7.2 PTR General Discussion

4h FEEDBACK: 7.2 Mythic Keystone Dungeons Hi all, As mentioned in this week's PTR Development Notes, there are several changes to Mythic Keystone Dungeons now available for testing. We'd love to see any feedback you can give us regarding these changes, including the new dungeons, new and updated affixes, Artifact Power redistribution, and anything else you encounter that you feel is worth sharing. Note: There is currently a known issue with Upper Karazhan Keystones which is causing you to start the run in the wrong location. We'll get that fixed in an upcoming build, but for now, we're going to hotfix the door that requires Moroes' Keys to be open by default, so you can progress through the dungeon that way. Thanks!Lore22 4h
9h Raid Testing Schedule - March 24 On Friday, March 24, we will be conducting raid testing of Heroic Tomb of Sargeras bosses. Friday, March 24 Demonic Inquisition - Heroic Tomb of Sargeras 11:00 PST (14:00 EST, 20:00 CET) Maiden of Vigilance - Heroic Tomb of Sargeras 12:00 PST (15:00 EST, 21:00 CET) As always, this testing schedule is very fluid and subject to the realities of a PTR environment. We might have to change the time of a testing session, change the bosses being tested, or cancel a test entirely, due to bugs, server hardware issues, etc. Keep an eye on this forum for the latest information, and thank you in advance for testing and providing feedback. Q: How do I get into the raid zone? A: In Dalaran, Orgrimmar, or Stormwind, you may speak to Nexus-Lord Donjon Rade Sr. in order to teleport into the raid zone while it is open for testing. (The option to teleport into a zone will not be available when the zone is not open for testing.) Q: What character should I use to test the raid? A: Whichever you prefer. We will be scaling players' effective level to 110 for raid testing, and their item level to an appropriate threshold for the encounter(s) being tested. For 7.2 raid testing, we'll be granting players all the new 7.2 artifact traits IF players have done the quest to reveal those new traits. Complete the Broken Shore intro experience in order to access this quest. Q: How long does testing last? A: The primary purpose of testing is to give us the information we need to balance the encounters, evaluate how mechanics are playing out in practice, and identify bugs. Once we're satisfied that we've received that information for a given boss, we'll be shutting down testing. Usually this takes anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours, but there are no guarantees.Skordyn0 9h
16h 7.2 PTR Legendary Items Changes - 14 March Developers' notes: We’re adding a small amount of baseline throughput (~1.5-2%) to current non-throughput legendaries or legendaries that have throughput, but work very infrequently, especially against dungeon/raid bosses. All Classes All Specs Sephuz’s Secret Now always grants 10% increased movement speed and 3% Haste. When triggered, this bonus is increased to the current values of 70% movement speed and 25% Haste. 10% Base movement speed bonuses now stack with other movement speed bonuses. Death Knight/Paladin/Warrior All Specs Aggramar’s Stride Now has an additional 617 Critical Strike (@ ilvl 940) as a third bonus secondary stat. Now grants movement speed equal to 75% of your Haste, Critical Strike, Mastery, or Versatility, whichever is highest. Mage/Priest/Warlock All Specs Norgannon’s Foresight Now has an additional 617 Critical Strike (@ ilvl 940), as a third bonus secondary stat. Hunter/Shaman All Specs Roots of Shaladrassil Now has an additional 658 Critical Strike (@ ilvl 940), as a third bonus secondary stat. Death Knight All Specs Acherus Drapes Now has an additional 771 Mastery (@ ilvl 940), as a third bonus secondary stat. Blood Rattlegore Bone Legplates Now also increases Bone Shield’s damage reduction by 2%. Service of Gorefiend Now has an additional 1233 Leech (@ ilvl 940) as a bonus tertiary stat. Unholy Death March Now also increases Death Strike and Death Coil damage by 15%. Demon Hunter Havoc Achor, the Eternal Hunger Now has an additional 658 Mastery (@ ilvl 940) as a third bonus secondary stat. Loramus Thalipedes' Sacrifice Damage bonus now starts with the first target hit (was second target hit). Mo'arg Bionic Stabilizers Damage bonus now starts with the first target hit (was second target hit). Vengeance The Defiler's Lost Vambraces Now has an additional 539 Avoidance (@ ilvl 940) as a bonus tertiary stat. Druid All Specs Ekowraith, Creator of Worlds Now has an additional 658 Haste (@ ilvl 940) as a third bonus secondary stat. Balance Promise of Elune, the Moon Goddess Now also increases the damage of Solar Wrath and Lunar Strike by 8%. Feral Chatoyant Signet Now also increases your Energy regeneration by 5%. Fiery Red Maimers Now also causes your next Maim to cost no Energy. Guardian Oakheart's Puny Quods Barkskin instantly grants 45 Rage plus an additional 30 Rage (was 15 Rage) over 3 seconds. Restoration The Dark Titan's Advice Now also causes Lifebloom’s periodic healing to have a 5% chance to trigger the final healing effect. Tearstone of Elune Allies healed by your Wild Growth have a 15% (was 20%) chance to also gain Rejuvenation. X'oni's Caress Now also reduces Ironbark’s cooldown by 25%. Essence of Infusion Tranquility heals targets below 60% (was 50%) health for 60% (was 50%) more. Aman’thul’s Wisdom Redesigned. When your Rejuvenation heals a full health target, its duration is increased by 3 seconds, up to a maximum total increase of 15 seconds per cast. Hunter All Specs The Shadow Hunter's Voodoo Mask Now has an additional 658 Critical Strike (@ ilvl 940) as a third bonus secondary stat. Mage All Specs Belo’vir’s Final Stand Now has an additional 658 Mastery (@ ilvl 940) as a third bonus secondary stat. Fire Pyrotex Ignition Cloth Phoenix Flames reduces the remaining cooldown on Combustion by 9 seconds (was 6 seconds). Monk Mistweaver Eye of Collidus the Warp-Watcher Each time Soothing Mist heals, the absorb amount of your next Life Cocoon is increased by 3% (was 1%), stacking up to 50 times (was 100). Fixed a bug where the second Soothing Mist from Unison Spaulders did not grant a second stack of the buff. Ovyd's Winter Wrap Redesigned slightly. Each time Enveloping Mist heals, its healing bonus has a 50% chance to spread to an injured ally within 30 yards. Ei'thas, Lunar Glides of Eramas Redesigned. Uplifting Trance increases your Vivify healing by an additional 20% and causes it to heal 1 additional target. Windwalker Hidden Master's Forbidden Touch Now also increases Touch of Death’s damage by 40%. Katsuo's Eclipse Reduce the cost of Fists of Fury by 1 Chi (was 2 Chi). Drinking Horn Cover The duration of Storm, Earth, and Fire is increased by 0.4 seconds (was 0.6 seconds) for every Chi you spend. March of the Legion Now has an additional 641 Mastery (@ ilvl 940) as a third bonus secondary stat. Paladin Holy/Protection Uther’s Guard Now has an additional 797 Haste (@ ilvl 940) as a third bonus secondary stat. Holy Tyr's Hand of Faith Reduces the cooldown of Lay on Hands by 70% (was 60%). Protection Tyelca, Ferren Marcus's Stature Now also increases Avenger’s Shield’s damage by 20%. Retribution Aegisjalmur, the Armguards of Awe Now has an additional 617 Critical Strike (@ ilvl 940) as a third bonus secondary stat. Triggered Shield of Vengeance amount reduced from 200% to 100%. Priest Discipline Skjoldr, Sanctuary of Ivagont Now also increases Power Word: Shield’s absorb amount by 20%. Holy Muze’s Unwavering Will Health threshold reduced to 50% health (was 75%). Now also affects Flash Heal. Rammal's Ulterior Motive Healing bonus increased to 20% (was 15%). Shadow Zenk'aram, Iridi's Anadem Now also increases Voidform’s Shadow damage dealt bonus by 3%. Anund's Seared Shackles Each time Shadow Word: Pain and Vampiric Touch deal damage, your next Void Bolt gains 3% (was 4%) increased damage, stacking up to 50 times. Rogue All Specs Will of Valeera Now has an additional 658 Mastery (@ ilvl 940) as a third bonus secondary stat. Shaman Enhancement Akainu’s Absolute Justice Lava Lash deals 50% (was 30%) increased damage while your weapons are enhanced by both Flametongue and Frostbrand. Warlock All Specs Pillars of the Dark Portal Now has an additional 658 Haste (@ ilvl 940) as a third bonus secondary stat. Affliction Sacrolash's Dark Strike Now also increases Corruption’s damage by 15%. Warrior All Specs Timeless Strategem Now has an additional 719 Critical Strike (@ ilvl 940) as a third bonus secondary stat. Mannoroth's Bloodletting Manacles Now has an additional 771 Critical Strike (@ ilvl 940) as a third bonus secondary stat. Protection The Walls Fell Now also increases Shield Slam’s Rage generation by 2. Thundergod's Vigor Each enemy you hit with Thunder Clap reduces the remaining cooldown on Demoralizing Shout by 3 seconds (was 1 second). Kaivax92 16h
21h 7.2’s PvP With The Blues – Thur. 11:00 pm CET We’re going to take 7.2 Arena Skirmishes for another spin on the Public Test Realm, and you’re invited to join us! Several members of the World of Warcraft development, quality assurance, and community teams will be queuing for PvP Skirmishes starting at 11:00 p.m CET (3:00 p.m. Pacific time) on 23 March. If you’d like to join, simply log into the PTR and queue for a PvP Skirmish during that time. Blizzard employees will be identified in game by their guild (either <Blizzard Alliance> or <Blizzard Horde>). We’re looking forward to joining you in the Arenas for some testing pew pew pew!Kaivax4 21h
1d PTR Development Notes - Build 23753 This week’s PTR update contains mostly tuning changes, which include some of the mechanisms around the Broken Shore, but also a large round of adjustments to Legendary items. These adjustments are part of our overall goal to bring Legendaries more in line with each other in terms of value, particularly in how their benefits apply to your primary role (tanking, DPS, or healing). This first round of adjustments is not comprehensive - in fact, we’ve already made some additional changes since this build was put together, and we expect tuning to continue as part of an ongoing process. Still, we’d greatly appreciate your feedback on these changes, as well as on any other Legendaries that are still in need of tuning. We’ve created a separate thread here with more details on exactly what changes have been made. Thanks, and happy testing!Lore11 1d
2d FEEDBACK: New Artifact Traits Hello everyone! Now that the 7.2 PTR has the new Artifact traits available for testing, we'd love to hear your feedback. In this thread, we're specifically looking for feedback on the new traits themselves: the new 4-point, 1-point, and Golden traits. Please make sure to include what class and spec you're playing, and let us know what you like, what you don't like, and any other concerns you might have. Thanks!Lore96 2d
4d FEEDBACK: Class Mount Questlines Hi all, Now that the questlines to earn the 7.2 Class Mounts are available on the PTR, we'd like to hear any feedback you may have. How did you enjoy the quests? Did you encounter any bugs or issues? Thanks!Lore40 4d
5d FEEDBACK: Transmog Sets Well met! The upcoming PTR build that will be deployed this week will contain an almost-data-complete version of the Transmog Sets feature. We're still ironing out a good number of bugs (mostly relating to which items are displayed in any particular set), but by and large we feel like it's feature complete for 7.2. We're not going to add any more sets right now but we can always add more in the future. There is some time to do small modifications based on feedback, so we'd like to hear what you think about it in this thread! Log on to the PTR and visit the Sets tab in the upper left of the Appearances tab (Shift+P). You will see many sets for your class that you can collect! All of this data is based on what is in your transmog library, and the usual rules about what you can and can't collect apply here too. We also added some achievements and a title! Thanks!Lore21 5d
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1m 7.2 Enhancement Gear/Mechanic Feedback Hello, Myself and a number of other very long-time Enhancement players have been mulling over the current status quo of Enhancement in 7.1.5. We've come up with several major areas of concern that we'd like to address with the community as a whole. We all care deeply about Enhancement and want it to be the best it could possibly be, and as such we've identified and classified our feedback between Mechanical issues, and Equipment issues. Feedback in this post has been compiled from: ... Due to the length of the feedback, we chose to separate it into two shortened google documents that centre on one core issue each. These have been again divided up into areas that group together in terms of what they interact with. The ideal purpose of this post is to identify areas we think the spec is having problems. We'd like to highlight these problems for focus rather than our quick solutions proposed, as they are just there as a way to further reinforce the way the problem manifests and could be resolved. 1: Mechanics The first doc covers mechanical issues we suffer from and potential solutions to these issues are also presented here, broken down into 3 sections: ... 2: Gearing The second doc addresses gearing issues that could arise from Tier Bonuses, Relics and Legendaries: ... US Forum sister post: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20753567576#1 Whilst there is a lot of information there, we appreciate any time taken to consider these changes, and implore others to engage in this discussion up and yourselves especially to get the ball rolling and hopefully fix some of these issues. Thanks for reading - WordupWerdup59 1m
3m Spriest T20 and artifact trait opinion This Mindbender thing? Is it just a placeholder or actually going live? They can't just slap a dps and duration increase bumper sticker to a mindless blob pet and build the next tier around it. So. Boring. Coudn't they figure how to make, for example Void Torrent more impactful if they just wanted to increase our single-target dps? Giving a damage bonus for a finished Void Torrent channel, making Void Torrent recharge dots as an aoe component, making Void Torrent interract with dots making them tick faster and harder for the duration of it. Like there are plenty more intresting ways to affect our st dps than buffing a filler pet cd that gets cast with some interraction with PI anyways. It's fire and forget and the buffs to it don't change the fact it's a boring filler with no other interaction than PI. T19 bonus was fun and changed some things, T20 is a step back from that. Opinions? Discuss.Riivis1 3m
1h Elemental Shaman T20 Set Bonus Feedback My feedback for the t20 Set Bonuses Elemental Shaman Elemental t20 is not good right now, and here is why: They are reversing everything they accomplished with 7.1.5 (Making a stat build besides Crit/Haste viable, giving an alternative to Ascendance with Icefury, making Mastery great, making Fire Elemental not our main DMG source) With the t20 bonuses, it is clear, that Crit / Haste is our only viable build, together with Ascendance. More Haste -> more ticks on FS to reduce cooldown on fireelmental. More crit -> more crits on ticks to reduce cooldown on fireelemental More Haste / Crit -> stronger fireelemental, since thats the 2 stats it benefits from. Mastery is dead again. and its not only that. simply adding the active spells (not counting cooldowns) from both rotations: Crit / Haste build (Primal elementalist / Ascendance) Flameshock - Lavaburst - Earthshock - Lightningbolt Cirt / Mastery build (Elemental Blast / Icefury) Flameshock - Lavaburst - Earthshock - Lightningbolt - Icefury - Frostshock - Elemental Blast Do you really want to rob us of half of our skills? Please don't Elemental Shaman's rotation is in such a good spot right now and forcing a class into one specific talent build is just the worst thing you can do. Set Boni need to apply to all viable skill choices. Let me bring some suggestions( % values are just a rough estimation ) Lavaburst now has a 30% chance to grant one charge of Stormbringer passive (so the instant +200% Lightningbolt, but only 1x) Earthshock now grants 1 charge of Stormbringer passive (just as above, but 100%) After casting Earthshock your next Lightningbolt deals 100% additional DMG (so 600% DMG if Stormkeeper is active as well). Your (Flame-Frost-Earth)-Shocks can now benefit from 30% of your Mastery (maybe as a flat DMG, or even as Overload (not sure how this could work with Flameshock. Longer duration?) Elemental Focus now also increase Overload DMGto full 100%. (up from 86%) Elemental Focus now also increase Haste by 10%. When casting a spell of one school, the next spell of the same school deals 3% more dmg, stacking up to 3 times. Buff is lost once a spell from another school is cast.Zudoku3 1h
1h Sephuz buff- 3% haste is nothing Honestly blizz its like 300-500 haste, sephuz is still going to be the worst raiding legendary. The active cannot even be used in raids, unless there is constant interrupts (ie not many fights do this) I appreciate blizzards trying to balance it but just admit sephuz is going to be a bad raiding legendary until you give it like an on use damage boost.Lockvd17 1h
1h Follower Item Outline In 7.2 or in a later hotfix, can we also get followers' UI to show an outline for the items they equip? Like wheter its an epic (purple) or rare (blue) item is on them? That would be so helpful for tracking, that we wont have to check the tooltip everytime. Thanks ^^ !Nighteus0 1h
1h DPS player and legendaries. Reaction. I hope developers will read it. In Q&A you said you want excitement from legendaries that even simplest things can bring you such reaction. I would say it does, but not in the right way. 1) I've got belt and boots for feral and I am pretty happy with it. However, when I got them, my first and most impactful reaction was relief, cause I was really worried about getting utility legendaries, since I wish to get into mythic raiding. I don't know what about other people, but I felt mostly happy not because I got good legendary, but more for the fact that I didn't get the ones that do not increase my dps. It feels more like a dodging a bullet, rather than getting a nice surprise from the game. 2) I really enjoy Prydaz legendary, since it allows me to put extra bleeds by taking a bit of damage, but I still prefer to use my dps legendaries, since overall it gives more dps in the least risky way. In other words, there's really not much of a competition between utility and dps legendaries. Sad part, that I enjoy extra million hp every 30sec, but there's really no way I could use it instead of dps ones, unless I will be told so by raid leader (which is unlikely to happen). 3) despite the fact that I got good one (belt), I am still looking up for BiS legendary - human nature. That alone takes away bit from the excitement you were talking about so much. I am not here to give suggestions, since you have whole team for it that can do better than I. However, insight into player's reaction might help you with the directions you wish to take. Not everything is always the way we imagine it to be. Though, I gotta admit I am liking the idea of legendaries a lot (perhaps, it would've been different I wasn't that lucky). P.S. Players, if you wish, you can participate in this, but please restrain from just whining or telling what to do.Fenrÿr14 1h
2h making past effort obsolete to fast in 7.2 as it stands in 7.2 artifact knowledge will increase toover 100,000% at level 26 (1 level up from current 25) over 4x more ap gain than at level 25, and this will climb all the way up to a seriously crazy 55 million at artifact knowledge level 50. sadly i think these crazy increases create a serious problem that any effort i put into my character will become pretty near pointless a few weeks later. i mean i could have a week off work and say 50-100 dungeons for artifact power, but a month later gain all that power in 1 dungeon with the crazzy increases. while i'm aware that all effort eventually becomes pointless in wow charecter progression, normally if i get a good peice of gear from a raid boss, that will last me several months to the raid tier, and currently if i farmed dungeons right at the start of the year just after we hit 25 artifact knowledge i would feel that gain for months to come in my charecters power. right now i think past effort has to much effect to the point its very hard for any new charecters to catch up. sadly i believe in the next patch were going way to far in the other direction to the point that in terms of ap its really only the last 2-3 weeks that matter in terms of how many traits you have. i can see a situation where your one of the most activate players in your raid team in 7.2 putting in a lot of effort, have the most traits in your team, then due to real life reasons have to play a bit less for 2 weeks, and could probably basically go from most traits in your team to least traits in your team, and it just doesnt really feel good to see people that have done 1/5 as much content as you this patch be way ahead of you because they done more in the last 2-3 weeks. i really think this needs to be tonned down so that every 3weeks or so you dobule your ap gain i think this will create a nice balance so that effort of the past still matters for maybe 6-8 weeks, but after 4-6 months it means basically nothing. i think this would provide a lot nicer balance between time played, vs when you played.Ilkbailk13 2h
3h PvP: Season3 - Traits and cap etc Hello. Does anyone know what the "Traits" cap will be for Arenas\RBG\Battlegronunds etc? I think i read a month or two ago that the new cap will be 54 traits.. is this still the case after all the new info about new weapon traits ?Tertit4 3h
7h Feedback: Female blood elves and their weapon I saw some changes on PTR and I must say: it's not great. At all. Weapon is TOO big now - okay, swords and axes are rather good when armed but they look awful on character's back. And polearms? Bulky. Female blood elves always were graceful, and weapon looks on live are just perfect for them. Please, don't make weapon bigger on them, it ruins blood elf elegancy. Thanks.Ланналей145 7h
7h New Artifact questline? So this new artifact questline for unlocking the new traits in 7.2 - do u have to have the 'old' artifact questline finished before u can start this one? The old one seems to be ending out in mythic dungeons and normal+raids, that i know a lot of people mostly playing solo and/or not in guilds is gonna struggle to complete. I dont play on the ptr myself, so if anyone could shed some light on this, thanks.Rhoxina1 7h
7h Resto druid legendary shoulders interactions I've been testing the shoulders on the PTR, and how it interacts with haste. Right now the tooltip reads: "When your rejuv heals a full health target, its duration is increased by 3 seconds, up to a maximum of 15 sec per cast". After trying it out, it doens't work that way. For starters, casting a rejuv on a full health target instantly makes it extend to 20 seconds (+2 seconds) A Rejuv on a full health target with no haste at all (0%) lasts for 32 seconds (ticking to about 18 seconds and going back to 20 seconds). So it's extending by 2 secs, 4 times in a row (+2 sec from the initial cast) = 10 seconds, not 15 seconds A Rejuv on a full health target with 19% haste lasts for 30 seconds (ticking to like 17.6 seconds and going back to 20 seconds). So it's extending by 2.4 sec, 4 times in a row (+2 sec from the initial cast) = 11.6 seconds, not 15 seconds If I equip all the possible haste that I can (33%), the total rejuv lasts for about 28 seconds (ticking to about 18.4 seconds and going back to 20 seconds). So it's extending by 1.6 secs, 4 times in a row (+2 sec from the initial cast) = 8.4 seconds, not 15 seconds So the more haste I get, the worse the shoulders get. Shouldn't the proc only happen if there's 3 seconds to add to the rejuv? Not like it is right now? Is this intended? Why is the HOT extending faster at 19% haste, but slower than no haste at 33%?Vrocas0 7h
8h Maw of the Damned and Kil'jaeden Hey ! I wonder if there some interaction between Maw of the damned and Kil'jaeden in ToS Raid ? Since Kil'jaeden is the reason for creation of the weapon will be pity if blizzard ignore that.Vallsong0 8h
10h Addons & Friendly Nameplates in Patch 7.2 With Patch 7.2, we’re disabling the ability for addons to modify the appearance of friendly nameplates while inside dungeon and raid instances. While, for the most part, we’re impressed with -- and encourage -- the creativity that addon authors bring to the game using the addon API, occasionally an addon goes too far in terms of automating or trivializing elements of gameplay that are meant to be highly challenging. Recently, we’ve become aware of a couple addons that were using visual adjustments to friendly nameplates as a method to automatically coordinate complex positioning requirements. This caused what was intended to be a difficult test of a group’s ability to identify positioning requirements on the fly to instead become a simple matter of following a visual marker. In order to prevent this from continuing, we’ve had to disable the ability for addons to modify how friendly nameplates appear while inside of dungeon and raid instances. Nothing has changed outside of dungeons and raids – addons will still be able to customize the appearance of friendly nameplates everywhere else (most notably in PvP, where they’re most commonly used in ways we don’t consider problematic). We also don’t anticipate that addon authors will need to update their code to accommodate this change; customizations should simply stop working once a player zones into a raid, and start working again once they’ve left. However, if you’d like to double-check, this change should now be active in the current 7.2 PTR environment.Lore102 10h
10h Anduin Questline Has the anduin questline been removed? I tried to run it, but I can no longer find it. I'm talking about this questline: http://www.wowhead.com/news=261204/complete-preview-of-patch-7-2-anduin-wrynn-questsSawblaster0 10h
10h Feedback: Addons & Friendly Nameplates in 7.2 Short summary: Replace the lost functionality of addons allowing Name Only-mode with something new. Background: I've been raid leading as Restoration Shaman during Legion and it's been a blast. Stumbling upon KuiNameplates was one of the things that emphasized the already great experience that's been going on with the questing/stories in the zones, M+ and raiding. Reason: The visual presentation of character names/classes that KNP adds to my interface is not something that lessens the amount of choices I make as a player and raid leader. Instead it gives me, and lots of others, the ability to during the heat of the moment perceive who's standing beside me, who's currently running over to a marked area, who's out of place and who's attacking the add over in the corner. What happens is that I react to this information by talking to these players. I'm calling it out for the other healer to move slightly closer to my position, I'm asking the rogue to try and keep within the healing rain, and I'm telling the mage to stay away from the middle of the room while fighting Trilliax. She moves a bit and asks me "Is this okay?" Being able to see their avatars in this way opens up for a very enhanced way of working with them. Without it, instead of working as a team I might just try to move closer to the other healer myself even if it's less optimal, I might just place the Healing Rain in a spot where we preferably don't want our players to stand and finally I might just shout "Everybody stay away from the middle!" a couple of time each phase. The point here is: What KNP does for me during raids is to bring me closer to my fellow players and increases the entertainment I'm getting out of all the challenges you throw our way. Because the thing that keeps me playing WoW is the incredibly fun experience of playing together in a large group of people. The automation that happened during some bosses in Nighthold was breaking that great part of the game while the basic usage of the addon was doing the complete opposite. Please reconsider your solution! Suggestions: I'm not at all familiar with the underlying APIs and functionality at work that lets KNP do this for my interface. I've heard some and assume some more and with a disclaimer to keep that in mind I bring you these suggestions with the hope that you will read them and use them/parts of them or just be pointed in the right direction considering what the players want. 1. Just remove the anchoring of Friendly Nameplates - Simply make them bars/names that we can modify with addons to look the way we want them without opening up possibilities of cheating/automation. 2. Clone the current Friendly Nameplates into a third option that is Name Only Nameplates - Working the same way as Nameplates in screen space, add a third option like this that doesn't give the addon creators access to positioning information but accepts modifications to it's visuals. The font, colors/classcoloring, outline/shadow, position, etc. (The same thing could be done with the default Nameplates as well, but with bar size, bar texture, etc.) 3. Lock modification of Nameplates during combat or inside raids/dungeons - Just make it so changes can't happen on the fly with addons reacting to mechanics and changing the Nameplates. (I implore my fellow players to add suggestions in this thread so that I can expand this list.) Ps. I read an interview with some developer (I don't remember who it was) expressing that if feedback was conveyed in a useful manner rather than the usual ragefest, Blizzard employees usually at least give it a read and a consideration. I hope his statement was a truthful one!Mefengjin5 10h
13h That is already being used I found issue with various items when you can't use item, because "That is already being used". Usually it happens the following way: 1. You are getting close enough to item and cursor changes indicating that you can use the item. 2. You are clicking the item and getting message "You are too far away to loot that corpse". 3. You are getting closer and clicking again, and now you will get message "That is already being used". From now looks like item is locked, and every time you will get this message, until you relog. This issue happened to me several times with various objects and quest items. The easiest way to reproduce this issue is the quest "An ancient legend", where you have to take Scroll of Sorrow. Now this is impossible, because no matter how close you are to the scroll, you will always get message "You are too far away...", and then "That is already being used".Джолла0 13h
13h 7.2 pvp changes Healers gonna be god... - Players now deal 40% less damage to other players. - Players now have 25% less Stamina in PvP instances. - Players now have 20% more Agility, Intellect, and Strength in PvP instances. If those are final changes you cant kill healers in arena, you are nerfing damages to %60 × 1.2 = %72 and buffin heals to %100 x 1.2 = %120. This mean almost 2x more effective heal than current state. Am i missing something ???Solidari90 13h
17h Skinning problems Hello. I want ask why Blizzard still don't make any upgrade with skinning. We skinners have problems with peopel from draenor when people get loot from our mbos and don't loot them. And Blizzard still don't let us take skins from them. That mistake shoud be repair a years ago. But is still exist and make us no bot spamers in hard situation because we are trying farm skins in legal way. But system don't allow to do this.Plamcia0 17h
18h Blood DK t20 Feedback Blood T20 is so laughably bad that I took solace in the fact that they had to be placeholders. Now with the confirmation that this is not the case, I strongly recommend the developers to delete these set bonuses right now and go back to the drawing board. T20 cannot go live in the current state. Let's start with the 2p set. It heals us for 25% of the damage we deal with Blood Boil. We can compare it to the Blood Feast trait - a 1 point trait that heals us for 25% of the damage we deal with Heart Strike. On my most recent Mythic Krosus kill, Blood Feast amounted to a whopping 2.4% of my selfhealing. BB and HS damage output is quite close together on single target, BB being maybe 10% - 20% more damage done overall. This means that we can expect our 2p set to contribute maybe 3% of our selfhealing on single target using current numbers. Let's look at fights which have frequent multiple targets: M Aluriel and M Tichondrius. In fights such as these, it is not strange to see BB as your top damage ability. However, even then the numbers are far from impressive: Blood Feast healed me for 2.1% and 2.6% of my selfhealing for Aluriel and Tichondrius respectively. In these fights, BB did about 80% more damage than HS overall, but even if BB damage output would be double that of HS, the healing from this 2p set will be tiny. For the 2p set to compete with, for example, T19 2p, on single target it would have to heal for at least 50% of BB damage output, which leads to the next point: the set bonus does not scale nicely with content AT ALL. I have been looking at Mythic raid numbers for this comparison. If 2p set would be buffed to the point of being worthwhile in a Mythic raid environment, then it would be extremely strong in all easier content. This leads to a balancing nightmare which CANNOT be fixed by a simple numbers tuning. The 2p is in desperate need of a redesign. Now on to the 4p set: Blood Boil has a 25% chance to grant 3000 Versatility for 10 seconds. Depending on your Haste, you can expect about 10-11 BB casts per minute, or about 2.5-2.75 procs per minute. Let's compare it to the Suramar dungeon 2p set: Fortitude of the Nightborne. FotN gives 3300 Versatility for 15 seconds with approximately 1 proc per minute. Accounting for possible overlaps in the procs, we end up with 4p T20 having about 35% uptime vs 22% for FotN, but FotN is slightly stronger while it is active. Conclusion: 4p is stronger than the Suramar dungeon set... so all is well, right? Not exactly. The 4p is stronger than FotN, but not excessively so. Additionally it requires four set pieces and forces you into the rather awful 2p set. The point I am trying to make is that you would be better off with T19 2p and the Suramar dungeon 2p than with 4p T20. Not to mention 4p T19 which is even stronger. All of this analysis was purely from the viewpoint of survivability. When you add DPS into the mix, the problem becomes even more obvious. Blood DK DPS is already not great, and when we have to drop T19 2p and 4p, both of which are significant DPS increases, for a 2p set that does nothing for DPS and a 4p that is a very marginal DPS increase at best, it does not look appealing in the slightest. By the way, all of the tanks get additional DPS from their 7.2 traits except for Blood DK. If T20 goes live in the current state, I will not even bother rolling for the tier pieces when they drop. Please rethink T20 before it is too late.Thorlefulz1 18h
22h 7.2 Alt Killer? 7.2 has a lot of waiting/grinding features necessary for you to keep up. Doesn't this completely kill the idea of having multiple characters at max level?Lothalia3 22h
1d Please don't do the infinite trait! it is absolutely frustrating to not be able to complete the infinite trait. Please just let me complete the weapon, let me put the AP into my alternative weapons and once those are complete let me just mail the tokens to my alts. Stop with this infinite proc, no one wants this. Everyone i talk to says it's dumb (and they explain why). I stopped playing my offspecs, i don't play my alts in any serious way because of the AP farm. Just let me complete it and be done with it, i HATE having to farm for all of this. I want to do other things that isn't AP farm. Stop it.Gøkki71 1d
1d Are the tier sets final for tomb? Because the warrior 4 piece is absolutely disgusting imo, along with a couple other class bonuses. Do they want us to drop Frothing Berserker and start smashing raging blow 24/7? Arms is already antifun enough with slam + fr non stop which is the only reason why I went fury, why are they trying to force the playstyle here as well?Swagexe5 1d
1d Adjustments to Legendary Items in 7.2 In an upcoming PTR patch, you will see adjustments to a number of legendary items. These changes can be categorized into: Added throughput effects to legendaries with non-throughput bonuses, or only occasional throughput benefits.Example: Promise of Elune, the Moon Goddess (Balance Druid boots that grant a utility healing effect via casting Lunar Strike/Solar Wrath), will now also increase the damage of Lunar Strike and Solar Wrath by 8%. Added extra secondary stats to non-throughput legendaries where that makes more sense than to add throughput to the legendary effect itself.Example: Belo'vir's Final Stand (Mage chest that causes Blink to grant an absorb shield) now have an extra 3rd secondary stat. We don’t want to turn Blink into a rotational DPS button, so instead of adding an effect like “Blink also increases your damage dealt by X% for Y sec”, we’re adding an extra ~650 secondary stats to the item. Improvements to legendaries whose design isn’t working well in gameplay.This has been and will continue to be an ongoing effort, and we’ll be making such changes as time goes on, including after Patch 7.2. Numbers tuning to bring the throughput benefits of other legendaries more in line with each other.This has been and will also continue to be an ongoing effort. Legendaries have different use cases and we want their power level to be tuned with that in mind. Universal throughput legendaries - legendaries that increase output in most situations - should be good but not always the best in every situation. Situational throughput legendaries – legendaries that perform very well in the right situation - should be better than universal throughput legendaries in those situations, but then aren’t ideal in other situations. Non-throughput legendaries will soon include a small amount of consistent output through either an adjustment to their legendary effect or an extra 3rd secondary stat, and continue to provide their utility benefits. By narrowing the power gap between throughput legendaries and non-throughput legendaries, we’re hopeful that 1) the first two legendaries a character acquires will have some reliable throughput increase and 2) once you acquire more of them, you’ll feel more freedom to swap them around based on the situation.Seph70 1d
1d Undead spaulders Is it possible to fix this disgusting bug that makes the spaulders 1 yard above the shoulders. Thx blizzardUmirin24 1d
1d Diablo Infulence... .... is killing this game. 1. Endless grind 2. Broken legendary system Like in Diablo, and as far as we all know, Diablo is dead ;)Crazydonkey19 1d
1d Mythic dungeon finder its about time you added regular mythic to dungeon finder.....trying to get a group when people are looking for 870 for a simple mythic is frankly ridiculous. please make it happen for 7.2 at the very leastOneomaus9 1d
1d Question to players: wPvP I know from the Blizz PvP Q & A (Questions and Avoidance) they have removed plans to lower damage in real-world PvP encounters in 7.2. Can I just ask for those who play on PTR are we still in a position where most fights in wPvP last 2-5 seconds?MeneritA2ACD3 1d
1d Stop stacking RNG onto RNG RNG if you get a legendary, then RNG if its one of the few that are actually of any use. RNG to get a piece from the right boss of the mythic+ dungeon you're farming for, further RNG for it to be the right piece of gear, RNG for it to be high enough item level, and RNG for it to also get a socket / tertiaries. Stop doing that Remove titanforging and warforging Let us target loot from specific bosses in Mythic+ Remove the legendary system.Inqmagisch20 1d
1d Rogue mount 7.2 Loving the idea of a raven for our class mount the model is great minus the silly hat he wears but you missed a major opportunity to give outlaw a flying parrot Heres hoping we'll be able to stealth on our new class mount!Tobi1 1d
1d Char Logout bugging out Char select On latest PTR version (I presume RC version) each time I log out of character the character selection screen seems to bug out not displaying any characters and not being able to select any until I reload the realm or relaunch the game. Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this issue.Taurso0 1d
1d Copy character disabled? Can we pleas just get a notification or a blue post confirming, that this feature indeed is disabled? As far as we know, it could just be a bugSkythaxx4 1d
1d WW Monk Trait: Thunderfist. Tone down in PvP Thunderfist (Rank 1) Strike of the Windlord grants you a stack of Thunderfist for each enemy struck. Thuderfist discharges upon melee strikes, dealing [ 500% of AP ] Nature damage. This needs to be toned down in PvP, or we gonna have a big cry out on day one , when monks are will be hitting zoos with Strike of the Windlord and proceed to destroy a player ...Damaskinos2 1d
1d Honor carrying over From Legion season 1 to season 2, honor carried over and you could be max prestige in season 2 on day 1 if you had been playing enough PvP in season 1. Will the same be true from season 2 to season 3?Smoontjes2 1d
1d Character copies Has this been disabled for current build? Will it be working again? Or is it just my client?Cootie3 1d
2d Fire mage: About critical strike of Ignite Hello. What you think about return critical strike of Ignite, specialization Fire? Have a developers plan for return this?Вайзменион3 2d
2d 7.2 WW Monk Balance/Legendary Feedback This is a re-post from the US PTR discussion forum. Credit to Ampry-Dragonblight, The original can be found here: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20753407548 TLDR: Keep Katuo's reduction at only 1 chi, lower Fists of Fury Chi cost to 2 baseline and balance the ability's damage (and others) accordingly. Hello, This post is regarding the upcoming planned legendary tuning regarding Windwalker monks, how they affect class tuning and play style, and the direction WW monk is heading moving forward this expansion. The planned legendary changes are as follows: ... To preface: The largest problem WW faces this expansion is that many of our largest single target damage abilities are also our AOE abilities. This creates a balancing problem where our single target damage will inherently have to be among the lowest, else our AOE damage will exceed levels comparable with other classes. The nerfed legendaries, Katsuo's and Drinking Horn Cover, are among the few effective options we have to increase our single target damage throughput. Katsuo's smooths our rotation and allows the class much more flexibility in timing of abilities. The reduction in chi offers players choices in timing their abilities to maximize effect. The freeing of additional chi of course has an effect on damage throughput, but more importantly it affects the playability of the spec. Fitting in a Fists of the Fury during a Touch of Death window after resetting to 5 chi and using SotWL and Rising sun feels both rewarding to the player, and appropriate to the overall design of the spec. If the effective damage when using Katsuo's was lower than other legendaries, many Windwalkers would still use this legendary simply do to how much nicer the spec feels when using it. The intended effect of the legendary change is to reduce the importance of legendaries - My Suggestion: Keep Katuo's reduction at only 1 chi, lower Fists of Fury Chi cost to 2 baseline and balance the ability's damage (and others) accordingly. This solves multiple problems with both the legendary and the spec: -It lower's the importance of this legendary while maintaining the playstyle of 1 chi Fists -It allows Fists of Fury's damage to be lowered, giving us design room to increase our purely single target abilities such as Rising Sun Kick and Blackout Kick The change to Drinking Horn Cover has largely similar effects in reducing both our single target and AOE damage, however the issue is not nearly as large as the change is much more a numerical one rather than the large playstyle change the Katsuo nerf brings. Regarding the buff to Hidden Master's Forbidden Touch and March of the Legion: Both buffs achieve the goal of making them feel less useless in certain scenarios: -The buff to Hidden Master's gives it a minor increase in purely single target scenarios and may be a viable option in some encounters such as Botanist in NH. -The buff to March will make it feel slightly less bad if it is one of your only legendary choices but it will remain unused (if other options are available) outside of utility. I feel the changes are generally in the right direction, especially when my suggestion is taken into effect. The class will progress into a much healthier balanced direction with less focus on Fists of Fury for single target damage, while still maintaining the option of using Katuo's for purely play feel reasons.Kasumi10 2d
2d [Bug?] Buffs consumed on animation end Pre 7.x every ability that consumed a buff did so when the animation started, now it does so when the animation is finished. This is super annoying and I'm not sure it is intentional since it feels buggy/weird. Example: Old: Player gains Wrecking Ball Buff Player presses Whirlwind Whirlwind animation starts Buff Fades Whirlwind animation ends New: Player gains Wrecking Ball Buff Player presses Whirlwind Whirlwind animation starts Whirlwind animation ends Buff Fades It's not only Wrecking Ball but every other proc like Divine Purpose etc, that's why I assume it was a global change. Would love to see this reconsideredArcádia1 2d
2d Please update Arcane and frost visuals. Kinda sucks to use same since vanilla,i feel more like a frost mage in hearthstone or hots(jaina) where they have awesome frost visuals and audio.Arcane should get an update too,a lot of mobs in suramar have new arcane spells.Nephos6 2d
2d AK ranks in 7.2 ... this means we have to get 54 traits before we can unlock the new AK ranks? or just 35?Tertit2 2d
3d Big issue with 7.2 legendaries I just read that all spec legendaries count as a legendary for each of your 3 specs so you don't get the increased legendary chance per spec that they're adding in 7.2. Is this true, it can't be, can it? The all spec legendaries most of the time are the bad ones. So people who got one of the worthless all spec legendaries are not only at an unfair disadvantage compared to people with good legendaries in live, they're also going to get lower chances of other legendaries in other specs too. Please tell me blizzard has changed this and I'm just wasting my time posting this. I just got my 2nd all spec legendary and my 3rd bad legendary and my bad luck is really starting to show in my dps and healing compared to my friends.Zebabaru4 3d