Battle for Azeroth Warmode and PvP

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14 May War Mode and World PvP We hope to have War Mode up very soon for everyone to try out. Until then, we'll outline a few details: Honor Talents Enabled As mentioned by Game Director Ion Hazzikostas and others, Honor Talents are on permanently while War Mode is enabled in the outdoor world. This was the case in Legion as well, but they would only enable when you got into "PvP combat" causing them to enable and disable while playing which ended up feeling a bit "janky." Players may also find some added benefit with Honor Talents against normal PvE creatures as well, which is designed to be part of a "package of bonuses" to offset the inherit lost efficiency of World PvP. Gear Scaling In order to create a fair fights and good gameplay, our goal is to limit the extremes in power between players in War Mode that come from gear and level. We want you to have an advantage if your gear is better, but within reason. The experience should be something similar to Unrated Battlegrounds in Legion (but without the stat templates). Keep in mind this is scaling only in PvP combat, so your power against creatures in the world will remain the same as it would be with War Mode disabled. Conquest and World PvP In Battle for Azeroth you'll earn conquest for doing PvP activities similar to how it was gained in the past: Rated Arena and Rated Battlegrounds as well as some light conquest from Unrated Battlegrounds. But what's new is earning conquest from doing World PvP activities. This gives you an additional source when filling up that "conquest bar" for your weekly conquest item. Bounty Hunting How do you earn conquest in World PvP? One source is from killing other players, of course. But the more of the opposing faction you slay, the higher chance they will put a bounty on your head. When a bounty is put on you, it will be announced to all opposing players in the zone and you will appear on the main map for a reward. Good luck! And more... While we have one or two other content features in War Mode we'll share later on, one of our goals is to keep it minimal. As you point out Ion saying, we want to create a foundation first which we can hopefully build upon (with your feedback!) in the future.Aerythlea12 14 May
5h Honor required for Honor Levels Does anyone know how much honor is needed for each honor level? I know this may still change etc but currently on beta you need 5.5k honor for the first level, does this number increase as you go up in levels?Athas0 5h
12h War gaming gone? The war game tab is gone from the honor tab and the /wg command no longer works.Pashtrak1 12h
1d Time for account-wide PvP titles / mounts Hello ! I made a post with this idea months ago (that i'm not the first to think about), which was very well received by you all. It's a reminder that all PvP titles and glad mounts are -still- linked to one character. The reason behind is obsolete, as game and classes are changing so much every xpac. I imagine not all of you like to PvP, but it's the last big frustration for me and i'm sure for others PvPers. On my main since 2014 (Warrior), i cannot use Swift Nether Drake (Gladiator S1) and Grand Marshal title, won on other very old characters, and everytime i log in i think about it. I know Blizzard said they want to show your achievement on a particular character, but the game was so different 10 years or 5 years ago. And when you think about it, doing a big achievement in PvE on a particular character doesn't mean you could do it on another. It's a double standard. Battle for Azeroth factions war theme justify this even more. It would be epic to see people with their best titles and PvP mounts in the brand new War Mode. I'm sure you would like to put your Knight, High Warlord, Commander or cool other titles you have on your alts, or new mains like me. Do you think it's time, like me?Troma1 1d
3d Reduction in Honor Talent Choice. So after logging into beta this morning, anxious to see the new honor talent interface i was a little confused, since the impression i got was that the system to to provide us with more choice, but it seems to be providing less?!! Not counting the trinket tier as that is a must for pvp, we have now gone from choosing 5 talents from a total of 15 to 3 talents from a total of 12. The only difference being they are not restricted by tiers, but it just feels like i am missing a whole talent(which i am with the ratio reduction). Sure i can now totally ignore nightfall/soulshatter/Endless Affliction, but that says more about that row than the system offering more options as those should be interesting choices or indeed viable talents, which they are just not and never picked if i can avoid them. And then there are mandatory talents like on my SP like Pure Shadow, the spec just cannot function without it in competitive pvp, so now i am down to only having a choice of 2 out of 11? This feels really bad in terms of choice and fettering the spec as a whole. How are others finding the reduction of available talents? Is your tree good enough that choices actually feel meaningful or does it just feel awkward/bad that you are actually getting less?Ósanger8 3d
3d Cremation pvp talent Why was Cremation talent nerfed not to apply immolation on hit? Now it feels really bland with just doing 3% of targets HP as damage. Maybe it could be changed to increase the duration of Immolation on target it the change to remove immolation applying effect was intended in the latest build.Viskissra3 3d
4d The freedom of choice and pvp talents English is not my first language but I will make an effort to try to speak my mind as clear as I can. I understand and get that you are going for choices instead of reaction But I have a few concerns. I have played most healers about 2k in legion and from what I have tested Resto Druids pvp talent choices feel a bit "Locked" You will always want to specc Cyclone as a druid, since it is the only way you can successfully make a chain with your team. that being said it is very much like fear and should be a baseline ability. given the opportunity a warlock would never despecc Fear becuase it is what makes a warlock essential my suggestion is to make cyclone a standard ability again, and either give it a nerf to diminishing returns or put it on cooldown. I really like how the design for pvp talents turned out. though I feel it has gotten a bit limited because it is only 3Dendrofilia4 4d
4d PvP Itemisation in Battle for Azeroth In BfA we are doing some meaningful re-structuring of the PvP itemization system, as well as the ranking system. We're still massaging the system, but we'd like to share some details which may help alleviate some of your concerns. Keep in mind some of this stuff could still change. No pony promises. New ranking system We're updating the ranking system to better mirror the other games at Blizzard. WoW via arena is actually one of the first competitive games at Blizzard to have a rating system, so it's fair to say it's time for an update. To that end we want to bucket players in rankings similar to StarCraft or Overwatch using labels such as Gold, Platinum etc. (We're still going to have our own titles (Challenger, Rival, Duelist etc.)) We feel these rankings have grown to common verbage in the competitive PvP community so we're happy to bring them to WoW. Keep in mind that you'll still be able to see your rating at end of match and within the UI. And we're also looking to add your actual rank in the UI as well (as in, you're rank #10 in the region). New iLevel reward scheme Similar as in Legion, we're going to reward you with better gear based upon your competitive standing. However, in Legion we rewarded you incrementally in a linear fashion. So as you gained more rating, your iLevel gradually increased. We found this didn't reflect the distribution of players very fairly in terms of appropriate reward for effort in the system. (Translation: The iLevel of rewards was generally too low) In result we're changing the distribution instead to be something of a bell curve, to match the new ranking system. What this means is that players in Challenger/Gold (1600-1800 around) will have a chance at ~Normal raid quality loot, Rival/Platinum (starting around 1800) with Heroic Raid quality loot, and so on. Epic Appearances and other rewards Different rewards will be tied to different rankings. In Legion you got the entire Epic appearance when you hit 2000 rating, in BfA this will be gradually rewarded to you at different ranks. And you will instantly get the look after you achieve that rank, rather than a end of season calculation. We totally get the concerns with potentially too broad of brackets. And we definitely agree the competitive spirit often burns brightest at the highest ratings, so it's something we'll be mindful of. Season Gladiator mounts (and likely glad titles) will still be a % distribution at end of season like in the past, and we could see new rewards for the upper brackets as we shift some of the others (Epic appearances) downwards. Weekly Conquest As discussed in the past, we're introducing a conquest system based upon past designs. You will earn conquest from doing PvP activities (mostly rated, but some also from War Mode) that will fill a bar for a reward each week. This is intended to be attractive to the average player. One of our biggest goals with the new system is to better align the effort and reward in contrast to all of the other parts of the game, especially at the lower rankings who perhaps in Legion (or in the past) didn't see it as worth their time. I think we can all agree that more players doing competitive PvP is a worthwhile goal. We hope to have these systems live in beta soon, and hope to hear your feedback!Aerythlea20 4d
5d RBG's in BfA, 6v6? It would be so amazing if RBG's in BfA played out like the PvP brawl a while back. I only see how this would be a positive change. First of all it would be alot easier to find a steady RBG group that you can play with. Second, the fights become alot more interesting and controlled, and it becomes less of a PvE dmg race. Third, since everything is becoming an e-sport these days, it's alot more viewer friendly. Less stuff going on so it's alot easier to see what's going on. I spamm queued the 6v6 PvP brawl, imo it was absolutely amazing. Especially with all the re-edits on the maps, like closer flags in WSG and only 2 balls in kotmogu etc. I've heard rumors that this might be new RBG mode in BfA, but havn't seen/heard anything about it. All in all, i think that making RBG into 6v6 would make it alot more attractive to both players and viewers. Please discuss :)Rohx5 5d
6d How does scaling works with 120 vs 120? Lets say 2 warriors are fighting, one is 300ilvl and has 15% mastery, second is 350 and has 30% mastery. What will happen to stats, hp, damage, will it change numbers visually, how will mastery effectivnes scale between them?Шатурас1 6d
18 May Prestige 50 in 90 days - feasible? Hi folks, in BfA, Prestige will become account-wide. Source: Prestige levels will be merged based on Honor (Prestige 1 requires less Honor compared to Prestige 5). Example: You have one character with Prestige 4 and another with Prestige 3, then you will be almost Prestige 7 when BFA launches. I asked myself: How could I maximize my Prestige in the next three months based on this information? Let's make the following assumptions: - There are 90 days to go until BfA launches. - Some classes (e.g. Warriors) have the possibility to instantly complete a WQ by using the item Horn of War. - One character can get one Horn of War every 18 Hours (to make calculations easier, let's take 1 Horn per day). - The "big" PvP WQ reward 500 Honor. - You need approximately 50000 Honor for a Prestige level up. - In 90 days, you would get 90 * 500 Honor = 45000 Honor, which is 0,9 Prestige level. We see, with pretty little effort we would get almost 1 prestige level (logging in, get the Horn, use the Horn, complete PvP WQ). Now let us go a step further. The WoW character limit is 50. If you would have 50 Warriors on 110, you could get ~50 Prestige levels in these 90 days. Sounds interesting, doesn't it? But: What will Prestige 50 mean once BfA launches? Maybe there is some kind of "honor inflation" which makes it quite easy to reach this level. Having 50 characters, all of them having access to the Horn of War, sounds unrealsitic. But maybe there are people who are willing to invest (and by invest I mean paying 3000 Euro for character boosts). What are your thoughts? Also any comment from Blizzard would be great whether this is a feasible plan or not. Thank you and best regards EtienneÉtienne1 18 May
18 May Warmode "rewards" are BAD - Here's why Hello everyone, I have been thinking about the reward of 15% Experience and a boost to World Quest rewards when you have Warmode enabled, and I have come to the conclusion that this is a BAD way to go on about it. Very bad in fact. First we will have to think about how the Warmode playthrough will play out in the starting days of the expansion release and how Warmode will affect these days. On the release we will pretty much have three groups of people, the hardcore powerleveling players, the midrange "I want to get to max level" levelers and then the more casual players who want to explore the world ant take in all the small details and read the quest text and whatnot. So let's dive right in to it: 1. The hardcore powerleveler This player will log in immediately once the server load lets them, and is prepared for a full day or two of unending leveling. Rushing from level 110 to 120. They've probably prepared a bit for this by stacking up consumables, making a rough plan (Or in the case of some Beta players, already memorizing the quest route) and having their character be as optimally geared as possible for the leveling process. These people will rush to 120 MUCH faster than any of the other groups of people. 2. The midrange player This player will log in as soon as they get a good chance to, level up at a decent place but probably hasn't gone through the effort to optimize everything and at best has a rough idea of how they want to level. They'll log in, do some quests and work towards their goal taking pauses where they need to. This will be the group where the majority of the playerbase will land on to. 3. The casual world explorer This player will probably log in and play the same times as the midrange player does, but they'll be progressing much more slowly because they are taking their time to explore the world and finding all the small details and extras there are to find in the world. They'll slowly progress towards the level cap but aren't too fuzzed over getting there any time soon. This is the smallest group of people. With these groups in mind, let's look at what Warmode has to offer and what drawbacks it has for the different groups of people. 1. These people will 100% turn on Warmode because it has basically no drawback for them. They'll rush through the levels so fast that most of the enemy team won't be catching them for any form of world PvP because by the time the enemy team comes around, these powerlevelers have already gone past where ever the enemies do come to, and they'll outlevel the opposing players even if they do meet. I hear there's some form of scaling which makes level and gear gaps smaller, but even if that is the case we'll still have the problem of the hardcore player having significant advantages in a fight due to mass use of consumables and whatnot. So all in all, the harcore players will have no real drawback when leveling and it's essentially a free 15% experience buff. 2. These players will be the majority of the actual world PvP fighters. They'll progress at the average rate of the playerbase which means they'll be the main part of the fighting. They have significant drawbacks due to spending time fighting, so the 15% experience bonus evens out the losses of time spent fighting. 3. These people are likely to be unfaffected, because they probably won't turn on Warmode in the first place. So if we ignore group 3 complately, we'll have group 1 which reaps the rewards without any drawback, and group 2 which has it even out. This means, that group 2 is the only group of people who will be a part of the people who actually WANT to participate in world PvP. Group 1 will have a lot of people in it who don't care about world PvP at all, they just want the experience boost. And I do believe that a lot of people who do not want to world PvP, and belong to group 2, will still turn on Warmode because they feel it's the best way to level as there's a significant experience boost attached to it. Personally, for the leveling part I feel like this system caters a bit too much for the hardcore leveling player rather than the player who actively wants to PvP. Continued in a commentGrymvild5 18 May
16 May World PvP I was attacking a 111 disc priest on a 120 enhance shaman, we simply couldn't kill eachother, so after some fighting we got back to questing. Sadpart was he got me lower on hp than what I could do to him, even with purge, hero, all cooldowns, etc.Rawrmoo6 16 May
16 May What's the Plan for Avenging Crusader in PvP? Hi, I have been an avid AC User all Legion long (on my US Account). I have played it to 2k ish in rbgs/2s/3s and lapped countless hours in World PvP and Duels with it. This Talent, alongside the new design direction that Blizz took with Legion on Hpals, and the fact that we got a badass 2handed Mace, were the main reasons for me playing my first Healer ever in WoW. After having played the game as such since vanilla. Now AC has seen an incredible amount of nerfs along its way. The original AC: Increased Dmg done with Crusader Strike and Judgment by 40% Reduced Cooldown of Crusader Strike and Judgment by 50% Heals 3 people for 200% of the damage done. Lasted 30 Seconds (with Sanctified Wrath Talent) Cooldown: 60 Seconds. The current AC: Increases Dmg done with Crusader Strike and Judgment by 30% Reduces Cooldown of Crusader Strike and Judgment by 30% Heals 3 people for 175% of the damage done. Lasts 25 Seconds (with Sanctified Wrath Talent) Cooldown: 60 Seconds. Total Nerfs: Dmg Bonus to CS and Judgment reduced by 40% CD reduction reduced by 40% Dmg to Healing done reduced by 12,5% Duration Reduced by 16.66% (due to Sanctified Wrath Nerf) These nerfs were mainly due to 2 changes: Light of the Silver Hand Trait increasing damage by 10% and healing by 10%. Giving Melee Wings a flat 20% healing done increase. This resulted in Melee Wings being really strong until the first few nerf-waves hit AC. Then Blizzard continued nerfing it due to Artifact Traits increasing not only Stamina for Healer Specs, but also Damage done. However, they have overdone it. AC is playable currently, but a rather gimmicky spell, that is only used in very specific comps when facing very specific other comps. Blessed Hands is usually vastly superior. That is for Arenas. But even in RBGs, the healing output of Melee Wings has suffered massively, to the point where i went from topping Healing Done in 7.2, to barely being able to justify my spot on the team in 7.3.5. In comes: BFA Increases Dmg done with Crusader Strike and Judgment by 30% (same) Reduces Cooldown of Crusader Strike and Judgment by 30% (same) Heals 3 people for 175% of the damage done. (same) Lasts 20 Seconds (due to it being on the same tier as Sanctified) Cooldown: 120 Seconds. (thanks to it being moved into the PvE Talents) BfA Nerfs: Another 25% reduction in Duration. AND a 100% increased cooldown. On top of that Judgment has been changed in the latest Beta Build: Current Judgment passively increases Dmg Done by Crusader Strike by 30% for 8 seconds (enough time to get at least 3 CS's in without Haste Buffs). BfA Judgment increases the Dmg done by ONLY your next Crusader Strike's damage by 30%. This is a tremendous nerf to the Healing Output of AC. I feel like since this is only 1 Talent, the developers do not pay enough attention as to how certain changes affect this ability. AC however is not only "one talent" it alters the complete playstyle of Hpals in PvP. I fear BfA is going to break Melee Wings. How is Blizzard going to offset these changes to make it viable for PvP again? What is the plan here? Is AC really going to move from being the Max Honor Level PvP Talent, to becoming an absolutely useless PvE Talent? My suggestion: We need a PvP Perk that drastically reduces the AC cooldown for PvP. I would suggest down to a 40-50 seconds CD total (seeing as the max duration is at 20 seconds now). Otherwise i dont see any Pally at decent rating ever playing this Talent again. Blizzard asked for precise and fact-based feedback. There it is. Im out.Cruzifyd10 16 May
15 May Warmode Experience and WQ Boost I wanted to give some feedback about the 15% experience gain buff and the 10% worldquest reward buff that Warmode gives. Simply put: please don't do this and remove it. I understand this is a very subjective and nuanced thing, and depending on what angle you coming from, you may agree or completely disagree with me, but here are my points. I'm primarily a PVE player with little interest in PVP, and there have been many discussions about "feeling forced to do x" to better your character, since the most common argument is "just don't do it if you don't like it". The moment a system is in place that gives significant increase to rewards, people feel forced to do it, especially if there's no other way to do it. And yes, again, you don't need the 15% XP buff to level to 120. You don't need to turn Warmode on to get the WQ rewards, but especially the WQ one bugs me. I don't mind that some small trade-offs like getting 10% more gold, or 10% more rep would be active, but 10% more AP makes me feel I should do WQs with Warmode on. Please reconsider and do give perks and bonuses to Warmode, I totally understand that idea and am not against it, but make it PVP and/or separate rewards. More conquest points from kills, achievements that give titles, toys even mounts, all fine - just don't make me PVP to feel that I increase the power of my character, and therefore feel that I'm missing out on that power because I don't want to do world PVP.Lowrion7 15 May
15 May Bounty board Hey When announced I was extremely skeptical to the whole Warmode toggle but it has (so far) turned out to be the best part of the expansion pack (along with using pvp abilites in pve). It finally felt like an MMO again, general chat being active and groups forming to hunt down the alliance assassins to collect the bounty. However, I would like to see some kind of leader board in org, to see how long one could survive or try to accumulate an even bigger bounty on oneself. While this is just my take on it, it would, atleast for me, bring an even greater satisfaction on trying to survive out in the world.Prophev5 15 May
14 May DH, 6 sec slow or a range stun... I go right to the point. a. Throw Glaive + Master of glaives has now only 1 charge instead of 2 on a longer cd than 6 sec (the duration of the applied slow) b. Also, now, we have to chose between Master of Glaives and Fell Eruption in the talent tree. c. The stun from Chaos Nova is also gone. a+b+c = really? The good mobility of demon hunter is useless without having a way to slow the enemy. Every pvp player knows this. In pvp you are almost always slowed and without having a slow ability you can t stay on your target if the target is on the move. It s a fact. Especially in arena. This means that Fel Eruption can be taken out of the game because no one will use it if playing seriously. What is the point of it on the talent tree? Maybe for pve situations? From 2 low cd stuns, one range and one aoe, now we have none and also the slow ability is nerfed, can t be reaplied if the target escapes the slow (and many classes can do it so easy) If you take away the stuns completely from the pvp demon hunter, at least let Throw glaives be like it was in the past and have 2 charges. It s just common sense... ps: These are the kind of changes are driving ppl away from the retail game. I am not a fan of vanilla gameplay, but I ll try play there because at least, I know what to expect and will not have to deal with such "surprises" from the devs that are balancing classes with the chainsaw in one hand and a shotgun in the other hand...Ashiharademo4 14 May
14 May Add Mercenary to the LFG Queue UI I think this feature is just great. I don't know why we need to go all the way to some NPC to sign up for mercenary. Why isn't it build in the LFG Queue UI? Like a small icon next to queue, if your horde you get an alliance icon and if your alliance you get a horde icon queue. It would be really subtle and encourage more players to join the other faction for faster queues.Stunlulz1 14 May
14 May Honor talents Warlock and Monk Hello, Here are my thoughts on the topic. As general consideration I find kind of sad there is no new talent here, while they have been also pruned, stripping away some good choices we had. In specific: Affliction needs more defensive measures: self healing is no more a thing, drain life does no damage (and therefore no significant healing, without also considering that draining in pvp is a luxury that rarely happens.) We need more defensive honor talents. Destruction lost all its initial burst, it's now a slow spec. Firestone is more important now than ever and it got removed. It should come back asap. Demonology is massively focused on Felguard use, with specific talents. Why do we still have honor talents that try to make us use other pets (imp and succubus) when the benefit to use Felguard is so on a massive different scale that nobody will ever use any other pet ever? Those 2 honor talents must be removed asap and replaced with something more appealing. Windwalker: why the most mobile class in the game with high burst and sustained damage, good self healing and lots of controls does still have the 5 seconds stuns on its first fist of fury as honor talent? this must be removed. Not only it feels mandatory for the monk itself (limiting the choice) but it is unfair in a world where every other class has cc and defensives lowered.Dbride3 14 May
14 May Caravans what do you think about having ally/horde caravans through the whole world (including kalimdor and eastern kingdoms), visible on the maps? these would be led by enemy faction's NPC as strong as dungeon bosses, making them unsoloable. these could have the same icon as the carts from silvershard mines BG. players could group up with friends and attack these to farm some sort of currency, maybe something cosmetic could be good enough. securing enough caravans to your own city could also give a weekly regional bonus to your faction (similar to the broken shore bonuses). this could create a mix of pvp and pve according to attacking them in warmode or not. this would effectively give players a reason to go and attack the enemy caravan or defend their own (imagine you open your map and see a horde caravan traveling from Thunder Bluff to Orgrimmar, and one from Ironforge to Stormwind). there could also be a lot of roleplaying attached to this. of course this is a very rough and 'early stage' idea as it would need a lot of polishing, but i don't really see how else you can get the playerbase to use the HUGE world that Blizzard created. i think it is a huge mistake to force players ONLY into the new continent, one continent at a time, for two years (each expansion). moreover, this makes perfect sense for the current storyline.Odrareg0 14 May
13 May MW honor talent [Surging mist] What is exactly the purpose of this talent? ------------------------- Surging Mist (Spell) 400 Mana, 40yd 1.31 sec cast Heals the target for 355 and increases the healing they take from surging Mist by 50% for 6 sec. Stacks up to 2 times. -------------------------- Why would you pick this talent exactly? Vivify does 1085 healing and also heals people that has renewing mist active for 651. Vivify mana cost on beta is 640. I don't really see the usefulness of this ability at all. Since you need to constantly spam it to keep the 2x stacks up. Even then you heal for much much less than vivify. You don't really save any mana either. Of course the mana cost is less but the total value of healing done vs mana spent is quite significant. Therefore making this spell very unappealing. Maybe I got it totally wrong. Anyone could enlighten me for why I should pick this talent?Stunlulz3 13 May
13 May Balancing Warmode PvP After doing some World PvP, I want to discuss some possibilities for the class balance in open world pvp. So far, activating warmode doesn't activate any balancing templates so except you being a target as its always been on a PvP server, there is no real punishment for being in warmode. That puts especially heal and tank speccs far ahead of any dps specc. To get some balancing between dps and tank/heal speccs, as well as to include some bad side effects for being in warmode, I suggest that while Warmode is activated, every DPS specced character gets a permanent dampening debuff of 25% and every heal/tank specc, a dampening of 50%. I though about that solution from fighting quite some open PvP on the beta right now. Most of the time, I run around as havoc Demon Hunter. While most dps vs dps encounters are very even matched (with some exceptions due to missing fine tuning for some classes), if I encounter a healer or tank (warriors excluded - they just suck right now in my opinion) I can try to run away asap cause getting a kill on a heal or tank is basically impossible if the tank knows some pvp. Especially blood dks heal 10 seconds worth of dmg with 1 global. Please tell me your experiences and ideas for balancing Warmode PvPBálora0 13 May
13 May just putting out there... UA dispell backlash needs to be upped. There are pages and pages of feedback (in legion) to why haunt needs to be the shard spender and UA a normal Dot but TLDR: its impossible to balance UA backlash in pvp when you have UA as a stacking dot. Its the worst design ive ever experienced in a class, its clunky and unfun in pvp. You spend 5 globals to apply dots to only get dispelled with no tought process. You guys need to play affliction in pvp... .test your !@#$Jinsk0 13 May
13 May Remove server hopping in war mode/ pvp combat Hi everyone, It's just a suggestion but don't you think it would a great idea to prevent people from server hopping ? At least while they are in war mode or pvp combat in BFA ? Because ATM on live server, it's just ridiculous that people can change server while they are in combat when they are about to die. I was doing "Operation murloc freedom" 10min ago and attacked someone and he just vanished in front of me when he had like 20% HP and it's not the first time. He was a Belf DH so he had no way to vanish. What do you think about it ?Realove2 13 May
13 May WarMode to generous ? It was supposed to be small recompensation for time lost... not forcing everyone to do suffer PvP either they like it or not. Require less stuff to collect, or less kills. Increase mount speed. So it takes at avg the same time. NOT +15% more exprience and rewards in world where there is limited number of World Quests. WarMode with 15% boost to exp and rewards basically makes all servers PvP. And get ready for forum spammed with threads crying about ganking all the time. When there are just 3 WQs with huge chunk of AP, you HAVE TO do this in WarMode on or you are doing it wrong and getting behind. And ofc there will be azzholes ganking around people, who never wanted to PvP but are forced into it. WarMode should be about choice. The 15% boost its just making expirience horrible for most of people. Either by suffering PvP or getting behind on PvE progress because they don't want to deal with PvP jerks.Stoicmercy27 13 May
11 May LOVE the new world pvp incentives! Finally the JOY of wpvp is BACK!!! Bring it ally scum...Borbatinto1 11 May
11 May Beta - PvP : Hit points scaling For testing purpose , is it possible to have in short time a better hits scaling in PvP , level 111 - 119 ? At level 111 buffed to level 119 i've got almost HALF HP bar then a level 117 char buffed to level 119. It's quite hard to test pvp in this situation. ty for the responsesJüther1 11 May
11 May Insane vulnerability to magic DPS in bfa Has anyone any knowledge? Info? Or just considered the effects of removing proper absorbtion and otherwise overall DPS lowering mitigation from tanks as well as many DPS specs in favour of physical reduction armor? Scenario: I play flag carrier. I run back to base. 3 arcane mages run in, 1 has berserker buff and I know " This.... is gonna hurt" so I pop spell relfect. Gives me an edge for 5 seconds and enough for my healer to realize what is about to happen. We all pop cooldowns, I get ignore pain going, interrupt and more. I can help with the mitigation for maybe ( realistically speaking versus 3 good mages and 2 good pocket healers) 30 seconds to 1 minute. Unless we win. In BFA, Spell Reflect is gone the second 1 single spell lands on it. I have NOTHING else to counter any magic damage. Only huge cooldowns that last 8 seconds. And thats it. I dont see anyone talking about this. About how this massive emphasis on Armor mitigation doesn't remotely provide any comfort to how we are gonna get melted by spellcasters next xpac unless... what? is magic dps being nerfed big time in PVP? is there gonna be something to make up for our loss of mitigation? Or is the tanking days of PVP over in BFA, since having no proper mitigation against magic means a DPS might as well take the flag. We'll almost die at the same time. Does anyone know? Because I love playing support. I love my prot warrior main here. But I dont see how I'd be remotely viable in PVP compared to a druid in BFA that got better mobility and better shorter cooldowns than me. Is the Tank in PVP days over in BFA or am I just missing something? Edit: doing testing on the beta and its not just magic dps. Summary: Anything that doesn't hit you frontally with physical damage... will mean the death of the protection warrior. Blizz. Rethink this. You've turned the prot warrior into a worse duelist than arms or fury atm on live. All I do to either use physical reduction vs rogues or warriors. Everyone else its pointless. Just chase and Shield slam + revenge + Thunderclap. Thats the prot warrior rotation versus ANYONE who's not a warrior or rogue. Prot warrior right now is the worst tank spec I've ever played because I dont tank anything. I dont mitigate anything. I'm a target dummy.... thats it. You're turned Prot into a hostile target dummy.Hellscreãm0 11 May
10 May New honor talent system is garbage "We will be doing some changes to honor talents based upon core class changes to selected classes. We may introduce new honor talents as well where appropriate. That said, I'd caution against expectations of huge sweeping changes or revisions to the current talents. We shouldn't underestimate the possibility of new gameplay surfacing from the fact that you can choose among all of the honor talents in the new system." Thats a blue quote So no huge sweeping changes or revisions to current talents. First legion pvp is trash and worst pvp experience in wow history. Why? Because every class got pruned to !@#$ and even 50iq player can play with his %^-*!. Now they introduce no talent tiers which makes some talent combos beyond broken, imagine facing a resto shaman and double ele shaman running grounding totem all of them that absorbs 3 spells each. Alot of passive talents are just broken op combined as well. For destro lock running cremation+fissure+big cb+ roots, that is a op combo enabled by this abomination of talent system. (and how are you gonna nerf this without adding tiers? making talent useless like 80% of legion talents? might as well remove them). Not only is it broken its all passive talents, so on top of destruction of brain cells that is warlock playstyle atm (actually all specs in game). Now there is even less buttons to press in arena, why would i pick nether ward or a curse when i can have imbalanced passives like these. Want to make pvp slighly more fun then legion? Remove talents that are passive, add some of these passives as basline, and every talent should be a BUTTON that can be pressed. Prune more buttons please, my wheel and pedal is ready to carry me to rank1 in BFA and get ready to lose another few milion of players. Also hire some rank1 pvper as ur pvp designer not these 1500 clueless caster noobs u had so far.Sweettoothx3 10 May
09 May No PvP Talent Changes I've not had chance to check every single class yet but as far as I can tell, there are no honor talent changes? Why has it taken so long to release these if there are 0 changes? Not hating, just disappointed.Drive4 09 May
09 May Pvp talents My eng not the best but i hope it will be understandable. I played in legione every healer expect monk in arena 2k+. -Resto shaman: Almost all of them usefull and competitiv in diff situations expect tidebringe. If the heal buffed to it will be good . -Hpaladin: Half complet useless and never used other half to op. Divine favor, blessed hands, lights grace, ultimate sacrifice op and will be picked 98% of the times. Divine vision, darkest before the dawn, Spreading the word, hallowed ground should be buffed/reworked. Pure of the hart and avenging light in few situations usable. -Dpriest: You can make interesting combos : archangel/Darchangel etc. depend on the situations but searing light feels weak. -Rdruid: I hope you reconsider this one. Either op or useless. Cyclon witouth cooldown?? I know since years its always come up but come on.. Every healer have cd on their cc and it can be dispelled but cyclon dont. Either make cyclon dispellable or give it cd. I dont want to face the cancer rmd again with 1 minute long undispellable cc chains.... Thorns: I feel like its either op or garbage. I think its should be a balance/feral deff cd not a resto spell. Deep root and enroaching vines should be reworked/purged. I never used it. Iron bark( i know its not a pvp talent): 45 sec cd is op as hell. should be 1minute+ You cant kill someone if he half of the time in ironbark or use his own deff cd..... Its just early toughts cuz bg ques usualy 2 hours and skirmish usually call me in 2v1....Yødamester0 09 May
09 May War Mode turns mobs lvl120 for a lvl117 I just tested War Mode by visiting an enemy faction zone and found that all monsters are lvl 120 even though my character is only 117. I have decided to go back to my faction's zones to level with War Mode turned on, but the mobs are still 120. Does this happen to anyone else? People in war mode chat told me they face mobs scaled to their level, not maxed ones.Cruniac1 09 May
09 May Windwalker monks in BFA Hey. I've been checking out the BETA, and especially focused on windwalker monks as it is my favourite specialization in the game. In Legion windwalker monks was probably one of the best designed specs. It was fun to play, and I know a lot of people who rerolled windwalker because it was a really entertaining specialization. The problem in Legion was probably that windwalkers had a really good toolkit, and in many cases a lot better than other classes, which made it really strong in PvP. On the BETA, which I know isn't finalized, the only thing I can see is a specialization which seems really close to the Legion-version, but with a less effective toolkit. Our Trascendence has an increased cooldown, paralysis has now a 45(!) second cooldown, leg sweep has a longer cooldown with a shorter duration. The only positive I've seen so far compared to Legion is that having Leg sweep baseline allows us to pick ring of peace in more situations. Furthermore, we can now chose 3 PvP-talents + a CC breaker from the same pool of talents as earlier, thus means we in reality we get less depth in our windwalker-specialization. What I would like to see is that you keep improving the toolkit of other classes to allow windwalkers to have the same entertaining playstyle. Personally I think Paralysis is a really strong peel, but a 45 second cooldown can't really be justified. Our specialization in Legion was so strong because windwalkers was more or less unkillable and with strong peels we could prevent our teammates from dying aswell. Now we have lost healing elixirs (which I think is a really good change), trascendance heal (which I also think is a healthy change) and the touch of karma heal. Windwalkers will be killable now, and with a smaller toolkit I'm just scared for the direction the spec is heading. I don't need windwalkers to be overpowered or anything, but it seems like you are removing a lot of depth in one of your best designed specializations. When you already have good design, why not make minor changes to make it feel appealing and new as it is a new expantion, and then rather focus on other specializations which lacks depth? I can see that you are improving a lot of other specs to make it more appealing and have more buttons. If you are reducing our current toolkit, make it more appealing on other fronts. A specialization we have played for over 2 years in this expantion won't be fun if you give us the same spec for 2 more years with less depth to it. What I'm trying to say is that you can reduce my damage to half, but I would rather be a strong class for having a lot of potential with different things I can do with a wide toolkit rather than having straight up good damage.Hefners1 09 May
09 May Finally duels.. Finally people are dueling again and compared to legion its actually fun. I hope they in some way expand on it. Didn't notice how much I missed it until yesterday.Prophev4 09 May
09 May pvp talents I pre-purched bfa for some reason but i wont even play if there are no changes. Aff lock : no curse of exaustion Hpaladin: still has pure of heart and cleanse of the weak Hunter: feign death removing dots still who designs this ? like really? Edit: Lock design, who is headbanging for UA as shard spender? and can the guy be moved out of lock design plz? Also, soul link is a pvp lock thing... just sayingJinsk0 09 May
04 May Larger Battlegrounds in the Q and A these lines made me face palm. There is a large difference between the gameplay in the larger battlegrounds and the rest. People used the blacklist to avoid some in the past. There will no longer be blacklisting, you either queue for the smaller battlegrounds or the larger ones. So they identified that people Blacklisted these battlegrounds AV and IoC but refuse to accept why people (mainly Horde) blacklist them, its not because of mechanics, the ideas behind them were good, but you gave one side such a geographical advantage that it becomes nearly impossible for the horde to win. I commend moving them out of the regular rotation but dont think Horde will in any real numbers move to do larger battlegrounds till the geographical advantages the alliance has have been addressed. I find it baffling that they refuse to accept they !@#$ed up in these two places despite the numbers showing a huge disparancy in win ratios.Unhorn2 04 May
04 May Can we get some proper info on Warmode? Hello everyone, Warmode is the #1 feature I'm excited for in BfA. I've always liked world PvP and I've been really sad about the state of it in Legion. But BfA is showing a lot of promise. My question got inspired by the US post Ythisens replied to. (Post in question: This got me thinking, how will flying and Warmode work together? Personally, I feel like flying should be permanently disabled in Warmode. But this would bring some issues with things like gathering for example. If I want to go pick up some herbs, I'm screwed if I want to play Warmode because I can't zoom zoom fly around on a Sky Golem picking up everything. So if I want to get my herbs, I'm basically forced to opt out of my preferred playstyle. We've all heard about Blizzard wanting to give bonuses to things like experience for those who opt in to Warmode, because of the inherent drawbacks of time being spent on world PvP. But since we don't have any details yet, I'm going to add in a personal opinion: In Warmode, we should be able to "loot" the corpses of our enemies, similarly to how we do it on Battlegrounds, but instead of getting that basically nonexistent money "reward" of a few copper on the corpse, we should pick up "dog tags" or whatever the WoW equivalent would be. Perhaps instead of "loot" it would be more like confirming the kill or executing the enemy. If you get this "cast" off without being interrupted, the spirit would be automatically released and the target could no longer be resurrected. These should be currency for a vendor, akin to the Blood vendors we have now,d that sells several different things. One of those things would be trade goods and resources to the order hall replacement. Then we could have the vendor sell Warmode-only consumables, flasks, potions and bandages. Nothing 100% necessary, but stuff that could help. Then we could have the vendor sell multitudes of different PvP centered tabards, pets, toys, mounts. Why not even full transmog sets? Off the top of my head, you should be able to "loot" every player you have killed, and once one player "loots" the corpse, every player that participated in the kill would gain one point of this currency. Then we'd have consumables being sold for one piece of currency each. We'd have herbs and ore at one currency for ten like bloods in Legion. Tabards, toys, pets and mounts should range from "farm kills for a night or two" to "Actively play Warmode for weeks" as to reward those who actively participate in the Warmode. Perhaps something like 1000 currency to get the faction based mount. Or perhaps 10000 currency to buy a fancier faction based mount that has a designated driver for you, the hero soldier of your faction, that throws insults at enemy faction players and cheers you on while you ride to battle?Grymvild0 04 May
03 May PvP Testing When will instanced PvP and Warmode testing finally start? 3 1/2 months until release and we havent even gotten a look at the upcoming PvP Talents. Looks an awful lot to me like Blizzard not caring.Cruzifyd5 03 May
27 Apr With blacklisting gone in BfA... With small BG's in their own queue, apparently blacklisting is gone. This will make Battle for Gilneas the least popular battleground in the regular queue. Whenever you queue with friends, everyone will groan when you get BfG.Nrocinu0 27 Apr
27 Apr PvP Testing For the fastest queues, Should i queue as level 110 or rush for level 111?Jüther0 27 Apr
26 Apr mist monks forced to be with melee in arena I've played a mist monk for years, but they always in 3v3 and 2v2 mainly have to play with melee dps, such as dk's, wari's and dh. You never see them with rogues or mages etc or if they are they don't do as well. I was hoping it might change in BFA so mist monks can go with caster comps more often but this new buff, "Mystic Touch" mw's dmg abilities applies a 5% increase physical damage taken to target. This means in pvp mist monks will have to go with melee like wari's and dh more than ever for mw's to be properly beneficial to their team. A 5% increase in dmg to their team mates will help alot. But it also limits the choices a mw can go with in arena again. I know you aren't forced to play with melee dps but let's face it, it's the way it's always been and apparently always will be.Capitalpop0 26 Apr