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3h Conflagrate-Backdraft Can you please look at back draft and fix it. Currently it's only providing 1 cast time reduction to 1 chaos bolt or 1 incinerate. Please revert it back so it is 3 incinerates. As it stands at the moment the class feels very slow and clunky to play. It feels as though very little thought as been given to Destruction. I'd also suggest proactively reworking the azurite traits before they hit live as they are laughable at best. I'd suggest adding more choices or improving greatly what you have added so far.Mysticdude3 3h
3h Give all tanks mass grip if we want to see more variations of tanks in m+ then all 5 tanks specs need to have mass grip. I really want to play BM in this expansion in m+, it was to hard in legion for multiple reasons and those problems are still there but the utility should be given to all. remove the nerf in range from blood dk and give it to them all, the dungeons in bfa are a pain for trash being scattered and difficult to group which is unfair if 2 tanks have (I play DH and Monk) if the argument is raised that this is what defines these tanks then we have some serious class identity looking into BFA creativity is lacking so maybe warrior / war stomp them in paladin chuck a shield in the air monks put a statue out and transcend them who cares, just make it happen.Knucklês5 3h
5h Nerf rogues Sometimes after an opener they leave me with 20% hp, yesterday a rogue hit me for 80k envenom. This is almost a oneshot. If rogue is a noob there is a chance, but not against a skilled one. Unacceptable.Габаров0 5h
5h Why is ret paladin so powerful ? There are 5+ rets in every 120 BG atm, they are so powerful. Not even mentioning their great survivability, but their damage... Their damage is so insane.Twinkle21 5h
5h I like the new class designs I thought I would post something positive due to all the negative posts I can see on this forum. I personally enjoy the new class designs (for my classes) for the most part with a few exceptions of course, as there always will be. I don't see why people expect spec overhauls if it's already in a good position - if it's not broken, don't fix it. This approach means Blizzard could focus on other areas of the game instead of redesigning specs which don't need it. I do believe the majority of those that needed a redesign did get one (for my classes). The time saved not redesigning some classes means they can focus on other aspects of the game that some of the player base enjoy (ie. story, world immersion, professions etc.) A great portion of the player base has commended Blizzard on creating some really beautiful zones and intriguing questlines. From what I've seen, the dungeons are all great fun too so lets hope the raids are also high quality. I have been going through the new professions and they also seem to have some major improvements and I'm really looking forward to engineering specifically. Back to class design, I predominantly play as a dps and have played the following specs on both beta and now pre-patch 8.0: Retribution paladin Affl & destroy Warlock Marsmanship & Beast Mastery Hunter Balance Druid Enhancement Shaman I've seen many complaints about "pruning" and "base rotation has only 3 buttons" and I just don't see where this is the case (in my classes). NOTE: I by no means consider myself an expert in any of these classes and this is just my 2 cents. I also appreciate I have not levelled these classes to 120 and the experience to 120 may be significantly different. Ret paladin Very similar to Legion design with a few improvements such as removing the judgement window and adding back inquisition (which I personally like) and hammer of wrath. I have talented wake of ashes and I actually end up with 1 more button to press than I had in Legion. Affliction lock I personally didn't like the Legion design too much (despite it having great numbers) but if you did, you can still take drain soul as a talent if you did enjoy this playstyle. I really like the new deathbolt and I'm glad shadowbolt is back. There is also the option for various DPS cooldowns now that Darkglare is baseline and Dark Soul: Misery is back. Destruction lock What's not to like? Great new animations and the playstyle is very similar to Legion, which I enjoyed. Marksmanship hunter This spec had a large overhaul and so far I'm really enjoying it. More buttons to press than in legion. I love that lone wolf is now baseline and the damage buff has been reduced to 10% which means I'm much more likely to use a pet. Again, their core rotation uses Rapid fire (which I really like), arcane shot, aimed shot and steady shot which is a 4 button rotation and hunter's mark is back as a spell and will therefore need to be applied to prime targets. Explosive shot will be taken for m+ and some raid bosses and so will serpent sting/murder of crows therefore there is potentially a 6 button rotation excluding dps CD's and hunter's mark. Beast Mastery hunter Did not enjoy this spec too much in Legion but from what I briefly played in pre-patch, I quite like the changes. Core baseline rotation of 3 buttons (cobra shot, kill command and barbed shot) which is similar to Legion but was Dire beast instead of barbed shot. However, dire beast can and most likely will still be talented in addition to Chimera shot therefore rotation will likely be 5 buttons. With A murder of crows, Bestial Wrath and Aspect of the Wild, there is also 3 DPS CD's. This is of course on top of managing your pets and utilising your wide range of utility spells. I personally really enjoyed this spec and will likely level with it in BFA. Balance Druid Enjoyed this spec in legion and not too many changes made which I believe was for the best as it was already in a good place. I do like that solar wrath now cleaves and both lunar strike and solar wrath empower the other which makes the aoe rotation a bit more interesting. I really enjoyed the moon concept and glad this is a talent although it's a shame to see it on such a competitive row as it may now be the best talent to take. This is my biggest worry with this spec. Enhancement Shaman I have probably played this the least so far on beta/pre-patch and I can't see too much that has changed. I actually really like that they've added Earth Shied as a talent - not sure how strong the heals are yet but love running around with it :) The majority of the player base were happy with this spec in Legion therefore I agree it only needed some minor tweaks. Please remember this is all my personal opinion and you are more than welcome to continue hating all the changes.Jimmyyh5 5h
6h Winderwalker Feedback Hello this is the last desperate try to save the windwalker specc for bfa: Due to the changes the specc underwent in the couple last months its specc identity and fun has completly vanish. The specc i played since mop and accumulated almost 300 days /played time is just no longer there. i have spoken to alot of other high rated windwalkers and noone enjoys whats left of this once fast paced and engaging specc, that was centered around setting up kills with stuns and cc similar to rogues. However now that almost every utility has been removed or nerfed into oblivion it just feels like i have no impact on the game. Here is what i would like the see being changed to restore that core gameplay windwalker was about: Pve Talents: row 15 and 30 are fine row 45 Fist of the White Tiger add the effect from the legion legendary The Wind Blows to it row 60 Tiger Tail Sweep is underperforming compared to the other choices either it should reduce the cd further or be changed completly row 75 Snner Stregth should be increased to 3% row 90 Hit Combo has to be buffed again row 100 Spiritual Focus is a rly boring talent but i understand that there has to be a passive talent in each row so change whirling dragon punch talent to Strike of the windlord and make WDP baseline Honor Talents: Heavy-handed Strikes should be changed back to stuning the targets i would even take the mop version of fist of fury ,were you were rooted while channeling it but for the love of god pls make it stun again Yu'lon's Gift it should work with roll aswell because having it on flying serpent kick is just useless and there is no point in wasting one of three talent spots for that Tiger Style that talent just feels like a placeholder there is no situation anyone would ever pick that it should be reworked Eminence way to weak to justify it taking up a talent spot either buff it heavily or rework it Control the Mists it just feels to weak 9k heal on a 139k hp pool and our only healing ability as a hybrid either buff it heavily or rework it New Honor Talent ideas Spinning Fire Blossom from mop Healing Sphere from mop (instead of control the mists) improved Paralysis cd reduction to 25sek and maybe add the positioning aspect from mop back (frot 4 sec ; behind 6 sec) at last change Touch of Death back to a 10% execute or remove the GCD from it having more then one offensive cooldown with the new gcd change feels rather punishing then rewarding and here is why: Inflict mortal damage on an enemy, causing the target to take damage equal to 50% of your maximum health after 8 sec, reduced against players. During the 8 sec duration, 10% of all other damage you deal to the target will be added to the final damage dealt. You want to do as much dmg as possible in that 8 sec window, so will you use it together with Sef or Serenity and preferably when your opponent is stunned so he cant use any defensives. Following that logic you would press Legsweep Serenity ToD thats 3 globals were you do nothing but wait for gcds. Furthermore your only stun is effectively 2 sec because you have to cc yourself for 2 to press cds.Balia5 6h
20h Another Shaman Rant My biggest problem with Enhancement and Elemental this expansion is the same problem I have had with since them since the new talent system was brought in. The main issue is that Talents add little to no game play to the overall spec. The changes to Enhancement in legion were good for the most part . The overall play style is the same but it was made to feel like a proper melee spec. The talents just don't really add much to this though, using Havoc Demon hunter as an example with a few talent changes you can switch between a simple mobile style of play or a big meta eye beam build . Elemental has been the same since cata, which I can live with but its stale especially when you jump on the one of new warlocks specs that feel brilliant to play. Enhancement and Elemental talent tree is swamped with passives and cool downs the add X amount extra damage or a button press every 30 seconds. Overcharge is an example of a talent that has potential but unfortunately is tied to lightning bolt which once upon a time was big part of Enhancement but is now a boring range pull ability like heroic throw. The fact that it adds a new maelstrom dump is great but seeing a glimpse of lightning as it fly's 2ft between you and the enemy is strange. This talent is on a tier with 2 other passives and sadly i think the choice for most people is going to come down to what does the most damage. Elemental's talent tree has the start of what could be some good talents like master of elements and exposed elements but there is no later talents that really work well with these in my opinion. Also because of the GCD change you can't get the full benefit of storm elemental or ice fury. In the case of storm elemental the cast time reducting make your lightning bolt so fast you cannot cast it quicker than the gcd. I would like to see a big of a rework to the class overall. Totems for once are one of the big themes of Shamans but don't get enough attention. Maybe changing shamans to use more totems for damage like we used to with searing totem. Different elemental totems could empower different abilities. for example a searing totem could shoot fire and empower lava lash and a storm last totem could electrocute enemies and power up crash lightning. Another theme that I think would be good for the class is a more elemental theme building power and reaching ascendance. I would start by making Ascendance baseline with a much better model. Ascendance would either cost 100 maelstrom or proc at maelstrom cap. This could then change the playstyle when you reach is simmilar to how shadow plays. These are just ideas but I wanted to try and suggest something because i honestly don't know what would fix the spec at this pointRev7 20h
22h More customization in the talent system Having 110 levels in the game with only 7 active talents at a given time gives leveling a totally dull feeling - unless you get lost in the amazing zone stories :-). I have given this much thought and I am 100% certain that the old talent trees need to come back in some form into the structure of our classes. I want to share with you my ideas about the class I play and spec I want to play the most in BfA and how the old talent trees ideology could make the current talent system much better. The premise for the enhancement of our current talents requires all talents to have a 15 level gap between each other. So imagine that the first talent row to start at level 10 and the last talent row at level 100. Next imagine each talent has 3 specific perks with 5 ranks. Each level you get 1 perk point that you can invest.(starting with the level 10 when you get to choose first talent) However you cannot invest more than 15 perks in each talent row - so that it would not be a total mess, but nice progression. Now the most important thing is that players would have a checkbox to automatically put all perks into the associated talent choices so the talent choice with all its 15 perks is the same talent as we currently have now. Let me show you my ideas for Outlaw Rogue (please bear in mind that this is just an example I do not want to be Rogues an OP class and I have absolutely no experience in balancing the game in any way - I just want to demonstrate what could be done with this perk system) Level 10 ... Because I cannot make a post longer than 5000 character long I put all other rows into comments below this If you read all of this, please remember that I did enjoy making it and it is a first draft - I barely kept in mind some things that need to be considered when doing these perk suggestions. What do you think of this system? Would it be good or bad? Or do you think that having just 7 talent rows is more than enough? I would love to read your ideas about this.Tragnar6 22h
1d Healer damage balance is out of place Obviously there are more pressing issues to address (like DPS specs damage balance), but I feel like healing specs damage balance is still an important topic because of: - Soloing - PVP / warmode (esp. with its emphasis in BFA) - It's good to be able to contribute damage when there's nothing to heal TL;DR The current healer damage balance is a mess. It makes no sense that Feral Affinity talented Cat Form deals less damage than basic spells. I'm frustrated when playing Mistweaver that my only damage option sucks when I can't come to melee range. /TL;DR I'll focus on MW and Resto Druid, because I'm not knowledgeable about other healers and I don't want to take too much time to make my point. Resto Druid ranged rotation : maintains 2 DoTs on target and spams Solar Wrath. Mistweaver ranged rotation : uses Chi Wave/Chi Burst if talented and spams Crackling Jade Lightning. Mistweaver melee rotation : uses RSK if cooldown available, then uses Chi Wave/Chi Burst if talented, then uses "TP, TP, TP, BOK" cast sequence. Resto Druid melee rotation (Feral Affinity) : maintains Rake and Rip DoTs, uses FB to dump combo points, builds combo points with Shred. I attacked 110 training dummy for 1 minute. Here are total damage results: NAKED 110 DRUID Ranged rotation : 13.9k Melee rotation : 11.4k NAKED 110 MONK Ranged rotation : 8k Melee rotation : 15k GEARED 110 DRUID Ranged rotation : 122k Melee rotation : 100k GEARED 110 MONK Ranged rotation : 61k Melee rotation : 115k I think that melee rotation should deal more damage than ranged rotation, because ranged is easier and convenient, so let's say a melee rotation should have a 20% advantage. Let's assume Mistweaver melee damage is balanced. It follows that: - Resto Druid ranged damage is too high (15% nerf maybe?) - Resto Druid melee damage is too low (20% buff maybe?) - Mistweaver ranged damage is very bad (60% buff maybe?) Conclusion is in TL;DR above.Aìly3 1d
1d Guardian Druid Feedback Hello Dev team, Community, The current state of the guardian druid has multiple issue and the spec has not seen any real improvements addressing the underlying issues with the class. Currently the spec is not going anywhere and it is the most simple, boring and undeveloped class in the game - there is nothing interesting, no abilities interaction and there is nothing enjoyable in playing it. And sadly this is not my personal view, but it is also shared by the community, by streamer and number of another tanks that I have spoken with. Here are two videos, as an example: So what exactly is wrong: ~Rotation & Abilities~ The class has only 5 main damage abilities (2 of them are nearly exactly the same), there is no interaction between the active abilities and very limited overall, there is no complexity and there is nothing that can be used to explain why this spec was more complex in Burning Crusade that it is in BfA beta. The changes made to some of the other abilities within the spec, removed even more from the enjoyable elements and are only creating more issues. The spec is also plagued by a noticable threat issue, both on live and on the beta. The damage done by guardian druids is not comparable to the other tanks and keeping agro has been a noticeable issue in raid testing and even some dungeons. Some issues: Trash and Swipe - those two abilities are exactly the same, swipe can be removed or should be reworked completely. If Trash is kept as it is, allow the ability to stack to 5, without the legendary legs, it feels lack luster and it also had a negative passive effect on one of our talents. Maul - I deeply disagree with the changes done to this ability, throughout Legion and with the recent change on the Beta this ability feels even worse. It is one of our hardest hitting abilities, however it comes with a huge rage cost and it is on the GCD, making it less viable on beta than ever before. Realistically with mobs hitting harder, you will only use this less and less, as you want to save the rage for the Ironfur stacks. The ability is only usable when you are off-tanking and there is free time to damage the boss and dump your rage somewhere. This is not fun, there is nothing enjoyable about the ability and realistically there is no choice presented, as tank should aim first of all to mitigate the damage taken. Rage of the Sleeper - this ability was removed, which was one of the most enjoyable thing in having a druid tank and it was the only baseline DPS increasing cd-s within the spec. The removal is a huge mistake in my personal opinion and this should become a baseline ability that all Guardians learn through leveling to 115 or 120. Frenzied Regeneration - This is another terrible decision, FR was one of few abilities that had some complexity behind them in Legion and the changes that were made, only degrade this to some boring self healing ability. This is probably the most painful change from Legion. Frenzied Regen was a fantastic ability in the previous expansion, not because it was some OP self heal, but because it enabled player agency in our damage and damage taken. Let me explain: because of the design of it to react to the damage taken, we could ignore Ironfur, to eek out more damage through Maul, with the idea being that Frenzied Regen would allow for recovery of the majority of that damage taken, with a minor impact on the healers. The cost of Frenzied Regen being much lower and lack of a GCD meant that this was a vector to improve dps, while still functioning as a viable tank. The five changes: duration, heal amount, charge count, cooldown and GCD have worked together to basically remove all agency from this ability. It no longer allows for scaled recovery based on damage taken with the flat amount, it is slower and therefore less reliable, the loss of a charge and the increased cooldown has it as a far rarer tool to use, and the GCD added to it is a flat out loss in DPS when used. This skill is no longer fun, it has no nuance, no agency, you use it when the healer can't keep pace and you are below 75% health, that is it. After the latest changes, this ability is less viable than before and it is nerfed terribly, it is hardly ever viable to spend your rage on FR in groups as the mitigation from iron fur is better.Timelless30 1d
1d Open Letter from Elementals to Class Devs Hello Class Developers, This is a letter from the Elemental Shaman Mod & MVP team of the Earthshrine Discord Server regarding the current state of Elemental, and the present level of communication. As Battle for Azeroth has progressed through Alpha & Beta there have been a number of detailed forum posts from us that cover ongoing problems, and while there have been some fairly amazing responses on other specs/classes the responses for Shaman have been few & far between. Currently there are very few of the Earthshrine Mods or MVPs for either spec that currently plan to “main” their Shaman for Battle for Azeroth, and even then they have backup options. Echo of the Elements There are two changes to other classes with reasons that can be applied to Echo of the Elements: 7.2.5 saw a second charge added for Dire Beast: “This gives all Beast Mastery Hunters access to a Dire Beast with 2 charges playstyle that is more engaging and fun, allowing you to make decisions on when to use the buttons, instead of feeling like you should most often simply push them on cooldown.” Source: The BfA Beta has changes to Affliction talents to allow Nightfall + Haunt or Drain Soul + Haunt builds “which a lot of players think is fun (and is fair feedback)”. These can be applied to Echo of the Elements, either for why it should not be in the same talent row as Elemental Blast or justification for becoming a baseline passive. Both Lava Burst and Elemental Blast are on fairly short cooldowns (8 & 12 seconds respectively). Taking Echo of the Elements in combination with Elemental Blast allows players to use both fluidly, and adds more rotational depth. Other additional rotation abilities have cooldowns of 30 seconds or more, and any other spells can be delayed until after Lava Burst is cast. Echo of the Elements has high synergy with Master of the Elements, to the point where it seems quite unlikely that Master of the Elements will be taken without Echo of the Elements. This relates to the points made above, where the gain is not just from the additional Lava Burst casts but the ability to delay them to make use of the frost/nature damage bonus before generating another buff. Lava Burst has a CD reset proc (Lava Surge) tied to it, making the ability a whack-a-mole button without any thought like Dire Beast was before the change. Base Spell Interactions Currently outside of Flame Shock/Lava Burst (generating Lava Surge charges & the auto crit behaviour) there are no direct spell interactions in the base toolkit (For further discussion of the auto-crit mechanic refer to the Target Switching section). Maelstrom generation & spending can be considered an indirect interaction between generators (CL/LB/LvB) and spenders (ES/EQ) but this is fairly weak due to the low payoff feeling from using spenders. This limits the rotational depth of the spec to a “hit X when off CD, Y when resource above cost, otherwise Z”. There are talent options for increasing the rotational depth, but currently the majority of these options are tied up in L15/30 talents which reduces options for advanced players. This leaves Elemental in an “easy to learn, easy to master” situation which some players will not enjoy. Area of Effect Damage It takes longer to generate enough Maelstrom to cast Earthquake in BfA than it did in Legion. In BfA it takes roughly 5 seconds to generate enough maelstrom for a single Earthquake with 5 targets. However, with 2-4 targets it can take anywhere from 6.5 to 12.8 seconds to generate enough Maelstrom for a single Earthquake. Combine this with the 6 second duration plus the fixed area of effect and it can result in lost damage when targets (or tanks) move around. This would be mitigated somewhat by a shorter buildup & higher cast frequency for Earthquake. In addition to this, there are specific points that feel very poor right now in the generation of Maelstrom for AoE. When taking the Stormkeeper talent, if you use it at the start of a pull on 5 targets or more your first Chain Lightning will generate 65 Maelstrom. This puts you in the awkward spot of either casting the second Chain Lightning and wasting 30 Maelstrom, or making sure that you avoid using Stormkeeper unless you have at least 10 Maelstrom banked. No matter what choice you make in that situation, it's an awkward and frustrating one.Bloodmallet35 1d
1d Piercing Howl for Arms Since Fury got our victory rush could we please have piercing howl back so that we could put this joke of a skill (harmstring) to rest. Pretty please.Volk3 1d
1d Hunter Pet survival issues (updated) Hello, I am Durendil, Hunter soloer. A while ago I made a post ( explaining that hunter pets were bound for a massive nerf in BFA. Now that the prepatch is here, it's not the disaster I feared but there are still serious issues with pet survival now. Short version Pets are made of cardboard compared to before. They are extremely weak against any kind of burst damage. Their only lifeline is the massive leech, that heals very well (pet healing is up). So their health yoyos faster. But leech only happens once every 5-6 seconds, which is terrible since it's the one thing keeping them alive in high-damage situations and they die before it procs. The pet of cardboard and leech issues are the most impactful and need to be addressed, according to my tests BFA pets are not as tanky as Tenacity pets were in Legion. I love the new pet system, but have a way harder time keeping it alive in solo now. There are also other issues, see below for more details. How Testing was done I did several +8s (most I could 2-chest before the prepatch) since after testing the scaling/difficulty seems the same as before - even with the loss of the 40% (15% plus 30%) damage reduction from Legion. I managed to 1-chest most of them. I used a Clefthoof (best soloing pet) with Apex Predator's Claw (3 passives) and aspect of the beast. Note that in BFA, there is no Azerite Power that truly helps pet survival (and most heling effects only heal the hunter, not hunter and pet), so the comments below are relevant even if it is the prepatch. If you decide to leave things as is, adding an Azerite trait specifically for pet tanking could help - some pet utility traits would go well with the BM spec flavor. Bugs and issues Pet leech: Leech is proccing every 5-6 seconds. In solo leech is a massive part of pet healing, and is extremely important given the pet of cardboard issue (see issues below). As such, if the pet dies before leech kicks in, he might as well have 0% leech and not 15%. I believe the proc timer was reduced to reduce computations, but in that case don't make leech the main lifeline of our pets. Sometimes my pet was about to heal for several tens of thousands but he dies. For comparison, imagine if you gave druids a massive buff but their heals only proc every 6 seconds. How would tanks react?Durendil2 1d
2d Resto vs Elemental Lava Burst Lava Burst now always crits for Elemental Shamans even if there is no Flame Shock on the target. would be nice for Resto to get the same treatment. Edit: nevermind that change did not go liveZim1 2d
2d Recklessness Animation In one of the lastest builds they changed the animation of recklessness to a mirror image version. Now it has been changed again to just a boring red glow. I'd love to see the mirror image like version back. What do you think/prefer?Ralshak6 2d
2d Fury for arena ?? Warrior Fury is good now for arena ? Or not ? As long as he has sustain Dmg not like legion only burst window .. So is it good for arena or not ?Genzero1 2d
2d Druid in WoW I want to share my feeling with all of you here. Since I started playing WoW back in TBC i fell in love with Druid. I simply couldn't enjoy any other class troughout every expansion and year I have played WoW. I am in deep connection with Balance Druid and even though I played a little bit in Horde, I am Alliance 100% and I am unable to switch to other side because of my friends with whom I play and my experience of WoW which I don't want to change. Lets get to the point of this topic. I am unbearably sad, depressed, desolate and unhopeful. The reason is pretty simple but I still can not understand it. Why Blizzard hate alliance druid that much? After the presentation of Zandalari Troll Druid forms something died inside me. Maybe it was the child who always hoped that in the future I will finally get to play new amazing and enjoyable forms of my druid. Nine years of waiting. Waiting for these new forms. Waiting to stop being called an Owl. Waiting to finally have pleasure of looking at something new. But Blizzard decided to give everything I've been waiting for to Horde. Horde who already has amazing troll druid forms. And even if some of you will say to switch to horde, I will ask why after so many years they decided to give something most of the druid were waiting for ONLY to one side of conflict? I am not trying to hurt anyone feeling, swear at blizzard or anything bad you could think of. I just wanted to express my sadness and feeling of being abandoned. Since announcement i struggle a lot with my mind if should i come back to wow for BfA or save myself a lot of pain. I hope I am the only one and i dont wish any other players to feel what i feel but I know I am wrong...Zírdel1 2d
2d Fix the monk I am finding it really difficult to main monk this expansion, we are all in pain with the massive simplification of our classes and what felt like a great class (ww monk I refer to for monk) at the end of legion has gone. There has been so much feedback given around monks, particularly BM because people want to play this class in mythic+ (raiding is fine) This seems not get listened to and it is so frustrating. I posted a long time ago before the changes came in around guard - this is how I feel it should be played the biggest thread with 23 pages! none gets listened to and there are some great suggestions, it is concerning that the customer it telling you want they want and you ignore. Other companies would love this feedback! and feedback in general on the game and would react to it as it keeps people buying. Players who play their class know this in greater details and blizzard do and also know what interactions are fun. They get what they want within reason and you have customers for a long time. Just do a few changes for the love of god. Remove Chi burst and give the legendary belt instead (heal for 25% of purified stagger) - I would suggest 30% but as a hot over 4 seconds. Change guard to a Pause stagger CD, 6-7 seconds or so. RJW to not be affected by haste, haste increases its damage, with BL and HT up your casting every 4 seconds, to spammy What I would really like to see happen. Stagger 100% of everything with your brews, including all magic damage - Monk takes 50 - 60% increased magic damage (so its venerable to magic and also it makes you fight stagger more and play to your CDs of the brews) - remove high tolerance Monk should be about slowing down, pausing and removing stagger - it shouldn't have damage reductions CDs - play to the stagger so... Dampen harm, increases your stagger delay by 10 seconds for 10 seconds, fortified brew - heals you for 110% of the previous stagger damage tick breath of fire - instead of damage reduction you make this a stagger leach instead. a baseline CD that pauses stagger for 5 seconds or so (instead of guard suggestion) so you can ramp up stagger before purifying. just do something, help me play monk. revert mark of the crane for WW, 5 stacks maximum and 10%? are we trying to adapt the game so it can run on console? stop making the game so basic... just my frustrated 2cents before I main DH instead (remove Fiery brand from the global CD) P.S the content of BFA looks amazing so massive well done, just fix our classes as that is what we are all emotionally attached toKnucklês1 2d
3d Time for a change Ion Hazzikostas is the worst caretaker of WoW I could ever imagine. It´s time for him to step down, or rather, be fired. I have loved WoW for a good portion of my life, but the direction post MoP has made the game unplayable for me and I can´t see myself playing unless direction changes. And for that to happen a change of leadership is needed. Watching twitch and youtube I see the same kind of frustrations in all good players. This overly simplified version of WoW doesn´t cut it for people seeking fulfilling gameplay. Current WoW is way too regressive and way too limited in what you can actually do with your character when it comes to gameplay interactions. Way too many situational spells have been removed and way too many nuances in general have been removed. Ion, you gave it a shot, but you are not cut out for this, at all. Please to the honorable thing and step down.Alandrion84 3d
3d Demonology: Please spare the nerfbat! OK, so Demo was putting out god tier damage at the start of the beta. It now feels a lot more realistic in terms of the numbers being put out. Respectable, but not OP. Yet I know lots of people will be re-rolling demo, but it's not because they want to top the meters. It's because the redesign is genuinely a hell of a lot of fun to play. I played the old metamorphosis demo. This is way better. So please, don't take a look at the amount of people playing demo, and nerf it into the ground. Maybe ask yourself why people enjoy the redesign and maybe have the same team look at some of the other specs/classes. TL:DR Great job whoever did the demo redesign, please don't break my new favourite spec.Nazral7 3d
4d Bring back Shadow Word: Death It is just wrong to remove SWD baseline, swd is necessary for shadow priest. I was not able to kill that mob with lower hp, because I spammed old swd keybind. Oh wait it is not baseline longer and it is extremtly frustrating. It feels it ruined your playstyle. Try to play shadow, the dev! MAKE sure you know what you are doing? Do you? I would say no, definitely no, no means no and I want you take it seriously. Thanks! REVERT IT so leave swd alone!Malicone2 4d
4d Druid: Mark of the Wild Was this spell not suppose to return for BFA? I've met priests and mages with their Power Word: Fortitude, and Arcane Intellect, but I see no sign of our good old Mark of the Wild in my spellbook :( Please don't say we are the only ones who aren't getting our buff spell back. That was always a signature spell, and I do actually miss it!Aylish13 4d
4d holy pala 30% armor Hello! so every specc can use their currrent artifact weapon without traits for the dmg and stats, as holy paladin the 30% armor bonus from artifact weapon docent work are forced to look for a shield to have the armor back, we should be able to recvie some shield and a one hand to compesite from the artifact los on 30% armor. currently I have the crit/mastery but lack armor. fix?Boneblaster1 4d
4d Resto Druid spell missing As it says..... resto Druid, healing touch missing ?? So we are just hots only, but doesn’t say anything in patch notesJkati3 4d
4d Blacksmithing after update I have learned legion blacksmithing 100/100 and can't get Rethu's Incessant Courage craft from any BS trainer. Is that a bug or what? When I look into unlearned recipes from BS i see that only requirement is Legion BS (100) which I have.Treepro0 4d
4d Arcane mage - clearcasting bug I've submitted the bug in game but with since the recent hotfix did not fix this bug, i'm worried it might go though live, so i'm posting here for more awareness. If you use 2 clearcasting procs in a row, the second arcane missiles don't benefit from the haste passive from clearcasting and slipstream (talent) does not work on them either. Steps to reproduce: Spam arcane blast till you get a clearcasting proc. Cast arcane blast again and when the cast finishes, you press arcane missiles. If you're lucky enough, you get the clearcasting proc again from the arcane blast while using the arcane missiles. The next arcane missiles you use under the clearcasting buff don't benefit from the haste passive and slipstream doesn't work either if you've talented.Tessandra1 4d
4d Played for 10 years i feel incredibly sad Today i sat down leveling with my friend and after both of us has spent some time on the beta, we feel incredibly sad in how the state of the game and how shallow classes has become. Not only do we no longer look forward to BFA, it feels like we're simply buying it because it's something we've always done... We recently tested a private wotlk server because of nostalgia and it was so fun running around as our holy pala/warr comp. Paladins have sacred shield, flash of light heals less but it's a quick cheap heal, holy light costs a decent chunk of mana but you really feel the impact when it heals. Beacon is 100% transfer on a cooldown so it feels really good when you pop it but it costs a decent amount of mana and you have that mana restore ability that restores 25% mana over 12 seconds but halves your healing. Looking at my paladin now i can't believe how shallow it's become, you literally have 3 buttons to press shock, flash and holy light. Swapping between auras is no longer a thing and likewise for my friend he asked me today where did warriors self healing go, where did stance dancing go, why is disarm a talent etc... It's not because we're getting tired of wow, it's simply because classes are no fun anymore..Akiyuki23 4d
5d How bad is feral aoe for mythic+? I've heard that currently feral's biggest problem is its AoE dmg. Thrash/Brutal slash just don't hit hard. How true is this I've not yet had time to level a feral to 120 and test things out.Mamka2 5d
5d DK or DH for tank mythic plus? What will be your choice for tank in BFA ? Here are my thoughts... So for BFA I am planning to main a tank for +m and raid with guild as OT or DPS. Been MT for several years but feels raiding is less and less fun for tanking except the occasional funny bosses on progress. For BFA I want to make a sure bet as I chose prot warr for main for legion but that after 7.1.5 ended like a complete sh*t show. So for BFA Blood and VDH seems to be kings of 5 man, I have tested both on beta. Right now I feel VDH is a little ahead and is more fun to play but I fear VDH will scale quite bad over time and now its only king because it is simply put overpowered, if they are nerfed dps/hps wise they will be significantly weaker. If VDH for certain would stay at this level for whole expac I would roll one 100% sure but when you are on the absolut top there only one place to go... (ask any prot warr after 7.1.5 lol). More leaning to Blood because it will be a more stable and reliant choice over time. Here are my pro/con list for each tank just how I am thinking and reasoning for the moment. Blood Pro Great self healing, on demand and reliable Many tank cooldowns baseline and several options in talent for even more survivability Grip + massgrip, still OP as hell Will probably scale very good over time 2 DPS specs Blood con: Crappy mobility Somewhat dull to play compared to VDH No raid/grp buff Lower dps compared to VDH VDH pro Great mobility Amazing fun and aggressive playstyle Outside sigils VDH got CC+dispel, very nice as tank leading the group to have Great raid/group buff that all groups sought after Absolutly beastly DPS and HPS VDH con Very weak and few tank cooldowns and just one more from talents Its great now but thats only because the OP dps/hps, few hits from nerfbat and they slip down very quikcly Very few real choices in talent, there is a very clear cookie cutter build Scaling for VDH feels it will not be that great as for other tanks over timePrällä0 5d
6d 8.1 and the shamelessness of this company. As a general rule friends, when every single specc from the spectrum, jumps in to a discussion to adress the foul play, not even effecting them perse, you can instantly assume that the howl of the majority is right on point. Back in march, on the earthsrine discord, I made a rather obvious(to me) observation, if you were to remove the new zones in BfA and obviously the war-wathevermode, it's just a patch. But, considering that this is a bloody expansion, that we have payed 40-60 euros for, how in the hell can this be the first impression of it? Unfinished release of an expansion is unheard of, unless the game in question is world of warcraft, or so it seems. Sorry to say, as some of you have noticed already on these very forums and others like reddit, the speccs mention by Ion are already rerolling to other speccs and classes. Mind you, this is PRE-TUNING! Naturally, after watching that disaster of a QnA, a few questions came to me: 1) What happened to the feedback provided in the long timespan of the beta? I mean, if I can be highly specific right now, it is rather well known that the shaman discord is very dedicated and professional. Considering the multitude of solid threads, with incredible information of solid feedback(I used to assume that this was a wet dream for a developer) how can this be the outcome? 2) Why is it always the case that the same speccs and classes are always at the back of the line? Mainly, I belive there are two fundamental FACTS in play here, A) The lack of a "king/queen" of those said speccs makes it vastly more difficult to pinpoint how exactly the specc ought to be and B) The demand is lacking compared to fotm speccs, numerically speaking. What a load of crap.Legoboss33 6d
6d List of spells removed for warlock Just so you guys can grasp how gutted this class was. The list is from wotlk wich, in my opinion, was the best iteration of class design. So keep that in mind, dark regen/fel flame/dark soul/soul swap etc (all added in Cata) will not be on the list. Baseline lock spells (across all specs) -Corruption (affli only) -Curse of doom (demo only and talent in BFA) -Curse of elements (removed) -Curse of tongues (pvp talent only) -Curse of weakness (pvp talent only) -Death coil (made a talent) -Demon armor (removed) -Fel armor (removed) -Demonic circle (made a talent) -Immolate (destru only) -Drain mana (removed) -Fel domination - cast speed for pet summon (removed) -Hellfire (removed) -How of terror (removed in BFA) -Incinerate (destru only) -Shadowbolt (affli and demo only) -Life tap (removed in BFA and now we are the only caster with mana problems..great) -Searing pain (removed) -Shadow ward (removed) -Shadowflame - slow (removed) -Soul Fire (Coming back in BFA but needs to be talented, destru only) -Soulshatter (removed and threat its actually a thing in bfa again) -Soul link (made passive and demo only.. affliction has problems in surviving in pvp since then. was a talent but you could pick it up easily for pvp) -Firestone (destru pvp talent, being removed in BFA) -Spellstone (removed) -Rain of fire (destru only) While some were rarely used (spellstone/firestone) others had their place as baseline (soul link/searing pain/curses/armors/shadowflame). Then you have situations where baseline spells were made talents competing at each other (coil/portal). If a talent used to be baseline across all specs or even be "mandatory" for a certain spec... then they should stay/comeback baseline. Now on to specific specs. Take in mind that some while talents didnt "fight" against other talents in order to be picked up. Im not taking the ones above into account aswell, for obvious reasons. Affliction: -Haunt (talent that should be baseline) -Amplify afflictions (removed) -Curse of exaustion (removed) -Dark pact (removed.. but good removal) -Nightfall (talent in BFA that should be baseline) -Improved fear - talent that slowed the target after fear (removed) -Shadow embrace (talent in BFA but should be baseline) Destruction: -Nether protection (removed) -Conflagrate slow (reworked as a root into pvp talent... worst than the slow since it dr's with other roots) -Instant Shadowfury -Backlash (removed) Demonology: -Metamorphosis (removed but due to rework) You can see 2 things from the list. 1st- the OVERALL warlock kit was completly gutted with no compesation for 3 expacs now (wod/legion/bfa). 2nd- Affliction was the most gutted spec of all the 3. Warlock must be in the top 3 of the most pruned classes in wow. Edit: Forgot to add, this shows how badly class design is being handled. Specially when certain classes are having problems in specific situations wich only started once the pruning started. One of the most fun things in arena, for me, was to tripe shadowfury a team into a casted Howl of Terror as destruction. Or a triple instant how of terror as affliction Or even death coiling a warrior charge. Stuff like this has disapeared from the game making both pve and pvp increasingly more boring.Jinsk5 6d
6d [Big Fountain Goldfish] [Big Fountain Goldfish] does not work above 110 for some reason. Can you fix that?Sawsaw1 6d
6d fresh start i m looking new class for BFA i am looking class like less popular,worst class,worst spec and worst race what is your opinionsBeatshock4 6d
6d Balance druid in bfa Hello, Do you guys think that balance druid will be viable in PvE content, I feel like their dmg output is really low and I am worried that it's going to be a !@#$ spec throughout the whole expac. Any answers are helpfull!Chíjinx13 6d
16 Jul Unholy DK & Epidemic It would be nice if Epidemic, if talented, would benefit from the Sudden Doom proc. PS. Apologies if this has been mentioned already.Varnan2 16 Jul
15 Jul Havocs mechanics are broken - Improvements Quoting myself here. I understand that my opinion is not the opinion of all DH players but if I look through all the feedback on the official forums, on reddit and mmo-champion and on the DH discord I think that I have managed to get most of the problematic points: I'll just go over the first layer of problems, there are more underneath, but let me start: At the time I started to write this post we had a fury cap of 100, which was a big problem. It is changed now to 120. Still not 140 as on live, but it is already feeling better. Just to make clear again why this is important: With 120 fury can use CS 3 times instead of 2 times, which does not only feel better in general, it is also important for Dark Slash Windows. Ok, lets come to the problems: If you look at the current standard raid and m+ build you have the following Synergies: - Eyebeam activates Meta - Head reduces the CD on Eyebeam - Fury generation is high because of the Ring - More fury means even more CS - In addition to DB your attacks spawn soul fragments, which do the following: - give you fury - Heal you - reduce the cooldown of Eye Beam - Our AoE Stun shatters more Soul Fragments form enemies, which also do resude the cooldown of Eye Beam While this is very strong in many m+ scenarios, it currently is not OP and even if it was, it would be a number tuning problem. The fact is: There are a lot of synergies here that made a otherwise boring spec fun to play. So, what goes way now? - Head does no longer reduce CD on Eyebeam - Fury generation lower without Ring - Soul fragments to not reduce the CD on Eyebeam and therefore also our Nova does not reduce the cooldown on Eyebeam anymore. Yes, there is one azerite trait for this, but: a) a class should work without azerite traits b) the azerite trait is way weaker. In addition to hat be also lose one of our core abilities (even if it has one min CD) that we do not get back. So this is basically where we start - All our synergies gone. At this point the specc clearly had a lot of other problems, because you were basically never using Blade Dance and your Rotation became 80% CS, 15% DB, 5% Eyebeam (estimated numbers, don't quote me on that). That is pretty dull allready, but the changing in and out of meta made it somewhat fun. But is there something new? What are our new talents even doing? First of all we have 3 fury generation abilities, one of them (Felblade) should have been baseline 2 years ago. It is not only fury generation but also movement and very important for the momentum build. Momentum is of course one of the biggest problems the specc has. It is hated by many but also loved by many. Here is the problem: With the recent GCD changes in general, the fact that Blur does no longer give 2 charges of Fel Rush, Vengeful Retreat being on the GCD and also Vengeful Retreat no longer activating Momentum buff, it is really clunky to play. I actually found the dashing part fun, but I can see why many people dislike it, the fact that you give up all your movement for damage and that you have to very careful with positioning is a problem, but in it's current iteration there is no synergie with anything at all and it feels bad to play because the micromanagement is unforgiving and got more complicated because of the changes mentioned above (not all of them are from BfA). Still it is a very unique mechanic that could be very fun to play. The main problem is that it seems like Blizzard does not WANT it to be fun to play. Demon Blades actually still exists. There was so much hate for this talent in the first months of legion and it was because it makes the class boring. At that time you were standing around often, waiting for fury. The talent in it's current form takes a spec that already has not enough buttons to press and takes away another one. The only reason it was "ok" for many people was the fact that the legendary ring vastly improved the fury gain - and it was nerfed many times because of this. Now the ring is gone and you can not have Demon Blades and Insatiable Hunger anymore -> The talent becomes even worse than before. The concept how to generate fury is something that perhaps should be re-evaluated completely (there are already some idea in this forum, some good, some not a good, but at least ideas). On 102 we have 3 talents for AoE damage. Numbers are not tuned here, but basically the point is: Fel Barrage looks cool and is currently the strongest of the 3. However, what is actually does is go us back the ability that we lost when giving up our artifact, it just looks different. But in exchange for that we lose a whole talent row. 104 seems fine, no reason to change much here I think.Tisandria6 15 Jul
15 Jul Empower Rune Weapon Animation Raise Swords Please Please Please Blizzard can we not have the same animation for Frost Dk as when we lifted our swords in legion to gain Artifact Power We must have done this tens of thousands of times already and tbh to have to do this another tens of thousands of times for the next few years is going to feel very mind numbing Also i react to how i see my char swinging etc and visual proc,s on my char like say the color glow on hands for example and raising your swords in the middle of our rotation totally breaks up the animation feeling of seeing your oblit froststike etc flow with what you see your char doing and timing with ability pressing in relation to the visual effects The legion animation for ERW is fine tbh and you can see it pop on your char when you press it very well but if you do feel to add a new animation to it pls pls pls not the raise swords from when we clicked on a AP token jobby peace outDrédèye1 15 Jul
15 Jul Mages very slow to play Ever since the GCD experiment, mages feel very slow to play. I mean I always played a mage as a main but with the slow gameplay I am experiencing in the beta, I am seriously considering playing another spec after 10 years. I really would like to continue with my mage Blizzard, so could you please speed up their gameplay please?Yeviat7 15 Jul
15 Jul [Feedback] Feral druid Bfa Hello Dear Blizzard team and fellow Wow enthusiats; If matters, i would like to share my feedback and the changes i liked / disliked for the expansion. First of all id like to tell you about who i am in wow and where my perspectif comes from. So if you dont care you can skip this paragraph. I have played feral for 12 years, made three pvp videos recommended on warcraftmovies, got certain titles and always humbled to call myself everferal for as long as ive played. Sorry if that sounded abit about ego however i wanted to weight those facts on my feedback. Please remember that my feedback point of view is heavly oriented around Player versus Player . Here goes: One of the greatest reason i played feral for this long and also biggest difference of feral from all other melees was ferals mesmerizingly beautiful fluid gameplay. Yes we didnt have utilities as much as other classes, yes we didnt use to deal as much damage (sometimes) but we were always on the target. Nothing could get between the predator and the prey. I really dont care about the numbers at the moment however the changed mechanics are really hindering that unstopable feeling of feral gameplay. The fast paced feral movement and high action per minute skill use lost majortiy of its improtance as other classes gained movement speed, gained a way to be immune to cc or a way to get out. This is not the problem, likewise we ferals gained the utilities and damage cooldowns as other classes. The problem started with the terrible shapeshift global cooldown(legion was it?). A single change made a gameplay of a speed racer spec into a suv family car; for the following reasons: - high demanding cycle attention to gain optimum burst/damage. I already need to stick to the target to keep my cycle up. However a single shapeshift cuts my uptime by 3.5 seconds. Why do you punish the gameplay style you implemented for us? - Tigers fury global cooldown is such a bore, and another thing that makes the fluidity go into clunginess. (Thank you Blizzard for listening to voice of reason, they reverted this) - We are not the affliction warlock version of melee classes, we want burst we want to shred, we want to bite! Haste change is good but it makes me wonder are we losing our fangs and claws as an immidiate threat? The talents are not as impressive like prior expansions but i like the way i cant decide whichone to chose. This means they are all valuable? Edit: Now i have had the time to read/watch/play BFA feral extensively. I would like to go into more detail. General As you all know we are a hybrid class like the enhancement shamans or retribution paladins, not pure dps like warlocks, frost/unholy Death Knigts, rogues etc. According to this statement i get irritated when i see those "pure" classes do more self healing then we do. Not to mention other hybrids putting out more heals and have more utilities for their team mates than us. As i understand personally, Blizzard wanted to slow down the games pace, vanilla ferals will remember that pace. We didnt have a global cooldown on shapeshifts, our energy would drop to 0 (40 or 60 i dont remember with 5/5 furor(?) talent) in my humble opinion that was a much better solution to slowing us down for balance purposes than having to shift out of a nova and wait 1.5s to get back in cat form. I find myself not wanting to shapeshift any more because i feel like the way feral meant to be played gets punished (ferrarri to a fiat in one button :D) My greatest desire about ferals right now is the removal of globalcooldown on shapeshifting.Stormfury17 15 Jul
14 Jul [Question] Mistweaver or Holy Paladin Main? I seen some videos talking about Mistweaver and Holy Paladins. Atm, some say Mistweavers are OP in BFA and Holy Paladins are bad. Now i loved playing Mistweavers back in Mist of Pandaria, but they went from bad to worse in WoD and barely got a fix in Legion. Thus the guild forced me to change to Holy Paladin which I been playing through WoD and Legion. But, i notice there been alot of positive talk about Mistweavers in BfA. My question is this. Should I try Mistweavers again in BfA or stick with my Holy Paladin?Melidor28 14 Jul
14 Jul Azerite Items only for 1 spec What really bugs me is that why does every item has a trait for each spec and a general one to them? When I thought about that I realized that I would really much prefer having one item with 4 trait choices for my spec and if i changed my spec I would just get a different item. I think that having really only a choice between 2 main traits on an item is boring. (if there are dozens of traits for each spec then tell me, because I don't think there are so much of them)Tragnar4 14 Jul
14 Jul Ven DH is overperforming other tanks in M+ Hello Since release of BFA Beta version, Vengenace DH has been in a really good position, but now, with M+ being tested its pretty clear that Vengeance Demon Hunter is way better than any other tank for M+. (This post is for a pure M+ perspective) Blood DK is the king of M+ in Legion, and Vengeance Demon Hunter looks like the king for BFA. Vengeance Demon Hunter brings; -> AoE silence -> AoE disorient -> AoE Grip -> One of the highest DPS (if not the highest one) -> Crazy amount of Self-Healing (You dont need a Healer in Mythic 0 with low gear) -> Really Really Good mobility -> Strong Active Mitigation But there are some weaknesses like; -> Active Mitigation with low uptime -> Weak against magic Damage (just Soul Barrier and Self-Healing) The gap between Vengeance DH and any other tank is huge, and maybe it should not be so huge. There are two options to solve this, nerf Vengeance DH or buff other tanks.Greygaga25 14 Jul
14 Jul Errors in the item level squish Artifact weapon relics are inconsistent in there item level squish. On live I have 2 925 item level relics. When copying to Beta one becomes 205 and the other 208. The Item level squish is also off on the Artifact weapon itself. My 962 artifact weapon becomes 215, while a 935 piece of armor also becomes 215, so there seems to be something going wrong with the squish that is making the artifact weapon lower item level then it should be compared to other gear.Nozmordre3 14 Jul
14 Jul Raid buffs/debuffs I think there is a little problem with raid buffs/ debuffs, why only so few classes have them? For example, in my raid group we have zero demon hunters (no one wants to play that brain dead spec) and only one monk, but he is healer in heart and refuses to play damage. Now what should we do ? Force someone to play demon hunter and monk for whole expansion or loose 10% from raid damage ? Dont get me wrong but 10% damage loss quite is alot for proggresion. My solution is make it stackable buff/ debuff, like melees + hunter would stack physical debuff and casters would stack magical debuff utill it reaches 5%.Dreyar1 14 Jul
14 Jul Holy Priest feedback Still having the only mobility and survive in the same talent row will make us yet again the least appealing healer to bring to high mythic plus keys . Those talents (mobility/survivability) must be in different talent rows. Can even make free talent spots by removing the non-used Halo, Divine Star and Circle of Healing due to them being not working with Holy Words. What do you think? Will anything about our M+ toolkit change till release? RegardsÍzimanó3 14 Jul
13 Jul Azerite Traits and Numbers Hello. I spent days on our new instant 120 lvl and gear at vendors realm. Few things that I observed. Many, many, many of Azerite Traits are not working as tooltip says they should. Many of them have just ridiculous numbers. I'm healer. So I m deeply sorry to focus mainly on healing parts of game, but I bet dps specs are no different. Exhibit A: Ephemeral Recovery trait. At lvl 120 you have 110k mana, your combat mana regen is 4k per 5 sec. Your spammable spells cost around 3-5k mana. Ephemeral Recovery gives you 14!!!! mana per 2 seconds. ASTOUNDING!!! Exhibit B. Savior! trait At lvl 120 you will be around 120-140k hp as non-tank class. Thanks to Savior! trait your heals on targets below 35% hp will heal for extra 857 ! Exhibit C. Resounding Barrier (Prydaz 2.0 wannabe) Every 30 seconds you get 1.5k dmg absorption barrier. That is 1% of your max hp. And I could keep on with all of those meaningless numbers on meaningless traits. So my question is: Why should we even bother? Azurite Gear was meant to be main feature of expansion. To make choices, to personalise your character, to make changes to your gameplay, to fill that void after removal of legendaries/artifacts of legion, but also long, long history of raid tier sets. But what we got is meaning less parody: If you do X your Y will do this or Your X does Y more dmg traits. I really, really do hope those are just placeholder numbers and when we will finally obtain them in BfA they will have meaning and they will alter gameplay atleast little bit. But maybe It's just me complaining.Flyra1 13 Jul
13 Jul Feral rip suggestion In Legion from the artifact we have a elite trait called: Open Wound which makes our attacks ignore 15% of enemies armor while our rip is active on them, it'd be nice to have this in BfA as well, like how sub rog's have their 15% damage increase when they have nightblade active.Sharaoh0 13 Jul
13 Jul [2-h Frost dk] No fun allowed? Not sure if it was the latest build but recently logged on beta again and noticed that there has been some negative changes regarding frost dk talents. In particular Frostscythe and Glacial Advance have been tweaked to only work with 1-handed weapon(s) equipped. These two talents scale off of attack power so weapon damage or having 2-hander/1-handers DO NOT affect the damage they do. Also Frostscythe animation looks like !@#$ with 1-handers and it often bugs out leaving 1 weapon sheathed and 1 in your hand after using it while when using 2-hander the animation actually looked way better like you were wielding a scythe. It was nice that you had the option to make 2-handed frost build that worked although it was subpar but the aesthetics of it made the spec feel so much more meaningful for me personally. Unfortunately I was expecting something like this to come since after all it's Blizzard were talking about here and we all know how this company has been operating past several years which is play the game like we want and not how you want. It just is that MMO where you have no choice over the matter how you want to play/experience game feels incredibly hollow and devoid of feeling like your choices matter.Cârnâl3 13 Jul
13 Jul Elemental: The stain of BFA. Hello, before I start elaborating on my BFA beta experience I would like to give a small introduction to my own experience in this game. More specifically, how and why certain decisions made by the development team has caused such a stirr within these forums. I started this game by pure chance, my friend had been telling me for months on end to quit CS for a new game called world of warcraft. I had heard him talk about it during the beta stage of the game, my first impression was sceptical, it was very different to anything I had ever played and I honestly felt quite meh about it. Later on, the game just vanished from my chain of thought, I fell away from anything and everything that had to do with it. Some months later, while being completly fed up with the game I played at the time, and tbh, the nagging from him had to stop, I decided to try it out. It did help alot having a friend guide you through the immense world of warcraft, the game was overwhelming at many points, even the most basic of things took time, it's just how it works in general I guess, we are all noobs in games at some point. It did however help alot having a hardcore player of his caliber guiding you, the game was brutal at that stage, but, through and through, I stayed put, became more and more infused into the gameplay, and I don't regret a moment of it. My experience is quite unusual, normally you start from the bottom and advance yourself all the way to the top, if the ambition is there that is. In my case, due to this friend guiding me, the first guild that I decided to trial for was a hardcore guild called Forte. My entire burning crusade experience, up until 2.4.1, was conducted as a hardcore raider pushing for worldranks as best as I could, that ended when the guild decided for a number of reasons to call it, and that was pre the sunwell opening. The only real criteria that i set up for myself after that took place was the goal to experience bosses and defeat them while they remaind relevant and without gamebreaking nerfs. That principle has guided me to this very day, to me, it's just not the same thing killing a boss for the first time if, let's say, mecanic X does 50% less damage compared to the original design. This has pretty much been the guiding rule that I have come to play by since the hardcore days ended for me, as I now find the community of people in my current guild more valueable than trivial stuff such as ranks. I shall not lie, I'm way older now and the duties of the real world demand focus and time aswell ;).Legoboss9 13 Jul