Class Development

2d Upcoming World PvP Changes - 13/11/2017 With this week’s maintenance, we’ll be applying some hotfixes intended to slow down damage in world PvP: Non-tank specializations now take 40% less damage from enemy players while engaged in world PvP We have reduced the PvP effectiveness of a number of trinkets and Legion Legendaries that contributed to excessive burst damage: Draught of Souls now deals 70% less damage to enemy players Cold Heart now deals 75% less damage to enemy players Kil’Jaeden’s Burning Wish now deals 60% less damage to enemy players Insignia of Ravenholdt now deals 50% less damage to enemy players Pillars of Inmost Light now increase Eye of Tyr damage by 150% when attacking players (was 300%) Scarlet Inquisitor’s Expurgation now increases Divine Storm damage by 3% per stack when attacking players (was 6% per stack) The Dreadlord’s Deceit now increases the damage of Shuriken Storm by 6% per stack when attacking players (was 25% per stack) Fiery Red Maimers now increase Maim damage by 165% when attacking players (was 500%) Our intent with these changes is to reduce the amount of initial burst damage dealt by players in world PvP, especially when using certain legendary items or trinkets, giving the player being attacked more opportunity to react. While we want to maintain the “anything goes” nature of world PvP in Legion, we do want you to have at least some chance to retaliate, even when caught by surprise.Lore48 2d
30 Nov Shadow Priest Changes 29/11/2017 With the next weekly maintenance, we'll be shifting around some of Shadow Priests' damage sources with the goal of improving their AOE damage performance in short-duration multitarget situations - namely dungeon trash packs. The nature and lifetime of dungeon trash packs makes it hard for Shadow Priests to ramp up to their full damage potential as part of their rotation. These changes should improve that situation, with a mostly neutral effect for overall performance in longer-duration raid fights. Void Eruption No longer deals a separate damage event for each of your Shadow Word: Pain or Vampiric Touch on each target. Instead, deals a single damage event to all targets that have EITHER your Shadow Word: Pain or Vampiric Touch. Void Eruption damage increased by 700% Shadow Crash Cooldown reduced to 20 sec. (down from 30 sec) Insanity generation increased to 20. (up from 15) Missile speed increased by 60%. Mind Sear (Passive) Damage increased by 50%. Heart of the Void (Legendary) Increases Void Eruption’s damage by 75% (down from 300%) and heals you for 25% (down from 40%) of the damage done. Developers Note: This is compensation for the Void Eruption buff. The overall effect is mostly neutral. Shadow Word: Pain/Vampiric Touch Damage reduced by 4%. Developers Note: This is compensation for the Void Eruption buff in extended fights.Lore31 30 Nov
19 Jan 2017 Discussion Forum Guidelines Guidelines In addition to the forum Code of Conduct (, here are some common courtesy guidelines to follow. While these do technically fall within the bounds of the Code of Conduct, these cover more specific examples of common errors that will lead to thread deletions or posting privileges being revoked. The World of Warcraft forums are for discussion of topics directly related to World of Warcraft. The forums here are specifically to discuss the game and related topics. Any topics not related to World of Warcraft,, or Blizzard Entertainment are subject to deletion. Don't post in all capital letters, use a misleading title, excessive punctuation, and/or non-standard symbols, etc. While everyone wants their posts read, we ask you to refrain from using these types of tactics in order to bring more people to your thread. Let your post stand on its own merit. Threads violating this guideline are subject to deletion. Using the words "Blizzard," "Blue," or any community team members' names in a thread topic is frowned upon. Everyone would like Blizzard to read and acknowledge his or her post, and we understand that; however, use of such words in the subject line does not help that come to pass. Please make your thread title relevant to the post subject. Threads violating this guideline are subject to deletion. Posting "First" or IBTL ("in before lock") constitutes as spamming. You will be suspended if you create a post that is intended to call out that you achieved a specific reply number in a thread. This is considered spamming. Posting IBTL ("in before the lock") is not helpful, and if you feel a thread should be moderated please use the rating button to do so. Do not "bump" posts. The act of posting simply to bump a thread is considered spamming. This also includes bumping very old threads for no reason (called "necro bumping" or "necroing"). Petition posts are frowned upon. These are discussion forums and, as such, we ask that you hold discussions. Creating a thread to ask for replies as votes is not a discussion. Threads violating this guideline are subject to deletion. Do not post about locked or deleted threads. Posts that are moderated have a reason behind the moderation. It's up to you to read the forum Code of Conduct and these guidelines to determine what you did wrong, learn from your mistake, and attempt to post again without breaking any rules. There is also cool down period we institute during times of high forum traffic. If you are violating policy during one of these times due to frustration, you will be given a three-hour cool down suspension. This does not get logged on your record and is simply in place to keep the forums readable and civil. Serious violations will still have the appropriate action taken against them as documented in the Code of Conduct, and we do keep track of these cool down periods separately—if one is found to be repeatedly violating policy, appropriate action will be taken. Aerythlea0 19 Jan 2017
8m Mix artifact appearances I hope that Bllizard will read this. Somebody posted about a new idea that it to allow us use 2 totally different artifact appearances: 1 for sword and 1 for shield (for example shield - Burning Plate of Worldbreaker, sword - Arm of the Fallen King). I am posting it becuase i want to use skins mentioned above. Maybe somebody here will agree with me. It can give more chances to create the perfect transmgs for ours characters.Arkhane1 8m
1h Mage Selfheal Every class has a DECENT / OP selfheal ability . We need one in every aspect of the game . Now. Thx.Vallely1 1h
2h What Blizzard have to change ! (UNFAIR PLAYS) I'm here to talk about dirty and unfair gameplay! It is not available, but rather, looking for a fair and equal gameplay for all! So that everyone can have fun without hate! There are classes that unfairly have much more resistance and healing abilities than others (dps's), and this makes the game unfair! I'll give you an example of classes that have a much higher sustainability than any other DPS class. DK Frost, Warlock Affliction, Ret Paladin! Thus, a DK frost besides possessing beautiful shields, manages to regenerate for more than 50% of the life. I for example, feral druid, never possessed shields so good, let alone with a powerful cutoff of healing! And that leaves me at a disadvantage when I'm fighting a dk in half or less than half of my life, and no king of jungle! The warlock is the same thing. The warlock has several shields that can be simultaneously activated, + great healing abilities, it's crazy! It looks more tank classes than DPS! And that's not fair! ... thus, it becomes a very easy game style for the users of the class and it complicates too much the game of the opponents! It's just unfair! In the case of ret paladin, they can activate the immune shields in a short space of time (seconds), it would be the same thing if I, a feral druid, could use the jungle king at the same time of cooldown. These classes are the same as if I, feral druid, could use "Affinity Guardian" + "Rest Afinnity" + Displacer Beast that we used before to keep away and heal us better + instat rebroth + Renewal + Thorns with 20% protection as before + survival instinct 50% protection! Would they find that fair? NO I think the classes should all be for equality! Not one more OP than others! This makes the game boring! In WOD on Private Server and Original MOP Server, it was easily achieved at the rate of 2400, and now does not pass from the 1600 rate!Drauiden7 2h
10h Enhancement Shaman 7.3.5? So, I've been looking for changes for Enha on wowhead, but the only change I noticed, is nerfing Lighting Surge Totem. Is that all? Or I missed something? I'm wondering, because We all know, that We're squishy, that We need more aoe dps... So, if I missed something, tell me those news/changes please.Gekhai2 10h
10h Berserker Rage Warrior's Berserker Rage now not works when you feared (Was able to break fear before 7.3.5) Didnt see it in change notes. Is it a change or issue?Tepkh1 10h
11h Leave Assassination Spec as it is now Greetings, The spec is finally good because we re pulling good damage on Single targets as the Assassin spec should be. Leave it as now. Or after you fix PK trait, increase our Deadly Poison damage by %12 - 15. For AoE damage? Assassin spec should not bother, game has enough classes for it. For Rogue ST damage ( Boss Damage ) is must. Regards.Volcâno2 11h
15h Paladin - Alternative to Divine Steed Please don't force everyone to use Divine Steed. Give us a decent Talent alternative. Examples: Pursuit of Justice (faster the more Holy Power you have) Long Arm of the Law (burst of speed after Judgment) El'druin's Might (Tyrael, HotS, Weapon Throw followed by Teleport) Falling Sword (D3 Crusader, telegraphed Heroic Leap) Tyrion/Turalyon/Arator's Might (NPCs use this - short leap forward into an attack)Irontide0 15h
19h BfA Hunter gameplay First of all, will provide links to my 2 previous topics about hunter for BfA, these are focused on Beast Mastery and go more in depth about how I want/would like the spec to feel while playing Have tried to keep them as constructive as possible for the sole reason of coming on to a forum say "I hate X or Y spell or, Hunters needs changes(without giving any proper suggestions to what you would like and why) does not really help at all. Here, I will not go very deep into specific abilities for each spec, rather more of an overall direction to each of the three, to give an idea of how it could work out better for a larger part of the playerbase focusing on the hunter as a class. Each spec should basically have two directions within in how you can specialize on certain parts. There is ofc a base version of the spec and with the addition of the new neck Heart of Azeroth, there should be ways/directions you can take. Beast Mastery Summing up my own thoughts and those of other players/topics on the forums(not everyone ofc but a fairly large percentage of them) want the BM spec to have more options between focusing on making your main pet as strong as possible, while others prefer the Zoo style, and to bring out more beasts to work together/buffing each other. To get a better understanding of how this could work out, feel free to check my previous posts out for BM specifically As a side note, I have seen many players complaining about BM being to easy due to your pet doing most of the job/damage, and yes while it is true that your attacks comes from your pet(s)/beasts, it is still YOU who have to use these abilities, it is YOU who have to direct your pet to the right target(s), your pets don't do this on their own. If you want more damage to come from your ranged weapon, I would suggest to switch to MM as well, BM does not focus on weapon damage but on pets/beasts. Marksmanship With the launch of Legion(prepatch even) we saw one of the more liked specs, ranged version of Survival to a large extent removed from the game. Versions of certain core abilities were moved into the MM talent tree. I would prefer if we had two different directions here as well, where one was more like the current spec focusing on Aimed shots, Marked shot and so on(with Vulnerable having even less of an impact than it currently does). The other version being the one where we have something closer to how the old Survival used to work, focusing on Elemental damage, with Explosive shot as it was then(should be a talent that replaces Aimed Shot), Black Arrow(should also get a name change as not everyone uses arrows), Serpent sting(with Serpent Spread for AoE purposes) and so on. Also, as MM, no matter your preferred style, having/not having a pet should be a choice for the player, it should not be a talent(Lone Wolf), especially as for those focusing on their output damage, basically having little choice at all. I'm not saying that having a pet as MM means having loads of interaction between the hunter and the pet, if you want that, go BM. Survival(NEW) I cannot speak here as for changes to specific abilities due to not having played Survival barely at all in Legion(I prefer ranged gameplay). Having said this, same as for previous specs, working with two different directions. One focuses on strong melee attacks/hits with a 2h weapon as well as bleeds/traps. Here we can keep Mongoose bite as a core ability. The other option would be to use 1h weapons and have some more interaction with your pet(not like BM, but still, a bit more than as is now) while also focusing heavily on traps. Here, Mongoose bite should not be a thing, instead we could have the talent Butchery being a core version of Carve either cause massive damage to a single target/but can also split that damage between all enemies within a certain area. Also, using Flanking strike could increase the damage of your next Butchery if cast within a set time period. Again, for Survival(and other specs as well) I would not mind other suggestions as to what we can improve upon.Brizzle2 19h
1d The low bar - or how skill was pruned All i`v seen this expansion just reaffirms this model of making the game as skill-less as possible . Heres some examples of the ones that i know of . Feel free to add more . PVE : The most optimal specs to play are the ones with the most passives and the least buttons . I cant talk for everyone else but look at affliction and demon hunter . The best way is to go malefic grasp snore fest and literally use 4 buttons the entire game . The other options are 10-20% weaker . Demon hunter - the same go for demon blades and the other passives and your toping charts by smashing 3 buttons again . PvP is even worse . Here the skill cap dropped so dramatically you can barely distinguish a gladiator from a freshly boosted char . Any manner of skill cap is being removed . Just the most resent one is the temporal shield . We wouldn`t want good mages to outplay other people by knowing how to cancel their buff on time would we ... Overall there is no outplaying any more . You are rewarded for blowing your damage cds at the start - which in turn forces def cds . There is no outplaying . There is no waiting for the opportune moment to burst . Everything is inbuilt and passive . Aoe stuns that do big damage . - god-forbid you wasted a Gcd to land a cc and not do damage --- Agro cds that remove cc or cc the enemy for free . --- Interrupts that are not only free and are off dr , but actually buff your damage --- Passive defensives ( hello free bubble and demon skin ) --- Passive healing - I mean going behind the pillar to eat or bandage is so tedious . Lets just leech it whiled doing damage ( yes I mean locks and dhs ) --- CC that breaks on damage , but removes damage over time ????? - oh jolly the horror of actually coordinating with your team mates . --- Passive movement buffs . --- Movement skills that do damage ?? --- Passive slows - It is so bad to stop doing damage for 1 sek to use hamstring or chains of ice . It`s better that everyone can just hit you and snare you all the time . --- Single magic school - We wouldn`t want to bait noobs with fireball and than wreck their face with ebonchill now would we . --- Free pet recovery . - It would be too hard for a bm hunter to actually dismiss their pet and change to another one , or actually even having to recall it so it can get healed . Nah they can resurect it all the time --- Instant hunter traps - oh my how would you ever set up a trap in a disorient . Such skillz . --- Running while casting ....... --- Healing behind pillars on the run ? - How would you ever heal those clueless mele that los their healer while tuneling . --- Free spell reflects ? - how would a person ever know when to place a grounding totem or reflect . Lets just make them immune to everything just to be sure someone doesn`t outplay them . --- As an affly lock I feel the lack of skill cap extremely hard . I am not permitted to kite I am forced to stand in the most open area to do damage I can`t use different pets ( disarm, stealth detection , seduction ) I can`t use my defensives offensively . I can`t even interrupt if I go with sacrifice . I don`t have any forms of slows or peels . Ofc i got bored and leveled my war , because I remember it was actually hard to play one . I am forced to charge as an opener , because hamstring has a cost .- Mind you charging like that was something only noobs did in pandaria . --- My defensives are pruned . I cant use parry for mele , or shield-wall for others . --- Stance dancing - hell no , how would you ever manage the hard choice of doing 10 % less damage but not get killed in the opener . --- Weapon switching - Too hard to make a macro for that . Instead you just get to use spell reflect and shield-wall without shield . --- Spell reflect that reflect everything ???? - we wouldn`t want it to be wasted on smart locks that reflect their drain life now would we . Better it just stays there giving you free uptime . The list got pretty long , so i`m gonna stop here . If you can add more things that dumbed the skill cap of your class do add them . As for blizzard - please look at this list and realize while people hate the pvp atm .Aprix23 1d
1d Unfair pure dps fate. Dear blizzard, can you please buff mages, at least 1 spec, it is disgusting for pure dps class be bottom of logs. 50% 75% 90% Max 75% boss damage Thank you, and sorry for bad english.Андориен35 1d
1d Nightfall proc pvp (Warlock) Simple request from me, i know there is a sound but sometimes it fades out in other sounds. Is there possible to get a highlight or a form of glowing as it used to do? Kinda annoying not to use it since i got it. Thanks for your time.Snorstina1 1d
1d ReverseThePrune Lets make this a movement again please. From the preview at blizzcon nothing is really changing. Just giving us "raid buffs" ain't enough.Jinsk71 1d
1d Please Save Hati! [BM Hunter] Copied from the US Forum ( This is a thread to follow up on the suggestion of dev Johnny Cash, here: In essence, - we know our artifacts are headed for destruction / decommission at the end of Legion. - this will probably mean the destruction of Hati, the wolf who is bound to Titanstrike. - many of us are very sad at this prospect. The quest to save Hati's life was the most unique and best-told artifact quest I experienced, and the loss of Hati would mean that all of it was ultimately in vain and would make the culmination of the story very bleak. I admit that Hati can be rather infuriating as a second pet, due to endemic pathing and NPC follower issues in Legion, but that's not the fault of the beast, and doesn't mean we didn't become very attached to his story. Also, I'm definitely not asking for him to remain as our second pet mechanism (if we even have one) after Legion - I get the feeling that most hunters would like to see some new system for that. I'm just requesting that some thought be put into some story mechanism whereby he could survive the destruction of Titanstrike. This could be as simple as an addition to the questline, e.g. Mimiron and Thorim show up at the last minute with a new something-something to host his life force, which is released at the moment of Titanstrike's decommission, and take him back home and that's the last we see of him. If you don't have time for that, even an after-event mail from Thorim saying "guess who just showed up home, it seems the energy released from your weapon was enough to finally restore him" would be better than nothing :) Or, after saving, he could take up residence in our class hall in perpetuity. Or, he could be added to our stables as a regular spirit beast pet for those Hunters that completed the Legion story. Maybe the alternative colours could appear on rares (unless someone wanted to go to all the trouble of adding a mechanism to change his colour in our stables but I admit that seems like a lot of work). This is my favourite option, but would have to be accompanied by an increase in stable slots at this point - a lot of hunters are already full up! Or, perhaps someone has a better idea. Thanks for listening :)Haldhur10 1d
1d Arms pvp in TBFA Since Wod the arms warrior spec has been gutted to the ground, making it the worst class to solo pvp, to duel, even in world pvp scenarios. The prunes have been radical making us loose defensive abilities, selfhealing abilities, and other abilities that added flavour and skill to the class. Being that now we are a ghost of our former selves, let´s delve into the fun things that countered other classes that where removed. Shattering throw (a must): Able to counter mages iceblock and rets bubble, why oh why would you make us stand at those 2 classes like buffons waiting to be decimated? Shield Wall: Again, a powerfull and reliable defensive cd that was really needed when in a live or die situation, but not, we got stuck with a 3min cd poorly designed die by the sword that a stun can counter. Retaliation: No explanation needed, they decided to give it to rets, because screw warriors amirite? Thunderclap with AOE slow: Ok it´s on the prot spec, but added flavour to the rotation, plus awesome visual effect. Charge stun: We want it, we need it, nuff said. Second Wind: Legion second wind was a mockery to us all, after they gave it to hunters in WOD (because blizz loves to give our skills to other classes) this was a big nail in the coffin. You can´t just say you are happy with the state of the classes in pve or pvp when your community says otherwise, and since no blue has posted in warrior forums, nor any speech has been given in podcasts or other platforms of social media regarding arms, TBFA would be a good expansion to make the class shine again. Warriors have been lacking a way to sustain ourselves in pvp, and are tired of needing a healer babysitting us, to the point of rerolling or unfortunately quit, again, browse the warrior forums and you will see the sadness there since WOD. And final statement, arms as a spec, hasnt been bringing anything good to the table in pvp, making us feel out of place and not actuallly needed,that every other class can do what we do and do it better, it needs it´s utility and flavour back. TBFA is the moment and the time.Morgulin0 1d
2d PVP Enhancment ability range is too short Hi I'm quite new to shaman and been playing enhancement a couple of months. I really enjoy it in pve and have no problems with it there. When it comes to pvp i have a couple of problems i want to address, and not the low survivability of enhancement shamans which seems to be a popular topic. The range of Stormstrike and Frostbrand trigger effect is too short. Frostbrand have a 10 yard range and costs 20 maelstrom. This range is ok but when the slow triggers on auto attack, it becomes a problem. Server lag and players lagging makes this effect really hard to keep active. It's a pretty big problem and escalated i guess since the servers for EU include russian servers also. Same issue occurs for stormstrike, where the range is 5 yards. Many times you're standing on your target but you're stormstrike doesn't activate. This seems to happen very often and i can't keep up to my target. In pvp, this is a very big deal (From my end i'm at 100 mbit/s download). I dont have any good otions for the frostbrand issue, except for bringing back frost chock since that's at least consistent? Most of the time i'm always too far away from my target. For stormstrike i think that increasing the range is quite necessary. "Honorable mention" i feel that earthbind totem's effect also is pretty inconsistent and i guess that due to laggy servers/players. Brgds,Antomadorf2 2d
2d Some shaman Fun utility Suggestion Here's some Suggestions about some shaman utility spells which are fun , important and not a usual Damaging spell which is only important for your Log numbers or Rotation . Reincarnation has been untouched for years , while it really deserves some update or QOF improvement .there are plenty of problems that ppl mention about ankh : developers assume it as a defensive with their specific argument .not to mention that you need to die to benefit from , worse of it , in many situations its not usable cause of environmental or occasional limits .as you know you respawn with so little Health , making you vulnerable to any damage which is quite often , like having a bit of NPCs or bosses around , having some AOE damage area beneath your feet(avatar fight phase 2) . Furthermore , in addition to a solution to such issues , i would like to get even more improvement which are not only supposed to fix previous issues . this is my suggestion for so called ankh ability : when you die , your spirit rises and can walk around within 30 yard of your Corpse location . you have a virtual health pool which you would Return to life with that amount of Health if you Resurrect yourself . starts from 20% of your Hp , and you can heal yourself (with your healing surge or ...) with your actual mana up to 50% of your maximum Health . -possible perk : you can cast Ancestral spirit(Usual Res) on another nearby Dead friendly player when in spirit form , but you will not be able to get back to life .(actually you choose between bringing your ally or yourself back to life) Astral Recall has the same story , however it got some improvement after Cataclysm Expansion , which let you Go to Faction Earth shrine . its removed nowaday anyway . here's few suggestions for Astral Recall : 1-when you talk to innkeeper , you have 2 different options to set your regular heartstone and for Astral recal . so you can bind yourself to 2 different locations. 2-your Astral Recall would send you to a famous elemental-thingy location based on shaman's choice ,like Faction Earthshrine , or some special location like "throne of the Elements" in Nagrand (ofc we need to make new Throne of elements in each Continent like one in each of Kalimdor,Northrend,Broken isle...) . 3- you can make your own earthshrine in anywhere you want , costing Elemental material depending on Continent to place your Earthshrine (like 100 Elemental Earth , fire,water,air for zones with level of 60 or lower , and so on).absolutely we should have some restricted area for this . Far sight has been unchanged too , you need to cast for getting the next location and each new location costs you 2 loadings on screen ,would be troubling and making a bit of dissatisfaction . i would suggest this : when you cast far sight , you send your spirit to the location(in fact) while channeling Far sight , your spirit can move around (like your own character movement) and even maybe fly ( can spirits fly ?:D ) -Possible perk : when you are in your far sight spirit form , astral recall can teleport you to your spirit location with lower cooldown ofcourse (like thrall teleporting behind mantids in siege of orgrimmar) . we absolutely need to limit this ability distance travel in PVP or PVE instances , giving the error of "its too far away" when the location is further than determined(lets say 100 yard) distance Water Walking : Just Make it Castable in Ghost wolf and while mounted ffs . Ghost Wolf : for two Expansions in a row , blizzard has made Out of Combat Perks for Ghost wolf , showing they are really interested in Ghost wolf having some extra out of Combat Perk , in Warlords of Draenor , they made the "Tablet of Ghost Wolf" which would let your ghost wolf have invisibility and mount speed when cast out of combat stayed out for a while . it really was one of the best none-combat improvement i've ever experienced. later in Legion Expansion , Rehgar ,the orcish Folower , could let your Ghost wolf have mount speed . if blizz really thinks this is a cool thing , why not making them baseline ? here's my suggestion : -After Casting Ghost Wolf , if you stay out of combat for 2 seconds(a bit more than mount Cast) , you will get the mounting speed while in Ghost Wolf . -Possible Perk : if you stay out of combat for 6 seconds , you will get invisible . just like ashran :) -side note : Invisibility Perk is Disabled in Arena (or maybe bg too ? ) these changes , wont affect anything but Fun of the Game , No number buff , no Game breaking thing , just let it happen plz . bump if you liked . ty .Shamixure0 2d
2d Petition: keep Sacrolash effect in BfA Of all the Affliction Legendary items, Sacrolash ring is the only one that provides an interesting and unique effect, with a real use for the group, basically giving back some pruned features: a slow curse and bringing back corruption to be meaningful (both in damage and utility). Please bake it into the spec as base passive: you can alway tune it down for pvp if needed.Dbride3 2d
2d Talent change for warriors Could we make stormbolt baseline but with a 40/30 rage cost(Demon hunters have something like this only with an aoe stun). This would make double charge somwhat usefull vs high mobility classes. like arcane mage Then we could change the stormbolt talent to something like. Level 30 talents Shockwave "replace stormbolt" "Stormbolt has no longer rage cost" Double TimeTuffekaren6 2d
3d Frost Death Knight in 7.3 The next PTR build should have a round of changes aimed at addressing various concerns with Frost. The major issues we're focused on are: The spec is too dominated by Breath of Sindragosa (which has knock-on effects on talent choice throughout the tree). Breath of Sindragosa, when you do use it, can be maintained for far too long. In addition to causing the talent/legendary lock-in around it, it means the demand for continuous time on target is very strict for extended periods of time. The spec has many talents/legendaries that (individually or taken together) flood it with resources. Breath contributes to this by encouraging you to take all of them, but it's also a problem on its own. Talent balance generally has to be reviewed, especially after addressing all of the time. We're trying to limit the scope of the changes in the patch, to address the above without opening up the core rotation for changes. All damage abilities increased by 27% Hungering Rune Weapon (L58) and Glacial Advance (L100) swapped positions Breath of Sindragosa damage increased by 10% We want to preserve the identity of Breath of Sindragosa, including the steady resource drain being the main limiting factor, and the expression of skill in optimizing around that. So in trying to avoid less natural solutions like capping the duration or redesigning how it works, we're trying to limit the talent/legendary synergies that cause huge variance in how long Breath can be maintained. And breaking the Breath of Sindragosa/Hungering Rune Weapon interaction, on its own, goes a very long way toward making Breath's duration more reasonable again. DPS adjustment for the change is being put mostly into the baseline spec rather than into the power of Breath, because it's currently so far ahead of other setups. Murderous Efficiency (L56->L57), Frozen Pulse (L57->L90), and Runic Attenuation (L90->L56) swapped positions Hungering Rune Weapon duration 12s (from 15s) and additionally grants 20% haste Bugfix: Hungering Rune Weapon correctly generates a Rune every 1.5s instead of every 1s Murderous Efficiency chance 50% (from 65%) Horn of Winter cooldown 45s (from 30s) Koltira’s Newfound Will generates 1 Rune (from 2) and now causes Obliterate to deal 10% extra damage Using even a small subset of all of the above effects causes the rotation to be quite flooded. They are all being either weakened in power (with compensation to the baseline spec), or given non-resource-granting effects for part of their value. In addition, the two most egregious offenders (Murderous Efficiency and Horn of Winter) can no longer be taken together. Overall, there should now be a much broader set of talent combinations that produce a good-feeling rotation in which there are resources to do something on most GCDs, but you're still able to spend them down. Including, for example, during Hungering Rune Weapon, which is overly hectic or frustrating right now when you can't spend all of its resources. In addition, the talent rearrangement puts Frozen Pulse on a row with two predominantly AoE talents, which is a better home for it. The Frozen Pulse/Icy Talons ("machinegun") synergy is preserved, but can no longer be taken alongside Runic Attenuation as well. NB: The Hungering Rune Weapon bug may be fixed on live shortly as well, after we test the fix and analyze the impact. Icy Talons bonus 15% (from 10%) Shattering Strikes bonus 60% (from 40%) Freezing Fog effect 20% (from 30%) Obliteration duration 10s (from 8s) Frozen Pulse damage reduced by 39% Minor talent rebalancing to match the above rearrangements and talent changes; numbers are likely to be updated as the rest of the changes settle into place. EDIT: Added Frozen Pulse change which was missed when I copied changes into the post earlier. As with the other changes, this is meant to make Frozen Pulse balanced within its new row, and meant to be accounted for in the overall DPS increase above. Breath can retain its role as a talent that encourages building around it to some degree (and its synergies with things like Runic Attenuation, Koltira's Newfound Will, and Seal of Necrofantasia are preserved). But without the overpowering Hungering Rune Weapon interaction, there is a lot more room for other builds to compete, and we've buffed the spec's baseline damage a great deal to shift the landscape towards all talents being closer together in DPS. As always, we'll continue to examine all of these changes based after people can start to test them on PTR.Sigma101 3d
3d Battle for Azeroth I am asking for 1 spec per allied class Example 1 Zandalari, shadow shaman, shadow Hunter, and or wild spec (as they used to worship loa, wild God) like witch doctor healing spec runs on sacrifice health to heal other or something like that, sacrificial pact etc, nature related tank spec like having cd that can call natural beast or aid them in defence or provide them power for some time etc, what j want to say is allied race should not be only thing we get, we should also get their immense amount of knowledge, Things that their good version and bad version have learned, of They are not just normal species like normal hunter or shaman we have now, they sure know more abilities than what we know now All those lost knowledge can be a new additional spec to run these new class Every new quest teach us their old but powerful techniques while leveling from 20 to max, otherwise it might looks like potato in Apple skin xD Same goes for all other new allied races Light forge guys having light based new spec, tauren high mountain have their unmatched physical strength, ability to become true Melee Hunter, tracker, not just bulkey xD Void elf having new void based spec related their class like a void mage knowledge of arcane is not just it, knowledge of dark spells, void ability Never saw void spec healing tho But idea for healing their friends with void energy with risk or turning them mad for void power... Would be nice thing to have What I say is wow should not just be limited for what spec we have now With new allies should learn some old specs or combines both and new era, new specs, unknown abilities, powerfully but riskier spells As BFA gonna be around Old God's New spec will definitely give missive boost to players experience, entertainment Please I am looking forward for everyone's positive replies and hopefully BFA developers attentionCritstar6 3d
4d Mobility is utterly unbalanced atm. In Legion you made it so that some classes weakness/strength is bad/good mobility. But like many other things (pruning & class fantasy), you went totally overboard with this also. Mobility = DMG, getting in range to do dmg. No mobility no dmg. Mobility is also defensive in the way that you can get away from a harmful situation. Considering this and looking at the different levels of mobility the specs has i have to say i think it is very, very unbalanced. The strengths of the classes without/little mobility does not in any way make up for the weakness of mobility, at least not in any balanced way. Designing the classes with such a huge disparity in mobility as they have now, is not balanced. Some classes seem to have endless mobility, while others do not have any. Mobility can be a strength or weakness, but it also needs to be balanced accordingly. Currently it is not. + being slow is never fun, something the developers didnt implement in the current class designs.Babybackribb9 4d
4d OMG (lock), if true thank you! Affliction Shadow Bolt Sends a shadowy bolt at the enemy, causing [ 1 + 80% 160% of Spell Power ] Shadow damage. Warlock - Affliction Spec. 6% of Base Mana. 40 yd range. 2 sec cast. Now we need haunt again, UA as a normal dot, 50% of our trees baseline .... good 1st changeJinsk15 4d
4d Balance Druid? So balance druids use the Sun, stars and moon to attack so surely they would be better called celestial or astral druids. It fits the spec better like how the other specs are called feral, guardian and restoration.Jâçk3 4d
4d Why not give demo locks Imp Mother form? It sounds fitting with the legion demo philosophy of spamming imps and hardcasting every single spell. Stand still in one place and summon entire armies of imps. We could also get a fel pool beneath us and look like we're bathing in it when we, again, summon imps. This spec is already a hardcasting abomination, why not give it form completely?Devillyn6 4d
4d Still no Glyph to 'fix' the defstance? Just wondering... that does not sound like a hard thing to implement? And just like the omnipresent swirling bones on the dk (major turnoff of that spec) the level 60 shield is just ridiculous! Since I doubt anything 'new' to be added in Legions remaining week(s?), I sure hope for more glyphs that remove some of the nasty bling and effects with BfA... at least that.Ean1 4d
5d No portals/flight spots in BfA! I think BfA should not have any of this. Mageportals would be useful again, and people would actually ride around in the world (at least on launch, im ok with them unlocking later as a questline/etc). Idea being that the bleeding world has made the skies unstable. If you don't agree you are a filty casul. (but tell me why anyway)Legionofimps2 5d
5d When did this stupidity start? I'm really curious now, just reading some old tweets from Ghost Crawler times. Take a look at this tweet. It clearly shows how concerned Ghost Crawler was over Ability Pruning. He truly understood the ramifications of removing spells from the game, even one spell. Somewhere around the times GC. left Blizzard, someone else started to implement his own personal vision on how the game should play. This is the time we got all these radical changes to the game, that not all of us like so much. Times have changed, from when Ghost Crawler held the reins of WoW and was concerned to remove even one ability, compared to now when we play shells of our former classes and the developers are mostly happy about the state of them. Truly and utterly amazing and crazy. Shows how one man in power can implement his vision, no matter what it does to the game.Babybackribb8 5d
5d Warlock suggestions I've always liked warlocks since i first seen them. Of all the classes, warlock is the only one i play alot. Here are some suggestions that i think would be badass and awesome for warlocks. - Portal Keeper Hasabel in Antorus has an ability that summons some sort of fiery rift on the ground that pops up alot of imps. This for demonology would be amazing. - Hunters have new pets to summon every new patch but warlocks have the same demons since vanilla is something i find very irritating. Yes there are these demons from the glyphs but it's still the same problem: Our choices are very limited. There is no diversity. In raids everyone has the same demon because there is a demon for dps, a tank demon, a pvp demon blablabla and that's it. why not give warlocks an ability to summon more demons? like a quest or something a bit challenging for each new demon implemented in the game? Or training to summon this demon or that one etc? So that it's not just catch it and it's yours. - Making destruction spec a bit less fiery and more fel/gooey green lava? Like what we see on Argus. These changes would make destro more unique and feel more "evil" There is alot of similarities with firemages. It's just that the graphics and gameplay are different but in the end, they both cast fire. That's why something unique for destro would be a welcome change. Here are some fixes that i think needs to be done. - Demonic empowerment needs to be removed. I think everyone knows how much of a pain it is to constantly recast this thing as soon as a new demon is summoned. I tried playing without the use of this spell and it was much more fun than i had anticipated. Just casting and throw alot of demons on the enemy is something to see. But the "oh yeah i have to cast the empowerment spell... again and again" is naah. But the damages were low so maybe something could be added to counterbalance this? Or maybe not remove it but make it a 3min cooldown and buff the damage or haste for like 15sec? Again these are simple suggestions. I'm not being a bratty boy wanting all of this asap. What are your thoughts?Joeymango2 5d
5d State of Arcane WTF are you Blizzard Guys doing to Arcane? I mean if you wanna let it die just do it. Dont let paying customers waste their precious game time on this joke spec. Before some wannabe blue guy tells me that this isnt constructive critisism, im referering to the logs throughout the whole Expansion. Just let it die. Seems nobody really cares anyway. You waste your workload on bull!@#$ ideas and we waste our time to level this %^-* up. Seems fair just to delete it. win win ;)Dicckey7 5d
5d Druid set I think this might be a good idea, that druids can get the old set from Mist of Pandaria, which one was unique and sold by Challenger Soong in the Shrine of the Seven Stars. (Waistguard of the Cycle, Gloves of the Cycle, Leggings of th Cycle, Branches of the Cycle, Sandals of the Cycle, Hood of the Cycle, Robes of the Cycle and Bracers of the Cycle) This looks so good!:DZsoltdruid3 5d
6d Alternative fix to Legendaries. Just make their bonuses a passive talent. Once a player unlocks a Legendary, he can spend one point of talent on a passive ability from a list of abilities in the "Legendary Talents". The Legendary Item will be ilvl 1000 but will not have a special ability and the player will only be able to equip two pieces and choose two "Legendary Talents" at any given times. To change the "Legendary Talents" the player will have to be in a rested area and not in combat, or use a tome, just like a normal talent. To aquire more choices of "Legendary Talents" the player will have to receive more Legendaries. Why is this a good change? first of all a player can spend a "Legendary Talent" point on an off-spec and have that available to the player. Secondly,the player will be able to choose the most desired trait he/she wishes to have(i believe this is Blizzard's vision, although they act quite differently from the "vision" they repeated over and over again) Third reason, it will eliminate any rage and anger towards Blizzard. Fourth reason, it will motivate players to play more in order to get the desired legendaries for the off-speccs.Justicer9 6d
6d Zandalari racials mon Hey mon, Just putting out some ideas as to what racials ZT’s should have when they go online. My fav: Dire Troll- transform into a dire troll increasing your main stat and movement speed by 50% for 10 seconds. While moving the ground tembles beneath you and you push everyone out of the way. Dino hide- damage over time effects last 30% less on you ( doesn’t work on bosses) and your physical damage intake is also reduced by XX Keeper of history- inscription skill increased by 100. Master tamer- tame beasts instantlyShingouki6 6d
6d Melee Zerg Fest Im not sure if some1 noticed this before, but the amount of melee BS is absurd in this game. almost every melee class has around 3-5 gap closers, 2-3 stuns, some have roots, and all of them got some slows. Casters cant do s*it ffs. interrupt>slow>(caster runs away with a spell)> gap closer>CC> root>silence>dance around so the spell will not face the melee guy and fail> interrupt again> kill. seriously either remove interrupts from the game or nerf CCs overall, you dont need to shut a caster down when you out dps them melee range and dance around to make their spells fail ffs.Emerynn8 6d
13 Jan A Thank to the DEV Team - Assassination Fix Greetings, Thanks for the Dev team finally fixing the spec. Altho we gave lots of feedbacks about scaling. But we get it after all. Last note, are the DEV teams can approve that our Wrist Lego is not increasing damage dealth by Toxic Blade ( Initial damage), Envenom and Kingsbane ( Both initial and Overtime damage ) those targets at or below %30. Confirmation would be great. Thanks again. Regards.Volcâno0 13 Jan
13 Jan Warrior Yo why does my warrior have to judge before dealing damageWayblazer0 13 Jan
13 Jan Spell animations for Resto Shamans \o/ I rerolled to shaman at ToS launch, to fix our roster, around this time blizzard decided to change various animations, and i have a huge problem with this. The main attribute of a shaman is the positional requirement of their healing, our strongest heal is Healing rain, of which they gave an animation that makes it invisible in a 20 man Mythic raid setting, i can't exactly blame my raid grp for not standing in my healing rain when its down right not possible to see where it is without actually looking for it. the old animation was way more visible, and honestly that is fairly important, regardless of wether u think the new or old animation is prettier, when talking of pure functionality, it was an absolutely massive downgrade. Same goes for chain heal, when the damage is going ham during KJ, i like to see if my CH is jumping or if my target is too far away, this was incredibly apparent with the old animation, i tried fixing this by applying a glyph to my Chain heal to make it more like the old one, but sadly the glyph was 50 wasted gold as it doesnt change the animation at all anymore. Gift of the queen echoes after 3 seconds replicating the spell on the same spot, yet the animation is so weak that no DPS would ever notice that, and actually stand still for the 2nd hit. Efflorence has similar issues with the new animation in raids like ToS, where its simply not as visible as it used to be. and then you have Blizzard, from frost mages, that for some reason now is such a flashy ground animation that u cant see safe zones on Coven, because its behind this giant flashy blue ground effect, that i dont really see the reason for, why is it important for everyone to know where the blizzard is, but not Ravager, healing rain, efflorence, or starfall? many of the aoe spell animation changes, or even some of the initial animations are extremely questionable, and i don't quite understand the design philosophy behind them.Totemgirlxo1 13 Jan
13 Jan Current game design (rant) Dear Blizzard, I fear that because of this being the EU forums, that this is a huge waste of time. Regardless I’m stubbornly going to try anyway. I miss your old game design, and I can almost guarantee you that I’m not the only one. From the start I’ve pretty much played a Warlock, and it was because of it’s awesome concept that I instantly fell in love with it. A demonic spellcaster, who lets his/her pet take care of all the dirty work while they stand back and debuff or drain some fool to a husk. These days, no offense, they’re pretty much a mere shadow of their former self. Their demons, who used to have all kind of useful abilities like cc, stealth detection, buff stealing etc., are now just.. pets. They deal some damage, and that’s pretty much all they do. Everything else they can do is either irrelevant, or so boring that leaving it on autocast is the only thing you need to worry about. Every spell I have is riddled with extra passive effects that used to be on other spells. I remember learning that Drain Soul did mad damage when a mob was low health, and that casting it instead of Drain soul or Shadowbolt was a decision I had to make mid combat. These days, you can’t go wrong. Drain soul is your only combat spell that isn’t a DoT. It’s actually Drain Life Soul Bolt, as it pretty much has the damage of old Drain Soul and Shadowbolt and the healing of Drain Life in one, boring button. I remember when kiting as a warlock was one of the most important things to learn in things like PvP, with Curse of Exhaustion, Demonic Circle, Fear (back when it was actually useful), Death Coil, Shadowflame, Howl of Terror and of course your pet helping you out. I adored the playstyle of letting your DoTs slowly kill someone while you danced like an annoying fly in front of them. How many of those spells are just gone now? • Curses are gone apart from the shameful Honor talent versions which limits you to only using one kind, and they’re now a cooldown instead of that extra passive edge you could toss out. Not to forget that Curse of exhaustion is completely gone. • Demonic Circle is a talent you have to choose, meaning you instantly lose Mortal Coil (death coil) and Howl of Terror. • Fear is a joke. No really, as soon as some even sneezes in their general direction, Fear breaks. Lame. • Shadowflame is gone. • Pets won’t help you kite no matter how well you can control them. Conclusion: Pretty much all of the spells I mentioned designed to be used for something other than damage in pvp, are either gone, or so watered down that they don’t even feel close to what they once were.   While were on the topic of spells that aren’t for damage, where have you hidden those? Remember when we had different armor spells? Demon armor or Fel armor was a cool choice, not matter how insignificant the benefit was by todays standard. The only thing that remains of these cool spells is Fel Armor’s Icon, now used for the completely passive Demon Skin which empowers an already passive shield effect. Really??, Interesting! ..not. What about Soulburn and Soul Swap, two very cool spells that no longer even exist. Haunt is a boring shell of what it used to be, with it bouncing between you and your target, damaging him and healing you. Remember having Immolate as Affliction so you could caste something of another magic school when in danger of getting interrupted? Not to mention all the group buffs we used to have, with Blood pact, buff curses, Dark Intent, etc. This is just the tip of the iceberg Blizzard. I could go on and on about how you don’t even do quests anymore for your demons, or hell, even visit a !@#$%^- class trainer anymore. About how I just feel like a dull damage bot. It feels like I’m playing a free-to-play version of a warlock, and the other half of my class is unlocked when I upgrade to premium. Well, that’s my rant. Consider doing something, anything to make this game feel like an actual MMORPG again, rather then a 3rd person MOBA.Feer49 13 Jan
12 Jan Havoc Demon Hunter suggestions for BfA Hello. Guess I'll start by presenting myself. I'm Laurin, Mythic Raider. Currently 6/11 in Antorus. I've been a Havoc player ever since the class release in the Legion prepatch last year. Cleared all the available content in the hardest difficulty as a Havoc, so I know my deal about the class. Now, I'd like to express in which points the class needs to change in order for it to survive the Legion hype. (cont..)Laurin33 12 Jan
10 Jan Assassination and Balance Changes on Tuesday since there is no EU post. Im yet to see how can a dev say FoK is not intended for single target purpose but they made arms warrior use fervor of battle and spam WW for single target and they even made a tier for that ... srsly blizz get your head out of your ..... and fix the rogues the proper way PS where is Affliction and WW 'fix' ??Kezumå10 10 Jan
10 Jan state of the arms warrior and improvements hello everyone, arms design changes much needed? the main problem with arms is it has horrible scaling and gets dumped down a spot each week of antorus since the opening of the raid. we've been top 4 at the start of antorus and now we are closing in to bottom 4. terrible design changes that makes arms not fun playing at all: while ToS had some fun interactions with our legendaries and sets, we are now back in a state were we just wait a minute (yawn) for a mediocre dmg cooldown while not doing anything the rest of the 55 seconds. there is zero to none synergies with our set after ayalas has been stomped into the ground 3 times. pressing one or two executes per minute feels so utterly underwhelming, i am hard pressed to switch over to battlelord and enjoy some FR play again just for the sake of fun. not that the dps difference would be relevant on a non progress casual specc that arms now has become. sad times for arms. from the absolute top tier and insanely fun to play at the start of the expansion to the worst and most blantant specc since vanilla in the end. how easy it would be to make arms fun again. - make overpower baseline and let it be a procc that is powerful but not overuseable/abuseable - make anger management baseline, reducing cooldowns by promoting active gameplay is a great way to add spice to a specc - make avatar baseline and/or rend - give bladestorm a relevant single target increase like fervor of battle does with whirlwind so it is a useable ST cooldown (the primary target of bladestorm takes 80% more dmg from bladestorm) - increase ayalas procc chance again but lower the rage used by it (i am fine with the overall damage but not with the procc chance) - add some utility mechanics to warbreaker such as creating a ring mobs cannot pass through for a short amount of time while players can, adding some CC/utility to its boring effect - balance other numbers accordingly (read: lower numbers) what do you think?Kitaen5 10 Jan
10 Jan Fury warrior dps So this class and spec are my favourite, and I just wanted some clarification from some pros about the normal dps for my ilvl which is 945 and I think I'm not really the best. I mean when it's multiple targets, woah I'm always one of the top in the raid..come down to a single target I don't even compete to Arms who sometimes are lower ilvl. I think mine is usually between 1.2 to 1.3 Maybe with a single target? Not really sure. And I'm a legion child btw..started playing in 2017. Thanks for your feedback in advance.Sisuthros3 10 Jan
10 Jan Balance druids are not Balanced! After quite a while of playing i've seen Warlocks , mages , dk's and rouges mostly toping the meters. i have seen all classes toping but balance druid, yeah u might say "But they have a good AOE dmg" well i should tell u that's being nerfed as well, Our only op spell (starfall) is being nerfed by 10% why? why shouldn't balance druids become op for only one patch huh? Low single dmg , low Aoe dmg what else do u want to nerf now? i love balance and i will keep playing balance no matter what u do to it... but speaking from balance druid society "IT'S NOT FAIR"Moon17 10 Jan
10 Jan BFA and pre-legion animations Hi, this might not be high on everyones list, but it is something that has bugged me since legion started. Could we please either get an option or a glyph that reverts legion melee/running animations back to pre-legion? u can keep the new ones, just give us an option to use the old ones. I, for one, cant stand the new ones. Humans have been gutted to look like they are swinging a baseball bat left to right, instead of having the old jumping animation. Some have maintained some version of the old one, but u have speed up the animation so it ends up looking awful. This includes the new running animations, they seem almost like parodies on their previous versions. The undead female running animations looks like she is running through a Meadow. also #ReverseThePruneThyru7 10 Jan
09 Jan Time and Space Hello, I wanted to post this on bug forum but i can't find it. So what's the matter: Arcane trait Time and Space: When you cast Arcane Explosion, Aluneth will echo the Arcane Explosion for 20% of its damage, at the location of your previous Arcane Explosion cast within 6 sec. This echoed explosion, however, ignores line of sight. It's useful for cheesing some stuff, but, there are some dungeons where you can pull aditional pack trough walls, and in Lower Karazhan even trough roof and floor!!! So, even though arcane has great AoE burst, you can't do AoE at all if you don't want to pull two packs at once from start to opera, and then in opera backstage you can pull all packs under upera, which is 100% wipe. I wiped few times because of this, even though I'm aware of this bug and I'm trying to position myself as far from those mobs under me as I can. I really doubt this is intented behavior, so please Blizz, if you see this, please fix it.Aleriane3 09 Jan
09 Jan The State of Havoc - 7.2.5 This is a copy! Original post on the US forums by Zarania! ( ) State of Havoc Demon Hunters Who am I? Hi everyone. It’s Zarania here. For anyone who doesn’t know me, I’m one of the maintainers of the Demon Hunter SimC module and am one of the people who writes the DH theorycraft. I like to think that I present thought out information and this post will hopefully demonstrate that. The main focus of this is going to be Mythic Raiding - I do not have any experience in PvP for this expansion and in M+ Demon Hunters seem mostly “fine” and the issues here apply there as well. Single Target - We’re ok M Goroth - H Goroth - M Maiden (smallish sample size) - H Maiden - M Avatar - 0 DH kills with public logs ( H Avatar - So, on pure single target fights we’re doing fine. Not great, but fine. On Maiden where it lines up well with our CDs we’re in the top 3 - not really a surprise since our CDs have always been great. On Goroth where there’s no extra damage phase we are upper middle of the pack, which is fine if that’s where we’re supposed to be tuned. However, given the concerns below about our cleave and AoE I question if this is where we should be ST. Avatar is a bad melee fight in general, though due to the other classes being able to maintain a bit more uptime due to things like AMS, Cloak, and leap into charge (FR -> VR has a shared CD so we can’t immediately rush out then VR back) and our HIGH reliance on boss uptime we suffer greatly here, though that comes with being melee to some extent. Sustained AoE - Extremely low M Sass - H Sass - M Host - We started the xpac with extremely good sustained aoe from Momentum + Fel Barrage triggering from our AoE repeatedly, along with TG + Bloodlet. All of that has been nerfed to the ground and the once kings of AoE are now near the bottom. During the AMA they said that Demon Hunter isn’t a “sustained aoe class” but that we’re a burst aoe class. We’ll cover that below, but our sustained AoE is EXTREMELY low. Burst AoE - Not as good as advertised M Harj - H Harj - Heroic Harjatan is more of a ST fight due to the adds dying so quickly - that’s why balance also is so low here compared to where they are on mythic. So, looking at mythic our burst AoE is extremely low as well. Looking at one of the BEST case scenarios here - I use my Nemesis on the boss (Harjatan is a giant for some reason so we can’t cheese the buff there), Chaos Blades, Meta, and a Sephuz proc. I also have up my Umbral Moonglaive trinket, as does Panzar here which inflates both our aoe. log link if you want to investigate. In the 20-31 second time period of the first set of adds, I do 50.38m damage and Panzar does 64.81. Of that, I did 32.47m to Harjatan to Panzar’s 26.55m. This means that I did 17.91m to adds to Panzar’s 38.26m. One of our rets Shouldice did 18.55m, without having up Crusade in that window, nor was he using the legendary chest DESPITE me using an aoe trinket, having up 2 CDs AND and AoE CD. Our moonkin were only slightly behind as well, again with no CDs. So if we are supposed to be a burst AoE class, why is our burst AoE so low? T19 - Good initial set In general initial tier sets are pretty passive and simple. People are learning everything that changed in the expansion and giving a basic set is expected. The tier 19 set follows that to the T - give some more fury, make our best move crit more. Over time as Chaos Strike has become a better and better button to hit due to Chaotic Onslaught, more fury generation from haste, more points in Critical Chaos, and more weapon ilvl the tier 19 bonus remains very powerful - so much so that people are finding it difficult to replace and see a reasonable gain. Sure, people are starting to drop it for mythic t20 gear but that's mainly because the ilvl is 25+ higher per slot - not because we're excited to get the new bonus.Neverlyn14 09 Jan
09 Jan Artifact passives/animations in BfA We all know we are losing our artifacts but with them comes a huge amount of extra abilities and animations. Blizz have said they may bake in some of the actual artifact spells come BfA but I'm curious about some of the other passives and extra animations. For example, I really hope they keep the wolf proc and animation for starsurge. I really love all the spell effects for enhance shammies that come with Doomhammer too, the fire tornado and the elemental spikes. I hope they consider keeping some of these as they add much better gameplay and visuals. Are there any in particular that you would like to see make it into BfA?Drufar1 09 Jan
08 Jan Delay the Wax and Wane Nerf The kneejerk reaction to nerf wax and wane doesn't seem to have been put much thought into, and it impacts balance playstyle in more ways than people might think. It should be dalyed until a proper solution to the issue has been put in place, such as redesigning the 4-set Antorus bonus, redesigning the WnW trait or coming up with another solution that doesn't severely impact balance druid playstyle. The nerf to WnW is more than just eliminating a non-intended playstyle where we spam moonfire, and the tiny buff to wraith and LS which amounts to around 1-2% dps increase when standing still is laughable considering the nerf to WnW indirectly nerfs our mobility by indirectly nerfing stellar drift. Nerfing wax and wane is a oversimplified solution to a more complex problem, please go back to the drawing board blizzard and put some more effort into trying to fix it.Fuglefaen4 08 Jan