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20 Mar Cross-realm Mythic Antorus With this week's scheduled maintenance, we're making Antorus, The Burning Throne available to cross-realm groups in Mythic Difficulty. Additionally, you'll now see Mythic Antorus in the selections in Group Finder. To join a public group for Mythic Antorus, just open Group Finder (hotkey: i), select 'Premade Groups', then 'Raids-Legion', then click on "Find A Group". That returns a list of many public groups that are available to you. Start typing 'Antorus' into the search bar at the top, and you'll be prompted to select a difficulty. Off and away!Aerythlea1 20 Mar
24 Sep Luchelle's Raid Leadership Guide Hi folks, Here’s my few years’ worth of accumulated wisdom on raid leadership, gathered from observing and leading casual social raiding right up to Cutting Edge raiding. This used to be sticked in “Raid and Guild Leadership”, but alas got deleted along with that entire subforum :-( so here’s a re-post. This is not a manual. I don’t talk much about exactly what loot system you should use, or how to come up with tactics. What I’ve tried to do here is give you a framework for thinking about how you run your team. I want to spark the right questions in your mind, not provide all the answers. Every raid team is different, after all, and the right answers are those that work for you and your team. Should I raid lead? A raid leader is… well, a leader. So, step one, go and Google “attributes of a good leader”. Plenty of articles on this, and you should strive to check most of these boxes. Most fundamentally, to be a leader, you need to be someone that people want to follow. Someone that people are happy to put their faith in. Think about raid leaders you’ve raided with before - who earned your trust, and why? I’ll bet the ones that came to mind were confident positive approachable good communicators. There’s a few additional attributes specific to WoW, though, that good raid leaders have in common. Personal skill. You don’t have to be the best player on your team, but you’d better not be the worst. You’ll struggle to earn the respect of your team if they’re carrying you. Tactical nous. You’ll need to be able to devise your own tactics. Adopting what other teams do will work to a point, but your team is different, and at some point, you’ll find a situation where everyone else’s tactics don’t work for you. Class knowledge. You need to know what your team brings to the table in order to craft tactics specific to them. Good, fast judgment. Which boss should we tackle next? Do we need to reset for more gear? Two or three healers? Is this recruit good enough? Call the wipe or persevere? You’ll be making lots of decisions, often quickly and under pressure, so you’d better make good ones. You can delegate some of this. If you don’t know all the healer cooldowns, for example, you can assign a healing leader to take control of that aspect. You can solicit everyone’s input into tactics choices. So if you’re a bit short in these areas, don’t worry too much. If you lose your cool at the first wipe, though, or you quickly feel down when you encounter problems, or you’re not an effective communicator, or you’re not comfortable taking charge… raid leadership possibly isn’t for you. You also need a certain amount of authority, or at least autonomy, within your guild. You don’t have to be the guild master. However: Personally I think it’s important that you’re at least an officer. This is partly so that you can implement your own decisions, like inviting your recruits; partly so that you can easily discuss issues like personnel problems with the rest of the officer team; and partly so that you have some built-in authority from the start. If you’re not the guild master, you need an understanding with the guild master that the raid team is your show to run. GMs who interfere too much in raid leadership can cause problems. But I also recommend that there’s someone people can talk to if they have an issue they’re unwilling to discuss directly with you. Even if you’re really friendly and approachable, you’ll find that occasionally someone has an issue with something you do and they’re not comfortable talking to you about it. Having a mediator figure available is a great way to get them to open up in such scenarios. This is especially important if you’re the guild master, as it could otherwise seem to them as if they have no other option. Building the team Vision I said above that “you need to be someone that people want to follow”. But I skipped the most important part of that: for people to follow you, you need to be headed in the direction they want to go! The most important ingredient for success is a clear vision of what “success” looks like. What kind of team do you want to build? Are you going to be a team that races for server firsts? A learning team for new raiders? A home for ex-hardcores who can only raid twice a week now? An all-inclusive social team? A mature “we totally understand if you have a kid-related emergency” team? Perhaps there’ll be a more extreme element of your team identity - an all-female team, perhaps, or an all-druid team (hi Monsterbaby). Try to think in advance about how your ideal team would handle common issues. What would you do if you had a raider who was consistently underperforming, for example? Live with it? Offer friendly advice? Bench until he/she improves? Boot from the team? What about someone who’s often late? What about someone who’s unprepared? Or argues with you unconstructively? The answer to these questions, and many similar ones, form part of the picture of what your ideal team looks like. Recruitment Once you’ve got that picture crystal clear, then you can go about finding the right people. The right people are obviously those who fit your vision, but they also need to agree with your vision. If yours isn’t going to be the type of team that will take action when someone repeatedly fails at something, that’s absolutely fine, but you need everyone on the team to have the same patience and understanding. If your goal is to clear tiers with only two nights a week of raiding, that’s absolutely fine, but someone who spends every waking hour in game is likely to get bored and leave, even though you get there in the end. If you recruit people who aren’t right for your team, then even if you have a short-term gain, you lose out in the long run. At best, you’ll have to replace them eventually when they realise that they’re in the wrong guild for them. At worst… well, we’ve all heard stories of teams destroyed by someone leaving and taking half the team with them, right? That’s what happens when there’s a significant mismatch in expectations. So, make it totally clear what people who join your team are in for, and put some effort into figuring out whether they’re a good match for you. How do you actually do it? Well, different approaches work best for different teams, but common options include posting in trade chat on your server, or using forums such as http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/874708/ to either browse “looking for guild” ads or post your own “looking for players” ad. For example, you can see my ad at http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/8715481665 to get a feel for what I’m on about. While I’m here, a quick note on forums: if you have a standard spiel that you copy-paste into every LFG thread of the right class, you’re doing it wrong. Take some time to read their post to make sure they’re actually what you’re looking for. Then take some more time to craft a personal reply to explain to them why you’re what they’re looking for. Otherwise, you’re telling them straight away that you don’t particularly care about them - which is either going to put them off, or leave you with a team full of people who don’t particularly care about your guild either. Composition What should your team consist of in terms of characters? I can’t say much here because it massively depends on your goals. Social teams will typically care almost exclusively about the people, not the classes. Those with a laser focus on progression will expect players to have multiple geared chars so they can pick the ideal composition for each fight. And this is a much-discussed topic elsewhere! What I will say is: You should have a target team size that reflects the commitment you demand. There’s no point saying “we understand that real life comes first!” and then having a Mythic team with exactly 20 people in it - if you’re not going to insist on 100% attendance, you need standby players available. Equally, if you sell people on consistent raiding, you’ll annoy them if you have far more players than you need and regularly rotate them out. For most levels of raiding, the player really is more important than the class. If you have the luxury of being picky about classes, though, variety will increase your options - and be aware that Mythic raids are sometimes designed on the assumption that a raid has all classes available. Don’t be surprised when we see fights that are significantly harder if you don’t have ability X. Plan ahead. If you know your main tank is on holiday for most of August, don’t wait until he’s gone to think about how to handle that.Luchelle24 24 Sep
6h Do you need that? Am I the only one who is getting annoyed that every time something drops in a PUG that you get these whispers? ^-^Sophiã10 6h
12h Aman'thul RNG drop is worthless Hello there! The expansion is about to end very soon and i havent got an Aman'thul even on my main, farming Antorus since release! That makes no sense! Why u made RNG system for that? It will be better if it was a reward for some kind of work and effort. For example it could be sold for 5000 waking essenses + u have to kill Argus for example 10 times on any difficulties. Wont that be fair? U did some work on ur character - u get it. Please, blizzСартемар24 12h
15h Antorus Hc solo curve or no invite sorry no english. so im an old guild raider retired, now a random solo player that trys to gear up whit no guild when i have time to play. now i ask blizzard , how im suppose to gear if all people ask for hc argus curve at 2 week , i have all requirements for the encounter, skill , item lvl and all , but i cant go in whit no achievement, i will leave again for this , so much limitations , when will you learn and put solo q whit only item lvl req for normal and hc raid i will return.Gromok71 15h
1d This dungeon vote the kick system is bad Few days ago i got kicked without reason make me really mad. So last 2 days me and another friend trying to figure out how this system work. Basicly if you in dungeon 5/3 of ppl wanna kick you. they can. Everything is normal until here. Me and my friend que a dungeon tonight i was healing everything vent normal. And i told her vote to kick me and give them a reason "noob" and baam u just get kicked. this system is !@#$ and should change most of time ppl just say yes. I dont care if i got kicked. But after then you cant que for 10 min is really reason to stop playing game? why i cant play a game i pay monthly becos of some dumbasses kick me way so unfair ?Tryheal35 1d
1d Please make Pantheon's Blessing BOA 2 months til BFA and Pantheon's Blessing aren't account bound yet. I have a few toons sitting with huge stacks of Pantheon's Blessing after everyone has their trinkets upgraded to 1K (including offspec), yet one toon has it's trinket at 960. I'll upgrade that trinket to 1k in next expansion.... What's the reason behind keeping those items soulbound when your toons don't need them anymore? Why not make them account bound on each toon that has fully upgraded it's trinket? I know it's the end of the expansion but I'll like to play that toon on the highest level until bfa ¯\_(ツ)_/¯Qusa0 1d
1d mythic+ rank 1 titles Hello there, I heard a rumor about possible rank 1 mythic + titles simular to the pvp system, was just wondering if anyone could confirm this and maybe post a link to the blue post discussing this. thank for the read o/Arali0 1d
2d Adjust Talents Buff after completing a dungeon? I recently discovered on a twink that right after entering a dungeon you gain a short buff which allows you to adjust talents. That's great! What I miss though is the option to switch talents back when the dungeon is complete or when I leave it. Do I oversee something?Karaeth4 2d
2d M+ 12-14 range Is it just me, or are players in this range rather poor?? I mean, my main is a resto druid, I have done a 15-17+ every week for months. I log in, do my 15+ for the week, no problems. 90% of the time, in time, with randoms, no less. my alt resto druid, less gear, so I don't push 15s, but still good gear. But, man, I can't remember the last time I did a 12+ or greater in time. It's like 20% chance that we will achieve it. Usually, stupid teamplay, bad pulls, people standing in crap, needless wipes, etc. Is it just me? Or has anyone else noticed this "dead zone" of m+ where teamplay with randoms is VERY BAD.Jalisco8 2d
2d Cup of Tea Calling all Legacy Raiders Cup of Tea, is a Social, Legacy Raid Guild situated on Twisting Nether and our plan is to work through each expansions Raid content as we go. We started our journey at level 60 Raiding the vanilla content where we thought it would be a slow process to get the guild going. Very quickly we expanded and were able to move through the vanilla content and then progress onto level 70 raiding. We were able to clear all of the lvl 70 raid content getting all the raid and dungeon achievements. We have now progressed onto lvl 80 Wrath Raiding and have been able to clear most of the content so far however, we are finding we need some additional people to join us for our raids for the end of our time clearing the Wrath content. The Guilds vision, is to work our way through all the Raid content in each expansion as we go. Yes we know it will never be as hard/ or the same, however ever since 7.3.5 blizzard have actually made the raiding into much more of a challenge for players. 7.3.5 and Ulduar Time Walking made our progression more difficult through Wrath as the raids demand a higher amount of players due to enrage timers. We have now been raiding the content for quite a long time and we are keen to start setting a date for moving to Cataclysm, however we will not move on until we clear the content! So we are mainly looking for additional DPS to join us for our 25 man raids. We raid 3 times a week Monday Thursday and Sunday 20:00-22:00 Server time. We are also now opening ourselves up to players that are interested in joining us crossrealm with their level 80 chars which arent on Twisting Nether. If you are one of these players please join our guilds Blizz app group, here is the link: https://blizzard.com/invite/MGBNMIk3M This is the easiest place for you to come and ask any questions and you can invited to the group when we do raid from there too. The bonus of actually making a character to join the guild is that we will provide full assistance to gearing your char when you hit lvl 80 we will provide you with gems and enchants and the required flasks and pots when you come to raid all we need from you is to lvl a char to 80 and then turn up to raids. We are a very Social and active guild we have a Guild Discord which is our main social hub and we welcome anyone that would be interested in joining us. We are not a hardcore atmosphere and we are the most relaxed bunch of raiders you can meet. If you are interested with a char cross realm then please join the Guilds Blizz Social app group. If you want to just make a char and join us on Twisting Nether then whisper anyone in the guild as all guild members can invite. If you have any questions for us or about what we do please either respond here or please join the blizz app group and ask any questions there. Hope to hear from you soon! I will follow up this post with screenshots of our boss kills working through each expansion.Nituna14 2d
22h Mages need some more pve utility? Well, atm we have TW.... that anyone can replace with drums. When I apply to M+ I often get told that they want lock/boomie/hunter what do they have? warlock - cr/ permaslow with ring/ healthstones / can use demon to taunt boss or add off of the tank boomie - cr / aoe silence /ST stun / long-lasting root hunter - cr / BL / stun / can use pet to taunt boss off of the tank... ele shaman - BL and aoe stun... mages - .... tw? semi-useless dragon breath that is more like a pushback than actual interrupt - it's a poor poor man's stun - an aoe stun can do the same and more... I'm told my slows as fire with flamestrike are not enough for necrotic. well, ok. I'm told other times I have no CR and they need CR class... or then they need AoE stunners... so any shaman WW, DH, warr will have always prio. Now ask yourself a question... why would you take a mage over any other class? Most other classes can dish out good AoE when properly spec'd/geared but they also bring additional utility... You have a lock a shaman and a mage in queue... why would you take a mage? When I make groups on my paladin... I also wouldn't take a mage if I could take any other class. I can pretty much get into a group only when they have e.g. both WW/lock... Mages offer DPS... and pretty much nothing else. This is so annoying. Well, OK, shadow priests are hated more than mages but they can spec heal and get into groups... I'm not saying mage's dps is low... it's not but due to lack of actual utility mages are too often overlooked...Alchemiczka5 22h
2d Impostible to farm gear from mythic+ So I am farming gear for my mage but can't get into any mythic+ dungeons above +12-15 without waiting many hours. Even if I tell them my mains good raider.io score. So I am farming for this gear build. https://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/simulator/report/b72c89d540d0490fbd2c7af0f2fef67b Current gear https://www.raidbots.com/simbot/report/kWvksHfJViQmq4cyejDWye The relics I need at ilvl 940, Harbaron's Tether - MoS Rage of the Tides - EoA Frozen Void Shard - SotT I can't get upgrades from anywhere else and will need to run these dungeons a lot. Given the easiness of +15 dungeon and the low gear requirements I don't understand why I can't get groups for dungeons above mythic +10 without waiting 5 hours plus. Last few days I have not had a single +15 invite or Antorus HC invite. Why should I pay for a game I never will get to play unless I am god geared for everything?Chrystila29 2d
3d Wiping loads on a +16 Okay I'm a mist monk healer ilvl 968, usually I do +15 or +16 every week realy easily and try get the highest ilvl dps I can get for a smooth run. But this week I played with a team of randoms who have the highest Ilvls I've ever been with, all from 973 to 977. But it was a massive wipe fest. Got to the second boss and we all gave up. It was the arcway +16, bolstering, greivous, tyrannical. Could it of been the druid tank? I find they're alot harder to keep alive. It's been months since I've been in a wipe fest that bad at only lvl 16. I'm just in shock because I usually fly through +16 with ppl with an average of 965 ilvl. WTF happened with these guys? I can't wrap my head aroudn it, after every mob my mana was gone, and usually I don't need to use any drinks in these weekly mythic +? Seriously what could it of been?Capitalpop15 3d
3d Kinga'roth Burnout individual play = 1 fail = wipe Hey peeps, I'm coming for help here. So the story of my guild is the roster was created 10 weeks ago. We're a semi hardcore raiding guild. We killed 7 MM in 6 weeks but ! We're really struggling on Kin. We killed him two times ! 65 pulls to first kill, 115(total so 50 to confirm kill) to second , 148 not killed.. I dunno what to do anymore, I've tried everything from spread out total y to completly stacked up. Someone always take a !@#$ing diabolic Bomb during a transition phase. Despite me calling in advance each time look around you ! Bombs in range ! Bombs in middle ! But no, this boss like maiden , KJ, avatar = one fail = wipe My healers arent the problems but what if our healing cds are missused ? Is our raid positionning awful ? Emergency Call here, someone please help me find a solution , I can't remove the ones taking bombes bc each time it's someone else !!Justfrøst8 3d
3d Dungeons only about timer So is dungeons all about timer now or will we have some nice hard dungeons that u can even have a break in or is it just rushing in the future?Blood13 3d
3d Mythic + LUL ok guys so at this point i think we all experienced that thing that sometimes happens which is: 1 wipe some1 leaves rip key right? however this has to be a new one for me. server about to reset. got a 15 maw key group was actually lookig good ilvl and exp wise . we were actually all 4k ms and 970 +. very pretty easy run right? no... we put key 1st thing this "insert rly offensve name here# healer runs all way to boss in bear form pulls verything wipes the group cuzzz yeah... bolstering and then in chat goes NO NO NOOOOO LUL and leaves ... i mean seriosuly do ppl take pleasure in this and worse they get away with o punishmentWolfzgäng4 3d
4d Wristguards of dark keepers % chance to dropp? This is a wrist from Antorus raid for dk only ,so don't linger here too much unless you dk. I still don't have it after so many runs,i have done numerous time on normal and heroic and nothing,will i ever get this for completing my set ,i am still waiting from months to drop it but nothing,soon comes the release of bfa and the chance for dropping will bee around 0% or 0,1% ,wtf?Issilid4 4d
4d Argus Heroic Are there any Argus Heroic groups on alliance going on? My ilvl is 940 and I'm not able to get into any argus HC group. I also do not want to pay these ******* real life money for a boost and my gold supply is... low. I could recall there was a group doing it before for the moose. Are there still groups around willing to help? Please restrain from "make ur own group" or "join a guild". I am in a guild but they're focussing on Mythic Argus and I do not want to bother them with my crappy wish for a nice phoenix mount.Lumbermill6 4d
5d Unable to reset instances. As the topic says, I am unable to reset instances in-game. This is only the case with mythic dungeons and mythic+ dungeons and only affects one of my characters (Ravtanden). To make my problem clear I will continue with some examples: I've run Seat of the Triumvirate on mythic difficulty this week and therefore I'm (loot)saved to the instance. If i enter the instance I will spawn just before the entrance leading to the last boss. Scenario1: I have a keystone for Seat of the Triumvirate +15. Normally I would right click my portrait, select "Reset all instances", enter the dungeon and put in my keystone. On this character though, I'm sent to the aforementioned location in the instance everytime i go inside as I for some reason is unable to reset the instance. Solution? Backtrack through the instance and put in the key. Scenario2: I have a keystone for Seat of the Triumvirate +15, but I want to run on +12 and therefore need to "bump down the key". This is done in a few simple steps: - Enter Seat of the Triumvirate - Put in Keystone level 15 - Leave instance - "Reset all instances" The keystone will now be Seat of the Triumvirate level 14. Rince and repeat for keystone level 12. Now this aint possible for me either as i can't reset the instance. If i follow the mentioned steps I will get right back into Seat of the Triumvirate level 15 in progress. To make sure this aint the correct "behavior" of instances I tested the exact same scenarios on my death knight and had no problems at all. I contacted a GM in-game with my issue and we ran tests for more than one hour and he even played my character to test it out. We didn't find any solutions and eventually he gave up. He suggested that I should report this as a bug through the in-game system, while also admitting that this most likely wouldn't get any respons and/or attention as its a very uncommon bug and that bug reports only are looked into if they are reported by a large amount of players (which in this case, it wont). Furthermore he suggested that i submitted my problem here on the forums. Can you please help me or put me in contact with someone who's able to help? EDIT: I forgot to mention that I did all this with all addons disabled and I also deleted my cache folder. These things shouldn't be affecting the issue though as it only occurs on one character and the GM also confirmed that it was a bug attached to the character and nothing on my end as he had the same problem when logged into it.Ravtanden3 5d
5d [Noob Question] How do I use Seal of Broken Fate? I know it increases the chances for loot from bosses, but how do I use it? Will I have an option to click on sth after killing a boss? Do I by sth with them (since it's a currency)?Goraan6 5d
10 Jun Karazhan (raid) lockout share not possible? When you mouse over karazhan lockouts, they don't have a specific ID that mythic raids have. Yet i can't seem to share it across my alts. My plan was to solo up to and including chess event so i can farm Malchezaar for the one-handed mace. So i cleared to chess with one character, shared that lockout with a second character and killed Malchezaar, but when i tried to do it another time, my third character had Malchezaar dead upon zoning in (even after resetting instances). Why does lockout sharing for karazhan not work when it does for other raids like DS/ICC?Gogeta2 10 Jun
10 Jun Spine of Deathwing nerf? Hi, I'm a mount collector and I'm working on collecting more and more Raid mounts. But I'm missing one of Madness of Deathwing. Now let me clearify my reasons I want Spine of Deathwing nerfed. Yes, It's soloable, you can sit in a fire pit after killing a tentacle or just run around like a chicken with no head but the issue is, I'm autistic. Sure not all autists have this issue with Spine but I get really confused, disoriented and just straight up dizzy if I have to do this boss. What I suggest: 1. Nerf Spine so you only have to get 1 plate off instead of 3. This is still very confusing but atleast not 3 times. 2. Let there be a skip option, similar to Broken Shore/Legionfall skips. A new dialogue saying: "Yea, I heard this before..." or just a portal that appears after the tauren boss. Leave your suggestions in the comments too, but I'd like to know what y'all think about this and if you want it changed or not. I sure do.Roguináá13 10 Jun
10 Jun forced personal loot in bfa why is forced personal loot in bfaLudidokttor1 10 Jun
10 Jun Vault of Archavon and Wintergrasp The fact that you cant enter VoA if your faction dont control wintergrasp in 10 year old content is ridiculous. Since wednesday last week i've tried to get in, and all the time it is alliance controlled with intact gate. I dont mind the wintergrasp concept and thought it was cool when it was relevant, but now 10 years later it is retarded, just like the Baradin Hold restriction.Bullmull3 10 Jun
08 Jun Dps Abuse to join as tanks Hello Tbh some classes abuse thev system and i am tbh not happy abuot it. It cuaeses alot of chaos of tank 1 not holdin agro. 2 Not all dps classes can que as tank and get a faster time in. 3 It causen unnessery stress to the healer I am tbh fed up with these Mythic hc raider abusin a system. And if say sumthing abuot i i get a gruop kick. Same issu is in LFr but less likly a kick if u say sumthing abuot it. I dont mind bit of flexble but this is chaos and abuse I am thinkin of cuonters but none is player frendly ether. Ca we do sumthing abuot the Abuse of the systemKarazelgi10 08 Jun
08 Jun JFire99 - Ice Crown Citadel Is there some sort of way to skip the first 10 bosses and just attack the lich king at the end for the mount. i cba doing the first 10 and keep doing it over and over again. can i skip some sort of legion thing? if someone can please helpSuperjfire2 08 Jun
08 Jun stacking classes in M+'s Can someone explain me what kind of downside there is in stacking classes in M+? Because I don't see any. There are no group buffs in Legion. 2x pala or 2 x mage won't cancel out each other's damage. And when I apply to groups I quite often hear "sry we have a ret"... I don't get it... if you can have 2 rets with aoe stuns... what's the problem? Are people this dumb or have some fixation from past xpacs when stacking classes was a bit of a downside indeed?Alchemiczka14 08 Jun
08 Jun Mythic Chest Hi, last night I completed a Mythic Dungeon and activated the font of power with my keystone, As my bounty chest is still locked and tells me I have to wait till next week is this normal as I did expect to open the bounty chest after todays reset. Many thxGrendorf11 08 Jun
06 Jun We should use more than 2 tanks per Raid ... Two Tanks per raid is just an outdated playstyle imo. That way you put Tanks on the bottom and make their role extremely stressful: 2 tanks, 5 healers and 18 dps for average 25 man raids. If a healer dies, usually there is np (there are still 4 left), but if one tank dies and there is no CS available all raid would wipe. We have 6 healing spec and 6 tank specs and i don't think this is fer that tanks role is the least represented role in the game and btw in PvP no one wants to see a tank. Please can you make 25 man raids with: 5 tanks, 5 healers 15 dps? Or 4 tanks, 4 healers, 17 dps? I am sure you can easily change boss mechanic in BfA to implement such a changes. Just do something with Tanks in upcoming expac please and make them more useful in PvP as well. Sorry for English ...Onu20 06 Jun
06 Jun dumb M+ affix Getting into a group as ranged with explosive affix is the !@#$tiest experience in M+... =.=Alchemiczka14 06 Jun
05 Jun The life of a frost mage in M+ Hello guys, this is not a rant, I would just like to share my experience and I wanna know if I am in the wrong here or not. So I play frost and only frost, I don't have alts, I like to just excel at one spec instead of learning 2 spec. I enjoy frost, I like the proccy, reflex gameplay and I don't take the game super seriously, been 2k+ couple times in arena, that's about it really. However as a frost mage trying to push high keys I get so much hate all the time. I am fully aware that frost mage AOE is flat out weak compared to other strong AOE specs in the game. I am fully aware of my weaknesses and strengths of playing frost. So ive pretty much never got accepted into a +20 and higher. Let me just clarify something, frost is fine in the hands of someone who knows what they're doing even past +20. But people want meta, I don't blame the people going for a +24-25-26 playing meta ofc, you need to be 100%, when you're pushing literally the highest keys on a global competitive scale. I have had the occasional cool groups who adapt to me being frost and pull smaller for e.g.. And we do just fine and in good time. These guys, these are the people who make this game great. Huge pack infront of us? cc some. there you go frost Is good now. you don't need fire AOE to succeed. Should I put in note: Im a frost mage btw? I would literally never get accepted to groups except for upper kara. So no, I don't do that. What I wanna know is why is everyone so damn serious and pumped full of steroids. Its a freakin game, I have pushed my keys many times, even when it is my key, people babyrage cause im not playing the meta. I refuse to learn how to play fire, I believe firmly that it is not a big deal to play frost, and I don't mind a whole team of off meta specs, hell idc if we go: Feral/Frostmage/bmhunter, you know why idc? cause if these 3 players are good they will make it work, infact that's when the game starts to get interesting, what's the fun in having the same bdk, boomy, affli lock, ww monk and hpala every single game? I don't mind getting declined, but the toxicity though, being called a retard for playing frost every run, being told to uninstall the game.. Just want to know your opinion. Preferably from someone who has a higher score than me and has done +20 and higher keys. Just for the record here is my Raider.io: https://raider.io/characters/eu/the-maelstrom/Buffmeh#season=season-7.3.2Buffmeh8 05 Jun
04 Jun Chess Event in Karazhan (70) bugged Just been in Karazhan (70) and the Chess Event boss is currently bugged so when you exit a piece it just vanishes from the board, not sure if anyone else is experiencing this issue? PS: Please make this an optional boss <3 as easy to solo as it is, it would be a wonderful QoL change to just have the door open to skip to MelchezaarKyristo5 04 Jun
03 Jun Level 80+ Dungeon finder is dead?! I have decided to have some fun as Mistweaver. I was playin in dungeons only because as a healer, I can find party within 2 minutes usually. I hit level 80, I found fast 1 Cata dungeon, then a Pandaria dungeon. I hit 81 and thats it. Now game can not even find 3 dps in 20+ minutes, not evne mention a tank. I don't think players are not looking for dungeons over level 80 anymore, so something must be wrong. Any ideas?Vastagbail3 03 Jun
03 Jun Pickup group enviroment - Hurt the quitters Hello everyone. What I would like, is a constructive talk about how games, or in this case wow, has developed negatively on the social side. In RL we have consequence of different types, and i feel, its the game developers responsibility, to uphold that same kind of consequence; of some sorts. Back in 99 when my old 56K modem was screeching and i logged in to Ultima online, we cared. If someone LD'ed, or had crap gear, we waited and helped. We where happy that new players joined "our" server, because the community was strengthened. Now this mostly happens in the guilds, or sub, if i may call it that, communities that we are in. But I would really like, that we took a hard look outward at the big community; aka the pugging environment. Imagine we have 3 zones we socialize in. 1. is close group RL or online friends we have played with for years. 2. is the guild. and that sometimes creates friendly relations that moves to 1. 3. is people not known to us eg. LFR groups or pick up groups aka PUGs. When we move in zone 1 and 2, we behave, are friendly and helpful. but when the majority of players move to zone 3, the very well functioning brain turns into water. All skills related to the frontal lobe(the part of the brain that controls social skills) halts! See my point of this thread, is to try pinpoint why? I have a good guess, but i would like also to hear your, constructive ofc, ideas how to make pugging a more relaxed, learning and fun experience for new; or old returning players. My suggestion is very simple really. Reward positive actions, and punish negative actions. Again... its really hard to define a negative action in a pseudo world, where players define the world and its relational content. But... As an example i would like to use key runs. If you run with players from zone 1 and 2, everything is dandy, you have fun, you chit-chat on discord/TS/Vent maybe, but if you move to zone 3.. its hell. The reason why it's hell'ish, is because there is no boundaries or punishing actions against negative behaviour on the group. If someone do little dps, hps or even stand in stuff and die, that brain goo just get non existent. I know its an action-reaction thing. The reason why a player leaves, is often reasoned "with too many mistakes". But what if we award players for sticking to a group, and punish players for leaving a group. How... maby do a counter like in 2V2/3v3 that goes up when finishing pug, and down when leaving. you could hover your cursor over a player to see their "commitment ratio"... donno... but something has to change. Now i would really like to hear your ideas on how, because right now pugging is like a cub with no parents :D Be nice, help a fellow gamer, and use the extra 10 mins to pull that player through the key run. Your wasting your life playing anyway :D Big regards Syntax Deeprun Pest Control - AggramarSyntáx11 03 Jun
03 Jun Legacy Raids. Should we chose 10 or 25 player mode? We are playing legacy raids with my sister. We just reached level 90, so we can do WotLK raids now. This time, there is a choice of 10 player or 25 player mode. Which should we go? I assume we get more loot if we choose the 25 player version, but maybe it also takes a lot longer and/or harder to clear. Is it worth it plaing in 25 player mode?Lysende4 03 Jun
02 Jun How could we improve the Mythic plus experience? Hello guys, I am sure a lot of you, like me, are looking forward to BFA and all the possibilities for improvement that a new expansion brings. One of my favorite things about Legion was Mythic Plus. There are a few things that I would like to see improved and I am curious to hear about the opinion of the community. Here are a few observations about M+: Affixes: They offer an interesting challenge and force you to come up with different strats based on the affix combinations and the level of the keys. While most of them are very well designed individually, there is a strong imbalance the various possible that you combinations that you can have. Some weeks are very easy and you can pretty much ignore them and others are very frustrating and difficult. One other major issue about affixes is that most of them impact only trash fights. Adding affixes that impact boss encounters more could not only provide more diversity in pathing/strats to clear dungeons but also could positively impact the first issue I mentioned about the bad affix combinations. Tyrannical vs Fortified? I am not a fan of these and my suggestion would be to remove them altogether and replace with a new set of affixes Do you have any good ideas for new affixes? Please share them :) Damage scaling: There is a ceiling when it comes to the level of keys you can finish in time. However, for most keys, the ceiling is reached simply because you are at a point where no matter what you do, you cannot survive some mechanics. You can have the 5 best players in the world, have the best strats, the most optimized gear and composition for the dungeon and not being able to finish a key. In my opinion, the only ceiling players should encounter is their ability to kill everything fast enough, not whether they can survive all the mechanics. Maybe damage should scale less than mob/boss HP. Do you agree that this is an issue? What would you suggest to fix this? Class balance: This is an immensely complex issue. I think that throughout the Legion, classes in a lot of situation felt a lot more balanced than in the past. This is quite an accomplishment since balance must have been harder than ever because of artifact weapons and the NLC traits. Traditionally, the biggest difficulty for Blizzard was to balance classes for PVE and PVP. Now, they have to deal with balancing in regards to artifact weapons (or Azurite gear in BFA) and they seem to pay close attention to class balance in M+ coming into BFA. We are already seeing this on the beta so I am not going to talk too much about that because it seems Blizzard is already working on it. Gameplay: One cool thing about Mythic Plus is that you cannot overlook anything once you have reached a certain point. You have to know all the mechanics you can encounter, down to the last trash. However, in a lot of cases, the “readability” of the mechanics is terrible. The worst examples are NPC abilities that target a zone and not player. This is all the more difficult to read whenever there is a lot of information on the screen already like ground effects or a huge horde of mobs. Zone-targeting spells should be made a lot more obvious. One suggestion would be to have the targeted zone highlighted in red. Do you have any other comments about current gameplay issues in M+? Information: Why do we have to use a third party website if we want to find out exactly what mob abilities are? The Adventure Guide is a great tool when you encounter dungeon bosses for the first time. Why doesn’t it cover trash as well ? Do you guys agree access to information could be better? Keystones: I hate that the dungeons that you do are decided RNG. I think we should able to go to any dungeon and run on any difficulty. The keystones should remain however and their only use should be to grant access to loot when you finish the dungeon. With this system, players would be able to practice whatever key they want while still limiting the gear the get access to. What do you think ? Conclusion: I love M+ and so do a lot of players. I think it is the future of high level competitive pve for wow. I would like to see it improved and also hear your opinions about what could be better. Hopefully, we can provide enough feedback so that things go in the right direction in future content. Thank you for taking the time to read and see you in game.Mintao5 02 Jun
01 Jun Mimiron's head Can you still the mount with keepers assistans? Saw just now in rarity that it stood the the mount only drops if you have no assistans from the keepers, is it still true?Smellthat1 01 Jun
31 May Is tank drop rate rigged? So yesterday for the first time as tank i did lfr antorus and managed to get taeshalach, tradedable 930 breastplate and 975 il legs which i didn't even know is possible?Alazard2 31 May
31 May +15 Skin and Mage Tower, Please Help Hello everyone, I am sure similar questions were asked in the past but one I am curious about I haven't managed to find yet. I have managed to get all the tower skins for all classes and frankly I am exhausted with leveling and doing attempts! But I have a tiny problem, the hunter tower and keystone master I have done on a hunter that I leveled during Legion, while I do have my old hunter on lv 103 who is my "main" when it comes to reputations, achievements etc etc. So what I am curious about is will I need to level up my other hunter, go thru Mage Tower again + the keystone master in order to have the skins or he will have it due to me doing it on a other hunter before? Thank you in advance for answer and your time, have a good one!Belvedere5 31 May
29 May Running as DPS when they should be Tank/Healer I give up playing on my hunter, because everytime I join a dungeon, the tank is DPS spec, I make a comment that I get aggro a lot, I get kicked. The last dungeon I just did, Tank was in DPS spec, Healer was in DPS spec, I kept taking aggro for the bosses, pointed out that DPS specs are not good for tanking, got kicked by the group. Why is it when I (Who was following the rules) get kicked, but the 2 people who cannot be bothered to wait for a que as DPS (Like the rest of us DPS players) don't get punished for this. Blizzard needs to put in something to stop this from happening, because it's happened every expansion and is becoming annoying. I get we don't really need a healer, but if you roll as a specific roll, then you should be FORCED into playing that role rather than ruining the dungeon for everyone else. This should become something that can be punished.Huntithard23 29 May
29 May Need some tips about tanking in raids I have been doing dungeons for some time and I think I am pretty decent tank. I know that I have still some time before doing raids but I am curious about some things. 1. I know that in raids are usually 2 tanks. 1 main and 1 off. Main one usually tanks the boss while the off one does damage or takes care of summoned mobs. How to know who will be better main and better off tank ? Should main have more health while off has higher dps ? Or it does not matter ? 2. I know that in some ocassions main has to switch with off. I know how that happens (off increases his aggro while main tries to back off for a while to let boss successfully switch targets). So, when to switch ? When main tank is constantly healed by healers so why is switch needed ? And if its needed, do mains usually signal offs with whisper or what ? 3. When are 2 tanks tanking multiple mobs does main one pull them all while off one helps with damage or they split them ? Does main one tanks always while off one does only when needed to switch ? These are probably pretty noobish questions but I want to be ready and I dont want to look like a noob when I start raiding. I would really appreciate helpful answers and tips, especially for Blood DK.Naazhal3 29 May
29 May Link Curve Hello all. I cannot join a guild for raiding due to my heavy work schedule. I want the Argus mount though. Can we casuals have the mount? Cause "Link curve or don't bother". Some friendly groups outhere close their applications 1-2 mins after they put up the raid event due to many many people like me. Any suggestions dear Activision?Atheus16 29 May
29 May For Real?? I just spend 15 minutes describing my problem so i could then just click on create topic and it said server error and it all was gone? Did I? Did I? I am gonna make it short now, I dont know what is happening to Arcway but i just went through +15 with some players, we have had a good run with plenty of time but after killing Nal'tira some strange things started to happen. When our monk paralysed chaosbringers so we could the skip the pack, this chaosbringer just uncc´ed himself and pulled whole room on us. This happened like 3 times in row and then when we killed one of the chaosbringers in that big pull so we didnt need to cc him we ran to the next pack with two chaosbringers and one destroyer so we just went to kill them, not cc and one of the chaosbringer just instantly changed to the big fellhound without casting. And when that happened one of the players just left so we have to finish it only us four we lost lot of time, didnt finish the dungeon in time and so on so on, so that was just some baaaaad bugs. Thx very much.Doggash2 29 May
28 May Dungeon Issues while leveling So I quickly wanna talk about some issues, and these has been issues for a while but now that it scales with level and you can meet it for 5-10 levels in a row its becoming bigger problems. So I have two issues... Two main issues with the dungeons we get while leveling and there are alot of other issues but these are legit frustrating. Firstly; Occulus, you need to update that !@#$, its dated, nobody knows what to do and if you get it several times in random dungeons while leveling you are legit demoralized. Second; Cataclysm dungeons needs to be fixed, there were overscaled back in cataclysm we all know that, but now they are overscaled WHILE scaling with your level. Unless you got a premade group you are legit screwed and gonna get destroyed for a long time while trying to beat it. A legit counter argument would be to run pandaria dungeons instead and "git gud" but I cant "git gud" for 5 people , and there are so few pandaria dungeons that I get really bored and now we gotta do em for 10 levels. Also new players will get a huge shock especially if they try to tank as the entire group will turn against them. These two are just way too demoralizing, even for older players, but especially newer players, and is legit my main issues with the entire level scaling as I have been enjoying it a lot untill this point. Thanks for reading sorry to take your time.Froggymcbae0 28 May
28 May Empty heroic Antorus Waitlists Yesterday evening we tried to raid, 19:30 - 22:30 as always. Well, we were inside the raid. Waiting for players. Since our both regular tanks came late or hadnt time, we needed to look up for other players. We started of with 1 Heal and 7 DPS at 19:00 and it needed until 20:13 until we had a normal roster and start of with 2/3/8 since not even DPS were joining the waitlist at this point. At 20:58 we had a short spike of players showing up, 2 DPS + 1 Heal and thats it. At all, we managed to built up 5 or 6 tries on the Shivaras and had some random players who suddenly "had to go". At 21:57 our second tank needed to go and we stopped raiding. We are on our last ID atm and prolong it, so we just want to kill argus once with our maingroup while we have people with multiple clear xp, but we actually plan to not play each week when only 1 person is missing. Its just incredible frustrating atm to sometimes not even find a single random DPS player with 955. Since i am befriended into 3 other groups who usually have multiple raiddays i asked for some help in my friendlists, but even their guilds are empty at the moment. They stopped raiding in the past weeks. I know that some people dont like to hear it. I know most people here got not such problems, but under these circumstances i would like to suggest a 5% nerf to Antorus to make it more random-friendly for the last weeks.Faehrmann3 28 May
28 May 7.3.5 Ulduar Raid Lockout Hello! Today I tried farming for Mimiron's Head, as I usually do, by having one character beat all the bosses up to Yogg, and then using that characters lockout to get my alts up to Yogg without needing to run Ulduar. This doesn't seem to be possible anymore, I don't get the window saying that I'm entering an instance in progress. Could anyone confirm whether this is this case? I don't really mind doing the instance with every alt, it's not that long after all, but it's a minor inconvenience. Apologies if this has already been mentioned or asked - I couldn't find any information about this anywhere.Gallonis27 28 May
28 May Project 100 - Prime - WoD Legacy Twink PvE Team Prime, a cross realm level 100 twink legacy raiding team is a 6 to 7 month old group of players gathered to enjoy WoD PvE content, mainly raids. We're currently progressing on Xhul'horac Mythic in Hellfire Citadel and have a few spots open for our roster. This recruitment is open to all classes and roles, however, at the moment we're mostly in need of a dedicated full-time tank. Most of our players can play multiple roles so other spots as I said, are open to all classes/specs. NOTE:There are always recruitment spots open for what we call "backups". These are players who are willing to play but are unable to attend full time so we only invite them as backup if they are online and we miss core people for whatever reason. Other than that, these people do not get a priority spot. Requirements: - Discord and ability to understand english language - Motivated, positive and non toxic attitude - Willingness to take critisism if directed at you - Control over your schedule on raid days so you can maintain high attendance - level 100 character - minimum 690 ilvl Raid days: Sunday & Tuesday, 20:30 - 23:00 game time. Progress: 8/13M HFC Outside of raids, Prime members tend to stay in contact through discord but also ingame where we tend to make groups to run mythic dungeons for valor and arena/bg groups for fun. So to sum up, the core of Prime is a tight group of ingame friends, overall relaxed, having a good time but in the same time focused and striving for constant improvement so that new boss kills may be achieved regularly. If you think you're someone who can be a part of this team and be beneficial, get in contact with us. Contact (battle net): Khazark#21615 HitNBC#2134Khazmark0 28 May
28 May Timewalkers Unite! Hello everyone! My name is Roguinaa and I am the creator of a new Discord community for Timewalking. We are currently looking for new members to join us! Wether you are farming for the Infinite Timereaver or just doing 5 runs for your weekly, we want to provide friendly and experienced players to join you in your queues so they are as smooth as possible! Right now it is still a small and new discord, so im looking for fun and friendly new players to join us on our runs! Our discord will have some notes and tips on how to do certain bosses easier, and you can also fill up that guide-list with your own tips and tricks! We also provide LFG channels for Raids, Dungeons (even non-timewalking), PvP and Achievements. Also, we have seperate channels to show off your mount drop screenshots and even your irl pets and memes! Invite link: https://discord.gg/Dn8HcTx Read the rules after you enter so you won't be suprised by anything, and be sure to get a role so we know what spec/faction you are! Good luck and have fun y'all!Roguináá3 28 May