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21 Nov Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! On the 14th of March 2012 Valonia made the longest running topics on our beloved Healing boards. I don't think anyone could have imagined that at the present day, this topic would still be active. And since I can't decribe it better then Valonia did, I'm shamelessly going to copy / paste her welcome post as it describes the Lounge perfectly. ... Ladies and gentleman! I bid thee welcome to the new Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! Lets keep this awesome place going, and see how far we'll get this time :D. Previous lounges: Therapy Lounge for Healers Therapy Lounge for Healers - The WoD Edition 21 Nov
16 Jun [Guide] Windwalker PvE - 7.3.x ANTORUS Guide Windwalker 7.3 Legion PvE First of all, this basic guide is primarily made for raiding. If you are looking for an more in-depth guide make sure to check out ! 1) General information about the Windwalker 2) Stats 3) Talents 4) Artifact Weapon 5) Builds 5.1) Offensive Cooldowns 6) Playstyle 7) Defensive Cooldowns 8) Legendaries 9) Addons 10) Consumeables and Item Enhancements 10.1) Gems 10.2) Enchants 10.3) Potions 10.4) Food 10.5) Flasks 1) General information The Windwalker Monk is an Energy and Chi based highly mobile melee, that has incredible abilities to do high burst in both type of encounters : Singletarget and AoE! Cooldown and Energy management is deciding your „skill“ level. 2) Stats Agility>Mastery>Critical Strike>Versatility>Haste Agility is still alot better than any other stat so you will most likely go for most ilvl It is the best if you sim yout weights to be completely sure whats your best stat! 3) Talents 15: Chi Wave: (40yd range, 15s cd) does a decent amount of damage but most important about this choice is that it does reset HIT COMBO (90 Talent) 15: Eye of the Tiger: (passive): Tiger Palm also applies a dot to the target, that does damage and heals you (pretty much only useable in Serenity to make it "easier" and sort of get the Chi Wave damage during Serenity) 30: Tiger’s Lust: (20yd range, 30s cd) increases a friendly target’s movement speed by 70% for 6s and removes all roots and snares. I really like this choice since you can remove some damaging debuffs with it but any choice here is fine since ist personal preferance! 30: Chi Torpedo: (replaces Roll): An enhanced roll, that has increased range and gives you movement speed afterwards 45: Energizing Elixir: (1min cd) instantly refilling all of your Energy and Chi 60: Leg Sweep: (45s cd) stuns all enemies in a 5yd circle around you for 5s 75: Healing Elixir: (30s recharge, 2charges) heals you for 15% of your maximum health, triggers automatically if you drop below 35% health Also a preference choice depending on the encounter but overall this is probably the best choice since it is always usefull. 75: Dampen Harm (1.5m CD) Reduces damage taken by 20%-50% for 10s. Depending on incoming attack. 90: Hit Combo: (passive) each sucessive strike, that triggers your mastery in a row grants 2% increased damage for 8s, stacking up to 8 times (16% dmg increase) 90: RJW: (1Chi, AoE) : Does AoE damage over time, applies Spinning Crane Kick stacks to 4targets hit 90: Xuen (3min cd) Summons Xuen which does high damage to up to 3 targets at once, lasts 45s 100:Whirling Dragon Punch (Same CD as FoF) Does good AoE and ST damage, can only be used when RSK and FoF are on cooldown 100: Serenity (replaces SeF, with 8s duration): Increases your damage by 45% and reduces the cooldown of your Chi consumers by 50% and makes them free. (only recommended when you got atleast legendary Bracers, a lot better with Chest+Bracers and if you are an advanced ww player) 4) Artifact Weapon You want to skill your weapon counter-clockwise since it offers the best minor traits. With the new traits you want to get the new golden first, then FoF>RSK Traits in relics: #1 Fists oft he Wind (5% Fists of Fury damage) #1 Rising Winds (5% Rising Sun Kick damage) 5) Builds At the moment there are 2 viable build which are Storm, Earth, and Fire : high burst AoE, low ST , but offers really good sustained AoE Serenity : Insane burst AoE, highest ST , lower sustain AoE than SEF 5.1) Offensive Cooldowns Serenity or Storm, Earth, and Fire (both 1.5min cd, you want to use SeF on pull, and to every ToD and Serenity on CD except you need to place your dmg somewhere special i.e Star Augur last phase) Touch of Death( 2min cd, also on cd) 6) Playstyle IMPORTANT! never use an ability twice in succession since you will lose the damage increase of your mastery AND drop Hit Combo which is an even bigger damage loss! Opener with Serenity : You want to use this macro to minmax your dps: #showtooltip Serenity /cast Serenity /cast Rising Sun Kick FIXED, but you can still use it to gain about 0.1s more uptime on serenity or even more, depending on how fast you usually click Serenity+RSKSerenity Makro (RSK) -> SotW -> RSK -> BoK -> SCK -> BoK -> RSK -> BoK -> SCK -> BoK -> RSK -> FoFWajoba40 16 Jun
19 Apr [Guide] Brewmaster - Get rolling with the Brews Introduction I decided to make this guide to help those who want to play Brewmaster in legion and bring more clarity to the spec. What will this guide include? -A quick understanding how abilities synergize and how they function. -How to appropriately gear up your Brewmaster so you don't feel like a wet sponge. - Make you understand how each stat benefits the BrM so you can build around it to suit your play-style. -Bring you closer to enlightenment to how amazing and complex this spec is. Abilities and Core Mechanics Brewmaster is a leather wearing tank that specializes in dodging and delaying damage through a mechanic called Stagger. With the use of brews Brewmaster are able to delay more damage into stagger and get rid of a percentage of damage currently in stagger. With the use of of certain abilities Brewmasters are able to reduce the time needed for a brew to ready again. The Brews Our core abilities here are IronSkin Brew which delays a further 40% of damage taken into stagger and Purifying Brew that clears 50% of damage currently in stagger. These two abilities share charges with each other and is important to learn how to balance the use of these respective brews. Fortifying Brew gives you a buff for 15 sec, increasing your current and maximum health by 20%, increasing the damage you delay with Stagger by an additional 20%, and reducing all damage you take by 20% and is our major defensive ability on a 7 min CD Talented- Black Ox Brew: When used instantly refills your Energy, and restores your Ironskin Brew and Purifying Brew charges. It has a 90 second CD Abilities that shorten the CDs of your Brews Like any Drunk fighter trying get more brews, you obviously Keg Smash and Tiger Palm anything in your way for more delicious brews, YUM! Keg Smash dealing damage to all enemies within 8 yds and reducing their movement speed by 50% for 15 sec and reduces the remaining cooldown on your Brews by 4 sec. Tiger Palm: Damages the target and reduces the remaining cooldown on your Brews by 1 sec. The section above named "The Brews" is all the cooldowns that are affected by Keg Smash and Tiger Palm. So with perfect play you could reduce the cooldown of Fortifying Brew down to 3.5 minutes which is half of its original time. This synergy between Keg Smash , Tiger Palm and Brews is the core mechanic of Brewmasters Core Passive Abilities Stagger: delaying 40% of Physical damage and turning it into stagger and taking that damage over the next 10 sec. Affects magical attacks at half effectiveness. This is mechanic is what the Brewmasters is built around and with the talent High tolerance we can increase from this from 40% to 50% Stagger. Our Mastery is: Elusive Brawler grants a stacking dodge chance increase each time you are hit by an attack until you dodge an attack, and also passively increase attack power. This is one of our best average physical damage reduction abilities and should not be ignored. Celestial Fortune: You have a chance equal to your critical strike chance to be healed for an additional 65% of the amount healed. This affects your healing and healing done onto you by a healer. This also works for Absorbs. Gift of the Ox: When you take damage equal to your maximum health , you summon a Healing Sphere visible only to you. Moving through this Healing Sphere heals you for (750% of Attack power). Damage is this statement refers to damage taken before absorbs and stagger. ( DR reduces damage taken before absorbs/stagger i.e 100dmg, 20%DR =80 dmg which is used to calculated GotO) The ability Expel Harm collects all of your Healing Spheres, and damages the nearest enemy for 10% of the amount healed. Which is a nice ability if you don't want to move around to collect your healing spheres.Swifthorn97 19 Apr
21 Mar 2014 Making a Guide? Here in the class forums, players often put together awesome guides to help the rest of the community. However, due to the high number of sticky request we receive each day, these guides sometimes fall off the front page before we can sticky them. If you have just posted a guide or if you’d like to nominate a guide here on the European forums to be stickied, please send an email to the Community team, including a link to the guide you'd like stickied, at: Alternatively, guide writers can help us spot their threads by putting [Guide] in the title :)Takralus0 21 Mar 2014
2h monk pvp nerfs when? so yeah when is it cause clearly they are desperlty needed in such with this complete unbalanced bull!@#$Zeneder20 2h
3h Plz buff Plz buff ww 20% to FoF 50% to rsk Also revert T20 nerf plz ThxWorror7 3h
10h Really important WW weapon problem I wanna say something about windwalker monk weapon problem. I am playing WW monk with my night elf female character. She has that problem but i assume a lot of races have too. When you just stay with your fist weapons. ( even with new mage tower challange skin) Half of the fist weapon is staying in my legs. Basicly i am stabbing myself... Sorry but it is bull!@#$ animation and has really easy solution. I just wanna ask when will you fix fist weapon angle problem? Especially for night elf female character. It is just disappointment for me. Company like blizzard must fix that easy. Just fix angle when we are staying but don't broke running and combat angle for weapons thats all. It is not cheap freetoplay 1 month developed game. It is world of warcraft i just don't wanna see my fist weapons in my legs...Kagitsume1 10h
18h Holy Paladin or MW monk? If u had both characters and u had to choose what to play atm what would u choose? I'm trying to figure out what to play. Since i have a MW with 8 legendaries and holy paladin at 880 ilvl with 1 bad legendarie the obvious answer appears, but i feel like we're lacking something as MW...Kaméhameha4 18h
23h Show me your funny monk names! <--------- I like my dwarf monk's name!Hayabooza198 23h
1d Handwraps no longer available Handwraps of Serenity are no longer sold by the first weapon vendor at the Peak of Serenity as of 7.0. As far as i am aware Blizzard have not given a heads up on the removel of this item or if it will come back. It does show up on the new transmog system.Atrossius9 1d
1d Rate The transmog above I wanna see some new Transmog :DXúén341 1d
2d Wandering Isles So just got my monk to 100 and did the monk scenario at the peak of serenity (twice because it flipping bugged). Only to wake up on the wandering Isles . What an awesome awesome orderhall I loved the panda starting area and got a little sad when I had to leave it a little heartbroken when told I could never return. But now it's back and it's awesome but I have one question. How was the wandering Isle found by us monks? That's the only thing that's bugging me we were told we couldn't return to it because we wouldn't find it but bang here it is in its beautiful turtlicious glory.Samanosoke2 2d
2d MONK AND WEAPONS ANIMATION Hello guys, I have been playing warrior for 5 years, but one week ago, I decided to try the monk ( WW) and it is just so fun. It will be be potentially my main. However, I have a complaint. I love the idea to have two one hand sword on your back even if you do not use them but I love even more fist weapons which are really well adapted to the monk. But, when you are fighting, sometimes, the fist weapon disappear, even worst, they are out when you are not fighting. This is absolutely ridiculous, and I am pretty sure that I am not the only one who is concerned about this. Did Blizzard state something about his issue? Have you already led a petition? Because, it seems to be a bug . I cannot beleive that a company such as Blizzard leave monks in this situation knowing that their artifact weapons are fist !!! RegardsKridann11 2d
2d Fell out of love with Windwalker... Windwalker Monk was my very first character since I started WoW towards the end of WoD. I adored it for the first 60 or so levels but now I completely hate it. I've tried the other two specs to some extent but not quite sure about them, is it worth switching and waiting it out or is Monk just not for me if I don't like Windwalker?Diorita1 2d
3d How come i never heard of Zen flight until now? Just like the title says, how come i never heart of it until now? i can literally : - Cast "Essence of Font" while flying on it. - Change mount mid-air. - Use it when falling down to nullify falling damage. I'm in love with it <3Cerbërus7 3d
3d Help me like the Brewmaster I love WW and MW but BRM just feels wierd to me.I play all of the other tanks around the mythic +13 level and with BRM just doesnt seem to excel at anything but kiting,which is great fun but not possible during certain affixes like this weeks.I watched a couple of guides and the brewmaster still feels squishy to me.On my 910 prot pally i was able to solo first boss of HoV +12.Few minutes ago i died from 10% Xavius on +10 when i was full hp and a few cds left which felt awful. Please tell me why do you love/prefer your BRM monk and share your stories if you have any.I just love the other two specs too much and i dont want to give up on it just because the tanking one. Cheers!Sugizo12 3d
3d LF Monk Tank/WW for RBG Add DevilMan#1501Raiden0 3d
3d Serenity So I haven't really played with my monk too much for a few months or so, so I was wondering how we use serenity now. Like, do we use fists in the last second like before, or do we try to get a full fists of fury cast in the serenity widow? is spinning crane kick still worth using as filler inside the window? Or anything else helpful to know about the talent, cheers :)Anniko5 3d
3d SimC, pawn and Raidbots question Hey all, I am still gearing up doing a number of normal instances I am way under the ilvl for mythic etc.. as a tank I am currently at ilvl820 lol. My question is that after simming this toon and using raidbots for the stat weights then pasting them into pawn. I have a rough idea about the secondary stats on armor as in the role they play, yet it chooses to prioritize Agi like brewmaster is dps kinda thing. Stat weights would change with any new part of armor ( i know that). Basically I am feeling a little dubious and would like your opinions Agi 13.43 Crit 5.95 Vers 5.83 Mastery 5.71 Haste 1.88 (edit) Simulation Details Fight Style Patchwerk Boss Targets 1 Fight Length (seconds) 300 Iterations 25,000 The stats above is off raidbots so if anyone is new or does not know, do not use them on your toon as your toon will have different weights.Spankymuck1 3d
6d 8.0 - (Mistweaver specific) The future for us Hi All, As we know Antorus is the last raid for 7.X and there is probably (defiantly) already some 8.0X stuff going on at blizzard. We started off Legion for Emerald nightmare to Nighthold in a pretty bad place above HC modes, where mana was always a problem, and Essence font was your only friend in the world. And everyone was talking about needed changes for MW (mistweavers) to be made 'great again' (ReM ReM UPLIFT MoP style! ) What actually happened was that we had some skills re-balanced in SP (spell power) %, and had essence font re-addressed, but actually saw us in a better place for the rest of Legion and viability for non-world 1st positions If there was ever a time to re-address what we have as our toolkit it will be a 8.0 so i ask you - what do you want your 8.0 Mistweaver to be! Please keep the discussion Friendly and Positive, reading posts full of hate does not help with class developmentZandalr9 6d
6d Windwalkers want less transmogs So they took away ww being able to transmog weapons into swords because it's what the community wants? We apparently want less weapon choices, so we've been told by blizzard. Instead of having the choice to transmog into swords or first hand weapons we have that choice taken away from us. Despite monks use swords in real life and in every movie, as well as only fists. The weapons we use as ww and get to use don't suit monk at all. The real life monks that do martial arts use swords too. None of this makes sense! Bring back swords to windwalkers so they can have the monk feel again. I don't feel like a monk on my ww with these weird as !@#$ weapons.Capitalpop6 6d
08 Dec Staff and Polearm Positioning when Unsheath Anyone else think the new two-handed positioning is bad? I don't know why they change it and have it positioned top of the weapon up, like casters. Monks use their weapons to attack, it looks so bad when they reach to grab the weapon, especially polearms having sharp edge on the top. Imagine Fury Warriors have their polearms flipped, having sharmp side of the weapons up. I've seen some monks Tmog their weapons and have the old correct look, but for some reason it is not working for me. Anyone else with the same problem?Yemamo1 08 Dec
07 Dec Pvp fistweaving. What do you guys think? I like it really...Samsing6 07 Dec
07 Dec Snapshot(s) + Few questions. (PVP based question.) Hi guys! My first question: Is snapshot exists in any form for windwalker monks? The two abilities that came to my mind are chi wave and fists of fury (+ artifact trait). Are these spells snapshot from procs or dynamically update their dmg from the current stat of the monk? If i use my Fists of Fury while Concordance of Legionfall has only 1 second left of it's duration will my fists of fury + artifact trait get the buff for the full duration or only the first tick benefits from the proc? Same question with Chi Wave. My second question is the following: Is there any complex mechanics for ww that i must be aware if i want to play pvp at a high level? (Except hit combo talent and combo breaker mastery.) My goal is to reach a relatively high rate as ww in 3s but legion is still new to me so i have to make sure i know everything about the spec before i'm starting to push rate. My third question: In mop battle fatigue and i believe (correct me if i'm wrong) battle fatigue had no affect on heal from Healing Elixirs. Is it still "immune" to heal reduce effects? Or is there any hp based heal that immune to dampening?Arsênal0 07 Dec
07 Dec 2 easy questions I think, and 1 favor Hey, So kinda leaving the lock alone for a little as im finding it dead slow to level him... I thought I would continue my monk as a tank. I have been away from the game for about 3 years and have leveled the monk up from 98-106 so far in this expansion. I did used to tank never in raids tho as I did not get that far. Which brings me to my first question. I need a macro that I can bind on T or F (already have a binding addon) What I need it to do is cast provoke on target or cast provoke on mouse over, just in case some mob gets pulled on to the healer or someone accidentally pulls something else. Also by mouse over Ox statue this should work without needing shift modifiers ? or the minimum 1 shift mod. I am also using Monk Stagger Meter by MAnDruidPig. If anyone has used this you can modify light - heavy stagger % with sliders. Any recommended %'s? and as a starter guide until I grasp when to really purify. Which % of stagger would you purify as a very basic idea until as I said I grasp the 'right' or able to judge better my self. Lastly, I did try a run today and even tho I told the peeps that its my first time in the instance they still just kinda charged ahead pulling god knows what, leaving me to pick everything up which I found near to impossible. So if there is someone out there willing to join up with me and run through a number of instances a number of times but nice and 'slow' / 'chillax' and just giving me the idea of what to pull and any tactics / where to pass from etc.. Screaming in my ear is also acceptable :P gimme a shout in game Lordmuck0666. Normally I would just run DPS until I know whats what, yet I kinda what to stay on the monk as a tank for now.Spankymuck3 07 Dec
06 Dec Rate Name Above You Very simple. Just wait the monks name above you out of 10. Ima start (0)_(0)Flappyfist27 06 Dec
06 Dec Hitting like a wet noodle I'm a 933 Windwalker, and my simulated and real DPS is below 900k. I'm not wearing any DPS-oriented legendaries nor tier bonuses. I use Serenity, which I realize isn't very good, but I really hate Storm, Earth and Fire. How do I find out what to change to boost my DPS?Mathias4 06 Dec
03 Dec Which race you think looks best as monk? ^Potatispojke88 03 Dec
03 Dec DH or WW Which would you recommend for PvP (arena and RBG)? I like the fast pace of both but can't decide which I want to main.Allíum8 03 Dec
02 Dec Worth to roll to a WW monk.(mainly 2s player) Hey guys, after the recent pvp "balance" is it worth to roll a monk? I want something OP in 2s with my disc mate.Moorza3 02 Dec
30 Nov Bugs, bugs everywhere! Not a post about balance, class fantasy, dps meters or anything equally as divisive. Simply whining about how broken Monk seems at times. Roll/Chi Torp bug: If I'm rooted, and freedom myself with Tiger's Lust and try to roll away it'll "root" me and I'll roll/Torp on the spot. Sometimes it doesn't even need Tiger's Lust, it just randomly happens after an immobilization. Fists of never f*ck*ng lands: Fists of Fury is able to be used (Game determines I'm in Melee range) but the stun doesn't land (with Heavy hands). I'll be punching the air like the pleb I am. Porting in a Druids Vortex: The Vortex is on top of me, I'm slowed for days. I port, and get gripped back... sometimes. This is actually a bug that helps occasionally, sometimes I get pulled back, sometimes I don't. I feel bad for the Dudu's. Spriest silence on Enveloping Mists: Doesn't stop the cast, again I feel bad. Karma simply not working: Mostly happens in WPvP. I'll Karma, it'll land and I'll randomly flop. Karma wasn't broken through damage it simply didn't work. Randomly killing myself with Revival: Not really a bug, more hilarious when I randomly die and have to explain I have zero awareness. Ua's man. Healing Sphere's: Tried it against VP's/Sw:P's, UA's/Agony, Moon/sunfire. Doesn't ever seem to work on anything whatsoever. I think this might be related to connection though, but we'll see. Getting stunned through Melee wings: Happened a few times with HoJ's, no other stuns though. Storm, Earth and Fire feeling so clunky/sometimes simply not working: Few Issues. One, where I'll mash the button to get the wh*res to sit on one target, they simply disagree. Two, sometimes they dislike using Fists of Fail, it's known you have to wait a second for them to get into the fight before using FoF but sometimes they simply don't care and won't copy it. Three, clunky af I dislike the ability with a passion. Chi Wave: It simply doesn't work in some cases. Although I may just be getting unlucky a lot. From the tool tip "...Bounces up to 7 times to targets with 25 yards", I will usually only get one tick from it. Again it may just be the "Baader-Meinhof phenomenon" (Don't judge me I've just learned it has a name) where you begin noticing things more and put more emphasis on them when in actuality they're occurring the same amount as before but you're more aware of them. It seems to only ever have one tick. A lot. Any others experience things similar to these issues? More?ßale12 30 Nov
30 Nov Why I believe MW T21 may in fact be weaker than T20 I'm going to attempt to explain why I personally believe the T21 for Mistweavers is not as good as it seems - and may infact be weaker than the current T20. All throughout Legion, it's been no secret that: while Mistweavers aren't weak, they do have the lowest throughput ceiling amongst all healing specs. What this means is that when you use everything perfectly, and everything falls just the way it's supposed to, our max healing will be less than that of other classes. Now generally, this hasn't been much of an issue. Due to us having a lot of smart heals, we have an easier time approaching that throughput ceiling. This then balances with the other classes having a higher ceiling, but also more difficulty approaching said Ceiling. The issue, however, comes with the following: For us to approach that throughput ceiling, we need a talent called "Refreshing Jade Wind". This would normally not be an issue, if it weren't for the fact that Refreshing Jade Wind and our T21 devalue each other. What this means is that in Anthorus, we're going to see one of 2 scenario's: - Scenario 1. T21 ends up providing such a huge HPS increase, that we're forced to skip Refreshing Jade Wind, to use the extra mana on Vivify, to actually gain said HPS increase from our T21. While this may seem great, it's really not. Because The healing of T21 would need to be big enough to both offset the healing increase from Refreshing Jade Wind, as well as our current T20 - else it'll just end up being a nerf for us overal - Scenario 2 T21 Ends up not being as strong as it seems, forcing us to still pick Refreshing Jade Wind. This means we'll still be spending a lot of our mana on Refreshing Jade Wind, which'll allow for very little mana to use on mastery-proccing skills, making T21 weaker than our current T21 - resulting in, once again, an overal nerf. What do you guys think about this? do you guys believe T21 will end up being stupidly overpowered, or did blizzard once again indirectly hurt us MW's? Looking forward to what you guys think. :)Rezyr2 30 Nov
30 Nov Stormfist-Hidden Artifact Weapon Skin Hello friends. First of all i have to say my english is not good enough. So if you cannot understand what i write, sorry for that. I had a monk like 1 years ago and i did countless time of withered army training scenario for these Stormfists. Like 1 week ago i realized something about this hidden artifact which is, it can be obtainable in one try if everything works like on my mind. I will write what i did with step by step. 1-I hit to 110 level and started to increase my luck to get loots with dungeons and raids. I did all Hc raids and full argus questline and world quests. 2-Unfortunately i got a legendary from reliquinsed item thing(650 veiled rune) but idk what is their name calling. 3- After than get a legendary, started to increase my luck again. I did tons of dungeon runs etc. 4-I was 0/11 with suramar questline so i started it till withered army quest is opens. 5-When i go to my first free withered army training, i played as ww and loot spec was ww too. I made a full clear except some locked door which was unable to do on first try. Also i collected 2 big and 2 middle(5 withered) chest. I ran with less than 3 withered(mostly with 1) with my side. Before than start the run i told the guild like "I will try to get stormfist." Ppl answered "Let it go, we are trying to get it for months." But i got stormfists on my first free try. Also got 1 withered army item, 2 follower items which one gives 50 order resources per wq and one is giving gold for wq or smth like that. So its a big rng i know but my system worked. Ppl were saying there is no bad luck protection but its worked. Maybe i am lucky or maybe there is luck protection too. Good days :)Delmouss2 30 Nov
29 Nov Zen Flight not in spellbook I just used Meditation manual: Zen Flight, and I can't find the spell anywhere in my spellbook. I've checked under all the tabs, and if I try and learn it again, it says already known. Anyone have any ideas what it could be?Cailìs1 29 Nov
28 Nov Brewmaster - Ironskin Brew I'm totally confused about "Ironskin Brew" and therefore I need some help. When do I use it and why? Appreciate any help! :-)Barrelroll12 28 Nov
27 Nov First time Tank long time dps Hey all, So today I restored my monk and immediately started dps'ing but pretty much all my chars are dps so I've decided to make my round tubby friend a dedicated tank. Can anyone give me any pointers though as I'm a complete n00b with tanking. Many thanks.Samanosoke3 27 Nov
26 Nov Transmog for Ban-Lu Hi, just as the title says, what do you think is the best transmog that works with Ban-Lu and Ban-Fu? Tyvm in advanceChucksilva0 26 Nov
26 Nov Monks everywhere Is it me or are monks becoming quite popular towards end game? Did a raid today and 4 monks! :O... Can only mean a good thing if so because more monks around the larger voice we have muahahaha >:^DXinwu3 26 Nov
25 Nov Plz make Xuen base line Hi, i really miss the times when Xuen, the white tiger was base line in WW. Its a core ability and makes sense to be part of the kit, as i believe is one of the most iconic WW abilities. The problem is it holds no ground over hit combo (which is better in 99% of the situations). What do you people think? tyvm in advanceChucksilva0 25 Nov
25 Nov Brewmaster changes on next expansion. Brewmaster: -Stagger: You shrug off attacks, delaying 40% of Physical damage, instead taking it over 10 sec. Affects magical attacks at 20% effectiveness. ( a serious nerf. ) -Breath of Fire: Breathe fire on targets in front of you, causing Fire damage. Targets affected by Keg Smash will also burn for Fire damage and deal 5% reduced damage to you for 12 seconds.over 8 sec.( buff or nerf, i could not figure out because it was creating EBS it wont create anymore.) - Purifying Brew: Clears 50% of your damage delayed with Stagger.(buff) No matter what we say about magic damage intake is very dangerous for us. They will keep nerfing us aganist magical attacks. I just want to learn your ideas about these changes on our class.Kaiying14 25 Nov
24 Nov About Storm, Earth and Fire Hi everyone! :) /bow I wanted to ask a couple of things about the spell Storm, Earth and Fire. I've never been sure to understand it correctlly: if you split yourself in three spirits and each do 45% of damage, you're doing in total 45x3=135% of your normal damage, right? So is it the same as if you got a buff that increased your damage by 35%? And if so, it's obviously a must-use in unitarget, right? And for dps pvp, my first choice was Serenity. It's a really powerfull cd, but it only lasts 8sec, and if Storm, Earth and Fire is really a 35% boost and with the two charges it can last longer, maybe Whirling Dragon Punch is a better choice. What would you recommend for that talent line for pvp? And I also wanted to ask: how does Storm, Earth and Fire fill in the monk thematic? I mean, does it have any relation with the control of the chi that monks master? Because I think it looks more like a shaman ability. Do monks also have some kind of bond with the elemental forces? Thank you very much and may the jade serpent guide you!Rashén1 24 Nov
24 Nov Ban-Lu The cheeky !@#$% called me fat so I've now resolved to never mount him again. How does oblivion feel ^-*!er? #Triggeredßale2 24 Nov
23 Nov Storm, Earth, and Fire spirits UnitName hi! what is the most fun monk spec to play for leveling/dungeons? I'm up to heal/tank or dps!Pewy1 23 Nov
22 Nov Effuse and PvP I just wanted to ask around whether anyone else wondered about the current state of Effuse. Effuse used to heal for about 6-7% of your max hp at the start of the expansion. After a series of template agility nerfs that were probably meant to adjust our damage Effuse now heals for about 1% max hp which is basically nothing (just wait for the dampening lol). I get that Effuse uses energy as a ressource and is quite unique in that regard compared to other hybrid DD specs. I also get that for most players this is a non-issue as they play with a healer in 2v2/3v3 and can rely on Healing Elixir/Transfer in dire situations if the need arises. Nevertheless we even have a PvP talent (control the mists) that revolves around the use of Effuse and it just makes no sense to me to have an active spell with a cast time that can't even outheal a single dot when spam healed. Is Blizzard even aware of this?Sejanus1 22 Nov
21 Nov BfA weapon choices Is there any news on how Weapons will work for monks in BfA ? I mean i like my mistweaver skins, but i would absolutely LOVE if i could dual wield and wear my warglaives whenever im not in combat healing. I would love if i could use 2 swords as brewmaster and Windwalker. Can we please make this a thing? Blizz?Waldo2 21 Nov
21 Nov Grandmaster Quest Line Hello there fellow Monks, I would like to ask for your help regarding the Broken Shore Quest Line. I finished the Legion Assault Quest 24 Hours ago. However, there is no follow up Quest at the Broken Shores or my Order Hall. I don't know what to do to make the next Quest pop up. Maybe I missed some side Quests? Thank you in advance BojiBoji6 21 Nov
19 Nov Best race for monk???? Zugez29 19 Nov
19 Nov How are Brewmasters? I really enjoyd playing a Brewmaster Monk in Mists of Pandaria, but the changes in WoD drove me away from the class (and I really don't remember just what it was, it just seemed less fun). Now, I'm thinking about returning to my monk and eventually try tanking Antorus with him. So, would you say they are in a good spot? Are they fun to play? Do they have a good array of useful abilities and choices to make? In which fights do they shine? Any particular things I should be aware of?Sultry2 19 Nov
19 Nov ferals does mw just struggle a lot vs ferals or am i just really bad? Every time I come vs a feral in 2s I just lose and it feels like there is nothing I can do about it. I can survive a few minutes but usually me or my partner dies after about 3 minBobblekiin3 19 Nov