Battle for Azeroth Class Development

2d PvP Tuning Oct 10 2018 We've got another round of tweaks for PvP balance in the works, which we're planning to deploy tomorrow, October 10. Details are below: General Azerite Veins (Azerite Trait) duration reduced to 9 sec (was 18) when engaged in combat with enemy players. Azerite Veins healing reduced by 33% when engaged in combat with enemy players. Mage Frost Frigid Grasp (Azerite Trait) is now removed from the Mage when Ice Form fades. Intellect granted by Frigid Grasp (Azerite Trait) is reduced by 66% when gained by casting Ice Form (PvP Talent) to match its reduced cooldown. Comet Storm damage reduced by 20% when engaged in combat with enemy players. Frostbolt damage increased by 15% when engaged in combat with enemy players. Fire Meteor damage reduced by 20% when engaged in combat with enemy players. Fireball damage increased by 15% when engaged in combat with enemy players. Rogue Assassination All damage reduced by 6% when engaged in combat with enemy players. System Shock (PvP Talent) damage reduced by 33%. Shaman Enhancement All damage reduced by 5% when engaged in combat with enemy players. Mana regeneration reduced by 30% when engaged in combat with enemy players. Healing Surge (Enhancement only) healing reduced by 33% when engaged in combat with enemy players. Roiling Storm (Azerite Trait) additional Stormstrike damage now diminishes per stack when in combat with enemy players.Lore26 2d
3d Upcoming Azerite Armor Improvements Thanks for all of the continued feedback and discussion around the Azerite Armor system. We’ve been following the community discussions closely, and the systems team has been focusing on making some improvements as their top priority. I’ve got some updates to share on our current thoughts, as well as some upcoming changes. To start, here’s some of the bigger issues we’ve been seeing brought up: Overall Availability: While there’s plenty of Azerite Armor in the 295-340 item level range, further sources are heavily limited and susceptible to bad luck. Even players who are doing a wide range of high-end content are still wearing at least one Item Level 340 piece, despite having replaced all their other gear several times over. Everything else about the system is basically irrelevant if you can’t get your hands on the gear in the first place. Lack of Agency: When items do drop, it can feel like you’re not really given much in the way of options. You can choose whether you want this to be a Fire or a Frost piece, or a versatile one with a generic trait, but that isn’t necessarily an interesting choice. And when you look at the complete package, those choices don’t often feel like they’re having a meaningful impact on how you play your character. Trait Depth: Several of the traits that are considered the “best” mathematically turn out to be some of the simplest mechanically, which reinforces the sense that the system isn’t really affecting gameplay. We agree that those issues need to be resolved. So, here’s a few changes we’re working on: We need to make Azerite Armor more available, for all types of players, through a method everyone can utilize. So we’re actually looking at Emissary rewards for that. The plan is to make Azerite Armor rewards from Emissary quests scale all the way up to 370 (based on your item level), which gives everyone a new, reliable source for appropriate gear. Further on, we’re looking at making some further improvements to the ways Emissaries reward gear, but getting more Azerite Armor in your hands is the higher priority for the immediate future. When we add new Azerite Armor in what we’re calling “BfA Season 2” (starting with Siege of Zuldazar and its corresponding Mythic+ and PvP seasons), we’re going to add another outer ring to those pieces of gear that has two spec-specific trait options for each spec. This effectively means that your favorite traits will be available on a lot more items, while also opening up a lot more options across the scope of all of your Azerite pieces (and thus, we hope, create more interesting decisions). We’re also going to continue to work on the individual traits themselves. We’ve done some basic tuning so far, but we’re taking the lessons we’ve learned from these first iterations forward, and Tides of Vengeance will bring new traits into the pool that reflect that. Our goal is to make the more generic traits be decent middle-of-the-road options for when you want to use a single piece for multiple situations or specs, but make sure the spec-specific options (which are generally the more interesting traits) win out in their respective environments. Some of those changes won’t be coming until Tides of Vengeance (and you’ll see them on the PTR soon), but the overall availability of Azerite Armor is a much more pressing concern, so we’re investigating ways of hotfixing that directly into the live game. I don’t have a solid timeline on when that might be yet, but we’ll definitely have more information to share as soon as we can confirm when that can happen.Lore153 3d
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3m DK "buffs" Death Strike Death Strike's healing is increased by 40% cost is reduced by 10, and its healing is increased by 60%. Death Knight - Frost & Unholy Spec. Death Knight - Frost & Unholy Spec. How the hell is this fixing anything!? HOW THE HELL!? Idiots .. if you want me to spend 70% of my resource for one heal ... make it at least 20% minimum!! !@#$ing retards!!!Nelkora8 3m
1h Let us attempt to fix Death Knights my friends. Hi Everyone, I’d like to start with asking everyone here to stay as positive as possible to increase the chance of this issue being mended. Also keep in mind this is all my personal opinion and you are more than welcome to disagree, I’d like to encourage you to voice your opinion, the discussion itself is the most valuable part of this. Before jumping into the meat of it, I’d like to acknowledge the things most of us can agree with. The awesome features introduced in BFA, the millions of hours of work put into design, lore, etc. There is a lot that Blizzard does very well. I think most of us can agree on this. The goal of this thread is to help them at Blizz realise certain pressure points which could be used as starting points in their own thinking while preparing for the upcoming class balances… I think we need to start with some fundamentals: For the sake of this exercise I’d break up a class (our class too) into 3 components: class fantasy (lore, spells aligned to being relevant as death knights, etc.) PvE space and PvP space So: Class fantasy PvE space PvP space As we explore the weaknesses and strengths we need to keep in mind that Blizzard has to make choices that apply to all 3 of these aspects and more. Meaning - to invite a trivial example - we cannot expect them to give death knights a fire spell for instance because it would go against what our class fantasy is about. Similarly we cannot become casters and receive a polymorph like effect since that would hurt the PvP look and feel of the class. You get the idea. I feel like it is important to state that we have to consider all aspects of gameplay when pointing out possible issues and suggesting changes also that we could stick to suggesting changes to existing talents, mechanisms. With that out of the way let me start with the first suggestion and then you guys can join in.: example 1 Suggestion Unholy: 'reanimation' PvP talent no issues with the class fantasy part of it, you cannot use it in pve so the only problem with it is that it feels broken. It doesn't give ruinic power. The zombies could be quicker and perhasps spread the plague too? Instead of 10% of the target's health it could be a bit more since it has 5 hp and any aoe affect destroys them. This could improve our single target dmg. example 2 Observation Frost: Frostwyrms Fury no issues with the class fantasy part, in PvE it might be useful although i think it is mainy used as an executioner in PvP. Doesn't quite have the damage output as you would expect from a 3 min cooldown. Perhaps a number tweak there? Or decreasing the cooldown on it if it doesn't cause it to be overly powerful in PvE. I don't see it as a problem.Dramiel248 1h
2h Arcane Mage 8.1? Please tell me there are arcane changes in 8.1Ewdwerfv4 2h
4h Any Changes Planned For Demo Warlocks in 8.1? I have been wondering for a while now if there are any planned changes for demo locks, i dont feel like our game play is bad compared to a lot of classes apart from a few talents but when it comes to doing damage in raids and m+ we seem to be falling behind a lot. i'am strictly speaking from a PVE players point of view idk how demo fairs in PVP. i was hopping for some light on this situation.Illyaveil5 4h
6h Scrap 8.2 content and work on class redesign What is it that Darth Sidious said? DO ITTenebris3 6h
8h Main dps bfa? Hi. I really enjoy playing melee dps and I would like to ask what you guys think is the best to play in bfa. I really enjoy feral druid but I feel like it is really weak and I would like to play something that is a bit stronger but still as fun as I think my feral is.Druidhenke5 8h
8h Here you go, fixed BFA This is a long list i made on my spare time and will update it when i find the need to I realize some of these ideas are far fetched, but this post is mainly done to fantasize on a better future and to reduce this amount of frustration i feel Factions: Once a player reaches exalted with a faction, the reward and reputation for completing world quests for that faction will increase by 50%, each Paragon the player achieve will increase the rewards by additional 10%, up to 150% total increase. At level 10 paragon the player will max his standing with the faction and will receive a mount and an achievement Paragon reputation will be account bound, meaning that once an Alt achieved exalted status with a faction, the Alt will now contribute to the total paragon reputation on that accountToys: Toys tab will now have a category list, for example cosmetic costumes, utility, player interaction etc... All toys under the same category will now have the same duration and the dame cooldown, for example, transformation toys will now all have 30 minute duration and one hour cooldownMounts: Mounts with different skins on the same model will now consolidate to one mount, and by clicking on a mount with different colors will open up a mini window that is showing the player which color tint to choose from, similar to how artifact skins appeared to the player. Locked mount skins will tell the player where and how to get that mount skin The player will have an option to switch back to the previous viewing mode Mounts will now have categories similar to hunter pets, each category will grant a different one passive trait and one active ability, rare mounts would occasionally have a third cosmetic ability unique to that mount. The new special abilities will be bound to a new action bar button. Passive abilities will include water walking, immunity to Dazed, 20% speed increase, 100% swim increase etc.. Active abilities will include extra X% mounted speed for X seconds, Leap, Stealth for X Seconds, Blink, glide etc... None of these abilities, passive or active, will work inside raid and dungeon instancesAppearances: Items with different skins on the same model will now consolidate to one item, and by clicking on an item with different colors will open up a mini window that is showing the player which color tint to choose from, similar to how artifact skins appeared to the player Locked item skins will tell the player where and how to get that item skin The player will have an option to switch back to the previous viewing mode Unlocking a color tint from a higher difficulty will also unlock the color tint of the lower difficulties, if not already unlockedExpansion features New "pets" will be sold in the Garrison, Class Hall, Boralus ship and Zandalar ship, these will be named something like "Class Hall Herald" and will simply allow players to start and end missions by talking to these "pets" after summoned, which in turn will open the corresponding mission UI. There will now be a special vendor near the Island Expeditions map that will sell all the items that drop in island expedition for a special currency dropped in island expeditions, rewards will still drop randomly, but players will now be able to target specific rewardsPet Battles Connecting back after disconnecting in a middle of Pet Battles will now return the player to the exact stage the player was in. If the player connected on a different character, his active pet battle on his other character will be forfeited Master Pet Train(1000-2000 total wins/ 150+ pets at level 25 etc..) will have an option to speed up pet battles animations by 50% Transportation Engineers will have the ability to deploy a mole machine to summon an ally, they will need the aid of two friends to be able to construct it. [li]Guild Capes are now a utility category toys and no longer requires the player actually equipping them[li]Shamans can now summon the elements in order to summon an ally, they will need the aid of two friends to channel that power.Justicer30 8h
11h a aHardpaw21 11h
14h Time to Fix Marksmanship Hunter Vanilla hunter main here. Since the last 2 expansions I haven't been able to enjoy playing marksman hunter since the design behind the class shifted heavily from Warlords of Draenor. It seems like Blizzard themselves are struggling on what to do with MM hunter and their new class direction took it only from bad to worse. Ideally I would like my class to return to where it was back in Cata or in Mop, but realising that probably isn't happening, here are some suggestions I made, which could ameliorate the abysmal state of MM as it currently stands in BFA. Here's an image of the suggestions I made: Pasting it as text below: Baseline Abilities: - Chimera Shot : An instant shot that causes ranged weapon Nature damage, healing you for 5% of your total health. - Aimed Shot no longer has a cooldown - Aimed Shot no longer has charges - Aimed Shot now costs 40 focus ( was 30) - True Shot - Increases your haste by 40% for 15 seconds. 2min cooldown - MM needs a signature Shot and something to make it feel more dynamic and strong on the move. For a hefty price of a 45 focus Chimera Shot should hit for about 125% of a normal Aimed Shot hit. - Aimed shot does not need a cooldown or a charge system if the focus cost is high enough and the passive focus generation low enough, so that we don't spam it and ignore focus builders. - Trueshot is weak as it is for a 3min CD. New Talents: - Kill Shot - You attempt to finish off a wounded target, dealing X% Physical damage. Only usable on enemies with less than 20% health. If the target dies, the Hunter will regain 15% of maximum health. If Kill Shot fails to kill the target, the cooldown is reset. - Windburst - Deals X% physical damage and increases your damage done to the target by 20% for 6 seconds. - Marked Shot - Rapidly fires shots at all targets with your Hunter's Mark, dealing (X% of weapon damage) Physical damage. Arcane Shot and Multi Shot apply Hunter’s Mark. - Level 100 talent row would be a very contested pick between an execute, a damage increase ability and an Aimed Shot proc. - Explosive Shot is very "clunky" and frustrating to use. Bring back Marked Shot, without the vulnerable mechanic attached to it. Arcane / Multi Shot will apply a debuff that procs Marked Shot. Ideally used for AoE , weaker for ST situations. Redesigned Talents: - Streamline : Rapid Fire deals it damage 30% quicker and generates 30 additional focus. - Careful Aim : Aimed Shot increases the damage done of your next Chimera Shot by 10%. Stacks 2 times.Vornox6 14h
17h Class change as a paid service hey blizzard… you have all kinds of paid services, but you need one more... class changes please.. when you have gained a character at a high lvl and you cant find out how to play it, or you dont find it viable or fun to play anymore, there should be a service that could change your class to something else. the user gets happy, and you get paid… win-win and the costumer dont let a leveled toon go to wasteLavatar16 17h
17h Marksmanship PTR Changes The Public Test Realms (PTR) are seeing several changes for Marksmanship Hunters. Here’s some context on those changes. One goal of ours for Marksmanship is proficiency in keeping targets at range in PvE and PvP situations. Marksmanship plays best when you have distance from your target, so we’re emphasizing some of the tools that help you either move a target away from you, or keep your distance. - Bursting Shot has had its knockback range increased, can no longer be dodged, and snares targets for 6 seconds now. - Steady Shot will now increase the duration of Concussive Shot on the target by 3 seconds. This will work on a Concussive Shot from any friendly Hunter, not just your own Concussive Shot. Rapid Fire has had some usability problems in PvP. Most other channeled spells will continue to deal damage when your target runs behind a pillar and breaks line of sight, but Rapid Fire requires constant line of sight. We’re changing that, and now it will behave like almost every other channeled spell that players cast, and will continue to damage a target, even if the target is no longer in line of sight. We also think it’s cool to be able to use Disengage while channeling Rapid Fire, so now you can. Aimed Shot is a driving force behind a significant amount of the damage a Marksmanship Hunter deals. There are a lot of different stacking bonuses you can get from various Talents and Azerite Armor that can swing the damage of Aimed Shot by a huge amount. Some of these bonuses are entirely uncontrolled, which made Aimed Shot an unreliable source of damage. We want Aimed Shot to feel like an impactful and more reliable source of damage, so: - Careful Aim is now a guaranteed bonus to Aimed Shot damage against targets above 80% health or below 20% health. Trueshot has changed a lot over the years, but it’s currently not a very exciting button, and it could feel much more impactful when you use it. We like that it makes your Aimed Shot cast time reduced, so we’re keeping that, and it now additionally causes your Rapid Fire and Aimed Shot abilities to recharge significantly faster while Trueshot is active. The new version of Trueshot is a significant pacing change for its duration, allowing you to cast multiple Aimed Shots and Rapid Fires during its duration. We’re also lowering its cooldown from 3 minutes to 2 minutes.Taepsilum2 17h
18h Balancing tanks in m+ Right now the balance is way of with DKs and DHs ontop. My suggested nerfs for DK and DHs to bring them inline without destroying them is: 1.Limit bonstorm healing to cap at 5 targets 2.Death strike and soul fragment healing for % of damage taken should be only % of physical damage taken. Bringing inline magic mitigation of tanks. I think with these changes all tanks should be alot closer to eachother. Maybe prot warr and guardian druid need small passive damage mitigation buffs as well.Deathforced34 18h
1d stop trolling DK's, and delete them already *topic*Keishawyen26 1d
1d Disc priest shield changes in 8.1 Power Word: Shield Shields an ally for 15 sec, absorbing [Spell power * 1.54 * (1 + Versatility) * 1 * 1] damage. and preventing damage from delaying spellcasting.You cannot shield the target again for 6 sec. They say pws will have cooldown 6 seconds. This is huge nerf for PVP, without shielding itself disc will not be able to survive under melee train in arena. Disc has no escape mechanics, the only way to survive is to spam shields and penace on the move. This nerf is way overboard and could rip the whole spec in pvp to the current state of holy priest. Disc should be able to spam shield at least on itself without CD, overwise give us clarity of the will back.Leonabrams7 1d
1d New Steady Shot - Build 28151 Steady Shot A steady shot that causes [ 60% of Attack Power ] Physical damage and increases the duration of Concussive Shot on the target by 3.0 sec. Usable while moving This should not go live or hunters will troll the hell out of people with eternal slows on multiple targets. The slow duration can be stacked, I just tested it on PTR and with the help of "steady focus" talent you can stack a minute long 50% slow on your target within 20 seconds of using steady shot. After that you just use "Concussive Shot" on new target and start stacking it again. The stacking duration is unlimited and number of targets is unlimited. Blizzard developers cant see past their nose, hopefully its not intended and will be fixed in the next build..Kharron1 1d
1d Discipline Priests are ruining PvP Top healing of all healers. Top damage of all healers (even better than some dps) passive 30% damage reduction at all times, at no cost, with no cooldown, that doesn't in any way interrupt what they're doing 2 spell schools making them effectively immune to interrupts a PvP talent that turns their casted aoe heal into an instant aoe heal that's better than any other classes single target heals Who greenlit this? Who thought this was okay? It's been reported & known for months that disc in beta is broken, and it still hadn't received any meaningful changes. It's literally the only spec in the game able to face-tank 4 people in PvP without breaking a sweat, and still top healing in any given PvP situation, while doing decent damage. 2 of them in a battleground is a literal god mode for their entire team as its physically impossible to perfectly coordinate 4 interrupts. Can we get some communication on whether this is going to get fixed? Getting kinda tired of disc / ret / assassination making up 99% of PvP representation.Silvaria38 1d
1d Arcane PvP tuning when? There are literally less arcana mages above 2.4k rating in 3v3(in EU & US combined) than fingers on swifty's left hand. The spec was left buggy, broken and unfinished from beta and only few OP traits and talents kept it viable for a while, until they got gutted. Arcane has a TON of issues both in it's baseline toolkit and talents, and it will probably require at least a small rework for 8.1. But until then, can we get some god damn damage buffs at least, so the spec is at least kind of competitive?Vîndy5 1d
1d Pay for wasted time? I play with ele shaman and i can't join M+ i can't join raids too coz my class its rubbish and same in pvp So my question is when coming the 8.1?? I need pay for waiting and wasted time if i want play?Warkokk14 1d
1d Lack of Class Excitement BfA To me the game feels awful right now. Almost every class I have feels incredibly slow and boring to play. I absolutely hate the fact that Blizzard dumbed down the classes and increased the difficulty of Raid mechanics in return. This philosophy ruined the game for me. In BG's you immediately die in teamfights when you have no personal healer, its a cycle of running in doing 5 sec of your maximum dmg rotation then die and run back again, repeat. It's not a rarity anymore that people get to 15+ deaths in a bg, not because they have bad gear and get oneshotted, but because you have almost no utility to survive on your own for more than a few seconds. This has made Bg's an absolute awful experience when it was my favorite thing to do pretty much since I started the game in WoltK up until WoD. The game has lost so much of it's flavor and things I would get excited about. Blizzard really sparked my hope for the new expansion in one of the Q&A's they did for BfA. I thought they learned their lesson after so much negative feedback about the pruning from the Class Development forums in both US and EU when Ion Hazzikostas himself admitted that they went to far with removing so many iconic abilities. The first BfA beta Build crushed those hopes again. Not only are we getting almost no new abilities except those classes who got reworked for BfA because they were absolute garbage in Legion, they also turn baseline spells into talents yet again with the most famous example probably being Shadow Word Death, an absolute joke. It gets even more mindblowing when looking at Blizzards reasoning behind the removal of so many abilities. Initially when pruning was first introduced on the WoD Alpha the outcry was immense and the reason they gave us was "we are pruning now to make space for new abilities in the future" and then later on (I think it was during Legion) they said "we want to prevent the game from ability bloat". At this point the first statement was strait up a lie because 4 years later we got almost no new abilities except as I already said the classes which were so garbage during Legion, they needed a complete rework for BfA. The second statement boggles me even more because I want to enjoy the game right now and not somewhere in the future. Even if the game somehow reaches a state comparable to MoP in terms of abilities they easily can pull a WoD and remove half our spellbook overnight. The thing I enjoyed the most in this game was always the excitement of leveling towards new abilitie/talent and then learning how they interact with every single class in the game and in every scenario. I became a pretty good player because I was so excited and therefore motivated to always keep improving and learning. When I learned everything on class X I immediately rerolled to class Y just to experience that whole process again. Also knowing how to play your class to the fullest potential was much more rewarding than it is now because the skill gap is almost not existent anymore, at least when talking about ability usage and rotations. The dps/hps difference between a average player and a really good player would be 50-60%, now its like 10-20% tops. I know I really sound desperate throughout the post but that's because I am. I really used to love this game for things that are no longer there at the same capacity. tl;dr I wish this game would get some of the excitement factor back when initially learning about new spells and interesting talents to work towards and test. This was always the biggest part for me when playing WoW and where 90% of the excitement for this game came from. Blizzards reasons for the pruning are not valid in my opinion which makes the whole situation even worse. ~ a really sad player who knows that this post wont change anything but had to do it regardlessYayox28 1d
1d Should Blizzard redesign EVERY CLASS? Should Blizzard take a look and redesign every single class from scratch, Focusing on making a baseline complete class where specialization are as such, a specialization into that specific school?Tenebris6 1d
1d Blizzard reached new height To think we thought legion class designs were bad.Absolute utter garbage what a colossal !@#$ up Its like 90% of the talents are illusion of choice they are there to just look pretty and never get picked or some of the talents feels like they should be baseline STOP REMOVING CLASS UTILITY EVERY EXPANSIONAzzure14 1d
1d New class: Commander Note: this is a work in progress and every idea i have here can change but the pure design concept should be clear and i will try to make it easily imaginable the best i can Summery A lvl 100 class This is an advanced class for skilled players Equips Mail armor with Ranged Gun Special resource called "Morale" You command three soldiers in various roles Only one specialization Each soldier can be customized to fit a role - Ranged DPS, Melee DPS, Tank and healer It is possible to have 3 healers or three tanks or 3 DPS or mixed formation Selecting 3 soldiers of the same type will change the commander's role from tank/ healer/DPSDetailed description Introduction Your begin in a scenario of the Alliance and the Horde in the middle of war(starting with basic DPS rotation abilities) , you are a soldier under your commander's banner and you complete some objectives and the story progresses, suddenly a cannon ball lands right on the Commander and the squad is scattered, the Commander's on his dying wish gives you leadership of the squad(some class mechanics unlocks) and tasks you to find and unite your squad and win. you find your squad mates one by one, first you find the Battle Medic lying wounded and you use bandages and heal him(some class mechanics unlocks) then you find the vanguard dying and with the help of the battle medic you revive him(more class mechanics unlocks) and finally you find the striker held on by a powerful foe and you rescue him using the vanguard as tank and battle medic to heal(even more mechanics unlock), you and your squad then go to complete your final mission and win the scenario. You are back at Stormwind/Ogrimmar, King Anduin/Warchief Sylvanas grants you a medal of honor for your service in a grand ceremony and promoting you to commander. You finish the cut scene and your squad awaits you outside, a little banter with your squad and you are ready to start adventuring. Gear and appearance The Commander will wear Mail gear and a gun The rest of the squad will scale based on the commander ilvl however each type of soldier is considered a different armor type user and its appearance can be changed and transmogged Vanguard(tank) wears plate armor, shield and one handed weapon Striker(DPS) Wears leather armor with 2 one-handed weapons Battle Medic(healer) Wears cloth armor with staff All of the squad can be customized with gear the player unlocked on other classes but also have some basic full attires if the player unlocked non at all The squad mates's races, appearances and names can be changed at any point by talking to a special NPC at capital cities Talents The Commander's talents will focus on his own abilities and on all abilities of his squad, talents will not affect one type of soldier more then the other, but will affect all soldiers equally Each soldier will have a different talent tree with three rows, changing their game-play a bit. There is only one specializations but the Commander can save up to 10 different formations and change them any time he wants while out of combat. Cast time is 5 seconds. Abilities The Commander The commander abilities will be mostly issuing orders in battle, positioning soldiers, buffing soldiers with various abilities all while trying to have a small but meaningful DPS rotation to maximize Morale gain Each soldier will have a dedicated action bar and an assortment of abilities Unlike hunter pets and warlock demons, the commander always must push his soldiers to the max in order to maximize results Vanguard(tank soldier) abilities will include a taunt mechanic and a bunch of damage mitigation abilities Striker(DPS) abilities will include some dps rotation using some kind of combo points Battle Medic(Healer) abilities will include healing spells as well as some strong healing cooldowns Mechanics Mastery: increases morale gain by x%Justicer14 1d
2d Suggestions for Death Strike that uses Runes Some time ago I made a suggestion to make Death Strike consume runes instead of RP. These are some suggestions that help with that... Blood no changes. Blood Death Strike will be the main RP consumer. Frost 1) Death Strike will consume 2 Runes and deal current damage. Unholy 1) Death Strike will consume 2 Runes and deal current damage. 2) Scourge Strike/Clawing Shadows will consume 25 RP and burst one Festering Wound. Bursting a Festring Wound returns 10 RP. 3) Necrotic Strike will consume 15 RP and turn one Festering Wound on the target into a Necrotic Wound. When Nekrotic Wound is dispelled or expires 30 RP is returned. 4) Death Coil can't be cast manually. Everytime Sudden Doom procs the next Scourge Strike/Clawing Shadows, Necrotic Strike will also cast a 100% damage Death Coil at the target and Epidemic will cast 33% damage Death Coils at each target hit. Any time Death Coil is cast the abilities that benefit from RP consumption interpret it like another cast of the skill that proced Sudden Doom. Frost needs the least changes to accompany Death Strike on Runes while Unholy the most.Nelkora5 2d
2d Class Development Cycle Most of us are complaining about the lack of communication from blizzard, mostly from development team. And I think that this lack of communication come from a lack of understanding about what the player base is expecting. Blizzard keeps telling us they value our feedback but do little to nothing to properly show it. We understand that actually implementing changes to the game require a lot of effort (balancing, fun ... many other things). But we also know that you are actually working on those things on your side. So my question is why do you do it so secretly ? Isnt it possible to post a message about those preliminary meetings you guys have, sharing the point of view of developers regarding the issues. This will show that you guys are actually iterating over the issues, but also give us the opportunity to share an up-to-date feedback. Right now we have to strong feeling that most of our feedbacks is out-dated as we are repeating ourselves for at least several weeks about live issues, while you guys are probably working on a newer version. Moreover if you involve us in the actual macro-developement (i am not talking about number), we might be able to avoid problem such as the one that we are facing with elemental and druid. You recently modify these classes, I feel like the OP is quite favorable to the changes, but such changes should be a lot more appreciate. If before actually implementing the talent changes on the PTR (which seems to takt time) you would taste the water by presenting you raw ideas on the forum a few times, maybe the changes would have more widely appreciate. To be honest i find really weird that data-mining is the PRIME way to learn about developer's intended changes.Tëký4 2d
2d MM hunter view/ideas/brainstorm Hello there,ive been trying out marksman for a decent amount so far and compared to all the other expansion ive played (since cata) ive found this version of marksman really lacking i personally find the talents horrible and still trying to figure out what THIS marksman is supposed to shine at however i do enjoy the steady aim build but it comes with alot of problems you chose for this build your aoe will be non existent ive even had times where i would be on par or below healers on dungeons on aoe pulls people told me go for more aoe talents... i absolutely hated the aoe talents they felt so clunky to use and unrewarding and then again the loss on single target was HUGE to a point where a tank would be beating me on bosses also the single target has so much rng and setup on aimed shot not getting careful aim dmg buff...spamming +10 steady shots just trying to get that lethal shots procc i love the fantasy of marksman hunter but i feel like they didnt receive any love at all during beta/alpha personally i dont post much on the forum but im really fearing for the future of MM hunter and hoping blizzard will see that this version is NOT okay i pretty much brain stormed about MM hunter for 2 days and i feel like if these would be changes that would be done ingame MM would have way more choices and builds also better gameplay in general also if i missed anything or you have any issues feel free to post it and thank you for reading this! reworked/new -15- master marksman|steady focus|a murder of crows master marksman =now reduces focus by 66% but gives you 2 stacks of precise shots steady focus =unchanged a murder of crows =unchanged -30- quick shot|piercing shot|careful aim quick shot =replaces arcane shot and: quick shot splits into 3 smaller shots each dealing 40% of an arcane shots dmg piercing shot =aimed shot now pierces in a line for 75% of the main target dmg taken careful aim =your aimed shot will now deal 25% additional dmg to targets above 80% hp or below 20% hp -45- survival of the fittest|natural mending|camouflage survival of the fittest =when you disengage you gain 10% dmg reduction for 5sec natural mending =after killing an enemy you will bandage up healing for 25% of you max hp over 5sec camouflage =will also give you 15% chance to dodge any magic spell/dmg cast on you for 5sec after leaving camouflage -60- serpent volley|on fire|Barrage serpent volley =make it rain poisoned arrows on a targeted location applying serpent sting on every target hit over 6sec cost 30focus 1min cd on fire =increases the range of bursting shot by x yds and hitting the tar from tar trap will put it on fire and burn anybody inside it for x dmg lasts 10sec barrage =unchanged -75- Born to be wild|posthaste|trailblazer born to be wild =reduces aspect of the cheetah cd and duration by 50% and makes you immune to snare effects during this postehaste =unchanged trailblazer =standing still every second grants you a stack of trailblazer up to 5 when you move you will gain 6% movespeed per stack for 5sec -90- lethal shots|double tap|streamline lethal shots =steady shot increases your next rapid fire or aimed shots crit chance by 10% stacking up to 3 times double tap =your arcane shots affected by precise shots now hit a second target for 80% off the dmg also increases your arcane shot dmg by 10% streamline =rapid fire now lasts 30% longer and now has 2 charges -100- calling the shots|lock and load|hunter's mark calling the shots =casting arcane shot reduces the cooldown of trueshot by 1sec and aimed shot also reduces the cooldown of trueshot by 2sec lock and load =reduces the cast time of aimed shot by 20% and recharge time by 2sec hunter's mark =put a hunter's mark on the target lasting 15sec increasing your range against that target by 15yd and makes your shots bleed the target for 30% of the dmg dealt 1.5min cd Baseline ability changes precise shots =now only gives 1stack instead of random 1-2 chance lone wolf =will always be active NO PETS for marksman and you will also be able to chose a passive effect that the pet would have given you (maxhp/leech/movespeed) Trueshot =now increases your haste by 20% and crit dmg by 30% lasts 15sec and is on a 3min cd Rapid fire=will now ricochet to 4 targets and costs 50focus on a 10second cooldown aimed shot=50% bonus on 1st shot removed PVP hunting pack=all allies within 15yds also gain aspect of the cheetah and aspect lasts 20% longer removed: multi shot trick shots serpent sting explosive shot volley azerite traits: rapid reload =rapid fire deals additional dmg per shot and channels 20% faster focused fire =rapid fire now deals extra damage and shoots an additional 2 shots added to baseline: Binding shot changes: -rapid fire is AOE spender now -unhealthy rng on aimed shot is gone -no more pets! -more choices for gameplay needs and more chances to do awsome stuff with traits!Quîet0 2d
2d Marksmanship - working AGAINST core mechanic Hunter use focus. Rogues use energy. Shamans use maelstrom. Warriors use fury. Healers use mana. Marksmanship hunter, on the other hand.. has only one viable way to play, and that is to use only generator or aimed shot, or buffed instant aimed shot that costs zero mana. So, marksmanship hunter is currently the only spec that actually works AGAINST the core mechanic of the class: using your resource to make damage.  "But aimed shot costs 50 focus!" SURE, but since we are limited to 2 aimed shot-charges, the focus cost is reduntant, since rest of the time we cast Steady shots with cast-time reduction and crit-fish talent. This, with steady aim trait, is the only viable way to play hunter.  So, to sum it up: if i want to maximize my damage as a hunter, its impossible for me to get focus starved. Can you say that for ANY OTHER dps spec in the game? We havnt heard you say anything about this, but surely you have to recognize that Marksmanship hunter, by the fundamental core function, is just BROKEN right now? edit: unbuffed arcane shot = less dps than spamming generator. So dont try that as a comment.Terapeuten2 2d
2d Rogue master of all trades, average to none This class NEEDS TO BE PRUNED BLIZZARD Blizzard you said that classes need a weakness and strength, What is Rogue weakness? Your going to say squishy? EVERY CLASS is squishy after all Cool-down are spent to thats not a weakness, that's just game design. They have the strongest toolkit in the game and when used correct with shadow step, can lock somebody down from a cross the map, with the stun design they stun a target for 30+% of that target play time, which is an unfathomable defence and offensive tool. If you stun a target without trinket for 6 seconds. that 6 seconds of zero damage and you doing full damage. this has a 20 second cool-down and can be repeated, how has this not been taken into account when balancing there defensive spells. They have great sustained and even greater burst damage There survival capabilities are second too probably only Demon Hunters, with the ability to have 100% dodge, Spell Immunity, Vanish, Cheat Death, huge AOE damage reduction, in-combination that they have healing They have auto applied posions which deal great damage, slow the target and can even spec into a healing reduction debuff. the ONLY thing they do not have is magic dispel, but they do have enraged dispel, which I can very much tell you shiv does not remove the rage of fighting a Rogue during this expansion. Blizzard you need to take action against this class, don't do a SUB rogue and just nerf it's damage till it's unviable and then resort to buffing it again later in the expansion. it needs some hard decision to be made, which are 1. Shadowstep added to GCD 2. Cheap Shot stun duration reduced to 4 seconds.Addiez8 2d
2d Please won't anyone think of the Fire mages? I wish Fire mage could be on par with frost mages. Like make phoenix flames a spell, not a talent for example? Anyway, thank you and good day.Krechon0 2d
2d Uldir Trinkets Don't know about the healers, Melee DPS or Tank trinkets. But for ranged DPS the uldir trinkets are heavily underperforming. Is very unrewarding to get something like a Ghun trinket after finally getting Curve, and found out that is literally one of the worst trinkets in the game. Same with Mythraxes one and Thaloc one. Devs keeps talking about "better" rewards from raiding than other content do to the difficulty of coordinating and putting toghether a raid, yet trinkets from WQs, World bosses and Dungeons are superior to anything from Uldir. Without Tier Sets, and with the underwhelming raid specific azerite traits (only good inside uldir and you only need one as reorigination does not stack), I think buffing Raid Trinkets is a good way to keep Raiding relevant, or at least to not make it a down grade when you get a 385 - 370 trinket.Zhorgar9 2d
3d EU no blues HAHAHAHAHAHA, jesus !@#$ing christ, they all gone. I kinda enjoy this, for every day the forums dying more and more, and fewer and fewer blues even repost. Let the game die please, Just like you killed my prot warrior, I enjoy this allot.Ponpai18 3d
3d [Tank Balance] Death knights only in Top20 Mythic+ Tank representation +15: Death Knight: 53% Demon Hunter: 18% Paladin: 11% Monk: 11% Warrior: 3% Druid: 1% The difference is increasing. We're likely to see DK only top 40 soon. What's the problem? M+ tuning, class balance, both, something else? How could we make it better? source:å65 3d
3d Sabertooth bug? When using sabertooth on live server it will refresh rip always to its max duration at 24sec. no matter if i use 1 or 5 combopoints as finisher for Fercious bite. on ptr: RiP will refreshed to its combopoints used of FB. means, only at 5 CP it will get refreshed to 24sec, otherwise it will be lower.Cyclône1 3d
3d xD blizz azm0ng0ld spitting truth on this !@#$ dump company xdBejnx4 3d
3d Improvements for the new Frost DK PvP changes The New PvP Honor talent Dead of Winter Is a good implementation however it reduces our overall damage in PvP by a significant amount due to the cooldown increase. A good dps azzerite trait for frost DK in PvP is Frozen Tempest which increases the damage of Remorseless Winter . Considering That DK's lack CC compared to other classes we will take Dead of Winter and we will lose so much damage by taking it though. I suggest Changing the Talent Dead of Winter to also increase the damage done by remorseless winter by at least 45%. Lichborne no longer makes you attack 30% slower but the main problem with the talent is not that 30% attacking slower, its that we have to move at walking speed. I would rather attack 30% slower than have to move at walking speed. The new PvP Talent or spell Frostwhelp's Indignation Is an other good implementation however it would be a lot better if the damage was not just done in front of the player but all around the player, or at least a cone in front of the player.Dárksímgódx0 3d
3d Festering Wounds - bug? a little feedback A pustulent lesion that will burst on death or when damaged by Scourge Strike, dealing (20% of Attack power) Shadow damage and generating 3 Runic Power. After the death of the target, it should do damage or not (according to logic,no)? it works: - runic power - festermight - bursting sores - etc We create wounds on the target so they can not act as buff (I think so). There is still a problem with switch the targets. Dk must have runes to switch target: 1) and infect wounds 2) and then burst wounds Otherwise, just watch how the target dies, even if it infects several wounds (by FS),it's waiting for runes to use SS/CS. DK only sees how several wounds explode into the air. It's frustrating for me. My solution: if the target died with 2 wounds,you gains 2 runes and free DC, or free FS, 4 wounds = 2x free FS or 4 runes, etc. or when the target died, wounds will jump to a nearby target, or when the target died with wounds, you gains X runic power or their explosion/burst at the death of the target, will create new wounds on a nearby enemy, or Attack,FS,SS,DC infect up to 6 wounds,then the wounds explode or stack dmg like deep wounds or increases dmg your auto attack,pet etc. by X % (to return lost damage) or fix regen resources and stop more runes to infect wounds(add free Outbreak,free refresh disease like in Frost DK) or REMOVE WOUNDS or other ideas Currently, the rotation has holes, has downtime, even when using Unholy Frenzy or Soul Reaper. JUST FIX IT PS. Sorry for the mistakesVixlord0 3d
3d I am not having fun anymore I feel like I should just put it out there. I don't like any of the class design decisions blizzard made since the start of BfA. Ever since I started this game in 2012, the thing I loved the most about it were the classes and how much fun they are to play. Because of this, nothing I ever do in the game becomes stale, because I am always jumping from one class to the other because I loved every class I played. My friends always asked me how is it that I never get bored of the game and I would just shrug, cause at the time I didn't know what kept me going except for the fact that I was having fun. I tried BfA for the first time in the Beta and I thought it was going to be Legion but better, though that was before the whole GCD changes happened and basically destroyed what I loved the most about this game. Normally, at the start of every expansion I would ponder long and hard over what class I want to main, except for this one, every class I played in the pre-patch turned me off to the point that I honestly didn't care if I were a DK or a mage. The GCD changes are probably the worst and make the least sense. I thought at this point I would be used to them, but I never despised something as much as I despise the GCD changes. The thrill I got from using my cooldowns and obliterating the enemy is completely gone. Now I only get a minor headache every time I use my CDs. I even tried playing my survival hunter which has literally only one 2min dps CD and still bothers way more than it should that all my abilities go on the GCD the moment I use it. The GCD changes while being the worst thing about BfA class design, are not the only problem: - Talent Trees: None of the talents are appealing, unlike the start of Legion. When Legion first came every class was revamped from scratch and I was amazed by the talent choices we could make. A talent from the 1st tier would work well with another talent from 3rd tier and it adds a bit of complexity to how you could build your character. Also legiondaries should have never become talents, they should've been baseline or just removed entirely. Legiondaries should not be equal to talents. Talents are supposed to be the backbone of how your class works. Legiondaries just added a certain niche to your abilities. Turning them into talents is just bad design overall. - Azerite Gear: The artifacts in Legion were great but the one thing people hated about them was the AP grind. Not only does azerite gear share the worst characteristic of the artifacts but the traits that you get from the azerite gear are also underwhelming. Not to mention the built in RNG factor that every player loves. -Class Balance: Terrible job with class balancing. There has been no change since the launch of the expansion. Fire Mages, Shadow Priests, Shamans, Non-breath frost dk, UH dk, and so many more specs are just useless. The so called "class tuning" is having little to no effect. I look at how fire mages are at the bottom of the ladder with other classes dealing an average of 50% more dps, and what do blizzard decide to do? Oh a 4% increase in all damage will surely fix it. Uldir has been out for over a MONTH! Why are the exact same specs at the exact same terrible spot?! Overall, the approach that blizzard took with classes disconnected me from my love for the game. I don't expect blizzard to revert the GCD changes so it is only a matter of time before I decide to stop playing, though I am not sure. For now, I'll just settle until the end of Uldir cause I don't want to leave my guild in the middle of the tier like this. After that I don't really know. The game is just not the same anymore...Necrassa0 3d
3d Shadow priest BFA Biggest mistake to level up my shadow priest.Our single target DPS is at the bottom,m+ seems to be kinda better than legion(but in Legion you always came second to an affli lock)and as far for raid -considering how they increased the insanity drain -getting targeted from a mechanic a couple of times and there you go again trying to raise up some insanity(which is even harder to do since the nerf/removal of lingering insanity) just to enter voidform again.Tzenaki2 3d
3d Feral dps in BfA (PVE) Dear Blizzard, i know feral isnt one of the more played classes right now (probably cause you neglect the class) but please buff there dps. They get out damaged by tanks in PvE its a joke. They were just about viable in legion, but in bfa they are even less viable since you decided to nerf brutal slash. And they hit about as hard as a wet tissue. Can feral not just be a PvP class for one expansion. stop giving us cosmetics and actually give us some aoe. Thanks.Cycos47 3d
3d Rain from Above vs melee classes First off, why isn't anyone talking about this ? I mean this talent is completely unbalanced and broken. While DH is using Rain from Above he gains access to Fel Lance which deals up to 6% target's total health in chaos damage !! Fel Lance is only limited by GCD so DH with a high haste can use it up to 5 times (maybe more) during one Rain from Above that deals 30% target's total health. Yes you can just get out of reach, so the DH doing it will not hit you, but as a warrior a class with the worst mobility in the game ,in a scenario where my Heroic Leap is on CD i have to run as far away as possible from DH doing RfA, meanwhile he just deals free damage from a safe distance and I can't do anything about this ?? Great thinking Blizzard . Oh yeah if you are Blizzard beloved class (that is mage)or any other caster you can just stand under and cast spells at DH, but still 30% total health is a LOT of damage. Please Blizzard stop adding new classes to the game and fix this mess.Retul0 3d
3d Spriest dead!! Spriest M+. Hi. Tuning Spriest M+ Spriest joined M+ Que , Instant Dicline.....Immortälz1 3d
4d Warlocks in PVP Please blizzard, can you let me play the game I payed for? I know you did rush on BFA, but man this is so sad and pointless to even try pvp with my main atm. I feel like an npc in arenas/bgs. Its like I'm the best scripted mob around and a total free kill. I have 0 mobility (even if u take demonic circle), 0 survival, 0 self sustain and ofc bad dmg. I tried everything demo/destro/aff its just not playable. When you look at Cata warlock for example, like 80% of our spells are like telents or removed. I don't even want to go up from that it's just pure sadness :((((. The really bad thing is that I payed for this game. PS: I'm searching for an addon that removes the pvp options and features in the game.Itookchoco13 4d
4d Azerite system is RUINING BFA 1. You cannot play your entire class as the Azerite traits are specialization specific and since Blizzard punish you massively gold wise with re-setting the Azerite Skills, you've got to farm 2-3 sets in order to play the specialization you want to a certain level 2. Trait stacking is require for 9/10 specialization to be remotely viable, This makes point 1 even worse as not only do you have to farm multiple slots, you have to farm the correct slots. 3. gating them behind Neckless level, which itself is gated behind reputation. Whoever thought this was a "good quality of life" surely cannot think this is nothing but a chore. 4. The system overall is nothing but UNFUN! do you understand blizzard, UNFUN. The only fun you have with it is in pvp when you get some broken stack and 1 bomb somebody, but outside that moment, IT IS UNFUN. Yet because you're a bunch of stubborn game designers (100% true, your design idealogy goes against all player suggestion even though your making this game for the players, where you mentality is the Players play the game so you can design it) Azerite need to be removed 8.1 or have some serious design. 1. Stop Azerite stacking 2. Put more traits on each piece 3. Make traits specialization specific so when I respect, I can play my class rather than thinking oh !@#$ I need farm shoulders, head and chest, in order to play elemental ontop of farming Trinkets and weapons.Tenebris2 4d
4d How to make Retribution fun & viable Retribution damage wise is ok in raids and below average in Mythic+ due to lack of tools other classes have I purpose these changes to the Retribution Paladin 1. [Wake of Ashes] is now baseline 2. new talent instead [Wake of Ashes]: [Ashes to Ashes] - your Wake of Ashes now also stuns all enemies in front of you for 4 seconds but deals 20% less damage 3. [Repentance] is now Baseline 4. new talent instead Repentance: [Zealous Repentance] - 30 second CD, instant cast, Forces the target to fight for the paladin for 10 seconds(4 seconds in PVP), replaces Repentance 5. [Justicar's Vengeance] talent changed: no longer costs 5 Holy power but has a 15 seconds Cooldown 6. [Blinding Light] talent Changed: no longer causes enemies to wander disoriented for 6 seconds, instead it reduces the chance of enemies to hit by 50% for 6 seconds, damage does not break this effect 7.[Consecration] is now baseline 8.[Consecration] talent changed: now is like the Protection Paladin talent [Consecrated Ground] 9. [Divine Judgment] talent changed to what [Greater Judgment] was in Legion: Judgment jumps to two additional targets and always deal critical strike damage to targets above 50% health What i basically did here was making some abilities baseline like they were in the past and made all talents viable and competitiveJusticer4 4d
5d 75% Trapping failures in arenas Hi fellow Hunters! Do you also face problems with trapping healers? I've playing hunter since day 1 and again going through arenas. Like never before, I noticed a lllooottt trapping failures. The problem is - of course healers kite, run and move... so, I want to trap them - first pressing button for trap, then aiming, then throwing, then waiting until trap lands... and where is healer by this time? Far far away from the trap spot. So, i learnt to do it with Concusive Shot. Helped a little bit, but not much. So, i tried with "throw where mouse pointer is" macro - was throwing some traps out to the roof, or even behind my back due to camera angles! What do I do wrong? Or what should I do to improve my trapping? I'd kindly appreciate your advises! Thank you! MalfarMalfar3 5d
5d The issue with protection warriors Gaps in mitigation. A tanks job is to smooth and reduce incoming damage and warriors simply cannot compete to BrM's, Druids, and DK's. Shield block is a powerful mitigation however it will have consistent gaps from time to time in raid encounters which being inactive for 3seconds could lead to large spike panic and death. Prot paladins share this issue with their shield of the righteous. However, they can keep this up more consistently due to the cooldown reduction of judgement. With further progression and bigger haste pools, in time they will be able to keep mitigation up far more frequently. Warriors do not share this future. I propose increasing the duration / decreasing the cooldown of shield block, Making ignore pain another active mitigation, whilst removing critical block mastery as it is pure RNG. Replacing it with an ignore pain buff. As well as this, nerfing ignore pain to absorb 50%-75% less magic damage to stop warriors becoming the most spell proof tank.Tankermunch4 5d
5d Buff BM hunter Can you buff our pet back? or atleast give us that 5% for both? DH are impossibly OP and the same is disco priest or MW monk and not still getting any nerfs. MM is impossible to play and survival isn't ranged hunter anymore.Savri6 5d
5d Demon hunter as flag carrier in Rated bgs Too high mobility, they can easily go through any map in less than a minute, and hard to catch even with a mount. They have decent stun, and incredible mobility. Okay they are leather but have around 240-270k hp. Other tanks are just !@#$ in comprison. Plz nerf that mobility or give some cooldown on that because if you chase them, about every 5 second they leap. Meanwhile the supporting team just slows, cc you. Wonder if other players have the same issue in rated bgs or have figured out a solution.Nordhuskarl4 5d