvm in advance edit: i also have a mw monk, a holy pala and a resto shaman if you think its better for a new playerClawanorder11 4d
4d T1 Specs least played Hey guys, im wondering why the T1 Specs like Feral and WW are so least played in the ladder ? i see only few r1 Player .. Monk have the the best Comp Selection like 3-4 T1/T2 comps.Xurok21 4d
4d G J BLIZZ in arena damage done . Why still dont nerf this spec ? GJBayramsekeri29 4d
4d streamers should use their voice for the good to remove pvp templates and add pvp gear back. who tf cares about vanilla wow that isnt a 30+ year old casual dad.Welfare10 4d
4d LFG and it's flaws. I wanted to write a 1000 word essay ranting because of how much this pisses me off but no one likes that so I tried to make it as short as possible. LFG is the most cancerous, time wasting place ever. I spend more time in it than I do playing arena. you either meet newbies who are really frustrating to play with or people a bit better than you that leave after one loss. or just complete morons who don't meet what you've specified. I quit the game exactly one year ago because of this reason. I've been back for 20 days now and I'm getting the same exact feeling again, nothing has changed. I was 2.2 in 2s and barely 2k in 3s in legion season 1&2 and I did it all by pugging, never ever used voice. I had no team to push for glad or even just push and learn together. I've had this problem ever since I started wow, it has never changed, playing arena is a nightmare for me even though its what I enjoy most in WoW. Make a system where you can solo Q for arena and you get matched with players within 50 CR of you, if you enjoy the game and have synergy, you can group up. you can blacklist classes you don't want to be grouped with because of comp viability. Of course the regular system we have now will still be here, just add this one. This is just off the top of my head, like its that easy to fix this. UPVOTE IF YOU AGREE WITH THIS, maybe someone who matters actually see's this. Probably not.. but you never know.. This topic just makes me sad because the solution to this problem is so easy if you would just implement this system or think of anything else. This would make arena PVP so much more accessible for people like me who don't have team mates. I'm sorry for the rant, Its just how I feel.Buffmeh6 4d
4d An advice please.. I start with an example, but there are numerous like that happening to me while in arena. I play with my healer and heal my mate, when suddenly, without being kicked or silenced or smoke bomb or whatever, although i press the key with the spell, nothing happens, i press again nothing happens and then the enemy DK gripped me and bring me close to him. It s like I was 1-1,5 seconds behind in time on servers and that s why i couldn't heal, DK had already gripped me but that information hadn't yet arrived to my computer. Is that possible? I generally have no lag (50-55) but in arena environment i cant measure it while playing. My ping is 11 to my provider in my country but to a provider in France (where i think wow eu servers are) is from 80-150. Should is stop playing cause i possibly have this disadvantage from my country? south eu.Hiktyra3 4d
5d Orc racial reworked? Orc relentless is stupid, remove both adaption / relentless as they have 0 skillcap, evry one should have one use trinket. DONEBankerganker12 5d
5d Death Grip, Root, Stun, Dead Death Knight are there stupid faceroll abilities, Death Grip, instant Root, 1 second later 5 second stun, all automatic while they pump out 900k dps.Addiez12 5d
5d Need friends Hey everyone I need new friends to play fortnite with because I think the guys I usally play with is getting bored of the game add me on epic games name is dava99 pls dont play on your phoneLildaddy0 5d
5d Melee range lag Why is it that if I am 100% speed and my opponent is 100% I cannot hit them, yet if we are both 50% (ie even if I am slowed too) I can. I basically have to keep hamstring up 100% because the second it falls off people will exploit this and I will get kited for the next 10 secs. Vs druids especially it's bad because you need to spend half your globals on hamstring.Cllbones0 5d
5d Game was perfect And they f*cked it up so bad, I don't get how they thought it was a bright idea to dumb down the game like that Class design has always changed massively between each expansion, but you always had decent fun on a few classes, even in WoD But now...Only Survival has an acceptable number of spells, and it's getting pruned and dumbed down in BfA too. I miss [insert any non-Legion expac here] so badSrav46 5d
6d Weekly rewards Where can we see what the weekly reward ilvls are for rated arena and rbg? What ilvl for 0 rating 1500 1800 etc Im lostFloppan0 6d
6d why does server lag still affects warriors? ive played my warrior for 2 days its still very rarely happens to any of my other toonsTerranoize0 6d