Pet Battles

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1d PvP pet tournament (Eu+Ru) Good news, everyone! Next Sunday we are planning to have a pvp pet battle tournament on Silvermoon Eu at 6pm cet. Some familiar faces you might see there are: Rosqo, reigning eu champion: CloseToZero, august eu champion: Silly, Wootzy and me (Spinning). We also might have three more players with cyrillic names =) Format: All wild caught pets. Race to two wins. No more than one of the same family on the team. At least three teams to participate. To decide who goes first we /roll. Emperor crab p/p breed is banned. Other breeds and other crabs are allowed. Everyone who wants to join, feel free to post a response here or contact me in game. P.S This topic is a duplicate of the one I posted on a russian battle net. I got a blue response there!Спиннинг38 1d
3d Want to sell two tcg pets I have the Nightsaber cub and the purple pufferGuldaniel0 3d
4d Pet Limit Cap 1500? Are you serious? Wow-Pet-Problems. Hello all. So I kind of got a problem with the pet battle & limited cap. I have to kind of delete my pets & that’s not fun when you put hard work on it. So, one I can’t use new pets 2 If I buy blizzard shop pet it’s gone same with blizzcon or anything else. For me, this is a huge problem!. Even with the 1000 cap, you can go to a vendor and buy 500 more with 1000-pet-coins. First off all, this take a lot, a lot off time 2 get. Next why the hell is there even a cap? Will they cap mounts later on 2? So, you have 2 delete your mounts? I mean com on blizzard, really pet cap? And why isn’t there like a pet area, where you can put in your pets to lvl or upgrade? It’s already hard as it is, to get rare pets and lvl them up. And farming pet charms isn't fun at all. Why remove everything easy and fun in the game? I mean sure, I know the game is unfair & have a huge lottery system with trash that even have up to 24 hours spwn-timer. But pet cap, are you serious? And no pet options to make it easier? Not even a pet profession or transmog professions nothing nada. It's like blizzard don't even play their own games at all, or see the problems in the game. I would suggest that you guys take 20 famous streamers and ask them what blizzard could do better on wow. Since I see soooooooo, so, so, many problems in the game, it almost gives me a damn headache. Anyway, does anybody believe we should have pet cap here and it's good? Same with let’s say cap on 25-Q? I would recommend them to upgrade that to, to maybe 100-Q it's very annoying to remove Q every !@#$%^- time. And maybe fix that pet battle, also give items and XP. And even if the low level pet dies, it should also still give XP? I believe at least! If you win you win right! Anybody here agree or disagree please tell me! And if you´re a special person, like but it's rare? I like to go around and flash my dick on people, because it's gone and unfair that I only got it & 0 else got it I’m so special please /pat my head *F***. Because I want 2 feel special I am special. Any off that **!@#* please don’t even bother to write. *You people just make me sick* & I serious feel sorry for you. Games are about fun having fun and having fun with friends. And It should be fair for everybody even new players. Not camping a trash for 24 hours, or flashing around with rare items that blizzard removed. Anyway, please leave comments. If you got any options or ideas, how to fix this pet issue and other stupid game problems & issues. Please leave that in the comment! I do love/hate-wow & blizzard, and the biggest reason why I love/hate blizzard is kind of hearthstone and because off all the weird and stupid problems. Anyway, leave comments to make the game better. Or just leave it; don’t be dumb if you are please. just go in to the middle off the forest or something and start eat mushrooms. Then come back some years later with better fantasy. And leave me alone with your trolling and crapy comments!. Thank you, now have a wonderful day. Best Regards CSL...Xsintia8 4d
5d Pet battles get no love Ever since pet battling was introduced to the game back in MoP, it has been completely left to it's fate, with the exceptions of new pets and a few minor tweaks here and there. There are still major issues that plague this game mode, the least of which are ability glitches. There are so many glaring bugs that anyone will eventually stubble upon them. I've had my Nocturnal Strike miss, even though it's tooltip specifically states that it always hits when a foe is blinded. Abilities like Flock will miss the first hit when the pet using it is blinded, but the following two will always hit despite that glaring 0% hit chance debuff. Haunt resets it's cooldown when the pet that it's been used on dies on the same turn that the ability was used... You get the point. My other strife with pet battles is the excessive use of AE abilities. It's a tactic that requires practically no reactionary strategy or thinking, yet bares better fruit than most conventional teams. The metaphorical wings of this tactic should be swiftly clipped to the point where it not only isn't very powerful, but rather non-existent, with the odd occasional AE strike here and there... on a minimum of 4 turn cooldown. Another neglected aspect of battling is the lack of new locations. You have a wacky pet battle pvp mode and what do you do with it? Place everyone safely on the ground in an open space... Lack. Of. Imagination. Put us, like, on top of a flippin' zeppelin that's on fire, firing rockets and cannonballs at zombie dragons while gnome and goblins run around the deck screaming and on fire! ....or something. Just crank it up to eleven! :P My last gripe is the lack of actually useful pets. There are some good pvp pets and some good pve pets. I won't say that there aren't many of them, but for a game with 1000 flippin' unique pets, you only ever get to see or use just a handful! Go back and make more pets interesting. I would very much like to be able to use some of my wacky or cute pets in actual battle without having a feeling of utter inefficiency and ineptitude washed over me. Baby Elderhorn for new meta. Thanks. :3 Some may say "But nobody plays pet battles! Blizzard won't spend precious time and resources on a dead game mode!" Well, let me tell you something, friend... *intense stare* You. Are. Dead. Wrong. *staring intensifies* Build it and they will come, I say. So, yeah... Those were my quite possibly a little over two cents on pet battles. What are your thoughts on pet battles and what do you think should be done with them, if anything.Blairyn9 5d
5d The strange tale of Bug. (AKA Baa'l) Once upon a time there lived a goat named Bug. Bug was a happy chappy, cheerfully gambolling in a lava pool. Then one day someone found out how to make him part of a collection. Bug didn't wholesale agree with that so he wanted to make it tough. First of all he bleated, you will need a ghost. Not just any ghost, a ghost of a draenei that you need to collect items for. And when you have this ghost, then you must empower her and take her sightseeing. OK you done that bit.. Bug was nonplussed. He had more. Now you must go and find pebbles! Tiny, very hard to see, pebbles that you will need help with. Challenge accepted Bug, this is what the PROPER community thrives on, helping each other rather than throw inane insults at each other or whine because someone got an item or something. Off we went, avoiding one shotting krolusks, sifting through seaweed, why we valiantly tried to beat a fatigue timer (TWICE) and if we didnt die only due to precision planning and sheer luck (and a very heavy dependence on add ons), we finally had our last pebble which gave us the location of Bug and its lair. And there our tale ends. Because Bug has its last laugh as Blizzard and their quite frankly, shocking lack of bug removal unless it's related to "important" things like keeping raiders happy once again rears its ugly head and gives a massive virtual extended finger to anyone who has already jumped through at least 20 hoops just to FIND Bug. Summon Uuna to shrink Bug in power and size. Nope. Toggle warmode on and off. (Requiring constant trips to your capital city) Nope. Have Jerry the Snail REPORTEDLY works. Oh did I forget to mention that Jerry is a rare drop chance from killer snails in ToT. Yeah. THOSE snails. Well dont get too excited. Even if someone DOES have a Jerry and it resets Bug, it doesnt always allow Uuna to apply her debuff. Removing and resummoning said Uuna also does nothing. This pet is part of a cosmetic transmog. Ill repeat that. COSMETIC which means it does exactly fug all except look like a clock. And how ironic. That it would be named Waist of Time. Because this is exactly what it is. If you are even remotely interested in taking this chain further than Uuna or even further, don't bother. You will be greeted by a giant middle finger, and even worse. A wall of silence from Blizzard who quite clearly don't give a toss, and are seemingly quite happy to have people work hard to get to a certain point only for them to leave with nothing through no fault of their own.Souldefíler2 5d
6d Timer logic on dailies needs fixing. I started the pet battle but by the time I completed it, the timer must have run out and I got no reward? Surely within the program code it is easy enough to include 'IF player has started within time constraint THEN allow to complete' logic. What a lousy swizz.Polomints1 6d
16 Oct LF someone with Uuna on Horde LF a kindhearted soul with Uuna pet with her quest completed (need it for Baa'l) as I can't seem to drop it. I can also pay you if you're on Nemesis or one of its connected serversGhroll8 16 Oct
15 Oct DELETED DELETEDGalvon0 15 Oct
15 Oct too much AoE abilities generally I like new pet battles in BfA except master pet tamers pets use (again) too many AoE abilities, so it's hard to level L10-15 pets if ie 600HP pet can't survive battle even if it only sits in background.Example : Eddie FIxit with two pets who use three AoE ab. combined, all of them damaging your background pets... also, AoE spells generally IMO "break" a bit the whole pet battles system (how you can't kill something what even doesn't fight ? ) so they should be special, used carefully not a standart (2-3 turns cooldown on all AoE spells could "fix" this).Kailea2 15 Oct
15 Oct Name of a breed not showing up on screen Some of the island expedition pets and store pets (cap'n'crackers for examples) won't display their breed name / availiable breed name on the collection screen. Only quality name in blue is displayed. For example, usually you see the following: Rare Destruction or Uncommon Ninja or whatever. My cap'n'crackers just reads 'rare'. For some reason it makes me uncomfortable. Please fix!Ardís1 15 Oct
10 Oct Pet battles and rested XP bonus bugged? Hi, I noticed a weird thing yesterday. I was doing pet battles with a level 78 character of mine and I was getting somewhere around 11k-13k character XP per battle. I noticed that the rested bar was getting smaller and eventually I had no more rested bonus. When the bonus ran out I was still getting the same amount of XP per battle. So it seems that either pet battles consume rested bonus without benefiting from it or you get bonus XP from pet battles even when you aren't rested. How is it supposed to work? I found some old posts on forums, but the info wasn't really consistent.Mörri2 10 Oct
09 Oct Making use of Hearty I am pondering if theres any use for this pet. Wild Magic and Arcane Blast feels like a too low gain. And Portal or Phase Shift doesnt matter here. But how about Amplify Magic and Arcane Storm, using Portal to painlessly switch to Brightpaw? When then uses Prowl+Arcane Storm, taking advantage of Arcane Storm doing extra damage if one already is present. Then switching to Empowered Manafiend from also does Amplify Magic+Arcane Storm. And so on.Kamazh0 09 Oct
09 Oct Durian Strongfruit I skipped Legion but was told that all Family Familiar trainers are now repeatable when their quests are up. So far I've found this to be true with 10 trainers done for the achievement over 2 weeks but Durian is only giving the "Tell me more about yourself." option. Is this intended?Ituralde0 09 Oct
07 Oct Any relatively easy pets left to get for me? Ive been working my way towards the 1000 pets mark for Hearthy. Currently sitting at 975 pets, with only ridiculously overpriced ones on Ah left. So i am wondering, am I overlooking any easilly collected pets out of those im missing in my collection? But I know a bundle of more pets is comming in 8.1. And Im steadilly collecting pet charms to buy more.Kamazh9 07 Oct
06 Oct Another day... With only one pet WQ up that rewards polished pet charms...seriously? how are us collectors meant to buy the copious amounts of pets from vendors when we're limited to about 15 charms per day if we're lucky? was there even a pet WQ up yesterday that rewarded them? I think we'd need over 7000 to buy all the vendor pets, most are over 300 charms per pet and ive only been back to the game for 4 weeks and only managed to earn around 600 :S its gonna take us into the next expansion before we're able to buy them all unless i have to level all my alts to do them too? seriously blizz, take away the stupid pet bandages as rewards and replace them with charms? i have thousands of bandages from previous content and i rly dont need anymore, you replaced the old charms no problem much to my annoyance so why not replace the bandages with new ones while you're at it.... you totally killed pet/mount farming this expansion, in my guild we always have a laugh at how disgusting cataclysm was, and always compare it to really bad things inside and outside of wow, but honestly after four weeks of BFA and witnessed how much you guys ruined so many aspects of the game i gotta comparison, Cata was waaaaaaaaaay better, and that really is saying a lot... Thankfully either way my subscription runs out in less than 2 hours time, and theres no chance im resubbing but before it runs out i just wanted to let you know, cheers for messing this one up on such a big scale /bravo I feel sorry for the guys who is falling for the scam of paying 6 months in advance for a mount, just because you released an unfinished expac and realised how many people are leaving and left the game.Dáisuke7 06 Oct
05 Oct Chitara broken battle pet boss ? Is this pet battle broken or am i doing something wrong here 05 Oct
05 Oct Zandalari pet master noob So I picked up Pet battle for the first time this xpack for the extra rep gain on world quest and I've now finally gathered 200 pet charms. I've seen that I can buy pets from quartermaster for about 200 so I wonder if there's any specific pet I should buy? I don't even got a lvl 25 yet, I'm going in blind here.Egil2 05 Oct
03 Oct WTS Ethereal soul trader soldJohnquijote3 03 Oct
02 Oct [SOLVED] Pet Battle Intro Quests I've never really bothered with pet battles, but I like to give it a try now. I only lost the account wide quest, which I had in my quest-log for ages. With BfA there was a bug that erased all quests in your quest-log, including the account wide one. Does anyone know where to pick it up again?Goocheldoos4 02 Oct
02 Oct Weather team? Can anyone recommend some cool combos revolving around weather effects? I already know about the sunlight+overheal one of course, but I was thinking of making a whole team built around weather effects and the attacks that benefit from them.Shaerar10 02 Oct
01 Oct coldlight surfrunner WTB Coldlight Surfrunner pet from Island expedition paying 500k any realm let me know if you got itShironu7 01 Oct
29 Sep BfA trainer pet xp intended? Hello. I just defeated Ellie Vern in SSV and all the xp went to a level 1 pet. It got 2393 xp and went up to level 9. I thought all max level trainers would give xp so a level 1 pet reaches level 11. I'm pretty sure defeating Ashlei, Vesharr, Aki the Chosen and Farmer Nishi(the trainers I do on a regular basis) all will level you pet to level 11. Am I wrong about this? Do BfA trainers give less xp than max level trainers from older expansions? Is this xp intended - does Blizzard not think pet battles are grindy enough as they are?Bozso1 29 Sep
29 Sep Ress pets cooldown too long the cooldown is too long. but i wouldnt give a crap about it, if i could actually buy battle pet bandages from a vendor. either one is fine.Peonmaster4 29 Sep
27 Sep Not doing Achieve Work for Your wins So sick and tired of people calling there pets "Please" "forfeit" "doing Achieve" and then not fighting but just passing each turn. I will just watch something on my 2nd monitor while getting the win. Don't beg me to forfeit, I will wait until the end of each round to action to waste your time as you are waisting mine.Sannie2 27 Sep
27 Sep How do i follow the pvp-meta? Hey, so the title says it rly. I found that most sites i have found just try get 100 wins with a team or something similar or is out dated. Was wondering if there is any resourse where i can se stats on Pet battles? Or just a site that updates whats good right now and so on.. All this is regarded to pvp. Thanks in advanceMangoraya5 27 Sep
24 Sep A question of pets Hey ya´ll i wonder what type of pets is prefferd generally in battles be it against Another player or wild pets or npc´s that are here and there? like a quest my alt got to do battle agains someone named Eric i do not know what pets to choose agains him or any other npc/player? best whishes ThorThorwolfbane2 24 Sep
24 Sep Blizzard, Please fix old Pet Battle Dailies? Please?! Dear Blizzard, I'm not sure if you've either forgotten about them, or its still on your list of "things to do", but could you PLEASE fix Draenor Pet Battle Daily Quests? What's wrong with them you ask? Well... you changed the Pet Battle reward currency, for BFA Pet Battles, for redemption vendors in BFA, and in the Garrison... but you DIDN'T change the currency rewards for the "Battle Pet Tamers:Warlords" Daily Quests!!! They all still award the OLD, now totally useless pet charms... As I found out yesterday, much to my annoyance! (I now have 20 of them thank you VERY much) So, would it be too much to ask for you to do a patch, or a Hot-Fix that would once and for all, change the old pet charms to the new pet charms??? You were able to easily do something similar with the different PvP currencies, and yet despite the Pet Battle currency having been changed before BFA was released, there are STILL quests that award the old ones! The only reason I did the dailies yesterday was I (mistakenly) figured the image for the currency hadn't been updated, but NOPE... Fix this please Blizzard? And swap the old currency we still have for the new one, I KNOW you can, because you've done it more than once before...Elmadar10 24 Sep
24 Sep Uuna and Baa´l Hey everyone so i have made all the secret quest for uuna but still she dosn´t weaken baa´l she have made the dialog one time and nothing happened and yes im sure i have made them all when i hug her she hugs me back i have tried turning war modeon and off dosn´t work and i do not have the gastropod shield and i do not wanna farm it since its a 0.6% drop chance anyone that can help me?Sødemig0 24 Sep
23 Sep "Haunt" somehow misses rather often, despite being a 100% chance to hit.Peonmaster2 23 Sep
23 Sep Pet Charm screw up Petition to allow the purchase of pre-bfa content with pre-bfa pet charms. 23 Sep
20 Sep Weekly quest from Legion and BFA Stack As stated in the title, dont know if it works. But i got 2 quests in my log with the name The Very Best, both rewarding the epic battle stone. Might be interesting for some people unaware of this.Sparkles2 20 Sep
20 Sep delete .Лерц0 20 Sep
20 Sep How to cage and sell pets Well I tried to look it up on google or on this forum, but for some reason I just can not find how, where and when to cage a pet to sell it on the AH. I've got a couple of good rare high level pets that I have two of and some I would like to sell. Can someone explain to me how I can do this and what the restrictions are? Thanks in advance.Bewtz16 20 Sep
18 Sep WTS Rocket Chicken I want to sell this awesome pet: On my realm, it is set for 828k on the AH by two others, so I undercut by 1 copper. But I am willing to lower the price for the right offer. Feel free to let me know if you have that :) Have a good one.Zorgoz1 18 Sep
16 Sep Falcosaur troubles in bfa. So, I've contacted numorous gms about this and made bug reports, still nothing happening. The problem is that I had forgotten about my last Falcosaur, Direbeak hatchling to be precise, and thought i might just finish it up in legion since Im on one of the last quests, The Direbeak team rumble. Here's the problem. The quest doesnt give me any progress in legion pet wqs. And before people start ranting, yes Im doing it correctly. Direbeak in first spot and always deals damage and survives. Since the pet wqs got removed from legion and the bfa doesnt progress, I feel this should be fixed asap since other players on it might just give up after a couple tries and neglect the whole chain.Leg8 16 Sep
14 Sep Need help assembling a team for World Quests Hey guys, I have never played pet battles before, I don't even have a single lvl 25 pet. I want to get pathfinder asap and maybe use pet battles to make some side cash so I'm mainly looking at WQ pet battles and maybe some other lucrative pve (if you have any suggestions). PvP is not something I want to do. I already bought Anubisath Idol. Can you look through my collection and tell me just a few very basic team comps that I can start levelling right now? Maybe add a few battle pets that I could get easily today. I just want to start doing the World Quests as soon as possible. ThanksPresscorpse14 14 Sep
14 Sep All island expedition pets should be cageable So I was wondering why certain island expedition pets are not cageable? The reality is that most of the people who will get them wouldn’t mind selling them, and many pet collectors, that are not as lucky, would not mind buying them. Yes, you don’t earn points towards the achievement by buying them, but some of us just want to have them in our collections. Cheers, Spinning.Спиннинг5 14 Sep
14 Sep How active is the PvP Pet Battle scene at the moment? Just asking, as I'm making a choice between just doing Draenor Pet Brawler & Legendary Pet battler or doing those pair along with 1k PvP wins & 1k PvP wins with 25 pets. I can do the 739 wins I need for the Garrison monument in a day, but if the queue times are bad with BfA being relatively fresh, doing 739 wins through PvP might take forever. PS: If you're the guy/girl trying to do Undead Family Brawler & I changed my team to double bunny, I apologise <3Subbie2 14 Sep
13 Sep A good Magic pet? Just got a Flawless stone and not come across many magic pets. Can anyone reccomend a good one for me to go and find. I can then upgrade if needed. Ty.Kashagi13 13 Sep
12 Sep How to find my quest for fighting battle masters again? Dear readers, Returning player here, I was working on the achievement: Taming Kalimdor, back in the level 90 expansion, I returned but I can't seem to get this quest again I tried with the pet master in Ogrimmar. I have completed the follwing of the achievement (Taming Kalimdor): Zunta, Dagra, Analynn, Zonya and Merda. Hope anyone knows how to pick it up again!Ezodan1 12 Sep
11 Sep Petition: Battle Pet Ladder! Yes, it would be an awesome idea for people like myself and many other who wants to get competitive about this awesome feature. Please comment down if you agree with a ladder for Battle Pets.ßløødbáth8 11 Sep
08 Sep Pet Battle World Quests not Spawning I have been doing Pet Battle World Quests since day 2 or 3 & some of the Pet Battles have yet to spawn. The following battles have yet to spawn for me. What's the Buzz? Unbreakable. What Do You Mean, Mind Controlling Plants You've Never Seen Jammer Upset Small Beginnings. I have done all of the others at least 2 or 3 times & yet these refuse to spawn. Are they locked behind something I'm missing?Aylmeric5 08 Sep
08 Sep Have anyone found the Miimii pet in King's rest? Comes from the achievement how to keep a mummy. Anyone figured out how to do it?Greezle2 08 Sep
06 Sep Struggling with (mostly non-BfA) pet trading Does anyone else have a problem with selling their pets these times? I've been trading pets on 4 realms. On the AHs, I see the same 3-5 people undercutting each other over and over, with the exception of Silvermoon, because it's high-pop. Trying to disrupt their fun risks in breaking the market. Trade chat responds with silence more often than not. The only exception was Darkmoon Rabbit. I guess the fame matters. My prices vary. Some are too high perhaps, but most of them are pretty low. I'd tell more but I'm trying to ditch my habit of sticking to particular values because I am aware not all buyers are actual collectors. I want to maintain a ratio between specific realms (e.g. 250%) though, and in these cases I use Magpie.Remte1 06 Sep
04 Sep Karazhan - Arcane Eyes So... The Arcane Eyes around Karazhan, did they get removed? Or am I just supremely unlucky atm?Anora2 04 Sep
04 Sep Leveling pets Does anyone know the fastest way to level battle pets from scratch in BfA?Midgetboi5 04 Sep
04 Sep Boon of the Zookeper - in BfA? Hi. As the title goes, does the Boon of the Zookeeper Work in BfA content? Is it still active in Legion content? I need to lvl my pets to 25 asap and I heard this thing is very good.Kaboose7 04 Sep
03 Sep Where to start? Returning player. I want to start with pet battles, but I have no idea where to start - Where can I find a cool starting pet? - How can I quickly level them? - How to deal with oneshooting wild pets before capturing them? Thanks!Blackl0A74AA2 03 Sep
02 Sep "You are already in queue for a pet battle" i sometimes get this crap and i cant get in a new pet battle. sometimes relogging helps, othertimes it dont. then i relog and i can see that im still queued, despite the fact i said i wanted to leave queue. i want to kill myself when small bugs like these arrive.Peonmaster5 02 Sep