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11 Nov 2018 Ranked PvP Item Levels Now that BFA Season 1 is underway, we’ve seen a number of questions about the item levels of various rewards and reward tiers. Here’s an outline of the current item levels you’ll see when you receive rewards from ranked PvP: Tier, Rating, End of Match iLvl, Weekly cache iLvl, Weekly Azerite item iLvl Unranked, 0 – 1399, End of Match 340, Weekly cache 355, Weekly Azerite item 355 Combatant, 1400 – 1599, End of Match 350, Weekly cache 365, Weekly Azerite item 355 Challenger, 1600 – 1799, End of Match 360, Weekly cache 370, Weekly Azerite item 370 Rival, 1800 – 2099, End of Match 365, Weekly cache 375, Weekly Azerite item 370 Duelist, 2100 – 2399, End of Match 370, Weekly cache 380, Weekly Azerite item 385 Gladiator, 2400+, End of Match 375, Weekly cache 385, Weekly Azerite item 385 Some reminders: End of match rewards are occasional. For your weekly item Conquest turn-in, see Marshal Gabriel in the Salt and Shanty Inn near the Ashvane Docks in Boralus or Xander Silberman at Mugambala in Zandalar and complete the quest Conquest's Reward. You’ll loot your weekly cache reward from a chest in that area. The weekly cache items can Warforge/Titanforge. Additional information: If you’ve filled up your Conquest bar for the week (500 points), you’ll receive a reward in the chest of an appropriate item level. The item level of the reward will be based on the highest bracket in which you won at least one game last week. For example, if you played and won at Duelist in 3v3, expect to receive a reward with an appropriate item level for your ranking at the end of the week. However, if you were rated as a Duelist in 3v3, but only participated in 2v2, you wouldn’t receive a Duelist level item unless you had won a game in 3v3 Now go strike down your enemies!Kaivax36 11 Nov 2018
08 Nov 2018 Conquest Rewards Adjustment - Oct. 24 We've adjusted some of the Conquest rewards for Arena & Rated Battlegrounds. Now, when you Rated Battleground ends in defeat, depending on how closely you lost (how near to the winning team in points/flag captures/etc.), you can gain 20-40 Conquest. Additionally: 2v2 – First win of the day rewards 35 Conquest; additional wins rewards 25 Conquest (was 10). Rated Battlegrounds – First win of the day rewards 150 Conquest (was 100); additional wins reward 100 Conquest (was 65). Rewards for 3v3 and unrated Battlegrounds have not been changed.Aerythlea2 08 Nov 2018
10 Oct 2018 PvP Disqualification Policy Update As part of our continued efforts to combat cheating and unfair play in World of Warcraft, we’ve recently made a change to our policies regarding PvP disqualifications. As of the Battle for Azeroth Pre-Patch, any player who is found to have engaged in unfair practices that result in their disqualification from end-of-season PvP rewards will also have their ability to queue for rated PvP matches immediately revoked. This restriction will continue through the remainder of the season in which they were disqualified, which includes the current “Post-Season” available until Battle for Azeroth launches. This change is intended to minimize the impact that disqualified players have on those who are playing legitimately while the PvP season continues, and is just one aspect of our ongoing commitment to upholding the competitive integrity of World of Warcraft PvP.Lore22 10 Oct 2018
20 Mar 2018 Legion PvP Season 6 Ends March 21 The gates will close on Legion PvP Season 6 for all Arena and Battleground competitors on March 21 at 6:00am CET. Season 6 – End of Season Rewards If you participated in Season 6, to ensure you receive the rewards that you’re due, please keep the following in mind: Refrain from transferring your character(s) to another realm or faction until after Legion Season 6 has ended. Legion Season 6 titles and mounts will be awarded approximately two weeks after the season ends. Faction-Based Rewards Don’t forget—end-of-season rewards are based on your faction. If you transfer your character to the other faction, you must have 50 wins after your transfer to receive the reward. Please note that you must have 150 wins for Gladiator and Dominant Gladiator.Aerythlea0 20 Mar 2018
15 Nov 2018 hope its more balanced with 8.1 thoughts?Rakarius12 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 Survival Hunter mortal strike With the removal of Deadly Brew talent from assa rogues which seems like a sensible move from blizzard to me, rogues are going to have to choose between damage and healing reduction. Now, what are your guy's opinions on the mortal strike pet effect for survival/bm hunter? I personally think this should be removed. To combo this effect with how easy trap is to land as well as being such a short cool down and the insane sv hunter burst, I think the mortal strike effect puts them over the top. Thoughts?Drezzmist3 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 LF Shadow Streamer? Hello there! Kenobi here... eh.. Just kidding. Im looking for SP streamers. Im playing shadow this season (first time in my live) and wanna grow up cuz im rly feeling, i cant climb up with my boys, cuz i dont get enough pressure vs meele trains etc (we play RPS, 1.9 +/-). I think I need help cuz it feels like I just suck with my playstyle over all as shadow. Some tipps here or streamers where I can watch there plays? thanks buddysSadboix8 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 Most offensive playstyle (Heal) Hey guys, simple question: Which healer offers the most offensive playstyle/impact provided by a healer? Is it still disc priest? I'm just starting into bfa and want to catch up fast :) Thx for answers!Kiêuma7 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 Easiest class to learn arena What class should i choose?Аландиен26 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 End of season January. Season ends in January. "Blizzard has clarified that the fifth ring of Azerite Traits is available in January, when Season 2 begins. The Battle of Dazar'alor raid will open on the first day of Season 2."Morkius12 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 How does gear scale in arena now? Came back to wow once more to try arena. Dinged 120 with my mage yesterday. I know that in Legion there was some weird !@# gear scaling in arena that I never understood. How does it scale now? Does it scale like it did back in TBC etc again? Entering arena with greens is as bad as entering raids with greens now I assume?Krishcandy4 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 haha this game literally 0 fixes last monthBydlø9 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 Holy Paladin 3v3 Hey guys, im just looking for some advice really. Ive been looking into the best secondary stats for holy and it seems to be a mix of haste and versatility. I was just wondering is there a soft cap for either that holy needs to have? Or is it personal preference? obviously haste is very sought after as it reduces the GCD and speeds your spells up etc so I though that would be your most wanted stat but I just cant pin point exactly what benefits us more. Any and all advise is appreciated :)Sánguinius7 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 Ret pal, Disc priest,? Comp Hi, Getting bored at the min of healing on my Druid and shaman, so have decide to get back into dps arenas, but strugging to find the right class. Friends who I regularly play with are ret paladin and disc prist, wondering if someone would be able to help me figure out right character. Have been playing DH for now but not sure if it is right for me. Disc priest learning to heal to heal so needing something that can hold its own and not too squishy, have most classes in the 110-120 bracket. Please help?Meadows5 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 IS PVP IN BFA THE WORST FROM LAST YEARS?? I dont know if am I the only who think that BFA PVP is really bad and boring in comparition with other expansions. I'm a multiclass player I literally play all clases in pvp and I have 2'3 2'4krating with them all as minimun and gladiator with my main. This new BFA PVP style Azerita traits, the all buff battle's clean (for me that's a boring playstyle), the (damn) GCD that most of the habilities have now and make the game ridiculously slow and boring like Healing Arcángel of discis, arcane power mages, etc etc. I think there have been way of too much changes that are making the game way so slow and boring. Also, there are still classes unbalanced like BM's or Assasinates rogues, warriors, resto druids, etc where mecanics are really easy and they are quite overpowered in some situations respect other clases. Well, another thing that is making the game super boring is the new mana regen nerf. I have a super weird feeling now playing my priest where agaisnt some super DMG comps I feel I run out of mana like in 1 minute and a half of the arena. To me, thats super boring and need to be fixed. I like the thing of to be care about your mana and try to keep it smartly but at this point I feel like I run out of mana instantly against comps that have a good DMG pressure… In legion stats were normally fixxed whenever you entered in pvp instance. Mana regen was perfect, arenas could be long but at least no one died in minute 2 for mana reason. We had weapon artifact traits, most fun and practical with his unique skill for every class. We were not wasting time in the respawn buffing again all party. We were bursting and using empowered CD instantly making game fast and fun. Not like with those currently GCD that make game super slow… superboring or even annoying at some points.Liieth22 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 I just got 2x avenging wrath trait And deleted a rogue before I even managed to press execution sentence and WoA. Can't imagine what it's like with 3x 390 pieces, guess I'll find out since blizzard will take a good 6+ months to nerf itCewkz20 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 Running out of ppl to play with My progress guild stopped raiding because we lost 10 out of 24 players. My arena mates havent logged in in days and today i lost the last one. He doesnt want to play because he has no fun in the game as it is. Feeling the same i stil refuse to just drop it completly. LFG tool doesnt help either. As i have to wait far to long to find some one (even as heal). The toxic behavioer makes it frustrating to try and look for some one else again. So i am looking for ppl to play with. I tried already in the english and german LFG forum sections, no result. I would like to play mainly 3s. I offer 2 Discs, a resto shaman and a monk heal. My main disc is at 2100, the rest of the heals is low rated in 3s and undergeared, nothing what cant be fixed. I play mostly on weekend and in the evening. I would play all possible combs, as long as you have 2k exp and a non raging mentality.Cptncarrot20 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 warriors how can you ppl play can you stick with them.i swear its the most boring ,slow, handicapped class atm.when i play my warrior i feel like im 90 years old its the slowest spec ive played in many many expansions.when i try to burst and cleave i have to push 3-4 buttons in the row because of the gcd.i loved my warrior, what have those fking idiots donne to them,i dont understand how someone can design a class like that even animations are slow and boringTerranoize30 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 Looking for DH / DK / Warr for 2s 2.3k CR Sorry if this is the wrong area, please tell me where the right place if its not. Hi I'm a MW Monk LF Demon Hunter, Death Knight or Warrior. I am currently like 2250 CR or something looking to go 2400. If you want to play together add me on battletag. thomaswrocks#2511 Thank you!Katarah1 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 Quartermaster Coins This thing must be a joke :DDDDD I have collected these !@#$ing coins for 2 months And today finally I had them all, came to NPC and received a %^-*ty blue token :DD Token is not even epic quality like from weekly chest FOR 10 COINS MAN haha this gameBydlø2 15 Nov 2018
14 Nov 2018 Double Shadow/Double boomy OK? Shadowmadness Boomermadness Assarogmadness Magemadness when does it end oh 5 weeks when season is gone and every boomer/shadow /rmp got free glad? or whatRakarius4 14 Nov 2018
14 Nov 2018 Blade dance Can we please remove the 1 second 100% dodge chance on this 10 second offensive ability? It's obnoxious.Bydlø76 14 Nov 2018
14 Nov 2018 How to boomkin in 2v2 or 3v3? I ussualy play resto druid for arenas but i'd like to test out boomkin as i've heard that it's pretty strong right now. Any advice on how to play it in arenas and what comps are viable with it?Tankyteddy11 14 Nov 2018
14 Nov 2018 Increase drop rate in PvP or bring Vendors Why are 4/10 M players higher equiped then 3100 with over 1k games played?Cbfour30 14 Nov 2018
14 Nov 2018 Disconnecting in Arenas Hey, I'm just coming back after quite a long break and have noticed a lot of disconnects in arenas when playing my DH. I've found a couple of mentions of this in other threads but I wondered if there was any more information available. I have observed DCs on my DH previously when dashing and colliding with the terrain, is this something similar? Thanks!Talayna1 14 Nov 2018
14 Nov 2018 Healers in 3s top200 - 3vs3 EU Priest 32 Monk 4 Shaman 13 Pala 9 Druid 0 Well balanced blizzard. I haven't looked into dps classes but I'm sure the disproportion would be the same. Even in 2s where rdruid has always dominated, there is every healing class above the highest rdruid - Ursuz. I don't mind playing the worst healer but it's annoying that you don't get invited to groups :PKamíl37 14 Nov 2018
14 Nov 2018 new beacon animation Is it just me or will this be the most annoying animation for arena if you play hpala?Mimikyú4 14 Nov 2018
14 Nov 2018 WW 3v3 comps got 8.1 Hey all, My irl teammates play WW and MW (which i understand isn't ideal), I was wondering what a good 3rd class to fit into this for 8.1 will be? I'm just looking for anything that may look like it will fit into that, rather than playing randoms. Does anyone have any suggestions? Interested in both casters and melee. Thank youDtpm1 14 Nov 2018
14 Nov 2018 Unbalance PVP-Arenas-2v2 Trying to climb to 2.2k in 2s bracket, i literally feel sick trying. I dont know where to start. First you have made healers insanely difficult because even a 10 years old kid can now play demon hunter or fury warrior and with 3 buttons can drop you to zero. Demon hunter are just broken. They spam stuns with mana burn. Dampening wasnt enough for you to add in the arenas? Did anyone even tested the pvp before the release of this expansion? How is it possible to combine everything in one single class? Non stop burst - Stuns - Mana burn - Mobility - Survivability. Second is that I meet thousand of holy paladins and rogues duo in 2v2. Even if i kite repentance, the paladin will come close to me and get a stun then its game over, its the same like going afk, check out how bad balanced is the 2s bracket: HOJ + REPETNTANCE + SAP + BLIND. 5+7+7+7 = 26 seconds AFK. even if i save my trinket on blind, the cc cycle is frequent. Last but not least, why should a pvper care about the reputation of champion of azeroth in order to increase the ilvl of his neck? This is my 3rd alt, i am exalted on my main with that reputation and revered with the 2nd alt, isnt that enough for the game? why should the non stop grind exist? Give to the players flexibility to switch classes and play what ever they want. Thanks, this was just my opinion.Imuneman34 14 Nov 2018
14 Nov 2018 How can this be still in the game? As if resto shamans are having it hard, lately I've witnessed the abuse of Pack Spirit/Spirit Wolf sky-freaking-rocket. And that's no surprise, as can be seen from this clip taken from Dakkroth's stream: No further comment. Blizzard, please pick the largest of nerf hammers you have in your possession and fix. NOW, before the abuse goes completely out of hand. Thanks in advance!Jacklinn21 14 Nov 2018
14 Nov 2018 WoW mobile game Good news everyone! Blizzard devs confirmed that wow mobile client will be released in march, 2019. Amount of every class abilities will be reduced to 3 (1 passive ability and 2 active buttons). Some specs does not need to be reworked because they were created specially for mobile game (DH) or were already reworked in BfA beta. These specs already have 2 or 3 buttons. Full list of these specs: -fury warrior -assasination rogue -restoration shaman -demon hunter -balance druid -shadow priest Source:ø2 14 Nov 2018
14 Nov 2018 Russian space pen and scaling system For ones not familiar with myth of russian space pen Now refference to PVP scaling system Blizzard spent who knows how much resources to build space pen pvp scaling system which by today doesnt work properly and has more bugs then mcdonalds in ghetto Its totally unclear how this system works even to blizz devs How much scaling is confusing to players its literally beyond belief (LOL why is person with 70k hp in arena never dies and is 1 shoting me? clearly he is undergeared, jk not) I mean just check streams and see how much people are pissed off with this bs I dont have to waste my words on trashing it myself Instead they could implement aspirant starter gear on vendors say it green 275 items which would increase ILVL by 40-50ilvls (even more once expansion goes on) only in pvp instanced content to reduce gap between player power 325+ epics/blues would have no ilvl scaled and problem with pvp vs pve gear is solved Heck they could implement a quest that leads you to the vendor so even a average american housewife could understand how starter gear works and what's its purpose NAAAAAAAAAH lets spend countless hours of our coders and spend enormous amount of money on system no one #@!# understandsRaspala14 14 Nov 2018
14 Nov 2018 DH Looking for a Rshaman & Balance Druid Im currently 2.2k CR in 2v2 not pushed much in 3v3 so sitting 1900CR but want to push Glad. looking for 2 people who arent ragers, want to learn the comp and actaully wanna get some grinding done in the week. Playing around 6pm Game time onwards. Using Disc. Peace.Hanford3 14 Nov 2018
14 Nov 2018 dead game 1:00 am there are 10 teams on lfg and 8 out of ten are lying about their cr/xp hows the mobile version of wow going on?is it ready yet?Terranoize7 14 Nov 2018
14 Nov 2018 We need incentive to play after Gladiator Sup, I have recently reached the Gladiator Title and Mount on two of my characters and now working towards it on my third one. A thing that I noticed with my team mates now is that there is literally no reason for us to keep playing. The next thing to aim for is Rank 1 Title which is most likely going to be at around 3k to 3,1k. That is a 700 rating difference to Glad, provided you basically staid at around 2,4k during your glad push. I know this does not affect many players, but maybe its worth sth. Blizzard could look into. Cheers!Hàppy14 14 Nov 2018
13 Nov 2018 Gladiator From 2v2 Hi, is it possible to get the gladiator title from 2v2? I'm really close to getting gladiator, and someone told me that I was wasting my time because it wasn't possible Also, do you not get a achievement or something like that?Mn3 13 Nov 2018
13 Nov 2018 FMP glad push one shots Hi! This video got some pretty positive feedback at the pvp subreddit, so I thought I'd share it with you guys aswell. This is not a showcase of skill, but rather a montage of how broken 3x raking ferocity + 3x blaster master is. All clips are between 2.3 and 2.6 mmr. 13 Nov 2018
13 Nov 2018 Drain Life 40k/s? Can we remove this retarded crap? How did this even make it to live?Akiyuki119 13 Nov 2018
13 Nov 2018 arena rogue help So before I get flamed heavily I am not an assassination rogue, I only play outlaw I play between 2100-1900cr. in 2v2 i play with a disc priest. Most things we don't have any trouble with but there are some comps that we just cant seem to beat. I was hoping to get some guidance vs the following comps in 2v2: Mage - Disc/RDruid DH - Healer Assa - Pala Surv - RDruid Fury - MWMonk In 3v3 I usually play with a survival hunter and a disc priest. We can stomp most combos but the following combos farm us: Assasination - Fire - Hpala Boomkin - DH - Hpala Could anyone offer some insight into how to beat these, please bare in mind i play outlaw not assassination. Also what other comps are strong with outlaw rogues in 3s right now? Thanks in advance.Barrium3 13 Nov 2018
13 Nov 2018 Advice needed for noob I've just come back from a 3 year break and have started 2v2 arenas with my friend who insists on playing survival hunter which we've done ok considering what little time we get to play but we are going to get some time to play and I'd like to play 3s so my question is what class should we be looking for to work well and eventually climbArzenal2 13 Nov 2018
13 Nov 2018 What are the weaknesses of Rogue? Blizzard says all classes are good at something and bad at something else, which makes the class balanced... So, I know the strengths of Rogue (High damage, DoT, burst, insane cc, defensives, mobility, interrupts/silence, regeneration, name a few) but what are the weaknesses? How do you beat a good Rogue? How can I punish them or play around anything? Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks.Rune41 13 Nov 2018
13 Nov 2018 The Moonkin Festival is Here: November 12 Anyone else read this and think, it's BFA, it's been moonkin festival since launch!Stickyjam5 13 Nov 2018
13 Nov 2018 Resto shamans btw. Also blizz please let me finally get some es shoulders, thanks.Jassebangsen21 13 Nov 2018
13 Nov 2018 Can we talk about these scaling twinks Never really gone al in to arena and mostly pending between 1700- 1900 so far but in a game not to long ago and a few other times arround the 1800 rating me and my then current heal partner saw that we where up against a BM hunter, and Resto shaman. Now this is a fine combo and al but.. they bouth had 82k health, im a fury sitting at 166k health and my partner at that time was a priest on 125k. By the end of this game i had done 789k damage the hunter had done 844k, and the shaman had out healed my priest and we nearly died, i mean it was a freaking close call. their team play was good no doupt about it mangement of cc and al but.. seriusly? 82k health thats fresh lvld up to 120 and they still are pulling such numbers and damage beacuse upon checking their armory they gimped emself with greens and blues that have sockets. and they are compeating on the 1800? This was the most reasent time i meet such a combo but the more i think about it the more i come to realice i see it before, one time there was a 89k health rogue with a 160k health druid and so on. I feel quite annoyed by this seeing as you clearly dont even need to gather up gear for the arena anymore, why not just scale everyone to the same item lvl no mader what they got seeing as this clearly works..Renvy3 13 Nov 2018
12 Nov 2018 Questions about Season 2 When is season 2? And if I have a gladiator title from season 1, does it transfer?Mn4 12 Nov 2018
12 Nov 2018 Seasonal title + improvements Just some suggestions -Having dynamic seasonal titles instead of an achievement -Also adding a title between duelist and top tier titles and make hota/glad more prestigious -Add the leaderboard in game (not necessarily in the pvp tab menu) + the r1 titles cutoff -The titles are available in the character sheet for a complete new season -The r1 earners also unlock a basic Hero/Gladiator title that they can keep forever (one time unlock per character) - that or the r1 seasonal title, open for debate -The achievements in the pvp tab are about reaching particular ratings Something like : Arena Now --> After Dread Gladiator --> Dread Gladiator (r1 % based) Gladiator --> Dread champion Duelist --> Dread duelist Rival --> Dread rival Challenger --> Dread challenger Combatant --> Dread combatant RBG Now --> After Hero of the Alliance/Horde --> Dread Hero (r1 % based) Nothing --> Dread champion Duelist --> Dread duelist Rival --> Dread rival Challenger --> Dread challenger Combatant --> Dread combatant Not sure about 2s. Thoughts? Please share to the devs on social media and in the in game suggestion form if you like the idea.Aadä2 12 Nov 2018
12 Nov 2018 Silence cast horrify cast triple MC cast Hehe feels good winning by doing nothing.PlayerLMJQLM6 12 Nov 2018
12 Nov 2018 Lvl 120 PvP Blizzard, You are losing subs very fast. After all these years more and more people are moving on to other games. Some just because it's time to move on and some because they simply don't like WoW anymore. Whichever reason it is happening a lot. I just can't wrap my mind around the fact you didn't drop the random pvp gear introduced in Legion. Why do you still have this?! You say you listen to your player base but still it's here (even giving duplicate drops which is even more frustrating). NO PVP'R asked for this. No one! You seem to come over as so disconnected to your pvp player base. Could you at least explain why this is still a thing? Another thing, a geared player vs a freshly player dinged player has more than double the health! Has it ever been this bad? Like wtf.Danbearpig12 12 Nov 2018