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16 Apr 2012 Looking for players — PvP forum Welcome to the "Looking for Players — PvP" Forum. This is the place to look for other players if: You are looking for a new member for your PvP guild You want to join a PvP guild You are looking for members for a cross-realm battleground You want to join an existing cross-realm group battleground You are looking for a new member for your arena team You want to join an arena team In order to make your search as successful as possible, we recommend you to follow these simple steps: Use the search feature at the top right of the screen before posting When creating a new thread, make sure to use an appropriate and descriptive title (e.g. "[A/H] <Class> Looking for RBG" or “[A/H] <Class> Looking for Arena Team” or “[A/H] <Team> looking for <Class> and Healers” ) If you are not interested in teaming up with players from other realms, please feel free to also post on your realm forum. We hope that you will succeed in finding other players to have fun with!Vaneras0 16 Apr 2012
4h No PvP Vendors ?! / stats We want PvP Vendors Back i want to click on NPC and buy my piece of gear ! I want to chose my OWN STATS in PvP i dont want you chosing it for me this is !@#$ and we have no Power over our charakters in PvP enchants dosent matter anymore they are useless gear stats are useless since you chosing the stats for us what is the point of PvP progression anymore?!Ancienthoof0 4h
10h Rsham lf feral for 2s +3s team Recently restarted playing this game since wod. First time Legion! was 2k+ in 3s back then (Got achievs to prove) Im not very knowledgable yet since im still learning this new meta and mechanics, so im just looking to improve game after game. I still manage to do some dog mistakes so, be patient. Looking for someone that is chill and competitive. No exp needed at all since i never played arenas on legion either. Just be willing to learn as much i do and debate possible mistakes in order to fix them. Cant really be 100% active for now since im still going through college exams till February, i still try to play 4/5 times a week tho. Feel free to leave a msg here or add Flyingdutch#2914 CheersYedder0 10h
1d R1 players offering Arena boost for Gold Hey! We are helping Players get Rating in Arena. We only take Gold any Server (but pref, outland) and don't do Accountplay. We do both Alliance and Horde. If you miss some points for your Elite PvP Gear, Dominant Tabard, Demonic tyranny Enchant or for titels later on you might find this helpful :) Our prices for 3v3 are: Remember that the prices will change during the season because of inflation of the MMR and CR in the PvP community so these prices will lower as time go by. 0 - 1500 50k / 100 Rating 1500 – 2000 250k / 100 Rating 2000 – 2200 500k / 100 Rating (only for ww/mw/war/dh/lock/Rsham atm) 2200 – 2400 750k / 100 Rating (only for ww/mw atm) We also offer 2v2 arena coaching per hour (150k Hour) As of yet, we never had a Player who didn't achieve the rating he paid for. However, we take care that the wished rating isn't always achievable (f.e. 1500 to 2400 with 1700 max. experience). Over 100 Boosts successfully completed. Btag: Henrik123#21398 Incase its full malen#2834. Skype: Henrik.rustner2 Enjoy legion ;).Bussdriver1 1d
1d [A/H] LF people for 3s 2k cr horde and 1.8k cr alliance on my fdks. 1.8k cr horde and 0 cr alliance on my warrs. 1.7k cr horde and 1.7k cr alliance on my paladins (ret/holy, doesn't matter to me, equal on both). I'm only looking for these comps, faction doesn't matter: Warr+ret+rsham. Fdk+ret+rsham. Fdk+demo+hpala. Fdk+surv+dpriest. Fdk+surv+rdruid. Fdk+feral+hpala. I'll only play the chars listed in the first paragraph because I cba to play the rest of my chars atm (got 14 chars on 110 and 5 on 100 atm). Cr+exp+faction and the comp(s) you wish to play + your btag down below. I realise I haven't mentioned much, but you can check my armory as a conversation starter and if you're interested then I can go into detail, if you wish, after I've added your btag. Discord+microphone is required.Lextalionis0 1d
1d Trial and error Discord PVP community Hi everyone! I have seen many players struggle to find pvp partners to learn and progress with. So i'm trying to create a Discord community, for dedicated pvpers to gather and connect with each other easily. Finding players in LFG system is a practical way. But soo many players dont want to change, they just think they do it the right way all the time. But no one knows it all, in order to progress you have to adapt and learn. This is for the one who struggles for the 1550 achivement, but also the one who just wants to get that rank 1 title one more time. Everyone can get better. But it takes effort patience trial and error. So i hope we can gather a community with the right mindset and help each other to get to new heights. If you already think you know it all, everyone else suck you got that 2k achi. Well go show it to someone who cares. Here we dont care about you, everyone can improve from zero to hero. Join the Discord and letts see were we can get this going. Maby you find parthers for life, a mentor or just a new best friend! Discord link: https://discord.gg/DmxqfF9 Cheers!Hoshikó0 1d
1d RBG Guild Recruiting - Kazzak Hey Guys! Legio Getica is a 11 year old guild with a proud history of PvP and PvE. I have recently returned from a break since MoP and have rebuilt the PvP side to our guild. Currently we are playing Tuesdays and Thursdays 20:00-23:00 ST making steady progress floating around the 2k MMR mark. Our aim is to push to 2.2k as we have achieved in the past and then onwards to Hero Titles A spot has now opened up for a skilled MM Hunter. Good exp and discord with a mic you're not afraid to use is a must. As well as this a realm transfer to Kazzak to join us (if you're not already on the realm) will be required, though we allow a 1 month testing period to see if you enjoy playing with the team. Socials and RBG Backups are also welcome! We run many Arenas and also have a successful raid team for anyone also interested in PvE. If interested please add Sandycheekz#2680 to have a chat in game so I can answer any questions you may have. I look forward to hearing from you :)Sandycheekz21 1d
1d HPally/Priest & Mage lf serious 3rd [Horde] Hey, A Friend of mine and myself are looking for a DPS in connection with the title. My friend can play Holy Paladin and Disc/Holy Priest. I can play every mage spec, Arcane being the one I am the more confident in and that I like the most, followed by Frost and then Fire, the latter being the one I am the least experienced in in legion. We both got Gladiator in our wow history and played around 2.4 mmr and cr in several seasons of Legion. I have not played yet seriously in this season so my cr is low and my mmr is around 2K. We are looking for a dedicated player that is willing to put enough time and effort to create a solid synergy between the three of us and hopefully get Glad again so please, if you do not have the mindset for it, do not even bother it will save us time and avoid frustration for all of us, be patient, be cool. Feel free to add me on battle.net if you are interested. Shey#2646Sheý0 1d
2d [H]WW LF Stormscale Arena/RGB Guild Hey my dudes. Name: Mushivag Windwalker Monk Stormscale - EU RGB & Arena I'm looking for a serious PvP guild. I've been playing WoW since the better part of TBC and have always been a PvPer. Until recently, I haven't been able to play as much as I'd like to due to time constraints, but now I'm online pretty much most of the day and past 12 frequently. I have little personal Arena/RGB experience but I know my class, I learn good, I follow instructions gooder and my passion to git gud is the goodest! :) If you'd like more information don't be shy to message me here or in-game!Mushivag0 2d
2d Alliance day vs night The quality in pvp on Alliance is astounding , litteraly night and day. 7 am - 5pm Alliance on the ball , know tactics , high win rate. After 5pm .... it's just massacre , a slaughter , butchered Why is that , what happened to the 7-5 alliance at night time , where do they all go ? Oo Say in the day i will play 20 bgs , usualy 14-16 wins. Night time 1 win out of 20.Bilban2 2d
2d Rogue looking for rated BG team Hey Guys, i'm playing actively this season PvP and looking for constant group for rated BG. i'm active during working days from 20:00-23:30 and much more at weekends. My current rating is 2k at 2s and looking for team in 3s bracket and 1660~ cr rated bg which i'm also looking for team. in all brackets i'm playing with random ppl which i have started looking for constant mates/groups. b.tag: GizmoMKD#21944Rogertoo2 2d
3d Lf friends or group for chill Arenas/rbg Hey, im looking for a some friends to do some arenas. This my Fury Warrior alt, he is 945. I pugged some arenas but it wasnt always fun and good, but managed to get a 1550 rating in 3v3 so nothing special. I was wondering if there are people out here who want to do some chill arenas or rbg’s. And if we are a good comp try and push our rating ! Im not interested in joining a guild or anything, but make some Pvp minded friends ! Dont hesitate to respond ! Have a nice day. RobberoRobberö0 3d
3d FC lf rbg team Hey! Im a 2.2k exp player in pvp. Been playing since vanilla. 30 years old. Im Vocal and listen. 1851cr. Wanna push 2.2k atleast this season. 940 ilvl 75 traits havoc 73 traits vengeance Cheers.Bigalabama3 3d
3d (A/H) Arms LF long term team LF TSG/WMPala/Thunder/Turbo My best legion goals is 2400 in 2s and 2300 in 3s, can play both sides A/H, got second warri on horde side, wanna see people who really wants to play and push (or just boost me, kek), can speak english aswell, got fancy mic and there is no children cryin in my room Ask me Palrim#2389Сладкаяхурма0 3d
3d Tank LF raiding guild Tank Warrior LF Raiding Guild, 945 ilvl could work as OT for HC, Main for NormalWarix0 3d
3d Disc priest lf 3v3:-) My priest are around 941 + it lvl/75+ Artifact Power - and around 1600cr In 3v3! I have 2k legion xp. Lf partners who wanna push as high as possible. I have most xp with php and rmp/wmp. my evening playtimes times are tuesday, wed, and sunday evening 19.00-21-00 ad sand4u#2983 for an ingame talk:-) Have my own discord channel and can use bnet/ts/vent if needed, but pref discord cause its less laggy etcSandkage0 3d
4d Delete delete please, changing it up a little!Gaddzingo4 4d
4d Rejected by Disney-Tarren Mill-S6 <Rejected by Disney> is looking for more active members to spray our banter towards. Wanted list to our crew for season 6: Holy Priest - open Frost DK - closed Demon hunter FC - closed Assa rogue with sub OS -closed Frost mage -open PvP: Previously expansions we managed to play at hoth range. After a few years of absence we try to put up a brand new team on a new server. Who with try to push 2k+ and set new goals after this Arena community Trying to gather players from various brackets, whom fancy doing arena every day 24/7. ABOUT US: Rejected by Disney is an unusual and unique guild experience. We've existed in many different forms on many different servers, forever cursed to roam the universe, looking for alternative realms we can devour. Once we invade a world, we quickly establish ourselves as the apex predator. Although our reign has never been long term, our impact has echoed out across the infinite horizon, reaching ever into Tomorrow. With guile, discipline, dedication and a decade of experience, we offer you a journey like no other. The memories we give you, will last longer than your spirit can endure and even after your name has withered and your War Crafting over, you will remember us, you will remember yourself. REQUIREMENTS: • Must be able to Speak and Communicate in English. • Must have a Microphone and Headset and Capable of Using it. • Must be Dedicated to One Guild and Faction. (Us) • Must have a Sense of Humour. (The Darker, the Better) • Must be able to take Direction, Commands, Criticism and Insults. • Capable of Analysing Mistakes, Adapting to Change and Evolving Strategies. • Capable of Debating, Arguing and Adequately Expressing one's Opinions. • Capacity to Comprehend Sarcasm/Banter. • Capacity to Comprehend the Needs of Others before Themselves. • No Low Levels or Alts without having a Max Level (Main) in Guild First. • No Political Correctness. • No Communication with the Alliance Faction on Our Server. (Forums included) • A pvp experience greater than 2.200 rating from 3s/rbg. WHAT WE HAVE AND WILL OFFER: Unlike so many other Guilds out there Claiming to be the 'Best' and 'Bragging' about beeing amoung the top players @ rbg eu, in the exact same places, day after day, <Rejected by Disney> is the 'ONLY' Guild with a serious list of accomplishments under its belt. RbD is the reincarnation of everything learned and gained from every other guild we've had. Our Guild Plans have been copied and imitated the world over. But no one can perfect it, for we learned the discipline. You will have an ever lasting bond with some of the most socially misunderstood and depraved people in gaming. You will Ascend through the Ranks, gain Rewards, Privileges, Entitlements and Respect. All Earned from your Dedication and Loyalty to the Guild. You will face Criticism, Humiliation and Hatred, you will Battle your Guild Members and Yourself to Improve and Impress, YOUR Ability and YOUR Skill. This Guild is by no means for the feint of heart. There are no favourites and you Earn your place to become Core. You will endure the Hazing of other Core members and subdue your inner rot, which is rampant in the world today. Your acceptance does not have a Price, you cannot Buy your Respect. But when you Achieve it... you will Truly Belong. And the future Generations will Bow before the designs of your Cruelty. We do not make Soldiers. We Control Monsters. You will learn Formations, Tactics and Strategies. You will discover Secrets and witness Miracles. You may Suffer a Defeat in Battle but you will always Win the War. You will learn to Accept your Failures and Grow as a Player because of them. Humility is a bitter food, once you have experienced it, you will hunger never to taste it again. We do NOT brag about Victories. We do NOT rage whisper players who maim us.here will be NO toxic spills. Your fellow Acolytes 'ARE' your world, Know them, Rely on them. Camaraderie is an important Ability and what you cannot see in a Mirror, they can Help see you through. Rejected by Disney is no longer a Myth told to New Players by Jealous, Unimaginative, Cowards, who think that erasing our past will ensure their future. These heathens are forever 'Destined' to follow in Our Shadow. We are not a Legend passed down from one Generation to the next with Reverence. We are simply the Greatest PvP Movement you will Ever Experience. Be you with us... Or against us... No one creates Content like we do. Without us, there is only a Void in which all the unworthy claim to control. For the time is upon you all. When Our Future will become your Past. contact: gascoigne666#2918 Interviews may take 1-2 Hours. Do NOT Lie. You will Regret it if you do.Ðaqq20 4d
4d Another LF Guild Post, sorry! Hi guys; I'm currently looking for a guild that actively PvPs as a unit. It's apparent that PvP guilds are scarce in Legion but I'm hoping there's still a few candles in the dark. Realistically I'm looking for a guild that's chatty and social, like-minded when it comes to PvP as a whole and definitely gets involved with activities. Ideally running 1 or 2 RBG teams. PvP is my only real drive in this game, although it's at a bit of a lapse I still find myself running random bg's and enjoying it, but in my almost 12 years of playing it certainly isn't anything like it used to be. I'm certainly not looking for a guild full of elitists that want to drill sergeant people for their talent preferences but a guild that wants to succeed and wants to do well is definitely what I'm after. It doesn't necessarily have to be PvP PvP PvP, if the guild wants to run some mythics or do some raids or whatever then great, that's where a lot of decent gear comes from afterall; but it'd just be nice to be in a social environment that still has the lust for PvP. If anyone could suggest a guild, or if you're in a guild like this, please make a shout out! Thanks a lot! -GSool2 4d
4d Why is it? Why is there only either extremly hardcore guilds wich needs you to dedicate 12+ hours a week at every hour of the day. Or it is in the whole other side of the spectrum where people have 40% winrate at 1000-1400 rating with 60+ wins making guilds? Is there any guild that is a middleground where some people with atleast some experience makes a guild you dont need o dedicate your life too, just a pvp community where you can find okay partners and get to know people in the pvp community.Qpd1 4d
4d [A] Building a high-end RBG from ground up I'm in the process of building a high-end RBG team from the ground up. Our ultimate aim is HOTA - however realistic or unrealistic that may be, we will keep playing for the sake of playing even if we can't get there. We are planning on playing 3 days a week, around 4 hours per day in order to become a close team. Playing RBGs with pugs on off-days on the character will not be allowed in order not to hinder team progress(unless the other team's rating is the same or higher as our current rating). Whether this is to be on a set number of days, or to vary week from week, is still to be decided. This will depend on everyone's availabilities. There WILL be losing streaks. We will use the knowledge of what we did wrong to improve. We will not give up against stronger teams, but do our best in order to learn from them. The #1 rule of this team: respect eachother. No team has ever gotten HOTA by calling eachother !@#$ and arguing over tactics. If there is any criticism to be done, it will be done AFTER the game, and in a constructive, not hostile, manner. No general emo-ness either (e.g. "Oh my gooood" after losing a base, loud sighs, team-doomsaying). Just like a PvE raid group gets up after a wipe and just tries again, so will we after a loss. Now, something about me. I have 2500 experience in 3v3 and I have been in Glad range in three different seasons. I led a RBG team consisting of 15 stable members to 2300 over a course of 200 games. Based on my past experience, I do not feel like I am best fit for the role of leader, which is why I am also looking for another leader to actually lead the RBG games, and myself am undertaking the role of an "organizer", or manager/teamshaper. Check out this post if you want to become the gameplay leader: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17617672258 Apply in the #Applications text channel in this Discord: https://discord.gg/SuqrpPC Post: - Armory link + spec of the character you are applying on - Battle tag - Your verifiable wow PvP history, especially for the character you are applying with. Meaning your best PvP ratings and in which brackets and seasons they were achieved, in which seasons you played etc. - Days and times you can play on - Expected attendance percentage (assuming 3x4 hrs per week) - Anything else you feel is worth mentioning Every application will be reviewed. Please, do not apply if: - You cannot respect fellow teammates, even if they have made a game-losing mistake (i.e., do not call people %^-*, even if they come off as very bad players) - Losing streaks make you emotionally unstable or hopeless - You cannot speak on voice coms - You have never hit 2000 rating in any PvP bracket - You feel like playing for 4 hours 3 times a week is too much of a commitment for you Do apply if: - You are a relaxed person who's fun to be with - You are willing to make a long-term commitment - You are dedicated to improve and build the team with usAkcope13 4d
5d Slacker Inc. Newly created PvP-guild < Slacker inc > a new created guild ( Faction: horde ) We are a competitive network and aim for skilled players! At the moment we are looking for some active PvP-players to join our roster. In short: - We are an international guild. If you're applying to us, we expect you to speak English. - No hierarchy where only the leader/officers have a say in the guild. Everyone can have an opinion - Suggestions, feedback and constructive criticism are welcome regarding the way the guild operates. What do we expect from Applicants and Trials? - You must be maximum level, or be able to level up fast. - Be mature. It is not so much about your age as it is about your personality and the way you act with others. - Be active on a reasonable level, If you don't do much when you are online you probably won't fit into the guild. - Be motivated and able to learn quickly. This is must have for people who want to perform well in PvP or PvE as well. - Be an active Discord user. A working microphone is a must. We ask of all our members to join teamspeak as much as possible. This is to improve coordination and communication during Battlegrounds / Arena or Raids. That's all for now. If you are interested to learn more information about us, you can always contact us in-game or /apply Slacker inc and we will get back to you as soon as possible! Of course, you can contact us on your own by messaging me in Battlenet ( Esdesu#21168 ) We hope that we will have a nice and productive co-operation with some of youKurome0 5d
5d Rdruid LF 2vs2 2.1cr Prefer lock, ele shamanGonjasmokin0 5d
6d drood heal XP arena 2k2 LF guild pvp / RBG / 2v2 / 3v3 Hi guys I am interesting in joining a guild pvp hl with my 110 resto druid atm. I recently resumed to play wow. (ilvl 890) With my main (shamy heal) I climbed 2200 in 2v2 and 3v3 https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/eitrigg/tahalaf/achievements/player-vs-player/arena and 1750 in rated BG. with my drood Droody (which I played much less in pvp) i went around 1975 in 2v2 if i remember well) . You can contact me ig - Roumpf#2159 I am a good BG player. I also look for arena partners in 2v2 and 3v3 ThxTahalaf0 6d
6d Sp/Disc lf RBG Hoth push group Hello, im looking for an RBG group pushing Hoth/2,4cr mainly playing shadow but im also up for playing disc. To myself: 2,1k cr, 2,4k lxp, working mic ofc, pref discord. have atleast around 2,1k group cr. for more info: Crudos#2426Crudosqt0 6d
6d R1s WTS selfplay Arena Raiting. Hey! We are helping Players get Rating in Arena. We only take Gold any Server (but pref, outland) and don't do Accountplay. We do both Alliance and Horde. If you miss some points for your Elite PvP Gear, Dominant Tabard, Demonic tyranny Enchant or for titels later on you might find this helpful :) Our prices for 3v3 are: Remember that the prices will change during the season because of inflation of the MMR and CR in the PvP community so these prices will lower as time go by. 0 - 1500 50k / 100 Rating 1500 – 2000 250k / 100 Rating 2000 – 2200 450k / 100 Rating (only for ww/mw/war/dh/lock/Rsham atm) 2200 – 2400 600k / 100 Rating (only for ww/mw atm) We also offer 2v2 arena coaching per hour (150k Hour) As of yet, we never had a Player who didn't achieve the rating he paid for. However, we take care that the wished rating isn't always achievable (f.e. 1500 to 2400 with 1700 max. experience). Over 100 Boosts successfully completed. Btag: Henrik123#21398 Incase its full malen#2834. Skype: Henrik.rustner2 Enjoy legion ;).Bussdriver1 6d
6d 2.2k Rogue/dpriest LF 3rd looking for a mage/boomy/hunt to push till end of season. aiming duelist.bring 2k+ exp and some knowledge also must use voiceNiaqt1 6d
6d LF ppl for Random BG premades!!! Looking for experienced ppl for random battlegrounds to farm honor/kills and achivements! Goal is to form strong premade to secure good winrate. Sometimes we play with voice too :) In need of dps and 1 healer ! If interested add Hydro#2667Gravenkiss0 6d
6d LFM Nemesis Achievements Heya guys I am looking for people who would like to still complete these quests / achievements. We will find a way depending how many people wanna do it. (if many then we might just mass que for Ashram or kill each other somewhere) I am generally just curious who would like to complete these quests or which one are you missing. Currently we have: 2 people from horde side. Horde: Blood Elf, Troll, Undead, Alliance: My battle.tag is: NascarNSX#2986. Add me and tell me that you have came because of the Nemesis quests.Nascarnsx3 6d
13 Jan [A/H] LF hpala to tryhard in 2s and 3s Hello. I'm an arena master multiclasser with 2.4k lsxp in 3s on my alliance dk and 2.3k on this dk + 2.3k on my horde hpala. I've got 2.4k (We stopped trying and just capped when reaching 2.5k mmr where we stayed throughout the season cuz of counter comps being played properly, maintained a 60-70% win rate as well) Legion exp as a resto sham in 2s (2.2k in 3s on it the same season). I've also got 2.2k exp in 2s (and a bit in 3s) several seasons as healers and melees in WoD and Legion. Now, the reason why I'm starting this endeavour is to get some content for streaming. I'd like it if you'd bring at least similar 2s exp AS THIS COMP, so I know you've got what it takes as a holy pala because I don't want to have to explain basic things to you like I've been forced to do with so many people. I've played this specific comp in 2s to 2.2-2.3k 4 seasons in total since WoD, and that's as both the holy pala and the dk (+ I've played it on my other palas and dk to the same rating the same season(s), just because I could), so I'm pretty darn familiar with it. Of course I've played lots of classes, specs and comps too. I've got 14 characters on 110 in total, and 5 still left on 100. I've got 2 dks, 3 paladins, 2 druids, 2 warriors, 2 dhs and the rest are all 1 of each remaining class. This is only for people who are interested in tryharding like crazy. If you're the type of pala who doesn't know when to run with avenging light in 2s or if you only run with divine favor and/or melee wings vs. everything, then you might as well not apply and spare us both some time. Also, it should go without saying but discord, a microphone and a steady connection are required. This is kind of like an experiment for me, to see if there's anyone who will actually respond to this type of search. If nobody responds, then that's fine as well. I'll just stream random bgs or something instead if that's the case, I'm sure there are people without rated exp who would want to see somebody with mid-tier exp doing some unrated content just like they do because afaik there's almost nobody doing it without a premade and to begin with there are very few people with exp who does unrated pvp often let alone streams it.Lextalionis1 13 Jan
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13 Jan Disc priest lf 3v3/2v2:-) My priest are around 941 + it lvl/75+ Artifact Power - and around 1600cr In 3v3! I have 2k legion xp. Lf partners who wanna push as high as possible. I have most xp with php and rmp/wmp. my evening playtimes times are tuesday, wed, and sunday evening 19.00-21-00 ad sand4u#2983 for an ingame talk:-) Have my own discord channel and can use bnet/ts/vent if needed, but pref discord cause its less laggy etcSandkage0 13 Jan
12 Jan Best Pvp Server I'm looking to getting into pvp specifically rated bgs but no matter where i look i can't seem to find any ACTIVE pvp guilds on my server (Ragnaros). Personally i haven't been doing any pvp pretty much since wotlk so i dont really know which servers these days have the most active pvp guilds both for ally and horde. So my question is which servers are currently the best pvp servers with the most active pvp guilds both for horde and ally?Badmonk0 12 Jan
12 Jan RBG/Arena Guild<Chill Out> Outland [A] Greetings! My name is Múrky and I'm the GM of a new PvP guild called Chill Out. I'm looking forward to invite people who want to grind the PvP ladders in arenas as well as RBGs and who are willing to be active and follow up with RBG schedules which will be usually 2-3 times per week around weekends lasting around 3 hours per run. The idea is to have a small guild with 15-20 active members max in addition to their alts, so we can have a strong team for any PvP activity we do. That way it will give you an opportunity to find your arena partner and swap comps based on your needs. Anyone who is willing to join needs to have 2k+ in any bracket and to attend the scheduled RBG's. As far as requirements for now we are open for everyone, and as soon as we have a stable team we will start doing RBG's and possibly extend to a second ALT RBG group. Please take a note that this will be a progressive guild (we are not elitists) that accepts failure as long as there is progress in the long run. You do however need to be mature and respect the others regardless of outcomes. We need people who are willing to be target callers, battleground leaders who know tactics and social officers which means you have to be vocal and used to speak when ever we do our activities. Regarding myself i have 2.4k experience in arena brackets and know a lot about PvP mechanics but I don't consider myself a best RBG leader so I will NEED a leader while I will deal with team compositions and all the other guild organisation. Someone who is sharp, knows the tactics well and can make decisions based on the current situation. IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a progressive guild however, my aim is not to stress people with importance of attending and being hard core, you CAN be a casual PvP player but we expect that you attend the runs as scheduled, stay with the guild progress meaning you don't run pugs as a guild member (other than your alts). Farming RBG can be very stressing and I need people who are willing to actually stay in shape, learn from mistakes, have respect for others and not show ego. If we get enough members in short period of time we can all ready start the grind from next weekend! For invite add & whisper murky#2160 Looking forward to see you in the guild!Mùrky0 12 Jan
12 Jan LF ACTIVE PVP GUILD (1600lxp rbg, 2s, 3s) Any active guilds with friendly players that accept new players who really enjoy the game and want to play loads of arena and rbgs? Ill transfer my shaman and possibly rdruid if i find a active guild that enjoy pvp as much as me! Hit me up @ sander#22739Ohteekay0 12 Jan
11 Jan Warrior looking to push rating. I'm currently 1.4k rating 19W/14L with my last partner, but he got bored of PvP. I'd consider 2x DPS in 2v2, but I'd prefer to get a response from a healer. My goal is to reach at least 2k rating. Be at least 1.2k (just so I know you've actually played a few arenas by now) Speak English and be willing to use voice. Be dedicated to pushing rating not just for cap. If everything checks out add me on Bnet: Sphiinx#21488Keltras0 11 Jan
11 Jan WoD Nemesis Quests Hey! Is there still someone that does boost for the Nemesis Quests in exchange for gold? If so, let me know the price - I am willing to pay to get the titles!Mulqvist3 11 Jan
11 Jan Unexperienced Ret looking for Arena mates Hello everyone. As dumb as this might sound, I want the elite set for my paladin. Unfortunately enough, I have zero to none experience regarding arena, but I am willing to learn and put effort into it. What I lack is a skilled individual (for 2s) or team (3s) to help me. Would anyone be interested in helping a player out? Thanks in advanceFayriah0 11 Jan
10 Jan Multiclasser lf long term Hello, trying this again. I am looking for long term partners to push glad. I will be able to play a variety of classes, depending on which comps/classes are good or what u prefer. I am 2.2k exp from back in WoD and are looking to get back into pvp. Add my Btag and we can discuss what to play: Marcivert#2629 I will mostly be playing from around 20:00 server time, sometimes ealier, sometimes a bit later. have a positive attitude or stay away.Thefknpope0 10 Jan
10 Jan LF long term arena partner Hi. Me and a friend is looking for a Disc priest/rsham/holy pal to push 2k+ with. We prefer playing DWTS (Boomie, rogue) - But we can play other comps such as jungle 'n stuff. I play all three specs on my druid, but i main resto. My friend is playing rogue/mage/hunter. So if you're a cool guy, willing to have a good time with us and 2k+ experienced - Add me on bnet rillex#2238 :)Treanis0 10 Jan
10 Jan DISC PRIEST LF 3V3:-) My priest are around 940 + it lvl/75+ Artifact Power - and around 1600cr In 3v3! I have 2k legion xp. Lf partners who wanna push as high as possible. I have most xp with php and rmp/wmp, but open for all viable comp:-) my evening playtimes times are tuesday, wed, and sunday evening 19.00-21-00 ad sand4u#2983 for an ingame talk:-) Have my own discord channel and can use bnet/ts/vent if needed, but pref discord cause its less laggy etc:-)Sandkage2 10 Jan
09 Jan Alliance/Horde lf 3s team Hello. I am currently looking for a stable 3s team with a goal of pushing as high as possible. I am 2.2 wod exp as multiclassing and can play a lot of different classes. These are the classes i prefer. Alliance: WW, Shaman (ele or enhance), Hunt, Spriest or mage. Horde: Death Knight. I would like to push 2.4 to start with and then go for glad. Add my btag if you find it interesting: Marcivert#2629 Ps: Be atleast 2k this xpac if u aren't 2.2 expThefknpope2 09 Jan
09 Jan LF FMP or Assas RMD Looking for main feral, resto druid and holy paladin partners. I am a challenger fire mage, but haven't played since last season. Be polite and nice. I don't want to play with onelossleavers. Contact me: Archoris#2657 09.01.2018Archoris0 09 Jan
09 Jan [H] Arcane Lf Rdruid Hello! I'm looking for good resto Druid to push 2400 and cap every week. I'm ~~2600 exped with this comp and 2k3cr. If you are 2k4+ Legion exped, chill guy/hot grill and want to play contact me Btag : Katryu#2993Wryjanapizde2 09 Jan
09 Jan LF help with "capping spree" achie Hi all, after some years I'll try to finally end with the "Master of Deepwind Gorge" achie. Sadly I miss the capping spree achie. After barely 500 games I managed to get 3 flag at maximum, but 4 seems impossible for me as a hunter. Is there someone interested to help? :) Alesiel#2455 (more info in game)Alesiel0 09 Jan
09 Jan LF RMP (H) 2.2k xp I have 2.2k xp on tbc, wotlk- lf returning-push 2.2k, I have the mentioned xp on both, mage, rogue, priest, all 3 are available, prefer playing priest.Jampesokk0 09 Jan
09 Jan excluded bgs from random Battle Ground I suggest to give a player the option to exclude up to 3. we have the option to exclude 2 bgs currently. 2 of the list bgs are raid style = AV and Isle of conquest. In my opinion those 2 bgs are of single type 40 man, and while some players may like them i personally can't stand them they feel like pve more than pvp, there is no room for skill just mass scale strategy (and AV is favoring alliance). so i must exclude them, and i can't exclude the bg i actually don't like (in my case its EOTS, because push mechanic is op there).Xairoron2 09 Jan