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16 Apr 2012 Looking for players — PvP forum Welcome to the "Looking for Players — PvP" Forum. This is the place to look for other players if: You are looking for a new member for your PvP guild You want to join a PvP guild You are looking for members for a cross-realm battleground You want to join an existing cross-realm group battleground You are looking for a new member for your arena team You want to join an arena team In order to make your search as successful as possible, we recommend you to follow these simple steps: Use the search feature at the top right of the screen before posting When creating a new thread, make sure to use an appropriate and descriptive title (e.g. "[A/H] <Class> Looking for RBG" or “[A/H] <Class> Looking for Arena Team” or “[A/H] <Team> looking for <Class> and Healers” ) If you are not interested in teaming up with players from other realms, please feel free to also post on your realm forum. We hope that you will succeed in finding other players to have fun with!Vaneras0 16 Apr 2012
3h eHEROES RBG Help / Highest team world Hello, we are offering RBG help for any class / spec in RBG's to any rating. We only accept gold, you are playing your own character, no account sharing. We are not wintrading, we are playing vs real teams. We do take gold on all servers Horde or Alliance. Add me ingame for more info: xot#21986Sångsvan64 3h
4h Rbg services Are you interested in getting your RBG mage tower apperance? Or are you more of a mount guy and looking to purchase some vicious mounts? Look no further because here you can buy a variety of packages, I'm simply looking to assist as many people as possible now that the season draws to a close! Full group will be ready to go with you on the time decided between each other. With many happy customers behind me that can verify that the service is legitimate, you have an amazing shot to recieve the wins you desire! 100k/win 850k for ten wins (Get your Mage tower apperance today!) 3m for 40 wins (Get two vicious saddles to get some fancy mounts!) hmu on Kreamy#1509 for more info PS: Gold is the only payment that is acceptedMoonÿ11 4h
5h <Winning Matters> 2.4k+ Only PvP Community! <Winning Matters> is a PvP Community for 2.4k+ Players only. With everyone sick of pugs and un-needed losses, we have created a community where you can get groups with ease and get regular teams going with the same partners time and time again. The community has players who play Arena, RBGs and Tournaments from 2.4k, 2.7k, Glad, HoTH, Rank 1, So there is really something for everyone whilst also keeping the level of play very high. If interested in joining <Winning Matters> and becoming a part of an elite PvP community then feel free to reply to this post with your exp and Btag and either me or one of the Mods will get back to you with an inv! Thanks all.Zezii2 5h
8h Hall of PvP - New Community! We're a community of pvp'ers, who wish to enjoy pvp to the max! We're all 2k lexp, and we seek people with the same skill level. We do all manner of pvp from 2v2's , 3v3s and Rbg's. Our goal is to push as much rating as possible when BFA is released. If you wish to join, you can leave a message here, or can give me a whisper on my characthers: Thorrick-Magtheridon , Jofrick-Magtheridon and Torbrand-Magtheridon Alternativly, you can add me over battlenet: FishyKnight#1220Thorrick3 8h
12h Alliance PvP Community (Rated Battlegrounds) Making a community where everyone who is interested in pvp can join. For many it has been difficoult finding a guild to do Rbgs. Our goal is to easier make events and groups for rated battelgrounds in BFA. And gather as many interested people as possible. Join the community here: ( x9dJmMHrmw ) https://www.worldofwarcraft.com/invite/x9dJmMHrmw?region=EU&faction=Alliance - Are you prepared for RBGs?!Kvòthe0 12h
14h Horde ALL PvP Comunity If you're playing a Horde character, come and join the Battlemasters. This Community will make it easy to look for both high / low end PvPers for any content, from Arenas / BG's / World PvP etc. Just copy this link: https://www.worldofwarcraft.com/invite/PpkbWMt5ew?region=EU&faction=HordeShagarr0 14h
18h PvP Community - Duels, Arenas, RBG, World pvp Here are some communities to make it easy for everyone to group up. Invite for Horde Duels cross realm: https://www.worldofwarcraft.com/invite/b9wjJKUwMm?region=EU&faction=Horde Invite for Horde Arenas cross realm: https://www.worldofwarcraft.com/invite/VkV0vjCPYZ?region=EU&faction=Horde Invite for Horde RBGs cross realm: https://www.worldofwarcraft.com/invite/j9eGENsqeo?region=EU&faction=Horde Invite for World PvP cross realm: https://www.worldofwarcraft.com/invite/x9w5ZqHjVr?region=EU&faction=HordeHungarø0 18h
18h PvP Community Just started out this PvP community where you can group up for arenas/rbg and raid the alliance. Join us here: https://www.worldofwarcraft.com/invite/ZPZZmdCMOn?region=EU&faction=HordeBumkin0 18h
1d RBG/PVP Guild Hello We are an active pvp guild with 2.1k rating aiming even higher in the new expansion. We are recruiting for BFA to start again our pvp activities, we have 2 RBG teams, 1 social RBG team and arena groups. The only thing we ask from you is to have a mic and not fear to use it :-p If interested plz add me for more info palabos#2129Isenpaii3 1d
1d Looking for partner Looking to start pvp and learn before the new patch - Ive got a level boost ready for the right realm.Liga0 1d
1d Lfg Rbgs/ Arena Hi i'm looking for some ppl to Play RBG's/ Arena so high as possible. I Play Priest Heal and Rouge for more information AxcellenD#21254Deathpool0 1d
2d Honor levels. Been grinding prestige 25. Almost hit prestige 26 on my DK. Other than that I grinded way past prestige 1 on a few chars and I'm THROWN BACK TO HONOR LEVEL 159?! What are you thinking with? Everyone that has been grinding same as me throughout legion must be so sad. It's a real punch in the stomach, a kick in the nuts. Seriously. You're just spitting in all of our faces. Same rewards, just alot more grind. Thank you, Blizzard. Gonna grind those 91 lvls to get a mount I already got. Then keep on grinding. How "fair".... Worse than titanforging. Like, it's those things that make me wanna quit the game. So unrewarding.Wickwadd6 2d
2d 2.4k enchant Why are u still able to get the 2.4 enchant? This is so r-word. All u have to do now is spam 3s with broken classes and u get it for free.Maguss1 2d
2d No honor levels - Fixed - Delete/close the post! Before the pre-patch i was prestige lvl 5 and when i logged in today i got no Honor levels what so ever. Though my first Prestige skin color is unlocked.. Anyone else had that problem?Lanem0 2d
3d Last Minute Glad Push Anybody here need last minute glad push i'm a 2500 cr holypala add me Borugg#2258Onepumpchump1 3d
3d 2.5k xp monk LF last min push! Anybody here need last minute glad push i'm a 2500 xp mistweaver add me makcie#2823Xot1 3d
3d LF Healer for Duelist, 2,1K CR TSG HORDE LF healer to seriously push 2,300 CR with, Be vocal and speak english, we are both 2,5K+ exp but we accept lower exp aslong as you know what you're doing and are vocal. Add my Battletag Bansee#2389.Bånsee0 3d
3d LF PvP Guild Hey all, I've had a long hiatus from WoW and coming back once more with a key focus on PvP. Previous experience is running a successful PvP on Sylvanas with RBG Leading 2.6k MMR RBGs across the main team before a guild disband (Current profile character RBG achieve sits at 2.1k). Arena is 2.3k on Rdruid, 2.3k on Affi lock, 2.2k Disc/Shadow Priest, 2.1k Mage Not bothered about horde or alliance and willing to transfer to the right guild. Hit me up on battle net - Lyxni#2322Lynxi0 3d
4d Selling 2k for Healers Hey, Im selling 2k for Healers on Ally/Horde for "cheap" if you have gold on a dead server. I charge more if you got the gold on a big server. Only helping last 100-200 Rating, dont bother posting here if you are on 1.6. Btag: Wiggle#2126 - or post here.Xaxaxaxaxaxa0 4d
4d [A] <warrior> LF arena tutor My plan is to focus on arena in the upcoming exp., most likely on a fury warr or restro drood, but first i have to L2P some basics. So, wanted to check here if there are any skilled arena players that are willing to tutor me a couple of hours a week, either in 2v2 or 3v3, until the BfA lands? I can pay you gold by the hour, whatever price we agree on. And just to clarify: This is not a request for a rating boost or carry of any kind. I want to learn by doing with a competent teacher, abouts comps, counters, communication, priorities, spell usages and good debriefs on what went wrong/what could have been done differently. Feel free to ad me on WildPants#24983 for a chat and more details! :)Klore0 4d
4d RBG guild for push and play LF players!! Hey guys!! "Disrespected Danger" PvP guild/community 2550+ last season RBG players LF Players to fill our rbg teams.. playing on different rating and exp so there should be games for everyone.. we play rbg daily!! Also recruiting ppl for arena and wpvp in BFA!! We are not 1 of those dead pvp guild who say that they wanna do a lot of pvp but nothing ever happens.. we already have rbg team playing on 2200+ cr atm some people are still crossrealm tho.. The guild started 1 week ago and already got a lot of active members in the guild and in the discord!! for more information join our discord and ask me (shredyo) any question you may have https://discord.gg/g6RejQG!! Here you can also ask if any rbg grps are up aswell!! We normally play most of our games with ppl 2,2k+ exp 2k+ cr and ofc the main team is 2,2k+ cr atm pushing for at least 2,4k+ this season! But we also have what we call the "Rbg School" where everyone is welcome with all exp and cr.. only thing req. is the motivation to push and the dedication to improve. If you are not on Tarren Mill but still interested it is posible you can join for some games.. even tho people in the guild have priority for the Rbg school games!! That was it for now feel free to join the discord and ask me questions and so on or whisper for a guild invite!! All the best your rbger // ShredyoShredyodh23 4d
4d Gnome fight lets take 1000 lv 1 gnomes and 1000 lv 1 goblins and make a huge battle the winners gets all their accountsAvaki1 4d
5d R1 players offering Arena boost for Gold Hey! We are helping Players get Rating in Arena. We only take Gold any Server (but pref, outland) and don't do Accountplay. We do both Alliance and Horde. If you miss some points for your Elite PvP Gear, Dominant Tabard, Demonic tyranny Enchant or for titels later on you might find this helpful :) Our prices for 3v3 are: Remember that the prices will change during the season because of inflation of the MMR and CR in the PvP community so these prices will lower as time go by. 0 - 1500 50k / 100 Rating 1500 – 2000 250k / 100 Rating 2000 – 2200 500k / 100 Rating (only for ww/mw/war/dh/lock/Rsham atm) 2200 – 2400 750k / 100 Rating (only for ww/mw atm) We also offer 2v2 arena coaching per hour (150k Hour) As of yet, we never had a Player who didn't achieve the rating he paid for. However, we take care that the wished rating isn't always achievable (f.e. 1500 to 2400 with 1700 max. experience). Over 100 Boosts successfully completed. Btag: Henrik123#21398 Incase its full malen#2834. Skype: Henrik.rustner2 Enjoy legion ;).Bussdriver5 5d
5d Lord of War Hi! Straight to the point I'be been searching a group for the high maul coliseum scenario to get the Lord of war title. So since the scenario is impossible to get into these days through queueing I was hoping I could put together a group to get it all done in an evening. Add me if you're interested xavanteex#2221 Requirements are a gladiators sanctum and a lvl 100 character.Dreadkeeper6 5d
5d Warlord of Draenor - Fight, Kill, Salute! Hey there, I'm looking for some people to do the Fight, Kill, Salute Quest in the Highmaul Coliseum in order to obtain the Warlord of Draenor title. So before you all start to blame Blizzard that they didn't scale it up to level 110, let's just do it with 100 toons. We need the level 3 gladisanctum, 15 people to queue and about 1500 broken bones (as far as I know). It is absolutely no problem if you're interested and don't meet the requirements to build the level 3 sanctum, because I can help you farm the bones (obviously not in Ashran^^). With some guildmates we're trying it on Horde site, but I'm also interested in comleting it for the Alliance (so no matter what faction you prefer). The moste important thing to note is that there will be NO money involved, only your time and mine ;) If you are interested, feel free to answer here or send me an ingame mail. Ready to be punshed, the Punchinpanda PS: Don't be fret because the level 100 chars and all of yours happen to be 110, because there are always these nice trial chars *wink*Punchinpanda4 5d
5d Helping people in 2v2 Can help you get to 2k if you need elite set before the expansion ends. Contact me for prices in gold on btag: Snuskalljn#2173, doing it only on horde stormscale.Leotardo2 5d
13 Jul 2.1k exp Feral Druid LF mates LF people to play with, you dont need to be the same exp, but i do expect you to have played arena before. Mainly LF - Hunter/Healer/Shadow priest Horde side!Zuani1 13 Jul
13 Jul WTB Strand of Ancients or Lord of War Looking to Buy: 1. Defense of the Ancients - for myself only 2. Lord of War - for myself and a friend In-game currency only Not expecting one person to be able to provide both services Please only state your price if you know you're able to provide the service Have around 2 million gold in total Thanks!Jellinator0 13 Jul
13 Jul Resto lf a 3s team ( 1650 cr ) Hello I am as said looking for a 3s to both practise and climb abit with ( next goal would be 1750 achi ). Beyond that we can see how it goes. I have played around 1800 mmr games this week and a bit up from that with randoms, both been high and lows. If you cant behave or accept ppl making misstakes then dont bother. I speak good english ( or swedish ) and can use voice comm. mystiques#2404Grémlingén0 13 Jul
13 Jul [A]LF a 2.1kcr+ priest for 2.4k push before season end Hello! We are currently looking for a dedicated priest to push 2.4+ with RMP (arcane assassin) with before season end. We also want a dedicated player to push for some higher rating after BFA hits. We play mostly after 19:00 at weekdays and are able to play most of saturday and sunday. What we ask of you; be over 2.1k cr, 2.2+ XP this or previous season, motivated, have the will to learn, a positive vibe (toxic players dont bother reading further), can take constructive critique as well as giving constructive critique. You should have a good microphone as we use TS3 and Discord for voice com. We also ask that you can speak english (or one of the scandinavian languages) fluently. Hit me up in game or leave a reply here so I can contact you. Best regardsWirtun0 13 Jul
12 Jul (H) Retribution LF 2v2 Partner Hello fellow PVP-ers. Looking for a nice partner for some 2v2 games. Would like to push 2,2K this season too if possible. Add me up on Bnet if interested: Ragnar#25854 Have a nice day!Warcult0 12 Jul
12 Jul Phs^ need sham 2.6cr+ yo guys* need pref glad exp:) we can push for allie or horde. alexx#21197Колдберт0 12 Jul
11 Jul WTB Arena Carry 1,5k -> 2k 2s Got 750k Gold if anyone is willing to help ARAKA#2655Lyhsias0 11 Jul
11 Jul LF 2s & 3s Searching for some help to reach 2k in either 2s or 3s bracket. I am currently 1700. leave a note if your interested in helping me out.Grelda0 11 Jul
11 Jul Frost DK lf 3s team Heyup currently I am sitting around 1.7 CR and am looking for a people to play 3s with. I looking to play with people who are vocal, chill and who speak good English.Oblisk3 11 Jul
11 Jul WTS Arena Boost - Alliance - Healers/DPS 200k per 100 rating - can pay any realm ONLY GOLD - add jimmy#2589 if interested.Sépton1 11 Jul
10 Jul 1.6 cr lf partner to push 2k before pre-patch Hey guys! I'm looking for someone to push up to 2k rating before pre-patch. I'm currently at 1.6 cr. Hope to see you!Clubbertime0 10 Jul
09 Jul (H) Lf pvp players for 3s Hey guys, i am 967 arms warrior with 1,7k cr lf good and chill players to play 3v3 arena with me and push rating to 2k before s7 ends. Started playing pvp on end of s6, i am not best (yet :D ) but i concider myself skilled and i learn from my mistakes. Which i will also ask from u (yes u there). Also u need to have working mic and good english for play cause we will use discord to discuss strategy and tactics so we can win fast. If u are interrested, feel free to add me: Thrallash#2593. Cheers!Doggash0 09 Jul
09 Jul LF Arena Partners! Hello everyone. I played at TBC but then I had to quit. I've came back for the legion recently. I'm currently in search of solid and experienced arena mates. I am also experienced and dedicated PvP player. I know my class well. I'm willing to practice more in arenas and at the same time have fun as much as possible. Of course my aim is getting higher ratings :) I can use discord My (H) 2s cr is 2030 - season exp 2100+ My (H) 3s cr is 2087 - season exp 2100+ My age is 22. Country: Turkey Realm: Kazzak(H) /Outland (A)Nathraz0 09 Jul
08 Jul [H] DK and Resto Druid 2600exp LF Mate for Glad push be around the same exp. Add Fritte#2352 if interested.Todesfritte0 08 Jul
08 Jul (H) Arms War + Havoc DH LF PvX guild. Experienced Warrior and Demonhunter looking for a dedicated guild for BfA. We are primarily looking for somewhere that; - Raids twice a week with one of those days being a Friday or Saturday night. - Mature and relaxed attitude. - Serious aims to progress in BfA. Our current PvE progression is 5/11 Mythic. We are looking to join a core raid team. -RbG team. We are currently multiple 2k+ exp'd together. - A server with a somewhat balanced H:A ratio or close is also preferable. We are both friendly and social players with a calm and relaxed attitude when it comes to gameplay. The warrior is not only a long standing officer in our current guild, but also has a high success rate in leading RbG's. So if your guild is wishing to increase teams then we are more than happy to jump in. We also enjoy doing m+ runs and have tanking offspecs for this if needed. Realm migration is no issue. :) Armoury links; Dh - https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/kazzak/lilius War - https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/deathwing/cr%C3%A4ftLilius0 08 Jul
08 Jul Looking for a fresh start 7190 60 posts 1 day ago Hello all, I'm a returning (casual) player for the next expansion and been playing wow since 2006 with a break in pandaria en most of legion. For BfA I want to return, but I'm not sure where to put my heartstone in terms of searching for the right guild/realm. A bit about me : 28 year old male, with a job and a girlfriend and nothing more than a casual player who loves the social aspect of the game (it isnt that strong anymore these days as it was in the golden days of WoW). I'm into PvE and PvP (both are fine) and I also dont have a preference about healing/tanking or DPS'ing. Short story straight : Im looking for a mature guild, with the same mindset of people as I am (So older scrubs with families and jobs and not with alot of time on their hands) Love to hear from ya. Greetz.Kaij0 08 Jul
07 Jul LFG RBG / Arenas 2's or 3's I'm going to make it short. At the moment, 956 arms warrior with 1.6k at 2's and 1.6 In RBG, Struggling with premades to try and push my rating up but to no avail so I'm going to attempt at forming or luckily to join a dedicated Pvp group / semi guild group even atm or for BFA. Again, LF a dedicated and strong players with Coms obviously Looking to push to High Warlord.Sergroth0 07 Jul
07 Jul WTB arena carry 1.6 > 2k I have 400k gold if anyone is willing to help. i just really want tmog set. My bnet is Solaire#21329Fritzel0 07 Jul
07 Jul Lf friends Yo, I just picked up the game because being bored and stuff. I'd just like to have a couple of people to play with every now and then (no need for anything serious). I played up to 2,1-2,2k several times in Legion on multiple classes already and like to think I can stay on that level. I mainly play setup based comps such as wwmd or rmx, classes I play include on ally: rdruid, rogue, mage; on horde: disc, rogue, mage, ww/mw. If you're chill, know a lil bit about the game and play something that matches, hit me up :) Vriis#2385Iloveholinka0 07 Jul
07 Jul Rogue LF RBG Group for 2k+ Heyho, I am currently looking for a RBG Group to push to 2k+ rating or an established 2k+ group where I could play trial with to prove myself. Atm. I am sitting at 1,6k cr, which I pugged up over the last days. But I got sick off constant flaming, group disbanding because of a loss or just bad players in general. I am a pretty laidback persona, which is highly motivated to perform and learn. If you have any questions or notes, feel free to hit me up Tinylegs#21878Sld1 07 Jul
07 Jul Rogue LF Disc for 2vs2 2k+ push Hey there, I am looking for a Disc to push 2k+ 2vs2 rating. Currently playing Assassination at 1,7k cr, done with pugging now though. So I am looking for a "real" arenamate. Important to me is not to tilt. Just looking for some chill games. If you want to use voice that's fine, if not that's fine too. Tinylegs#21878Sld1 07 Jul