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03 Feb Prestige Guide: Rewards and Advice After many weeks of playing legion, some people still have no idea about the possible prestige rewards. Therefore I am making a detailed list of the prestige rewards. After this list, I will say something about the possibilities to farm honor. If anyone has something to add (or change), please reply to this thread. Rewards: An honor level will reward you with new honor talents, gold (normally 200 gold and 2000 gold between honor level 48-49) and artifact power. These are the basic rewards. The prestige rewards will follow below. Prestige 0+50 rewards the alliance enthusiast. It is a companion and it can use emotes such as "Alliance enthusiast admires you". If you want to know how it looks, click the following link: You will also receive the achievement Top Honors (10 achievement points). As a side note: since a recent hotfix we no longer use a ‘’prestige button’’. Therefore you instantly jump to the next prestige once you achieve honor level (x+)50. That is why prestige 0+50 and prestige 1 are pretty much the same now. However, you will still notice the difference at 17+50, because prestige 1 has not been released yet. Prestige 1+0 rewards your first badge. If you want to look how your badge looks like (and the other badges), use the following link: You can find this badge next to your characters portrait. Prestige 1 also rewards you with the achievement First Step into a Larger World (10 achievement points). Prestige 1+50 rewards The Victor’s Spoils. This is an artifact skin. If you want to find out how it looks, check out this link: Select your class, specialization and check out the fourth weapon and the first skin. The other three skins are for higher prestige levels. This reward is part of an achievement: Fighting With Style: War-Torn. You will also receive the achievement The Prestige (10 achievement points). Prestige 2+0 rewards your second badge. It also rewards you with the achievement Here We Go Again (10 achievement points). Prestige 2+50 rewards an honorable pennant. If you want to know how it looks, check out this link: Prestige 3+0 rewards your third badge. It also gives you with the achievement Third Time’s The Charm (10 achievement points). Prestige 3+50 rewards you with a mount: the prestigious bronze courser. If you want to know how it looks, check out the following link: Prestige 4+0 rewards your fourth badge. It also gives you the achievement For Prestige (10 achievement points). Prestige 4+50 rewards you with the title ‘the Honorable (name)’. This was the final prestige rank for legion season one. Since season two there are 4 new prestige ranks. Prestige 5+0 rewards your fifth badge. It also gives you the achievement Alive for Five (10 achievement points). Prestige 5+50 rewards you with a crest of heroism. This is your second artifact skin from prestige. It is also part of the achievement Fighting With Style: War-Torn. Prestige 6+0 rewards you with your sixth badge. It also gives you the achievement The River Six (10 achievement points). Prestige 6+50 rewards you with the dutiful squire. It is a companion and it makes a (very annoying) sound when you summon it. If you want to know how it looks like, click the following link: Prestige 7+0 rewards you with your seventh badge. It also gives you the achievement Slayin’ to Seven (10 achievement points). Prestige 7+50 rewards you with the prestigious pennant. This item looks exactly the same as the honorable pennant and it has the same buff as the honorable pennant. I still hope this is a bug, because it is very disappointing right now. Prestige 8+0 rewards you with your eighth badge. It also gives you the achievement Don’t Hate, Grind to Eight (10 achievement points). Prestige 8+50 rewards you with the ivory prestigious courser. If you want to know how it looks, check out the following link: This is the final prestige rank for legion season 2. Prestige 9+0 rewards you with your ninth badge. If you want to know how it looks, check out this link: You will also receive the achievement Hell, It's About Nine (10 achievement points) Prestige 9+50 rewards you with the title ‘The Prestigious (name)’. This is the final prestige rank for legion season two. Unfortunately, this reward is bugged and it is not possible to use this title. EDIT: blizzard has posted a list of the new prestige rewards (up to prestige 17). Therefore I will simply show the link instead of updating this list:ía21 03 Feb
10m Cheaters in RBGs, Videos included Hello there, Could you please do something about the cheaters in RBGs? Please check my videos below where I was streaming. Kinda tired of people abusing/exploiting the game and ruining the fun for me. Thank you. 10m
12m Blood elves in bgs. Joined a warsong gulch, 9/10 were blood elf females. Joined another WSG, 7/10 blood elf females and 1 blood elf male, and ofcourse me. Stayed at 9/10 the whole bg sadly. Joined the third one. 8 blood elf females, 1 troll female and me. Oh wow.. xDZugsam17 12m
21m Enlistment Bonus Can't this be given to horde instead? Seeing as how alliance wins 90% of bgs nowadays and they have a lot faster queues. I don't see the logic behind giving it to them. Horde has 5 times longer queue times so they get a lot less honor at the moment.Ninelives7 21m
27m random bgs with premade russian groups you cannot win if you see them. stop big premade groups cos its ruining the game. plus i think most of them are cheating. seeing one of the slowests classes in the game out run a dh is not normalScubahunta18 27m
1h Ranking Melee, Ranged, Healer in RBGs Could someone give me a ranking like top5 of each role in BGs? Thanks in advanceArmandiam7 1h
3h soulfire back in bfa for destros and its damage is pretty high, anyone here from tbc who misses being one shotted by this monster back then?Selephius0 3h
4h What's the point in Armor. Like honestly what's the point in it? Does it actually do anything? My warrior has never died so quick before. Battlegrounds are honestly are chore with how quick you're tunneled down. A rogue can put vendetta on me, run away and I can't do anything about it.Mileyycyrus15 4h
5h fix ret paladin in bgs Ret paladin can't do nothing in bgs. i get druid healer? he owned me. i get disc priest? he owns me. not to mention any other class out there somehow is imune to my damage? no matter what i do if i am not helped from a colegue i am dead. how can someone in dev team let it be like that? fix itScubahunta8 5h
5h Stop the stupid fairy-tail about gear doesnt matter and give PVP vendors back [This guy melting anyone with 2-3 dots .. His health pool ... about 6700..] Also, check us forums 5h
7h Looking to get back into PvP So I have priest who I PvP'd alot on but since Legion with all the changes made with gear and having to grind out prestige levels for talents I already had, kinda put me off. But as it's coming to the end of the expac and it's easy to level up my artefact weapon etc my question is really where do I even start to begin getting gear for PvP, I saw an npc in Dalaran, but he didn't sell PvP rings or trinkets? Do I have to do PvE raiding for the best trinkets etc?Irishbubbles10 7h
10h Boost (Enh/Ele Shaman or Assa Rogue) Hello Guys! I want to boost one of them but I can't decide, which one. I want to make BGs, Open PvP and M+... Can someone tell me, which of them is "better" or the advantages or disadvantages of them?Hiinaki1 10h
10h frost dk or enhance shaman for random bg comparing dmg - survivability - mobility thanksOnecake4 10h
14h what solo class for random battleground ? im thinking of enhance , arms/fury , windwalker which is better at running arround defening , capping , 1v1 , small skirmishes i want to exclude rogue thanksOnecake4 14h
14h DKs are fine Good class balance. 14h
17h Best RBG Players / Teams (Legion Season 2 ) Personally I don't play RBG's often but i love watching games from streams. From streams what i saw past 3 seasons i'm going to pick good players on everyclass and spec just to make fun and enjoy. Best Warrior's There are not many warriors. 1st Sublex ( Played warrior whole season with sharpen blade and stuff did pretty good damage and harrasment on Eye of the storm) 2nd Swacky (Sadly Retired) Just played to get title didn't enjoy rip 3rd Samurai (Played warrior even tho warrior was not viable he was around 2.3-2.4 mmr farmed 2.2 teams ) Best Paladin's 1st Waffleezy (Very good decision making with Amoeba clever gameplay my one of my favourite RBG player <3) 2nd Raknoxy ( German good healing saving sacs for crucial moments really liked him) 3rd Bubblovic (Didn't know him that much but his healing was almots same as monks) 4th Mystyle - Eeka (Played with helen mostly his healing and CD usage was good he could improve more if he didn't dodge most of the teams) 5th Aviwings (Met him alot in arenas he is quality healer as he plays in arena decided to play with dopest before season ending Team avi) Hunters Hunters were pretty good at the start of legion season 2 and before 7.1.5 1st Souken (Skyrocketed his rating with eheroes with his top damage and interrupts also vs Spanish akinz team he binding shotted whole team into dh Meta burst was awesome) 2nd Refren(Super high damage and interrupt good game sense) 3rd Oxxy (Didn't play too much hunter but good as usualy) 4th Daky ( Didn't saw him on streams lately as i remember he was pretty good at damage and interrupts also almost killed Rogue boomie alone in Lighthouse Gilneas) Rogues There are not many good rogues in my opinion. 1st Traxe (After thousands of RBG' games and experience almost played flawless with least misstakes he could be more cool if he didnt use fireworks multilate macro and 90 cheapshot in twinpeaks vs Eatmydance team was awesome.) 2nd Eatmydance ( Very good at ninja capping with quantic, makes risky plays and ghosts alot ) 3rd Blambalam (Outlaw LUL not the best pick for team fighting but peels game sense and teamplay wise he was pretty good with germans even tho he is not german) 4th Killy (Solid and safe rogue didn't ghost that much good game sense) - 5th - 6th - 7th Réðëmptìøñ / Trouble / Killy / Blindsap Theese rogues are super good aswell but i saw really big misstakes from them thats why they are not in top 3 such as Blindsap losing Carts in Mines map, trouble ghosting and losing bases in Eye of the storm with boby, Réðëmptìøñ and tukaram ninja caps FailFish, Réðëmptìøñ could be better rogue if he didn't dodge with Tukaram. Priests Shadow 1st Xot (He played like a Warlock super high damage and sneaky Psyfiends behing rocks and edges) 2nd Blakélively (Constant didn't play too much eventho his dps and MD's psyfiends was really good ) 3rd Pachy (good damage good silences and mass dispells) Hamslam / Mene / Venster Theese players are top spriests with damage wise and game sense there are not many differences between theese priests. Priests Disc 1st Shoxbad (Highest games played as disc with Eatmydance were the Second best team in europe very good grips) 2nd Kikootoubib ( French disc didn't show up on top tier rbg's) 3rd Сильныйигрок (Played with Charos group probably best russian group of season 2 did same healing with monks and druids ) DK's DK's were not viable that much was only good for a month or 2 1st Amoeba ( As leader / Target caller he was very good at training Warlocks with his double DH creative team, also grips in EOTS was amazing sadly did stop playing DK after nerfs. 2nd Boby ( Boby is solid good dk as damage / interrupt wise and being annoying slowing gripping people at graveyeard) Shamans There were not many Blues in RBG's in legion As resto Lontar / Waffleye As Elemental Shourx / Raiden / Proccit / Rungo (Awesome one shots and healer harrasments and great knocks on EOTS Mages There was only 1 Mage deserves something in RBG's and it is Blackfirez (Saw his team Meackos / Spanish R1 / Heffer / Xot (holy) beating Eatmydance main team in Warsong Game probably one of the best games in the season) edit added eekaYodawgg126 17h
1d Alliance needs a buff/help in bgs Can we introduce a buff for alliance? Whem you lose you gain 10% more honor until you win? Stacks 10 times?Gintoki7 1d
1d Stupid matchmaking & spec blocking How come I enter a BG (and I've entered the que as healer & dps) we end up with 3 tanks 0 healers and the other team has 3 healers? And to top it all off I can't change spec to healer?Ærx7 1d
1d 6v6 RBGs are possible in the future!Шатурас8 1d
1d Where have all the Rogues gone? I barely see any Rogue in BGs these days. Is there some specific reason behind that or it's just "my bad luck" :) I mean they are not bad dmg wise so i guess the reason must be hidden somewhere else. And even if i see some Rogues they are usually (surprisingly) Outlaw or Assassination. Isn't Subtlety better than these two?Onu7 1d
1d Alliance suck at bg's (TESTED) No matter what i do we still as lose. I go as healer try to carry team but never enough. So i went horde and played all day bg just to test it. After doing 23Win 4Lose . I can tell alliance suck at bg's A usefull tip in these maps alliance do worst then bad. Temple of Kotmogu, Battle for Gilneas and SilvershardInstahex40 1d
1d Prestige and Honor level How long does Blizzard intent a person to grind this god forsaken prestige? all i want it the transmogable weapon appearance. and if you dont win your bgs you are basically !@#$ed cause the XP you gain is next to nothing. and if you want the weapon on another character? guess what. grind again. like seriously this system is obnoxious af.Swiftmend5 1d
1d Caster vs Melee Is the melee vs. casters thing gonna change in BfA? Because if casters are gonna be bad like in Legion (especially warlock) there is no way I will buy the expansion. Blizzard you MUST balance it, we are not paying to allow melee players having easy fun: which is an actual thing Legion.Shamantic74 1d
2d Team comp for RBG I played few rbg and we lost, cause leaders created absolutely broken team setup. Now I am going to start creating my RBG teams. What will be good team composition for a start? What i think. 1. Healers, better take Priests and MW. Both Disc and Holy are doing great. No way i will take resto shaman. What about resto Druids and Hpal? I played resto druid with abudance /nourich spec and it lloked descent for me, but i almost did not see resto druids in high ranked teams. 2.DPS. Stack ranged dps, preferably shadow priests, affliction warlocks and ele shamans. Monking. destro and MM hunter are acceptable but not desirable. Concerning to melee dps, no more than one sub rogue. 3. as a tank better to get Vengeance DH or blood DK. Is it correct?Leonpriest4 2d
2d Warlock spec Okay. For the past week I've been playing Demonology and Destruction in bgs and arena. And I can barley pump out any dmg at all. Demo when I stand completley free and non-touched i pump out 40m dmg max (bg's) Destro is same but like 50m dmg (bg's) And here comes affliction. Doesnt matter if i get focused or not, 100m+ is standard.(bg's and arena) Am I doing something wrong with the talents or sum or is Affliction just the N#1 spec for PVP still? Help thanks :))Nécros2 2d
2d People in Random Battlegrounds incompetent? The stupidity level of people in Randoms is too damn high! People seem to be incapable of focusing enemy healers and doing the objectives and they don't seem to want to win the BG either... If you can't do any of this and don't want to win then learn before you join or uninstall the game please so i have a higher chance of winning since i'll have competent teammates on my team.Ragnaroker76 2d
2d delete this DeleteMkh1 2d
3d I wonder Why do people sign up for BGs and then just leave after it "looks" like it's going to be a loss, 2% into the game? 1. The "rewards" of winning, a basic simply random BG are not that great--not great or even good, by any measure. 2. Are people not max/min their time, because they will not get that AP or honor?? I mean, seriously, if you want AP or honor, there are faster ways then signing up for a random battleground. You can go do a world quest? 3. So, why do people leave? As soon as one side starts to get down, it turns into a revolving door of people coming and going, certainly not improving the odds (normally) of winning, though I have experienced epic come backs. 4. 30 wakening essences? you can certainly get those faster never signing up for a random bg? you get a faster queue and 100% rate in a random heroic. Thus, I ask, why do people 1.) bother to signup, just to 2.) leave the bg?? material rewards are negligible at best, even if you win, and you can get whatever (honor, gear, essences) faster in other ways, generally. I play for the fight. I fight til the end. Worse case, I at least try to kill some people, hold one node, save face, save pride. That's what I sign up for. To quit? Put my tail between my legs and leave in a whimper? No thanks. To answer the rhetorical question, I honestly have no idea why people bother to sign up and just leave.Jalisco3 3d
3d Tarren Mill vs Southshore LAG In Tarren Mill vs Southshore i got to much lag when i try to play . i dont think is my pc cause i lowered all graphics to 1 and still i was unable to go in fight to do melee skills. Maybe make it a 30 v 30 bg , because with so much lag is not fun at all. Thats my opinion thanks.Stormenson68 3d
3d Old 2200 / 2400 enchant req Hello, i got 2500 on my druid RBG in malevolent season but didn't buy the enchant only the elite gear, anyone know if it's possible to buy from an old vendor or anything?Thoughtz2 3d
3d Why would you let a bg start with 0 heals? This supposed to be funny? Team getting stomped because they got 3 healers and we don't?Kaoozbolt22 3d
3d Class stacking. Blood elf female retribution paladin. Thats all i want to say.Skullét6 3d
3d Range for cap flag Distance for cap a flag is too much..a rogue can cap a flag outside my barskin aoe..and barskin have a big aoe.Cortedduzzu4 3d
3d Are "Random Battlegrounds" really random? This is just what I've experienced the last few months. The Random Battleground queue seems to only cycle between a few different battle grounds. For example the last 100-200 bgs i have played have been 90% Battle for Gilneas and Twin Peaks. And when i say 90% i mean it really. It's literally been around 100-200 bgs since i last played a 40-man bg. I have Temple of Kotmogu and Silvershard Mines excluded from the draw, but when i include them, they usually appear too. The point is I feel like I'm rotating between the same 2 bgs all the time which gets boring in the long run. Including the two others would mean 3-4 different bgs which still wouldn't be enough considering the total amount. Anyone else experiencing the same or know why 40-man bgs are dead? Even Eye of the Storm never appears, which is weird considering the team size.Azzaron18 3d
4d BG's Need to Be More Rewarding? I don't know if "rewards" is the solution for my problem. Maybe just "rewarding" Let me try and explain my problem: I love doing Random Battlegrounds. It brings me joy. But sometimes i ask myself before queuing for a BG..."why am i doing this?" There is no goal to achieve. There is no purpose. You only do it for the "joy" it brings you. Why do i buy 50 Honor potions to have an advantage on the battlefield? Why do i take it so seriously? The solution i found was to make small Youtube PvP Videos. Because this way my actions had a meaning and an objective...but it was all just a temporary hype. Eventually i got bored (i dont have much editing skills anyway) So my question to you is if you feel the same as me. "The lack of a purpose to do Battlegrounds" Possible solutions: -If by doing Randoom BG's you would get the best gear possible for World PvP, there would be a purpose for doing them. (at least for a while) Maybe bring resilence back and "gear farm". (i think BfA will have again PvP gear farm but i think there is no resilence) But this is just a "temporary" solution. You quickly lose pupose again when you farm the entire gear. Can anyone think of possible solutions for this proplem on the long run? If you think this is a problem at all.Shadowpunk10 4d
5d BG Base bug Anyone faced a bug with stealth classes who starting caping while in stealth and when they pop out they have caped the base. See that today in some BGs and some others mentioned me as well..Senpåii10 5d
5d remove temple of kotmugo if you want the dmg in this game to be this absurd, can we atleast remove this bg ? its the most boring thing i have ever seen. people just die in 1 second with orb if the enemy has 50+ iq.Mbg9 5d
5d people who boast about being gods in wpvp 5d
5d Why are you doing BG's? Can someone give me a good explanation why you should still queue for BG's. I mean they are balanced now, give some honor to work on prestiges. But I feel that doesn't cut it. The gear you get is absolutely negligible, isn't it? Or does it scale up once you reach a certain iLvl? Kind regardsChasin29 5d
5d PVP Reward I don't need fish blizzard.Rhanso9 5d
5d Which Tank for BGs? I know i know, tanks are only meant to tank in pve, but i just want to have some fun in BGs as a tanking spec. Nothing serious, just to get that feeling when you can stand in the middle of the enemy area and you don't need to run away, blink, heal like crazy, teleport etc. You can just stay there and take damage:) Now i don't see any BrM Monks, probably they sucks. Blood DKs are also rarity, while Protection Warriors and Guardian druids are both quite popular and they both seems very tough. Usually three or four people are needed to bring down a protection War or Guardian. Of course you can do it with two men or maybe even solo but than it takes ages. What do you think: Guardian, Prot Warrior or Prot Paladin? I also need a good dps offspec, if possible. Maybe Protection Warrior + Fury or Prot Pala + Ret ... Not a big fun of Feral btw. I also have WW/MW Monk but i guess that BrM is completely useless in BGs without a healer? It looks like as the most healer dependent tanking spec. Edit: what about Vengeance DH?Animron42 5d
5d Trying to ruin RBG? Okay so some trash 1900 french team plays prot pala which is fine, but when he summons the angel to bubble another teammate a Holypaldin can Sac it so we cant kill it and lose the base 100%? Like why are you allowing idiots to win?Likromonk25 5d
5d Random BGs in really sad state Dear Blizz, hopefully you take this customer feedback into consideration and perhaps make some changes. Current state of random BGs is pure sadness, the most unfun iteration of the game I can recall. For casual players who like to do couple of BGs per day to chill like myself, there is simply no reason to login at all, since game is not fun. There are 3 main reasons for current state of affairs: Horde utterly dominates alliance Premade groups in random queue Class stacking 1) Horde wins most of the games, and in most wins alliance gives up at start, ending up in GY farm and other lame scenarios. For example, on my warr im 70% win rate in TP as horde. Alliance simply does not have large enough pool of average skill players, at least not in shard of my realm, to have at least fighting chance most of the time. So even when using Mercenary mode, in many games alliance players do not even do basic tactics, like, stay close to healer, don't go solo etc. So it is neither fun to queue as horde and auto fun, nor to queue as alliance and auto lose. 2) Two or three friends queueing for BGs is fine, but allowing 5-man or more to queue as semi-pro premade with target caller, voice comm etc, is really sad, it literally allows bullies to GY farm helpless noobs. When this is combined with previous point, it leads to next level of sadness. 3) Melee classes are way too OP this xpac for random BGs, and when stacked together, enemies melt in seconds (FDK + DH + fury + rog + WW one shots entire team). I mean, fury has 3 leaps this xpac, while casters had their mobility abilities pruned. Stacking casters, like spriest/aff is also OP, but it does not happen as frequently as melee stacking in random BGs. When I play warr, i feel OP, when I relog to caster, its frustrating most of time. There are many ways to improve above, and I am sure you Blizz will find a way to fix it. Bottom line is, random BGs are not fun at all. Auto-winning, or auto-losing is just sad. Can't there be more balanced approach?Epinephreus33 5d
6d 12.02.18 - 6 h for Arathi Basin, 100 lvl Ok, something is definitely wrong. GMs ignored at least two tickets which means that it should be sth obvious, or they already dealt with it. I`m lvl 100 trying to queue for Arathi Basin for pitied the fool achievement. Of course it is seasonal event, which means that time is shrinking. Someone said that lvls 100 do not queue, they are busy levelling. Another person said that lvl 100 can`t be joined with people over 100 in battlegrounds. I thought that people 90-100 are herded together? And the same person said that the fact that I don`t have artifact nad am level 100 may be a problem. So my question is about the rules of joining 100 to battleground. Is artifact necessary for bg, 100lvl? Also - I don`t want to start WoD questline on this character, so the artifact is out of question. So far I waited about 6/8h (going into ulduar in the meantime), 2.5 hours and 2 h or 3h. Several days. And today 6 h. Random battlegrounds - 45% Kotmogu 45% Gilneas, 10% other, not AB.Starglade9 6d
6d "Random" BGs There are "Random BGs" Common Procs: (everyday proc) -Twin Peaks -Temple of Kotmogu -Battle for Gilneas -Warsong Gultch Rare:-Procs: (once a week proc) -Arathi Basin -Eye of the Storm -Deepwind Gorge -Silvershard Mines Legendary Procs: (once a year proc) -Isle of Conquest -Strand of the Ancients Probably removed from the game: (unknown state) -Alterac ValleyMôéé6 6d
6d Best gear for level 19 PVP twink? I just turned experience off for this level 19 Priest and just want to do random BGs, I really enjoy only having a few spells and I think it's fun. What I want to know is, how do I make the most damage/how do I heal the most? From what I've heard stats don't matter at all, only item level does. So which gear has the highest item level? Of course I see a lot of players with heirlooms, but are heirlooms really the best? Is there non-heirloom gear with the same item level?Caelï21 6d
6d Give an option to avoid Russians TL;DR - If Blizzard cannot fix / prevent lag(-related) issues for those playing against Russians in battlegrounds, then either Russians and the rest of Europe should not be connected or we should be given the option to avoid playing against Russians (even at the cost of increased queue time.) !!! EDIT: I'm adding the following from one of my later posts to make clear that this thread isn't meant to accuse Russian players, nor as a call to ostracise them. !!! ... * * * Let me put this up-front: I don't mind losing. Hell, I don't even mind playing with/against bots every once in a while. The occasional hacker won't bring me down. A total lag-fest, however, will. This is something that -only- happens against Russians, especially against large pre-made groups. Having to sit out ~20 minutes of heavy lag that makes playing just impossible makes doing a battleground against Russian groups a pointless and truly woeful exercise. Can we for [insert Deity of choice]'s sake be given an option to NOT be matched with/against Russian players? I'll gladly take the extra queue time if it means I can actually have a worthwhile lag-free battleground to enjoy. And to those who say: "Do we need another thread about Russians?" - Yes, yes we do. The more threads there are, the more it shows to Blizzard that players are having issues with this. This isn't a case about being annoyed with pre-made groups anymore, but with the simple fact that the lag in battlegrounds with large amounts of Russian players is detrimental to the gameplay experience at the core.Phaelora138 6d
12 Feb Stealth Does any1 have this problem where he leave stealth (druid/rogue) without any dot on him or any NPC or mob or anything hit him or interact with him? Was doing Bgs on my druid and had few moments where i was leaving stealth against my will.Averagebuble4 12 Feb
11 Feb Does Prestige get reset in BfA? I dont want to know what you THINK or what they SHOULD do. I want to read an answer based on facts please. :) Will my prestige rank be reset to 0 when BfA launches?Dragonclaw8 11 Feb