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16 Apr 2012 Looking for players — PvP forum Welcome to the "Looking for Players — PvP" Forum. This is the place to look for other players if: You are looking for a new member for your PvP guild You want to join a PvP guild You are looking for members for a cross-realm battleground You want to join an existing cross-realm group battleground You are looking for a new member for your arena team You want to join an arena team In order to make your search as successful as possible, we recommend you to follow these simple steps: Use the search feature at the top right of the screen before posting When creating a new thread, make sure to use an appropriate and descriptive title (e.g. "[A/H] <Class> Looking for RBG" or “[A/H] <Class> Looking for Arena Team” or “[A/H] <Team> looking for <Class> and Healers” ) If you are not interested in teaming up with players from other realms, please feel free to also post on your realm forum. We hope that you will succeed in finding other players to have fun with!Vaneras0 16 Apr 2012
3h Twisting Nether PvP Guild Recruitment I Recently Started A PvP Guild on TwistingNether EU, We're recruiting social pvp players and serious pvp players, the guild will constantly do PvP Events. Since it's a guild full of pvp players there will always be arena partners and we'll set up an RBG Team when the player base is high enough. Comment your ingame name for invite or whisper Me, Quenas, Fudgefocker or Xranos ingame for an Invite.Lillapojken0 3h
16h Thinking of putting an RBG team together. Hey, seeing as lfg is a !@#$ storm of useless yolo groups and 2.2k experience groups I thought I would put my own together. I can be the FC but we would need everything else. We don't have to use voice if no one wants to but I have a team speak server so we have the option of using voice. We would be playing based off of peoples schedules. But if you can only play once or twice a week you might end up replaced. I would prefer if someone else would be able to strat call but if there's no one able to do it I will. No crazy requirements to join. Just be able to work with others and know your class. Either leave your bnet in a comment or if enough people show interest I will comment mine.Krengoth20 16h
20h [A/H] 2k Rogue LF m8s Exp 2.1 on rogue/2.4 total, LF RMD RMP, low cr. Wonna see friendly players. cheers :3 btag milzur#2188Milzurche8 20h
21h Looking to form an RBG Group (Horde) Would anyone be interested? I don't think realm should matter too much but I play on Stormscale. Drop your bnet below. I'd like to form a steady, patient group to play with.Divineshied68 21h
21h LFG random BG 5-man premades Hello, I have found that end game can be actually fun after the years of twinking (aprox 6 years of full time twinking (with some breaks from wow)), but I dont have anyone to play with (most friends play twinks) and people in random BGs are mostly toxic or clueless or clueless and toxic, so I would like to find some chill people to play with. When it comes to my experience... I have never been arena player (I find arenas boring, or I am just bad?), so I played only/mostly BGs. I did reach 2k in RBGs in Cata and like 1980 in 2v2 as ret/mage also in Cata. Since then I did not play single rated game and just BGs at lower lvls (19, 29, 70, 99). Who am I looking for? Anyone who enjoys random BGs and dont get mad over loses. You dont need to be funny or anything (I find myself as pretty boring person), just play, enjoy and win BGs if possible. But I have one requirement.. DONT CLICK or BACKPEDDLE. It hurts my eyes when I see someone stop, click cooldown and then move again. Or just backpeddle when under pressure. (I will notice it, so dont lie please). Leave Btag if interested. Rôgúè EDIT: HordeRôgúè0 21h
22h Rated BG team (fresh team - cross realm) If you are interested for Rated BG team then take a look: Original article: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17615105860Kelajo14 22h
23h [H] SUB Rogue LF 2s/3s Mates! Yo! I am looking for arenamates for 2s / 3s so I do not always have to q with rdms ;) I have 2k exp in Legion so far and would like to push this season again. I mainly play subtetly. A Mage with the same experience would be optimal, but any class can add me (if the Comp is viable)! Playing with Voice - no exceptions! If you feel addressed feel free to add me ;) Nivith # 2146Nivith0 23h
1d LF 10 RBG wins - or WTB 10/40 wins(horde) As title says i am LF 10 wins in RBGs to unlock the skin. I know my way around pvp, but i am not a super high ranked player and my time is very limitless. I am online 9-12 in the morning(Server time). I play balance druid mainly and i do normal bgs from time to time. Feel free to add me if you can use me on your team or is selling wins. #Hoap2365Chanden1 1d
1d 2.7k LSXP Demo/AFF lf Rating push hey whats up! LF gladiator push on both my warlocks (this wich is an alt and my main -jinsk - Kazzak). Both are pretty much low cr , 1.7k and 1.9k. I can play either aff and demo depending on the comp. Be the same xp and having working mic. Add me up : jinsk#2711Vetiz2 1d
1d Looking for RBG-team to improve Hey guys I play a shadowpriest (also able to disc but prefer shadow right now) as my mainchar. I am also working on my druid (resto/owl) to get more traits in weapon. I play RBGs on a regular basis (several days a week) mostly with random groups. As my highest rating was 18xx in the past, I am not able to join any groups with experienced players (going for ratings above 1900), therefore im still camping between 17xx and 18xx rating each season. So now I'm looking for a RBG-team (with experience) which is willing to give me an opportunity to join for some games and show that I am able to play my class/char. My current CR is around 1700, i have 45 traits on shadow weapon and 42 traits in disc weapon. I am able to join TS/discord and i got a micro/voice ;) Just send me a whisper (coq#2682) or a note ingame or leave me a reply in here for more info. RegardsCâticorn1 1d
1d [H] MW lf 3s partners, pref turbo Yo, I'm looking for 3s partners on my alt MW monk. I have 2.2k exp and currently at 1900 rating on my Resto Druid. Still learing the class, but im pretty confident that we'll push 2k~ pretty fast. Id like for you to have same experience as me. Don't be a whiny !@#$% and give up after a couple of losses. not planning to do voice at this moment, might do it later depending on how good it goes. I'm swedish if that matters. Contact me by adding my btag. Jave#21706Kanyeah0 1d
1d Help for 1800 RBG Rating Hi, im searching players for reach 1800 rbg rating, Actually i'm in a PVE guild, but got experience in PVP. I really want that legionaire title, so, if u can help me, will be very thx! See you!Yøgg0 1d
1d Ret Paladin[H] LF 2x2 viable comp rduid/mw I'm at low cr don't have any shiny arch, i think best done 1800, but didn't take PVP seriously, but this season actually want to push as much as possible and learn. So basicly looking same newbs as me. You need to have Discord and microphone. I'm 903 eq with pvp gear, and 47 traits. If you wan't talk add me Martynas#2121Nympuke0 1d
1d Rdruid LF 3s mates Hi, im 2.9k exp Rdruid, legion exp 2.8k and im looking to push rank 1 this season but need a stable team, im at 2k5 cr RN more info: Mork#21809Nemeshildat0 1d
1d [EU][A] 2k+ exp Ret LF 3's partners(MM+H) Looking for MM hunter and a Healer (pref Disc/Hpal). Low CR. Be same exp 2k+ (in legion),be fairly active,have decent amount of traits(42+) and love your spec. Wanna find good teammates to play with, have fun,push rating and get better. If your interested or have any questions, reply bellow or add me,my btag is cofic#1280Cofi3 1d
2d 2,5lsxp 2,4sxp 2,2Cr Disc lf Glad Push Im looking for chilled and long term mates. My goal is to push glad this season. I have 2,5xp in wod and in Legion. But only with the tool stories. If u have +2,4 pre legion and legion xp and if u have +2,2cr add me and we can talk about more :) КрисРусский#2891 Ps sorry for my bad englishRyccki0 2d
2d Close plz Hey , I have 2 warlocks that i can push, this and my main Jinsk - Kazzak. Can play both demo and affli. Lf players around the same xp and that play with voice. Add me up Jinsk#2711Vetiz0 2d
2d LF Stable 3s Partners. Yo. i'm a 1800exp Arms warrior (1950exp on main) looking for some ppl to play with. If you're interested in playing, you need to be chill and don't rage after one loss. I don't care about your cr, 1750+exp is a must tho. You can add me on Maleek#2890. Thanks :)Xwokz0 2d
2d 2.5k Arena Master, Lf 3s Teammates 4 Road to Glad Hi all, As the title suggests I'm looking for 3s teammates with minimum 2.2k in legion to aim for gladiator this season. I'm mainly looking for ret/hunter/sham-priest or jungle cleave as they are the strongest comps for hunters right now. Please be willing to stick around, have fun and to improve. Also be the kind of player that can take criticism/feedback, myself I can take hard criticism and I'm chill about it. If you think I can do something better then let me know, most of the time I'm already looking into what went wrong. Overall the main goal here is to have fun, make new friends and achieve what we all want to achieve which is gladiator. If you wanna have a crack at it with myself and you think you fit the bill then Yiannis #2249 is my real id or respond in this forum Thanks for readingTrueshots2 2d
3d [H] <Resto Shaman> Looking for RBG team hi there, to introduce myself; i'm from Denmark, 21 years old and like to play WoW in a competative, yet fun way. i'm currently coming back to RBG's after a break from PvP since MoP, where i achieved 1.9K in RBG's with a semi-PUG group. i've tried finding a good RBG team throughout Legion, but never managed to find a team worth staying with. so now i'm trying my luck on this forum. i'm 907 equipped, 45 traits in restoration and able to play almost every day, as long as it's after 19:00 ST and ends before 02:00 ST. so if you have a team where you're missing a Resto Shaman as the last piece of the puzzle, please contact me and we can have a chat about me and your team, so we're on the same page :) leaving my Battle.net below for easy contact: Feldaron#2814 looking forward to hearing from you, HanajinHanajin0 3d
3d VURTNE is Return He Come Soon Best Mage ForeverDarkinssgril3 3d
3d Killing Alliance Leaders (For The Horde achievement) I have recently decided to run this achievement, In order to have fun in the first place by raiding Opposite faction cities, But to also get the mount awarded with the achievement. I have 15 people so far with me, Just comment down below if you wish to join :) It'll be fun times :P Usually This gets done at night, 8 PM CESTNetherim0 3d
3d Rshaman lf 2s partner 2310 lsxp. 1800cr Prefer aff lock/ret paladin. Aiming for the red hat. I have no specific preferences of a partner. Can use voice . I can speak english fluently. OOOy #2551Eoghar0 3d
3d RBG, want to play!! So yeah, I've completely off here. Probably not gonna be able to find a team. But The chan.. Whatever, I want to play some RBG, not pro, not uber good, I think I can handle myself though. I'm not looking to go for world best. I'm realistic, not stupid. I would love to get 1800 rate though, I don't think that would be impossible, but then I haven't done RBG... At all, none, zero, nada. Honestly, I haven't been in the pvp scene seriously since TBC Season 3(then I lost my 2v2 partner)(Old account, this is a new account). Back then I played SL/SL+Mutilate rogue in 2s, did some affliction at 2.1k rate back then. But if Had rocket boots, which was removed so was pretty much forced to play SL/SL at the end there. I even got Gladiator from Season 2, so I did have Merciless Nether Drake. But this was a long time ago.. Warlock is completely different now so I'm not even close to what I was then, and my rogue partner were the tactician, he said i did, so now you got my story.. Still suck though, probably not worth taking for a RBG team. But I wanna try it anyway, casually. I'm to old to be hardcorder.. And I'd love to play with people around age of 30-ish.Supra0 3d
4d [H] Premade Random battleground (honor farm) Hey Guys, looking for ppl to join on random battleground farm for ap, honor (prestige). At the moment we are 3 dps and looking for more as well for healers. Leave a post with details like class spec and b.net tag so i can get in contact with ya.Rogerto5 4d
4d Unholy/Frost DK or Dh lf 2,4xp mates to push rating Hey , i Play unholy /frost dk my highest rating was 2580 in legion s1 ( to be fair dk was broken in s1) and now iam looking for some new mates to push up again. Iam Open for every viable comp but played mostly TSG/TWD and Vanguard. If you are Intressted in trying a few games add Vangul#2988 also iam looking for mates for my Dh sadly i didn't play him much in 3s and only got 2,2 in 2s on him .Jengul0 4d
4d LF RDudu/MW for TSG - 1750 XP Req We would like to cement a solid team for future purposes. If you can't meet the following don't waste our time: - Be Active - Be Vocal and and able to speak proper English - Be willing to try hard and learn. - Don't Rage - Be Willing to re-roll Add RykiniaZA#21835 or Kipro#2501 for further discussion.Viperinío0 4d
4d Looking for Teammates Challenger range Hello, I am looking for people to play 3v3 wih. I have a Frost Mage, Arms Warrior and Sub Rogue on Artifactlevel 42+ It would be awesome to play with coms- English, German or Spanish Btag Wuiph#2226Wuiph0 4d
4d [H] Looking for Arena mates Hello Guys ! Im a Rogue looking for RMx or RHx or any viable comp for 2s or 3s. My goal is to push 2k rating, learning the comps and having some good time! Im not a pro player (best was 1970 cr in WoD). I really wanna learn something. I would use TS or Discord or skype, whatever you want :) I hope i find some nice people here, because it is really hard to get into PvP without achievements or spending hours and hours in LFG. Greetings!Shaynks2 4d
4d WAR 2.2k exp Rival season 1 LF 3v3 LF 3v3 team im a versatile warrior i lvl 905 much prefer arms, have played many bizarre comps over the years but excel at TSG and WLS as well as Turbo cleave or Kitty cleave have also played with WW monk over 2k what ever kind of cleave you wanna call that ^^ i dont my self seriously looking for similar people to push on in 3s this season, current rating is a bit low mainly due to being a mythic raider too :P Thanks for reading here is my Btag ollie#22736Lardarse0 4d
5d 2.4k XP'd Unholy DK - 913 iLvL - LF Chillmates ! :D Hey! I am Umren. Le Random Guy that once shined upon the grounds of the Arena, and owned quite a lot, up to 2.4k on this account, and some more on another. The deal with me, is that I didn't enjoyed much PvP in WoD, nor first season of Legion DHrena so I am planning on coming back. Meanwhile I got lost in the Mythic Raiding Abyss and I got some better knowledge or rotations and !@#$ to keep up with the game... and got some pretty cute gear too! Please Keep an Eye on the Following Text: - If you are rager, - or you might wanna get angry when someone tells you "bro you could have done that better this way" - or if you an elits jerk, - most of your time, you'll be willing to skip the arena games schedule because you would rather take a nap, - you are disrespectful, - you DON'T have sense of humor, - if you are hat hater, - and couple other bad stuffs... Please, Do Not Sign! Now if you Feel like you are a "Go-Go" then lets talk about stuffs: - You will get the same deal that I request from you above, as return. - Since I work with scheduled times and I gotta keep up with other things, like YouTube, Streamin', Farming %^-*, GF, Friends and Family... I would really love to have fixed days of training / pushing, where we can improve, push ratings, and test lots of !@#$ that we'll feel like doing... so 2-3-4-5 days / week we do that. - So far I can only do Arena at 2 days in a week for 3-4 hours... That is Tuesday & Friday 19:30 EU Server Time, but working on extending the clock to at least 2 other days, that we'll discuss after team is assembled. - We Aim high, We Train Hard... we are ready to be defeated so we can stand up stronger, and win. Prepared to lose the battle, to Win the War! - We Learn from Mistakes, and Never give up! - If you don't agree with any of these moto's above... and if you don't really feel them and u gonna sign up because, you feel like you want to believe, but you don't really... and after 3-4 losses i a row, you gonna gonna go Vagi*a Mode and run away... please don't waste my and other teammate time... I am not forcing you to sign I am just looking for Chillmates. - 1 More Thing that You might you like or dislike: Most of our games will be streamed on Twitch, and most likely there will be guides on some of our videos about PvP, Maybe Montages, Funny Situations, Sick Outplays, and other crap on YouTube... so if you are "voice-shy" maybe this not ur thing... but if you wanna say Hi to your Mom on Discord, than this is your chance! Requirements: - You Have to be Horde Europe... coz... FOR THE HORDE!!! -jk lol - Be a Decent Arena Player that has been over 2.2k Rating on the Class you Are Applying - Excellent Knowledge of your Class for Current Expansion / Patch - Good Team Player - Accept Criticism, and Improvement Advises - No Quitting, No Raging, No !@#$%ing, Good Vibes are all we need. - We Aim as High as Glad+, so Self Improvement, beside our Team Improvement should be your first Priority! Team will be here to Train with you on Scheduled Times, but you have to do your own extra mile for what it takes. Cheers for Reading my Love Letter.. and Please Introduce yourself below, or step in my Discord and tell me moar: https://discord.gg/0nx8A35g43K3nGxF Meanwhile.. Much Love #nohomo Umren.Umrentv3 5d
5d [A] LFM Arenas (3/2) I have a friend who can already join us, so ideally a healer for 3s. If you want to do 2s/3s, let me know. feel free to add me. jonomurphy3#2592Praedonius2 5d
5d Arms LF steady 3s team Arms warrior looking for a steady 3s team. Not very used to 3s and therefore not 2 much exp. I am interested i pushing atleast 2k this season. Discord or skype will be used. 24yo from Sweden, fluent in english and so should you be. Magnus9212#2493Séàt1 5d
5d 2,1k+ arms lf partners! 2,1k + cr arms warrior LF constant team to play with. Only requirements are 2,2k legion experience and same current rating as me, no raging teammates, no quitters. Need people who knows how to accept lose and who are always up for self improvement. Consistency is also a great thing. If it happens that some of u are interested we could mainly play @ fri/sat/sun almost all day. Forgot to mention , higher than 2,2k is also welcome. So bring positive attitude and we will go sky high. Write me here or add as friend Zeljko#2190. PS: Acceptable combos: WLS, WMD, TSG, Turbo.Blazefüry0 5d
5d [A] ☻Golden Team☻Wts Boost Nemesis Quest In Legion Some of you might have seen me in game advertisement for the Nemesis quests and other kind of services. We have characters on Alliance and Horde for every race, so this way we are able to do every Nemesis quests. We're also able to do Bloody Coin farms in the fastest and cheapest way. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEMESIS [Warlord of Draenor] Requirements: A level 2 Gladiator's Sanctum in your Garrison Time: Usually each quest takes 12 min, for a full run around 1:30 hours. We do Every Sunday starting at 16:30 server time. Kill order: Horde : Human > Draenei > Night Elf > Gnome > Worgen > Panda > Dwarf Alliance : Orc > Goblin > panda > tauren > troll > blood elf > undead Rewards: You will be rewarded with a title for each of the completed races. You can check out the exact titels at Achievements -> Garrison -> Buildings tab. Price: 15k for each race 100k for all the 7 quests We Can Accept Gold In 9 Realm Horde Side : Kazzak >> Draenor >> Twisting Nether >>Tarren Mill >> Burning Legion Alliance Side: Silvermoon >> Ravencrest >> Outland >> Sylvanas -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BLOODY COINS Time: 2000 coins takes around 20 mins. Price: 2000 Coins: 80k In 9 Realms -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LAST OF US Requirements: A level 3 Gladiator's Sanctum in your Garrison Some Broken Bones (we usually do the Nagrand Colliseums after Nemesis runs so if you buy both you should be more than good) Time: Doing the achievement for each player takes around 10 min. We do the runs in Every days Just In Alliance Side Rewards: Lady / Lord of War title And More Toys Price: 100k for the Last of Us Achievement (by getting this you will also get the 100 kill quest completed) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you are interested add me on : ADMIRAL#2613 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You Can Fallowing My Team In : Feedbacks on Alliance Side Nemesis : http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/17611291562 Feedbacks on Alliance Bloody Coins : http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/17610954070 Feedbacks on Alliance Side Last Of Us : http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/17610931337 Feedbacks on Kazzak : http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/17611881799#1 Feedbacks on Draenor : http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/17611891776#1 Feedbacks on Twisting Nether : http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/17611921813#1 Feedbacks on Burning Legion : http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/17611891777#1 Admiral#2613Admirål12 5d
5d [H] 2.2k expd Rdruid lf 2s partner/rbg team - Hellow, I'm looking for a 2s partner to push some rating with (2000+ atleast). Recently got back into pvp again after a very long break. Be chill and accept that we're not gonna win every single game. If you're gonna leave after 2 losses then dont bother adding me. I'd like for you to have the same experience as me. Not planning to do voice at this very moment. My experience is 2.1 in 2s and 2.2 in 3s. 2 times hoth & 2.1k+ every season of MoP. If interested please dont hesitate to add my battletag. Jave#21706 ThanksAluny2 5d
6d RBG Group 2k last season lf player Hello , we are a RBG group which plays together since Legion Start and we are close to getting full, we have player between 2k-2,4 xp and now we seek for new member to join us. We play Friday and Saturday from 20-23+ and we neee : GUARDIAN DRUID , Hunter , rogue . if you are interessted then add Vangul#2988 I will be back 19.04Jengul3 6d
6d Glory of Rbg's (alliance) Do you also miss when rbg's was a thing and something you could brag about? I just feel that rbg's have fallen into the shadow and i cannot see why players let something so nice as rbg die slowly..? Most of the groups today wants to see those high 2.3+ achives but in reality plays like a bunch of 1.2cr's back in the days. I am looking for like mindes people that would like to find a steady team to roll with and climb the ladder, i miss those days when you worked hard as a team and always helped eachother with tips and tricks to improve your gameplay. I just feel that alot of people flame eachother way to much and bringing alot of people down, just makes me sad to see someone completely destroy someones will to play this game.. A little about myself, i had my own rbg/pvp guild in early cata and was leading/tc'ing aswell. About 1 month after the guild was formed we had about 25 members and we was doing Rbg's daily and was working towards that every single one of us was not going to be left outside. Most of the players got from 0 - 2.1 cr during this time and some did not have much pvp experience at all! It just made me so happy too see everyone achive something as a group! :) Now i am looking for like minded people that want to give rbg's abit more serious shot then the yolo grps, the only req that i wish for is that you should be active for atleast 3 times per week and not be shy in the vent. Atleast have a pvp backround higher then the daily "average" bg/skrimish queuer since i want to go in a relative faster pace now then i did before :) If this might be something for you dont be shy, leave you btag and ill get back to you asap! The goal so to get the same 10 guys for every run :)Mánor19 6d
6d Gathering players that are tired of solo PvP Basically i am tired of playing alone and there is guaranteed to be other people out there that are in my situation. Therefore, im making a guild on silvermoon/outland if you want to join. I have it all set up with Discord channel included. If you are not on these realms i can add you instead since i will be contacting people on this thread that wants a group to play with. You can also add me SurrealLefty#2590Parreal20 6d
6d [H] Looking for healers 3s [Swe or English] Heyo! Me and my friend are looking for a healer to play with in 3s. We are currently kinda low CR but we are usually around 1,7k in 2s with double DPS but we havent been spamming and I am sure we could get higher. We have no requirments, you can be new to PvP or whatever, we just want a fun healer to spam some arenas with and get better :) We play Feral and mage currently but we can also level up a warrior and warlock if needed. Add me at Chrispey#2246Chrispey0 6d
6d LF 3v3 PvP team Hi! I am at a low Cr and a Low Xp has only reached challenger title. I am looking for a 3v3 Arena team that wants to play consistently I have all Honor talents (prestige 3) And I know how to play my class good. LF 1 Healer and another Dps so we can play! Add my Battletag: RoastedRoach#2382Destrauk0 6d
6d 1,9k lsexp rshaman/enh/ww LF 3s grp Title says it all. I got 1.9k last season just trying to get the 100 wins mount, didnt really push since I couldnt find a dedicated group. I'm able to play resto, enh and ww monk to a high-ish level, just need to play with people on my level. Don't ask for much, just that you don't rage over a few losses and are passionate about getting to 2k+ (especially for the new tmog :D). If interested, my btag is: worgnfreeman#2528Knucklè0 6d
21 Apr [H] LF a stable dps for 3v3 team We are shadow priest and mw monk looking for a decent dps for our 3v3 team. We are both 1750 legion exp'd, our purpose in season 3 is to practice as much as possible to grow better and reach at least 2k. Currently in need of a non toxic, patient,dedicated competitive 3rd dps partner to play together. I (spri) got ele and lock alts available as well, and my mw friend has pala and shaman to play with, so we can try different comps as well. We mainly play during nights, like after 6 pm server time. If you are interested feel free to add me BROLL#2347 or Mikusss#2594.Cornugon2 21 Apr
21 Apr [A] Arena 3s team Warrior/ DH looking for a skilled and friendly healer. CR 1507, XP 1700. Voice- We prefer to use Skype if interested add Oni#21388Pèrcèvàl0 21 Apr
21 Apr Assa/Sub Rival,2k lsxp Hello,I looking for viable comp.I want try to find some decent and friendly peoples with voice, who want progress 3s and go over 2.2k rating.I start play rogue last season.My old partners stop play when we reach 2k rating. I want really chill arenas with progress,ragequiters please don't waste my time,thank You. I'm sorry for my english,but i hope You understand.:) I'm not a top player in PVP,i do mistakes..:) I prefer Assa spec. You can contact me:Thindan#2450 I welcome all friendly and chill people..:)Thindy0 21 Apr
20 Apr LF healer/dmg aren CZ/SK hledam na trojky (klidne i dvojky) healera nejlepe Rdruid/shaman/pala k war/mage. Popripade rogue na RMP. Na pushnuti 2000+, takze nekoho se zkusenostma a skillem. Klidne i Feral druida ci huntera k disco na 2k+ rat. Battle.net: LnDs#2861 realm: Drak'ThulUnkillable0 20 Apr
20 Apr 909 Mage // 905 MW Monk lf rbg group Hi, I am 26 years old and I am looking for a rbg group, which plays around the weekend, I have a 908-909 Mage (Fire or Frost) and a 905 MW Monk. My XP is 1,8k+ xp and I want to play rbgs regularly and proof myself in a good rbg group. if you are interested you can add me: crackedx#2366 thxMortwo0 20 Apr