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16m Frost Mage T21 4pc feedback The previous iteration of the Tier 21 4 piece set bonus could cause Glacial Spike builds to drop Ice Lance out of the rotation. The change in 7.3.2 wants to address this issue. However, there are few problems with the technical aspects of the set bonus. As of build 25079, Ice Lance doesn’t actually remove the buff. In the rest of this post, we’ll assume that the buff is meant to be removed on Ice Lance impact. If the actual intended behavior differs, some of the mentioned problems might not apply. During the Flurry combo (Frostbolt -> Flurry -> Ice Lance), Frostbolt always impacts before the Ice Lance, so the Ice Lance portion of the set bonus only comes into play when the Flurry combo is done with Ebonbolt or Glacial Spike instead of Frostbolt. The standard Frost rotation naturally produces this sequence since we always queue Frostbolts back to back unless we have (and notice) a Brain Freeze or Fingers of Frost. Average Ice Lance cast deals more than three times as much damage as Frostbolt (including Icicles), so we clearly want to try to get the extra damage bonus on Ice Lance. And since Brain Freeze Flurry is commonly cast right after Frostbolt (even if the mage doesn't go out of their way to cast Frostbolt before every Flurry, e.g. Frostbolt -> (Brain Freeze procs) Frostbolt -> Flurry -> Ice Lance), trying to apply the bonus to Ice Lance could be extremely disruptive to the rotation. Indeed, cancelling Frostbolts only to ensure the buff is not consumed by it could be the optimal way to play with the set bonus. And since we need to wait for Frostbolt to impact before casting Flurry, standing in melee range to reduce the travel time would be required. This could be solved by simply removing the Frostbolt component of the set bonus. Another problem with removing the buff on Ice Lance impact is with Splitting Ice. If the distance to the secondary target is smaller than the distance to the primary one, the Ice Lance will hit the secondary target first, expire the buff and thus wasting the effect (in most cases, this Ice Lance is cast without Fingers of Frost, so it's doing only the base damage to the secondary target). Adding an expiration delay could be helpful (so that the buff is removed shortly after the Ice Lance impacts). Another solution is to remove the buff on cast (rather than on impact).Norrinir4 16m
21m New class suggestion, Shadow Hunter Shadow Hunter Maybe for the next expansion. We could need one more caster compared to all those melees. The shadow hunters, masters of voodoo magic, are the highest authority of the jungle trolls. Their spirit powers both heal and curse, walking the line of dark and light in hope of saving the future of the jungle trolls. The dark gods will channel themselves through the shadow hunters when they use their ceremonial rush'kah masks. Like other practitioners of voodoo, shadow hunters deal with the darker aspects of the spirit world. Specs: Heal, Spellcaster, Hybrid Heal could be with Voodoo and Shadow spells. Like Shadow Wave. Big Bad Voodoo (turns all friendly units invulnerable for a few seconds). Spellcaster could be Voodoo and Shadow damaging spells. Also maybe Serpent Wards / Serpent pets and Serpent summon spells. Hybrid could be a support spec. Healing and Damage spells at 50%.Zêra13 21m
34m Druid Forms Hello, i would like to make a suggestion about the druid artifact skins. I would really like to see the mage tower challenge artifact skins to be shared between specs. Considering druids are the only class that cannot really enjoy a nice transmog because we are constantly in a form (outside of resto) so maybe sharing the skins from other specs would help a little with that? It really is disheartening to play feral, have that awesome blue cat and then go resto or balance and you only have the basic cat form. I mean it's not harming anyone that my cat is more shiny even though i am not feral spec at the moment so i see no harm in a positive change like this.Ràzìèl5 34m
41m Fire mage t21 LOLOLoLOL Seriously? Down to 12% wtf is that, we get 10 from current set and it's not just during Combustion, is some1 gona get fired for this?Cramitin7 41m
49m Hitcombo kind of sucks Yo, about that Hitcombo thing.... I'd just like to say that while I am enjoying the idea of pressing different buttons on my dps rotation, being heavily punished for getting parried/dodged or whatever by the boss sucks as hell... The thing is we only have 1 chi generating spell (ee set aside) and you are royaly screwed if you get parried on that or miss it and SFK is on cooldown (which is antimechanics anyway to use movement ability in dps rotation). Hitcombo is punishing and it can punish you for stuff that you shouldn't be punished ( following tactics and getting parried and stuff cuz you cannot sit in the back of the boss like a mongrel). I wouldn't mind if they give us 12% buff and remove it completely, i mean our passive mastery is enough of a punish if you do 2x RSK ... I remember when i played with xuen at start of NH, it was so much more enjoyable cuz I couldn't be as punished... I am not the only one who shares this opinion. Alot of people agree with it in the WW discord. There is a thread open on the US servers aswell by Slappa. Thing is the design is also kind of bad since it is something added up on top of mastery, but it has a heavy punish attached to it... Really think adding something else would be better, or buffing xuen, he is way more fun than this.Kunglee1 49m
54m Paladins dispelling unholy dks What on earth is this spell that dispels Dk's diseases which are the main damage source for uhdk and has no cooldown on holy paladin. In addition It does not dispel the paladin himself it dispels his partner in the same time. Is this some kind of a joke? because I tell ya, I m not amused at all. Like can somebody explain what is the logic behind all that having a dispel with no cooldown against a class that relay on their diseases the most.Cimow7 54m
1h These Classes are a Joke. admit it. wow lost its elegance thats what happens when you let a graphics designer run the full game and pretend to be "class devevelopers". graphic's are great mate but your completley inept at game design. you have turned chess into checkers, totaly killed all the classes and drained all of the fun out of class combat. Rewind everything back to MoP, hire some real developers and keep up the great work with the graphics. Thank You. Captain Dreadwind...~Dreadwind25 1h
3h 8.0 Class Design For those of us who do not like what you have done to classes these two last expansions i rly do hope we see a big paradigm shift in how you design the classes. No doubt Blizzard has probably gotten allot of class feedback in the past two expansions because of the big changes, and i do hope they take the good parts from it in to consideration when designing the classes for 8.0. I have a brief summary of what i think worked and not worked regarding the redesign of the classes: 1. Moving core abilities we had for long behind talents feels bad, it feels like we lost big parts of some of our classes because of this and it is not fun. Ex. Demonic circle, rend, druid form abilities, etc. 2. Pruning went way too far, you over did it big time. The one thing that kept me interested in this game even though there were no content in the long 5.4 content drought and partially WoD was the somewhat interesting class mechanics. I felt i could always improve as a player and learn more from my favorite class. This was especially true pre WoD area. You really need to start adding huge amounts of abilities back to the game if you wish to retain and regain many players that you lost. The classes are so boring now and when they are boring it affects the rest of the game since you interact with everything in the world trough your character. 3. Class fantasy brought some nice new graphics, a part of the game i feel overall gets better with time. 4. Removal of customization/RPG feel trough old talent trees, stats, gems, enchants, professions, etc. also went totally overboard. We do understand you are streamlining the game and removing "redundant" mechanics from it, but you have overdone this too. People seemed to like the old talent trees allot more and the argument why they were removed was because of cookie cutter builds. Well all i have to say to that is, why not improve on those to make real options in them instead of removing a big fun part of the game and replace them with what we have now. Talents today are mostly cookie cutter too, single target vs. multi target. 5. Fun and complexity was lost in all of this. I knew it instantly when i saw beta gameplay from 7.0 that this will not be good or fun. Loosing so many things from our classes can not be a good thing and imo you need to start adding back fun things to the game even though they add complexity. Many players like complexity in form of many abilities that interact in complex with the game. TLDR: Too many things were lost, changed and locked behind talents in blizzards crusade to streamline the game. We need much complexity and many fun new and old abilities add back to the game along with not treating WoW gamers like they are stupid/idiots when considering class designing. Ps. I believe Blizzard pruning/streamlining the game is the biggest reason why so many people play private servers. You can get them back if you design the game with these players in mind.Babybackribb9 3h
3h Holy Priests: PvP No love for Holy? isn't it the most Pure Healing Spec in Regards to lore? Very far into Legion now and many Spec's are still being Left behind with Balance and fun, Holy is one of them but Certainly Shouldn't be (Shout out to Outlaw Rogues too). There only Place to shine is in Battlegrounds and this is simply Because of the "Auto AOE" healing Provided from Prayer of Mending flying around and leaving Renews on Everyone. There Strengths: .Passive AOE .Burst Healing .CC Avoidance There Problems: .Consistent single target Healing .Mobility / Standing Casts .Offensive threat (CC / Damage) The Fix: .Buff Flash Heal In PvP, Heal Should be used for mana saving like it is in PvE, Spamming the long casts of Heal is not practical in moments of pressure. .Instant cast Prayer of Mending without talent! Change Honour talent to old Gyth, (60% healing on first charge and charges reduced to 4) Rapid Mending is currently mandatory for mobility. .Reduce All Holy Words to 30sec Cd (Like they use to be) Down from 1min and Reduce the effectiveness of them and serendipity, this will provide more Consistently Effective Game play to all 3 Problems. A Real Frustration: Guardian Spirit and Relevant Talent Design .Guardian Spirit to a 3min Cd Down from 4 (Obviously) .Why is there two talents doing the Same thing.. (Guardian Angel and Divine Attendant) This is lazy and unimaginative. .A Fresh Talent is needed in the honour Tree to replace Divine Attendant, Having Guardian Spirit To Heal its target over time instead of its saving effect would be perfect as a problem With Holys abilities is that they are Healing buffs and often require you to cast alot after to receive there benefits (Guardian Spirit, Light of T'uure x2, Divinity Etc..) Which makes Holy unreliable and easy to counter play. A New Design Idea .Chakra's Remember these ? They was fun, It gave us complexity and flavour. .A Perfect Idea would be to Replace the Dull Mastery HoTs (we are not a Druid) with Passive Chakra's which becomes active when we use a Holy Word. .Holy Word Serenity = Single target healing Boost .Holy Word: Sanctify = AoE Boost .Holy Word: Chastise = Damage Boost .Chakra Buffs should Exist for around 15 seconds and only 1 should be Active at a time. This would give more skill in deciding when and what Holy word to use in the moment. #ShowHolySomeLovePvppriest14 3h
4h Outlaw in upcoming patches Hey, I was hoping outlaw would receive some proper buffs in 7.3, but seeing as nothing really happened, I was wondering if there are any plans to change/buff outlaw in the forseeable future. I really enjoyed outlaw as a leveling spec, as well as running mythics early on in legion, but as time went on, the spec has become very lacklustre in both pve and pvp which sucks because the class fantasy is really nice. There are several problems which I feel need to be adressed: RNG: This one is fairly obvious and pointed out numerous times but still worth stressing, the recent re-introduction of restless blades was a start, but not enough. Outlaw is extremely RNG reliant even after recent buffs/nerfs. True bearing is still the most valuable RtB buff and grand melee is still complete garbage. I get that the randomness of RtB is part of the class fantasy of outlaw, but why can't all buffs have (approximately) equal strength? Make every buff adapt your playstyle rather then making you fish or pray for true bearing. This problem is made worse due to legendaries, if you have shoulders/greenskins true bearing becomes even better, since you can use between the eyes and vanish far more often. Dead talents: Outlaw has a lot of pointless/dead talents, while this is not a problem in itself, as many classes have dead talents, it is very tedious for outlaws. The reason for this is, is that the most 'pirate-y' talents, such as killing spree, cannonball barrage, parley and even DfA are hardly ever viable options. Furthermore, why the hell is alacrity viable? It's one of the most boring, least interactive talents in the entire game, yet somehow it's a superior option to shooting cannonballs at your target. Cleave/AoE: Outlaw is supposedly the best rogue AoE spec with on demand cleave from blade flurry. This is not really the case at the moment, outlaw does fine in AoE/cleave, but not as well as other classes. Sublety performs on an approximately equal level and even provides the option of bursting a key target in a group due to shuriken storm. Rogues have plenty of single target options by speccing into assa or sub, so why not give outlaws cleave that can actually compete with other classes (or even other rogues)? Utility: While rogues never really lack utility, outlaws aren't doing too well in this department compared to other rogue specs. Grappling hook is a nice tool and very versatile, but in reality it just feels like a slower version of shadowstep in PvE. Especially after sub got two charges on shadowstep, the utility of outlaws feels lacklustre. Anyhow, I don't want to complain forever, i'm just really hoping blizzard has plans for outlaw sooner rather then later, as i'd really like to play my pirate again.Terrent2 4h
18h Protection warrior - total joke Protection warriors are just another cruel joke made by blizzard. I do not consider myself a good tank but everywhere i look for guidance or tips it is all the same . "Protection warrior bottom tier . Worst tanks in 7.2.5 and now in 7.3." Tons of videos proving that . I know people in this game who haven't had any tanking experience and just by the fact they play blood DK or paladin they are able to survive like 10 times better than i do . I can see DKs able to hold atleast 10 elites in argus without even loosing 1% HP. Not to mention DK outheal most healers in raids. Paladins got block witch if talanted can block spells . They have % reduction damage skills (on basic mitigation rotation not talking about the big CDs). What does warrior got on basic mitigation rotation ? Shield block and ignore pain .. and yes 25 sec spell reflect . If Shield block and ignore pain are not ON at the same time you just take insane damage couse there is no other damage reduction. just nothing . I have been 1 shotted in ToS HC by the sistres . 2 x 2 mele hits ,each hit like 2.4 M (without shield block active ). And my question is how does this block chance works at all. 30% chance for 38% damage reduction block and 47% for critical block and i get 4 hits without a single block ? and about the ignore pain . The higher incoming damage is the more useless this skills gets. Most of the times it just absorbs 1 hit from a boss. Applogies for my bad english . I hope you understand what i am trying to say. Some might say "another crying kid "but i am really am desperate. I love tanking as warrior but i just don't see any real opportunity for competition with other class tanksIstus9 18h
19h New spell for Disc priests how about this, each time you cast smite, an atonement is placed on the currently weakest target? o.O and each time you cast smite, all atonements are "refreshed" with 0.5 sec or something, the effect here would be that the more you cast smite, the healing starts increasing and "building up". As a finishing move where the priest "reverts all burst damage" like the class is build to play, we could add something in the trails of, lets say, "final resolution", where all players targeted by atonement are healed by (amount_of_heal * number_of_atonements). To put a limit to this playstyle, add something like "atonement sickness" so that when an atonement has been on a target for like 30-40 seconds, he has to cool off for a couple of seconds. add a cd that increases smites castspeed or lowers Global cd so that the priest can pop that when he suspects a large dose of dmg incoming. now obviously I can see see a lot of problems emerging if blizz would add this. However I am just hoping this will get read and perhaps add a newer perspective to blizz when they/you update or work on fixing the class. because as it is now. It's boring as hell, clunky, unrewarding and i just feel like everything is not "wow it's so cool that this spell helps me so much" etc. 10/5.2 feedbackAthoes4 19h
20h Havoc DH ideas Hi, Just my 2 cents about the Havoc DH specialization: Issues: 1. Fury generation is inconsistent and this can hardly be alleviated. 2. Too much reliance on Crit and Haste. Current statweights are, with the recommended build according to Icy Veins are calculated to be: Critical Strike: 1.37, Haste: 1.19 Versatility: 1.17 , Agility: 1, Mastery: 0.89. Agility is too far down on the list, and Mastery should not be behind Versatility, since Versatility also reduces damage taken. Ideally, Agility should be first, followed by Crit Haste and Mastery in as much as possible equal proportions, then Versatility. 3. Some talents just never get picked up. Mechanical and Spell changes: 1. Demon's Bite removed - No one likes it. It is weak and not fun. 2. Felblade standard. 10 sec cooldown. Does Felfire damage (chaos and fire). Demon Blades has a chance to reset the cooldown. 3. Demon Blades passive, as it works now, only it does extra Chaos damage, not Shadow. 4. Chaos Strike criticals refund 10 Fury, not 20. Talent Changes: Tier 1 a. Fel Mastery - Increases the charges of Fel Rush by 1, and grants 30 Fury when Fel Rush damages at least one target. (30% damage baked directly into the ability) b. Improved Blades - Increases the change auto attacks have to deal Chaos damage and generate Fury to 100%, reduces Felblade cooldown by 5 seconds, but it no longer resets. c. Demonic Appetite - As is. Tier 2 a. Prepared - As is, but 50 fury generated over 10 seconds. b. Blind Fury - Eye Beam generates 35 Fury ever sec, and its duration is increased by 50% c. Fel Eruption - 10 sec cooldown, rotational ability. Keep the mechanic, balance the damage. Tier 3 a. Fel Barrage - As is, balanced around doing the most AOE damage in this tier. b. First Blood - As is, needs to do most ST damage in this tier. c. Bloodlet - As is, and increases the charges of Throw Glaive by 1. Needs to do most cleave in this tier. Tier 4 - Unchanged Tier 5 a. Momentum - As is. b. Chaos Cleave - As is, but 15% dmg. c. Nemesis - As is. Tier 6 a. Pitch Black - Darkness last two additional seconds and heals yourself and allies for 5% of maximum HP while inside the area of effect. b. Unleashed Power - As is. c. Demon Reborn - As is. Tier 7 a. Improved Metamorphosis - Metamorphosis also increases all damage done by 25% while active. (Basically Chaos Blades baked in - We don't need another DPS cooldown, which we already line up with Meta anyway) b. Unending Hunt - Increases the range of your ranged abilities by 5 yards, and increases the Fury generated by all abilities by 20%. c. Demonic - As is, but 10 sec duration. Results: 1. Smoother Fury generation for those who want it, due to option B in the 1st talent tier. 2. Increased value for Mastery, since Felblade and Demon Blades now do Chaos damage. 3. Generally increased Fury generation, offset by the reduction of the Chaos Strike crit refund. Also devalues Crit to more decent numbers. 4. Momentum build helped out by the extra Fel Rush charge. 5. Fel Eruption might actually get picked for those who want an extra button. In the current spot, it almost never gets picked up. It should be a good option for ST damage. 6. Improved Raid utility. 7. Throw Glaive slow should be moved to PVP talents, it's only picked up for that purpose anyhow. Thanks for reading!Krassus1 20h
22h Feral Druid Changes in 7.3.0 Hi Cats, We have a number of changes to Feral Druids coming soon. The general goals of these changes are: 1. Reduce (but not necessarily displace entirely) the dominance of the big three complexifying and powerful talents: Savage Roar, Jagged Wounds, and Bloodtalons. Each of those talents is (on live) winning by a large margin in terms of throughput against other talents on their rows. 2. Balance out the power level of the last 3 talent rows, allowing more talents builds to be viable. 3. Increase the skill floor and reduce how punishing it can be to error when playing the rotation. 4. Compensate for power-level-reductions of talents with baseline damage increase to the spec so that at the highest level, performance isn’t really affected, but the bottom of the spec is brought up. The most major changes: All damage done increased by 33%. Jagged Wounds reduced to 20%. (down from 33%) Savage Roar duration increased by 50% at all combo points. Damage bonus reduced to 15%. (down from 25%) Bloodtalons damage bonus reduced to 25%. (down from 50%) Looking back at the development of Feral Druid in Legion: when Savage Roar was moved from a baseline ability to the talent tree, in order to bring the power level of the ability closer to most talents (+25% damage to everything for a long duration is far stronger than most talents are), rather than reducing its damage bonus, its duration was significantly shortened instead. This contributed greatly to the overconstrained and overly punishing Feral rotation that you see on live today. Additionally, Jagged Wounds was added as a new talent, reducing the amount of free combo points Ferals had available to finishers such as Ferocious Bite (which was basically pushed out of the rotation entirely). Both talents probably would have been fine on their own, but taken together (because they were the strongest) at the live tuning values led to a more pressured Feral rotation than we felt was right. Additionally, a few talents are being rearranged in the talent tree: Jagged Wounds moved to lvl 75 row. (from lvl 90 row) Savage Roar moved to lvl 90 row. (from lvl 75 row) Brutal Slash moved to lvl 90 row. (from lvl 100 row) Elune’s Guidance moved to lvl 100 row. (from lvl 90 row) The primary gain here is moving Brutal Slash to a sort of multitarget/AOE lvl 90 talent row along with Sabertooth (which can be well-utilized in a sustained low-target situation), giving the lvl 90 row a solid talent for dungeons. For now, we want to go with an arrangement that keeps Jagged Wounds, Savage Roar, and Bloodtalons on separate rows so the current most common live build is still possible. Other less major changes include quality of life and tuning adjustments to some talents to balance out the rows: Prowl cooldown reduced to 6 sec (down from 10 sec) for all Druid specs. Rebirth is castable in all forms, and consequently, is no longer affected by or consumes Predatory Swiftness. Sabertooth damage bonus to Ferocious Bite increased to 20%. Incarnation: King of the Jungle energy cost reduction reduced to 50% (down from 60%) and only allows the use of Prowl once. This it to balance out that talent row with the new Jagged Wounds and to reduce the frequency of Rake stuns in PvP while still allowing Incarnation to function as an effective Vanish. Moment of Clarity now causes Omen of Clarity to trigger twice as often and increases the damage of the affected abilities by 25%. This is to better space out what is essentially a large energy proc and reduce slightly the impact that a single talent has on the resource income and pacing of the rotation. Elune’s Guidance cooldown reduced to 30 sec (down from 45 sec) and combo points granted reduced to 5 + 5 over 5 seconds (down from 5 + 8 over 8 seconds). Overall, with these changes, balance for the last 3 talent rows and consequently overall should be better in general. We expect the current most common build/playstyle of Jagged Wounds + Savage Roar + Bloodtalons to still remain one of the strongest builds, but it should no longer win by a huge margin over other competing talent builds and also should be a little less strenuous to play. These changes should be available in an upcoming PTR build. As usual, we may make further adjustments – especially tuning – as PTR progresses.Lore75 22h
1d 7.3 Retribution PvP - Dead Talents+Syngergy Hello everybody, this problem isn't only shown up to Paladins alone, it's a problem for every class in the game, so don't get it wrong, that only Paladins (Ret) have this problem. It's hard for me, to understand where's the problem in changing a few numbers, or add something "simple" ("simple" here means in my opinion "simple", not that it is simple). Simple things like increasing the amount of healing from "Judgement of the Light" by 50%. Just to give you one example, what i'm talking about. Also, there's the PTR. Why aren't those little things are tested there? Ok, we're not going deeper into that. Back to Topic Here are some thoughts for Talents: Execution Sentense Make it not dispellable, and/or add the healing component it had in WoD. Healing could be cut, so it's not healing too much. Every Healer dispells it, and that's it. Consecration Actually it's useless, Final Verdict is way better over all the other two talents. Increase it's damage by ~50%, and or add healing. Repentance Make it instant, but it's replacing Hammer of Justice. Otherwise we would have too much CC. Blinding Light Reduce it's cooldown to 1 minute, and reduce it's duration to 3-4 seconds. Virtue's Blade Actually it's in some situations ok/good, but these are pretty rarely. Most of the time, it's only worth if it crits. After the reducing of our crit-template, we've lost about ~6% which is pretty much. It's also not getting used in PvE. What about a DoT? OR higher base-damage? Word of Glory For God's sake, why don't you change it way it was all over the years? You've not even touched it on the last PTR. The original version was pretty balanced - you trade damage for (moderate) heal. What's the problem? Would increases Ret's versatility and flexibility. Holy Wrath aka Equality Here we go again! Nobody wanted that Talent, not even during Alpha/Beta-testing. Why are you so stubborn about that dead talent? The original Holy Wrath was a) very cool, and b) good balanced. Rework it to it's original version, or rework it in general, but please don't leave it (again) as it is now. It's so frustating.... PvP Tier 1+2 I really don't know, it these are really needed for the game. Many players are missing the way they could customize their characters. Holinka talked months ago in an PvP-Q&A, that they can look on the PvP-Tier 2, and reword some talents. For example one talent increases your crit by 10%, the next increases your haste by 10%, and so one. Why don't you to something like this to Tier 1+2 ? So players have a choice, also it would help to create other playstyles, and wouldn't have such a huge impact, as if you can reforge, use gems, enchants, etc. Unbounded Freedom Make it undispellable or rework it. Actually it's mostly uselesse, because it will be purge asap. Holy Ritual I like the idea behint that talent, but it could get some more love, because as a Ret, you don't have double-Hands like in WoD or even MoP. So you cannot use it's potential. Luminescence Reduce it's healing down to 15%, but change it back to every healing. This talent is useless, if you're not getting healed (because your're not taking any damage). The amount of healing you can generate shouldn't be really huge. Seraphim's Blessing The Rework is interesting, but buggy and in generall kinda useless. I don't know what to do here. The name itself sounds good. Maybe a combination of offense and defense? Divine Punisher In many cases, you're not judging the same target twice - because you're not able to, or you have to switch the taget. Lawbringer is overall the (solid) best choice. DP could have such a good synergy with Judgment of the Light... Increased it's healing by 50/100% or something like that. Or every Judgment generates one Holy Power. Something like that. Hammer of Reckoning Remove the "Crusade"-Part, increase the damage a bit, and finally reduce the cooldown to useful amount (20-30) seconds. Building up 50 Stacks sounds ok to me. Mobility and Blessings Bring back emancipate, reduce the cooldown and duration for Blessing of Freedom. Emancipate can be pretty expensive (Mana or Holy Power), or has a short cooldown. Only useable for ourselfes, so we can use Freedom on our teammates more often. Rememer: These are just some thoughts, that could help Ret be more flexible and versatil. If only a few changes will happen, many players will be happy. I don't want Retribution be overpowered, so don't get it wrong. If something is/will be to powerful, it must be adjusted in the right way.Drownlord15 1d
2d Could we PLEASE get a glyph that hides meta? I mean seriously, the whole class is based around beeing agile but meta looks like a hummer with 2 glaives glued to it. I beg you Blizzard, please give me a glyph so i dont have to look at that abomination.Skrikapa13 2d
2d 7.3.2 Warlock 4P Set Bonus 4P Bonus: When you cast Unstable Affliction, all targets within 60 yards suffering from your Agony immediately take 1 Shadow damage. I think this is meant to be a passive aoe/cleave gain but it is too situational for the current rotation of a Warlock and useless for m+ dungeons below +15. When you need to AoE, if adds are clumped together and die fast, you Seed them, no Agony. When there are 3-4+ adds clumped together and die slow, you Agony them but still cast Seed. This would be useful if only adds live long enough to deserve Agony and those are spread out, which is never the case in a M+ dungeon. For a fight like Desolate Host (where adds live 30+ seconds) its perfect, and in a fight like Demonic Inquisition (for passive dmg) its ok. Hovewer those are the only kind of fights that this piece is useful. If in fact this bonus change the rotation with big dmg numbers and we start AoEing with Unstable Affliction, then Seed would be useless again other than spreading Corruption. My point is I think you should reconsider the bonus. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong ofc.Nighteus3 2d
2d Where did my Totems go? My shaman (Elemental) has one base line totem, Earthbind Totem. I seem to remember Shamans having lots of totems, and totems being a big part of Shaman class identity. Does anyone at Blizzard really think that having one base line totem as a shaman is good class fantasy?Babybackribb11 2d
2d Fel barrage & chaos blades animation I feel like the animation on these 2 ability's are quite poor, fel barrage you float randomly and little fel bolts fly from under you, considering the DH has alot of well done animations to it, this one kind of just looks out of place, since its a channel, cant we get an animation where you are throwing 2 or 3 larger fel bolts at the enemy's and not levitating pointlessly, chaos blades is another, considering the dmg boost is provides the animation for this is way to subtle, your weapons kind of go abit green? maybe make them blaze in green fire or something, make it noticeable basically, other than that, the other animations are great, I'm only mentioning this since they reworked almost all the caster animations.Swiftfocus0 2d
3d Please bring back Dual Specialization! I think it's very tedious to have to manually rearrange all my keybinds and all of my spec just to do some PvP. I liked it better when you had Dual Spec, and all you had to do was respec, and you were ready to go. It's the same thing on my Warrior. I want two arms specs, one for PvE and one for PvP. I don't mind changing talents between bosses, but when I'm in Argus/Broken Isles questing, and someone decides to corpse camp me, they are free to do so. Because I won't have time to respawn, and then change my entire UI around before they attack again. What's the logic behind this, Blizzard? It seems like a giant oversight.Taggy9 3d
3d T21 Enhancement Tier Bonuses After some iterations, from a design perspective our T21 tier bonuses are in a better place than they were technically, but still have some concerning problems both in mechanical design, and number tuning. 2pc This lies more as a balancing issue, but the current value of this bonus is extremely weak, causing us to displace procs in favor of more valuable actions like Stormstrike and buff re-applications. The current design concern is that there's plenty of opportunity to waste multiple procs due to back-to-back Stormbringer procs - and interrupting chains is something that many players have expressed they don't enjoy. Since the bonus has a chance to trigger off Stormstrike, ideally it should be balanced in a place where we'd desire casting it beneath Stormbringer enhanced Stormstrikes, but over un-enhanced Stormstrikes. This would encourage us to react to and consume the procs at a high priority, substantially reducing the amount of proc waste we'd see. With how intricate and connected the Enhancement DPS kit is at this time, we as players need an extremely strong incentive to actually react to and consume new procs and abilities in our rotation. As of right now, we're looking at only consuming it in the normal priority of needing Maelstrom or needing to refresh Landslide. We're looking at the value of this tier bonus to be about 1.0% for Smoldering Heart setups and 0.6% in Akainu's setups (which are currently the two different dominant builds). There is a ton of room to tune this bonus up to be valuable, we think that it will be more competitive around the 300-400% mark. 4pc Being a debuff applied by Rockbiter substantially reduces the flexibility and value of this tier bonus. It severely limits our potential for any AoE situations since we can only maintain the 10% elemental damage increase on realistically a single target at a time. When these bonuses follow the strength of the T20 4pc bonus, which provided significant AoE potential whilst still providing modest single target (which for reference is roughly where this bonus lies right now). It also provided us with something we previously did not have - a burst AoE tool. After a Single Target oriented T19, a Cleave/AoE T20, it would seem better then that the T21 bonuses ought to land somewhere in between for both Single Target and Area of Effect focus. The most pertinent thing we feel needs changing with this is to change it to a buff on the player instead of a debuff on the target. Additionally, Rockbiters that apply the debuff are currently not affected by the damage bonus, the debuff seems to be applied after the damage is dealt (which based on looking at equivalent bonuses, would be remedied if it was a buff applied as well). This severely reduces the expected value of a very short duration buff by eliminating 1/3 to 1/5 of the GCDs during the effect (depending on player Haste). Please consider making sure that any Rockbiter that applies the bonus also benefits from the effect of said bonus. The total value of the combined 2pc and 4pc bonuses are about 4.1% for Smoldering Heart builds, and 4.0% for Akainu's, the 4pc obviously benefits setups that have larger portions of elemental damage than physical. For reference, please see the following charts for relative tier values. The current T21 bonuses are very weak at this time, comparatively. Interesting to note is that the T19 2pc alone is about as valuable as the combined T21 4pc bonuses. This is without mentioning that the new set bonuses also have potentially rotation-altering aspects to make full use of them, yet are giving such low return in exchange for that. Smoldering Heart (Landslide, AS, Tempest, Fury of Air, Ascendance): Akainu's (Hot Hand, Hailstorm, Tempest, Fury of Air, Ascendance): 3d
3d Arcane in 7.3 and beyond Hey all, just wanted to get a discussion rolling on Arcane in 7.3 and beyond. Our spec is starting to collect dust a bit: we've been stuck with a fairly cookie-cutter talent build/dead talents, a few obsolete legendaries, and notoriously underwhelming tier bonuses. I'll summarise these three topics in this post, with a few suggestions to change them. Tier 21 2-piece: this bonus is pretty inflexible and locks us into using Charged Up and/or T20 2-piece. While this is not unusual, the buff becomes largely useless when you're building from 0-4 Charges. My proposal is to extend the duration of this buff from 8 to 12 seconds. This would allow us to Barrage -> gain buff -> Blast to 4 Charges -> dump Missiles all while the buff is still active. As it currently stands, the 8 second debuff will drop by the time you've casted your 3rd or 4th AB. 4-piece: the actual bonus itself is not bad IMO, but the proc rate is very low (4% is simply too low) and adds a lot of RNG to a spec that already relies on RNG. I propose either to increase the proc rate, or rework the bonus to mimic the Tier 18 4-piece of Elemental: every 20-25 Charges you generate grants you a 20% haste buff for 6 seconds. This becomes a nice minigame we can "game" to line up with other CDs. Talents I'm going to be brief here, as major talent overhauls may be better suited for 7.3.5 or the next expac. Basically, Mirror Images + Supernova + Nether Tempest + Unstable Magic are very undertuned at the moment and need some love. Our spec's base kit works really well, but we've been playing around the exact same talents for almost 8 months, with largely passive talents which are objectively superior (Amplifcation, Overpowered, Erosion etc) in so many situations. Mechanically speaking, Words of Power isn't very useful and pales in comparison to the huge damage increase of Amplification. I propose altering Words of Power to scale inversely. This achieves a smoother rotation at lower mana levels (i.e. when you're conserving) so you can pump more Missiles before Evocating. When paired with Slipstream, the increased number of AMs improves our mobility, and shifts our DPS away from dumping as many AMs as possible in Rune/AP/other buffs etc, making it more forgiving. Amplification would still be a strong talent, especially when you can turret bosses. Legendaries A buff to Gravity Spiral and Rhonin's is sorely needed; they are impactful legendaries, but Kilt has been way too dominant for such a long time. We have reached a similar situation to BM Hunters/pre-7.2.5 UH DKs. It's a legendary that not only noticeably increases DPS, but makes the rotation more fluid. A reversal of the nerf to Rhonin's would go a long way to improving legendary diversity (18-25%). Additionally, adding e.g. a 20% Evocation CD reduction on Spiral wouldn't make it overpowered; it takes up a tier slot, has a weird stat budget (too much Mastery), and doesn't significantly improve our conserve rotation like Rhonin's/Kilt can. Final Thoughts Arcane is currently sporting decent numbers in ToS, thanks to the number of fights with adds that actually need to die relatively quickly, as well as middle of the pack ST numbers. Our base kit isn't in need of any dire changes either. However, the spec is really suffering from rigid talents/legendaries more than anything, and as T19/20 showed, we usually have at least one tier bonus which are cool in theory but are largely wasted. Adding some diversity to spec would be really healthy; it's already unpopular, but having played with mostly the same legendaries (Kilt + Shard and now Soul) and talents since December 2016, it's starting to stagnate.Genio10 3d
4d Suggestions on Survival changes Hello! Me and my buddy been thinking about how to make Survival more enjoyable and viable to raids. These few thoughts came up and thought id share it rather then keeping quiet and not doing anything. Baking Way of the Mok'Nathal into Flanking strike and removing Raptor strike, just to make the rotation more smooth and really buffing Flanking strike which is awesome in the class fantasy that u attack with a pet. Remove at least one hunter trap, we currently have lacerate, mok´nathal stacks, explosive trap, caltrops to keep track of. Its a bit silly atm. Three gcds just to drop all that, then u don't have time to get stacks up and bursting Mongoose. Maybe change the first row of talents to something more class fantasy themed. Like buffing your pet similar to Dks ghoul transformation. Or something that works together with your pet. The idea of a melee, jungle, survival hunter being gritty and just fighting neck in neck with his/her pet is just awesome. I wish we could bring that out a little more. Like a row of talents or pets that have unique abilitys just for survival. Like an extra melee buff of some sort Another idea would be to change last row talents. Maybe give another big cd option since we only got one. Something similar to trinket transformation. Or druid talents. Like turning into a half eagle half man for burst or mobility, or half bear for defensive or roar. (Man wearbear? :P ) The articaft wep ability is absolute trash right now. Perhaps removing the stacks needed for it? Also needs a buff right now considering it's a dps loss on single target. Last but not least. The new set bonus in Antorus the burning throne needs changes. If someone doesn't want to play with Mok'nathal you are pretty screwed. Just had to get this off my mind. I absolutely love survival as a concept ect. Just wish it got some more love from developers.Gohei0 4d
4d Buff zenmedition and Dispersion to 90%. That should just be for pve. Shadows and ww would be able to soak mechanicsTriara5 4d
4d 7.3.5 Healer Balance (wtf?) --> fast forward to Now. For equal treatment's sake I'm expecting a decent nerf to HPal & Priest. Specifically HPal and Holy Priest. Would be understandable if disc priest is strong, because you actually need to access some amount of your brain's capacity to play it well. But why in the flying f are HPal & HPriest anywhere near the top in healing throughput. Can there please be some semblance of a connection between difficulty of gameplay and numbers a class can output? Speaking of which, Monk still needs buffs. Could you just not, and push that 4% overall healing & progress talent & best legendary nerf like you did with Druid when they were on top? Thanks. It's still the same situation, just with different classes now, thanks to an insufferably braindead, simultaneous overnerf to multiple areas of a specialization, without checking first if it maybe could be too much and apply more nerfs later on, if it wouldn't have been sufficient. Actually getting really sick of feeling like the game designers who take care of class balance & tier bonuses are actual monkeys sitting in front of a tipped scale problem that would be easy to solve, but impossible for their incompetent minds. I cannot say that balancing is easy for DPS specializations, because there are many more classes to balance against each other and number tweaks can have unexpected effects, but when you just have 6 healing specializations (3 of which come 100% down to raw HPS)... I mean, come on.Tarmena23 4d
4d Rolling a healer So I'm having a bit of a problem - I can't decide for almost a week. I want to roll healer (most likely druid or shaman, since they have rDPS offspec; less likely pala, since I already have tank and mDPS), but I can't test them - WoD heroics queues take ages last three times I tried (35 minute queues). How do I test them other than in dungeon environment? I know numbers will differ at 110, but I just want to see which one fits me the most.Skalaris22 4d
4d Fix hex when it is reflected! Spell reflect a hex, he gets hexed and i cant attackTuffekaren4 4d
5d Future customization for classes. Hey folks, I have been thinking and I would love to see some more interesting talents and other ways that you could customize your class & spec in the future expansions. Legion is very simple and boring in the long run with not too much choices really and it becomes stale as well. Things I would like to see: * New talent system rework with more interesting choices. * Remove this boring "lock" system that you only have a few spells just for that spec you happen to take. I want all the basic skills/spells from my class like before. * Create unique talent skills for every spec as a reward for taking it as your main spec. * Allow us to choose multiple talent trees to put points in to create our unique play style. * Change so that each class brings something unique to the table, all healers should not work and feel the same etc... This is just a few ideas but feel free to have a discussion to help Blizzard make it even more fun and better in the future.Fyrapan3 5d
5d Affliction Warlock PVP talents and viability. Hello there! I'm a 3000+ rated warlock who mostly plays pvp as affliction spec, so I'm mainly concerned about pvp. I'm creating this topic because, the new pvp talents that came with 7.1.5 were supposed to be equally good choices versus Endless Affliction and Amplify Affliction. However they still werent as good as EA and AA in their row. After their introduction they got nerfed by a lot, so basically they are as useless now as their predecessors. Tier 5: Soulshatter: Sounds good to have a personal bloodlust with a minute cooldown, however this totally kills all your dmg (it removes all of your dots), because the main dmg in pvp is 20 stack agony, which already takes like 25 seconds to stack up that high. Death's Embrace: Was good with the 100% dmg done, but ppl abused it with rot and decay 5 uas and it basically oneshotted ppl from 30%. However RaD is nerfed, so I don't get why this talent isn't reverted. Endless Affliction: Even tho casting UA feels unrewarding at all (even multipled ones), this is still the best overall spec. Tier 6: Curse of Shadows: The idea is interesting to have another curse to enhance our dot dmg, however our single target dmg is so low this isn't even a viable option. We'd need longer UA durations for this talent, and also even dps specs are just dispelling it. Rot and Decay: This mainly promotes a single target gameplay for affliction warlock in pvp, which is just simply unviable in the current meta/patch. Affliction ST dmg is really weak in pvp and it's just really easy to lock down the warlock. Amplify Affliction: This is just a must have for affliction warlocks. Right now I can't even imagine a situation when anyone would'nt pick this talent. This boosts our dmg at least by 30% or even more. The fast gcds are just must have to keep up all our REALLY SHORT duration dots. I'm not saying the new talents are totally useless, they are a step into the right direction, however they are still worse then EA and AA. I'm mainly concerned about going into 7.2 or 7.2.5 without getting any meaningful changes. I don't want Blizzard to make affliction really op, however I want some quality of life changes for pvp, because the spec right now just feels dull and plain boring. It just feels bad to cast UAs and you can barely feel the difference in the dmg. However without going into theorycrafting about the new PvP talents, I'd like to have: -UA dmg buffed slightly -Longer dot duration -Demon Skin 50% nerf reverted for affliction / soul link reintroduced to affli / 1 minute wall for affli too (we are one of the squishiest cloth casters, when we are supposed to be one of the tankiest). ((Hello firemages.)) Thanks for reading! Any constructive criticism is welcome. :)Atosy443 5d
17 Sep Subtlety Rogue - Cannot play Assassin I'm playing an Assassination Rogue and i am getting top 1-15 Ranks on Mythic(6/9M)-(For my spec) and other difficulties. Though, as we have reached Maiden after killing Mistress, my guild is constantly telling me to play Subtlety, literally telling me i will get benched if i don't respec. I am almost at the edge of just either gquitting or unsubbing, because the frustration has kept on going for quite a while now. 600-900k difference ain't competetive at all Assassination is getting a 5% Buff tomorrow. That won't do anything, since our weapon damage % does not scale as good and high as Subtlety, (Yes Subtlety benefits more from a 1.5% Buff than Assassination is from 5%) Why can't you buff our abilities like you did in the beginning, instead of weird % based "fixes"? Subtlety 1.5% Buff (Already outperforms the other specs by alot..) Should get nerfed by atleast 8-12% with the performance it is putting out. And what's with the huge difference with the Tier 21 set bonuses. You're giving Assassination such a weak 2&4set compared to Subtlety, that we shouldn't even bother trying to get it, and just hope for some nice Titanforged Tier 20, because atleast that is viable, though it does not benefit Tier 21 if we wear a 2 set Tier 20 set because we'll be, yet again - Low on crit. Assassination Tier 21.. (2) Set (Assassination): When you Envenom a target, your Deadly and Wound poisons have 15% increased chance to critically strike the target. First of, Critical Strike is our second best stat after Mastery, but it's never that high so we could benefit from it in the long run as much as Subtlety is benefitting from stat weights, since our bleeds are still doing more damage than Poisons. Why not increase some poison of the poison damage instead..? (4) Set (Assassination): When your Deadly or Wound poisons critically strike the target, you have 100% chance to gain 1 Energy. What is going on here.. When we crit we get a mere "1 Energy".. Subtlety is getting a raw 10% chance to get their combo points spent back, So they get free combo points and they'll do around 9-13mil crits.. How is that fair against 1 Energy when we rarely even crit? Subtlety Tier 21.. (2) Set (Subtlety): Backstab damage increased by 30%. Small boost, just to make the filler abit more enjoyable yet stronger than Assassination 2set (4) Set (Subtlety): Nightblade and Eviscerate have a 10% chance to refund 100% of Combo Points spent when used. I really don't know why Subtlety is being favored so much, by Blizzard at the moment. It's like they want us to play the spec, and forcing us by giving them a ridiculous huge boost to their abilities, and their T20 & Tier 21 sets. 10% Chance to get Combo Points back vs 1 Energy when we rarely quit isn't fair at all. I don't want to be forced to play a spec i don't enjoy, just because it does almost 200 million more damage than Assassination on single target fights. Please Blizzard isten to the community. I and many other Assassination Rogue's have spent so much time investing Artifact Power into this spec now. My weapon for Subtlety is only 56 while my Assassination is abit into 66. So that means i'm benched for a few weeks until i actually have farmed enough Artifact Power, to get the Crucible unlocked for more traits for the spec. Please tell your developers this. 75 Percentile 80 Percentile 90 Percentile 95 Percentile 99 Percentile Max Percentile Overall with all Rogue Specsánabreak11 17 Sep
17 Sep Mobility: Warrior vs Priest. wtf? dude in full plate armour is 10x faster than guy that wears cloth? Fix. Your. Game. edit* too much saltÐeáth18 17 Sep
17 Sep Class Fantasy? How come Paladin's got Divine Steed and DK's don't? Looking at the Four Horsemen, mounted combat makes more sense for dks no?Khavi4 17 Sep
17 Sep Glyph of the Vile Fiend for Warlocks Not sure if this has been suggested before, but here we go: Glyph of the Vile Fiend Transforms your Felhunter into a Vile Fiend. I've seen Eredar summoning them so it seems fitting that warlocks might learn something new from Argus. Please give this to warlocks, it would be so awesome.Forcas2 17 Sep
17 Sep March of the Legion Legendary Can monks have this legendary as baseline or up to 20% Windwalking aura. Not worth taking over other legenadries, and we could bring "something worth" to raid comp as class. We give nothing special as unit to raid. (besides 600 mastery relic trait)Диджейпяткин0 17 Sep
17 Sep ww monk in pvp. problem??? ww monk pvp is completely !@#$ing cancerous plz %^-*ing fix its aids to play agisnt so like plzzzzzzzPauadaa5 17 Sep
16 Sep Netherlight RNGible Once again, RNG decides about the DPS throughput and not the individual skill of a player. But ofc, the design choice makes sense, its the same with legendaries..if it wasn't rng, everyone would just take the best traits. :-((((( that would be soo sadSnotling6 16 Sep
16 Sep Catlike Reflexes So I have been wondering. Subtlety has an artifact talent known as Catlike reflexes. It makes you immune to fall damage and increases dodge chance. My question is why doesn't feral have something like this? We are literally cats, yet we still take fall damage. Is there any reason behind this logic?Lulrip10 16 Sep
16 Sep Change Shadow mend animation please change it to a regular heal animation.. im tired of having the spell under offensive cast animation, it looks god awfull and dumb on so many races and genders.. Why did you even place it as an offensive type animation in the first place? it was not like anyone wanted or asked for it..Xartim0 16 Sep
16 Sep Tanks ruining World Quest and World PvP Ye ye i know this is said tons of times and whatever L2p responce I dont care... I have to fume and vent here, and i'm not returning to this post EVER to see what some trolls are writing either--- so have fun! To the topic. We can talk about class balance. But there is something totally wrong, when I get attacked by a tank... use slowing traps, frost trap, conc shot, intimidation(stun) and deal 20-30 mill dmg vs a tank... and the tank is never really in any danger at all dying... If equally geared as me, he's barely below 80% if that.... this goes for all tanks, some tanks do alot of dmg and kill you more or less as fast as any DPS, some tanks absorb more dmg, and still kill you regardless, ableit slower. There is always going to be some imbalance between specs, always,,, but the tank role is totally out of sync, in 12 years of WoW I never ever seen such a gap between 1 role vs another... Where is the developers on this? We ever going to see some real migitation between roles? When will it be some real migitation that means all roles are at least within 10% of eachother? I'm playing a class that's only able to go DPS... and when I do all tricks in the book and deal 20-30 mill dmg to 1 target and barely get him below 80 something is not right, its just not right.... And when some kid or a person with small epeen kills me and got the nerve to laugh at me... I actually get triggered.... first with the stupid kid... but that anger is misplaced... its blizzard's and only blizzard's fault that's allowing this. If you dont want to fix tanks(i.e nerf them to hell so they perhaps go mortal DPS mode, instead of the godmode tanks are atm).. then remove bareback brawl, arena, darkbrul brawl etc etc, just remove it...Xamsam10 16 Sep
16 Sep Light of the Protector - PvP Light of the protector in combination with Shield of the Righteous are the main survivability tools for a Protection Paladin. Shield of the Righteous giving the damage reduction whilst the Light / Hand of the Protector healing up the Paladin. I feel Light / Hand of the protector is severely under powered in PvP, Healing for 15% of you missing health whilst being buffed by Consecration. From a PvE PoV, if you are happily plodding along minding your own business, grinding through the world quests, and you happen to tag some one of the opposite faction or vise versa with aoe, you loose a huge portion of your survivability which can severely impact the outcome of the world content. If you compare Protection Paladins to other Tanks in PvP , instanced or open world, they feel as if they lack so much survivability compared to others. I know most tanks are over powered in open world PvP and hope that is toned down, but I feel as a Protection Paladin I should not loose this much of my healing capability as this is a key function of the spec. I am hoping that the healing effect may be buffed in PvP as it is a key concept of Prot Paladin, and if it is to strong to maybe reduce the flat out damage reduction instead? A way this could be done would be to heal for a flat percent in PvP combat instead of missing health (maybe as an honor talent?), I feel this would make the skill feel alot nicer and worthwhile.Tigzie0 16 Sep
16 Sep Spec Tuning Coming 13 September With maintenance this week, we’re going to make several spec damage tuning adjustments. Given the nature of the class changes we made in 7.3, we’ve not needed tuning adjustments through the first two weeks of the patch. However, one change that is coming this week is a bonus to the item level of your Artifact weapon when you activate the Netherlight Crucible. That bonus has a varying effect on certain specs, because not all specs’ abilities scale the same with the DPS of their equipped weapon. This is something that we’d like to address in the future, but for now, we can deal with it via tuning. Furthermore, there are a few specs that we’d like to outright buff. We’ll implement the following damage increases to account for the Netherlight Crucible: Death Knight - Frost +4% Demon Hunter - Havoc +3% Druid - Feral +2% Hunter – Beast Mastery +6% Hunter - Survival +5% Monk - Windwalker +9% Rogue - Assassination +5% Rogue - Outlaw +6% Rogue - Subtlety +1.5% Shaman - Enhancement +3% And as always, we’ll continue to keep a close eye on performance going forward.Kaivax85 16 Sep
16 Sep Lore letdown for shadow The most recent quest line involving the void was a complete letdown for shadow priest. It entirely ignored all of the spec lore develop we've gone through. The fact we have a void infused spec mount, a supremely powerful sentient claw from an old god, the fact we stand in front of them, draw void magic and start growing void tentacles just like that guy we had to "mercifully" kill. It's like the entire legion development of shadow priests into void priests just never happened. It's just lazy, a couple of lines of specialised dialogue wouldn't have been resource intensive and give at least a nod to this development. Incredibly disappointing.Talshere1 16 Sep
16 Sep New things that gets me exited You know what gets me this feeling that I can't wait for the new feature to come? I felt good when the new raid was introduced in 7.1 and 7.2 I felt plesantly surprised by the 3 new Argus zones in 7.3 But the thing that got me exited for weeks was when new abilities were added in patch 7.1.5. Patch 7.2.5 added some new artefact traits to weapons as well, wich got me super hyped as well. I still treat artefact weapons as talent trees of old where you can get all the talents (that's good and bad). I really hope that 7.3.5 brings some more pruned abilities / new traits to the game, I really hope they announce something like that in the upcoming blizzcon.Stans4 16 Sep
15 Sep Havoc lesser soul fragments Hello I was trying demonic in ToS to see how it goes in raiding. Turned out that spawning lesser soul fragments from a talent goes in contradiction towards boss mechanics. Example: Fallen Avatar: Lesser soul fragments spawning near the wall while I stand in the middle. It was difficult to search for them with all the spell effects going on both from boss and players, also picking up lesser soul fragments could be difficult because of the boss mechanics require certain positioning. Maiden of Vigilance: Lesser soul fragments spawned on the other side of my "infused" color. In this case I can't pick them up at all. And this just an example, you can find this being problematic on nearly every boss in ToS and especially on Myth difficulty where are more mechanics and where is positioning more important. This leads to a significant DPS loss or risking unintended dmg towards you or other raid members. I am not sure how this gonna work in Antorus, but it is very possible RIP DH for at least myth raiding. edit: Just did couple of Upper Kara M+ runs and the same problem on Curator when lesser soul fragments spawn over power discharge area or behind, they cannot be picked up and it happens every time with more than tolerable amount. They could be spawning closer or slowly march towards the player (which I personally find pretty cool).Borrowed0 15 Sep
14 Sep Restoration Shaman-Feedback & Suggestions Greetings ! I am writing this post to offer feedback and suggestions regarding my beloved specialization, the Restoration Shaman. This aims at the core design of the Restoration Shaman and its future in the upcoming expansion, which I hope will change in PVE. I have played the restoration shaman for more than three years, and while it has always been engaging and fun to play, now I find myself more and more tired and bored of it because of its main design, the dreadful stacked group healer. Please, don’t mistake this for a complaint against its usefulness or healing done in raids. They are both very good at the moment, but what I believe we lack the most is the flexibility to use our kit to adapt to situations outside of our designed area of effect (stacked group of players). Consider part of our kit for a moment: Healing Rain and Pitter-Patter trait with the current set bonus and the future Antorus set bonus. Chain Heal + Deluge and Hight Tide talents. Gift of the Queen + Deep Waters Golden Trait. Spirit Link Totem, Ancestral Protection Totem, Earthen Shield Totem and Wind Rush Totem. Tidal Pools Golden Trait. Elemental Rebalancers and Focuser of Jonat legendaries.So much of our kit focused on the single design to deal with stacked groups of people. It is simply too much. The only way we can deal with other situations (such as spread players on Avatar of Sargeras or healing tanks on Mythic difficulty) is by using combos of powerful cooldowns and legendaries. Some common examples: Cloudburst totem + Ancestral Guidance + Velen’s Future Sight + Gift of the Queen with 4 Chain Heals = A ton of healing and at least a 10M cloudburst which is redistributed via a smart heal Cloudburst totem + Ascendance + Innervate + Velen’s Future Sight + (optionally Ancestral Guidance if needed) + Healing Surge Spam = A ton of smart healing and yet again, a 15M cloudburst Cloudburst totem + A very well timed wellspring + Ancestral Guidance + Velen’s Future Sight + 4-5 Healing Surges = A ton of spread targets healing and a good 10M cloudburstDragoste2 14 Sep
13 Sep Sad "Shadow" Priest I want the old transparent shadow form to come back :CXamiloy1 13 Sep
13 Sep netherlight question Hello guys, i just want to point on the new netherlight artifact system. Again i know. I dont want to blame on it. It realy isnt the point of my topic. I am using the simulation-craft tools realy often becouse i like to max my performance, however i cannot miss the current state of this system for majority of the players. Is hell to find the best relic for you or even recognize it in your bags, the relic ilvl on each relic is no more valuable indicator of relics power for lot of classes. Please implement some simulation-craft system into the game for the relics exspecialy, this is such discomfortable for both type of players casual or hardcore. It needs to be transparent it needs to be not toxic for loot-masters so much, or even the item rewarded players themselfes. Do you plan to improve the relic power indicators ?Liaara2 13 Sep
13 Sep Destruction in Pvp.. .. needs some changes. The current meele meta is literally killing the specc. Having the damage coming only from one ability (Chaos Bolt) is bad. People will obviously focus on locking it out, the incinerate specc works only vs double meele, if they go for your mate, you got a huge problem. Thats also the main problem in 3v3 right now. In a meta where 9 out of 10 teams are double meele teams (and meeles got all the mobility/stuns in this xpac) you're not getting anything done. Even if you actually fake kicks, it doesnt matter. There are too many mini-stuns until the kicks are back up. Im gonna list the problems of Destruction really quick: - having damage from only Chaos Bolt is bad - Incinerate outside fnb aoe specc is trash - the fnb aoe specc is good when people stick on you, bad if they split/lock your mate down - too many pseudo interrupts (on CB cast only obviously if you play Focused Chaos) - not enough utility in the specc (thats a class problem tho) Destruction needs some talent changes in PvP. Following Idea for a better talent tree: Tier 1: untouched Tier 2: untouched Tier 3: Maybe rework some curses, merge weakness and tongues together**, fill the empty slot with Improved Conflagrate: Conflagrate now snares the target for 50%, lasts 5 seconds. Tier 4: Remove Essence Drain, Drain Life is not even worth having it in your bars as Destruction. Both damage and healing are too low. Fill the spot with: Healthstone Mastery: Increases the healing of healthstone by 100%, Healthstone is usable multiple times. 2 minutes cooldown. Only the Warlock can use the Healthstone that way. In the same breath, Nether Ward should be changed: Duration is lowered to 3 seconds, but is now a non-magic buff (unpurgable)** Tier 5: That one is quite difficult to change. Firestone is quite bad and needs tuning, Cremation and Focused Chaos are better - in every situation. I dont have a solution for that either (at least for now). Tier 6: Remove Bane of Havoc and replace it with Greater Incinerate: Incinerate now Deals 100% (or 75%) more damage, but no longer strikes additional targets when talented into Fire and Brimstone. (Works with Havoc, but not with FNB) The root.. yea, i dont know either. In my opinion Warlocks shouldnt have a root. A possible solution could be: Backlash: Getting hit (by magic or physical damage) can trigger Backlash. Backlash causes your next Incinerate to be instant. Yea, thats it for now. So long. ** Ideas stolen from Atosy ( 13 Sep
13 Sep Do you think Brutal Slash needs tuning? Having the highest damage for combo builder even in single target fights? Costing 20 lesser energy? And doing more damage than 5 combo bite? Is it intentional? Seems like another Soul Bomb to me.Moosus42 13 Sep