Pet Battles

9h PTR 7.2.5 info – another Pet Battle Dungeon(s?) So according to what can be found on MMO-Champion there is some chunk of info on the 7.2.5 patch. Most of the contents look pretty crazy but apparently we'll have another Pet Battle Dungeon in the Deadmines (obviously a spoiler): ...Possible rewards (currently they're purchased from a vendor for Old Bottle Caps – a reward for completing the weekly) are: Pocket Cannon – OBC x3: Tricorne – OBC x2: Pet Reaper 50 – OBC x1: Mr. Smite's Supplies – OBC x1: The other parts of the note suggest that there will be a scenario in Gnomeregan aswell! Finally a time for gnomes to recover a bit? :D Thank you Quintessence for pointing out that all on WPets, of course! EDIT: Now with PTR screenshots! I guess it's too early to ponder or brainstorm (remember what has happened the previous time? :P), but I can imagine there are those who don't want to miss anything out. I'd just like to tell that I don't envy the Hordies at this point… :PRemte2 9h
14h Dutiful Squire / Dutiful Gruntling So, I've just reached Prestige rank 7 and was only given the Dutiful Squire. Logging Horde chars does not show the Gruntling. So to people who have gotten both, how did you do it? Did you get both? Did you Prestige 7 on both factions, or does a Faction Change award you the Gruntling as well, if you've already reached Rank 7?Annaisha4 14h
1d Complete pet noob needs help So I just decided to train my very first pet to 25. I talked to an orc in ogri to get startend and now Im on a Quest chain to duel various npcs in the barrens, ashenvale, stonetalon etc... My questions: 1. Am I doing it right..? 2. If not, any tips you could give me? 3. Im certain ive complete soms pet charm missions in the past but dont seem to Find where they are. Could it be that i didnt get them because i hadnt started pet training yet? Thanks!Glauron1 1d
2d Hippogryph Hatchling Selling lvl 25 Hippogryph Hatchling for 95k on Twisting Nether Horde side. Battlenet Amphiaraus#21148Aurélius0 2d
2d Looking for Everliving spore Hey i Looking for Everliving spore and willing to trade Young Venomfang and Knockoff Blingtron for it add me on B-tag Sappér#2493Sappér0 2d
4d A good Magic pet? Just got a Flawless stone and not come across many magic pets. Can anyone reccomend a good one for me to go and find. I can then upgrade if needed. Ty.Kashagi6 4d
15 Apr Boneshard pet from Marrowgar Anyone know the droprate or requirements? Done it on all 9 chars, but no drop. Thnx:) <3Grimline8 15 Apr
13 Apr The Spirit Beast Gryphon Hunter Pet has been found Not the original link - but where I started... so... co-ords could be useful for an Alliance player looking to wander around Org...Exris0 13 Apr
13 Apr Must Catch Battle Pets? I'm making my way through Loremaster as I level, and catching pets as I go. I'm curious, though, are there any must-catch pets out in the wild, or are the best ones all obtained from drops/store/achievements?Nícolajane2 13 Apr
13 Apr Does it excist a "fel" abyssal battle pet..? Hey! Does anyone know if there is a small version of the fel abyssal? (Warlock minion). I know there is battle pets called Abyssal, it's a blue and a red version. But does it excist a green (fel) version of this battlepet ? :DSillicious3 13 Apr
07 Apr Pet dungeon I thought this was a weekly event, is it fortnightly? cant seem to find any info online about how often its up. cheersDáisuke1 07 Apr
06 Apr Wailing Critters Challenge problem I finished the normal dungeon, but i can't do the challenge one. Quest for it is not showing up. Are there any special requirements for it except finishing the normal one?Drooxe4 06 Apr
05 Apr Squirky? Anyone managed to find him yet?Dáisuke2 05 Apr
05 Apr Don't want auto summon pets Whenever I change a pet in my battle pet slots, the game automatically summons that pet so it follows me. I find that very annoying, is there any way to turn this off or otherwise stop it from happening.Melessia5 05 Apr
05 Apr Pet Battle APP are we gonna see a pet battle application on the app store and the android one day? i hope a GM answerMidz0 05 Apr
05 Apr Pet battle daily quests after patch 7.2 I used to be able to win most daily quest pet battles after a couple attempts. Since patch 7.2 I've hardly managed to complete any of them. Tonight I tried the one in Dalaran (Stitches Jr. Jr.) for about 45 minutes using pretty much every combination of rare lvl 25 pets I have including a team specifically strong against undead and wasn't able to do any damage at all before the guy killed all 3 pets. What do I need to do to catch up to patch 7.2 and continue to do the daily quests?Xykon4 05 Apr
05 Apr Squirky I didn't see any recent posts about this topic. Is squirky obtainable yet in the game or are we all searching for something that we can't even get? Sure, exploring is fun but it feels pointless to do all these silly things like swimming around in the great sea trying to find something to interact with if it's not even in the live version of the game yet.Mera1 05 Apr
04 Apr Complain: Pet cap increase stupid in Legion No, I still don't have Legion. Yes, I know how to increase pet cap: Yes, I've been at max cap since the beginning of this year; Every freaking time I buy a pet, (Mischief recently), I have to open a damn web ticket, just to confirm whether or not I have it. And it's always the same thing. -"Your pet limit is at max" (in fact 1015 + a couple hundred pets banked). -"Cage a 'few' of your pets to add your purchased pet to your collection"<---Erm, hello. This doesn't solve the problem! If anything, I'll have to remove 16 pets, just to add 1 more. Where's the logic in that??? I still fail to understand, why the hell did you make a separate achievement, for increasing the battle pet limit to 1500, that doesn't even have nothing to do with having even close to 1000 pets. Isn't it an achievement itself that one has over 1k pets? Did it not come to your silly mind that it would be more logical to make an achievement, that automatically increases your limit, as soon as you hit max cap? But no, you just had to make that stupid achievement. And I'm willing to bet that it's because you want us to your new god damn expansion, just to increase our battle pet cap. -It wasn't like this before, IT WAS NOT LIKE THIS BEFORE!!! I know you're not going to change anything at this point. But in the future, could you please avoid doing such a stupid achievement that requires newest expansion. -Instead you could create a simple AND logical achievement, that increases your max pet, when it's actually needed. Example: Obtain 1500 battle pets. Reward: Increase your battle pet limit to 2000. ^This makes absolutely perfect sense, and there wouldn't be any freaking problems, with people having "unnecessary" empty data spaces, which you seem to complain about a lot. The game would create more space for the player when it's actually needed! -Some people have just a couple of pets, and they automatically have 1000 limit cap as I do. Like what the hell. Waste of data, that could be put to use for those who actually do collect battle pets. Furthermore, don't tell me I should have 1 of each pet. If that was the case, you'd have forced us to have 1 of each type of pet. But instead you've presented us different breeds, different skins and you've even added us the option to have 3 of the same type of pet on some occasions. So my question is: A: Why should I, purchase Legion (+level till 110 and waste time on doing World Quests just to get this achievement). B: Or remove 16 battle pets, just to add the pet I purchased. I already paid you. I already gave you my money. Where are the goods? Do I need to spend 45€ and do that freaking dumb achievement just to see Mischief. Or do I need to waste my progress, and remove/bank 16 battle pets? Where's the logic? WHERE'S THE LOGIC!? And yes, the hate is real. It's annoying, it's unnecessary, and it's freaking stupid. Terrible game design regarding this matter. Just awful.Xianja5 04 Apr
04 Apr The Pet battle dungeon Was an interesting diversion, easier than I thought even with my limited selection of pets after having the trial run through it that lets you endlessly heal. I managed to complete the hard mode on first try. In the first part you only face beasts, flying and aquatic. For the middle part, 2 magic sllimes is added to the encounters. And finally an elemental at the end. Overall the difficulty was fairly easy, steeping up a bit by the middle part when you face epic pets. and finally a legendary pet with two random adds at the end. The everliving spore is a party wiper, due to it having high health, boss damage reduction, being legendary and spamming dreadful breath. But I happened to have the perfect counterpet, the 1 million gold Celestial Calf. Deep Bite, Stoneskin and Wish for abilities. It soloed the spore and its team, even as my other pets perished from the dreadful breath spam. The calf built up deep bite to maximum, kept shielding and healing. The pet battle dungeon was interesting to do with my limited selection of pets, but nothing proved to be much of a stumper. But I am curious to see how others deal with the legendary boss pet.Moonbane21 04 Apr
03 Apr Nether faerie dragon Skin Why was it changed ? The old one was unique . Why not just add a different pet for this new one ? Even the armory still displays the old skin . If there was a change it needed , was to make it fly next to your mount when you fly . You know like a proper flying pet .Aprix2 03 Apr
03 Apr Crazy For Cats and Pandaren Spirits. Is possible to get Crazy For Cats achievement without buying Brightpaw and probably in future Mischief? And i got allready water pandaren spirit, how i can get rest?Sapherea11 03 Apr
02 Apr Infinitesmal - the best achievement I just wanted to express my joy about this achievement. My pet collecting habit was finally somewhat useful. Not everyone got this pet, apparently. Also, I tried to yolo it on heroic run but it was a wipe... but tank collaborated with me on 2nd try and we got it :P It felt weird to kill one of my named pets, tho. We need more raid achievements with battle pets.Sandalf1 02 Apr
31 Mar Pet battle dungeons In all honesty, the Wailing Caverns isn't exactly the first dungeon I would think to make an interesting pet battle dungeon. Aside from your standard pet battle, there's not much of a thrill or a challenge to go along with it. So I got to think about some potentially interesting pet battle dungeons instead. Here's what I came up with: The Black Morass: A nice, unique dungeon that has the potential to be both challenging and rewarding. Think of it like this: this dungeon has to be completed within a certain amount of turns. With each turn, the pets that spawn within each wave move closer to the dark portal. Upon reaching the portal, they deal damage to it and once too much damage has been dealt, the dungeon resets to just past the last boss pet battle cleared. Each boss stage in between causes some "room to breathe", so some tactical play is required to beat the dungeon. Successful completion has a chance to reward the lil' Aeonus pet. The Violet Hold: A concept somewhat similar to the Black Morass, with a lil' Cyanigosa pet reward. Notable changes are the crystals inside, that could be used to deal damage to currently active enemy pets as well as a rotation of different boss pets per clear. The Oculus: Flying around on a dragonkin to clear the pet battles in a similar fashion to the regular dungeon. Again, completion could award a lil' Eregos pet. This dungeon could be expanded on, so different dragonkin mounts could provide a different pet battle buff, such as healing over time, additional damage or increased base health. The Halls of Origination: With its many stages, huge variation and overall great story, is yet another great option. From the gauntlet with those 4 elementals, to a mini Earthrager Ptah to the 4 constructs, such great potential for some truly outstanding pet battles. Also, a mini Isiset to go along with our Anubisath Idols, would be neat! Ragefire Chasm and the Stockade are both potential dungeons, both could be fun and faction specific dungeons could give some incentive to play on both sides. Adding another gnoll pet and a flame hound pet reward would definitely be nice. For Stockade, maybe defeating mini hogger who has kidnapped a gnoll princess and saving her awards her as a battle pet? There are a lot more dungeons out there that have great potential for a pet battle dungeon. Much more so, I think, than the Wailing Caverns. With enough effort to turn this into a serious implementation, we could even see a "Glory of the Pet Battler" meta achievement, with some achievements to go along with each pet battle dungeon. Having each dungeon drop a battle pet, could be nice too. I would say, each dungeon has a low chance to award a specific dungeon related pet, but another idea, for instance, would be to turn RFC and Stocks into "starter dungeons", with a guaranteed pet reward on the first clear per account. None of these pets should be tradeable.Guanyin6 31 Mar
31 Mar Nightwatch Swooper Why is this pet still non tradable?Thegabber1 31 Mar
31 Mar WTB Deathwatch Hatchling. Is there any guild on argent dawn, what got unlocked this pet?Sapherea3 31 Mar
31 Mar I have a team of 3 Teroclaw Hatchling I que for Fiind Battle and all I do after I join is: - wait full cast bar until last second, - select a 1st pet, - wait another full cast bar until last second, - select Dodge, - wait another full cast bar until last second, - select Nature's Ward, - wait another full cast bar until last second, - round 1 finished. - swich to 2nd pet, - wait another full cast bar until last second, - select Dodge, - wait another full cast bar until last second, - select Nature's Ward, - wait another full cast bar until last second, - round 2 finished. - swich to 3th pet, - wait another full cast bar until last second, - select Dodge, - wait another full cast bar until last second, - select Nature's Ward, - wait another full cast bar until last second, - round 3 finished. - RINSE AND REPEAT ALL DAY LONG THAT UNTILL THE NOOB RAGE QUIT! :D The most patient noob was playing with me for 66 rounds then he/she quit. I won without doing a single point of damage. I usualy get same team if I que just right after the match finished and he abandon the fight instantly! This way I just want to point how absurd is Teroclaw Hatchling design. Thanks for watching! :DZuper9 31 Mar
30 Mar Undeads in PVP Seriously stop using undeads in find battles. I do alot of pet battles and 80% i face against Unborn Val'kyr/Goat, Bone Serpent. I do not get the fun people take from haunting and haunting, over and over. Do some new strats, stop copying bad people. You are just pissing off normal people who are trying to have some fun. Also Haunt should be nerfed, if you haunt then your next pet is stunned for 1 round, that would be at least fair.Wrathfire3 30 Mar
30 Mar celestial torny why have they changed the Wrathion fight, his second pet has changed and its got a shed load more xp??Stormtone5 30 Mar
30 Mar seriously?? two world quest pet battles won this morning and all that dropped were some pet bandages?????????????? what's the point of trying to farm pet charms if you going to cut the rate they drop??????Stormtone7 30 Mar
28 Mar Ok... Where do i get the flawless battle stones? Sorry to bother you all, but I cannot seem to acquire any of the flawless battle stones. After an age of looking, I finally managed to find a Minifernal of common quality, and a friend told me that the oozes in borean tundra can drop magic battle stones, but despite farming them and doing all the dailys i can, I've yet to clap eyes on one of the damn things. What is the most efficient way to get hold of one of these things? A magic one would be cool, but I also have a cogblade raptor in need of upgrading... Thanks!Zuruzan16 28 Mar
28 Mar Sign of the Critter this week I just want to put this out there for everyone who's unaware. The SotC event that starts this week is coinciding with Squirt visiting EU Garrisons this Wednesday, the first day of the event. You've got about 38 and a half hours from now to get all the low level pets you want to speed level, up to lvl6(ish). For the uninitiated; Squirt brings 3 pets to your garrison; Deebs, Tyri, and Puzzle. Defeating them offers huge exp even without the Safari Hat. With the Hat and the SotC event together, you're looking at taking a lvl5/6 up to max in 3 short battles. They do need to be at least that level, though, as Tyri's Omnislash takes off ~400hp from back line pets. The link below is to Xu-Fu's Pet Battle Strategy Guide for the fight in question:állor3 28 Mar
27 Mar What are the odds? Today I just met the same team of 2 terrorclaws and 1 unborn 9 times in a row, I forfeit the fight each time. What are the odds for that to happen in such a big game? Just LOLIndecent2 27 Mar
26 Mar Auto Pet Switcher Hello, I made a little addon whose purpose is to automatically switch pets in your battle slots, under certain conditions which you define in the addon's interface. I originally developped it in order to switch pets and be able to fight wild pets non stop, in order to level all my stable. The best use I found for it, though, is farming blue quality wild pets, see the addon's description on its curse page. I'd love to get some criticism, bug reports and ideas for improving it. You can find it on curse here : 26 Mar
25 Mar WTS Knockoff Blingtron Add Torre#2590 if you're interestedTorre0 25 Mar
25 Mar Ultimate Battle Training Stones: BoP Doesn't seem to make sense. Pretty much all pet battle related items are account-bound, why is this one BoP? I have a bunch of them on a low level alt, so with their level 90 requirement, I can't use them at all. I would be happy with some change: either having their level requirement removed or having them become BoA. Both would obviously be great.Nylou2 25 Mar
16 Mar Resolved, please close I bought a level 25 pet on market but I can not add it to my pets. Why is that? Keep the flame low as i'm new =)Goldwinner3 16 Mar
16 Mar Battle pet "breeds" I'm a total noob at pet battles, now I found this nice table on Wowhead: Can anyone explain? How does he know all that, what is a "breed", how to find out a battle pet "breed"?Kagg8 16 Mar
14 Mar Snowfeather Hatchling quest line? Have they added more quests to this quest line? I have don all these accept the last one, because instead of getting quest nr 14 I got yet Another quest to kill petbattle WQs? These quest's is unbeleveble buggy. Anyone know if they added more quests? 1. Level the hatchling to 25. 2. Take your falcosaur hatchling to Orgrimar|Stormwind. 3. Defeat 3 Northern Hawk Owls using your hatchling in fightingteam. 4. Complete 5 World Quests with the hatchling summoned out in Hightmountain. 5. Start and complete 3 Pet Battle WQs with the hatchling as primary pet and summoned out. 6. Complete 1 Rare Elite WQ with the hatchling summoned out. 7. Defeat 3 specific wild pets using your hatchling. (different ones than #3) 8. Complete 3 PVP WQs with hatchling summoned out. 9. Buy an item from Dalaran for the hatchling. As reward you'll get  Tiny Pack 10. Defeat 3 specific wild pets using the hatchling plus 2 pets of a specific pet family. 11. Defeat boss with the hatchling summoned out (any mode). 12. Defeat 3 specific wild pets using the hatchling plus 2 Undead pets. 13. Defeat a Ursoc with you hatchling 14. Bring your Hatchling back to Nest.Wolfroguee4 14 Mar
12 Mar gift a pet? my friend doesnt play wow but he got the pet Graves by reaching level 20 in HoTS, is it possible to gift it somehow? thanks!Waep1 12 Mar
11 Mar Selling Knockoff Blingtron Selling pet. Azjol-Nerub / Quel'Thalas. Whsiper ANTHONY#2676Lyndrell0 11 Mar
11 Mar Nocturnal strike: Always hits if the target is Blinded. It doesnt always hit if the target is blinded. Some one should be fired.. I demand justice!!!Hjhjhjii4 11 Mar
11 Mar Selling Knockoff Blingtron Selling pet Knockoff Blingtron for 180k gold. battletag is k3bab#2714 contact me ingame please. Thank youKebabor0 11 Mar
11 Mar whats happening have they nerfed all the battle pets or made stronger all the tamer pets, I cant win a battle this morning, Im following all the youtube videos as normal but all the opponents pets seem to be hitting harder and wiping me each and every time???Stormtone0 11 Mar
08 Mar Wild pet farming help addon Hello, I made a small addon whose purpose is to help farm wild pets. The way it helps, is that it automates filling the pet slots, so that you never lose time opening the pet interface. In a detailed way, its working are : 1) You may choose WHEN switching of pets occurs (battle end, pet leveling up, changing world zone, capturing a pet) 2) You may choose HOW to switch (minimum level pets, maximum level pets, specific level pets, zone-adequate pets) 3) You may FILTER which pets you want (favourites, blues, live, fully healed) Here is how I personally use it : I choose to have zone-adequate, fully healed pets. Then I engage every wild pet whose path crosses mine. If there is no blue, I yield, and go for the next one. Every 8 minutes, I heal my pets. This allows me to get several blue pets I did not previously own each and every day, while idling between two randoms while leveling up my character. I would be very interested in opinions, here is the addon : You may open the configuration interface with /aps . Thanks :DEechaka0 08 Mar
06 Mar Selling Dragon kite Selling TCG pet Dragon Kite. Add me on bnet MacBeef#2131. Stormscale HordeGreenchai0 06 Mar
04 Mar What are the best pets right now? Hey, I have a question - are there any pets who are really powerful and stronger than the others? I don't know which pets to catch, which ones too level up with 25lvl battle stone. I do pvp for fun, sometimes pve (I try to get Xu-Fu but it is so hard to kill even one npc!). Top rated pets on haven't really checked since last year. I have Anubisath, Unborn, Pandaren WS and Graves from that list. Wanted to get the Chrominius but most of them have been changed lately and they are not OP anymore, there are no OP combos. I think my strongest pet is Nether Faerie Dragon - his arcane attacks are strong and Evanescence/life exchange are really, really great. I've heard that Zandalari Kneebiter and Bloodgazer Hatchling are quite good - the first one does good combo with Unborn, but he's really hard to catch. Could you help me a bit?Wildfox18 04 Mar
03 Mar Impossible to win Change the quests from *5-10 players in pet battles DEFEATED* into *5-10 players in pet battles FOUGHT*..... I tried all my blue 25 pets, and every match ends the same: My 3 pets are dead, and they got one standing with 90% life... It's SUCH BS how op these rare $$$$ p2w pets are. I won ONE BATTLE out of ten... every time my pets die in a couple of hits and nothing I do helps, no strategy works... the enemy pet stats are just too op. This is so demotivating I'm gonna stop soon and urge others to do the same till blizz fixes this.Steroidgnome8 03 Mar
28 Feb Lil' Ragnaros team- need help! Hey guys! I am somehow new to pet battles. I have Lil' Ragnaros and I would like to build a team around it, a team that would work. My objective is not to become nr. 1 in the world, just something that would work now and in new content in 7.2. Any suggestions about team mates and abilities ? Thanks a lot!Cioty3 28 Feb
27 Feb master pet tamer that grant Xp hello pet Trainers so i have been doing some pet battling for the last couple of months and i discovered that Wod and Mop Grand master pet tamers grant a lot of Xp if you wish to boost low lvl pet using 2 pet carry strategy so i wanna know if there are other master pet tamers that grant as much xp as Wod and Mop ones thank youAlgeriano2 27 Feb
25 Feb Best selling battle pets out there Hey all, I'm thinking of turning my gold into battle pets, because I'm moving to another realm. Now, I need to know what are the best selling battle pets out there, that are worth of buying and re-selling for gold on another realm for a new start. Thanks!Bêstia8 25 Feb