Battle for Azeroth Class Development

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1h Arms Tuning Coming Very Soon Greetings, Warriors of Azeroth! We’re working on some significant tuning for Mastery: Deep Wounds. As has been pointed out here on the forums and elsewhere, the value of Mastery is particularly low for Arms. Although we are still working out the exact numbers, you can expect the following changes, intended to make Mastery a competitive combat rating: A large increase to how much Mastery affects Deep Wounds’ damage. A decrease to the damage of Arms’ other (non-Deep Wounds) abilities. Increasing the effectiveness of Mastery necessitates that we offset it with reductions to other abilities, to keep Arms’ total damage about the same – this change is aimed at making sure Mastery is useful, not to be an overall buff to the spec. With an average amount of Mastery, Deep Wounds is going to be much stronger after these changes. Note that the impact of these changes will differ slightly per-character, based on how much Mastery rating they have. We will, of course, keep an eye on Arms’ performance and continue to make adjustments as necessary. With the first raid of Battle for Azeroth opening on September 5th, we expect to make further pre-raid adjustments to this and other specs as usual over the next three weeks. Thanks for your ongoing passion and feedback. See you on the battlefield!Aerythlea16 1h
1h Hands down, worste world pvp experience ever Hi lads, First of all, GJ on the instances blizzard, those has been really great an entertaining, HOWEVER World PvP is probably in the worste sh*tstate ever. Fix the god damn scalings. It's so F'ing rediculous, a level 110-115 takes 0 dmg and do a billion, to a player who has 335 ilvl with the latest mythics gear. On my mage i'm getting slaughtered and punished in world pvp, for having level'ed to 120. It's fecking out of the world how stupid this is. How can it possibly be ok, for someone with the latest expansion gear, getting slaughtered by someone with previous expansion gear. Please wake up and quickfix this crap. That was my 2 cents.Ðaxtar10 1h
2h Class Devolution - PvP I genuinely don't understand what Dev's were thinking. This doesn't encourage excitement for the next expansion. It makes me wish I'd spent my money on something I'll actually enjoy playing. Why were so many heals removed from WW? Healing elixir - gone. Port heal - gone. Karma heal - gone. We're now extremely reliant on healers who are (understandably) scarce. Why was the mobility of WW reduced? FSK time reduced. Tiger Style - removed. Port time increased. Why nerf our CC's? Incap - 45s LegSweep - 1min SotWL - aoe slows removed FoF stun removed (fof stun ensured we held our target in place for our strongest ability, now they just walk away from it, laughing I'm sure Dev's are aware). Why remove bonuses? Tier sets gone. Legendaries gone. Why reduce PvP talents to just 3? Why no new talents? While I'm here... [rant] my biggest defensive is also my biggest offensive. Once I've popped Karma, all damage after 50% hps is hitting me in the face, so during a big burst, I get about 3s uptime with Karma. Rogues have a solid 10 seconds of dodge. They also get to Cheat Death, Vanish or redirect threat(pve) in dire situations. I get to 'run away' with my reduced mobility. Rogues get an instant cast heal for 30% every 30seconds. I get to stand still & spam cast Vivify while getting punched in the face, for heals. Rogues get a perpetual arsenal of stuns, I get 1 per minute. [/rant] I'm not asking for nerfs to rogues, I don't want to ruin anyones fun / playstyle. I'm asking why someone ruined mine.Kaizen11 2h
2h Mage weapons for BfA I've not come across any drops for a staff but plenty for wands, I can't equip a wand so wonder what is happening for Bfa and mage weapons. I'm level 120 now and stuck with a 225 staff.Weedchick1 2h
2h make ALL azerite traits available for ALL pieces I'll be relatively short here and explain why. If you check my armory you'll see I'm using 2 azerite armor pieces. 2 285 and 1 310. I got 3 pieces in my inventory at 325. Why am I not using those? Thats what this thread is about. All 3 of my armor pieces give me Warbreaker DPS buffs. Im stacking is so I literally go from 9k warbreaker to 23k. it feels great. Then I get a new shoulder azerite armor. Cool. 30+ item lvl upgrade. Nice. Then I inspect it... and it gives me a bladestorm DPS buff of 150 ... -___- stacking 6 times which means my bladestorm of 23.2K will become around 24.1k Okay. Lets say I find 2 more pieces. And another gives me bladestorm buff. Same number. And the last one gives me a overpower shockwave buff of 2k. I equip them and got a higher item lvl ! YAY! But now my warbreaker ...dropped from 23.1k to 9k. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Math overview: Bladestorm got a 900 damage buff. OVerpower got a 1.7k buff. Warbreaker lost 14k damage. = Improvement ?? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is obviously mathematically obvious that this swap NO MATTER the F'ing item lvl isn't ideal. How much damage do I gain however from changing 3 item pieces? My mortal strikes goes from 6.5k to 6.8k. Yeah. Completely insignificant. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Conclusion: This feels bad. It feels dumb. And blizzards attempt to make every player swap due to higher item lvl focus for the sake of casualization is NOT working at all. No matter the secondary stat squish. I dont give a damn about the higher item lvl because I LOSE a colossal amount of damage to my Warbreaker. WHY...would I wanna do that? 14k people... You can give me a item lvl 400 shoulder. If it has the wrong azerite trait of buffs bladestorm by 190 I still wont care because the damage still wont be measuring up to Warbreakers loss. Furthermore is the fact that Bladestorm has a 90 second cooldown. Warbreaker has a 45 sec cooldown. Mixed with Anger Management its like 20 seconds roughly. Its a colossal amount of damage. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Proposition: PLEASE fix this problem by making ALL azerite traits available for ALL azerite armors. So players can choose what they like whenever they get an upgrade. because right now I got 6 freaking armor pieces sititng in my inventory ranging from 310-325 + and I wont equip them because if I do I literally grow weaker. My item lvl goes from 311 to 317-318 and I get SIGNIFICANTLY weaker. And i dont even want to think about this !@#$ happening during raiding. Weekly runs on normal or heroic which is what I like only to get the wrong freaking armor piece. Or worse. mythic + 15 azerite armor piece. Huge item lvl upgrade but wrong azerite trait that screws you over. This isn't working at all, Blizz. Conclusion: Upgrading armor should feel good. Not bad. Please make all traits available to the armor pieces. Or this will become a big annoyance as the expansion goes on.Gahrrosh5 2h
2h Elemental shamans are trash right now Who was the monkey that balanced elemental shamans? I just levelled from 110 to 120 in two days and I have never found it more difficult in my life to quest. I can barely handle 2 mobs and now at 120 I thought it would get easier it's now got harder... 1 mob can almost solo me and I am almost guaranteed to die if I don't have globals. No damage and tanks are doing about 20% more damage than me in dungeons no contest with other dps right now. BUFF!!!!!!Luminøsity4 2h
2h Feral dps in BfA (PVE) Dear Blizzard, i know feral isnt one of the more played classes right now (probably cause you neglect the class) but please buff there dps. They get out damaged by tanks in PvE its a joke. They were just about viable in legion, but in bfa they are even less viable since you decided to nerf brutal slash. And they hit about as hard as a wet tissue. Can feral not just be a PvP class for one expansion. stop giving us cosmetics and actually give us some aoe. Thanks.Cycos7 2h
2h Dk and dh on beta Both classes feel weak and usless in beta i hope it wount be realsed like that The last dk nerfs on beta are too much And dh lost all range dmg and got nerfed over all like removal of slow wich should be baseline This both classes can be easily switch with warrior wich double their dmg and have ms And have utility for his teamKayjitsu20 2h
3h Frost DK squishy I'm feeling frost dk's are so squishy. Last night i played some skirms. and could not survive long enough to get off death strike. Also had popped all my defend cd. Anyone else having this problem?Mammoet2 3h
6h Warlocks The time has now come for blizzard to take a good long look at the warlocks, including the warlock forums, to properly read the concerns of warlock players and fix the class according to both balancing of the class in concordance with the rest of the classes and the class fantasy. What I assume the class fantasy is based on how warlock is currently is: Mobility: 1/10 Survivability: 3/10 Utility: 2/10 Self Sustainability: 3/10 Burst damage: 13/10 Damage: 10/10 This is of course what I assume the class fantasy would be, and you are free to disagree on this with the whole exception that you post directly on your warlock character, to prove that you actually do play this class and your words have as such meaning.Spectre40 6h
8h Warriors Two-hand thing Hello, my idea is simple. I think we should be able to transmog two-hand to one hand because lot of us have some beautiful transmogs so do I have teebus scorching straight sword. Since we can transmog STAFF for warriors which makes me laugh when I cant do a one hand. I know it has some issues maybe in animations but its still reasonable in my opinion. I would be really greatful if it become a thing and its just a fashion change and it doesnt change any gameplay. Sorry for my mistakes in english. Its my third languageAkin0 8h
9h Retribution Paladin "Exorcism" Idea So this is my first time ever posting. So do not bash me if my idea is too weird lol. It is a well known fact that as retri paladins we miss the ability "Exorcism". The idea is to remove the first tier talent "Execution Sentence" to return Exorcism. Maybe just a simple replace with minor adjustments to its cd and debuff. I thought of something like this: Exorcism, a 3 holy power finisher, (I know it wasn't a finisher before but anyways whatever brings it back lol) blasts the soul of the enemy target with pure holy energy leaving it vulnerable to paladins holy abilities by %10 percent for 15 seconds, this effect stacks 2 times. With a 10 second cooldown. I liked the idea and just wanted to share with you guys. I don't know if it would be op or something but with adjustments to the damage i believe it can work and can add some new play styles to us retri paladins.Lithranduil1 9h
9h Artifacts after Legion - What about new players? Many people who play WoW have moved on from their artifacts and some even say good riddance to them, but what about new players? One of the main things Legion advertises is getting this all powerful artifact weapon with its own special ability which you have to empower. Now, instead, you still get the artifact, but the cool ability is gone due to it being a talent for some classes, and you no longer empower, the new player being greeted with a screen saying they've sacrificed its power to save Azeroth and questing through Legion just to find a lot of greyed out vendor trash from even the most important of missions. Although this is only a minor or even welcome change for existing players, I worry for how new players will feel when they get this absolutely useless artifact weapon at level 100 rather than what was advertised on the tin. Would it not have simply been smarter for the artifacts and their abilities and empowering items to work throughout Legion but once you sacrifice it at 110 it all deactivates then rather than practically scrapping the entire system?Gorvash0 9h
11h Windwalker Feedback Repost due to the closing of the other sub forum Due to the changes the specc underwent in the couple last months its specc identity and fun have completly vanished. The specc i played since mop and accumulated almost 300 days /played time is just no longer there. i have spoken to alot of other high rated windwalkers and noone enjoys whats left of this once fast paced and engaging specc, that was centered around setting up kills with stuns and cc similar to rogues. However now that almost every utility has been removed or nerfed into oblivion it just feels like i have no impact on the game. Here is what i would like the see being changed to restore that core gameplay windwalker was about: Pve Talents: row 15 and 30 are fine row 45 Fist of the White Tiger add the effect from the legion legendary The Wind Blows to it row 60 Tiger Tail Sweep is underperforming compared to the other choices either it should reduce the cd further or be changed completly row 75 Inner Stregth should be increased to 3% row 90 Hit Combo has to be buffed again row 100 Spiritual Focus is a rly boring talent but i understand that there has to be a passive talent in each row so change whirling dragon punch talent to Strike of the windlord and make WDP baseline Honor Talents: Heavy-handed Strikes should be changed back to stuning the targets i would even take the mop version of fist of fury ,were you were rooted while channeling it but for the love of god pls make it stun again Yu'lon's Gift it should work with roll aswell because having it on flying serpent kick is just useless and there is no point in wasting one of three talent spots for that Tiger Style that talent just feels like a placeholder there is no situation anyone would ever pick that it should be reworked Eminence way to weak to justify it taking up a talent spot either buff it heavily or rework it Control the Mists it just feels to weak 9k heal on a 139k hp pool and our only healing ability as a hybrid either buff it heavily or rework it New Honor Talent ideas Spinning Fire Blossom from mop Healing Sphere from mop (instead of control the mists) improved Paralysis cd reduction to 25sek and maybe add the positioning aspect from mop back (frot 4 sec ; behind 6 sec) at last change Touch of Death back to a 10% execute or remove the GCD from it having more then one offensive cooldown with the new gcd change feels rather punishing then rewarding and here is why: Inflict mortal damage on an enemy, causing the target to take damage equal to 50% of your maximum health after 8 sec, reduced against players. During the 8 sec duration, 10% of all other damage you deal to the target will be added to the final damage dealt. You want to do as much dmg as possible in that 8 sec window, so will you use it together with Sef or Serenity and preferably when your opponent is stunned so he cant use any defensives. Following that logic you would press Legsweep Serenity ToD thats 3 globals were you do nothing but wait for gcds. Furthermore your only stun is effectively 2 sec because you have to cc yourself for 2 to press cds. Tiger Palm reduce the energy back to 40 since we lost the extra energy from the artifact traitBalia2 11h
12h Deleting abilities from classes needs to stop Already in legion your skill and experience on class wasn't that important since all classes are dumbed-down and made to the easiest possible model. If you really believe your dps is not only gear based then you surely missed the fact most of classes have 3 skills in rotations and 0 hard mechanics to that. In bfa, EVEN retribution paladin was EVEN MORE Dumbed down which is complete joke to me. What makes combat fun if you don't even have to be focused on that ? with most of classes YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE TO THINK WHAT YOU ARE PRESSING and you still do the higest dps on metters. When i started playing this game IN TBC i completely didn't understand my class, i knew i do something wrong and i really liked the fact i have to work on it, i have to practise, to know my class better, I liked the fact I can be better than other ppl if i'll learn more about my class. and now ? You dont need to know your class cuz here is really nothing to learn about, you only need gear and proper stats ;) Think about it, think about how DUMB and brainless combat became. and the worst is, blizz is just keeping prunings. The game becomes more and more noob friendly from day to day, i get that ok , i understand raid scaling dificulty, from mythic to raid finder. I don't mind that cuz it doesn't force me to do raid finders, its option for these who doesn't understand the game. BUT CLASS DESIGN IS COMPLETELY ANOTHER STORY, since blizzard forces not only noobs but also experienced players to be bored with this brainless, too easy and dumb class design we got in bfa. Prunings needs to stop, its about time to bring back some mechanics to classes, proper rotations and start to add abilities again. If we 'll get another prunings classes will have only auto attack in spell book.Calaxina14 12h
17h Restoration Druid in BfA - PvE version A general feedback on RDruid in BfA. TL;DR version: We lack of numbers. The main problem of the RDruid, at this moment, is simple: Our HoTs can't compete with the damage taken by people in dungeons (and I'm sure this applies to raids), and we only have two sources of direct healing: Regrowth, spammable, and Swiftmend, with 25sec CD. And clearly, Regrowth is not sufficient to do ALL the direct healing, and our 4 core HoTs can't do the job either. Burning a minimum of 33% of mana to maintain a single tank alive is clearly a problem in the class design. And, yes, "a minimum". Which means "a group of 4 mobs". More? Well, you just can't deal with all the damage dealed on the tank. We, actually, lack of numbers and lack of direct healing. In addition, spells who should be core are now talents, and the choices in those lines of talents are clearly worse. So, here's some suggestions. - Bring back a direct healing spammable spell. Nourish was good back in the days, why deleting it? - A solid and straight buff of our HoTs potency. - Cenarion Ward (Lv15) and Tree of Life (lv75) should be core spells, not talents. The other possibilities just can't compete with those two. Aside of this, I don't have suggestions for the RDruid. PS: Please, stop dumbing down the classes and deleting skills, and making heavy raid mechanics on the other hand. Good gameplay is supposed to exists in the two sides.Sonaliane0 17h
20h Affliction Warlock needs some changes Affliction Warlock Soul Shard system in its current version is the core problem for this spec. Gameplay wise in its current version the fight for Affliction in both AOE and ST in comparison to other classes looks like this: ST: Affliction either slowly kill mob to save a few Soul Shards for the next mob, or burst the mob down, just to slowly kill the next mob waiting for the Shard generation. In fact Soul Shard system put us in a position where we need to choose - do we want to suck now, or do we want to suck later. Meanwhile Mages, Warriors, Paladins, Hunters, Shamans (enh), DH, Rogues, Druids, Monks don't even think about saving their spammable abilities for the next mob or fight. They just rush from one mob to another using the couple buttons and killing them averagely faster then Affliction. They don't have to think about when to suck - on this mob or the next one. No one should have to think about it. The gameplay should be fun. AOE: Affliction either spend all his Soul Shards to burst down pack of trash that are usually weak, and comes to the next pack of trash empty, or multi dot everyone looking at being the bottom of damage meters, to come to the next pack of trash and once again think what does he want to do - suck now or suck later. Meanwhile some Retri Paladin spams Divine Storm procs without even thinking about macromanagement and pop up 2 times greater numbers than Affliction burst. And the same comes to basically 90%other dps specs (poor elem and Shadow though). I offer you a few choices to solve this problem, which would greatly improve Affliction Warlock gameplay with some tuning work: 1) Let Shadowbolt generate Soul Shards, since usually Affliction spams them right after he used his Shard on stacks of UA or Seeds. That way we can immediately refill our Soul Shard pool and be prepared for the next fight. Also it would give the ability the purpose other than being just a filler slow cast. Demonology Warlocks have that, so why can't we? 2) Give all our dot abilities the chance to generate the Soul Shard. Let be honest, Agony alone is only good for this when it applied to 3+ enemies. 3) Give us the 1min CD ability to instantly get 5 Shards. You gave the similar ability to Fire Mages, who are able to get a few charges of Fire Blast instantly, so why not use the same tool for Affliction. Without these additions Soul Shard mechanic punishes us hardly. On a side note Deathbolt is basically our go to talent. I can't pick other options because they will make me useless even in the ST fights. Meanwhile, if Shadowbolt could have generate Soul Shard, that would have made Nightfall more attractive choice. Its bad i can't post on US forums, but i hope some developer would accidentally browse this section and look at this thread.Шаллаш0 20h
21h RMP kills in1 global Yeterday i played with mess rank 1 dk from na on beta 120 lvl we went against good rmp They killed ppl 100-0 in one cheap shot and even if we get one of dpsers cced And priest did more dmg than mage Priests need more nerfing they are healer with 2 schools and strongest absorbs purge and even mass dispel and have good cc Why the hell they do so much dps And sub rogues got no nerfs they do more dmg than dk or war and have lots off deffensivs utility and best cc kit in game why they do so much dmg Blizzard says that they balance around 3s This rmp was unbeatable and the dead in cheap shot is not the way balance should be This why wow esport fails and cant realy get The attention of pvp playersKayjitsu8 21h
23h Death Knight physical dmg I play a unholy DK, i woul love to see his physical dmg buffed. Dont know how it is in end game, but i loved the dmg of Festering Strike with the traits with the straight dmg buff and the trait where Death Coil buffs its dmg. In legion i didnt felt it like i was some big sword wielding killing mashine.Coldbeard0 23h
1d Getting weaker after lvl 115 I know that our artifacts stops working at some point, but after that, each lvl i'm getting weaker and weaker. Mobs hit harder, it takes much more time for me to kill them. Now at 120 it's hard to pull more that 2-3 without all cds to kill them quick or survive long enough to kill. I was fine for the first 5 lvls, blasting through content with no problems, last 2 levels were hard (but doable, i was fine, it was a challenge sometimes). But now i even have to switch to blood to kill stronger quest mob (now "Wanted" ones - they should require a group). I'm no doing Stormsong Valley and it feels really bad. Maybe it's dks problem? I'm switching between unholy and frost from time to time and it's the same. It's really weird feeling. In any rpg game as you travel further, you get stronger, bette gear and can complete content faster. In WoW it seems around 116 i'm 15-20% weaker. At 120 feels like half the strength i had at 110 :/Haaye4 1d
1d Lack of Class Excitement BfA To me the game feels awful right now. Almost every class I have feels incredibly slow and boring to play. I absolutely hate the fact that Blizzard dumbed down the classes and increased the difficulty of Raid mechanics in return. This philosophy ruined the game for me. In BG's you immediately die in teamfights when you have no personal healer, its a cycle of running in doing 5 sec of your maximum dmg rotation then die and run back again, repeat. It's not a rarity anymore that people get to 15+ deaths in a bg, not because they have bad gear and get oneshotted, but because you have almost no utility to survive on your own for more than a few seconds. This has made Bg's an absolute awful experience when it was my favorite thing to do pretty much since I started the game in WoltK up until WoD. The game has lost so much of it's flavor and things I would get excited about. Blizzard really sparked my hope for the new expansion in one of the Q&A's they did for BfA. I thought they learned their lesson after so much negative feedback about the pruning from the Class Development forums in both US and EU when Ion Hazzikostas himself admitted that they went to far with removing so many iconic abilities. The first BfA beta Build crushed those hopes again. Not only are we getting almost no new abilities except those classes who got reworked for BfA because they were absolute garbage in Legion, they also turn baseline spells into talents yet again with the most famous example probably being Shadow Word Death, an absolute joke. It gets even more mindblowing when looking at Blizzards reasoning behind the removal of so many abilities. Initially when pruning was first introduced on the WoD Alpha the outcry was immense and the reason they gave us was "we are pruning now to make space for new abilities in the future" and then later on (I think it was during Legion) they said "we want to prevent the game from ability bloat". At this point the first statement was strait up a lie because 4 years later we got almost no new abilities except as I already said the classes which were so garbage during Legion, they needed a complete rework for BfA. The second statement boggles me even more because I want to enjoy the game right now and not somewhere in the future. Even if the game somehow reaches a state comparable to MoP in terms of abilities they easily can pull a WoD and remove half our spellbook overnight. The thing I enjoyed the most in this game was always the excitement of leveling towards new abilitie/talent and then learning how they interact with every single class in the game and in every scenario. I became a pretty good player because I was so excited and therefore motivated to always keep improving and learning. When I learned everything on class X I immediately rerolled to class Y just to experience that whole process again. Also knowing how to play your class to the fullest potential was much more rewarding than it is now because the skill gap is almost not existent anymore, at least when talking about ability usage and rotations. The dps/hps difference between a average player and a really good player would be 50-60%, now its like 10-20% tops. I know I really sound desperate throughout the post but that's because I am. I really used to love this game for things that are no longer there at the same capacity. tl;dr I wish this game would get some of the excitement factor back when initially learning about new spells and interesting talents to work towards and test. This was always the biggest part for me when playing WoW and where 90% of the excitement for this game came from. Blizzards reasons for the pruning are not valid in my opinion which makes the whole situation even worse. ~ a really sad player who knows that this post wont change anything but had to do it regardlessYayox17 1d
1d Feral Druid? Crying Little Kitty? ;( <---- Tauren Druid, yes "Feral"...fading away.... not angry beast.... just weak pet in pve.... they say dmg will be better when you got some gear.... but they even dont let me get someting (kicking from RHC for no dmg) BFA dungeons are basicaly hardcore AOE, what can i do? 3x click and waiting for energy :( iam sad, Legion was good.... nice dps and even feel myghty... now? they took away everything and give you boost :D - 80% dmg + bonus no AOE just feel terrible... asking what do i do wrong? is my weapon not good? what stat i need? Haste? 1k is no good? 11% ? its boring... just click and wait for eternity.... everytime last on total dmg meter...yes sometimes when party is weak :D like 15 ilvl under me i can be better then tank :D nice feel after punishment and complain about my dps.... i really like Feral please do something now ferals are just "kick no dps...we will be in dungeon like 2 hours omg"..... kicked from dungeon :( and yes i really feel to cry :(Darkcat0 1d
1d Breath of Fire: A Deep Dive tl;dr: Spitfire is cool but undertuned. BrM has a problem with rotation over-crowding, but changes need to be surgical to avoid disrupting any of the fun in the spec. Allowing Breath of Fire to stack is both the easiest and best solution. I've been experimenting a lot with talent combinations now that my Legendaries have broken. Spitfire is a really nice talent idea that feels really bad in the context of the rest of the rotation. The randomness is unique, BrM and RNG are not things that tend to mix, but that's a good reason to have a talent that adds it. That talent, though, must provide an adequate risk/reward. Initially, I found myself thinking "this is hard to work into the rotation, it often gets wasted, I wish it was more reliable". I soon realised it wasn't the reliability I was annoyed at; so much as, the difficulty of fitting BoF into the rotation at all. Since losing my Legendary (KS resets BoF CD) bonus, I've realised that BoF is just an awkward button to fit in regardless of talent choices. Because so much of its total damage (and defensive power) is folded into the burn portion, you never want to use it sooner that 8s (12s, pandemic) after the last one. But it's also a no-energy filler that comfortably sat between TP and Blackout Strike while KS was on CD. (I think this is maybe why Sal'salabim felt so comfortable to use this past month.) So, I considered, would it be better if TP had a 25% to trigger a free BoF? Well that just becomes a free, passive 5% TDR and the satisfaction of the RNG is lost because it no longer impacts gameplay. So we can't increase the proc chance and we can't make it passive. So what if we make it do more direct damage on procs? This doesn't really address the overlap problem, but at least means you can hit it ASAP for DPS, thus you don't lose procs to delaying it till you've used all your energy on better stuff. This turns Spitfire into a clear DPS talent, an okay solution, but it removes the choice in the rotation. I feel like Keg Smash's CD sets the pace of our rotation, so it should always be the hardest hitter on our bars. So what if we keep the damage the same but take it off the GCD? At a 30s CD (baseline) it wouldn't be unreasonable compared to some other defensive cooldowns. This keeps the satisfaction of a button press after the proc and it uncomplicates fitting it into the rotation. It still doesn't address the overlap awkwardness and it has the same problem of removing the choice between flat damage reduction (BoF), a Mastery stack/combo (BOS) or faster brews (KS). And this all got me thinking about the very purpose of BoF. I found myself thinking "I like this more as a defensive button than anything". I'm so glad the damage reduction trait got rolled into BoF. Mastery, Brews, Ox Orbs: These are all great mechanics, fun to work with and reasons I love this spec (well, I have opinions on Mastery, but that's another post), but we lacked any direct mitigation buttons. BoF fits that role really well. That's the bit I get excited about with every press. (I do really like the burn interaction with KS though, that's great mechanical fantasy.) So where does all this analysis lead? What arm-chair design am I trying to shoe-horn into the game? Well here's the ideal solution: First, adjust the de-buff to 7.5% reduction over 8s as baseline. This concentrates BoF, making it more impacting and less likely to overlap. Untalented it turns BoF into a reasonably potent 30s defensive CD. Next, I let multiple stacks of the burn/reduction effect overlap; pandemic is a great mechanic most of the time, but nobody is playing BrM to track DoTs. (Okay, except... Stagger. Shush. You know what I meant.) Now we factor in Spitfire: It now offers a fairly consistent 7.5% damage reduction. This can occasionally stack up to 15%. And, lottery, 22.5%. But to get that stack you have to consider delaying Keg Smash and BOS. It's only a small DPS loss now, because the burn stacks, so it just becomes a choice between flat damage reduction and delaying brew refills (and creates interplay with Blackout Combo, if taken). This is good choice design. Yes, I said KS should set the pace of the rotation -- it still will here; but this changes the entire nature of the spec to be more directly mitigating, instead of just managing brews. Not necessarily easier/simpler, nor strong/weaker. Just a good opportunity to choose your preferred style. Addendum: Blackout Combo with Breath of Fire needs a review. If I want more BoFs I'll just take Spitfire. 3s off of a 30s CD is worthless. It's actually an inconvenience because you never want to combo BoF so you can never use BoF after BOS, which leads to occasionally wasting a proc from a combo-TP. An interaction so mechanically uncomfortable it takes me out of the flow of things every time.Shadralar1 1d
1d Subtlety - energy and other issues Dear developers, Sub have rly low energy regen/gain. i have an idea how to fix this and other issues. btw Outlaw is seriously well done spec. Sollution: 1. Rework passives: Shadow Techniques, Relentless Strikes. 2. Talents: -Master of Shadows should not be in row with AoE talents. -Make energy talent row with different types of extra energy gain. 3. Symbols of Death: make it energy over time. Explanation/ideas: rework Relentless Strikes to: CP spenders cost no energy. (it gives all energy back anyways, but problem is when i'm forces to use Shadow Dance before i pool enough energy (and it take hell lot of time) i can't cast 5cp Evis because not enough energy) -rework Shadow Techniques to: energy regen increased by 35% (*like Outlaw*) and gain 5 energy every Nightblade tick (effect does not stack) (*like old Slice and Dice back in WoD*) also delete that dmg buff on Nightblade... energy regen will be good reason to use it. issue with Shadow Tech. is: it gives random CP and energy gain is low due to proc's (approximately one proc every 2-5 sec) when i pool energy and i have already 5cp (for big Evis in SD) and it proc. it's wasted CP.... and you know.. it's random... -for more CPs make passive: every second CP generator gives you one more CP. -Out of SD and before SD it's rly borring and waiting for energy to pool... feels bad man. again... Outlaw's mechanics and energy flow are GREAT and i think these ideas are close to outlaw's mechanics. Thank you for your time :) have a nice day. (btw tried to post this on rogue forum 2 times but it didn't appear there.. can someone explain me why ? :D )Gloomie3 1d
1d Class Design gives me conniptions It's been a few days since the release of Battle for Azeroth and I've played my fair share of content (done a few skirmishes, mythic dungeons, a lot of open PvP etc.) and so far I'm quite pleased with the expansion in terms of content. But there's a big warning sign that blocks out much of the enjoyment. It's the issue of class design that plagues every class I've touched so far and combined with the GCD changes it might become a dealbreaker for me. First of all, I know that many of the problems we're experiencing right now are due to low secondary stats, an overall lack of correct number tuning (especially when it comes to PvP), too low health pools, flawed azerite traits and a very strange distribution of utility. For example many of the GCD changes didn't feel that bad initially because we had a lot of haste when the prepatch arrived and introduced these questionable changes. Now that we can for the first time see how these changes work in the content they were designed for, it bothers me quite a lot that anyone thought this would be a good idea. Right now I have a GCD of 1.42 seconds on my UH. Let's say I see a funny looking Paladin in the open World and I decide to attack him. I apply my dots, wait 1.42 seconds, use my Dark Transformation, wait 1.42 seconds, summon my Gargoyle, wait 1.42 seconds and then I can start using rotational abilities. The paladin has more than four seconds to react before I can even start doing damage. And there's the crux of it. This purely reactive gameplay simply doesn't work in an environment where some specs have an abundance of CDs to react to incoming burst damage and others only have one or two abilities (which don't really work all that well most of the time). And please don't understand this as a call to nerf rogues, paladins etc. because these classes are fine. The classes without utility are what's wrong with the game and it's not something that you can fix by simply increasing their damage to a certain threshold where utility doesn't matter anymore. This destructionist class design is fun for no one. I think WW monks are the newest shining example for this design and how it hurts the overall gameplay. These are some of the nerfs WW monks received: Fists of Fury: 4 second stun (24 second CD) -> no stun whatsoever Leg Sweep: 5 second stun (45 second CD) no global CD -> 3 second stun ( 1 minute CD) triggers global CD Paralysis: 4 second incap (15 second CD) -> 4 second incap (45 second CD) Healing Elixirs: 15% heal, 2 charges (30 second recharge) -> gone Good Karma: damage received during Touch of Karma heals you -> gone Transfer: teleport (25 second CD) with 25% heal -> teleport (45 second CD) with no heal From my point of view these changes aren't all bad (WW certainly had too much instant healing) but bare in mind that WW monks received nothing in return except for some damage tweaks (which are of course only temporary). Azerite traits are another big concern. Not are they only minor effects or stat increases that don't offer any gameplay there's also another glaring issue: why should I use an item with 340 ilvl with the first trait unlocked at HoA level 17 when I can use a 335 ilvl item that already has a trait unlocked. At this point I can only think that it's intentional to punish players for earning good gear too quick? Or is it simply intended to be an enormous grind? Right now I need 13362 "Artifact Power" for the level 17. World Quests give around 100-250 "Artifact Power". Go figure. How could this ever go live with all the passionate fans giving so much feedback?Nerovar1 1d
1d Prot Paladin in pvp So I am item level 333 and when ever I am against solo players rogue they crit me for 40k every 2 seconds and when I face up against a single enhancement shaman with around item level 280 he can melt quite quickly until i am dead I can't kill him because they self heal better then me.. Is Prot really broken in numbers? because something is not right here xDZetalis1 1d
1d Outlaw RNG is starting to bother me There are times where I can complete slay quests in 5-10 min, I round up some mobs, pop crimson vial and blade flurry, and slice 'em up. I get great RtB buffs and everything is a crit. There are other times where I'm attacking two mobs and having to pop cds to survive because I'm getting no crits and terrible roll the bones buffs. This leaves me energy starved, drinking healing pots and hovering over my vanish hotkey in case the levelling content proves too difficult. This is really beginning to get on my nerves. There's nothing more annoying than having 0 buttons you can press and the last 3 dispatches you used with 5 combo points hit for 4k. What gives?Jakdaw0 1d
1d Leveling up feels like a punishment How can you implement this really? It feels better to stay at lvl 115 then it is to go up in levels. Every ding feels like we are loosing power more and more... our tank pets are getting decimated, stats are dropping like mad for each level above 115... just feels completely wrong what you did, I know it gets better with gear, but for leveling and general feel of the game, this feels broken as fck. Doing 7k dps as 115, doing 3.5k as 118... thats 50% loss in 3 levels... thats insane... it should be other way around.Beher0 1d
1d Arms / Fury and Protection Most classes keep abilities from their other specs when they go DPS spec: Any DPS spec who have healing spec in their class keeps at least one healing ability and ressurection. DPS specs who have tank spec keep their defensives baseline such as druid bear form or DK's death strike. When warriors go either DPS specs of Arms and Fury they instantly forget all protection abilities except ... taunt? So when in trouble other specs make conscious desicion to switch to bear form / start spending runic power to heal instead of doing damage / casting actual healing spells to recover / etc. while warriors have no button to press to show that we want to sacrifice damage for staying alive. In the past we used to show that by using defensive stance - a talent that's available to Arms only but then Arms' lack of selfheal means dying anyway or by using shield block and switching to one hander and shield or even in WoD by trading rage for selfshield, like ignore pain did. So I think that Arms / Fury need to get one more ability from protection - Defensive stance, Shield block or Ignore pain in the moments when we are taking some unavoidable damage or want to help our healers and use it to trage damage with survivability when in trouble.Stansmash13 1d
1d Unholy mastery not affecting azerite traits I hope this is a bug. Azerite traits' shadow damage is not affected by mastery; At the same character level on the same azerite armor piece I see the same shadow damage with different mastery values. Again, I hope this is a bug and it get's fixed... How many hits can Unholy DK take?! nerf after nerf nerf after nerf nerf after nerf nerf after nerf nerf after nerf nerf after nerfNelkora1 1d
1d Live Class Tuning Aug. 8 With the weekly maintenance in Europe on August 8th, we're making some adjustments to several specs to address balance issues in the Pre-Patch. Here's a rundown of the changes you'll see in the live game: Druid Restoration Photosynthesis now increases rate of all HoTs by 20% (was 15%). Photosynthesis haste effect now affects Efflorescence. Cultivation healing is now 10% of spell power per tick (was 12%). Rejuvenation healing is now 18% of spell power per tick (was 17%). Mage Arcane Mana Shield drains 50% of damage as mana (was 20%). Monk Chi Wave healing increased by 25%. Windwalker Blackout Kick damage reduced by 27%. Paladin Retribution All damage abilities have been reduced 3%. Priest Smite damage reduced by 6%. Divine Star healing increased to 50% of spell power (was 40%). Discipline Shadow Word: Pain reduced by 9%. Shadowfiend damage reduced by 16%. Mindbender damage reduced by 8%. Fixed a bug where Sins of the Many was not increasing Atonement healing from Shadowfiend/Mindbinder. Holy Binding Heal now costs 2.4% of mana (was 2.0%). Holy Word: Salvation cast time increased to 2.5 seconds (was 2 seconds). Angel's Mercy cooldown reduction increased. Shaman Restoration Cloudburst now stores 30% of healing done (was 25%). Unleash Life instant healing increased by 26%. Rogue Assassination All damage abilities reduced 4%. Outlaw All damage abilities reduced 3%. Subtlety All damage abilities reduced 4%. Warrior Arms All damage abilities increased 3%. Thanks!Aerythlea18 1d
1d Emissary quests for Allied races selectable Hello there. I've seen quite a few topics wanting for a slashing of Allied Races requirements. While it's not fair to old players who have farmed that, it's also not fair to new players to have to grind for months. In order to be able to play the new races. Especially Void elf/Lightforged Draenai. I think it would be fitting to make the player be able to choose which Emissary quests he gets to do, per his needs. Having recently returned to WOW from a 1 year hiatus I find that I absolutely love Void Elf. But after completing the Argus story line quests I find myself at 1000/12000 Honored rep. That would mean I'd need a total of 33000 more rep to reach Exalted to actually be able to play Void Elf. World quests give 80 rep, Emissary cache quests give 1500 rep. That would mean I'd need to do around 20 Emmisary quests(1500 rep for a specific faction) along with the 4 world quests(80rep) for each Emmisary to get the rep I need. With the Emmisary RNG at the moment that would take anywhere from 3-4 months. I hope we can select which Emmisary we can do to best fill our needs. That would reduce the grind for Voild Elf(just an example) from 3-4 months to 20 days, which is reasonable, but still doesn't let us get the races for free, since we actually did the work. Please consider this.Ryuunosuke2 1d
2d World PvP issues for mages So I am finding World PvP really difficult. I cannot use Ice Lance as it attracts another mob, giving practically no chance of winning. Ice lance is pretty much needed to win a 1 on 1 scenario without frozen orb. Also I think it's pretty unfair that I can just spam polymorph when someone is trying to get away. I know this may seem like I'm trying to shoot myself in the foot, but I want to make this game fair. Thanks.Kovic2 2d
2d Fist Weapons So for more than two years, you changed my default weapon as a tank to fist weapons, I farmed the !@#$ out of skins for my bear based on those fist weapons... And you can't seem to give me the option of a fist weapon for a quest reward?Laorii1 2d
2d FIX SOUL BUG FOR VENGEANCE This bug has been around for long now. Whenever I'm tanking in a small, narrow location, the most of my soul fragments just disappear as they spawn. I suppose it's because they would spawn inside the wall or something. For example in the long pipe, right after the first boss in Tol Dagor, I can't make any souls because of this bug. And it happens alot in Waycrest Manor too, since I tank alot of mobs close to the wall. Without Soul Fragments, I'm just a useless tank.Fielaursén0 2d
2d Tremor Totem during fear Can we get back tremor totem being able to use while already feared? I was really surprised with that change. In dungeon I wasn't able to predict fail to kick fear despite having addon tracking all party kick CDs, the totem is very weak now and it has already 1 min CD.Borrowed3 2d
2d Battleground respawn problem In battleground after respawn im in combat mode till 3-5 second please fix itWarkokk1 2d
3d Shaman Healing.. ha what a joke!!! Started doing mythics only to find out that shaman healing is a joke like it really is a big struggle to heal any of the mythic dungeons as a shaman compared to any of the other classes . FIX please.....Línkk0 3d
3d Paladin is too op so i dueled a paladin and he was very low gear and he said he is not good at paladin but i said ok and then he is just keep using shields i couldn't do any damage once i damage him like half of his hp he heal again so paladins have highest dps with cds now so please nerf this class its not fairDevileyes6 3d
3d Make warlocks a semi melee / debuff class again. Give them their own niche. From what I remember they were supposed to be a semi melee leather wearing debuff class in alpha wow. Fire- and spellstones were a remnant of that design. With debuffs a la iron maiden from diablo 2 and some of those nice debuffs you've decided to implement as pvp only for the new expansion :( Warlocks can then incur damage and use it as fuel. They can then be an indirect means of combat. Via disruption and all that jazz. Now they are just floating inbetween with no clear identity of their own. CheersYang2 3d
3d MaGhar Warlocks as the title suggests, any reason the coolest orcs cant be the coolest class?Torquemada3 3d
3d Paladin Avenging Wrath Bug Lasts for 5 Seconds only and does not increase crit.Syorez1 3d
3d Warlock Pvp With warlock nowadays impossible to survive the melee attack and keep distance. we taken too big dmg + many block skill stun pull rush ect. We need cast lot of skills while we get instant block I hitnk its unfair. And melee more fast runner than ranged. My idea: need reduce the burning rush dmg (now its -40%hp in 10 sec) with less dmg we can use in pvp and create a funny tig pvp /OR/ Other idea more hp gain from Drain Life. I think should be 600-700% this maybe compensates the dmg what we get and improve the balanced pvpWarkokk3 3d
3d RevertToMoP Starting it seeing as though no one has. For those of you that are going to say "Blizzard only listen to detailed posts etc etc etc", blizzard have had since the WoD alpha to do something about this trash tier class design and have done nothing to revert It to how it used to be before WoD so they'll be getting none of that from me, not going to waste my time tyvm. For those of you that want fun, enjoyable and more or less 100% balance between classes lets get this trend going and see if it gets us anywhere because for me at least, I want to be able to enjoy the game again and I will do if I get fun and balanced classes again. God tier = MoP Super fun tier = Cata Fun tier = Wrath . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Eye cancer because of how bad it is tier = WoD, Legion and BFARagnaroker2 3d
4d Will Outlaw ever be fixed? Combat used to be fast and fun, Outlaw had some good ideas, RTB was not one of them. The artifact ability and traits countered how bad RTB was, but they are now gone, and I seriously doubt a bunch of watered down passive traits will help. Anyone agree? Is this the last expansion btw? If it is then I will reroll because then I know that it will never get better.Kaelthalar2 4d
4d Make Two-Handed Enhancement Shamans Great Again So there are many reasons why Enhancement Shamans should wield two-handed Weapons again: Reason Number1: Reason Number2: Reason Number3: Jokes aside: I feel like the option of 2h weapons will give us more variety in terms of gameplay feeling (BIG CRITS, "slower gamplay" vs fast 1h swings, and you can use more weapon types) and Character flair (e.g. transmog options). Yes the twohanded gamplay was boring because you couldn't press all your buttons, but it was fun nontheless. Since Shamans are getting a rework for 8.1, the devs could try to scale the abilities (Stormstrike, Lava Lash) so that two-handed weapons are fine to use again. And of course there will be those hardcore raiders who will look exactly at the DPS, but who cares if one style is a bit off, Fun>Balance ;) So pls make 2handed shamans great again!! Thank youTaonier6 4d
4d Shaman - off-tank off-spec I know there will be shaman changes in 8.1 and that is why I am writing this topic now. There are four elements - water, earth, fire and wind. Wind seems to correspond to Enhancement. Water is defo Restoration. Elemental seems to use all elements but Fire is most prominent in flame shock and Lava Burst (esspecially when it procs). What about earth? What about possibility of being off-tank in the past? Why not make Enhancement with a talent that changes the spec to allow us to tank/semi-tank like Gladiator Stance once did? It would still fit Enhancement fantasy, but instead of enhancing our weapons and dmg output we would enhance our defenses - or both. I am not asking for the best tank option is slot - I am asking for option to play as one without class-changing. @Blizzard, any chance of it happening? And if not, why would that be a bad idea?Kaelgar0 4d
4d The land of invulnerable BGs are full of invulnerable classes: Mage - Ice block Hunter - turtle what ever Paladin - gaybble Rogue - cloak of shadows/evasion/vanish the upper mentioned classes have one lesson to learn ... "oh !@#$ I'm in trouble .... it's OK, I press this button here - free HBO".Nelkora16 4d
4d Pets, now and then. Hi, during previous expansions and even in vanilla, pet control was a lot smoother than it currently is. As a pet class, calling your pet back from attacking something with the attack/follow keybind, it super clunky. in the past the pet would come straight back, right away, with no delay, now it gets stuck or wont respond for several seconds etc. Please, this is ruining a lot of moments for me and probably many others. Thanks - Gl tonightNaitoz4 4d