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16 Apr 2012 Looking for players — PvP forum Welcome to the "Looking for Players — PvP" Forum. This is the place to look for other players if: You are looking for a new member for your PvP guild You want to join a PvP guild You are looking for members for a cross-realm battleground You want to join an existing cross-realm group battleground You are looking for a new member for your arena team You want to join an arena team In order to make your search as successful as possible, we recommend you to follow these simple steps: Use the search feature at the top right of the screen before posting When creating a new thread, make sure to use an appropriate and descriptive title (e.g. "[A/H] <Class> Looking for RBG" or “[A/H] <Class> Looking for Arena Team” or “[A/H] <Team> looking for <Class> and Healers” ) If you are not interested in teaming up with players from other realms, please feel free to also post on your realm forum. We hope that you will succeed in finding other players to have fun with!Vaneras0 16 Apr 2012
1h Looking for stable partners for 2s and 3s Looking for stable arena partners with positive attitude. I have played wow in a very long time but mostly raiding. Now i want to just focus on pvp and try to get good rating. Sub rogue for 2s and 3s. /cheersStabman6 1h
2h Casual RBG 1.6k cr push Hello there! I'm unable to commit to an actual RBG team due to my work :( So i'm looking for players that want to push rating at any time any day since it won't be on a schedule. Also if a team is looking for an Arms/Fury Warrior that can fill in at any point (when i'm online) then i'm your guy! :) Will only play with people who are at 1.6k or higher and that want to win, i don't want to lose rating because people cba. Add me Ragnoroker#2625 If you're going to add me please say on this forum post so i know who's who :)Ragnaroker8 2h
2h UH/Frost DK after stable arena team. (3v3) Hiya, Im trying to find a reliable team this season in 3v3. I've been trying to push higher on many characters, I've played all 12 classes in pvp this xpac so far and all have atleast P1. I have high XP from previous expansions (2.2k) and the only thing holding me back right now is finding reliable and consistent players to push with. Currently 1.5k CR and 910ilvl (Armoury is massively out of date) If you're interested you can add my btag (Coraline#2822) or post here, il check it every now and then. Thanks!Iluress1 2h
2h Looking for stable partners for 2s/3s/ havoc dh Heya, I'm looking for stable partners for pushing some rating im arenas. Im maining havoc dh, low cr 1.4exp . Id like to improve my pvp skills .So if anyone is interested, please let me know :)Lareine1 2h
3h [H] Looking for Arena mates Hello Guys ! Im a Rogue looking for RMx, RLS or Thug for 3s. Im also looking for RX(any Heal), RM or double Sub for 2s. My goal is to push 2k rating (or 100 Wins), getting better in the comps and having some good time! Im not a pro player (best was 2k in WoD). I really wanna learn something. I would use TS,Discord or skype, whatever you want :) I hope i find some nice people here, because it is really hard to get back into PvP without achievements or spending hours and hours in LFG. Greetings!Shaynks3 3h
7h Twisting nether Eu Level one twink guild. Hey, i know level one twinking is kinda dead, but i still want to try to get some more people in my twink guild :) any level 1 twink is welcome (Guild is in the realm called "Twisting Nether" Horde side) Just post below and we can figure something out!Twunn0 7h
7h [A] Summer RBGs *Deleted Post*Halioz3 7h
11h [A] Creating RBG Team, using friendlist. Hey everyone. I have saw from other post that there are players in Alliance side who are eager to get hands on solid RBG fun and learning team. I have to admit that I dont have experience in leading RBG team and have small knowledge about RBG. I hope that someone is reading this and has the will and motivation to form group with me and trying learn as team to beat those Horde scums. My current item level is 877 and my Hpally is same item level. Post here your thoughts and bnet if you are intersted :) For the alliance!Darthness26 11h
23h [H] Legion 2.9k exp / 2k cr LF glad/r1 players Finding r1/glad players with fresh exp is near to impossible in LFG tool in the game itself, so I am trying to use additional methods to find motivated players to get r1 titles / trying to increase the amount of good and active players in my bnet friendslist. Playing mostly : 1) shaman : enhance > elem; 2) monk : ww = mw; 3) dk : unholy > frost; 4) paladin : ret; 5) dh *dh is undergeared*. If you consider adding me to bnet, then please make sure you have 2.7+ exp. Thank you. Aviel#2802Avines0 23h
1d 2.6k hpala/rshaman lf 3s Just returned to the game after more than 2 years, and looking to get back into the arena. Also looking for some 2s.Naxsis3 1d
1d [H]/[A]LF RBG/3s Partners with +2k lexp Hey there, Playing with 7-8 different classes on both horde and ally, tho my main is mage/balance horde. Got same classes on ally too. Looking for long term partners to push +2.4 plus. Put your btag and information so i can add you ThanksLitavis1 1d
1d Biggest pvp players population? Subj. I have trouble to find random bgs on my realm "blackscar". Also because its russian realm im getting balanced only with russian players i think it can be issue too, because russian wow community much smaller from what i know. And if there is language balancing then english speaking players have much easier time with finding random bgs and basically all kind of auto-lfg things. But main question is: What battle group have the biggest pvp players population?Тауренсоул0 1d
1d MW 1500 exp LFR Team Hi guys. if you made it past the title then thanks i apreciate your time, im looking for a team or just a couple people down to play and hang out. I always liked pvp and never really did anything else than running bgs but ive gotten alot into arena and found my new love the Mw monk in last season i started arena very very very late in the season like 2 weeks before season 4 started. so i only got to 1500 but with randoms and no voice and nothing but myself and my mistakes to improve myself i think i could do alot better. My goal is to reach 2k this season. and i hope i can make it but if not il just value the time and effort i put into it. i ofc have discord for voice chat. Now a bit about me. Im a nice freindly guy even funny at times im very chill to the point of getting anymore chill would kill me, i just turned 20 this march and work as a mason from around 5-6 to 14-15 from monday to friday at gmt+1. Really hope you guys would be intrested in playing a couple games. Both veterans who can teach and newbies who wanna grow. Thanks for readingVoidblossom0 1d
1d (H) 2,5k WW lf boomkin/rshaman 2k cr atm (H) 2,5k WW lf 3s pref boomkin/rshaman 2k cr atm. Same exp pls. Buriika#2699Nexot0 1d
2d LFM Random BG's Searching for players that most likely are active random BG spammers. I lockout AV & IOC if I'm queuing.Grinji6 2d
2d [H] LF Arena/RBG teams/mates Greetings fellow PvP addicts. I am currently looking for partners in any PvP bracket. All my 12 characters are currently Horde, but would consider transfering 1 char for the right people to play with. My exp is as following: 2s - 1980 3s - 2414 5s - 1950 RBG - 2403 I have had 1800+ in RBG and 3s om 8 classes (gotta farm replica transmog you know) and have leaded RBG team on 2k+ CR. I currently got all 12 classes, only 2 lack å few Htalents, then there all good to go All my exp is from MoP, so as you may guess, I am abit rusty, but I can still find the flow quite fast. Will post my btag once I get home, but for now you can just leave yours down below or post a comment here :) Peace out - SwoleeSwolee2 2d
2d Arena stable team, (3s) alot of training etc. Hey, My name is Jacob :D. Actually I am writing here, for the 3rd time. If you have a lot of time, and want to achieve something big, you are in a right place. If you don't have time, or you are lazy, get out of here. Goal: Sooo, as almost everyone I want to achieve at least 2.6k this season. For this, I need players, who are active, strong, experienced, and persistent. Of course, we are all here to practice, but a little experience will help :D If you want to leave, after first match, just don't invite me, and we won't disturb eachother. As I said, i need a stable partners, even when we will lose, we must keep training, and everything will come with time. Communication: I am able to use every sort of communiaction, discord, teamspeak, bnet thing, skype, it is the main thing in team. Without communication, we lose. You don't have to speak well (I am not to good also), but at least, you must tell us, what are you doing. My class: So I play, as a shadow priest. As you know, or you don't, shadow priest, right now, can't heal almost at any point. His healing is soooo weak, after nerf, that you need to pay attention, if I am not dying :d. In my opinion, I am aa good shadow priest, but of course with stable team etc. I will easly improve my skills. I need training, as any other guy in wow, but without team, there is no training :DDDDD. One thing about me, is that, in a 3 days time, I am going for a 2 weeks trip, and right after that in sth like 2 weeks, I am going for another trip for also 2 weeks. After this 2 trips, I am able to play everyday from dunno 8 am till 01:00 am, so for around 17 hours, if I am not wrong :D. Right now I also have time to play, but only for 3 days. If you want to talk about this whole plan, and team, just simply add me on btag. Verast#2449. Cya in the future (next gladiators).Ponczek2 2d
2d LF Stable Partners Afternoon all, Looking for some 2s/3s partners to put some arena time in. Not PvP'd much in Legion with exception of a few skirms here and there, however have around 2k xp in 2s/3s in other patches and 2.1k RBG xp. Currently have an UH DK, MW Monk and Boomkin but more than happy to level and play any class/spec on any realm/faction for people who will stick around and try to improve. Interested in guilds, but my main aim here is to get some consistent partners to get better with rather than queuing LFG no-voice games! Look forward to any replies :)Röt7 2d
3d Hunter 2,6k xp lf Rbg Hey im looking for Rbg leaders or pregroups that need a good hunter to aim higher ratings. I prefer voice groups but novoice are also ok (found some good rnd novoice grps from time to time for dailly win) 52+ Traits on all Weapons 2610 maxrating rbg 950+ played rbgs with my hunter Because im also raiding i have only time on: Tue/Thu/Fri/Sat If youre interested add me Linostar#1310Spéctral0 3d
4d Glory of Rbg's (alliance) Do you also miss when rbg's was a thing and something you could brag about? I just feel that rbg's have fallen into the shadow and i cannot see why players let something so nice as rbg die slowly..? Most of the groups today wants to see those high 2.3+ achives but in reality plays like a bunch of 1.2cr's back in the days. I am looking for like mindes people that would like to find a steady team to roll with and climb the ladder, i miss those days when you worked hard as a team and always helped eachother with tips and tricks to improve your gameplay. I just feel that alot of people flame eachother way to much and bringing alot of people down, just makes me sad to see someone completely destroy someones will to play this game.. A little about myself, i had my own rbg/pvp guild in early cata and was leading/tc'ing aswell. About 1 month after the guild was formed we had about 25 members and we was doing Rbg's daily and was working towards that every single one of us was not going to be left outside. Most of the players got from 0 - 2.1 cr during this time and some did not have much pvp experience at all! It just made me so happy too see everyone achive something as a group! :) Now i am looking for like minded people that want to give rbg's abit more serious shot then the yolo grps, the only req that i wish for is that you should be active for atleast 3 times per week and not be shy in the vent. Atleast have a pvp backround higher then the daily "average" bg/skrimish queuer since i want to go in a relative faster pace now then i did before :) If this might be something for you dont be shy, leave you btag and ill get back to you asap! The goal so to get the same 10 guys for every run :)Mánor39 4d
4d [H] Mw monk LF rbg team Just like the title says i'm looking for an rbg team to play with. My rating last season was around 1.7K (i deserve higher). If i need to prove myself just invite me and we'll see. Charachter name = gekkehuiss Battle.net = gekkehuis6#2513Gekkehuiss0 4d
4d [H] MW monk LF decent premade for RBGS Hiya. As title says I'm LF for a decent premade group for a regular games. Legion pvp s1 was 2k rate. Fluent English speaking. LF hard push till 2.4k or as much as we can. My req.: be chill, respect ur teammates, i hate being tryhard but np, I will leave if u start raging. I always do my best job in group. Add me if u're interested: Yugao#21962 Best of luck. Raijin-Eversong.Райджин0 4d
5d [H]LF HEAL 2v2/3v3 to PUSH 2k+ LF HEAL TO PUSH 2k+ in 2v2 or 3v3 Nejlepe CZ/SK a TS popřípadě discord Realm: Drak'thul BattleTag: LnDs#2861Unkillable0 5d
5d LF High Arena, RBG rating Disco priest for learning Basically i need some help improving my game, to learn some tricks and stuff. Considering everything is so fresh now, there are no good guides out there, so abit of help would be awsome :). You can /w me ingame or add me to real id if you're up for it (Vargeth#2382). Thank you in advanceRaneth0 5d
5d PVP 3s partners [1.9lsxp] Yo, i dont wanna play with random pug..Looking for partners to play more then few arenas together. Im from Poland Frost Mage 1.9lsxp Horde Balance Druid Alliance battle: zyng#2259Thewízz0 5d
5d [H] RShammy lf 2s Recently swapped to shammy from priest. Looking for someone to learn and push with. Was 1800 on priest with no stable team. Osmond#2211Kraznih0 5d
5d Holy Priest LF RBG Team/PVP Guild (will travel!) Sup folks, I'm trying to find a RBG team/PVP Guild that I can join and make some real RBG progress. I'm frustrated by joining random PUGs in the custom queue and losing because there's no tactical discussion or leadership. I admit, I'm 100% a follower, but I heal really well and I know how to play my class. In the RBG's I have been in I've smashed the meters, but I understand it's not all about numbers. It's about knowing you need more to win than holding mid.... Anyway, my bnet id is: Kibbit#2609 Thanks :)Temperancé1 5d
6d Looking for resto druid for Demo/Elemental/You Hi guyz, Looking for a resto druid to play with us in this comp. We`re not the best but by no means the worst with around 1.9k xp for me demo lock and 2.1k xp for the elemental. We`re mostly looking for a dudu that will stick with us all the way to 2k+. Let me know if one of you fancies joining us. Thank you.Gekko2 6d
6d <A> Disc priest LF PvP friends :D Hi! I'm Rina from Norway and looking for some people to do RBGS with, arenas etc. I'm not the worst player around but normal to decent I guess. I like it relaxed and to PvP in a mature manner. Have not done major PvP the last years but hit 2.1k rating in arenas back in TBC. So this time I'm up for trying to make a little effort to actually follow it trough :D If interested please add my battle tag RinaCaspara#2345 :)Nuovis4 6d
6d [A-H]Healer lf 2s partner Looking for a Partner for 2s. I'l be playing 3s as well, but wanna focus on 2s for now. Been 1800 without a stable team in this expansion. 2k in cata when i had a team. I enjoy talking tactics and figuring out how best to aproaching the problem rather than whining at balance and meta. Osmond#2211Kraznih0 6d
6d [A]+[H] multiclass lf experienced players for fun+push 2.1lsxp on mage and multiclass 2k+ looking for chill 3s mates, kinda rusty - but willing to improve and welcome to constructive critisism highest xp arround 2.3k back in cata and earlier exp. can play multiple classes at a decent level, just hit me up for more info add if interested: Unbreakable#2858Blockablocka3 6d
6d Boomy lf 2s partner (3s later) Been playing healer all legion and now i want a some owl glory I've been at 1800 in both 2s n 3s on priest. I think I'd prefer a disc priest. but every healer is fine with boomy. Not mush else to say :) Osmond#2211Kraznih0 6d
18 Jun Warrior LF arenas (PvE exped) Hey, As a pve player I never really find the right ppl to play arenas with; so now I am looking for some 3s as a warrior - I think I'm gonna play as arms but didnt really make my mind up. Preferably I am looking for a warlock and a healer (MW monk/resto shaman) who can play on tuesdays after 9pm to 11pm. I am raiding on Mon-Wed-Thur(-Sun) 8-11pm - Sunday is good sometimes. If you are looking for some arenas and you are a fellow experienced pve player let me know as well - I can imagine comps like: dk/ret/hunter/maybe enchance shaman + heal (+me). My experience is 1k7 in 2s/3s and 1590 in rated bg's. If you are interested let me know! SimonNagy#2193 Thanks for reading this!Welithel0 18 Jun
18 Jun Still looking for Horde friends. Still looking for friends to add and que up with. Adding and only relying on lfg is boring. Looking for Turbo, Tsg or wls. I am chill and a team player with good sense of the game. I don't rage or demean any player. I would prefer using a voice com. Blackhardt#11307Dravosh0 18 Jun
18 Jun Tomb Kings Guild - Undead & Death Knights only Hail Undeads! Information update date: 18.06.2017 Guild Name: TOMB KINGS [ started 17.06.2017 ] Guild Language: ENGLISH [just communicative is enough] Members are across the World / Europe Guild website: [ just created] http://undead.xaa.pl/ http://undead.xaa.pl/ [website in English , do not worry] Status - number of Members: Need people to join and sign up charter [already have 3 ] Looking For: Undead only players, self distance, love to just play RP and PVP, Questing, Adventuring, Death Knights allowed too ! People who like to walk, ride thorugh Azeroth having fun ! Game is not about stats only or racing for items. AGE: best around 30 - 40 years old, younger and older are welcome too! HOW TO JOIN: Just be an Undead [Forsaken] on Defias Brotherhood Realm and write in game to me: Cýrawnn, or to my ALT character: Kurhann my Battletag is: Cýrawn#2728 Short , cold story from our graves: Tomb Kings guild is a group only for Undead [Forsaken]. Main goal of the Tomb Kings is good slaying of Alliance scum, active [as long as You can stay active for an dead body] adventuring, and little Role Playing together under the moon of Azeroth. Our guild has stress free atmosphere, no job like attitude and best coffins known to a human or elf. Tomb Kings target is to became large army of undeads, that will rise fear in hearts of our PvP enemies, and when we gather hundreds of undead we will march onward Stormwind and further to the south and east, making lands our own and those who survive our slaves. We will be very happy for any new Undead Members in our army, best the ones over 30 years old, but we will accept younger ones too, as long as their brain isn't totally rotten. Guild is slowly growing [and will be as long as WoW exist] on Defias Brotherhood Realm, and our website will be slowly and regular updated too. Have no fear and Join Me in Death and Unholy Adventure, help making Undead Great Again and bring and painfull end to the Alliance slaves. FOR THE HORDE! FOR THE UNDEAD ! LONG LIVE FORGOTTEN SHADOW! Cýrawn Thank You all and see You in Azeroth!Cýrawnn0 18 Jun
18 Jun [A] Mage / Hpala LF steady and organized RBG team Drop a post and get in touch with me :)Kourditsa0 18 Jun
18 Jun (H) 2,5k WW 2k cr lf Boomie/rshaman (H) 2,5k WW lf 3s pref boomkin/rshaman 2k cr atm. Same exp pls. buriika#2699Nexot0 18 Jun
17 Jun Ele Shamy looking for PVP partners Ele Shaman Looking for Thunder Cleave or !@# team. Also looking for stable and active RBG Team Add lacobus#2302 Lets rollCriminalaco0 17 Jun
17 Jun Stable RBG team (H) recruits 2k+ Legion xp players [Save Candyland] is a stable RBG team created in season 3 of Legion, made by players with 2k - 2.6k experience in Rbgs. Since then we are doing games in a daily basis with only purpose to achieve titles in Legion season 4. What we need mostly is a Flag Carrier and one more Target Caller. Any exceptional player willing to try hard is always welcome. To apply for the team you need to: -be able to play at least 4 times per week -have at least 2k+ Legion RBG experience (arena xp is appreciated but not enough) -Have a working mic and Be Vocal. There is no use for someone that hesitate to talk a lot. -Be Positive polite and chilled. Good manners and constructive critic can get us far. Ragers have 0 chances to stay in the team. -Bring only your main toon. You need to know your class and your role. Have at least 52 traits on your main spec. Contact us in - game via whisper or mail @ Horrorpunk-Stormscale / Vazura-StormscaleHorrorpunk0 17 Jun
16 Jun [H] Premade Random battleground (honor farm) Hey Guys, looking for ppl to join on random battleground farm for ap, honor (prestige). At the moment we are 3 dps and looking for more as well for healers. Leave a post with details like class spec and b.net tag so i can get in contact with ya.Rogerto12 16 Jun
16 Jun Low XP War lf steady partners Hello there, I am looking for players to que 3s with. My highest rating was 1970 and I would like to get 2.2 this season. i am looking for chill players who are equally looking to push. Please add my btag Blackhardt#11307. Hope to play with you soon.Dravosh0 16 Jun
16 Jun [H] Casual Rated BGs group, Sunday 15-18 We are putting together a regular rated battleground group. It is aimed at casually minded people who are tired of the cesspit which is the group finder. We want to be able to play the whole time without repeatedly replacing people and we want to build strategies and teamwork within a mostly consistent group. You do not need to have done Rated battlegrounds previously, however, you should be confident in playing your character, e.g. be efficient at interrupting off targets, know what the common choice of PvP-talents is for your spec & have Concordance of Legionfall. Main goal is to have fun, get enough wins for a seasonal mount and what rating we can get. The core of us got together from our roleplaying groups when the Firelands was the hot stuff. 1900 is the highest we’ve been at, during the last WoD season, we are not beginners and do things our own way. We ask that you can communicated effectively using voice chat and keep a good tone in chat. We play every Sunday 15:00 to 18:30. You should be able to show up more often than you don’t show up. Composition wise we are currently full on rogues. Add sveraes#2335 on “the blizzard app” and I will get you to our discord chat.Zorska0 16 Jun
15 Jun [RBG] FR - IN BAGUETTE WE TRUST - GUILDE FR PVP OUTLAND Bonjour à toute la communauté ! IN BAGUETTE WE TRUST, guilde PvP basée sur Outland recrute ! Si vous avez le PvP dans l'âme, cette guilde est faite pour vous ! /!\ Nous recrutons actuellement du monde pour le roster RBG 1 /!\ : -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Le recrutement est ouvert sur Outland ET en InterServeur Nous demandons à ces joueurs une XP de 1k9-2k+ en RBG minimum et/ou une XP similaire minimum en arène. Voici les classes et spécialisations recherchée en priorité : - Démoniste Affliction - Druide Equilibre et/ou Voleur Finesse. Nous demandons une dispo de minimum 3 soirs /semaine (Vendredi/Samedi/Dimanche) pour les RBG ! Il sera fortement apprécié une présence régulière les autres soirs de semaine, afin d'organiser des sessions PvP, dans le but de créer des synergies et d'optimiser le roster RBG entre les joueurs. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Au delà du RBG, la guilde sera remplie d'events PvP, de BG ou même de Wargames! TOUTE autre personne aimant le PvP sauvage, BG en guilde, Arène et voulant se trouver une communauté soudée, dédiée à ce format peut également nous rejoindre, évidemment. La partie "Nos attentes" se trouve plus bas, lisez là et rejoignez nous ! - Programme et objectifs : 1er Objectif RBG : 2k2 ! J'ai une expérience en tant que Raid Leader à 2k+ et nous avons plusieurs personnes déjà tout à fait capable d'effectuer un Lead Focus (Target Call). Plus d'infos précises en fonctions des RBG, des différentes tactiques et stratégie selon les BG seront éventuellement données lors d'un entretien TS. Si le recrutement est efficace, plusieurs rosters seront mis en place pour faciliter l'accès au RBG de guilde au maximum de membres ! N'attendez plus ! - Nos attentes : Nous n'avons aucune prétention et estimons que l'ambiance de guilde et le respect prennent le pas sur l'expérience, et les objectifs ! Des joueurs matures et responsables, sachant écrire et parler correctement sont donc attendus ! Le sens de l'humour est également une nécessité :p Toutefois, chaque membre voulant faire parti d'un roster devra faire preuve de disponibilité, évidemment (les impossibilités ponctuelles sont bien sûr possible et remplaçable, mais ne doivent en aucun cas devenir une habitude), ainsi que d'implication en guilde. Il sera également demandé une sérieuse ponctualité quant à l'heure de départ des soirées RBG. Nous n'accepterons pas de subir les retards répétés des membres irrespectueux envers ses 9 autres partenaires qui se seront organisés pour être disponible à l'heure. Des sanctions pourront être prises en cas de récidives. Compte tenu de l'orientation actuelle du jeu, nous envisageons également de proposer un aspect et des sorties/évènements PvE, afin d'engranger la puissance prodigieuse si vitale et surtout, afin d'améliorer en continu l'ilvl de notre équipement, lui aussi garant d'un avantage tactique sur nos équipes adverses en PvP. Donjons, Expéditions, LFR, WB mais aussi, dans un style plus détendu, des raids Héritages pour les transmos. Nous ne repoussons aucun aspect du jeu, nous nous focalisons juste sur le PvP et plus encore, sur le PvP Côté. Attention : nous mettons un point d'honneur sur l'implication. Les joueurs voulant faire des arènes ou du RBG et même des BG seront priés de demander d'abord en guilde et également de consulter son calendrier avant de faire leur business en solo dans leur coin ! Nous envisageons d'utiliser énormément le calendrier. C'est un outil simple, efficace et puissant pour communiquer facilement et clairement les soirées et évènements prévus à l'ensemble de la guilde. J'attends de la part de mes futurs partenaires une utilisation totale de cet outil. L'absence de réponse à un évènement pourra éventuellement entraîner un refus de participation à cet évènement ou d'autres évènements futurs. Pour les membres du roster inter-serveur, chacun des membres aura le GM, le RL et moi-même en contact Btag pour plus de communication. Un entretien sur Discord sera nécessaire avant de démarrer quoique ce soitafin d'expliquer clairement quelles sont les attentes et objectifs précis de la guilde, en matière de PvP, de PvP côté et surtout d'implication dans la guilde. Si notre guilde vous tente, alors n'attendez plus et postulez chez nous !! Voici le BattleTag des personnes à contacter : Malekal#2101 Meriween#2882 Bon jeu à tous, et à très vite j'espère !Daëlian0 15 Jun
15 Jun Lf stable 3v3/RBG Team (GER/ENG) 2k boomy lf stable 3v3 mates/RBG Team to constantly play and imrpove with. Add me if interested: Hood#21654Ziboo0 15 Jun
15 Jun Rated BG team (fresh team - cross realm) If you are interested for Rated BG team then take a look: Original article: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17615105860Kelajo24 15 Jun
14 Jun Ele Sham looking for 1.5+ training team 3s Looking for like minded people who want to practice in arenas with out the stress of miserable people :P looking to start a 2day a week training schedule for now ts or discord for voice, hopefully get a few people pushed to 2k rating. no min requirements and all exp welcome send me a message on TomMyers#21696Tomwick2 14 Jun
14 Jun DK + Disc lf 3rd Hello. Me and my friend are looking for a third person to hopefully play along with for the remainder of the season, and perhaps more. We're both 2350 xp & cr 2's, 2150 exp in 3's, as well as ~2050 CR at the moment. We are looking for preferably a Marksmanship Hunter or Elemental Shaman (although we are open to suggestions if we see fit). We'd like you to have a working microphone for any longterm 3v3 we might do, it's not necessary at first but if we do decide to continue playing it'd be nice if you did, and please be a chill person - we don't really want to play with hot tempered people. My friend is Canadian so his timezone & schedule is a bit different to ours, however we will try to play mainly during the evenings and perhaps night time, although some days it is flexible (we don't have to play every day anyways). If you want to contact me for any further information, add Jim#21148. PS: Much prefered if you had similar experience to us, and it'd be really nice if you were close to our CR.Dameg2 14 Jun
14 Jun 2.2k WW lf partners Looking for partners to play with I mainly play 2s but would like to practice 3s as well I have a geared WW on alliance and a belf with crappy gear on horde (looking to gear it up) experience 2.2k 2s mop 2.3k 2s 2.2k 3s wod 2.1k 2s legion I'm pretty chill and don't mind losing so don't hesitate to msg me if you're interested Sentiray#2754 Also up for bgs on horde in order to unlock honor talentsMystisk3 14 Jun