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1h Now we should guarantee a rogue nerf. https://youtu.be/Kqk5jakOnAIGarooda4 1h
1h Microbar and Bagbar hide option I've been using ElvUi lately to set my Ui up as clean as i want. But the new Blizzard Ui does actually look good, but the one thing i dislike is that i want to have an option to hide the Microbar and the Bagbar. That would be really sweet to have, and I don't think it would be that hard to add two checkboxes for it under the interface menu. I mean, i press B to open all my bags. I don't really want or need a big bar with all my bags. I hope i'm not alone with this.Luppi1 1h
2h Few of my Positives and Negatives BFA. What I like; More green and colorful areas compared to >personally< ultra boring WOD and Legion, so hopefully the questing experience will be great. I like the golden BE eyes, I like the new orc posture although i never liked orcs. I am looking forward to "new troll race" What I dont like; All que and do nothing stuff... New UI is freaking terrible and I cant even change it. (i like only standard old ui, not even addon ui) Different NOT customisable race text color on general or trade chat is poking my eyes out. RNG loot and different type of AP grind. Questing in old areas and low levels, each exp you just stuck onto new area, you have no freaking reason to run around the world at all... I could go on and on but those are few I havePãarthurnax1 2h
3h Remove flying requirements for old content. If the pathfinder grind is really about immersion and not about punishing subscription breaks, then this shouldn't be a problem.Adenorbacchi3 3h
3h Rogue is so god damn overpowered Just got my !@# handed to my by a rogue 5 levels lower than me. He almost 100 to 0 me without me even able to do anything. After that I almost kill him. He stealths away, comes back 2 seconds later with 80% of his hp again. How is this balanced? Please reduce their damage or nerf their stunPaluman27 3h
3h Boomy disarm is ridiculous. As a warrior playing against a boomy ,i am only able to use my weapon for what ? 8 sec every 15 sec for the whole game ? ... This is beyond retarded blizzard.Garooda12 3h
4h Leveling is screwed I am leveling my allied races, they have full heirloom and any exp buff imaginary. Before the prepatch, leveling was fast and fun. Today the prepatch hit and suddenly it feels horrible playing my low level alts. Dungeons are about harder than raids and take twice the time they used to and questing takes about the same time increase... It took me almost 3 hours to get from level 66 to level 67, for instance. That was 2 dungs, all dung quests and even the majority of quests in hellfire peninsula. I do not know what is going on, either the increased exp% of the heirlooms isn't working or they increased the needed XP per level somehow. Also the end-dungeon XP buff seems to be gone... Please fix this Blizzard - this AINT funny. I dont mind that its now harder, but did you really need to increase the required time it takes us to level up in outdated content?? Are you THAT KEEN in selling the €60 boosts that you need to resort to these measures?Proczilla34 4h
5h New world map makes me unwell How small the zones and icons in the world map now actually makes me unwell and nauseaus after the latest patch this on top of the stuff i dislike that has been changed that are affecting me purely emotionally.Okaytre1 5h
6h Some animations need revamp!!! Hello fellow sneaky killers! I know i might be a bit exaggerating but for me personnaly it is very important part of the game how or our skills and spells look like... Using our combat abbilities its the acctual core of our gameplay and in my opinion it schoud give us some tint of satisfaction. For many years in WoW i see lot of great and impresive annimation and lot of really crappy ones that over the time get some major updates. So here is my statment: Crimson Tempest - our only talent to deal some acctual AOE damage have propably the worse annimation atm. I mean - the sound of spinning daggers is taken from old warrior whirlwind annimation and it not fits here at all. The spining daggers itsself looks more funny than some kind of impresive :P There is a ton of possibilities to improve this animation and its not really a ton to work to do! I have a big Request to Blizz to improve old crappy skills animation, there are many players that take it reall serious and it will help us to better enjoy the game! Any one agree with me? As always and forever: FOR THE ALLIANCE! PS: Sorry for my english :DVendox2 6h
6h Why doesn’t Warmode take on PVP templates? As far as I can tell the new warmode feature does not take on the PVP templates. This means for example they nerfed rogues due to their Overpowered status on live warmode it will directly nerf rogues in PVE this is going to always mean there’s a drastic problem in one side. To nerf a rogue In warmode is directly going to nerf its capability in PVE content, this could lead onto a class being benched for entire raids. So why don’t they just put it on the PvP templates so classes can be balanced via PVP nerfs and.l buffs so classes don’t get utterly obliterated when it comes to stopping classes being overpowered in warmode. U could argue “nerfing rogue utility won’t harm pve” but it will because stuns And things like this have a high demand in mythic+ environments. I ask this cause I know rogues are too strong and the nerfs approaching are going to wreck pve rogue in the process .. PvP should not affect pve balance and neither should WPVP if blizzard intend to push it as proper gameplay. This will disable legendaries and everything else in warmode just like in PvP. This won’t balance itself. Some classes remain ridiculously strong in PvP while being absolutely fine in pve. Applying templates to devide the balancing is the only comprimise which will stop this leading into future issuesIxui6 6h
9h Prophet Velen unkillable Hi Guys, Today we tried to do the For the Horde achiev, but when we got the Prophet Velen we got some problems - at first he just lKed random players with his Holy Smite spell, which he casts on random players even when he the tank has aggro, but we have found out that it can be line of sighted, so we figured out a strategy that we would watch his targets he is using smite on and they would just hide behind a nearby wall, it went quiet well since that, but when we got him to around 50% hp (around 8 minutes of the fight) he suddenly healed to 75-80% hp and a few seconds later he healed again to almost full hp, there wasnt any interruptable cast going on so we couldn't prevent that so I think that's not how it is supposed to be, because he will always heal like that and he has a ton of HP now, so it might be a bug caused by the prepatch. I actually liked that we had to come up with some tactics on this boss because anduin just took some time but he wasnt a threat at all, but at Prophet Velen it was fun that it wasnt easy and you have to have some strategy, so we were quiet disappointed when he just healed to full after our hard trying. Anyways did somebody else tried to kill Velen? Did you have similar problems or did we just missed some mechanics? Ive already reported it as a bug so we will seeMelyssa4 9h
10h Uther's Blessing crit buff scaling a tad off Not sure where exactly to post this but this seems to be a bug related to 8.0 stat balance changes. There is a quest in western plague lands that asks you to go and get Uther's blessing. After receiving the buff a crit buff (name: Uther's Blessing) that scales with a characters level granting up to 360 % crit as I found on my level 40 rogue and 360% on my 110 warlock after I found this I had to go check. This buff lasts 30 minutes. It looks like a scaling mistake since the buff received is not exactly decreased the higher level you are which it would have been in previous builds with the old numbers neither is the buff made invalid. Furthermore, it works in instances and the quest is repeatable if one cancels the quest after receiving the buff you can go back to the quest giver and get the buff again. I don't expect this to work in mythic + since that removes most buffs at start but might in raids and for sure in instances with leveling content and normal - mythic 0 content. This has had the advantage of making certain bosses that wasn't killable without the 100%+ crit in group finder content not sure of the name of the boss but the dmg on it was badly scaled. Its a boss that turns into a tree and wolf then mauls and does a large amount of non interruptable self healing. Pls excuse my many spelling, grammar and butchered words in the text. I hope this gives a good enough description for a fix of some kind to be inbound, soon TM. But I believe there are more priority issues so gl with those blizz.Athenlock1 10h
13h What a god damn mess you've made Blizz! wow hate these changes, not made for the better imo :(Draegana11 13h
14h ROGUE IS SO GOD DAMn .. jk 3s Hi! Me and my friends are currently queing off-season in ranked on live. We're 2,1k rated but our mmr is somehow 2000, even tho we played from 1800-2100 together yesterday and today. We won everything and our points kept getting lower for each win. Now we're all 2,1k rating. But our mmr is 2k(?) .. And now we recieve 0 points no matter what team we beat. We just beat a 1950 team and got 0 points, can anyone explain this to me? Thanks.Sámgôld0 14h
16h Undo these changes or lose players I know the thread's title may look a little dramatic but I just want to pay your attention on one, important thing. I guess many players HATE to be forced to changes they dislike. Blizzard always says that they want to give freedom and free choice for the players. They say they HEAR to players feedback. And what have they done now? Completely changed many important things without giving us an option if we want the new things or the older things. - Changed the blood elves look... Cool, now male blood elves look like mentally retarded elfs with fat mouth and weird smile. Why couldn't you leave them alone with old, specific thin mouth? Or at least adding the old lips/face model to the customization list so players can get it back in barber shop? Why do you force us to these changes? Now BElfs ook more like humans, what's the next step? Trying to make them look like orcs? - UI look - we had perfect UI for years, why would you break the bars and move the menu options to the corner? We got used to the UI for years, we clicked intuitively on the spells and other options. And now everything's broken. Not to mention everything's smaller, which is harder to click and have difference spots. (If there only was an option in the inferface menu to change UI for the old model... but no, why would they add that option?!) - World's map look - everything look smaller - the zones, world quests. They are barely seen. And if you zoom the map - you see pixels :) Nice quality. The continents/islands have weird model style and green colour, it looks much just much worse than before. - Chats - the name colors just create a chaos wheter it's guilds chat or global/trade chat. Why did you remove the arrows? We had options to brows the chat, it was simple and nice and now we have to click the chat or enter and move manually the square. Why do you have to complicate everything? - Fullscreen bye bye? Many people got fps drop and other issues. - Messed up scaling and the failure of implementing legacy loot in raids which causes bosses to only drop one item... - Leveling alts became much harder. Not to mention few other MAJOR changes such as class and proffesion changes, but I can't speak for all classes, just for the ones I checked so far by myself, so... RIP Arcane Mages and Affliction Warlocks. What I mean with the thread is most of the players if not all is USED to the game style they have been playing for years. Why would you destroy it and make it MORE COMPLICATED instead of making it SIMPLER? If you want to implement changes, okay, do that, but let us DECIDE if we want to play with new changes or stick with the old things like facial look, UI look etc. It's just one option in interface menu, one more customization look, one "click" and everyone's happy... But no, you aren't willing to do that. And then you wonder why you lose players...Wildfox37 16h
16h Warlock damage is broken So I've been trying to adapt to the new changes that the pre patch brought but to be honest i believe there is a bug with warlocks damage out put, i entered into rage fire chasm on three separate instances to test warlock specs cause i felt affliction had been nerfed to hell since the patch and heres what i found first of all, literally every role at level 16-19 was doing at least 3 times the damage on bosses and doing 2k average damage each to the enemies (including healers) secondly, affliction takes way too long to ramp up which means on mobs were essentially useless, i also find the demonology whilst faster can do any real damage as every other class can shred these mobs before we finish casting any summons, hand of gul, dan was mostly the final bt of damage the only decent damage that can be done amongst the specs is implosion and chaos bolt i wasnt happy with the class change in general because id just gotten used to affliction and i loved how it played but i thought screw it change happens, id better get on board but to be honest the only thing i can do nowadays is just deal with world mobs and to be honest its kind of ruined it for me please blizzard just take a look at what im talking about take a level 50-60 ina dungeon with a dps counter and just see what i meanMemedaddy21 16h
17h Missing transmogs since patch I had Dal'Rend's tribal guardian (no longer obtainable) removed from my list of transmogs, anyone else missing transmogs? I held onto stuff like that for years for a reason, so would appreciate it if it were restored!Baeldren5 17h
18h Give me my battle res. Give me my battle res. After the patch my quilen pets Exotic Ability "Eternal Guardian" got nerfed. It was a 10 minute timer battle res now the tooltip says this: "When used, your pet will miraculously return to life with full health." Is this a joke or what? Who wrote the tooltip. As if when we a hunter revives a pet normally doesnt come up with full health. Now I have an abilty that has 8 minute timer that revive pet the pet instantly. Instead of the 2 second casting time. Very exotic ability indeed.Fuinequendi2 18h
18h Do you start off at 120? My question is "If you level up to 120 on the beta, do you start off at level 120 on live servers, or do you still have to level the character?"Slinches3 18h
19h Enchanting profession broken Enchanting profession Broken: currently if you open your enchanting profession , you will see legion recipes that require materials, such as arkana to enchant your gear. The problem is introduced by item scaling e.g An item will require you to be 110 to equip but be item level 158, so when it is dis-enchanted you will receive infinite dust instead of the previous Arkana. Epics will currently give abyss crystals when dis-enchanted. To sum up , you cannot currently obtain any of the enchanting materials required for legion enchanting from the current loot tablesFletching1 19h
19h Community. About time we had something like this ingame where we can keep up with stuff between classes. Heres Ravneholdt, all welcome to join. https://www.worldofwarcraft.com/invite/BY2DZqhDEy?region=EU&faction=HordeHasans0 19h
20h I actually like this patch? .... Don't get me wrong, I know Blizzard messes up a lot of things, but the fact that PVE has become much harder and that world PVP is now an actual thing makes the game a lot more challenging and therefore rewarding, at least for me. Anyone who agrees?Morrian18 20h
20h Mage tower gone They shouldnt have removed mage tower until BFA. May be I am too casual to keep track on things but I was hoping blizz should gave us bit more time.Keyur8 20h
20h FULLSCREEN Blizzard bring FULLSCREEN back, it may be that it does not work with Dx12 ( which it really can not be, for example RISE OF THE TOMB RAIDER Dx12 with FULLSCREEN) But it should be the decision of the customer if he continues playing with Dx11 with FULLSCREEN or Not. The only way for me (and certainly many others) to play fluently is with fullscreen, but now this option is omitted.Ehoner34 20h
22h Holy Priests need some love in BfA Check this out >>> https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17620092436#post-1Galâdríel4 22h
22h BRING BACK Strand of the Ancients This was one of my favourite battlegrounds and one of the reason I still play this declining game. If you agree, post here and this can be our little petition! In the meantime, I'm not buying the new expansion or renewing my subscription!Vada6 22h
1d BUG : /cancelaura Levitate /cancelaura works for everything iv tested so far but Levitate. I need to right click it to cancel. Anyone els has this issue?Stáff4 1d
1d Xp Bar Bug So whenever I get XP the text on the XP bar doesn't update until I mouseover. It also doesn't disappear when I open world map (full screen). This is without addons enabled.Odiousknight0 1d
1d Congrats Blizzard on forcing me to use Addons I have played WoW since 2009, and barely never used Addons. I used some Addons when I was raiding back in TBC and Lich king, but since then I have not raided and therefore gone totally mod free.....until yesterday.... The new UI is horrible, and makes no good to anyone. It has nothing positive for those who already use Addons for the UI so those people wont uninstall their Addons with this UI change. And it makes no good for us who used the standard UI beacuse we liked it! If we wouldnt have liked it we would have used Addons. So since they change is making no good for us who liked the standard UI Blizzard just increased the amount of players who now use Addons. I am now one of them, since it is appernetly to damn hard to have a choice which UI to use.. So congrats Blizzard on loosing an almost 10 years standard UI player to Addon land *claps hands*Galindra15 1d
1d Pandarian Cooking levelling broken In Pandaria Cooking (yes, I try to complete it while waiting), the Master of the Pot/Grill/etc required us to complete banquets, either using ones that gave 5 skill levels or ones that gave 8 skill levels per completion. But now, they have been reduced to 1 skill level per completion. So this now requires 5-8 times as long a grind to complete! And it was a horrible grind to begin with. This seems like a bug. Could we have the 5-8 skill levels per banquet back please?Galmok1 1d
1d Lightforged Dranei needs NERF Lightforged dranei's racials are overpowered..You need to nerf the racials atleast for PvP for 70%.Their damage is just sick and its unbalanced its stronger than any class skillÐevo7 1d
1d Epic Battlegrounds Currently you can not que for epic battlegrounds at level 20. It says that you need to be 20+ for it but you cant que for it. Please fix this.Smñ0 1d
1d Batteground, bug? If you have a honor level abow 50 you wont see a singel bg pop while leveling from 1-110. It will maybe pop from 110-120 but most likly not. This should be fixed asap. I mean imagine if you wanted to que for a dungeon when you are lets say level 42, but on your main have killed the last boss on mythic dificulty in the latest raid. And cus you have done so you will have to wait for 4 other people that have done the samething as you. That would mean that you probobly would wait forever to get people that have the right rolls selected and are in the correct level range.. But i guess this once again show that the dont care so much, if at all, about pvp.Smñ0 1d
1d R.I.P Like the titel says, this game is pure crap now. I cant even deal with 2 mobs on my lvl 40 somehting shadow priest without healing the crap out of me. Im done with this game R.I.P this broken !@#$!Tìcon18 1d
1d Heritage Armor Bug Hey! My heritage armor in Shadow Form is really bugged, there is a huge circle on my back, is a little bit annoying, there is any future update for it??Deroxer2 1d
1d Survival hunter is really fun I really like the changes you have done to survival. It has the perfect kit. Well Balanced between ranged and melee. It feels like i have a whole arsenal of tools to use in different situations. Don't change anything please :) I don't care if you tweak numbers, just dont take away any spells. Its like i am living the dream i had of this spec since vanilla, even better. Good job keep it up!Klickcklack0 1d
1d Stat squish issue with Legion content On live, my itlvl on my main is 968, which means that when I decide to do an elite world quest (wardens type) it takes me under 20 seconds to kill the elite mob in question. Decided to try some elite world quests(IN THE BROKEN ISLES) on the PTR today with my copied main, took me 3 tries to take him down, barely surviving, dude had waay too much hp, as opposed to mine, was doing way too much damage and it felt like I was poking him with a stick. And that is supposed to be when BfA is current content, not Legion. Somehow I don't think a random elite dude in Valsharah should be able to kill me in BfA pre-patch :D. Anyone else come across anything similar? edit: I am now going round the Broken Isles, this is literally the case with all elite mobs, they are really really hard to kill, 1 hit is like half my hp. Also, I don't think it's intentional, it's just a numbers issue that needs to be looked into.Ssassenach12 1d
1d What have you done with DHs, Blizzard? posted this in the right sectionGorewolf0 1d
1d PTR ppl "so dam lost my faith" The BETA testers have lost FAITH!!! One thing you dont change, thats the UI ppl and i been born with. For the ppl who dont like the UI you are born with since 2004. There is alot of addons to modify the basic ppl dont like, i love the basic`s and thats how the game is for me since 2005. in my demand, i want to have the basics back or the option to be able to use it from your side. NO passive addons ppl are useing to redo very single patch update. i never used addons for this modify i love the basic and want the basic. you !@#$ this up. you sure will force me to stop playing. And again from MY line, i will stop playing. You cant screw with me and us this time over a line i dont accept!!!! Again i will not accept this, change on the UI. Regards svenniSvenni11 1d
1d Cannot buy rogue class mounts Because of artifact traits no longer available, you cannot buy the rogue class mounts anymore. I don't know if this is intended. I hope not cause it would kinda piss me of. I didn't buy the class mounts for rogues out of pure laziness. I guess it's the same problem with the undead dragon pets from the dk class mount.Fysm0 1d
1d Antorus Mythic Tuning Issues Hello, since there still has not been any adjustments to the increased difficulty of the raid by pre patch except for today’s tank targeted hotfixes; I am going to assume that is because of you are lacking feedback. So I am going to break down the problems I and my guild have discovered but first I want to talk about the different approaches to tuning a raid during the prepatch. It is well documented that your previous way of making sure the raids would not be harder would be to just nerf everything by X damage and HP. Now this often caused the raid to be extremely easy and if it was undergoing the same metrics as a new raid it would not get a good score. It seems now that you are trying to make the raid be in a “good place” but so far several days have gone by and its worse than it was before the prepatch and it is my personal opinion it is even worse than making the raid too easy. We do not want to worry about reclearing at this point in time, we just want to hand out some more mounts and we do not want to worry about changing our strategies around to adapt to the prepatch changes especially when said strat changes does not make the fight easier than before but rather making the boss doable. Our guild has almost been clearing the raid for half a year now we do not mind it being extremely easy like it has been in previous expansions. It can even be fun to see that the bosses are going down at a record speed but more importantly giving you time to what's important which is the BFA encounters and to add what I said earlier the thing with a prepatch raid is that it's not judged by the same metric as a new raid but rather that guilds that cleared it in less than 3 hrs previously can do it at the same or even faster speed as well as guilds who barely got argus before can still do it now. Now to the actual bosses these are problems we experienced. First I wanna say it seems like the overall DPS is increased so its not necessarily a boss HP issue. Fel Hounds: Flame Touch: It deals way too much damage, its about 10k per hit which is almost a third of your HP. Consuming Sphere: Instead of targeting the location of player with the fire side debuff it targeted a shadow player causing the orb to explode immediately. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/qYWgGKRhf1yD3Tmr#fight=2&type=damage-taken&source=19 High Command: Psychic Assault: deals too much damage players can barely do 15 stacks while we could do 25 stacks before prepatch. Portal Keeper: This boss is naturally harder because of the change of arcane torrent since the vast majority is horde this becomes slightly harder because we are not used to it. You could remove add hp, increase cast time or reduce the damage of their abilities. Eonar: We noticed a difference in how fast we could clear the waves it was noticeably slower probably because of the removal and nerf to stuns. Imonar: The mines does way too much damage to tanks, a common strategy is to have the tanks soak part of the bridge and while before prepatch that was no issue at all they could even tank the boss afterwards but now they can barely clear it. King: Didnt try Vari: While it was doable the adds were harder because of the GCD changes and gameplay slowing down. So it was a lot tighter for us to get them down in time. Increasing the cast time with 1s would help a lot. Coven: The shadow blades are bugged and have been for a long time but it happens way more frequently on the prepatch than before. At times the boss instantly fires the shadow blades with no delay from them spawning Aggramar: There are several issues, first of all the wakes are almost 1 shots you. The most common strategies includes a mass grip and with the nerf of mass grip the window of opportunity is much smaller which makes the fight harder even though it is very doable and not something that necessarily needs change depends on how strict you are on “fights should not become harder". A larger issue is that you can not break Mass Entanglement or Earthgrab Totem with damage so the strat that includes CC is way harder to pull off. Reducing the amount of adds or fixing the breaking issue would solve it. Since I am a mage I also want to bring up that you have never been able to use ice block the 2nd flame rend even tho other classes can. Also the add explosion and wake hits you through ice block. Argus: As we all know it is very common to use the tree to not just ress someone after they made a mistake but also to intentionally do a raid wipe and keep 1 tank up to then do a coordinated mass ress using the tree. This makes the fight a lot easier as it removes several abilities as well gives you the chance to start of on a clean slate. The problem is that the wither debuff is not tuned well at all even at 1 stack our healers struggled to keep it up so let alone having everyone ress is incredibly difficult in comparison as the window of opportunity is much smallerAnt4 1d
1d Because of GCD ,i cant lend a single hit. Warriors cant lend a single hit on targets before the target escapes by blink or leap or just root you back and walk away. It is actually because Warriors have root for 1 sec and the gcd for the warrior charge is on 1 sec as well. One of them need to be fixed. The GCD for the charge or increase the root charge period. Because it is literally useless and makes no sense . We cant even slow the Target.Garooda28 1d
1d Fix the fullscreen Fix the fullscreen. 60fps in raids before patch, 20-30 after, sometimes even dipping below 20. How the hell does a company as big as you go live with a change like this? You want to support DX12 but remove Fullscreen in the process? Then dont support it until you can WITH fullscreen, How does Blizzard not have the man power and resources to solve this issue before release anyway? Its ridiculous.Noragrets0 1d
1d Void elf jump spinning animation. I'm pretty sure they had it in 7.3.5, seems to be missing nowEikko1 1d
1d Recklessness GCD Hello. Why did they add Recklessness to the GCD? It removes the fun of popping Recklessness and spamming abilities like fury is based on and slows down the spec by a lot. I think that fury's gcd was better before pre patch.Calzuino7 1d
1d Character not found Character not foundKazakidum33 1d
1d 110 Boosted character Class Halls I have just boosted a Feral druid to 110, but I have no idea how to get to my class hall. I don't have the dreamwalk spell and haven't gotten any quests that would allow me to unlock it. Please help!Fisticle0 1d
1d Mount guide?? Is there a good smount guide online for returning players? I havent played in a long time. And my area and lore knowledge isn't great Thanks in advanceMemedaddy3 1d
1d After Pre-patch, WoW is always crashing I cannot start launch WoW without it crashing. Everytime I try to do it 2 windows pop up and an error message pops up saying something like this: "The application has encountered a critical error #132". WoW is still open in the background where I hear the BfA trailer sounds but not any graphics. Then when I press "OK" in the error window everything shut down. Please helpZigmupp4 1d