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17 Jul Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! On the 14th of March 2012 Valonia made the longest running topics on our beloved Healing boards. I don't think anyone could have imagined that at the present day, this topic would still be active. And since I can't decribe it better then Valonia did, I'm shamelessly going to copy / paste her welcome post as it describes the Lounge perfectly. ... Ladies and gentleman! I bid thee welcome to the new Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! Lets keep this awesome place going, and see how far we'll get this time :D. Previous lounges: Therapy Lounge for Healers Therapy Lounge for Healers - The WoD Edition 17 Jul
16 Jun [Guide] Windwalker PvE - 7.2.x Guide Windwalker 7.1 Legion PvE First of all, this basic guide is primarily made for raiding. If you are looking for an more in-depth guide make sure to check out ! 1) General information about the Windwalker 2) Stats 3) Talents 4) Artifact Weapon 5) Builds 5.1) Offensive Cooldowns 6) Playstyle 7) Defensive Cooldowns 8) Legendaries 9) Addons 10) Consumeables and Item Enhancements 10.1) Gems 10.2) Enchants 10.3) Potions 10.4) Food 10.5) Flasks 1) General information The Windwalker Monk is an Energy and Chi based highly mobile melee, that has incredible abilities to do high burst in both type of encounters : Singletarget and AoE! Cooldown and Energy management is deciding your „skill“ level. 2) Stats Agility>Mastery>Critical Strike>Versatility>Haste Agility is still alot better than any other stat so you will most likely go for most ilvl It is the best if you sim yout weights to be completely sure whats your best stat! 3) Talents 15: Chi Wave: (40yd range, 15s cd) does a decent amount of damage but most important about this choice is that it does reset HIT COMBO (90 Talent) 15: Eye of the Tiger: (passive): Tiger Palm also applies a dot to the target, that does damage and heals you (pretty much only useable in Serenity to make it "easier" and sort of get the Chi Wave damage during Serenity) 30: Tiger’s Lust: (20yd range, 30s cd) increases a friendly target’s movement speed by 70% for 6s and removes all roots and snares. I really like this choice since you can remove some damaging debuffs with it but any choice here is fine since ist personal preferance! 30: Chi Torpedo: (replaces Roll): An enhanced roll, that has increased range and gives you movement speed afterwards 45: Energizing Elixir: (1min cd) instantly refilling all of your Energy and Chi 60: Leg Sweep: (45s cd) stuns all enemies in a 5yd circle around you for 5s 75: Healing Elixir: (30s recharge, 2charges) heals you for 15% of your maximum health, triggers automatically if you drop below 35% health Also a preference choice depending on the encounter but overall this is probably the best choice since it is always usefull. 75: Dampen Harm (1.5m CD) Reduces damage taken by 20%-50% for 10s. Depending on incoming attack. 90: Hit Combo: (passive) each sucessive strike, that triggers your mastery in a row grants 2% increased damage for 8s, stacking up to 8 times (16% dmg increase) 90: RJW: (1Chi, AoE) : Does AoE damage over time, applies Spinning Crane Kick stacks to 4targets hit 90: Xuen (3min cd) Summons Xuen which does high damage to up to 3 targets at once, lasts 45s 100:Whirling Dragon Punch (Same CD as FoF) Does good AoE and ST damage, can only be used when RSK and FoF are on cooldown 100: Serenity (replaces SeF, with 8s duration): Increases your damage by 45% and reduces the cooldown of your Chi consumers by 50% and makes them free. (only recommended when you got atleast legendary Bracers, a lot better with Chest+Bracers and if you are an advanced ww player) 4) Artifact Weapon You want to skill your weapon counter-clockwise since it offers the best minor traits. When you hit the 3rd golden trait (Crosswinds) you can get Good Karma which helps alot with your defense in every situation since it buffs your Touch of Karma. With the new traits you want to get the new golden first, then FoF>RSK Traits in relics: #1 Fists oft he Wind (5% Fists of Fury damage) #1 Rising Winds (5% Rising Sun Kick damage) 5) Builds At the moment there are 2 viable build which are Storm, Earth, and Fire : high burst AoE, low ST , but offers really good sustained AoE Serenity : Insane burst AoE, highest ST , lower sustain AoE than SEF 5.1) Offensive Cooldowns Serenity or Storm, Earth, and Fire (both 1.5min cd, you want to use SeF on pull, and to every ToD and Serenity on CD except you need to place your dmg somewhere special i.e Star Augur last phase) Touch of Death( 2min cd, also on cd) 6) Playstyle First rule : never use an ability twice in succession since you will lose the damage increase of your mastery AND drop Hit Combo which is an even bigger damage loss! Opener with Serenity : You want to use this macro to minmax your dps: #showtooltip Serenity /cast Serenity /cast Rising Sun Kick FIXED, but you can still use it to gain about 0.1s more uptime on serenity or even more, depending on how fast you usually click Serenity+RSKTP->ToD-Macro->RSK->SotW-RSK-BoK-SCK-RSK->BoK-SCK-RSK->BoK->SCK->FoF Serenity with T19 2piece + T20 4piece FSK(to boss)->EE->FoF->ToD(cancels FoF)->SerenityMacro->BoK->SotW->RSK->FoF->RSK(cancels FoF)->BoK->SCK->RSK->FoF You need about 10% haste for it to work consistently! Note : You want to always use FoF before you use Serenity , that means you can also delay FoF for up to 10s before Serenity comes off CD!Wajoba40 16 Jun
19 Apr [Guide] Brewmaster - Get rolling with the Brews Introduction I decided to make this guide to help those who want to play Brewmaster in legion and bring more clarity to the spec. What will this guide include? -A quick understanding how abilities synergize and how they function. -How to appropriately gear up your Brewmaster so you don't feel like a wet sponge. - Make you understand how each stat benefits the BrM so you can build around it to suit your play-style. -Bring you closer to enlightenment to how amazing and complex this spec is. Abilities and Core Mechanics Brewmaster is a leather wearing tank that specializes in dodging and delaying damage through a mechanic called Stagger. With the use of brews Brewmaster are able to delay more damage into stagger and get rid of a percentage of damage currently in stagger. With the use of of certain abilities Brewmasters are able to reduce the time needed for a brew to ready again. The Brews Our core abilities here are IronSkin Brew which delays a further 40% of damage taken into stagger and Purifying Brew that clears 50% of damage currently in stagger. These two abilities share charges with each other and is important to learn how to balance the use of these respective brews. Fortifying Brew gives you a buff for 15 sec, increasing your current and maximum health by 20%, increasing the damage you delay with Stagger by an additional 20%, and reducing all damage you take by 20% and is our major defensive ability on a 7 min CD Talented- Black Ox Brew: When used instantly refills your Energy, and restores your Ironskin Brew and Purifying Brew charges. It has a 90 second CD Abilities that shorten the CDs of your Brews Like any Drunk fighter trying get more brews, you obviously Keg Smash and Tiger Palm anything in your way for more delicious brews, YUM! Keg Smash dealing damage to all enemies within 8 yds and reducing their movement speed by 50% for 15 sec and reduces the remaining cooldown on your Brews by 4 sec. Tiger Palm: Damages the target and reduces the remaining cooldown on your Brews by 1 sec. The section above named "The Brews" is all the cooldowns that are affected by Keg Smash and Tiger Palm. So with perfect play you could reduce the cooldown of Fortifying Brew down to 3.5 minutes which is half of its original time. This synergy between Keg Smash , Tiger Palm and Brews is the core mechanic of Brewmasters Core Passive Abilities Stagger: delaying 40% of Physical damage and turning it into stagger and taking that damage over the next 10 sec. Affects magical attacks at half effectiveness. This is mechanic is what the Brewmasters is built around and with the talent High tolerance we can increase from this from 40% to 50% Stagger. Our Mastery is: Elusive Brawler grants a stacking dodge chance increase each time you are hit by an attack until you dodge an attack, and also passively increase attack power. This is one of our best average physical damage reduction abilities and should not be ignored. Celestial Fortune: You have a chance equal to your critical strike chance to be healed for an additional 65% of the amount healed. This affects your healing and healing done onto you by a healer. This also works for Absorbs. Gift of the Ox: When you take damage equal to your maximum health , you summon a Healing Sphere visible only to you. Moving through this Healing Sphere heals you for (750% of Attack power). Damage is this statement refers to damage taken before absorbs and stagger. ( DR reduces damage taken before absorbs/stagger i.e 100dmg, 20%DR =80 dmg which is used to calculated GotO) The ability Expel Harm collects all of your Healing Spheres, and damages the nearest enemy for 10% of the amount healed. Which is a nice ability if you don't want to move around to collect your healing spheres.Swifthorn97 19 Apr
21 Mar 2014 Making a Guide? Here in the class forums, players often put together awesome guides to help the rest of the community. However, due to the high number of sticky request we receive each day, these guides sometimes fall off the front page before we can sticky them. If you have just posted a guide or if you’d like to nominate a guide here on the European forums to be stickied, please send an email to the Community team, including a link to the guide you'd like stickied, at: Alternatively, guide writers can help us spot their threads by putting [Guide] in the title :)Takralus0 21 Mar 2014
19h Rate The transmog above I wanna see some new Transmog :DXúén256 19h
22h Which race you think looks best as monk? ^Potatispojke32 22h
22h Exploding Keg Hi guys, I'm relatively new to monk, just tanked lfr Kil'jaeden and noticed that I couldn't use exploding keg to avoid the fel claws damage, despite fel claws appearing to simply be a buff which augments the bosses melee attack. Overall, throughout the time I have been playing brewmaster, this ability seems to be fairly hit or miss. I'd like to know what other peoples experiences are with this ability, is it a case of this ability only working on SOME types of melee attacks or even only on normal melee attacks? What abilities have you been able to avoid with this ability? cheersAküjr11 22h
1d Brewmaster Complexity I can't deal with brewmaster tanking. Really I'm not a stupid person (at least I think not), but I can't seem to wrap my head around how to best mitigate damage and survive with brewmaser. I love the monk class as a whole, WW is amazing, MW healing is fun, but BrM plays so unnecessarily different from other tank (IMO). I really enjoyed MoP BrM, when things made more sense. You pressed Purify (Expel Harm? and didnt that heal you???) and the damage was gone. My memory of that time is off but from what I remember that's how it was, plus your healing was better too. You had to manage shuffle but was cool. BrM to me this patch is hard, why purify when red? Why is there nothing from blizzard so you know what red means outside of scrolling on debuff for tooltip. That's ridiculous, I know there is addons but come on. Should be something by default just like every other tank has an easy time tracking things with default UI. Everything is easier on other tanks, not even just easier, simply makes more sense. You are always taking damage that just restacks. Look in PvE its cool because you always have a healer, but in PvP it's funny how any dps can end you easily so long as they aren't garbage. I know PvP is not the point of a tank, it just helps highlight how poor our self sustainability is without help. If at all, I would like some tips on purifying and staggering and such, even how best to heal, because I am at a loss with this spec, but I want to be good at it as I enjoy the other two specs a lot. I'm sure there are many other tank players that went to try monk and just thought "!@#$ it, why am I doing all this stuff when I can just press Iron Fur on my Druid". Edit: Oh and mastery too. Just why....Tunez19 1d
1d Pandaren Monk - Male or Female? Hey all. I posted this on the general forum but I would like to post it here too if it's fine. The question is in the title. No need to mention other races, for lore and spell effects reasons :) I initially intended to go female. In fact, most threads on the matter advise to go female, but they rarely mention the issues I noticed when I created one: - Permanent grin that makes them look high. - The circle around their tail has its textures stretched so bad when they run, you're basically forced to go ginger to get a tail or wear a cloak. - Clipping issue with the right foot when wearing robes or kilts. - They don't look that good with the "true" monk sets. For instance I planned to go farm this transmog but imo the helm looks weird on females: On the other hand, males: - Are big with short legs, makes them look slow. - Bouncing belly, although it's less disturbing with leather than plate. - Look bad on most mounts. - Are generally regarded by the community as ridiculous. So, what do you guys think? I'd like to have some feedback from pandaren players, which gender do you think is the best overall, which do you prefer? Did you notice issues I didn't list? Thanks for reading all, cheers! :)Balleck8 1d
2d Wanna hear a joke? Mistweaver manaDavahkiin0 2d
2d Rolling a new toon. Hello everyone! So far my main spec was Holy Paladin and Retribution as off-spec. I love it but Im moving to another realm and I want to play something fresh. I want to try Windwalker as main and Mistweaver as off-spec. I just don't know what is current statement of WW. Some say they are trash some they are good. What im looking for in new character: I would like to be "useful" and "universal". I want my character to be decent++ at M+/Raids/PvP. Other classes I was considering is Warrior, Holy/Shadow Priest. If You have other suggestions - go ahead, ill consider those! Thanks in advance!Cebuladin6 2d
3d Mistweavers & Paralyse The current state of Mistweaver Monks as healers, especially in their Offensive Toolkit feels to have been overlooked and left in the dark. Paralyse: Incapacitates the target for 4sec Incapacitate effects share Diminishing Returns with: Mage's Polymorph Hunter Trap + Wyvern Sting Shaman Hex Demon Hunter Imprison So you can't really play 2s with a Mage or Hunter or DH and expect to beat other Healer+DPS teams with a CC chain on their healer. Fine, so play 2s with something else? Fine except... Paralyse REMOVES ALL DOTS. No Affliction Warlock, no Shadow Priest, no Assassination Rogue, no Boomkin - any class who uses DoTs can be disarmed by a MW Monk using Paralyse at the wrong time, or on the wrong target. Meanwhile (and I know, comparing toolkits for different classes is a futile exercise, but hear me out) Priests can fear and MC, Druids can Bash and Clone and Vortex, Shaman have Hex and their Totems, Paladins HoJ - None of these remove all the DoTs on the target - and Monk can Paralyse, DRing any incaps and removing all DoTs in the process. This means that even using Paralyse to interrupt a spell cast on a target being attacked is a risky notion, you might actually end up saving their lives. It feels weak compared to the offensive pressure, particularly CC-wise that other healers have in PvP. Also like only a Druid's Cyclone at the wrong time, attempting to support your DPS as a MW monk can actually hinder them if you paralyse wrong. Ring of Peace is fantastic, literally the most fun spell of every class I've played in Legion. Denying LoS, denying chokepoints in BGs, pushing Melee away from their kill when they use CDs, it's fantastic. Having to pick between ring and Leg Sweep, to increase my personal CC chain length from 4s to 8s is a horrible choice. Of course, I'm aware the strength of Monks. The teleport and Chi Torpedos, the breaks for every kind of CC, the healing behind LoS - the class is still strong and fun to play, just so so let down by the offensive CC options. Stop Paralyse removing DoTs, allow and DoT effects to remain for the duration (it's 4sec) and add Leg Sweep as baseline. Even just a change to paralyse would revitalise the class and remove one of the most counter-intuitive pitfalls of the spec.Trekrios5 3d
3d Xuen's Enforcer - way too big Xuen's Enforcer, frankly, is far too large and held at a daft angle on Blood Elves, causing it to clip and look unwieldy. It would look a million times better if it was held properly, parallel with the forearm, and if it was shrunk to about one half to one third of its size it all dimensions. Does anyone agree? It's such a great looking weapon skin, that's ruined by being oversized and badly angled. For the love of God, please change this - it would be VERY simple to do.Seraphen2 3d
3d Brewmaster pvp potential Just came from a AV, where i solo held Icewing bunker against 3 allies for 4 minutes.Samsing1 3d
4d Exploding Keg clarification? Hi guys. I keep hearing about how our Exploding Keg was hotfixed so that instead of making enemies miss you for 3 seconds, it reduces damage by 99%. I freaked out when I heard this and went to check. For me, it still says enemies miss me for 3 seconds. Did they re-hotfix it ? Because I don't know what to make of this. I've been gone from WoW a while and came back to this. An clarification would be great, thanks.Dawgfu2 4d
4d What do you play other than Monk? basically looking for alt ideas- thinking on rogue or DK or warrior, leaning towards rogue cause leather class and mobileMonkmode7 4d
5d Change death art This trait should instead reduce the cd of touch of death, right now it's pretty useless, it also wouldn't make monk op. And also for the love of god, make monks scale from weapon damage.Ryura0 5d
5d WW good in pvp? Is ww any good in pvp and worth boosting to 100? Or warrior is better?Saliggaris5 5d
6d Haste for BM monks 7.2.5 Is it as useless as Pawn and Simcraft suggests? Is it not advisable to take because people sometimes use the high tolerance talent which offers extra haste?Nhspanda3 6d
6d Amazed with brm power I am pretty amazed how powerful brm has become. What changed from En and early Toc , when I stopped playin wow. We got more ehp , mitigation or something else?Grondin1 6d
6d What is wrong with my HPS? I've been out performed by a 880 ilvl mw monk and I've got no idea how. Can anyone help me discover what I'm doing wrong? I'm usually just spamming Effuse and Renewing Mist because they are fast casts and only use Vivify if I know people are huddling up. Barely use Sheilun's Gift because by the time I've cast it, someone else seems to have healed my target. I also like to stay mobile so my talents reflect that as I'm for whatever reason always in the wrong place at the wrong time (usually being the target of something).Strikker2 6d
15 Aug Horde Monk Race? Hey guys, new to monk and was wondering based purely on racials which horde race is best for each monk spec, this is for pve and pvp so please let me know both, any help is greatly appreciated :)Kenko9 15 Aug
12 Aug Rising Sun Kick Text Delay So i race changed to a male blood elf and i noticed that the rising kick damage text is delayed, and when i was a orc this didnt happen, its really annoying i dont know if theres a fix for this or not for this delay.Apolq0 12 Aug
12 Aug Need help choosing my tank Hi everyone, I'm trying to decide whether I want to level my bear druid or my brewmaster. I enjoy both of them very much, and my decision will come down to: Viability in higher Mythic+ Viability in Normal and Heroic raiding Viability of DPS offspec But most importantly: Long term reliability (I don't want to play a volatile spec that is constantly being nerfed and buffed. I want to commit to this character and I don't want my efforts to be trashed.) Also, another question: How far can I gear up without raiding? (Only doing Mythic+ etc.) and is it easy to raid as a tank with no guild? How easy is it to pug as a tank?Leiseng25 12 Aug
11 Aug ww leveling Place ox statue Wait for it to pull everything in 30 yards all your attack is aoe ?? fastest leveling in wowSamsing0 11 Aug
11 Aug WW hidden artifact apearance? I have been gearing this alt for a while now. I found out the windwalker hidden apearance drops from withered training. Is it completely random drop at the end chest? Do I need some specific requirements before it can drop? Do I need to pick some specific chest? I'd rather not do that annoing wq more than is neccessary. :) The information I was able to google was not very useful. Some tell you to kill everything in the scenario and pcik up everything and get huge points to make it drop. Some just say "it drops in withered training". Therefore I ask here, if someone knows.Shinlia9 11 Aug
11 Aug [tank] trinket dilemma Hi lads, Can't decide on what trinkets I should pick, looking for some advice. This is what I got: -915 Recompiled guardian Module -885 Reliquary of the Damned -890 Mark of the Sentinel, agil/crit stat stick -880 Nightmare Thorn, agil/haste stat stick I like how RGM helps the whole party and I think it does a fair amount of healing. RotD has a nice use effect but stamina is kinda Yuck. Both stat sticks are nice I guess. Also thinking about buying the tanking trinket from the faire. That's bis right?Blurberry9 11 Aug
11 Aug Ww monk animations What annoys me is that monk weapon disappears on abilities animations. Is this still happening? Or they fixed it. TyLightcore2 11 Aug
11 Aug Serenity & fof Hey all, Working on my serenity rotations and something seems to be bugging me. Sometimes i activate serenity with a rsk and fof is reset allowing for fof into rsk 3-4 times in serenity. Other times i do the same thing and fof will have 3 seconds left after rsk then when i use it and cancel it into rsk its on cd again. So this means rather that3-4 fofs into rsk i manage1-2. Can anyone help with this, is it down to the timing with the fof cd when you activate serenity and rsk?Nayfu3 11 Aug
10 Aug Do we have a cap Do ww have a cap in mastery? Sorry if this is a dumb questionLovedahealz6 10 Aug
10 Aug Do monks keep Zen Flight in Legion? I love Zen Flight! I use it constantly, and simply cannot live without it. Take my chi, sure. Take Peak of Serenity, OK whatevs. But don't take my Zen Flight! Alas... with all the ability pruning in legion I am scared they will take zen flight from monks... similar to how they took Levitate from shadow priests! Can anyone confirm if we get to keep Zen Flight or is it gone, as i dread. #SaveZenFlight #OrcMonksArentSillyMisty20 10 Aug
08 Aug MW Artifact challenge - last boss I'm trying to figure out damage on the last boss and his casts timings. - he jumps on me - puddle spawns - debuff shows up ... - debuff expires Not sure but it seems like the jump of next cycle can happen moment before or after the debuff expires. Slightly random or am I seeing things and he always jumps after? Also what's the optimal HP to have for the debuff explosion? I tried << 50%, sometimes bit to much and I usually get killed by a jump + puddle as some unfortunate HP calculation. Seen a video where 50% monk did like 25% damage to party members - it's not 1:1? One of my runs: (no sound) Also it seems that when every add was healed the boss attacks quickly not letting all mana back :)Bigkeg3 08 Aug
08 Aug 2 QoL changes I'd like to see (MW) Hey there I've been playing mistweaver for the entirety of legion and there's 2 quality of life changes I'd like to see implemented. 1) Renewing mist: Similar to prayer of mending for holy priests, I'd like that when you renewing mist a target that already has renewing mist it would gain an extra charge and/or 24s duration added. (extra charge would mean it would jump an additional time similar to how it happens with the weapon trait) Since renewing mist is a "smart" ability what often happens is that someone drops low or lower than everyone else so one of my active renewing mists jumps to him but at the same time I also throw a new renewing mist on him and it ends up being a waste. 2) Revival should do 100% more healing when not in a raid group. I think this one is a no brainer. Tranquility for druids and divine hymn for holy priests both have this added effect so they are useful during 5 man dungeons..currently pressing revival in a high mythic+ is usually a wasted global (unless used for the dispel) so I don't see a reason why our cooldown didn't get the same treatment as the other 2 classes. 3rd bonus possible QoL) Maybe consider vivify procing mastery on all targets (possibly for 25/50% of the effect) since mastery for raiding is not a desirable stat and MW healers are still not wanted over the other healers. That and/or lower cocoon cd to 1.5/2 minutes since it's such a low absorb for its cdErenoh0 08 Aug
08 Aug Honor talent (counteract magic) question. Hey, So if renewing mist is applied before an enemy dot, will the 135% more healing kick in, or do i have to apply it after the person has already been dotted?Scarepaw1 08 Aug
08 Aug MW Mana regen PVP Hey Blizz, Please fix mana regen in PvP. I'm fancing both holy priests and shaman who not only have signifincantly better mana regen, but who are also doing a lot of damage. Granted I could play with Crane, but my healing is heavly reduced. Lastly, you spent a lot of time with changes making monks mana last longer, but now we have the nurf? Idont understand the changes? In short roll back the -10% mana redunction nurf - MW needs a balance.Äshleyh1 08 Aug
07 Aug [MW] Talent Swapping Macros Not everyone knows that you can use macros with conditions based on which talents you've chosen, so I decided to post the ones I use to avoid having to shuffle buttons around every time I swap talents. If you don't use these already, I hope I've made your life a little more convenient. Row 1: #showtooltip /cast [talent:1/1] Chi Burst;[talent:1/3] Mistwalk;[talent:1/2]Zen Pulse Row 4: #showtooltip /cast [talent:4/1] Ring of Peace; [talent:4/2] Song of Chi-Ji; [talent:4/3] Leg Sweep Row 5: #showtooltip /cast [talent:5/1]Healing Elixir;[talent:5/2]Diffuse Magic;[talent:5/3]Dampen Harm Row 6: #showtooltip /cast [talent:6/1]Refreshing Jade Wind;[talent:6/2]Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane;[talent:6/3]Summon Jade Serpent StatueDoxy1 07 Aug
07 Aug Tanking pulling packs in quests When I play all the tanks only the monk drops in HP, when I pull big packs when I do quests. What does the rotation actually look like?Filidix16 07 Aug
05 Aug Fists of Fury and Strike of the Windlord (BUG) Right so this has been bothering me for quite some time and i cant believe its still an issue because they fixed Leg Sweep randomly missing but this bug is so much more obvious. Both Fists of Fury and Strike of the Windlord will sometimes randomly miss if the target is max ranging your fists/sotw while running away or if theyre stood next to/behind you. Keep in mind that you CANNOT and SHOULD NOT be able to use these 2 abilities if your target is NOT in range/in line of sight so the ability shouldnt go off. Heres a youtube clip where I demonstrate it happening. 05 Aug
04 Aug Serenity Rotation Hey all, Im having trouble getting my rotation down. I usually do the following: Tp - bok - tp - tod - fof - serenity - rsk... From this point it seems to have some Rng or something is off. Sometimes my fof instantly allows an rsk which then resets fof meaning Im rotation rsk and fof (usIng rsk to cancel fof) meaning a dps boost. Othertime the fof cd is out of sync with rsk meaning i only get 2 rsks in the serenity window even with DHC. Can anyone help as currently my dps is suffering big time due to l2p.Nayfu6 04 Aug
03 Aug how accurate is noxxic pawn string ? noxxic gives the following pawn string for ww monk ( Pawn: v1: "PvE-Monk-Windwalker-Noxxic": Class=Monk, Spec=3, CritRating=6.07, MasteryRating=7.57, Agility=9.07, HasteRating=3.07, Versatility=4.57) how accurate is it ?Wushupanda5 03 Aug
03 Aug PVP Brew,is it a thing? Hello fellow monks. I searched a bit about pvp brew and found nothing, and I never saw one on any bg.It's only one video I found with some kind of pvp brewmaster or maybe two on the youtube(very encouraging btw), so tell me please is brewmaster so useless at pvp or just unpopular cos you can faceroll with pala/war/druid/bdk/dh on the battlegrounds well so why struggle?Sweetshadow3 03 Aug
01 Aug WW monk relics Hey guys my question is regarding the relics for the ww monk. as for most classes higher item lvl relics are better than focusing on what it gives. from reading forums it seems for ww monk it is not the case. is what am thinking true ? thanks in advancedKinzaki2 01 Aug
01 Aug Teach me ww monk Hi, how to play ww monk in 2s, or arena in general?Cometomeh8 01 Aug
01 Aug Got a question for you Monks Hello! :D I'm starting my monk from 100, and I was wondering if.... uhm, Is monk viable in raids? I've seen the biggest nerf to WW. I was wondering if it is still performing well. I'm more a fun based player. I'm not aiming to do Mythics at highest rank. I'm a filthy casual. xD.. I'm lvling my alt (monk) atm. And I was hoping to get some (hopefully" good feedback even though the class got nerfed hard. Is WW fun? Is it performing well in M+? Raids and in the world? I like to pwn alot of mobs in little to no time. * *[And no, dont say "play another class" I find warrior and other top dps'ers boring as their rotation dosent suit me] And how is Brewmasters? I'm kinda have to get used to stagger, hopefully somebody can explain how that works. :S Idk if i'm gonna tank or dps yet so... hopefully u can gimme some good feedback. :) Thanks. ^.^Theriá8 01 Aug
31 Jul bit confused Hello fellow monks im kinda new to this game still learning and enjoying the game so far.Recently i got March of the legion ring can someone tell me what is the purpose of this ring? is it just to run fast? i thought legendaries supposed help my rotation or smoothen it am i wrong?Horimura3 31 Jul
31 Jul Ww monk scaling Why does ww monk scale so badly with stats?Ryura8 31 Jul
31 Jul Horde WW Monk Arena Race? Hey guys, i'm new to the monk scene and was just wondering what horde race is the best for windwalker pvp atm. if possible i would like it if you ranked all the horde races and then gave reasons for why certain races are better than others. Any help is greatly appreciated :)Kenko8 31 Jul
31 Jul WW who does magic damage only Armory - Screenshot of damage meter of his Not sure if he's doing it on purpose or notLockvd1 31 Jul
31 Jul Ww - LEGGO Chest or 4 piece (t20) + 2 piece (t19) We all know that 4 piece (t20) + 2 piece (t19) combo is best for dps atm but what about legendary chest (EMPEROR'S CAPACITOR)? It's pretty awesome with our legendary wrists but we're losing one of our tier slots so we can't wear both of our tiers... What's better? Sacrificing t19 bonus for our chest or leaving it for another legendary? Cheers, SakanSakan2 31 Jul