Pet Battles

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5h Buying pets from AH Thinking about buying some for the pet battles what are the best to buy from the auction house and roughly how much do they cost ?Thegrinch2 5h
17h Pet battle smartphone app What if there was an app that allowed you to do your pet battle dailies of tamers you have already beaten through your smartphone without having to fly all over Azeroth. Think it's a good or a bad idea? Personally I am loving the legion companion app and the armory app and I think such a change would be a major quality of life improvement. I would also definitely pay up to 10$ just so I don't have to fly all over the place all the time. There are quite a few moments that I have free time with my cellphone but no computer nearby.Edgelorder27 17h
22h Xu-Fu pet battle when did they change the fight with Xu-Fu??, he didnt used to heal like that, and none of the old tactics work, this is so unfair to the people who have not yet done the celestial tournement?? Im getting so pissed off with Blizzard changing stuff every 2 minsStormtone1 22h
3d PvP pet tournament (Eu+Ru) Good news, everyone! Next Sunday we are planning to have a pvp pet battle tournament on Silvermoon Eu at 6pm cet. Some familiar faces you might see there are: Rosqo, reigning eu champion: CloseToZero, august eu champion: Silly, Wootzy and me (Spinning). We also might have three more players with cyrillic names =) Format: All wild caught pets. Race to two wins. No more than one of the same family on the team. At least three teams to participate. To decide who goes first we /roll. Emperor crab p/p breed is banned. Other breeds and other crabs are allowed. Everyone who wants to join, feel free to post a response here or contact me in game. P.S This topic is a duplicate of the one I posted on a russian battle net. I got a blue response there!Спиннинг18 3d
4d Rocket Chicken no longer explodes Hi, Sorry if this is the wrong place, I almost never post on the forums. I have noticed over the past few months, that my rocket chicken has stopped taking off and exploding. It will now instead, completely disappear instead of exploding. I am unsure for how long this has been an issue exactly, as I came back from a break a few months ago. I noticed it immediately on my return as my rocket chicken is my favourite pet (I like exploding pets). I am posting about it now, because as always with bugs, I assumed it was a known issue and would be fixed in time. Sadly it seems that it isn't that well known and I miss seeing my rocket chicken explode :(Esmerrelda3 4d
5d garrison pet battle grubbles Hi all, I think there may be a bug in the Grubbles pet battle, I had on my safari hat, a 50% extra pet treat, and a 10% extra pet treat, put a lvl 1 pet in the mix to lvl it up and after I had won the fight, my lvl 1 pet put on just 1 lvl, that cant be right surely???Stormtone3 5d
6d Team to play during the critter event So as many of you know I hate fotm meta teams especially during the critter event when there are newer players starting off. I thought I’d suggest a team I have recently got to 100 wins with a record of 100 wins, 4 losses and 1 draw. The team is: P/P Autumnal Sproutling running Club, Natures Ward and Fist of the Forest. S/S Qiraji Guardling running Crush, Sandstorm and Blackout Kick. H/H Iron Starlette running Wind Up, Powerball and Supercharge. A basic guide is take haunts and face darkness birds with the Autumnal Sproutling. Maintaining Natures Ward and swap to backline for healing. Start with Guardling when it’s faster than opponents pets and get Sandstorm up for multi hits or aoe. Speed up the Starlette whilst Sandstorm is up and use it to take out pets without evasion abilities with Wind Up and Supercharge combo. The strength of the team is how awkward it is to face with current meta pets. You will need to play with some common sense and not to expect such a crazy record as I have. Here is the link to a video of it in action Ivs another of my very best teams which shows the good benchmark.Rosqo7 6d
14 Mar Celestial tournament HELP :-( Hi all Ive been trying to complete this since mop and still cant get close. I recently looked at wowhead showing the darkmoon zep, water spirit and chrominus tactic. I spend almost 200k to get them only to find since the nerf it doesnt work.... I have over 300 pets so many 25s but cant kill the celestials. Can anyone please help any more info required im happy to provide. Im just really in need of pets to consistantly take out thr celestisals as i have no problems with the first 3 battles.Nayfu4 14 Mar
12 Mar Why I hate pet battles Every pet battle against npcs they always have an ability on one of their pets where they can damage your other 2 pets in the back. literally always. Those abilitys are so annoying and as far as I remember you couldn't do that in pokemon. I always get rekt by some cheap tactic by the npcs where they put your best pet in sleep draw him to the backline then switch to some pet that does damage to all your pets and you pretty much get rekt because all your pets have 50% or less health. I wish this wasn't in the game because it seems a bit op especially when every npc trainer on world quests has such an ability. Also the fact that I could instantly upgrade some of my pets to max level kind of destroyed the fun out of itMancubus13 12 Mar
12 Mar Poor breeds ? Hi guys, I wanted a PoV from some experts around here. Because I've the feeling that my teams have terrible breeds. Im getting shreded in PvP and in PvE on argus for the achievements any advice ?Justfrøst6 12 Mar
09 Mar WTS sell pet levels or pets by tokens! Hey, i have tons(40000) Pet Charms to sell to players. I help you build fast way max level pet yours favorite pets; just wondering how much max level selling could be but i think right now 500g to 950g per pet. B.tag; hades#2257 Alliance Garrison vendor npc; Lio the Lioness<Battle Pet Master> Horde Garrison vendor npc; Serr'ah <Battle Pet Master> Also there is dreanor/legion pet charm pets to buy and trade! Items are account bound. But trading pets to another player; let them level pet for you and they return pet with max level. Two kind stones; instantly level 25 or 1sec cd per level tokens are for leveling pets.Holypig0 09 Mar
07 Mar Customizable pets and increased summon pet limit i humbly request for Blizzard to add Furbolgs :D and please increase the summon pet limit to 3, so my fams can accompany me. Blizzard might as well do that since we're able to have 3 pet slots. my gnoll and wolvar fams are suffering since there's no furbolg in our company :( And i would also like to be able to customize my pets like giving my gnoll a different axe or sword and shield or different armor or fur color etc. Most important is the adding of furbolgs :D i pray for that to happen. if praying won't work, then take my money!Thurok0 07 Mar
07 Mar Most unoriginal or uninspired PVP teams you've faced? After a conversation on the WCP discord today I thought it would be funny to list the most unoriginal or uninspired PVP teams. I’m going to put forward any Haunt, Fiendish Imp and Teroclaw team as the most unoriginal comp I face fairly regularly. When I see it I cannot help but think I’m going to be bored to death and that they are targeting lesser comps for easy wins. The most uninspired team is any combination of a Teroclaw and a Bone Serpent. I get they are the two best pets and easy enough to obtain but come on they don’t work especially well together other than being independently strong. What other teams should ‘grace’ this list?Rosqo35 07 Mar
27 Feb Trilliax Do you want Trillax as battle pet screaming "FILTHY!!!!!" as Lord marrowgar "BONESTORM"?? Subscribe!!!Pàdthai1 27 Feb
27 Feb Wailing caverns pet battle 1 char/ week You cant do these challenges on alts at all?Ievanpolkka4 27 Feb
26 Feb so what would you pay for hatespark the tiny? so what would you pay for hatespark the tiny? i am quite confused on all those price check homepages...Wind2 26 Feb
25 Feb Broken chain of pet trainers? I have restareted my carees as a pet trainer. I looked into my achievement Taming Kalimdor and found out that I do have some progress, but it seems wrong: I have credit for Dagra and Analynn and no credit for Zunta. How is that possible? Also, I tried to restart the quest, but the OG quest giver gives me nothing, Zunta will not battle me, I don't know what to do. I can continue from Analynn to Stonetalon, but I would like to complete the achievement and that is not possible without Zunta. Any ideas? Tried picking up OG q with an alt, also no quest available.Twixkineez1 25 Feb
24 Feb Boneshard's Bonestorm? Not sure if they removed it or not but how do the Boneshard pet do its Bonestorm? For me it doesnt do it automatically or do i have to do an emote or something?Cheng1 24 Feb
23 Feb Pigeon Pet Even though there is a vast array of little feathered friends in WoW, there seems to be a lack in pigeons! Wouldn't it be nice to have a simple pigeon as a pet/mount or just flying around in some capital? To be fair, I find it a bit specie-ist that there are no pigeons in WoW...Cuddlefish0 23 Feb
23 Feb Err why can people kill me while i.. Hi So i was doing pet battle in world, trying get an pet i really been looking a long time for. And i finally found it, then started pet battle.. But then all the sudden a Rogue came and KILLED me??? Why in the world can people go attack me while i do pet battle thats really lame and don't make sense at all :\ So cuz of that Rogue i lost the pet i was gonna get and didn't find it again... So PLEASE fix so people can't go PvP you while you do pet battles...... DEuZDeuz11 23 Feb
22 Feb Wild battle spots and methods Old hands already know all this. I just typed out a set of wild pet levelling spots on the Discord, and figured I'd copy it here so I can point to it for the next time someone needs suggestions, rather than typing it out again These are spots where you will find wild level 22-25 pets that will give decent pet XP if you're grinding out wild battles. Of course, it's better to do the tamers first, for better XP/hour and better still to do Squirt on Squirt day. But this is something you can do at any time, and even after the 7.3.5 leelling nerfs, your character still gets decent character levelling XP from doing wild battles, so it you can level your pets while levelling your character. 1. Dragonbone Hatchlings at the big skeleton beside Wyrmrest. Stable Master just beside you for heals. Battles tend to be a bit slow, because you start against a Flyer, but the backup pets are often Aquatic or other. Feline Familiar with Onyx Bite and Devour is good. So is an EPW. But neither of them are a ball of speed here. 2. Critters in Crystalsong Forest just below Dalaran. 3. Aquatics in Mistfall. Stable Master beside you. 4. Aquatics beside No-No. Safe for very low alts if you can get there but need a lot of bandages to keep going in volume 5. Critters in Halfhill between the village an Lucky Yi, and around Lucky Yi 6. Icespine Hatchlings in Frostfire Ridge. Very handy for Horde 91+ that have a garrison there. BlackFuse Bombling with Armageddon makes these battles very fast, if you have lots of bandages. 7. Crabs in Moonlit Strand in Shadowmoon Valley Draenor. Safe for low levels, and level 60s can fly there if you have Pathfinder and get a portal from a mage If you have pets in your farming team that are good against your target, and that heal well, you can do with relatively few bandages. My main farmer for critters is a Cornish Rex Cat, though any cat will do. Feline Familiar is traditional. So will a Teroclaw with Claw and Ravage. Make sure never to kill except with Ravage My main farmer for aquatics is a Pterrordax Hatchling because its heal keeps it going all day but a Teroclaw with Alpha Strike will also do pretty well. I prefer Ravage to Healing Ward on a Teroclaw for Aquatics, but I've never been quite sure about the tradeoff between the less-damage of Ravage and the take-more-damage of Nature's Ward. Depends how well your Dodge guesses go, I suppose. For carrying Level 1s: You can safely level a level 1 carry by starting with a Turkey and using Food Coma (except against critters), swap the level 1 in, then swqp it out again. You can also start with a Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling's Decoy, swap in the level 1, swap it out again.Gráinne0 22 Feb
21 Feb Thanks Blizz for another bugged pet Tottle´s ability Shell Rush is bugged. Whenever it is used against a team with a dead pet, it instantly ends the match. It also instantly ends the match if there is no pet for swap (both allied pets are dead). Thanks for this epic experience Blizz.Mortdecay3 21 Feb
13 Feb I need more vegetables We have carrots and radish. But what about corn on a cob, tomato or lettuce. These seem like pretty cool pets to me. I bet there are more vegetables ripe for being turned into pets, but my vegetable knowledge is limited.Crôwley1 13 Feb
13 Feb Mailemental & Armory Just wondering if anybody else has collected the Mailemental pet, but is not having it show as collected in the armory?Cheshann3 13 Feb
11 Feb Taming kalimdor - Cassandra Kaboom? Hi. So my problem is i cannot fight cassandra, but wait before you gonna roast me. I took whole questline, i've been near every previous tamer in search for quest, been to Varzok, nothing. I cannot get quest to defeat kassandra anywhere. Anyone know how to solve it?Epigon5 11 Feb
10 Feb Question reg. Uuna Archenon poros! I have to admit, with the "Uuna secret" being solved and all (, there's still a fairly simple question I haven't been able to google an answer for: If I go save Uuna, will the progress be accountwide? Or would I need to solve the puzzle on any alt that NEEDS to be hugged by Uuna on a regular basis?Khayri1 10 Feb
10 Feb Essence of Competition It's time for winter Olympic games in south Korea. Please blizz guys make the Essence of competition pet available. It would be nice to have the possibility to get him again (it's an asiatic theme too)Ogrina0 10 Feb
10 Feb Is there any named pet database? Is there any online database that allows you to look up what player is behind any named pet? esp. those insultive pet names. Or tbh, I'd like to see who is that salty mofo, who tried to beat me with a counter team (after losing 2 times) - he used twilight clutch-sister, infernal pyreclaw and stormwing and still lost xDD One of his pets was "monkaretard". Any clues?Alchemiczka1 10 Feb
09 Feb How do i make my max level pets stronger? Hey guys! So i just wanted to find out how to make my battle pets stronger and increase their stats? Im asking about lv 25 rare pets. Is there a way to make them epic? Im finding it hard to do some of the battle pet quests with what i have. Thanks a lot guys!Ødîn9 09 Feb
08 Feb Do the players in Pet PvP have random appearances? Probably a silly question but not something I have ever noticed before. When I played some Pet PvP today I played against the same team three times in a row but each time my opponent had a different appearance. Is that because the mini game assigns a random look to your character whenever you play? Also I would really like to see who I'm playing against when I PvP. When you have had a great battle it would be very cool to be able to contact that player and have a chat about teams and such. Anyone else feel that way?Icehouse12 08 Feb
06 Feb Sprite darter hatchling fly but not the Sun darter? Maybe this is just a bug for me, but i find it off that the sprite darter pet can fly alongside your mount but the Sundarter cannot. I dont know why this bothers me so much...Koromgosh1 06 Feb
03 Feb anyone need some pets? I have a few pets to give away - as I cannot seem to sell them!Porridgeboy3 03 Feb
02 Feb Most Satisfying Pet Battle Moments? What are your most satisfying pet battle moments in your experience? Such as managing to defeat a team with overused pets with under-used ones, or finding an interesting interaction between pet battle abilities? Earlier today, I was using a Tinytron against a Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling. Putting both Fire and Lightning on whilst the Dragonling decoy'd up (as usual), It was quite funny to see the Dragonling get hit for half of it's health whenever it attacked me (Yes, even through the decoy!) Best bit was, my opponent just sat there for a good 20 seconds the next turn trying to figure out how it happened.Ursarvis6 02 Feb
01 Feb Qiraji hatchling Apprently I need to wait untill summer to catch this pet..? Is there no other way? I dont see one on the AH at the moment.. It's the last one I need for the achi... :(Glauron4 01 Feb
31 Jan Instant rematches problem I'm so sick of queuing into the same team a few times in a row, even if I wait a while to queue again. There should be an option to disable instant rematches...Sandalf3 31 Jan
31 Jan pet battle noob ok guys as title say i'm fairly new to pet battle and i started doing the quest line ( reached cata tamers ) and honestly i feel its very overwhelming with so many pets and i have no idea what to level or not and what are good combo teams ( like heal pet- tanky one or whatnot ) any help is more than welcomeBlackheàrt8 31 Jan
24 Jan Twilight Clutch-Sister There’s a lot of these in the meta now as it seems the grinders have well and truly taken up using them. It’s not really much fun to face them especially considering the ease it takes to play. I thought it could be good to list some nice counters for people who might be struggling. I’ve been using qiraji guardling and Blightbreath primarily depending what other pets it’s paired with. The Guardling has strong dmg against it, a stun and sandstorm to limit the dot and aoe dmg. Blightbreath can spam it’s aoe which does strong damage with the added plus of the cleansing rain reducing the dot damage.Rosqbank15 24 Jan
24 Jan Warning: Pet names disappearing Remember that pet journal bug that was causing names to display all lowercase after using searching tool? Now, it seems it has extended to a worse condition. The names tend to disappear, either partially, or completely. A sample: Yellow dots show partially removed names. Red dots show these entirely cleared out. As you can see, I decided to disable addons to no avail. What helps: Avoiding to use search tool. /reload.What else remember to do: Backup your holy trinity (Cache, WTF, Interface). The WTF alone should do, but better safe than sorry. (Although the names are stored server-side, aren't they? – you need to prevent addons from interaction with duplicates etc.) /reload UI each time you're gonna logout/leave the game, to avoid possible name loss OR exit game by killing the process (caution: this prevents the game from saving ALL session changes, not just bad ones)Mini-Cataclysm indeed.Remte5 24 Jan
24 Jan Custom pet names in pet journal I thought they fixed the bug where custom pet names appear as single letters or nothing? I still have this one.... :/Alchemiczka1 24 Jan
24 Jan Globe Yeti Only one spawn every 30 minutes and can't even realmhop (Helped me with the Minfernal in the end) Already wasted a day and now a troll keeps the one that spawned in combat for over/near 15 minutes now!Destruct12 24 Jan
23 Jan i need some help Hello Yes i need some help is there any way to see which pets are good against different like 1 beast 2 magical 3 elemental i try to level up some low level pets but i have trouble finding pets to match what i face in the wild so all help and tips are greatly appreciated / PetriPlåtpelle6 23 Jan
22 Jan 2 - 2 = 1 I really dont get why a Alpha Strike (if your faster then the enemy, you hit 2 time) only hit for one time when your vs a mech dragon that drop Decoy (that block 2 attack). Why have this never been fix'ed?, surely a attack that hit 2 time is mend to nuke this?Assassia6 22 Jan
22 Jan Search Bug in Pet Journal [7.3.5] January 25, 2018 FIXED AFTER WEEKLY RESET :) Search bug in the Pet Journal in the latest patch 7.3.5 (January 1/19/2018) ALTHOUGH there were noticable custom pet name issues since 7.3! When I type the LAST letter of the LAST word for a pet in the Pet Journal, it doesn't show up in the search. For example: When I type "Emperor Crab" it does NOT show up in the results. However, when I type "Emperor Cra" it shows up. Also, my custom pet names don't show in my Pet Journal anymore. If my custom names do show, they would be incomplete and or not capitalized. However, when I summon them their custom names look fine. Is there a fix for this please? (Please see example screenshots on Imgur album. Yes, I have tested it with all AddOns disabled) 22 Jan
22 Jan Falling? Reoriginating Pulse? Queued for pet battles on the Vindicaar and got ported to Krokuun high above ground. Falling damage and I auto loss? Next try portal somewhere and taking stange damage, maybe Sentinax strikes? Also character dead and auto loss.Wrathfire7 22 Jan
21 Jan Family Brawler Here's some exciting news: ... I've seen similar ideas posted in many good discussions, so it's real nice to see blizzard listen to the pet enthusiasts and actually include something like this. Looking forward to the next patch, and to see what kind of teams people will come up with! :DErdinger33 21 Jan
20 Jan 7.3.5 - Visually Bugged Skills So with the latest patch, it seems a LOT of skills are now bugged visually, making it hard to follow the flow of the fight. All buffs (eg. Adrenaline Rush, Shell Shield), all debuffs (eg. Stampede, Squawk) and the like no longer show the breaking shields, swords, speed boost etc. Burrow etc. no longer have the sinking animation, just changes to being underground. Many defensive skills (eg. Deflection, Shell Shield) fire their animation twice. Some skills, eg. Farmer Nishi's Siren's Photosynthesis, have lost their sound effects. Oldie but goodie, Powerball STILL rotates around some imaginary axis rather than the center of the pet. The Pandaren Spirit tamers have lost their voices. Anything else you guys have noticed?Calydor2 20 Jan
20 Jan Thundering Serpent Hatchling from BMAH I'm getting worried; I haven't seen any single report of its presence, whether it would be in stock or inside unclaimed containers. Could someone shed some Light on that?Remte3 20 Jan
18 Jan Family Brawler Achievement - Pet and Team Guide As it’s widely expected that 7.3.5 will be going live next reset I’ve done a brief guide for each family type and possible teams to use. Hopefully it will be useful to some of you going for the tabard and achievement. Thanks all.Rosqo3 18 Jan
12 Jan Is it still possible to get all pets? Hello, I'm an old player having played vanilla and TBC, then quit for 3 expansions and came back for Legion. Ever since discovering pet battles, I've been quite hooked, trying to do all the achievements etc... Now my question is: is it even possible for me to get all pets, seeing as I am 4 expansions behind...?Glauron10 12 Jan