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1d Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! On the 14th of March 2012 Valonia made the longest running topics on our beloved Healing boards. I don't think anyone could have imagined that at the present day, this topic would still be active. And since I can't decribe it better then Valonia did, I'm shamelessly going to copy / paste her welcome post as it describes the Lounge perfectly. ... Ladies and gentleman! I bid thee welcome to the new Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! Lets keep this awesome place going, and see how far we'll get this time :D. Previous lounges: Therapy Lounge for Healers Therapy Lounge for Healers - The WoD Edition 1d
21 Apr [Guide] WW PvE 7.3.5 updated!!! Since my first guide was not really in depth i wanted to create a more in depth guide, and i don't have enough placeholders for that This guide is pretty similar to the German version from Shadlii/Yilwi, so if you are active in that forum, you might recognize the layout. 1 - Best way to get Help 1. Read the complete guide, and the bonus parts on if you are new/unsure 2. Post on the character you need help/add a link to that character so we can see your gear/talents etc. 3. Give us information about your problems, the easiest way to do that is via warcraftlogs! 4. Always be polite! Even if you have an other opinion than the person that is trying to help you or discusses with youWajoba13 21 Apr
19 Apr 2017 [Guide] Brewmaster - Get rolling with the Brews Introduction I decided to make this guide to help those who want to play Brewmaster in legion and bring more clarity to the spec. What will this guide include? -A quick understanding how abilities synergize and how they function. -How to appropriately gear up your Brewmaster so you don't feel like a wet sponge. - Make you understand how each stat benefits the BrM so you can build around it to suit your play-style. -Bring you closer to enlightenment to how amazing and complex this spec is. Abilities and Core Mechanics Brewmaster is a leather wearing tank that specializes in dodging and delaying damage through a mechanic called Stagger. With the use of brews Brewmaster are able to delay more damage into stagger and get rid of a percentage of damage currently in stagger. With the use of of certain abilities Brewmasters are able to reduce the time needed for a brew to ready again. The Brews Our core abilities here are IronSkin Brew which delays a further 40% of damage taken into stagger and Purifying Brew that clears 50% of damage currently in stagger. These two abilities share charges with each other and is important to learn how to balance the use of these respective brews. Fortifying Brew gives you a buff for 15 sec, increasing your current and maximum health by 20%, increasing the damage you delay with Stagger by an additional 20%, and reducing all damage you take by 20% and is our major defensive ability on a 7 min CD Talented- Black Ox Brew: When used instantly refills your Energy, and restores your Ironskin Brew and Purifying Brew charges. It has a 90 second CD Abilities that shorten the CDs of your Brews Like any Drunk fighter trying get more brews, you obviously Keg Smash and Tiger Palm anything in your way for more delicious brews, YUM! Keg Smash dealing damage to all enemies within 8 yds and reducing their movement speed by 50% for 15 sec and reduces the remaining cooldown on your Brews by 4 sec. Tiger Palm: Damages the target and reduces the remaining cooldown on your Brews by 1 sec. The section above named "The Brews" is all the cooldowns that are affected by Keg Smash and Tiger Palm. So with perfect play you could reduce the cooldown of Fortifying Brew down to 3.5 minutes which is half of its original time. This synergy between Keg Smash , Tiger Palm and Brews is the core mechanic of Brewmasters Core Passive Abilities Stagger: delaying 40% of Physical damage and turning it into stagger and taking that damage over the next 10 sec. Affects magical attacks at half effectiveness. This is mechanic is what the Brewmasters is built around and with the talent High tolerance we can increase from this from 40% to 50% Stagger. Our Mastery is: Elusive Brawler grants a stacking dodge chance increase each time you are hit by an attack until you dodge an attack, and also passively increase attack power. This is one of our best average physical damage reduction abilities and should not be ignored. Celestial Fortune: You have a chance equal to your critical strike chance to be healed for an additional 65% of the amount healed. This affects your healing and healing done onto you by a healer. This also works for Absorbs. Gift of the Ox: When you take damage equal to your maximum health , you summon a Healing Sphere visible only to you. Moving through this Healing Sphere heals you for (750% of Attack power). Damage is this statement refers to damage taken before absorbs and stagger. ( DR reduces damage taken before absorbs/stagger i.e 100dmg, 20%DR =80 dmg which is used to calculated GotO) The ability Expel Harm collects all of your Healing Spheres, and damages the nearest enemy for 10% of the amount healed. Which is a nice ability if you don't want to move around to collect your healing spheres.Swifthorn97 19 Apr 2017
21 Mar 2014 Making a Guide? Here in the class forums, players often put together awesome guides to help the rest of the community. However, due to the high number of sticky request we receive each day, these guides sometimes fall off the front page before we can sticky them. If you have just posted a guide or if you’d like to nominate a guide here on the European forums to be stickied, please send an email to the Community team, including a link to the guide you'd like stickied, at: Alternatively, guide writers can help us spot their threads by putting [Guide] in the title :)Takralus0 21 Mar 2014
2h WW PvP in BfA is quite the horrible experience I've had beta for the past month and I've done countless skirms on monk, rogue, shaman, warrior, dk, dh... and more. My exp in in Legion is 2.4 as rogue, 2.3 as monk and 2.3 as hunter. The one that feels the weakest by far is windwalkers. WW got pruned really bad, but I tried to remain optimistic. I'm dying to most other classes in BfA PvP through wall and through karma like it's a knife through butter. Mostly because of the loss of SEVERAL healing talents. You also can't just port away to heal since it's a 45 sec CD and you can't peel people off you since paralysis also is on a 45 sec CD. But the big nerf to utility and defensives isn't the worst part. Setting up stun locks is now really annoying. You will never open with leg sweep since it's only 3 sec duration, which means you will want to open with fist which half of the time goes on CD but "misses" the enemy player. It was mostly useful as a follow up stun and never as the initial one. This feels extremely odd since it was always something you did once Leg Sweep was ending. The problem is you need 3 chi to use fists of fury so good luck not being CC'ed before opeing up on someone. You will never pick Tigereye Brew as a PvP talent because it's on the GCD. Xuen is on the GCD. Energizing Elixir is on the GCD. Clones are on the GCD. The only thing here should be the clones and Serenity. WW in BfA have now turned into a very very slow spec. Thankfully all rogue specs are pretty fun but I wanted to share my experiences from the beta. Bare in mind, I'm not looking at numbers, just the mechanics and feel of the specs. The specs that felt the best have been: Subtley, Unholy, Arms, Enhancement and Demonology. Then again, I'm playing from EU and the lag is quite bad.Killibrew6 2h
11h BFA MW Monk in PVP not fun Hi all, So I want to main a MW monk for BFA where I'll be spending my time in arena. It is too early to make a call on how strong the class is but I'm worried that the fun will be gone because of 2 reasons: - Not being able to move while casting is horrendous. Being mobile is the pillar of the class and what makes it stand out against other healers in arena. - Para CD going to 45 seconds. The increase in CD will completely change the class, Para is such a fun ability when paired up with the mobility as it actually allows you to impact enemy team. There are other changes like Crane and Stun which I think are perfect (and necessary). Even changing Para as a monks now have baseline stun allowing for other cc options - so I can see the logic. I just can't and won't get behind the standing still to channel - it will make the class so boring. I was half hoping that they will add in the moving while channeling in azerite armour or some pvp set? Just to clarify I'm not worried about how OP or not as eventually everything will be tweaked and balanced. Thoughts guys?Curtinz0 11h
18h Rate The transmog above I wanna see some new Transmog :DXúén462 18h
1d Monk class design - BFA (Suggestions) I have played monk since it came out in Mists of Pandaria. The class design of monks have been so so good, and in legion aswell I think monks have been fun. The problem is that probably the coolest mechanic monks have ever had, was tigereye brew, and by that I mean the old version. Especially now when cool downs is obviously a problem in the game, and should be addressed, where PvP feels really scripted. Player A pops cooldown X and Player B responds with cooldown Y. Maybe the best example of this is blind. Every healer in the game is told to trinket blind, and in most cases you have to, but gameplay like that feels extremely scripted. For instance when I face RMP on the ladder; if we use our healers trinket before blind, the game is lost in 90% of the cases. That's not fun. So back to Tigereye brew. Tigereye brew gave monks a lot of depth. It could be used both offensively (for damage) and defensively (for healing). Furthermore you could choose when you would use your stacks of tigereye brew, and whether you wanted to stack up a lot of them to enhance your damage for a long time, or if you wanted short bursty goes. A lot of changes has been done to monks in BFA like port cd increased and paralysis cd increased. Whether they have been nerfed too much, or not, I don't really know, but they are good changes. The problem is that we have had those abilities on a shorter cd for a whole expantion (2 YEARS!), and with the increased cd and no other new flavour in the monk class (New abilities, etc), Monks feels like the exactly same version as in Legion, but a pruned version. What I'm afraid what will happen with us monk players is that we will get bored, and bored FAST in BFA. Imagine eating pasta with ketchup for 2 years, and then you have to eat pasta without ketchup for 2 more years. Introducing the old version of tigereye brew instead of Serenity / Storm, Earth, and Fire would be a great way to make people exited for BFA, aswell as giving the monk class more depth. Then you would have to do the numbers tweak to not make monks OP, but I'm sure that wouldn't be that hard. Tigereye brew and serenity is quite similar, but I'm sure a lot of monks would agree with me, it would make monks a superfun specialization to play. It's a whole new expantion, and introducing, or reintroducing abilities is a huge part of the excitement, and from the top of my head, tigereye brew is such an easy way to create excitement while not doing much work. I surely hope you have plans for introducing at least some other abilities to classes before BFA launches, even though it doesn't look much like it now, but if you are looking at old abilities, here are some examples of fun abilities for monks, that probably wouldn't cause many balancing problems: - Tiger eye brew in exchange for Serenity / Storm, Earth, and Fire. - The old version of Storm, Earth, and Fire where you could distribute your clones. - Zen meditation, an ability that couldn't be considered to be that strong when we had it back in MOP, but it gave some depth to the class and gave the class an extra bit of skillcap while not making monks who didn't utilize it much worse as it was quite situational. - Spinning fire blossom, (and don't make it a talent!!!). It was obvious when you reintroduced it this expantion that fist of fury stun is sooo much stronger than this ability that we wouldn't be able to chose it, but make it baseline. It's not an overpowered mechanic. It deals low damage, and a 2 second root from range as a skillshot doesn't seem too broken either. Small abilities that can separate the best from the others is good for the game. Thanks for listening, See you in BFA :)Hefners4 1d
1d WW monk changes from MOP to BFA After reading this topic I asked myself a question: how many spells did Blizzard tune from MOP to BFA? I mean active non-talent spells for windwalker monk in terms of utility or usage, without considering damage prune *cough* wod *cough* What I found is that 19% of spells were removed, 44% were changed, so overall 63% were "tuned" for the sake of "Class Fantasy". What class fantasy does monk have? List of changes: Removed: Chi Sphere Expel Harm Healing Elixirs Healing Sphere Spinning Fire Blossom Nerfed: Effuse -> Will become Vivify (expect even less healing) Tigereye Brew -> Changed to pets (SEF) Blackout Kick -> Could apply 20% of dmg DOT or Heal Paralysis -> CD from 15 to 45 sec Transcendence: Transfer -> CD from 25 to 45 sec Rushing Jade Wind -> Moved to talents Fortifying Brew -> Moved to talents Fists of Fury -> No longer stuns, doesn't provide 100% parry Tiger Palm -> Reduced target's armor by 30% Touch of Death -> Was an instant execute Touch of Karma -> Was providing 100% shield Grapple Weapon -> Moved to pvp talents Unchanged: Detox Disable Flying Serpent Kick Provoke Resuscitate Rising Sun Kick Roll  Spear Hand Strike Spinning Crane Kick Worth menthioning: BFA: Healing elixirs removed BFA: Transcendence healing removed from artifact weapon WOD: prunes that reduced healing of Effuse to the ground P.S. Please, the argument that it's "alpha" means nothing, I do remember how many gimp things came through alpha and beta of legion in terms of pvp. We either act now or never.Chishe11 1d
2d Brewmaster self-healing It's one thing that I don't have a useful tank spec on my Monk, but having to heal Brewmasters, especially in levelling dungeons, is extremely annoying. I don't care if they're better at soaking in Mythic raids, right now they're useless to me and much less useful to a group than any other tank. I've tried using Brewmaster for soloing myself, but I always end up switching back to Windwalker, because of how boring the Brewmaster rotation is, and how squishy they are while doing no damage.Insanas13 2d
3d Of all the things about Allied races... They couldn't even make the animations properly like the rest, such as Disable, which currently for highmountain tauren has the animation of a basic fist/face punch >.> They must have been really desperate to sell the Allied races to players,, it's one thing to have minor issues like clipping, it's another to have a whole spell miss its animation.Windfist0 3d
3d Enlightenment Buff - I'm not receiving it The past 2 days I have been doing the daily quest for the enlightenment buff. I complete & hand in but I do not get the buff. Last night I submitted a bug to Blizzard as I was unable to open a ticket. Now I'm thinking perhaps I have done something wrong? I am just curious if anyone else has experienced this issue & if it was resolved. Any advice gratefully accepted :)Fireglow1 3d
5d Why is Zen Flight a thing? Half the time it doesn't work. I know it's just a extra spell you can buy, but holy !@#$ is this frustrating. It's my "oh %^-*, I'm gonna fall to my death"-button. Too many times have I fallen to my death because I'm "not outside" or "it doesn't work here". Can't even use it on the Wandering Isle, monk home base. GG Blizz. Is it too much to ask for? If Brogan Threepints, Charles Northen, Tilly and the lady cow can do it why can't we? Either make it work propperly with more than walking speed or just bin it.Tumblefeet4 5d
15 May delete plx delete plxKantace0 15 May
15 May New pose for Zen-flight Wouldn't it be awesome if we had a glyphe to look like a levitating priest when zen-flying? or just straight up flying.. Don't hate me, just a thought^^Velves2 15 May
13 May Surviving as a MW monk Hey everybody, I would like to know how people usually survive against a good melee class (usually warrior) in bg's. I found that kiting warriors for example is not possible and their damage is higher than my healing. The only class I'm able to kite is paladin ( not if they're talented for mobility) or dk What am I doing wrong, that I'm so easily killable by melee classes? This also counts for shadow priests and affli locks. Their damage is so high that I'm not able to outheal it most of the times.Gharokk4 13 May
11 May BFA WW Self heals The normal heal is okay for a pick me up but it does feel we are lacking a bit when we used to have transcendence heal, elixer heals and karma heals. Though i am liking the buff to chi burst =) Normal pve is fine and all but im just thinking we cant really help out the healers much by healing back from stupid mistakes or just normal boss damage like we could in say aggramar Anyone else thinking the same?Nightlyrain1 11 May
09 May life cocoon macro help could anyone help me use a mouseover macro for 'life cocoon'? i tryd all sorts of mouseover macros for this spell but i cant seem to find one...Vlambulance4 09 May
09 May Show me your funny monk names! <--------- I like my dwarf monk's name!Hayabooza235 09 May
07 May Come watch and learn (MW PvP) prob gonna get a lot of hate for advertising my stream, but i just reached 100 followers which means i will make a giveaway ''At 100 followers i will do a MW vod feedback. Link me a video or stream of you playing MW in 3v3 and i will put it up on my stream and comment on everything you do for 1 hour. To get the most out of it voice would be good so i can hear the calls being made'' quote taken from my stream if any1 wanna try and win this giveaway or maybe just watch me when i'm live feel free to follow my stream 07 May
06 May The soul of Hokuto no Ken [Windwalker] Hi everyone ! I come here to present you an addon i continue of an abandon project in 2014. This addon was call "Call me Kenshiro" and allowed you to have sound effect on each spell from the universe of Hokuto no Ken ! I update it for Legion and most of the spells have their own effect ! I continue working on it to add new effect sound thanks to the return of the players. So don't hesitate to make suggestion of sound effect if you know the universe ! :) The addon is available on curseforge : May Ken's strength be with you!Xiangtaø0 06 May
06 May Monk visuals and sound effects Hello folks, long time monk player here(Ignore the warrior). I always loved the monk as a class and it's play style but when i look at other classes and their visuals and sound effects i feel that the monk is pretty plain and boring. It's not a visually appealing class in my opinion. For example fists of fury, doesn't feel like there is any fury in it at all. It sounds and looks more like Fists of Petting.Dimgar6 06 May
06 May Guard on npcs at class hall Allright, I get it. Prunning of classes and all that... fine. But why, tell me, why would you take abilities from players but give it to the calss hall npcs (ox trainees)? Does blizzard devs seriously hate playerbase that muich that they sadisticaly teas us? Especially if those NPCs were implemented into the game when guard was long gone already!!Cosmicray1 06 May
05 May BFA so far MW : - They don't give us back the old soothing mist (still a PvP talent) - Still no mana tea - Chi isn't back as a ressource WW : - No tigereye brew - Hurricane strike is back ! It's renamed "Cyclone strikes" So far still no hype for me, as the core gameplay mechanics of my class which made me love it so much is still pruned...It's early alpha so there's still hope, I guess. :/Srav21 05 May
04 May nerf way of the crane Remove the stun immunity / removal from it.Addiez6 04 May
04 May Does Karma work in instanced pve? I don't have a Monk by myself so i can't check how Karma affects raid bosses: i know it works in both PvP and open world but i am not sure about Raid/Dungeon bosses. I mean if you are low on health and you pop Karma on a raid boss, would you get healed and/or prevented from death or the boss would simply damage you through your Karma? If Karma stops the dmg part, are we talking about single target only dmg or aoe is also included?Zinidri4 04 May
04 May Rate the Monk name above you! first :DKungfurry12 04 May
03 May Give an idea About my first monk name/race I am very excited, About my first monk character's name & RACE by the way I could not decide " race " ( horde, alliance ) i wanna give a name from the "dota 2 items" for example i love "dagon" it is a best item for me, really usefull and i think i can give this name :P What you think ? give me an idea pls i will make this char for PVECozbar3 03 May
01 May Brewmaster at low level I have now tanked brewmaster from 15-61, and after the patch I have noticed that: they are hard to heal as well as super squishy and not very self sustainable at all. An example of something super crazy is the boss in diremaul immol'thar. I used literally all my cds to survive it and I still both died or survived just barely. As well I tried to kite him. its like: play perfectly or die both from monk tank perspective and healer on that boss and a few others, but not that many. But it feels like monk tanks really need some help at lower levels. They can easily get destroyed pulling 1 or 2 packs in some cases unlike other tanks. Also to note: I know monk tanks have to kite quite a bit and collect healing orbs, but after the patch its just a different level of squishy scenarios even though you are kiting. You must be on the move a lot. I thought that I just was unlucky getting monk tanks when I healed dungeons after the scaling patch but its literally that monk tanks are just dying fairly easy.Kaisja2 01 May
30 Apr bfa ww weapons? any monk who's done alpha or beta that have seen if we can use poles, swords etc as windwalker? so damn tired of the boring fistweapons, bugged and boring transmog shelted in pockets.Ztiff6 30 Apr
29 Apr Chi not generating A few days ago I undeleted my level 101 monk. For an unknown reason my chi is not generating so I can't make some moves. I have some heirlooms on, but I already have my Fists of the Heavens. The ability that came with that also doesn't work due to the lack of chi. I tried dummys, reloading, disabling addons, deleting folders but it doesn't seem to work. Any thoughts or ideas are greatly appreciated.Bodhidarma1 29 Apr
27 Apr AMA -> EM - UI bug? Hello, I have a problem with using Enveloping Mist with AMA. The buff is rarely shown in my blizzard default party frames. Sometimes it is shown, sometimes it is not, which most likely means it is bugged? Soothing mist and other buffs are shown correctly. It is shown perfectly while hardcasting it or applying it with Thunder Focus, but when casting it while channeling AMA soothing mist it just seems bugged. It makes it very difficult to track EM when it is not shown as a buff. Am I missing something or is it a common issue? Thanks for help.Quartis0 27 Apr
25 Apr Terrible clipping on new monk appearance So just unlocked new appearance (mage tower challenge) to find this. Also posted in general but I don't know if anything will be done, this kind of clipping is just too much in my opinion, stormfist kind of clips but this is meh...Vazuki13 25 Apr
25 Apr BFA Monk Changes Appreciation Platform Dear Blizzard, I just wanted to tell you that we are grateful that we got back our playstyle, by giving us the old soothing mist mechanic. Hopefully mistweaver will feel like a fun and engaging spec again, and also a healer that feels unique among the others. Thank you!Scorpyonne1 25 Apr
24 Apr No more fist weapons for windwalkers? Can we have swords and maces back pls? Does anyone know if Windwalkers are going back to their pre-legion days being able to just use more conventional weapons? I don’t have alpha access.Chop9 24 Apr
24 Apr Pvp burst. Struggling for a rotation in pvp to burst people down. Be grateful for any feedback o how you do it.Xinwu9 24 Apr
23 Apr Dizzying Haze not returning for Brewmaster in BFA With alot of aspects of BFA being released to the public, some class changes have also been revealed to the community. I recently read the 'Battle for Azeroth Community Opinions: Class Changes and State of Monks' on WowHead, and there is no mention of the spells removed in WoD to Legion being reintroduced. I remember playing on the levelling boost invasion-event in pre-Legion around the major city, and logging on my Brewmaster alt finding like 90% of the spells being removed, more specifically Dizzying Haze. Now from the get-go I saw this as a stunt from the devs, as in them trying out something new and more minimalistic kit for all of the specs. However removing Dizzying Haze seemed outright stupid to me, as it was very much the fun of the class. Now in BFA, potentially a fresh start for the devs to undo their mistakes, and they don't admit !@#$? I'm salty and I don't think this is being adressed enough- Dizzying Haze made the class for me and they really should reintroduce it. Am I alone in thinking Dizzying Haze was central for Brew?Foxcatcher3 23 Apr
22 Apr Sheath your Fist Weapons - WW Monk Dear Blizzard, I want to bring a "minor" issue, that isn't that minor at all. I'm talking about the Windwalker monk Fist Weapons. In an expansion, where the focal point are these Artifact weapons and they are your strongest link to the Story and Atmosphere ... having them hidden (in your pockets?) in the vast majority of time (when you are out of combat) is damn inappropriate and annoying! I understand the idea that some fist weapons you can hide in your pockets, but these are Artifacts with legendary power and this one especially infused with the power of the Wind lord .... How do you put these in your pockets exactly? You should sheath them on your belt, or at least on your back .... Please blizzard, don't bring such a big immersion breaker in your expansion that is the most focused on immersion ... Bump and thumb up fellow monks, to bring this to their attention!Tuskchi52 22 Apr
21 Apr Fistweaving is back? Rising Mist (New) Rising Sun Kick heals all allies with your Renewing Mist, Enveloping Mist, or Essence Font for [*20% of Spell Power*], and extends those effects by 2 sec. Mistweaver Monk - Level 100 Talent. Oh boy.. Now I'm HYPED!Olusoga1 21 Apr
21 Apr are monks getting a raid buff ive looked over the wowhead class changes and i cant seem to find a raid buff however i have heard that we are getting one anyone know what it is?Docgua8 21 Apr
19 Apr Boosting a monk ? So im one of the zillion players who cant choose a main ...specialy in Legion. Atm i have all classes to 110 except : monk, lock,Dh I cant play DH , i find it boring. Seems ww is quite good in pvp , how are the other 2 speccs doing in pve and pvp? I ve mained a rogue since vanilla , arent monks a bit like rogues without stealth but beter mobility?(never played one ) How are they doing in alpha? Atm My main would be shaman but im considering a monk to ... dilemmas aaarghEmjay9 19 Apr
17 Apr Wdp vs serenity Hi! Arena question I read alot that wdp is a better option then serenity, or if u face a mage u go serenity. Why is wdp a better option? I master serenity very well but if wdp is better some how,I would like to know why:) Hows ur rotation with it? When to pop? Doing 3s with an ench/ww-healer 1700 isch crZtiff5 17 Apr
17 Apr I love the BFA MW Hi I think the new MW changes are the only things ATM really like of BFA. I have been watching some YouTube videos and they look amazing and the most important thing fun to playing. The only thing I miss are better talents, I mean the MW look more general utility than proper healing talents or related to MW spec. What do you? Thanks Bli$$ardEspiritual0 17 Apr
17 Apr PvP monk race Just a quick question, how beneficial is being an orc over a panda in PvP. I know belf is probably better but i refuse to play them, however orc rogue seems like a good option.Nayfu5 17 Apr
14 Apr Please add Zandalari Troll Monks :) Dear Blizzard Developers and Game Designers, i am playing Monk since the very first hour of their release in mop. before that i played the shaman as my main. the monk was always fun to play even tho he didnt top meters or whatever. as a monk player mybiggest wish besides being once not as bad as everyone thinks we are^^, is becoming a Zandalari Troll. I mean... im tire of the Bloodelf model in Legion^^ and i also think that the Zandalari Troll fits it lore wise.Fluffyshinni4 14 Apr
14 Apr [Alpha] Effuse is DEAD, Soothing Mist is back! They've removed Effuse from all specs and reintroduced Soothing Mist to Mistweavers. REMOVED: Effuse: A fast and efficient spell, healing the target for (40.95% of Attack power). REMOVED: Soothing Mist: Effuse, Enveloping Mist, Vivify, and Life Cocoon also trigger Soothing Mist. After casting these spells, you continue to channel healing mists into the target, healing them for (32% of Spell power) every 1 sec, until you take any other action. NEW: Soothing Mist: Heals the target for (360% of Spell power) over 8 sec. While channeling, Enveloping Mist and Vivify may be cast instantly on the target. Source: 14 Apr
14 Apr Brewmaster - Hidden Appearance feedback Im a brewmaster male pandaren, and just recived the hidden artifact looking. Anyone who have this or saw this thinks this fits really bad on male pandaren? I mean as idle, my panda holds the staff at the middle, making the keg almost in my body at the back, and it looks really stupid. If i start walking, its gone worse. The whole keg flinging to/in my body, cant even see it while moving. My advice is to make it bigger to make it further from my back OR shift it backwards in his hand as hold it a little at the bottom - this moves the keg a bit further at the back. Either way is good, but i think something should be made about it - i have concerns about the other keg lookings as well. Apart from classic looks, all will flinging in my body. Just saw a Tauren with the staff, omg their staff is soo big. EDIT: Here are some pictures: 14 Apr
13 Apr MW RBG healing My friends, I need some assistance. Back in WoD when I started playing MW I fell in love with that class. Healing mechanic was simply great and I grabbed 2.2k RBG and my Guardian title easily. I haven't played seriously in Legion due to lack of time. Now I made a decision to renew my RBG career but certain difficulties have been faced. Class has changed a lot. So, how am I supposed to heal RBGs now? I mean, I still can heal pretty well. I'm top 1-2 on any RBG. At the same time I feel like I can not realize full MW potential. To be more precise, I'm talking about 4th tier of Honor talents. Which one I should pick? 1. Draenor-style AMA still provides a good amount of healing and everyone are happy. Except me, because AMA consumes mana like crazy. I have tried to fix mana issues by picking Mana Tea as 100 lvl talent but it seems that it's not helping at all. Additionally, my faith in AMA has been shaken by another MW monk who used Crane and did x1.5 more healing than me. 2. So, Way of the Crane. That's the talent in question. I feel like this talent has crazy potential but I can't figure out how to use it properly. Yes, you might do 2-3 rising sun kicks when Crane is active which will provide good amount of aoe heal. But that's still not enough. How is this possible to do so much healing with Crane? 3. Instant EM with 7 sec cooldown. Personally, I do not think that it's a viable choice. Correct me if I'm wrong. So, dear colleagues. How do you heal RBGs? In fact, I'm more interested in Way of the Crane talent. If it's possible please provide the examples how to use this talent properly and how to heal when WotC is on CD? Thanks.Ermác2 13 Apr
12 Apr How are Monks in BG's? At the moment I am playing a DK and a Rogue. While as a Rogue it is fun picking your battles, it is not really sturdy enough to be in a large scale battle. A Death Knight perfectly fills in that position but I miss that mobility.. How are Monks in battleground atm?Dahaka15 12 Apr