7.3.5 PTR General Discussion

2d PTR Development Notes Build 25700 This week, we’ve implemented a new build that primarily brings bugfixes to the PTR. Our biggest focus for testing remains the new level 1-100 zone and dungeon scaling we’re introducing with 7.3.5. This is an extensive change to how loot, quests, and creatures work in the open world, so we continue to look for as much feedback as we can get about how things are working out. Thank you so much for all of the feedback you’ve provided so far on leveling in Azeroth. We hope you keep the feedback coming, and we’d like to ask you to especially focus some of your testing on the questlines in these specific zones: Blade's Edge Mountains Duskwood Hellfire Peninsula Icecrown Kun-Lai Summit Nagrand Storm Peaks Terokkar Forest Vashj'ir Wetlands Feedback on the difficulty, pacing, and most importantly, any bugs you might find while completing quests in the above zones would be most helpful. Please post your level scaling feedback here. We now have Ulduar Timewalking available for testing, and it should be available for the next four days or so. Please post Ulduar Timewalking feedback here. Also, a heads up—We’re planning a scheduled playtest of the new Seething Shore PvP Battleground. Get ready to Play With The Blues on the PTR on Tuesday, December 19 from 23:00 – 1:00 CET (December 20). The Seething Shore is a 10v10 race to gather Azerite on an island near Silithus, and we hope you’ll be able to join us there and test it thoroughly on Tuesday. As always, thank you very much for participating in the PTR!Taepsilum1 2d
5d PTR Build Deploy - 12/12/2017 Hey all! PTR realms will be coming down again for another 7.3.5 build deploy. No ETA but I'll post here if we run into trouble or things start taking longer than usual. As always, I'll leave this open for discussion as long as conversations remain civil and adhere to forum guidelines. Thanks for your patience, everyone!Arvaanas22 5d
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1h Issues with quest log not updating I've had some issues with my quest log for the last couple of days. It does not automatically update when I complete quests or accept new ones. Quest tracking can also be slow, or just stop working. I've been able to work around the issues so far by reloading my interface every time I accept or turn in a quest. Is anyone else suffering from the same issues? Or does anyone have any ideas about how to fix them? Edit It may be related a broken S.E.L.F.I.E. quest. Some evidence can be found here: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17617651937 Some tips for completing the S.E.L.F.I.E. quest on the Alliance side can be found in this post: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17617153825#post-5Nylam6 1h
1h Remove Heirlooms I hope blizzard will remove heirlooms in 7.3.5, new level system doesn't support heirlooms(i think).Kyuwa93 1h
1h BUG: Falling through stairs in Stormwind When exiting the Dwarven District to the north heading for the new Stormwind Embassy, the set of stairs leading down to the dirt road is impassable. I fell through the stairs and could walk out of them again. There are also some floating art assets near the embassy, like tool crates stuck in mid-air and a broken fence behind the building. Several chairs and benches are also named "doodad_woodenstool_XXX" or something along those lines which is probably not intended to go live this way.Fishfingers4 1h
6h Nightborne allied race look on PTR Hello, I would like to talk about the nightborne allied race model in the ptr at the moment and that it is missing a few nightborne elements. I made a thread about it on mmo-champion some days ago and the feedback we had from it is that the eyes need to be changed and the face looks too much like night elf race. A lot of people think it could be improved and are discussing it on mmo-champion thread here: https://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/2353502-Nightborn-in-Legion-and-Nightborn-in-Battle-for-Azeroth-Nightborn-identity-lostZallendra3 6h
7h Can we get a training dummy... That scales with our level?Jeébus3 7h
8h Minor Bug? Warlock Pet Level I'm levelling a warlock on PTR and I noticed this. When you level up through quest hand in etc. you get a message that you and your pet has levelled up. However, the pet does not immediately level up and a message that the pet has dinged keeps on reappearing. Once the pet is dismissed or dies, and is resummoned, the pet shows at the correct level and the message disappear.Aerdris2 8h
9h My leveling experience. Hey Blizz I've done Duskwood questline on a toon without heirloom, and it went like a charme, few death's but my own fault, I could solo Mor-Ladim so no probs there, but the other Elite Morbidius, I've got a wooping, HP was around 9000. so it felt right to me, I was not a DPS god. There was no quest bug of any kind, like in Redridge(solved now) But if I have to say anything, if I'm not mistaking, there was more quest's in Duskwood in the old days, I kinda miss more quest there, felt I was finished to fast in the zone. My char was a prot warrior named Braveheart lvl 20-25 (start to finish) in Duskwood. Now I go back to Westfall to check out how it is to level there.Drooby2 9h
20h Quivers Where are the quivers on the PTR? Hunters should finally be able to use quivers as an appearance. Make it a cloak appearance with a special class quest, or just show it on hunters when they use a bow.Nealissa3 20h
21h Copy account data not working? Been pressing it and pressing it, yet none of the heirlooms/toys or whatever gets copied over from Live account, am I doing something wrong, cause I can't find any similar topic on the forums so might just be meRhythmz1 21h
22h What no add-ons? I just downloaded the PTR and created my first character - a female worgen druid. As soon as I started her I realised that there is no facility for getting add-ons. No zygor guide, no ui apart from the default one and no other add-ons, either. Was this intended?Vasper3 22h
23h Some pros and cons and opportunities Basically, I don't level scaling suits WoW, as it removes much of the sense of progression. As it stands in Azeroth, as you progress in levels, you get the positive feedback feeling of getting stronger - foes that previously outranked you can now be tackled, and you can explore new zones that were previously too difficult. This is part of the fun of the game, and will be lost, and I don't think I would still be playing after 13 years if there had been level scaling from the outset. That said, ESO did move to level scaling successfully, so it can be done. But ESO is a different game from WoW. But rebalancing the 1-100 experience is a good idea, and an opportunity to get rid of the sudden jumps between expansions. When TBC was released, as soon as your L60 (or even L58) character moved to Outland, one found that the humblest green gear you got was way more powerful than anything in Winterspring or Silithus, and there was no point in ever returning to those zones (which became dead). The reason, of course, was to satisfy the hardcore players who had uber gear from the original endgame content, and needed an incentive to move to Outland. So starting gear in Outland was better than the very best in Azeroth, whether you had seen it or not. And the same happened with every expansion for the same reason. Hence the ridiculous hyperinflation of stats. It would be nice to smooth all this out. It would also be nice to undo some of the damage Deathwing did, but I don't suppose that will happen. Stormwind got repaired, at least. Zones like Duskwood, Barrens and Loch Modan used to be beautiful and moody. Now they are messed up and ugly. Loch Modan is a huge ugly mud puddle. Can't some dwarves get together and rebuild that dam?Venetia3 23h
1d "That object is busy" It is getting old to read this message when everyone loot the corpse at the same time and force you to loot again. It is quite annoying when it happens too often! Do you think you can improve it so you dont need to loot the corpse twice?Malicone0 1d
1d Downloading the PTR I've been dealing with this issue for quite some time now, it's getting rather tedious. So, on my account I've signed up to the PTR, that's all fine and dandy. The issue arises when I download the client. After attempting this at least ten times, the same message comes up - "You can't install this game yet". Any suggestions in regard to what I'm doing wrong? Many thanks in advance.Motez10 1d
1d Flight path to new silithis Hey guys i know flight paths in azeroth are not really used in max level so this might not be important but i still think you guys should know. the flight path in new silithis is currently still set to cenarian hold and not at the new campBearsiles0 1d
1d Unstable Arcanocrystal Top 100 ranks on warcraftlogs, illustrates how mandatory and overbudgetted arcano is for MM hunters. Gorothi worldbreaker: 89 of 100 using arcanocrystal Felhounds: 85 of 100 using arcanocrystal Antoran High command: 81 of 100 using arcanocrystal Eonar the life-binder: 73 of 100 using arcanocrystal Portal Keeper: 80 of 100 using arcanocrystal Imonar the Soul hunter: 85 of 100 using arcanocrystal Kin'garoth: 70 of 100 using arcanocrystal Varimathras: 81 of 100 using arcanocrystal The coven of shivarra: 79 of 100 using arcanocrystal Aggramar: 80 of 100 using arcanocrrystal Argus the unmaker: 75 of 100 using arcanocrystal _______________ Is it possible we could either get a change in how "outragous" MM hunters scale from seconday stats, or to nerf the arcanocrystal with 30-40%? In Tomb of Sargeras (even on Mythic KJ!!), MM hunters (and some other speccs) had to use 860 arcanocrystals they acquired at start of Legion. In Antorus the burning throne, there are no trinkets that come close to the 910 arcanocrystal, not even titanforged mythic trinkets appart from the legendary/pantheon trinket.Kolbiørn14 1d
1d make it harder ..with a easy/harder mode Its so much better than one shoting everything ,just wish it was a tad harder .... for all those peeps who want classic wow ,just remember you die a lot ....so why not make wow as it is classic and make it harder! You could even add a easy button to make it easier and a hard mode to make it hard lol...... regards SpydersSpyderno9 1d
1d NPC turned around In Stormwind there is a statue/fountain for Uther Lightbringer in front of the catherdral. In front of that are always two NPC's. The kneeling one, Terran "Justice" Gregory, is now facing _away_ from the fountain, while I remember him facing towards the fountain on live. The way he sits now, it almost looks like he is proposing to the other NPC, Deva Marie..Mezumiiru0 1d
1d Silverpine Forest Affliction lvl15/16 (1) The mobs @Fenris Keep actually take some thought to kill. GREAT! THANKS! A fellow player invited me. I gladly accepted. (WONDERFUL!) But then I had killed my 15 mobs and automatically entered the next step of the questline. And he disappeared. We were in different phases now. That was underwhelming. How terrible must this be for a new player? (2) I could easily solo the elites inside the castle @Fenris Keep due to the massive self-healing of drain soul. I don't even want to think about what happens when I get a Voidwalker ... Maybe the self healing needs to be decreased .. .. I could also solo "Korok the Colossus" at lvl 17 when he is lvl18 elite. (3) And a bug report: Killing mobs @Fenris Keep does not reward soul shards using drain soul. (4) I don't really like the style of quests like "The Water run red" or "Reinforcements from Fenris" later on. It is too light. Too 'funny'. Too 'gamey'. It seems out of place. (5) The Bears in Siverpine forest start to "Hibernate" at low health, which means that they start to selfheal. However, this ability is mostly confusing, because the bears die too fast for the ability to even be recognisable - let alone matter. Either delete the ability or make it relevant ... (6) Aggro radius seems inconsistent. Sometimes it is very, very small - even with mobs of your level. (7) There is an incentive to skill enchating by disenchanting the first 75 items or so. That incentive is not fun, in my opinion. (8) You should make more use of abilities that upgrade/change/replace each other during leveling. This way you can give out more abilities during leveling without overloading spell books at maxlvl. (9) Mob difficulty should be spread out more. Either by having more level variance or any other way. Right now mobs are too similar and any kind of emotion (crap! this is mob is powerful/ damn I am strong) is really hard to attain. If bears had more life, and wolves had more dmg, for example this would make leveling much more interesting. (10) There tend to be too many quest hubs. It prevents you from feeling relieve when entering a civilized area. (11) I cannot attack the "Ram". While I cannot attack the "Ewe"s at all, I could DoT the "Ram", but the DoT would not manifest. Looks buggy. (12) I love the wide open landscape! A very welcome change from the narrow mountains in legion. I'll happily accept longer ways to flightpoints for such beautiful landscapes. (13) Game once crashed to desktop when I tried to activate reverb in sound settings. No problems after restarting the game and on second try.Hephaest2 1d
1d How far can you get at starting levels? At the beginning of Vanilla, my first character wanted to get from Stormwind to Darnassus. At that time there was no harbour in Stormwind, you had to walk to Menethil. I had actually not discovered the Deeprun Tram, so the first problem was to get to Ironforge. So i tried to walk it at about L10. You can imagine I didn't get very far. With the new 7.3.5, could you do it? All the posts I've seen are from people who have done sensible things like the starting zones first - Elwynn Forest then Westfall and so on. But suppose an absolute beginner character ignored all the quests and just walked to the most distant zone, how far could you get? I'm curious to know. Could you start in Teldrassil and walk to Silithus? Or Stormwind to Eastern Plaguelands?Venetia7 1d
1d Bug: NPC spawned multiple times Character: Udderchaos Realm: Brill (EU) Zone: Northern Barrens Level: 26 Quest: Mor'shan Caravan Pick-up NPC name: Balgor Whipshank At the end of the quest "Mor'shan Caravan Pick-up", the NPC has spawned and not disapwned from previous instances of the quest. The NPC is taken away for the quest but sometimes the NPC remains (as seen in the screenshot). After the quest action finished, around 8 versions of the NPC remained in the spawn spot. Screenshot: http://tinypic.com/r/2pqsuac/9Judoflip0 1d
1d Bug: Shaman abilites page has empty squares Character name: Udderchaos Realm/Server: Brill (EU) Class: Shaman (Elemental Spec) Race: Tauren Level: 8 Zone: Mulgore Description: After becoming level 5+ on my shaman, I noticed that after viewing the "Ehancement" page of the shaman abilities tab, there were blank containers on the 1st page. Normally the containers have the abilities in ana unbroken column. Steps to reproduce: 1.) Have a shaman and level up to at least 5 2.) Open the abilities tab and view the Enhancement page Expected result: 1.) No blank containers on 1st page (should look like other spec tabs) Actual result: 1.) Several blank containers on 1st page Screenshot: http://tinypic.com/r/2nvuemo/9Judoflip2 1d
1d Leveling 1-20 experience Blood Elf Playing the PTR for the first time I want to share my experience so far. To make things more realistic I created a toon in a class I never played before: Paladin. The starting zone in Silvermoon was easy at the start, except for the tons of running I had to do. People told me I could copy one of my mains to PTR in order to get access to collection panel. So I got a ride but I'm not using heirlooms. From level 11 on, the mechanics with aggro range and danger I found really well balanced as I died couple of times from making big pull, or trying to run my way through a crowd; dazed, knocked down and delivered to graveyard. Unexpected quick respawn of a rare killed me, after a well planned kill where I had to use all my scarce abilities in order to get it done. So I can only conclude that Blizzard did a nice job: despite the fast pace of leveling it still feels more or less as that first time :)Lololove0 1d
1d Bug: weapon tooltip incomplete info Level 12 blood elf paladin Ghostlands Quest: Curbing the Plague Mob: Vampiric Mistbat (level 12) Twin-bladed Axe of the Boar dropped, on the chat log it simply says "Twin Bladed Axe" and when I right click it in the chat log there are no stats on the tooltip (the title text is still green): https://i.imgur.com/zNslipi.png I have equipped the axe and when I hover over it is normal: https://i.imgur.com/Oi0gpdD.pngRustin1 1d
1d Lightforged Draenei Racials Why don't the LFD have Gift of the Naaru? Especially considering how much closer to the Light and Naaru than the other Draenei.Sulara1 1d
1d Any legendary catch up mechanic yet? Title, when the hell will we be able to get legendaries quicker for alts and other specs, BfA is coming and I want to do all the mage tower quests for all 36 specs and for many of them you need specific legendaries. I know that legendaries are supposed to be special but that idea got destroyed with Legion anyway, so when will we be able to get that orange gear quicker?Cuino0 1d
1d M+ Changes to Global Battle-Ress Hey All. Recent changes on PTR means all combat resses are on a global cooldown. Meaning you can no longer do multiple resses during a fight. http://www.wowhead.com/news=278503/mythic-combat-resurrection-change-on-the-7-3-5-ptr This, in my opinion, put druids to a major disadvantage. Especially as Moonkin/Feral don't really have an amazing kit as it is, to deal with bosses on tyranical. Such as Priests and Paladins, who have shields and immunities. I am worried this will bring M+ way closer to a meta-setup, no longer making it possible to do groups with several druids. Our guild has been doing high level keys quite a bit, as all-druid runs. One some bosses on tyranical, the only way of actually defeating is, would be using battle resses, on for example Xavius on Tyranical, he deals several million in damage per sec. meaning, the 1st player can be saved by the healer - but if it is the healer getting targeted twice it is game over and you might as well throw the key in the bin. Shamans, Warlocks and Druids are not some of the most common classes to run M+ already, meaning removing this will make our classes even less attractive for M+ runs. I have frequently run M+ with all-druids and it is not like having 5 battle resses put us at an advantage. Neither do I feel that would be the case if a shaman or warlock had been in the group. Even a +15 is already hard with all-druids and this change will make it a lot worse on some bosses that have one-shot mechanics, like Xavius Tyranical. I find this change to be a really weird decision, looking at other classes have equally strong abilities on similar cooldown. Lay on Hands, Shields, Feign Death, etc - when the game has unavoidable mechanics that kill people almost instantly with defensive cooldowns up. It seems to be an unnecessary change - and it's already gotten way out of hand, the fact so many classes besides druids can battle-ress; meanwhile it used to be a core element of the Druid's kit. I wouldn't be opposed to this change if there were at least ways of dealing with certain mechanics, with stuns, interrupts etc. but if immunities or denials are the only way, some classes will never see the light in specific dungeons; meaning we *again* see RNG coming into play, with random keys and it might take you weeks to get a key, that might be doable with you and your friends - not having to nitpick specific classes for a specific group. I'd love to just go with my friends to do +15 not having to think about what specific classes we run as. We just want to finish in time, not compete for the best time in the world.... Any other thoughts on this?Monsterbaby2 1d
1d PTR problem Hi,I just upgraded my accout to a full one but I still cannot enter on the PTR.(I did created an account). Why? http://prntscr.com/ho8kodLopsunny2 1d
1d Why is everything KILL KILL KILL As a holy priest I dont want to kill or be involved in any violence, I dont mind being on a battlefield helping others but on single player quests I still have to kill stuff. Like finding cures for a village that is suffering a sickness and giving us the tools to find the cure through herbalism and magic. Maybe a prayer that we can chant to hide ourselves while picking herbs in hostile areas. A class that really does give a totally different play style from other classes and true to it's name holy priest.Fatshadows27 1d
1d EVEN MORE HP ON QUEST MOBS AND NERF HEIRLOOMS Quest mobs need more variety on abilities more hp and damage. The damage should be pretty high so you can’t pull 3 mobs and survive easily. The hp should be almost comparable to legion mobs. The abilities needs more hp it’s almost only melee and a spell or two. They should have mechanics that are pretty crucial. For an example the twillight cultist in a zone places dots on you and when’re it reaches 10 it deals 30% of your health. (Or they had abilities when you had to interrupt or avoid), By Tzaeroth.Crabnation9 1d
1d Question Why the new draenei cant be Shamans.....what about lore? they can be Monks but not shamans?Enkilgular0 1d
2d Enchanting mats replaced or gone? Like many others (or is it just me....*nervous giggle*) who have been mindlessly stockpiling all those beautiful sparkly dusts and shards and essences, squirreling it all away in case of, I don't know, demonic invasions (repelled now and Azeroth saved thanks to me) I would like to know if they will be transformed into this bog-standard, featureless "Rich/Light/Yawn Illusion Dust", or whether it will simply be stolen from our bank vaults, the years of accumulation for nothing, the disenchanting for nothing. Hmm? Obviously I am not of the ... mercantile persuasion like those revoltingly greedsome goblins, but still, be warned, WHEN you come (as I'm sure you will) to my bank vault, YOU WILL FIND ME PREPARED. I will not give them up easily. And be warned - I am he, Incandio, who alone stood before the Lich King himself last week and reduced him to quivering jelly with a single ice lance. What chance do you think you have? Pah!Incandio4 2d
2d Consuming AP tokens with a single click. I really wish there was a way to consume all of the AP tokens in my bag with a single click. Its extremely annoying and time consuming when i finish my daily WQ tour and end up with inventory full of AP tokens, then i spend around 1-2 min clicking on each of them. Is it possible to add a spell that auto consume all of the AP tokens in your bag with a single click?Adlian7 2d
2d how am i ment to test when... how are we ment to test leveling when people like multiboxers playing boomkins called boxera boxerb boxerc boxerd ect are killing npcs in goldshire and theres noway to report the player ingame?Mtvfoo2 2d
2d Copying to PTR Hi guys, Is there a minimum level to copy a character to PTR? I want to level fresh but with looms to see the difference that has been made. Many thanks.Motez3 2d
2d Copy files from live? Anyone knows if it's possible to speed up the PTR download/install by copying game filed from live version? Downloading 43GB will take me ages with my connection speed ( ~ 1,1 MB/s if the DL takes everything)Mahmeya2 2d
2d Allied Races Starting Level & More There are so many things wrong with Allied Races starting below 110. We're talking about races that have a story requirement to officially join the faction! Example: Is a Nightborne going to discover Mists of Pandaria, build a Garrison in Draenor, witness the arrival of the Legion in Azeroth, then proceed to obtain an Artifact Weapon and become a Class Leader? Every Class & Race should leave their Starter Zone ready to jump into the content of the expansion that introduced it. Demon Hunters already leave their Starter Zones ready for Legion (110+). Allied Races should also leave their Starter Zones ready for BfA (110+). Other Races and Classes should follow that example: Pandaren and Monks ready for MoP (85+) Worgen & Goblins ready for Cataclysm (80+) Death Knights ready for WotLK (70+) Blood Elves and Draenei ready for Outland (58+) How to implement this fairly? Any race/class that starts above level 1 should require you to sacrifice/reroll a character of that level or above. So if you want to make a DK you must give up a 65+ character. The 1 to 65 leveling is always there. The character is simply replaced. The new character can keep the original character's achievements, inventory, professions, etc. It can be easily justified in-game. Examples: Draenei - The Night Elf fainted in Azure Watch. Blood Elves - An Undead that is sent to Eversong Woods. Death Knights - "You" before being turned into a DK, or the NPC you execute. Worgen - Night Elf sent to Gilneas. Goblin - Orc sent to the Lost Isles. Monk & Pandaren - Scout sent to Pandaria from the faction you want. Demon Hunters - Assistance in Tomb of Sargeras. Doing this would make the game coherent to the point of opening up a lot of content design possibilities.Irontide12 2d
2d Leveling - Coherence, Scaling & Challenge 3 POSTS LONG Will provide better explanation for each Topic soon. From Allied Races to New Classes & Races and even drastic World changes to Zones and Story, Blizzard has a huge opportunity to make the open world a pure, unprecedented awesome experience in one fell swoop. [Coherence] Blizzard has made massive changes to the game world and content over the years. Among them, introducing useful new technology such as phasing and sharding. On the other hand, as Blizzard advances the Story and updates the world, certain classes and races have steadily found themselves in increasingly more ridiculous situations. In Battle for Azeroth, we are poised to unlock Allied races following the events of Legion, such as Lightforged Draenei. Said races start at 20, and then we level them through Outland, Northrend, Pandaria, AU Draenor, play through the Broken Shore scenario, obtain an Artifact and become the leader of a Class Order Hall... It doesn't make sense. I believe the game will improve tenfold should Blizzard harness all the amazing content they have created and give us both old and the new, coherent and awesome. Dynamic World Azeroth becomes separated by Chapters that represent key events in the History of WoW. Not only does this create a lot of "room" for future content, some Pre-Patch Events could even come back within certain level ranges. 1-79 - Pre-Cataclysm Azeroth - Geography & Storyline Old versions of Dungeons such as Scarlet Monastery with 4 instances. 58-63 - The Dark Portal Opens 60+ - Outland Content in high level Classic Zones scales beyond 60 68-73 - Scourge Invasion 70+ - Northrend 80 - Post-Cataclysm Azeroth - Geography & Storyline Cataclysm Questlines for Classic Zones starting at 80 bolster content variety 85 - Pandaria Discovered Theramore's Fall Scenario only makes sense at 90 90 - Iron Horde Incursion, Draenor 98-103 - Legion Invasions in Azeroth 100+ - Broken Isles Discovered 110+ - Battle for Azeroth Failsafe 5 levels above a Zone's Max Level marks that Zone as Trivial and you enter a phase where everything looks as though all quests are complete. Result Available content always makes sense regardless of level. Trivial content becomes unavailable normally (see Taverns). Class & Race A lot of Classes and Races are "forced" to go through content they do not belong in. A character should leave its Starter Zone ready to jump into appropriate content. Blood Elf & Draenei - 60 (Outland, start at 50) Death Knight - 70 (Northrend, start at 65) Goblin & Worgen - 80 (Cataclysm, start at 70) Monks & Pandaren - 85 (Pandaria, start at 80) Demon Hunters - 100 (Legion, start at 98) Allied Races - 110 (BfA, start at 108) ... Reroll Classes and Races that do not start at level 1 require you to "Reroll" an existing character at the Character Selection Screen, inheriting all gear, achievements, reputations, etc. So to create a Demon Hunter, you must level a character from 1 to 98 and then reroll it to Demon Hunter. Rerolled characters could get a cameo in the Starter Zone of the "new" character as dead/dying/sick NPCs. Examples: - Draenei - Sick Night Elf in Azure Watch. - Death Knights - If you choose a different Name, Race or Gender for the DK, the Rerolled character is the NPC you execute. Otherwise, your character was killed and raised by the Lich King as your new DK. Result No unfair advantages. You can always level up alongside your friends regardless of chosen race/class. Taverns Players can gather at Taverns to Reminisce of old times. It opens a modified World Map, which allows you to choose a "Chapter" and a "Zone" - such as Pre-Cataclysm Barrens - and transports you to that place and time in your Memories, with the following restrictions: - Downscaled to appropriate level - Limited to the Abilities you can use at that level - No access to paradoxical content (Nightfallen in Wrath of the Lich King). Once you are done, you can head to any rested zone and return to the present in the Tavern you were Reminiscing. Result This is essentially Quest Timewalking. You can do trivial content that my Coherence suggestion makes otherwise unavailable. Allows high level and low level characters to quest together seamlessly.Irontide5 2d
2d Reload ui to reset player frame position While leveling a Worgen on the PTR, I was playing around with the interface settings, such as the player and target frame positions. When I tried to reset the target frame, it worked. For the player frame, I had to do a /reload ui to see the reset, though I noticed that the mouse-sensitive area had already been moved because I could click through the image of the player frame.Mezumiiru0 2d
2d Cannot download PTR - BLZBNTBNA000000C8 Hi, I cannot access the PTR. I have signed up for the PRT on my account page, but when i start the downloader, i get the error code in title, as well as the text "Sorry, you haven't been invited yet." My account do however state that "Public Test Realm (PTR) This account is eligible to access the PTR." I have tried resetting my password. Any help appreciated! EDIT: SOLVED! Log out of battle.net app, chose another region (e.g. Asia), log in, PTR will appear in the list. Log out, log in to EU, choose PTR, GO!Etel29 2d
2d World PvP is still a huge mess PvP templates need to be added into world PvP since the damage is still too high, being hit by abilities that are doing 2m+ damage and dying in 3 shots is no fun at all. I got attacked by a sub rogue and here is how it went; 821k shadowstrike 808k shadowstrike 1.1m death from above 2,2m eviscerate That is 4.1m damage done to my 4.6m health pool and the other 500k damage was done by auto attacks and passives. I died in one cheapshot. Can we get more killable NPCs that add to the world quest % added into the world PvP quests too so I don't have to engage with this mess ty.Ragnaroker12 2d
2d 24 Hour live stream for Stand Up To Cancer.. 24 Hour live stream for Stand Up To Cancer.. Stream has started. will now run for the next 24 Hours on Arathor. Character name is Sutoc Stream can be viewed here - https://www.twitch.tv/bridge_117 Have currently £283.16 Donated for a very very good cause. Donation page at Stand up to cancer is - https://fundraise.cancerresearchuk.org/page/jacks-giving-page-28 Any donations however small will be greatly appreciated. All you guys at blizzard Please show your support. You are such a great community. And if you work for blizzard and can help the cancer research UK trust in any way. Any donation or help will be very very much appreciated and helpful to such a worthy cause. Thank you !!!Sutoc0 2d
2d Battle For Azeroth Pre-Order Do you guys think that there will there be a pre-order for Battle For Azeroth before Christmas ?Kuboc3 2d
2d PTR Not Invited (BLZBNTBNA000000C8) I am trying to access the 7.3.5 PTR, and have created the associated account on my account management page, but when I attempt to run the setup application I downloaded from the website, it throws the BLZBNTBNA000000C8 error code and tells me I have not been invited to play yet. I have tried resetting the Battle.net client as well as restarting my PC to no avail. Somewhat interestingly, if I attempt to run the setup application while Battle.net is not running, the error message 'You can't install this game yet' is different, but the error code is the same. EDIT: Having browsed the rest of the forums for help with the issue, logging into a different region on the Battle.net client then back into my home region appears to have solved the problem.Elurilia0 2d
2d Starting zone level scaling Hi, i'm not sure if this is right but, i'm playing a blood elf in the starting area and the mobs don't seem to be scaling with my level. Right now i'm level three and the quests i'm getting are telling me to kill mobs which are still level 1 for me. This does mean that i'm getting a lot less exp per kill than I would if they were my level. Is it meant to be like this still for the starting zones or is the scaling not working correctly? (p.s not using heirlooms)Immortalus2 2d
2d Heirloom fix One solution for heirloom: There should be in-game option to negate XP bonus from heirloom. That way people could have strong leveling item but will level more slowly.Rizzenn4 2d
2d Zone leveling idea: Toys I assume the BC/Wotlk and Cat/Panda leveling curves haven't changed on the PTR since I played, so I have an idea. How about a toy for players who have hit 110 on the heirloom vendor that allows you to play any zone order you want? Or maybe with x number of quests done on each zone. Like the flight path ones. I completely understand keeping the order the new players, but not so much vets. Cheers :-)Sylawyn1 2d
2d Spell progression Let's give some feedback on the order and pacing that spells are unlocked. I've been playing a Beast Mastery Hunter on the PTR, currently at lvl 45. I feel that hunter needs another damaging ability between levels 1-10. Just spamming Cobra Shot and watching your pet pummel the target is pretty boring gameplay. I also think that Concussive Shot is learnt too early, since your pet is tanking your target anyway. I still hardly ever use Concussive Shot in PvE leveling, but I guess PvP'ers make use of it. Maybe all hunters could get Arcane Shot around lvl 2-4 to regenerate focus and add flavor to the rotation, but only MM hunters would keep the spell after lvl 10 when you choose the spec? After lvl 10 the spell progression seems smoother, but I'd rather take Bestial Wrath in Aspect of the Wild's space at lvl 26. I rarely felt need for DPS cooldowns during leveling because you are mostly killing standard mobs, and named quest mobs or rares are not that much stronger than them anyway.Sharissara1 2d