9h [H] Mythics - Calm Keystones Hi, I have played wow for 11 years now and am 40 years young. I am now looking to relax and take things easy as rl is stressfull enough! I miss the good old community in wow, the days when you had to actually talk to each other to make groups.. people needed one another. I'm seeing a trend of people being declined for mythic+ or they list their own key and people won't join :( Well I am now switching to playing a Brewmaster Monk, (Naiyani Draenor) and now I feel like a newbie as I have always played dps. I want to get a little project running where I help people gear up and get to experience mythics and mythic+. All I need is a willingness to listen and come on the ingame voice chat. Once your confidence has grown, you may feel like you have outgrown what I offer and that is fine with me. (I have zero interest in doing high keys atm). Maybe some others here would like to also join me in reaching out to people who never get a look in? Anyway I don't mind if you have never done a single mythic, or how long you haven't played the game. Looking forward to meeting some new friendly, patient people! Anna :) Edit: Feel free to join a new community - Calm Keystones (Horde) we are cross realm :) Whisper Reshkiya or Warmother for inv! ******************************************************************** If you are looking for an Alliance version then see this thread, another guy has taken it on: 9h
1d [A] Mythics - Calm Keystones Hello community. I heed the call! (please refer to therefor, from this moment on, the alliance too, shall have a community where people gather up, to do mythic and mythic plus dungeons. Not gonna lie, I dont have problems finding groups and all of that, but I know a lot of people and a lot of friends who do, therefor, I do think, they deserve a chance to experience game at its higher ends, and this is a perfect chance for all the nublets to gather together and step into mythic dungeons! Of course, we'll have a lot of great mentor(s) to help us out become a lil bit better. Im pretty bad at this but think you got a point! and since its an alliance community, its name shall be Calmer Keystones, because we're little calm lions :) Here's an invite link to the community: p.s we have cookiesBukachu41 1d
3d List of Forum Communities V2 (Post yours here!) NOTE TO EVERYONE! MAKE SURE YOU SET YOUR INVITE LINK TO NEVER EXPIRE! (Also note, if you try to join a community & find that it no longer exists/functions properly, please let me know so I can update the post & save some space - Thank you). Updated thread with a much larger post limit, better organization, and hopefully more information than the previous. As always, I'm open to suggestions on how to better improve the thread, and please, continue to use this template! Community: Language: Leader: Community Link: Notes: If I've failed to bring over your community post from the old thread into this one, just let me know, and I'll update it ASAP. Index Posts 1-4: Cross Faction Blizzard Groups. Social Communities: This post. Player vs Environment Communities: Player vs Player Communities: Posts 5-12: Alliance Communities. Social Communities: Collectors: Achievement, Transmogrification & Mount Runs: Leveling/Social groups & Roleplaying groups: Player vs Environment Communities: Player vs Player Communities: Posts 13-20: Horde Communities Social Communities: Collectors: Achievement, Transmogrification & Mount Runs: Leveling/Social groups & Roleplaying groups: Player vs Environment Communities: Player vs Player Communities: >>> CROSS FACTION BLIZZARD GROUPS <<< ^_^ Social Communities Community: Bukachu's Communities Language: English Faction: Both Leader: Bukachu Blizzard Group: Community: British Warcraft Society - BWS Language: English Faction: Both Leader: Northern Blizzard Group: Notes: A place for British WoW players to socialise! Community: Looking For Ingame Friends! Language: English Faction: Both Leader: Abs0lute#21968 Blizzard Group: Community: The Hunterslodge Language: English & German Faction: Both Leader: Flëtcher Blizzard Group: Notes: A place all about Hunters! Community: Wow Coaching FTW Language: English Leader: Bahamüt Blizzard Group: Notes: We are a team of players striving to provide coaching/training to other players in BFA in both PvE and PvP scenarios. Community: ALToholics For Life Language: English Faction: Both Blizzard Group: Notes: For players who love playing by having plenty of alts. Community: Furries Language: English Leader: Bear#14686 Blizzard Group: Notes: The furry community in WoW, because it's nice to find other furries in our game :3 Community: Made in Sauna Language: Finnish Faction: Both Leader: Butcher#2225 Blizzard Group: Notes: Cross-faction, cross-realm (and why not cross-game) social chat community for all Finnish players. Community: The Anime Community Language: English Leader: Eisbear-Moonglade Blizzard Group: Notes: This community is created to have a place to discuss anime and all related stuff! Community: Nat Pagles Fishing Club Language: English Leader: Brent#21188 Blizzard Group: Notes: This is a community for those that enjoy fishing in company, need help doing fishing achievements, or just like to have a chat while casting away. Community: Warcraft Content creators Language: English Leader: Bear#14686 Blizzard Group: Notes: A community to share your favorite Warcraft content creators or streamers. Also where you can share your own Youtube channel or stream! Community: Warlock community Language: English Leader: Dark#21926 Community Link: Notes: Warlock only community, join and help each other! Community: LFG Adagio (Slower Dungeon Runs) Language: English Leader: Etheric-Shadowsong Community Link: Notes: For folks who want to take dungeons at a slower pace. Running dungeons for fun, but without racing ahead! Community: The Northern Irish Principality Language: English / Ulster Scots Leader: Kousuke Community Link: Notes: Instead of getting meshed into "Irish", theres a group for you. Basically a group for everything Community: Introvert Community (Lounge) Language: English/German (E/D) Leader: Jehadiel Community Link: Notes: We can be here for each other to group when we feel like it and chat when we feel like it. No pressure. It should give the people who expirience the same struggles, a group where they can feel safe and not be under any pressure :) Original Thread: Community: Arab Community Language: Arabic (mainly) (But can speak English of course) Leader: KGhandour Community Link: Notes: If you are an Arab or of Arabic descent and would like to hangout with similar folks come join us! Community: Czech and Slovak Community Language: Czech & Slovak ( both are similar languages ) Leader: Rinelas Community Link for Alliance: Community Link for Horde: Notes: Everyone is welcome ! Každý je vítaný ! Community: The Crypto Game Community (TCG) Language: English Leader: Hodl Community Link: Notes: For all gamers who also like Crypto, Blockchain, Bitcoin. Let's game and discuss/trade together! :) Community: Church of Wittertainment, Azeroth branch Language: English Leader: Jzuz Community Link: Notes: movie buffs & fans of Wittertainment (bbc radio "flagship" film programme) Community: EU Deaf Community Language: All including sign language Community Link: Notes: We welcome all players who are deaf, Deaf, Deafened, Hard of Hearing, CI user, Hearing aids user, mute, oral, sign language user etc.Subbie98 3d
20 Jul Welcome to the Communities section Welcome to the Communities section of the official World of Warcraft forums. Here, you can advertise and recruit members for your in-game Communities. Please note: The standard Forum Guidelines and Code of Conduct still apply here, this includes not bumping threads. Players can use the search function of the forums to search for Communities relevant to them.Aerythlea0 20 Jul
14 Feb 2014 Forum Guidelines - Please Read Welcome to the World of Warcraft discussion forums! This forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can discuss all aspects of World of Warcraft with your fellow players. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy. Therefore, we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct before posting. Search The new search function at the top of the World of Warcraft community site is extremely robust. Please be sure to use it to look for similar topics, blog posts, or web pages that may contain the answer before creating your forum topic. Making a new thread on an existing subject will likely result in your thread being deleted. If you continue to repost it you're likely to have your posting privileges suspended for spamming. Worst of all, you'll be making the other forum goers upset that you didn't take a minute to search before posting. Reporting You can quickly report a post as trolling or spam, or use the report function to fill out a more comprehensive description of the violation. You can only rate each post once. Use it wisely to help foster a positive and helpful forum community. Guidelines In addition to our general Code of Conduct, here are some common courtesy guidelines to follow to ensure these forums remain a constructive and friendly gathering place for the community. While these do technically fall within the bounds of the Code of Conduct, these cover more specific examples of common errors that will lead to thread deletions or posting privileges being revoked. The World of Warcraft forums are for discussion of topics directly related to World of Warcraft The forums here are specifically to discuss the game and related topics. Any topics not related to World of Warcraft, or Blizzard are subject to deletion. Don't post in all capital letters, use a misleading title, excessive punctuation, non-standard symbols, etc. While everyone wants their posts read, we ask you to refrain from using these types of tactics in order to bring more people to your thread. Let your post stand on its own merit. Threads violating this guideline are subject to deletion. Using the words Blizzard, Blue, or any community team members name in a thread topic to gather attention is frowned upon Everyone would like Blizzard to read and acknowledge his or her post, and we understand that. However, use of such words in the topic does not help that come to pass. Please make your thread title relevant to the post subject. Threads violating this guideline are subject to deletion. Note that threads discussing e.g. the Blizzard authenticator or Blizzard’s latest press release are allowed to have Blizzard in the title as it’s then relevant to the discussion. Posting "First" or IBTL constitutes as spamming You will be suspended if you create a post that is intended to call out that you achieved a specific reply number in a thread. This is considered spamming. Posting IBTL (in before the lock) is not helpful and if you feel a thread should be moderated please use the rating button to do so. Posting TLDR or L2P constitutes as trolling Posting TLDR (Too Long, Didn’t Read) is saying you don’t care about a player’s post. Posting L2P (Learn to Play) mocks the player for their skill or experience level rather than provide constructive input on the post itself. Both are considered trolling and will lead to a suspension.Takralus2 14 Feb 2014
54m Late evening/ night casual community Greetings! Nocturnus is a loosely woven late night community, looking for likeminded night creatures. At the moment we are a small group of 8 people, all over 30 years. Our aim is to just do dungeons and things together, without focus on progression and rushing through all content as fast as possible to get shinies....Let's say we have grown past that race. We all have limited online-time due to family, kids, cats and dogs, but if you are looking for a small, friendly group to have stressless dungeon-runs with and a chillout WoW-experience, feel free to contact me for an invite or if you shoul have any questions. Tag: Warsong#2906 PS! Just to clarify, this is not a guild, so there are no other benefits other than nice people ( mostly Scandinavian), and we are mostly Horde-side.Syreen7 54m
1h Chill Mythic Community Hello, In group finder most of the groups are expecting people to have high ilevels or want "fast"runs. I find it hard, although they exist, to find groups with relaxed people that dont care for ilevels, or want to rush dungeons and start making a fuss when things dont go smooth as expected. Therefore i created CMC. Chill Mythic Community (CMC) is intended for people that want to run mythics, raids or whatever with easy, relaxed other people. So if you are: - relaxed, - friendly, - want to run dungeons with likeminded people, - not offended when runs dont go smooth as expected, Then CMC might be a good community to join. You can contact me for more info Bweer#2719 Invitation link: 1h
1h [A] The Casual Guild Alliance LFM Guilds Does your guild struggle to regularly get full groups for dungeons and raids? Do you shy away from getting PUG players in because you like to play the game at a slower pace? Are all maybe a little older than your average player? Not considered "good enough"? Don't want to leave your guild because it's your friends and family? If so, then CGA may well be for you! I started this community because the above describes my guild very well, and we wanted to find similar guilds to chat with, and help each other out with empty spots in dungeons and normal-mode raids. Maybe even team up and all go in there together! I've deliberately not put an invite link in this post - we aren't after recruiting individuals (there are plenty of communities for that), but rather groups of players, so everyone knows someone else. If you think your guild might be interested in joining the community, my battletag is riddles#2922 - lets have a chat :)Middles1 1h
6h <Angry Infidels> Late Night Raiding Guild [H] Kazzak <Angry Infidels> Angry Infidels is a newly formed semi-casual raiding team that is looking to progress through BFA content, with our aim to clear mythic. We are a group of lifelong friends who have decided to band together and create this guild in order to be able to begin progression through this expansion together. We have varied experience from Vanilla content up to Legion, and now we look to start a new page in BFA, hopefully with you! We are looking for mature 18+ players that are interested in the same goals as us, and in the same hours of the day as us. Requirements At the moment, when it comes to requirements we have a few that are not negotiable, mainly that our communication server will be Discord; however, you are not required to have a mic if you are unable to access one, or if the environment around you at the time doesn't allow it, all you must do is be able to listen attentively and be able to respond when directed to over discord. We also require that you have the base minimum addons that will be mentioned in the Guild Information tab once you join the guild. (Not too many) We strongly encourage and value the dedication you put towards your reputations and professions as they will further strengthen your chances of becoming a member of this team if you choose to join. We also value how much effort you have put so far into the current expansion, and will see your current gear as a small reflection of how much work you have put in to be ready to dive in to raiding as soon as it hits. In terms of experience, we will not base our judgement solely off of the progression you have had in the past, as we see this new expansion as a new beginning and we will give people equal opportunity to prove their worth. We will however take any experience you do have and progression into great consideration when we review you. Timings 2 Nights A Week Raid Days/Times: Thursday 23:00 ST -- TILL -- 02:00 ST Friday 23:00 ST -- TILL -- 02:00 ST We have yet come to a final decision on the raid times, once we begin to build the team we will decide collectively what works best for the team. We understand that some days, there may be certain events or life crisis or anything along those lines that would prevent you from attending a raid a certain day. If you ever feel that you will not be able to attend, we would like to be informed in advance so that we can make the necessary arrangements for our raids to carry on. RAID MENTALITY This is a very important subject, as we are about to embark on new content, we are expected to have the much needed patience and maturity to press through. I am not saying that this is going to be the best guild in the world, and have no wipes at all... No.. We are all here to enjoy the game, so unnecessary flaming and outbreaks will not be tolerated. We want to create an environment where we learn from our mistakes, so we have no place for !@#$%^-s thinking they know everything. That being said, if you do have knowledge or would like to give feedback or assistance then do so in a calm and collected manner, and do not provoke or humiliate your teammates. We are all prone to accidents and mistakes, so we are looking to create an environment where we respect one another and focus on clearing the content at hand. We also expect dedication from your part, such as being prepared an hour before the raid begins. This entails that you have your flasks, potions, runes, and food ready before the raid time. It doesn't mean you have to be online and waiting for the raid to begin an hour in advance, but we will require that you are ready 15 minutes prior to the expected raid time that day. Ranking System and Loot Distribution All recruits will begin at the Trial rank level, which speaks for itself. You have to prove yourself worthy during your trial period, which will be determined by the officers. This is the time in which you should try your best to be attentive and show us why we chose you to join the team. Once you have been deemed worthy, an officer will contact you and you will move on to the Member rank. Once you are a member, it does not mean you get to slack off totally ^^ It does mean you are one of the gang, and you have proven yourself towards the guild and want to continue with us through this expansion. Trial Period: We are looking to progress in this content, and although I have mentioned earlier that we will run into wipes, we will not hesitate to cut anyone we do not see fit. If you make a mistake, it is understandable, we will explain your mistakes and find the solution, if you fail to get it through your head and keep making the same mistakes, then we will not bother in continuously trying to get it right when other people have mastered their roles and know exactly what they are doing. We are not saying that if you make one mistake you are going to be kicked, but we are saying that you should focus up and show us that you actually know what you are doing. Constant mistakes will make progression slower, and with a two night raiding schedule that is not something we can afford. We are still pondering the idea of creating ranks that will have a specific role to the guild. These roles could possibly be filled by you! If you have any qualities or previous experiences that you feel could benefit this idea, then feel free to mention it when you do get in contact with the people in the contact list below. (Ex. Raid Leader, PvP Leader, Class Officers) Everybodys goal in raiding is the further increase their characters output by getting the best gear available, and I want that to be the case with our whole team. We will base our loot decisions off of the amount of dedication and effort you put forth towards the guild. Being ready for raids on time, being prepared with all necessities, having good raid attendance records, and being a good sport will all greatly increase your chances of getting that item your heart desires. We also will focus on specific classes and look at their BiS items list, since we as leadership will try to further the team as a whole, by allowing each player to have the most optimal gear that suits their character. We want everyone to become stronger collectively, and we do not plan on gearing up one single person and forgetting about the majority. We want to be fair and allow everyone a chance to get the items they deserve, through all of the previously mentioned points. What to do when we are not raiding? We are looking to enjoy everything that BFA has to offer, from expeditions, to world pvp, to world quests, to BGs. These are some off the "non-raiding" activities that I look forward to having a bigger team to toy around with. Our main goal on non-raid days will not be the previous activities mentioned, but instead we would like to focus on mythic+ dungeons. The difficulty and reward from these dungeons benefit us greatly in the long run, and shows the quality of players we truly are. How to contact us? If you are interested in our guild and want to be apart of the team, please do not hesitate to contact the GM, or our Recruitment Officer: Guild Master: Damaage (shaba7#1927) Recruitment Officer: Fazz (Fazzo#21129) You may also leave a message under this post, or send me a private message and I will try my best to get back to you asap. If these two options take long, then make sure you try contacting us through our battle net IDs. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me or any officers you may see online to have a conversation! Thank you for taking the time and considering us, hopefully we will be in contact soon! :DDamaage12 6h
6h Looking For Scottish Players Need Some Scottish Players Becouse No One Has A Clue What Am Saying When We In Chat And It Sucks Makes Raiding Really Hard.Hamish24 6h
8h Alts?! is there any com for alts? to make groups to run dungeons, quests, pvp...Críxux2 8h
9h [H] Weekend raiding Hi there! I'm running a raid (most) Friday and Saturday evenings from 21:00 to 00:00 ST and we could use some more players. It's based on a community, which currently only serves as a list of characters who will be invited to raids. It's cross realm and cross guild, so there's no need to move your character anywhere. We are currently 7/8 normal Uldir, and when the group is a bit more stable and people are geared for it we'll start on heroic - we did one raid night in heroic and though we downed the first two bosses, we decided we weren't quite ready yet. There's no rush, we'll get there when we get there. The first goal is to get a stable 14 man raid (2/3/9) going every time. The only requirements / expectations are that your character is iLvl 330, you know your class reasonably well, you are on discord (you don't have to talk if you don't want to), you bring consumables and most important of all: that you have a positive attitude. Alts are welcome. Don't worry if you don't know the fights all that well, the most important thing is that you want to have a good time and that you want to improve your raiding skills, including being able to recieve and give criticism constructively. Use this code to join: q32BzoSZjn Adana#2308Renejorg1 9h
12h Ukrainian Community Community: WarCraftUa Language: Ukrainian Leader: Opir-Darkspear Community Link: Notes: Ukrainian Speaking Community based on Alliance Guild "Knaipa Variativ" @ Terokkar server EU For Ukrainians or Ukrainian speaking players ONLY!Opir10 12h
13h Testing the waters Hi all, I wanted to run something by you and get some feedback. The reason I'm making this thread is because I've been struggling to find a guild/community that suits my needs, I personally am looking for a group of people that raid specifically on a Tuesday and Saturday night. I get online around 21:30 server time and I'm online until around 01:30-02:00 server time. Due to RL things like work family etc these are the only days I can guarantee I'm online with few exceptions. I might have an odd few hours I log in another night but no guarantee of when. Anyway getting to the matter at hand how hard would it be do you think to set up a community that have raids 7 days a week and that people who log on at the certain times will form teams with fellow gamers and that way everybody has a chance to raid and form teams for their "set" night (s). Anyway would like to know what you guys think. Thanks :-)Hengral0 13h
14h Recruitment (A) Wildhammer/Thunderhorn [EU] Wildhammer/Thunderhorn – Alliance <<Dracones Custodia>> Is a Guild of like-minded players looking to progress through the content in the game. We are an adult 18+ fun casual Pve and raiding guild. We like to set the focus on the people in the guild. The guild is created for people who want to be social, get the help they need in game and cannot commit every night to every raid. We understand people have a real life and this guild is not here to add pressure to that. It is a place to relax, have fun and enjoy the game with others and complete content together. The guild has a very high social aspect and the person you are is just as important as the skill you bring. We have a very active discord server and we encourage everyone in the guild to join us there and chat to us. We would not force anyone to talk who do not feel comfortable in doing so, but we believe that you will get the most out of your time in the guild if you are prepared to participate on the social side. For all of us in the guild that love this game, the game is made that much better with good people around you. At the same time, we want to be serious in our raiding and have progress. That means that we want to focus during raiding time, having fun and doing the best we can. This means that anybody looking to join will need to be fully prepared with their character and for raid. Wiping is part of raiding and you will need to have patience for this too, if you are going to rage out because of a few wipes then this will not be the place for you. We also have guild run for people that want to get into raid and want to learn the mechanics. All mature helpful and patience people are welcome to us :). Our Guild is a social guild, so we do different content throughout the week:  Mount and transmog run  Achievement runs  Mythic + Dungeon for weekly chest and for gearing up guild mates Voice Chat: Discord! Must have! We have all the guidelines for different content and guild-info. You Don’t have to talk, if you don’t want to. As long as you can hear us! :) RAID TIME: NORMAL: Wednesday 9pm and Thursday 9pm. HEROIC: Weekends (Once we finish normal HC will be on Wednsdays at 9 pm) Remember it is 9pm server time. Progression: 7/8 Normal Uldir 2/8 HC Recommended Addons like: Deadly Boss Mods (DBM) GTFO Expectations of all Members: Must be a team player Fun with sense of humor Helpful Respectful of others Social and active in game Expectations of all guildies that want to raid: Punctually: Raid invites go out 8:45 server time and everyone is expected to be ready. Preparedness: Have proper flasks, runes, enchants and gems. Food(Feast) will be given from officers. Boss Preparations: Research boss fights prior to entering the raid. On discord we have the guide-lines you need. Class Knowledge: Know your class. People in the guild are willing to help you out with that. And officers will post guide lines on discord if no excuse. Dedication: Ability and desire to commit to the raid group. Attitude: We are not a hardcore group. We play to have fun and enjoy ourselves and the people around us. Recruitment Needs: We are currently recruiting all mature players. People that want to raid or get in to raid. And people that just want a social home with helpful guildies that do other content . We have room for all. Welcome to us. If any of the above is something that appeals to you then please feel free to drop an application After you done that: You can contact the following members on bnet for a faster process. Whispers their character: Anita (from Norway-Guild master) Luna#2457 Cris (from Brazil/Norway-Raid leader/Officer) Queiroz#2261 Dave (from UK-Officer) Drexl#2920 Wendy (from UK-Officer) DeadlyMouse#221649 Wenja (from Norway-Raid leader/Officer) Totemz#21458 Lich (from Denmark-Officer) Thash#2343 Thank you for taking your time to read this.Ulvaregina0 14h
15h [H] Normal Raids with discord, without pressure. Have you become tired of PUGs that refuse to use voice coms? Have you become tired of unreasonable ItemLvl requirements? Have you become tired of needing a clear Achievement to join a run? Well I have, and if you have too this community is for you. My plan is to schedule raids using the ingame calender, if not enough members of a certain role can come those spots will be filled using the ingame group finder. Using Voice-Chat will be a requirement. I will explain the Bosstactics and then we will (hopefully) kill the bosses. Starting with norrmal difficulty and seeing when we can transition to heroic. All that is asked from you is that you: Try and read raidguides Are able to at least listen to voice-chat Are not discouraged by whiping Can take healthy critisism. This community is for people that for whatever reason cannot commit to a regular raidschedule. For people that have problems joining PUGs because of itemlevel requirements. For people that haven't done this (or any) raid before. This community is not for people that just want to quickly rush through normal and heroic just to be done with it and get the loot. Link to the Community: 15h
21h [A] AzerPUG; Raiding/Pugging Community Heyya all, wassup? AzerPUG (Azerothian Puggers) has been created by puggers for puggers. With loyal people in mind that might not have the ability to raid with a guild, due to not wanting to leave their friends behind in a guild or on a server. What if you REALLY want to raid but you had to leave that all behind? Easy, you join AzerPUG! AzerPUG is a raiding/pugging community that tries to (succeeds in?) structuring PUGs. With multiple good and experienced Raid Leaders making events multiple times a week, we try to strife to get a decent progression in each raid. Since we started up (September 8th, 2018), we grew further then we had dared to imagine. What started as an idea of a small but steady group in the long run, became a big (and currently even the most active) pugging community on Alliance-EU in just a few weeks. We started up with almost half the group being from an LGBT+ community and even today up to 20% of our community identifies as such. Because of this we consider ourselves (and demand this!) to be LGBT+ and woman friendly. If you do not consider yourself the same, we strongly urge you to not join us! <edit> Our raid times and days are lightly flexible and we are trying to get more groups going. Best you can do is visit our website (mentioned below) to see our up to date groups/days/times! </edit> If you are interested, please check out our website which will tell you all you might want/need to know about us and how to join us! We are open to everyone who can follow our rules, but we are specifically looking for a few things; Raid Leaders to create quality raids within our community, that stick to our standards and rules! Warlocks, (can we put them on a protected species list?)Tex2 21h
1d Looking for a HC Uldir Community Hi all, I´m looking for a community that is running HC Uldir, be it just starting on it, progression or farm, I don´t really care, I mostly want to get out of pug life, and I can´t seem to fit into either the timeframe or the roster of guilds on my server. Currently I´m i370 arms warrior, and without major luck with chests, this isn´t due to significantly improve anytime soon, as I failed to get curve within the first 2 weeks. By now, it´s curve or bust for about any pug that is promising to get anywhere, so all I currently do is scrapping together 3 bosses in nhc or lfr just to get another stack of reorigination aura. Up to now, I´ve never really used warcraftlogs, so the few records I have aren´t my own, I´ll change that now though. My free evenings, due to rl and work obligations, are mon/tue/thu. Hook me up as Eclipse#2663 if you have a spot :)Final0 1d
1d *Mythic Mayhem* Enjoy Mythic +? Join Our Community Enjoy doing Mythic + dungeons? Want to group with people who you have become to know? Short of a few memebrs in your Pre-mades? MM is another place to find people you know and have grouped with before! Serious and casual Key runs! Social side also! Everyone is welcome, as long as you are friendly. Drop me a message for an invite, Or hit the link below! Toddola#2992 on Bnet 1d
1d help with server hi i chose argent dawn for alliance rp, can someone help me find rp server for horde? with alive peopleRevival0 1d
1d Leveling Through Dungeons! Join us! I've just made a community for people, who likes to lvl through dungeons. come join us: 1d
1d [H][Magtheridon]<Eternal Flame> 4/8 H LF raiders We're a casual Heroic raiding guild. We're a close group where most of us have been raiding together for years. We laugh, !@#$talk, wipe and maybe get some progress once in a while. Ahead of the Curve is what we usually get on most raids, and we're looking for to expand our current team. We're looking for DPS players. Regarding specs it's whatever you like most playing. Our raid days are Wednesday and Sunday 8-11pm server time. Interested? Add my battletag: IF2PKI#2599Permanentje0 1d
1d [A][Silvermoon]<Fallen Angéls> 3/8H LF Raiders About us <Fallen Angéls> was created in Warlords of Dreanor expansion, most of us started playing in Vanilla or TBC. Because of real life matters, we have lost some of our core raiding group. We are not a hardcore or elitist guild, all we want to do is have fun progressing new content with a group of friends :) We're open to new people, we use Teamspeak for daily and on-raid communication. When you see that the guild chat might be a bit less responsive, pop on to Teamspeak and you will see that there is at the very least some banter going on ^^ Classes/specs we need: - DPS - monk, warlock, warrior, mage, other range dps can be considered - Healer - monk, shaman, paladin. - Tank - currently full - Socials are also welcome! What do we expect: We want you to be ready on time, have food and flask with you, your gear needs to be ilvl 350+, gemmed and enchanted and Your brain ready to learn and progress :) As mentioned before teamspeak is used for communication, so have your mic working. As we try to keep our guild friendly and fun, we'd like you to act accordingly :) this way we hope to clear the current HC raid and move on to Mythic with the future tiers of raiding also going along these lines. What do we offer: - Friendly and fun atmosphere during raiding and during everyday activities, we do know that mistakes happen, so don't worry about that :) - Experienced players leading raids, ready to help with Your class and tactics - People to do mythics+ runs with - An environment for new or returning players to learn and grow - Beer and booty for everyone ;) Raid times: Tuesday and Sunday 20:00 - 23:00 server time. Contact: Comment on the post, Battlenet: Morgh#1589 Cryus#2866 In-game: Lilanya Touchmè Vésryn Nicódemus SaftaraTouchmè0 1d
1d [A] LF a Raidng team Hi Guys and Girls, As the title suggests I'm looking for a team of people (don't want to leave my guild if I can help it) that have availability for DPS on a Tuesday and Saturday night 21:30 - 02:00 server time. I really enjoy the guild i'm in and don't want to leave it but unfortunately their schedule doesn't line up with mine. I am open to the fact I might need to change servers etc but it would take some convincing for me to do that. A bit about me : I have played since vanilla, I have had a few months off here and there a long the way and tried other MMO's, I have played several classes and have played all 3 dungeon roles at some point, I'm an easy going person, but due to restricted play time I can't always do everything I would like to do in WoW so I need to focus on things I enjoy and raiding is something I've dabbled with but due to time restraints never felt I could be an effective raider but now I would like to take it up a gear and really give it a shot. I've done LFR but found it lacking, just feels like 40 people attacking a training dummy. I get that LFR is supposed to be easy mode, but I know I can rise to the challenge of proper raiding. I wont take up any more your time. Thanks for reading this, if you want to add me on feel free its janner#2399 Thanks again :)Hengral0 1d
1d Devon & Cornwall UK Community. Looking for people from Devon and Cornwall to join a community. Looking to do Wow Classic as a close nit community with possible meets in the future. Player Base is Growing but we still need more. :) 1d
2d LF Battle Group | Community Hi, I'd like to join a PvP battle group / community and a gold making farming battle group / community. Preferably very populated. Got any suggestions? Thanks!Wickfield0 2d
2d [H] Weekend Community for Raid/M+/BGs Hey! We are a bunch of friends that cannot play frequently or regularly on workdays, as we have tight schedules, families, frequent business trips etc etc but that still do not want to give up on good raids, M+ and Bg. We play usually during the weekends, and maybe one evening during workdays, coordinating together. I am sure that out there, there are persons with the same issues, so why not stick together? Does not matter if you already have a guild, you are already part of other communities or you just want to gear up alts: if you want to play during weekends, you are relaxed and respectful, contact us! We would love to join an already existing community, if there is such; if not, once four people will contact us (as we are six), we will create the community ourselves. We could be the weekend warriors, but I am sure there is another metric cube of guilds called like that :P feel free to suggest funny names!Liranthar5 2d
2d CONDITION, Call for EU Ally TURKISH friends CONDITION grubu Ilk olarak EU-Outland'de "Blue Lagoon" olarak kuruldu. 30 Kasım 2017 de kurulan bu guild, samimi bir arkadaşlık ve performans temellerine dayanarak server'daki pek çok Türk Guildini progress'de geçerek en iyi Türk Guildi oldu. Guild olarak Mythic raidlere başlama amacımızı gerçekleştirmek için EU-Silvermoon'a geçtik. 15 Ekim itibariyle 7/8 Hc ve 1/8 Mythic Uldir konumundayız.. 17 Ekim Ç.ba G'huun sizlere ömür olacak ve CURVE alınacak; takiben de Mythic Uldir MOTHER var sırada... -Raid gün ve saatleri (TR saati) Çarşamba - 21:00-24:00 Pazartesi - 21:00-24:00 CONDITION yeni bir yapılanmaya gidiyor Condition Guildimiz Silvermoon'da [A] yer alıyor. Bu server'a transfer olacaklara kapımız her daim açık. Ne var ki gerek maddi sıkıntılardan gerekse de bulunduğu server ve arkadaşlarından ,hatta yer aldığı yabancı yada Türk Guildinden kopmak istemeyen pek çok arkadaşımızın olduğu inancındayız. Blizzard'ın bize sunduğu yeni bir sistem olan "Community" ile artık ortak aktivitelerde keyifle birlikte olabileceğiz. Condition Community aramıza katılacak arkadaşlardan ne bekliyor? Öncelikle Condition guildi olarak en önem verdiğimiz şey dostluk ve samimiyettir. Bu durum Communitimizde de aynen devam edecek. 20 li yaşlardan 60 küsurlara kadar geniş bir yaş skalasına sahibiz. Ortak noktamız keyifle oyun oynamak; raidlerde hem şakalaşırız hem de Boss'ları teker teker devirip geçeriz. Condition, "Her şey dozunda olunca güzeldir" diyen bir guilddir. Communitimize katılmak isteyen arkadaşlarımızın bir kaç kuralımıza uymalarını bekleriz: -18 yaşından büyük olmak -350 ve üzeri ilvl olmak (Raidlere katılabilmek için) -Grup içinde ve discordta küfür veya argo içeren sözler kullanmamak -Hiç bir şekilde siyaset yapmamak -Takım arkadaşlarına saygı göstermek -Raidlere ve oyun içi takvimde ilan edilecek tüm aktivitelere zamanında ve hazırlıklı gelmek... CONDITION AKTİVİTELERİ Raidler: Ç.ba ve P.tesi TR saati ile 21 - 24:00 8/8 Hc olana kadar yapılacak progress raidlerinin yanısıra, ilk 5 Uldir Boss'ları da Mythic olarak denenmeye devam edecek. Taloc sizlere ömür; sıra Mother'da :) Mythic Plus'lar: Cuma akşamları 21-24:00 arası M+ grupları kurarak o haftanın olabilecek en iyi weekly Chest'ini almaya çalışacağız. Elbette gücümüzün yettiği ölçüde olacak bu M+ ; en düşük M7+ hedeflemeliyiz ki 375-380 ilvl olmasa bile en az 370 ilvl itemi alabilelim. Expedition'lar: Yine Cuma akşamları M+ için kurulan gruplar kendi aralarında verecekleri kararla Mythic Expeditionlar yapabilirler. Bu durum, bizim "Azerite Power" ımızı hızla arttıracağından, Azerit itemlerimizi çok daha çabuk en yüksek seviyede kullanmamızı sağlayacaktır. CONDITION Community'e Nasıl Katılacaksınız ? Son derece kolay. Bizlerle birlikte bu birlikteliğin yapıtaşlarından biri olmak istiyorsanız; hep beraber keyifle WoW oynayalım ise arzunuz.. aşağıdaki linki kullanarak Community 'e katılabiliyorsunuz. Lütfen katılım sonrası Adınızı , yaşınızı bu topic'in altına yazarsanız daha samimi bir sosyal grup oluşturmuş oluruz. Katılım Davet Linki: Aktiviteler oyun içi takvimde yer alacak. Katılacaklarınızı işaretleyeceksiniz. Progress raidlerde Condition şimdilik 1 adet Cauldron kullanacak. Herkes kendi yiyeceklerini ve 2 adet flaskını (Alchemistler 1 adet) yanında getirecek. Bu kısım Progress raid için zorunlu. Discord'u kullanıyor olacağız. Hem raidler hem de her türlü aktiviteler için hazırlanan özel odalarımız olacak.. Haydi.. Hep birlikte, nezih bir sosyal ortamda keyifle oyun oynamaya.. Tıklayın Davet Linkine.. açılan Blizzard sayfasından verilen KOD'u kopyalayın.. Oyuna girin.. Guild and Communities ikonuna tıklayın.. Join Community kısmına girin.. Açılan penceredeki altta yer alan boşluğa kopyaladığınız KOD'u yapıştırın.. HOŞGELDİNİZ Condition grubuna :)Popplee6 2d
2d Looking for mature social/casual guild (EU) Hey, I am a returning player (last played Wotlk) I'm looking for a mature guild/community that is completely casual/social. I've a number of characters, none of which are max level and am looking for like-minded EU/UK people to hang out with and just enjoy the game. All my toons right now are on Runetotem. Thanks :)Talluin6 2d
3d <Redemption>-Sunstrider Late night raiding guild. We are a late night raiding guild on the server Sunstrider. We have cleared normal and are currently 8/8 Heroic, we are looking to recruit mainly DPS, but all roles and classes are welcome to apply. We send out invites at 23:15 with our raids beginning at 23:30 and going on until 01:30 server time. We raid on Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, and Monday. We aim to have a relaxed yet serious raiding environment and to progress through all of the content in the current tier, and tiers to come. We regularly participate in guild groups of Mythic plus and help each other out gearing etc. If you are interested in a trial, or even to join as a social add one or all of the players below on bnet, they will add you back and respond as soon as they are able. You can also join the guild discord and post in the recruitment section or message an officer or the GM. Twiv#11847 - Me Gillbert#2948 - Guild MasterTwiv1 3d
3d Dansk Horde Guild(Skullcrusher/Al'Akir/Xavius) Eye of Odin, et af danmarks ældste guilds søger folk til mythic raiding i BfA. Vi har raidet siden Vanilla, og har stort set været det hele igennem siden dengang. Vi har en bred skare af folk i guilden. Vi er en social horde guild, som lægger stor vægt på fælleskab, tolerance og godt humør. Vi er ikke elitære, dog forventer vi at folk kan deres kram og performer bedst muligt. Vi raider onsdag, torsdag og søndag fra 20:00 til 23:00 og lægger en ære i at hjælpe hinanden igennem diverse forhindringer Blizzard designer til vores fornøjelse. Vi er i øjeblikket på 2/8 mythic Uldir og søger lige de sidste 2-3 raiders for at kunne fortsætte vores progression. Vi mangler healers og dps, tank rollerne er fyldt ud. Er du interesseret så kontakt mig, Praeperuro eller Moonnightz in-game.Gok0 3d
3d (H) Random BG Community Been looking for a community for casuals/socials, that enjoy playing random bg's for fun and laughs. I wasn't able to locate any dedicated to this, so decided to create my own. If your not driven to hit ranks, but to just enjoy PVP for the social aspect then this is the community for you. My main aim is to get a group of friendly people to play random bg's together on a regular basis. If interested you can join the community via the link below and Discord will be used. For the Horde!Jonzico0 3d
3d Dansk Horde Guild, Tarren Mill. SEMPER DANICA Vi er en social dansk horde Guild, som har plads til alle. Vi har et fantastisk community, hvor det er umuligt ikke at passe ind. Vi laver en masse in-game, alt fra questing til raiding, samtidigt ses vi også er irl. De venskaber du får i Semper Danica er ikke kun in-game. BATTLE FOR AZEROTH Velkommen til helvede xD .. Vi er klar til at vinde kampen mod Alliancen! Vi har længe gjort os klar til denne expansion, og nogle af vores medlemmer har endda taget ferie og fridage, for at få den bedst mulige start på BFA. VIL DU SPILLE MED OS? Semper Danica søger nye medlemmer til vores guild. Tag et kig forbi vores hjemmeside, hvor du blandt andet kan finde vores facebook side, forum, events, billeder og discord mm. Eller er du allerede nu klar til at møde os, så hop ind på vores Discord og snak løs. Ellers er der kun én ting tilbage at sige: FOR THE HORDE! ✊Vybs0 3d
3d <Sonkei> late night guild LF for x-realm raiders <Sonkei> - Are a late night raiding guild creating a community for other late night raiders who want a steady raid spot in all of our raids - We are looking to bolster our roster and so can offer the right player a spot in all of our raids, as if you were a full guild member - Once we progress onto Mythic we are also open to you transferring to us full time if you wish - Raiding days and times: Tuesday-Thursday-Sunday from 22:00-01:00 server time - Currently looking for all DPS, especially ranged - Current progress 5/8 HC - Contact: bella#2151 or join us on this link: We are only interested in people who want to raid with us and not socials and we will require a quick chat on discord with you to make sure we are a good fit with each other before we bring you into our raids.Churchill4 3d
3d [Horde] Stress-free, Chill RAID COMMUNITY (6/8 N) Greetings everyone, I'm Elloa, guild leader of a small, casual, chill guild on AeriePeak, aimed for newplayers, returning players, friends and followers of my Twitch/Youtube. More infos: We are now working on creating our raid-roster, and to make our task easier, we decided to create a Community to allow players/characters of other servers to join. This is to avoid players to re-roll or to pay a transfer. We are looking for more casters and melee DD. If you are interested to find a relaxed, chill raiding community, we may be the place for you. If you are interested, you can contact us on Discord ( in game ( I now play on this character) Below, more informations: GOAL: We aim to offer a nice, kind, stress free, relaxing BUT focused environment to progress our raiding in BFA. Everyone is welcome, regardless of skills and experience, as long as you are willing to learn and respect these few rules ... WHAT IKIGAI OFFERS We aim to; - Take part in two progression raids each week. - Additional guild runs when possible (completion, alt, funtime) - A raider rank for raiding characters that gives access to guild repairs and the flask tab of the bank. - Guild repair for progression runs- flask and feast - Calm, relaxed, positive and focused environment. - A Raiding Community : IKIGAI RAID for x-servers characters HOW WE SET UP OUR RAID Priority to be confirmed in a raid: - Was present the last progressing raid (and wiped a lot with us) - Class/role required - First signed, first served As we aim for flexible normal, and flexible heroic (10min-30max), we should be able to welcome anyone within the role restrictions. DISCLAIMERS - We will accept in our raid players of different skill range. Which mean that some players may be very skilled, and some players may be less so. We want everyone to feel welcomed - Patience and Tolerance, and probably wipe resistance will be required from you. Please do your very best to stay pleasant. - We accept all classes and roles, but the raid composition will be obviously restricted. Know that in certain conditions you may not join a raid with your favourite class or spec, or even at all. The more flexible you are, the better it is for our raid and for yourself. - Depending of the guild interest and our own interest, we may evolve our raiding project in one way or another. THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading! Take care everyone and happy gaming!Elloatoci3 3d
3d Looking for Boost/Push Community Hello all, as the title says, I`m looking for boosting / pushing community. I enjoy boosting m10 keys and I am looking for like minded people. If we do not boost we can always push higher keys. I have 375 IL blood dk - which I pref to use if we lack tank for boosting. And currently working on my main rogue - 360 il atm with which I would like to boost/push, I just enjoy it more than tanking. Alrdy boosted a few dozens keys this expansions but my group turned out to be toxic as hell and I do not enjoy doing any activity with em anymore. I pref the community to be small, not more than 10 members. If there is such a community please reply here with your btag and i`ll add you. PS: I`m currently working 1 day (12 hours) and resting the next, so I`ll be almost aways available after 10pm ST (when I work) and the next whole day.Nérfthis0 3d
3d LF (H) players for M+ I am curently doing +6/+7 as a MW monk (healer) and I tried +9 but we couldn't finnish it in time and our dps didn't know the mechanics and our tank left. I would like to play with people who take M+ seriuosly and don't give up even if time runs out. Voice chat is required for better communication. I prefer doing lower M+ to help people get better gear but only if they going to do more often M+ with me. My ilvl357 atm if you are higher you also are welcome, maybe you don't mind to guide me threw higher M+. Add me AngryCake#21232Xyaomanga1 3d
3d Scared of Dungeons EU EN Community: Scared of Dungeons EU EN Language: English Faction: Alliance Leader: Danaien Invite Link: Notes: ... .. or just you aren't scared of human errors and wish to help those miserables... Remember those times when wow community wasn't that toxic? When ppl laughed at wipes and were more friendly to each other? When party didn't simply kick out anyone just because a few mistakes? I remember and would like to bring that back. As of now I'm scared of joining anyone. If you think it's a familiar feeling, feel free to join. Maybe if there will be more of us to help each other, we will finally enjoy the raids and dungeons :-)Spirria6 3d
3d Mythic + keystones high Hello, I'm going to start a community for like-minded people who want to bet on high level keys. The requirement will be 1000, and a high item level. What we want to achieve are daily mythic keys. - We do not accept any bad behavior you know exactly what I'm referring to. Rage quitters and flamers you can scroll on. Perhaps we shape some 4-man teams that can boost + keys to bring in some extra gold coins. But it is up to you in the community. Do you feel fit here and you're welcome to add me and I'll look through you. Looking forward to playing a few rounds together with you. Memebers:15+ Battlenet: Cream#21248Havreboll2 3d
4d EU Morning Raiding Community Community: Storm Wolves Morning Raiding Language: English, French, Russian, Portuguese Leader: Absollute/Abslock Community Link: Storm Wolves morning community is an ever-growing international platform for european morning raiders. Originated in late MOP, the guild has the rich history and a strong family feel. Over the years Storm Wolves has evolved into a diverse culture raiding guild for anyone who finds it very hard to participate in the "normal times" events. We welcome late night shift workers, early birds and simply anybody who wants to raid, do Dungeons, Battlegrounds or even play another games together in the morning. Storm Wolves community believes that video-games are made for fun and enjoyment. We embrace the balanced atmosphere where social banter and focused attitude towards harder content co-exist. We understand that life outside the gaming is important, that everyone's circumstances are different, and that people learn at different pace. But no matter what we do together, we respect each other, give support and push through challenges as a Community. Interested in participating in some of our events? Or even consider to join our Guild? Check out our Morning Raiding Community by clicking the link above.Abslock17 4d
4d H - Iron Madness - Pozzo dell'Eternità FOR THE HORDE!!! La Gilda < Iron Madness > Social/PVE apre i reclutamenti al fine di ampliare il roster raid. Attualmente in cerca di due healer (di cui uno preferibilmente Prete Discipline), ranged dps, ed un tank (non necessariamente main ma con eccellente conoscenza della spec nella propria classe), cercasi player pronti ad entrare sin da subito in raid dopo una breve valutazione introduttiva. Tutte le classi saranno comunque valutate, attualmente la Gilda ha all'attivo 8/8 Normal, 2/8 HC, rimasti un pò indietro a seguito dei numerosi lasciti alla fine di Legion. Raid info: Lunedì (Farm Normal), Mercoledì e Giovedì (Progress HC) [21.00-23.30] con Canale Discord dedicato. Si sottolinea la natura Social della Gilda pur mantenendo una particolare attenzione e disciplina durante le serate di Raid. Per info.... Contattare qui o in Game: (Reclutatore) Jsamael (JPope#2848). Solo in Game: (Officer) Konufis, Cantide, (GM) Ildentino Pozzo dell'Eternità - Well of Eternity The Guild <Iron Madness> Social / PVE opens recruitments in order to expand the raid roster. Currently looking for two healers (one of which preferably Priest Discipline), ranged dps, and one tank (not necessarily main but with excellent knowledge of the spec in their class), looking for players ready to enter immediately in raid after a brief introductory evaluation. All classes will still be evaluated, currently the Guild has assets 8/8 Normal, 2/8 HC, remained a little behind following the many legacies at the end of Legion. Raid info: Monday (Farm Normal), Wednesday and Thursday (Progress HC) [21.00-23.30] with dedicated Discord Channel. The Social nature of the Guild is emphasized while maintaining special attention and discipline during the evenings of Raid. For info Contact here or in Game: (Recruiter) Jsamael (JPope#2848). In game only: (Officer) Konufis, Cantide, (GM) Ildentino Pozzo dell'Eternità - Well of EternityJsamael1 4d
4d (A) Night Order (an obvious night community) Greetings everyone. Midnight is a guild that resides in Eonar EU. We started a community to facilitate night players who can't play early. If your playtime is around 00:00 server time and after, even better we wait you. S T E L L A guild from Blade Edge is on a joint venture with us. Anyone and any guild can join. Night gaming is not for anyone. We know. Gather up night owls. Let's organize and unite. Drama queens, Loot hungry people avoid by all means it's not for you.Merida0 4d
4d Social horde community EU? I'm looking for a social community for horde. Can someone link me one? :)Fie0 4d
5d New community: Trade chat I could not find a simular community, so here it is. We need a trade chat. - A trade chat accessible anywhere. - A trade chat that stores messages posted previously when you were offline. - A trade chat without spam; with no old memes and endless guild ads. - A trade chat where you can filter offers and requests, depending on what you want to sell or buy. - A trade chat with a seperate channel to talk WOW economy and issue trader's status. All this we can now have. Here is how: - Join Trade Chat - Invite your friends - Use channels for their purpose And i think, it might work.Hemmung3 5d
5d For Honoring Erdener Hi from player who is playing this game since 2005; I just wanted to ask you a very good favor. but this favor is not for me and my friends its would be a great memory for this man. He passed away (because of cancer) like 6 months ago and he was 73 year old. he played wow since begining probly he was the oldest player from Turkey who's playing World Of Warcraft - From Warcraft Turkey facebook page most of the people knew him and all of them is sad about it. Me and my friend just want to make him unforgettable, he loved to pet battle he was always leveling pets and giving them to someone else to make them happy. ıs there anyaway to give his name to a new pet? or any special pet tamer ? His name was Erdener Gizdesh that would be really really good and it will make many people HAPPY if you name a pet or NPC as Erdener to Honor his Memory! he was really good person UNFORGETTABLE We need your support as a Community to reach our voice to Blizz Dev Team.. thanks for understanding and your help have a good day !Kibrisli43 5d
5d Looking for friends :O Looking for some people to play Wow with, have a couple high level char's and some low level, fairly new to the game (less than 2 months). Have discord, just looking for people to hang out and play with :) Battletag: Bearbear1aps#2241Bellabean1 5d
5d Guild options which disappeared I pass the issue here since there's no insight in the french forum The new Communities system have removed significant options such as - reading officer notes - modify officer notes - read officer channel - write in officer channer These changes did harm the guild life and guild management especially in social guilds, roleplay guilds, and so on. For example in my guild, the "officer" entries are only editable by myself (guildmaster and alts), but must be readable by any member, since it displays who is who as a player and as a reroll. These informations are critical to ensure a good cohesion, and for the members to know who they are chatting with. Now they can no longer access these informations... Moreover the officer channel should be available for "officer declarations" that is no more possible with a pure-officer system like this. As for our guild, the officer channel was used as a all-members in-roleplay channel. Hence that had to close. Please Blizzard notice these issues and please fix back the social tools of guild management.Ajaxandriel0 5d
6d (H) Havoc DH looking for m+ premade or community (10+) Hi there, havoc DH looking for active community or premade to do runs during the week. 376.3 ilvl and 970r.ioLucainodd0 6d
6d Mythic+ team 1200 rio and 375 ilvl affliction looking for stable team for m+ keyUrshak2 6d
12 Oct [H] Finnish casual raiding community 7/8hc Owo-Twisting Nether is looking for more people to join our community for raiding, pvp and mythic+ content or just for socializing. We are all Finnish players and some of us are old hc players aged between 25-30y. Our raid times are thursday 18-21 and sunday 17-20. We dont require to join every raid. We understand that at this age life comes first (family, work etc.) so we are looking laid-back players that want to enjoy raiding. Having some knowledge of raiding and your class is needed since we are tackling hc raid content. Current progress is 8/8n and 7/8hc and we have 11+ active raiders. Thank you for reading and contact us here or in-game!Pelkkäälihaa0 12 Oct