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16 Apr 2012 Looking for players — PvP forum Welcome to the "Looking for Players — PvP" Forum. This is the place to look for other players if: You are looking for a new member for your PvP guild You want to join a PvP guild You are looking for members for a cross-realm battleground You want to join an existing cross-realm group battleground You are looking for a new member for your arena team You want to join an arena team In order to make your search as successful as possible, we recommend you to follow these simple steps: Use the search feature at the top right of the screen before posting When creating a new thread, make sure to use an appropriate and descriptive title (e.g. "[A/H] <Class> Looking for RBG" or “[A/H] <Class> Looking for Arena Team” or “[A/H] <Team> looking for <Class> and Healers” ) If you are not interested in teaming up with players from other realms, please feel free to also post on your realm forum. We hope that you will succeed in finding other players to have fun with!Vaneras0 16 Apr 2012
4h [A] Alliance RBG Group - Rating Push Hey, I'm looking to push rating with a dedicated RBG group. It's difficult finding a RBG-focused guild on my server, so I'm looking for anyone interested in getting involved. Just comment or add my BNET! So far I've been playing with a couple of friends and majority pugs, I've managed to climb up to 1.6k but we will need an organised team to progress into higher brackets.Warford25 4h
5h What is expected in a Rated BG Hi all, After a few months into WoW , doing Random battlegounds (and some PvE), i would like to start with rated BGs. To learn and really get some coordinated wins and a team feeling. I play a sub rogue, what is expected? Role, gear, skill? Willing to learn!Obuswobus4 5h
10h [H][Tarren Mill] <Something Pretentious> + You = ❤️ Hello everyone, I used to lead a decent PvP Guild from Classic all the way to WotLK. I haven't played most of MoP/Draenor content, returned a few weeks ago and now I want to pick up where I left off. This guild is for you if you're looking for more in PvP than just Arenas and some RBGs you prefer "casual but serious" over "pro" This guild is not for you if you think your opinion matters more because you have a higher rating you think "House Lannister" is a good guild name (no offense, but c'mon) you're a special snowflake I won't tell you some minimum rating you need to have because I learned that some stupid number doesn't necessarily mean anything. It's self-explanatory that you should really know the way around your class and that you should make use of all common mods. I expect a decent quality when it comes to your microphone. Given that everything goes the way I want it to, you can expect <Something Pretentious> to be the perfect guild for doing Battlegrounds in groups, RBGs - as soon as possible (roster-wise) - and a place where you'll find your new Arena mate(s). The most important aspect is the social one. It's still a game and it's supposed to be fun. Any questions? Asdrubael#2441Arthanael7 10h
12h [H] <Trademark Inc> PvP guild @ Ragnaros (2k+) <Trademark Inc> is aiming to be a small tight-knit Wow PvP Guild that consists of quality players whose focus is on RBG's and/or Arena. Founded by a group of stubborn friends who despite knowing there are games with 'better' PvP out there still look for people who are interested in that good old WoW PvP we all grew to love and hate over the years. The guild management have years of experience leading high end guilds such as <A guild you never heard of> and <You vaguely remember this name>. In order to guarantee at least a basic level of game knowledge we do ask for a minimum of 2k rating in 3v3 Arena from every member. This to ensure that our RBG groups meets a minimum standard everytime we run, regardless of who we bring. We welcome all players who meet this minimum requirement, though we will obviously prioritise people playing the more in demand classes wink boomkins wink or people who are able to multiclass/multirole because winning is simply more fun. TLDR: @mallycon#2267 or @athys#2659 for all your questions <Trademark Inc> WoW by choice, PvP by design™ End of Legion season 1 update: Our core group is up and running but we are still pugging a few slots that we would prefer having filled up by guildies! High demand: - Druids (Balance/Resto; big bonus if you play both) - Warlocks (Affliction/destro) - Monks (Mistweaver/Windwalker) - Warriors (Arms) - Hunters (MM/Survival) - Paladins (Holy/Ret) Medium demand: - Shamans (Ele/Resto) - Priests (Shadow/Disc) - Mages (Frost/Arcane/Fire) - Rogues Death knights and demon hunters are less of a priority but we welcome all players in our guild so don't hesitate to contact anyone of us if you're interested!Havaii2 12h
12h (A) Honor Capped LF World PvP'ers! Honor Capped™ We are probably known as the best and last great PvP guild which respects the value of what Warcraft should be!We are interested in people that can speak clear english and have a good laugh and personality! Aswell as to be able to consist a serious side in Rated Battle grouns Our legacy of players have been with us for 5 years and some longer in our predecessor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSscApp6F7o Recruitment movie and you tube channel! http://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17613774221?page=1 Thank for taking time looking at this thread! //Destinite™Destilord2 12h
15h LF PvP guild Reso Druid LF PvP guild on spinebreaker, dragonmaw and stormreaver. Reso druidCain0 15h
16h (A) Healer LF teammates Any teams looking for a healer? 2,5k cr disc and 2,2k disc (been 2619 in legion) 2k cr Rdruid (2,6k on it in wod) 2,1k cr MW 2k cr Resto sham Up for any viable comp. Have around the same rating as the healer you add :) Have good exp!. if you're some 2k exp guy don't even bother :D Add my battle tag: Oooo#6552Ethena0 16h
20h (H) SWE. SÖKES Healer 2 glada Skåne pågar (gubbar) söker healer för att testa på lite 3v3. Jag lirar ww monk och den andra glötten spelar ret paladin eller frost dk! Har ingen exp i 3v3 men har passerat 1700 sträcket i 2v2 med dubbel dps. Vi bidrar med bra humör, dåliga skämt och en del kroppsläten som micken ibland lyckas fånga upp. Letar som sagt efter healer men vilken klass spelar nog ingen större roll för oss! Sålänge du är med på att detta är mest på skoj (men att vi gör så gott vi kan) Ser gärna att du är 18+ och inte totalt jävla värdelös ^^ Kommentera i tråden om intresse finns! Vi spelar på deathwing servern. Må väl!Numziie4 20h
21h Priest looking for team I play priest, all specs. Mained Disc in arenas but I have also played Shadow a bit, quite comfortable with both in arenas. Holy for PVE related content. Been 2160 as Rdruid in Thug back in WOD. Been 1960 this season in 2s , havent really found any team in 3s who have done well. Searching for team to play RMP/Godcomp/Shatter/Shadowcleave or something of the like. Searching for people with equally-ish experience. Mats#2562Dubbs0 21h
1d 1900CR HPALA, looking for partner to push 2K this week. Anyone willing? who has similar CR or atleast EXP? D:Veleir0 1d
1d Looking for partners to push 2k! Read inside. Hello there! I'm glad you're checking out my thread. I'll get right to the point. I'm 2500 rated on my Demon Hunter at the very moment, so that should definitely speak to how capable I am of getting 2000 on my other characters. At the moment, I'm looking for a Demon Hunter/Survival Hunter/Death Knight for my Resto Druid. For my Warrior, I'm looking for an MW Monk or a Holy Paladin. Both are around 1800 CR at the moment, and I just want to push them over 2k before the season is over for the achievement, and the eventual transmog. I'm looking for something with equal or close experience to make the experience as smooth as possible for everyone involved, and someone who's not a hot-head if we lose. Thank you.Nishie0 1d
1d [H] Retri lf a Helpfull player to reach 2000cr Hey guys! :) I want to reach 2000cr as retri on this toon and i am now 1.6 cr. Anyone willing to help me reach that? I am eager to learn and this is a little wow dream for me haha :D If u like to hit me up Maroshay#2668 is my Btag :) Thank u and have a nice dayOrdensritter1 1d
1d LF RBG Team/Guild - Horde Resto Druid Looking for a regular RBG Team - Willing to server transfer for the right team - rating currently 1600 - have reached 1800 purely from pugging Battletag Zonk#2744 chat further!Zzonk2 1d
2d 2.3 Frost DK This season looking for team mates for 3s Hello guys, I'm looking for partners for 3s who have at least 2.2 exp and a decent cr to push duelist/glad. I would love playing either TWD or TSG Write your Battletag down with some infoIcycola4 2d
2d [H] 2k cr 2350 exp RET LFG 2.4k push Hi, I'm looking for vocal and chill partners to do 3v3 with pushing for 2.4k, maybe even GLAD this season (not top priority.) I've been playing demolock / ret / resto shaman this season and I am open for any and all viable comps, you can reach me at scratch#2851 or type a reply here.Scratchx0 2d
2d [Cross-realm Alliance] High Level Discord Community Hello guys, Well first of all, I'm a french player so my english might not be the best but I'll do my best to keep that post as clear as possible. I'll simply translate what I've said on other forums. I've recently created with some of my mates a Discord server a little bit special. The idea is simple, we're looking to build a community of skilled players. We personally have an average PvP exp. between good+ and really high (2k to gladiator) and for PvE most of us cleaned everything, and we're looking for players around the same category. What we're trying to do is to regroup the maximum amount of people from different realms (and languages) on that Discord so that anyone can find skilled player at his disposal to do any event (RBG/Raid/Arena/Mythic+). Why would you come to our Discord instead of simply find a guild ? Well for many reasons : -First of all, you guessed it, it's cross realm, which means a larger pool of players. (Quality>quantity but we do our best to make the quality good too) -There are no specific schedule, you can come at anytime, anyday and build your group by throwing your announce on the specific chat, the interested players will respond. The larger we're, the faster the research will be. But this time, the players will certainly have the exp. required. -Nothing stops you from having a guild too, we're not forcing you to anything, we're just regrouping same-skilled players. You might not be on your guild roster, or you're on a PvP one while wanting to do some raids, or on a PvE one and trying to push your arena rating, we're the solution. -The vocal. Discord for those who don't know is a cool program similar to skype and teamspeak reunited. You can download it or open it directly on your browser, and it has some cool features. It's a really recent project so there'sn't a lot of players yet, but we're looking forward to it. In my opinion that's a cool opportunity to not miss, specially with all the content Legion provides. If you're interested and have the experience required (that's the only criteria we ask), feel free to drop your battletag here so that I can reach you as soon as possible. PS : We're currently alliance and recruited alliance players, if the project gets bigger we'll certainly open a Horde section, but not for the moment. Thanks for reading PS : I'll edit that post whenever I've more informations to provide as the project (hopefully) gets bigger.Reagen78 2d
2d [H][RBG] Recruiting for 2k+ Intro I am here to recruit for a team, to avoid needless questions i won't tell you what it is currently composed of however a list of what could fill the spots. A skilled player is better than a needed class in many cases and rating/achievement alone does not make you a good pick. Requirements Fluent in English Friendly & Patient Focused & Responsible Active & Artifact Level 30+ Searching Demon Hunter - Havoc Shaman - Restoration Warlock - Destruction Death Knight - Blood Rogue - Assasination Paladin - Retribution Warrior - Protection Shaman - Elemental Hunter - Marksman Warlock - Affliction Monk - Mistweaver Priest - Discipline Druid - Balance Warrior - Arms Mage - FrostExoda21 2d
2d 2.3k exp Feral LF stable 3v3 Arena team Looking for a dot comp of some kind (Affli or SP preferably) and healer to play the rest of this season out and next season too. Looking to go to 2k minimum, currently 1.7k CR. Reply here and I'll get in touch with my bnet tag. Thanks!Chackle1 2d
2d HOJ(paladin stun) Hello, if you are using the addon omnibar that shows the cd's of the enemys team, HOJ is not showing all the time, what i mean is that paladins every time they judgement it reduces the cooldown on HOJ by 10 sec, but it does not affect and show on the omnibar, why not? it would be alot easier to track, does anyone know if they will add this feature? thanksNionia1 2d
2d 2350+ exp SP LF 3v3 (Horde & Ally) Hi, I have both Alliance and Horde priests. Looking for arenapartners, please be rougly around the same exp. Need to be able to use voice communication! =) http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/daggerspine/Lars/simple http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/outland/Riiax/simpleRiiax1 2d
3d [Horde] 2.2k Mage LF Active 3's Team Hey All, Looking for any active 3's teams to do games with as much as possible, highest rating was 2.3k in 2's and 2180 in 3's - Looking to get more active in PvP. If you're 2 friends that's fine, or just a separate randoms, not fussed what comps just want to climb higher and have a laugh Prestige 1 vantagal#2919Kelendrad0 3d
3d Bastuklubben [Silvermoon] LFM PVP and PVE Hi! I am Freshnova of Bastuklubben. Bastuklubben is a guild that was created by a close group of friends that loved to raid and basta(sauna). Some of the original members have either gone abroad or are too busy at the moment and will be back in januari. Until the raids start again I would like to try and create a PVP section of the guild. I am a casual player and I am the only one into PVP right now in the guild. I noticed that there aren't any PVP guilds on Silvermoon and I would like to get all of you who would like to play some arena and RBG to join. If you later want to join our Raid team then that should be no problem thus we could always use more raiders later on. I am looking for mature players, preferably 18+ and from Sweden, and I'm looking for fun and nice people. No rage, just come and have fun with us, we have cookies. My btag is Montebruce#1625 Feel fre to ask questions! FreshnovaFreshnova0 3d
3d [H] Arms 2440 sexp lf 3s Hello friends, I am arms warrior with 2440 season exp. Tanked a lot playing with friends this week. Looking for 3s with high exp players. Prefer WLD or WMD, but i am up to play cleaves aswell. Be vocal and calm. Aiming for glad title. @ brutál#2858 Thank You all for attention.Бёрнингдоуп1 3d
4d [A] Random Battlegrounds Group. Hello all! This is not a RATED BG's thread, this is for people who want to play Random BG's. I personally do not enjoy RATED BG's and I am looking for players who want to just grind Random BG's ( I guess it's a good form of PTSD from my Vanilla days ). As some of my Alliance players know the Random Battlegrounds situation is very very very bad at the moment, so instead of crying endlessly and without any hope on the forums for Blizzard to fix this issue ( I am talking about german/russian/french only realms vs EU multinational realms ) I decided to give this a try. What I'm talking about is simple, a 5man group that plays together and tries to win BG's. The group must have at least 1 healer but the desired is 2. My battletag is Falling#2908 please feel free to add me. When there are enough people interested I will /w and invite you. This is NOT a boosting group so if you would like to join have at least above 850ilvl. Hope to see some people interested.Seleniele0 4d
4d [H] 2,2cr ret pally lf for glad push. Hey there, 2,2k cr ret pally here. Looking for teammates with same or higher cr for PHD/PHP preferably, or FrostDK/Retri as it apparently also works. Can consider other comps though I don't want to experiment - there's no time for that. I know I can push glad, if you feel that way too and play any of the classes above - hit me up in-game Amisael#2162 and let's have that long session where we hit 2,5/2,6 rated as that's most likely gonna be gladiator this season. Peace people, hoping to receive some messages soon.Amisael1 4d
4d Destro/aff LF 3s team 2kcr+ Hey, I am LF 3v3 team to push 2.4k +. My main spec is destro and secondary affliction. I played WW/hpaly/me on 2.3k mmr. Skywow#2380 for more info I am open to any combo.Ihorde0 4d
4d LF arena partners for Glad push Hello 2.3k this season exp rogue lf PvP partners I have with me an SP 2.4k or Disc priest rank 1 might have other classes aswell. RMP / RPD - Can play any setup Just add me on bnet I need more pvp friends than those few I have Viesor#2348Viesor0 4d
4d [H] MW LF regular/pushing team for season 2 Greetings my friends. I've just started playing wow since WoD. I'm not a pro-skilled player, but got some decent skill tho. Previous exp: WoD 2.2k on my main as rogue, 2k CR atm. LF serious pvp team [chill] for season 2 to rush some rating. I'm russian, decent Eng, always communicate, always listen for leader and always do my best. Horde side. Feel free to add me: DeeDee#2688 Thank you for ur attention!Spardaa0 4d
5d Duelist title Lf phd for duelist title or even more,2.2xp,1.9cr,if u are interested add me Dernius#2419Derniusecond0 5d
5d [Alliance] Mglad exp rogue/dpriest LF mage Hi guys, just wanted to make a post because the LFG system is so unreliable regarding long term partners nowadays. I'd like to share with you guys our mindset, and our goals for the future. Long story short: Me and my priest have been playing for quite a while back in TBC, Wtlk and cataclysm. Then i (rogue) stopped playing till like Legion basically. We achieved decently high ratings back in our days, with our highest at 2.7 and gladiator title. We kinda are those hype/good mood ppl, who like to joke around, make fun of you and ourselves (in a good way, don't get me wrong) while still being serious about the rating and actually trying to push it as far as we can. As you might have udnerstood, we are a bit rusty, since we're not playing in a long while (and played with people from ingame LFG as stated above), but with a bit of practice, we can get back to the level we actually were when we stopped playing wow. We always played RMP, so we are looking for a mage (even if the comp isn't great atm), but we belive things will change eventually. What we look for is a person that: 1. Looks for long term partners; 2. isn't toxic; 3. He's willing to play a lot to improve coordination as a team; 4. Open minded to constructive criticism as wer are. If you share our mindset, and you are interested, you can add me at: NafiHaze#2186, and we can talk about details and stuff. Thanks guys, have a great game to everyone!Erilyn0 5d
5d [A,PVP]1550cr rating push RBG's, Call to arms, Evening folks, I am in quite an odd spot at the moment. Where I am struggling to find a fixed team for rated battlegrounds, and gaining no success in Pugs. The season ends soon and I am just making this post, to see if anybody is likeminded and in the same problem. And would like to attempt to push RBG rating with me before the season ends. I suppose your CR should be from 1500>1550, voice coms is also required, I do not want to play in silence. I will need all able to speak and listen. We will try and smash as many games as we can also, consistently before the season ends, and I have good faith with the right people, and with the right team work we can achieve 1700cr or 1800cr in time. Let me know if your interested, I will leave my B Tag here. Desdichado#21323Louche0 5d
5d LF Ratedbattleground Team + Guild (Outland Alliance) Dear Forum. Am Currently looking for a good solid RBG team to push 2.4k cr once more in next season or to push some rating til this season ends. If ur in need of a Disc and my friend (Boomkin) just give us a /w ingame! Info Class Priest Spec Disc Current RBG rating : 1834 Rbg Exp : Hota - Grandmarshal (2016) Contact me ingame! /w Têresa-Outland Kind Regards TeresaTêresa0 5d
6d [Horde] Hunter LF 3s Marksman/survival hunter LF 3s partners to push some rating before the end of the season. 2k xp in WoD, prefer same rating or higher. Add me to talk: Mullac#2782Garlicbread2 6d
6d Free glad 2550 season xp hpal lf glad push on alt hpal 0cr horde. Shatter Feral/ele/hpal Twd Feral/sp/hpal Surv jungle Hpal/dk/dh Requierments -Be 2400+ season exp on the char u sign up with Speak/understand english mic+discord is also a must No rage or tilt we only got 2 weeks to push so u must also be abel to push fast and smoth from 0cr to 2600ish for safe glad. Type ur battle tag and il add u for more infoDjalex4 6d
6d 2,4k warr LF for a team/buddies to push 3s hey hey guys i am looking for people to push 3s to get the duelist or maybe glad title till the end of legion s1. I am opened for any viable comp. LETS ROLL ! ;)Irongutz1 6d
6d H -- LF life long arena partners for 3v3 Hey, I am looking for arena partner to play with them. I have dk and paladin(holy). So any viable comp is okay with my. You choose me what to play; either dk, or paladin. My general exp is around 1700 and c.r. is around 1600. I can play for 2-3 hours arena for three days in a week. I prefer 6-10 server time. My aim is to pass 2k rating, then 2.2k, then 2.4k. - Who am i ? - 23 years old from Turkey. So I am not a native speaker of English. I am trying to improve myself. Started to retail wow when patch 5.2 released. Since then I am trying to learn new things. - What I want from you - Have same mind as me. Don't be elitist. Be warm, friendly, polite, not pessimist. Try to respect to me as I respect you with the same way you showed me. So here is the my battle tag to ask questions if you have any > Ahmopasha#2522. The chars. that I have are the followings: - DK: Cadweyn - Paladin: Cdywn Edit: Updated.Cadweyn1 6d
6d LF pvp/rbg only guild hey, I am Farmboy, I am new to pvp and i love it, win alot and kinda leading most random bg's and feeling I know the better & better. i would love to be in a horde/alliance pvp/rbg guild man that is pvp/rbg'ing everyday or less from 20:00 to 01:00, I am also the full weekend online. I can always reroll to a new class/spec i have my legion boost ready so i can make a new class that is needed for the guild. my btag is Holydin #21560 if you want to talk with me greetz, FBFarmbøy1 6d
6d Affli lock LF rbg guild (Ally or Horde) LF RBG guild which does RBG every week. Im done rbg's only with random ppl and now I want to find guild which does rbg's every week. about 1,8k exp and very skilled. Im on twisting nether horde now but im able to change servers or faction if needed. I also have disc/shadow priest and arms/prot warrior. Btag: Kamu25#2210Kóváluu0 6d
6d Leveling for (Horde) Leveling for (Horde) gear armor without rings I'm druid, starting from Ragefire Chasm 10 lvl , Cookiezi # 21201 Start a couple of hours before take 10lvl and throw invitesАоеух4 6d
6d main ret/ww LF rbg team Sick of playing with PUGs, so here goes 1.6k XP in RBG, 2k xp in 3s, played RBG last season up to 1.6k now looking for a team who is serious about pushing to at least 1.8k, I prefer to play ret but I can also play WW. willing to listen on voice. Post your b-tag/ingame name below and i'll add youChaomei0 6d
6d 2k xp Ret Pala 1600 cr LF 3 parners to spam wins Horde only. Hey I'm LF some 3s partners to spam wins for the War Saddle. Comp doesn't matter too much, just wanna practise and learn. Leave your Btag if interested.Rzyal1 6d
02 Dec Pure of Heart Wrong section, sorry.Livios0 02 Dec
02 Dec 2.4xp mage LF buddies to climb As title states. Been out of arena for a while, so a bit rusty but I'm looking for some partners to climb. Low CR atm. Prefer rogue/resto druid. GrtsErbie0 02 Dec
01 Dec [A]Ambitious and interested Warrior is searching Hello fellow wow players as i already pointed out in the Title, i am looking for long term Teammates to play 3v3 and 2v2 Arenas, might as well be a guild with similar goals that i have (mentioned below). I played WoW for quite a long time now, but just casually and for fun. I want to change tht and invest some time to try hard and get better on it. I played League of Legends on a sponsored semi professional Team from 2014 to 2015 and want to get myself on a similar Skill level on WoW. I am, what pvp games concerns very able to learn, so my Goal for this season is at least 2k rating on 3v3 and 2v2 and improve as time goes on. I've already helped myself with Guides, Videos and Stream such as the ones from Bajheera and Joefernandes, to see things from different perspectives. I'm able to play from 17:00 (GMT+1) to 22:00 with a break between to eat something. Some more personal Infos: - 20 years old (young and ambitous, willing to achieve) - living in Switzerland - working in a Hospital - League of Legends exp: 3v3: Challenger Rank 4 EU Soloq: Diamond 5v5: Challenger Rank 48 EU I am looking for People with a similar (or close to be) schedule and with an ambition as mine to reach those Goals. The classes are not that important to me, since i want to learn and improve myself, but i would prefer a melee cleave/turbo comp with a healer like hpala or druid. If you are interested to give it a shot, add me on my battlenet (Vilich#21808) or post here. Link to german post: http://eu.battle.net/forums/de/wow/topic/17614473359 Kind regardsAhziral4 01 Dec
01 Dec "Exhumed" looking for more RBG members The guild "Exhumed" is recruiting for their RBG team, at the moment we are at 1600-1700 rating. We expect you to have at least 1800 RBG experience, be able to communicate on TS and be willing to join the guild. We are searching for DKs, DHs, Boomkins, MW monks, Holy Palas or a Warlock for our main team. Other classes and specs are always welcome for a second team or as a reservist for our main team. Exhumed is a guild on the Alliance side of the Shadowsong/Aszune EU connected realm. We are an active, friendly & sociable raiding and PvP guild. Our aims are to achieve the perfect balance between defeating end-game raid content and dominating PvP whilst still making room for real life. If you are intrested you can reply or give me an in-game message on Krandor, or one of the officers Dumina or Dyloxe (shadowsong). http://www.exhumed.eu/Krandor1 01 Dec
01 Dec 2.4 sp lf shadowplay/fps 1930 on alt lf glad push fps or shadowplay.Also preffer bulgarians.Mizhx0 01 Dec
01 Dec (A) Looking to push for glad 2.4k 2s 2.2k 3s Hello, im open to any viable comp as long as you are experienced and non rager. Add me in game #cptfreak1344 or leave a comment here!Freakyo1 01 Dec
01 Dec [A] glad push we Are 2,5 fdk and mw monk To keep it short we are at 2,5 cr and we are looking for a third person to push glad with. Highest this Season was 2,6 and we would exspect 2,5 cr+. Looking for warrior for tsg, ww monk or ret. If you Are interessted leave your skype or btagg below .Lichtlampe3 01 Dec