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16 Apr 2012 Looking for players — PvP forum Welcome to the "Looking for Players — PvP" Forum. This is the place to look for other players if: You are looking for a new member for your PvP guild You want to join a PvP guild You are looking for members for a cross-realm battleground You want to join an existing cross-realm group battleground You are looking for a new member for your arena team You want to join an arena team In order to make your search as successful as possible, we recommend you to follow these simple steps: Use the search feature at the top right of the screen before posting When creating a new thread, make sure to use an appropriate and descriptive title (e.g. "[A/H] <Class> Looking for RBG" or “[A/H] <Class> Looking for Arena Team” or “[A/H] <Team> looking for <Class> and Healers” ) If you are not interested in teaming up with players from other realms, please feel free to also post on your realm forum. We hope that you will succeed in finding other players to have fun with!Vaneras0 16 Apr 2012
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4h [H] 2k+ DK lf mates for !@#$ and giggles :) Hi Guys, I'm looking for mates with whom I can form a stabile arena team. Most of my mates from WoD don't play anymore and those from Legion S1 don't really log in on regular basis. Last season I was 2.1k xp in 3s, 2.3k xp in 2s and 1.95k in RBGs as target caller (played mostly over 2.2mmr in RBGs but season ended before I hit 2k hehe). Ideally I'd like to play with people around same xp but don't hesitate to drop me a line if you are a bit lower or higher :) I'm around 1.9cr in 3s atm but will be happy to play with people with lower cr as well as long as they know arena basics :) Also I'd be more then happy to play 2s. I'm chilled and want our progress to be fun. I want to play with like minded people who want to win together, lose together and learn together. If you usualy quit after a series of loses then probably we shouldn't play together because those losing streaks will happen sooner or later and I want to paly with people who understand that !@#$ sometimes hits the fan. We just have to go through that together :) Comp is not that important for me. I'd be happy to play anything vible. I have 35 traits in both frost and unholy so can switch to whatever suits the team but unholy is just more fun so I'd pref this if possible :) I usualy play daily between 20.30-24.00 server time (I can be online a bit later today though). I can use any voice com that suits you. Please drop me a line in game if you're interested. Just make sure you are dedicated to the cause and won't vanish from WoW after a few days of playing :D rov3r#1902Rovver1 4h
4h multiglad mage and rogue lf rdruid/priest 2250cr looking for someone to get quick glad rating. add bornstar#2622 for infoEmeliex0 4h
6h Glad lsxp LF KFC Looking for a survival hunter and holy paladin with similar experience. Going for rank 1 this season. My battletag is scarz#2605 if you are interested.Scardrex0 6h
8h Demo LF 3s and RBG Hello guys. Playing demo since long time and would like to find a good BM hunter or DH/DK for 3s also looking for a good healer possibly resto sham or dudu actually I would try with any healer. I'm 2.2k legion xp on my holy paladin. Also if anyone would like to take me in an RBG team I would love to show you what I'm made of. Demo has such great damage in bgs and many many cc's/utility. I can voice and am chilled completely no rage. 1.8k xp in RBG. Thanks for reading Post here with your bnet and I will add you.Røbo0 8h
13h Looking to form an RBG Group (Horde) Would anyone be interested? I don't think realm should matter too much but I play on Stormscale. Drop your bnet below. I'd like to form a steady, patient group to play with.Divineshied11 13h
14h [H] WW 2.1k S1 XP LF parts for 3s/heal 2s Hoping to find similarly xped players to grind and improve together. Pvpd a bit in wod with disc priest. Got 2.2 in 2s and 2k in 3s. Rerolled to monk shortly before Legion and hit 2112 rate 3s with DK/rdru. My aim for S 2 is 2.3k+ Feel free to add me Eversio#2119Musaki2 14h
14h WW monk, new to PvP LFM for 2v2 So trying my hand at arenas. Would love to find someone (even as newb as me) to progress in 2v2 arenas. If interested, add me on bnet msarapik#2150Shungzao0 14h
19h Remove PvP PvP is the stupidest concept to implement in a PvE game. Remove PvP so we can have a better game. Anyone that enjoys this !@#$ should be shot in the foot.Zeedojin1 19h
19h Sick of random people, LF like-minded people Hi guys, title says it all, I am looking for a few people that like to casually play in BGs, Arena and RBG's to sign up with. I am sick of logging on, and healing / DPSing alongside people I don't know constantly. I would much rather chill out on Discord and have a laugh while playing the game. So, if you are like me, and just want to sign up with people and have fun together instead of just mindlessly signing solo, feel free to get in touch. (Oh, and I am a 2.2k experienced player, playing Holy Paladin and DH atm :) )Nv30 19h
1d Disc priest lf rmp 3v3 Disc priest (Alliance) lf RMP 3v3 to push rating this seson. Im arround 1600 xp this ses. Can Use skype,ts,bnet etc or even discord, but I dont have a channel of my own. Can play almost everyday atm, from start of the evening etc. Battletag Queath#2668 (server = Outland) Ingame name Zcool. Feel free to ad me ingame and whisper me:-)Rär0 1d
1d LF 3v3 partners for mid/longterm Looking for people to play 3v3 with and have fun & climb this season / possibly next season with. Currently I play these classes: Fire Mage (2.1k 3s last season) Disc Priest (2250 / 2150 3s last season), could possibly try Shadow Shaman (going to make this my new "main alt", up to play either Ele or Resto) In terms of preferences comp wise I don't really mind but Spellcleave > MCH > Melee cleave in terms of fun anyways. Timezone is GMT+2 and I usually play from around 4-5'ish PM to 11pm-1AM on weekdays, and weekends is flexible. Would prefer some people who are somewhat equal in exp, I learn and pick up classes & playstyles fairly quickly. Voice isn't a must to start off with but it would be nice later on (Discord, Battle.net voice) Side note would also like a 2v2 partner for my disc or resto shaman just to play for fun and get 2k+ to farm elite gear or whatever :p Battle tag is Jim#21148 if you wanna talk or try playing sometime.Pyrophilia3 1d
1d <WHY SO SALTY> recruiting for RBG [Outland-Alliance] Hi there! <WHY SO SALTY> on Outland-EU (Alliance) is currently looking for an experienced healer and a boomkin for our RBG team! For healer we prefer a resto druid or a mistweaver monk (we currently have 2 monks in the roster) and for the boomkin we prefer someone that knows how to FC properly. We require you to have at least 2k xp in either the 3v3 or RBG bracket (having 2k in 3v3 means you don't necessarily need 2k in RBG but at least some rbg xp is required) A decent cr or last season xp is very favorable because then we know you are up to date on current class balance, comps and strategy. For our voice communication we use Discord, we require you to be on at all times during the RBGs and you must be vocal in calling out CC, interrupts etc etc. This means a functional mic is a must! We play 3 times a week, on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday evening starting at 7:30PM server time. However with new people joining this may be subject to change depending on which days are suited best for most people. If you are not a healer or a boomkin but would still like to join the guild to play arena and occasionally join for RBGs feel free to reply. Please reply here with your Btag so I can contact you in-game!Almerion1 1d
1d LF PvP Guild Hi, I have multiple characters across different servers and only started playing again about 4 months ago after a 16 month break. I am looking for an active guild with good social chat and I am also keen to do rated BG's (something I have always wanted to do). I returned a few months ago after a few friends insisted I did, but they have recently cancelled their subs and no longer playing- I don't know anybody and having difficulty finding a guild (I have spent a fortune on server transfers recently only to find the servers are either dead/messed up CRZ or all the guilds have 300+ members focusing on raiding). I have all classes at 90 - DH, Hunter, Paladin and Priest at 110. Played since the start of BC, completely missed Cata and stopped playing 3 months into WoD. Currently levelling this Shaman, I do have a 90 Orc Shaman, but really want a Goblin this time round and would like to get familiar with the class again. Seems to be a lot of negative discussions surrounding PvP atm, I am fully aware, but I enjoy the game and I am hoping to find a group of people who are keen like me and like doing BG's. Please don't hesitate to message me - Nessai#2452 I am prepared to move/start a new character - Have always played Horde, but will seriously consider Alliance if the right people/guild are there. Thanks!Gobsham2 1d
1d Horde Ret Paladin Lf regular 3's 1700xp I am a chilled Uk based player hoping to find some cool guys with similar xp to do regular 3v3 with the aim of improving together and enjoying arena at a higher level. Willing to play any viable comps . aiming for at least 3 sessions per week and will be looking to use discord ( not important straight away )Glenys0 1d
1d 2.2k exp DH lf RBG grp Hey peeps! Fluent in english, full traits (35), 1.9cr. Im vocal and never rage. Want a stable group. Have resto druid aswell, 883 itemlvl, 35 traits and 1850cr. Kdawg#2917 CheersBigalabama0 1d
1d LF Stable 3v3 Comp Horde Hey guys, I'm looking for people who I can climb the ladder with. I need a stable group of players who I can play with on regular basis. Best comp would be Rouge/Mage/Druid. Anything is possible so leave a comment. Realm shouldn't be a problem. 1.5k crGoodless0 1d
1d LSD2 lf Heal for 3v3 Hey guys, my mate and I are looking for a healer to play some LSD2. Prefered are shamans but we are fine with whatever at first. Moonkin and Affli are both our twinks so gear isn't the best atm but we both have 2k+ char xp from last seasons. You don't have to be equally experienced but have some patience and understanding what to do. Feel free to add me on Btag #Sprike2386Spryke0 1d
2d <H O R D E C O R E> - DefiasBrotherhood <H O R D E C O R E> is name that has some history over past expansions and its looking to rebuild once again and claim top spot again, this time on Defias Brotherhood server. Guild is recently formed on Defias and its looking for fresh faces really passionate about PvP to fill up rooster and compete for roles within guild. Guild's plans are same as before. Making 3 separate RBG teams, 2k+ , 1.8k+ and 1.5k+ exp teams. We do also like to make guild tournaments where people can have fun and compete for their spots. We also like to record / stream our games, keep track of each individual player preformance etc. Mainly in need of healers and people who have ability to lead other RBG teams. Besides rated PvP we also provide Casual BG's spam to get quick gear and AP. Although it is not our primary focus, we still love to do and participate in world PvP from time to time. If somebody is about to ask about arenas, you are more then welcome to find arena partner from within guild, although arena teaming isn't a thing that any guild can guarantee as everybody has certain needs for arenas and in every 1000 players 1 suits you. We won't sadly have 1000 members so getting partner from guild may be or may not be a thing. As mentioned guild is still fresh here and can be quiet over week or next 2 weeks, but we still have same goals as before and getting to top spot. Give us a try you wont regret it. Socials are welcome to be part of our community as well. If you recognize yourself as someone who can contribute to bringing our guild back to #1 please leave your contact here and somebody will reach you in the shortest time possible. Q&A: (section where i will provide informations that are not mentioned in post itself but was asked by people i had conversation with about guild) Q: Does guild use voice communications and which app or software is guilds choice? A: Yes. Guild will be using voice communication service named DISCORD related to any guild activity, be it RBG's, BG's, world PvP or any other guild related event. So make sure you can prepare DISCORD APP (desktop version not web one) and working microphone setup (with clear voice without overrated noise). Q: What server do i need to be in order to join guild? A: You should be on one of following realms in order to be able to join guild: -Defias Brotherhood -Scarshield Legion -Ravenholdt -The Venture Co -Sporeggar Q: What level my char should be when i apply and does it have to be main? A: Your char should be max level only (110), with at least level 1 prestige. About alts joining guild, yes and no. Alts are allowed to join our guild as long as their main char is in guild and stays in guild after our 2 weeks of trial period.Kàliyah0 2d
2d [H] LF Rdru 1900+ for fellbleed Horde Feral and DH looking for Rdru for 3s. Be positive :) Btag - Vlucher#2753Мирирауко1 2d
2d Arena mates, rating push :) Looking for friendly players, communicated etc. to push ratign 3s/2s. I'm atm 1.5k CR on both, and pushing more. Don't send request or something if you are going to leave arena party after first lose. Don't need those guys "2.4, 2.7k xp" who are mostly "ebay" accounts. Just need someone cool, and friendly and that's it. Preffer, Dks, Enha shamans, DH. But can play with everybody! Let's have some fun!Dathornx0 2d
2d Lf for dps for 3s (min recent 2k xp) Me(MW) and a friend (DK) looking for an active player, who is willing to invest time into climbing the ladder and improve as a team. The DK can play frost and unholy. What can we offer? A nice and friendly environment, yet competive and willing to improve. We both played for the same team now and have S1 Legion duelist experience (2.586 xps) on these chars. It would be nice if you have at least 2k xp in Legion (s1) and a minimal rating of 1900 (we are at 2100 cr atm). Feel free to whisper me (Tomatensoep#2494) for more info.Tomatensoep2 2d
2d 2.4 + sp lf 3s on alt Can play anything viable .Need longterm mates to push glad with.Preffer shadowplay/fps/fpp/shatter.Add me if u are interested-mizhx3#2107.Dotdotcom0 2d
2d [A] Hunter lf 3s 2,4k xp+ Hello People im looking for some good but also friendly people to play regularly and aim higher ratings. Maybe a gladiator. My english isnt perfect but its good enough to hold a conversation. As you see i also play pve so i cant play everyday. Its more important for me to find some people to play regulary, enjoy the game and get as high as possible instead of looking everytime in the browser. About me: 43 SV and 35 MM Traits 2k CR s9-s15 Duelist If youre interested feel free to add me and write me as fast as possible so i can add a note: Linostar#1310 maybe my bnet list is full. if so try it another day :)Spéctral1 2d
2d Makers 3/10 LF Warlock and healer for our casual team deleteHarrydrud0 2d
3d 2,5 xp Dk and Mw monk lf mate for rating push Hello, we are two chilled dudes who want to play this season back up to 2,5 and then see were we can go from there. Atm we Are at 2.1k cr so would Be nice if you were around it too.We are looking for aNy viable comp for rating pushing, 2,4 xp would be nice but we can try out lower xp too and see if its working. We are very flexiable with the playing times. If this sounds like this could be something for you then just Add Vangul#2988 and we talk a little.friendlist may be Full so leave a commentJengul4 3d
3d [2.4k xp / Hmonk and DK] Lf fix mate Hi everyone ! Two irl friends searching for a 3s ! 2k3+ xp and 2k1 cr lf a Boomy/Ele/Lock with same CR to get our Glad together ! :D We can try with a WW (Walkingdead) or a DH ! :D Flo#24885Flòqt0 3d
4d [H][RBG] Recruiting for 2k+ Intro I am here to recruit for a team, to avoid needless questions i won't tell you what it is currently composed of however a list of what could fill the spots. A skilled player is better than a needed class in many cases and rating/achievement alone does not make you a good pick. Requirements Fluent in English Friendly & Patient Focused & Responsible Active & Artifact Level 30+ Searching Demon Hunter - Havoc Shaman - Restoration Warlock - Destruction Death Knight - Blood Rogue - Assasination Paladin - Retribution Warrior - Protection Shaman - Elemental Hunter - Marksman Warlock - Affliction Monk - Mistweaver Priest - Discipline Druid - Balance Warrior - Arms Mage - FrostExoda26 4d
4d [A] 2.2k Exp Hpal LF any viable comp. Hi there, I'm Hpal 2.2k exp in 2s, and 2.1k in 3s in last season, I'm looking for any decent comp on those two brackets. Just two things - be rage-ressistant and be willing to improve for pushing higher rating. If you're interested just throw your b-tag right here with basic information about you - gameplaywise ofc, thank you!Zevgart1 4d
4d LF 3s mates OOOy #2551 Im a resto shaman. I dislike playing with rogues so if you're a rogue don't apply. Any viable setup is welcome. Be around my xp which you can see via the armory.Eoghar3 4d
4d MW HORD - LF PVP GUILD KAZZAK HORD MW MONK - LF PVP GUILD Hallo guys, I'm looking for a new pvp guild i can join. I just got back to wow after 1 year. I have been playing wow on and off the last 10 years, my exp in RBG are 2.1 k in MOP So if u need a upcomming PVP healer for your guild, pls whisper me. Battletag: Cungen#2436 Server Kazzak BR CungenCungen1 4d
4d Russians Cheat In BG. Hello Mortals and Hopefully Immortals. Me and my friend Lobsty we were doing AV When we figured out another reason why horde win AV because they're russians there cause Us To lag so since Lobsty were bussy to make this forum i did it for him so do tell me what you think about it but no Horde exept Blood Elfs and Alliance Races and Angels Allowed.Holbart21 4d
4d Prestige farm!!! Looking for more social and friendly players with 2k xp or higher for random bg farm for fun and honor! Farming every day , evening mostly. We already have some group of close friends :) Using Discord If u are up for fun and laugh add me Hydro#2667Gravenkiss1 4d
5d Russians in EU BG's I'd very much appreciate it if russians were removed from EU Battlegrounds. 1. Russia is not a part of the EU 2. Disorganized 0 prestige newbies can't compete against full prestiged and organized russkies. 3. My group loses 90% of the time to russians. It's really irritating. Thank you.Bbyface13 5d
5d LF pvp guild Ok as the topic said i am looking for PVP guild more spesefic a pvp guild on Ravencrest . that does Rated battlegrounds . that does not required 2.4 k XP im new to RBG's so i kindal looking for a group of ppl that verry active and friendly :-)Piggtrå5 5d
5d Help a rogue i want to reach 2k,and i am willing to pay 200k gold if you help me.disco/mage or any viable combo.2v2 or 3v3 dont care.I am chill, no rage quits and i expect the sameGlacious0 5d
5d [A]2k exp healer LF 3s Hey I'm 19 y/o from uk and I play mw rdruid hpala LF people to play arenas with, I didn't play much in season 1 and started playing again in 7.1.5. Would prefer caster comps, but I'm not that bothered. Would prefer people with similar experience or people who play together often. No ragers please. add me or drop a comment here if you're interested. bnet: Shaw#21823Sháww0 5d
5d 2k Exp Unh DK LF PvP Friends Mostly for Arenas. Just feels boring to need to search in LFG every day. I do not care what class or spec you play, we can reroll and level new ones together. I also do not care about your rating. Just that you are really interested in Arena and know the basics. I can help you every way I can. I wouldn't say I am super good either but we can learn and improve together which is pretty fun. Add ME Dezec#2889 Please do not add if you have very little time for PvP. Had people add me from my previous threads that have maybe a couple of hours per week to do PvP and the rest of the time they are serious raiding. Looking for Primarily PvPers that are free most evenings and weekends. About Me : 27 year old Game Developer. Free almost every evening CET. Pretty ok English Unholy DK main Horde. Hpally(Still learning) Alt Alliance ~2.1k Exp 2s / 1.9k Exp 3s both as Unholy in Legion Edit : Please post your btag here if you add meDesecrator5 5d
5d Demon Hunter looking to push from low CR. Currently sits as around 400 rating. Done with pugs. Looking for a stable healer to start pushing into the higher ratings. Atleast I think healer is the way to go with a Demon Hunter, but correct me if I'm wrong. Add me on Threkzar#2725 and we'll get in contact. Best regards, WelotharWelothar0 5d
5d 2.1k lsexp affliction LF PvP Guild Hello there! I am looking for a PvP guild with experienced people in it (like 2k+). I am a player with 9 years of game experience and good knowledge of the game. If you have something for me just let me know!Shinigami0 5d
5d Alliance Ret Paladin LF commited partners For both arenas and RBGs. I don't mind your experience or current rating, only that you are patient, wanting to learn and get better, and not easily disheartened from losses. Comment below your battle tags.Warford0 5d
6d Looking for 3s Frost DK Looking for someone to grind out 100 arena runs for a saddle. add me Krazed#2658Stoppablelul4 6d
6d [Alliance] Mglad exp rogue/dpriest LF mage Hi guys, just wanted to make a post because the LFG system is so unreliable regarding long term partners nowadays. I'd like to share with you guys our mindset, and our goals for the future. Long story short: Me and my priest have been playing for quite a while back in TBC, Wtlk and cataclysm. Then i (rogue) stopped playing till like Legion basically. We achieved decently high ratings back in our days, with our highest at 2.7 and gladiator title. We kinda are those hype/good mood ppl, who like to joke around, make fun of you and ourselves (in a good way, don't get me wrong) while still being serious about the rating and actually trying to push it as far as we can. As you might have udnerstood, we are a bit rusty, since we're not playing in a long while (and played with people from ingame LFG as stated above), but with a bit of practice, we can get back to the level we actually were when we stopped playing wow. We always played RMP, so we are looking for a mage (even if the comp isn't great atm), but we belive things will change eventually. What we look for is a person that: 1. Looks for long term partners; 2. isn't toxic; 3. He's willing to play a lot to improve coordination as a team; 4. Open minded to constructive criticism as wer are. If you share our mindset, and you are interested, you can add me at: NafiHaze#2186, and we can talk about details and stuff. Thanks guys, have a great game to everyone!Erilyn1 6d
6d Frost DK LF Arena/RBG Im main frost DK looking for some serious arena or even better RBG,iv been on 1.9k and i can TC ( now i dont like it because i didnt play for long time) If u like give it a go in any bracket just add me on battle tag...x realms not a problem to me! Thank you Pharax#2623Pharax1 6d
6d DH @2K cr (2s/3s) LF partner. Looking for a prot paladin with around 2K cr (1950cr +) to push in 2s or 3s to 2.4K. or MW/Resto druid for 2s. or Feral/Rogue/Warrior/DestroLock/AffLock for 3s. Traxxas#2219 (Only add if you're above 2k)Guildboss0 6d
6d [Cross-realm Alliance] High Level Discord Community Hello guys, Well first of all, I'm a french player so my english might not be the best but I'll do my best to keep that post as clear as possible. I'll simply translate what I've said on other forums. I've recently created with some of my mates a Discord server a little bit special. The idea is simple, we're looking to build a community of skilled players. We personally have an average PvP exp. between good+ and really high (2k to gladiator) and for PvE most of us cleaned everything, and we're looking for players around the same category. What we're trying to do is to regroup the maximum amount of people from different realms (and languages) on that Discord so that anyone can find skilled player at his disposal to do any event (RBG/Raid/Arena/Mythic+). Why would you come to our Discord instead of simply find a guild ? Well for many reasons : -First of all, you guessed it, it's cross realm, which means a larger pool of players. (Quality>quantity but we do our best to make the quality good too) -There are no specific schedule, you can come at anytime, anyday and build your group by throwing your announce on the specific chat, the interested players will respond. The larger we're, the faster the research will be. But this time, the players will certainly have the exp. required. -Nothing stops you from having a guild too, we're not forcing you to anything, we're just regrouping same-skilled players. You might not be on your guild roster, or you're on a PvP one while wanting to do some raids, or on a PvE one and trying to push your arena rating, we're the solution. -The vocal. Discord for those who don't know is a cool program similar to skype and teamspeak reunited. You can download it or open it directly on your browser, and it has some cool features. It's a really recent project so there'sn't a lot of players yet, but we're looking forward to it. In my opinion that's a cool opportunity to not miss, specially with all the content Legion provides. If you're interested and have the experience required (that's the only criteria we ask), feel free to drop your battletag here so that I can reach you as soon as possible. PS : We're currently alliance and recruited alliance players, if the project gets bigger we'll certainly open a Horde section, but not for the moment. Thanks for reading PS : I'll edit that post whenever I've more informations to provide as the project (hopefully) gets bigger.Reagen91 6d
6d 2,585,665 Light's Wrath https://postimg.org/image/ua45iycc1/ I m curious how that may happen because my Light's Wrath hits about 200,000-250,000 against players.. Thank youSuspìrìa1 6d
6d Need more PVP friends Hello Looking for more Healers for BG and Arena. For the moment I only have DPS friends, looking for some good high exp healers who wants to do arena and bgs I accept also good DPS'er since I have a few alts Add me Viesor#2348Viesor0 6d