BFA Dungeons, Island Expeditions, Raids

3h Mythic+ Dungeon Feedback Mythic+ Keystone Dungeons are now available for testing. After completing a Mythic dungeon, you should receive a random keystone. Please use this thread for any Mythic+ feedback that you have.Skordyn32 3h
17 May Dungeon Feedback Please use the following threads to provide feedback on Battle for Azeroth dungeons: Tol Dagor Atal'Dazar Waycrest Manor The Underrot Shrine of the Storm Freehold The MOTHERLODE!! Temple of Sethraliss Kings' Rest Siege of BoralusAerythlea0 17 May
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28m Remove votekick from Island Expeditions There are a lot of salty little children playing this game. This feature is too abusable by 2 premades. I usually run Heroic Expeditions for fun. This is the first time I got kicked, but the person who started the kick vote was so utterly salty that I was not following his orders (mind you, it's HC. I'm ilvl 362+). I was jumping around with the jetpack which is super fun this week, and he got so enraged and votekicked me. I was actually contributing about 80% of the Azerite, while he was running off somewhere. what the actual f? How can you let people choose to kick someone because they are ragers? Please remove this or at least restrict pre-mades from accessing it. This kind of behavior is unacceptable.Spherry31 28m
30m World of Worldquests is dumb So WoW is now World of Worldquests. Sorry Blizzard but are you serious? Stop stealing our precious time with ultra-retarted mobile games content like most world quests, stop this useless grind, Why grind Azerite Power at all ?and Warfronts are a joke. Maybe hire some people who actually play and love this game and who have a brain. Nobody wants to grind rep and do the same idiotic world quests 100 time again and again. and honestly, hhow old is this engine 20-30 years ago? Common you earned billions with this game. Maybe give us some new engine that looks good and doesn't run like crap next expansion. Greedy capitalistsKillja3 30m
39m WoW BfA Fixback WoW Fix Feedback Transmog - Alts - Reps - Gathering - Professions - Mounts - Black Market Transmogs: Make the transmog collection a list of purchasable transmogs. Each transmog has its requirements for unlocking (if any) and a price according to the actual rarity of the item; a 1% chance costs 100 marks, a 10% chance cost 10 marks, world drops each cost 10 marks, set items cost 25 marks. Players can then unlock transmogs directly from the book of collections. Each mark has a 1% chance to drop on all mobs, 10% chance on old raids & dungeon bosses. Mounts: A lot of time is wasted on mount runs as well. Please allow player to queue for specific mount runs, similar to how we can queue for world events or LFR. Please allow queue for mount runs directly at the boss who drops the mount. Reputation: Each world quest should award 300 rep instead of 75 rep for the specific faction so that's a 4x increase of rep rewards. Each weekly quest for reputation should award 3000 rep, so that's a 3x increase. Each daily quest from old zones should award 1000 rep, can't be stuck for weeks to do the old reps. Obviously all reputations should be account wide. Alts: Alts rewards should be scaled according to main; it means that if my main has world quest reward of 325-340 then my alts should have the same world quest rewards; it is a pain to go through 280-290-300-310-315-320 and then do the warfront for 340 to be able to do the raids and mythic +. If your main is ilvl 370 then your alt should get ilvl 340 rewards if he is of the same level as the main. Gathering Professions: Players should be able to select which herb or mineral they want to gather, and then each node spawns with the requested herb/mineral (except for rare nodes); so I can farm for ghost-iron in BfA or in Elwyn forest for example. Also mobs spawn right next to nodes, they always aggro the player and make them lose time. It is okay if it is a one shot mob, but when they are damage sponges it is very annoying, a lot of time is wasted. Either remove the mob spawn next to gathering nodes, or make them 1 shot mobs/aggressive critters. Professions: Professions in BfA are just inflation reducing system, they remove material from the market, nothing useful is created from profession. The items are just fuel for the scrapper for a 10% chance at expulsom. Profession were best at BC with rare recipes and tradeable items with cool transmog or even bop items of good transmog skins. Black market auction house: The black market auction house should work differently: - Each mount should have a starting price of 200k gold - Each pet should have a starting price of 10k gold - Each TCG item should have a starting price of 100k gold - Each t3 item should have a starting price of 150k gold - Each container should have a fixed price of 35k gold. The black market should be replenished every 8 hours, and the items are not on an auction but on a buy out. The price of items should decrease with time. So a cool mount might be an instant buy at 200k gold while a bad mount will decrease price for 8 hours, until it is a good buy. Pathing issue: Fed up with getting stuck on rocks, barriers, stairs, pillars, etc... Please fix these models so that they have either a pathway on top of it or a blocked rectangular invisible box, that prevents us from getting stuck on them. The Boralus map is perfect example of very annoying design: small stairways, lots of barriers, water, and ridges, that make getting around be very annoying. My character gets stuck, or falls or start walking on a pillar; all these are just: " what the hell is this still alpha" moments. War mode: War mode is just a fest right now; make people not be able to add to fights; if I am a single player; I can only be attacked by one player; if I am in a group of 5 players, then I can be tagged by 5 players. Don't make 5vs1 fight, it is plain bad design. Feedback from long term player; who wants to like BfA, but I think the game is very unpolished many things should change so that there is less time sink. I should be able to do competitive content like PvP and Mythic + and Raids; not lose time raising my alts; my reps; my crafts; getting stuck on world assets; killed unfairly and farming gold.Doeuvre0 39m
11h LFR : how to help a better experience Hi, So this happen often : I queue in raid, and when it pops, 2 bosses are down, just one left to go. Now I have 2 choices : - Leave immediatly, giving me a 30 min deserter debuff and giving the raid an empty spot, and then queue again another time. - Down the boss, requeue (and wait) for a chance to down the 2 bosses I didn't had the chance to fight. Then, I can leave before the last boss, screwing another player and/or the raid depending on the hour, or I can stick with the raid for pure support as I'll get nothing for it. Depending on my time, and my mood, I usually do one or the other, but nether enjoy this choice. Could we at least gain something to stick with the raid in the second choice ? Not a new chance to loot, I get it, but at least a bonus gold/azerite/reputation token on the boss (more than a pinch) we already downed ? Note that I don't feel that way in a guild or even a pickup premade. Sticking is always the good choice there... Hell, maybe I should consider LFR just as a chore, like doing dishes, and get on with it without over-thinking it...Hinkypunk0 11h
20h I have a question about the datamined weapons Why is it that the iconic night elven glaives, the ones you see the night elf guards use, the ones from the old trailers and the ones from the old games... You know, the weapons that any night elf player has longed for, since the inception of the release of the game and especially transmogrification... How come they are going to be classified as War Glaives from the looks of things, making it so that no other class than Demon hunter can use these iconic weapons?Agilerogue0 20h
21h Vanquished Tendril Of G'huun Feedback This trinket is massively under tuned for an end boss trinket. My 360 version is out performed by my 340 Emblem of Zandalar which is from a world quest. Today it dropped again but this time ilvl 370 and only just outperforming the 340, barely worth using. I've had no other trinket drops which is very frustrating. I should have felt great about this trinket titan forging tonight but nope. Any chance this could get looked at sooner rather than later? It doesn't feel right gearing up for Uldir only to get worse loot twice in a row. Really sucks actually. Second thread on US, others are having similar issues across multiple classes/specs.Pileggi0 21h
23h People abusing votekick in Expeditions You can be votekicked in normal tier expeditions. There are loads of double team pre-mades abusing this on my realm kicking the third random player right before the team wins. This leaves the third player without any of the rewards (except progress on the azerite bar) and with a invisible deserter debuff so they cannot que up for another expedition. Bliz pls fixTermina1 23h
1d Feedback: Kings' Rest Hi all, A new Battle for Azeroth dungeon – Kings' Rest - is now available for testing on the Beta. This dungeon is only available on Mythic difficulty. In this thread, we'd like to gather as much of your feedback as possible regarding the new dungeon, once you've had a chance to run it. Any feedback you have would be greatly appreciated, including topics like: The overall flow of the dungeon Visuals, including creatures and environment Boss encounters and their mechanics Overall difficulty Any bugs or unexpected behavior you may have encountered Any other general thoughts about the dungeon Thanks!Aerythlea5 1d
1d M+ bosses are fortified this week. Hello all, Me and my guild did a +11 MOTHERLODE yesterday and it felt kinda odd, bosses had more hp than +10 tyrannical, bosses did more dmg than a +10 tyranical. That made us wonder if bosses are maybe tyrannical due to an error or it was just our imagination. So we did a +4 waycrest just to check out the math behind it: We checked out Raal the Gluttonous boss for example, his base HP on a m0 is 1,648,276, having the 17% modifier (as it should be, or is written on the boss) the boss should have 1,928,482 hp which was not the case. The boss actually had 2,258,138 hp which is the exact amount it would have if it had the Fortified debuff. Please Blizzard, take a look at this and fix it if possible, as on higher m+ we don't really need to fight with fortified bosses pwning is for 30% more dmg (which is more than what would Tyranical give them)Danedeluka2 1d
1d Fix RNG plz Did some mythic+ last week with 2 characters with 0 drop items at the end of the dungeon. Weekly chest gave me the same item that already had and weekly pvp chest gave me the next conquest reward. World Boss with roll 0 items and warfront 370 item gave me a cloak i already had. So 0 progress and static to item level so far for almost 2 Weeks, what is the point then to play ?Virion0 1d
1d Arathi highlands rares reset? When will they even reset these rares? I've been waiting like 2 weeks for them to reset this !@#$, I heard you could kill them once a week but apparently that was wrong. Also heard that when warfront came up for Alliance they'd reset, but no that wasn't the case either.Yohani1 1d
1d Blizzard: Are you willing to listen? I’m sure you are aware of all the negative feedback you’ve been getting from this expansion, if not from countless videos then from the unsub numbers on your statistics. Based on your recent attempt to lock players in for 180 days by advertising a recoloured flying mount then I suppose you are. My ONE question is, you have heard to rage, and anger from your community, what are you going to do next? Can we expect to have a clear communication line between the dev team and players, because that is what we need right now to calm people down. Some serious issues like, the bland azorite system, lack of content and overall boring scenarios are just to touch on a few reasons why at the moment I’m even considering paying for the next months subscription. I genuinely love wow, but have no desire to play at this point, so I’m reaching out to you with this message, hoping to find some communication, and trying to be optimistic. But it’s really hard. What do you say? Community, question for you, please be open here why you’re not enjoying this expac and also what you DO like, I think it’s just as important to say what we like as what we don’t like.Oz1 1d
1d Underrot thrash before first boss Guys, what are you thinking about that thrash before first boss on Underrot on bridge? It seems on high mythic plus its just unkillable.. Blizzard should nerf them at all..Misandriel3 1d
1d Feedback: Island Expeditions A new Battle for Azeroth feature, Island Expeditions, is now available for testing for characters that complete a the "Island Expedition" tutorial quest at level 115. Once unlocked, Normal Island Expeditions can be completed by characters of level 110-120. This unlock is account-wide. Heroic, Mythic, and PvP Island Expeditions become available at level 120. Alliance players can queue from the Expedition table in Boralus Harbor, near the Tradewinds Market. Look for the green ship occupying the second slip. Horde players can queue from the Expedition table in Zuldazar Harbor, at the Port of Zandalar, on the west side. Look for the red ship. What are we testing? We are currently testing Un’gol Ruins, Dread Chain, and Molten Cay. There are 12 NPC teams available for testing (6 per faction). What is the goal of an Island Expedition? The goal of an Island Expedition is to collect Azerite. The first team to 6000 Azerite wins. A group of NPCs from the opposing faction (or players, if PvP) will also be present, competing with you for the Azerite. Many things on the Island reward Azerite: chests, Azerite crystals, powerful creatures, friendly NPCs in need of aid, killing enemy NPCs, and more. You’ll find things you can interact with, scattered all across the Island to help you. Thank you for testing, and we’re looking forward to your feedback!Aerythlea40 1d
1d BfA would be a great expansion IF... If there would be less Dead time. By dead time I mean: 1. Using fly paths - its not fun to stare while being able to do nothing 2. Autorun - POI distance is too great, fly points are kinda bad In the end i waste too much time not doing anything. Flying would help with 2nd point a bit but it wouldn't solve 1st issue. Random ideas how to fix that: 1. Faster fly paths 2. More teleports (ex from each zone to another ones) 3. Minigame while flying or all of them at once. I am pretty much satisfied about every other aspect of expansion except for this. RNG is nicely tuned (compared to legion). Item titanforging capped. Dungeons have too much trash but i guess it won't be issue with better gear. We also need alternative source of resources. But the biggest issue is dead time at least for me.Sharja22 1d
1d I hate RNG ! Just wanna share this....I HATE RNG. Doing dungeon runs, doing my guilds raidruns and ppl are getting loot all over the place some ppl get like 3/4 item in 1 single raid and what do i get ...max 1 item. This lootsystem is total !@#$.Demolishdk6 1d
1d Warfronts reward the wrong items Dear Blizzard, I've been doing Warfront runs for a while now and I've come to the conclusion that the Warfronts reward the wrong items. The new pvp and Warfront items come in three tiers. Tier 1 being minimalistic, tier two looks neat and tier three is the elite version. You can only obtain one tier three item once per Warfront cycle during the scenario. However, it is mentioned in the "item set tab of the interface" that the tier two items should be obtainable through the Warfronts. So far all the rewards have been tier one items. I don't know if this is intended or not, but is seems pretty unfair to me. I've been looking forward to the tier two items since the announcement of BfA. Could you please fix or clarify this Blizzard? Kind regards, Onerius (link to the tiers: 1d
2d [Flying will kill world pvp] I just wanted to write from that if we get flying all warmode stuff in the game ganking and world pvp will be gone. Please blizzard think about that. If we get flying in 8.1 the world will die again. We will have legion 2.0 with people doing only world quest and 0 world pvp. Flying will kill this and i hope we don't see it in 8.1.Stivledeniq27 2d
2d 'infested' triggering Trypophobia Hi, Ive been running af few 10+ keys now, and after actually having time to study the models with the affix/debuff, my Trypophobia gets a bit triggered even though I think it looks awesome. I only see myself as a mild victim of the phobia, but I can still imagine how someone with a more severe case of it, can feel really uncomfortable. This is maybe something to consider, I'm not saying to redo anything per say. Have a nice day :)Havocado1 2d
2d Punishment/Consequence system Please make a system that punish/deal consequences for people who leave in the middle of a Mythic+ for whatever reason. It's getting very frustrating have a +10 key and then having it reduced to a +7 due to people keep on leaving in the middle of everything. As if it is now, the one leaving for whatever reason, doesn't get punished at all, only the keyholder and the 3 other people in the group that loose their invested time, get unnecessary repair bills, waste of expensive pots and flasks. It wasn't that big of an issue in Legion, but people ESPECIALLY tanks have turned to the worst and left for even the smallest of issues, such as not making it in time, getting constructive critism for how they play, pull, tank and so on. Seriously Blizzard, do something about this issue, it happens frequently that people leave the keyholder behind with a lower key than he started with. This has happened to me 5-6 times the last two weeks and I am as many others, sick and tired of investing time and effort in pushing a key and then you get frequently major setbacks, due to people are ignorant and selfish...Íllu5 2d
2d Stop Wasting Dev on Failed Systems I don't understand why Blizz is spending development resources on trash, failed systems like Island Expeditions, while massively, massively successful systems like m+ get token changes. Instead of shoving garbage like IE down our throats, and then 'fixing' it by trying to bait us into running this garbage content with weekly rewards, why don't you guys develop m+ seasons, add tiers of m+ season rewards, achieves etc.? Island Expeditions and War Fronts are a failure. Admit it. Move on.Pandao2 2d
2d We got told we could farm it. Yet we can't Hi there. Am I the only one being mildly frustrated with the way Azerite gear is being distributed? We got told before BFA. "You can find the trait you want and you know exactly where to farm it". Yet it's being locked away on a weekly basis. Idk, maybe I'm just mad because it was not 100% clarified back then, but it's frustrating if you wanna try a build, centering around 3 of the same traits, you can't unless you're an RNG god.Titankím3 2d
2d Island Expeditions - Collection Feedback Hello everybody, the following post is meant to be a support post to - - , by giving you my personal numbers on 100+ Island Expeditions, as well as trying to debunk the theory, that Myth oder Heroic have (significantly) higher drop chances. After having done 14 Mythics, 48 Heroics as well as 67 Normals (no garantuee for these numbers to be exact, but thats what my count summs up to by now.) I've gotten the following: 2 Quest items (Strangling Root & Elemental Core) 4 Rep items (champions twice, talanjis once, voldun once) 1 Pet (Poro, apparently the most common one) 3 ILvL 310 transmogg items (items only available as single parts, not whole sets.) 0 Mounts 0 Toys Notice that ALL of these items dropped in different difficulties - except PvP which i didn't include with my druid. I have seen most of these drops in normal actually, compared to that heroic doesn't seem to make any difference. Almost all mount, toy and pet drops that I've seen dropping for other people were, in fact, drops from normal (Inky, Snapper, Poro, Littlehoof as pets and various mounts, the 325 Fish transmogg 1h weapon, etc.). If you consider yourself a collector for various things in WoW, as I do with 800+ pets and 300+ toys, this is quiet saddening, especially since there are now Achievements for 1000 Pets and 400 Toys which - let's be honest - if you don't have all promotion and TCG items are already pretty tricky. Not to mention bought pets don't count towards the achievement "Im here for the pets" AND they only count for the character you got them with - not even your Alts get the progress. This makes the IE one of the most unrewarding things blizzard has ever patched in (and trust me, as someone who collected 334 Toys alone i did a lot of unrewarding stuff.) - and don't start arguing over the Azerith, since I know that this is Blizzards main reason for players to go in there BUT with 319 different rewards (number taken from the post mentioned above), which include 28 pets, 8 toys and 5 mounts, and a count of 10 drops after almost 130 IEs, these are not even low drop chances anymore - they are practically non-existent. I would advise anyone who doesn't solely do this for the Azerith weekly quest: Leave it be for now and hope for a Vendor (i wouldn't mind paying 1000 or even 5000 doublons for a mount/toy/pet with one of each or even just one at all being available per week and rotating - just the possibility to get specific items would be enough) or Loot Rate Push, since i can say from personal experience: it does not pay off at all to grind these - and my mates and i barely need 4 Minutes for a normal. Before those who "oppose handouts" start complaining about this post, go out and grind 130 of these, you'll change your mind quickly, i promise, or follow the link mentioned above and look through the maths done there - 800 hrs of gameplay. i'm not asking for toys and pets being thrown in my face - i simply want reasonable drop rates and no to few duplicates. If you have done a reasonable amount yourself and have somewhat reliable numbers, please post you drops here so we can widen the poll and see, if we can find anything out about the drop chances, possible drop-to-mob binds (Poro dropping only when you kill 3 pirate rares f.ex.) or other ways to make grinding more efficient. In hope of some collaboration on this, BulldruidBulldruid3 2d
3d No Azerite from mythic+ Kind of equivalent to no relics and or legendaries from Legion mythic+ no?Blayser2 3d
3d Bonus rolls in M+ & azerite armour To help m+ players get azerite armour a little easier, bonus rolls in mythic+ dungeons should have a chance to drop azerite armour at the appropriate ilvl for that m+. As you can only buy 2 bonus roll seals a week, this would still time gate the azerite armour as blizzard want, but would give people who dont raid a chance to get higher ilvl azerite armour outside of the small chance to get it in their weekly chest. Anyone else think this would be a good idea?Brunn1 3d
4d 320 to queue in Warfront...Really Blizz ? You need now 320 ilevel to queue in Warfront...Really Blizz ? Dudes, this was a super friendly way to gear up to 320-330 your fresh lvl 120 alts, but now... Do you really need to screw up this whole expansion ?Szakadékk6 4d
4d Feedback about choice. To exaggerate I feel like WoW is a couple of steps from becoming Idle WoW. It feels like you (Blizzard) has taken away almost any autonomy that we had. PvP: In my opinion you have totally screwed us here. I get honor and I get CP but it's basically useless. I can't decide anything anymore. Instead I WILL get a 345 weapon when reaching the first 500 CP even though what I really need is a shield. The random drops from crates is equally grating as the chance of me getting what I want and need isn't very high. Honor is absolutely useless. The only thing it indicates is that someone has done more PvP than me. In raids you have removed master looter so that everyone randomly gets loot which makes some raiders have awesome gear and some crap gear. It also means that if you need to have trials while raiding, to see if they're any good, the trials may get loot on every boss and then leave and the core raiders may get basically nothing. What was the reasoning behind taking choice away from the player(s)? Some people are sure to like it, maybe even most, but I hate it.Moronica0 4d
4d King's rest bug since this week kings rest is being buggy even though i got it unlocked with 1 char i wasnt able to enter on my dk as it said i still needed to complete the war campain (while i was able to do it on my dk before just fine) then i tried entering with my shaman (second alt hasnt completed it either) was able to enter the dungeon just fine to enter suddenly at the 3 boss (hadnt done kigns rest on him before that week) when i then walked out of the room the way to the last boss spawned withoute the 3e boss being down and also there where no mobs outside and the door to the second boss was still lockedNazrull3 4d
4d Placeholders on Guild news tab So we are nearly about 2 weeks after opening Uldir, and we still got placeholders like this in Guild News tabs? :D When you guys will fix it?Devanos0 4d
5d Silent Vectis Buff? Hey there, just some feedback from my guild's Vectis Heroic kill this week (30 man size). Last week we managed to kill Vectis on Heroic fairly easily, slight adjustment from Normal, had to watch out for those Omega Vectors, but it was reasonable for a Heroic boss. This week we started to wipe on it, and our healers were exhausting a lot of their Mana pools by the latter parts of the fight. After checking the Dungeon Journal, it seems that Lingering Infection scales based on raid size? Whether it was a bug or misrepresented information or not, week 1 it read 5% per stack - and we definitely felt a noticeable difference tonight. We ended up having to carefully orchestrate the fight as you would do in Mythic to get our kill. I've killed many bosses on many difficulties and progressed many different raid tiers through Normal/Heroic/Mythic but this boss doesn't quite feel like it belongs as an early Heroic boss. Maybe it's just our group size? But considering last week we killed it with relative ease, it feels like something else has changed aside from the fix for Omega Vectors with lower group sizes. Anyone else experiencing this?Vestaxe2 5d
5d Artifact Knowledge So yday b4 the knowledge, i was at 27k/29k for lvl 22 on the neck. Today after the knowledge i was at 21k/22k for lvl 22. If i understand this correctly knowledge scales down the requirement but also scales down ur AP gained for the lvl based on the percenetage u were. i dont know but this feels very badly designed to me. Knowledge should reduce the requirement, not take away AP i ve alrdy gathered.Noheirlooms4 5d
5d Siege and Kings rest on M+ Can you do these dungeons on M+ even if you havent done the quest chains leading to unlocking the normal mythic version of it?Sàygòòdbyè2 5d
5d Cant join warfront I wait one week because alliance hold aratchi, time was over today at 12.00 or 13.00 so i login like 14.30 or somethink i go to table and i cant join (gray button), someone can tell me wtf is this? i have 120lvl and 340ilvll.Holare1 5d
6d Uldir Trinkets not worth using So it has soon been 2 weeks and not a single response about the state of Uldir raid trinkets. Talking from PoV of the Agility trinkets; Construct Overcharger4th worst ranked trinket for Beast Mastery in a pool of world quest trinkets, dungeon trinkets and other raid trinkets. It is so bad that even an ilvl 400 version will lose to Darkmoon Deck: Fathoms which is a crafted trinket at ilvl 355. Frenetic CorpuscleOnly slightly better than previous trinket, absolute garbage damage proc that does 1-1.2% of total damage where other damage proc trinkets usually do around 3.5-4.5% Vanquished Tendril of G'huunHorribly undertuned as well, 370 version is not worth using over 350-355 trinkets. Getting a trinket in Uldir feels like you just got gold/AP. To get a trinket you have to farm m+ mindlessly until you finally luck out and get 1 of the 3 good ones(Lustrous Golden Plumage, Galecaller's Boon or Harlan's Loaded Dice) or get a trinket from PvP which are also extremely good for their iLvl.Huntorz1 6d
6d BFA Quest: From the Depth Playing through BFA i got the quest "From the depths" in which you fight a huge monster called "Pride of Azshara", this seemed like a cool fight, not to hard but fun none the less. But i quickly found an exploit to the fight, being a rogue i tried to blind (totally on purpose) this elite monster and it worked, Suprise! But not only did it work, i was able to use the canons provided for the battle without the monster losing the dazed/ stunned effect. This made the big bad monster even easier. just wanted to point this out. and i dont even know if this is the right place to post about this. Oh well. Hope this ends up in the right hands.Julie0 6d
15 Sep "Controlling" the warfront I find it appalling that the faction in control, controls about nothing. You "control" a single world boss, you get a single guaranteed item and rares. None of which can be repeated over the course of two weeks. Whereas the attacking force, which is NOT in control of the entire zone, can happily farm loot without pause. So how exactly does "winning" the warfront and "controlling" the zone amount to anything? Why are there no events where your base gets attacked and an organic world quest pops up where you defend against trolls/horde/ogres etc. in order to get rewards?Grandepadre0 15 Sep
14 Sep Warfront "hotfix" So... the horde got 340 gear and it wasn't supposed to... now they hotfix it so the alliance only gets 320 gear and is in an disentvantage... can we get some justiceLiezey5 14 Sep
14 Sep Major FPS lagg - Uldir raid Wanted to join the wave. TL:DR: When I am raiding, I get major lagg spikes especially on boss encounters. I have tried to uninstall the game fully, change hardware, update software/hardware/addons....... I have tried overclocking hardware. I have tried changing several in-game settings. I have tried repairing the game/resetting the in-game options. I have tried disabling addons.(slightly better, but not recommended on Mythic progress) I have probably tried more... System specs: CPU: I7 4790K (Tried overclocking it to 4,5GHZ aswell, still major fps spikes when encounting boss) GPU: MSI Geforce 1080 (Tried with a 970 aswell, same same..) RAM: 16GB - 2400 MHZ PSU: 750Watt Hope there will be some way to make it smooth. Currently not funny to play with on mythic progress..Deviantt0 14 Sep
14 Sep Mother Bug after extensive ''Testing'' After ''extensive testing'' on beta after all the live streams yday and invisible beams keep rng killing 4-5 ppl. There is no excuse and lets be honest this is the buggies expac launch i think ever....Omgomgwtf4 14 Sep
13 Sep Azerite armor is the last thing I want Like the title says. When I go into a raid, when I think about what to spend my bonus rolls on or just hope for what loot to get, Azerite armor pieces is the last thing I hope for. Honestly the excitement level for them is just non existant for me. If I could pick I would much rather get a normal item with secondary stats on it than an Azerite armor piece that has mainstat and some passive trait that procs now and then. But if I could -REALLY- choose, I'd take set bonuses, legendaries and artifacts back any day instead of Azerite armor. I can sparcely pick maybe a handful of traits that exist in the game that I find even somewhat interesting. But when compared to set bonuses artifacts and legendaries, these azerite traits don't even come close in terms of how fun it feels. And don't get me started on the level your Heart of Azeroth neck needs to be to even unlock these. Nah, I'll take a normal item with secondary stats on it, thanks. That way I can actually be in control over my output from stacking secondary stats rather than relying on some random laser that appears sometimes when I do my normal rotation. A good idea could be to drastically reduce the amount of azerite traits that exist, and instead make every single one of them feel interesting and fun instead. I don't need 15-20 different watered down traits that all feel, frankly, boring. Give 5-10 fun ones instead that have some real good effects to them instead. Easier to balance if there are fewer traits aswell, as far as I'm concerned. Also, it's very important that most of them are spesific to your spec or class rather than universal, boring stuff. How can we go from Legion, that had so much amazing systems like this in it, to what we have now that is a bunch of boring passives?Judithmarie1 13 Sep
13 Sep Bugged island. So last week I went with my friends to do a heroic island that spawned some special portal, we went to explore it and encountered this: My demon hunter friend tried to glide off and check what's supposed to be beyond that point, but it just disconnected him. It looks extremely unfinished / glitched. Not sure how else to report it so it gets fixed.Arlenza0 13 Sep
13 Sep WF min ilvl requirement Doing that without any advanced warning to those people that rushed chars to use it to bypass the normal / heroic grind.... less than nice. It was basically its only redeeming quality.Unsubdk3 13 Sep
13 Sep Vanquished Tendril of G'huun garbage? It's absolutely ridiculous how bad of an item this is, comparable to 340 trinkets at 370+ and it's supposed to be a drop from the last boss of the raid? What's going on here? Is the damage of the tentacle scaled incorrectly? It seems to pop about once a minute and does about 2k damage per cast, Ends up at 20k total, Which is less than the DMF card and it has no main statPelane1 13 Sep
13 Sep Armor sets in Uldir and forward Hello I just saw the new armor sets on MMO-Champion for Uldir. This is beyond me. How can blizzards design team be SO lazy that they go from giving every class its own unique look to the sets and set bonuses to giving us only Cloth, leather, mail and plate sets that look the same on every class? How is this a better design? I can understand that the Tier set bonuses had to go now that we have other bonuses from the Artifact pieces, but what is the excuse to simplify the armor design so drastically? Every raid, the thing that i most looked forward to was the class sets and how cool they look. Everytime a new raid was announced i got excited and started looking everywhere for the class sets. My question to blizzard is if this is how you intend the design going forward, or if this is just an Uldir thing? You cannot be serious going from 10-12 unique sets to 4?Kratoes8 13 Sep
13 Sep LFR Feedback I did not enjoy LFR in Legion, it was boring and felt like a slog to get through. Thus I was not exactly looking forward to the first BFA LFR opening today. However, I am a casual player that does not have the time to run organised group content or spend time trying to pug group finder with my ilvl so LFR is my only way to realistically experience the game's raids and loot. But actually, I ended up having the most fun I think I have ever had in LFR - and I have done every instance since Dragon Soul. I thought the bosses were tuned well. Not so difficult that chat became toxic, but the mechanics forced us to communicate, work together and we ended up having a good bit of banter and managed to beat Mother with just one stack of Determination. But it felt like we worked for it. I understand that balancing LFR must be super challenging for Blizzard, but I hope they continue to get this right going forward and I look forward to the next wing of Uldir!Fuzzfinger0 13 Sep
12 Sep Feedback: Temple of Sethraliss So. We do this !@#$place in Keystone Dungeon, and once we get the down the first stairs on the left just, before we kill anything, we get Sanguine ALL OVER THE PLACE. No for no reason. It's also happened on the last trash pack before 2nd boss in Motherlode. Everytime. This csannot be true. That Sanguine is placed down before any mobs have been killed. New Affix? I think not. Please fix.Seta1 12 Sep
12 Sep My ideas for Warfronts improvements Hey as people probably know Warfronts can be fun but people afk and the difficulty is not that high in the first place. I have a few suggestions on how to improve the Warfronts. 1. Make it harder or make a HC version of the warfronts, it is too easy and you can do it without any effort at all at the moment. This will also solve people from AFKing for free 340 gear. 2. Make an AFK report function maybe specifically for Warfronts so people can get a suspension so they won't be able to join warfronts for a while and if they repeat it for the rest of the time the warfront is up. 3. Make it joinable for guild groups, I really wanted to just !@#$ around with my guildies but that was impossible since you can'y join as a raid group. Maybe incorporate a guild only mode for a possible higher difficulty. 4. Maybe make capturing a flag a bit more difficult or make it so you need to capture it just like towers in battlegrounds and maybe a wave of enemies tries to stop you while capturing. As it is now you can overpower everything by going as a group of 20 and you won't even lose anything.Darkblade3 12 Sep