Class Development

1d Upcoming Class & PvP Changes - Feb 22 With the next weekly maintenance, we're planning a large round of PvP tuning changes, as well as a few PvE buffs for Unholy. Please see below for the full list of changes that are currently planned. As always, this may not be the final list - additional tuning may be added or removed before these changes go live. Classes Death Knight Unholy Virulent Plague damage over time effect has been increased by 67%. Damage unchanged in PvP. Summon Gargoyle: Gargoyle Strike damage has been increased by 50%. Damage unchanged in PvP. Dark Arbiter: Val'kyr Strike damage has been increased by 16%. Damage unchanged in PvP. Player versus Player Death Knight Dark Simulacrum's cooldown has been reduced to 25 seconds (was 30 seconds). Blood Blood Death Knights no longer deal reduced damage in PvP situations (was a reduction of 10%). Unholy Crypt Fever's damage has been reduced by 15%. Druid Restoration Nourish now reduces the cast time of Healing Touch by 0.2 seconds (was 0.5 seconds). Nourish will now only apply Regrowth's heal over time effect (was both the initial heal and the heal over time effect). Abundance now reduces the cast time of Healing Touch by 5% per Rejuvenation active in PvP situations (was 10%). Fixed a bug that caused Nature's Essence to fail to heal on Wild Growths cast in PvP if the Druid had the Nourish or Overgrowth Honor Talents. Hunter Survival Caltrops now deals 20% less damage in PvP, and reduces movement speed by 50% (was 70% speed). PvP Template Agility has been reduced by 2.5%. Marksmanship Healing Shell now heals for its full value in PvP. Aimed Shot now deals an additional 5% damage in PvP situations. PvP Template Agility has been increased by 5%. PvP Template Haste has been reduced by 15%. PvP Template Mastery has been increased by 33%. PvP Template Armor has been increased by 20%. Beast Mastery PvP Template Agility has been increased by 5%. PvP Template Haste has been increased by 30%. PvP Template Versatility has been increased by 25%. PvP Template Mastery has been reduced by 25%. PvP Template Critical Strike has been reduced by 30%. PvP Template Armor has been increased by 20%. Mage Fire Cauterizing Blink's heal has been reduced by 33% in PvP situations. PvP Template Intellect and Stamina have been reduced by 5%. Paladin Holy Avenging Crusader once again ignores line of sight when healing. Avenging Crusader will now cause Judgment and Crusader Strike to heal even if their damage is absorbed. Fixed a bug that caused Spreading the Word to make Blessing of Freedom trigger Cleanse's cooldown. Retribution PvP Template Strength has been increased by 3%. Priest Discipline Inner Renewal now causes Power Word: Radiance to refund 25% of its mana cost when self-cast (was 50%). Rogue Assassination Fixed a bug that caused Deadly Brew's additional free Wound Poison effect to increase to Kingsbane's damage. Poison Bomb's damage has been reduced by 30% in PvP. Wound Poison's healing reduction effect has been reduced to 20% in PvP (24% with Master Poisoner). PvP Template Agility has been reduced by 5%. Shaman Elemental PvP Template Intellect and Stamina have been increased by 5%. Enhancement Stormstrike deals 20% less damage in PvP (was 15% less damage). PvP Template Agility has been increased by 10%. PvP Template Stamina has been increased by 5%. Restoration PvP Template Versatility has been increased by 30%. Warrior Arms PvP Template Strength and Stamina has been increased by 5%. PvP Template Armor has been increased by 10%. PvP Template Versatility has been increased by 17%. Fury Endless Rage now increases the duration of Enrage by 1 second (was 2 seconds). Warlock Destruction Chaos Bolt's damage has been increased by 25% in PvP situations. Reverse Entropy reduces the cast time of Chaos Bolt by 0.25 seconds in PvP situations (was 0.5 seconds). Backdraft reduces the cast time of Chaos Bolt and Incinerate by 15% in PvP situations (was 30%). Demonology PvP Template Intellect has been increased by 5%. PvP Template Haste has been increased by 50%. PvP Template Versatility has been reduced by 25%. PvP Template Mastery has been reduced by 25%. Lore64 1d
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3m Storm, Earth and Fire & Windwalker feedback EDIT: Awesome Windwalker feedback: There are still a lot of issues with this ability. I am not going to write a long post, so on to the issues: 1. Clones can be CCd (you're better of not using SeF it if this happens, since you're doing less damage) 2. Clones don't copy Fists of Fury if they were not up on the target at the time Fists of Fury was used (this makes it impossible to double tap SeF in to FoF, clones won't copy it at all, 3. Clones don't increase the damage of Eye of the Tiger, yet Serenity does 4. Storm, Earth and Fire double tap to focus is slow for PvP ( Hopefully all or most of these will be addressed as soon as possible.Quadmg15 3m
8m Range theory So as far as I can tell a casters range is limited to at most 40 yards for some spells and at minimum about 20 yards for the rest. Yet, a hunters range is further, 45 (correct me if I'm wrong). In a PvE situation when is this ever necessary? Hunters are using physical arrows, some with magic in them but the hunters themselves are not magic casters. A magic caster should arguably have the same range atleast, isn't magic better than physical arrows? If not, then why aren't the magic casters simply mastering in propulsion magic and launching physical arrows with their minds instead? My point is, I can't get close to a hunter and with the use of addons telling you your range from your target, they can ensure that I can't even cast an ability on them either by staying within that 45 yard distance from myself. They even have mitigating abilities to jump way back another 40+ yards to absolutely ensure I cannot cast a single ability at them. Is this a problem? I mean they can snipe me but I can't do anything about it, they're too far. That to me sounds like imbalance, I thought ranged classes were supposed to be adept in that department? Or is it that you just want them to have a much easier and stress free time playing the game? Infact they're probably laughing knowing that I can't do anything about getting close enough to them, I have to rely on them messing up or some CC to get close enough for a second. Can you take this into consideration and perhaps rethink your whole range system please? Atleast in PvP? It makes no real sense that: A) Melee never have to worry about me being far away from them, they have ranged abilities, a generous melee range so I can't escape anything and oodles of gap closers to absolutely make sure I cannot and willnot, no matter what, get out of their range. B) Hunters can snipe ranged folks from a greater distance than their targets are able to. C) PvE - It just doesn't make any sense, why would a hunter need to be further away from the boss than casters? It simply makes it much easier for them to escape, evade, dodge boss mechanics while casters like myself need to be closer and can only walk away to mitigate a mechanic rather than jump backwards and such. Please don't regard the demonic portal, this ability is something which can only be placed (casted) efficiently when one knows the boss mechanics well enough whilst a Hunter (and melee) can mitigate these mechanics on the fly even if they don't know the mechanics well enough. So it sounds like Warlocks need a heavy education on boss mechanics to be successful while other classes can pretty much just wing it.Abacabb3 8m
9m Resto shaman in 7.2 I can't stand people saying that we have the best cooldowns in game and so our hps must be lower than other healers, or that our hps counts the most becquse of our mastery and blablabla: the truth is that we have to choose some of our cooldowns from tiers, we don't have ancestral guidance or ascendance baseline, so why people continue to say that we are a cooldown reliant healer when paladins, for example, have more baseline cooldowns and more hps than us. If we must have lower hps, put ancestral guidance or ascendance baseline or give us baseline earth shield;Horgril0 9m
16m 7.2.5 & the State of Enhancement Shaman PvE Hey there, Myself and a number of other very long-time Enhancement players have been discussing the current state of Enhancement in 7.2, and already did post about it during the PTR leading up to this patch. This is more to re-iterate on what was already said to make sure it is still at the forefront going into 7.2.5, and its intended class balance changes. We've come up with several major areas of concern that we'd like to address with the community as a whole. We all care deeply about Enhancement and want it to be the most enjoyable it could possibly be. The main goal of this feedback is to identify areas we think the spec is struggling, not just in performance but in playability. Most importantly, We'd like you to focus on the problems instead of any proposed solutions. Feedback in this post has been compiled from: ... We've consolidated our feedback down to just identifying things we see as problems. Please see the following posts or if you'd like to save a copy, the google doc located here: US Forum sister post: I understand there's a lot to take in here and we sincerely appreciate any time taken to read our feedback. We'd like to open this discussion up to others to get the ball rolling and hopefully get the community more involved in helping to fix some of these issues. Thanks for reading - WordupWerdup78 16m
1h Affliction Warlock PVP talents. Hello there! I'm a 3000+ rated warlock who mostly plays pvp as affliction spec, so I'm mainly concerned about pvp. I'm creating this topic because, the new pvp talents that came with 7.1.5 were supposed to be equally good choices versus Endless Affliction and Amplify Affliction. However they still werent as good as EA and AA in their row. After their introduction they got nerfed by a lot, so basically they are as useless now as their predecessors. Tier 5: Soulshatter: Sounds good to have a personal bloodlust with a minute cooldown, however this totally kills all your dmg (it removes all of your dots), because the main dmg in pvp is 20 stack agony, which already takes like 25 seconds to stack up that high. Death's Embrace: Was good with the 100% dmg done, but ppl abused it with rot and decay 5 uas and it basically oneshotted ppl from 30%. However RaD is nerfed, so I don't get why this talent isn't reverted. Endless Affliction: Even tho casting UA feels unrewarding at all (even multipled ones), this is still the best overall spec. Tier 6: Curse of Shadows: The idea is interesting to have another curse to enhance our dot dmg, however our single target dmg is so low this isn't even a viable option. We'd need longer UA durations for this talent, and also even dps specs are just dispelling it. Rot and Decay: This mainly promotes a single target gameplay for affliction warlock in pvp, which is just simply unviable in the current meta/patch. Affliction ST dmg is really weak in pvp and it's just really easy to lock down the warlock. Amplify Affliction: This is just a must have for affliction warlocks. Right now I can't even imagine a situation when anyone would'nt pick this talent. This boosts our dmg at least by 30% or even more. The fast gcds are just must have to keep up all our REALLY SHORT duration dots. I'm not saying the new talents are totally useless, they are a step into the right direction, however they are still worse then EA and AA. I'm mainly concerned about going into 7.2 or 7.2.5 without getting any meaningful changes. I don't want Blizzard to make affliction really op, however I want some quality of life changes for pvp, because the spec right now just feels dull and plain boring. It just feels bad to cast UAs and you can barely feel the difference in the dmg. However without going into theorycrafting about the new PvP talents, I'd like to have: -UA dmg buffed slightly -Longer dot duration -Demon Skin 50% nerf reverted for affliction / soul link reintroduced to affli / 1 minute wall for affli too (we are one of the squishiest cloth casters, when we are supposed to be one of the tankiest). ((Hello firemages.)) Thanks for reading! Any constructive criticism is welcome. :)Atosy113 1h
2h Holy Priest. Top Mythic Progression in 7.2 Holy Priest Rebalance or How to make it viable and great again. Hello everyone. My name is T0oky and I play a healer on Exorsus raid team. Currently my main character is Holy Priest, and actually this is the reason why I came here to deliver my thoughts on how things are going at the very top level of mythic progression. Probably it is not a secret, that the very top guilds usually keep only 4-5 healers. These 4-5 people usually pick classes according to what they have seen on PTR, taking into consideration all the information they have about the next raid dungeon. The composition is usually being made for the entire dungeon, since there is a very little chance that you will HAVE TO change one healing class with another due to some reasons. After EN and ToV Devs said that the Class variety among healers was pretty good at the hardcore level. Now we can finally take a look at what classes top guilds, including mine, were using during Nighthold progression. Here u can take a glance at class variety among top 10 Western (since I can’t check what classes have been used by Asian guilds) guilds on Guldan. rShaman - 13 rDruid - 13 hPaladin - 11 Mistweaver - 2 hPriest - 1 As the result, we have a statistic that shows us that 3 healing specs are way more popular than others for hardcore progression. What is the reason? Probably people just don’t want to try out new specs like DC (not even presented here at all), Holy Priest of Mistweaver and it has nothing to do with balance?Тукер201 2h
2h Draught of souls for warriors What is really up with this trinket for this class? Doing some 15-20% of warriors damage on single target, trinket is clearly broken for warriors can you please fix this?Spacylane12 2h
3h Alternative fix to Legendaries. Just make their bonuses a passive talent like in Diablo 3. Once a player unlocks a Legendary, he can spend one point of talent on a passive ability from a list of abilities in the "Legendary Talents". The Legendary Item will be ilvl 940 but will not have a special ability and the player will only be able to equip two pieces and choose two "Legendary Talents" at any given times. To change the "Legendary Talents" the player will have to be in a rested area and not in combat, or use a tome, just like a normal talent. To aquire more choices of "Legendary Talents" the player will have to receive more Legendaries. Why is this a good change? first of all a player can spend a "Legendary Talent" point on an off-spec and have that available to the player. Secondly,the player will be able to choose the most desired trait he/she wishes to have(i believe this is Blizzard's vision, although they act quite differently from the "vision" they repeated over and over again) Third reason, it will eliminate any rage and anger towards Blizzard. Fourth reason, it will motivate players to play more in order to get the desired legendaries for the off-speccs.Justicer4 3h
3h Disc in 7.2.5 will be even harder Cross-posted from US, thanks to Åtonement from Frostmourne US Six days ago blizzard made a bluepost indicating that only 8 specs (MW, BrM, Outlaw, Sub, Destro, Havoc, Guardian) would be recieving major mechanical changes and all other specs would only receive minor changes. So then why have I woken up this morning to find that Discipline has been entirely reworked, and into a form that is incompatible with viable raid healing. Not only do these changes destroy Disc as a competitive raid spec at the high end, but they make it even more challenging for players already struggling with the spec, as I will explain later. Let's look at the changes:... Lets look at the Plea change. Plea, is now only 0.8% less base mana than Shadowmend, and yet heals for 525% spellpower less. In what universe do you think we will EVER want to use Plea with these changes? It's never going to be justifiable to use plea over Shadowmend for spot healing now, and extremely inefficent for applying atonements. Lets look at the PWR Change. PWR now has 2 charges at 15sec recharge, and applies 5 atonements at 50% less duration (7.5sec or 9sec with contrition). Sick, brought back the design from beta which didn't work. Remember when this didn't work for Mistweavers with ReM in MoP either? Under this, we can now only get 10 Atonements out from PWR. With the new mana cost of Plea, we are very unlikely to be able to spend the mana using Plea/SM and PWS to apply more than 5 atonements, so at absolute best we can only do a 15man burst every 30 seconds. This could be somewhat viable on bosses like Krosus with very very fixed damage patterns, however even on Krosus, you would ONLY be able to cover the slams (which happen at exactly 30sec intervals). No orbs, no swirlys, just slams. That should give anyone who's play disc some idea of just how restrictive this new system is. Furthermore these changes will make it even harder to play disc than it already is. If by some miracle disc remains even remotely competitive, then it is going to be even harder for people to play it well. Where before people learning the spec only had to deal with being aware of boss timers and then chain casting PWR before the damage, now they have the added restriction of a very limited charge system, meaning if they let their recharges fall slighly behind the timers, or use a charge at a bad time, then they're left unable to do ANYTHING when the main damaging mechanics happen, and not only that but due to the half duration of PWR, they won't even have any Atonements left up if they do use PWR at bad time. For these changes to be even remotely viable, you'll need to do several of the following: Significantly reduce Plea's mana cost (2% base mana is far too high to ever use it) Decrease the recharge timer for PWR (15 seconds is far too infrequent) Increase the charges of PWR (however even this is still too restrictive with a 15sec recharge) Allow PWR to give full duration Give us an Archangel style ability to refresh current Atonements (Like MW could refresh ReM with TFT in MoP/WoD) I think I'll leave it with this: Blizzard not only have you made the spec even WORSE for beginners and those already struggling with it, you've made it nonviable for the players who had made it work. Even the very best Disc players like Joshpriest of Method have said they will have to reroll if these changes go though.Atloreian77 3h
5h [PvP] Assassination Rogue 7.2.5 This Feedback is for Instanced PvP Only (Stat Templates). NOT PvE or World PvP. The current live state of Assassination Rogues in Instanced PvP is utterly pathetic. The damage is mediocre & far below many other DPS classes. The 60% agility reduction in PvP is really too much and it's been like this for the entire Season 3. While on the other hand, Unholy DKs, Warriors and Demon Hunters run rampart doing thrice our damage even with Vendetta up. The devs seriously need to look into this. I'll say this again, the only thing that made Assassination Rogues OP in the past was 'Wound Poison'. The nerf to wound poison was sufficient, but you guys went further and nerfed the overall Agility + Poison bomb damage too. Please Rework assassination rogues in PvP & give us back our damage.Xaero1 5h
6h Marskmanship needs 8% buff. With 7.2 being up for some time it is clear that the Marksman Hunters drew the short stick again. Not only we were given only 2/3 DPS traits, but our [Unerring Arrows] was butchered to a point, where it became just another AP dump in order to progress towards [Cyclonic Burst]. Add that to the low mobility of the spec and constant stealth nerfs to our good traits, MM became one of the least disirable specializations to play, which is really unfortunate, since the majority of Hunters were aiming for it at the start of Legion. When MM was underwhelming at the start of 7.1.5, Blizzard made a hotfix, that gave Hunters 8% damage buff to every spell. With the current Nighthold standings: (75%) (90%) I would say another 8% hotfix is needed so that the spec doesn't rot until we wait for 7.2.5. Edit: 4% buff is decent, it can patch us up until 7.2.5.Ressist11 6h
8h Rogue Rogue in pvpis way to low compare with other class even we have more cc we have so less damage and defence is realy bad playing as a rogue hope you guys wake up and look a bit on rogueEruon2 8h
11h Fury Warrior concerns Charging into (pun intended) patch 7.2.5 and with it the opening of Tomb of Sargeras, I am concerned mainly about the following: - Convergence of fates & Draught of Souls represent an unhealthy chunk of our damage done during encounters. - We will soon be forced back into the basic, non-tier duration of enrage when it is activated. With this in mind, I think that without any changes made before patch launch, fury warriors will go back to being as underwhelming as they were before the Nighthold. I hope that my fellow Fury Warriors share these concerns and i genuinely hope that these concerns would be addressed before too long. I'm liking the Arms changes so far, but would really love to see Fury getting a similar treatment, as I do dearly hope that getting us stuck in fishing titanforged gear from the previous tier is not what the devs had in mind. Please do share your thoughts on this matter, fellow Warriors!Crucifíxus0 11h
11h Worgen animation on mount??? What? :DЕрмаклич2 11h
13h Shadow in 7.2.5 & beyond Hello everyone, We of the HowToPriest staff have decided to write a large feedback document in order to display some of the problems we foresee shadow could have in the future - not just concerns about numbers, but also about some gameplay issues as we see them. The purpose of this document is to instigate discussion regarding shadow going forward in Legion. As such, feel free to post your own thoughts on whatever subject pertaining to shadow in either the EU or US thread for this document as long as it’s done in a constructive manner. Disclaimer beforehand that our point of view is mainly that of a raider’s, but we also briefly mention dungeons here and there. A brief summary of what we write about in the document (we urge people to read the full document for more in depth explanation though!): Shadow’s strengths are well defined, and if fights are well suited to our strengths then we look good during progression, but our talents don’t offer us any good means to specialize in areas beyond what we are already strong at. This is because we basically have one set in stone talent build for all situations, and quite a few of the talents we use are good at everything. This means that the talents that aren’t as versatile are left in the dust, and even in their niche they don’t necessarily outperform the more versatile talents. The three talents that we currently consider to be too good are Twist of Fate, Lingering Insanity and Power Infusion. Beyond these three talents being really good numerically right now, they also feel like an integral part of the shadow playstyle and fantasy. Giving up these talents feels bad in a lot of cases for that reason. Simply nerfing the talents that are currently picked all the time is too short sighted, as the reasons for not picking other talents don’t just boil down to the other talents being too weak. Mind Sear’s Shadow Word: Pain requirement makes little sense on top of adding frustration and extra set up to what is already a boring and unrewarding AoE rotation. The playstyle that The Twins’ Painful Touch forces you into in order to benefit from it optimally is silly, unintuitive and very unfriendly to newer players. Spamming our dots instead of Mind Flay doesn’t seem like an intended way to benefit from an already niche legendary. Future changes to shadow seem like they’re overshadowed by the existence of Surrender to Madness. It feels like the safe route is chosen in order to minimize the opportunity that Surrender to Madness becomes a thing again. Examples of that suspicion include our new traits Fiending Dark and Lash of Insanity, and also our (as of right now) T20 set bonuses. All three of these affect our guardians in some way or another, and they have no further synergy with anything else in our kit. Shadowfiend is a boring cooldown that you press every 3 minutes without it giving us feedback that it’s doing anything in any way, nor does it synergize with anything else in our kit. The damage it does is also mediocre compared to a lot of other 3 minute cooldowns. Our T20 set bonuses are boring because they do nothing but give us more and stronger Shadowfiend/Mindbender casts over the course of a fight. Therefore, the set bonuses do nothing to make our boring cooldown any more exciting. In terms of damage, Shadowfiend also scales way better with both Fiending Dark and T20 than Mindbender does, especially if you take into consideration that you lose Power Infusion by picking Mindbender. Legendary imbalance is also a concern here.The full document in question can be read here: US thread: Thanks in advance for reading!Isentropy61 13h
14h Unholy 7.2.5 I really love the pre-patch buff we got and the new traits especially black claws and lash of shadows i feel much more relaxed and enjoy raids and dungeons more. But i still feel like there are some things that needs to be discussed and changed. I did read something about increasing the cost/damage of DC which is really good since I'm allmost allways maxed on runic power. I agree that this change is a damage increase because we get to use our runic power that otherwise is thrown away. But changing DC also effects the necrosis build, Runic Corruption and Scourge of Worlds trait so here is an example what i think could improve our game play: * Scourge of Worlds duration increased to 12 seconds or changed to a X% flat damage increase. *Necrosis - Increase duration to 10 seconds or make it have 2 "charges" to your next ST/CS. Because we wont be able to use DC in today's gameplay and i don't want to have a talent that will be destroyed, options for different build is very important. * Runic Corruption duration extended/% chance to trigger increased. Please have a look at "Unholy Frenzy" talent it breaks my heart that this talent is broken. Give it a X % haste buff too or increase the attack speed with X, anything that makes people want to choose this talent and build. * All Will Serve, you need to make this talent stronger EF/BS is allways better in any circumstances. Please increase the minions damage or add something that challenge's the other 2 talents. Allright and the last thing i would love to see changed is Dark Arbiter, why? She does not start to attack from the point she is summoned but instead moves to range and sometimes takes some extra seconds to attack (bugged?). I know you gave her a DPS increase but honestly making her more smooth and agile would have been enough. Sindragosa VS the wrath of the Val'kyr! 0 Runic Power, plus X per second Instant X min cooldown Requires Death Knight (Unholy) Requires level 100 Continuously deal (X% of Attack power) Shadow damage every 1 sec to an enemy. The Val'kyr will continue attacking the target until your Runic Power is exhausted or you cancel the effect. Yeha suck on that... and devs, please reconsider T20 2p making the ghoul explode removes the melee damage and the golden trait buffs. And there is nothing cool about it. You know what would be cool? Death Coil has a 15% chance to raise a ghoul to fight for. The ghoul should just be a normal one with same duration as the Apocalypse, damage and the buff apply. Suffer Well!Morianah7 14h
17h Feedback Demo locks current/7.2.5 & beyond In light of the big changes to destro and affliction for 7.2.5 i'm compelled to add my feedback in hopes of getting some big changes for demo too since it's the spec that needs the most attention compared to the other 2 warlock specs. Warlock Lore With the changes for demo for legion I feel that the class fantasy has completely missed the mark, Demonology is the study of demons to know their strengths and weakness so we can use it against them and to bound strong demons to our will. So our spellbook should consist of demon spells, strong versions of demons exclusive to demo spec and bonus damage to demons The current implemention doesn't fit our class fantasy at all, summoning waves of minions fit the play style of a necromancer. While i do agree that a big portion of our dps should come from our pets but the waves of imps and dreadstalkers doesn't fit, where as we should be summoning imp mothers or houndmasters and they summon the waves of imps/dreadstalkers. With our campaign of taking over the dreadscar which is not only a legion stronghold but a legion library which means we will have a greater understanding of the legion and their demons and magics so we should be able to summon bigger demons like pitlords, fel lords, dreadlords etc. When we bound the eredar twins to our will and make them a follower it felt like they should of been a demo spell Mechanics Lifetap:-In the past lifetap was our biggest strength, where other class had to deal with mana, warlocks didn't. Now this biggest strength has turn into our greatest weakness especially for demo and it really needs to be addressed, Demo has alot of cast times and GCDs to manage and it eats through our mana alot which causes us to Lifetap more often then our other counterparts (destro/aff) and it's even worse during heroism/timewarp phases. Demo is the only spec that doesn't have improve lifetap and not only that lifetap no longer fits into our class fantasy anymore and it feels like a affliction only spell. Consider replacing our mana bar for Demon fury like we used to do when we had meta (including the cosmetic wings when we built up enough fury) but instead of us burning it with meta since we don't have it anymore maybe work it similar to Shadow priest's surrender to madness but instead of death upon reaching 0 we lose a powerful demon/buff etc Demonic Empowerment:- It's no secret no one likes it but it's needs addressing, I get the idea behind but the current inplementation of it it's just not working, especially when we get into Nighthold because we cast it just as much or more times then shadow/demonbolt. Consider making it a selfcast aura or a straight up passive so it lessen our need to cast it cause at the moment we cast it so much that's it's a hinder than a buff. General movement during fights:- A big issue for demo, with all the GCDs the cast times and the cast times having cast times and the ramp up time kinda makes us a stationary turrent, but when we are forced to move our dps take a big spike drop and we have to start all over again. When i got my 4set from nighthold i felt like it helped with high movement fights. Consider making the 4 set permanent and extending it to our imps Ramp up time:- Again a big issue, it's not great since when we reach our peak its less or equal other dps specs who don't have a ramp up and when doing mythic's and heroics it makes us feel completely useless since everything dies so fast and makes us look bad and it's very disheartening. Rotation:- Our dps isn't that great but it's also not that bad either it's average. I played pretty much every class and spec and come to the conclusion that Demo has the most complex rotations in the game, with the rotation itself plus manage timings and CDs so we have to maximise when to use our Artifact ability then having to deal with movements with our rotation. This is very disheartening but also makes us feel pressured to switch to destro/aff or class swap to mages whom not only they out perform demo better but they need signifcantly less effort to do it and without having to deal with ramp up times eitherProssy3 17h
18h Sub rogues 7.2.5 Does anyone know when 7.2.5 has it's official release? an estimate? Can't wait to actually play my spec without getting seizures.. Current design is horrible, they ruined the perfect/most defined melee spec through out WoW's history! if they are bringing back the things that they have stated, the spec would be amazing again. And please remove Backstab/Gloomblade and bring back Hemorrhage (Minor bleed/combo point builder) so we actually have a button outside of dance, I have never used Backstab/Gloomblade once in Legion, sub is way to one dimensional and I cant wait to get ambush/dance back!Shreddedcønt6 18h
20h Can we Fix Thorns Already (DK Edition) [Thorns] Sprout thorns for 12 sec on the friendly target. When victim to melee attacks, thorns deals Nature damage equal to 5% of the attackers total health. Attackers also have their movement speed reduced by 50% for 4 sec. All Abilities/spells Below has nothing to do with melee attacks yet they trigger Thorns dmg, When thorns is active on target. ( all things below been like that since beta still not fixed, i tried so many time just no respond at all and its game changing in some matches) [Howling Blast] it trigger thorns also the aoe part of it trigger thorns. [Clawing Shadows] trigger Throns [Outbreak] the 6 second debuff that apply the disease to nearby enemies. That debuff trigger thorn every 1 sec for 6 second. 5 X 6 = 30% hp if i druid use thorn during [Outbreak]. I personally died so much from this. which is really frustrating.Rotar18 20h
21h Discipline priest needs a massive nerf So, disc got a +healing% buff with the 7.2 artifact weapon change and on top of that +60% absorb. Checking warcraftlogs for mythic boss healing: Resto Druid on top (RDruid brings 0 utility and basically no damage) Resto Shaman at the bottom (RShaman brings utility which is becoming more and more obsolete thanks to new holy pally & discipline artifact traits) Disci Priest coming right after RDruid, like RIGHT AFTER in terms of pure healing - meanwhile Disci Priest brings big utility now thanks to the ridiculous +60% absorb buff (just pull CD and spam shield on 2/3 of the group) and on top of that Disc brings above 200k dps (which is no number to laugh at)... so, what gives? Disc was in a fine place, but now it's overpowered, bringing good utility, extremely exceptional damage for a healer and TOP healing. The only reason I can think of for why disc priest received these unneeded buffs is that so many people whined about disc healing being low, but now it's at a ridiculous spot where it shouldn't be, unless you want to make pure healers with bad to no utility/dps a less likely pick. Too bad if bad players couldn't play disc priest properly, then they should've rerolled. It's just sad to see that Blizz is giving in to constant whining and buffing a class from great in the hands of a good player to ridiculous in the hands of a good player. TL;DR Disc needs a nerf asap. A class with that kind of utility and dps shouldn't be anywhere near the top of healing boards.Kagetsu25 21h
22h [Change Request] Monk WW Wish List Hi, I will update this post with changes I would like to see for the WW Monk: Hit Combo should not delete all stacks after one non combo attack Mark of the Crane should spread to an additional target if the current target already has oneMore detailed: Hit Combo feels clunky and old in it's current form. It shouldn't vanish when not using combo attacks only once. It should just get no stack but keep running for the rest it's duration. That would allow the monk to be a little bit more flexible with the skills he uses. It still generates the ramp up mechanic and will vanish between fights. Please let Tigerclaw, Blackout-Kick and Kick of the Rising Sun apply a Mark of the Crane to an enemy nearby if the current target already has Mark of the Crane on it. I don't like target swapping and I'm pretty sure most players don't like it too.Qizhongji3 22h
22h [7.2] Balance Druid: Feedback Mirror of Cyous' post on the US forums: ...Gebuz25 22h
23h Disc Suggestions Hello everyone, we at the HowToPriest community have drafted up a couple of ideas in response to the latest PTR build as a way of meeting Blizzard at a mid-way point. I'd like you guys to support these as it would be healthier for the spec while addressing the issues Blizzard brought up about it over here: Community Disc Changes | 7.2.5 (instead of 7.2.5 PTR changes) - Make Plea have a flat mana cost (2-3%) but make Atonement's applied with Plea provide an additional X% amount of healing. -- This fixes Plea mana cost being clumsy and makes the spell usable regardless of # of Atonements in the raid -- This makes Plea valuable, at least closer to the value of PWR -- This makes our healing with lower Atonements better. Community Proposed Disc Changes | 7.2.5 (removing or adding to 7.2.5 proposed changes) - Faster recharge on PWR (12 seconds or less, or instant). This would make it balanced with other healers AoE spells. - Have haste reduce the CD on PWR like it does with PWS. - Adjust Plea cost to still scale from 1-6 Atonements, but cap at a flat percent after . - Make Shadowfiend not require a high Atonement count (or require Atonement at all) to be optimal as a raid healing CD. - Make Barrier of the Devoted to apply Atonements instead (similar to Ne'ro) - Maybe add a talent choice or spell that works like Flourish and extends the duration of active Atonements to allow us to AoE heal on longer, heavier damage encounters like M Elisande. Many thanks go out to Sups, Josh, Atonement and others within the community for putting these together.Atloreian22 23h
23h MW Monks and Mythic Raiding Hello all, hope everyone is well. I made a post in the 7.1.5 PTR forums when they first went up about the state of our spec and there was a lot of relevant, well communicated discussion going on in there. After conversing frequently with a Blizzard CM recently (thanks for your time, effort and responses, it is majorly appreciated. I didn't want to mention you by name as I didn't think it my place to do so) I have decided to write up a more in depth thread that hopefully is better written and easier to read. I'd like to start off by saying that I genuinely love playing the Monk class and I have thoroughly enjoyed the direction that Mistweaver has taken in Legion in regards to being a pure healing spec. I'm not one of the top Mistweavers in the world by any stretch of the imagination, but I love playing this class and progression raiding. I've mained a riad healer since Vanilla (R.Shaman > Holy Paladin > Holy Priest > R.Shaman > MW Monk) and have exclusively played a R.Druid in PvP since TBC. I welcome all kinds of feedback and discussion to this post and encourage any MW who plays the class frequently to share their experience with the community, but please keep it on topic and most importantly of all, keep it civil. I also wish to add that I will be covering a wide range of 'issues' that have been talked about in my previous thread on the PTR forums and from various sources such as the Monk Discord channel, other WoW Forums (reddit, MMO-Champ, monk blogs, etc). As I stated in the last post I made, please do not take what I have said as 'Fix all of these issues' That would be absolutely insane. I would simply like to draw attention to things that myself and many in the MW community have issue with, which we feel jeopardises our position in mythic raids, especially progression and hampers our class. Table of contents : 1. Sheilun, Staff of Mists 2. Talents 3. Our Toolkit 4. Mana consumption 5. Legendaries 6. Proposed 7.2 changesAernoth348 23h
1d Massive rogue bug in world PvP ???????Hjarta2 1d
1d Loud neighbors in hunter order hall When I stand next to the map trying to set up missions in my hunter's class order hall, the sounds of the NPCs shooting at training dummies outside is unbearable. THE SOUNDS ARE EXTREMELY LOUD! Like this: The walls of the hunter class order hall really could use some soundproofing.Ruchan1 1d
1d WW is the worst melee spec atm (pve+pvp) Can we get some more nerfs please? Since im apparently masochistic for putting double the effort and still being the worst ST target class in the game while being close to bottom dps overall... Better buff mages again! Bonus random monk tears: Press one button twice by mistake or due to lag.. ops you just lost 30k dps in an instant. Thx obam.. hit combo!Zundofu9 1d
1d UI Improvements NEEDED This game would look so much more epic if its default UI was less cluttered and nicer in design. Lacks creativity and life. The Menus shouldn't be constantly visible, the UI is stale and fails to provide any dynamic function while it continues to look as old as it is. I cannot think of a reason as to why UI addons are still necessary to make this game playable for the majority of the players. P.S. The Quest logs suck as well. No offence Blizzard <3 (This is all just based on my opinion and I'm sorry if the post is in the wrong place)Baracus1 1d
1d more pets in PVP please More pets in PVP /player vs player/ please......Freezemaho1 1d
1d [Change Request] Monk, Mark of the Krane Moved to: 1d
1d Prune in pvp Okay, so let's settle this once and for all. The prune ruined pvp, it ruined class fantasy, it ruined spec survivability, it ruined alot of specializations, such as balance druid, shadow priest, destruction warlock etc. They are good in 3v3 with a "HEALER", sure. But that's not what im trying to say, what im trying to say is that the specializations are useless on their own when it comes to anything else than 3v3. example: nature's vigil, heart of the wild, treants root, good heals, rejuvenation/healign touch?, ember tap. the removal of these abilites literally destroyed destruction and balance druid in pvp! Also...The new frenzied regeneration mechanics is bad for the game, and useless for boomkins. Here's an exmaple of how balance druid is ATM, when it comes to 1v1 2v2 or anything else situation: example: You got no rejuvenation/healing touch/ cenarion ward or nature's vigil, so balance druid is really bad in 1v1/dps vs dps situations, the heals are not worth using, + it pulls oyu out of moonkin form. Frenzied regenration makes you have to go bear form, and that doesn't make you do any dmg, so basically that just gives u liek 5 seconds of taking almost no dmg, when you use frenzied regeneration. how to fix: Add cenarion ward, rejuvenation and healing touch, 1 instant root, and vortex as baseline for balance druids, make rejuvenation and cenarion ward not pull you out of moonkin form. Remove frenzied regenration. reduce some of the armor of moonkin form, and give us less dmg taken baseline. PS: this will make boomkin descent in 3v3 and pvp situations, not Overpowered at all.Mezonology0 1d
2d [Feral] Racial disbalance of DPS (Feedback) All other specs of other classes have necessary DPS differences between races around 0.1-0.7%, some differences around 1%. But feral in same gear for different race have differences around 5% DPS!!! That happen because Night Elves use Shadowmeld for increase Rake DPS on 100%. If all other races use +100% Rake only once on start of fight with one buff bloodtalons, NL use addition Rakes in middle of fight with buffs tigers_fury, savage_roar and plus +30% of duration. For the whole fight this trick can add for Rake +15% bonus damage. I have next proposal: Disable bonus dps from Shadowmeld, and will be good increase base damage of Rake on 15%, for compensation and for unchanged class balance. This unchanged DPS for Night Elves, and all other race will feeling same like Night Elves compare to other classes. It's maybe not big problem if play for worgen, pay money and get your 5% DPS(sound like donate). But when you played for Horde you need also change fraction, guild, friends! Thanks for understanding, and hope it will resolved. Added link for comparison DSP in result of Simcraft with same gear for etch Feral race. PS: Race of my feral is troll.Sdfhhe9 2d
2d Shamans need some love in PvP Enjoy the shaman class? Enjoy pvp? Welll... DONT DO IT! Just do not play shaman in pvp, unless; - there are a lot of pillars around (go resto) - you enjoy getting kited around, - stunned to death, - 100 to 0 by for example an demon hunter or ww monk - enjoy feeling helpless tickeling the enemy while you die over and over again. To be fair the above is obviously spoken from a place of frustration but it does have its origin in truth. Apart from this I do want to point out that this is such a great game and Blizzard make such great content, I obviously do not hate all of it otherwise I would not play it so much or have been for so long. But the current status of shamans in pvp just makes me want to cry and afk. This is the only class I actually enjoy playing all 3 specs and in pve it is all good. I play elemental in pve and am no2 dps in the guild 10/10 HC NH. For PvP I play mostly enhancement/resto. Now the reason why I am so upset is because I care about balance and making sure everybody can enjoy their beloved classes in general, it is all about having a good time. Getting killed by a better player is all good, it points out areas where I need to improve. But that is hard to do when before you even realize what is going on you find yourself around 30%ish HP and you aint even got started, cus it does take a shaman a tat longer to get rolling but more on that later. So that beeing said in my eyes the main problem is survivability, damage is good! Getting to an enemy as enhancement makes it impossible to do any of it however. Same goes for elemental, it is so hard to get a good streak of casts off against melee, we spend more time running away and looking for a healer. To many of our abilities are easy to counter, our stun totem is a great example. We have no point and click stun like so many other classes out there (pally, demon hunter, warriors etc). We have no real way of getting out of a sticky situation, and I mean really out of it. Of course you can place an earthgrab totem, ghost wolf and gust of wind but even this is not enough most of the times. And besides as a dps spec we need to do dps, so staying alive long enough in order to contribute to a fight would be lovely. Please give this amazing class some love, just go out and pvp as a shaman and feel how useless this current state feels, just because everybody else have so much more (reliable) ways of closing distance and survive an onslaught of attacks. I do not wish to become OP and I do not mind working for it, just give me a fair fighting chance. For example; - a point and click stun that cannot be avoided by simply moving away from it, - give lava burst proc's back in pvp, just make sure you cannot get more than 2 every 10-15 seconds or so (whatever is fair) - increase duration of hex, 7 seconds while the enemy can close the distance is just silly, - make astral shift include immunity to or decrease the duration of cc effects aswell, - give us less spells, combine a few like flametonque/frostband for example to name one, we have so many spells that we need to use that it takes us a while longer to have an effect on a situation. For example look at the amount of buttons a demon hunter has to press compaired to a shaman and you begin to understand why they faceroll all over us. Again please give this class a bit more love so that we become more effective in pvp, just by small simple tweaks no need for a complete overhaul. What do you other shaman players think of this and do you have any other suggestions, please let me and Blizzard know if you agree or disagree. Thank you for listening!Vinsò0 2d
2d Spectral sight in PvP What do you think about Demon hunters spell "Spectral Sight"? I might just be a horrible player but I think that Spectral sight should not be around in the PvP environment. Please give me you suggestions..Fikarn3 2d
2d Retribution 100 row Ok, i get it the next patch doesn't have many changes yet, but i want to call atention into the Retribution level 100 row. Let's be honest, it just isn't working. Crusade is the only choice. Now, please don't take this as "let's nerf crusade again". Please don't do that. My feedback here is that Divine purpose, a perfectly fun and functional talent, is not viable. Can we please do something about that? Just have the procs deal more damage. And finally Holy wrath. What is the usage % of this talent? I am gonna guess less than 1%. It really needs to go. I think it's very clear that it didn't work. Easy fix: Get Seraphim back in it's place. Other fixes: Something new and functional. Also... please do something about the Retribution passive. It makes our damage values fluctuate wildly between low difficulty levels and high difficulty levels where deaths aren't something your group can afford. Please just remove the damage increasing component so you can better balance our output.Nemmar3 2d
2d 7.2.5 Arms Warrior Feedback Hi everyone, As one of the few people actually playing Arms (and ONLY Arms) in high-end content at the moment I thought I might give some feedback as to some of the changes we've received on the PTR. For a while now I think Arms has been considered an RNG spec and I like the steps taken to reduce that factor. The cooldown reduction on Colossus Smash is very much welcomed by all. The other gripe I think people have with the spec at the moment is Focused Rage and our reliance on it. I like that you have made a move to try and stop the dynasty this build has had in Legion but currently it still doesn't feel like you've quite got there yet. I'll address this a little later. Continued Below.Skeng3 2d
2d STATE OF ENHANCEMENT SHAMAN PVP Can you pls delete this class in pvp cause there are plenty of classes out there who outdamage them with better defenses cc's disarms. Whats the point of enhancement anyways in pvp? Pretty much laughable class this expansion. Or at least rename it into "Blank Specialization" until you figure something out what to do with this garbage class/spec.Denaya1 2d
2d Frost mage GS build The build itself seems abandoned entirely. With the dps output being behind and there is no way to catch up the other speccs and yet nothing has been heard or done. The casting times and the dmg output seems to be out of sync.Spelldanger2 2d
2d Frost Strike Animation (Frost DK) Dear Blizzard, can you bring us back classic animation of Frost Strike for Night Elfs? My Night Elf attacks like a Human. I really loved this classic animation and dunno why you had changed it. BTW, in other classes - its ok (worgen, dwarf etc - they have classic animation like it should be) I made a video where I show what I mean Thanks!Ермаклич0 2d
2d WW weapon models Greetings! How about blizz makes that windwalker's fist weapon become always on display like Guardian's druid claws? I know this is not the biggest issue with monks right now, but its still disturbs me (and a lot of monks as well i bet) everyday. I mean it should not be that hard to fix this isn't? p.s. sorry for bad engВанфистинг2 2d
2d Monk Double Jump Please give Monks double jump. Would make them feel more monkie. Thanks :)Qizhongji4 2d
2d Stop trying to balance the classes You will never be able to balance the classes in wow, so just stop. Try instead to make them fun. We all by know the drill to make 1 class happy and all other classes unhappy. Example Major class balance Patch 1, DPS list 1. Arms War 2. Ferals 3. Frost Mages Major class balance Patch 2, DPS list 1. Ferals 2. Arms War 3. Frost Mages Major class balance Patch 3, DPS list 1. Frost Mages 2. Ferals 3. Arms War And then we start from the beginning again. And for expansions, we lose fun spells/skills before new expansion release for the sake of class balancing only to give some of them back in the expansion, or the next expansion. So, just make classes fun and don't remake and brake them all the time, try make them unique leave balancing to gear. Just my two cents....Natureform7 2d
2d Ret Paladin and tier set bonus+legendaries Hello, Beforehand I want to apolegise for my english. I don't know if someone already made a post about this, if so, can someone link it in the comentaries? I've came here to discuss Tier 19+Tier 20 sets and how it changes retribution paladins. We, ret paladins, have 5 dps legendaries (Chain of Thrayn,Lyandri's Fury Unleashed, Ashes for Dust, Whisper of the Nathrezim and Kil'jaeden's Burning Wish). So, with the ability with using tier 19 and tier 20 i think that some legendaries are not worth using, specifically the ones that use a Tier slot (head, shoulders, back, chest, hands, legs) for example: Whisper's of Natherzim (cloack slot), this one increases the damage of your next holy power spender abilities damage by 15% within 4sec while the 2p Tier 19 gives 10% damage of the holy power spender abilities , so we lose 10% of value out of the cloack because we can run with 2p t10 (Having the 10% damage increase) and using another dps legendary that doesnt take a tier slot. The other one that uses a tier slot is Ashes to Dust (shoulder slot) this one increases the damage that your enemies take by 15% after using Wake of ashes and its defenetly not worth it using this one over the 2p T19 + 4p T20 set bonus + 2 dps legendaries that dont take any tier slot. So, i sugest that you either buff the legendaries or limit the number of set bonus that we can get, because otherwise we will have a really long list of legendaries that are not worth using. I'm aware that this might be a problem for other classes aswell. And before you ask, yes I'm butt hurt. Thanks for reading.Sagresmini4 2d
2d Arms and Cleave One thing that has been irking me for a while as an arms warrior is how the Cleave ability fits into the spec. It's such an iconic ability and yet it currently really only serves to buff whirlwind, whereas I'd love to see it have more impact when you actually press it. The buff to the very weak artifact trait attached to it is something, but I feel like a buff to the ability itself would make it feel much better to use. One option could be to shift some of our overall aoe damage from whirlwind to cleave, leaving it's functionality unchanged but making it feel more impactful, but what I'd really love to see is a buff (or even a new talent choice?) that causes cleave to do something like 200% more damage to the first 3 targets hit. Not only would this fit perfectly with the theme of the ability, being cleave and all, it could potentially fit arms warriors into a niche of excelling at cleave over their fury counterparts, since currently arms and fury both fill very similar niches of singletarget damagers with burst aoe cooldowns, with fury being the better of the two at singletarget. And on top of this it would fit the most important bill for me, making cleave feel like an impactful ability to use, even on 2-3 targets where we currently use it but barely feel it hit at all. I know there are a lot of arguably more important changes going on for arms warriors right now, but if you'd consider changing cleave at all in order to make it feel better to use it would make me a much happier warrior overall. Thank you.Lili0 2d
3d Discpline Play Style I just though about the upcoming changes after trying my smite belt. It seems that it was hard to weave in a lot of smites in most encounters coz of movement demands and disc being a busy spec. My point it that the current play style is also a result of it being busy - both taking care of players and damagaing at the same time. Naturally the most convenient way to heal with this would be to set times for 'healing' (spreading atonements) and damaging. In this case, the new design makes it a bit worse - since we have to 'heal' by applying pleas now, which makes is busier to heal a lot of targets plus keep track of PWR charges and cooldown. Maybe making it less busy would allow it more flexibility.. maybe if atonements would do small aoes heals we wouldn't need the PWR mechanic and would be less busy spreading atonements..Helichrysum0 3d
3d Affliciton 7.2.5 changes and some concerns. At first glance the nerf to MG seemed too harsh as our single target DPS suffered during first few months of Legion and it was a great change introducing MG to the spec again which brought back a lot of potential. I understand that MG is too powerful for a level 15 talent and it renders the other two useless in most cases. The 15% flat DPS buff is a great start after nerfing MG, however we do need to refine other things in the spec and I hope it won't get left out in this development cycle. Few points I want to point out: A) Our target switching will remain relatively weak for the most part and will still have long ramp up time which will make switching to a fast dying not worth swapping to due to other classes having the ability to kill it before i finish applying my DoTs. B) Multi dotting ability will remain weak due to slow DoTs and GCD's C) With the removal of Soul Effigy (finally!) we will suffer from shard starvation and soul conduit just won't cut it without the T19 bonus in the future D) Our single target will probably suffer after changes and I hope there will be a small boost there to compensate for scenarios like BL on pull waiting on DoTs to ramp up through out BL phase won't be efficient. I'd also like to hear others opinions :)Mejren1 3d
3d 7.2 MM hunter playstyle and "feel" 7.2 mm hunter feels great right now :) I just miss fd --> mount </3 havent been playing my hunter for some time so don't know when they changed that. Anyway, I'm having fun so :)Szion0 3d
3d FnB toggle Hi, I start to believe that we need FnB toggle version (mop/wod) back. Remove aoe Choas bolts, we got RoF now for Big spenders. I just did a M+ EoA and let me put some facepalm moments: *)The let 1 add life with first boss (sh*te) *)Pulled a snail with bubble mini boss (sorry guys) *)Pulled sea eagles to 3 boss (aaaaa F*ck me) *)Pulled a snail again with murloc cave (i want to die ....) *)Murlocs with giant pulled, "Do ST on giant for not let him to get Stacks" (uhmmm sh*te , were is my wand ? :D ) You can say: don't pick FnB you nub and your probably right. But i liked old FnB , seeing mass incinerates is rly enjoyment for me :)Buzzinski1 3d