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16 Apr 2012 Looking for players — PvP forum Welcome to the "Looking for Players — PvP" Forum. This is the place to look for other players if: You are looking for a new member for your PvP guild You want to join a PvP guild You are looking for members for a cross-realm battleground You want to join an existing cross-realm group battleground You are looking for a new member for your arena team You want to join an arena team In order to make your search as successful as possible, we recommend you to follow these simple steps: Use the search feature at the top right of the screen before posting When creating a new thread, make sure to use an appropriate and descriptive title (e.g. "[A/H] <Class> Looking for RBG" or “[A/H] <Class> Looking for Arena Team” or “[A/H] <Team> looking for <Class> and Healers” ) If you are not interested in teaming up with players from other realms, please feel free to also post on your realm forum. We hope that you will succeed in finding other players to have fun with!Vaneras0 16 Apr 2012
7h [A] RBG-Team Greetings, I'm looking for fellow players who would like to push for 2K+ in RBGs. I know from past experience that it'll take a while to find 10 stable players, who show up on time. So please have patience. I'll do my best to keep this post updated and I'll direct other players to it as much as possible. I myself started out with zero experience in Legion, but a good friend of mine gave me a chance. So now I'm 1950 thanks to him. I offer you the same chance, so no matter what experience you have, I'll give you a chance to trial for the team. Experience is always welcome though. So whether you're a rookie or a veteran I'd be interested in a good talk. We'll use discord for the events, therefore a decent mic is required. Gametimes will be around 20.00-22.30 but I can't promise anything as of right now, since I'll work out the time which is ideal for everyone. Please post your battletag below, in addition to that I'd like you to write down your experience and the spec you play. A little disclaimer: If you're the guy who quits and blames everyone but yourself after one loss, don't bother getting involved with the team. I hope we can grow and improve a lot together, in a friendly non-toxic manner. Thanks.Halioz47 7h
17h New addon: Soloqueue - Looking for beta testers Hi guys, wow.curseforge.com/projects/soloqueue I've developed an addon to implement Soloqueue in WoW. I'm looking for people to just try it out and see if it's working OK when scaled up to more players. During this testing I've disabled rating checks, so it might be best to roll on your alt or to get your 10 wins quickly. The plan is to turn on ratings if enough people start using it. (Ensure you queue with players within +-50 CR) Please note that it's still in early stages of development. If you have any issues or suggestions I'll try and fix it for you. Cheers, Fenie --- Soloqueue automatically finds teammates and joins you into a rated PVP games. Like arena skirmishes, except with the added benefit of gear rewards and being matched with players of similar skill. Getting started Simply use the minimap button to create the Soloqueue macro. Put the macro on your bars and spam it until you join a game. Use the "reset state" minimap option to start over. Features Automated matching of suitable teammates with similar ratings. Automated joining of games: 2v2, 3v3 or Rated BGs are supported. Enforce that you only join games with a healer present. Blacklist players using /soloqueue-blacklist <player> Rudimentary cheat detection to ensure players don't spoof their ratings. Limitations Does not support joining as a group. No intention to add support for specifying group make up. Needed to use chat comms for in inter-addon communication as cross-realm addon messages didn't seem to work. Found a bug? If you think you might have found a bug, just leave a comment here with as much information as possible. Screenshots are usually very helpful as well.Fenie2 17h
17h [A] R.sham/Priest LF partners for 2s and 3s Hello. I was playing around 1,9k as MW monk in legion. (2 sesons in 1,9k) - after that got some time off from WoW. Right now i switched back to r.shaman and priest. In Wod i was playing also on 1,9k i play for win, but with out dramas and rage. Im still learning alot of things, and i wasnt playing for some time. LF anything to play, as a partner for arenas and aiming for 2k. I dont care about your rating, but i require from you brain and will to learn, and required Teamspeak,Discord or so, and not to leave after lose streak If you are up to that, please pm me in game or send me mail if im offline.Airclown3 17h
19h <Eramus Servientes> Tarren Mill - Horde is recruiting! About Us: <Eramus Servientes> is a PvP guild formed on 12th July 2017 on Tarren Mill Horde. We are lead by R1/Hoth players experienced at 3k+. We created the guild to give dedicated players a chance to find a consistent team; in both RBG's and Arenas. Since our formation we've worked hard to recruit new members and to build our RBG roster. Most of the players from our core RBG team are experienced from 2k - 2.9k in RBG's which should be enough to be in the 0.5% of the ladder. Goals: • Guild arena teams; • Active guild chat; • PvP Movies (Guildtages); • Guild War game tournaments; • Achievement runs/premades. Recruitment info: • The Only requirements to join is the will to improve; and the dedication to do it. We would rather take someone in with 1550 exp aiming for 2k, than a glad, aiming for glad. • You can join the guild as a social or as a trial for the RBG team, as a trial we will run you through RBG's & make a decision on whether we can fit you into our core team. Current Recruitment Needs: • Balance Druid. • Demon hunter - Must have Vengeance OS • Frost mage. However All classes will be strongly considered. RBG Schedule: Tuesday - 20:00 PM ST - 22:00 PM ST Thursday - 20:00 PM ST - 22:00 PM ST Server Information: Tarren Mill (PvP) CET + 1 (Server Time) TLDR New PvP guild lead by R1 Glads / Hoth's has formed on Tarren Mill Eu Horde. Taking in players who want to improve and have the drive to do it. In-game contacts: Mason - Mason#2317 Blixtur - Borbo#2931Blixtur5 19h
19h 2166cr arms warrior lf 2.2k push TSG/TURBO/WDHS if you are salty don't even bother lets not waste time together i am looking for nice people that will be fun to play with be around my cr NOTE: This is the highest i have ever been since WOTLK where i was 2.4k exp i started playing again at the very end of WOD and start of Legion on this new accountXzulrogg0 19h
23h [H] Shadowpriest looking for longterm 3vs3 partners. Shadowpriest looking for 3vs3 partners to try to get good rating we can. I don't got 2.2k+ rating but its more important to have a brain with a positive mindset. Alot of comps will work right now, mage/rogue/boomy with a healer. Whisper me if you want to know more info. /cheers EruErudess0 23h
1d Lf arena partner 2s I would love to find someone to play arenas with 2s or 3s who doesnt get angry easily is quite relaxed enjoys the game and learning but still wants to win, my current rating is very low as i have just started playing. Despite that i think my game knowledge is adequate and now its just a matter of learning a little and perfecting it to climb the ranks of Pvp. (Ambitious yes i know but it never hurts unless it becomes arrogance)Glae1 1d
1d [H] Rsham looking for stable team to push rating in 3s Hello, I have been getting into wow PvP in recent months and I have had very little success pushing rating in 3s, and I am in desperate need of a stable team to push rating with. (only with discord / teamspeak) Currently I have achieved: 2000cr in 2s as holy paladin (cruel elite) 1750cr in 3s as holy paladin 2060cr in 2s as arms warrior (ferocious elite) 1750 cr in 2s as resto shaman 1750 cr in 3s as resto shaman If you are interested please post below with your battletag ThanksBleachvendor0 1d
1d Dampening is a bad mechanic! Dampening doesn't reward effort or merit in an arena game. Plz remove it so that the we don't have people trolling to 50% dampening and then bursting for an ez win.Gekko1 1d
1d lf arena mate 2v2 Hi lf arena partner for 2v2 pref some mage maybe hunter or healer iam destro warlock aliance (2000 exp from wod ) i just want play some fun games no mad from loose or something like that my tag is Amonkeve#2941 . My goal is reach 2000 ratingOrieuss0 1d
1d Arms/Frost LF partner for 2k push Hey there, look for an arena partner to grind out some arena with me and maybe push to 2k. Primarily a frost mage but can also play arms warr, have around 1900 exp, little but lower cr atm, looking to make that push to 2k. Ryukar#2472 hit me up or post here if you're interested :) (I'd prefer some like a MW/Hpal/Dpriest)Kelevera0 1d
1d (H) <Frostmane> Educated Fools - Recruiting Now! Hey Guys,

 Educated Fools is a new guild that me and a friend have recently decided to start on the desolate side of Frostmane, the Horde side. Being a raider and a PvP’er I’ve been trying to find a guild for a while with no luck, so we have decided to take on the challenge of building a respectable raiding and PvP guild on what appears to be one of the emptiest communities in WoW! For any of you who are Horde on Frostmane you will know it’s a lonely place and even finding people to do Daily's with can be a struggle, never mind raiding or PvP. 

Baring this in mind we decided to start our guild. It was started yesterday so we’re looking for everyone and anyone to pack out the ranks with an aim to working towards End game content such as Raiding and Ranked PvP. We are also interested in finding people who want to do Transmorg runs and to support new/returning players max out and expore legion.

 If you’re interested or know of someone who is, or even if you’re in a guild which is dying or you have a Horde Alt you’d like to start playing again, please don’t hesitate to contact me in game, or on the forum and I’ll be happy to add you. Hope to hear from you soon

 /DanBraindeath0 1d
2d [H] 2.8 disc lf 3s Hello, 2.8 disc and enh looking for a hunter for beast cleave to push atleast glad. please only with similar exp, meaning 2.7+ Huf#2305Hufens1 2d
2d Twisting nether Eu Level one twink guild. Hey, i know level one twinking is kinda dead, but i still want to try to get some more people in my twink guild :) any level 1 twink is welcome (Guild is in the realm called "Twisting Nether" Horde side) Just post below and we can figure something out!Twunn2 2d
3d Warlord enh shaman lf casual RBG team (H) Returning player, current ilvl: 899, have discord and mic.Shamzor0 3d
3d LF 3V3/2V2 2Kpush this seson! Lf solid partners who wanna push 2k+ this ses in both 2s and 3s. I am a 2k legion xp disc priest that can play both alliance and horde side. Both my priests are 908+it lvl. welcome to ad me for a talk ingame. Queath#2668Zcool1 3d
3d 3v3 second dps LF third player to 3v3 team ˙(arms warrior holy pally)Flyzorr2 3d
3d LF players for a few RBG wins (A) Hi! :) I've been trying to get 10 RBG wins for my artifact skin, haven't had the best luck with random groups (people not making calls/not listening to calls, ragequitters and so on...), so I thought I might aswell write here. I'm looking for some nice people to play RBG with to make it less frustrating to get those 10 wins. I prefer casual BG's and arena skirmish more than rated, but I might continue playing more RBG's even after I've got my 10 wins if I can find nice people to play with! Rating doesn't matter ofc, since I currently have a very low rating myself ^^ I can use ts, discord, skype if needed. Bnet: Julia#21943Tinkiloo0 3d
4d LF magyar/HUN 2,2k cr 2,3k exp We're looking for hungarian player around 2,2k exp. 2,2k cr Resto Shaman + 2,2k cr DH mellé keresünk 3. tagot, összeszokott páros vagyunk. Magyar játékost keresünk, legyen legalább 2k tapasztalatod, előny, ha warri vagy, vagy balance druid, de több karival is játszunk, ha tapasztalt vagy és magyar csapatot keresel mindenképp írj! Addolj bneten: Serobaro#2295Serobaro0 4d
4d Danish Pvp guild, Tarren Mill (H) Rejected by Disney er en dansk pvp guild som søger flere aktive medlemmer. Vi forsøger og samle nok danskere til et rent dansk rbg team, på Tarren Mill. Der vil være plads til alle type spillere i guilden (erfaringsmæssigt), vi satser på at have mere end et team, så folk med mindre erfaring også får muligheden for og spille. Dog et krav med 18+ alder. Arena/Mythic farm, da rbg ikke bliver arrangeret hver aften, har folk stadig mulighed for og farme mythics eller hygge med arena. For mere info poke : gascoigne666#2918ßuster0 4d
4d Rsham LF healtargets Good day to everybody! Alright guys. I normally play a affliction warlock and one of the things I mostly hate are those pesky healers. So, if you can't beat them join them right? As soon as this toon hit 110 I decided to abandon him months ago but my fingers where itching to press them heal buttons again. I was a holy Paladin from vanilla to WoTLK and think they killed my fun in it so I've always been trying to main other chars since but never healed a lot anymore. Now I'm rolling with resto shaman to give it a try and I have to say so far I feel really good but there is always a but. I need targets to heal I'm mostly in for PvP but I'd join any for itemlevels. Add my btag if you wanna brollab with me, arena, any! My btag is: #feelgood2381 Skills no skills I prefer humor; skills come later. PeaceSilverbully1 4d
4d Ravencrest : I Zion I | Zion | Is Looking For You , Casual Guild . Forming a Core For RBG's ,AND a Core for ToS(Hc/M) . Feel free to Join , whisper Iceinfire / Aracnia / Avendreams in gameIceinfire1 4d
4d [A] Arms War LF 2's 3's and BGS Hi all Just Looking for like minded players to go arenas and bgs ranked or random. Not many PvP players in my guild so hoping to build a friend list of more players to make it more fun. I'm not to bothered about your gear or CR as long as you have the right attitude all good I don't mind anyone even more so if your healing my A**e :) SLINKY#21405 Send me a message anytimeSlínkky1 4d
4d Arena parthners 3s Im currently 1.8cr mage. Im looking for dedecated ppl to qu arenas can play fire/frost bit arcane. want to do the last season push dream is 2k. my first season comfortable comps are caster cleaves but want to qu rmd/rmp wmp I am ally pref to use voice comm btag IamEdgars#2901Iamedgars6 4d
4d LF stable 2's 3's partners I have lock/warr/mage/retri that i want to progress to 2k with (currently sitting 1500cr Need a stable partner/partners who dont quit after a couple of losses and are willing to grind this out and learn together on a regular basis Know CC and counter play and have different strategy's for different comps Add me: Georgegrave#2303Felstrider0 4d
4d LF 3V3 Players to Push 2k+this ses I can play alliance or horde priest if needed, whisper ingame for info etc, I am playing regularly. Queath#2668Zcool1 4d
4d Looking for stable partners for 2s and 3s Looking for stable arena partners with positive attitude. I have played wow in a very long time but mostly raiding. Now i want to just focus on pvp and try to get good rating. Sub rogue for 2s and 3s. /cheersStabman8 4d
4d [A][EU] LF 3v3 team to push 2k with. I'm a balance druid looking for a few solid team mates to push 2k+ with in 3v3. I don't have 2k xp but I know I'm more than capable to reach it. I have low CR atm since I haven't really found a team I'm happy with (1.5k - 80%WR) I know what I'm doing when it comes to most things. I know how to CC and position myself. I have a strong understanding about abilities, cooldowns and counters etc.. I'm looking for any viable healer and any viable dps combo. Preferably a rogue/mage/warrior. I'm pretty chill and looking to have a good time while still climbing the ladder. Don't bother adding me if your not willing to learn and improve as a team. hmu if you are interested: ƒąđęz#2829 (Yes I know, don't judge)Nanbread1 4d
4d [H - Tarren Mill] PvP Guild looking to recruit! <Eramus Servientes> are now recruiting! We are a progression based PvP Guild managed by R1 Glads. Currently we RBG 2 nights a week and are looking for ambitious players to help form our core. If you are interested feel free to whisper me in game or answer in this forum-post and i will contact you. Have a nice day! / GrostivaGrostiva7 4d
4d Multi R1 LF RBGs or 2s/3s Hello. Fast disclaimer, I am NOT Multi R1 on my Rogue, but on my Shaman and I am NOT interested in playing Rated PvP with you on it, I already have a team. I am only searching for friends to play with on my Rogue. I want to make it very clear that I am not Glad/R1 material on my Rogue right now. But I am not stupid, my Shaman was #1 Shaman world in WoD S3 when I peaked at almost 3.3k in 3s. You don't have to be some Gladiator player on an alt, at all. You just need to be able to learn fast and be a friendly player and that's more than enough for me. I am looking for person/people who want to learn together, but isn't incompetent and can learn fast. It cannot emphasize enough that I am NOT going to play with anyone who has a temper, I like to have fun and enjoy PvP'ing. Currently 1700CR in RBG, nothing in Arenas. Add me at Icon#21197 and we can have a chat :)Iconicshiv3 4d
4d Glory of Rbg's (alliance) Do you also miss when rbg's was a thing and something you could brag about? I just feel that rbg's have fallen into the shadow and i cannot see why players let something so nice as rbg die slowly..? Most of the groups today wants to see those high 2.3+ achives but in reality plays like a bunch of 1.2cr's back in the days. I am looking for like mindes people that would like to find a steady team to roll with and climb the ladder, i miss those days when you worked hard as a team and always helped eachother with tips and tricks to improve your gameplay. I just feel that alot of people flame eachother way to much and bringing alot of people down, just makes me sad to see someone completely destroy someones will to play this game.. A little about myself, i had my own rbg/pvp guild in early cata and was leading/tc'ing aswell. About 1 month after the guild was formed we had about 25 members and we was doing Rbg's daily and was working towards that every single one of us was not going to be left outside. Most of the players got from 0 - 2.1 cr during this time and some did not have much pvp experience at all! It just made me so happy too see everyone achive something as a group! :) Now i am looking for like minded people that want to give rbg's abit more serious shot then the yolo grps, the only req that i wish for is that you should be active for atleast 3 times per week and not be shy in the vent. Atleast have a pvp backround higher then the daily "average" bg/skrimish queuer since i want to go in a relative faster pace now then i did before :) If this might be something for you dont be shy, leave you btag and ill get back to you asap! The goal so to get the same 10 guys for every run :)Mánor53 4d
4d [A] Creating RBG Team, using friendlist. Hey everyone. I have saw from other post that there are players in Alliance side who are eager to get hands on solid RBG fun and learning team. I have to admit that I dont have experience in leading RBG team and have small knowledge about RBG. I hope that someone is reading this and has the will and motivation to form group with me and trying learn as team to beat those Horde scums. My current item level is 877 and my Hpally is same item level. Post here your thoughts and bnet if you are intersted :) For the alliance!Darthness38 4d
5d [H] 2x Legion Glad LF R1 push this season; 2.4k cr Hello, I was the 4th highest enhance in Legion Season 3, yet I missed r1 title by 25 points. ... Therefore I would like to do it for sure this season and would like to play with current gladiator/r1 players, who are eager to achieve r1 title this season as well. Leave a message under this post if you would like to play with me in the near future. Thank you.Avines2 5d
5d Best PvP Realm [Horde Side] Yo guys, been away for ages, since TBC most likely, rank1 s3, glad through tbc. Looking for a good/high populated realm on Horde with good pvp players. Used to play on SS back in the days, don't know which one are good right now. Any answers are appreciated! Kudos <3Johnthotty2 5d
5d [H] Resto Druid LF stable RBG Team Hello i'm lookin for a stable RBG team. I am a resto druid(930 ilvl) with kinda low 1700 experience(pugs only), but i learn pretty fast - able to play fridays/mondays/tuesdays 18.00 - 1.00am, saturdays 14.00 - 3.00am and sundays 6.00am - 18.00. OFC i got a full set of pvp talents/addons/voice com/mic etc. Whisper me, send me an ingame letter Qaay-Burninglegion or add me to RLF Qaay#2866(with RBG note).Qaay0 5d
5d 905+ MM Hunter LF 2s/3s Partner/s Hey guys, I'm MM Hunter on server Drak'Thul and I started playing WoW on official server 2 months ago, before i played wow for 5 years (with long breaks) on private servers. The first mistake i made is that i chose realm Drak'thul, it is not PvP realm and I have problems finding PvP guild so I have to play arenas with the help of the epic blizzard tool called LFG... the tool is actually pretty cool but the people -_- .. I'm fed up with that. PRIVATE SERVER - 2.2k 3s exp, almost 2.4 in 2s (Ret Pala/Hunter) 1) People that want atleast 2k exp but they play like total newbies 2) People that leave after one game vs Arms War and Resto Druid (xd) 3) People that just want to "cap" I would love to start some serious PvP action, finally on actual WoW, but I have trouble finding partners that would enjoy playing and let me improve my plays. If anyone is interested just hit me up in game - unity#21918 Thanks for reading. Have a nice day :-)Unityy0 5d
5d LF PVP guild Hi all, I am 27 years old man from Czech Republic. I used to play wow pretbc, TBC and wotlk. Now I came back and aim on PVP, mainly for RBGs. I am looking for a PVP guild, which makes bg premades, RBGs with a leader who contols the game And makes orders. My char Is 840 ilvl démon Hunter, but i am raising my ilvl quickly. Want to improve myself. Contact me ingame for more info, please :) Have a nice day!Kolobrnda0 5d
5d LF - Arena Partner? Hiya, Since legion I have set myself a goal to reach 2000k experience in arena, so I headed to curse, downloaded all the addons I need and made all valuable macros for my class. I have been playing wow since WotlK and seriously since legion, because I just hadn't enough time then and I do now. What I noticed is that the ( Arena ) LFG-tool the game has to offer is not a place for some serious arena partners since there are only two kinds of people on there in my opinion. 1. people who ask 2k achievement and a high cr, otherwise u stand no chance of getting an invite. 2. people looking to farm 10 wins, but kick or leave the group after the second loss. I have to admit, I am in a learning phase and currently sitting at around 1300 cr and I'm posting here on the forums asking and trying to find arena partners. I like using any kind of voice chat because communication in intense fights like these, is in my opinion very importent to pull off the best strats. I'd like to play on a weekly basis and invest as much time in arena as I can. Of course we need to adept to each others play style. I'm more looking for some mature partners with a good knowledge of their respected class and a solid view and experience in arena matches. I hope this information is useful to you too and are also looking to reach 2000 experience in arena pvp. Let push that CR together. **Leave a reply underneath if you are interested or leave a response**Lågatha14 5d
5d [A] Holy Paladin looking for 2s - 2,2k exp Easy guy, voice or not. 1900 cr right now, 2.2k wod exp. 2.1 at 1st and 2nd legion seasons, then they nerfed meele wings ^_^. Peace.Jüther0 5d
5d (A) Retri high exp LF rbg team to push hota High legion exp retri , lf rbg team . 2230cr last season rbg guardian of the alliance s3 2522cr legion season 1 3v3 duelist s1 2400cr last season 3v3 duelist s3 olso season 1-3 i passed 2400 in 2v2 http://xunamate.com/player/Outland/Stormenson btag stormenson#2364Stormenson0 5d
6d Shadow priest legion glad LF 3s Back to wow 3 months ago. Im 2.7 legion xp and 2k cr atm. LF any viable comp for shadow priest. Slaypher#2156Slaypher0 6d
6d 2k/1.7k xp ret looking for RBG team Hi, ret with multi-2k experience in 3s and 1.7k in RBG. Looking for a team as I'm sick of pugs and want to push rating above 1.7 at least. I've been maining ret for a long time, know my class very well and can come on teamspeak/discord/skype etc. with a mic. I have loads of free time, and will be able to keep a very good attendance. I'd like to get to 1.8 and maybe even 2k if 1.8 was manageable! Lion#23635 is my b-tag if any further details need to be discussed or if you think I might be able to join your team. Thanks in advance! :)Lionsworn0 6d
21 Jul Looking for a friend to play 3s with (lf healer) Hi, me and my buddy are looking for nice person to play 3s with. We just came back after 6 months of not playing so we look someone to let use get used to new season. We want to climb but also have a good time so no angry ppl pls. We play dk/warrior so TSG it is :) Add me @ Afresh#2761 Have a nice day! We play on Alliance (Sylvanas)Selfish2 21 Jul
20 Jul DK glad s1 lf 3s and healer for TWD Yo! I'm looking for : A long term healer to push with as TWD with a friend WW. Pref Holy priest or may be shaman. If you have time to invest. We are cool dudes who want to try hard and learn the meta and build a playstyle. Your motivation is more important than your xp. We can switch faction if needed. 3s for my other dk any comp 2s to eventually push for the gear or just to cap Concerning me : I'm s1 glad on 2 dks, played TWD drood/shadowcleave/TSG drood. Played a bit s2 too around 2K4/2K5 cr Feel free to add me : clinkz#2578Melkxz1 20 Jul
20 Jul H Twisting nether <Grave Yard Shift> <Grave Yard Shift> is a newly forming guild with experienced raid members with a 9/9 ToS N clear, readying up for heroic clears when we swell the ranks with more members, currently running mythic + to gear and push people for raiding, Fun social community of friends looking to push progression with open minded people, all we ask is for a little patience and willingness to learn. On the PvP side of things we have people running 2's , 3's and Rbg with a rating of 1600, 1600 and 1600 , happy to just play with guild mates and push for fun over rating, naturally our PvP need's work but we will put the work in to make things happen. If any of this interests you please get in touch with me at Fid#2430. Thanks for reading guys.Fidstarz0 20 Jul
20 Jul Transfering to Sylvanas Hey! Just came back to legion and I'm looking for a fresh start. Currently I have all my characters on Outland but im looking to transfer my main rogue here. Reason why is as I said, i want a fresh start but also I dont like Outlands community at all. How is Sylvanas, any better? If that's the case im looking for a pvp guild, I was 2k in 3s before I quit in mop and I want to get back to pvp. Im really thankful for any answers which can help me clear up my mind, thanks!Snokyo0 20 Jul
20 Jul [H] LF RBG/PvP Guild 2k Arena xp Mage is looking for a RBG team. I am currently on Ravencrest, but I can change server :)Neju0 20 Jul
20 Jul [A/H] EU LF PvPlayers Community Discord Hello European PvP Friends, I am Madnuzz, and I like having people to PvP with! I have seen a few tries at discord communities but have always thought "this can improve". Therefore me and my friends banded together and have build a Discord community over time, we already have over 100 active people! We've had our first Discord RBG group up and running yesterday and maintained a 80% winrate, with over 1900 MMR Suggestions are always welcome! Server features: * Horde/Alliance ranks and separate chats! * Online memberlist, sorted on rating! * Armory-confirmed rating ranks! Find people of your own level for arena/RBG * No more looking for people through forums/reddit! You can find and join us here: http://www.discord.me/WoWPvP (backup link: https://discord.gg/TXDKau7 ) Screenshot of the server/ranking system: http://i.imgur.com/CBNe70h.png Regards, Mad the mediocre mage/druidMadnuzz12 20 Jul