Battle for Azeroth Warmode and PvP

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2d War Mode and World PvP We hope to have War Mode up very soon for everyone to try out. Until then, we'll outline a few details: Honor Talents Enabled As mentioned by Game Director Ion Hazzikostas and others, Honor Talents are on permanently while War Mode is enabled in the outdoor world. This was the case in Legion as well, but they would only enable when you got into "PvP combat" causing them to enable and disable while playing which ended up feeling a bit "janky." Players may also find some added benefit with Honor Talents against normal PvE creatures as well, which is designed to be part of a "package of bonuses" to offset the inherit lost efficiency of World PvP. Gear Scaling In order to create a fair fights and good gameplay, our goal is to limit the extremes in power between players in War Mode that come from gear and level. We want you to have an advantage if your gear is better, but within reason. The experience should be something similar to Unrated Battlegrounds in Legion (but without the stat templates). Keep in mind this is scaling only in PvP combat, so your power against creatures in the world will remain the same as it would be with War Mode disabled. Conquest and World PvP In Battle for Azeroth you'll earn conquest for doing PvP activities similar to how it was gained in the past: Rated Arena and Rated Battlegrounds as well as some light conquest from Unrated Battlegrounds. But what's new is earning conquest from doing World PvP activities. This gives you an additional source when filling up that "conquest bar" for your weekly conquest item. Bounty Hunting How do you earn conquest in World PvP? One source is from killing other players, of course. But the more of the opposing faction you slay, the higher chance they will put a bounty on your head. When a bounty is put on you, it will be announced to all opposing players in the zone and you will appear on the main map for a reward. Good luck! And more... While we have one or two other content features in War Mode we'll share later on, one of our goals is to keep it minimal. As you point out Ion saying, we want to create a foundation first which we can hopefully build upon (with your feedback!) in the future.Aerythlea21 2d
18m Rogues aren't overpowered enough in pvp Maybe you devs have overviewed this, but there are still some abilities, albeit minor and few of them, that can counter rogues in pvp. And as with any expansion, we cannot let that happen. So here's how to fix it: 1. Make kidney shot dr only with itself and possibly other rogues' kidney shots. It's so frustrating having to waste 5 combo points only for a 3-4 sec stun. And nothing's more frustrating than finishing your stunlock and not even kill the target, have to blind and vanish when they're at 20% hp. It's just too much work. 2. Leave garotte as an 8 sec silence. This guarantees the target caster gets killed and has no chance to heal themselves/escape whatsoever. 3. Take more abilities off the GCD. I saw a blue post on us that they are working towards this, while other classes will still suffer from GCD change. It's a great change, not all classes have to be the same and it certainly makes rogues unique. 4. New aoe snare is still too little utility, we need a spammable aoe stun to differentiate rogues better from other classes. 5. Mortal strike is a welcome change, I hope you also add a necrotic strike - like buff to it. There are still some healers who don't get killed in the first 10 seconds of a stunlock. While you're at it: - remove absolutely all caster mobility. Great start at the beginning of wod and up to bfa with prunning caster escape tools from melee while buffing melee mobility, keep the good work! No caster should be 2 yards away from a melee class. - there are still some casters that have self healing, like elemental shamans. Please remove it, it's frustrating getting a caster to 10% hp in 5 seconds only to have them heal themselves to 40% in 30 seconds between kicks and stuns. - good job removing most caster slows, now there's a guarantee no melee will spend even 3 seconds away from a caster. However, there are still some spells like frostbolt that can slow melee down. Please take care of it.Tartor11 18m
48m One step forward and another backwards "Adjusted PvP scaling to reduce the difference in power and damage between players of different item levels at level 110." Why? Why do you keep doing this? Gear should matter in an MMORPG, it's all about building your character and growing in power, take that away and things grow stale and becomes a one way simulation. PvP should have PvP gear and provide a big advantage to a fully pvp geared player vs a lesser geared player. Honor and Conquest gear was a perfect way to deal with this, MoP and WoD version is a good example. Take MoP and remove a secondary stat and in place provide PvP Power and Resilience to keep it out of PvE. You refuse to lower the ilvl differences between PvE tiers and avoid stat squishes every second expansion because you want players to feel their power increase: 225 - 230 instead of 226 - 228, which is causing the item level squishes every second expansion. Now PvP? You do the exact opposite! Imagine putting templates in PvE. Yeah? What a !@#$ing disgrace, you just killed half of the game's purpose with one change. Guess what? That's how PvP felt with Legion and now BfA.Blayser3 48m
2h dmg vs healing tried some bgs on holy priest and resto druid. dmg felt out of tune with healing, you die in a 4 sec stun vs 2 melees if you dont blow major cds instnatly. even while freecasting its hard to heal just 1-2 dps tunneling a target. if this goes live this game will die.Nullnvoid25 2h
5h Seduction Bugged Seduction no longer has an auto cast button to enable/disable and it is now just an ability you use yourself. The problem is that even though there's no auto cast button, the succubus auto casts seduction at random points through the fight (usually as if it would have auto cast on the ability and it instantly casts it). Had this in BFA beta and have this in live now. Please fix.Samagono2 5h
6h Reintroduce the Blacklisting BGs function Greetings. There have been many pressing issues to address regarding class and general design for BFA that I've let slide, and while I as a rule do not post on these forums, this something I have to put my foot down for: You cannot force people to play BGs they do not enjoy. As a personal example, let's take Temple of Kotmogu. The BG, for me, stands as a stern reminder of class, role and faction imbalance, and each ToK plays out the same way. One team stomps the other. Ruthlessly. For 10+ minutes. I have had ToK on my blacklist since both were introduced. I never regretted the decision; I never felt I missed out on content; It only made Random BG queueing more enjoyable, because I knew I would play something that I honestly enjoyed. Random BG is just that. Something easily digested, something uncompetitive, something unserious. A fun 15 minutes. And with this change you have, indeed, reduced the enjoyment a person can have. Thank you for your time.Askblod0 6h
8h War mode - Cross server ? Hi, I'm currently on a PvE server because my friends play there (mainly PvE). However I'm a huge world PvP fan and I'm worried that there won't be a lot of players activating war mode on my server since it's PvE (despite the bonus). Is war mode a cross server experience where we're put on a shard with other war mode /on players ? (also to ensure a Ally/Horde ratio that is not too unbalanced) ThanksPpollito2 8h
8h Fel Meteorite On Beta it is getting ridiculous. Pala/Priest/Rogue alliance party easily killing Horde players in Zulduzal capital. We got a team of 8 horde players trying to kill them, but every time they almost die, they fel meteorite+Goblin glider away, recover and kill us 1 by 1 again. Rince and Repeat. Either disable Fel meteorite in PvP or put a cooldown on it like the 50 use Meteorite you could get from the Timeless Isle (has a 1 hour cooldown)Meirrutoo2 8h
9h World PvP Scaling. Guess you had to ruin wpvp as well? Not only do max levels enter template mode but also low levels, which get more stats than a max to make up for less talents? Explain to me why a level 60 is supposed to 1shot a 110. Or even have the chance to win such a fight? This is by far the worst change I've ever seen. We got this kind of !@#$e scaling in other games such as GW2 and SWTOR and they are dead games for a reason.Blayser40 9h
10h You can't spell range without rage. Seems good, cant wait for release.Wrathlife1 10h
13h PvP templates Gone in BFA?! PvP templates lets PvP'ers log alts, get little bit of gear quickly and hop on to the arena or BG, we only kept items with good stats to help us so some pve.. Good players with 930 ilvl can beat others that got 950+ilvl in pvp instances thanks to the pvp templates.. we didn't need 10 item sets saved and tons of swapping when we do pvp or pve. good thing right? why removing it? Blizz.. you said "if it's not broken.. why fix it?" so why are you doing this? PvP Instance templates effects only players who enters any pvp instance, and those the templates made it so you simply look for a team, Que for BG and you simply play, no spending gold and time fixing stats for pvp AND pve... it will take Hours.. Do not forget Alts! how about a person who wants to play 5 Alts? Fix gear again, Gems, Enchants, and fix the stats... WHAT A PAIN!Elementxgodx50 13h
14h Honor level 50+ bgs If you have an honor level abow 50 you wont have a singel bg pop as you level from 1-110. Please tell me this cant be intended. I mean imagine if you have a head of the curve, and cus of that you cant do dungeons while leveling.Smñ2 14h
16h Warlock VS any Melee How it come, that such mess as a warlock came from numerous alpha/beta testings? How i come that warlock do not have any compedetive mobilitu abilities at all, that could be useful in PvP? Demonic gateway and Demonic circle are predictible, they range is insignificant and do not save warlock from any melee in game. On top of that warlock is the only class that do not have any sort of speed increase ability that could be used safely in PvP... Burning rush is a trash that will only makes your opponent life easier. Warlocks can't pursue their targets if they decided to run. Warlocks can't really run from battle, because gateways and Circle are extremely limited by range and they are visible for enemy. Your shield could not save you from melee because warlocks extremely vulnerable for interupts, warlock anti-interupt ability is on 3 min CD. In legion warlocks had a good damage, but they could not deal much of it because their uptime was miserable. A simple combo of interrupt-> CC-> next CC -> antimagic defence spell worked perfectly almost everytime, and if for some reason you didn't killed warlock when you antimagic defence spell were worn off, you intetrupt CD was finished. Why much of warlock spells was put in talents? Hazzicostas said that devs don't want warlocks to be mobile because of class homogenisation! but guess what? All melee in game now have Incredibly mobility Great Defence spells Good CC spells Anti-CC spells interrupts Self healing spellsIsn't that a homogenisation? Where all melee plays almost the same?Mêphâlâ7 16h
19h Warmode on RP servers. I searched the forum for 'RP' and 'Roleplay' with no hits so I assume this hasn't been brought up yet on this forum. /PVP is still available without Warmode being enabled and so the -only- reason to keep RP servers out of the rest is already gone. /PVP will enable RP servers to go about their business should they be having an RP-PVP server event, which is great. Non PVP events, well there you go it's turned off and still no interruption. So why is it we get shifted into our own little world when it comes to Warmode? It's going to be empty just because we've got noone to shard with other than our own, there's no reason to have it this way. I enjoy both RP and PVP, so I need to choose one over the other? I was really, -really,- looking forward to this system since I enjoyed a good amount of world PVP over the course of the game and this was going to be epic for it. Just feels like for those who enjoy both, we're getting the shaft. "Just roll on another server!" This isn't a fix. There's no reason why I can't join the rest of the game in Warmode because of my server choice.Enilonar14 19h
21h Future 2v2 team Hello everybody. My and my friend would like to play 2v2 in BFA as duoble dps team and we can't decide what to play. He is thinking about dk, pala, monk or mage. I wuold like to try rogue or hunter or I can play whatever is viable with those classes as dps. So what are the suggestions for us to play. Thanks in advance.Boreal3 21h
23h Issues with Warmode and wPvP after a few days I was very excited to have war mode introduced. The perfect combination of playing exactly as you want at the times you want. Additionally I was hoping it would spark new life into world wPvP, with raids and objectives and whatnot. Unfortunately there are some major issues with it that sadly ruin the experience for me. Here I have them listed: 1. Phasing A horde raid attacked SW, how exciting! Unfortunately they attacked at the gates, which is at a phasing point between zones. From inside SW no horde could be seen. Move out, and there's an army. Move 30 meters beyond that, and there's nothing again. 2. Lag 40+(?) players entering a small region causes instant lag, with people rubber banding everywhere. Given, little skill comes into play when 40 people clash, but still it'd be nice to not lag out and have the server tell me I was killed 10 seconds ago by a guy in another phase entirely. Other games do not have this issue, in fact I think any new game that suffered from this would be immediately thrown in the trash. 3. Distance Players disappear in the near distance, not even that far away (if this has to do with any settings I do play on max). When someone flies overhead, by the time the server thinks they are in range and they will be shown on my screen, they are out of range (net-o-matic?). 4. Phasing for another reason I phase out when doing PvE with War Mode enabled. This prevents me from finding any group for multiplayer objectives. With most of these issues I get the creeping feeling that Blizzard wants to cater somewhat to allow for wPvP, but that the game is on a more fundamental level completely unready. The design choices in how the world phases, the servers, the server speed just do not allow for the features that are introduced. What we end up with is a half baked version of what could be wPvP. I will enjoy my rare 1v1 encounter when I stop questing and go seek it specifically with Warmode toggled on. Having it on otherwise is probably just a mess sadly.Jagtling0 23h
23h Why old PVP/PVE realms separated in warmode? Hi fellow players, So I tested this out today, with Alliance and Horde characters from pve and pvp realms (Doomhammer and Stromscale) and it's looks like when you opt in from an old PVE realm you only see people from old PVE realms opted in Warmode.(Draenor, Silvermoon..etc) When you opt in from old PVP realm you see people from old PVP realms opted into warmode(Ravencrest, Ragnaros, Stromscale.. etc) Can anybody tell me if this is intended? Best regards, Arnie P.s.: I tested this because, I started playing on Doomhammer and I found really few people on the world with warmode enabled, then I checked my Horde character on Stormscale and the world was full with players. So I checked through fully on Doomhammer and on Stormscale with the same level characters from the same spot with others people help.Arnie0 23h
1d As a ranged player, I'm disgusted Legion has been a melee expansion. BFA is a melee expansion. BG's and Warmode are a mongo melee fest. Some classes (rogue, ret paladin) have everything : - Toolkit - Damage - Defensives - Survivability - CC (stuns) While others are useless (shaman, shadow priest, ...) There is no kiting anymore, no counterplay, gameplay is so poor. A ret paladin is able to deal INSANE amount of damages with 3 spells. I won't go aboard the melee train. I will unsubscribe.Twinkle23 1d
1d BFA pvp is in shambles Zero proper testing on the beta? really blizzard, zero proper testing... class balance is worse than ever, and they give us literally no proper testing time. So they have no data to improve launch version from. Its really sad, worst wow beta i have been a part of.Chargefyr5 1d
2d Capture the demon hunter. Im sick of playing against teams with venegance dh's who just triple jumps through map with the flag. Make it so flag carrier can only run. No sprint, teleports, warp jumps or such.Testelf1 2d
2d BfA Flying in Warmode Copying a thread I saw on the US forums to open it up for discussion on EU. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Title: "So warmode is amazing....but flying...." by Noirseid ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Content: Please reconsider allowing flying in warmode, it was the biggest contributor to the death of WPVP, the harpoon gun is not needed. we don't need assassins flying around. let them be hunted by a hunting party on the ground, it's much more interesting to use the terrain to plan an attack on a group of assassins...not just flying to them. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- I am looking forward to see everyone's opinion on the matter.Mithilius18 2d
2d BFA - Realm Query Evening all, Unable to find specified information in regards to how your 'realm' will react in terms of warmode & PVP. I'm on kazzak & argent dawn, One heavily horde - the other heavily alliance. On kazzak, if I were to go into 'Warmode' I would have no alliance to contest against me, a couple but nothing significant that will cause a threat. On argent dawn, my orc would get slaughtered! So my question being, how does it all work?!Vàlirian3 2d
2d Strand of the Ancients should be a brawl. I have 97/100 battles won in Strand of the Ancients and still have it tracked, which has significantly knocked my motivation and enthusiasm for Battle for Azeroth. The fact that I came so close to the last achievement I needed that was going into the Legacy section of the achievements is quite disheartening. I feel like Blizzard trivialised it’s removal and did not make anyone aware of this without them having to go out of their way to find the information. I came across the news completely by accident in a related reddit post. I wanted to avoid spoilers for Battle for Azeroth and be surprised by what was coming. This sacrifice meant that unknowingly I missed a lot of valuable time that I could have been finishing off these achievements and causing me to need to rush them to get them done. While I am only three games away from being Master of Strand of the Ancients, I only have the achievement to say I have a single win, which is a big kick in the teeth for all of the work that I put into getting this number of wins in a very short space of time, as well as the Not Even a Scratch achievement, which is close to impossible. While playing in these battles I met a lot of good people working on their achievements also, many of whom, like me, began to enjoy the battleground very much. It is also incredibly frustrating that having a bad team could cause numerous losses and lower our chances at getting our own personal achievements that we have limited time to get. I believe that the best solution for this is to make Strand of the Ancients a brawl map. This covers all bases, as it does not fit in with the other game modes but is nice to have it as an option for anyone that wants to play it, without interfering with mainstream PVP. As someone who works in the Games industry myself, I understand that business value is important, but complete removal of a battleground that already exists, does not need any real maintenance and is still enjoyed by many I believe is a bad decision. The brawl feature is the perfect solution for this. Please don’t do what was done with Shen’dralar. Many thanks. Please comment if you agree to show support for the cause. A Blizzard response would be nice if possible.Verysmallman2 2d
2d Warmode XP Lovely system, but do you think levelers will dare to enable warmode when you're only giving a 10% increase to XP from quests and kills?Sylvain0 2d
2d War Mode and Flying With War Mode already introduced, we can see its effects on current zones - there's some world PvP but, as always, flying elimininates most of the tension of a dangerous open world. With BfA, this will temporarily be alleviated while the areas are no-fly zones. But what about when flying inevitably gets put back into the game? The obvious solution to disable flying entirely isn't one a lot of people will like, and will likely make War Mode a deserted place as the benefits of flying far outweigh the benefits of the 10% buff for those who are on the fence about wanting world PvP. So I propose instead a couple of changes to allow flying in BfA War Mode, while still allowing world PvP to exist: A dismount abilitySomething that's been done before, albeit a little underwhelmingly, can be taken much further now that everyone who's in the open world in BfA will have chosen to be included or excluded in world PvP. As such, its effects can be something like: [Dismount Spell] 40-80 yard range, instant cast, 30-60 sec CD (to prevent too heavy griefing) Makes the target dismount its flying mount, and makes the target immune to all damage until it hits the ground (thus preventing midair ganks, and fall damage ganks). Also dismounts yourself, and makes you immune to fall damage (not all damage) until you hit the ground (thus making it a little more risky for the user, preventing griefing a little). Mount cooldown after PvP combatThis one is a little optional as the Dismount Spell might serve the same purpose, but being able to Shadowmeld -> Flightform as a Druid to escape basically any PvP encounter is a little too strong in the open world. It could be like the cooldown effects on potions, that starts once you exit combat, and last for about 10 seconds, resetting on a PvP kill (or assist). Maybe not the most graceful of solutions, but outright disabling flying wouldn't be great for War Mode, we should have better solutions. Thoughts?Seaforium3 2d
3d Warmode idea/suggestion Hello there im here to make a post about something ive noticed recently while playing beta i killed alot of oposite faction which made me mark like a what that basicly means is that everyone from oposite faction can see my, and im gonna put it in here (EXACT) location which is really really bad in my personal opinion. personaly i would like solution like this: if you see a player that is marked as assasin you should only see like a circle around him which would mean u would know where he is aproxemetly around you wouldnt be able to see where he is exacly that would make players actualy search for the person instead of just going in there killing him and be done with it. would be much more interactive to actualy search for the player a litle bit so please make it like a small area around the marked assassin player instead of exposing his exact location that would make it much more convinient and interactive. so im total fan of you blizzard i love the game and i wish the best for its development and give out the ideas / suggestions thanks everyone for taking your time reading this and i will see you in azeroth!Ancienthoof12 3d
3d Please Blizzard, make Warmode No Flying Hello comrades both alliance and horde, I am making this thread to plea for a warmode no flying. I hope blizzard realizes that warmode with flying will be a less intense experience, heck, if current legion pvp brawl zones are any indication it will be flat out a bad experience for the true fans of pvp, imagine soaring the sky searching for some lone person to gank, and then finding out you started a fight that turns out bad for you, no fear, some classes can just leap / jump , vanish/sprint, fear, move out of range and simply mount up and fly away again, I was really exited when blizzard anounced the warmode but after chatting with like minded people i realized that allowing flying would make me turn off warmode, please blizzard give warmode non flying experience as people who prefer flying would have pve mode.Dkarrosh3 3d
3d Arenabg Why not something like this? (6v6 this example...) To me, the prepatch PvP feels more like moba anyway. (I do know it's not the final BFA...) Do this arena/bg mix. Why not? Thoughts?Ylin0 3d
3d So we can play BFA on ps4 controller? Nothing more to add, just wondering.. Mist of Pandaria action bars - Battle of Azeroth action bars - LOL LOL ?Petajensenqt7 3d
4d [Feedback] Fire Mage Hello i'm here to give you feedbacks about fire mage in pvp. This topic include thoughts from legion and incoming changes for BFA. I hope I will have support from other fire mage here, who like me, love this spec. If you are playing fire mage in pvp, pls discuss in this thread, we need you. Let's remember to everyone that fire mage is one of the less played caster in pvp by proportion. We will see here some problems explaining this situation. Keep in mind that's this is totally subjective, that's why I need feedbacks from other players too. (English is not my native language I do my best to be understandable.) [Phoenix flammes] (artifact) with [strafing run] passive skill problem PF rebound to 2 additional random targets, a nice pvm skill indeed, which become a pain by breaking randomly controls in pvp. Those pheonixs are totally unpredictable, sometimes bouncing across pets, breaking polymorphs 20m away etc.. The irony is, after a sheep, you often need to do damage, and you can't use pheonix which is a source of [Hot Streak!] by risking breaking cc What about just remove bounces in pvp sitatuation ? I checked in BFA beta, the problem still exist Probably the biggest problem concerning fire mage imo, this need to be fixed. If I remember correctly demon hunters throw glaive bounce by a similar way, withouth breaking cc ... can someone confirm this ? [Hot Streak!] dispellable Since this passive is at the center of fire spec, allowing fire mage to use instant [Pyroblast] (offensively), and instant [Flametrike] (defensively), any dispel type spell will make a total counter. Any fire mage can relate how is a pain, and make a fire mage near useless. While, [Finger of Frost] of frost spec is not dispellable , and [Arcane Missile] of arcane spec is not dispellable, while not do this with [Hot Streak!] ? This should be fair, and make fire spec more attractive. [Spell steal] mana problems in fire spec I would like highlight the fact that's fire mage have huge problems while out of mana by using too much [spell steal] while frost spec have have really low mana consumption, and arcane spec have evocation. You can't let your mana down to 0 as fire mage, because all those instant spells make your mana consumption really high, basically when reaching 0, you will be half afk for about 10sec, unable to use slow, controls, run with scorch, etc ... I would like to add : [icy veins] and [arcane power] doesnt cost mana, while [combustion] take HUGE amount of mana (10%) why ? it's one more thing making fire mage less attractive than other spec [Flametrike] in BFA Flametrike have 50% slow effect in legion and is a good spell, and must be used as fire mage, especially while kitting melee (everyone know how melee mobility is a thing in legion). In BFA slow is reduced to 20%, WHY ? it make just it useless in pvp. This is totally unfair, while every spec have 50% slow effect (some have 70% slow effect), it will make thing even more complicated in pvp for fire mages. it's another thing making fire mage less attractive while arcane have a 50% slow + sprint, and frost have 60% + ice nova proc. [Flare UP] pvp talent removed BFA fires mages lost one of the most usefull PVP talent, giving the ability to have more fire blast. A life saver to cast some instant flamestrike from far away, without spending to much fire blast for slowing enemies. Was removed without any reason ? why ? With this change, fire mage will only have 2 fire blast 10 sec cooldown, since [Phoenix flammes] is now a must have (with the new 30s cooldown). I really hope either for a fix of phoenix's bouncing or a return of [Flare UP] [World of flammes] now a pvp talent Totally useless talent, and this is obvious, fire mages are able to cast instantly [flamestrike] while in state of [hot streak!]. Sometimes I honestly think that really doesn't care about fire mage when I see changes like this. This talent was an abvious pvm-type talent (and not strong at all) I thought at first time it was trolling from devs. Things I appreciated in BFA beta This new pvp talent system allow to : - use [temporal] and [kleptomnia] at same time in arena, very usefull. - use [Greatest Pyroblast](best spell of this game imo :D) and [Flamecannon] at same time, in battleground, its a real buzz and will make fire mage an even more awesome spell caster in battleground, hope it will not be nerfed. - the overall damage output seems to be far better than legion, maybe too much, but is about same as some others spell casters like destruction warlocks, frost spec, etc The [Blazing Barrier] is finally scaled correctly and do real damages, i really enjoyed it. Absorbing 200k (less than 4% of your total hp) and make 20k damage in Legion, it actually doesn't worth to use GCD to use it.Rotifère5 4d
4d Mana Whenever I play a healer, I do not run out of mana in pvp. I was in a duel vs a ret paladin yesterday as a resto shaman that lasted nearly an hour, never dropped below 99%. I know mana has becoming less and less relevant as time goes on in WoW, but come on.Ironork3 4d
4d Tanks - as useful as DPS and Healers in PvP Let's talk about tanks in PvP. I'm not sure if the 25% damage taken debuff to tanks in instanced PvP still applies in BfA. But if that's the case then the people handling class design in PvP really need to ask themselves why they are removing tanks from PvP. Point of being a tank is taking less damage at the cost of dealing less damage, in any game scenario. But ok, let's say the nerf was needed to make the overall PvP more fluent and fun for everyone. Then why don't you allow tanks to deal 25% more damage and let them be as efficient as a DPS spec, if you really don't want tanks in PvP. Just don't render any spec useless. Healers are tankier than Tank specs which makes 0 sense. You just can't make one spec have less damage output, same or less survivability and worst mobility in any scenario of the game. Where is the tradeoff?Aepher3 4d
4d Priority in queue Suggestion: Give a queue priority for their next queue to those players that recently joined a battleground which had already started. Reasoning: Very often you have waited a long time to join the battleground. If you get placed in one which has already started, chances are the game is almost over and that it is a loss (free spots only because people left). It seems only fair that you shouldn't have to wait an equally long time to play a new battleground.Julissa1 4d
4d Please, fix AV bosses health. Please, fix AV bosses health. Because when boss can be killed singlhadedly by one rogue or druid, AV became less PvP, and more mindless PvE chase. It's not suit for EPIC battleground. Please fix it!Redzu0 4d
5d Call to Arms: Nazmir - Crate not Counting Call to Arms: Nazmir; so far on two chars the supply crate you need is not counting towards the quest progress when opened.Twízzler0 5d
5d war mode is confusing As the title says, it is a bit confusing. Blizz wants to see us if the choice was about participate in pvp or not. And for those who want to do pvp regardless is a clear, plain and simple choice. But for those, who w'd happyly turn off war mode as soon as 8.0 hit live and never look back, there is a forced second choice, if the +10% income worth the risk of doing pvp. I dont really grasp the concept of pampering ppl who make a choice that clearly has its risks. During 15+ years the choice was simple, if someone wanted to do pvp or not. I mean there were pvp and pve realms. And now suddenly somebody in the dev team thought that ppl who do wpvp deserve to be "compensated". For God's shake, what for? They who choose pvp already get what they want, you know, the thrill of hunting, corpse camping, and other interesting pvp activities. Why do they deserve to be compensated in content they dont do? If I'm doing my buisness, eg mining some nodes and suddenly an opposite faction player pops up. I don't have war mode on, but i suddenly feel like killing him/her just for fun or whatever. For that I have to hs, turn on war mode, and get back to the location i was. Just when i reach back, the opportunity is gone long ago, and I'm twice as unsatisfied as i was before. Tell me, who will compensate me that for? To sum: it's OK to reward and encourage some content Blizz feel to be have to. Just don't try to deceive ppl with false choices.Caleneth9 5d
5d "Heroic" throw. when can we see some buffs to this joke of an ability? why can it not deal some decent dmg? after all its called heroic, and its our only ranged dmg ability. buff it plz.Nullnvoid6 5d
5d Wpvp will be a huge and disgusting mess Honestly from what i'm reading in the forums and experiencing on the beta, bfa warmode is going to be one huge huge mess even worse than !@#$ing legion man, tanks are still good slapping you to death, rogues can still %^-* you up without taking any kind of risk, paladins and dk are still destroying the rest of us mortal using one CC KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK BLIZZARD YOU ARE CLEARLY LEARNING YOUR LESSONS LOLAdelphine9 5d
5d GLAD SANCTUM Will this server come back online before BFA launch or it's closed permanently? No info, explanations or eta given about it. Its sad that you ask us to test your pvp and then you just randomly close the server. A fix on the system and broken classes like RETRI and HUNTERS would be cool and playable, bring server back ty.Worldrupz3 5d
5d Jump disconnect Literally 2 years and you still cant fix this bug. it ruins gameplay as a DH when you get disconnected every 5 seconds because your jumping.Triø0 5d
6d World PvP question? What is the point of leveling if every level player can kill your 120? The damage the damage that lowbies do is insane. Seriously you should remove that scaling... You should be able to oneshot a lvl 70 player with your 120. If you don't wanna be killed just turn you WORLD PVP OFF... This thing was added for all your crybabies who complain about being killed and ganged from higher levels.. And there it is - Blizzard gave you a choice.. - War mode OFF/ON. I'm ok with that ( even before you still had a choice to go on PvE realm but nvm..) But now this scaling is just worst decision ever made.. The core of this game is Alliance vs Horde, there must be PvP. And i find normal to be able to oneshot a player which is 40 levels under you. AND BTW.. if you want the world PvP thing to work.. REMOVE FLYING from old zones. Like it was in WOTLK. Flying in Azeroth removed all fun from world PvP. It's more fun to kill the whole city when raiding alliance/horde capitals, than just flying straight to the boss and gg..Bamzê11 6d
6d WW monk = trash why would you guys remove FOF stun from WW? not even an explanation of the direction of the class because all i can see is the lidl version of a arms warrior. if i wanted to play a warrior i would have done it in mop. i get it its cause of the warmode being always on now but after the paralysis nerf to 45 secs WW is starting to feel completely lack luster. dull, pruned and boring pvp gameplay. inb4 " but fof is now a peel you guys will be fine" comments.../sighSankei23 6d
6d Please Remove PVP gear Templates Seriously what is the point working on our characters to make them stronger and stronger and stronger.. We join a casual bg and yeah i still end up top dmg and all but it is really not fair people ! Not rewarding at all. 400k judgement instead of 2-3m judgement.... When we go out in the wild (world-pvp) People who put effort in gear win people who didnt lose . EndUnknowny11 6d
6d Purges in pvp If i am not wrong, dh and dk are getting purge. Also BE racial will be purge. So does it means even more pain to play resto druid in arenas? Already playing vs shamans with purge is hell sometimes. For example heal shaman just purge tatget that 2 melee tunnel and i cant almost do !@#$ about it since 80% of my healing are hots.Enthzul5 6d
6d Poly vs Fear Mana cost - wtf blizzard Fear costs 15k and Poly 4k and yet you pruned life tap, nice Either increase the amount of damage you can take while being feared, increase duration from 6 to 8 sec or lower the mana costs. RN it feels like fear breaks when you take 1k damage (kinda instant just as poly) and yet it costs over 3x more mana. Having high mana costs on a CC like this encourages players to just spam damage and dont even bother on ccing.Aritrosyo16 6d
6d Dueler's guild - more insight Greetings, I would like to ask the people, who have played on Gladiator's sanctum (120 lvl) what do you think about the current state of 1v1. We all know the cliche "1v1 is not balanced and it will never be" , but still ... I dont care, which class is "the best" etc. .. Please share your opinion on different specs how are they performing in general 1v1. How do they stack compared to the other classes. RegardsZenedark6 6d
16 Jul Remove gear increase damage People use this bug since one week and that isn't fix yet. If you keep only azurite gear, necklace , weapon and 2 trinket, you make more damage and take less. More, I made a duel with friends full gear 139K and me 98K. I made a 10K damage, he don't see 10K but 20K... Please fix that, that is horrible to play on pvp server.ßanikou3 16 Jul
15 Jul Feedback: New Arenas With this thread, we're requesting targeted feedback on the new Arenas: Mugambala (Zuldazar) Hook Point (Kul Tiras) At this time, the Arena queue in the Battle for Azeroth Beta should only offer these two maps. Thank you very much!Aerythlea13 15 Jul
15 Jul Two things that worry me 1. Rogues being able to kill people in stunlock 2. Hand of protection and Divine shield Let me elaborate. 1. Rogues have always being able to stun people for a lot of time and if they use trinket to remove one they just use blind and reset the fight. Now that BfA introduces War mode I think there will be more rogues in the open world than ever. I guess we can all agree that dying without being able to do anything is hardly PvP, but the fact that rogues have the ability to do that will be problematic. 2. With the introduction of duelers guild there will be a possibility of playing against retribution paladin. To me, hand of protection is instant IWIN button. Legion made it so people can freely attack while being immune and 10 seconds are enough to either heal to full or finish off someone. Again, there is no real counterplay to this and again - not being able to do anything is not real PvP. The desicion to prune class abilities took a lot of the fun from the game but if this two things are not addressed then I don't think I will want to enter Warmode or go to Duelers guild. And thoose are the new fun things I am looking forward in Bfa PvP.Stansmash20 15 Jul