14 Jul UPDATED - Legion PvP Season 3 Cut-Offs *Updated with Final values* Legion PvP Season 3 is ending soon, so we’d like to once again share what we can regarding the rating requirements to earn end-of-season rewards. Last season, we looked at what the rating cutoffs were at the time and used those to estimate where they would end up at the end of the season. We got a lot of feedback indicating that this was confusing, so for this season we’ll simply be providing the current cutoffs (at the time of posting) and updating them as regularly as possible. Note that we don’t consider posting cutoffs in this way to be a long-term solution, and appreciate your patience while we work on other methods of providing these updates. Again, the below rating requirements are current only as of the most recent update to this post, and we expect them to rise significantly before the end of the season. We will update these as regularly as we can over the next week; you can tell how recently these cutoffs have been updated by checking when this post was last edited. Final 3v3 Arena Cutoffs: *Updated Cruel Gladiator (Horde): 2866 Cruel Gladiator (Alliance): 3014 Gladiator (Horde): 2615 Gladiator (Alliance): 2723 Duelist (Horde): 2149 Duelist (Alliance): 2217 Rival (Horde): 1863 Rival (Alliance): 1928 Challenger (Horde): 1594 Challenger (Alliance): 1617 Final Rated Battleground Cutoffs: *Updated Hero of the Horde: 2345 Hero of the Alliance: 2462 Guardian of the Horde: 2007 Guardian of the Alliance: 2106 Defender of the Horde: 1796 Defender of the Alliance: 1864 Soldier of the Horde: 1628 Soldier of the Alliance: 1647 Aerythlea165 14 Jul
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3m mages So are we going to ignore fact that mages: Have infinite number of frostbite procs , srsly 3+ frostbites IN ROW is not normal 70 ( or 80 % ) slow 2 blinks retarded dmg Arcane just nuked my rdrood on opener , while full hot u Also casting in blink is REALLY NICE U KNOW // Also what is up that i stun rshamy in wolf and he happily walks another 40 yards and then is stunend?Buggedscrub26 3m
9m RMP v not orcs time to tone them down its realy stupid especially the rouge this dmg with thier cc mobility and deffensives common realy stop this stupidnes blance rouge class alreadyDownbreak10 9m
9m 25/7/17 Healers nerf? Dmg is over the top at moment healers go down in 1 stun from 1 DPS if hey dont go orc and you nerf them more who are those pvp team ppl wtf are they doing? sub rouges/dh can easy 100%-0 healers i have dh and i do it alot and you dont nerf them but healers yes lol now i see why is it so hard to fined healers in lfg pvp team pls test the the things you do restos boost was needed tho ! but boomkin nerf was to hard stop killing classes this is not how balancing works!Downbreak65 9m
1h Warlock performance? Not played all season. We still trash?ßennafflock13 1h
1h I've heard Mage is overpowered I am a Mage, but I can't break 1200 rating. Look I even have the "Overpowered" talent, but it doesn't seem to help. Please help.Nevian1 1h
1h rogs Again , 2 rogs in arena , they open pop all cds and if they dnt kil us , they just vanish and waits for their cd... Is anyone reading forum? WHere is rog nerf? PVP right now is so fcked its not even prettyBuggedscrub4 1h
1h gear rewards s4 2200 - 920 2300-2400 - 925 2500 - 930 not sure about lower ones but id guess 2100 gives 920 after 10 wins aswellAntimelee0 1h
2h Currently the best comps for arms warriors ? Considering the new hotfixes is WLS stronger than before and can it be called top tier comp again? Thoughts on what else is up there with TSG ?Xzulrogg5 2h
2h Aff/destru buffs, done wrong. Hey, First off i guess we must thank blizzard for buffing locks after the overnerfs to aff. Said this, i still think they went the wrong way about both specs. Aff: The 3% intelect dmg buff to affliction was nice and needed, it feels like we do some dmg but still pales when compared to a good DH or DK. But overall dmg wise we seem in a better spot, probably balanced (need to test it out more). But the buff to damage didnt fix the same problem we have since Legion S2, lack of survivability . Affliction lock is the squichest target in arena vs anything except dots (other aff locks/SP/Boomies), the gate talent its not even near enough to make us decent vs melee due to the high mobility they have. And when you are waiting for either port or gate CD, you will take the most dmg out of every spec in the game. The buffs that destru got, should have been affli too, and even then probably not enough (just shows how fragile the spec is). Destru: Destru atm has 3 problems that have nothing to do with survival: -Too many pseudo interrupts for chaos bolt -No slows outside of fissure. -No meaningfull dmg outside of chaos bolt. The reliance on chaos bolt casts makes it too easy to counterplay, making the spec feel dull/boring/annoying to play. The problem is Chaos bolt doing too much dmg for the cost (2 shards) and other spells doing no way near enough dmg to punish ppl. This is the main reason why for example a LSD2 destru is no way near as scary as a MLS destru. Paired with a mage, destru seems sleeper OP due to the amount of slows these have, allowing you to cycle through the 4+ pseudo interrups each team has and still cast chaos bolt before players LOS you. With a class that has no slow, its the most frustating spec to play in the game vs players that focus on shutting you down, either with interrupts or just simply LoS. Destru is supposed to be kinda like an arcane/fire mage, with high burst but lowish survivability (slighter higher survivability than mage since no mobility). Affliction is supposed to be a rot spec, with 0 burst, high sustained BUT predictable dmg, with a good survivability so your dots can start to hurt teams. The buffs did nothing to fix both specs in pvp. Are they better? yes But they went about it the wrong way with destru being the tankiest lock spec now, with insane burst when allowed to cast and aff being a glass canon with dots relying in babysitting to survive. TLDR: Buff Aff survivability (20% dmg reduction needed), nerf soul leech, keep the "low" selfhealing (wich is still better than other classes) nerf the cd from gateway (back to 1 min) Nerf destru survivability (by a bit), buff incenerate/Immolate/Demonfire/Conflagrate, increase the shard cost of Chaos bolt to 4 (if talented into focused chaos). Edit: These buffs are the proof that the pvp team is not listening to players, we thank them of course, but they were done extremly wrong.Jinskdh42 2h
3h Backpaddle Dmg buff? Hi i backpaddled today bcos i heard binding backpaddling on S (normally i bound mount there) gives me dmg buff and yeah well it worked normally i play only on 1800mmr but i won against r1 ppl with my rmp i looked a youtube video (lets play rmp) and well i spam polys and ebonbolts while i backpaddle and win win win. Same on my dh i dont need to kick cast anymore bcos if i fail kick i backpaddel to healer and stun him and i cant die bcos i have blur every minute thats cool. Now im on 2.2mmr and i saw an ele/rogue/rdruid team 2 of them gladiator last season lol i rubbed them so hard with my dh/arms/me they didnt had any chance I heard some things about "pruning" what is is? Ppl tell me we dont need hotkeys anymore so i unbound my 1,2,3,4 and yeah well it worx so i can bound my inventory on this hotkeys (u know its tarded to click on inventory so o better click my abilities!) And at least (i watch much pvp streams) the players who where really good on 2.6 mmr now only play 2k mmr (remember iam higher mmr) so should i start streaming and make big cash?? can u tell me if this is just random or am i really such a great Player? Maybe its true that new players or the bad players became a chance now from blizzard bcos we cried so much about the balance on 1.8mmr and lul every backpaddling gives us dps buff now lul lel lolShawdy6 3h
3h I figured it out! What Blizzard is doing... 1.) They can't balance classes, so what you see is severe nerfing of core abilities, that actually are what the class is all about..or pruning without reason (mostly I am in favor of pruning redundant skills, but skills shouldn't be so nerfed, that they are de facto removed!) 2.) Then, you get a 1, 2, 3% main stat increase! In another year or two, we'll all have base 1000 health, and everyone will hit for 100 damage, no RNG no crits. and all heals will be for 75 Health. Only, the models will look different. I admit, it's hard to "balance" things like fear, cyclone, roots, massive melee or ranged (cast) damage, or intricacies like Bear form, blink, displacer beast, metamorphosis, chaos bolt, etc..interrupts. Blizzard's answer seems to be, give everyone a stun and an interrupt, some form of a defensive cooldown, some form of an offensive cooldown, some form of self-heal, and parse everything else away. Each ability that gets nerfed = 1% increased base stat. What the answer should be is: There is no absolute concept of balance. It should be more like some form of rock-paper-scissors. If you are a certain class, you will almost always certainly lose--unless you severely out skill, out gear your opponent. Maybe even have some pvp talents, that offset the deficiencies (at some severe cost). Conversely, you will have your advantages to. Only in teamwork, can all reach their full benefit. Now, one class (the so called FOTM) shouldn't steamroll all, but we seem to have that in spades, as well, there is even a term for it! So, it's hard for me to really see the effects of "balancing?" I know the tacit goal is to "make everyone competitive." But, that shouldn't be a goal. Because, no matter how much brain power is actually spent on the topic, it always fails -- so why waste time?? If everyone knows class X is horrible in pvp, people that are primarily focused on pvp, will not play said class. I know people will still complain without end (as they do about 2s not being balanced -- it's not supposed to be balanced! get over it). When people complain about balance, what they mean is... <pvp rant translate on: WTF I am like the world's greatest gamer, why can't I two hit class Y? I can two hit all other classes, but this one class gives me problems, it must be broken. Nerf class Y, so I can two hit it! FFS! If I am not the best, the game must be broken! pvp rant off> I admit though, the game gets easier to balance if everyone moves closer to those "numbers:" 1000 health, hit for 100, and healers heal for 75 health. Case in Point: Resto Druids All substantive and identifying abilities have been nerfed hard. We are just seeing a cranking of the main stat lever every hotfix, til they are playable (e.g. they reach those health, 1000, 75 HPS thresholds). But, you see that with many classes.Jalisco3 3h
6h Sub damage is far too high <---- in arena Oh and 30 second vanish lolwtf nice gameFlaytality33 6h
9h Add solo queue ranked allready I want to play the game and i dont want to run after people to play with me.. this is 2017 for god sake.. add solo queue and let mmr do its job. and dont tell me i can play skirmish.. win or loose i dont consider skirmish to be anything more than test your gladius. I wish it was more..Shrpshter35 9h
10h PvP sucks, but is it all Blizzard's fault? This week we have arena skirmish event. I've done it on my main enh (horde) and I decided to do it on my h pala. It was nightmare. PvP sucks because people can't play this game. They don't even think what to do and how to win. They just train the healer. Every game was 2 dps'es on healer. I had 0 peels. I played 3 arenas where mages didn't even cast 1 poly. After 1 game I was called "noob paly" because my team couldn't kill resto druid and I died first. Obviously they didn't even have 1550 achievment. Even when I asked for peels nothing happened. Today I asked my 2 arena partners on their alts to help me. We won 7 games in a row. The problem isn't only Blizzard but horrible community who doesn't want to get better but expect to win games. That rogue was the best example. Arenas aren't really that difficult. Choose target A and B and if they catch your healer - peel. That's it.Isheartears24 10h
13h Elemental love? Elemental is the most fun spec I think I've ever played. However, it's really underwhelming to play right now. The Ice and Fire change has really damaged our maelstrom generation, and our general survivability is weak. Pre ice and fire change, we could generate enough maelstrom whilst kiting and do pretty well against melee trains with earthquake and earthshock stuns, but now we just can't...please either revert the ice and fire change or increase the maelstrom we generate from lava bursts and lightning bolts.Larmbtw9 13h
13h Warrior mobility is garbage DiscussNomah95 13h
14h Discpriest comps? Are RMP and Thug cleave the only disc comps atm? Could something like warrior + mage + discpriest work?Yashlerie0 14h
15h current meta gj blizzard how can you be so incompetent its disgusting how pvp is right now you literally keep nerfing all casters but these autistic spergs so called meeles are gods right now just literally there is more pve in arena than in raids i havent seen anything besides double meele today and i played a few hours i just wonder how its even possible that a multi billion company allows such bull!@#$ literally indie games are better developed than wow pvpSenpaì0 15h
16h World PvP Why did you destroy the pvp world? Why are World Bosss more important than World Pvp? Why exist pvp server? why blizzard's devs are so retard?Pandolino2 16h
17h Moonkin Armor from 62% in moonkin form to 47% with ironfeather talented 40% reduction in bear form A destro lock have like ~30% reduction from armor lolMgeopgoforum10 17h
18h Any healers having fun in 7.2.5 ??? just curiousBrittmarie137 18h
18h Should I even bother? R1 right now is 2.5k I fully believe Blizzard has given up on PvP. Around 1800 mmr with 65 games, and not a single caster comp. IN 65 GAMES! Also did I mention rank 1 right now is 2500? Will of course change, but I still believe that is extremely low, even if it's early into the season. Right now, at 20:17 (server and central eu time) there are in total: 39 people looking for someone to play 3v3 with, and 23 groups in total. I'd consider this "rush hour". No one is at work and basically a lot of people should be playing.. Right? Keep in mind there's 39 people in all of Europe looking for someone to play with. Can't Blizzard just say they've given up? honour talents are a bunch of !@#$ing passive effects with one or two old abilities added. So lazy.. I've had TSG's kill me through dispersion, when I disperse at 25% hp. If you've given up on PvP, please just say so Blizzard. I really don't want to put time and try to get better into something you guys simply give no %^-*s about. Feels !@#$ing good to vent on the forums xdDotexe5 18h
18h How to fix DH Make Fel Rush have 1 charge Make Blur have at least 90 sec cd I'm fine with their dmg, it's nearly op though - but their survival utility is beyond retardness. Having that many defensive cds combined with the high amount of escape utilities is just ridiculous.Dadadidina33 18h
19h I had hope... For PVP after Holinka left, most of balance changes were going in good direction, but now I lost it... Instead of buffing other healers to rshaman level they nerf good healers to rdruid level while sub rogues are left completely untouched. In s1 and s2 most of arenas were going deep into dampening and now arenas last 10 sec. Meanwhile Blizzard is nerfing healers LOL. Pre Wolf Form + Earth Shield (18%+ dmg reduction) 19h
19h Black rook hold arena bug So we'd just killed the enemy player and were finishing off the rest of the team when I casted Death from Above on the enemy paladin. As i flew through the air he moved behind the pillar in the middle and low and behold I was dead. Thought at first I'd been popped by the enemy shaman or I'd just lost track of my health but in the recap it says the killing blow was a 2,300 tick of stormlash that killed me at 65% hp... So what I'm assuming is this is a bug with death from above when the pathing goes through that pillar in the middle it ends your life there and then. The moral of the story here is don't use death from above in Black rook hold arena until blizz address this issue or your rating will be at risk!Mugins1 19h
19h this game haHAASpegeln6 19h
20h DC after arena is over. As the title says, i disconnect from a arena when is over, please fix this...its kinda anyoing. It happen randomly, so i have no clue what is cursing this thing to happen, worst i had was 3 DC in a row (after the 3 arena's where over).Assassia2 20h
21h Best 2s partner for Resto shaman? Is it something like sub or havoc? maybe unholy? I don't know anything about it this season.Retribution6 21h
21h new broken spec: boomkin (aka "balance" xD) most tankable caster spec in the game with !@#$ tone of utility (spamable clones, roots, bash, silence/cs) on top of that the best static damage + best burst in the game does even more dmg if u sit him coz getting hit gives him constant procs for even more free dmg easiest burst in the game aswell since he can just cast clone, get kicked on it just to cast full moon with other school also have to mention that he can bash and cc from increased range (bash from 10 yard range, beam from 46 yards, clones from 25 yards etc)Antimelee50 21h
1d 85% slow Frost mage nonstop slow 85% is pure cancer..... It's like standing still lol. yet Rogue crippling poison 36% gg. It's even worse than chains of ice from wotlk.Sethyn62 1d
1d Whoever thought 30 sec vanish... Was a good idea should get fired.Bluehairguy7 1d
1d Mist monks almost lowest healer in arena Okay since they nerfed mw monks heavily with making crane useless and a massive nerf to the jade statue and soothing mist they are next to useless in arena now. On the hotfixes they got a 3% increase to intellect at the same time as the nerfs I listed above, however this 3% make 0 difference and the nerfs were far too much. Look at resto druids since the start of the season they have had one 5% increase to intellect and then a further 3% increase to intellect another day and they are still the worst healer in arena. Why did the nerf mist monks so badly they were even op liek resto druids have been for 2 years straight now. Look at this chart mist monks are vertually on the same level as druids now. And look at resto shamans on the chart LOL 50% out of all healers played....Capitalpop15 1d
1d Feral needs a PvP revamp Before I start, I just want to tell people that I don't want Ferals to be OP - I just want them to be fun to play. If doing all these things causes Feral to be OP then damage can and should be scaled down to compensate. Fun > damage, any day of the week. So, Feral's really !@#$ in Legion. It's not even related to representation or anything (even though Feral is spec ~16 above 2200 atm). The problem is mechanics. Feral is straight up extremely boring to play. This is mainly due to two things: Bloodtalons, it's complete aids in PvP as it binds up what little utility is left in the spec to be used only for damage and not to make skillplays with (timed healing and CC). Lack of overall utility and CC So, problem number one could potentially be resolved in 7.3.0 with the Feral PvE talent revamp, given that Bloodtalons might not be mandatory anymore. If it is though, it needs to be nerfed in PvP. Bloodtalons should not be the best talent for PvP as it is completely counter-intuitive to what PvP should be all about (ie smart plays and skill, bloodtalons binds up PS procs for maximized pve damage instead of using it on timed roots/heals). Problem number two stems from #classfantasy and #pruning. It's basically gone to the point where the only utility Feral has left is Thorns, Bash, Regrowth, Rake (stun) and (Enraged) Maim. So, imo, what should be done to fix Ferals? Replace either PvP talent King of the Jungle or Enraged Maim with Cyclone. 20 yard range, on Fear/separate DR, immune to heals/damage, undispellable, no CD. Just like it always was. Replace Ferocious Wound PvP talent with 'Druidism'. 'Druidism' grants the following abilities: Tranquility, Rejuvenation, Soothe, Typhoon, Nature's Grasp & Hibernate. PvP-only nerfs to Bloodtalons so that it's never the best talent pick again. Savage Roar needs to be slightly longer in PvP (42 sec, PvE 7.3.0 is only 36sec). And it should have the MoP or WoD glyph behaviour built-in (WoD = free 5cp SR on stealth opener, MoP = SR usable at 0 cp for 12 second buff). Opinions?Konjunktur17 1d
1d Demon Hunters in a Nutshell <- my fav, almost perma rooted and stunned Skillful class, 2,4+ here I come* *who am I !@#$ting tournaments here I amGoreqt13 1d
1d something must be done about pvp theres no other company that shlts on its own playerbase this hard. only for old times' sake people playing this game and hoping it will be better but you still manage to dont give a fakCsumpedra20 1d
2d 3v3 2400cr Enchant Hi, just asking if its still possible to get the OLD Enchant (Red one) since im going for a red look on my sv. Hunter :) Thanks in advanceAttackthepet1 2d
2d Who is be the best partner for Hpala in 2v2 My partner is yes you guessed it a paladin he won't re-roll so my question is from those classes (DK, DH, Warrior, Mage) who would be best to climb up the ladder in 2v2? Here is some of my personal input -DK I dont enjoy Unholy and it's the only viable spec atm and people say don't look at the ladders play what you enjoy so there is that -DH I feel like my rotation is based too much on RNG with demon blades the only viable talent I've seen, sometimes I just stand there with no fury. I lack the finisher and my DMG is rather more consistent than bursty it of course depends on the talents but sometimes even ChaosB and Nemesis/Meta burst fail as you get CC'ed then not much to do after that still like the mobilty of DH a lot -Warrior I like the playstyle but lack of cc and DR joining with HoJ makes it harder to win in Healer/Dps comps, Execute seems to close the deal often but everytime there is a mage/healer it's over Root-root slow slow slow -poly my pala is dead or I'm dead cause my pala is pollied -Mage well I don't have experience with mage since BC I played mostly melee with healers in between. I like the control it gives you over the arena but haven't had a mage since Legion, it's more of a can't beat the cancer join it. So what are your opinions on the subject, give me some good points begin!Asmodái1 2d
2d Disc or Holy Priest Hi guys, I will soon be hitting 110 with aims of focusing mainly on PvP with my priest character. I see that both Disc and Holy are more or less equal in popularity. I was wondering, why is that? I reckon it has to do with different situations and such. Any chance for more information in regards to this? Thanks a lot in advance!Crutcher5 2d
2d Subtlety Rogues are ridiculous Blizzard, it's time to nerf Subtlety. It's getting ridiculous. Too much damage, too much CC, too many escapes, too much range, too much mobility and too easy to play in order to get a huge pay off out of it. All of this is happening in a single long CC chain. This spec is just too much. If you are a RDPS you must play to the absolute highest skill level to stand a chance. Meanwhile, the rogue can be braindead and still win. Either let them keep their CC or keep their damage(tough Subtlety has always been known for control instead of damage). But they can't have both in addition to their insane mobility, escapes and range. It's just too much for a SINGLE SPEC to have. They seem to have more of everything than the other two Rogue specs combined. It's time to rein them in.Azsael61 2d
2d disc 7.2.5 guide for 2s 1) twist of fate against most stuff unless u r sure u wont drop to 35% once 2) SoS against every melee team (even rets/assa it seems from my experience) 4) vim and vigor vs mortal strike teams is a must it seems 5) defender of the weak vs non MS teams 6) other talents are situational.Antimelee10 2d
2d Arms tips? I'm apparently garbage according to the random mates I've found. I hit 1422 with my holy priest friend but then when I was playing with random people it kept tanking. Any tips on what I might be doing wrong?Nalindra13 2d
2d Moonkin. Nerfs done the wrong way + why Moonkins needed nerfs, but they were done the wrong way. Explanation why: The Bear specced moonkins with the Celestial guardian honor talent, were too tanky with a healer. That is what needed to be nerfed. Especially the healing received part from the honor talent. The part which wasnt even nerfed. They decided to nerf the magic reduce of the talent. When they should have nerfed the healing received from others instead imo. Besides the talent, they nerfed armor baseline. Celestial guardian bear spec Moonkins with a healer, have been nerfed less than those without a healer. Because those with a healer, still have the healing received part to benifit more from than those who are not getting healed by a healer. Yet their nerfs hit those harder who are not getting healed by a healer. Than we have Moonkins without Celestial guardian honor talent, who did not take the bear style. These were not a problem. Yet they got hit by the nerfs as well and it affects them arguably more, than the Celestial guardian bear specced moonkins. That isnt right. For example you could have given the Celestial guardian honor talent to have a drawback of losing armor, instead of nerfing armor baseline. If needed you could have nerfed the armor talent too. This way the nerfs would not hit moonkins who are not Celestial guardian bear specced, but who play with instead. You could give a proper slow to those who do not play as Celestial guardian bear style. Really frustrating when you need to nerf A, that B and C suffers more from it. Could you please do the nerfs right and change some things? Some nerfs have been changed into different nerfs in the past this expansion. As the nerfs were not done right at first. Destrolocks come to mind (back in 2016). I hope it will happen for this moonkin case too.Yassle8 2d
2d Sub is a control type spec Dies to goremaws bite and ev. In 8 sec,(how long my shields last)Selephius29 2d
2d Its clearly something im doing wrong. Got started at playing some arenas earlier with a demo lock in 2v2 (yeh 2v2 is for nuggets) blah blah anyway was going pretty well until we played a mage/rogue and i literally got globalled in the opener, Like im not just over reacting here i literally died in 1-2 secs tops. partner was in a sap then got poly'd when he trinketed. Now looking back i should have trinketed yes but would most likely end up in another stun. Any hints or tips any of you pros could share with me on his to beat this comical comp or even survive the opener ? or shall i just pay to race change to orc like blizzard want me to do. ThanksHexybeast14 2d
2d Is pvp dead? Never has it taken me so long to find a team in group finder to do 3s at 1.7CR. Had pain finding a team last season at 2k+ playing as PHP but this season is far worse even at lower ratings, Ive been in group finder for over an hour and only get some DHs trying to cap. GG #SOLOQUEPutindots20 2d
2d wow esports 2017 2d
2d Pvp daily routine advice Hi i am looking for a pvp daily routine advice/daily routine advice. Please hear me out :). I am looking for a routine of logging in, doing a list of things like honor talents, dailies, arena/bg etc. among preferably 2 chars. Possibly 3 with a not maxed out third. After my break I recently made this rogue to try melee for once. Usually I play caster/healer/support in games. I have too many characters on 110 to play, because I dont have enough time for them. My bro has a warrior and a hpala (the latter is also still grinding honor talents). He doesnt want any others. I would like to pick chars that work well with his chars (at least his war) for 3v3 and rbg mainly and to a much lesser extend 2v2. I lvled many chars as I like variety (wide variety of taste), because I also want to have something that works well with my bro and because I feel unsafe in legion to pick only 1 spec/character with the frequent changes. Which can gut a spec and make it crap for weeks/months after investing a long grind for it. Does anyone recognize themselfs in my situation? Do anyone have some advice for me? Thanks.Issymoat4 2d
2d New pvp changes in a few days That changes coming today for US,idk when they are coming for EU they are not enough for me(no holy pala buffs,no sub rogue nerfs) but they are good. We're looking to make the following changes with maintenance in each region this week: Druid - Balance PvP Template Armor reduced by 10%. Each rank of Bladed Feathers grants 12.5% additional armor in PvP, down from 25. Ironfeather Armor now grants an additional 25% armor, down from 50% armor. Celestial Guardian now grants 10% spell damage reduction, down from 20%. Moonkin Form now grants 125% additional armor in PvP situations, down from 200%. Druid - Restoration PvP Template Intellect increased by 2%. PvP Template Mastery increased by 20%. Mage - Frost Frigid Winds increases chilling effects by 10% in PvP situations, down from 15%. Chilled reduces the movement speed of targets by 40% in PvP situations, down from 50%. Priest - Holy Ray of Hope's cooldown is increased to 60 seconds, up from 45 seconds. PvP Template Intellect reduced by 4%. PvP Template Mastery reduced by 30%. The heal over time effect of Renew now heals for an additional 75% in PvP, down from an additional 100%. Shaman - Restoration Riptide's heal is increased by 15% in PvP situations, down from an additional 30%. PvP Template Intellect reduced by 4%. Warlock - Affliction PvP Template Intellect increased by 4%. Warlock - Destruction PvP Template Armor increased by 30%. PvP Template Versatility increased by 5%.Mimolett8 2d