15 Nov 2018 [H] Mythics - Calm Keystones Now full feel free to join our alt community q3GLJvi7Kd Almost 1k members! I thought maybe 50 would join, but it has been huge. I miss the good old community in wow, the days when you had to actually talk to each other to make groups.. people needed one another. I'm seeing a trend of people being declined for mythic+ or they list their own key and people won't join :( I want to get a little project running where I help people gear up and get to experience mythics and mythic+. All I need is a willingness to listen and come on the ingame voice chat. Once your confidence has grown, you may feel like you have outgrown what I offer and that is fine with me. Maybe some others here would like to also join me in reaching out to people who never get a look in? Anyway I don't mind if you have never done a single mythic, or how long you haven't played the game. Looking forward to meeting some new friendly, patient people! Anna :) Edit: Feel free to join a new community - Calm Keystones (Horde) we are cross realm :) ******************************************************************** If you are looking for an Alliance version then see this thread, another guy has taken it on: Really happy with how this turned out, I have met amazing people and watched them go from nervous and never doing keys to growing in confidence and taking on higher keys. Made some awesome friends too <3 Due to lack of space we are only open to characters that are 120 levelWarmother250 15 Nov 2018
11 Nov 2018 List of Forum Communities V2 (Post yours here!) NOTE TO EVERYONE! MAKE SURE YOU SET YOUR INVITE LINK TO NEVER EXPIRE! (Also note, if you try to join a community & find that it no longer exists/functions properly, please let me know so I can update the post & save some space - Thank you). Updated thread with a much larger post limit, better organization, and hopefully more information than the previous. As always, I'm open to suggestions on how to better improve the thread, and please, continue to use this template! Community: Language: Leader: Community Link: Notes: If I've failed to bring over your community post from the old thread into this one, just let me know, and I'll update it ASAP. Index Posts 1-4: Cross Faction Blizzard Groups. Social Communities: This post. Player vs Environment Communities: Player vs Player Communities: Posts 5-12: Alliance Communities. Social Communities: Collectors: Achievement, Transmogrification & Mount Runs: Leveling/Social groups & Roleplaying groups: Player vs Environment Communities: Player vs Player Communities: Posts 13-20: Horde Communities Social Communities: Collectors: Achievement, Transmogrification & Mount Runs: Leveling/Social groups & Roleplaying groups: Player vs Environment Communities: Player vs Player Communities: >>> CROSS FACTION BLIZZARD GROUPS <<< ^_^ Social Communities Community: Bukachu's Communities Language: English Faction: Both Leader: Bukachu Blizzard Group: Community: British Warcraft Society - BWS Language: English Faction: Both Leader: Northern Blizzard Group: Notes: A place for British WoW players to socialise! Community: Looking For Ingame Friends! Language: English Faction: Both Leader: Abs0lute#21968 Blizzard Group: Community: The Hunterslodge Language: English & German Faction: Both Leader: Flëtcher Blizzard Group: Notes: A place all about Hunters! Community: Wow Coaching FTW Language: English Leader: Bahamüt Blizzard Group: Notes: We are a team of players striving to provide coaching/training to other players in BFA in both PvE and PvP scenarios. Community: ALToholics For Life Language: English Faction: Both Blizzard Group: Notes: For players who love playing by having plenty of alts. Community: Furries Language: English Leader: Bear#14686 Blizzard Group: Notes: The furry community in WoW, because it's nice to find other furries in our game :3 Community: Made in Sauna Language: Finnish Faction: Both Leader: Butcher#2225 Blizzard Group: Notes: Cross-faction, cross-realm (and why not cross-game) social chat community for all Finnish players. Community: The Anime Community Language: English Leader: Eisbear-Moonglade Blizzard Group: Notes: This community is created to have a place to discuss anime and all related stuff! Community: Nat Pagles Fishing Club Language: English Leader: Brent#21188 Blizzard Group: Notes: This is a community for those that enjoy fishing in company, need help doing fishing achievements, or just like to have a chat while casting away. Community: Warcraft Content creators Language: English Leader: Bear#14686 Blizzard Group: Notes: A community to share your favorite Warcraft content creators or streamers. Also where you can share your own Youtube channel or stream! Community: Warlock community Language: English Leader: Dark#21926 Community Link: Notes: Warlock only community, join and help each other! Community: LFG Adagio (Slower Dungeon Runs) Language: English Leader: Etheric-Shadowsong Community Link: Notes: For folks who want to take dungeons at a slower pace. Running dungeons for fun, but without racing ahead! Community: The Northern Irish Principality Language: English / Ulster Scots Leader: Kousuke Community Link: Notes: Instead of getting meshed into "Irish", theres a group for you. Basically a group for everything Community: Introvert Community (Lounge) Language: English/German (E/D) Leader: Jehadiel Community Link: Notes: We can be here for each other to group when we feel like it and chat when we feel like it. No pressure. It should give the people who expirience the same struggles, a group where they can feel safe and not be under any pressure :) Original Thread: Community: Arab Community Language: Arabic (mainly) (But can speak English of course) Leader: KGhandour Community Link: Notes: If you are an Arab or of Arabic descent and would like to hangout with similar folks come join us! Community: Czech and Slovak Community Language: Czech & Slovak ( both are similar languages ) Leader: Rinelas Community Link for Alliance: Community Link for Horde: Notes: Everyone is welcome ! Každý je vítaný ! Community: The Crypto Game Community (TCG) Language: English Leader: Hodl Community Link: Notes: For all gamers who also like Crypto, Blockchain, Bitcoin. Let's game and discuss/trade together! :) Community: Church of Wittertainment, Azeroth branch Language: English Leader: Jzuz Community Link: Notes: movie buffs & fans of Wittertainment (bbc radio "flagship" film programme) Community: EU Deaf Community Language: All including sign language Community Link: Notes: We welcome all players who are deaf, Deaf, Deafened, Hard of Hearing, CI user, Hearing aids user, mute, oral, sign language user etc.Subbie100 11 Nov 2018
30 Oct 2018 [A] Mythics - Calm Keystones Hello community. I heed the call! (please refer to therefor, from this moment on, the alliance too, shall have a community where people gather up, to do mythic and mythic plus dungeons. Not gonna lie, I dont have problems finding groups and all of that, but I know a lot of people and a lot of friends who do, therefor, I do think, they deserve a chance to experience game at its higher ends, and this is a perfect chance for all the nublets to gather together and step into mythic dungeons! Of course, we'll have a lot of great mentor(s) to help us out become a lil bit better. Im pretty bad at this but think you got a point! and since its an alliance community, its name shall be Calmer Keystones, because we're little calm lions :) Here's an invite link to the community: p.s we have cookiesBukachu46 30 Oct 2018
20 Jul 2018 Welcome to the Communities section Welcome to the Communities section of the official World of Warcraft forums. Here, you can advertise and recruit members for your in-game Communities. Please note: The standard Forum Guidelines and Code of Conduct still apply here, this includes not bumping threads. Players can use the search function of the forums to search for Communities relevant to them.Aerythlea0 20 Jul 2018
14 Feb 2014 Forum Guidelines - Please Read Welcome to the World of Warcraft discussion forums! This forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can discuss all aspects of World of Warcraft with your fellow players. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy. Therefore, we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct before posting. Search The new search function at the top of the World of Warcraft community site is extremely robust. Please be sure to use it to look for similar topics, blog posts, or web pages that may contain the answer before creating your forum topic. Making a new thread on an existing subject will likely result in your thread being deleted. If you continue to repost it you're likely to have your posting privileges suspended for spamming. Worst of all, you'll be making the other forum goers upset that you didn't take a minute to search before posting. Reporting You can quickly report a post as trolling or spam, or use the report function to fill out a more comprehensive description of the violation. You can only rate each post once. Use it wisely to help foster a positive and helpful forum community. Guidelines In addition to our general Code of Conduct, here are some common courtesy guidelines to follow to ensure these forums remain a constructive and friendly gathering place for the community. While these do technically fall within the bounds of the Code of Conduct, these cover more specific examples of common errors that will lead to thread deletions or posting privileges being revoked. The World of Warcraft forums are for discussion of topics directly related to World of Warcraft The forums here are specifically to discuss the game and related topics. Any topics not related to World of Warcraft, or Blizzard are subject to deletion. Don't post in all capital letters, use a misleading title, excessive punctuation, non-standard symbols, etc. While everyone wants their posts read, we ask you to refrain from using these types of tactics in order to bring more people to your thread. Let your post stand on its own merit. Threads violating this guideline are subject to deletion. Using the words Blizzard, Blue, or any community team members name in a thread topic to gather attention is frowned upon Everyone would like Blizzard to read and acknowledge his or her post, and we understand that. However, use of such words in the topic does not help that come to pass. Please make your thread title relevant to the post subject. Threads violating this guideline are subject to deletion. Note that threads discussing e.g. the Blizzard authenticator or Blizzard’s latest press release are allowed to have Blizzard in the title as it’s then relevant to the discussion. Posting "First" or IBTL constitutes as spamming You will be suspended if you create a post that is intended to call out that you achieved a specific reply number in a thread. This is considered spamming. Posting IBTL (in before the lock) is not helpful and if you feel a thread should be moderated please use the rating button to do so. Posting TLDR or L2P constitutes as trolling Posting TLDR (Too Long, Didn’t Read) is saying you don’t care about a player’s post. Posting L2P (Learn to Play) mocks the player for their skill or experience level rather than provide constructive input on the post itself. Both are considered trolling and will lead to a suspension.Takralus2 14 Feb 2014
15 Nov 2018 Premier League Football (all football fans welcome) Everyone is welcome lets talk football and have a good laugh at each other Battle tag Community BoL50WfEW5 looking for mods to help build the group as well, get in touch if you are interested!Pepsímax0 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 [H] EU Progressive keystones - Mythic+ pushing Hello. Looking to build a community interested in pushing keystones pasts 10s and pushing raider io score. Using coms and addons to our advantage. I am sure many people have invited that 370 geared player who has no idea how to interrupt or even bother making a macro for targetting Explosive orbs/ghuuns. Yes said player maybe new but said player can also pay for a weekly boost in a +10 gaining a rio rating and end up leaving the key resetting it back by 1 and causing a bad time. Well lets try and build a community that is focused on pushing keystones, playing smart and progressive and helping each other get better and smarter vs keystones, The type of community who can join into coms and call out interrupts (''I got first'' ''cool I will grab 2nd'' etc) and stuns. If the community does grow we can try community raid events and pvp to. Rules - 600+(not really that high) Raider io rating to join. Once a keystone has been started you must finish that keystone regardless of in or out of time - We all have bad runs and there is nothing worse then someone leaving. No rage, no elitists,no bullying (ie name calling, finger pointing etc) Player reporting via screen shot posted to discord reporting section. Be willing to join coms even to just to listen in discord. Join For now an open link can be found below to join and players raiderio score will be checked. Thanks to anyone who read the post and good luck in pushing your keystones!.Drakonus0 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 LGBTQ Alliance Heroes - Biggest LGBTQ+ community Hi there Created a community for LGBTQ+ people and allies. Feel free to join. Open to everyone regardless of orientation. LGBT Sanctuary is a safe haven for everyone and anyone to express themselves and surround themselves with like people who have similar backgrounds in terms of growing up as a minority, or for anyone who would like to show their support for said community. Labels do not define us, but they are a part of us. EDIT: EVERYONE is welcome to join. Space of no judgement. EDIT 2: I have changed the name from "LGBTQ Sanctuary" to "LGBTQ Alliance". Clearly the word "Sanctuary" offends some people, must mean something different to me then. UPDATE: We are currently EU's biggest LGBTQ+ alliance community. We have 20 members online at any normal time.Xiaojiao123 15 Nov 2018
14 Nov 2018 British Warcraft Society Community: British Warcraft Society - BWS Language: English Faction: Horde/Alliance Leader: Northern A place for British WoW players to socialise and discuss Community Link:íon40 14 Nov 2018
14 Nov 2018 [Alliance] PVP Community for bg premades. I greet you all, my friends! We are all here because we like to play as a team. If you are tired of permanent defeats on the bgs you're all welcome to join us. For more productive gameplay, we need more pro players. Also, if you have always wanted to play with Russian players, it will be interesting for you. Community: Horde Slayer Premade Language: English Faction: Alliance Leader: Локтан-Гордунни Community Link: Notes: Our PVP community is open to all who likes bgs in a party, and only rarely rating bgs. Community now has more than 400 participants.Локтан2 14 Nov 2018
14 Nov 2018 Community for European players, living in North America Hello folks, There is a good chance that the living conditions for some of you have changed since you started playing WoW. As for myself, I was living in EU when I created my account but moved to US later on. Sadly, Blizzard is not very helpful and does not allow cross-region transfers. For some of us who do not want to leave their characters and accounts behind, starting fresh on US servers is not an option. Solution? Communities! <EU players living in NA> is a rapidly growing community for, as the title suggests, European players living in North America. The main goal of the community is having a social environment during the dead times we play. Hence, everyone is expected to be mature and respectful to one another. Consider joining if: You are sick of having no one around to talk to when you are online, You want to do end game content with players playing in the same time zone, You are looking for friendships on a more personal level, You want to take part in IRL gatherings. We have the following groups: (Edit: Added Shinadie's community links as well. See post below.) Battle.Net group (Cross-faction, main group for all of our members): Horde communities: Alliance community: Discord channel The official website for the community is in the making. If you have any questions, you can contact me on Mertfirarda#2933Mewse21 14 Nov 2018
14 Nov 2018 Community Events Auto-granting Assist? I set up a Community for our raid team as we had a few non-guildies on other servers. We have our raids as Community Calendar Events and I've just given myself and one other person Mod status. However, when I invite the people who signed up, it automatically grants Assist to any Guild Officers, which I don't want. I don't understand why it would default to giving assist to a bunch of people simply because they're officers... Is there any way to prevent this? Also, why can't I invite specific people to raid community events rather than just leaving it open? Some raiders (despite reminders) forget to sign-up because they don't see the "?" on their calendar like they would if they were specifically invited. TIA.Sarene0 14 Nov 2018
13 Nov 2018 (H) Random BG Community Been looking for a community for casuals/socials, that enjoy playing random bg's for fun and laughs. I wasn't able to locate any dedicated to this, so decided to create my own. If your not driven to hit ranks, but to just enjoy PVP for the social aspect then this is the community for you. My main aim is to get a group of friendly people to play random bg's together on a regular basis. If interested you can join the community via the link below and Discord will be used. For the Horde!Jonzico1 13 Nov 2018
13 Nov 2018 Ukrainian Community Community: WarCraftUa Language: Ukrainian Leader: Opir-Darkspear Community Link: Notes: Ukrainian Speaking Community based on Alliance Guild "Knaipa Variativ" @ Terokkar server EU For Ukrainians or Ukrainian speaking players ONLY!Opir14 13 Nov 2018
13 Nov 2018 H - Iron Madness - Pozzo dell'Eternità FOR THE HORDE!!! La Gilda < Iron Madness > Social/PVE apre i reclutamenti al fine di ampliare il roster raid. Attualmente in cerca di due healer (di cui uno preferibilmente Prete Discipline), ranged dps, ed un tank (non necessariamente main ma con eccellente conoscenza della spec nella propria classe), cercasi player pronti ad entrare sin da subito in raid dopo una breve valutazione introduttiva. Tutte le classi saranno comunque valutate, attualmente la Gilda ha all'attivo 8/8 Normal, 5/8 HC, rimasti un pò indietro a seguito dei numerosi lasciti alla fine di Legion. Raid info: Lunedì (Farm Normal), Mercoledì e Giovedì (Progress HC) [21.00-23.30] con Canale Discord dedicato. Si sottolinea la natura Social della Gilda pur mantenendo una particolare attenzione e disciplina durante le serate di Raid. Per info.... Contattare qui o in Game: (Reclutatore) Jsamael (JPope#2848). Solo in Game: (Officer) Konufis, Cantide, (GM) Ildentino Pozzo dell'Eternità - Well of Eternity The Guild <Iron Madness> Social / PVE opens recruitments in order to expand the raid roster. Currently looking for two healers (one of which preferably Priest Discipline), ranged dps, and one tank (not necessarily main but with excellent knowledge of the spec in their class), looking for players ready to enter immediately in raid after a brief introductory evaluation. All classes will still be evaluated, currently the Guild has assets 8/8 Normal, 5/8 HC, remained a little behind following the many legacies at the end of Legion. Raid info: Monday (Farm Normal), Wednesday and Thursday (Progress HC) [21.00-23.30] with dedicated Discord Channel. The Social nature of the Guild is emphasized while maintaining special attention and discipline during the evenings of Raid. For info Contact here or in Game: (Recruiter) Jsamael (JPope#2848). In game only: (Officer) Konufis, Cantide, (GM) Ildentino Pozzo dell'Eternità - Well of EternityJsamael3 13 Nov 2018
13 Nov 2018 Guilds and Communities down This has been down for some time, I assumed it would come back up once the log-in server issues were resolved but this is not the case. Its proving difficult especially as raids are tonight and there is nothing I can find about this issue. Any blues can maybe give an update on this? Many thanksXanestra1 13 Nov 2018
13 Nov 2018 Instance grind 110 - 120 Hey guys sorry if this has been posted before. Looking for people who are 110 looking to go to 120 as part of a group. I don’t mind running instances or questing. But I will tank or heal. I am an old player who is just returning to world of Warcraft and i play mostly in the evenings. I have alliance and horde characters but I haven’t got a preference on what I want to play. if you fancy it then great let’s try and get it start. Thanks for the listen.Arclite2 13 Nov 2018
13 Nov 2018 Community for EU players living in NZ/AUS? Just wondering if there is a community for EU players who live in the New Zealand/Australia region? I am originally from the UK and moved to this side of the world in 2016. Since then my time in the game has been a rather lonely single player experience. As Blizzard don't offer region transfers for accounts I don't really feel like starting all over again on a fresh account. If there is anyone else in a similar situation I would love to either join or start a community so that I can actually play some of the group content and experience the "MMO" part of the game :) Hopefully I am not the only one!Mortemson2 13 Nov 2018
13 Nov 2018 Mythic+ Community I am the leader of "Calm Keystones" a cross server Horde keystone group. We are nearing the 1000 member limit, and was wondering if that limit can be extended at all? Would feel bad to turn others away that could also be having so much fun like us :)Warmother9 13 Nov 2018
12 Nov 2018 [H] Stable high M+ team RECRUITING Hello mates, I feel like its hard and specialy time consuming to push high keys like 15,16,17 and more on pug so I decided to form stable m+ team. I am looking for to make stable team of 5 ppl so no one is left out and we all know what to do in any given moment and most important we can share a keys. It is super important for me that we get along well and its plesant enviroment for push so naturally i want to have ppl who have no problem to speak English during runs. I feel like you should know something about me so. I am 26y old and i am from Czech republic currently i am 384ilvl and 1450rio also i am rank 59lock on mythic taloc DPS so you dont feel like a am looking for ppl to carry me :D I am looking for: DK/DH - Tank Disco priest/Monk - Heal DH/Mage/Rogue - DPS If you re another class but feel like you are exceptional player feel free to sign as well :) As for requirements - I dont feel like you need to have super high rio coz from my experience its not a sigh of good played but it will definitely help - I would like you to have gear around 380 coz its hard to push when you low on gear - I need you to be communicative - And most important i want you to share my goal to push high keys in friendly enviroment Ok guys thats all from me if you share my passion about this feel free to hit me up on discord coz i would like to know you better before we start: Urshak#3271 Anyway thank you for reading and applying and have a great day. MartinUrshak3 12 Nov 2018
12 Nov 2018 Former ranked 4th blood dk LF M+ players/grp Hi! Im a very experienced blood dk that was ranked 4th on tarren mill (got screenshot to prove this), in Legion. Atm im almost 1.1k Score but dont let my score fool you! Im looking for a M+ grp to push keys and that wants to challenge themselves. What i can offer: - A very experienced and fast learned tank, that always calculates every aspect of tanking to ensure my dps and healers have a smooth and as easy run as i can provide for them - One that studies the top blood dks, every trash/boss mechanic and always eager to improve - Dont mind depleting keys if we learn something by it so we can do better in the future. - A very relaxed and chill guy that always wants to push higher keys and challenge myself but always with a good attitude and with relaxed atmosphere. Keep in mind most of us plays this game to have fun and not make it a second job, What i DONT want is: - Toxic players with elitist or bad atitude - players that cant take a wipe or a depleted key and sees it as a failure rather than a learning curve (lets be honest, no one knows everything but together we can always learn and improve - ppl that cant take a joke and gets easily offended. - Players that dont understand the concept of that M+ is based on teamwork and dont want to pull their own weight. Battletag: Balt#2679 If this sounds interesting add my Btag. My aim is to make or join a group with the same players every time so we can push forward and learn from each otherPravuss0 12 Nov 2018
12 Nov 2018 PVP community Alliance I'm looking for a solid pvp community for Alliance players. Can't seem to find a decent one (yet). Anyone know/has one?Flaerr0 12 Nov 2018
12 Nov 2018 [H] Arena/RBGs - 600+ members Greetings, Join the largest community for people interested in Arenas and RBGs! A way to more easily find partners to play with across different realms. We are rapidly growing with over 600+ active members, ranging from novices to gladiators. Come join us, state your Arena and/or RBG experience in your community note and get ready to find new partners for ranked gameplay! Invitation Code: b9DjAkcn99 Link: 12 Nov 2018
12 Nov 2018 [A] <Dogs of War> (6/8H) Is Recruiting! <Dogs of War> is one of the longest standing Alliance guilds on the Alonsus/KulTiras/Anachronos server group. We always have been and still are a friendly social guild, but we're also progressing through hc Uldir with a core guiuld group and are looking to expand our roster in order to progress for ahead of the curve and possibly dipping our toes into mythic. We are always looking to welcome more players to our guild, whether you're looking for people to talk to or you just want to quietly enjoy a guild's company whilst levelling. Who are we looking for? Anyone and everyone! First and foremost we are a social guild, however, we are now looking to expand ourselves into a casual progression guild. We pride ourselves on being inclusive and welcoming, not being elitist or hostile. Currently Dogs are recruiting raiders for hc Uldir progression (6/8), going forward to M in the future. All roles are welcome, healers especially. What can we offer you? A friendly environment, and a chance to make friends. The opportunity to join our first ever progression team(s)! Being part of one of the oldest guilds going. A relaxed raiding atmosphere, focused on fun and not worrying about wiping and dramas. If this interests you please message me in private or comment on the post to let me know if you want to know more! feel free to add me on battlenet bizender#2103 if you would like anymore information.Bizendra1 12 Nov 2018
11 Nov 2018 Dark Entity Recruitment. <Dark Entity > are recruiting members. We are a guild looking for players to join our community! We will be Raiding and Socials are always welcome. Raiding will be on Thurs/Sun 8-11PM ST. If you are interested feel free to /whisper me. We are on silvermoon. Server Link - Battlenet - MiniNinja10#2214Demonicartem1 11 Nov 2018
11 Nov 2018 Disc Looking for M+ Group Hey Guys, I looking for a serious m+ group for pushing Rio Score, im currently a few points away from 1,3k and slowly it comes to a point where a solid group of premades would be much easier to push keys with, my aim is to continuously improve score and skill wise. if u are interested feel free to add me :) Nexramas#2930Xerdas0 11 Nov 2018
11 Nov 2018 Twink Community Horde Recently started out an Twink community for all kind of twinks out there , Will be doing Bgs/ wPvP and dungeons Sharing Tips about gear , stats and builds Heres the Link to the Community 11 Nov 2018
11 Nov 2018 1762 rogue LF high keys! Hello , I'm an active player and I'm looking for a group for push high keys! my current score is 1762 and 4/8M. If someone needs a rogue , please feel free to add me . (Siki#21163)Chegz0 11 Nov 2018
11 Nov 2018 <Angry Infidels> Late Night Raiding Guild [H] Kazzak <Angry Infidels> Angry Infidels is a newly formed semi-casual raiding team that is looking to progress through BFA content, with our aim to clear mythic. We are a group of lifelong friends who have decided to band together and create this guild in order to be able to begin progression through this expansion together. We have varied experience from Vanilla content up to Legion, and now we look to start a new page in BFA, hopefully with you! We are looking for mature 18+ players that are interested in the same goals as us, and in the same hours of the day as us. Requirements At the moment, when it comes to requirements we have a few that are not negotiable, mainly that our communication server will be Discord; however, you are not required to have a mic if you are unable to access one, or if the environment around you at the time doesn't allow it, all you must do is be able to listen attentively and be able to respond when directed to over discord. We also require that you have the base minimum addons that will be mentioned in the Guild Information tab once you join the guild. (Not too many) We strongly encourage and value the dedication you put towards your reputations and professions as they will further strengthen your chances of becoming a member of this team if you choose to join. We also value how much effort you have put so far into the current expansion, and will see your current gear as a small reflection of how much work you have put in to be ready to dive in to raiding as soon as it hits. In terms of experience, we will not base our judgement solely off of the progression you have had in the past, as we see this new expansion as a new beginning and we will give people equal opportunity to prove their worth. We will however take any experience you do have and progression into great consideration when we review you. Timings 2 Nights A Week Raid Days/Times: Thursday 23:00 ST -- TILL -- 02:00 ST Friday 23:00 ST -- TILL -- 02:00 ST We have yet come to a final decision on the raid times, once we begin to build the team we will decide collectively what works best for the team. We understand that some days, there may be certain events or life crisis or anything along those lines that would prevent you from attending a raid a certain day. If you ever feel that you will not be able to attend, we would like to be informed in advance so that we can make the necessary arrangements for our raids to carry on. RAID MENTALITY This is a very important subject, as we are about to embark on new content, we are expected to have the much needed patience and maturity to press through. I am not saying that this is going to be the best guild in the world, and have no wipes at all... No.. We are all here to enjoy the game, so unnecessary flaming and outbreaks will not be tolerated. We want to create an environment where we learn from our mistakes, so we have no place for !@#$%^-s thinking they know everything. That being said, if you do have knowledge or would like to give feedback or assistance then do so in a calm and collected manner, and do not provoke or humiliate your teammates. We are all prone to accidents and mistakes, so we are looking to create an environment where we respect one another and focus on clearing the content at hand. We also expect dedication from your part, such as being prepared an hour before the raid begins. This entails that you have your flasks, potions, runes, and food ready before the raid time. It doesn't mean you have to be online and waiting for the raid to begin an hour in advance, but we will require that you are ready 15 minutes prior to the expected raid time that day. Ranking System and Loot Distribution All recruits will begin at the Trial rank level, which speaks for itself. You have to prove yourself worthy during your trial period, which will be determined by the officers. This is the time in which you should try your best to be attentive and show us why we chose you to join the team. Once you have been deemed worthy, an officer will contact you and you will move on to the Member rank. Once you are a member, it does not mean you get to slack off totally ^^ It does mean you are one of the gang, and you have proven yourself towards the guild and want to continue with us through this expansion. Trial Period: We are looking to progress in this content, and although I have mentioned earlier that we will run into wipes, we will not hesitate to cut anyone we do not see fit. If you make a mistake, it is understandable, we will explain your mistakes and find the solution, if you fail to get it through your head and keep making the same mistakes, then we will not bother in continuously trying to get it right when other people have mastered their roles and know exactly what they are doing. We are not saying that if you make one mistake you are going to be kicked, but we are saying that you should focus up and show us that you actually know what you are doing. Constant mistakes will make progression slower, and with a two night raiding schedule that is not something we can afford. We are still pondering the idea of creating ranks that will have a specific role to the guild. These roles could possibly be filled by you! If you have any qualities or previous experiences that you feel could benefit this idea, then feel free to mention it when you do get in contact with the people in the contact list below. (Ex. Raid Leader, PvP Leader, Class Officers) Everybodys goal in raiding is the further increase their characters output by getting the best gear available, and I want that to be the case with our whole team. We will base our loot decisions off of the amount of dedication and effort you put forth towards the guild. Being ready for raids on time, being prepared with all necessities, having good raid attendance records, and being a good sport will all greatly increase your chances of getting that item your heart desires. We also will focus on specific classes and look at their BiS items list, since we as leadership will try to further the team as a whole, by allowing each player to have the most optimal gear that suits their character. We want everyone to become stronger collectively, and we do not plan on gearing up one single person and forgetting about the majority. We want to be fair and allow everyone a chance to get the items they deserve, through all of the previously mentioned points. What to do when we are not raiding? We are looking to enjoy everything that BFA has to offer, from expeditions, to world pvp, to world quests, to BGs. These are some off the "non-raiding" activities that I look forward to having a bigger team to toy around with. Our main goal on non-raid days will not be the previous activities mentioned, but instead we would like to focus on mythic+ dungeons. The difficulty and reward from these dungeons benefit us greatly in the long run, and shows the quality of players we truly are. How to contact us? If you are interested in our guild and want to be apart of the team, please do not hesitate to contact the GM, or our Recruitment Officer: Guild Master: Damaage (shaba7#1927) Recruitment Officer: Fazz (Fazzo#21129) You may also leave a message under this post, or send me a private message and I will try my best to get back to you asap. If these two options take long, then make sure you try contacting us through our battle net IDs. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me or any officers you may see online to have a conversation! Thank you for taking the time and considering us, hopefully we will be in contact soon! :DDamaage15 11 Nov 2018
11 Nov 2018 [H] <THUNDER> community is recruiting Who we are: T H U N D E R is a late night social & raiding, 12+ years old EU community/guild. It started as a guild on EU Kilrogg. Recently we've decided to form an in-game community and invite players from all EU realms. Players from Kilrogg/Nagrand/Runetotem connected realms can choose to join our guild, community or both. T H U N D E R is designed to accommodate the needs of a wide range of players. The most commonly shared attributes are friendly, mature* and helpful players who can only reliably play and raid later in the evenings. We usually start our main guild events, such as meetings and raids at 21:00 server time (8:00pm UK time). *For mature, read generally 18+. The vast majority of our members are all older adults, but we do make the odd exception for those between 16 & 18. We never accept apps from anyone under 16 though. Within this large group we can identify several sub groups, all of which are welcome: - Non-raiding players who wish for a supportive playing environment. - Social raiders who can raid once in a while but are not chasing end game content. - Progress raiders who wish to see end game content but the intensity/harshness/schedule/pressure of hardcore raiding guilds do not suit them. This is a very large player base, and hence we have rules to protect the interests of the various groups and prevent them from colliding. To find out more about the guild feel free to visit our guild #charter on our Discord server - . We are one of the oldest guild on Kilrogg, the guild was created shortly after the server was created and still exists and raids ever since. An example of our usual raid schedule is as follows: Monday 21:00 to 23:30 Wednesday 21:00 to 23:30 Thursday 21:00 to 23:30 Saturday or Sunday - Social night (mythic dungeons, old raids, achievements, treasure hunts etc.) All times are server time (CET) and are subject to change. We do a poll once in a while, asking the members to vote on prefered raiding days and hours. Who you are: We are looking for three major types of people: Raiders who wish to see end game content but the intensity/harshness/schedule/pressure of hardcore raiding guilds do not suit them. Casual raiders who can raid once in a while but are not chasing end game content. Non-raiding players who wish for a supportive and friendly gaming environment. How to join the guild on Kilrogg/Nagrand/Runetotem?: There are couple of ways: - Contact one of the officers on Discord: Kalec#4355, Rjected#3796, Ryleeh (Patricia, Pat)#4952, SimiusMortis#2341, Fuzguz#0816, ldene#4406, Hellenka#5726. - Contact one of the officers in game. Do a `/who "T H U N D E R"` in game and ask any member to direct you to an officer. How to join the in-game community?: - Contact one of the officers on Discord: Kalec#4355, Rjected#3796, Ryleeh (Patricia, Pat)#4952, SimiusMortis#2341, Fuzguz#0816, ldene#4406, Hellenka#5726. - Let us know your in-game name and realm and we will provide you with an invitation code. - Open Guilds & Communites tab in game (default shortcut: J), press "Join or Create Community" and enter the invitation code. In any case, be prepared to answer couple of questions :-). Thank you for taking the time to read this bio, and I hope THUNDER strikes a beat with you. Remember, we are the primary late shift on Kilrogg/Runetotem/Nagrand realm and we hope to welcome you into our midst!Tkalec2 11 Nov 2018
10 Nov 2018 [A] Casual Company - Looking for friends! Casual Company is a newly made Alliance community made by myself and a friend with the aim of finding new friends to chat with as we play and to do things together when we want to. It is not a raiding or M+ community or anything specific like that. It's for people who want to make some friends and have so company while they play, like a guild, but without the need to be on the same server. It also will hopefully become a place where if you need some help with something, whether it's old or new content, somebody can help you. If you're interested or have any questions you can add me on btag or jsut join the community. Btag: Jani#22940 Community link: If for some reason the link doesn't work just add me to btag and let me know. I tried to make one that doesn't run out but it won't seem to let me, so will jsut have to wait and see if it works or not.Avalen1 10 Nov 2018
10 Nov 2018 Any communities for the musical theatre? Like the title says im looking for any communities for musical fansMoritz0 10 Nov 2018
10 Nov 2018 [H]Twisting Nether <Dead Weight> looking for raiders <Dead Weight> is a 2 day a week raiding Guild located on Twisting Nether EU and we’re looking for members and raiders to join us in creating an active community and raiding team. About <Dead Weight> A small group of players forming together under the goal of creating a large interactive community to raid, run M+ and PvP together <Dead Weight> wants to recruit more core raiders to really focus on progression and not relying on Pugs! Currently progressing nicely through Heroic Uldir and M+. We're looking for: -Ranged DPS -Healers -1 Tank Raiding Days are: Wednesday/Saturday 8pm-11pm Server Time. For those interested more in the social side of Guild life we also set up monthly in game events for people to attend, whether that’s running old raiding content for mounts and transmog on a friday or going down to Gurubashi arena to host a miniature tournament for the Guild members! We also actively encourage guild members to run dungeons/battlegrounds and other events together! Requirements and Sign up process: English Speaking/Listening - This is the biggest requirement when joining the Guild, we require people to be able to listen to tactics during raid times and converse in Guild chat! Applications: We’ll ask that you contact us either via Discord( (Ask for Carter or Monica) or you can also contact us on BattleNet! (Carter#2595), we also offer Recruitment Incentives to people in the Guild that would reward them for helping us to recruit roles that we are in need of! Age Requirement: To join the guild you must be at least 16 years old! We want to uphold a level of maturity in the Guild, the age requirement upholds to that standard. You must be at least 18 years old to RAID, again this is to guarantee a level of maturity and understanding during our raids together. Leave your ego at the door - We all want to progress but we must do so constructively and in a friendly manner. Join the Discord( - Although we have a website the majority of our comms are handled through Discord and it’s also where we hang out through the day to talk to. Feel free to join the Discord and have a talk to us and get a feel for the guild If you want to know anything extra about it you can feel free to privately message me on discord at #Carter4411 or reply to this post! Thanks for reading! We hope to see you on Azeroth!Mádi1 10 Nov 2018
10 Nov 2018 LGBT Community and EU Horde Guild The Admiral Duncan is the WoW guild of the London Gaymers, based on the Draenor (EU) server playing on the Horde side. It was formed in 2016 and is one of the largest European LGBT+ guilds in the game, but thankfully with the new World of Warcraft Expansion we can now have a community no matter what realm you are on. We have members from all over the United Kingdom as well as from Western Europe. We want to ensure London Gaymers has inclusive IRL spaces as well as online communities to help foster relationships with people from outside London, with the WoW guild forming a key part of that. As a part of London Gaymers it’s important that we continue to embody and support the values that LG uphold. To enable this we don’t have a requirement to join the guild as we see ourselves as a safe community and home for WoW players from all walks of life. As well as the online events and raids we run, we organise events for players to come together and enjoy their time in game. The majority of our events are “open” which means anyone who wants to come along, can come along, as the aim of the guild is to foster a safe place for people to enjoy a game that we all love! With the next Battle For Azeroth Expansion, we are also ensuring that LGBT+ people who are in other guilds and other EU Realms (and playing Horde) can join in to our events by joining our community and using this to find new Dungeon, Raid and Questing partners from all other EU realms. Admiral Duncan EU Horde Community Web Link: In Game Copy and Paste Community Link - p9OoGlIN3A Discord : 10 Nov 2018
10 Nov 2018 [LFG][H][DB] Prot War for Cas Raiding/M+ Progress Hi everyone, I love tanking and have exclusively played an Orc Protection Warrior, rain or shine, called Vozlarr since MoP but have played since vanilla. I like wearing heavy armour and smacking things in the face with a shield! My highest raid accomplishment is clearing Mythic SoO back in MoP. I'm looking for a friendly, English-speaking, PvE-focused guild that would be understanding about my personal circumstances and is flexible enough for me to get involved: I'm 29 years old from the North-West of England, father of an active toddler, husband & shiftworker (which includes nights). My 'week' is 10, not 7 days long and I work a 10-week rota that's different each of those 10 weeks before restarting - in short, my gametime is sporadic & inconsistent but can be predictable with prior notice & planning. By 'sporadic' I mean that as much as I love gaming, family life has to come first - plans can change; emergencies can come up. By 'inconsistent' I mean that I can't commit to a rigid raid schedule because my work rota is different each of the 10 weeks. The flipside to this is predictability in that I can tell you definitively, weeks in advance, whether I'll be available or not at a particular time/date. So, I'm not looking to fill a 'regular raid slot' and consequently I know progression raiding is unfortunately off the cards for me, but I'd still like to experience & get involved in as high a difficulty raid content as my gear & availability allows without having to faceroll & carry AFKs through LFR. I did that for WoD/Legion and it just was not fun spending what little freetime I had amongst some of the game's most toxic players. I'm happy to not be at the forefront of progression raiding but would still like to experience challenging content whilst it's still relevant. If N/HC/M raiding isn't feasible, then I'd settle for M+ key pushing which is what I currently do with my brother and 4 of our friends when our schedules line-up. We use Discord, and I'm happy to use Discord or TeamSpeak for guild content. I also enjoy achievement hunting - particularly from old dungeon/raid & current dungeon content. I guess what may work best is either a high-population or high-progression guild that runs secondary raids at 'off' times for people in similar situations or for gearing alts. I fully appreciate that your face is probably scrunched up by now wondering why on earth anyone should take a punt on someone with so many 'conditions' (for lack of a better word), and to that all I can say is that I'm a competent & friendly teamplayer who still wants to get the most out of my hobby whenever I can despite getting on in life, and am hoping to find a likeminded bunch who can help me do that. Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing from someone either here or in-game.Vozlarr0 10 Nov 2018
10 Nov 2018 Where do you see the community description? I'm the owner of a community and I can write a description, but when I try to find it when loged in on an alt that is just a member, I can't find it anywhere. Does anyone know?Renejorg0 10 Nov 2018
10 Nov 2018 [A] ThunderBadgers, casual raiders, Thu/Sun, 8/8N 3/8HC ThunderBadgers is a friends and family style casual raiding community looking for like-minded players. We currently raid on Thursday and Sunday evenings, 8pm UK/9pm server time, 2 hours max each raid. The community started with guilds joining forces, rather than individuals, so whilst that means its not the most chatty of communities (because we're all in our own guilds), it does have a solid base of players, with 81 characters currently joined, and 15-20 raiders each night. Our current progression is 8/8N 3/8HC, and at moment we get as far as we can through normal on Thursday (7/8 usually), and finish it off on Sunday before killing heroic bosses. This may be subject to change as we get more into heroic, but please note this is very much a normal mode raiding community, and wont be pushing for Ahead of the Curve. If it happens it happens. All new members, whether you're experienced Uldir raiders or never been in there before, I ask that you first raid with us on a Thursday, as it's more relaxed night, then after that you're welcome to sign up to any raids. The invite link is Or if you want a chat before joining, my battletag is riddles#2922 Thanks for reading :)Middles0 10 Nov 2018
09 Nov 2018 Looking for friends :O Looking for some people to play Wow with, have a couple high level char's and some low level, fairly new to the game (less than 2 months). Have discord, just looking for people to hang out and play with :) Battletag: Bearbear1aps#2241Bellabean10 09 Nov 2018
09 Nov 2018 Helping Hand Community Hello. " Helping Hand" is a new community( right now with just 5 little members) that is like the name implies, a community where people can help each other without the usual backlash and flamming that one gets from not being awesome mega good at a thing. Basically what im trying to say( and I know i;m not saying it very well) is that we are trying to become a old like community where new and old players can ask for advice or share ideas, basically helping each other out like when we were all kinda noobs, and without being total D-bags about it. P.S. Sorry that i cant make my explanation any better than my native tongue sounds better.Goblinutzu3 09 Nov 2018
09 Nov 2018 Rerolling Progression Raiding community I am looking to start a Community for Progression raiding starting with Molten Core at level 60. We will be level locking and running all the raids at the original cap. Faction to be Determined soonYunao0 09 Nov 2018
09 Nov 2018 A turtle made it to the water(horde) just a random group. come and join and hangout, chat or whatever. lets help all the turtles to make it to the water 09 Nov 2018
09 Nov 2018 [A] LF Mythic+ community Since I don't raid anymore I enjoy mythic+ dungeons for a little kick ones in a while. However, wasting a lot of time trying to get into groups and some peoples requirements are ridiculous. Can't really get higher ilvl without doing more challenging content. So LF a friendly community with other likeminded people wanting to do mythic+ dungeons and pushing for +10 upwards. - KhazxdKhazxd1 09 Nov 2018
08 Nov 2018 Level 90 community to grind pandaria scenario rewards New level 90 community to twink and/or grind out the pandaria scenario chest rewards for transmog. Follow this link: 08 Nov 2018
08 Nov 2018 Heroic Scenario Daily Chest Transmog (level 90) Looking to set up a community for anyone who wants the unique transmogs that can drop from the Heroic Cache of Treasures, the chest reward from the first daily heroic scenario (MoP). Primarily chasing two offhands (that share the same model) Immaculate Pandaren Cane/Rod that appear on your back when sheathed. , if there is anyone else psychotic enough to want to chase those mogs.Siphon1 08 Nov 2018
08 Nov 2018 Looking for a Guild Im a returning player but I was still a noob when I played the game, looking to join a guild no matter of realm or if its horde or alliance I will be starting from scratch and if possible I will bring a friend with me when they start playing the game too, comment your btag or add me OPNHavok#2602 :DIsuragi3 08 Nov 2018
08 Nov 2018 Delete DeleteBagntag0 08 Nov 2018
07 Nov 2018 Farewell for now Hello everyone, I have played WoW since tBC. I was super excited about the game. In Wotlk I think the game was super in many ways. The zones, the raids, the lore ... everything. From that time, things have started to change. I got older and the world of warcraft too. It changed in a way I did not like. First it was the cataclysm that changed a lot of favorite zones. LFR system. Blizzard wanted to make all the content easily accessible to everyone. Warforge and Titanoforge stuff. Pets. Garrisons. Followers mission tables. Weekly chests. Bonus rolls. Most of them helped the gamers to allienate from each other. Most of them made the game effortless. No need to run to summon. No need to farm for gold. Allied races, tmogs and a ton of work that has no real value to a mmorpg. But all the above could be fine, if the toxic community wasnt so big in the game lately. People are whining about getting 370 item instead of 385 in their chest, even they upload video for it, which is hilarious. People are checking scores that are irrelevant to do a dungeon. People are toxic saying others to quit, to delete their shields if they are tanks etc etc. Even if I am not the target of those toxic people, I can not but bother. I do not like it and it is no fun anymore. And all this was created by the game. Because it has become effortless and people are tend to throw their own !@#$ to others. Because there is no actual ban for behavior since a lot are doing this. Thank you all for the journey. It was fun.Eluwen2 07 Nov 2018
07 Nov 2018 [Horde] Community for pushing M+ keys! Hello everyone, me and my friends established a new community for pushing M+ keys and we want to see if we can find very good players. The name of the Community is " A turtle made it to the water " and is on HORDE side. The main goal is to establish a new Community with a lot of active players that fit our standards for pushing M+ keys and don't forget to have fun in the game. About us: We are all players that play since Vanilla/BC. At least I can say that about our "core" of the community. We have played in very good guilds ,and could get world top 50 kills. We played a lot of keys in Legion but never really tryharded. We don't want to raid mythic in this current content so the focus is all on M+. Things you should bring: - being active -resistence to wiping and being open-minded for new strategies and improvements -being respectful -make sure to know your class at the max. and it's even better if you have alts for versatility -the will to always improve and push keys higher some last words: If your looking for a community just for farming low keys , then ur at the wrong place. Ofc. we will be farming lower keys and stuff, but this community is mainly for pushing keys and have fun together. I will replace people that are starting to play not at our standards and are not active enough. Right now , our core is mainly german, but we also have players from the UK and other countries. best regards, Jacusi#1294 add me for more information :)Jacusi11 07 Nov 2018
07 Nov 2018 WoW Streaming Comunity Hello there WoW streamers , cuz of the lack of wow streaming comunity i decided to make one so we can help each others out , and have some funn togather wile streamin. If you want to take part of the comunity come join us on discord 07 Nov 2018
07 Nov 2018 <Farmers Crew> (EU) Tarren-Mill Dear all, Whether you're in between guilds (cuz you've cleared all content) or always have had an interest for achievements/mounts/pets/collectables, you've came to the right place! We're a friendly, mature, social group of people who are looking to find others with common interest! We're keen on helping each other and will start hosting various achievement oriented events with ingame prizes in the nearby future. If you feel like we're the guild you've been searching for, feel free to msg us on here or ingame (ign: Myrockz, Vetzakk & Community). We're looking forward to meeting you! Kind regards, Farmers Crew!Myrockz0 07 Nov 2018