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20 Mar Legion PvP Season 6 Ends March 21 The gates will close on Legion PvP Season 6 for all Arena and Battleground competitors on March 21 at 6:00am CET. Season 6 – End of Season Rewards If you participated in Season 6, to ensure you receive the rewards that you’re due, please keep the following in mind: Refrain from transferring your character(s) to another realm or faction until after Legion Season 6 has ended. Legion Season 6 titles and mounts will be awarded approximately two weeks after the season ends. Faction-Based Rewards Don’t forget—end-of-season rewards are based on your faction. If you transfer your character to the other faction, you must have 50 wins after your transfer to receive the reward. Please note that you must have 150 wins for Gladiator and Dominant Gladiator.Aerythlea0 20 Mar
2h Demonic Tabard how is this not fixed yet, even on beta it's the scuffed old oneExxidae0 2h
3h Arms in 2s? Been doing a lot of 2s this week and i feel pallies dks and dh can put out more dmg then i can is that normal? Also should my healers be kiting better when i peel for them? I have noticed some of my healers (i que with randoms) stand out in the openXinwi19 3h
4h Drainerx Banned On Twitch? I was watching Drainer's stream and it randomly took me to this screen ( Just wondering whether its a problem on my end or is he actually banned?Chakrä18 4h
5h 123123123123 Why is it viable at 2.2k mmr that a ret+enha runs in, pops all cooldowns and spams 123 213 123 123 on the shaman till he dies? They dont care about the other players on my team at all, just 123 123 123 123. fk it sucks to play healerLavamanden16 5h
8h PVP feedback I would like to know if Ion is just ignorant or what the **** is happening here. There are tons of topics from players about how gearing in Legion is bad. There is topic for feedback on US forum. But I still don't understand why Blizz continue in almost same s**t in BfA as it was on legion. All what PVP players want is simple VENDOR and currency for buying PVP gear not that rng crap again. "One guarranteed item per week" yaaaay! Hey Blizzard developers can you read or is that too hard for you ?Nölight57 8h
9h LF Longterm partner in Arenas Hi! Basic information about me: I started playing WoW (PVP) in middle WoD - as Rogue as my Main. I had a stable partner in WoD, a Hunter. We tried to reach 2k - we came to 1.7cr in 2s. We played every day, every night for a 6 month period til' Legion released - I quitted WoW. I'm back to WoW again ( Only PVP ), since like 12 months ago. I tried to push with LFG in 3s - went to 1864 on my Rogue. ... But LFG is not good, not any serious people who has any "goal" with PVP or WoW.. -------------------------- Like 6 days ago I just got my Disc Priest to 110 and started learning healing in PVP. Note: That I have never ever healed in WoW before. After 2 days of healing, I reached: ... Highest 2 man personal rating : 1699 Highest 3 man personal rating : 1695 ------------------------------------------ Im LF a longterm partner to play 2s / 3s with. I'm willing to learn more about PvP! As I play every day, 12-14 hours per day. ...Npriest2 9h
11h Retri and PVP Original post in legion class development. Wrote this post in rush and in work some of minds are messy. Also english is not my main language so please don't judge me on this. Hello there, currently i noticed that sometimes there is a gap after burst or hor when i don't have any ability to press offencives and defencives, if i have zeal as a tallent which is basically necessary 3v3 i end up with autoattacks after burst for some time. Even if i switching blessings on me or healer or other dps, ussing eye for eye hoj and sillence there is sometimes gap where i feeling there i missing ability to use, mostly i feel that paladins missing one more attack ability to use or build faster holy power. So outside in pve when you have ring for crusade and divine purpose is quite okay, but still paladin dps i guess is in 22/25, so in pvp basically you have to choose between divine purpose and pray for rng to get procs, or go for crusade which is almost one chance to kill someone in pvp when build stacks and cc right time openent healer and even then it's only possible if you catch on mistake. 2 mobility. So let's talk about retri mobility, divine steed. Well im not sure how much i like this ability or don't like. I guess i already used to play with it, but still mechanic is really bad, it could break roots and others slows, because for 45 sec cd it gives you only couple sec gap closer, which is basicly countered by slow or roots, so for example i use divine steed from bit skiled player i will receive root will use freedom and then i will get slow. So can you imagine retri playing agains mw+dh? Sad story runing arround like retard and being kited like piece of.... Of this reason i can't even reduse my hoj cd because i can't build any HP to cast divine storm or verdict. Seems retris are slowest class in wow right now. It would be great if divine steed break roots and slows, or bring long arm of the law back. In general i enjoy playing retri it's wheelchair but still it's pretty good in Rbs where is cart and cap bases because of aoe tools we have, but i would sacrifice some of aoe to get more sustain dps tool after wings and some mobility,because of flag maps. Also feels it could be shown some more love from devs and holinka.Nympuke31 11h
11h Healing PVP in nutshell stun, kick, stun, desorient, cyclone, trap, stun, polymorph, stun, 2x 6sec silence, trap, kick, stun. You make one mistake, and they global your teammate into the death....SO MUCH CC, SO MUCH BURST DMG, legion is worst pvp xpac ever have been. This is cluster!@#$ %^-*show and playing healer in legion pvp is pain. NO WONDER YOU sit in LFG for hour and cant find healer...its not fun at all..EVERYONE HAVE STUN, KICK ETC...melee have range kicks, what idiot made this a thing, they should fire him, half of melee have range stun, another stupid !@#$. This xpac is %^-* show in pvp sorry to say that... Now all haters hate me cuz i am posting from stupid rogue etc. I have played MW monk and Resto druid this xpac and i can tell you one thing, ITS NOT FUN TO HEAL VS THIS. Dislike and hate i am waiting for you. PEACETashrak20 11h
12h Glorious Tyranny READDED 7.3 Enchanter’s Illusion - Glorious Tyranny is now available to purchase from Prideful Gladiator vendors, for characters who earned Duelist: Season 14 or Duelist: Season 15. Enchanter’s Illusion - Primal Victory is now available to purchase from Warmongering Gladiator vendors, for characters who earned Duelist: Warlords Season 1, Duelist: Warlords Season 2, or Duelist: Warlords Season 3. Source: Front page of mmo champion.Moanerlisa329 12h
13h WE WANT A RANKED SOLO QUEUE ! Enough said ! I'm sick of spending half of my gametime to look for mates ! This is removing all the fun of the game and it made me quit 3 times ! Please Blizzard ! Add a ranked solo queue for arenas with rating ! At least something in parallel !Jazzjin59 13h
16h SoloQue As the title says; I really wish the game had a Solo Que opportunity. Im looking to improve in arenas and would like to spam que, but cant find decent groups. I've spent couple of days now just sitting on my computer AFK at Class Hall trying to get some games going with no luck. I would love to have a choice to just que ranked arenas without the need for a team.Sge29 16h
1d [H] LF MATES PUSH 2K+ CR Hi everyone, i'm looking for long term partners in order to push until the pre-patch :) I pref WLS, Thunder, Turbo, DH i'm 2020 cr atm You can add me here : Outplayz#2531 kiss <3Insanz0 1d
1d Lf long term Hello there! I am 2.1kxp as disc and hpala and now I wana find a long term teammates as dps. I am able to play every class except warlock, but would prefer to play rogue. I am seeking for a dedicated players with decent amount of time (more then 2hours per day- (and before midnight)). From Monday to Friday i play from ~15:00-22:00 CET. If intrested leave a comment or add me--> Boscho#2740 . You can also send me ingame mail or whisper me.Galeewex2 1d
1d rmp counter Hey guys i'm actually looking at the tournament and my question is which comp is really able to stop or counter this comp ? I'm pretty beginner but i think comp like PhP or affli/sp is horrible to play vs them but we didn"t see any :o So what do you think ? =D (Plz try to answer without rage haha )Vørådør39 1d
1d Placements in Arena/PvP Hello blizzard and people Don't you think there should be like placement matches in wow arena like overwatch or league?? Because many times at 1100 rating u face 2400 players or at 2k u face gladiators, just to be more balanced i think should be 10 game placement or something then you get a rank and play people with similar level and rank up from there :) :)Salshady3 1d
1d Need people to play 2v2 with help Total badass warlock with such amazing achivements as [Make love not Warcraft] and the [Duel-icous], and now recently [Grim reaper], cool dude right? im awesome. come play with me :DLightbane0 1d
1d ams is dumb ayy 100% immunity to dots, can't even break it cause I can't deal enough damage to them without my dots ayyyy clever design tbh :)Xansnacks16 1d
1d pls halp a noob out Am I just really, really bad or does ferals completely destroy mistweavers in arenas?Lildaddy13 1d
1d Ret or hunter in BFA? Looking to play one as a main and one as an alt. I am now a more casual player and Can’t use comms anymore as I have a baby so wondering which one would be easier to manage and progress with in arena and RBG. Previously had 2k experience and only looking to push to around that level in bfa anyway. Anyone with beta experience on both these or just general advice on what uve seen so far of these two classes would be great. I am not looking for fotm, just to see if they are both viable to 2k without comms and if so, which one would be easier to manage as a main in my situation? ThanksBaregryllz1 1d
1d Shout out to All Legion Gladiators that wouldn't even pass 2.4 if this was a WoD or any other previous xpac, hope you all realize you're just a 10iq chimpanzees pressing 2 buttons at the right season. But good thing is you're all a big streamers now. :)Ferrarigtx12 1d
1d AWC 2018 - Katowice, Poland This is a joke. I'm from Poland and I'd love to be there. It's only 200 km far from me but... The only information that I have about it is that finals will be there on 14-15th July. I don't even know where... I mean I assume that in will be in our "UFO" sport centre but anyway how do they expect people to go there if it's less than 1 month till the event begins and I can't find anything about the tickets, address... It's so poor by them.Isheartears6 1d
2d Dear braindead dmg partners from LFG 3v3 All of you who blame healer why you died, after we put all defs on you and all possible heals, and enemy train pain comp (ret/dk/war/dh) killed you even trough everything, i have message for you. FCK YOU and try sometimes playing healer when we cant just keep you 100% at all time in damp. (sometimes not even in damp). Try sometimes healer and you will understand what job are we doing....and maybe you will realize that blaming us isnt alright.Enthzul6 2d
2d Revert to wotlk pvp now!!! me wanna play retri paladin reeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! legion is trash wotlk is the best expansion ever because sodapoppin said so reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!Enzadenino13 2d
3d [LF] Healer or Healer+DPS to play arenas Hello there folks! Im looking for some kind (and unfortunate) souls to play with me either 2s or 3s. I used to play a lot in WoD but nowdays everything changed and im so new to PvP. Currently 1.6 cr in 2s and 3s. Not focused on getting 2k, just to have some fun (but having this sweet sweet black PvP elite armor set would be great :D ).Sodment0 3d
3d ☻ Lf music ☻ Hey guys while playing I like to go around playlists and i found some realy nice to share with you . This one is the music of the last chance , like if you want to win the blizzcon or Maybe if you want to ask a girl if she wants to be your love or whatever Haha I hope you enjoy and plz share yours ,i would like to discovers some good ☺Vørådør16 3d
3d How unbalanced is 2v2 Hi guys, I would really like to hear your opinion on the current state of 2v2. Blizzard balanced PvP around 3v3 (If I am not mistaken ?), what are your thoughts on how this affects 2v2? I don't really play 2v2 myself so I'd like to hear your opinion. CheersCaianna13 3d
3d The new glad system Am I the only one who like the new gladiator system in BFA? Having 2395 + 50 wins above that rating isn't a bad idea at all. At least both factions finally get an equal chance at glad again and will stop people transfering faction just so they have an easier opportunity to get gladiator. I mean how many times I've heard people say they were pissed off after legion season 1 because they could of got glad at 2.4 if they were just on horde. So long as they keep rank 1 top 0.1% it's fine.Capitalpop118 3d
3d LF chilled healer to push 2k with Any healer out there (or healer + dps for 3s) who would like to push 2k with me before season end? All the ones I find in LFG are just toxic af and either leave after one loss or just constantly complain and then leave eventually. I'm 1850 CR at the mo, have been 2k before in previous expansions on previous characters, just wanna get that legacy 'mog before the season ends! Cheers in advance you lovely humans. Edit - Posting as alliance but i have a horde warrior too!Sarcala11 3d
4d DC in arena i've been dcing alot recently, anyone else having this issue? annoying to lose arenas cos of thisGrarshka4 4d
4d Hey, Holinka. Go explain yourself. Dearest, Gorewolf. 4d
4d Lf Healer to grind 2k I am looking for a healer who is willing to play with me to get 2k in 2s. I just really want the elite set for warrior and 2k is pretty hard to hit if you try to get there with randoms from lfg. I've had 2k in the first legion season with my monk and am sitting at about 1,6k cr at the time of making this post (with my warrior). I just started playing pvp again this season, but i think it should be possible to reach 2k before the pre patch hits! If anyone is interested add me: Dastlanas #2489 :)Shunto1 4d
4d Hi everyone ! :) I am looking for friends to play with that are polite and not mean! My main is this priest, disc ilvl 965 and with holy I got around 968 atm. We could do some arenas, bgs, old raids, mog runs and so on together. Feel free to add my battletag Sophia#22188. Also if anyone has twitter they can follow me! :)ã10 4d
4d PvP "Checkpoints" (should they exist?) Do you think it'd be good idea? Because currently if I am high rating with no checkpoint I rather tend to NOT play (if my partners are not online) to NOT lose rating, because I could actually drop too much. I mean if there were checkpoints, for example like achievments, so once you reach 1750, you cannot drop 1750 (that season? that week?) then I'd play much more with randies, it's like that in HS and WoW is MMO, do you think there should be this checkpoints or not? I don't see issue with this, maybe you'll, that's why I ask. In my opinion it'd make game much healthier and people would try out more fun stuff rather than worrying if they don't go full mongo with FOTM.Raznys42 4d
4d Lock/Mage/Hpal, some tips please! Hi all, i start the tytled comp with my friends ( our old vanilla Mains). I need some tips about the current meta, kind of: 1) could it work as caster comp? 2) mage is playing Frost with Glacial spike, Lock affliction with standard build. is it any good? 3) is it right to use Hammer of Justice on the killing target? Thank you in advance guys!Jüther2 4d
4d DH Comps Question Hi, Me and my friend are returning from a long break. We'll main new characters. I really want to play DH but my friend cant decide what would be a good DH partner for 3v3. He also wants to play a melee. What comps do you guys recommend? Just to let you guys know, we're not looking for a fotm op comp. We're looking for a comp that mechanically decent regardless of the patch. Like ww/dk, rmp, etc... We just want to be able to play together no matter what.Saros7 4d
4d End of Legion: PVP Systems Feedback If some one is interested: Havent found smth like this in the eu forum, sooooo we can only observe. Edit: My favorite so far: ...Cptncrane7 4d
5d How's self healing looking in BFA? Been looking through some of the BFA changes for a few classes, and I am curious how self healing will be for each class. From what I know, warriors get literally... 0 self healing, plus victory rush is nerfed. DH I believe go in the same boat along with a few others.Sindrano5 5d
5d arena partner Good evening, Im starting to get in to the pvp thing with pretty much every charater I have, mostly I play on my shaman ( ench/ele), rogue ( sub mostly but assiss sometimes ) and my hunter ( MM ), and if I wanna heal I go on my disc priest, everyone is horde exept my disc priest, looking for some mates to play 2v2 and 3v3 arena with and no rageing or toxic, Im aint gonna lie, Im aint that good tho, but Im praticeing and trying my best to get better, I have a goal to reach and no1 can stop me, its mabye silly to have a goal like me but it is something atleast My Btag is J i g g e n13371#2800, have a good evening :) ( no space between the letters in my btag )Dajiggs1 5d
5d Demonic Gateway Bug with 'Gateway Mastery' Hi, yesterday I tried the new talent 'Gateway Mastery'. It will increase the range of the gateway and reduce the cooldown to use it. But: When I used the gateway once and wait for it's debuff to disappear, I can't use the gateway again, although the debuff is gone... I get a message like 'you can't use that yet'. Pretty annoying, because I never know when I can use the gateway again. It seems like I have to wait 15 more seconds after the gateway debuff is gone to use the gateway again. Any suggestion? Is it a common bug or is it only me?Tiona13 5d
6d Resto Druid is trash, please fix it Every time i play 3v3 arena on my resto druid i want to delete this char. I have also disc priest and resto shaman, they are far better. Not only far better but FAAAAAAR BETTER. Replace druid by shaman in every comp and comp will be way better. Every resto druid team sucks hard on every arena cup, including XRB to the moon. They lost all games to Ascendant playing with druid but do well with shaman. The current meta of resto druid in 3v3 arena is complete trash. Spec sucks and very few player play it at high ratings. resto druid is bad at everything, burns mana quickly, do low healing power, very vulnerable to stuns and interrupts, bad control options, bad at doing additional damage. Generally speaking trash, trash, trash. Fix it please.Leonpriest33 6d
6d Healers who get sap... ...when playing with a warlock or hunter. You're just below garbage, i hope you know that. 2018 and i cant even see a single freaking healer who know how NOT to get sap.Fahrin17 6d
6d we got what we asked for We asked for more tools to deal with things. We asked for chess-like play and we literally got that - trading cooldowns like chess pieces. Instead we should've gotten more things like premonition, meta jump immune, melding projectiles, spell reflects, grounding totems... Nowadays getting good is just grinding the games until you learn the script and follow the rules and correct mechanics. BFA gcd change looks like it might raise the skill cap dramatically in the sense that we won't be carried by our cooldowns and that every global we use is impactful. Legion was an improvement on WoD (imo) even though it has weaker participation and I think the reason behind it is that legendaries killed dueling culture. Before LFG came to be, if you're a mr. nobody with no achievements you'd make your way outside a major city and start dueling until somebody notices you. If you saw a rogue vanishing coils and stepping charges you'd know what time it is. There is a blue post saying there's an unannounced 1v1 feature and I'm looking forward to BFA. Please let us have more outplaying mechanics. Please don't let it be the final RIP. I would argue that the death of dueling culture killed our amazing content creators (remember Neilyo, Hydra, Chrille, Vurtne, ...) and today we have Dalaran gaming and a couple memelords, practically pvp asmongoldsBhairava15 6d
6d WTB 2k boost. (H) Title. I can play almost all classes and most specs. Add me and name a price. Palabos#2129Hsenpai3 6d
6d Still looking for... ... permanent Healers who are not quitting after 1 loss, and willing to play with me :) Drop your btag hereStabbingpunk3 6d
6d High rated players aloud to give paid boosts? Okay I will probably get alot of hell and abuse for this but I have to ask how come when I watch alot of rank 1's on stream. Most of which are famous in the arena community and multiple arena tournament players. But why are they aloud to advertise 'Blazing Boost' in the corner of their streams? Is it because they are arena tournament players and if they get banned they won't have many players to play at the tournaments which brings in alot of viewers and 'cash'. So blizz turn a blind eye to it? Or is it because they advertise it not in wow? It doesn't anger me, I'm just curious how they get away with it. I mean some have 1k viewers or more every stream with blazing boost in corner surely blizz see's this.Capitalpop21 6d
13 Jun Is there any point in giving feedback? ... The PvP community has been giving feedback all throughout Legion and it has for the most part been completely ignored. Should we even bother giving feedback for it to just be ignored? If we do give feedback I hope Blizz are ready to receive a sh1tstorm when the thread gets made.Ragnaroker7 13 Jun
13 Jun Please add a ranked arena solo queue. Please add a ranked arena solo queue. Forming groups is a pain. Finding a healer takes ages and then the group disbands after first loss.Protip40 13 Jun
13 Jun People complaining about the new glad system I've literally copied and pasted what I put in the other forum. Sorry but right now the glad system isn't helping new players get glad by the fact alot of glads and rank 1's have alot of alts on these ladders taking the places of people who could of been new glads. If I check on 'check-pvp' and look up a glad or rank 1 you can see they have like 6-8 alts with current cr as 2.5 or higher at the moment. This hasn't been fair either in the system, at least it gets rid of that problem. Here I can list a few of the people from the top 10 of the 3v3 ladder now and you can look them up on check-pvp, and look at their alts and current rating. Here's one with 4 chars already probably in gladiator bracket. Do the same for the other top 30 (or top 100 infact) in the 3v3 ladder. Heres another with 5 in glad range, or will be by time season ends. I ain't listing all of them. Come on I checked over 10 and all have at least 4 alts at glad range, jesus some alrdy have 6 alts at glad range, and its not even near the end of the season yet... The 3v3 ladder is just an alt fest. Until you lot can find a better solution for this problem I'm happy with the new glad system.Capitalpop2 13 Jun