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06 Aug Welcome to Beta! Hey hey! The Battle for Azeroth Beta is now officially underway! For those of you who tested the Alpha with us, you can expect a clean slate with regard to characters. For those of you just joining us, thank you for testing! Please have a look at our various subforums for Beta discussion: BFA Beta General Discussion (this one) BFA Beta Zones and Leveling BFA Beta Dungeons, Island Expeditions, and Raids BFA Beta Items and Classes BFA Beta Warmode and PvP We greatly appreciate you posting on-topic in each of these forums.Aerythlea99 06 Aug
31 Jul Warfronts Testing and Feedback With the current Beta build, Beta testers are experiencing the entirety of the Warfronts: Battle for Stromgarde experience. An alternating cycle kicked off on Thursday, June 7 between the Horde and Alliance vying for control of Stromgarde and Arathi Highlands. Both Horde and Alliance testers have queued since then. Here’s an outline of how the cycle works: The Alliance starts with ownership of Arathi Highlands, and Horde players challenge them by contributing professions items, gold, and War Resources to help their faction build up enough strength to attack. This is a region-wide effort. Once enough contributions are supplied by the region, the Warfront: Battle for Stromgarde unlocks and Horde players are able to queue for the experience. This queue remains open for a set duration, allowing players to complete the Warfront on a schedule that works for them. After the Horde attack is complete, the Horde takes control of Arathi Highlands, giving them access to a unique World Boss and a series of rare spawns and other rewards only available during the period when their faction owns the zone. The Alliance then begins contributing resources to challenge Horde control. The cycle continues perpetually, with each faction competing against the other to gain access more quickly or reduce the enemy team’s access to the zone. Currently, the queue window in the Beta is set to remain open for 2 days. Notably, this update included a first look at a completely updated version of the Arathi Highlands zone, including new creatures, as well as access to your faction’s base in the zone, and plenty of other surprises. Please feel free to post your feedback on Warfronts in this thread.Taepsilum19 31 Jul
22 Jul Public Test Reporter Interface We've recently added a new tool to the Battle for Azeroth Alpha: an interface to submit bugs and issues directly to our QA team! After logging in, you'll see this tool appear as a small box with two icons. One will open a window for submitting bugs, while the other will open a similar window to be used for other issues (such as confusion about a quest). You can click and drag to move the tool anywhere on the screen. Additionally, when you've completed a quest or killed a boss or rare elite, you'll see an extra popup that can be used to share any comments or additional details you feel would be beneficial. We appreciate your participation in the Battle for Azeroth Alpha, and are looking forward to seeing all the feedback this new tool will help provide. Thanks, and happy bug hunting!Aerythlea20 22 Jul
15 Jul Pet Battle Changes in Beta Hello! We're currently hard at work implementing Battle for Azeroth’s pet battle content, and we'd like to start talking about some of the changes you’ll be seeing in the Beta. Pet Battle World Quests will soon begin showing up on both of the new continents. Similar to Legion, they will count towards your zone’s emissary, but this time around, the level of the pets opposing you will scale to the highest level pet on your team. This will allow a player with a team of only level 1 pets to take on the World Quest and get some battle pet experience. Please give them a shot with pets of all levels, and let us know how that goes for you. We will be introducing a new currency in Battle for Azeroth that can be used to purchase a variety of things, so there's no need to hold on to those Pet Charms that are burning a hole in your pocket. Several new pet battle mechanics are coming to Battle for Azeroth. Some of these will appear on enemy pets, and some on yours. A few examples include: A powerful spell that summons a random Weather effect Several additions to suite of Heals that will have increased effects based on your pet’s health Aura effects that heal your pet (or damage the enemy pet) based on the last hit dealt In addition to new pets and abilities, we’re making a few targeted changes to a few pets and abilities that are seen frequently: Bone Serpent: swapped positions of Call Darkness and Lift Off Crow and Gilnean Raven: -200 power, +200 speed Cyclone: damage changed from 7 to 3-7 Haunt: returns the pet at 50% health when sacrificed instead of 100%. Teroclaw Hatchling: Dodge and Nature's Ward now occupy the same tier (as do Hawk Eye and Ravage). Please feel free to let us know how the changes play for you. Thank you!Aerythlea13 15 Jul
11 Jul Artifact Appearance Availability in BFA As testing continues in the Battle for Azeroth Beta, and we specifically consider the transition from Legion to BFA, we’ve decided to make the existing Keystone Master achievement permanent. There will not be a new achievement for completing a Mythic 15 or higher dungeon in the new expansion. The artifact appearance associated with Keystone Master will still be available in Battle For Azeroth. Players can earn the achievement in Legion through August 13, or players can complete a Mythic 15 BFA dungeon at level 120, once Mythic Keystone difficulty opens a few weeks after the launch of Battle For Azeroth. This means that the only artifact appearance that will become unobtainable with Battle For Azeroth is the Mage Tower base appearance. As always, thank you for your feedback!Aerythlea14 11 Jul
07 Jul BFA Launch Testing This Week Please join us in testing the initial scenarios of Battle for Azeroth this week in the Beta. We intend to start at 23:00 CEST on Tuesday, July 3 with the availability of the Teldrassil scenario followed by the battle for Lordaeron on a new Beta realm called “Launch Test”. Testers will be able to copy your live characters to that realm, and then experience the full storyline (minus a few cut-scene spoilers that we’re saving for later). We’ll then use the same realm, starting on Thursday, to test the subsequent events of the actual launch of Battle for Azeroth. Testers will need to have completed the Lordaeron scenario before Thursday to participate in this test. On Thursday, July 5 at 23:00 CEST, we will test of the Battle for Azeroth launch on the “Launch Test” Beta realm. At that time, all testers who have completed the Lordaeron experience will receive your first quest inviting you into the expansion, and we ask that you spend the next 30 to 60 minutes playing through the content provided. One of the purposes these tests is to check for bottleneck issues where many players are competing for the same resources. We will also be monitoring for server performance issues under high, concentrated demand. This will help us ensure smooth launches. Thank you very much for your participation!Aerythlea21 07 Jul
24 Jun Communities: Now Available for Testing If you haven't noticed already, we've enabled Battle for Azeroth's new Communities feature for testing in the BfA Beta! This feature functions very similar to the Communities added to the app last year, with some extra modifications and enhancements to make it fit the way players connect with each other in WoW. You can access Communities the same way you access your guild roster (default keybind: J). As we're just beginning public testing of this feature, there are a few things that haven't been implemented yet, such as calendar events or the ability to queue alongside fellow Community members for things like dungeons or random battlegrounds. Additionally, there are a few bugs and issues that we're currently working to address; check out our Known Issues thread in the BfA Bug Reports forum for details. We're very excited to have Communities open for testing and look forward to seeing how you use it and hearing your feedback. Thanks!Taepsilum4 24 Jun
10 May Voice Chat Now Available for Testing Voice chat in the Battle for Azeroth Alpha is now enabled and ready for early testing and feedback. You'll find the voice chat controls along the left side of the text chat window, and you can configure your devices and push-to-talk in the Voice Chat section of System settings. It's worth noting that voice chat should currently only be available for players in a party channel. Please feel free to post your feedback on this new feature here in this thread. Thank you!Taepsilum7 10 May
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02 Aug Feedback: Zuldazar Things are still in an early state and likely to go through a fair amount of iteration. Please feel free to post any feedback on the content or bugs you encounter.Aerythlea57 02 Aug
02 Jul Feedback: Nazmir Things are still in an early state and likely to go through a fair amount of iteration. Please feel free to post any feedback on the content or bugs you encounter.Aerythlea26 02 Jul
27 Jul Feedback: Tiragarde Sound Things are still in an early state and likely to go through a fair amount of iteration. Please feel free to post any feedback on the content or bugs you encounter.Aerythlea59 27 Jul
04 Jul Feedback: Drustvar Things are still in an early state and likely to go through a fair amount of iteration. Please feel free to post any feedback on the content or bugs you encounter.Aerythlea25 04 Jul
07 Aug Feedback: Stormsong Valley Things are still in an early state and likely to go through a fair amount of iteration. Please feel free to post any feedback on the content or bugs you encounter.Aerythlea51 07 Aug
2h Uninstalled already Came back after 11 months, game is more repetitive, dumbed down and just more boring than ever. Think I got to 112 when the novelty of a 'New' expansion wore off. Warmode talents wont work in instance pve + removal of artifact = 1 less ability. Artifact talents and ability have been replaced with weapon passives that you dont do anything. 4-5 button rotation, so dull, so boring. Dont get me wrong first 30-40 mins were fun, breaking out of stormwind etc then after that its; collect 15 xx, kill 10 xx, loot xx skulls. Like it always is. BFA has been out for 1 day and imo its the worst expansion so far, worse than WOD. Hope everyone enjoys it alot more than I did.Sethroguen0 2h
5h Rastakhan's voice is terrible. Throughout the history of WoW, we've been looking forward to meeting the big ol' swole troll king himself, Rastakhan. He is said to have ruled "With an iron fist" but also "with the love of his people". He commands respect and awe with his mere presence. Instead of giving him a deep, rumbling and a wise voice, you give us.. I don't even know what to even describe it as. It sounds like a trogg tier villain, really tryharding to sound intimidating and trying to coerce folks to respect him.Boush1 5h
6h Device Driver Update After logging in after the latest patch, I get a popup saying my device driver is out of date. My PC is new, but I thought I'd check, and there was a new driver available for my graphics card. I have now updated it but still get the message. It doesn't seem to cause any issues ingame (that I've noticed yet) although shadowform looks a bit less dark and a bit more transparent. I'm guessing however that's part of the patch as Glyph of Shadowy Friends works now.Nazral10 6h
13h Can't get past loading screen. Hey guys. So for the past two days I've been trying to login to the beta. I played, without any interference monday 07-05, but when I tried logging in yesterday, I kept getting dc'ed, after I had chosen wich character to play. It takes me to the loading screen, nothing happens for about 20 sec, then it starts loading, and when it gets to around 80%, I get dc'ed with error code: "WOW51900319" Same thing still happening today. I know it's beta and all, but I just want to know if there is something I can do or if anybody else is having the same issue. I've run repairs and reinstalled, twice.Varji24 13h
1d Let's talk about Allied Races & Classes I've been thinking about this for a while. Allied Races is a great opportunity to foster new race/class fantasies previously not necessarily possible by story mechanics. To demonstrate I would like to start off with the Mag'har: They genuinely could, and perhaps should, have Druid as a class. Why? Because why not. They live on a savage World, and thanks to us it wasn't altered by demonic influence and war (more on that in a bit). There are several Clans whom are renowned for their connection to, handling of, and value towards, beasts. If they combined their knowledges they could easily find a way to do primal transformations into beasts. There's at least one clan who are known for studying the skies, the stars, the universe beyond. The astral planes, given enough time. Perhaps with the early aid of the draenei, they could dwell deeper into that and develop the art of Balance druidism. Lastly, all Clans are to a degree known for their shamanistic roots to nature, to restoration. That one's easy. So in a World where their trusted allies are becoming enemies and a new war sparks, why not use these new talents in a combination, perhaps inspired by our own Azerothian druids back in WoD, to create a new school for their race, to combat the increasingly hostile Light. It makes sense, it works. It'd be super fun. I don't even need their forms to be extraordinary. Then we have the Highmountain Tauren, currently strangers to the Cloth classes. But we look at their fellow isle-brethren the Nightborne, the two races share identical storylines when it comes to the corruption of the fel, their peoples. Yet only Nightborne, against ALL logic, has Warlocks. I say, based on that alone, and for the sake of race/class fantasy fun, they deserve to have warlocks, and it'd be really fresh and exciting as a 'tauren' player to have access to that. We've seen elven warlocks in the Horde before, let us try something new! We're already seeing ground being pushed, in the Zandalari and Kul Tiran druids. And I Think that's a gateway to new and amazing experiences for us as players. And we all know there's an avid Group in the Community who'd really like their Zandalari Paladins. Just as it is overdue for perhaps Night Elves to get paladin as well. I think Battle for Azeroth is the perfect time and opportunity to push new class-race combinations. And I hope you'll hear me out on that. Have a good one, folks!Vareshka3 1d
1d Wont you be missing your beta characters when bfa goes live? :) Sounds like a joke but seriously, after lvling up to 120, doing many dungeons and gearing up I will be sad to let go of my toons and just jump back to 110 again to start all over! :) Wish there was an option for us beta testers to copy characters from beta to live, just like we do from live to beta :) (btw, please don't flame guys, this is just a day dreaming topic ) :)Pucilla12 1d
1d How can you stand playing along Sylvanas? (Spoilers) I would like to ask Horde players how they feel about Sylvanas as their leader especialy in BfA. I must admit that I play only aliance. But in beta I am curently mainly playing a horde character so I can experience story from the other side as I will play only Aliance on live servers. One thing I noticed at the start is the difference how aliance quest givers treat player in contrast of horde ones. Sylvanas and Nathanos consider your deeds as matter of course. When I have played along them a felt like their servant, possesion, like some war machine that is only important for it's use. On the other hand when playing for the Aliance I felt that King Anduin and other NPC's appreciated my deeds and they know that it is something uncommon that they cannot expect from everybody to do. They respect your decisions and personality. One example is when you are turning in the Magni's quest when he sends you back from the Chamber of Hearth. Both factions consider your trip as something that is not so important, they only care about Hearth of Azeroth as something powerful that Is good for you to have it. But the main difference is when the aliance commander and Anduin request your presence at war council and on the other hand Nathanos tells you that you shouldn't focus on aiding that Dwarf on his crusade and the Dark lady has quest for you. Another thing I couldn't stand is how Sylvanas behaved to Saurfang, he argued with her and was disgusted by her methods. And her response was only "die your heroe's death if you wish, maybe I will raise your broken body or you will have chance to meet your Son". I was really sorry for him after I captured him as Aliance. But the most absurd thing Is, that Anduin treated Saurfang better than Sylvanas. He gave him chance to live even when he was his enemy and probably wouldn't do the same. So only Saurfang opposes the Dark lady and how he ended? In the stockades. And the sudden shock when you are going to rescue him and he knows that Sylvanas haven't sent you for him... But only for another instrument of war. I cannot imagine that Anduin would let anybody for death even when he disagreed with him. I probably wouldn't stand this as a Horde player. But maybe Iam influenced by playing mainly Aliance. So I would like to ask you Horde players. What Is your point of view?Shalim19 1d
1d @Blizz : Why you SHOULD level squish Hello. I am a returning player after.... many years and expansions. I recently picked the game up again as the world is running a bit dry on new and exciting game titles. I stopped playing WoW back in WotLK as I started to get uncomfortable with the way Blizz was steering their ship in terms of character development. And I gotta say, oh boy, have they just made things worse since then! Leveling experience is IMO one of the most important things in a game. As a player goes through the leveling grind you wanna keep him/her immersed, excited and driven to chase that next level. During vanilla and even TBC, Blizz pulled this off rather flawlessly. I was driven to climb to the next level as it would mean a talent point, a new skill, more power to me in a way where I could FEEL the change. I'd actually be able to feel my character's strength growing! And it was great! It was an amazing reward to push for that next level! I actually LOVED leveling alts! It was thrilling because all I had to do in order to FEEL more powerful was hitting that next level. Blizz has completely lost the plot or forgotten the importance of this. There's currently 110 levels, with 1 talent point every 15 levels and the majority of your skills obtained at levels 40-45. This makes me damned sad! It makes leveling damned sad as It just feels COMPLETELY stale, COMPLETELY unrewarding, COMPLETELY unsatisfying and COMPLETELY unexciting after level 45. And you still have 65 more levels to go. IMO Blizz completely flopped in terms of character progression since WotLK. Which is a big part of the reason why I stopped playing as well. I saw them heading down this downwards spiral in terms of progression with their continuous raising of levels for each xpac. And now look at where they are with it. Leveling past 45 has become agonizingly boring. Unrewarding. Stale. Excitement? dead. Drive? dead. Just a whole lot of nothing for trying to chase that next number over.. Congrats, you get some minor automated distributed stats. And that's it.. Now go do another 25 quests before you get another dose of this.. And then repeat the process another 7-10 times and THEN you'll get your talent! Blizz obviously forgot somewhere along the road how playing on mentality can change someone from sighing and hitting the exit game button to trying hard and going all out.. IWhat exactly do I mean by this? I'll give some examples. You're level 60 and that level 75 talent looks juicy and you want it. Gotta get 15 levels though to get it.. Ding 15 times and it's yours. 15 times. That's a big stretch. A fair share of numbers to go through. To me and a lot of others, that's just tiring. On the other hand. You're level 60 and that juicy talent is awarded at level 61. Going from 60 to 61 though takes just as much time as it takes to go from 60 to 75 in current BFA. Which solution seems more appealing? Both scenarios requires just as much time invested, but now that talent point is just ONE level away! Now what if the next line of talents aren't much of an excitement at all? Now we're starting to talk lvl 60 - 90 vs 60-62.. Number gaps plays a HUGE role on mindset. To be one level away from that talent point (or 2) makes it seem far more in reach to grind for in a single go. And when something seems in reach you WILL try hard to get it! Even if it's gonna take no more or less time than going through 15-30 current BFA levels. This in turn also gives character growth a far better feel as hitting that next level ALWAYS makes you FEEL stronger and that keeps players driven, excited and far more hungry for that next number over. I also understand that players may want more levels. There are ways to introduce this as a separate leveling mechanic/sub levels which isn't exactly something new that hasn't been done before. This post has become longer than I wanted, but I think I said all that's needed to say to make my point. Thanks to those who bothered reading all of this.Slisli21 1d
1d World Server Down Anyone else having this problem? Whole world seems really laggy as well, missing NPC's etc.? Could a blue confirm an update of whats what? Update: They're aware and they are working on it. 1d
2d Spellbook for PvP Us PvPers that don't follow changes done to abilities or tuning in general to our respective class has problems to see what our abilities actually do in PvP, when we open the spellbook we see the PvE damages not the PvP ones and really further confuses us why our abilities are not hitting as hard or doing something different in instanced PvP. Blizzard, please make a toggle option for in the spellbook to view abilities in PvP or PvE mode and make our life a little bit easier and convenient rather than watching 3rd party news from when you took a break to when you come back. I think you can view your spellbook in instanced PvP and it'll change but who has time to go trough every talent and ability before a arena or waste time that could be used helping the team in a battleground? Hope you can bake this into BfA before its too late :)Rocca1 2d
2d Question about the opening scenario Will the Horde scenario that takes you into Zandalar be like it is on the beta, where you can do it solo/grouped, or will you have to queue up for it. I know that for the Battle for Lordaeron, on beta there was no queue iirc, but on live you had to queue into a 20 man group.Shargra1 2d
3d Chronological order of BFA Horde zones? Hei there What in your opinion is the chronological order of BFA Horde zones?Frasiyav11 3d
3d Darkshore wintrading resolution When are we getting an official response in regards to the Darkshore Wintrading? Are you going to revert the gained honor or not Blizzard. I need to know if I'm playing your game.Whatruhiding5 3d
4d War mode What's going on with the phasing thing? People with war mode can't see people with disabled war mode? Why? Do we really have to add "WQ ON/OFF" in dungeon finger groups? Do we have to fly to SW/Orgri to turn on/off the war mode if we want to see a friend or trade a player that has different war mode status? If most of the players turn the war mode on or off and I do the other thing I will be alone in Azeroth and won't see anyone else? It is retarded. Why can't we have the previous system where everyone could see anybody and only people with pvp enabled (war mode on) could fight with the enemies? Nothing has changes, only the name changes from "PvP on/off" to "War mode on/off". Why there have to be phasing crap?Lisq3 4d
4d Unable to go anywhere in beta I'm unable to leave the starting area (Alliance). I get teleported back to where I spawned no matter which direction I go. I'm unable to reach an NPC that is marked on my map. What's going on? I posted a Confused report of course, but I don't know how to fix the problem and go anywhere.Tiaani1 4d
4d DirextX Hello Blizzard, Please add the option to switch DirectX version in the Client rather than just in-game. It's very annoying that you have to start up the game, change DirectX version and then restart the game.Pascal0 4d
4d Bug report: infinite healing DH Heyo since there seems to be no bug report forum on EU side, why ???? we can post ingame but no forum ./plzfix. Anyway: gamebreaking bug giving demon hunters infinite healing. (Is already being abused by guilds on the raidtesting right now!) Trait: Azerite Fortification Class: Demon Hunter Ability: Glide Issue: Azerite Fortification procs when Demon Hunter glides, system counts it as either a stun, immobilize or knock back. Thus if you make a cancel aura macro with glide, you can effectively infinitely heal. Works in PvE and PvP with reduced healing in PvP but with a cancel aura macro one can go from 10% HP to 100% nearly instantaneously. Edit: Since the effects can stack if you have 3/3 Traits.Bankiertjeuh0 4d
5d NPC sells items for less gold than they vendor back for Huk the bracelet vendor in zuldazar sells items for less gold than they vendor back for. If this goes live in a weeks time, rip economy.Oppree5 5d
6d (Female) Void Elves don't spin anymore. Having gathered information from the EU, US and MMO-champion forums and from my own investigation, I am starting a new post to spread light to this issue and hopefully get it fixed ASAP. First of all, FEMALE Void Elves don't spin at all. I haven't seen a single person report this(seeing the people who say that Velfs spin are all Male avatars) and be female. From my own testing I have jumped over 500 times in different times, places etc, I have tried to relog/reload, remove addons etc. Females won't spin. Regarding the MALE Void Elves, they do spin BUT it seems that the chance is DRASTICALLY reduced. For example, my male Velf would spin 1 in 20 in average. All in all, it seems that this is a bug. Blizzard didn't say anything about this, it existed in BETA and it is now on LIVE. Seeing that the male void elves do still spin but rarely indicates that something went wrong with the pre-patch in this regard. I understand that blizzard is trying it's best to sort out on the numerous minor bugs that the stat squish caused but I am hoping that this issue is brought to their attention and eventually be fixed when they have time. I know it's a minor issue but people miss it dearly :( Thanks blizzard for your efforts these last couple of days!Mercedene5 6d
07 Aug Forbidden Rites quest (Beta) The Forbidden Rites quest in Port Fogtide, Stormsong Valley is bugged, it tells you to "Disrupt the rituals" by using the Tidal Kris item, and I have done that...but it doesn't let me.Naluu7 07 Aug
07 Aug No more Fullscreen mode I would completely understand it if DX12 would become the norm since it would be out of Blizzard's hands. However, forcing this change on players that choose to use DX11 is completely unnecessary. Why making some people play with input lag and frame drops is something that my thick cranium can't comprehend.Jakie10 07 Aug
07 Aug Performance and SLI Hi Blizz. I see you did some performance tweaks and stuff in Beta, in legion live i have ca. 33 fps (Sli or not doesnt matter CPU limited) at a special testing place in suramar, in beta i have 72 so very nice. BUT no SLI seems to be working anymore so one gpu is being hammered cause i run it in 4k maxed out. but it seems you did something to the cpu workload so thats nice but is SLI coming back in BFA ? i really hope so cause it ran silky smooth all legion and big loss if its not there when you finaly did something nice to the engines performance :)Freyzul15 07 Aug
07 Aug DX12 Removed? As title, latest beta DX12 no longer available? My results from recent testing were vastly improved frame rates and low GPU usage was looking good other than no SLi included.Tinylk16 07 Aug
06 Aug The current state of gameplay. Why does azerite armour only give pointless passives like + HP gained from killing such and such but does not change rotational abilities like what the artifact weapons bring. The game feels just as simple and boring as what Legion was, they have not changed class design and left the game in its worst state.Scardrex0 06 Aug
06 Aug Stealth Bug all classes Yo team, Scope and Scale: Bug applies to all classes that have a stealth or invisibility. How to reproduce bug: Reproduce the bug by engaging in pvp with a stealthed class in open world or in instanced pvp. Explanation of bug behavior: When a player comes out of a stealth, the opposing player's client will see the stealth player's character model running in place. The player exiting stealth is targetable and attackable. Just not viewable. The player exiting stealth cannot be seen by the opposing player. Their character model and animations do not appear. Combat modifiers such as buffs/debuffs, health, or resources does not update or properly display on the bugged stealth player's player/target/focus panels. === Anyone else want to add to this?Rumpal0 06 Aug
06 Aug New Pandaren - Problem with Final Scenario Over the weekend, I created a new Panda and ran through the quests with her. I was more or less the only player on the island, so when it came to the final scenario where you have to protect the healers healing the turtle, I was doing it solo. For the first time ever, and I've done this scenario repeatedly over the years, I had a huge difficulty because the Priest and Druid NPC's can now only take about 2-3 hits from the lizard NPC's before they die. I was used to running around and rescuing as many healers as possible and then keeping them alive by watching over them. This time I would get one priest/druid saved, go onto the next and by the time i had sent that new one to heal, the first one was dead. I can imagine that if a new player started this game with a panda they would have ended up in an endless loop and never been able to exit the scenario. I believe I was only able to complete it because I knew what was supposed to happen so, once I worked out that my healers were dying, I just liberated one stuck under something and watched over it like a hawk, being able to add two more that were trapped by heavy objects so I had 3 healing and that finally was able to heal enough to finish. If i tried to rescue a healer that was engaged in a fight, by the time I had liberated that one, all the healers on the wound had died. Please fix this! :)Khoria1 06 Aug
05 Aug Honorbound Dagger Hey, I'm wondering why this 340ilvl dagger has such low damage..even on wowhead, it has same speed of 1.80 as other lower ilvl daggers with much less damage... here for a comparision: Heart-Piercing Stalactite ilvl 325 (heroic dungeon drop) speed 1.80 damage 144-240 (106.7 dps) K'tal Fang Blade ilvl298 speed 1.80 damage 112-187 (83.1 dps) Honorbound Dagger ilvl 340 speed 1.80 damage 82-138 (61.1 dps) they are all One-Hand. I really hope this is a bug or something and that it isn't intendedMilkmomma0 05 Aug
04 Aug Message: servers shutdown in 15 min then i got Cancelled Shutdown Did happen like 30 minutes in WoW beta there was yellow system message server shutdown in 15 min but in 13 minutes we got system message servers shutdown: cancelled! is it possible Blizzard Dev team fianlly pressed wrong buttom? servers did not go offline. I got video proof.Woiiderlaia0 04 Aug
04 Aug Best legendary items for leveling in BFA? Heard a lot of people say that KJBW is a must have, but is it any good after the nerf? Would it be better to go Sephuz / Aggramars for the MS than the KJBW nerfed dmg?Relyk2 04 Aug
04 Aug Never received the Hearth of Azeroth As the title says, I never received the Hearth of Azeroth on my druid. Has this happened to anyone else? It's not half way to 112 and got 2 items which require Hearth of Azeroth lvl to get the trait, but I don't even got Hearth of Azeroth lvl 1. Don't have the achievement either, but I know I did the quest. I didn't realize that this was a bug before I logged on my Demon Hunter and got the item right after the quest in Silithus.Rapidclaws0 04 Aug
04 Aug Daughter of the sea, Jaina song now at spotify! Heh cant believe they really did that someone was asked this to GM and response was its not a plan but still its there now guess he didnt know that. Song can be found in spotify for name: Daughter of the sea, and it is free to listen. Spotify version of that song its not a same as we saw and hear in Youtube since it was music video but this is just Music track you can notice diffirence right away. Spotify has also another Blizzard Bfa song Teldrassil Burns this is probably hint next Warbringer short animation is for Sylvanas and her music is at Spotify already dont listen that one if dont wanna get spoiled :PWoiiderlaia2 04 Aug
04 Aug Using Trinkets gets you out of stealth? is that supposed to be so or ? while duiling in the duelers guild using trinkets in camoflage as hunter gets me out of stealth... should that work like that or?Tuljanz0 04 Aug
04 Aug Warfront - Gearing Up First question: Are the live drop rates going to be the same as they are at this point in the Beta? If so, it appears you can already get rid of random heroics, crafting professions, gear from world quests and everything else regarding equipment of ilvl ~340 and lower. Currently on Beta, even tho I've heard it was already tuned down, it takes at most couple of hours to full on gear up to around 340 just by doing warfront once or twice and then flying around farming rares. As of now if you ask anybody on Beta what's the fastest way to get some starting gear they will insantly say "go farm rares". Drop rates of the items from rares seem absurd, it took me one full cycle around Arathi to get like 5 or 6 items and since we were in a group I also got couple of items that other group members already had and didn't need. Even if the drop rates were (or are and I happened to simply be lucky) significantly lower it still makes farming arathi rares far superior to all the things I've listed earlier. Also getting these things quite often titan-forged to ilvl around 380 seems equally absurd, since it's basically Uldir's mythic level of gear. My concern is that all you will have to do to gear up until the next content comes in is just farm Warfront and Arathi rares. Back in the day there had been a lot of talk of how TBC's way of gearing and advancing in the story was the best so far but I do get that it would be too hard and complicated for more casual players who would like to experience all of the current content. It does, however, go way too far to insert an option to disregard completely all the 'normal > heroic > mythic dungeon > normal > possibly heroic raid' sort of queue, alongside almost all the craftable gear. Second question: Are the warfronts going to be active from the very moment expansion hits live? If so it gives the faction who gets to go farm arathi first (which would be Alliance in this case since I'm pretty sure people will get to 120 in a day) immense PVP adventage, since they will be able to get reasonably geared basically the very day they reach 120, whilist the opposing faction will have to wait a couple days for such opportunity. Granted, in PVE it would not make any difference since everybody will have more than enough time 'till Uldir opens. While I assume it's far too late for such drastic measures and we probably will have to go live as it is, I would still recommend two things: 1. Significantly nerfing warfront rewards and rare's item's ilvls to, lets say, 280-320, with possibility to get upgraded to 340. 2. Decrease Arathi rare's drop rates of gear items to about 1 item per 10-15 rares, while maybe raising slightly changes of getting toys and mounts, which I haven't seen any in all the rares I've killed.Dolphineesi0 04 Aug
04 Aug Gnomes in Lore, we want more Where are the Gnomes ? Again Bfa is focused on Humans and Orks and Undead and other Races and We Gnomes where there from the beginning of Vanilla , yet we never get appreciated or some Storyline. We make great inventions, we got warmechs and many great technical things at hand, still we are always forgotten. i feel this is again racist agains gnomes. just like ingame we have to fight with the everyday hate even our alliance allies bring towards us, we are being pushed around, made fun of and often sacrificed to trash mobs in the hope the loot gods give better loot on the next upcoming boss. We wont stand for this anymore ! We want our part in history to be shown ! We fought for the Alliance ! We were always there in Outland, Northend, Pandaria, Dreanor ! We helped bring down the Legion ! We want our work to be appreciated ! WE ARE GNOMES AND WE ARE THE GREATEST ! PS: We know we are great and we secretly prepare for World Domination and Gnomeregan as THE new alliance Head Quarter with underground Railway and teleport hubs. IF you Wanna Join our case sign up @ the recruitement tent near Gnomeregan the password is : Death from below . Only people below 1.5m height are allowed to apply, sawed of legs are no hindrance. Join now. PSS: Seriously we want more Gnomes in wow Lore !Glühwyrmchen2 04 Aug
04 Aug Account wide reputation? I literally am begging for account wide rep these days, I’ve got 80 exalted reps on my main and feel a burning hatred playing another character because I’m so OCD about changing mains and get maybe 6 exalted reps on an alt ? Because !@#$ grinding my life away for a second time. Hate it, can’t main another class because of it. Blizzard, think about it, small change can make switching classes alot easier for the tweakers. I'm talking more about old-world reputations which are no longer considered 'current content' - as legion reps are easy to max if you play the character for any extended amount of time but topic is open to discussion regardless.Harvest6 04 Aug
04 Aug [Bug: War Campaign] No quests, no progress Logged in today on my level 120 dark iron dwarf hunter unable to proceed with the War Campaign. There is no quest at or around the ship in Boralus harbour, nor can I extract any useful information out of my quest log, which looks like this: - the quest near Vigil Hill is a recently added one which seems to just be a side quest. My 2 other characters have no problems continuing the War campaign, and 1 of them were at the same stage my hunter was / is supposed to be on.Zawira46 04 Aug