Pet Battles

6h Bloodgazer/Direbeak Team Rumble Ok guys, I need help...I've tried and tried and I just can't beat the world quests...I have 2/3 done with one and 1/3 done with the other. I don't really want to have to wait for new world quests to spawn so any advice would be great. For those that don't know the quests are win 3 world quest pet battles with Direbeak and 2 humanoid pets and 3 world quests with Bloodgazer and 2 beats pets My teams were Direbeak Anubisath Idol Kun-Lai Gruntling Bloodgazer Alpine foxling kit Crunchy Spider The 2 quests I was trying to do were "Help a Whelp" and "Training with Bredda" None of ym pets had skills to counter the damage going out or the damage coming in...for the whelp quest the falcosaur was dying even when it's not active since the eagle uses tornado an AoE arcane blast which often hits the Falcosaur for 600 when it's in the back and since it's a flying pet it gains the 505 haste buff so I can't attack it first for a stun or anything So any advice on what you used to counter it sor should I wait till better quests arriveArchermit5 6h
8h Pet tracker question Can I hide the pets I already have on the map? Thanks!Tigerblood1 8h
3d PvP Pet Battle quest...yay or nay? I have quite a few level 25 pets. I've never done any farming for a certain breed of a certain pet, though I only really use blue level pets anyway. I'm not a hardcore pet battler. I don't feel like researching into the pet battle meta-game, then grinding out whole new pets to make one of the desirable comps. That being said, the quest for 'win pet battle pvp' keeps tempting me. But I'm quite a sore loser and get quite frustrated when I lose a lot. In the pet battle PvP queue, is it mostly the hardcore pet battle PvPers that are about, or are there quite a few casuals like me who I could potentially beat with a semi-decent comp?Shallin2 3d
4d Is there addon to display this? Im looking for an option to display pet's skill as they will be at level 25. Atm, all my level 1 pet skill's shows damage based on pet's level (example: damage 16-24). While my pets at level ~15 have (example damage 130-165) Is there any addon what will show what damage will be at level 25? Example, when you hold alt etc.Ndu5 4d
4d Pets that are or can do something unique? I am looking for companions that are vendors or fight each other randomly and stuff like that. So any pet that is not just standing next to you while it is summoned. I know this is not about pet battles but i thought guys here have the msot knowledge about these things. Also, pets that can be aquired from blizzard store are out, but if u think they are worth mentioning cause they are very very unique add that too. Thank you allGormey3 4d
4d Ok Blizz this has gone for too long Again with the same issue, not that EU Blizzard can do anything about it, as none of them actually have any say in this BUT. Can you FINALLY FIX the pet battle WQ .. 1) Trapper Jarrun 2) Aulier 3) Varenne How hard is it really to have these spawn even once a week? Each day I look for these hoping to finally go and spank them, but oh no. I remember Jarrun and Aulier I believe it was (the vineyard) that Ive ages ago kicked their butts. But seriously ...Naraish2 4d
13 Jan Prism Not Working With Mirror 7.1.5 So I spent the time to grind the pet mirror so I can RP as anything basically, but now I can't use the prisms when I'm in the pet's form. I know they disabled prisms on raid members and they only work on group members, but is this also intentional? Why the hell would Blizz do this?!Barthalameu1 13 Jan
10 Jan I used to think pet battles were fun... Then I got all my pets to level 25 and now keep getting matched up with opponents that have super-rare pets with stupidly overpowered abilities that are basically impossible to win against. When I was still leveling up, I had about a 75% win rate, now it's more like 10% and that's pretty much just when I get lucky enough to get a match-up without overpowered pets. PvP pet battles more and more seem like pure luck to me. First it's the match-up, both in terms of overpowered pets and if they are strong/weak to your pets. Then there's crits, these can make a HUGE difference. Also many pets have RNG abilities like 1-3 hits or 50% chance to hit/stun. If you try to be strategic and change your pets according to your opponents pets, you get punished for it because that's basically one free hit. I'm also starting to think that you cannot use anything but very fast pets in PvP battles because going first is such a MAJOR advantage. I was also wondering who goes first if both pets have the same speed stat, but my guess is RNG again. For the record, I'm using Onyxian Whelpling, Core Hound Pup and Jade Oozeling, all rare, because those were the best I had when I got started. EDIT: Is there no actual match-making for pet battles at all? I just lost 8 games in a row (conceded most of them) and am still getting matched up against impossible opponents. Also, what's the !@#$ing deal with mechanical/undead pets? Why do these have such a HUGE advantage over all other pet families at no cost that I can see?Xingbao9 10 Jan
10 Jan Never -any- Suramar Pet WQ Where are the Suramar pet dailies? Been sniffing around and this appears to be an issue for others as well. If you're going all in for all different 'family' achieves, then you'd need these quests a few times (unless you got 5+ lvl 110s). So where are they hiding?Spiticia13 10 Jan
06 Jan Tiny Terrors and Beasts of Fable with 1 Team The famous "Howl-Bomb" strategy is gone, but I developed a new one, I call "Doombird", which can be used to defeat all "Tiny Terrors" and "Beats of Fable" with one team. You need "Unborn Val'kyr", "Ikky" and an "Emerald Proto-Whelp" for the "Tiny Terrors" and the "Unborn Val'kyr", "Ikky" and a "Moth" for the "Beasts of Fable". Tiny Terrors in Tanaan: (1) (2) Beasts of Fable: Rematch Strings: Tiny Terrors: Beasts of Fable: 06 Jan
06 Jan Opponents declining pet battles Trying to lvl up pets. Getting "pet battle ready" all the time BUT 95% of the time its the opponent that's declining. Not even kidding ive gotten 151 pops now and only 8 pet battles done accepted. rest were declined Fix something that prevents this?Lilpapi7 06 Jan
05 Jan Pet Battle - cursor problem Hi Is there any way to make the Mouse cursor "bigger" when i am pointing at an pet and it says "captureable" ? For example i am now in Durator and here are TON of water snakes. Problem is that they are so small and its really pain for me to point on each snake and hope that i can make pet battle with one of themBoxerbobby1 05 Jan
04 Jan Pets from Prestige system Hello! Just got pet from 7th prestige level and noticed that I only god alliance pet, not the horde one. Does it mean I have to farm prestige on both alliance and horde to have all pets?Earä1 04 Jan
03 Jan How do i make my max level pets stronger? Hey guys! So i just wanted to find out how to make my battle pets stronger and increase their stats? Im asking about lv 25 rare pets. Is there a way to make them epic? Im finding it hard to do some of the battle pet quests with what i have. Thanks a lot guys!Ødîn6 03 Jan
03 Jan Teamwork: skorpyron Teamwork lesson : skorpyron I have got to the part where you have to kill a raid boss with the pet out and as from what I read from the questline guides I looked up I thought the kill would have been in the EN, but my the quest says I need to kill skorpyron in the NH. just wondering if this was right as I've seen players with the mounts from the other questlines/pets. I know the quest line Is gated but this was a shock after putting some time into petbattles right from scratch really and now I need to wait for a raid release. did the quest get changed or was it always way? bit of a bummer imo to gate it behind the NH if the others are notUnpanbread3 03 Jan
31 Dec Pet Battles :Bugs, Oddities & absurdness during Pet Battles I have come across few things that I want to share and want to see what is the experience of other players and if there is any chance of a solution or suck it up and live with it. please, no ranting and No QQ, just state facts & your experience & few lines why you think something happened & didnt happen & what should have happened or not happened. for simplicity the assumption here is that both the target & your pet are same level 1. Dodge ====== this is the most obvious one. I understand that the designers must have had a hell of a time designers the algorithms to make it work but dodge doesnt seem to be affected by the following 1. Rooted 2. Dazed 3. hibernating 4. slowed down 5.Chilled 6. Blinded at least for the first 4, the logic dictates that the dodge chance should be 0% but I have still seen NPC & player pets (including mine) performing dodge while under the influence of the above 4 (and even without any self buff). its the biggest spoiler in my opinion and pretty much destroys the game strategy if you are working towards certain attacks that normally have higher chance to miss but are claimed to hit 100% if any of the above conditions are applied on the target. examples 1. I have seen hibernating bears dodging even standard attacks. Miss ==== this is another thing which I have seen not working as the tooltip suggests, for example - "focus" gives 100% hit chance but I still see targets being "missed" or attacks being "dodged". -"Blood in the water" & "Nocturnal strike" have high miss chance but tool tip has "always" chance to hit if the target is "blinded" or is "bleeding" -"Deep Freeze" to always stun the "chilled" target doesnt work as the tooltip suggests Apart from that there is a big laundry list of attacks that are almost redundant due to almost 0% chance to hit like "demolish". I once tested that for 5 consecutive moves it was missed until the pet died so its safe to conclude that miss chance for demolish is 100% and its only there to fill up a slot. I invite other players to report the oddities they have experienced where the game didnt behave the way it should have or where they find misleading tooltip again, please keep the discussion meaningful. thanks -Kazmi12 31 Dec
31 Dec Mischief "Chaos Nova" potentially buged. I bought Mischief and used him in pet battles. I have had a bug that is 100% reproducible. The move states: Deals X Elemental damage to the enemy's active pet and X Elemental damage to the enemy's backline pets. But it seems that it actually does the damage that is is supposed to do to the backline pets to the main pet. Resulting in a lot of damage to the front line pet. This does not make the pet extremely unbalanced, but it does mean that the description or the move itself is wrong. In that screenshot you can see the pet-battle log. You can see that it damaged bonkers 3 times.Nesalia1 31 Dec
29 Dec Hunting Lesson: Stormstruck Beaver, a load of tosh. This is part of the Direbeak Hatchling mount series. Why in gods name include the kill/capture of 3 of the rarest spawns in the game as part of this series?? I spent 2 days so far logging in different chars in each the spawn spots and so far have managed to find ONE of these. It just defies common sense, like as if there were not enough complaints already about all the current issues with the game and people quitting left, right and centre. Blizzard has too many game designers with only half a brain imo.Missgrief3 29 Dec
28 Dec Stable masters? Hi where are the stable masters in the Broken Isles? I can't find any when I'm trying to do the pet world quests.Fareoila1 28 Dec
26 Dec Are Blizzard looking at Pokemon Go? I know one of the main sticking points of making Pet Battles as an app was Blizzard wanted to be able to bring pet capturing etc into the app and now with Pokemon Go hugely successful, I really think there should be no reason why Blizzard can't get the license to use the technology and make it happen, c'mon now, it would be amaaaazing! It's got everything you would want for Pet battles to be an amazing appIrishbubbles0 26 Dec
26 Dec Snowy owls back yet? Its now the start of winter, but has the snowy owls reappeared?Crumhorn2 26 Dec
23 Dec Imo, the currently best team in the world When Legion was released, rather than do content I decided to ‘tunnel vision’ the 5k pet pvp achievement instead. The achievement is imo something you’re not going to finish with just casual play, and if you keep putting it off it will just never get done. Three and a half months later here I am, posting this. I originally began the achievement in MoP with an Anubisath, the game’s quickest moth and a Creepy Crate. My record with that was 26 wins in a row and a win rate of around 70-75%. After a WoW break and fast forward to Legion, that team was pretty bad. I had to come up with something better, much much better. And this team was born. Lady – P/S Bone Serpent. THE (imo) most offensive pet in the game. Sylvanas – Teroclaw Hatchling. THE most OP pet in the game by a ridiculous margin. Quite a number of times I beat all 3 opponent’s pets just with Sylvanas as my only pet put in at the start of the game and never swapped out. After a few close misses, she once even managed the feat of staying in from round 1 and killing all 3 opponent’s pets without losing ANY HP at all. THAT imo, is the ultimate definition of OP. Windrunner – Crow. An excellent complement to Lady with the added advantage that it will nearly always go first (and since I virtually always made sure Night was up) Nocturnal Strike as soon as it is in which will quickly take care of the racial of quicker flying pets that you can then mop up with Alpha Strike. The combination of this team beggars belief. A win rate of 90%. Once managed 96 wins out of 100 games played. Unlike with my previous team where the 26 in a row was a strictly one off event, 20 and above wins in a row for this squad was a daily occurrence. It also gave me a personal record of 43 wins in succession. Generally, Lady and Windrunner would soften teams up, Sylvanas would then come in and as in the accompanying video, polish things off. The team has a great range of attacks that are strong against numerous opponents, and a great range of racials that make opponents’ attacks weaker.Lswindrunner7 23 Dec
23 Dec Can you get multiple copies of boss pets? I did some dungeons multiple times, yet I don't see any additional drops of pets I have. Do I have to cage a pet that a boss drops to get a second one?Bigkeg3 23 Dec
22 Dec What to do if the hatchling "team up" quest is stuck Hello all, For a few days I tried to get some world quest pet battles with my sharptalon hatchling. It is one of the required quests to get the mount eventually. Its called "sharptalon hatchling team up". You will have a simillar quest for all the other hatchlings as well. I asked for help from Blizzard because I could not get past 1/3 world quests. If you get stuck at 1/3 battles done just like me, here is what to do: The problem seems to be caused when you setup your team, it replaces your summoned pet . So here are the steps to make sure you get credit. 1.Of course you need to accept the quest from your hatchling. 2.Put together your team for the world quest battlepet fight. This will summon a new pet. You do not need the hatchling to be part of your team 3.Summon your hatchling now again, so it's your active summoned pet. 4.Start the battlepet fight. You should get credit as long as you win the fight. I did work here every time as long as step 3 is not skipped, so I hope this works for you as well now while we wait for a hotfix for the quest. And it worked, thanks to -> Lluyennii , Game Master Blizzard Europe Greetings Winny Blizzard EuropeWinny4 22 Dec
21 Dec Miss chance Not sure if its a bug or what but the miss chance seems to be broken. For example i use sandstorm and my idol is able to miss 3 times in a row with 90 % chance to hit!!! Then in other fight enemy pet gets 3 stuns with 25 % chances for it... ofc when i use same skill its like 1 per 6-7 when i get a stun. Something is rly wrong hereShorttank2 21 Dec
18 Dec Where is my pets? SortedFrex0 18 Dec
17 Dec Rematch team imports? Hi there! Does anybody have a good deal of Rematch teams saved for various NPCs/battle pet trainers? I've been massively neglecting pet battles this expansion just because I can't be bothered making my own teams or checking WoWhead for hardcounters, anyone got strings they can share? Thanks!Nemedon2 17 Dec
17 Dec Snowfeather Team Up bugged? So I just beat Varenne (for the WQ Chopped) with my Snowfeather Hatchling. I read up about it, and tried to make sure I met all the stated and not-stated criteria: * Snowfeather Hatchling placed in 1st pet slot * Snowfeather Hatchling summoned out in the world * Snowfeather Hatchling surviving the battle -- and of course winning the battle. Still, I got no credit for the fight. I noticed that when the battle was concluded, my Snowfeather Hatchling had been dismissed from the open world somehow during my pet battle- could this end up being the reason for not getting credit? The quest text here is fairly lacking. It says "Your hatchling must be present when you begin a battle, and cannot die in battle." You could take that to mean it should be summoned in the world, or that it should have the first slot, or that it should just be in the line-up. My main issue is still the ambiguous nature of having your pet summoned in the world. If my pet randomly gets dismissed during a battle, that either needs to be fixed, or that criteria needs to be removed. As a stop gap measure, I guess I can bring up the Pet Journal and make sure I have my Snowfeather summoned before finishing the fight, but this seems very counter-intuitive.Elowhyn15 17 Dec
15 Dec Remove the possibility of using the same pet 3 times I don't even know why this is possible, and why it wasn't fixed after so many years. Using the same pet 3 times on the same team it's the best way to exploit a particular combo very easy, thing that will not be possible if you use other pets, since their ability slot/ stats/race might differ. So please, fix this, it's ruining the pet battles, I mean, I know that just a small number of people play this anyway, at least don't allow a faceroll for plople who exploit this. I know you can fix it, like you done whits some undead at the end of WoD/early legion, just please, do it again.Truèwarlock7 15 Dec
14 Dec WTB TCG Battle Pets WTB TCG Battle Pets on Kilrogg Alliance. All you do is make a level 1 char on Kilrogg goto your pet collections and cage the pet, now that pet can be traded on Kilrogg. Mail me in game or add Schweppe #2945 Ty.Lulxd0 14 Dec
13 Dec Level pets from 1-6 Hey I was wondering what is the best way to level your battle pets from 1 to 6? I have a really great spot for leveling in genereal, but it requires my pet to have around 300 health, and they dont have that in level 1.. So I was just wondering if there is any place that is great for leveling a lot of pets from 1 to 6 in short time ? ... ...Mixeren12 13 Dec
12 Dec Blizzard is official now racists Tried to rename my battle pet to Black Adder, but it turns out that Blizzard now is official racists, as the the word/color "black" now is banned ingame, which leads me to beleave that they in the very near future also would like to replace all colored nuances of the color black, as that obviously is a unworthy thing to be black... Hail..... <- I do know this is "misspelled" but that's intentionallyFnidersen4 12 Dec
12 Dec PvP pet battle APP Just like wow armory app but just for pvp pet battling. This could even be set up in the armory app. Would have: -No 3D enviroments/arenas -No long 3D animations -Left (ours) and right (opponent) side pets -The UI could remain the same, it works, bars on top, spells below. -Option to browse pet library with same options as wow (like set/remove favorite), just copy past the pet journal!!! -Create/save team set ups for quick access (maybe a 10 team limit) -Online PvP matchmaking (possible and best to be linked to ingame match making) Would not have: -Achievements, most likely it could be exploited for free achieves. -No leveling pets, u do that in the WoW -No trading/collecting pets, u do that in WoW Keeping it simple, this would be a fun no reward no cost PvP matchmaker, much like HS, that you can play on "the throne", on the bus stop/ride, in line for government services and/or just in the park. Thoughts? suggestions? would you play it?Necrofenix4 12 Dec
11 Dec Why are BATTLE pets being treated as vanity items It is my understanding that battle pets are being allocated as rewards at various levels of Prestige because they are being treated like vanity items (the same as mounts and relic appearances). The pets as rewards are BATTLE pets not vanity pets (which are the ones that cannot be used in battles). Could this be changed for season 3 onwards (I assume to late for season 2) please? Ideally pets wouldn't be used to force people who collected them to prestige all season but if that is the aim please make them vanity pets. Also could you confirm these pets (and the vanity items for other levels) will not be available after Legion finishes or will it be possible to continue prestiging in legion beyond the next expansion? Thank you. PetercPeterc2 11 Dec
11 Dec How to cage and sell pets Well I tried to look it up on google or on this forum, but for some reason I just can not find how, where and when to cage a pet to sell it on the AH. I've got a couple of good rare high level pets that I have two of and some I would like to sell. Can someone explain to me how I can do this and what the restrictions are? Thanks in advance.Bewtz15 11 Dec
11 Dec Crazy For Cats and Pandaren Spirits. Is possible to get Crazy For Cats achievement without buying Brightpaw and probably in future Mischief? And i got allready water pandaren spirit, how i can get rest?Sapherea9 11 Dec
10 Dec Complain: Pet cap increase stupid in Legion No, I still don't have Legion. Yes, I know how to increase pet cap: Yes, I've been at max cap since the beginning of this year; Every freaking time I buy a pet, (Mischief recently), I have to open a damn web ticket, just to confirm whether or not I have it. And it's always the same thing. -"Your pet limit is at max" (in fact 1015 + a couple hundred pets banked). -"Cage a 'few' of your pets to add your purchased pet to your collection"<---Erm, hello. This doesn't solve the problem! If anything, I'll have to remove 16 pets, just to add 1 more. Where's the logic in that??? I still fail to understand, why the hell did you make a separate achievement, for increasing the battle pet limit to 1500, that doesn't even have nothing to do with having even close to 1000 pets. Isn't it an achievement itself that one has over 1k pets? Did it not come to your silly mind that it would be more logical to make an achievement, that automatically increases your limit, as soon as you hit max cap? But no, you just had to make that stupid achievement. And I'm willing to bet that it's because you want us to your new god damn expansion, just to increase our battle pet cap. -It wasn't like this before, IT WAS NOT LIKE THIS BEFORE!!! I know you're not going to change anything at this point. But in the future, could you please avoid doing such a stupid achievement that requires newest expansion. -Instead you could create a simple AND logical achievement, that increases your max pet, when it's actually needed. Example: Obtain 1500 battle pets. Reward: Increase your battle pet limit to 2000. ^This makes absolutely perfect sense, and there wouldn't be any freaking problems, with people having "unnecessary" empty data spaces, which you seem to complain about a lot. The game would create more space for the player when it's actually needed! -Some people have just a couple of pets, and they automatically have 1000 limit cap as I do. Like what the hell. Waste of data, that could be put to use for those who actually do collect battle pets. Furthermore, don't tell me I should have 1 of each pet. If that was the case, you'd have forced us to have 1 of each type of pet. But instead you've presented us different breeds, different skins and you've even added us the option to have 3 of the same type of pet on some occasions. So my question is: A: Why should I, purchase Legion (+level till 110 and waste time on doing World Quests just to get this achievement). B: Or remove 16 battle pets, just to add the pet I purchased. I already paid you. I already gave you my money. Where are the goods? Do I need to spend 45€ and do that freaking dumb achievement just to see Mischief. Or do I need to waste my progress, and remove/bank 16 battle pets? Where's the logic? WHERE'S THE LOGIC!? And yes, the hate is real. It's annoying, it's unnecessary, and it's freaking stupid. Terrible game design regarding this matter. Just awful.Xianja1 10 Dec
10 Dec Need help about pet battles Can someone please help me and clear this up for me. Why do some pets attack twice in a row? Must mention that it's not pet's skill or buff, they just simply attack twice. NPC's pet attacks first, I press skill and my pet attacks, then npc's pet attacks, I press skill and npc's pet attacks again, wtf? Isn't it supposed to be my turn? Is that because enemy's pet is faster?Shóker3 10 Dec
09 Dec The Hatchling Quests are bugged. (A lot!) Several times I have had quests bugged, given by the Bloodgazer Hatchling, Direbeak Hatchling, Sharptalon Hatchling. Currently, again, I am stuck on another quest, Hunting Lession: Erudite Manafiend. I got 2/3, but now it has stopped counting, my pet is summoned, he is a participant in the fight, I've tried starting with it or finishing with it - nothing really seem to matter. It is the right mobs I am attacking, yet it has completely stopped counting. I've done more than 10 extra pet battles now in this area and it is still stuck. It is by far the only one, where you need to have the pet out and despite it's out, and you aren't in a raid it doesn't count towards the objective. Ultimately, I am actually completely stuck now. I have tried dismissing my pet, summoned it, multiple times. I'm not in a raid group, I haven't done any changes since I went to 2/3 in this quest. It is already frustrating enough that abilities last 2-3 sec for each animation and it takes a lot of unnecessary time between each animation. Anyone who knows how to actually finish this quest?Monsterbaby7 09 Dec
08 Dec Missing Onyxian Whelpling! I lost m Onyxian whelpling and was wondering if anyone else has had this problem? I'd just got it to 25 and have written a ticket but haven't received a reply in over 2 weeks! JHelbredjae1 08 Dec
08 Dec K'ute: a suggestion. Maybe more of us would like K'ute to be a battle pet. Here's a suggestion to what abilities it could have. I figured it could be a "buff pet", which is why I didn't give it any damaging moves. It would be pretty unique, too. K'ute abilities. 1. Inspiring Chant: Restores health to all of your pets. Effect is doubled during Moonlight. 3 rounds cooldown. 2. Light's protection: reduces up to x damage from all attacks for 5 rounds. Persists through pet swaps. 3. Celestial Blessing: Sanctifies the ground for 5 rounds, blessing the next friendly pet to swap into battle with 50% reduced damage for 3 rounds. 4. Mass Dispel: Removes all buffs and debuffs from all friendly and enemy pets. 5. Blessing of the Naaru: Heals all of your pets for 50% of their health and increases the damage of their first attack by 25%. 8 rounds cooldown. 6. Barrier: Blocks two attacks. Enemy and allied attacks both count. 5 rounds cooldown.Guanyin2 08 Dec
04 Dec Master Tamer Flummox is gone ? Hello ! Its been +3months since i last saw Master Tamer Flummox. He's crazy hard to beat so i dont really mind that he isnt spawning....but where did he go ? Did he got bugged ? Is he out of the rotation ? What going on hereSylandra2 04 Dec
04 Dec Mischief's unique animation when sitting is bugged so,the new charity pet,Mischief,has a special animation if you sit in front of him(he jumps on your legs and curls up). but he just walks over and stares you if you /sit on a tauren or any druid form. i believe this to be a bug,and would like if it would get resolved :DSeryd1 04 Dec
03 Dec Selling Spectral Tiger Cub on Defias Brotherhood Hello, I don`t know is this good place to post this but.... Selling this pet on Defias, whisper with offers if you are interested. Have a nice dayTandeska0 03 Dec
03 Dec Pet Charms I've noticed that I only get the Pet Charm world quests on two of my characters. Is there a limit to the amount of characters that get these?Avex1 03 Dec
03 Dec Advice for leveling with pet battles Hello! After doing the same legion quests over and over with different alts I was thinking that it might be nice to level a bit through pet battles. I allready have all 3 artifacts weapons, I have the rep needed for the world quests at 110 and I have done my class quests and my profession quests that I can do. How do I best level from 105 to 110 by pet battles? What area is recomended and what kind of pets should I use there? Hoping to have some fun while getting to 110. Thankful for good andvice!Felizity6 03 Dec
02 Dec Ideas for things that could have pets as rewards With it being confirmed that Battle pets will be rewards in season 2 prestige (and u need to complete season 1 first) and I assume it will be the same in season 3 (and 4 if there is one). Plus the fact you need to do it twice (1 horde, 1 alliance) how about some other ideas for things that could have pets as rewards; I will start it off with; Level 50 characters to 110 ( a tough one I admit but I would prefer that to the never ending prestige levelling) Any other ideas? PetercPeterc3 02 Dec
01 Dec Squirky. Has/did anyone manage to find this pet in November? I Could'nt find anything about it at all and now its December does that mean its no longer obtainable? "During November, a secretive clan of murlocs often sends young tadpoles out to explore, adventure, and begin their tale."Dáisuke3 01 Dec
01 Dec Andur and rydyr exploit? is pet leveling on andyr when the wq in stormheim are avalible an exploit?Viat2 01 Dec
30 Nov Best place in BI to level pets? What's the best place to mass level battle pets in the Broken Isles? Is this place better than Frostfire Ridge or Vale of Eternal Blossoms?Keldarr1 30 Nov