Pet Battles

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3h Social guild LF pet loving friends! The Maelstrom Hello :) My btag is: Sweetblonde#2140, feel free to add if you want to join our guild: Eternally Condemned! :D (EU! The-Maelstrom, Deathwing, Karazhan and Lightning's Blade) A little about us: Me and my husband started this social guild the 21 of April 2014. We wanted to be sure we were surrounded by good people, so we interviewed every single member:P We just got back from a break from wow, and are looking for kind players who want a chill/casual-social guild to join. We do not interview ppl any more, as it took too much of of actual gameplay time, so we are basically auto inviting ppl who show interest :P We have discord, facebook, and a chat community currently with 80 active players(hopefylly increasing), whom we hope can be a platform to always find someone to play with even tho there are many guilds involved :) Our activity within the guild varies depending on date and time, but we have someone at almost all hours :) Another thing is we do not kick if you are having a wow break, maybe after 1 year, if we need space for new ppl :P Our goal is to have a toxic free environment! Hope that this advert will help us become a great place for new and old players! -Best Regards from Sweetblond :*Sweetblond0 3h
1d Best way to level pets atm? So since Rep in BFA is actually relevant for gearing I need to level up a couple pets, question is: whats the best way right now? With the change of the currency it seems there's no easy way to do soJohnnylogen2 1d
4d Concerning Shiny Pet Charms tl;dr Suggestion: Give GM:s authority to offer a one-time visit per account to the old Shiny Pet Charms vendor selling Ultimate Battle-Training Stones as if you visited the vendor before 8.0. ... I have a tradition of catching up on archaeology, quests, secrets explorations and all other time consuming achievements during the end of an expansion. One of these categories of achievements are the pet battle ones. I don't like to level pets. Instead I opted to farm those Shiny Pet Charms which can be used to buy Ultimate Battle-Training stones. For the past year I have done all the pet battle garrison missions every day on 12 characters. I have had the battle pet shoulder enchant on all of them. In total I had over 4500 charms in my bags the day before the pre-expansion patch. That is AFTER buying all the current pets and toys available. During Draenor and at the start of Legion I used my Shiny Pet Charms as soon as I earned them. But I learned that it was wise to hold on to them as new pets and toys were introduced regularly with new patches and expansions. Last week I found out that Shiny Pet Charms can no longer be used to buy Ultimate Battle-Training Stones! I opened a ticket in hopes of getting a one-time trade where I could exchange my charms for training stones, as if I had the information before the pre-expansion patch. The GM wouldn't help me and instead encouraged me to fight this elsewhere... I have farmed Shiny Pet Charms HARD for the sole purpose of not having to level battle pets manually. I only held on to the charms until now because the game has TAUGHT ME THAT I SHOULD! It's not like I didn't try to inform myself. I read an article on ( and I watched a handful of videos on what to do before the pre-patch arrived. NO ONE mentioned this change. Only on dedicated pet battle sites was this information readily presented. I don't do pet battles that often. I only do them for the achievements, hence I don't visit those sites regularly This whole situation is like having a job for a year, and suddenly you don't get any payment what-so-ever, and no means of appeal, because you missed a meeting no one told you about where information was given about a policy change that require you to hand in your working hours report BEFORE the end of the month, which you never have needed to do before in all the years working there. On the contrary, the administrators has specifically said to you that they prefer to get the reports after the end of the month so they don't have to do any changes in-case you get sick on any of the last days. In fairness, there should be a gracing mechanic for people in my situation. To any employee working with the support of World of Warcraft that has any authority in this matter: Please, please, please, please!!! I have lost hundreds of hours of progression in a single stroke that I don't know how I could have prevented. I DID try to inform myself on important changes. Please give the GM:s a policy where they can help people in my situation through a ticket were they can offer a one-time exchange per account as if you visited the vendor before 8.0!Urzula32 4d
4d question about buffs and delayed ability Do buffs for my pet (like crit chance increased, increased damage etc) work on delayed abilities (like Doom) when you use the ability, or when the ability gets resolved? Like, my pet has an increased crit chance for two turns and uses doom. Will doom benefit? Or do I have to use doom first, and right before it triggers activate the crit buff?Gutarg3 4d
5d Family Brawler Magic Hello fellow Pet battlers Atm i doing the family brawler achieve but im stuck on the magic part, i cant fix a working team, so perhaps someone here can give me a tip ( you can Watch my Collection) Thanks =)Deaná2 5d
6d Pet name abuse I right clicked and reported the names however I feel this was obusive enough to warrant a post here to highlight this abuse further to a moderator / GM. I am hoping a Moderator / GM will see the below linked screenshot and take action in game. The below link details a Pet Battle team which I have been seeing in the queue today and I feel its especially offensive and warrants a Ban (permanent?). Charcter Sprung Realm Aszune Pet battle ended at 10:07am Realm Time. 6d
07 Aug Addons for Pet Battles/Collecting? Thought I would put my toe into the pet battling world again, just wondering what some QOL Pet Battle addons I should be installing?Wolfenstoon5 07 Aug
07 Aug How not to hate Pet Battles? I was really hyped for the pet battles, but ever since I realised there's so many of them, and so many breeds, I can't just stop hating it. To win npc fights you need certain pets with specific breeds, and they are usually rare spawns too. To win at PvP you need... luck. There is no skill. It's all based on what pets your enemy has. Why is this system so bad, and how can I not hate it? There is no way to enjoy this trash.Tosuro3 07 Aug
07 Aug Looking for addon Hello. I'm looking for pet battles addon. It changed my pet tab slightly - between total pets and search panel used to small circular icons for each pet family, for quick filtering. I reinstalled windows and lost all addons because of it. So far, it's not: - rematch - pet journal enhancedAlfery6 07 Aug
06 Aug August 6th, Big Squirt day in Garrison ? Hey guys As the title says, can anyone here confirm this, if tomorrow (monday 6th of August) Squirt will be in the garrison. If she will be up , I guess we can rush and level 100+ pets. This would be 2nd time this year (i think) when she's in garrison during pokemon weekend PS: We have darkmoon faerie this week, so I'd also like to know, if those "whee" buff work for pet battle bonus xp ?Shendriel3 06 Aug
05 Aug burrowing spider does anyone know how you upgrade this spider to rare quality i have an upgrade stone but cannot target him as he stays buried when he does surface for 5 seconds he cannot be targeted any know how to do this or is it better to just hope for a rare spawn?. many thanksIrrelevent1 05 Aug
04 Aug Can outdoor battlepets be made non clickable ? Can battle pets that are outside in the game world somehow be made non interactive to prevent accidentally clicking them when doing any world content ? It's so annoying when doing a worldquest , gathering some herbs or mining some ore , sometimes the ui suddenly shifts into a pet battle because there was some critter or rodent crawling just a bit too close to the target you actually meant to click ... Like that Gnasher pet , just outside Shattered Fields in Krokuun . That thing has a 25 - 30 yard range before your cursor turns grey , but all around him are mobs you need to kill for a worldquest there . I get that Battle Pets are a nice extra feature for many players that do like the content but it annoys me that there's no toggle on/off for players that don't want to do this content or even if they do , atleast have the option to not get pulled into a battle when they are busy doing someting else at the time .Minetje2 04 Aug
03 Aug Which Region is best for PVP pet battles There has been much debate regarding which group of servers is most competitive when it comes to metas and from watching hundreds of US battles and playing thousands of EU battles there has to only be one winner. The EU of course. So often we face tier 1 comps whilst US faces off against dross teams of s/b Marmots or random beasts. What are other players thoughts on this, do the US metas have it much easier and wouldn't it be nice to face them once in a while. Your thoughts Rosqo.Rosqo1 03 Aug
02 Aug No Pet Battle World Quests Feels like it has been a month since I last saw a Pet Battle World Quest. What is up with that? I'm stuck on all pet raptor quests because of this. (I do not have Pet Tracker addon enabled, and all other World Quests are showing) EDIT: turned out the game itself had turned off tracking of Pet Battles on the world map.Julissa0 02 Aug
01 Aug Tanann Jungle Legendary Pet Battles I have killed 45 of them in 3 days with only Pet Charms & Bandages dropping. Did they remove the +5 level stone?Zeedia1 01 Aug
30 Jul New battle pets in BFA Saw this on Wowhead. Thats a LOT of them for sure!Lucaan0 30 Jul
28 Jul First pet always rare now? So there I was, doing my Falcosaur pet battle quest... Just another thing to check off before BFA. But then it happen, I got 12 rare pets as the first pet during the battles!? Is this a new intentional implementation from Blizzard, am I just Lucky or is it a bug? (if it gets fixed, don't hate me )Noox1 28 Jul
28 Jul What are the best battle pets in the game? Hey, I'm getting into pet battling and I'm curious of what pets are the better ones to have. Also some tips are welcomed!Víncènt8 28 Jul
28 Jul Help a Whelp bugged "Help a Whelp" pet battle quest in Azuna cannot be clicked to be started! when trying to click mostly nothing happen, and when standing in some angles, you only get: "you need to be closer to interract with that target" error. I saw many people also trying and failing to start the quest, alliance or horde, and on other realms too. it's important to fix it as the achievement "Battle on the Broken Isles" require it. you get "pocket pet portal" for it, and without it we wont be able to collect more pets in expansion easily. i hope if it won't be fixed today, that it will be still available soon.Solinary4 28 Jul
25 Jul Pets Charms in BFA?? Hey all!! :) Are Pet Charms going away in the new expansion? I read in a thread somewhere they were. Any information? Best Regards, SophiaSophiã5 25 Jul
24 Jul Battle Pets - Off Season Hello you lovely people. How are you all doing? Just popped by to ask where I may find three companion battle pets: (2x assa 1x disc) Currently looking for a spawn of 2x assassination rogue and 1x disc priest to complete my pet battle roster team. I have checked on my bnet friends list but most are unsubscribed so not available to fill those slots. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Much love and thanks, - AikonaAikona10 24 Jul
24 Jul cant do any pet battles in pandaria with the trainers I want to get the achievement of doing all the battles with the trainers. But with every trainer there is nothing to battle. In Draenor i did them all. I dont get it what am i doing wrong?Ardevona7 24 Jul
23 Jul Don't do Pet Battle WQ's The patch have currently killed Pet Battle WQ's, for me at least.. Can't change pet when it dies, and can't manually change it when it is still alive.. So either you kill all 3 enemies with 1 pet, or you forfeitObsidianlake12 23 Jul
23 Jul Changes after Prepatch 8.0.1 So after prepatch WQs won't give us any Marked Flawles Battle-Stone, Flawless Battle-Training Stone etc. In other words from 12th July 2018 until 14th August 2018 THERE IS NO WAY to buy or earn them?Minérva1 23 Jul
22 Jul Confusing sound effects since prepatch Perhaps this is a minor subject to talk about right now, but I've noticed some weird sound effects during pet battles. Abilities such as Crush or Omnislash have their audio delayed, while a couple of other abilities are accompanied (so, two sounds at once) by same generic whoosh which wasn't the're before. The custom audio settings don't change anything.Remte0 22 Jul
21 Jul Silver Tabby First day I played this game back in April 2008 I was made so happy by the cat lady just outside of Northshire Abby cus I was able to buy a silver tabby. Thing is I turned to Warcraft to try and cheer myself up cus my real life silver tabby had just died. Suffice to say the 38 silver was well invested cus that cat pretty much has been by my side the whole game. Sadly I had to give up my female human characters cus they changed the appearance and I am now unable to play the old character model. Anyway... I logged in after the patch and shock horror they have now gone an fluffed up the silver tabby to the point I no longer relate to him. Worse, he now doesn't run he glides and I noticed tonight he doesn't even leave footprints in the snow anymore. I keep looking at him and am bewildered why the change. Its like he's a fluffy toy now and not the lovable silver tabby I had by my side for the last ten years. Guess all things change.. just never get why though. Was it really necessary. I still love him but its getting more difficult understanding some of the reasoning behind things in this game of late.Isdy1 21 Jul
20 Jul New Pets Community Group-Alliance Wrong link so deleted this responseJurgenhan1 20 Jul
19 Jul So many Wicked Souls... 9/10 fight I am forced to play against a Wicked Soul. Can't win a single game since this morning.Twinkle15 19 Jul
19 Jul A counter for Teroclaw Hatchling What pet counters it easily in most situations? That pet is truly retardedly designed. This pet is so fcking boring to play WITH and AGAINST. The most irritating and noob-friendly pet ever. Sure, I can use one myself but it ends up with a 1v1 Teroclaw duel that is decided by a series of coin toss.Alchemiczka19 19 Jul
19 Jul Sir Snips too much work for a Pet collector? I was wondering how many non-PvPers will be actively chasing the 400 Honour rank pets? Having been PvPing lake crazy to scrape up the Rank 5 for the Dutiful Squire/Gruntling come launch day I have just about reached my PvP limit! The thought of trying for 400 rank makes me break out in cold sweat of dread. Is there anyone out there not usually into PvP, but more dedicated than me, who will be biting the bullet and giving it a go?Visciousvic42 19 Jul
19 Jul PvP pet battle queue Ok so much to my horror i decided to finally tackle the Family Brawler achievement. I'm pretty experienced with pet battles, however i've sampled near 50 seperate PvP battles today and the ones that i've finally managed to enter into (See other forums posts about not being able to join whilst falling, mounted, in combat, using items, interacting with objects etc etc) have 38x out of 50 paired me with an exact counter comp. For example I will constantly get paired v an Undeadx3 team until i switch my pets to 3x Critter at which point suddenly the person i get paired against will immediately and without warning have 3x Beasts. I'm not sure at all why this is happening so here's my questions; Is this happening to anyone else? How can i stop this? This hardly seems fair given that there is no way the people i'm getting paired against could see my pet comps prior to the game starting at which point it's too late for them to switch out to a counter comp in time? Any insight appreciated. Kind Regards, ShmeeShmee27 19 Jul
18 Jul Running OP pets in PVP makes you a bad player? Iv’e been thinking this for a while but if you run teams non stop consisting of the strongest pets available it actually makes you a bad player. It’s saying you can’t win without having your team compensated for lack of skill. If you think the argument if it’s available to play why shouldn’t I applies here. I’m actually saying these players lack the skill to win any other way that in training wheels easy mode.Rosqo32 18 Jul
17 Jul Imo, the currently best team in the world When Legion was released, rather than do content I decided to ‘tunnel vision’ the 5k pet pvp achievement instead. The achievement is imo something you’re not going to finish with just casual play, and if you keep putting it off it will just never get done. Three and a half months later here I am, posting this. I originally began the achievement in MoP with an Anubisath, the game’s quickest moth and a Creepy Crate. My record with that was 26 wins in a row and a win rate of around 70-75%. After a WoW break and fast forward to Legion, that team was pretty bad. I had to come up with something better, much much better. And this team was born. Lady – P/S Bone Serpent. THE (imo) most offensive pet in the game. Sylvanas – Teroclaw Hatchling. THE most OP pet in the game by a ridiculous margin. Quite a number of times I beat all 3 opponent’s pets just with Sylvanas as my only pet put in at the start of the game and never swapped out. After a few close misses, she once even managed the feat of staying in from round 1 and killing all 3 opponent’s pets without losing ANY HP at all. THAT imo, is the ultimate definition of OP. Windrunner – Crow. An excellent complement to Lady with the added advantage that it will nearly always go first (and since I virtually always made sure Night was up) Nocturnal Strike as soon as it is in which will quickly take care of the racial of quicker flying pets that you can then mop up with Alpha Strike. The combination of this team beggars belief. A win rate of 90%. Once managed 96 wins out of 100 games played. Unlike with my previous team where the 26 in a row was a strictly one off event, 20 and above wins in a row for this squad was a daily occurrence. It also gave me a personal record of 43 wins in succession. Generally, Lady and Windrunner would soften teams up, Sylvanas would then come in and as in the accompanying video, polish things off. The team has a great range of attacks that are strong against numerous opponents, and a great range of racials that make opponents’ attacks weaker.Lswindrunner11 17 Jul
15 Jul What am I doing on my opponent's side? Title screenie: Not gonna report it as bug as it probably has no priority whatsoever as it doesn't impact the game. For me personally it's confusing because I want my character to be on the left, below the nameplates of my pets, and my opponent on the right below their nameplates.Ivydoom7 15 Jul
15 Jul Deathwatch Hatchling I have been putting this off for months, The Deathwatch Hatchling is a reward for the Guild achievement Challenge Warlords: Gold-Guild Edition. The guild I am in is never going to complete this achievement mainly due to nobody is ever on. I am looking for a guild with this achievement so I can get the pet to add to my collection. I know its kinda cheeky but whats a Zookeeper to do. Mazrigos is the realm I play. But I can create a toon on any realm. Thank YouOlarse2 15 Jul
12 Jul Do PB Fan sites report the PvP meta or create it? Is it just me or has there been a glut of top rated pets like the Death Adder Hatchlings since the PvP Tier list was posted on the Xu Fu website? It could be a coincidence of course but prior to that list going up I never used to see them. So I wonder with so few resources online for the keen new pet battler could lists like that actually end up reinforcing or even creating a Meta?Visciousvic7 12 Jul
11 Jul Endless PVP Battles I've been working on Family Brawler & one thing I have encountered a LOT that is driving me mad are endless stand-offs. Each person has a healing pet & the fight just becomes an endless trade off of attacks & heals until someone quits. Typically me because screw standing there all day. Please implement some kind of fail-safe for this kind of pretty common event where if so many rounds go off & nothing dies then the person with the fewer alive pets & least health loses. I'm not the biggest pet battler & I'm sure this has been brought up before so apologies for the repetition.Faolanhart8 11 Jul
10 Jul Pet battle smartphone app What if there was an app that allowed you to do your pet battle dailies of tamers you have already beaten through your smartphone without having to fly all over Azeroth. Think it's a good or a bad idea? Personally I am loving the legion companion app and the armory app and I think such a change would be a major quality of life improvement. I would also definitely pay up to 10$ just so I don't have to fly all over the place all the time. There are quite a few moments that I have free time with my cellphone but no computer nearby.Edgelorder33 10 Jul
09 Jul Non Combat Pet Issue Hi. Sorry for posting this in here, but there does not seem to be a forum section for non combat pets. The issue, I am sure has been noticed by many people but I've only found one thread about it on the us forum and there I am not allowed to post. Whenever I summon a non combat pet, it follows me around when dismounted. If I am mounted, it still follows me, so that's all fine. When I jump into the air to fly on my flying mount, the pet is disabled. That's also fine. But the pet is not automatically resummoned when I dismount. So... I have to keep summoning it over and over and over again. The issue does not occur for hunters and warlocks when they have an active pet. If they lack a pet, or it has been dismissed, the issue will occur. I am aware that this seems like a trivial matter but it matters a lot to me and maybe to some other pet lovers out there. If I could have a macro to summon the pet, I would, but since there is no actual dismount performed - the game auto-dismounts players when they enter combat - that's not an option. This issue has occured on and off during different expansions and patches but I think this is the longest stretch for the pet not working. A solution would really be welcomed. For all those who like to have a friend about even when they aren't playing hunters or locks. Thank you.Mingbai7 09 Jul
09 Jul Rat Undead Pet To my surprise, I noticed that in the game there is no rat undead pet, it's very strange. Why not? We all know that Kel'Thuzad began to practice necromancy precisely over rats.Локтан6 09 Jul
06 Jul Odrogg bugged - Rocklick Simple thing - His snail will often cast Stone Form repeatedly time after time and remain at 100% HP despite the fact the ability is supposed to have a 6 round cooldown. He'll do it if a crab has Shell Shield up for instance, but not if they don't.Weejus2 06 Jul
06 Jul xu'fu pet site and bnet login is it a safe site or one of those recommended fansites like wowhead? I mean for logging on by using bnet login instead of creating a new account there.Wordplay8 06 Jul
06 Jul Upgradable Safari Hat So I was thinking whether it would be a good idea to have the safari hat provide an aditional 10% in xp boost for every 100 unique pets you own at level 25Edgelorder2 06 Jul
05 Jul More than 5.2k Pet Charm Yes, I have more than 5.2k Pet Charm so what is your plan to buy before pre patch? I am thinking what I should buy only Ultimate Battle-Training Stone or both Ultimate Battle-Traninig Stone and Flawless Battle-Training Stone?Malicone11 05 Jul
04 Jul 5000 pvp wins Ach was a mistake Much like the 250k HK kills achievement which has caused so much grief and toxic behavior in regular PvP over the years, the 5k pet battle wins achievement discourages creativity in pet battles because Achievement Addicts will want to farm it as fast as possible, so they use the most OP pets EVERY TIME. (they waste countless hours for 10 virtual points btw). I'm not arguing that without this achievement people wouldn't use OP pets, but surely the meta would revolve less around those OP pets than it does now, I'm sure of it. Teel me why I'm wrong or if you agree. I know it's too late now and we have to endure this until the end of WoW.Subtleknife6 04 Jul
01 Jul The concept of content relevancy over time How do you perceive it? Personally, I liked a fact that new encounters did not shun the other ones. Right, there have been pet charms nerfs to Warlords content, and the MoP bags are not that fancy anymore, but other than that, you are not a weirdo for doing Celestial Tournament or MoP/WoD dailies with as much dedication as the Legion content. That made me hope it could stay different from the main gameplay in that there is no concept of endgame. Now, however, I am not so sure, because of the incoming change to pet charms in BfA. Is it just me or putting the stones/treats/cosmetics trade behind the new expansion (greetings to Celestial Coin vendor, by the way) shows a certain shift towards what we'd call an endgame? "We can't have people stuck in grinding old raids/garrison for gold, so we reduce the gold gain from these" vs "We can't have people stuck in grinding old quests for stones galore, so we move the latter elsewhere" While understandable, I'd say it's a bit sad this is the resort that needs to be taken; even though I think the Pet Charms were overdone as early as halfway through WoD. Because there the approach is more important than the subject, it seems.Remte3 01 Jul
30 Jun Wouldn't it be great if... Hey guys what would you change to PvE content to make it more fun? I just thought wouldn't it be great if daily trainers had a selection of pets they use rather than the same three every time. That would make it much more challenging a bit like the celestial tournament. Anyone else have any cool ideas?Visciousvic20 30 Jun
29 Jun The strongest battle pets in PVP Hi, I was just wondering what people's thoughts are on the current strongest pets in pet battle pvp. It seems that there are around a half a dozen or so pets that form part of the majority of pvp teams. These pets are the Teroclaw Hatchling, Wicked Soul, Bone Serpent, Magma Rageling, Emperor Crab or Fiendish Imp. Are there any other pets that people have found to be OP battle pets pvp? How regularly does Blizzard make changes to the strongest pets?Rosqbank11 29 Jun
26 Jun Should Guild Heralds/Pages be Toys rather than pets? Hi Guys, Just a little nonsense to fill the time until the new expansion hits =) My question is; Should the Guild Heralds and Pages actually be toys rather than pets? After all they are very different from most pets and share more similarities in fact with Toys. 1. All other pets can be summoned at will without a cooldown. 2. All other pets are account bound. 3. All barring 18 of the remaining 963 pets can pet battle Whereas 1. Almost all Toys have a cooldown just like the Heralds/Pages 2. Almost all toys have a limited duration just like the Heralds/Pages 3. All toys do one specific limited thing while active just like the Heralds/Pages Anyone agree/disagree?Visciousvic1 26 Jun