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36m Fury Warrior Feedback I have waited until I have extensively tested the Fury Warrior on Beta (as I didn't have alpha) to make my mind up about it. I took the time to play it before writing this, as Blizzard have requested. I am a lifelong Fury Warrior player and would like to continue playing it in BFA. Apologies for the wall of text below; here's what I think so far. Part 1 of 4 General Rotation While basically the same as Legion the rotation feels so much slower. To clarify here, by slower I'm not referring to the GCD change, we'll get to that in due course. I'm talking about rage generation; how many auto-attacks are required before being able to use Rampage and how long it takes to perform those auto-attacks. Specifically the change to how Enrage works combined with the alteration of the rage given per auto-attack. To test the changes made in BFA vs live, I hit a target dummy with only auto-attacks and record the rage given per attack, until reaching 100 rage. This was done without the Endless Rage talent. I performed three repeats in each case to try to have a better sample size for variability. My findings were that in BFA the rage generated per auto-attack is more variable than in the current live version. On live, every main-hand strike generated 5 rage and each off-hand strike generated either 2 or 3 rage, averaging out at 2.5 per hit. In BFA there is variability in both the main-hand and off-hand rage generation: being either 6/7 and 3/4 respectively. The averages worked out to be around 6.3 rage per main-hand attack and 3.1 per off-hand attack. We can clearly see that there is more rage generation per attack in BFA than live. It took 27 auto-attacks to reach 98 rage on live, with the next attack to be a main-hand hit and put us over the 100 rage cap. In BFA it took 20 auto-attacks to reach 94 rage with the next attack scheduled to be a main-hand attack and cap us nearly exactly. There is potential for less wasted rage in BFA, but obviously abilities would be used, which means we can't say for certain. So if we get more rage per attack, and it take us less attacks to cap on rage, this is surely a good thing, no? This should result in faster game-play, right? Well not quite. The change in auto-attack speed bonus from Enrage (100% live to 50% in BFA) must be looked at carefully. On live (ignoring haste), our weapon has a 3.6 second swing timer, which halves (1.8) when Enrage is active. In BFA, the 3.6 second swing timer goes to 2.7 seconds when Enrage is active. So if we assume 100% Enrage up-time in both cases, we can calculate the time it takes to cap rage. 21 auto-attacks for BFA at 2.7 seconds per round of attacks (remember we attack twice as we have both weapons), results in: (21/2)*2.7=28.35 seconds to cap rage. In the live case: 25.2 seconds. Now, I would like to ascribe this difference purely down the to Enrage duration buff to 6 seconds in BFA and therefore the increased Enrage up-time it should bring. However, with the loss of our legendary effects, along with traits such as Uncontrolled Rage, Oathblood, Pulse of Battle and Death and Glory, we are generating less rage overall resulting in this slowdown in pace, which is abhorrent to those of us currently enjoying the live version of Fury. The problem of rage generation may well be fixed by some Azerite traits, but that's what we keep hearing about everything and frankly, it's a poor excuse. We may well be able to keep our artefact weapons and legendary items for a time, but they will lapse at some point and leave a void in game experience at whatever level Blizzard decide to make them ineffective. Why should we go from an enjoyable spec, to something vacuous, to what we are promised will be an enjoyable spec again? Can't we just have an enjoyable spec as a baseline? New players (as in leveling from 1-120 in BFA) will also be left with a bad experience of playing Fury until max level if they enjoy any form of tempo in their game-play. tl;dr the general rotation is slow and boring at the moment and therefore isn't working well. This is because of the slow pace of rage generation. This is easily fixed by increasing rage per auto-attack slightly or increasing rage from abilities.Henduil22 36m
2h Enhancement Shaman Feedback I will cover what my idea of what enhance is and should feel like, some of the things I think is wrong with the spec on Beta, and suggestions of how some of it could be improved. My idea of enhance: Enhancement for me, is a fast paced playstyle, which required you to act fast with the possible procs you get, and to prioritize correctly. It's one of the specs in the game that's the fastest, which is why I like playing it. Every botton feels meningful and hard hitting. And if not, it feels useful for stacking damage (Flametongue fx.). There is almost always something to do, and it comes down to resource management, procs and prioritizing, to do a lot of damage. Forceful Winds concern: One of my concerns about enhancement, is the talent Foreceful Winds, which could spiral out of control the later in the expaniton we get. It seems like a talent that might require a nerf later on, the more and more Mastery and Haste we get. The talent is a good idea, and I like playing with it, my concern is just later in the expantion. Enhancements AoE situation: At the moment, on Beta, Enhancement is very single target damage focused, with increased single target damage, in AoE situations. It is some what compareable to sublity rogue on live, and this is very largely based off of the talent Forceful Winds. Enhance used to have more AoE in the past (Fire Nova), which was removed. I am not going to argue weather we should have that strong AoE anymore or not, but as it stands now, our true AoE damage is very small. (True aoe meaning, not just increased damage because of multible targets, but effects that deal damage to many targets) Our AoE comes from a few sources, Crash Lightning being the only default one. There are two components to Crash Lightning, the initian hit, which comes with the press of the button, and the buff you get from hitting more than one target with it. The initial hit, counts as a melee swing on any targets hit by it, which can proc Windfury or other on hit effects on every target hit. The second tool we have for AoE is Fury of Air, which is a large amount of our true AoE, and the current power of that talent, compared to any other talent in that row, makes other choices very undesireable. Crashing storm does so little it's barely noticeable, and Sundering, has a CC component build in to it, which penalises the ability, because it can't have a short cooldown, and be a decent CC. The damage form sundering is good, but the cooldown is far too great to be desired. My suggestion for a solution to the AoE talent row: 1) Replace Crashing Storm with the ToS tier bonus for enhancement, making Storm Strike increase the initial damage of Crash Lightning, (This allows the Crashing Storm to either be removed, or be added as default for flavor. (I saw this suggested by another shaman)) 2) Keep Fury of Air, it's in a good place imo, also with the amount of maelstorm we generate at the current state of the game, it's fairly easy to maintain, but also possible to overspend on other things, turning it off and forcing a global on reactivating it. 3) Remove the CC component of Sundering completely, CC has been heavily reduced in BfA, and this is not a place where I would miss it much, if it ment reducing it to a 15-20 seconds cooldown maybe. Enough to be competetive with the other options. After the AoE row, I would like to touch on the buttom row, Elemental Spirits, Earthen Spike, and Ascendance The current state of Elemental Spirits, feels like throwing a dice, with only 1/6 of the possibilties being what you wished for. Which is not what your only offensive cooldown should be. And the rest 5/6 being sub par, not to mention 4/6 of them feeling nearly useless. I'm ofcourse talking about the Lightning wolf versus any other of the wolfs. Fire wolfs empowering your filler ability, and Frost wolfs, being a passive thing with no reaction to it, not to mention both their damage is a lot lower that the Lightning wolf effect. It's like having Roll the Bones on steroids, aswell as it being 1.5minute cooldown (not to mention our only offencive cooldown). Earthen Spike is fine, it just comes down to a number game, weather it's the highest dps talent or not, but the use of it is fine, like it is on live. No problem here. And last, is Ascendance, which I suspect you to be working on internally (atleast I'm hoping you are), because with Stormstrike having been changed to nature damage, there is nearly no benefit from Ascendance in it's current state. It's nearly only the survival hunter ability Aspect of the Eagle (increased range). It does reduce the cooldown by 80%, but if you get a lot of Stormbringer procs, it essentially does nothing but increase the range. Which is not competetive with the other options in the row, and especially not for a 3minute cooldown. No space for TLDR, sorry.Burstingroze14 2h
5h [Bug] Survival Hunter Viper's Venom talent The Viper's Venom talent from Survival Hunter is never proccing for me since 2 patches ago. I have played with it for at least an hour without any procs. Before the patch it used to proc very regularly. Anyone else having the same issue?Axíoma0 5h
7h Warlock Pet's after last nights patch Levelling my lock for a few days and since last evenings patch seem to need to health funnel every pull now, is this intentional?Tinylk1 7h
8h Hunter | Survival | Wildfire Infusion Does anyone else wish that the survival hunter talent, Wildfire Infusion, would let you pick the type of bomb you use?Minzck3 8h
11h Elemental Shaman | Fundamental Issues Lavallamaon US touched on some of these issues in another post. And a special thanks to Barokoshama, a friend of mine that helped write this post. So I know this thread has a lot of constructive criticism in it but I do want to point out that we do like some of the changes. Coming into BFA we do appreciate the changes in our survivability and self preservation as a spec. Allowing us to be viable in high end mythic + content. Flame Shock Duration and Cooldown Issues: * The duration of Flame Shock doesn't compliment the duration of the ascendance buff. * Duration is almost impossible to keep up on 3 targets * Target switching is a pain like in Warlords. * Cant use it anymore as an "on the move" spell. * Makes PvP priority target switching even worse than PVE and the debuff can just be dispelled in PVP with no reproccusion Possible Solutions: * Have a interaction with lava surge LvB casts to have a Path of Flame Mechanic to spread flameshock. * Lower CD by 50%, Duration of Flame shock isn't as bad of an issue. * Have a reprocussion for Flame Shock Dispells in pvp. * Have 2 Stacks of FLame Shock | Maybe even have a simliar interaction to reset the CD of Flameshock like Lava Surge. Maelstrom Generation Issues Issues: * Forcing Cookie Cutter Build to fill the void of mealstrom gap with such talents: Echo of the Elements, Aftershock, Storm Elemental/High Voltage (If high voltage isn't bugged), Primal Elementalist cus (Icefury isn't worth the maelstrom cost of FrostShocks), Storm Keeper (To eliminate AOE build up). * Chain Lightning Generating low maelstrom, having to cast 4-6 times before earthquake can be casted. * Earthquake Costs too much maelstrom, causing 3 target situations to continue using Earthshock instead. Possible Solutions: * Increase Maelstrom generated by Chainlightning to eliminate slow build up for aoe. * Increase Maelstrom generation scaling from elemental overloads thus not overpowering Mastery proc chance. * Reduce cost of Earthquake to 50 so we can cast twice at full maelstrom. Eliminating aoe buildup. Start of Expansion and Late Expansion Scaling * Elemental Scaling has been an issue and a reputation with the class, we would prefer to be adjusted later in the expansion when the gear comes in then to start out weak and unviable in high end content for the first raid tier. Mobility issues Coming from Legion Issues: * Gust of wind Removed leaving us with low combat mobility and a sour taste in our mouths. And nothing in return for the removal of the talent. * We have no spells to use while moving aside from instant cast spells, though they are either gated behind maelstrom costs or long CD's. Outside of RNG with lava surge procs we don't have the "stutter step capabilities" like other casters do. Possible Solutions: * Gust of Wind was a "baseline talent" in which it was so good that we took it in almost every situation. So making it baseline would be preffered. Other casters have at least 2 mobility spells while we are stuck with ghost wolf. * Allow Lightning Bolt to be castable while moving, or give us back Spirit Walkers grace as a baseline ability. We know that numbers adjustments are still to come and we know that elemental still has some bugs to fix but we hope that these points will help or the existence of the said issues are already known.Raaden13 11h
13h Demonology Feedback BfA This is purely from a PvE PoV as i don't pvp and just do pve content and even done mythic raiding. Also i'm one of the few who stuck with Demo during all of legion. Lets start off with at what's changed for people who's not upto date with beta... Removed:- Lifetap Demonic Empowerment Summon Infernal & Doomguard (along with GoSup) Darkglare DemonWrath 95% of our talents (excluding the lvl 45 & 75 ones) TC Added:- The old Soulfire/moltan core mechanic been reintroduced but as Demonbolt & Demonic core. Demonic Tyrant which is a merger of Demonic Empowerment/TC/Doomguard. Completely new talents Changed:- Dreadstalkers CD is now 20secs with same duration as live. Hand of guldan now summons 3 max imps down from 4. Doom has moved to talents and no longer a core ability. Shadow fury is now baseline but with a 1min CD with a talent to make it 45secs. Implosion is now baseline. Master is now a flat damage increase for our demons. Overall the changes are good and solid, our rotation is now streamlined with a much smoother flow and much better movement during combat. The ramp up is still there but it's not as bad as it was during legion. I do have a few problems but i go over them individually. With pets now all have the same dps output (excluding the Felguard of course being the better option for demo) i feel demo will be bringing less utility compared to the other 2 locks as they have a choice of pet for the situation (interupt/CC/slow/dispell). In my opinion this is easily solved by removing GoServ and let the demo lock use those utility spells without the demon, it maybe a cool quirk to have them cost a shard and have the associated demon temporary summoned but having the demo lock access to those utility should be a thing. Felguard:- Alot of people are upset about demo being pigeon holed into using the Felguard, I'm not one of these people because personally demo wont feel like demo without the Felguard but i do share the dislike of not having access to the other demon's utility (as mentioned above) and feel having the other demons in the spell book kinda pointless if we are just going to use our felguard anyway. Also the felguard glyph is becoming useless with personal loot being enforced so we wont be able to have access to new weapons for him. For a good while i feel the Felguard is trying to do too much at the same time being a tank and both ST & AoE dps demon at the same time and after a few years has become pretty stale. I have suggested in the past to make the felguard stand out and unique is to give the felguard specialized stances similar to the old Warrior stance system with their own weapon set and skills for each role. Why i suggested this is because Demon are suppose to be minions and not simply pets like Hunters are and should be reflected more ingame in their differences from each other and since Demons are highly intelligent they should have more skills/spells each compared to hunter pets. Demo Aoe:- Implosion feels completely clunky, since we have lost demonic wrath this puts more pressure to stack alot of haste because imps used by implosion do not proc demonic core so no Demonbolt procs which slows the rotation down alot for aoe. Hand of Guldan As i said being on of the few Warlocks who stuck with demo during legion I'm bored with this spell spawning imps. I am bored of the nickname "Glorified imp mother" and i am bored with imps, probabily it wouldn't be as bad if it summoned other colours of imp. I would like this changed to summon random lesser demons instead with a possibility to having 3 shard HoG a chance to summon a greater demon just to make things interesting and less impy.Prossy15 13h
15h Destruction Warlock Feedback Greetings! So going from BfA alpha to beta, destruction has received no changes so far, and after playing it in each testing phase, I think improvements can absolutely be made. The main issue I find with destro is that playing it is feeling somewhat bland after the removal of Dimensional Rifts and all of the artifact bonuses. It's feeling like playing WoD destro without any of the burning ember abilities or Charred Remains, especially if not taking Channel Demonfire from the lvl 100 talent tier, which right now feels like a must pick to me just to keep the gameplay more interesting. Some overall fun ideas I thought about could be adding Backlash back, perhaps the same way it was before, or similar to the version of Nightfall affliction has now. Also seeing some curses returning baseline would be amazing, we are warlocks after all. Perhaps Curse of the Elements could make a return for all specs. Warlocks are having some other issues too, while I love the changes to both affli and demo, what all specs are lacking right now is the "tanky caster" class fantasy that was being pushed throughout Legion, and I believe it was something that was going to be "doubled down on". So far in BfA though, warlock durability has only been nerfed: Unending Resolve now 3 min cd for all specs Healthstone buffed for a while, then changed back Demon Skin nerfed Drain Life still not that useful of a heal The only defensive talent that got stronger, only while having a demon, is Dark Pact. All of this seems worrying because warlocks have no baseline mobility and need to be more durable especially in PvP situations. With no tools to escape or to move at all and nerfing the "tanky caster" idea, being trained is looking even more grim. Focusing more on the "tanky caster" theme would work, or just giving warlocks some baseline mobility back like Demonic Circle (which monks still have baseline) could also absolutely help. Of course Shadowfury is now baseline, which is great, but the long cast time it still has really limits the effectiveness of the spell, being a 1 min cd and only a 3 sec stun, making it instant cast again would be absolutely fair in my opinion. Making it instant would make using it smoother and more reliable, especially in PvP.Khu1 15h
15h Holy Paladin Feedback Making this post to increase the focus around the Class/Spec. On US forum Testers did quite a good job : Most Discussed Topic: 1) Class is some how "slow" right now, seems not so smooth like Legion. Holy Shock 100% crit change, playing around a reliable Infusion of Light proc seems a partial solution. 2) Auras: Mercy weak, Sacrifice bad changes/not balanced/to similar to Devotion. Devotion seems the only viable option. 3) Awakening talent is too much RNG for an healing class, needs tweaks/total rework. Those are just some of the point discussed, i would like to make the discussion worth even here in EU. /discuss.Jüther25 15h
17h [Druid] Moonglade - Rut'heran FP I teleported to Moonglade with my druid, to use the druid spesific flightpath to reach Rut'heran and enter Darnassus. Yesterday I set Darkshore/Teldrassil back in time to before the burning, and since the NPC said you should talk to her again to go back to current timeline, I took a chance and used the FP...; Upon entering Darkshore on the hippogryph, the game started lagging greatly, and my character seemed to be spam buffed with something(some kind of buff sound was repeated multiple times). The game eventually froze, and windows task manager told me it crashed. 1. Tried logging back in; my character was listed as located nowhere, and game froze on loading screen. I closed the game through task manager again. 2. Logged back on, character located in Darkshore, but loading screen froze again. Force closed game. 3. Logged back in, character still located in Darkshore, but now I got back on, still extremely laggy, and this odd buff sound spammed. Game froze again, and I had to force quit it. 4. Logged back on, my character now located in Teldrassil, but got the error message "Character not found". Quit game. 5. Logged back on, character still in Teldrassil, but now I get the message that "A character with that name already exist". A few minutes later I was able to log on to her, sitting in Rut'heran as planned, but this was a REALLY bumpy ride!Aylish0 17h
17h The current state of Enhancement discussion The spec has a problem and it's disgusting. It feels like a fury warrior ate a ball lightning mixed with some lava but in a bad way. Since Legion the spec feels so alienated from its design that it leaves a bad taste in your mouth. I've played the beta and they are returning some old abilities and working on some of the problems but we are still too identical to other melees and at the same time we have weaker cds than most. Look at the total overhaul of survival and retribution. We need that! Elemental and resto feel so much as the shaman of old but enhance is some kind of abomination and it makes us sad. Enhancement in its essence must be a battle- mage, a diverse totemic warrior imbuing himself with the strength of the elements but in reality it's just the everyday melee fighter with some flashy effects. Give us more choices, give us more sustainability and utility. There's so much potential for interesting totems and elemental abilities and we just received some stupid imbues to keep up and build maelstrom all the time and make the rotation feel boring...while removing the long-ranged spells to make us just a melee instead of what we always have been. Remember frost shock talanted root? Nobody wants us in a group because all our strengths are lackluster and another spec already has a better version of them. We have ZERO uniqueness. The glory days of our favourite spec were WOTLK/MOP prove me wrong.Pogromis1 17h
17h Stormstrike back to physical damage Just a bit confused as to why you would change this back? Surely having mastery affect our “best” hardest hitting attack is a great thing and makes the stat far more useful and interesting? I understand it negatively affected windstrike but surely it is a reasonable assumption that this could be altered to nature damage as well; adding some potentially interesting stat options in further into the expansion? The class discord has already been renamed “enhavocment” due to the predicted direction a number of enhance shamans are heading. This could be something to tempt people back towards it..?Lant3 17h
17h What Class Change are people liking? Just wanted to hear some positivity after reading so much anger towards the GCD and pruning of talents. What are people happy about that Blizz have changed about their class? For me: Survival Hunter and Demo Warlock changes look great :)Hamishmcdebt19 17h
20h Suggestion for 'squishy' Disc priest The interview with Method on wowhead suggests that Disc 'still seems a little squishy'. How about a baseline passive ability along the lines of: Enduring Faith (passive): The duration of Atonement effects applied to the Priest are increased by 120%. (obvs 120% to be tuned appropriately)Fuyrae2 20h
20h Guardian Druids are a bit dull The Guardian spec for Druids is not interesting to play. Throughout Legion it was probably the simplest tank spec to play, and now it has gotten even simpler. Frenzied Regeneration being based on recent damage meant it rewarded players who were aware of what's going on. I understand the balance issues that led to it becoming a fixed heal, but it means the spec has lost one of its few rewards for careful play. The core mechanics of Guardian are simple with little room for optimising and there's not much available outside of that. We have a spellbook full of abilities that we need to shapeshift out of bear form to use, and so rarely do. A paladin or monk can sacrifice a GCD to remove some debuffs from a player, we would have to use 2 GCDs and take fatally increased damage during one of them. Druids now have roots, hibernate and soothe. All abilities that should allow an aware player to do useful things, especially in non-boss content. But when you're solo tanking they're effectively unavailable. Your group could set up to kite the current pack and give the bear some time to cast, but that's a massive effort for something other classes can do with an instant spell. My simple suggestion: Let us cast Remove Corruption and Soothe from bear form. It doesn't do anything to make the core Guardian mechanics more interesting, but it at least gives bored bears stuff to watch for and react to. Access to roots and/or hibernate would be great too, and would match the access Paladins and Monks have. My less simple suggestion: Something like Feral's Predatory Swiftness for casting more substantial spells from bear form would be great, but I understand it's late in the development process to add new mechanics to a spec. P.S. Typhoon is great! It's both useful and provides interesting opportunities. Incapacitating Roar is less interesting, but also useful. I know everyone's greedy for more utility but my main concern is the spec being boring to play, with little reward for careful play.Anatta10 20h
20h M+ Holy Priest Holy Priest in Beta is at a good spot in my opinion as a raid healer. Probably one of the best he's been for years. Mythic+ though is a different story. I can understand that M+ was new in Legion and classes were not designed around it, so eventually some came to be better than others. I would expect that in BFA the matter would be addressed. To my surprise this has not been the case at all. The best solution would probably be a new set of talents (like for PvP specifically for dungeons) to easily address each class's shortcomings in the specific environment. That cannot be the case now so on wards. I will not reiterate all the good stuff that can happen to Holy Priests, I just want to address the significant lack of viability of a Holy Priest in M+. As thoroughly expressed here:, Holy Priest needs a on use Damage Reduction, a passive Damage Reduction and a better mobility option. Lots of other improvements would be great, but these are the 3 thing Holy Priest needs to be viable. Not better, not the best. Just viable.Antára1 20h
21h [Feedback] Shadow in BfA I'm Alsius, and I have been playing shadow priest for a long time now with most of it spent raiding with <Arctic Avengers - Ravencrest>. After the success of other posts giving feedback on spec design, I am going to take a similar formatting approach, and offer my thoughts on Shadow Priest in BfA. Core Issues: Minimal risk/reward in a raiding scenario compared to Legion Most effective AoE ability being locked upon activating voidform Little incentive to maintain voidforms Lessening of shadow's perpetual niche (spread AoE) Certain talent issues I will detail further Lack of satisfying, flavourful abilities (EG: Deathbolt for affliction)Positives from the beta: Greatly improved dungeon performance, due to changes such as void eruption hitting everything within 10 yards of your target, with no requirement to have a dot on the target in order for it to be affected by the Eruption as per live servers, as well as the increased base damage of shadow's abilities Certain rearranged and new talents allowing for interesting choices within different scenarios, for example the new talent dark void, which offers us a way to get damage and insanity quickly in burst aoe scenarios. Not only is this talent fantastic for us in mythic+, but it is on the same row as misery, and twist of fate. This is a perfect talent row in my opinion, with options for long execute damage, quick burst AoE and prolonged AoE Mastery in BFA will now be far more sought after for Shadow Priests, with the addition of many spells that now receive bonus damage from this stat, hopefully creating a better balance of stat-weights compared to Legion where haste is simply so far ahead of other stats for the majority of Shadow Priests Being given back Mind Sear as an individual keybind allows us better, more fluid control of our AoE and insanity generation in AoE scenariosThe problems with Shadow in a raiding environment in BfA: Throughout most of Legion, despite struggling immensely in burst AoE scenarios, Shadow has been a mid to top tier dps spec for raiding, offering good single target as well as fantastic prolonged cleave damage. Not only that, but the playstyle within raids post Surrender to Madness nerf offered players from low to high skill a fun, fast paced playstyle that despite often punishing mistakes heavily, was incredibly rewarding when executed well, however, much of what made the spec great in playstyle within Legion raiding, was the same reason the spec suffered within dungeons. The way shadow in Legion raiding played, an incredible majority of your damage was dealt while at high stacks in Voidform, part of why the spec heavily rewarded those who could maintain their Voidforms for long periods of time, and punish those who did not. However within a dungeon environment, this emphasis on ramp-up damage that made raiding so enjoyable, simply felt frustrating. Often times on low keys, or with two other dps playing specs capable of on demand burst, you feel like a passenger for much of the dungeon, unable to get even close to your maximum damage potential before the other damage dealers have finished the pack you were trying to multidot. It is clear, rightly so, that Blizzard are trying to fix this issue. One thing they have done to aid this is buffed almost all of shadows abilities, a change brought about to negate the loss of the ramp-up damage that shadow could achieve in Legion, which is no longer attainable to the same degree in BfA due to Blizzard increasing the drain of voidform, reducing the haste per stack of voidform and losing mass hysteria from the artifact. This has certainly improved shadow within dungeons, both in terms of numbers, but more importantly gameplay, and given us a sense of being relevant throughout the entire dungeon,rather than just long-lived trash packs and bosses, but at the expense of what made Shadow so much fun in raiding. The risk/reward factor of Shadow within raids is practically gone, because prolonging Voidform simply does not seem to matter. With all of these changes to make Shadow's damage more consistent, the reward of executing good Voidforms has been diminished, it feels like an awkward additional mechanic to a spec that now feels something more akin to a ''Shadow Mage'' within raids. As it stands, Voidform is just a key to unlock void bolt, the haste gained per stack is minimal, and without mass hysteria the damage gain is barely noticable. Not only does this feel frustrating, but being in Voidform also locks you out of your most potent AoE spell, Void Eruption, leading to these incredibly awkward moments where, you know an AoE situation is incoming, so you simply stop casting in order to try and get out of Voidform as fast as possible to once more gain access to your main AoE spell.Alsîus10 21h
23h holy/disci priest defensive cd why priest is the only healer without a defensive cd that give you some type of mitigation? i mean ...both spec all they have is for party and nothing "personal"...I hoped that in battle for azeroth something changed and instead ...Runway3 23h
1d Affliction warlock flaws in BFA. I just wanted to highlight some of the issues I've found with affliction on beta, even though my conclusions stem from pvp they apply to the affliction identity as a whole and it's class fantasy. - Legion affliction was redesigned to function around self sustain, we lost the majority of our old tankiness ( soul link etc. ) in favor of stronger drains and healthstones. -BFA seems to have veered away from the redesigned class flavor and taken self sustain out of the picture almost entirely, this goes beyond a simple move to drain life. -The loss of big healthstone heals and indirect affliction traits inflating what legion called standard warlock sustain, is now simple tatters on beta, there is a serious issue here. - Legion affliction had sustain but it was a squishy spec, it gave the illusion of tankiness so long as the caster was draining/had multiple dots running on multi targets. -BFA affliction has less than 20% of the sustain legion aff had, drain life not being a part of the rotation will become niche again, why must we sacrifice damage to use a gimicky sustain mechanic that barely helps us outside of single enemy encounters ?and I'm not even talking about pvp. -The sustain from soul leech is abysmally weak on beta, demo has soul link/ destro has the mastery which passively reduces some damage, why is affliction excluded from the class identity based around a hard to kill caster? it is a far cry of what affliction once was in terms of pure survival. My hope is that , since self sustain is weak, our passive damage reduction can be increased , maybe via soul leech absorbing more damage for affliction than other specs or something of the sort, because the way it stands now affliction is looking like the squishiest spec in the game, and I'm not over-exaggerating.Distorpia4 1d
1d [Suggestion] Warlock revamp Hello community, The current state of the Warlock feels sad. All specs are flat and the soul shard generating/spending mechanic just feels broken. The talents of the destruction WL are boring and the devs still try to change the affli and demo warlock for the x time. At the current state Demo WL feels much better than in Legion but still far from beeing great. Same for the other two WL specs. In my opinion the problem with the WL at it's current state are the builder/spender mechanics and the loss of depth. I would suggest to rework all three WL specs, to give them more depth like the old demo had. Metamorphosis is gone and i think this is one of the saddest parts of WL history. The WL meta looked just so much cooler than the DH one now and the gameplay behind it was awesome. Even Kanrethat (as a affli WL) has the metamorphosis. I would suggest giving it back to all three WL specs called "Dark Soul". It should be a reworked CD like the current Dark Soul ability but transform you in a shadowy form (for example the old WL meta form. Maybe others with glyphs Dreadlord or you stay in normal form.) Dark Soul should be the main and onliest spender ability for WL, because you sacrifice the collected souls to turn into something more evil. the more souls you sacrifice (cost: 3-5 SS) the stronger are the buffs. (haste % buff for affli; crit % buff for destro; mastery buff for demo) 1. Affli: Dark Soul is a baseline ability and your onliest SS spender cast time x seconds with an amazing animation. cost: 3-5 SS's. You unleash a powerful curse which makes all of your dot's tick x% faster and make them lose no time. Affects all targets in a radius of x around you. You gain a x%-haste buff for the duration of the DS effect. While DS is active your spell Shadow Bolt Drain Soul hits all enemys near your target. Shadow Bolt or Drain Soul are instant, or can be channeled while moving. While DS is active your spell "Corruption" is changed into "Seed of Corruption". Seed of Corruption should be a spell with a short cast time, but no SS cost (cooldown instead). It should work pretty much the same but afflict the targets with a stronger dot (for example "Unstable Corruption" ) Seed of Corruption is removed from the normal form. UA: UA is fine, but it's not fun to cast this x-times on the same target. Casting this multiple times feels weird. UA should be a really hard dot with a cd (around 10sec, but i don't know), but no SS spender. UA should also increase the damage you deal to the target, but you should only be able to maintain this on one target. Summon Darkglare: Remove this from the core abilitys, because you got Dark Soul. This should be a talent instead. Burning Rush: This must be a baseline for every warlock spec. Warlock really needs a baseline answer to movement. Either this or the circle. Rest of the core gameplay should be okay lets have a look at the talents: Tier 15: Haunt should go to the tier 100 row, so you can allow people to play with Drain Soul and Haunt. Instead of Haunt there could be Creeping Death for people who are more into faster dotting. Tier 30: WiA / AC / SL Seems decent for now. Tier 45: At it's current state, the row is split up in movement increase, or more survivability. That's a problem for WL, because DS and DP are a bit weird and weak right now. Making BR baseline. Replace it with "Darkfury" reduce the CD of SF and make it instant. Demon Skin: This talent really needs a rework, i don't know what to do yet, still thinking. Dark Pact: There could be a talent, which unleashes a shadow fury around you, when you cast Dark Soul. Tier 60: Remove Sow the Seeds and replace it with "Harvester": Drain Life now hit's all enemys near your target. Vile Taint should be: UA burns the soul of your foe, making every tic splash damage around the foe. Row 75: Demonic Circle is fine. Mortal Coil is fine. The third talent on this row should be something which increases BR. For example: "Burning Madness": BR also increases your movement speed by 1% per missing % health (up to a max of 15%-20%) if youre max. health is below 50% BR doenst cost health. Row 90: seems fine for now. Row 100: Dark Soul replaced with summon Darkglare. This should give you another CD. Creeping Death is fine although it's a bit boring. Would be cooler if Haunt takes it's place, so you can allow people to play with Drain Soul and Haunt.Ritaleanx2 1d
1d Arcane in BFA Arcane is in a very weird position in BFA. The reworks to the core rotation in addition to no compensation of artifact traits and no significant talent shuffles leaves the spec very bare. I’ll try to do my best to criticize the current feel of the spec, how they relate to the core philosophy of the spec and propose changes that could alleviate some of the issue. What makes Arcane unique? Arcane is a very unique spec, in that it is the only DPS spec currently in the game that has mana management as a core gameplay element. Coupled with arcane charges and the mastery you have a spec that revolves around mana. As such, I think it is reasonable to state that the spec should revolve around mana management, and that the core rotation should make it feel like mana matters. Arcane in Legion: In Legion Arcane’s rotation is surprisingly simple, but still fun and engaging. Arcane Missiles as a frequent proc that costs no mana and is amplified in damage by arcane charges is highly interactive and requires some thought so as not to waste procs. Mark of Aluneth offers on demand mana, and you have to make sure you do not overcap when casting it. In addition, the very long duration on Arcane Power makes for incredibly potent burn phases. Arcane Charges coupled with Arcane Barrage gives us the ability to manually adjust the amount of mana spending. Problems with Legion Arcane: Kilt specifically gives such an enormous amount of mana, that mana conservation is almost a non-factor, it’s more about making sure you don’t overcap. However, that still requires taking mana into consideration, so ultimately, it’s not a major detriment. Burn phases are almost mana neutral, despite it’s super long duration. Primarily because of Arcane Missiles procs being frequent and free, and the Overpowered talent. This means that staying at very high mana numbers going into the burn phase isn’t as important and makes managing mana tightly less rewarding. In addition, the value of mastery has been somewhat lackluster, considering that it revolves around the core mechanics of the spec.Raglacera15 1d
1d [Feedback] Elemental Gameplay & Mechanics Hello community, It’s time for the Storm Earth & Lava team to voice a few concerns with the state of Elemental Shamans in Battle for Azeroth. For the uninitiated, we are a group of Elemental theorycrafters that launched our resource Storm Earth & Lava in December of 2016. Since then, we’ve provided a hub of guides and articles about the spec in Legion, and will continue to do so into Battle for Azeroth. I copy this thread from its original author Slanderman from the US forum to the EU, and write as the “official voice” of the team. Please note that the goal of this post is not general spec discussion, but to highlight a few focused issues we have with Elemental’s playstyle. We will not comment on the spec’s numbers, and would like to keep discussion directed at playstyle -- however, some of our points require numbers to elucidate our argument. Table of Contents Echo of the Elements - Movement issues: Frost Shock and Earth Shock - Area of effect (AoE) pacing - Miscellaneous issues - 1d
1d [Feedback] Fire Mage BfA Fire seems to have a lack of survival ability on beta. Fire doesn't really have a slow that you'd want to use, there's a very minor slow (20%) on Flamestrike, which is good if you're AoEing enemies, but not so great for single target, or areas where you don't want to AoE (admittedly, the mastery would also be a problem in these situations). All mages have more or less the same default survival kit, and then a few unique additions. Frost has built in slows, and Cold Snap to reset it's kit,: Arcane has Displacement, Slow, and Greater Invisibility; but Fire only has Cauterize. I like Cauterize, it's great it group play, but solo it doesn't do much for you unless you Iceblock the debuff off. At that point, why didn't you just Iceblock to avoid the damage in the first place (assuming you could)? But if you couldn't, then Fire has to waste a general defensive CD just to make it's spec specific CD not kill them. Fire needs something else with the removal of Cauterizing Blink (which, I don't like it, but I don't think Mages should have a heal, too many classes already have them). I don't think the Blazing Soul talent is particularly great, but making it baseline would be a step in the right direction. You might consider bringing back the vanilla talent that had a chance to stun the target when you dealt fire damage. This might be too strong in pvp, and probably also too strong in high M+. A passive that slows the target when they're afflicted with Ignite might work maybe call it “Blistered Feet”, this isn't the greatest thematic fit for Fire, but it might just be a quick/easy fix to the soloing issue. Fire still needs a little more survival, maybe a flat damage reduction called “Wreathed in Flames” that's always active, or only active against targets afflicted by your Ignite. Phoenix Flames feels necessary and needs to be baseline. Practicing the single target rotation on the dummy on beta with just Flame On, I couldn't bank anything to pull off a proper Combustion burn phase while still maintaining a normal “conserve” phase by capitalizing on Heating Up procs as they came, and it felt awful. This would make Pyromaniac and Pyroclasm much much worse talents. I don't love having to pool Phoenix Flames exclusively for use with Combustion, but if I could take it with Flame On, that would alleviate that issue.Shandor0 1d
1d [Bug] hunter talent 'Animal Companion' Just dropping this here, because most hunter I encountered while leveling didn't even notice it... The pet summoned by the talent 'animal companion' does not use kill command (although it should), and it's been like this since the talent was 'properly' implementet. It just walks (slowly) up to the target and auto attacks. And (probably not a bug) I have no idea what to do when it dies. Does it just respawn after some time like Hati did? Some kind of indicator would be nice. Because getting back to a stable master to ressurect it is quite annoying.Sturmkrähe0 1d
1d New paladin animations We just got a new animation for Retributions Templar's Verdict. Can we get a new animation for Grand Crusader and Guardian of the Ancient Kings please. These 2 animations really look out of place.Destaen3 1d
1d [Feedback] Deathknight I'd like to preface this post by saying it's ok to disagree with what I'm about to bring up, these are my opinions and conclusions following some intensive testing in beta. I main deathknight on live currently and have been for a while but this topic is about BFA not live. That said I'll split this topic up according to the specs DK has and go over every issue I see with the class as it currently stands. General Movement speed In general the DPS DK got some improvements regarding movement speed options. We got DA back baseline which is something I asked for in Legion alpha/beta and we now have a choice between 2speed increase options. A speed increase is far more useful and stronger than both of the other talents available to us in that row for DPS, making both abilities baseline would be an even greater benefit. We'd therefore need another talent in the T75 slot which would align itself better with the other two as it's mostly a survivability tier. Blood on the other hand got the short end of the stick. Tanks now need to choose between being able to kite or having a strong movement speed boost. In my opinion it's even more important to have wraith walk (WW) baseline for blood because it just feels absolutely horrendous having to give WW up for the ability to kite. With the current design philosophy the ability to kite in dungeons will be absolutely mandatory as well as raids which means Grip of the Dead is a set and forget talent. DA does not do the job of getting from A-B quickly enough and makes blood DK feel even slower than it is on live right now.Deemorbid18 1d
2d [Feedback] Azerite Impact and Suggestion Hola x To start, I want to throw out that this is my own personal opinion and suggestions based on what I feel could benefit classes and provide players with more choices when it comes to playing their classes and specs. Currently I feel that the Azerite Trait system is a little weak in terms of benefits and changes to class impact. I feel that as Azerite is portrayed as this all-powerful resource that it should have a more dramatic effect on our players rather the the current passive we're being given. A suggestion that I've thought about is that the final trait of our Azerite Equipment slots be something empowering and class changing. The final tier should offer multiple choices of dramatic singular ability changes, some examples I'll list below. Scenario You've reach the final Azerite trait tier in your chest piece, you now have access to 6 (or so) dramatic empowerments to choose from that will change one of your class abilities and evolve it (based on spec). For example: Evasion (Rogue) Now leaves behind a mirror image every X second that after Y seconds will cast Fan of Knives for Z amount of it's original amount. In this, your classic defensive ability has evolved into becoming an offensive if you would want to choose so. You could circle opponents and allow for the Image Fan of Knives to be worked into your DPS rotation, or use it to discourage enemies from chasing you. This also opens up the prospect of providing unique empowerment traits that cover other aspects of classplay i.e. Offensive, Defensive and Support or even the choice of a flat stat increase like versatility if you're not happy with the Empowerment choices. Here are a few other examples I have thought about: Grounding Totem (Shaman) - Grounding Totem no longer roots enemies, but instead conjures a whirlpool at the target location slowing all enemies caught within and pulling them towards to center. Thorns (Druid) - Thorns now fires out in an AOE burst, dealing damage to all enemies within X yards of you and causing them to bleed for Y damage over Z seconds. (Shoutout to Embless for this suggestion) Slow (Mage) - Slow is replaced with Temporal Anomaly, an AoE field that slows enemy movement by X amount and reduces attack/cast speed by Y amount. Allies who travel through this field gain Z movement speed for Y seconds. Defensive Stance (Warrior) Your defensive stance is replaced with Gladiator Stance, allowing you to deal damage using a single handed weapon and shield. This will re-theme your current abilities to reflect the nature of the stance. (I had to throw this one in because who didn't love Glad Stance?) The idea is that each Azerite item you equip has different set of empowered final abilities to choose from, so that you won't feel trapped and can seek out your favourite empowerments. I understand that people will min/max and create winning combinations but I don't think you can stop that. The choices would be an Offensive, Defensive, Support change to one of you current class spec abilities. How many should be available to select from, I'm not too sure. Maybe 6? 2 of each category for variety, with a flat increase option if you're truly not happy with the options. I know these may sound a little too much, but I feel as though the current implementations aren't very exciting. I loved that with each new expansion that classes would receive reworks and new abilities that kept the class feeling fresh and engaging. I recognize that sometimes those changes aren't to peoples liking but I feel like this would be a nice alternative that allows for players to choose their changes and embolden class fantasy. I also believe that we're due for another talent tier, but that is another topic in its own. Thank you for taking the time to read this, it's really appreciated.Mombi0 2d
2d Brewmasters & Quality of Life For all EU Brewmasters out there, I've been following a similar thread over on the US forums and was wondering what thoughts people this side of the pond were having. It is a very constructive and thoughtful thread with some great ideas which hopefully might receive some recognition from the devs. 2d
2d Azerite Armor Issues Azerite armor is a mess right now. It really needs addressing because very soon after reaching 120 you get new gear and cant even use the traits. The requirement of heart of azeroth level needed to unlock the traits needs lowering alot. Getting an "upgrade" because its higher ilvl but then not even having access to the traits feels crap. Moreover there is a tier of azerite thats is frankly the the !@#$tiest most boring pile of crap ever conceived. Tier 3 - the big bonus, the pinnacle of a piece of gear - is +5 item level. wtf blizz? How can you possibly justify this. This is a thing on gear that has no secondaries and thus not even giving us a slight boost by scaling haste etc. The 3rd tier Must be changed along with the requirements for tier 1+2. There is nothing fun about having mostly uninteresting gear which you cant even use. Please stop pushing this item level obsession and make secondaries and traits better.Shandreal17 2d
2d Fury warrior: Whirlwind and Bloodthirst At the start of Beta Whirlwind caused your next Rampage or Raging blow to hit 4 additional targets for 40% damage. This was a change from live where it is Rampage and Bloodthirst. In a recent build however, it was changed back to Rampage and Bloodthirst. I would like to give the feedback that I really preferred it when it was Rampage and Raging blow and would very much like to see it go back to that. Raging blow just hits much harder then Bloodthirst and currently it feels like a waste to spend the Whirlwind buff on Bloodthirst because you need it for rage.Nozmordre1 2d
2d Zandalari Feral Druid PvP video (joke) Ey folks! Since I first saw the new Zandalari Druid forms I was wondering where the hell I have seen the Feral one before... Well... Here is the answer. A movie called "The Relic" (1997). There you have It, some Zandalari Feral Druid PvP stuff wrecking some alliance!!! Sadly He get reckd by a human fire mage, plz Nerf :P P.S. I bet my left tusk that Devs have been inspired by this 20 year old movie, where "Alien meets Jurassic Park". If you want more pictures search for "Kothoga". Can't wait anymore to race change. P.S.2 Zandalari Master RaceDeodara1 2d
2d Demo warlocks Hey Are Demo warlocks using dagger and offhand on the BfA beta servers? Blizzard told us we will be keeping the artifact skin we unlock on live. Are we able to transforg our daggers and offhand to The skull of Man'ari floading head? Fits us so well Thanks in advance :DZaulan3 2d
2d Druid Dreamgrove Teleport Does anyone know if Druids will keep the ability to teleport to the dreamgrove in BFA? Not for the legion class hall, but for the use of those really handy portals that allow travel around Azeroth?Lintra2 2d
2d GCD on Recklessness I know what the intention for having it on GCD is, and i am not saying that all of the GCD changes are bad. But in regards to recklessness, it really is. I am a big fan of the Legion fury warrior primarily due to the fast pace gameplay. Having to wait after using recklessness just feels really bad. I would be sad to see my favorite spec ruined by this small change. I would like to see the GCD removed from the ability, or maybe have it turned down to 0.1 second, so that the delay is not feelable.Tolwhe4 2d
3d Protection Paladin Suggestions/Feedback Hello everyone, I would like to present some of my thoughts and ideas about state of protection paladins. The difference between live and beta, how it feels and looks like. Let's start with the abilities and the class overall. Avenger's Shield - iconic spell, currently on beta does nothing towards our defensive capabilities. It's nice to gathering mobs, silencing caster, but that's it. We're losing Bulwark of the Order and legendary legs (both of those are somehow getting back in azerite traits - in different/weaker form; and you need gear with those traits!). Maybe add dmg reduction for targets hit by it or give it similar passive as Judgment (reducing cd on SotR)? Consecration - with loss of artifact traits extending the duration, the paladin rotation feels rigid, because you need consecration for the 20% buff. Feels like it needs some tweaking with duration. It also shows how important consecration is for paladins - buff to hammer, shield and heal, we need to stand in it to get the best results and becomes little problematic when kiting. Light of the Protector - our REACTIVE heal, I will probably repeat the same thing, everyone is saying - it should be off gcd. It's really punishing, because it's a big part of our toolkit and how we play as paladins. I will talk more about it when we get to HotP talent. Paladin health and defensives - we're at the lower spectrum of hp of all the tanks and we're also have bigger gaps in our mitigation. But this could be fixed both in tuning and changes in our talent trees.Lasteru1 3d
3d BFA Classes and Items feedback I thought it might be a good idea to provide genuine feedback for BFA especially for class design and item design. I also think that BFA is almost done and it will not be fixed until release. Maybe in an upcoming patch. I acknowledge that I as a mythic raider am a minority in this game and the game is almost all about mounts, transmog and allied races nowadays. But why design gameplay around people who dont care about how fun their abilties are when they are clearing Molten Core for the 34th time? We haven't seen all the Azerite traits and all the traits we know are pretty boring. You could argue that this are only the first few traits and there will be really fun and exciting things happening with Azerite armor. I think that blizzard is ever so proud of what they are doing that they would show us the good stuff. I hate to admit it but legendaries were kind of fun. 2 Items that made the playstyle of most classes more interesting. Only the way you obtained these items was bad. Now you can grind legendaries and depending on how much time you invest you can get 1-3 legendaries a week. This system together with the balancing of all legendaries would have been fine the whole time. Additonally we had setbonuses, interesting artifact traits and the netherlight crucible. All these combined made for a really fun class gameplay experience. In BFA all these are missing and we got a slightly better netherlight crucible. All we got in BFA are the bare bones of Legion classes without all the fun stuff. Blizzard even had the opportunity to make a new talent tier for level 120 and convert fun legendaries and artifact traits into talents. But they didn't because that would be too much fun. That brings me to the next point, namely Secondary Stats. Blizzard is so afraid that secondary stats will dominate primary stats again. So their solution is to nerf secondary stats into the ground. Primary stats were fine for most of WoW's lifetime. Agility and Intellect also gave crit. And reforging made it so that you could always get your prefered stat on an item and thus itemlevel was better almost every time. WoD had a similar problem when there were too many secondary stats that you couldn't get enough of one stat. Also Multistrike was the most boring !@#$ ever. You need a certain amount of crit and and haste so the gameplay feels fun and exciting. Playing a caster with 6% haste feels just awful. Awful gameplay is also the topic of the next point, Global Cooldowns. First of all, reactive abilities like defensive cooldowns and movement abilities should never ever be restricted by your dps rotation. When you have followed the design philosophy the last couple of expansions it is absolutely clear that blizzard don't like us stacking cooldowns. So they decided to put everything on the global cooldown to disincentivise us to stack them. Unfortunately stacking them is always the way to go because that is how math works. The only thing they have done so far is making your gameplay more clunky and tedious. It doesn't change how we play our classes it just makes them awful to play. If you want us not to stack cooldowns maybe don't design more than one cooldown for every class. Or make them weaker and off the global cooldown. There is another theory saying that blizzard is slowing the gameplay down to bring good and bad players closer together. If it is so, why would you design a game around people who don't even bother to play it properly ? It is like designing a car for people who don't want to learn the traffic rules. So what is my conclusion of the design process of BFA so far? BFA will be another WoD, not in case of content but in case of gameplay. The deadline for the BFA release is so tight that they can never fix all the problems given the amount of fixing they have already done in alpha/beta. The Game is designed for people who don't care how it plays. Maybe blizzard has already given up on BFA and is working on another Legion to save the game. They address problems that are none. They evidently hate it when we have fun because almost all of the gameplay design choices show this to me. I love WoW and I hope it is not getting destroyed by BFA. There is still time. Thank you for reading. English no me mother language.Xkrementor8 3d
3d Teleport: Emerald Dreamway Where has this spell gone? Please don't tell me it's turned back into Teleport: Moonglade... 'cause that's all I have left in my spellbook. I'd appreciate having Teleport: Emerald Dreamway back. It was stunning when I first recieved it, so obviously it's gonna be a huge disappointment if you've actually taken it away again(and yes, I do actually want to keep the shortcut to my Legion class hall).Aylish0 3d
3d [Feedback] Frost Mage Concerns & Suggestions Frost Mage Feedback 22/05/2018! The state of the talents are fairly decent right now, I didn't actually realize but if you spec into Bone Chilling the pet doesn't even generate procs anymore simply because Water Jet was removed and Freeze doesn't proc anymore. Yes, you can do all the tuning you want and let's say the Sim's show the pet alone by itself with the 5% damage buff turns out to be doing a lot of damage over it's counterpart Lonely Winter, I still would hate it and I'm sure many others will agree that we only picked it so we could get extra procs and there was a new mechanic that you had to shoot Frostbolts during the cast of Water Jet which personally wasn't amazing but is far better than having to spec into another passive talent as 80% of our talents are passive. Moving onto the second talent, Chain Reaction that either needs to be buffed or removed and replaced with something better because essentially the level 60 tier should be like an ability or passive that increases proc chance in which Ebonbolt and Frozen Touch provide. I feel as if just giving us the Legendary bracer effect and slapping into into a talent was not needed as ice lance on Beta right now doesn't feel like it does enough damage anyways this can simply be fixed with tuning. Finally, a concern I was having was since we're losing the trait that reduced the CD of Icy Veins I feel as if 3 minutes is far too long and feels clunky. Maybe this is due to not having the extra ability "Ebonbolt" that would fill the small gaps that were in the rotation and the spell essentially being nerfed as it's practically always been on a 2 - 2min 30sec CD throughout Legion from the trait. I personally think you either tackle this with reducing the CD or an even better idea I think is to make Ray of Frost baseline almost like Channel Demonfire for Warlocks but for us Frost Mages! I think this would be a great addition to our rotation and fill the gap that appears to be in the spec it will give it that edge that Ebonbolt once did. Of course you can spec into Ebonbolt but I think forcing a player to choose in a talent row is not the way to go. I don't know what the obsession is with making everything passive, we as frost have enough passive's already and breaking this constant chain with a new spell I'm almost certain it will make the spec feel a lot smoother and more enjoyable which is the goal right? One last thing if Ray of Frost was to be baseline please reduce the CD to like 45 seconds or somewhere close to that I think it being on a 1.3min CD is far to long. NickNickolaki0 3d
3d [Feedback] Frost Mage killing talent tree bug Hi, I recently faction changed my level 120 frost mage to Alliance and changed my talent tree on same spec to see whether my damage output increases and I chose these: 15: Lonely Winter 30: Glacial Insulation 45: Incanter's Flow 60: Frozen Touch 75: Ice Ward 90: Comet Storm 100: Glacial Spike I didn't change PvP choices but to resolve the issue I'll describe below I give them too: Gladiator's Medallion, Frostbite, Deep Shatter, Ice Form. I was doing the "Grand Theft Telemancy" quest and suddenly I started to eat DoT, and when I checked the "What happened to me?" log, there was no source for it! Only "Impassive Visage" was healing me about 556 Physical. I noticed that when I use Glacial Spike, I cannot get out of combat and killed by the bug.Elpija1 3d
4d Please give feral/guardian dual wield Please allow feral and guardian to dual wield. Many of us would like to continue using our daggers and fist weapons. Whether we are keeping our new forms or not doesn't matter, it isn't fair to take away the ability to use the actual weapon models and the whole point of getting rid of artifacts is to give us actual choice on weapon types again, not be stuck using a weapon our artifact skins aren't for. Also from what I understand with feral scaling on attack power rather than weapon damage it shouldn't be a problem to let us use dual daggers.Yuzora3 4d
4d MW Gameplay After playing MW throughout Legion for the best part of two years hearing a new expansion on the horizon was great finally MW might receive some changes that I felt it needed in some way or another. As great as MW was and monk as a whole it could be better with a few tweaks. But what I've seen and played on the Alpha and Beta is either no changes at all or a step back in gameplay mechanics or playstyle. Monk were always the niche gimmicky healer which emphasized a fun over healing strength, which is what gravitated me to switching from my HP main since Vanilla to this new weird healer in MoP. I'm so frustrated and disappointed with the direction they are going, they are making this once addictively fun healer into the most bland form of its past self. Blanketing the raid with renewing mists and detonating them all with uplift was controversial with some MW's but I loved it. Now let's move onto beta I'm lucky if I can get 2-3 renewing mists to stay up. The current change to Thunder Focus Tea removing the ability to cast multiple RM's is ridiculous. Talents: (15)Mist Wrap - Empowering one of our most useless spells is a wasted talent option, I can see this perhaps being used in M+ with Lifecycles but again incredibly underwhelming talent choices. Chi Wave - Far too much RNG not reliable at all Chi Burst - Hadouken only option to take unfortunately (30) Celerity - Why aren't you baseline? Chi Torperdo - Standard stuff Tiger's Lust - Wanna be pala freedom (45) Lifecycles - Like I said might see some use in M+ depending on how M+ will be in BFA but Monks will never be competitive with Palas or Rdruids in M+ ever. Spirit of the Crane - Keeping the masses happy with the promise of Fistweaving without actually being fistweaving, this should either make it so that BK heals or has a chance to make your next heal free/instant/ X times stronger. Mana Tea - The most heartbreaking talent in the entire tree, only reminds me of what mana tea used to be stacks of pooled mana at the ready to be poured back into the mana bar to keep you going. Monks were once incredibly interesting with multiple layers and mechanics other healers didn't have but wished they had for the sake of sparing the dev team a mechanic to balance they lobotomized :) this spell. (60) Tiger Tail Sweep - Can you get a more boring talent? Why not give us another option rather then just making this baseline to our stun and adding a new talent here like our old Charging Ox Wave. Song of Chi-Ji - I wish this was good it's such a potentially cool talent but absolutely useless as far as being practical. Ring of Peace - Either piss off your raid/party by spreading addons or cuck people in PvP, has potential but very meh. (75) Healing Elixir - Simple self heal not much to say Diffuse Magic - Not a bad talent as far as gameplay goes transferring harmful magic effects back to the attacker very cool mechanic Dampen Harm - Good defensive talent not bad at all, they got this talent row slightly right atleast (90) Summon Jade Serpent Statue - In Blizzcon when they announced monks being healers who heal through statues and punching people in the face and kicking !@# I thought wow damn that sounds pretty cool, this is the only remnants of that and it's a second SM literally our weakest heal but we get two of them? Why not implement our leggo shoulders into this talent so that our SM can chain to other targets? Refreshing Jade Wing - Costs far too much for what it's worth, also I have a massive problem with the fact that layering your RM's ontop of EF and then this my mana disappears, aoe healing in BFA is costly so costly output is there but won't last long at all and its range is puny. Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane - Summoning crack bird for a lengthy time to heal everyone is good but completely overshadows the other talents in everyway also it would be cool if we became Chi-Ji ourselves in a way our own wings where we gain the ability to aoe heal everyone and also teleport to them, incorporating Mistwalk back into the game through this talent.Motley9 4d
4d Blood DK Feedback Currently The DK has a couple of issues, which aren’t all necessarily a problem that needs to be fixed. Problem 1 (Raid vs Dungeons): The way Dks mitigate damage as a tank is based on flat number reductions instead of adaptive numbers based on the damage taken. The effect this has that content that barely does damage you become quickly unkillable while content that has way to high damage (relative to your gear level) you are more vulnerable than other tank type of mitigation. There is a similar issue with DH tank in this regards. This model makes them incredible good in 5 mans while quite weak in raids when it comes to tanking. One of the reason DK saw more play in raids in legion was because of how high the numbers and scaling of dks was, on top of very powerful artifact traits added (scaling with haste exponentially more than other tanks as stated in problem 2). This makes them incredible weak at the start of the expansion until they manage to overgear the content. I would suggest some kind of talent that is alot stronger in raids against big damage but makes you weaker against small damage intake. Problem 2 (Mastery and secondary stats scaling) One of the main problems with DK tanks is that haste scales so incredibly well for them, It makes you gain so much more runic power and fits so well with your globals with the faster rune regeneration. Currently if your haste is to low you often have many unfilled globals, once it reaches a threshold of around 35% haste you fill in almost all your globals due to the faster regeneration, this makes a huge difference in both dps and survival, as you suddenly have a ton more death strikes to work with than normal. Another issue with secondary stats is mastery. Blood shield mastery is another form of flat scaling that right now purely depends on numbers to be any good, which they are not, which makes mastery by far your worst stat. Something you want to avoid at all costs. I would suggest reworking the mastery so it has some form of % damage mitigation (like for example make after you death strike you mitigate 10% physical damage for 6 seconds). The artifact trait that made you do extra damage and leech while blood shield is up was also interesting, but the problem with blood shield is that it’s up for less than a second, as any hit pretty much removes the entire shield. Crit also feels a bit lackluster as it heavily has diminishing returns with strength for parry, But this issue is also present in bear druids, prot pallies, and warriors. Maybe make mitigation abilities also scale with crit? Like being able to critically heal with death strike? Problem 3 (Death Strike Mitigation): Using Death strike is skillful and require good timing to use well, but the downside of using it while there is no damage means that if you want to really focus on making this mitigation model work you need to bank on runic power and essentially wait till any damage comes in. This type of playstyle is not always fun , especially if you have to wait a while. I would make it less punishing on the low spectrum. One solution you had for this problem was the artifact trait souldrinker, which made at least 50% of your mitigation always somewhat useful by increasing your maximum HP based on 50% of your overhealing. This interaction might have been to powerful as it makes your subsequent Death strikes stronger since your base HP was increased. I think an elegant way to reintroduce it is to make it either baseline or a talent and make it absorb damage instead of increasing your maximum HP so it doesn’t feed into itself. Problem 4 (Self sustain vs impact of healers) The DK is the least reliant tank on healers, in fact it has barely any synergy with healers at all. Their form of mitigation directly competes with healers, this is partially the case with DH and Prot pally, but they rely more on mitigation than the DK. This models mean that you are either fully self sustained and don’t need any healing or you can not sustain the damage at all and the healer can barely help you to stay alive. Maybe there should be an option to partially transform your form of mitigation to a different type so you give up your self sustain for more % mitigation which make you rely more on the healer,have more synergy, as well as have a better base model for raiding. Problem 5 (mobility) In this case I think mobility is fine when death grip actually works and enemies aren’t immune to it, but if they are immune it is very lackluster. I would add a small speed buff when an enemy is immune to your death grip. Something like 40% speed for 3 secDeathforced9 4d
4d Please talk about shadow priests. Are they are so OK or no one play it so there is no shadow priest topic here? I want to ask are shadow form fixed there? At random we should click it after dead? Are we can transform weapon with maces? Other insight will be ok, if play it. ThanksHauhet2 4d
4d [FEEDBACK] Beast Mastery Hi there, just wanted to add my opinions on how I feel about BM at present and include the changes that I feel that would make BM more fluid and engaging. Pets:- I like how pets have now got a set spec, I think it adds to the fantasy. You wouldn't have a cat tanking normally would you. What I don't like is how blizz have done the three different specs, here's what I think would work better. Ferocity - This should be a Dungeon/Raiding spec. Should have buffs for the raid (bloodlust) battle rez or maybe some other useful buffs for the hunter himself. Also doing more dps than the tenacity spec. Tenacity - This should be a Questing/World quest spec. It should have 10-20% less dmg than the raiding/pvp spec but have a lot more defence and defence CD's, as well as a decent amount of leech/spirit bond and maybe a pet instant rez? Cunning - This should be a pvp spec, same dps as the raiding spec but have increase speed, stun reductions, a stun/root effect ect. Not sure if ppl would agree but I think this would be awesome! As for the hunter himself, some talents need to be baseline and the original talent should become something that augments the talent in some way. Here's a few talents I think this applies too:- Chimaera shot One with the pack Stomp I think natural Mending needs to be completely changed. This talent should reset the CD after you kill something that give you experience or honor. That would go a long way helping hunters doing world quest or dungeons. Bestial Wrath needs to come off global CD. Other than that I just think our AoE options need tweaking to become more impacful, atm they are lackluster. I have probably missed out a few things but I'm about to set off for work so I apologise if iv missed something important. Feel free to comment with your own ideasFerûle0 4d
4d Outlaw Blade Rush vs. Killing Spree I tried the Outlaw on the beta servers and I'am a bit confused when i take a look at "Blade Rush" and "Killing Spree". Blade Rush, dash for 20yd, deals dmg, cleave dmg und generate Energy. Killing Spree, deals dmg. That's it. I wouldn't mind when KS does a fair amount more dmg than BR, but they are an the same level. So, why should i use KS when i can get the same dmg output AND utility on top with BR? In the tooltip from KS is the dmg number double from what it really is. That would solve the issue for me. Please.... i want to enjoy my Killing Spree again :/Rannec2 4d
4d Any Actual Point? So I'm reading this forums and can't help but notice a distinct lack of activity. I think in part this is simply due to the EU forums almost never receiving feedback or blue posts. I myself have been providing feedback on elemental shaman for months (which has gone completely ignored as of last nights build on the 15th may). My questions are: Is there any point providing class feedback when the devs clearly have their mind set, and aren't listening to the community? (see the re-introduction of ignore pain as an example). Is there any point people in the EU providing any forum feedback at all when its a ghost town with a complete lack of responses?Kaizek9 4d
5d Corrupted Allied I would's be awesome when Warlocks can use Fel Corruption on other races, beasts, abberration and Elementals use as Corrupted Allied spell. Same as Dire Beasts spell Hunters :)Legioncaster0 5d
5d DK vs DH resource Generation Hi all, after some testing with DH and DK I have to say that something is incredibly off. First VDH: - amazing mobility - comparable dmg to DK - unique 5% magic debuff - AoE stun - ok defensive toolkit - Magic dispel that awards resource - Interrupt that awards resource - incredible resource generation as opposed to BDK: - Death Grip - Battle res - meh defensives - arguably the worst mobility of all tanks (the argument for slow but deadly is completely invalid as DK does not do that much more dmg than other speccs) As a VDH I have situations where I do not know how to spend all the Pain generated. As BDK I am starved half of the time. Reap Magic was a good tool to smooth things over in some situations (remember that you can't depend on Reap Magic because no every mob has something to purge) and you decided to remove that. Fine, I can live with that, but atleast compensate or make the specc a bit smoother. I believe many people would be glad to see one of the following: - make Dark Simulacrum Baseline - make Mind Freeze generate Runic Power - reduce the CD of Dancing Rune Weapon to 1.5 min and give it 12 second uptime- - make the Artifact Trait Mouth of Hell baseline (my favorite, as of right now you need to Marrowrend two times (4 runes) to get max stacks of Bone Shield + you overcap (waste a few stacks)) And yes, I realize that our Resource Generation will improve with better Gear but the same thing holds true for VDH also. Soo yeah, what do my fellow testers think?Vraskah4 5d
5d Paladin Tank first impression Hi all, ich tried out a paladin tank. I leveled to 120 and run through all dungeons to get gear for HC's. But the paladin tank goes very fast down with his HP. He gets a lot of damage especially by mob groups. I read a lot of guides but it's very hard to tank with a paladin. So i switched to DD and did some dungeons to see if other tanks gets the damage. No other tank classes even with lower level and gear gets so much damage like the paladin at the moment. Does anybody has the same bad expierience with paladin tank ?Achadius2 5d