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03 Sep Prestige Guide: Rewards and Advice After many weeks of playing legion, some people still have no idea about the possible prestige rewards. Therefore I am making a detailed list of the prestige rewards. After this list, I will say something about the possibilities to farm honor. If anyone has something to add (or change), please reply to this thread. Rewards: An honor level will reward you with new honor talents, gold (normally 200 gold and 2000 gold between honor level 48-49) and artifact power. These are the basic rewards. The prestige rewards will follow below. Prestige 0+50 rewards the alliance enthusiast. It is a companion and it can use emotes such as "Alliance enthusiast admires you". If you want to know how it looks, click the following link: You will also receive the achievement Top Honors (10 achievement points). As a side note: since a recent hotfix we no longer use a ‘’prestige button’’. Therefore you instantly jump to the next prestige once you achieve honor level (x+)50. That is why prestige 0+50 and prestige 1 are pretty much the same now. However, you will still notice the difference at 17+50, because prestige 1 has not been released yet. Prestige 1+0 rewards your first badge. If you want to look how your badge looks like (and the other badges), use the following link: You can find this badge next to your characters portrait. Prestige 1 also rewards you with the achievement First Step into a Larger World (10 achievement points). Prestige 1+50 rewards The Victor’s Spoils. This is an artifact skin. If you want to find out how it looks, check out this link: Select your class, specialization and check out the fourth weapon and the first skin. The other three skins are for higher prestige levels. This reward is part of an achievement: Fighting With Style: War-Torn. You will also receive the achievement The Prestige (10 achievement points). Prestige 2+0 rewards your second badge. It also rewards you with the achievement Here We Go Again (10 achievement points). Prestige 2+50 rewards an honorable pennant. If you want to know how it looks, check out this link: Prestige 3+0 rewards your third badge. It also gives you with the achievement Third Time’s The Charm (10 achievement points). Prestige 3+50 rewards you with a mount: the prestigious bronze courser. If you want to know how it looks, check out the following link: Prestige 4+0 rewards your fourth badge. It also gives you the achievement For Prestige (10 achievement points). Prestige 4+50 rewards you with the title ‘the Honorable (name)’. This was the final prestige rank for legion season one. Since season two there are 4 new prestige ranks. Prestige 5+0 rewards your fifth badge. It also gives you the achievement Alive for Five (10 achievement points). Prestige 5+50 rewards you with a crest of heroism. This is your second artifact skin from prestige. It is also part of the achievement Fighting With Style: War-Torn. Prestige 6+0 rewards you with your sixth badge. It also gives you the achievement The River Six (10 achievement points). Prestige 6+50 rewards you with the dutiful squire. It is a companion and it makes a (very annoying) sound when you summon it. If you want to know how it looks like, click the following link: Prestige 7+0 rewards you with your seventh badge. It also gives you the achievement Slayin’ to Seven (10 achievement points). Prestige 7+50 rewards you with the prestigious pennant. This item looks exactly the same as the honorable pennant and it has the same buff as the honorable pennant. I still hope this is a bug, because it is very disappointing right now. Prestige 8+0 rewards you with your eighth badge. It also gives you the achievement Don’t Hate, Grind to Eight (10 achievement points). Prestige 8+50 rewards you with the ivory prestigious courser. If you want to know how it looks, check out the following link: This is the final prestige rank for legion season 2. Prestige 9+0 rewards you with your ninth badge. If you want to know how it looks, check out this link: You will also receive the achievement Hell, It's About Nine (10 achievement points) Prestige 9+50 rewards you with the title ‘The Prestigious (name)’. This is the final prestige rank for legion season two. Unfortunately, this reward is bugged and it is not possible to use this title. EDIT: blizzard has posted a list of the new prestige rewards (up to prestige 17). Therefore I will simply show the link instead of updating this list:ía12 03 Sep
1h Rating Why de we lose rating (-12) when it's 1500-1500? I think bouth teams should stay at the same rating.Groentje1 1h
1h Getting RBG rating as pleb? Heya. One of my goals in WoW was always to get 2k+ rating in RBG to get the mog but never really got to it, I was around 1600 rating as rsham once I remember, back in Cata or something. The problem is that I play WoW completely alone and have no idea how to find a proper group to play with to get RBG rating. Which server and class do you recommend to reach this goal of mine? Horde or Alliance doesn't really matter to me.Psiloxybin13 1h
1h World PvP What a fall from grace. How can a company like Blizzard butcher the game so hard. PvP is nowhere near as good, the game just gets worse every expansion, but something that was fun is completely butchered. 1v1 and world pvp was never balanced, but now it's all about one shotting. A paladin literally just 3 hit me, I may as well just be level 90 as that's how extreme it feels. It really is upsetting to see this game go down this path.Johncandy6 1h
1h Can I get uhhh...Soloque Look, I haven't done a single rated BG because finding 10-15 people is hard...can I get a soloq plz?Eboshi4 1h
1h fk u blizz and your melee braindead train why even bother playing a caster when melee is so strong and has all it all? damage, cc, defense as well as they don't have to bother with retarded interrupts?Zbir32 1h
2h 70-79 bracket Is this alive? Is it worth twinking for it?Malcom0 2h
3h Why alliance healers are so bad? When I fight a horde healer in Random Battleground it's a tough fight which is usually unbeatable. When I see a group of alliance guys with several healers in it engage the horde they literally melt. What gives? Maybe it's just my bad luck that I am being thrown into BGs with bad healers? Or that's something more consistant ? How are we supposed to win a battleground with dead healers? Even if we peel for them they still die to unpeelable ranged damage ...Stans25 3h
3h What would happen if.. DPS players were forced to play a healer for a week. :Thinking:Tyraissa12 3h
4h Random PVP situation - need blue answer! Does blizzard even realize the situation that random PVPer that don't play warriors, DH or DKs are in for like a year now? And yes, it is a problem. If many people think of something as a problem, it is one! Need a blue answer now!Decsis2 4h
4h Blizz,please,these russians. Cmon, be serious I know you can't do anything about this because you manage EU and have no power on the game. I guess US is even not aware about the issue but they wouldn't care anyway as they just focus their side of the world. They neither know on which part of the planet we are actually located, if we eat or not and if we say hello with the hand or with the bow. And also because when you see "Battleground" on the title you even stop reading, mainly random ones, as you don't care about them at all. Blizzard today supports Arena only. World PVP is no longer an option and BGs have all of the issues a game designed around 3v3 fights has caused, with all of that burst and neverending CC, so in your point of view they became just a pastime when your daily quests are over. But it is now a common behavior to neither try to play the match when we see those hieroglyphs in the scoreboard. There are people neither crossing the entrance, others spamming the graveyard cancel, people starting talking about their day, what they did, what they're eating, what's on the TV. Russia is the most deserter debuff producer in the world. A BG vs russians has become today a dentist waiting room, people join with sadness and can't wait to run away. I know, ok, we sux, they rock, fine, ... That doesn't justify the punishment. Now, would you please investigate a bit on players matches statistics, the wins, the looses, make a very basic Excel report ( and send it to U.S. Bosses saying that actually there is a very tiny issue here? It seems to me we exist just to make them enjoying the game. Yeah, we are mobs ............and we should be actually paid for that.Kensley83 4h
4h Account wide achievements Blizz Please please make it so the 100 wins and the pvp rep are account wide! | don't get why they haven't been made to do that yet. people who play alts but still wanna progress towards things like Kahn are hindered by making so i HAVE to play 1 char in pvp.Flamehawk5 4h
4h Explanation of Russian premades and lags. 1)90% of BGs excluding AV are not premades. 2)50% of AVs are premades which are lead by the same person most of the time. 3)Melee range lags are not our fault, try playing on US servers you'll experience the same thing. How to determine premade in AV. If enemy team doesn't push forward at all and just farms grave yards - it's a premade. There is also another situation when enemy team allows you to push to their base and then kills you there. If enemy team kills your first boss, defends their own towers, then pushes forward step by step - it's not a premade, it's a counter attack play style which includes some PvP and not just mindless boss rush. Most Russians enjoy these playstyle beacuse of obvious reason - it includes some pvp. Why premades are created. Premades are created for one reason - to help people who want their HKs achievements or prestige faster. No one creates premades for easy win or to spoil your day.Шатурас33 4h
4h Mage Template Is the mage PvP template just generally low on HP? With 12% additional stats in PvP how come my health is only 4.2m HP? is that normal? I inspected others in the BG and their ilvl was a lot lower than mine but they all had far more HP than me.Sasriax5 4h
12h . ..Fevva27 12h
13h Random bg isn't random All you get nowadays is Battle for Gilneass, Silver!@#$ mines or Temple Crapmogu. Can we please get so we can block 3 bgs?Fanhuan17 13h
13h Buff hunters dmg by 500% You guys clearly dont care about PvP (BG), so here is a tip, buff hunters dmg by 500%, just so we might have the same dmg as all other class in BG, might even need to be 1000%. Or, just make it so all our skill insta kill ppl...ty! I just feel so useless playing my hunter in BG, when other class can be afk and deal 4-5 time my dmg...Assassia11 13h
13h Brawl: Deepwind Dunk Hey blizz, remember the awefull brawl you made in the arena, where each group needed 1 tank, 1 healer, and 3 dps before it started? Well, this BG is almost the same, but, you guys forgot to BALANCE the !@#$ing teams. 2-3 healer on 1 team, none on the other?, how is the team without a healer suppose to win if the other team can just focus down the FC np?Assassia2 13h
14h WTB Frost Breath buff It does so little damage for an artefact weapon ability that has a 5 min cd. Pillar of Frost + Orc racial only does around 490k damage yet ele sham earth shock, feral bite and lock chaos bolts do 1m+ damage with a 10-20 sec cd. Either buff the damage or reduce the cd time pls ty.Soulgrinda14 14h
15h DK Skill > Hunter Skill So, a DK's stungrip > Aspect of the ignore the immunityAssassia1 15h
19h Eots It never pops. Everyone has blacklisted it?Samsing2 19h
22h Give an option to avoid Russians TL;DR - If Blizzard cannot fix / prevent lag(-related) issues for those playing against Russians in battlegrounds, then either Russians and the rest of Europe should not be connected or we should be given the option to avoid playing against Russians (even at the cost of increased queue time.) Let me put this up-front: I don't mind losing. Hell, I don't even mind playing with/against bots every once in a while. The occasional hacker won't bring me down. A total lag-fest, however, will. This is something that -only- happens against Russians, especially against large pre-made groups. Having to sit out ~20 minutes of heavy lag that makes playing just impossible makes doing a battleground against Russian groups a pointless and truly woeful exercise. Can we for [insert Deity of choice]'s sake be given an option to NOT be matched with/against Russian players? I'll gladly take the extra queue time if it means I can actually have a worthwhile lag-free battleground to enjoy. And to those who say: "Do we need another thread about Russians?" - Yes, yes we do. The more threads there are, the more it shows to Blizzard that players are having issues with this. This isn't a case about being annoyed with pre-made groups anymore, but with the simple fact that the lag in battlegrounds with large amounts of Russian players is detrimental to the gameplay experience at the core.Phaelora10 22h
22h Alterac Valley, the way it used to be Hello guys, I have an interest in old alterac valley, never played it but it looks cool. Does anyone know if people make wargames still against another 40 player raid, or how can I experience it the way it's supposed to be?Dimigon5 22h
1d Long Queue times for AV Hello I have been trying to get the book for the retribution hidden artifact appearance. But these queue times are killing me. more then 1 hour and 40 minutes in queue for AV is to much. I would really appreciate it if you guys would look into a possible fix. If it means anything, i play horde on frostwhisper and usually queue around 2-6 in the afternoon. Hope for a fix, since it would make a nice game even more nice. thanks a bunch *edit* Make it more then 2 hours nowFauxchosen4 1d
1d Questions to the premades. What programs are you using that makes the team you face start with 0 healers?Idk3 1d
1d Holy Priest How strong are they in instanced PvP right now? Just faced some nigh invincible kid, which surprises me, as I haven't faced an unkillable healer ever since I got back recently.Mithilius11 1d
1d !@#$ those invasions ! Rage post incoming, prepare for tears. !@#$ those invasions. Seriously. I dont know if im exaggerating or if im the only one having the same problem here, but im definatelly sure, i could be 2-3 prestige ranks higher if it wasnt for them. Countless of times i have just alt tabbed or went to bathroom or just to the groceries and came back to see i lost the pvp world quest. Like, its not enough that every pve idiot with tank spec or 2 shot spec abusing all game mechanics to make it miserable for everyone. Besides whats the point of them , now that everyone is on argus? And is it hard that during an invasion the same points say up for honor while we ''battle'' the Legion NPCs there instead of Horde NPCs? I really dont get how Blizz is thinking. Whats your thoughts? Fill my tears pleaseGrenadieroc5 1d
1d Please bring back PvP vendors. Whats the point of doing BG's When we get zero rewards for it? Sure it can be fun. But there is no feeling of progression. Only reward are transmog since the gear we get at random realy suck. I realy want the paladin transmog in 7.3 But since alliance seems to loose 80% it takes forever. 1 piece per day. And when we win i get som trash trinket worth 1 echo of !@#$ing honor. It was much more fun to get honor and buy gear. Atleast we got something out of even a loss. WTF where u thinking blizzard %^-*ing retards arggggggg.Eruvana10 1d
2d Balance bgs I don't usually post because I'm a casual but damn, the 10 last bgs I played were such a nightmare that I wanted to say something about it. It is now a known issue that this expac is very imbalanced in pvp and as such I mean that melee usually have a huge advantage over casters. The trend I'm noticing is that the winning team is in general the one that has the most platers, because they have a close to 100% uptime on casters (except maybe for mage). My suggestion would be to balance the number of platers, leathers, and clothies in bgs, or at least platers because they're the ones who disturb the game balance the most. It is so ridiculous, I agree I have much to learn concerning my class and would maybe survive a bit more if more skilled, but come on, last bgs they were 6 platers on Horde (I was playing merc mode) and we had 1 on our team, with mostly casters, guess what? we got 10 hk on our side vs 60 on theirs. I could barely get a set of imps off before getting nuked like hell. How am I supposed to progress in those instances? I like to learn from my defeats, what did I learn from getting raped? Nothing, I don't know what to do, I'm trying some sets of talents but nothing changes when a team of casters is against a team of platers. Whatever the scenario, as soon as there are more platers on one side, the other loses. It's disgusting me from playing casters. If you don't want to balance the classes, balance the teams at least. Balance the game for your future subscribers. TLDR: balance the number of platers in each team of bgs.Ketum0 2d
2d The Retry paladin Why the Retry pala have super burst this extension in pvp .the army of light is on?Efectlesinat1 2d
2d THE toughest challenge in 7.3 I bet no one can do this! Post a screen shot, from a RANDOM BG!, of an Alliance player targetting a Horde healer. Other than yourself. First one to do it wins the internet. All of it. Even the kitten videos.Tiyfa6 2d
2d A Real RANT Part I DISCLAIMER: This is a rant. Don't read it, if you don't like rants. Don't read it, if you don't want the TRUTH, but you want to remain politically-correct donkey kisser. Don't read it, if you are a blizz dev or decisionmaker and don't want to hear about the game's problems. Still here? Remember, it's YOUR responsibility, if you decide to read further, if you start feeling bad inside. All I want to do is tell the truth and express my frustrations with this game and its 'community' and the mother corporation that.. well, we'll get to that. DON'T READ, IF YOU ARE EASILY HURT BY THE TRUTH, OR CAN'T STAND USING THE PROPER NAMES FOR THINGS. Here is my WoW-rant. Remember, it _IS_ a RANT. Not the typical softly-spoken, fluffy pseudo-'rant' that you see so much these days. It's a _REAL_RANT_, so if you are too weak, stay away. -- RANT BEGINS -- One day, I played 26 BGs in a row. (Of course I took small breaks to eat and such though) Because I play the Ally side, we won one. I experienced 25 losses in a row. <SARCASM-MODE ON> I am so glad that Blizzard 'normalized' and 'balanced' the BGs, because that means that it's always now completely 50-50. Now it's completely random, which side wins. Now it's completely up to how well each team plays, and nothing else factors in as to why one faction wins. <SARCASM-MODE OFF> If this is the end result, why even 'normalize' things? Heck, it might be MORE balanced without any external 'balancing efforts' like messing with your stats and power. I am honestly curious as to whether allies would win more or less -without- this new 'let's take away all the rewards of your hard work of gearing up and 'normalize' you into newbie level'-thing. Why do it, if it's working like THIS? Yesterday, I wanted to take some video of a BG for posterity, just so I can remember what BGs are like, in case I take a long break some day and start missing it. I figured, a normal BG, where ally can win, would do fine. Took me around 8 BGs to get to anything resembling a 'normal BG'. It was just brutal slaughter, where horde completely and utterly dominated ally. We might have just gone mountain climbing while doing origami, and the end result would've been the same. Oh well, the video ended up a little blurry, so I figured, I'd use FRAPS or something. I took some sample videos from a BG, but the 'brutal streak' continued. There was absolutely no hope. It took a long time and way too many BGs to reach another victory - heck, I started forgetting it was even POSSIBLE to win at this point. But of course I was so flabbergasted that we finally won, that I forgot to record the FRAPS video. So I continued.. The end result was that out of 22 BGs, we lost 19. Three wins within 22 Battlegrounds. I bet horde side has -never- experienced this. However, the losing isn't even the worst thing about it. Here comes the real problem. Now, I don't want to toot my own horn or anything, but I have to say this just to get it out of the way, because people are that toxic. Yes, you have to make disclaimers to shield yourself from toxicity now. Isn't this a great planet? I am not the best player in the world. Heck, I fumble a lot, I make mistakes, sometimes I press the wrong keys, and because I have to use numpad (I am left-handed with the mouse), I sometimes turn off 'num lock', so none of my 'spells' and abilities work until I realize to turn it on again. I am fine with this, it's all my own problem, and it can't be fixed, and I accept it. However, I am far from the worst player, either. I always do a decent DPS (unless I've carried the flags so much I haven't had opportunities to fight enough), I know the objectives, I don't fight on roads, but near the flag, I try to take care that no one captures the flag while we're fighting, I always try to capture the flag, I never go to Mines in Gilneas (unless it's desperate enough or we're dominating so much that it no longer matters), I always go for EFC once our FC starts looking secure, and I try my hardest to play as well as I can. I always take demolishers and bombs, and I always go either for the healer or the Orb carrier. I know the rules, I know what to do, I've played about 2000 Battlegrounds, so I've learned how to play them. During those lost 19 BGs, I did capture a flag in many of them, (sometimes I was the only one that did), I did manage to kill many an EFC, I took part in killing the healers many times, I did do quite good DPS (sometimes I was 1st or 2nd). (to be continued)Kiirondia15 2d
2d Please buff hunter Just make our dmg as retarded OP as all other class, let us be able to kill ppl in 3 secAssassia2 2d
2d Don't join LFG RBG ... IF YOU HAVE NO IDEA ON HOW TO PVP, WHAT YOU NEED TO DO IN BGS AND IF YOU IGNORE THE RBG LEADERS TARGETS/STRATS/TACTS. L2P or uninstall so you don't waste peoples time.Ragnaroker7 2d
2d Paladin nerfs? when?Shiftmaster21 2d
3d Echos of Battle VS Veiled Argunite Why do Echoes of Battle only give 905 gear when the relinquished Veiled Argunite rewards are 910? Echoes of battle are harder to get and take longer to acquire.Rj12 3d
3d People leaving bgs before they start. We just had a 7 v 10 while game of bg where we could have won if you didnt leave at the start. You piss me off for real now. Please increase deserter by leaving to one week. I am tired of these * players.Sandclaw18 3d
3d I think the most important Thing in battlegrounds is reporting incoming. I´ve seen pretty bad battlegrounds where we turned the tide, by just reporting incomings.Samsing5 3d
3d Russian Bots BG Why pay for wow and continue to be a player loving the game; when it seems Blizz can't get a grip of Russian Bots in BG's? Honest players wouldnt dare bot but the BG's really guys come on total p*** take now. Not happy guys. JRJohnnyrottén3 3d
3d RBG's help me progress Hi Over the last few days ive have picked up a healer to get into some low rated rbg pugs. Admitidly i am a much much better at playing a dps but without the achives nobody wants you. So far i have managed to get to 1400 (my original target was 1500 so at least i have something to link to get into better groups) basically i play with one or two of the same guys who make a group and pug the rest. Im just after general advice really on how to progress from people further up the ladder in terms of disc talents/ strategy/do's and donts to help me get the 1500 achive. I dont want to be carried and believe that hard work pays off so any advice would be greatly appreciated.Azwrathz4 3d
3d Pre Made In Random Killed PvP You surely have to see by now that allowing any kind of grouping (even if its not a full raid) is terrible for the random BG experience? Guys look at RBG top ranking players .. all +1xx with zero loss .. Either hackers or clearly people hate facing pre mades ...Shockazoid43 3d
3d I´m so oldschool I bound my pvp dps trinket to a hotkey.Samsing22 3d
3d Points in Deepwind Dunk Does anyone know how exactly victory points are awarded in Deepwind Dunk apart from the main objective of dunking the orbs? It seems like you get a few points from something else like kills or just holding the orb.Fâbregas0 3d
3d When you see a demonhunter Put Eye on a warrior, you know it´s late in the evening.Samsing6 3d
3d Which healer ? Hello, I don't have much knowledges about healers in this game but i'd like to try in PVP I've tried priest Disc and holy, disc is very funny but I don't feel like I'm doing big numbers, it's more of a bulky healer that make others bulky too, and priest holy is very basic I really like zone heals and spreading heals if that exists in this game (by spreading heals i mean a heal that you put on someone and gonna go stick to another near character, like stukov in HOTS for example) Any suggestions ? I was looking into doing a druid resto as they are 99% of the time first in healing in BGsCibelae11 3d
3d who monitors russian servers we all know and felt the russian problem in BGS there is no question about it we also wonder how none do anything about it, then I realiced, russian servers must also have russian GM:s who monitor and help them, so no wonder nothing happens.Waleria29 3d
4d <BiS Monkeys> Kazzak EU Twinking community <BiS Monkeys> Newly formed guild dedicated to rebuild a friendly twink community on Kazzak EU. We will mainly be focusing on the lower brackets (mainly 10-19s and 20-29s bracket), with enough people our wish is to setup weekly competitive wargames and events, aswell as bg groups or just friendly souls do throw down duels with. If interested in joining or for any further questions reply here on the thread. For faster response /w ingame or pm me on battlenet. BT: Guldiver#2522 Char: Blodprop - Kazzak EUBlodprop2 4d
4d The 15 mins debuff I got into a already losing team so I leave, because losing gets you nothing and with a 134 / 789 score there's nothing I can do. So now a 15 mins debuff, as if pvp isn't terrible enough. I wish to start in a new BG, not a losing one, jesus christ.Rendó8 4d
4d Any addon.. To translate russian names in BGs or something ?Evilalice7 4d