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24 Aug Cross-realm Mythic Antorus With this week's scheduled maintenance, we're making Antorus, The Burning Throne available to cross-realm groups in Mythic Difficulty. Additionally, you'll now see Mythic Antorus in the selections in Group Finder. To join a public group for Mythic Antorus, just open Group Finder (hotkey: i), select 'Premade Groups', then 'Raids-Legion', then click on "Find A Group". That returns a list of many public groups that are available to you. Start typing 'Antorus' into the search bar at the top, and you'll be prompted to select a difficulty. Off and away!Aerythlea3 24 Aug
24 Sep 2017 Luchelle's Raid Leadership Guide Hi folks, Here’s my few years’ worth of accumulated wisdom on raid leadership, gathered from observing and leading casual social raiding right up to Cutting Edge raiding. This used to be sticked in “Raid and Guild Leadership”, but alas got deleted along with that entire subforum :-( so here’s a re-post. This is not a manual. I don’t talk much about exactly what loot system you should use, or how to come up with tactics. What I’ve tried to do here is give you a framework for thinking about how you run your team. I want to spark the right questions in your mind, not provide all the answers. Every raid team is different, after all, and the right answers are those that work for you and your team. Should I raid lead? A raid leader is… well, a leader. So, step one, go and Google “attributes of a good leader”. Plenty of articles on this, and you should strive to check most of these boxes. Most fundamentally, to be a leader, you need to be someone that people want to follow. Someone that people are happy to put their faith in. Think about raid leaders you’ve raided with before - who earned your trust, and why? I’ll bet the ones that came to mind were confident positive approachable good communicators. There’s a few additional attributes specific to WoW, though, that good raid leaders have in common. Personal skill. You don’t have to be the best player on your team, but you’d better not be the worst. You’ll struggle to earn the respect of your team if they’re carrying you. Tactical nous. You’ll need to be able to devise your own tactics. Adopting what other teams do will work to a point, but your team is different, and at some point, you’ll find a situation where everyone else’s tactics don’t work for you. Class knowledge. You need to know what your team brings to the table in order to craft tactics specific to them. Good, fast judgment. Which boss should we tackle next? Do we need to reset for more gear? Two or three healers? Is this recruit good enough? Call the wipe or persevere? You’ll be making lots of decisions, often quickly and under pressure, so you’d better make good ones. You can delegate some of this. If you don’t know all the healer cooldowns, for example, you can assign a healing leader to take control of that aspect. You can solicit everyone’s input into tactics choices. So if you’re a bit short in these areas, don’t worry too much. If you lose your cool at the first wipe, though, or you quickly feel down when you encounter problems, or you’re not an effective communicator, or you’re not comfortable taking charge… raid leadership possibly isn’t for you. You also need a certain amount of authority, or at least autonomy, within your guild. You don’t have to be the guild master. However: Personally I think it’s important that you’re at least an officer. This is partly so that you can implement your own decisions, like inviting your recruits; partly so that you can easily discuss issues like personnel problems with the rest of the officer team; and partly so that you have some built-in authority from the start. If you’re not the guild master, you need an understanding with the guild master that the raid team is your show to run. GMs who interfere too much in raid leadership can cause problems. But I also recommend that there’s someone people can talk to if they have an issue they’re unwilling to discuss directly with you. Even if you’re really friendly and approachable, you’ll find that occasionally someone has an issue with something you do and they’re not comfortable talking to you about it. Having a mediator figure available is a great way to get them to open up in such scenarios. This is especially important if you’re the guild master, as it could otherwise seem to them as if they have no other option. Building the team Vision I said above that “you need to be someone that people want to follow”. But I skipped the most important part of that: for people to follow you, you need to be headed in the direction they want to go! The most important ingredient for success is a clear vision of what “success” looks like. What kind of team do you want to build? Are you going to be a team that races for server firsts? A learning team for new raiders? A home for ex-hardcores who can only raid twice a week now? An all-inclusive social team? A mature “we totally understand if you have a kid-related emergency” team? Perhaps there’ll be a more extreme element of your team identity - an all-female team, perhaps, or an all-druid team (hi Monsterbaby). Try to think in advance about how your ideal team would handle common issues. What would you do if you had a raider who was consistently underperforming, for example? Live with it? Offer friendly advice? Bench until he/she improves? Boot from the team? What about someone who’s often late? What about someone who’s unprepared? Or argues with you unconstructively? The answer to these questions, and many similar ones, form part of the picture of what your ideal team looks like. Recruitment Once you’ve got that picture crystal clear, then you can go about finding the right people. The right people are obviously those who fit your vision, but they also need to agree with your vision. If yours isn’t going to be the type of team that will take action when someone repeatedly fails at something, that’s absolutely fine, but you need everyone on the team to have the same patience and understanding. If your goal is to clear tiers with only two nights a week of raiding, that’s absolutely fine, but someone who spends every waking hour in game is likely to get bored and leave, even though you get there in the end. If you recruit people who aren’t right for your team, then even if you have a short-term gain, you lose out in the long run. At best, you’ll have to replace them eventually when they realise that they’re in the wrong guild for them. At worst… well, we’ve all heard stories of teams destroyed by someone leaving and taking half the team with them, right? That’s what happens when there’s a significant mismatch in expectations. So, make it totally clear what people who join your team are in for, and put some effort into figuring out whether they’re a good match for you. How do you actually do it? Well, different approaches work best for different teams, but common options include posting in trade chat on your server, or using forums such as http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/874708/ to either browse “looking for guild” ads or post your own “looking for players” ad. For example, you can see my ad at http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/8715481665 to get a feel for what I’m on about. While I’m here, a quick note on forums: if you have a standard spiel that you copy-paste into every LFG thread of the right class, you’re doing it wrong. Take some time to read their post to make sure they’re actually what you’re looking for. Then take some more time to craft a personal reply to explain to them why you’re what they’re looking for. Otherwise, you’re telling them straight away that you don’t particularly care about them - which is either going to put them off, or leave you with a team full of people who don’t particularly care about your guild either. Composition What should your team consist of in terms of characters? I can’t say much here because it massively depends on your goals. Social teams will typically care almost exclusively about the people, not the classes. Those with a laser focus on progression will expect players to have multiple geared chars so they can pick the ideal composition for each fight. And this is a much-discussed topic elsewhere! What I will say is: You should have a target team size that reflects the commitment you demand. There’s no point saying “we understand that real life comes first!” and then having a Mythic team with exactly 20 people in it - if you’re not going to insist on 100% attendance, you need standby players available. Equally, if you sell people on consistent raiding, you’ll annoy them if you have far more players than you need and regularly rotate them out. For most levels of raiding, the player really is more important than the class. If you have the luxury of being picky about classes, though, variety will increase your options - and be aware that Mythic raids are sometimes designed on the assumption that a raid has all classes available. Don’t be surprised when we see fights that are significantly harder if you don’t have ability X. Plan ahead. If you know your main tank is on holiday for most of August, don’t wait until he’s gone to think about how to handle that.Luchelle24 24 Sep 2017
1h Soooo Grievous for Eu next reset Take your bets witch bosses will be Impossible at lvl 10 and up. My vote gose for the Heartsbane Triad, nothing like dealing with thorns, healing reuction and a constant aoe damage ~Renvy13 1h
2h Lockout Legion Mythic Legacy Raids Hey there, farming older content for transmog purposes is fun, right? In random groups are always people leaving the group and that is totally fine. But for the legion raids you are now locked to the group and if the group disbands there's no chance to join another group. For me that is really annoying and makes it quite impossible to farm the sets. Blizzard, are you open for a change regarding this topic? Thanks in advanceTalayra10 2h
8h M+ deserters problem Is there absolutely nothing that can be done with people deserting a M+ dungeon group, mid dungeon? Its becoming absolutely ridiculous! In almost 9 out of 10 M+ dungeon runs, someone will decide that the run is not going their way and leaves, leaving the rest of the group unable to finish the dungeon. Can't blizzard impose a penalty of sorts? Like you'll be unable to queue for M+ dungeons for the rest of the reset if you have the deserter tag, or something of the sort. I get it that it's actually much better to run it with a guild group or friends. But what about the rest of the time? I think this problem is really hurting the game and is demotivating a large part of the community from participating in M+ content.Meada17 8h
8h Weekly chest Azerite armor ilvl Hello guys, Last week i finished a mythic dungeon +6, in the tooltip it said that i will get a item level 365 at the end of the week. Today I got a 355 item (Greathelm of the putrid path - https://www.wowhead.com/item=159446/greathelm-of-the-putrid-path&bonus=4817:1482). I saw on wowhead that this thing is normal, and wanted to ask you. Do you feel a little betrayed by Blizzard regarding this issue? World bosses drop higher ilvl Azerite armor, even world quests rewards drop better Azerite armor, and mythic + dungeons don't? What is the incentive to do them if you don't get a higher Ilvl azerite armor? It just feels wrong, i rather don't have any azerite armor drop from mythic + dungeons. Shouldn't they mention this aspect in game? The tooltip only says that i will get a ilvl 365 item without any mention regarding the Azerite armor Ilvl, in this case shouldn't we get azerite armor according to the tooltip? Hope you have a fantastic day!Profudemate3 8h
9h LFR bosses like G'huun are not a good experience Doing G'huun in LFR recently has reminded me of a lot of the problems LFR faced back in Pandaria, when completely random, disorganised groups were expected to deal with mechanics that required coordination. Generally speaking it's fine for LFR to have some slightly more challenging encounters here and there, provided the difficulty is simple, easy for individual players to handle on their own, and doesn't wipe the whole group (for example, stuff like "don't stand in the AoE or you will die"). Encounters like G'huun, however, actively require communication and coordination between sub-groups of players. On the surface level I think a lot of people might scoff at this and just assume LFR players should git gud -- after all, it's not as if G'huun's tactics are crazy hard or anything. But actually playing the game for multiple expansions has demonstrated, at least to me, that these kinds of encounters are just not fun the majority of the time when you throw a randomly matchmade group at them. The problem is that, unlike with a premade group, there's no way of vetting the team, no guarantee of getting anyone willing to lead, and no guarantee that your fellow players will be willing to bone up on the encounter in order to beat it. The reality is that you're more likely to get into a group that wipe, partially disband, sit waiting in the queue, wipe, partially disband, explain tactics poorly, wipe, etc. etc. This simply isn't a good experience, especially if you make the effort to explain everything yourself and your team still aren't able to cooperate. If an encounter has critical mechanics that require multiple people to communicate and work together, then there's simply no guarantee that LFR is going to give you the group members you need in order to succeed. It's effectively RNG on getting the right group or not, and goodness knows RNG is something we could use a tad less of in WoW right now. The biggest problem with this overall is that it's pretty out of whack with the experience LFR usually provides (and the experience most people queue up for it expecting). I have no problem explaining tactics and handling important mechanics, but honestly if I'm in the mood for that I'll just do Mythic+ or look for a normal mode raid PUG instead. When I'm in the mood for LFR it's usually because I want a simple, quick raiding experience without too much to worry about and some minor rewards that match the amount of effort invested. I do not queue for LFR hoping to spend over an hour wiping on a boss and waiting on queues so that I can get a hydrocore and a sanguicell out of it at the end. The end result is that I just don't want to queue for bosses like LFR G'huun. If I wanted that kind of experience I'd just look for a normal mode group, where at least the exasperation of being entirely at the mercy of random matchmaking would be alleviated. I recall writing a long post back in MoP about how Lei Shen LFR was a tedious nightmare for most groups thanks to poor visual conveyance and too many critical mechanics that required group coordination. G'huun, while nowhere near as bad, still represents a resurfacing of this old problem. I hope that LFR bosses in the future have a little more work put in to make sure that they're more intuitive for groups that don't know what to expect, or that don't wind up with the right blend of players. And remember -- this is not about an LFR boss being too hard. It's about an LFR boss demanding group coordination in an environment that gives you no control over the players you're paired with. Encounters aimed at completely random groups should be designed with the enjoyment of random groups in mind, not in a way that's intended to frustrate them if they're not able to operate like a coordinated group.Lirena10 9h
9h Weekly Cache - Azerite Armor ilvl Fail? I'm a little confused why if doing a m+2 it says in mythic dungeon log next to the picture of the treasure chest - Mythic Level 2 Chest your weekly chest will contain a piece of item level 350 gear. Yet my guildies are getting 340 ilvl azerite armor out of a m+2 weekly cache... I'm sure you can imagine the disappointment we are getting here, if this is to happen as intended, surely it should've been a 355 azerite armor piece. Thus guaranteeing the armor hits the minimum 350 stated in the mythic log. Any chance of some clarification on this?Saltywraith5 9h
10h Trio of Witches: Hardest Boss? They certainly seem it to me. Malady's phase has an insane amount of damage that simply can't be avoided. If you have a primarily caster group then the little jitters they need to make between casts eats into their DPS and makes the phase last longer. I generally need to pop Tranq during this phase, but then I've been standing still for too long and my health is dropping fast. If my HoTs can't keep people up then I have to top them up with Regrowth spam and thus my health drops even faster as I'm not moving enough. The only other boss I've had much problems with is Adderis in Snake Temple. Maybe I don't understand the mechanics but sometimes the group gets one shot.Shallin3 10h
12h Personal loot improvement suggestion Hi there So I've just been in a raid with a guild group. Our moonkin didn't need anything from Zek'voz, so she decided to change loot spec to bear, to increase my chances for a weapon. What happens? Of course she loots the weapon. Not only just a regular weapon, no it was warforged and with a socket. She couldn't trade it to me! Why? Why did enforce this horrible system? I'm all for personal loot, but PLEASE change it so you can trade your items, even if they're your highest item level in said spec. She already had a 370 staff for moonkin spec, which is her main spec. Why should she be forced to keep or sell this 360 item instead of giving it to me? You can't even change loot to master looter anymore! Why on Earth are you removing these choices from us? And then forcing people like her to sell or disenchant an item in front of her guildies who actually need said item? That is one thing. The second being: There are FOUR bosses dropping caster staves / daggers for moonkins. There is ONE boss dropping a staff for guardian or feral druids in Uldir. That makes even less sense with the enforced loot system being so rigid. So far, you get no kudos from me for this expansion! Best regards A very frustrated bearSanniya2 12h
14h M+ weekly chest and bad luck "protection" To the small indie company Blizzard, Thank you for this expansion's treadmill senor Blizzard. I'm usually not one to complain and start topics on these forums but after 3 mythic weekly chests and 1 pvp chest and not even 1 containing an azerite armor i can conclude that your system is honestly... a letdown... or no... it's damn garbage. First week Mythic + chest - 370 gloves ( 7 key) PvP chest - 365 gloves Weekly dungeon hero quest - 370 gloves Second week Mythic + chest - 380 cloak (10 key) Third week Mythic + chest - 380 hands (10 key) I'm honestly not seeing that bad luck protection coming in play anytime soon. After ~100 mythic+ runs out of which 40+ where of 10+ keys i would rather like to get rid of 340 azerite items. Oh well, we gotta keep those raids relevant somehow for the poor sods. So yeah. What can i say, enjoy your Beta for Azeroth mates.Maethuselah18 14h
15h Why only one non-plate 2h melee weapon in Uldir? Hi I noticed that all classes have 2 drops for their weapons in Uldir, 2 ranged for hunters, 4 rogue 1h, 2 2h for plates, 2 staff for casters why guardian, feral druids, brew monks and surv hunters only have 1 2h drop? the Void-Binder from Zek'voz, I can only hope for it every week or a 5% drop from a M+ a plate user can drop the mythic one too from the easy first boss every week, it's a bit unfair I think.Edere1 15h
16h Unbound abomination and explosive affix Just preemptively - the spores that fly there count as enemies, because they spawn a million vulcanos. With a million explosives it's gonna be impossible to do.Chunchunmaru1 16h
18h What is up with this BS? So for the 3rd time I looted 385 Azerite Armor that are simming worse than my 340 items cause of traits? Are Blizzard totally blind? Why can't they see this is wrong? I thought they said that in BfA every ilvl upgrade was an upgrade. Here we are talking about a 45 ilvl higher item that is worse for me????? BfA is just a huge Copy/Paste from Legion man... And oh yes... Sanguine and Grievous this reset... I guess it's alt leveling time or maybe take a break this reset... Why do they have to overtune the affixes so much? Make it fun not impossible!!! Well, that's enough whine from me, but come on!Watchmetrap1 18h
18h Waycrest Manor - amazing dungeon I don't know what it is about this place, but I have loved it from the first time entering it during levelling up night. The design, the atmosphere, the story and lore, the bosses. Raal the Gluttonous looks like something in a horror movie - the boss design is wicked even though it shares a model. The fact it's inside a twisted manor with a lot of dodgy evil things going on! Waycrest Manor has to be one of the best dungeons in recent times in this game's history. What have been your favourites in BFA so far if any?Tymaar4 18h
18h Hellfire assault impossible! Im not sure about other classes but as an enhancement shaman I find this fight to be practically impossible and enhancement isn't even that immobile. Has anyone got any advice or is all hope lost for soloing HFC.Volmar8 18h
20h Mythic+ leavers/trolls? I AM SO PISSED..... I cannot get any !@#$ing dungeon done without some dude leaving during the dungeon. Just now I started a +2 and readychecked, everyone ready and the dungeon starts and straight away the healer leaves... wtf man? Is this the new way of trolling people? Can there be a penalty for this horrible behaviour?Drenthar0 20h
22h Can not get into M+ Groups due to low score I am finding the game very frustrating at the moment because I can not get accepted into M+ groups due to my low raider.io score. I can not improve on this because the leader boards capacity is woefully inadequate on my realm which has many thousands of active players. Please Blizzard, do something about this because at present the group finder is a waste of time. I work all day and so only have a few hours in the evening to improve my score which is invariably too late to get a good score in the present system.Lambmadras10 22h
23h What's the time requirement for additional chests? As it says. Either I've just been blind and totally forgotten to loot additional chests, or I've not seen any spawn. Is there a way in game to track when the time limit for additional chests has passed?Shallin6 23h
1d No key from weekly So how has this not been fixed? Did many 10+ this week yet no key bad loot and to top it off did not get any updates to my raider.io score as I'm on a high pop server......Vorren0 1d
1d Really disappointed with RNG. Just a feedback, i've been playing on and off since WOTLK and i've never been compelled to write down on the situation of aquiring gear ever before. I've been doing PVE content mostly raids and mythic+ and emmisaries just to get an azerite chest piece to replace my 340 chest piece from the inital week of raids opening. And im yet to see it drop from either the weekly cache or the raids, its kind of disappointing that im still equipping a piece of 340 gear from 1.5 months ago after putting so much time into doing content (m+, raids, emmisaries). I know being stuck on a 340 chest is not the end of the world, but its just disappointing since all the m+ weekly chest rewards were mostly not useful for me since the first week rewards which was an azerite gear and im yet to see another azerite gear drop from the cache again. Might just be a loot rant tbh, i dont really know. But its just frustrating that after putting in so much time i dont have the option to get an azerite gear or even know what my chances are to get one from the weekly quest. Even when i do the emmisaries for azerite gear i hope that a Chestpiece drops, so its kinda random on that too. Again might just be a loot rant to some people, please take it with a grain of salt.Lawlzor0 1d
1d m+ ruins tank "fantasy" You're massive armored warrior or paladin with giant shield ready to face anything... Nah, kite mobs or you'll die, run, Forest, run. Feels like being a dd that pulled extra pack and running in hope that tank will save you... but you're that tank.Edgyjojomeme9 1d
1d Please Do Something with Mythic+ Leavers Guys, Developers, please read this! It's not a championship. The Mythic+ isn't a championship. It's a game mode for players, but these players can't invite another player for the leavers spots, and these leavers demolish other gameplayers a lot of times in mythic+ dungeon runs. These leavers left the dungeons a lot of times without reasons or with an unfair reason, and it's a really really !@#$ thing for that players, who just want to have fun in this game. It's a really annoying thing, and the orderly players can't do anything with this. Just The Developers can solve this problem! We can't. We just can give an idea maybe, because, this problem is still unresolved after a year. I have an idea, a really simple idea. If you can figure out something else, it's ok, but need to fix this problem. So my simple idea: If a player leave mythic+ dungeon: stop the timer; teleport characters to entrance, to start point; use the wall to fence off the dungeon; and let invite other player to the leaver's spot. And after when the new player come in to dungeon, the key owner can restart the timer from that point where stopped it, and the party can continue the gameplay with pleasure. It's not a championship and the most players like me want to enjoy the gameplay even with unknown players, and it's a simple solution, but it's a solution. Please thinking about it or on similar solutions, and fix this problem as soon as possible, because it's a huge problem for players who want to enjoy the game. If a Forum Maintainer can offer something to the developers attention, please do it with this post. Thank you very much for who can help to resolve this problem. Best Regards, a player who want to enjoy mythic+ runs even with unkown people.Thottee18 1d
1d Herald of the Titans in 8.0 Hey all, has anyone completed this achievement on current patch? I've recently started gearing up this character for a Herald run, but I'm hearing that the encounter is almost impossible to do after the patch 8.0 hit.. Any tips?Landô9 1d
2d Question about m+ classes Hello, just wondering which class would be better for m+, dps-wise ; Affli or Boomkin? My mage is on the bench right now, because im duoing with a mage friend and two mages are not so great i guess. Warlock sit's now on 370 ilvl (369 equipped bcos of traits), the boss dmg is pretty good, i still kinda feel useless on everything else. Dropping 10,5k - 12k overall dps, depending on the dungeon - while the mage has 14-15k, maybe more. He's 3 ilvls ahead but that shouldn't make that much of a difference. Im not saying i'm playing everything perfect, pretty sure i don't, but i still have the feeling we're not doing runs in time because of my garbage trash dmg. Does the trash dmg get better with better gear? I read that Affli scales a bit more then other classes, not sure if it's true. Maybe it's a l2p issue? Or is the aoe dmg compared to a frost mage, arms warri, dh etc. really so awful? Talking about 8+ keys. And what's about Boomkin? Thanks. =)Myda3 2d
2d force Lock to signupd role in LFG/LFR Title sais it all. So many times i have joind a LFG or LFR seing tanks and healers being dps and not wanting to change spec. I think this has been going on for far to long with blizzard iggnor the fact that doing this is unfair to others, specially since you have call to arms where people gets called for healing or tanking and get shorter ques + bonus stuff and then dont play as that role. If you sign up as healer or tank it should be as in PVP you go that role and cant change.. why has this not been set as a rule from the begining? if i as priest sign up as healer i should get 2 choises Disc or holy nothing else! Not only that i hope blizzard is taking a hard lock at reported for language as i today was told "suck my %¤"&" from one of these people who dps in stead of healing when i said in Chat 2 healers whas dpsing.. Common Blizzard.. Sorry for bad language.Nimoraz27 2d
2d Heartsbane Triad bug So I did waycrest manor 3 times today, of which 2 times the aura of 2nd sister (aura of dread - stacking debuff while standing still) persisted for the whole fight. Im pretty sure that is not intended.Althira0 2d
2d Nerf omega vector in HC Uldir? At the very least they shouldn't be able to all jump onto same person. Once they're like that they never separate and kill anyone who gets them. It is rediculous and far too confusing fight because of it. (Boss is Vectis)Zaflis17 2d
2d toxice players ……………..Kangss8 2d
2d The Emerald Nightmare Solo Bug? hello! i killed the five bosses before cenarius, returned to the core of the nightmare and malfurion just won't open the way to cenarius. why? it is 10N, i have the quest for piercing the veil and i have no dialogue option whatsoever. nothing clickable. the trash after nythendra still spawns (haven't raided that instance on normal back in the day), even after soft / hard / weekly reset and ID extension. am i missing something? :D thanks in advance, haven't found anything for these circumstances.Sylenna26 2d
2d The problem with BFA tanks Whats up with mythic+ 5 man tanking these days ? So many tanks are GUNG-HO these days. They run in all-guns-blazing and usually end up pulling an extra 1-2 packs. What happened to the good old fashioned way of tanking ? I just ran a mythic+ 9 on waycrest and the tank was superb; he made us wait behind corners while he carefully pulled ONE pack and then the mobs were at us and we safely damaged them down. Nice and simple. Some tanks open up with a charge. srsly? What happened to taunting at a distance and letting the mobs run to a pat free location. So many times PATs are pulled or an unlucky dps pulls an unintended pack. Its so much smoother when tanks pull packs to a safer platform for the DPS/healer to do their work!Chriscornell12 2d
3d Spawn of ghuun it should be called destroyer of ez keys, is it supposed to be god? its literally moving through walls and pulling whole dungeons....Darthlie11 3d
3d High Mythic+ & Motivation issues Since Mythic+ became a thing in Legion, and now transferred to Battle for Azeroth, i often ask myself a question : " Why push high mythic keys? Why dedicate time doing this? " And many people ask that question as well. I am no MDI player myself, and currently enjoy mythic raiding in a semi-hardcore guild having killed 7/8 bosses. The thrill of killing a mythic boss, getting shiny loot, clearing that raid with your guildmates - that is what makes me do mythic raiding. But it is all lost when it comes to Mythic+. You do not get better loot by pushing keys beyond 10, just a chance to get more of it - which quickly becomes pointless since you only need upgraded BIS ( Best in Slot ) pieces, and farming them can take you months. Raider.IO score and leaderboards? A lot of people get obsessed with it, but you do not really need it if you do those 5mans with your guildies, friends, etc. So in the end it all comes down to mythic chest, but you only need to run one +10 key a week. So the problem i find with Mythic+ is motivation, a.k.a the big question WHY? So here i propose a simple solution to that problem - seasonal rewards! What is the better way to make people motivated than to introduce exclusive mounts, transmog weapon and armor pieces, titles. Blizzard introduced that reward system in Warlords of Draenor and it worked wonders, people wanted those rewards. They had something exciting waiting for them once they did all those runs, they had a goal to accomplish. Something they could show off to others. And since we now have that seasonal affix, Blizzard could easily tie those rewards to a specific theme. G'huun infested parasites - make transmog pieces look more defiled, the title you get will sound more menacing or dark in some way, and have some kind of maggot mount ;) Wouldn't you enjoy that? I surely would ! Here i conclude my line of thought and would like to hear your thoughts on this topic. Let's make Mythic+ great again ^__^Роращитует10 3d
3d How many guilds usually clear Mythic ? Hello ! I am wondering how many guilds usually clear mythic difficulty in a raid tier before the next tier gets released. It is to evaluate the chances of my current guild (around 2400 world right now) of clearing before the assault on Dazar Alor (speculating that we will hold this position in the world ladder). Is there a way to find stats about this particular thing somewhere ?Kirygosa7 3d
3d Mythic+ Season Best Progress lost Hey guys, I noticed some Issue with the Season Best Feature of the Mythic Dungeons Window. Last week there were my Season Best Keys visible, like the one +10 on Waycrest Manor that I've done with my guild. That is now lost. It shows just a +5 Waycrest Manor, though on Raider.io and wowprogress.com it's visible that I've done this +10. That concerns a few more Dungeons. Maybe there is a Bug or some reset to the Ladder /season Best happened within a past few days? For comparison, this is my Raider.io profile where you can see the +10: https://raider.io/characters/eu/das-syndikat/Bremsar Here's the Screenshot from In-game: https://imgur.com/a/BQ6VqAFBremsar5 3d
3d Mythic + clears not being recorded I have run multiple Mythic plus keystone runs and they have not been recorded/recongnised in my group finder tab. Most specifically we cleared a +7 keystone Freehold a couple of weeks ago and it says my best is a +2. Admittedly my main gripe is that this isn't reflected in mythic io score. But even with add ons disabled it is still not logged in the group finder tab. Can this be fixed retroactively?, is it just a technical issue?, anyone else have the same issue?Panzershrek3 3d
3d Doing old Raids/Dungeons sucks Ever since the stat squish pre bfa-release. its been impossible to do old content without going insane, it takes ages to kill stuff, and before someone tells me the gear is the problem, ive done ICC 25m HC with 2 350 hunters and we spend a couple of seconds before we actually kill Lich king, this cant be intented. if it is can atleast someone explain why?Boldar0 3d
3d Make Mythic Raid available in LFG tool + Crossrealm It's just silly that you can't.. It hurts smaller servers as wellDoedenn9 3d
3d Uldir Mother aggro bug How the hell is this possible that the aggro bug on Mother is still not fixed? Main tank can in no way hold aggro. Even when the off tank does absolutely nothing he still gets aggro. This is the second week and this is still not fixed??? Blizzard is getting more !@#$e every week. Fix this %^-*!@# expansion.Grogal4 3d
4d Group kept wiping on Merektha +2 Was it my fault? I was using this character to tank I was moving him about so the melee wasn't stepping in the toxic stuff. But we had trouble getting the snakes down when Merektha burrowed. So when he came back up I had to kite them and the boss and avoid stuff Could I have done anything else? The healer did say he thought binding sand was unavoidable, but I don't put the wipe on him. It's my job to keep people alive, but I honestly have no idea how everyone kept dying I was always the sole surviver And everyone left after the wipe so I couldn't even ask if I was doing anything wrongIamahobo7 4d
4d violet spellwing. Hey guys ! I was searching for some good mounts to farm, and i found the violet spellwing that is on antorus burning throne i guess ? I saw on youtube that is a portal on Dalaran but there isnt anymore ? If someone can help me getting there or at least tell me how to i would love it, because it is a 100% drop on heroic and a mount is a mount am i wrong xd ? Thanks in advance ! (sorry for my poor english, still learning).Drealock9 4d
5d LFR looking system I'm playing dd role, cause i cant play another. So i waste about 20 min to find a party for any raid. And what i got? Last boss, if i lucky 2nd, but never first boss. I'm able to pass normal difficult, but i'm interested in transmog from LFR. So i had to kill last bosses, cause i cant leave party. Debuff for 30 min. And next 20-30 min of "happy" waiting for another LFR. And there is no guarantee, that i will find "fresh" party. Most likely i will get to last boss again. So i have to waste a lot of time trying to get all bosses of LFR. But there are a lot of another interesting activities in WoW, which i miss cause of this waste of time. Also some people can be unfriendly, cuase of lots of tries on boss. Its very dissapointing. We have vicious circle. 1. I defeat last boss, and looking another group in same inst. 2. If i lucky i get in fresh group and kill bosses before the last. 3. I dont need last boss, and i waste time to kill this boss for no reward. Thats why i leave a group. And another player gets to point 1. And so the circle wil go round. But there are another group of poeple, that maybe need only last boss or 2nd. And they have to look such group and waste there time too. I don't know if there are a proble on US/EU servers. But on RU servers there is this trouble. So why there is no system that wil fix this or help people ignore it? For example: - When you accept joining the group, u wil see if they kill 1 or 2 bosses? - Make option in lfr to look only fresh groups? - Any another system, that wil solve this problem? Sorry if I saying something wrong. Or you cant understand some sentenses here. My english isnt so good. Thank you, for your attention. And have fun in game.)Джуунн2 5d
5d LF blizzard programmer of Shrine of Storm As topic says, I'm looking for person who made 1st boss fight. In all seriousnes to your coding skills, do you know the wow classes? Especially protec paladin and especially spell Avenger's Shield? Or its totally fine that we can pull 3 mobs before the first boss in boss fight? Were you drunk or you don't like paladins or you think it's good for players not to use spells in dungs or what? No hard feelings, I'm just curious.Änabelä7 5d
5d Why isnt mythic uldir available like normal and heroic? In low pop realm clusters we cant do mythic, while other people on healthier population realm clusters have been doing pugs since mythic came out. This is a bit unfair.Amnrazeroth13 5d
5d Zul Heroic Hi all My guild is currently progressing through Heroic Uldir and we're stuck on Zul. I'm pretty sure we have the tactics down correctly but our healers are going oom before we reach phase 2, and we are struggling to keep on top of the adds and kill them all before the next lot spawn. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/H9B2yDjrWaAXPVCk/ Here are the logs from the attempts this morning. We tried a couple of different strategies. Initially we tried doing the "slow" strat where we would CC one of the bloodhexers and grip in the other, killing it on top of the boss, then pull in the second one. Priority after that is the crusher and cleaving the dogs down. The closest we got was 55% on Zul before wiping. The only times we got to phase 2 was by doing the zerg strat of using bloodlust at the start and CCing both bloodhexers for the duration of phase 1. The problem with this is that we didn't have enough damage to get Zul to 40% before the second set of bloodhexers spawned, and we didn't have enough cc to control them all for phase 2. Is there something we are missing here? We aren't taking a lot of damage from the Pools of Darkness and the minions of zul are being dispelled each time. Is it just a matter of increasing our damage output or is there something else we need to do? Thanks in advance for any advice.Midnightfist6 5d
5d Can you help me please? Hi My character(Dracys - Outland) saved to mythic raid, i cant play with my guildies.I didnt kill any boss in there.Can you help me please? Thank youDracys1 5d
5d Blizzard's API, M+, R.io max limit Hey there =) is there any chance we could have this data save increased ? Most M+ grps look for the R.io score when picking players for thier grps, so it would be nice if it wasent capped 1 day after reset. It´s a bit annoying to get your 10+ in time not counted becouse of this 1 day after the reset. And pls remove azerite armor =) put the traits in the neck like a talent tree where you can choose your path instead, would be much better.Qeira2 5d
5d Titanforge from weekly chest. Hi. After doing a m+12 last week i recived a m+10 item today from the weekly chest. (Cloth legs) and they titanforged to 385. As they titanforge shouldnt they go to 395 as its titan? Since you get 380 from the 10+ chests?Tokbed12 5d
5d Suggestion for azerite rewards from M+ Seeing as how its too much to get a chance at azerite gear from mythic + apparently and too little to only have 1 chance a week at the mythic chest, I got a suggestion. Either make a new currency that you get 1 of from each run, or make hydrocores a currency that you can spend on either: An azerite cache for specific slot, so 3 caches: one with head, one with shoulder and one with chest. Or just 1 with all 3 slots where its an even bigger lottery. Or give players some actual control and let them buy specific pieces. The price could also vary on the item level, for instance you could make the 340 cost 20, 355 cost 25 and the 370 35. This way you get a bigger chance of getting the item you want, without getting what you want instantly.Regularlegs2 5d