Battle for Azeroth Class Development

08 Nov Conquest Rewards Adjustment - 24 Oct. With weekly maintenance in each region, we've adjusted some Conquest rewards for Rated Battlegrounds. Now, when you Rated Battleground ends in defeat, depending on how closely you lost (how near to the winning team in points/flag captures/etc.), you can gain 20-40 Conquest. Additionally: 2v2 – First win of the day rewards 35 Conquest; additional wins rewards 25 Conquest (was 10). Rated Battlegrounds – First win of the day rewards 150 Conquest (was 100); additional wins reward 100 Conquest (was 65).Rewards for 3v3 and unrated Battlegrounds have not been changed.Kaivax2 08 Nov
26 Oct Upcoming Azerite Armor Improvements Thanks for all of the continued feedback and discussion around the Azerite Armor system. We’ve been following the community discussions closely, and the systems team has been focusing on making some improvements as their top priority. I’ve got some updates to share on our current thoughts, as well as some upcoming changes. To start, here’s some of the bigger issues we’ve been seeing brought up: Overall Availability: While there’s plenty of Azerite Armor in the 295-340 item level range, further sources are heavily limited and susceptible to bad luck. Even players who are doing a wide range of high-end content are still wearing at least one Item Level 340 piece, despite having replaced all their other gear several times over. Everything else about the system is basically irrelevant if you can’t get your hands on the gear in the first place. Lack of Agency: When items do drop, it can feel like you’re not really given much in the way of options. You can choose whether you want this to be a Fire or a Frost piece, or a versatile one with a generic trait, but that isn’t necessarily an interesting choice. And when you look at the complete package, those choices don’t often feel like they’re having a meaningful impact on how you play your character. Trait Depth: Several of the traits that are considered the “best” mathematically turn out to be some of the simplest mechanically, which reinforces the sense that the system isn’t really affecting gameplay. We agree that those issues need to be resolved. So, here’s a few changes we’re working on: We need to make Azerite Armor more available, for all types of players, through a method everyone can utilize. So we’re actually looking at Emissary rewards for that. The plan is to make Azerite Armor rewards from Emissary quests scale all the way up to 370 (based on your item level), which gives everyone a new, reliable source for appropriate gear. Further on, we’re looking at making some further improvements to the ways Emissaries reward gear, but getting more Azerite Armor in your hands is the higher priority for the immediate future. When we add new Azerite Armor in what we’re calling “BfA Season 2” (starting with Siege of Zuldazar and its corresponding Mythic+ and PvP seasons), we’re going to add another outer ring to those pieces of gear that has two spec-specific trait options for each spec. This effectively means that your favorite traits will be available on a lot more items, while also opening up a lot more options across the scope of all of your Azerite pieces (and thus, we hope, create more interesting decisions). We’re also going to continue to work on the individual traits themselves. We’ve done some basic tuning so far, but we’re taking the lessons we’ve learned from these first iterations forward, and Tides of Vengeance will bring new traits into the pool that reflect that. Our goal is to make the more generic traits be decent middle-of-the-road options for when you want to use a single piece for multiple situations or specs, but make sure the spec-specific options (which are generally the more interesting traits) win out in their respective environments. Some of those changes won’t be coming until Tides of Vengeance (and you’ll see them on the PTR soon), but the overall availability of Azerite Armor is a much more pressing concern, so we’re investigating ways of hotfixing that directly into the live game. I don’t have a solid timeline on when that might be yet, but we’ll definitely have more information to share as soon as we can confirm when that can happen.Lore156 26 Oct
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15 Nov Enhancement Shaman PTR Changes In an upcoming Public Test Realm (PTR) build, several changes are coming for Enhancement Shamans. We’re adjusting the following talents: Boulderfist damage bonus increased to 35%. Lightning Shield will no longer generate any bonus Maelstrom when the Lightning Shield overcharges. Landslide changed to a 40% proc chance. Forceful Winds reduced from 100% per stack to 80% per stack. Totem Mastery: the Storm Totem benefit increased from 5% to 10%. Hailstorm’s damage increased by 50%. Overcharge now causes a 9 second cooldown to Lightning Bolt, down from 12 seconds. Fury of Air damage increased by 40%. Crashing Storm damage increased by 40%. Lightning Shield and Forceful Winds are both popular talents right now, and we don’t want to reduce Enhancement’s overall damage with changes to those two talents, so additionally: The damage done by all Enhancement abilities increased by 5%. The changes above should help make the different choices on many talent rows much more competitive with each other. In addition to these changes above, we’re adjusting how many tooltips are generated. This may cause some websites to show that the damage or healing of almost every single Enhancement ability has changed. Do not panic; we are not lowering all of your damage and healing! This will be a behind-the-scenes data adjustment only. Thank you for testing with us on the PTR!Taepsilum17 15 Nov
15 Nov The GCD changes are bad for the game. The reasons are simple, they make many classes and specs horrible to play. For example my Hunter, I used to love pressing Bestial Wrath because it came up so frequently, now I actually hate pressing it due to the global cooldown, first of all the ability isn't even exciting at all, it only increases damage by a small margain. And second this, many cooldowns in the game are actually terrible boring, the only one I actually can think of that is somewhat cool is Combustion, and what a shock it's actually off the gcd! But the biggest concern is for tanks, a tank should be fast by reacting in a instance, by putting stuff like Ignore Pain, Hand of Light etc on the GCD stops this. It's first of all horrible gameplay but also has a negative effect. Speaking of tanks, there are a few tanks in the game and by making them having these annoying stuff on GCD will decrease the amount of tanks in the game, because guess what? We don't want to play something that doesn't feel good. I don't understand the reasoning behind this really, they want to slow down the pace of the game or what? Back in beta players were asked to play around with it and try, well.. They tried and basically the whole beta forum was telling them that they did not like it. ONLY reason I can see is that they will revert this in next expansion, to give us a reason to have something "new back", which is just disgusting, absolutely disgusting if this is the plan. Two ways to fix this problem. First one is to just revert it, the majority of the player base does not like it! Second is to revamp all cooldowns, make them more interesting. Just how interesting is a 20% damage increase really? During that one second we need to wait to actually play our character they might as well just add some cool "channeling" effect after pressing a cooldown. Please Blizzard, reconsider.Alempa20 15 Nov
15 Nov Here you go, fixed WoW This is a long list i made on my spare time and will update it when i find the need to I realize some of these ideas are far fetched, but this post is mainly done to fantasize on a better future and to reduce this amount of frustration i feel Factions: • Once a player reaches exalted with a faction, the reward and reputation for completing world quests for that faction will increase by 50%, each Paragon the player achieve will increase the rewards by additional 10%, up to 150% total increase. • At level 10 paragon the player will max his standing with the faction and will receive a mount and an achievement • Paragon reputation will be account bound, meaning that once an Alt achieved exalted status with a faction, the Alt will now contribute to the total paragon reputation on that account Toys: • Toys tab will now have a category list, for example cosmetic costumes, utility, player interaction etc... • All toys under the same category will now have the same duration and the dame cooldown, for example, transformation toys will now all have 30 minute duration and one hour cooldown Mounts: • Players now no longer be dismounted from Daze • Player can now mount while in combat with increased cast time of 3 seconds • Mounts with different skins on the same model will now consolidate to one mount, and by clicking on a mount with different colors will open up a mini window that is showing the player which color tint to choose from, similar to how artifact skins appeared to the player. • Locked mount skins will tell the player where and how to get that mount skin • The player will have an option to switch back to the previous viewing mode • Mounts will now have categories similar to hunter pets, each category will grant a different one passive trait and one active ability, rare mounts would occasionally have a third cosmetic ability unique to that mount. The new special abilities will be bound to a new action bar button.• Passive abilities will include water walking, immunity to Dazed, 20% speed increase, 100% swim increase etc.. • Active abilities will include extra X% mounted speed for X seconds, Leap, Stealth for X Seconds, Blink, glide etc... • None of these abilities, passive or active, will work inside raid and dungeon instances Appearances: • Items with different skins on the same model will now consolidate to one item, and by clicking on an item with different colors will open up a mini window that is showing the player which color tint to choose from, similar to how artifact skins appeared to the player • Locked item skins will tell the player where and how to get that item skin • The player will have an option to switch back to the previous viewing mode • Unlocking a color tint from a higher difficulty will also unlock the color tint of the lower difficulties, if not already unlocked Expansion features • New "pets" will be sold in the Garrison, Class Hall, Boralus ship and Zandalar ship, these will be named something like "Class Hall Herald" and will simply allow players to start and end missions by talking to these "pets" after summoned, which in turn will open the corresponding mission UI. • There will now be a special vendor near the Island Expeditions map that will sell all the items that drop in island expedition for a special currency dropped in island expeditions, rewards will still drop randomly, but players will now be able to target specific rewards Pet Battles • Connecting back after disconnecting in a middle of Pet Battles will now return the player to the exact stage the player was in. If the player connected on a different character, his active pet battle on his other character will be forfeited • Master Pet Train(1000-2000 total wins/ 150+ pets at level 25 etc..) will have an option to speed up pet battles animations by 50% Transportation • Engineers will have the ability to deploy a mole machine to summon an ally, they will need the aid of two friends to be able to construct it. • Guild Capes are now a utility category toys and no longer requires the player actually equipping them • Shamans can now summon the elements in order to summon an ally, they will need the aid of two friends to channel that power.Justicer41 15 Nov
15 Nov Buff Ret Damage, please. I hope it explains why it should be considered.Джестерино0 15 Nov
15 Nov M+ tank problems Problems: 1. Few tanks, abundance of DPS and healers 2. Balance (BDK >>>>>> all) 3. Community perception Reasons: 1. I know the reason you are missing one tank in the pool is because I can't play Vengeance DH, because BDK is the only tank accepted for 15+ keys (65% representation overall, and probably 95% in pug groups). I have a feeling people are rerolling other roles if they don't want to reroll BDK because mythic+ is the main content in the game right now. 2. If you are not a BDK you can't do high pugged keys, because noone will take you. And for good reason. BDKs are best in every single way in m+. Utility, ability to pull big, style of mitigation and healer reliance. Ofc they need a healer, but not like the other tanks. 3. The other points make this point inevitable. Correct olution: Buff Vengeance, Prots and Guardian for m+. Then take a look at BDK toolkit combined with mitigation/self-healing and even things out so everything isn't 100% perfect for m+. Most likely solution implemented: 1-2% number tunings that won't change anything other than annoy someone that their spec got nerfed or not buffed enough. Result: Brewmasters still >>>>>>> all in raids BDK still >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> all in m+Vanara13 15 Nov
15 Nov Holy Paladin PvP - Blessing of Sacrifice Nerf hello there, i do not know if this is the right place of discussion, but PvP Talents are a part of Class Development so.... The point. Ultimate Sacrifice is a silly talent ,still the spec works aroud it in PvP since Legion I reiterate, is quite stupid and OP btw Still i do not get why remove a charge of Blessing of Sacrifice ( trought Blessed Hands nerf ) in order, i guess, to nerf the OPness of our stacked cds. Double Sac has been there for a Long time and first of all it's the only skilled way to avoid a CC - train. it does not require so much skill ofc, but still you have to optmize it a bit in order to break sheeps/blinds/ecc. that gives a bit more of strategy to the game play. So my suggestion is: why not keep Blessed Hands ( 2 Charges for Blessings ) as it is now, and nerf/fix/change Ultimate Sacrifice? pls /discussJüther3 15 Nov
15 Nov Suggestions for tuning Destruction warlock I have played destruction warlock in pvp since the very Dawn of Vanilla. I was rank 10 on level 60, I played like a maniac for every expansion thereafter, simply as one spec on my main warlock. I am now currently rival and challenger. Here are my views as to what may improve their playability and competitiveness in pvp, without creating the type of controversy previously from chaos bolts damage. First off, I think we need to recognize that playing a warlock can be very powerful, if you stand in a BG and can throw bolts, with someone tanking in front of you. That is a problem, I absolutely agree, they were too good IN BATTLEGROUNDS in Legion, yes. The area havoc was overpowered and I think it cannot exist simultaneously as soulfire or chaos bolt with very high damage output. I think the solutions are: 1.Damage: improve base damage on other spells than chaos bolt or soulfire, incinerate should be likeshadow bolt previously, also increase the damage on shadowburn to 160% of spell power and increase its cooldown to 20 seconds. It's a finisher that you have to plan for, if you do it correctly you should be rewarded, rather than spamming it because incinerate is bad. Now we rely, as we did for the previous two expansions, on chaos bolt and conflagrate. I think if you improved shadow bolt / incinerates damage dramatically, and rather reduced it on chaos bolt- rather let chaos bolt give a mortal strike effect- which makes an incentive to do it, and makes it feel cool, rather than controversial or overpowered. Specific tuning numbers on incinerate? So on lv1 current build on our 3 main abilities are: Incinerate: 16 Immolate: 10 +36 over 18 Chaos Bolt: 60 =112 total damage (though after 18 seconds you're dead 3 times from melee obviously due to -1 second on each spell from GCD) Tune Suggestion Incinerate: 35 Immolate: 25 +40 over 10 seconds Chaos bolt: 40 = 140 total damage over 10 instead of 18 seconds. If you further increase the haste, and bring back CC, we can actually fight whilst attacking back rather than standing there silenced without being able to cast meaningful spells (because only chaos bolt is viable) and without being able to do any CC, beacuse there is only two if you choose a good build (coil and fear). Simply looking at incinerate: it deals currently in percentage, 911 damage after 2 seconds + global cooldown on lv110. Compare that to sinister strike which is instant and deals 597 damage on my 110 rogue. Incinerate should then deal 2+GCD=3seconds of 597 = 1800 damage then, exactly a double! That's not even counting interrupts! Adding interrupt possibility it should deal 2400, because half the time you will get it kicked and locked for over a second, whilst you can't kick and lock a rogue from using sinister strike, and they not only deal almost the same damage instantly, they deal three times the amount, with no downside! ..and can get to you instantly with shadowstep, sprint, vanish, stealth, kidney shot, cheap shot.., but warlocks can't instantly teleport away from them but have 1 fear and 1 coil..on cooldown.. which can be kicked. Other Examples of why incinerate is under tuned: Example 2) Arcane mages main builder arcane blast is 2,25 cast time and deals 1700 damage (compared to warlocks 2 second cast time and deal 911damage, YES I know it builds soul shard fragments, but it still doesn't add up % wise, because of how the game works. Say if you calculated that X incinerates = 1 chaos bolt = same damage as 4 arcane blasts (even if that is obviously wrong)). Still, you would have the problem of, people don't run away from incinerates, but they may have to run away from arcane blasts. SInce the class of warlocks are based up on 1 ability, it's a complete either/or. Either they kill you, or you snipe them, which creates an unsatisfactory play. Instead if incinerate and immolate dealt more damage, people had to tactically move and avoid the incinerate- like previously. Rather than only waiting for the chaos bolt, which is very easy and very boring, because both of you know he is going to kick you when you cast the bolt and not before, and we wont have to before because you have 133 000 health and incinerate deals 0,0013 % of peoples health in damage. Conclusion: Arcane blast which no arcane mage can stand and spam without getting killed, is 9,7 times more strng than incinerate, yet warlocks HAVE TO stand and spam incinerate to be able to do anything, AND they can't blink away, sprint away, ice block, or shield. Example 3) Arcane missiles cast time: 2,3 seconds, damage: 7625 vs Incinerate 2 Seconds, damage: 911. that is 8,3 times as bad. Example 4) A fire mages phoenix and fireball normally hits for 2-3000 damage and has a cast time of 0-2 seconds. Compared to incinerate of two seconds cast time and 911damage, that is 2-3 times as bad. Example 5) Shaman elemental: lightning bolt hits for ~3000 and lavaburst for ~7000, ES for 15-60k. A rogue can do the equivalent damage of immolate by casting 4 sinister strikes which takes around 4 seconds, probably less. A warlock can in 4 seconds cast 1 incinerate and 1 immolate which is the same damage as about up to two to three sinister strike, and can be interupted and locked for all the for seconds, and cannot escape whilst the rogue can escape and can stop the warlock from whatever he is doing. And all these reasions are why I suggest the previous and following suggesions, as a responsible tune. Increase the damage of incinerate to an equivalent of other normal builder damage spells, for example, to at least 1700, on par with arcane blast, which by the way gets 68% more powerful everytime you do it, whilst incinerate does not get more powerful the more you do it (yes I still know it builds chaos bolt soul fragments). Mages can fire blast, frost nova, cone of cold, phoenix whatever when they run- warlocks can't do anything and can't run if they get kicked! That is why you need to bring back diverse CC and increase damage dramatically on the builder. 2. CC: Bring back AoE Fear, Portal and shadowfury instant cast, baseline. Mages have the same CC they always had- why did you remove it from warlocks? to create class fantasy yes, but warlocks have too few CC options in PVP, whilst simultaneously depending on casting spells, where one of them is the one you rely on. THe obvious answer is what you did previously, they need CC; not only that- AE fear is a CAST TIME ability that can be interupted easily AND shares diminishing returns. Portal is also cast time and requires planning. 3. The backlash type of effects are also important, and may need further tuning on stacks, haste and such.Aeslith20 15 Nov
15 Nov Protection paladin buffs Please give us hand of the protection to be off gcd. Our shield mitigation is stupidly low and healers have a lot of spells on gcd and 3 other players to heal so in m+ lots of the time we die because of that 1 little second. Maybe a shorte cd for shield also since warriors get one from 18 to 16? Either buff or shorter cd works for me Thank youScubadiver0 15 Nov
14 Nov mage talents - frost Blizz I like to play frostmage in PVE like many other players. Frostmage is now pretty balanced in m+ and also in raid. But I always see only one talent build, its any chance to tweak those talents: Ice Nova - so poor talent now missing synergy Frozen Touch - is just fail talent, noone will pick this talent, need to be replaced pls Chain Reaction - same as Frozen touch. Usable only in one situation on Mythic Zul Ray of Frost - so poor talent now missing synergy, this can be so nice talent if will damage based on distance from target, pls do something with it !!! If you will boost or change talents who noone use its not boost/nerf its just balancing between talents we really wants... Joeblob3 14 Nov
14 Nov Assa on PTR Thanks for ruining my favorite spec another expansion. I hoped for some Good changes to already useless talents and instead you removed the only useful ones like Deadly Brew. So master of poisons can't use his 3 poisons again, getting back to trash design with wound and cripple ? Also losing 50% of dps because can't use Deadly poison with wound. If this is strategy to force rogues use Shiv talent which is garbage, thats really lazy and bad devs class design I've ever seen. Deadly brew and shiv should be baseline, And other useless PvP talents needs to be replaced. Intend to Kill, Honor among Th, Flying daggers, Death from above, Neurotoxin, so much trash talents are there, yet you take away the most important one. Give us back Wotlk design, and go away with this trash class fantasy.Firëwall3 14 Nov
14 Nov shadow priest 0 mobility 8.1 with removing of mania and indirect nerf to body and soul (by adding weakened soul) shadow will have really big mobility problems next patch! + having added weakened soul feel really wierd body and soul will be 100% taken talent in pve so imo it should be replaced with something like spectral guise and adding some form of mobility baseline to shadow priest!!! also adding tentacles that slow and spawn from mind flay like artifact weapon trait did would help shadow priest a lot tooWosler0 14 Nov
14 Nov Retribution is poorly designed and unfun Holy Power doesn't make sense now, We have 4 Holy Point spenders, 2 coming from the Talent Tree. Templar Verdict and Divine Storm cannot be "maximize" as the "holy power generation" is 100% controlled by the super clunky, cool-down orientated fillers. Word of Glory has a 1 minute cool-down, so again, All it does is serve to slow the rotation down. Inquisition is none manageable as the duration isn't reset or extended through good game play, and is simply a builder and spender that makes our sustained higher. our rotation is SO visually boring, Judgement, Hammer of Wrath and Hammer of Reckoning share virtually the same animation, and Templar Verdict and Crusader Strike aren't a great deal different. The global cool-down totally removes ALL fun from Retribution as the class has now become robot and often feels like your playing with LAG!! but you're not it's just that slow. Blinding Light is awful Divine Judgement is awful Justicar Vengeance and Selfless Healer are awful Divine Purpose is anti climatic Crusader is awful inquisition makes the already awful rotation feel more awful. Blessing of Protection is still a 5 minute cool-down yet serves as the weakest utility defensive in the game, countering only Warrior / Monk combo. everybody else can interrupt / dispel / damage through it. Avenging Wrath being on global is just UNFUN Divine Shield being on global is just UNFUN FIX THE SPEC WITH THE FOLLOWING Remove the cool-down of Crusader Strike to speed up the rotation Make inquisition duration extend by 5 seconds every time you cast a holy power spender Remove Avenging Wrath, Divine Storm and Divine Steed from Global Bring back the Old Judgement animation Give Hammer of Reckoning a new animation Make Hammer of Wrath Baseline and replace Hammer of Wrath with Divine Hammers, an additional AOE spell that shares the same CD as Blade of justiceMaxeimus0 14 Nov
14 Nov How to make Retribution fun & viable Retribution damage wise is below average in raids and abysmal in Mythic+ due to lack of tools other classes have I purpose these changes to the Retribution Paladin *[Greater Blessing of Wisdom] and [Greater Blessing of Kings] removed from the class completely Reason: These two blessings really have no merit behind them, they are a watered down version of the glorious abilities they used to be. Today, they are a nuisance to the Retribution Paladin, Healers fighting between themselves who requires Wisdom the most, and no one really cares about Blessing of kings and for these reasons i think they should be removed. *[Retribution] passive ability removed from the class completely Reason: The passive ability is and was always hated by the majority of the Retribution community and in BFA it was nerfed to 10 seconds down from 20 for balance sake but i think this should be removed completely from the game *[Wake of Ashes] is now baseline and no longer stuns undead and demons *New talent instead [Wake of Ashes]: [Ashes to Ashes] - your Wake of Ashes now also stuns all enemies in front of you for 3 seconds Reason: AoE stun is a must and some classes are only taken because they have this, also, all Rets take wake of ashes anyway *[Repentance] is now Baseline *new talent instead Repentance: [Relieving Repentance] - Repentance can now be used on Beasts and Elementals and removes Enrage effects from the target. Reason: DHs, Monks, Rogues, Mages, Shamans etc... Have a long CC out of combat baseline and i don't understand why Retribution should not have this as well, the talent allows it to be a bit more useful on certain situations * [Justicar's Vengeance] talent changed: no longer costs 5 Holy power but has a 15 seconds Cooldown and generates 1 Holy Power Reason: No one take this talent ever because of its high Holy Power requirement. This change will make it very appealing as well not a complete waste of talent slot, it will also assist a lot to prevent "dead time" during standard rotation which is no fun *[Blinding Light] talent Changed: no longer causes enemies to wander disoriented for 6 seconds, instead it reduces the chance of non-boss enemies to hit by 40% for 4 seconds, damage does not break this effect Reason: No serious player take this talent over the other two choices for one reason - damage cancels the effect. This change will make it much more appealing because it will effectively give the player a meaningful defensive CD that is truly beneficial to the group in dire situations *[Consecration] is now baseline *[Consecration] talent changed: now is like the Protection Paladin talent [Consecrated Ground] Reason: Retribution really lacks in the AoE department and this will help a lot, in certain situation it will be more beneficial to take this talent over Ashes to Ashes *[Divine Judgment] talent changed to what [Greater Judgment] was in Legion: Judgment jumps to two additional targets Reason: in certain mythic+ dungeons with certain affixes and certain group composition, this will be the best choice to make. As well as no one ever takes the current talent any ways. As well that i miss legion judgment so much q.q What i basically did here was making some abilities baseline like they were in the past and made all talents viable and competitive Here are some possible abilities that could be fun and viable for Retribution Paladins: *[Retribution Aura] is now baseline and has been reworked - whenever you or your allies within 20 yards take damage, your weapon is empowered for 10 seconds and you deal additional damage on your next melee swing, this effect stacks. Reason: I really liked the way we had auras back in the day and always wished "ret aura" would have been a good choice but it never did and no one took it as a result, this rework makes it very unique but also very useful and the effect is really fitting to a Retribution PaladinJusticer20 14 Nov
14 Nov Arms warrior nerf 8.1 -33% rage gained when target survives execute. -17% bladestorm damage -40 to 50% damage to Warbreaker's aoe Basically massive aoe nerf to class that excells at cleave/aoe. Guess we gotta reroll to some other class boys, until the time they !@#$ that one up too. The massive warbreaker nerf will probably force players into picking Cleave, and will reduce the arms spec to spamming Cleave to reapply deep wounds.Skyrha37 14 Nov
14 Nov Mage changes when? Arcane hasn't received nothing but negative changes since beta. It also has the worst tuning of any other spec, completely relying on 1 single spell to do damage, many undertuned talents for the longevity of multiple expansions, counter synergy between abilities and talents, multiple bugs and rotational issues. Fire's only slow(flamestrike) has been nerfed to 20%(pretty much useless) and half the traits in the game break Dragon's Breath. Besides that, it's simply a worse and less fun version of Legion fire. Frost is the only spec that got improved coming from Legion, but it still has issues like: dead talents, awkward aoe rotation, low filler damage(frostbolt), heavy reliance on RNG procs, proc munching. And in 8.1 frost slows are getting gutted, which was the main reason why the spec was doing good in both PvP and PvE. If it doesn't receive some buffs to it's consistent damage, then it will be really weak. I know this is more of a rant than constructive feedback, but I've already wrote down tens of threads in both EU and US forums about Arcane specifically.Vîndy6 14 Nov
14 Nov Blood Elf Shaman New Race-Class Combination request: Blood Elf Shaman !! So, can we have Blood Elf Shaman too now? Basicly, Im sick, fed up and tired of still not being able to have a race with somehow normal measurements, for my transmogs.. Ive been playing Shaman since day one, shes my first character and Im not ever intending on changing mains. The one-sided and similar races available for Shaman are really starting to become this old stereotype. The only time I ever enjoy my Tmog is the 5 min every half an hour when I use Orb of the Sindorei. Tauren Paladin didn't seem to be a problem either, so why is a normal Shaman Race so hard huh. Cmon just make my wish come true, Belf Shaman. They shouldve been an option back in TBC. With draenei being able to roll both Pala and Shaman, yet Belf only got Pala. While they were supposed to be each other counterclasses faction-wise. Its about time. Now Tauren can also be Pala, that counter-class faction-based-class idea, is dead and gone. Notl like I ever cared about it. But atleast it cant be a reason as to why not to have Belf Shaman. Since holy cows. Undead Hunter, Nelf mage etc are walking about too now, I see no reason why not to have Blood Elf Shaman as available race-class option in-game. Since I wont be doing any mythic+ content for obvious reasons, atleast let me enjoy my transmogs. Or were those 9 toy totems supposed to entertain me, oh well. Still have 7 actual non-talent totems left, down from 2 action bars filled with real totems. That you took away from me as well, RIP my babies. Arent the Belfs gonna learn the Shamanistic way of the Horde? Not that many totems and not that much to learn imo, I dont see the problem. Arent Belfs in need of aid from the elemental lords to restore the dead scar? Isnt Elementalist Starion already in-game as Blood Elf Shaman NPC? Orcs meddled with fel magic and were forgiven by the elements, surely that means channeling magic through the elements should be no problem for Belfs then. Belfs were only addicted to Arcane Magic . Which is less of a crime than using fellmagic imo. Besides Belfs their addiction is sated now anyway and Belf palas also changed their way with the light, as in a similar way can be done with the elements, meaning a non-forceful way. Because of this actually being a normal Shaman even, rather than a Shaman. So please for the love of the old Gods, Blood Elf Shaman. I really need this in my life. Now is the time. I do love what Ya'll are doing at Blizz Lorewise and well I just love the whole game. Aways have always will. Just wish you guys would negelect Shamans a bit less, anyway keep up the great work. <3 ShamapoShamapo23 14 Nov
14 Nov Disc priest shield changes in 8.1 Power Word: Shield Shields an ally for 15 sec, absorbing [Spell power * 1.54 * (1 + Versatility) * 1 * 1] damage. and preventing damage from delaying spellcasting.You cannot shield the target again for 6 sec. They say pws will have cooldown 6 seconds. This is huge nerf for PVP, without shielding itself disc will not be able to survive under melee train in arena. Disc has no escape mechanics, the only way to survive is to spam shields and penace on the move. This nerf is way overboard and could rip the whole spec in pvp to the current state of holy priest. Disc should be able to spam shield at least on itself without CD, overwise give us clarity of the will back.Leonabrams15 14 Nov
14 Nov PvP Tuning Oct 10 2018 We've got another round of tweaks for PvP balance in the works, which we're planning to deploy tomorrow, October 10. Details are below: General Azerite Veins (Azerite Trait) duration reduced to 9 sec (was 18) when engaged in combat with enemy players. Azerite Veins healing reduced by 33% when engaged in combat with enemy players. Mage Frost Frigid Grasp (Azerite Trait) is now removed from the Mage when Ice Form fades. Intellect granted by Frigid Grasp (Azerite Trait) is reduced by 66% when gained by casting Ice Form (PvP Talent) to match its reduced cooldown. Comet Storm damage reduced by 20% when engaged in combat with enemy players. Frostbolt damage increased by 15% when engaged in combat with enemy players. Fire Meteor damage reduced by 20% when engaged in combat with enemy players. Fireball damage increased by 15% when engaged in combat with enemy players. Rogue Assassination All damage reduced by 6% when engaged in combat with enemy players. System Shock (PvP Talent) damage reduced by 33%. Shaman Enhancement All damage reduced by 5% when engaged in combat with enemy players. Mana regeneration reduced by 30% when engaged in combat with enemy players. Healing Surge (Enhancement only) healing reduced by 33% when engaged in combat with enemy players. Roiling Storm (Azerite Trait) additional Stormstrike damage now diminishes per stack when in combat with enemy players.Lore31 14 Nov
14 Nov Remove specializations They only hinder class fantasy and customization. Yeah, I said it!Zbir25 14 Nov
14 Nov Holy Paladin Mastery You want holy paladin in the front, BUT IT DOES NOT WORK! To be Interrupted, easy for swaps, most classes can dispell/purge our defences, they can dispell Divine Favor.. Blizzard, please rethink about the class design.. by the way the new animations theme are amazing! <3Neomi1 14 Nov
13 Nov Priest Class Versatility I posted this originaly in priest forum, but I think this is a better place for it. I remember the devs saying that the new talent system would implement the possibility to play your class in different ways, so people have the option of different playstyles for every class. While for many classes this may seem true, I'd like to think for priest this is not the case. It's very monotone compaired to previous expansions the different ways to play your priest. So one very important suggestion I would like to make to adress this issue in shadow, is to make voidform a talent. And to justify this, you have the option of talenting a 3th dot in the same tree to make up for the voidform damage loss. Just like the priest in cata. This represents a dot shadow priest again which i loved a lot more than this voidform priest. This way, we have 2 playstyles for shadow priest possible! A Voidform shadow priest and a DOT shadow priest. We should have 3, but i would be happy already if we had atleast 2, compaired to the single one we have now. Which would still be VERY different playstyle from playing a warlock. I have many more suggestions, but I find this one, one of the most important for me personaly. Sorry for any spelling mistakes, i'm not english. Thank youBabyprincess1 13 Nov
13 Nov Holy Paladin nerf to 1 sacrifice Due to this nerf, please consider these buffs instead: Repentance - make it physical ability instead of holy. Divine Favor - not a magic spell. This will even things outNeomi1 13 Nov
13 Nov Warlock problems and possible solutions The mobility factor is a real problem. Every class has at least 2-3 mobility spells on a 10-15 second cooldown (if not more), yet if a warlock wants to "blink", he has to sit in place and cast a 2 seconds spell (which let me remind you can be interrupt in a number of ways). That wouldn't really be an issue if a warlock could perform an instant cast on all his spells. But he cannot. That means any class (and I literally mean any class) can have 100% uptime on a warlock while a warlock has to constantly tryhard to fake cast in order not to get locked. But it does take a mental attitude of raid boss to not get locked by, again, every possible class in the game to interrupt you for 3 to 6 seconds. And for some reason interrupts do not have a diminishing return. So if a warrior kicks you for 4 seconds, a mage can interupt you for another 6 seconds, leaving the warrior to stun you for 3 seconds afterwards and rinse and repeat. And direct interrupts are not the problem. Casters (mage/warlock/boomie/elemental shaman) can get interrupted by all possible means in the game: 1) Just run away out of range (or use an movement ability, because you probably have it); 2) Run behind LoS; 3) Run behind the warlock (because there's no hitbox for the toon); 4) Cast a disorient spell (blind, paralysis, mortal coil, etc); 5) Cast a displacement spell (shaman sundering, etc); 6) Cast a stun (practically everyone has it); 7) Vanish, feign death, night elf racial, spell reflect; 8) Cast a bubble (mage/paladin/hunter); 9) Dodge (demon hunters metamorphosis jump, blade dance, reign from above, rogue cloak of shadows); 10) Or... Use a good old interrupt, or straight up silence; Currently, you cannot influence a battleground in any way because: A) you cannot go for the objective as you're the literally slowest class in the game that has no movement spells; B) you can get pinned down by any class and you won't be able to do anything (and if you will want to do anything on a flag carrier or a cart carrier, chances are you'll pop all the cd's and barely survive); C) Therefore you currently have the only option of following your team, and if your team is not performing, the only thing you can do is yell in /bg because you're actions are unlikely to matter. Therefore, the problems: 1) A warlock has to tryhard to cast anything, because relevant spells takes 2-3 seconds to cast (waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay enough time to get interrupted), while the interrupts have no diminishing return and you can get interrupted 24/7; 2) Warlocks can get gang banged by every possible class as they do not have the necessary tools to get away, while their spells do not deal significant enough damage. Casting a 3 second spell deals around 10-15% of a person hp. That's what a healer can heal in a single instant cast (or a regular cast that takes 50% of what a warlock has to cast). 3) No sustained heal (even rogues have crimson vial on a 30 sec cd while warlocks have to literally leave combat in order to use healthstone again). It doesn't take much to fix it, really. First of all, Demon armor in 8.1 won't solve this. Warlocks will just die 3 seconds later. I've played melee classes and killing a warlock is as difficult as hitting ur head on the keyboard a couple of time. Few hits later the warlocks dead. You interrupt any displacement abilities (fear) and stun them on Unending Resolve. In case you feel like you might lose, you run away, and they can't to anything to catch up to you because.... They don't have any mobility spells :^) Possible solutions: 1) Either reduce the cooldown on being able to use demonic portal to 30 seconds (and change darkfury talent into a talent that gives demonic portal 2 charges but puts it on either a 45 second cooldown or a 60 second cooldown), or return mortal coil and demonic circle as baseline spells. That won't break the game, it will just allow a warlock to have the same amount of movement ability as other classes for counter play, while still being "an immobile caster class". 2) Allow the healthstone to be cast 1 minute back to back without having to leave combat. This post will probably get ignored, because why would you need the said spells for PvE and half a day static raid training dummy fights, but... I thought I'd try. So in the end... Are there any balance team's tips and tricks (a manual of sorts) that they have based the balancing decisions I could craft my playstyle on to be able to enjoy playing a class that i've loved since classic? Because any proactive playstyles with a warlock are shut down before they even start so far.Samagono2 13 Nov
13 Nov Demonology Warlock PTR Changes In the current build up on the PTR (Public Test Realm), a few changes were made to the Demonic Consumption level 100 talent: - Any imp that the Demonic Tyrant consumes now has a chance to grant you the Demonic Core buff. If your Tyrant consumes six imps when summoned, you have six individual chances to get a Demonic Core buff applied to you. - The damage buff to the Demonic Tyrant from consuming the Wild Imps is now much higher. One additional note about the Demonic Tyrant: - In an upcoming build, the Demonic Tyrant will also extend the duration of any demons summoned from the Nether Portal level 100 talent. - The Demonic Tyrant extends the summon duration of all demons that are currently active when the Demonic Tyrant is summoned. Demons summoned after the Demonic Tyrant has been cast do not get the duration extension. All demons, regardless of whether they were active before the Demonic Tyrant summon, or if they were summoned afterwards, should still benefit from the area damage buff (currently 15%) that the Demonic Tyrant provides while the Demonic Tyrant is still active. A few more changes you will see in an upcoming PTR build: On the current live version, there is an issue where pets are gaining bonus Energy regeneration from the Warlock's Haste stat at twice the expected value. This is already fixed in the 8.1.0 PTR build and has been for many weeks now. We have made some adjustments to keep the relative value of your pet similar to what it is on the live version: - Felguard, Felhunter, Succubus, and Voidwalker pets have had their damage scaling from the Warlock's Spell Power increased by 15%. - Imps have had their spell power scaling from the Warlock's Spell Power increased by 25%. Another recent change we made was to reduce the duration of the Nether Portal talent from 20 seconds, down to 15 seconds. In an upcoming build, the damage of all demons that can come from the Nether Portal has been increased by 25%.Taepsilum3 13 Nov
13 Nov Let me improve Destro Locks Make Demonic Circle Baseline again Replace Demonic Circle with "Nether Reach" - Demonic Circle can now be cast at mouse location up to 30 yards from the Warlock. Make Mortal Coil Baseline but increase it's cool-down to 1 minute. Mortal Coil talent replace with Nether Ward - Mortal Coil now additional reduces all spell damage received by the Warlock by 35% for 8 seconds. In-additional reduce the cool-down of Mortal Coil by 15 seconds. Soul Link is now passive for all spec and redirects 15% of the damage done to the warlocks pet. Using Sacrifice increases warlocks health by 15%. Mastery changed to "Focus Chaos" Increase damage delt by Chaos Bolt (Focus Chaos removed from pvp talents) Back Lash re-introduced, melee damage have a chance to reduce the cast time of Incinerate and increases it damage dealt by 100%. cannot proc more than once every 8 seconds.Maxeimus2 13 Nov
12 Nov Why does aspect of the eagle has to be a DPS loss? Please make it like enhancement's Ascendance, give it the ability of ranged AAsDraenär5 12 Nov
12 Nov poisons on all rogue specs? i hope not as we can see on ptr with shiv ability we can apply poisons on other 2 rogue specs...i hope that not is going to happen in live... my opinion is that poisons should stick only for sin spec since poisons are only unique thing about this spec and addin them back on another two rogue specs would be too much i rly hope blizz doesnt do this cheersHellforcen6 12 Nov
12 Nov 8.1 and enhancement shamans first off, its nice to see that we're actually getting some attention, after months of silence, the community had actually given up on seeing any changes at all. sadly, at first glance, the changes seem to not adress the core issues the spec has at all, and in some cases actually make them worse. as there isnt a complete consensus about what the worst issues are, ill work off my own opinion. many players find stormstrike proc chains fun, and so do i, however with stormstrike being our only major damage source, and us having no tools to effectively recover from the droughts that will inevitably happen, it also creates feelbad moments, where no matter how well you play, you will perform poorly. i would have loved to see more reasons to press non stormstrike buttons in between stromstrikes, causing proc chains to last longer (despite the same number of ss casts), and reducing the impact of droughts by having meaningful buttons to press while waiting for rng to let you recover. the most positive thing about this latest round of talent tuning is that it puts talents closer together numerically, but it does not adress mechanical issues with the spec at all, or that all the talents are purely a numerical choice. hoping that blizzard is actually paying attention to enhancement shamans right now, here's a few suggestions for changes that would actually adress some of the core issues the spec has right now. bring back the 150 malestrom cap, this will give us significantly more casts to dig ourselves out of a proc drought, and give resource management significanly more meaning. nerf stromstrike slightly, and increase our mastery scaling, this would decrease our reliance on procs to perform, and cause proc droughts to be less impactful, while adressing the issue of mastery being our least desireable stat on singletarget, and our most wanted on aoe. decrease the delay between cap totem cast, and activation, this would make it possible to use it the same way other spec uses their stuns in m+ (to interrupt stuff), and be a huge improvement for our m+ viability. if you want us to play fury of air, please give us back maelstrom generation in ghost wolf. (this would also have the positive side effect of making it ever so slightly faster to recover after intermission phases, or any other form of extended downtime, something that hurts the spec a lot, and is a highly represented in current content design) instead of removing the maelstrom gain from lightning shield, you could remove the damage portion, reduce the maelstrom gain, and let us store it for manual consumption on demand.Skofus5 12 Nov
12 Nov WHOLE class design is an joke in bfa I used to be addicted to this game since TBC but what REALLY ruined it is the fact you are drastically dumbing down literally everything from expansion to expansion, And with BFA you did it to that level it doesnt give any adrenaline anymore. 1) You slowed down combat soo much that it really makes me scream inside while im FORCED to use that prunned rotation for all day long, literally most of classes are MAX 4 buttons spam machines and it's soo damn boring and extinguishing to know that for most classes ONLY gear and your stats matters, cuz don't try to tell me your 3 skill rotation that is not really ANY possible to !@#$ up is actually skill based, just no. IM LITERALLY DISGUSTED TO TRY CLASS OTHER THAN AFFLI WARLOCK in bfa. Soo instead of trying to fight as well as you can on special encounters you just care to get your rng piece of gear soo you actually can push more dps cuz your skill doesn't mean a %^-*. 2) RAIDS AND DUNGEONS- well in bfa whenever you have to do something on enounter you get big pointer above your head or your screen is fully red, you literally have to be retarded to be able to die on bosses. Very noob friendly yes but what are the consequences? You literally don't have to think on fights anymore, you just need to do your role - it means spamin 12312312312312312312312 to do your rotation properly for 5 minutes long fight :), before bfa it was stressing if you didn't know tactics cuz you could !@#$ up back then and stress= adrenaline. If you knew tactics you had to use your brain as well, cuz you didn't have a whole screen fulfiled with red colour or something. 3) You took away Life Quality systems. with WOD which we all hate, you made this game informing us that we are in broken world all the time. Like , you dont have to have pickaxe or skinning knife with you anymore, you get some minecraft system to dig stones and everything around with your hands. Invisible walls started being an very visible thing in this game, devs stopped giving a %^-* about bugs etc etc. 4) You removed PVP rewards from this game. NO giving pvp players worse PVE armor cuz of worse stats is NOT ANY REWARD. You removed pvp vendors which were such an good system for soo many years and when it completely failed in legion you decided to not give a singe fuk about it in bfa. before we used to have both PVP and PVE activity, soo you had more to do in the game. here is much more to say but anyway i remember HOW WE ALL used to cry before BFA to not release bfa with class design as it is now, to not prune more, to add skills, to not dumb down , to reimagine asserite, TO FIX PVP , BLAHBLAHBLAH , ALL you did is ignoring us and now you can't believe your game is dying. YOU ARE YOUR OWN KILLER BLIZZ....Zanarius6 12 Nov
12 Nov Erase dmg taken more casttime from Ele Shamy Why need this???? Ruin all ele class in pvp We lost mobility skill, normal totems, normal dmg now should be lose this rubbish thing......Warkokk0 12 Nov
11 Nov Talent system need revamping Every single classs has talent which are totaly gargage and never are taken, both in pvp and pve.Maxeimus1 11 Nov
11 Nov Elemental shaman PvP things it's cool blizz want improve the gameplay with ele but they don't see what is the problem. -melee vs ele shaman: chance to cast skill in close range close 0 -all melee absorb immune resisist reflect to our skills while we suffer with cast -huge self heals instant on melees while we suffer with casts -dmg taken = more cast time, mine now 1,7-1,8 sec in 371ilvl (why need this, close 2sec cast time not enough????????) -melee can block all skill what we want cast and each melee has 2-3 skillblock or more -we lost guts of wind while melee can pull, slow, jump, hook, stun sprint ect -with lava control dmg it's near the normal dmg what we need take with lava burst many class can same or faster run than me in wolf form with spirit wolf talent WTF?? HOW??? WHY??? So elemental shaman chance to survive or lose enemy impossible, totems useless sh1ts Capacitator totem: need wait 2 sec till work? vs instant block skills while i can't keep distance? I like the hard style gameplay what the shaman give us but i don't like the unfair gameplay without chance.......Warkokk0 11 Nov
10 Nov Sin, dh boom pvp damage reduction please 7-10% damage reduction on all these in pvp please.Maxeimus1 10 Nov
10 Nov Paladin Avening Wrath new animation 8.1 PTR Looks awesome, but wish wings went up instead of curving down. Looks to similar to holy Priest wings... Paladin wings are super iconic, seems like a change instead of enhancing the existing look. What do you guys think?Breadromance5 10 Nov
10 Nov Arms Warriors personal opinion feedback Hi, I attempt to submit this topic with the only motive being: constructive feedback. I do not intend to mention any names of the community to strengthen my topic. This is purely my opinion and I expect everyone to look at it as such. Please refrain from any comments that are not related to the topic. I would love to hear everyone's opinions once again and i hope we can have a proper discussion in the replies. This is my 2nd time posting a topic about Arms Warriors since Warlords of Draenor. When i started playing a warrior back in Wrath of the Lich King, I never would have imagined that the state of Arms Warriors would be like it is currently. Now I'm not talking about not having self heals, or not having enough DPS. compared to Fury. I'm purely talking about how the specialisation feels and plays like in comparison to how it was when i had the most amount of fun in this game ever. What is the game? Why is it fun ? Raid? Mythic+? Island Expedition?... ....or is it the very core of the game : The class you play with. In my opinion, no matter how good the Raid/Mythic+/Island expedition(Endgame content) if the character you are playing with makes you want to not play any of that. (The character I'm using on the forums is not the character I'm playing with nowadays, if you are interested my main is Eraii-Ravencrest. My Topic pretty much sums up why not much progress have been done on this character). Main points on this topic: Old Arms Warrior Rotation, Abilities, Fun factors Current Arms Warrior Rotation, Abilities, Fun factors Suggestions Mobility Warmode Damage Self Heal Abilities Rotation: Old Arms Warrior While it wasn't as polished in Wrath, they did an excellent job in Cataclysm, making every ability feel like it is worth using. Not a single one felt like a waste of global cool down. You had to keep your buff (3 stack damage buff for other abilities) up at all times to deal the highest damage. You had different specs that changed your game play (Slam/Heroic Strike). The general flow of the abilities were very well in sync and felt really good to use them. Current Arms warrior: Feels way too slow, Unless you charge in, your first auto attack wont generate enough rage for a Mortal Strike (your main damaging ability) forcing you to use Overpower and once you did it still feels like waiting a full global before the next Auto attack swing that would generate enough rage for a mortal strike. Global Cool down changes that came with Battle for Azeroth makes this feel even slower and just generally not fun to play. Whenever I'm playing Fury, i feel like it is so much more fun as I always have an ability to press as most of them actually generate rage as opposed to costing rage. Abilities : Old Arms warrior Offensive: Mortal Strike Overpower Slam Colossus Smash Heroic Strike Cleave Thunder Clap Sweeping Strikes Rend Heroic Throw(actually dealt damage) Execute Recklessness Shattering Throw Defensive/Support/Crowd Control Hamstring Disarm Intimidating Shout Enraged Regeneration Rallying Cry Spell Reflection Demoralising Shout(physical damage reduction) Piercing Howl (If talented) or Gag Order (Heroic Throw and Pummel Silence) Deadly Calm Thunder Clap (melee attack speed reduction) Intervene Throwdown Retaliation Heroic Leap Charge Victory Rush Shield Wall Current Arms warrior: Offensive: Mortal Strike Overpower Slam Colossus Smash Sweeping Strikes Heroic Throw(actually dealt damage) -Deals little to no damage Execute Defensive/Support/Crowd Control Hamstring Intimidating Shout Enraged Regeneration Rallying Cry Heroic Leap Charge - No longer stuns and is on a longer cooldown. Victory Rush Talents/Warmode Talents Rend - Talent Disarm PvP Talent Spell Reflection PvP Talent Deadly Calm -Talent Throwdown - Stormbolt - Talent Pruned : Demoralising Shout(physical damage reduction) Piercing Howl (If talented) or Gag Order (Heroic Throw and Pummel Silence) Thunder Clap (melee attack speed reduction) Intervene Retaliation Shield Wall Shattering Throw Heroic Strike Cleave While I'm pretty sure I missed quite a few(I'm sorry its been many years)I still would like to say that in my honest opinion, the pruning was a mistake. If you compare that list, that is roughly about 50% less abilities since Cataclysm. ... ...Bestbad25 10 Nov
10 Nov Remove the class buffs and debuffs Hello, I wanted to state that removing the 3 buffs and the 2 debuffs from the game, is the first MANDATORY step towards a better balance in class utility and therefore in class diversity. These 5 spells should have never existed as they bring absolutely nothing positive (except maybe money for Inscription ppl but I'm sure Blizzard can find another thing) in the game but just destroy class diversity and make 5 classes far more useful than others. After this change then we can start discussing about class utility and try to make so that every spec brings something unique and useful in the raid/dungeon (which is obviously currently far from being the case, uh shamans/hunters ?). Hoping this feedback might get considered one day, a random MM and MM+ player.Draenär3 10 Nov
10 Nov You changed MM.. remember? .. you forgot again? Hi! Do you remember how you changed MM on PTR, but didnt tune numbers or fix the needed mechanics? You forget? Happens easily! Now start remembering and fix this abomination of a spec please.Terapeuten0 10 Nov
10 Nov PvP Tuning September 24 / cr date 10/11/18 Am i blind? PvP Balance Tuning September 24: Note that we’re planning another round of balance updates for the near future after this round, which will include changes for other specs (including Warlock and Death Knight). Note that we’re planning another round of balance updates for the near future after this round, which will include changes for other specs (including Warlock and Death Knight). Note that we’re planning another round of balance updates for the near future after this round, which will include changes for other specs (including Warlock and Death Knight). Note that we’re planning another round of balance updates for the near future after this round, which will include changes for other specs (including Warlock and Death Knight).Frostbringer0 10 Nov
10 Nov No Paladins for Kul Tiran's: Blizz Fails Again. Apparently, it makes sense for Kul Tiran's to be rogues because big fat people are good at sneaking but they can't be damn paladins. Seriously I'm losing faith in blizzard decision making process when they give paladins to freaking Trolls but can't give it to Kul Tiran's which are more fitting for this class. And then Blizzard is wondering why they bleeding players all the time. Someone in Blizzard doesn't know what he's doing and he drags the whole company into the ditch.Blinkrush13 10 Nov
10 Nov The Enhancment Changes 8.1 My view Some of the things i see that look intresting with these changes for Enhancement Shamans are. here are some positives is see 1. Its a straight up dps increase. 2. You can fit 2 lightning bolts in 1 Earthern Spike Window easier. 3. lightning shield will not be best talent in Lvl 15 tier. 4. we can get rid of this boring searing assault (replace it plz). i want to point out one negative 1. These change will not fix the issue Enhancement shamans has which is our max maelstrom is to low so we cap faster. thats why i think we need a bigger resource pool. one thing what it will do is make some talents more viable in PVE while the pvp build stays sorta the same.Rufftheorc1 10 Nov
10 Nov Runic Barrier azerite trait bugged Hello , runic barrier a Death Knight azerite trait is not working as entended. I have 2 such traits and the additional damage absorbs works but NOT the increased time duration !! it should increase the time with 6 sec for every trait but it dont do it . so this tool tip that the time duration is increased with + 6 sec is not working at all !!!!Vladikata2 10 Nov
09 Nov why we cant illusion on bows hi why hunters cant have illusion on there bows,crossbow and guns if i want to use illusion i need reroll to sv hunt!!!! there are many bm hunter mains so let us pls use illusion on our weaponsAsheli1 09 Nov
09 Nov Class design is utter trash in BfA I know that its in no way helpful and that i should at least provide some feedback and examples but its so terrible and videspread I don't even know where to begin. What have you done to this game?Zbir9 09 Nov
09 Nov Massive frost mage nerfs on PTR We are now seeing massive frost mage nerfs on PTR with severe AOE damage nerfs together with the virtual removal of all slowing capabilities (slows reduced to 1,5 sec duration on blizzard etc.). Meanwhile, rogues retain a 12 sec duration on their AOE slows, blood DKs have extremely strong slows etc. with no nerf in sight. Not only does this make frost completely unviable in m+ (and as such no mage spec is anymore) but it feels completely wrong that FROST mages shouldn't have stronger slowing capabilities than rogues (who bring a ton of other utility as well and are way more meta in m+ currently). If Blizzard want to nerf slows in general I can understand that, but it then needs to be consistent across all classes that have (AOE) slows. I also understand that this is from the PTR, and they might not have implemented for example a rogue slow nerf yet, but it feels necessary to be proactive in this. Slows are the primary reason for bringing mages to m+ at the moment so removal of slows needs to be compensated for in some way, instead of both removing/nerfing slows AND nerfing AOE damage without upping our abysmal ST damage to compensate.Emberchill20 09 Nov
09 Nov MM wishlist for 8.1 this wishlist is based on PTR changes i feel like its a step in the right direction but i dont like the fact this new lethal shots talent is so useless and ruins the current steady aim build also dmg feels really undertuned and aoe is still...horrible -buff aimed shot and rapid fire dmg by atleast 20% -revert lethal shots change (this new talent is useless and destroys the current steady aim build we dont need a cheaper version of what the new trait does) maybe even rework it to somthing else like "steady shot will now increase your next rapid fire or aimed shots crit dmg by 10% and reduce cast time/channel time by 7% stacking up to 3 times" -change trick shots so its able to proc from 2 targets instead of 3 and either buff the % dmg or remove the cap on max targets -give utility from pets to lone wolf or buff dmg from it -add less channel time for rapid fire during new trueshot aswell instead of only less cast on aimed shot -remove volley and put barrage in this row atm volley is really boring and just horrible to play with (hits less than auto attacks on 3 target fight when i tested it) also opens up more choice in this tree ST/spread aoe/stacked aoe -add new talent in 90 tree about synergy between rapidfire and aimed shot maybe? after casting aimed shot your next rapid fire will channel 20% faster and after casting rapid fire your next aimed shot will cast 20% faster -change steady aim stacks to be a buff on you instead of on the targetQuîet0 09 Nov
09 Nov Shadow in 8.1 I have an alt shadow priest, and as much as I'd want more PvP changes to my main made of paper, I can't do anything but be kind of sad at the lost potential with the edge of insanity changes. The current PTR form only gives you the buff for 15 sec when you go over the set amount of insanity. In my opinion this buff shouldn't go away when you use void form, and it definitely should refresh itself when you get insanity and you are at 60-100 insanity. I don't care if you take away the 10% damage boost to prevent it from stacking with voidform. But still, 15% damage reduction from focused will isn't enough in arenas. The 10% boost from edge is needed, and this current form of edge just makes you want to enter voidform almost on CD, just to get that 10% damage reduction back... If edge just gave a 10% reduction to damage taken when out of void form, it would kind of help shadow with being trained and prevented from using the form. And it would reward players who can set up their void forms to land as much damage as possible, while taking as little back as they can. Far more interesting gameplay than PvE-like rotations of managing the edge buff on a set timer. I just don't like the idea of having to use my burst to get back my defensive passive for another 15 seconds. That's the key message hereDarkarn2 09 Nov
09 Nov Consecration Something needs to be done about Consecration. I feel like somewhere, someone either didn't do their job or overdid it by a longshot. First, you can infinitely kite with it. That's right, as long as you keep leaving Consecrations behind you and the mobs keep walking into them, they'll chase you forever. Been this way since Antorus, I believe. Second, it goes through worlds. What does that mean? From what I've observed, let's say I go kill a rare. While doing so, I naturally leave a Consecration behind. If its still up by the time the rare is dead, it transcends the sharding and aggroes the same rare in the parallel universe where I never killed it but it was still standing in that same spot, leaving me in a perpetual state of combat, with the only ways out being Vanish and Shadowmeld. Things I can't have as a paladin. The only real option I have at that point being... Killing myself in various ways. Not even hearthstoning out helps. Please look into this, Blizzard.Wilderxull1 09 Nov