Legion Class Development

27 Feb PvP Hotfixes - 27/02/2018 The following hotfixes were applied overnight on EU realms: Monk Brewmaster Guard can no longer be applied to non-player targets such as pets and guardians. Paladin Protection Fist of Justice now reduces the cooldown of Hammer of Justice by 5 seconds in PvP (was 10 seconds). Priest Discipline Fixed a bug where Trinity's bonus 20% Atonement healing transfer was increasing Atonement heals by more than intended. Fixed a bug where Atonement's bonus 15% healing transfer in PvP was increasing Atonement heals by more than intended. Rogue Assassination Fixed a bug that caused Kingsbane's damage to be higher than intended in PvP situations. For a full list of the latest hotfixes, please see our blog post.Aerythlea0 27 Feb
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6h Why is dps as healer thing? Hello, why is blizzard making healers do dps in pvp/pve? Like if i am playing healer i wanna heal ppl and not staying in melee and do dmg. For example i really like MW healing from far etc, but i really hate being in melee and use kicks for heal ppl. And what i saw in BFA beta on videos they are making it a thing. And i wanted to main healer in BFA (MW monk). But i dont like these melee attacks on healer and i am thinking i will end up not playing at all maybe cuz of this. Like is this even thing that healers should do dmg? I really dislike this idea. If they make healers who dont wanna play dmg/melee also efficent and balanced its ok for me. SO let ppl have choice and choose melee dmg or healing. But in legion for example i feel if i wanna play only healer in arenas without way of crane talent i am in big disadvantage. I am mana starving + stun remove is big deal vs some comps. So i really enjoy healing on my MW monk. But these unbalanced things that force you playing melee are making me not interested in playing at all. Sorry for my english. TLDR: If i wanna play healer i wanna heal only, i dont want be doing dmg, or let ppl have choice if they wanna play only healer or mixed healer with dmg.Tashrak10 6h
7h Survival in BfA. Why? I am pretty much late to the party here. I recently decided to gear my hunter to get those mage tower appearances, in the process I tried Survival and I was amazed. The spec has amazing rotation. There are enough buffs to track on players, rotation is fun, going berserk with more than 6 mongoose strikes was sooooo satisfying. The latest tier bonus also adds more flavor to the rotation. In very short, it was the most fun dps-class in Legion. Now, I know it was not widely accepted. I think mainly the developer failed to market the spec. They only marketed it as (Melee hunter) an idea not appealing to many of us. Have they marketed it as something it needed to be melee because we wanted to make it more complex, then I would be the first to try. Returning back to topic I checked BfA Suvival. I got the Beta access and wanted to see how is my new favorite spec doing. My god what have you done? How did you manage to prune it into dog!@#$? How was that even mechanically possible. In very short. Everything I liked about the spec. PRUNED. Mongoose bite and Flanking strikes are talent on the same row! And you give us BM talent in return? The spec became so empty and as braindead as BM and MM. The seems like huge class developing problem. It seems like we have different teams working or fighting on the class philosophy. On one expansion you guys give us identity in the next one you try to make us like other specs? On one expansion you want us melee in the next one you slowly shift us to range? like make up your mind already. I am so very much disappointed with the new survival. You guys could have made better job instead of this much pruning. I read the players feedback. I don't see many positive feedback there. I don't expect any changes as usual, because those feedbacks have been ignored. Those of us who wanted 'fun' hunters, tough luck. There is no such thing in BFA.Elgert2 7h
14h BFA Arms Sustain Right, tried making a thread just a second ago on this topic but it just disappeared and didn't show up at all. (conspiracy! conspiracy!) Anyway, what "current fight" sustain is Arms warrior getting going into BFA? Honestly, what? The only baseline "sustain" we have relies us on winning the fight in the first place. PvE won't always have easy fodder lying around for you to get Victory Rush procs off of, and it's completely useless in PvP unless you've already won! Every other class (even Fury) has unrestricted sustain that they can use in combat without any prior requirements. Even Rogues and Hunters have spot healing. Why did they need it yet Arms does not? Why must Arms waste talents to get what other classes have baseline? Impending Victory (lvl 30 Talent) forces us to sacrifice either mobility or ranged lockdown. Second Wind (lvl 60 Talent) is useless until the fight is over, in which case the ability is unneeded. It won't be picked over the other two choices on that row. --- Arms needs some sort of "current fight" sustain. At the moment, we don't have the sticking power or defensive capability to validate the lack of sustain.Zhulgrim2 14h
1d Bfa Fury Warrior: YES, YES, YES I really wanted to make this post JUST to gush about the recent Fury warrior changes. My opinion in short: YES! My god it is fun. And from the blue post I've seen saying Bloodbath and Avatar will be removed? YES! The Bladestorm change, YES! 2 Stacks on Raging Blow, YES! Enrage giving Haste, YES! Whirlwind giving rage, YES! Recklessness changes, YES! Frothing Berserker increasing Rampage cost, oh god YES! (you dont wanne know how hard it is to control your impulse when you see rampage light up on live). I used to main Fury warrior, but after getting tired of the stupid item scaling Fury had to deal with every tier (cuz Battle Cry worked on all trinkets) I was just done with it because gear was way more important than skill could ever be on Fury (haha whirlwind jokes). I was going to roll Windwalker (get it, roll?) or Retri paladin, but then Blizz sucks me right back in with these juicy changes. I am incredibly happy to see this and it reignited my passion for Fury again. So thanks Designers and community managers that made this possible! Sorry if this wasn't that constructive. I just wanted to express my joy. PS: maybe look into that Rampage animation speed though ;)Konata7 1d
1d Polishing the Frost DK paradox I like how Blizzard tweaks classes ..... not really no. Apparently DK must always be WoW's joke -> tons of damage with no delivery mechanism I don't see other classes lose stuff! Mass stun that could be easily dodged .... taken out .... nothing to replace it. Wraith Walk .... the only way to actually have a chance against 80% of the specs .... needs talent. I hope these are not the final talents ..... cause they suck for DK (of any spec).Hehr5 1d
1d Guard returns!! As a BRM since MOP. This unexpected news was very pleasant to me. This announcement gave me hope to see back the spec we once loved so deeply before Legion. Welcome back Gaurd. It has been very long (one) expansion for us. https://www.icy-veins.com/forums/topic/37912-battle-for-azeroth-beta-build-26812-talent-changes/Slackware0 1d
2d Paladins need more tools in pvp Hello there, currently i noticed that sometimes there is a gap after burst or hor when i don't have any ability to press offencives and defencives, if i have zeal as a tallent which is basically necessary 3v3 i end up with autoattacks after burst for some time. Even if i switching blessings on me or healer or other dps, ussing eye for eye hoj and sillence there is sometimes gap where i feeling there i missing ability to use, mostly i feel that paladins missing one more attack ability to use or build faster holy power. So outside in pve when you have ring for crusade and divine purpose is quite okay, but still paladin dps i guess is in 22/25, so in pvp basically you have to choose between divine purpose and pray for rng to get procs, or go for crusade which is almost one chance to kill someone in pvp when build stacks and cc right time openent healer and even then it's only possible if you catch on mistake. 2 mobility. So let's talk about retri mobility, divine steed. Well im not sure how much i like this ability or don't like. I guess i already used to play with it, but still mechanic is really bad, it could break roots and others slows, because for 45 sec cd it gives you only couple sec gap closer, which is basicly countered by slow or roots, so for example i use divine steed from bit skiled player i will receive root will use freedom and then i will get slow. So can you imagine retri playing agains mw+dh? Sad story runing arround like retard and being kited like piece of.... Of this reason i can't even reduse my hoj cd because i can't build any HP to cast divine storm or verdict. Seems retris are slowest class in wow right now. It would be great if divine steed break roots and slows, or bring long arm of the law back. In general i enjoy playing retri it's wheelchair but still it's pretty good in Rbs where is cart and cap bases because of aoe tools we have, but i would sacrifice some of aoe to get more sustain dps tool after wings and some mobility,because of flag maps. Also feels it could be shown some more love from devs and holinka.Nympuke0 2d
2d Make daggers transmigable into Blades? Dear Blizzard, Can you make daggers transmogable into One handed Blades in BFA . I really want to tranamog my daggers into Teebu' Blazing Longsword for example.Ambushdead1 2d
2d Please make demo less dependent on haste If you keep insisting that this spec be based on hard casts, regardless on any changes you do, at least give us an option to make the rotation smoother. Right now, without any instant casts, it feels very bad to start a fight and it will scale horribly when we get to 120 and our haste lowers to 10%. GG starting any fight and spam 1.8 sec cast shadow bolts and pray for a demonbolt proc. Not even in vanilla did it feel this clunky. So here's a suggestion: Most people that tested demo are stating that there is an overflow of soul shards. My suggestion would be to replace Soul Conduit, the 1st lvl 90 talent that gives any soulshard a 15% chance to be refunded, with another talent that decreases the casting time of Shadowbolt by 0.5 seconds. This would give us more freedom to chose other stats, like mastery and crit and not focus solely on haste, even in the detriment of ilvl. At a lower ilvl but more haste, I do way more damage than if I were to equip items with crit, mastery and versatility with a higher ilvl. Is this working as intended? Please don't overview this.Tartor0 2d
2d #RevertToMoP https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20761107969?page=1 It's blowing up over on US forums. Thought I'd share (for those of you who don't read US forums). "Enough is enough Blizz. You don't know what is and isn't fun anymore when it comes to class design. MoP class design is the definition of fun. Take it from the people who are actually playing this game and putting up with your poor choices."Konjunktur208 2d
2d Holy Priests unite Check this out \/ \/ \/ \/ https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17620092436#post-1Galâdríel0 2d
3d Bfa DH havoc feedback Today Morning i recived access to bfa alfa and i would like to thank the bilzzard for the opportunity granted to me. My main class since january 17 is DH havoc.. i play this class with momentum build, Chaos balde build and finally demonic build.. actually with my friend i play some boss in antorus in mytic diff.. and some m+(17-20).. I do not think I'm a pro player but after more than a year playing this class with discrete results, I feel like I can say mine on the new version presented in bfa. I state that this is a simple opinion and that as such can be shared or not. I start with positive change: 1) the return of momentum build.. i try momentum with diffirent talent like First blood, dark slash, tail of ruin, fel barrage and all of this is viable with momentum.. i use fel Blade and demon Blade talent for Fury gen. This build is fun to play: is fast, the Fury gen is not problem via prepared talent into momentum, and the buff in duration of momentum(from 4 live to 6 in bfa) is perfect. 2) Fel blade.. 50 Fury gain is ok. 3) Azerite trait seething Chaos: even if I have not yet had the chance to try it, i love this trait.. I follow the development of this trait very carefully because it will solve many problems of fury generation and I sincerely hope that this will not be removed. Now i start with negative change: 1) Fury cap: too low.. its Easy to overcapped Fury and when you choose bild eye talent you always overcapped fury.. in fact this talent generate a Total of 105 Fury but actually the cap is only 100. This cap limited too much engage fase like demonic.. in fact if you are unluky you are able to do only 2 CS.. now i dont know if blizz adjust this via azerite armor but i think the ideally Fury cap Need to change at 120 Fury. 2) Blind Fury talent: the change in row of demonic appetite and Lost CD reduction of eb they made this talent very poor performing. With demonic is much better demonic appetite. 3) circle of harted talent: I did several simulations with this talent of different duration 4-6-8 minutes it seems very poor performance .. you can never bring the CD around 2 minutes .. this because of course this talent goes well with nemesis and aligning the two CDs is the goal. unfortunately meta is always a late 30-40s. also choosing this talent cuts out dark slash and blade dance in the rotation make this really slow and boring .. it would be nice to see this talent basic line. 4) Azerite trait Devour: NO!.. in many time this passive encurage you to overcap Fury for gain a Little % of mastery and this passive dont work if you choose demon Blade.. plz blizzard dont repeat the same error in legion: dont make a passive that lock a build in a specific talent. Forgive my bad English and I hope that the community of the dh that until now is a little absent in the forums give his opinion.Lurios11 3d
3d "Dont worry its Alpha/beta" Hope all of you defending the bad class design always saying "dont worry its alpha" learned from it. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20762217984?page=1#4 "I wouldn't call anything "locked" during testing and active development. Our development processes are as iterative as they've ever been, and we're always looking for places where we need to make further changes to meet design goals. Having said that, we're close to finished with the changes to the rotations and the look and feel for most specs." Yeah specs must have a great "feel" when you removed around 15+ buttons per spec. Wod/legion/BFA were the greatest robbery in the history of WoW not only in termos of price per content (wich is bare none) but also with all the stuff they robbed classes off. HF and.... #EnjoyBFAJinsk13 3d
3d Can we see Arcane mage mobility toned down Blinking 1000x while casting is not fun to play against in arena. Please relook at there designGôd19 3d
5d Constructive Holy Paladin feedback This post is written from the point of view of a hardcore mythic raider and so my feedback applies to Holy Paladin in a mythic raiding context. Aura Mastery I welcome the removal of the old Aura of Sacrifice. Holy Paladin is thematically a tank or spot healer and having the strongest AoE healing cooldown in the game didn’t fit the toolkit. It could easily triple the healing of strong iconic raid wide cooldowns like Tranquility. Though, the new Aura of Sacrifice doesn’t really make sense either for two reasons: It’s basically a weaker version of Devotion Aura The passive effect of the aura still gives leech WAY too much value, making leech a better stat than both primary and secondary stats. It creates a complex balancing issue where either leech has to be nerfed or Paladins with a few lucky leech procs become far too powerful. I believe the root of the problem is that there has to be 3 different auras to choose from. Devotion Aura is such a big part of Holy Paladins identity, why not put emphasis on this single aura instead of giving the choice to mimic other classes' spells? My suggestion: make Devotion Aura baseline and get rid of Aura of Sacrifice and Aura of Mercy altogether. The tier 60 talents should instead empower Devotion Aura in one way or another. Examples could be: - The cooldown of Aura Mastery is reduced by 60 seconds - Devotion Aura reduces damage taken by an additional 10% - Increases the duration of Aura Mastery by 6 seconds Awakening This talent needs to be changed. Anything with a proc chance feels really misplaced in a healer’s toolkit, where providing consistent and reliable healing every single pull is the highest priority. Especially when the proc is so noticeable when it actually occurs. Though, it is pretty cool with a talent row that only modifies Avenging Wrath. My suggestion: the talent should instead make every 6th Light of Dawn trigger Avenging Wrath for 10 seconds. Avenging Crusader I think this talent is an interesting addition. I do however don’t like the current tuning of it. I believe Avenging Crusader should be the choice when you want to use your Avenging Wrath offensively. It should not be the best choice for healing throughput. Discipline Priest and Mistweaver Monk had similar mechanics in Mists of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor respectively, and both classes were changed for the better! Passive smart healing while dealing damage is not a very engaging playstyle. My suggestion: Avenging Crusader should provide a significant boost to the Holy Paladins damage output, while doing healing similar to a Holy Paladins normal rotation such that the other healers won’t experience a sudden extra demand for healing in the meantime. Righteousness With Aura of Sacrifice, Light of the Martyr and Blessing Sacrifice all using the Paladin’s health as a resource, a 15% boost to the health pool was justified. In the Beta, this passive is currently missing. It makes it unnecessarily risky to use the above mentioned abilities. If health should be used as a resource in the Paladin’s healing rotation, Paladins should naturally have more health. Beacon of Virtue This one is difficult to balance, as it quickly becomes a too powerful talent for small group content like Mythic+. However I would really like to see it being viable in raiding content, which it currently isn’t and rarely has been. My suggestion: reduce the mana cost so it is on par with the mana cost of Beacon of Light. As mana is rarely an issue in Mythic+ this doesn’t affect the balance in small group content, while making it far more viable in raids! The mana cost of Beacon of Virtue is current 4x the mana cost of Beacon of Light, while Beacon of Light rarely has to be re-cast and Beacon of Virtue has to be applied every 15 seconds or such. Picking Beacon of Virtue in raiding content destroys your mana and causes you to have unwanted downtime in order to conserve mana. Divine Purpose The RNG of this talent feels a bit too volatile. You can be using Holy Shock and Light of Dawn on cooldown for a minute without procs just to experience 4 back-to-back procs right after. In Warlords of Draenor Mistweavers had a chance equal to their multistrike to not put Renewing Mist on cooldown when it was cast. However, this could not occur two casts in a row. I think something similar would make sense for Divine Purpose. My suggestion: Increase the proc chance of Divine Purpose from 20% to 25%, but make two subsequent procs impossible. From my simulations this yields roughly the same procs per minute, but smooths out the RNG in favor of a more reliable performance from pull to pull.Lyaíra0 5d
5d Developer Q&A with Ion Hazzikostas https://www.mmo-champion.com/content/7693-Developer-Q-A-with-Ion-Hazzikostas-Battle-for-Azeroth ... yep, sure, betting "the majority of most" semi competent warlocks for example take execute ring for helya and odyn and certainly dont like to switch them out for someting useful... neverever... nope sir, mr. ion sir.Olórin0 5d
5d BFA release date August 14. So no more significant changes to classes. Im really sad about it not only because i loved this game before the current dev team arrived but also because i feel they are rushing it. A lot of classes will have to be changed mid expac like Legion... Calling it.Jinsk3 5d
5d Please replace demo lock designers in BfA A lot of people feel like demonology has been gutted almost beyond salvation in Legion and we do not want to experience the same frustrating game play in the next expansion. Blizz has already acknowledged that demo has been a failed experiment. I do not want to pay for experiments, I want to pay in order to enjoy playing this game. Please do not repeat the same mistakes in Battle for Azeroth as you did in Legion. Regards, A frustrated player who mained demo since meta introduction.Worghasm26 5d
5d Please delete! Please delete, found relevant forum! :) Thank you.Celenei0 5d
6d Black Market Legion Hi just got a question if Black Market is still a thing and can i still get TGC items from it such as Tabard of Frost, I do know that it has being moved to Dalarans underbelly, Any answer would be appriciated thanks.Radosk1 6d
6d What ot play in BFA, fury or havoc? Fury Warrior or Havoc Demon Hunter in BFA? I like the fast paced huge dps playstyle, so what to play? It seems like Havoc does everything that Fury plus better movement?Bigtau1 6d
6d 4th spec after BfA After Battle for Azeroth, Blizzard could take a pause from Implementing new classes and races. Instead bring back old specs and invent new ones. My suggestions: Death Knight: Blood Tank Frost Melee Unholy Melee *Dread Melee Demon Hunter: *Demonic Tank *Felfire Melee Havoc Melee Vengeance Tank *Druid: Balance Ranged Feral Melee Guardian Tank Restoration Healer Hunter: Beast Mastery Ranged Marksmanship Ranged *Survival Ranged *Trapper Melee Mage Arcane Ranged Fire Ranged Frost Ranged *Black Magic Ranged Monk: Brewmaster Tank *Martial Arts Melee Mistweaver Healer Windwalker Melee Paladin *Avenger Healer(melee) Holy Healer(caster) Protection Tank Retribution Melee Priest Disciplin Healer/Ranged Holy Healer *Sacred Ranged Shadow Ranged Rogue Assassination Melee *Combat Melee Outlaw Melee Subtlety Melee Shaman * Earth Warder Tank Elemental Ranged Enhancement Melee Restoration Healer Warlock: Affliction Ranged Demonology Ranged Destruction Ranged *Necromancer Ranged Warrior Arms Melee *Barbarian Tank(2h) Fury Melee Protection Tank(1h) _________________________________________________________________________ For now I will only comment briefly, my intention is to come back and make more detailed suggestions. I'm hoping that players who reads this also shares their thoughts and suggestions. ßoromir18 6d
13 Jun BFA : How are Ret paladins ? Hello, I have a character level boost and I thought about using it on a Ret pally since i liked them, but before that I would like to know, from the perception of an experienced retribution paladin player, how does the changed on BFA seems so far ? is it good ? bad ? or reeaaally bad ? What do you think about it ? And thank you have a good day :)Jhen15 13 Jun
12 Jun Changes i would give retribution 1. Remove Blessings and add auras like we used to have. It was so annoying in Legion to apply blessings and to be whispered all the time by healers who begged for wisdom. 2. Remove Retribution passive. This is an ability that should not be in game. A retribution paladin in my guild actually did a raid with 30 ppl when he asked players to die in turns on purpose in order to make his logs better. 3. Make Divine Storm ranged again 4. Give us an AoE stun like most melee classes, WOA only works on undead and demons and you dont have many of those in BFA 5. Make Divine Steed CD reset or lowered when killing a target that grants XP or honor. Mobility is very weak compared to other melee Ill add more if i find anyJusticer2 12 Jun
12 Jun FIX FERAL DRUIDS >In Legion I had to press 10 skills actively just to achieve what others did with 3 skills >In Legion I had constantly put dots on the enemy and pay attention and be on edge 100% time to just achieve what others did while playing hearthstone in raid >In Legion I had the worst AOE almost non existent while others had top aoe dps by pressing 1 button >In Legion I had the best form skins but the worst combat animations/least satisfying combat experience while others got shiny spells, huge fireballs with decent weapon skins. Please make feral ferocious again, I want to be a cat that bites and tears flesh apart. Please don't make feral bad again. Thank you.Bigtau2 12 Jun
12 Jun Protection Paladin: Mastery and Cons bug Disclaimer: I might be slightly out of date on the full list of changes to protection paladins in BFA so this might already have been fixed. Finally... ... Consecration has a weird and unfortunate interaction where only one paladin can "stand" in the consecration at a time. The glaring issue is raiding with double protection paladin where one of the tanks might "randomly" lose 15% dr from their SotR due to the other paladin having the consecration buff at that time. The bug was reported at the start of Legion and my guild encountered the issue on mythic Aggramar, where we swapped one paladin to an alt because this interaction was infuriating to play around. Even holy paladins or rets running the consecration talent can "steal" the consecration buff from the protection paladin. Standing in place and recasting consecration will not shift the buff to the most recent user, it will stick on one paladin, until the other moves out of the shared area, and recasts his own consecration. Moving back into the shared area will then cause the other paladin to lose the buff. Another thread describing the bug: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17618081822 With consecration no longer buffing the LotP and SotR in BFA the bug would not affect gameplay anymore, but if you are going to segment some of the dr value of SotR onto consecration, please fix this bug first. Since I haven't read about neither druids or death knights having similar issues from Stellar Drift and Rapid Decomposition I am going to assume that the problem is associated with consecration still being a "totem" for all practical purposes. As a totem it differs from Starfall and Death and Decay since the ground effect can(could) be removed prematurely as it obeyed totem interactions such as: /click Totem Frame Totem 1 Right ButtonSicarrius0 12 Jun
12 Jun Might of Grizzlemaw Animations I'm sure this has been discussed already but having difficulty getting a definitive answer. The Might of Grizzlemaw (guardian druid mage tower appearance) is missing animations and has been missing these animations ever since it was introduced as obtainable. All the combat animations are the same generic autoattack animation while some emotes just simply dont exist like dance and sleep. Now we know the animations and certain combat ones exist and/or are different. Simply by "stealing" the appearance from another player (through reflective prism or that mirror toy) you can see how some of those animations would have looked. Thrash for example is different very different and looks epic. Is this something that is being looked into? Or is it something that has been put on hold for the forseeable future? Having one of the coolest forms in game with no decent animations devalues the work and effort being done to create the form from an artist's perspective but also the time players invest to obtain it (granted that time is getting less and less relevant but anyway I digress)Spicywiener2 12 Jun
11 Jun BfA - What to upgrade? Hello my CPU is amd a10-7700k apu with radeon(tm) r7 graphics and my GPU is Radeon Rx 460 4GB. I only have 200€ budget(yea I know pretty bad lol). I'm wondering what should I upgrade CPU or GPU? I would want to run BfA in 25 man's in around 60 fps on settings 5. Is there any hope for me or am I doomed ?Hasicpriest5 11 Jun
11 Jun Enhancement Shaman BfA (26287) Hello there, This is a comprehensive feedback on Enhancement in recent BfA build, divided into 3 posts, talking about talents, mechanics and general thoughts. Build: 26287 I just hope developers also read EU forums. As I don't have Alpha access I would like to express my opinions about recent Enhancement changes in BfA. I'm going to talk only about mechanics and not numbers for most of the times. So far it shows that spec is still work in progress, but it seems to be going the right way. First of all making Stormbringer proc feels interesting, however it might cause a new issues, like overcapping Maelstrom if you get really lucky long proc streak. On the other hand, it might not make Stormstrike desirable to press in all situation if Lava Lash is going to hit harder - In this case thinking having 80+ maelstrom, Stormbringer proc up. However, it opens up new possibilities for talents such as Overcharge to dump excessive resource to. I still don't know how to feel about lowering the cap of Maelstrom considering that Lava Lash costs 40% of maximum resource now. But it makes spec flow faster in a sense of not having "spending windows" and generating ones, but instead weaving generation and spending almost simultaneously. It would be nice to consider change to maelstrom cap to 120 as it is for BM hunter. TALENTS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Talent choices are starting to look very meaningful compared to Legion counterpart. In current iteration of talent tree 1st row seems to have a focus around gameplay interactions. Searing Assault is a DoT, ok. We might use Flametongue with it on cooldown, that's about it. However, it will mostly come down to numbers as these talents are not really situational in any case, all of them present flat out damage increase and nothing else. It changes your gameplay in case of Hot Hand and Overcharge, which is a nice variance, but balance of this talents is going the be nightmare and will define Enhancement playstyle. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2nd row got some love, but still feels (here goes) "clunky". Spirit Wolf is a great tool that Shamans in general needed the whole Legion, but it is not viable in a current form. Having to sit full 4 seconds doing basically nothing to get 20% DR is very unrewarding and promotes very passive gameplay. I would rather see this talent to be instantly at 20% and maybe drop after a while with short ICD, or maybe just plain simple Shamanistic Rage making a return instead. Earth Shield is nice to have back, maybe for leveling and some solo content and periodical damage which would trigger it. But considering it has only 9 stacks and eats up your GCD, it is not worth compared to Spirit Wolf. It's great that Earth Shield is all effective healing, but with current iteration it just does not do enough utility. No DR or enhanced something of using it, etc. Lackcluster talent, some self healing, that's all. Static Charge is just straight out control talent, which seems kind of weak and undesirable in most of the situation, even in M+ scenarios. There's not much use out of this talent as it just lowers cooldown if you hit enough targets to a point, where you won't use it in given time window twice to profit out of it really. Probably it would be good to replace this talent altogether and enhance Capacitor totem in a different way or have completely new utility in this place. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Axonos7 11 Jun
11 Jun Dear blizzard. Dear Blizzard, with legion coming to a close and our soon retirement of artifact weapons I thought it would be a great chance to talk about some classes being locked to using specific weapon types. Now I don't mean marksman and bm hunters being locked to bows and ranged weapons in general. I'm talking about DPS warriors being locked to 2 handed weapons, WW monks being locked to dual wield and enhancement shamans being locked to dual wielding. With the options of new weapons being brought back to use I for one envy when could play my fury warrior with 1h swords instead of 2h's and my WW with a polearm. If were having the doors opened to use new weapons again especially with monk being locked to fist weapons this whole expansion please don't lock us to what we wanna swing around, sure keep things like shamans not being able to use swords, its silly but its fine just don't give us the ability to equip something but have no use for it because our spec cant use that weapon.Changxin2 11 Jun
11 Jun DH`s future races. Right now, yes, you should not give the chance to create DH as a different race than belf or nelf. But could we get access to something different in the future, please? I would love to see a human DH or Nightborne.Tohopka4 11 Jun
11 Jun Legendary skin. Hello! I would like to know when are rogues going to be able to transmog "Fangs of the Father" daggers? Demon hunters are able to transmog warglaives, so why rogues are not allowed to do it? (Yes, we can previous versions of them (epics) , but really wanna the same thing with legendaries)Hatemonger1 11 Jun
09 Jun Low lvl druid tanks Hello, I think there is a problem with Druid tanks with lvl 60-100, I lvl a shami as heal through dungeons (before 60 only quest, after that dungeons so i dont know whats with druids under 60) and realized that Druid tanks get a lot more dmg than other tanks, twice or triple the amount than the other classes. i talked with other which have also lvl a healer through dungeons and they told the same storys, i know not everyone know how to play there class, but it was a problem with all the druids we meet Therefore i think Druid tanks need a buff in low lvl, its not to balance all classes, but healer have a hard time healing druids and easy times healing other tanks I dont know how to fix that, because i dont play druid tank, my main char is a druid but i play him only as heal or dd, but give them more livereg or armor or something like thatNickss1 09 Jun
09 Jun Can we agree aoe/single spells are different? Can we agree on that? Having a button for AoE and another Button for Single target is good design. Having a Passive that turns Single target button into an AoE spell is an abomination of design, and needs to go. (like new Mind Sear, like Fire and Brimstone, like Sidewinders... etc) Why was it an issue for you when Fire and Brimstone was toggle-able spell? Why was it an issue for you when we had Mindflay and Mind Sear independent of each other? Now with dungeons becoming more important than before, can we get rid of these abomination? I don't want my Mindflay to break cc of mob.Benjamin5 09 Jun
08 Jun Vengeance DH viability Hello I was looking into DH .. they seems qute batter than Legion version for progresive raiding . However Im afrait self sustain is not that good in high lvl of mythic . Im awso have concert about there consistency. Can you give me some info if there were something regarding this isue in lates builds . Is there major RNG aspects to the spec , and awso how good it will play out in raiding. I dont expect them to be on top of meta but I will love to see some viability if i want to play it .Vallsong2 08 Jun
08 Jun Windwalkers in BFA Everyone Ive talked to says that since windwalkers were released, until now, has been a specialization that revolves around bursting and setups. That is completely gone in BFA. You are literally screwing up one of the best designed specs you have. Regarding CC being too strong for Windwalkers; well, in some cases yes, but thats mostly because everyone else has lost their tools to do any form of counterplay. Anyways, can't you give the treatment to more classes so we get an equal playing field. Make kidney shot for rogues 1 minute cooldown and last for 4 seconds (as it isn't AOE) and remove cheap shot completely. Blind on a 2 min cd? Lets make it 5 minutes. Then we are starting to be on an even playing field. Btw, gouge on a 45 second cooldown aswell? Of course I don't want rogues to get this treatment, but can't you please pull your head out of your !@# and at least try to make the players who still play this game to have fun while playing? Please? You want to make money, sure, but if you want our money, make the game fun. Everyone makes forum posts about BFA looking like $%^-. When so many people are saying this, maybe it is true? Cant you at least take your time to explain WHY you are doing all these bad changes? Cant you reply to the forum posts? You are leaving your subscribers with a lot of frustration, because we don't want what you are making right now, and you don't even have the balls to explain why the *!@# you are doing it.Hefners2 08 Jun
08 Jun Feral & Bear druid These two feel terrible so far... I feel like I am staring at GCDs 24/7, and it feels extremely sluggish and backwards. No action, no skill, no nothing. It's... making me really sad... I've mained a druid since early vanilla, all the way up to now (no breaks in sub) and I have always enjoyed something of these two more or less. (Vanilla was more chicken/healer and wannabe tank.. cause you know.. the obvious.) I hope they up it to a more pleasant playstyle again. MoP was fun, Legion was fun. Why ruin it? :/Náia2 08 Jun
07 Jun Nerf nerf nerf .... but only for DK!? The only way a DK has to get out of !@#$ was nerfed and consumes a talent choice. Did Blizzard run out of %^-* choices on the level 75 tier that they had to nerf Wraith Walk to be on par with the other crap there!? YES! What was the creative process behind this change? dev1 - hey .... we need one more dumb !@#$ to put on tier 75 ... dev2 - I got it ..... let's take the spell that was non talented in Legion and put it there. dev1 - but it's too powerful ... it will be the obvious choice silence silence silence dev3 - add 15 seconds to it's CD dev1 and dev2 - done! SOLVED!Nelkora15 07 Jun
07 Jun Suggestion to fix All will serve UH DK talent At the moment, "All will serve" does not compete will Bursting sores and Ebon fever. Even a blue post recognized this. So here's a suggestion to make it competitive: Make the skeleton shoot arrows at all targets affected by your Virulent plague, similar to demo locks' Darkglare who shoots lasers at targets affected by Doom. Give the little guy a Multi-shot like ability. It could deal shadow damage instead of physical. This way it would give it an aoe potential and give us a choice between all 3 talents.Morbidius1 07 Jun
07 Jun Radical Suggestion, possibly illegal I know this might be too hard to implement, but here is the suggestion: Auto attack critical hits scrolling combat text (like in vanilla, tbc, and wotlk). Please don't call interpol on me, thanks.Denroc0 07 Jun
07 Jun destruction in bfa Demon skin nerfed Dark pact nerfed Soul leach nerfed Sargeras staff trait removed Grimoire of service removed. That's most of our instant casts and a lot of our survivability. The fact you think desctruction needs to be gutted like this in pvp makes very little sense to me. I can't understand the logic of the changes and we will have less protection AND utility than we had before while having to hardcast incinerates into melee cleaves in 3s. Wheres the logic?Coolforlife0 07 Jun
07 Jun Feedback for Mages, Warlocks and GCD-Changes Hello As the Title states i have tested those 2 Classes a lot so far (each more then 10 hours) and i have some feedback and sometimes a simple Question or Solution on how to save a (in my opinion) Problem. I will state every Specc and give a few Words. At the end i want so ask some questions regarding GCD and some (possible) solutions to the root of players frustration regarding that topic. warlock speccs: are imo the 3 speccs which have all been either not changed a lot (destruction) or greatly improved. Affli, while at the core is a lot the same finally doesnt have everything anymore (mostly talking about drain soul dmg+sustain in 1 button) has a lot of fresh changes. my only improvement idea for affli is to make it so its possible to somehow snipe dying mobs for soulshards. this has been a mechanic since classic and if blizzard thinks thats to poverfull with the new tools he has you could always turn down the numbers to make up for it. this is not about power this is about a core "skill" (it not that difficult i know) which a wl player used to need. Demo is perfect btw A+ dont know what to say im amazed. Mage is quite unchanged aswell esp Fire and Arcane. i dont have any strong opinions on arcane explo and missiles no longer benefitting from your arcane blast stacks. the dmg still seems fine and its a fresh taste to the specc. Frost however leads me to the gcd changes so im gonna weave it kinda together: Frost mage feels amazing i was worried about the loss of artifact but the 2 most important things are now in talent tree: instant blizzard when frozen orb and Ebonbolt. but the funny thing Ebonbolt isnt even the greatest talent in its row. the higher change on brainfreeze and fingers makes frostmage a lot smoother and a lot less Frostbold spammy then it used to be.Kyôki7 07 Jun
06 Jun Mages in boa.. BLIZZARD FUNNY QUOTE. "Players should be allowed to pick whatever talent they find the most fun" "The strongest talent should probably be the most fun one" Yeah nice joke i am force to pick passive talents over the fun ones small example( [Ice Nova][Glacial Spike][Ray of Frost][Mirror Image] ) are getting rekt by passive talents.. really nice joke thanks for making my class boringBrowlyjr0 06 Jun
06 Jun Disc Contrition nerf In the latest build Contrition was nerfed significantly, to the poor by where I would argue that it’s hardly useful any more. I understand this was done to prevent it from being the mandatory choice on that row but I think the reasoning there is wrong. Contrition is a really nice addition to the class that fixes one of the significant flaws from legion (can’t heal properly without good targets). What you should do instead is promote contrition to baseline and just balance it vs atonement. I think contrition should be weaker than atonement but only marginally so that you want to dps if you can but you don’t feel helpless and frustrated when you can’t.Noktozz0 06 Jun
06 Jun UH DK - Runic Power and Death Coil Issues Death Coil and Runic Power system are really bad designed. At lower tiers our resources recharge really slow and in higher tiers we find ourselves being either with no resources or overflowed. RNG makes things even worse. The rotation doesn't feel smooth at all. We build Runic Power, a whole resource just to spam Death Coils which feels weak and lame, crossing fingers we will get some good RNG procs. The following suggestions are just my opinion and all I ask is a good discussion about how we can make Unholy Death Knights better. 1) Make Death Coil free cost, with 6 seconds recharge time (or 8 with 2 charges), giving you a guaranteed Runic Corruption proc. Bursting a festering wound will reduce Death Coil cd by 1 second. I believe this change, if it gets balanced properly, it will make our rotation smooth and we will not depend on RNG. 2)Make Sudden Doom procs, being cast automatically. Saving at least 1 GCD makes our life easier. 3) Since we need something to spend our Runic Power and make it feel strong, here is a suggestion: Remove "Apocalypse" CD and make it only cast-able at 80 or 100 Runic Power. Make it our bread and butter spell, hitting hard, summoning 2-4 ghouls and not bursting Festering Wounds. With this change a) Runic Power will feel rewarding for building it. "Apocalypse" sounds like something that is supposed to be strong, so there you have it. Better than spamming Death Coils. b) We will summon undead minions more often which fits our class fantasy!Hotsoda4 06 Jun
04 Jun Elemental Shaman - Icefury Talent Row Change Hello there! Content of this Post: -Icefury Talent Placement -Change place with Exposed Elements -More logical Choice, and easier to balance To me, Icefury is what makes Elemental feel complete (not talkning about numbers, just gameplay). In BFA how ever the placement on Icefury in the same tier as Primal Elementalist worries me as it means that you cant have "burst" and icefury at the same time as you can on live. It also means that even if the talent Icefury is good, if Primal is better you still cant go Icefury if you want to perform. Therefor i think it is a strange desision not to put Icefury on the first row next to Elemental blast. My sugestion is to change the Placement of the talents Exposed elements and Icefury and that would solve the whole thing. Beeing able to choose from Echo of the Elements, Icefury and Elemental blast would also be a more logical decision and easier to balance(as your core rotation stay relatively the same and all branches gets to Primal if they so choose.Jpeg0 04 Jun
04 Jun Destruction Warlock & Burning Embers. I'm going to try and keep this simple and clear and i desperately hope that this post will make a difference. I've been a Destruction Warlock ever since Mists of Pandaria, and as most of you might well know, Destruction Warlocks have had Burning Embers as their secondary resource all through MoP and WoD. Burning Embers functioned in pretty much the same way that the Soul Shards we have now function. However, the only difference between Soul Shards and Burning Embers is that Burning Embers looked and felt very different. Moreover, we had some sort of fiery glow/aura depending on how many Burning Embers we had stocked up, more Burning Embers meant a stronger/brighter glow. Sadly, with the replacement of Burning Embers with Soul Shards, this cosmetic effect no longer exists. For those of you who don't know, this is how the glow looked like: https://wow.gamepedia.com/File:Burning_Embers_effect.jpg When Legion hit the live servers, Burning Embers were gone and Warlocks were given Soul Shards as a unified secondary resource for all three specializations. A lot of you know that I am not alone in my extreme dissatisfaction with this change. From a purely "Fantasy" perspective: Demonology Warlocks use souls (in the form of Soul Shards) to tap into the Twisting Nether and summon demons to do their bidding and help them fight their enemies. It makes perfect sense for Demonology Warlocks to use Soul Shards. Affliction Warlocks use shadow magic to drain the life out of their foes while rattling their souls with shadow curses. It makes even more sense for Affliction Warlocks to use Soul Shards when we consider their theme and the fact that the main filler ability for Affliction Warlocks is called "Drain Soul". However, I am afraid that the same can't be said (By me or anyone) about Destruction Warlocks. Unlike Affliction and Demonology Warlocks, Destruction Warlocks are supposedly masters of fire and chaos. They find joy in aggressively destroying the bodies of their enemies. They don't drain the life of their foes or rattle their souls like Affliction Warlocks do and they don't primarily use souls to tap into the Twisting Nether and summon demons to do their bidding like Demonology Warlocks do. In fact, Destruction Warlocks have very little (Or rather nothing) to do with souls and Soul shards. It makes absolutely no sense for a Destruction Warlock that uses purely fire spells such as Incinerate, Conflagrate and Immolate to generate Soul shards and then spend these Soul Shards to cast a fire ability like Rain of Fire or a Chaos ability like Chaos Bolt. It sounds ridiculous to be honest and who can disagree? A Soul Shard is basically a collection of Soul Fragments that warlocks have learned to harness to their advantage. How can fire spells refill a soul shard and how can a soul shard fuel fire and chaos spells? It makes absolutely no sense aside from sounding very stupid. (Sorry) From a thematic perspective you would expect Soul Shards to be used in some sort of dark/shadowy magic. This dark/shadowy theme is present in Affliction and Demonology but not Destruction. Destruction's theme is Fire and Chaos and thus Burning Embers make the perfect candidate for its secondary resource. I believe that it is downright unfair when comparing the three Warlock specializations to each other that Affliction and Demonology have an absolutely fitting secondary class resource and then you have Destruction being stuck with a secondary class resource that has nothing to do with anything that has to do with the specialization just because Blizzard redundantly wanted to unify the secondary resource for all three specializations.Zelfrax3 04 Jun
03 Jun HUNTER hey, i wanna something from you, blizzard. bring old hunters back, so: 1) if you are beast mastery, your pet actually deals damage (not something like 1/6 from your damage) 2) if you are marksmanship: A) give us pet B) don´t delete our cobra shot that dealt more dmg than aimed shot, that will cobra shot transform into... cobra shot has 40 focus cost and it´s instant, but aimed shot has 50 focus cost and 2 second cast 3) wtf? why the only ranged non-caster can be melee? why should be melee if he can have this pretty bow and use it usefully... and you are giving him melee weapon? wtf?!Elbuchacosk2 03 Jun