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1m Alexensual? Who is he and why is he trying to be the "leader" of the Classic experience? Why would one follow someone that acts like a child?Frukta122 1m
2m NO TO NEW MODELS! Vanilla means vanilla models, which by the way i find alot better, and old cast animation. so NO NEW MODELS IN VANILLA OR ITS NOT VANILLA NO lfr go play legion NO AOE LOOT go play legion No to ANY change! Keep it real!!!! No to enemy cast bars, go get an addon ain't that hard.Pärts54 2m
3m Great job so far Wow First of all - thank you for bringing me a million memories, If there is anything I can do other than this post, let me know guys. Now, here are some of my ideas and reflections on what could be next. • Guild bank  - Pro: saving enormous time from the officers - Cons: (thieves will have harder time hacking and bankrupting an entire guild) • Summoning stones - pro: you can slack in IF all day and wait for others to do the leg work for you without a warlock in the party/raid - Cons: Players will invent ways to abuse this and removing the chance of world PvP. Affecting the Vanilla experience. • AoE looting - pro: It does save a lot of time, making farming and grinding less mind numbing but yet does effect the game in a huge way - Cons: it will make gold sellers and certain classes benefit from this in a big way, making the poor farming classes even worse and the effective farming classes even better. Economy will seperate classes even more and dungeon farming will be crazy fast. • Graphics and customisation (more options on hair, face, body type etc) - pro: sexy for the eye - Cons: none • Talents - pro: making some speccs more viable and possibly making every specc needed for end game. Changing some of the talents could be nice, as long as +95% will stay the same, as well as keeping classes as they were not making 1 class 100% viable in all 3 speccs. - Cons: making everyone quit the game because the same thing that killed some parts of the WoW experience - will happen again. People who are wishing for Vanilla - should be able to experience it once again or for the first time without exceptions that are major. The same people asking for revamp - are the ones in the next step asking for you to give every class AoE and paladins taunt. • Changes that could be accepted - class quests for all (some classes are without it, like mages) Hunters and Priests have theirs for the epic weapons, warriors for the 3 stances, warlocks and paladins for mounts, druids for their forms, shammys for totems and rogues for poisons, Ravenholt etc but mages are left out. - Finishing chains like Ravenholt for Rogues - Adding new content as well as tier 4,5,6 and so on instead of making Vanilla progress into TBC (which will make us  beg for vanilla once again) - Improving the auction house, like being able to post items more effectively - Daily quest. Maybe you would be able to perform 1 or 2 out of many. Like profession daily, PvP daily, Raid daily, dungeon daily.  - Never ever add flying mounts, no matter how far the game goes. • Things to keep in mind. - The community have called upon Blizzard to make changes and give us a chance to re-live the vanilla world as it once were. This is of course a huge favor to ask - which is why the need for understanding and acceptance not to ask Blizzard for the impossible has to be in place. If the old school and hardcore players want to see things happen, we probably will need to accept that Blizzard have to get some wiggle room when re-creating the game. Not making a Vanilla version of todays retail WoW  - but maybe a 2018 version of the game. Should we implement arenas? Add battlegrounds such as EotS? Don't get me wrong, vanilla is amazing - because its pure, but at the same time - is the lack of options which will kill the game, or making hardcore players raidlog, which will eventually kill the community - so keeping an open mind can help us all. Blizzard will be able to keep the game a challenge - and we, will keep playing. • The community talk long and hard about the fact that vanilla will also reach its end - but in fact, this is not true. If you ask me, we could keep the vanilla feel going - by letting this dev team work their way thru the first version of the game - and when naxxramas is out, keep adding the dungeons which never made the final cut - but some were actually added in Cataclysm and later expansions. Raids are also a sexy thing to talk about, why not add Caverns of time 60, Mount Hyjal 60, the emerald dream and the list goes on. The Players trying vanilla for the first time, would be amazed and at the same time the old school players re-uniting would enjoy the journey once again as if it was their first time. Many people talk about that a true mmo should only expand the horizon - not change the landscape, add content, not remove old ones. Not many times in life does the opportunity to change the errors we made in the past occur, but today - Blizzard are presented with a great shot at close to perfection. Once again can the staff bring us onto a journey of dreams, WoW is a huge part of gaming history and will be looked upon as one of the biggest game changera in the era - but go back in time and with great imagination and dedication, being able to perfect a diamond, this could be even bigger.   I played this game since its early days, ranking and hardcore raiding into Naxx, Ranked again on private Vanilla servers and yes - the community was the same if not even better the second time around. I seen lots of changes, some good and some were bad - many were great and a couple was terrible. But all in all, Blizzard always tried to deliver a smile on my face - and I will never forget when I was hacked, waiting on Bladefist EU outside of AQ40s gates with some vendor gear I bought to fill my empty slots - suddenly a GM was in front of me, with the classic hood and robe of blues. He asked me, -" If you were hacked, how come you had the gold to buy these epics?" -" Well, the entire server made an effort and collected almost 600g to give me a chance of getting back into the game". -"That was a very honourable thing to do" he said. -"Yes, I have rarely seen such kindness", I answered him. He asked if I had 67 free bag slots and after that - all my items were back in my bags. What he said next will always be with me and shall be the words that I wish upon Blizzards next journey. “May the road always rise to meet your feet, the wind blow in your back and the sun shine upon your face.” Yours truly, Treasures, retail priest and Takanashi private warrior.Treasure7 3m
7m Guilds from Vanilla Post your Guild Name - Server/Realm - Faction (Alliance/Horde) that you played on. If you don't follow this you wont be added. I'll get a running list and update it daily(ish). That way we might find old friends that have left but are coming back due to the announcement. Updated 16/11 Alliance: Aggramar -Touching Cloth -We Brake For Nobody Al'Akir -Deliverance (Might be on Balnazar) -Strength and Valour Alonsus -Treasure Hunters Arathor -Artificial -Dirty Danes -The Imperium Aszune -Exalted Legacy Azjol'Nerub -Hexxus -RAGE -Snakeeyes -Spirit of Ishaps Boulderfist -Decus Caedo -Twisted Brotherhood -Wipe Club Bronzebeard -Chimera -The Burning Blade Cho'Gall -AntiCastSuperStar -Kill me I'm an Autoclicker -Le Clan Stonewood Daggerspine -Kaamos Darkspear -Divine Souls Defias Brotherhood -GROM Draenor -Prodigy Dragonblight -BoB -Custodis Ex Luminarium Eonar -Pandemonium -Peons Frostmane -First Wave -IzadorsFans -Oblivion -Omnipotence -Revelation -Rising Sun Frostwhisper -Infinity And Decerto Haomarush -Far From Ordinary Hellscream -Blood Inc -Brave Heart -Elysium -Fate -Novus Orsa -The Undutchables Lightbringer -Awakening Kilrogg -Dark Souls Kor'Gall -TJPF Mazrigos -OUTNUMBERED Moonglade -Shackled Neptulon -Kings of Azeroth Nordrassil -Army Of The Light -Bloodline -Venus Quel'Thalas -The Paradox Machine Ravencrest -Europe Ravenholdt -Redrum Inc Runetotem -Consortium -Muffin Mayhem -Order of the Silverflame Scarshield Legion -The Covenant Shadowmoon -Intruders Shattered Hand -Divinity -Everlasted -Saru Wasa Silvermoon -Divine Supremacy -Passion -Shadowz Sporeggar -Domina Polonia -Snow and Blood Stormreaver -Adamantica -Fluffy Bunnies -Forgotten Legionaries -Masquerade -Never Raid Sober -The Core Crew -Transcendence -Reclaimers -Post Mortem Stormscale -Core The Maelstrom -Twilight The Sha'Tar -Nightmist Empire The Venture Co. -Chronology -Illuminati -Ni Hao Thunderstorm -Sword Saints Twilights Hammer -Alzheimer (Unsure if he meant the disease or if that's the name :^)) -Lamer crew Vashj -Rubicon Warsong -Wings of Fate Xavius -Immortal Legion Zenedar -Dragon Legion -Exiles of Fate Horde: Aerie Peak -Outbreak Aggramar -Boys From The Horde -Vengeance Alonsus -Malice Azjol'Nerub -The United Warthogs Boulderfist -Hate Bronzebeard -Conviction -Sanitarium Burning Legion -No Regrets Chromaggus -The Friendly Fuzzballs Daggerspine -Synergy -Vendetta Darksorrow -Replica Earthen Ring -Ad Noctum Frostwhisper -Northern Lights Genjuros -Horizons -Nightmare Haomarush -Grammarpolice -Grudge -Orbital -Prophetia Nocturna -Whipe Kilrogg -Bloodhound Company Nordassil -Epsilon Ragnaros -MoX Ravencrest -DNM Ravenholdt -Bloodpack Runetotem -Order of chaos (?) -Slackers Sunstrider -Keepers of the Darkness -Pet gnomes inc -ENDGAME -HYBRIS Stormreaver -Blood Axe -Chosen Ones -Grumpy Old Vikingz -The Inner Circle The Maelstrom -Misanthropes II The Venture Co. -The Sentenced Vashj -Illuminati -Integra Xavius Bloody Mess Clean Out of luck Zenedar Artificial Breath Credit to "Brahmu" from NA forums for the ideaMool169 7m
9m How to keep Classic servers fresh, forever. Make a progression realm that is a league similar to PoE design and when it ends after Naxx, transfer our characters to a permanent 1.12.1 realm. This will allow us to keep our progression but at the same time, it will keep the game fresh. People are suggesting an early patch that will make progression right up to 1.12.1 and then stop. Knowing Blizzard, after they do this we will never be able to do it again as I doubt another server will come out. With this idea, you will always have that chance to try it (completely optional) and not have to fear losing any progression since your character will then be transferred onto the permanent realm when it starts again.Lenton2 9m
17m Classic wow news week 2-3 17m
19m Things WoW Classic should have. Things WoW Classic should have that were not in the original game: Also note that I believe the gameplay should be pretty much left alone. 1) Ability to change the order of our characters in the menu. 2) Ability to pay to change our character name. This is a good way for Blizzard to make some extra cash too. 3) The barbers should be open. Extra gold sink and is less restrictive to the player in their character customisation. You wouldn't have to have that silly hairstyle forever and it would allow more freedom and more fun in how people's characters could look, as they wouldn't be stuck with something forever. Druids will also not be stuck with one animal skin tone. 4) A toggle in the video settings menu to turn on modern graphics and animations. Note: this would be an option, it could be switched on and off as the gamer pleases. Why do I think this would be good? For one, it would be nice to be able to see how far WoW has come graphically, being able to switch between the two. I can just imagine doing a run of Deadmines on the old graphics, and then next time turning on updated visuals and seeing the difference! Secondly, it's totally up to the player. Those that want the old graphics can just carry on using them and be unaffected, and those who want to experience better visuals, but still the same classic gameplay, can also do so. _____________________________________________________________________________ I believe these are god suggestions because they have zero effect on gameplay. They are all updates that don't negatively affect anyone individually, they just provide more quality of life options for the player.Tiptup40 19m
20m Open Letter from a Private Server Developer Just reposting this in the EU forums for the sake of visibility, I thought it was a decent read. To be clear, I didn't write it. ... EDIT: Followup, 11/9/2017, 9:13 AM EST ...Whiss131 20m
20m New Models+Animations are a MUST! I just started leveling this Project-60 character and I am having lots of fun. So I decided to compare this experience with how leveling in vanilla would be. Let me say that the new models, and animations really improve the overall experience. The difference in how Arcane Blast looks like, how my character moves when it uses Arcane Explosion, it just adds some depth to how I experience the combat as a whole, and when Classic finally hits I don't want to see this go away because the old models are an eye-sore. The first character I leveled was a fire mage in Cataclysm. Comparing this experience to the leveling I did in Cataclysm (a time without the new models+animations), is so much different. Almost everything around me looks new. The yetis, the kobolds, my character, my spells, etc. These all improved the same experiences I had with my first character in Cataclysm. Overall, graphics may not affect gameplay directly, but it does affect how you experience it. Getting that epic sword is amazing, but getting that epic sword in HD is even more amazing!Lusaka110 20m
22m What is ‘Classic experience’ to you? Classic servers, this is really awesome! I think it is important to define all the key elements that define true ‘classic experience’. To me, these are: - Immersing role-playing aspects. Reagents, trainers, ammunition, soul shards, class quests. - No illogical conveniences such as area-looting - No superheroism. No ‘you are the savior of all Azeroth’ attitude from NPCs. - Slow movement - The character you play is an average representation of their class who starts out as a novice. - The character is poor. 1 gold is a lot of money. - Tough and long fights. Planning is necessary, because multiple foes is not doable. - No ‘DPS rotations’. Niche is more about positioning, movement, prioritizing, and crowd control. - Leveling is a slow learning curve, with talents and new ability ranks. - Weapon & defense skills learned by fighting. - Item enchantments, like Shield Spikes, Scopes, etc. - 7-tier talent system with 51 points at max level. - Talents support both specialization and hybridization. - The talent branches are not strictly ‘tank/DPS/healer’-like. - Classic zones and quests. The zones are not streamlined for convenience. - Quest objectives are not displayed in the minimap. - Small bags, cluttered with quest items - Mor’Ladim, and other wandering elites. - Tough, wandering monsters, sometimes in packs. Fleeing humanoids picking up adds. - Classic spells and abilities. - Classic dungeons that could take ages. - Classic items with weird stats. Nothing is given on a silver platter. - Alterac Valley EDIT 2017/11/19 12:00: As it apparently is unclear, the below are not suggestions, but merely mean to list things that I would not consider as deteriorating 'Classic Experience'. That is, I won't care if they are changed or not, I will anyway play a Balance Druid and Arcane Mage (gnome ofc). END OF EDIT As such, I would not flip the table if: - Bugs are fixed - Tooltips are updated to reflect the actual damage of a spell / ability - Talents are tweaked, keeping the overall powerlevel (+2% strength etc.) and possibility to hybridize - Downranking spells is not made possible (e.g. lower rank spells mana cost and cast time increases with levels) - Mana issues for high-end raiding content is addressed for struggling classes. - Difficulty is even further increased But these are for sure not requests. These are simply to note that there are some things that are more important for the experience (listed earlier) than others (Do you really care if your Wrath spell does 295 or 305 damage?). Talents have to be looked at in any case, as they did evolve during Vanilla in any case. Please add points to what defines the classic experience for you.Archowitz23 22m
22m Why modern graphics are a bad idea Apart from the obvious fact that older graphics run better on people's potatoes, they're also a sign of the values that WoW Classic stands for. Old fashioned graphics are a sign of adult taste. The shift to focusing on "cool" battle animations while ezmoding and streamlining stuff and making the lore more and more generic is a huge problem among game developers today (Blizzard is far from the worst) and is the primary reason for why this large communities conservative gamers like us even exist. It would be a good sign that Blizzard understands the mature, adult audience looking to come back for WoW classic if they decide to 'pimp' with some sexy pixels the business management thinks will attract some twennies who won't be playing classic anyway.Oomwoc4 22m
33m Vanilla warrior dps spec Hey Guys, I was wondering if there was any viable warrior DPS spec on 60lvl raid content? I remember some gnome warrior doing 1000dps on Kelthuzad back in Naxx, but that was late expansion. Othen than that I'm ok with tanking but I wonder :o). Any 2cents?Ausonir8 33m
1h Basic Suggestion on Content Rollout The November Q&A session seems to clarify that "Vanilla means Vanilla" and that there's a bigger focus on the technical/mechanical side of the server's development; like client versions, content releases, etc. So, Here's what I think. Launch the client as the latest version of Vanilla (not the BC pre-patch) Philosophically, I just think it makes sense that we use the patch which represents the game's "most polished" state (at least from the developers' point of view). Seeing as though we're not going to alter the game's balance and systems, we might as well pick the version that represents the most "up-tp-date" version. Re-create a launch cycle for game content in the game I think there is value in having a systematic release of content. It can give us something to look forward to. This includes smaller content like Darkmoon Faire and Fishing Exstravaganza. Also, it would be very anti-climactic if all raids were available on day 1, as some guilds will either (1) race through to the very end, or (2) just skip content in favour of more lucrative rewards. I think this is especially important for dungeons and raids; release them over time. Battlegrounds I am only a semi-pvp player so I can only comment from that perspective. There are plenty of world pvp opportunities in WoW Classic so personally, I would be 100% fine with only getting Battlegrounds at a later stage. However, knowing what we know now, there are WoW players who are truly passionate about PvP; so having no battlegrounds for them would be the equivalent of not having any raids for PvE players (a very loose analogy). So, if anything, perhaps consider launching with 1 or 2 BGs, and releasing the remaining ones later? From my perspective, Alterac Valley seems like the premiere PvP BG, so perhaps postponing Alterac Valley for a later time would make sense? For example, WSG at launch, Arathi Basin after, and Alterac latest? (I know AB technically came after AV, but I'm just spitballing). Either way, this doesn't impact me too much, but I would like to see (at least) some of the BGs rollout over time, rather than having them all available at once. Dungeons and Raids I feel this is somewhat obvious (as hinted at earlier) that dungeon and raid rollouts are very useful and worth having. However, when doing so, I would only ask that the devs remain aware of where these dungeons and raids fit in to the overall itemisation of the game. I really don't want content making each other redundant right out of the gate. So in summary, (1) I think the game's ideal version is the version right before the BC pre-patch, (2) smaller game content (like Darkmoon Faire, Fishing Extravaganza, etc.) is released over time and in relation to each another, (3) either rollout the BGs over time, or launch with 1 and release more later (I'm indifferent here; happy with either), and (4) have dungeons and raids rollout in ways that don't immediately rule out other content. Just what I think :) Just want the game to last, and I feel that looking forward to content releases has always been a part of WoW :) I guess this will matter much less as time goes on and content gets released.Northgard5 1h
1h Why Classic needs phasing and CRZ. The announcement of Classic has been met with huge amounts of enthusiasm from fans so it's very clear that it's going to be an incredibly popular way to play the game. Even more popular than Blizzard was anticipating, perhaps. They've said they want the classic experience without so much the launch experience of bugs, lag and server crashes. It's clear that the best way to accomplish this would be to use the existing technology from modern day WoW such as cross realm zones and player phasing to ensure that neither too many nor too few players occupy a given zone and everything can run smoothly. So please, Blizzard. Don't listen to the loud minority of band-wagoners who never even played Vanilla and would drop Classic as soon as the hype died down. The true fans that have been asking for classic for years recognise that modern tech can improve the experience tenfold for everyone. This and other small concessions wouldn't hurt the authenticity at all and would eliminate many of the frustrations of the past. Thanks for reading.Hanazu21 1h
1h Unofficial WoW Classic "Wishlist" Thread Borrowed from the US General Forums. Do you want the Classic server/s to be exactly like the original ones with no changes? Or do you want some quality of life improvements, like shift+click loot all, Dual Talent Specialization, bigger crafting material stacks etc. etc. Let's use this thread to mainly voice out our wants for the Classic WoW, maybe Blizzard will even pick up some ideas if they pop up several times. I personally would want at least the things mentioned above, but I do not want any kinda LFG/LFR tool to be implemented, because that kills the interaction between players (like asking for groups in the chat channels). I'm 11 years older now then I was when I started WoW and I do not need any of that tedious cr4p. To me Classic WoW was more about the atmosphere, the locations and dungeons/raids, not so much the gameplay mechanics or w/e you want to call them, so fine by me, iron out the bugs and ridiculous gaming design flaws that you would call nowadays.Cazzler41 1h
1h New graphics shock I stopped playing back then after TBC, just returned because of prospects of WoW Classic. So I had a look at those "improved graphics", since I don't know them yet. Was thinking "yeah moar polygons, should be cool!" Well.. The human paladin, which was my 1st character I ever created back then, now looks like a stupid hobo instead of a knight as old screenshots show him. I was really shocked. Actually I had to stop myself from deleting him when I saw that P.o.S. design. WTF is that supposed to be in terms of "improved graphics"??? That was the worst thing I've ever seen in a game update. Fire your graphics improver guys, maybe? Sorry, but that char is actually unplayable now, it looks SO bad and retarded, but used to look so neat, wtfffffff Blizzard.Oom40 1h
2h Changes that will come to vanilla Changes:Hêradon6 2h
2h Ready for the hard stuff? Hello. I played vanilla a lot and will play classic for sure. But... The times changed and gamers changed. I remember one game made by wow vanilla devs called Wildstar. With 40 men raids and 2 hours long hard dungeons. Ppl was hyped for that vanilla hardiness hardcore play. And that was a thing that killed the game so soon. Can that happen to classic wow??Lp34 2h
2h Vanila server is mistake It will take away funds and people from current Wow. Past is past. Vanila wont make you young noob again.Crossaider289 2h
2h This is a mess We are fighting each other like animals. Please Blizzard, make official statement if you will be adding any gameplay changes outside of vanilla patches. When you do that some people will leave and all disscussion will have more civil look.Georghunt136 2h
2h WoW Classic should grow beyond Vanilla Now, hear me out and please, forgive me that wall of text. It's best to start with a game that's as close to "vanilla" as possible (however you define that), but really, there should eventually be changes and additions that adhere to "vanilla" spirit and design philosophy. A new branch of WoW, so to speak. Vanilla was an experimental phase in WoW's history, where even the Devs themselves weren't sure just what direction the game would go. It was always changing, always growing. There was a significant amount of changes each patch (among them new and exciting bugs). If people want a static, unchanging world, well, that's already significantly different from vanilla. Yes, they could somehow recreate this by starting with the state the game was in 1.1.0 and "recreating" the old patches in intervals, but that has its own problems. And even if they did it, what after they eventually hit 1.12.1? TBC realms? That would already be a very different game. Reset the realms and start all over again? Unlikely to happen. Just leave it like that forever? The realms would start dying off as soon as Kel'Thuzad died for a millionth time and all that would be left would be a fraction of the playerbase, consisting of the most hardcore players. And while that might not be a problem for other people, I think it's a waste, for it to end up like a museum piece to be preserved, like same sacred cow that must not be touched. As I've said, static vanilla really isn't vanilla anymore. I'm not talking about anything like adding LFR, Heirlooms, increasing the level cap, flying mounts, making a new expansion worth of content and new continent that would cause Azeroth to become deserted, because everything that matters would be in the new, cool place with greens that replace your epics. Really, those kinds of changes would significantly change the experience. But what about that would fit the design philosophy? Patches adding bosses like Dragons of the Nightmare? Expanding the game by adding content that was cut before release? New dungeons that aren't made with the LFG tool in mind? Something like Blackrock Depths (my favorite WoW dungeon), except even bigger and more involved? Events similar to opening the gates of Ahn'Qiraj? Where the whole realm has to work together to stave off a Scourge invasion, for instance? Player and guild housing that's not instanced AFK Garrison with missions and followers, but actually affects the world and maybe could be attacked by the opposing faction? Would you really be against that because it wasn't in Vanilla? . . . . . . Any changes and additions I propose would happen in the far future, once Classic realms are already firmly established. I just think it would be cool to talk about what could happen, instead of just dismissing all discussion about any additions out of hand for the sake of "purity". People say "No changes. If you don't like it, play retail." Well, that won't help much, WoW eventually became a very different game. There was something that started changing in TBC. The design philosophy changed. People changed. The game slowly started to transform into a theme-park, where the vast majority of quest content is designed to be played solo. And while I actually still enjoy the retail game, it doesn't have what I'm looking for here. The "no changes" mentality has gotten silly at times. I understand when it's concerning things like adding LFR or something like that and even being defensive because you finally got what you wanted, yet fear you can still lose it. But I've seen things like: "Hey guys, do you think UBRS should be 10-man like in patch 1.10.0 or 15-man like pre-1.10.0?" "NO CHANGES FROM VANILLA!" Well, what's that supposed to mean then? It has been noted by those who were against Classic servers that the attitude of some people eventually changed from "I want vanilla!" to "I want vanilla, but-". Well, maybe it's not "exactly" vanilla they wanted, that exact piece of software? Maybe they just want what it represented? I don't need to have an exact, 100% copy of Vanilla with a Debuff limit and lagspikes every few minutes. What I need is this: The sense of community, where people would quest together and help each other, guilds formed alliances and rivalries, people would spontaneously create pvp events near Crossroads and Tarren Mill and where being a terrible person didn't pay, because word would spread and soon the entire realm would refuse to do anything with you. The sense of danger and scale, where exploring the world actually carries risks and I can't just fly over it with 0 danger. The sense that I'm in a world inhabited by others, not in a theme park where my every whim is catered to, where everything is easy and convenient and every NPC proclaims me "Savior of Azeroth" just to do the same to the player who's "next in line". The sense of accomplishment, where if you saw someone in epics you knew he had to work for them, while now pretty much everyone has one even before they hit max level. The sense of "class identity", that really wasn't addressed all that well in Legion. Every class should be able to do something no one else can, every spec should have some use. If it's of no use in raiding, that's fine, so long as they can still atleast occasionaly shine somewhere else and bring some unique skill to the table. Raiding was not all there was to Vanilla. Those are the most important things for me. If they make some changes that don't impact these things or even enhance them, then I can live with it. . . . . . But that's just me, maybe people really want just a straight-up copy of Vanilla that will forever stay the same and I'm in the minority. And maybe Blizzard will listen. And thats fine. In that case, I'm going to play for a while, enjoy it while it lasts and then quit once I get bored. I just think it's a pity to leave it like that, when there's potential for more. Anyway, thanks for bothering to read this TL:DR post. Feel free to bring up some ideas on things that could eventualy be added or how the game could be expanded. If you disagree and want static realms with no changes or additions beyond what was already in vanilla WoW, I'd be interested to read about just why you don't want any changes ever and why do you think it would only hurt the game.Shiwer85 2h
3h So what about auto dismount? And auto loot? And pre que spells?Runecore17 3h
3h We are getting Vanilla but TBC and Wrath? I think it is great we are finally getting to play pure Vanilla servers again. I think I will get years of good game play from classic. But I would like to play TBC and Wrath as well (would be happy to skip every xpac after that). So do you also want TBC and Wrath servers as much as me?Bilko37 3h
3h For old players or new players ? Hey, to start of i will apologize for my bad spelling and wording, so no need to complain about that. So i am an old player since the early days, in classic i was both doing hardcore pvp up to General rank, and i was raiding nax aswell and i where based on the server Talnivarr and started on Shadowmoon. I have been reading alot lately about peoples opinions regarding classic and what they think it should be. my question to both the player base and blizzard is... Are you makeing those servers for us the old players for nostalgia or the new player base to test and see what Classic was about ? My personal opinion is ofc that the servers should be for us older players that want some nostalgia, and for example i got friends that stopt playing at the end of classic and in tbc, that would love to come back and try out classic agin. I am not saying that new players shouldent be allowed to play, i am just saying that they got to accept classic for what classic is and are, and if they want the ``classic`` experience well then let the servers be as they where. Now off to the point of this post, if and i say if! you change stuff anything at all it wont be the classic experience, let the game be what it was... i have seen people that want blizzard to remove ``pointless stuff`` like that you have to have arrows as and hunter or that you have to feed your pet, and some want the class quests removed. Or they want class trainers removed so that you dont have to spend your gold on training skills. These stuff are just redicolus and that is not just a opinion thats a fact, as most of us want classic servers due to that they are not as ``new player friendly`` as the servers are today, and some of us like the ``hardcore`` aspect of the game. Anyways thats all thats my opion thought i should frow it out there. Have a lovely day and thanks for reading! Ps. Always wanted to say this, if you are a private server player dont go around calling your self a vanilla/classic player as you dont have the same experience as we had back in the day before all the guides and addons and sutch. ;)Chazie5 3h
3h What would you play on Classic? I’m not sure if I should main Warlock again or Warrior or maybe Paladin. What would you choose?Keh27 3h
4h Optional vanilla cut content What if instead of going to optional subsequent expansions we could get content that was cut out from vanilla at some point? Functional or more for sight seeing purposes. - vanilla mount hyjal with Archimonde skeleton - vanilla variant of Outland (and Black Temple) -- and Mograine son in Outland that can craft a new you-know-what ;) - bit more info about Talisman of Binding Shard - was it related to Thunderfury or not? - something different with Karazan? - Azshara Crater BG? - Emerald Dream zone? And likely more - 4h
4h It's getting boring Yes we waited for years. Yes you will make legacy and iam thankfull.But it gets to a point where waiting has become boring.Where are you Blizzard right now? How far are you on the project?I know you can't reveal a release date yet, but some information on what's going on under the scene, what are you discussing/planning/programming would be appreciated.Keep the hype up by releasing daily tweets on what from vanilla devs on what they are working on ?Pärts27 4h
4h Blizz, Pls learn from Classic Ok, so we have the live game which I love, and there's the Classic game that isn't really for me although I'll dabble for sure. No doubt Classic will be MASSIVE, not only for those that asked for it, but for those that try it and realize that back in the day, an RPG WAS the adventuring and exploration. My true hope is that Blizzard are asking themselves just what it is that people want from Classic and start trying to bring some of that back to the live game in some fashion. We were told that they were making efforts to make leveling a thing again, but there has been nothing of worth happening in this direction. I fear Blizzard will also not want to mess with leveling much due to the Allied Race Heritage Armour unlocks. Many players will want them but will want to blast through the game as fast as possible to get them - not conducive of a slower paced experience. This is also an important point as not everyone who plays wants slower leveling anyway regardless of the reason. A solution that springs to mind is a dedicated server that is essentially the live game as it is now, but just a hard mode version - No Heirlooms, no early mounts, no flying, tougher mobs, crushing Elites, little or no grouping tools, massive XP curve, the list could go on - just a nice tough experience where the emphasis is on the journey, rather than just racing to end game. Over the years, the game removed a ton of quest lines as a way to reduce XP requirements and it's something the rest of the MMO industry has copied to its detriment in my mind. Of course, some of these things are achievable already - I can choose not to wear loom's, for example, but that works only up until you try to enter a Dungeon group and more often than not, you get kicked for it. A dedicated server seems like the only way for everyone to enjoy the game the way they want to - easy or hard. So, that's it. I guess all I'm getting at is more varied server types in a world where people want to experience the game but in varying ways.Roquen22 4h
4h Make Classic WoW perpetual! Hello, A question that is currently being debated on this forum is: what should Blizzard do once the Vanilla servers have released all their content and most people have cleared it? I think this is a very interesting and important question. In my opinion, they should implement a system that makes it so that we can play Vanilla perpetually (that is forever) without it getting too stale. I think that no one wants a situation where Blizzard just abandons the Classic servers once they've "run their course". My suggestion is that they look at the seasonal system in Diablo III and try to implement something similar to Classic. Every new season means one or more freshly started progressive Vanilla realms that progress through patches 1.1-1.12. When a season is finished the characters can be transferred to a "off-season" 1.12 server. This way all the off-season characters are gathered on the same server/few servers (instead of being spread out on various low-populated realms) to combat the unavoidable split in community that a new season brings. This might also limit the amount of servers actually created by effectively emptying and resetting the "new season" servers once a new season is about to launch. Since Classic WoW is partly a preservation project, I think it is important that Blizzard finds a sustainable solution that guarantees that we can play and experience Vanilla for a very long time, before they move on to other things (like TBC servers). I also think a system like this would be very useful for later potential TBC/WotLK servers, for exactly the same reason: we want to preserve Classic/older content and be able to play it as long as WoW is a thing. What are your thoughts? Edit: Obviously, Blizzard should offer no end of season rewards like they do in Diablo III - this would ruin Classic.Pugiones12 4h
5h Old M8s:Al'Akir PvP,Darkspear&Saurfang PvE Hello all, Man, the 45 character restriction for the topic title is brutal! I guess this is a bit premature, but I figure it can't help to reach out to others at this early stage. So, here it goes! I'll provide what information I can recall. Despite being only 32 and beautifully youthful looking, I am sure I have some form of early dementia (no really, my great grandmother and grandmother both had it and my dad seems to be going that way too). I have an absolutely awful long term memory and I am particularly bad with names. If you asked me what I did last week, I’d have to have a long think about it before I could answer. On a long train journey I once tried to tell my friend the same bit of news three times. That’s how bad I am :-P. I first started playing at launch. I started off on Al'Akir PvP with some friends that I worked with but who I subsequently lost contact with. My main character there was either a male Night Elf Hunter called Camulus, or a female one named Amarynthia. I recall very few names but I played in a raiding guild with a lady from work whose character was called 'Dizzybint’ (or something like that). Her alts all had 'Dizzy' related nicks. Her husband was the guild leader. I managed to find her on Facebook and have friended her, but the guild was full, so I am eager to reconnect with others also. When they all quit I moved server to either Darkspear or Saurfang because I am not so great at PvP (I was on each one at some point, but forgot the order) and I played as Amarynthia again in a guild called Deathsworn. I also levelled a few alts during my time there including Philyra, my female Night Elf Priest, Shadow specialisation. I believe the guild was run by Aardraaken and Glenmorial (spellings probably incorrect), who if memory serves, were both Paladins – one tank, one healer. This was around the time of The Burning Crusade. A few other names which might help to jog some memories are Zreddis/Zfunk who primarily played as a Feral specialisation Druid tank (and who still plays today on and off) and Toobkin (also retired), who was often either a healer or dps Feral Druid. He later swapped to Moonkin dps. I was also good friends with a male Dwarf Hunter called Astorr, who I miss a good deal. I am still in contact with Zreddis/Zfunk who remains on Darkspear. After that I might have moved server (again, to either Saurfang or Darkspear, I cannot remember the order) and continued to play Amarynthia and Philyra in a guild called Ez, led by Bishimon. Bishimon later moved to The Lords of Light guild after Ez quit and many people retired. When Cataclysm launched I thought ‘new world, new realm.’ I started from scratch with a female Human Retribution Paladin called Airmid on the Runetotem server. Later I moved my other characters across. Amarynthia had to change her name to Dilwica and Philyra migrated across with the same name. Whoever had the name Amarynthia on Runetotem has either deleted or migrated away, that is not my Amarynthia. Mine is now Dilwica as the name was taken when I migrated to Runetotem many years back. I was not too fond of Cataclysm and quit before raiding. I came back very briefly for Mists of Pandaria and did not really enjoy it at all and so I quit again. Once more the fever made my blood boil and I returned to try Warlords of Draenor and again was not too keen. I also feel like if you take a long time off, it quickly becomes VERY overwhelming to return after a lot of major changes. I have now only subscribed to be able to use the forums. I might try Legion, as I have heard it is the best expansion in a long time. In the meantime, I would LOVE to hear from former guild friends and, maybe, we could reform for classic, though making new connections is also welcome . I am in the UK. Most of my former guild friends were too. Toobkin was played by a Polish guy and Astorr, I think, might have been Scandinavian, though I cannot be more specific. Maybe that might jog a few memories. Thanks for reading.Dilwica5 5h
5h Post your favorite vanilla videos. PvP videos, machinimas, Boss kills. What ever makes you nostalgic or just think is generally awsome. :) I'll begin with Behind the Scenes of Classic World of Warcraft: 5h
5h Nostalrius staff member discusses the poll Here's the thread from the US forum: Here's the link to the video: It's a bit lengthy, but very interesting if you're not 100% about what implications certain changes will have to the game. Considering the fact almost 47% of the voters wanted Dire Maul at the release of classic, it is immediately evident most of you don't really know what you're voting for. Please watch.Gathorion44 5h
6h Loot in Classic --- Disclaimer: I am not asking for any changes to the game, I'm just curious what your thoughts are --- I think it's pretty safe to assume that people who currently play retail but bnever played vanilla will have a go on the classic servers, which is great - I'd like classic to be a lively place to play. But I do wonder what they will make of: - 2 or 3 loot drops per boss for 40 people - terribly itemised gear - said poor gear leading to people using 'lower' armour types because they are better (eg Truestrike shoulders on fury warriors, pallies healing in dresses) I can't wait for classic! :)Hevra24 6h
6h Adding Pandaren to classic makes sense. Look guys, vanilla WoW was a continuation of the Warcraft 3 story basically, it was only a few years later. Chen was a HUGE part of the Warcraft 3 experience, this is undeniable, and quite frankly bringing the Pandaren into that past WoW experience makes sense when you can tie it back to the Warcraft 3 campaigns in The Frozen Throne. We need ways of engaging new and old players of the Warcraft universe in the classic WoW experience, so I am urging you to keep an open and inclusive mind here. The more people we attract to the game the better, and the longer it will be around, and I personally think adding Pandaren to the mix will engage a new audience that previously would have not played vanilla at all. Thanks guys, and I hope you keep an open mind and keep the hate away.Globber41 6h
6h Forget Class Discussion - World Design This is not a thread aiming to balance anything. It is just a thread to provide a viewpoint/information(in essence my viewpoint - disagreement is welcome). There is a wall of text attached. If you want a conclusion before: There is no need to change anything so do not change anything. Just keep in mind that some choices are weird. One might like weird though. Vanilla Levelling is slow. That is one of its strengths. But not all of that design is good in itself. EXP was lower which was good. Questlines got you to see the world which Blizz was proud of and so wanted to show it off. That is fine by me as well. What I think troubling is that you are able to shutdown leveling brackets by killing exposed quest givers/flight masters even on pve realms. That is a twofold argument. First: Quests were distributed around the zones in a manner that is not tied to those locations or zones in the first place. Likewise quest ranges are hit and miss. Some quest regions are behind much higher leveling ranges. Examples: Durnholde Keep is surrounded by wildlife five to six levels above the quests it is targeted for. Silithid quests in Southern Barrens are from Crossroads and not Camp Taurajo. Vanilla did have quest hubs alongside that quest distribution but they were nowhere as hublevel as later iterations. Odd example: Malaka'jin in Stonetalon Mountain. You get more quests at the entrance of Stonetalon from two lonely quest NPCs than in Malaka'jin itself. Those questproviding NPC are out in the open, making it easy to reduce 2500 questexp (random number but around 4 quests for levels 15-21) to grinding mobs for slower leveling even on pve realms. Second: Flight master webs are not really logical. In essence you may partly shut down Horde mobility in Kalimdor by killing the flight master at Crossroads. That is also viable for Alliance to do on PVE realms because it reduces the number of players competing for neutral quests in higher zones. It is also easier because on pve realms not many will care to defend a vital flight master in a low level zone. Proof: There is no flight path for Gadgetzan-Ratchet for those quests in Shimmering Flats and those with the pre-quests for Sunken Temple. You have to fly as Horde through Crossroads. There is no flight path between Sun Rock and Zoramgar. You will fligh through Crossroads to get there. Flight path time does not make for a good design choice. I am not advocating for cuts but every flight past the first is not that interesting anymore. I would prefer some more sensible connections. Adding more flight masters is the road to hell(Sargeras) so not go there. I argue for moving some quest npcs (not all) around. That should not considerable cut walking time and I don't think it will. Like moving Mor'rogal from Sun Rock Retreat to Malaka'jin because Boulderslide Ravine sits between the two points (almost exactly in the middle so no walking time cut) but most Quests found in the first half of the zone then might also target that half. Just some examples and food for thought. I could talk about the quest volume in certain zones like Silverpine, Dustwallow Marsh, Azshara . . . but then I might open a can of worms fit for Borelgorge. Borelgore is unique and a quest mob so best take only the one I already provided. Be it as it may I am looking forward to quest any Vanilla iteration that will come.Faantir14 6h
7h My honest thoughts about this .. that explains why I couldn't post the other day. Thank you trolls and dramaqueens, you probably don't know who you are, either way lots of love and kisses, if for nothing else you live up to my expectation. making this discussion forum an echo chamber. I don't like the toxicity, in the end we all share one love for WOW! Be it retail or vanilla. Thanks to that vocal minority, I've decided to sub just to post what I already send via support ticket, because I feel it should be a forum post after all, I wrote it as one to begin with. I don't like this one bit, because that sub counts towards retail numbers and statistics. So to make this clear for Blizzard. I put money on the desk to post this here for vanillas sake. I would rather like to give money for a "classic founders" thingy with beta invite and classic discussion forum access. Just to have the numbers split and beta access secured. But seeing this not available right now ... I have to make clear that this money is for a rather expensive vanilla forum post, and not my "enjoyment of retail". Obviously Blizzard can do with that money what they want, but to be clear I would rather like to see it put into vanilla. I also like that they want to listen. And I hope that they don't listen too much, after all that is the way retail got to be what it is now today. so for what its worth. ------- First of all. Blizzard thank you for this!! _use 1.12.1_ It is the most fleshed out version off vanilla. With the least amount of bugs. So this is a compromise between 2005/early-2006 vanilla and quality and polish. I don't like it but I guess this is the best compromise. _no expansion_ If in doubt, leave it as it is. Those who want new content, please feel free to play retail. TBC was great and fun and no I don't think it was good for vanilla at all. I didn't say "don't patch". So I wrote a bunch of text and I deleted a bunch of text. Here are two very condensed ideas that could inspire further patches. Because Blizzard can still do work on vanilla. Why not? We will pay or scream our heads of if it would break too much with the vanilla game. _PVE_ Naxx is on farm, every one and their grandparents mule accounts are decced out, nothing more to farm, you're so OP. Well how about colouring or some item animation effect (electricity, flames, rainbows, what ever, Blizzard get creative). You get it by tuning options in instances. The awesome looking stuff should be nearly unattainable. The good looking stuff should be a challenge. How to tune? There are several ways to make this a pain in the !@# so if you manage to get it, it will feel very worth it. -Halfthor-: "50% of equipped stats.", -Greed-: "Instance enter only possible with 100% repaired gear equipped and in bags. You no longer lose durability. All items durability equipped and in bags will be reduced to 1.", -Need for speed-: "Timing is of the essence. Kill all bosses within [X timewindow].", -Nail in Head-: "Dmg does heal, heal does dmg.", -Nutcracker-: "Every enemy deals crushingblows chrushingspells.", -A good day to die in battle-: "Constant X type damage every Y seconds throughout the whole instance.". You get the gist. Make some easy and funny ones too. Make it combinable so you could combine tunings to get that sweet added item effect animation or colour (one time use!). Some tunings are easy and some need to regear completely and rethink the encounter. This would be more work. Sure. And yes transmog would be a very cheap and easy way out. But why not give it a vanilla spin? _PVP_ Tourists are gone, servers get dry, pvp gets dry, duels getting dull. Make outlaw an option, basically making you Free-For-All. Some outlaw NPC gives a quest, questioning your allegiance to your faction. Because of some backstory, you get an item to take revenge. Equipping that item will let you kill your own faction. After doing so you will be ported (or better escorted by guards in handcuffs) to your major faction city where you will be sentenced as outlaw. Now you are KOS by your former faction and not welcome in former faction hubs. Perma pvp flagged you will be engageable by all players everywhere. Outlaw guilds do not protect you from dmg of each other, if you do want less dmg or some healing effectiveness you will have to farm buffs providing various percentages up to 75% less party dmg and more party healing effectiveness. Add some quests. Bounty missions for all factions. Make outlaw pve instances breachable for others. So even "safe" pve instances can get pvp-bloody very quickly for outlaws. This also give the freedom to go somewhat crazy on further "outlaw only" openworld pvp ideas (opt-in for horde/alliance). Getting back to the former faction should be hard but doable, so the curious player that try but don't like it will have a way out but don't get out that easily, because they have been warned several times. I'm not too sure about the details. Separating faction chat and stuff like that. Making outlaws maybe lootable. Putting Bounty on outlaw guilds or players. Reputation or ranking for staged vendor access, for 40 60 mount, those buff different % recipes. Making instances breachable. Being an outlaw shouldn't be too easy. nothing against polish, what ever you might patch after 1.12.1 into the game. tune it hard and fun.Herbmine22 7h
7h Classic WOW needs those Monks... Yes, I realize some people might disagree, already I read enough posts on these forums from people that want something entirely different from Classic then myself. And while they can certainly voice their own opinion, I'm already starting to fear like I might just be a part of a minority and that Classic won't be for me... Now, it might seem weird to focus on this one thing, well, I enjoy martial arts movies and other related media and this is one thing I want in Classic, no matter what. To exclude them would just be repeating the mistakes that already ruined retail WoW years ago. Removing scarlet monks from Scarlet Monastery for whatever reason would be just the start. It would lead to other pointless changes and eventually, we would have to start asking for Vanilla servers all over again. They absolutely have to keep them in the game. I've primarily played a priest in vanilla and ran Scarlet Monastery a lot. And I always thought these guys were badass, they were basically melee priests that wore robes and attacked with kicks and punches. It made me wish for a Monk class. I actually tried a Discipline/Holy "Monk Build" once, where I'd melee mobs to death buffed with Inner Fire, Power Word: Shield and occasionaly casting Holy Fire because it looked cool. It was fun for a while, totally useless and not viable, but fun. These are memories that I will always cherish. Years went by and they added an actual "Monk class" (which wasn't anything like I've imagined it would be back then), revamped Scarlet Monastery and removed those NPC Scarlet Monks. Instead, there was some stupid boss that was apparently taught by pandas and shot fire out of his fists or something... it was then that I've started to realize just how much WoW declined over the years. It might seem weird to fixate on the existence of some enemy type in one dungeon, but while the disappearance of Scarlet Monks might have been a part of a much larger problem, but it was still a problem in itself. Seriously, they totally ruined Scarlet Monastery. I hope I can experience it again like it was in vanilla without any pointless changes like this that only serve to ruin the experience. Well, already there are people who want to make changes. I can sort of see where they are coming from, but what those people don't seem to realize is, these little things DO matter. If we make pointless changes for whatever reason, then it's not vanilla anymore. PLEASE, NO CHANGES!!!Kurosawa7 7h
7h That Music Playlist that just hits the spot You know it. I know it. Everybody knows it. Playing Classic WoW (either level grinding or just late-night pvping) always came out with THAT one music playlist. Let's get top of the top track pieces you just KNOW fit like a glove. Starting here: Mindless Self Indulgence - Straight to Video What were your favourites? Keep 'em coming! P.S: Obviously I am talking old-school style here, so try to come up with tracks that were...well... already out before/during/by the end of Classic.Puhpuhancho4 7h
8h Wall jumping? I haven't seen or heard anyone mention that yet :P. For the brief time I played vanilla before BC, wall jumping was quite a big thing :P. Very silly, but a thing none the less. In Stormwind auction house you were always a bit cool if you could get onto the platform above the auctioneers "Hey how did you get there???!", or people tried to climb mountains, etc. I think it is interesting in the question of "How much should be preversed?". Would wall jumping be needed?. For me it would be needed to be really true classic in a way.. I bet I would really like to try and jump onto platform above auctioneers again first time I enter it again!, id be sad if I couldn't. But I can also totally understand it's just a small thing they could "Fix", compared to some other things... i guess... Silly.. but it would be topic.Highvoltage3 8h
12h Classic wow new models or old graphics? Do you think that classic wow will come with an option to have the latest model and graphic settings that we have at the moment?Zalunja327 12h
15h Things change. Doesn't mean they get better. Wall of text-alert. Hello. First of all, I'm not an expert. Second of all, I'm not a moron. Third of all, you can't polish a turd. Here I am, about to vigorously violate you with my thoughts and, maybe, even a little bit of opinion. When WoW classic came to mind through the years, there were numerous thoughts that popped into my head. With every expansion these thoughts changed, as with every expansion there were new positives and negatives that affected these thoughts. Therefor I think it isn't necessarily a good idea to take community feedback, and feel obligated to comply. Mine can be swept aside as is, and I wouldn't blame any one thinking: 'dude, you really have a drugproblem'. One of the few things I can say with certainty, is that the WoTLK-era, for me, felt like the best one - yes, I'm even including Vanilla. This was, however, mostly due to a combination of my game-understanding peaking at this time, and, the feeling/state of the game at that time. I felt like the story surrounding Arthas was truly solid stuff. Stuff you can build a game on. Some think the same goes for TBC, and I agree with them. Fact is that with Warcraft III being a solid 'modern' game, it must've initiated most of the actual story building, therefor laying a good foundation for WoW to be built upon. But that is not what we are missing. Maybe the biggest change I can point to as a 'hallmark' of change, is the 'handcrafted' feeling of gear, with the exclusiveness of the location where it could be obtained. Due to my game-understanding peaking in the WoTLK-time, I was finally able to acquire it. I had the skills, the talents, the motivation, and the people, that were required to obtain it. And a big factor: the time. I had the time to acquire certain gear, and not just me, my friends - then mostly consisting of fellow guildies - had the time. To be very blunt: none of us really had jobs, excessive amounts of money, WoW-intolerant families, or other 'hard line' responsibilities/opportunities that prevented us from playing. Either that, or we simply neglected these in favor of WoW. Gear seemed like the need that we were fulfilling, whether one understood why it was gear that it wanted or not - gear, eventually, is part of the 'greater thing'(class, stats, mechanics, roll, etc) - and along the way we were confronted with problems, that we simply had to look deeper to, to overcome. This added the biggest share of time consuming activity to the game: researching, getting the feeling, and not being in 'the flow'. We had to mold our play-style towards the game, and that inevitably included not being able to. I knew that some parts of the content, I would never visit. At least, not when it was still relevant. I accepted this, it simply felt right. There was enough content on the road to the top of the hill, and there were a lot of different 'stages' of success one could obtain, with those people ahead all having that same satisfying experience of 'progress' to think about when confronted with people that didn't match up to their success. Somehow they had all been there, and they had all experienced the 'looking up towards that damn peak, which still looked so damn far away' - they were still looking up to that damn peak, just a little closer. In fact, the only way to really consolidate that you made any progress, was to help those who were further away, and in this process being confronted with the progress you had made. Things as simple as spending a ton of gold on capping Jewelcrafting and obtaining recipes, so you could make stuff others wanted, and generate income, or supply the guild with proper sockets. Getting the hang of your rotation, so you are deemed a competent tank, and are an interesting player to others. Understanding the opposite classes(incl. CC, CD's, etc.) in PvP, so you can shout the instructions to your team mate(s), like when to pummel/kick, and pop CD's. Or even joining the right guild and buying a headset, so you become 'part of something'. All these things gave you a raging !@#$%^ Collider, that would leave the Swiss one be used as an overly expensive popcorn machine. These, sometimes trivial, things that you might've only did because they were necessary, were actually necessary. But 'you' to, were necessary. You mattered, even if your gear was -*!@(even if it was full epic with a cherry on top). You had the potential to be that healer that filled this second or third slot, that had to be filled to run ICC(10-man). There was no way around you, except that fruitcake who'd certainly leave after the first boss, because he rolled 9 against another who rolled 89, followed by the inevitable '<playername> has left the raid group', and leaving you all stranded for at least another 30 minutes trying to find a replacement for that partially eaten sandwich that was now your ICC(10-man)-save for the entire week. The will to commit was in a way decisive. I've had a few IRL-friends giving WoW a try through the years, and they pretty much all kicked the bucket when it became clear to them that WoW really wasn't something you play like Metal Gear Solid, or even CSS, and definitely not like CoD or FIFA. You don't play WoW because you're bored on the #$%^ter. These aspects of the game made it seem ridiculous to them, and they simply returned to FIFA, CoD and CSS. These might seem like hard choices to some, economical suicide to others(Blizzard, who's main reason is financial, whether you like it or not), but these choices were what made WoW different from everything else. Sorry to say this, but you play WoW because you've got nothing else to do - even if you have to force it. Whether because your IRL upsets you in some way, or simply because you know how to combine IRL-responsibilities with WoW in a way that works with WoW, as is. Now more than ever, I would ask you this: were the friends I'm talking about, really people who'd make the game better? Or were they simply the people that weren't WoW-players in the first place? I think that the concept 'WoW classic', is a much harsher one than many will realize. In the end, most of what has disappeared is the discomfort. I'm convinced that many of the people vouching for WoW classic, will find that they are no longer 'capable' enough to survive in such a harsh environment, myself could easily be one of them. Could they cough up the time grinding for a 60% mount, without having a mount to make this grinding even a little bit more comfortable? I don't think so. Could they spend those long evenings sitting around in ICC, with eight others, while one guy goes off to Dalaran to fill the vacant spot of a leaver? I don't think so. Can I pull a five day marathon on speed, playing WoW, spending the night mining Wintergrasp for titanium and Saronite, and the daytime progressively being more -*!@ at healing, tanking, dps'ing, or going to class for my study? I don't think so. It's like a job or sports.. after you've given up the dream of becoming the 'best', that huge ballsac fueling your ridiculous thrive to win, is gone. You start replacing your Toyota Starlet with a Suzuki swift, because it has asswarmers in the seat. Or you let go of your topnotch standards, because you simply can't get (all) the people that work for/with you, to put in as much effort as you once did, and it's causing your heart to pop, and your colleagues to hate you. Some say: "I'm never going to try regular WoW again, I'm done", placing some kind of passive-agressive hope in WoW classic, or private servers. I might be crossing a line in saying these people simply aren't coming back, because I don't know that. But I do know most of them haven't the slightest amount of commitment to coming back anyway. Some have found better things to do, like touching boobs, or simply 'other things to do', like running a private server. And some have simply turned into intrinsically not-satisfied people, often stuck in several aspects of their (IRL) life. Let's not forget WoW has always had an insane attractiveness to the latter, as it has always had all the ingredients to replace IRL in a way that usually only narcotics can, not to mention when these two are combined. I used to be all into the theory-crafting forums, like elitistjerks, and I geared, gemmed and statted as per their opinions. The slightest change to the softcap, and haste was no longer the stat a shaman needed, which ment I had to find ways to chop of chunks of haste, and reinvest it into a different stat, sometimes overgemming a capitalsworth socket just to remain on the same DPS, or even sitting around not-being top-dps as you wait for a specific item to drop from a specific boss. I liked this. I complained a lot, too. But I liked it. I still do. I still try to look at the game in that way, as something you need to prepare for, commit to. But it just isn't there anymore. Or it just isn't in me anymore. I wouldn't mind this coming back. Including all the chaos with the talents, and the nerfbat whines that flooded the forums concerning them. The ninja's, the AFK's, the wasted raid lockouts, the unsuccessful attempts at speccing the talent tree your way, and being a moron for it. The suffering was our pride. We wore our sadness like a crown. The lives we led playing all day, wasting a life that could be spent building a career or being a better partner - this was what we liked doing. The fact that 6/10 hadn't seen a shower in weeks, simply fueled us with inappropriate material, with which we built our humor. The difference between the common WoW-player, and IRL, was charming. We chose the thuglife. If Blizzard wouldn't have taken the step of trying, I would've thought those days were over, for good. But they have, and I don't know if I'm hoping, or actually believing. Either way, I'll give it a try when it comes out. The big thing I want to try and tell you is actually as simple as this: WoW vanilla was made, built and designed whilest not having the slightest concern for what 'the people said'. A game like this, it wasn't really done before. All the #$%^ that came with it neither. I can remember being laughed at for paying a subscription for a computer game.. I can remember not being able to iDeal. I can remember filling in my talents like a tossed salad, and getting the shait kicked out of me by a thistleboar that made the same pigsqueel upon aggro - time and time again. Still, this game sucked me in like nothing before. And no one ever asked me what I thought it should look like, or what I thought about 'this and that'. It was, as is, and I chose to be a part of it. If anything, try and make it like that again. People will be disappointed, they'll whine. Let them pigsqueel. I know, a lot of the mechanics that we so loath for taking away the games 'mojo', were only ever implemented because we, the players in those days, stopped using the old ways. Because of our inability to adjust, or plain laziness. The LFG-system was implemented in a time where realms would sometimes be so empty, we simply couldn't do it the old ways. And yes, I'm aware of the 'great concern', that it will all happen again. I know, nowadays it would be nearly impossible to make a game as raw as WoW vanilla. Games that require commitment aren't at all interesting to all the 'cool people' with their Twitch accounts(imagine looking at me grind titanium ores five days straight, without sleeping or eating). Their influential effects on all the easy kids that 'monkey see, monkey do' at anything they say, probably won't be to your benefit. And they are the types of people that actually buy all the stuff that says 'gaming' on the box, so it really is a swimming pool of money you'll probably be saying no to. I know, once you have a family you can't just bail out on it because you have to raid, or setting an example by playing WoW all day isn't healthy for your kids. I know. But are these people really the people that made the game better? In the end, what 'we' are missing, is that 'black magic' that once coursed through the very veins of this game. The fact that you'd think twice, whether or not to publicly talk about 'playing WoW'. It created a sense of 'success', with it's relativity left intact. Basically: you were successful inside the game, but IRL still nobody gave a -*!@ about you. I sold my soul to get here. How 'bout you?Hardelange9 15h
18h Name one thing from Classic Hey guys, let's dispose for a second with agonising about how Blizzard are going to implement the servers - after all, they did say authentic Classic experience, so it can't be polluted with modern crap anyway - and in the absence of actually playing Classic, let's reminisce about one single thing that immediately comes to mind that we miss. There are a few time rules: - don't post more than one thing; - if you are one of the negative naysayers go back to your General forum please, your input is not appreciated; - don't say anything overly general, like "everything". Easy, right? I'll start: I can't wait to do the old Defias Brotherhood chain quest again!Bringvanilla221 18h
19h Classic Community Managers Can we get some Nostalrius guys or something to be community managers for Classic, and not people who have been heavily embedded in the "change" of WoW over the years? Runescape have their own legacy/oldschool CMs.Oghuz35 19h
19h What we want for Classic. * No flying * No mounts until 40 * Super slow levelling * Point-to-point only flight masters * Individual AHs * No LFG/LFD/LFR * No cross-server instances * No server transfers * Tiny bags * No transmog * Weapon skills * Ability ranks * Abilities learned from trainers * No fixed specs: old talent trees * No dual/triple spec * Limited class viability/fixed roles * Bubble hearthing * Shamans: Horde-only * Paladins: Alliance-only * Attunements for raids/dungeons * Wanding! * No talent reset dust; return to your trainer to reset, for a price * Old class items like Soul Shards, Totems, Relics, Ammunition * Half-speed Stealth * Running to Summoning Stones to summon to dungeons * Whispering random players in /who to find people to group with * No blood elves, draenei, goblins, worgen, or pandaren (only 8 races total) * No Death Knights, Monks, or Demon Hunters * Fewer class options and race combinations * No PvP interface: run to instance entrances (or find Battlemasters) to queue * No cross-server: all players from same server * 10-level brackets * No stat balancing or ability tuning for PvP * No time limits - matches could last for days * Old PvP Rank and Honor system * World dragons!!Tanvar25 19h
20h NO to any changes for Classic I beg you Blizz and anyone who will work on Classic server: DO NOT come to forums for player's feedback, DO NOT listen to any propositions. Those who really want to play Classic want to play VANILLA, exactly how it used to be (or at least as close as possible). No class balance, heck I would be happy even with bugs that were present. Those who want something being changed are those who will just jump on hype train and then leave, leaving all loyal Vanilla players with changes they did not want in the first place. TL;DR - make it Vanilla, don't listen to players on forumsBlackarc65 20h
20h Store mounts/pets in classic Hey, I think it'd be a cool idea to implement blizz store stuff on the classic servers as well. Won't harm anyone. Perhaps a gold cost behind the mount on top of having it bought from the store would keep it from being a freebie mount. Discuss!Hállow22 20h
20h Seasons in Classic! Awesome idea! You know why Diablo 2 and 3 have managed to stay alive for this long? The answer is seasons, or as they are known in Diablo 2, "ladders". Seasons change a couple of times a year, and seasonal characters have to basically start over from scratch, as they don't have access to their main's supplies. The same kind of situation could be created in Classic, by not allowing seasonal characters to trade or receive mail from other players, but they can still receive enchants to their gear by enchanters, and they could be able to buy items from the AH but not sell. So twice or thrice a year, Classic could have a new season starting, and you would have to start from level 1 on a fresh character. When the season ends, your season character keeps all of it's gear and gold, and the seasonal character limitations are lifted. Rewards from achieving certain things on a seasonal character could be basically anything. Loot boxes, unique tabards, titles, portrait frames, you name it. This would keep the game feeling fresh, as you could start over if you want to play seasons, get unique rewards, and experience the oh so important leveling experience multiple times.Coolguy42 20h
20h Ion Hazzikostas was very clear. Live Developer Q&A with Ion Hazzikostas 11/16/2017 at 1:30 in the broadcast, Ion Hazzikostas was very clear and I quote ... So with this cleared up can we now move forward and be constructive in this exiting venture where Blizzard is willing to listen to us? This means only discussing bugs and features during vanilla. This means no: LFD LFR Achivements Aoe looting Multiple difficulties for raids Transmogs Battle pets New models (all though they are client side) Tweaking for example Tank Paladins etc. What they want to know is on what time scale they have to release the patches. Or Should it be 1.12 version at launch. Source: 20h
20h A purist Classic server and Changed Server? As someone whom started playing World of Warcraft since the EU servers opened and was on and of the game since classic, nothing ever did appeal to as classic did when it comes to World of Warcraft. This however doesn’t make me blind to the problems, flaws and lack of quality of life. Therefore I suggest that in the long run, there could be Classic Enhanced servers whom build and improve on classic, while there still could and should always be pure classic servers whom never go further than the naxxaramas patch. The first focus should be on making pure classic servers, however bug and glitches should be fixed so that known exploits won’t work, other changes to make the game compatible with the current game launcher needs to be worked out such as making your ingame friend-list compatible with the current battle-net application. What case could be done for Classic Enhanced servers? There are a few things that I will miss from the previous or current iterations of World of Warcraft, mostly quality of life. 1: Dual specializations. Nothing could be more annoying for a tank or healer in classic than having to respect for solo or raiding as the price kept going up each time kinda forcing you to have alts in order to farm if you didn’t not craft for gold. 2: Mount not taking up bag space, in classic 18 slot bags where the largest you could get, most common where 16 or 14 slots for a level 60 characters. You needed every slot you could have and getting rid of the mount from the bags would be a blessing. 3: The PVP system, some love it some hate it and even when I love it I realize it’s not the best that could be made. But here is one of my original ideas off how to improve it. In order to reach Grand Marshal or High Warlord, once you have hit Warlord or Marshal you need to take down all enemy faction leaders in order to get the last rank as an option to the grind. Also PVP needs to give more XP for people whom are leveling. It should be viable to do PVP in order to advance in levels. 4: Achievement system, I kinda like Achievements in the sense that you can keep track on the experience of players and show when you did what content. 5: Open World PVP I have been thinking of this since I started playing and to this day Blizzard has yet to do right. I’ve seen many other games pull this off but developers usually listen to those whom hate PVP (carebears). In order to make World PVP be a viable part of the game and reward players for engaging in it. You first of need unique rewards, second you need there to be a certain risk to it so that you get the sweet Risk/=/Reward feeling. What should be done is when there is a certain amount of players engaging in World PVP a Call to arms should be put up on the World map indicating that the Zone is a hot spot for PVP and now gives extra Honor points or a unique point system. If the battle drags on for a Ceartain amount of time the conflicts will escalate by some powerfull NPCs showing upp to take part in the battle, maybe a faction leader or some other general or battle group. 6: A looking for group system similar to current wow, but no queue and teleport to dungeon. Something like the premade groups system. 7: A small Class balance. Id only go as far as to give druids a taunt to actually be able to tank. Paladins on the other hand won’t work as tank with the mechanics of Classic and I would never change how mana works in classic due to that it won’t be classic anymore and casters would be broken. With my opinion on mana being known I’d also like to add in classic you could tell a fresh player from a veteran as it should be. Keep transmog out of classic as it’s all about bringing back the old and to keep it as authentic as possible. 8: Graphic update, I’m all for it as long as they don’t go overboard and we will have seizure moments like on Sisters of the moon (Mythic) in Tomb of Sargeras. I am not kidding when I say I think I had some epileptic seizure from it as when all those bright light moon beams went off at the same time I spaced out for a while and it made me decide to quit raiding. I might add some to this list later. But for now this is what I can think of. Classic World of Warcraft is possibly the greatest game in the history of gaming and as such it needs to be an active clean server as a museum so everyone can see and know how far World of Warcraft has come.Mercuriò20 20h