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3d Prestige Guide: Rewards and Advice After many weeks of playing legion, some people still have no idea about the possible prestige rewards. Therefore I am making a detailed list of the prestige rewards. After this list, I will say something about the possibilities to farm honor. If anyone has something to add (or change), please reply to this thread. Rewards: An honor level will reward you with new honor talents, gold (normally 200 gold and 2000 gold between honor level 48-49) and artifact power. These are the basic rewards. The prestige rewards will follow below. Prestige 0+50 rewards the alliance enthusiast. It is a companion and it can use emotes such as "Alliance enthusiast admires you". If you want to know how it looks, click the following link: You will also receive the achievement Top Honors (10 achievement points). As a side note: since a recent hotfix we no longer use a ‘’prestige button’’. Therefore you instantly jump to the next prestige once you achieve honor level (x+)50. That is why prestige 0+50 and prestige 1 are pretty much the same now. However, you will still notice the difference at 17+50, because prestige 1 has not been released yet. Prestige 1+0 rewards your first badge. If you want to look how your badge looks like (and the other badges), use the following link: You can find this badge next to your characters portrait. Prestige 1 also rewards you with the achievement First Step into a Larger World (10 achievement points). Prestige 1+50 rewards The Victor’s Spoils. This is an artifact skin. If you want to find out how it looks, check out this link: Select your class, specialization and check out the fourth weapon and the first skin. The other three skins are for higher prestige levels. This reward is part of an achievement: Fighting With Style: War-Torn. You will also receive the achievement The Prestige (10 achievement points). Prestige 2+0 rewards your second badge. It also rewards you with the achievement Here We Go Again (10 achievement points). Prestige 2+50 rewards an honorable pennant. If you want to know how it looks, check out this link: Prestige 3+0 rewards your third badge. It also gives you with the achievement Third Time’s The Charm (10 achievement points). Prestige 3+50 rewards you with a mount: the prestigious bronze courser. If you want to know how it looks, check out the following link: Prestige 4+0 rewards your fourth badge. It also gives you the achievement For Prestige (10 achievement points). Prestige 4+50 rewards you with the title ‘the Honorable (name)’. This was the final prestige rank for legion season one. Since season two there are 4 new prestige ranks. Prestige 5+0 rewards your fifth badge. It also gives you the achievement Alive for Five (10 achievement points). Prestige 5+50 rewards you with a crest of heroism. This is your second artifact skin from prestige. It is also part of the achievement Fighting With Style: War-Torn. Prestige 6+0 rewards you with your sixth badge. It also gives you the achievement The River Six (10 achievement points). Prestige 6+50 rewards you with the dutiful squire. It is a companion and it makes a (very annoying) sound when you summon it. If you want to know how it looks like, click the following link: Prestige 7+0 rewards you with your seventh badge. It also gives you the achievement Slayin’ to Seven (10 achievement points). Prestige 7+50 rewards you with the prestigious pennant. This item looks exactly the same as the honorable pennant and it has the same buff as the honorable pennant. I still hope this is a bug, because it is very disappointing right now. Prestige 8+0 rewards you with your eighth badge. It also gives you the achievement Don’t Hate, Grind to Eight (10 achievement points). Prestige 8+50 rewards you with the ivory prestigious courser. If you want to know how it looks, check out the following link: This is the final prestige rank for legion season 2. Prestige 9+0 rewards you with your ninth badge. If you want to know how it looks, check out this link: You will also receive the achievement Hell, It's About Nine (10 achievement points) Prestige 9+50 rewards you with the title ‘The Prestigious (name)’. This is the final prestige rank for legion season two. Unfortunately, this reward is bugged and it is not possible to use this title. EDIT: blizzard has posted a list of the new prestige rewards (up to prestige 17). Therefore I will simply show the link instead of updating this list:ía23 3d
9m Ret palas one shotting ppl with judgment just done a bg with a ret pala one shotting every single person in the bg with average 9 million hits with judgment blade of justice hitting also for 6 mill. he was on my team, i reported him in game... but thought i would make a post on forums warning ppl. ( horde players beware )Mo6 9m
25m Seething shore more about luck? Doesn't feel rewarding winning this BG and losing makes you feel like the enemy just got lucky. It's mainly because of the dynamic spawning i guess, you can get lucky and spawn just next to an azerite node while others are busy fighting. It also makes it harder too coordinate because the nodes are random...Akiyuki7 25m
40m Can we fix monks in WSG To be specific, them teleporting with the flag. Between the silly amount of mobility they already have, plus their CC, this is a bit too much. One monk player abusing this requires much more effort than any other flag carrier. It's downright broken. Make them either drop the flag when they teleport, or make it so they can teleport while carrying it.Ullrik22 40m
1h Alliance sucks at pvp, why? Lately the alliance has lost every battle im in (as my human rogue) no matter how well coordinated Which they often are not we loose and almost always badly. It never used to be like this, i remember a time when it was more even then alliance won all the time now its like they loose on purpose.Koradan169 1h
2h To all the Horde players in bg's That think they're awesome and all. You're not, you're just playing on the faction that has mostly better players. You're getting carried by your faction having most of the good players. I've seen great Horde pvpers go Alliance and not do so well. Reason I brought this up? Well, the faction imbalance is a destructing thing really. The imbalance fuels itself, people go for the winning side and that results in more people going Horde. It's not good for the game in general. I hope Blizzard can address this, unless no one cares. I care though, so hopefully something can be done.Kortana76 2h
3h To Alliance PVPers This message is to my fellow Alliance PVPers. It includes my observations of what I see is wrong with the Alliance when pvping and how things can improve. 1. Stop bashing healers-healers have a tough job as it is, especially if there is only one healer in a large group. The healers cannot be in multiple places at the same time. 2. Communicate-often no one talks or lets anyone know what the strategy is. If you want to be a leader, then lead. I have found that just by saying ok go here first, then go here next, now lets do this..has lead to bg success. 3. Stop complaining and heckling-in almost every group there is a person who just says everyone sucks or is lazy or is stupid etc..I have also seen a great deal of cursing and verbal abuse to the healers and to everyone on the team. It was so bad in one BG that two healers told the horde, to attack the heckler as they would not protect or heal him. This type of behavior just makes people ignore you or lowers morale. 4. Actually try-even if you are losing a bg, keep trying, work on practicing your specs, rotation, and fighting skills. Learn the locations of the bg, so that when you return next time, you are ready to go and prepared. 5. Try to help others if you are experienced-I always try to help those who have questions about what is the objective or where to go or what to do. 6. Remember that casual bgs are casual bgs-you will get a mixed bag with casual bgs, some experienced and over geared, for some it will be their very first pvp experience, some are under geared, and some were dragged into the bg to see what it is about. 7. Stop making it all about you-yes we know you are farming x amount of honor points or you want that mount or that set of armor or that pet, but we do not need to be reminded constantly as to why you are playing the bg and why we are preventing you from achieving your bg goal. In one bg we had a guy who was moaning about how he had to achieve a certain goal in bgs and pvp, during the entire 15 mins, even when we were way ahead and winning, he was still complaining about the group. 8. Stop blaming the horde-I have recently started playing horde pvp on my main horde alt and the experience was nothing like this. This does not mean I favor the horde, alliance has always been my fav, just that they actually communicate, protect the healer, and work with you. Yes there are more horde pvpers but you can still beat them and win bgs. I recently was in an alliance group that had 0 healers and we won a bg against a horde team that had 2 healers and more players. It is possible. 9. Accept that you will lose bgs-While no one likes to lose you will lose bgs and often, it will happen and is just part of life. If you lose, chalk it up as a learning experience and move on to the next one. 10. Know your character abilities-Take the time to learn what your character can do. Learn macros, rotations, hit the proving grounds so you can be better offensively and defensively.Jurgenhan31 3h
6h Cyberbullying in BG's Hello, i like to remind you guys that are doing all the Cyberbullying in BG's, just because some random guy dont do as your mind thinks he or she should be doing. Remember, there are Real laws against this and IF the player wish he or she can report the Cyberbullying to their local police and they have to take contact to Blizzard and then Blizzard has to take action against the attacker. People dont really need to report it to the police. Blizzard IS required by law to take action when players report this and i dont just mean by sending the player a ingame tell about how wrong it is. Remember this guys and girls and Blizzard!Azmech40 6h
11h Favourite song to bg to? For me on this charecter 'leader - Warrior inside'. Aha i know the irony xDXinwi11 11h
12h Ban Premades from Random BGs As the title says. I think people making premades to go into random Battlegrounds should be stopped. Simple reason is that it ruins PvP casual battlegrounds for the casual players. I enjoy doing Bg's but im not the most social player in the world and dont have the capabilities to gather a group to do this together with so good thing for me there is the randsom battlegrounds where you can que up solo and get to do some PvP. Now i understand you cant win every game nor do i expect this to happen, i dont get upset when i lose either. However what does upset me is when i continually run into premade groups in the random battlegrounds. This varies from complete premades , which im sorry to say is almost 99% of the time with Russians, who other than having a premade army hardly do the bare minimum to secure their victory only to waste the remaining time grinding out the opposite team for honor kills to the point that you are so demotivated that you never want to play a random battleground in your life again. Other times it also happens you get premade groups that are not made up of a full premade but lets say for example in Warsong Gulch that 7/10 enemy players are from a premade group. Once again it leads to the same problem, your stuck facing a enemy who is used to playing as a single unit and there is just no one of beating them. Because face it when youre team consists of 10 random players fighting again 7 to 10 players who regurlarly play together you are at a extreme disadvantage. My suggestion therefore is that when you que to random battleground you can only have a maximum of 3 people in your group. This way you can still play together with some friends and it doesnt create a unfair advantage to the enemy team. If you want to do a premade its fine, but this is what Rated Battlegrounds have been designed for. But it just feels that these people keep crushing random battleground with premades because they dont want competition, they just want to crush a team which is made up of random players, most of which are casuals with low tier gear or pvp skill.Völlund77 12h
20h Bm hunter pets After the tenth time i am annoyed now. These stupid pets follow me litterally beyond 100 meter. What is this nonsense? I can invis them... once, great! But the player doesnt even need me in los/range to retarget me..... Seriously that guy was in the horde tunnel in wsg while I was in the ally tunnel and pets still kept attacking me...Maerlin10 20h
1d Rated Battleground Team Hi all, We are a growing guild for friends and we are looking for a few more pvp players that would enjoy meeting new people and joining us with RBGs. The guild is called "Cheeky Girls" and we're mainly about being social and laid back. From transmog to raiding, from world quests to world pvp - Cheeky Girls does it all. Daily events :) Simply message one of our cheeky girls in game and ask for more information! :D RBGs are twice weekly with no experience required. Bye!ßleed1 1d
1d Brawl - DCs If you're going to have a brawl that shoots you up in the air and you land at random spots - please make sure you can't get DCd from purely landing. ThanksNáia3 1d
1d LF BTags for Random BGs Hello, thought I'd get more luck here than LF PVPer forum, as I'm trying to find some people to play random battlegrounds with on Alliance, I'm mainly an Arena kind of guy, but in my downtime I enjoy doing random BGs. But due to the state of Alliance and their lack of willingness to attempt to try and win a BG. Its getting rather demotivating by myself. #Teabaglol2551 Hope to do some games with people soon. Do have a discord server we can use to chill on while playing also. :)Téabaglólz2 1d
1d Prestige 25 how long does it take to get prestige 25 from random bgs only? do i have time to do it before BFA if im prestige 2 now?Miamalkovaxo19 1d
1d LF RBG team As the title says, I'm currently looking for a RBG team to hopefully hit the 2k rating point (and maybe even further.) So far, I've gotten myself to 1.5k by joining multiple groups, but getting from that point to 2k seems pretty difficult with pugs (as most I've joined either missed a decent target caller, a RL or just people knowing how to focus on the same target.) I'll gladly admit that I'm not perfect, at all. I've my flaws, but I'm more than gladly to work on them and get better. I'm not fond of talking in a mic, but I can do that if it's necessary. Listening over Discord or Teamspeak is not a problem. I'll check the topic now and then for replies, so if I have what it takes to join your group, then I'll be more than happy to join you :-)Sarik2 1d
1d Addons in bgs, allow or not. I probably get flamed for this, but should battlegrounds be addon free. now I do not meen addons that change your keys and things like that. but those who show your enemies cooldowns, or even shows hole group for your enemies, inlcuding deadlyboss mod and bigwigs. problem whit theese are that not all uses them at all, meening anyone who do uses them have a huge advantage over the rest, specily when you know when your enemy is off cd, and those who warms you of what they are going to do. how would it be without theese to play, presonaly i think it would be more intresting and probably more balanced also, when none can realy se what the other one is doing.Gigantina25 1d
2d Advice about PvP and towards Rogue class Greetings community. I come here to you in search of advice. I know that many guides these days are commonly through players that stream or that post youtube videos about specific topics instead of reading text in websites. I'm hopping that with this post someone could help me or advise me about some good rogue guides, i really don't care if it is through streams or website text, except skill capped ( i can't afford a sub on the website ). I know that many players these days they stream but i really don't know a good twitch streamer in WoW and specifically for the Rogue class. I would appreciate help about this topic. Thank you in advance.Dicer4 2d
2d Do random BGs have forced 50% win rates? It kind of feels like it sometimes. You get match ups where next to nobody could carry a team to victory, like having an all dps team VS DH tank team with 2 healers on WSG. The chances you will win on the DPS side are slim to none. And then the next match this will flip. I find it very rare that both teams are evenly matched. Steam roll or be steam rolled. I understand why it would be like that, keep people interested and stop lopsided win rates for one faction. But a lot of people understand in other games where i know forced 50 is the case, that it's very frustrating when you feel like you're getting punished by match making for performing well in the last few matches. Is this the case in WoW or is just luck of the draw?Bootey5 2d
2d Dont give up, alliance. Edit: good luck to all alliance players trying to win 4 bgs.Samingwary24 2d
2d A fun suggestion for Mercenary mode So with BfA around the corner I thought this would be a nice addition to the game's Mercenary mode (the temporary BG faction swap for those that don't know). Currently your player model switches to a race on the other faction - along with giving you their racials. Instead, what if you got to keep your model and attributes and instead your character wears one of the paper masks (like from the halloween event) resembling a race from the opposing faction. Shouldn't cause any confusion seeing as the names will still be in red for your enemy. Let your faction know you're betraying them in style. ;)Grímlenn10 2d
2d Battlegrounds's reward I don't person PVP. But, I wanted this Legion's gears from 5,6 and 7. Same marks. If I queue random Battlegrounds and loot drop for me? And random mark of honors too? If I lost not loot? Edit: I did much WQ Wanden Towers. But, I was break wow when turn 7.3.5 changed they now rare like slow. Made me pissed off. Also don't see new gears from WQ.Redde8 2d
2d BattleGround Targets Addon I have noticed that the BattlegroundTargets Addon is still broken. This is how you fix it: Battleground Targets Addon Fix since patch Post 7.1.5 I've tested this and it works until the developer provides an update from the 08/2016 latest build - (credit to Krampus-Velen) for sharing. Steps to fix BG Targets: 1) Open up battlegroundtargets.lua with notepad in the following directory C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\interface\addons\BattlegroundTargets 2) after opening battlegroundtargets.lua with notepad - save it to battlegroundtargets.old (so you can replace back if you mess up) 3) close the file 4) Open up the original battlegroundtargets.lua with notepad (you won't see the lua extension this time) in the following directory C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\interface\addons\BattlegroundTargets 5) Once open in notepad - open EDIT then Find search on local id (this will bring you to the section you need to edit) 6) Replace old line with new and save and exit / then restart wow. OLD: local id, name, _, icon, _, role = GetSpecializationInfoForClassID(classID, i) NEW: local id, name, _, icon, role = GetSpecializationInfoForClassID(classID, i)Cùrsé6 2d
3d Healer healing compared to DPS'es DPS Legitamate evidence of the problem. I think i did decent in this one considering all the stuns, silences melle trains, random LoS outranging, juking all the Interrupts. Shadow priest does the same dmg as i do healing. Is this intended? Not even mentioning Resto druid.Wâshìngtøndc6 3d
3d I just tried Seething Shore i hated it Blizzard wtf wrong you guys at the development team the new Battleground is CTRL+C CTRL+V reason why quite pvp after Pandaria are one these reasons lack of innovation and resources you put in to it. Is development staff too busy with creating new mythic raids that most of wont be able to do. After the expansion ends we get farm for tmogs and mounts please stop this. Don't developing stuff that only 10% of your player base is going to doFringilla34 3d
3d BG Healer vs. no Healers This is my first time posting on this forum but can someone who knows a lot about PvP explain why the BG matchmaking constantly puts a team with 3 healers vs. a team with none? This is making PvP currently a very uneven and sometimes downright frustrating experience. It's really bad when you look at specs in the spawn room and immediately get the feeling that this is just going to be another waste of time. Thanks.Roxolani13 3d
3d sick of DH exploits in Bgs and rbgs Seriously i'm so sick of them jumping around glitching houses, abusing terrain because of the glide, the fact that they don't get slowed by holding the flag either is stupid everyone else does. Remove double jump in BFA pvp Remove the Glide in pvpBluehairguy8 3d
3d Battleground WEEKEND I want to blacklist realms, not Battlegrounds, because you can't fix BG que! This is the pure situation of blacklist and premades. It's just to make sure you are not versus 40man BG. You can not enjoy iscle or alterac, because you can not fix this past 3 expansions. Just say which are the blacklisted BGs and I am sure they are all 100% alterac and isle of conquest. What this looks for game designers, it's FAIL. And now as BG weekend If I want to go rated will go rated. Premades needs a fix, but you talk only for thing that can fix, but because some loose 1-2 hours in BGs versus preamdes it's not a problem.Hauhet17 3d
4d Bfa honor In Bfa they plan to make honor account wide. But what honor will transfer? If i for instance have a prestige 2 druid and a prestige 5 warlock. Does this mean in Bfa it will add up to prestige 7 on all characters? Or will they transfer the highest honor you have?Dormos2 4d
4d Pressuring the issue Healing/Damage Doing damage on a non dead character. reacting to damage on a living friendly character.Wâshìngtøndc3 4d
4d Ashran - Start Schedule Introductory information Together with the RUS gaming community, an approximate schedule of the Starts was drawn up so that more people could participate in this event. And everyone could calmly come - register - play, and not wait for 8 hours and get on Ashran which is dissolved in 5 minutes. How it works If you have a desire to get on ASHRAN. You arrive in advance on the specified days of the week and time. You go in the game and get in line on ASHRAN. You wait 30 minutes, if you get it, you play. Do not get it, take care of your own business. Repeat the steps until the desired result. schedule ______________ SERVER TIME _________ MOSCOW TIME Monday ______18.00 20.00 ________ | 19.00 21.00 ____ average chance Tuesday ______18.00 20.00 ________ | 19.00 21.00 ________ low chance Wednesday ___FREE______________ | FREE Thursday ___ 18.00 20.00 _________ | 19.00 21.00 _______ average chance Friday ______18.00 20.00 _________ | 19.00 21.00 ____________ low chance Saturday __11.00 13.00 17.00 22.00_| 12.00 14.00 18.00 23.00__high chance Sunday ___ 12.00 16.00 22.00 ______| 13.00 17.00 23.00 _______ high chance P.S. The timing of the launches may change: unpopular ones will be removed and new ones will be added. Follow the news in the "message of the day" in the community of Ashran Additional info In more details you can find information in the community "ASHRAN" (Battle-net app communication tab) P.S. if you leaders ashran players (or know they) please write to me (teneger#2163)Гиора5 4d
4d Please remove Stat Templates for BFA Stat Templates have been the worst introduction to game since its beginning... id rather see Tier'd Battlegrounds, that have a template. Say for example people with ilvl 800-850 in 1 BG, 851-900 in another 901-970 in last. the entire expansion i have felt nothing but being steam rolled by Melee on any caster class i play, sure i last longer on my lock etc but i still dont kill stuff quickly. why have like mastery that procs double casts on Ele sham for example, and then enter a BG and reduce our chance of it procing to like 20% it just feels !@#$ waiting for everything to proc.... with the stat squish coming and HP pools getting back to decent numbers, please please please remove this template %^-* if you insist on keeping a stat template, then let us be able to choose the stats we want on it, like give us an ability to spec into more Crit or more mastery by reducing other stats etcSúnfíré23 4d
4d DH Jump exploit in RBG I've just about had enough of this.. DH take flag in RBGs and jump on top of walls/mountains in TP and WSG without us being able to catch them, this is pure bug-exploiting .. My death gipp can't even touch him. this exploit just have to be fixed like now.. my guild just had to stop doing RBG because of this..Zandrix5 4d
4d BfA PvP Updates! 1) The team isn't 100% sure why players are hesitant to engage in PvP combat. Is it the fact that there is a person on the other end, so they feel pressure and stress, or is it the behavior of the character on the other end. 2) Leveling with War Mode (World PvP) enabled will grant more experience and rewards, with the intent being to offset the time lost to dealing with PvP and making leveling just as fast and rewarding with PvP on. 3) You will fill up a bar with Conquest Points, earning a weapon or another piece of gear each time you fill it. Every week you earn another piece, and after you completed your set you will build a more powerful set. 4) If you are a Gladiator level player, there is still a random loot system that rewards gear competitive with raid gear. 5 )Honor Talents are now tied to player level and will be unlocked as you level to 120. 6) When you have War Mode on, you will be put on a shard with only other players that have it on. 7) Group finder will only list groups with players that have the same War Mode toggle state as you. 8) You can manually group with people that have War Mode off, but you won't be able to see them out in the world. 9) The goal for the Heart of Azeroth is to have traits on each tier that are applicable both generally and specifically to each spec of your class. This will likely make it so that you have different gear pieces for your head, shoulders and chest that you prefer for each of your specs. The team believes it’s a healthy part of gameplay to collect different sets based on different gameplay. This includes PvP and different specs. There will be traits that are useful for all different styles of game play such as increased crit chance on abilities, which is beneficial regardless of PvP or PvE. Source:Шатурас32 4d
5d Call To Arms, need a nerf. This quest needs a nerf for Alliance players. i recently joined this faction and i suggest that their required win should go down to one and yes i know that this is already over ambitious. So, one win and quest is complete would be great.Lorthaeras13 5d
5d Bg Rank cant be seen anymore Why we cant see prestige,rank,lvl in bg anymore?? any post some where with info about this ive missed?Putinputout2 5d
5d RBG season 6 titles Have these been released i achieved over 1900 rating with around 70 wins last season ( on my monk ) however recieved no title? Is 1900 below title standings?Bulk4 5d
5d Tired of playing against Russian premades It's just getting silly, I mainly play during the day and random bg basically feels like randoms against grouped Russians. Please end my suffering Blizzard.Mightybean133 5d
6d blood dk a raid boss..? Ok, so there was a DK in Stormwind, a blood DK, who couldnt be killed by 20 ppl or so... and at rare moments he got down to like 30% he simply.... jumped high in the air and disappeared? What kind of toy or engi item could he be using for that?Alchemiczka3 6d
6d Way to mark my group members in BG? Good day. I'm wondering if there's a way to mark my group members in Battlegrounds in order to not lose them with my eyes infight? I've tried "Quickmark" but i can only mark them if we're not in Battlegrounds so this does'nt help at all. I found out there's an addon which is called "Tacktic". This is would be a mark just for me to see. This would be perfect but this isn't aviable anymore so it would be nice if someone's got a solution for this problem. greetingsErfreulich5 6d
6d Easy healer PvP for casual player Hello, I am a casual player and want to do a healer for battlegrounds and maybe for some arenas occasionally and wanted to know an easy healer to play PvP: D thank you for your help!Kamashi71 6d
6d Getting heated BG's ( Share your story ) So needless to say I am chilling with my girlfriend, And go into great detail about why I love PvP so much. And exactly what I really don't like about it. still in battleground finder, I manage to find a game. AB like a fresh breath of air flying through the window. 20 seconds before the gates open, I move my cursor to the Alliance gate to notice a bunch of letters like глаголь and буки no big deal.. I hop on my steed to goldmine and that is where this all begins.. Ever have that team that does not know what a healer looks like? We get there, and it's 3v5 3v6 we get our !@#$ pounded and I then try and blame it on the mage, cause you know? that's what most Shadow Priests do.. to my amazement my nerves are really twitching and I decided you know what? %^-* it I Went for LM managed to finish off a fury warrior heading up the hill, and mind controlled a Shaman and Hunter off the cliff, I got the cap. Looked at BS to see well surprise surprise still can't even take black smith fml. At this point I am calling out in chat, " /bg LM INC " as I was the only person there for not even a couple minutes before I see a bunch of Russians mounting towards LM from ST I tried again one last time before looking at MAP to see where the !@#$ everyone was. After us being on the brink of defeat, I had raged in the comments like never before mind you, I am being pummelled to %^-* while typing at LM as there whole team is there now.. /bg I had just got us the 3cap we needed to !@#$ing win .... And the rage continued until I pressed uninstall,. I am now waiting to install wow to play again hopefully for the best. GGTetral9 6d
6d Dear Blizzard. Now that you seperate pvp from pve because of how ruined world pvp is in Legion.. When i switch to pvp phase, can you atleast put the templates on there, so all legendaries gets disactivated and everything becomes more tolerable? I mean you said that the rewards are greater, so make everyone "weaker" due to templates and increase the rewards then for completing it in a pvp phase. Its not a problem if done right. I mean that would be amazing seeing the world scaled like a battleground. No more pve people ruining pvp because of how their legendaries carries them.Khaereem2 6d
12 Apr Prestige has a negative impact on players I could see the following: - Some players seem to feel forced to do it. They might not have real interest in pvp, but are either achievement hunters or just feel that they want to get done with it. - They are dissatisfied with the current state of pvp (for example Alliance losing too often) but force themselves into queuing. They seek psychological solutions to deal with the negative feelings from this grind. - Some players force themselves into continuous grind, playing far more hours than they usually do and feeling tired/burned out. Besides there are negative impacts on the pvp community as a whole and the quality of random battleground battles. For example issues arise, such as: - Why Horde receives less honor than Alliance and therefore has slower Prestige grind. - People who have neither interest or desire to improve begin to participate in random bgs. This increases the toxic atmosphere because such people more easily blame others unjustly. Also the focus is switched from "I pvp because I like it" to "I want that mount". - Huge misunderstanding arises that higher Prestige = higher skill. - The need for Prestige farm might increase the occurence of 10 man premades (not sure about this, but theoretically it might happen). So far I see a lot of negative aspects of this Prestige thing. IMO Blizzard must not implement it anymore in the next expansions. Or if they do, encourage pvp-related rewards (like gear, pvp potions, etc) and not purely cosmetic. The biggest mistake is forcing PVE players into PVP, instead of improving the PVP itself.Ternezia22 12 Apr
12 Apr We won ABlizzard... against Russians?! I can hardly believe it. We did have a victory against a Russian team. For some reason all of them sat on the Lumber mill, and all of our bases were captured by the Alliance. Something like this is so rare... that I thought it deserves a separate thread. Yes, we did win against a Russian team. (slap me)... am I dreaming?Grodor22 12 Apr
11 Apr Feel beyond frustrated Trying to do the brawl as Alliance for 1 win feels impossible, I'm 8 games in and we've lost every single one. It's like no one knows how to dps, I heal and I heal but nothing dies. What happened to Alliance being dominant in pvp?Chel25 11 Apr
11 Apr Nerf bonus honor for Alliance Did a couple matches today in the new bg and I noticed when the Horde wins, we get like 800 honor. However if the Alliance wins they get like 1400 honor thats almost the double of it and even if they lose, they get around 800 honor. This is in no way 50% bonus. Also lately I noticed the queue times are getting lower so my guess is that the PvP activity on Alliance side is back on track.Mkh90 11 Apr
11 Apr Rant: New NON casual PVP mode Rant from a dude who's just....tired. Really tired. 2 requests. Dear Blizzard. Please do the following to keep PVP alive and well for those outside ranked who aren't always in the mood to form a 10 man group to enter BG. Nr 1: Add another bracket for skilled pvpers who want to fight with other players, using a good matchmaking system based on skill or numbers or whatever gained in casual bgs or ranked. And above all. GIVE a damn about winning. Who actually give a damn about learning their classes, rotations and PVP teamwork. Let the casuals... continue with the !@#$fest that is casual bg. Luck of the draw between skill and healers let alone DPS that know how to hit healers or run after the enemy flag carrier. Add another mode. So we got Ranked PVP, Casual PVP and then something new. For those of us who enjoy teamwork, know how to play our classes / specs and enjoy being matched up with similar players. But not in the mood to get 10 buddies everytime we just wanna enter a BG. And then have quitters or anger tantrums due to lost rating etc. I'm tired of entering casual BG, getting mad when people are clueless but its my own fault because its CASUAL BG. But it wasn' And you changed that. You ruined that. So please, in BFA; fix it. I'm not asking for new BGS. Im asking for casuals to enter their world and the better, and caring PVPers enter theirs. Dont put us together. because its a %^-*fest. And its annoying because as mentioned, its my own fault. I just want to click a button and enter a BG. Like we have since vanilla. back when bgs WERE NOT reffered to as casual btw. Nr 2: Remove the bracket for players without full honor talents. The queue is INSANE on horde. And people dont play any better without honor talents that they do with. Its a mess either way. Please fix this. You're not encouraging people to get better at your game. And the word CASUAL in itself is pure cancer. I love to fight with others. I love to be a good teammate, help out, do the objective. But its so god damn frustrating and exhausting...when you end up with clueless people who just dont care. And the only alternative is ranked.Hellscreãm35 11 Apr
11 Apr Why are full premades allowed in random BG's? I know it has been discussed before but it's a bigger problem now than before. Since AP farm is a thing, a lot of people play premades just to farm AP, do daily wins, etc. Premades vs Random team is not fun at all. And this is why I play it. It's ok for a party of 3-4 maybe 5, but when is a full premade the game is over. Games like HotS don't allow it. Why is a thing in wow? Please Blizzard, your thoughts on this matter?Boann29 11 Apr