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16 Apr 2012 Looking for players — PvP forum Welcome to the "Looking for Players — PvP" Forum. This is the place to look for other players if: You are looking for a new member for your PvP guild You want to join a PvP guild You are looking for members for a cross-realm battleground You want to join an existing cross-realm group battleground You are looking for a new member for your arena team You want to join an arena team In order to make your search as successful as possible, we recommend you to follow these simple steps: Use the search feature at the top right of the screen before posting When creating a new thread, make sure to use an appropriate and descriptive title (e.g. "[A/H] <Class> Looking for RBG" or “[A/H] <Class> Looking for Arena Team” or “[A/H] <Team> looking for <Class> and Healers” ) If you are not interested in teaming up with players from other realms, please feel free to also post on your realm forum. We hope that you will succeed in finding other players to have fun with!Vaneras0 16 Apr 2012
1h Türk oyuncular. Dunemaul server'ı 3-4 kişiyiz arkadaşlar.Bizimle beraber oynamak isteyen türk dostlarımızı bekleriz..Bizim server'ımız dunemaul. Teşekkür ederim.Jetrox0 1h
2h PVP is broken beyond repair. PVP screwed so hard. No point in playing ..7-0 Ally laughing at us .. Blizz you have destroyed a finely balanced blend. That ensured Horde got an equal game. So to "encourage" people to move to OVERWATCH.. I am sure... On my server peeps are organising mass instance quits to protest. NO Asharan.... Clearly strategic level decision making within Blizz.. Fix it or start to see your global populations fall after Legion... However I bet thats factored in to the strategic plan.. GO OVERWATCH YAY! (joke).Seline1 2h
12h Chill Swedish guy Lf Jungle/PHD for 3's Hello there! I feel that its time for me now too give arenas a real shot after many years of half effort pvping. I am looking for 2 more guys/girls to head into arena with and push some rating. I rather see a less exp player that can and want to stick together and develope as a team rather then a 2.7 exp player that joins for a while and then rage quits and always complains about small mistakes. My goal is that we will and can always play together atleast 5+ times per week, my main goal is too always try too get better and better and learn from eachother. The people that im looking for should be 18+ and speak/understand english well. Have been atleast at 2k+ once the last 3 expansions, i dont care about the cr because it will come while we are playing and forming our team.Killshótz4 12h
18h LF Friends. :( I'm looking for some friendly people to do some PvP with, mainly arenas hehe. I'm tired of playing with randoms (toxic kids) that i don't know. So if you're a happy, friendly, positive human beeing that would enjoy doing arenas with a 2k+ rdruid, add me on btag; rillex#2238 I'd love to push to 2k+ this season with any viable comp. Take care. edit; I don't really care about your rating. Don't think "omg i'm too noobish". I'll play with anyone! :)Coolkidjr4 18h
18h [H] Leeches PVP Guild - Stormscale Leeches PVP Guild, a place for all lovers of anything PVP Hello all, lately I’ve seen a good few discord communities set for both PVE and PVP, but I felt there was something missing, a community for all levels of experience to join. Leeches is a community for all PVP lovers to unite under one banner, no matter of experience of titles, this both a place of meeting new people and learning to get better as a player. Or even to find a few premades for randoms on the side. With the lack of community within the game, I find it a good idea to get like minded people together who enjoy PVP, from the experienced players to the fresh starters in PVP and place to grow and learn with mature people. To hopefully make some new friends and/or find new arena teams along the way! The community is run by mature chilled out people who have enjoyed PVP for many years and hope to find many others to join us, we have the guild on Stormscale if you wish to join us there and then also the Discord for those who wish to still chat and find people to play with if you are not with us on Stormscale! All we ask for is be chilled out and relaxed, no toxic sort of behaviour, and have a bit of patience with the newer guys. Anyway I Really hope to see many of you there for a chat, a BG or Arena! Thanks, Wolf / Teabag Luduie#2103 https://discord.gg/fn4fvB9Gréywólf9 18h
20h 2.3k multiclass ret LF hunte SWE i got 2.3k wod exp, got 2.3k in cata and mop aswell every season, got 2.3k on my mage. bu i ahvent played legion for !@#$ so i need some patience. LF hunter for PH2v2 and PHX if we do well together, im looking for longterm partners with a minimum of 1800 exp ADd me on battletag masse#21873 or collektorleet on skype 1500 cr btwLyssnaren0 20h
1d Sick of random people, LF like-minded people Hi guys, title says it all, I am looking for a few people that like to casually play in BGs, Arena and RBG's to sign up with. I am sick of logging on, and healing / DPSing alongside people I don't know constantly. I would much rather chill out on Discord and have a laugh while playing the game. So, if you are like me, and just want to sign up with people and have fun together instead of just mindlessly signing solo, feel free to get in touch. (Oh, and I am a 2.2k experienced player, playing Holy Paladin and DH atm :) )Nv42 1d
1d LFM for PvP - mainly BGs - Horde only LF more friends for general pvp mainly BG groups - Horde only Add my btag Snoopy#22898Spârks0 1d
1d Türk Arenacilar buraya !!! Slm !!! Arena yapan arkadaslar buraya yazsin 2000+ üzerinde oynamis arkadaslar ve aktif Arena icin !! battletag yazarsaniz sevinirimBuldozer3 1d
1d [H] <Temporarily Pretentious> Tarren Mill/Dentarg <Temporarily Pretentious> are looking for more PvP orientated people to expand our current roster. Our main focus is to run RBGs at least 2x per week. We have a wide range of experience from beginner to highly rated players. We are currently seeking active PvP focused players to expand into multiple RBG groups. We are casual and friendly players who treat the RBG's seriously, but with a relaxed, chilled attitude. (ragers need not apply) In off days we encourage guild arenas and BG farming, as well as helping one another out in Mythic+ dungeons to get geared up. If you are interested, you can post below with some information about yourself, or contact someone from the guild ingame. We use Discord for communications, for RBG please make sure you've got a working mic and can communicate (at least somewhat) in English. Schedule: Sunday and Wednesday from 20:00-22:30. Status: Healers : Priest, Druid, Paladin, Shaman. Melee : CLOSED Casters : Mage, Hunter Target Caller : 4 open spots RBG Leader : 4 open spots Other classes not listed above can apply on a casual basis (no guaranteed RBG spot, can sign up as reserve) Application: Class: Spec: Position: (RBG Lead, Target Caller, RBG, Casual, other) Details: (Name, Age, Country, Experience, Ambition, other)Sarthennis0 1d
1d [Horde] affliction looking for FLS 1900+cr affliction warlock with 2k6 exp wod looking for a stable fls comp to push with can play most eveningsUaop1 1d
1d 2.5Exp Rogue 2.4cr LF RMD,RMP Hey guys I am 2.5 on main and 2.4 on this alt Pushing glad , W/ me in game alketbi160#2685Iamhandsmoke0 1d
1d Ret pala LF 2v2 partner Hey there i'm at 1500 cr atm. Didn't played a lot in this patch pvp. But would like to start more now so im looking for any heavy cc or rduid to learn and climb a ladder. Have a working mic and discord so i hope you have the same. I'm not looking for a pro, i'm looking for a person who actualy wants improve himself as a pvp player and learn new things together add me up Martynas#2121 Horde @ KazzakNympuke0 1d
2d [H] Orc Warlock looking for pvp guild Shattered Halls realm. Looking to do RBG'S! Thanks!Undercurse0 2d
2d [H]<Neutron> is looking for 1.8k+ exp PvP players Hey, <Neutron> is a newly formed PvP guild on Tarren Mill Horde side. We're currently doing Rated BGs (1.9k cr 2k exp), Arenas (1.7k -2k cr), premade Random BGs win/honorable kills farm & World PvP (raids gainst Alliance's capital cities). Our guild has only a few members as the rest of the team is scattered around different realms. We're mostly IRL friends and WoW-buddies and some of them have already transfered to Tarren Mill while others haven't, but that's not a problem. We aim to establish a guild with wonderful dedicated PvP players, hit at least 2k in the following PvP seasons in every PvP bracket, do all the PvP achievements available in the game, raid Alliance's capital cities and get every Ahead of the Curve achievement (yes, that's raiding but very casual 1 run/week). If this sounds good for you, please keep in mind that we only accept people that have at least 1.8k exp in any PvP bracket during the last 2 expansions. If you don't meet this requirement and you still want to join the fun and do casual PvP, let me know and we might have a spot for you! PvP schedule: - Rated BGs at least 3 times a week - 2.1k cr - Arenas - daily - 2k cr for most of the members - Premade Random BGs - daily - World PvP - weekly PvE Progress: - Emerald Nightmare 7/7 HC - Nighthold 6/10NM 2/10 HC - Mythic+ - 8 Contact: Tynael#2762Taon14 2d
2d Arena title cutoffs So, is there any way to figure out what the glad / r1 cutoffs are going to be this season? Arenamate/Arenatracker/Xunamate are all showing weird statistics. It seems impossible to calculate it since the ladder only shows 5k people, would be nice if blizzard could do something about this instead of leaving us in the dark.Raoj1 2d
2d ENG - LF Rsham for 3's Looking for a Rsham with a brain/2k recent exp. We got discord for comms. LF a good push. We will be going UH dk/Frost mage/R shamYoruichiie1 2d
2d [A] WW LF Long Terms 3s Partners Hey there, I am actively playing WW monk and Frost Mage both around 1.7-1.8k cr atm. Looking for Walking Dead (since fdk is broken)- WW/FMAGE and maybe WW/DH for WW and anything viable for mage. Looking for steady and chill partners. Would like to push continuously through out the whole season for at least Duelist. I am mostly online between 6pm-10pm during week days due to work, pretty much available at the weekends apart from saturday nights. Feel free to reply here and type your btag. CheersIllustro1 2d
2d Mythic+ Discord Server https://discord.gg/mythics Mythic+ Discord Community! Easy way to find groups for Mythic+, Normal/Heroic/Mythic Emerald Nightmare Weekly Clears, Rated BG's ! Join and help us grow the awesome community! Also got lovely music bot to share your best taste of music! <3Walthazar2 2d
2d Ashran queue bugged? Alright, it seems like more and more people are locked in a never ending que. Symptoms: Raid is 39/40 full (And the que time just get's longer and logner..but the expected wait time is two hours.) I have waited roughly three hours now. ... As well as.. ... Any help in regards to this Blizzard?Velarìs17 2d
2d [H] 1.9k Xp UHDK Lf 3s Looking for a viable caster and a healer. No melee please, as I dislike the double melee playstyle. I have mostly been playing 2s(2.2k Exp/CR) this season and looking to get back into 3s again. Currently 1750 CR playing extremely casual. Don't care for your Exp or CR as long as you're willing to learn and improve without raging. Don't come in expecting wins immediately after we start as it will take time to get in sync with each other seeing as our comp is not as braindead to play as Double melee or double caster. Voice chat is necessary preferably Skype or Bnet Voice. Language - English My play times are usually every evening and all throughout the weekend. Add me if this interests you - Dezec#2889Desecrator0 2d
3d [A] 2.5k exp Hunter LF 2s and 3s team Recently come back from a 5 month break and got no one to play with I can play all 3 specs Looking for people to play with in 2s and 3s pref healer for 2s to gain rating as title says im 2.5k exp currently low cr pugging with ppl for 10 wins. I don't care about your CR but would pref to be be exped not as much as me but at least 2k or above and be able to speak good english on either skype or discord Looking for any viable 3s comps so just reply to forum if interested or add me on btag which is Walrusman#2527Impulsion0 3d
3d TSG horde lf resto druid 2.3cr+ to push glad Hello, We are DK+Warr playing at between 2.4-2.6 mmr and around 2350cr. Looking for an experienced resto druid that wants to play in a stable team, English and comm it's a must, be similar exp and cr. We play in the evening a couple of days per week, we are chill and we are looking to improve to get glad this season. Battletag: cichiboom#2910 Thanks,Àléx2 3d
3d LF RBG group Hello! I'm looking for a stable rbg group, I am tired of doing bgs/rbgs with random people.. I want some chill and fun rbgs, about 1500-1600 cr! I can even transfer if I find a social pvp guild. I am playing alone and wow is not fun for me anymore..Írida0 3d
3d [H] LF a 3rd for xLS Hello. I'm an arena master multiclasser, and my partner is a 2.2-2.3k multiclasser. I've recently rerolled to rsham so I'm still getting used to it. I haven't actually played as a resto sham in pvp since burning crusade 'til now. Anyway, so while getting used to healing as a resto sham, we're now at 2.1k mmr with 40 wins and 24 losses in 2s at the moment when I'm writing this. So what we're looking for is a 3rd to push with. I've got a lot of experience as a healer, even in Legion - so there's nothing to worry about. Rank 36 on my resto weapon atm. Anyway, if you're interested then please write down your info in this thread. Might take me a few days to answer, but if you're interested in building a team atmosphere, then a little patience goes a long way. We use Skype while playing, so we require you to be fluent in English and have a fully functioning headset. It's a little hypocritical of me to ask for this, but my partner already crashes randomly from time to time so those games will most likely be lost - so we ask for a lagfree connection, and a steady computer. It's just so we don't get even more problems than the one he's already got. We're both Swedish, so if you're also a Swede then that'd be a big +.Kanashii5 3d
3d Holy Paladin looking for 3vs3 or RBG group (Alliance) Hello im Elhorn. Im on server hellscream and looking for friends to pvp im no experienced player but i do know how to heal and pvp... il like to learn more. Im online at monday, wenesday, thursday evening. Im original from The Netherlands so my English isnt perfect but understandable. I am a Holy Paladin whit item level around 840 and going up. Mainly i do it to have fun... ofc i like to win but first we have to learn and practice and get better gear. I like to hear from anyone. Greetz ElhornElhorn5 3d
3d [A] Disc LF stable partner Hey! I'm looking for someone to play 2v2 with, currently 1754cr but really want to push to 2K.. Halp please :)Discoform1 3d
4d 2.4cr, 2.5 exp Unholy DK LF arena mates for 3s push Looking for long term arena m8s for a push and eventually Twitch. Be 2.4cr+ now and ready to spend time adjusting to each other in voice, vocal Eng is a must. Heals, Rog, Hunt, Warlock, Oomkin/Feral. Post here or add Bailante#11691 Cheers!Байлантэ4 4d
4d [Arena] 3s - Looking for players! (Demo Lock) Recently got back into the game, playing on Outland. Nothing TOO serious atm, but I am looking for 2 likeminded players who are interested in working together on a serious 3s team. Preferably experienced, but as I myself am still improving I am looking more for people who are interested in forming a friendship, and working together. I have lots of PvP experience, spread across a plethora of games (Warhammer Online 6v6, WoW 3.3.5 Arenas, SWTOR, etc.), and I live in London. tldr - if you're interested in working on a 3v3 team with a friendly dude, NOT expecting TOO much initially but eager to improve, get back at me!Praedonius6 4d
4d [H] affliction lock 2.2k exp Looking for 3s comp the best one would be feral rshaman lock , sick of randoms looking for people what understand the class they play and are stable. my exp is 2500+ wod playing flsUaop3 4d
4d Resto druid lf 2's and rbg Hi! Im 2.2 k exp in arena. Been att 2.1 k in 2vs2 last season. In rbg Im feeling stuck att 1.9cr and want to push 2k this season. Im 29 years old and speak english very well. Im vocal and call cc's. Id: kdawg#2917 CheersPenil2 4d
4d H/A 2.6k xp WW LF 3s team Hey, So this season I havent really been focussed on pvp so far, and more or the less only pve, having played a couple of 3s games here and there with some mates. I am looking for people to play with again and push some rating this season. But I am especially looking for people to push with in the upcoming third season of legion. I myself have been 2670 in WoD and 2.3k+ in legion season one, all on windwalker monk. At the moment I only have a horde monk, but leveling my alliance monk right now, and he should be ready before the next season. I am looking for people who dont rage. I really hate ragers. Also I cant play everyday, but should be able to que 6/7 days of the week. If you see yourself fitting in, and you have relevant experience in 3s add me : blysto#21703Blysto0 4d
6d [A] 2050 CR Resto shaman LF 3s Hey! I am hoping to find a stable 3s team, hopefully running LSD2/FPS/Shadowplay with which I have 2,19k experience this season. I am 890 geared and on 42 traits. I am fully focused on PvP at the moment. In general I am 23 years old, speak fluent english and I can play almost every evening except most weekends. Can use every kind of voice available and I am used to communicating openly. Contact me trough battlenet: Hatepve#2948Zxcvman0 6d
6d LF WW for stable team this and next season.(Glad Push) We are looking for similar exp WW for WWLS for Glad Push this and next season. We are long term friends and partners in arena with 2.4k lsexp in 2s. Currently we are 2.2k+ CR 2s and 2k+ CR 3s wanna push Glad. We will use skype for voice. If you are chilled, mature and willing to adjust and sync with both of us to make stable 3s team for longterm please leave you btag here or add me on bnet Horfak#21893Hørfäk0 6d
14 Feb Rdruid LF 2v2/3v3 Team LF serious 2v2/3v3 Team to push 2200+ over the season, i have played 2.3k+ on a few characters over different expansions and have returned for legion. Im from the UK and can play tues/wed/thurs. Currently 1.9/2k CR in 2v2 and 1700 CR in 3v3 please have about the same. Tayle#21337Adobegainzz1 14 Feb
14 Feb Disc Priest ~2.2xp 1.9cr 3s ONLY Heyy I'm healer and lf mate able to push without or with voice. Just chill the game and don't wait 3 days to found anyone for doing the weeklybox ..... 3s ONLY Pref for : - UH/Hunt - RMPFire - Ret/Hunt Was 2.1 last season with 2.3mmr Bnet: Valf#2701Khristo1 14 Feb
14 Feb Looking to form an RBG Group (Horde) Would anyone be interested? I don't think realm should matter too much but I play on Stormscale. Drop your bnet below. I'd like to form a steady, patient group to play with.Divineshied35 14 Feb
14 Feb LF a partner for 2v2 Hi, I'm looking for a partner for 2v2. I'm a casual PvPer that doesn't mind about the rating or the wins/losses, I only need better gear for my characters. If you have Horde and Alliance and love to PvP then great! :D I have both factions and am willing to PvP with you. The only thing I'm interested in is improving our skills and gear and most importantly having fun with you! :) You don't need to be on my server as well to do so, I think CRZ seems to work well these days, so don't worry about moving to Darkspear. If you're interested feel free to reply. Thanks in advance, ~NighthiaNighthia5 14 Feb
13 Feb Holy Paladin LF RBG Group (Alliance) Hi, I am looking for a RBG Group to push rating. I am currenlty at 1775, but I only been playing RBG's since Legion. I have been doing PvP since vanilla though, and always played holy paladin. Please let me know if your group needs a Healer. Pref playing games in weekend.Sense0 13 Feb
13 Feb Second To None Looking for serious people in order to create a guild that surrounds it self with all kind of content.(From pvp and up to even rp).The guild is going to consist of 5 categories,none of them are more highly sought out in this guild than the other category.All of them are on equal level.The following categories are Reqruitment,PvP,Raiding-Mythic+(PVE),RP and Development.The first players that will sign to make the guild official will become Officers.Each officer of each category will be able to have 3 helpers that will help him around his subject.You can call your helpers whatever you want. Reqruitment:You will seek out potential people that might be good on the guild and may help on pvp,pve and maybe all of the other categories.All new players will have the rank of a Reqruit and in order to become an Official Member they will have to prove them selves by just being active for a week.Dont forget after you reqruit them to put their category or categories on their Description or next to the Reqruit name.Like Reqruit-PvE and so on. PvP:You will focus around PvP progression that will further the guild achi's on PvP,and ofc you will be able to call out people and organize special events that are based on PvP and gear your selves,may those events be Arena games and so on. Raiding-Mythic+(PVE):You will focus around Raiding Clearing,Raiding Progression,Mythic and Mythic+.You will be able to organize events like raids mythic runs and so on. RP:You will focus around your subject which is RP.Let your imagination work.You will be able to make special events with others that will surround the RP related environment. Development:I will be its leader.In development we will help those that havent catched up on content and gear because either they dont have the time or they just need some practice.With development I will see what you are capable of and then help you choose in which category of the guild you fit more.In development we will also focus on the progression of the Guild over all,like guild achies and unlocks.Some times I will be hosting old school raids for Transmog or Mounts. Anyone can join any category,and if he/she wishes they may join all of them. This guild is hosted on Darkspear-Terokkar-Saurfang.Comment below what officer you want to be and ill choose soon enough.Roslos2 13 Feb
13 Feb Moonkin Roots bugged ? They don't break on Dmg! I have just recently started playing wow pvp again on my Uh Dk. There was this Russian moonkin on the enemy team whose roots just NEVER broke no matter how hard he nuked me. He literally 100-0 me in Root spam and i couldnt do !@#$. Is this intended ? Is there a fix coming soon ? If thats intended, then moonkins are the single most op excuse of a class I have ever seen over the course of this game.Affezippl1 13 Feb
13 Feb Xavius Raiding Guild LF 8dps 3heal 1tank https://discord.gg/MdqrBMhBuringblade1 13 Feb
13 Feb Lf greek pvp guild/community Me and my 4 friends are are looking for a greek guild/community/server in Stormscale. We are kinda willing to migrate if possible. Does anybody know if there is a guild or server with good pvp greek community? any information will be valuable... TYVrwmokolos1 13 Feb
13 Feb Demo lock LF 2/3/Guild - Outland Semi-experienced, eager to learn and improve, regular play! I speak both English and Spanish fluently.Praedonius0 13 Feb
12 Feb Please Help a pvp noob understand something. Hiya im trying to join RBG ive done a few but i see people saying you gotta have 1500 cr how do i find out my cr?Indigoz2 12 Feb
12 Feb LF RBG/Arena Group Hey, i'm fairly pink in the world of pvp. But having set my eyes on the mount rewards of course, and looking to get as much of a challenge and enjoyment out of the game as i can, i'd like to expand in to some pvp. Some training will be required! Add: kaoshjerte#2824 if you feel like taking on a new recruit!Sølvræv0 12 Feb
12 Feb LF viable 3s team to push! Hi Iam a Resto druid / mw monk lf regular team to push for 2k++ I got 2k xp in 2s 1.9 in 3s Iam 28 years old casual player I come from norway so scandinavian players would be awesome but I can also talk with people in english I play mostly with randoms these days since my friends stopped playing pvp LF patient people who want to learn how to synergy ccs and in general have fun in the arenas. prefer using discord. /w me ingame if interested, btag ureth#2211Dendrofilia2 12 Feb
12 Feb [Cross-realm Alliance] High Level Discord Community Hello guys, Well first of all, I'm a french player so my english might not be the best but I'll do my best to keep that post as clear as possible. I'll simply translate what I've said on other forums. I've recently created with some of my mates a Discord server a little bit special. The idea is simple, we're looking to build a community of skilled players. We personally have an average PvP exp. between good+ and really high (2k to gladiator) and for PvE most of us cleaned everything, and we're looking for players around the same category. What we're trying to do is to regroup the maximum amount of people from different realms (and languages) on that Discord so that anyone can find skilled player at his disposal to do any event (RBG/Raid/Arena/Mythic+). Why would you come to our Discord instead of simply find a guild ? Well for many reasons : -First of all, you guessed it, it's cross realm, which means a larger pool of players. (Quality>quantity but we do our best to make the quality good too) -There are no specific schedule, you can come at anytime, anyday and build your group by throwing your announce on the specific chat, the interested players will respond. The larger we're, the faster the research will be. But this time, the players will certainly have the exp. required. -Nothing stops you from having a guild too, we're not forcing you to anything, we're just regrouping same-skilled players. You might not be on your guild roster, or you're on a PvP one while wanting to do some raids, or on a PvE one and trying to push your arena rating, we're the solution. -The vocal. Discord for those who don't know is a cool program similar to skype and teamspeak reunited. You can download it or open it directly on your browser, and it has some cool features. It's a really recent project so there'sn't a lot of players yet, but we're looking forward to it. In my opinion that's a cool opportunity to not miss, specially with all the content Legion provides. If you're interested and have the experience required (that's the only criteria we ask), feel free to drop your battletag here so that I can reach you as soon as possible. PS : We're currently alliance and recruited alliance players, if the project gets bigger we'll certainly open a Horde section, but not for the moment. Thanks for reading PS : I'll edit that post whenever I've more informations to provide as the project (hopefully) gets bigger.Reagen92 12 Feb