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2d Upcoming World PvP Changes - 13/11/2017 With this week’s maintenance, we’ll be applying some hotfixes intended to slow down damage in world PvP: Non-tank specializations now take 40% less damage from enemy players while engaged in world PvP We have reduced the PvP effectiveness of a number of trinkets and Legion Legendaries that contributed to excessive burst damage: Draught of Souls now deals 70% less damage to enemy players Cold Heart now deals 75% less damage to enemy players Kil’Jaeden’s Burning Wish now deals 60% less damage to enemy players Insignia of Ravenholdt now deals 50% less damage to enemy players Pillars of Inmost Light now increase Eye of Tyr damage by 150% when attacking players (was 300%) Scarlet Inquisitor’s Expurgation now increases Divine Storm damage by 3% per stack when attacking players (was 6% per stack) The Dreadlord’s Deceit now increases the damage of Shuriken Storm by 6% per stack when attacking players (was 25% per stack) Fiery Red Maimers now increase Maim damage by 165% when attacking players (was 500%) Our intent with these changes is to reduce the amount of initial burst damage dealt by players in world PvP, especially when using certain legendary items or trinkets, giving the player being attacked more opportunity to react. While we want to maintain the “anything goes” nature of world PvP in Legion, we do want you to have at least some chance to retaliate, even when caught by surprise.Lore41 2d
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14m Tanks in Battle for Azeroth In the Pre-Alpha notes we see, that Blizzard want the tanks to mitigate for the most part only physical damage. The Active Mitigation of all tanks, except monk and warrior will chance to increase the armor. So we can expect, that in the future there will not be mechanics like the dark slash in MoS or not that frequently. I really hope that in Battle for Azeroth, the gap of the uptime of Active Mitagation will not be like now, that some classes have 100% uptime and others about 50%. In my opinion all tanks should reach about 50% uptime of there AM and the challenging part should be to decide when AM have to be up or not.Kogerone3 14m
1h Two handed and frost Is there any news on two handed frost coming back ? even if not the playstile atleast the ability to equip a 2handed for cosmetic reasons without changing the playstyle im prety shure im on the minority for this but this is kinda a big deal for me and i know a few others woud love it aswel and its not like it willl hurt the gameVraxis6 1h
8h Tiersets in Battle for Azeroth So there is this idea of the removal of tiersets in Azeroth. In general terms I like this idea, I ofter run around in lower-ilvl gear, just because the tierset is providing a decent DPS / Survivability boost.. Having your 930 equiped and your 955 sitting in your bag. What may work, is to have tierbonusses dropped from bosses as a form of enchant. This brings a double benefit, it allows the user to apply it on any gear to its liking (maybe limiting to the current tier items). And secondly, it provides the continuous need for these boss drops (currently we're just rolling for warforged stuff, but this would result in a much greater use! :) curious on your thoughts.Dròólz8 8h
8h My changes to Retribution Paladin I play Retribution since i joined this game in patch 2.3 right after the Black Temple patch came out and i lived through all of the changes that was made to this specialization over the past 11 years, i have made a lot of suggestions like this over the years and had a lot of discussions with players in the community to a point that i think i know the spec philosophy good enough. This is my interpretation of making the Retribution specialization awesome and fun, by making all talents, Legendary items, skills and stats viable. I hope you Retribution Paladins out there will enjoy reading this (as much as i enjoyed contemplating this) if only to fantasize "what if". [Justice Gaze](Helmet) No longer grants 75% reduced Cooldown on enemies above 75% health but instead Hammer of Justice will now also stun ALL enemies within 8 yards of the target. Note - The AoE stun is much needed in mythic+ Dungeons when there are no Demons/Undead that can be stunned with Wake of Ashes, it will provide great utility at the cost of some personal DPS, although the 600% damage and 1 HP granted will still be applied. [Ashes to Dust](Shoulders) The equip effect of the item changed to: The damage over time effect of your Wake of Ashes is increased by 500% and last 30 seconds Note - This will make the Item much more viable and allow some good sustained damage Skill changes: Old Mastery: Divine Judgment Increases Judgment damage by 24%, and causes Judgment to increase damage taken from your Holy Power spenders by 12% for 8 sec. New Mastery: Divine Judgment Increases Judgment damage by 24%, and causes Judgment to increase damage taken from your Holy Power generators by 12% for 8 sec. Note - This will make Mastery a little bit more viable and our damage a little bit more sustained Flash of Light 1.5 sec cast A quick spell, healing a friendly target for (450% of Spell power). New - Retribution Each Holy Power spent reduces the cast time of Flash of Light by 5%, stacks up to 20 times Note - Flash of light used to be better but now self healing as Retribution is really hard compared to other classes, this will make Retribution fit the Class fantasy a little bit better. Retribution(passive) - removed Note - A clunky passive ability that really shouldn't be in the game. Artifact Traits: Protector of the Ashen Blade - Changed Old Rank 1/3 Artifact Trait Reduces the cooldown of Blessing of Protection by 10%. New Rank 1/4 Artifact Trait Increased the damage of Justicar's Vengeance by 2%, Increased physical damage reduction effect from Eye For An Eye by 2% and increased amount of healing by Word of Glory by 2% Note: This will make this talents much more viable then they are currently and maybe make them less lack luster Talents: Row one(level 15): Final Verdict Talent Increases the damage done by Templar's Verdict AND Justicar's Vengeance by 20% , and the damage done by Divine Storm by 10% Note - JV should also be in this talent in order to be viable Row one(level 15): Execution Sentence - removed Replaced with Crusader's Verdict(Passive) - Talent Increases the damage done by Crusader's Strike by 20%, and the damage done by Blade of Justice and Divine Hammer by 10%. Row one(level 15): Consecration - removed Replaced with Divine Consecration(Passive) - Talent Divine Storm now leave a trail of consecrated ground, causing XXX Holy damage over 4 sec to enemies who enter the area. Note - instead of a dedicated GCD skill like Consecration this is a mini version of it that should deal less damage and last 4 seconds instead 12 and is baked into DS. Row two(level 30): Greater Judgment - removed replaced with Holy Reach(passive) - Talent Crusader's strike, Zeal and Templar's Verdict now have 8 yards range instead of melee range. Note - this will allow Paladins to be more viable on movement heavy fights at the cost of the DPS gain the other two talents in row two have.Justicer16 8h
10h . .Archowitz6 10h
20h Warrior Arms rework in 8.0 Stance Dance again and more buttons and unique spells like before, here what i'm trying to say: Baseline Spells add: - Rend - Overpower - Shattering Thrown - Old Retaliation + Remove this DbtS and add Shield Wall in defence stance again Battle Stance (All main offencive Spells): Rend, Mortal Strike, Overpower, Retaliation etc... Berserker Stance (Crit or secondary spells): Whirlwind ,Recklessness, Cleave, etc... Defence Stance (Defence and 1h+Shield spells): Shield Wall, Shield Block, Revenge, Shield Slam, Disarm(?) etc... Make this a complete and unique class again... Stance Dance and switching between 2H or 1H+Shield was the most beautiful thing warrior was born with... Hope this dream will come true in the next exp... PS: forgetting about Charge Stun (still dont understand why it has been removed)Jkz13 20h
20h WPvP changes 13/11. Your experience so far World PvP changes 13/11. I would be interested in hearing everyone's experience after these changes took effect. -What has your experience been so far? Was it a better as a dps? Is it more manageable to fight tanks too in outdoor PvP now? -I'm also trying to think what classes and specs benefit the most from this. Healer classes will become much harder to kill of course, but what other specs do you see benefiting the most?Indubitable7 20h
20h These Classes are a Joke. admit it. wow lost its elegance thats what happens when you let a graphics designer run the full game and pretend to be "class devevelopers". graphic's are great mate but your completley inept at game design. you have turned chess into checkers, totaly killed all the classes and drained all of the fun out of class combat. Rewind everything back to MoP, hire some real developers and keep up the great work with the graphics. Thank You. Captain Dreadwind...~Dreadwind143 20h
23h sheath our weapons on our backs! Please Give 1H users option to sheath our weapons on our backs!Numos3 23h
23h Windwalker design in Antorus and beyond. Hey there, after succeeding to have some communication about windwalkers a few months back, trying my luck again at getting some words across through the forums. First I'd like to look into the previous tier (tier 20, tomb of sargeras), the changes to windwalker tier 19 and 20 and the upcoming tier 21. 1) Tier 19/20 and tomb of sargeras Tomb of sargeras has been quite a mess for windwalkers. It's never been bad for me as a mythic progressing WW with access to every legendary, tier and trinket in the game, but it was surely flawed. We ran 6 pieces of tier (tier 19 2p + tier 20 4p) to accomplish a very strong combination of tier which sometimes could account for 20%+ of our overall damage (a silly amount), but also locked us into using serenity and non tier slots legendaries, specifically legendary wrists plus a filler. Allthough I LOVED the gameplay generated by this combination, and I'll keep it in mind for the future, it was as unhealthy as it gets: viability of the character decided by the possession of a single legendary, extremely high skill floor/class knowledge required, requires previous tier, ... This situation lasted quite a long time, and made us kings of priority target bursts (I was king on Fallen Avatar progress), cleave, sustained single target. But it also made us perform very badly overall. The prevalence of nerfed fists of fury/rising sun kick with the simulatenous nerfs to spinning crane kick made our AoE comparatively very weak in an AoE heavy tier and the monk overall performance felt lackluster to many. This overall felt like you were too scared of windwalkers going into tomb as an AoE heavy tier. The nerfs to our AoE were too harsh, and happend at the same time as we acquired tier items which locked us even further into ST, which is fine by me but is going to reflect in the numbers. I had a lot of fun this tier and believe t19/t20 was an extremely interesting design, but it had to go. Thank you for killing it after the dust settled down and most hardcore progress was over.Pandanaconda6 23h
1d Demonology spec suggestion Hey folks, Demonology spec is in a bad position these days, simply because it has no role. Damage: Our ST, which is supposed to be our strenght, is actually worse than affliction in real life non-simulated scenarios, and destruction performs equally well in ST scenarios. These non-demo specs do the other roles (cleave/aoe) alot better than demonology aswell. This leads to demonology being redundant and useless compared to them. Especially since the other two specs are so very much easier to play aswell, making it much more likely to perform well. Utility: Demonology doesnt even bring any useful utilities to the raid/party, that the other two specs cant bring - which even further decreases the specs usefulness. And Demonology spec is also no "master of demons", considering it is only summoning tiny unimpressive imps - so there is also a "cosmetic" concern. To fix this i suggest the following: Darkglare now scales from all "damage done by pets/demons increased by X" (ie the trait Left hand of Darkness). Darkglare is now baseline and lasts forever. It will now hit up to a maximum of X (5?) mobs. New talent to replace Darkglare is called "Observer: You now summon a Observer demon, which will do XXX% increased damage if it hits atleast 2 mobs (replaces Darkglare)". Thal'Kiel's Ascendance trait rework: When casting shadowbolt on a target with doom, you have a xx% chance to instantly proc a doom tick. This will increase our ST dmg slightly. And make us more useful in cleave/aoe scenarios. Its also a "cosmetic" fix - making us masters of demons actually be that (by giving us the coolest pet ever, darkglare/observer!!!) And it will remove the stupid "meme" spec where you just spam demonic empowerment if you got enough imps... its so silly - so thal'kiel's ascendance rework is necessary.Disasterpiec12 1d
1d T21 Enhancement Tier Bonuses After some iterations, from a design perspective our T21 tier bonuses are in a better place than they were technically, but still have some concerning problems both in mechanical design, and number tuning. 2pc This lies more as a balancing issue, but the current value of this bonus is extremely weak, causing us to displace procs in favor of more valuable actions like Stormstrike and buff re-applications. The current design concern is that there's plenty of opportunity to waste multiple procs due to back-to-back Stormbringer procs - and interrupting chains is something that many players have expressed they don't enjoy. Since the bonus has a chance to trigger off Stormstrike, ideally it should be balanced in a place where we'd desire casting it beneath Stormbringer enhanced Stormstrikes, but over un-enhanced Stormstrikes. This would encourage us to react to and consume the procs at a high priority, substantially reducing the amount of proc waste we'd see. With how intricate and connected the Enhancement DPS kit is at this time, we as players need an extremely strong incentive to actually react to and consume new procs and abilities in our rotation. As of right now, we're looking at only consuming it in the normal priority of needing Maelstrom or needing to refresh Landslide. We're looking at the value of this tier bonus to be about 1.0% for Smoldering Heart setups and 0.6% in Akainu's setups (which are currently the two different dominant builds). There is a ton of room to tune this bonus up to be valuable, we think that it will be more competitive around the 300-400% mark. 4pc Being a debuff applied by Rockbiter substantially reduces the flexibility and value of this tier bonus. It severely limits our potential for any AoE situations since we can only maintain the 10% elemental damage increase on realistically a single target at a time. When these bonuses follow the strength of the T20 4pc bonus, which provided significant AoE potential whilst still providing modest single target (which for reference is roughly where this bonus lies right now). It also provided us with something we previously did not have - a burst AoE tool. After a Single Target oriented T19, a Cleave/AoE T20, it would seem better then that the T21 bonuses ought to land somewhere in between for both Single Target and Area of Effect focus. The most pertinent thing we feel needs changing with this is to change it to a buff on the player instead of a debuff on the target. Additionally, Rockbiters that apply the debuff are currently not affected by the damage bonus, the debuff seems to be applied after the damage is dealt (which based on looking at equivalent bonuses, would be remedied if it was a buff applied as well). This severely reduces the expected value of a very short duration buff by eliminating 1/3 to 1/5 of the GCDs during the effect (depending on player Haste). Please consider making sure that any Rockbiter that applies the bonus also benefits from the effect of said bonus. The total value of the combined 2pc and 4pc bonuses are about 4.1% for Smoldering Heart builds, and 4.0% for Akainu's, the 4pc obviously benefits setups that have larger portions of elemental damage than physical. For reference, please see the following charts for relative tier values. The current T21 bonuses are very weak at this time, comparatively. Interesting to note is that the T19 2pc alone is about as valuable as the combined T21 4pc bonuses. This is without mentioning that the new set bonuses also have potentially rotation-altering aspects to make full use of them, yet are giving such low return in exchange for that. Smoldering Heart (Landslide, AS, Tempest, Fury of Air, Ascendance): Akainu's (Hot Hand, Hailstorm, Tempest, Fury of Air, Ascendance): 1d
1d Battle: Retribution changes! Greetings my fellow players, here I leave my top 10 changes for Retribution, please leave your feedback here too! 1. Change Judgement! It feels really bad, cumbersome, and clunky! If not, then make so the window refresh-able by our basic attacks ! I personally would love the "type" of window to change based on our seals ! 2 Seals ; I would love immersive seals, or at least something like we had in WoD; class fantasy! ; they would change the Judgement like : Truth- 5/10% more damage; Light- 2/3% when attacking the target ( all raid members/ on raid members had less effect ) ; Wisdom- 1/2% mana back from abilities on the target ( also raid wide ); Righteousness - Holy Spenders would give the Paladin increased 5% Haste for 3 secs. BONUS: Give empowered Seals back, and give Seals something like 5 sec CD globally between them! 3 Exorcism : You want class identity and fantasy? Give us back Exorcism! Blade Justice ? I wonder if anyone imagines a Holy Warrior summoning a blade from the ground over him blasting the enemies with Holy Light!! 4 Return Hammer of Wrath! Again, class identity, an enemy of the Light will NOT get away from justice... this is our Execution, as important to us as a warrior; And, of course, if you want difference between warrior and paladin, rework judgement! 5 If you refuse my Seal-Judgement coordination and utility, and are straightly going for Judgement: damage buff; then make it so that it empowers the paladin, so that it isn't so much as an Arms Warrior! Besides, a paladin being rewarded by the Light for judging the unworthy is far better than making them vulnerable! 6 Make Blessing of Sacrifice part of our kit! A paladin always puts himself in harm's way to save his comrades! Plus, increases the skillcap! 7 Make Divine Purpose usable! The impredictability, makes the spec more fluid and immersive! 8 Make Word of Glory baseline! A trade between damage and healing can distinguish the difference between a good and a bad pala; besides, lets us heal more than a rogue or a DK again! Yay :D 9 Give difference to the talents we have to chose per row, not "Single target or AoE" give us abilities that have make us choosing our playstyle, kind of like Seraphim and Final Verdict in WOD; 10 Give us Selfless Healer! Please, and put it in a row that makes us choosing between healing spells, like this, Justicar's and Sacred Shield!Jreymer0 1d
1d Keep disc as a dps hybrid I'm feeling the love.. and i want to express my love for this spec. Going into the new expansion, i'd love disc to remain unchanged. I've heard many complaints from people saying it doesn't keep up with other healers... but Being a dps / healing hybrid, is possibly the most unique experience in WoW. There is no other that can do this, and if it were removed i'd be heart broken.Clockwork6 1d
1d Protection warrior - total joke Protection warriors are just another cruel joke made by blizzard. I do not consider myself a good tank but everywhere i look for guidance or tips it is all the same . "Protection warrior bottom tier . Worst tanks in 7.2.5 and now in 7.3." Tons of videos proving that . I know people in this game who haven't had any tanking experience and just by the fact they play blood DK or paladin they are able to survive like 10 times better than i do . I can see DKs able to hold atleast 10 elites in argus without even loosing 1% HP. Not to mention DK outheal most healers in raids. Paladins got block witch if talanted can block spells . They have % reduction damage skills (on basic mitigation rotation not talking about the big CDs). What does warrior got on basic mitigation rotation ? Shield block and ignore pain .. and yes 25 sec spell reflect . If Shield block and ignore pain are not ON at the same time you just take insane damage couse there is no other damage reduction. just nothing . I have been 1 shotted in ToS HC by the sistres . 2 x 2 mele hits ,each hit like 2.4 M (without shield block active ). And my question is how does this block chance works at all. 30% chance for 38% damage reduction block and 47% for critical block and i get 4 hits without a single block ? and about the ignore pain . The higher incoming damage is the more useless this skills gets. Most of the times it just absorbs 1 hit from a boss. Applogies for my bad english . I hope you understand what i am trying to say. Some might say "another crying kid "but i am really am desperate. I love tanking as warrior but i just don't see any real opportunity for competition with other class tanksIstus38 1d
2d Argus raid / Class tuning Hi everyone, Has there been any information regarding any future class changes/tuning to both pve and pve with the upcomming raid at the end of the month? I think we all know there are a lot of classes that are overtuned while others are underperforming. Is the current plan to go as-is or are we going to see some changes following the new raid? CheersVakuu2 2d
2d Havoc rework hopes/ideas for 8.0 As of right now, Demon Hunter's DPS spec feels extremely bland. What we had in Emerald Nightmare was great and the spec had a high skill cap, but due to requiring high spatial awareness and repositioning every 4 seconds (which messes with stack/split raid mechanics) was nerfed to oblivion in favor of a braindead CD stacking spec. Below are what I'd love to see as class changes for Battle for Azeroth, at least anything from the list. The big: Demon Blades, Fel Barrage and Master of the Glaive relegated to PVP tree Fel Eruption replaced with Fury of the Illidari in the talent tree Momentum made easier and more fitting for current raid design So, let's go: GENERAL: Chaos Strike damage lowered, Demon's Bite damage lowered Metamorphosis buffed to fit a 5 minute cooldown - increases damage of Chaos Strike, Blade Dance and Throw Glaive by 50%, Demon's Bite GCD halved while in meta Max Fury increased to 150 Throw Glaive has 2 charges baseline Eye Beam' damage greatly increased All critical strikes deal 250% of normal damage Vengeful Retreat's cooldown is 15 seconds baseline Fel Rush's damage scaling changed to be equal to Chaos Strike Blade Dance's damage scaling changed to be equal to Throw Glaive TALENTS: Tier 99: Fel Mastery - no longer increases Fel Rush's damage, instead causes the cooldown to be lowered by haste Felblade - now deals Chaos damage, now has a chance to reset on auto attacks instead of Demon's Bite/Demon Blades Blind Fury - no changes Tier 100: Prepared - no longer reduces cooldown by flat 10s, now causes cooldown to be reduced by haste, now generates 100 fury over 10s(reduced by haste), using Vengeful Retreat while Prepared is active will extend the duration Hungerer - replaces Demon Blades - Damage dealt by abilities against primary target generate up to 4 fury (0 on chaos cleave) Demonic Appetite - now either 1 Chaos Strike in 4 generates a soul, or using the Deck of Cards system Tier 102: Chaos Cleave - cleaves 25% of damage dealt, up from 10% First Blood - reduces fury cost by 35, up from 20 Bloodlet - bleed equal to 200% damage dealt, up from 150% Tier 104: Netherwalk - no changes Desperate Instincts - no changes Soul Rending - no changes Tier 106: Momentum - Increases the maximum number of charges of Fel Rush and Vengeful Retreat by 1, Fel Rush and Vengeful Retreat enhance your next Demon's Bite and Chaos Strike casts, Vengeful Retreat also enhances your next ability buffed by your Tier 100 talent, see below Fury of the Illidari - Now stores 100% damage dealt, up from 60%. Damage increased by 100% if Fury of the Illidari strikes a single target (explosion damage unchanged). Cooldown now scales with haste. Nemesis - every 4 seconds while in combat, increase your damage against creature types you're in combat with by 1%, up to 15%. That damage bonus decays by 1% per second while not in combat against a chosen creature type. Activate to gain maximum bonus against target creature type. 1 minute cooldown Tier 108: Pitch Black - replaces Master of the Glaive - Darkness' chance to absorb damage is increased to 100% during the first second, but may only absorb up to 100% of your maximum health during that period Unleashed Power - no changes Demon Reborn - Invoking Metamorphosis now resets the cooldown of Darkness, Blur, Netherwalk and Chaos Nova Tier 110: Chaos Blades - Blade Dance, Throw Glaive, Demon's Bite and your auto attacks now deal Chaos damage, and your auto attacks can no longer miss. Passive Fast and Furious - Perform a free, untalented Chaos Strike on each target struck by Fel Rush. Passive Demonic - now causes 5 seconds of Demon Form after Eye Beam, down from 8s.Sinbrand6 2d
2d Tranquility's Mobility So, I was watching the latest Q&A last evening and among the other things, the future of Tranquility and, especially, its mobility was raised. Now, if you can check my characters in the armory, you can see I do not play druid as a main: Tharanir-ArgentDawn is my most geared and progressed character. That said, since the start of Warlords I have played restoration druid and, due requests from the various raid teams I was in. As far as playing World of Warcraft goes, on this character at least, I would say I qualify as average gamer. Done my quests, done Balance of Power, joined Normal or Heroic runs here and there but nothing "on the edge" at least for Legion, while in Warlords of Draenor I was able to sneak in for some Mythic runs. After this preamble, let me get to the juice of the problem. As far as Tranquility goes, it is one of those main abilities every Restoration druid uses, even the non raiders(while for example some talented skills are very niche or used only by players looking for the best situational output): it has a huge tactical importance as far as raiding goes, and a bit minor in Mythic+. It is the main cooldown to be used in case of heavy damage output in encounters and it has also the function of preparation and "reset" button mid-phases. Its mobility is a huge boon to a raid group and its healing, one of the situations in which, to reference the Q&A, you will be very happy to have brough specifically a druid to your raid. But will you be "too" happy of bringing a restoration druid to the point that you will prefer a druid over anything else thanks to the huge mobility and the very powerful healing, notwithstanding the extraordinary mobility that is in the nature of a druid healer? As far as post Legion goes there are various options for Tranquility's mobility, but they can be bullet pointed to four: 1)Return to a pre Legion status, no mobility at all. 2)Stay, either via a talent or just baked in, with the Legion full mobility. (More to come). Both these two possibilities look very simple and doable, depending how the rest of the give and take with the other classes goes, which is very much too early to know. Yet, both have real disadvantages. Option one while somewhat consistent with the history of the ability throughout WoW, is somewhat disconcerting to Legion players. Personally speaking, it feels a lot like going from Mists of Pandaria warlock to Warlords of Draenor warlock: from full out mobility to none. Sure, druids do have a lot of instant ca(s)ts and it is not as jarring, but it steel feels bad, and that is the first problem, merely psycological: players will feel like something of value and that made them feel valuable and special in a raid environment taken away from them. The second issue is that great mobility is at the core of the restoration druid fantasy. We do not stay still and mend wounds via our spells after they arrive or shield our allies from damage: we cast our heals over time to prevent that damage to pile up to as many people as possible and drop our mushrooms in order for people in the heat of the fight to not succumb: mobility is a necessary part of that tactic/fantasy. Option two although has its issues as well, especially in respect for balance and class competition in raid compositions and because, objectively, Tranquility is a very powerful ability that should come with some drawbacks for the caster, and some strategy behind its casting and timing, and not thrown willy nilly at a whim. As things are in Legion, restoration druids can cast, with the proper talenting, a huge heal on the move every two minutes that can reset to max all the raid's health or withstand huge raid wide damage output. I see why from a balancing/developing point of view this might be a point of contention. There are other two options though.Vaedrian1 2d
2d Class Design moving forward Class design has been deteriorating for two whole expansions now and a continuation of this is not acceptable to me and many others. Fun gameplay should be your top priority. Classes were so much more fun and satisfying to play in MoP and pretty much everything you have done since then has been for the worse. In my mind, it has been nothing short of a catastrophe. I have played since december 2005 and wasn´t even close to contemplating quitting this game until WoD prepatch hit. I loved it up until that point. Every class was interesting and had a good amount of depth. Ever since then it has gone downhill - rapidly. Now I can´t find a single class or spec to hold my interest. It´s time you brought back complexity and fun, satisfying gameplay for BfA. We need more abilities and more interesting abilities. A level 35 Fire Mage in vanilla had more(!) abilities than my level 110 Fire Mage do now, and they were all useful. Tell me how that is reasonable? It´s not like abilities have enormous amounts of complexity or interplay between them now either. Little tweaks here and there won´t do. We need the classes restored to something close to their former glory. I´d really like to play wow again, but I can´t find any enjoyment if class gameplay is gonna remain as shallow as today. I really beleive you are doing yourself a disservice and losing a lot of customers over this change in design direction since MoP. All the content in the world isn´t gonna cut it unless classes are fun to play! Now I´m talking about all types of gameplay, not just dungeons and raids, but out in the world and in pvp as well. The skillcap needs to be raised and creativity allowed. Look back to what you did right in Mists and earlier and you can´t go very wrong. Gameplay should come FIRST! We know you can do better than this Blizzard. Gameplay should always be your first priority, not "class fantasy", not some other buzz term masquerading as a reason to dumb down the game even further. Easy to learn but hard to master is what you should strive for when it comes to classes. For those who think it´s a small minority who feel this way, here is a reminder: Then we had #stoptheprune by Cdew with even more upvotes, but I guess that got deleted and buried. Gameplay should come first.Alandrion54 2d
2d Unbalanced Balance Druid Dps. SO, my druid has ilvl 910, his dmg is not even close to some other classes with similar item levels. I was not very lucky on stat rolls on my gear... i barely have any mastery. Anyway, why is it that mastery is twice as good as any other stat? this just feels awfull. I feel like item level should matter more... not what type of stat is on it, atleast not by this much. Also too many classes have major issues with bosses / adds that die just way to quick. Too much ramp up time makes you feel useless.Brolic0 2d
3d I hope Legion will include more skills... ... for Paladin because the current 4 fighting skills are not enough when it comes to fighting bosses in dungeons. Yes, the most of them have number of charges but they run out quickly when the monster you fight has 100k or more health points and it's the same level as you or higher. On top of that the Hammer of the Righteous is completely useless: it only deals about 800 damage per hit at lvl 87 while the other 3 skills deal 2800-3000 damage. So I'm hoping the Legion expansion will include new fighting skills for the Paladin OR at least reducing the recharge time of the charged skills with 50%. Edit: I meant Battle for Azeroth. I was thinking about buying Legion and wrote something stupid in the title.Grimmbg11 3d
3d Stop trying to balance the classes You will never be able to balance the classes in wow, so just stop. Try instead to make them fun. We all by know the drill to make 1 class happy and all other classes unhappy. Example Major class balance Patch 1, DPS list 1. Arms War 2. Ferals 3. Frost Mages Major class balance Patch 2, DPS list 1. Ferals 2. Arms War 3. Frost Mages Major class balance Patch 3, DPS list 1. Frost Mages 2. Ferals 3. Arms War And then we start from the beginning again. And for expansions, we lose fun spells/skills before new expansion release for the sake of class balancing only to give some of them back in the expansion, or the next expansion. So, just make classes fun and don't remake and brake them all the time, try make them unique leave balancing to gear. Just my two cents....Natureform10 3d
4d Latest world pvp change works in duels? All non-tank specializations now take 40% reduced damage in world pvp. Does that work when I duel someone from my faction or only against other faction pvp?Cluttary1 4d
4d Retribution Design Greetings fellow WoW players, I come here to ask for your strength to reclaim our fun as a retribution paladin. Even in WoD, this spec was fun, interesting, and required the player to chose, we had the power to pick between talent A or B, for both were viable in any case! Right now we either chose AoE, single target, or when there isn't this choice, Divine Intervention and Crusade! Even Seals, I dare say one of the most iconic things of paladins were removed! Just like Hammer of Wrath!! These are more fantasy of this class than warrior related abilities like Colossus smash ( Judgement )! I want a class that is immersive, that requires me to pay attention to everything, to weave my abilities (Ex. Divine Storm Procs, Divine purpose and Final Verdict ), even if it has RNG involved!I find no pleasure when I click Judgement, or TV, only Wake of Ashes, sometimes, whereas in WoD it would feel so good to get 3 or 4 or even 2 procs in a row, and this would happen more often than not, and require me to think which to use first, if I should store it; Moreover, our DPS wouldn't be THAT bad if we didn't get so lucky, it was still viable! And, of course, there was the choice to minimize RNG and still have an immersive play style, like the Seal talent, it felt so good to get all of them at the same time, and it would be good for the paladin in everysingle way! Alas, consider what you did to us, please! #ReversethepruneJreymer5 4d
4d Unholy DK in 5ppl(m+) change suggestion Hello, as you know at the moment unholy dk has zero impact in m+. We have only two grips and one small stun from our pet. In high mythic plus keys it's pathetic nothing, so we need some changes and here's my suggestion. When we use dark transformation our pet gets stronger with getting aoe ability and when we use death and decay we also get aoe ability with our SS. So here's idea. All mobs in our DaD while DT is active can be stunned by using ability of our pet. It's not overpowered because we need to have DaD and DT being active for this. For example warlocks can mass stunn every 50secs with their pet without any conditions that makes their stunn usable. P.S. sorry for my mongoloid englishРималол0 4d
4d [affli lock] Remove Siphon Life Many people keep saying prunning is bad thing. I disagree. I think it was badly done in past and its outcome was bad, but it was only badly delivered. Many people goes for "more buttons = better game". I strongly disagree. I will rather see 4 button deep rotation of Agony + Haunt + UA + Malefic Grasp than 5 instant DoTs with no interaction at all. That serves only purpose of filling action bars and is kinda what makes key binding hard. So I hope to have more interesting stuff like Haunt and less instant DoTs like Siphon Life and Phantom Singularity. I know many people like Siphon Life, but honestly, it's not unique, it's basically Corruption #2 that heals you and servers no purpose than fill action bar.Deathfyre23 4d
4d Worgen Shaman? Please? Pleeeaaase? Hello forum It's been nearly 8 years since I posted anything but with the announcement of the new Xpack and its various features, and in the hopes Blizzard might update the current combinations since it's been nearly 5 years going, I felt the urge to make a topic about the race class combinations for worgen. With that run-on-sentence behind us, lets sum up why I think worgen should be allowed to be shaman. 1. The Horde has 2 paladin races, the alliance has 3. Meanwhile the alliance has 2 shaman races and the horde has 4. This isn't unbalanced but it does mean that it might make more sense to give the Alliance one more shaman race to even it out. 2. Shamanism is not tied into racial history. In fact before the high elves thought the humans arcane magic, shamanism and Druidism - albeit without the shapeshifting - were the more prevalent forms of magic on the Eastern Kingdoms. Therefore any race can be thought shamanism without needing a source of power. The elements are there, one needs only know how to commune with them. The same way the Draenei did. 3. Shamanistic powers encompass various emotional states that are present in the Worgen. Much as seen in the Thrall quest in Cataclysm, the exercise worgen make to prevent going berserk is much akin to Thralls struggle to balance his temper with with wisdom. It lends itself rather well to having them learn the art of shamanism in tangent with their own internal state. 4. Worgen monks and paladins are very unlikely to ever happen. As much as I want a worgen paladin, the arguments against them are too sound. A being afflicted with a curse that erodes the mind and fuels primal fury is not very likely to b considered pure enough to become a vessel of the light. Monks make more sense but they aren't likely to master that sort of balance. Not to mention that in a fistfight, they wouldn't use fists or feet, but claws and fangs. 5. It's not lore or immersion breaking. I remember when I heard Tauren paladin - at the time being a human paladin myself - I assumed it was going to be dreadfully lame and lorebreaking. But guess what, it isn't. In fact, the Sunwalkers are pretty damn cool and I love the addition. Goblin shaman makes little sense too but by explaining it away as *bending* the elements to your will, that too makes sense. In short, what used to be outrageous to consider, is now perfectly acceptable. 6. It's time. It's just just time for more class/race combos. It costs Blizzard nothing, the contrary in fact, allows for new and interesting lore and gives us - the players - more choices. More choice is always better than less choice. TLDR: Faction balance, lore permits it, theme is fitting, not lorebreaking, time for more race/class combo's to be added.Aedrion2 4d
5d Regarding DK movement speed. Cmon guys... we are the slowest class in wow and we dont even get close to the second slowest class in the game. + we are melee, so we need some mobility. We get the option to sacrifice corpse shield for Lingerting apparition, busting my balls here... surviveability for a little bit of mobility, is that realy neccesary? You took away the passive 20% movement speed on unholy, for what reason? it did not make us OP at all. it was merely some quality of life stuff.Brolic6 5d
5d Unholy DK: Change undead pet (undead hunters) hey everyone, "give unholy dk the ability to change the undead pet". similar to how hunters can tame different pets and keep them, using them for different battles, why can't unholy dk have that same ability instead of control undead? all unholy dks have the same pet (unless used glyph to change its appearance), thats a bit boring. look at hunters, each one has a pet, a wide variety of colors and shapes :p imagine unholy dks being able to pick and choose, it would make playing unholy dk much more fun and diverse instead of the monotoneous same pet that everyone has. it would give a taste and flavor and improvement to playing unholy dk. providing this ability in exchange for the control undead skill that has 0 uses other some some rare ocasions in some dungeons (or the current wrath TW dungeons): - you can't take the controlled pet out of the zone not even if you keep a close eye on him - you loose your ghoul for the controlled undead and thus not much gained - there aren't really that much undead in current maps to make this ability useful so why not replace it for unholy dk spec with the option of controlling them permenently and gaining them.Barian4 5d
5d Unholy DK as a HEALER! Anyone else think this would be a great idea? Using a Staff, Dark/Death Magic and Mild Necromancy to heal at a price? Blood: Tank Frost: Dps Unholy: Healer I certainly welcome more Healers to the game. Especially one of a Dark Alignment.Pvppriest12 5d
6d MW in arena is a joke Just a question, when are you going to improve monk? Paralysis stack with vital CCs, so monk cannot play with anything in arena. Pretty much any healer outfit the mistweaver, since lvl 90 in all arena comps? Just sadDrkingschult2 6d
6d Legion PVP disaster. Hello players, i have something to say, and will write its here because feedbacks on russian forums is just useless. And yes my English is pretty bad. Playing since BC mostly pvp. I' ve totally skipped that disaster of WoD expansion, They have tried to simplyfi MMORPG to stupid meta to earn more subscribers. Ok you could do it smarter not to making some of classes 3 buttons like DH aswell that destroying most of caster classes in arena. Today me and my teammate, we have become too angry because of rate of losses in 2s arenas because of guess what? Double Demon Hunters that just nuke us. You just got jump in metamorfosis form and 3 sec stun. you dont trinket because they still have 4 sec stun but already you at halm hp, than you just pop your defensive and die under 4 sec stun or trying escape/kite most mobile class in the game. Ok now less QQ and more Facts. recently i have 6 110 classes about 850-875 and at least 1 35 lvl artifact on them. now i'll list some problems. 1. DH damage is at least 30-35% overbuffed and their burst is much way longer than deffensive abilities so u can easily overdamage any bubble etc. Make its like half and same for cooldown. 2. DK has too much slows and hi continious dps in arena and when its come to fatique healing cut they just overdps any caster (meaning skilled DK). They can chain you untill they have runes, MoP Dks were more ferocius dealing kinde 200k obliterate but has no mobility and was depending on skill instead of Leagion kinda no nead brain with full bar of same runes. 3. DK/DH 15 meter cast kick - no comment when mages has 20 meter blink and shamans still less jump. Its just brainless development. 4. Its harder to play than its was at MoP. World of 1Stuncraft. 1 stun without pops and u will die. Ithink must be some cut of damage for all classe to prevent 1 shots from in 2s and 3s. 5. Duelship is totally destroyed same for WPVP. 6. Local quest is big time and FUN!!! killer. PVEers should earn AP from dungeons and raids, aswell they get already much more than PVPers. And PvPers should earn AP mostly from arena HK, Wpvp, BG. 7. Pvp chestes drops crafting resorses - just usless nonsence. Pots is good.7 8. Some of classes basic spells has become talents. You have to build up your tree up to your gamestyle and not basic utilities. First you remove disarm from game than you return its... Warlock TP circle horror worse Shadowfury 1.5 sec cast. Stupid.Дарте48 6d
6d Artifact abilities in next expension You mentioned that there will be some merging artifact abilities with core abilities at some point in future. And I just want to say that I don't care which ability/passive of sub rogue you will choose. But I WANT catlike reflexes to stay! This one passive talent is so awesome it gave my game experience a lot more than any of active talent or damage dealing passive in Legion. Dropping from high places and no dying without gliders is what made me feel like I'm the night, I'm tda batman! I jump from a cliff like assassin and land near my foes and cut their wieners clean (while they are roasting them). This will be another less cool experience by playing sub rogue if you just remove this passive in future. Fangs or Akari isn't memorable and can easily be replaced with whatever. But this one particular talent is making a lot for playing experience. (also being able to dodge a lot also cool)Shadowfarts3 6d
6d Tank/Rdps Please could you make more tanks with range dps offspec. Nowadays raids are filled with Mdps, there are only 2 spots for tanks in raid environment but M+ and general play encourages more classes cable of tanking. I really don't like balance druid is there any chance to give as more options? Warlocks, shamans for example? Sorry for any spelling mistakes, english is not my native language.Khzad4 6d
6d Group Buffs as Passive Auras? So it looks like BfA is bringing back group buffs. I get people want to feel a tiny bit more powerful when grouping. Ok, fine, but can they be a passive aura that my character just radiates at all times so it's just something I don't have to tediously keep remembering to do every hour for myself and after every wipe when I'm in a group? Instead, I just join a group and bam, everyone near to me (100yds) just gets the effect and I just passively get theirs. I know I know, not a big deal - but I was so happy when they got rid of these and not for the effects but just to not have this extra button to push and forget. Doesn't hurt to have one less button sitting over on that side bar of boring skills that you hardly ever do anything with but takes up screen real estate. Oh, while we're about it, any chance of looking at food buffs? A nice qol chance would be getting an instant food buff rather than sitting for 10 secs. Don't know about you, but I'm more than capable of eating while standing up, and even (gasp) walking about! Again, 10 seconds - no big deal, but it adds up when you port in and start eating, are ready to go all while that other guy still hasn't even appeared yet. He's going to take another 10 seconds... and on it goes. Can we please just get rid of these little time wasters.Roquen5 6d
6d "They will remove all Artifact traits" From this interview: Full quote: "Some Artifact traits will be incorporated into specializations or talents. From a design standpoint, they will remove all Artifact traits to see how the class plays without them and add them back where necessary." I'm hoping this means they'll remove them all at the design stage and add them back BEFORE the expansion goes live, and NOT carry out yet another murderous prune and push it live to a thundering, overwhelmingly unhappy chorus of complaints. So many of the gold traits add fun and a bit of depth in a pond that is growing more and more shallow. Seems like they are ready to butcher those and add them back piecemeal making classes even less finished than they are now. #ReverseThePruneLaotl6 6d
6d My unprune wishes for locks Hello everyone, With the new expansion announced, we already had few good news for WoW... the unprune has started. said that, im hopping for a lot more to come to other classes like: -Turn evil -Scare beast -Psychic Horror etc. All baseline. Now to locks, we still didnt get a lot of info, only a buff to HS, wich is good, but im expecting a LOT of stuff comming back since we were one of the most prunned classes in the game, wich affected us a lot in PvP. -Shards (aff): I think at this point either shards go as a DMG resource or haunt has to comeback (pre legion form) as a baseline spell, UA spamm is impossible to balance in pvp and its not that fun in pve either. -Howl Of Terror: it needs to be baseline for affliction. -Curse of Exaustion: same as Howl of Terror, affliction only -Conflag slow, pretty explanatory (remove the pvp root talent) -Death coil, baseline to ALL lock specs. -Shadowfury, Baseline to Destruction (instant cast) -Shadowflame, Baseline to ALL lock specs (wotlk/cata version) -Drain life, needs to comeback to aff (make drain soul a execute, rework the deaths embrace talent) -Shadowbolt, again aff was at its most fun when it wasnt only dot dot dot drain drain... you had to cast and interact with shadow trance procs (instant shadowbolt) -Curses, Elements, Weakness, Tongues, Recklessness all of those should be baseline and not pvp talents/removed. -Prune Infernal /doomguard as a 3 min cd, make it freakin 10 min but be a meaningfull cd. -Return of Dark soul (now soul harvest) for all specs, BASELINE. -Prune of grimoire of service (double spell lock/axe toss is too strong ok?) -Comeback of silence/magic dispell with grimoire of sacrifice (yeh...) -Simphon life baseline... -Backlash (instant incenerate for destru if hit) should comeback. -Soul link to ALL specs.. Baseline (in case you are thinking it as a defensive cd lol), like this one could be done pre new expansion... its beyond me why it has been removed from aff and destru. -Gateway removed, we are locks we need tankyness not mobility (or just make it usable by your allies i dont know) -Portal Baseline, yeah.. -Backdraft (destru talent) baseline. -Unending resolve removed (read bellow) -Armors back, more fun than unending resolve, having to pick the armor for each situation = good. -Return of shadow ward to all locks (baseline shadow abosbtion, i liked it xD ) And thats all about i can remember for locks. Leave your ideas bellow guys... Let the UNprune begin!Jinsk30 6d
13 Nov Anoying legendary drops... So, my first feral lego dropped, [Ailuro Pouncers]. At first you are happy to see it drop, but then you read the equip tooltip. Its one of those legendary's that forces you to spec into a certain talent in order to actually gain a dmg boost from it. otherwise its useless other then base stats. Anyway now i am stuck using [Bloodtalons] because of this item. i hate it. Being forced to use regrowth before every single impactfull ability is not fun.Brolic8 13 Nov
12 Nov Windwalker 8.0 wishes I'm not alone in thinking Serenity & SEF feels extremely underwhelming in comparison to the old Tigereye Brew. I want an exciting "pop" cooldown again. SEF was great as spread utility though. I also sorely miss Chi Explosion, Hurricane Strike, and Spinning Fire Blossom (baseline) I love the visuals and feel of the ones mentioned above. It's tragic that they're gone. Oh, and Chi Burst used to do almost 2-3 times as much damage as it does now. Why can't it replace Chi Orbit and become good again? Maybe: Chi Brew, Expel HarmKillibrew5 12 Nov
12 Nov 4th spec after BfA After Battle for Azeroth, Blizzard could take a pause from Implementing new classes and races. Instead bring back old specs and invent new ones. My suggestions: Death Knight: Blood Tank Frost Melee Unholy Melee *Dread Melee Demon Hunter: *Demonic Tank *Felfire Melee Havoc Melee Vengeance Tank *Druid: Balance Ranged Feral Melee Guardian Tank Restoration Healer Hunter: Beast Mastery Ranged Marksmanship Ranged *Survival Ranged *Trapper Melee Mage Arcane Ranged Fire Ranged Frost Ranged *Black Magic Ranged Monk: Brewmaster Tank *Martial Arts Melee Mistweaver Healer Windwalker Melee Paladin *Avenger Healer(melee) Holy Healer(caster) Protection Tank Retribution Melee Priest Disciplin Healer/Ranged Holy Healer *Sacred Ranged Shadow Ranged Rogue Assassination Melee *Combat Melee Outlaw Melee Subtlety Melee Shaman * Earth Warder Tank Elemental Ranged Enhancement Melee Restoration Healer Warlock: Affliction Ranged Demonology Ranged Destruction Ranged *Necromancer Ranged Warrior Arms Melee *Barbarian Tank(2h) Fury Melee Protection Tank(1h) _________________________________________________________________________ For now I will only comment briefly, my intention is to come back and make more detailed suggestions. I'm hoping that players who reads this also shares their thoughts and suggestions. ßoromir4 12 Nov
11 Nov Class Design Philosophy & Warlocks 2 things I want to address: first - general class design philosophy and second - how the aforementioned reflects and reflected on warlocks as it is the class I play Let's get started with design philosophies which should be dropped: 1. Prune. Obvious one, started form Cata and still ongoing. Warlock are the class hit the most by it, e.g. we had around 7 curses and were epitome of them, in WoD all of them removed, just for them in Legion to make comeback as pvp honor talents which allows us to have only 1 and only in PvP combat. That's an example of how serious and far it went, I am sure other classes have similar examples... 2. Classes no longer identify as classes but rather with their specs which shouldn't be the case. No longer am I a warlock but affli/demo/destro, and this is as well in correlation with the prune because there are almost no abilities/spell which are shared but only spec specific spells/abilities. Basically the only thing left for them to do is in warlock's case to take demons away from us since they are demonology spells or restrict you down to using only a certain pet per a spec which they deem most suitable for your spec, which is ridiculous from class design perspective for me. This trend started in MoP, but it was bearable and not that severe as it was in its inception and I had never thought it would go this far, oh boy was I wrong. For example if I am affli and locked I can not do anything because all my spells as affli are shadowschool, instead I should have some destro spells to do something while im locked from my other school, like searing pain and incinerate that we used to have and which as well got pruned... Hope you get my point, there are many examples for other classes as well I'm sure... As for a warlock and changes I would like to see, if you (Blizzard) are reluctant taking drastic sudden measure and reimplementing a bunch of pruned spells back, let these changes be incremental: 1. Demonic circle - baseline. Over the past xpacs we had suffered many utility prunes and this was the tip of the iceberg, which rendered locks completely immobile if not speccing into it. Burning rush should be placed instead of demonic circle in its talent tree spot and in the spot where burning rush was Soul Link should be offered as a talent choice instead. 2. Soul Link - talent choice, across all specs not demonology exclusive, along with this warlock's pets health should be buffed to match those health numbers hunter's pets have. Should be in the place where burning rush is in the talent tree(see above) 3. Voidwalker doesn't have active spell ability. Should bring Sacrifice back (since disarms have been removed from a game). This would give you X amount of dmg absorbtion with a cd of 1 minute on sacrifice spell 4. Succubus Seduction spell has CD and it needs to go, putting CD on it made this pet totally useless and no situation in which it is used any more. Balance isnt a problem here since it shares DR with Fear and a trade off for using this pet is quite severe as well in a form of losing spell lock from your felhunter which is always a priority in any competitive pvp setting. Succubus Seduction had it niche uses in random bgs when going against multiple opponents allowing 1v2 versus players who didn't have trinket and were a bit undergeared and this allowed enjoyable random bg experience 5. Fel flame - reintroduced as a pvp talent in Affli instead of Rot and Decay and in Destro instead any pvp talent in the last raw. Demonology doesnt need this because of Shadowflame which fulfills its role. Basically what it would do is deal X amount of dmg and extend the duration of dots and immolate for 6 secs (UA for 3secs, if this spell remains in the iteration it currently is) and restored X amount of soul shard fragments (for destro spec). Adding this spell back would give those specs much more fluidity and natural feel to it, I can not explain how unnatural it felt playing without 2 expansion already, it gives you something to do when melees are on you and you are refreshing your dots or trying to build up that extra shard for your ability and you need to squeeze those 3 or 4 extra soul shard fragments to get a complete soul shard to use for a spell 6. Ember Tap (now Soul Shard Tap) to be brought back for destro spec. Destro has the lowest survivability and now that soul shard mechanic for destro works the same as it did back in mop/wod there is no excuse as to why this spell should not be brought back as additional soul shard spender. Would not be balancing issue as you would have been heavily sacrificing your dmg to heal yourself up... Needless to say Life Tap should be removed in favor of Soul Shard Tap and destruction mana regeneration should work as it did in MoP/WoDLannik0 11 Nov
11 Nov Class Design Classic Vs Live First off let me start by saying 2 things: -im pretty neutral what comes to legacy servers vs live, id rather them learning from past expansions (tbc for pve and wotlk for class design) than do classic servers. -I started in tbc. Tbc was, for me, the best iteration of wow with class balance being 3x times better than classic , introduction of arenas (where i get the most enjoyment in this game) and PVE being extremly fun. Said this, lets get on to the topic. Current WoW has 2 big issues for me: -Class Design -Bloat of pve dificulties (both raids and dungeons). I’ll focus on class design since i feel pretty alone what comes to the other “issue”. Going through topics in this forum you can tell that class design in Legion was a failure. The focus on the specs and prunning of class spells and the “homogenization” of resources across the board (shards = combo points; maelstrom=Astral Power etc etc etc.) made classes stale and boring to play. Now, how will classic show players that class design is bad? Specially when half the specs in classic werent viable for pve? Well, its hard to explain but its the “feeling” while playing a class. When people start to level (and die doing it lol..yeh you died leveling) people will notice how much was taken away from their class. Then, you get to raids/dungeons and you will notice that having niches (like Voidwalker tanking adds in some raids) is actually more fun than being #1 dps. Simple damage rotations (usually 1 or 2 buttons) will also allow to “apreciate” the fights within raids/dungeons, utility spells will make you feel like you “deserve” to be there and you are usefull. For you it wont matter that your class only plays one spec, cause you will feel that is “for the greater good” something you dont come by these days. TLDR: Class design is so bad currently that Classic (where half the specs werent viable) will teach these devs what CLASS FANTASY really means. NOTE: will also show that people, even though they dont realize, prefer ONE pve dificulty (MAX 2 in dungeons). NOTE2: Classic WoW will see less people leaving than live after 2 months. You heard it first from me, JinskJinsk42 11 Nov
11 Nov Improving the current talent system. I think this is the time to voice our opinion regarding the current talent system. I will share my concerns in hope that it will resonate with some of you so they can be heard. Ideally, a talent system should provide choice for the players to express themselves through their playstyle. But if I am forced to take talent X for boss A, then where is the choice? Some element of flexibility on a per encounter basis is healthy, don't get me wrong. But the playstyle choice should ultimately be left to the player with as little consequences of poor performance as possible. If you want to play Icefury in Mythic+, then you should be able to. Obviously, your playstyle will have its strengths and weaknesses but your overall performance should still be comparable to other builds, especially that you are playing your favourite playstyle. The one you invested time and effort in gearing for and practising. Then how can this be improved? Well, I propose talent...clusters or packages. For example if you choose Icefury, then you automatically get Aftershock and another talent that supports the playstyle. But you will argue that this is removing choice. Yes, it may appear so at first glance but we already chose talents that supported the main playstyle we are going for. This is nothing new. Then why is this an improvement? Well, because now you are balancing complete playstyles with each other, not individual talents. Icefury will not be as good on cleave as Lightning Rod, but the cheaper Earthquakes with Aftershock talent will ensure that it is not lagging behind too much. Here is a breakdown of how it could look like: Level 15: Powerful impactful abilities or bonuses that have little or no synergy with a specific playstyle, but provide an early choice and a noticeable power boost for players who just started. This is a true choice. Because they have very little interaction with other talents and are effective in many situations. Check shaman example below. Level 30: Personal utility with emphasis on class fantasy. Example, Shimmer for mages, or Double Time for warriors. Level 45: Very small damage bonuses with little interaction with other talents. Possibly with a minor quality of life improvement in some cases but nothing playstyle defining. Again, this is a true choice for the same reasons as in the first row. Level 60: This is where you choose your Path. You will have talents here that will get you started on this playstyle path and prepare you for it. If you don't like a talent here, chances are you won't like the rest of the talent Path associated with this talent. For example, you could find things like Fervor of Battle for warriors under the Path of Trauma and Ravager for example. Level 75: Now you get the second talent of the path you chose. Again, this will provide the next puzzle piece in the talent Path you picked. At this point you have a good picture of what the playstyle entails. Level 90: Here you will have powerful class defining utility talents. These are NOT linked to the chosen talent Path. These will mostly be raid utility talents but some classes like rogue, shadow priests...etc will have a more appropriate selfish bonuses that are in line with the class fantasy. This will be a mostly true choice as well because they are generally hard to quantify. Level 100: Now this is the final piece in the Path you chose. This will complete the picture and give you that final exciting ability that you have been building up towards. This is your Ascendance, or your Ravager. Here is a sample talent tree. It's of the Elemental tree. If you have any criticism or questions, I am happy to hear it all. Not that you need permission. :) Edit: Formatting.Ascendance29 11 Nov
10 Nov Why shaman should have a tank spec. hey, im an elemental shaman atm but id love to tank as my shaman. my first reason for this is class fantasy, now each element gets a pretty good representation except for earth (cant speak for enhancement as ive never played it) in elemental we have the earth bind totem and the earth elemental, those buttons simply never get pressed tbh. so i feel there is room for a spec built around the earth element, this would be perfect for a tank spec, using the earth spells while tanking would be pretty cool and honestly i feel like i would have a lot of fun playing that spec.Dextrinity21 10 Nov
10 Nov Paladin Blessing in BFA PvP This post is about dispell. With Legion Sac is no longer dispellable ( for god's sake ). Would be wise to extend this even to Freedom and Protection in the next exp? /discuss p.s. : right now in the pre alpha build Freedom is a 45 sec cd , maybe just bug/place holderJüther2 10 Nov
09 Nov Only new hero classes possible in future? Should we get more options for class customisation? My logic goes like this: If they were to add another basic class then they would have to add another class hall to Legion retroactively. This is unlikely. So any new classes would have to be hero-classes that start at the same level as the expansion they are introduced in, like the demon hunter class. Compared to death knights who had to go through Outland content before seeing Northrend this is an improvement. But how about the NPC's we've met in the game? For example the orcish blademasters of Nagrand and Blademaster Telaamon from the Army of the Light. Are they a possible hero class? Or are they monks with two-handed sharp weapons? And the Rangari of WoD? Hunters with Lone Wolf spec using camouflage extensively? And the Wardens? Hunters again, favouring owl pets and those circular weapons and getting some additional spells? If available to players, should they be a hero class? Or some sort of elite spec? I'd like your thoughts on this.Whacknerd1 09 Nov
09 Nov Make DISC priest able to join BG as DPS Hi I simply have this struggle with the current LFG mechanics.. I wish I was able to join LFG in DISC form but marked as DPS not as HEALER. If I want to join as DISC I need to enroll as HEALER which makes people think I am a healer and actually does not add a real healer.. my gamestyle is PVP/DPS .. I love the way I play and it helps the BG a lot more when I am in front absorbing and dealing damage I think like in the past DISC should mainly be slefhealing class that has the ability to sustain a lot of pressure and can slowly bring down down even 2 opponents like it is also today but since I get marked as healer people screm to me for heals and get upset if it does not happen. An becasue I hate voidform I don´t like to play shadowpriest simply legion SP is dead for me ... this is my only way to play DPS as priest. I got over increased CC and being stun or unable to move or cast etc all the time but please let me choose the way I want to play not the other way around .. Legion made such huge changes to some classes that you have only 2 options you either agree with it and play it or the class becomes totally unplayable for you like for me the new SP.Thealux7 09 Nov
08 Nov BfA: Paladin buff does not benefit the raid With the class raid buff previews out (link below), I couldnt help to notice - the paladin raid "buff" (+10% armor) does not benefit the raid at all! Who takes physical damage in raids? Two people of 20 - the tanks. Rest of the raid get no benefit from having a paladin what so ever. Even the numeric values seems to be a bit off, while priest buff increases survivability potential by +10% HP, druid one gives 1.5% reduced all damage and 3% extra healing (versatility), the paladin one would give ~2% reduced damage, physical-only. A comparable buff would be around 5% reduced all damage - half of power of the priest buff and about the same defense as 1.5% + 3% druid (not mentioning the 3% dps), or DK 5% leech healing. Obviously, things might (and some most likely will) change during the development, but just pointing out that as of now, the "buff" does not seem to fulfill its role - buffing the raid. Or am I missing something? Does the extra armor sound as stronger raid buff to you than does it to me? 08 Nov