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1m Help me solve this - The human spirit In my mind I distinctly remember the human racial "The human spirit" being +10% to spirit back in vanilla. But when I read up class guides for Classic on forums, it says +5% in Classic. The reason I picked a human priest back in the day was for the extra spirit. I know I´m right, I know I´m right, I know I´m right. Am I wrong?Xummy11 1m
24m BFA is dying. Sub numbers leaked. ... How will this affect classic?Mavrar66 24m
1h is recruiting! Hardcore Progress Guild PvE and PvP What we will play: Horde PvP Server EU We are looking for hardcore raider and PVP enthusiasts to secure at least server firstkills and dominate the endgame. We are also recruiting semi-hardcore players who dont have the time to fully contribute to hardcore gameplay, but want to be on top of things too. (Raid 2) Update: We are excited to announce that we are working with Joana (the one and only speedrunner), helping him on updating his leveling guide with different things for the release of Classic WoW. You will find a news announcement about our cooperation on his website in the News/Updates section (scroll down) and on the latest news announcement about Joanas Return to WoW on the website. The ultimate placeholderguild is recruiting for the upcoming (but not yet announced) release of the official Classic WoW servers. Placeholderguild is a community of likeminded players, reallife friends and just recently recruited members who came together throughout years of playing World of Warcraft plus other online games and their respective forums. Why Placeholder? As the name suggests, we are a newly formed community that came together as the placeholderguild that will launch with a new name, website and identity later this year. You still can be a founding member too. If you are looking forwards to Classic WoW and want to start off with a strong team, you are in the right place. You can apply to our guild via our websites' recruitement system and join our Discord server. Apply: Joana - The Return of a Legend: Find out more about us: 2018 - PlaceholderguildFearge66 1h
2h What if Blizzcon Vanilla demo What if Blizzcon Vanilla demo that releases is the actual official Classic release that day as Blizzard surprise attack move?Grogas31 2h
2h <Garbage> recruiting! We are a group of friends with a HUGE passion for Classic wow. We're starting our own guild for the upcoming official Blizzard server. Our ambitions are great, and we're currently looking for raiders! Here in the beginning, we are also allowing in socials, whether you just want a community to make leveling smoother, or maybe you're interested in becoming a raider/stand-in member later on, either way, you're warm welcome here. Some of us have been playing wow since day one, some of us started in TBC/WoTLK, but overall, we're experienced in every aspect of the game. Also.. Raid leading! We're looking for dedicated players.. This is our only requirement when it comes to the person itself, your experience or whatever, we can work with the most. Interested in a spot? Please read 'requirement for raiders' found in the Discord server..! 2h
2h Worst classes in Classic for Raids ? Greetings I was thinking of rolling a Ret Paladin or a Boomkin Druid but then I found out that it`s difficult to get a raid invite. Are Boomkin Druids really that bad ? So far I`ve come to the conclusion that Ret Paladin , Tank Paladin and Boomkin Druids are a bad choice. Is classic that selective when it comes to raids ? And you have to be extra cautious when selecting a class ? Can someone please tell me which are the bad choices for Tanks, DPS, Healers for raids ? ThanksGehnberg86 2h
3h Classic LFD/LFR What if: you unlock a "personal summon" when you finish a dungeon. everything else around it stays the same. You do the quest in the spesific dungeon, and you can now summon yourself there. this imo only saves a bit of traveltime AFTER you have done it the "oldschool" way and finished the quest. kinda like a atonement quest for 5mans...Bjirthorig38 3h
3h Classic needs to hurry up Might weed out all of these Elites and we might ACTUALLY be able to get a game everyone enjoys then! :DShortbolts82 3h
3h wow classic release date please! Please Blizz, I cant sleep anymore! give us a release date and take my money! Give us the wow classic (no changes) we all have been asking for SOON! : D Warrior prot .... fire mage .... holy priest .... It's going to be awesome!Norwich126 3h
5h My thoughts on classic I played classic servers before and it was fine I don’t mind classic or retail. I just wanted to point out that if classic gets recurring subscription apart from the retail wow it will be 100% ghostlands. I really really hope they’ll make it 1 time payment like other games, and/or bind it to retail subscription. Few people can afford 2 separate subscription but I’m sure it’d kill the game before it even starts. What do you think would they make it one time payment or separate subscription ?Beom16 5h
5h All the Bad Things I started playing back in vanilla, not quite sure when but I remember going into Ironforge and finding people collecting things for a war effort like bandages, then they vanished and I hadn't a clue why. I played regularly through to MoP and then realised the changes were slowly making it into a game I didn't want to play. I tried again when WoD came out but after a week or two walked away without a backward glance. Which is why I only found out about the Classic announcement a few days ago while browsing Youtube videos, and thought WTF. Suddenly I'm interested again, watch more videos, search the Wiki, check out the Forums and finally dust of my old account so I can join in. I notice that so many are claiming that those of us that are excited about Classic are seeing the past through Rose Tinted Glasses, I don't think we are, or at least not all of us. I never played on a private server, so my memories of vanilla are from years ago and maybe I can blame what I have forgotten on my age, I know i can remember good and bad things about it and I don't think we can cherry pick what we want, we have to take it as it came. So lets prove to the nay sayers that we do remember all the bad things and list them, things that were annoying or frustrating, but things that we know won't stop us playing it again. I'll start the ball rolling with Ammo. I played a lot of Hunters (I was an altoholic) and there was nothing worse than mounting up on a flight path, getting to the destination, killing a couple of mobs just to find out you had forgotten to restock the ammo, and there was no where close by to buy any. If i remember correctly it meant that Hunters had to sacrifice a bag slot for a quiver as well to make sure they had enough ammo to see them through a gaming session. I also seem to remember Heathstones had an hour recharge on them so a quick return to get ammo and then back to the area was out.Lantiia29 5h
5h Game Director of Classic Who's gonna be a Game Director of classic wow?Bukachu7 5h
9h Prevent Cashtivision I don't know how or where to ask this question so i'm gonna do it here Is there any way to prevent activision from influencing classic? There is no limit to what greed can do here is a few things that greed can -Flying mounts for 150$ -Instant lv 60 for 60$ -Full gear from MC to start harder raiding for 60$ -Gold shop to "prevent" gold farmers and spammers -WOW token -Legendary weapon for 60$ Can we really FOR CERTAIN say that activision won't try to get their greedy hands on classic?Lifemetall23 9h
10h Your char in classic Due to the time and effort it took getting to lvl 60, most players' main was the first char they lvl'ed. It was the char that stayed the main, because it was geared, you knew how to play it and so on. So my question to those of you who played vanilla: will you play the same char [and race] in classic to relive vanilla.. Do what you know.. Or will you roll otherwise? I am inclined to play the same class, but still undecided.Calltoarms19 10h
12h Warlock or Spriest for casual BG ? Hi everybody, I will be a casual player on Classic, meaning playing mainly BG. Not enough time to raid, I'll probably play some 5 mans for fun and stuff. Which class would you recommend between Warlock and Shadow Priest? Which class is the less gear dependent and which one is the best in Bg? Thanks in advance for your feedback !Ombreterre35 12h
14h all those who say "rose tinted glasses" 14h
20h Anyone remember Astranaar vs Splintertree? Usually people only talk about the southshore vs tarren mill skirmish classic used to have. But on my PVP Server we had a lot of fun going back and forth between astranaar and splintertree post. Really enjoyed those times a lot. Was it the same on your servers?Achatin9 20h
1d Feral tank itemization How much more damage does a bear tank take in percent compared to a prot warrior? I was thinking about how much of the difference is based on gear and how much is based on the classes themselves. I understand that bears being crittable makes them a big nono against most raid bosses so this is not a question of viability, more a theoretical discussion. Crushing blows don't really increase the total damage received by much so that isn't the reason that people talk about bear tank as "mana sponges". If there would have been good tank gear for bears (meaning increased dodge chance/armor on all pieces to match the defence that warriors gets on all their pieces); how much damage would they have taken compared to a warrior? Does anyone know?Fläskefar9 1d
1d Classic for Mount/toys/pets/mog Collectors Okay, so just to get ahead and say I'm not an avid collector and came back to the game after a long hiatus I would love to see the following added to World of Warcraft Classic: Achievements Achievements gained in WoW Classic are added to your live game achievements with an icon stating you gained it while playing the new Classic. Mounts, toys, pets and transmog There are several mounts, toys, pets and transmog that is currently unobtainable in the live game. It would be really nice if you can get a mount you never had the chance to get and it moves over to your collection in the live-game. The mounts, toys, pets etc you currently have in the live-game WON'T BE USABLE IN classic. So everything gained in Classic is moved over to Live but not the other way around. I do feel both options should be an OPT-IN you can turn on at some NPC or in the Settings pane for those who prefer to keep it to just Classic. So if you don't OPT-IN you won't be able to collect achievements or other things for the live game. I think options like this will give those who are currently not particularly interested in playing Classic a little more incentive to pick up the game and actually participate in old content like it's supposed to. They do have to figure out a way to display differently or prevent Achievements that are currently Feats of strength from moving over to your live-game achievements so it still gives you Bragging rights for doing that in the actual classic game.Mimitan100 1d
1d Extra Character slots If you are like me, and you have no character slots hardly due to retail WoW.. I was just wondering if anyone else agree's we should have more account wide character slots. With Classic WoW Looming over, i feel like there is no way to explore the WoW Classic classes if you want to get allied races as well. I hope Blizz notices and has mercy on poor alt-a-holics like myself.. ;pRqs29 1d
1d Classic release date So when classic will really be an open field for everyplayer? Will we be able to play it till the end of 2018?Holyzx13 1d
1d Adjusting world buffs for raids Hey. I'm super hyped for the classic release. However, one thing that I think is kinda of stupid is the amount of time and effort a raider that is worth his salt has to do simply to get the world buffs. The world buffs you can stack and take into the raid give you: +18% spell crit +10% melee/ranged crit +340 attack power +15 all stats +300hp +10% melee haste +10 mp/5 +20% max hp +10% move speed +15% all stats +5% damage That's an enormous boost. What do you guys think about it? I think it could be limited, especially the diremaul buffs and the more obscure buffs that require a lot of time to get. While I'm fine with the Onyxia buffs.Hardpimping5 1d
1d So, what after Classic? It's justifiable and close to objectively true that Classic will fail, understandably so. Nostalgia has played a role in the push of its creation, but people will shortly realize that actually, you're 30 now and you no longer have the time to sit through what was an actually bad game that's just not playable in this day and age at a consistent level. So, what then? After the dust settles and everyone's realized this, what happens then? Blizzard will have invested quite a sum (but negligible by their revenues) into this and they'll have their reputation muddled. RS Classic has, of course and predictably so, closed and people started berating its developers and for a few days, a fiesta took place. Will you go back to the main expansion? Play other games? Don't get me wrong, I think it's human to be subjective and not understand the true depth of your needs / emotions, as such, making requests as "bring Classic back", only to realize how unfounded they are, so I'm not blaming, but I genuinely am interested in knowing what people will do.Trophee32 1d
2d Why classic never will be like vanilla Have you guys ever thought about why exactly vanilla was so exciting and speciel? Cause it was brand new! No matter where you went, it was a new place and you had never seen it before. Most people were bad at the game back then and most had no idea of how to actually play the game. The game was harder cause there was no database or guides out yet to help you with everything, like there is today. I started on nostalrius server about two year ago with the same feeling like most of the vanilla lovers. Excited and just couldn't wait to get started. But after lets say 5 hours i realised it wasn't the same anymore! It was quite easy since i knew most of the quest, I had been in all the zone before so nothing really new to see or experience either. The feeling of an adventure and how small you were compared to the world was missing. But i kept going and finaly reached 60, It got a bit more fun tho i must say i am not really a guy that enjoy lvling that much. I started to farm my bis pre raid gear, cause ye now you know what exactly is the best gear you can get before going into raids. Another thing that i didn't like that much. You can legit look up everything, which just dont make it as challenging at it used to be. Well !@#$ it me and some friends got a guild started up and we were ready to progress in molten core and yes i must admit it was quite enjoyable to go back to that place, but it kinda killed it when you knew exactly what to do and if nobody in the raid knew what to do at a boss for example, then you would just look it up and within 2 seconds you knew exactly what to do. I miss the giant chaos when some boss uses a debuff on you that ends up killing most of the raid. Back in the days you had to come up with tactics on how to actually kill the bosses. These days you just look everything up which makes it not as challenging as it used to be. Yes i am going to play on the classic server, but i dont think we will ever get the same feeling and the same enjoyment again. Only solution i can see is that they either make new content for the classic servers (even tho many might rage cause of this) or make a brand new game with the same aspect that vanilla had. I hard and challenging mmorpg and not some easy kids game that retail is today.Telf33 2d
2d Vanilla Developer talking Classes and Specs. 2d
2d "...servers accessible to AT LEAST Nov 8th" Many people took note that in the World of Warcraft - BlizzCon 2018 Preview, Ion used these words when he talked about how long the demo was going to be available. I'm going be tin foil hatty here and say that the "demo" is actually a closed beta in disguise. The "at least" part I interpret as: "If everything goes well, we will open it up to everyone in the OPEN BETA shortly after." It makes sense to do that in many ways, to gauge the interest and it will also be a stress test of the infrastructure for real. Or. Confirmation bias. :)Uaral12 2d
2d Classic please be good This is another same old classic thread, first I’ve made, I never really post on forums I just read all the !@#$ people put up. Bit about myself, played throughout vanilla hit rank 10 on a Hunter and rank 11 on a warrior. Enjoyed my teens and twenties then came back to wow for legion when I had abit more time. Legion was pretty %^-* but not too bad, eventually reached 2.2 in 3s, then BFA came and I’m pretty sure it’s worse than legion. I cannot wait for classic.. like I can’t even play BFA anymore. There is just no sense of progression in the current game. Everything is just tremendously tedious. I can’t wait to start doing MC and grinding out some ranks in BGs where gear actually meant something, and with the closed community people knew how good you are. This is a pointless post but I thought !@#$ it I would like to say my piece. Classic please be good.. please Blizzard don’t %^-* this up. Ty gg wpBrutals13 2d
2d How much can Classic hurt current WoW? So guys my first question was in the topic name, but this is more interesting to me, personally: Is it possible certain company would intensionaly sink their old ship model everyone liked to sell a newer one?Ecronus22 2d
2d Ironman mode enabling? I know some people enjoyed the Ironman challenge (rules:, which certainly is interesting in a Vanilla setting. Just having the hardmode of losing your character upon death should be enough, I think the other rules about gear and enchantments is a bit over the top. How would you feel about being to enable hardmode, making it extra dangerous to venture into Azeroth? Not only a challenge you do for fun, but you actually lose the character if you die (or restart at level 1). I've never played Diablo III but heard some people liked that aspect of the experience. Not sure how it would work on a PvP server, or if it is counterproductive in a social game. Just wondering if anyone's interested in it. It is a change, altough not in content.Felsome28 2d
2d Shaman tanking viability Shamans had quite a few threat generation abilities and survivability talents, however nothing even close to making them a viable raid tank. My question is, what about easy, dungeon content? Anybody ever tried it back in the day or on p servers? What was their biggest problem, survivability? Threat could be ok with stormstrike and earthshock spam along side rockbiter. I would imagine low level dungeons were doable, but what about the max level dungeons? It would be a cool little experiment I'd like to try. Obviously I'm not even thinking about raids.Ezahe94 2d
2d What is a Classic success/failure? Some people think Classic is going to fail. Some think it's going succeed. Without really specifying what they mean by that. Whatever happens, unless the trend is really apparent, people from each side of the extreme sides of the spectrum will either claim that Classic succeeded or claim that it failed. Given that Blizzard don't release sub number any longer, maybe we will not be able to know for sure. What is in your eyes a sign of Classic being a success and what do you think would constitute as a failure?Uaral27 2d
2d Mob Tagging Mob Tagging in Classic... I was wondering if this is going to be allowed? Let's say i finished my journey to 60 and want to help a friend by doing this. Lowbee hits elite enemy, i kill them fast, he earns a lot of xp. Any issues with this? What do u think?Crygimmebuy17 2d
2d A - PvP <Ember> Recruiting Heya! Since the announcement of Classic WoW I've little by little worked on putting a website/discord server together for the purpose of establishing a guild in the upcoming version of the game. It's been almost a year since then. In the beginning, I was just messing around with it, but then I reached a point where I thought, what the heck, I could start recruiting now. This was back in February this year. A lot of people thought it was way too early and I encountered quite some trolls/rabble rousers. Anyway, I knew that Classic is something I'm going to devote myself to, regardless of when it is released and I know I'm not the only one. So I actually managed to get a few people interested and who have patiently stayed until now, 8 months later, which makes me happy and believe we're gonna make it until release. I knew getting started would prove difficult, considering we didn't know a release date or basically anything at all (still don't, but soon!) So, what do I want to achieve and who could be interested in joining Ember? I want to create an environment where everybody feel like they're having a good time. My theory is that most players who are interested in, but more importantly, will keep playing Classic WoW, are players who belong to the slightly older age category. This means that we won't take part of "the race" as most of us have day-time commitments. Everyone can play the game at their own pace, as long as you stay active. Players who goes offline for more than 14 days without notice will be removed to prevent the guild from stagnating. It might sound strict but I'd like to stress that no one who have mentioned absence will be removed. Now, even though everyone can play at their own pace, some will naturally be faster than others in terms of leveling. The plan is to start raiding as soon as possible, but it's not required to be lv60 by a certain date. I want it to be like this because I want to give everyone a fair chance to enjoy the leveling, as it is a big part of Classic WoW. Does this mean there won't be any strict rules? No, not all. I already mentioned that inactive players will be removed and when it comes to raiding, there will also be rules which applies to that. More info about this is available in the FAQ. Anyway, enough serious business! :) Besides doing quests, dungeons, pvp and eventually raiding in Classic WoW. I want it to be easy to connect with fellow guild members outside of Azeroth. This website will play a part of this, but there will also be a dedicated guild Discord with various channels to share stories, dank memes or discuss other games and interests. Classic WoW is still far away (as much as we know), but it's never to early to start planning your journey! If you like what you've read so far and you're interested in this project, why don't you head over to the website, submit an application and tell us about yourself. Now, there will be an attendance check roughly one month before the launch, this is simply to make sure that you're still around and you are actually joining us I don't intend to create a huge wall of text here, so if you're interested, you can find more information on our website The website is compatible with phones, tablets and desktops. So go there, check it out and drop an application if it sounds good to you :) UPDATE: We are now 25+ members and since the Classic Demo was announced, the interest to find a guild seem to have increased a lot. The guild is growing and we now have quite the diversity among us, looking at age, background, nationality, etc. So that's fun! Some more updates have been made to the website to make it easier to use. We will have our first get-together/event during the demo. Some people have had concerned about being kicked for inactivity and I would like to make it clear that no one will be removed from the guild if they mention that they will be absent for X amount of time. The inactivity-rule on the website does say that, but I guess it can be interpreted as "oh my god I can't be gone for 10days?!". Yes, you can, but we'd like to know :)Moonbrook24 2d
2d Prepare for Classic! Join our community! Want to prepare for Classic? Leveling with a guild/community is highly recommended. Get the advantage of finding dungeons with equivalent guild members/peers as fast as possible. Get fast answers on whatever question you may have. We're a group of very skilled & experienced players, and we're looking for additional raiders. Socials/Back-up raiders will also be welcome! Interested? Take a look in our Discord channel!á3 2d
2d talent calculator Hi all, Anyone with a talent calculator from the " Drums of war" patch? I cant seem to find one. What I am remembering, is that rogues had mutilate added in naxx patch, and cant find that.Adrenaliné26 2d
2d Gear and Loot in Vanilla Long text – if you dont like it dont read it. Before starting this I would want to point out Im not writing this to show how ”elite” we were before or how the Vanilla community is in any way better than the one today. Im writing this to put some perspective on Gearing and Loot for people who never played Vanilla, in order to perhaps change a mindset that will get them burned out. I have seen alot of posts from people who never had the chance to experience Vanilla for whatever reason. A common topic in these posts are min/maxing. It’s not unusual that this person also has dug up some ”BiS”-list from a private server and now waits eagerly to enter Classic to start the farm. I thought Id try to paint a picture of how getting loot worked back then, so you know just how much work eventually could be behind your BiS-list and what was expected from us. I’ll start by saying this is my perspective on loot disturbation back then, based on my experience on my guild and my server. I raided as early as we could and even tho the guild might now have been ”world first” it was early and copied the behaviour and ways of the guilds of that time. People might play it diffrently this time around, but knowing not alot of changes will be made on this front, I figured it will be atleast similor in Classic in some ways. Ill try to describe Gearing and Loot from the first Raid (Molten Core) and on, as the same scenarios might not be applyable on the Dungeons before (that's a whole other topic). Getting a Guild Getting a guild was a big key to progress (and therefor gear) in Vanilla. I dare say that it was almost impossible early on to experience some of the content and to aquire some gear/loot without a guild. Remember, we didnt have LFR back then and raids required 40 (!) people that were organized and motivated together week after week (and wipe after wipe may I add, seeing people drop groups now when they die once). Thing was, good PvE Guilds didnt grow on trees. As mentioned raiding required 40 people, and recruiting 40 good people wasnt easy had you dreams of starting your own guild. You wouldnt believe it when I tell you, but getting into a proper stable guild was so hard that alot of people logged on during raids to be ”reserves” should a core-member not be able to play or drop off for whatever reason. This ment that the reserves simply waited, ready for raid, for a spot during the raid which might NEVER pop up. Crazy huh? Thats why we did our best to preform for our guild so we could be guaranteed a spot next week (aka you became a "core member"). Perhaps after that you could drop on a single ocation – but dropping every other raidnight was a big no no and often ment you werent what the guild was looking for. It sounds rough, and it was, but on my servers (and alot of many servers) we didnt have PUGs (late Vanilla I know some people did PUGs, but thoose PuGs were 2-3 tiers behind the ”main” content and often preformed by people who acually played it before). A 5-man PUG can be bad ... Imagine 40. The first step Now imagine you found yourself a guild that filled your needs and scheduale. When I started we had a date for ”Molten Core” which every member had to do their best to farm gear before. Later on in other guilds I know the requierments on the ”fresh” runners were often ”full blue” etc. I dont know the details of others, but the guilds expected you to have put down work in your character before joining. Not only that, but you were required to know all the tactics (atleast theoretically). You were 1 out of 40 memebers and nobody wanted to wait or fail becuase you were to lazy to read. You had to SHOW, not tell. Getting that Gear and Loot Now, the focus and intention in the long run for every player was to gear themself (some in order to be better, others in order to see more content). To claim anything else would be a lie. But this couldnt be prioritized before gearing the guild. As you know a guild which isnt geared doesnt do progress, no progress means no loot and no loot means you get NOTHING. Bye Bye BiS-list! Easy equation. This ment you had to trust your guild and they had to trust you, that in the long run this is a cooperation that will benefit both. Every boss dropped 2-3 pieaces of gear (shared amongst 40 players!). And do you think we rolled for them? Do you think "luck" was the only thing that decided if we got anything? No. We used something that was taken from Everquest and called DKP (Dragon Killing Points), a system outside of the game. DKP was a ”point system” in which you earned points you later bought loot for. By having this system, guilds could see which members were loyal, showed up etc and award them. If you think you could show up for a raid as a new member, have some luck with the drop and come back to Orgrimmar/Stormwind with a Spinal Reaper- you were wrong. Before even beeing able to think of gear you had to prove to the guild that you were sombody to count on, by gathering DKP. (Ofc later on people that were new joined and were ”geared” since everybody in the guild had everything, but Im talking for a progress point of view). People could aquired DKP by: -Showing up for raids prepared and in time -For boss kills -For progress tries - Beeing reserves and waiting on "stand by" etc etc People lost DKP when: -They were late and/or not prepared -When they made obvious misstakes that could have been avoided And the most obvious one: -When they got/bought loot. In addition to this DKP-system, some guilds even had other rules about ”1 loot” per run and stuff like that. So in order to have a chance on that sweet weapon, a slot that ALOT of people had their sights on, you first had to earn some DKP. Can you imagine yourself raiding for 3-4 weeks knowing you will get nothing? Why am I mentioning this? It shows how much is required to get that 1 specific item that you want. You have to progress to the boss which drops it, hope it will be one of 3 items that drop, then have more DKP than 40 other people to get it. That BiS-list seems long now, doesnt it? Some people went weeks without getting a drop. Also, as mentioned we needed to gear the guild in order to further progress. These loot-systems were there not only for a fair distubation but to make sure the guild grew as whole.   Gearing the Guild Having 2-3 people fully geared and the rest without any gear at all simply wouldnt work in the long run … Gear made the whole guild progress and was a key to content (aka getting to the boss thats drops that weapon you want). I mentioned this in another post and Ill paste it here: Better gear made Tanks stand stronger, which made the Healers save mana, which ment they could afford to heal throught some mechanics, which ment the DPSers could focus less on their health and avoidance and more on the DPS. Better DPS made the fights shorter, the Tank took less damage and Healers saved mana. You get the picture, circle of life. This also ment we took what we gott in order to become better, both as players and as a guild. With 2-3 items per boss, we couldnt just pass on items (as a class) becuase we were saving DKP for something better. That would have been a awful waste. So in order to grow in the long run, we took items that werent BiS so we one day could get a chance on that BiS-item. Now of course people saved DKP for a specific item, but not to the point upgrades got disenchanted becuase everybody passed. You passed but sombody else picked it up. The item stayed within the guild and you grew indirectly anyways. With other words, the road to that BiS-item is filled with other "less good" items. That was how it worked. Gear in MC made sure you could go to BWL which lead you to AQ40 and later Naxx. That was the progress (with a little help of resistances, but thats a other topic). If you think people went from farming UBRS to jumping into AQ40 you are misstaken. It was a long path you had to walk. Now it might seem like a bore, but atleast you knew that some day you would get whatever you wanted. Mybe not this week, or the one after, but eventually. That was the safety of the guild, the more everybody else got the bigger the chance next time it was you. These days you never know what items you will get, when, and if they will be Titanforged or Warforged - and this drives people crazy. In Vanilla you atleast knew that sooner or later it WILL happen, but the mindset had to be "one day" not "now". As mentioned, only having 1 player fully geared often didnt help. Well, that is unless that player was the MT. Gearing the MT. This is one of the best examples of having to trust your guildmates and a good reason why it took a guild to raid and progress. Warriors were THE raid tanks back in Vanilla and gearing you MT, Main Tank, was something alot of people did in order to progress faster and more smooth. Imagine beeing a Offtank/DPS Warrior passing on loot in order for 1 person to get it all. This is another one of thoose ”do this today in order to get a BiS tommorow” examples I was talking about before. We had to trust that this person, our MT, would stay in our guild after getting it all and help us, and as a resualt we would get more loot in the future. This also was a reason not everybody could become a MT. You wanted a person that you could trust, a person that played not just for him/herself but for others aswell. Im willing to say that if you needed to be able to trust 1 person back in Vanilla, it had to be the MT. Losing a MT was a hard setback. But thats also a reason almost anybody that raided back in Vanilla remember their MT. I have to shout out to my man and MT Cucarachas, who made 39 people wait for him when he smokes between tries. Love you! Guildjumping and Ninjalooting. Ill briefly write about this is I think it belongs in this picture. With everything mentioned, how much guilds were needed and how much you had to trust your guild and your guild had to trust you, it also ment that Guildjumping and Ninjalooting could mean ”Game Over” for that character. You had one realm, one name and you couldnt hide. Get Blacklisted and that was the end for your progress on that character. That included acting like an a-hole and ruining for other players. Knowing how hard loot and gear was to come across; would you like a player taking loot (some of it loot you wanted) for months and going to another guild? Neither would I. This wasnt looked easy upon by the community. Sure a ”good” guild could pick up a player from a guild that wasnt that good when sombody quit the ranks. But changing guild every 2-3 months would get you a branded as a guildjumper, and a guildjumper is nobody to invest time and gear into. This was often the case with people who thought they were entitled to more than they were. DKP points were idiotic, they wanted loot NOW. And they wanted it even tho other member had put in more time and effort to get the guild to the place where it was. Im writing this becuase if you have your BiS-list and things start to take more time then you expected, beware of how quitting guilds look like in the eyes of others and what it says about you as a person. Not to mentioned Ninjalooting. Can you imagine that my guild had Free For All as we progressed through Molten Core? I trusted 40 people to press ”pass” when that loot showed up. Nobody ever took anything that they werent entitled to. But I know some guilds had Ninjalooters and these people were often put on a blacklist so fast that the items they ninjad was often the last item they ever got in long long time. With all this said, this is also a reason why people with "off-speccs" had a time gearing. People that used their class as it was "intended", for progress of the group, wanted a reward for it. Why would anybody favour you, who might have made it harder to progress, by giving you a item that could be much better used in the hands of another class and therefor much better for the whole guild. I mean here we are talking about speccs when I remember WARS in the chat about which class, not specc, should be first to get Ring of Spell power. So in conclusion. The hard part with progress (both as a group and indivdual) in Vanilla therefor wasnt to kill the ”easy” bosses you might have seen on Youtube, but not to give up and look the whole journey through. As somebody mentioned and Ive pointed out alot of times: Vanilla was a marathon, not a sprint, which ment the people that were geared and made progress perhaps werent the ”best” players but the players with most patience. I’ve known alot of mechanically good players that simply couldnt wait or had the patience for a system like the one in Vanilla WoW, that freaked out and were blacklisted or simply dropped the game as it became ”boring” to them. If you feel like whiping on a ”easy” boss, becuase of 1 out of 40 players made a misstake, would make you jump the guild every week – Classic might not be for you. If you feel like waiting 1-2 weeks for a item is much, not to mentioned 2-3 months, then Classic might not be for you. If you feel like you as an individual and your progress is more important than the guilds – Classic might not be for you… … No matter how ELITE you think or acually are. So atleast try dropping that elite mindset and enjoy something that is a great social game. There’s a good reason only a small part of the community even saw Naxxramas. We werent monkeys with computers that didnt know how to raid. If you think you would have been part of that group that DID see Naxx back in the days, you probably wouldnt and wont. Hell, to be honest I dont even know if Ill ever go as far as I once did. But that progress isnt what makes me come back, becuase the journey was so much more valuable than the destination. So drop that rushed and "elite" way of thinking and try to get a glimps of what made 10 million players dance naked on bank rooftops.Devilsknight7 2d
2d Faction Balance How do you think it will be? All my Friends want to play Horde but that's a reason I'd like to play alliance. I remember back in Vanilla we having instant queue pops, while the horde had to wait 15-20 min.Pynduil24 2d
2d iron man challenge people really think that this could work in vanilla hahahaha.jpgSupermutant2 2d
3d Your first 60 DING? Do you remember that moment when you dinged 60 the first time? My first character was this Priest. At lvl 56 I wrote "Priest Lf Guild" in Orgrimmars general and more or less every guild on the Horde side gave me a whisper. This was early Vanilla and healers were WANTED to say the least. Wanted and appriciated By doing a /who 60, I took the one with most 60, the most "elite" one, atleast I thought. I remember having about 2-3 bars left, getting AoE-"boosted" by a Mage in my guild in the fields of Western Plaguelands - just south of Heartglen. I dinged and remember that classic thought "I will never ever level again". The long start of a great journey! P.S, My first Alt was a Warrior. I dinged 60 outside Timber Maw Hold while grinding. A Alliance Priest and Paladin saw it, mindcontrolled me and buffed me. Then did a /cheer. Such a community huh!Devilsknight31 3d
3d Blizzcon 2017-Blizzcon 2018 This is not a Classic release date prediction or topic. It is merely an imagination exercise. When J. Allen Brack announced Classic back in 2017, NOBODY expected it. It was crazy to hear it, right? Nobody could ever believed that Blizzard would announce Classic at Blizzcon 2017. It was, simply put, a SHOCKING and CRAZY announcement. Now...imagine yourself going into the future. You are at Blizzcon 2018, or watching it on a stream... The same J. Allen Brack is on the stage and he is announcing the release date for Classic... The question I want to ask is not what you THINK or HOPE what the date is, but what date would be as SHOCKING and CRAZY as the Blizzcon 2017 Classic announcement? What release date would be as shocking and crazy as the Classic announcement ? For me, it would be anything between Blizzcon 2018 and Christmas 2018. And since it's an IMAGINATION, please don't come with reasons why it won't happen. In your imagination, what release date would be really SHOCKING and CRAZY to hear?Recollector20 3d
3d Your 60 level twink I can't be the only one, show me -Vanhio4 3d
3d "Classic Will oVERTAKE retail" "Classic Will oVERTAKE retail" - an examination alright look at OSRS 100k concurrent players, 70k on osrs, 30k on the abomination that is rs3. u do the math. thanku classic will have over 10m active subs for the first week then slowly rising to peaking 50m during Naxx times, then bottoming off at a healthy 8m globally for the rest of the futureRunes134 3d
3d Game no longer achievable by Blizzard. Please Classic, deliver us from this mindless game. I feel like only reason I often resubscribe is because I grow sentimental of my old characters I created trying to relive the glory days of MMO RPG this once was. It just feel so much closer to D3(whever thought that was a success) then to Original WoW. But this time I will be stronger, waiting for the good old game, not resubscribing till. Sorry, I had to let it out.Ecronus85 3d
3d Grinding or questing classic release What will be fastest the first days when leveling? Grinding mobs or questing? =)Miszhy15 3d
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4d Guild looking for raiders! Greetings! I'll try to keep this short and simple! We're a group of friends, oldschool nolifers, very experienced on every aspect of the game, also raidleading.. We're starting up a raiding guild already now, so we're prepared and ready with a guild roster. Socials/casuals are also welcome into our guild, and some can get the possibility of becoming a backup raider. Our Discord channel is very new, but there is a lot of information to be found, if you should be interested.. We have information such as best in slot gear, which attunements has to be done, etc etc.. Everyone is welcome, come check us out if you have any interest whatsoever.. We're danish by the way, but the guild will be an english guild. Throw Rixhi (the Discord owner) a Private Message, if you already know now, that you will be interested in a Raiding spot& if you already know what class you are going to play.á5 4d
4d New player in Classic launch?!? Hello all, Apologies for the extensive post. Here is the deal: I'm an average 27yo guy, who had the bad luck unfortunately to fall in love with another game when I was 14 (Lineage 2). I've been following that and playing with small breaks, casually, since then. Sadly, the company that handles this game (NCverySoft) is not even 1% as good and professional Blizzard has been to my eyes all these years, which means that they have destroyed the game, and even more, at the altar of easy profit, they launched (in a day lol) failed/unorganized Classic servers. I am so disappointed. Enough of this but I wanted to point out that you guys are so so so lucky that you're in a hype waiting for blizzard to launch Classic. It's blizzard, they will take their time until they deliver what they think it is the best outcome for the community, since it's clear that those people LOVE the game they're making. So to my point: I've played WOW back in Burning crusade and a little bit in Warlords of Draenor at a really really casual level. I enjoyed it (I was not obssesed with it because I was in love with L2 and came always back to it as I said). So do you guys think that when classic launch a WoW Newb like me could find a new home - a new love for the game? I know basic stuff about wow but I'm in no case a veteran in this game and I don't really think I would be interested to be, since I just only want to enjoy the game as a game. Do you think that I could enjoy it and spend some time playing the game instead of being like "Nah I'm too bored to log and play". I really miss the hype I had for games. Yes, we're growing, but I want that feeling back. Appreciate all your answers and please do not troll me because I come from the worst game community ever existed (Lineage 2) and I would seriously like to find a better and more mature community. Thank you all and regards!Solkey20 4d
4d Will Classic WoW have level scaling? I believe the answer is no, however I would love the downloadable server with level scaling switchable.Thorack45 4d
4d Let's stop replying to hate threads Like the ones about how Classic will fail etc. Let 'em sink to the bottom. We all know Classic is gonna be awesome, these guys are just trolling. As long as you reply to their threads however they will stay at the top of the forums, and we don't want that because there can be more useful threads there.Panzy3 4d