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34m Payment Classic-Main game I been reading up on what people put on Forum. Firstly will Classic will have a button of it's own? Classic should be independent of WOW (main) and not a sub program of the main game program, as some seem to suggest. Therefore I can close my Wow (main account) and forget subs for the main game altogether. There no need for subscription on Classic as it can not evolve above the original Vanilla programme. Second question seems to be actually "what is classic?" Seems a lot of people want just Vanilla flavour as it should be, Where as others want's Classic to be more of a Neapolitan flavour. Those who want to play a game that include expansions do not want to play the Vanilla/Classic game. So why are people who want to play a game that outside the parameters of vanilla discussing what should be in Vanilla/Classic Third is a simple what would like to have in Classic that you thought that would have been accessible in Vanilla? With me it's is simple a quick and easy access to the summit of Hyjal without going mad trying to climb up the mountain side on a Goat. ( I had a dwarf hunter then, think it was due to the first character on the cinematics and my love for LOTR). If I recall there a closed portal in Wintersping that leads to the summit. For a basic landscape, well we got one in CoT. Just place it there and add rabbits :)Littlemajik6 34m
49m Another reason i don't like mainstream WoW Apparently i have to literally farm the WC, in order to find a better armor. Don't believe me ? Check this out: 49m
57m How Classic WoW Should be Implemented Introduction There are a lot of players in the community that want Classic WoW to be implemented in different ways: one community wants Classic WoW to remain 'original', with no changes, no modifications, and stay true to the WoW experience at the time. Conversely, we have a community that wants quality of life changes, and an example may be new models and LFD (Look For Dungeon). However, there is no 'right' way of implementing Classic WoW - each community has their desires, and wants their requirements to be satisfied. We have a dilemma: you can only satisfy only one community with the classic WoW. Ultimately, is there a way for the Classic community who wants no-changes, and the Classic community who wants quality of life changes, to both be satisfied? The answer is: Yes, there is a way. Implementation Classic WoW should be split into two server type's - similar to how we have PvE and PvP realms today. Original Classic WoWThis type of experience yields no changes to the original experience - the patch begins at 1.0, and patches are added progressively. In other words, you are given the experience that players was exposed to when Vanilla WoW released. Classic WoW will add the raids and dungeons as they were added in Vanilla WoW. For example, if it had taken 3 months for Patch 1.1 to be released, then it should take 3 months for Patch 1.1 to be released in this server. The community who wants the original gameplay, with no changes, will go on this server. Enhanced Classic WoWThis version of Classic WoW yields changes that are 'quality of life' modifications; they may introduce new models, animations, class rebalancing / class fixes, bug-fixes, changes to the experience, and generally, changes that the community wants to make Classic WoW more convenient. The patch cycle should remain the same as the original experience - if Molten Core was released 3 months after Vanilla WoW was released, then it should take the same amount of time before it is released in this version. Essentially, this type of server introduces changes that makes it more convenient for the player. A way to make changes that everyone wants, there could be a monthly poll that players could vote on, to determine what changes players want for the server. There should be requirements to enter on this poll (e.g. play-time, level requirements), to ensure that the poll is not influenced by malicious players. Ultimately, the two server types address both communities. At the left, we have a community who wants a pure Classic experience, while on the right, we have a community who wants changes and modifications to the original experience. Having both communities occupy the same servers will cause conflict, and ultimately, all players and communities should be able to play Classic WoW - regardless of their time investment. I think having two type's of servers will allow both communities to have their demands and requirements met. Ofcourse, this is the most fair and appropriate method for dealing with Classic with - the obvious concern is cost of the servers. With the 'Enhanced WoW Experience', you can add in Sharding and cross-realm in order to make it easier for load balancing. Obviously, sharding and cross-realm should only work with 'Enhanced WoW Experience' type realms, and not the 'Original Classic Experience'. Dealing With Cost - Classic WoW Subscription As mentioned above, adding two types of servers - one for the 'Original' Classic experience, and one for the 'Enhanced' Classic experience, will come at a much greater cost than having a single Classic server. To combat this, there could be a separate Classic WoW subscription that grants you access to both 'Original' Classic WoW servers, and 'Enhanced' Classic WoW Servers, which allows players to get access to whatever content they want - however, this will be a separate subscription from the retail one - which will have to be paid separately. Improvements - Making it Future-Proof Another idea is to allow each player to select up to two WoW-type games in their subscription each month. That is, if you purchase a WoW subscription, you can select Classic Legacy (Classic Legacy includes both 'Original' Classic and 'Enhanced' Classic servers) + retail WoW. For the future, assume we have BC, Wrath, Cata, MoP, WoD, and Legion legacy servers. You could have retail WoW + 1 Legacy Expansion included in your subscription. Any more, you will need a separate Legacy subscription, allowing you to select any of the available Legacy expansion's. In this case, you could select 1 of those expansion's to include in your subscription (e.g. you could select Wrath to be included in your subscription), and if you wanted to have access to any other WoW expansion's, you would need another subscription to have access to them. You should only be able to change which Legacy Expansion you have selected when you have renewed your subscription. Upon renewing it, you have 48 hours to change your decision. But...It Will Split the Community? I've heard this argument a few times - but its absolutely farcical. Having these two changes will not split the Classic WoW community in any way - and if it does, it is for the better. If you are playing Classic WoW, and you hate the experience without any changes - you aren't going to continue playing it. A small percentile of players who hate the original experience, will make it to level 60. The point being, if the community hates the experience with no changes, then they are going to stop playing. If a group of players stop playing, then you are not splitting up a community that would never play on that server for more than 3/4 weeks. In other words, a player that will quit Classic WoW after the first few weeks because they hate the experience, is not splitting up the community. Ultimately, if you bypass the cost and just consider having two types of servers - do you believe this idea will work; and what do you think of this idea?Hunterelfss30 57m
1h Changes for classic you secretly want While it obviously won't happen, and I am mostly against changes for Classic, some part of me wishes for... 1. Death knights. They simply feel cool, I like all DK specs. The answer to question of what to play in Vanilla would be clear. 2. Shrink raids. I dislike 40 mans. They might feel epic, but they make small cozy guilds progression really hard, and I dislike huge guilds where people do not know each other. 40 simply feels too much, 25 is alright. While I'd never ask for this, I confess - these changes would make me happy. Do you have something like that?Pahom102 1h
2h Why only Vanilla? Why all people are talking about Vanilla and want it.. Is that your favorite expansion? For me the best expansion was TBC or maybe WOTLK.. Let's cry for TBC or WOTLK serverBamzê41 2h
2h 2# WoW Classic - ingame currency WoW Classic - ingame currency Blizzard I truly hope you will devote alot of time and energi into solving this problem. This will definitely be a gamebreaker for WoW classic, espeically when it comes to the games longevity. Now why is this so important? Also, why is it even more important for WoW classic then it is for Wow retail? Vanilla WoW as you all know is all about the journey, experiencing and interacting with the world of Azeroth. The game design of Vanilla relies heavily upon the fact that ingame currency matters - gold matters. It is one of the biggest factors that lies behind a world full of players, where players year after year still choose to travel and interact with the world. The lack of incentive to earn gold will strike hard on the experience we all want, due to the fact that it will diminish the need for people to play the game and interact with the world. Two things should be a main priority for the WoW classic dev. team: 1# No WoW tokens or anything similar to it 2# No gold buyers (as an effect of this sellers will not have a market) I for one know that you have been able to buy gold in WoW since release, without consequence. None that I know of have been banned due to the fact that they had bought gold. You might ask yourself, why? Only Blizzard have this answer. A reference... If you look at Project1999 (p99 a private everquest server who these days are backed by Daybreak - good job) one of the key factors behind their success is how they managed to handle the realmoneytrading (RMT) issue. I still do not to this day know how they do it, but they have a very harsch approach to the gold buying and selling scheme - and the ban hammer works fast and hard, without mercy. Regardless of how smart you think you are, however you try and hide it, they will find you and if deemed guilty, you have lost your account and your characters for good. No room for excuses. You have even been investigated by trading valuable items and rather large sums of ingame currency to friends, they do their investigative work, they give you the chance to prove your case and if they don't find it reasonable - you are banned, period. This approach have created an ingame culture where people just do not buy ingame currency. It is a harsch system - but it works. The players of p99 and the servers longevity and success has the dev. team to thank for that. This also creates a sense in the world that makes all of your efforts worth it. You can continuously put time into the game, the character and your economy and it creates a feeling of investment a feeling of progress. Due to the fact that there are no shortcuts. You want wealth? you want that epic mount? Put in the work - there are no shortcuts. This also aids in creating a sense of worth for all items and tradegoods in the game. Do you have any memories from WoW vanilla where you put in the work, you saved your gold and the day came when you finally had what you needed and you made that purchase? Please share :)Daremx38 2h
2h Dancing Troll Village Will it be there?Rojin1 2h
3h Battlemasters/Battlegroups/DisH kills 1)Battlemasters - no. 2)Battlegroups - no. 3)DisH kills - no. Write your opinions in this form. Let's make a quick summary of what was already discussed.Шатурас11 3h
3h BGs - battlegroups or not? If I'm not mistaken at first BGs were tied to your realm, but then battle groups appeared in 1.12. So what would you like and why?Шатурас43 3h
4h Removal of Dishonorable Kills Post below credited to Gnubbish - Vanilla player without a sub: A suggestion I feel will improve the Vanilla WoW experience: Removal of Dishonorable Kills! What are Dishonorable Kills? Its like an Honorable Kill, but it is received when you or someone in your party/raid kills a civilian, such as a quest giver or a vendor. Upon receiving a Dishonorable Kill, your PvP rank progress is instantly reduced, which means you have to spend much longer farming BGs until you get to your rank goal. Dishonorable Kills were added to the game to prevent people from corpse camping quest givers or auction masters, which could potentially shut down an entire zone. Why are Dishonorable Kills a problem? With such a severe punishment for killing Civilians, when Dishonorable Kills are in the game it is no longer possible for serious PvPers to join into groups with strangers to do PvP. If someone in your group decides to start killing civilians then everybody will suffer for it. In retail Vanilla, players noticed a drastic reduction in city raids and world PvP, as a direct result of the addition of Dishonorable Kills. City raids are, to me and to many other Vanilla players, an integral part of the game, they are a lot of fun and really gives you the feeling of being at war with the other faction. Another factor that highlights the bad design of Dishonorable Kills is the fact that most people on the server don't care about amassing Dishonorable Kills. Someone who doesn't care about his PvP rank can just endlessly kill civilians without any punishment at all. Same goes for someone who already finished his PvP rank grind. Whats the alternative? This is not an easy question, but if we are talking about PvP servers, I would argue that this kind of gameplay disruption is to be expected. If someone is killing your questgiver, you can either wait for him to get bored, go to another zone or make your own ganking squad and fight back. If quest givers are being corpse camped every single day, in alot of different zones to completely stop players from leveling, then mass reports and griefing bans are a possible answer. You could also make quest givers unkillable. This is problematic because in a city some quest givers will call for guards to attack invaders. As a city raider I should be able to kill the civilians to prevent them from spawning guards over and over. For PvE servers, I see no problems with keeping Dishonorable Kills in the game. If you play on a PvE server you cant expect to do city raids or large scale outdoor PvE. Seems fair to me. What about the essence of Vanilla? NO CHANGES! As I said earlier, Dishonorable Kills were not in the game when it launched, nor were they added at the same time as the PvP system was implemented. This is why the harmful effects they had on the game were so noticeable; players had enjoyed raiding cities and doing large scale world PvP, but suddenly they were no longer able to. Which is to say that removing Dishonorable Kills makes the game more like its original form, and its hard to argue against making changes to allow city raids in a World of Warcraft. Thanks for reading and sharing! If you disagree with something I wrote, please specify which part and why.Kamodus248 4h
7h So... why exactly do you want classic back? I mean, I played Classic, and back in the days, I loved it. For most parts I loved it because compared to the other MMORPGs of the time, it was a really casual experience that didnt force you to play with others 24/7, unless you wanted to do the dungeon/raid content. But seriously, I wouldnt want it back at all... I love classes being able to do more than one thing, I love flying, I love that quest Items have more than a 5% droprate and I love that there are actually enough quests to get to level cap... I really would love to know why so many people want classic back. Is it a Nostalgia thing?Mynostro108 7h
12h Female trolls Will there be dancing female trolls in the bank of Orgrimmar again?Teraxion7 12h
12h Looking forward to playing World of Warcraft! Like the topic says, looking forward to playing World of Warcraft again, the real World of Warcraft! This very character I post on was made back in 2004 during vanilla, and I can't wait to play and experience it again! Questions: 1. Will there also be TBC and WOTLK or only Vanilla? 2. Please, do not change anything from how the game originally played. If you are forced to modernize the game in any way, the only thing that I could see would be added without destroying the purpose of releasing a classic server is having the most used addons built into the game (such as damage meter), since the majority of people used those addons back in the days anyway.. Any other changes to the experience, gameplay or overall feel of the game will just destroy the purpose of even releasing vanilla.Dwoit4 12h
16h WOW Vanilla a publicity stunt? WOW vanilla How come blizzard have not made a site yet talking about vanilla wow as they have with like all there other games or made a forum topic where people can come together that are waiting on the game to be released. they said they wanted feedback from the community about if things should be change n stuff. but where to put this information and discuss it with others was it just a publicity stunt to make people shut up about vanilla ???? pick it up blizzard plz give some info. show some love ( sorry for bad English not my first language)Herbycure17 16h
20h Guilds from Vanilla Post your Guild Name - Server/Realm - Faction (Alliance/Horde) that you played on. If you don't follow this you wont be added. I'll get a running list and update it daily(ish). That way we might find old friends that have left but are coming back due to the announcement. Updated 24/11 Alliance: Aggramar -Deeprun Pest Control -Touching Cloth -We Brake For Nobody Ahn'Qiraj -Passion Al'Akir -Deliverance (Might be on Balnazar) -Strength and Valour Alonsus -Treasure Hunters Anachronos -Chaldkydri Arathor -Artificial -Dirty Danes -The Imperium Argent Dawn -Clan Silverleaf -Equinox Aszune -Exalted Legacy -Hands of Justice Azjol'Nerub -Hexxus -Outland Raiders -RAGE -Snakeeyes -Spirit of Ishaps Boulderfist -Decus Caedo -Twisted Brotherhood -Wipe Club Bronzebeard -Chimera -FortyTwo -The Burning Blade Burning Blade -Eternal Reign -Norwegian Elites -Phalanx -Runners -Serenity -The Blooders -Twilights Cho'Gall -AntiCastSuperStar -Kill me I'm an Autoclicker -Le Clan Stonewood Daggerspine -Kaamos Darkmoon Faire -Fekete Sereg Darksorrow -CRIT -Czech Renegades Darkspear -Divine Souls Defias Brotherhood -GROM Draenor -Prodigy Dragonblight -BoB -Custodis Ex Luminarium -Northstar Dunemaul -The Nice One Eonar -Pandemonium -Peons -The Logical Cube Frostmane -First Wave -IzadorsFans -Oblivion -Omnipotence -Revelation -Rising Sun Frostwhisper -Infinity And Decerto -The Relentless -Vanguard Gul'Dan -RITTERCLAN Haomarush -Far From Ordinary Hellscream -Blood Inc -Brave Heart -Capisce -Elysium -Fate -Illusions End -Novus Orsa -The Undutchables Lightbringer -Awakening Khadgar -Paradise Lost Kilrogg -Aspiration -Dark Souls -Era Kor'Gall -TJPF Magtheridon -SOULKEEPERS Mazrigos -OUTNUMBERED Moonglade -Shackled Neptulon -Kings of Azeroth Nordrassil -Army Of The Light -Bloodline -THE FELLOWSHIP ELITES -Venus Quel'Thalas -The Paradox Machine Ragnaros -Amicitia Ravencrest -Europe Ravenholdt -Redrum Inc Runetotem -Chaldkydri -Consortium -Muffin Mayhem -Order of the Silverflame -Spark Scarshield Legion -The Covenant -Unfinished Sympathy Shadowmoon -Interaction -Intruders Shattered Hand -Divinity -Everlasted -Saru Wasa Silvermoon -Divine Supremacy -Shadowz Sporeggar -Domina Polonia -Snow and Blood Stormreaver -Absolutum Dominium -Adamantica -Brotherhood of the Wolf -Fluffy Bunnies -Forgotten Legionaries -Masquerade -Never Raid Sober -The Core Crew -Transcendence -Reclaimers -Post Mortem Stormscale -Core Talnivarr -First Blood -Omega The Maelstrom -Twilight The Sha'Tar -Nightmist Empire The Venture Co. -Chronology -Illuminati -Ni Hao -Ye Olde Goone Squade Thunderhorn -Sacrificum -Sword Saints Turalyon -Angels of The North -Legendary Masters Twilights Hammer -Alzheimer (Unsure if he meant the disease or if that's the name :^)) -Lamer crew Twisting Nether -Ki Vashj -Aeternum Vale -Enigma -Rubicon Warsong -Wings of Fate Xavius -Immortal Legion Zenedar -Dragon Legion -Exiles of Fate Horde: Aerie Peak -Outbreak Aggramar -Boys From The Horde -The Dominion -Vengeance Al'Akir -Aztecs Alonsus -Malice Anachronos -GoGG Argent Dawn -Talons -The Plainrunners -The Voodoo Azjol'Nerub -The United Warthogs Bloodfeather -Aspire Boulderfist -Hate Bronzebeard -Conviction -Sanitarium Burning Legion -No Regrets Cenarion Circle -Souls of The Haunted Owl Chromaggus -The Friendly Fuzzballs Daggerspine -Synergy -Vendetta Darksorrow -Replica Deathwing -Dark Guard Dragonmaw -Malevolence Incarnate Earthen Ring -Ad Noctum Emerald Dream -Outlaws Torn Emeriss -Famine Laughing Skull -Cry More Lightning's Blade -Brethren -Crit Happens -Obliterators -Ruthless 7 -Society of Sensation Frostmane -Non Phixion Frostwhisper -Northern Lights -Zylos Hand Genjuros -Horizons -Nightmare Haomarush -Grammarpolice -Grudge -Orbital -Prophetia Nocturna -Whipe Hellscream -Cult of Necronomicon Kilrogg -Bloodhound Company Nordassil -Epsilon -Horde Empire Ragnaros -Kentucky Fried Gnome -MoX -Nivlheim Ravencrest -DNM Ravenholdt -Bloodpack Runetotem -Order of chaos (?) -Slackers Shadowmoon -Lost Chapter Sunstrider -Hordcore -Keepers of the Darkness -Pet gnomes inc -ENDGAME -HYBRIS Stormreaver -Blood Axe -Chosen Ones -Grumpy Old Vikingz -The Inner Circle Sylvanas -Aloria Tauren Mill -Awakenings The Maelstrom -Misanthropes II The Venture Co. -Fates Encompassed -The Sentenced Vashj -Illuminati -Integra Xavius Bloody Mess Clean Out of luck Zenedar Artificial Breath Credit to "Brahmu" from NA forums for the ideaMool352 20h
1d Patch 1.12? 1.1? 1.2? us release: November 23, 2004 (Patch 1.1.0) eu release: February 11, 2005 (Patch 1.2.0) I want to make a case for releasing wow classic at patch 1.1 or 1.2 and not 1.12 as many ppl want it to be released. I think 1 thing msot of us can agree on is that we want progessive realms. i dont think we want 1.12 with everything open (aq40/naxx) at release. First of all: most of you played on elysium / nost. i dont know if you are aware of it, but nost / elysium simulated earlyer patches. that means they removed npcs / quests and reworked item to represent how they would have been in the patch that is simulated at the moment. for example: those minibosses in scholo dropped for the most part only green items with spirit on them. in 1.12 they reworked those green items into blue items that are actualy realy good. also many of the mc items were reworked at some point in vanilla. same goes for pvp items. they removed all the quest npcs for naxx / aq. they removed the bufffood quest. they changed some mechanics like debuff cap. they did that all to make it as autentic as possible. the only thing they didnt change was talent trees. so i ask you: why not go the extra mile and jsut use the actual patch instead of using 1.12 and removing everything that wasnt in the earlyer patches just to add it back one by one when another patch hits. im not a programmer but i find it hard to belive that it would be easyer to use the 1.12 patch and remove like half of the contend and then add it back in piece by piece then to just use the 1.1 patch for example. also on 1.1 vs 1.2 it has bout pros and cons. a pro for 1.1 would be that it would be the most authentic vanilla experience you could get. a pro for 1.2 would be that dire maul / bgs are not that far off and some of the realy bad bugs were fixed already. in my ideal world they would launch the game as 1.1 or 1.2 as it was and just go through every patch as they did back in the daysWtfheals57 1d
1d Will Blizzard change the PvP system? Not talking about my own opinion. However, it was a fact that the original PvP system required you to spent hours and hours per day, without a single break. You had to play 14-16 hours per day, every day of the week if you wanted to reach rank 14. It was insane. And there comes the question: will Classic use the same system or an alteration? Blizzard realized the old PvP system led to unhealthy life habits, so it was changed. Even if they want to have Classic as true as the original as possible... maybe releasing again an unhealthy design doesn't count as "possible".Varleen126 1d
1d Good solo class in vanilla? (and some more) Hello, as many in here seem to know alot about vanilla wow I thought that I would ask for advice for my comming character. - What classes were extra good at solo PvE gameplay? - What classes were less gear dependent? - Was it possible for any class to have a talent choise that made you good enough to both heal or tank in group/raid and make good enough dps outside of it so you so not have to respec all the time?Missery50 1d
1d Classic Beta Can we have Classic Beta? I want to play Warlock in leather again! ...and yes my vote is for a 100% original Vanilla experience STARTING FROM BETA!Gimriz11 1d
2d How about server language? something that thought about, since i played on an german(native language) server back in 2004 and also played on nost. and to be honest couldn't tell what solution i would prefer. because truly enjoyed playing with people from all These other countries. i guess this will also depend on the server pop cap. maybe they should do regional server and not language based servers. idk. whats your take on it? cheersSellina48 2d
2d Open Letter from a Private Server Developer Just reposting this in the EU forums for the sake of visibility, I thought it was a decent read. To be clear, I didn't write it. ... EDIT: Followup, 11/9/2017, 9:13 AM EST ...Whiss174 2d
2d Most cherished skills in vanilla My top 3 is 1.Old poison proc and create poisons 2.paladin seals and auras 3.warrior stances and reckless.Nightslayer19 2d
2d Why is it called Vanilla? Why?Meathowl7 2d
2d The first char you leveled Name the first char you’ve leveled and the server that was on! I think I’ve tried a priest and a warrior before I finally tried a human Mage, called Medetheron, on Dragonblight. I leveled messy and tried many things in the meantime, so I wasn’t 60 in time for BC. But that first leveling experience to 58 ( :p ) was realy memorable. And it made me an alt-aholic right trough BC, when the leveling was still as slow as I was used to. I don’t even care about 60 endgame yet! Bring on the leveling :D What’s yours?Apello93 2d
2d 1# Wow Classic - retail in disguise? Blizzard, I would like you to read this and consider this before moving forward with the community feedback step in (re)creating the World of Warcraft classic experience. If you go back to the core of why the vanilla movement was born it was out of one specific reason; we wanted to relive the vanilla experience - nothing new under the sun, right? Well that means and should mean no changes to the game in it's original form (the original form likely being patch 1.1.0 through patch 1.12.1). No changes basically means that the decisions behind what is implemented in the game is based upon the patches inbetween 1.1.0 and 1.12.1. Every change to WoW classic that deviates from it's original form is one step towards the retail version of the game - no matter how small or harmless. We already have retail. We have already been down that road with the approach of "listening to the community". The community in general (myself included back in the day) are in many cases like children - we did not fully understand the effects of the changes we asked for when complaining about a specific isolated issue. We thought we did but we didn't - when it came to changes to the game. Still do not. Pretty much all changes that was made, when looked at as an isolated change and in the short perspective could possibly be determined as harmless. Perhaps even only on the positive for the game at that given time. But in the long perspective most changes (especially when looking at all changes combined) that was implemented ultimately resulted in the game design that we have today - retail. But the community is not all to blame, the design philosophy from Blizzard or perhaps Activision is a also a big contributor. With a philosophy that took over more and more as the years went by based upon a mindset that all players should be able to do and see everything. The end result was inevitable. What truly worries me though is the interview made with J. Allen Brack by Look below for two very contradicting replies within that very same interview: 1# J. Allan Brack: "But yeah, the goal is to recreate that exact experience, for better or for worse." 2# J. Allan Brack: "Then there'll be the design questions, ones that the community will have strong opinions on: should UBRS be 10-person, or 5-person? Things like that." End of quotes. No, the community should not have a say in this - because if they do, history will repeat itself. Irony; * Change UBRS to 5 man, or why not try 3 man to make it less of a hassle to create a group, I mean it is hard enough to sit in trade and find people as it is? * Make leveling easier - everyone should be able to hit 60 within the first week, if not they will get bored and leave? * Remove most if not all consumables and resistance gear requirements when it comes to raiding, if not then most people won't be able to raid. And everyone should be able to see the content right? * Implement dungeon finder, if not then people will give up and leave vanilla, because its such a hassle already as it is... And the list goes on... The above examples might not be the best ones - but it does not matter, you get the point. Just stop. Also, I have never understood the philospohy behind "everyone should be able to see all the content". In the end it's all just pixels, and in todays game industry there are cool monsters and what not everywhere - there is pretty much nothing we have not seen. Throwing a ton of pixels towards all the players will not create the feel that we or you initially thought it would - it is an illusion. It is the game design that gives the pixels meaning and along with that comes the experience. For exampel, what made Naxxramas so legendary? * It was inaccessible - which created mystery * It was something that people knew - everyone would not be able to achieve * it created a goal * it created a journey * it created motivation to continue evolving my character due to the possibility that I one day, might set foot in that epic setting. I as a player had the choice to pursue it or not, regardless of ambition the effect was still there due to the game design. Hence why casuals and hardcore Vanilla players could enjoy themselves in this shared setting. There are tons of examples like this when it comes to the original design of World of Warcraft. Blizzard and J. Allan Brack, stick to your first reply - we want the original experience & game design - nothing else. For everyone else - there is retail. As you (J. Allan Brack) stated in other parts of the interview; there is a risk that only the true veterans (which still represents alot of players) will stay true to vanilla. While others will take a quick peek and be on their way. With that in mind - why create and adjust the game towards an audience that don't want the original Vanilla game design in the first place? There is little to no logic in that. The important question though, that the community and the WoW classic development team should discuss and debate are the following; what changes from each of the patches do we want to combine and implement into the final WoW classic static version patch? Did I say static version? Yeah, there should not be any patch progression - the game should stay the same. Why? In my opinion it supports the longevity of the game in the best way possible. On a side note, changes that do not impact the gameplay or game design are the ones that Perhaps should be debated. New or old character models, updated graphics to the game world and the occasional bug(s) - but that is pretty much it.Daremx74 2d
2d Post your favorite vanilla videos. PvP videos, machinimas, Boss kills. What ever makes you nostalgic or just think is generally awsome. :) I'll begin with Behind the Scenes of Classic World of Warcraft: EDIT: Please add the name of the video in your post so it's easier to see what videos have been posted.Darkvveaver60 2d
2d Claws of Shirvallah Hi, Bring back this form for feral druids! This form was cool. as. F**k! Please. Regards, MosMoschino6 2d
3d Collection edition classic So how are people feeling about re introducing the classic collections edition. Since the items you could get with it were part of vanilla wow and there is only this way to get your hands on them? Edit : I am asking only for the classic server. Not for retail. I ask for a version which is only for classicKappador14 3d
3d Lets not lie to ourselves about Classic First and foremost, I would like to thank Blizzard for making it possible and legit. QUICK THOUGHTS ON CHANGES AND BALANCES Allow me a quick note on the matter of class balances and changes : in my humble opinion these discussions do matter and are very important ! Most people praising no class balance for classic are people who view 1.12 as a static thing and final product... When it's not... They are forgetting about all the revamps and tuning that occurred, remember the "due to changes in their talent trees, x class has their talent points refunded" in the patches ? I certainly do ! And it is also my impression that some people are confusing WoW Classic with a "legal" private server to play their 1.12.1 version of the game. As to people shouting "no changes", there were PLENTY of changes (QoL included) in Vanilla from 1.1 to 1.12 (the latter was already a prelude to 2.0). Basically if you mean no dungeon finder and no raid finder then just say so but don't say "no changes" cause it doesn't make sense at all. So it appears that the only thing we have to agree on is which patch shall we start on and which patch's content shall be included (or not), choices ranging from 1.1 to 1.12! DUMBED DOWN PLAYER MINDSET This is an open letter, an essay if you will on what Classic Servers will be if we are not careful. On how content creators (guide makers) and hardcore players are going to hurt that experience, have already done so in the past and why the association of the two can have a negative impact on the community. And finally to alert you on "retail importations" that could surprise you if you haven't played for a while. Here are multiple points you should look out for : * No more content cause we burned through everything in 2 months? Gold makers? * Devilsaur mafia? Black lotus camping? Reserved runs? Viable specs and BiS only raid slots? You can thank the guide makers, youtubers, streamers, meta makers and min/maxers (basically the hardcore gamers and their wannabes). People thinking it's gonna be a "vanilla" experience are naïve. I'm telling you in less than 2 months people will be farming "elitistely" whatever content is available with min to the fkin maxed characters. I guarantee your / 2 will be something like this : [2.Trade]: STRAT BARON RUN LF 2DPS (cape reserved) [2.Trade]: GO TO www.gold4u.coom 100G->50$ only [2.Trade]: LAST TANK FOR BRD QUEST RUN (we pay 5g) /w me [2.Trade]: WTS [Black Lotus]x78956, 130G per Lotus! [2.Trade]: LAST HEALER FOR MC (guild base), come to ORGRIBANK FOR INSPECT, pre raid BiS ONLY. [1.General]: Hey guys where is the Zeppelin? [1.General]: Noob google it. [2.Trade]: Balance druid and enhance sham LF jolly cooperation, PLEASE we beg you. [2.Trade]: Kek pleb casul. [2.Trade]: Strat living lf last ranged dps (orbs reserved). [1.General]: Help lvl 60 rogue killing everyone in Taurajo!! [2.Trade]: POWERLEVELING 1->60 only 250$ go to www.plvlchina.coom ! Or something very close to that... PRESERVING YOUR CLASSIC EXPERIENCE If you ever find someone that actually enjoys the game for what it is and takes the time to do so, I suggest you add him to your friendlist and have a blast. Ignore the rest, you'll only be a means to an end to them (if you're viable though, otherwise you can go away). Cause i'm telling you right now, you'll be 100x happier than trying to follow the hardcore players in their rush for e-peen. It's not the game that is streamlined it's the players with their min/maxing and meta OCD ! Expect these ones to come back with a vengeance. I suggest you form a nice and chill guild and stick with it while the masses swallow every pixel of content around you. And you shouldn't care ! Vanilla wasn't a player-heavy/self-centered focused experience, it was more "macro" than "micro". That is more the retail game (nothing wrong with that, it's 2 different designs). Community, groups and player interactions are the main features here. That's why it saddens me when people are asking for the best solo classes in Vanilla... They are already in the wrong mindset... Even if you look at some guides, please do not be rigid and obtuse about it. Accept people who deviate from these guides. If you see a tank warrior with a LOT of points in arms well maybe it is because he also wants to farm without paying 50g? You see that's why dual spec kills all this versatility side of things. Raiding wasn't everything! ANOTHER WAY TO PLAY? Maybe youtubers could try to broadcast a different message to their viewers? And encourage another type of behavior? Let me give you an example : * "Fastest way to 60"" * "Top tiers classes in Classic" * "End game builds for ultimate pro hardcore raiding for Classic" * "Best gold per hour farming guides for WoW Classic!" * "Best XP per hour guide in Classic!" Have you seen youtube lately? Its literally littered with this kind of videos. To me you guys have a responsibility for this way of thinking. I miss the times when all these guides were books to buy and not just a clic away on a website. What happened to the "how to best enjoy your journey from 1 to 60 and awsome quests you must experience" guides? There is no more sense of wonder, no more discovery, no more excitement because you litterally suckled/syphoned/grinded everything there was to experiment for endless hours... Multiple times... No more room at all for fun or tolerance, you replaced those words with efficiency and planning... * Can't play A cause of B * Can't do J cause of K that will result in M * If you wanna do X then you'd better do Z that way you could skip W ! Damn... I've been a casual in this game most of my life, and believe it or not, despite all the accusations about me ruining the retail game, I believe hardcore players and their cult following wannabes are actually the ones responsible. You burn through content so quickly, you create metas and elitists... I think you'd actually be better off playing a looter game with a leaderboard and a recount meter attached to it and forget all about the RPG element. I even wonder why you play games except to feel superior/better/more knowledgable than the other players around you. Casual and hardcore players should never try to mold the game to their interests of course, but when this "hardcore" mentality becomes too visible because of Youtube or w/e then it basically becomes the rule and it hurts the casual experience because it is considered the "right way to play". THOUGHTS I am not saying casuals should have all the content fed to them either... This would inevitably lead to the retail systems like LFR. Preserving a sense of wonder is very important. It gives players a sense of purpose and hardcore gamers have an important role to play as well on this matter. Basically : WE NEED BOTH ! Ideally in an equal setup, where you don't get to tell me how I should play the game, and I don't either. Don't get me wrong, hardcore players have always been good players, they have so much experience. They will always find the exploit, the efficiency side of things, and it's legit cause they spend so much time in there. I'm not ashamed to admit some of these players were my freaking heroes back in the day! But when the heroes become the majority of the population, well... It's not the same feeling. And that's fine really, but when this way of approaching the game overules the others I think it's dangerous for the overall fun experience of the game. But it's true, you can't play the same game with 13 years of experience. And if maximization and rushing is what floats your boat nowadays who am I to say otherwise? Especially if you have fun doing it. CONCLUSION What was the point of writing all this? I just wanted to maybe entice people to take their sweet asss time for once and provide a different PoV. That both side of the playerbase spectrum need to be equally represented. This fragile equilibrium is endangered by the current content creators that are broadcasting and catering to (for the majority) only one side of this spectrum. Youtubers have access to large audiences, they have the power to shape and influence communities. And we witnessed this power first hand in a positive environment with Nostalrius and Legacy WoW. Hype is good, and without them we wouldn't have Wow Classic to begin with but when it comes to gameplay, please try to present things in a less "retail" way. See you in Classic guys. I'll prolly be one of the chars admiring your afk character, throning on your epic mount in front of orgrimmar, hoping he would one day achieve the same epic adventures ! But he won't and it's fine, because that sense of wonder belongs to casuals only, and since transmogs will be no more, and purps will be scarce, it will come back stronger than ever. Peace.Babbak52 3d
3d Multiboxing is not cheating, keycloning is. Multiboxing eg running a warrior killing stuff and having a priest at the same time healing him is fine. What is cheating though is if you only have to press ONE button and BOTH characters suddenly perform an action. You should require a physical action for each single action on each character. Everything else means Blizzard endorses pay2win and is fine with cheating.Metalman39 3d
3d All the reasons Vanilla is better than Legion - You can actually die fighting mobs out in the world - You can actually wipe in a dungeon - You can actually run out of mana - Most classes don't have to use an ability literally every second, allowing for some breathing room between using abilities - Food and drinks serve a purpose in the game - Dungeons are for the most part nonlinear, instead of being a linear tunnel where you go from start to finish in a near straight line - Dungeons are for the most part far larger, in many cases places you can actually explore - You can take on higher level quests (red quests) if you want extra challenge - Content suitable for clearing in groups actually exists out in the open world - People talk with each other when doing dungeons - Quests in a zone are not packed in to one or (at best) two quest chains where you have to complete all the preceding quests in order to get the next quests in the chain. There is much more freedom in choosing in which order to take on quests - The weather is more interesting - The nights are darker - Getting good gear actually feels like an accomplishment - Classes actually feel unique Feel free to add to the list.Ninjacarldkd81 3d
3d What is CLassic? The debate in this forums is getting too much into if some QoL should be implemented or not, and I think figuring out and coming to a consensus about what Vanilla is, should be the real discussion. Classic, Vanilla, or whatever you want to clall it is a hard concept to define. There are as many definitions of what Vanilla was, as players that played though it. An example: For some Vanilla was queing in the battlemasters at ironforge non stop for the PVP ranks race. For others Vanilla was queing at the warsong gulch entrance and spending the queue time attacking the barrens/ashenvale. For others, BGs killed pvp and would not want them in. There was a time in vanilla were there were no BGs (South shore vs Tarren Mill era) All three of this situations were Vanilla, once battlemasters came out, the second option came to an end. When the the BGs came out, the third option came to an end. ¿Wich iteration of these three should Blizzard implement? Another topics like this that could be interesting, and, i guess, helpfull to blizzard to know were their fans stand about them are: -UBRS: 15 or 10 man? -STRAT/Scholo: 10 or 5 man? -Alterac Valley: Several days long, or 1.12 version? -Dishonorable kills: Bring them back or keep them the way of the dodo? -Negative Resistances: should they be brought back? -Will of the forsaken: The 30 seconds one that turned you to undead and vulnerable to exorcism, or the 5 second version later implemented? -Mount prices: 100/1000, or the cheaper version implemented before TBC? -Racial Epic Mount models: The old ones or the "new" ones? -A big one: Crossrealm BGs were vanilla (1.12). Should bgs be cross classic realms, or server only? -Should AQ be opened from the start, or should the war effort and opening of the gates event happen first? -Debuff limit on a single target: Remember Serpent Sting removing Curse of Elements?, I certainly do. Game started at maximum 4, was upgraded to 8, then 16, then made unlimited debuffs on target (how it is today). This was an engine limitation, not a design decission, how should it be implemented? -Auctioneers: Only in IF and Orgrimnar, Goblin AH aside, or in all capital cities? this is not a tiny thing for the alliance as many distinctively remember IF to be THE capital during Vanilla, and this was the main driving force behind it. -View distance? -Wall climbing: For some an exploit, for others, exploration was their favorite thing to do. -Varian. We leave him alone and sad in Alcaz island or should he not be in the game? (he has removed from game during vanilla from the island) -Thrall: His blocky stockade pauldrons armor with simple orc model? And many others questions that i'm sure other people will came up with until it is implemented. So, what is vanilla for you when it comes down to this specific topics?Gûlbeleglîm11 3d
3d Launch date time line from reddit post I thought this was interesting and haven't seen it posted here yet. if it has, apologies for double-post. 3d
4d Classic server- removed items+transmo Hi guys, as the title suggests I would like to ask if there is any information on Vanilla items that have been removed from the game (eg Anathema/Benediction) and the possibility in 'adopting' the transmo of such items -if/when they are acquired through new characters in the upcoming Classic servers- to our characters in the "non-classic" servers. Or, any Classic acquired items in the upcoming classic server will be kept separate from our normal servers and toons? Cause, if we will be able to go back to classic and acquire such rare items as Anathema/Benediction, or the Naxxramas-40 invasion event sets many people would want to farm the Classic server for the transmos. Any news/ideas? Thnx.Nyhta160 4d
4d The pro's and cons of each class in Vanilla Can anyone list these? Doens't have to be long, detailed descriptions. Just bullet points. For example: Ret paladin, slow leveling and low dps but very good survivability. I'm mainly interested in leveling to 60 and PvE endgame content.Deveon28 4d
5d Classic WoW hype 5d
5d Gear and levelling - forgive my ignorance As someone who didn't play Vanilla (I started in TBC) I'm just curious to know the answer to this from people that did. Obviously levelling was more challenging back in the day. Abilities dealt less damage and mobs were generally much more challenging throughout. This was largely in part due to gear being very difficult to acquire in comparison to modern day WoW. My question is this In a completely hypothetical scenario - imagine a Vanilla server with heirlooms in the same slots we have in Legion. Blue quality that scale up with level. Would levelling still be a challenge in this hypothetical Vanilla variant? Or would the gear make it trivial? I would just like to know whether the gear was the main reason for the difficulty or whether it was the abilities dealing generally less damage overall. Just a footnote, I'm not advocating for heirlooms in vanilla whatsoever. This is a purely hypothetical scenario asked out of curiosity.Cowculatéd21 5d
6d [H - Classic Server] <Unforgiven> [EarlyRec] <Unforgiven> World of Warcraft Classic Guild. Sister guild of the retail one on Doomhammer. Our website is being constructed with a forum etc but is up and functional. Not sure if I can post links here so I won't just in case. Enjoy the read (or don't). Myself (Mike) and my best friend (Liam) are both 23 years old and from South Wales. We have been waiting for years for Vanilla WoW so when it was announced at Blizzcon, we like many others were hyped and can't wait for it. We started playing a week after release (we were 10 at the time) and were consistently made officers in raiding guilds (not sure how adults put up with us but they seemed to). We made Unforgiven during WoTLK (May 2009) and the guild is still alive and running to this day. We left the guild to a friend we know personally in 2013 and she is still the leader. I still play occasionally but I just haven't had much fun compared to TBC and especially Vanilla. During Vanilla we completed all of ZG, AQ20/40, Onyxia's Lair, MC, BWL and had a brief stint in Naxxaramas. We use to raid 5-6 nights a week (so young, so much time) which I highly doubt we can do now but we want to consistently raid every week with some old friends and some new. We know people have lives outside of the World of Warcraft which takes priority but doesn't mean we can't have some fun while we are on. If you're still here and aren't bored to death. Below will be some guild information, a template for people to fill out so we can just get some information and contact information of myself. Please bare in mind we can't decide everything yet as we don't have all of the information. Guild Information: Guild Name: Unforgiven Faction: Horde Realm (US/EU): EU Realm Type: To be decided. Realm Timezone: GMT or GMT+1 hopefully. Progression: Starting at the beginning. Raid Times: Will be evening raids based around a GMT/GMT+1 timezone. Raid Schedule: To be decided. Openings: Everything and everyone. What we are looking for:- - English speaking. - 18+ preferably. You will get a chance if younger, just have to show you act older than your age implies. - Maturity (this doesn't mean be boring, you can be fun and mature). - Access to Discord (voice program) and preferably a microphone. - A want to raid. It will be a raiding guild after all. - Be friendly. Make it a nice atmosphere, speak in the guild chat, offer to help people if you have time/the means possible. Now if all of this sounds good to you, fill out the template below and let's re-live the nostalgia together! We also know some of the below information about your character may change before Classic is released and that's fine. If you never experienced Vanilla that's fine but bare in mind when applying not all specs were viable for all classes when it came to raiding. We hope to hear from some of you and for those we don't hear from, enjoy Classic WoW and see you on the server maybe! Below are some ways to contact me should you want (and maybe play some other games while we wait). Messenger: Pisohog#2820 Steam: <Unforgiven> Mike Discord: Mike#7822 Not sure if recruiting for Classic already is allowed but if not, I apologise and remove this topic. I just happened to see someone else posting in here already so thought I would to.Pisohog1 6d
6d Servers at Launch I really hope that Blizzard will have servers that are ready to handle the millions of people that will log in on release. I know that they are aware of how meny people-ish will come along, but i've heard this so meny times before pre-release that blizzard will have a smooth launch, but it turned out bad. So I hope and BEG for blizzard to take alot of time to fix the servers so they wont crash etc at release, because as I'm a big nerd, i will take vacation of work, and it would suck to have it ruined by crashes and what not. Maybe this is a totally worthless thread to make, as they should be aware, but I'd rather wait 1-2 months extra to have a crash free release + first weeks.Edigail13 6d
6d How common was it to forget ammo and stuff? I was thinking, should I try classic out, to have a character staning by the mc summoning stone on raid nights to sell reagents and ammo to forgetful raiders. Would that be a working business method to afford lv 60 riding?Belami8 6d
14 Jan EU Classic-WoW recrutment Hi! {{{Logix}}} is a raid group comprised of veteran players and newer players which hopes in bringing hardcore raiding to EU. We are going to be looking to get EU first kills and hopefully world firsts. We currently have a 12 man squad and need more to flesh out our ranks!!! We are looking for players of all experience so that we can select the best 40 to go on to raid. I am really exited for this as it gives me a chance to play vanilla again and I am super exited to share this experience with you guys on the old world :D. Just note that we will be an alliance guild and will be choosing a realm when we know which realms there are to choose from. :) You can contact me through my battle tag (Sp1ceWeasel#2515), whisper me in game on Al'akir realm horde on Henrywinkler or Silvermoon realm alli on Derazim. You can also join the discord in which I am happy to tell you more cya there!!!Henrywinkler37 14 Jan
14 Jan Characters slots? I was thinking, do you think we'll have the same 10 characters slots per server of vanilla?Gedyne21 14 Jan
13 Jan The Vanilla Flavour is my favourite , see why Dear Blizzard and the rest of the community, I refuse to give up.Giving up is not an option. I said I shall quit for I was a witness of the untold number of bashing and anti Toxic Vanilla posts which were unleashed from the very moment of an Classic WoW Announcement as well as the general fights which are constantly plaguing the forums which is the inevitable outcome. I regret to admit the sorrowful state of humanity,However there shall always be hope. I am indeed well aware of the hundreds of similar existing threads and there are many hundreds more incoming in the following months. It matters not. Everyone has the right to state an opinion for this is my last resort of energy therefore For the Love of the Elune and the entire Passionate Vanilla Classic community: Within us burns the passion ten times more potent than the entire burning forces of the Demonic legions of Saregras!!! There is a trolling legion of Anti-Vanilla haters and envious people out there who shall try everything to diminish the Classic server implementation. It is only within your power to negate such an attempts. We are better than them! We are stronger and smarter! You Blizzard! You have done the impossible already, World of Warcraft has passed into Legend in ages past already, you've broke all the possible records and made countless of souls filled with a pure joy,happiness and love. WoW has changed the lives of millions of people across the globe. For the love of the old Warcraft and the players do the right job. Give us the intact copy of the old game. EVERYTHING I've stated came from very bottom of my heart and the desire.. desire which is beyond any mortal comprehension. The desire you once had when you created the Magical world of Azeroth. Dear Blizzard, there is only one chance, this might sound a bit mean and bitter from my side,"insane", but I shall be straightforward and honest ~ Do give us the True Vanilla or simply quit the entire project right now if by any means you implement any of the Post Vanilla changes , be that major or minor game-play mechanics,graphical updates or audio changes. There is absolutely no common sense,any logic at all, all shall be lost and one irreversible gigantic slap in the face for True veterans and people who have experienced the Original WoW if ends as an disaster with implementation and add-on of any little changes no matter how good seem for you or anyone else. Think about it please for a moment, It's absurd! A decade of waiting to eventually end with remastered,re-modified ,enchanted , chaotic version of so called fake "Vanilla" ?!! NO! Everything, Remember what Guldan SAID EVERYTHING! Keep everything from Vanilla! A classic MUST remain a CLASSIC! Sincere Regards, Vanyalove *Signature*Vanyalove15 13 Jan
12 Jan Please blizzard don't make a mistake.. First of all thanks for making this happen. I am really hyped. Now that you've gone this far, please don't screw up - give us 100% vanilla. Let me explain.. So I've played on private servers and ever since you anounced the classic, somehow I couldn't continue playing on the private with this in mind. However it also made me subscribe back to legion because I kind of enjoyed the bgs and I had nothing much to do (and ofc I love WoW). Huge mistake.. it becomes old pretty fast. And on top of that the PvP is not what it used to be... it's become casual friendly.. I am a hardcore competitive player and I loved arenas and honor farming for gear in bgs in the past... It felt so rewarding. You know what else felt rewarding? Winning an item from a boss you worked hard to kill as a guild. So is there any point in doing arenas anymore? Can you become famous/known by being good at PvP? Now you may argue that I dont have any PvP achievements or mythics done but that's the point. I don't feel like runing the raid for an item I will most probably change in couple of days.. I don't feel like entering an arena where a backpedaling scrub can get healing tree kicked, full sheep and still get away with it. This PvP/PvE system is the worst thing that could have ever happened to the game - no, the current state of the game itself is the worst that I have ever experienced IMO and I believe more players will agree with me. The players who want pure vanilla without QoL and other BS. I leveled couple of toons in the past month and it sucks. All you do is sit in the capital and que for RDF... So I decided to create a new char, go out and explore the world instead of sitting in OG. BORING. Desolate. No player in sight. Kill everything instantly. What's this game about? I used to think that I will try out different classes because every class has their own unique artifact and it will be fun.. Yeah this is probably the only thing I love about legion - the artifacts. Anyway.. I expected something to change but in the end the endgame is still the same. Boring, repetitive, everything I stated above. Also races are becoming irrelevant. In the past every race was unique in it's own way. And BECAUSE OF THIS PLEASE - GIVE US THE OLD GOOD GAME WE LOVE. Yes we loved to group up for quests. Yes we loved to get revenge on that a**hole in stranglethorn vale who killed us when we were low on hp. Yes we loved buffs and consumables. And .. NO, we don't like RFD. NO, we don't like QoL. NO, we don't want any changes. The only thing I would let you get away with would be if you implemented the new models as I like them more than the old ones (cannot say about all races) however I wouldn't give a damn if you didn't. Keep all of this in mind and don't make a mistake.. BRING US VANILLA BACK - THE SOONER THE BETTER. Thanks! TL;DR Bring back vanilla we used to know, not retail 2.Exørt14 12 Jan
12 Jan Naxx 40 Since announcing reintroduction Classic servers there were many voices about allowing players obtaining removed / rare content in retail by getting it on Classic version - like T3 in Naxx 40. I was really concerned about it, since it would force many people, who are completly not interested in pure Vanilla experience, to do it just for achievement / t-mog or something familiar. I have made some research to find out if it would be true concern if this feature would be allowed. Just have a look what i found: This video shows truth about old Naxx 40. Obtaining items just for collecting reason shouldn't be true concern then, since farming them would be much more challenging and demanding than getting them from Black Market AH for millions. Just have it in mind before asking again about allowing it, since: - it wouldn't be cakewalk and would require months of preparation, followed by months of farm in 40-ppl envirioment (3 pieces of loot for 40 ppl sounds great - just for moaners :) ); - it would "destroy" classic experience for purists. Any similar thoughts?Bagins44 12 Jan
11 Jan Classic wow new models or old graphics? Do you think that classic wow will come with an option to have the latest model and graphic settings that we have at the moment?Zalunja479 11 Jan
11 Jan Open communication with Classic team pls I think it is VERY important that the classic team is being open and transparent with us. Like they said at the announcement, they would "go to the community" to answer questions like should UBRS be 10 or 15 man etc. So far, this transparency has not been there. I am really hoping this will change once you get further into this project. Maybe do a developer update like Jeff from Overwatch does? Or how about some threads started by developers, asking specific questions like "how do you guys feel about x". Or even just a topic announcing stuff like "we are working on getting classic integrated with the launcher with the chatting system". I hope you are not too afraid of talking about stuff in an early stage. 2018 Blizzard usually only talk about stuff once it is done or almost done. I am hoping this will be different. I also think it would be great if you could be open about what kinds of servers will come on release with names. And after the release, have some sub-page showing the horde to alliance ratio on all servers. This is very important on PvP servers. Noone is profiting from 1 sided realms. The private servers has always been transparent about this and they all manage to have 50/50 horde alliance ratio because of it. This is the Classic Community. We are friendly. No need to be scared of communicating with us Blizz. smiley face.Yukihyo17 11 Jan
11 Jan Memorial character Hey everyone, I haven’t noticed this topic come up, but that isn’t to say it hasn’t already. I’m a firm believer and albeit silent advocate of the no changes and keep it original team. But I’m curious!Giddly15 11 Jan
11 Jan Classic and Classic plus Greetings everyone, I like to speak about changes. First off, I would like to see a Classic server with no changes at all for all the purists & I would also like a Classic + server for all the people that do want changes. Changes to the game can be voted on by the community trough an ingame voting booth, like in old school runescape. That way both majorities of the parties can be pleased. And don't go saying ''no, it will split the community''. I don't want to be forced to play with people who have a purist mindset but install a 1000 QoL addons & will probably leave once all the content is done & want a TBC server to transfer to leaving people who love classic behind. The idea to have Classic + servers is to build on what World of Warcraft classic could of been. Content that was never added, could be added trough democratic voting in the vote booth ingame.Proudtusk47 11 Jan