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20 Jan Legion PvP Season 1 Rewards Update Shortly after this week’s re-distribution of PvP rewards, we discovered a bug that had caused Alliance players’ rewards to be re-distributed based on the Horde ladders. While many players still ended up with the correct reward, some received rewards at a higher or lower tier than they had earned. On European realms, this bug resulted in too many rewards being distributed for Alliance players, which means that some players were given a reward at a higher tier than they had earned. Although this is clearly due to an error on our part, we felt it would be unfair to those who had legitimately earned those titles to allow others to keep them, especially at the higher levels of competition. As such, we’ll be applying a hotfix with the next weekly maintenance that will correct this, and remove those rewards from the players who had not earned them. Those players will be given their correct rewards at that time. To help provide clarity, here are the final rating cutoffs that were necessary to earn the Gladiator, Vindictive Gladiator, or Hero of the Alliance/Horde titles on these realms in Legion Season 1: Horde Gladiator: 2435 Vindictive Gladiator: 2730 Hero of the Horde: 2426 Alliance Gladiator: 2661 Vindictive Gladiator: 2971 Hero of the Alliance: 2555 Thank you again for your patience as we work to ensure that players are rewarded fairly for their efforts in Legion Season 1. Aerythlea0 20 Jan
1h All I see in arena... is. 2s: - Backpeddaling DH's and Mistweaver monks @2.1 -2.2 mmr. - Rdruids who does know how to morph my hexes. - Games last out to 75% dampening, and ends in a loss if against DH's - or any other shetty melee - And both healers are oom 3s: - everyone is dead before 1 minute has last @2 - 2.1 and 2.2k - Random people from LFG calling out names because you lost to two UH DK's going on you, and your teammates (who should be 2.4+ exp) went to the enemy healer, making you alone as a Rshaman against two UH DK's. - NO PEELS, AT ALL - Faking? What ever, you are better of not faking, you are just wasting time dying. Faking yourself. What arenas used to be, for me atleast? I used to fake with lava burst, kick mages sheep everytime out of invis - against rogues i would start with fire ele up so i couldnt get sapped. I would juke at 10%, and still get the cast. I would kill tremor totem instant, when used, to get the half cd. I would spam hex, and fake it against rdruids, when one of the enemy was low - having the druid to sit his form. I would juke the jump at Blade Edge. I would outplay any Rshaman's mana. Start a 3rd Rshaman, all fresh no gear - play with a random 1.5 from /2 - get up to 2.2 cr. I used to cap out all my other alts, in 2s - Getting gear, that was actually ideal for fighting not 840 vs 900. I used to play World of Warcraft. Could be spellcraft? Could be Huntercraft? Healing stream MVP - < Prideful Gladiator Healing Stream > Now I ask myself - WHY would i play arena? PvP? or just WoW? The gear you get is worse than !@#$ing raidfinder, and Dragon Heroes backpeddals at the same mmr as me, who used to fight Raiku, Melby, Braindeadly, and other Rank1s. - JUST because they play a %^-*ing Hero Class -> Demon Hunter - who has 3 buttons, you have to CLICK. I would have to sit 3k CR, just to get a !@#$ing Duellist Tittle. I was already %^-*ing RANK 1 DUELIST in S15, losing Gladiator to 2 points. There is absoutely no point in playing arena anymore. Nobody likes the way this game is going. Why the !@#$ is it going in this direction then. This is driving me insane.Watchmeheal27 1h
1h nerf boomkins pls :) goes without saying reallyPaparika9 1h
1h what exactly am i supposed to do? switched recently to this disc, i farmed some honor and decided todo some 3s through LFG. well, my experience was...not that good, there was one big issue i had. Mage Teams. now hold on this is not a Mage rant, im rather asking what i'm supposed todo, im currently honor lvl 30 with this Char, means no relentless. i use my swd on every blind/poly i can manage to use it, thats usually pretty easy since swd procs after 1sec of the cast, but that is not possible against combs that use stuns b4 every poly, example rog/mage/x, usually step->kidney into shimmer sheep, against teams like this i try to LoS as much as possible to avoid most of the cc, but i cant avoid EVERYTHING. well then now to the problem, i had a discussion with multiple of those LFG guys, and the tl;dr is, "lol !@#$ healer learn to avoid cc" im no 2k player, atleast not in 3s. even tho im playing pvp since the beginning of tbc....but i can say i'm a "decent player". this is the first season im trying to get some rait in 3s, and so far my experience is...not the best. im getting most of the blame in those games even tho im using everything i have to stop the cc. well, im currently at the point where im just thinking, am i really that bad, or is LFG just a bunch of ..plebs with high xp that means nothing?Rloee17 1h
2h PvP The problem with pvp is the horrible class/spec design. Damage spam. Low skill cap. Low energy. Sad.Destïny10 2h
2h Europe Season 2 Gladi cutoff predictions So we dont have that much informations for cutoffs yet. Legion Season 1 on europe had the following cutoffs: Horde Gladiator: 2435 Vindictive Gladiator: 2730 Hero of the Horde: 2426 Alliance Gladiator: 2661 Vindictive Gladiator: 2971 Hero of the Alliance: 2555 Source: We had 550 Horde Gladis on EU. If we compare S19 horde page 4 after season end: The player on place 377 S19 had 2598 rating. I checked place 377 because actual season data shows only 377 places for Horde: Right now the player on place 377 has 2615 rating. So ratings are a bit higher compared to S19. S20 did last two weeks longer yet and will maybe end on 5th april. That would be four weeks longer than S19. Rating is +17 after two weeks now. Could be another +30 for the final two weeks because everyone is pushing at the end. Playerbase should be the same compared to Legion S1. Maybe some players quited but there were a lot of pveler doing the weekly 3on3 wins because of the legendary upgrade materials. So Horde Gladi cutoff in S2 could be 2482 (2435+47). What do you predict?Zêra13 2h
3h What comps as a hunt Heya fellas, I recently started playing more and more my hunter around rbgs and want to get back into arenas but i can't find much ressource (aside from some qq) about which spec and which comps are viable ? Thanks for your opinionsYzen2 3h
4h so whos idea was it to make warriors run around like clowns in arena trying to reach demonhunters /mw monks/hunters /mages flying around in arena with our 1 charge in 20 sec and leap 45 sec cooldowns with our 75k dps so that we can get 1 piece of gear.and even if we reach them they will fly the oposite side so there we go again running the opposite side like clowns.just fire those idiots already noone wants them around.they were talking in QNA about arena participation above 1k (ofc theres gonna be participation since theres no pvp gear and any raider with 900 ilvl will join)and transmogs.srsly?and wait theres more when i finally reach someone to dps hes lagging and i end up swinging my axe above my head without landing any hit.youve accompliced to make arenas the new ashran.we all have to do it to get gear yet it is so frustratingGornac17 4h
4h What's the best spec as warrior What is the best, spec to play in 2v2/3v3 As Warrior??Fingojing6 4h
7h LF partner for 2v2 Hi guys. I'm new to rated PvP (started 2 days ago). I'm currently 1638 rating and would like to push to 2k before the season ends, so I could get the elite transmog (because it looks awesome, I love the color). So I'm looking for a healer partner to do the push with. I also personally would prefer if we use some sort of voice comm for obvious reasons. Btagg is Uruk#11500 Thanks! P.S I play mostly in the afternoon, from 15.00 CET onward. Horde only.Uruk1 7h
8h Prune melee mobility Melee mobility is through the roof and in order for casters to be remotely vaiable your having to make there damage so retarded. I'tll end up like MoP with instant cast stun spams again.Dianabol16 8h
10h I want to play affliction again! Hey there, I play warlock since season 9 and never felt this uncomfortable like in legion. I can't play my favorite and loved spec (affliction). I'm forced to play destruction or demonology. These specs are much better, but I don't like them. I just like the dot gameplay. But...who wants to play with an affliction atm? No one! If I'm looking for a group, they force me to play demo all the time, because I can't survive more than a minute as affliction, my dot spread damage is the same like other specs single target damage and I don't have any kind of burst... What the fack is this I just want to play my favorite spec please like every season before!Tiona10 10h
15h Alliance LF 2v2 partner Hello! I'm pretty new to rated PvP and I'd like to do a lot more of it. I've been up to 1.5k CR but I haven't been able to find a regular partner. Ideally a healer, but I'm up for anything really. Voice is a must. I have a lot of time at the moment and am looking to try and get a good deal better at PvP. I figure the best way is through experience. ^^ If anyone's interested, my BN is NightWyrn#2642.Tacidarus0 15h
16h Interrupts overkill Too many abilities to interrupt cast in this game and when combined with Blood Elf it becomes over kill. Please do not misinterpretation my annoyance for interrupts with casters aren't viable because we know Elemental Shaman, Balance Druids and Demonology Warlocks are pretty silly right now. (ele and balance don't cast anyway) But i find it incredible annoying that if you try and play a spec which has to stand still and cast, it becomes virtually impossible due to the sheer amount of stuns / pulls / knock backs. I don't want interrupt pruned, far from, But blanket interrupt need to be toned down. Unnecessary things like enhancement Shamans having a side ways knock back, Meta having a Stun on activation, Blood Elf Racial, Death Grip usable from 3 yards and although you might think these are "skillful" usages. They arent as they are BLANKET interrupts that don't require timing and are impossible to fake cast. so there is no back and forth counter play. i would suggest Massively prune stuns, and i don't think any class should have more than 1 stun period. Unnecessary knock backs / small stuns without trade off need to be pruned. Death Grip should have a deadzone i.e 15-30yards. Range interrupts on Melee need to be removed. Blizzard really hated Retribution paladin being amelee but dealing damage from range, yet they still allow Melee to have range interrupt / Crowd Control. If these where looked into and toned down, we can bring back actual caster casters and not silly instacast / 1 shot builds.Zyilus13 16h
17h Which healer for 2s Which healer for 2s with sub rogue seems to be the most viable?Howbad3 17h
18h Blood Elf racial bugged Its silence time is not reduced by talents which reduce silence time if already interrupted / silenced. Its the only silence/interrupt in the game that isnt affected by those talents. Please fix this bug.Plutten1 18h
20h boomy is a great pve class , this is me imitating a boomkin playing 3s - /cast bear form /cast starfall /cast bearform *afk's in bear for the starfall duration * /cast starfall /cast full moon , win ! damnn that was a tough 1 ! .....Moonglade3 20h
20h PvP templates Any reason in particular why we still don't have templates in world PvP and duels ? Guessing one of the tablet wielding lead developers has a disabled friend of family member who cant play normal pvp ? So they allow this for them to just stack item level and 2 shot people.Normastits2 20h
21h My first 2k ever Hi guys I just got my first 2k in 2s with a sv hunter Here's the screen : (safe link i swear) The sham was r1, expected to be against guys at 2k-2k1 mmr but queued 2k2 dudes and got +20 This is my second tryhard season, last one was wod s3 with a peak at almost 1900 with enh in turbo Took me 300 games cause big struggles at start with low talent-traits etc but got my 2k 3 days after my 1750 I wanna thank alot Galantis ( who gave me many advices on this forum, without him might be still stuck at 1k8 Just wanna share this with u, now my goal is 2k in 3s Wish me good luck :D (Probably did many grammar mistakes, non-native)Shaonaxqt144 21h
22h New titles needed. Challenger, rival, duelist, glad and x glad doesn't seem to be enough titles to encourage participation. The majority of us get challenger-duelist, and the gap between duelist and glad is too large that its hardly an incentive for people to play arenas because once you get a challenger-duelist, a lot of people will see little point in trying again, whats the point in going to 2.5/2,6 if you're just going to get the same title as someone who got 2.2? . In my opinion, there should be a new title introduced with a cutoff around 2.4-2.5 (alliance) to compensate for this large gulf between the duelist title and gladiator one. They're going in the right path with tabards and enchants next season, but I think new titles are something that would also help participation numbers. Thoughts?Evatar7 22h
23h player position lag issue Hi, If you have ever witnessed crime described in this topic please bring up this post. Wow client and servers can't handle players position properly, it has huge impact in PvP. There are some examples of the issue: 1) you are facing wrong way - you cant use ur spells even tho u are literally looking at target who runs in front on you 2) you are too far away - your character is running literally on top of your enemy but u cant still use any melee ability 3) aoe spells are not hitting the target even if u cast them on top of your enemies(or in the location u foresee ur enemy, considering its movement speed and such) - shadowfury, binding shot, traps, dragonsbreath, bursting shot, totems etc. It would be ok if it was just 1 yard(or at least not much more) but when it happens it is even like 20 yards especially when arena begins. gates open u see 2 mongo melee runing towards your healer and u sometimes cant do anything - if u try start casting ur spell first its too far away and suddenly ur facing wrong way, if u finally throw something like stormbolt it apparently hits the target 30yds oposite direction behind pillar (it seems like cc refreshes players position, so u sometmies see 'blink' after u cast cc on enemy and it teleports to its real position). do remember the situation where u were about to win arena and then ur dragonsbreath did not hit the target or u couldnt execute guy standing on top of u just because ur target was too far away? bring up this post so blizz invastigate and hopefully fix the issue even 5k ms shouldnt be the reason u see someone 20yd away from his real position, i have 50 ms in every game i play and this sheet happens only in world of warcaft also i see it happens on streams (those guys have 10ms in game) hope u understand my englishStachursky16 23h
1d My story of rerolling DH I was doing some 2v2 arenas on my resto shaman. It was going decently well, I'm pretty bad at pvp so I'm stuck at 1750 rating now, only due to being carried by a 2600 feral. But I noticed a pattern: I lost against every single DH I met. Other classes I could handle, some were 50/50 but still managable. DH was not. So I thought of my dear friend James E. Watson's advice: “If you can’t lick ’em, jine ’em,". And so I did. The starting zone was a breeze. No challenge whatsoever, but that's nothing new in Legion. When I got out into the real world (broken isles) I instantly joined queue for dungeons, because the completion bonus has been boosted and I !@#$ing hate questing. All in all I did about 8-10 dungeons, and I was top dps in every single one. This was strange I thought, as I was just mindlessly spamming every ability on my bar. Oh well, the other people are just bad I guess. I finally hit lvl 110 with about 760 ilvl, and I join a battleground immediately - Silvershard Mines. "I will probably get rekt lol, I have no idea how to play DH in pvp" I think to myself, preparing to meet the horde mass. With 5 traits and no honor talents I end up near the top dps and win the battleground. Awesome! I transfered an AK-20 compendium from my main, and with the AP from the battleground I now have about 18 traits, and with the honor I'm up to my second honor talent: Hardiness. I queue again, this time Temple of Kotmogu. It ends the same way: we win massively with me near the top dps, even netting some achievements in the process. I'm surprised! This is almost too easy, something must be wrong. I then queue for arena skirmish: this is the true test, here my teammates cannot carry me. I join the arena: It's the Dalaran sewers. I eagerly anticipate my partner, but he never comes - it's 2v1. %^-*. I run out and try to play a bit defensive in the opener: that fails. The ret pala is on me like a bulldog chasing a mailman, with his boomy friend dotting me from the distance. To hell with it I think, and I Fel Rush to the boomy. He is dead within seconds, and then I turn on the pala. In the end I win with about 300k hp left. I did over 6 million damage compared to the ret's 2 million and the boomy's mere 700k. I sent a picture to my friend of the arena result, and he raged pretty hard. I guess the moral of the story is that I'm now a master pvp'er. From all the other DHs crying about how "DH is not even that stronk!?!?", it's pretty obvious I learned how to be a master pvp'er in the 2 days it took to level this DH. Thanks to all the DHs for teaching me the hard way what class to play, I am finally enjoying Wow again.Lolidan21 1d
1d Rival 2001cr could be a safe rival? Got it with an alt and dont know. Do i need to push more or just stay? Thx btw ^^Vericide18 1d
1d World of mistcraft rate As the title suggest every arena the enemy team has an mistwalker or maybe rdruid. I would like to know how you rate the healers from top to bottom.Im really curios because I rarely see any hpala they are like unicorns at 2 k although hpriests are even rarer. I'm curios on the community opinion on how they rank healers, from a Dps-er perspective and healers perspective.Holystephan3 1d
1d What we need? Ok so everyone has been talking about what is needed in the PvP aspect of the game and these are just my personal opinions on PvP so I will do my best to make this look nice. Remember this is opinion based so don't get !@#$%y if you don't agree with some of these points TEMPLATES The whole preset templates in my opinion has just ruined any type of outplay potential for opposite compositions, and what I mean by that is that I wish gear stats were your stats in PvP, because say a certain comp is just wrecking you, you could just stack another stat and see if that does something better, because most of the time it will Example-> In Malevolent Season there was PvP Resilience that you could gem to take less damage. I understand it's still in the game but it's preset to where you can't get anymore if you are just getting global'd, or maybe you feel like you aren't doing enough damage you could stack PvP Power which would make you do more damage, it's little things like those that can make a difference in a game, because atleast you have some variety. GEAR/WEAPONS I do not like artifact weapons, You want to talk about something that is bull^-*!, is a weapon that you constantly have to keep grinding to even stay remotely viable, it makes it very hard to ever start a new character, so in my opinion the game needs to go back to regular weapons that way its more of an achievement to unlock a better weapon instead of upgrading one. Now about PvP gear, I really think it needs to matter in arenas, and the reason that it needs to is because a no geared person can just jump into an arena and already have somewhat decent hp and stats, so basically the others who had worked for gear and stuff are just going to get destroyed most of the time if that ungeared player is decent. To me that was the best part of PvP is every week looking forward to that new piece of gear, and hitting 2.2k and being able to unlock elite gear. TALENTS I personally am semi-ok with the talents the only thing i don't like is some specs are just stuck with the same ones, and there is no other viable choices, don't get me wrong i would like to go back to the wrath talent tree because there was just way more options, but i think blizzard should just think about making better talents and replacing some of the bad ones. CROWD CONTROL There is definitely not enough of this in the game for some classes, and in my opinion there should be atleast two or three types of cc for every dps class, and healers should have one. DEFENSIVE'S This is mostly speaking for healers, healers for sure need better defensive's, and i will admit some dps need better defensive's, because most healers and some dps classes just get destroyed once they use their defensive's which is a bit unfair to a lot of people. ARENA'S This is just what i would like, I would like the whole everyone on the ladder to stay, but I would like to have the 3v3 teams again where you make your name and invite people, I think the game needs that aspect back to me that was a cool thing having your team name show up on the leaderboard. I hope a lot of you like my opinion on what i have written here. Have a nice day! :)Royalflush2 1d
1d What is a solid melee PvP class to get into? Hello PvP forums, so a simple enough question for you today as can be read in the thread title: What is a solid melee PvP class to get into? Simply put I'd like to just do PvP casually only I'm not finding Paladin all that enjoyable so I'm looking at the other melee classes and I'm woefully ill informed about how good things are in PvP. Ideally something that has a nice burst would be cool.Mathrax7 1d
1d *FIX Blade's Edge Arena or REMOVE* US POST "Unless something was lost in translation, "new remodeled version" shouldn't make the pillars holograms. This is essentially ring of valor 2.0." Additions; 1) The bug at the edge of the bridge: If you got feared and happen to run to the edge, you have a pretty high chance of falling down even if you do not make any movements. You just slide down smoothly. 2) Wierd random obstacles: When i dispacer beast on my druid, i keep headbutting random obstacles right infront of me and can travel for only 1-2 yards. 3) Fear classes have huge advantage: 6 second fear behaves like a 10 second cc. If you get feared around ramps, you will run to the worst possible positions ever. If you do not run downstairs, mostly 1st problem happens, you fall down. This is a mechanical thing and not a bug, i know it. If they fix the first thing, it would be ok. 4) Totems: If you are at different levels from your teammates, you can forget about your totems my fellow shamans. This is something i can live with tho, if they fix the other issues. 5) More of a personal QQ: This map extremely favors destruction warlocks. Doesn't matter if you play up or down, fel fissure and super high pressure is something you cannot avoid.Termo7 1d
1d Currency stuff 7.2 Hey all! What is the currency to buy the stuff elite and not elite on the ptr , pls? ThxWinjholwz13 1d
1d PvP Season3 - New traits and cap etc Hello. Does anyone know what the "Traits" cap will be for Arenas\RBG\Battlegronunds etc? I think i read a month or two ago that the new cap will be 54 traits.. is this still the case after all the new info about new weapon traits ?Tertit3 1d
1d MM PHP Lowkey one of the best comps in the game, along with ele boomkinßennafflock18 1d
1d #ReversethePrune So i just found something very interesting from the Fellow who made the post on this forum "why Celestalon/Holinka ruined pvp". To be honest, i wish i had not found this out, because its kind of disgusting. Forget all other arguments aside for right now. Look at that twitter status. The Space Moose dude asks him "do you not play wow with a mouse" and he replies with "negative, no mouse for anything prior to wow". To sum this all up, basically the person in charge of balancing, tuning, and pruning/adding abilities is a person who Does not play the game with a mouse. The prune didn't happen to "appeal to a wider audience". The prune happened because people like HIM are the game developers. Im willing to bet that this "casualization" is a load of bs to justify them making the game easier for themselves. Do any competitive pvpers enjoy the changes/pruning that has happened throughout the past 2 expansions? Do any of you ENJOY the predictable gameplay and lowered skill cap? Where was the demand to "appeal to a larger audience" in the first place? Am i crazy, or do we need the classes to have more abilities like they did in mists of pandaria, or even warlords of draenor for that matter. Tell me please, who really enjoyed the prune? #ReversethePruneScardrex7 1d
1d Joefernandes 1 - A Legion 2v2 movie enjoyHéxúr11 1d
1d RIP Glorious Tyranny Never forgive, never forget.. Live : PTR : (Left : PTR - Right : Live) (Left : PTR - Right : Live) source : us forum = Let's please make a single thread for all of you who care about the best enchantement in game. Keep in mind that the new Demonic Tyranny will get the same atrocious skin but in green, so even if you don't keep the red or the blue from WoD, raise your voice if you don't want your future green enchant be a trash one. PeaceProbow35 1d
2d GCDTV European Spring Finals March 24-26 GCDTV returns to Europe with the European Spring Finals starting March 24th at 7:00 PM CET, 2:00 PM Eastern Time, 11:00 AM Pacific Time. For those unaware, GCDTV is a community driven organisation with the goal of building the Esports community for World of Warcraft through regular tournaments and events. We created several European and American tournaments throughout 2016, peaking at over 18,000 concurrent viewers on our Twitch channel, . With the Road to BlizzCon Qualifier Cups scheduled to start in April, this will be the last tournament for teams to lock in their practice and confirm their rosters before their journey begins. To catch all the action, tune in to our twitch channel: ... Rules: · Games will be Best of 5 besides the Finals which will be Bo7! · Each Team is allowed 4 players only. · Players who break TOS will not be eligible to compete. · Main tournament has 8 Teams max, with a Qualification tournament for any excess of sign ups . Teams will be seeded by the average rating of their 3 highest members. · Sign ups close Wed, March 22nd Schedule: Qualification Tournament Friday 3/24 @ 7:00PM CET, 2:00 P.M. Eastern time 11:00 A.M. Pacific Day 1 / Main Tournament Begins Saturday 3/25 @ 7:00PM CET, 2:00 P.M. Eastern time 11:00 A.M. Pacific Day 2 / Finals will start: Sunday 3/26 @ 7:00PM CEST, 1:00 P.M. Eastern time 10:00 A.M. Pacific at For further information regarding rules and teams, or to sign up yourself, check out the tournament battlefy: ... Prize Pool: 1st Place - 60% 2nd Place - 30% 3rd Place - 10% The Prize Pool for the event can be tracked via our Matcherino Page. To donate $1 for FREE, courtesy of Matcherino, please log in via your twitch account and donate using the code 'gcdtv3'. ... For further updates or to contact us directly, follow our twitter! @gcdtv_ We look forward to seeing you on March 24th!Healingstat3 2d
2d still no boomkins nerf? is it real? unkillable immortal !@#$ (if u play melee+caster for example vs boomkin) 10 min games every time (if we manage to live, can randomly die in any random moment of the game if we fail once, on the other hand moonkins can fail every 15 sec, get kicked on every cast and still win eventually) retarded aoe, retarded burst, able to RUN CAST damage and clones, able to tank insane amount of dmg while not doin anything except dmg, and even then he can just bearform and spam bear heals until he is fine nerf this %^-* already ffs? nerf its HP pool or something else atleast coz right now this is just BEYOND being broken.Antimelee27 2d
2d War lf v3 push 2k2 Hi, i'm looking for viable comp to push 2k2. i can play fury or arm. i am currently 1850 cr and i already pushed more than 2k this season. Vocal requ to push 2k2 add me btag : zike#2609Jhrxx0 2d
2d Should Triple dps be banned for rated What you think? Should blizzard prevent any other set up beisdes healer + 2 dps.Zyilus7 2d
2d How to improve PvP Who developed PvP in Legion ? So I decided to give PvP a try in Legion and all I can say is that this class balance is absolutely horrible . Pretty much PvP became a melee only thing. Did some skirmishes to see how it goes , in at least 4 of them i couldn't cast a single spell. All of them had a dh/rogue involved (obv on the enemy side). Also I heard that Blizzard wants to somehow make an Esports out of pvp. We're going to see World of Meleecraft. Horrible ,absolutely horrible job on the PvP system and I wouldn't say that if old pvp was better. My point ,keep the PvP the same way it is right now ,place it under pet farming ,you know ,like some sort of " I'm a little bored ,might aswell do some pet farming till next raid" . League of Legends is the only description for the PvP system that I could think of .Deckardflame19 2d
2d are there still dqs for people like this?Fyrø10 2d
2d Nerf Demon Hunters + Belf Racial Retarded this class. Unpeelable, retarded output. Belf Racial is overkill with how mobile melee are and how they can lock down casters. Its no wonder casters are being changed back into MoP instant cast spammersAddiez25 2d
2d Boomkin 7.2 Why are they waiting til 7.2 to nerf this disgusting starfall design of boomkin? Do they not realise that RBG groups are literally taking 4 or 5 per group? Or that they're ridiculously overpowered in 2s and 3s? Boomkins are literally carrying every single spec they play with and I just cant believe theyre waiting for so long until they do something about it, the least they could do is nerf the current design, they need to change bear form for boomkins too, fcking disgusting......ßennafflock1 2d
2d Put a 5 second CD on poly/clone! Reasoning: The utility prune made it impossible to counter a mage or druid spamming CC. You can't do anything about it. Used to be able to counter it with mass spell reflect, charge stun, grounding totem etc. If the devs want these classes to be able to spam CC, you need to give the rest of the classes a way to counter it.Ddope34 2d
2d Help me choose an alt for arenas! Hi all! Was hoping to get some feedback on what to choose! Im not great at pvp but im not hopeless either. I have been thinking about leveling an alt for pvp. I have a mage and a priest sitting at 100. I dont like the disc playstyle so the priest would be holy. The mage is frost, dont want to play fire or arcane. Was wondering if holy is viable in 2s and 3s and if not, why. Was also wondering if frost mage will be viable in 2s and 3s as I will be puging and cant count on peels etc. I like the palystyle of bolth specs (frost, holy) so thats not gonna be a problem, just dont want to play something that is useless and gives you the feeling of holding your partners back if that makes any sence. Cheers!Sardan10 2d
2d 3v3 CompTierList (ongoing Update) Legion [Last updated: 21.03.2017] I have been looking for an updated Tierlist for ArenaComps but couldn't really find anything on any forum out there, so i decided to make my own list which will be updated frequently and involve the input and comments you will deliver, if constructive. The baseline for this tierlist ist my own experience (~2.5sxp), your comments, statements from various professional players on their twitch streams and input from ladder-statistics (if available). Comp Tier List -----------------------Tier 1----------------------- [Strong/Above avarage Choices] ----------------------------------------------------- RMX – Rogue/Mage/Heal. (Heal = Priest | rDruid) TSG – Warrior/DK/Pally. (Arms/UH/Holy) TreeSG – Warrior/DK/Druid. (Arms/UH/Resto) WMD - Warrior/Mage/Druid. (Arms/Frost/Resto) Jungle cleave - Druid/Hunter/Shaman. (Feral / MM|SV / Resto) L.SD - Warlock/Shaman/Druid. (Demo|Destro/Ele/Resto) L.SD2 - Warlock/Shaman/Druid. (Demo/Resto/Balance) L.SD3 - Warlock/Shaman/Druid. (Demo/Enh/Resto) Pingpong cleave - Shaman/Druid/Heal. (Ele/Balance/Heal) Demoncleave - DH/Demolock/Rshaman. Stormrage cleave - DH/Boomkin/Rshaman. Thug Cleave(Venom Cleave) - Hunter/Rogue/Healer. (MM|SV/Sub/Healer) FMP - Druid/Mage/Priest. (Feral/Frost/Disc) -----------------------Tier 2----------------------- [Viable/"Balanced" Choices] ----------------------------------------------------- Turbocleave - Shaman/Warrior/Healer. (Arms/Enh/Heal) *Heal = MW | rDruid Owlplay – Priest/Druid/Shaman. (Shadow/Balance/Resto) Beastcleave – Shaman/Hunter/Pally. (Enhance/MM/Holy) PHD - Pally/Hunter/Druid. (Ret/SV|MM/rDruid) Volcanocleave - Warlock/Shaman/Pally. (Destro/Ele/Holy) MLS – Mage/Lock/Shaman - (Frost/Demo|Destro/Resto) Walking Dead - Monk/DK/Healer (WW/UH|Frost/Heal) Liberty Cleave *with UH DK - DK/Mage/Priest. (Frost/UH/Disc) PHDK - DK/Hunter/Priest. (UNH/MM|SURV/Disc) *variations with other heal viable Harry Potter Cleave - Mage/Mage/Healer -----------------------Tier 3----------------------- [Needs Higher Skill or Knowledge Than Usual] ----------------------------------------------------- KFC(Kung Fu Cleave) – Warrior/Hunter/Heal. Arms/MM/Heal Kittycleave – Pally/Druid/Warrior. (Holy/Ferall/Arms) Shattreeplay – Priest/Mage/Druid. (Shadow/Frost/Resto) Shatterplay – Priest/Mage/Shaman. (Shadow/Frost/Resto) Palashatter – Priest/Mage/Pally. (Shadow/Frost/Holy) WLD – Warrior/Warlock/Druid. (Arms/Aff/Resto) MLD – Mage/Warlock/Druid. (Frost/Demo|Destro/Resto) Kanye Cleave - Rogue/Shaman/Druid. (Sub/Enhance/Resto) Ebola Cleave - Druid/DK/Healer. (Feral/UH/Healer) Thunder cleave - Warrior/Shaman/Healer - (Arms/Ele/Healer) WMP -Warrior/Mage/Pally. (Arms/Frost/Holy) PLS - Priest/Warlock/Shaman. (Shadow/Destro/Resto) Demonfire - DH/Mage/Heal (DH/Fire/Heal) -----------------------Tier 4----------------------- [Low Benefits for Effort Used] ----------------------------------------------------- Shadowplay – Priest/Warlock/Shaman. (Shadow/Aff/Resto) Shadowcleave - DK/Lock/Healer. Unholyplay - Priest/DK/Healer. (Shadow/UH/Healer) RLS - Rogue/Warlock/Shaman. WLS - Warrior/Warlock/Shaman. (Arms/Aff/Resto) RRP - Rogue/Pally/Priest. (Sub/Ret/Disc) Scatter Play - Hunter/Priest/Shaman. (MM/Shadow/Resto) Zombie Chicken - DK/Druid/Healer (UH/Balance/Heal) FLS - Druid/Lock/Shaman (Affliction/Feral/Resto) ----------------------------------------------------- This list is for discussion; keep it constructiv and try to be objectively! This list isn't a space to discuss issues with certain comps/classes or issues with balance in gernerel, it should be an overview of the current meta and help people step into the competetive play. Comp-names inspired by: Or: -Under Construction [don't hesitate to contribute if i missed or displaced comps]-Frozenviva62 2d
2d Turbo Pretty sure this is the dumbest iteration of turbo I've ever seen. Heroism should be removed from arena. This talent with its 45 sec cd always leads to overpowered comps. Problem with turbo is it's always going to be too good or too bad with state of Herosim.Zêra16 2d
2d Alts I'll rather kill myself then farm a 3rd relic on my alts.Imawhitemale3 2d
2d v2 Rsham & Fury Warrior Hi, I'm grinding a shaman right now in order to do some PvP with my mate FWar. I'm a bit rusty though and I have no clue what the metagame is right now. What are the encounters I might run into the most? Do you have some tips and tricks to play against them? Plus I don't really know what a FWar is capable of in arena, I don't know what I should expect from him. How's RSham FWar? Is there any advantage to play this comp?Wildgeboren6 2d
2d Druids going wild How much longer is this class going to be allowed to suppress the rest of the field? Currently it's the most represented melee, caster and healing spec. Clearly there is something going on here. 2d
2d Rogue or Mage? Please help ASAP Hi everybody :) So I recently bought a 100 boost because I was tired of playing feral all the time and I don't know what to boost. I want to focus on 2v2, sometimes 3v3 arenas but mainly 2v2! I can't choose between rogue and mage. I'm usually playing with enhancement shaman or fury warior. The main problem is that I feel like mages are better in burst but as I said I've been playing feral for a long time so I feel like that would help me in playing rogue, because it's pretty much the same. At the same time I'm not really a big feral fan right now so I feel like mage would be more fun to me. I know it's all up to me and my preferences but what do you guys suggest? Is mage better than rogue? I'd like a class that has a decent survibility and burst. Thank you very much! :)Rexein12 2d