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59s Why are bots banned? Please don't get me wrong. I'm totally against botting. But I want to understand why bots are banned. That may sound banal at first, but it can help me a lot. Until now, I thought bots were banned for the following reason: Normative premise 1: Players should play the game in its entirety by themselves. Descriptive premise 1: Bots automate parts of the game. Descriptive premise 2: When bots automate parts of the game, the player does not play the game in its entirety by himself. Conclusion: Therefore, bots should be prohibited. What does "automate" mean in this context? So far I thought: Automating means that something is done independently, from input, through processing, to output, without the player's intervention. So, if the IPO model (after the initial configuration by the user) becomes active independently of this user. --- Is there a mistake here that I made?Fedan121 59s
3m Should we disable addons? #2 How would people feel if blizzard disabled all addons for the first few months of classic? Would this make your game play experience better or worse? Repost as last thread was locked.Zealjan251 3m
36m They are crying about leveling speed :'D "It takes a full hour per level in BFA, mwaaaaaaaah!" Can you guys believe how the world spins in these days...?Droorid23 36m
38m What do you think will be the server names? Assuming theres going to be a few servers, I will go with: Hogger Mankrik's Wife any more?Wolfenstoon6 38m
41m Did BfA prepatch change your Classic plans? So we've seen Sylvanas going mental. Vol'jin is weak as is Baine. We know Thrall is an annoying pos who can't even ride full mount speed. Personally I'm actually considering rolling Alliance this time. How about you?Dropcut27 41m
1h BfA is out, next update please OK so BfA is out, people who wanted to purchase it, purchased it, SOOO it's time for classic :) It's time to prioritize the classic, you made the money, the hype is done. product is out, now can we please have something? an update that's not "we are working on it" or "we are coding the stuff" or "it's a big project" Gamescon is coming up, maybeeeeeeee some news there? The normies had their BfA, time for us to get something we wanted for a decadeLifemetall12 1h
2h Store mounts in glassic I think we should be able to use our store mounts in classic servers. I paid 20€ for grinning reaver which I quite like, so I see no reason why i shouldnt be able to use that in classic since i paid blizzard good money forCoolguy9 2h
2h What was your first... ...character you created? Race, class, spec, name, realm, etc.? Are you going with nostalgia and play the same when Classic releases, or try something new? My first character was a male Tauren Warrior named Cicero, and he was made in 2007 if im correct. Gonna recreate him when Classic launches!Valanir16 2h
2h To the Azjol-Nerub players in Vanilla Just wanted to start this topic to see who's still here, and who'll be returning in Classic. Seeing Alliance guilds such as R.A.G.E, Scion of Darkness, The SnakeEyes, The Outkasts,Keepers Of Azeroth, Valhall, among others return would be quite fun EDIT : created a discord for AN 2h
3h Two types of people 1. People who can discuss In a civilized manner about classic and what it should have in it: -Arguments -Facts -Statistics -Will To actually discuss things here -Capability to realize the raw potential this project has, if we dont screw it up. 2. The "we are a majority, we have won, #nochanges, we made this happen, #nochanges, if you dont like it dont play it, as a purist, go play retail, classic means vanilla" people: -muh feelings -fallacys -i was rank 22 golden god killer -#nochanges -actually DHKs and cross realm BGs should be removed, didnt like them -Dont change anything! -I dont wanna!Cleavy7 3h
6h How is Classic supposed to stand a chance? We have a 2,000+ reply threat because people apparently can't stand spending more than approx. 48 hours /played leveling a new character up to 110. Now, Classic could easily take 10+ days /played to get to 60. I really wonder whether there's going to be more than a fistful of players on the Classic realms once the initial hype dies down. Thoughts?Warrax38 6h
8h Old vanilla pets So I've recently been very excited about the announce of classic, and it got me thinking about some old, rare pets. The original collector's edition for Classic wow featured the option to pick one of three pets: Mini Diablo, Panda Cub and Zergling. There is also the Murky pet that was offered at Blizzcon 2005. Anyone have any thoughts on how this will be handled with the release of classic wow, if at all? It would perhaps be interesting to see them reappear somehow.Amplexus1 8h
8h Would you want "new" classic content? Picture 1-2 years down the line of classic's release, would you want them to create new 40 man raids to keep the game flowing? perhaps dungeons? would you want them to implement voting on newer features (like achievements, or later battlegrounds) I don't think there'd be much wrong with them diverting from post-tbc wow and doing something new but still in classic fashionGulantik43 8h
18h QOL suggestions Gonna bring on the hate - yeah these are QOL changes but I haven't seen them being discussed and I don't think they will impact the core of the game and if they aren't introduced then it's not the end of the world... of warcraft. 1) Autoloot as a menu option as it was in TBC. Not AOE loot, but so you don't have to hold shift down each time you loot a mob/mine/herb/skin. 2) Holding shift when mousing over gear shows what you are currently wearing. I am not asking for this to show the +/- stats it does nowdays just simply puts the gear side by side so you can compare more easily. 3) Being able to link talents in chat Let me know what you think, would this ruin vanilla for you?Lefrena13 18h
19h Classic Guild is recruiting Hello community! We are a group of players and reallife friends who came together over years of playing World of Warcraft since Classic and other online games. For this guild we are recruiting hardcore raiders, aswell as some casuals and PVP enthusiasts to create a tight and family like community, so your non-hardcore friends are welcome too. We also have open spots for streamers, who will be featured and hosted on our guilds twitch account. Our members are coming from across whole europe, so everybody in this timezone is welcome to our guild. We've created this Discord-Server for everyone who is interested to join. You'll find more information about the project on the server. Discord: This is your chance to become a part of the legacy. Join us now!Fearge6 19h
19h Immersion breaking cheat clutter. I'm really looking forward to play Classic WoW. What I don't look forward to is gaining unfair advantage vs my fellow players by addons. It's going to take a lot of time to download 20+ addons and keep them maintained so they don't break the game. Let's face it, if you don't jump on the addon train you're either not smart or a sadist. I'd really wish addons were heavily restricted. Because on top of all these addons, you're going to need macros as well. It's just not the Classic experience. It's some hacked private server version. The following list of addons are essential, with a few exceptions: 1. Questing is a big part of the time-consuming level grind. Quests are spread out over zones and comes in weird order. It's common to complete a quest in a far away part of the map only to be forced to return for another quest. Quests are also hidden and sporadically placed throughout the zones. Questie rids you of this problem and sorts everything for you. Questie also displays quests on the World Map so you won't miss out. 2. Having to manually look through wowhead or thottbot is annoying. AtlastLoot allows the user an ingame loot database, showing gear drop percentages from bosses and mobs. 3. The orginal WoW Classic UI looks like !@#$. Let's be real. pfUI allows you to customize your UI to your own liking. 4. You know you need a DPSmeter like DPSMate. 5. To get an unfair advantage in PvP you'll need Enemy Cast Bar which displays information other users don't have. It's not cheating because everyone can download it. 6. Bagspace is a hassle. Bagnon and Banknon solves all this and displays all your bags as one. 7. Power Auras allows you to set sound and graphical warnings for any situation in game. If you're in a top spot guild, you just can't pass! 8. EquipCompare compares gear you have equipped with whatever gear you hover over, just like in retail. 9. Want to know which questreward you should pick but can't decide because you can't see vendorvalue? SellValue displays vendorprice for all your items and gear! 10. To get an even more unfair advantage in PvP and PvE you can download CoolDownCount so you can plan around your cooldowns better! 11. Auctioneer is a must have for players wanting an unfair advantage at the Auction House. Want to single post page after page of Silverleaf? Want to snipe cheap items? Look no further! 12. MobHealth displays mana and hp for targeted mobs so you can make more informed decisions. 13. Gatherer is an old addon that displays routes for nodes. It's a must have for farmers. 14. Postal solves the clunky Blizzard mailservice so you easily can mass e-mail your bank alt with stuff to sell and d/e. It's a must have for anyone serious about making gold. 15. Let's not forget KLHThreatmeter! You can't PvE without it. If you don't have it, you can't raid. 16. Supermacro is an addon that gives you a huge advantage over other players with macros because it enables you to write extra long macros! 17. Of course, you'll need X-Perl to further customize your UI. 18. Big Wigs is the Classic version of DBM. You won't be raiding without it. 19. Mikes scrolling Battle Text is another enhancement to PvP. It says what it does. 20. Trinketmenu is another unfair advantage is PvP since people started to understand the value of Engineering. 21. For healers there is HealBot which improves decursive and customizes raidframes. EnergyWatch for rogues. Call of Elements for shammies. ZHunterMod. PallyWatch for raiding pallies. Itemrack and Doctor Druid for Druids. Enchantrix for enchanters. 22. MapCoords is a convenient addon that gives mapcoords. 23. CleanUp autosells grey stuff to vendors. Very convenient. 24. EZdismount dismount you before you take a flightpath. Just convenient. 25. WeaponQuickSwap allows the user to swap weapons easily. 26. Silverdragons for rare hunting! These addons are listed not only for my fellow players so they're able to compete with the part of the private server crowd who can't wait to fill their folders with addons so they can get unfair advantages and convenience at the expense of others, but also I'm posting this so players who are looking forward to Classic will understand it's a new game and they have to step it up to be on par with other players. Also, I really hope you realize this load of addons is not something we really want. As I wrote, imagine all your macros too! Do you really want to spend your days checking new macros and addons or do you just want to play the game on the same terms as everyone else? Restrict addons and macros please. Don't let this !@#$ float. Feel free to add more essential addons!Dropcut39 19h
23h When Blizzard release WoW: Classic, I'll... ... just launch the game and sit there, listening to the music on the starting screen and not trying to log in, simply crying for two hours...Арканист11 23h
1d same bs as ever let players choose how they like playingJaalix3 1d
1d Druids in Classic? now im really excited for Classic. original i lvled a Rogue and had great fun then. however in Classic i want to make something which is usefull in a more broader sense then DMG. now the Druid has always appealed to me, however back in Vanilla there was a huge stigma against having a tank anything other then a Warrior and a druid doing anything other then healing? proposturous. so do you guys think this stigma will change now that we are more used to the game? and know that we dont always need things we in some strange way decided was the only right way to do things? and would there be any other way to play a druid end-game in Classic other then healing?Searinox18 1d
1d Downranking: How did it work? FYI I'm fully aware of what it was, using lower ranks of spells, but how exactly did it work? Like, how did people figure out which ranks were best to use and when? I only really started healing during Wrath and while ranks were still a thing, downranking wasn't really.Shallin5 1d
1d My Blood Elf, Hunter, didn´t get a mount I made a blood elf, hunter. But when I turned level 20, I normally get a free mount, but this i didn´tWigga4 1d
1d Most nostalgic area for you in Vanilla. What the title says really, where in classic Azeroth hold the most memories for you? The place that you think of when you think of classic Wow! For me there's 2 places, the first being Southshore. Back in my days playing alliance I used to skin the yetis in Hillsbrad and sell all my junk in the town in hopes of finally getting my mount! 2nd Tanaris, the danger of just leaving Gadgetzan for fear for being ganked or coming across wandering beasts in the desert and the music that really set the scene!Bubujaja86 1d
1d Low damage problem So i just ran deadmines and i had two dpsers that did more damage than me. The mage did over 250k dmg while i did only 100k as enhancment shaman. I am really confused why i do such little damage. Im very new to the game btw so a total newb here.Cavec3 1d
1d Removal of Dishonorable Kills Post below credited to Gnubbish - Vanilla player without a sub: A suggestion I feel will improve the Vanilla WoW experience: Removal of Dishonorable Kills! What are Dishonorable Kills? Its like an Honorable Kill, but it is received when you or someone in your party/raid kills a civilian, such as a quest giver or a vendor. Upon receiving a Dishonorable Kill, your PvP rank progress is instantly reduced, which means you have to spend much longer farming BGs until you get to your rank goal. Dishonorable Kills were added to the game to prevent people from corpse camping quest givers or auction masters, which could potentially shut down an entire zone. Why are Dishonorable Kills a problem? With such a severe punishment for killing Civilians, when Dishonorable Kills are in the game it is no longer possible for serious PvPers to join into groups with strangers to do PvP. If someone in your group decides to start killing civilians then everybody will suffer for it. In retail Vanilla, players noticed a drastic reduction in city raids and world PvP, as a direct result of the addition of Dishonorable Kills. City raids are, to me and to many other Vanilla players, an integral part of the game, they are a lot of fun and really gives you the feeling of being at war with the other faction. Another factor that highlights the bad design of Dishonorable Kills is the fact that most people on the server don't care about amassing Dishonorable Kills. Someone who doesn't care about his PvP rank can just endlessly kill civilians without any punishment at all. Same goes for someone who already finished his PvP rank grind. Whats the alternative? This is not an easy question, but if we are talking about PvP servers, I would argue that this kind of gameplay disruption is to be expected. If someone is killing your questgiver, you can either wait for him to get bored, go to another zone or make your own ganking squad and fight back. If quest givers are being corpse camped every single day, in alot of different zones to completely stop players from leveling, then mass reports and griefing bans are a possible answer. You could also make quest givers unkillable. This is problematic because in a city some quest givers will call for guards to attack invaders. As a city raider I should be able to kill the civilians to prevent them from spawning guards over and over. For PvE servers, I see no problems with keeping Dishonorable Kills in the game. If you play on a PvE server you cant expect to do city raids or large scale outdoor PvE. Seems fair to me. What about the essence of Vanilla? NO CHANGES! As I said earlier, Dishonorable Kills were not in the game when it launched, nor were they added at the same time as the PvP system was implemented. This is why the harmful effects they had on the game were so noticeable; players had enjoyed raiding cities and doing large scale world PvP, but suddenly they were no longer able to. Which is to say that removing Dishonorable Kills makes the game more like its original form, and its hard to argue against making changes to allow city raids in a World of Warcraft. Thanks for reading and sharing! If you disagree with something I wrote, please specify which part and why.Kamodus403 1d
2d #Changes, R14 grind. I mean, I would say that the honor system itself was majorly flawed and needs to be changed but that's too drastic of a change for classic imo. Yet they can't possibly keep the R14 grind the same as it was back then, it's just unhealthy and promotes botting/account sharing and cross-faction collusion. I wonder if blizzard would make the upper ranks (R11-14) require less time to achieve than it used to. I mean it doesn't have to be too big of a change, something like limiting daily honor grind so people don't ruin their health playing 20 hours a day ( as if anyone has the time to play half that anymore), and maybe increasing the % of players that can rank up per week so that less grinding is required for those specific ranks. Unless people who advocate no changes really do intend to spend playing 20+ hours a day, everyday for 5-6 months. That's highly unrealistic for 2019. I would very much like to hear your thoughts on this matter (people who intend to do some pvp in classic).Distorpia75 2d
2d Ban foreign characters/symbols (names) One thing that always bugged about WoW was the fact it was possible to use different letters outside of English. Not only because it looks horrible, but also because manually inviting someone was pain. There is also a discussion in another thread about Russians. Seing somsone named ????????? is not very fun either. Is it really that hard for you guys to come up with a name? I would love to see a ban on this in Classic, only allowing A-Z for names. Sometimes it would be people using local language, such as "Ätbajs". But most of the time it was just kids trying to be cool, with names that were already taken, forcing them to use other symbols; Críthappens ßubbleoseven Wãrrior Frostshôck Etc. I want none of that shenanigans. Ban!Felsome76 2d
2d WSG jumps: abuse or clever use? Hey there, As most of you probably know there were quite a few jumps in WSG that had tremendous effect on the outcome of a game if one was able to execute them properly. None of these are still available in the current version afaik. While some involved wall jumping (like the one up the alliance gy) and as such will most likely not be tolerated :( , some others just made clever use of the terrain. Since the accessibility of such jumps might influence some people's class choices (especially talking druids here) I would like to hear your opinion on what you think will be the likeliest approach by Blizz. Has there been any information on this despite the fact they apparently did not want it in their game any more and thus removed it?Dürkest12 2d
2d Wow token on classic Howdy, now we know blizz is adding universal features such as integration and cross realm battlegrounds, I’m wondering whether we’ll see the wow token on classic. I think it would be great if I could exchange some spare € for a bit of gold on classic. Would be a great move by blizz and I would be more than happy for that feature (I’m against xmog and zone shards, but this is merely a feature that allows redistribution of ingame currency) What do you think? CheersHállow231 2d
2d I think it is too late for Classic It is a long time ago, when my priest run through a dark portal to see what are his next adventures. But what happened before, was the most unexpected adventure I have ever experience in a game industry. I remember a lot of people start leaving diablo 2 to beta testing of a new Blizzard Game. I was a pretty much skeptic but at the end I tried it and it was something significant. I have never had in any game before that feeling of a vast unexplored world and I never felt so tiny. Run-questing through Elwyn Forest and reaching Redgrige mountains to be one shot by an elite orc and finally discover myst and horrors of Duskwood, and that was just a start of game. My first MC raid was so hilarious, I looked at the map of MC and my first though was, what are we going to do after 30 minutes, there are just 6 or 7 rooms :). What an awakening it was as we reach Lucifron in about 2 hours later after numerous wipes. I didnt understand the game that time, so my retribution paladin was asked to dispel which means OOM in a 2nd minute of that fight. It had to be about 1.2 patch or such. Few days after I rerolled horde to be a priest healer. To be honest I am wondering up till now, why the hell I decided to see the healing frames tables instead of enjoying the game and actually see the raid content on my screen. To show you a bit bigger picture, we have been able to clear some Naxx sections and I also lead many raids and be a GM for some time. Anyway it was as it was and it brings a lot of memories from that days and here are some of them. To be honest I don't remember levelling much, I started with some friends so it was quite easy to get to 60 even as a healer. But one thing I remember, cross buffing everyone you met in the world a greeting wit ha hearty hello was thing back in these days. Everyone was willing to group to get the few zone elite quests done. And of course BRD a whole night adventure. Once we started raiding, the Vanilla shows to all of us its second face. The cooperation of getting the 40 people ready for raid, summoned, prepared, with arrows etc... was really difficult. The concept of the class leaders and training the boss techniques where many of the abilities or a few dot ticks can simply instant kill you with 3K of HP have its own beauty. I remember waiting for the Eye of Divinity drop, we have literally up to 10 leafs before the eye dropped. The quest itself was easier than the hunters one, but still require a few test attempts to finish. Our guild was well known as the Thunderfurry guild as we had two tanks and also 1 rogue equipped with this sword. I remember mind controlling the mobs in LBRS for FR buff to help us kill the Ragnaros finally. In fact the harder instances were just ahead of us. I clearly remember Twin Emperors fight as a healer. A 20 minutes long fight, where occasionally the tank get hit for 90% of HP and you need to avoid AoE damage and still place the healing. And of course the famous hunters multi-shot to aggro some bugs :) I remember getting the +hit gear on my priest for Mind Controlling Instuctor Razuvious and still from time to time I saw "Resist". And the all time present wipe on a trash in the end of AQ or NAXX. We also tried to reach the rank 14, but I didn't manage it and end up as a General only. But stll few great moments from PvP are still in my memory. The well known combo of geared arms warrior and a priest in Arathi Basin. We could literally with a bit of luck destroy 5-6 people guarding the flag just in 2 man. In fact we were able to clear most 5 man instances in two ppl, which was a huge goldmine at the end of Vanilla. I remember the Warsong premades before XR BGs. In our server we even get that far that depends on a squad of premade, we simply let the other group win. In case our or their guild main tank was present. We sit in the middle of WSG, sit around a fire and let them deliver. I am not saying that XR BGs were worse, it make the PvP proceed fluently. Which brings me to a multi queue of BGs where we actually from WSG jumped to an Alterac Valley. Which probably already run for a few hours and with our naxx gear, we simply jump to the game, run to ally base and finish the game in 15 minutes. And last but not least, the famous Silithus reputation with Cenarion Circle. I have never seen such hard location with so many elite mobs, ganking, boss summoning and a daze spider flood. I have literally spend a weeks there to get my tasks done. And what is the whole point of all of this? I would say the only thing that it all connects and it is a TIME. The thousand of hours spend. The community that shattered to pieces and never be the same again. We might be able to go back with some of them once Classic will be released, but certainly not with the same amount of time and people. I will definitely play the game regardless the way how it goes out but I am afraid it will not be the experience I am expecting to be and was back in the 2004. It is simply too late for Classic and our lives are after more than 10 years to different and for most of us not possible to spend 8+ hours in game to build up again what we did in Vanilla. But casual questing and living in Orgrimmar is also a way how to spend some $ monthly :)Couz14 2d
2d What if there's no debuff slot limit? Considering they are re-creating Classic using current WoW's engine, how would you feel if they don't implement the old "only-14-debuffs-slots" limit? And yeah, I do remember in the old days it was only 8 slots. IIRC debuff limit was a technical limitation, not an intended feature. They want to get rid of bugs (no loot-animation stuck character, sorry for those who miss that), but, what if they consider debuff-slot-limit similar to a bug? My point is, would you play Classic if they don't implement it?Nealde40 2d
2d Are you hopeful for this year's blizzcon? What do you think the next blizzcon is going to be like? Is there a chance we'll hear something about classic wow? An alpha or a beta announcement maybe? Some updates about what they think they need to do (apart from what they've already told us they're trying to fix of course)? For example: adressing the necessity to retune raids (or at least to do something about it) in a 1.12 environment, talking about the future and the potential implementation of TBC and Wotlk, and so on...those are some of the elements that I'd like to see them mention, of course, so go ahead guys. What do you think will happen during this blizzconRayken8 2d
2d Say YES to Cross Realm BattleGrounds. On the US site, they are discussing Cross Realm battlegrounds, which were a part of the 1.12 patch roll out DRUMS OF WAR. Cross Realm BattleGrounds were an authentic part of Vanilla WoW. They improved queue times for battlegrounds and allowed servers to form reputations instead of just players. If you are a #Nochanges person, you will support Cross Realm BattleGrounds.Mavrar141 2d
2d Dead Realms & Faction Imbalance Hi all, One of the main problems I have with the live game is the heavy use of cross-realm, especially placing people from different servers in the same shard. It's pretty much guaranteed that when Classic releases, there will be a huge rush of people coming to play it and then massive drop-off over the following weeks and months. This will mean that Blizzard is going to need a large number of servers at launch to handle the rush, but then once it dies down this will leave many "dead" realms. Additionally, over time many realms will naturally transition to an "unhealthy" state, where there is either huge faction imbalance (not so much a problem on live, but much more so in Classic) or just an extreme lack of players (e.g. Magtheridon pre-merge). I'm very interested in how Blizzard is planning to handle this, and what others interested in Classic would like to see. Personally, my hope is that they'll commit to closing down dead realms and locking character on imbalanced realms unless you already have a mid level character there. What are your thoughts?Evilfairy44 2d
3d Classic Honor System needs a rework/tweaking. I for one hope they do change or at least tweak the old system. The system was totally unfair, you just had to be lucky to play on a realm with little competition to get an "easy" rank 14. I originally intended to go for it, but after 3 months of 14-16 hours/day in WSG premades (and winning 90% of the time) I barely made it to rank 10. I was grinding 800.000 honor/week and that barely put me in the top 10 (top player on my realm's faction was sitting at 1.6 MILLION honor/week) I've seen and spoken to rank 14 players who got there in the same timeframe with less than half that time spent & the honor I was grinding. They were just lucky to play on a realm with little competition. The only thing the old system promotes & rewards is having absolutely no life whatsoever, doing the same repetitive thing over and over until you're completely burned out or share your account with multiple people. And yes, at least half of the top 10 characters on my server's faction back then were online 24/7 with 2 sometimes even 3 people playing said characters. All of them being in my old PvP guild at the time. I also played in a top 10 world PvE guild in vanilla (pre-Naxx, we lost our spot in the top 10 cause we didn't clear Naxx as fast as we wanted) and eventhough you had to invest about 3-4 hours/day farming for consumables, the time invested in PvE was far more rewarding, doing something that was far more challenging with a lot less time invested. All in all I think the old honor system is a flawed system and needs a serious rework or at least some major tweaking. Other than that and maybe a few quality of life improvements (such as removing the limit of debuff slots on bosses) I'm all for Classic WoW.Mórtred29 3d
3d Emerald Dream 40men Hello all, After checking out the Kara 40men thread, I decided to follow suit and suggest my idea as well. Firstly, I never knew about any alpha version of Kara until today, and stand among those who think that adding it would be amazing. Then, I suppose many of you know about the famous alpha ED, Mount Hyjal glitches, the green smoke etc... The Emerald Dream is believed to have been intended as a 40men raid during Vanilla, and was present in the data base ever since alpha. I always hoped that they'd add it at some point because there was no other part of the WoW universe I loved best. I've always found the lore about the ED simply amazing and you cannot imagine my disappointment when we got the EN raid in Legion... A cheap version of what the ED was ever depicted as, and was promising to be... With the release of classic realms, I see a new opportunity to bring the topic back on the table and beg (yes, beg) Blizzard to release the original version of the ED. Thanks. PS : sorry if it has already been suggested :)Henoriel7 3d
3d How to Fix the Protection Paladin Hello everyone. After 6 years of wandering from a private server to another more or less blizzlike, after several discussions with other veteran players and after reading any kind of guide on the old official servers of WoW, I decided, in anticipation of the imminent (i hope) release of the classic server, to include in a list of tips and improvements that according to what derives from discussions, game mechanics, personal opinions of other players, and my personal opinions, can help to make the paladin protection a valid alternative to the undisputed domain of the Tank Warrior. A good part of the complaints that are made to the paladins protection concerns the too much damage they take compared to a Warrior, and this derives above all from the difference between Blessing of Sanctuary and Defensive Stance, the first reduce the damage taken by 24, the other reduce it by 10%. Let's say for example that in a raid a boss inflicts 1000 damage to a Tank Warrior and to a Tank Paladin, the first will actually receive 900 and the other 976, it seems a nonsense, but I can assure you that 76 damage in vanilla make the difference between a clear content and a wipe. The other problem concerns the talent Redoubt, which triggers every time the paladin receives critical damage ... If you then think that Redoubt is essential to eliminate the possibility of receiving a Crushing Blows, things start to get complicated. A self-respecting tank can not receive Crushing Blows nor Critical Strike. Another good part of complaints against the Paladins Protection concerns the inability to resume aggro once lost, not having the infamous "taunt" of Warriors. In fact they have not 1, but 3 ways to recover aggro if they lose it (Tanut, Mocking Blow, and Challenging Shout), the paladin, on his side, has a better ability to generate aggro faster than a warrior and, thanks to the fact that two skills that generate a lot of threat are activated when it take an hit (Holy Shield and Blessing of Sanctuary), once he has aggro difficulty he lose it, but it can happen and in that case, what do you do? The most skilled protection paladins are able to use Blessing of Protection at the right time and somehow resume the mob, but this one has a 5min CD (3min with talent) that are too many for the mechanics of a raid boss. Finally the last problem: mana. Being the skills of the paladin spells substantially, they need mana to be casted. When the mana is over, the skills are over, when the skills are over, the threat is over, when the threat is over ... wipe. Let's see now how these problems can be remedied. Point 1 - Mitigation of damage. A first help in this direction arrived in TBC when Redoubt was revised, changing the activation modalities from "it activates every time a critical hit is received" to "every time a stroke is received there is a 10% chance that you activate ", which could be safely implemented also in the classic server mechanics. The other help always arrives in TBC with the introduction of the Ardent Defender talent: under 35% of life the whole year received is reduced by 30%. According to many, one of the most powerful talents ever made. Finally the gap between Blessing of Sanctuary and Defensive Stance, balanced by the addition of a 6% reduction in total damage when active Righteous Fury, always implemented in TBC. Point 2 - Threat Generation. The aggro of the paladin is based on Holy damage, but in the game, in version 1.12.1, there are no objects that give defensive features and increase magic damage at the same time, so you have to choose, and the choice, the 99, 9% of the time falls on a gear that enhances the defensive characteristics. The problem was solved by Blizzard in WotLK with the introduction of the talent Touched by the Light, which increased by 60% of the value of the force (personally I would put stamina) the magical power. From then on the aggro was no longer a problem for the paladins, who could also share the gear with the Warriors, since every piece out of the sets included force, stamina and at least a defensive feature. if this change were implemented in the classic version would not even need the tanut to the paladin, would generate so much threat that the "tanut" of the warrior would be more than justified, since without they would have no chance to remove the aggro to a paladin. At this point the resurgence of a meeting would be completely entrusted to the players and their abilities. Some might argue that playing the paladin would become too simple. In the introductory video that the blizzard made to release WoW, by the same admission of the Devs, the paladin was supposed to be the easiest class to play, according to the initial idea. Point 3 - Mana. In my personal opinion, mana is not a problem if the skills are used with criteria. Theoretically it should not be given regardless of a paladin to be able to spam Consecration at will, but only when needed, as it should not be allowed to spam spell in general. For what is my personal experience if the spells are used with criteria the mana is not a problem. Point 4 - What to remove? In my opinion the talent of Tiar 6 of the protection branch of the paladin is useless: the damage inflicted with one-handed weapons increases by 10%. 5 wasted talent points. Ardent Defender (2 appropriately divided talent points) and Touched by the Light (3 appropriately divided talent points) seem to me an excellent alternative. What this series of considerations wants to bring is a fix of obvious errors in the mechanics of the paladin protection, not a homologation to the Warrior or a simplification of the class. A skilled player uses the right spell at the right time and this mechanic must remain. This is how much, much could be said, but the available space is finished and I preferred to concentrate on the main issues. Thank you all for your attention and sorry for my english.Ratziel18 3d
3d Allaince or Horde as pandarian monk should i get the horde or the allaince ? thx for answeringFistofire2 3d
3d Karazhan 40 man Karazhan 40 man Was made in early alpha of wow, and was exspected too be final raid of vanilla. Could this be a chance to Make a new raid for classic when naxx is cleared?Tobì20 3d
3d BG queues - Battle masters vs portals The option of queueing from battle masters in capital cities was introduced in patch 1.6. I am very fond of the old days when queueing for a bg required you to actually travel to the battleground location pretty much the way you had to do for pve instances. It created a very active world pvp environment as pvpers travelled to and from the battleground location and roamed the nearby areas whilst in the queue. You could also farm mobs or crafting mats in wpl or azshara/felwood if queues were on the slow side. When battlemasters were added, all this came to an end, as after each bg players would get ported back to the battle master in the capital city away from the rest of the open world. Pvpers were left with not much else to do other than idling by the npc waiting for the queue to pop. The change negatively affected the relationship of the pvp community with the open world similarly to how meeting stones and later the group finder would do for the pve player base. I personally think that a wow without battlemasters would be a better one as it would push people out in the open world, increasing open world interaction and offer a truer vanilla experience. I wonder how the rest of the community feels about the matter.Timoris11 3d
4d Vanilla - Warlock Hi All, I have played since Vanilla but I was quite young at the time, and so my gameplay wasn't serious. I was more immersed in the world and enjoyed all the little things rather than noticing mechanics or taking part in serious raiding, and battlegrounds. Therefore my memory of things Is a bit foggy... How were warlocks overall in Vanilla PVE & PVP?Necromin17 4d
4d Where are they? Where do i find Classic realms? The expansion is live but i cant see any realms listed as Classic.Aldaron14 4d
4d New player here Hello guys, I am a new player, but i have some questions: 1. I heard some guys saying they did level 110 in Legion, for exemple, in like 60 hours. Been playing 15 hours so far without afk-ing and i am level 34. How they did that? Am I doing something wrong? 2. When should I join a guild? Is there an estimated level? What is the best way to join one? Sending requests? 3. Should i buy weapons or just play and wait for them to be given by quests.Swainez3 4d
4d I want to play as DPS this time around Hi all As many others, I can't wait until Classic releases. In original Vanilla I played through MC, BWL and half of AQ40 as a holy priest. I know the game well but I don't do alts and therefore I have little understanding of Vanilla DPS classes, so I'm calling upon the community here for some guidance. My main gripe with healers was the fact that I was useless outside of group play. Anything that involved killing mobs, forget it - it was tedious to say the least. This time around, I want to be able to hold my own in the world! What I'm looking for in a DPS class is: - Decent at wpvp. I want to be able to defend myself. - Competitive RAID DPS. If the class has an easy time getting a RAID slot, then that is a bonus. - I want to bring great utility to my dungeon groups, whether that be in form of CC or buffs, etc. I would like to be able to find dungeon groups as a DPS. - Good at farming lower level dungeons for cloths, greens, etc. or farming high level world mobs. I like this form of gold making much more than gathering professions. Initially, I'm thinking Mage but would appreciate your input on a good DPS class for Classic. Ohhh and BTW, I'm die hard Alliance so no Shamans :)   Thank you.Alistras17 4d
4d Allaince or Horde as pandarian monk should i get the horde or the allaince ? thx for answeringFistofire5 4d
4d wow classic release date please! Please Blizz, I cant sleep anymore! give us a release date and take my money! Give us the wow classic (no changes) we all have been asking for SOON! : D Warrior prot .... fire mage .... holy priest .... It's going to be awesome!Norwich103 4d
4d If New Graphics... Bizzard please. If you planning release Classic with updated graphics then please please please implement the old casting/run/talk/laugh etc animations to all races! I seriously don't like the animations on retail (one of the reason i left). The faces and expressions are cool but every races seems to run like the same way and kind of chubby. It's just my opinion but I seriously can't play Classic if, for example my undead don't run and cast as he did before. Gameplay is an important thing but don't forget the visuals and movements of your character.Neopá4 4d
5d Shelf?? Does any one think that the word SHELVED is somewhere in the long list of words associated with Classic or am I being pessimistic in my outlook As a gnome I should be an optimist, but life looks different through rose tinted glasses.Littlemajik0 5d
6d Should there be an improved blizzard ui? I realise there is a lot of controversy when it comes to addons and I'm curious as to whether people think the base ui should be improved for new players who won't know addons exist. For example in the base classic ui there is not any enemy cast bars. I'm just going to add I have no opinion on this matter as in other threads people assume my stance without me stating it.Zealjan6 6d
6d Russians in Classic Let me ask what everybody wants to ask but cant. Will the russians be playing with europeans in classic?Worhnhown114 6d