1d Pre-purchase Battle for Azeroth™ Now! World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth is now available for pre-purchase through the Blizzard Shop and in-game shop! When you pre-purchase a digital copy, you’ll receive a level 110 character boost to use immediately. You can also begin the journey to unlock the expansion’s new playable Allied Races: the Highmountain Tauren, Lightforged Draenei, Void Elves, and Nightborne. And if you level an Allied Race character from 20–110*, you’ll earn a distinctive Heritage Armor set—a lasting symbol of your dedication and commitment to Azeroth. BATTLE FOR AZEROTH – STANDARD AND DIGITAL DELUXE FEATURES Battle for Azeroth is available now in two digital editions: Standard and Digital Deluxe. Here’s what comes with each: STANDARD AND DIGITAL DELUXE The complete Battle for Azeroth experience Includes level 110 character boost Pre-purchase today to use your 110 character boost, and begin the journey to unlock playable Allied Races.DIGITAL DELUXE ONLY Zandalar Gilded Ravasaur (Horde) and Kul Tiras Seabraid Stallion (Alliance) mounts Tottle, the baby Tortollan pet Hearthstone card back StarCraft II sprays Heroes of the Storm Primal Flamesaber mounts Overwatch voice lines, emotes, sprays, and icons Later this year we will announce our retail-only Collector’s Edition, featuring art, music, and lore to celebrate the release of Battle for Azeroth.Taepsilum49 1d
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52m XP From Dungeons Hey all, From WoW’s earliest days, we’ve always had to take steps to limit experience gains for characters when grouped with someone of a drastically higher level. We recently became aware of a bug introduced in 7.3.5: a side-effect of the vastly expanded creature scaling was causing the logic to break when awarding XP in some situations. Yesterday, we applied a hotfix to creature experience that corrects this issue. At the same time, we have significantly increased the experience awarded through queueing for random Normal dungeons from Classic through Draenor content. Running dungeons at the appropriate level should feel rewarding, whether as a complement to, or even as an complete alternative to questing. As always, we appreciate your feedback and will continue to keep a close eye on the pacing of the leveling experience in 7.3.5 and beyond.Aerythlea70 52m
5h Datamining and Content Creation Hello everyone! As you can imagine, we’re all extremely excited for the upcoming Battle for Azeroth Alpha, and we’re delighted to see that you’re just as excited as we are. However, we’d like to take a moment to remind everyone on our stance on what methods are acceptable for creating content based on game files and which are not. The most important thing to keep in mind is that reverse-engineering the WoW server architecture in order to get the WoW client running in a private environment is not allowed. This is not only a violation of the WoW Terms of Service, but also several copyright and intellectual property laws. Content created using these methods may be subject to legal action, including DMCA takedowns and copyright strikes on third-party hosts such as YouTube and Twitch. We are aware that a few fansites and content creators have been creating custom software that allows them to view WoW models and other visual assets in an environment that is similar to WoW, but does not actually use the WoW client itself in any way. These applications are, at their core, very similar to the third-party model viewers that have been available to the community for quite some time, and in their current form, are not considered a violation. As such, these methods are considered acceptable for content creation. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation and respect toward copyright laws, and can’t wait to share Battle for Azeroth with you all once it’s ready for public testing. Thanks!Aerythlea13 5h
1d Post if you want to make some in-game friends My original thread reached its posting limit. Therefore I'm redoing it. Firstly, please, when posting your info, press the "REQUEST STICKY" button towards the top right side of the page. If it gets enough hits, it will then be considered by the moderators to be pinned to the front page as a sticky. Generally, when a thread moves off the 1st page, it is harder for other people to notice it. So by pressing that button you are being courteous to others (maybe even absolute beginners to WoW) who may wish to use this thread at a later date than today to try and find in-game friends themselves. Thank-you. Let's face it, we all need friends in-game, whether it is to try for mutual achievements, valor cap HC's, LFR, PVP etc, or to ask someone if they can lend a hand with a problem, or even just to say hello to someone and chat once in a while. So if you'd like to make new friends, simply post in the same format as below. (Note, DON'T list which sex you are as it could lead to unwanted attention, likewise, DON'T give out your email address). About me: Age: 30+ Personality: Laid back and mature Side: Horde only Chars: Rogue: (DPS) Spec: Combat only (I do have an Alliance rogue as well, but its sole purpose doesn’t involve gameplay) Playing time: (at the moment) Mon: 12.30pm – 4.30 pm, Tue 12.30 pm – 7 pm, Wed and Thu 12.30pm – 4.30 pm, Fri 12.30 pm – 7 pm, Sat and Sun, most of the day. I do play in the evenings Mon-Fri too, but I simply never know just how much Russian-English translation work I need to do until I receive it, so evening playing time is very erratic. Up for: Helping you out if required and it's in my character's ability to do so, HC’s for cap, LFR, ach’s (inc Raids (new and old), HC and PVP) etc. Other interests: Many. Battletag: LadySylvanas#2676 (To add a battletag and request being friends with a person, either A: In the Battlenet client, left click on the blue person icon at the top right, it will then open up a sub column. In the top left, click on 'add friend', it will then prompt you to type (or paste in) the battletag of the person you want to be friend's with. Then click on 'send request' at the bottom left. B: In-game, left click on the yellow 'social' icon towards the bottom left of your screen. It will bring up a sub screen. Enter (or paste in) the battletag and press 'add friend'.Lswindrunner989 1d
2d Updates from @WarcraftDevs Patch 7.3 - 7.3.5 A new patch means new tweets from the World of Warcraft development team! This thread is an archive of @WarcraftDevs tweets regarding patch 7.3. ---- @WarcraftDevs is an official World of Warcraft Twitter account offering design insight and information directly from the World of Warcraft Development Team. For past updates, please refer to Updates from @WarcraftDevs - Patch 7.2.5. Aerythlea127 2d
1m How could we defeat Kil'Jaeden? He's a giant, he is one of the most powerful beings in the universe and still some mortals could defeat him. I really don't get how we can defeat such massive bosses that have emmense power, and sometimes they're not even made of flesh.Waadzx6 1m
1m Access to alpha bfa is unfair hi I have registered for any test (alpha&beta) for wow before bilzzcon2017 with around 5 months and didnt get any access for alpha bfa the only get it is streamer This is unfair to us ,we didnt get any thing . I have communicated with with gm and he told me im registered already for alpha, then why i cant access to it?? ITS UNFAIRRosemena23 1m
1m I am genuinely curious, with regards to Boost service With being able to Boost a character for awhile now right off the bat, and playing a class near or on level cap... people are bound to be clueless with the class initially. The following concept shouldn't cause much issue I'd imagine; So with that being said, would people be opposed to the idea of a Class Change service? It can be made more expensive than a level boost, with a considerable repeat usage restriction to curb "FOTM" rollers. As it is, a lot of people wouldn't bother with the level boost simply because it is still relatively quick to level up. Though I honestly wouldn't mind such a service. A lot of people are put off to the idea of changing their main because of attachments to the character, not wanting to redo rep, collections [including professions], etc... And as such, I would gladly fork out extra for a class change. Plus Blizzard would gain an untapped area for money, so would be in their interest. ;)Harlee7 1m
2m Argus WQ Bug..? I think I must be missing something, because I've been doing blue elite WQ's (both AR and AoL ) and the regular AR wq's, and I'm just getting 75 rep for *everything*. Is that a bug or..? o.o I'm not here to complain about the grind or anything, I'm fine with doing it, I'm enjoying doing content - I can't do much else as I'm not geared to raid properly as I took a long break in Legion - came back mid Feb and I just got revered, but I'm only getting 75 rep for *EVERY* WQ I do atm - I swear I used to get more for blue elites on Argus, so I'm a bit confused tbh :sShikarei3 2m
5m Player hits level60 just by killing boars Epic. South Park turned true :) Congrats! 5m
8m Allied races How have blizzard not sorted out this rep grind for allied races yet. Its stupid.Raez57 8m
9m I am confusion Hello friends, does anyone know if my warrior (for instance) can loot a ranged weapon in old karazhan now? (i can only tick warrior specs for loot in the loot window and since i had a break i am not certain ) best regardsEnjoylegionx16 9m
10m DH, a stunless or a slowless class in BfA I've been following the BfA class changes and it seems like Chaos Nova is no longer a stun. Which is fine for me since "Fel Eruption" will be buffed to a 4 second stun instead of 2. BUT Both "Fel Eruption" and "Master of the Glaive" are in the same row of talents! So Blizzard is literally saying: "You will either be a stunless class or a slowless pick one" Anyone else feeling sad about this? Mainly for PvP.Shadowpunk76 10m
19m Help with keybinding Hello. I have a problem.I tried keybinding,i just can't play with it.I forget what is where,i missclick,and i'm making a mess of myself. I tried reading online, everything,changed UI's,everything i just cant.I can only keybind two things the rest click click click. If someone has any advice he can provide or what did he do to change from click to keybinding,it will be really helpfull! Sincerelly, A noob.Nayia14 19m
20m Feedback: 20 - 60 Scaled levelling experience Having recently hit 60 on my Allied races character at a casual pace, I wanted to provide some feedback on the experience. Firstly, let me say that revisiting and/or completing old zones was great. As a player of classic, I had previously completed all zones prior to Cataclysm so many of the reworked zones were effectively completely fresh content. There remains enough of this fresh, untouched content for me to level a further 1-3 alts without repetition. There are some issues I found however. As I level, I get progressively weaker compared to the mobs I am fighting. I am reliant on a Ring, Wrist, Waist, Hands & Feet slot to be refreshed regularly to even maintain my power. The rewards from quests however cannot assume Heirloom ownership so I often found myself wearing gear that was 5-25 levels 'out-of-date'. Gathering Profession levelling is frustrating The 'windows' within which you need to return to a skinning/herbing/mining trainer create artificial constraints on the levelling experience. There is also the slightly strange experience of killing level 61 mobs that yield Ruined Leather Scraps. The Cataclysm Zone progression referral path is out of date As an example, the referral for Swamp of Sorrows (A) is to travel to Light's Hope Chapel, only to be rocketed all the way south. These paths added flavour during Cataclysm without doubt, but more direct routes should be considered. I would propose some changes: 1. Create a badge currency and put Vendors in every quest hub (Blacksmiths?) - The badges you earn from Quest Rewards can be used to purchase equipment slot tokens in the same way we currently use Argunite. 2. Create a passive buff that improves Versatility by a stacking % as you progress through a Zone's chapters. If I am 85% complete in Loch Modan I should be more powerful comparatively than someone who has just arrived 3. Remove or expand the level and profession level requirements on training up Gathering professions. At level 20, I should be able to train skinning up to 300 potentially, and not have to return to a trainer every 75-100 pts. 4. Add in standard flight point acquisition from Adventure Guide referral points - If you've just referred me to Bogpaddle I should be able to fly there from a known flightpoint on that continent. I've tried to consider the ease of implementation in these, so I recognise suggestion #1 may be a step too far. I consider it essentially mutually exclusive with suggestion #2.Echinacea4 20m
21m How about an alternate leveling method? Imagine if at BfA's launch Blizzard introduced a mode like this: Upon creating a new character, you are presented with the option to play either normal or story mode. Normal mode is the way everything works right now, story mode is the following: The game gives you a list of all the expansions and asks you to choose one. Upon doing so, you are presented with a cinematic briefly going over the events that lead up to that expansion. You then spawn at level 30 in your capital city with a quest that leads you to the expansion's respective continent. You start questing and by the time you complete all the expansion's zones, you will have hit level 60. Looms may be used, but the exp buff is disabled. Once you've completed the zones and have reached level 60, you go on a brand new questline that leads you through that expansion's max level story. Raids are included as scenarios that send you through abridged versions of the instances. This questline continues to give exp and when you complete the final raid scenario of your expansion, you get a big bag of exp that bumps you up the rest of the way to 110 so you can jump into BfA. Rewards: Upon reaching 110 using this mode, you get cosmetic rewards that depend on your chosen expansion. For example: - WotLK: A transmoggable version of Shadowmourne - MoP: A recolor of the challenge mode sets - WoD: Recolors of the challenge mode weapons What are the advantages of such a system? IMO 1 a way to make leveling faster without dumbing the process down 2 a way to fix WoW's broken storytelling. This way you can experience an expansion's full story, instead of moving on to a completely different continent before you've even fought the expansion's big bad 3 a way to reintroduce previously removed content. WotLK for example could include the siege of the undercity, and WoD could include the ring questline (for the lore, without the grind, obviously)Svetä6 21m
23m Is this laptop good for WoW: Battle for Azeroth? Hey guys :) So I would like to buy a laptop where I could also be able to play WoW: Battle for Azeroth in moderate quality. I don't need to play with graphic settings put to the max, I'm on a budget and I need laptop for work and traveling (that's why I'm not planning on buying a normal computer). So I came across this laptop - Acer Swift 3 (SF314-52-39YU) NX.GNUEC.004 - do you think it would be a good one to run this game? I'm really bad in this technical stuff, so any help would be appreaciated :) Have a great day everyone!Qinashe6 23m
24m Love WAS in the air.. So today was the day.. i finally got the love rocket between my legs! :D Attempts this year: 245 And just before the end of the event.. was a really "damn" moment for me. I wonder how many have dropped this year?Heymom30 24m
27m horde vs alliance is old and stupid yeah, we always fight together against greater evil why you cant kill a guy from horde if you are horde ? why you cant decline a war against any guild ? i want to kill my own ppls or alliance eventually let me do it this is a weekend thread, i have turbo hangoverTurnon14 27m
29m Ret Paladin or Shadow Priest? Hey, so I have my 110 boost to use and cant decide what to boost, a ret paladin or shadow priest. Any advice? thanks for any help given :)Ariastanzia8 29m
37m Is the game normally boring for a beginner? Yeah, I've been playing the game for the past 4 days. Everything for me seems to be really boring and repetitive. This is pretty what all I've been doing: Talk to an NPC, get a quest, complete the quest, repeat. When i die, i spawn again and get killed by some random mob or whatever you call that near me. Is this all you do on a game when you're a beginner? Not to mention, until level 100? I'm really discouraged right now and want to call it a quit, but i still want to see further. The thing is, i can't keep up with the same thing over and over again for the next month. I'm not having fun, but i want to like this game. Any suggestions or help? And the game is quite hard for a beginner like me, the waypoint is kind of confusing aswell.Ataraxia43 37m
47m Short cut For using Mount Is there a button on the keyboard that will allow me to use my mount straight away without going through "P"/mounts etc?Anthoraxe14 47m
48m I hate the newer patch. I cant stand playing timewalking anymore. It takes ten times more time to finish the dungeon and the rewards are still the same. I cant finish off this timewalking quest. You have made it extremely boring. It offers no challenge, you just made mobs have twentyfive times more health and still have the same rewards as before. You basically made everything take so long yet put the exact same drops as before. Make every timewalking boss drop 10-15 badges each and the last dungeon boss drop 15-20 timewalking badges, i cant farm this due to boredom anymore. All i do is turn a quest for 500 badges and thats it. It feels like im hitting dummies. No challenge yet takes so long to take down. Who thought it was a good idea to make everything take much longer to do yet offer the same rewards? You can make it more challenging like buff the damage mobs do so i dont fall asleep, but also make them drop more badges or something. Its not challenging giving mobs that hits for nothing 20 times more life, its just more boring. To me timewalking is the same as pet battles weekend now. Its so boring i dont even want to finish 5 dungeons done for the quest anymore. The Nexus dungeon i did.. i just wanted to leave after 5 minutes but i endured the dungeon without falling asleep.Manafelstorm10 48m
54m Gathering Bots Seen this one guy using a bot every night for weeks now. Been reported by multiple players. Obviously making HUGE profits without being banned. It's also a special account only for botting. So if these guys are allowed to use a gathering bot for months, they will be making millions easily, IF they ever get banned what will happen to that money? Ofcourse they send it to their main account in some way. If they keep even a small portion of the gold they make in months of botting, and their main account is not in threat of being banned, it's very much worth it. he's farming khorium ore in netherstorm right now. cheers.Maleficen33 54m
56m Letting my friend play wow Hi im wondering if i will get banned or not if i let my friend play on my WOW 3 meanwhile i play on my WOW 1 These are the questions i have about it 1. will i get banned? 2. What consequenses are there? 3. Does it even work? *Copied from customer support so i can get an answer*Frasterr8 56m
59m New journey Hi there. I want to start levelong a Elemental Shaman from level 1. What must i buy and get to make it easier. I have all the heirloom gear.Harlynn6 59m
1h No more Micro-transaction This is getting out of hand there are way to many micro-transaction in a game where you pay 60 euro's for the game and 13 euro's monthly. We gamers should make it clear that its not oke.Postura215 1h
1h World Scaling Updated - 4 expansions combined? I don't see any reason why Outlands, Northrend, Pandaria and the Cataclysm zones aren't combined and works from 58-90 or even 58 to 100, if Draenor was included. I just leveled an allied race, and I got through Northrend from 58-80 after completing 2½ zones and doing a few dungeons. I see no reason why I shouldn't have had the option to stay there until I decided to move on, or I got to the latest expansion. What are your thoughts on this? :)Terenes6 1h
1h Void Elf Cosmetic Options IMO, the skins/ textures don't do the concept justice. They share the same colour palette as Draenei/ Night Elves, which is making Ally groups look very samey, and there's too little to connect them with their High Elf heritage. "Void" shouldn't just mean "blue/ purple", because those colours are already identified with existing races that have no Void connection. Can we get some warmer tones for Velves? Alextrasza's skin tone, dark ochre for the hair - something like that. I appreciate that there's a desire to avoid hewing too closely to the Blood Elf palette, but there has to be a happy medium that doesn't involve just adopting the Night Elf palette.Umay8 1h
1h Level Scaling Is Awesome! Thank you! I do appologise for making a topic like this! Obviously no one wants to know if I'm enjoying this game or not... anyway... I also wanted to mention that im not a "vanilla" person, I only joined wow in Wrath of Lich. I wanted to thank blizzard for this awesome change! We are finally not in a "God" mode where every mob gets 1 shotted. This tiny change is absolutely awesome for new players! New players wont go thought "silly running around Azeroth and killing everything that moves", although mobs damage could be increased a bit more, so new players could use their defences and cc's more often, which will obviously be very useful as they get to "end game" content. People say that this isnt fun as they have already leveled countless characters, but then again when you are creating a NEW character that you are going to LEVEL UP again, does it not mean you have go through some LEVELING? Is it not part of "growing" your NEW (or another) character? Anyway, thank you once again Blizzard for this change!Emluses25 1h
1h usefulness of some professions? Hi! I'm a semi noob that would like to know the usefulness of professions like blacksmithing, tailoring, leatherworking, especially during leveling. Me and the Gf are nw around lvl 50 and we both ave 1 gathering profession and 1 production profession. The problem is, literally all armor and weapons we can create are worse then the ones we can find, is this a case of "just wait until you (almost) cap it for the good stuff" or " "they made 90% of the creations in professions BS" ? We try to keep our professions as high as our character lvl allows. Am I doing something wrong?Barbarossanl8 1h
1h Highmountain RP? Are there any highmountain RP guilds or communities yet? Has anyone seen any? Alternatively can anyone recommend an active RP guild that might be fitting for a mountain bro please?Targutai4 1h
1h 110 Boost Guide What do we get? You will start the game with your chosen specs artefact weapon with 35 traits unlocked, a full set of 870 gear, 3 x 870 relics for your chosen specialization 4 x 24 slot embersilk bags a bit of gold, artisan flying (level 70 flying 280% speed) and a bag containing some potions and food etc. Limitations The boost is a great thing but there are some limits so make sure you know them before you rush into things or get confused. Here is an overview from blizzard Some things that aren't mentioned are: The 24 hour old content block also prevents you from starting some legion quests. Including Archaeology, the quest that unlocks 700-800 crafting profession (gathering professions are fine), the fel smelter and some other various quests around dalaran. For me this took a few hours longer than 24 but just be patient they will unlock soon :) Also if you are boosting an existing character or plan to level one to 60 first for the veteran bonus, DO NOT bother applying glyphs, any glyphs u have used will be stripped off after the boost. While this might seem irrelevant to most, I like to use glyphs really early in levelling :D and the most recent ones can cost a few thousand gold, for it to just be removed when u boost its a bit of a waste :) Veteran Boost 60+ If you chose to boost a level 60+, you will have both your primary professions and first aid boosted to 700 skill, however you will still be required to purchase/train all the recipes you didn't already have. Your other secondary professions will stay untouched. Beware, all your quests will be deleted, all progress lost and all glyphs removed, so make sure to finish any quests you are in the middle of or you will have to start them again. Completed quests will of course remain completed :) You will start the game with all abilities unlocked, your artefact weapon for chosen spec (no quest needed more on this later) and freedom to do as you wish (no training scenario). Note: When using a boost on an existing or newly created character you will NOT gain a level 3 garrison, or garrison hearthstone or have any progress in Draenor. Level 100 Trial Boost On the character selection screen when creating a character choose "Class trial Level 100" to begin this boosting method. You are limited to dps only specs at first and some classes are limited to which spec they can choose. This limitation is just for the training scenario that teaches u the basics of the class and unlocks abilities gradually so you are not overwhelmed with full action bars and no clue where to start. Once you have finished the training exercise you will be able to switch specs and must choose which artefact path to pursue and do the related quest. Upon completion of the trial you have around 8 hours to play this character before it is locked, only available to play again by using a boost, so use this time wisely to see how u like the class. Once u are done activate boost and enjoy your new 110 :) You may be able to skip the tutorial phase of the 100 class trial simply by activating the boost without even logging into the character although its not really recommended unless u are 100% sure of its what u want (no 2nd chance whatsoever on boosts) and I haven't tried this so I'm not sure. Note: Level 100 class trials boosted to 110 will definitely NOT gain any boost to professions so no cheating the system there you sneaky people :p Caution This bit ive not tested but has been posted a few times by a few people so be careful if u trust. If you decide to boost a 100 class trial you apparently still do get a level 3 garrison with a few profession buildings a bunch of followers and a garrison hearthstone. Saving you quite some time around 5500gold and 3000 garrison resources. The journey begins Now that you have your fresh 110 you will log in and be instantly spoken to by your factions leader, directing you to the new allied race building. Your class hall representative will appear at the side of you (when you're in Dalaran) and will give u the quest u need to go to class hall. For druids, mages and death knights be sure to check spell book for Dreamwalk/Hall of guardian portal/death gate, and for other classes head to your portal in or around Dalaran. Hunters you can speak to the Tauren lady with the eagle, on Krasus landing. When u get to your class hall you will get the usual quests to build up your hall and unlock missions and followers, just follow the story. Be sure to visit your missions board and check the scouting map to choose a zone, you wont be offered a starter quest otherwise. You will be able to start your other weapons artefact paths now too and with your gear level it should be really easy so I will advise getting them all as soon as u can :) (I managed to get feral and guardian weapons in balance spec, only had to switch to resto coz I needed the dispel) Note You will also get the quest for the artefact weapon that you already have. This only allows you to go up to the final stage of the questline though, as you already have the weapon the final quest isn't needed. So if you reach a dead end on the quest you know why, just head back home it will be finished :) Where to start? Now that you have gone to your class hall and got your weapons where do you go from here? I would advise a suggested path but in all truth it is entirely up to you. The goal really is to unlock much of the areas that impact your character first :) Broken Shore This is a really short chain to start so I advise doing it first. You simply go to krasus landing fly point over to the broken shore and do the couple of quests there to get you on your way on the legionfall campaign and your class mount ! Its just a couple of short quests to begin with, collecting 100 supplies from world quests there or treasure chests , unlocking the daily bonus hub and the start of the campaign that will unlock additional class hall upgrades, new followers, class mount and weapon appearance challenge. Just do the initial part up until you need to complete a legion assault then head back to Dalaran for the next story. Note Where I say here the initial questline of the broken shore is quick, the whole thing is fairly long and will take several days or weeks maybe, depending on how much time you play but for the purpose of just getting going the initial phase of unlocking the zone and benefits is really quick, maybe 20-30mins. Caution If u have never done this before you may also have to do a short scenario to explain the situation and unlock the zone, not sure if it is skippable or mandatory its been so long since I've had it unlocked ive never had to do it again on any character. Argus This is the newest chunk of the game and its advised to do this as quick as possible as it rewards a guaranteed legendary ring! You should have been messaged by now from Khadgar or your faction leader about the Argus campaign (if u don't have it try wowhead, sorry it was always just auto given to me in Dalaran). Head over to your capital city to start the Argus campaign. You will be transported to a place called the Vindicaar, which is a mobile base on Argus where all your quests will begin. This will take a few hours to complete but it is possible to do it all in 1 go fairly easy with your boosted gear level :) and the quicker you do it the better :) there is 1 dungeon near the end of the questline and a quest to do 3 invasions which requires to join group finder but other than that you can do it all on your own usually in couple of hours :) Note Upon reaching the Vindicaar go downstairs and look for the Netherlight Crucible (it will have a shadow flame on 1 side and a holy flame on the other and a Draenei lady at the side), here you can use it to upgrade the relics of your artefact. You can instantly use this to upgrade all relics by +5 item levels , after that you will have to keep returning as your artefact level increases to upgrade your relics further :) Final Thoughts Now that you have started/completed the most recent and important campaigns, you can just do whatever you want. Maybe start the main story in Surumar, begin questing through those legion zones u skipped (started from your scouting map in class hall), begin you profession quests or jump right into raiding and PvP :) Hope this helps a few people out with some answers or helps some new/returning players with some info. Sorry if its too long :D If you are not new or returning from a break, or in no real rush to boost , id advise you to save your boost till Battle for Azeroth comes out. Classes are going to go through many changes from now till then and the class u want now might not be the one u want next expansion, Also u might get additional bonuses by then too, for example professions being boosted to 800 instead of 700.Greenshado8 1h
1h Allied Race Heritage Armor Availability Been thinking about this more and I urge you to reconsider its availability from leveling a fresh character alone... Some players already have lots of alts and have collected much on those characters. I myself have a Draenei Paladin, a Blood Elf Mage and an Undead Shadow Priest. I now feel I will have to create 3 new toons from level 20 or whatever it is so i can have a Lightforged Paladin, a Nightborne Mage and a Void Elf Shadow Priest. Those new races in their heritage armor perfectly represent the class but I do not wish to start all over again as I expect many others will feel the same. Say someone has a Mage main, they have thousands of achievements, all artifact skins etc etc but they've wanted to play a Nightborne ever since seeing Suramar. they will now have to re-roll a new mage and start all over again. I know it is just one armor set but for players like me who love to have a set that perfectly matches the race and class it's a must have! I appreciate you want to inject some more life into the early game and get more people out leveling but you're asking a lot of people to start fresh on characters they love. Can't you just create a bunch of quests max level that unlock the set, like a mini campaign for these races? I'd rather do a bunch quests to unlock them than start all over again...Farladin40 1h
2h Allied Race Customization I feel like there is a major lack in customization options for the Horde allied races, in comparison to the Alliance. I'll start with the Nightborne, they're essentially the same character model as the Night Elves, with minor difference. Except the fact there's a serious limited amount of customization. How can there only be three skin tones? Every part of the customization is limited with the Nightborne. With the Highmountain Tauren, they're essentially a re-skin of regular Tauren, with bigger horns. How is their skin tone limited? Can't we have the same options for normal Tauren too? But when we get to the Alliance allied races, there's no limit to their customization. Both the new Draenei and Void Elfs have so much that you can change. And you can't argue "well yeah that's because they're just re-skinned Blood Elves and Draenei" because Nightborne and Highmountain Tauren are re-skins too. So why do the Alliance have more customization options for their Allied races, while Horde don't? Will the Horde see more options in the future, or have they been skimped out on? TL;DR Why are the Alliance Allied Races more customizable than the Horde? Will Horde see more customization options in the future?Eladray8 2h
2h Worgen & Goblin Model Updates - Battle For Azeroth I would like to port this post over from US forums as it really is a big issue. There are some really interesting comments on the original US post, so I would also like to see what us in the EU think about having a Worgen & Goblin Model Update. Credit goes to Vethe. OP: This post is a continuation of 1) (capped at 500) 2) (capped at 500) 3) (capped at 5,000) What is this thread about? Well over two years ago, a majority of the playable races received model updates (patch 6.0.2 - October 2014). From the patch notes: Character models for races from the original game (dwarf, gnome, human, night elf, orc, tauren, troll, and undead), and draenei have been overhauled with an increase to fidelity and texture resolution; while retaining the core look and feel of the originals. Character animations have been updated to have more personality and now support expressive facial expressions. Emotes are now more emotive! Nearly every race introduced before Mists of Pandaria was updated to meet new visual standards, but Worgen and Goblins have remained on the backburner for over two years: ... - from Why do they need updates? The texture resolution and polycount of Worgen and Goblins are notably more limited than those of the newly updated races: vs (thanks Sparx) Worgen and Goblins have very limited and sometimes jarring animations: Beyond getting Worgen and Goblins on par with the other races, there were some rather unpopular last-minute changes made to the design of the female Worgen that have not sat well with many (there are thousands of posts on these issues in the other threads). What can we do? Bring the issue to Blizzard's attention to the best of your ability. Posting here is a good start and these threads help to collect ideas. Consider addressing Blizzard on platforms such as Twitter or pushing the topic in Q&A sessions Report any bugs with the current models.Nastydogg29 2h
2h Lucid Nightmare maze I think I've realised why this is a supposed riddle, because the entire thing is a metaphor for how bad blizzard have become at designing anything, lets explain. First off, the balance of how many orbs to runes spawn, I've seen countless people say in general that they had been running 300+ rooms and had yet to come across a orb but came across runes constantly. This is pointing to the fact that no matter how hard blizzard try, they can't balance their games and they don't really try. Secondly they tried to over complicate the maze, trying to draw the map out requires you to have a pin up board to tie together all your maps that connect to different rooms via different sets of stairs, sure you can just get the addon to help but it only accounts for 1 location of each rune and orb so if you find multiple then you're out of luck. Also how the rng works for the maze, some people get lucky and are there less than an hour some are there for 6 hours trying to find stuff. Which points to the over complicated rng of blizzards games i.e. with the warforged and titanforged system ripped straight from diablo 3 and its ancient and primal ancient gear. Finally, even if you do manage to overcome the odds and find everything, back tracking might not even be possible because the MAP CHANGES whenever it feels like it, for example I just kept going till I found one of each rune and orb then was just gonna back track till I was done, however as I was back tracking (I got lucky this time) between rooms 85 and 84 were blocked, so I couldn't go back to where I had been and where everything else was. This points to the fact that once some things seem balanced in a blizzard game, they completely ruin it all by changing everything with their heavy handed balancing issues. So GJ Blizz this entire thing was a good idea until you ruined it with terrible execution.Shuvelknight28 2h
2h Heirloom tabard? Hello, I was lvling my alt and I realized that why don't we combine all heirlooms to just one heirloom which can be tabard, shirt etc. By doing this leveling would be so much more enjoyable because you will be able to get the new gear that you get from quest rewards and you will still get the extra amount of XP. I kind of miss the times when you get a new rewards instead of just running with heirloom all the way.. just a thought kind regardsKupray1 2h
2h Please increase drop rate of old LFR loot Please consider increasing the drop rate of legacy LFR gear drops or allow us to have group loot in them. Doing a whole Dragon Soul LFR or Throne of Thunder LFR to only get gold bags is really frustrating (especially when ToT has really rare shared boss weapons & shoulders) SoO LFR currently has a 100% drop chance for loot when solo, why are the others a low chance? Dragon Soul LFR loot is so insanely rare it's probably close to a 1% chance for an item... Thanks. p.s. i've submitted this as a suggestion ever since legacy LFR's were queuable solo, but nothing has changed, so trying hereLunalla32 2h
2h Experience difference between fast leveling and current? Hi, Was wondering if anyone has the exact experience differences between the pre-patch leveling and the current leveling. Tried to look it up, but I've been having browser issues where certain pages bug out and won't load. I'm talking about how you used to do a low level dungeon and get 2+ levels out of it and now it's more like old WoW. Is there an exact number for how reduced they made the experience gain? Just curious. Not complaining btw, it was ridiculous how fast you could level up before. Thank you.Starnelf5 2h
2h Calculation of ilevel I believe the basis of the ilvl calculation has changed with Legion -- not hugely, but a change nonetheless. For some time, I have maintained a spreadsheet with my chars on it, listing their items' ilvl and calculating it for each char. (Why? No particular reason, it just pleased me to do so.) This spreadsheet always seemed to get an ilvl that would match the in-game and armory values, but as of Legion, I noticed some discrepancies. The previous calculation of average ilvl was: ilvl = (sum of individual items) / n_items, where n_items = 16 if dual-wielding, and 15 if using a two-hander. Logical enough. Now, it seems to have become: ilvl = (weapon_ilvl + sum of everything else) / 16, where weapon_ilvl = MH+OH if dual-wielding, and 2*MH if using a two-hander. Also logical, but it is to be noted that a two-handed weapon that is lower than the average of your other gear will more adversely affect your ilvl than before.Blayr2 2h
3h WoW orchestra sheet music - help Dear friends, I need any possible information of where I could find original orchestra sheet music for music themes in WoW. I need all sheet music of main races and locations. Also, if any of you know something about how to contact composers, I will appreciate it. I know about some official anthologies but they are not complete. My friend is writing PhD thesis about music naration in WoW, therefore, any of your help is priceless.Mantili3 3h
3h Looking for sheet music Anyone know where i can download/buy some WoW sheet music for piano? I'm trying specifically for Ashenvale music but finding other tunes would be great tooToklo29 3h
3h So the demon's came from... So.. the demon's came from... Another planet with green battleships.. Riiiight.... So... legion.. 1- Interesting quests.. 2- Very bad island design 3- Lame boss story 4- Empty servers( 4-5 guilds doing mythics..) 5- The ,,heroic,, raids are actually alot easier than ICC normal from 2009 and ALOT eeeasier than Ragnaros raid in cata.. ( Basicly wow has turned into baby game..) 6- Yes i haven't done mythic and don't even plan to.. It's boring..( Yes it wont be hard, it will be hell..) I give legion tops 6.5/10 . Lich king was 8.5/10 for me Even i find cataclism better overall than the boring and easy legion.. Dropping the ball cuz of the kiddies will be the purge of wow.. ( A message from a guy, that played 2009-2010( icc to cata ragnaros -prenerf..) Overall verdict- this isn't wow anymore, it's a milking loot simulator, where the social aspect of the game is erradicated and you kids are the ,, ultimate test subject,, Byez. ps: ooooooh.. i forgot the ,, legendaries,, for everyone.. thanks Blizz for killing that section too, by ,, handing over,, legos to every newborn on the planet..Pixelz29 3h
3h Legacy Expansions Now I know it's a tad early to be talking about such a thing, as classic legacy realms are still in their infancy of development, although I am curious as to whether or not Blizzard would be interested in releasing other legacy realms in the near future catering specifically to prior expansions such as Wrath of the Lich King and Mists of Pandaria 'depending' on the success of vanilla legacy? I'd like to hear in this thread from a developer or somebody with contacts 'up there' if there has been any ideas / discussions about prior expansions being available to play again in the future. Or if the idea of a WotLK / MoP legacy realm is as far fetched as we used to think vanilla was.Akuyama1 3h
3h Personal Loot. In old dungeons. Why? Need I say more beyond the title, there's no reason I should be forced to have personal loot on in OLD dungeons. It was bad enough the option to have master looter in pugs was taken away from Legion as a part of the xpac- but...this? There's no reason beyond bad design.Poots16 3h
3h So it's official. EU forums DON'T matter. So, it's official now. The EU forums don't matter one single bit to Blizzard and might as well be closed. In fact, might as well close the EU servers as well while they are at it since EU players have no voice at all and nothing of value to contribute to this 'American' game for 'Americans'. Where is the 'community discussion' on various issues with Blizz from EU posters ? Correct. It's nowhere, and never will be because EU players are 2nd class citizens and always will be. EU players are clearly incapable of expressing any thoughts and opinions on any matters whatsoever and obviously can't string 2 sentences together in a legible and intelligent way to someone else. Of all the changes ever made to WoW, the 'upcoming changes to the NA WoW MPV program' are the biggest knife in the back, the biggest snub, that EU players will ever receive. Rather than 'Bring the player not the class', for EU players at least they should change the mantra to 'Just hand over your euros and keep quiet'. Next time you log on, remember that Blizzard isn't interested in you. Next time you feel like saying something on the forum, don't bother, your voice and opinion are totally irrelevant.Lswindrunner121 3h
3h Who is this human? Who be dis human, mon? Strollin' about stormwind, as ya do as a troll, an ya see dis above a door, ya wonder who it be? Ahem. I imagine it's something to do with the Lunar festival, maybe it's a random picture, maybe it's always there and I've never noticed... Anyone know? My only guess would be Tiffin, Varians wife.Kubluku7 3h