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15m Arena server lag What is actually going on these days? The server lag has become SO bad that the game is not even enjoyable to play anymore. * Getting stuck in loading screens * Sitting 5 minutes in loading screen to even enter Dalaran * Not even being able to attack other players in arena because of server lag * Getting kicked, stunned and silenced thru pillars from a target in the middle of the map, etc. I don't know if PvE'ers experience any problems as well, but can you, Blizzard, please acknowledge this lag soon, and say that you are actually trying to make it better? Thanks.Rievz9 15m
22m Pushing 1.8/2k rating first time Hi all, I am fairly new to the arena world (and to Legion, last time I played pvp was on Pandaria). I am a casual player but I am trying very hard to learn what needs to be learn. I am watching videos, trying to understand the situation and learn from my mistake. The issue is that nowadays all the good player do not want to match with people who do not have a 2k / 2.2k achievement. I have a DH Havoc, DK Frost and Druid Resto. I am trying to playing Resto as it's easy to find partners, the issue is that the bad dps blame me for their mistake, and the skilled one kick me after a single mistake instead of telling me what did wrong and how to improve. Basically I feel I got the basis but I cannot find a way to start learning the 'real game'. I was then wondering, between the 3 class and 4 spec (Havoc, Frost, Resto/Feral), which one would be better for me to player as first-timer to try to push the rating? I am really enjoying playing Resto but do understand that healer in arena is very complicated and small room is left for mistakes, so I was wondering whether I should go DPS and take it from there.Floroz10 22m
1h I'm doing literally zero dps on arena (assassination rogue) I was managed to reach 1900 like 2 win 1 lose, 3 win 2 lose, 3 win 1 lose, in this form i would say i had a decen't damage but frost dks, dh-s, disc priest,ferals was still hard, now in 7.3.5- i lost almost 400 points because I'm literally doing 0 dps, I kick , blind, cc , kidney, cheap shot at the right times ... Like im fighting for 5 minute Pressure dot up on everyone I used my full burst 5 times on someone with a huge dampening and this is fking annoying because their hp at that moment still wont go under 55-60% and the DK has overpowered damage what i cant even kite sometimes with full defensive cd. the healers spam heal me. I know there will be a critics here which i wll learn from it. I also know assassination had a huge dps also but it just feels like there is no more use of this spec :/ (assassination) any thoughts? ( not a whining post just want to discuss it )Roguemark9 1h
1h So MW crane? Can't crane stuns and the healing seem to be reduced, might be bug or hidden hotfix. It's time to come out of hiding locks/shadow priests :DDNerfrmx12 1h
1h As a multiglad/r1 playing since Season 1... I have never, ever, experienced lag this bad and this consistent inside the arena. It's a gosh darn server hosting no more than 6 people at a time, how is it possible that this is now a thing? Heck, I'm not even talking about just Russian players (nothing against ruskies, by the way), but pretty much everyone, regardless of location. Playing melee right now is just in-fu-ri-ating. Seriously so! I must have signed one of the first EU arena charters in TBC's Season 1. I've gone through so many issues with arenas, but never could I have imagined that returning to the game in Season 957 would mean dealing with micro-lag at this scale and consistency. Weren't servers upgraded fairly recently, too? And no, it's not my internet (100Mbps, 70 to my server's physical location, and ping of 40-50ms, zero jitter). Nor is it my computer (a beast bought weeks ago). There is something seriously wrong, plain and simple! Examples: My favorite: My character's model goes into animated overdrive trying to apply hamstring/rend/etc at a speed of 10 attempts per second (visible animation), watch at 0:30: My second favorite: Stunning a target using Stormbolt, only to have him/her then travel anywhere between 10 to 30 yards and sit stunned when I'm out of mobility; My third favorite: Getting casted on from behind a pillar; My fourth favorite: Chasing crazy-mobile classes at execute range around pillars, unable to slow or attack them even though I'm clearly in melee range. I could go on, but you get the gist of it. Can I request that all of us arena players get some light shed on this issue that is clearly prevalent and NOT an isolated case that can be traced back to an individual technical issue? We're going for a more e-Sporty WoW, after all, right?Jacklin20 1h
3h Buff melee wings or nerf way of the crane Retarded how it's so much better, lower cd, stun immunityAkiyuki6 3h
3h What's easiest for Vicious mounts? 100 3v3 wins or 40 RBG wins?Berinon2 3h
3h Rogues removing karma Guys can rogues remove karma with any spell? Just I was against a rogue/mage in 2v2 and cast karma on the rogue and saw it above his head and mine and it was clearly cast. Then in the next second the mage was nuking my health down to from 70% to 20% literally within a second after casting karma. I know mages can iceblock karma away but the karma symbol was cast on rogue and was very clearly above the rogues head so I can't understand what happened there.Capitalpop12 3h
4h Disc or Holy PvP? Just looking for a bit of guidance as to which spec is currently better for PvP, been shortly playing Disc and can't say I like it (returning to wow after a long break) the spec seems to have changed completely in addition to Disc not seeming as powerful as other healers? Before converting to Holy, would just like some advise on whether or not it's actually useful in PvP and viable for arena (as that's what i'd like to play most). Cheers lads.Noi3 4h
5h Ret paladin stun bug Fist of Justice Each Holy Power spent reduces the remaining cooldown on Hammer of Justice by 2.5 sec. If your holy power spenders get's dodged you don't loose any holy power and you still get the reduced cooldown of your next stun. You're not spending holy power so why does it work this way?Akiyuki1 5h
10h Assassination buffs. Whatever you smoked blizzard, give me some of it. And to those saying "but dmg buff aint so much": the damage buff is good in itself, but the doubled the artifact bonus trait of crit to mutilate from 16% to 32%, which means more crits, more combo points, more damage and multispread capability. If you dont see how these buffs are totally breaking for an already very good spec, you are beyond point of rescue. Now blizz, about that smokey smokey...Terapeuten45 10h
14h Vicious War Fox (Lol?) When i summon my new pvp fox mount, it is make a sound like my bear mounts upon summoned. At least copy the suramar fox mount's sound, this is horrible. Nobody see this riddiclious bug at Blizzard before patch lol?Harkafury8 14h
20h s6 end is the end of s6 still TBA, or do we have a date?Turbosaregay2 20h
22h icebound fortitude bug played some arenas and i couldnt use icebound fortitude in stunsWenat7 22h
23h Dominant Elite upon logging in I'm close to 2k this season and the achievement got handed to me for free. However I'm not eligible for it yet LULHjarta16 23h
23h is pvp worth it ? by my opinion this game is not worth 15 euro if you come for pvp only pvp player base is lower then on some private servers wich is really bad its not fun skill prune make it look like a dota and even getting gear now is purened best you can get from arena is 950 while mythic 970 world pvp is dead beacose balance is dead rank 1 players can be destroyed in world pvp like pelbs i realy dont understand why blizzard did those changes to lose subs interesting anyone agree?Kayjitsu20 23h
1d how to get to high rating .... when everyone Requests for 1.6 , 1.8 or even 2k cr ? i mean you should start from somewhere , and if you want me to do it with random casual Rage-quitters i should say that ppl leave before you match up together and understand their behavior , game setup and minor strategies which is needed if you dont aim to get to high cr just by luck alone . we need to do practice with the team and get better , but no one stays enough . hell after someone leaves , you need to search for another hour to find a proper one which doesnt ask for high cr !!! i already could reach a bit near 1.6k this way , but it took alot of time . how do u guys do that ? guide meShamixure15 1d
1d somthing must be done with Rated arena make in usefull cant find partners for hours no matter when i play this game losing any point in pvp i dont get it ppl just leaving and no one do sonthing no pvp fixes next patch no item lvl update commonKayjitsu18 1d
1d My take on pvp diversity I think there should be comps that included 3dps, 1dps 1 tank 1 healer etc. etc. So to increase diversity and also reducing fotm melee/caster cleave i think all roles should bring some kind of utility to the arena. I will list them below and they work as talents and affect both you and your teammates, some sort of aura and you can only pick one! This way, 3 dps can que together with picking right talents, they might? perform like current 2dps1healer comps. People can still play melee cleave but you can play with your tank and double dps to counter their hard damage, or with balanced team you can go for dampening. And i also try to give opposite utility for roles like tanks bring damage and stuff, dps increase survivability and healers both utility and damage. Here are few of my thoughts; -TANKS- - Increase all damage done %20 - Reduce enemy healing by %20 - %20 of all damage your team takes redirected to enemy team -HEALERS- - Increase enemy cooldowns by %20 - Reduce your cooldowns by %20 - %20 of your heals are dealing damage to the nearby enemy -DPS- - Reduce damage taken by %20 - Increase healing received by %20 - %20 of your damage heals you Let me know what do you think. Edit: The numbers or spells might be op/up or boring. But the idea is giving a spec opposite utility of his role.Ravejn6 1d
1d 7.3.5 PVP getting fixed! Toys - Fixed a bug that caused player characters to not look into their S.E.L.F.I.E. cameras directly. Thats exactly what we have been waiting for, thanks Blizzard!Tastast18 1d
1d Make old elite sets available We should have old elite sets available for the people who once achieved Gladiator. It's a shame that so many good looking sets are wasted, while all the old heroic/mythic raiding sets are still available very easily. For me it would be a good reason to start pushing gladiator and surely for many others. It'd kind of encourage a lot of pvers to do pvp. You can even make some stupid grindy currency to buy pieces of gear but I think old elite should be availableSenpaì28 1d
1d Targetting totems Okay I've never really had a problem with this but I've noticed on watching people stream 3v3, people kill stun totems instantly or other totems without moving the mouse curser over the totem. I remember long ago seeing in interface in targeting I think I saw 'target totem'. But now I can't find anything like that. Is there any way or any macro ideas to target totems instantly without moving my mouse curser over it?Capitalpop14 1d
1d Reward system and ilvl(joke) We really get minor higher ilvl then last season? Why? At 2400 someone get 945 ilvl, Antorus the Burning Throne drop 945 on HC. I guess 2400 3v3 rating a "bit" harder then HC raid lol! I think we get this because there is more season coming in this expansion, but how is this fair Blizzard? Shame. Remove this casino style reward system already. I'm not into pve, never was, but even in pvp i loved so much to gear up my character in the current season, even through expansions! I think lot of player feel the same, we still talk about a MMORPG game... Second hand, the META is !@#$, just be clear. Brainless nerfs and buffs all the time in Legion, horrible class reworks, and should anyone play arenas? In my opinion, in Battle for Azeroth, everyone should to have the honor gear free in every season, because it is good if all of us can start the Rated enviroment without suffer in Random enviroment. But if you reach any rating, like in Wotlk, u will be granted with stronger gear. This is the reason the players will play the Rated pvp because they get something useful, not a useless piece of trash with useless stats lol.Harkafury8 1d
2d Main reason why pvp is dead The playstyle of every class is so boring to play and to play against -> No fun doing pvp/arenas.Praeyaz40 2d
2d Mw and? Comp DH or Ret paladin for 2v2 with MW monk? And other ideas thanksKlíkken0 2d
2d Setting Blizzard Raid Party Frames Hi all, I am literally going nuts with the frames. I am using ElvUi and disabled all the frames to just have Blizzard Frames and Gladius for Arena. I have set-up and enlarged with moveanything the blizzard frames for arena. The issue is that when I join a BG the frames cover now a huge chunk of the screen. But as a healer in the Arena I am unable to track my HoTs on smaller frames. Should I use different frames? Please help I am going crazyFloroz3 2d
2d What did glad end on last season? after dqsBankerganker6 2d
2d Show races pre-arena Show what race your enemies are in arena before the game starts so if its 2/3 orcs with their retardedly broken racial stacked with relentless i can spec for repentence instead of fist of justice on my holy paladin (example)Angeloflulz12 2d
2d I get Legionized by frost dk - assa - hpala. I enjoy legion.Ðeceptiøn4 2d
2d Bring Old Models back! supportAlbîni22 2d
2d Crucial changes should be brought to PvP Hey all, Been playing this game for a while now, still the last time I enjoyed pvp was back in BC since for that time the pvp in wow was amazing and it was quite good problem is that currently the pvp is outdated. The changes that were made to pvp with the stats templates and the honor talents I think failed I really did not enjoy them and I feel like they were unneeded. Also the topic in place where 3v3 is the designated sweet spot for pvp and that is where balance should be I find that this is the biggest issue with pvp and this should be the one thing that should change right away. Currently the small scale content revolves around 1 tank 1 healer and 3 dps in PVE and the PVE thrives. It is amazing mythic dungeons are a huge success and lets exclude the raids for now which are great as well. Since the community is separated more or less 1 tank 1 healer 3 dps (not exactly but lets say that is our sweet spot) the pvp should be based around these 3 roles as well. Now what kind of a mode should become the new standard that is not for me to make it may be an arena with drops where someone will need to stand in middle with smaller points that should be taken. It should utilize tankiness healing mobility and dmg. You should start building on top of your game and just forget that arenas and bgs even exist. They are in such a bad place right now that if you just delete them you will not lose a lot of players. A lot of people are saying that the pruning was a problem with the pvp. Well that is the problem. The pruning was not the problem the issue are the competitive game mods are just outdated. This is 2017 and we are playing mods implemented in 2005. You have embraced the holly trinity and you did build on top of it and gave us an amazing PVE world now you need to take this trinity and put it in PVP. If you wish to compete with league and dota it is not going to happen trough the 3v3 arena mod you will need to take the pvp game a step further.Deadbreed43 2d
3d Remove healers from 2s Nerf enhance burst Nerf DH burst Nerf frost dk burst Nerf monk burst Nerf arcane burst Nerf Resto druids Nerf MW monk jade lightning damage Remove tanks from 2s Remove double pally from 2s Remove dhs from the game add solo queueRagnaroker47 3d
3d elite gear available at S6 or End S7 ? As the titel states, any got any solid awnsers ? I know it always becomes available when a duo season ends, Like Season 1&2 / 3&4. But now we have Season 5,6&7. Will it come at the end of season 6 or 7 ?Vicario8 3d
3d Rated dps 2s, not tank Who can't play rated 2s -> ppl who cba healer dps Who can't play rated dps 2s -> ppl who only want to play healer/tank ppl who cba healer dps >>>>>>>>>>>> ppl who only want to play healer/tank Yet still they get excluded and told to gtfo. Let's not pretend skirmish 2s is just as fun as rated dps 2s. Maybe we should try remove rated 3s, only have skirmish 3s and then see how just as fun it isGraxe35 3d
3d Struggling on 2v2 1800 First of all i play with Disc priest with assassination. I faced sometimes a demo lock with paladin on his side. But we cant even do something, at the start i make the paladin use his divine shield but after that... We are under a huge sustained damage like when 1 warrior damaging my rogue and my friend's priest. Even if i full cc the warlock. I only damaged the paladin but that doesn't work i started to multi target dots etc but the pala cleared all of my poisons and bleeds from the fking warlock and from himself. I tried to kite a lot. use defensives etc... Also struggling against Ferals they have so much dps they even dpsing when im under evasion. Im using keybinds macros, arena target change etc. trying to position better and better but it seems i cant get over it. The enemy team is playing so good. I think i know when and what to target. i know when to swap, when to cc. But if you could tell me the main thing what should i do in all the time i would be grateful thx EDIT video 1 : EDIT2 video 2 : 3d
3d Holy Priest viable? Hey there. Do you think Holy Priest is viable for arenas? I have seen a few ones on high elo streams and.. I have planned yo play Enh/Holypriest for 2s and Turbo for 3s but i dont know if it is a good idea :D. Could you help me? xD i have considerer to play HolyPala too. Thanks for the advices.Mklyl4 3d
3d Glorious Tyranny READDED 7.3 Enchanter’s Illusion - Glorious Tyranny is now available to purchase from Prideful Gladiator vendors, for characters who earned Duelist: Season 14 or Duelist: Season 15. Enchanter’s Illusion - Primal Victory is now available to purchase from Warmongering Gladiator vendors, for characters who earned Duelist: Warlords Season 1, Duelist: Warlords Season 2, or Duelist: Warlords Season 3. Source: Front page of mmo champion.Moanerlisa247 3d
3d Best partner 2s for Resto sham Hey, I've been trying some various classes/specs as partners in 2s but im still unsure about which specc would be the ultimate partner for a resto Sham. I think SP or affli lock worked best thus far, but they are supposedly some of the worst 2s classes. I also wonder if rating is less inflated in legion than in MoP? I got to 2050 in 2s as resto druid in MoP and 2020 a ele Sham in 3's and I dont think matches got serious until 1800+. Now Im struggling at 1550+ and havent been higher than 1635.Futurum5 3d
4d Should wow arena be a seperate game? Would it be intressting if blizzard would make a 'new' game that's more or less wow arena only? There's some major flaws with the current way arena is imbedded into the game and it's sad because it ultimately discourage participation and in some cases it never gets to be explored. So whats the deal? Well as you've probably heard before, many consider wow pvp as a mini game within the game itself, basically, before you can even experience the competitive 3v3 arena pvp you have to go through: •Getting to 110 (Trough pve) •Getting honor talents •Getting artifact traits •Somehow getting into pvp despite the game being pve focused That's a long lists of to-do stuff to play one class competitively, so basically you need to play through the game to even get to the good stuff. I think the unique wow arena concept is too good to give up on as an idea, it has several intressting and fun mechanics that very few players get to explore. So my idea is to more or less make a stand alone game that has its own kind of genre which would be 3v3 arena only. Obviously, a new game engine and a whole hearted balance team and what not would be required but making it a seperate game it also allows for new stuff to be implemented such as replays, 3rd person pov, spectating, community tournaments and if given the tools, players could ultimately make their own competitive maps that are unique just like how you can make your own maps in SC2, and many of those maps where later found to be used in tournaments and even in blizzards own ladder. Speaking of sc2, the father of modern esport which is an RTS game, a old RTS game called WC3 which you might remember had fan made games using the tools available to create the infamous game Dota which we know today as the moba genre. Blizzard didnt appreciate the mode enough to make an game out of this very popular game untill someone else did, RIOT, and i think blizzard regrets not taking that gamble today. The moba game was a clever invention, it inherit alot of RTS properties since its built using the tools that built the RTS game, however, due to the game design, its basically an simplified version of an RTS game where micro* and macro* transforms into micro only which to be fair is what people love to watch and can relate to in tournaments. Basically moba is an RTS w/o the booring stuff. Wow arena is kinda in the same shoes as dota once was, it has huge potential and was created within a game which main focus is different from arena. Just like how moba was created, we can remove alot of the booring stuff from the previous mentioned to do list above. It's a gamble for sure, but if it succeeds then blizzard ultimately have a new title with its own genre thats uncontested on the market. I think its time for arena to develop, it has way too much potential to be left as a mini game within an mmo from 2004. Thoughts? *micro= unit movement/abillity usage/interacting with enemy *macro= managing economy/uppgrades/infrastructureSebastian10 4d
4d Resto 3v3 - UI and survivability tips Hi all, I am really struggling as resto in 3v3, I just can seem to survive the double focus from the 2 dps. I do not have DoTC and Revitilze yet, but nonetheless I feel to squishy and after using bear > FR > Ursuc > Displacement, if i get kited back again I am clearly unable to survive. I am sure Im doing something wrong with positioning, but I'd like to hear from you any tips that'd help me improve my gamestyle. UI: What is the best party frame unit as with ElvUI I can't really track my HoTs apart from a teeny weeny square, and that's a massive downsize.Floroz9 4d
4d I need help with Holy pala and 2s Hi, I hope some of you can help me :) I have some "big" problems with holy paladin mana in 2v2. When dampening is around 50-60% I usually stay OOM and I cant heal anymore :( I see other enemy holy paladins and they have around 40-50% or maybe even more mana when dampening is around 50% and i have like 5% mana. Idk whats the problem. Maybe I should pay more attention on current stats or what ? Also I stuck atm on 1.8k cr in 2s and Im planing to hit 2k but sometimes Im almost 1.9k and then I fall to 1.8k or less. So do you have and tips on how can I improve ? I usually use Avenging Crusader talent against most melee comps but Im not sure anymore. I hardly win against: assa/disc, dh/healer, ret/heal and comps like that. They do so big dmg and I can hardly survive even if I go around pillars, etc. I can never escape rogue so IDK how I can survive him... Do you have some tips on how I should play holy pala "better" ? And which talents should I pick aginst which comps ? My partner is warrior atm and we do not use voice because I think he wouldnt understand me nor I would him (he is Russian) but I'll ask him.Pállaknight26 4d
4d patch 7.3.5 next flush i dont understand are thoise nerfs or buff anyone can explain only one i understand is assa buffs 4d
4d SkillCapped website ? Hi. Would you guys suggest this website to learn more your class and stuff in PvP ? I mean is it worth to subscribe them for 4€ and will I learn sth good and improve my rating ? What do you think about them ? Here is their website: 4d
5d Group Finder Tool For the devs who read these forums: (Kappa) - you should be able to q skirms and random bgs while having an open application -specifically the arena subcategory of the group finder should indicate the applicants cr and expansion experience. Surprising that this has not been implemented -you should be able to browse other applications in the group finder, even if you are listed yourself. Counterproductive to be sitting "blind" in the finder when there could be available people looking for groups I'll edit this if I can come up with other improvement suggestionsArwaria2 5d
5d PvP has become PVE After watching hours of high lvl streams, most comps seems to be mostly about who can do the most steady damage over a longer period of time until dampening is high enough to score a kill. In the first few minutes nobody usually scores a kill because of remaining defensive cd's available to each team. After working through them ofc you get an andvanted, but it seems like the better (easier) way to win is to have high dps with a few insta cc's here and there with alot of short cc's that you can't really trinket (like earth shock or whatever its called, meteor stun etc etc...) What happened to having to chain cc a healer (or going healer cc'ing dps)? It just don't seem like this is the direction the community wanted to go. It requires absolutely no coordination or real skill to just have a pve dps rotation and waiting for damp and throw in a couple of insta cc's to win. Thoughts? Side note: Is it too much to ask for "pvp skills" balacing? For example having a spell doing more / less dmg in pvp than it does to pve. seems like an easy fix to balance things even moreStalanakovic5 5d
5d fix your private servers i tried to play my warrior.huge mistake.i cant.half of my attacks end up swinging above my head and never land.i have to step a bit back and waste one of my gap closers like i have a lot so i can reach my target properly.and i play with 50 ms.i have to quit playing my warrior i cant stand this.every melee is affected from this but for some reason warriors are affected the most i have no idea why.its more frustrating than waiting in lfg for hours to find decent partners to play with cause every1 have left and thats not an exaggerationGornac7 5d
5d Answer to why ppl don't want to play healers. Because you are blamed for everything... 1.8cr playing with 2 dps we win 6 out of 8 games. And then i get kicked because I didnt dispel some polies vs WW/Arcane (we won this), all game avoiding their CC and setups on me but who would notice that... It's an end of the world that some melee mongo can't press their 3 buttons for 6 secs... Ya should all just die while waiting in LFG.Leesun38 5d
5d Legion arena servers in a nut shell. Played like 4 games last night after coming back from a break and 2 of them were like this. Till this is adressed im done with this sh*t till the exspansion. Havent tryed any BG's yet but im guessing they will be much the same.Frankydavie12 5d
5d Check pvp best CR Hi everyone there's a website built by Hirokumi-archimonde to check arena's achievements and best CR of the players Feel free to spot liars on LFG x) Thanx and bey : )Haramî9 5d