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13h Welcome to Beta! Hey hey! The Battle for Azeroth Beta is now officially underway! For those of you who tested the Alpha with us, you can expect a clean slate with regard to characters. For those of you just joining us, thank you for testing! Please have a look at our various subforums for Beta discussion: BFA Beta General Discussion (this one) BFA Beta Zones and Leveling BFA Beta Dungeons, Island Expeditions, and Raids BFA Beta Items and Classes BFA Beta Warmode and PvP We greatly appreciate you posting on-topic in each of these forums.Aerythlea84 13h
4d Warfronts Testing and Feedback With the current Beta build, Beta testers are experiencing the entirety of the Warfronts: Battle for Stromgarde experience. An alternating cycle kicked off on Thursday, June 7 between the Horde and Alliance vying for control of Stromgarde and Arathi Highlands. Both Horde and Alliance testers have queued since then. Here’s an outline of how the cycle works: The Alliance starts with ownership of Arathi Highlands, and Horde players challenge them by contributing professions items, gold, and War Resources to help their faction build up enough strength to attack. This is a region-wide effort. Once enough contributions are supplied by the region, the Warfront: Battle for Stromgarde unlocks and Horde players are able to queue for the experience. This queue remains open for a set duration, allowing players to complete the Warfront on a schedule that works for them. After the Horde attack is complete, the Horde takes control of Arathi Highlands, giving them access to a unique World Boss and a series of rare spawns and other rewards only available during the period when their faction owns the zone. The Alliance then begins contributing resources to challenge Horde control. The cycle continues perpetually, with each faction competing against the other to gain access more quickly or reduce the enemy team’s access to the zone. Currently, the queue window in the Beta is set to remain open for 2 days. Notably, this update included a first look at a completely updated version of the Arathi Highlands zone, including new creatures, as well as access to your faction’s base in the zone, and plenty of other surprises. Please feel free to post your feedback on Warfronts in this thread.Taepsilum6 4d
14 Jun Communities: Now Available for Testing If you haven't noticed already, we've enabled Battle for Azeroth's new Communities feature for testing in the BfA Beta! This feature functions very similar to the Communities added to the app last year, with some extra modifications and enhancements to make it fit the way players connect with each other in WoW. You can access Communities the same way you access your guild roster (default keybind: J). As we're just beginning public testing of this feature, there are a few things that haven't been implemented yet, such as calendar events or the ability to queue alongside fellow Community members for things like dungeons or random battlegrounds. Additionally, there are a few bugs and issues that we're currently working to address; check out our Known Issues thread in the BfA Bug Reports forum for details. We're very excited to have Communities open for testing and look forward to seeing how you use it and hearing your feedback. Thanks!Taepsilum3 14 Jun
14 Jun Warfronts Play With The Blues Friday Join us on Friday, June 15 from 23:00 to 01:00 (June 16) CEST and help test Warfronts in the Battle for Azeroth Beta. We're going to focus testing on the Scenario portion of Warfronts, and to get as many testers in there as possible, we'll remove pre-requisites and spawn special war tables in each faction's capital city. You'll be able to queue for this one with a level 110 (or higher) character.Taepsilum1 14 Jun
14 Jun Artifact Appearance Availability in BFA As testing continues in the Battle for Azeroth Beta, and we specifically consider the transition from Legion to BFA, we’ve decided to make the existing Keystone Master achievement permanent. There will not be a new achievement for completing a Mythic 15 or higher dungeon in the new expansion. The artifact appearance associated with Keystone Master will still be available in Battle For Azeroth. Players can earn the achievement in Legion through August 13, or players can complete a Mythic 15 BFA dungeon at level 120, once Mythic Keystone difficulty opens a few weeks after the launch of Battle For Azeroth. This means that the only artifact appearance that will become unobtainable with Battle For Azeroth is the Mage Tower base appearance. As always, thank you for your feedback!Aerythlea9 14 Jun
11 Jun Pet Battle Changes in Beta Hello! We're currently hard at work implementing Battle for Azeroth’s pet battle content, and we'd like to start talking about some of the changes you’ll be seeing in the Beta. Pet Battle World Quests will soon begin showing up on both of the new continents. Similar to Legion, they will count towards your zone’s emissary, but this time around, the level of the pets opposing you will scale to the highest level pet on your team. This will allow a player with a team of only level 1 pets to take on the World Quest and get some battle pet experience. Please give them a shot with pets of all levels, and let us know how that goes for you. We will be introducing a new currency in Battle for Azeroth that can be used to purchase a variety of things, so there's no need to hold on to those Pet Charms that are burning a hole in your pocket. Several new pet battle mechanics are coming to Battle for Azeroth. Some of these will appear on enemy pets, and some on yours. A few examples include: A powerful spell that summons a random Weather effect Several additions to suite of Heals that will have increased effects based on your pet’s health Aura effects that heal your pet (or damage the enemy pet) based on the last hit dealt In addition to new pets and abilities, we’re making a few targeted changes to a few pets and abilities that are seen frequently: Bone Serpent: swapped positions of Call Darkness and Lift Off Crow and Gilnean Raven: -200 power, +200 speed Cyclone: damage changed from 7 to 3-7 Haunt: returns the pet at 50% health when sacrificed instead of 100%. Teroclaw Hatchling: Dodge and Nature's Ward now occupy the same tier (as do Hawk Eye and Ravage). Please feel free to let us know how the changes play for you. Thank you!Aerythlea12 11 Jun
09 Jun Public Test Reporter Interface We've recently added a new tool to the Battle for Azeroth Alpha: an interface to submit bugs and issues directly to our QA team! After logging in, you'll see this tool appear as a small box with two icons. One will open a window for submitting bugs, while the other will open a similar window to be used for other issues (such as confusion about a quest). You can click and drag to move the tool anywhere on the screen. Additionally, when you've completed a quest or killed a boss or rare elite, you'll see an extra popup that can be used to share any comments or additional details you feel would be beneficial. We appreciate your participation in the Battle for Azeroth Alpha, and are looking forward to seeing all the feedback this new tool will help provide. Thanks, and happy bug hunting!Aerythlea17 09 Jun
10 May Voice Chat Now Available for Testing Voice chat in the Battle for Azeroth Alpha is now enabled and ready for early testing and feedback. You'll find the voice chat controls along the left side of the text chat window, and you can configure your devices and push-to-talk in the Voice Chat section of System settings. It's worth noting that voice chat should currently only be available for players in a party channel. Please feel free to post your feedback on this new feature here in this thread. Thank you!Taepsilum7 10 May
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1d Feedback: Zuldazar Things are still in an early state and likely to go through a fair amount of iteration. Please feel free to post any feedback on the content or bugs you encounter.Aerythlea43 1d
1d Feedback: Nazmir Things are still in an early state and likely to go through a fair amount of iteration. Please feel free to post any feedback on the content or bugs you encounter.Aerythlea25 1d
1d Feedback: Tiragarde Sound Things are still in an early state and likely to go through a fair amount of iteration. Please feel free to post any feedback on the content or bugs you encounter.Aerythlea55 1d
13 Jun Feedback: Drustvar Things are still in an early state and likely to go through a fair amount of iteration. Please feel free to post any feedback on the content or bugs you encounter.Aerythlea24 13 Jun
1d Feedback: Stormsong Valley Things are still in an early state and likely to go through a fair amount of iteration. Please feel free to post any feedback on the content or bugs you encounter.Aerythlea39 1d
2h Holy Paladin Shield+1H transmog problem in BfA So as many of you know, Holy Paladins are going back to the shield+1h combo in BfA, opposite to the 2h mace in Legion. Although I have read (not 100% sure) that they will still allow us to transmog back to the mace even when wearing a shield, I'm looking for the exact opposite. Forcing us back to the shield+1h without a shield+1h artifact appearance to mog it will make us the only spec running around with outdated shield + weapon transmogs from older expansions while other classes will for sure run around with their artifact appearances from legion. Of course, I could mog it into The Silver Hand 2h mace from legion, but then again, that makes no sense. You're making me wear a shield+1h, which is what I've always wanted and had since vanilla and you took away in legion. I love shield+1h, but you're not giving us an artifact appearance to cover it. This is essentially the consequence of a bad decision in Legion (forcing us into a 2h mace out of nowhere).Cwinn3 2h
3h Old World leveling feedback I have tried some leveling on a level 53 Highmountain Tauren Enhancement Shaman (Adahai@Wildhammer for reference). The most notable difference is the time to kill a mob. This has significantly increased, and it is my opinion that Blizzard ought to take a look at this. With patch 7.3.5, the time to kill a mob has already increased but Battle for Azeroth will increase this even more. To give a very small example: I have tried to kill a few generic mobs in Feralas (ilvl around 50 on both live and β). On the β, killing a mob took around 9 and 10 seconds (tried it with around 20 mobs?). This took around 6-7 seconds on live servers. This is a significant increase. But I also believe that more testing ought to be done. And for that reason, I will try (try) to level a character from level 1-60. I am not sure what class, but it will be a Tauren (I really like Tauren). I will also use all heirlooms I have available. Again, this is for the very reason because I believe leveling in the Old World is taking too long, and I believe that Blizzard should have as much data available about this as possible. I also encourage other players to do the same, to make sure that the leveling experience in BfA is well-tuned. I will update this thread as I level, including the time it took to finish each zone, how long it takes to kill mobs, etc. I will also give my opinion on every zone (focusing on the leveling of course). Anything else that stands out will be reported as well. I hope that I have made my goal clear, and the reason why I will level a character. If anyone believes that I am wasting my time testing this, or if anyone wants to give advice, please do! I don't want to do something that is unnecessary, and if I am wasting my time I want to know that, so I can focus on testing something else. Edit - If you wish to review my personal notes that I took during questing, which includes random tests of how long it takes to kill a mob (and is therefore a lot more detailed), use this link: 3h
4h the mobs in new zones make mobs in new zones more danger and challenge. it wil be funOpdks0 4h
4h Scaling at lvl 120 The mob scaling at lvl 120 is insane. I'm currently doing Drustvar at lvl 120. Drustvar is levelling content and most of the quests are hard compared to lvl 119 and some of the quests are near impossible to solo and I only made them due to having an in´sane combo of a Talent and Azerite ability, kindly remove Executioner's Precision from the game, it's way too good and Sudden Death only makes it better. Some of the named mobs are due to how thier health and damage scales impossible to solo unless you're a pet class that can heal your pocket tank in combat.Arcana12 4h
5h Alchemy, latest changes to material costs Hey guys, if you haven´t already seen it by yourself. the material costs of flasks and potions went up by a crazy amount. as example: rank 1 agility potion costs right now 15 sirens pollen and 15 riverbud for 1! potion which is if you have rank 1 of the appropriate herb around 5-6 herbs you have to gather in the wild. a few days ago i wanted to get some riverbud just to see how many i can farm and well... it turned out pretty horrible to farm that stuff. why? well... riverbud didnt seem to grow at the river in zuldazar, it seems to grow mostly on little lakes or "puddles" and if you find one you will only find one at a puddle or lake! so you have to go out farming for quite some time to get some potions and when you need them for progress/m+ you have to farm literally up to 300 of those potions and that will take ages! potions and flask costs are absurd in this build.Shinfisti4 5h
6h War mode is nice but ... Why should it make World of Warcraft less rewarding for people who don't enjoy pvp ? on live we have at least the choice of going to a pvp server or a pve server. Players on both types of servers have the same rewards. now why would you reward pvp players more than pve ones ? letting them use pvp talents in pve content is not enough ? so you gave them more XP and more rewards ? Why would I feel less rewarded than other players ? especially those who come from pvp servers and are used to pvp for many years ? This is just not fair.Möè8 6h
6h Black screen When i log into the beta, i get a black screen. The music sounds and it seems that the game is running, but i can't see nothing but a black screen.Crominus3 6h
8h "You have to have an active sub to play characters above 20" Hey, Long story short, seems I just got beta and it seems that something is not quite right. Whenver I try to log in to a 110 copied characted I get redirected to the subsctiption page. I can login just fine to a level 14 warlock I copied over. Anyone had a similiar issue/help please?:)Coyotey62 8h
8h Black login screen When I start up the game I get a black screen with no buttons or HUD. I can hear the login screen music but I can't do anything and pressing escape makes the game crash.Cindersun1 8h
8h Dual Weps In BFA Quick question, will dual weps in BFA come as a pair like in Legion or will it go back to how it was in previous expansions where you have two separate weps?Keffkx3 8h
8h Bad graphic and critical errors since the patch on 19 jun Since the patch on 19 jun my graphic is very bad like 400x600 resolution. The video options wasn't changed . When i try to change any of the options i get immediately a critical error. When i try to reset options to default i get critical error again. Deleting the WTF folder didn't change anything. My original game working fine.Sukidsugib3 8h
9h Zanchuli Council - Cant progress in Zuldazar beyond 2/7 I am currently leveling trough Zuldazar, but im only able to get 2/7 questlines done because the questgiver for the Zanchuli Council, Yazma does not show up by Rastakaans side, and has no questmark at the Bazar after a couple are done at the docks. Anybody else have this problem? (iv done all the avivable quest in the entire region and ran around in loops in every courner)Eitregg0 9h
10h I got access to two BFA betas on the same ACC. I guess this is not normal. Proof here: 10h
10h Game Crash Bug I start the Beta-Client and it just crashes. I don't do anything except starting the Game and i see the Connect field, but then it just crashesChicagobull1 10h
11h HS bug Hello i just use astral recall to go back to Boralus and i fell down into big hole and cant move out from it. Link to screen shot:!AveD0lSSAFKEgaZNWmUvsbb9EJEWzQUnshallach0 11h
12h This game could be destroy many Mac laptop this summer. I try this beta all this night i have used a new character in ally, i try to balance setting for a good video optimize but i have find only problem of low rating, at last i used mid setting but after one or 2 hour of game i saw my fps around 15 every time, and in some action of demon hunter the rate went from 15 to 7 fps. when i arrive to do some quest in a ship on the floor (i don't remember now which ship was) my fps gone under 5. So my Mac is a MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015) 2,5 GHz Intel Core i7 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR AMD Radeon R9 M370X 2048 MB And i think that i had so many problem to play with this expansion cause this new optimization of the game are not the best for my macbookpro, and i can't play with my imac cause don't support metal api. congratulation for your new choice BlizzyLoodragon2 12h
12h BfA main-character?! Preach has spoken => Have you already picked up a main class to play in BfA?? I might get stuck with this Paladin, since it has been my main and I am not here to min-max on PvE nor PvP ;)Sighuman26 12h
12h World server down My character gets a World Server Down error every time I try to log in. This happened a bit more than a week ago. I've written bug reports on almost a daily basis, but nothing has happened. It started happening after I got disconnected at the end of an arena match. In my tickets I've been suggesting to move my character to Roughneck Camp, which is where I was prior to this issue. The character is ''Genésís'' lvl 112 mageGenésís1 12h
12h What happens after Silithus? I done the quest 'The Speakers Call', went to Silithus, spoke to Magni, done the whole artifact thing to the sword and now, nothing, no follow quests or anyone telling me to go somewhere or meet them somewhere, what now :(Miruki0 12h
13h DX12 Removed? As title, latest beta DX12 no longer available? My results from recent testing were vastly improved frame rates and low GPU usage was looking good other than no SLi included.Tinylk4 13h
14h Request: Glyph for 7.3 Shadowform Hi! In recent Beta Build Shadow Priests recieved an update for their Shadowform after that visually ugly bugged shadowform from the previous build. A lot of people weren't happy with the Shadowform priests recieved in 7.3 because it was kinda "purple". In the other hand, there are some people, including myself, who were happy with 7.3 Shadowform and are pretty much used to it now. One of the advantages is that your Transmog is more visible. So in the recent Beta build, Shadowform was changed "back" (visually better) to the old Shadowform that we literally had since 2004 till 7.3. I'm sure there are so many people that are extremly happy about that. Now, my request is that it would be nice if the Glyph for 7.3 Shadowform gets available because I pretty much miss it now and again, I'm very very used to it and I'm sure many people are. #NoHateKylandris2 14h
15h Worried about size of map Just how small is this expansion? especially for someone who only really plays alliance. I just saw a pic of the Kul Tiras map and it looks mega tiny. It looks like a starting zone more than an expansion map???Exchequer2 15h
15h Solo I have been playing wow since the beginning. some 12 years now, but at nearly 70 I know only too well I am too slow for raiding reflex wise. I play for fun and get really annoyed at all the Dungeon quests to finalise a skill. Why cannot they cater for those who solo through and scale down the dungeons or give the solo player a Dungeon buff boost so you can do it like they do on LOTRO. Anyone else find some areas the mobs respawn a bit too fast, by the time you clear the lot, they are respawning and kill you. This is a few areas not all.Narissaa2 15h
16h D/c and lua errors Hello, After new patch i got many d/c on my DH. I get some LUA errors also (i disable all my adons and still got them) Message: [string "Spin (Roll) - 1080 (Throw Glaive)"]:39: attempt to perform arithmetic on global 'actualProgress' (a nil value) Time: Thu Jun 21 12:34:14 2018 Count: 1 Stack: [string "Spin (Roll) - 1080 (Throw Glaive)"]:39: attempt to perform arithmetic on global 'actualProgress' (a nil value) [string "Spin (Roll) - 1080 (Throw Glaive)"]:39: in function <[string "Spin (Roll) - 1080 (Throw Glaive)"]:1> Locals: minimumDuration = 0 launchDelay = 0.15000000596046 launchProgress = 0 totalProgress = 0 progress = 0 travelDirection = 1 time = -0.15000000596046 missileIndex = 0 missileCount = 1 distanceToFirePos = 0 distanceToImpactPos = 0.36905625462532 startDistance = 0.36905625462532 totalDistance = 0.36905625462532 rand1 = 0.78054463863373 rand2 = 0.6293021440506 rand3 = 0.46937775611877 spellID = 204157 transAngle = 0 transMag = 0 transRight = 0 transFront = 0 transUp = 0 travelOffsetFront = 0 travelOffsetRight = 0 travelOffsetUp = 0 modelYaw = 0 modelPitch = 0 modelRoll = 0 speedAbs = 0 speedScalar = 0 speedOffset = 0 out_speedScale = 0 scale = 0 faceImpactPos = 0 yawOrder = 0 rollOrder = 0 pitchOrder = 0 colorR = nil colorG = nil colorB = nil colorA = nil (*temporary) = <function> defined MathAliases:23 (*temporary) = nil (*temporary) = nil (*temporary) = nil (*temporary) = nil (*temporary) = nil (*temporary) = nil (*temporary) = nil (*temporary) = nil (*temporary) = nil (*temporary) = nil (*temporary) = nil (*temporary) = nil (*temporary) = nil (*temporary) = nil (*temporary) = nil (*temporary) = nil (*temporary) = nil (*temporary) = nil (*temporary) = nil (*temporary) = nil (*temporary) = nil (*temporary) = nil (*temporary) = nil (*temporary) = "attempt to perform arithmetic on global 'actualProgress' (a nil value)" I have I7 with 1070 nvidia card so it should not be issue of the computer configurations. Latest video card drivers are installed. Can send dxdiag if needed ISP with 80MB and 198 ms on beta -56ms on live serversUnshallach4 16h
20h GETTING DISCONNECTED Hi, since today's patch, my game is ramdoly being closed. I ask in the General chat and im not the only one with this issue. FYI.Stevegobs1 20h
20h Can account wide Rep Tabards finally happen? Been asking this every expansion. But, unlike mounts, gear and even toys. I still need to farm SSO, AB and all that on my alts in order to transmog these tabards. Which is in my opinion something that doesn't make any sense. I know Blizzard tries to gimp the transmog system even more since they said it is still in testing since it has been released in ages. Every time a post like this gets supported but I never ever seen a blue response to this matter, even if it has been asked a million times. Regards.Joeri0 20h
22h Graphical bug water horizon level will look rainbow like restarting the client solves the issue for 10-30 minutes then happens again see pictures for more info Also see pictures for my graphical settings dxdiag:ángja0 22h
1d A problem with artifact druid forms and transmog Hey folks. This is kind of a minor/niche issue compared to a lot of things, but I thought it put it out there. As you perhaps know, the way druids will be able use their Legion artifact shapeshift forms in BfA, is by transmogrifying their artifact daggers or fist weapons over their currently equipped weapon. From what I hear, we'll even be able to transmog staves and polearms into the artifact daggers and fist weapons so we can use the artifact forms, which is good. But the problem is if you want to use the Legion shapeshift forms in BfA, you are locked to the dagger or fist weapon appearance that the shapeshift form is tied to. This creates an odd situation where we will actually have less freedom in transmogrification than we currently have in Legion (where we can change the feral daggers into any dagger we like to better match our transmogs, and still use the feral form of our choice). BfA's implementation feels like a step back to me. To me, the solution would be if we could apply the Legion shapeshift form visuals to our characters, separately from the artifact weapon appearance. Then we'd be able to use our preferred shapeshift form visual, and our preferred weapon visual - essentially like we can in Legion. Druids should be able to look how they want in both humanoid and animal forms. Thanks for reading. Hopefully I've made my point clear.Thalodras1 1d
1d Wow BETA BFA error #132 (0x85100084) So i tried opening up Wow bfa beta and this error occured. i tried: -Repairing the game. -Deleting Cache. -Renaming Cache,Interface,WTF to CacheOld,InterfaceOld,WTFOld. -Closing background apps. -Defraging disk. -Updating graphics drivers. -Turning off game DVR. -Reinstalling the game. And still the same error pops up. please help.Wazeerok3 1d
1d "No Path Available" problem Hey :) I am concerned about the current "no path" for Warriors Heroic Leap, Warlocks gateways and for Demon Hunters Infernal strike and the havoc Metamorphosis leap. For alot of cases it seems rather hard to find a "path" for the ability, often in instances, as vengence Demon Hunter, it seem impossible to even Infernal Strike on the spot, meaning i can't for example keep up Sigil of Flame. I see how we would want the leaps from different specs restricted more then it have in some cases in the past, like with dungeon skips thats not been intented. But how it currently is, i can't even jump across a flat floor. An exampel could be the boss room of Merektha from Temple of Sethraliss, where it seems impossible to Infernal strike on the flat surface. Another exampel is the first boss in the Uldir raid, Taloc. He does a charge at the tanks from time to time. Most of the time i was unable to infernal strike out of the raid, while other times, when i finally could jump out, i would have spammed it quite alot, and suddently gotten 2 jumps next to each other. (i can understand there might be problems since this is an elevator boss) I have a picture below of me trying to Infernal Strike in Boralus: I am playing from Eu but my ms is usualy around 100 and havent noticed much other noticeable preformance problems, while i know people i play with have some of the same problems with this. - Also i am sorry if this is a well known problem, i could not seem to find any other posts about this.Flintar13 1d
1d Critical error when using a boat from Southwing Station Game instatnly crashed when i used a boat. Now its crashing everytime when i log, cause i m on the boat :( ERROR#0(0x85100000) Assertion failure Process ID: 11984 d:\buildserver\wow\4\work\shared-checkout\branches\wow-patch-8_0)1-branch-fastpatch-18\engine\source\tempest\cfrustum.cpp Line: 154 Exp: !aabox.invalid()Sonofpain0 1d
1d Error logging in after patch Whenever I try to log in after the patch I either get an assertion error after a short time, thus closing the client, or I'm disconnected right away when I try to log in. I'm also, I'm stuck at neutral with the Proudmoore Admiralty and I've allready done the Tirisgarde Sound quests, thus it's impossible for me to test the War Campaign. Can those flagged as having done the quests get the PA rep from those?Arcana4 1d
1d Druid Artifact Form Transmog While the new artifact transmog system is great for other classes I think it should work different for druids since it also affects our forms. A simple solution would be to add a "Cat Form" and "Bear Form" dropdown just like "Artifact Pair" and let us choose that way. I'd love to hear what you guys think and your own suggestions.Bahh0 1d
1d Beta accounts are still acting like trial accounts. The issue still exists with that beta accounts are acting like trial accounts even after the maintenance. Hopefully this will get fixed very soon. Anything about how things are going?Vanoze1 1d
1d Damaged installation Just wondering if this happened to anyone else today. Updated beta client with new patch, adjusted the graphic settings whilst in game and the whole thing froze my computer. Had to do a hard reboot, next time I logged I was told my wow programme had been damaged and failed to load. Ran the repair tool and all sorted but anyone else has this issue?Wurthing0 1d
1d Can't continue campaign, because i have Heart of Azeroth already On my main on the BfA beta, i made my shaman right after the last character wipe, and leveled that to 120. But now, the war campaign wants me to go to Silithus, and do the quests for the Heart, but i can't complete the quest for the neck, because i already have it, and you can't have duplicates of it. I also can't delete the one i already have, becuase you can't delete the neck. Is there a way arround this, or am i forced to level another char, get gear fr heroic que again, and level the neck to 10-11 level again. To be at the same point as i am now, or is there a smart fix for the beta so I can continue? I can't even do the warfront and other things because of this, i think that's what's causing it atleast.Burstingroze4 1d