Pet Battles

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16h Competitive viability of pets I've dabbled in pet battles before and loved them, but now that I'm getting back into them, I had a few questions about the viability of some pets. I've always preferred to go with my favourites. Is that viable in WoW pet battles, or are you simply going to get steamrolled by the team of mega-all-powerful pets that make up the top 1%? I only say so because I've played competitive pokemon through the years and been able to get high in tournaments and such using only my favourites, but in some tiers there's only real viability for 20 or so creatures and the rest don't stand a chance. If pet battles were the same, and all teams were just 20 different critters in different teams, I wouldn't bother. There's over 300 pets, so I'd hate it if only 5% of those were actually usable in pvp. Thanks!Connoth2 16h
3d silly question please? while Im lvl up pets does my lvling pet have to make any moves or can I just swap it straight in and out to get the XP?? sorry for such a lame question but Im still not sureCluid2 3d
4d Rematch team imports? Hi there! Does anybody have a good deal of Rematch teams saved for various NPCs/battle pet trainers? I've been massively neglecting pet battles this expansion just because I can't be bothered making my own teams or checking WoWhead for hardcounters, anyone got strings they can share? Thanks!Nemedon4 4d
4d Family Fighter. Post your sucess! Well. This was the hardest thing I have done in pet battles. It's supposed to be tho isnt it? It took me 5 days of grind. 100k in the Auction House. 1,500 ish Pet Charms and at least 200 battle bandages. Im certain Im not the only one. There will be a few others in here already. Lets here about your success!Exris14 4d
5d Pets stuck in ability animations This is not a report, not yet. I'd just like to have as much information as possible instead of reporting the cases one by one. So, this is it: since the patch some pets have been stuck for up to 30s while performing specific abilities. They look like they didn't like a terrain or hit an invisible wall, though I can't imagine this being the case. Maybe the changed movement and falling physics? Dunno, really. What I've seen so far: Clamp (Environeer Bert) stuck while preparing to use Clamp Deviate Flappers (Wailing Critters) stuck while performing Flyby (it looks kinda awesome :D) Also in Wailing Caverns, I've just had my Proto-Drake Whelp stuck while trying to land after a Proto-Strike. Because it was the last killing blow, after a while, the game skipped it to win. Something in Deadmines, I can't really recall what, it was related to Unfortunate Defias I think. What I could read from others: Clamp as above and a Surge or other charges in PvP Predatory Strike, e.g. falcosaursRemte7 5d
5d Deathwatch Hatchling EU guild needed Hey guys Does anyone have an invite to a guild with Deathwatch Hatchling opended up for sale? If so,please extend an invite to me. Dingleribs on EU Bloodhoof server gamertag HolgerDanske#2532 Thank you and much appreciatedDingleribs3 5d
08 Dec Is this ded? Been searching for two and a half hours for an opponent. What's going on?Lytariel4 08 Dec
08 Dec [A-RP] <Pet Battle League> Argent Dawn Inspired by Pokemon, we're a dedicated group for those who wish to excel in pet battling and frequently challenge themselves to improve despite the handicaps. Structure: 1 Champion 4 Elites 8 Gym Leaders Any number of Contenders. Once we're able to fill Gym Leader positions, we can start the challenge for the best Contenders to beat all of them in order to reach the higher level of Elite positions and eventually Champion who can defeat all Elites consecutively. Contenders who have beaten all Gym Leaders will compete to become Elites, then a Champion who has beaten all Gym Leaders and Elites is assigned. Why participate? First, pets are account-wide. You don't need to move your main here. You can simply create a fresh alt and use it to join. Second, it's an RP experience on its own. Third, a prize pool of gold, pets and other items await the victors. Lastly, FUN! Rules: 1) A Contender has to win two of three matches using different pets that can't be repeated, so they have to have at least 9 ready pets. 2) Gym Leaders and Elites may use any pet from a pool of 6 but cannot repeat the same exact team twice. Or they can choose to make 3 teams. 3) Gym Leaders use a single type of Pets. Elites use thematically matching pets regardless of type. Champion uses any pet. 4) Progress is done once all members of a higher rank are beaten once. Elites have to be defeated consecutively, a loss against one resets the progress against them but you don't have to defeat Gym Leaders more than once. 5) Once a Champion is beaten, they restart as a Contender or replace a member of the above two ranks through voting. 6) Challenges can be made by arranging with the challenged party here or in-game. 7) TRP required, and committment from higher ranks when challenged. How to join? Please post here or talk in-game to Farscrew or Saleorean if you're interested in becoming either a Gym Leader or a Contender and you're on Argent Dawn EU server. You don't need a full main here, it's purely for pet battles, so an alt is fine as long as you're fulfilling your role. Current vacancies will follow up in a 2nd post. We're recruiting Gym Leaders and Contenders so far. Some spots (Elemental, Mechanical, Flying and Humanoid) have been filled.Jeromedudley17 08 Dec
07 Dec 3 bone serpents Imho just way too much dmg for a single pet. well, meeting comp is fairly usual, maybe some kinda nerf is in a place. you can't avoid them with block or out dps them. only solution is evade and i don't really want to have full of evading critters in my gpr. and 3 of them is kinda imossiblle,Rekyyli5 07 Dec
05 Dec What a week Having more or less completely ignored Pet battles, I got stuck in last week and what a week it has been! I have my Pristine Trap, Safari Hat, Jade Tentacle and Tamer title. I'm hopping on all alts to catch more pets in their respective zones and content wise I'm at Draenor but need to go back to MoP. Judging by the pet ach's there's a lot to do in Pandaria. Are there any Pandarian pets I should focus on leveling for the challenges ahead? And what addons can be recommended for pet sorting? Currently I'm sorting through the normal pet interface and it can take time, but that's also due to me not remembering which pets beat which but being able to select the correct family and level quickly would be a boon. ThanksUdo1 05 Dec
04 Dec Family Brawler Here's some exciting news: ... I've seen similar ideas posted in many good discussions, so it's real nice to see blizzard listen to the pet enthusiasts and actually include something like this. Looking forward to the next patch, and to see what kind of teams people will come up with! :DErdinger17 04 Dec
04 Dec Design a pet! There has been a topic where we designed certain pet abilities. Shall we dare to design pets themselves too? My example: Name: Rustleling – I'm not good at names, you're welcome to suggest another one. :P Type: Elemental Possible appearance: Source: Quest reward (a quest being a Westfall/Barrens reminder, I believe, besides they aren't in these zones :P) Pet journal flavour text: "Riverpaw gnolls believe that these stalks are an omen of incoming changes." Unique: No Cageable: IDK :P Rarity: Uncommon Breeds: P/S (I wanted to include more, but quests rewards are usually monobred) Abilities:... Too much of a hurry, I know. Also noticed that someone on US forums has already had another plan, so… ;)Remte28 04 Dec
04 Dec What changes are you looking for in 8.0? Pretty straightforward post, what changes would you hope for pet battles in the next patch. I’m hoping for some balancing changes primarily to the top 7 or 8 abilities to bring them in line. The other changes I’m hoping for is fixing all the other bugs and quirks.Rosqo16 04 Dec
02 Dec Call darkness + Nocturnal strike is bugged It has missed so many times for me during my 70 pvp battles today. Its really milking my almonds atm, fix this annoying bug.Dantegotmad9 02 Dec
29 Nov Powerleveling pets Haven't spent a lot of time on the whole pet thing since returning to the game a couple of months ago, so one quick question about leveling pets: Does it matter if your battlepet 'dings' several levels in one battle? So far, I've avoided doing this since I wasn't sure whether it would affect it's stats (i.e. only incireasing one level max per battle would give it better stats than 'powerleveling'). Thanks for any answers.Decoster2 29 Nov
25 Nov Rematch reload current team Been farming Squirt, this time I prepared with multiple Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling and Ghostly Skulls. Is there a macro that reloads the current team so if my MPD is damage, an other with more health replaces it? In the Pet Journal there is a "Load" and in the pet card there is a "reload team", so is there anyway to keybind that? This is a tiny problem but would help a ton for me!Spoonfairy2 25 Nov
22 Nov Favourite Pet I have my favourite pet on my task bar so don't have the need for the function to be able to have a list of favourites. My problem is, which I have never found an answer to, is when ever I select a new lead pet for the group it causes my favourite to disappear. I can overcome this by selecting pets while flying, and then my favourite stays with me. Don't think there is a way round this but maybe give it some thought as I really only ever have the one pet with me all the time and I am for ever swapping out groups. If the new function overcomes this then sorry. Haven't used it. I would like to select a new group leader without then re-clicking my pet tabby back beside me.Clareesa1 22 Nov
21 Nov Blizzard Store Pets Hello everybody. I'm looking forward to buying 1 pet from Blizzard. I'm very excited in Pet Battles (All types). I don't know what to buy. I'm thinking about : Shadow - New, beautiful, and very powerful pet. (Pluses : Charity help;Good Apperance;Very powerful P/S Breed) (Minus : -) Lil'Rag - He is in "TOP20" of all battle pets. But each player with him sayin' that He is not really useful. (Pluses : IT IS RAGNAROS) (Minus : Not very usable in actual PvP) I'm also thinking about Bright and Mischef. Any ideas ? Thanks ;)Wiixin4 21 Nov
19 Nov Tottle So I was poking around Blizzards IO Docs and was looking at the Feat of Strengths the other day. In the JSON data there's a few labelled PH, which I assume is "place holder". I noticed there was a FoS within the "Promotions" array that had some reference to Tottle for the Icon used in for the FoS. I can see there's two requirements to the FoS ID: 38154 & 38155, not sure what they are. But as you can see, Tottle will be from a promotion. "id" : 12232, "title" : PH, "points" : 0, "description" : PH, "rewardItems" : -[ ], "icon" : inv_babytortollan, "criteria" : -[ -{ "id" : 38154, "description" : , "orderIndex" : 0, "max" : 1 }, -{ "id" : 38155, "description" : , "orderIndex" : 1, "max" : 1 } ], "accountWide" : true, "factionId" : 2Theodort4 19 Nov
18 Nov [Taming Northrend] - can't challenge Gutretch I was wondered if any of you can help me further. I have been searching for a while now on different sites to get the last part of [Taming Northrend]. For this achievement I only have to challenge Gutretch. However, I cant challenge him and there is no 'daily' quest with him, and this also applies to the other Pet Battle Masters in Northrend except for Major Payne. Which I have done today to make sure this was not the problem. I dont know for sure if I ever had the quest and if it might have been removed form my quest log. On the sites they say I have to talk to Varzok in Orgrimmar or talk to the last Pet Battle Master (which I dont know anymore) so I have been by all, but none of them has the quest for me. I have no idea what to do now... please help!!Amitax2 18 Nov
13 Nov Pet battle smartphone app What if there was an app that allowed you to do your pet battle dailies of tamers you have already beaten through your smartphone without having to fly all over Azeroth. Think it's a good or a bad idea? Personally I am loving the legion companion app and the armory app and I think such a change would be a major quality of life improvement. I would also definitely pay up to 10$ just so I don't have to fly all over the place all the time. There are quite a few moments that I have free time with my cellphone but no computer nearby.Edgelorder19 13 Nov
11 Nov Hyacinth Macaw Wow.. After all these years of playing in Stranglethorn I finally got the Hyacinth Macaw to drop. Well I never.... well never up until now.Isdy6 11 Nov
11 Nov Selling all sorts of blue pets! Greetings fellow pet collectors! I have found myself in a bit of a pickle. Been signed off work for a while and well, I don't make much gold. I *do* however have a penchant for rare and cool pets! I have a *lot* of pets to sell. Maybe between 50 to 100 or more blue quality pets, and about 90% of those are lvl 25. how would I go about marketing these? Server and faction dont matter as such: as long as I am able to get a lift to the AH so I can buy tokens, thats fine! (That would mean I would need to sell at a pet or several pets at the current price for tokens) Otherwise, you can find me on the Moonglade, The Sha'tar and Steamwheedle Cartel linked servers, horde or alliance. I should post that, the pets I am looking to sell are the ones that are at LEAST around the 3 or 4k mark for times' sake, but willing to sell any and all tradeble pets!! ((If curious, need the tokens to convert into balance, so I will have the guareentee to have some or enough funds to get myself at least a starter edition of BfA ^^ or even classic when its back, but I hope to be working again by then hehe!)) Many thanks and look forward to your replies :) Vittoria A list of availble pets (these listed are lvl 25, blue, but are not all by a long shot!): - Guardian Cub - Gusting Grimoire - Crawling Claw - Tuskarr Kite - Ethereal Soul-Trader - Various whelps: Dark, Crimson, Azure + more - Many MoP Raid pets: Ji'kun Hatchling, Blackfuse Bombling etc - Some World Event pets: Cursed Birmen, Widget the Departed, Peanut, Peddlefeet, Lumpy etc - Pandaren Spirits, Redfur Pandas etc - Archaeology pets; Fossilized Hatchling, Nest Guardians etcVittoria0 11 Nov
08 Nov Is it still possible to get all pets? Hello, I'm an old player having played vanilla and TBC, then quit for 3 expansions and came back for Legion. Ever since discovering pet battles, I've been quite hooked, trying to do all the achievements etc... Now my question is: is it even possible for me to get all pets, seeing as I am 4 expansions behind...?Glauron3 08 Nov
07 Nov The unofficial, official pet trading thread (continued) The other thread reached it's limit so here's a new one. Link to old thread: Looking for : Ruby Droplet Jadefire Spirit Spineclaw Crab Offering : Gold on Dragonblight Horde Harmonious Porcupette Gulp Froglet Azure Crane Chick Guchi Swarmling Zandalari Footslasher (p/s level 19) Gazhrooki (level 18) Fiendish Imp (level 18) Lil Bad Wolf (s/s level 18) Magical Crawdad Dreamwolf#1547Dreamxwolfx63 07 Nov
30 Oct A lack of Priest/Paladin themed Bpets I hardly can find any Bpet that I would categorize into the "good-guy" theme. There are endles for druid/hunter/shaman, warlock etc. I like to theme my Bpets to my clas for the more casual battles and I don't want my garrison swarmed with imps, frogs and undeads.Helmar9 30 Oct
26 Oct RNG - A reason to leave wow We all love pets... And we try to catch them all. We try to enter dungeons, raids, complete emmissary quests etc.. BUT The RNG is against us.. Some are lucky. But the majority isnt. Personally I try to get the Wondrous Wisdomball. Yes, one of the Kirin-tor emissary chest. 13 110's. Doing the same emissary quests again and again.. whenever the emmissary pops up. For months.. Guess what, no luck. Same with blingtron. Daily logging.. I got it from AH. Same with the warlock eye pet drop. Farmed for months with 2 warlocks + 1 DH. At the end a friend got it while in group in her 4th try and she gaved it to me.. Well its a game. Even a real life job is more rewarding than how this became with the RNG. My suggestion. Add an increasing bonus on each failed attempt. We spend hours for this game. And the dissapointment is more than frustating.Lombardic4 26 Oct
19 Oct pet leveling Hi all, I logged on yesterday to find there was a 200% pet buff which was a nice surprise, so I went off to Pandaria and started with the pet trainers there to get some of my pets lvled up. I then logged another char to do the same thing again on my alts and it wont let me do the dailies again?? when did this happen that you cant do dailies on alts??Cluid3 19 Oct
18 Oct Successful pet event teams So now that the event is over for another cycle, how did everyone’s event go? Did you create any super fun teams or use pets you hadn’t ever tried before with some success? I did pretty well with a couple of teams. Rebellious imp, h/h Direhorn and lovebird hatchling and the other fel flame, Pygmy marsuul and tinytron.Rosqo2 18 Oct
18 Oct Phantoms and monsters of Hallow's End Surely the undead creatures have already dominated PvP, but since this Sunday they might invade whole Azeroth and more. The Hallow's End shall begin causing spooky things to happen and revealing ghastly beings, including our beloved companions! Sinister Squashling (Elemental, cageable) can come from the Headless Horseman, both from the Loot-Filled Pumpkin at the Scarlet Monastery and from Crudely Wrapped Gift gotten after the village event. Can also appear within Handful of Treats. You can spend 150 Tricky Treats on it too but it seems to be redundant. Over these years there are already quite a lot of them and you can buy one @ AH, but keep in mind that you need to use an original item (not caged pet) during the event to fulfill a criterium for Sinister Calling achievement. Creepy Crate (Undead, not cageable, uncommon) is needed to be found by you during the special quest chain. When it hangs out with you, it devours critters using its mysterious powers. Nobody knows what happens if an Unborn Val'kyr decides to save the victims… Feline Familiar (Beast, cageable) can be purchased from the event vendors for 150 treats. It's probably the most iconic pet of this event because of its witch hat and floating broom. It does account towards your Crazy for Cats achievement. Cursed Birman (Undead, cageable) can be purchased from the event vendors for 150 treats. Looks like a Mr. Bigglesworth's relative – maybe it might take away his Naxxtraumas? Otherwise, he can still bring quite a nice amount of gold as he's been on live (what?) for just one year. Being an undead with beast attacks, he can take revenge on normally advantageous critters. Sadly it doesn't account towards CfC. Widget the Departed (Undead, cageable) can be purchased from the event vendors for 150 treats. Like the previous undead kitty, it's been brought here in 2014. It can surprise critters too. In the German client it's called Schrödinger's Cat. If only it had 50% chance to start an encounter with dodge… Sadly it doesn't account towards CfC either. And does. Ghastly Rat (Undead, not cageable) came from the 6.2.2 patch notes without any complementary item. A Warcraft Pets poster @Squeeky called some days ago that they are battled at the garrison when the Creepy Crawlers are used. Has some advantages of Blighted Squirrels with both Crouch and Rabid Strike. "By far the best way to spread the plague of undeath." Ghost Maggot (Undead, not cageable) is from that 6.2.2 patch note too. An undead with Survival can have 3 rounds of ease regardless on its speed! "If a live maggot eats the dead, what does an undead maggot eat?" Spectral Spinner (Undead, not cageable) is also from that patch note. If it gets that 325 speed he might become a new PotQ. I'm not even going to post why for the security reasons. :P "As if a mine full of non-ghost spiders wasn't scary enough." That's all, I think. I wanted to say about the toys and other vanities too for the sake of treats collecting, but this post is already long and too bit colourful for a such gloomy time. Good luck! Hehehe…Remte13 18 Oct
17 Oct Bug Lesser Pet Treat + Pet Treat You cannot longer use the Lesser Pet Treat and Pet Treat items at the same time. Now you only get the Pet Treat buff. Since Pandaria you can use both buffs. Why now on the last day of the Battle pet week?Iznogood2 17 Oct
17 Oct Patch 7.3: Return of the AoE Disaster Too Long; Won't Read: New AoE abilities are too powerful in comparison to the previous abilities and call the principle of pre-Legion notes into question. I am concerned about abilities Great Cleave, Poison Protocol and Twilight Meteorite introduced in 7.3, in the context of approach shown by blue brigade just pre-Legion. Actually, some concerns have appeared as soon as these abilities were available on PTR ( and they remain discussed among active PvPers, I just want to provide some background aswell. As we'd been experiencing the annoyance of AoE damage in competitive gameplay, it was acknowledged and addressed in the dev notes, eventually resulting in crippling many related abilities: ...It was a pretty welcome change, and I'm glad to tell it shifted the meta out of that direction. Now, let's see these three 7.3 abilities: Great Cleave – 2 rounds of CD, base damage 30: We have no other 2-round CD AoE abilities, but Whirlwind, that has 3 round of CD, has base damage 27; Howling Blast is just like that (3/25) with its bonus effect. I'm not sure which weight does the weather calling have, but the weakened Arcane Storm (3/21) and Psionic Storm (5/25) also seem to pale. Plot twist? Pre-7.0, they used to be 3/24 and 5/30. (Source: The fact it was created for an undead pet only makes it worse. Poison Protocol – 5 rounds of CD, base damage 5-15, 2 rounds of duration: a team DoT – a true debut in the system. From the tooltip, it may look innocent: humble fives everywhere except duration, right? Not exactly. For a full team, it's still base 20 damage per round (30 during first round + 2*15 for the duration) – it's like running Cleave three times and you can do something else! Still, at least it's less meaningful in later stages of the battle. Also compare with Pheromones, with a round longer duration, but no front pet involved and no cast-time damage. Twilight Meteorite – 5 rounds of CD, base damage 50: Now, in a truly Twilight manner, this looks like a pure provocation. No pre-7.0 AoE ability had 50 as a base, even the questioned abilities had 40. Even for a single target, it's an equivalent of Surge of Power or Ion Cannon *without rooting the performer*. And combining that with a dragonkin passive… I can't help but even the name and description themselves look like someone wanted to make fun of the prepatch. ;) This is not to say that RwL V was a waste. No! As usual, it was fun to see new abilities, combinations and references. That's just about the numbers. :)Remte16 17 Oct
16 Oct Pet Battle XP returns Hi I see the Pet Battle event is here and again I have to stop battling till its over. I use pets to level my characters and to do this you need a variety of pets at each level of each type. Mostly though I need 15 to 20s and there is a real shortage of mechanical and beast killers at under 20 to level. Trust me. Sadly because of the restriction of three pets per account I cannot afford to use pets at this time. I don't need the pets to level, I need the XP for myself. And so my plea is really two fold. First give the option to freeze pet XP but still allow the XP to be gained by the character. That way I can keep a beast killer, mechanical killer and critter killer at say level 19 for like ever without deleting and relevelling. Second, during the event give the option to double the return on the character XP to boost levelling whilst still freezing the pet XP. Sad but during the event I cannot pet battle given that I just cannot afford to level pets. They are way too valuable as a mechanism to level myself and I really need them post character Level 90 as the arch drops off in Eastern and Kalimdor to near zero XP. Just a thought. Account wide nonsense is the real problem. Just wish we could get rid of this. At least for pets so a character can level their own unique set without having to endlessly delete pets all the time. So frustrating when you use pets to level a character which I enjoy doing.Isdy3 16 Oct
16 Oct Gloamwing - Aquatic and breed doesnt matter. Well here it is. This isnt a good strategy. It's bloody awful. But it does work, occasionally. It cost me 45 bandages. Magical Crawdad (2-x-1) Ghostshell Crab (2-2-1) Ghostshell Crab (2-2-1) 1: Surge 2: Crab comes in. BUBBLE 3: Grasp 4: Spirit Spikes. 5: Grasp, tho it doesnt matter. Gloamwing MUST hit you 3x and kill you. Restart if he doesnt. 6: Bring Crawdad back. Cast Whirlpool. 7: Surge. 8: New crab is back. BUBBLE 9: Grasp 10: Spirit Spikes 11: Grasp - you will die anyway. 12: Surge. And my win rate was about 1 in 45 with that team. It was worse with others I tried. But the important thing for me was breed does not matter. Everyone can just get the pets and do it now. Just bring bandages... Feel free to share wherever you like. Cheers!Exris17 16 Oct
14 Oct Bloat Here is a strat I devised for the elemental part of the Bloat pet. It's different in that it doesn't rely on the store pet or the 10th anniversary giveaway. What you will need. 1 Jadefire Spirit: 1 Electrified Razortooth 1 Doom Bloom (place them in your slots in that order) R1: Fade (this will swap your Razortooth in) R2: Rip R3: Blood in the water R4: Devour R5: Devour R6: Razortooth dead. R7: Jade Breath R8: Jade Breath R9: Jadefire dead. R10: Bite R11: Bite R12: Bite and Bloat is now dead.Lswindrunner5 14 Oct
13 Oct We NEED heal dampening in pvp pet battles... Blizzard I don't know if you will read this message, but if you do please consider this. I've just returned from a 30 minutes game: it was a duel between a Teroclaw Hatchling (1/2/2) and a Blossoming Ancient (2/2/2). We would do exactly the same moves repeatedly without a break. The game was literally going no where, it wasn't fun nor interractive. The ONLY way to put an end to this was to wait for one of us to leave the game: we couldn't do like a bit more dmg than the other: healing was too strong. Before you say what I think (talking to everybody now); aka "you should rather try to counter the teroclaw hatchling meta with adapted pets such as competitive dragons, "call darkness" and other countering spells... etc". I would answer you are half right. Yes, the meta has to be considered, to be countered, but NO the game design shouldn't allow the game to last forever (in any case!). If you still disagree, just imagine if there would be no heal dampening in PVP (in particular in arenas): then we could fight each others forever because the healing would be too strong to be overcome. High level games would last a very, very, VERY long time and it would be extremely boring to watch, it would be an issue towards streaming tournaments, have more viewers etc. Of course there is no such thing with pet battles, there are no tournaments, not a big focus on it - I can imagine -, but well, what does it cost to add something like a +1% (even 0.5%, OR 0.01% would be enough!) heal dampening every round? It would solve the issue immediately... The least I can do now is thanking you for reading this, whatever happens I wish you a great day/evening.Meriween18 13 Oct
13 Oct Pet battle lag / freezing pets? For the last week or so I've encountered issues in pet battles with some moves that make the pet move fast, like Superball, Predatory Strike and Surge. Sometimes, the pet doing the move freezes mid-air and stays there for five to thirty seconds or so. And when I say freeze, I mean that the pet stops moving, but animations keep rolling (pet's legs keep treading, stuff like bleed keeps showing) and all other aspects of the game seem to work without problem. Then, some time later the pet finishes the move and the pet battle carries on. It's not a gamebreaker as it's a temporary thing, but it's a fairly annoying wait, especially with the pet battle weekend event. >_> Also, I don't remember really noting it before last week. After update day maybe? Anyway, anyone else seen this?Qaemas3 13 Oct
12 Oct A counter for Teroclaw Hatchling What pet counters it easily in most situations? That pet is truly retardedly designed. This pet is so fcking boring to play WITH and AGAINST. The most irritating and noob-friendly pet ever. Sure, I can use one myself but it ends up with a 1v1 Teroclaw duel that is decided by a series of coin toss.Alchemiczka16 12 Oct
11 Oct Will there be new pet battling content in patch 7.3.2 Haven't seen anything yet, @Blizzard will we see something new? Perhaps a continuation to the Pet Battle Dungeon story? New pets? The community hungers.Sylviljan1 11 Oct
09 Oct What are the best pets right now? Hey, I have a question - are there any pets who are really powerful and stronger than the others? I don't know which pets to catch, which ones too level up with 25lvl battle stone. I do pvp for fun, sometimes pve (I try to get Xu-Fu but it is so hard to kill even one npc!). Top rated pets on haven't really checked since last year. I have Anubisath, Unborn, Pandaren WS and Graves from that list. Wanted to get the Chrominius but most of them have been changed lately and they are not OP anymore, there are no OP combos. I think my strongest pet is Nether Faerie Dragon - his arcane attacks are strong and Evanescence/life exchange are really, really great. I've heard that Zandalari Kneebiter and Bloodgazer Hatchling are quite good - the first one does good combo with Unborn, but he's really hard to catch. Could you help me a bit?Wildfox19 09 Oct
09 Oct PvP pet tournament on Silvermoon on 10/08 Good news, everyone! Next Sunday we are planning to have a pvp pet battle tournament on Silvermoon Eu at 6pm cet. Some familiar faces you might see there are: Rosqo, reigning eu champion: CloseToZero, august eu champion: Silly, Wootzy and me (Spinning). We also might have three more players with cyrillic names =) Format: All wild caught pets. Race to two wins. No more than one of the same family on the team. At least three teams to participate. To decide who goes first we /roll. Emperor crab p/p breed is banned. Other breeds and other crabs are allowed. Everyone who wants to join, feel free to post a response here or contact me in game. P.S This topic is a duplicate of the one I posted on a russian battle net. I got a blue response there!Спиннинг13 09 Oct
08 Oct Basic info&guide about battle pets Hello, Im new to the battle pet function in wow. I dont know anything at all about battle pets and how it works.. Could someone tell me what its for? Maybe a list on the benefit of starting battle pets, and a list on what is good to know about it. Or anything :). Thanks, regardsAskila5 08 Oct
07 Oct I have a team of 3 Teroclaw Hatchling I que for Fiind Battle and all I do after I join is: - wait full cast bar until last second, - select a 1st pet, - wait another full cast bar until last second, - select Dodge, - wait another full cast bar until last second, - select Nature's Ward, - wait another full cast bar until last second, - round 1 finished. - swich to 2nd pet, - wait another full cast bar until last second, - select Dodge, - wait another full cast bar until last second, - select Nature's Ward, - wait another full cast bar until last second, - round 2 finished. - swich to 3th pet, - wait another full cast bar until last second, - select Dodge, - wait another full cast bar until last second, - select Nature's Ward, - wait another full cast bar until last second, - round 3 finished. - RINSE AND REPEAT ALL DAY LONG THAT UNTILL THE NOOB RAGE QUIT! :D The most patient noob was playing with me for 66 rounds then he/she quit. I won without doing a single point of damage. I usualy get same team if I que just right after the match finished and he abandon the fight instantly! This way I just want to point how absurd is Teroclaw Hatchling design. Thanks for watching! :DZuper20 07 Oct
06 Oct "Remarch"-addon is lagging "Remarch"-addon is lagging in the pet battle mood. Do anyone have the same problem? Do anyone have the sulution to this? I mean, i cant battle pet without that addon :/ RegardsAskila4 06 Oct
05 Oct What 3 changes would you make to Pet Battle PVP? As the title suggests I thought it would be useful to discuss ideas where we could improve Pet Battle PVP. I believe that with just some small changes there could be a lot more interest and a better experience for everyone. My suggestions would be to address the dominance of a handful of select pets & abilities, look into reducing the difficulties that are preventing new players coming into pvp and Blizzard fixing the numerous bugs and glitches that currently plague gameplay. It would be really interesting to see where everyone else is with this and their suggestions especially with a wide range of different levels of experience.Rosqo5 05 Oct
04 Oct LF/LTB Black Tabby Cat (Carrier) I am an alliance pandaren looking for a way to obtain the black tabby cat from Hillsbrad. All the guides I have come across are outdated due to the fix on the wild horses farming. Does anyone else know any tips or know the price I can buy them for on BM/AH?Yasineyra1 04 Oct
29 Sep Fel Lasher Is this pets Droprate working as intended? I have 4000 astral glory from today and no sign of the pet, had 1000 yesterday and again the day before, never seen one on the AH either...can anyone confirm if this pets drop is bugged?Liñk7 29 Sep
27 Sep pet battle achievements pet battle achievements do not come in wow armory ??? blacksake silvermoon need help?Blacksake2 27 Sep
24 Sep Bert's Bots with a carry pet. For realsies. I might be not a PTR lady, but I've been trying to crack this nutshell since the patch introduction. I found the principle in two days, but it took an extra effort to crazy-prepare against RNG and make it as user-friendly as possible. Perhaps it's still too vague, especially the ending; I personally stray a bit when I deem the situation safe. But if you can endure Argus, this is easy peasy. ...Stay strong. :) And if anyone could check that with a Rescued Fawn instead, I'd be grateful. The less brawny variants, including S/S Fawn, have a greater risk to fail.Remte10 24 Sep