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20 Mar Cross-realm Mythic Antorus With this week's scheduled maintenance, we're making Antorus, The Burning Throne available to cross-realm groups in Mythic Difficulty. Additionally, you'll now see Mythic Antorus in the selections in Group Finder. To join a public group for Mythic Antorus, just open Group Finder (hotkey: i), select 'Premade Groups', then 'Raids-Legion', then click on "Find A Group". That returns a list of many public groups that are available to you. Start typing 'Antorus' into the search bar at the top, and you'll be prompted to select a difficulty. Off and away!Aerythlea1 20 Mar
24 Sep Luchelle's Raid Leadership Guide Hi folks, Here’s my few years’ worth of accumulated wisdom on raid leadership, gathered from observing and leading casual social raiding right up to Cutting Edge raiding. This used to be sticked in “Raid and Guild Leadership”, but alas got deleted along with that entire subforum :-( so here’s a re-post. This is not a manual. I don’t talk much about exactly what loot system you should use, or how to come up with tactics. What I’ve tried to do here is give you a framework for thinking about how you run your team. I want to spark the right questions in your mind, not provide all the answers. Every raid team is different, after all, and the right answers are those that work for you and your team. Should I raid lead? A raid leader is… well, a leader. So, step one, go and Google “attributes of a good leader”. Plenty of articles on this, and you should strive to check most of these boxes. Most fundamentally, to be a leader, you need to be someone that people want to follow. Someone that people are happy to put their faith in. Think about raid leaders you’ve raided with before - who earned your trust, and why? I’ll bet the ones that came to mind were confident positive approachable good communicators. There’s a few additional attributes specific to WoW, though, that good raid leaders have in common. Personal skill. You don’t have to be the best player on your team, but you’d better not be the worst. You’ll struggle to earn the respect of your team if they’re carrying you. Tactical nous. You’ll need to be able to devise your own tactics. Adopting what other teams do will work to a point, but your team is different, and at some point, you’ll find a situation where everyone else’s tactics don’t work for you. Class knowledge. You need to know what your team brings to the table in order to craft tactics specific to them. Good, fast judgment. Which boss should we tackle next? Do we need to reset for more gear? Two or three healers? Is this recruit good enough? Call the wipe or persevere? You’ll be making lots of decisions, often quickly and under pressure, so you’d better make good ones. You can delegate some of this. If you don’t know all the healer cooldowns, for example, you can assign a healing leader to take control of that aspect. You can solicit everyone’s input into tactics choices. So if you’re a bit short in these areas, don’t worry too much. If you lose your cool at the first wipe, though, or you quickly feel down when you encounter problems, or you’re not an effective communicator, or you’re not comfortable taking charge… raid leadership possibly isn’t for you. You also need a certain amount of authority, or at least autonomy, within your guild. You don’t have to be the guild master. However: Personally I think it’s important that you’re at least an officer. This is partly so that you can implement your own decisions, like inviting your recruits; partly so that you can easily discuss issues like personnel problems with the rest of the officer team; and partly so that you have some built-in authority from the start. If you’re not the guild master, you need an understanding with the guild master that the raid team is your show to run. GMs who interfere too much in raid leadership can cause problems. But I also recommend that there’s someone people can talk to if they have an issue they’re unwilling to discuss directly with you. Even if you’re really friendly and approachable, you’ll find that occasionally someone has an issue with something you do and they’re not comfortable talking to you about it. Having a mediator figure available is a great way to get them to open up in such scenarios. This is especially important if you’re the guild master, as it could otherwise seem to them as if they have no other option. Building the team Vision I said above that “you need to be someone that people want to follow”. But I skipped the most important part of that: for people to follow you, you need to be headed in the direction they want to go! The most important ingredient for success is a clear vision of what “success” looks like. What kind of team do you want to build? Are you going to be a team that races for server firsts? A learning team for new raiders? A home for ex-hardcores who can only raid twice a week now? An all-inclusive social team? A mature “we totally understand if you have a kid-related emergency” team? Perhaps there’ll be a more extreme element of your team identity - an all-female team, perhaps, or an all-druid team (hi Monsterbaby). Try to think in advance about how your ideal team would handle common issues. What would you do if you had a raider who was consistently underperforming, for example? Live with it? Offer friendly advice? Bench until he/she improves? Boot from the team? What about someone who’s often late? What about someone who’s unprepared? Or argues with you unconstructively? The answer to these questions, and many similar ones, form part of the picture of what your ideal team looks like. Recruitment Once you’ve got that picture crystal clear, then you can go about finding the right people. The right people are obviously those who fit your vision, but they also need to agree with your vision. If yours isn’t going to be the type of team that will take action when someone repeatedly fails at something, that’s absolutely fine, but you need everyone on the team to have the same patience and understanding. If your goal is to clear tiers with only two nights a week of raiding, that’s absolutely fine, but someone who spends every waking hour in game is likely to get bored and leave, even though you get there in the end. If you recruit people who aren’t right for your team, then even if you have a short-term gain, you lose out in the long run. At best, you’ll have to replace them eventually when they realise that they’re in the wrong guild for them. At worst… well, we’ve all heard stories of teams destroyed by someone leaving and taking half the team with them, right? That’s what happens when there’s a significant mismatch in expectations. So, make it totally clear what people who join your team are in for, and put some effort into figuring out whether they’re a good match for you. How do you actually do it? Well, different approaches work best for different teams, but common options include posting in trade chat on your server, or using forums such as http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/874708/ to either browse “looking for guild” ads or post your own “looking for players” ad. For example, you can see my ad at http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/8715481665 to get a feel for what I’m on about. While I’m here, a quick note on forums: if you have a standard spiel that you copy-paste into every LFG thread of the right class, you’re doing it wrong. Take some time to read their post to make sure they’re actually what you’re looking for. Then take some more time to craft a personal reply to explain to them why you’re what they’re looking for. Otherwise, you’re telling them straight away that you don’t particularly care about them - which is either going to put them off, or leave you with a team full of people who don’t particularly care about your guild either. Composition What should your team consist of in terms of characters? I can’t say much here because it massively depends on your goals. Social teams will typically care almost exclusively about the people, not the classes. Those with a laser focus on progression will expect players to have multiple geared chars so they can pick the ideal composition for each fight. And this is a much-discussed topic elsewhere! What I will say is: You should have a target team size that reflects the commitment you demand. There’s no point saying “we understand that real life comes first!” and then having a Mythic team with exactly 20 people in it - if you’re not going to insist on 100% attendance, you need standby players available. Equally, if you sell people on consistent raiding, you’ll annoy them if you have far more players than you need and regularly rotate them out. For most levels of raiding, the player really is more important than the class. If you have the luxury of being picky about classes, though, variety will increase your options - and be aware that Mythic raids are sometimes designed on the assumption that a raid has all classes available. Don’t be surprised when we see fights that are significantly harder if you don’t have ability X. Plan ahead. If you know your main tank is on holiday for most of August, don’t wait until he’s gone to think about how to handle that.Luchelle24 24 Sep
1h Raids often dont drop loot i didnt do a dungeon or raid since the expansion: "The burning crusade" and i decided to do raids again. i was at a very high level, level 110 raid and i was so happy to do a raid, i worked very hard and after we wiped many times,and the raid took more than an hour later, by a miracle we finally defeated the boss, i was so happy, and i went to the loot chest i looted the chest and i got nothing, not even a gem or something. i was devestated.i lost a lot of gold on this raid, repairing all the time after a wipe, so i tried a second raid, we fought hard, followed each instruction of the leader, and wiped many times,and finally the boss was defeated, i went to the loot chest and i got nothing again nothing, i was very depresed by that time, and im gonna quit doing raids because they drop nothing lots of times.i hope this will be fixed in the future, because this is not how it should be, i want a reward when i defeat the boss of a raid. EDIT: Then i did Asrhan, and i got a dented ashmaul strong box, and i was like: omg, a reward ! and it gave me 6 gold, so then another dented ashmaul strongbox, and it gave me another 6 gold , then another battle , and it gave me another dented ashmaul strongbox: i got 6 gold, omg Blizzard, come on !Sacredspírit13 1h
2h Kicked from Argus kill, now I’m saved? So some people, including me, rely on pugging to see game content. I just pugged the last four on my DH. During the death bit at the start of P4 I got DC’d (as I do there 50% of the time, thanks blizz) loaded back in and carried on DPSing. Get to four percent and I’m ported out to the front of the raid... Turns out the toxic piece of snot running the raid kicked me out because I didn’t res in 0.1 seconds. How and why is this a thing!!? I find it inexcusable that I’m now without loot from the kill and also saved and have no way to rerun the boss.Lahlora10 2h
3h Gearing and Personal Loot in BfA With the enforced Personal Loot system coming to even organised mythic guild raids during the Battle for Azeroth expansion, there are some serious concerns regarding gearing up that Blizzard hasn’t addressed; so I’d like to. With the personal loot system, the first week or two of a new raid is unlikely to see much trading of loot as the item level will probably be too high. However, as each week passes, we’ll be able to trade more and more items to guildies who can make better use out of it. I’ve already talked about the social problems that this can cause, but now I’m going to discuss it from the point of view of a mature, sensible group of progress raiders who want to work as part of a high functioning team. Of course, PuGs have no vested interest in seeing other players benefit from their loot, and so this doesn’t concern those groups. I’m also not going to address the issue of obtaining offspec loot because that will affect some guilds more than others. First, let’s look at an example of a mythic roster. Tanks: Druid, Monk Healers: Paladin, Druid, Priest, Monk Melee: Paladin, Warrior, Shaman, Druid, Rogue, Rogue, Monk Ranged: Hunter, Druid, Mage, Mage, Warlock, Warlock, Priest Now, your group may be very different. In fact, after this post, you might like to run through the same exercise with the group that you typically take for progress fights. So, with this roster, looking at primary stats, we have the following: Strength: 2 users Agility: 8 users Intellect: 10 users So, if there are BiS strength trinkets in the raid, then there is very little chance of acquiring them except through loot that the game assigns you. With only one other member of the raid who might get one that they can trade, your chances are lower. However, an intellect trinket can drop for half the raid and so the chance of being traded one, a few weeks in at least, is much higher. Five times higher, really (assuming that the recipient doesn’t need it either due to it being bad for their class or they already have an equal or better one). This assumption becomes more likely with each passing week. So imagine how many upgrades you can get over the course of a raid tier. But although trinkets are one of the most important pieces of equipment, it is armour that is the most numerous. Plate: 3 users Mail: 2 users Leather: 9 users Cloth: 6 users Here, leather users are the big winner and mail users lose out. Of course, it may be different for your roster, though I’d be willing to bet that leather users will always do pretty well out of it. The amount of trading that can, and will, take place after the first couple of weeks will allow leather users to gear up much more quickly than either plate or mail. So much so, that ultra min-maxing groups might even wonder if it’s worth taking certain classes if their armour type is only going to be 1 or 2 people. The class buff system may alleviate this issue, but time will tell. So then we can look at weapons. Without breaking down every single weapon this time, a cursory look will show that an intellect staff will drop relatively frequently, because there are 9 users who can have them drop. Bows less so because we have one person who can use one. Strength two handers will only drop for the DPS Paladin and Warrior in this case. Again, which weapons will be big winners and losers depends on your usual raid group, but intellect swords, daggers and staves have a really good chance to drop in most raids I’d argue. Other weapons will be in much smaller supply. Of course, some people may be thinking at this point that where a weapon will be in greatest supply, it will also be in greatest demand, because it’s directly proportional to the number of characters that need those weapons. But, like I said earlier, most of the upgrades you will get in a guild raid will, over the course of a raid tier, be from trading. All you need to do is think about the number of items that drop currently on master loot that your character would use, but are not upgrades. Even towards the beginning of the tier. As far as you personally are concerned, they are waste items. Then consider that most of them did end up being used by someone, and so did not go to waste. This gives you some idea as to the amount of trading that will take place in Battle for Azeroth, at least with the items that are on the loot table for half the raid. For a player who shares very few items on the loot table with their raid, they will get an awful lot of items from personal loot that will go to waste over the weeks and months of a raid tier. If you are the only user of an agility dagger, mail armour, or a strength trinket, or even just tanking trinkets regardless of your raid composition, then the probability begins to be stacked against you.Thete10 3h
4h Why i get no loot and Wakening E. in LFR Antorus? Usually i do LFR in the start of the week and then continue with normal Antorus. I've always got at least 3 pieces of gear from LFR till this weak: On my Mage main i only got one piece of gear while on this Paladin i got nothing. Bonus loot excluded. Is this just my bad luck or does it have something to do with gear? I mean better gear = less loot in LFR? Maybe if you are ilvl 930 + your loot chance drops significantly in lfr? I am 939 Mage and 935 Paladin. Also have druid 932. And btw i've got much less artifact power per boss then before (only per every third boss) and Wakening essences. On my Mage i got zero Wakening essences this week, while before i got it per every boss! Is there a bug or ...? Is not that i really need a ilvl 915 (well i need some set pieces) gear but that doesn't mean i shouldn't get a loot. If i don't need it i always offer it to raid mates.Uland4 4h
7h Wailing halls Skips boss Wailing hails raid skips Demonic I have joined starting raids multiple times and are always at the sisters https://i.imgur.com/K9nOWq1.png When i check to see if Demonic is actually still alive it is ...Iilaoi1 7h
7h Cup of Tea Calling all Legacy Raiders Cup of Tea, is a Social, Legacy Raid Guild situated on Twisting Nether and our plan is to work through each expansions Raid content as we go. We started our journey at level 60 Raiding the vanilla content where we thought it would be a slow process to get the guild going. Very quickly we expanded and were able to move through the vanilla content and then progress onto level 70 raiding. We were able to clear all of the lvl 70 raid content getting all the raid and dungeon achievements. We have now progressed onto lvl 80 Wrath Raiding and have been able to clear most of the content so far however, we are finding we need some additional people to join us for our raids for the end of our time clearing the Wrath content. The Guilds vision, is to work our way through all the Raid content in each expansion as we go. Yes we know it will never be as hard/ or the same, however ever since 7.3.5 blizzard have actually made the raiding into much more of a challenge for players. 7.3.5 and Ulduar Time Walking made our progression more difficult through Wrath as the raids demand a higher amount of players due to enrage timers. We have now been raiding the content for quite a long time and we are keen to start setting a date for moving to Cataclysm, however we will not move on until we clear the content! So we are mainly looking for additional DPS to join us for our 25 man raids. We raid 3 times a week Monday Thursday and Sunday 20:00-22:00 Server time. We are also now opening ourselves up to players that are interested in joining us crossrealm with their level 80 chars which arent on Twisting Nether. If you are one of these players please join our guilds Blizz app group, here is the link: https://blizzard.com/invite/MGBNMIk3M This is the easiest place for you to come and ask any questions and you can invited to the group when we do raid from there too. The bonus of actually making a character to join the guild is that we will provide full assistance to gearing your char when you hit lvl 80 we will provide you with gems and enchants and the required flasks and pots when you come to raid all we need from you is to lvl a char to 80 and then turn up to raids. We are a very Social and active guild we have a Guild Discord which is our main social hub and we welcome anyone that would be interested in joining us. We are not a hardcore atmosphere and we are the most relaxed bunch of raiders you can meet. If you are interested with a char cross realm then please join the Guilds Blizz Social app group. If you want to just make a char and join us on Twisting Nether then whisper anyone in the guild as all guild members can invite. If you have any questions for us or about what we do please either respond here or please join the blizz app group and ask any questions there. Hope to hear from you soon! I will follow up this post with screenshots of our boss kills working through each expansion.Nituna6 7h
9h Dungeon Racing... Why? (Rant) So, im back and did look forward to do some nice dungeons, having a challenge and just plainly having fun while putting some sort of preassure on myself. Happy with my I-Level 856, i clicked the "Looking for group - Heroic random" and sat back to wait. Group was gathered within some 8 minutes and i was sooooo exited to finally get into some nice strategy action. O M F G i was to be more dissapointed than ever.... First off, not a single player said "Hi" ... Zero communication... none. Not too good for a first time Heroic runner.... Once everyone loaded up, i saw the entire party storm through trash and kill stuff faster than i could even manage to orientate myself to see where the heck i am. Soon, everything would die, just outside my range. So, i didnt even get to do any damage, before stuff died. And, when i finally came to the dead trash, the tank, and the rest of the party, was miles ahead of me, leaving me nothing but bodies to follow as good as i could. Bosses... Uhm.... As far as i learned on that run, there's no such thing, as "bosses" in heroics anymore... No tactics, nothing to look for, just kill kill kill kill, and preferable as fast as humanly possible. I will NEVER go into a random group again. This experience, stressed me out on so many levels, its not even fun. If this, is the line og Blizzard's sense of "Fun and engaging gameplay" i have to say, you REALLY made some bad choices. I am FORCED to do weeks of grinding, questing etc, in order to be able to fly. BUT, a HEROIC dungeon, has to be done, in around 5 minutes ? WTF! "Go run Mythics you donkey" Theyre even worse... theyre freakin TIMED, so you HAVE to run fast o.O ... I want tactics, thinking and SKILL back... not this pile of speed-running ... GAH!Coldielock19 9h
12h Low level dungeon bosses What was the point of buffing the bosses with so much hp? they don't do anything anyway. Feels like training dummies -.-Talonzor0 12h
17h Can we get a fix on Argus M already? Can you fix this deathfog already please? I have seen threads about it months ago. The deathfog is so fcking laggy, making some tries just impossible to play, ranging from it just insta-ticking to ticking when you are 5yrs out of its animation, to the cone hitting you while being 5 yrds away, to IT ONESHOTTING YOU AGAIN, IF YOU DIED INSIDE THE FOG AND GET A BR ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROOM. https://imgur.com/a/1BrHbVarileztra14 17h
1d Everything wrong with dungeons / raids / content 1. People overgear dungeons, so they rush through everything at super speed. I'm so bad at the game that I end up miles behind everyone and am constantly running to catch up. I insist on looting everything, reading all the quest texts and dialog, so I end up even further behind. This isnt my fault though, it's everyone elses and I insist that we should go through outdated content at an extra slow pace. The rest of the people in my group should be forced to slow down just for me. 2. "insert task here" is TOO HARD. NERF. I can't be bothered to gear up more, watch strategy videos, read guides, or try any other approach to beating this task. I shouldn't have to get better at the game, therefore blizzard must nerf it. It doesnt matter that thousands of people have already done it, I cant do it therefore it needs to be nerfed. 3. Everyone wants achievements / score / gear for groups. I have bad / mediochre gear. I don't have any experience in the content I'm signing up for, or if I do it's minimal. You should still invite me to your group however, even though I'm a stranger to you, and these requirements are basically the only thing to judge whether a stranger will be bad or not and wipe your group. I dont have an alternative and realistic/practical method of filtering out bad players, but achievements and gear are still elitist though. Players should be FORCED to invite me to their groups, even though there's a good chance I won't perform well. I also refuse to make my own group cos...I dunno...I'm just lazy I guess and want someone else to do the work for me. Conclusion I'm just an all around meh - average player, but I'm entitled to all the best stuff, entitled to join any group I want, entitled to have content nerfed to my level, entitled to dictate how other players should play. Anyone else got some points to add?Trammp1 1d
1d Handsomeness Discrimination Being kicked from the groups, because I look to nice. Too much haters on this game.Bigbulls1 1d
1d New player - Raiding So i am reasonably new to wow - and have only had it for a few months. But recently i have been wanting to get into raid but am heavily overwhelmed by all the boss mechanics and pressure that is put on you. I just wantsd to ask the community for any tips for a beginner raiddr.Wunwuun5 1d
1d The difference between DPS and DMG meters I just don't get it: someone can be first on dmg done, but only third or even fourth on dps. What am i missing here? i mean if you are first on dps you should also be first on dmg done, right? If you are eleventh on dps you should also be eleventh on dmg done. Yesterday in LFR i ended on fifth place on my dmg matters but when i checked dps, i was on eight place. How is this possible? I would understand if i would die in the middle of the fight and dps will remain almost the the same while dmg would drop significantly, but that was not the case. So, my question is: what is more important: dps or dmg meters? I guess it is dmg?Onu12 1d
1d Changes to M+ You Would Like Mine are. 1. Random Affixes either attatched to the key or you find out when you get in. I personally think this will prevent classes being left out. 2. Better rewards similar to arena, titles, Transmog, mounts etc. 3. Season leaderboards that aren’t just based on times. I don’t have a solution I can think of to show how points would work. Maybe higher the key more points it gives. What does everyone else want?Bazy2 1d
1d The dungeon kick system needs to change. I was just happily leveling my alt, queued up for the last dungeon of the night. Best part? I had just gotten Earthquake and I get queued into Stratholme. Hype, right? Nah. Tank goes afk after the first pack. Okay. I pull the next pack, one single one, with the whole group there but him. Hes just happily gone afk as soon as he got into the dungeon. Its not as if he a long queue either. About 5 seconds after the pack was dead, I was kicked. It was so fast I was actually amazed. These other people in my group must have just clicked the box as soon as it came up without thinking. I did not saying anything other than Hey, no one died in the pack I pulled, no one went below half hp, and all aggro was on me. Seriously who the hell thought up this system? It leaks like a sieve. You shouldn't be able to kick anyone within the first 5 minutes of the dungeon because after that queue it was a huge slap in the first. And if you are these bystanders just that kick left and right without looking at anything at all or even thinking, please do. And to do the people who kick for this reason.. just get a grip. If the person your kicking is obnoxious and rude then yeah, go mad. But !@#$ me sideways at least talk to them first its not hard.Revekar2 1d
1d Running as DPS when they should be Tank/Healer I give up playing on my hunter, because everytime I join a dungeon, the tank is DPS spec, I make a comment that I get aggro a lot, I get kicked. The last dungeon I just did, Tank was in DPS spec, Healer was in DPS spec, I kept taking aggro for the bosses, pointed out that DPS specs are not good for tanking, got kicked by the group. Why is it when I (Who was following the rules) get kicked, but the 2 people who cannot be bothered to wait for a que as DPS (Like the rest of us DPS players) don't get punished for this. Blizzard needs to put in something to stop this from happening, because it's happened every expansion and is becoming annoying. I get we don't really need a healer, but if you roll as a specific roll, then you should be FORCED into playing that role rather than ruining the dungeon for everyone else. This should become something that can be punished.Huntithard21 1d
2d A Dungeon Tale! I've seen a lot lately about toxic behaviour lately, so thought I would share something that happened to me in a dungeon last night, hopefully as a anti-toxic inspiration! Incoming long story... So, I've came back after a 2 year break, and I'm still an Altoholic; deciding what to play, I queued randomly on my priest, around level 24, while I browse forums. Queue pops, we get into Blackfathom Depths. OK, not a bad dungeon in my opinion. We get to the first boss, and the tank keeps trying to queue for Scarlet Monastery. I'm not really bothered, nor does it seem the rest of the group are, except one rogue, who says come on, let's just finish this, monastery is crap anyway. So merrily on we go. Get to the second boss, and it is at this point the tank decides to start kicking up a fuss, saying kick this rogue, his damage is low etc, he goes on a while. I'm like dude who cares, it's a leveling dungeon... (I'll add here the rogue was not heirloomed, but still respectable damage, not failing at anything etc) Tank tells me to leave xD So after the boss, we get a vote kick for the rogue reading 'low dps, retard, sucks'. So... I press no of course, as too it seems do others. The kick fails. Vote kick tank for being a toxic elitist whatsit, and it passes. (Maybe he wanted kicking, who knows.) So we carry on, and in about 5 seconds get a new tank who wonders what happened, so we tell him the tale. Anyway, we get to dancing and hugging and jumping about while waiting for him to catch up, chatting and joking on. We had some laughs, poking fun at each other jokingly like me saying 'kick that damn priest! fail scrubs standing in stuff!'. We got through the dungeon smoothly, we chatted, and at the end of it, we'd all had a nice fun run. We would have done more, but tank needed to go, and I was tired. I guess what I'm trying to say is, yes leveling can be painful, and we just wanna blast through dungeons or whatever at the speed of light, not talking if we can avoid it, but why should this come at the expense of someone else? This guy wasn't hurting anybody, it was absolutely unnecessary, why the attitude? Like I say, he had no heirlooms, so we might assume he was a new player. I'm sure new people pick up this game all the time, and facing this in a dungeon would kind of put people off. I don't post, more of a forum lurker, but I thought this was worth sharing. We didn't need that kind of crap in our group, so he was booted. I've been on the receiving end of these sort of attacks too before, and it's never nice. I just want people to know, especially new players, that yes this sort of behaviour happens, but also tales like this happen too; where a group actually backs you up, and doesn't just blindly kick you because it popped on their screen. I guess it just really struck a chord with me for some reason. So yeah, I hope you enjoyed reading, if you made it this far! :) I hope to have more groups like this going forward. I always say hello at the start of dungeons, try to be polite etc, and foster a happy dungeon atmosphere, and hope more people so too. Yes, we just wanna level fast (or most of us do), but we can still do so while having fun, and being nice to each other :) Thank you ^_^Valdanyr0 2d
3d Outland Revolution Hi please check out this video if you loved or enjoy The Burning Crusade and Outland. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLJtTmoOMPE Add my Battle-Tag Rikard#2959 for interests in the new Project 70 on Silvermoon <Raiders of Outland>Zpikkz1 3d
4d Ulduar normal when I choose heroic? I choose legacy size 25, and I choose 25 man player heroic, why does it still say 10 man in Ulduar and in raid info ive completed several bosses on "Ulduar Normal"...I dont get it.Whats up with the raiding system. Do I need to wait now to do ulduar25 heroic?:( Whats going on?Trinsanity4 4d
4d Max ilvl from dungeon? Hey guys, my question is: Which is max ilvl that i can get from m+ dungeon? (Not from chest)Valerya5 4d
4d Recruiting for lvl 60 Raiding Hey, i've created a guild to do something similar to "Project60". Its on EU-Xavius, Alliance and as of right now I dont know how many people I will need to still keep it somewhat difficult (maybe 7-14 people?) This is gonna be more of a fun project to play Classic content until Blizz has released Classic servers. It will be 1-2 raids per week and we will first begin with Molten Core. All roles are currently open. Im maintanking and we need 2 healers (maybe 3), 3-5 dps and 1 offtank as of right now. Rules are: No heirloom gear at 60 (i dont care how you level), no TBC or higher gear, no professions over 300, no enchants at TBC level or higher, no gems, no Inscription, no jewelcrafting, no Monks, no Shamans, no Death Knights, no Worgen, no Pandaren, no transmog. No class/race combos such as Gnome Priest or Human Hunter. Flying is allowed, dualspec and talents are aswell. This is gonna be more focused on keeping it classic with our gear and raiding. Just whisper Dreadnaught in-game and hit us up.Dreadnaught3 4d
5d Assault on Violet Hold, heroic: nobody likes it So, if you get to this instance via Group Finder, there is great chance that somebody leave instantly, with or without some salty words like "dammit" and "remove this ... from the hc rotation" (actual phrases). No other Legion dungeon encourages such a behavior. What is so bad about it? I think the following are the main points: 14 packs of unavoidable trash no way to pull several packs together unavoidable pauses after each trash pack and boss if tank DCs, rest of party is in trouble Why is this important? For some people who are gearing up this is an unpleasant moment. For those who queued to quickly grab their daily 100K of AP this is also a bad experience. There are some quests, too. So, if you use Group Finder to run heroic dungeon, you have 12.5% chance to enter AoVH and have some boring troubles inside. For many people this is worse than 30 mins deserter debuff. Are there any workarounds and helpers currently? Only this, AFAIK: 4 levers that allow "skip" some packs (still a noticeable idle time) ragequit How could be this fixed? Few ideas: add a gong-style object like in Siege of Niuzao Temple, 2nd boss; still keep some pause before/after boss encounter make a switch to allow calling two/three packs at once remove it from rotation, really -- we already have this for BGs, why not? well, not a solution for those who really need this instance for quests or gear anything else? Fixing it might be a way to make mythic plus mode possible, too. So, do you think this is a real problem? Do you have any ideas re how to solve it? Do you know any workarounds or ticks to speed things up? Please, share. Also, would be great to see some blue evidence that Blizzard acknowledges this problem, and maybe they work on/already have some solution.Loriko31 5d
5d Lady Hatecoil, bugged? Alright, so lately i've been experiencing some issues with the boss Lady Hatecoil in Eye of Azshara. The problem is with the "Static Nova" ability she uses, which basically means you need to stand on an island to survive or you take alot of damage/get stunned. Now, I've experienced a few times where i have been standing on an island, but still took the damage and died to it. At first I thought maybe the mistake was on my end for not paying attention, but after a few times, i decided to download some instant replay software in order to capture it and see if it happened again. And so it did, I'm not sure if im allowed to even post any links, but Blizzard doesn't give me any response when it comes to handling the issue. Here's the clip: https://vimeo.com/264532398Esra4 5d
5d STUCK IN HELLFIRE CITADEL im in hellfire citadel and i cant get thru closed doors in Iskars Clutch, i deafeated all bosses and i cant continueMaveerick3 5d
6d Returning to Dungeon Quest Rewards When completing dungeon quests - is it possible to revisit the dungeon to claim your reward? I was in the process of finishing up a dungeon quest and I died which threw me all the way back towards the start. When I re-spawned I couldn't get back to my group without dying over and over again so was unable to claim the reward. Thank youPoisonpantha0 6d
6d Dungeons loot system! Dungeons loot system! Xavius's world of nightmare is a joke compared to this! I would like to start with the simple remark(personal opinion) that the smart dev who came with the idea to have personal loot in dungeons should change his role within Blizzard. Its clear that designer of this ideea is not playing this game, has no idea on how to make this game more engaging and clearly is killing this game. Regarding this system imo its the most retarded and bad system ever put in place. Why I am so full of rage and resentment? This "brilliant" personal loot system is RNG to top of RNG on top of RNG and its the exact same thing that your entire player base has been complaining that Legion is. Just imagine you are running after 1 piece of Tmog which drops from a boss and after you have killed it few times you have a dungeon lockout because you cleared it 6-7-8 times or so. Then you have to go for another piece in another dungeon, OH WAIT you have lockout and you cannot enter any instance very soon. Then, RNG to top of RNG on top of RNG: I want to get a specific piece from Ring of Law from Blackrock depths (Savage gladiator helm) for example. WELL in order to have a slim stupid chance to get that item I need to first get the specific miniboss called Hedrum the Creeper and pray to GOD to get an item and then pray to GOD to be the item I'm needing. Maybe you read thousands of messages like mine, maybe there are none( not possible as I read a few myself). :) I asked a Game Master the exact same thing and besides the fact that he missed the point, his lack of empathy made me feel pity for the rest of the customers like me. Anyway the main idea of his answer is "Sadly seems not to work for you but to work for others! It's impossible to please everyone. If you can always run instances with friends that wear the same items as you and then ask them to trade the items if any of them gets the item you wish!" I have also took his advice to get this out of my system here, on the forums. I am curious how many of us like this Dungeon personal loot and how many dislike it. In my simpleton mind I was thinking how easy would this be fixed, even with keeping personal loot if the drop change to get 1 item/boss from all the bosses in dungeons under level 100 would be 100%? At least this way you would remove a layer of RNG. I salute you! BigiugiuBigiugiu1 6d
6d Key switching Sometimes you can get stuck with a m+ key, that you just can’t get a group for. Or you might simply get the same dreaded key again, just upgraded. I would like to have the option to turn in your key, and get another, 1 point lower. This way, you can still run your own keys, without wasting lots of time trying to get a group for an unpopular dungeon. Thoughts?Taar7 6d
6d Need help with mythic dungeons I'm new to mythic dungeons as i haven't been playing WoW for that long now. I have done one mythic dungeon which was at +2. My item level is 918. I am just wondering what mythic dungeon level i should be going for with this item level.Crazymonkey6 6d
14 Apr loot nerf have loot drops been nerfed done antorus throne on lfr+normal for last 2 weeks+picked up 4 items...that's 44 bosses killed+only 4 useable items looted...will take me for ever to equip my monkWaayne11 14 Apr
14 Apr Faster dps lfg queue with select all Hi anyone else leveling as a dps that has chosen to go to spesific dungeons and select all and then remove each you complete. if so have you guys noticie getting an dungeon way faster than on the random lfg?Jevniar2 14 Apr
14 Apr Mythic plus system into BfA Hi everyone! I am not a high end M+ competitor, since I barely reached the 2,5k mark but for me it was quite good, considering I don't raid at all (no tier nor other fancy relics/trinkets) and I rely on PuGs around 90% of my time since I can't commit to a steady schedule. My role has been around 80% of the time as a Tank: did it on this Paladin, on a Druid, on a DemonHunter and on a Monk. The other 20% I was DPSing on my Hunter and as Balance. That being said, I am really looking forward to this system in BfA and I will be tanking, that is for sure - might have a DPSer on a side, for some role-switching. So far, how are things looking for when it comes to these roles in the Alfa?? Any class that seems to be ahead of the others?! I know it might be still soon, but since we only got 4 months ahead of us, things might become more stable really soon... Best regards, everyone!Sighuman8 14 Apr
13 Apr tank healer team lfg dps for m+ DH Tank and Hpala Healer is currently looking for a group to push keys with, must be 3k+ score and around 970 ilvl. we run keys almost everyday from 18:30 and untill xx:xx, do you wish to keep pushing but cant get into groups? then you might be the guy we are looking for. PM Drupla (ChefTeddy#2681) or Grinnter we are currently on silvermoon. Raider.io links (https://raider.io/characters/eu/silvermoon/Drupla) (https://raider.io/characters/eu/silvermoon/Grinnter)Drupla3 13 Apr
13 Apr Mythic Raid Lockout - Previous Tier Raid Hey guys, here's my problem: Why do previous tier mythic raids operate on the same restrictive mythic lockout system? Let me explain. I'm trying to get a must-have item from Elisande in Nighthold. Mind you, this is two raid tiers in the past now, but the trinket is still so overpowered it's worth it. So I've been trying for ages to get a mythic kill on Elisande, to have a CHANCE that the trinket drops. Tonight, I find a pug group who has just gotten to mythic Elisande. Joining the group, I have 60 seconds to decide whether I want to risk the lockout. There is no way to know if this group will kill the boss or not. I accept the lockout. The raid leader decides he doesn't want any responsibility and passes RL to some random person who doesn't say anything in chat. The tanks are clamoring for assist, but nothing happens. Eventually, one of them pulls the boss, half the raid group clearly has no idea what to do, it's a disgusting wipe. Surprise, everyone starts leaving. I stay in the group because I know I am locked to this raid ID, but the RL who has still not said anything, removes the last few people and suddenly I am kicked. And that's it. Thanks to these clowns I am now locked and can't enter Nighthold mythic for the whole remainder of the week. I can't even set up my own group to go in and try to kill her, I have literally no options. Blizzard, I get that mythic lockouts are important, but surely for previous tier it would be enough to be loot locked to specific bosses, not locked to a specific raid ID.... I'll be sure to keep you posted next week when someone f*cks me over again.Caelida4 13 Apr
12 Apr LFR and Normal mode on Raids Hello guys!I was wondering if you could run LFR and Normal on the same raid on the same weekNyumyy1 12 Apr
11 Apr Best dps class for mythic + hello everyone , I want to make a dps class to specifically focus on high mythic + . I want to know whats your guys/girls opinion on this? I like both range and melee so I don't mind which just want something that's an all round great class/spec for mythic + thanks in advance :) ps. I no people will say depends on gear, skill level, and what u want to play ect but just want ppls opinions on it.Bankaltone18 11 Apr
11 Apr NL mythic plus question Done this dungeon many times, but one mechanic still mystifies me. On the trash mobs, there is some kind of "cave in" effect that drops on top of players, that does a ton of DMG. How do you handle this??Jalisco15 11 Apr
11 Apr Abusive kick. So i did a dungeon with timewalking and i got kicked for stating they shoulen't use the bomb on allies so i got kicked even though my dps was great. Blizzard if you read this please fix it it's broken you can kick those you just don't like instead of getting along.Holbart5 11 Apr
11 Apr Mythic+ leavers My questions are: 1.) Is there some kind of ban or something like deserter debuff for people who deliberately leave mythic + dungeons 2.)Is any1 discussing it on the forums? because i couldn't find anything related to it (if there is something about it can someone pls link it) I would really like to atleast hear your opinions and your thoughts about it, it is getting really frustrating when you complete 1 out of 10 mythic + dung in a week because people are so impatient and toxic that it is unbelievable. I know most of you are going to say "Go play it with your guild" i know that, I am playing with them as much as possible but a lot of them don't have much time in a week to play so i'm often forced to play pugs in order to get weekly chest. When i join someone's group i give my best to finish it in time or atleast complete it, if nothing else i'd call it respect for the person who gave me a chance of doing if when i don't have my own key...Volkire6 11 Apr
11 Apr Kicked and Saved Hey forum and Blizzard, I am upset and I am here to vent my frustrations. I queue'd up for a Darkheart Thicket dungeon for my Hunter class campaign. It required me to defeat Oakheart. Currently, there is a world quest in Darkheart Thicket. Our party decided to run past it except for 1 Paladin who was lowly geared and honestly a bit clueless. He died once on the special boss and I decided to run back and help him out. Within seconds both of us got kicked (not premade). I contacted the tank about why he kicked me and he said he wasn't going to do the world quest. I am fine with this, I wasn't planning on doing this either, but now I wasted 10 minutes in a queue and on top of that I'm saved for Darkheart Thicket and unable to queue again. How is this fair? Rage at me all you want, but next time, I'm ditching that Paladin and joining the speedrun, and that's how you breed selfish players.Maldiar4 11 Apr
10 Apr mythic+ affixes I would like to see. Hey, there are some affixes which i think will make mythic + more denamic for the players but not make them feel it slows them down . those are suggestion which i think will improve mythic+ with varaity and as i said denamic for players : 1. " Plague" : the idea of this one is like affixes which spwan randomly such as explosive,quak and such . the Plague is a debuff which will spawn randomly at a player which caused X damage per sec for 3 second . if after 3 secs there is a player up to 4 yards away he will get infected with so told Plague and the carrier gets another stack of the Plague which double the damage and so on. this affix will caused player be aware who got the plauge and attempt to stay way of the player till it get removed . or the infected player will stand away of the group. 2. "Multistrike" , is affix which let the mobs basic spells and attack aoe and a change to strike again. This affix will cause more denamic plays as the tanks will attempt to make the mobs faces away the melee players as the range players will stay away of the mobs in addition it will cause the melee specs to attack from behind the target so they wont be effect by the aoe damge. those two affixes which i think will add varaity to mythic + affxis and will make the gameplay more dinamic . I would like to hear what you think or maybe you got your own ideas. hope you enjoyed the ideas. yuvalal.Yuvalal16 10 Apr
10 Apr dung kick need a rework wait 30+ mins for a qeue pop. gets dc half way through dung. get back into game within 1-2 min. got kicked and have a 30 min deserter debuff. wow thx! please give us a few mins kick immunity when DC, or at least dont give us a 30 mins deserter punishment. the way it works now, the deserter debuff is an idiotic "slap over the wrist" punishment, that most likely hit the innocent more than those who actually deserve it. bonus: some 110 jerk is camping the questgivers in the zone im in, fml.Twø24 10 Apr
12 Apr Infinite Timereaver Mount How rare is it? I got it on this guy after 4 runs for weekly and people went nuts. Is it really that rare? Did a search and no clear answers.Beefimus19 12 Apr
09 Apr How to deal with Aggramar adds when in small group? So I killed Aggramar on Heroic at least 7 times, mostly I was healer, the group was around 20-25 strong, but now I have a new guild which has a smaller raid group around 13-15 and they have not had the Argus first kill for long, BUT they fill up the raid with randoms as they reach Coven, yesterday we did not have enough ppl for Coven (don't ask me why, we did not even try on our own...) so we switched to Aggramar and also tried to do it ... and failed. Happens ... so what I thought BUT The raid is for 10 -30 ppls so it MUST be possible to do... though we did supposedly not have enough ccs... So my question is are there fewer adds when there are fewer ppl? Otherwise it makes no sense...? And what to do if you do not have enough CC? Any strategy we can use? Like killing 2 of the adds to have them out of the way for a short time? any insight would be helpful... since I switched to my monk in this guild and Do DPS and CC there... I really think it should work with 13 ppl no matter if we have 5 players able to CC or 7-8, no?Ucemenot3 09 Apr
09 Apr Issue with Spine of Deathwing When the amalgamation explodes it keeps telling me it wasn't close enough to the plate to expose the tendons. I know it's close enough as tbh I couldn't get it any closer! Never had this issue until yesterday when I was doing my mount runs.Jazmeena2 09 Apr
09 Apr Log runs HC Want to improve your parses but you are stuck in casual guild or didn't find any decent pugs? You can do it today. I will be hosting HC run tonight at 8 pm server time,with a focus on high warcraftlogs parses. If you are 965+ and have at least 93+ overall,you are welcome to join. Leave here your btag and link to your char page on wlogs.Xuxu0 09 Apr
08 Apr Ulduar Help please, been trying to get into this raid into 25 man but seem only every get into 10 man, have tried to change the legacy lvl to 25 but as soon as I go in it goes back to 10 man.. any ideasBaccuz2 08 Apr
08 Apr No madness of deathwing? Dragon soul Raid After doing spine of deathwing, the last boss doesnt spawn (the one with the platforms). I get directly sent to the loot that comes after finishing the whole raid instead. I did kill deathwing before on normal, but he stopped spawning after my first kill.Ayywin2 08 Apr