Warmode and World PvP

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15 Nov war-mode sensitive-mode War-mode now only activates itself once within 40-yards of another player after which a mass duel agreement shall ensue where both parties must now agree to combat before starting an encounter to maximise fairness and combat regular questions such as: "What if I just want to do my quests alone without interruption but I prefer to use pvp abilities?" Well now there's no need for concern, Billy. We got ya covered.Abacabb8 15 Nov
15 Nov 1v1'd a rogue For some reason I was affliction, laying it on thick with dots and blasting his face off with deathbolts. The fight went on for quite a while, somehow my health was staying above 50% and everytime I got his down to 10% he vanished and healed then came back for more. It was an intense fight, I was out of options and had to finish off by drain tanking him, he's shivving me like crazy, you could see how rapidly he was smashing them A and D keys as if it would do anything. Last 2% hp and I'm almost dead myself, I'm shouting CMOOON FASTER!! And then I woke up. Let's face it, we never survive beyond cloak anyway. The real story is that I was reforging last night and got killed in a cloaked opener. Gg blizzAbacabb14 15 Nov
15 Nov Conquest hey all, i love world pvp thing is more fun in BGs. and i have thing about it could be fun with Conquest point i world pvp just 1 point per kill thing it will give more live to the world more raid attack in stormwind/orgrimmarKongtrol5 15 Nov
15 Nov Warlock wpvp I play Horde, and almost all horde I come across have warmode ON. One exception: warlocks, almost always warmode off. I guess that says all you need to know about warlock PvP.Jalisco1 15 Nov
15 Nov Alliance getting a bigger bonus Blizzcon According to Ion during the what's next panel he confirmed that they are trying to give a bonus to the underrepresented faction. Wonder how much it is, because even 20% isnt that great if you have to ignore an azerite world quest for 1 hour because it is camped by hordeRâlph36 15 Nov
14 Nov Cryptids Leagues NA Warmode Hi all, was over on the NA side of the forum and couldn't help but notice the following: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20769638266 https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20769567320?page=1 https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20769548146?page=1 Just wondering if there's an EU equivalent to this obviously inept group of players calling themselves 'Cryptids League'? (And yes he named his guild after himself LOL) For reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJO1d22gHbs (my personal favourite, one of the main guild representatives backpedalling and using trinket for a 3 sec DH imprisonment @ 2:34 yikes) Here is the vaunted Cryptid League being made into ISR's plaything, LOL https://youtu.be/rzFjyDjWDNQ Here is one of their officers admitting in raid that they NEED the Alliance Empires help and that the Mighty Ironsworn Regiment is camping them mercilessly. https://twitter.com/Shadow_ISR/status/1056716517423878149 Here he is begging for help, tired of being camped https://twitter.com/Shadow_ISR/status/1056723688052191232 Here is their raid leader giving very important wpvp advice. DON'T STOP CLICKING! https://twitter.com/PunishedAwax/status/1054869356096733190 Here is a post by a cryptid officer crying about being camped https://twitter.com/SpaventosoWoW/status/1056619955230310400 Here that officer advises his guild mates that under no circumstances can they interact with ISR Elites lest they be kicked from the guild and community. LOLCosii11 14 Nov
14 Nov Warmode balance solution is Cryptids League I found this group who call themselves Anduin's knights on NA warmode, i found an article on them on pcgamer. With BFA launch alliance warmode on NA was in a very bad state but as time passed cryptids on NA has literally changed the state of alliance pvp on NA with the help of warmode communities without blizzards help just by doing player contribution and helping faction balance for the alliance the forums on NA and the amount of complaining horde does about them it is starting to show it is working for them. Here are a few threads https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20769618128 https://www.pcgamer.com/watch-these-wow-players-pull-off-an-incredible-aerial-ambush-to-repel-a-horde-invasion/ They are not very much liked by a lot of people because of their large scale pvp as well as small scale but they seem to be the top alliance warmode group on NA and possibly EU. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20769548146?page=1 Cryptids league openly challenging the entire horde faction whoever can take upto the challenge as you can see people are avoiding and dodging for a world pvp challenge. Sometimes it is up to the player base how we behave in game if blizzard is taking too long the alliance warmode group on NA is a true inspiration and i feel we should follow NA alliance lead on this for a better warmode experience. They have apparently rallied thousands of players on alliance side for faction balance it is impressiveZeerump3 14 Nov
14 Nov Improved summoning stones for Dungeons/Raids Since there is a large faction imbalance, having warmode on as alliance and trying to do a dungeon or raid creates problems which impact the gameplay experience in a negative way. There are usually 10+ horde players at every dungeon stone and 20+ horde players at the Uldir stone at all times, which makes summoning allies to your location impossible with warmode on. I don't blame anyone for camping the stones, this is just how the faction imbalance looks at the moment with a much larger playerbase on the horde doing high-end content. There are a few solutions to this: 1. Turn warmode off. This solution already exists in the game and it's basically what you are forced to do as alliance if you want to help with summoning people to the instance. It's not a great feeling when you are forced to turn off warmode each time you want to do a dungeon/raid and then having to enable it again after the dungeon/raid is completed. Most people will get tired of doing this very quickly and just leave warmode off forever since they can't be bothered to deal with this issue. 2. Make the area around the summoning stone a "Sanctuary". Basically a kind of protective area where no one can attack each other, sort of like the neutral cities like Dalaran. While this would work in a gameplay perspective, it would create a sort of disbelief in the hostile world with these safe zones existing. 3. Put the summoning stone inside the actual instance. I read this idea somewhere and I like it. I thought about it and can't see any drawbacks with this solution. This is how you mainly summon people with warmode on as alliance anyways if you have a warlock, you put up a stone inside the dungeon so they cannot get killed on their way over to the instance. Thoughts?Feva10 14 Nov
13 Nov There Are No Rules in War Mode This ended up a long wall of text rant... I bolded first sentences for TLDR. War Mode is "Free for All". That means NO RULES. By rules I mean etiquette, honour and sportsmanship RP. Ganking and corpse camping are perfectly acceptable and within Blizz's terms. After all, the affected player voluntarily submits to it, and they have the choice to avoid or retaliate. Blizz designed systems for the affected player to help them in any normal PvP situation. It's a different matter if inconvenience becomes harassment. But how often is it the "victim" that is the harasser. Abusive chat for example is against Blizz terms. But, ignore option is provided. We should never feel bad about playing a game as designed. The players you fight accepted the Free for All *NO RULES* situation when they turned on War Mode. It's opt in, and players choose what happens to them or others in the game. For example, I don't understand when I see complaints about being corpse camped for 30 mins... they must secretly want to be camped, since they could avoid it or retaliate. Res at spirit healer is one example to avoid camping. The debuff lasts a lot less time than the 30 min camp. And if need be, you can flight whistle to nearest fp, hearth, log out, etc. Or have fun and try to escape without these tools, or group up and get some payback. It's Free for All. No rules. When some players have no rules to go by, they can't handle that. People do like rules. So they feel the need to make up their own rules. And different players have different degrees of made up rules. For example, one might think it's okay to kill a player once, maybe twice, but not a third time. Another player might like to gank, but not corpse camp. Those type of made up rules, are fine for the player making them up... absolutely fine! But when you expect other players to play by your specific set of made up rules, when no actual rules exist... wtf. Play within the real Blizz rules, and it's all good. Whatever is fun do it, and never feel bad lol. It's a game, all War Mode players submit to the Free for All of WPvP, and therefore should accept whatever random !@#$ happens. In terms of actual rules, and not made up RP rules - exploits and harassment are the lines that should not be crossed. These are against Blizz's terms, actual rules. I sometimes get verbal abuse from the entitled whiny "victims" of WPvP, that think they have been wronged. The complainer types. But they are the ones in the wrong, when they forget it's only a game, and become verbally abusive for no good reason. That's where Blizz "might" intervene if it went far enough. And if the "offender" was within terms, Blizz WILL take the side of the ganker/camper if it came to that - the "victim" would be the one getting punished. For whatever reason, if you are being harassed, ignore/report. But inconvenience is not harassment. It's fair enough to complain and voice opinion, but recognize that not everyone shares your opinion... If the complainers response is "I just want fair PvP"... eh, this is WPvP, no rules. You should expect no mercy gankathons. And faction balance is irrelevant. Tools are available to avoid or retaliate. Or play by your made up rules and have fun with that, but for what reason would other players know or want your personal rules? I have some personal rules myself. Sometimes I break em, sometimes I don't, all good. But how arrogant would I have to be, to expect others to read my mind, and follow my rules. If you want fair PvP... War Mode is not that. You have Duels, Arenas, and Battlegrounds for fair PvP. Those game modes have built in rules such as 50/50 balance. If the complainers response is "I just want to wq".... eh, why is your War Mode on in the first place... to get a bonus? That bonus is for WPvPers inconvenienced by death during wqs, not for PvEers to get free extra stuff! But you can try, that's totally okay. Sometimes when I attack a player, they start jumping around or whatever, basically saying "don't attack me, I'm not PvPing, I'm PvEing this wq".... then why is your frickin War Mode on lol... kill em quick. All these complaints about War Mode, faction balance, ganking, etc. - It's all part of WPvP. You can avoid, or retaliate. Accept that you are in a Free for All no rules situation, or... turn War Mode off. It's not for everyone, totally understandable. I know players that hate PvP, but they have lots of fun in PvE. How many PvEers turn on War Mode just to get the bonus and extra talents though? That's fine, go ahead, but why complain about getting camped, etc.? You chose to enable it lol. You chose to be ganked, you chose to be camped. I don't often camp, but love to gank, and 1v1 is awesome fun in War Mode. If you want rules, you don't understand the whole point of War Mode WPvP. Random PvP, where anything can happen. Love it! :)Vaëyn13 13 Nov
13 Nov Raiding citys pvp they should make new achievements and rewards for take alliance or horde bosses. like new Mount or pets, pvp sets (transmog) to get more life in the world pvp and i think it would be fun to have raiding stormwind a thing agian. sins bfa is a faction war i dont know why this isnet a Thing any more.Tennist4 13 Nov
13 Nov Improve PVP At first sorry for my bad english but i'll try to be understandable ! I do arenas since bc and sadly i find the actual PVP is too much focus on arenas and i'm tired of this... i've stop playing at wotlk and i come back for world pvp and if i post here its because i'm not satisfied of it as you can imagine... So i have few ideas to improve the actual PVP mainly World PVP To begin i think blizzard should make classements for world pvp a bit like in vanilla with hk but kinda different. I imagine a classements of your kills in world pvp in solo and with group from 2-5 with rewards, achievs, titles... I think solo world pvp player should get same rewards than arenas players accordings to your hk with a classements by hk. For exemple if you pvp solo you could get (for season 1) 380+ilvl at 2 370+ at 3 360+ at 4 350+ and at 5 340+ (according to your solo hk) Even with achievements there're toons of possibility, for exemple the best 0.5% solo world pvp player could get the "heroes of the horde" title or the player with the most of bountys could get a title like "the most wanted" (its just an exemple i just try to give some ideas :/). The problem in my opinion why the actual world pvp don't work is due to the lack of rewards (A title+mount doable in 10hour is not enough !) everybody is afk in capital waiting for his arenas/dungeons/raids/bg (I know there're few balancing problems between horde and alliance but you have just to gank boralus even alone in any realm to see hundreds of peoples all afk even more...). The duelist arena is never used too so why not a 1v1 classement only for dps specialisations (and allow professions maybe ?) ? with titles, rewards, achievs... and for exemple (for season 1) with 360+ ilvl to earn ? I've tried most of class at the moment (with lvl 110) and people crying about others class are stronger than their class is truly not an excuses but people never assume and said "he is just better" (and NO i don't main rogue !)... Probably toons of fault (as you can imagine its not my natal languages but i do effort to learn it) but i think its understandable. If you have others ideas GOOD critics i'm interested (if its about the subject of course).Away4 13 Nov
13 Nov Warmode and faction balance. I was skimmng thru the Bluetrackers last week when I read this topic on the US forums about some servers having very low, to no participation of in this case the Alliance in WarMode. Phallanx, a Game Designer made this reply to that post: ... https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20766366541#post-2 So theere is an issue with Warmode in wich the factions are very badly balanced overall with some servergroups simply being dominated by 1 faction to an extreme, and that gets reflected in terms of WarMode participation. Basically, due to the way people have been going to the Horde due to the idea that the Horde is better for PvP, and the devs not acknowledging that enough, they have created a huge inbalance between the factions, and that is causing a lack of Alliance players, and so a lot of shards are consisting of mostly Horde players. And this will only get worse since the players on the dominating faction can turn on WarMode and get its bonus rewards relative safe, while the oposite is true for the other faction, wich do get attacked a lot, but the rewards are then worthless. And so those players will feel forced to either turn WarMode off, or join the dominating faction, exceterbating the whole issue. And this whole thing can very easely be fixed by this simple idea: Make the WarMode incentive bonusses scale to reflect factionsize balance. Basically the idea is that when the Horde has 50% more players, the Alliance gets a 50% higher WarMode bonus (so 15% instead of 10%) And it might also work to add a "Call to Arms" type bag (like the one for using the LFG-tool as a needed role) for playing with WarMode on for a certain amount of time wich scales with faction balance; being shorter when there are fewer players on your faction. And lastly it is a good idea to show faction balance in a UI element together with an indicator that shows how much the WarMode bonus gets scaled. In the end, there needs to be an honest balance between the risk vs the reward of WarMode. And at the moment, that simply is not there.Mirun35 13 Nov
13 Nov Warmode feedback/suggestions Hello! (let's post suggestion') I love warmode and it's concept don't get me wrong. BUT - air drop's (different awards? ) - I hope there's not gonna be flying. - I would love to see fight's for tower's or whatever which gonna award buffs or smth like in Bc. - More event's in zones. - I absolutely hate numbers of guards and they're respawn time. For example in voldun the aliance hub if u enter and wanna kill some1 here 200 guards appear from nowhere +respawn time is ridiculous. And in boralus elites everywhere.. I want to kill quest giver, auctioneers, gryphon master. And get awarded with ppl who trying to find em. - like 1 mob gonna dismount me and daze me but when am smacking pala on horse he just runs 's even after 50%of his health is gone????Angreshta11 13 Nov
13 Nov What could make Warmode more interesting? On the whole I like Warmode. As someone who enjoys world pvp in general, having some reward for doing some of the more menial tasks such as leveling and WQs etc pvp flagged is great. As is the uncertainty of whether you're going to run into a pack of alliance doing their weekly CTA quest or just randomly coming across people in the world that you can fight. However, the system feels somewhat bland. Especially when you are outside of the bounty zones. Then last night it dawned on me what was missing; the old WorldDefense channel. The WorldDefense channel was around up until definitely the end of MoP iirc and I think it continued into WoD however sharding really effected it and you would often go to the place that was being attacked only to find yourself on a different server and no one there attacking so I believe it was taken out for this reason. But now people in Warmode are more likely to be put on the same server despite being x-realm etc, so surely if you go to say Desolace for example (although I have no idea why anyone would lol) I would expect that there are so few people in that zone that all Warmode players would be on the same shard (if that's even how it works.) So if you saw "Nijel's Point is under attack!" you would think that there would be a pretty good chance you would end up finding those players there when you arrived. Following the WorldDefense channel was one of my favourite things to do when I had nothing better to do back in the day, it filled the downtime I had back then which is now spent sat in cities, dueling or waiting for a bounty to pop up. It made the world feel more alive and brought life into zones that I would have no other reason for visiting. Sure it might be niche and a lot of people probably disabled it or never enabled it at all because of the spammy nature of the channel itself, anyone who had it turned on will remember things like the Halaa spam. I know it's been gone for a good number of years now and I honestly don't know if Blizzard would bring it back, nor whether Warmode will has fixed some of the sharding issues that killed it in the first place. But I do think that it was a great addition to the game and while many dismiss world pvp as a place for low level gankers etc I honestly believe if it came back it would bring some life back to zones that end up just being passed through while you level up.Chesticle2 13 Nov
11 Nov warmode sucks some serious c.... its so hard to do questing with horde members camping wqs and alliance areas...I am sick of this world pvp bull !@#$ you all shove down our throughts...the idea of world pvp servers sucks hard core %^-*.. and needs to be removed. I only want to play, not stand for an hour to do a wq and only get killed by horde players who kill me while fighting mobs.Noregs117 11 Nov
11 Nov Returning player; how does warmode work? Hey, returning player here Could anyone please enlighten me as to the current state of world pvp? I heard rumors that the Legion Battleground system has been put to use in bfa pvp aswell now, so that level and gear matters less, as was the case with battlegrounds in legion. Is that true? Thanks in advanceGuldans5 11 Nov
10 Nov Kul'tiran humans. Can't wait to play them for these OP racials. Bye horde. Also they look savage as fuk and bigger than orcs.Casseh0 10 Nov
10 Nov Wintergrasp bugged as hell Yeah, I know, nobody plays Wintergrasp, but anyway... - You can fly in most sub-areas. You simply mount up and take off, but as soon as you move into another sub-area you'll get a warning and the usual dismount+parachute. However as soon as you land you can take off again. I couldn't fly in a workshop held by the Horde, but once I captured it it let me fly again. - Siege engine breaks down seemingly randomly. I was firing from the turrent and then OOPS! siege disappeared under my feet. - Gnomes sometimes don't show up when capturing a workshop. At least they didn't when I captured Sunken Ring. - Siege engine's ram seems broken. I was unable to deal any siege damage on the outer walls with it. - All tooltips are of course incorrectly scaled, but that's just cosmetic. So my advice if you want to solo it without wasting more time than strictly needed: 1) Kill NPCs until you can drive a demolisher 2) Take a demolisher from one of the southernmost workshops 3) Attack the front gate at melee range using both demolisher buttons (you can dismount to kill any guards, but their damage is very low and you can just ram them) 4) Attack the last gate at max range, as NPCs will keep resetting, going back and forth as you bomb it.Kyph0 10 Nov
09 Nov Warmode = Well, I am not going to say what I really think about it because that would resolve in a ban on the forums. Because blizzard wants everyone to be in a happy place. Except for if you are alliance, because burn the alliance. But yeah get rid of WM or bring balance. But probably will talk to deaf ears and a few pro hard pogo stick WM horde who only want WM for the easy-4-on-1-kills.Hilversum36 09 Nov
08 Nov Warmode is a failure no one is using it It's almost as if I'm leveling and questing alone not to mention I was in 3 different raids for this WQ out of 3 different raids there was only one rogue using warmode like me and just as lost looking for a boss alone while others finish their WQ leave while others join again and leave and we're still in the same raid. Our realm isn't high pop to begin with then this divides it to like 80% warmode off and 20% warmode on, thought the idea seemed nice at first but now I don't.Sisuthros48 08 Nov
08 Nov Do airdrops actually exist? Honest question. I haven't seen or heard one in months.Keydiam2 08 Nov
08 Nov Dread Gladiator's Greatcloak I wish to buy a Dread Gladiator's Greatcloak from the vendor that i know it is in Kul Tiras. Where exactly is him/her? Is him/her random?Indra0 08 Nov
07 Nov Faction balance Devs don’t make it clear but sharding works as intended for most cases. Say there’s 100 alliance and 100 horde players in a shard. 20 of them are at dungeon entrances, 50 of them are at separate WQs and the rest of them are just wandering around. How can we expect all the players in the said shard to be at the same place and fighting equally 20vs20? There are mostly same amount of players in a shard, however in reality they are all at the different zones, which makes us think it’s imbalanced. At this point, a miraculous invention kicks in. Looking for Group tool(LFG). As everyone knows, blizzard don’t like single players and encourage them to play with friends/groups. So looking for an equal fight (1v1 or 5v5 etc) is just delusional, and not intended. Warmode is not meant for 10% buff, the buff is just the prize for our effort we gave to defend our faction, nothing more or less. A no stealth class might have hard times as playing solo, which I mentioned above, we are not meant to defend our faction alone. In groups I join everyday, 75% of the team is non-stealther and they’re having so much fun. But if I were just after the 10% buff, and get things done real quick, I’d just turn it off, 10% buff is not really worth the stress. Hope to see more Alliance in WM zones :)Maisia1 07 Nov
06 Nov If alliance stop being cowards WM would be balanced. In my server there are actually more alliance players according to previous expanions experience and to several databases. Yet, when questing in the world I never see any alliance, mostly groups of horde doing world quests while during Legion I saw mostly alliance and got a few good fun fights out in the open. I think it's not just about server imbalance, it's about player mentality. While most of the horde are out there for the challenge, the alliance just prefer to cower behind the veil and quest peacefully and now the few of them who do try to go WM just meet unfair population odds and get crushed. If all of them just turned warmode on the odds might actually be even or in their favor, they just decide not to.Reddan160 06 Nov
06 Nov Assassin Buff Hello all, I've searched the forums but in the older posts there wasn't a complete answer as most revered to the bounty buff/quest. Last night i was running arround in vol'dun going for the bounty to get the title. But I could not even get the 15% assassin buff for 10 kills. Is there an invisible timer after each kill in which you need to make the next before it resets? or do only lvl 120 count? Got to somewhere between 20-30 before I died but never got the 15% buff. Never left the zone, took a flightpath or anything. Just ran arround. Some kills had about 5-10 min in between untill i found finally found someone. It wasnt very crowded last night on the shard i was in, thats why im thinking there is a timer. Hoping someone has an answer or if its just a bug i had. - ParaParanoizer1 06 Nov
04 Nov Marked as assasin fix this pls So as soon some horde got marked targed as assasin cause of many kills so they show up on map, so you get chance too spot him/here too kill for an reward, sounds good in teorri but in fact problem is ppl log out etc so the assasin mark disapers, so you dont get the chance make the kill for the reward. make so those ppl are marked for so long until an player killed them, not an mob not log off, or log too other map, or using Health stone, this mark shud be on the player whole time until someone from oopposite faction have make an kill on that guy, again an actual player not Death from jump Cliff mob etc. fix it asap tired of those fappers getting away like chickens, Before got chance make kill too claim reward.Mssunshine6 04 Nov
04 Nov horde camping on dungeon entrances and wq if there is no fix for gangers i am sorry devs but people will just disable WM off and lets see where the stupid horde goes from there. If u see people doing wq and dont atack let them do the stupid quest. u are 10 people against 1. whats the pride in that? idiotsScubahunta41 04 Nov
04 Nov The irony of Horde and "Honour" The fact that whenever you see a lone horde they mind they're own business because they know they're !@#$. Yet when another horde comes along they'll soon jump on the ganking bandwagon. Literally all of warmode has been the horde outnumbering because they can't out skill.Beargrip27 04 Nov
03 Nov War mode is the best addition to WoW ever Just want to say that I have been stuck on a PvE realm with massive horde underpopulation for over 13 years. Unwilling to move for nostalgia reasons and a massive PvPer at heart, I always struggled to find fair fights, or people willing to flag for PvP. I tried to combat this with setting up massive PvP events, which were situated at the horde capital, so the horde would have an advantage. This sort of worked but was destroyed in around MoP. Even though the personal aspect of hatred for the other faction is gone because you never meet the people again, I must say that I am really grateful for war mode and that I have finally been able to fulfill my life-long dream of playing on a PvP server. I have enabled it as soon as it came, and haven't turned it off since. I have honestly never had this much fun in an expansion. I will never have to go through the frustration of people's pvp tag disappearing again. I sincerely hope this great concept is expanded upon even further!Akcope5 03 Nov
03 Nov War Mode Faction Imbalance Complaints to End Ion announced at Blizzcon, an increase in rewards for WM players when underrepresented at a given time: https://youtu.be/_4PXd042fkk?t=429 Assuming that receiving an extra reward is indicated to the player... knowingly entering an imbalanced area with that extra %, would make it impossible to complain about faction imbalance. Yeah right ;) The extra bonus should encourage more PvEers of an outnumbered faction to turn on War Mode, resulting in a better balance of cannon fodder for the WPvPers of both factions. Everybody wins!Vaëyn0 03 Nov
03 Nov Warmode will make more people switch to horde Warmode will make alliance lose even more players to the horde side. So i just turned off warmode. Constantly getting outnumbered by 5 to one while trying to do world quests just takes to much time. I think this is getting very common on the alliance side. It would not matter if it wasnt for the bonus people with warmode on get. So now there will be another strong reason for players to chose the horde side. I really dont see Blizzards thinking here, faction imbalance has been a fact for a long time, and now they try to make it even worse?Taurenblues17 03 Nov
03 Nov Nerf Fury Warrior and Paladin? Has the Nerf of the Shaman already been, where are the nerfs of the Paladin and the Fury Warrior? They have more treatment than Shaman’s before the nerf, where is the nerf itself, or are you afraid of drowning in the tears of these courageous classes?Вяч4 03 Nov
02 Nov An introduction to World PvP Vohkari: Hey this new world pvp mode seems kind of interesting. Goes to Orgrimmar, turns on War Mode, goes back to questing area Starts looking for the key carrying zomb- Max lvl human paladin appears out of nowhere, kills poor Vohkari and uses /rofl on their corpse Vohkari: Well that was frustrating, but if I wait 2 minutes I'm sure he'll move on. Respawns, continues the search for the key hoarding zom- Max lvl human paladin appears again, executes Vohkari mercilessly, and uses /rofl on their corpse Vohkari: Again? Really? I guess I'll wait 5 minutes this time. Respawns, starts hunting down those key carrying zo- Max lvl human paladin appears yet again, steamrolls our beaten and bruised Vohkari, and uses /rofl on their corpse Vohkari returns to Orgrimmar, and our WPvP story ends.Vohkari26 02 Nov
31 Oct Blizz, thanks for warmode I know some people think it sucks and unbalanced which I believe is wrong, you can’t say “hey blizzard it’s very hard to solo Ghuun, please balance it so we can 1v1 him!! No you’re meant to group up, same for the warmode, group up and get back. We got what people been asking for years, a proper wpvp. And now I think it is in a good state and I haven’t had fun with wpvp as much as I did for a long time. I made very good friends thanks to warmode, I’m not raiding and m+ pugging is not socializing, more like scripted NPC runs. Like when I see people are in trouble and help them(I usually end up being wisp lol) they thank me and we create a group to take our wq spot back, and some other day we gather up to kill hordes again, we call each other to kill horde gankers, it’s lot of fun. For a non-raider, warmode is the only thing to do in BFA. And it has great social aspect. But you might be hating it if you only turn it on for 10% bonus i feel you. I’m very happy that such addons like world quest group finder are nerfed and auto join is gone, so you can’t shard away that easily. Gear unbalance in pvp is gone, a 340 ilvl can deal with a 370, i think it was the worst in legion that we lost pvp vendors to have any chance vs mythic raiders. Class balance need to be adjusted tho, there is no reason for spri, locks or ele shamans to turn WM on. You have to be playing flawlessly to stand any chance and you still end up dead. Yeah some classes like ferals, rogues are meant to be hunting people and get away, it’s all they can do. Kill and escape but at least give some casters a chance to escape. Checking in, mages still rock. Thanks for reading.Maisia12 31 Oct
31 Oct World PvP and Phasing: it's just bad. Seriously, people you've almost killed suddenly vanishing into thin air? Just happened twice again today. Can't you just lock the phase people are in when they are engaged in a PvP fight? It really sucks to have won a fight just to see the enemy escape because of a technical limitation.Thunderwind1 31 Oct
30 Oct Scaling from low level to high level When warmode just launched with prepatch low level players were scaled up with high level players (level 75 players could beat 110s). I've just started leveling a new character through pet battles in kul tiras with warmode on (bonus experience for no bonus effort) and any 120 horde I come across oneshots me by ridiculous amounts, but not to the point where I'd say there's no scaling at all. Does anyone know how this works?Saxnot3 30 Oct
30 Oct Addon for airdrops? Is there any kind of addon for airdrops? Something extremely simple, which only gives a short message like, "Yeah airdrop is coming look up." Seemingly I constantly miss them...I waited in Vol'dun for like an hour and I heard no plane and saw nothing. (Because it seems like this is the only way to get the Aspirant shoulders.)Keydiam0 30 Oct
29 Oct Warmode; why haven't you opted in? If you already have, then this thread really doesn't apply. You can, how ever, share your experiences, good or bad. Also any improvements you think could be added. But really, I've found a new leash of life in World PvP with Warmode. You are even getting extra rewards as a bonus for participating with PvP on. As a player who joined on a non-PvP server, I was delighted when I first heard about this because it meant I could stay with friends on my current server and still have the best of both worlds for those friends of mine who don't enjoy PvP of any kind. Before this I was sort of in a dilemma I guess, I could've always used /pvp but it was minimal chances that I'd even find an enemy player to begin with. Another negative about wPvP being in Legion, it simply was a complete mess with unbalance and legendaries. Unkillable Blood DKs, 1 shots, just unplayable. With new PvP scaling tech, even if you are a little behind in gear, say you are still 340ish, you're probably only 3-4% weaker than the highest geared currently. If you are a higher geared player (my main is roughly 370ish), you'll have a much more smoother fair-fight experience with other players. I'd say I've had pretty much toe-to-toe fights with players who are 330-340+, and it feels good to not have my gear determine the victory but skill with gear having a minimal advantage. But for those that are on the edge of "meh I want to try it out but haven't yet", well now is the perfect time. I hope they keep Warmode for years to come, loving it!Tymaar26 29 Oct
29 Oct Now there are 2 of them! To the 2 Tauren Shaman I went up against in Northern Stranglethorn on Argent Dawn yesterday evening, had I known there were 2 of you on that mount I might’ve been more of a coward and perhaps re-evaluated my “attack on sight” policy. Still great fun anyway. Maybe it’s because I’m not a high level and but I’ve found War Mode to be fun so far (if I even come across anyone).Schlowman2 29 Oct
29 Oct Net-o-Matic 5000 https://www.wowhead.com/item=163604/net-o-matic-5000 This toy is exceptionally useful. However, I'd like to see its use extended simply to PvP enabled targets, Warmode or not. Plenty of people still try to come to SW/Org to kill others before mounting up then sitting in the air.Algific2 29 Oct
29 Oct No guards in Zuldazar port? Alliance can run around near Nathanos, wave to grunts near warfront portal area and kill players under their feet. Why does it even exist together with bad desing of whole city?? Meanwhile good luck trying to attack someone near Boralus flight master...Slayern4 29 Oct
28 Oct a question to those weird who ... gank solo players in warmode while in a group of 3 up to 10 + what is wrong with you? is that really fun? camping something just to wait until 1 person of the other fraction spawns to just oneshot him? idk about you but thats not pvp to me. dont tell me to turn off warmode. i m all for a good old 1v1 in open areas ... but this is just miserableSaedelarex13 28 Oct
28 Oct How on Earth does gear scaling work? Hello, could anyone tell me how gear scaling works in PvP? I know nowadays this scaling is "shadowed" so the numbers we see are not the ones we actually deal (ignorance is bli[ss/zz] I guess?) although I've already noticed my item level is definitely scaled down when I'm in a battleground simply by looking at the dungeon queue system (it doesn't let me queue for heroics because it goes down to 297 or something like that) From what I've read this level is based on your best gear so it doesn't matter if you go naked, but then I don't know if there are still "templates" or your damage/healing is simply being scaled by a factor. The information I get is contradictory/possibly outdated from Legion (which I didn't play that much either) And how does it work in WPvP? By the way, I think this system is terrible. I feel like a guinea pig oblivious to the experiments going on around him.Kyph2 28 Oct
28 Oct Enhancement Shamans Are they any good in 1v1s? Or elemental?Ceesc1 28 Oct
28 Oct Healing classes are so OP in warmode? Hello guys, I have noticed that classes with healing skills are so much OP. Especially when they play in dps role. E.g. bala druid deal serious dmg, and still can fully heal himself with couple instant hots. Its not possible to kill him, and still he kills me easily. Same with priests and some shamans. What do you think? Are u able to kill those guys?Festyno10 28 Oct
27 Oct Warmode is just empty? Log on, No one for 3s, No one for RBG'S or M+ and raid nights are x3 a week. So I wanna do solo WPVP. I go out in the world, and it's literally dead, I've been running around Drustvar/Tiraguarde and Stormsong on foot and checked Volduun where the world boss is and I've only come across 3 people in just under 3 hours. I just wanna play the game blizzard.Jassebangsen5 27 Oct
27 Oct Sad to turn warmode off... some ideas listed As much as I love world PvP, it's getting turned off. Seems like whole of alliance has turned it off already, there's literally only a few others on a shard, meanwhile there is like 10 times more horde. Since there is no threat as Horde to having warmode off, more are turning it on. Since it's a pain in the !@#$ as Alliance, everyone's turning it off. The imbalance will get even worse over time... What should have been implemented: A rule to force each shard to not be allowed to exceed a 'loose' 40-60 balance for either faction. If it cannot be achieved, players who are flagged, are forced onto a non-warmode shard, and don't earn war mode bonuses. If this ends up horde being forced to play by themselves, on their own shard, to allow the 40-60 balance to be achieved on other shards, so be it, because it's going to happen anyway. And they clearly don't need the war mode bonus as an incentive to keep it turned on - at least currently. -- There would probably need to be an incentive to get Alliance players to turn it back on, since the damage has already been dealt since launch... Maybe a weekend bonus that increases the war mode bonus for factions who 'need more soldiers'.Alyssar25 27 Oct
25 Oct Warmode and its errors. This post will be an ungoing topiq where I will edit and try and highlight, arguement and pitch ideas as how to fix them as we go a long. One topiq I would like to start with is the creation of server cross raids. Why is that a problem?: Well, for starters, the camps around the map is unprotected, so it allows for flight path camping. Another reason is the azerite champion or tortolan seeker quests camping. In general, I love world pvp, don't get me wrong. But there is no world pvp involved in me vs a raid of hordes. One could argue "make your own raid" but alas, we still have the issue of faction imbalance. As one stated in another post. Their server holds the majority of the players on the alliance faction and there by outnumber the hordes. As that may be and seem to be a lot of peoples arguement. You seem to forget that EU wise, alliance is outnumbered 1 to 4. Meaning alliance is about 30% of the player base in EU, making us a very insignificant threat. But this isn't about faction imbalance although it playes its part. A solution I've thought of. While I'm all for cross server finding in terms of raids, world quests and Mythics. I'm aware my suggestion will colide with doing world bosses. But it was the best I could think of. Simply stop people from transfering realm when grouping up in world areas, similair to me not seeing people who got warmode off. That way you prevent people from opening a tab, writing "LFM for killing spree" and the raids will be much more difficult to create. My fiancé also suggested to limit your grouping with warmode on to 5. That way you can still kill the level 122 elites with a group, but still not form these overwhelming raids. It would still leave the issue with the world bosses, we're aware of that. But they can be done with warmode off? I believe some sacrifices has to be made as this is getting toxic and obnoxious. Please bring up more errors, do so respectively and point out your reasoning why you think they are an issue. You don't nessesarily need to have an idea of how to fix it, although appreaciated. If you don't I will attempt my best. :)Chaotica20 25 Oct
24 Oct War Mode Shards are Faction Balanced TLDR Watch a few seconds of the Blizz vid below to get an explanation of how War Mode shards really work. Blizz say War Mode shards try to be faction balanced, but cross realm grouping can create a temporary imbalance. They say cross realm groups affecting shard faction balance is not a problem on their end. It's a feature of player choice. Here's Blizz's latest statement today on the issue: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/321244461?t=01h10m48s Wall of Text Your shard is balanced. It has equal players of both factions, that are actually "members" of your shard. They just might not be visible because they are in a cross realm group formed on another shard. Or more might be visible, because they joined a cross realm group formed on your shard. This creates a temporary imbalance. But the players that belong to your shard, are faction balanced. Apparently, when there is an excess of one faction, the excess are placed on their own shard - that would not affect all players, but could explain the occasional extreme imbalance when Horde can't find any Alliance. These temporary cross realm groups could disband immediately after killing a world boss for example, or some or all members could stay in the group for an extended period. Leave the group, and they return to their own shard. This is no doubt happening constantly with multiple groups, resulting in faction balance fluctuation. This is deliberate design by Blizz, that's the game. So at times there will appear to be more Horde, and at other times more Alliance. I have witnessed Horde being dominant, but also Alliance dominating. It just depends, mainly on the cross realm grouping... but other factors too. Player distribution in a zone can also be a factor. For example, Horde or Alliance could be dominating a wq area, and the other faction avoids it. They feel outnumbered, but are actually just spread out in the zone. Or bad strategy comes into it. For example, many times I've witnessed Alliance players ride solo into a Horde dominated wq. From their point of view, OMG I got ganked again! War Mode = Broken! But it's just bad strategy. I'm sure exaggeration isn't a factor, that seems very unlikely ;) Add in the cross realm grouping, and other factors... and you have random !@#$ happening, I love it. There are lots of suggested "solutions" floating around, my own included. I don't think any of the suggested game changes are viable. It's easy to find issues with them. The way it works now is a happy medium. That's why you get extra talents and the 10% bonus to compensate. That is Blizz's solution. We can just get used to the current situation and have fun with it, or turn off War Mode. I doubt Blizz will make any changes to it. You can't make everyone happy. Here are some in game "solutions" for those having problems: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17624092387Vaëyn30 24 Oct