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27 Feb PvP Hotfixes - 27/02/2018 The following hotfixes were applied overnight on EU realms: Monk Brewmaster Guard can no longer be applied to non-player targets such as pets and guardians. Paladin Protection Fist of Justice now reduces the cooldown of Hammer of Justice by 5 seconds in PvP (was 10 seconds). Priest Discipline Fixed a bug where Trinity's bonus 20% Atonement healing transfer was increasing Atonement heals by more than intended. Fixed a bug where Atonement's bonus 15% healing transfer in PvP was increasing Atonement heals by more than intended. Rogue Assassination Fixed a bug that caused Kingsbane's damage to be higher than intended in PvP situations. For a full list of the latest hotfixes, please see our blog post.Aerythlea0 27 Feb
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3m BFA Hpala pvp Feedback Not in the alpha so this feedback is mainly from what iv'e collected by looking at builds and the talent calculators on wowhead. First of, Blessing of freedom now has a 45 second cooldown. I sincerely hope that this will not be another case of an expansion where this spell gets instantly removed by any class that has access to purge/dispells. Right now in pvp freedom is instantly dispelled versus any comp that knows what they are doing, sometimes it's removed so quickly i can't even tell i used it. Against mages you need a cancelaura macro because once again, it disappears the split second you cast it. Cavalier and Divine steed needs to get removed and replaced with previous mop talents either an on demand sprint, long arm of the law or a passive spell such as pursuit of justice. Very few paladins enjoy this spell and a lot of us dislike how it was flat out copied from Diablo 3s crusader. I just feel like it offers less utility/speed compared to those tiers back then. Devotion Aura Generally the only choice for pvp. Without this talent you get oneshotted by literally any class in the game in pvp as a holy paladin and without it you are also the squishiest healer in the game. With redesigns it's true that it might not need to be at 20% anymore. Avenging Crusader Nerfed to 1.5 min cooldown and duration down to 20 seconds as you cannot pick it together with sanctified wrath. Unless there is a pvp talent to dramatically decrease the cooldown back to 1 minute, i fear the utility this talent offers is quite bad in comparison to the flat healing output from normal Avenging Wrath being on a 2 minute cooldown as well. Once again might be worth it if scaling is tweaked to the point where it rewards you for being in melee range as a healer. 100 talent Lightbringer removed This row worries me as a pvper. I'm against our mastery from a design standpoint as i feel it doesn't contribute enough in pvp despite being our main stat for our pvp template. Without the talent Beacon of the Lightbringer i won't be able to benefit from the mastery from a long range as iv'e been able to in Legion. This is especially bad in arena where you need to distance yourself from deathgrips, players running towards you etc.Akiyuki1 3m
53m Prot Warrior... Show us some M+ love? Hey o/ It's been two weeks since we've lost Ignore Pain on the BfA Alpha, and we're still without a replacement - But our issues go deeper than that. I'm here to post about what I'd like to see change to make the class more fun/involved, and also more viable in Mythic+ content. Lack of offensive abilities... An appropriately specced Protection Warrior will have 3 offensive abilities - Shield Slam, Revenge, and Thunder Clap. Even a Warrior that makes the mistake of not picking Devastator (which is a great talent) will have less abilities than, say, a Guardian Druid, that has 5+1. My proposed fix to this also ties into my fix for the next issue... Lackluster AoE threat while on the move... One of the biggest reasons we're so undesirable in M+ at the moment is because of our AoE grouping abilities in a high damage group. DK's have 2xBlood Boil which leaves a rather hefty DoT on the target. Druid's have Thrash & swipe which does the same. Demon Hunter's have Infernal Strike which again does the same. Paladin's have Avenger's Shield that hits 5 targets for big damage. Monks have Keg Smash & RJW they can easily pop back to back while running to the next pack. Warrior's have to charge, Thunder Clap, hope for a Revenge proc (or wait to take enough damage to generate the rage to use Revenge/Intercept a friendly target to get the rage), line up Revenge so it hits everything, THEN we can keep going, all the while taking more damage than all the other tanks as our biggest mitigation (Shield Block) is redundant when our back is turned. My suggested fixes for the two above issues. Put Deep Wounds back on Thunder Clap so we have that constant ticking threat, & also up its range to 12 yards baseline. Make Revenge a generator again. Helps with snap AoE aggro, allowing those chain pulls. Give us Cleave back & make it our offensive spender. It doesn't have to have a chance to reset Shield Slam, but can be instead used like Swipe to get that extra little bit of offensive output/threat. Also give us Execute back. Making a trade between damage & defence/utility was always one of my favourite parts of playing a tank (it still is), but we're without that option now. Some may argue Revenge fits the bill, but it's free so often & is used defensively in rotation with Vengeance anyway. Other things I'd like to see changed. I'd like to see Ravager made baseline, & more active abilities being added into the talent tree. Looking at the post I made in the Legion beta ( ), the majority of it still rings true, but this one stings especially hard: ... Sitting on my Brewmaster right now, which has 12 active abilities to choose from in their talent pool, and a good portion of them are pretty cool, too! Warrior's have Shockwave/Storm Bolt/Impending Victory/Avatar/Ravager, the latter of which is NEVER used (but would be cool as a baseline ability). TL/DR: Thunder Clap to be the primary source of Deep Wounds to help with M+ chain pulling. Revenge back to being a generator, facilitating those big chain pulls without too much down time. Cleave back as a spender, bolstering the offensive rotation. Execute back as a spender, bolstering the offensive rotation. Ravager baseline. Something entirely unique to Warrior's that's sadly unused right now, but would be cool for big pulls.Subbie5 53m
1h Feral Suggestions for BFA Going forward on a new expansion is the opportunity to get a look at the evolution of a particular class and try to project ourselves into the future. Before I begin, I feel like I should mention a few important points: I’m French, forgive my English I’m here only to give suggestions on what I consider would be good feral gameplay I actually don’t want feral to be “op” it would work against the previous point To go with the previous point, I’m not suggesting any precise numbers, this is not my role I just want to focus on the future of feral, while staying humble, giving my honest opinions Now that we’ve got that out of the way, I’m going to try and cover most aspects of the feral gameplay: AOE damage, Single target damage and then, Survivability and Mobility. First, I want to salute the efforts made to look at the feral druid when its gameplay got reworked (around 7.3.2 if I’m not mistaken). Even though a lot of good old Ferals didn’t like the changes, I truly believe it was needed to do something to actually make the class accessible to new players. The fact that they did so while maintaining the “hard to master” charm of the class is a success in my opinion and deserves a praise. (That being said, it looks like Blizzard is slowly reverting the Feral to its previous spot, but I’m getting ahead of myself). Multi-target damage One of my biggest concerns is regarding the loss of our big AOE pressure. Going forward to BFA we’re going to lose the legendary bracers “Luffa Wrappings” “Increases the damage and radius of Thrash by 75%”. We’re also losing our artefact trait “Shadow Thrash” basically giving us a 25% chance to get a shadow version of thrash every time we use thrash. This is a pretty big loss, and I’m concerned that Feral won’t be seen anymore on the PVE scene if it stays like this. Also, in a recent BFA build we saw a change being made to Brutal Slash “Cost changed from 20 Energy to 30 Energy” and “Cooldown changed from 12 sec recharge to 10 sec recharge”. I fear the reduced cooldown will not be enough to see Ferals compete in high levels in PVE. That is not a very big issue, it can easily be fixed by putting a thrash buff damage in one or multiple piece of gear empowered by the Azurite necklace. Again, it is not my place to speak about numbers so I won’t.Zakissimo11 1h
2h BFA - Alpha - Elemental Talents I saw the changes to the play style of the new Elemental shaman. There are some nice things and some less things. MOLTEN FURY This talent is useless, it will never be used: - Flame Shock, has a 6 sec CD which makes it more difficult to manage and does not allow spam; - There are not talents (Elemental Fusion / Volcanic Rage) that increase the LB proocs. The solution could be to move one of these three talents in this line: - Aftershock – Master of the Elements – Elemental Attumen. ELEMENTAL ATTUMEN As it was designed, it favors the use of the Storm Elemental talent. It could be modified, making similar to the current Elementalis artifact trait. Elementalist: each time you cast Lava Burst, the remaning cooldown on Fire Elemental (Storm Elemental) is reduced by 2 sec. SINGLE DEFENSIVE LINE We have too many defensive talents. One line is already more than enough. New Lv. 75 Talents -> Earth Shield – Seismic Armor – Ancestral Guidance The Spirit Wolf talent, shoult become a passive skill, considering a silence the transformation of the shaman. UTILITY LINE The Lv.30 line, shound be dedicated to our utilities: New Lv. 30 Talents -> Static Charge – Wind Rush totem – Earthgrab Totem We no longer have Gust of Wind but do not take away the Wind Rush Totem, in the raids could be very useful. We need Earthgrab totem in PvP situations and in some fighting niches. NEW TALENTS TREE 15) Earthen Rage - Elemental Attumen - Totem Mastery 30) Wind Rush Totem - Earthgrab Totem - Static Charge 45) EotE - Elemental Blast - Lightning Rod* 60) Aftershock - Storm Elemental - Liquid Magma Totem 75) Earth Shield - Siesmic Armor - Ancestral Guidance 90) Hight Voltage - Primal Elementalis - Master of the Elements 100) Icefury - Stormkeeper - Ascendance Lightning Rod* (nerfed version): your Lighting Bolt and Chain Lightning have a 30% change to make the primary target a Lightning Rod for 10 sec. Lighting Rods take 20% of all damage you deal with Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning. Or a talent similar to Al'Akir's Acrimony: Chain Lightning deals 5% increased damage to each subsequent target. ICEFURY BUILD Elemental Attumen + EotE + MotE have great synergy between them and they have great synergy with Icefury. Totem Mastery and Aftershok are also a good choice, probably better than Elemental Attumen and Storm Elemental. Totem Mastery / Elemental Attumen Echo of the Elements Aftershock / Storm Elemental Master of the Elements Icefury ASCENDANCE BUILD 1 This is simply the standard build. Totem Mastery Elemental Blast Aftershock Primal Elementalist Ascendance ASCENDANCE BUILD 2 This build valorizes the Storm Elemental but I’m no sure if Hight Voltage is better than Primal Elementalist. It will depend on the advantages of the latter. Elemental Attumen Echo of the Elements Storm Elemental Hight Voltage / Primal Elementalist Ascendance AOE BUILD This build is focused on the aoe damage and is a spam of Chaining Lighting with a two strong CD (Liquid Magma Totem and Stormkeeper). Totem Mastery Lightning Rod* Liquid Magma totem Hight Voltage Stormkeeper What do you think?Jeroid18 2h
3h BfA MM Hunter - First alpha try Hi, Just finished first try on MM, and my first impression is that the spec plays a little slow. I feel obligated to use Hunter's Mark, even though I don't like it. It slows the target shifts and will be terrible in PvP situations because of that. The class feels smoother and faster with Steady Focus, but in that case I almost never had to use Rapid Fire, a spell that I don't think hunters need at this point. Overal I think that MM feels a little bit better than it does on live, but needs some work. 1. Rapid Fire is an ability that wont survive this expansion. 2. the pet option feels good. But some more micromanagement (Exotic Munitions?) would be a good thing. 3. A fast big hitter is a must, but Piercing Shot (or Chim Shot?) provides that option. I would make one of those two baseline and remove Rapid Fire. 4. Lock and Load is terrible right now, almost never procs. I don't see how anybody would use it in this state. Could be a good option for baseline ability aswell for the ppl that like procs (like me). For all MM hunters out there, Don't worry! The class feels pretty good and the GCD "problem" is mostly people that are overreacting :)Watongu3 3h
4h Thanks for Legion, but No Thanks for BFA. Class design is headed towards an all time low standard. No thanks. Im refunding. See you next expansion after BFA, if it's any better.Borgúr5 4h
4h [Fire Mage] Talent Feedback A couple days ago someone on reddit asked about specs that played really well in Legion and I must say I enjoyed Fire Mage a lot for the most part. They were relatively weak after the nerfs following the whining of baddies complaining about Fire Mages doing well in heroic dungeon mass AoE pulls but for the most part I enjoyed the PLAYSTYLE nonetheless. However, a huge peeve I had with Fire Mages were the talents. At first I just thought it was about a few outliers but eventually I realized that the entire Fire Mage talent tree sucked. Every single row had a clear winner and even when switching from ST fights to AoE fights the changes between optimal specs were miniscule. Most of the talents were just awful. And I would love for Blizzard to change that in the upcoming expansion. Now I have seen Blizzard already making a couple adjustments for BFA and I am quite happy with what I am seeing. I am merely hoping for them to clear out the rest of the ‘!@#$ty’ ones as well. Mind you I haven’t really played my mage since Nighthold so some information may be outdated, but it’s a thread meant for discussion anyways, so I don’t have to get everything right immediately So I will not talk about the Legion talent tree, but instead about the current BFA Alpha rendition of them. - - - - LVL15 (damage boost row) Firestarter: First candidate for change. The only time I could see this being useful is for leveling, so that you can combine your opening Fireball with a Fireblast to get a Pyro proc. Outside of this? Almost useless. Every raid boss encounter will be started with Combustion, giving you 100% crit already. Talent wasted. Every dungeon pull will be zerged down so quickly that by the time your Fireball finished casting the mobs will in all likelihood be <90%, rendering the talent useless yet again. Awful talent. Please come up with something more useful. Pyromaniac: Boring talent but okay. This should be the “left row” talent they were talking about. Take it, forget about it. Searing Touch: Legendary Belt passive. Awesome and fun talent. As it stands I don’t quite know why anyone would take anything else, though. It’s quite the outlier in terms of how it affects the way you play and how strong it is. Overall I feel like this row needs lots of work done. Two passives with one being so weak that I don’t know if anyone ever took it. And one that seems to be so far above and beyond the other two choices that I fear it will make the row a “no choice” row again. - - - - LVL30 (survivability row) Blazing Soul: Thank you for changing this. The Legion iteration was just awful and this seems to have much more potential. Although I don’t quite understand why you didn’t just put Cauterizing Blink here, fulfilling the same niche of improved survivability while keeping the Artifact Trait alive. Shimmer: Top dog throughout Legion. May lose value due to Cauterizing Blink no longer being there which I think is much needed to keep it in line with the others. While I loved it being off the GCD, I hated losing the stun removal. Without Cauterizing Blink I feel like we may get back some choice in this row! GOOD! Still strong, not as mandatory. Blast Wave: The knockback is back. Thank heavens. I’ve been praying so long for this. Thank you so much. Overall I feel like this row is very well done right now. Balancing (CDs, Numbers, ...) aside I feel like the general direction here is awesome. - - - - LVL45 (damage ‘cooldowns’) Incanter’s Flow: Obvious “left row” talent. Aside from maybe tuning fine as it is. Mirror Image: Been with us for ages, not much to say about it. I feel like it’s fine barring maybe tuning. Rune of Power: Please god finally get rid of this awful %^-*. Everyone hated it since it’s inception. What prick at Blizzard keeps clinging to it? Not only is the playstyle it provides awful (rooting yourself, huge !@# burst windows when overlapping with Combustion, ...) but Blizzard fails again and again on delivering on their promise of not making this mandatory. It has been the top choice for almost the entire time it’s been a thing. Just get rid of this awful talent already. PLEASE. Overall the talent row is okay except for obviously Rune of Power. Universally hated talent that has been the top choice for 3 expansions now. Obviously the Legion version was the least hated, but it’s still awful in my eyes and after getting this $%^- shoved down my throat for 6 years I reject it on principle. Just finally get rid of it for heaven’s sake. Maybe just replace it with a spec-cooldown (Icyveins, AP, Combustion) enhancing/changing passive. I’d love to get a proper version of the MoP Combustion back (with a non-addon indicator for your Ignite’s Strength). That would be so awesome. But please, whatever you do, just get rid of RoP.Keyleigh3 4h
7h Making former baseline abilities... ...spec specific is THE worst thing they did and completely contrary to their self proclaimed "class identity" campaign. Meddling around with the feral affinity while pumping some excess AP into my underleveled resto artifact made me realize (once again) how much I miss being a feral DRUID and not just "a cat". I got utterly butchered in the BG because I pretty much didn't touch resto in ages...but that still felt SO much more like what it used to than being a bleed bot ever could. And this just makes me extremely sadRahris4 7h
13h Arms pvp in TBFA Since Wod the arms warrior spec has been gutted to the ground, making it the worst class to solo pvp, to duel, even in world pvp scenarios. The prunes have been radical making us loose defensive abilities, selfhealing abilities, and other abilities that added flavour and skill to the class. Being that now we are a ghost of our former selves, let´s delve into the fun things that countered other classes that where removed. Shattering throw (a must): Able to counter mages iceblock and rets bubble, why oh why would you make us stand at those 2 classes like buffons waiting to be decimated? Shield Wall: Again, a powerfull and reliable defensive cd that was really needed when in a live or die situation, but not, we got stuck with a 3min cd poorly designed die by the sword that a stun can counter. Retaliation: No explanation needed, they decided to give it to rets, because screw warriors amirite? Thunderclap with AOE slow: Ok it´s on the prot spec, but added flavour to the rotation, plus awesome visual effect. Charge stun: We want it, we need it, nuff said. Second Wind: Legion second wind was a mockery to us all, after they gave it to hunters in WOD (because blizz loves to give our skills to other classes) this was a big nail in the coffin. You can´t just say you are happy with the state of the classes in pve or pvp when your community says otherwise, and since no blue has posted in warrior forums, nor any speech has been given in podcasts or other platforms of social media regarding arms, TBFA would be a good expansion to make the class shine again. Warriors have been lacking a way to sustain ourselves in pvp, and are tired of needing a healer babysitting us, to the point of rerolling or unfortunately quit, again, browse the warrior forums and you will see the sadness there since WOD. And final statement, arms as a spec, hasnt been bringing anything good to the table in pvp, making us feel out of place and not actuallly needed,that every other class can do what we do and do it better, it needs it´s utility and flavour back. TBFA is the moment and the time.Morgulin50 13h
13h GCD Changes - Balance Druids and in General --Copied form the NA Forum-- After reading the alpha changes about blizzard doubling down on the gcd changes this expansion, I felt the need to make a post addressing why I think at the very least, you should revert movement abilities (and hopefully the other utility cds) back off of the gcd. I’d like to write this post from a Balance Druid perspective but I believe these gcd changes will affect more than just balance druids in regards to how it disrupts the dps rotation in favor to help the raid or help get yourself away from dangerous situations. We feel these changes slow down the rotation as you end up sitting on gcds to perform your necessary job in an encounter. You are no longer able to react to certain RNG mechanics that require immediate movement or action because if you get caught casting at those times, you can find yourself in very bad situations requiring even more movement and time than if you did not. So the biggest issue with Balance Druid that I am addressing in this post is the .5 second gcd attached to Wild Charge. This .5 second gcd does two things for our class. Wild Charge is currently taken because it is a short range disengage on a short cooldown which lets the player optimize movement. For example if you played properly, you could almost never interrupt your proper rotation using this talent because you could cast instant spells during the travel time. The .5 second gcd no longer allows you to cast anything because unless you are standing on elevated ground, you travel the distance in about the same time it takes for the gcd to fully cooldown. The second thing this does as I posted above, is that you now need to slow down our rotation to react to mechanics. Because I went into it briefly above, I felt we could just list some of the examples in the game where wild charge was a key ability for druids in negating mechanics. Keep in mind it takes precise timing to use Wild Charge on these bosses. Cathedral of Eternal Night - You can no longer cancel the Choking Vines ability on Aggronax using Wild Charge without stopping your casts 1 second before the ability timer. Upper Karazhan - You can no longer avoid the Inferno Bolt cast on Shade of Medivh using Wild Charge without stopping your casts 1 second before the ability finishes casting. Arcway - You can no longer cancel the Tangled Web ability on Nal'tira using Wild Charge without stopping your casts 1 second before the ability timer. HoV - You can no longer avoid Felblaze Rush, Ravenous Leap, and Radiant Tempest on God-King Skovald, Fenryr, and Odyn respectively using Wild Charge without stopping your casts 1 second before the ability timer. Helya (ToV) - You can no longer instantly avoid Orb of Corruption/Corrosion using Wild Charge without stopping your casts 1 second before the ability timer. Mythic Star Augur - You can no longer instantly connect with your Star Sign partner by swapping to human form and casting Wild Charge as it will be 2 gcds and 1 more to return to moonkin form. Fallen Avatar - You can no longer soak a Dark Mark in moonkin form and swap to bear form and use Wild Charge to reach the ground quickly. You must preemptively bear form to reach the ground before you are out of hitbox range. Mythic Kil'jaeden - You can no longer cancel the knockback of the Rupturing Singularity ability using Wild Charge without stopping your casts 1 second before the ability timer. Mythic Garothi - You can no longer double soak empowered Annhilation using Wild Charge without not casting any abilities during the whole duration of the ability. I have faith in blizzard that they want to provide a smooth and clean rotation for each class but I do not believe putting movement and utility on the gcd will allow that smooth and clean gameplay that you at blizzard and the playerbase desire.Nickdruid7 13h
16h Can we remove Demon Hunters after Legion? Can we remove Demon Hunters after Legion please. I dont see many "Demons" to "Hunt" in Battle for Azeroth Then Warlocks can get some of the abilities that they stole Then Monks can be unique again with strength in mobility What did they even bring to Wow that wast already there? or couldn't be implemented into existing classes Having to many classes just limits the real classes Note: I have a personal hate for Demon Hunters. Note: I know this wont happen. Note: I hope I annoy many Demon Hunters.Pvppriest94 16h
16h Shaman tank spec I used to really love tanking, but the current iteration of tanks are pretty lame. They all feel so similar and boring. Shield Block + Ignore Pain Ironfur + Frenzied Regen Ironskin + Purify Brew Marrowrend + Death Strike SotR + LotP Demon Skin + Sould Cleave/Spirit Bomb They all have one basic damage reduction, one basic self-heal style ability, and then a pretty boring damage reduction bringing nothing special. Some of them have been OP at times, and Blood DK (and kinda Vengeance) are bosses in m+ and so on because of self-healing and leech buff. But in general they feel to similar. Make a new tank spec that really stands out with utility and cool animations. Bring back the use of the Shamans shield. Back in Vanilla Enhancement Shamans could tank some !@#$ with the right spec, just like Feral Druids could. The different is that the Druid evolved to be the king of tanks, while the Shamans shield is just a pretty transmog at this point. The possibilities with making a tank spec based on the earth elemental, which is so underused, are endless. Right now we have masters of three of the elements: Air = Enhancement Fire = Elemental Water = Restoration Why not introduce a master of the fourth element? Earth = Earth Warden / Geomancer Here are some quick spell suggestions: Earth Shield Rockskin Several great totems Earth Grasp (remember Thrall summoning a hand out of the ground?) Rock Smash Stone Throw Rockslide Earthquake Spring Well etc. etc. Immagine the hype for BfA! "Shaman is again able to spec for tanking! Introducing the Geomancer specialization for Shamans!" Yes? No? I have been wanting this for forever! :DNtuko10 16h
18h Can we see Arcane mage mobility toned down Blinking 1000x while casting is not fun to play against in arena. Please relook at there designGôd7 18h
20h Reincarnation is NOT a defensive And infringes on what Warlocks do. Shaman defensives can't be "well if i die i can resurrect with 20% HP every 30min". EVERY. 30. MINUTES. DEFENSIVE. Proposed change: - Remove reincarnation for all specs Introduce either more mobility: - Gust of wind BASELINE for Elemental/Restoration - Feral Lunge BASELINE for Enhancement Or improve/add defensive CDS: - Astral Shift usable while stunned + immunity magic effects (like AMS Shell) - Earthgrab replace Earthbind totem (later is a waste of a totem) - Thunderstorm no longer usable while stunned - but FIX it to always knockback! Make the trayectory more vertical so the target flies up a bit. It is a joke that it only works 40% of the time because of terrain.Czibor6 20h
21h BFA Tank Feedback Hello So, I've tested all the tank specs on the BFA alpha and I found a number of issues with the specs that I'd like to adress (Going to ignore monks, druids and dks since they've remained mostly unchanged so far) I'm also going to assume that azerite gear won't give you any active spells to use. Paladin: Even though the SotR no longer requiring a target to use is a god sent, the spec feels rather empty right now. The removal of the artifact weapon has taken away a lot of things from the paladin gameplay. I'd like to see the absorb from Avenger's Shield return, aswell as Eye of Tyr in some form (Maybe bring divine protection back). I'd also like paladins to move away from the 'stand in consecration' gameplay. It's annoying to play around, or make it follow the paladin instead of remaining stationary once used. Demon Hunters: Dh's feel largly pruned and not even close what they were in Legion. The meta proc is now a talent that competes with Spirit Bomb, and Fragture now replaces Shear. Also Demon Spikes no longer costs pain and since you still get pain from taking damage and fracture generates a lot, you're just swimming in resources. We also lost the abillity to heal through fire damage, which should return. I'd like to see the Glutony talent baseline, aswell as the fire damage heal part. I'd like Demon Spikes to cost resources again and Fracture to give less pain and not replace shear, giving the class some more options. I'd also like to see Empowered Wards back, maybe in a nerfed state, but it was something extra that demon hunter's had. What is good right now though, is that Soul Cleave consumes 3 souls, but you can have 5 souls stored up. This is does mean that Soul Cleave does heal a lot less. What was fun about Demon Hunters in Legion that they had mitigation and self healing, removing the self healing part makes it extremely unfun, also the lack of procs/different things to do is boring to play. Warrior: Warriors lost ignore pain and got nothing in return. you only have 2 charges of mitigation and after those you feel like a damage sponge without anything to do. I don't know how to fix this without breaking Blizzards idea of what a warrior should be, but right now it feels like a empty spec. But with the overall prune within the tank specs, it does feel like it has the most defensive cooldowns and has them more frequent. This is my feedback with the specs at the moment. Hopefully something will get changed, because right now, on the alpha, tanks feel boring and stale.Stefscat2 21h
1d BFA Subtlety Rogue Feedback (comprehensive) Hi everyone! I recently hit 120 on the BFA alpha, and did few hours of dungeons/dumy testing on my sub rogue, and decided to write about the new version of sub, both the good and the bad. so here it is. let's start with the good: - Shadow Dance on a 5 second duration makes our signature spell more meaningful plus opens up some interesting thing with subterfuge making it 6 seconds (so we can actually cast 2 finishers during it even from 0 cp) - Shadow Blades stronger I like that it's not just a "more cp" cooldown anymore but an actual damage buff - Some Interesting new talents Find weakness is back! the new weaponmaster is interesting, the new place for MFD is much better, and the free cheap shot talent is a lot of fun. - Azerite traits show some promise the shurriken toss buff puts a bit of spice in the rotation, and the nightblade one enables some fun burst shenanigans with low cp NBs and MFD But really that's all the good I can think of, so now I must turn to the bad in my second post cos I'm gonna exceed the character limitShauni2 1d
1d Lack of buttons Third or fourth topic I make about this in a month or two, but we're not seeing any improvement, neither are Blizzard acknowledging that they actually read the TONS of feedback. I looked at about every spec on the BfA alpha, and they feel SO underwhelming. The amount of buttons to press is at an all time low. It feels like we're playing half a spec, and Azerite armor cannot possibly make up for the lack of depth in class design. From what I've seen on wowhead etc, the Azerite bonusses are all passive dmg increases and procs from skills we already have. Well Blizz, since I already paid for BfA weeks ago, you won :-) Grats! Enjoy my money.Xeebo10 1d
1d Affliction Warlock BFA feedback First off let me start by saying that i know its very early alfa said that Affliction is my favourite spec in the game since burning crusade, i fell in love with the debuff oriented gameplay and when wotlk hit (best iteration of many of the classes) they just nailed it. They added what the spec needed the most: • A dot enhancer (haunt) • A execute (drain soul at 35%? Cant remember) While keeping the overall feeling of being a lock. With WoD and Legion, warlocks suffered the most of all the classes with armors/curses/baseline spells/passives being removed or made talents. We also lost the fire school wich had direct damage spells like fel flame and searing pain and even though you wouldnt use them regurarly they still had times where they were handy, specially in pvp. Come late Legion and the devs said in a Q&A that some of the spells were comming back and while i can apreciate the comeback of shadowbolt (even made a thread thanking ) i still think that the spec didnt receive enough for the amount that was taken away. 1. Talent tree plagued with passives Currently we have 10 passive talents out of 21 total talents, this is too much and in my opinion some could just be baseline: • Shadow embrace • Writhe in agony • Death’s Embrace (swap shadowbolt to drain soul in execute phase) • Demon Skin • Creeping death Could all be baseline to the spec, also soul conduit is a talent that due to its RNG nature should just be removed. 2.Talent tree plagued with previous Baseline spells Currently we have 5 active abilities that used to be baseline to the spec and some of those to the CLASS • Haunt (was a talent but it was always picked therefore baseline, and in MoP/WoD it was Baseline with current talent tree) • Soul harvest (dark soul) • Mortal Coil • Demonic Circle • Siphon Life I didnt put darkfury because shadowfury is baseline and it used to be destruction only up until MoP, id rather have Howl of Terror but i can understand the reason behind it (M+ viability) The problem comes when Mortal Coil and Demonic Circle, both baseline for all specs, are competing with each other wich makes no sense whatsoever. In my opinion all of the above should be seen as a integral part of the class and spec, therefore not being seen as talentsJinsk12 1d
1d Demo 8.0 Talents And More 15 Row Dreadlash Weaving a single target spell into the AoE rotation can problematic, especially when the spell is a resource spender and not a builder. Because Demonwrath is gone, Soul Shard building is slower on multiple targets with only Shadow Bolt. And while Dreadstalkers do generate Demonic Core for Demonbolt which in turn generates Soul Shards, using these spell instead of your AoE spells Hand of Gul'dan and Implosion can make your AoE rotation not as natural and satisfying. This talent spot could be better utilized by improving the AoE spells. Dreadlash removed New talent – Chain Implosion Implosion bounces two times between the nearest targets within 5 yds, dealing additional Shadowflame damage each time. Demonic Strength I feel like this talent is a bandaid to a design flaw. The issue is with Felstorm is that you use it on every other dungeon pack on a 45 second cooldown (or 30 seconds in BfA) and it doesn't really do much. It performs bad on the AoE damage breakdown. This talent doesn't solve that, it just adds a separate ”super Felstorm” and makes the normal one feel even weaker. A better design would be to just make base Felstorm have a longer cooldown and deal more damage, freeing up this talent slot for a real choice. Demonic Strength removed New talent – Shadow and Flame Hand of Gul'dan now also applies Shadowflame to all enemies it hits, dealing Shadowflame damage over 8 sec, stacking up to 3 times. Hand of Gul'dan is a pretty cool spell and one of the most used spells, but after using for a while you stop thinking about it any more than a Summon Wild Imps spell. Having the option to give it more of an impact and fill the role of the sustained AoE option in the row fits really well. Now that Hand of Doom isn't a thing anymore, Shadowflame can take it's place but adding a different flavor. Also I think that Hand of Gul'dan presents a great opportunity to introduce a Warlock specific spell casting animation. Shamans got a new precasting animation of pulling things up from the ground so obviously Warlocks need a new precasting animation of calling things down from the sky. Bilescourge Bombers This is basicly Rain of Fire with a cooldown. Uninspired but functional. With this propsed talent row you have three distinct AoE options. 1. CD based, no target needed, precastable – Bilescourge Bombers 2. Sustained AoE but at the same time more up front damage – Shadow and Flame 3. Improved burst AoE for clumped adds that need to die fast and stacked 2 target situations – Chain Implosion 30 Row Demonic Calling This is a great Quality of Life- talent. The only note I have is that I would really like to see a unique Warlock casting animation for summoning Dreadstalkers. Also the icon for this talent is a Wild Imp which doesn't make much sense. Power Siphon This should also make your two next Demon Bolts do critical damage which would fit the control theme of the talent. Doom This spell is hanging by a thread right now. Mechanically unappealing, lack of purpose and a shadow of it's former iteration. But because of the removal of Summon Doomguard this is a great opportunity to go back to the roots and design something like Doom's first iteration in Warcraft 3. You could also add an AoE and a growing animation as the Doomguard bursts up from the corpse. Doom removed New talent – Grimoire of Service You are able to maintain control of an additional demon indefinitely. Spells learned: Grimoire: Imp Grimoire: Voidwalker Grimoire: Succubus Grimoire: Felhunter Command Demon 2 For those Warlocks who were jealous of Beast Mastery Hunters having two pets during Legion and wants the option of having a reliable interrupt now that Grimoire of Supremacy is gone. Obviously you should be able to glyph these demons aswell for more variety.Gibbons2 1d
1d Affliction lock lacks a slow -BFA Bring back Curse of exaustion. thanksJinsk9 1d
1d Hunter MM (General Feedback BfA Alpha) Hey! As a Hunter main for most of each expansion since TBC, the Legion Class design "forced" me to quit playing them, that's how badly I disliked the rotation and "feel" of the spec. (Also, the fact that this happened at the same time as reintroducing quivers, something I've whined about since Cataclysm removed them, rubbed salt in that wound.) Seeing as BfA makes major changes, I've tried them out on a 110 toon on dummies and on mobs (and 5-10 minutes in the Warfront). I have to say, this spec design feels so much better! My main gripe with it in Legion was that my 2 favourite parts about MM were removed; the unpararelled mobility (and the fact you were always given the fun jobs in mythic raids, kiting mobs, placement of !@#$, etc etc), and the ability to hardswap to priority targets instantly and just slam them with your shots. the Hunter's Mark/Vulnerability mechanic gutted that completely, and the whole spec revolved around that Vulnerability window. This new iteration gives back some of that "OOMPH!" feeling to MM, hardcasting that Aimed Shot feels rewarding when the enemy hp drops by 50-60%, and if the Careful Aim talent procs almost oneshots them, and if you want to move around you have Arcane Shot to deal a fair amount of damage. The interaction between Aimed Shot and Arcane Shot also feels smooth. I have some issues with Rapid Fire, mostly because I dislike the machine-gun animation spasming out your character, but as a concept it's good, and again, the synergies with your other abilities/talents feel really nice. Steady shot is a welcome return, casting skills makes the rotation more fluid (and let's not forget that it makes your animations more fluent, no more interrupting casts halfway through to fire another shot/autoshot. Did you do some work on that Blizz? Thumbs up if you did.), and the interactions between Multishot, Aimed Shot and Rapid Fire (even more so with the Talent that duplicates Aimed Shot/Rapid Fire) feel rewarding as hell to do. Tbf I could probably do without Rapid Fire as a mechanic, and have it replaced by something else, but I'll still consider the current iteration a vast improvement over Legion's Now all we need are baseline quivers that aren't elven-based and I'm back to maining Hunter come BfA!Harthurn0 1d
1d BFA Talent Rework: Mage Fire So, let's continue the class spec talent rework: here my other post: Melee Dps: - Warrior Arms: - Warrior Fury: Range Dps: - Mage Arcane: - Mage Fire: - Mage Frost: ***Here is a link with the full talent and explaination: *** Let's begin. 1) Lvl 15: Damage talent - Living Bomb 1.5% of base mana 40 yd range Instant 12 sec cooldown The target becomes a Living Bomb, taking (40% of Spell power) Fire damage over 4 sec, and then exploding to deal an additional (20% of Spell power) Fire damage to the target and all other enemies within 10 yards. Other enemies hit by this explosion also become a Living Bomb, but this effect cannot spread further. - Pyromaniac Your Fireball and Pyroblast spells always deal a critical strike when the target is above 80% health or below 20% health. - Searing Touch Scorch deals 200% increased damage and is a guaranteed Critical Strike when the target is below 30% health. 2) Lvl 30: Mobility talent - Frenetic Speed 2% of base mana 45 sec cooldown Increase your movement speed by 150%, movement slowing effects are suppressed. Last 2sec. - Shimmer Replaces Blink 2% of base mana 2 Charges Instant 20 sec recharge Teleports you 20 yards forward, unless something is in the way. Unaffected by the global cooldown and castable while casting. - Ice Ward Frost Nova now has 2 charges. 3) Lvl 45: Defense talent - Blazing Soul Blazing Barrier reduces all Physical damage you take by 5%.and casting Blink ignites a Blazing Barrier around you. - Temporal Shield Instant 45 sec cooldown Envelops you in a temporal shield for 6 sec. 100% of all damage taken while shielded will be instantly restored when the shield ends. - Dampened Magic Magical direct damage deal 10% and damage over time effects deal 15% less damage to you. 4) Lvl 60: Offensive talent (Aoe/dot/buff...) - Flame Patch Reduce de cast time of Flamestrike by 1.5 sec. Flamestrike leaves a patch of flames which burns enemies within it for [8 * (25% of Spell power)] Fire damage over 8 sec. and Flamestrike calls down 1 additional pillar of fire each time it is cast. - Unstable Magic Fireball has 30% chance to explode on impact, dealing 50% additional damage to the target and all other enemies within 8 yds. - Conflagration Fireball also applies Conflagration to the target, dealing an additional (20% of Spell power) Fire damage over 8 sec.Enemies affected by either Conflagration or Ignite have a 10% chance to flare up and deal (45% of Spell power) Fire damage to nearby enemies. 5) 75: Control talent - Blast Wave 40 yd range Instant 30 sec cooldown Causes an explosion around yourself, dealing (100% of Spell power) Fire damage to all enemies within 8 yards, knocking them away and reducing movement speed by 70% for 4 sec. - Controlled Burn Fire Blast reduce de targets mouvement by 50% for 3 sec. - Alexstrasza's Fury Increase the range Dragon's Breath by 5 yds, Dragon's Breath always critically strikes and contributes to Hot Streak.Sayfdine3 1d
1d Miss click Hello, I wanted to ask how I bought a wow battle azeroth, I made a bad figure, my wara I had it already high level, so it would be useless, I wanted to do a warlock, but I skipped the end of my warrior and I've improved the wrong character. I would like to ask if it could be reversed and replaced as a warlock ... I admit it is my fault but unwanted If it could be reversed, it would be great thanksOtotravnicek1 1d
1d "Disengage" for BM hunter is on the GCD hey, This is regarding the GCD change. I don't mind putting spells/cooldowns/trinkets on the GCD. This is fine and as blizzard said that will require players to be more mindful on when to use them. There is one spell which i think is a very bad idea to put on the GCD and it is Regarding the "Disengage" spell as a BM hunter. "Disengage" (at least for me) is a very reactive spell which i use to avoid stuff on the floor really fast and for me it is very similiar to how i use interupts. At the moment "Disengage" is on the GCD which feel like i need to stop dpsing whenever i need to use it really fast and it really impact on my dps. I think that treating "Disengage" the same as interupts is a smart change. Thank you for listening. Regards, ArielsAriels11 1d
1d Balance Druid BFA I know there is a specific section for BFA but since i am not a tester i can't create a topic there. I watched all gameplays i could about my favorite spec to try and give a feedback even if not direct testing. Talent Tree: Imo the Balance Druid Talent Tree is pretty solid and does not need major changes since kinda all of talent found a use even if niche, but i think 2 talent need a rework or a replacement. Stellar Flare: The other 2 option in that row are TOO good for even try to compete imo, and even in 2 target situation the other option are far easier to use and this leave the talent in a dead situation. Fury of Elune: Used to play this before the huge Starfall Build buff, but this talent is so bad that it felt annoying to play it. Radius is too small and the management/setup are too insane to make it even remotely competitive. Imo you should make this a DOT that appliest to a target (AoE is horrible for this) and deal damage to all enemies in 8 yrd of him. And instead of consuming AP, make the duration increase everytime a SS or Starfall is casted. AP Generation: We are back to Legion PrePatch, AP Gen is terrible, the only thing that make us good in PrePatch was the Archi Trinket that actually compensated the low AP Generation. Imo you should make MoonMoon baseline.Bregastor0 1d
2d Feral druids in bfa Bfa seems like a good time to adress Class phantasy for Blizzard. Druids used to a hybrid beeing able to switch in and out of forms to best adapt to any situation, which is still kind of possible but not really. Affinities took the fun out of playing a druid for me because when i specced into one affinity the other 2, which were once vital part of your gameplay were dead forms (spells) entirely. When you specc into heal affinity as a tank, your cat specc has 2 spells left to use, that just makes you feel sad when considering what you once had in previous expansions. And its not like this was a change needed for druids to be able to have a place in the raid nor was is an issue that might push other tanks away because druids could do both dps and tank at the same time efficiently. A lot of the harder bosses in Antous for example required 3 tanks or were much easier to play when having them (Vari, Aggramar, Argus). We defaulted to letting one of our druids tank for those bosses and lost a dps slot for it. So despite beeing dps originally, he spent most of his time tanking and i could tell it was no fun and i wouldnt want to be in his shoes. In light of the planned Class changes for them to have more unique abilities GIVE druids back the abilities that are sealed off inside afinities so they can be as fun and skillcapped as they used to be.Piscina0 2d
2d Paladins - can get our seals and auras back? I miss seals and auras on my paladin. Iconic spells. Any chance we can get them back reworked, improved? I strongly believe spells like this should be baseline across all specs. I don't feel I'm playing a paladin anymore like I used to, and BFA so far (I've got access on Alpha) is not that much different from Legion. Legion's paladins were really in my view the weakest they've ever been in terms off class identity and class flavor. We are divided now into 3 mini classes (holy/prot/ret) and don't feel like a unique solid class with a large toolkit. However, I also would really like to see seals getting back into our gameplay (improved, or re-worked a little) but such an iconic paladin ability, that I just can't enjoy the class without. Same about auras. I really want to see auras on all 3 specs, with maybe holy having something like Improved auras to keep the talents there and not have to re-work too much. Please let me know if you support me on this: 1. Larger overall toolkit across ALL specs (auras, blessing of sacrifice, hammer of wrath, etc.) 2. Bringing Seals back into our gameplay (re-worked, improved, designed better this time). Thank you PS: I would also love to see the thoughts of a blizzard developer or blizzard employee on bringing back those abilities to us. Would be very much appreciatedTyir0 2d
2d BFA Talent Rework: Mage Frost So, let's continue the class spec talent rework: here my other post: Melee Dps: - Warrior Arms: - Warrior Fury: Range Dps: - Mage Arcane: - Mage Fire: - Mage Frost: ***Here is a link with the full talent and explaination: *** Let's begin. 1) Lvl 15: Damage talent - Bone Chilling Whenever you attempt to chill a target, you gain Bone Chilling, increasing spell damage you deal by 0.5% for 8 sec, stacking up to 10 times. - Lonely Winter Replaces Summon Water Elemental You can no longer summon your Water Elemental, but Frostbolt, Ice Lance, and Flurry deal 10% increased damage. - Ice Nova 40 yd range Instant 25 sec cooldown Causes a whirl of icy wind around the enemy, dealing [(50% of Spell power) * 400 / 100] Frost damage to the target and (50% of Spell power) Frost damage to all other enemies within 8 yards, and freezing them in place for 2 sec. 2) Lvl 30: Mobility talent - Ice Ward Frost Nova now has 2 charges. - Shimmer Replaces Blink 2% of base mana 2 Charges Instant 20 sec recharge Teleports you 20 yards forward, unless something is in the way. Unaffected by the global cooldown and castable while casting. - Ice Floes Instant 20 sec recharge 3 Charges Makes your next Mage spell with a cast time shorter than 10 sec castable while moving. Unaffected by the global cooldown and castable while casting. 3) Lvl 45: Defense talent - Glacial Insulation Ice Barrier increases your armor by 200% while active, and Ice Block applies Ice Barrier to you when it fades. - Temporal Shield Instant 45 sec cooldown Envelops you in a temporal shield for 6 sec. 100% of all damage taken while shielded will be instantly restored when the shield ends. - Netherwind Armor Reduces the chance you will suffer a critical strike by 10%. 4) Lvl 60: Offensive talent (Aoe/dot/buff...) - Splitting Ice Your Ice Lance and Icicles now deal 5% increased damage, and hit a second nearby target for 80% of their damage.Your Ebonbolt and Glacial Spike also hit a second nearby target for 50% of its damage. - Comet Storm Calls down a series of 7 icy comets on and around the target, that deals up to [7 * (45% of Spell power)] Frost damage to all enemies within 6 yds of its impacts. - Arctic Gale Increases Blizzard's damage by 20% and its area of effect by 20%. 5) 75: Control talent - Frigid Winds All of your chilling effects reduce the target's movement speed by an additional 15%. - Deep Nova You Frost Nova or Freez (Water Elemental) can take twice damage before breaking. - Ring of Frost 2% of base mana 30 yd range 2 sec cast 45 sec cooldown Summons a Ring of Frost for 10 sec at the target location. Enemies entering the ring are incapacitated for 10 sec. Limit 10 targets.Sayfdine1 2d
2d BFA Talent Rework: Mage Arcane So, let's continue the class spec talent rework: here my other post: Melee Dps: - Warrior Arms: - Warrior Fury: Range Dps: - Mage Arcane: - Mage Fire: - Mage Frost: ***Here is a link with the full talent and explaination: *** Let's begin. 1) Lvl 15: Damage talent - Rule of Threes When you gain your third Arcane Charge, the cost of your next Arcane Blast or Arcane Missiles is reduced by 100%. - Mana Adept While you are above 80% mana, Arcane Missiles fires 2 additional missiles. - Erosion Your attacks increasing all damage the target takes from your spells by 1%, stacking up to 8 times. After 3 sec of not taking damage from your spells, this effect decreases by 1% every 1 sec. 2) Lvl 30: Mobility talent - Ice Ward Frost Nova now has 2 charges. - Shimmer Replaces Blink 2% of base mana 2 Charges Instant 20 sec recharge Teleports you 20 yards forward, unless something is in the way. Unaffected by the global cooldown and castable while casting. - Slipstream Clearcasting allows Arcane Missiles to be channeled while moving, and Evocation can be channeled while moving. 3) Lvl 45: Defense talent - Mana Shield Prismatic Barrier has no cooldown, but your mana is drained by 20% of the damage it absorbs. - Master of Escape Reduces the cooldown of Greater Invisibility by 45 sec. and remove all damage over time and bleed effect on you. - Prismatic Cloak After you (Shimmer) Blink, you take 50% less damage for 3 sec. 4) Lvl 60: Offensive talent (Aoe/dot/buff...) - Resonance Arcane Barrage deals 15% increased damage per target it hits. - Amplification Arcane Missiles deals an additional 10% damage per Arcane Charge. - Supernova 40 yd range Instant 25 sec cooldown Pulses arcane energy around the target enemy or ally, dealing (30% of Spell power) Arcane damage to all enemies within 8 yards. A primary enemy target will take 100% increased damage. 5) 75: Control talent - Morphing Your Polymorph spell does not regenerate health of the targets anymore and are not broken by damage for 1 sec. after polymorphing but your polymorph spell has 15 sec cooldown now. - Sensitivity Counterspell now silence for 3 sec. - Ring of Frost 2% of base mana 30 yd range 2 sec cast 45 sec cooldown Summons a Ring of Frost for 10 sec at the target location. Enemies entering the ring are incapacitated for 10 sec. Limit 10 targets.Sayfdine1 2d
2d BFA Talent Rework: Warrior arms hi everyone first, english is not my native language so excuse me if your eyes bleed a little ^^ Warning: It's gonna be a long post. I like how blizzard handle the next expansion but im more concern about classes and specs and i figure out that bfa talents are more or less chaotic. I know it's alpha but let me explain. There is no philosophy behind talents. It's a mess. you must chose between mobility and defense spell or cc against damage sometime. Most time, there is just one choice because it's so obvious. So I tried to adjust some talents with the war arms and i put a theme behind every tiers: - Lvl 15: Damage talent - Lvl 30: Mobility talent - Lvl 45: Defense talent - Lvl 60: Offensive talent (Aoe/dot...) - Lvl 75: Control talent - Lvl 90: Ressource Talent - Lvl 100: Burst Talent I swapped a lot of talents to illustrate this, remove and modify somes. here my other post on same subject: Melee Dps: - Warrior Arms: - Warrior Fury: Range Dps: - Mage Arcane: - Mage Fire: - Mage Frost: *** Here is a link with the full talent and explaination *** Let's begin. 1) Lvl 15: Damage talent - Dreadnaught Overpower has 2 charges, and it increases the damage of your next mortal Strike by an additional 10%. - Sudden Death Your damaging melee abilities have a chance to make your next Execute cost no Rage, be usable on any target regardless of their health, and deal damage as if you spent 40 Rage. - Trauma Slam, Whirlwind, and Execute now cause the target to bleed for 30% additional damage over 6 sec. Multiple uses accumulate increased damage. 2) Lvl 30: Mobility talent - Intercept 25 yds range Instant 45 seconde Run at high speed toward an ally. Hen targeting an ally, intercepts the next melee or ranged attack against them within 10 sec while the ally remains within 10 yards. - Bounding Stride Reduces the cooldown on Heroic Leap by 15 sec, and Heroic Leap now also free you from snare and increases your run speed by 70% for 2 sec. - War Banner Instant 1 min cooldown You throw down a war banner at your feet, rallying your allies. Increases movement speed by 30% and reduces the duration of all incoming crowd control effects by 50% to all allies within 30 yards of the war banner. Lasts 10 sec. 3) Lvl 45: Defense talent - Impending Victory Replaces Victory Rush 10 Rage Melee Range Instant cast 30 sec cooldown Instantly attack the target, causing (40% of Attack power) damage and healing you for 15% of your maximum health. Killing an enemy that yields experience or honor resets the cooldown of Impending Victory. - Reinforced Health increased by 5% and armor by 10% - Defensive Stance Instant 6 sec cooldown A defensive combat state that reduces all damage you take by 10%, and all damage you deal by 10%. Lasts until cancelled. 4) Lvl 60: Offensive talent (Aoe/dot...) - In for the kill Increases the duration of Colossus Smash by 5 sec. and Colossus Smash increase your critical strike chance by 10% for it duration - Rend 30 Rage Wounds the target, causing (25% of Attack power) Physical damage instantly and an additional (80% of Attack power) Bleed damage over 8 sec. - Opportunity Strikes Your melee abilities have up to a 60% chance, based on the target's missing health, to trigger an extra attack that deals 100% Physical damage. 5) 75: Control talent - Storm Bolt 20 yd range Instant 30 sec cooldown Hurls your weapon at an enemy, stunning for 4 sec. - Crackling Thunder Auto-attack refresh the duration of hamstring on target and reappliying Hamstring on target already snared will be rooted for 4 sec instead. - Disarm Instant 45 sec cooldown Disarm the enemy's weapons and shield for 5 sec. Disarmed creatures deal significantly reduced damage.Sayfdine5 2d
2d Bfa DH havoc feedback Today Morning i recived access to bfa alfa and i would like to thank the bilzzard for the opportunity granted to me. My main class since january 17 is DH havoc.. i play this class with momentum build, Chaos balde build and finally demonic build.. actually with my friend i play some boss in antorus in mytic diff.. and some m+(17-20).. I do not think I'm a pro player but after more than a year playing this class with discrete results, I feel like I can say mine on the new version presented in bfa. I state that this is a simple opinion and that as such can be shared or not. I start with positive change: 1) the return of momentum build.. i try momentum with diffirent talent like First blood, dark slash, tail of ruin, fel barrage and all of this is viable with momentum.. i use fel Blade and demon Blade talent for Fury gen. This build is fun to play: is fast, the Fury gen is not problem via prepared talent into momentum, and the buff in duration of momentum(from 4 live to 6 in bfa) is perfect. 2) Fel blade.. 50 Fury gain is ok. 3) Azerite trait seething Chaos: even if I have not yet had the chance to try it, i love this trait.. I follow the development of this trait very carefully because it will solve many problems of fury generation and I sincerely hope that this will not be removed. Now i start with negative change: 1) Fury cap: too low.. its Easy to overcapped Fury and when you choose bild eye talent you always overcapped fury.. in fact this talent generate a Total of 105 Fury but actually the cap is only 100. This cap limited too much engage fase like demonic.. in fact if you are unluky you are able to do only 2 CS.. now i dont know if blizz adjust this via azerite armor but i think the ideally Fury cap Need to change at 120 Fury. 2) Blind Fury talent: the change in row of demonic appetite and Lost CD reduction of eb they made this talent very poor performing. With demonic is much better demonic appetite. 3) circle of harted talent: I did several simulations with this talent of different duration 4-6-8 minutes it seems very poor performance .. you can never bring the CD around 2 minutes .. this because of course this talent goes well with nemesis and aligning the two CDs is the goal. unfortunately meta is always a late 30-40s. also choosing this talent cuts out dark slash and blade dance in the rotation make this really slow and boring .. it would be nice to see this talent basic line. 4) Azerite trait Devour: NO!.. in many time this passive encurage you to overcap Fury for gain a Little % of mastery and this passive dont work if you choose demon Blade.. plz blizzard dont repeat the same error in legion: dont make a passive that lock a build in a specific talent. Forgive my bad English and I hope that the community of the dh that until now is a little absent in the forums give his opinion.Lurios10 2d
2d Balance Druid feedback So there's been a lack of changes for the Balance Druid and the Druids in general. It's not really a concern now, but the lack of information is worrying because every time you see a new alpha update you keep getting disappointed. So, Balance Druids. Where to start, overall the class works well in Legion. I'm personally not a big fan of the Astral Power build and spend mechanic, I feel its not identical to the spec and so many other classes has the same mechanic. I would be happy to see Eclipse back, why? First of all it was unique to the spec, no other spec had a similar mechanic. The procs on Starsurge was satisfying to get and it was good rng. Anyway, the problems with the Balance spec now is mainly our dots. Moonfire and Sunfire has no synergy on our single target rotation what so ever. Before we had Shooting Star that procced if we had our dots on the target. Now they are just a flat damage increase. Our dots needs to be more impactful on single target, make us want to press the buttons. Talent feedback: 15 - Starlord should be baseline. Warrior of Elune has its usage in some scenarios. Force of Nature is a waste of a talent. 30 - It's good. 45 - It works, but its rather boring and doesn't provide a lot of utility, the Wild Growth in Restoration affinity is a nice change though! 60 - Utility row, works fine. 75 - Soul of the Forest reduces our Starfall cost to 40 and that should be baseline as well. Incarnation is a strong cooldown. But Stellar Flare has no usage what so ever, it does low damage and its just another dot to apply. Adds nothing else to the table. 90 - The Astral Power generation row. I think its good. Shooting Stars and Blessing of the Ancient is the best for raiding, Astral Communion has no usage in PVE but its strong in PVP. Blessing of the Ancient "Blessing of An'she" isn't being used ever, and should not be used, which is a shame. 100 - Stellar Drift is fine, Nature's Balance is fine. One for aoe one for single target. But Fury of Elune needs a complete rework or replaced with something else. It utterly garbage and hasn't seen any use during Legion. Talents that needs to be removed and replaced with something else: Force of Nature, Stellar Flare, Fury of Elune. Currently on Alpha the Balance Druid are a cure for insomnia. They are so boring to play without the moons form the artifact. General rule as a Balance Druid is to not let your dots fall off and try not to use non empowered spells. Currently you spam Wrath to get Astral Power, the generation is slow and the rotation is boring. To be honest, I would like to see Eclipse back, not only for the uniqueness but it actually made our dots meaningful on single target. The build and spend mechanic is overused already.Bista9 2d
2d Blade of Justice into Exorcism Hi I have now tested the paladin on alpha for like 15 hours. This is the best they have been and felt in a long time. There is just one thing i am missing. RNG! If feels weird to play a paladin without any sort of RNG. So my suggestion is: Remove Blade of Justice Bring back Exorcism The idea is that is has 1.5 second cast time. And a 5 second cooldown. And generate 1 Holy Power. Then we can get the Art of War proc back. Which removes the cast time of the next Exorcism within 10 seconds, and makes it generate and addition Holy Power. It could be around 6 ppm (current alpha build BoJ have 10.5 sec CD) and then be affected by haste. The reason for 5 second cooldown, is so that it cannot be spammed as a ranged ability. And if there is a lot of procs, the damage output will not just go insane. The idea here is just to bring a little more life/rng into the build. (without talents) And i really feel like Exorcism fits the retribution paladin fantasy more than Blade of Justice.Justíze0 2d
3d SHADOW PRIEST So does blizzard actually think that shadow is even close to being a spec that you can actually pvp with ? It doesn't matter if you do BGs or Arena, you will always be the target that everyone jumps on. Why because all we got is "Dispersion" and even when used we still get nuked and if not they just jump back after its off...takes about 3 secs anyhow to kill a sp....Immi13 3d
3d BfA: Paladin buff does not benefit the raid With the class raid buff previews out (link below), I couldnt help to notice - the paladin raid "buff" (+10% armor) does not benefit the raid at all! Who takes physical damage in raids? Two people of 20 - the tanks. Rest of the raid get no benefit from having a paladin what so ever. Even the numeric values seems to be a bit off, while priest buff increases survivability potential by +10% HP, druid one gives 1.5% reduced all damage and 3% extra healing (versatility), the paladin one would give ~2% reduced damage, physical-only. A comparable buff would be around 5% reduced all damage - half of power of the priest buff and about the same defense as 1.5% + 3% druid (not mentioning the 3% dps), or DK 5% leech healing. Obviously, things might (and some most likely will) change during the development, but just pointing out that as of now, the "buff" does not seem to fulfill its role - buffing the raid. Or am I missing something? Does the extra armor sound as stronger raid buff to you than does it to me? 3d
3d Prunning to bring wow to smartphones? Do you think Blizzard intends to bring wow to smartphones by making it to play as easy as possible? All the unjustified prunning for the last 3 expansions suddenly gets a justification. It can't be to please the customers since very few are supportive of it. Any big company will speculate that the future lies on mobile platforms and might gradually move there since there are far more potential customers than people who have a gaming pc. If not as a simple smartphone game, then they probably want to bring it to VR and make it playable with a controller. We don't yet have the required technology to support it, but give it 3-5 years and we might. Hence why even devs get so defensive about their continued prunning and ignore all feedback.Worghasm11 3d
3d Arena vs MOBA Does anyone else feel like they are playing å MOBA sometimes in arena? If the enemies have their ultimates ready they can oneshot you. And you don't have many tools to avoid it in some cases. With fewer abilities, insane output during offensive cooldowns and DPS rotation being as complicated as a MOBA-rotation, I feel like I'm queuing up for DOTA/HoN sometimes. In Lol you actually have more customization (or used to have) with runes and talents than you do in WoW atm. Lol The forums are riddled with posts like this, I know. But it doesn't seem to have an impact. Also I just thought the comparison was pretty on point. So why not make another?Ntuko2 3d
3d Loss of artifact passives/abilities Hello, my feedback is about losing the artifact (mainly the traits). This isn't about pruning directly, but taking more away after the artifacts are gone and not giving anything back is a mistake. Also the heart of azeroth affected armor might change a lot about what I think about losing the artifact weapons but not enough information is being released about passives that are expected to be used on the armor. In fact what has been shown so far is rather boring, though it is only 1 piece. After trying out certain specs (healer specs) I have some concerns that losing artifact traits might affect some specs too much. Some of the activated abilities and some of the passive traits really made the specs whole. As a holy priest, losing the prayer of mending traits and benediction talent is gunna make the specs feel like it's missing a lot. This is also a loss of a talent but even ignoring that the specs will feel incredibly bland. For disc I'm really going to miss the lights wrath ability. It was a nice burst CD to time for burst damage. For resto druid, dreamwalker was just a nice trait, when it proc'd it felt great, if it didn't it wasn't too disappointing. For holy paladin the crit healing modifiers felt really great when you got a holy shock crit. Restoration shamans artifact ability is great. A ground targeted aoe that played well with talents. For monk it's celestial breath. This was always a spell I liked. I'm sure there are plenty of other specs that have passives/on use abilities they feel make their spec that will be lost once artifacts are gone that will not be taken into bfa. I would really like to see more information on the traits we will see on the heart of azeroth affected armor pieces. This might help to alleviate concerns people have. I must say though I am sad to see no level 115 or 120 talent. We basically gain no new abilities this expansion, which is what the artifacts gave us. Sorry for the post not really being fluid!Spellbook3 3d
3d Wildfire Grenade & Explosive Shot Why is it that these two mechanics have to be so annoying? Explosive Shot should just fly towards a target just like the Kil'jaeden trinket instead of having to run into melee to double use it like some melee potato to make sure that it hits the targets. And Wildfire Bomb would work perfectly as the Dragonsfire Grenade does in Legion. Why are you insisting on changing it to something worse? The position required for it is once again just an annoying mechanic that will be frustrating because you switch target for it but the npc's run around like headless chicken. What's wrong with Dragonsfire Grenade?? You changed the name on that one and made it unenjoyable to use.Eiwo4 3d
3d Mistweaver Monk - Soothing mist I was reading around the forums when my eye suddenly catched a thread, where it said that Soothing Mist was changed to what it once was (and has been in PvP afterwards). I instantly logged onto my Monk and to my joy it was true. The active spell Soothing Mist was back. I played around for a few hours, ran a lot of dungeons and had loads of fun. Soothing Mist as an active ability is really welcome. Now the Jade Serpent Statue is worth taking. The gameplay is changed a fair bit, and I really like the new playstyle. Especially if you run the talent, which allows you to cast SM while moving. It does NOT however, make you able to cast EM or Vivify while moving and channeling SM. Which takes some getting used too. As for a "bug" or stupid use of Thunder Focus Tea: It still consumes a charge of TFT if you cast Enveloping Mist while channeling Soothing Mist. Could be fine, if there was an other effect to EM while channeling SM or the charge wasn't consumed. I hope, the active Soothing Mist is here to stay!Baenesur0 3d
3d Demonology in BFA Right now Demonology in BFA seems boring, a little better than Legion version but still, compare this to MoP or WoD or even Cata this looks terrible. - Your Demons can be ignored entirely, your main pet dies in seconds, deal zero damage (this can be tweaked) and it has a brain dead AI. - Other demons can be stunned, silenced, feared and just outrunned. Techicaly your wild imps like a DoT, where you have seen that DoT can be feared, our outruned? - In BFA you force Demolocks to use felguard, making talents specifically oriented on felguard. I want to use all my demons there are not so many of them. Why not create a talents that will affect all demons that warlock can summon? - Warlocks survivability is a joke. Yes you can survive a bit longer under pressure, but zero mobility and vulnerability to interupts and silences makes warlock are easy prey in PvP. Hell warlock sometimes can't cast at all - enemy (most melee) engage in combat, damage warlock, when warlock cast enything enemy use interupt and warlock can't cast enything, when locked school of magic is finaly avaliable, ememy just use stun and this crap will continue. And if warlock will try to get away, the enemy will only need to look around and find big green portal or deminic gates and catch warlock, even if warlock will use only avaliable speed boost (burning rush) he will only makes it easy for enemy to kill him. And in the end of this battle warlock may only damage enemy with DoT or pet. And even if warlock will turn fight on his side, enemy will just run away and warlock can not do anything with it. Warlocks can't chase their enemies bacause warlocks do not have any mobility Blizzard, your attempts to change Demonology has failed in legion beta. You didn't revive spec during expantion, and in BFA test it strungle with simple things like leveling. Sure the Summoner class fantasy looks and sounds great but only in paper, in your current game engine, and with current game dev vision Demonology is Doomed to be outsider. Bring back MoP or WoD version of demonology. Class fantasy can be put aside, when gameplay didn't bring fun to players.Mêphâlâ3 3d
4d Combine Shadowform and Voidform Lingering Insanity made the time between Voidforms only a few seconds long, so why not just get rid of Voidform and the ramp up for it entirely? The biggest problem with Shadow is the boring and pointless ramp up, and that includes pre-Voidform ramp up. It would function exactly like it does now, except Insanity would always drain, starting at a low rate, and your Voidform stacks would reset when you go back down to 0 Insanity, just like they do now. The rebalancing of damage and the nerf to Voidform in BfA doesn't fix the rotational problems of non-Voidform Shadow. It's not fun spamming Mind Flay, and nerfing Voidform only means we'll spend more time doing a more boring rotation. It's time to just make Voidform a passive.Machias1 4d
4d Combine Shadowform and Voidform Lingering Insanity made the time between Voidforms only a few seconds long, so why not just get rid of Voidform and the ramp up for it entirely? The biggest problem with Shadow is the boring and pointless ramp up, and that includes pre-Voidform ramp up. It would function exactly like it does now, except Insanity would always drain, starting at a low rate, and your Voidform stacks would reset when you go back down to 0 Insanity, just like they do now. The rebalancing of damage and the nerf to Voidform doesn't fix the problems of non-Voidform Shadow. It's not fun spamming Mind Flay, and nerfing Voidform only means we'll spend more time doing a more boring rotation. It's time to just make Voidform a passive.Machias0 4d
4d Return MoP/WoD Demonology. I want to apologize for my grammar - English is not my native language, but I'm working on myself I don't want to offend any Dev but current Legion and BFA design of Demonology is narrow minded. I started to play WoW on official server during Cata pre patch, chose warlock as my main because of demonology gameplay, i was exited when i saw changes in MoP. But then i saw Legion, well sad will be not right word i should say. Right now Demonology is slow not engaging specialization. All you do is summon demons and buff them, your actual action is spam shadowbolt to gain shards. In BFA you get rid of demonic empowerment and summon a few more demons, but still lack of actual participation in fights. And of course you can say something like "Hey you will get demonbolt baseline, and it will be aditional abbility to use"... yes it will be nice addition, but player still be on back stage while your demons will do most of the work. For some time this will be fun, but it will not last long. Player should be engaged in gameplay, he/she/it? should not be resource generator for his demons. Demons should work for player not player for them! MoP/WoD Demonology was good mix of empowering warlock and summoner gameplay.During that time Demo did not suffered some major gameplay and technical issues like everlasting combat state because of demons was stuck in combat. And even if something was happend like your demon stuck somewere and you started combat, you were able to do some damage or CC to summon demon or use Metamorphosis to instantly summon your demon. Speaking of Metamorphosis! It was an uniqe and amazing tool, not only to deal damage but also to gain some mobility. Right now Demonology looks not even as shell of former self but as a something wrong that was put in the place of that spec. Summoner - is a great class fantasy, but it not suit warlocks right now, in that game engine. In Diablo its really shine as Witch doctor or Necromancer, but here in World of Warcraft... not really. In WoW every zoo based spec suffers from lots of techical limitations. I will quote one of my posts hereMêphâlâ4 4d
4d Enhancement Shaman: Too Fragile? Before people start to insta-rage/downvote, please note this is purely from my experience so far in a PVE environment. I have no idea what Enh Shammy is like in PvP, so I simply can't comment on that. From what I've seen of playing 1-60 and then 90-95 so far (old WoD boost still kicking around), the one thing that struck me as soon as I hit the 90s and started levelling is just how squishy and fragile I feel as a Shaman at the moment. This is purely in standard, solo levelling content too, not dungeons or raids; a standard pack of mobs or mob + 1 wandering add can often send me into the red if I don't have my damage procs pop quickly enough. Having done the boost to 90 my gear perhaps isn't entirely stellar, but even so? This feels almost as brutal as the 109-110 change in damage taken that my Pally main went through, and she's a frontline plate wearer. Since Enhancement is a melee spec, surely to goodness it shouldn't be struggling this much with doing that it's designed for? I've never had this sort of issue levelling other classes or specs; ranged classes have enough tools in the kit to keep foes away or kill them before they hit melee, and melee classes have enough armour or cooldowns to just mitigate. What gives?Kaytlinne23 4d
4d Melee/Ranged mobillity A common issue that felt ongoing throughout legion was the removal of some mobility abilities for range while melee get more mobility as well as strong damage. I have mostly been reading and getting info from some friends in alpha and a main concern of mine is again the lack of mobility for ranged which seems to be getting worse, gcd on shimmer for example and like in legion most of our abilities are hardcasted, need to build resources before bursting etc. Which is fine, casters should cast instead of jump around like bunnies spamming instant casts, it fits the caster theme but when melee have a ton of mobility, a ton of damage and interrupt/cc/knockbacks it makes ranged vs melee encounters really unbalanced. (And i heard dks now have 2 death grips baseline, now have a purge and lets not forget warriors with charges and leaps) Like I am really excited to try the warmode but as a warlock my mobility is limited, if a melee jumps on me and takes a big chunk of my health within the first 1-2 seconds and has almost 100% uptime due to the many mobility abilities they have and most of my casting can be interrupted/cced/knockbacked making you unable to do any real damage outside the few seconds you ll CC them. And considering you have to build resources the damage you ll do to them is quite pitiful and you wont have a chance to use more powerful spells, usually because of that i always try to have skystep potions/gliders to try to get some distance/escape but casters shouldnt depend on that just to have a chance of beating melee. It seems that the current model only really works for top tier, top coordinated gladiator level arena pvp which i can understand is your focus but it feels the casual pvp is just getting worse between ranged/melee.Ràlph1 4d
4d Communication This is a plea at Blizzard. I just made another "one of these rant posts" about pruning and class identity and the likes and thinking about it later I realized something. At least for me personally the pruning, talent trees, the gcd...those things aren't what bugs me most. They sure are topics that I care deeply about and am frustrated of but there is a single thing that amplifies this feeling a lot. And that is the lack of communication, or rather dialogue from your side. Now I do realize the actual developers are having their hands full with their actual work, and are not going to be able to talk about every single person's issues. However the complete lack of dialogue makes it feel like you are on an island doing your thing which (to many of us) feels completely detached from reality. Every time I see news or changes I'm feeling iffy about, I immediatly get desperate because I know, no matter how much feedback, there is gonna be no reaction. In the end things get implemented regardless and more often than not the community feels indifferent at best and frustrated at the worst. I believe there is a middle ground that can be found between casual accessibility, depth and choice in playstyle. There are so many people coming up with great ideas that probably couldn't get implemented that way for reasons we can't grasp but if every once in a while a dev would chime in, it clarify a lot of things and maybe spark different ideas. This is probably just another vent post and will go by like all the others but I just wish there was more communication going on between you guys and us because I'm pretty sure together we could find solutions that work for everybody involved. A man can dream...but with devs communicating, a survey or two about players desires for their classes and specs and Q&A's that go beyond the next cosmetic stuff a lot could be different.Rahris0 4d
4d Basic Legion + BfA rotation 1 filler abillity (1) 1-2 CD 1 moderate hit ability (2) 1 super hit charged up ability (3) 50 passives. So the rotation is , spam 1, get full resource bar or procs, pop CDS, press 3, then 2 and 1, with 3 always priority. How to be better then the autist noob next door playing same class as you ? well good question !.............................................................................................................................. Farm more AP than him. ( yes azerite power )Iriae2 4d