7.3.5 PTR Leveling and Scaling

06 Dec Post World Scaling and Leveling Feedback Here Hello! Thank you for testing the 7.3.5 PTR. This forum is for World Level Scaling feedback exclusively. Please only post here about experiences you had in combat, or dungeons, or while questing when leveling from 1-100 on the 7.3.5 PTR. When starting a new thread, please include your specialization, character level, and the name of the zone you were in. An example title might be: “Level 32 Windwalker in Hillsbrad” or “Fury No Tanaris Quests at Level 41” Please be as descriptive as possible in the body of your post. We’re looking for details like: Precisely where you were. The name of the enemy you were fighting. Your thoughts on difficulty or pacing or rewards. As much detail as possible regarding a bug you found. Before you post, have a look around in this subforum and see if you spot an existing thread about the experience you had. If you find it, please add your feedback to that thread. Please take any other feedback on the 7.3.5 PTR to the General feedback forum: 7.3.5 PTR General Discussion forum And if you need help getting into the PTR in the first place, please check out our blog post. Thank you very much!Kaivax0 06 Dec
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29m My leveling experience ... Quoted from another forum...Drooby12 29m
1h Rare Mobs too weak I just finished a questing session in Blade's Edge Mountains (Outland) and completed Nagrand (Outland) yesterday. Player: level 67 Draenai Fury Warrior with level appropriate green questing gear I fought tons of questmobs, rare mobs and quest-boss mobs. Through the level scaling all mobs are about the same level or one level above me. Quest bosses and rare mobs didn't stand out to me. They had more health but they didn't do noticeable more damage. (They hit harder but it was really trivial). Killing time: -) normal mobs: around 8 sec -) rare mobs: around 18 sec -) elite mob: longer than a minute but still no real danger, lost 50% health The sense of danger in the world is gone. Patrolling beasts... I don't avoid them, I hunt them. Killing them doesn't feel rewarding at all though. Possible solutions/suggestions: -) increase their level +4 or more (needs testing) -) give them more health + more damage -) the player gear needs to be worse - questgear seems to be too strong (in Nagrand itemlevel 50 gear felt much better than itemlevel 101 gear)Greythorne13 1h
1h Serious XP shortage I have done all Quest through: Tristfall glades, Silverpine forest, Hillsbrad foothils, Arathi highlands, and finishing in The Hinterlands and now I'm level 33, 1.5 levels short to go to Western plaguelandsGreenback26 1h
1h My Feedback - Leveling and General thoughts Hi. This is my feedback for the 7.3.5 PTR, overhauling the 1-100 levelling experience. The feedback is entirely my own thoughts and opinions, for the sole purpose of providing feedback to Blizzard. I will continue to update this as I go. A LITTLE ABOUT ME AS A PLAYER: I’d like to point out that I am very much a lore freak. I love story! I am in the minority that actually reads all the quest and gets to know the story. In my head, I am role playing my character, dressing them for the occasion, pretending they age throughout the expansions etc etc. My preference runs to being able to play on my own and take my time and actually know what I am doing and why. You won’t find me complimenting raiding or dungeons in my comments (in fact, I would say that there will be complaints where these two are concerned): So to my actual feedback. I chose the following class and race... Class: Paladin Race: Human And off we go.... LEVELING FEEDBACK 1-5: Northshire Abbey. As i completed the quest for the Northshire Abbey area, I was in fact leaving at level 4 (90%). On the way out, there is a greyed out NPC quest, which probably is a level 5 quest waiting for me. I had to go back and kill a few more mobs til I hit 5. Upon returning, I saw the quest is now yellow. The mobs were about right in terms of difficulty. I did wonder why the mine north of Northshire is for? I had nothing to do in there. 5-8: Elwyn Forest. I found it perfectly fine so far. The quest are not too hard or too simple. I logged out at level 8, so will add more thoughts later on. Some other feedback in general. This is just my thoughts overall re World of Warcraft: STORY FEEDBACK: • The first thing I will point out is that the story is currently rather fragmented. In terms of chronological order, you start out in Cataclysm era, level 1-60, then you sort of have to go back to BC, then WOTLK before catching up again with Cata at 80. I wish there was a way to phase and experience WoW pre-Deathwing so that you can enjoy the entire story properly in the right order - > > > The normal WoW, then BC, the WotLK, THEN you get the raging Cataclysm that breaks the world etc. If that cannot be done, then I think it might be prudent to allow levelling 1-60 normal wow, then 60-80 Cata, 80-90 Mist, 90-100 WOD. You could add BC and WotLK as bonus, but not necessary to go to as they are old story lines that no longer fit? • With the comment above in mind, it would be much better if the scenes in various places are also phased, such as leaders during the correct expansion. Seeing Anduin on the Throne, or seeing Argus in the sky makes no sense when you’re playing any expansion prior to Legion. • I absolutely HATE the fact that storylines are finished in dungeons and raids. As someone who struggles to group with people, I find it frustrating to have to wait until a new expansions comes out before I can solo raids and dungeons. Generally speaking, people do NOT want to read story quest, nor wait for others to watch any cinematic, and would much rather race to the end as quickly as possible, which ruins the entire experience for me. Solution: Offer a solo-able version of dungeons or raids that offers alternative but less useful rewards, perhaps vanity items. OR you could do what SWTOR did with their flashpoint and offer an AI team to take you around? How cool would it be for heroes of the Alliance and Horde to accompany you in a solo mode?!Buritos7 1h
1h Kun-Lai Summit - Guardian leveling Start state: Alliance Guardian Druid. No heirlooms except for Touch of the Void for extra DPS (No XP bonus). Solo questing only - no dungeons or grouping. Began @ lvl 85 70% with 200% rested XP bonus. Finished @ lvl 88 84% After completing the zone as much as possible. General: Scaling is fine and as expected. Combat pace is perfect - slow, given that I play tank, but able to pull more to compensate. As with other zones with the new scaling, choice of combat style is there - being able to decide to pull more and play defensively (dumping rage in to Iron Fur and using CDs) or pulling less and going all out (Using rage for Maul). Frenzied Regen still feels like it's barely doing anything except for the most ridiculous pulls with Resto Affinity carrying most of the weight of my self-preservation. This zone is large but has many mini-hubs with non-linear quest routes through the zone. At first, the non-linearity of the zone felt confusing, but once I understood the more freeform nature of choosing what order to do quest hubs, it became more fun compared to the normal post-Cata linear style questing generally found throughout most zones. A very nice addition to MoP questing is the Rare Elite mobs that show up and having these mobs to fight would be a much welcome addition throughout the rest of the game. Proof that there is a way to have a rewarding challenge in a simple solo encounter but with deadly mechanics out in the world at large. It would have been nice if named Quest NPC's offered a challenge tuned closer to these rares, however, having these non-quest Elites to throw yourself at without interfering with questing is an ok compromise. More of this please! Issues: Only 2 buggs to mention. 1 being only a visual issue, while the other blocked a quest completion! Both reported in game. Conclusion: Zone is large, but fun. Lots of options to simultaneously explore while having a ton of questing options. Look out for those rares - they're the real jewel for me.Roquen4 1h
1h Tauren Hunter Journey I used to kill mobs besides the mobs I had to kill to complete quests. I got the quest Rite of the Winds at level 5 (you had to drink Water of Vision and then you turn into a bird, flying to Bloodhoof Village). I have no professions in mind besides Cooking and First Aid. To be continued...Sorwaka5 1h
1h Blood Elf Retribution Paladin It is a long time ago that I stopped playing WoW. About a month ago I decided to play again because I have a better laptop. May previous one became too slow. I have no material to compare yet. Yesterday I started a female Blood Elf Retribution Paladin. The quests are the same as I expected in Sunstrider Isle, the Blood Elven starting area (level 1-4). I have enough quests to reach the inn in Falconwing Square. A that time I am already level 5. Usually I go to the southern part of Eversong Woods until level 9 or 10. Then I go to Ghostlands. Now I won't do that but I take every quest that is available and that I can see. I expect to be level 14 or 15 (because my Night Elf Druid was 14 or so when she left Teldrassil and went to Elwynn Forest). As profession I took Mining and Blacksmithing. It is strange that I can't find an Anvil to make Blacksmithing items, but that was also the case in the previous patches. There is one in Goldshire. I didn't check Dolanaar.Sorwaka7 1h
2h Mob HP/DMG seems fine at lvl 50 range, BUT BUT! Anyone else feel the exp you get per mob is way too low?Denzoh2 2h
3h Experience nerf - no. Mobs damage buff - yes. Increasing mobs damage by "x" % will slow down leveling in a more natural way. From my perspective doing something hard but less times is much more engaging than doing something easy more times.Шатурас0 3h
3h Dead Ends due to Level-scaling? First, I am no fan of level-scaling as it almost kills any feeling of character progress. But aside from this subjective impression I see another problem. I think, that you can (unintentionally) manoeuvre yourself into a dead end. Let me explain: When I level a character I always do things that give experience but no gear (like fishing and cooking dailies, archeology, gathering professions, pet battles etc.) besides the normal story quests (which do not always reward gear, too). Character progression (in my opinion) is best felt, when you become stronger compared to the environment you are dealing with (in my case this is PVE content). This "becoming stronger" can be achieved in different ways. Either I gain more power by getting better gear, thus resulting in doing more damage to and taking less damage from mobs, or by gaining levels and therefore be able to circumvent low level mobs (reduced aggrorange) and taking less damage from said low level mobs (because they miss). In a world with level-scaling the latter of these two ways is no longer existent, as you will never outlevel mobs (except after the end of the given level brackets). The first mentioned way is tied to receiving better gear, which may be a problem, if you level with lots of activities that do not reward gear and/or if you are unlucky with drops. I am curious if this was considered when the introduction of level-scaling was decided. The problem may not be visible in the first few levels of your way to maxlevel and you will never run into it, when you use heirlooms. But not everyone has heirlooms, especially new players, who are part of the group of players this level-scaling change is aiming at. I decided to test on the PTR if my concerns do hold any water. And I must say: Yes they do! (I will post a detailed report of my leveling experience in this forum, when I have finished more zones - or when I reach the dead end. ;)) I created a gnome mage (who later became a Frostmage) on the PTR and started with no heirlooms into the great wide world. Dun Morogh was ok. Everything took forever to die, but I managed to keep up with the ever-growing strength of mobs. At level 10 I started to do the daily cooking and fishing quests in Ironforge. I picked Herbalism and Mining as professions and killed every rare mob I could find (there are many up on the PTR :)). So my character level soon grew faster than my "gearlevel". Additionally, I was unlucky with the drops from the rare mobs (no cloth armor, no weapons). In Loch Modan it started getting very uncomfortable for my little mage. I had to constantly sit down and eat my self-made cookies, because one mob almost always got me down to half health before I could kill it. Before you say: "Then start using your tool-kit!" At this level you do not have many choices in what you do. Granted, I picked mage because it is the only class I do not have at maxlevel, but it helped simulating a newbie experience pretty well. In Loch Modan I noticed that mobs started to be above my level in most cases. It took me longer to kill them than at lower levels. So I started to have a hard time. I died. A lot. There is one quest where you have to protect a dwarf and his wagon from some waves of attackers (Protecting the Shipment). They come in pairs and the quest will fail when you die. Well, I tried several tactics to get this quest done. But none worked. I died several times and was close to giving up (which would have meant not to be able to finish Loch Modan, because this quest needs to be completed to unlock others) when another player went by and killed the last mob after I had died again. I thanked him and went on to finish the zone. Normally, when I am confronted with mobs that are too strong for me or quests that I am not able to finish, I try to gain some levels and come back later to try it again. But with level-scaling this will no longer be a suitable solution, as I will outlevel the quest only after a long time (if ever). I think it is an absolutely undesirable gaming experience when you feel weaker with every character level you gain. There might even come a point when you will not be able to finish any quest or kill any mob because your level (and therefore the mobs' level) will be too far ahead of your "gearlevel" so you will run into a bad combination of you dying fast and the mobs living forever. Then you are caught in a dead end. So this problem exists and as I said, I am curious how this will be addressed. Maybe we could have some insight from the Dev team? Please note: As I am not a native speaker, there might be mistakes in the text. Nevertheless, I hope I got my point across. SicayaSicaya45 3h
3h Please don't make leveling take LONGER! Hello Blizzard. I very much appreciate that you finally try to fix the meaningsless leveling phase of World of Warcraft. While doing so, please remember that it is very important to make the leveling meaningful and challening, but to not make it take LONGER. That would be pointless and counter productive. It would make people hate levelling even more. Keep the current leveling speed as it is and make it interesting at the same time. It is possible and you already know how to do it. Please don't CHOOSE to turn it into a longer than necessary process. Thanks! BB.Keilen9 3h
3h TLDR Feedback - PTR testers Maybe it would be interesting if PTR testers could give a short summary of what they currently think about PTR scaling. State >>>>>3 bulletpoints <<<<< of your current overall feeling. Not more than a sentence each. I'll do the first one: State your opinion: Scaling feels good overall, but... ...normal mobs do too little damage ...special mobs / rares / questmobs are trivial and not scary at all, need much more health and damageGreythorne6 3h
3h please get rid of lvl scaling guys Shammys with low ilvl are so weak that it makes it really hard to do anything with the lvl scaling, if my shammy has to fight more than one mob at a time I die most of the time, its a stupid situation, and it does not feel that you are progressing in the gameCluid13 3h
4h Heirlooms time to say goodbye I've been on the PTR since it hit us,and leveled a BE warr and a lock untill 26 and 38 lvl. I see that class tuning and level scaling are the biggest projects on the PTR regarding the leveling overhaul,but i also see the heirloom dilemma on the forums. As someone who has played since mid tbc,and i got every cloth/leather/mail/plate heirloom and wepons,even the ones from Garosh in the SoO,pre WoD event.And even the ones from WoD mythic dungeon trinkets.Got all of that working till lvl 100. I have to say that heirlooms just take too many gear slot's,it was oke when we had 2-4 heirloom slots.When i see how many time is wasted on trying to balance them(even if they stay i think they need to be on par with the appropriate green ilvl power lvl) it is the best way to simply remove them and properly compensate people.And the guy's who want to speed level let them/us have a shirt/tabard with the appropriate % Xp( i think 200 should do the trick,its still open for a debate). We still have RaF,Elixir of the rapid mind,and events that speed/or even completly replace the way we level in the game.(that is while they last) And in return i do believe people will start using proffesions to make BoE's,and even give a shot to twinking at low lvl's.Gear you get from the quest,or dungeon drop will matter.It is still the best incentive in the game,gear matters.The whole end game is built around gear. My last and finnal point is this whole thing regarding people getting kicked from dungeons for not having heirloom's(currently on live).Now imagine how the comunity will respond when they hit dungeons with someone who has no loom's and you scaled the mob's and everything accordingly.You will just repeat the same mistake.And this is why i think making loom's scale the same ilvl of greens of that lvl wount fix anything.People will still try to dungeon power lvl,and you will out pace those blue,green gear too fast.And loom's will again be your BiS.If anything heirlooms will become more of a norm.In the end this whole time spent balancing heirlooms was for nothing. We should not forget about new player in the game,and we should not crippel those people/players from the start with heirlooms.Blurey14 4h
5h Summary of my 1-90 leveling I would like to mention that I am not going to write every detail about every zone I have done, just my overall opinions and improvements. Ok so I chose to level as a blood elf mage as I have leveled it 2 times before(wrath/mist). I did not use any heirlooms/exp potions or any of those things. I also played all three of the specs. First 9 levels were pretty much of you would expect, not so hard. Then I hit level 10 and chose to play an arcane mage(the other specs are not so fun until you get more levels). The arcane mage is overpowered I was running around one shooting everything. Arcane should get nerfed at earlier levels. Around level 30 I rerolled to frost and TTK was actually really good(brain freeze was overpowered but that is something I don't want to talk about here) Rest of the leveling was really good, apart from the 80-90 leveling which should get experience to level increase as I completed it in 3 zones out of 11 which does not feel enough. But now for the part I really want to talk about: Normal mobs should get damage increase, killed me after 1 minute of afking Rare mobs should get both damage increase and health increase, having like 10 more health than a normal mob is ridiculous in my opinion Mobs for 2/3/5 players should again get damage and health increase and shouldn't be crowd controllable as I was able to just kite them no matter the health they had(apart from the Yetimus as that guy hits like a truck) Last but not least kill 1 quest(shader the venom queen etc...) mobs could also get some damage and health increase as they do not feel unique it is just a regular mob. During my leveling time i did not notice any game breaking bugs just that I got a lot lockboxes/silks and some mobs special/ranged attacks hit for less than their auto attacks TLDR is that the new leveling looks promising apart from the ''special npcs'' that need some health and damage buff.Druinora5 5h
5h Frost mage 1-33.5 Name: Unloomed Race: Forsaken Class: Mage Spec: Frost Starting Zone 1-5 Nothing out of normal for here, though the Rotbrain Guardians if 2 started hitting you, it was time to sit and eat after, though not a bad way to teach a player that a mage isn't built for melee range with out pushing it that the DMG kills them, Tristfall Glades 5-10 Again nothing out of the norm though killing mobs takes a bit longer, it didn't feel overly slow having the quest hubs close to the quest objective helps with this. Around about level 8/9 I started feeling the need to use frost nova if I had 2 mobs on me, frost bolt 1 tab the other and frost bolt ice lance until they got close frost nova and kill 1 it took about 4-5 frost bolts to kill a mob, the DMG on Frost bolt and ice lance isn't great Silverpine Forest 10-20 This is where things went down hill, it was all going much as I normally would until the Sepulcher at this point you start getting mobs that can teleport even with frost nova at their feet, the first 1 being the Worgen infiltrators these aren't to bad as you can see them and get your water elemental to pull them first it takes about 5 frost bolts to kill and the Dmg they do isn't going to kill you but it puts a dent. The Gilneas part of this I started to notice it was taking 6 or 7 frost bolts to kill the rebels, and the final search for a body you run into packs of dogs with 2 worgen you have 2 companions that fight the worgen but the dogs go for you, Blizzard is enough to kill them but only 25% health after each encounter means refreshment time but I'm a mage who cares it's free After this comes the nightmare that is SI7 scouts they are stealthed they teleport with Frost Nova at their feet and they hit like rogues (Mages will understand), You don't get the normal sound with these either which means firing Frost Nova could hit another 1 2 of these your game is over I'd started to notice that I was taking more and more DMG from hits as I leveled through Silverpine and it came to a head at the near final quest Kill General Marsden he could 2 shot me, I had 3 companions and my pet and even if I let them beat on him first 1 frost bolt and ice lance he came to me, my only choice was to let them kill him while I danced on a rock. My thoughts on the problem with this zone, the amount of levels and the lack of gear as quest rewards during those 10 levels meant I was still in a lot of level 10 gear when fighting level 20-21 mobs meaning they could do a lot of DMG with 1 hit Hillsbrad Foothils 20-25 The first quest here I always find funny sending NPC's out on quests. :) The first few quest here are pretty simple and give gear so the rest of the area was a normal check where you are and whats behind you before starting fights. The best part is you get to kill Dwarfs what could be better, besides maybe Gnome Rogues. Leveling wise and speed of fights, didn't really feel much longer than normal 5 frost bolts and progression through the zone nothing I'd say felt like I'd out stayed my welcome, well maybe the dwarfs after I planted nukes Arathi Highlands 25-30 This zone is nice for a mage room to move nothing packed in tight my only complaint is the drop of eyes from the raptors it is terrible 50 raptors for 10 eyes The only quest I had a bit of a fight was the final of shards of myzrael as she summons alot of adds A note for this Zone I had to do every single quest shards of myzrael final was what dinged me level 30 The Hinterlands 30-33.5 Thing had changed at this point I have Brain freeze for instant flurry, fingers of Frost high hitting Ice lance and Ice Barrier meaning 2 mobs weren't a worry 3 and I used frost nova Every Quest is done here and I'm 53000 xp short of 34 and need 35 to go to Western plague landsGreenback10 5h
7h While leveling Make Darker Nights Been using the [Inky Black Potion] while I level from low, having such dark nights gives every single place a more sense of Adventure, it gives us players a special feel when it is night and/or day. As it works now Nothing changes from day to night, maybe make it so that Standard day is bright and night is dark (Then if you want it like it works now you can toggle on an Option in the interface menu) Interested to see what people thinks, its kinda sad that we have to use a potion to give us real night darkness. Lets do some brain storming and see what we all want and/or meet some place in the middle PS: Would be great with better Weather effects.Wolfrick26 7h
8h Dungeons still colour-coded When I open the dungeon finder, and switch to 'specific dungeons' I can see that the dungeons are still colour-coded by difficulty (grey, green, yellow, and orange). Isn't it unnecessary, since they all scale to 60?Esh2 8h
9h wacky gear scaling i hope the gear scaling gets better tuned before live. some gear got stats like a 10 ilvl higher item, some like its 10 lower. if it was up to me, gear would be something like this: white untill ilvl 5 green with 1 stat 5-8 9-10=2 stats 11=3 stats, 12=4..... 60=52 tbc/wotlk would follow same pattern, but 1 ilvl higher, like 60=53... 80=73 stats. cata/mop 80=74... 90=84 stats blues would be 5 ilvl higher, epics 10+ higher. each zone would have 1 full set of gear with 1-2 blues. including shoulders in lvl10+ zones jewelry 15+, head 20+, trinkets 25+. but i guess thats too simple and straight foward for blizzard. oh and no more stupid stat combos like intellect/strength, or agility on plate, strength on leather, etc.Egeszsegere5 9h
10h Fun or not Fun Either leveling is fun. Then it should take as much time as possible, because I want to spend as much time as possible doing fun things. Or leveling is not fun. In that case please remove it from the game.Hephaest11 10h
12h Survival level 52 It's not as overpowered as earlier levels, but it's still much too good. Flanking Strike still does a lot of damage, and it's cooldown is very short. Equal level mobs have about 8k health, Flanking Strike does about 3.3k damage and an extra 50% from you or the pet, so you're talking about 4k ish in total-- half the enemies HP in one hit. That's not even a crit. It's doing easily as much damage as any top dps on its own, but it also has a pet. I'm not even using Throwing Axes or Explosive Trap. I don't even get the chance to build up 2 stacks of Mongoose Bite, so just imagine how much damage you will do at 6. This is using greens and a few blues, no heirlooms. Some suggestions: Flanking Strike is insanely powerful, it needs to have the player damage component removed until much later on, say level 70 or something (my earlier estimates were way too conservative). Just have the pet do the damage at earlier levels. Mongoose Bite is not balanced in being able to ramp up to 6 at low levels, it shouldn't stack any higher than 3 at my level. Even at 3 it still seems too powerful. An alternative would be to reduce the increased damage per stack from 50% to 20% at lower levels, then 35% at 70 or so, then 50% at 80.Rickghastley1 12h
12h Question (more in details) If i want to test the questing experience in the lvl 60 to 80 zones do i have to level up from 1 to 60 or can i make a template character with base lvl 60? For example. If i'm only interested in the questing experience of the level scaling Outland and Northrend do i have to level up a character from 1 to 60 to be able to test it? It would take time and i don't have too much time so i'd gladly skip the first 60 lvl on ptr if it's possible.Arsênal1 12h
22h Warlock Feedback. Level 14. I submit having soul shards regenerate to 3 out of combat is too powerful at low levels, as it means you can essentially spam you powerful abilities at the start of every fight. Nuking counts for way more earlier on, ad being able to cast Chaos Bolt so frequently seems too much. A possible solution to this would be to have something like only one shard regen at level 20; 2 at 40; and then maybe only at 60 have 3. Both Demo and Affliction don't seem to be effected by not having shards at the start of a fight. Even not being able to cast Unstable Affliction on the first pull seems like a very minor factor, especially given how at 20 you'll get one shard. Being able to open up with three UAs seems more of an issue anyway. Please add your own feedback on this class.Rickghastley5 22h
23h Nagrand (Outland) Warrior questing Player: Draenai lv.66 Fury Warrior Zone: Nagrand (Outland) -) I'm a little bit undergeared, but I'll update the post when I get more questgear -) questing (XP gain) seems slow, but I like it -) killing normal mobs / questmobs feels really well paced. I can use all my skills and can manage 4 enemies when I use all my defensive cooldowns -) killing special mobs (rares, quest bosses,...) feels far too easy. They feel just like normal mobs -) exception: quest: the ring of blood: brokentoe (5player quest), no chance for me to solo him. niceGreythorne11 23h
23h About Death Knight starting zone and exp Hello. I've just played a through the Death Knight starting zone on the PTR without heirlooms. Thus my new Death Knight character has ended up with at level 57, with three quarters of a level left until 58. And I have to gain that level in Eastern Kingdoms or Kalimdor before continuing on to expansion content. But I feel like the Death Knight story would flow much better if we were able to go straight to Northrend after the intro quests. After hearing Tirion yell about "tearing down the walls of Icecrown" and Darion Mograine swearing vengeance, a player that cares about the story will want to continue to Northrend immediately. I mean, ever since the start of WotLK I've seen people complaining about the weird dissonance that happens when you leave the Death Knight intro and have to level through Outland before getting to continue the story that is relevant to their character in Northrend. And now, with level scaling and Northrend starting at level 58, you COULD be able to go straight to Northrend... if the game had given you enough exp. So i suggest that experience gained from the Death Knight introduction quests be increased just enough that a new, non-heirloomed Death Knight ends up at 58 at the end of it - high enough to do expansion content. And yeah, I know: With Heirlooms a new Death Knight character could get to 58 and go to expansion stuff by only doing the intro. But I feel like level 58 minimum at the end of the intro should be the standard for all DKs. I mean, Demon Hunters get to enter their relevant expansion after their intro, right? They don't hang around in Draenor for a level. Anyway, what do you all think about this? Do you feel this is an issue or not?Jeppy6 23h
1d Ashenvale teen levelling S.L.O.W. Taking me ages to level (currently 18) in Ashenvale...isn't this supposed to be faster?Pahratha9 1d
1d Feedback I play a human arms warrior i played through Elwynn forest westfall redridge mountains and duskwood im currently only lvl 21 i left elwynn forest at 10 to go to westfall went to redridge at lvl 15 and then went to duskwood at lvl 21 i did not use heirlooms but personally i felt like the world was too easy i played a little mage as well so dont say its because i played an arms warrior only i feel like mobs should do a lot more damage and i wouldnt mind if they got an hp buff as well. I really enjoy the leveling except for the damage i take. Its not enough plus the Elites need a lot more health and a lot more damage output but i really like the changes, but please try to buff the dmg and the health i know a lot of people are against this and this might be the reason why you havent buffed them yet but can you please try it and then just nerf it later on, cause people are afraid of changes so just please try this out.Sensikagawa0 1d
1d Wetlands - Dwarf Protection Warrior Hello, I will be posting here about my journey through Wetlands as a Dwarf Protection Warrior. I've created a Dwarf Warrior and leveled it to 20 on live servers. I started my journey on PTR by copying the character. The character wears a full heirloom set except for rings. The character is called "Ptrtesttest-Brill(EU)" Update 1) [+/-] So far I've done the first three quest-packs (the orcs at the start, elementals and hydras as second, oozes and berries as third.) I previously read that others could get their HP pool pretty low. I found that, as a protection warrior, I rarely get my HP lower than 97% when doing single target. I kill mobs within 4-7 globals. When doing AoE pulls of 5-8 mobs I found that my HP could get as low as 50% before finishing off monsters and healing up with Revenge. > Personally I wouldn't mind if protection warriors were nerfed a little in outdoors leveling. The damage is lowered but I still whack through mobs. This could also be done by nerfing heirlooms a bit. [-] At the moment I'm doing the quest "Get Out of Here, Stalkers". For this quest, you have to slay Cave Stalkers. These vanish at low HP, which I like. However, the spiders vanish at the time their HP hits 0. > I think it would be a great introduction to the Vanish mechanic to now players if they would vanish at a bit higher HP so they disappear. This would give the quest also more flavor. [+] The gear rewards so far outmatch dungeon gear from lower levels. I personally love this. This makes so that quest gear matters. At this time I was level 21.Marshmallow4 1d
1d Can't continue into Eastern Plaguelands Hello, When I was leveling up a character on the PTR, I couldn't get the quest to go to Eastern Plaguelands because I was not lvl 40 yet. I was level 39 with around 30% XP. I think it's weird that I couldn't flow into the next questing area. Race: Human Class: Arms warrior These are the zones I leveled in before getting to this point: Elwynn Forest > Westfall > Redridge Mountains > Duskwood > Northern Stranglethorn > Cape of Stranglethorn > Western Plaguelands TL;DR: I couldn't get enough XP to smoothly flow into the next zone.Paluman8 1d
1d Blizzard asks for feedback here: copy-paste from https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20760735886?page=1#1 (the part which concerns zones only) ...Greythorne5 1d
1d Heirlooms are still too powerful. Greetings. The power of heirlooms is still way too much. Especially on the starting zones, you can 1-2 shot mobs and ignore everything that is aggressive. It also feels boring to lvl with heirlooms because gear progression doesn't exist. You level with the same gear, also, talent trees are not there, so it feels quite monotonous. You don't have anything to look after. It would be a nice change to make heirloom xp buff a tabbard, or items that attach to certain pieces of armor(shoulder/chest etc), so that you can still progress your toon and have the benefits of faster leveling. This way it will become more interesting and fun, because you will be happy if you get, lets say, a blue weapon from a dungeon, in my opinion of course. Also, heirlooms affect the experience of the new players in dungeons. Being able to steamroll through a dungeon is no fun for someone that doesn't have heirlooms, and is a mindless grind for someone that does. Leveling needs to feel engaging, rewarding and progressive, and heirlooms are not going to help it(at least not in the form that they exist atm).Yamanda36 1d
1d Ret Paladin Tauren - 1 to 12. Mulgore. Levelling Experience No hierlooms/bike Pacing was good, mobs started to aggro at correct levels Two rares (Plainstalker and Ogre) - these were the only two mobs that took be below 75% health. I was either one level below or the same level Gameplay not frantic but when had 3 or more mobs health started to dip but one at a time mob fighting was slow and not overly exciting. I would suspect partly due to limited spells, length of cooldowns, walking everywhere etc self heal used on one rare not needed otherwise as regen was very fast no food or drink used Thoughts Mobs to hit harder after lvl 5 Rare's should be considerably harder e.g. you should be at least 1 or 2 levels above to easily kill an elite at this level Overall very good experience finished Mulgore at level 12 - under previous non scaled I would not have seen the last two quest chains which is refreshingShagrad3 1d
1d A Mage's Journey from Gnomeregan to Duskwood Overview: Gnome Frostmage Lv 1 – Lv 28 Time played overall: 13 hours Zones: Dun Morogh, Loch Modan, Duskwood No heirlooms. Talents so far: Lonely Winter Professions: Herbalism, Mining My goals was to simulate a newbie experience. Therefore I did not use heirlooms. However, as my testing time was limited I did use the heirloom mount to get around faster and I did not read the quest texts. Dun Morogh: Level 1 – Level 14 At the beginning the only difference compared to live servers was that enemies took approximately twice as long to kill (PTR: 5 to 6 casts, Live: 3 Casts). The final fight in the Gnome starting area (Down with Crushcog!) took forever, because (due to the scaling?) I constantly missed and the special Mekkatorque attacks did not do much damage. I arrived in Kharanos at Lv 6 + 23%. The rest of this zone went on without any special occurances. At Lv 10 I started to do the cooking and fishing dailies in Ironforge. I forgot to note the time played at the end of Dun Morogh. However, I was Lv 14 and had done the dailies once or twice. Loch Modan: Level 14 – Level 23, Time played including Dun Morogh: 8 hours At this point it started to become very uncomfortable for my little mage. I had to constantly sit down and eat my self-made cookies because one mob almost always brought me down to half health before I could kill it. Fighting two mobs at the same time was hardly manageable, three mobs was certain death. I started to have problems completing quests because the enemies (scaled to my character level) became to hard to kill (due to my „gearlevel“). The problematic quests are „Who's in charge here?“ (Kill Foreman Sharpsneer), „Protecting the Shipment“ (Protect a dwarf and his wagon), „Bird is the Word“ (Find the Rusted Skystrider in a cave) and „Gor'kresh“ (Kill Gor'kresh). Who's in charge here?: It is hard to keep a mob away from you (as a Frostmage should) in locations like caves. When he reached me, he hit very hard and killed me before I could kill him. The solution was kiting and spamming Ice Lance (and hoping there was no respawn in the way). It finally worked, but was no fun at all. Protecting the Shipment: The attackers come in waves of two. I tried different approaches (sheeping, kiting) but none worked. I died several times, causing the quest to fail. I was close to giving up when another player went by and killed the last attacker after I had died again. Many thanks to this kind fellow player! Bird is the Word: The problem with this quest is not the quest itself but the rare mob Optimo which is patroling in the cave. It was impossible for me to kill it. Again another player helped by killing the rare during one of my walks from the graveyard back to the world of the living. Gor'kresh: This Ogre is in the back of a cave. Similar to Foreman Sharpsneer he should not reach you or you will die very fast (at least when you are a clothie). After learning this lesson the painful way I managed to kite him through half of the cave while spamming Ice Lance. Definitely not my favorite way of fullfilling quests. There was another rare mob that I was unable to kill – Ashtail. As a frostmage it is impossible to kill as it keeps teleporting right behind you. In general the mobs seemed to be one level above me and it took me 7 casts on average to kill them. My character felt weaker than at lv 1. As I had not the time to play in one session, I had the opportunity to do some more cooking and fishing dailes. I did not went to Ironforge solely for the dailies. I went back to learn the next level of some of my professions and thought I could do them to advance my fishing and cooking skill as well. Looking back this was surely not the smartest decision as with me gaining levels the mobs also grew in strength, but I played as I had done when I started WoW. I like to progress my professions as much as possible and I like to raise reputations. I started a thread pointing out the problem I see with gaining levels without getting gear. https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17617401643?page=1 I finished Loch Modan at Level 23 +31%. The time played until this point was approximately 8 hours. As the Wetlands seem to start only at level 25 I decided to move on to Duskwood. Before I did that, I did the Ironforge cooking and fishing dailies one last time (which means I did them thrice overall if I remember correctly). „Life Bait“ it was. You need to go to Helm's Bed Lake and jump into the water. The water elementals swarming the lake were level 20, so they were 3 levels below me. It took me 8 casts to kill them. Compared to the 5 – 6 casts when I met them first, this felt really bad.Sicaya2 1d
1d Fell off a boat I made a human hunter and I walked from the starter area to Stormwind and got on a boat to Darnassus. When the loading map went away, I was not on a boat nor in Darnassus, but in Stonetalon Mountains at a graveyard, and the mobs are 19 levels higher than me!Fesil3 1d
1d Easy, Mindless Levelling is DULL Seriously, ignore these people complaining about mobs taking a reasonable time to kill, one shotting things and brainless levelling puts new players off of the game (like myself 9 months ago, only stuck around due to promises of solid stuff at the end) and returning players, and is simply not fun. Keep the mobs harder, make their health pools higher, and keep the scaling. Ignore these fools.Valrysha92 1d
1d Night Elf Priest lv 1-14 Teldrassil Nelf Priest lv 1-14 Teldrassil The new level scaling makes the questing story more engaging and you are able to follow through the full story of the zone without feeling the pressure to leave for a higher level area. For new players this will make the zone much more fun and engaging to play through. However, even without heirlooms as a priest I had not a single moment in the entire zone where my life was ever in any danger. The mobs did take more hits to kill than on live, but were absolutely no threat whatsoever. I found the whole experience very peaceful and relaxing. I believe either the mobs need to be more dangerous or the damage of priest spells need to be tuned lower to make the experience more engaging and to add that danger spark that is lacking at the moment. The current levelling changes are a distinct improvement but in this starting area need some further tweaking.Enkiidu0 1d
1d Who let this change go through and why For real, I'm all for making the outdoor content scale, but myself and a ton of other players were under the impression that NOTHING would change in terms of power, but everything has changed. I just went through Dire Maul (The Immol'thar one) and it took a minute to kill a simple elite treant mob. Classic Wow is coming out for a reason, do not plague this game with anything from that time period. Mobs take forever to kill even with a full heirloom group, THEY STILL hit as hard as before and they have triple / quadruple health pool. How in the heck is this supposed to be fun or good game design? Look at any modern mmo and you'll see that their dungeons are just the same as yours, remember what happened to Wildstar when they made things take too long? People left, just because WoW has been standing as the prime MMO doesn't mean it can make these changes without getting hit hard in terms of subscribers. The night elf ranger boss had 200k HP and she still hit hard / harder than she does on the current live version of the game. This is unacceptable in every possible way, it's not challenging, it's boring, dreadful and just a huge waste of time. Leveling shouldn't take longer, it should be faster because we have to run through 120 [u][/u] f**king levels. So what you've essentially done is to nerf heirloom, INCREASE EXP NEEDED and you've freaking tripled and even quadrupled health while still allowing mobs to hit as hard as they do in retail WoW. How is this fun? How is this balanced? You've ruined the game by catering to a small vocal minority who are just gonna switch to classic anyway. This is the most inconsiderate change you've -EVER- put through, and I've played the game since mid-Classic.Alythriel50 1d
1d Graveyard bug in Eastern Plaguelands Hello, I just died in the Noxious Glade in the Eastern Plaguelands. After I died, I spawned as a ghost at the graveyard in the DK starting zone. I don't know whether this is intended or not, but it seemed kinda weirdPaluman0 1d
1d BE - starting quests - missing info (collect) I started BE mage and all starting quests on Sunstrider Isle (which needs to collect something) missing info when i put cursor on mob which drops quest items. When we normaly do quest (WQ etc.) we can see this info in this type of quests. If we can see this helping info on endgame quests, we should se it on starting quests too. Quests with this problems: Unfortunate measures A Fistfull of Silvers ... .... possibly much more quests.Fcelkamaia1 1d
1d Heirloom v's Basic Equipment - Level Scaling In order to test the practicality of this level-scaling system, I ran two new characters through Elwynn Forest and compared the result. The objective was to compare the two, and determine the impact (in any) that level-scaling will have on the current game in relation to Heirloom/non Heirloom characters. In order to keep things fair, both characters were of the same class, that of the hunter; and undertook only the basic zone quests, and killed the minimum amount of mobs in order to achieve these quests, and for self defense issues. Hunter 1: Holmes (Heirloom Hunter) Default Pet: Baskerville Gear: Full Mail Heirloom Set (including Cape and Ring bonus) level achieved by Westfall: 14 lvl 1/2 bar Total time taken: 1 hour 32min 7 sec (approx 45mins sans AFK) Deaths: 0 Pet Deaths: 1 Holmes ran through the content with relative ease. Mobs routinely dropped within 3-5 shots, and even when small groups were pulled (intentionally, or otherwise) there was little difficulty in dispatching them. The one death her pet had was caused by a group of around seven murlocs, during the Kelp Collection quest. Holmes had no issue with the murlocs herself, but her pet was swarmed early on. Despite the pace in which the mob (and interestingly, NPC) level scaled with her own leveling, the difficulty of gameplay stayed uniform throughout. Verdict: Felt much the same as running a hunter character through the current LIVE sans Heirlooms, but with a faster leveling pace. Hunter 2: Waylander (Basic Equipment) Default Pet: Scar Gear Starter, and Quest Rewards level achieved by Westfall: 10 2/3 bar time taken: 1hour 9mins 14 sec Deaths: 1 Pet Deaths: 2 Waylander ran through the content with some difficulty at times. Generally, mobs dropped after 4-7 shots, although this increased to higher numbers after skill resources ran dry. Small groups were rarely pulled (intentionally, or otherwise) as there was a fair amount of difficulty in dispatching them. The character died once. This death occured after the Kelp Collection quest, when attempting to move on toward Jangolode Mine. Mobs quickly respawned, and while attempting to take them down, were quickly reinforced by patrolling murlocs from both sides. His pet died twice. The first death was during the quest The Sent Assassins as the pet's health failed to recover quick enough to cope between fights. The second death occurred during the same death for the character listed above. Although mob (and NPC) levels scaled at the same pace as this character, but the difficulty of gameplay had a higher curve that that of the Heirloom character. As he remained a lower level for the duration of the zone, with less abilities unlocked, for much of the time, he had to resort to auto-shot. Verdict: Felt much the same as running a hunter character through the current LIVE sans Heirlooms, but attempting a zone one half-level higher than the character's current level. For example, leveling to 5 in Elwynn, then heading for Westfall.Chronocide6 1d
1d S.E.L.F.I.E. quest bugged? While levelling a PTR character I decided to go to Stormwind at level 21 to pick up the SFK class quest. Running around Stormwind, I came across a gnome called Arielle Snapflash who offered a quest 'Light Camera Action' to get a S.E.L.F.I.E. camera. Probably for new players who don't do the WoD garrison missions for it. Now, though, I can't find it in my quest log any more. Arielle still has the grey question mark above her head, but no quest either in the quest menu on the right or on the right of the map. Relogging didn't help.Mezumiiru4 1d
1d Dear Blizzard. Dear Blizzard. Just a short note. I just want to say I have re-subbed to the game due to your proposed leveling changes in patch 7.3.5. In my opinion it's going to actually feel like a game again, and I can't wait for the patch to hit live. Thank you.Vorgraine4 1d
1d [Suggestion]This is how night should look. Forlorn Rowe, in Duskwood. Atmosphere is really dark, and feels like a night, without being too dark to see anything. Night is barely noticeable elsewhere in the game, that would be a nice improvement, to at least make it an option for people who like it, since I know lots of people only play at night and wouldn't enjoy their game to be always super dark.Zeet8 1d
1d Gathering Nodes Don't Scale I was wondering how Gathering Professions would work with the scaling zones so I did a quick test on the PTR. My max-level skinner tried skinning mobs in different zones. It turns out that skinning is still tied to the zone, not the mobs level. ie If you skin in the Northern Barrens you still get Light Leather etc even if the mobs are level 60. If you go to Desolace, the level 60 mobs give Heavy Leather etc. I also tested my max-level miner. You still get Copper Ore from Northern Barrens and Iron Ore from Desolace etc etc. This doesn't make sense! If I'm leveling and at level 50 decide to go to Northern Barrens I'd still be getting low level mats, even though the mobs are level 50? If I'm trying to level Crafting Professions whilst I level it would be a real headache.Tocho7 1d
1d I also want more difficult & interesting mobs I would like to agree with some of the posts I've seen here recently. I personally would enjoy a more challenging combat with mobs. This does not necessarily means increasing the number of hits it takes to kill a mob, but rather make the combat more dangerous. It would be nice if mobs had special abilities, or just work in a way that would require me to use more of my skills & abilities (i.e. stun, blind, dodge), require me to use tactics like hide and pick off the stranglers, and encourage me to use consumables. Obliviously, this can not be so difficult as to make the progress very very slow - the game is not design for this. My benchmark, I think, is that a fight with one mob should be easy, Two mobs challenging, and three mobs should give me pause and make me think if I'm ready to deal with this.Esh4 1d
1d Enemy Density Before I get into my little jab I have to clarify that I love these scaling and enemy difficulty, its so much funner not just one shotting everything with a distasteful glare and while the enemies are certainty tough to take down they don't pose as much of a threat due to their placement. enemy density in Vanilla was such that 2 or 3 enemies could be pulled if you weren't careful but that made questing slow and way too difficult and was really just a poor mechanic but the tension of going into a cave notorious for being hard is gone. I'd like to see some enemies placed closer together is all, increase the density just a little to make fights challenging but not so much that you'll make no progress. Mages have this skill called Polymorph, it is a crowd control spell but it's never really used because pulling more enemies than you can currently handle isn't an issueEocaan2 1d
1d BM hunter Valley of trials lvl 2 When I acces my spell book and look on the other specs books like MM or Surv, each of them have a blank ability spot, I don't know if other classes have the same issue.Symys0 1d