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16 Apr 2012 Looking for players — PvP forum Welcome to the "Looking for Players — PvP" Forum. This is the place to look for other players if: You are looking for a new member for your PvP guild You want to join a PvP guild You are looking for members for a cross-realm battleground You want to join an existing cross-realm group battleground You are looking for a new member for your arena team You want to join an arena team In order to make your search as successful as possible, we recommend you to follow these simple steps: Use the search feature at the top right of the screen before posting When creating a new thread, make sure to use an appropriate and descriptive title (e.g. "[A/H] <Class> Looking for RBG" or “[A/H] <Class> Looking for Arena Team” or “[A/H] <Team> looking for <Class> and Healers” ) If you are not interested in teaming up with players from other realms, please feel free to also post on your realm forum. We hope that you will succeed in finding other players to have fun with!Vaneras0 16 Apr 2012
1h [A] Battlemaster Hello! Is there anybody interested in farming battlegrounds to complete the Battlemaster-achievement faster? I want to queue up the battlegrounds needed for the achievement. At the start I will only queue up with 5 players - maybe later we can use premade groups (premade group addon) to queue with 10 or more persons. ───────────────────────────────────────── Battlemaster: wowhead.com/achievement=230/battlemaster Battlegrounds needed in order to complete this achievement: - Alterac Valley - Eye of the Storm - Strand of the Ancients - Arathi Basin - Warsong Gulch We will mainly focus on getting the 100-wins achievement. ───────────────────────────────────────── When I will create a group I will update my broadcast (e.g 'LFM Battlemaster Group - Alterac Valley + Eye of the Storm') to inform you. I you wish to play with us then just contact me via private message. Only contact me if you are willing to play regularly. Conditions: - Active Player - Knowledge of class and how to play battlegrounds - Motivation to achieve that hard achievement ───────────────────────────────────────── If you are interested just leave me your BTag here and I will add you soon. This thread will be updated regularly. ───────────────────────────────────────── Regards, Traut ^-^Traut4 1h
1h looking for guild looking for guild to do rbgs/arenas/battleground hi little about myself first of all. I started wow like most at vanilla played all through till cata arrived and i stopped playing, i have come back for legion and this time round i have got more interested with the pvp side than the pve. The problems i am facing at the moment are 1. have no one to group up with/chat/comms ect ect most ppl in normals not interested ( fully understand after all its normal's ) 2. on a pve server ( draenor ) - happy to move servers 3. i currently have no real rating as im just pugging when i can - i have got to 1400 in previous seasons and so far got to nearly 1200 ( struggerling to get games tbh 20 rbgs in 4 days ) now i am more than happy to be a sub or even just run normal bg's with hopefully new guild members till its felt i can fit in with there team. i happy to learn and do whats needed to be part of a guild/team if anyone knows of a guild thats could help pls let me know thanks ferrusFérrus3 1h
1h LF PvP Guild :)! Hi looking for a guild that does Rgb, arena and runs mythics from time to time, I havent played RGB since Wod but i have much expirience and eager to learn and looking for fun and friendly guild to help me on the way :). I searched for eternity to find a decent guild but all are pve so this is kind of my last resort help me out and add me to discuss more and learn more about me thanks ! :) Jillumi #2649Heartfilia4 1h
2h [H] sub rogue LF MAGE frost/fire 2s Hey i'm looking a cool dude for 2s going for 2k rating, you can take a look on my char from armory and wisp me ingame add me on battle.net pref: Mage Frost or Fire (or any viable class we can discuss) time i'm online: working days from 19:00 to 23:00 (after work) weekend: full time :) around 10h playtime per day GizmoMKD#21944Rogerto1 2h
2h Lf awesome rogue ( A ) Hi im 1950 xp in 3s last season and wanna try and push a bit higher this and next season. Im looking for a rogue to practice alot of 2s with and later we can do 3s as we learn to know each other better, then we can find a cool druid / priest. I play every day and expect you to be somewhat active aswell + know your class good and have a bit of xp but it doesnt matter to much as long you are willing to learn and get better as me. I watch alot of youtubers and fire mage / rogue seems alot of fun in 2s :) Let me know abit about yourself in this tread and ill add you if your the rogue im looking for :)Nil3 2h
2h Glory of Rbg's (alliance) Do you also miss when rbg's was a thing and something you could brag about? I just feel that rbg's have fallen into the shadow and i cannot see why players let something so nice as rbg die slowly..? Most of the groups today wants to see those high 2.3+ achives but in reality plays like a bunch of 1.2cr's back in the days. I am looking for like mindes people that would like to find a steady team to roll with and climb the ladder, i miss those days when you worked hard as a team and always helped eachother with tips and tricks to improve your gameplay. I just feel that alot of people flame eachother way to much and bringing alot of people down, just makes me sad to see someone completely destroy someones will to play this game.. A little about myself, i had my own rbg/pvp guild in early cata and was leading/tc'ing aswell. About 1 month after the guild was formed we had about 25 members and we was doing Rbg's daily and was working towards that every single one of us was not going to be left outside. Most of the players got from 0 - 2.1 cr during this time and some did not have much pvp experience at all! It just made me so happy too see everyone achive something as a group! :) Now i am looking for like minded people that want to give rbg's abit more serious shot then the yolo grps, the only req that i wish for is that you should be active for atleast 3 times per week and not be shy in the vent. Atleast have a pvp backround higher then the daily "average" bg/skrimish queuer since i want to go in a relative faster pace now then i did before :) If this might be something for you dont be shy, leave you btag and ill get back to you asap! The goal so to get the same 10 guys for every run :)Mánor20 2h
3h [EU][A] 2.1 lexp, 1.9 cr Ret/Rdruid LF MM hunter Looking for MM hunter. Be similar CR 1.9k+ and lexp 2.1k+ ,be fairly active,have decent amount of traits(42+) and love your spec. Wanna find good teammate to play with, have fun,push rating and get better. If your interested or have any questions, reply bellow or add me,my btag is cofic#1280Cofi11 3h
11h H 2,5k lsexp WW lf 3s 1,9k+cr 2,5k lsexp WW lf 3s 1,9k+cr 54 artifact lvl. TWD/ WW/mage/pally or WW/elem/x Buriika#2699Nexot0 11h
14h Casual RBG 1.6k cr push Hello there! I'm unable to commit to an actual RBG team due to my work :( So i'm looking for players that want to push rating at any time any day since it won't be on a schedule. Also if a team is looking for an Arms/Fury Warrior that can fill in at any point (when i'm online) then i'm your guy! :) Will only play with people who are at 1.6k or higher and that want to win, i don't want to lose rating because people cba. Add me Ragnoroker#2625Ragnaroker0 14h
17h PvP guild looking for members! We are new guild looking for players to join our RGB, Arena and Mythic runs, recruiting also new players to help leveling up and guiding through the process. We are at Stormreaver, If you are looking for fun and nice people to play with add me Jillumi#2649 or /w me in game so we can talk more thx ! :)Heartfilia0 17h
21h RBG Team searching for serious players for rating push Our current team is around 1850 team mmr and we are searching for coupple of classes to fit our play style....Our main goal is to push over 2k and we do RBG's every day in evenings... Tue/fri/sat: Whole nighters push ( 20:30-23:30) Every other day: 2-3 games for daily win /ap farm We will be mainly accepting players with high enough item level and best personal achievements ,as well as people who have high in depth knowledge about their class/role on every battleground and pvp We are currently in search for (altho all classes are considered if deemed versatile): 1 Unholy DK ( Req: Ability to TC when main tc is on other objective or group split,ability to keep CC timing and interrupts when it's needed, High cleave damage) 1 MM Hunter ( Req: ability to burst big damage when needed,be able to focusfire and glue to given targets, TC when needed , Defend when needed) 1 Rogue( Disrupting healers,scumbaging cap points, slowing EFC) 1 Druid healer( Ability to use cc beside sheer healing ,use survivability techniques to max, be able to solo heal split squad or peel off if in danger Contact: mdweller90#2145 HORDE side player : anttiyou What we can offer : Experienced and mature leadership with years of knowledge behind us with goal of reachin 2k rating miminum in every season..We will be checking your armory and achies.. GL :)Anttiyou4 21h
21h Considering starting an RBG team Hello! I'm considering starting an RBG team on Horde! Chill team, no hate, be okay with a loss or two and play to have fun! Will probably be playing one or two days a week, maybe more. Probably gonna be playing at Sun and Tue, maybe Sat at 21 ish server time. I've got a Discord server we can use and a guild on Kazzak you are more than welcome to join :) Would be great if most can join the guild so schedualing and communication will get easier :) I have lead an RBG group before in WOD, we got to 1700 before disbanding due to the ending of the season and people stopped playing. If you want to play to have fun and get some rating, give me your battletag and we can talk :) no cr required as we're gonna start from 0 ;) What Iooking for will be Resto Shaman Holy Paladin/Resto Druid MW Monk Fury Warr/Frost DK (Be vocal, you're gonna TC) Assassination Rogue Balance Druid Frost Mage Affli Warlock This will not be a finallized roster, exeptions could be made! Lets have some fun guys :)Aîonic13 21h
1d LF Shadow priest or TEAM 2k5cr (Rdruid) Hey in few sentences i will explain situation. Cause of dramma in team i'm now looking for 3s with Mage. We are both 2k5 cr and 2k8 exp, we are looking for 3rd on ally side prefer Shadow priest for GOD comp but you must be around 2k2 cr and 2k7 exp. 2nd option for me is : To find new team so if u have a team which suits info above i would like to try it and push Glad/R1. If you are interested to join team or have me in team add me Mork#21809 or poste here some info. P.S: 54 traits in Resto weapon.Bearacköbama2 1d
1d LF - Arena Partner? Hiya, Since legion I have set myself a goal to reach 2000k experience in arena, so I headed to curse, downloaded all the addons I need and made all valuable macros for my class. I have been playing wow since WotlK and seriously since legion, because I just hadn't enough time then and I do now. What I noticed is that the ( Arena ) LFG-tool the game has to offer is not a place for some serious arena partners since there are only two kinds of people on there in my opinion. 1. people who ask 2k achievement and a high cr, otherwise u stand no chance of getting an invite. 2. people looking to farm 10 wins, but kick or leave the group after the second loss. I have to admit, I am in a learning phase and currently sitting at around 1300 cr and I'm posting here on the forums asking and trying to find arena partners. I like using any kind of voice chat because communication in intense fights like these, is in my opinion very importent to pull off the best strats. I'd like to play on a weekly basis and invest as much time in arena as I can. Of course we need to adept to each others play style. I'm more looking for some mature partners with a good knowledge of their respected class and a solid view and experience in arena matches. I hope this information is useful to you too and are also looking to reach 2000 experience in arena pvp. Let push that CR together. **Leave a reply underneath if you are interested or leave a response**Lågatha4 1d
1d A - Lf 3s partners Hi there, Looking for a main team to play with consistently, alliance side only. I'm mostly willing to play as mage/priest/elem but could swap to something else depending on what suits us. I don't care about xp since i've only puged to the 1700-1900 mmr range myself in wod/legion, which is indeed nothing. What i seek is long term partners to train and grind with, coming with a positive and chill mindset and the basics to start with (aka communication, classes knowledge, DRs management etc). slapback#2123 CheersBritneyshot10 1d
1d LFM Random BG's Searching for players that most likely are active random BG spammers. I lockout AV & IOC if I'm queuing.Grinji2 1d
1d 1.9kexp Srogue lf long term partner. hey all, title says it all. currently looking for any viable rogue comp which we can learn and push rating with. main comp I am used to is R/M. all I ask is that you bring voice and basic knowledge of arena/comp setups. I also play Rdruid/frost mage which are both around the 2k mark. add me on battle tag if intrested Mckie106#2121 (voice is a must and also speak English) thank youNiaqt0 1d
1d Arms lf 2s partner[A] Was 1900+cr. Playing with randoms from lfg with no voice is somewhat frustrating. Now i lost a few games due to reasons...Ammer4 1d
1d LF Stable Partners Afternoon all, Looking for some 2s/3s partners to put some arena time in. Not PvP'd much in Legion with exception of a few skirms here and there, however have around 2k xp in 2s/3s in other patches and 2.1k RBG xp. Currently have an UH DK, MW Monk and Boomkin but more than happy to level and play any class/spec on any realm/faction for people who will stick around and try to improve. Interested in guilds, but my main aim here is to get some consistent partners to get better with rather than queuing LFG no-voice games! Look forward to any replies :)Röt0 1d
1d [A] Invicta Recruiting for RBG-Team Greetings. I'm the Guild Master of Invicta-Outland. Invicta is a PvP guild that I run together with my friends. We've played together since the middle of Legion PvP Season 2. We're currently looking for a couple roles to complete our team, a Flag Carrier (Guardian or DH) a Healer (Druid or Disc) and a couple ranged DPS. We play Tuesday, Friday and Saturday from 20:00-22:00 If you got any questions please leave them below and I'll answer them.Halioz0 1d
2d Any1 wants to play with a 2.6k xp WW? Sooo, WW is in a pathetic state. Every class is better then monk rn, so no one really plays with WW. After taking a break since early Legion ss2 I just got back, just to see monk being !@#$. And also on top of that I think they are even nerfing them more in 7.2.5 if I am right?. Anyway so I almost reached 2.7 in WoD ss2 and reached 2.5 in Legion ss1. I just want to play monk, so I hope some1 is up to play?. At some point WW will be good again (I have faith), and I want to be ready to go with a strong team. So if you are not a rage quitter, and up to play quite a lot hit me up, Blysto#21703. Please be 2.2k legion exp or higher.Blysto1 2d
2d New premade! Hello everyone, Battlegrounds are getting infested with pre-made groups. This makes it harder for non-premades to achieve victory. I plan on starting my own group for premades, this will be supported with a discord server and other communication methods. Are you looking for a premade group? help us start one! Who are we looking for? Profile: We are looking for experienced WoW players and/or new players who are motivated to learn more about PVP. Someone with a mature and serious attitude (18 years or older) and Willing to join the discord channel, a mic. is not required yet it is preffered. We require anyone to be able to speak/write english (Dutch may be an exclusion). Our goal: To bring people together, and create ourselves an advantage which will lead to greater advantages. In BG's and possibly arena's. Achievements & Rewards: We will have a ranking system, which will be used to reward people for activity, skill and efforts. Leave a comment, or add me on Battle.netDesschadow10 2d
2d LF PvP'ers Hello! As the title suggests I'm looking for some people to PvP with. My favourite time in WoW was during WotLK, even though I was terrible, because there were so many of us on my original server that PvP'ed, so looking for a group of people that like to queue BG's, RBG's or arena and just generally go slay people together. Would rather find a guild as having a sense of community is more important than just finding an awesome 3's team. I've hit around 2k as healer and Warrior/DK in arena, but haven't PvP'ed competitively in Legion so would need to brush up. Haven't done RBG's much but would love to get a team going. Will likely level/gear Warrior/DK/Restoration Druid for future use. I'm a very chill person, not too bothered by the experience of my fellow team mates as I know everybody starts somewhere. The only thing that bothers me are people who are unable to take advice or criticism and believe that everything is always everybody else. I believe constantly seeking improvement should be the goal. Ego at the door basically. So if any of that seems cool to you then hit me up! #Beast22175Serraqt1 2d
2d remove Hi. I'm f*cking sick and tired of searching for healers in the group finder while on my dpsers, and it honestly seems like I'm forced to play on my healers if I want to play properly. BUT! I'm tired of Legion. So that means I'm going to ask for a lot more exp if healers are such a hot commodity, because Luck fegion. As for healers I've got 2 rdruids on 110, a holy pala and a resto sham. The hpala was the first healer I lvled in Legion, and got 2.2k 2s in Legion s1 (got it up shortly before it ended) and 2.2k in both 2s and 3s in Legion s2. Then I got a resto sham up, and after farming the traits and honor lvls I instantly went to 2.4k in 2s and 2.2k in 3s, in Legion s2. The rsham is on 2k cr in 2s and a little lower in 3s, because I honestly don't do much more than the facebook farming on it these days. But those are both on the Horde side. I've also lvled up a resto druid on the alliance side, and another one on the horde side (tauren). I've only played rdruids up to 2k and then stopping there because it's been rather boring overall since I haven't really played the fotm comps. For example, I got to 2k on this one last season with my partner playing on his ww monk since it's his only char he's lvled up on the alliance side. I've got a decent amount of exp on a lot of classes, and I've got every single class between 100-110, and then multiples of some. Since I can't find healers to play with on my dpsers (Warr, DK and DH) I'm just going to see how it goes on my healers. I always get a ton of people signing, but at the same time most people are sh!t in the group finder, and a surprising amount of 'em doesn't even want to use any voice. So, discord+microphone is required. Bring 2.4k+ exp, because I'm pissed off enough already by being forced to play on my healers. Say what you want to play and on which faction if it's with one of my rdruids. If I can't play on my dpsers, then you better damn well bring more than enough exp to make sure it goes smoothly. Hence the 2.4k+ req. It'll be interesting to see how many people this'll piss off, if it'll upset anyone at all. All I can say is... Legion brought it out of me. I play healers out of necessity, not because they're fun to play in Legion. So if I can't alleviate the frustration by playing on my dpsers because no healers matching the simple requirements such as 2.2k+ exp and discord+mic AND PLAYING THE CLASS I'M LOOKING FOR actually signs, then I'll demand absolute f*cking perfection out of you dpsers. Seriously, when I'm searching for one healer class, I get around 2-3 other healer classes signing and they usually don't even match the exp req. F*ck the group finder. I've got 2.2k exp as warrs in 2s, 3s and 5s, and 2.2k exp as dks in 2s and 3s and 2.1k exp as a monk (back in mop, haven't done any arenas on it since then). Also played one of my palas as ret to 2.1k a few expansions ago, but that's a while ago.Fillêr12 2d
2d H - LF swedish player for 3s Hey. I'm looking for a swedish player who doesnt mind losing, but wants to win and to climb to 2k-ish rating. We're currently playing mostly 2s as hpal/dh and bm hunter/rdruid on Frostmane and Kazzak on hordeside. I play as a paladin, priest or hunter and my brother runs dh or druid. Its not decided what we will run 3s with but you need to play a class that fits into that. Perhaps a mage if we go hunter/druid etc. The most important factor is to be friendly, not start raging all the time and to be decent players like us. I have earned the gladiator rank once, and we almost got it in wotlk again (was 2 rating away.). My brother unfortunately got a life so he can only play twice a week, mostly tuesdays and fridays.Nossra6 2d
3d LF 3S Arena Mates! Hey boys, Im Alex, 23 year old German who is looking for a Arena 3s ..Team.. Highest this season is 1700, i dropped to 1500 cause of zero communication. Thats why im looking for RMD/RMP/THUG or any other viable comp to play serious. I want to play with discord from the very first game :) Greetings :)Akkié1 3d
3d 2lsxp rdruid lf 2s&3s Hi, Im a 2kxp rdruid with a cr ~1.6. Im looking for some mates to push 2s or 3s. I have also some alts (every healclass) so Im able to switch. Be vocal post your btag peaceTeriixx2 3d
3d 2150+ Ret 52 Traits GS 911 lf 3s Started PvP'ing last season and got to 2150+ with some random dudes. Now I want to push even further and reach gladiator rating in the long run. Due to my job I can only queue on We/Thu/Fr-Sunday - also I am no English native speaker if thats a problem for you. Fav. Comps are Ret Mage x and Ret Hunter x but I am open for anything else that works for us. Add Frozen#2469 if you are interested.Kizume0 3d
3d [H] We want YOU! We want YOU!! No matter your looks, skills in the bed chamber or even in the kitchen for that matter! We do not care how many times you have conquered a country nor do we care if you eat hotdogs at 3A.M.. However, we do care if you are a healer and if you have the potential to carry two scrublords.. if you can not carry us then you are a perfect fit. We are looking for a healer that just wants to enjoy some 3s in arena, skill doesnt really matter. Swedish or english pref. I may be able to learn some other language but that will take some time. Chrispey#2246 is where you can reach my smugly !@#.Chrispey0 3d
3d Rated BG team (fresh team - cross realm) If you are interested for Rated BG team then take a look: Original article: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17615105860Kelajo19 3d
4d LF Stable 3v3 Team and PvP Guild Hi im a 1533 2v2 and 1535 3v3 Player, and i would like a group to play and talk with so that i could get further (not boosting but playing together). I am not a bad player but the is some improvement needed, however I think that a team would be the best way to do this. :DBassed0 4d
4d Mw monk LF 3s stabil partners Hello guys. 2.19k legion s1(2s exp because i hadnt any partner for 3s) now 3s 1.8 cr(was 1950 i losted cuz of trash premade guys) mistweaver monk looking for 3s partners. My prefer comps are turbo,tsg,demo lock&demo hunter,beastcleave but feel free for another comps. Im playing horde and i can playing just night times( im login approximetaly 1.00-2.00 am logout 5.00-6.00 am ) i mean i need also the same guys whoever will join me he/she should playing night times also. If anybody try with me,just add me your realids and lets see what we will do. Please be same cr and minimum 2,2.2 "legion"exp otherwise ill not participate thanks Cookordie#2343Sensatiòn0 4d
5d [A] Guardian Druid, 2k exp, LF RBG As the title says. I'm a Guardian druid with 908 ilevel. I have no Legion RBG experience beyond the odd PuG here and there. However, I do have 2k experience from past expansions and have boatloads of patience. If interested please contact me on Ariyanah#2232 Thanks!Ariyanah0 5d
5d [A] RBG Group with as goal to get to 2000 CR So I have been playing RBG's for some time now as a holy paladin, and like previous seasons it's difficult to progress beyond 1800 with random groups. Many groups in the LFG tool are below 1800 and without voice, and other groups are beyond 2000 and ask very high requirements to join. So let's get a stable group going with 2000 rating as the main focus. To join: - Have around 1800 RBG xp in legion S1 or S2. - Have RBG addons installed and have decent gear. - Be mature, friendly and vocal (english language: no rage and no leaving the group mid-fight). We use discord and play 1 or 2 evenings per week (tuesday/sunday) and improve on a fixed group (rotate people depending on who is available). Leave BTAG in comments, i'll add you to friend list and then to calender. Thanks!Sense7 5d
5d nvm -Nilár0 5d
5d [A] Want to join or form RBG team I'm in PvE realm and don't wanna change that, but I wanna join (or form my own) RBG team. I can play FDK or G Druid. Would prefer my FDK. RBG is just not for pugs, I wanna be in a permanent team. I started in Legion and the highest rating I reached was 1100, but that's because I stopped pugging and gave up. But tbh I'm not fussed about ratings, I just want to have fun. PvP is definitely more fun than PvE. So my goal is to join/form RBG team, not tryhard team but fun team. If you are alone and want team as well, or if you have a group/guild I can join in, let me know. Please do not contact if you only want 10 wins for artifact skin or stuff like that, this is for permanent team.Rhodri1 5d
6d [A][3s] Rsham Lf stabil mates 2.3klsxp Lf serious mates I prefer sp/lock/boomie/dk uh/hunt/arms/feral/mage/ele with 2.3klsx at least. I can play arenas in the evenings. For more info add ApheliS#2551. Flamers and poisonous players who leave after first lose pls avoid me thx :)Aphella0 6d
6d From no PvP to 10 rated BG wins? Yes, well, what´s the best way to go about this? I really want to unlock my artifact tint, requiring 10 rated BG wins. But I really dislike PvP in Legion. I used to PvP quite a lot years and years ago but not anymore. So what´s the best way to go about this, any insight or advice? I guess reaching a decent Honor/Prestige level first or? I guess those teams in the Premade finder that are just looking for "anything" hardly have a chance of succeeding, as they get PvP scrubs like me? ;) Thank you in advance for the tips.Alunaria0 6d
6d HOLYPRIEST LF RBG premade @2,2k CR ++ Hi RBG- Gamers, HOLYPriest LF RBG ppl with 2,2k CR or more. xp: 2,4 and weapon trait soon 53. got TeamSpeak and Discord is there an premade grp that Need an healer gimme info :STorgá0 6d
6d eHEROES RBG Boost selfplay Hello, top RBG players world selling RBG boost for gold. Price depends on your current rating and what rating you wanna push to. Contact me ingame and i will give all info. Bnet: Sivax#21816 Taking gold on all servers! H / A Self play (no account sharing) Alliance only,Papichulø19 6d
6d (A/H)2,4sxp PHP lf Hunter for Glad Push Retri&Disc PHP since last season (2,5lsxp) looking for a Hunter. We are atm at 2,4 MMR and need a similair rated and xped Hunter. Doesnt matter at horde or alliance. Just bring same cr,xp and time :)Vanexy0 6d
6d [H] SP/RSham LF 3rd partner 2.3 & 2.4 xp LF stabil partner with same xp. We are on both in the evenings. We prefer Affli/Demo lock, Boomie, Ele, Rogue. For more info add ApheliS#2551Aphella0 6d
6d I am in need of a pvp guide hello ppl i live in silvermoon these days but as you know its not a cool and warm home for pvp players . so i want to find a new home for pvp players . can you suggest me a realm for ally pvp ? I am in need of a new guild FOr arena and RBG too thanx for your help ppl . i wish you good timesLouter0 6d
6d [H] Multi hero MW/Rdru lf team to push 2.2++ Greetings, Returning multi hero player looking for RBG team to push 2200+ with. I'm currently at 1900 on Druid and 2100+ on Mistweaver. I'm available every day. Please add Jave#21706 for more information. Thank$Aluny2 6d
16 May LFT RGB's Looking for team for RBG only play on horde playing warrior at the moment going to be making more class's Warlock and Mage probs my next ones. Warrior - fury My warrior is ilvl 880 got wrist legendary i am not a quitter always wanting to progress you need anything else ?Georgeyb1 16 May
15 May VURTNE is Return He Come Soon Best Mage ForeverDarkinssgril4 15 May
15 May [H] Rdruid High XP lf arena/rbg Yo, I had high experience in PvP on different extensions as druid, warrior and priest. But i'm actualy playing only restodruid. I have actualy 2.4 in 2s / 2.2 in 3s / 1.8 in RBG. Im looking for people who wanna progress and have already high experience in PvP but also on the char that they're playing. I want people with motivation. What I'm not looking for is people without experience on Légion, and I also don't wanna play with !@#$ty alts. So if you dude are looking to enjoy and try to get high rating just add me. I have also alt rdruid And btw my main langage is french but I can also speak german and english. I dont want to play with pickup anymore and try to find some nice players. If you are interested just add me Btag : Duss#21314Osgy1 15 May
14 May [H] MW / WW lf 3s team As the title says im looking for a 3s team as either WW or MW- preferably WW tho, LSXP 2s 2300~ 3s 2350~ rbg 2600~ Lasi#2413Wajoba0 14 May