Pet Battles

2d How to counter broken flying moths? I mean, first they stun me and then they sleep me, and then the third time they nuke me down to 0 hp? How do you counter this? And how is this a single bit balanced?Distorted3 2d
2d Who here PVP pet battles here regularly? Hi guys, I was wondering who here regularly pvp pet battles? I meet a lot of the same pet names in the que so know there are other people who battle a lot.Rosqo50 2d
11 Aug Tip: Easy way to get unborn valkyr I read some posts lately about people not being able to find it on their realm. I got mine by making a class trial on some italian low pop realm. I found 3 within 10 minutes and catched them all. So if you are on some high pop realm, just make a class trial on a low pop realm. I apologize if this has been posted before, just thought i'dd throw it out there to potentially help someone. Edit: Find the spawnpoints on wowhead for it, it has easy tomtom coordinates to copy.Franticmike3 11 Aug
10 Aug WTB Celestial Tournament Boost WTB Celestial Tournament boost as it is said in the title. I am willing to pay 5k per weekly run. I know that 5k is not much in Legion but I am poor guy and its almost all I've got. Can pay on Silvermoon :) I prefer to use Skype while boosting so I can share my screen and will be easier for the booster. Best regards!Scheinzl9 10 Aug
10 Aug Ranked Pet Battle? (Idea) As for many, I dont do something all the time when playing the game, Maybe im waiting for a grp to form or w/e, so u just walk around in circles. How about if you could hit up some Ranked Pet Battling with mmr and rating? Would be a nice addition to the Very casual game mode we have right now. Maybe Its cause im a PvP player, i Want to feel rewarded or affected in some Way when i do something in game. Pet Battling right now is fun and all, but gets old Quick, not something u Can spam for Hours. I feel like Pet Battle is really cool but unfinished. A lot of unexplored options. Such as Ranked solo queue with mmr and rating like arena Works. Could Add seasons with rewards, such as titles for your 3 most active pets in the season, cosmetics etc. I know time is money, and its not suppose to be what wow is about. But it would give me and my friends a lot more to do in wow in the Downtime moments. Just my thoughts :).Bankoloid5 10 Aug
09 Aug [7.3] Anomalous Animals of Argus AND Family Fighter! So there is finally something else to talk about! ;) Wowhead has a maintenance, so humble wowdb links instead: 50% more encounters than Familiar it seems; currently they are BoF-like and involve three groups of abilities*, so finding a good attack source seems like a point. Though Void Gate what?! A Lil' Oondasta level? :> And yes, they are WQs. Can I just ask for an assistance as I faint out of a little shock like an average damsel in distress?! :) * 09 Aug
05 Aug Pet battle smartphone app What if there was an app that allowed you to do your pet battle dailies of tamers you have already beaten through your smartphone without having to fly all over Azeroth. Think it's a good or a bad idea? Personally I am loving the legion companion app and the armory app and I think such a change would be a major quality of life improvement. I would also definitely pay up to 10$ just so I don't have to fly all over the place all the time. There are quite a few moments that I have free time with my cellphone but no computer nearby.Edgelorder0 05 Aug
05 Aug Nexus Whelpling Is anyone getting any spawns of this battle pet? I only ask as I have been to multiple servers I have toons on over the last 10 days and not seen a single one. Anyone getting these to spawn?Unclenath2 05 Aug
05 Aug Lil' Deathwing Hey, I've been offered the Cata collectors edition at a decnent price, w/ codes, and was wandering if I will still be able to redeem Lil' Deathwing as he is pretty much the only reason I want to buy it! Thanks!Gamersheik1 05 Aug
01 Aug Not much going on? Let's talk about stuff I honestly expected this forum to be more popular, but I barely see people post in here, it's usually the same people, or a few others who recently got into pet battles. I guess Discord is a new thing now and everyone chills there... not a fan of Discord, but still interested in it, like how many people are there? Are they active? I love pet battling so much, I even would like to have pet battle tournaments hosted by blizzard, idk, might happen sometime, but not anytime soon it seems, people aren't into it. I've seen some small tournaments hosted by a few people, some of them were recorded too. I expected to see more than 4-8 people in those tournaments tho. The price doesn't matter as long as people enjoy it... I think people like tournaments because others watch them and it's kind of a good feeling when others are cheering for you... Maybe someone well known, some popular person/streamer should host a tournament like this, maybe people will get into it then... oh, and I should start signing up for those small tournaments that people host, I'm always too lazy but I guess I'll do it <_< always busy with farming pets and best breeds of those pets, can't wait for the upcoming Squirt farm in August, I'm gonna level so many pets! Sometimes I get a weird feeling that I wanna post something, but I don't at the same time 'cause I look at the last post on this forum and it's been posted 3 days ago and I always think that no one's gonna read my post 'cause this forum is dead and... yeah, we gotta post more often people. This forum section has quite nice people in it, I don't think I've even see a single hate comment/post in here, really. I'll start posting or answering some questions on this section more often, maybe we can get more people into pet battles? Hopefully we don't scare them away instead <_< TLDR: Be more active, get more people into pet battles, make pet battles more popular, I'm bored.Daisu2 01 Aug
29 Jul Stupid mechanic in Heliosus pet battle. If you are using Arcane storm he never goes in egg form. Not sure if it's intentional or not but it's extremely stupid. The only reason you would ever use arcane storm vs this pet is for the sharptalon questline. Edit:Managed the fight with a minfernal and an Eldrich Manafiend. Still I don't see how arcane Weather is such an op ability that it should have such an interaction with this world quest.Wolfgant5 29 Jul
27 Jul Cheating in Pet Battles This issue is getting worse day to day. -10 % hit chance is almost -40 % versus certain pet combos (read vs. certain cheating players). And again vs certain, usually the same combos, dmg range, for example, being 200-400, they always hit close to 400. You think crit is rng? For most players, it is. Yet again vs. certain combos when they need a miraculous crit right they always get it. Certain abilities like Magma trap triggering right in the moment they need it? Definitely no problem. Strange ability chains, for example dots or wheater effects, that counter you right after yours? No problem again! Aoe cleaves, Triple healing combos, insanely OP pets not being tuned down. That´s the content we get. Also botting issue hasn´t been adressed since the introduciton of Pet Battles. Everyone who´s ever met the player who names his pets "Joshua" "Mess With The Best" and "Die Like Rest" knows what i talk about. This cheater has been abusing the system for years and he has never been banned. EDIT: I´ve just met this piece of cheating cowboy again. Every even round he DISABLED all my actions. Overall crit chance: 68 %. Crit chance without any crit buff active: 24 %. Dmg range abilites: 144 % of average ability dmg. Crit or max dmg or combination in the most critical situations: 100 %!! For comparison: Overall crit chance: 3 %, Dmg range abilities: not using any, crit or max dmg or combination in the most critical situations: 0 %. Well done Blizzard, well done! With this topic I´d like to thank all the Blizz employees for unforgetable experience they deliver to us via broken, buggy, by cheaters and bots compromised pet battles.Mortdecay15 27 Jul
26 Jul Ban-Fu, Cub of Ban-Lu Anybody know if this pet will still be able to be obtained in the next expansion? I don't have a monk right now and to be quite honest I don't fancy inflicting my terrible melee skills on other players in Legion dungeons while they are still current content.Kooki2 26 Jul
23 Jul Pet Lists Hi I am looking for a list of pets that are good against Beasts and Mechanical. I want to level them myself so their availability from the lower levels would be useful. All help appreciatedIrrii2 23 Jul
22 Jul What's going on with Trainer rotation??? I recently decided to see if I could complete the Family Familiar achievement and I've spent all of last week farming Pet Charms on all 13 of my characters to level up the missing pets I needed. I finally completed my little army at the weekend and started looking to chip away at the many pet battles I would need to overcome to reach my goal. Managed to get Sir Galveston and Night Watcher Merayl both up on Tuesday, cleared them up with my many pet teams and eagerly awaited reset. Wednesday comes and there are no Family Familiar trainers up....oh well, just bad luck I guess. Thursday comes around, Night Watcher is up again, but no others....ok, that sucks, but sometimes these things happen. Friday has now arrived and, guess what.....Night Watcher is up AGAIN, and still none of the others have shown their face. Aren't the Trainer spawns supposed to be on some kind of rotation? This achievement takes long enough as it is without have to rely on pure luck for the ones you need to show up surely?Ráyven4 22 Jul
22 Jul What is a turn ? I thought i was an educated man. Went to uni , got my degrees. I always had the impression a turn in a game was. Player 1 performs an action , after said action. Player 2 has his/her turn. Pet battles in WoW however , how come sometimes , players can get more than 1 turn in ? Example Anubisath idol : He / she uses Crush once on my pet. That's a turn right ? But then he/she uses Crush again , and then again. That's 3 turns before it's mine. You had your go , now it's mine surely. But in this game it seems like it's your turn , and yours again , no no go again i insist. : /Bilban8 22 Jul
21 Jul New to pet battle, Tips to lvl up fast Im trying to lvl up my first pets to lvl 25 to complete world quests. Is there any shortcuts? Currently i have around 100 pet charms from orderhall missions. I dont mind spending alot of gold to lvl up if that is an optionKalyndia6 21 Jul
21 Jul Unborn Val'kyr is up! Guys, not sure what's up but tonnes of Unborn Val'kyr have spawned in Northrend (Kazzak). I've been searching night and day for the last 4 months without seeing one but yesterday I caught one, finally! Needless to say I was stoked so I told my friend about my luck and he then proceeded to go up there and find one at the first spawn point. I went back to investigate and managed to capture another, see two more, and yell about it in general chat. Sadly, no one seemed to be there so I thought I'd give a heads up to all you pet battlers out there who're still missing this wonderful pet. EDIT: Justs sighted one at 65.4 36.1 in Dragonblight EDIT2: And at 82.1 65.9 in DragonblightZinjera5 21 Jul
20 Jul WTS TCG pets Hi, I want to sell all 15 tcg pets for 2M. I have tons of rare pets, feel free to askTaliõn0 20 Jul
20 Jul WTS all TCG pets Hi, I want to sell all 15 tcg pets for 2M. I have tons of rare pets, feel free to askTaliõn0 20 Jul
20 Jul [WTS] Knockoff Blingtron battle pet Hello, first of all I wanted to apologize if that's the wrong section for this kind offer, but since I am able to trade the pet across all the EU realms I thought I would simply post it in place where I would've had the greatest interest in it. Long story short, waiting for offers, probably willing to sell it at price of WoW Token at your realm or just trade it for WoW Token, trade possible on every realm. (Might sell it at much lower price on Argent Dawn only) Let me know below in any way if you're interested. The pet is level 1 currently, but i can upgrade it to level 25 as well.Synchady0 20 Jul
20 Jul Pet Battle World Quests Not Spawning? Is everyone experiencing this? It seemed like Fight Night: Rats! was up every day last week, but now for the past 2 daily resets there have been absolutely 0 pet battle WQs on my map. Have they been temporarily disabled to fix the spawn rate of FN:R! or something?Inukah3 20 Jul
18 Jul Made-rare pets vs. original-rare pets? So, the wording that keeps popping up is that "rare pets get more stats as they level". Is that accurate, or was it meant to say simply "rarer pets are stronger"? In other words, if i compare the stats of a pet that was caught at 10 as a rare and reached 25 with a same-species, same-breed pet that went 10-25 as a grey, upgraded, then re-leveled to 25, will their stats be the same?Exesum5 18 Jul
17 Jul Lagan run I'm trying to put together at least one run, maybe more, to pick up Lagan. This pet comes from an achievement which basically is: Complete Black Rook Hold on Heroic Complete Maw of Souls on Mythic with a pretty lenient time constraint. This is a whole lot easier now than it was at the start of the expac! Probably not ideal to take off for a liquid lunch in the middle of the run, but other than that, not-dying is much more important than speed. We have a Tank, Heals, and one DPS Alliance-side, so there are two more slots available. This run should be suitable for pet collectors who don't run dungeons often. There will be no yelling. :) I think you would want ilevel 860 to be comfortable, and 880-ish would be better. Not so much for the meters, but a key requirement is that no party member dies, so having enough health not to be one-shotted along the way will be a definite plus. No date/time is set yet, but since it's a one-off event, I'm sure we can find a time that works for everyone. In an ideal world, we could do it in an hour, but it'll be safer to schedule three hours just in case. And accept going in that we could need more than one session to get it done, depending on the group's gear and familiarity. If we find more than two people interested, I'll be happy to help a second group if needed. If you haven't done the dungeons, there are three danger points: the staircase in BRH, the trash before the last boss in Maw that need to be interrupted/CCed, and Helya's own big attacks. If necessary, we will do some preparation in advance, with practice walkthroughs on N or HC so that everyone knows the geography, to make for a smoother real run. If some Horde players who can't join Alliance would like to take the opportunity to piggyback on this thread to convene a Horde group, be my guest!Gráinne3 17 Jul
10 Jul Deadmines! So, for people who have already completed the Wailing Caverns pet battle dungeon, we now have a new one for Deadmines. My thoughts: 1. After taking the quest, I silly-ly went in to the entrance of the dungeon itself, doing the ritual "go the wrong way in the tunnels" diversion first, since I hadn't been there in a while. The quest NPC is outside the Moonbrook building. :) 2. The atmosphere in the Deadmines is not as oppressive as in WC, which I found a relief. 3. Removing trash from bosses was a good move. The trash doesn't really add anything to the battle. Finding a replacement for the Elite and Boss buffs would be a nice further improvement. 4. Like WC, it's targeted at beginner level, and I can see how even a starter stable of pets would get you through it. Klutz is the only difficulty, and Valk/Ikky takes care of him. I did use Valk/Ikky on my third try, and I'm somewhat ashamed of resorting to a cheap trick. Next time, I'll figure something more interesting. :) 5. The purchase of pet rewards is a big improvement on the RNG of WC. Overall, a logical continuation of the series. What do you think?Gráinne10 10 Jul
06 Jul Why?? Why is pet battle world quests a thing???Fllaffy7 06 Jul
01 Jul Unobtainable pets Hello everyone. I'll go straight to the point. I believe that all unobtainable pets should have an obdtainable counterpart pet with the exact same exact type abilities and possible breeds. Pet battles are a mix of rock papper scissors and strategy. The unique pets that can't be aquired anymore are in no way better than any other pet but they allow for a greater array of costumisation when it comes to building a team. Imagine it as if in hearstone some cards are locked for whoever did't manage to get them at the time and they can still be used in-game. They wouldn't have a direct advantage over any other card in the game but they would allow for more options. Long story short I believe that unobtainable pets from blizzcon, anniversaries,shop etc. should only have visual uniqueness in comparison to any other pet we can currently get our hands on and there should always be a pet with the same type/breed/ability combo.Edgelorder15 01 Jul
30 Jun Pet levelling Does anyone know what the best zone to start levelling each type of pet is?Illeane4 30 Jun
29 Jun Squirt Can't find Squirt in my garrison and today is the day she arrives. Do I have to have lvl 3 garrison in order to see her?Daisu4 29 Jun
28 Jun Pet Battle Tournament Hi All, Me and a few other guys are looking to create a weekly pet battle tournament. There will be criteria for the pets you can choose e.g wild caught from x continent. If anyone is interested please let me know by joining and confirming your interestRosqo2 28 Jun
25 Jun How do I get my first battle pet? Hi everyone, So i'm fairly new to the game and trying to get into pet battles. I have accepted the quest from the pet trainer in Orgrimmer. When I try to capture a pet it says that you need to add a pet to a battle slot, but the problem is I haven't got any pets to put in these slots. I can't figure out how i'm supposed to obtain the 'first' pet that I can use to capture others. ThanksLunagray5 25 Jun
19 Jun Thoughts on the Sun Darter Hatchling What do you guys think of this new pet? Seems strange it's a critter. It has a lot of healing abilities though but it won't hit that hard as it doesn't have a normal attack.Rosqo4 19 Jun
18 Jun 3 x Stonegrinder battles Kinda fed up with loads of people having the 3x Stonegrinder pets in battles.... anyone know a good offensive combo against them to smush their smug little faces with?Zhuna4 18 Jun
18 Jun Disappointed by change to Nether Faerie Dragon I just wanted to say that I am disappointed in the visual change made to the Nether Faerie Dragon pet. It used to have a unique celestial appearance. Now it looks too similar to another pet, Sprite Darter Hatchling.Kismette2 18 Jun
16 Jun Beginners Series for Pet PVP Hi All, Thought I'd share on here that I have made a Beginners Series on my Youtube Channel. I know a lot of people don't enjoy the PVP que but hopefully they can take some information on from the videos and start winning some matches. There are 5 videos and each one covers a certain aspect of the PVP que and how you could become more successful. Heres the link if anyone is interested. 16 Jun
15 Jun Nether faerie dragon Skin Why was it changed ? The old one was unique . Why not just add a different pet for this new one ? Even the armory still displays the old skin . If there was a change it needed , was to make it fly next to your mount when you fly . You know like a proper flying pet .Aprix3 15 Jun
13 Jun Is Battle Automation Botting? There is an addon tdBattlePetScript that more-or-less automates pet battles. The interesting question is in the "more" or "less". There's a good writeup on how to use it here I tried it last night. Download and install the addon and the Rematch bridge addon for it. In Rematch, each team will now have an icon to edit in a script. Click on that icon, and paste in the script you copied. Now start a battle with the tamer you scripted. You will be able to complete the battle successfully just by repeatedly hitting "A", one "A" per move. *("A" can, of course, be remapped for your convenience.) I tested it. It works. You can win with no idea whatever of what you are doing. Now: is this botting? My first instinctive answer is: of course this is botting. However, Blizzard often use a guideline of "one keypress per action" as a line between allowed and forbidden when it comes to automation, and this addon stays on the safe side of that line. You still do need to press a key for every move; it's just that with the addon, it will be the same key every time. The closest analogue in the normal game is /castsequence and addons that rely on /castsequence to operate, like GSE. In these addons, like tdBattlePetScript, you keep pressing the same key repeatedly to perform your rotation. If GSE is not botting, why would tdBattlePetScript be botting? The context of the two is entirely different. 1. GSE is used in combat, where character positioning and movement, and reacting to changing conditions, is part of the action. GSE can't help with that. tdBattlePetScript can be scripted to react to conditions like (pet with < 50 HP), and the range of possible cases is much much smaller. 2. GSE can't perform perfectly. In fact, it can't even perform very well. I am by no means a skilled player, but when I tried it back in Mists, it dropped my DPS by 20%-30% because it never knew when the appropriate time to blow major and minor cooldowns was, and because the timing was clunky. tdBattlePetScript can perform perfectly if the script is perfect. Ask yourself this: if this was a game of chess, and you were using a computer program to decide the next move, but you had to press a key - the same key every time - to make the move the computer decided, would that be botting? Pet Battles are more like chess than combat, and the standards can't be the same as combat. It's only a matter of time before the addon comes with a module to install ready made scripts for every tamer. I already see comments at XuFu's providing pasteable scripts made from the strategies there. And so PvE pet battles will be reduced to "download this addon, go from one tamer to the next, and keep pressing "A". Its use in wild battles for character levelling and pet levelling is obvious. It doesn't seem as useful for capturing, since it wouldn't know how to recognise which pet to capture on its own. I can imagine three alternate pet-capture scripts though, in which you load the one that captures the numbered pet that you want. It could definitely be used for PvP. I was thinking about it today. While it wouldn't outplay a good human, I think I could write a few teams with scripts that would give an acceptable rate. Consider that Xorvasc is really equivalent to a human PvP player with a script. In fact, if something like this is already in use, it might explain some odd things I have seen in the queue. This whole thing would not be an issue if PvE tamers had more programmming to react to the opposition, but that's another debate. The devs have to figure out how to respond to this, and I don't envy them the job. What do you think?Gráinne20 13 Jun
13 Jun LF Advice in PvP Pet Battles I never win a pet battle if I'm against someone that isn't a beginner. I play undead pets with okay-ish combo, but I really need to get pets (which are easy to get) that are good and can actually combo with each other in pvp, so any kind of advice is appreciated regarding to that.Daisu6 13 Jun
10 Jun World of Warcraft on mobile device: pet battles. I want play WoW pet batles on tablet. I think It will be great idea for allowing pvp pet battles for mobile devices users. Not sure about pve ones, but maybe that ones too. And daily quests. What you think?Hibiki1 10 Jun
03 Jun DK specific pets aka 3 whelplings Anyone got any of them already? My DK tank has 52 traits in blood but Slimy doesnt sell me anything.Amansey1 03 Jun
27 May The strongest battle pets in PVP Hi, I was just wondering what people's thoughts are on the current strongest pets in pet battle pvp. It seems that there are around a half a dozen or so pets that form part of the majority of pvp teams. These pets are the Teroclaw Hatchling, Wicked Soul, Bone Serpent, Magma Rageling, Emperor Crab or Fiendish Imp. Are there any other pets that people have found to be OP battle pets pvp? How regularly does Blizzard make changes to the strongest pets?Rosqbank6 27 May
27 May Squirky Does anyone have anymore details about this pet? I have looked on and I have looked on the island but nothing.Crumhorn8 27 May
26 May Pet won't level up, AT ALL! Hi guys, I'm super frustrated right now. I tried to finish the quests (of the Pet Trainer) and one of the early ones is to get your pet to level 3 and get back to the trainer. So I go around and fight with other pets in order to level mine .. and guess what.. after every fight the game claims that my pet has become level 2 but in fact it remains 1 without any changes (it just pops the congratulations your pet is not level 2 but when I open my pet or reinitiate a fight it is in fact level 1 without any changes whatsoever) and this is pet wide bug for all my pets. No pet becomes level 2 !!!! WTF IS THIS!!!!! I'm opened to ANY suggestions and thank you for your time, you guys!Шерилин14 26 May
23 May Best way to level multiple pets using this weeks bonus? Anyone tell me please xDUseyour6 23 May
22 May Pet Battle quests I''ve been doing the Pet battle quests for such a long time, level 11 or 13, 1 pet, still cant defeat Desolace, do i atleast need 2 level 10, 11 , 12 or 13?Sabain2 22 May
21 May pet battles pvp I've been doing (pve) pet battles for about a week now and have just about wrapped up the longest day achi. I was thinking of trying some battles against other players soon but I just heard there is no MMR in pets... ? I assumed I'd be matched against people equally with no clue as myself.. so if that isn't the case how to get started? thanksVoozul7 21 May
20 May Darkshore Cub P/P? Is Darkshore Cub still obtainable in P/P breed? I was searching in google, and there was some old guides from MoP about using this pet in P/P breed. Both wowhead and warcraftpets showing that this guy can go p/p. The problem is I farmed it today for like straight 2 hours. I killed over 100 of them, on both Alliance and Horde toons, yet I didn't saw even a single one with p/p breed, despite of quality. It's like impossible to get. I lost all my hope for that one, so please, if someone know anything about it in Legion or specifically in this patch, let me know. I don't really want to spend another couple of hours only to get this one pet. Am I extremely unlucky here?Robinblood2 20 May
17 May Strange Humming Crystal - Wonderous Wisdomball Hi all, not sure where to put this, as it's about a pet but also a *quest* starter item? I'm wondering if I am basically doing something wrong, or am missing some vital information , or that I haven't completed something in game to unlock the ability for this item to drop. [Strange Humming Crystal] I have been playing since Legion launched, and so therefore have done the Kirin Tor emissary every time it has popped up since then (may have missed 1 or 2) I also leveled 2 other characters, and have been doing the Kirin Tor emissary on them too for months now, whenever it pops up. And yet still haven't seen this item drop. RNG! I know I know, but this just seems unreasonably so. It is quite disheartening now for me at this point. As a pet collector it is very frustrating, where as other RNG pets have felt exciting and fun enough, this one which seems to be tired between 2 layers of RNG, is just plain miserable to me :( So I was wondering as I said if maybe its not dropping because I haven't done something to unlock its ability to drop? Am I overlooking something? Is this just wishful thinking? lol.Tayanu2 17 May
17 May Do we get the garrison fight this week? I dont know how to check xDUseyour1 17 May
17 May Pet Battles app Hey! :) I have suggestion for you. What about create android/windows phone app for Pet Battles? Alike you have "WoW Legion Companion". When I play WoW, I haven't time for Pet Battles, because I do world quest, daily quests, mythic+ challenges, achievements, reputation progress etc. But for Pet Battles I haven't time.. When I'm waiting in waiting room, or break in jobs/schools it will be good for this.. I think ppl will play this on their mobiles. Isn't it good suggestion? :) Have a nice day! :)Rndoom1 17 May