22 Apr Final Legion PvP Season 2 Cutoffs Since the conclusion of Legion PvP Season 2, we've been working to remove players from the ladder who were ineligible for rewards due to disqualification. That work has now been completed, which means we're ready to begin distributing end-of-season rewards. The final rating requirements for Legion Season 2 are as follows: 3v3 Arena Fearless Gladiator (Horde): 2937 Fearless Gladiator (Alliance): 3057 Gladiator (Horde): 2681 Gladiator (Alliance): 2784 Duelist (Horde): 2165 Duelist (Alliance): 2252 Rival (Horde): 1872 Rival (Alliance): 1962 Challenger (Horde): 1594 Challenger (Alliance): 1629 Rated Battlegrounds: Hero of the Horde: 2527 Hero of the Alliance: 2656 Guardian of the Horde: 2149 Guardian of the Alliance: 2268 Defender of the Horde: 1875 Defender of the Alliance: 1983 Soldier of the Horde: 1652 Soldier of the Alliance: 1682 Congratulations to everyone receiving a reward, and good luck in Season 3! Aerythlea89 22 Apr
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32m Channeling through LoS Fix your game. This is clearly not an intended functionality, just something you haven't managed to fix yet. Quit messing around with updating maps graphically and tackle this. It's highly frustrating to have a Mistweaver Monk just channel his insane healing thing, be able to move while doing so, and sit behind a pillar. I've found Mistweaver teams, regardless of their composition, to be absolutely unbeatable on Dalaran Sewers. The same goes for any other channeled ability. It's broken. It's wrong. Fix your game.Goldburn2 32m
2h Reason why am quiting i have never quited this game yet i was able to tolerate things ( even in wod when my spec was garbage ) until now Am not quiting because imbalance when that was the case i always took break from pvp and did raiding instead but there is same issue aswell that nowadays the time what you need to spend into the game to be viable is not spent into skill/teamwork . 80% of the time you have to spend is on grinding what is terrible boring and i got tired of each day i have to spend hours for artifact power grind/gear rng. this game is forcing people to chose between having fun and being viable in game the two things doesnt work same time. cos if you take few days break from grinding you cant recover what in my eyes is unacceptable cos game should be about entertaining/relaxing the player but instead what WoW gives is like an unpayed job pretty muchXeraty7 2h
3h Warriors are f*cking broken How come warriors can heroic leap and charge every 5 seconds? Literally can't get away from them, even as a mage. If you do manage to do any damage to them, they just hit you once and recover 25% of their HP. Nice job blizz, you f*ckwits.Bodhi26 3h
3h Can u holinka stop !@#$ing hunters %^-*? Thanks and retire asap pls legion pvp is suckSensatiòn8 3h
4h Windwalker sucks badly ! Please do something about the WW monk.You know i cant find parts since the season 3 started because noone wants to play with WW anymore cuz it sucks as hell .Please dont make me quit WoW.Putînmvp13 4h
4h BM IS SO HARD That Raiku specced into it an hour before a tournament, competed in a tournament with it and then beat one of the best TSG'S in the game. Raiku clearly is the G.O.A.T to master that wonderful spec so quickly.ßennafflock30 4h
8h Actual god tier class ? Just wanted to know actual and futur 7.2.5 god tier class and what to play to conter them efficiently I play mostly 2v2 for having only one stable PvP friendWindbane6 8h
9h BREAKING NEWS!!! Holinka is fired PVP might get better !Rezuzlol2 9h
10h Stopcrying guys. Dont fire holinka. Instead promote him to PVE raid designer and manager of all pve content.tnxJohnladstwo0 10h
10h Is Bajheera overrated I decided to check him out as I was told hes Rank 1 warr and a big wow personality and I know this is only random but still. I've heard of him in the past and always knew he he was but never really watched any of his videos however 1. He plays Fury which is insanely op atm 2. He has 914 item level 3. He has atleast 4 pocket healers 4. People who got 2.2k and then started to stream became almost famous in wow and people with much higher skill caps start wanting to play with you as they get to be in the limelight. Anyway my first video watching him was this; And saw very little skill, 5:28 pops trinket from hunter block whilst priest stun was just about to tick. Stands in meteors at like 1:24 and gets mind controlled by priest at 5:56 with pummel off cd then immediately kicks when they're not casting. Either its very, very bad play especially for a rank one or he doesn't care because he has 4 pocket healers which again indicates very little skill. Maybe even he used to be a top pro warrior and still is, just the prunes and changes to this game suffocate his ability and make him seem bad as there is such a small tool kit and no need for macros, stance dance, eq sword and shield etc.Kyliemnrogue42 10h
12h Traits/Gear ect I've just started playing again for something different. How many traits and gear item level do i need to be useful?Calmdruid6 12h
15h imagine a game where it's 2017 and tank specs still aren't disabled in all forms of pvpTom41 15h
17h Simple fix to PVP I had enjoyed pvp more or less for the past few years, but less so with Legion, despite otherwise positive steps. here are my SIMPLE solutions: 1. honor talents tied to character level -- just like normal talents. In other words, if you are max level, you have all your pvp talents available. Just like pve talents, pick them however you want. What's the logic in making people suffer to unlock, in many cases, very important talents? 2. FULL artifact unlock (or cap it at a control point that is easy to balance). No matter what spec you choose, no matter what character (max level), basically they have the full artifact weapon unlocked for instanced pvp. I admit, it's not hard to get level 1 prestige, for full honor talents, but it still requires time. And, this time is not generally enjoyable. The second is more of an issue. Not that it is "that hard" to get a reasonably competitive level of artifact power, but that requires time. Say I have 10, 15, 20 hours to play in a week, that time all goes into farming resources, gear, artifact power, and what's left might go into pvp. In a combination of factors, I have found myself reverting mostly to a pve player now. I rather do pvp, but no matter how you slice it, you get way more AP, gear, resources, doing pve related activities. In other words, I have come to the realization that world of warcraft is a pve game. You get WAY more out of it -- to progress you character through pve: world quests, mythic+ dungeons, more daily options (heroics, weeklys, etc), and of course various raid options. Pvp? Just crude imitation of progression. Just make all the pvp open. People can play the game as they want. right now, if you just do pvp, equal time/skill, you will get FAR less rewards/enjoyment than if you do pve related activities. And, that's ok. But, be honest and real about it. Don't try to pass pvp off as an alternative path -- it's not.Jalisco13 17h
17h Addons for PvP - recommendations? As above - any recommendations for addons for Arena or BG?Larimus7 17h
1d Picking a Healer (Arena/RBG) Hi all Recently back to the game and playing with friends when I can but I want a healer for when I just want to play with randoms / other people etc. I like 2v2 (I know it's awful but I do!) and my 3's needs work but basically I am trying to pick a healer for arena and possibly RBG's too. So far thinking paladin, but is Avenging Crusader talent really that good? As that's the main draw to that class. Used to really like resto shaman too. I have most classes around 110 and willing to put in the catchup grind etc without taking things too seriously. What healing class is currently good? I know resto druids but I don't necessarily want to jump to the FoTM more something that could be good just to stick with for the rest of legion. Any ideas / experiences / Use of avenging crusader versus monks version etc. ThanksHoofme19 1d
1d Fire Mage 7.2 pvp video Hi guys Its not a lot fire mages in pvp actually.A small pvp montage : RegardsGortoz2 1d
1d finally ret nerfs what do u think they must nerf next?Antimelee43 1d
1d Rip Rdruid 7.1.0-7.2.5 As some of you may have heard already blizzard are going for a overkill in 7.2.5. If the changes go live Overgrowth will no longer heal but instead just apply some hots, so we lose the Regrowth initial heal which was affected by soul of the forest, the mastery buff from old hots on the target before OG and also the Nature's Essence trait which procced from Wild Growth. Considering the high mana cost of OG the talent will become completely useless in every scenario, instead blizz are forcing us to play a TBC style triple Lifebloom which doesn't really help us quickly recover our team after we get out of cc. As if OG wasn't enough our beloved Revitalize gets nerfed to the ground, now only having 2 charges and no longer reapplying Rejuvenation. On top of that Fortified bark gets completely removed from the game leaving us with no viable option for our tier 5 honor talent against spell caster cleaves. In compensation we get an old WOD setbonus like double root on Ironbark which will probably annoy Joefernades but won't help us win games as Revitalize did. Those nerfs plus the fact that most dps classes get buffed in 7.2.5 means that rdruids will scuba dive down to MWs, Assa rogues and WWs in the Mariana Trench. Everyone that hates our class can now gloat but if you are a 1.5xp twitchful gladiator lil !@#$% please refrain from commenting "^-*! ur a rdruid" no one cares about your opinion. Every rdruid player should have his Disc priest ready to queue in 3-4 weeks. See you in the arena.Zornichka59 1d
1d best 3v3 hunter comps should I just be a !@#$ and go BM & get my 3k triple glad this expansion or is MM/Survival still viable? Only two I could think of is mm/ret & surv/ret, anything else?Goreqt6 1d
1d Legion. I main(ed) healers since I started this game, now I'm a DK. Legion.ßytes2 1d
1d Triple DPS DH / WW / RET Here´s a Little Clip with our triple dps comp we are not pros Rating about 1600 - 1800 Ist a funny way Clip think about it when you comment pls i dont tell anyone how to Play or something Just wanna Show how much fun triple dps can be we are a Little bit drunk sry for some noises XD German ´s in Arena XD 1d
1d When is Holinka getting fired? Simple question. Here's another one - how many screw ups are Activision Blizzard employees allowed before being fired?Sammara63 1d
1d Fix new arena maps please Cant normaly blink on new arena maps sometimesФундамент0 1d
2d Nerf this !@#$ I entered a 2v2 skirmish with a random DH on my team (yes I know it's just a skirmish) today and had to quickly go afk. I thought "he probably lost" ... when I come back I was surprised to see we (he) had won and had completely decimated the other 2 melee mongos. Nerf DHs for the love of god. That damage in a 2s game that probably lasted about 30 seconds! 2d
2d Boring/!@#$mechanics Classes Sub rogue: spamable dance like it dosent even matter, make it like it was in mop/wod why change something that was so fun and good. Bm hunter: reverse it backwards, dire frenzy get it away from the game, get 1min cd on bestaial without reducing its cooldown, give spirit bond back, more mobility and less pet dmg in general. make them stronger than theyr pets, by example focus fire barrage like it was in wod,again why fix something that is more fun and healthier playstyle. Frost DK: for gods sake give them some proper cc, theyr litterly just pveing in pvp, and give them some tools. and no i dont think they need more mobility. they never had never needed. hit like trucks with only 1min cd made them good. WW monk/ get 4 sec fist back, they should have higher dmg in serenity/stormearthfire in general. "all off healers need to get buffed on theyr healing, where is the hybrid times like in mop? when boomy was the sickest off healer and ele and other classes had off heals, made 2v2 more fun when there was 2x dps that could go in there and acctualy do decent, aswell as in 3s u could clutch heal behind or assist healer with heals. Frost mage: get 1 blink back, no anti kick blink, 1 root, 50% slow frostbolts no more no less on any other spells. remove RNG root. buff frozen orb nerf glacial spike/ebonbolt. let theyr dmg be more on the orb, lets say the orb is more like a deep freeze back in the days. Feral: nerf incap its way overboard and theyr bleeds ticks are stupid, they shud have decent bleeds but ferioucs bite should be a part of their rotation, buff it so you can have some higher bites and less rips out rolling, tune down bleeds /buff bites /simple slution healtier gameplay, more fun, imo bring back clone remove incap completly! in general: every single rng cc / random cc with spells shud be Completly removed. Get jukes back in the game, let the healers take a fall when they kicked and really get something for juking. like you kick priest he cast another school. comon, or rsham tidal waves and demonic from warlock. SO MUCH BS! dont know why u would add such things General: Melees shud have melee kick, not yd kicks.Bankerganker15 2d
2d class hating never stops Bm so hard! its easiest play ever, saies the ugly warlock. yet his class is standing still spamming pve buttons. CLAP SAIES THE DEMON BLUNDER, thats meta and u die, and try again next 1.8min! but dont forget frost dk its facerooll 0 skillcap, and assa rogue is 0 skill cap disc priest 0 skil cap mw0 skillcap only thing is good is what you play the one argueing, its insanly hrad to play that class. ok friend. ive played eveyrthing everything has its side. now ull never get 3k with any class unless u playh itwell. k byeBankerganker13 2d
2d Ret 7.2.5 changes After seeing the changes being made to retribution paladin in 7.2.5, another damage buff, I can't help to wonder what goes on in the heads of the class/pvp devs. The only changes that has been made to rets, the past 5-6 weeks have been damage buffs. While damage is always nice, its not enough, when we CANT !@#$ING MOVE. The mobility of ret is so %^-*ing painfully cancer, given that we're PERMA slowed by near all comps, with a 30 second cooldown on our freedom. Why do you continue to buff mages, rogues, balance druids, that are already tier 1 and has been for a long frickin time, whilst totally ignoring the fact that retri pala has the worst design you could ever think of. The fact that we get kited, peeled so unbelieveably easy. Not to talk about our survivability in pvp. Watch any game played by vanguards on US, and see how excruciating it is to play retri paly, meanwhile blizzard is turning the blind eye. Not good enough blizzard.Vanexy7 2d
2d tracking sites work again work again and u can see who is qing u can also see whats the most popular/broken spec right now to reroll here: 2d
2d Update 7.2.5 mentions 5v5 achivs Here on MMO champion it mentions in 'Acheivment changes' it lists the old 5v5 achiv. What does this mean? Are they bringing 5v5 back? Or does it mean they will delete peoples 5v5 achivs they have already gotten? 2d
2d Gear from PVP Can someone explain to me, the whole point in PVP now in this expansion? not sarcastic or flame post or anything, I am curious, i havent really got into the Arena side of things yet. But so far from BG, my gear drops are below what drops i get in PVE. Do you get gear drops from Arena? if so what Ilvl do they drop at? for the best PVP Arena players, where are they sourcing their Gear? do they run Mythic raids to get the gear for Arena basically?Qúívér5 2d
2d Nerf defensive stance Reduce it to 15% damage reduction both ways Oh and Nerf Holy Paladins wings Cool-down Should be 3 minute not 60 secondsZyilus38 2d
3d Click and dont scroll away from this Make this game fun dont care about balance, dont care about class fantasy and def dont giive a !@#$ about pve. Theres 2 roads to make this game fun. 1,Increase cds/tools alot more than it is now, remove RNG BS 2. increase sustain dps/healing and get more cc in game with less rng, and remove cds. I prefer first, i like to smoke ppls faces when they miss trinket. and random pain supp like a OG. i want them to suffer like in wod when u barrage his face as a bm hunt if hewasted his trinket, or as a sub rogue just dancing u down like a stripper. So simple as folling either 1 or 2. this game can be fun again. not even kidding u dont need einstein maths or in depth freaking bibles on how to make it better CDS /NOCDS EQUAL NO RNG RIP , FIX NOW. and lets log in this game and just have a good time, right. kpcpbyeBankerganker0 3d
3d BM hunter's pets Hello everyone, i know blizzard rarely looks at the eu forums but i'll give it a go. Can we do something about BM hunter's pets please? some kind of counterplay? anything? maybe the ability to kite them? maybe not let them teleport to people after rooting them they trinket the first time, and the second time they sit in roots and then pooof teleport to you. Like why? how is this even fair, right now there is no way to stop BM hunter damage its absurd, not to mention the fact that they can use kill command while being out of line of sight i don't even know why that is a thing, i'd love to be able to mortal strike people when they are behind pillars must be awesome. TLDR: Make pets kitable somehow no teleport please, and no kill command while out of line of sight of pets thank you.Knucks3 3d
3d Concordance of the Legionfall Please nerf that !@#$ty point to 1 in istanced pvp, i've faced a guy which his proc was 2.4k. Even now is not balanced but it's ok since 2.4k is not that much, but when the time pass, people with 10k proc vs people with 2-3k proc will be rly imbalanced, please cap it to 1 in istanced pvp so the grind with good AK will stop being a nightmare.Dex36 3d
3d Imprison Nerf Imprison Imprisons a demon, beast, or humanoid, incapacitating them for 60 sec. Damage will cancel the effect. Limit 1. Limited to 1 target. 20 yd range. Instant. 15 sec cooldown. Does this mean Imprison will share DR's with clone? What do you guys think about this change?Trenacetate13 3d
3d The return of old PvP vendors is imposible. Some days ago i tried to understand why blizzard had fully declined old pvp vendors. And i think that the reason of it was titanforge system. My thought is that buying good gear for curancy is not compatable with rng "loot-box" system, beacause it can be abused. - But this kind of upgrade is not for gear for curancy. - But does it mean that gear from personal loot is better if you are lucky? - But templates make this upgrade irrelevant! - Don't forget that these changes were made from PvE standpoint for easy jump from PvP to "the main content of Legion" (PvE). Also, don't forget that blizzard was speaking about making pvp gear equal to pve gear since the announcment of legion, and pve gear is distributed by personal loot which is ideal for adding some modern popular features like lootboxes. They really felt that it was an "exciting" addition, and it's clear that they wanted to share thier "excitment" with pvp players also. In the end, titanforge system became a huge disappointment even for pve players, beacause it felt more like a punishment for bad luck rather then excitment for upgrade. I really belive that blizzad regrets about it and will revamp it in the next expansion. As for legion is it imposible, to much work had to be done.Naktu3 3d
3d Would you like to see 5v5 again? Hello everyone! I recently got back into the game after few months of being away and I do like the changes they made in 7.1.5 and 7.2. Brawls and all of these little events are incredible and exactly what they should do with the game. Also elementals are really fun to play in current least outside arena. I was thinking about making an arena team with some of my friends and noticed that 5v5 is missing. Now I did a bit of googling and noticed that this isn't anything new. Not that I'd know since I pretty much skipped entire WoD. Anyway since guys at blizz are finally giving pvpers something new after not adding a single new map I started thinking why guys at blizzard aren't adding 5v5 arena mode back into the game. Surely it wouldn't take that much effort. I know nothing about making games but you had that feature in your game since The burning crusade so I assume you could simply throw it back in. PvP is already pretty imbalanced from what I gather so why not just give PvPers another mode? 2v2 has always been insanely boring to me and will always be boring to me and 3v3 is..well it's kinda just one step down from 5v5. So it just doesn't really make sense to me to have just 2v2 and 3v3 as options. Neither one interests meall that much. 3v3 was the mode I always played if we were missing players and absolutely had to do something that's not 5v5. Back in Wrath I used to have a 5v5 team and we played couple of hours every night when we didn't have a raid going on and that was the most fun I've had during this bit over a decade I've played this game. But anyway what do you guys on forums think? Would you guys be interested in 5v5 in legion?Anuranka17 3d
3d Blizzard change PvP Artifact Cap Im just making this post in a belief that it will get notices by some good guy @Blizzard, the point is that we need a cap on artifact trait in rated PvP, make it lvl 52, or smthing near that, else there is no way we can play alts or even reroll a spec in a PvP without the massive grind, PvP needs to me more accesible to new players/specs. THX.Spoljo17 3d
3d Holy Pala + Ret pala damage issue? A little bit over tuned in arena ?Lionsword19 3d
4d Dh/disc Hi guys I've just stared running demon hunter disc priest in 2v2 and wondered if anyone else who has played this or a similar comp dh/rdruid ECT can help me out with some tactics should my dh train healers I guess it's situation and depends what comp were facing but any tips would be appreciated thanks.Renewals4 4d
4d Looking for an Addon Guys I am searching for an addon that appears as text for example smth like: Interrupted Frost or Eviscerate ImmunedGeorgebushez9 4d
4d Melee Wings/ WOTC against holy priest Do melee wings actually heal when a holy priest uses ray of hope? WotC doesn't and im curiousWajoba0 4d
4d What your typical PVPer looks like irl.énátákí30 4d
4d Meta making you immune to DAMAGE WHY DOES IT MAKE YOU IMMUNE TO DAMAGE DURING THE JUMP?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Zyilus12 4d
4d [A] Legion S2 R1 rog LF friends Rank One 2900 rogue on US LF ppl to play with LF players of similar exp to play with on EU, just made this account and will be lvling up to 110/gearing/catching up on AP ASAP. Battletag is Swacked#1989. Plz post w your exp before adding Link to US rogue: 4d
4d Rogue or Warrior for 7.2.5 A simple question really, one which I'm unable to answer after an hours discussion with a friend of mine. Come the 7.2.5 changes I plan to try my hand at PvP properly for the first time in years, and my choice of class to do so is Rogue and Warrior. Problem is I currently do not know very much about either of them other than that I enjoy playing them. So I pose to you folks a question, which do you think will be the overall better class come 7.2.5 when it comes to 3v3 arenas?Threndual10 4d
4d warrior mobility nerf ‌•Classes ‌•Warrior ∙ Charge t̶o̶ ̶a̶n̶ ̶e̶n̶e̶m̶y̶ in a random direction, dealing (70% of Attack power) Physical damage, rooting it for 1 sec and then reducing its movement speed by 50% for 6 sec (here's a clip of the nerf in action) ‌Tom3 4d
5d Why affli warlocks doesnt need to cast Really why affli warlocks can ''rot'' 2 DPS without even casting a single spell ?They can just jump arround and spam their insta dots and win.Why the hell every expansion must end like this where casters dont need to cast at all ?Rivornel38 5d