Battle for Azeroth Beta Zones and Leveling

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3h Quest: Get Your Bearings Will not progress past Flight Master step. Using base ui, tried reloading, relogging and quitting out. No changes.Ripcd0 3h
10h Feedback: Tiragarde Sound Things are still in an early state and likely to go through a fair amount of iteration. Please feel free to post any feedback on the content or bugs you encounter.Aerythlea47 10h
12h Uncharted Island death bug I pulled a few too many mobs and died, obviously. But when I released to the spirit healer, I fell through the fall and dc'd on the spot. Now when I try to log back in, I just get the error message "A Character with that name already exists". I can't faction change or anything to reset my character for some reason. So I'm a bit stuck on what to do now.Restobint0 12h
13h Quest: Hot Pursuit (Tiragarde Sound) I currently can’t complete this quest because it is too buggy. First off, after you mount the horse, you end up running through all the buildings and find yourself falling through the map for half of it. Once you get to where you need to be and set off, there’s a jump at the start, after jumping you end up running backwards and forward over the same spot and the only way to move on is to not jump and take the slow. Same thing happens further down the line and you end up walking in very slow motion without any way of speeding up. Wondering if I am the only one getting this? Currently unable to move on past this quest and encourage the devs to look into it and fix :)Annesia2 13h
17h Quest: Infusing the Heart It doesn't complete after the channeling......Vanvårdad5 17h
1d Permanently falling character. My character "Somi" on server Sylvanas is stuck in an infinite falling through the world cycle. Whenever I log in the game just exits after she falls for like 5 seconds. It's been like this for 2 days now and I still cannot access her. How can I fix this?Sojín1 1d
1d Delayed Deathifications - Sort of Temp Fix So this quest has been bugged for a long time, and after a patch a few weeks back i went to see if they had fixed it, and I could bury my bombs, so I thought it was fixed. Told my friend about it, and went over to help her complete it so we could continue the war campaign together, only to find out it was bugged for her. I had an theory to why they worked for me but not for her, but couldn't confirm it as it was impossible to test my theory. But today as we were running around there was a Server Restart countdown, so we went over to be ready for when the servers went up again, and she could bury her bombs. I stayed and waited for someone else to show up, and after a few minutes a monk showed up, I asked him to try and bury the bomb that my friend didn't (7 bombs available, only 6 needed for the quest) and that was the only one he could bury. So I am certain that every time the server restarts the bombs can be buried ONCE each, if you come after you get the "Can't open that" error message. Also noticed that if you are able to bury the bomb, it will have an orange "Locked" in its tooltip. So for everyone stuck on this quest, go there after every server restart/patch and check ALL 7 bombs for the orange "Locked" in their tooltip, just because 1 isn't working the others might work. Hope that helps someone completing this quest until it is properly fixed.Huttemeier1 1d
2d Flight Masters and Ferries With the Ferries in Tiragarde Sound (maybe other zones, not sure), and Flight Paths in BfA. Both of these modes of transport share the same map icon, yet do not intercross with each other. Is there any plans to change the ferries to have a small boat icon, or something? It would help prevent confusion. As I thought I could get a ferry to somewhere, only to find out it's not a ferry, it's a flight path. Et cetera. This could become annoying.Valrysha1 2d
2d Stormwind scenario doesnt show I just made a new character, and orc warrior. NOT! MAGHAR ! just regular orc for anyone asking. and i did the scenario Battle for Lordaron. After that i wanted to get to zandalar by saving talanji and zul but i cant even get the quest to start the scenario. so my toon is just stuck not being able to do anything.Rangvaldr0 2d
3d Feedback: Drustvar Things are still in an early state and likely to go through a fair amount of iteration. Please feel free to post any feedback on the content or bugs you encounter.Aerythlea23 3d
3d Quest : Offensively Defensive this quest is bugged. After i have dropped the last totem, i started flying through the world. I think it is when i dont get the first six of the totems spots.Bazzada0 3d
3d Quest : The King's Gambit. Bug? The quest The KIng's Gambit. where the player are suppose to lead the king to safety. the mobs i have to lead the king through are level 120. and there for they hit to hard on my level 113 death knight. i dont know if its a bug or the scaling just doesnt work.Shinslash1 3d
3d Feedback: Zuldazar Things are still in an early state and likely to go through a fair amount of iteration. Please feel free to post any feedback on the content or bugs you encounter.Aerythlea32 3d
3d Feedback: Nazmir Things are still in an early state and likely to go through a fair amount of iteration. Please feel free to post any feedback on the content or bugs you encounter.Aerythlea18 3d
4d Feedback: Stormsong Valley Things are still in an early state and likely to go through a fair amount of iteration. Please feel free to post any feedback on the content or bugs you encounter.Aerythlea32 4d
6d 2 doors in Old Ironforge Underneath Magni Bronzebeard altar there is a path let to 2 doors in Old Ironforge, but are they connected to Shadowforge City in Blackrock Depths ?Legioncaster0 6d
6d Fallen through the floor, again. I've fallen through the floor in another cave, this time in the north-east of Tiragarde Sound in the Trogg place. This particular cave had a "boss" mob in it, but I don't recall much more than that. Character - Tarlaya Server - Sylvanas Previously I'd fixed this by faction swapping to horde and back, as this teleports you to SW/Org respectively, but I have mail in my mailbox now so I'm unable to resolve this. I'm level 117 now, so I'd rather not go from fresh to properly test priest. I have my doubts that anybody is going to save my priest though lol. Anywhere else I can raise this issue? Anyone who can save my priest?Tarlaya0 6d
6d Quest: Make Our Case, Boralus I was on this quest and was at the point where I was due to reveal Lady Ashvane. It appeared that a cutscene was due but nothing happened and I found myself rooted in place unable to move. Even switching forms and trying abilities that jump the character forward did not work. I was able to teleport out to Moonglade but found I was still stuck in place there. Trying to use a movement ability caused the message 'Unable to move' come up. Character still stuck in place.Alghol1 6d
18 May Feedback: Vol'dun Please feel free to post any feedback on the content or bugs you encounter while questing in Vol'dun.Aerythlea17 18 May
18 May Horde War Campaign - Drustvar Since the tracker doesn't seem to work after all the Tiragarde Sound stuff, has anyone managed to do the Drustvar stuff? Not establishing the foothold, that is, but the stuff that comes after. I just got sent to Drustvar with no real objectiveRifleman1 18 May
17 May Stormsong Valley falling through the world. Fell through the floor at the entrance to the cave to kill the elite wolf. I am now stuck falling whenever I log in to my character. Name - Tarlaya Server - Sylvanas Zone - Stormsong Valley Firstly, can this be fixed please, furthermore, please can my character be teleported to somewhere safe? Many thanks.Tarlaya1 17 May
16 May Wanted: Yarsel'gun and Wanted: War Gore So I have been questing in Stormsong valley and the place where you turn in those quests isn't shown on the map. Since the map is just green i can't figure out where to go. Also, for the quest Wanted: War Gore you have to kill Yarsel'gun, too, not War Gore. Could someone please help?Hylamonia2 16 May
15 May Establish Footholds After reading on wowhead about this, it say These quests unlock at levels 112, 114 and 118 as of build 26567. Is this build in game? I have only been able to do one zone, and then no more. I am level 120. I did turn in the quest at Halford Wyrmbane where you turn in 100 war ressources.Justíze2 15 May
15 May at bottom of the sea war campaign first quest where you get on the ship is fine saying where to go east to find the first ship wreck whas fine the follow up whas abit more iffy find the second ship as the quest details are empty apart from find the second shipwreck after abit of swimming i found it iditified the captains third shipwreck i found after abit of swimming killed the quest mob i needed to kill here's where my problem starts grab and go gather marshal M. valentine and derek Proudmore's bodies the bodies wher there but wouldent let me click it i logged out and back in my diving helmet vanished and so did everything around me whent back to the boat where i got my diving equipment talked to hobart grapplehammer and does not have an option to get new diving gear only has a text oh hey warlock whats shakin now i cannot continue the questline any update on this tyvmDematti0 15 May
14 May Seven day stuck in the DC Limbo… Seven day stuck in the DC Limbo… So system is a OSX 10.13.4 running on macbook pro Im try to end the chain quest in Stormsong Valley i can remember the quest name but was bugged for different time in the Shire of the Storme. After the last big update I'm go to Shire to try to end this chain, mounted on the horse I reached the place of the quest and badabing, app crash whit error. Now when I'm tray to login my character app alway crash, same after the 2 mini beta update of the last days… I tried to log in different ways, clean cash, low graphic set up, view distance@1 but nothing the app always crash ! can you teleport me far from this annoying limbo? ;) tks ! and sorry for my englishGomma0 14 May
14 May War Campaign Horde (Drustvar) I just started the quest and right from the start all the mobs around me in the water and outside are 120, while Im still 112. Even doing the Krazzlefrazz Outpost, the mobs that spawn are 120 and it is close to impossible to kill them. I am not sure if its a bug from the current patch or if there was a twist at the start of the quest chain and I screwed up.Hayyat1 14 May
13 May Quests Quests and more Quests? So managed to hit 120 finally, the speed of leveling felt ok, scaling felt a little off at the higher levels with damage low, mobs hitting hard. My leveling was somewhat chaotic. I started out in Drustvar on my own, then went to Stormsong Valley and did a few levels with a friend. Then to finish off i returned to Drustvar. I did a couple of instances while leveling also. (I normally don't touch them till the last level for gear or if required for a quest) I did encounter a few bugs along my travels that i reported. Whats got me miffed however is the storylines: In Drustvar 9/10 storylines done. In Stormsong Valley I have 5/8 storylines done. In Tiragarde Sound i have 2/7 even though i never even picked the zone and still have the option to do so. I would have expected by around 118-119 the storylines to have all been finished or very close to being finished. Normally a level before cap i'm searching for some easy quick side quests or spamming instances for gear so i can meet the heroic entry requirements quicker when i hit level cap. I think the problem for me was i was unsure at times if what i was on was part of the main story or just a side quest. Having something to distinguish the two in the quest log or colour of the quest icon would go a long way to making the leveling experience and what you do at cap more fluid. Nothing worse than hitting cap and then having to spend many more hours questing so you can unlock the rewards such as the world quests, flight whistle and flying requirements etc etc. A short questline with a nice reward, world quests, raiding, instances, gearing etc etc are all things that feel good for me to do at cap. These things have a feeling of progression to them. Going back and doing some quests you missed doesnt feel all that rewarding, just frustrating if they are holding your progression back. Anyways hope this feedback helps, It's just my personal opinion on the leveling experience I had and like to have. i'm sure some people love to quest after cap rather than go ham on gearing up and doing professions, but yeah the going back to quest stuff is just not for me.Adam1 13 May
13 May [BUG] Tirigard Sound - DC limbo I started questing in Tiragarde Sound yesterday, but when I got to Bridgeport, I got disconnected when reaching the flightmaster there. After logging in again, I got disconnected immediatly again after moving. I got to log in succesfully yet again and managed to get away from the flightmaster and created an ingame bug report. Trying to get into Bridgeport for the quest, I got dc'ed again and everytime I wanted to log in again, I immediatly got dc'ed. I also tried disabling all addons, no luck there. Today, I am stuck on the login screen at around 60%. I had to kill the game to get out of it. I've also tried looking for a character unstuck feature, but I'm either looking over it, or it is not available for beta. Character: Valhorth - Elemental ShamanValhorth4 13 May
12 May Shrine of the Storms causes game crash I have a character (120 Night Elf Feral Druid) that was questing through Stormsong Valley. While doing the quest 'Trinkets and Baubles' the game started to crash when I entered on of the caves that is in the zone part 'Shrine of the Storms'. Crash as in total program shutdown. I continued the storyline elsewhere, in hopes of unlocking some phasing somewhere. Then I came to the quest where you, Taelia, and brother Pike ride horses into the Shrine to confront Lord Stormsong. Again the game crashed. Now I can't even log in to the character without the game crashing on me.Mezumiiru0 12 May
11 May Drustvar - DC HI, I jumped on a flight path from Drustvar and got an immediate DC. Now whenever I try to log back in on that char, it gets DC'd straight after the loading bar. Other chars can connect in different zones. Cheers.Tranq1 11 May
11 May Faction change Hey guys. I recently tried to do a factionchange from alliance to horde on my lvl 119 warlock. And now i'm stuck. I can't get the quest where i get access to the Exploration Table. anyone who know what to do? :)Mulkarn0 11 May
10 May Bugged flying path This morning, when I took a flight path from Boralus to Vigil Hill in Tiragarde, the game did some kind of loading screen and then crashed. I couldnt login since then and everytime I tried the game crash and says: You have been disconected from the server (WOW51900319). The character is Yustoplas - Anduin Obviously I couldnt report this ingame, is there any solution? ps: english is not my first language, sorry if I my grammar is wrong.Yustopls5 10 May
09 May Quest: The Thrill of Exploration This quest should have some alternate text if you don't use the Excavation Elemental and instead excavate by hand. I didn't use the elemental and expected to get some different lines from the quest giver, but the NPCs reacted as if I had used it. Quite immersion breaking.Keerpjbardis0 09 May
09 May Holy priest leveling Just wanted to put in my thoughts about levelling as holy priest. In Legion and Wrath, my damage abilities were good enough to be able to level in my healing spec. Also doing dps in off-time in dungeons or raids was very possible. In BFA, I feel so underpowered on that end. Is that intentional or can the dmg be upped a bit for us so I don't have to go shadow to be able to comfotably level up?Marliesje0 09 May
09 May [Zuldazar] Pa'ku vs Gonk Is there a choice, just to give you option to choose wrong ? Gonk speed buff is 40%... and is not working while on mount. Speed buff does not add up to mount and neitehr do slowfall. Kinda pointless. Meanwhile Pa'ku gives you almost isntant short cuts up the temple.Stoicmercy2 09 May
08 May Maghar orcs cant start zuldazar quests im currently lvl 115, so i was bugged and i couldnt take the starting quest of the area of zuldazar, and then someone told me its because the race, in my character selection screen i only could change faction, so i changed to alliance, and then back to horde with diferent race. Then i was surprised because i had to do the initial scenario again, and then after taking the portal to zulddazar, my surprise was that i had to do the magni quest again, and then after using the artifact again i couldnt turn it in, because magni was not on the screen, maybe due to the fact that i already have the artifact and game is detecting i already did it, and now i cant take any quests from the starter map, some completed quests that i had disapeared, no flying points unlocked and i can only do war campaign or random dungeon to lvl up.Lupinator6 08 May
08 May Princess Talanji start quest both after the troll start zone skip and doing all the scenarios when you make a char. princess talaji tells you to follow you, but you don't get any quest and she won't move, so there is nothing to follow, i know this is ment for you to say hello to her father the king and then start questing. but yeah stuck here on 3 chars. my rogue got thru, it was the first one i did it on. help. or please fix.Mitarashi2 08 May
08 May Impression of the Battle of Lordaeron scenes While playing the scenario, I was ofcourse surprised by the events happening and love the whole setting! Would love to know what happened before this! But I really hope that the scene's that are in the game now will get improved, it feels so cluncky and amateur, the way Sylvanas stands etc. With the opening video of the expension it felt so epic, but while playing the scenario it just wasn't there. Are these going to be changed? I really hope they will get updated to more awesome and good scene's!Bílly3 08 May
08 May Feedback: Quest layout I've only just gotten the Beta and I've gotten to the point where Magni shows up in Kul'tiras. I've noticed most quests are extremely segmented with each little step being pointed out. I feel like this really stutteres the flow of both gameplay and story with absolutely no benefit. Mild example: Establishing a portal to Stormwind from Kultiras. -What the quest wants: Establish a portal with the help of a Magus - Directions you get: Go out and click on Magus standing right outside Follow Magus in to watch the portal be made - Directions you need: A portal must be made. Genn came with Magi. Find and bring one. - Example tracking text: Find a Legionare Magus to establish a portal No more steps, just this! In this example the Magus is right outside, which could be indicated by an area, following them back does not need to be its own step since we can see them walk. This example might seem picky but the same feeling has been on a greater scale on many quests so far, I just happened to do this one just nowSóulburn0 08 May
07 May Drustvar is awesome,Tiragarde sound-confusing This is my feedback after playing through both zones. I want to say that Drustvar is one of the best zones I've seen in game. The theme fits very well. And the storyline is great. I obtained the achievement "Drust do it", which means I experienced no major bugs (the minor were reported). However, I don't have that luck with Tiragarde sound. Not only I can't get the quest "Prepare for trouble", but the questline is confusing. It's not that streamlined. Somehow during my play I didn't complete some quests in the mine, because another NPC made me join him on a boat and got teleported into a completely different location. That's why I still haven't completed the achievement in the zone.Grodor0 07 May
07 May "Infusing the Heart" for Magni reappearing I have swapped races from Mag'hari Orc to Orc on lvl 120 and Magni offered this quest again. I was able to enter the Heart again and infuse the amulet (and got granted AP again), however I'm unable to turn it in.Cruniac0 07 May
07 May Battle for Lordaeron Since the release of the cinematic featuring the battle for Lordaeron, I have been so hyped for the interaction once the gameplay was finally released. However, I found the entire experience very underwhelming. As usual the characters and scenery were well designed, but in general the gameplay seemed extremely short, basic limited.Ozric2 07 May
05 May [Quest: Burn Notice] After acquiring a Vulpera Fireflask from one of the Vulpera Firefoxes, I went to the ship marked on the minimap and there was nothing specific to use the Fireflask on. The sails that are supposed to be burned can't be targeted so i threw ~15 Fireflasks at the mast until i hit the right spot. Please highlight the spot better or make the whole sail count towards the quest objective.Blambalam1 05 May
03 May Quest: Hemingwary's Trek Hemingwary doesn't appear to be at the location marked on the map. When I was doing 'Big Hunter Mon', he appeared and walked down underneath the building (which I hadn't realised was there until then), but once I'd finished that quest & went to do Hemingwary's Trek, he was still nowhere to be found. I went to the underground part of the building, just in case, but he wasn't there.Côdex2 03 May
02 May Quest "Infusing the Heart" Hello, have a quest as me to go to chamber of heart , but after go to recover heart of azeroth i dont see Magni Bronzebeard anymore and no porta to this chamber Thx 4 helpHirukool1 02 May
02 May I might be an idiot, but... I want to level, from 1, but it doesn't seem like I can do it?Angelhearth4 02 May
02 May [Tiragarde Sound] Prepare for Trouble 1) Quest is shown on main map in wrong place (on wrong Taelia) 2) Taelia is in the wall 02 May
02 May [QUEST] Back to Brennadam(Stormsong Valley) I am unable to locate Squire Augustus. A lot of quests seems to have their tracker placed at the wrong location at hand in, so I have been trying to find him elsewhere in the zone, this time without luck. Someone linked the zone Achievement in general chat yesterday with the one storyline I am missing(for the achievement), completed. I take it this person was able to locate Squire Augustus somehow. Can someone fill me in on this?Aylish6 02 May
02 May [Quest] Heart of Darkness Can we please not have John E. Keeshan(or whatever his name was) point his machine gun at the boat we sit in when traveling through the swamp? Or at least give it a comical touch if you really want him to point that gun towards the boat behind him. It kind of ruined the feel a bit, when we just sat there untouched by the machine gun that had just been pointed straight at our boat.Aylish0 02 May