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20 Feb Luchelle's Raid Leadership Guide Hi folks, Here’s my few years’ worth of accumulated wisdom on raid leadership, gathered from observing and leading casual social raiding right up to Cutting Edge raiding. This used to be sticked in “Raid and Guild Leadership”, but alas got deleted along with that entire subforum :-( so here’s a re-post. This is not a manual. I don’t talk much about exactly what loot system you should use, or how to come up with tactics. What I’ve tried to do here is give you a framework for thinking about how you run your team. I want to spark the right questions in your mind, not provide all the answers. Every raid team is different, after all, and the right answers are those that work for you and your team. Should I raid lead? A raid leader is… well, a leader. So, step one, go and Google “attributes of a good leader”. Plenty of articles on this, and you should strive to check most of these boxes. Most fundamentally, to be a leader, you need to be someone that people want to follow. Someone that people are happy to put their faith in. Think about raid leaders you’ve raided with before - who earned your trust, and why? I’ll bet the ones that came to mind were confident positive approachable good communicators. There’s a few additional attributes specific to WoW, though, that good raid leaders have in common. Personal skill. You don’t have to be the best player on your team, but you’d better not be the worst. You’ll struggle to earn the respect of your team if they’re carrying you. Tactical nous. You’ll need to be able to devise your own tactics. Adopting what other teams do will work to a point, but your team is different, and at some point, you’ll find a situation where everyone else’s tactics don’t work for you. Class knowledge. You need to know what your team brings to the table in order to craft tactics specific to them. Good, fast judgment. Which boss should we tackle next? Do we need to reset for more gear? Two or three healers? Is this recruit good enough? Call the wipe or persevere? You’ll be making lots of decisions, often quickly and under pressure, so you’d better make good ones. You can delegate some of this. If you don’t know all the healer cooldowns, for example, you can assign a healing leader to take control of that aspect. You can solicit everyone’s input into tactics choices. So if you’re a bit short in these areas, don’t worry too much. If you lose your cool at the first wipe, though, or you quickly feel down when you encounter problems, or you’re not an effective communicator, or you’re not comfortable taking charge… raid leadership possibly isn’t for you. You also need a certain amount of authority, or at least autonomy, within your guild. You don’t have to be the guild master. However: Personally I think it’s important that you’re at least an officer. This is partly so that you can implement your own decisions, like inviting your recruits; partly so that you can easily discuss issues like personnel problems with the rest of the officer team; and partly so that you have some built-in authority from the start. If you’re not the guild master, you need an understanding with the guild master that the raid team is your show to run. GMs who interfere too much in raid leadership can cause problems. But I also recommend that there’s someone people can talk to if they have an issue they’re unwilling to discuss directly with you. Even if you’re really friendly and approachable, you’ll find that occasionally someone has an issue with something you do and they’re not comfortable talking to you about it. Having a mediator figure available is a great way to get them to open up in such scenarios. This is especially important if you’re the guild master, as it could otherwise seem to them as if they have no other option. Building the team Vision I said above that “you need to be someone that people want to follow”. But I skipped the most important part of that: for people to follow you, you need to be headed in the direction they want to go! The most important ingredient for success is a clear vision of what “success” looks like. What kind of team do you want to build? Are you going to be a team that races for server firsts? A learning team for new raiders? A home for ex-hardcores who can only raid twice a week now? An all-inclusive social team? A mature “we totally understand if you have a kid-related emergency” team? Perhaps there’ll be a more extreme element of your team identity - an all-female team, perhaps, or an all-druid team (hi Monsterbaby). Try to think in advance about how your ideal team would handle common issues. What would you do if you had a raider who was consistently underperforming, for example? Live with it? Offer friendly advice? Bench until he/she improves? Boot from the team? What about someone who’s often late? What about someone who’s unprepared? Or argues with you unconstructively? The answer to these questions, and many similar ones, form part of the picture of what your ideal team looks like. Recruitment Once you’ve got that picture crystal clear, then you can go about finding the right people. The right people are obviously those who fit your vision, but they also need to agree with your vision. If yours isn’t going to be the type of team that will take action when someone repeatedly fails at something, that’s absolutely fine, but you need everyone on the team to have the same patience and understanding. If your goal is to clear tiers with only two nights a week of raiding, that’s absolutely fine, but someone who spends every waking hour in game is likely to get bored and leave, even though you get there in the end. If you recruit people who aren’t right for your team, then even if you have a short-term gain, you lose out in the long run. At best, you’ll have to replace them eventually when they realise that they’re in the wrong guild for them. At worst… well, we’ve all heard stories of teams destroyed by someone leaving and taking half the team with them, right? That’s what happens when there’s a significant mismatch in expectations. So, make it totally clear what people who join your team are in for, and put some effort into figuring out whether they’re a good match for you. How do you actually do it? Well, different approaches work best for different teams, but common options include posting in trade chat on your server, or using forums such as http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/874708/ to either browse “looking for guild” ads or post your own “looking for players” ad. For example, you can see my ad at http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/8715481665 to get a feel for what I’m on about. While I’m here, a quick note on forums: if you have a standard spiel that you copy-paste into every LFG thread of the right class, you’re doing it wrong. Take some time to read their post to make sure they’re actually what you’re looking for. Then take some more time to craft a personal reply to explain to them why you’re what they’re looking for. Otherwise, you’re telling them straight away that you don’t particularly care about them - which is either going to put them off, or leave you with a team full of people who don’t particularly care about your guild either. Composition What should your team consist of in terms of characters? I can’t say much here because it massively depends on your goals. Social teams will typically care almost exclusively about the people, not the classes. Those with a laser focus on progression will expect players to have multiple geared chars so they can pick the ideal composition for each fight. And this is a much-discussed topic elsewhere! What I will say is: You should have a target team size that reflects the commitment you demand. There’s no point saying “we understand that real life comes first!” and then having a Mythic team with exactly 20 people in it - if you’re not going to insist on 100% attendance, you need standby players available. Equally, if you sell people on consistent raiding, you’ll annoy them if you have far more players than you need and regularly rotate them out. For most levels of raiding, the player really is more important than the class. If you have the luxury of being picky about classes, though, variety will increase your options - and be aware that Mythic raids are sometimes designed on the assumption that a raid has all classes available. Don’t be surprised when we see fights that are significantly harder if you don’t have ability X. Plan ahead. If you know your main tank is on holiday for most of August, don’t wait until he’s gone to think about how to handle that.Luchelle21 20 Feb
1m WTB NH HC boost for gold Imo i should be good enough to get into a pug, but the demand is pretty high. Im a 892 equiped 54 trait BM hunter doing a steady 450k dps Looking for a complete clear paying with gold on my server (Bronze-Dragonflight). Either put your info here or contact me on Shivie#2392Shivie5 1m
57m Mythic Raiding Role Locks! Wouldnt it have been a nice Idea to lock mythic raiding into spesific roles? Like you can only bring 2 tanks 4 healers and 14dps. And you are not allowed to change one fight and use 1 tank 3 healers 16 dps. like Starboi. This is something I would find amazing when we are a guild with 25man rooster og kinda dont want to recruit for the bench. Oldbromle Uglene I MosenOldbromle7 57m
8h Depleted keystone questions Example A, Dungeon starts after 1 trash pack the tank DCs and the rest of the group leave after a few minutes. The next day I get 4 new people we clear it within the time for 3 chests, firstly do we get any chests also does my keystone go up 1 difficulty or 3? Example B, We run a mythic + we have problems we kill the last boss but the time is too slow and my keystone is depleted. The next day its retried and within the 3 chest time, do we get any chests and my new keystone increase is it 1 difficulty or 3? When i join a strangers M+ how will I know loot is limited? Are there various limitations? ThanksKevjp2 8h
22h Mythic raiders dont want infinite stuff to do! In WoD we had nothing to do outside raids. in Legion we have close to infinite stuff to do. Isnt it possible to have a healthy medium? Personally i would love to have time to do other fun stuff, like brawlers guild, holiday events, xmog farming or even playing an alt. without feeling bad for not grinding AP and searching for the evasive BiS legendary. If we get a weekly cap of power increasing stuff to do, that pleases the mythic raider crowd, im sure that itll be more than enough to please all the wow players. i imagine that the weekly cap could be so high, that if you play 8 hrs every day, and you play 100% time sufficient, you would be able to do everything on 3 characters every week. or you could do like i would do. focus on keeping my main 100% up to speed, then play casually on some alts and do all the other fun stuff that the game has to offer.Egeszsegere8 22h
1d Extending Raid Lockout - really unclear All the info online seems to be really old. Basically if my raid leader extends our raid lockout and our raid team joins his instance will the rest of us be able to do the earlier bosses and get loot? Or will we be locked to his extension. I understand he can do the earlier bosses but can't get loot but just wondering about the rest of us. Anyone done this and know for sure?Wangle1 1d
1d Several bonus rolls on guldan never yelds loot? So as ive now spammed guldan lately for the obvious reason being an excessively powerful trinket, even in lfr form it would boost me a great deal. What im wondering is guldan being the last boss or something not eligible for extra bonus rolls after the first bonus roll on him? Seeing as i only get ap and i find it highly unlikely that after 9 coins theres only AP to be had. I feel like the coin uses and limitations arent being explained really. For majority of the game i never even knew you could bonus roll again despite having killed the boss once already and if theres limitations on what you can use it on again.Nutcrackêr4 1d
1d Prot warrior raging/necrotic/fortified With my current gear is it normal to get almost oneshot from adds when they are enraged in MoS +12? I am talking about the biggest dps adds, forgot their name. They hit me for more then 3.5 mil. Cuase when the leader invited someone that is 918ilvl he asked me why i don't pull everything to the first boss from the start. And i seem to can't tank more then 1 pack at a time on +12 with this affixes.Addìcted7 1d
1d Raiding Burnout (video), Low Incentive for Mythic Raids I'll just leave this here: Preach's Video Explaining very very well an issue that many ppl are having at this point. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1YLx62dih4 Curious how many ppl feel the same way. For my and some of my RL friends this really became an issue. They currently sit on 7/10...and decided to just throw the towel till Tomb of Sargeras...its just not worth it. They got lucky and got 915-925 items from the last 3 bosses on HC..so whats the point ? an achievment? yea..sure, but maybe for some that alone is not that much of an incentive. I can literally link you to over 30 screenshots with 910+ LFR/Normal/ HC items that dropped to people just withing my friends group/guild in like the last 3 weeks. But gear is not the only issue...check out the video I linked for a proper explanation.Mardaan6 1d
1d M+ Leavers Hey, im sure there has been alot of QQ about this allrdy, but nothing has been done about it. There is ofc millions of reasons why ppl would leave a M+ but mainly ppl fail and die and blame the healer/tank and leave the grp. The reason doesent rly matter, if you join a pug you should be prepared that it wont be perfect and should stay for the duration, thats what you signed up for. I think blizzard should implement a punishment system for leavers. If you leave a M+ before its done without the full grps approval (add voting system) you dont get any loot from the weekly chest that week.Vaelra18 1d
1d New to tanking Hi all, I have a lvl 102 druid now specced as guardian. I have leveld him from 1 as Resto and even shortly as balance but when i hit 100 as Guard. Now to my question, i think it's quite scary to tank but i really would like to try, i have done it once after some hesitation. If you would give someone some tips how to proceed what would it be? Just take the bull by the horn and tank until you know what to do? or? I have played Wow almost since vanilla and have alot of other chars, my main is a hunter. I have not done so many dungeons in Legion so even to find the way in some dungeons are challenging. Is the only way to do it until you feel confident or is there some other trick. If You are doing dungeon with a newbie tank, what do you do, vote to kick, leave or do you guide in some way? Thanks for comments!Wolfmanjaq12 1d
2d DS Ultraxion question I run dragon soul with a mate sometimes cause mount farming is less boring when you group. I haven't fully tested it but i think apart from Ultraxion, for all bosses if someone is afk a sec and the other already killed it you still can both roll for everything. It's no problem or everything since i got this mount i make sure i won't attack first. I'm just wondering how/why it works this way? I mean why isn't it the same for every boss?Vormfout1 2d
2d Old Raid Reconciliation/fix's As people know, with each expansion that comes along, the prospect of Solo'ing the previous raids rise up due to the new gear power. With the introduction of the transmogrification collection system, the idea of solo'ing the previous raids for either general collecting or simply getting the desired transmog is not uncommon. For the most part, older expansions have pretty simple raid boss mechanics that are 'manageable' for the solo player. However in example like HFC, Heart of Fear and Highmaul, there are certain raid bosses that either one shot you without a chance or simply phase you out of the boss encounter. To take Highmaul's boss 'The Butcher' for example, the strat amongst most players seems to be to nuke him down before his 6 stack 1 shot. Now i'm sure if we are to look at this boss again in another expansions time, i'm sure he'll go down like a sack of spuds as per everything else does pre-MOP so it's not the 'biggest' issue, but it's there. the bigger issue indeed are the bosses that unphase the player because they are solo. Good example i can give is SoO's Sha of Pride. Whilst on any other difficulty than mythic, the Sha can be defeated with ease. However as is the case, on Mythic, he is much harder to take down and his spell 'banishment' is in a literal case, game over. Now i know there are some videos out there like druids actually beating the boss in a certain time frame, but i feel like most players won't either boost their character up to such a level or will get put off altogether once they get 'one shot' This is also the case in the HFC with a more popular boss. My point really is, can we get some fix's for these raid bosses so the lonely World of Solocraft players can enjoy progressing through these raids reliably without needing to become super overpowered or waiting another 3 years for the next expansion. I'm not much of a code designer but i would suggest putting a safe-clause where these bosses don't phase for no reason (i'm not entirely sure why they do in the first place) and possibly fixing certain bosses like 'Butcher' and 'Amber-Shaper Un'sok. I'm sure it's not a huge priority to have, but as a casual player who is absolutely loving collecting all the cool pieces of gear that has been created in wow's time, not being able to do so is disappointing.Saïvelynn0 2d
2d NH HC group size scaling Making this thread since this has still not been fixed at all. It has been painfully obvious while progressing through Nighthold Hc that the scaling is not there, it was simply forgotten about in development. After 3 nights of progressing on Gul'dan we've finally decided to just give up hope and pug in people the last week to clear him if it's not fixed by then. Now onto the problems, let's just take Gul'dan as an example. If you are a 10 man guild and you are not in the perfect class setup with stupidly high ilvls, don't attempt to progress this, it'll only lead to frustration and a generally not fun experience. Nothing on Gul'dan or seemingly any boss scales at all, except for the boss hp. This means that 3 full damage bonds will spawn, even if you are only 10 people on Gul'dan. This was not something we even thought about during the first night of progressing, it simply wasn't that much of a problem with 16 people. Second night we notice that it was clearly something at play with the scaling as it seemed leagues more difficult with 14 people, the 2 missing being our bottom performers. Third night of progress we were down to 12 players because of circumstances, this night made it clear that unless you are 15+ progressing Gul'dan is stupidly difficult. For example 3 bonds spawning with 10 players present disables 1/3 of your raid, half of your healers and 1/6 of your dps in just the bonds themselves. Now you'll need a minimum of 2 extra people to clear 2 of those bonds, that's 4 more people disabled for dealing with the bonds. So if you were to min-max dealing with the bonds in a 10 man group you need to dispatch more than half of your team. This more or less makes sure that you're gonna have a hard time breaking bonds before having a dread lord/empowered liquid fire spawn on top of bonded players. There are problems with plenty of other bosses aswell, such as adds on botanist, the notorious spellblade scaling and cakes on Trilliax. All in all, for poor 10-15 man guilds barely making it out of hfc alive this has been a death sentence for their motivation. I really thought this scaling issue couldn't get worse than good old pre-fix Kilrogg or Gorefiend, not to mention pre-valor Archimonde. tl/dr: Has Blizzard forgotten that you can actually enter Heroic with less than 20 people?Luridim3 2d
2d ICC - Elevator Bug as DH Greetings, i have just experienced a bug, while in Icecrown Citadel. I was waiting for the big elevator in Rampart of Skulls as a Demon Hunter. Waiting under the elevator while it was going down, then I tried to fly under it while it was about to land on the ground. And it stuck a meter above the ground for something like 5-6seconds and i was locked under it, no way to escape. After that it "resets" and move through me, then i was able to run out of circle and jump on it. Have you encountered this or smth similiar? Blizz should look on it, it's a small non-game-breaking bug. But it is still a bug/glitch :P Have a great day;) #peaceShadowhoe0 2d
2d Fel Scythe and Gul'dan LFR Why is Gul'dan LFR bringing out the worst in people? Other than melee dps being spread all around the boss so it's already difficult for tanks to not constantly activate it by accident, there seem to be people who's only purpose is to make sure the boss never loses his 10 stacks. They will run over the tanks, constantly triggering Fel Scythe and giving the boss a continuous +150% attack speed (and yes i know some of them are doing it on purpose because they are RANGED dps). For a while, this is survivable as a tank as long as you have a cooldown or active mitigation, but if at any point damage ramps up because of eyes not being killed or w/e, there's a good chance you'll die. Just for LFR purposes and denying trolls, Fel Scythe should just be able to be triggered by tanks on LFR.Gogeta0 2d
2d Set Tokens TF/WF Every week we end up getting the heroic tokens for tf/wf gamble. In my opinion, the tokens should already obtain their iLvL before you use them. The reason is because some ppl bring alts that want these pieces and it feels so dump when you boost an alt and he gets lucky and creates a 920 set item when you have a 905 mythic one. Not to mention that it can have leech etc, or sockets, which is a considerable buff on the item. A solution could be to never give the alt that item because it could proc an enormous tf number, but again where's the fun about it? PS: In my opinion tf/ef has to go for good, but since it is here, it would be nice to at least have some control over it, especially when in the next raiding tier, you will probably use 2-set-bonus from NH and 4-set-bonus from ToS.Miko1 2d
2d Mythic raid id question all the time i have raided it have always been so when u killed a boss lets say Elisandre mythic then i was locked for that raid id and could only join that same raid again.... last night my guild killed skorpyron mythic and therefor should make us saved to our id.... but now i log on and see some of the raiders in another nighthold mythic run on the characters they was in mythic with last night... have this been changed with Legion or something? usually u couldnt even enter the instance because of the raid id lock?Ducimus1 2d
3d Vote kick system The vote kick system needs a serious rework. i'm growing tired of getting kicked out of a heroic and being locked out because of for example going for a WQ boss in a dungeon thats not on the path. or being kicked out of a dungeon for going for a loot chest. I can't be the only one in this subject. The vote kick system is getting tomuch abuse iff you ask me and needs to change. Not everything is about rushing and farming as fast as possible for everyone.Snyps14 3d
3d The Mythic system sounds like a Ponzi Scheme This mythic dungeon/raid system really does sounds like a Ponzi Scheme, designed to benefit both euro/dollar dungeon boosting websites and the developers/ some staff who do the "covering up" for them just like "corrupted cops". It makes me wonder really about those developers blizzard hires. Which part did they actually assume to be "enjoying", to make their monthly paying customers get declined, declined and declined to end game experience which totally depends on some picky users and "money boosters" in the premade mythic group finder. Obviously subscribers will just decline further when players reach this stage. Good job CEO. If you are just greedy and you want customers to grind, how about making a system more fun and less complicated to get items. Then you can release new higher ilvl items every 3-6 months or so to grind for with fun. Not a system based on begging/or paying for a mythic run!Anena33 3d
3d Guldan Maybe again i have ban from any idiot moderator, but still i think empowered eye on guldan need nerf. damage from this on lfr (317k) is same like on normal 330k. but players is worse, then not possible kill boss without 3-5 wipes... with typical lfr group who do 150k dps. Good day today. only 3 stack of determination need to killZandrus13 3d
3d M+ higher than 15 Hi, Can any1 tell me why i should run a M+ higher than level 15? I still haven't figured it out yet. End of week reward (chest) can't be higher than 900 ilvl, unless it upgrades of course. Base item lvl in the dungeon chests aren't higher either. So why bother to do a M+ higher than lvl 15?Harderoller25 3d
3d Court of Stars M+ Dropping Eaves I can't be the only one who has had a CoS M+ run failing 3 chest because of this mechanic. We get to the boss with about a minute of time left, just enough to kill the boss in time with a short conversation, and then they talk for another 40 seconds because oh look you have the RNG where you get the long conversation. Can we please have this conversation be the short one by default on Mythic+? We waste enough time with the boat ride alone, we don't need this chance added to it.Shadir3 3d
4d Range dps Hello there! Atm i play Ele Shaman, but i want to have one more char for PvE and Raids e.t.c. What range dps class is the best for PvE and Raids?Gimbloid9 4d
4d Nerf Halls of Valor m+ already! Because there is no freaking reason to make it harder than other dungeons. you wait a week, then you get +10 or more halls of valor and you wait 40 mins to get a group, when your group starts to do it, most of them fails because no one knows the dungeon since they don't do hov that much. When we are getting punished for this? Its already a long dungeon plus its harder than others. I can't understand why?Tontikbunny41 4d
4d How to spot a mythic+ leaver. They do not use a flask and/or food. Simple.Wrathfire28 4d
5d Mythic dungeons I feel like this is a stupid question, but how do I run mythic dungeons?Heini2 5d
5d Group finder Challenge Okay, i know this post might get across as if i am being lazy with gearing or being too overdramatic, however i would like you to ask yourself what you think of when you see someone between ilvl 870-880 in que for you group?.. I ask because i feel like alot of people actually think that they are not worth a spot, eventrough they got past experience proven that they know tacts and/or know how to play their role/class. The nighthold raid on normal got an required ilvl around 865-870, to be suiting in differculty and reward. However most groups don't really like to Pick up people around that ilvl, and i think thats a problem. Because it creates a raiding envoierment where the "good" (High ilvl) players feel superior or better than the "bad" (low ilvl) players, eventrough ilvl these days seems to be much more about luck, friends and/or guilds than actual skill ingame. Note; i am not saying i am better than anyone. All i am saying is that i find it fustrating to not being able to join raids eventrough i know tacts and i got the gear, just because i wasn't as fast as others in my gearing progress. But what do you think? I would like to know and maybe start an dicussion about this? PS. I know i could find a guild, however it's hard as a melee dps these days on my realm and i am having a busy irl life, so i like the idear of jumping back and frough between the grps.Ushal4 5d
5d Skittish Week ... I would take 2 necrotic weeks back to back that this ! People do not understand ! just remove this !@#$ ! , nerfing it from 80% to 75% reduction on tank's aggro will NOT make it less of an issue ( unless you are a freaking druid A.K.A Blizzard's loved tanks ) . For me , to top it all of , my key upgraded from a lvl 12 MOW to lvl 14 HOV ..... ./delete , am not gonna even bother with order hall chest this weekMetalhoof33 5d
6d Warforged/Titanforged I only just started playing legion and currently in my 2nd month of subscription. I've pretty much just spammed dungeons and cleared nighthold normal. Artifact wep is 34. This is my thoughts on the expansion's dungeon/loot content: I hardly played MoP or WoD but thought I'd give legion a shot since I liked TBC (I don't know why that's relevant to legion). I like mythic+. I think it's a good idea using already existing dungeon content and making it harder with better rewards. In previous expacs the dungeons would become irrelevant after a couple of patches. What I do think sucks is the entire warforged and titanforged crap. It just shouldn't exist. Almost everyone I've spoken to in game laughs at the warforged/titanforged system. It's laughable and makes people angry. What was wrong with the system in WoTLK, CATA or TBC where the RNG was a single layer of what does the boss drop? Now it's triple layered with what the boss drops and will it be titanforged or will it be warforged. I honestly think warforged and titanforged adds nothing to the game. Bosses already had a slot machine element to it so why does blizzard think making the slot machine more complex makes the game more fun? That was enough and it was fun. I really don't understand the legendary thing as well. Why was it necessary? What was wrong with the Ulduar type of legendary or last boss type legendaries? Why does everyone get a legendary and why is it random? WHY!? That's literally one thing I can't get my head around. There's no content added for the legendaries it's just a random drop off anything you do.. what the faaack is the point in that? CONFUSED! What do you think about the titanforged/warforged system and legendary system? Do you think it adds anything to the game?Thundersham1 6d
6d Dragon Soul (LFR) Hello. Can you change the drop system for Dragon Soul LFR? I've cleared it several times without getting a SINGLE drop, only bags with money. Due to the fact there are no coins or something to improve the drop rate, can you make it like Highmaul or Blackrock foundry, where you always get a drop. With the current system is can take YEARS to actually farm a set from there. Regards.Miurax6 6d
6d A Farewell to "Organized" Raiding I am taking an indefinite break from "organized" raiding and thought I should leave a tombstone here briefly explaining why in case that might be of interest to someone..... (!! Who am I kidding? Nonetheless, I have difficulty preventing myself from attempting the (near?) impossible...) By "organized", I mean PuGs. I do not join raiding guilds as I occasionally need to focus on RL commitments. The reasons I am taking a break from PuGing raids are: 1) The inbuilt incentives in the game to form overgeared groups to steamroll content, so that 2) The groups are highly toxic and very intolerant of any sign of weakness including: ...A) Not overgearing the content ...B) Not having already done the content, even the first week 3) Circularity. What if you stomach 1) & 2) above, and try to keep up with the requirements? All you earn is the ability to do MOAR of the same. The last is the kicker for me. Nothing leads into the PuGs, nothing lead out of it. It's a vortex of toxicity you -- for the sake of your peace of mind -- may as well give a miss entirely. TLDR: Nothing going on here, just a tombstone.Thalbard18 6d
6d ENFORCE SIGN UP ROLES Self explanatory title, stop being a bunch of wussies and sort this crap out. Even if its just for LFR, if people sign up to heal MAKE THEM HEAL. I don't give a **** if they do more damage and dps than the people in places 2>6 if they want to dps make them join as a dps.Forbiddenone37 6d
6d Class Hall Raid Missions What's up with these? are they supposed to be 100% spawn every week or not? I get them spawning constantly on my alts but for the past few weeks on this (My main) they either spawn really late in the week or not at all.Necrotiq2 6d
16 Mar GLORY des raids de Legion Bonjour, Je recherche des joueurs ou un groupe pour faire tous les HFs du Cauchemar et du Palais Sacrenuit pour avoir cette belle monture Je poserais un raid normal en suivant la disposition des gens le plus interresant serait le mardi. Hésitez pas a me rajouter Melicorne#2662Melicørne7 16 Mar
15 Mar Talisman of the Shal'dorei (elisande quest reward) So, you can collect 4 items (echo of time) from Elisande to complete a quest and get a necklace, unlocking a portal to this boss. Do you need to keep the necklace reward (Talisman of the Shal'dorei) for the portal to work, or you can safely delete it?Sandalf1 15 Mar
14 Mar DEPLETED KEY [AGAIN and AGAIN] Hello, I have question what you do with people who leave dungeon and then my(or other) key is DEPLETED!? I want play and get new key lvl, but can't because there too much mental people who leave on FIRST boss. Serious?? GM: I want new rule, everyone who leave dungeon then HIS key is DEPLETED not my or players which want play. If 1chest NOT important I want play next key lvl!! PS: i try with report but it's nothing change...Tbdböt8 14 Mar
14 Mar don't queue up as a tank if without a clue recently i've noticed a trend, where pug tanks, especially in LFR, will queue up without any clue of mechanics. i'm not talking about poor execution of base tactics, or failure to use their toolset properly, but honest to god ignorence at a "i didn't even bother to read the dungeon journal" level. some examples from last week (from ToV, EN and NH) just to name a few. - ursoc tanks won't taunt of each other (low dps group and low tank gear meant both tanks were dead around the 25% mark, it took about 4 stacks to get to the point where the boss was downed with a few people alive) - cenarius tanks not picking up adds, not using CD on spear, not moving boss, and the one time this week where a tank actually taunted off the other in phase 2 only to have the boss taunted back just before the next spear hit (and yes, the ground zone can wipe your group even in lfr if the healing/dps isn't overgearing the content by a safe margin) - the tanks on odyn lfr can't seem to get it into their heads that the minibosses in phase 1 should be seperated (even after several tries and a number of people pointing it out). - guarm, all over the place, turning around like a dreidel (and let me tell you, even with 3mil hp a dps will be eaten in 2-3 hits from the frontal cleave in lfr) - skorpryon, no picking up adds, no moving with the tether. i understand i should not expect too much from a random pug, but at least if a dps or a healer choose to be ignorant at that level, the group can compensate for it to a greater or lesser degree. tanks don't have that luxury, while some tanks can actually solo tank lfr (props to you random bear that solo tanked botanist in lfr for my alt this week) most of them can't. so please, don't queue up as tank if you don't know what you're doing, yes, we'll have less tanks, but at least the whole run will not be a wipefest.Ashwillow26 14 Mar
14 Mar What up with CTA lately? Lately you sign up to certain roll with CTA up and by the time your queue pops up that CTA might not be avilable anymore for that specific roll and you wont be rewarded with satchel. Whats up with this? Started to notice this this week... or maybe it was last week... so be very careful. Im doing LFR & daily heroic specially on my tanks ONLY when there is CTA up (for extra runes), i have absolutely no interest of doing it otherwise, why suddenly this change? I mean if you are not careful and just accept queue when it pops up without checking of the reward you literally get scammed by the system. Its specially annoying with a DPS CTA... you queue thinking there is CTA avilable for DPS, wait in queue for 30min, just to see when queue pops up you wont get it... great system!Soltardinka6 14 Mar
14 Mar ... ....Juleskumenn3 14 Mar
13 Mar Guldan Normal - Empowered Eye of Guldan bug? So we were doing a Normal Nighthold run for teir etc. and we get to Guldan. We are getting him low, using Hero and CD's on end phase when first Empowered Eye spawns. As far as the fight goes there's no issues until Guldan gets to around 10%. He will cast Empowered Eye, we kill it before it duplicates and the boss casts another Empowered Eye immediately afterwards. He does this twice to us so there's 2 Eyes up before they even duplicate. This ends up wiping us since the healers go oom and the DPS used up all their CD's earlier. The eyes duplicate and we get overwhelmed. Just to clarify, the Eyes are NOT Duplicating, we are killing them or getting them low before they duplicate. It's Guldan casting the Empowered Eye of Guldan spell repeatedly within a short window, much faster than he normally does it. I hope this clears things up. Our GM believes this is a bug, can anyone tell me if this has happened before? I tried asking General chat in-game and only got abuse so i'm making this post.Devilcurse4 13 Mar
13 Mar Legendary and timewalking So it appears the cloak doesn't work in time walking which given its a pandaria legendary seems a bit amiss. The ring and it's epic version also seem to not work properly Has this changed for all time walking or just this one?Zyntyth6 13 Mar
13 Mar That Gul'dan quest just did gul'dan in lfr to complete the quest, after wiping 4 times I stuck with it and finally killed him on the 5th go, after the cut scene I did'nt realize the hand in for the quest was in the same area so more than happy to, I hearthed back to dala, flew to suramar thinking thats where the hand in was for, then learned of the rediculous npc location to finish this quest was, now I cant seem to get back....does this mean I need to torture myself with more lfr and kill him again?Dáisuke3 13 Mar
13 Mar Change your !@#$ty system for kicking Get into dungeon, get kicked before I've even loaded the screen AND I GET A DESERTER? WHAT?Thyx1 13 Mar
11 Mar Infinite timereaver Is there someway you can check how many times you've entered a timewalking dungeon/ check how many times you've killed timewalking bosses? Rarity doesn't count the boss kills when im killing the timewalking bosses for the MoP timewalking event, so I was wondering if there's another way to look how many times I've actually killed bosses/entered the timewalking dungeons. I've farmed the mount since it came out.Nëlla1 11 Mar
11 Mar Strong ranged dps class I need one :D Just got back, wanting a strong dps, preferably ranged.Shivkebab1 11 Mar
10 Mar World Quests in Raids Am I the only one that finds these incredibly annoying? Trying to do a fast clear and someone in the raid always pipes up about killing the stupid world quest mob. I wouldn't mind if it awarded raid loot, but its usually some crappy gold. They are pretty easy, but we even wiped once on one due to not expecting it (the one with two bosses that threw balls at people) and half the raid was being slow to catch up. I didn't mind last weeks, that was great, it was optional, need to click the portal to go to it. I like world quests in general, I can do them in my own time, but raid time is precious, we aren't the most stellar group and I would rather put my time into progression instead of silly gold reward quests. </rant>Syrala4 10 Mar
10 Mar Siege of Niuzao Staging Area Event So I was doing MoP timewalking today, but as it turns out, the staging area event in siege of niuzao temple has not inhereted the challenge mode gong (to spawn waves faster) which means if you have a decent group, you will sit there waiting for a rather long time - which is pretty boring! So my point is: In case a dev sees this, is there any chance we can get the challenge mode gong in timewalking/heroic mode? Pretty please? :)Rawrsco4 10 Mar
09 Mar MoP Timewalking: All members were suddenly kicked Here's the setup: - We're 3 guys from 3 different servers that all queue up together as dps. - We get into a group for Siege of Niuzao Temple, everything goes smoothly. - 2 or so pulls after the first boss, we're all kicked from the group at the same time. This is supported by the fact that the 2 other dps's I queued up with got removed at the same time as me, as well as the tank whispering me afterwards being mad that "he got removed without reason", to which I could only say that I felt the same way. Now this cannot have happened through ordinary kicking methods, so there must be some sort of bug going on, that should be looked into. I hope my description has helped you locate where the issue is.Musemåtten7 09 Mar
09 Mar Removed From Group at Last Boss 2 times I am not sure if this is a bug or not but I was removed from the group 2 times at pandaria timewalking dungeons. This happened in the boss fight when the boss was at 30%. Can you remove your healer in mid fight? The worst part is I can't even requeu after being removed for a while.Kutsál5 09 Mar