1d List of Forum Communities V2 (Post yours here!) NOTE TO EVERYONE! MAKE SURE YOU SET YOUR INVITE LINK TO NEVER EXPIRE! (Also note, if you try to join a community & find that it no longer exists/functions properly, please let me know so I can update the post & save some space - Thank you). Updated thread with a much larger post limit, better organization, and hopefully more information than the previous. As always, I'm open to suggestions on how to better improve the thread, and please, continue to use this template! Community: Language: Leader: Community Link: Notes: If I've failed to bring over your community post from the old thread into this one, just let me know, and I'll update it ASAP. Index Posts 1-4: Cross Faction Blizzard Groups. Social Communities: This post. Player vs Environment Communities: Player vs Player Communities: Posts 5-12: Alliance Communities. Social Communities: Collectors: Achievement, Transmogrification & Mount Runs: Leveling/Social groups & Roleplaying groups: Player vs Environment Communities: Player vs Player Communities: Posts 13-20: Horde Communities Social Communities: Collectors: Achievement, Transmogrification & Mount Runs: Leveling/Social groups & Roleplaying groups: Player vs Environment Communities: Player vs Player Communities: >>> CROSS FACTION BLIZZARD GROUPS <<< ^_^ Social Communities Community: Bukachu's Communities Language: English Faction: Both Leader: Bukachu Blizzard Group: Community: British Warcraft Society - BWS Language: English Faction: Both Leader: Northern Blizzard Group: Notes: A place for British WoW players to socialise! Community: Looking For Ingame Friends! Language: English Faction: Both Leader: Abs0lute#21968 Blizzard Group: Community: The Hunterslodge Language: English & German Faction: Both Leader: Flëtcher Blizzard Group: Notes: A place all about Hunters! Community: Wow Coaching FTW Language: English Leader: Bahamüt Blizzard Group: Notes: We are a team of players striving to provide coaching/training to other players in BFA in both PvE and PvP scenarios. Community: ALToholics For Life Language: English Faction: Both Blizzard Group: Notes: For players who love playing by having plenty of alts. Community: Furries Language: English Leader: Bear#14686 Blizzard Group: Notes: The furry community in WoW, because it's nice to find other furries in our game :3 Community: Made in Sauna Language: Finnish Faction: Both Leader: Butcher#2225 Blizzard Group: Notes: Cross-faction, cross-realm (and why not cross-game) social chat community for all Finnish players. Community: The Anime Community Language: English Leader: Eisbear-Moonglade Blizzard Group: Notes: This community is created to have a place to discuss anime and all related stuff! Community: Nat Pagles Fishing Club Language: English Leader: Brent#21188 Blizzard Group: Notes: This is a community for those that enjoy fishing in company, need help doing fishing achievements, or just like to have a chat while casting away. Community: Warcraft Content creators Language: English Leader: Bear#14686 Blizzard Group: Notes: A community to share your favorite Warcraft content creators or streamers. Also where you can share your own Youtube channel or stream! Community: Warlock community Language: English Leader: Dark#21926 Community Link: Notes: Warlock only community, join and help each other! Community: LFG Adagio (Slower Dungeon Runs) Language: English Leader: Etheric-Shadowsong Community Link: Notes: For folks who want to take dungeons at a slower pace. Running dungeons for fun, but without racing ahead! Community: The Northern Irish Principality Language: English / Ulster Scots Leader: Kousuke Community Link: Notes: Instead of getting meshed into "Irish", theres a group for you. Basically a group for everything Community: Introvert Community (Lounge) Language: English/German (E/D) Leader: Jehadiel Community Link: Notes: We can be here for each other to group when we feel like it and chat when we feel like it. No pressure. It should give the people who expirience the same struggles, a group where they can feel safe and not be under any pressure :) Original Thread: Community: Arab Community Language: Arabic (mainly) (But can speak English of course) Leader: KGhandour Community Link: Notes: If you are an Arab or of Arabic descent and would like to hangout with similar folks come join us! Community: Czech and Slovak Community Language: Czech & Slovak ( both are similar languages ) Leader: Rinelas Community Link for Alliance: Community Link for Horde: Notes: Everyone is welcome ! Každý je vítaný ! Community: The Crypto Game Community (TCG) Language: English Leader: Hodl Community Link: Notes: For all gamers who also like Crypto, Blockchain, Bitcoin. Let's game and discuss/trade together! :)Subbie76 1d
20 Jul Welcome to the Communities section Welcome to the Communities section of the official World of Warcraft forums. Here, you can advertise and recruit members for your in-game Communities. Please note: The standard Forum Guidelines and Code of Conduct still apply here, this includes not bumping threads. Players can use the search function of the forums to search for Communities relevant to them.Aerythlea0 20 Jul
14 Feb 2014 Forum Guidelines - Please Read Welcome to the World of Warcraft discussion forums! This forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can discuss all aspects of World of Warcraft with your fellow players. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy. Therefore, we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct before posting. Search The new search function at the top of the World of Warcraft community site is extremely robust. Please be sure to use it to look for similar topics, blog posts, or web pages that may contain the answer before creating your forum topic. Making a new thread on an existing subject will likely result in your thread being deleted. If you continue to repost it you're likely to have your posting privileges suspended for spamming. Worst of all, you'll be making the other forum goers upset that you didn't take a minute to search before posting. Reporting You can quickly report a post as trolling or spam, or use the report function to fill out a more comprehensive description of the violation. You can only rate each post once. Use it wisely to help foster a positive and helpful forum community. Guidelines In addition to our general Code of Conduct, here are some common courtesy guidelines to follow to ensure these forums remain a constructive and friendly gathering place for the community. While these do technically fall within the bounds of the Code of Conduct, these cover more specific examples of common errors that will lead to thread deletions or posting privileges being revoked. The World of Warcraft forums are for discussion of topics directly related to World of Warcraft The forums here are specifically to discuss the game and related topics. Any topics not related to World of Warcraft, or Blizzard are subject to deletion. Don't post in all capital letters, use a misleading title, excessive punctuation, non-standard symbols, etc. While everyone wants their posts read, we ask you to refrain from using these types of tactics in order to bring more people to your thread. Let your post stand on its own merit. Threads violating this guideline are subject to deletion. Using the words Blizzard, Blue, or any community team members name in a thread topic to gather attention is frowned upon Everyone would like Blizzard to read and acknowledge his or her post, and we understand that. However, use of such words in the topic does not help that come to pass. Please make your thread title relevant to the post subject. Threads violating this guideline are subject to deletion. Note that threads discussing e.g. the Blizzard authenticator or Blizzard’s latest press release are allowed to have Blizzard in the title as it’s then relevant to the discussion. Posting "First" or IBTL constitutes as spamming You will be suspended if you create a post that is intended to call out that you achieved a specific reply number in a thread. This is considered spamming. Posting IBTL (in before the lock) is not helpful and if you feel a thread should be moderated please use the rating button to do so. Posting TLDR or L2P constitutes as trolling Posting TLDR (Too Long, Didn’t Read) is saying you don’t care about a player’s post. Posting L2P (Learn to Play) mocks the player for their skill or experience level rather than provide constructive input on the post itself. Both are considered trolling and will lead to a suspension.Takralus2 14 Feb 2014
10m Scared of Dungeons PL Community: Scared of Dungeons PL Language: Polski Faction: Alliance Leader: Danaien Invite Link: Notes: ... .. lub masz dobre serducho, nie straszne Ci błędy ludzkie i masz chęć pomóc takim nieborakom jak my... Pamiętasz czasy, gdy było mniej toksycznych graczy? Gdy wszyscy śmiali się z wipe na rajdzie? Gdy nie wyrzucano nikogo z grupy tylko dlatego, że jest nowy? Ja pamiętam i chce do tego wrócić! Jak na razie boję się dołączać do ludzi. Jeśli znasz to uczucie, to może chcesz dołączyć? Może jeśli będzie nas więcej by sobie pomagać nawzajem, to w końcu będziemy się cieszyć dungeonami i rajdami :-)Spirria0 10m
23m Scared of Dungeons EU EN Community: Scared of Dungeons EU EN Language: English Faction: Alliance Leader: Danaien Invite Link: Notes: ... .. or just you aren't scared of human errors and wish to help those miserables... Remember those times when wow community wasn't that toxic? When ppl laughed at wipes and were more friendly to each other? When party didn't simply kick out anyone just because a few mistakes? I remember and would like to bring that back. As of now I'm scared of joining anyone. If you think it's a familiar feeling, feel free to join. Maybe if there will be more of us to help each other, we will finally enjoy the raids and dungeons :-)Spirria0 23m
1h Horde Afternoon Raiding Mythic + Community (HARM) Community: Horde Afternoon Raiding and M+ Community (HARM) Language: English Leader: Snailvonslow Community Link: Community for those that wish to Raid/M+ in the afternoons, HORDE side! For a while I've noticed a niche that there are very few day raiding guilds, a few on the Alliance side however even less Horde side. This community is intended for those that wish to do organised content in the afternoons. Yes LFG raids work, but you don't ever get to know those that you raid with, no one is really that bothered about tactics upto a certain point. And they are toxic on the whole! Horrible! I'd like this community to be the middle ground, not a guild but a place where all have the same aims and don't expect to be dragged through content. Enjoy yourself have fun, but want to see the content, wether it be to gear up alts, or for those that have things to do in the evenings etc this might just be the place for you! The aim will be to clear HC raiding. Also if you are on Draenor feel free to join my guild, give one of us a /w online! Wed, Thurs, Mon 2pm to 4:30pm Please do join and pass on the link to your friends, welcome! PdX0npU5rSnailvonslow1 1h
2h Lincolnshire Live in Lincs? Come hang out and make new friends :)Tangris5 2h
2h Wow Singles Community: Wow singles Language: English Faction: Both Leader: Leanne Blizzard Group: Notes: Welcome to WoW Singles - where LFR means Looking For Raid & Looking For Relationships! This group is here to connect World of Warcraft players for romance and friendship. This group also coincides with wow singles on Facebook and its Discord server.Leanne16 2h
3h Ukrainian Community Community: WarCraftUa Language: Ukrainian Leader: Opir-Darkspear Community Link: Notes: Ukrainian Speaking Community based on Alliance Guild "Knaipa Variativ" @ Terokkar server EU For Ukrainians or Ukrainian speaking players ONLY!Opir6 3h
6h Community for European players, living in North America Hello folks, There is a good chance that the living conditions for some of you have changed since you started playing WoW. As for myself, I was living in EU when I created my account but moved to US later on. Sadly, Blizzard is not very helpful and does not allow cross-region transfers. For some of us who do not want to leave their characters and accounts behind, starting fresh on US servers is not an option. Solution? Communities! <EU players living in NA> is a rapidly growing community for, as the title suggests, European players living in North America. The main goal of the community is having a social environment during the dead times we play. Hence, everyone is expected to be mature and respectful to one another. Consider joining if: You are sick of having no one around to talk to when you are online, You want to do end game content with players playing in the same time zone, You are looking for friendships on a more personal level, You want to take part in IRL gatherings. We have the following groups: Horde community: Alliance community: Battle.Net group (Cross-faction, main group for all of our members): Discord channel The official website for the community is in the making. If you have any questions, you can contact me on Mertfirarda#2933Mewse7 6h
10h [A]<Fusion> An alternative window into group content. n/aKeggeh0 10h
11h Zandalari Defence League (ZDL) After a successful call to arms Vol Dun run I decided to start the Zandarlari Defence League this is for people that like to have Warmode enabled but hate getting ganked by big groups, just send a message to the community ( currently at 40 members ) and you will have back up straight away. We are also doing supply drop runs and we got a full 40 ppl the alliance slayer title yday! (had to leave the raid and all follow eachother and use the ZDL chat to talk!) 11h
12h Late night raiding for mature players 2230 - 0130 Hi guys, As an older player I don't have the time for raiding that I used to back when I was a hardcore player, however I still want to raid to a high standard and clear as much content as possible (Mythic included). I used to run a server top 10 guild and that is hard to get out of your blood! I am setting up a community for anyone who has a mature and dedicated attitude to WoW and that prefers to raid in the late evening (when the kids are asleep!) on a more casual basis but still to a good standard. All are welcome and I will put a couple of raids per week on the calendar but others are also free to add their own raids. We will start with Heroic but hopefully quickly get up to mythic raiding once we have the numbers. I also run mythic+ to a high level and so we can do that too if there is interest or I may just make a separate community for that if not. The link to the community is: pVnZ05CPnq See you in game!Zarlram0 12h
13h Fandom Geek club I'm looking for a fandom-type community that focuses on (lore-friendly) headcanons, character analysis, AUs, fanworks... this kind of stuff (if the first thing that comes to your head is "shipping", it shouldn't be considered more important than the aforementioned aspects). If there's none but someone else is looking for this type of community, I'm willing to create it (preferably on Discord... I don't know if chats are handy for posting art and music). I'm an experienced fandom geek well aware of toxicity that permeates such communities and I'm willing to keep that particular one as civil and tolerant as possible ("No ship wars, we multiship like adults!")Beetlejoyce0 13h
14h Premier League Football Fans Everyone is welcome lets talk football and have a good laugh at each other Battle tag BoL50WfEW5 Horde X2KeeRI2L5Scytheric16 14h
14h Recrutamento Horde PT Community Name: Horde PT Description: Jogadores Horde de Portal bem vindos! Faction: Horde Community Link: 14h
17h Horde Defence Force - wPvP community We are fast growing wpvp community, looking for new members all the time! We do all PvP content, open world Stormwind raids, group alliance hunts and more! You can join us by visiting following link: Or entering code BoLeZdUzEB manually. NO MATTER WHAT REALM YOU ARE FROM, YOU WILL BE ABLE TO JOIN!Shadowrush1 17h
19h Altoholics (Cross realm level buddy community) Want a levelling buddy? Going it solo boring? Like to level alts? Come join Altoholics :) Scroll down for link! Both Ally and Horde!Tangris13 19h
19h TaPandaOla Greek Horde Community Community: TaPandaOla (H) Language: Greek Leader: Mielìkki Community Link: Notes: Μιας και δεν βρήκα κάποιο Ελληνικό Horde community, είπα να φτιάξω εγώ ένα. Έλα να μαζευόμαστε σιγά - σιγά να βγάλουμε κανένα γούστο.Mielìkki1 19h
20h LFG - Dungeon Farms - COMMUNITY Easily find a group to farm dungeons with. Anything from normal to mythic+ and also raids. Rules: EU, English spoken. Invite link: 20h
21h VEGANS OF AZEROTH! UNITE! Ya'll know we heaven-sent banana-munching sex gods like to circle jerk online. Well, now we can do it on World of Warcraft too! Praise the devs! Come one, come all! Let us talk condecendingly of our barbaric omnivorous peers! Let us assert our moral and vital superiority as a unified online force! Let us rejoice in the gift of veganism, and how it has delivered us from fatness, lameness, animal abuse and disease! LONG LIVE SPACE RACE! LONG LIVE THE BUNNIES! LONG LIVE... VEGANIA!Nirthés11 21h
21h OpenRaid [H] OpenRaid [H] OpenRaid is a horde cross-realm community where groups for raids and dungeons can easily be formed. OpenRaid is for those looking to join other players who still want to progress through content but can't commit to a guild full time, or for those with real life issues or jobs with inconsistent schedules. Code of Conduct: - No Inappropriate Language - No Spamming or Trolling - Keep the chat WoW related 21h
23h programming wow addons Hi together! I don't know if this is the right community to post in, but I will try. I am a programmer and wow lover and I am looking for some kind of "coding community" to create some new wow addons or improve some the already existing ones. I don't have experience in coding wow addons, but I am looking forward for every kind of comment :)Kulnok0 23h
1d Norwegian Alliance Decided to create a community for Norwegian Alliance players in the EU. Link to Norwegian Alliance: Paste invite in under "Join or Create Community" from Guild and Communities. This is an open Community for Norwegians. Please follow these simple rules: 1. Norwegian language in chat 2. Keep it WoW related 3. Use common decencyNendra1 1d
1d LGBTQ Alliance Heroes - Biggest LGBTQ+ community Hi there Created a community for LGBTQ+ people and allies. Feel free to join. Open to everyone regardless of orientation. LGBT Sanctuary is a safe haven for everyone and anyone to express themselves and surround themselves with like people who have similar backgrounds in terms of growing up as a minority, or for anyone who would like to show their support for said community. Labels do not define us, but they are a part of us. EDIT: EVERYONE is welcome to join. Space of no judgement. EDIT 2: I have changed the name from "LGBTQ Sanctuary" to "LGBTQ Alliance". Clearly the word "Sanctuary" offends some people, must mean something different to me then. UPDATE: We are currently EU's biggest LGBTQ+ alliance community. We have 20 members online at any normal time.Xiaojiao119 1d
1d <DDOGS> <Horde> For all things warmode in BFA We're a bunch of world PvP enthusiasts since 2008 looking to revitalize the community after years of it being stagnant. If you're looking for anything warmode related, this includes mass brawls and alliance farming, come to us. Most of us have been doing world PvP for +7 years. Any and all are welcome and expect daily warmode action. To join, simply click this link below. If you're interesting in joining us please leave a comment or like. BlessGøthëx21 1d
1d <Ante Meridian>[H] Community For Morning People Hello everybody, I see there are a few people like me whose schedules don't allow them to play during the afternoon so I thought you'd be interested in joining me in a community for all such players. Hopefully it will help us find friends on the same schedule and even guilds. Here is the invite link, hope to see you soon 1d
1d Treasured Past Guild Recently formed guild on the realm Kazzak looking for some players that are chill just to hang out and relax with. We are a casual guild but open to raiding/lvling and PvPing. We have 10 active members already that are friendly and looking for me so if your lonely ;( hit me up. Please be mature! Battle Net - Beard#2561Vishku0 1d
2d Support treats customers as crap! I am 100% certain I UNSUBSCRIBED from the game, as I usually do cause I'm a poor student and don't have time or money to play the game each month. The subscription KEPT going (As did my brothers, who also unsubscribed) which I noticed when I wanted to play the game again for BFA. I contacted support where I talked to a lovely person, which DECIDED FOR ME to grant me play time as compensation. Which I did not want and just made me confused. I got the playtime, and logged in and noticed that all my AH stuff was gone, with wares over 1 million gold Auction House price (!@#$ tons of pets). Usually when I unsubscribe the 30 day mail lasts, don't start until I log onto that character again. I recall mail can be restored for about 2 months afterwards (Some PLAYER can correct me on that if I'm wrong) but blizzard tells me it's impossible. When I contact blizzard's support about this they tell me this; "First of all, I have checked our records, and you did not cancel your subscription before you stopped playing. I understand that this is an easy mistake to make, but without a cancellation request, the recurring subscription will be renewed at the end of each month as agreed. As my colleague mentioned, we have already returned the game time that you did not use back to this World of Warcraft account, so that you wouldn't lose out on any time you paid for." Now this pisses me of a %^-*ton. First they blame me for their cancellation problems, then they keep on about the game time being refreshed as "compensation". Thing is. I want to have control over my own money and CHOOSE to play when I want or when I don't. Now I'm sitting upon 2-3 months of game time I DIDN'T WANT and CERTAINLY COULDN'T AFFORD NOR DO I HAVE THE TIME TO PLAY FOR THAT TIME. Not only that, I lost almost all my gold because GM's are to lazy to get me my wares or gold compensation or because their system is !@#$ and outdated. SO. Instead of apologizing for their mistakes and that their systems can have problems some times, they %^-*ing blame me and tells me "We understand it's frustrating". Well no !@#$ it's frustrating when the Blizzard support isn't helping me out to solve these issues and taking responsibility for their mistakes, but instead shows me a message that the problem is "Resolved". %^-*ing hell it's not resolved. I'm angry and unhappy as !@#$ that my favorite developer stole money from me, won't help me out, blames me for their mistakes and closes my issue. Does anyone else have had any problems like this before? Subscription won't cancel etc? Sincerely, ANGRY Player, ImNqt.Imnqt2 2d
2d [RP] House Briarcliff AA: Yet to be created Contacts: Kalious, Khastar, Ówyn Discord: Briarspliff#9712 Keywords: Fenris Isle, Silverpine Forest, Lordaeron, Arathi, Highlands, Kul Tiras ... ... Introduction A once dormant guild now reformed and inspired with the release of Battle for Azeroth! We seek to recruit a vast selection of individuals ranging from Soldiers, Knights, Merchants, Spymasters, Squires and many more upon the front lines or keep the peace as part of the townsfolk. Stationed at Fenris Isle, our travels will be taking us mostly to Lordaeron and Arathir Highlands with the coming Warfronts while taking an interest in the new land of Kul Tiras. We also wish to establish a foothold within Boralus when we gain a few more members for a continuous flow of dedicated and casual roleplay. Roleplay We want to explore both the regions of the world with the company we accumulate as well as the stoic laws and regulations of a household guild providing individuals with character development, immersive and interactive stories/events while keeping a standard that is approachable for both new and old players within the World of Warcraft Roleplay Community. Recruitment Those interested can either chose to write their characters in to the story as a previous devotee to House Briarcliff before the initial invasion during the Third-War serving under Lord Cedric Briarcliff, within reason of course. You can also join as an aspiring protector of the North and find your inner Northern Patriotism as a new member of House Briarcliff for potential character development! All those that wish for a Knighthood can squire under a respected Knight, learning the ropes and forming kinship along the way. If you are a Knight and anything else, we WILL respect your character's backstory and find a suitable position within the guild that'd represent the character's previous history and experiences. If you wish for further information, gimme a shout on Discord or chat to me in-game via the whisper channel!Kalious0 2d
2d Alliance Defence Force - Alliance WPvP Community Community: Alliance Defence Force Language: English Leader: Vaeyn-DefiasBrotherhood Community Link: Notes: Horde hunting World WPvP community.Vaeyn13 2d
2d [TLH] EU Alliance Community (Casual/Groupfind/Warmode) The Last Hearth [TLH] is a brand new English speaking, Alliance EU based community for casual/solo players who want to get the most out of BFA and Warmode. We aim to build a friendly community of players whom are willing to get together and find groups for any sort of content without having to rely on real life friends or your primary guilds. Our primary goal is to act as a Community of players whom all want to engage in a variety of content that they otherwise wouldn't be able to access, in a casual and relaxed way, So that we can all enjoy BFA to the max without having to pay for boosts, be part of top tier raiding guilds, or be part of a long term PvP group Currently we are just an In-game community, but a Discord server will be set up as we start to grow. If you would like an invite, or wish to contact me, you can find all you need below. Battlenet MarikOfAces#2891 Community Inviteík0 2d
2d 10-120 Hello, everyone just created a new community for players who's leveling up from the bottom, the community has different sections starting from level 10 up to level 40 when you reach level 40 you must change the channel with level 40 up to level 80 and on and on up to your max level. This community is about finding players to play with, queue dungeons and leveling up together I would like to make this community the biggest, because I know a lot of people here are in guild, but some or most of you don't even play with the guild until you reach your max level so here's the link if someone would like to join in: 2d
2d Ace - Group for Asexual Gamers This is supposed to be a group for asexual people, that want to play the game in peace. A place where the question for a macro doesn't end in an e-peen-battle between the guys, competing over “who has the mouse with the most buttons”. A place where the mood doesn't change because a girl entered. Unless her name is something like “babyqt” or “pinkprincess”; and then the mood would shift more towards annoyance. A place where virtual breasts in the chat don't deliver gold or bags but pity. A place where guys, that have to mention their gold balance three times a day, don't get online cred but a ban. A place where you don't have to be afraid to get hit on, where some friendly banter doesn't end in something sexual. Every Vulcan is welcome, also every non-asexual that wants to have a breather. Respect and camaraderie is the core; I would like everything to be voted for, in the case you want to add or remove something. So, be a part and make a difference! 2d
3d Alliance Mythic Plus Community Community: Alliance Mythic Plus Community Language: All Community Link: Quick Link: 2poME4H3no An Alliance Community to help you find a group for mythic plus dungeons in game. Specific channels for lower and higher keys to make it easier to direct your search. Polite Community, join, find a group and have fun! Please share with whom you wish. Thanks!Quink13 3d
3d Any NYC based Wowers attending Blizzcon 2018? Hey warcraft fans! all my new york warcraft buddies have moved on *whelp!* looking to connect with fans based out in NYC .Blonderunner0 3d
3d noob friendly guild for BfA just started playing a week ago and i'm hooked! so i was curious if anyone would mind letting me join a guild in Quel 'Thalas and can show me the ropes of how things work!Grognerk0 3d
3d searching for guild hey, im playing as druid nelf in silvermoon and im looking for a guild that will do raids, dung mythic+ and pvp.Sleeprest0 3d
3d Casual M+ Community - Alliance Hey everyone! Let us establish a community for the casual but dedicated M+ player! Schedule and organize M+ runs, setting notes for your roles and finding a dedicated group in no time! Rules: No hate speech. Blizzards code of conduct. No trolling. Feel free to join us!Krakon4 3d
4d Guild on The Maelstom,LF members! We have a community:) Hello :) My btag is: Sweetblonde#2140, feel free to add if you want to join our guild: Eternally Condemned! :D (EU! The-Maelstrom, Deathwing, Karazhan and Lightning's Blade) A little about us: Me and my husband started this social guild the 21 of April 2014. We wanted to be sure we were surrounded by good people, so we interviewed every single member:P We just got back from a break from wow, and are looking for kind players who want a chill/casual-social guild to join. We do not interview ppl any more, as it took too much of of actual gameplay time, so we are basically auto inviting ppl who show interest :P We have discord, facebook, and a chat community currently with 80 active players(hopefylly increasing), whom we hope can be a platform to always find someone to play with even tho there are many guilds involved :) Our activity within the guild varies depending on date and time, but we have someone at almost all hours :) Another thing is we do not kick if you are having a wow break, maybe after 1 year, if we need space for new ppl :P Our goal is to have a toxic free environment! Hope that this advert will help us become a great place for new and old players! -Best Regards from Sweetblond :*Sweetblond0 4d
4d Communities For Pet battles Is anyone making Communities for people who luv doing pet battles All can be in one chat and help each other out in gameBampikachi7 4d
4d Chinese society in EU server, 中国 Chinese society in EU server! This is newly created but I will wait for you!Kaynblade0 4d
4d Czech and Slovak Community Hello or Vitajte ! Pre všetkých Čechov a Slovákov ktorý by sa radi pridali do komunity ! Pre viac info /w Fafnek#2832 Link - Alliance Link - Horde 4d
4d Battle for my spaghet Just trying to make a fun and active community, join if you care. p.s i would kill for shredded cheese 4d
4d Introvert Community - EU,Introvert Community - EU Hello there, (UPDATED) New link for english only, as I had struggles having two languages in one Community. So I read this thread on the US-Forum and decided to make the same type of group available for the EU-Servers. LINK (lounge for crossfaction): Since my intention for this community is the same as Noralyn’s, I will quote the following: “It might sound redundant, but sometimes it's nice to be around people who feel the same. A place where it's okay to not talk all the time, but know that you have friends around who won't leave because you fail to engage. With anxiety, it can be a major challenge to even queue for a five man, and with island expeditions coming it will be nice to have a small community of people who can trust each other to not cause a whole lot of social stress. We can be here for each other to group when we feel like it and chat when we feel like it. No pressure. I am available to chat anytime myself; however I did not make this group with the intention of forcing people to talk, nor do I expect a lot of chatting. I am shy myself and hope to develop a community of similar people.” – Noralyn Channels available for different languages: English Noralyn came up with the idea, reading this thread on the US-Forum:,Hello there, (UPDATED) New link for english only, as I had struggles having two languages in one Community. So I read this thread on the US-Forum and decided to make the same type of group available for the EU-Servers. LINK (lounge for crossfaction): Since my intention for this community is the same as Noralyn’s, I will quote the following: “It might sound redundant, but sometimes it's nice to be around people who feel the same. A place where it's okay to not talk all the time, but know that you have friends around who won't leave because you fail to engage. With anxiety, it can be a major challenge to even queue for a five man, and with island expeditions coming it will be nice to have a small community of people who can trust each other to not cause a whole lot of social stress. We can be here for each other to group when we feel like it and chat when we feel like it. No pressure. I am available to chat anytime myself; however I did not make this group with the intention of forcing people to talk, nor do I expect a lot of chatting. I am shy myself and hope to develop a community of similar people.” – Noralyn Channels available for different languages: English Noralyn came up with the idea, reading this thread on the US-Forum: 4d
4d WOW EU LGBT+ Community Look at you! Are you looking for this LGBT+ community in game? totally into spilling tea and throwing gossip while fighting for the horde? Always unsure about your transmog and totally into drinking arcwine? The new LGBT+ group ''Spilling Arcwine.'' is a new ingame community who's giving you the horde life realness with a little bit of glamour and shade. If youre interrested to join, you can follow the link beneath! Link: (Make sure to show respect to other players inside the community, you can talk about anything you want as long as youre doing it with respect. accept everyone and be open minded. Bring some fun and entertainment to the community.)Souniro1 4d
4d Easier ways to search for communities Heya all, I’ve been searching for some nice communities to join. While I’ve found some, I however had to type a complicated link in the community screen in-game in order to find and join them. It seems like this could be designed more simply - in the lines of the group finder that already exists. Something where you have categories and a function that allows searching based on a name. Am I missing something here or is there really room for this small improvement?Caizar0 4d
4d OpenRaid [A] Hello everyone! We want to establish a cross-realm gaming community where we can easily join our fellow gamers in World of Warcraft to do raids, dungeons and achievements! We are already over 850 members strong. Rules: No hate speeches. No inappropriate topcis and language, as not all of us might be 18+. Feel free to join us! Regards, ValValasca9 4d
5d Feral Power - Community for Feral Druid WPvP Community: Feral Power Language: English Faction: Alliance Leader: Vaeyn-DefiasBrotherhood Community Link: Notes: Horde hunting Feral Druid World PvP community. Ach... I had the wrong link, was going to my other community... now it goes to correct community.Vaeyn5 5d
5d We Casual Few (Horde) This community is for those who like to do some casual raiding here and there, some Mythic+ dungeons and maybe some mount farming in lower level raids. Let's take it easy and just enjoy ourselves. ^^ (P.S. We also PvP a little for those who are interested in that)êm1 5d