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17 Apr Mythic Keystone Dungeons at 7.2 Launch With the release of Patch 7.2, we’re increasing the difficulty of (and rewards from) Mythic Keystone Dungeons. To help you prepare, we’d like to provide some clarity on what those changes entail. After Patch 7.2 has been released, the minimum item level of the rewards found in the end-of-run chests will be as follows: Mythic 2-3: 870 Mythic 4-5: 875 Mythic 6-7: 880 Mythic 8-9: 885 Mythic 10+: 890 (Note: bosses in Mythic Dungeons run with no Keystone active will drop item level 865 gear.) The minimum item level of the rewards in the weekly Challenger’s Bounty chest (found in your Order Hall) will be based on the highest difficulty Mythic Keystone dungeon you cleared that week, as follows: Mythic 2: 875 Mythic 3: 880 Mythic 4: 885 Mythic 5: 890 Mythic 6: 890 Mythic 7: 895 Mythic 8: 895 Mythic 9: 900 Mythic 10+: 905 So, if you clear a Mythic dungeon using a level 6 Keystone after the patch is released, you’ll see gear of at least item level 880 at the end of the run, and will get a piece of gear with an item level of at least 890 in your weekly chest. Keep in mind that the difficulty of the dungeons themselves is increasing to match these rewards. As we transition from Patch 7.1.5 to Patch 7.2, you’ll get a lower-level Keystone with the reset this week than you may otherwise be expecting. This is due to the increase in difficulty of these dungeons in Patch 7.2. For example, if you completed a level 9 Keystone in patch 7.1.5 and then were given the usual level 6 Keystone next week, that’d actually be an increase in difficulty. To avoid this, we’re making these adjustments for this week only to reduce the level of Keystone you receive based on what you’ve completed this week: Mythic 2-8: level 2 Keystone Mythic 9-10: level 3 Mythic 11: level 4 Mythic 12: level 5 Mythic 13-14: level 6 Mythic 15: level 7 (each difficulty level above 15 increases next week’s Keystone level by 1) As to the gear you’ll find in your weekly chest, its item level will still be based on the highest dungeon you complete this week, but the rewards will be based on the new 7.2 scaling. To put it more directly: completing a Keystone dungeon of difficulty 10 or higher this week will result in a reward with a minimum item level of 905 in your next weekly chest, which is the current maximum reward in Patch 7.2. We hope this helps clear the air on what you can expect from Mythic Keystone dungeons next week, as well as what you’ll find waiting for you in your Challenger’s Bounty chest. Good luck!Lore24 17 Apr
29 Mar Luchelle's Raid Leadership Guide Hi folks, Here’s my few years’ worth of accumulated wisdom on raid leadership, gathered from observing and leading casual social raiding right up to Cutting Edge raiding. This used to be sticked in “Raid and Guild Leadership”, but alas got deleted along with that entire subforum :-( so here’s a re-post. This is not a manual. I don’t talk much about exactly what loot system you should use, or how to come up with tactics. What I’ve tried to do here is give you a framework for thinking about how you run your team. I want to spark the right questions in your mind, not provide all the answers. Every raid team is different, after all, and the right answers are those that work for you and your team. Should I raid lead? A raid leader is… well, a leader. So, step one, go and Google “attributes of a good leader”. Plenty of articles on this, and you should strive to check most of these boxes. Most fundamentally, to be a leader, you need to be someone that people want to follow. Someone that people are happy to put their faith in. Think about raid leaders you’ve raided with before - who earned your trust, and why? I’ll bet the ones that came to mind were confident positive approachable good communicators. There’s a few additional attributes specific to WoW, though, that good raid leaders have in common. Personal skill. You don’t have to be the best player on your team, but you’d better not be the worst. You’ll struggle to earn the respect of your team if they’re carrying you. Tactical nous. You’ll need to be able to devise your own tactics. Adopting what other teams do will work to a point, but your team is different, and at some point, you’ll find a situation where everyone else’s tactics don’t work for you. Class knowledge. You need to know what your team brings to the table in order to craft tactics specific to them. Good, fast judgment. Which boss should we tackle next? Do we need to reset for more gear? Two or three healers? Is this recruit good enough? Call the wipe or persevere? You’ll be making lots of decisions, often quickly and under pressure, so you’d better make good ones. You can delegate some of this. If you don’t know all the healer cooldowns, for example, you can assign a healing leader to take control of that aspect. You can solicit everyone’s input into tactics choices. So if you’re a bit short in these areas, don’t worry too much. If you lose your cool at the first wipe, though, or you quickly feel down when you encounter problems, or you’re not an effective communicator, or you’re not comfortable taking charge… raid leadership possibly isn’t for you. You also need a certain amount of authority, or at least autonomy, within your guild. You don’t have to be the guild master. However: Personally I think it’s important that you’re at least an officer. This is partly so that you can implement your own decisions, like inviting your recruits; partly so that you can easily discuss issues like personnel problems with the rest of the officer team; and partly so that you have some built-in authority from the start. If you’re not the guild master, you need an understanding with the guild master that the raid team is your show to run. GMs who interfere too much in raid leadership can cause problems. But I also recommend that there’s someone people can talk to if they have an issue they’re unwilling to discuss directly with you. Even if you’re really friendly and approachable, you’ll find that occasionally someone has an issue with something you do and they’re not comfortable talking to you about it. Having a mediator figure available is a great way to get them to open up in such scenarios. This is especially important if you’re the guild master, as it could otherwise seem to them as if they have no other option. Building the team Vision I said above that “you need to be someone that people want to follow”. But I skipped the most important part of that: for people to follow you, you need to be headed in the direction they want to go! The most important ingredient for success is a clear vision of what “success” looks like. What kind of team do you want to build? Are you going to be a team that races for server firsts? A learning team for new raiders? A home for ex-hardcores who can only raid twice a week now? An all-inclusive social team? A mature “we totally understand if you have a kid-related emergency” team? Perhaps there’ll be a more extreme element of your team identity - an all-female team, perhaps, or an all-druid team (hi Monsterbaby). Try to think in advance about how your ideal team would handle common issues. What would you do if you had a raider who was consistently underperforming, for example? Live with it? Offer friendly advice? Bench until he/she improves? Boot from the team? What about someone who’s often late? What about someone who’s unprepared? Or argues with you unconstructively? The answer to these questions, and many similar ones, form part of the picture of what your ideal team looks like. Recruitment Once you’ve got that picture crystal clear, then you can go about finding the right people. The right people are obviously those who fit your vision, but they also need to agree with your vision. If yours isn’t going to be the type of team that will take action when someone repeatedly fails at something, that’s absolutely fine, but you need everyone on the team to have the same patience and understanding. If your goal is to clear tiers with only two nights a week of raiding, that’s absolutely fine, but someone who spends every waking hour in game is likely to get bored and leave, even though you get there in the end. If you recruit people who aren’t right for your team, then even if you have a short-term gain, you lose out in the long run. At best, you’ll have to replace them eventually when they realise that they’re in the wrong guild for them. At worst… well, we’ve all heard stories of teams destroyed by someone leaving and taking half the team with them, right? That’s what happens when there’s a significant mismatch in expectations. So, make it totally clear what people who join your team are in for, and put some effort into figuring out whether they’re a good match for you. How do you actually do it? Well, different approaches work best for different teams, but common options include posting in trade chat on your server, or using forums such as http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/874708/ to either browse “looking for guild” ads or post your own “looking for players” ad. For example, you can see my ad at http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/8715481665 to get a feel for what I’m on about. While I’m here, a quick note on forums: if you have a standard spiel that you copy-paste into every LFG thread of the right class, you’re doing it wrong. Take some time to read their post to make sure they’re actually what you’re looking for. Then take some more time to craft a personal reply to explain to them why you’re what they’re looking for. Otherwise, you’re telling them straight away that you don’t particularly care about them - which is either going to put them off, or leave you with a team full of people who don’t particularly care about your guild either. Composition What should your team consist of in terms of characters? I can’t say much here because it massively depends on your goals. Social teams will typically care almost exclusively about the people, not the classes. Those with a laser focus on progression will expect players to have multiple geared chars so they can pick the ideal composition for each fight. And this is a much-discussed topic elsewhere! What I will say is: You should have a target team size that reflects the commitment you demand. There’s no point saying “we understand that real life comes first!” and then having a Mythic team with exactly 20 people in it - if you’re not going to insist on 100% attendance, you need standby players available. Equally, if you sell people on consistent raiding, you’ll annoy them if you have far more players than you need and regularly rotate them out. For most levels of raiding, the player really is more important than the class. If you have the luxury of being picky about classes, though, variety will increase your options - and be aware that Mythic raids are sometimes designed on the assumption that a raid has all classes available. Don’t be surprised when we see fights that are significantly harder if you don’t have ability X. Plan ahead. If you know your main tank is on holiday for most of August, don’t wait until he’s gone to think about how to handle that.Luchelle22 29 Mar
10m What exactly are my options of getting 900 ilvl? So I got to ilvl 890 recently, and i've been looking for ways to earn more gear, since the sense of progression on my character is what drives me to play the game. I tried to PuG NH HC with no success and I was wondering how exactly people get to 900? I'm going to ask my guild to take me, but if not are there any other ways? How did you do it? I try to do at least NH normal every week, but so far I've only had two items drop from NH... I don't want to farm nethershards but if that's the only option i will do it.Dåsemekker9 10m
40m Raid lockouts I'm sure this has already been answered but I haven't managed to find an answer for the following question. I pugged Mythic nighthold last night with a group needing members as I can not raid with my regular group for this week. We got to 2/10Mythic and I had to unfortunately leave 15 minutes early for work. They found another pug and managed to down Trilliax to get 3/10 Mythic. Am I able to join them again to start Krosus or am I locked solely to Trill first? Even if it's with the same raid leader as last night? Thanks in advanceKorobarr5 40m
3h Going in to Keystones as PvE beginner Hello everyone, I am in the process of leveling a Shaman and I'm thinking of stepping in to the PvE side of things for the first time since WotLK. I'm curious about how the Keystone runs would ever work for someone that's new to PvE. All I hear is that you need a lot of knowledge, know your class and have a boatload of gear to start with. What if I have none of that? I'm pretty much screwed aren't I? I hear that people doing Keystone runs are more often than not obnoxious and arrogant. I don't want to get in to a group only to be kicked for not being perfect. Once I hit 110 on my Shaman I'll work on getting ~880ilvl on the Broken Shore together with my fiancée's Warrior. Is 880 going to be anywhere near enough to be able to do keystone runs in PuGs? We don't really have any PvE friends so we're stuck with the group finder pretty much. Is it impossible to avoid the PvE elitism and just run some keystones for gear or should we just not even bother?Gloom7 3h
3h Rediculous M+ Requirements I did 2 chest an M+11 right after the patch @ ilvl 887, now I'm 891 and I can't even get into a +7....my 881 enhancement shaman can't get into an M+2/+3, and my 888 Hunter has issues getting into M+5, just needs luck....even normal Mythics are now being high-jacked by 900+....everything needs to be 900+, what is the deal with that? I know that things have been tuned up a bit, but after 7.2, this M+ Group Finder has become insane....so can't normal people gear up any more in M+? Or need to be really lucky? I still do them with guildies, but to be honest, I find what they ask for a bit over the top, and people that can really help with a 3-chest and being rejected all the time....not saying I should be able to go in with my DPS @ 880 on an M+10, but an M+3-5 should really be doable, now even M+2 isn't possible it seems.Morac17 3h
7h New affix: Grievous Not so bad, extra damage and less so for people who are good at avoiding damage to begin with. If you keep standing in fire however, you're gonna be extra hard to heal this week. It was possible to remove the bleed with Blessing of Protection, presumably also Divine Shield though I didn't test it. The "standard" way to remove is simply to heal the target past 90%. /discussLightglass39 7h
9h Something needs to be done about LFR First afk's and people not doing their assigned role but now I am seeing healers signing up WITHOUT EVEN HAVING THE HEALING ARTIFACT WEAPON. Shaman in group Restoration with Elemental Weapon 790 because Dauntless gear is 850+ so its easier than ever. Please stop being a bunch of cowards and restrict LFR signups so you need to have finished your order hall campaign AND you need to have actually done the artifact weapon quest to sign up for that role.Forbiddenone9 9h
13h Bring back Vanilla Naxx 40 With the returning of the black temple "timewalking", I would also like to experiment the old Vanilla Naxx as a 40 man raid. I never got to cause I did not play vanilla but I did hear stories about how difficult it was. PS: oh and blizzard... if you do bring it back, please make it as hard as it was back in the days; we have enough casual contentElesir6 13h
23h Stop Complaining about mythic+ Leavers I think many of the Dudes who complain on the forums about someone abandoning their keys is because some moron in the group are failing tactics. Let me give you an example today: I was in a group with a leader who invited a russian tank and thats not the issue. The issue is when you invite a f... tank who does not know tactics and English. Guess what i ended up leaving because i had to kill orbs myself, and in votw i can´t deal with all of them on the inquisitor boss. So all of you guys who complain about myth+ Leavers you need To SHUT THE F. UP... There is always 2 sides of one history.Glaivedancer22 23h
1d Siege of Ogrimmar It has been more than 3 years since the raid has been released. Is further in the top of the best raids in all wow gameplay. I also understand it has mythic difficulty in comparition with Throne of Thunder. And most of people are foundig as good for transmog. And is an orc city. My question are Why not making count in reward just like throne of thunder or all below him. Everyone can easy solo it from 900 ilvl even in mythic. Instead it dropps a 500 gear for transmog or 30 gold which i found this raid is somehow unworthy to clean up just like all pandaria raids. Except the mount and the tusk all transmog gear is suck even the dragon soul raid transmog is better. There is no reason to let SoO a transmog raid like those from Draenor. Please Blizzard make this count.Ileador10 1d
1d Weord BRH bug.. Hello, since thuis morning, the entrance to BRH is closed with an iron gate... When I'm summoned to the meeting stone, I cannot see my teammates (it sais that they are in another phase) and I cannot enter the dungeon because a gate is blocking the en trance... Anyone else having this issue...?Glauron2 1d
1d Is Cathedral the new HoV for mythic plus? This is the the absolute WORST dungeon to roll on your m+ key in 7.2. It feels vastly more difficult than other dungeons, so pugging or getting it boosted is out of the question (just like HoV keys were pre-7.2 because of the dungeon length). It feels like this needs a little rebalancing so you don't feel like you might as well delete your key if it rolls CoEN.Gogeta18 1d
1d Destroy deplete key Hello everyone! I would like to start a discussion about 'depleted' keys. I think every one of us has happened deplete key on Mythic. If we don't have Guild or simply teams with we going to do dungeons, it's hard to undepleted key. I think the better way will be when the depleted key get destroyed, and we start adventure with upgrading keys from start ( M+0 ). Simple change, but it's big change :) Tell me what do u thinking about that idea :) !Xyllio3 1d
1d Is this normal? To have 884 i lvl and barely can Heal +4? Shaman considering low Healer? Or i do something wrong? I was thinking for Paladin or Druid because i see i cant go more as Shaman.Shåmanos8 1d
1d Cathedral of eternal night Ok so. Was deciding to do cathedral of eternal night for the first time today with my GF, heroic version. And after a while the idiot healer decided to kick me because i used mitigation to little so he could slack heal. And when i got out, i couldnt queue for the instance anymore. Is this a bug or is it intended? and yes i did 2 bosses in there. I mean it was heroic version so i shouldnt get locked should i?Awiné2 1d
1d Penalty for M+ leavers? I know some other games (League of Legends, I think, if my memory serves me correctly) have a system where the player can be suspended for leaving mid-game. This makes sense because one person leaving can ultimately ruin the game for everyone else. While maybe outright suspending players for leaving or going offline isn't the best solution, I do think they should at least receive some type of debuff or tag to disincentivize them from leaving. It would be even better if it was account-wide. Maybe even players could have some kind of public, account-wide record in the Premade Groups Finder showing how many of these debuffs/tags they've received in the past so we'll think twice about inviting them along. Just a suggestion that I'm sure others have suggested in the past. My HOV+8 was depleted yesterday because someone in my group wasn't prepared for the hell that Hymdall was going to be, and decided to leave instead of trying. Props to the other DPS who didn't leave and kept trying though, this game needs more good people like you.Ilandrin28 1d
2d Escape from Durnhold Why is the player disguised as a alliance and tries to help Thrall escape?Morfes2 2d
2d science of raid leading / boss fight hello guys since i ever started playing this wonderful game what makes me most interested to learn is the science of killing a raid boss, i noticed that blizzard leaves the raid leading / boss fight learning blank with no guides...is that intentional ? or is there official blizzard guides and advises for planning a boss fight that i didnt know about? what makes me interested is the fun and planning behind it, i dont necessary looking to become a raid leader or creating a guild right now i just wish to study this art of the game, how does raid leaders start studying it? i even thinking of studying "military tactics" while studying boss fight raid leading. i know this sounds weird lol but i do really wish to find a place or website or a guide from blizzard that guides us which aspect we should study to be able to master the raid bosses strategy kill in warcraft. is raid bosses strategy can be studied under "military tactics" for example? there is a part of military tactics called "infantry tactics" and its the closest thing i found that is similar to warcraft raids. my wish is to study the bosses behavior and plan a raid attack strategy for it, i wish to learn that craft and im welling to study any field that comes in to help me master it. its my best part of the game beside Lore :P thank you all for reading and please forgive my broken english, kind regards <3Bohunter4 2d
2d The waiting time of the normal dungeons (100-110) Can't there be some incentive to motivate more players to do normal dungeons? The wait times are awful if you do not have one of the quests for the pillars of time. PS: They also seem to have a way to tell when you are in the toilet in order to pop up while you cannot respond .... Just kiddingEosferon1 2d
3d WoD Raids soloble?? Hello all Dungeon-dwellers. Any know if it´s possible solo WoD-Raids??Liramoo1 3d
3d Additional information in Group Finder? We all know that currently the Group Find have big limitations in what kind of information a leader sees when players queue up. Currently all you see is: - Class - Role - ilvl It sure can some additional information in there. One thing that comes to mind is spec. Like for instance druids that have 2 dps specc, it would be nice to see if the player signing up is a melee or range in that case. That would also be kinda harmless, I'm not sure, but if we could see to much information about players signing up there is a risk that requirements for groups will skyrocket even more. On the other hand it would be nice to see information (some, ofc not all) seen on sites like wowprogress, warcraftlogs and armory. Which is currently frequently used. Your thoughts?Nowwie1 3d
3d ToS LFR Raid Does anyone know when the LFR Tomb of Sargeras raid will be open ?Bizmaster3 3d
4d More bad behavior, blaming gameplay architects I joined (LF timewalking) today and they were mid game. I asked what happened with other healer, they told me he slept. The real answer to my question will be revealed soon. Then we completed the instance and went on to next which was "magister". I quickly went behind cause they were running through the instance plus I couldn't find every turn on my own as I had no one to "follow". Halfway into the instance another boss was encountered, when I finally arrived I couldn't join cause I was outside the boss encounter, another dps was also closed out of the fight. 10 sec later I was kicked. This also tells me the other healer got kicked before me. Of course I should blame the tank and rest of the group for kicking me (they obviously in a hurry) zombieing through the instance in warp speed without caring about anything as long as the instance gets completed as soon as humanly possible. What a mess you have created blizzard: 1) You have given tanks too much power as in replenishing hp on their own. 2) They don't need a healer to complete the timewarp instances (at least the ones I was in). Considering point 1 & 2 it's obvious the parts I have described from the instance above will happen. They can ditch someone like me for any reason without having any 2nd thoughts. Instead if they weren't able to complete the instance without a healer this pure blatant arrogant manner wouldn't have happened. Another thing I observed while engaging in a couple of timewalking instances, is how fast it goes, it was never so easy to complete as it is today. From what I can remember last time I played any timewalking instances was in draenor expansion and that was considerably harder. Why are you opening up for these kind of issues and letting players behave like this ? I think this is my last month subscribing for this expansion. Not that you care or even will be affected by it. You want the hardcore players, they're the ones paying for this, month after month after month.Dësire9 4d
4d Fel Scythe and Gul'dan LFR Why is Gul'dan LFR bringing out the worst in people? Other than melee dps being spread all around the boss so it's already difficult for tanks to not constantly activate it by accident, there seem to be people who's only purpose is to make sure the boss never loses his 10 stacks. They will run over the tanks, constantly triggering Fel Scythe and giving the boss a continuous +150% attack speed (and yes i know some of them are doing it on purpose because they are RANGED dps). For a while, this is survivable as a tank as long as you have a cooldown or active mitigation, but if at any point damage ramps up because of eyes not being killed or w/e, there's a good chance you'll die. Just for LFR purposes and denying trolls, Fel Scythe should just be able to be triggered by tanks on LFR.Gogeta6 4d
4d Nerf Spine of Deathwing Please nerf already spine of deathwing, it is stupid fight to solo. And I think DBM timers are not working on roll timers.Iisimoodi16 4d
5d Glory of the ulduar raider (25) im a bit confused about the orbi-uary achievement wowhead says you need to activate 4 defenses to get the achievement but the achievement ingame says you need to have one ( which is easier ) also, orbit-uary isnt a existing achievement ingame its "orbital bombardment" (does that one replace orbit one?)Drazorr3 5d
5d Grievous I just did my first lvl 7 mythic+ whit a pretty over-geared group, but there was no way i was able to keep up whit the healing. If i got behind i just could not get them back up again. I was doing it on a shaman. Do you guys have any advice for dealing whit the new affix ?Tymin47 5d
5d Can't get into raiding again So I just started playing again and im interested in clearing Nighthold, but it seems that every group requires at least 900 ilvl for even normal mode. Any tips how I can raise my ilvl besides mythics?Xyaz5 5d
5d BWL 1st boss solo When I look up the guides all the mobs attack the character, but when I do it they attack the dragon.Filidix7 5d
5d Sunwell Plateu Bug I came to do SWP earlier to get some items I needed for the new appearance set achievements which were added in 7.2, I have previously done SWP several times and have never before had problems but I originally went there earlier this afternoon and and killed all bosses upto and including the Eredar Twins. After I had killed the Eredar Twins I killed all trash upto where M'uru should have been spawned but the boss was not there and eventually gave up a couple of hours later I decided to retry and found that trash before Eredar Twins and the Eredar Twins had respawned even though my raidlock said they was defeated I passed them and killed trash before m'uru again but boss still was not there. I went back to the Eredar twins and engaged them again however they both got stuck at 1hp so left room and they reset when I re-engaged them I was then able to kill them again even though they should have been dead as had already killed them on same character once today but once had killed a second time M'uru finally spawned and was able to complete the raid. I have never seen it happen before where a boss is alive even though raidlock says was defeated so dont know if this is something new due to last update or wether something just bugged out for me. Not sure what cause is or if was bug but after killing eredar twins M'uru failed to spawn and I had already killed all trash when I returned after doing some other raids found eredar twins where alive again killing a second time made m'uru spawn but surely this should not have happened.Oriosa3 5d
5d Melee in dungs, raids & solo Hi all! I really enjoy melee classes but cannot pick which will be best! I'm not fussed by numbers as I don't pick the highest dps class, I'm after fun to play, useful in dungeons, raids but also survivability for solo farming in the broken isle. Any tips would be massively appreciated! Thanks all and see you in game!Giamon0 5d
5d Grievous needs some tweaks Hi im just listing problems about the new m+ trait grievous - you release while fighting, spawn miles away from group (out of fight) and still get grievous... - The target needs to be above 90% live for a time window until the debuff get removed the second one is really annoying. if you've had somebody at 5 stacks and you healed him up, the debuff itself will drop him from to 88% and due this there is no reset happening. and for the first, i cant understand how stuff like this can go live at all.Occulco13 5d
6d How do I link curve for normal nighthold How do I link curve for normal nighthold I have done LFR on this character and a couple of altsWéhttab12 6d
6d [Guide] How to Evaluate Healer Performance in Raids These days there are a huge amount of parse !@#$%s floating about who are only interested in seeing those purple and orange numbers. As a healer I’ve witnessed an enormous amount of ignorance about healer performance, so I’ve put my experience to use in writing this guide. This is primarily intended for raid leaders, or whomever looks at logs or makes decisions about who belongs in your raid team, but should be a good read for anyone, tank or DPS mains included. Numbers mean nothing It is absolutely critical for your understanding of healing performance to learn this simple truth: HPS and healing done are useless metrics, which do nothing to represent the skill of a healer. The primary factors influencing a healer’s HPS and healing done metrics are as follows, ranked from most influential to least influential: 1- Healer setup 2- Mana availability 3- Class 4- Fight type 5- Skill As you can see, getting a good parse as a healer is very little to do with skill. Why is this the case? Let’s evaluate each factor, starting with healer setup. Healing specs all fulfill different roles, and sometimes these overlap or directly contradict one another. For example; Holy Paladins with their Beacons gain very strong tank healing from healing the rest of the raid. If the raid is always at full health and the tanks are not, they will lose a lot of potential healing. Similarly, if another healer is focusing primarily on tank healing despite the presence of the Paladin, their performance will again suffer. In many cases both of these situations will occur at several points during a fight and cannot in fact be avoided – in fact they are a symptom of a well rounded healing team with solid communication, not a dysfunctional one. As for mana availability, this is largely straight forward yet you would be surprised just how influential this is. A single Innervate on the average fight will boost a healer's HPS by ~50k. It's important to note that ideally, healers should not come close to their maximum throughput on any fight - while it is theoretically possible for every healer to push maximum throughput for an entire fight (at great, great mana cost), this would also mean that any excess damage taken (say, from tactics fail) would be invariably fatal. Class and fight type are very similar influences. As mentioned earlier, each healing class has different strengths and weaknesses, and different fights are tailored to these very differently. For an overall idea however, if you look at warcraftlogs data you will see that Resto Shaman right now has the lowest HPS scores of all the healers - and yet, it is by far one of the most, if not the most popular healer in mythic progression. Why is this? It is because throughput is very unimportant for a successful healing team, and the massive utility offered by Resto Shamans is always useful. Finally, there is skill - But this does not explain why, say, 2 of your Resto Druids are performing worse than the third. Cooldown rotations, communication and just dumb luck are huge factors here. Also, if a healer is doing everything wrong (using cooldowns incorrectly, not communicating), this actually puts them at an advantage over the other healers as far as parsing goes, while obviously putting the raid, and the chances of killing the boss at a large disadvantage. What is a bad healer? Hopefully at this point you will accept that throughput metrics are very useless and, often times if too much emphasis is placed on them, are in fact damaging. So what is a bad healer then? How do you spot one? What do you do about them? If you are not a healer main, you are likely going to need help, unless you wish to take the time to learn the ins and outs of healing. Get frequent feedback from everyone on your healer team, promote a sense of harmony among them. Healing is much more of a team effort than DPSing - the performance of the group, and the individuals in it, are heavily dependent on proper cooperation. With that in mind, here are some things to look out for: Parse whoring If a healer in your team is consistently at the top of healing metrics by a wide margin, this is highly indicative of a problem with your healing team. Counter intuitively, there is just as much chance of the high parse healer being the problem as there is that the other healers are slacking. Remember, for most fights healers are providing less than half their theoretical maximum throughput - a healer would have to be seriously bad and/or slacking a huge amount for it to be noticeable. Lack of communication It is absolutely imperative in a mythic raid environment that the healers are on the same page. After a long while of playing together this should come naturally to any healing team who has made an effort to communicate, which is the most important conscious effort to make. If your healers do not communicate among themselves then CDs will clash, externals will be wasted or even worse never used, and mana can be spent unevenly among the team. A good start is to sit all your healers down together and have them discuss their CDs before every new fight. One step further would be to plan these all out, set in stone as a group effort (obviously this can only work on a few, very predictable fights). For example, here is the healing sheet my guild used for Krosus progression: http://tinyurl.com/OakcrestKrosusP Group deaths to unavoidable mechanics Note that this is mostly a symptom of the two above issues, but can be useful to begin identifying them in the first place. An overwhelming amount of damage on bosses is avoidable or at the very least controllable, and it is the healers jobs to manage the predictable unmanageable damage. If your raid frequently dies to an unavoidable mechanic, this could be down to healer error. However, as is much more often the case, taking avoidable damage in the run up to the unavoidable damage can deplete the resources of the healers to the point that they cannot prevent any more deaths. It's very important when you're having these problems to look at the logs and see how much avoidable damage the raid is taking - any excess damage puts more stress on the healers and forces out more cooldowns, spreading the healing thinly. What to do now? So using this information you have been able to identify, or at least have a hunch about the problem healer. The next steps to take depend a lot on the situation. The first thing you should do when you have concerns about a healer is to consult the rest of the healing team. The second thing you should do is to consult a knowledgeable source on their class and spec. Perhaps you know some people from your server, in other guilds or friends elsewhere. If not, the class Discord communities are extremely helpful with these matters. Below are links to each: Druid: https://goo.gl/VoRO6a Paladin: https://goo.gl/hE2n1a Priest: https://goo.gl/ScSjl6 Shaman: https://goo.gl/u7t7Wo Monk: https://goo.gl/weajbt Go into the appropriate spec channel of these Discords and voice your concern. Link logs and ask for peoples opinions. There are always a solid handful of people on hand who are knowledgeable on the spec and willing to look at your logs and help identify issues. If it's clear that one or more healers are doing something wrong, point them to their appropriate Discord and tell them to seek out help from the people there. Each Discord has a wealth of resources tailored to each spec, such as cast priority guides and even stat spreadsheets, as well as a community rich with knowledge and experience. Only consider replacing a healer if they prove to ignore this advice. But wait - Why did I die? If you find yourself asking this question as a tank or DPS, it is a huge mistake to immediately blame the healers. Yes I see it happen a lot, someone dies and blames it on underhealing - but as an experienced healer I have examined all of these cases and concluded that "death to underhealing" is an extremely unlikely event with competent healers. The vast majority of deaths are to avoidable mechanics which were not handled correctly. A lot of the time, people will check the death recap or look what killed them on their addon or logs and see that their death was over a few seconds and they weren't healed in that time, but rarely do they consider the wider implications. You have to ask - what damaged me? Why did it damage me? Was it avoidable, and if so how do I avoid it in the future? And if I was not healed, who else were the healers healing? In almost every case, you can pinpoint "deaths to underhealing" to be due to, in fact, the healers approaching maximum throughput for a short period of time as a large number of the raid take avoidable damage. One person in this time taking more damage is almost certainly dead. Work on managing damage, as well as ensuring that everyone in the raid is positioned correctly - you are going to die to underhealing a lot if you kite or LoS all your healers. Closing remarks Healing is a tiring and thankless job for the most part, but that does not mean it cannot be rewarded. Getting a good healing parse is not something worthy of praise - and in fact doing so would only reinforce counterproductive behaviour. As a raid leader the mentality of your team is extremely important, and you should try to keep morale high. Do not be afraid to congratulate your healers. If the raid ^-*!s up and takes a large amount of damage but you somehow still kill the boss, that was all on the healers. They did a great job and you ought to remind them of that from time to time. If you positively reinforce the productive elements of healing, such as precise communication, proper planning and reactions, you will solidify the elements of a strong and reliable healing team.Yvaleth19 6d
6d Mythic+ Ladderboard Mythic+ Laaderboard. For me personal who enjoys push high keys having to use a webside (wowprogress) insted of having an ingame option so insted of ilvl req. u could put m+ score req. it really help alot for those of us who enjoys pushing high level keys a good amount of timeFewlbadman3 6d
18 Apr Raid Grid + Friendly Health Bars So Hey :) Learning to heal at the moment but what I'm finding hard is the standard friendly health bars you have to use now. Blizzard disabled any addons that affect friendly health bars in raids + dungeons and this has really screwed me up, Is there anyway to fix this? Also where do people have their raid grid? Wherever I put it i feel it takes too much room despite me making it the smallest it can be. I need it somewhere where I can click on people toons abut not block my view of the battlefield. Thank you :)Piratebayuk2 18 Apr
18 Apr ICC - Elevator Bug as DH Greetings, i have just experienced a bug, while in Icecrown Citadel. I was waiting for the big elevator in Rampart of Skulls as a Demon Hunter. Waiting under the elevator while it was going down, then I tried to fly under it while it was about to land on the ground. And it stuck a meter above the ground for something like 5-6seconds and i was locked under it, no way to escape. After that it "resets" and move through me, then i was able to run out of circle and jump on it. Have you encountered this or smth similiar? Blizz should look on it, it's a small non-game-breaking bug. But it is still a bug/glitch :P Have a great day;) #peaceShadowhoe1 18 Apr
17 Apr Goblin Glider Kit Give it back! Please...Hoicutehuman4 17 Apr
17 Apr Suggestion Mythic+ for leavers I see too many people complaining about leavers. When this happens, the game only punish the key holder by making that key depleted. I think this is the weird part of punishment system. Why only key holder got penalty? I called this "penalty" because like %90 of players don't want to join depleted key runs. I suggest remove depleted key system from game if you still don't have better idea for how to fix this issue. If someone leave from group before complete the instance, let the key holder continue progress by making new group please.Bloodlylord3 17 Apr
16 Apr SOO solo Mythic Immersus cant be soloed anymore Siege of Orgrimmar solo Mythic Immersus cant be soloed anymore . I did tons of times in my priest and now it just pop that debuff and nuke you in no time . Is this intended? Is a bug? If is intended Blizzard just reached a new level of retardness by buffing an old content that was soloable with no problem .Zianuro7 16 Apr
15 Apr Mythic+ What happened to mythic+? I know, the dungeons got harder with 7.2 and I think it's a good thing. But it seems like most players still have no clue. I join +2 runs and I forget to check ilvl of the other players but we're dropping like flies as if I'm grouped with players in balefuls or something I dunno. People don't know the dungeon and don't know how to move around without pulling trash or don't know how to not stand in fire or things like that. But instead of saying something they just go with the flow which creates an unfriendly atmosphere. I'm always happy to help, but I can't smell if you need it yaknow ;) Has the difficulty been boosted that much or have I just been very unlucky lately doing keys?Ivydoom3 15 Apr
15 Apr Fel Explosives Affix for Mythic 7+ OK so it's a neat idea, but really badly executed right now: CC'd mobs can still spawn Fel Exposives You can't macro target them - means you have to tab or mouseover target, but the hit box is too small to grab them in a jungle of adds like Hall of Valor, or Black Rook Hold. I like the fact they can't and shouldn't be allowed to be AoE'd down. For regular Joe players like me, this seems overly complicated and overly challenging - at least a macro-target-able bomb would make it challenging and not feel impossible. It's not to late to hotfix it :) As it stands, this affix will be enough to put the majority off Mythic+ for that week.Tubbson30 15 Apr
14 Apr Undocumented changes to dungeons in 7.2. First of all, I'd ask why is this a thing - so many stuff have changed in old dungeons without any patch note, literally the only patch noted thing was "we added an extra mariner to maw of souls when teeming is active", what about the rest of changes people report? Why were the changes made and why aren't they officially listed? Feel free to add more, I'll list the ones I managed to find out from reddit or from friends running m+ yesterday. Vault of the Wardens - doors after Inquisitor boss are closed until one of the demons (shivarra / dreadlord) are killed, preventing stealthing past them - spiders in the last gauntlet with the light were relocated, there is no more spider pack when you jump down the first time, they're later on - the first boss Tirathon transforms second time during phase 2 going between both tank and dps meta form Halls of Valor - wall jump to Fenrir was blocked - orbs on Odyn from spears are now HUGE lava balls and only 3 per spear - Hymdall always calls 3 drakes instead of 1 with first wave, 2 with second wave, and 3 with third wave on - some trash was removed from the dining hall and before Hyrja Maw of Souls - Habaron casts his purple puddles more often - Helya casts brackwater barrage more often, and the react time was shortened - (unconfirmed) some caster trash mobs on the upper deck have extra aoe abilities Black Rook Hold - Dantalionnax casts his big purple beam across the room in a different rotation than before - (unconfirmed) Amalgam of Souls pulls you in together with the souls in the channel phase the Arcway - Shivarra priestess has moved to a less skippable position before General Xakal, requires cc rather than just walk past Darkheart Thicket - Dresaron has bigger range and strength of the downdraft (pushback) ability Neltharion's Lair - Ularogg Cragshaper casts the rune of grasping earth ability on 3 people at once instead of just 1, and the cast time was sped up - add giants on Dargrul have comparably more health than before Wish we had some confirmation if all of these are intended changes or any of them are considered bugs. Edit: added new things / corrections in italics Felisenda29 14 Apr
14 Apr Creating own custom groups is a pain now! Creating own custom groups is a pain when people can realm hop! You can barely complete world bosses because people just get into the group and leave it a few moments later. I thought of a good solution that could help decrease players just taking advantage of it by adding a cooldown if you leave the group too soon. it's just as annoying as getting people leaving in raids and dungeons aswell.Alyosha6 14 Apr
14 Apr Please move the portal in MoS Please move the portal at the end of the dungeon somewhere else. It is so easy to click it by mistake while trying to loot your chests in M+. If you port, you cant click the horn after first boss again, so you cant get back.Funds1 14 Apr
13 Apr Regarding set items Hi I have been playing wow since wotlk yet i havent been as successful as others and have a crappy pc and limited time I was wondeeing if there can be a new ways to acquire raid related set items and other trinkets. It eould be nice to have them in dungeons as it was with catacylsym. Thanks hope you wont punish those with crappy pc and limited pc qnd let them earn similar upgrades as well ThanksNomnar2 13 Apr
13 Apr Cathedral of Eternal Night Cathedral of Eternal Night, The new nightmare i have found in the game, i like the dungeon and the mechanic, but when it comes to mythic+ im trying to find a good group to finish it but they fail at finishing it, there is groups who boost keys so they get ap, but no one wants to finish this one, [reason] To hard, to much mechanics, to much tactics, less artifact power thats an issue tbh, its a new dungeon which i think it should have higher ilvl[not really], Extra Artifact power because of the mechanics and all that, or just nerf the dungeon, or give us answer how can we deal with thatWrýnn2 13 Apr
12 Apr Dresaron - Darkheart Thicket bugged The boss Dresaron in Darkheart Thicket is currently bugged, the ability Down Draft pushes you away 1,5x - 2x faster than in 7.1.5. The bug makes it impossible to heal or stay on the boss without movement speed increases.Vängar12 12 Apr
12 Apr Alliance - Dungeon playthrough - Realm outland Alliance Realm - Outland Dungeon : The Arcway Keystone : Level 3 : No Dungeon modifiers character name - "Anightelf" - @ Dungeon Summoning StoneAnightelf0 12 Apr