Warmode and World PvP

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1h I'm being ganked by non-max LV players. Help! Dear Blizzard, Community, I never posted anything in 14 years, but this I just need to get off my chest... I'll just keep it short, simple and on point. How is it possible, that after investing countless hours in gearing up for PVP (ilv340+ currently), I literally get ganked by a Mage(lv118) and Disc Priest (lv117) doing the Warmode related quests in Horde territory as a Shadow Priest. Surely this is not intended is it? This would mean, that getting gear has no purpose what so ever, hence defeating the whole progression system of the game... I find this highly disturbing and demoralizing to the point where I'll considered to leave this game for good. I enjoyed Legion, and I love the stories and the lore you create, but this is just not OK. Really appreciate your feedback on this topic. VoidaaraVoidaara8 1h
5h Adaptive Warmode bonus Hey, Blizzard. It seems like the Alliance forces are losing the battle for Azeroth. Yesterday I've been seeking alliance players for half an hour, just to complete the PvP quest to kill 10 enemies. Their locations are empty and are rather safe for horde, even to stay afk and not get killed. So let the light help them and increase their warmode bonuses depending on the A/H ratio or increase their health like in Wintergrasp, just to motivate em to fight.Металайф14 5h
6h Why's Alliance so scared of wm? So litterly we were 2 maybe even 3 Alliance vs horde there were 5-6 and why did we lose because they outnumbered us so blizzard seruselly needs to stop favoring the horde and either Give us Blood elves already or Buff Alliance.Türiel31 6h
6h Weekly Conquest Cap. Please remove the once per week restriction for the 340 - 355 items. Since the item doesn't scale there is no point in having this weekly limit, 1600+ rewards random 360+ items, what's the problem with a guaranteed 355 after a ton of CP farm? At least put some !@#$ing tmog vendors into the game so I don't need to win the lottery in a weekly chest or weekly conquest reward. Azerite PvP items can only come from chest or conquest reward, 2x 3/14 chances a week that you'll get one.Blayser0 6h
8h Alliance VS Horde Majority of the threads here seem to be about the same thing. Either alliance complaining about their faction, or the horde complaining about their faction. Afew threads seem to think there is no alliance about, while others barely see hordies. The faction imbalances depend on what server you play on. On Argent Dawn it feels like alliance dominate, on other servers I'm sure the horde dominates. So that peoples experiences vary alot, isn't that strange. There is very little difference between players just because you've picked a certain faction. Both sides have gankers, both sides have people playing in group. The only difference is that alliance got gnomes, which we all know is the superior race. Hah, pesky goblins. I think it'd be great if a system was implemented, that if there is less horde than alliance on a server, you get a small bonus to your rewards for having WM activated. And vice versa. I don't know if such a thing can be implemented, but if it can that'd be awesome and hopefully generate more fights.Cirkus5 8h
11h <- Another alliance player turning WM OFF Warmode is the most unbalanced things since BM hunters in BfA. the 10% bonus I get to loot SEVERELY under weighs the endless spawn camping I have to endure from parties of horde players fall less skilful than me. I probably die on avg once/twice PER WORLD QUEST due to this 90% horde populated realms. It doesn't matter how awful the ppl attacking me are, when it's 7v1 you can't win. I'll arrive at a world quest, there will be horde killing it so i'll sit aside and wait, there's no point me bashing my head into the wall of half a dozen horde players to die and with the sever 90% horde 10% alliance faction imbanance I can't call for help or wait for other alliance players. Then before it resses more horde will arrive and I have to deicide whether to tag and try kill the mob because i got there first and then die to the horde who steal the tag off of me or just sit and let them kill it, hope they don't kill me after, and then hope I get to kill it before more of the endless waves of horde arrive. It baffles me how horde players can't see the issue here. I know it's hard to understand a problem when it's not one you're having but not being able to see one THIS blatant is genuinely mind blowing.Imissmop73 11h
12h I am loving warmode I unlocked world quests about a day ago and last night was my first time trying to do them. I have never seen so much wpvp since Vanilla. It was fantastic. 90% of the time it was alliance groups rolling us; we had to get a big group together in order to wipe them out.Endarken29 12h
15h That 10% buff should be gone. I don't know really how to properly discribe it and i'm sure a lot off people would disagree, but i want that buff gone. Not because hordes have a better time in warmode, it's simply because i want the pve'rs gone. Just like many people every now and then i will go away from picking a fight to getting a world quest done, either for artifact power, or war resources. But i notice a lot off times when a horde shows up, he does not want to fight me, they simply wait for me to finish, or sometimes also attack the rare so that i'm done and they can wait for the respawn. Maybe i have a terrible mindset for PVP, but i really don't want to fight someone who is not into PVP. If some horde just want to quickly run some world quests and is doing them on warmode for the 10% buff. i don't really want to get in their way. i have no intrest in attacking people when they just want to do some wq really quickly. I know most people will say that they took the risk by entering, but i still have no intrest in getting in their way if they want to quest. i just want to fight people who are looking for a fight.Lann2 15h
18h If alliance stop being cowards WM would be balanced. In my server there are actually more alliance players according to previous expanions experience and to several databases. Yet, when questing in the world I never see any alliance, mostly groups of horde doing world quests while during Legion I saw mostly alliance and got a few good fun fights out in the open. I think it's not just about server imbalance, it's about player mentality. While most of the horde are out there for the challenge, the alliance just prefer to cower behind the veil and quest peacefully and now the few of them who do try to go WM just meet unfair population odds and get crushed. If all of them just turned warmode on the odds might actually be even or in their favor, they just decide not to.Reddan114 18h
18h State of Warmode and how to fix it There's two types of people currently playing Battle for Azeroth with Warmode enabled: PvPers who wants to PvP. PvEers who wants to get a 10% bonus. The problem comes when the PvEers who only has Warmode on because of the 10% bonus goes onto the forums or into /1 or /3 and complains about being ganked. Warmode is a PvP feature, not a PvE feature. If you're not willing to put up with PvP in this expansion or when you're grinding or leveling or whatever it is that you're doing, there's only one solution to this problem. You cannot eat the cake while having it. You get a 10% bonus, with the drawback of being a target of a PvPer, and even if you do get killed once or twice, maybe even five times through your daily World Quest run the bonus still makes it worth it. You cannot seriously enable Warmode and believe that you are entitled to be left alone, to not be attacked or be corpse camped for hours. This is the ways of the PvPers. And it may sound arrogant or obnoxious but, if getting attacked, killed and possible camped truly is a problem for you, there's only one fix for it. And it's literally a fix that you already have at your disposal, that you can activate whenever you want. It's called turning Warmode off. It's sad that when the World of Warcraft developers finally gives PvPers sort of a expansion of their own and they make new (and to them really nice) content, the only thing you do is complain about it because you want the reward without the dirty work. So what do I actually mean by that? In the PvP community, a new term has been born, and this is Tenners. Tenners are just exactly these PvEers who only enable Warmode for the 10% buff and are not interested in any PvP what so ever. Usually these are the individuals that complain on the forums, /1, /3, etc etc. I strongly believe, and so does a lot of others, that there has to be some kind of punishment for having Warmode on without actually engaging in PvP. There's a lot of ideas as to how this would be done and one that I firmly believe in is the following: The Morale System. Being enlisted (having Warmode turned on) has a timer of 60 minutes. Each Honorable Kill resets this timer. Once reached 0, thus the timer has run out, you recieve a penalty where instead of gaining 110% with Warmode, you only gain 90%. This means that you'd as a PvEer be better off playing with Warmode disabled and have the default rewards and bonuses, and as a PvPer you'd still have your rewards for your service towards your faction. The numbers are very important to note, as this forces you to commit to serve your faction if you so chose to have Warmode enabled. If the penalty would simply be that the 10% bonus was removed after an hour, it would still allow Tenners to be just that, Tenners. PvEers who abuse PvP mechanics when they see fit, rather than committing to being enlisted and fight. TL;DR - Too long; didn't read If you want to be left alone, not get attacked and not get camped, leave Warmode off. If you don't PvP while having Warmode enabled, you should be punished. Stop crying, don't complain, you have a solution, use it. PS. If you've taken offense by this thread or become triggered in any way, shape or form, you're a Tenner. Go turn Warmode off. Disclaimer. I don't personally have any problems what so ever with PvEers. I love Warmode and the idea of it is great, which is partially to give a gateway for PvEers to do PvP. The problem is when you have a silly little Tenner sitting on his mount watching you without helping as you're getting 1v2d, then you die, and the people killing you turn their forcus on the Tenner and kills him or her. The first thing you see, is the Tenner crying in /1 and /3 about getting ganked. Edit 1. To clarify. I am not sitting on a high horse, trying to dictate people how to play the game. What I am doing, is questioning why people chose to play WoW with PvP enabled, not wanting to have anything to do with PvP, and then complain when they recieve PvP, eventhough they could have avoided it all together, simply because they are greedy Tenners who wants that extra percentage boost.Neuwa79 18h
21h Is warmode the same as old school world pvp? No one seems to like warmode except a select few. Why when people liked traditional world pvp so much do people hate warmode? Does warmode reflect world pvp as it was? I would say no. Old school world pvp the zones were open, big, and you roamed around looking for 1v1s while mining/herbing/whatever and exploring. Warmode zones are cramped, full of hostile mobs that dismount you and targeted world quest spots that attract high numbers of players into a tiny area. The result being a swift beat down for whoever didn't roll high enough on the shard-luck-o-meter and got stuck in a 10 v 1 with the opposing faction. And really that's it. You CAN still roam around looking for 1v1s like world pvp used to be but the Zones are so dense with item level scaled aggro mobs it can be fairly annoying. Nazmir is rammed to the gills with mobs every 10yards it's a slog to move through. Vol'Dun is much the same. Compare Vol'Dun and Tanaris. Both desert themed zones. Tanaris had mob packs in certain spots but for the most part you could move freely through the desert. Vol'Dun has mobs EVERYWHERE. If you stop anywhere just give it time and something will dismount you. So that's the difference. Old school wpvp = exploration and hunting for players Warmode = World quest site team gankingCoolforlife9 21h
1d Warmode in the least balanced expansion ever A casual pvp mode in an expac where casual pvp has never been so broken. Feral being pretty much foolproof in 1v1s. Hybrid healing being balanced around 3v3 being broken as hell in 1v1s Casters being pretty unusable warlocks spriests elemental mages Each one struggles vs melee specs and hunters in casual pvp. Healing specs being able to do substantial damage while being immortal i.e discipline.Coolforlife0 1d
1d Warmode + Dungeons One question, very important. What does Warmode have to do with instance group? There is so fu* mess every time I want to go on any dungeon. I have Warmode on, I come to Meeting Stone and I see teammate on the map but I can't see him because... he has Warmode OFF and we can't summ the rest of the team -.- So we have to wait 958345 minutes for another teammate to come. Are you kidding me?Dallemi6 1d
1d warmode sucks some serious c.... its so hard to do questing with horde members camping wqs and alliance areas...I am sick of this world pvp bull !@#$ you all shove down our throughts...the idea of world pvp servers sucks hard core %^-*.. and needs to be removed. I only want to play, not stand for an hour to do a wq and only get killed by horde players who kill me while fighting mobs.Noregs102 1d
2d Give alliance a greater reward for wm? Why not give alliance a greater reward for wm, just like on bg's, scaling upwards to encourage more players? You could even scale down hordes rewards?Axel24 2d
3d tortollan seekers / honorless target Anyone else thinks this should apply after finishing the quests? you despawn with no-one in sight and when you spawn again you're suddenly surounded by a ton of Horde and instantly die.Aglarana1 3d
3d Tortollans need to maintain the peace I find it a frequent issues that the tortollan settlements are camped, as soon as you land you get beset by a murdersquad, it's silly that alliance players are safer turning in their emissary on the horde continent. The tortollans have guards why arent they putting in an effort to make sure their enclaves are peaceful?Andromena0 3d
3d So i found what is wrong with warmode Hello, first of all, just to clarify things, i dont have problem with dying in pvp and so on and i count with it. I really like the idea that if i wanna do world pvp i put WM on. But every time i was doing it i was kinda surprised how i am fighting all time 1v2/3/4 and so on and its never 1v1 how it was pre warmode. Before youtell me make group also and so on. I dont have problem with dying vs group if i meet them somewhere on journey. The actual problem that botrheres me is phasing in warmode. Let me explain: I go warmode, i see one alone guy and no one else around, literally no one. I start fight, its equal 1v1 but then in next 10 seconds group of 5 or more players from opposite faction will appear near me and start hunting me. They appear out of nowhere and it doesnt make sense at all. Like if i see group of ali i will avoid them, if they hunt me they hunt me, its okey, cuz its like meeting group of enemies on your journey. But whats absolute bull!@#$ and nonsense is that i fight first 10sec with someone 1v1 and in next moment i have 10 aliance players around me out of literally nowhere phased into my shard. And this is happening to me all the time. So whats point of having warmode, if i can be in middle of raid of aliance players in one second and being wrecked only cuz they phased into my shard? First time i was happy that if i dont want pvp i dont, if i want i do and i can toggle it. But now with this sharding its making terrible experience and its not anymore meeting players and fighting them, its more like prying during WQs to not get aliance raid around you cuz LFG and sharding.Enthzul12 3d
3d Server inbalance When is blizzard going to take care of the inbalance of the servers in favor of the horde? Or are they just letting the alliance die off.Hilversum2 3d
5d Farming in warmode is a problem. I don't really care for being ganked, even by 4 people it's not an issue. One of the problems of warmode IMO is people farming mobs at world quests/quest line locations. For example, Todays quest "Fly the coop!" in Drustvar has constantly got 10+ horde farming the mobs in multiple instances. This happens in several places though. I've tried making several groups, they fall apart before people even group and/or we don't get enough people to match horde numbers. You literally cannot do the quests because going within arms reach of their stack results in you being bombarded with crap and they aren't leaving anytime soon so your only option is to port back, turn WM off to do the quest and turn it back on afterwards. Can we please phase raid groups into separate instances to solo players and those in Partys? or just fix open world mobs to be not worth farming. Either one will do.Chazy0 5d
5d BS BM Guys kill the pet... blind fear stun repent paralyze you dying to beastmasters isnt soely because they are overtuned.Fréyã9 5d
5d Faction balance coming to War Mode War Mode -The War Mode bonus is something that they are being very careful with as they don't want people to feel they need to have War Mode on. -There are changes coming to address faction imbalance in War Mode Shards. -The reason War Mode sometimes feels imbalanced is raid world quests groups that scatter and remain in the shard after being brought into it. -War Mode on role playing realms is essentially your own sever except during popular play times. They are considering sharding RP realms with other RP realms if they see huge issues. https://www.mmo-champion.com/content/7921-Developer-Q-A-Ion-HazzikostasTroma4 5d
6d Herbivores in warmode Remove the bonus. Getting ganked by a rogue and hunter isnt fun. I am not joking when I say I got ganked by them with 2 other horde running around me doing objectives. Guess what happened after I got ganked? The moved onto the herbivores. Still they did not team up. They killed the first one and then the second? As if this herbivore didnt even think for one second that after those two had ganked me and then started on the other herbivore that maybe he should help his herbivore brethren? No he watches him die and then they gank him too. What the !@#$.Noragrets3 6d
6d Warmode EU in a nutshell I don't know about you but I'm starting to get angry everytime I go for a world quest.Is it fair to be sharded against 20 horde when you're alone?Is it fun when you make a group of sooo called''alliance pvpers'' and see them being simply stupid?I bet it is for the developers who are 80% or more horde players..No wonder they didn't fix this at all.And the soo called ''solution'' ''just turn off warmode'' isn't fair at all.By doing that you don't have acces at content/rewards that other faction has by just simply playing horde..I have an idea for this issue.Let's just call the game ''World of Hordecraft Horde of Azeroth'' since alliance is just roleplayers,''why would I bother doing pvp in warmode even if I have to do it to complete a world quest so I won't have to wait 2 hours for all the horde players to finish it'' and at last the pve bubble 350+ for a normal mythic. Well blizz thanks alot for these services and I can't wait for the alliance races to go extint after this lovely balanced expansion.Tibster73 6d
6d Please penalize gankers. So here I am.. logged into my character, ready for level, in the Shrine of the Storms to turn in my quest, and there is a squad of 5 horde constantly ganking me everytime I spawn, no one is helping.. No allies on my shard, I can't even log out and in to escape them.. Really well designed system Blizzard. 10% more rewards. More like 10% more rewards for the horde and endless corpse gank for the alliance.. Not even the elite guard does a dent because they have 2 discs. And don't come with the "BuT iF yOu DoNt LiKe It TuRn OfF WaRmOdE" i tried to create a group, there is barely any MW mode allies on.. 15 hordes to every 1 ally.Xïang47 6d
6d Stop crying if you want warmode fixed. 1.Go to stormwin and turn off warmode. 2.wait for blizzard to fix. If you don't do this it will stay broken forever.Gebbz6 6d
6d Fix 40x40+ in the open world!!! Dear players and representatives of the company Blizzard, in WPvP there is a very big problem, lags when fighting in the open world raid on a raid (40x40 +), and if the 80x80 server stops responding, and you get disconect. In detail with the video and screenshots the problem is described in the forum section on technical support https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17622252204 All players who like WPvP please support the topic !!! The problem is the response from the servers !!!Бэдррашн2 6d
12 Sep Alliance Defence Force WPvP Community If you want to join a large WPvP community - ADF has almost 1000 members, join soon before we reach the cap... Alliance Defence Force WPvP community, see page for join instructions: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/invite/WqGoYOUV0a?region=EU&faction=Alliance Code: WqGoYOUV0aVaeyn0 12 Sep
12 Sep Horde bonus to 0% ...and Alliance to 30% or more. It's the only solution. I'm really starting to get fed up with this bull!@#$, and all they can say is to turn War Mode off. Yeah sure, that's the solution you mongrels. Go ahead and play a destruction warlock in this environment. You will delete the game even after a single day or reroll to your horde melee whatever because you wouldn't stand this psycho terror even for a day. It's not hard. Remove any bonusses from the Horde and be done with it. I'd really like to see that, but justice doesn't exist and certainly not with Blizzard. So whatever. Enjoy it while it lasts. I play with it since day 0. There's not a single day, not a SINGLE INSTANCE of one single fair 1v1 fight. And I don't even expect that, I've got enough PvP Experience over the years to know that this would be delusional to expect that. But to not even have A SINGLE FAIR FIGHT? Is every single Horde player not capable of doing one thing solo? Does literally everyone has to run around in at least 2-3 groups or more to do their world quests? How !@#$ing pathetic is that? Not that I could even hinder a single player from just running away on their mount, I'm just a stupid hard casting destro lock anyways. And yes, I've formed my own groups, even with RL friends, but all efforts are completely futile. It gets worse every day as more and more alliance players, even deep PvP veterans as myself become demoralized and just don't care anymore. And I can't fault them. Bull%^-* auto WQ AddOns ruin any method in trying to balance shards. You engage one or two players? Boom, 5 phase in, 10 phase in. It's just impossible to win. But whatever, deny all you want, call me and any other Alliance a stupid whiner. Numbers and statistics don't lie. Just leave this game forever if you think you're even remotely in the right, because you aren't. It's !@#$ing easy to tell others that they are only whiners when you're on the bully's side. But the moment YOU get bullied you immediately run to your parents and cry for help. Ain't that the true spirit of the Horde? https://gyazo.com/65193d6208c628a61801e0f5b8f85b2b https://gyazo.com/81fb72d0e10b5591f315a4136c410fe1 https://gyazo.com/159b9fce85ef1bdb9f580b67f9246f49 https://gyazo.com/392fb51e807b9eb247bafa34e04c8f8c https://gyazo.com/84309d2caefc2dfd19e72c0fd84c656d https://gyazo.com/fae4e5f95b952d90b123b86496720836 I've got tons more. This is our life every day, every %^-*ing single WQ.Archimitros22 12 Sep
12 Sep Subscription to get ganked?! Shard groupes only with groupes and solo only with solo? I mean how hard can it be? We pay a sub having to spell this !@#$ out isnt acceptable.. + payed mounts wtf i pay for you to create content not to sell it..Fréyã27 12 Sep
11 Sep Warmode shading bug I think they are counting everyone in the main city as within the zone, and therefore all alliance zones are full of horde and all horde zones are full of alliance. Fix this. I want good balanced population, where you can gank solo, this is stupid, every time too many hordes to do anything, and on the other map it's not fun cause someone always interrupts your 1v1s and it feels less satisfying.Cheata0 11 Sep
11 Sep delete .Gromök0 11 Sep
11 Sep Warmode bonus should be removed It is literally free stuff for the horde atm due to how terrible the faction imbalance is. Why reward horde further, they are already the top faction in many aspects.Râlph22 11 Sep
10 Sep War Mode on? Why? A lil disclaimer before I start. I enjoy both pvp and pve and I don't consider myself a hardcore player neither a "crybaby". I love warmode as a concept and how it spice things up! in theory at least. Practically however I see lots of Hordes on every corner while only a few Alliance players to back me up in tough spots. Reading from other's point of view I realise that this is because playerbases merge unevenly and I would agree with that. There are plenty of amazing suggestions on how to fix that by other players, something Blizzard should consider. But that's not my point. Warmode as I see it is a high risk / high reward feature. But what are the rewards really? A flat out 10% on 50 war resources and couple of gold at big WQ? Some extra skills that make you kill a mob slightly faster? I am not willing to turn off warmode but everyday I see my friends one by one turning it off because the "high risk" doesn't even come close to "high reward". And before you say it I say that if Blizzard does increase the rewards they can make it so that they only work if you are in a party and cancel out in a Raid group. I believe that along with equalizing the factions will give a reason for someone to turn WM on.Ecastus0 10 Sep
10 Sep turning warmode off for ever low iq horde. see u standing alone in a wq zone and they gank you. u revive they gank you again. i belive they all have low selfesteem and they feel powerfull by atacking 5 vs 1 so i feel pitty for them. Go play with your selfs for all i care cos at this rate there will not be an alliance to gank on in warmodeScubahunta6 10 Sep
10 Sep Best tank for WPVP What are your guys' thoughts on a good world pvp tank or unrated battlegrounds tank? Discipline priest does not count :) All I am looking for is a tank that can run around, do world quests and be a bit self-sufficient. The ability to kill another player would be nice too. So far I am working on my blood DK and a Vengeance DH but the only way I can kill anyone is if they are AFK. Seems a bit odd compared to legion where I could actually gank people with my DK (unless they escaped). I have looked into prot paladin but it seems to have no damage, and prot warrior, which seems to have no healing or sustain. So...what about the rest? Thank you!Fellwitch9 10 Sep
10 Sep Tip for leveling with warmode on Leveling day 1 with warmode was easy, everyone was rushing to 120 so there wasnt any issues while leveling. Currently some sad people seem to be going around in groups killing random solo people and people dont seem to know how to always avoid that. This is especially useful if there's a ton of horde bounties camping your quest area. How to jump shards: 1) Have world quest group finder 2) Open group finder>Premade groups>Questing (If horde is near, keep it open so you can jump in fast) 3) The groups are sorted per area so you should choose any small group with random numbers on it(Means it has auto accept made by WQGF) 4)Once you join you are moved to that shard and if you stay for some time you ll probably stay in that one which is great if it doesnt have horde pvp groups. This can be used in many ways, avoiding a group trying to attack you or just moving to a shard where your quest area isnt camped with horde bounties. And that way you can continue leveling uninterrupted and having 10% more xp :DDDRälph6 10 Sep
09 Sep Remove warmode benefits or return PVP servers Hi there. I was playing at PVP realm and it was a fun experience. BFA's warmode made world PVP worse. Here's why. Almost everyone turns it on to get 10% of reward Because of that a lot of people just don't give a fk about PVP Because of that you can't have a proper help from your allies I can't get the same experience as I had on my PVP realm. It worse, a lot worse. I'll try to explain it in some examples. There are literally lots of situations where 2-3 people from other faction kill everyone in a small area. I am experiencing it almost every day. When I am doing WQs, some alliance players can come over and start killing horde, and nobody will be defending their allies except 1-2 people. Back in the days when there were PVP realms you faction felt like a real brotherhood with the people who will almost always help you and get your back. Now the faction feels like a bunch of people who don't give a sht about you and your World PVP, even though they have warmode on. So I think that Warmode made world pvp worse. Lot's of people are turning it on just because of 10% (and I hear a lot of words in chat that they don't want to help anyone because they are here for 10%). Even more, some people in chat suggested me to turn warmode off If I don't like other people being passive (sic!). Blizzard, you made PVP realms for PVP-oriented gaming. Almost everyone knew that they are going to create a character on PVP realm and they understood the risks and benefits of that (not actual 10%, but fun and interesting PVP gameplay). Now you merged PVP community and casual PVE community onto one melting pot. Now PVP community can't separate themselves from PVE casual players because of warmode benefits. Why are you making this? Why you can't just allow PVP-players to play apart from PVE-players? Why we can't have our own community and realms to play and get a real Battle for Azeroth experience in world PVP? Instead of that, we are having Battle for WQs experience. It's a total nonsense. The real solving to that problem is to turn warmode off. So I was playing at PVP realm and now I should be a PVE player because of tons of casual PVE players with warmode who are passive and don't want to actually PVP. What I think will help to improve the situation: Remove any benefits from warmode so there will be no players who turned it on for 10% or whatever Make world PVP more enjoyable and less disbalanced Easy way: give us PVP-realms back and admit that you have failed to make "PVP for all" system. It's just don't work. Let the PVP-community to be separated from PVE. What are your thoughts about the forced merge of PVE and PVP community/closed PVP realms? Did you experience some of that problems? Are you the one who turned warmode on only for 10%? P.S. Sorry for grammar, I am not a native speaker.Interpol1 09 Sep
09 Sep warmode off literally 0 point playing with warmode on if you play allianceTom22 09 Sep
09 Sep warfront in 2 words game warfront scam not delivered EA level paper PVPМатахарих0 09 Sep
09 Sep Warmode in my battlegroup(still a thing?) You've done a good job by starting to fix the ridiculous faction unbalance in Wpvp in my battlegroup(Tarren mill), but I still see around 1 Alliance player for each 10-15 hordes and i refuse to believe that "most Alliance players just turn WM off". I've used realm hopping several times and it only gave me hope for my case being some kind of an unfortunate realm group of some kind(which it has always been on Tarren Mill, lol). There are different realm groups where it seems much more balanced than in our. I ran around to look for this exact reason and it has proven to be so, wpvp or not, 1v10 situations were a rarity. Please, reshuffle the groups or something, because I cant see almost any difference with what we had on Tarren Mill as Alliance for years. Each and every world quest spot is being constantly ganked and it's not just a coincidence if it goes on and on with the same statistics. I can win 1v2 sometimes and i don't want to turn this option off, but 1v5 or 1v10 in almost each world quest zone is a joke. Kind regards.Skinnable2 09 Sep
09 Sep Wildhammer WM 8+ horde at every world quest with 0 alliance. Took over 10 minutes to finish each one because of spawn camping, this is ridiculous.Stréngth2 09 Sep
09 Sep Sylvanas plan is working It seems the Alliance has lost all the hope and now they refuse to fight, refuse to participate in the war, turn off war mode and go gather herbs. I don't know is it just a coincidence but it is cool, funny and I like it. It is like a world global story leaves it's own live on servers and gets reflected on players. How do you like this, Elon Musk?Мохнатыйбуёк71 09 Sep
09 Sep help a frend out do i need quests or rep for warfronsts? how dou you get in line for it?Nekkoh0 09 Sep
09 Sep WARFRONT / DF queue not working Hello everyone! I'm playing on Ragnaros - EU realm. We are experiencing heavy laggs regarding warfront queues. I mean, we can't even queue in, and even the dungeon finder queueing is having issues. Any feedback when it is going to be playable? Thanks! Cheerz Blizz!Tirex8 09 Sep
09 Sep Changing war mode! Main problem with war mode is huge disbalance between factions, but, players who chose to play in war mode and are not willing to participate in world pvp and mostly troll and ignore other players of faction should be punish for it! For example if u are not attacking or kill horde, let's say 30 min, your war mode will automatically be turn off for a hour, 2nd time, in a same day (24h), if u ignore pvp again u should lose your war mode for 2hours and if it happens 3rd time, you should lose your privilege of 10% in war mode for a day (next 24hours), there for playing in war mode would have more meaing and ppl who are about honor and who feel that being part of one faction and fighting for it is something great and should not be trolled, mocke or ignored by people who chose war mode just for gaining 10% rewards from quests. How about that blizz ?Aldaron8 09 Sep
09 Sep Disc Priest and faction blanace Nerf Disc Priest for god sake and sort this faction balance out. I do /who and there 3 alliance, and literally a 40 man horde raid running about.Addiez3 09 Sep
09 Sep World PvP or World PVEP? Aren't mythic and Heroic players just gonna dominate as usual. 345 gear for Conquest points which is the same as LFR. Man running Normal raids gonna out kill PvPers. Seriously bring back PvP power. Oh i yearn for those days. The sweet, sweet tears of the PvE players. I'll see how the expansion plays out but the game might be dead for me. Not really felt any love towards us since MoP.Boargut5 09 Sep
08 Sep Discipline priest god mode I hope Blizzard will nerf it soon.Twinkle119 08 Sep