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16 Apr 2012 Looking for players — PvP forum Welcome to the "Looking for Players — PvP" Forum. This is the place to look for other players if: You are looking for a new member for your PvP guild You want to join a PvP guild You are looking for members for a cross-realm battleground You want to join an existing cross-realm group battleground You are looking for a new member for your arena team You want to join an arena team In order to make your search as successful as possible, we recommend you to follow these simple steps: Use the search feature at the top right of the screen before posting When creating a new thread, make sure to use an appropriate and descriptive title (e.g. "[A/H] <Class> Looking for RBG" or “[A/H] <Class> Looking for Arena Team” or “[A/H] <Team> looking for <Class> and Healers” ) If you are not interested in teaming up with players from other realms, please feel free to also post on your realm forum. We hope that you will succeed in finding other players to have fun with!Vaneras0 16 Apr 2012
24m [A] LFM new fresh RBG Hey guys <Perplexed> is forming a new fresh rolling RBG team, aiming to form and lock in a solid 15-20 people, so we have a flexible and able player base to run RBGs every night. Using S5 to practice and network, and hopefully push for 2k next season. Looking for all classes, ideally with some experience, but will take newer guys with a voice and a non toxic personality. Reply with your Btag for an add and an invite.Roario29 24m
2h (A/H) If you wanna get into arena here's your chance So decided to try something i haven't done before. First a bit about me: I play healer therefor this offer is only for ppl that play dps I am multi legion glad on multiple healers. so what is this? the first few weeks of the new season (s6 starts 28th november) i will be playing 3v3 with any1 that wants. This is aimed for less exp players (0-2k players) What can i offer? Depending on how many wants this i will match you with another guy that also wanna learn and improve around your exp, so if 2x 0 exp ppl sign up i will match them (if it would make a viable comp) This would be a good way to maybe find another guy to play with later. All i want from you is: We will be on voice Since i play healer this is only for dps players What will you learn? How to communicate How to pick the right targets How to realize kill opportunities How to to setup to land kills When to be offensive/defensive and so on. NOTICE I don't gain anything from this, so don't expect it to be top professional coaching see me like a free trial, it's better than nothing. Also if too many people sign up then i won't be able to play with all of you (sadly) so at some point i might close this tread Add my Btag: oooo#6552 tell me what spec and what your exp is then i'll make a list and begin playing with people at the start of new season :)Nerfrmx12 2h
2h (H) LF arena parteners I'm a former experienced PvE player looking to learn and improve on PvP. I'm trying to find healers to play chill 2v2's or any other kind of player to play chill 3v3's. (Currently i am at 900 itemlvl, but soon will be higher, so don't worry) PS. I am also looking for a guild to do any kind of PvP or PvE activies. Cheers, hope to see you in game! (server Trollbane, i don't know if it matters)Tseatank0 2h
3h New PvP Group for people LF PvP partners Hi guys, Recently the social tabb on the Blizzard browser was updated allowing social groups of friends and people outside of your real I.D to formulate groups, therefore I have decided to create a "LF PvP" social group, this is strictly for PvP players looking for other PvP players across all realms, the idea is to cut out allot of the waiting in the LFG system ingame and add another resource to the finding of PvP partners. For now the group will be for Horde and Alliance but eventually may break off into two sepetate groups for each faction and eventually a group for each CR bracket etc etc, the group is still very much brand new and so far has nearly 200 pending applications, if you'd like the opportunity to join then please follow this link below: https://blizzard.com/invite/vGW27sJpW The social system is still in the Beta stages so I imagine Blizzard may implement some changes. Any questions then please post below.Lewpheus1 3h
5h Disc Priest lf 3v3:-) My priest are around 935 + it lvl/70+ Artifact Power - and around 1800cr In 3v3! I have 2k legion xp. Lf partners who wanna push as high as possible. I have most xp with php and rmp/wmp. my evening playtimes times are tuesday, wed, and sunday evening 19.00-21-00 ad sand4u#2983 for an ingame talk:-) Have my own discord channel and can use bnet/ts/vent if needed, but pref discord cause its less laggy etcSandkage0 5h
18h Spain Loves you I would like to Play wow with english people. I am from Spain and I have studied this lenguage. Would you like to Play with me ? I want people with patient and humor .Kirby0 18h
23h 2.6k warr/2.3k DK lf 3rd Me and my warrior friend just got back from a year long break and we want to start 3s again playing TSG. The only thing we are missing right now is a healer. The warrior is 2.6k exp and I am 2.2k+ on multiple classes which the highest rating is 2380. We would prefer a healer around my exp+ and we are open to try every combo. Add me on btag if interested: Darkdaddy#2354Kalopsía0 23h
1d s sDarthlie0 1d
1d 2668 cr sp lf splay to push glad LF destro lock n r sham to push glad. 2668 cr. Be atleast 2650 cr+ Add me on bnet if interested Sotek#2695Darthlie0 1d
1d 2.2k exp LF healer 2’s Hey! Looking for a stable healer to push 2k this week. Im 1.8cr but have 2.2k XP from season 2. I prefer resto druid/shaman. Would like to go voice. Looking for longterm m8 to play next season aswell. I main druid and play on 2.3cr. Kdawg#2917 CheersBigalabama0 1d
1d eHEROES RBG Help / Highest team world Hello, we are offering RBG help for any class / spec in RBG's to any rating. We are not helping horde! Only Alliance. We only accept gold, you are playing your own character, no account sharing. We are not wintrading, we are playing vs real teams. We take gold on all servers horde or Alliance. Add me ingame for more info: Sivax#21816Sångsvan11 1d
2d A beginners way into PVP? Hello all. It seems that almost anyone is searching for someone with high ratings when it comes to recruiting or playing PVP. I get that there are certain requirements, like ilvl gates for heroic dungeons. It is necessary. I've always done PvE, but I've started to have a liking for PVP. I play a lot of random battlegrounds, but the amount of uncoordinated effort gets to me. None in my guild is interested in PVP. How does a beginner go about getting into the rated PVP scene? Thanks in advance.Caleidon4 2d
2d Polska Gildia rekrutuje ! Polska gildia Janusze Gamingu rekrutuje graczy chetnych do wspolnej gry, gildia powstała dosyc niedawno wiec nasza liczba jest wciaz mala aczkolwiek z czasem napewno sie zwiekszy, Wszystkich zainteresowanych zapraszam Server : Quel'Thalas Nazwa Gildi : Janusze Gamingu Frakcja : Horda Lvl : Obojetnie Klasa : Obojetnie Cele gildi : PVE i PVP aktualnie głównie PVE (zbieramy gear) Kontakt : Castaniq lub złozyc podanie poprzez wyszukiwarge gildi zamieszczona w grzeCastaniq0 2d
2d (A) WTB Nemesis quests on Emerald Dream Are there any boosting groups still selling these services? Kind of missed the boat a little...Garretta0 2d
2d [H] Rogue LF mates to tryhard glad S6 Hi, I'm looking for players with real motivation, to learn to play together and have at the end a really good synergy. Looking mainly for RMP or RLS (assas main, but could play sub also). Have 2k1 lxp (only with pickup, randoms, no vocall ~~ back in PvP since 3 weeks now) and 2k5 cata xp (long time ago I know, but still better than nothing). Looking to start play asap (at least try to push 2k3 S5) and tryhard for S6 obviously. Feel free to add : Nearix#21652 Have fun!Naõ1 2d
2d Horde EU Fire Mage 1912cr 2.1k lxp Looking for equal players for permanent partners to push rating with. Info about me: 20 y/o From the UK. England Discord is preferred voice comms LF: Rogue, Feral, Warrior. Priest, Paladin.Burnard0 2d
3d [A] RBG Team Recruiting. Hey, I'm currently recruiting for RBGs. About the team: Leader is 2.5k experienced in leading, rest of the team is above atleast 1800, and we require you to be the same. We're looking for a Restoration Shaman, Frost Death Knight, Marksman Hunter, Havoc Demon Hunter TC. The team will look like this Healers: Holy Priest Restoration Druid/Shaman (Open) Mistweaver Monk DPS: Retribution Paladin Affliction Warlock Subtlety Rogue Marksman Hunter Frost Death Knight TC/Marksmanship Hunter Arms Warrior (Open) Vengeance/Havoc Demon Hunter We'll play Tuesday and Sunday from 20.00-22.15 ST. You must have Discord, ilvl 910+, 52+ traits, 1800 RBG experience. We expect everyone to show up on time. Toxic players will be removed. Add your battletag below and an armory link to your character. Please note that we don't need other classes than those I mentioned, unless I edit the post. No guaranteed spot for everyone at this moment, so several Different players can sign up for the various roles. I'll get back to everyone as soon as I can. Once we get the a stable team going we'll push for 2k+.Halioz23 3d
3d Healer looking for a friendly learning environment Hi. About me I'm a 30 year old healer who seeks (preferably) multiple people to play arenas with both now, and in the future. My experience is 2x Rival on resto druid with ~1900cr as highest rating. Before that I played mage in WoD up to ~2060cr which is still the highest I've been. I also have a lot of time to play, and are quite flexible with playing times. I got a druid on both horde (~1700cr) and alliance(~1800cr). My horde druid still lacks half the honor talents. What I seek So, I've always had a goal to reach Gladiator in this game sometimes in the future, and I think it's healthy to have some goals with my hobby. I've mostly played with people that had less experience than me, because I find those environments more relaxing. However, I think it's time to find people that are around or above my experience in order for me to become better, and reaching my goals. My main focus is always on improving myself as a healer, and try to both individual and as a team to learn from each games. I also think it would be overall better to have multiple people to play with on my friends list. So, in that sense I'm not exactly looking for a team to begin with, but rather have a friendslist with more people to play with than I currently have. Obviously I would not be against playing with someone as a team in the future, but that comes more naturally. So, it goes without saying that I'm not interested in ragers or toxic people that only wants to race towards high rating, but rather people that I can have a constructive talk with about improvements.Bodyscan3 3d
3d [H] !LF 3v3! Hello, i'm Elemental shaman main! sitting on 2.2CR, 2.3Exp'ed this season with unstable team mates.. i can use Discord, bnet or team speak for voice, i'm down for Arena At ANYTIME i'm free, playing Daily, LF a nice smooth push!Elementxgodx0 3d
3d [A] LF a 2.1k+ cr destro/ret/ele+healer As the title says, that's what I'm looking for. I'm not interested in other comps. Bring 2.2k+ exp as well. Most importantly, make me want to invite you! Make me want to play with you! I'm tired of the non-sentences in the group finder, like "2k cr ret", and despite that they still expect to be invited. There's literally no personality, no introduction and no first impression to go on when people act like bots. Discord is required. Match the requirements and write a decent introduction down below, along with your btag, and we might actually get a real team going. Isn't that what some people still claim is what they want? IF you don't match the cr req, then I've got other characters to play on. As long as the comp is strong, then I'm fine with it. You'll still need to bring the exp though. I've also got horde chacters on 110 and some with similar cr, although my horde dk is still just on lvl 106.Dorkslayer5 3d
3d Fury warrior Looking for 2v2 partner (alliance) Hey there im a pve player who wants to do more pvp. Im looking for a partner where i can get some nice ratings with and a bit exp. I did some 2s before and got a rating of 1735 and would like to hit 2k. If u are intrested and would like to get the same feel free to add me and contact me. Btag: Eli#2908Eliaapje0 3d
3d RBG Guild Recruiting - Kazzak Hey Guys! Legio Getica is a 11 year old guild with a proud history of PvP and PvE. I have recently returned from a break since MoP and have rebuilt the PvP side to our guild. Currently we are playing Tuesdays and Thursdays 20:00-23:00 ST making steady progress floating around the 2k MMR mark. Our aim is to push to 2.2k as we have achieved in the past and then onwards to Hero Titles A spot has now opened up for a skilled Shadow Priest. Good exp and discord with a mic you're not afraid to use is a must. As well as this a realm transfer to Kazzak to join us (if you're not already on the realm) will be required, though we allow a 1 month testing period to see if you enjoy playing with the team. Socials and RBG Backups are also welcome! We run many Arenas and also have a successful raid team for anyone also interested in PvE. If interested please add Sandycheekz#2680 to have a chat in game so I can answer any questions you may have. I look forward to hearing from you :)Sandycheekz0 3d
3d Current PvP season I haven't really been following pvp lately, so I have no awareness/feel for how much longer the current season will be, and/or when (if) the next one will start?? Will there be another season before BFA? Just wondering if it's worth it to try to get into RBGs or not. Mostly just interested in casually (not stressed) getting the 40 wins for a mount =) Need the Bear mount.Jalisco1 3d
3d [H] Warrior LF healer for 2v2 Hello! I just recently returned from a 6-month+ hiatus and I feel like it's time for me to give arena a real shot. The highest rating I've ever achieved is a little above 1700. This is usually where the rating gain starts slowing down for me and I never really had any serious partners either. What I am looking for is a healer for 2v2 (shaman/druid/monk) who preferably is around my own level and wants to play, learn and have fun with me and hopefully reach a good rating. For now, my personal goal is 2k rating, but I would love to progress beyond that. If this sounds interesting to you, please leave a message and we can talk further. Thank you!Perseverer0 3d
4d Resto Shaman 3s Just wanted to see if Resto Shaman, Ret Paladin and Havoc Demon Hunter would work as 3v3 team. We're all relatively new to Arena in Legion. Only experience I have is spamming games with whoever is online really, but want to give the above set up a go. Any thought? Suggestions? Thanks in advance.Shinôbi0 4d
4d [H/A] Rsham/hpala 3s or 2s lf people to play with Hello, I have got a Horde Rsham, which is 2210 cr in 3s, and I also got a Alliance holy paladin which is 2340 cr in 2s. At this relatively high rating I am seriously struggling to find anyone decent to play with so I just end up sitting in the LFG waiting for hours. links to my characters: http://www.arenamate.net/EU/outland/Stleech/history#!2v2 http://www.arenamate.net/EU/outland/Bleachvendor/history#!3v3 If anyone is interested please leave a message with some info in this thread.Bleachvendor0 4d
4d New to PvP looking to get into RBG Heya, Been playing the game since vanilla bit only recently started taking an interest in PvP. So far just been doing random BGs and having a blast so looking to try and get a bit more serious about it. Ideally I'd like to continue on my warrior but open to suggestions. I am on Draenor mostly and horde Thanks for any replyKrugdush0 4d
4d This post was a mistake. This post was a mistake.Kenridris0 4d
4d thunder cleave LF heal druid 1900cr We are Arms + Ele (currently @ ~1900cr) looking for a resto druid to push to 2k during the next couple days. You should be around 1900cr yourself and willing to use TS3. dranosch#2707 or dome2706#2992Maelstrom0 4d
4d DH 937 68 LF Healer Rdudu/shammy PL/ENG DH 937 68 LF 2vs2 Healer Rdudu/shammy. I am around 1800 cr . I Want to earn around 2k rating prefer discord. Polish or english doesnt matter.!Daemonhunt0 4d
5d (A/H) Warrior LF PvP Hey guys, After my PC got rekt + I basically lost most of my interest in pve I quit from raiding and looking forward do "re-join" pvp. I am looking for a few ppl to do 2s/3s/RBG and I would prefer going horde cause my cousin is playing as a hordie, so: - We are looking for a healer into turbo cleave - we have 2000 xp from wotlk deadly-rele seasons, and 1,7lxp - I am looking for a few people or a premade group to do rated BG's: I have 200+ wins account wide, 1680lxp and did get 1600 in pretty much all seasons since 4.3 Actually I can change realm as well but only if I find a pvp oriented serious guild. We are experienced pve-wise (means we can follow tacts, and multitask in a pretty advanced way), also we have 12+ years experience in our classes. If you are interested add me: SimonNagy#2193 Cheers!Welithel0 5d
5d Shadowpriest LF PvP - Arena - RBG Hi all, Shadowpriest here, looking to get some pvp action going, mainly for the achievements and mounts. Never really did pvp, was always focussed on the pve side, but i'm looking ot dig into the pvp now. Can't say I got a lot of exp in it, apart from some casual bg's and rbg's. Looking to learn and have a good time. Got discord, got mic. Not looking for a transfer to be honest, this is my 3rd realm, so looking for some cross realm teaming i'd say. Give a shout Riftka#2653Riftka0 5d
5d Rejected by Disney-Tarren Mill <Rejected by Disney> is looking for more active members to spray our banter towards. Running rbg's twice a week, tuesday & thursday from 8-22.30ish server time. PvP: Rbg main crew aiming for Hero of the horde. As we previously played in this bracket we aim a fast return to play amoung the highest rated in Europe. Arena community Trying to gather players from various brackets, whom fancy doing arena every day 24/7. ABOUT US: Rejected by Disney is an unusual and unique guild experience. We've existed in many different forms on many different servers, forever cursed to roam the universe, looking for alternative realms we can devour. Once we invade a world, we quickly establish ourselves as the apex predator. Although our reign has never been long term, our impact has echoed out across the infinite horizon, reaching ever into Tomorrow. With guile, discipline, dedication and a decade of experience, we offer you a journey like no other. The memories we give you, will last longer than your spirit can endure and even after your name has withered and your War Crafting over, you will remember us, you will remember yourself. REQUIREMENTS: • Must be able to Speak and Communicate in English. • Must have a Microphone and Headset and Capable of Using it. • Must be Dedicated to One Guild and Faction. (Us) • Must have a Sense of Humour. (The Darker, the Better) • Must be able to take Direction, Commands, Criticism and Insults. • Capable of Analysing Mistakes, Adapting to Change and Evolving Strategies. • Capable of Debating, Arguing and Adequately Expressing one's Opinions. • Capacity to Comprehend Sarcasm/Banter. • Capacity to Comprehend the Needs of Others before Themselves. • No Low Levels or Alts without having a Max Level (Main) in Guild First. • No Political Correctness. • No Communication with the Alliance Faction on Our Server. (Forums included) • A pvp experience greater than 2.200 rating from 3s/rbg. WHAT WE HAVE AND WILL OFFER: Unlike so many other Guilds out there Claiming to be the 'Best' and 'Bragging' about beeing amoung the top players @ rbg eu, in the exact same places, day after day, <Rejected by Disney> is the 'ONLY' Guild with a serious list of accomplishments under its belt. RbD is the reincarnation of everything learned and gained from every other guild we've had. Our Guild Plans have been copied and imitated the world over. But no one can perfect it, for we learned the discipline. You will have an ever lasting bond with some of the most socially misunderstood and depraved people in gaming. You will Ascend through the Ranks, gain Rewards, Privileges, Entitlements and Respect. All Earned from your Dedication and Loyalty to the Guild. You will face Criticism, Humiliation and Hatred, you will Battle your Guild Members and Yourself to Improve and Impress, YOUR Ability and YOUR Skill. This Guild is by no means for the feint of heart. There are no favourites and you Earn your place to become Core. You will endure the Hazing of other Core members and subdue your inner rot, which is rampant in the world today. Your acceptance does not have a Price, you cannot Buy your Respect. But when you Achieve it... you will Truly Belong. And the future Generations will Bow before the designs of your Cruelty. We do not make Soldiers. We Control Monsters. You will learn Formations, Tactics and Strategies. You will discover Secrets and witness Miracles. You may Suffer a Defeat in Battle but you will always Win the War. You will learn to Accept your Failures and Grow as a Player because of them. Humility is a bitter food, once you have experienced it, you will hunger never to taste it again. We do NOT brag about Victories. We do NOT rage whisper players who maim us.here will be NO toxic spills. Your fellow Acolytes 'ARE' your world, Know them, Rely on them. Camaraderie is an important Ability and what you cannot see in a Mirror, they can Help see you through. Rejected by Disney is no longer a Myth told to New Players by Jealous, Unimaginative, Cowards, who think that erasing our past will ensure their future. These heathens are forever 'Destined' to follow in Our Shadow. We are not a Legend passed down from one Generation to the next with Reverence. We are simply the Greatest PvP Movement you will Ever Experience. Be you with us... Or against us... No one creates Content like we do. Without us, there is only a Void in which all the unworthy claim to control. For the time is upon you all. When Our Future will become your Past. contact: gascoigne666#2918 Interviews may take 1-2 Hours. Do NOT Lie. You will Regret it if you do.Ðaqq6 5d
5d H-[BreadWinner]-Stormscale -RBG Guild- Recruits [BreadWinner] - Stormscale is a PvP - RBG focused Guild. Currently have 1900 - 2000 Cr main team. We Recruit 2k+ legion Xp RBGers for scheduled matches. You need to be vocal - patient - dedicated - stable player. Preferably above 1850 Cr. (If u don't have the required CR u can join our rbg team when season 6 starts). Gathering time for main team push is around 20:00 - 21:00 Realm time till LATE. Premade normal bgs / World PvP raids / Low Rating RBG cap groups available. Players that want to tryhard for RBG titles leave a message bellow or get in contact with us in - game.Horrorpunk0 5d
5d Arcane mage 1.8k CR LF Partners Heya lads, like the title is saying I'm LF partners for 3's until the end of the season, looking for 2.2k push. Experience wise I can't say I'm really experienced in Legion but all I can say is that my highest rating is around ~2450 in WOTLK/CATA. I'm up to play Arcane/WW/Rdudu or Assa/Arcane/Rshaman or RMP but really any comp that works and I feel comfortable in I'm willing to try. Got voice chat available, got a lot of time to play. Please no ragers nor fake gladiators that rage after 1-2 games lost. Not interested in those kind of players, I wanna laugh but I also wanna get constructive criticism with my team mate after any lose. Thanks for the time, hope to hear from you soon! Fearless#2336 - Whisper me in-game or reply to this thread.Klepta0 5d
5d Looking for 3rd Hello all, Me and a friend are looking for a 3rd player for 3v3 next season. Tried last season, got a guy, then he buggered off to PUBG! We have multiple classes/specs on both factions, and don't mind playing anything for the right teammate. Focussing more on the player than the comp at the minute, as we can always reroll. We are 1500-2000 on different characters, and looking for someone around the same. I'm 30, he's 20 something, and speak English on Discord. Game for a laugh and play a few other games together also. We actually met in a similar post to this earlier this year! If you're interested, leave your btag below and we can add you for some games. We're not salty, and understand that we will lose whilst getting used to each other and our classes/comp. Just want someone who will stick around and progress with us! Again... ally/horde/dps/healer, all are welcome. We'll find something that fits!Nuffsaid4 5d
5d [H]Path of Destruction / Argent Dawn Hello! Path of Destruction is a PvP focus guild in Argent Dawn server. We are recruiting for our RBG team(rogues and mw monk preferably) but also for arenas and world PvP goodness. Of course, casual pvp players and socials are more than welcome. If you don't play in our realm but want to join us, don't worry! Add me to btag #Saga21166 so we can count with you too! We try to keep a good and friendly enviroment, specially in our discord channel! Find us ingame, whisper Hidrasactum - our current guild master - Nythrax, or me for more info.Quelthaliem0 5d
6d 2s/3s partners looking for a arena partner/partners for 2s/3s, pref healer in 2s, Im ele shaman, no exp as that in arenas, I got dh at 1.5k in 2v2 and 3v3 and disc priest at 1.5k in 2v2, but not as shaman, so healer in 2s pref and thunder in 3s, I play horde, so add !@#$en13371#2800 if you wanna try :)Dajiggs0 6d
6d DISC PRIEST LF 3V3:-) My priest are around 935 + it lvl/70+ Artifact Power - and around 1800cr In 3v3! I have 2k legion xp. Lf partners who wanna push as high as possible. I have most xp with php and rmp/wmp. my evening playtimes times are tuesday, wed, and sunday evening 19.00-22-00 ad sand4u#2983 for an ingame talk:-) Have my own discord channel and can use bnet/ts/vent if needed, but pref discord cause its less laggy etcSandkage0 6d
6d [H] 1.6-1.7cr LF healer Hey you! Yeah, you! If you are a healer (and not a priest) you might be the one. We (rogue/feral and priest) are looking for a long-term healer to climb and improve. You don't need to be perfect, but you need to have a positive reaction to criticism. If you want to join, add me on battle.net. Waldemar#2195Happyheals0 6d
09 Nov LF Arena Mates with 2k+ Legion XP/CR Hey there, since the end of season 4 I've became quite active in arena's on multiple characters (I play 4-6 hours arena daily if I don't waste so many hours looking for players) and I'm looking for more arena partners to add to my friendlist to push 2.2k-2.4k. I'm currenlty playing Balance, Disc/Shadow and gearing Arms & Frost. https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/stormreaver/unbelievable https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/twisting-nether/mnine On my balance I'm currenlty playing with: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/twisting-nether/madspanker and we're looking for active, viable healers that have 2k cr. On my priest I would like to play Shadowplay or PHP. add: VlakGaming#2313 if you're interested or have any questions.Unbelievable0 09 Nov
09 Nov [A] R+M LF Beginner Healer for 3v3 arena etc Hey, me and my friend, whom just got back to the game after quitting since MoP are looking for a chill guy to befriend with, and have some fun in the arenas, and any other PvP content. Got 2.1 exp in the past, but since it has been too long we do consider ourselves beginners, and are in for the journey to improve together in a chill enviroment where mistakes are laughed at. If you're that guy who doesn't feel comfortable hitting up all those high rated guys, don't hesitate to contact. Currently we're playing rogue and mage. Add my btag: Naypalm#21865Wholehog0 09 Nov
09 Nov PvP - Ragnaros or Twisting Nether Hey guys. I'm looking for a new realm to level a new Horde Warrior toon in time for the next expac. However, I'm also interested in PvP in the new expac. So which of these 2 realms would you recommend? Both seem to have the same population. 530k characters on Ragnaros and 600k on Twisting Nether. Has anyone got experience with these realms? World PvP value, helpfulness of players, population, AH pricing etc?Kukkaspoika0 09 Nov
08 Nov [H] 2.7demo 2.4cr lf glad push Yo guys, I cant take the tool anymore. Im a 2.680legion xp'ed demo s2 (didnt que 3s in s3 s4 only 2s for quick tabard), looking for mates to push glad this season. I have 3 locks right now, all of them have similar gear/traits. 1. lock : 2s 2.6cr 3s 2.4cr 2. lock : 2s 2.4cr 3s 2.4cr 3. lock : 2s 2.35cr 3s 2.0cr I highly prefere playing Demo/Fdk or demo !@#. If u have similar exp/cr feel free to add me on btag Scytz#2977 Inb4 "can u play cremation destro?" $%^- off pls. I only play demo.Speckbrot3 08 Nov
08 Nov [H] !LF 3v3! Elemental main ALWAYS LF 3v3! pref Demo lock / Arms. I have 2.250 Season 5exp and 2.1CR, Hoping for some smooth push, i play Daily. I can use discord. My BNT (Hashoomy#2902)Elementxgodx0 08 Nov
07 Nov Rdruids - PvP Rdruids is so broken atm in every bracket, no healer should have insane moblity, ridiculous damage (thorns) not to mention 1.5mil ferocious bites with feral affinity, and countless ways to negate damage by sitting bear form whole game, it's just broken and dumb you don't see other healers with this, i hope it's nerfed after Blizzcon 2017Zedqt5 07 Nov
07 Nov [A+H] 2,6xp Warr LF players for arenas Hey fellow pvpers! As the topic name says, I'm looking for more friendly and pvp skilled players to achieve higher ratings, improve my overall gameplay and most importantly have FUN in the game. Who am I? My name is Artur, I'm Czech guy who loves playing games, especialy WoW. I've been playing this game since vanilla and i've been mostly casual player. When i could dedicate more time into the game i have experienced end game raiding (Full clear of heroic DS on Cata) and I reached my highest pvp rating in 3v3 (2,6k) in MoP when i tried other side of the game. Because i started to love PvP more than PvE, I've focused on arenas since then. But again i ended up on playing casualy more. Now it is time to turn it around and my goal is to hit gladiator in arena if i manage to find a team for it. What am I looking for? I feel like todays WoW community lack patience, there is alot more flame, quitraging and people tend to focus on gameplay of others instead of theirs. All I want is to find people who have: - constructive criticism approach - chilled attitude - patience! - ability to learn from mistakes - can show up for playing atleast 4 times a week - atleast 2,2k experience on character in current expansion Info about my warriors As i did alot of leveling at the start of Legion, i have 4x 110 warriors. 2 warriors on Aliance and 2 warriors on Horde. That means im flexible to choose where to play. Current 3v3 ratings are somewhere around 2k on aliance and 1,7-1,9 on horde. I'm ready to hard push it whenever i will have an oportunity to do so. How to contact me? Just post some info about yourself and your btag, so i can add you in case i decide to. ;) Thank you for reading this. I'm looking forward to hear from you guys soon and hopefully find a new players / team to have fun with! :) See you bros, AthexAthexyo3 07 Nov