11 Apr Final Legion PvP Season 2 Cutoffs Since the conclusion of Legion PvP Season 2, we've been working to remove players from the ladder who were ineligible for rewards due to disqualification. That work has now been completed, which means we're ready to begin distributing end-of-season rewards. The final rating requirements for Legion Season 2 are as follows: 3v3 Arena Fearless Gladiator (Horde): 2937 Fearless Gladiator (Alliance): 3057 Gladiator (Horde): 2681 Gladiator (Alliance): 2784 Duelist (Horde): 2165 Duelist (Alliance): 2252 Rival (Horde): 1872 Rival (Alliance): 1962 Challenger (Horde): 1594 Challenger (Alliance): 1629 Rated Battlegrounds: Hero of the Horde: 2527 Hero of the Alliance: 2656 Guardian of the Horde: 2149 Guardian of the Alliance: 2268 Defender of the Horde: 1875 Defender of the Alliance: 1983 Soldier of the Horde: 1652 Soldier of the Alliance: 1682 Congratulations to everyone receiving a reward, and good luck in Season 3! Aerythlea0 11 Apr
27 Mar Prestige Guide: Rewards and Advice After many weeks of playing legion some people still have no idea about the possible prestige rewards. Therefore I am making a detailed list about the prestige rewards. After this list, I will say something about the possibilities to farm honor. If anyone has something to add (or change), please reply to this thread. Rewards: An honor level will reward you with new honor talents, gold (normally 200 gold and 2000 gold between honor level 48-49) and artifact power (125000 with artifact knowledge 25). These are the basic rewards. The prestige rewards will follow below. Prestige 0+50 rewards the alliance enthusiast. It is a companion and it can use emotes such as "Alliance enthusiast admires you". If you want to know how it looks, click the following link: You will also receive the achievement Top Honors (10 achievement points). As a side note: since a recent hotfix we no longer use a ‘’prestige button’’. Therefore you instantly jump to the next prestige once you achieve honor level (x+)50. That is why prestige 0+50 and prestige 1 are pretty much the same now. However, you will still notice the difference at 13+50, because prestige 14 is not released yet. Prestige 1+0 rewards your first badge. If you want to look how your badge looks like (and the other badges), use the following link: You can find this badge next to your characters portrait. Prestige 1 also rewards you with the achievement First Step into a Larger World (10 achievement points). Prestige 1+50 rewards The Victor’s Spoils. This is an artifact skin. If you want to find out how it looks, check out this link: Select your class, specialization and check out the fourth weapon and the first skin. The other three skins are for higher prestige levels. This reward is part of an achievement: Fighting With Style: War-Torn. You will also receive the achievement The Prestige (10 achievement points). Prestige 2+0 rewards your second badge. It also rewards you with the achievement Here We Go Again (10 achievement points). Prestige 2+50 rewards an honorable pennant. If you want to know how it looks, check out this link: Prestige 3+0 rewards your third badge. It also gives you with the achievement Third Time’s The Charm (10 achievement points). Prestige 3+50 rewards you with a mount: the prestigious bronze courser. If you want to know how it looks, check out the following link: Prestige 4+0 rewards your fourth badge. It also gives you the achievement For Prestige (10 achievement points). Prestige 4+50 rewards you with the title ‘the Honorable (name)’. This was the final prestige rank for legion season one. Since season two there are 4 new prestige ranks. Prestige 5+0 rewards your fifth badge. It also gives you the achievement Alive for Five (10 achievement points). Prestige 5+50 rewards you with a crest of heroism. This is your second artifact skin from prestige. It is also part of the achievement Fighting With Style: War-Torn. Prestige 6+0 rewards you with your sixth badge. It also gives you the achievement The River Six (10 achievement points). Prestige 6+50 rewards you with the dutiful squire. It is a companion and it makes a (very annoying) sound when you summon it. If you want to know how it looks like, click the following link: Prestige 7+0 rewards you with your seventh badge. It also gives you the achievement Slayin’ to Seven (10 achievement points). Prestige 7+50 rewards you with the prestigious pennant. This item looks exactly the same as the honorable pennant and it has the same buff as the honorable pennant. I still hope this is a bug, because it is very disappointing right now. Prestige 8+0 rewards you with your eighth badge. It also gives you the achievement Don’t Hate, Grind to Eight (10 achievement points). Prestige 8+50 rewards you with the ivory prestigious courser. If you want to know how it looks, check out the following link: This is the final prestige rank for legion season 2. Prestige 9+0 rewards you with your ninth badge. If you want to know how it looks, check out this link: You will also receive the achievement Hell, It's About Nine (10 achievement points) Prestige 9+50 rewards you with the title ‘The Prestigious (name)’. This is the final prestige rank for legion season two. Unfortunately, this reward is bugged and it is not possible to use this title. Once you have achieved prestige 9+50 you will not be able to gain any more honor and this means that honor becomes useless at this point. It is not saved for the next season.Glamía5 27 Mar
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1h Mandatory English PvP. English or GTFO. Tired now of facing an entire Russian/German pre-made and I cant even talk to my own team. Pls, if you can speak English at least learn a word or two.Cruncho9 1h
1h Me in battlegrounds right now 1h
1h World of meleecraft needs to end Casters need to be able to get away from melee ffs, we need to be able to cast too.Mindbox8 1h
2h Wtf I have never seen anything like this in my entire life. A bm hunter with ilvl 892 made my pain suppression and everything seem like they wasn't there to begin with. 10 secs and I was dead. 40 + 25 + 30 =95% damage taken. Am I high on something or should this be normal in WPvP? ~Elisabett18 2h
3h Genuine question for Russian players Right, straight off the bat: I'm really not after an anti Russian spam in this thread so please keep it civil and on topic. I was wondering if any Russian player might be able to answer a question for me. I was in a SotA last night against a Russian team that had 4 warlocks, 4 DKs, and 2 hunters - all of them specced for maximum pets. It was like facing an actual army. My initial thought was it was a chosen tactic and that this was one of those elusive premade groups. However, while they won, they really weren't very good. It could have been a group finder made group I guess, just not on voice comms, but they didn't feel even at that level. This got me thinking why whenever possible a lot of Russian players seem to spec for pets. - Is it the fire and forget aspect that is useful when dealing with lag? - Is it the fact that en masse an army of pets is a pain to deal with? - Or is it something else? Could anyone shed any light? On another subject. Could you please have a word with the warrior Crondor, who often does appear in those elusive Russian premades, and please ask him to stop with the spitting. It's like he's macroed it to every button thinking it makes him cool.Moistella2 3h
8h Is Blizz going to do anything about the DH's? As a caster, I'm getting a bit fed up with the damn DH's... They have silly amounts of stuns, silences, slows, movements and crazy amount of DPS. WHY, BLIZZ, WHY?!Morningtwig15 8h
10h Rogues again Hey guys, Im just wondering how you guys feel when vsing rogues (Particularly assassin) in bgs. I dont know if I will have played with or against any of you but I go try hard on rogue to win games, cc, stick healers, multiple random sap to trigger anticipation, (the usual rogue tricks) and I feel I do this well however after say 5 mins of me being in constant combat I check logs to see im literally bottom of the group usually with 0 kill, 0 death and crap damage. What I want to know is, do any of you actually feel any threat from us, are we just an annoying fly that just puts your game off abit?! Genuinely want to know what you guys think about assassin in instanced, random bgs.Sethroguen31 10h
14h Terrible matchmaking Every battleground literally EVERY one sees horde having at least 1 healer more than alliance, with often resulting in an average game with 0 heals on alliance and 2 on horde. Why the hell is there a role check before queueing for BG if roles are not being taken in consideration when creating a new BG? And please refrain from the retarded nonsense "hey healers do not matter"Siedric26 14h
16h Ruskie queue aka to small !@#$% to play rbg Why Ruskie are allowed to queue as !@#$ing 10-15+ group? why they are even on eu servers? wtf is wron with you blizzard? Why you are still trying so hard to destroy the pvp system in legion more and more? You should high five with Angela Merkel both of you have send invite to retards to come to eu ♥Senpaixde16 16h
18h FUN to solo q PVP as warrior? 912ilvl i recorded 6 battlegrounds and only 2 out of the 6 where pretty fun and 2 of them was against russian premades. but is that good enough for the time it takes and the rng? just wanted thoughts vids below 18h
18h Alliance BG's in a nutshell To Blizzard: I lost 15 battlegrounds in a row,because of arrogant,toxic and afk players. This is EU alliance. Please fix the battleground recruiter so i can play as horde with smart people. Thanks HolinkaDudemate15 18h
1d Bug! Guess i´m just going to leave this here, see if anyone can spot whats wrong... 1d
1d Which class counters Ret Paladins? Is there any class who can actually win 1vs1 vs Retribution? With exception of very skilled Mages. Just asking.Gyodis59 1d
1d Artifact power on loss So yea... lose, lose, lose ONTOP of that u hardly ever get an artifact power token anymore for losing?Glaiverunner1 1d
1d Second brawl that favors mobility classes. Nothing says fun and engaging pvp content than classes that zerg the dunkball across the map, shrugging off slows like it's nothing, while you yourself literally can't do anything to stop or catch them. 10/10 design again, second brawl in a row that shafts classes with low mobility.Gogeta6 1d
1d Why no BG premades? There are plenty of players who enjoys BG's but yet I can never find people to join a BG premade or start one?Cùrsé11 1d
1d PVP healer ratio Imbalance. This is primarily aimed at Random battlegrounds where, admitedly, it isn't so important. However The issue of balancing the number of healers in random battlegrounds was supposedly fixed wasn't it? Or am I mistaken? Either way I have some screenshots of BGs i've been doing today where my team has totaled 0 healers and the enemy team has as much as 4. It doesn't matter how good your individual players may be if you don't have healers nobody's having fun. I might be alone in saying this but i'd rather wait an extra 5 minutes if it means i'll get a propper team instead of wasting the 10 minute wait time in queue and then waste my time in a doomed BG for another 15 minutes.Kirtholas8 1d
1d Random Moment in BG Hello everyone im just curious about this I joined a BG this evening and started off as the defender on the beach[Strand of the ancients]Now i have no clue how this Enemy fella ended up on the beach before the match even started please have a look Let me know what you think ! Was he Bugged or was he Hacking? And please take note that it took me some seconds to even notice that he was on the beach before i took the screenshot, /McmxciiMcmxcii7 1d
1d Fury Warriors - OP? As title suggests, I feel Fury Warriors are far too overpowered right now. Judge me all you want but you can't deny the sheer number of them running rampant in BG's. From a caster's perspective how are we suppose to deal with them except Frost Mages with all their slows and roots? The Warrior has loads of ways to get back on you and shut you down. They don't even need to fear getting juked cause they can pop Spell Reflect and go ham on you. I've yet to face a Warrior not using this talent. I completely understand they are suppose to counter Warlocks but when you go from 100% to around 15-10% with defensives up in a single spell reflect CD it's just sad. You can't even fight back during reflect. They have got to make spell reflect only reflect one spell with the talent reducing the CD of reflect. That would be a nice start and doesn't leave casters completely vulnerable during their burst CD's. Maybe also look at their mobility and damage output. I'm fine with them hitting hard if they lack mobility to make up for it. Having such high damage combined with multiple leaps and charges (via talents) is really difficult to deal with. Of course i'm no Warrior so opinions are subjective. I'd love to hear from others about this.Devilcurse32 1d
1d World of ROOOTS As the title says. WHAT IN THE H*LL is going on in the arenas/bgs? As a melee without the ability to cancel roots you are screwed after you use self migitations, root again and again and again and again.. Why are'nt blizzard implementing Diminishing return on instant roots for every single class? you can cheese every single aspect of the game with constant root spamming (cept entangling roots.) And for you toxic forum keyboard warriors - I am not mad, just want a change.Wackit4 1d
1d LF BG Friends Hello. I do battlegrounds all the time and would like some new friends to play with (horde) If you are a bg god and want to be my friend, add me :) Mewmewkitty#2789Anarchist6 1d
1d WTGF OK... last 4/5 BG I have done I have not been able to utilise vehicle mechanics. eg: in SOTA I cant use vehicle "Fire!" (button 1). Anyone else?Cruncho1 1d
1d I'm bothered I'm seriously bothered. Have you guys paid any attention to the bg grp set-ups lately? Hardly any mages, locks(Except for affli) or ww monks. What is shaman and rogue? The amount of disc priests and rshammies are also running thin. All I encounter is; Warr, warr, warr, warr, dh, dh, dh,dh,d,h,dh, hunters, hunters, hunters, hunters, spriests, spriests, spriests, spriests. Best word to sum the state of PvP? Crap. ~Spacegoát7 1d
2d Are Horde PvPers horrible too!? I joined the game last June, fell in love with it very quickly (as I'm sure we all did) and looked forward to exploring every aspect of the game. Having gotten to a point I felt like I could stand up against other players, I started getting into the PvP side of the game a few months back. Amazing! Absolutely loving BGs and Arenas. One question though, are Horde players as horrible to each other as Alliance? I'm lucky to have never been on the side of someone throwing a tantrum, but I've seen it happen in almost every BG I've been in. Elitests, crybabies, keyboard warriors, dummy spitters... It very VERY quickly eliminates the teamwork required to win BGs, and with that, it sucks the fun out of it. Of course it doesn't apply to all players, it's almost always a couple of people that try and belittle and humiliate others, but I think it's difficult to ignore. Again, you get players that aren't very good, and it can be frustrating - are they new to PvP? Probably. Are they new to that particular BG? Pretty likely. That's why they are in random BG and not rated, to learn and improve. If you want professionals, hit up the RBGs! Otherwise, work together, help each other out, and above all don't lose your head. What's it like on the Horde side?Larimus18 2d
2d I'm so done with PvP From TBC-MoP I enjoyed PvP. WoD is when it went downhills. And now, in legion, PvP is ruined completely. Wanna know why? No. It's not only the ridiculous fotm classes that ruins the fun. It's the bad apples in this community. 'Healer 12healing', 'Healer y u no cc?', 'Healer stop afking in middle', HEALER THIS HEALER THAT GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD HOW ANNOYING! Do you know how hard it is to get rid of 5 players that are on you while having to keep the team alive? It's not bloody easy, especially when you've ran out of cds. Dps does a mistake > Silence. Healer uses the wrong spell > OMG HEALZ DELET THIS GAME. I'M A BLOODY PERSON! I WILL DO MISTAKES! I'M NOT A FRIGGIN ROBOT! You can't sit there and say you've never done a single mistake. We all are humans. Be grateful that you even receive a heal. Most healers I know won't take that bs. Welp. That was the end of the rant xd. ~Tòph61 2d
2d Need some help with the gear issue Hey, Its been a while since i did pvp only a gew matches so far in legion. im a bit lost about the gear im only reading that only ilvl matters. stats dont matter. so stacking versitality or something doesnt even matter anymore or haste or am i missing something... Thanks!Chukky3 2d
2d Deepwind Dunk and Mobility Mobility wins the match. well I'm shafted. guess ill just walk around and stick my fingers up my nose and hope a kind monk can give me Tiger Lust sort it out Blizz. give us SLOW classes something to do in the battleground that scores pointsAlkizon3 2d
2d i'm sorry but I can't see how frost mages are OP. 65% slow? Ineffective against most classes. Procs? Need to spam frostbolts 4x or more times to get insta flurry. Enchanced ice lance? Frozen orb has a long cd and frostbolt triggers more flurry than icelance. Frost nova and polymorph? Gets broken easily. Our survival? Okayish but with the upcoming nerfs we're screwed. So please somebody help me out. What is so OP about frost mages and how are they in comp with fury and arms warrs, bm and mm hunters, dhs, freecasting spriests and affli locks? ~Orcbaiter11 2d
3d Holy priest OP? Just seriously how do u kill a holy priest? They always seems invicible in bg. Their immune shield every 30 sec really needs to be nerf. For 3 more sec pala has a 4min cd. I think it can even be used while wearing flag? While pala and other big def cd can't? If anyone has tip on how to kill a holy priest it owuld be appreciate cuz now I just ignore them unless they are the lasts to stand. Thanks!Nallatt3 3d
3d Anyone wanna level my char On a mop private server? Legion pvp is bad, but leveling 1-90 without heirlooms no way.Samsing0 3d
3d RBG 1.5k vs 1.7+ Wtf is with this sh1tty matchmaking, everytime i queue for an RBG my team of randoms which is around 1.5k < is always up against teams higher than 1.7k... How am i supposed to get rating if i'm losing every game due to crappy match making? GJ Blizzard 10/10 fail systemRagnaroker60 3d
3d Damn Alliance really sucks hard today at bg. Is it offschoolday?Yúmmy2 3d
3d Is Disarm bugged? When i disarm a melee, they can still do dmg to me, i mean wtf is this? Yes, the dmg is much lower but it still is dmg, which is needed to build up combo points or Rage etc. Is it just me or there is a bug with this Honor Talent or am i missing something?Nimron12 3d
4d Rate the top 6 Specs in Random BGs go.... i wonder about players opinions and what they thing who is where in the powerscale of RANDOM bgs...Zoldread14 4d
4d So what just happend with warriors? I did 10 random bg's today.. ALL of them With 1-3 Warriors on top on the killing blow list. When a Warrior is stuck on me, getting away is a Waste of time... Using defensive CDs just postpone the Death a few sec after.. Sometimes i feel im doing fine, til 50% of my Health goes Down in a few Seconds.... (AND TBFH I DONT KNOW WHY THESE FXXXX UP CAPITAL LETTERS POPS UP!!!! So just what did 7.2 do to Warriors?????Elamandri11 4d
5d Paladins and Warriors Everywhere.... BGs are Filled with them.... btw its funny how you can barely see DHs in PvE and PvP seems like all the changes made people run off.... Meanwhile warlocks..............................................................yeah...Zoldread13 5d
6d Spec for RBG and duels As the title says, I'm looking for a spec or class with dual-spec that works well in both RBG and 1v1's (duels) I just started playing again since the end of WoD and have no clue what class I want to play. I am currently leveling a DH. Haven't done PvP since I'm not 110 yet but it feels as if the skillcap is low. Nuking people down and that's about it. I was thinking of a Rogue, Ret Pala for 1v1's and Holy for RBG. Or a Dpriest for 1v1 and Shadow for RBG's. I do have a Druid but I'm not a big fan of feral gameplay for 1v1's. Could use some advice on this.Genzaniku3 6d
6d Addon for Diminishing Returns in BGs Hey all. Title says it all, i'm looking for a way to track my DR in battlegrounds, Last Second is outdated I believe and Gladius doesn't work in BGs. Any suggestion?Maestraz3 6d
6d 10% stamina buff = 1% actually Anyone else notices this? Edit, i mean the food buffJonaske2 6d
6d Limit the amount of healers on random BGs Ok, I'm not even gonna mention how completely and utterly overpowered healers are right now. What I'd like to mention though is that it's not fun or engaging to play with a single or no healers against 3+ healers in a 10v10 or 15v15. You've got some chance hen you jump a single healer in 3, but if there's two of them close they can pretty much tank up to 8 people. Limiting or better yet equalizing the amount of healers on random BGs would bring a lot more balance and fun to the whole thing.Draylock12 6d
6d Stop the premades in BGs Russians, Europeans all of them use it. Cowards, I call them. Please stop this bloody addon. It's "Qpop" for those unaware.Jonaske38 6d
6d Let your sub run out And join a good mop private server Let the downvotes commendSamsing15 6d
6d Rand BG handicaps? Has anyone else noticed this? I don't think it's just me but: In BGs where obtaining 1500 or something is the goal (or maintaining like in AV) I see how in the blink of an eye the losing teams point have just shot up by anywhere between 30 and 100 and no cart was obtained, planted or anything like that. The last place I noticed this happening was in BfGilneas. We had two bases, point rising at a rate of 3/4 per 2/3 seconds and even though alliance had 1 base their points for more than half a game was competing with ours. It felt as if the handicap was saying "I make your points increase 2 per 1 sec and you're still losing?? I give up! You're just bad alright.". Because honestly we were really knocking them all over the place.. I feel this system may be something that applies to a losing faction when a trend is setting for either those individual players or the faction as a whole on a global scale. Anyone else noticed this?Abacabb1 6d
6d What's happened to alliance? Ally players are soooo bad this days , they dont inerupt, do not fokus healers, ignor objectives. After first wipe on mid half of the team goes afk. Hords win like 90% of my games . Jezuz what happened to this game?Phobosz28 6d
21 May Can you PVP well without all new traits? Just wondering since AP seems to be the most advantageous thing to have in this expaccHaralde2 21 May
21 May Ashan Rep? So i have been doing a few Ashan battles and have won quite a few but i am stil friendly with 3k rep. I have been trying to find info on wowhead but all i got so far is just to win events and killing the enemy boss at his base witch i have done. But it dont seem like i get any new Rep.Elonduel0 21 May
21 May Which melee in RBG So been trying and wondering. Fury warriors might be fotm but if they are dependent on the small burst window (shout) does it mean they hit with silk gloves outside of it? Searching for a melee class which is not dependant on CD to do damage. Retribution paladins got burst CD as well (wings). So am I left with DK(frost) who can do steady dps in BG who does not rely on any specific CD to move opponents healthbar? Sorry typos, not my main language. Thanks for constructive replies.Sharia1 21 May