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14h [A]Frost DK LF active RBG Guild/Team I'm looking for an active team/guild(it's not a problem for me to transfer) that is doing rated Battlegrounds at least 2-3 evenings a week. I'm playing a Frost Death Knight(I can Target Call, actually I prefer to do it, I'm very vocal), sitting at around 1700 cr, at the moment. I've been doing Battlegrounds for a long time now, but this is the first season that I'm doing rated ones. Got to 1.7k while starting my own PUGs, but I want to get much higher, and in order to do that I'd prefer to play with the same players week in and week out, to get used to play together and so on. If you are interested, add me - Skrynd#2611Xrynd0 14h
17h 2.3k Rdruid LF long term 3s partners! Hello! I am looking for 3s partners that have had a minimum of 2k experience during legion and are willing to push for 2.4k / glad with me before BFA releases. You should be willing to have a mindset to stay and progress as a team to reach 2.4k / glad and to be able to speak and understand english or swedish. I´ve been playing during the whole expansion and done arenas very casually due to not having a proper team (reached 2k-2.2k in both 2s and 3s) and have a good understanding of the game. I do make mistakes sometimes (like everyone else) but I learn from them and I´m always trying to improve my gameplay. I want to have solid teammates who wont leave when it gets tough or if we are on a loosing streak. I am available to play pretty much everyday during the evening. Thanks for taking your time to read this, I´m looking forward to any responses.Ateana3 17h
18h Buying 10 wins Hello friends. I want to have those 10 wins in RBG for my artifact weapon. My exp in PvP is rather limited but i need a grp that would help me to achieve this. I will pay the worth of the token on your server to the grp thats pushing me. ThanksGáshluck1 18h
1d LFM third Member ;) (3v3) Hey guys, I'll try to keep it short. My buddy and me (both from Germany) are looking for the number 3 for our arena team. We have >2k xp with different comps, but our long term healer called it quits and now we are looking for replacement. Our requirements to you are: - don't be scared of fails, just deal with it and have fun :D - loyalty (we like to have a chill evening with nice company, no stressed out try hard ;) ) - between 20 - 30 years of age It may read like we are some casual noobs but well, we just dont have that much time, so we focus to play on Thursday and Friday from 20 - 24. On other days - it depends :) As you can see, your XP doesnt matter - though we like to achieve 2,2k+ within this season. If you like to chat and see if we could work together, just spam something in this topic or contact me via: Madyeu#2111 -Tyênmã0 1d
1d Fire 2.350 lsxp lfm Pref rmpal/fmpal rovax#2587 I'm moldovan btw.Allegrõ0 1d
1d Mr1s Selling boosts for Gold! Hello we are currently helping people get Arena rating in 2s and 3s bracket (for gold) so if you are looking for Titles, achievements, Demonic Gladiators Tabard/cloak or Demonic tyranny Enchant you might find this post interesting :D (season ends in less than 2 weeks). Prices (Remember these prices are not going to be available after the Demonic season ends.) Rules The Products have to exceed the price of one wow token. Full Honor talents. No Attempt of scamming (all scams are immediately reported to blizzard) Arena boost 3v3 0-1500 50k (Per 100 Raiting) 1500-2k 300k (per 100 Raiting) 2k-2.2k 400k (per 100 raiting) 2.2k-2.4k 600k (per 100 Raiting)[only available for locks,druids,dks and monks atm] Remember to wisper after you understood the prices. Arena 3v3/2v2 coaching 250k per Hour for each Booster We take 1/3rd after a few start games 2/3rd half way in and rest when the boost is completed We have never met an issue with a costumer so far and we have over 200 costumers successfully completed. However we do recommend ofc that people start trying on there own and have this as a last resort. we also tell if the boost would not work out (only happened once so far) For example a guy want 0-2.4 k and have no exp on hes class. Contact You can add following Btags for contact Btag1: Busdriver#21624 (i add all new btags every sec day) Extra info Sry if we have been inactive for a while we had a major break if anyone is from the old Forum page 2 months ago. And if you don't have enof gold you can contact us for other payment methods on skype (Name: Henrik.rustner2). Have an awesome day everyone and all the new inc costumers are free to respond 2 this post incase you found the boost entertaining and good.Busdriver0 1d
1d Gladiator Mount Account Wide Fix Guys Upvote to Fix Gladiator mount to Account wide , we as wow players must fix this error , you never know when you want to switch your main , let this post to reach to infinity , anyone who post the same issue I will vote for him. please vote also in the general forum link this will help everyone https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17619522000#1Vyachi0 1d
1d [H] LFG arena/RBG buddies Hey all, I'm looking for a pvp guild or just people to play together RBG or arenas. I play feral but I could go healer idc I like both. I don't care how good or bad you are, I just want friends, who PLAY A LOT, to play together. My goal is to reach a decent arena rating and/or RBG. if you don't give up easily, don't rage quit after few losses and want to try to grind together reply to me here. ThanksSumos0 1d
1d [H] 2170CR / 2550LSXP LF 3v3 TEAM! Elemental / Enhancemen - LF a stable consistent PvP team, i'm friendly and willing to voice, i do play Daily and i'm opened for any viable comp. My Discord: Sayed Hashim#5010 My bnet: Hashoomy#2902Elementxgodx0 1d
1d Looking for longterm arenamates (3s) Hi, I´m 28 years old and i´m playing this game since vanilla. I play since season 2 active arena. Unfortunately, I was only able to achieve a rating of 2.4k cr (2.6k mmrish) in the 2s bracket. The reason is the frustrating search for arena partners for 3s. This will be my last attempt to actively search in Legion for players. My goal is to reach the 2.4k also in the 3s for the demonic enchantment. I'm looking for: longterm arenamates combs: 3s: Warri /DH/ Rdruid WL /DH/ Xheal Boomy /DH/ Xheal Ret /DH/ Xheal I could also play fdk if you want. My regular times in the week are from 7-10 pm. I'm probably always there on the weekend :p I prefer to play with voice. Feel free to leave a note, or add me on btag. Truhae#2648Truhae3 1d
2d LF PvP Guild Havnt played since mop really but coming back this summer. Have been 2.5k on diff char before but looking to play druid. Trying to find a decent PvP focused guild for RBG's and 3's. Dont mind moving servers/faction though pref alli. Mitch#2669Mitchkin1 2d
2d Looking for a heal for 2s Hi, looking for a heal for 2s, my experience of the Legion in 2x2 - 2100+ From your experience of the Legion of 2k in 2s at least. Calm, adequate)) Add Suprimus#2612Супримус0 2d
3d LF pvp guild Hello Pvp players! I'm currently looking for a pvp guild who does a lot of arenas. I'm 1800 legion xp and really trying hard to climb, but struggling to get queues at same cr as me (1800). Hope you will try me out :)Briàn0 3d
3d 1540 Fury lf partner to push to 2000 anyone?Qnx0 3d
3d Rogue looking for Longterm mates Hello, Im 24 years old from germany and playing Rogue Im a returning wow player i reached 2.2k back in Mop but didnt play much since then just here and there a bit generally i would say im leraning very fast so i should be back in good form soon. Im looking for some arena partners whether it be for 2s or 3s. I am looking for players who are eager to improve and will play lots of games. i dont flame and dont want people who flame we are clearly not high rating so ofc we make mistakes me and you. Play and improve. We can use voice Comms or just in game chat but when the improvement happens voice would be prefered. Add ingame if you are interested Muichi#2238Eviliâ0 3d
3d LF 2K boost in 2v2 hello, im currently 1400 and lf boost in 2v2 to get my transmog setQnx0 3d
3d eHEROES RBG Help / Highest team world Hello, we are offering RBG help for any class / spec in RBG's to any rating. We only accept gold, you are playing your own character, no account sharing. We are not wintrading, we are playing vs real teams. We do take gold on all servers Horde or Alliance. Add me ingame for more info: Sivax#21816Sångsvan48 3d
3d Looking for 3rd Looking for 3rd to push rating we are DH/Rdru you IRL friends. Pref War,Dk,Ele or double DH We both have exp varying on class and expac. Need to have following. 2k min exp in any bracket. Alliance. Willing to learn/discuss wins and fails maturly. Main the class you want to play. Be able to use voice (Discord) and be vocal. Play regular times between 1900 onwards. Speak english. Goal to push 2.2k+ this season and push more in BFA. Hit me up with any questions Morphs2523#2833ßooms0 3d
4d [H]L.S.D LF HEALER 1550+/Feral Destro 2nd comp L.S.D looking for a healer Need Resto Druid For comp or hpala for Feral destro 1550+ cr lock 1900 xp Need a healer who can play more than one class Must have Discord Speak english BTAG:Ceberus#2612Hillbilly0 4d
4d (H) JungleCleave looking to start a team for Junglecleave. ADD:Ceberus#2612 .Must have Discord .Must know a bit about how the comp works .Speak English to a good level. .must be over 18 Looking for: Disk Priest MM HunterHillbilly2 4d
4d Gladpush-Mates 2450last Season Hey, I'm looking for stable mates to push Glad or atleast try to! I was 2450cr last season and reached Duelist s6,s5. I prefer dk-destrolock, sp-destrolock or sp-feral. Furthermore I have 4 holypalas (3 Alliance, 1 Horde) so I can practice a lot. Right now im 2.1 cr rated on 2 Holypalas, Horde one just dinged but is around 1.8cr, the last Hpala just dinged and needs to push. If you seek the same goals, have a nice attitude and talk maturely leave your btag cu!Thyril2 4d
4d Dh LF 2k Boost 2v2 Looking for 2v2 boost to 2k BT Zenaku#2248Zènaku0 4d
4d DH Lf 2v2 Partner to push 2k 1.5k exp 1.7cr LF WWMonk/HolyPala/RetPala/EleShaman for 2v2 trying to get 2k rating slowly. Got intermediate knowledge no ragers pls, Discord Available.Zènaku0 4d
4d Artifact skin grinding I'm looking for a group that can help me win ten rated BGs for the color variant of the mage tower artifact. I'm not normally a fan of PvP, so I'm not very experienced, but I'm willing to learn and give it my all to get those wins. Premades, of course, refuse anyone without a massive rating and achievements to prove it, so that hasn't worked. Thus I'm asking here. Anyone looking for a rogue?Talraea0 4d
4d Looking for Arena Partners Hi, I'm 24 years old from Northern Ireland looking for some arena partners whether it be for 2s or 3s. Im really trying to get good at arena by watching vids and getting tips from a friend who has been 2.4k. I've only tried to get into arena PvP this expansion so my experience is only 1650. I want to try to main rogue. I am looking for like minded players who are eager to improve and will play lots of games. I don't flame and don't want people who flame either as being 1600 clearly means I will make mistakes and so will you. I just wanna play and improve. We can use voice Comms or just in-game chat but as we improve I would like to start using voice. If interested add Wouzer#2302Wouze0 4d
4d Any guild I can join? ^^^^^^^^Elfatrogue0 4d
4d (H) Looking for 2s/3s - rogue Hey, I am looking for players to be able play after login some chill arenas, insteed of looking for comp for 40 minutes for 1 game. I am playing as assasination rogue. I have also a lot alts on 110 - warrior arms, monk ww, druid balance, affi lock, frost mage - everyone of them i have been about 1.5 rate on 2s and 3s. I am still around that rate... So yes, i am not too skilled. And dont have magic exp. But i am still learning and I have a hope, it is possible to find someone to push rate and have fun from game. (ATM i am looking for playable comps for rogue)Arbas0 4d
4d Rank 14, HWL/GM mogs Hi, I'm just looking for some advice here from you seasoned lot. Is it still possible to get the High Warlord title in some form? And is it still possible to 'mog rank 14 armour with an RBG rating of.. 1800 i think it was? I can't seem to find much info regarding this online, but am desperate to find out. ThanksJaigo1 4d
5d LF BG or Arena Hey. Im currently looking for any group out there for 3v3 Rated or Rated BG. Mostly because I want 100 wins for mount or to unlock the skin for my artifact. Im not great at pvp honestly but can provide some I guess. Not looking to join a guild or so but atleast be able to join for pvp events. Im Playing Sub Rogue and got time almost all the time at the days. And ofc Im playing Horde aswell. BN: Scarblitz#2428 Discord: Scarblitz#9958Scarblitz0 5d
5d LF 3rd (Lock - shaman(you) - rdruid) Resto druid and Warlock looking for a Elemental shaman for !@# in the last season of legion, and possible long term 3's partner for BFA. Rdruid has ~2k Legion Exp as resto druid and Warrior. I've got 2k+ exp as Mistweaver Monk in 3's (current season) and Restodruid (season 5). I'm learning Warlock because I'm most likely gonna main it in BFA. So, having focused on healing classes in Legion I'm not as comfortable on Warlock. But I learn quite fast, and given that I've been 2k + on multiple classes (including Mage in WoD) I'm quite sure I'll pick up Warlock quite fast. You need to be around 2k Legion exp, chill, mature and active. We're looking for games 2-3 games pr week, and the goal is to aim for Duelist (2.4k+) this season.Vâdemica0 5d
5d LF long term WLS/Thundercleave Atm sitting on 1.7 cr with 2k exp, looking for someone to climb the ladder with and possibly go 2k+. The only things I require from you is: A positive attitude High spirit (if you can't handle losing, don't bother commenting) Willing to improve Adept knowledge of WoW PvP Hope we can have a good time togetherKaranze0 5d
5d (H) WW lf team to push glad My two monks are currently on 2.3cr and 2.4cr. I got gladiator on WW in legion s4. In s5 i missed glad by 2 points (with 2720cr). That was pretty frustrating, so i didnt play much in s6 (2550cr peak rating). My goal this season is to find a stable team and push gladiator again. I prefer playing TWD, but im up to try any viable comp tho. I have time to play. I can speak english or german. So if your motivated and have good legion xp feel free to add me: Idb#21446Idb3 5d
6d (H) Hunter LF Guild Hey, I've been playing wow on and off since it first released in 2004. I've gone from being embarresingly hardcore to redicilously casual over the years. These days I reckon I've landed on casually hardcore.. :7 Which basically means I'm up for whatever challenge, but I don't want to spend most of my everyday life on it. In terms of what content I wish to spend my time on, I'd say 30% pve and 70% pvp. That is battleground and rated battleground pvp. I could never enjoy arenas.. endless tug'o'war thing never caught my fancy. And lastely, Im looking for an adult guild. Which to me is a guild with mature adult members. Friendly, patient and helpful if required members who do not harress eachother or go neurotic over petty things. Frankly speaking, I feel too old for that. If you can relate to where I'm coming from and where I wish to go, then I sincerely hope to hear from you.Nickò0 6d
6d Noob lf partners Honestly I cant find people to play with. 920 affli lf 2s/3s. I'm not very good and I have to experience. Btag - Bogdanplete#2904 - Outland God bless.Wahior0 6d
6d LF Chill people to pvp with BTAG: PussPuss#21617 Any pvp content is fine, im looking for somebody to chill and push with, in rated or just to have fun in random bgs, nothing serious maybe I'd like to push hard later on as i learn my class/comp and utility etc.. but just someone whos consistently online that i can play pvp with regularly. Btag is in the title, ALLIANCE ONLY (EU-OUTLAND is my realm, if it matters)Fårmer0 6d
6d (H) Twisting Nether Mistweaver Lf PvP Team Hello, I only got 1,5k Rating its hard tp PUG everytime and push the rating by my own. I used Month to look for some People to catch up with but without any succes. So i am looking for a PvP Team for perhaps now or for the upcomming expansion. Sincere regardsDolore0 6d
6d LF Healer Arena Partner Heyup I'm looking for an arena partner to climb 2's with. I play survival hunter. I have always had to PUG healers which is not ideal and would like someone to just to simply play with. I don't care about your cr or xp I'm just looking for someone who is chilled out and does not lose their rag when we lose and can have fun with.Drebster1 6d
6d LF ways to progress Hi guys, Basically just made a short rogue arena video and wondered what the community thought. First video so things aren't going to be super smooth and i know i made a lot of mistakes. Pretty much just wanna know what people think and what my biggest errors are :) thanks! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2J_XiQWA4ns&t=615sßlood0 6d
15 May Arena noob, want to learn So yeah, Im an arena noob. I came back to wow 6 months ago and I want to learn proper pvp. Im 38 years old and I dont tolerate raging teenagers. I wanna play with adults who just wanna play the video game, have fun and get better. I have every class at max level on Alliance, and DK, pally, priest on horde. If you're in the same spot, or if you're a better player willing to teach me the ropes, feel free to add me Sixxaddict #2607 Im online almost every night 8pm to 10pm I do have kids so sometimes I have to run off and deal with screaming, crying, nightmares and what not, just a heads up :DReygar0 15 May
15 May New PvP guild - EU Draenor < Seven Healthy Sins > is a completely new guild focused on PvP. With enough members we hope to create arena and battleground teams, for casual and competetive play or practice. With PvE runs for gearing and funKalthreza0 15 May
15 May (H) Ragnaros, Order of Bala PvP guild recruitment. I got sick and tired of trying to find an RBG guild on Ragnaros so here I am attempting to make one myself. Order of Bala is a newly formed guild which currently only focuses on PvP. We are looking to setup a RBG team and a general community to do BG's and arenas in, give me a whisper if you are interested. Btag: Puxx#2508Puxxi0 15 May
15 May Yyyyyyeeeeelllppppp Soooo i need help,been playing for 3 days o came from other mmo and atm i am realy struggling with the addon system not so much by the addons them selfs but they are so many its just to much for a new player...so i a main pvp playing a lv 26 rogue sin atm...its already very clear that it has issues at lower lvs but anyway what i need to know from anyone that really knows their stuff os wht addons do i really need to pvp..i am using elvui but imo its lacking...i need to track my cds buffs debuffs and same from other players to, i am aware of batrtender weakauras2 and so on ...been using thm myself ...i need advise and if possible a guild that os mixed pvp/pve and with some experienced pvprs in it that i can go for advise...keep in mind abilitys and rotations are not my concern since i can read tooltips and do some teorycrafting...i just really need to talk to someone that is willing to help out...idk my bnet id lmao i feel like such a noob...ty fr any replyThanados0 15 May
14 May PvP Boosts 3k multi glads offering boosts (Horde only) for rating If you are interested just contact me Todesschabe#28170Kräuterteeh0 14 May
14 May /closed 3k multi glads offering boosts (Horde only) for rating If you are interested just contact me Dogasch#2305Kûntakinte0 14 May
14 May lf boost to 2k hello im looking for boost to 2k for set tnxExxeqt1 14 May
14 May Healer LF long term Hello reader. Once again i am looking for a stable team, due to people being unreliable and not being able to play enough. I am currently looking for a stable team for a 2.4 push this season. Im a 2.2 multiclasser, and can play every healer quite decent. My highest atm is Rshaman, just under 2k cr. I will be able to play Hpala/Rshaman/MW/Disc. If dps, it will depend on what is needed. Please answer on this thread with some information about yourself, and your btag. PS. I require atleast 2k legion exp, a working mic, and be able to write/speak english.Mødësty1 14 May
14 May Vexius Guild Draenor-Horde About us We're an awesome guild with the coolest people. We normally do BGs/Arenas together furthermore, we got RBG days and a event upcoming the 2nd next month. We're trying to create an enviornment where you can be yourself, and we all can have fun together as an family. This Guild was an Nordic guild to start off with but changed 2 weeks ago to English, we went from 80 members to now 275 and we're still growing! What are we looking for? We're in huge need of a 2nd RBG Leader so we would be very grateful for that. We offer a fun time with a lot of good and awesome people, there's no real xp requirement to socials so dont come with expectations of going HOTH straight away. The reason we need a 2nd RBG leader is that the current RBG leader will go core with a team soon and therefor with just yesterday as example 26 people signing up we could easily use a 2nd RBG leader. Socials are however, very welcome. We appreciate everyone joining and we dont split people in stages of how good they're, everyone are equal. Discord If you feel like it you can join our discord server and ask questions in the General channel. Msg a @gm/officer if you havent gotten a rank up, and please do say you are a guest if that's the case :) https://discord.gg/M474BqY We hope to see you out there, and have a good day!Tsz0 14 May