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16 Apr 2012 Looking for players — PvP forum Welcome to the "Looking for Players — PvP" Forum. This is the place to look for other players if: You are looking for a new member for your PvP guild You want to join a PvP guild You are looking for members for a cross-realm battleground You want to join an existing cross-realm group battleground You are looking for a new member for your arena team You want to join an arena team In order to make your search as successful as possible, we recommend you to follow these simple steps: Use the search feature at the top right of the screen before posting When creating a new thread, make sure to use an appropriate and descriptive title (e.g. "[A/H] <Class> Looking for RBG" or “[A/H] <Class> Looking for Arena Team” or “[A/H] <Team> looking for <Class> and Healers” ) If you are not interested in teaming up with players from other realms, please feel free to also post on your realm forum. We hope that you will succeed in finding other players to have fun with!Vaneras0 16 Apr 2012
2h 2.4 cr ele lf glad push Horde - Prefer either L.SD, boomy/ele or thunder. preferably same cr (ish) and some exp with the said comp. Add my btag if you wanna try some games - Fròyha2870Worv0 2h
6h WTS PvP-Rating Selfplaypush Hey! We are helping Players to achieve their wished rating till the end of the season. We only take Gold (any Server) and don't do accountplay. If you miss some points for your Elite PvP Gear or Achievements, take a look! Our prices for 3vs3 are: 0 - 1500 40k / 100 Rating 1500 – 2000 200k / 100 Rating 2000 – 2200 275k / 100 Rating 2200 – 2400 350k / 100 Rating (right now only for Dk/Sham/WL) 2400 – 2600 450k / 100 Rating (right now only for Dk) If you are interested in selfplaying another bracket (2vs2/RBG) don't hesitate to contact us, we can handle something out. As of yet, we never had a Player who didn't achieve the rating he paid for. However, we take care that the wished rating isn't something unachievable (f.e. 1500 to 2400 with 1750 max experience). We usually queue No Voice and if desired and at a higher rating, also with Voice. Btag: Sublexone#2125 GreetingsNebse4 6h
9h 2.5sxp 2.4cr DH lf 3s!! glad push 2.4cr DH Lf glad push before the end of the season!!! Be equal xp/cr wise and ready to push.Wutlolz0 9h
11h Beastcleave LF Hpally Hi there. We're 2 mates LF a third friendly player to play 3s and improve with. I just recently rerolled to enh shaman as I really like the spec and feel comfortable with it, my friend has been playing hunter for a long time but mostly in the pve parts of the game :) ever since legion came out neither of us have been pvping much apart from 2s at rare accasions but are now looking to get back in to 3s. we're looking for a good holy paladin to fill up the healing spot :) You don't have to be anything special aslong as you have the will to play and improve. We are mostly available after 4 pm server time and till late evening 10-11 pm If you think you'd be a good addition to the team feel free to add me and we'll talk - Martini#2581Shamlami0 11h
11h arena master hpala LF 3s Hi, I am coming back to wow pvp in Legion. LF friendly players for 3s to reach +2.2k. My exp in Legion is small therefore I dont have too much expectations but I prefer to play with people who already been +2.2k or +2k xp in Legion. Prefer to find 2dps who already play together. Feel free to add me: punq#21119Punqt2 11h
16h DH 2.6k exp looking for 2s/3s push As tittle says im looking for 2s/3s arena partners on my DH. 2k cr in 2s and 1.9k 3s. Got 2.6.k legion experience. Prefer mw/rdru for 2s and DH/Rdru/boomy or Dh/rdru/Demo. Leave a message here or add cptfreak#1344 if interested. cheers EDIT: would like to push as DK as wellFreakyo0 16h
17h Rated BG team (fresh team - cross realm) If you are interested for Rated BG team then take a look: Original article: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17615105860Kelajo0 17h
18h LF Mythic 1/10 ++ guild Hello there i'm currently in need of a new home for any of my chars, let me know on BT Erga#2581 dont be afraid to ask me if you want any of my chars i can also reroll and gear up quickly. Chars: boomkin 897 6 Legendary 54 Traits Shadow Priest 880 33 Traits 1 Legendary Fury Warrior 878 36 Traits 1 Legendary Mage 863 33 Traits 0 Legendary Ret pala 880 34 Traits 2 Legendary Hunter 849 23 Traits 0 legendary 95 Warlock i also can grind up and learn to play quicklyErgadrood3 18h
1d [H] LF a mage+rdruid for WMD Arena master multiclasser here. Haven't really played much on this char since the start of last season, but I'm bored of healing and decided it's time to give this comp a try. I've got 2.2k sxp as other classes, and I'm very goal-oriented. Skype, bnet or discord - doesn't really matter to me. I've got a human warr still left on 100, and my class exp is 2.2k in 2s, 3s and 5s. Anyway, I'm looking for people with greater than average insight into the game + all classes so we can actually form proper strategies. If you feel up to the task, then post your btag down below. Or if there's a resto druid or a mistweaver monk who's looking for 2s, then I'm up for it on my DH because warrs are too damn boring and frustrating to play in 2s in Legion. I've got 2.4k sxp as a healer in 2s.Ureshii4 1d
1d mage 2.2k push Mage 1.8cr, 2.2k push. Any viable comp.Déékus0 1d
1d LF Affi & RestoD 3 v 3 1900 cr - 2.2 push LF an affi lock and a restoD for some 3 v 3. im 2.3k cr in 2's right now, was 2.4k last week. 1900 cr in 3's looking to push 2.2-2.4 - i can play any spec, but atm i prefer beast masteryBeastheart0 1d
1d LF Semi Competitive Arena Player(s) Hey guys, Lately I've been wanting to get back to playing some Arenas, but I'm missing someone to actually play with. I am competitive but I don't want to get too stressed out about it, it's a game after all and I want to have fun playing it. I'd be playing on Thursday and Friday nights, Saturday morning and mid afternoon, and Sunday morning, EU Gmt+1. I usually play a healer, been maining a Holy Paladin for some time but I'm also playing a Restoration Druid, and I want to use this as an opportunity to decide who to main in 7.2 and forward (Druid is becoming more likely), both Alliance. I haven't played rated arena in legion yet, just skirmish with pugs, and I'd like to change this. So if anyone's interested don't hesitate to drop a message here or a pm!Aëther0 1d
2d [A] Mage LF RBG Guild/Team 2k+ Hey, I'm a 2k exp/cr arcane mage LF a guild/team that does RBGs. I currently have a rbg cr of 1887 playing around with randoms. I hope to find a group that wants to push 2k. As far as personality. I'm a chill down to earth guy. I never rage or flame and speak english fluently. I play a not so common spec: arcane. I find that it does well in damage --- Really high single target burst and good aoe. I have access to discord and a working mic. Can also play most days. Add me on bnet for more info: RAINBOWDASH#2259Snuggableqt0 2d
2d War lf v3 push 2k2 Hi, i'm looking for viable comp to push 2k2. i can play fury or arm. i am currently 1850 cr and i already pushed more than 2k this season. Vocal requ to push 2k2 add me btag : zike#2609Jhrxx0 2d
2d eHEROES RBG Boost selfplay Hello, top RBG players world selling RBG boost for gold. Price depends on your current rating and what rating you wanna push to. Contact me ingame and i will give all info. Bnet: Sivax#21816 Taking gold on all servers! H / A Self play (no account sharing) Alliance only,Papichulø16 2d
2d Warlock Looking for RBG Group Hello, I am looking for a RBG Group. I am ofc over 18. I have 1998 XP in RBG. I have Discord and Teamspeak, I can speak. I don't flame/enrage or random quit or anything like that. I speak English and German fluently. I can play all speccs. I prefer to play Demo. But if group requires another setup i will change my specc. During the Game I do what leader tells me. No matter how stupid it seems to me. I am open to critics. My BG ilvl is 909 atm. I don't need breaks or so between each Game. I have time on Friday, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday. I would be interested in a rbg group that is already more or less established. The Group should be at least around 1.9k CR. Please add me if you are interested. Dilac#2627Dilac0 2d
3d season 2 end date Hello, I started yesterday doing pvp for the Artifact appearances. How long do I have to reach prestige 15 for 4th tint? (when will the season end?)Rigsäman3 3d
4d LF 2s partner Hey, I'm LF a healer (preferably a disc priest) or a mage to try and push 2k before the season ends (currently at 1.4k). I've got 1.8k exp on my rogue although that was during MoP so I'm a bit rusty in some departments. If interested add me: Omnity#2184Anxity0 4d
4d Looking to form an RBG Group (Horde) Would anyone be interested? I don't think realm should matter too much but I play on Stormscale. Drop your bnet below. I'd like to form a steady, patient group to play with.Divineshied45 4d
4d [Horde] LF DPS & Healer for 3s rating push The title says it all. I'm looking for mates to play with and climb maybe even get glad who knows. I'm currently 1.8 - 1.9 CR and I'm up for any viable comp with DH ( Demo / DH / MW ) ( Arms / DH / Healer ) ( Elemental / DH / Healer ) ( Enhancement / DH / Healer ) and so on.. also be vocal we can use Discord or Teamspeak. If you're interested in participating in my journey to glad add my Battle.net tag: Hevarry#2272Côrrupt0 4d
4d Discord server for people that loves wow PvP I recently made a discord server for people from all around the world that loves Wow PvP to join and also To finde some arena/Rbgs partners or people thats just wanna hang out and have fun and finde new friends to play wow with. We just stared this discord a week ago and i hope more people joins so we can have a really nice community. Thx Here the discord link https://discord.gg/CyW2VyEPhaain0 4d
4d [A-WPvP] <Ominous> Hi, Ominous is recruiting. Apply here: https://ominousguild.typeform.com/to/L118UzBaltrazzjk2 4d
5d [A] Sub Rogue lf 2s Mate for Push Hi there I just recently returned to my rogue and I'd really like to try and push 2k this season to still unlock the elite set. A disc priest would be perfect whereas a druid and maybe paladin could be fine too. I don't really have xp on my rogue yet but I already played on 2k on my rdruid and 2,2k on mw. You don't really need to have xp, just a decent amount of understanding of the game and motivation. Add me if you want to play: Vriis#2385Picaz0 5d
5d [H] LF Healer for RMx hi! my mage friend and i are looking for a healer to play RMx with, preferably a resto druid or a disc priest. we currently play around 2000 rating, and it would be great if you are around the same experience, but we're also okay with playing with someone with lower rating if otherwise a good match. we want to get better and improve our rating, so you have to be able to take and give constructive criticism without getting defensive or offended. that said, we are not ones to get angry and start yelling at each other, and neither should you. basically just trying to have a decent atmosphere where we can talk about our mistakes and still have fun together. we've been playing RMD together for about a year now, but unfortunately our schedules aren't as compatible with our druid anymore and we're not able to play as much as we want to, so my mage and i decided to try to find one more healer to play with so we can get some more games in. we're primarily looking to play during the afternoon, around 5PM server time or so perhaps. we are often busy during the evenings as we both raid. thanks for reading. you can reach me at hamtacular#2283 or just reply to this topic if you're interested.Retier0 5d
5d This post is for you! Hey, I'm looking to add on my bnet list people that are interested and willing to invest time into learning and practicing arenas. I am constantly playing arena games since the other aspects of the game do not appeal to me anymore, so I want to have people around that are likeminded. I can't be bothered with the elitists in LFG ingame. I don't really care about your cr or experience. You could faceroll to 2k with unbalanced combos in 2s and then link the achievement to trick people into thinking that you can actually play. All I am asking is to have knowledge of your class, be aware of your surroundings and a polite attitude. It's kind of sad to ask people to be polite, but apparently this is the world we live in now. Are you looking to push rating? I can play most of the viable classes on both horde and alliance and they are ready to pvp (full artifact traits and necessary honor talents); so we can get a nice set up everytime. Are you only looking to do the weekly, mount farm or just practice in low rating? That's fine too! Just give me a whisper! Team up for casual rbgs? I'm your man! So hit me up and let's play some pvp! -Belial#2441Krewèlla5 5d
5d LF good RBG team that will last Fury/Arms warrior looking for Decently rated RBG team pref 2k+ i have xp at 2.2k level CR 1.7k due to pugs. add cycrox#2665 to talk :)Romedia1 5d
5d [A] UHDK & Rdruid LF Long Term 3's Partner 2k CR Hello, me and my Rdruid friend have been playing 2's and 3's since Legion came out and we have struggled to find a 3rd partner for 3's ever since. We are looking for someone around the 2k cr range who is patient and willing to learn in order to progress further. If you lack the ability to learn from your mistakes you are not our guy. We prefer a DH or a Demolock but any other viable comp is acceptable as long as you share the same mindset. Add Vengefulfapp#2719 if you are interested.Vengefulfap2 5d
6d Looking For Outland PvP Guild / Friends(Horde) Hi, i'm looking for an active, friendly guild that participates in PvP activities :D Im a lvl 110 Survival Hunter and i'm up for any sort of PvP instance (Looking mostly to do RBGs) My iLvl is 801(Dw i am planning to improve that as we speak) PS: Also planning to power up Marksman for more efficiency. Anyways, yeah, feel free to add my Battletag - Zezu#2407 Also please feel free to add me if you wish to team up and run some PvP instances, always looking for people to group up with. :)Kunuckles0 6d
15 Mar LF arena friends :) Hey guys, i'm looking for some friendly and positive arena mates to play with. I'm a 1.9k exp player, mostly playing my ww monk, but recently I've been wanting to start doing 3s on my alt DH aswelI ;). I don't Care about your rating, I just want to have fun :D If you are interested or have any questions, feel free to add me on Maleek#2890.Tattozz0 15 Mar
15 Mar Looking for Horde PvP Guild on Twisting Nether Hello there everyone and welcome to my Forum Post, today I'd like to ask around to see if there are any Horde PvP Guilds on Twisting Nether and if so what are you all doing? i.e. RBG's, Arenas, World PvP, Random BG's etc. Information about myself - I am a 2k+ Rogue in RBG's and Arenas, I've been playing WoW since Vanilla and been PvPing since late Wrath. This expansion I haven't really done much PvP other than a few random BG's and Arenas. I'm back and looking to push HARD in PvP again, I am looking to push as a Ret Paladin as I've been playing Rogue in PvP since late Wrath and every expansion since, but I'm looking to play something a bit different now, I've played Ret as an alt in Cata and a little bit in MoP, but nothing serious I think I got around 1.8k in RBG's and 1.9k in 3s as Ret. So I am leveling my Horde Ret Paladin. I should be 110 by Wednesday next week the latest. P.S. I am also going to be looking for 3s partners when I ding 110 and get some gear and some Honor Talents so if anyone is interested please add me on battle.net - Mirikh#2374Kimikø0 15 Mar
15 Mar [A] Looking for Arena/PvP buddies. Hello ladies and gents, As the title says im looking for arena buddies, people to befriend, talk, make fun out playing the game, hit some battlegrounds and all that ( ladies dont be shy :D ) And the reason why im writing here is because the Looking for PvP in game is so full of "elitists" 2.4 exp people that are looking for similar exp people... Some are expecting such things, that i feel finding a job in real life will be more easier and with less expectations. Not to mention when you go to armory and inspect them, some of these "Elitists" dont even have 1750 achi. But i guess most of you have faced something like that, here and there. On the topic of the arena. I main priest, but im looking for a healer to partner my rogue with, mostly for 2s, but if ya are interested in 3s, im up for it. I have knowledge of the class, and im not new to it. Im not completely new neither to PvP or Arenas. Im currently a try hard Outlaw, because i find the spec really fun to play, thou the RNG with the roll the bones can drive ya crazy sometimes :D . I believe outlaw still have some potential even after the nerf, and of course if things dont go well i can change to Assa or Sub, all 3 of my weapons are level 35. As for you, i have 0 expectations. I dont care if ya are new to the game, one eyed pirate, or one legged prostitute from Congo or ya even have negative rating, i dont care. As long as ya are friendly, patient and dont rage quite, willing to have fun and learn together, its all good for me. So if ya are willing to give it a try, leave a comment and hope to catch ya soon ;)Ghostsong12 15 Mar
15 Mar A- Resto shaman lf partners Hi! Im currently looking for demo lock for 2s and some random 3s. Be similar because i don't intend to carry anybody or be carried by anybody. Cheers! OOOy #2551Eoghar2 15 Mar
15 Mar New Healer Looking For Friends Hi there folks, So I've played WoW for about 9 years and recently gotten into healing. I've done thousands of battlegrounds as DPS but almost no rated PvP at all, and even less as a healer. I'm looking for some patient friends who'd be willing to both play and to help me improve, either in rated arena, rbg, or just randoms. My battle tag is elmaethor88#2779, I play on Defias Brotherhood.Pinotl2 15 Mar
15 Mar 2.2exp Druid lf Surv/DK/Warr Hi, Im a 2.2xp Feral druid but im Playing Resto my CR is 1750 in 2s Post your Btag if you want to playTeriixx3 15 Mar
15 Mar LF 3d partner 3v3 2k+ Arms warrior and resto druid/shaman. LF 3d partner for any viable comb. For next season. We are both x gladiators and play at 2k+ ratings each season. Requirements. We don't care about win/loss ratio we just want a 3d partner to improve with and aim high once we get good synergy. - Be vocal. - Have 2k+ exp - Know your class and love arena :P Whisper me in game, or leave your note here so we can have a chat and see where it goes.Cräft1 15 Mar
15 Mar LF 3V3 Lf viable comp in 3v3 to push rating with - if you have 2k+legion xp and arround 17-1800 cr it will do - using voice with bent is mandatory. welcome to whisper me ingame if your intrested. realm/outland/alliance Queath#2668Zcool0 15 Mar
14 Mar Looking for 3v3 partners Hey guys, i'm looking for some friendly arena mates to play with. Im currently playing my WW monk at around 1800ish (3v3)I don't Care Much about your rating, but I'd appreciate if you are 1750+Exp :) If you are interested or have any questions, feel free to add me on Maleek#2890.Dasim0 14 Mar
14 Mar Where is the Pandaren Arena food? Pandas have special racial. Double bonus from food. In WoD we had pre-mixed pot of noodles, which we could use in Arena. We were told we would get a lvl 110 equivelant. We have not gotten it yet. When will it come?Sensao2 14 Mar
14 Mar [Arena] 3s - Looking for players! (Demo Lock) Recently got back into the game, playing on Outland. Nothing TOO serious atm, but I am looking for 2 likeminded players who are interested in working together on a serious 3s team. Preferably experienced, but as I myself am still improving I am looking more for people who are interested in forming a friendship, and working together. I have lots of PvP experience, spread across a plethora of games (Warhammer Online 6v6, WoW 3.3.5 Arenas, SWTOR, etc.), and I live in London. tldr - if you're interested in working on a 3v3 team with a friendly dude, NOT expecting TOO much initially but eager to improve, get back at me!Praedonius10 14 Mar
14 Mar [A] LF PvP guild for BG/RBG Hey all, Like the title says, i am looking foa nice PvP oriented guild with which to spam some random bg's , maybe do some rbg's every now and then. I am not the most active player, my game time is not what it used to be, but i do try to do a few bg's each day. I guess hardcore guilds are not for me . Feel free to add me for further details warpath #2262 CheersWärpath0 14 Mar
14 Mar Another "I need BG friends" post I currently have 5 chars max level, 2 on alliance and 3 on horde (more to come). I've been a BG slave since vanilla, but pretty much all my friends quit. So I'm simply looking for non-toxic people do to BGs with :) I play both healer and dps on both factions, but I'm not gonna lie, if someone wanted to heal my fat cow that would be amazing :) I don't really have much rating achievements to show for. My highest achievement in arena was in wotlk played some 2s at 2.4mmr, but who cares. Since that I've only been above 2k rating 1 or 2 times cuz I was hungry for transmog. So if you feel like you're decent at the game and you like running from player to player yelling "NEXT" in your mind like me, feel free to add my btag: wrathy#2568Wraathy6 14 Mar
14 Mar 3v3 Hey this is my first season i ever play in arena i have 1900 xp i can play Heal monk or WW monk or Druid Owl im looking for mates to play with if anyone interesting to play with me add me on Ash#2260Ashenore0 14 Mar
13 Mar 2,4xp 2,3sxp Disc lf 2s/3s Team 2,4xp (WOD) 2,3sxp (S2 Legion) Disc lf 2s/3s. I have 4 Discs without mates: Horde 2,1 CR Alliance 2,2 CR Alliance (2) 2,3 CR Alliance (3) 2,1 CR ----------------------------------------------------------- Looking for long term and chilled mates to play some games till season end and to push next season glad. If u need more information just add me BTAGG: КрисРусский#2891 If u're alone like me , 2,4xp and u want to avoid 1000 wins with random no voice glads. Just add! :)Pyccki0 13 Mar
13 Mar Lf arena partner (ex-yu, balkan people) As the title said we are looking for permanent 3rd member for our arena team. We play MW/DH 3-4 times a week usualy around 20:00 realm time. Reason we aim at certain population (people from balkans) are mostly for easier communication. Our cr in 3's is around 1.8k mostly by playing with pugs and no voice. Since new season is coming soon we would like to push rating even more. If you find yourself interested in this add Kuler#2471 in real id friends.Kenøbi0 13 Mar
12 Mar Havoc DH lf PvP guild with 1700+ RBG rat. Hi, My name is Radovan and I am from the Czech Republic. Played WoW during WotLK and came back during WoD. My main character used to be Combat rogue Skarab (Burning Blade) but I didn't like PvP changes made to this class as I love being right in the middle of battle but the Outlaw spec (and rogues in general) feels to be too squishy for this task. Therefore, I re-rolled to Demon Hunter (Blademaster-BurningBlade) and I am not turning back. I am looking for PvP guild with great target callers that focus on bursting ppl down rather than on rotting enemy team through DoTs but I really don't care. I know the current meta revolves mainly around boomies, afflis and mist weavers... If you want, you can browse my profile to see my (pvp) achievments - these were mostly achieved by my alts during previous x-pacs but I feel most powerful/capable with my Demon Hunter at the moment. I can communicate fluently in english on TS/Discord since english is what makes my living irl. Feel free to contact me in-game on SkarabCZ#2469 My alts: Death Knight (lvl 110) Unholy + Frost Rogue (lvl 110) OutlawBlademaster1 12 Mar
12 Mar Fire and Arms LF healer for 3s Hey there i'm fire mage with 2k XP and my warrior friend trying to push atleast 2k this season and more in the next season, we are focusing in PvP mainly, this is my Forsaken#2865Kirazaki0 12 Mar
12 Mar Stormscale 2kexp+ PvP Guild. Looking for members to fill out a 2kexp+ PvP only guild on Stormscale-Horde. Looking for active members to interact with and form teams and friendships as well as a social atmosphere. If you are interested message me on Nebrue-Stormscale.Nebrue0 12 Mar
12 Mar 2.2kCR Legion Mage, Lf partners. Hi, i am a 2.4kish Legion Experienced Frost/Fire Mage, looking for a long term team to play 3v3 with. Currently have 2.2kcr, and wanting to push high. Be able to come voice (Skype/Bnet Voice/ts3). Prefer Windwalker/Rouge/Demo Warlock/Sp comps. Bring same cr/exp and be able to play a lot. If you are interested add my BTag, SeaTurtle#2546.Nebrue0 12 Mar