7.2.5 PTR Feedback

1d FEEDBACK: Auction House Dance Party Thanks for testing the Auction House Dance Party on the 7.2.5 PTR! In this thread, we'd love to hear your feedback. Please share any thoughts you have on the event here. Thanks!Lore18 1d
2d FEEDBACK: Trial of Style Thanks for testing the Trial of Style on the 7.2.5 PTR! In this thread, we'd love to hear your feedback. Please share any thoughts you have on the event here. Thanks!Lore14 2d
2d PTR Development Notes - Build 23958 Today’s 7.2.5 PTR update has quite a few updates and additions that are ready for testing and feedback! For starters, we’ve activated the Auction House Dance Party event. You can participate by heading to the Auction House nearest to the front gates in either Stormwind or Orgrimmar. Please let us know what you think! We’re also keeping the Trial of Style active for additional testing this week. In fact, we’ll be hosting a “Pose with the Blues” event on Friday from 2pm to 4pm Pacific time (11pm to 1am CEST). If you’re available, we’d love to have you stop by and show off your transmog collection. If you’ve completed the Pet Battle Dungeon in Wailing Caverns, you’ll see a new Pet Battle Dungeon available for testing today in the Deadmines. Head to Breanni in Dalaran to get started. There’s also a new round of class changes ready for testing in this build, with a particular focus on Brewmaster Monks, Discipline Priests, Enhancement Shaman, Outlaw and Subtlety Rogues, Arms Warriors, and all Warlock specs, plus a few tweaks here and there for some other specs. We’re rapidly iterating on these changes (and some of them are already outdated compared to our internal test environments) but please give us any feedback you can on what you see. We’d also like to mention a couple of other pieces of content that aren’t quite ready for rigorous testing but you’ll see in this build. Black Temple Timewalking will continue to be available to test, but please be aware that it hasn’t gone through difficulty tuning yet. Feel free to give it a try, but keep that in mind. Additionally, you’ll start to see some bits and pieces of another new event: The Great Gnomeregan Race. We’ll share more details on what that is once it’s in a complete enough state to start testing. With this week’s build, we’re also going to start creating dedicated feedback threads for a few topics. Keep an eye out for those. Thanks, and happy testing!Lore8 2d
5d Pose with the Blues - April 21 Join us tomorrow (Friday, April 21) on the Public Test Realms and show us your moves in the Trial of Style! From 2 to 4 PM Pacific time (11 PM to 1 AM CEST), we’ll be donning our best outfits and strutting our stuff in the brand new Trial of Style event, which is coming in patch 7.2.5. If you’re able to stop by, we’d love for you to join us! Just download the PTR, copy your character, and find Flaskataur in Stormwind or Orgrimmar. He’ll have an option to queue for “Mog Week Tournament" – select that, and you’re off! Note: due to the way PTR character copies work, you’ll most likely be missing some appearances on the PTR that you’ve unlocked on live realms. As the saying goes, “Make it work!” Of course, we’ll be participating as well. You’ll know you’re flexing for a Blizzard employee when you see someone in either the <Blizzard Alliance> or <Blizzard Horde> guilds. See you then!Lore0 5d
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48m 7.2.5 Arms Warrior Feedback Hi everyone, As one of the few people actually playing Arms (and ONLY Arms) in high-end content at the moment I thought I might give some feedback as to some of the changes we've received on the PTR. For a while now I think Arms has been considered an RNG spec and I like the steps taken to reduce that factor. The cooldown reduction on Colossus Smash is very much welcomed by all. The other gripe I think people have with the spec at the moment is Focused Rage and our reliance on it. I like that you have made a move to try and stop the dynasty this build has had in Legion but currently it still doesn't feel like you've quite got there yet. I'll address this a little later. Continued Below.Skeng13 48m
59m Frost Mage - Stop ruining us Thermal Void Icy Veins' duration is increased by 10 sec. Your Ice Lances against frozen targets extend your Icy Veins by 2 an additional 1 sec. Frost Mage - Level 100 Talent. The change is completely wrong. It destroys the philosophy of the spec. If frost is overpowered at some point - nerf numbers, don't touch mechanics we like. You just destroy the talent that have no problems at all. This is neither the problem of Thermal Void, nor gloves, nor double lance. The problem is laid in the absence of alternatives in the last tier; Glacial Spike and Comet Storm, as well as Ray of Frost in the first tier, do not suit into spec. Frost is reactive: you need to watch your procs and use them at correct time. The better gear you have – the more procs you get. All artifact traits, set boni make us to proc more. More than 60% of my damage and casted spells are procs. And here GS (and RoF) comes….. That gives no procs, barely depends on procs (at least on those you can control of), requires huge preparation time etc. And the most important thing: it makes you proc less. It feels like your "agility" class suddenly became "strength" for another 3 sec, your fast casting Lamborghini became Ford Fiesta. But if GS is, to some extent, affected by other spells, Comet Storm just gives nothing, literally no synergy with anything in my traits, or in my talents. 1 button to smash and forget for another minute. There could be Rain of Fire, or Whirlwind, or Chain Lightning, or Cinderstorm, we would see no difference because it wouldn't affect our playstyle at all. Back in days Blizz said some bugs are "a feature", so why keeping 100% IV uptimes cause talent/gloves/double lance shouldn't be one? People like it, people play it because it requires not only specific amount of stats/pieces of gear but also corresponding gameplay, running around battleground, standing at specific distance etc. That is skillcap, that is what makes difference between average player and good player. And better skills must be rewarded. Instead of bringing some new playstile to GS (why not make it proc instead if Flurry?) and CS (replace with Ray of Frost, and give it some additional effect that scales with FoF?), you ruin something that works perfectly. That is huge mistake we see from content to content: something goes good - nerf it to the level of its letter competitors. Also, keep in mind, that Legion is all about the farm. We can't go from e.g. frost to fire in no time, we need to grind, to grind so much: AP, legendaries, relics etc. It took me like 3 months to start feeling well after switching from fire to frost, getting arcane will require even more. I think we, frost mages, must be very vocal here. Blizz is trying to remove the only fun and with significant skill cap spec among mages (ofc, fun is personal attribute, but other specs are too cyclic in my opinion to be fun).Tommikadzi12 59m
1h 7.2.5 WW Monk Feedback This is a thread for EU monks to post their thoughts regarding ptr changes on WW specialization. Please always bear in mind that this is only the beggining of the PTR. That said lets get started.The nerf on FoF makes absolutely no sense to me. This ability is one of our primary sources of damage both in AOE but in ST as well. Nerfing it by 20% really hits hard ST dps while we are on the very low end of things as it is displayed here by boss damage on bosses: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/statistics/11#aggregate=amount&metric=bossdps Furthermore, if someone goes through the rankings for boss damage 1 by 1 in some bosses situation looks even more grim for example on spellblade alluriel, a fight that monks do good, our boss dmg is just 4th of the bottom. That said someone could assume our AOE is OP. This not the case though as displayed here: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/statistics/11#aggregate=amount On a raid with significant amount of cleave and AOE during boss fights WW monk is still sitting in middle of the pack and will continue slipping due to bad scaling. Again going through the logs even deeper things look even worse than displayed from the overall chart, one can find WW monks within top 3 dps only at Tichondrius a fight which is actually complete logs padding with guilds holding bloods forever until they decide to AOE them and thats the only reason we are performing well at that fight(plus bat phase). To sum up i will post this: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/statistics/11#aggregate=amount&timespan=1000 Our power seems to have actually dropped since 7.2 so we did receive some nerf,i think that has to do with the removal of the paragon trait, amd as we progressing we seem to be a flatline regarding power progression. That is excactly what monk is atm looking forward, a complete lifeless flat line, contradicting everying a MMORPG should be, offering no feeling of progression. This spec needs some love, it is designed in such a fun way but its not fun when you are bottom of the barrel. Over the next 2 weeks i really expect us to hit rock bottom as other classes will progress more through their artifacts and ilvl. Finally, i will barely comment on it because it makes no sense but why nerf RJW target tapping? Also for more info please refer to babylonius' post on peak of serenity: http://www.peakofserenity.com/2017/04/13/windwalkers-7-2-5-ptr-april-13/Almonk29 1h
1h Guardian druid - Do not remove mark of Ursol Okay, I'm not saying we don't need a nerf. But stripping away abilities isn't the answer... I honestly think it's a bad idea to remove a fun mechanic from an already pretty simple class. Don't get me wrong, I love my bear; but making mitigation decisions based on the amount of physical / magical damage you're taking is a fun element to our class. Should I expend 45 rage on magical mitigation or physical mitigation? Is it worth it? I think it's a lot more fun to find little skill caps in a class, don't strip away abilities that work really well! Just nerf mark of ursols duration to 2.5 seconds & reduce the magical mitigation from 30% to 15%. Also reduce our baseline magic mitigation by 3-5%. Finish it all off with a tasty reduction to the cost of ursol: 35 rage. Sorted. Bam.Softpawz8 1h
2h 7.2.5 Assassination Rogue [PvP] This Feedback is for Instanced PvP Only (Stat Templates). NOT PvE or World PvP. The current live state of Assassination Rogues in Instanced PvP is utterly pathetic. The damage is mediocre & far below many other DPS classes. The 60% agility reduction in PvP is really too much and it's been like this for the entire Season 3. While on the other hand, Unholy DKs, Warriors and Demon Hunters run rampart doing thrice our damage even with Vendetta up. The devs seriously need to look into this. I'll say this again, the only thing that made Assassination Rogues OP in the past was 'Wound Poison'. The nerf to wound poison was sufficient, but you guys went further and nerfed the overall Agility + Poison bomb damage too. Please Rework assassination rogues in PvP & give us back our damage.Xaero18 2h
2h 7.2.5 Dh momentum, lets make it viable again I've suggested to increase prepared fury gain to 100fury 2 month ago and you are doing it now, thx. Now we need 1 last fix for momentum: Fel mastery - increase fel rush charge by 1 and reduce cd 10 to 8 (grants 30 fury and %30 more dmg will stay ofc) At live if you pick fel mastery and drop fel blade you are losing mobility with 2 way for both pve and pvp. Firstly you are losing gap closer fel blade. Secondly for fury regen you have to use fel rush constantly and when you need mobilty for avoid or catch something fel rush usualy staying in cd. With that way you can fix and make viable momentum build again.Solidari1 2h
2h Resilience in world PvP Reduce world PvP damage by a hefty percent, probably 90% in order to get it back to WoD standards. The situation has gone completely out of hand.Hjarta7 2h
3h Demon blades - fury generation I just tested the new patch and havoc with Demon blades feels awful now. Miss two auto attacks and you are !@#$ed. There is far too much RNG involved in this expansion. I want dps to be based on skill and not the roll of some invisible dice. Not using demon blades is not really an option as it completely destroys the ebb and flow of the battle. Using that bloody generator move just feels clunky and wrong. I will give it a try when the patch hits live servers, but I think this is the final nail in the coffin that will make me unsub. I really don't understand why they have to change anything. Sure we can deal up to 2 million burst damage on Krosus, but that will drop like a stone after a short while. We are far from being top dps with equal gear. They could equalize our dps by increasing rage gain and then adjust skill damage accordingly. The feel of the spec is the most important aspect for me and now it feels wrong.Coira11 3h
3h Why are MM hunters being ignored completely? Really though, I can't be motivated anymore to explain WHY MM hunters need a thorough look from the design team. I'm a guy who plays MM hunter to death, but right now I'm quite disappointed we are yet again ignored by Blizzard. When will the ignorance stop? When will you start communicating to us? When will you start caring? I'm so friggin done even saying this to you. Suit yourself, you'll see when you start losing subscriptions. Can u atleast SHOW u are looking into the class? I bet you can't because you won't.Pattryn17 3h
5h MM hunters op as hell?! Hey guys, wanna ask - why is MM hunter SO DAMN OP?! I have 1.9M HP and i get killed in TWO SINGLE SPELLS, wtf? I hope their will get brutal NERF on 7.2.5, this game is unbalanced as hell.. Look at screenshot i have proof also! http://imgur.com/a/qUXVTZakernadevka12 5h
7h Fire mages, we've made the wrong decision Before Legion, Blizz said : ... And yet we are, 7 months after 7.0 and some specs are left behind ( feral, fire mages, outlaw ). Fire mages was very good @release, but clearly not OP like everyone thinks. I'm not going to argue about it, another mage did a thread about it ( https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20752276010 ) ( The OP class during EN was ShadOP Priest ( not fire ), thanks to Surrender to Madness. Top guild used 5-6 Shadow for most of their first kill. ) Fire was the only viable mage spec back in EN, and thats why most of the mages were playing fire. Fire was not OP, Arcane and Frost were terribad. It was early Legion, without investment, so everyone picked the only good spec. It was pure logic. But instead of balancing mages by buffing Arcane and Frost, you just destroyed Fire, because trade chat was complaining about fire mages opness. During the November PTR test, you decided to completly WRECK the spec after several NOT NEEDED nerfs. Most of the mage community said : ... Foolishness, Nighthold is a pure disgrace for fire mages. Our T19 is one of the worst of the game and pure RNG ( T19 feral is the worst, one of the worst spec of the game ATM ). And the raid is mainly composed of ST fights with DPS-check ( Mythic ). Guess what, fire mage is the worst spec @Boss damage. During progression, some fire mages of the biggest guild of the game are BENCHED or forced to SWITCH to frost because they can't bring enough DPS. It was clear, we were getting punished because frost and arcane were terrible during EN. So fire must struggle during NH like Frost and Arcane during EN. No problem, we can be patient during one tier, its just 5 months of being the worst spec of the game, no big deal. So we were patient, we posted feedbacks on the CLASS DEV FORUM without any answer. NP we were patient. And 7.2 came out. Another disillusionment. Our new traits are MEANINGLESS and USELESS. You gave us the WORST traits among all specs. A trait that buff the raid ? WTF ? We don't want to be a buffbot. Our GOLDEN TRAIT ? Exactly 0 DPS INCREASE ST. Only usefull for mass PULLING during trash and low m+ ( where we already are good ). It was really hard to take that one, even more when I saw some golden traits from other specs ( Havoc DH for example ). To finish, the last stroke... the 7.2.5 PTR. Blizz is not going to focus on fire mages : https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17615461583?page=1#1 we are, once again, getting TOTALLY IGNORED. If you rolled fire mage, and didn't switch to frost yet, you've made the wrong decision, I've made the wrong decision. We've wasted our time investing in this spec, gathering legendaries, getting better and better. Mythic NH : https://www.warcraftlogs.com/statistics/11/ Heroic NH : https://www.warcraftlogs.com/statistics/11/#difficulty=4Mildread22 7h
8h Feedback on Subtlety Rogue in 7.2.5 Subtlety is massively improved on the PTR and it's very much appreciated. Have had a blast so far despite the lag on the PTR. Here are my thoughts on things that I think could be improved: Premeditation Premeditation should be baseline. I want to play Death from Above, I have had more than enough of having powerful passives forced on me this expansion. I fear that Shadowstrike only generating 1 combo point will simply be too weak and we will once again be forced to pick the boring passive, just like with Master of Shadows previously. Deep Shadows I love the talent, but it should increase damage while in any type of Stealth (like Master of Subtlety and Thief's Bargain), not just in Shadow Dance. I think you should be rewarded for restealths when you play a Subtlety Rogue. It feels bad to open with Subterfuge or use a Vanish and still hit like a wet noodle. The talent is basically the Legion version of Find Weakness, but it doesn't work with Stealth. Another thing I was thinking of is making it work for a few seconds after leaving Stealth, like Master of Subtlety does and Find Weakness used to. Without the extended window, opening from Stealth wouldn't feel impactful (if Deep Shadows worked with Stealth), and I've noticed it can be quite clunky to fit Death from Above into the Shadow Dance window. I'm basically trying to get Find Weakness back. It was an incredible mechanic that allowed you to do big damage at any time as long as you were able to find your way into Stealth in some way. It made the spec feel very unscripted and rewarding. Crippling Poison In the original blue post, you mentioned you were considering returning Crippling Poison to Subtlety. I want to bring this up again because I feel attaching our slow to Nightblade is quite clunky, and it shows a lot more now that we don't have the Shadowstrike teleport anymore. I understand if you want to keep poisons exclusive to Assassination, but if you added something functionally similar with a shadow theme that'd be fantastic. Focused Shurikens This mechanic will become a huge problem in PvP if left like this. With Deep Shadows, we are already able to put out big Eviscerates during Shadow Dance, and a Death from Above with 5 stacks of Focused Shurikens will do way too much damage. I also really do not want to have to gather 5 stacks of this buff before I burst in PvP. Energy Regen Concerns Subtlety is currently designed around being in Shadow Dance basically all the time, and the spec's energy regen makes this very apparent. Subtlety simply plays horribly outside of Stealth on the PTR because you don't have any energy. Our two main sources of energy are Energetic Stabbing and Relentless Strikes. Energetic Stabbing just doesn't work outside of Stealth and Relentless Strikes is less effective because combo point generation is a lot slower. A suggestion to address this is to put Backstab on Energetic Stabbing. Another is to reduce the energy cost of Backstab. Thanks for reading!Retier26 8h
9h Dark Shadows Issue My thoughts and opinions are focused and viewed in Instanced PVP. Dark Shadows is cool and will definitely be picked by every rogue but could you make it work for normal stealth as well because there are some issues that everyone can see. -Swaps! sometimes you want to just swap someone and just blow them up and the best way of doing so is vanishing so no one sees you coming. problem is that you dont have the 30% increased damage when doing so. -offensive/defensive vanish in offensive play. Vanish and stealth both cancels your shadow dance and it might happen and it will happen that you are forced to vanish while you are dancing. For example: you get rooted and it cant be dispelled.; You have to vanish to avoid damage. -rewarding to restealth. It just makes restealths bit more scarier.Onlysubtlety1 9h
10h 7.2.5 Shadowstrike... My favourite part of playing subtelty rogue is the fact that you teleport behind your target every time you attack with shadowstrike. It fits with the whole master of shadows theme that subtelty has going for it. It makes no sense at all to remove the teleport only because people don't know how/when to use it. By removing the shadowstrike teleport you are removing what makes subtelty stand out... Could you make it a toggle at the very least, so that if you want the teleport you can keep it and if you don't want it you can turn it off? A new glyph or talent could be added perhaps?Psykes40 10h
15h Blood Elf Female Weapon size Since they blues have gone silent and the only blue post about this topic is deleted I would like to try to bring it to light (which is hard on EU forums). I know some is happy with changes in weapon sizes and have asked for it for a long time, and many are not happy at all with the changes right now. Most seem to agree that the shields are the right size now. 2-handers are mostly mixed since they need to be fixed case by case mostly. Daggers its really hard to find people who like current form. One handers most seems to be depleased but some seems to like the the 2hander look on 1handers. Staves seems to be like daggers, cant find many who like them atm. The blue post reasoning for these changes was because of clipping issues with some artifact weapons which I call bull!@#$ right now since more weapons are clipping now, both artifact and old weapons. What would be the best for this is some kind of slider och individual fixes on weapons. But I guess blizzard have just some tool where the size change on all weapons or this would never have gone live with 7.2. But in the end it feels BE females mains have been really %^-*ed, the weapon size played a big part for many that rolled them for looks, and there is no really replacement for it since they where the only one with normal sized weapons. I feel even for those who are unhappy with the changes on the other races. What I want with all this is some kind of confirm and reasoning with all this, can blizzard change weapons case by case? can they keep the current shield size and go back on things like dagger and onehanders? Are they fins with taking away the only race with not oversized weapons (moments before race change went more expensive even)? Introducing more clipping issues the fixing them? And please dont show the extremes examples like thunderfury, starting daggers(toothpick) or models which share looks as 1 and 2handers (quel'serrar.Remilia8 15h
15h Can not copy hero Good afternoon. I can not copy a character from a Russian server. Error: "Can not copy" Help me please.Альзеда2 15h
16h Fury 7.2.5 So yet again you have proven that either you don't listen or you have it in for warriors in general why do I say this well because of the long list of issues that should have been fixed at the start of the expansion that still haven't been addressed. Despite this I'm going to try once again to get you to pull your thumb out and address these issues, not that I'm expecting much if your past behaviour is anything to go by. 1.) Taking extra damage and having no way to either get rid of it or control when we take it, you admitted your selves months and months go that this is a problem that you where wrong and that it needed to be address so why hasn’t it been ? Why am I still taking extra damage clearly your whole premise behind this idea is an epic failure and is crating an absolutely horrible player experience. I know that some people will tell you that it's not a problem but those people are also probably in like item level 900+ gear and from my point of view with my gear only being around 865 it most definitely is a problem and it is making playing my fury warrior an extremely frustrating and unpleasant experience so much so that actually I just don’t want to play at all. No other class in the game has to put up with BS like this so why are fury warriors made to suffer, its not like we even get any compensation for taking so much extra damage, this is incredibly unfair and not to put to fine a point on things but we have had this argument before, and if you where wrong then you are wrong now so can we finally get the extra damage taken removed and put this issue to bed. 2.) Self healing, again I'm sure that other people will tell you that this is not a problem however I'm here to tell you that it most definitely is a problem only having 1 heal on a 2 min cool down is nowhere near enough for PVE especially when I'm taking 20% extra damage constantly as far as I can tell you have tried to combine enrage regeneration and victory rush and shield block in to a single skill and to put to bluntly it is a dismal failure and you need to revert the change, because right now due to the lack of healing, no defensive stance, no damage reduction cool downs, I have absolutely zero survivability and if I get ganked which happens frequently I have absolutely no way to get out of it and I end up dead and dead repeatedly which makes me turn off the game and quit because its not fun to play. 3.) lack of utility, again I'm sure that other people will tell you that this is not a problem but again I'm going to have to contradict them because it most defiantly is a problem most every other class in the game have an array of skills which in of them selves don’t really alter combat any but make getting around so much quicker and easier, the demon hunter glide, the mages slow fall, the druids enhanced run speed, the death knights walk on water etc the list goes on and on and yet fury has had all of its utility removed why ? It's not like fury had a lot of utility to begin with so why remove what little utility fury did have, again you have already admitted that you removed to much during the pruning process so why hasn’t this been addressed? 4.) furious slash pretty much every fury warrior player has said that this skill is a pile of garbage so why hasn’t it been removed and the extra chance for bloodthirst to crit put back on Bloodthirst once again your design is clearly wrong so given that why hasn’t this been addressed ? 5.) Commanding Shout another utterly useless skill that does absolutely nothing useful, so it begs the obvious question why where helpful useful skills like shield wall removed and this one a skill that is not helpful in any way not removed makes no sense to me, given that it is utterly useless can we get this replaced with something that might actually save a raid/instance group from a wipe if things go badly like oh I don’t know a raid wide shield wall maybe would be very helpful for them times when the boss is about to do something nasty to the whole team.Bethrezen21 16h
16h Tier 20 Elemental Shaman - failed design The state of our new tier set currently on the PTR is the purest example of failed design one could find. Not only does it not synergize with any of builds we use, it also falls _way_ flat compared to the t19. Here's my question: How is it good design to introduce a new set of gear that is _less desirable_ to a player, than the old one? Do you not understand that this will force us to re-run old content ad infinitum hoping for a titanforge; that getting a t20 tier piece as it stands, will be a 'meh' moment, very much so like getting a crappy legendary? That it will force us to sim every new tier item we get and then decide - depending on its ilvl upgrade - if it's even _worth equipping_? Is it beyond your comprehension that tier set bonuses are a way you could boost classes' weaknesses in raids and that's what they should be focused on? The shaman community has suggested plenty of alternatives already - everything falls on deaf ears with you. No communication whatsoever regarding the state or direction of Elemental. Can we get some feedback? What does it take to make you people communicate - please enlighten me.Devore3 16h
17h Give "Warglaive of Azzinoth" for all?! As you know, but maybe not on the PTR (test server) #23910, blizzard have added a new feature to the appearance of "Warglaive of Azzinoth". Quote: Demon hunters can get "legendary" appearance of "Warglaive of Azzinoth". In order to get the appearance of the "Azzinoths", you must first get the achievement "Warglaive of Azzinoth", by killing Illidan in the Black Temple from The Burning Crusade add-on, loot his two blades, then go to a time travel in the Black Temple raid and kill Illidan there. After all, you will get a cosmetic "Azzinoths", which can be used for transmogrification. And now a post about injustice. I understand that these blades are peculiar only to demon hunters, but what about those classes and characters who can also equip "Warglaive of Azzinoth" ? For example, I got also these blades on my rogue, give me a chance, please use them in Outlaw spec. Or if demon hunters could equip swords, why rogues can't transmog the legendary daggers from Dragon Soul "Fangs of the Father" ? Or is it planned in the future? Please, I ask all to add your thoughts to this discussion and support! I think those who looted ''Warglaive of Azzinoth'' for another class also want to wear them!Грейнил24 17h
17h Increase the mount size for male Orcs I just got the fox mount, and I look like a total scrub on it, its too small, like 70% of my mounts, I really cant see the reason behind this, why male orcs have this small mounts?... I love my class mount, but do u even know how Orcs look on a horse? Its dumb ... really dumb ... Please increase the mount size for male Orcs!Dinoza0 17h
18h Outlaw 7.2.5 energy capping solution With the current change of combat potency and adrenaline rush, I feel like it is energy capping is still quite frequent during adrenaline rush when artifact ability is activated. I feel like to deal with this problem, saber slash should require a higher amount of energy to use (60-70 energy?), and the damage of saber slash should be buffed. This way the energy spend would be higher overall, this reduces the chance of energy capping and the damage is unchanged (you guys can work out the numbers).Lovemesenpai1 18h
18h Class trial Hello I don't know if this has already been discussed but I want to ask about the class trial - I get the message "Login currently restricted on this character" is this a bug or is made to be like this?Pinkypanda0 18h
19h Afflicition Warlock 7.2.5 70% to 40% MG is a very strong nerf, I'm doing DPS close to when I was 890 and I'm 910 now. Besides that, there is no other change to Affliction that I've noticed. 30% nerf is alot IMO.Mejren16 19h
1d Disguised anduin wrynn transmorg Give us the oppurtunity to get a transmorg like disguised anduin wrynn, i think its one of the better rogue "stealth" oneDeádly1 1d
1d UH DK - Death Coil change = 0 dps gain Unholy DK 7.2.5 - Death Coil has not buffed overall damage. Despite seeing a 15%-16% bump to DC damage on the PTR during my 6 minute dummy tests compared to what I see on live, I'm seeing around 15% fewer DC casts, a % reduction in buff/debuff uptime, such as Necrosis, Scourge of the Worlds and Runic corruption and around a 6% decrease in Clawing shadow damage. When averaging out my tests (albeit a small number of them so far) I've seen no change to our overall damage output for DKs who choose Ebon Fever and Soul Reaper as well as Necrosis for ST. Anyone else finding this?Drudgery7 1d
1d Basic Movement Speed Buff! Make WoW Dynamic! Buff basic move speed by 10% it will make game more dynamic, For a test Blizzard can do it on ptr and ask people what they think about it. What 10-15% buff speed will give to the major player base? 1) Speed up questing 2) Dynamic PVP 3) Repeatable dungeons not so enoying 4) More time for reaction on raids (Major player base will able to progress higher in the actual content and see all aspects of the game (mythic raiding)) 5) Really more than you can even imagine! Playing wow on official servers since 2006, because before not able to buy it my country, 3rd world country struggle. After a years WoW still a great game , but comparing to other mmo's WoW is slow. So lets start from the bottom and buff basic move-speed and see, how we could make wow more dynamic. p.s. (9/10M NH raider) not having problems to move from fire, but I got feeling that wow movement speed is very slow.Orlyusha0 1d
1d 7.2.5 Vengeance DH Feedback https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20753985594 There's some really good discussions going on over at the US forums and I'd like to encourage the same here as we in the EU can't contribute to it. I personally feel that Munkky is on the ball with the talents and a lot of the other posters have brought up a lot of good ideas. Let's see if we can get the same going here and keep the discussion going so developers can see this.Stàrky2 1d
2d PTR Development Notes - Build 23910 Welcome to the Patch 7.2.5 Public Test Realm! To kick off this phase of 7.2.5 development, we’d like to take a moment to give you a short synopsis of our major goals and content for this patch, as well as what you’ll be able to experience once PTR realms are active. Similar to Patch 7.1.5, 7.2.5 is what we’re considering a “smaller” patch for Legion. That said, it still has some pretty substantial content updates, including: An epic, time-twisting questline involving everyone’s favorite walking paradox: Chromie! An assortment of new events, including the Auction House Dance Party, the Moonkin Festival, and a transmog competition we’re calling the Trial of Style. Three words: Black Temple Timewalking. Another key focus for this patch is on class design, particularly for a few specs that need some extra attention. We’re likely to end up making adjustments for many specs to some degree, but we’re currently looking primarily at: Destruction Warlocks Outlaw and Subtlety Rogues Brewmaster and Mistweaver Monks Havoc Demon Hunters Guardian Druids Once the PTR realms are live, the Trial of Style will be available for testing, as well as some of our initial class changes. Talk to Flaskataur in Dalaran to test out the Trial of Style. We’re currently planning to bring the PTR realms up later this week, depending on how this initial deploy goes – we’ll let you know how things progress. Thanks, and happy testing!Lore93 2d
2d Destruction Warlock Feedback build 23910 Forum ate my post, so I'll try again. I'll try to keep to the point: 1. Resource Generation - I feel baseline resource generation is generally fine, however there are still significant and maybe even more severe RNG elements now, which defeat the purpose of the changes, IMO. The most glaring example is Soul Conduit + Soulsnatcher + Feretory of Souls combination which results in cases where you end up chaining Chaos Bolts like no tomorrow (which is fun) and in cases where they seem to have no effect whatsoever (which is not fun). I would really like to see something in-between where I can reasonably predict what will happen, as oppose to planning around praying for good luck. I would really prefer those to get Immolate treatment - where chance to generate or regenerate shards is increased greatly, but rewards lowered at the same time. For example Feretory of Souls having 60% chance to generate 1 Soul Shard bit or Soul Conduit having 50% chance to refund 3 Soul Shard bits. 2. AoE - I tried out AoE and it seems that options aside F&B simply can't sustain high RoF cost, which results in very mediocre AoE worse than Live, especially at about 4-5 targets. Considering how unweildy RoF is to begin with, being a stationary AoE DoT pretty much, I can't see how such AoE can be viable in a world where so much fast and bursty AoE already exists. F&B on the other hand does the job, but it has it's own problems. It really could be nice to have RoF at 2 Soul Shards cost, instead of having it do 25% more damage, so that we could cast more AoE spells in AoE instead of dropping down to single target spells to try and generate some shards. 3. F&B - still has no value in Single Target, in my opinion this is particularly bad because its row competitors have decent to great single target value. Considering F&B being so essential for AoE, we are again at this place where we must do a painful choice of either having actual AoE or doing decent single target. 4. Chaos Bolt - is lacking, in a world where I see 3 million Templar's Verdicts and frikkin' 5 million Lava Lashes, a spell with 3 seconds cast baseline can do a bit more than 2.5 million damage on a good day, honestly. Chaos Bolt is supposed to be some sort of ultimate Destruction Chaos nuke - a spec which is all about direct damage, it's very underwhelming to say the least once you see what other classes do with their instant nukes, especially now that you need to work harder to be able to cast it. 5. 2nd talent row - Empowered Life Tap is now very obviously the only real performance choice there, with other two being very niche at best. Eradication will simply not have the uptime to be worth it, seeing it already is struggling Live. I would hope to see Eradication and Reverse Entropy being brought up to speed, especially Reverse Entropy to offer a viable option to play without Life Tap, which, honestly, is a archaic mechanic that really has no place in current WoW. 6. Balance - I tried quite a bit and I was unable to reach the numbers I reach Live. The difference is not huge, but enough to conclude PTR is a performance decrease. This coupled with the fact that Havoc power is heavily reduced makes me hope that a balance pass will come where Destruction will find itself in a better place than Live, where it is already lacking in everything besides Havoc heavy encounters. To say it plainly - Destruction single target needs help and this is what people expect with this heavy Havoc nerf, really and current PTR is very underwhelming in that sense, as we lost a lot of Havoc uptime and seems to have gained nothing in return. 7. Grimoire of Sacrifice - this is a dead talent all the way from 7.1.5 for all purposes besides Dark Pact synergy. Please look into it - it should be competitive in the row and offer a viable option to play petless Destruction, just like we did in TBC, MoP and WoD. I think it is fine to have at least one Warlock spec with a viable option to opt out from using a pet. I am maining this Warlock since late Vanilla and I can tell you that there is more to the Warlocks than just a demonic minion and sacrificing demons for self-empowerment is as much of a Warlock class fantasy as is commanding demons minions. It is fine to have one spec centered around personal power as opposed to the power of the minions and historically Destruction was always played this way and we enjoyed this freedom from pets.Zandare12 2d
2d Destruction Warlock Hello all; So, I just tried destro on the PTR, the gameplay is alot better, I dont have to rely on RNG anymore, the shard reg. is fine, you get enough, and sometimes you are even able to do 3-4 CBs in row, its not that much less if you compare it to live, but after we lose our 4x T19 our reg might become a problem, after all thats a huge loss cd+charge, and I feel that RoF is still useless, its not the dmg, but shard cost, and maybe its time to redisgn RoF, reduce its damge, make it to reg. shards, and give it a CD, I think that RoF is just not working on live and on PTR, and that would boost our aoe a little, and fix the T19 problem.Dinoza0 2d
3d Demon Hunter [Prepared talent] Prepared talent was significently buffed but prepared build still have bad DPS so there could be another buff for prepared. Prepared [new] Vengeful retreat cooldown is reducted by 15 and now it generates 100 fury over 10 sec deals 450% normal damage. this will bolster dps by small amout and make prepared build more usefull.Shadorei1 3d
3d Demonology 7.2.5 Hello. I am here to adress the unfairness how the Warlockspecs are treated atm on the PTR. Demonology Warlocks have been treated badly since the beginning of the ADDON. The Damage was never bad but since the beginning the Playstyle has been critizised. But Blizzard was reluctant to begin work on it. Now it is one of the classes with the lowest parses in Warcraftlogs. It is STILL Dependant of Haste and now Mastery and this with Haste>Mastery and then screw it. If there is no Hase AND Mastery on the Item the Demonology Warlock CAN'T PUT THAT ITEM ON. It is minmaxing i know but a Demolock with lower than 30% Haste and 40% Mastery is screwed. meanwhile Highest DPS Affliction gets a lot of attention. Destro it's well deserved Rework. Affli recieved it in 7.1.5. Beat it and REWORK DEMO Take please a look at the class. It is not fun to play at the moment and now with the new Golden Artifact trait it has become even worse. RE - WORK - DEMOGashluck2 3d
3d macros Please add more space for macros (double or triple of current amount) per character OR in case you you don't want to "waste" disc spare for us then change current "general and character specific space" to general and class specific" so that all characters of same class on our accounts will share macros. Most people that play many characters of same class just copy macros from their main anyway. Increase the limit of letters for each macro from 255 to like double or triple too. It's annoying to be forced to shorten macros as much as possible to make them fit making them unreadable in case there is need for fixing. While there are AddOns that do that I don't think this is a good thing to be forced to download external addons for such thing especially considering there are nice perks of using "build-in" memory like being able to copy character to PTR and then just (manually, but would be good if it was automated process...) copy your macros out of retail and you are done with PTR setup. Or when some people play or different computers. Per character macro space is as big as it was 12y ago and we didn't have dual or triple or quad specs like we do now... srsly.Zbir0 3d
3d Demon Hunter: Havoc - Feedback Thread Note: This is only for the DH Havoc. If you want to discuss about the Vengeance, please start a separate thread :) The fist changes are out. And all of this are at the right way. Here the hole changes: Demon Blades’s proc chance increased to 100% (was 60%). Demon Blades’s Fury generation is now 6-12 (was 12-20). Demon Blades now does 50% weapon damage (was 85% weapon damage). Fel Barrage no longer uses charges, and now has a 1 minute cooldown (was a 30-second recharge time). Your damaging abilities now have a chance to reduce the cooldown by 5 seconds. Fel Barrage damage increased by 100%, and now deals damage over 2 seconds (was 1 second). There is a first thread about Demon Blades. You find it here: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17615371966 But I think there is a lot of more to do. The following changes are intended to reduce our burst (that is out of control) and increase our sustained dps. I hope, I can start a constructive discussion about this and your ideas. Talent Changes Demon Blades: Generate 9 - 13 fury per proc. Note: This change includes the changes above. Demon Blades: Remove damage reduction from patch notes. Note: Part of the damage increase of our sustained dps. Demonic Appetite: Increase proc chance to 40%. While in Meta the chance is doubled. Note: Reduce the amount of healing, to address the proc chance. Demonic Appetite: Every soul fragment generates 12 fury. Chaos Cleave: Increase damage by 7%. Bloodlet: Increase damage to 160% of the damage inflicted (up from 150%). Fel Eruption: Switch it's place with Chaos Blades. Note: Fel Eruption isn't at the right place, between Momentum and Nemesis. Chaos Blades: Reduce the cooldown to 1min and increase the duration to 15sec. Momentum: Increase the duration by 1sec. Note: I hope this change make the Momentum more viable again. Spell Changes Demon's Bite: Gain 23 - 27 fury. Note: Reduce RNG on resource generation. Demon's Bite: Increase damage by 15%. Note: DB isn't realy used in the most times. Therefore the damage is much lower than Demon Blades ones. Traits Inner Demons: Increase proc chance to 15% Inner Demons: Deals 1000% of attack power to the main target and 600% of attack power to each other. Note: So the trait becomes more relevant to single target dps. The main change here is the switch of the both talents Fel Eruption and Chaos Blades. So we are no longer able to stack Nemesis + Chaos Blades. This reduce our burst damage. Therefore we need some adjustmantes to other talents and abilities. Prepared needs a complete rebuild. The same with Demons Reborn. Maybe we remove the stun effect from Fel Erruption and replace Demon Reborn with a CC Ability. Like a blind for 3sec on a 45sec cd or so.Matabei7 3d
3d Affliction warlocks ignored by the Devs The only change for affliction is nerfing Soul Counduit to the ground is showing how lost the devs are with affliction warlock. See soul conduit was never stronger talent than soul effigy, but effigy is so badly designed people choose SC anyway. Now you say sc damage is over the top, that is not the case. Most of the time effigy does higher and more constant damage, but using the effigy is not fun and has many problems. Targeting and range make you having to put too much focus on the effigy, which is unsatifying to use partly becouse its damage is too low and its only there for as a soul shard generator. Overall it does less damage than low tier talent silphon life dot with absolute corruption talent+ sacrolash dark strik(+15% corruption damage) Now i see you only monitoring warcraftlogs and sc seems high but only when you have really good RNG(the cancer of mmo games) plus short fights youre dps can vary from 700k to 1M dps with soul conduit. Sometimes you get really nice damage from the rng machine and warcraftlogs only show this and you rush to nerf it. Most people would choose the more constant damage from effigy lets say 850k but becouse of its not a fun and satisfying to use people choose soul conduit. Overall the last tier of affliction talents are a mess and you need to fix effigy, the goal is players to have fun right? Make it follow its target or replace effigy and soul conduit all together and give us something fun to play with and dont force people to use unwanted talent just becouse you dont care to fix it. These changes are killing the fun factor of affliction, is this what you want? When we players are putting so much time and effort on this game and spec and pay for it, it would be nice to see the dev's doing the same. Nerfing our new golden trait 3x weaker right after release of 7.2 doesnt look promising when we are thinking do the devs really know what they are doing.Regulator7 3d
3d [BUG] Phantom Singularity Ability was corrected on live a long time ago. It is now once again hitting an de-stealthing stealthed targets on the PTRSöze0 3d
4d Brewmaster rotation on the latest build Ok, i couldn't find a Bremaster feedback thread, but i wanted to leave my feedback on the new rotation. So, i have about 16% haste. Trying the new rotation without Rushing jade wind, i was finding myself too low on energy. Doing the BoS>Keg>TPx2>BoS>BoF>TPx2. I would often have Keg off CD and not have enough energy to use it, or i would not have enough energy to use 2 tiger palms and would come to a hault. Adding Rushing jade wind to the mix would make it slightly better but again the CD's wouldn't match with Keg smash and i would run out of energy. In short, it doesn't flow (maybe with copious ammounts of haste), but the CD's werent fitting nicely into each other either. It doesn't feel good at all. Personally i enjoy what's on live alot and i think a 3sec BoS might be the best flow for the rotation. If feels fast paced and satisfying without running out of energy to do your rotation. The Tiger palm x2 just doesn't work very well. Maybe if the energy cost was reduced? But the conflicts with the Keg Smash CD would continue to exist.Nembrew2 4d
4d Affliction: Malefic Grasp & Soul Effigy So, Blizzard, I get it. You want to balance the class, balance the talents. A part of the community believes you're wrong (being blind for the effects of Reap Souls, Wrath of Consumption in Nighthold and how we won't have that in ToS). What I'd like to add is the following. Drain Soul & Malefic Grasp: I switched late to affliction. The 70% MG was already in place. Affl had a filler that felt powerfull. That actually did something. For destruction you made sure chaosbolt felt more like it packed a punch. That's the feeling I had when using Drain Soul with MF. Superpowering your dots felt awesome. Now, for the sake of (poor) balancing, you're flattening things again. Make drain soul another pointless filler you have to cast since you have nothing else to do. Soul Conduit & Soul Effigy: Stop forcing Soul Effigy, listen to your users. NO, you're wrong, SE is not simply the 'higher skillcap alternative' for SC. It's just another dot (CoA) we have to maintain but in a convoluted way. Targetting is not WoWs strength and SE will be a macroed, painfull dot we have to manage with little to no satisfaction when including it in our dps cycle. I'm sure it all sounded great on paper when you were theoretically designing this but really, abandon the idea. It - sucks. Concluding, A+ for effort. You're not affraid to make changes. But a big F for execution.Cron5 4d
4d Holy priest feedback for 7.2.5 A few changes for holy came up for 7.2.5 as listed below: Circle of Healing healing increased by 15% and cost reduced by 20%. Divine Star cost reduced by 20%. Halo cost reduced by 25%. Smite damage increased by 11%. Divinity: When you heal with a Holy Word spell, your healing is now increased by 10% for 6 sec. (was 15%). These changes feel uninspiring and uneducated to say the least. And I will elaborate on why. CoH, DS and Halo are rarely used talent by any Hpriest of merit. This is mainly because they do not interact with anything else used by the Hpriest. They have no artifact talent interactions and they have no interaction with Serendipity and our Holy words. So what will these "buffs" amount to? Well, nothing. Since these talents will never be picked either way, since they don't belong in a Serendipity-centered spec. They are relics of former Hpriest incarnations that should have never existed in this shape in Legion. The nerf to Divinity will therefore result in an overall nerf to the Hprest coming 7.2.5 since it will still be the talent of choice. What we need here is communication from Blizzard. If the purpose of these changes is to create more talent diversity by making unused talents more attractive, it tells me only that Blizzard devs are utterly detached from reality. Because of reasons listed above. I don't want to believe that, but there you go. If the purpose of the changes is because Blizzard found out that Hpriest somehow will be overpowered in ToS because of Set bonuses and scaling, with nerfing Divinity being a way to bring our healing down - Then communicate this to us! Sadly I don't personally see how this option will be the case, Resto druids have been topping the charts since release and there doesn't seem to be any brakes on that train, which leads me to conclude that devs don't understand the spec, and that is a worrying notion. I would be happy to be wrong about this though.Sezh2 4d
4d [BM] Wild Call changes are horrible. It seems like a tremendously good update for those without shoulders at a first glance, but I still prefer the current Wild Call with the chance of getting a reset at 1 second left on the CD over the current Wild Call on the PTR. The Wild Call change on the PTR is a horrible change, I'm not speaking from a numbers standpoint, I'm speaking from a gameplay standpoint. I received the shoulders yesterday and the pace the class picked up was tremendously good, with the current Wild Call on live and the shoulders, BM is incredibly fun to play, however after hopping onto the PTR to try out the proposed Wild Call change, the change is awful, it slows down the spec too much. Please, for once just listen to what the community has been asking for since beta, make 2 charges baseline as it should've been from the start and change the effect of the shoulders, I don't care if they go from being BiS to utter trash if everyone receives 2 charges baseline. Please do not go through with the wild call changes, because it's slowing the spec down way too much. The shoulders are too strong, and i agree, so change them and make their current effect baseline for everyone, do NOT change wild call. BM already has a lot of downtime and with the changes being made on the PTR, it's only getting worse. tl;dr: the wild call change is awful, the playstyle has become drastically slower and includes more downtime than live for those with and without the shoulders, owtp is now mandatory, stacking high crit is a must, you've gone from "this legendary is mandatory" to "this talent and stat is mandatory", the change was intended to bring the shoulders more inline with other legendaries, but it hasn't, it's made them worthless other than the two charges you have on the pull. That's not "inline" blizzard. This is why 2 charges should've been baseline from the start, you can't balance around a legendary that simply gives "1 additional charge" without !@#$ing around with the core fundamentals of the class.Leladya1 4d
4d Transmog Player Ensemble Can we make this a thing? I want to be able to sell my costumes on the AH and make an extra buck. This could literally spell the beginning of a 'skins' paradigm (built into a profession or something?). Please?Minyun0 4d
4d Where is the arcane buff? Since 7.1 mage need a buff. They got it, but then also got nerfed again. Wtf? Who the !@#$ was crying for nerf? Arcane mage wasnt OP after all. Its a shame with arcane mage. I dont know what kind of devs you are, but gtfo with your diablo style, and mage arcane great again.Selarîos4 4d
4d Couple of bugs with Demonology legendaries Sup, 1) I observed that Wakener's Loyalty treats Soul Shard Bits as full soul shards, meaning when you spend 4 Soul Shards on PTR, it counts as 40 Soul Shards towards Wakener's Loyalty effect. 2) Wilfred's Sigil of Superior summoning also seems to be providing far more benefit than it should, I can pretty much refresh Summon Doomguard ability with it before my current Doomguard expires.Zandare0 4d
5d Devs forgot about Shadow Satyr's Walk Design! Rogue Subtlety Shadow Satyr's Walk legendary feet aren't uptated to the new Shadowstrike design, means you are not getting anymore energy from keeping distance between you and the target because now Shadowstrike is a normal mellee ability. Overall Subtelty looks great after what I've tested. All except the Legendary Feet for Sub and is gonna take a while to get used to the new ability design. Sorry for misspelling! Cheers!Mihai0 5d