Pet Battles

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14h 3rd pet suggestions? Hello, I'm semi-new to pet battles. At the moment I'm using a Mechanical Squirrel and a Skunk (Not sure on their specs(P,P/P,S etc), is there a way to check? . I like these two pets, mostly for looks but I'm not sure on a 3rd pet. What would be a good type to balance these 2? I'm using a Core Hound at the moment. Thanks.Twìgs6 14h
1d Rematch team imports? Hi there! Does anybody have a good deal of Rematch teams saved for various NPCs/battle pet trainers? I've been massively neglecting pet battles this expansion just because I can't be bothered making my own teams or checking WoWhead for hardcounters, anyone got strings they can share? Thanks!Nemedon5 1d
2d Running OP pets in PVP makes you a bad player? Iv’e been thinking this for a while but if you run teams non stop consisting of the strongest pets available it actually makes you a bad player. It’s saying you can’t win without having your team compensated for lack of skill. If you think the argument if it’s available to play why shouldn’t I applies here. I’m actually saying these players lack the skill to win any other way that in training wheels easy mode.Rosqo15 2d
3d Battle Pet Tamers Warlords bugged? The quests says I have to defeat five pet battle trainers in Draenor, but after one fight it says 3/5 have been defeated. It used to be 1/5 after one fight. It has been so the past couple of times. Has this changed, or is it a bug?Eathryl5 3d
3d DK frustration I'm trying to get the 3 batllepets that are available for each of the DK's specs but even after getiing all 3 weapons to level 50+ and getting the Power Unleashed achievement i still can find/buy them from any NPC in my class hall. Any help/ideas on how to get would be appreciated.Redead4 3d
4d Thank you for new collection achievements! While a new Safari is obvious (and the reward is a placeholder), we also get 800 and 1000 pet achievements complete with new pets! 800 pets – Pet Emporium: Rooter – a mechanical marmot (with Jademist base speed atm :<) 1000 pets – Master of Minions: Hearthy – a long-known Hearthstone elemental. Still placeholder data. There's also a reward for 400 toys (Toybox Tycoon), Brutus, that is a also a mech.Remte0 4d
4d Ranked pet PVP Based on a thought in another thread, a suggestion: Let's have a ranked ladder for pet PVP. If done correctly, this will provide for a lot of interesting gameplay, because that's content created by players and players are creative. The proposed rules: 1. Every player has a rating, ELO / TrueSkill / something similar. The system uses the rating to find matches, the usual. 2. Every time a player wins, the pets he won with become ineligible for future games until the weekly reset. The eligibility is per-species, having doubles and triples of the same pet should not help. (Maybe the eligibility should be per-species per-breed, allowing to play the same pet as long as breeds are different.) Every week after the reset all pets become available for rated games again. 3. Players get rewards for reaching rating X (just achievements). There are no PVP seasons, it's all continuous. There is no rating decay. What do you think? The idea is to create interesting and varied games and a lasting global scene. Maybe rule 2 is too harsh in that it limits the number of games you can play in a week too much. Maybe it could be changed to make pets ineligible for X matches - like 10. That way it would be infeasible to farm rating with the same OP team, because you'd be winning 1 game and then losing about half of the next 10, however you'd be able to play non-stop if you want to. No need to reset anything on Wed then.Mellinora5 4d
5d What are the best pets right now? Hey, I have a question - are there any pets who are really powerful and stronger than the others? I don't know which pets to catch, which ones too level up with 25lvl battle stone. I do pvp for fun, sometimes pve (I try to get Xu-Fu but it is so hard to kill even one npc!). Top rated pets on haven't really checked since last year. I have Anubisath, Unborn, Pandaren WS and Graves from that list. Wanted to get the Chrominius but most of them have been changed lately and they are not OP anymore, there are no OP combos. I think my strongest pet is Nether Faerie Dragon - his arcane attacks are strong and Evanescence/life exchange are really, really great. I've heard that Zandalari Kneebiter and Bloodgazer Hatchling are quite good - the first one does good combo with Unborn, but he's really hard to catch. Could you help me a bit?Wildfox20 5d
5d Pet battle smartphone app What if there was an app that allowed you to do your pet battle dailies of tamers you have already beaten through your smartphone without having to fly all over Azeroth. Think it's a good or a bad idea? Personally I am loving the legion companion app and the armory app and I think such a change would be a major quality of life improvement. I would also definitely pay up to 10$ just so I don't have to fly all over the place all the time. There are quite a few moments that I have free time with my cellphone but no computer nearby.Edgelorder30 5d
08 May Pet consumables not working Hi everyone, I am experiencing some difficulty with a variety of the pet consumables. More specifically I can't seem to use the "Ultimate Battle-Training Stone", the "Marked Flawless Battle-Stone" or the "Flawless Battle-Training Stone". I summon my pet, so that it's next to me. I either select the pet and right click the stone, or right click the stone and left click on the pet. The animation "runs" but the pet stay at the same level / rareity and the stone is not consumed. Have anyone else experienced this?Asyane2 08 May
06 May Bought a new pet and cant level it So i was using 3 pets all level 15 and then yesterday I decided to buy a new pet level 1. So on my lineup i have one level 1 pet and two level 15s and did one of the quests pet battles, the team i was fighting were only level 7. So i let my level 1 attack first to hopefully get it some good xp then switched out for my level 15 and killed the rest of the team but after the fight my level 1 got no xp at all, is this normal? And if so how do i get my level 1 to 15 fast is there a way ?Zeusgeorge9 06 May
05 May Why is this abomination possible? I queued up into him about 8 times or so, I always forfeited before we started. It's literally taking the fun out of pet battling for me every time I see this pet, but 3 of this garbage pet in the same team makes me never wanna queue again. 05 May
03 May Bought pet from AH and its missing Just bought the mechanical pandaren dragonling from AH got it in my mail but when i go to my pet journal its not there, anyone know how to fix this ?Zeusgeorge3 03 May
03 May Baby Murloc Pets Would appreciate some thoughts on this. Baby Murloc pets of all iterations have always been exclusive to Blizzcon or some other promotion, but will we ever actually see one in game? Ones I'm aware of: Murky - Blizzcon 2005, Lurky - EU TBC CE, Gurky - Fansite Promotion, Grunty - Blizzcon 2009, Deathy - Blizzcon 2010, Murkablo - Blizzcon 2011. Now there is a couple of others, Kwurky is available as a plush toy but not ingame to my knowledge & the various other colours, think the tadpoles at the quest hub in Borean Tundra aren't available either. In the patch notes for PTR 5.1, i recall a note saying "Murki is now a battle pet" unless it's a typo is there an actual "Murki" pet? Or will Blizzard ever relent and make on of these available via the Blizz Store or rare in game? I think most pet collectors would agree that these pets are adorable, yet far too elusive, Murky will set you back 2000 dollars from a particular website, serious scrilla, you'd need to either be insane or carrying a winning lottery ticket to get that pet :(. What do you guys think?Pokkai7 03 May
01 May Fun wild caught PVP teams I've been having some fun running purely pets that are wild caught in the PVP queue and its surprisingly refreshing. I was wondering if this is something that anyone else does and if not recommend giving it a try. The easiest way to find pets that are wild caught is to use a filter in Rematch and then search from there. I find that filtering on pets that sources are Pet Battle and are Non-Tradable. If you are wondering what some cool combo's or teams are I'd recommend: Combo - S/S Alpine Foxling 2, 1, 2 and Squirky either, 1, 2 Combo - P/S Nexus Whelpling 2, 2, 2 and S/S Arcane Gorger 2, 2, 1 Team H/H Scourged Whelpling 2, 2, 1, H/H or H/S Fel Flame 1, 2, 2 and S/S Cogblade Raptor 2, 2, 1 Combo P/P Junglebeak 2, 1, 2 and Wild Jade Hatchling 2, 1, 1 Team Any Frog with Water Jet, Cleansing Rain & Swarm of Flies, P/S Shimmering Aquafly 2, 1, 2 and H/H Spirit Crab 1, 1, 2 Combo H/P Infected Squirrel 2, 2, 1 and S/S Nether Faerie Dragon 2, 1, 1 Let me know if you have had success with wild teams or have any nice combos you always fall back on. Give me a shout if you would like any more suggestions. Thanks allRosqo6 01 May
30 Apr Aulier Make Aulier available after at least Masquerade, having to redo a lot of conent on my alts are neither fun nor rewarding. And yes Aulier is one of the tamers needed for Family Fighter so he is optional. Optional as he might be, it's frustrationg to have to do a lot of Suramar on all the toons I want to help me with Family Fighter.Arcana1 30 Apr
30 Apr Most unoriginal or uninspired PVP teams you've faced? After a conversation on the WCP discord today I thought it would be funny to list the most unoriginal or uninspired PVP teams. I’m going to put forward any Haunt, Fiendish Imp and Teroclaw team as the most unoriginal comp I face fairly regularly. When I see it I cannot help but think I’m going to be bored to death and that they are targeting lesser comps for easy wins. The most uninspired team is any combination of a Teroclaw and a Bone Serpent. I get they are the two best pets and easy enough to obtain but come on they don’t work especially well together other than being independently strong. What other teams should ‘grace’ this list?Rosqo48 30 Apr
29 Apr Pet Battle Updates in Beta BFA Good news, everyone! Bone Serpent: swapped positions of Call Darkness and Lift Off Teroclaw Hatchling: Dodge and Nature's Ward now occupy the same tier Crow and Gilnean Raven: -200 power, +200 speed Cyclone: damage changed from 7 to 3-7 Haunt: returns the pet at 50% health when sacrificed instead of 100%.I am happy. BS and tlcaws are getting Graves treatment.Спиннинг11 29 Apr
26 Apr Leveling chars using pet battles Hey, Leveling alts to max (characters, not pets) is long and tedious, and I found xp gain using pet-battles a very nice filler and good way to add some variety to the long way. This is probably not news for some, but winning in PB (under some conditions) grants char xp. What was indeed surprising for me was the amount of the xp, to the point it seems PB is one of the most efficient ways for constant xp gain and leveling chars. In short: Take your alt to a high pet-level zone (pets 20+) and start battling wild pets, while your team is ± (preferably lower) than the level of your opponents. You will get 2%-3% of a level each win. In details: PB xp gain is preferable for higher level chars (70-110). The idea is to fight wild pets, while your team is "close enough" (will be explained) to the level of the pets you fight. Winning will get you a very nice chunk of character xp, along with some pet xp. When I say "nice chunk" I mean about 75% of the xp you would normally gain from a single quest in your current level. So basically, it's like completing 3/4 of a quest every battle, with endless amount of "quests", and while each quest is completed in less than 2 minutes. It's really efficient as it sounds. In addition to char xp, its also a nice way to fill your roster with missing wild pets, and provides some xp to your lower level pets. And (imo) it's also more fun. Key mechanics and tips (based on in-game tests): To gain char xp, the level difference between your team and the opponent's should be maximum of +5. For example: if your team is 25, you will gain xp for defeating a 20s team, but not for defeating 19s. Your team level is determined by the level of the highest pet participating in the battle. The lower your team level is, the more char xp you gain. Some reference numbers (in short): For equal level teams you gain about 75% of a quest, and add/reduce roughly 4% for each level difference. For example: for -3 dif (your team's level is lower) - you get 87% of a quest, and for +3 (your team is higher) – you get about 63% of a quest. Lowering your team is good for extra xp, but keep in mind that using too low team may cause the fight to be longer or even fail, and eventually slow you down. So a good balance I found is about 0 to -2, providing your team can negate the pets in the current area. Heirlooms increase your char xp gain also in PB and will boost you nicely, so use them. Rested buff (the 200% from monsters) has no meaning so no need to rest… Fighting a pet below level 15 means you will face less than 3 opponents, and the xp will be significantly lower - so it's not really worth the effort if the sole sake is xp gains. That’s why this method is less efficient for low level chars, and questing/mob killing will level you faster.Personally I leveled this way three 110s (from around 80), almost without visiting the Broken Isles. For me Uldum was a great area with constant battles, and ofc Pandaria which with a combo of daily PBs and wild battles is an awesome place for leveling. Hope it helps and happy battling!Gigabitè2 26 Apr
25 Apr Critter Brawler help been trying to complete this achievment but 8/10 matches I get destroyed by so many things: - Beast attacks - Humanoid pets - Sunny Day teams - Sandstorm - Darkness teams using Nocturnal Strike - Flying pets ruins Ninja Breed Critters - any form of mitigation ruins multi-hit attacks - Undeads despite being strong against them - Horrible racial compared to others I would say the most common issues i'm having is getting bursted down by Flying Darkness teams, Beast attacks, Nexus Whelplings and cleave teams. What Critter comps are good right now? Trying to get 3 S/S Frostfire Rats but no luck and still loses to faster threats using multi-hit moves.Devilcurse5 25 Apr
25 Apr Pet suggestions. Because why not. And while we're at it, why not murlocs. First off, the Deep Murloc Hatchling An aquatic type murloc. For reference, Those little guys. Moveset: Fish Slap/Stampede Bubble/Toxic Skin Angler Swipe/Swallow You Whole All of them abilities that would befit a murloc, mostly aquatic, with one special ability: Angler Swipe: Hits target for some damage, blinds for 1 turn. 3 rounds cooldown. ____ Secondly, the Angry Little Mur'ghoul An undead type murloc with a nostalgic WotLK vibe. Something like this guy. Its moveset could be: Rabid Strike/Consume Rot/Plagued Blood Corpse Explosion/Wrath of the Mrrgl King This time all undead type abilities. Again, each of them befitting a mur'ghoul pet. Yet again, with a single special ability. Wrath of the Mrrgl King: Causes all undead pets to deal 50% more damage for 2 turns. Both friendly and enemy pets are affected. 5 rounds cooldown. We do need alternatives on our murlocs. Murlocs in different family types would be especially neat, I'd say. They could be a rare drop from their bigger counterparts or just be a capturable battle pet.Guanyin0 25 Apr
25 Apr Family Fighter. Post your sucess! Well. This was the hardest thing I have done in pet battles. It's supposed to be tho isnt it? It took me 5 days of grind. 100k in the Auction House. 1,500 ish Pet Charms and at least 200 battle bandages. Im certain Im not the only one. There will be a few others in here already. Lets here about your success!Exris19 25 Apr
22 Apr Master Trainer's Tabard I obtained this item a while back but i was abit dissapointed to see it was a soulbound tabard instead of a Bind on account tabard. This very tabard is now stuck in a bag of an alt. For an item that is obtained across all characters you are unable to achieve the same meta achievement on a different character so it would be quite great if this item became bind on account. Now i know you can transmog it but it feels abit different then having the actual item on your main or atleast it does for me as a collecter.Azraleth3 22 Apr
20 Apr Pet battle beginner I love collecting companion pets, but i really really hate pet battles. Unfortunately, there are a lot of pets that can't be acquired without battling. I found Xu-Fu's pet battle guide, which has helped me win a couple of world quests, but it does not seem to have strategies for the earliest pet battle quests, (also i do not want to raise three individual pets for every single fight). What's a good pet battle team/strategy that can beat the easier pet battle quests? I have more than half of the pets, so it's likely i have them already. (Not neccessarily PVP. That seems to be an whole other kettle of murlocs.)Doodlybap6 20 Apr
13 Apr Algalon pet battle why do you do it Blizz? thousands and thousands of people have got the celestial rabbit by defeating him then go and change the fight and make his pets so over powered that you get wiped in seconds, and dont anyone on here tell me otherwise, I have just watched over 10 YT videos on this fight and none of them work, but clearly they do in the videosStormtone4 13 Apr
13 Apr Bit of a strange question going to ask it anyway, does anyone know the timescale of rain in stranglethorne?? Im trying to collect the monkey pet which only spawns when it rains, i have a char camped out there now for nearly 3 months and have been logging on 4 times a day at different times but with no luck??Stormtone3 13 Apr
13 Apr Celestial tournament HELP :-( Hi all Ive been trying to complete this since mop and still cant get close. I recently looked at wowhead showing the darkmoon zep, water spirit and chrominus tactic. I spend almost 200k to get them only to find since the nerf it doesnt work.... I have over 300 pets so many 25s but cant kill the celestials. Can anyone please help any more info required im happy to provide. Im just really in need of pets to consistantly take out thr celestisals as i have no problems with the first 3 battles.Nayfu5 13 Apr
12 Apr How to beat Gloamwing easily have 2 stormborne whelpling in the middle and lower spot, and have a wicked soul in the first one. same abilities on both whelplings because you pass first round to get soul to take the damage. Then you arcane storm with first whelpling (they take no damage and do a whole lot of it), then you just spam mana surge until the first one dies and the second one gets put out of combat by his portal ability. At that point just use your shadow shock until he's dead (2 or 1 rounds) setup for pets: wicked soul: shadow shock, agony, haunt (last two abilities doesn't matter since you will only be doing brute dmg with it as finisher) stormborne whelplings have same setup: frost breath (don't use tho), mana surge, arcane storm so gamplay is: pass, arcane storm, mana surge, mana surge, shadow shock. since the mana surge's will go on until they're dead (3 rounds) hope i help some of you, i was on this for 2 hrs trying to make a good setup :)Påvn0 12 Apr
11 Apr Triple Nexus Whelplings Is someone here running this for their 5k? I’ve faced the same team for a few weeks now. I’m pretty sure it’s being scripted as it plays in the most bizarre way. I’m asking as could you at least mix it up a bit? As much fun as finding different counters is it does become somewhat boring after literally dozens of wins.Rosqo7 11 Apr
10 Apr Team to play during the critter event So as many of you know I hate fotm meta teams especially during the critter event when there are newer players starting off. I thought I’d suggest a team I have recently got to 100 wins with a record of 100 wins, 4 losses and 1 draw. The team is: P/P Autumnal Sproutling running Club, Natures Ward and Fist of the Forest. S/S Qiraji Guardling running Crush, Sandstorm and Blackout Kick. H/H Iron Starlette running Wind Up, Powerball and Supercharge. A basic guide is take haunts and face darkness birds with the Autumnal Sproutling. Maintaining Natures Ward and swap to backline for healing. Start with Guardling when it’s faster than opponents pets and get Sandstorm up for multi hits or aoe. Speed up the Starlette whilst Sandstorm is up and use it to take out pets without evasion abilities with Wind Up and Supercharge combo. The strength of the team is how awkward it is to face with current meta pets. You will need to play with some common sense and not to expect such a crazy record as I have. Here is the link to a video of it in action Ivs another of my very best teams which shows the good benchmark.Rosqo8 10 Apr
08 Apr Selling TCG pets for Gold Selling TCG pets for Gold is this allowed here? I have all of them currently and want to sell them for gold instead.Sorrowseer1 08 Apr
08 Apr Snozz vs Dragonkins This little guy is proven to be more of a pain in the !@#$ vs dragons than Qyborn or the Night King! He totaly gangs on my dragons. I now have more dragonbones than any other place known to humanity!! Jokes aside, has anyone found a solution to down Snozz with Dragonkins? I have tried everything and nothing seems to work :(Terykats18 08 Apr
07 Apr Anubisath Idol In awe of the size of this lad, absolute unit.Dvlx2 07 Apr
27 Mar Buying pets from AH Thinking about buying some for the pet battles what are the best to buy from the auction house and roughly how much do they cost ?Thegrinch4 27 Mar
24 Mar Really worried about the Perky Pug pet. The poor little fella keeps scooting around on its bum. This is a serious problem & it may need its anal glands removed by a vet. Can we have a quest to take it to the vets & have it seen to stop it? Thanks. (it's a real action that the pug does.)Corey1 24 Mar
23 Mar Pet battle timer ? Been trying to do pet battles and it says average wait time is about 1 min but ive been wait anywhere from 15-45 mins for a pet battle am i doing something wrong ? And whats the fastest way to doing pet battles?Thegrinch8 23 Mar
23 Mar Blizz are you missing a trick here? Hi guys I hope this post finds you all well and good: I was going throught the list of battle pets that I have yet to own in my inventory and noticed a lot that I will never ever be able to achive, i.e. Blizzcon 2009, 2010, 2011 etc.etc. and a few others as Im not into the other games that come with these free pets and dont really want to pay out for a game Im never going to play. Surely as a business your there to make money so why not sell off the pets that are going to be impossible to get and make some money while us collectors can check off some of the rarer pets we are missing. Ive tracked some of them down on websites but Im not paying the crazy money they are asking for, one, I cant afford it and two, I would not pay it on priciple. (some were asking hundreds and hundres of dollars/pounds/euros) it would not change the dynamic of the game and it would make Blizz some money in the longrun (not that you need it, but thats another argument.. ;-) thanks in advance for any help and adviceStormtone2 23 Mar
23 Mar Locked battle pet slots Hey there! I have problem with pet slots. As you can see on the post below, I already completed that achievement but slot is still locked. Any thoughts? 23 Mar
23 Mar Ban-Fu, Cub of Ban-Lu Hi guys, I want to collect this pet but cant get back to the wandering isle, it says its brought from Mei Chele for 1000 resources, but not sure what resourses or how I get back to the isle?? can anyone help me please??Stormtone2 23 Mar
23 Mar Poor breeds ? Hi guys, I wanted a PoV from some experts around here. Because I've the feeling that my teams have terrible breeds. Im getting shreded in PvP and in PvE on argus for the achievements any advice ?Justfrøst8 23 Mar
22 Mar Xu-Fu pet battle when did they change the fight with Xu-Fu??, he didnt used to heal like that, and none of the old tactics work, this is so unfair to the people who have not yet done the celestial tournement?? Im getting so pissed off with Blizzard changing stuff every 2 minsStormtone3 22 Mar
18 Mar PvP pet tournament (Eu+Ru) Good news, everyone! Next Sunday we are planning to have a pvp pet battle tournament on Silvermoon Eu at 6pm cet. Some familiar faces you might see there are: Rosqo, reigning eu champion: CloseToZero, august eu champion: Silly, Wootzy and me (Spinning). We also might have three more players with cyrillic names =) Format: All wild caught pets. Race to two wins. No more than one of the same family on the team. At least three teams to participate. To decide who goes first we /roll. Emperor crab p/p breed is banned. Other breeds and other crabs are allowed. Everyone who wants to join, feel free to post a response here or contact me in game. P.S This topic is a duplicate of the one I posted on a russian battle net. I got a blue response there!Спиннинг18 18 Mar
17 Mar Rocket Chicken no longer explodes Hi, Sorry if this is the wrong place, I almost never post on the forums. I have noticed over the past few months, that my rocket chicken has stopped taking off and exploding. It will now instead, completely disappear instead of exploding. I am unsure for how long this has been an issue exactly, as I came back from a break a few months ago. I noticed it immediately on my return as my rocket chicken is my favourite pet (I like exploding pets). I am posting about it now, because as always with bugs, I assumed it was a known issue and would be fixed in time. Sadly it seems that it isn't that well known and I miss seeing my rocket chicken explode :(Esmerrelda3 17 Mar
16 Mar garrison pet battle grubbles Hi all, I think there may be a bug in the Grubbles pet battle, I had on my safari hat, a 50% extra pet treat, and a 10% extra pet treat, put a lvl 1 pet in the mix to lvl it up and after I had won the fight, my lvl 1 pet put on just 1 lvl, that cant be right surely???Stormtone3 16 Mar
12 Mar Why I hate pet battles Every pet battle against npcs they always have an ability on one of their pets where they can damage your other 2 pets in the back. literally always. Those abilitys are so annoying and as far as I remember you couldn't do that in pokemon. I always get rekt by some cheap tactic by the npcs where they put your best pet in sleep draw him to the backline then switch to some pet that does damage to all your pets and you pretty much get rekt because all your pets have 50% or less health. I wish this wasn't in the game because it seems a bit op especially when every npc trainer on world quests has such an ability. Also the fact that I could instantly upgrade some of my pets to max level kind of destroyed the fun out of itMancubus13 12 Mar
09 Mar WTS sell pet levels or pets by tokens! Hey, i have tons(40000) Pet Charms to sell to players. I help you build fast way max level pet yours favorite pets; just wondering how much max level selling could be but i think right now 500g to 950g per pet. B.tag; hades#2257 Alliance Garrison vendor npc; Lio the Lioness<Battle Pet Master> Horde Garrison vendor npc; Serr'ah <Battle Pet Master> Also there is dreanor/legion pet charm pets to buy and trade! Items are account bound. But trading pets to another player; let them level pet for you and they return pet with max level. Two kind stones; instantly level 25 or 1sec cd per level tokens are for leveling pets.Holypig0 09 Mar
07 Mar Customizable pets and increased summon pet limit i humbly request for Blizzard to add Furbolgs :D and please increase the summon pet limit to 3, so my fams can accompany me. Blizzard might as well do that since we're able to have 3 pet slots. my gnoll and wolvar fams are suffering since there's no furbolg in our company :( And i would also like to be able to customize my pets like giving my gnoll a different axe or sword and shield or different armor or fur color etc. Most important is the adding of furbolgs :D i pray for that to happen. if praying won't work, then take my money!Thurok0 07 Mar
27 Feb Trilliax Do you want Trillax as battle pet screaming "FILTHY!!!!!" as Lord marrowgar "BONESTORM"?? Subscribe!!!Pàdthai1 27 Feb
27 Feb Wailing caverns pet battle 1 char/ week You cant do these challenges on alts at all?Ievanpolkka4 27 Feb