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12 Oct Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! On the 14th of March 2012 Valonia made the longest running topics on our beloved Healing boards. I don't think anyone could have imagined that at the present day, this topic would still be active. And since I can't decribe it better then Valonia did, I'm shamelessly going to copy / paste her welcome post as it describes the Lounge perfectly. ... Ladies and gentleman! I bid thee welcome to the new Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! Lets keep this awesome place going, and see how far we'll get this time :D. Previous lounges: Therapy Lounge for Healers Therapy Lounge for Healers - The WoD Edition 12 Oct
16 Jun [Guide] Windwalker PvE - 7.3.x Guide Windwalker 7.3 Legion PvE First of all, this basic guide is primarily made for raiding. If you are looking for an more in-depth guide make sure to check out ! 1) General information about the Windwalker 2) Stats 3) Talents 4) Artifact Weapon 5) Builds 5.1) Offensive Cooldowns 6) Playstyle 7) Defensive Cooldowns 8) Legendaries 9) Addons 10) Consumeables and Item Enhancements 10.1) Gems 10.2) Enchants 10.3) Potions 10.4) Food 10.5) Flasks 1) General information The Windwalker Monk is an Energy and Chi based highly mobile melee, that has incredible abilities to do high burst in both type of encounters : Singletarget and AoE! Cooldown and Energy management is deciding your „skill“ level. 2) Stats Agility>Mastery>Critical Strike>Versatility>Haste Agility is still alot better than any other stat so you will most likely go for most ilvl It is the best if you sim yout weights to be completely sure whats your best stat! 3) Talents 15: Chi Wave: (40yd range, 15s cd) does a decent amount of damage but most important about this choice is that it does reset HIT COMBO (90 Talent) 15: Eye of the Tiger: (passive): Tiger Palm also applies a dot to the target, that does damage and heals you (pretty much only useable in Serenity to make it "easier" and sort of get the Chi Wave damage during Serenity) 30: Tiger’s Lust: (20yd range, 30s cd) increases a friendly target’s movement speed by 70% for 6s and removes all roots and snares. I really like this choice since you can remove some damaging debuffs with it but any choice here is fine since ist personal preferance! 30: Chi Torpedo: (replaces Roll): An enhanced roll, that has increased range and gives you movement speed afterwards 45: Energizing Elixir: (1min cd) instantly refilling all of your Energy and Chi 60: Leg Sweep: (45s cd) stuns all enemies in a 5yd circle around you for 5s 75: Healing Elixir: (30s recharge, 2charges) heals you for 15% of your maximum health, triggers automatically if you drop below 35% health Also a preference choice depending on the encounter but overall this is probably the best choice since it is always usefull. 75: Dampen Harm (1.5m CD) Reduces damage taken by 20%-50% for 10s. Depending on incoming attack. 90: Hit Combo: (passive) each sucessive strike, that triggers your mastery in a row grants 2% increased damage for 8s, stacking up to 8 times (16% dmg increase) 90: RJW: (1Chi, AoE) : Does AoE damage over time, applies Spinning Crane Kick stacks to 4targets hit 90: Xuen (3min cd) Summons Xuen which does high damage to up to 3 targets at once, lasts 45s 100:Whirling Dragon Punch (Same CD as FoF) Does good AoE and ST damage, can only be used when RSK and FoF are on cooldown 100: Serenity (replaces SeF, with 8s duration): Increases your damage by 45% and reduces the cooldown of your Chi consumers by 50% and makes them free. (only recommended when you got atleast legendary Bracers, a lot better with Chest+Bracers and if you are an advanced ww player) 4) Artifact Weapon You want to skill your weapon counter-clockwise since it offers the best minor traits. With the new traits you want to get the new golden first, then FoF>RSK Traits in relics: #1 Fists oft he Wind (5% Fists of Fury damage) #1 Rising Winds (5% Rising Sun Kick damage) 5) Builds At the moment there are 2 viable build which are Storm, Earth, and Fire : high burst AoE, low ST , but offers really good sustained AoE Serenity : Insane burst AoE, highest ST , lower sustain AoE than SEF 5.1) Offensive Cooldowns Serenity or Storm, Earth, and Fire (both 1.5min cd, you want to use SeF on pull, and to every ToD and Serenity on CD except you need to place your dmg somewhere special i.e Star Augur last phase) Touch of Death( 2min cd, also on cd) 6) Playstyle IMPORTANT! never use an ability twice in succession since you will lose the damage increase of your mastery AND drop Hit Combo which is an even bigger damage loss! Opener with Serenity : You want to use this macro to minmax your dps: #showtooltip Serenity /cast Serenity /cast Rising Sun Kick FIXED, but you can still use it to gain about 0.1s more uptime on serenity or even more, depending on how fast you usually click Serenity+RSKSerenity Makro (RSK) -> SotW -> RSK -> BoK -> SCK -> BoK -> RSK -> BoK -> SCK -> BoK -> RSK -> FoF Serenity with T19 2piece + T20 4piece FSK(to boss)->EE->FoF->ToD(cancels FoF)->SerenityMacro->BoK->SotW->RSK->FoF->RSK(cancels FoF)->BoK->SCK->RSK->FoF You need about 10% haste for it to work consistently! Note : You want to always use FoF before you use Serenity , that means you can also delay FoF for up to 10s before Serenity comes off CD!Wajoba40 16 Jun
19 Apr [Guide] Brewmaster - Get rolling with the Brews Introduction I decided to make this guide to help those who want to play Brewmaster in legion and bring more clarity to the spec. What will this guide include? -A quick understanding how abilities synergize and how they function. -How to appropriately gear up your Brewmaster so you don't feel like a wet sponge. - Make you understand how each stat benefits the BrM so you can build around it to suit your play-style. -Bring you closer to enlightenment to how amazing and complex this spec is. Abilities and Core Mechanics Brewmaster is a leather wearing tank that specializes in dodging and delaying damage through a mechanic called Stagger. With the use of brews Brewmaster are able to delay more damage into stagger and get rid of a percentage of damage currently in stagger. With the use of of certain abilities Brewmasters are able to reduce the time needed for a brew to ready again. The Brews Our core abilities here are IronSkin Brew which delays a further 40% of damage taken into stagger and Purifying Brew that clears 50% of damage currently in stagger. These two abilities share charges with each other and is important to learn how to balance the use of these respective brews. Fortifying Brew gives you a buff for 15 sec, increasing your current and maximum health by 20%, increasing the damage you delay with Stagger by an additional 20%, and reducing all damage you take by 20% and is our major defensive ability on a 7 min CD Talented- Black Ox Brew: When used instantly refills your Energy, and restores your Ironskin Brew and Purifying Brew charges. It has a 90 second CD Abilities that shorten the CDs of your Brews Like any Drunk fighter trying get more brews, you obviously Keg Smash and Tiger Palm anything in your way for more delicious brews, YUM! Keg Smash dealing damage to all enemies within 8 yds and reducing their movement speed by 50% for 15 sec and reduces the remaining cooldown on your Brews by 4 sec. Tiger Palm: Damages the target and reduces the remaining cooldown on your Brews by 1 sec. The section above named "The Brews" is all the cooldowns that are affected by Keg Smash and Tiger Palm. So with perfect play you could reduce the cooldown of Fortifying Brew down to 3.5 minutes which is half of its original time. This synergy between Keg Smash , Tiger Palm and Brews is the core mechanic of Brewmasters Core Passive Abilities Stagger: delaying 40% of Physical damage and turning it into stagger and taking that damage over the next 10 sec. Affects magical attacks at half effectiveness. This is mechanic is what the Brewmasters is built around and with the talent High tolerance we can increase from this from 40% to 50% Stagger. Our Mastery is: Elusive Brawler grants a stacking dodge chance increase each time you are hit by an attack until you dodge an attack, and also passively increase attack power. This is one of our best average physical damage reduction abilities and should not be ignored. Celestial Fortune: You have a chance equal to your critical strike chance to be healed for an additional 65% of the amount healed. This affects your healing and healing done onto you by a healer. This also works for Absorbs. Gift of the Ox: When you take damage equal to your maximum health , you summon a Healing Sphere visible only to you. Moving through this Healing Sphere heals you for (750% of Attack power). Damage is this statement refers to damage taken before absorbs and stagger. ( DR reduces damage taken before absorbs/stagger i.e 100dmg, 20%DR =80 dmg which is used to calculated GotO) The ability Expel Harm collects all of your Healing Spheres, and damages the nearest enemy for 10% of the amount healed. Which is a nice ability if you don't want to move around to collect your healing spheres.Swifthorn97 19 Apr
21 Mar 2014 Making a Guide? Here in the class forums, players often put together awesome guides to help the rest of the community. However, due to the high number of sticky request we receive each day, these guides sometimes fall off the front page before we can sticky them. If you have just posted a guide or if you’d like to nominate a guide here on the European forums to be stickied, please send an email to the Community team, including a link to the guide you'd like stickied, at: Alternatively, guide writers can help us spot their threads by putting [Guide] in the title :)Takralus0 21 Mar 2014
37m Rate The transmog above I wanna see some new Transmog :DXúén306 37m
6h 8.0 - (Mistweaver specific) The future for us Hi All, As we know Antorus is the last raid for 7.X and there is probably (defiantly) already some 8.0X stuff going on at blizzard. We started off Legion for Emerald nightmare to Nighthold in a pretty bad place above HC modes, where mana was always a problem, and Essence font was your only friend in the world. And everyone was talking about needed changes for MW (mistweavers) to be made 'great again' (ReM ReM UPLIFT MoP style! ) What actually happened was that we had some skills re-balanced in SP (spell power) %, and had essence font re-addressed, but actually saw us in a better place for the rest of Legion and viability for non-world 1st positions If there was ever a time to re-address what we have as our toolkit it will be a 8.0 so i ask you - what do you want your 8.0 Mistweaver to be! Please keep the discussion Friendly and Positive, reading posts full of hate does not help with class developmentZandalr3 6h
1d Monk power fantasy. Hi all, Got my monk to 110 and having a blast with all 3 specs. Especially brewmaster. Play style awesome and all specs 'feel' powerful in gameplay. On the other hand, I feel like my actual power in game is not that strong from a fantasy view. As an example monks use the chi or the spirit around and in them as energy to use for ability as a direct comparison; paladins, they use the light a more fundamental and cosmic power as well as more powerful artifacts (not sure I assume so), armour and general power that light can provide compares to the power of spirit element on worlds. I feel in the over all story of wow I am not so much masterful champion on monk kind but a random adventurer. Now, being a random powerful adventurer is nice but in comparison to say a Mage, warlock, DK, DH class order champion I am so powerless even as low as a warrior or lower possibly. An issue for me for sure as I feel I am playing in the foot steps of other classes rather than my own. Is this an issue you guys have and is a product of players being champions and general power of classes being innately different. Could this be solved by more generalising players as adventurers again???Gázbo7 1d
1d Best Trinket Hey guys im playing brewmastermonk a while not but im still not sure, what is the best trinket for Offensive and for defensive?Kaeen5 1d
2d MW... why bother... Returning from a long break and trying to decide what healer to play. So I really like monks but... Why play one? I find it difficult to justify it apart from the effects are pretty and it has an artificial feeling of flow. I love the class and how it plays but there is just too much missing in comparison to a druid or a paladin of even a priest... if I can outperform my best efforts on a monk with a half arsed run on my druid it really negates everything I want to like. But druid is just too easy and picking monk purely too make life harder and less efficient doesn't add any level of fun. It would be like randomizing my hotkeys, artificial difficulty and pointless. Am I missing something about the class or is it's only draw the fancy dragons in the sky that only I can see? What does it actually bring to a raid or M+ that other classes don't do better.Halp11 2d
2d Experiencing bugs Anyone else experiencing these bugs? 3 times I tried to cocoon party players in bg that were next to me and I'm clicked on them but each time the spell cocooned myself. Also everytime I tried to use Crackling jade lightning on the enemy I'm clicked on and in rage it say's 'invalid target'. Why are these happening and how long before they're fixed?Capitalpop0 2d
3d A "Good" Alt for a Monk I'm getting a little tired of grinding Mythics and Argus for the time being and was thinking of leveling an alt to break the game up a bit (it's become a little bit too "routine" at times). I was just wondering what classes provide a decent contrast to a WW monk? I want to level an alt that feels different to my main. I have an old protection paladin sitting at 85, my old enhancement shaman main and a ~50-ish mage I enjoy leveling from time to time. I'm tempted to take the mage or paladin up to 110, but starting fresh on alliance side is tempting, too. Outside of my paladin and mage, I've been thinking about rolling a balance/resto druid alt, priest or DK. I have experience DPSing and tanking in game, but little to no experience healing outside of dabbling in resto for a bit with my shaman when leveling. To cut past all the babble: which classes provide the nicest contrast to a WW monk playstyle? P.S. Working night shifts is killing me pls send a fellow sensei some Vitamin D famPeaks2 3d
3d Which race you think looks best as monk? ^Potatispojke76 3d
3d Just race changed too Gnome. I regret nothing... Was getting bored of panda. Monks are super lol as gnome.Wangchi7 3d
4d Rate Name Above You Very simple. Just wait the monks name above you out of 10. Ima start (0)_(0)Flappyfist12 4d
5d ww monk dificulty how hard is playing a ww monk? hows the rotation? talen setup ? and how does it feel playin?Feeran5 5d
5d Are we any closer? Are we any closer to being allowed to transmog fist weapons into swords? It's the one thing that has been preventing me playing Monk for this expansion which breaks my heart as it is a class I have been in love with since MoP. It just doesn't make any sense that we still can't do this considering how far we have come and the things that we are now able to do we previously couldn't. It seems unfair that for an entire xpac we have been restricted to essentially walking around unarmed due to Blizz not willing to budge on the matter. Do we have any updates[u][/u] at all!?Divinnias18 5d
5d Chi Torpedo Randomly Disconnect Arenas/Argus Hello, For the last couple of days I've been experiencing an unpleasant issue while casting Chi Torpedo in arenas and Argus and getting disconnected. Has somebody else experienced the same issue lately? It's getting frustrating as I'm losing rating because of this bug.Taon1 5d
15 Oct Balls! Some of the classes armours follow a theme for hunters its bits of animals strapped onto the armour and for paladins it's gold. Monks have balls we assume they are like chi spheres, they have been on almost every armour set, they are even on Ban Lu I'm some what surprised the class hall isn't full of balls (I suddenly feel the need to count the balls in the class hall). I've never been a fan of the balls and would like to see the end of them.Kevjp1 15 Oct
14 Oct WW Tiger Palm bug? it happens quite often than i use tiger palm and i do not receive any Chi for it. i got a weakaura to check and it says i cast tiger pam, i can see the animation, but no chi:( is this a bug or..?Tanksan4 14 Oct
09 Oct Brewmaster tank Elloo I am sorry for this totally useless threat but I just like to express myself. I am totally liking BrM spec so much. I'm a vanilla player and pretty much played all specs at maxed level. Been a healer and DPS but never a tank. So far BrM is totally dragging me into the tanking spirit. I like It, nd the fact I'm a big tauren. One thing I've found a little annoying is people ninja pulling on purpose. Like I'm not fast enough while I am keeping the speed very high while eyeing my healer if he doesnt oom. How do you guys handle these situations?? I'm here for some Positivity, share it all. I'm all earMediumrare10 09 Oct
09 Oct SEF consumes two charges Hello, is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? it happens almost all the time on boss fightsProxira5 09 Oct
09 Oct WW, Dk or Enha Greetings! Played legion till first raids started to go viral, then only came back a few weeks ago when i saw Argus update ect, i also had to realize Surv. hunter, Priest, Mage are not for me. So i wondered for a long time what to roll, but i leveled an enha shammy, and i must admit, the Lore, the transmogs are amazing. Its quite cool how burty it is, but not sure i like the general aesthetic of the class, even more so the wierd !@# mechanic how his mobility works. Also felt extreme squishy and since i rerolled mainly because i wanted a Stand up and fight character, not a caster that cant do a thing when melee jumps him, its not really a good to go for me, so i wondered what classes are good right now , for some random bg score topping, and general pve. Is Dk any good now? I see it top the scores in dmg (but not killing blows), but when i gave it a shot it felt wierd as hell on 65. Like 0 mobility....dps killed mobs before i got in cast range. THe aesthetic is cool, trough not as many mobs like as a shammy. THen there is WW, i played it mostly trough mop and some in wod, but even trough i loved and hated the class, it just felt way to "not warcraft" and killed my immersion in lore and story ect. Also not sure how they actually perform now. I think i might roll a ww, but not sure if it will be worth it because of viability. Anyone got first hand info on these 3? How should i think of then in Performance scale?Aqua8 09 Oct
08 Oct Drinking Horn cover rotation Can anyone help me with the optimal rotation for Serenity with this leggy? ThanksFarlay3 08 Oct
08 Oct Why do you play Monk? Hey guys! I saw this thread concept over at Druid so props for the OP for making it. Also, I 'm feeling a rejuvenated apreciation towards this class, which I love dearly. I'm hoping we can all share stories and thoughts about why each of us plays Monk. I'll go first: I wasn't playing WoW when MoP was out (I was a kid, the type that wouldn't even ask parents to subscribe to a video game), but I know that seeing the trailers and MoP promot stuff was the first time I really said to myself "woah this is so awesome, I wish I could play it". Fast forward, to last year, I finally started WoW, and there was no question about it, I started as a pandaren monk. I love the concept of a monk and I love martial arts. In real life I admire the Xiaolin monks and how they combine amazing phyiscal abilities with incredible power of will and inner focus. Also, it's the idea of being a hero without super powers, even though you don't have supernatural abilities, you find ways to defeat foes (like Batman!).I also love Chinese culture and architecture. It was a no brainer for me to play monk. I have enjoyed my adventures in Azeroth beyond words with this fellow. I'm very curious what makes all of you play monk. Things like how long have you been playing wow vs. monk, things like that, are very interesting if you want to share :PDawgfu19 08 Oct
05 Oct Shut up Ban-lu! After I got my class mount ,the talking old tiger, I noticed that he randomly says some voicelines. But I was wondering if you can make him shut up..Lóuhi10 05 Oct
05 Oct BrM state? Hi guys, I was tanking with Monk in early Legion and still do some M+ (low) yet i want to return for more progress. How are BrM for Raid (HC-Mythic) and M+? Is it worth return (easy and rewarding) or shall i go with Druid/DK for better results? thanksSenpåi5 05 Oct
04 Oct Where's our bling? There are some things that I really hate about my favorite, main class in Legion. Having crappy fist weapons is one of them (not the fact that we are only allowed fist weapons, I can kind of live with that, but the fact that the artifact appearances suck for the most part). However what really grinds my gears about monks is that our armor sets don't have bling. It's really attractive to see a shaman, warrior or whatever class you want, walking around in armor that shines, glows, has awesome particles or effects. Aside from little orbs that flicker on our last two sets, Legion has given us no bling. What do you fellow monks think about this? I would have wanted to see more chi, things flying around or glowing, a cool animation, anything...Dawgfu7 04 Oct
03 Oct What could possibly fix WW burst? Except nerfs of course. Maybe completely delete fist of fury and add Dragon punch as baseline with the stun? Or remove Serenity/ SEF and buff Blackout Kick and tiger palm for the constant damage? Would that make the spec have too much constant damage? I feel like ww is more of a sub rogue, not being able to do much with FoF and Strike of the Windlord off CD but can chop more than half hp having all cds up.Tobù6 03 Oct
03 Oct Serenity discussion Hi guys. I've been just defaulting to SEF on Windwalker because for some reason I thought it's better? You had 2 stacks, could proc some of your other passives, etc. But after the first rotation cycle you have no energy, not to mention that you need to pop Energizing Elixir in the begining to do your combo. Recently I switched to Serenity (only on dummy, didn't have a chance to test in raid yet) and the energy management is just amazing. Honestly I find very refreshing not to feel like an energy addict looking for his next hit, just enough for Tiger Palm. Any thoughts on this? And also, I'v also thought until recently that Spinning Crane is just a filler, or a multi-target spell. I happened to hover over it and saw that it actually did a good chunk of damage, so now I try to fit in 2 of those in my Serenity window. How often do you guys use it ? At 1 stack and 926 ilvl, it does like 350k damage, put 40% from Serenity on top and that's VERY decent IMO.Dawgfu4 03 Oct
02 Oct orderhall to go companions Greetings fellow monks, i was wondering which order hall companions are best to keep and which one to deactivate. id like to link an imgur image which seems i cant, if someone could tell how to. ill summarize it briefly. it tells me to deactivate Angus, Sylara and Taran, because according to wowhead, they will be less beneficial overall taking in the total of missions. im skeptic about keeping lili, since she benefits 20% only when with chen. any opinions? it statistically says she is more beneficial than others that i just named. any opinions? edit: here is the link 02 Oct
01 Oct Anyone else agree that Hitcombo kind of sucks? Yo, about that Hitcombo thing.... I'd just like to say that while I am enjoying the idea of pressing different buttons on my dps rotation, being heavily punished for getting parried/dodged or whatever by the boss sucks as hell... The thing is we only have 1 chi generating spell (ee set aside) and you are royaly screwed if you get parried on that or miss it and SFK is on cooldown (which is antimechanics anyway to use movement ability in dps rotation). Hitcombo is punishing and it can punish you for stuff that you shouldn't be punished ( following tactics and getting parried and stuff cuz you cannot sit in the back of the boss like a mongrel). I wouldn't mind if they give us 12% buff and remove it completely, i mean our passive mastery is enough of a punish if you do 2x RSK ... I remember when i played with xuen at start of NH, it was so much more enjoyable cuz I couldn't be as punished... I am not the only one who shares this opinion. Alot of people agree with it in the WW discord. There is a thread open on the US servers aswell by Slappa. Thing is the design is also kind of bad since it is something added up on top of mastery, but it has a heavy punish attached to it... Really think adding something else would be better, or buffing xuen, he is way more fun than this.Kunglee3 01 Oct
28 Sep 2pc - 4pc vs higher ilvl gear as a Mistweaver Hi fellow monks! I have recently picked this toon back up and been doing mostly Mythic + and kinda neglecting the Tomb raiding. I have been "lucky" on the few normal ToS runs I`ve done and gotten all the pieces albeit none of them above 905. Because my other items have significantly higher ilvl and I have a lot of options regarding different peices of gear with different stats on them, I seem to be getting more out of my healing not using the set-peices. I currently run the 2pc for the mana efficiency the reduced cost of EM provides. My question is how do you feel the setbonus affects our healingperformance compared to non-set items at a higher ilvl? Do you feel the 4pc bonus is worth getting with lower ilvl peices equipped? Anyone rocking a set-free gearset? Obviously I need to get some higher peices and I plan on running strictly heroic ToS from now on. If i should happen to get rekt by RNG and not get the peices at an appropriate ilvl should i be running the 4pc now? Also the new raid will launch soon and make this post kinda irrelevant, but I`m still curious. CheersPes13 28 Sep
28 Sep Feeling weak as BrM? I love monk and i started playing brewmaster few weeks back coming from vengeance to BrM and i cant help myself to feel so helpless when tanking. I feel like i totally depend on others. I cant heal myself my stagger is nice but even with it sometimes i feel like i am still taking enormous damage and when i am low on health i have nothing to press no button that makes me feel a little bit more safe. I mean Fortyfing brew is nice cooldown but 7 min cd is huge for effect that isnt even that good. Is this me or am i doing anything from? Please hook me up with some tips etc. -(920ilvl, one tank lego, clearing 10+ and normal ToS)Peaceleaf13 28 Sep
28 Sep Ferals buffed to be the best melee So recent ferals buffs make them the best melee, despite being an underrepresented spec. If only WW's were made even above average for one raid :/ 28 Sep
28 Sep RsK relics vs FoF relics If you could pick out of these 2 traits would you have 3 RSK or 3 FoF relics or a mixture (assuming you are doing ToS)Lockvd4 28 Sep
26 Sep Mist Wrap ruins MW in PvP Hi! As the title suggests, Mist Wrap allowing you to cast Soothing Mist on the move is actually holding back Mistweavers massively in PvP. Combined with Ancient Mistweaver Arts, all of our heals are castable on the move and are instant cast (if you don't count the initial global to apply Soothing). While this is short term fun, it leads to an incredibly boring playstyle, both to play as and to play against. Casting on the move, combined with Soothing working through pillars, makes positioning trivial. Regardless of rating, the main playstyle of MW is just to apply Soothing and Enveloping, then run behind a pillar and only peek out to reapply Enveloping. This is incredibly boring and makes the skill cap of MW really low relative to other healers. Of course, playing against a class that has constant casting while moving is just as frustrating. As a result, whenever MW is the best healer people (rightfully) complain non stop until we are nerfed again. However, these nerfs never adress the actual problem. Instead Blizzard is trying to balance MW around a broken core mechanic and it just doesn't work. Remove or disable Mist Wrap in PvP and balance the spec around that instead please, I miss playing MW!Ottila2 26 Sep
25 Sep Mistweaver mythic+ How much haste are you guys running for mythic+ 15 and above?Meillanti3 25 Sep
25 Sep Mistweavers are budget Resto Druids (PVE) Every healer ingame at the moment have their place except Mistweavers who fill the same purpose as the mobile raid healer. But Resto Druids clearly have us beat with CDs, Utility and Healing. I know Blizz doesnt like straight up criticism thats why i set up this thread to come up with ideas how to fix Mistweavers and give them their own special purpose. Saying buff my class cuz i have bad numbers wont work since that will put Resto Druids in our position instead. please write down all ideas in your comments! <3Haply56 25 Sep
23 Sep Monk tank mastery cap? Hiya guys, a monk tank here. I have a question. Not a question actually, it is like an adventure! You know all guides about us claims that we need haste for using brews more often etc. I actually want to give it a try to our mastery passive ability. Currently i have %28 mastery and as all you know it is absolute that after taking damage 4 times, 5th one gonna dodge for me. I want to make it %100. Is it possible? Locks and rogs can reach %100 mastery. Are we able to reach it with apprioprate gear? I mean think about it, one of every 2 attacks gonna be dodged. It is the actual brewmaster figthing sytle :DDaibatsu2 23 Sep
22 Sep Soothing Mists Honor Talent + Healbot Hi Guys, I can't get Healbot to Regonise/use Soothing Mist (honour Talent) Has anybody got this to work? I have tried adding it normally, using a Marco, using a target macro. Nothing works. Any help would be so so appreciated!Evohk0 22 Sep
20 Sep Need few tips for Goroth mythic Tomorrow we are going for Goroth mythic, so I would apreciate few tips about the encounter. At the moment, I have Sephuz, Mystic Vitality ring, Helm and Boots, as legendaries. I strongly consider going with helm + mystic ring, since helm will give me atleast two of zen meds during the fight, when things get hard. Considering trinkets, I will probably go with the 905 eye of command and darkmoon deck: immortality. Other options are 920 cradle, 885 memento, 930 guardian module, 920 leviathan hunger, 905 royal haft. I consider I pretty much know the fight and all the tactics, just have second thought and a doubt about melting/burning armor (since I saw alot tanks dieing to it). What I want to know is, is the ironskin brew by itself strong enough to let me survive through melt mechanic (first the impact, second the damage debuff it leaves on me) or should I use extras (zen med, fort, dampen harm).Kundera3 20 Sep
20 Sep Ww monk rotation How do you do a perfect ww monk rotation?Ryura2 20 Sep
20 Sep [MW] Stop using Icy-Veins and Noxxic Every day I see a ton of people using incorrect talents/enchants/gems because they are misinformed. Both Icy-Veins and Noxxic are both incorrect and you should not use these websites. The "go-to" website is I also recommend checking out the Mistweaver Discord: Icy Veins and Noxxic both suggest that you use talents like Mist Wrap, Chi-Ji, Statue, and talents that aren't Mana Tea. Focused Thunder is the best for Mythic+, but is garbage for Raiding. As is Rising Thunder as Fistweaving is not a thing. Raiding talents: Mythic+ talents: Stick to those talents and you should see an improvement over using Mist Wrap/Chi-Ji/Focused Thunder An exception could be made on Heroic Goroth and Corporeal side Desolate Host where Chi-Ji will be slightly better than Refreshing Jade Wind (RJW). But those are the only two fights where Chi-Ji is the superior talent, and even so it's not really worth switching because of how easy those two fights are. Crit/Vers>Int>Haste>Mastery for Raiding Haste>Mastery>Crit>Vers for Mythic+ For raiding you should always gem and enchant Crit regardless of your versatility stat-weight. If you have any questions at all then feel free to ask. Otherwise just do yourself a favor and take a look at and/or the Discord.Nasella5 20 Sep
20 Sep Amazed with brm power I am pretty amazed how powerful brm has become. What changed from En and early Toc , when I stopped playin wow. We got more ehp , mitigation or something else?Grondin20 20 Sep
20 Sep Why Bm in arena? I browse the arena ladders daily to see how class meta is, and i was amazed that there are 2-3 Bm in the top 50. And barely an Warrior. I was about to continue my warrior from 103 or my same lv Dh, they seem to be doing really really well in pve dmg, but just not so sure anymore. I mean sure, on random bg, the dmg is still insane, and mobility is really nice, (i would not play dk or ret ever because of the sluggish feel) but they lack the utility. Recently i am beginning to wonder if monks got really good since 7.3, or it was always this good. BEcause i hated playing it in Wod. Because of lore and the !@#$%^- hard effort you had to put in it to get good in pvp.Aqua2 20 Sep
15 Sep Range of Fist of Fury Errr.... Why does fist pop off without connecting to !@#$... I waste quite a few fists punching air with my target casually strolling away from me.Jaguarz1 15 Sep
15 Sep Toughest melee class? Greetings Monk Community! Recently i am getting bored of my shammy and consider an alt. Playing enha is insane fun...lot of burst, and unlike most classes it can score killing blows without an execute, but still it feels frustrating to play sometimes. It dies really fast, and dies vs anything that can kite even a little bit. Totems offer a good utility, but placing them is sooo meh. So i decided to roll something and i taken into consideration what is that i want. Good (if not excellent) damage, and self sustain. -I still remember how i struggled as priest pre Cata, and Warriors and Paladins basically just run trough heroic mobs because not only there dmg scaled awesome, but they had so much passive sustain and toughness, and that is what i am looking for now as well. It was the same Pre mop with Dk-s, and now i am thinking to crap this squishy melee class i have for something that actually has this passive and active sustain and does deal decent dmg if well geared. So my question is, how is Monk right now? Because i played some dk and retry and mobility is irritating me to hell...WArrior is ok i guess but feels to me that it lacks ative self heals and ect....good passive sustain and mobility...but just feels to 1 brained on dmg.Aqua1 15 Sep
15 Sep Bug or originally conceived injustice?! Why Flying Serpent Kick and Roll dont work in jumping and falling? Other classes dont have such problems with moving. Obvious injustice!Арумф3 15 Sep
14 Sep Ancient Mistweaver Arts, mutliple bugs Hey, I got pvp lvl 40 today and could try the new talent. Unfortunately this talent has several bugs: 1. You cannot target the Soothing Mist channel in a macro. Both names are not working: /cast Soothing Mist /cast Ancient Mistweaver Arts 2. The spell disapears from the Action Bar whenever I leave Arena or I have a loading screen. 3. I constantly keep learning and unlearning the spell even during a PvP combat. 4. Targetting Player 1 with Soothing Mist lets you instant cast Effuse on Player 2. To add some notes: Using the Talent without a macro option [PvP] makes this talent a mess outside of instance pvp. The Combination 'Mist Wrap' and 'Ancient Mistweaver Arts' is to strong. And finally, the mana-cost compared to the mana-free version is to heavy, making you oom in the first 2-3 Minutes in an arena fight. This makes the talent useless at the moment. Greetings ZuNayazu4 14 Sep