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45m Decided yet? I am gona play prot warrior and i'l probably die a lotIronjawbob16 45m
49m First thing :) When i login the first thing i'll say is........I'm home Can't wait to hear the sound of Brill , the tingling sounds. Can't wait to kill kill that lv 10 gnoll near the beach and get his eye Can't wait to bug out and fall trough the elevator in UC Can't wait to wait for zeppelin again I don't remember was chat and AH connected between the cities back than?Lifemetall2 49m
2h Will Classic release before 2020? What do you think?Arrowelf24 2h
2h "Vanilla" or CLASSIC? So. As the title says, do we want a vanilla version of wow or do we want the >"CLASSIC"< experience. I emphazise CLASSIC here because if we release 1.12.1 just as it is now, it will NOT be the CLASSIC experience that we had back then. If we release it as is, we will have a 1.12.1 vanilla client but with Legion-like addons, 10 ~years of Vanilla veterans who have played vanilla servers ever since TBC. Since the release of the game in vanilla, Ragnaros was for a very long time, and might even be today, the longest undefeated boss ever. (I am talking from release, not from after Majordomo was cleared.) I think it was ~160 days or something. On the private servers, after the launch of a server, they defeated Ragnaros after A WEEK. Absolutley rediculous. Whether you like it or not, purist or not, this will NOT be the CLASSIC experience. I, (and I think I speak for many when I say that), we want the CLASSIC experience. The unknown vast landscape ahead of us, where nothing was explored etc. Realizing, however, that this cannot fully be accomplished without having to make an entire new game, in which the classic topic is entirely void. BUT, we can change somethings that will NOT break the game, it will be the same game but with some tweaked mechanics, changed spawn spots etc so that you have to re-explore it. So, here's some example we can do to give a somewhat similar CLASSIC experience and not a vanilla version where the veterans will have so huge of an advantage that it will be gamebreaking because of that alone. 1. Removal of all or atleast most of the addons So, any of you veterans out there from the old days, know that vanilla addons existed but they were most of them quite bad and not really accurate in many respects. For example, BigWigs were VERY inaccurate so that if people waited for a certain timer to go down and pop something, it might be false at times and make people waste their CD's and actually cause more harm to the fight than good. Today, this is not the case. The timers are nearly as, if not, as accurate as the retail timers. There's addons now that show the healing-prediction of your heals on a target. It helps with mana ALOT and this was simply not the case in vanilla. Sure, there was HealBot and the like but the accuracy was garbage. The addon Questie works just as the modern questhelper, this is also sort of gamebreaking in my opinion. Instead of reading the quest and ask friends when you cannot find it, you just see the location instantly. If you are a veteran you really don't need this addon anyway, this would just increase the immersion for new players. The argument that "addons existed in vanilla, and they were improved overtime in vanilla" is a garbage argument, no offence, but whether you like it or not, the addons that exists today comes nowhere close to that of the vanilla ones. If that argument was valid, then the retail LFG should be implemented aswell. LFG existed in vanlla through innkeepers and the meeting stones, but with a very flawed design. Just because Legion-like addons exists on the private servers doesn't mean that it's an authentic vanilla addon. These addons was developed with 10 ~ years of experience. So if you're gonna go "addons existed in vanilla" then I'm gonna say "LFG also existed in vanilla, bring us legion-LFG" which of course is an abomination to any MMORPG, especially vanilla. But the point remains, the LFG argument is just as valid as the addons argument. Addons I find acceptable would be things like: Damage Meter, Threatmeter, and some form of moveable UI. I can mention more such as ElvUI etc, but enough about addons, you get my point. 2. Change the available consumables (not remove them) So, what do I mean with this? Well, all the known buff places such as DM tribute, songflowers, different pots etc are all known by now and you use every single one of them these days and it makes things a whole lot easier. I still think they should be in the game, just change their locations and names. For example, the songflowers in Felwood could be named to something completely different and moved to, uh, some cave in Swamp of Sorrows or whatever. Rename all the cooking consumables, maybe move them to a different profession all together. Move DM buffs to some special event in Scholo or Strat or whatever. You get my point, get things to become unknown again and have to become re-explored. 3. Change boss tactic Not sure how much you should change, but atleast change the boss' tactics. Either make new mechanics, equally difficult or more (definately not easier), to make it unknown and people have to re-explore them. This will especially be fun without BigWigs. If you want you can change the trash mobs tactics aswell, but aslong as it isn't moving away from the vanilla-type nor making things easier. These changes brings me to point 4. 4. PTR only for few select people that you trust With this I mean, make sure there are NO leaks from the PTR or beta or whatever, there should be little to NO guides at all on the bosses before the release. Let all have the SAME experience in exploring the new things. Edit: Infact, no PTR at all for any of the pro players, keep it in the Blizzard company to prevent as much leaks as possible. 5. Absolutley no gamebreaking QoL This should speak for itself. Here are some examples of what I feel can be ok as an QoL update: (Tbh, I'd prefer not to add any at all, but I feel that if it would satisify some, I don't really find them too gamebreaking.) 1. Guild banks 2. Maps inside dungeons (while being inside the dungeon) (For example, if you were in RFK and pressed M you would end up in the Barrens. This QoL would give you a map of RFK instead of the Barrens.) Things NOT acceptable: 1. Making not so viable specs viable. (Boomkin, Survival Hunter, etc) 2. Dual-Spec 3. Group-finder Let me explain something about Dual-spec. Eventually re-speccing costs 50 gold per respec, this is not something all just had in their pocket ready to be spent. People had to go and farm for it if they had to. What this accomplishes is that when they go out to farm, they provoke the possibiity of world PvP, which is one of the main features of vanilla. Dual-spec removes a huge part in this, so Dual-spec is a no-no. This post is all assuming that Blizzard will keep to this and won't introduce more changes because of these. Whatever happends, God bless!Astralogion356 2h
2h Why dualspec can't happen I've read a lot of pro dualspec and guild bank posts and i want to explain why it can't happen or at least why it would be a pretty bad idea. Let me get this straight: Though having a guild bank would be a comfort only feature too, dualspec would bring significant changes into the gameplay, kind of like a butterfly effect. In classic, going to the class trainer and respec everytime is not an affordable option in the long run, especially when you are farming gold for your level 60 riding skill, the 30 gold (stacked at max. i think) you pay every time will break your neck. Also let's not forget about repair/raiding costs. So this mainly forced you into one spec, which led people to actually dig into and really learn the spec they are in, which in the whole picture made people "better" players in terms of understanding their class. If you where a healer, it really sucked to just grind or basically do at-level quests (plaguelands etc.) which made them then call for guildmembers/friends-you've-made-while-leveling for help, and that also added to the uniqe social aspect of the game, because things like this sometimes formed friendships. In my memory, healer usually got the most support by guildmates/friends when asking for help, which was for the most part beeing helpful and a nice person, but also you didn't want to piss off your life insurance, because you know, you can die really fast in UBRS when the healer takes his time healing you ;) When it comes to the guild bank, its kind of an ATM/Bankomat and in-bank cashier comparison. Having no guild bank takes more people and work to function, but it's also more personal and controlled, plus there was much more trust involved (which sometimes got taken advantage of, unfortunately) Having a guildbank would basically be like an ATM/Bankomat situation, more unpersonal and less work, but it would take away some ingame interaction. Very little, but still. And that's why things need to stay classic and as they were back then.Fearge123 2h
3h Classic goldsink? Goldsink for Classic WoW? (For future) - We are more efficient at farming gold - We know best places for gold I'am afraid that after 3-4 Years of classic there is too much gold in the economy, and all the prices of items are all over the place because of how efficient we are nowdays and how much we know about the game so i think there should be some backup plan to have a goldsink if the economy gets messed up big time in the foreseeable future. Opinions and thoughts?Spearkeeper87 3h
3h The endgame is finite; should it be? No matter in what state Classic is going to be released, the endgame will end at Naxxramas. It will be a long a challenging journey for players and in a way an end to the game. There are other activities to pursue, but those are naturally also finite I reckon. From doing all quests, max out all professions, attaining Grand Marshal/High Warlord in PvP, et cetera, it all ends in some way or another. I'm not leaning towards having a change in Classic or otherwise, but I do believe this should be discussed so a decision by the Blizzard overlords can be made. I believe it can be interesting to have separate servers which offer seasons as many other Blizzard games currently use. This can apply to the end-game (PvE & PvP) and/or the whole servers (including/excluding patch progression). The purists will (probably) say that absolutely nothing should change as this is not how vanilla worked and will invite more change. However, this also means that Classic in the long term will lose relevancy and may die out. What do you guys think? Would something like seasons work for you? EDIT: Clarified that I'm suggesting an alternate server type, to exist beside 'true Classic' servers.Adune67 3h
4h Starting patch: 1.1 or 1.12.1 I'll start by saying that this is just my opinion, everyone has their own tastes and I respect that. I can't wait to see Classic released but the more I think about it, the more I'm scared about what will actually end up being delivered, and my main concern is exactly the starting patch. When Blizzard announced Classic during blizzcon it was said "authentic vanilla experience", but what does that mean exactly? Does it mean we'll get to re-experience Vanilla as it was back then (excluding bugs and exploits) with the same patch progression? Does it mean we'll get a 1.12.1 server with everything out from the very beginning? Does it mean we'll get some sort of middle ground, where raids get released as times passes but talents and other things remain as they were in the last patch? The term "authentic vanilla experience" could mean literally everything, and in my case it means re-experiencing everything as it was back then with patch progression, and honestly, if it's not like that, I probably don't even know if I even want to play on these realms. I personally don't care about the other options. As I said already, these are just my thoughts and I know a lot of people might not agree with me, what are your thoughts on this subject?Keala39 4h
5h Visiting the old website Inspired by classic announcement and a huge WoW fan. I've played with some html editor and put something together. How's that look? Screenshot: Edit: Just found out there is old archive for WoW website. Never mind!Norgannos5 5h
8h We need LFR in classic!!!!! Discuss...Ratkaisija11 8h
9h Rest your minds. I made a topic, and it did somehow not get posted, so I make this one much shorter. I've been experiencing this game for a long time, and I really look forward to experience the fun times again. Put your own life in perspective, to make that old movie enjoyable , you need to take a long break to find it good again. For many of us wow is about relaxing, but when we are overstimulated it turns into stress. Our minds trying to tell us standing in Dalaran is fun, but it really just about filling the gap (freetime) in our lifes that we created. I don't hope for many changes to classic, but the biggest change for most of us is to take a break and be bored until classic releases, maybe find something else for a while. I been off for 3-4 months, and hope to be off until classic releases. Because I think thats the only way to make it fresh and new and really have fun again. So if you really want to experience it in the best way, take a break and rest your minds from this game and hope that the release date is not anywhere soon. the further the better :D See you.Vtrr6 9h
15h Is there survey on "why people want classic?" Hey, I just wanted to know if there is a survey on "why people want classic?" Which would translate to what patch version, what changes, etc... To me it seems there two main parts: Content [A] and Gameplay [B] [A] pre-cataclysm azeroth (level 1-60), onyxia-pre & class-quests, etc. [B] slow leveling, no LFG-tool, old talent-system, buying new skills every other level at your class teacher, etc. and a minor part of other things [C] grafic, servers down on Wednesday morning, waiting login queue, etc. For me, [B] is accually what I want. When I suspended my subscription during vanilla and buring crusade, I always choose "to expensive" as reason... starting with the LFG-tool and WotLk, I choose "I don´t like the way the game evolved", with hitting its peak @ Cataclysim, where I bought the expansion+3month and played only 1month... after that I didn´t even buy the expansions when they came out, but later in a sale (and only 1 month at a time... or overall) I accually don´t need vanilla classic, if blizzard would change everything in [B] back with Battle of Azeroth. but as I am part of more like 1% (?) and 99% don´t want [B] (back)... its fine that BoA will stay this "new" way... I mean sure - for nostalgic reasons - I would like to play [A] stuff... but I am going to KEEP playing classic not because of that but becasue of [B] I was just wondering is there any survery that investigates this difference between [A] and [B] further... (or maybe someone else even wants to distinguish [D] comunity, 40-raids, trade chats, etc...)Moonburn18 15h
18h Removing addons = PROchange Being for the removal of addons is PROchange. Don't act like you are against changes, but u want to remove all addons, which include the standard blizzard UI. Yes a standard installation gives u about 6 addons. Stop being such a hypocrite for wanting to remove all addons while saying you represent NOchanges.Nostalxrius21 18h
20h What class will be most needed? So I remember playing on my 58 priest and my guild convinced me to do the BRD quest to get attuned for MC because they needed healers. So what classes do you feel are going to be most needed this time around? I imagine people are going to treat the game differently. So do you think people won't experience the "Looking for tank!" since people know tanks will be needed?Zarmac16 20h
23h Removal of Dishonorable Kills Post below credited to Gnubbish - Vanilla player without a sub: A suggestion I feel will improve the Vanilla WoW experience: Removal of Dishonorable Kills! What are Dishonorable Kills? Its like an Honorable Kill, but it is received when you or someone in your party/raid kills a civilian, such as a quest giver or a vendor. Upon receiving a Dishonorable Kill, your PvP rank progress is instantly reduced, which means you have to spend much longer farming BGs until you get to your rank goal. Dishonorable Kills were added to the game to prevent people from corpse camping quest givers or auction masters, which could potentially shut down an entire zone. Why are Dishonorable Kills a problem? With such a severe punishment for killing Civilians, when Dishonorable Kills are in the game it is no longer possible for serious PvPers to join into groups with strangers to do PvP. If someone in your group decides to start killing civilians then everybody will suffer for it. In retail Vanilla, players noticed a drastic reduction in city raids and world PvP, as a direct result of the addition of Dishonorable Kills. City raids are, to me and to many other Vanilla players, an integral part of the game, they are a lot of fun and really gives you the feeling of being at war with the other faction. Another factor that highlights the bad design of Dishonorable Kills is the fact that most people on the server don't care about amassing Dishonorable Kills. Someone who doesn't care about his PvP rank can just endlessly kill civilians without any punishment at all. Same goes for someone who already finished his PvP rank grind. Whats the alternative? This is not an easy question, but if we are talking about PvP servers, I would argue that this kind of gameplay disruption is to be expected. If someone is killing your questgiver, you can either wait for him to get bored, go to another zone or make your own ganking squad and fight back. If quest givers are being corpse camped every single day, in alot of different zones to completely stop players from leveling, then mass reports and griefing bans are a possible answer. You could also make quest givers unkillable. This is problematic because in a city some quest givers will call for guards to attack invaders. As a city raider I should be able to kill the civilians to prevent them from spawning guards over and over. For PvE servers, I see no problems with keeping Dishonorable Kills in the game. If you play on a PvE server you cant expect to do city raids or large scale outdoor PvE. Seems fair to me. What about the essence of Vanilla? NO CHANGES! As I said earlier, Dishonorable Kills were not in the game when it launched, nor were they added at the same time as the PvP system was implemented. This is why the harmful effects they had on the game were so noticeable; players had enjoyed raiding cities and doing large scale world PvP, but suddenly they were no longer able to. Which is to say that removing Dishonorable Kills makes the game more like its original form, and its hard to argue against making changes to allow city raids in a World of Warcraft. Thanks for reading and sharing! If you disagree with something I wrote, please specify which part and why.Kamodus385 23h
1d wow classic release date please! Please Blizz, I cant sleep anymore! give us a release date and take my money! Give us the wow classic (no changes) we all have been asking for SOON! : D Warrior prot .... fire mage .... holy priest .... It's going to be awesome!Norwich9 1d
1d Open letter to purists Saying there should be no changes always seemed so nuts to me. There are so many changes the vanilla devs would have done with more time and resources and not fixing those things for some purist reasons is insane. I don't want vanilla and its ugly models or retarded AH or chat system for nostalgia's sake. I want the vanilla flavour, where you have to do epic things to receive epic things, where hard work is rewarded. I would personally even want some quality of life changes that fit into the vanilla spirit, that you'd add not to make life easier, but because it makes sense. An example of this is graveyard placement, a graveyard shouldn't be conveniently placed just because it's a pain in the !@# to corpserun, it should be placed where you would place a graveyard in that world. And furthermore I'd be open to even expanding in some ways, there is fundamentally nothing wrong with expansions, they just did them all wrong. They had to make the old content obsolete so people would be willing to buy the new expansion but you could rather easily make Outlands relevant without discarding all the old content. You could for example make each zone a challenging rep farming zone to open new raids, with world PvP or something. I also like the fishing book and flying mounts could probably be salvaged by changing them drastically. But maybe you just want to relive your glory days, faults and all, and that's fine. I personally want a good game that feels like vanilla, and improving on the great concept that WoW was back in the days seems like the easiest way to do that.Integrator89 1d
1d Guilds on Kazzak It's probably a good thing everyone isn't doing this but...! Is anyone from the guild Vendetta on Kazzak still around? Progression horde wise I suppose we were #2 with Synergy beating us by a fair bit. I actually created a new free account to be able to log on and I saw some old members, like Lecardinal. However it seems I am not allowed to talk to anyone in game! Very annoying... So if you vanilla Vendetta guys from the server Kazzak are still around and plan to play some classic let me know! Arex, Beejay, Lecardinal, Walle, Loth, Amn, anyone? :) /Dulg, TahazielDulg0 1d
1d Guilds from Vanilla Post your Guild Name - Server/Realm - Faction (Alliance/Horde) that you played on. If you don't follow this you wont be added. I'll get a running list and update it daily(ish). That way we might find old friends that have left but are coming back due to the announcement. Updated 24/11 Alliance: Aggramar -Deeprun Pest Control -Touching Cloth -We Brake For Nobody Ahn'Qiraj -Passion Al'Akir -Deliverance (Might be on Balnazar) -Strength and Valour Alonsus -Treasure Hunters Anachronos -Chaldkydri Arathor -Artificial -Dirty Danes -The Imperium Argent Dawn -Clan Silverleaf -Equinox Aszune -Exalted Legacy -Hands of Justice Azjol'Nerub -Hexxus -Outland Raiders -RAGE -Snakeeyes -Spirit of Ishaps Boulderfist -Decus Caedo -Twisted Brotherhood -Wipe Club Bronzebeard -Chimera -FortyTwo -The Burning Blade Burning Blade -Eternal Reign -Norwegian Elites -Phalanx -Runners -Serenity -The Blooders -Twilights Cho'Gall -AntiCastSuperStar -Kill me I'm an Autoclicker -Le Clan Stonewood Daggerspine -Kaamos Darkmoon Faire -Fekete Sereg Darksorrow -CRIT -Czech Renegades Darkspear -Divine Souls Defias Brotherhood -GROM Draenor -Prodigy Dragonblight -BoB -Custodis Ex Luminarium -Northstar Dunemaul -The Nice One Eonar -Pandemonium -Peons -The Logical Cube Frostmane -First Wave -IzadorsFans -Oblivion -Omnipotence -Revelation -Rising Sun Frostwhisper -Infinity And Decerto -The Relentless -Vanguard Gul'Dan -RITTERCLAN Haomarush -Far From Ordinary Hellscream -Blood Inc -Brave Heart -Capisce -Elysium -Fate -Illusions End -Novus Orsa -The Undutchables Lightbringer -Awakening Khadgar -Paradise Lost Kilrogg -Aspiration -Dark Souls -Era Kor'Gall -TJPF Magtheridon -SOULKEEPERS Mazrigos -OUTNUMBERED Moonglade -Shackled Neptulon -Kings of Azeroth Nordrassil -Army Of The Light -Bloodline -THE FELLOWSHIP ELITES -Venus Quel'Thalas -The Paradox Machine Ragnaros -Amicitia Ravencrest -Europe Ravenholdt -Redrum Inc Runetotem -Chaldkydri -Consortium -Muffin Mayhem -Order of the Silverflame -Spark Scarshield Legion -The Covenant -Unfinished Sympathy Shadowmoon -Interaction -Intruders Shattered Hand -Divinity -Everlasted -Saru Wasa Silvermoon -Divine Supremacy -Shadowz Sporeggar -Domina Polonia -Snow and Blood Stormreaver -Absolutum Dominium -Adamantica -Brotherhood of the Wolf -Fluffy Bunnies -Forgotten Legionaries -Masquerade -Never Raid Sober -The Core Crew -Transcendence -Reclaimers -Post Mortem Stormscale -Core Talnivarr -First Blood -Omega The Maelstrom -Twilight The Sha'Tar -Nightmist Empire The Venture Co. -Chronology -Illuminati -Ni Hao -Ye Olde Goone Squade Thunderhorn -Sacrificum -Sword Saints Turalyon -Angels of The North -Legendary Masters Twilights Hammer -Alzheimer (Unsure if he meant the disease or if that's the name :^)) -Lamer crew Twisting Nether -Ki Vashj -Aeternum Vale -Enigma -Rubicon Warsong -Wings of Fate Xavius -Immortal Legion Zenedar -Dragon Legion -Exiles of Fate Horde: Aerie Peak -Outbreak Aggramar -Boys From The Horde -The Dominion -Vengeance Al'Akir -Aztecs Alonsus -Malice Anachronos -GoGG Argent Dawn -Talons -The Plainrunners -The Voodoo Azjol'Nerub -The United Warthogs Bloodfeather -Aspire Boulderfist -Hate Bronzebeard -Conviction -Sanitarium Burning Legion -No Regrets Cenarion Circle -Souls of The Haunted Owl Chromaggus -The Friendly Fuzzballs Daggerspine -Synergy -Vendetta Darksorrow -Replica Deathwing -Dark Guard Dragonmaw -Malevolence Incarnate Earthen Ring -Ad Noctum Emerald Dream -Outlaws Torn Emeriss -Famine Laughing Skull -Cry More Lightning's Blade -Brethren -Crit Happens -Obliterators -Ruthless 7 -Society of Sensation Frostmane -Non Phixion Frostwhisper -Northern Lights -Zylos Hand Genjuros -Horizons -Nightmare Haomarush -Grammarpolice -Grudge -Orbital -Prophetia Nocturna -Whipe Hellscream -Cult of Necronomicon Kilrogg -Bloodhound Company Nordassil -Epsilon -Horde Empire Ragnaros -Kentucky Fried Gnome -MoX -Nivlheim Ravencrest -DNM Ravenholdt -Bloodpack Runetotem -Order of chaos (?) -Slackers Shadowmoon -Lost Chapter Sunstrider -Hordcore -Keepers of the Darkness -Pet gnomes inc -ENDGAME -HYBRIS Stormreaver -Blood Axe -Chosen Ones -Grumpy Old Vikingz -The Inner Circle Sylvanas -Aloria Tauren Mill -Awakenings The Maelstrom -Misanthropes II The Venture Co. -Fates Encompassed -The Sentenced Vashj -Illuminati -Integra Xavius Bloody Mess Clean Out of luck Zenedar Artificial Breath Credit to "Brahmu" from NA forums for the ideaMool395 1d
2d Purism is partially about consensus You have a change you want to vanilla, right? Maybe you think we need modern models, or easier leveling, or heroics, or a class rebalance, or dual spec, or a dungeon finder. The issue is, you won't get to pick the exact set of changes. Without purism, Blizzard will take the changes they perceive as most popular. Some will be what you want, others not. Even with a strict cutoff for popularity, bad changes will pile up - for example, oldschool runescape requires 75% player approval via voting for any change, yet every other PvP update annoys skillers for inflating the economy, every other bossing update annoys PvPers for inflating gear power levels, and there's a rising sentiment that the game is getting away from its 2007 roots. Purism is a Schelling point. Maybe you want dual spec and think it is a trivial and small change. But you don't honestly believe that they'll stop there, right? "No changes" is a clear line in the sand that we can draw and agree on as a group, even if everyone can think of some minor individual change they'd support.Druidc96F65946 2d
3d Play the character, not the account I am incredibly looking forward to everyone playing a main character and being known by their name and class. Like hell I am going to have a list of multiple level 60s as I have multiple level 110s. Going to play mage, throwing portals around and giving water to my healer pals like an altruistic mfer!Lillyme9 3d
4d Is 2h fury viable? I've read about having retribution paladins and enhancement shamans being desired as users of Nightfall in raids but, what about a fury warrior specced in using a 2h weapon? In paper it would do more damage, also, it won't be a hindrance for melees in Ragnaros since they don't have mana.Leisapra13 4d
4d WoW Classic Design Survey for /r/ClassicWoW Apologies in advance if there was already a thread created about this but I've had a look around and can't see one. Link to the post in question: Normally an innocuous poll like this on an unofficial channel like a subreddit wouldn't be any cause for concern but the response by Ornyx has alarmed me: ... Now don't get me wrong, I'm not completely opposed to polling the community to get a sense of what they want out of Classic but I think this poll in particular is completely off-base. For example, more than 52% of applicants at the time of this post are advocating that the Classic team "periodically balance classes in the future", an idea that has, for the most part, been lambasted on these forums for a slew of reasons, not least because it would dump a whole new pile of work on top of an already large development effort. To me the poll results seems staggeringly different from the general consensus here on the Classic forums, which leads me to my first point; This unofficial survey is completely open to abuse. The poll itself is open to anyone that wishes to participate, there is no barrier to entry such as needing an active or formerly active WoW subscription, therefore the results are completely free to be manipulated by people who were opposed to Classic servers being made in the first place, or people that simply want to troll. I honestly find it very disconcerting that Ornyx is suggesting using these results as a "base" for anything. Another point I want to make is - There have been multiple interviews with J. Allen Brack and other Blizzard staff in which they have gone on the record to say that Classic servers are about "preservation" and an "authentic experience". Many of the questions raised in this survey seem to actively go against the kind of experience described in these interviews, so why take heed of the results in the first place? What if, hypothetically, this poll were to ask whether people wanted Death Knights to be added and the results were 95% in favour of it, should the Classic team then actually begin to consider this as a good suggestion just because of some poll results, or is the team going to be faithful to recreating Vanilla? To sum up, I strongly believe that using results from unofficial polling channels is a very dangerous idea and in no way should things like this be considered as a "base" for the Classic community's opinions. I understand that the community managers don't necessarily have any development power and are mainly here to liaise and convey information, but I find it alarming that inaccurate and potentially harmful data like this may influence design and development decisions in the future. By all means, feel free to poll on official channels such as this forum but I still believe that results like this should be largely ignored, mainly because a lot of changes demanded by the community in the past lead WoW down some undesirable paths. The Classic mantra should be to recreate Vanilla as faithfully as possible.Friction27 4d
4d Alliance and horde on pvp server. Hi i'm actaully very exited for classic servers (even tho i started in wod) I am for #nochanges but that depends, The only thing i want to be changed is possible that you can make an horde and alliance charather on the same pvp server. In original vanila you couldn't and i think when classic wow is launched you should be able do it that restriction doesn't make sense in 2018 and infact on private servers there you can make cross faction. So what's the worst that can happen over this change or if its inplemented in the first place idk. What are you guys thought? #nochangesRuckuis17 4d
5d Some boss abilities shouldnt hit pets. Now before everyone comes at me with nochanges like an idiot let me explain my self. Pets are a unique part of the hunter class and in some fights you simply cannot use them. I am not talking about fights that you can pull them out from an aoe and then sent em in. Thats actually good gameplay and rewarding for good players. However bosses like shaz or kel thuzad or shaphs frost aura just dont allow the hunter to use a pet. Its not like 100 dps from the pet is the end of the world but it feels wrong. Pets should be able to handle all fights with proper play. Hunters are such a fun class but this detail always annoyed me.Holyvita43 5d
5d Return to Graveyard Seriously, this button needs to be in Classic. I don't care if you're a purist or not; some things just create a massive workload for GMs which won't be feasible any more. I seriously doubt Blizzard will be interesting in having a zillion tickets opened every day. I get that some parts of the Vanilla experience can be interesting; like deleting your hearthstone (which wasn't allowed btw) and jump-bugging your way into Dalaran. But when your ghost falls off the NE zone (remember that quest with a demon sitting on a frickin' tree?!), it's pure frustration. Like being a level 8 noob wasn't enough. Give some of that QoL!Felsome30 5d
5d Funnest class? What is your favourite class to play?Wéhttab13 5d
6d Server Options I remember J Allen Brack saying that they're implementing a classic 'server option' for World of Warcraft when Classic was revealed. His words own words at BlizzCon last year. This got me thinking. Will classic be its own client launched from launcher or will it be a server option within the current retail WoW? If it's the former, not the latter, can we expect to see PvP, Normal, RP and RPPVP servers in Classic, seeing as this will be a feature we will lose in BFA with the exception of RP servers. Any thoughts? I haven't heard any news on this.Sybirah1 6d
14 Apr Classic wow new models or old graphics? Do you think that classic wow will come with an option to have the latest model and graphic settings that we have at the moment?Zalunja500 14 Apr
14 Apr You think you want Classic, but you don't! All these people saying they wanna play Vanilla because it was ,, better”.. You are just nostalgic  Don’t get me wrong, i miss a lot of things from the older expansions like: Feeding your pet, walking to the cities to get some food and train your spells every few levels, buying reagents to activate some spells and it was a big mistake if you forget to buy them when u are in raid. I miss class quests, i liked that the professions were more useful. The world PvP was way better, there were no flying mounts everywhere and you had to walk on foot to get any of alliance/horde bosses in the capital cities.. and more, and more... Honestly i really like a lot of things from the past... BUT! Most people say they want the old community? You need to realease some things.. the community that you want.. i don’t think it will ever be the same BECAUSE: first of all, alot of people from that time don’t even play WoW anymore. Another thing: when WoW came up back then in 2004 it was a whole new game. Everyone was noob and people had the need to help each other. Nowdays things won’t be the same.. There is wowhead and youtube, google etc... and now everyone knows every quest, every item and all PvE tactics, what gear to choose for a single boss etc... I told you what i loved in the old WoW. Now i will tell you what i DON’T and why i won’t go back to play Vanilla again. First, all these things that you call ,,difficult” like all that farming some stuff for a weeks or even months?? Walking 30 mins to return your quest, fighting a mob for 2 min etc.. guys, this is not difficult.. this is a waste of time :/ But when i was a kid in 2005-6 i had a lot of time to play 15+ hours every day. Now things have changed.. and it’s not only me, it’s mabye about the 90% of the oldschool playerbase. Most of them already have a job, kids etc.. but nvm. Also i don’t wanna go back and play a 12 years old game with the old engine, and without any new content. What when you get lvl 60 and clear all raids and dungeons? You gonna cry for TBC? Seriously? :D You remember the good things, but i feel like you don’t remember the bad... like wall jumping, bad working line of sigh, overpowered bosses and mobs and all others small bugs and annoying stuff.. And don’t tell me that Blizzard are gonna remove the bugs and update the engine, graphics etc.. Because it won’t be Vanilla anymore, right? Pesonally, i like the new WoW ( of course, there are things that i don’t like in Legion but.. it’s normal  ) I like the graphics, the transmog option, the achivements, i like that my mounts are not in my backpack lol.. I even like the LFG because it gives a chance to everyone to experience the new content. For these people who are saying the modern WoW is easy and nod hardcore anymore? Have you ever tried Mythic raids or 2400+ PvP? Or +25 mythic dungeon? Today game is made for everyone.. noobs are farming LFR, pro guys are doing Mythic. Noobs are stuck on 1300cr, PROs are doing 2700+.. You still need a good hardore guild if you wanna do the hardest endgame content. Don’t get me wrong, i miss a lot of things from the older WoW, but still i thing the modern WoW is better and nice to play. Btw, i like to see Blizzard are trying to take back some old things but it’s still not enough. First i was happy with the lvl scale zones because i love to see zonez like STV full of people again and the world PvP looks a bit more live. But this will end soon when they make all realms PvE because all low levels will keep it off.. but nvm i did another post about that :D So guys, tell me what you think about all these stuff... and sorry if my english is not so good.. not my native ßamzê59 14 Apr
13 Apr Raid progression and atunements. I have seen several people discuss the issue of raids becoming almost obsolete with later patches in Vanilla mostly because tier 0,5 and the introduction of ZG and AQ20 gave peopel easier acces to gear that would be better than the earlier raids. But what if beond the usual atunements raids would requier a second atunement of sorts. What if a charracter would need to have downed every boss in MC (new quest) before being able to enter the likes of ZG / BWL. Could such a quest / atunement solve part of the problem?Grimsh6E074943 13 Apr
13 Apr My take on how to make Classic work So I have been thinking about exactly how Blizzard could make the old game work on their new architecture, and the more I considered it the more I realize it very likely won't be exactly the same. This is only my opinion, and is based on my understanding of the game and my experience with product development. I personally hope it's as close to it's 2004 release as humanly possible, but I wanted to be realistic in solving the issues. TLDR Old architecture is horrendous and didn't scale effectively whatsoever There will be a tremendous demand for initial release, with a massive drop off shortly afterwards People will want to change servers and play with friends, but the isolated server feel was an important part of the experience There will be future demand for additional patch content (TBC, Wrath) They could actually add in an authentic classic experience inside the current game instead of a separate client Classic "servers" could be modern shards that are a single persistent world but allow you to change manually at some cost and make merging servers seemlessToyen3 13 Apr
13 Apr What "solution" made classic wow possible? When Blizzard announced classic servers they stated the reason for them changing their minds on this (since they had stated in the past it was too technically difficult) was they had found a solution/way around the problem. Does anyone know what the "solution" was? (other than having a bunch of programmers rewrite the code to work with modern hardware).Waith15 13 Apr
13 Apr Classic WoW will be a succes So I've played vanilla wow for a week now (lights hope) and I am having a blast![ I also bought 30 days of wow time so I would feel a little less guilty towards blizzard... ]. Here are my thoughts: The thinks I liked a lot: - People were constantly forming parties for questing - people were much more social compared to modern wow - Professions are a thing again - great economy - the old talent system is just great, everybody has his own role. - the combat is slow, but so much nicer. You have to think before you attack - no heirlooms, thank god - no transmog The things that should bother me: - No mount till 40 --> LOONGGGGG walks - No dungeon finder - fighting --> drinking water --> fighting --> drinking water --> etc. But the above didn't bother me at all.... And I think many people are going to like WoW Classic. It's just like the case with Runescape3. They made it so much easier. They also added a transmog like function and etc. Because RS3 is so easy, nobody needs each others help. So there's little playing together. You just farm through the game. I also encountered the fact that players on OSRS are much more social. Oh and I forgot: Both (late RS2)-RS3 and wow after warlords of draenor ruined the economy. In summery, I think its about this: About the feeling that everyone is equal and that you need each others help to complete q's and dungeons. It takes an effort to play. You also actually need to learn the tactics to complete a dungeon and oh mannn when you finally get that item you want there's so much satisfaction. I am confident that wow classic will be a succes! What do you guys think? I apologize for my English (I have played WoW since BC, yeah I know that's not vanilla) (I have played Runescape for many years: RS2, RS3, OSRS)Macbamelam41 13 Apr
4d Recruiting for lvl 60 Raiding Hey, i've created a guild to do something similar to "Project60". Its on EU-Xavius, Alliance and as of right now I dont know how many people I will need to still keep it somewhat difficult (maybe 7-14 people?) This is gonna be more of a fun project to play Classic content until Blizz has released Classic servers. It will be 1-2 raids per week and we will first begin with Molten Core. All roles are currently open. Im maintanking and we need 2 healers (maybe 3), 3-5 dps and 1 offtank as of right now. Rules are: No heirloom gear at 60 (i dont care how you level), no TBC or higher gear, no professions over 300, no enchants at TBC level or higher, no gems, no Inscription, no jewelcrafting, no Monks, no Shamans, no Death Knights, no Worgen, no Pandaren, no transmog. No class/race combos such as Gnome Priest or Human Hunter. Flying is allowed, dualspec and talents are aswell. This is gonna be more focused on keeping it classic with our gear and raiding. Just whisper Dreadnaught in-game and hit us up.Dreadnaught3 4d
13 Apr Characters' thread Welcome! Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas about your first (or several) characters in the upcoming WoW: Classic regarding their name-class-race or even a little backstory! I'll begin first. Xoljin-mage-troll Xoljin was the only child in one of the families of Darkspear trolls that suffered from Zalazane - the witchdoctor who now dwells on the Echo Isles. Xoljin was adopted by another family, one of the few that were able to flee from their former home and establish the Darkspear Village. Grieving for the loss of his family and home, young troll soon discovered his ability to weave magic spells and joined the ranks of the Horde. While growing up and learning the arts of magic, Xoljin has sworn to avenge the death of his family and claim back the Echo Isles for the Darkspear tribe.Арканист1 13 Apr
12 Apr I am not a purist, change my mind. My perfect WoW "Classic" would involve some changes that might piss some purists off, i am curious what the community thinks about them. I want it to be 1.12.1 for a start because the game was in good shape then but due to this patch and the fact everyone has significantly better PC's/Internet now the content will be crazy easy to steamroll. Because of this i would like to see the instances and raids tweaked slightly for difficulty to make the progression tougher and keep us on our toes, in a perfect world i would love to see "Heroic" mode dungeons for all the instances and raids including pre level 60 instances which would be crazy difficult and a fresh challenge for old players. This leads into the second change i would appreciate in the game, a slight re itemization. A lot of fuss is made out of the hybrid classes being weak but i think a lot of that is due to poor itemization, for example if you want to be a Druid tank the only viable weapon is a level 49 BoE blue. The slightly tweaked or heroic dungeons would be an opportunity to address this itemization problem thus raising the viability for offspecs without actually changing the game mechanics at all. Finally i would like to see the game engine updated into the current graphics as this is the only area of WoW that has shown actual improvement since classic/tbc. I would also like to see cross realm PvP battlegrounds but that is admittedly comming from someone who didnt value PvP as much as the pure PvP players. I just wanna be able to que and play a few battlegrounds every now and then without waiting 45mins to be steamrolled by the same pre made team over and over. All of this said if we get the purists dream of an exact recreation of the game as it was "back in the day" i would be happy with that but i think the alterations ive discussed here wouldn't hurt the classic feel and would make it a more enjoyable longer lasting experience. Yours Sincerely, Gantoris. P.S. I think anyone reasonable can agree that removing any longstanding bugs would be a good thing.Gantor598C5B100 12 Apr
12 Apr News on Classic... or? Nixxiom made a video about a Reddit post. Nixxiom's video: Saying that : 1 ... 2 ... 3 ... Here's the link to the Reddit post: Edit: Nothing is officially confirmed and it could be an april fools joke, i dunno... but there it is.Shogath19 12 Apr
12 Apr Prot warrior. How to not cry everytime? I want to level a protection warrior, as a protection warrior. I love the play style, and I need advice on how to make my life easier. I have the following problems: - no friends to heal me. I am alone (because of time limitations, can't sync with anyone). Hence the next point. So how do I make levelling less painful going solo? - not enough time to do organized raiding (I now have a family and my timetable is unpredictable). How do I get geared? - I love pvp, so I'll be playing on a PvP server. What do I do to be able to at least win some fights and not get kited into the dirt? Any advice regarding faction/race/professions/builds is welcome.Vatko24 12 Apr
11 Apr False dichotomy You want Classic to be exactly like Vanilla? Good. You want a small change? OMG YOU CLEARLY WANT LEGION GTFO That makes so much sense people. If you want crossrealm BGs, more GYs, updated graphics/skins, L/UBRS 15 man, or guild banks.... you want BfA. Because there is nothing inbetween. Any change means you want retail. MMKAYFelsome57 11 Apr
11 Apr My Opinion on Vanilla I never played Vanilla WoW, I started in MoP and I haven't had as much fun since then. However, I am all for a release with no changes whatsoever, at all. I really can't understand why people want things to be changed, that would no longer make the game "classic," would it? I want the old animations (I despise the new ones). I want lots of spells. I want to have to go and learn new spells. I want that satisfaction of getting to 60 and getting my first purples. I want to see someone in wrath or judgement gear and think, wow, that guy is a fu**ing badass. If slight changes are introduced, you can be pretty sure that more changes will follow afterwards, and this will only lead classic downhill I think. An optimal system for decisions would be to poll everything, like OSRS. That would be if everyone answered honestly without trolling, so then again this could backfire severely. Overall, I'm excited for Vanilla and I'm sure I'll enjoy it as an alliance player. I haven't decided which class to play yet but warrior and shaman are attracting me towards them. Anyways, let me know how you all feel lol.Cesuna7 11 Apr
11 Apr Classic Realms Dear Blizzard. When you release Classic please give us a list of realms before you launch it. It will make it alot easier for friends (irl/ from WoW) to select the same realm. What i want you to have on the list is 1. Realm name 2. Server type (PVP, Normal, RP and RPPVP) 3. Language And something extra you could do is to add an options for players to reserv a name on a specific realm. If you do this make is so you only can reserv a name on one realm. And with the info from name reservations you could also release how many that have reserved a name on each realm. So you can give us a hint of what servers that will be high or low pop realms. This could also make it alot easier for you to see how many realms you will need for the launch. If you think this is something that would be good, upvote this post and someone from Blizzard might see this.Smñ12 11 Apr
11 Apr Retail WoW Tokens to Vanilla WoW Game time? First of all, I would like to say that I am against changes to vanilla, however I would find this acceptable because it doesn't change anything in the Vanilla wow game client/server. Why? A good reason for this could be because it would help out people who just cant afford 13 euros a month. If you live in a country with an average income of 300-400 euros a month then its not really viable. These people might have a house, a car and so on, but because of the difference in pay, its just not worth it. I hope that this makes sense. *EDIT* Im not talking about WOW TOKENS IN VANILLA WOW. The amount of people that got this wrong is !@#$ing absurd. I'm talking about being able to get VANILLA WOW GAMETIME with BUYING R E T A I L WOW TOKENS. Read the %^-*ing post before you comment, jesus.Escobar45 11 Apr
11 Apr Keep old models/animations :D To my friends at Blizzard Entertainment, Keep the old models and animations in Classic. A bald human face, hexagon-shaped eyes and big large sausage arms was the best thing ever. Not a troll post btw, I sincerely hope they keep the models and old animations so I can laugh some more. Yours sincerely, FreddyFreddycarpx49 11 Apr
10 Apr Potential earlier classic release Now with BfA coming 5 weeks earlier than the initial announce date (around September 21st), it could be given that classic might come a tad earlier too. The reason is that BfA content can be accessed and experienced/cleared faster, because many argue that Blizzard will hold Classic back until BfA content is almost done/done. On the other hand we dont have any information from the dev's side, maybe things take a little longer than expected, stating that they have to rebuild some parts of the game.Fearge19 10 Apr
10 Apr Is this forum a troll? I have visited this forum every now and then for half a year now, waiting for news on classic, and blizzard hasn't said a single thing at all since the announcement and interview at blizzcon. It's so wierd, so it got me thinking: What if this is just a way to get people to stop them from bugging them about classic servers. I mean, let's think about it: -Whenever Blizzard was ever asked about classic servers before thier announcement, the answer was always a simple, direct "no" without any room for improvement. They never had any interest whatsoever in doing it. -Then suddenly they make the announcement off the backs off all the drama with Nostralius and so forth. -Now, 6 months and not a single word, no updates, not even a single blue post in the classic forums, as far as I am aware. I mean, let's be honest here: WoW has been in decline for some time now, and it can't have more than 5 or so years left in it. So what if this is just a way to get people to shut up about classic servers? Maybe leave the forum up for another year, then say "Oh, making the servers was harder than we thought, we had to give up" and then that's the end of that? I don't think I have ever experianced Blizzard this tight-lipped about anything (except thier other projects that ended up failing).Kaliy8 10 Apr
10 Apr Druid skins Howdy happy forums, I'm trying to pick my main class on my return to the game. I have been a druid for most my wow career but stepped away the last time I was here. I have been hunting the forums for some images on the new druid skins to see if they can finally look different from the standard bears/cats/birds can anyone share images.Tinkier1 10 Apr
10 Apr MVP stands for Most Vanilla Player Hello fans and veterans of the infamous bean called Vanilla planifoli, plainly just known as vanilla, descending from the old Actez's plant tlilxochitl, which now mostly finds its use in deserts and ice creams, listen up! Everyone has his hero. Even in Classic WoW. I remember watching videos of people doing certain things which just left me blown away. I am talking about those guys who brought a little mainstream attention to the game when it was still in it's infants boots (compared to todays addon progression). So who was this person for you? Who even motivated you to start playing that class ? Drop your story and let us discuss those old heroes. I've come up with this list so you guys and girls know what kind of people i have in mind (in alphabetic order & it will definitely miss out some players so don't be mad at me) : Eryx - Endless Sacrifice (Rogue): Grim - Total Annihilation (Rogue): The Hackleman Brothers - Myndflame: Illegal Danish Number 1 (Supersnacks): Number 2 (Escape from Orgrimmar): Indalamar - THE warrior in Wow Beta: Kungen - Warrior Legend & Guildleader of Nihilum: Leeroy Jennkins - you already know who it is: Unbreakable - The enhancement Shaman: Vurtne - Frost Mage Legend: Feel free to post videos etc. of the person who inspired you to play a special class! For me it would be a 2-way tie between Kungen and Grim. Edit: I've added youtube linksFearge4 10 Apr
10 Apr Kungen puts it straight That's why we want classic without any added extras (ex. guildbank, dualspec) Tho the video is one year old, it needs to be mentioned again when i see those "wishlists" threads. You think you want changes, but you don't. Don't ruin the Mona Lisa of MMOs.Fearge20 10 Apr