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18 Oct Prestige Guide: Rewards and Advice After many weeks of playing legion, some people still have no idea about the possible prestige rewards. Therefore I am making a detailed list of the prestige rewards. After this list, I will say something about the possibilities to farm honor. If anyone has something to add (or change), please reply to this thread. Rewards: An honor level will reward you with new honor talents, gold (normally 200 gold and 2000 gold between honor level 48-49) and artifact power. These are the basic rewards. The prestige rewards will follow below. Prestige 0+50 rewards the alliance enthusiast. It is a companion and it can use emotes such as "Alliance enthusiast admires you". If you want to know how it looks, click the following link: You will also receive the achievement Top Honors (10 achievement points). As a side note: since a recent hotfix we no longer use a ‘’prestige button’’. Therefore you instantly jump to the next prestige once you achieve honor level (x+)50. That is why prestige 0+50 and prestige 1 are pretty much the same now. However, you will still notice the difference at 17+50, because prestige 1 has not been released yet. Prestige 1+0 rewards your first badge. If you want to look how your badge looks like (and the other badges), use the following link: You can find this badge next to your characters portrait. Prestige 1 also rewards you with the achievement First Step into a Larger World (10 achievement points). Prestige 1+50 rewards The Victor’s Spoils. This is an artifact skin. If you want to find out how it looks, check out this link: Select your class, specialization and check out the fourth weapon and the first skin. The other three skins are for higher prestige levels. This reward is part of an achievement: Fighting With Style: War-Torn. You will also receive the achievement The Prestige (10 achievement points). Prestige 2+0 rewards your second badge. It also rewards you with the achievement Here We Go Again (10 achievement points). Prestige 2+50 rewards an honorable pennant. If you want to know how it looks, check out this link: Prestige 3+0 rewards your third badge. It also gives you with the achievement Third Time’s The Charm (10 achievement points). Prestige 3+50 rewards you with a mount: the prestigious bronze courser. If you want to know how it looks, check out the following link: Prestige 4+0 rewards your fourth badge. It also gives you the achievement For Prestige (10 achievement points). Prestige 4+50 rewards you with the title ‘the Honorable (name)’. This was the final prestige rank for legion season one. Since season two there are 4 new prestige ranks. Prestige 5+0 rewards your fifth badge. It also gives you the achievement Alive for Five (10 achievement points). Prestige 5+50 rewards you with a crest of heroism. This is your second artifact skin from prestige. It is also part of the achievement Fighting With Style: War-Torn. Prestige 6+0 rewards you with your sixth badge. It also gives you the achievement The River Six (10 achievement points). Prestige 6+50 rewards you with the dutiful squire. It is a companion and it makes a (very annoying) sound when you summon it. If you want to know how it looks like, click the following link: Prestige 7+0 rewards you with your seventh badge. It also gives you the achievement Slayin’ to Seven (10 achievement points). Prestige 7+50 rewards you with the prestigious pennant. This item looks exactly the same as the honorable pennant and it has the same buff as the honorable pennant. I still hope this is a bug, because it is very disappointing right now. Prestige 8+0 rewards you with your eighth badge. It also gives you the achievement Don’t Hate, Grind to Eight (10 achievement points). Prestige 8+50 rewards you with the ivory prestigious courser. If you want to know how it looks, check out the following link: This is the final prestige rank for legion season 2. Prestige 9+0 rewards you with your ninth badge. If you want to know how it looks, check out this link: You will also receive the achievement Hell, It's About Nine (10 achievement points) Prestige 9+50 rewards you with the title ‘The Prestigious (name)’. This is the final prestige rank for legion season two. Unfortunately, this reward is bugged and it is not possible to use this title. EDIT: blizzard has posted a list of the new prestige rewards (up to prestige 17). Therefore I will simply show the link instead of updating this list:ía18 18 Oct
48m Why do classes require so much skill? Like seriously, why would they add a demon hunter, it requires so much skill, to much for me to take. Demon Hunters, Death Knights, Monks and even Rogues today, you know how hard it is to press 2 buttons and when it doesn't work just run away? Please make next xpac easier classes playing as any of these is way to hard.Avishay19 48m
4h 40 mans need to lose deserter debuff I know about blacklist, but do not blame me for disliking 2 others more. Entered AV. Saw cyrilic names. They 575 resources us 375. Left immediately. 15 minutes deserter. So, in blizzards mind I should suck it up and stay there getting slaughtered for 30 or so more minutes. Either drop the deserter from 40 mans, make it 5 minutes or put them in a seperat queue.Zenmadeleine1 4h
8h Healers need a Nerf in general Healers unfortunatley are a hit/miss of pvp but generally a hit because of how OP their healing and how vital it is to a groups survival has become. If your a healer its pretty sure that if your at least half-compitent your group will never die, never, even if your at the worst level of bad play. This is why in BfA I propose the following nerfs to healers: 1. A Flat reduction in healing across the board for every spec: 10% Wont kill you, its the difference between impossible and acceptable. You need that challange and dont lie to me saying its already too hard, bollocks, ive seen people who can outheal a 1% player from death and I know for a fact you can lie to my face telling me its impossible. Its time to just have less heals in general, so you feel more forced to actually work to keep people alive. 2. A Heal Declining Returns: This might actually be a better one, where subsequent heals on players are reduced each time making them less effective as it would allow dps to actually kill an overhealed player for once instead of being frustrated at never being able to. 3. VERY important, Mana Penalty: Healers rarely EVER have a mana problem in Legion, dont lie to my face, I know you dont. Having played one myself a well timed healer can effectivly conserve near all their mana while managing to overheal impossible levels of healing at once, this is just flatly overpowered and needs nerfing. Healers in short need: Longer CD's Higher Mana Cost for heals that punishes over use of heals Reduced healing, and healing decline over time on the same target. A more aggressive approach to healing that forces healers to actually spam buttons instead of just sitting there pressing 1 or 2.Vulcanus31 8h
9h World of CCcraft Dear developers, when will you do something against the annoying high amount of cc?Getacat8 9h
9h Healer - honor pts - what am I doing wrong? My question - what am I doing wrong as a healer, that I deserve about 33% less points than everybody else on my team? I noticed this trend last few BGs today. Last one (Deep Six: WG) I did almost 50% (just sub 150M) of ALL BGs healing done, with 1-2 DPS hunting me most of the game, not a single death, was contesting flag carriers as much as I could. Still got 200+ less honor than everyone on my team. I find this really frustrating. I give everything I got so we win, yet I get much smaller reward.Royalsertr3 9h
9h Russian Scripters. Literally ever single game I join when its a team of Russians (blizzard is stupid for allowing teams of Russians btw, Ill tell you why its bad below) I have to report about 4-5 people for scripting. I play holy priest and I can tell when they are scripting by casting an array of spells to test for silences, but the MILLISECOND I start casting a heal....well would you look at that, out of no-where one of the Russians snipers has targeted me and casted a silence, quite litearlly beofre I see my cast bar. Blizzard you are a pathetic excuse of a company when it comes to clearing up cheaters especially when it seems a good 20% of a country does it. Why is having a team of Russians VS a team of EUW unfair? Well quite simply language. Why do you think Russian teams appear far more co-ordinated (apart from the scripting ofcourse)? Well they all speak the same language. Us Europeans speak a whole host of languages creating barrier of simple tactics. Why are we playing against Russians? Well I dont have a clue, maybe its because Blizzard cant see another way out of long ques to their dieing game? (I personally would try fixing it) Sincerely, Rory. A very annoyed Holy Priest.Lurkei39 9h
10h Russians & PvP Hello everyone, I'm not here for creating a hateful topic about Russians, I have a few Russian friends myself nor am I saying that every Russian is the same or that every person is the same. So, now we cleared that up. We can go on to the actual subject. I think there has been many topics about Russians and PvP, but I'm not going to dig up old threads. This thread is for me to clear up things, I have been wondering a lot about this subject and I hope I can find some answers. How is it possible that when you play against Russians that you are doomed to fail and lose? I mean when I do PvP in Battlegrounds or Arena's 9 out of 10 times we fight against Russians and we lose. There is only a few times we win. This doesn't matter if you are either Horde or Alliance. I always knew that there were premade Russian groups, but I thought this wasn't allowed anymore.. How is it that it is still possible. Especially when you join RANDOM battle ground. You basically join a random battle ground, you are in a team with random players all across the world and you fight against a completely Russian team.. Then there is one last thing I want to ask, many people say Russians are hackers. First I thought they only said this because we most of the time lose from them, but today I saw some Russians with the flag in Warsong Gulch teleporting behind walls were you normally couldn't go... To be honest, I have never seen anyone use hacks in World of Warcraft. This is the first time for as far as I know. Anyway, like I said. Not all Russians are like this, I bet there are also good Russians who are actually want to play fair.. I just want to clear things up, because people are saying that the community is mostly dying because of this. Atleast the PvP community is, I'm not so sure about the PvE side. A few last words, let's stay nice to each other in this topic. Don't send hate messages to one another, there is no need for that and it doesn't get you anywhere, nor does it solve anything. Kind regards, Dion.Alire41 10h
11h Fury Warriors Is it normal for Fury Warriors to do 4m damage in literally 4 seconds? I just had a bit of a WTF moment in a BG when I died completely out of nowhere through my 40% damage reduction from full health. Looking back at the log: - 366K Odyn's Glory - 247K Odyn's Fury - 500K Odyn's Fury - 2 x 70K white swings (wtf?) - 400K bloodthirst - 100K Odyn's fury - another 2x 70K white swings - 100K Odyn's fury - 900K (W. T. F) raging blow - 500K bloodthirst - 100K Odyn's fury - 500K Execute My entire health pool just evaporated in no time, through a FORTY PERCENT damage reduction. I admit I was a little cavalier about 1 DPS being on me and was trying to fake cast instead of just blowing cooldowns, but this took me heavily by surprise. Is this potions? Berserker buff?Laotl11 11h
11h How long till i prestige? So im about to hit 110 on my hunter and i want to prestige him once for the artifact skin. if i do pvp world quests and random battle grounds how long till i prestige once?Docsmagee2 11h
13h Russians & Random-BGs When will this Russian Premade infestation stop? Because of this, others are not able to enjoy some Casual PvP at all. Today I've played over 13 BGs and every single one of them had a Russian Premade group farming us. Blizzard please remove the Russians from EU realms and let them rot on their own realms. This is really pathetic. PvP was much better before the Russians started playing on EU servers with their kick-bots & exploits.Angela63 13h
16h Can blizzard do something about Rus pre-mades Its been a problem form years that EU players have a 50% risk of losing the BG before it even starts because you got matched against 20 russians sitting in a netcafe grinding honor and not even going for the objective. It destroys my drive to pvp. There has to be a way to make blizzard aware and give them seperated matchmaking.Falarion11 16h
17h Time to revisit the idea of Solo Queue RBGS? As ever an issue that has come up many times, but one that I felt worth trying to bring up again in some sort of constructive conversation. Given the currently climate and trends in games – namely of being able to dive into meaningful content with relative ease, and rapid matchmaking with similar players (LoL/DOTA/OW etc). WoW PVP currently feels as though it is lagging behind. For PVE we have the ability via the Group finder to right into heroic raid content, allowing those of us who no longer have the time to play on a regular raiding schedule to experience content, and most importantly feel as though our character retains its relevance within the item level curve. While yes it can be argued that the Group finder only active matches you for Dungeons/Heroics and Raid Finder content, I expect that few active players could argue that it is currently difficult to find a group for Mythic +10 or a Heroic raid. The BFA PVP reveals thus far have me slightly concerned and underwhelmed. A focus on regenerating World PVP is fine and all, but while TM vs SS and pop up conflicts following a gank were fun 13 years ago, I suspect that they would not be today. Having played through near enough every expansion, my list of friends with whom I play has gradually diminished – in vanilla/tbc/wotlk you could call upon your guild community to have some backup and create an entertaining experience. At a time ingame where we are more free than ever from the shackles of organised play with a singular group of individuals, PvP appears to force us back into this. While warfronts remain a cool concept, it is a shame that this almost feels marketed to us as a the ‘faction vs faction’ content for the expansion. The entry point into Arena has never been higher. Players generally have a firm understanding of comps, what macros to use and playstyle via the massively informative number of streams it is now possible to watch. I fear for a new player to PvP trying to enter the arena for the first time and getting melted by players with many years of PVP experience. It is not uncommon to see players with 2.4k experience from one time or another at the 15-1600 bracket. I cannot see how this can fail to deter anyone from wanting to actively engage with arena. Arenamate (yes perhaps not a 100% accurate source) shows that numbers of arena participants are down massively from WoD. Given the high entry level skill requirement (and lack of guidance in this area), this isn’t overly surprising but we are also experiencing another issue – group access due to low numbers. Where I can find a competent group for PVE in a few minutes, as a DPS player it is not uncommon to sit for several hours finding the elusive 3rd player of the correct class, with the correct experience and then getting to play. As a healer it is easier granted, but then I may have to cycle through several groups before finding one that gels – a process that becomes frustrating and takes considerable time. Given the lack of server communities, players at lower brackets have a much more disposable feel. The number of stable arena teams has plummeted since earlier expansions meaning that this frustrating process must be repeated time and time again. I may find a good group only to never be able to play with them regularly again. This is where I can see solo queue RBGs being an answer to WoW’s current PVP woes (or woes to my eyes anyway). As we have seen from many other games, and WoW included – meaningful content that is accessible solo is popular and engaging for a wide range of the player population. The way that we play the game has changed, yet the pvp options available to us have varied little. Likewise the systems required to support Solo Queue RBG seemingly predominantly exist within the game. It could be possible for players to work through the current PVP titles – adding prestige and a sense of meaningful progression (moving from 17-1800 arena feels largely irrelevant). Likewise with the group matchmaking tools available ingame I would expect that these could surely be adapted to allow for the creation of a PVP matchmaking system based upon rating.Teacup6 17h
18h Is a Draenei a more easy target then a Dwarf? I was wondering is a bigger char an easy to click target then a smaller char? This is an advantage if its true... I am thinking of making a Dwarf Paladin instead then for PVP instead.Elhorn11 18h
18h The next time you feature "Deep Six" Brawl... ... keep the Warsong Gulch Brawl out of it? The Silvershard and Kotmogu Brawls are fine (Honestly, they're better than standard SSM/ToK) but the Warsong Gulch one is just an atrocity. All the normal problems of a Capture the Flag game ramped up to 11 and none of the strategy that makes CTF moderately tolerable. And before the inevitable replies of "At least it's fast", it could be worth remembering that it's not a good battleground if the best thing you can say about it is that you don't have to do it for very long.Larem12 18h
1d Idea: PvP templates v2.0 in BfA I don't know how many people actually like the PvP templates in Legion, Blizzard probably knows this better. I personally don't like it very much and I've seen there's a lot of other people who also don't like it. The reason: It's demotivating to gather new gear and get stronger, and it simply feels stale and less exciting to only gain a few % stats with much better gear. It feels as if you're simply grinding strong mobs, inside a BG now. Nobody can be a hero anymore :) I thought of a possible solution for this in the next expansion: Make gear simply act as gear again making you stronger. Remove all templates, except for 1 for each class: A minimum level. This makes it so that if you f.e. have to catch up later, or you don't play a lot, you can jump into BGs and have fun being at least a bit decent, because you are boosted to a certain baseline minimum for your class if you don't meet the requirements. Just as it happens now in BGs below lvl 110. But people who farm good gear still get rewarded by being stronger, because once your gear beats a certain treshold, there is no upper limit anymore and you don't get a template anymore. To prevent people from being steamrolled later on in the expansion, this minimum standard could be increased as patches come, so you always have an entry level. Just an idea. Probably it's been suggested before, but I just wanted to put it out there.Livesmatter10 1d
1d The Deep Six is much better than normal BGs. I just wanted to say that I think Deep Six is better than normal BGS. In Normal BGs its almost always one sided, and very clustery and boring. In 6vs6 you have so much more to contribute with. Your actions can really impact the game, players individual thoughtprocess is more important, and there it feels less like a hack and slash "random" fight. I really, really enjoy the 6vs6 battlegrounds, and I wish they where the standard and not the 10vs10.Thaleir12 1d
1d Ashran gone.....? Hello people. Well Im not sure if anyone else have noticed or even cares. But Ashran is pretty much a cloud of forgotten mist it seems. On the random queue finder, in PvP; I have the choice to queue for Ashran, though I just says "In progress". Unlike WOLTK, im not prompted to join the battle by clicking anything or using a periodically active portal....? So going to Ashran, by that I mean either of the horde or alliance bases to each end; I can never actually run into the Pvp area. Even though it now says Ashran is always in progress, I get kicked out of the area for "not being called on", otherwise the battle isnt happening, even though it always claims to be in progress. I literally cant find any information about this; possible I fault of mine, but people just seem to talk about how to get to the faction bases either side - as if it was a hard thing to figure out, though no one seems to mention why the PVP is inactive, though always claming to get active. Can someone in the know please help :) Thanks :)Ro21 1d
1d What's the stat limits? I heard sometime ago that people were talking that the PVP gear matters only for "secondary stat" bonuses like "Versality" and those green ones on gear? What are the cap limits for Arenas/Battlegrounds?Zenyat0 1d
1d Blizzard lets Horde lose on purpose? I have been grinding through bgs as a means to level up. What I noticed whenever we have fair healers or just 1 less, we stomp them into the ground. Usually matches end in 3-0 fairly quick or resources like Arathi Basin end in 1500-200 for us. Then the occasional "matchmaking" system comes along, dooming our team without healers while the Alliance got 2 to 4. And then we still simply manage to hold the game untill the timer runs out or give them a fair fight. Is this a way to "gift" Alliance a win? Why is this matchmaking system working fairly at moments and then it decides to !@#$ all over you.Agamemnom18 1d
1d 10 RBG wins - Need advice So I'm a true PvE healer, I rarely do PVP whatsoever. But recently I got the mage tower appearance and , you guessed it, to get the nicer looking one I need to win 10 rated BG's. I've spent hours on this and never won a single one. I get rejected a lot because I don't have a high CR, and the ones that do accept me use zero voice com or tactics. Is there anything else I can do? My guild doesn't do rated pvp either so I have to pug. Thanks in advance!Deveon7 1d
2d Something that pisses me off Hey guys, I've skipped a large portion of Legion and usually I'm more into arena's but for the past months I've been doing a lot of BG's which most of times are quite enjoyable. Anyway, there's a particular behaviour that pisses me off real bad. That is, Mages and Warlocks not putting up table/soulwell. In like 50% of the matches they have to be asked to put a well up instead of them doing it by own initiative. I don't know if it's because of the occasional dragon slayer that enters the BG but it really blows my mind. This game has been out for more than 10 damn years and still you have to ask these numbnuts to put it up (usually a couple of times and in whisper because they're blind AF). I mean come on! How hard is it to press well/table at the start of a match when you have a gazillion years of prep time. Sorry for the rant. Enjoy your saturday :) ...and please put up a well/table. kthx byeLethaldana4 2d
2d Old player coming back I need some explanation as to how the battle ground PvP system works. Like how do you get marks of honor for instance. When I gain honor in PvP, does it show up with my other misc. currencies? I'm want to get the 'Conqueror' achievement.Zuojin1 2d
2d BG 110 lvl 50/50 Wins? Is it balanced?Uthralet6 2d
3d DH Veng/DK Blood That selfheal is great, always big problem for me to kill these guys. What is your opinion about both specs? Is it rly worth it?Underblue0 3d
3d Battle for Gilneas unbalanced? Am I the only one who feels like BfG map is kinda unbalanced? I don't know why but I lose like 80-90% of games on this map as Alliance. And no, I'm not one of those people who says dumb things like "Alliance always loses" or "Horde always loses", I believe it always depends on the players. I win 50-60% of games on average (random BGs). On a bad day I win maybe 30-40% and on a good day Alliance wins a couple of times in a row, 70% of the games. On most of the maps (Temple of Kotmogu, Warsong Gulch, Twin Peaks etc) the results are mostly balanced but somehow on Battle for Gilneas Alliance loses 80-90% of the time... My question is - am I the only one who has had this experience, do you agree/disagree? What do you think about this?Balfur7 3d
3d Human female players I noticed that many of them talks like they are pro at the game but the more of them i have in a bg the bigger chance the lost. I am talking about the race ingame, not irl, so dont get confused. Reason i play horde tbh.Idk10 3d
3d Russian Bots BG Why pay for wow and continue to be a player loving the game; when it seems Blizz can't get a grip of Russian Bots in BG's? Honest players wouldnt dare bot but the BG's really guys come on total p*** take now. Not happy guys. JRJohnnyrottén4 3d
3d Russian topics still being deleted Guess you had to delete my story about my experience with russian pvpers huh? The same as 2 years ago when I pointed out the obvious. Must be the same guy controlling the forums.Dennyhuntard4 3d
3d Russian "knockback" hack, what the hell. So I was just today playing a game of Alterac Valley (the enemy team was 100% russian). First of all, my abilities seemed to suddenly have an input lag of 2-3 seconds, and almost everyone else too. But the most important thing happened when I was defending our base, and there was this single rogue in one of the towers. He was able knock me back like a shaman using thunderstorm, but it was faster and took me much further than shaman thunderstorm. This happened every time I tried to go to the tower and recapture it. As far as I know there are no knockbacks that a rogue can use, and I am also 100% sure that some other class didn't cause it, and I even checked my combat log, and he was the only player I interacted with. How the heck do they do that?Inanis9 3d
3d Suggesion: pvp story/lore system "Giant faction wars", "rts style feeling", "dinamic controll points" Even as a PvE player I'm hyped. These features sounds amazing. However in the past I've witnessed so many times that great ideas can go down the drain, becuase its been implanted differently, or in ways that in my opinion doesnt fulfill the purpose its capable of. This features could bring back the true faction war and rts style. When I saw the 3 features that I highlighted out the following idea came to my mind: The all out war between factions. They want territories, resources, allies. Or hinder the enemy to get the same. Dynamic controll points: Imagine if each map would be controllable. Once a map is in a faction controll, some cities would change to the factions style: buildings, guards, etc. Giving the faction a flypoint, and lets say... +1% power for each npc for the whole faction. So if Your faction controlls 20 map, npc-s would be 20% stronger. There are estimatedly 75 zones in Azeroth. (WoD and TBC are not on this planet/time so I wouldnt count them) Exception of Faction Capitals, starting zones and some loreplot terriories (neutral enemies like old god territories) most of the map would be contollable. The point is, the whole map would turn into an rts style dominance map. In depth each map would have small subcontroll point that helps to capture the main controll point. Same idea: for example: if you controll a goblin/gnome factory the main controll point would have an extra entrance where players can rush in. Or they can ride a tank/windrider, etc... I hope you (and more hopefully developers) would see the potential of this idea. Giving each map some feature benefit that buffs the whole faction would turn the game nearly eternal, since the clash between factions would never go out of date. And the point of the game is to turn the whole map into one color. Witch is impossible with a good balancing and the Cross realm system. later on neatural faction, or instead of faction, races could come in (troll npc have regenerative powers, while taurens have more hp + stun) Not to mention double agent achievement trully makes sense. With truly "rts style" each small area would have their own benefit that helps to controll the zone. While each Zone would give boost that helps the whole faction. So it wouldnt be dozens of individual controll point, but instead each map would give such benefit, that players want to fight for, or really want to defend. Just like in an rts game. You want to controll a mine, and you dont want to lose it either. So each big zones woult give +1% stat for npc for the whole faction + 1 feature. Example: Controlling Alterac mountain would give +5% mount speed worldwide, because you have acces to the chivalry there. Controlling Dire Maul would give extra spell damage, because you have the ogre/elf library there. Some zones could be still natural or even if its controlled, it would be automaticly lost to neutral forces. Like Silithus would be a temporary boost, for obvious reasons... Or contolling multiple maps would give you the zonebonus. The point of this idea so players wouldnt just controll a zone and fly instantly to the next one. Still... This is only an epic idea I would like to see. If this would be possible, what features would you give for each controll point and for each zone? The reason I would involve the whole map, because everything is uncontrollable. And its always so bad to see that currently the game has 105 zones, and only 2-5 is relevant... I would even involve the gatherable resources to further boost the zones. Contributing - ores would give sturctures and siege units more power. - herb would incrase units power - leather would incrase units health Keep it simple, but giving depth and long replayebility to the game.Kraivanah14 3d
3d Great hotfix blizz now dont get me wrong the lego nerfs were needed but woth the 40% dmg nerf to wpvp it now means that healers are immortal good job im sure it was intended 10/10 wont gank againThálera5 3d
3d Make the new deep six brawl permanent For the first time in a very long time, battlegrounds are playable. tactics work, team play works. has to be the first time in forever where you can play without having frost dks, dhs, furywarriors - (insert some other melees) tunnel vision everything to death and having a 100% uptime on slow without there being any chance of fighting against it. with it being only 6 on each team, you get(so far) a healthy mix of classes that allow for a good pvp experience. both winning and losing is great if you feel like you lose because they were better than you, not only because they had Blinkers on and had more of certain classes. Personal request: for the love of god, split the European and Russian servers again so we can actually hit with melee abilities and fake cast( for you who don't cast, they interrupt after you've stopped casting and you get silenced)Calìdore1 3d
3d 1 hour 2 min queue time What happened today?Balieza0 3d
4d Resto druid pvp OP ? ! What the heck is going on? almost unkillable unless your pug has stun coordination, which is most of the time non-existent. get him to low hp, he turns to bear, bloodlust and ascendance popped and his health goes up. rinse and repeat unless the stuns follow each other (if i have more teammates helping, cause lightning surge and what else i have is not enough) haven't followed the patch notes, did they alter something for resto? cause sure as f* that change was good for them...Speedos10 4d
4d monk dps is beyond op.... not to mention his 17739463 second stun and insanely mobility. nerfHanswurst11 4d
4d PVP Gearing It looks like no difference between pvp and pve gear now. Only ILVL make sence. And i feel it is easier to get 925 ILVL on Argus then farming BG or ARENA. Can you tell me is there any benefits from PVP gear which drops after a fight? Thank you!Ноткеу10 4d
4d Is it possible to crash someone else's game? So I play on a pretty high end PC - i7, 16GB ram, 6GB graphics, SSD, etc. Typically 60-90FPS 100% of the time even with a slew of addons. I have never once had the game crash on me on this PC. Not once. Two RBGs in a row though tonight we faced the same team and the moment they engaged my fps went from 90 to 4; total freeze until I ended up crashing. This happened 14 times. I'm wondering if it's just majorly bad luck or if there's a possibility this team were doing something to lag my game to the point of crashing. I will point out there were two rogues spamming /lol at me the moment I joined a fight. Edit: Immediately after I did another RBG against a different team - no crash. Did a random - no crash. Very fishy.Laotl5 4d
4d Can you add casting immunities already? Stun stun stunst unstreunste unstuonstunjtsutnsutnsuntstuns intERRUPTED SILENCE INTERRUPT CC STUN STUN STUNSTUNSTEUNSTE UNTSUNSTUN INTERRUPT SILPENCE SILENCE FFS how are you supposed to play this game in PvP as a caster?Onori18 4d
4d Hilarious BG Flaming Lol, so I just loaded into an ongoing WSG vs Russians (they had already capped 1, half our team were dead). Ran out to start healing, got ambushed by Frost DK, Shadow Priest, Ele Shaman, dance around healing for a bit but I do eventually go down - manage to save a couple guys with my spirit of redemption after living 3vs1 without peels for a good 2-3 minutes. Anyway we lose (of course), and then some guy on our team starts whispering me: - FFS u can't heal - Ur so bad - (I say I'm getting trained 3 on 1 and still living and healing others mostly) - Only 1 on u, u suck - U can't heal - U can't even shield - (I say hpriest doesn't have shield) - Omg ur !@#$ u died to 1 dk - (Did you not see the big purple beam of shadow priest crap?) - U died to mind flay? Ur so bad - u clearly are so bad People wonder why there's a deficit of healers.Laotl25 4d
4d RIP AFF LOCK NEW PVP CHANGES New PVP changes are the worst thing it could happen RIP AFFL lock. So i joined a bg today and guess agony spell hits for 30.000 dmg . Yes thats right 70k max corruption 75k max. And im asking the dev team . How am i supposed to kill another person with these numbers when they have 4.5 MILLION hp ? Honestly for DOT classes this is ridiculous. I will never play pvp again you ruined the one exp pvp was fun as it was. You did good on the reduction of dmg in legendaries BUT WHY IN GENERAL -40% dmg taken ? I mean the numbers i gave you above shows its more like 150% dmg reduction for warlocks at least.. Depressed, dissapointed.....get real guys .....get realMaychem7 4d
4d Rogue is beyond OP !!!! how can this happen tank in pvp vs rogues i die in 4 hits !!! I mean are u serious !!! poison/subtitles damage in open world is INSANE and beside that u cant do them damage ..they almost WRECK all classes in pvp and live with at least 60-70 % HP BLIZZARD wake up and tune rogues down !!!!Ûðársåìjìñ28 4d
4d Give BG bans for people who leech This is happening way too much, at least on Horde side. As soon as the alliance team has a bit of a lead, 3-4 people just go afk and stay in the graveyard, ruining all chances of victory for us who actually continue playing. I suggest that you punish these players bu banning them from BGs for a few days.Inanis2 4d
5d Paracshute on bg?! Why is it still possible to use parachute while carrying the flag? Seem realy unfair at bgs like twin peaks or wsg since alliance bases are much higher then horde ones.When you see horde monk flying half of bg with flag and you start to think if someone is realy lazy and haven't fixed that or was it made on purpose? is it possible to get answer on that?Daelisa5 5d
5d Choosing a role in bgs is pointless... Why do blizzard bother making you chose a role in bgs if one team is going to have 3 healers and the other team has 0 healers...Phenoix5 5d
5d Choosing a class to play with a Priest Hi guys! I'm returning to WoW and my friend is rolling a Priest. I think he's open to playing both shadow and healing. We are going to focus mainly on battlegrounds at max lvl. Now I'm wondering which class fit the best for playing with a Priest. I have narrowed it down to Mage, Warlock or Warrior. At low level I really enjoy the Warrior the most, then the Mage and in third place the Warlock. Shall I go by that fun factor I feel at lower levels or are there drawbacks to going Priest + Warrior in BGs (perhaps rated too if that's a thing going on). What do you guys think?Lumenia7 5d
5d Deep Six highlights a matchmaking issue Blizzard, please, you need to listen to your EU fans aswell as your american ones when I say this... PLEASE, fix pvp match making so that you *MUST* have at least 2 HEALERS BEFORE, you enter a BG. Also, make sure that ANYONE, that enters a bg CANNOT, swap their spec, once they enter, forcing people who pick healer to COMMIT, or get out.Vulcanus6 5d
5d World PvP getting adressed What do you think Blizzard will do in BfA? On the Q&A it was clear it is getting addressed yet it is vague. I really have high hopes for this.Mkh16 5d
5d Can be BG's be rated for solo queues already? Why not have BG be rated by default? As someone who wants to to BG's with some actual purpose (rating) it's nearly impossible to do so. With only 2-3 hours to play a day, it's nearly impossible to create, or find a group to do so because it takes a lot of time, let alone the fact that every group requires high ratings. So the question is why can't it have ratings by default and a system where premades are matched against premades and solo queues against solo queues? What would be harm if you do this?Beers9 5d