7.2.5 PTR Feedback

5d Feedback: Maiden of Vigilance Please use this thread for feedback and bug reports regarding this encounter, or related issues. Noting the nature of your group (Mythic guild premade, PUG, etc.) is helpful, as are any logs. Thank you to everyone who has come out to help test!Skordyn4 5d
16 Jun FEEDBACK: The Deaths of Chromie Thanks for testing the Deaths of Chromie scenario on the 7.2.5 PTR! In this thread, we'd love to hear your feedback. Please share any thoughts here. Thanks!Lore12 16 Jun
16 Jun Upcoming Mythic Keystone Changes We’ve been thrilled to see how positively players have responded to Mythic Keystone dungeons since Legion’s release. However, there are a couple areas in which our original design for the system hasn’t quite matched up with how things have worked out in practice. In an upcoming 7.2.5 PTR build, we’re going to try out a couple of changes to how Keystone runs work. The first big change is that we’re getting rid of the depletion mechanic. We’d originally imagined that getting ahold of a Keystone would be more of a barrier than it is, but in reality, there are so many players participating that it’s generally not too difficult to find someone with a Keystone you’d like to run. In that environment, depleting a Keystone is more of an annoyance than anything else – especially when it happens for reasons outside of your control (such as a player disconnecting). Instead, we’re going to try the following: Completing the run on time will have the same results it currently does in 7.2: you’ll get a new Keystone for a random dungeon that’s 1-3 levels higher than the one you just completed, based on how quickly you finished. If you complete the dungeon but don’t make the timer, you’ll get a Keystone for a random dungeon that’s 1 level lower than the one you just used. If you don’t complete the dungeon at all, you’ll have a Keystone for the same dungeon that’s one level lower than the one you just used. The other thing we’re looking to change is the way that rewards are given at the end of a run. Currently, when you complete a run that upgrades your Keystone by 2 or 3 levels, you’re also given a 2nd or 3rd chest. This is because, when we believed that Keystones would be rare, we didn’t want you to miss out on any of the loot you might have collected from the runs you were “skipping.” However, because of this, players tend to look for lower-level Keystones that they can easily stomp through, instead of higher-level Keystones that are appropriately challenging for their gear and skill. That, in turn, affects who they’re willing to invite. AOE damage output is preferred over everything else, because the only concern is how quickly you can clear through easy trash packs. And gear requirements tend to outpace what actually drops: if you could find upgrades in a Mythic 6, you’ll have a hard time finding a group, because the Mythic 6 groups are full of players who are capable of clearing 10+ and are just looking for an easy 3-chest. With that in mind, here’s the changes we’re planning to test: You no longer receive additional chests at the end of a run for completing it quickly. When you finish a Mythic+ dungeon, the chest at the end will contain two items and an appropriate amount of Artifact Power. If you beat the timer, regardless of how quickly, there will be a third item in the chest. Keystones can still upgrade by 2 or 3 steps, so you can quickly get to a difficulty level appropriate for you. Our overall goal with these changes is to incentivize groups to take on dungeons where they know they’re likely to see upgrades, instead of preferring keys that are far too easy for them. Once the Tomb of Sargeras raid is available on Mythic difficulty, we’ll also increase the maximum rewards from Mythic Keystone runs to level 15.Lore295 16 Jun
10 Jun Feedback: Black Temple Timewalking Black Temple Timewalking is now available for testing on the PTR and will remain open over the weekend. Please use this thread for feedback and bug reports regarding this encounter, or related issues. Noting the nature of your group (Mythic guild premade, PUG, etc.) is helpful, as are any logs. Thank you to everyone who has come out to help test!Skordyn2 10 Jun
09 Jun Feedback: The Desolate Host Please use this thread for feedback and bug reports regarding this encounter, or related issues. Noting the nature of your group (Mythic guild premade, PUG, etc.) is helpful, as are any logs. Thank you to everyone who has come out to help test!Skordyn3 09 Jun
09 Jun Feedback: Demonic Inquisition Please use this thread for feedback and bug reports regarding this encounter, or related issues. Noting the nature of your group (Mythic guild premade, PUG, etc.) is helpful, as are any logs. Thank you to everyone who has come out to help test!Skordyn8 09 Jun
09 Jun Feedback: Harjatan Please use this thread for feedback and bug reports regarding this encounter, or related issues. Noting the nature of your group (Mythic guild premade, PUG, etc.) is helpful, as are any logs. Thank you to everyone who has come out to help test!Skordyn31 09 Jun
05 Jun Raid Testing Schedule - June 8-9 On Thursday and Friday, June 8-9 we will be conducting testing of Mythic Tomb of Sargeras bosses. Thursday, June 8 Harjatan - Mythic Tomb of Sargeras 13:00 PDT (16:00 EDT, 22:00 CEST) Demonic Inquisition - Mythic Tomb of Sargeras 14:00 PDT (17:00 EDT, 23:00 CEST) Friday, June 9 Maiden of Vigilance - Mythic Tomb of Sargeras 13:00 PDT (16:00 EDT, 22:00 CEST) The Desolate Host - Mythic Tomb of Sargeras 14:00 PDT (17:00 EDT, 23:00 CEST) As always, this testing schedule is very fluid and subject to the realities of a PTR environment. We might have to change the time of a testing session, change the bosses being tested, or cancel a test entirely, due to bugs, server hardware issues, etc. Keep an eye on this forum for the latest information, and thank you in advance for testing and providing feedback. Q: How do I get into the raid zone? A: In Dalaran, Orgrimmar, or Stormwind, you may speak to Nexus-Lord Donjon Rade Sr. in order to teleport into the raid zone while it is open for testing. (The option to teleport into a zone will not be available when the zone is not open for testing.) Q: What character should I use to test the raid? A: Whichever you prefer. We will be scaling players' effective level to 110 for raid testing, and their item level to an appropriate threshold for the encounter(s) being tested. For 7.2 raid testing, we'll be granting players all the new 7.2 artifact traits IF players have done the quest to reveal those new traits. Complete the Broken Shore intro experience in order to access this quest. Q: How long does testing last? A: The primary purpose of testing is to give us the information we need to balance the encounters, evaluate how mechanics are playing out in practice, and identify bugs. Once we're satisfied that we've received that information for a given boss, we'll be shutting down testing. Usually this takes anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours, but there are no guarantees.Skordyn3 05 Jun
27 May PTR Development Notes - Build 24163 Hi everyone! There’s a few things to call out for this PTR update: First, we’re continuing iteration on 7.2.5 class changes, and this build has some pretty substantial changes for a couple of specs. Arms Warriors in particular have a lot of updates and revisions, and both Marksmanship and Beast Mastery Hunters have several changes to their Honor Talents. We’re also continuing to iterate on Tier 20 set bonuses, and have added several new Legendary items in this build. Once the PTR is up (or shortly thereafter), you should be able to find the new Legendaries on Flaskataur in Dalaran if you’d like to give them a try. We’ve turned on the Darkmoon Faire for this week as there’s a new band in town! The concert event starts every hour on the half hour. We’d like to get some testing and feedback, so please let us know what you think! This build also has a tweak to Mythic Keystone difficulty. Specifically, the amount of health and damage that enemy creatures get from each additional difficulty level is increasing from 8% health and damage to 10% per keystone level. When we increased the overall difficulty of Mythic+ dungeons in 7.2, we didn't fully account for the increase in power that players would get from their new Artifact Traits. That hasn't been a major problem just yet, but once the Tomb of Sargeras raid opens and the maximum item level from drops increases, everyone’s going to get a LOT stronger in a hurry, which will quickly compound the issue. We're making this change to ensure that things don’t get too out of hand at the top end of the spectrum. Lastly, we’d like to do another Skirmish with the Blues this week to gather some data on where PvP balance currently sits on the PTR to assist with PvP tuning. We’re scheduling this for Friday, May 26 from 2 PM to 4 PM Pacific time (11 PM to 1 AM CEST). Any data we can get at this stage will be extremely helpful, so we hope you’ll join us. Thanks again everyone, and happy testing!Lore7 27 May
27 May FEEDBACK: Tomb of Sargeras Raid Trinkets Please post any feedback you may have regarding the trinkets that will drop in Tomb of Sargeras in this thread. The trinkets will be for sale in Dalaran from Tombataur as soon as a hotfix is applied. All of the Nighthold trinkets are also for sale to allow for better side by side comparison. The tuning on these trinkets at time of posting is in the right general area, but outliers may exist and are subject to future tuning.Lore30 27 May
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35m Arena is broken In no other expansion, and no other patch has arena been so broken. I cant speak to how it works on 2.2k+ but ever since wotlk/cata we have been capping arena every week. Both 2s 3s and 5s. 5s being our preferd choice if possible since it was not so dependent on comp. This patch is all about comp and we cant seem to be able to get above 1500 with our not so perfect comp.... The relayability on CC and the insane bursts that some classes have at the moment, combined with defensives is just destroying casual pvp... Our classes have had there ups and downs throughout the years, but never have it been as broken as it is now. Just by caping weekly wins we been laying between 1600-1800 befor, now we can hardly get a win. Ill be the first to admitt we are not hardcore pvp'ers but we have been playing only pvp since cata. Finally they added mythic+ and now we too can enjoy some challanging pve, but then they go and totally ruin pvp :( I have a few characters i have been playing for all these years and i dont wanna reroll, if anything ill quit. Hope some balance is restored in pvp soon so that we can see some other dps classes then just warriors, rogues, mages and warlocks.....Dïva1 35m
11h Temporus connection feedback Since I don't see a thread for it and I can't post on the US forums with my feedback I'll just create a thread for it myself. Nothing between pre-connection and post connection was different for me, except for one thing, which was strange enough that I want to mention it. I copied and checked out 2 toons and wrote down some specifics about them. On my druid I had a specific companion pet out and that companion pet was still out when I logged in post connection. My Warlock had a specific companion pet out but did NOT have this companion pet out anymore when I logged in. My Warlock also had a specific combat pet out pre connection and I logged into him with no combat pet summoned at all. No big issues, but it does mean something went missing and more importantly, it happened for one of my characters but not the other. Hope this is useful in some way.Quady0 11h
14h No Temporus thread on EU Blizzard being lazy again?Húmúz2 14h
17h Legendaries place is in Banks only? Been talking with friends, and most of them have 6 or 7 legendaries, but they only been using two only for ages now. Saying that all the other legendaries are just stored in banks or just kept in bags. It's true that many legendaries are found very bad and useless, I'm gonna bet that almost each player here has a legendary he never used or used just for a week till he got a better one. Suggestion: What I was thinking, is making the legendaries a little more interactive with each other, getting a lame neck or ring shouldn't be as bad as when u equip it with a glove. ( the bonuses should change every week, so ppl with less legendaries wont feel left out and to allow each person to equip all his legendaries more than once or twice during the expansion ) Basically: get an extra small bonus by equipping two different slots together. Ring and glove for example gives augments the effect of your legendaries a little further. Equipping a tank Chest + Tank glove will give u a death effect, IF you die, then you will give your next friendly on threat list a buff that will reduce all damage he takes by 30% and amage done by 10% for 10 seconds. Equipping a neck with a belt for a healer or a specific healing class will empower your single target heals for as long as the shield from your neck is down and not active. It can also be made like weekly affixes, effects change every week making different combos allowing u to experiment and play with leggos making u equip all kinds of legendaries you obtain without regrets or pressure. also effects shouldn't be OP and empower by far :DShiyana4 17h
2d Classhallmount Hunter Our Wolfhawk's rightwing is twisted during flight!Hewolfke2 2d
2d 7.2.5 Legendary item upgrade to 970 Hi guys, based on Ion's last interview these are the current plans: You can upgrade your legendaries just like it was in 7.1.5 - one fast quest (probably one week) per legendary to upgrade it from 910 or 940 to 970. I don't think that is a good idea anymore. Just to give you an example: When 7.1.5 hit live, I had 3 legendaries. Now I have 9 and probably will have 10-12 until 7.2.5. This forces me to choose which legendary I want to use and some of my choices I have now like "do i equip kil jaedens burning wish for an aoe situation" or "do i change my mage ring vs sephuz on m+ trash" wont make any sence until all legendaries are maxed again. As much as I understand that you do not want to make the legendary progress instant available, it hurts my playstyle for some weeks and it also punishes me for having more legendaries than other players - i have to do the quest at least 9 times. Therefore I would suggest changing this to a "not as fast" quest, something like "3-4 weeks efford" and unlocking ALL legendaries on 970 at once. This also has the benefit, as it is not repeatable, that we will definitely not see this quest after all legendaries are maxed :P (sorry for my bad english, i'm no native speaker) SuraSùrá26 2d
2d Feedback from DK On behalf of all frost and unholy DK's to the game developers: https://youtu.be/OK4fJhbRL1g?t=41 ;-) May we meet at a local pub in northwood. Maan I will nerf youuuu :D:D:DLetmehealpls5 2d
3d Legion APP Suggestions This Legion application for our smartphones is something wonderful yet it has some missing points. Recently, everytime when I log into the app, it downloads all the time. Even I closed the app and opened right after that, still it was downloading something. This needs to be fixed. Second, at follower items, application sees only the follower items where they are in your own inventory not the ones within bank or depot. Another point to be fixed. Finally, after 7.2 patch, we have been introduced to Legion Invasions within Broken Shore. Invasion starts in a time that only you realize when you just logged to game or when you are in game. I want this application to give a notification of just commenced invasion. Notifying the app users like "Legion Invasion: Stormheim has just begun" would be so cool. Thanks for your considerations.Hvorgandr2 3d
4d shadow priests are !@#$. Traditional dps ranking by [Spec Class] is fundamentally flawed because it doesn't take into account reasonable option value. Legendaries/AP are still substantial barriers to spec switching, but for the most part players have the option to invest playtime towards what is perceived to be their best spec and we see this bias in number of parses from certain specs. I think a more relevant ranking that reflects real world raiding would be by [Class]. For example, Class A has 3 damage specs Spec 1 - Very good Spec 2 - Average Spec 3 - Very Bad Class B has 1 damage spec Spec 1 - Average Traditional [Spec Class] ranking will give the false impression that Class B is middle of the pack in the wild. A1 A2 / B1 A3 Ranking by [Class] however will reveal the effect of players min/maxing such that we expect to see A B Since blizzard servers are having a huge outage today, I decided to do exactly this. I play spriest, which is why this question interests me. Personal experience and traditional [Spec Class] rankings do not seem to match up for many people. How bad is Priest really? Terms Weighted Class dps weighted among number of parses. Spec 1 - 70 parses (100dps) Spec 2 - 20 parses (80dps) Spec 3 - 10 parses (60dps) Weighted dps of 92 (0.7*100+0.2*80+0.1*60) Min/Max Max(spec1,spec2,spec3). Using above example gives 100 dps. Avg Rank Dps consistency measured as the average ranking per boss from 1-12 using a weighted dps figure. Lower is better. If a class smashes one boss in particular but performs badly on all others, it will show as a high average ranking. A crude proxy indicator for relative dps volatility. Results All bosses, without Skorpyron (meme boss), without Skorpyron and Botanist (for spriests). Won't let me post images or links so you're gonna have to open them in a new tab. Even though mythic Skorpy isn't meme, included those numbers for comparison with heroic if you want to do that. Heroic 75th Percentile imgur.com/fibqE3X.jpg 95th Percentile imgur.com/rhsNb02.jpg Mythic 75th Percentile imgur.com/1j7IjkL.jpg 95th Percentile imgur.com/wAlMMom.jpg Best Spec per Boss 95th Percentile Mythic NH imgur.com/UPIBdrR.jpg Some observations Monk and Spriest consistently score very low across the board. Rogue is not doing very good either but we should expect their weighted dps to increase over the long term as players gain better ability to switch between specs. High Priest dps volatility between bosses goes down the harder the content (more hp adds). A large part of the performance range imbalance of 10-13% is coming from warlocks(affliction) outperforming by a large margin. When we exclude warlocks, the performance range between classes decreases to 5-8%. Shaman, Hunter, Mage see 50-60k average dps increase over all encounters by switching specs per boss. Mage is very dps volatile between bosses. A lot of Mages are sticking with fire (up to 40% of total parses) even though it is the lowest performing mage spec by 10-25%. Mage players change specs the most depending on boss. Shamans and Druids are the most "stubborn". They like to stick with their favourite spec. Consistent 60/40 split between ele/enh and 85/15 between balance/feral respectively irregardless of which spec performs better on a boss. Class Tiers From 75 percentile Mythic NH (All Bosses, Spec Min/Max), classes seem to be divided into distinct performance groupings God Tier +17.2% Warlock Good Tier +8.7% Warrior Hunter Death Knight Middle Tier +7.5% Paladin Shaman Mage Druid Meh Tier +4.2% Demon Hunter Rogue Monk Garbage Tier +0% Priest TL;DR Priest is not doing so hot in 7.2 Sheets Data pulled from warcraftlogs.comLayeth0 4d
4d 7.2.5 For the love of god, buff the underwhelming classes for PvP. It's so tiring to only see warriors, DH's, rogues and DK's. Basically said, the entirety of PvP is built around melee classes especially in 2v2. I just want to play other classes I enjoy, rather than being forced to reroll warrior. There isn't a single hunter 2200+ rating at 2v2 anymore, which was once the strongest class in 7.2Fruneirios0 4d
4d Final boss down Final boss allready solen!? Jesus the biggest raid in legion just relesed and Its cleared?? Yogg saron tok 70 days Lich King around 40days Is blizz content to easy now,then ever before and why? Whats up with some progress?Mellody3 4d
6d 7.2.5 Assassination Rogue [PvP] This Feedback is for Instanced PvP Only (Stat Templates). NOT PvE or World PvP. The current live state of Assassination Rogues in Instanced PvP is utterly pathetic. The damage is mediocre & far below many other DPS classes. The 60% agility reduction in PvP is really too much and it's been like this for the entire Season 3. While on the other hand, Unholy DKs, Warriors and Demon Hunters run rampart doing thrice our damage even with Vendetta up. The devs seriously need to look into this. I'll say this again, the only thing that made Assassination Rogues OP in the past was 'Wound Poison'. The nerf to wound poison was sufficient, but you guys went further and nerfed the overall Agility + Poison bomb damage too. Please Rework assassination rogues in PvP & give us back our damage.Xaero113 6d
6d The Future of Mythic+ in 7.2.5 In 7.2.5 Blizzard plans on removing depleted keys from the game, and players will no longer have the chance to try a dungeon a second time and beyond. This removes an entire part of the game for players who enjoy the challenge and going high. Mythic plus' potential is huge, and it would be a great loss if Blizzard let a part of it die with 7.2.5. Hopefully it's not too late. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWkERkzInxMMeowchan8 6d
20 Jun Upgrading Legendaries So when NH came along most people didn't have to many legendaries. So wasn't that big of a deal upgrading them. Now though, with all the increased chances for legendaries. Even the average casual Joey player have a decent amount of legendaries. Please don't make it another part time job upgrading all of your legendaries to 970. Make the item have unlimited charges so you just have to complete the quest once (like it had on PTR?).Nowwie10 20 Jun
20 Jun Seal of Broken Fate Please increase the capacity from 6/6 to at least 8/8, or even 10/10. RegardsAshadeus4 20 Jun
20 Jun Survival Hunter - PTR Feedback Greetings, Im playing the Spec myself since the launch of Legion as Main Spec so I thought it would be a good idea to contribute into the class deverlopement feedback. After spending some time on PTR and testing out the Survival Hunter, I came to the conclusion that something needs to be improved. We going to lose our T19 2pc ensurance of getting Moongoose Bites more constantly so the spec will feel once again more RNG Based like it did in EN. An easy improvement is to increase the value we get from Mastery to counteract this deverlopment. My suggestion would be : 520 Mastery Rating = 1 % Mastery that would be roughly 20% Mastery at 10600 Mastery Rating + 4 % Baseline Mastery = ~ 24% Mastery 48% Mastery on Flanking Strike In the current Version of Mastery we get 1% Mastery for 800 Mastery Rating which would be at 10600 Mastery Rating : 13,25% Mastery + 4% Mastery Baseline = 17,25 % Mastery 35% Mastery on Flanking Strike Note: ... If someone else has feedback regarding Survival Hunter it would be cool if you join the Topic and share your constructive opinion. YumurosYumuros12 20 Jun
20 Jun 'Target Scan Enemy (hold)' for pvp hey, targetnearestusenew 1 or 0 both suck. 'Target Scan Enemy (hold)' is most reliable. BUT! i need 'Target Scan Enemy PLAYER (hold)'. thanksDancingdays1 20 Jun
19 Jun UH T20 and DA, intended or bug? Is the T20 2p intended to only affect the player and not pets such as Dark Arbiter and Ghoul/Belcher? Also on that note, the Dark Arbiter currently "descends" from the skies rather than just appear, resulting in some situations where it wastes up to a few seconds of cast time doing nothing. Is this on the radar to be addressed atm?Broxidur0 19 Jun
18 Jun Broken Belt models I've noticed in the latest PTR patch a lot of the wrath style WWE belt models are now currently broken and appear as flat textures. at least on the human female character model. it seems fine on other character models. Anyone else seen this?Minako5 18 Jun
18 Jun Void Eruption needs to be instant After having played ALOT of shadow priest the last month, the pvp talent that makes VE be instant, makes everything so much smoother. This really needs to happen baseline for the spec. The dmg wouldnt even go up noticable, its just the smoothness and feel of it. Blizz. This needs to happen. Should be a fast and easy fix.Grimline2 18 Jun
17 Jun Update problem 7.2.5 is out? Great.. How do you even start the update? It doesn't want to auto update.. I've been "checking for updates..." for almost an hour.. Any clues on how to fix this?ßlinded0 17 Jun
17 Jun Tier tokens & lack of info on rolls It is ridiculous in my opinion, for tier tokens that drop to STILL not display the actual end "rolls" of the item before they are opened (and 99% of time untradable). All around annoyance for all organised raiding guilds using any semblance of loot distribution. For example, Officers/Loot masters have to gamble (like all other things in Legion) whether or not to give the piece to a player who already has the tier equipped but could benefit greatly from a high potential wf/tf roll or a socket, or to give it to some trial/social who doesn't have tier yet. Or maybe you some other player who only wants that tier piece in niche situation when he has to swap his items around to fit in a different set of legendaries. You may have differing opinions on who "deserves" that piece of loot in the situation I described above, as the decision making/priority for loot distribution is unique for each guild. However what I am complaining about is the needless lack of clarity/control that can easily lead to regrettable decisions/situations where players feel shafted by an RNG system (again). Is there really any reason to hide this information for reasons other than a maybe existing technical standpoint?Bicolascage0 17 Jun
17 Jun Feedback on Subtlety Rogue in 7.2.5 Subtlety is massively improved on the PTR and it's very much appreciated. Have had a blast so far despite the lag on the PTR. Here are my thoughts on things that I think could be improved: Premeditation Premeditation should be baseline. I want to play Death from Above, I have had more than enough of having powerful passives forced on me this expansion. I fear that Shadowstrike only generating 1 combo point will simply be too weak and we will once again be forced to pick the boring passive, just like with Master of Shadows previously. Deep Shadows I love the talent, but it should increase damage while in any type of Stealth (like Master of Subtlety and Thief's Bargain), not just in Shadow Dance. I think you should be rewarded for restealths when you play a Subtlety Rogue. It feels bad to open with Subterfuge or use a Vanish and still hit like a wet noodle. The talent is basically the Legion version of Find Weakness, but it doesn't work with Stealth. Another thing I was thinking of is making it work for a few seconds after leaving Stealth, like Master of Subtlety does and Find Weakness used to. Without the extended window, opening from Stealth wouldn't feel impactful (if Deep Shadows worked with Stealth), and I've noticed it can be quite clunky to fit Death from Above into the Shadow Dance window. I'm basically trying to get Find Weakness back. It was an incredible mechanic that allowed you to do big damage at any time as long as you were able to find your way into Stealth in some way. It made the spec feel very unscripted and rewarding. Crippling Poison In the original blue post, you mentioned you were considering returning Crippling Poison to Subtlety. I want to bring this up again because I feel attaching our slow to Nightblade is quite clunky, and it shows a lot more now that we don't have the Shadowstrike teleport anymore. I understand if you want to keep poisons exclusive to Assassination, but if you added something functionally similar with a shadow theme that'd be fantastic. Focused Shurikens This mechanic will become a huge problem in PvP if left like this. With Deep Shadows, we are already able to put out big Eviscerates during Shadow Dance, and a Death from Above with 5 stacks of Focused Shurikens will do way too much damage. I also really do not want to have to gather 5 stacks of this buff before I burst in PvP. Energy Regen Concerns Subtlety is currently designed around being in Shadow Dance basically all the time, and the spec's energy regen makes this very apparent. Subtlety simply plays horribly outside of Stealth on the PTR because you don't have any energy. Our two main sources of energy are Energetic Stabbing and Relentless Strikes. Energetic Stabbing just doesn't work outside of Stealth and Relentless Strikes is less effective because combo point generation is a lot slower. A suggestion to address this is to put Backstab on Energetic Stabbing. Another is to reduce the energy cost of Backstab. Thanks for reading!Retier88 17 Jun
16 Jun RET 7.2.5 FEEDBACK ! ! ! ! ! I'll start with a dramatic note! Everything your doing to ret is 100% wrong. Okay now that the drama is over.... you need entirely rethink your pvp and pve changes to ret before you ruin the experience in all aspects of the game for the spec, PLEASE. 1) The lawbringer change is a terrible So your punishing ret for actually being able to do good aoe dps (due to the 4th golden) that has clear counter play. Yes the slowest pvp class in the game that is not even remotely hard to kite in rbgs could do good aoe if you were within 10 yards of them.... that aoe is getting destroyed to pathetically low levels because it ret was starting to get to nearly 50% representation of ranged specs in rbgs (the horror!) and because we're just slightly above half of the specs in the game for arena. In addition ruining this talent also mechanically changes the spec with the removal of the extended judgement window. Despite that being a mainstay of ret pvp since launch and the only other melee in the game with a similar mechanic (warrior) has a talent does the same thing which is not being touched. Despite tons of feedback about how you could just reduce the aoe that lawbringer provides (not remove, since we shouldn't be PUNISHED for a trait that is supposed to make our aoe better) you have completely ignored it and instead want to ruin the best pvp talent and make a huge mechanical change. The easy suggestion btw is to have targets that are judged by Judge not extend the judgement effect. You would keep the extended judgement window on your initial targets and the Judge unworthy effect would fade like it does in PvE.....but apparently that makes too much sense. 2) Your PvE nerf to Divine Hammer So you don't want to ret to take an AOE talent for ST fights, I can respect that and the really simple solution here would seem to be to make our BoW talent not so terrible and random in nature. We have 2 different effects that randomly add Hopo, why don't you understand that this syngerizes very poorly with the random nature of BoW. Not to mention that BoW simply is not very much of a dps increase. Rets PvE aoe is not the strongest in the game...it isn't even close. Why are you nerfin the aoe talent in order to "buff" the ST talent? I don't even remotely understand this logic. The easy solution here is to make BoW a little less terrible. That will make rets take it for ST fights, crazy I know. 3) Your attempt to make Hand of reckoning relevant. Again this talent is going to go through the exact same roller coaster of a disaster that Holy Wrath did. Due to its long CD and need for enemy targets to play into it the ability is never going to be balanced. Due to its huge drawbacks to make it decent you will have to make it a near one shot mechanic if your target is low at all. Lets also consider RBGs where having the death buff is not uncommon. The moment the death buff comes up if this ability is normally dangerous it will become a totally uncounterable 1 shot, which is going to be stupid and overly powerful. You will then nerf soon afterward and ret will be in the position of being a complete dumpster fire of a pvp spec. Again let me bullet this out 1) Lawbringer change is too much and really unfair, if you want to reduce (not remove since punishing a class for its 4th golden is bull#@!$) then just make targets that are debuffed with judgement beyond the first two targets fade in pvp even with lawbringer. Rets extended judgement debuff has been in the game since lauch, there is zero reason to suddenly remove it. Doing so will greatly hurt ret alone by itself. 2) Stop nerfing Divine hammer because you don't want to make BoW not terrible. Ret PvE aoe is not even remotely unbalanced. BoW is a lackluster talent with awful synergy, you need to redesign it. 3) Hammer of reckoning is a bad talent and will not be balanced in pvp. In fact if you attempt to make it strong enough to be relevant in pvp the OP combination of it + death buff in rbgs will pretty much guarantee that you will nerf it soon after the patch drops, leaving ret mechanically screwed by lawbringer and with no good final tier row pvp talent.Kiryaneca15 16 Jun
16 Jun 7.2.5 FIRE MAGES NERFED ? old Item - Mage T20 Fire 4P Bonus Pyroblast and Flamestrike increases the damage of your next Pyroblast or Flamestrike by 10% for 8 sec.new Item - Mage T20 Fire 4P Bonus Pyroblast and Flamestrike critical strikes increases the damage of your next Pyroblast or Flamestrike by 10% for 8 sec.so you nerf the worst spec of the game, for no reason, and that's it ? Nothing else ? No more balancing ? Do you intend to let fire mages in that horrible state, and avoiding to communicate with us ? Are you kidding me ?Mildread6 16 Jun
16 Jun Shaman enhanced 7.2.5 Dps shaman enhanced is a joke ? Why is so bad ???Demonxl3 16 Jun
16 Jun 7.2.5 Arms Warrior Feedback Hi again everyone, I'm updating this post to reflect the latest changes (build 24236) and so as reference points I will refer to these changes as the 'latest changes' and any references to the last build that gave us updates will be called 'previous changes'. The changes we've had since I updated this post last have been quite substantial so I will try to fit it all into these 3 posts. I'll start by talking about some of the gear we have had on the PTR since the previous changes. The tier set bonuses have me somewhat happy and somewhat sad. On live and throughout the expansion, Bladestorm/Ravager have never been used on a single target and with good reason; they're intended to be for aoe. The tier changes this and will have us burning all cooldowns with Bladestorm/Ravager and it will be our big DPS cooldown for any number of targets. I like the idea of broadening our kit to make us more versatile but it just feels boring to me. With Ravager it feels okay since you still get to do your Battle Cry rotation but with Bladestorm you just press a macro and wait for it to run out. I'm happy about the damage, however, and the fact that the Mortal Strikes can be affected by things like Shattered Defences, Sweeping Strikes and Focused Rage. The new legendaries tie in with the tier sets pretty well and im pretty pleased with them overall. The helm seems very strong but it doesn't change the gameplay of the spec too much like other legendaries we use (Archavon's/Ayala's for example). The ring can be quite fun and maybe something for people who still want to use Focused Rage to play around with although, as I will speak in more detail about later, Deadly Calm doesn't seem like it will be very competitive in tier 20. Draught of Souls also received a nerf and with good reason. I'm glad we won't be pigeon-holed into using that trinket for the rest of the expansion and it seems to me that the day the patch arrives we can take it off. I'm not the trinket's biggest fan and I'll be happy to see it go. I want to touch on the traits now as I like the changes. Shattered Defences no longer gives 30% crit in exchange for an additional 30% damage. This is a great change in my opinion. It effectively doubles Shattered Defenses' power during Battle Cry, hopefully leading to us actually using Colossus Smash during our Execute Battle Cries. Precise Strikes no longer reduces rage costs and instead gives 10% crit per point. This is another change I really like for 2 reasons. Firstly, the rage reduction previously tended to confuse me a lot of the time. I often didn't know how much rage I would be using on the next Mortal Strike and had to use addons to track when I would have a max-rage execute. Using Archavon's or aquiring new relics confused matters even more. Now with the crit we know exactly how much rage will be spent without the use of addons and we get more higher chances to crit off the back of a Colossus Smash outside Battle Cry compared to live. Another change we had was to Will of the First King, where in the previous changes this trait was buffed from 1 to 2 rage. Not the end of the world but not entirely necessary as it was a nice quality of life boost to our aoe and not too much of a power increase.Skeng56 16 Jun
16 Jun BM Hunter [PVP] BM got a hard pvp nerf i hope you take a look and sort that out.Welcome1 16 Jun
15 Jun [BM hunter] Feedback [PVE] Mantle of command: The new 5% damage on direbeast/frenzy is not only uninspired and not exciting it's also very counter intuitive when playing with the dire beast talent.(makes you want to spread out dire beasts while it's better to "pop "them right before a BW) Relic nerves vs t20 2p/4p: What i don't get here is that our two bis relic are getting a significant nerf and then the tier2p/4p set get's a 50% buff. I do not agree with how this is being balanced. Let's be honest BM is not the hardest spec to play but these changes make it even more forgiving and makes the class even easier to play. The whole thing with BM right now is planning your BW so that you can get the optimal ammount of kill commands out of the window. Which is fun and there is a noticeble difference between a good BM and an avarage one this gap is getting smaller and smaller as these "nerfs" make the class even more forgiving and less exciting to play and to master. Here i would much rather have the relics reverted to their old state and then the t20 2p/4p being balanced arround that. The new ring(dire stable talent): Don't like the talent choise at all, it's either better then the belt in terms of ammount of kill commands you get off in the BW window or it isn't (and it probably isn't), it doesn't change how you play in any way and feels really lackluster. That's my two cents.Aceventurra3 15 Jun
15 Jun 7.2.5 WW Monk Feedback This is a thread for EU monks to post their thoughts regarding ptr changes on WW specialization. Please always bear in mind that this is only the beggining of the PTR. That said lets get started.The nerf on FoF makes absolutely no sense to me. This ability is one of our primary sources of damage both in AOE but in ST as well. Nerfing it by 20% really hits hard ST dps while we are on the very low end of things as it is displayed here by boss damage on bosses: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/statistics/11#aggregate=amount&metric=bossdps Furthermore, if someone goes through the rankings for boss damage 1 by 1 in some bosses situation looks even more grim for example on spellblade alluriel, a fight that monks do good, our boss dmg is just 4th of the bottom. That said someone could assume our AOE is OP. This not the case though as displayed here: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/statistics/11#aggregate=amount On a raid with significant amount of cleave and AOE during boss fights WW monk is still sitting in middle of the pack and will continue slipping due to bad scaling. Again going through the logs even deeper things look even worse than displayed from the overall chart, one can find WW monks within top 3 dps only at Tichondrius a fight which is actually complete logs padding with guilds holding bloods forever until they decide to AOE them and thats the only reason we are performing well at that fight(plus bat phase). To sum up i will post this: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/statistics/11#aggregate=amount&timespan=1000 Our power seems to have actually dropped since 7.2 so we did receive some nerf,i think that has to do with the removal of the paragon trait, amd as we progressing we seem to be a flatline regarding power progression. That is excactly what monk is atm looking forward, a complete lifeless flat line, contradicting everying a MMORPG should be, offering no feeling of progression. This spec needs some love, it is designed in such a fun way but its not fun when you are bottom of the barrel. Over the next 2 weeks i really expect us to hit rock bottom as other classes will progress more through their artifacts and ilvl. Finally, i will barely comment on it because it makes no sense but why nerf RJW target tapping? Also for more info please refer to babylonius' post on peak of serenity: http://www.peakofserenity.com/2017/04/13/windwalkers-7-2-5-ptr-april-13/Almonk147 15 Jun
15 Jun Name Plate Class colours Hello, There is no longer an option (that i can find) that enables / disables class colours on freindly nameplates. It is permanently turned on. Please can this be addressed as though it may seem trivial it is effecting my gameplay espcially during raids. Many thanks The sockSocksoflight0 15 Jun
14 Jun On the Feral T20 nerf... I get that the pre-nerf set was maybe a bit too strong, but as a feral main since MoP, that also tried out the set on PTR, the playstyle was just too much fun! Maybe the set bonuses could be something like: 2p: 2 energy per tick 4: 5 or 10% increased dmg and 5 or 6 seconds increased duration I think the energy regen is the most important part. This would keep the playstyle alive while still being a decent nerf. If the damage is still too high, reduce the damage on the base ability or the other abilities. Just don't touch the damn playstyle! The feral community is a small but passionate community. I sincerely hope that Blizzard reconsiders the nerf.Streetfarm0 14 Jun
14 Jun Outlaw discussion ... What about other buffs? Grand Melee is too weak right now, and if others are getting buff this one needs it more then anything. Same as Jolly Roger its weak. ... I personally can spam fast enough not to overcap energy during AR most of the time. Making AR 50% might make the fast phase of Outlaw rotation not as fun as it is right now. I understand the changes to energy, but please dont make Outlaw one of those specs where you fall asleep (Assa rogue, BM hunter), change of the rhytm is good and fun.Maryjay4 14 Jun
14 Jun 7.2.5 Predictions & Worries About Legendaries Edit as of 06/14/2017, with 7.2.5 released: Seems we didn't get a way to target legendaries and they reduced AK's cap to 40, given this, my points are even more of concern as new people / alts are incredibly hard to get to a competitive level for any semi-serious raider. Though, I believe Blizz knows this and come 7.3 or a major hotfix, we will be seeing upgrades here, otherwise they'll assumingly lose plenty of people. Sources discussed in the thread: http://ptr.wowhead.com/news=264578/7-2-5-ptr-build-24163-data-updates-new-legendaries-arms-warrior-changes-tier-20- http://ptr.wowhead.com/news=264186/legendary-rings-healing-items-and-upgrades-in-patch-7-2-5 TL;DR: Allowing targeting of legendaries is now vital (doesn't mean the game dies without it, it's not an absolute), given how many they are, 3 legendaries *possibly* in late 7.2.5 or 7.3, more legendaries to come. Introduction (skip): Thank you, Blizz, for making thoughtful changes and listening to us with new set bonuses and what-not, it goes to show that our feedback, even if not tied with a blue post, is heard. While I don't agree with some of your changes, I can see why you did them and how they play as a whole and can only hope people will try to give you structured feedback on them in the future, regardless of how they feel personally. But that Broken Shore doe-e-e-e-e. Either way, good job overall, thanks for allowing me to enjoy such a nice game. What we know so far: - They've added new legendaries to the PTR, class-specific ones. - They've added new ring legendaries specific for each class What I speculate about the 7.2 legendaries: - Their drop-rate has certainly increased. I'm getting a legendary every 2 weeks without doing much content on my main DK and the same goes for my other chars. What we can say: Certainly the number of legendaries is way higher than on release, amounting to about ~12 for each class with the latest build of PTR as of May 24th. This is all great, but unfortunately, it creates an insane trip for new characters / new-comers and leaves absolutely no room for a senseful gear up of any new chars, therefore, it creates a feeling of "why do I even do this?" if you didn't get the "right ones". In short: Not being able to target legendaries, given how many of them there are will now be an even bigger problems. So, My predictions: - I think they'll simply increase drop-rate for them, so people can get up to speed even faster. - I think they'll allow 3 legendaries come 7.2.5 late or Argus, when new ones are to be added, with a strong tie to the lore for this "As we approach the ultimate evil, we need more power." My suggestions to the dev team: Legendaries are the carrot on the stick and for many, it's a way to keep going. Unfortunately, I feel the balance between give vs. receive is awfully off in terms of this. Mainly 'cause if you got your first 4-5 legendaries and they're all not as good as you'd hope for, while if you raid HC, it's not an issue, it still feels dreadful, atleast to me and the people I know, therefore, please allow a system to target them. - Therefore, allow for targeting of legendaries, but add in the surprise element, in the sense that if we get a "Legendary Essence" that we can exchange for any legendary we want, therefore, when you see it pop up on the screen, you'll be screaming and shouting, but in the same time, the happiness is lasting and gives a sense of completion. (Grading legendaries where the better ones cost more is a very painful situation, because this implies the dev team has their own ranks which might not correspond with what the community is thinking, say, if the Giants Ring for DH is now the best, from logs, perhaps the dev team finds the wrist the best and has a higher price, therefore, don't touch this, just a flat item as exchange should be fine.) - Understand that you guys have a certain goal of balancing legendaries, HENCE, people won't stop after their "BiS", legendaries are getting more and more balanced. You've done an amazing job with the resto druid, where now, almost all legendaries are good and you can swap safely *cough* hands *cough*. I feel that, while some classes are off the charts with how different legendaries are between each other (DKs, Pallys, DHs) in terms of output, some more changes will bring them closer to each other.Skeewy9 14 Jun
13 Jun Why isn't Concordance Capped in Rated PvP? Can someone explain why Concordance isn't capped to One-Point in Rated PvP? This is a horrible decision and favors the 24x7 PvE grind-bots over those who actually enjoy WoW PvP (lol?). If Concordance is capped to One-point, then atleast we have a chance of playing PvP on our alts. Whatever happened to 'PvP should be based on skill, not gear'. Why did you guys remove the Gear vendors when you were only going to replace it with a worse possible mechanic - AP grind. And why should we be forced to grind AP to get an advantage in PvP? 52 traits is already too much to grind if you have 10 alts with 3 specs each. But on top of that the new ridiculous 'Infinite trait'. If you wanted to create a Time-sink, please leave that with PvE, don't mix it with PvP and ruin the whole game for us. This decision goes against every Player of the PvP community. Seriously, what is wrong with you guys? It's like you don't want us to play WoW anymore.Xaero12 13 Jun
13 Jun DH - Demon Blades Im gonna scream out, but without the belief and knowledge in beeing heard.... I was, with others - glad to see the change to demon blades in earlier PTR build. BUT today you guys really destroyed that joy - as we all see it is gone back to live 60% chance again. Demon blades is a huge problem for DH, and to solve this - you give it 100% - and cut elsewhere if you absolutely have to (We are 6th class atm in SIM) - because the playstyle is broken as it is now - where we can have one good pull and 10 bad ones with/if bad RNGs on fury. I really hope this is not going to live, as you will continue to ruin a great class... FIX blizzard, FIX!Rùnar5 13 Jun
13 Jun Concordance For my Caster- Duration is too short. By time I've reacted to the proc, cast what I need to do, it's over with. Extend by 2 seconds please. For my Tank- Vers' is useless. Another rng mechanic that's pointless. Very rarely lines up with inc dmg or dmg requirements. Change to either a flat % increase for Sta/Str (Agility), or make it on use, to use as an actual tank cool-down with a cool-down duration which matches the internal avg of other classes (60 secs)? Either way, do something please. Also, any chance you can respond to having at least read this post? The activity is so poor by "Blues" I feel that you asking for feedback has become nothing more than lip service and our posts are more and more becoming wasted efforts.Mysticdude72 13 Jun
13 Jun Demon Hunter Major Rotational Changes! http://imgur.com/a/Vh1xV Thanks for all the effort Blizzard. It looks like you really careLechucky2 13 Jun