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16 Apr 2012 Looking for players — PvP forum Welcome to the "Looking for Players — PvP" Forum. This is the place to look for other players if: You are looking for a new member for your PvP guild You want to join a PvP guild You are looking for members for a cross-realm battleground You want to join an existing cross-realm group battleground You are looking for a new member for your arena team You want to join an arena team In order to make your search as successful as possible, we recommend you to follow these simple steps: Use the search feature at the top right of the screen before posting When creating a new thread, make sure to use an appropriate and descriptive title (e.g. "[A/H] <Class> Looking for RBG" or “[A/H] <Class> Looking for Arena Team” or “[A/H] <Team> looking for <Class> and Healers” ) If you are not interested in teaming up with players from other realms, please feel free to also post on your realm forum. We hope that you will succeed in finding other players to have fun with!Vaneras0 16 Apr 2012
5h [H] Looking for RBG players to join the team Sup RBGers, Looking for some skilled RBG veterans to join our team . The Goal of this RBG team is to push together, vocal gameplay and run active RBGs during the weekends. Requirements: 1. PVP Experience (Knows a thing about wowpvp) 2. Discord (Voicechat) 3. Vocal player (Microphone required) 4. Stragetic player (able to adapt to tactics) The way we form up will all be discussed in Discord. - RBG Anouncement will give a time of the forming up, you agree to get a reserved a spot. (If you dont show up on the acccording time, you have a chance losing that spot). Drop your comment if your interested or whatever.Ragerwolf24 5h
13h LF HC Raiding Guild As Demon Hunter Hello I am a returning player with a new account, I stopped playing in WOD and just come back about 1, 1/2 months ago. I quit wow then and started to play Heroes of the storm with great success when I first started playing Heroes I was put in the rank silver 3 which I thought at the time was great. So I got started playing and playing, loving the game and after about a year I hit master which I felt so good about. At this time Legion was coming out I didn't really know what to do I was missing raiding so much at this point and wanted to play again. But I was so close to Gm in Heroes, sure I could of played both but heroes is one of them games you don't play a for a week u suck well for me it was. So I said Heroes I want the Gm Rank. Legion came and I stayed on playing Heroes. I ended up getting Gm 5 times in a row and I felt I had beaten the game and wanted to go back to wow and start again there got the wow account and OFC u get a boost so boosted a hunter and started to play a Demon hunter, 47 days later I am on here :P I wanted to tell you this story due to it being very hard to find players that want to put in the effort. I have not been playing long and I have 938il I do have Mythic Raiding exp but due to the new account hard to show. I am looking for a HC Raiding Guild 2/3 days maybe so mythic pulls on Twisting Nether looking for a good time and new friends Thanks /w and add me, Roboblood#2450Roboblood1 13h
14h [A/H] mw lf static rbg team. As the title says I'm looking for a rbg team that plays on scheduled days. I have a demanding real life schedule which only allows game time during the evenings. I can make 3 days work pr. week on any day except fridays and saturdays. I'm available between 19:30 and 22:30. I'm looking for a friendly and commited group with a relaxed atmosphere and the ability to push 2k+ in the final season of legion. I have 2.2k exp from wotlk, mop and legion. If anyone have use of my mw please contact me on ravencrest or reply to the thread. Cheers for reading.Rikashi0 14h
20h [H] Chilled out Brit LF Chilled Arenas/BGs 2k+ :) Hello all! As I stated in the title, I've just come back from a bit of a break from WoW and looking to meet new people for both Arenas and just general PVPers, as the list of friends in game is growing smaller. I'm a chill guy, very laid back while being also competitive, always looking to improve via reading up myself or constructive criticism. I would prefer the arena guys I play with to be 2k+ so we can be on the same wave length. as I stated before I've just only recently come back, but currently in the transition of switching from a Resto Druid/Sham to Ele main, for the foreseeable future. Would be great to hear from you guys, and chill out in BGs or find some people to learn and push higher end arenas with you. I do have a Discord server what we can use as well for voice comms. Teabaglol#2551Téabaglolx0 20h
1d People to play with Hello :) I'm a woman and i want to find new, awesome friends ingame. I love to level a new char, i like raiding and enjoy pvp a lot. I'm nearly prestige 25, though i'm not a pro :p I love going for achievements and what i love doing the most is collect mounts ^^ I have a few 110 Hordes on Twisting Nether, Kazzak and Draenor and i'm leveling a Void Elf on Silvermoon. I have Discord and Skype for loads of talks and fun :) My main language is Dutch, but my English and German are pretty good also. Be mature and age 25+ please :) Btag : Nova#25893Lëxä0 1d
1d [H] LF RBG teams/Guilds Good Morning all. Im currently 1858cr MW monk looking for an active arena team. Im hoping to push over the weekend to hopefully 2k+. If anyone intends to push this weekend and could use a strong RBG healer please feel free to add/contact me. Nayfu#2663Nayfu1 1d
1d Looking for PVP guild Hi, i'm looking for PVP guild for RBGS and ARENA,i play frost dk atm 2k cr rbgs and 1.8 2v2 and 3v3 arena.ThanksUserxftw0 1d
2d Looking For A Swedish Friend xD tjena! är 17 och har fastnat för wow, men det hade varit 100 gånger roligare att spela med någon polare. jobbar mån-fre så har bara några timmar på vardagar men på helgerna spelar jag när jag inte är ute i garaget. skype: multigamer2001 bara att adda. spelar outland, sylvanas, alliance osvAquarg0 2d
2d [H] LF mage, rogue Lf arena teammates to push rating, voice and a bit of exp(1700-1800) is required. Add me: krompjr#2890Salamander3 2d
2d Looking for 3v3 arena team Currently cr 1700 Resto Shaman here I am looking for a rogue and demon hunter or dk about same cr , for pushing it to 2000 leave btags if someone interested horde alwaysArchimondius2 2d
2d [H] Rdruid 2.1 cr LF 3s glad push 2.1 cr Rdruid up for some 3s push tilll season end 2.6 lxp as rsham 2.2+- sxp as shadow and rdruid LF anything viable for push need some decent legion xp 2.4 at last :) contact fb.com/noxiakwow id: Noxiak#21316Hubb0 2d
3d Fast 2k rush Lf a fast rush for the 2k archievement. more is welcome but not necessary. played only until 2k in legion (s1 and s2 as jungle, other as phd) 7 time duelist from s9-15 add Linostar#1310Spéctral0 3d
3d Legion Glad Hpala LF anything Hey guys, I'm playing hpala since cataclysm and I am a legion gladiator. currently i have 3 palas, 2 on horde and 1 on alliance as well as a rsham on horde. My current raitings are: 2650, 2500, 2000, 2200 in the order from above. I would like to make new contacts and find potential mates. Everyone that is playing above 2,4 on a regular basis can feel free to add me. Cheers, ShaRi#2416Dyo0 3d
3d [H] Looking for new team RBG for new season Hi, I'm looking for a RBG team to push 2,2k+ > 2,4k+ as possible for the new PvP season on next wednesday. French native I can understand easily English and would like to join a serious mature and social team/guild, without kids, cheaters or other rage players. I'm free to play 2 days for a week, 8:30 pm (UTC+1 - Paris) to 11:30 pm maximum. "Old Pve Boy", I'm playing RBG since few years but now every day to perform my skills, I have to learn more, my best achieve is 1765 cr versus 2k-2k3 mmr sometimes with wins ! At the end of this season, I can't push more, I think I have to join a serious team and play relax too, I think it's not incompatible with effective wins. :) Seeya.Bîquette0 3d
3d <Ravencrest only lf rbg leader> lf rbg leader for my guild we are 2000-3000+ exp'd pvp players at guild and i want to start rbg team lf rbg leader atm so if u can lead and got over 2.2+ exp at rbg (this is my req for leader) add me #hadar2895 and we will have a talk :)Rãzer2 3d
3d FDK lf healer friends Hello, I am CR 2s 1782 and 3s 1646. Only really just getting into arena, happy to push both brackets. I have lots of good DPS friends but not many healers. Looking to expand my friend lists and ultimately find people I can regularly play with. If you want this FDK in your life feel free to add; Relog#21130 (dont post here I will prob miss it) Peace.Faeces0 3d
3d Rsham LF Mates for 2s/3s Hey Guys Since i started to take PvP seriously (Legion s5) i tried to climb the ladders but realised it is hard without permanent Mates and voice coumminication. I don't want to spend hours in LFG to find Peeps to play with and since my xp isn't that high is even hard to find a grp. I have almost 1.7xp in 2s & 3s and would like to change that, so if you feel the same don't hesitate to add me at ShivSahnk#21240 Let's improve together :) Being unemployed i can play almost all the time except from 5pm to 7:30 pm CET in that time i have to do private stuff. I use discord as voice since i have no ts3 server. I can speak Hungarian (Motherlanguage) German (fluently) English (more or less fluently) I'm not looking for players for only a few games i would like to fill my bnet to have some nice guys to play arenas with also in the future(BfA) :) PS: I play Alliance aswell as Holy Paly more or less same xp than the Sham but i prefer my Horde Rsham :) Have a good one guys cyaJuicyrayx1 3d
3d Monk LF 2’s Push Hi All Im currently looking for a team mate to push 2v2 Arenas. Hoping to push 2k before season end. Currently around 1700 rating, happy to play WW but mainly MW Wotc. If interested hit me up either here or Nayfu#2663Nayfu1 3d
3d [A] Resto druid lf 2's and 3's Hello. No cr in neither 2's or 3's. Played arena most expansions and seasons, but never really had reliable teammates. I am looking for one or two guys for some active play. I don't really care about your xp, that don't impress me much. Toxic or raging people stay away. Reply here if you're interested.Maplelicious4 3d
4d [H] LF RBG Players Hello! I'm currently searching for more players to join my daily alt runs in RBG. My pugs are playing steady around 2.1k mmr atm, and usually I run with full btag groups, But always nice to have more good players to play with! Requirements: 2k+ Legion exp, preferably in RBG, but accept Arena exp aswell If you have any questions, Post them below, Or add my battle tag: Swolee#2730Swôlêê6 4d
4d Twisting nether Eu Level one twink guild. Hey, i know level one twinking is kinda dead, but i still want to try to get some more people in my twink guild :) any level 1 twink is welcome (Guild is in the realm called "Twisting Nether" Horde side) Just post below and we can figure something out!Twunn4 4d
5d LF arena partners @ Draenor I’m an arms warrior who was my alt (my main was rogue with 2.2+exp in rbg and 3’s ) and I enjoy my warrior and decided to stick with him. I’m looking for partners to push in 3s as far as we can make it. Since I’m new to warrior expect mistakes but I’m currently trying to learn and be better with my warrior. So if anyone is interested I’m at Draenor horde you can also reply here or add me shrek#2603Aberof0 5d
5d Solo Queue in WoW is a MUST Hey guys, I believe some people have already addressed this issue, but I wanted to state it publicly to Blizzard, in case you guys are not yet aware of this issue and how it can be solved. For players who are mostly focused on PVP, and who ambition to get some high rating, it is absolutely a nightmare to find partners. For many reasons, let us not detail that here. The Group Finders are naturally a good source and helpful, but not enough. It's simply too frustrating to keep on searching for partners to play. Therefore, here's the obvious solution: Solo Queue As it happens on League of Legends, exactly the same can be applied to WoW, and in fact, part of the mechanics are already applied in Random Search for Dungeons and BG's. Here's how it works: It should work on 3's arenas with healer, and also on BG's with 5 or 10 people Players would be matched according to MMR and with a pre-selected position, namely Healer, DPS. Players would be matched completely randomly. Yes, I know how unfair it can be, sometimes you have great partners, sometimes you don't. But that's exactly what happens in League of Legends, and somehow it works. Why is this approach so beneficial? Because you can keep on playing, and eventually the good players will climb, the not so good ones will remain low rating, that's how it works. You will surely lose a lot of games, it's going to be annoying, but at the end of the day, everyone will have the chance to keep playing, keep practicing all sorts of combs, and we will end with this frustrating feeling that I simply cannot play the game without partners. Alright? So, Blizzard, I definitely believe this should be a priority for next expansion, otherwise I'm afraid PVP might be in danger, as the players base gets smaller. Thank youDarigãaz18 5d
5d Ret sylvanas LF guild/pvp/pve 13 years experience raided current content from uk available after working hours 9-5 uk time looking for fun people to discord regular also wisp me in game or mail me names Diecide on EU server SylvanasDiecide0 5d
5d Looking for battle tags (2350 CR LSXP/3k XP) Hey guys - I'm a multi-classer with a couple of Glads in the bag, one as hPaladin in S10, and one each as rDruid and hPaladin in S15 - I since quit, and decided life was more important. Coming back to it now again, I realize life is still very important, but everything can be enjoyed in moderation, so I've taken up a bit of casual PvPing again. I've gotten 2350~ in this season on my rShaman, 2200 on my hPaladin, and around 2k on my rDruid, so I have a bit of experience, but not a lot - I'm looking for like-minded, equally experienced partners to play with. I'm on a lot, but I do also play CS competitively on the side, so my hours vary quite a bit. Please leave a note and your btag if you'd like to play together. I'm pretty much just after calm and cool individuals who like to play the game, and individuals who don't mind receiving and giving constructive criticism, not just play the blame-game after the first loss like most LFG individuals.Zuzah4 5d
6d [H] two chilled guys LF RBG Group Two chilled german Guys are looking for a RBG-group to join. We obv dont have any Problems in talking english and at least I even prefer English over German. We're both pretty relaxed and we are looking for a group to play with for fun and obv also to gain some rating ! So stuff bout me: Affliction Warlock (942 iLvl - 70 traits - 1.7k XP) https://raider.io/characters/eu/blackrock/Dhulgash Did not really play the Lock lately due to the lack of enjoyment. Boomkin ( 956 iLvl - 75 Traits / 940 Feral 65 Traits - 1.7 k CR ; 1.5k CR 3v3 Arena) https://raider.io/characters/eu/kazzak/Zesaiya Recently started a Frost Mage - Did not play it a lot yet, still would like to get in on a decent lvl to join rbgs with it from time to time. https://raider.io/characters/eu/kazzak/Lîraê My personal Aim would be to reach 2k Rating at least if not higher. I am interested in playing RBG's twice a week in the Evening. I am also raiding, plus I dont want to spend Weekend evenings infront of the PC. Stuff bout my Buddy: Guardian Druid / Restroration Druid ( 956 iLvl as Tank ; 950ish als Healer - No current rating, no xp but hes a smart player and knows his class) https://raider.io/characters/eu/blackrock/Mediker Outlaw Rogue - Aswell as I did with the Mage he just started the Rogue. Still willing to get it ready for a group asap. https://raider.io/characters/eu/blackrock/Socor He is also aiming to reach 2k Rating therefore we are looking for chilled people to play with. In Case youre interested add me over on battlenet - bryght#21919 or MisterPew#2993 Cheers fellasZesaiya0 6d
13 Mar RBG team LF players -Kazzak Hey Guys! Legio Getica is a 11 year old guild with a proud history of PvP and PvE. Currently we are playing Tuesdays and Thursdays 20:00-23:00 ST making steady progress floating around the 2k MMR mark. Our aim is to push to 2.2k as we have achieved in the past and then onwards to Hero Titles Good exp and discord with a mic you're not afraid to use is a must. As well as this a realm transfer to Kazzak to join us (if you're not already on the realm) will be required, though we allow a 1 month testing period to see if you enjoy playing with the team. Socials and RBG Backups are also welcome! We run many Arenas and also have a successful raid team for anyone also interested in PvE. If interested please add Sandycheekz#2680 or Palabos#2129 to have a chat in game so we can answer any questions you may have. I look forward to hearing from you :)Hsenpai10 13 Mar
13 Mar Looking for a RBG group Hi there! So unfortunately it seems that very much like the current job market - you need experience to be considered for a position, yet can't get experience without a position. I'm looking to join a group of people who are interested in a good, mature player with an interest in self-improvement and putting in the research. I joined in BC and have raided mythic on my mage throughout this xpac, very often with orange parses. If anyone is interested please feel free to add me or comment! xxxShiiv1 13 Mar
13 Mar A/H Healer LF 3s Hi. Im looking for a people to play with. Im willing to play only wizardcleave comps: - frost/demonology/x -spriest/frost(arcane)/x -frost/destruction/x -L S D ... I made last season 2k on my rdruid and my demonology warlock. Currently i play with my rdruid on A and holy paladin on H (both have 1800cr+); So if u need a healer to play with, hit me : fcyyy#2446 About myself: Im 28, playing few hours a day at evening, kinda calm, no raging, patience.. ready to practice and learn. Have a RL btw:< pref to play with a discord: ru/eng.Ztasonii1 13 Mar
12 Mar [A]LF long term Teammates going forward! 1600cr and exp Assa Rogue LF long term teammates for 3's. Want to push rating with friendly non-raging people who are willing to work together and to discuss why we lose games so we can learn from it. I don't care about CR or EXP if you don't just know your class and have some knowledge of comps and what they bring. Discord comms is a must English speaking also as it's my only language. Looking for RMP/D, RLS, RSPS or RetRogue with Resto Sham/Druid. Mostly aiming practice for the rest of this season to build teamwork and cohesion and then push rating next season. If you're interested then add me on btag: Hunter#26765 or write your info in this thread with your btag and I'll hopefully get back to you.Gothicara0 12 Mar
12 Mar Looking For PvP Guild - Silvermoon, Alliance I'm looking for a PvP guild on Silvermoon EU on the Alliance side to partake in both 3v3 Arena matches and Rated Battlegrounds. I'm active virtually daily and simply want to enjoy some PvP.Ygriel0 12 Mar
12 Mar Teamspeak Teamspeak 3 Hello all, I have a non-profit teamspeak 3 server up with 512 slots. It is possible to create channels and team up with your guild, or friends.. See ya there! Host: Cheers! MookumCáia1 12 Mar
11 Mar [A/H] WW lf arena mates Looking for battletags so I have people to consistently queue 2s/3s with I haven't touched 3s since wod, which means I really need the practice I have a human monk on ally and a belf monk on horde (human has better gear, more traits etc but belf works too) Experience: 2.2k mop (2s) 2.3k wod (2s and 3s) 2.3k legion (2s, I also have 2k achi for every season) Would prefer if you have any 2k achievement from this expansion PS: no rage ty prefer if you are chill Reply if you are interestedMystisk2 11 Mar
11 Mar BOTH factions! LF Healer I am looking for a healer to push rating with. I have access to and prefered as ordered: Frost Death Knight......| 2.1kxp, 2kcr(3s) 1.7kcr(2s) Horde Havoc Demon Hunter..| 2kxp, low cr Alliance Arms Warrior...............| 2.1kxp, low cr Alliance Affliction Warlock........| 1.9kxp, low cr HordeCurrently looking for 2's and 3's pushes to hit 2.2k. BattleTag: SnazzyNazzy#2592Naztheridan0 11 Mar
11 Mar Arms warrior looking for a healer 2s Arms warrior ilvl 897 is looking for a healer partner for 2s. Current 2s rating is ~1520. Want to push a higher ratingHeiwar0 11 Mar
11 Mar New Players Hello im searching for new players to play some 2vs2/3vs3 I play most of the time my warlock/rogue dont need no cr no exp just add me :) KaizeR#22130Nofapwarrior2 11 Mar
10 Mar Ashran PVP remove Kayvon Quinnstar NPC {queue alliance-horde} from DALARAN SEWERS AND WARSPEAR !Tysonpaw0 10 Mar
10 Mar Player looking for Partners nvm gave upTuovin0 10 Mar
09 Mar Mr1 players Wts Arena Boost (for Gold)! Hello we are currently helping people get Arena rating in 2s and 3s bracket (for gold) so if you are looking for Titles, achievements, Dominant Gladiators Tabard/cloak or Demonic tyranny Enchant you might find this post interesting :D (season ends in less than 2 weeks). Prices (Remember these prices are not going to be available after the Dominant season ends.) Rules The Products have to exceed the price of one wow token. Full Honor talents. No Attempt of scamming (all scams are immediately reported to blizzard) Arena boost 3v3 0-1500 50k (Per 100 Raiting) 1500-2k 300k (per 100 Raiting) 2k-2.2k 400k (per 100 raiting) 2.2k-2.4k 600k (per 100 Raiting)[only available for locks,druids,dks and monks atm] Arena 3v3/2v2 coaching 200k per Hour for each Booster We take 1/3rd after a few start games 2/3rd half way in and rest when the boost is completed We have never met an issue with a costumer so far and we have over 200 costumers successfully completed. However we do recommend ofc that people start trying on there own and have this as a last resort. we also tell if the boost would not work out (only happened once so far) For example a guy want 0-2.4 k and have no exp on hes class. Contacts You can add following Btags for contact Btag1: Henrik123#21398 Btag2: leek#21971 Skype: henrik.rustner2 Extra info Sry if we have been inactive for a while we had a major break if anyone is from the old Forum page 2 months ago. And if you don't have enof gold you can contact us for other payment methods on skype (Name: Henrik.rustner2). Have an awesome day everyone and all the new inc costumers are free to respond 2 this post incase you found the boost entertaining and good. #enjoylegion #we are back ;)Busdriver0 09 Mar
09 Mar Need a 10 win RGB carry - name your price No longer neededVelnara0 09 Mar
09 Mar [A] Holy/Ret Looking for a SemiSerious RBG Guild Been Playin Nerdcraft Since early Cata, but i havent had balls to dip into rated pvp before now. Been trying to do some RBG's in uncoordinated Pugs, but as everyone know you shouldnt join groups that have ''chill'' or ''fun'' in the title. Aint got any high rank to back up my skills but i would appreciate givin this chump a chance @SylvanasSnoipeh0 09 Mar
09 Mar LFM RATED BATTELGROUNDS Starting RBG TEAM Im looking to start a rbg team with some players ive met along the way. We are looking for people with alteast 1800 CR, or some simular pvp experience. trying to reach atleast 2.1k rating. -18 years old atleast and try not to be toxic -Class and Bg knowledge is a must -Commited to go for the long term -Able to speak on Discord. -understand and speak english. No need for elitst kids. add me on bnet if you have some questions or if you want to join the team Fastfoodjunky#1268Romelus5 09 Mar
09 Mar LF mates for 2s/3s Priest 3.1/2.7 exped in wotlk, played mop a bit, playing legion for 2 months, cant find any mates in lfg, found out that you can also search at forum, lf mates for 2s/3s to rush high rating, add me on bnet - Syndicate#21508.,Quinncute0 09 Mar
07 Mar 2450cr dh LF Team mates Hey everyone, im 2.4cr currently in every bracket. Im looking for team mates for glad push preferably. Can play most comps, prefer: DH ele - DH feral - Dh Lock - Dh war - DH mage; bascially anything xdXotourlife1 07 Mar
07 Mar LF Active Guild (pvp) Hello. So there comes a time in every MM hunter's life when he wants to take things seoursly. So... I have played hunter a long time, but with long/big pause's. At the moment not a big rait in enything, AND thats why I'm LF active pvp guild. So I can get back on track. Intrested in RatedBG's and 3vs3 mostly. But realy up for enything if it's a guildie thing. I'm on Stormscale realm, if one thing lends to another then can change realm. Please do contact me with in game mail or Laizans#2950 Thank You.Fullwithrage1 07 Mar
06 Mar 2,4 exp rogue/fury warr - LF RBG 2200 legion exp, 2,4 overall - wanting a high exp team to push with. Daviie#2926 1700cr atm haven't played with main team since last season Arms/Fury alsoThoughtz0 06 Mar
06 Mar LF pvp guild Looking for a PVP Guild with casual raiding. I love rated arena 3vs3 and bg's :). 2-2.2kxp boomkin/resto/feralThandor0 06 Mar