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16 Apr 2012 Looking for players — PvP forum Welcome to the "Looking for Players — PvP" Forum. This is the place to look for other players if: You are looking for a new member for your PvP guild You want to join a PvP guild You are looking for members for a cross-realm battleground You want to join an existing cross-realm group battleground You are looking for a new member for your arena team You want to join an arena team In order to make your search as successful as possible, we recommend you to follow these simple steps: Use the search feature at the top right of the screen before posting When creating a new thread, make sure to use an appropriate and descriptive title (e.g. "[A/H] <Class> Looking for RBG" or “[A/H] <Class> Looking for Arena Team” or “[A/H] <Team> looking for <Class> and Healers” ) If you are not interested in teaming up with players from other realms, please feel free to also post on your realm forum. We hope that you will succeed in finding other players to have fun with!Vaneras0 16 Apr 2012
4h 1,7 exp lfm Fungswae#2182 yo, I`m looking for chill people to create a long term 3s team, 1,7 exp in 3s. Mainly play warr (both factions) 1.6 cr on ally. Also play MW on ally and gearing a frost DK atm. Looking for mates to push almost every night. I mainly use Discord for communication. prefer turbo, WLS, WLD TSG or thunder. Add me!Leokin1 4h
6h DISC PRIEST LF 3V3:-) My priest are around 935 + it lvl/70+ Artifact Power - and around 1800cr! I have 2k legion xp in rmp Lf partners who wanna push as high as possible I have most xp with php and rmp. my evening playtimes times are tuesday, wed, and sunday evening 19.00-22-00 ad Queath#2668 for an ingame talk:-) Have my own discord channel and can use bnet/ts/vent if needed, but pref discord cause its less laggy etcSandkage0 6h
6h [H]LF Rdruid/Hpala for 3v3 push Hey, Not long ago I made a post here LF 3v3 team to push for gladiator this season. I managed to find a really cool mage who i've played with for a while now. We are currently Looking for a healer to play WW/Arcane/X (rdruid or disc) Some more info about us.. In terms of achievments we've both been above 2.5 at different points in the games history.. so in short, we know what it takes to pvp on high mmr. We need a chill healer who has similar exp and to que regularly and push.. Lately we've only been swaping healers in LFG due to not having an active healer who plays often, so usually by the time we get used to the new healer we have to stop for the day and the process starts again.. Currently we are at 2.1k cr Don't know what else to add.. so if you have any questions ask them here or on bnet: Jaybird#21811 CheersJaypresents3 6h
7h Hey We stopped boosting for now.Papichulø48 7h
7h LF 2k cr disc priest 2s. :) LF a disc priest 2k cr for 2s. I am also 2,3k cr. in 3s if anyone is down to push to 2,4k with RMP or DWTS. :)Kastelletx0 7h
11h 2k xp dh lf rating push 2k xp DH lf for good comp to push some serious rating with.Demonjuice1 11h
11h [A] Dk lf 2s/3s 2,4overall xp hey, i am searching for mates. For 2s i want to play with a healers and for 3s i pref to play vanguards. Got low cr in both brackets. Actually i`m "new" on english servers and my english is not the best, so i need a bit time. No raging kids pls or arrogant players, just go for a good rating without stress. For Voice i can offer u TS or Skype, no Discord (theres no way i will install discord). I am aiming for 2,4 and more so be patient thats not gonna work in 2 days. If u are interested, add: Sui#21650 seeyaValyrion0 11h
21h LF 2.1K cr disc 2.1k cr rogue and hunter playing thug constantly with no voice and inactive healers LF a skilled and active disc to play and push glad with us, we are very very good at the game and we practise a lot, we have gained about 200 cr in less than a week and are on the climb, our peak mmr was 2.3k.Frostgodx0 21h
1d 2.1kexp war lf team Heyyyy 2.1kexpd war in 2s from legion season 4 looking for great permanent partners to push practice learn analyse and grow with My goal is 2.4k in legion my comp preferance is TSG, Turbo or dh/arms/rdruid BTAG: Drxxion#2930Rxxion1 1d
1d [A] RBG Team Recruiting. Hey, I'm currently recruiting for RBGs. About the team: Leader is 2.5k experienced in leading, rest of the team is above atleast 1800, and we require you to be the same. We're looking for a Restoration Shaman, Frost Death Knight, Marksman Hunter, Havoc Demon Hunter TC. The team will look like this Healers: Holy Priest Restoration Druid/Shaman (Open) Mistweaver Monk DPS: Retribution Paladin Affliction Warlock Subtlety Rogue Marksman Hunter Frost Death Knight TC/Marksmanship Hunter Arms Warrior (Open) Vengeance/Havoc Demon Hunter We'll play Tuesday and Sunday from 20.00-22.15 ST. You must have Discord, ilvl 910+, 52+ traits, 1800 RBG experience. We expect everyone to show up on time. Toxic players will be removed. Add your battletag below and an armory link to your character. Please note that we don't need other classes than those I mentioned, unless I edit the post. No guaranteed spot for everyone at this moment, so several Different players can sign up for the various roles. I'll get back to everyone as soon as I can. Once we get the a stable team going we'll push for 2k+.Halioz12 1d
1d LF WW for 3x3 TWD, Low CR Hi everyone from Mother Russia, fdk and hpaly lf strong WW for conquest mmr, we have exp 2k on this addon(U must understand, that your experience should not be lower than ours). And looking for the same player as us, if u are not leaver, rage boy or crybaby welcome to our team. Have fun! We played by MSK time 22:00 to 03:00. Btag - Sharphic#2192Волчьяпасть0 1d
1d LF WW for 3x3 TWD Low CR Hi everyone from Mother Russia, fdk and hpaly lf strong WW for conquest mmr, we have exp 2k on this addon(U must understand, that your experience should not be lower than ours). And looking for the same player as us, if u are not leaver, rage boy or crybaby welcome to our team. Have fun! We played by MSK time 22:00 to 03:00. Btag - Sharphic#2192Волчьяпасть0 1d
1d BG team in kazzak LF players Hi Legio getica is a social pve/pvp guild. In pve we are 5/9M TOS In PVP we are progressing in BGs and Arenas leading by veterans in pvp since TBC with over 2k rating. ATM we are looking for a FC (prefer VDH or prot warrior), a MW, SPriest and a rogue to complete our team. We do BGs Thursday 20:00-23:00 (server time) And Tuesday 20:00-23:00 (server time) and Arenas at Friday and Weekends If interesting or for more info Feel free to apply me Palabos#2129 Or to our pvp leader Sandycheekz#2680Molismeni5 1d
1d 2.1 legion xp mw lf partners Hello, im mw 2.1 xp s4,S5 and looking for active ppl with same xp to push 2s , 3s and RBGs. Looking for ppl with working mic and willing to speak and coordinate in arenas. Hoping for long term partnership and atleast 3-4 days/ week to push. No raging , fun is prio :) add hydro#2667 if interestedAzureshrimp0 1d
2d [A] PvP Guild on Ravencrest is Now Recruiting! <Thats What She Said> is currently recruiting for Arenas and it's main RBG team! We're recruiting anyone with 1.5k+ XP in either Arenas or RBGs or a Mythic Raiding Experience in Legion. If you think you have what it takes add Dertah#2342 or Roguenero#2119 on bnet for more information :) Our RBGs are on Saturday - Tuesday from 7:30PM to 10PM server time! Although the guild's main focus is RBGs we also are recruiting players for Arenas! We currently have 8/10 Members for the RBG team and are looking for more people to fill the team out :) we currently need a Target Caller | Flag Carrier | DPS (Shadow Priest , Balance Druid , Aff. Lock) Other DPS will be considered :)Dertah21 2d
2d 2.3k CR DH 2.3k CR 3s on DH i got glad back in s15 on my war, im planning to go for it again. add me if you're interested to push with me. have similar cr please X) #feras2299Xtrue0 2d
2d . .Lyethael5 2d
2d [H/A] Rsham/hpala 3s or 2s lf people to play with Hello, I have got a Horde Rsham, which has been stuck around 2150 cr in 3s for some time, and I also got a Alliance holy paladin which is 2130 cr in 2s links to my characters: http://www.arenamate.net/EU/outland/Stleech/history#!2v2 http://www.arenamate.net/EU/outland/Bleachvendor/history#!3v3 If anyone is interested please leave your btag and some info.Bleachvendor2 2d
2d Sick of playing with toxic people from LFR I've been playing all Legion, and im so sick and tired of basically only meeting toxic people in lfr, thats why i need some friend for 2s/3s to push rating. Im currently 1980 in 3s and 1808 in 2s. i used to be 2050 in 3s but got down because i cant find any parters :// add my btag if interested - folke1337#2883Farkissus0 2d
2d Sick of random people, LF like-minded people Hi guys, title says it all, I am looking for a few people that like to casually play in BGs, Arena and RBG's to sign up with. I am sick of logging on, and healing / DPSing alongside people I don't know constantly. I would much rather chill out on Discord and have a laugh while playing the game. So, if you are like me, and just want to sign up with people and have fun together instead of just mindlessly signing solo, feel free to get in touch. (Oh, and I am a 2.2k experienced player, playing Holy Paladin and DH atm :) )Nv46 2d
2d Boomkin lf friendly 3v3 buddies! Hey guys, i mainly pvp as a boomkin although I haven't done a lot this expansion. I really like playing 3's and would love to find some new, chilled out people to play with. I've floated around 1700 rating for previous expansions but never really tried to ratings push. Just fancy some chilled 3's games with or without voice :)Fizze2 2d
2d [A] 2k+ lexp,1.7k cr need Disc/Rsham for PHX Wanna push 2.2-2.4k+. Need good and active teammate to push with. Have at least 2k+ legion 3's exp, similar cr,multiple concordance and 910ilvl+. Leave your btag bellow if interested.Cofi2 2d
2d 2k CR rogue Former multi glad rogue quit for 4 years came back 2 months ago LF long term team, I'm very dedicated and am now floating around 2k cr, have played as high as 2.2k mmr this season. I study hours of videos, work on my game.. Play lots and lots of games and am always looking to improve, I'm positive with a decent team and practice on a daily basis I can reach glad with like-minded people. Pref RMP, same cr, I do not care at all about past exp and my only condition is that you are 2k cr and are on the rise rather than dropping off the peak, meaning you are hungry and willing to play and improve and analyse our games and talk strats and get glad. Jonnybonesx#2335Frostgodx2 2d
2d Alliance ww monk LF kind arena partner fun/push Alliance WW monk Lf some friendly people, who wanna do arenas mostly for fun but try to push some rating at the same time and become better.Flowerr0 2d
2d "The Ancient Assassin" a Cross Faction Guild Both A&H CURRENTLY RECRUITING !!!!!!! The Ancient Assassin was created with a vision... One Guild to Rule Them all... Well at least The Venture Co or what it once was, A thriving realm that had plenty of players.. World PvP was at its peak .. Cross-roads...... Theramore.. Ofc STV you name it you'd find some action. So the vision became simple.. one combined guild for both factions... enabling us to dominate Azeroth as we please. So we took over Booty bay and Spent our days levling up our unarmed skills to 600 just encase we faced a disarm... we could still punch them to death !!! Eventually the world had a few massive catastrophic events TBC/WOTLK/CATA/MOP/WOD The brother hood still lives on and needs more brothers from The Venture Co to revitalise from its ashes.... bring the dream to life once more ! Hire a hit man ? take out your rivals ? what ever the reason you can now pay to have a same faction member killed ganked and to learn a valuable lesson.. Gold makes the world go round :P Our structure is as follows; Guild Master - ( the idea) Both faction are ruled by one rule. Brotherhood comes first always. GM of Horde & GM of Alliance - Manages the faction half's of the guild "The Ancient Assassin" (Alliance) "Thé Ancient Assasin"(Horde) note due to name clash there is a clear difference in spelling however the symbol AA remains our signature Right Hand man - each faction has a right hand man whom is in charge in GM absence. Assassins Order - Elite fighting squad that are paid mercenary hit-men. Split into the Four orders each has high ranking officers that lead the divisions into battle. AA - Ancient assassin a brother of the brotherhood can be called upon any time and serves the brotherhoods needs. Employee - This is a paid role working directly as a social member of the society protected by the brotherhood. (under contract only) Member - Invested member into the underground world of blood Gold. ( Private investors whom invested into the guilds growth earn shares into the wealth it creates. want to know more ? order a hit ? get involved then we would love to hear from you . leave an inbox or message in game thanks. AAVegietto1 2d
3d Please Nerf frost dk Frost DKs Really deserve nerf in PVP, got 2k while spamming obliteration and frost strike completely ignoring most of the essential things like cc and etc.Дурванд0 3d
3d Horde MW looking for casual PvP guild Hello. First of all, I have to admit that even though I played Legion since launched I've not really gotten back into the game for years. It's just confusing and weird atm, so I don't know how guilds work in regards to realms etc. Down to brass tax though: I'm looking for a guild that does PvP, both BGs and Arenas interest me. However, I'm not looking for a guild that pushes and pushes and forgets to have fun, I'd like to play with people who don't mind losing games, who understand that it's human to make the occasional mistake, and who try to actually enjoy the game, not just the winning part. I'm pretty active though, so a guild that plays often would be neat. My character is on Moonglade, which is an RP server. I'm not sure if I'll be able to join a guild from another kind of server, but if need be I could always reroll and level up a new monk wherever the guild might be. If such a guild exists out there (Horde side), I'd love to be a part of it. Hoping to hear from someone, thank you for your time.Dishface3 3d
3d [H] MW LF 2s, 3s and Rated BGs Team Mistweaver Monk Legion EXP 2.3k in 2s, 2.1k in 3s an 2.2k in Rated BGs looking for 2s, 3s and Rated BGs team. Looking for serious players/team to play with who are able to communicate via voice channels and want to push over 2.2k in this and next PvP season. You can find me @ Tynael#2762.Taon1 3d
3d LF PvP guild Hey guys and girls. I'm done with the pve content. It's repetative and not really challening enough so naturally pvp is all that remains, which I'm enjoying quite a lot latey! But! solo queueing pvp bg's gets old real quick and there for I'm looking for a new pvp active guild. My current realm ( Silvermoon ) doesn't have any despite its larger population. So I'm willing to transfer or even change factions! I enjoy playing paladin, warrior and hunter. And I must be honest, I haven't done any active pvp since The Burning Crusade Expansion so I'm a little out of the loop at the moment. But I'm sure I'll be right on track in matter of no time. So do you know any guilds I should contact? Please let me know. I fear I might abandon wow again, if even solo queueing pvp loses its charm. Cheers!Fistycuffs0 3d
3d Rejected by Disney-Tarren Mill <Rejected by Disney> Frost Mage, shadow priest/boomkin (2k+ xp req) are in great need to our rbg team PvP: Rbg crew aiming for Hero of the horde. As we previously played in this bracket we aim a fast return to play amoung the highest rated in Europe. Arena community Trying to gather players from various brackets, whom fancy doing arena every day 24/7. ABOUT US: Rejected by Disney is an unusual and unique guild experience. We've existed in many different forms on many different servers, forever cursed to roam the universe, looking for alternative realms we can devour. Once we invade a world, we quickly establish ourselves as the apex predator. Although our reign has never been long term, our impact has echoed out across the infinite horizon, reaching ever into Tomorrow. With guile, discipline, dedication and a decade of experience, we offer you a journey like no other. The memories we give you, will last longer than your spirit can endure and even after your name has withered and your War Crafting over, you will remember us, you will remember yourself. REQUIREMENTS: • Must be able to Speak and Communicate in English. • Must have a Microphone and Headset and Capable of Using it. • Must be Dedicated to One Guild and Faction. (Us) • Must have a Sense of Humour. (The Darker, the Better) • Must be able to take Direction, Commands, Criticism and Insults. • Capable of Analysing Mistakes, Adapting to Change and Evolving Strategies. • Capable of Debating, Arguing and Adequately Expressing one's Opinions. • Capacity to Comprehend Sarcasm/Banter. • Capacity to Comprehend the Needs of Others before Themselves. • No Low Levels or Alts without having a Max Level (Main) in Guild First. • No Political Correctness. • No Communication with the Alliance Faction on Our Server. (Forums included) • A pvp experience greater than 2.200 rating from 3s/rbg. WHAT WE HAVE AND WILL OFFER: Unlike so many other Guilds out there Claiming to be the 'Best' and 'Bragging' about beeing amoung the top players @ rbg eu, in the exact same places, day after day, <Rejected by Disney> is the 'ONLY' Guild with a serious list of accomplishments under its belt. RbD is the reincarnation of everything learned and gained from every other guild we've had. Our Guild Plans have been copied and imitated the world over. But no one can perfect it, for we learned the discipline. You will have an ever lasting bond with some of the most socially misunderstood and depraved people in gaming. You will Ascend through the Ranks, gain Rewards, Privileges, Entitlements and Respect. All Earned from your Dedication and Loyalty to the Guild. You will face Criticism, Humiliation and Hatred, you will Battle your Guild Members and Yourself to Improve and Impress, YOUR Ability and YOUR Skill. This Guild is by no means for the feint of heart. There are no favourites and you Earn your place to become Core. You will endure the Hazing of other Core members and subdue your inner rot, which is rampant in the world today. Your acceptance does not have a Price, you cannot Buy your Respect. But when you Achieve it... you will Truly Belong. And the future Generations will Bow before the designs of your Cruelty. We do not make Soldiers. We Control Monsters. You will learn Formations, Tactics and Strategies. You will discover Secrets and witness Miracles. You may Suffer a Defeat in Battle but you will always Win the War. You will learn to Accept your Failures and Grow as a Player because of them. Humility is a bitter food, once you have experienced it, you will hunger never to taste it again. We do NOT brag about Victories. We do NOT rage whisper players who maim us.here will be NO toxic spills. Your fellow Acolytes 'ARE' your world, Know them, Rely on them. Camaraderie is an important Ability and what you cannot see in a Mirror, they can Help see you through. Rejected by Disney is no longer a Myth told to New Players by Jealous, Unimaginative, Cowards, who think that erasing our past will ensure their future. These heathens are forever 'Destined' to follow in Our Shadow. We are not a Legend passed down from one Generation to the next with Reverence. We are simply the Greatest PvP Movement you will Ever Experience. Be you with us... Or against us... No one creates Content like we do. Without us, there is only a Void in which all the unworthy claim to control. For the time is upon you all. When Our Future will become your Past. contact: gascoigne666#2918 Interviews may take 1-2 Hours. Do NOT Lie. You will Regret it if you do.Ðaqq3 3d
3d Sub Rogue LF 2s/3s Mates Hey Guys Im looking for permenant Mates to play Arenas with. I started to play PvP in Legion (s1) my highest rating in 3s was 1720ish and 1650ish in RBG on my UHDK i played almost every class/specc in legion pvp but i was never satisfied. So i jumped back on my rogue which i last played in wrath. I really want to improve my self with my rogue. Thats why it's the only class i'm playing since almost 2 weeks. Im not a rager, so if you are one then pls don't bother I like to communicate with my Mates before, during and after the games so it would be nice if you could join discord, bnet chat or other voice chat. This is not a Thread for Glad or Rank 1 push i would be even happy if i could reach 1.8 with a fix team. If more is possible its even better. I also have the will to rich something and improving my gameplay Im also happy about any tips i get which help me to be better in PvP. My Playtime is very simple i play every time as i have no job atm due to health issues. So if you also wanna improve your self or maybe your more xpd but can't find partners your welcome to add me at Mazox#21548 Greets Krogzz :)Necfosham0 3d
4d 2k Player LF people with same experience Hey there, I reached 2000 last season in 2v2, and I'm looking for some partners to push for more in both 2v2 and 3v3. My plan for the upcoming seasons in 2200 in 2v2 and 2000 3v3 on my Paladin. I recently started the Monk alt which is a blast to play, however I don't have the same amount of experience playing it. So I'd like to find partners for higher rating with classes they're comfortable with and also new classes to do some practice with. I expect a good attitude and won't really tolerate toxic players. Both long-term partners and people logging on now and then are fine, just want to fill up my friendslist with people above 2k so I don't have to sit and wait all day in queue for people claiming they have this and that. Either way, have a good day :DHalioz0 4d
4d [H] MW LF 3s team Hey, Im looking for chill players to create a long term 3s team. I have 2.1 Legion xp on my Rogue/DK, but this season I decided i want to try healing. Anyway, im currently playing at ~ 1900cr and im looking for similar players to queu with and push rating. Can use voice. Leave your btags if interested.Huonepunch3 4d
4d Arms warr looking for 3v3 partners Arms warrior looking for 2 arena partners to push in 3s. Im currently 2000 rating in 3s, used to be 2050 but went down :/ My goal with this season is to push 2.2 or glad (You never know :D) so just add my btag if interested folke1337#2883Farkissus0 4d
4d Arms warr looking for 3v3 partners Arms warrior looking for 2 arena partners to push in 3s. Im currently 2000 rating in 3s, used to be 2050 but went down :/ My goal with this season is to push 2.2 or glad (You never know :D) so just add my btag if interested folke1337#2883Farkissus0 4d
4d DISC PRIEST LF FOR 3V3:-) My priest are around 935 + it lvl/70+ Artifact Power - and around 1800cr! I have 2k legion xp in rmp Lf partners who wanna push as high as possible I have most xp with php and rmp. my evening playtimes times are tuesday, wed, and sunday evening 19.00-22-00 ad Queath#2668 for an ingame talk:-) Have my own discord channel and can use bnet/ts/vent if needed, but pref discord cause its less laggy etc.Sandkage0 4d
4d LF Serious PvP Guild/Team or Players to push rating LF Regular Arena/RBG Team/Guild or just simply other players after the same thing. So far I have been working on my PvP chars to get them to 1550cr in both 2's and 3's, after achieving this I'm now looking to find like minded players to push for the rest of the rating to hopefully something within the 2k region, I play: HPally HPriest Arms Warr All my Chars are between 920-940 iL and I have worked very hard at achieving a decent level of playing with them. if interested add me at: Morpheus#2552Banhammer4 4d
5d [H]1978 rbg and 1.8k+ xp arena retri LF 3v3 or RBG Team Hey, I'm 1978 rbg and 1.8k arena xp retri pala. My current cr is ~1.6k for rbg and around 1450 for 3s. I can be target caller, doing it during ~1700 mmr matches. I'm looking for stable RBG group or 3v3 (pref. Ret/Hunt/RShammy or Ret/Hunt/Hpriest). Add me on Battle.net for more details: Pióreczko#2286 Have a nice day, PióreczkoPióreczko0 5d
5d 1600 CR mage LF RBG team to push rating I just can't get into any good group because all of them require 2000+ and I get accepted only into groups that are lower CR than me so I get no rating for wins and lose too much when I lose.... not to mention there are never more than like 4 groups active in the group finder.... help :(Whissp1 5d
5d [H] R1 / Mglad exp player... LF Stable RBG team LF stable RBG team on [H] shadow priestUndeadstory0 5d
5d [A] Healer looking for Friends Hey! I have recently returned from a break and i got no friends playing the game. I would love to have someone to play with just have fun do some arenas and bgs maybe even push rating. Add me and let's play some pvp :D Portal#2690Rekkadin0 5d
6d DK 2.7lexp 2.5+sexp lf B.net esp healers! Yo, I'm Melkxz. I have 2688xp from s1 (2x glad). This season I have 4 dks between 2300 and 2450cr. Max mmr this seas was 2.6+ playing destro(mercedesa)/hpal (sandalimx). https://xunamate.com/player/Archimonde/Melkxz https://xunamate.com/player/Archimonde/Melkz I have been lucky enought to "find"/"play with" very good dps this season. But when it comes to playing 3s, the problem is always the same : " do you have a healer? " So if you are a healer with "similar xp", decent mic and good communication addd me pls if you are interested in playing dk+x. clinkz#2578 ---------------------------------------------------------- treat other how you want to be treatedMelkxz1 6d
6d WW monk LF stable partners for 2000+ push Hello, I am playing windwalker monk current season highest rating 1890, I am looking for stable partners to push 2k + cr. If interested please contact me @ Bnet tag: Baloushi#2103 Generally prefer Frost dk with Hpal/Rsham - Resto druid can work as well. But open to other suggestions. Thank youBabyxoface0 6d
6d LF Hpala/Rsham for TWD Hey, I'm currently trying to push rating with the TWD comp. At 1600-1700 atm and playing with a couple of different DKs, but don't really have a solid healer. I got higher exp from previous seasons, but having to pug players regularly makes it annoying to push. So if you're playing hpala/rsham and are interested, feel free to hit me up. Voice is a requirement. TezloK#2489Tezlok0 6d
15 Oct Rdudu LF 2’s & 3’s Hey peeps! 2.2k exp in both brackets. Im Vocal and calm. Havnt found any serious m8s to push this season. Open for different comps.. cheersGonjasmokin0 15 Oct
15 Oct SUB ROGUE LF PVP GUILD LF PVP GUILD on Khadgar/Bloodhoof! Last pvp guild was in WOD after it split up. Really looking for a good pvp guild to push some rating, i am currently 1,7k EXP, but nothing really great... Btag: Starwarrior#2193 Armory: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/bloodhoof/nicolodomis Have played rogue for a few years now and know it quite well; if you need more information about anything feel free to add me :D Personal info: 17 and a half Mature and focused Got mic + TS and Discord No rage!!! Feel free to add me even though your not from Bloodhoof/Khadgar, because if i feel good about the guild/pvp team i can consider changing SERVER!Nicolodomis0 15 Oct
15 Oct Ex glad dh lf elite pvp guild @ kazzak Ex glad dh 2.3k 3s CR lf a elite pvp guild at kazzak add me feras#2299Xtrue0 15 Oct