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5h LF boomy 2250+ CR (maybe sp) We are a Rdruid and DH looking to try the comp and push glad with it. DH has 2x Legion Glad, I am 2.6k xped. Please bring same XP and CR, as well as BiS traits, gear etc. We might also be willing to try with a shadow priest. If interested add my btag: Bagge#2206 Thanks!Dubstepx0 5h
5h [H] MW LF 3s Arms, Havoc, Enh for 2,1k+ Hey there, atm. I am loooking for some chill and experienced mates to push above 2,1k. I don't want to use the LFG tools anymore, since it's nearly impossible to find a decent group there, which is willing to use VC. I would prefer playing with an Arms, Havoc, Enh (Arms/Havoc or Arms/Enh) in a 3s Meele Cleave. You should know how to play your class and how to play the comp in general (a Havoc with dispell, a Shamy with grounding, an Arms who actually knows how to leap out of a smoke...). I am currently playing at 2,1k+ cr in 2s and 1,7+ cr in 3s (all of it pugged). Legion XP up to 2,2k. You should be around the same XP/CR. Gear isn't the primary factor, but a gs of 340+ is prefered. I don't mind which VC we use. (Disc/Ts3...) If you are interested, just leave your BTag with XP and CR below and I am gonna hit you up.Yourstepdad2 5h
5h 2.3k xp Warr LF 3s Team long-term Multiple season 2.3k xp and 2382 highest Warr LF a long-term core team for 3s, Bnet is Spokoino#21267Fipoo4 5h
5h [A] 2.3Ls7xp Ret Paladin looking for longterm team Hey, my name is Shinji, I recently returned to BFA and looking to push for Glad or above this season or expansion. I got 2328 on legion season 7 playing Ret/Affli/Rsham. I'm looking for longterm partners that I can push with as long as I can. Discord is required, I can also do TS3 if needed but prefer Discord. Days I prefer playing is Thursday, Friday & Saturday. I play in Darkspear. We can talk about this in more detail. Add my bnet or leave a message here. Bnet: RyuunosukeS#1752 Preferred Comps in Order:- 1. PHP>PHS>PHD 2. Ret/Boomie/(Disc/Rsham) 3. Ret/Arms/RshamSyorez1 5h
7h Pvp ilvl vs stats? Hi. So my question might be really dumb, but i cant find anything on this: So i trying to figuer out if it is actually worth using PvP gear now, or is it still just best to use the highest ilvl setup available? Like should i just run in arenas with full raid gear setup, or is it more worth to use PvP gear ( High Vers gear), even though i lose 15-20 ilvl average?Loggosh1 7h
7h Nerf Paladin, or give hunters bubble Can we please remove bubble for Paladin. Thanks :) Or just make our turtle like their bubble, that seems more fair.Guntaar0 7h
8h [A] Boomie looking for team/partners 2v2 and 3v3 Hi, I'm 29 years old from Norway. I was 2.2k in 2v2 in mop/draenor, highest 3v3 was 2190. Didn't play much high rated in legion, but looking to get back into the action. CR 3v3 is 2050. I've been 2130 this season. 2v2 I'm 1750cr, only messed around for fun/pratice there. I got lots of time for practice, so if anyone are interested let me know :) I want calm patient people who are as much about the "journey", as obtaining gladiator or whatever rating might prove realistic.Baiko5 8h
9h 2.2k xp mage LF arena partners Hello! I'm tired of the LFG tool and are now attempting the forums for hopefully a better result!!! As the title says I'm a mage with 2.2k arena xp through several seasons. Looking for partners who dont rage and is up for sticking around for losses aswell as wins for both 2v2 and 3v3. The main goal is to improve as a player and as a team and eventually play at higher levels than before. About me: I'm 27y/o, I play the game alot. I'm supertryhard and always looking to get better at everything I do - this means I expect you to supertryhard to get better aswell. I'm swedish so if ur swedish thats a + but its not neccessary. I like to joke around and in general just have a good time. I also play mythic + and stuff when not pvping and open to play all aspects of the game with you if thats something you want to do. Open to any viable comp tho I prefer WMD/RMD/RMP but if you're another class dont hesitate to contact me. 2v2 - 1900CR 3v3 - 1700CR add me on btag sysprep#21122 if you're interested in playing.Ahlqvist0 9h
10h 357 DISC PRIEST LF 2'S PARTNER Hey, I'm 1.7k CR and climbing wanting to push for duelist 2100 rating asap. mature and patient player always looking for experienced players to play with and wanting to improve. btag Danny#22563 Discord is a must if we push rating.Danox0 10h
11h [H] LF Serious PVP Guild Hello all, So i have decided to retire my HC/Mythic raiding guild in order to pursue PVP full time. During my time playing WoW i've done PVP on and off, both Arena and RBG's but never had the time to invest doing it full time. At the moment i am looking for a serious guild who RBG regularly and have a healthy playerbase willing to do Arena. I've had the fortune of play nearly all class/specs at a high level in PVE and am willing to have a discussion with that is needed within the guild and adjust to suit. I am also not bothered about moving realm for the right guild. For the above reasons and the fact real money will be involved to carry out the process i'd like to make sure the guild is first and foremost for me, so would like to have a chat with any officers/GM's. Thanks for reading, you'll find my B.tag below, i look forward to speaking with you :D B.net - Cloudfx#2334Xclóud0 11h
15h [A] MW Monk LF 3s partners Hey guys, my rating is between 1300-1400. Until now, not able to get 1400+ while queuing with random mates to farm progress for the seasonal mount. Every season, I always try to get a sattle, but this team it is a little bit more tricky to earn a mount ;) BUT, I WILL NOT GIVE UP !!! If someone is interested in a 3s team, please let me know. I will be mostly online daily from 18:00 to 02:00 CEST. My btag: Nallavan#2969Polladhavan0 15h
15h RBG/PVP Guild Hello We are an active pvp guild with 2.1k rating aiming even higher in the new expansion. We are recruiting for BFA to start again our pvp activities, we have 2 RBG teams, 1 social RBG team and arena groups. The only thing we ask from you is to have a mic and not fear to use it :-p If interested plz add me for more info palabos#2129Isenpaii21 15h
17h LF pvp guild Hey just got back to wow and just ding 120 so now Im looking for a pvp guild to make some mates and do some pvp with. I’ve been playing wow on and off since Vanilla. Do care if it’s alliance or horde. Just some fun ppl to play with I’m from sweden but speak English aswell. 30+ So don’t want a Bunch of kid either Hit me up if someone got something fun Paulsson#2837Obnoxíouz0 17h
18h [A] Lf 3v3 team Hey, Im a surv hunter pushing 2k rating and looking for a 3v3 team. Looking for people that use discord and that know what they are doing and do not get mad over a loss. Trying to get them titles and lf people who want the same. BTAG is Spaceotic#2415Gámble0 18h
19h [A] Rsham LF 3s partners Hey, I'm currently sitting at 1.5k cr and I want to push that to at least 1.8k, possibly 2k. Never actually been there but I believe I have the capability to get there in the long run. Would also be nice just to get to know new people and make friends. I would prefer not to play any double melee cleaves since there's enough melee as it is and I don't find them to be the most instructive way of playing 3s Hit me up Stensson#21910Wndrwll2 19h
21h [A] DH LF Arena steady partners!!! Havoc Demon Hunter 350 ilvl atm. I am looking partners for 2s and 3s, goal is 2k+. My Current Rating is: 2s - 1345 3s - 1537 Would prefer a Disc Priest for 2s and an Arms Warrior and a Disc Priest for 3s, but i open for anything else too. I am 27 years old male from Hellas,i am easy going person and can afford loses on arenas without rage quiting, so i would prefer a person within the same "personality". Discord or ingame voice chat is a MUST!!! Leave a comment or add me on Bnet. My Battletag : Phae8on#2437Avissos0 21h
1d [H] DH lf RBGs+arenas 2.4exp Greetings, I'm looking for some pvp friends who are at least 2.4exped during legion.I'm also in the look for an rbg group or guild(i usually fc but i can dps as well).Hours are flexible but generally i'm playing at evenings/nights.Hit me up if interested @Bnet: DayHate#2444.Félsong0 1d
1d [H] New RBG Team recruiting experienced players Hi I’ll be leading two teams for BfA Season 1. The goal is to play above 2k rating. I’m a dedicated RBGer myself. All classes/ roles are open atm. Also need a proficient targetcaller. Team 1 We+Su 20:30 - 22:30 Team 2 Mo+Fr 20:30 - 22:30 Post your Discord or Bnet below, I will check your character progress and get in touch if you fit. Thank you!Bjestinite21 1d
1d DK TIERS 4 https://clips.twitch.tv/AthleticPlainSheepOptimizePrimeMaryja1 1d
1d Lf Arena partner(s) LF arena partner(s) for 2v2 or 3v3. Ive recently ventured into pvp. i have like 700 rating, hmu Odder#2225Odder1 1d
1d LF RMP/D Looking for a mage and priest/druid around 1.6k to push at least to 2k Be patient until we get our !@#$ together as a team to understand each other. usage of voice comms is preferable. btag Knucklez#2241Sinzz0 1d
1d (H) DH LF 2v2 3v3 Arena buddies I'm currently sitting at 1.5k cr and I want to push that to at least 1.8k, possibly 2k. Never actually been there but I believe I have the capability to get there in the long run. Would also be nice just to get to know new people and make friends. LF 2v2 3v3 Arena buddies with voice for Arena practice prime time 20:00 - 0:00 CET Text me yor class/spec on Liberty#2547Пвплорд4 1d
1d 2.3Lxp Surv/Affli/Enh/Ret LF Arena Partners Looking for longterm arena partners to push Gladiator or further. I can play any of the classes mentioned above. I searching for mates with same or higher experience as of mine. Leave a comment below along with your bnet for more info. I can play Surv/Ret more flawlessly but just as skilled on rest. Discord is required.Huntardead0 1d
1d LF arena mates Good, as the title indicates I open this post to find more people with whom to play both 2s and 3s. Currently I do not have much time and I can not afford to spend a lot of time looking for ppl to play. About myself: I am main mage ( at the moment I have time for alts) and I have xp 1k7 in 3v [https://check-pvp.fr/database/character/?q=Firest%C3%A2r-Dun%20Modr] (Its not much but at least it's from this char) This xp was in 2015 (WoD). (Most of my time in wow has been on private servers). Didnt played retail since 2015. Currently playing with random people I have 1k4 in 2s. I have not been able to play 3s yet. I do not have an impressive gear since the game does not droop good pvp equipment. I want to improve. I have this wizard in dun modr and another one in 110 in Zuljin (horde). Im a spanish. What I'm looking for: I am not looking for pros I am looking for people who wants to improve and who wants to do 3s regularly. Lf non toxic ppl. If they are also Druid, Priests, Rogues, Warriors, Pallys or Locks (firestâr welcomes you despite your deplorable state) much better. You can talk to me here or add me to the btag Anik23 # 2606.Firestâr0 1d
1d Twinks of the Alliance, I summon thee! Hey guys and galls! I'm looking for several level 19 twinks to have some fun in battlegrounds as a semi pre-made. I my self am playing this rogue and a mage. Interested? Add me on battle.net I'm always up for some fun! Marten#2652Deeprunthug0 1d
2d 2.2cr Disc LF 3s for glad push Hello, I am Looking for long term partners to finally get glad. I've been 2.4+ in 3s in wod and legion, and i achieved duelist every season on legion i played. I was previously playing MW monk, switch to disc for something new in BFA, already playing at 2.2cr. I've never had long term partners and i am hoping this is all i am missing from being able to get gladiator. I would prefer players who are able to take critisicm and look at what they could improve from every game. Also please be able to speak english well. If you think this sounds good add my btag and send me a message, jaber#2109.Tics0 2d
2d LF active and eager WPvP/BG Guild (Argent Dawn) As the title says, I'm looking for a guild (On Argent Dawn Alliance) that are eager for WORLD (OPEN. WORLD.) Player VS Player action. I have ZERO interest in Arenas. Battlegrounds I'd be willing to do on occasion to get gear and help out guildies. What I am looking for primarily in this expansion is a Guild that routinely - as in whenever they are not grinding lvl/Ilvl/BG's on their main/alt toon(s) - are out hunting horde. Either by clearing the WQ areas for other Alliance (they are very often camped) and running counter-gank patrols, or by running punishment squads in horde lands. Duo's, 3-man teams, 4-5 man parties, more, I don't care I'll take it all, so long as you are active. Get me a guild for this expansion that care about fighting horde on the map, and doing so every day, and I'll get you a player (with all the toons you want) eager to patrol to kill horde, safeguard low-lvl alliance and if not doing that, then getting more lvl/Ilvl to do so better. All other interests are secondary. Grinding lvl/Ilvl or running battlegrounds are a secondary concern to me if a report of, say, a horde WQ camp comes in. I would preffer that we clear it then get back to whatever we were doing. I want honor, glory and retribution. But most of all I want bloodthirsty company.Arivana10 2d
2d [H][ANY-REALM-CAN-MOVE] - Rogue LF Guild / Arena Hello, 30 year old Norwegian. Been playing on and off since vanilla (hunter, rogue, warrior, priest, druid). I am back on my vanilla rogue and I want to get into a PVP minded guild or hang out with people who don't expect 2k+ rating exp, but who perhaps accept that I am willing to work for such experience (and believe me, I will). Having been global elite in CSGO (just to name one "achievement), I know it takes a certain amount of dedication to get above average. Reply here or hit me up if interested: Bnet: ScAVenGer#2538 Discord: scav#1944Sutteklut0 2d
2d Swedish guilds looking for new players. Guild; <Smol Beans> Faction; horde Realm; Kazzak Systerguild; <RFC> Faction; alliance Realm; Ravencrest Nu drar rekryteringen igång för <Smol Beans>. Vi är en helt nystartad guild så vill du vara med från starten är vi guilden för dig! Vi är en guild för alla sorters spelare, casual, social, raidare och pvpare. Efterhand som vi växer är vår vision att vi ska kunna ha ett casual gäng samt ett mer hardcore gäng med spelare, ihop med de som är med oss för den sociala biten. Vår vision är ett community inom guilden som tar hand om och hjälper varandra. Där stämningen får förbli god och man kan logga in med glädje och känna sig välkommen i en miljö där man ihop med likasinnade kan uppleva spelets innehåll. Vi tar även emot socials på vår discord även om man inte är en officiell medlem i vår guild. Önskas en invite till servern så släng iväg ett pm och säg gärna om ni vill joina som member i guilden eller som social :) Är du en spelare på alliance och ändå vill joina oss så har vi en systerguild på ravencrest under namnet <RFC> som går under samma ledning och vision som <Smol Beans>. För vidare information eller för en invite kan ni lägga till oss med följande tags på battlenet; Natu#21162 Cupcakerina#2904 LegoknektGG#2436Aelthana0 2d
2d Rogue+Mage LF Long term healer. Hello, I am currently a low geared rogue looking for a healer partner for 2v2/3v3. I would prefer a resto druid or disc priest. At this point i am 1.2k cr but have been 2k before. i am not looking for people who who are also willing to learn. i don't need someone with 3k exp or 2k or whatever. i want someone that i can learn with and improve and push CR long term. Also i want consistent days. not once in a week. so if you can play atleast 3-4 days a week i would highly prefer that. Btag: illusionx#2249 If ur interested in long term pvp hit me up!Xtremelock0 2d
2d Rogue LF ARENA PARTNER 2v2/3v3 [Goal 2k+] Hello Community, I'm looking for partners for 2v2 / 3v3 with the long term goal to push beyond 2k. My favorite partners would be Diszi/Rdruid/Mage/Ret. I'm still training rg but sure I can handle tougher ratings. Introduction I know that rating from last addons don't count but some still want to know it. I played mage in wod at 1,9 cr (sadly couldn't hit 2k with the team before they did quit). I skipped Legion for the most part. I am 28yo/m/german but I think I can communicate in english without bigger problems. I don't have a mate atm, that's why I'm helping out my brother with his new mage, means my cr is crap atm. The Wants I'm looking for Partner with the following: +age above 20 +use a headset +know how to use discord / battlenet voicechat +you've got time on 2-4 days a week [17:30 to 23:00 UTC+1 Berlin] You don't need 2k XP either, but you should be willing to provide the following: 1. have time to play 2-4 times a week 2. have the goal to hit 2k+ 3. no raging 4. no flaming 5. constructive criticism is a must 6. getting better together should be the goal Send me a private message ingame or leave a post here. Would love hearing from you. [Optional] If needed or wanted. I could provide a mage for the right partners as well (instead of rg).Brainafk10 2d
2d LF disc priest 2v2 unranked/low Hello. I am (unholy DK) looking for a discipline priest healer to duo in 2v2s. I am currently unranked at around 1.3 atm and I went 1.8 in off-season. I started with arenas in this game around a month ago been playing other MMOs before that. Please do not be salty, losing 3, 6, 10 games in a row in this game means nothing sooner or later the game will push you to 50% win rate no matter what anyway... I do not care about the skill level (like I mentioned) I am still fresh to WoW arenas however in off-season I found out combination unholy/disc works very well so that is why I would prefer a disc priest... If it sounds too picky oh well... D: Drop your btag I will add you or you can try to find me in game Nuxús-Draenor. Have a nice day.Nuxús1 2d
2d [H] LFM - RMP/RMD Hey all, currently looking for a long term team to push 3's rating, looking to run RMP or RMD. Bit about myself, i am an ex HC raider whos decided to give up PVE this x-pac in an attempt to push for glad. I've dabbled in PVP throughout my time playing wow but never hit it as seriously as i hit raiding. i am 1,400 atm just pugging w/e i can and i am confident with the right team we'll get to where we need to be! :D Thanks all! :) B.Tag - Cloudfx#2334Irpikaboo1 2d
3d [H] Rdruid lf mates to push Glad with Hi! I am a Rdruid with 2.1k - 2.2k CR (ty LFG) and 2.6k xp and would like to push 2.4+. I would have a good DH we could que with together (Boomkins requested here) It is important to me, that we don't stop queing after 20 games, stay consistent and analyse loses etc. to improve. I want to play long term and am therefor only looking for people who want play long term too. BiS Gear and everything I just presume. I am also open to other comps beside boomie/dh/healer - if interested Bnet tag: Bagge#2206 I do not favor melee cleaves - just saying. Bring same CR pls.Dubstepx0 3d
3d [H] Dansk RBG Team -Danish- Hej med jer. Vi er igang med at danne et dansk RBG team til 2-dags push i ugen. Målet er at pushe så højt som muligt samtidig med at vi lærer at spille med hinanden og hygger os som et hold, evt spiller arena med hinanden ved siden af eller andet sjovt. Der er fra 1.8k xp til 2.5k så det bliver et bredt hold af forskellige folk, der supplere hinanden godt på kryds og tværs :-) I skal være velkommen til at kontakte mig :-)Kinnx3 3d
3d LF PvP Guild LF PvP guild! Very interested in investing a lot of time into PvP this expansion. I main a feral druid. Will change realm for right guild :))Qualbagslave0 3d
3d 356 Disc Priest + Druid Friend LF RBG Team,! Hi all, Myself and a friend(druid) are looking for a serious RBG team looking to push rating and have fun whilst doing so :) Our exp in BG's is mainly pugging rated and normal non rated bg's! We can both multi class/heal/tank and dps. Mythic Raider exp players so yes we do have a brain We are long time pve players who have always loved pvp but now see it as a priority due to the fun we have playing it. We're looking for a fun and serious guild who want to go far in RBG's We have 1,8k Arena exp and around 1.6k RBG exp. Looking to improve on this due to only ever casually doing it before now. Add me on btag for anymore info. Danny#22563Danox0 3d
3d 1.9cr / 2.2k acm Disc lf RMP and rogue for 2s Hi. I am looking for long term mates for 3s and 2s. I am only interested in RMP and disc rogue. Mostly playing on weekends i would like to have a team to queue on scedule. You have to be around 1.9cr and 2.2k exped. Playing with voice is a must. I am not looking for ragers, dont q here if you have problems with losing. Write your btag down here.Cptncarrot0 3d
3d [A] Ret Pally LF 3vs3 Team New to arena only 1400, I am eager to learn and grind through the ranks.Nuwt1 3d
3d Disc priest looking for arena partners Disc priest 345 ilvl looking for parnters for 2s and 3s, I'd prefer mage or rogue but im open for anything. Havent had much experience as disc in arena, but i enjoy disc in pvp and i want to aim more for arena and high ratings. im 28years old from norway, easy going and not the type to rage over a few loses, looking for someone and knows their class and no rage quiting, must have discord if you're interested leave a post or pm me Bnet: Níne#2532Scene2 3d
3d (A) Resto Druid + Warri lf DH We are looking for a DH for 3s. Both got around 2.3-2.4k xp prev seasons. Hit me up on Discord TerenZ#7994Terenzyo1 3d
3d Looking for melee cleave to push glad Got to around 2k CR with pugs, want to find a permanent team now to push 2.4k. Had 2390 a while back and 2900 in rated battlegrounds. I am also a former hots pro. Hit me up on bnet, Devizz#2344.Ciena0 3d
3d Arms lf 2s rating push Hello everyone, i am looking for a good healer for 2s push, i prefer holy paladin or mw monk. We can use discord too. All i am asking from you if u want to join is to be in good mood, comunication, good english a will to learn on your mistake so we can push easy and not struggle with rating. I am currently 1400+ cr with 1800+ exp. Dont know why but on my armory i got no cr score on rated 2v2, at least thats what i see, so i guess you just have to believe me :) If u are interested, leave a reply. Have a nice day everyone.Doggash0 3d
3d LFG Rated BG - Holy Pala 2k+ exp - Alliance Hello, I am looking for stable team/community around 2k CR. Available most of the days after 7PM CEST. Me Holy Pala 2k+ exp, Alliance. Just post below and we can get in touch. ThanksKrei0 3d
3d 2.3k exp/2131 cr arms warr lf 3s team Hello! As topic title says, I am looking for a stable team for 3s. I have 2390 exp as highest from previous season and currently on 2131 rating with 2171 as season highest. I played up the rating as kfc but it feels like we are lacking something and we are making small to no progress. I am up to play another kfc, arms/dh or turbo. Can try something else that works aswell if you have another comp. I would like to be of the same exp or higher and around same cr. Add Saltx#21137 on b.net for a talk.Saltx1 3d
3d A/H Hunter LF PVP/WPVP GUILD! Hi guys, I'm 27 and from the U.K. I've played WoW on and off since around 2008/2009. I have raided hardcore and participated in some decent high end guilds. However, I am just coming back from a 7/8 month break. Going into this expansion I am changing my focus from PvE to PvP. I am interested in all areas of PvP, however, what I am mostly interested in is WPvP. I am also looking for steady, laid back RBG and arena progression. With this in mind I am now looking for a chilled guild to continue my journey into BFA. I'm happy to move servers and change to horde! Feel feel to reply to this thread or hit me up on my battle tag Eskib0y#21957 Thanks for reading, JamesDarkshanks1 3d
4d Arms Warrior 2k + Bfa 2.3 lsxp As the new expanision started and em.. well I'm dying in queue without any suitable players I'm forced to post again Greetings! Looking for stable, friendly and mindful players to arena 3v3 bracket. I came back to WoW after 4 years of break and to be honest looking for partners in LFG makes me totally sick. I'm playing warrior since TBC came out to world. My biggest exp was 2,8k exp in WotLK era, because like we all know WoTLK rocks etc. I'm not a titled player. Lot of things in my life forced me to stop playing WoW, but after that, I want to kick bass again! Especially with good boiz and gurlz! Requirements : - 2k+ exp in Legion - Voice chat - Be mature (Yeah.That's important, Bet I'm not cause I'm still killing myself in PvP, kappa) I can play on both sides. Got warrior on the Alliance side and Horde as well x). Every comp available. Maybe not KFC. Kanker If you looking for pushing over 2,1k just send your message on Taurensila#2345. Or just in game. My alt nickname is Baketaxi. Feel free to /w me with your Legion/BfA exp See ya in game! Cheers!Underway0 4d