Battle for Azeroth Beta Zones and Leveling

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2h AP from chests / rares / heart progression Most of the rares and chests are only dropping a little AP and then a grey item, this doesn't really seem to change 80% of the time and this is the one thing that I've thought about as I've been playing. That on BFA release it's pointless to kill the rares and get the chests. Firstly because the result is always the same, you don't really get anything different and secondly the amount of AP is low enough to make me feel like killing the rares is a waste of time. I think this is partly a problem because of the heart though, because these first 3 levels are the only thing that feel like a reward, yes it's useful to get more AP and increase the hearts level for ILVL, but this doesn't feel like a reward, or something to get AP for. You get the third level on the heart almost immediately, which just feels a little weird. Then by the time you finish 2 zones you have a level 10 heart, so I'm level 117 thinking to myself, the game gives you 3 rewards on the heart as soon as you start and I know that they're minor, it probably wouldn't make sense to spread them out in the leveling process. My main point is the game could be doing more at least in the leveling process to make players feel like 1. The rares and chests are worth going out of the way to get. And 2. That they don't just get rewarded for doing nothing and at the start of the expansion, when people are just playing for the first time, of course I don't want legion, but the first thing players will find out when they start playing is that the heart is important, I'm not saying anything should fundamentally change about the heart, but I think more should be done to make players feel like as they are leveling that getting the AP is making something useful happen and players feel like they actually earned it. There must be something better than just, "welcome to the new expansion", here's 3 traits that you didn't do anything for, also "your heart leveled up" but you don't get anything this time.Çháòs3 2h
2h Can't turn in "The Battle for Lordaeron" I've just done the scenario again on my DH that was on the beta already and was 113, now I got the quest to do the Battle of Lordaeron again and after completing it you get teleported above the gate of Orgrimmar where you should turn it in. Only I don't see any NPC to turn it in, have tried restarting/logging out of the game, reloading interface and turning addons off etc. I don't get to see the quest giver to turn it in. Could it be because I may have completed the scenario earlier on in the beta?Bílly4 2h
11h Feedback: Tiragarde Sound Things are still in an early state and likely to go through a fair amount of iteration. Please feel free to post any feedback on the content or bugs you encounter.Aerythlea58 11h
1d Battleground leveling If you want to level up in bgs, but your have a honor level abow 50 you wont be able to do so. All 50+ enter a different que than the onec under 50. Fix this asap.Smñ0 1d
4d Quest "Long Away" Malfurion tells me to regroup in Darnassus. And that's it - the quest doesn't say how should I get there. There should be a yellow question mark somewhere saying what should I do, for instance taking flight path or anything else. I went to the nearest flight master but Darnassus was unreachable. (What if someone doesn't have flight paths unlocked?) I used the Darnassus portal since I am a mage... And it brought me to Lor'danels beach. Lordenals flight master didn't have any option to fly to Darnassus. I was stuck. I read on the forums that I should talk to Zidormi and change the zone to the past one. But why? The past one is pre-Cataclysm era. The Darnassus downfall is either yet to come or it is happening right now, so why would I have to go back in time? I went to Zidormi and she had an option "what the world was like before the burning of Teldrassil". But hey, it's unlogical. I got teleported to Astranaar/Darkshore and haven't heard about the burning of Teldrassil yet, so why the NPC gives me that option? It should be available after I have the storyline finished, not in the halfway of it. It makes no sense. This is like going from point C (teldrassil's already been burned) to point A (teldrassil is alive) and then going to point B (seeing how teldrassil gets burned) instead of going from A to B to C. It should be the other way round. Blizzard should either change the Astranaar/Darkshore zones into the past one for a default so the chronology is right OR should make a scenario of Teldrassil's quests and marking it a "vision of what has happened BEFORE we came here to Astranaar/Darkshore". Otherwise it makes no sense - I come to "fallen" Darkshore, see the Teldrassil burned on the screen but they tell me to regroup in Darnassus like it wasn't burning on my screen LOL.Wildfox0 4d
15 Jul Feedback: Stormsong Valley Things are still in an early state and likely to go through a fair amount of iteration. Please feel free to post any feedback on the content or bugs you encounter.Aerythlea47 15 Jul
14 Jul Flight Masters and Ferries With the Ferries in Tiragarde Sound (maybe other zones, not sure), and Flight Paths in BfA. Both of these modes of transport share the same map icon, yet do not intercross with each other. Is there any plans to change the ferries to have a small boat icon, or something? It would help prevent confusion. As I thought I could get a ferry to somewhere, only to find out it's not a ferry, it's a flight path. Et cetera. This could become annoying.Valrysha2 14 Jul
14 Jul BFA story - where do I begin? Hey, Just got into the beta and copied my character across. But.. What do I do? I do not have any quest to start the BFA story line or scenario or anything. Where does it begin? Am I missing something?Wannabebern3 14 Jul
13 Jul Feedback: Zuldazar Things are still in an early state and likely to go through a fair amount of iteration. Please feel free to post any feedback on the content or bugs you encounter.Aerythlea51 13 Jul
11 Jul Sylvanas points to a map. There's no map. Small thing. When asking Sylvanas why we're going for Teldrassil, there's a moment where the quest box says <Sylvanas points to Silithus on the map>. She's standing in the middle of a room. There's no map. It's not a huge deal, but it's a minor inconsistency that's kinda annoying.Kaldrassil0 11 Jul
09 Jul Quest: Keep Them On Task Quest marker in the wrong location of the map.Crazycortez0 09 Jul
05 Jul 'The Final Ascent' now what? On the main Stormsong questline, I have completed the final ascent which has resulted in me, Taelia, Pike, Sam and all the soldier guys staring at Lord Stormsong while he's just chilling in a tempest thing. His nameplate is orange so I can't attack him. If I get close, then I get knocked back. None of the NPCs are offering me a quest. I notice if I go into the nearby dungeon, Lord Stormsong is one of the bosses, but it definitely looks like I'm meant to interact with him outside. What am I missing? Or is there a bug?Nazral1 05 Jul
04 Jul Feedback: Drustvar Things are still in an early state and likely to go through a fair amount of iteration. Please feel free to post any feedback on the content or bugs you encounter.Aerythlea25 04 Jul
04 Jul Quest "Infusing the Heart" Hello, have a quest as me to go to chamber of heart , but after go to recover heart of azeroth i dont see Magni Bronzebeard anymore and no porta to this chamber Thx 4 helpHirukool4 04 Jul
04 Jul Fallen through the floor, again. I've fallen through the floor in another cave, this time in the north-east of Tiragarde Sound in the Trogg place. This particular cave had a "boss" mob in it, but I don't recall much more than that. Character - Tarlaya Server - Sylvanas Previously I'd fixed this by faction swapping to horde and back, as this teleports you to SW/Org respectively, but I have mail in my mailbox now so I'm unable to resolve this. I'm level 117 now, so I'd rather not go from fresh to properly test priest. I have my doubts that anybody is going to save my priest though lol. Anywhere else I can raise this issue? Anyone who can save my priest?Tarlaya2 04 Jul
04 Jul Lock XP at lv119 ? Do you think its good idea to lock yout level at 119 untill you finish all the zones ? Doing quests at 120 is horrible, mobs suddenly gets lots of HP and their damage goest throught the roof... And I still have whole one and half of the zone to finish before I can even unlock World Quests.Stoicmercy5 04 Jul
03 Jul Correct Order of Zones story line: Horde. Good Afternoon, I am unsure if this has been created however... What are peoples opinion on the correct order of zones for the story line. I only received my beta invited the other day and I've completed Zandalar and am now working through Nazmir, however I am unsure as to what is the 'correct' order for the story line. The foothold campaigns in Alliance territory seem to be more trivial so far in what order you do them in as you don't actually venture beyond setting them up. I cant decide if Zandalar should have been done first or done last... as it makes sense both ways, Zul could betray them right away or at the very end of the story and the blood troll information in Nazmir seems to have not effected Zandalar thus far (not including Zul or that story during the Zandalar quests), its more of suggestion to show who/what the enemy is. I cant comment on Voldun as I haven't done it yet. Opinions? If you don't want to give a big opinion just write in order .i.e: Zandalar - Nazmir - Voldun Thankyou & Kind Regards, Painter xoxoPainter2 03 Jul
02 Jul Feedback: Nazmir Things are still in an early state and likely to go through a fair amount of iteration. Please feel free to post any feedback on the content or bugs you encounter.Aerythlea26 02 Jul
02 Jul Righteous Retribution quest broken I'm currently leveling in the beta and there's a quest that doesn't spawn the item it should. I am talking about "Righteous Retribution" The quest should spawn bombs but as you can see here: I just doesn't (I checked on youtube beforehand and found that it should spawn there.) It's impossible for me to continue the questline without finishing this quest.Deadoshadow2 02 Jul
28 Jun Scouting Map bug When I got to Zuldazar and opened the scouting map, I assumed it was to choose which area I want to quest in. But the map was locked to Zuldazar and I couldn't choose any other are. Now I finished Zuldazar (7/7), and still cant choose another area, since the map is still locked on Zuldazar. The map scouting map shows an exclamation mark, but no quest. Anyone else experiencing this? Edit 1: As soon as I posted it, checked it again and it suddenly works now. But still had this problem when I first got here, so I assume its a bug.Literal0 28 Jun
28 Jun Quest: Hir'eek, the Bat Loa. Nazmir So it seems like you can't complete this quest due to the npc suddenly becoming not so talkative. That means that you can't progress through the zone any further. Is there any way to go on forward? Because, if I recall correctly, at the very first alpha preview Lore and *someone else* from the dev team have done this quest no problem. Uh?Взрыреси1 28 Jun
28 Jun Feedback: Vol'dun Please feel free to post any feedback on the content or bugs you encounter while questing in Vol'dun.Aerythlea23 28 Jun
28 Jun Audio: Characters speaking over each other During the first several missions (at least) up to introduction to Kul'Tiras quest givers would continue saying the same lines as more other players entered the area while other characters were delivering their story lines. This was most annoying during the war meeting in Stormwind Castle after the battle for Lordaeron. Server: Anduin, June 27thHikari0 28 Jun
26 Jun Out like Flynn Hi, On the quest line for escaping prison, there is a small cut-scene where you pull the lever. You're not meant to have armour but in the brief scene my char appeared fully geared, then when i got control back i was without gear again. Not a big bug.. but worth mentioning in case it hasnt been before..Areimanes0 26 Jun
26 Jun Rut'Theran village Stormwind portal When (i think) completing the quest line from Astranaar and ending up handing in at Rut'Theran village, i cannot see the portal to get back to Stormwind and there are no boats that travel. I've tried re-logging, changing areas but it doesnt work. Also when i use the port to get from Darnassus down to Rut, i cannot use it the other way - i have to fly.Areimanes0 26 Jun
25 Jun Adapting Our Tactics (Alliance) - bugged out Quest doesn't checks out when you either choose an upgrade or complete it, locking you out of the War Campaign progression. Adapting Out Tactics is a quest that involves upgrading your... ship? Army? Anyway - this one. Couldnt find a way to make it "tick".Hurmargul1 25 Jun
25 Jun Alpha/beta so far... So far I am enjoying my Alpha/Beta entry.As I played both Horde and Alliance side I am not sure if any1 else noticed Horde side story with quest and so are much better connected than ally side...I got feeling u Blizz throwed quest with no order at all at would be much better u connect it similar like horde side...the rest of u guys do u have same feeling or is it just me?Sinaras3 25 Jun
24 Jun Alliance Quest: The Light of Elune Problem: the corpses' spawn time is way too long. It's going to be a huge bottleneck. The whole area is covered in alliance already, even in beta.Vunde0 24 Jun
23 Jun On the prowl quest Not sure if I am I missing something but I met the dark lady near Darkshore and I cannot complete the quest! Anyone any idea's, would be great.Melach3 23 Jun
22 Jun Critical error "A Different Outcome" When I was leveling in Zuldazar I came upon a critical error which happens every time I cross specific set of terrain on the South-East coast of Zuldazar. You cross this zone while sailing to Atal'gral to complete the quest "A Different Outcome" I've tried to get there on foot - same error I've tried to delete cache, inferface, WTF folders - same error I've tried to repair my installation directory - same error Of course tried it all without my addons enabled. 22 Jun
22 Jun World quest question? So I wanted to unlock world quests for and kultiras and zandalar from the alliance side, and I stumbled upon a 3 friendly reputation requirement. I had only the stormsong reputation and when I went to the proudmoore emissary I could instantly turn into friendly, but when I went to the drustvar emissary it didn't give me the option to skip to friendly instantly. Can someone confirm this as a bug or what? I know ur supposed to get friendly when it's live, but now too?Legithusky0 22 Jun
22 Jun Trolls in Battle for Lordearon (Horde) I haven't looked much while doing the Alliance version of the scenario but I took a good look during the Horde one. I main a troll so that's why I've noticed some things.... During the scenario there are trolls fighting for us, Darkspear Shamans IIRC the name. Great. Males and females. Great. Females are wearing tabards, males are not, only some kind of leather straps. Why is that? You should either put tabards on all of them or on none. And if you're gonna put tabards on all of them, could you use Darksear tabard? Right now they're wearing Orgrimmar one. It's not bad, but....Artein3 22 Jun
22 Jun Bug: quests stuck after changing faction I have tested 2 accounts changed faction from Alliance to Horde. After changing faction, the NPC Yazma is always in Port of Zandalar but not in Seal. The quest “The Zanchuli Council” cannot be given by Yazma after finishing "Trust of a King".Analytic2 22 Jun
20 Jun Arathi higlands wolrd quests I can't find any information about this: how do i unlock arathi highlands world quests? I did the warfront, i did all the quests that DID show up but it seems i am 0/3 chapters, no quests to accept and no world quests. I am halfway through my war campaign as it is bugged, telling me i have to accept "a dying world" quest (wich i have done at level 110) and i can not accept it as i do not see any npc that gives that questSharrai0 20 Jun
20 Jun War campaign Alliance Hello there, (obi voice) in my quest log appears ''Continue the campaign by accepting the quest ''The Heart of Azeroth'' in Silithus'' i am pretty damn sure i had completerd this quest 20 levels ago since i am now lvl 120 what can i do about this? i already tried abandoning quest it still says the same, i reall dont want to throw away the current heart i haveEomor1 20 Jun
19 Jun Bug : Totem of Pa'ku. The totem of Pa'ku next to the Altar of Pa'ku , does not fly me all the way , it drops me of just in front of where i am supose to land , and there for, i fall all the time i take that totem. it does not seem to make a difference which charater i play on, i have tested it on 2 charaters , my undead mage and my shaman i have copied over from live. it happened to both and i did the quest to pick which Loa the same day.Bazzada1 19 Jun
16 Jun Quest: The Scamps The quest is bugged or i am missing something. When i press the scamp i get "invalid target" (this quest used to work) Also, they are a little bit to fast or the game is lagging for me when i try to press them, most of them just keep running.Gammelvarg1 16 Jun
16 Jun World quests rewards too low ilvl Hi, until now, WQ were designed as a source for small upgrades to a certain level, and I hope for that being still the desired design. I've just dinged 120 and am geared in 280 ilvl gear from questing alone. However, the WQ that grand gear rewards are of ilvl 270, so basically only downgrades. I would expect WQ to reward 285-290 ilvl in my current situation. - MXavstrasza3 16 Jun
12 Jun Bug reporting canceled quests Hi, it's nice to have the bug reporter pop after finishing a quest, but it would be nice also to have this feature pop up when canceling a quest (which we can't finish) the last build has broken many quests, especially those with "vehicule" tag. Like "the deadliest catch" in Tiragarde sound.Möè2 12 Jun
12 Jun Quest bugged: the deadliest catch The cannon you are shooting at the squid deals no damage to it. I have tried to retake the quest a couple times and it still does not workTzarigor1 12 Jun
09 Jun Quest: Out Like Flynn Once you escape prison with Flynn and in the boat rowing to Boralus, the boat stops dead in the middle of the sea and your fatigue bar is decreasing and eventually die at sea. Thankfully the graveyard is at Greystone Keep so you can resurrect at the graveyard instead of corpse running back out to sea just to die again. But then you are hated by the guards in Greystone Keep so keep getting killed... Managed to get far enough and jump off a cliff to die at Tiragarde Sound where NPC's are friendly and run from that graveyard to finally res and complete the quest.Airadax1 09 Jun
05 Jun Restraining Order (Zuldazar) The Quest "Restraining Order" given by Wardruid Loti is bugged since a week ago. I abandoned it a few times now and even switched phases, but nothing worked. Unluckly the quest is needed to proceed in Zuldazars main story line. Does someone knows how to finish this one? My Char: Monk, lvl 116, Vol'dun and Nazmir main story line done, warfront quests 3/4 done.Totepriester1 05 Jun
05 Jun Uniting Zandalar I'm stuck on Uniting Zandalar. I did all quests in zandalari empire a while ago but back than I didn't get reputation for it. Sadly I can't find any other ways to get the reputation needed. And because I can't get it I can't do world quests. I don't want to level a shaman for a 3th time in beta/alpha. Anyone else had this problem and got it solved in a way?Rawrmoo2 05 Jun
05 Jun Torga missing Hey, I'm stuck on the main quest line in Nazmir (Torga, the Turtle loa). I just can't find the Torga while being at the indicated point. Tried restarting the game or restarting the quest from the start without any luck.Ninjouz1 05 Jun
04 Jun feedback: Brennadam (Stormsong Valley) i just started the quest chain in brennadam and honestly its a bit unsettling. first its the bombing of civillians, in a place with no army garrison, by the horde. an atrocious thing, inexcusable ( no im not gonna go on a rampage about the "morally grey" thing) but its made worse by the sounds of children calling for their parents to "wake up" . rescuing those children for the bonus objective lets you find them by the parents dead bodies, all the while with goblins going around saying lines like "oh im going to enjoy this". really unsettling, especially on a background like stormsong valley wich is ,imo, the most beautiful of the 6 zones.Bloodfeather1 04 Jun
04 Jun Scenario: Battle for Lordaeron Scenario: Battle for Lordaeron stuck at last phase (The Dark lady). Unable to progress, Did it 4 times, all of them bugged at the same location. After sourfang.Vilerya1 04 Jun
04 Jun Zandalar forever scenario bugs out on stage 3 3 times tried it, I complete stage 2, I then get removed from the Dino and unable to complete the stage, waves of mobs still continue, which is impossible to solo. I saw a vid of the scenario being done and it shows stage 3 as being done ON the dino, meaning its impossible for me to continue as the mob waves are still coming, but i'm on foot, when I die, I get respawned automatically on the bridge with the mobs on... (the box for resing shows but it does it automatically), also when leaving the scenario it drops you from height, which was yet another death due to having damage from the mobs on the bridge, while leaving the scenarioDemorion1 04 Jun
04 Jun [Tiragarde Sound] Prepare for Trouble 1) Quest is shown on main map in wrong place (on wrong Taelia) 2) Taelia is in the wall 04 Jun
04 Jun War Campaign Horde (Drustvar) I just started the quest and right from the start all the mobs around me in the water and outside are 120, while Im still 112. Even doing the Krazzlefrazz Outpost, the mobs that spawn are 120 and it is close to impossible to kill them. I am not sure if its a bug from the current patch or if there was a twist at the start of the quest chain and I screwed up.Hayyat2 04 Jun