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6d Ranked PvP Item Levels Now that BFA Season 1 is underway, we’ve seen a number of questions about the item levels of various rewards and reward tiers. Here’s an outline of the current item levels you’ll see when you receive rewards from ranked PvP: Tier, Rating, End of Match iLvl, Weekly cache iLvl, Weekly Azerite item iLvl Unranked, 0 – 1399, End of Match 340, Weekly cache 355, Weekly Azerite item 355 Combatant, 1400 – 1599, End of Match 350, Weekly cache 365, Weekly Azerite item 355 Challenger, 1600 – 1799, End of Match 360, Weekly cache 370, Weekly Azerite item 370 Rival, 1800 – 2099, End of Match 365, Weekly cache 375, Weekly Azerite item 370 Duelist, 2100 – 2399, End of Match 370, Weekly cache 380, Weekly Azerite item 385 Gladiator, 2400+, End of Match 375, Weekly cache 385, Weekly Azerite item 385 Some reminders: End of match rewards are occasional. For your weekly item Conquest turn-in, see Marshal Gabriel in the Salt and Shanty Inn near the Ashvane Docks in Boralus or Xander Silberman at Mugambala in Zandalar and complete the quest Conquest's Reward. You’ll loot your weekly cache reward from a chest in that area. The weekly cache items can Warforge/Titanforge. Additional information: If you’ve filled up your Conquest bar for the week (500 points), you’ll receive a reward in the chest of an appropriate item level. The item level of the reward will be based on the highest bracket in which you won at least one game last week. For example, if you played and won at Duelist in 3v3, expect to receive a reward with an appropriate item level for your ranking at the end of the week. However, if you were rated as a Duelist in 3v3, but only participated in 2v2, you wouldn’t receive a Duelist level item unless you had won a game in 3v3 Now go strike down your enemies!Kaivax28 6d
10 Oct PvP Disqualification Policy Update As part of our continued efforts to combat cheating and unfair play in World of Warcraft, we’ve recently made a change to our policies regarding PvP disqualifications. As of the Battle for Azeroth Pre-Patch, any player who is found to have engaged in unfair practices that result in their disqualification from end-of-season PvP rewards will also have their ability to queue for rated PvP matches immediately revoked. This restriction will continue through the remainder of the season in which they were disqualified, which includes the current “Post-Season” available until Battle for Azeroth launches. This change is intended to minimize the impact that disqualified players have on those who are playing legitimately while the PvP season continues, and is just one aspect of our ongoing commitment to upholding the competitive integrity of World of Warcraft PvP.Lore22 10 Oct
20 Mar Legion PvP Season 6 Ends March 21 The gates will close on Legion PvP Season 6 for all Arena and Battleground competitors on March 21 at 6:00am CET. Season 6 – End of Season Rewards If you participated in Season 6, to ensure you receive the rewards that you’re due, please keep the following in mind: Refrain from transferring your character(s) to another realm or faction until after Legion Season 6 has ended. Legion Season 6 titles and mounts will be awarded approximately two weeks after the season ends. Faction-Based Rewards Don’t forget—end-of-season rewards are based on your faction. If you transfer your character to the other faction, you must have 50 wins after your transfer to receive the reward. Please note that you must have 150 wins for Gladiator and Dominant Gladiator.Aerythlea0 20 Mar
2m feral, balance or resto for 2's? Hello! I love to play arena, and this expansion i want to push and win. I don't know if i should play resto, feral or balance. What do u guys think? i like them all equally.... Maybe i just want to dps in arena though... which is the best?Dunloop10 2m
4m How to beat Lock/SPriest ? Hi all , I am improving now , but as i am going up this remains my big problem , i play double melee ( turbo or KFC , but mainly turbo ) I can try the mongol way and full zerg lock on go since leaving a lock is always a bad idea and maybe healer !@#$s up and lock goes down in open , but if he survives we lose every time How would you guys deal with this ?Shadowheel6 4m
7m Which healer to roll? Hey :) I currently play Mage but just can't seem to gel with the class at all - which is a shame as they're in quite a nice spot currently. So I am looking at rolling a healer as its the one role we currently lack in the circle of friends I play with and our main focus is PvP. I would be playing mainly 2s with a Rogue but occasionally with any combination of Boomkin, Havoc DH, Frost DK, Arms Warrior and Rogue. I was leaning towards Druid, however with the nerfs rolling out didn't want it to be a wasted experience so to speak. Any ideas?Casterbaiter29 7m
19m Fire Mage is just too much Remove Greater Pyroblast and give them a flat nerf , no class should do this much damage with CDs And if you add Ring , Sheep , Range kick , slows ...... GG you die no matter whatShadowheel16 19m
32m Blizzard fixing DKs Been waiting 1 month for promised DK "fix" and this is what we get: - Unholy Mutation (the only PVP talent that is worth a !@#$) REMOVED - Heartstop Aura REMOVED from Unholy I officially have no hope for DK and I'm glad I leveled my survival hunter. 32m
47m How to beat fire rmpala Think i have 10% winrate against that comp on 2.4cr/2.5mmr. We just don't live through all the constant pressure and paladin defensives, we tried almost everything (we play frost rmp), going on rogue(which is usually the to go way according to most of the people i played with), going mage, going paladin. The only times we won it felt like they !@#$ed up bigtime overlapping defensives and even then it was a close game.Omega0 47m
50m needed upcoming hotfix List of changes that need to be put through asap. Figures are just rough guesses off of the top of my head. Alternatively to nerfing all of the overpowered/overtuned specs you could just buff the under performing specs to make the game fast pace, but I don't think anyone would be having fun if every game was the equivalent of 4 enhance shamans destroying each other in seconds regardless of comp/classes both teams were playing. Would be nice if some middle ground could be found, but that's asking too much taking into consideration how few and far between all pvp tuning has been so far (except for warrior nerfs :DD) DK - survivability buff and chains nerf down to 50% Shadow priest - Edge of insanity nerf down to 10% Moonkin - overal damage nerf by 5-10% Rsham - mana nerf Enhance shaman - damage nerf 5-10% (alternatively, just nerf Ride the Lightening and Forked Lightening honor talents by 30-50%) Havoc DH - damage nerf 5-10% Ret Pala - Mastery increase wings trait nerf Assa rogue - nerf 5% mw monk - crane damage nerf by 20-25% Feral druid - 5-10% dmg nerf Frost mage - reduce slows to 50%, CoC being only exception WW monk - Increase damage of FoF, make it stun, and reduce incap CDTom8 50m
53m new glad system and rng system who actually asked for the gladiator to be changed from 0.5% of the ladder??? why arent there vendors so i can actually choose what traits i want and not have to rely on rng ???? why do you guys do nothing the people who the game ask you to do ??? wow is the best game ive ever played but this expansion could be the nail in the coffin for modern wow.Enggöd7 53m
1h Holy Paladins in PvP hey there, i'd like to point out how holy got slaughtered in BFA. please do something. I want to put aside PvE, where palas are weak but somewhat playable (i acknowledge that other healers perform better, but you can still do m+10 and mythic raiding without too many issues). PvP just feels completely hopeless instead. forgive me for what i'm saying but i've been on 3000 rating and have 10+ gladiator mounts, all obtained as holy through the years - i know what i'm talking about. I'll just list what we lost from Legion so that you can draw your conclusions 1) Divine favor This spell was broken as it was possible to purge it and get kicked in the same gcd from mages / shamans, and it needed fixing. it could even be interrupted by belf silence rofl. HOWEVER it was useful in 70% of games. In BFA, you CANNOT use this spell. if you choose it as a talent, you will miss out on double blessings / light's grace / sac immunity. it's impossible to make a choice. 2) GCD changes I'm all up for the gcd changes in BFA tbh, but Holy paladins were always built around quick responsive heals. by the time you use wings or holy avenger, you are already behind in healing. this is a problem because our spells DO NOT HEAL enough. HPS is garbage. 2.1) Divine Steed + Hand of freedom This feels clunky and slow. freedom will be purged by the time you press divine steed. Can't escape melees efficiently. I remember being able to steed+freedom+holy avenger and holy shock within the same 1,5secs, now you need 4 seconds to do that. ???? 3) No more Artifact proc for large holy light heal when your beacon dropped below 50%. I think this was called The Light Saves or something. I cannot complain too much, I get it that artifacts overpowered us within the lore of the game; and every class lost something. nevertheless, with the current healing throughput, this should make a return somehow. it's just needed 4) Single Beacon does NOT replicate mastery anymore! Try it. heal yourself and then heal your Beacon of Light (without having beacon of faith as a talent) 40 yards away. watch the -% healing due to mastery not being replicated. this is a HUGE nerf. I cannot stay next to my team mates in arena, in the open. hello? 5) No more 30% speed from Hand of Freedom this was used to kite melees. it was a very good talent as it required some skill and thought for it to be useful. it could be countered from melees with many gap closers or instant purge (warrior / feral / dh / enh sham) but still very handy if used properly. Cya 6) Double beacon flat % healing nerf As the header says, they just heal for less now. alright 7) Blood elf racial the silence finally went to its damn place - the trashcan. HOWEVER, i'm STILL losing games JUST BECAUSE THE ENEMY PLAYS BLOOD ELF. BoP is instantly purged! there's no more trash buffs so VERY often my only buff is BoP itself. you obviously cannot count on having light's grace stacks, as if you are bopping yourself, you're likely desperate or you cannot cast / weren't able to cast earlier. this means you don't have light's grace stacks. 8) Hand of Sacrifice + Light of the martyr 40% dmg reduction Artifact traits reduced the dmg you took from these spells. Now they're gone. Using sacrifice is far more dangerous than before.Odrareg74 1h
1h Item LvL vs Socket on weapon. So i have a 345 Weapon with BiS stats and socket, would it be better than a 365 with worse stats in Arena since of scailing?Aintblind5 1h
2h Glorius Tyranny, can i have it now blizzard? I had it in season 3 wod , got ripped of my weps in pre patch, you told me i could achieve it in legion, but that never happend i achived it in mop season 14, i have it in bag, on 2 weapons i have date of achivement, i have pictures prof. still you wont give me it, and the recuirment you set was duelist, i dident achieve that. thats a bad fix, alot of players feel betrayed, alot of posts, we arent satisfied, please blizzard, just make so if you have the enchant in your bags, you can put trade it for the glorius tyranny, and then learn it on your wardrobe, or just fix so if you have blood enchant/glorius tyranny on weps, it gets off the weps and the scroll goes in your mail/bag, some kind of fix, or simply add this back in next expansion. please i love the design and i want it, and the update of the encahnt was lame, it looked better before and ull have to play at verry high graphics, to even see it, but thats another story, even tho its weird u redesigned it cuz it caused fps drop instead of finding the actual cause, you redesigned the looks, you shud be able to have same looks and fix the fps drops. but either way it still looks like the coolest enchant, so can i have it back? tyBankerganker36 2h
3h What am i even playing..... Hello and cheers for taking the time to read my post. Before i begin please don't take this as a QQ post. i'm just an average Jo who plays casually with friends and normally finish between 1700-1900 in the 2v2 and 3v3 brackets and would just like to share and see everyone else's opinions. So iv came back after shelfing my druid for a couple of weeks (just wasent really enjoying it) to play some 3v3 games with a hunter and frost dk friend of mine (i know DK in BFA LULZ) now as of this expansion iv absolutely hated 3s. The damage right now just feels absolutely insane, your team mates can go from 100% to dead while your in a single ranged stun, It's just really not fun to play in. I am aware other healers are dealing with 3s better than druids right now (paladin/Shaman) but what i witnessed today just takes the cake..... 3v3 game vs Firemage/Rogue/priest: Game started and i made my way towards a pillar hotting my team mates and going into stealth - fire mage casted greater phyro as the rogue sapped our dk. He opened on hunter and i sh!t you not, the hunter went from 100% to dead in a single global. Now now I KNOW we shouldnt let a mage cast that sh!t but its our first few games in like 2-3 weeks, was just capping some games/messing around and i know there has been some tweaks since them to certain classes. But really ? killing players in a single f*cking global ? i honestly cant recall a single season where iv seen this happening before. No exaggeration here. 100% to dead in a single global - 1 second. Same thing happend vs enhancement/moonkin - they popped everything and stunned/focused me. I trinketed and LoS'd round the back of a pillar with tiger dash and upon casting my first regrowth i seen my DK's hp go from 70% to dead in a global again. Is this honestly what the game has come to ? please somebody correct me if i am wrong and this sort of stuff has gone on every season but i honestly dont want to play anymore lol. Just getting silly now...... Also: i can understand that it is the start of the season and everyone's hp is low due to S1 gear (end season gear gives way more hp) but with this new scaling system how exactly is this going to pan out ? or will it ? Really interested to hear everyone else's experiences and stories.Risp8 3h
6h MW is gonna be aids in 8.1 Scroll down and see the change: Chrysalis Reduces the cooldown of Life Cocoon by 60 sec. Also got the trait buffed Burst of Life in an earlier build, which reduces Life Cocoons CD also by 20 seconds (don't know if it works stacked) means we will have 40 sec cd life cocoons gg game. Also the Eminence buff on top which makes their port 20 seconds again.Cutîepie6 6h
7h Enhance, SP, Mage and DK needs nerfs Enhance needs further dmg nerfs (still 10k dps btw:D ) SP edge of insanity needs to be nerfed/reworked (double SP queuing at 3150mmr 3v3), literally unkillable Frost mage and DK slows shouldn't exceed 50%, in legion they were both how they are now and mid way through the expansion the Devs realised how busted it was and made them all 50%. Only spell that it's okay being 70% slow is Cone of ColdFolk37 7h
8h how to fix azerite system give us vendors and make traits be like pieces of gear we buy from vendors with conquest points.we can buy the trait we want and adjust it to the piece we gems You can make new traits each season for us to can even make unique traits for high rated players so they have a reason to push rating.same can apply for mythic could make those traits only usable in pvp or pve You could have them also drop from arenas or raids as long as we could also buy them from vendors this way we get rid of rng and we get the customization we need and want tune down the overpowered traits,tune a bit classes and we have something that resembles a game #availableforhireTerranoize0 8h
8h Nice job btw low ilvl This shouldnt be possible btw. 3k rating with this !@#$ty gear Nice jobSkjutarn24 8h
8h Assa Rogues Is there any possible way to beat this retarded specc in 2v2? It literally all i face at around 2100 mmr just tonight 14/17 games contained Assa Rogues, no matter what we try we cannot beat it. It reminds me of pre-patch its the exact same thing right now, they are left untouched while Warriors are quickly nerfed everytime we are doing well, while Assa gets a 6% nerf which does nothing at all. Make Sub the go to pvp specc, atleast it requiers more than Kidney + Vendetta = dead monk everytime.Valorous12 8h
9h Prot paladin & arenas Does it work and which comps are the best for it in 2s? My friend is playing a frost mage and a boomkin and we wanted to give it a try once i hit 120 :)Hexpert3 9h
9h Just gonna leave this here... Balanced game btwMn3 9h
10h PvP doesn't feel fair at all. PvP is really unbalanced right now, and I cant believe nothing is done about it. ** Keep in mind that this is coming from a melee class, and that other specs might not face the same problems as me ** Specs/Classes Like: Demon Hunter, Fire Mage, Boomkin Druid, Shadow Priest need to be changed ASAP. Demon Hunters are so annoying to play against, I might aswell /leave if I'm in a game of 2v2 and the DH is paired up with something like a resto druid that has mobility. Their dodge chance feels like 50%, and I might aswell go healer even though I know he is going to run from me while I am slowed and taking the... from the DH. Fire mage are ACTUALLY killable, but their damage is so high that you probably wont even get time to get them to 50% after block, before your face gets melted by 50k pyros. Go on youtube and search for "Mitch Jones" , and you will see him play double fire mage killing everyone. Boomies feel the same, every game I face one in 3v3 I have to push him because otherwise he will go 100 to 0 in 30 seconds even though I popped defensives. And even though I go on him, it feels like there is nothing I can do but roll the dice and hope that he messes up. Shadow priests are a whole new level of meme, they slowly eat your soul while you pop all your defensives and end up doing about 30-50% of their hp before they get full again and your team dies. Resto druids arent too much of a problem in 3v3, but in 2v2 arena they have too much mobility, and there is no way you can reach them, because if you manage to slow the guy, he will shift in and out of his forms, and your slow aint there anymore buddy. They also have thorns, which you can do something about if you have spell ref, but the time your spell ref up is a lot lower than the overall time of thorns. Warlocks are like fire mages, they can die, but you will get rinsed before you can kill them unless you pull something nice off. Their Chaos Bolt deals too much damage, and their other abilities dont do anything, so if you are in 2v2 with limited kicks and stuns, they will melt you. However I'd like to say that I think that they should get buffed in certain aspects, just not the Chaos Bolt one.Mn11 10h
11h NERF DH And Arena is fixed. K thx bye.Spherry143 11h
11h Fix resto druid, it is trash now. They take away our blink and reduced frenzied regeneration in bfa. As a compensation we get better passive tanking and stronger lifebloom with focused growth. After series of nerfs we have NOTHING. No blink, no good regeneration, no passive tankiness, our focused growth and healing output nerfed to the ground. We die just in one stun. If melee swap on resto druid especially rogue or DH we are dead. FiX US PLEASE ASAP! Resto druid was trash tier healer in legion S7, at the beginning of BFA we had a hope, but now we are trash tier again. Resto druid right now has no tools and no tankiness to survive melee train. If enemy team focus resto druid and tunnel it for 1 min we have no chances. Give us blink back, bring back old frensied regeneration. Fix our focused growth to give 50% per stack. Revert this !@#$ing nerf with 10% healing reduction back. Give us option to cast lifebloom and reguvenation on ourself when in bear, cat or travel form!!! If blizzard will not fix resto druid enjoy longer waiting queues for healers in arena.Leonabrams174 11h
13h I just killed a warlock I just logged my low geared alt, did a rbg,got killed by 80k chaos bolt. Enraged, found that warlock and just killed him in 3 globals without even popping cds, just on use blue pvp trinket. It wasnt fun for me and I doubt it was fun for him. Blizzard, dont u think its time to hire a pvp balance team finally?Holysiht6 13h
14h Hotfixes Oct 10 THANK YOU THANK YOU for ONLY nerfing Chains of Ice and not touching the damage beside some tooltip changes with .26% (you have done this in the past). THANK YOU for not listening to the people who were calling for extrodinarily ridiculous nerfs in terms of damage and template nerfs. I am very grateful as a main Death Knight player and I thank you very much for this. I am not an extrodinary player, I have only been 2.5 this season or 2483 or something very close. However, as a player of both Frost and Unholy within the PvP aspect of the game I can tell you, without a shadow of a doubt, those 'called-for' damage nerfs were not needed and are not needed. Thank you! - Very appreciative Death Knight playerCóve39 14h
15h Put shadow Step on GCD to fix Rogue Simple Fix which will tone them down to normal class level.Lion27 15h
15h Rogue + Mage in 2s Hey guys, just curious if anyone is playing the comp in 2s. I know Dps/Healer is still the best in 2s but still wanna know if anyone is playing that on a higher rating with success. Im currently stuck between 1800-1900 at the moment. Maybe some of you got some tips or just share your experience :) CheersVhil6 15h
15h Vendors vendors vendors Vendors vendors vendors vendors vendors vendors vendors vendors vendors vendors vendors vendors vendors vendors vendors vendors vendors vendors vendors vendors vendors vendors vendors vendors vendors vendors vendors Vendors vendors vendorsShamurai110 15h
16h Feral Vs DH's How do I beat them? x) Was just playing with a holy pala in 2's, and we were winning every game pretty much, except against demon hunter where we had 100% loss rate, and I'm just not sure how to beat them, the paladin I was playing with was 2600 and he was just as confused as me Tried focusing healer, focusing DH, split damage, everything, but every game we played against them we lost I did manage to get them low from time to time but was never able to get them finished This isn't a complaint thread, it's an advice thread, any idea out there from ferals how to beat DH's? Thanks!Selenabromez3 16h
16h PvP is changing! Hear me out! I've started to PvP again since the start of BFA and I have some stuff to get off my chest, feel free to beat my !@# cuz of my opinion or agree with me! PvE is changing PvP People that are struggling in PvP and can't get above 2k+ in 2v2/3v3 have to do PvE, to get 370+ gear for pvp. A lot of people do PvE for the gear since the Azerite pieces help tons in pvp and the Ilvl gives you a decent advantage too.. But what if someone (Like me) dont wanna do PvE to do better in PvP since there shouldn't be a reason to do PvE to achieve more in PvP. There has been made 2 sections for a reason, you don't like PvP then do PvE etc.. But now basically we or atleast I feel forced to do PvE.. I understand that everyone can achieve anything if you just work towards it. And I won't lie , I've seen a couple people with 2k+ at 350+ but it's really rare to find those good players.. but the gear disadvantage is just not funny for those who can not farm PvE due to its not fun or having only time to queue for arena's Healers Lots of people with hate me cuz of this.. but healers DPS are getting out of hand.. Most of the healer classes are basically doing 50% dps of the normal DPS in arena's and that ruins the reason of having a healer.. when they deal dps instead of healing.. and can 1v1 a god damn DPS DPS I'll have to make this small since there is to much to talk about.. But basically the DPS is way to high and I'll be talking for tons of people here, DH/Fury/Assas/ Firemage/ tons of other classes.. but it ruins the purpose of setups if they can just kill you in a opener and short after.. We don't use offensive cds smart anymore, we just use them instantly cuz we know it kills a target or makes them use all the DEF cds.. this is to broken I can keep talking more about the PvP but what I would love to happen is.. I would love to see back the Honor/Conquest Vendors and I want PvE gear to get a downscale in PvP like the good old times.. And the DPS/HealDPS speaks for its self I hope to see some good feedback and some people to show me different opinions in a nice way, have a nice day peeps/blizzardDruidkille13 16h
17h Gladius problem I cant synchronized it correctly into pvp content. I see at the same time gladius enemy health bars and default game's enemy health bars at the same time on the right of the screen. What can i do to works good..? I am so tired of all these addons !@#$...! You need skills,you need to know about all those addons setting....etc...I dont know what to do. I cant play pvpWilmer6 17h
18h PvP community toxicXhyl0 18h
19h The Times They Are A Changin' ♻️ I thought I'd present this as a discussion topic, so feel free to add your thoughts and opinions! I'd be curious to hear what people think. ❤️ The frequency & volume of class balance changes in Arenas! In The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King Blizzard weren't able to implement class balance changes through hotfixes, so changes to Arenas only happened every 3-4 months when a client-side patch was released. In Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria Blizzard began implementing class balance changes through hotfixes by releasing a lot of them together, usually a week into a new Arena Season. After that they usually didn't make any more class balance changes before the next Arena Season (outside of extreme cases and bug fixes). In Warlords of Draenor and Legion Blizzard began implementing class balance changes more frequently – they became almost a monthly happening. The volume of changes decreased a bit over time, but the frequency of changes increased a lot. In Battle for Azeroth Blizzard have continued to implement class balance changes through hotfixes very often, almost semi-weekly now. Blizzard have approached class balance changes to Arenas very differently in each expansion over the past many years. Which is the right way to do it, and why? Here are some different questions you can use as starting points or as inspiration, if you want: How often should Blizzard make class balance changes to Arenas, and should they focus on making broad changes to many classes or surgical changes to a select few specs? Is it more important that the meta-game evolves naturally, allowing players to adapt and develop new strategies, or is it more important that Blizzard makes continuous adjustments to the meta-game based on player feedback? And why? Is it healthier for the competition if all class balance changes are implemented before an Arena Season begins, or is it healthier for the competition if Blizzard makes class balance changes throughout an on-going Arena Season? Is it better if Blizzard tries to make all 36 specs somewhat-balanced, but without all of them being equally viable, or is it better if they focus on just making 12 specs – one from each class – extremely well-balanced and top-tier? Feel free to answer any or all of the above – or you can simply write your general thoughts and opinions about the topic, if you wish. ⚠️ This isn't about any specific buffs or nerfs you want to see right now. It's about the general design philosophy, so try to keep the current class balance issues out of it. ⚠️Jito14 19h
21h Classes above 10k DPS in Arena? How is this legitimately considered ok when the majority of the playerbase can't even maintain above 10k DPS in PvE lmao. For example, Not like it was even a quick burst, Maintained 11k DPS over 5m 30. (Dmg below his is boomy idk why it shows Resto.Necrotiq18 21h
21h Why is PVP community so toxic? What's the reason of this? I remember good times when you just could play some arenas with random people. Now you go play 3v3 cap and rogue with 1400 rating in 800 games (352-423) says that you are boosted. How people in this pretty game became so mongoloid?Bydlø40 21h
21h Quick reminder on balance for devs You think its a another qq thread about some OP spec ? wrong! In fact its just a reminder (for anyone who forgot/didn't know) that there is an other way to balance a game than number tuning. HUUU?? NO WAY??? WHAT IS tHAT??? =>its call skillcap. Because removing/adding difficulty to a spec is also a way to balance a game. quick/rough exemple there for anyone having an hardtime understanding that: Lets consider a class having no utility, no ccs, no heals, but a single spell dealing around 95% of the maximum hp of a player. =>Yes, they are broken thus you will see this one class everywhere, at all rating. As there is no point in playing anything else. Now lets say that this spell still deal the same amount of damages but now need a really precise timing and set up to be cast, so that only the 0,001% of the best players can pull it out effectively. => Now this class is nowhere to be found in arenas except in 3 first rank of the ladder as there is only that much players who mastered it. See numbers are the same? However the spec went from OP, to absolutely not playable except if you're a god at the game. Ofc its a pretty rough exemple. So its also a thread to point out the fact that balance tuning can have different impacts depending on the players lvl/skill, and that skillcap/design changes can be a way more sophisticated approach than number tuning as it allows to target more efficiently the balance problems. However it also require a little more brain. So, next time anyone doing a balance thread, pliz at least try to bring interesting design solutions, rather than a blank % nerf/buff. Thx.Ilidylan2 21h
22h Weekly Gladiator Gear? Hello! I make this post in order to get an answer on a question I have. I PvP for fun. I dont pursue a high rating or anything like that. I just like the looks of the gear and generally go on Arena with friends or people I can comp with and hit my 500 Conquest Weekly cap in order to get the new item each week. But today (Oct 17th) the Conquest cap reset and now the next item I can get is Dread Gladiator's Plate Girdle. I am still missing some items like the helm or some others, but i definately have the Dread Gladiator's Plate Clasp which is same looks and same ilvl (355). I use a M+ item however so I only care about the looks for the PvP plate set. How does this work? Why do we get a belt again, while we are still missing some other items? I am asking from a collector's pov, because I like collecting sets.Dragonclaw0 22h
22h Same reward again? I wonder how long it will take for bliz to answer this 22h
22h Can someone explain gearing please? I'm so confused. Is 370 wrong traits better than 340 right traits because of the main stat gain? What is this high azerite low ilv socketed off set thing and how why does it work? How does main stat priority work with the damage scaling between players? Any clarification would be appreciated.Tropics2 22h
22h sub numbers(leaked)down to 1.7 million today i had a bowl of pinats on my right hand.i had warfronts in the background standing in the boat.i was watching youtube in the front screen eating my pinats while i occasionaly alt tabbed to move my character so he wont be afk and kick me out of the last stage when the gates went down i rushed in with the bowl in my right hand and with my left hand i pressed 1,2,3 as the boss went down this is what wow has become.instead of customizing my character thinking of what gear should i get from vendors so i can play arena games,i have to do some boring afk fiesta pve battleground wannabe which you cant lose because they gate gear in it which is also rng and i might not be able to use it.and yes i was afk eating pinnuts.cause its !@#$ty content what buffles me is the fanboys comming to defend each mistake they make like stacking overpowered traits.theyre not realising what wrong theyre doing.theyre ruining the game for all of us ppl are leaving and the game is gonna be entirely dead soon.and developers along with blizzard white knights still dont get it now the source is weak auras ,its unconfirmed and theres also a video about it here it is multiple posts about it are getting deleted by blizzard and this will be possibly down very soon so to all blizzard white knights come spit vile fast while you canTerranoize19 22h
22h PvP LFG system is not functional. Greetings, friends. I have to spend hours searching for partners in order to play a few games at most. Every evening that i want to pvp i spend 2-4 hours in queue, but mostly i end up going to sleep without any success. Current pvp lfg system is bad in every aspect. There are no filters, there aren't enough players in it. If you don't have friends that want to pvp and have proper exp\specs - you i'll not be able to play PvP on a competitive level. I want to come home, join queue like in PVE and play the damn game. I don't want to wait for hours to play few games and go to sleep. I want something like "solo queue" system. Leave current System as is for premade teams and add another separate bracket for those who don't have full friend list of gladiators, so maybe people will actually have an ability to play this game?Гвинхаэль13 22h
23h Stuck at 1400 Rating (I apologize for the Broken English, tried my best) Aight, at this point i need a genuine advice from Good PvP Player (preferably Warriors). So, after dabbling In PvP in the Mid-Legion part, i took a liking to it, after not doing any kind of PvP for several years. Been around doing rated PvP for around 2 season in Legion, and as BfA hit i decided to Try to mix PvP into my gameplay more than i had before, as i took enjoyment in it. I also had hopes of achieving Gladiator at least once in BfA, but sadly i seem to be underskilled for it. I was able to reach 1.4k CR in around 2 days in 2v2, and then I hit the wall, of being 50/50 Of Wins and Loses, which kept me from 1350-1450, not allowing me to go any higher, and after multiple arenas that went this way, i had decided to go for 3v3. This went pretty well at the beggining. Again i was able to reach 1400 in pretty short amount of time. But yet again, after hitting it, i hit the wall of constantly being matched with very hard counters to my own comp. Now i am sitting Here writing this post at 1.4k in 3v3 remaining, not wanting it to go lower, asking for Help and advice on what to do. I have read up on a couple guides, and watched some videos of BfA warrior's PvP, So i am trying my best. But there might be some better ideas, considering that widespread information about comps abd talents is pretty contradictory, And everytime i tried to change my playstyle i came to a strong Halt i my progress. I hope there might be some people who might be able to help me.Harkus8 23h
1d What healer should I play? Hey guys, A friend of mine wants to play arena with me. He plays arms warrior and I know that a 2v2 with a warrior needs a healer, but Im not sure if heal paladin is fun for me. I also got a 110 shaman and a 110 monk to play with. What do you guys think suits arms warrior best? I'm willing to try everything :) GreetingsVaranesh2 1d
1d WW/Rogue/healer Hi i want to know if this comps will work or need to reroll for a mageßelegar2 1d
1d Why are the EU forums low populated? Compared to the US forums? I only read the arena subforum, so can't judge on the other parts of this forum. Are there that many more players\pvpers in the US?Yxx7 1d
1d Game is officially dead? just spent 2 hours afk in group finder trying to find a healer at 1.9 cr and literally 0 of the same cr popped up wtf? im only 1.9 cr not like im looking for a 2.7 / 5x glad healer is this game really so dead now i cant even play at 1.9 cr ?Miamalkovaxo43 1d
1d F.U.B.A.R thats what your game isTerranoize1 1d