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4d Upcoming Class & PvP Changes - Feb 22 With the next weekly maintenance, we're planning a large round of PvP tuning changes, as well as a few PvE buffs for Unholy. Please see below for the full list of changes that are currently planned. As always, this may not be the final list - additional tuning may be added or removed before these changes go live. Classes Death Knight Unholy Virulent Plague damage over time effect has been increased by 67%. Damage unchanged in PvP. Summon Gargoyle: Gargoyle Strike damage has been increased by 50%. Damage unchanged in PvP. Dark Arbiter: Val'kyr Strike damage has been increased by 16%. Damage unchanged in PvP. Player versus Player Death Knight Dark Simulacrum's cooldown has been reduced to 25 seconds (was 30 seconds). Blood Blood Death Knights no longer deal reduced damage in PvP situations (was a reduction of 10%). Unholy Crypt Fever's damage has been reduced by 15%. Druid Restoration Nourish now reduces the cast time of Healing Touch by 0.2 seconds (was 0.5 seconds). Nourish will now only apply Regrowth's heal over time effect (was both the initial heal and the heal over time effect). Abundance now reduces the cast time of Healing Touch by 5% per Rejuvenation active in PvP situations (was 10%). Fixed a bug that caused Nature's Essence to fail to heal on Wild Growths cast in PvP if the Druid had the Nourish or Overgrowth Honor Talents. Hunter Survival Caltrops now deals 20% less damage in PvP, and reduces movement speed by 50% (was 70% speed). PvP Template Agility has been reduced by 2.5%. Marksmanship Healing Shell now heals for its full value in PvP. Aimed Shot now deals an additional 5% damage in PvP situations. PvP Template Agility has been increased by 5%. PvP Template Haste has been reduced by 15%. PvP Template Mastery has been increased by 33%. PvP Template Armor has been increased by 20%. Beast Mastery PvP Template Agility has been increased by 5%. PvP Template Haste has been increased by 30%. PvP Template Versatility has been increased by 25%. PvP Template Mastery has been reduced by 25%. PvP Template Critical Strike has been reduced by 30%. PvP Template Armor has been increased by 20%. Mage Fire Cauterizing Blink's heal has been reduced by 33% in PvP situations. PvP Template Intellect and Stamina have been reduced by 5%. Paladin Holy Avenging Crusader once again ignores line of sight when healing. Avenging Crusader will now cause Judgment and Crusader Strike to heal even if their damage is absorbed. Fixed a bug that caused Spreading the Word to make Blessing of Freedom trigger Cleanse's cooldown. Retribution PvP Template Strength has been increased by 3%. Priest Discipline Inner Renewal now causes Power Word: Radiance to refund 25% of its mana cost when self-cast (was 50%). Rogue Assassination Fixed a bug that caused Deadly Brew's additional free Wound Poison effect to increase to Kingsbane's damage. Poison Bomb's damage has been reduced by 30% in PvP. Wound Poison's healing reduction effect has been reduced to 20% in PvP (24% with Master Poisoner). PvP Template Agility has been reduced by 5%. Shaman Elemental PvP Template Intellect and Stamina have been increased by 5%. Enhancement Stormstrike deals 20% less damage in PvP (was 15% less damage). PvP Template Agility has been increased by 10%. PvP Template Stamina has been increased by 5%. Restoration PvP Template Versatility has been increased by 30%. Warrior Arms PvP Template Strength and Stamina has been increased by 5%. PvP Template Armor has been increased by 10%. PvP Template Versatility has been increased by 17%. Fury Endless Rage now increases the duration of Enrage by 1 second (was 2 seconds). Warlock Destruction Chaos Bolt's damage has been increased by 25% in PvP situations. Reverse Entropy reduces the cast time of Chaos Bolt by 0.25 seconds in PvP situations (was 0.5 seconds). Backdraft reduces the cast time of Chaos Bolt and Incinerate by 15% in PvP situations (was 30%). Demonology PvP Template Intellect has been increased by 5%. PvP Template Haste has been increased by 50%. PvP Template Versatility has been reduced by 25%. PvP Template Mastery has been reduced by 25%. Lore69 4d
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1h Another feral thread. Hello! So im trying to accept that feral is what it is and learn it. Blizzard clearly wants feral to be played this way with SR and BT. However I have one thought that wouldnt really change how its played.... Would it be terribly OP if SR and RIP didnt cost energy? Because I think that would create some more room for failure in the rotation and I think it would also improve the flow or "feel" of the rotation. And with the exess energy we could tryhard for some hardhitting FB's sometimes. It would still be one of the more advanced speccs just alittlebit more forgiving. I know words like flow or feel are vague but I cant phrase it any better.Karnaged2 1h
1h 7.3. - Prestige 2.0 I like to think a little bit ahead. After PvP-Season4, probably 7.3 - Argus Patch, Players will reach Prestige 17 and unlocking the final 4th Colour of the PvP-Artefact-Skin. This would be a good time to Change the Prestige-System, cause it has some flaws. Whats good about the current Prestige-System? - First Prestige unlocks PvP-Talents, nice way to "learn a class first" and doesnt take too long - A Progression besides Rating for casual Players with cosmetic Reward -Prestige Icons show how active a Player was on a Class Whats bad about the current Prestige-System? - Alts get half the Reward, cause Mounts and Pets/Toys(the pennat sure become a Toy in future) are already in the Account-Wide Collection - Capping Prestige in a Season cuts the AP gain. Its ineffective to progress Prestige while Artefact-Knowledge isnt maxed out. - PvP Worldquest give honor without PvP What changes do we need? - The Cosmetic Rewards should be diffrent for every Class, cause its a Class-Bound progression. I dont want the same Mount with diffrent classes, but i love Class-Mounts. Ask your Designers to do a "PvP-Colour/Design" of the new Class-Mounts. How cool would a Armored Version of the Rogues Raven look? Or a darker Version of the Shamans Elemantal? Maybe the long waited Armor-Enhancments, Skulls for DKs, Poison-Vials for Rogues, Holybooks for put on Belt, Shoulders or some Armorpiece. - There shouldnt be a Cap of Prestige. I want a Infinite-Prestige-Level if cap the current Seasons Rewards - for same AP/H as PvE-Players do - I dont like the Fact that Honor is Rewarded without any PvP in Worldquests. Its a good way for new players to unlock the PvP-Talents, cause the first Prestige can be tough without any of the Talents. But after unlocking all Talents - the Reward of PvP-Worldquests should change and reward no more Honor. Honor always was a PvP-XP since Classic WoW, that isnt anymore. Better would be a change of the Worldquests, having real PvP - one side defend and other attack the Tower - just make a big red warning on Quest that its in a PvP-Area. ----- Feel free to add some or correct me if i am wrong :) /discussTactikz4 1h
1h Trinkets+loot system are not FUN at all. I use to love trinkets and look forward to getting them 1. you removed the best trinkets from raids. This in itself is annoying to put it very mildly. 2. best trinket is a stat stick... if RNG favors you. Nothing at all to look forward to. 3. ToS raid has trinkets that are deeply deeply underwhelming. None give you the rush to go farm the raid to get them 4.Yet again, new ToS raid comes out and instead of focusing on killing those bosses, no, bis trinkets are still at Maw and upper Kara IF RNG favors you. 5. It is COMPLETELY disheartening to go against someone of the same class and you are way behind despite a near perfect rotation because the guy has 910 Maw of soul trinket and 925 BTI... like SERIOUSLY? 6. Kadala trinket lotto (aka give 5k shards). This was the final nail in the coffin and the ultimate insult. To whomever decided to go this road, as a veteran player that has played continuously since Vanilla beta (check my account), I abhor what you have done with trinkets and the diablo like loot system of legion. I hate that you put AK and artifact power despite countless posts only to realise that it was not a good idea and nerf it. Let me put it in simple terms that a junior game designer can understand: the trinket design is not fun and does not leave us with something to look forward to. The loot system is not fun at all. It is fraught with RNG and destroy one of the important tenets of the mmo: the hardest content yields the best gear. Sorry to be so blunt and the rant, but having been around longer than some of your staff have been working on this game, I feel I am entitled to a voice, however small and insignificant it is.Flayed14 1h
3h Affliction Warlock PVP talents. Hello there! I'm a 3000+ rated warlock who mostly plays pvp as affliction spec, so I'm mainly concerned about pvp. I'm creating this topic because, the new pvp talents that came with 7.1.5 were supposed to be equally good choices versus Endless Affliction and Amplify Affliction. However they still werent as good as EA and AA in their row. After their introduction they got nerfed by a lot, so basically they are as useless now as their predecessors. Tier 5: Soulshatter: Sounds good to have a personal bloodlust with a minute cooldown, however this totally kills all your dmg (it removes all of your dots), because the main dmg in pvp is 20 stack agony, which already takes like 25 seconds to stack up that high. Death's Embrace: Was good with the 100% dmg done, but ppl abused it with rot and decay 5 uas and it basically oneshotted ppl from 30%. However RaD is nerfed, so I don't get why this talent isn't reverted. Endless Affliction: Even tho casting UA feels unrewarding at all (even multipled ones), this is still the best overall spec. Tier 6: Curse of Shadows: The idea is interesting to have another curse to enhance our dot dmg, however our single target dmg is so low this isn't even a viable option. We'd need longer UA durations for this talent, and also even dps specs are just dispelling it. Rot and Decay: This mainly promotes a single target gameplay for affliction warlock in pvp, which is just simply unviable in the current meta/patch. Affliction ST dmg is really weak in pvp and it's just really easy to lock down the warlock. Amplify Affliction: This is just a must have for affliction warlocks. Right now I can't even imagine a situation when anyone would'nt pick this talent. This boosts our dmg at least by 30% or even more. The fast gcds are just must have to keep up all our REALLY SHORT duration dots. I'm not saying the new talents are totally useless, they are a step into the right direction, however they are still worse then EA and AA. I'm mainly concerned about going into 7.2 or 7.2.5 without getting any meaningful changes. I don't want Blizzard to make affliction really op, however I want some quality of life changes for pvp, because the spec right now just feels dull and plain boring. It just feels bad to cast UAs and you can barely feel the difference in the dmg. However without going into theorycrafting about the new PvP talents, I'd like to have: -UA dmg buffed slightly -Longer dot duration -Demon Skin 50% nerf reverted for affliction / soul link reintroduced to affli / 1 minute wall for affli too (we are one of the squishiest cloth casters, when we are supposed to be one of the tankiest). ((Hello firemages.)) Thanks for reading! Any constructive criticism is welcome. :)Atosy178 3h
6h Weak quick AoE for old content and spiders... Monks have Spinning Crane Kick which on its own doesn't do significant amount of damage, but it's invaluable when doing some old content or when facing imps... or spiders (why did it have to be spiders). Some specs have similar AoE or chain spells, but some like for example Disc priest don't. It would be nice if those specs would get their own variant . SPriest/Disc could get a purple alike dome that they would channel and move. (no need to switch to holy... which is important if you like to talk with your weapon) BTW. as SPriests seems to want DPS level AoE - so they also could get that dome dropped at place and channel without moving for more damage ;)Bigkeg0 6h
9h Possible Feral Bloodtalons Change So my proposal is to change the way Bloodtalons works to make Feral gameplay feel more "catlike" and remove the need for having to cast regrowth constantly as part of our DPS rotation. So instead of BT being tied in to Regrowth that puts the buff on yourself before you cast a bleed, I was thinking it might work quite well if it was an entirely separate ability that you use on the target which creates a new bleed which does 50% damage of all bleeds you have on the target when cast. Lets say rip does 1m damage and rake does 500k. With the current BT these numbers go up to 1.5m and 750k, total increase of 750k, but in my opinion this feels pretty "clunky" and unforgiving. With my proposal, rip would still do 1m, rake would do 500k and the new bloodtalons bleed (if cast after both rake and rip were applied) would do 750k (50% of total bleeds on the target). I'd also suggest that this was a charge based spell, with 2 charges max (which if used together would stack, not overwrite) To sum up, this change, for me, would make feral feel much smoother whilst maintaining a level of complexity from correct BT timing to maximise damage. Just a thought I was having whilst scratching at a target dummy. Any opinions from both BT lovers and haters is appreciated.Râe0 9h
9h Nerf proc rate of Bloodthirsty instinct 7.2.5 I don't want to farm this !@#$ to make it titanforge to 920 ilvl. i have a 885 version and it's better than 915 focci, 910 stat sticks, 910 egg and on one build better than 940 legendary kil'jaden's and 915 nightblooming. That is 30 ilvls. This trinket is out of whack. It should be in line with other trinkets. I'm saying - with patch 7.2.5, with new trinkets from tomb, not now.Nuszka2 9h
10h BM hunter pets Throughout the expansion, not heard much on this from out beloved developer. Not in the Youtube Q&A. Apart from tuning skills and talents, the basic gameplay which revolves around pets is screwed. Will this every be addressed? It pisses me off to see how much my pets get stuck, and it feels it's getting worse now. Make them at least INSTANT dismissable. And if you recast the SAME pet, it should be INSTANT too, if it's a different pet, then you get a cast time.....sounds reasonable, right?Orela3 10h
10h Elemental 7.2.5 Discussion ...Arianrhod23 10h
11h Enhance Sham. feedback. Read As much as i like to play enha. I feel almost ashamed to use it in serious PvE for its poor overall performace and i think all who play enhance could agree on this with me. It requires immense amount of skill to play (and i like that), but ending up doing just below average in general is really disappointing. Just so you don't think that I'm some angry casual that has no clue, i happend to be one of the top shamans on my realm. Would really appriciate some response from blizz on this topic.Fixie4 11h
23h Arms/Fury and Draught of Souls For Arms and Fury Warriors, we’re going to scale down the damage of Draught of Souls in the next build for the 7.2.5 PTR. Specifically, we’re aiming for a roughly 40% reduction in the effectiveness of Draught of Souls. For those two specs, it’s a trinket that is extremely valuable due to its interaction with Battle Cry. We’ve already tuned other forthcoming on-use trinkets that drop in Tomb of Sargeras for Arms and Fury with the same modifier to compensate for Battle Cry’s effectiveness in boosting trinkets of this kind. Our goal is for new trinkets to have more similar power levels between various specs, while leaving Draught of Souls in a place where it remains competitive for Arms and Fury. We’re making sure to consider this trinket change as we update Warriors in Patch 7.2.5. With this in mind, Fury damage has been increased by 5% across the board. Arms is currently in the middle of receiving some heavy mechanical changes which will require a deeper look into their overall performance, and we’ll account for this change when we do our final tuning. We don’t want Draught of Souls to define DPS Warriors for the remainder of the expansion, but we do want Warriors who have one to be able to make good use of it as they progress through Tomb of Sargeras. Thank you for all of your feedback!Kaivax31 23h
1d 7.2.5 Arms Warrior Feedback Hi everyone, As one of the few people actually playing Arms (and ONLY Arms) in high-end content at the moment I thought I might give some feedback as to some of the changes we've received on the PTR. For a while now I think Arms has been considered an RNG spec and I like the steps taken to reduce that factor. The cooldown reduction on Colossus Smash is very much welcomed by all. The other gripe I think people have with the spec at the moment is Focused Rage and our reliance on it. I like that you have made a move to try and stop the dynasty this build has had in Legion but currently it still doesn't feel like you've quite got there yet. I'll address this a little later. Continued Below.Skeng10 1d
1d Shadow in 7.2.5 & beyond Hello everyone, We of the HowToPriest staff have decided to write a large feedback document in order to display some of the problems we foresee shadow could have in the future - not just concerns about numbers, but also about some gameplay issues as we see them. The purpose of this document is to instigate discussion regarding shadow going forward in Legion. As such, feel free to post your own thoughts on whatever subject pertaining to shadow in either the EU or US thread for this document as long as it’s done in a constructive manner. Disclaimer beforehand that our point of view is mainly that of a raider’s, but we also briefly mention dungeons here and there. A brief summary of what we write about in the document (we urge people to read the full document for more in depth explanation though!): Shadow’s strengths are well defined, and if fights are well suited to our strengths then we look good during progression, but our talents don’t offer us any good means to specialize in areas beyond what we are already strong at. This is because we basically have one set in stone talent build for all situations, and quite a few of the talents we use are good at everything. This means that the talents that aren’t as versatile are left in the dust, and even in their niche they don’t necessarily outperform the more versatile talents. The three talents that we currently consider to be too good are Twist of Fate, Lingering Insanity and Power Infusion. Beyond these three talents being really good numerically right now, they also feel like an integral part of the shadow playstyle and fantasy. Giving up these talents feels bad in a lot of cases for that reason. Simply nerfing the talents that are currently picked all the time is too short sighted, as the reasons for not picking other talents don’t just boil down to the other talents being too weak. Mind Sear’s Shadow Word: Pain requirement makes little sense on top of adding frustration and extra set up to what is already a boring and unrewarding AoE rotation. The playstyle that The Twins’ Painful Touch forces you into in order to benefit from it optimally is silly, unintuitive and very unfriendly to newer players. Spamming our dots instead of Mind Flay doesn’t seem like an intended way to benefit from an already niche legendary. Future changes to shadow seem like they’re overshadowed by the existence of Surrender to Madness. It feels like the safe route is chosen in order to minimize the opportunity that Surrender to Madness becomes a thing again. Examples of that suspicion include our new traits Fiending Dark and Lash of Insanity, and also our (as of right now) T20 set bonuses. All three of these affect our guardians in some way or another, and they have no further synergy with anything else in our kit. Shadowfiend is a boring cooldown that you press every 3 minutes without it giving us feedback that it’s doing anything in any way, nor does it synergize with anything else in our kit. The damage it does is also mediocre compared to a lot of other 3 minute cooldowns. Our T20 set bonuses are boring because they do nothing but give us more and stronger Shadowfiend/Mindbender casts over the course of a fight. Therefore, the set bonuses do nothing to make our boring cooldown any more exciting. In terms of damage, Shadowfiend also scales way better with both Fiending Dark and T20 than Mindbender does, especially if you take into consideration that you lose Power Infusion by picking Mindbender. Legendary imbalance is also a concern here.The full document in question can be read here: US thread: Thanks in advance for reading!Isentropy166 1d
1d A few brewmaster ideas! Hi! First off, gotta say that I like the brewmaster changes so far, they make sense, the tier bonuses are nice aswell. However, I feel like these changes are not enough to call brewmaster a rework, or a class that will receive major changes. All you have really done so far is nerfing stagger, increasing armor and giving mastery more value. That won't really cut it to make brewmaster more desirable to the regular players, or reduce the effectiveness of a brewmaster in dungeons vs raid. So I came with an idea if you wanna hear. Rework Expel Harm and crit value * Reduce Celestial Fortune 65 - 50% Giving a slight nerf to raids when several healers are keeping hots on the brewmaster. * Give the old Expel Harm back to actually make it heal on its own again. An idea would be 10 sec cd, using all orbs as before, and 50% cd reduction when below 35%. Also having 50% increased critical chance to give crit rating something else than a bonus only really working well when paired with healers. I think this change would make brewmaster more desirable in 5 man content, without making them too good in raids. Thank you for your time!Ameline0 1d
1d New Shadow Legendary So another Ptr notes , another disappointment. For everyone not understanding what i am talking about , i talk about this clown design : Equip: Void Eruption deals 400% increased damage and heals you for 40% of the damage done. 1st. i play shadow for a couple of years and i can say i have deep knowledge of the class. 2nd. Can the <designer> behind this clown fiesta item explain , why i shall delay VF and MH from stacking for some !@#$ty cast(that doesnt get affected by haste :laughs:) that does %^-*ty dmg , and not enter VF first and spread dots with the ring ? 3rd. No it wont solve our problems in low HP add packs , by the time we finish dotting they are dead already. 4th. I know its still PTR but if you wanna make fun of us you could have tried better. 5th. You give us a 4p set bonus for longer voidforms = less void erruptions ( are you !@#$in sane , are you ok ?? is there really someone playing shadow in team ?) 6th. Is this a punishment fortopping EN charts with a talent that community had expressed a deep concern about but you kept forcing us to it ? 7th. look at shamans lego Lock : 8th. Sorry about the language but the amount of frustration is HUGE , HUGE and i am not the only one , we are MANY , US forums post hit 700 replies and 0 blue posts. 9th. radio silence is the worst thing u could do right now Diablo team(because this %^-* isnt WoW anymore) . 10th. unsubbing till the end of the month probably , like many did already , because your ignorance and your insolence is not worth paying for . TLDR : read 2 , 3 ,5 , 7 Peace outJessypinkman5 1d
2d Holy Priest. Top Mythic Progression in 7.2 Holy Priest Rebalance or How to make it viable and great again. Hello everyone. My name is T0oky and I play a healer on Exorsus raid team. Currently my main character is Holy Priest, and actually this is the reason why I came here to deliver my thoughts on how things are going at the very top level of mythic progression. Probably it is not a secret, that the very top guilds usually keep only 4-5 healers. These 4-5 people usually pick classes according to what they have seen on PTR, taking into consideration all the information they have about the next raid dungeon. The composition is usually being made for the entire dungeon, since there is a very little chance that you will HAVE TO change one healing class with another due to some reasons. After EN and ToV Devs said that the Class variety among healers was pretty good at the hardcore level. Now we can finally take a look at what classes top guilds, including mine, were using during Nighthold progression. Here u can take a glance at class variety among top 10 Western (since I can’t check what classes have been used by Asian guilds) guilds on Guldan. rShaman - 13 rDruid - 13 hPaladin - 11 Mistweaver - 2 hPriest - 1 As the result, we have a statistic that shows us that 3 healing specs are way more popular than others for hardcore progression. What is the reason? Probably people just don’t want to try out new specs like DC (not even presented here at all), Holy Priest of Mistweaver and it has nothing to do with balance?Тукер230 2d
2d Give Displine a Break Common.. You decided mana gating doesn't work, you gave a fishy charges system and then decided to increase mana costs again while keeping the fishy charges thing? So now we have to manage the new charges, evangelism AND mana and atonements and damage dealing? That will surely lower the skill cap.. *Tired*Helichrysum7 2d
2d Mix artifact appearances I hope that Bllizard will read this. Somebody posted about a new idea that it to allow us use 2 totally different artifact appearances: 1 for sword and 1 for shield (for example shield - Burning Plate of Worldbreaker, sword - Arm of the Fallen King). I am posting it becuase i want to use skins mentioned above. Maybe somebody here will agree with me. It can give more chances to create the perfect transmgs for ours characters.Arkhane0 2d
2d Necessary talents baked into spec Blizz stated months ago, that they want to bake the most used talents into spec, but instead they made them into stupid leggos. If i could choose atleast one talent baked into spec (back), it would be Venom Rush. Please blizz, I want to play with marked for death again in 3s, its really frustrating to play without VR. Especially against Hpally, that stupid Pure of Heart outplay your whole spec, it should have atleast some cd, and not be passive dispelling whole raid in bg with every heal from any source! Or give us back energy refunds from finishers. (relentless strikes)Tyreall2 2d
2d Prot Warr Changes??? I am currently hoping for buffs/nerfs/changes on protection warrior,cause the only real "love" we ve gotten from blizz is a nerf to revenge.If this go this way there is literally no mean for anyone to go for protection warrior.Yea his playstyle is nice,his mage tower artifact is nice,but overall he is average to everything there is.Probably the Average Joe of tanks and he cant outshine any of the other tanks.You need leggos to heal rather than dks,dhs got better movement and heal than you,druid has better mitigations buttons,paladin is overall good with few to none side effects and monks brews are better than IP after the nerfs.A mediocre tank depending on leggos to be above average cause blizz has gotten bored to make him worth a penny.Dont get me wrong,i love my prot warr and i am not going for world first mythic raid or some weird !@#$ but even our golden trait that is supposed to be our best trait,druids have it as a second trait NOT even their gold.We are getting mocked by blizzard and it is high time that this mockery needs to be stopped. Our artifact is USELESS and our legendaries are worse one than another.Of course we are the king of dpses when it comes to aoe and second to ST but WHO CARES????we are tanks not dpsers....Allyslicer5 2d
2d Homogenization/class development (pvp) Let me start by saying that i play since tbc and that in my opinion class design was at his best in wotlk, they fixed a lot of specs from tbc > wotlk. Since Cata classes have been homogenized to their core, this wasnt done all at once but gradually and the game is finally suffering from it. I think its safe to assume that class design its at his worst in legion, and it wasnt the prune alone that did this. So let me start by the homogenization of classes. Like i said above, this started in Cata with the brand new idea "bring the player not the class". So what blizzard wanted was pretty much "You can have any class in your group/raid and you wont notice that much of a diference". This idea was flawed in its conception: -Now class balancing around dps is even more important -Some classes that got "homogenized" cant be balanced anymore without being Underpowered or Overpowered. Homogenization on healers: Before each healer had its strenght, wich made them unique. Rshammy had bloodlust, poison/curse dispell, purge, grounding, tremor making them one of the most offensive healers in the game and , at the same time, one of the hardest ones to cc. Rdruid had hots, good CC, poison/curse dispell, tankyness, making them hard to cc (pillar hump and hots) , swap (bearform/treeform) and good control of the tempo (clone/roots) Hpala was the most defensive healer in the game wich made them really good vs any melee cleave and decent vs wizzards due to the amount of cd's they had. they also had magic and poison/disease dispell Disc priest was the most agressive healer in the game, they had offensive dispell, mass dispell, a lot of damage and good shield protection (wich made them offensive). Could dispell both magic and /diseases. So when you look you got 4 diferent healers that play extremly diferent and have several strenghts / weaknesses. In cata/mop (cant remember) every single healer got magic dispell creating a balance nightmare for the devs. Now, 2 classes that were designed around having no dispell ,due to their utility, have it and kept their dispell on curses too making them a balance nightmare in pvp (rshammy/rdruid). This allowed for more comps to be opened to those classes, but it didnt do any good for the health of the pvp scene overall. I'll take TSG as an example, when before that comp required a paladin to play (due to the magic dispell+cd's) now it can be played with a druid/rshammy (not using monk here) because they can no longer be "punished" by magic CC, bringing the streght of those classes into play (clones/purge) and removing the weakness of that comp (cd dependent and easy to cc paladin). This makes it simply impossible to balance, why? Well if every healer is homogenized in the amount of cds+magic dispell, you will always bring the best healer vs certain comps without "any loss". The healer homogenization needs to be reverted, bring back the utility to the classes and remove the magic dispell cd (give them to priests/paladins/monks). Ranged dps and mana This is why wizzards are impossible to balance in today's game (either too strong or too weak). With the current design all ranged (except mages) dont use mana in their damage rotation, they use "resources". Mana is used in heals/dispells, allowing you to deal damage without any thought process. In wotlk (when wizzardcleaves first appeared) they had a huge weakness, mana. Shadow priests/Mages/elementals/boomies could all go oom, having a "timer" on the kill oportunity. This allowed for good melee cleaves, ranged/melee comps and double healer comps to play around that. What this also did was the increase, by a lot, in the skill between a good or a great mage/sp/ele and didnt drag games (unless they drinked), so dampening wasnt really needed.Jinsk36 2d
2d MW Monks and Mythic Raiding Hello all, hope everyone is well. I made a post in the 7.1.5 PTR forums when they first went up about the state of our spec and there was a lot of relevant, well communicated discussion going on in there. After conversing frequently with a Blizzard CM recently (thanks for your time, effort and responses, it is majorly appreciated. I didn't want to mention you by name as I didn't think it my place to do so) I have decided to write up a more in depth thread that hopefully is better written and easier to read. I'd like to start off by saying that I genuinely love playing the Monk class and I have thoroughly enjoyed the direction that Mistweaver has taken in Legion in regards to being a pure healing spec. I'm not one of the top Mistweavers in the world by any stretch of the imagination, but I love playing this class and progression raiding. I've mained a riad healer since Vanilla (R.Shaman > Holy Paladin > Holy Priest > R.Shaman > MW Monk) and have exclusively played a R.Druid in PvP since TBC. I welcome all kinds of feedback and discussion to this post and encourage any MW who plays the class frequently to share their experience with the community, but please keep it on topic and most importantly of all, keep it civil. I also wish to add that I will be covering a wide range of 'issues' that have been talked about in my previous thread on the PTR forums and from various sources such as the Monk Discord channel, other WoW Forums (reddit, MMO-Champ, monk blogs, etc). As I stated in the last post I made, please do not take what I have said as 'Fix all of these issues' That would be absolutely insane. I would simply like to draw attention to things that myself and many in the MW community have issue with, which we feel jeopardises our position in mythic raids, especially progression and hampers our class. Table of contents : 1. Sheilun, Staff of Mists 2. Talents 3. Our Toolkit 4. Mana consumption 5. Legendaries 6. Proposed 7.2 changesAernoth483 2d
3d Concordance (Again wrong fix) Blizzard shared a blue post about Concordance proc. Concordance of the Legionfall Chance to activate slightly increased. Now grants 4,000 Strength, Agility, Intellect, or Versatility at rank 1 (was 2,000). Additional ranks now increase this value by 300 per rank (was 200). Effects are now reduced by 50% in PvP situations. Developers’ Note: While additional ranks of Concordance of Legionfall are intended to have a low impact, the trait was overall weaker than it needed to be. With these changes, it provides a stronger up-front benefit, and very slightly more value for Artifact Power spent past the first rank. These changes also result in an overall nerf in PvP, where we are continuing to monitor its performance. Devs! Stop doing these false decisions. We are already fighting with a lot of RNG. After this buff it won't be important at start but when we reach upper levels of concordance. You will just give us 1 more RNG for our rotation nothing else. At start concordance not effecting our rotation but after this trait reach level 20 proc will be 10k! and it will effect our rotation too much it is not finishing there. There is a way to 50 trait... COME ON even you must see the problem. PROPOSAL Don't increase the number of stat we gain at proc. Increase proc rate. So we can have more uptime with less number. If you think i believe you will see the solution and i am sure a lot of people will think that way.Rekie9 3d
3d Why shaman should have a tank spec. hey, im an elemental shaman atm but id love to tank as my shaman. my first reason for this is class fantasy, now each element gets a pretty good representation except for earth (cant speak for enhancement as ive never played it) in elemental we have the earth bind totem and the earth elemental, those buttons simply never get pressed tbh. so i feel there is room for a spec built around the earth element, this would be perfect for a tank spec, using the earth spells while tanking would be pretty cool and honestly i feel like i would have a lot of fun playing that spec.Dextrinity16 3d
3d Feedback 7.2.5 Fury Legendary Ring OP: Greetings fellow Gamers! I'd like to take a moment to pen my thoughts on the new legendary ring for Fury Warriors. First off I'd like to say that I do not believe that giving us Carnage is bad. To be honest, I do think it will benefit us in a rather substantial way - considering we are about to lose our T19 4P. Nevertheless I'd like to point out that by giving us Carnage instead of Frothing Berserker, the ring once more forces Fury Warriors into taking Frothing Berserker over Massacre, thusly rendering Massacre a dead talent once more. The developers do have the opportunity to create some flexibility for us with this new legendary. If they were to give us Frothing Berserker through the ring it would enable us to chose between Carnage and Massacre depending on what is needed for the fight. TL;DR: I'd love to see Frothing Berserker on the new ring instead of Carnage - for flexibilitys sake! I'd like to hear your thoughts on this, my fellow Warriors. :) Regards Outrageous P.S.: Please excuse my English. It's a second language.Outrageous1 3d
3d Demonology - Dungeon Viability/Mobility So I'm not here to complain about Demo's damage, actually I feel it's in a good space overall. The issue I have with Demo is it's basically unplayable outside of relatively high (+12) dungeons. I think this is primarily down to it's lack of instant casts and only form of burst being locked behind shards and ramp up (implosion), which given how long it takes to commit to that spell vs what you lose in other talents, does very lackluster damage. I would like to suggest making Call Dreadstalkers instant cast, it is punishment enough that during movement you can't always empower your newest demons and this would allows some form of instant DPS. I realise this would mean Master Summoner would need to be replaced but having to play affliction in Dungeons all the time, just because, is very very annoying. Thanks ChemiiChemíi0 3d
3d 7.2.5 Balance of Power Account wide Blizzard i think 7.2.5 is the right time to make Balance of Power account wide, since ToS has nothing to do with skin. Plus it will be almost a year since Legion was lunchedСтам7 3d
4d [7.2] Balance Druid: Feedback Mirror of Cyous' post on the US forums: ...Gebuz39 4d
4d [Feedback] Disc Priest 7.2.5 Suggestions Hello All, Due to the length of my feedback I am unable to post the whole text without dividing it into multiple sections which might be considered as spam. I already submitted a ticket about it but it won't help. With this topic I want to introduce my view of how Disc has been developed as a unique role/mechanics/talents throughout the expansions until Legion, my opinion on the major changes we expect in 7.2.5 and suggestions what could be done instead (second part of the post). Again, sorry that I have to provide an external link and that the text is long, but please try to follow the logic and point of view. Thanks. The whole article is here: 4d
4d Upgrade Death Knight eyes? I was wondering, since several class abilities (DKs' even) receive updated graphics, wouldn't upgraded eyes go along with those changes? Demon Hunters got very fancy ones and actually the blue eyes behind the glow look really good, but these forced billboard sprites just seem to be a pretty lazy solution compared to the graphics when the models were updated.Afthrast17 4d
4d Tomb of Sargeras & Shadow Priests Are there going to be any council fights in Tomb of Sargeras? At the moment we have been pushed to the niche where we can do absolutely mad amounts of damage on 3+ long living targets but there are no such encounters anywhere (Except the trash on Krosus bridge and the trash before Elisande). In single target dps we are one of the worst specs and in aoe dead last. And the ones that are behind us in st, have an option to change spec for better st dps even without having all the artifact traits etc. So, will we have an encounter where we can feel useful compared do the other specs and classes at some point or are there some other plans to make us more viable outside random battlegrounds? Also, why is the balancing done in a way, where some specs shine in all the areas, and some only in one or none. Fury for example can push aoe AND st and affliction is top 3 in all of the situations.Riivis8 4d
4d DPS Ranking Hi, I created a list from with top 30 ST dps of every class (removed warlock bugged runs). Here is the outcome: Warlock - 1203116 dps - 17,6% above average Warrior- 1154420 dps - 12,8% above average Mage - 1129878 dps - 10,4% above average Hunter - 1060139 dps - 3,6% above average Rogue - 1050480 dps - 2,6% above average Demon Hunter - 1047147 dps - 2,3% above average Druid - 1009143 dps - 1,4% below average Shaman - 959029 dps - 6,3% below average Death Knight - 936234 dps - 8,5% below average Monk - 926914 dps - 9,4% below average Priest - 904918 dps - 11,6% below average Paladin - 899279 dps - 12,1% below average I know the numbers are not 100% correct, but they give a good trend. The difference between paladins and warlocks is nearly 30%. Far to much I would say :-(Qizhongji6 4d
4d Frost Balance Of Power appearance Is there any chance of making the balance of power frost artifact appearance a bit bigger? kind of takes the epicness away from it given that weapons look like toothpicksTyranis0 4d
4d Bring back to Rdruids Dream of Cenarius Hey as title says i would like to see Dream of Cenarius to became a new talent in last row insted of Moment of Clarity. Why i think like that is simple answer: I never found situation to use Moment of Clarity in PVE or PVP, and im kinda sure there would be situations where Dream of Cenarius would be usefull, and for pvp part it can be fun to have that kind of talent. Link what Dream of Cenarius is: Ty for reading and sry for bad english.Bearacköbama0 4d
5d Prot Warr Changes?? I am currently hoping for buffs/nerfs/changes on protection warrior,cause the only real "love" we ve gotten from blizz is a nerf to revenge.If this go this way there is literally no mean for anyone to go for protection warrior.Yea his playstyle is nice,his mage tower artifact is nice,but overall he is average to everything there is.Probably the Average Joe of tanks and he cant outshine any of the other tanks.You need leggos to heal rather than dks,dhs got better movement and heal than you,druid has better mitigations buttons,paladin is overall good with few to none side effects and monks brews are better than IP after the nerfs.A mediocre tank depending on leggos to be above average cause blizz has gotten bored to make him worth a penny.Dont get me wrong,i love my prot warr and i am not going for world first mythic raid or some weird !@#$ but even our golden trait that is supposed to be our best trait,druids have it as a second trait NOT even their gold.We are getting mocked by blizzard and it is high time that this mockery needs to be stopped.Allyslicer0 5d
5d Issue of Windwalkers : a weapon matter Hello, I want to talk about a problematic situation that you may have read about if you've followed recent discussions about balance (especially CoF trinket) : WW's scaling issue. There are 2 reasons why WW has currently the worst ilvl scaling in all Legion specs : -Haste and legendaries Haste is overall our worst secondary stat, mainly because it doesn't fit most of our gameplay phases and few spells benefit from it. If we have too much haste we just spend energy too fast, ending up with greater gaps in our rotations. You'll tell me "yeah okay no big deal", but this is much more anoying when all of your legendaries (all the windwalker specific legs) except 7.1.5 chest Emperor's "Capacitor" have haste on them, including our 2 possible rings : March of the Legion and Sephuz. Weapon's damages The biggest problem is that all of our melee techniques don't scale on our Weapon's damages (except Strike of the Windlord which represents at best 15% of our overall damage input). So when all other melee specs scale from decently to extremely good on their weapon's ilvl (even caster dps specs actually, yes), we only benefit from the stats on them. Which results in my third point. Relics As our weapon's ilvl don't matter much, an optimal weapon is just one with 3 Fists of Fury relics (+5% damage/each on our main singletarget and multitarget damage source). It is consequently hard to improve our Fists' ilvl (hopefully NH have FoF relics) while staying opti. With 2P T19 bonus, Rising Sun Kick (+5% dmg relic) necomes interesting, but that's in imaginary pure singletarget situations, so FoF will remain godlike, ScK being only competitive on a higher ilvl relic. The case is worse than Paladins getting multiple Crusade relics, because THEIR weapon's damages matter. I think that specs like this shouldn't exist, it just breaks loot system, makes any personal choice of gameplay from relics impossible; and WW is by far the most extreme here. With all of that, situation is that dps monks need to get buff via hotfix every week for at least a month after new gear release so they can stay competitive. Else their damage input will just plummet to the far bottom, compared to all dps specs which scale better. I see 2 simple solutions : review WW legendaries secondary stats, and calculate a good scaling of our melee techniques on Fists' damages. Oh, I can add a third one : revert this 0 sense overnerf on Converge of Fates trinket, all of NightHold trinkets already suck enough, we need at least one to be good for us. Tell me what you think about it, if you agree or help me improve/replace solutions we could make it real. A windwalker lover.Toph34 5d
5d Arms warr replace ravager Replace ravager whit jugernaut(dota) where you Hit x time over 4 second and always criritical srike isnt thath what arms is supose to be.Ssjakal1 5d
5d Pet ability given back to GoS (lock) Please can we have Pet abilities given back to Grim of Sac? One of Warlock biggest survival issue is big burst output, Now with Grim of Sac + Dark Pact gives a huge survival boost against burst spec (virtually every spec) - But we cannot take this given we do not gain 1 the pet abilities. I don't mind the overall effect of the ability remaining the same, but allowing us to have interrupt, bullwalk, dispel, and knockback depending on the pet we sacifice is not a huge ask. It also gives some love to the destruction warlocks that don't want to use a pet (which is most i believe).Lionsword8 5d
5d Ele Shaman being ignored (7.2.5 bonus??) The lack of communication on every elemental forum post is really sad to see. Go on any other class forum and you can see what is actually going on and how ignored we are right now. There are so many things that need to be discussed at this point.... The 7.2.5 4 set bonus needs to be changed since the shadow priests got their 4 set bonus changed and its basically the same thing, we demanded changes but nothing came... It makes me a bit anxious to see all the tuning on other classes especially enhancement...As my co-player said : "The Earth Elemental buffs are just an absolutely ignorant and laughable spit in the face to everyone who still plays this spec." Please, NOTICE US! Here are some links on other ele discussions that are being ignored especially the first one is ignored for more than 1 month without any kind of response!! (just to give you the clue, f.e. the affli forum discussion got their response from devs in less than 11 hours.) LINKS : (the most discussed one) 5d
5d A bug reported 7-8 times left untouched. I and other players have literally reported a bug related to Guardian druids. It has to do with restoration affinity Ysera's gift tooltip saying it heals 1.5% max hp every 5 sec while in reality it heals for 3%. This has been the case since October 2016. It's been reported numerous times as in-game bug report as well as forums without any change to the tooltip being fixed whatsover. I know it's surely not a game breaking issue but can we at least get a response to that?Bornog2 5d
5d MM hunter - Explosive Shot This ability is still full of bugs, specially when the terrain is not exactly flat. Also if there are corpse in the way is almost impossible to know where the shot is and when to detonate it. I suggest to change this ability as "on target" one instead of having to detonate it.Tephereth3 5d
6d Make warlock healthstone better Can we have our healthstone buffed to same amount as health pots agein? I see no reason why it can´tFear7 6d
6d Assassination Rogue - Bag of Tricks The Assassination Rogue Golden Trait 'Bag of Tricks (Poison Bomb)' is currently completely dependent on Chance & it's causing much distress in Rogues. The Problem: Since the trait is purely dependant on chance, Reaching maximum DPS is impossible & the procs are very inconsistent. Sometimes it does not proc even if 20 envenoms/ruptures are cast. This is very bad because sometimes we have went without a single proc for entire bosses at a time. And in PvP, this is just ridiculous, when other classes can use their Burst skills with the click of a button and we have to depend on pure luck. Possible Solution: Make Bag of Tricks an 'Active button' ability with 1 minute cooldown. And every Envenom cast has a chance of reducing the cooldown by 5 seconds. This will be really helpful as a Luck-dependent Golden trait is not something which we really want, especially since our Second Golden-trait (Blood of the Assassinated) is also based on chance.Xaero11 6d
6d Worgen fury warrior hey! so im new,and i was wondering what stats/artrributes i should get for my worgen and talent tree skills too thanks! have a nice day :>Kazimirw2 6d
6d Rogue - Toxic Blade Replacement Pretty simple idea that is inspired from the old multistrike rupture mechanics for the WoD sublety rogue. A replacement for rupture that is poison damage (so it scales nicely) and when poisons successfully apply it double ticks. So a original 30 second dot could quickly be a 15 second dot, making it a little more interesting & I would prefer not to have another button to press. :) The rupture replacement is not a key part of this, its the double tick on Rupture rather than another button that feels like another Kingsbane.Stevieb4 6d
6d Imagine Legion with good class design Imagine......................... The endless of fun of actually enjoying your class while your farm AP....Lionsword5 6d
6d Kam Xi'raff Was a mediocre legendary before, but with the upcoming PTR changes seems it becomes a stats stick. I guess the original design was to improve our output by lowering the gating we had due to mana issues.. Would you please change that to something relevant to the new design which has other mechanics to gate discos? 10xHelichrysum5 6d
6d PVP pet Hi, May i ask for advice for what pet (exotic) is a good allrounder for BG? I have Terropene turtle, spirit Wolf and a lion. And also what pet specc ? I may need a pet with mortal Strike ability or a spider? thanks for advice :)Qunny1 6d