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1d Post if you want to make some in-game friends (pt2) My original thread has finally reached its posting limit. Therefore I'm redoing it. Let's face it, we all need friends in-game, whether it is to try for mutual achievements, daily HC's, LFR, PVP, WQ's etc, to ask someone if they can lend a hand with a problem, or even just to say hello to someone and chat once in a while. So if you'd like to make new friends, simply post in the same format as below. (Note, DON'T list which sex you are as it could lead to unwanted attention, likewise, DON'T give out your email address). About me: Age: 30+ Personality: Laid back and mature Side: Horde only Chars: Rogue: (DPS) Spec: Combat only (I do have an Alliance rogue as well, but its sole purpose doesn’t involve gameplay) Playing time: (at the moment) Mon-Tue, Thu-Fri: 1pm – 3 pm, Wed 1 pm onwards. Sat-Sun, on most of the day Up for: Helping you out if required and it's in my character's ability to do so, HC’s LFR, ach’s (inc Raids (new and old), HC and PVP) etc. Other interests: Many. Battletag: LadySylvanas#2676 (To add a battletag and request being friends with a person, either A: In the Battlenet client, left click on the blue person icon at the top right, it will then open up a sub column. In the top left, click on 'add friend', it will then prompt you to type (or paste in) the battletag of the person you want to be friend's with. Then click on 'send request' at the bottom left. B: In-game, left click on the yellow 'social' icon towards the bottom left of your screen. It will bring up a sub screen. Enter (or paste in) the battletag and press 'add friend'.Lswindrunner340 1d
1d Updates from @WarcraftDevs - Battle for Azeroth A new patch means new tweets from the World of Warcraft development team! This thread is an archive of @WarcraftDevs tweets regarding the Battle for Azeroth Pre-Patch and release. ---- @WarcraftDevs is an official World of Warcraft Twitter account offering design insight and information directly from the World of Warcraft Development Team. For past updates, please refer to Updates from @WarcraftDevs - Patch 7.3.5 & BFA Beta.Aerythlea103 1d
3d A Message from J. Allen Brack Blizzard community, Today has been a swirl of emotions. First, I feel a deep sense of gratitude to Mike. His work on some of our industry’s most iconic games is the reason I came to Blizzard. Not only is he an inspiring leader, but he’s also been a wise and patient mentor to me during my time at Blizzard. And he’s been a good friend. Joining the World of Warcraft team and my favorite game company nearly 13 years ago was an unimaginable dream. Now, to be chosen to lead Blizzard into the future is both a huge honor, and a tremendous responsibility. To do that, I’ll have the help of dedicated and talented Blizzard employees around the world who all share the same mission we have always pursued—to connect and engage the world through the most epic entertainment experiences, ever. Each of us is influenced by Blizzard’s values and a player-first mindset, which serve as the foundation of our company. With these beliefs at the core of everything we do, we’ve been able to deliver great games across different genres and platforms. And there is more to come—we’re working on more games now than at any point in Blizzard’s history. As I transition from leading a development team to the entire company, I’ll also have the support of our team of experienced leaders at Blizzard. I’m pleased to announce two additions to our executive leadership team who will be instrumental as we move forward. Ray Gresko, a 10-year veteran of Blizzard who helped create both Overwatch and Diablo III, is now our chief development officer. Allen Adham, Blizzard’s original founder and lead designer of World of Warcraft, will join the executive team while continuing to oversee development of several new games. The knowledge and experience that Ray and Allen bring, in addition to the talent already on the leadership team, will be indispensable in helping move Blizzard into the future. One thing that won’t change going forward—our deeply held commitments that are core to who we are as a company: to gameplay first, to quality in everything we do, and to listening to and partnering with our community. BlizzCon, the IRL representation of our connection with the community, is just a month away and it’s a time of the year that Blizzard employees look forward to the most. And as usual, we have a few surprises. I want to close by thanking Mike for 27 years of amazing work: I am looking forward to your wisdom and guidance in your new role. And thank you for everything you’ve done to help create the company and the games we love. J. Allen BrackTaepsilum34 3d
4d Auction House Update To address some issues related to the Auction House, we’re reconsidering how deposits—the refundable fees you pay to list your auctions—are calculated. This fee is based on the item’s vendor price, and for profession materials in particular, vendors offer very low prices, so these mats have a low deposit cost. Deposits are substantial on items such as BoE uncommon gear, gems, and so forth, but not trade skill materials (trade goods such as cloth, ore, leather, etc.). One thing we’ve identified as particularly troublesome is a large volume of trade skill materials being auctioned off in stacks of 1. Some addons make posting quantities of this size trivial to do, resulting in dozens, if not hundreds, of pages of auctions for a single item. As we looked at ways to change this behavior and improve the overall Auction House experience, we found that we prefer to avoid inflexible solutions such as caps on the number of listings a player can make, or increased minimum stack counts, which might interfere with many players' common gameplay habits. Our current plan is to increase the deposit cost of some profession materials on a per-stack basis, which should provide incentive for players to post items in larger stacks. Here's an example: Let’s say that a player is trying to sell 200 Tidespray Linen for 10g (gold) each. Today, each item has the normal deposit cost of 1c (copper), with a 1s (silver) minimum deposit, so 1 auction of 200 linen requires a deposit of 1s, and 200 auctions of 1 linen each adds up to a total deposit of 2g. Now imagine an additional 20% deposit added to the listing fee per auction. With an asking price of 10g each, that raises the deposit by 2g per stack. In the case of 1 stack of 200 linen, the total buyout price is 2000g, and the new deposit is 2g1s. In the case of 200 individual stacks, the new deposit of an additional 2g per stack brings the total deposit up to 402g. In either case, the deposit is returned to the seller if the item sells. Successful auctions aren’t affected by this change. Our goal is to give players some forewarning on this change, and to gather feedback. We’re putting together a list of the items that would be affected by this deposit change, which we expect to be limited to high-quantity trade goods. Furthermore, we’re deploying the change to the PTR first, so that addon authors can work through the change while we test it thoroughly. This change will likely be a temporary measure, as we’re also working to broadly improve the default Auction House in the future. It’s clear to us that many players use addons because they find the default Auction House interface inadequate. A temporary change to deposit fees will help with this in the short term, and we’ll continue to work on overall improvements to the Auction House for a future patch.Aerythlea252 4d
4d A Message from Mike Morhaime Dear Members of the Blizzard Community, When Blizzard’s founder Allen Adham first invited me to join him in creating Silicon & Synapse (our original name), nothing could have prepared me for the amazing adventure that we would share for the next 27 years. Our original mission and values consisted of four simple words that formed our foundation: “We make great games.” We crafted that statement before we had even released our first game, but we were committed to living up to it. After many years of working with some of the industry’s most talented people to create games and worlds for you to play in, I’ve decided it’s time for someone else to lead Blizzard Entertainment. I will now serve as an advisor to the company I so love and admire. My duties as president of Blizzard will be assumed by my friend, colleague, trusted advisor, and longtime steward of World of Warcraft, J. Allen Brack. J. is an inspiring leader who has shown unwavering commitment to Blizzard’s community in his 12 years with the company. His leadership on World of Warcraft leveraged his vision, creativity, and commitment to quality, and together with the rest of the dev team helped deliver an experience that is unprecedented in our industry. I couldn’t be happier for J. and know that Blizzard will continue to make great games with him at the helm. I am grateful to all of the hardworking and talented people at Blizzard for their dedication and creativity. Their belief in our mission and care for our players has helped Blizzard reach greater heights than I ever could have imagined. I am also grateful to all of you in the community. We have been through so much together. Not only have you been with me through many of the greatest moments and biggest triumphs of my life, but you have also been there through some of the most difficult. I am fortunate to have been able to meet many of you in person, while the many messages, emails, Tweets, Reddit discussions, and forum posts have provided an unbelievable connection as well. Even Twitch chat. It has always brought me joy, comfort, and inspiration to see the beacons of brilliance, voices of reason, and the passion that exists and evolves every day in all of our communities. When we started Blizzard we just wanted to make great games. What we realized is that the games we create are really just a framework for communities and human interaction. When we look back, what we often find that’s most lasting and meaningful from our experiences in games are the relationships we create and foster. You have given me the inspiration and drive to pour my heart and life into what I do. I literally couldn’t have done any of it without you. We have created these worlds, but you have given them life, through your passion, fan art, cosplay, videos, and in so many other ways. I truly believe that this amazing community has the potential to be a shining light to the rest of the industry by setting a positive example of inclusivity, tolerance, and acceptance toward others. In the words of one of Blizzard’s core values: remember to always play nice; play fair. I know this community is capable of changing the world. It has been an honor to serve this community for over 27 years, and I thank you for your many years of support. I look forward to being a member of the community alongside you. See you on! Your fellow Blizzard gamer, Mike MorhaimeTaepsilum37 4d
2m last day tomorrow. so a while back i made a i quit thread explaining how i got into the game how i got addicted to it and how i got bored of it essentially. it went over pretty well, unfortunately i realised i would not officially quit the game until i finished a few things i wanted to do in the game, so i ended up buying 1 more additional month of game time, a few people which remembered i had posted a quit thread gave me constant hassle over this over the last month, and they even say i will never actually quit the game and that i am just saying it to be cool, so i made a promise that when it is close to my last day i would make a new thread to tell them. this is that thread .. i currently have 36 hours left on my gametime and i will not be renewing it for the foreseeable future until the game is improved to a standard i see personally as "worth a subscription". equally i will not be playing classic wow either, this is literally a cut off point for me in terms of world of warcraft. i guess i'll finish this thread by saying ... its really sad to see a game i spent nearly 10k hours playing and enjoying turn out the way it has now and even though its just a video game it is a video game with a lot of history to me. it is sad that it has reached a standard which is just not enjoyable for me to a point where i literally cant stand even logging in anymore. over my brief time i been on this forums i had some genuinely good conversations with some people here and i want to say thank you for making my last 20 or so days on this game at least a little bit more enjoyable. to the people which have been giving me a hard time however .. i want to say no hard feelings :).. it is what it is not everyone is made to agree on things. make sure to stay salty! anyway guys i'll be posting about a bit today on and off but other than that all the best to everyone and hope you all find what you are looking for in this game :).Darthtoon10 2m
8m This is why Titanforging is ruining the game. Guy went in mythic 0 as a 260 ilvl and got this.How is this even possible?Whats the point of hardcore raiding if you can get 380 gear from m0 dungeons.Marinkonk19 8m
8m Community Mentality Why is it that the community is so god damn black and white when it comes to the game? Instead of criticising the while acknowledging and pinpointing the problems meanwhile actively trying to give constructive advice and communicating changes that would make the game fun again it's either just shilling for blizzard like a fanboy or ragequitting because ''muh Final Fantasy'', ''muh BDO''Dreamkore3 8m
22m You really overdid pruning by FAR I feel like this subject doesnt get enough attention and I think that its really important because I think its not fun to come back to this game and see half your kit gone. All specs / classes lost many "iconic" abilities/passives. For example affliction warlocks have always had siphon life. Now we have to talent it. Want drain soul? Talent it. Shadow priest want shadow word death? Go talent it. I played warlock since 2005, but now I cant stand playing him anymore. Just too many spells that I liked or talents or even complete spec reworks have made the warlock class into something that I dont enjoy anymore. And im sure many people feel the same way with their spec/class.Manrikswife1 22m
24m Time-based missions is worst that gaming industry created After probably trailing missions. And it's out one of main end-game modes. Raids need to be on timer too, it's not fun when you don't have to be completely stressed over timerEdgyjojomeme1 24m
31m spirit of eche’ro hi i want to know how to get spirit of eche’ro and when next time it will be available to get itAsheli4 31m
53m Raid armor sets 8.1 Mail set is a joke WTF So they have released the new armor sets from the next raid and they look amazing bar the mail armor. WTF is this mail set its the worse armor set i have seen in years. Even if you just go on details its very basic: 1: lack of details on the armor 2: lack of 3D textures on the armor 3: looks just like a the cloth set but scrub version How the hell can you call this a raid set when you compare it to any of the other 3 sets? 53m
58m Warsong Zeppo boys (so sad) So throughout my time playing this game, I never realised until now that everybody on the zeppelin to Warsong Hold has a unique name, for example, Grunt Grikee and Barrowswizzle, except the little peddlers on the front, are they not important enough? They're belting on that peddlebike all day and all night and they can't even give them a unique name (it annoyed me enough to come here and rant even though this post is completely pointless lmao>:( )Torlok4 58m
1h Wow, The game i played.. 13yrs long.. World of warcraft.. The game i played for 13 years.. There used to be a time when i came from school rushed to the pc, and wanted to play, day and night, in and out. But now, Iam struggling to play i can't play for longer than 2hours (keep in mind, i even rerolled to a priest, wich has 370Ilvl atm i didn't play alot on my main because warrior doesn't feel the same for some expansions now.) I lvled everychar to 120 so far, and the game just doesn't feel "fun" anymore.. It feels like you guys totally lost what WoW used to be, Lost track of the RPG of wow, the community with "SERVERS" (merge and whatever magic you use to throw all servers in one) the "hardcore" or atleast the harder mobs, and gear depend. How your char felt stronger for every lvl, and the fact that you looked forward to spells and endgame wich used to be a grind. The World Quests, man... Iam already bored of that, i prefered the dailies, i did my daily and i was done for the day. i could focus on something else, now i just have to keep farming and farming WQ's wich pretty much burned me out aswell. I have to admit that the Questlines in Bfa are good, but the game itself when the questing is over, goes downhill.. Tbh, the only reason i still try wow is because there is no other MMORPG that i like (TESO, system is meh, SWTOR not sure about that game, LOTRO is a good game but no real "pvp") Iam looking forward for Classic, but i think this will be the last expansion I will be playing unless Blizzard goes back to the MMORPG roots.. I think iam not the only one here, that is just going to pauze its subscribtion.. I loved the 13 years i played this game, it helped me alot in hard times aswell, but I don't feel it anymore.. Iam sorry (My warrior used to be my baby, now i don't even wanna play him..) I hope to see you guys in Classic WoW, and otherwise, maybe in the future.Lemarcq20 1h
1h Your personal top 3 races Hey guys, I thought it would be cool to hear about the favorite races of the players. My are: 1. Night Elf 2. (Mag'har) Orc 3. Dark Iron DwarfXatary22 1h
1h Alliance is bad I started playing on the Alliance for the story, mounts, toys and pets. What read on forums and experiences form other players how played Alliance really shocked me how accurate it was. I started leveling at Durstvar Horde Zerg came and ganked everyone for about 2-3 hours without any resistance form any Alliance me old me knowing i could not take them at level 115. I waited once opportunity presented pick them off one by one with really making much of impact besides form trolling and stalking them by sapping and hit and run attacks. While trying to get other Alliance players to come and counter the Horde players no success by time they finally showed up most them left achieving the Alliance Slayer title by now. And to day when hit level 120 i went to Arathi Highlands to kill the World boss i have noticed most people turn off their war mode i had join small group of Russians to kill a World boss it took me almost 10 minutes to kill it. So had to turn off war mode in order complete world quest GTFO Alliance -.-. Can we please just delete war mode and hall fame there no point for the Alliance to have one separateFeyna57 1h
1h Cater to hardcore and not casuals casuals will just move on to another game, they are not in for the long run. reason they are casuals they just move from game to game like bees from flower to flower since they don't have the time in their life because of the choices their made and probably regret now hardcore players have been and will be around the game for long time. they will always try to mid-max get those last points of arena rating to be on top, raid that boss in the dungeon to be first or on top ever since casuals started to be catered to the game has been losing players. so turn back the dial and return the game to those of us who are around for longer than 2 weeks of an exp.Zieera43 1h
1h Saurfang reminds me of an old german deserter We had quite alot of people who at some point during our darkest history decided that they wont stand for it any more, thatthey wont support a Madman any more. I feel like Saurfang works in a similar way. he lived long enough to see his "country" suffer and prosper, he loves his "country" enough to not activly go against it, but he realises that what his "country" is doing for their "leader" is wrong. He sees that not only does their "leader" not have the best interest of his "country" in mind, instead only working for his own vision of a perfect world, but shows no respect towards the people who he sends to their doom or any mercy towards those he doesnt deem worthy of living in his perfect world. Honestly, that can be translated to whats happening in WOW nearly one to one. Saurfang knows his "leader" wont let him leave, since that would show a weakness in the "leaders" army, and therefore he hides in enemy territory, knowing that at this point, his enemys will most likely treat him with more humanity that his own "leader" would.Xemeron39 1h
1h Getting perma declined because of The only possible gear upgrades are from a +10 key for my shadow (cleared 8/8 hc), as he is 367 ilvl and misses 370+ gear in only 2 slots. However, due to my rating is probably relatively low as I'm usually running my +10s for the week with guildies. As most of them went inactive or unsubbed it's impossible to get into any groups. So what the advocates are going to tell me is "go run low keys in time until ur rating is better", to what I can already say no thx I want to run M+ to improve my character not to improve some artificial number on some website I couldn't give less !@#$s about. Having raided World 40, having had up to rank 2 dps logs, getting server firsts, having some orange logs on all 3 toons I raid with, raiding since vanilla, having completed all CM golds in MoP and WoD, having done solo challenges of +30 Proving grounds and Mage tower on 16 specs is all apparently worth less than some artificial rating on some website that is %^-*ed anyways because people who push on reset day have a massive advantage on high pop servers. I can't even get into groups that are 15 ilvls lower than what I got equipped. TL;DR: Seems like I have to unsub until 8.1.Curedk24 1h
1h Please unlock Ordos <Fire-God of the Yaungol> Why is this boss locked from players that didn't do the questline in MoP? It holds transmog gear that we like to farm. Please remove the requirements or add the questline to the game again. To make the old players achievement unique you can simply remove achievements and legendary cloak, just replace it with a grey item. It is like you should force people to do the questline to join MC, BWL, AQ, NAXX, KARA, TK and so on.... Or even lock them out of it sins they didn't do the attunements then they were useful.Xalvadora68 1h
1h Bored? I am bored. This game bores me. Who else is bored? World quests anyone?Morons9 1h
2h I think we should stop listening to casuals I keep reading this fluffy language about how casual players, and I mean the low effort, tunnel zerg lfr style casuals should have a voice in this game. We can see statistically this game went downhill after wotlk, and in an attempt to recover from losing a freight train filled with millions of players off the edge of a cliff, they introduced a lot of casual friendly content. "Players, we hear you!" They said. As time goes on this game has been trying its hardest to have content for literally every possible type of player who wants to sub and blizzard goes on to invent a loot system where even the very bottom of the barrel casuals have access to 385ilvl loot through TF. I just wanna say this: no, the players who join without the intention of progressing shouldn't have a voice or any dictatorship over the direction of this game. Call me elitist with my non substantial account but I've been here since the beginning on and off and I always wanted to get into this game in a dedicated way. To earn the bis raid gear, reach high ranks in pvp but life gets in the way and that's fine. I'm happy. I always expected the most elite content to be out of my reach and when I wanted to reach it, when I had the time the game was already transformed and I didn't see the inspiration in it anymore so I stuck to unranked BGs and mog farming instead. The game by design should go the way the most dedicated players have suggested. They call for things like class depth, choice in development and more RPG style elements. They want more intricate lore based quests, just overall a higher quality and far more expansive version of the game we had back in 2004. Why wouldn't we listen to these players? I don't understand the logic to listening to the absolute casuals (the unskilled gambling addicts) when it was a game of depth and sophistication that attracted them in the first place. The catch 22 here is that if you cater to these types of casuals then you cater to a very short attention span and while you data may show them to be a majority and therefore your main source of income, if the elite aren't there for the hardcore then the casuals get bored and leave based on the idea that WoW isn't a thing anymore. If the elites go, the casuals go too and then you're just left with the last bastion effortists who will leave too. Cater to quality RPG content, like the elites want, let's us customise our classes and play how we like to, to stack the stats we want and aim for the best and you indirectly create a gigantic community bustling with casuals anyway because they're attracted to the game, but more so the community and aspire to the elites. The exact same effect the game had in the first place.Abacabb257 2h
2h How to set raider io to private A copy-paste from us forum: 1) Google "raiderio:. The top link will read Raiderio: Uldir: Mythic guild rankings. Click on this site. 2) Sadly, you must make an account. This is unfortunate but the privacy setting is an opt out. The character information is public unless you change it. I will be writing to complain it should be opt in. But that is a fight for another day. 3) Using your email, create an account and password. You will need to verify your account via the email in order to activate your raiderio account. 4) Now, link your Blizzard account. I really, really, hated doing this. But linking the account allowed me to "claim" my character. You will have to authorize access with Blizzard, which you can then revoke after you have set the account to private. 5) "Claim" your characters. Click on the box in the upper right hand corner. Claim your character(s) that you want to have private. 6) Select a "main". Pick your main character. 7) On the left, you will see a box "your character". Click on the character you want to set private. Once you do this, a "profile" and "privacy" box will appear under the name. 8) Click Privacy. Now, obviously, raiderio would just assume you not make your data private. So a big, scary, set of warnings appear. My favorite is this: "When hidden, players forming groups will see no score for your character in-game which may have adverse affects on getting invited into groups." 9) Scroll to the bottom of the warning page. Click: "Prevent everyone from viewing my page" 10) Do not forget to hit Save! I dont want to set it to private but maybe its usefull for someone.Toiren92 2h
2h Quel'dorei High Elves as an Alliance allied race Last thread capped. (2000 replies) Alliance High Elves as a Playable Race Since the April 26th Q&A, the discussion on High Elves has grown heated, fractured, and unproductive. In an attempt to restore a structured course of discussion to continue efforts to show support for High Elves as a playable race, this thread will dissect the response given by Ion Hazzikostas during the Q&A regarding High Elves. By this we hope to not only create reasoned discussion, but focus it within one thread to restore the forums to the more peaceful state it was prior to the Q&A. To begin with, the question and reply: ... ... We'll look at the first part of the answer to begin with. PART ONE: BLOOD ELVES ARE HIGH ELVES ... This is nothing new, though the nature of the reply leaves much to be desired. It is widely acknowledge by all players, those in favor of High Elves and against, that the different eye color and relationship to the Sunwell is at the heart of the difference between Blood Elves and High Elves. No one disputes this, nor is it a point that needs to be disputed as it is the similarities between the two races which makes their unfolding story of conflict with one another both organic, and interesting. That said, there is a clear logical fallacy in the words, "But if you want to be a fair-skinned, light, blonde-haired, tall, majestic, elf... That is a Blood Elf." This is like saying, "If you want to be a purple-skinned, muscular, white-haired, tall, majestic elf... that is a Night Elf." As one can immediately surmise, that description also applies to Nightborne, a Horde allied race. Did the Alliance have a monopoly on that appearance as this reply would seem to suggest the Horde has a monopoly on the appearance shared by High Elves and Blood Elves? The answer is no. Why should the Horde be given this preferential treatment over the Alliance? Why should the Alliance lose it's night elven aesthetic to the Horde, but the Horde maintain a monopoly on the Thalassian aesthetic? There will never be an answer to that question which will be acceptable. The box was opened with Nightborne. It cannot be closed. The Horde has no right to preferential treatment over the Alliance. The scales may not always be balanced between the two factions, but in this case, there is no reason to leave them tilted. PART TWO: THE BLURRING OF FACTION LINES ... First and foremost it must be stated clearly: Players do NOT want Blood Elves, when they're asking for High Elves. Players want the Silver Covenant, the Highvale Elves, the Alliance Expedition High Elves. They don't want Magister Umbric or Archmage Aethas, they want Vereesa Windrunner and Auric Sunchaser. High Elves have been a part of the Alliance's story for so long that there is no blurring of the lines between the two factions with their addition. If anything Void Elves blurred the lines by taking the edginess thematic of the Blood Elves and serving it to the Alliance with an actual group of former Blood Elves, rather than the Alliance's own loyal High Elves. We do have a clear example of who or what the High Elves are as a larger group which remains in Azeroth. The Silver Covenant has been the face of the High Elves since Wrath of the Lich King. If the Developers feel this is not enough, then it is time to focus on that identity until it has reached a point of satisfaction. Many players are satisfied with High Elves as they exist right now. If Blizzard isn't, then it is upon Blizzard that the quality is brought up to the point they desire. It has been noted in this reply that distinction between the two factions is important, especially with faction conflict being prominent. There is no greater symbol of the conflict between the Horde and the Alliance than that of the Blood Elves and the High Elves. Orcs vs. Humans may be the core of the conflict as the major identities of the Horde and Alliance, but Blood Elves vs. High Elves represents the spirit of it. They epitomize this conflict in ways both artful and subtle. Despite having so much in common, there is a brutal shared fear, paranoia, and even hatred which is based entirely in the perspective of each side, which perfectly mirrors that of the greater Horde and Alliance factions. There could be no better race to make playable in an expansion about faction conflict than the High Elves considering this. The conflict between High Elves and Blood Elves has reached such incredible relevance that it's become the ideal analogy, as powerful an image of the conflict as the ages old Orcs vs. Humans. One could go so far as to say the absence of the High Elves neuters the quality of faction conflict. Horde players have complained they feel no real attachment to the upcoming conflict, that they feel like villains rather than protagonists. Through these forums alone we see the conflict already between factions, just on the topic of High Elves. Horde players express their desire to wipe them out, Blood Elf players describe them as traitors, bringing up the Purge of Dalaran. It's the ultimate expression of faction conflict condensed to one single, easy to add Allied Race. High Elves have done more to galvanize faction conflict than any other Allied Race could. At this point it is criminal to leave them out for any reason. If you won't add High Elves for the Alliance, at least do it for your Horde players to finally have a target they feel legitimized in attacking. PART THREE: THE HORDE IS WAITING FOR YOU ... Considering how the previous part of the answer raised the issue of faction blurring, this reply is singularly self-defeating and antagonistic. The Horde should not be waiting for players wanting to be High Elves. The Horde should be sharpening their knives in anticipation of facing these players. By suggesting players seeking to play as High Elves should instead join the Horde, this reply is encouraging a blurring of the faction lines. Not only that but the reply is insulting and once again, brings up the question raised from the first part of the reply. "If you want to play a purple-skinned, white-haired, tall majestic elf, the Alliance is waiting for you." Except its not. The Horde has those very same options. The Alliance doesn't have a monopoly on them. Why should the Horde have a monopoly on, "fair-skinned, light-haired, elves?" It shouldn't. CONCLUSION: ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE IN THE FUTURE The final words of this response are perhaps the most legitimate. Anything is Possible in the Future. High Elves are possible in the future. Well, they should be more than a possibility. They should be guaranteed. The Horde has no right to monopolize a specific aesthetic anymore than the Alliance does, and the fact this was alluded to as an acceptable answer to the matter is nothing short of ludicrous. Speculation can be offered on the nature of this highly unsatisfactory answer. Perhaps the most probable is that it is too early to simply state that High Elves will come. Other races haven't yet received Allied Races to expand on their own customization (Gnomes, Worgen, Forsaken, Goblins, Night Elves, and Blood Elves), and Void Elves still need to find their place in the narrative. Certainly discussing adding High Elves right now would marginalize players who genuinely approve of Void Elves, and players waiting to see what is in store for them and their favorite races which haven't yet received new customization through Allied Races. The above having been said, there were better ways to answer the question, but at least it ended with a kernel of hope for players still awaiting High Elves. Perhaps the greatest criticism about this answer, however, lays in how uninformed it is in regards to discussions had by players in what they would like to see with a High Elf Allied Race. In short this post shall conclude with a question to those working on World of Warcraft at Blizzard themselves: Why ask we, the players, what we would like to see for Allied Races, if you will reply as if you never listened? EXTERNAL LINKS High Elven discord Legacy of the Quel'dorei ... Wowhead Weekly #159: Perculia and Anniefuchsia about the Ion's answer to High Elves ... Wowhead article about the High Elven discussion ... Taliesin & Evitel Do Games - "How BfA Is Ruining EVERYTHING: High Elves, GCD & Personal Loot" ... The Alurna Manifest of High Elves ... Destiny of the Quel'dorei survey (vote) ... Destiny of the Quel'dorei survey (results) ... Compilation of the High Elven fan-made arts to customization options ... All versions of the OP are saved in this Google Drive folder ... High Elven Community FAQ ... This text was created by Alurna@Moon-guard and had it's HTML changed by Pontifice@Azralon. Edit: Title was changed from High Elves as an Alliance allied race to Quel'dorei High Elves as an Alliance allied raceLeolamin4327 2h
2h It's time for some positivity Wading through all of these complaints (mostly justfied) is kinda depressing so I thought I'd spread some positivity here on the general section of the forums. 17 days left of my subscription and RDR2 leaching in 3 days.... That's positive, right!? That's just the pick up you needed to get you through the rest of this week. You're welcome!Torvae14 2h
2h Question about garissons Hi guys, so I've started playing in late Legion - you could say I'm still new to the game. Let me ask you, since it's the halloween event and I am on my way to completing at least most of the achievements, I would like to complete the find "Pepe in his halloween costume" one. So to do that I need a level 3 garrison, however I've managed to get a level 2 garrison constructed but not a level 3 one. To do a level 3 one I would need 5k gold and 2k resources. The 5k gold is no problem as I have way beyond that but, ow man the resources are a big one. So my question is: is it a realistic goal to try to gather 2k garrison resources to build a level 3 garrison until the end of the event? If so how would I do that, since I don't even know how to gather them at all not to even mention gather them quickly. Thank you for your help in advance.Merewarlock15 2h
3h Why i have allmost stopped playing the game. I started in mop after "hating" wow for many years(what i saw friends do was stupid and didnt make any sence) but a friend got me to start trough recruit a friend because wow could be played with lagg. had constanlty 600+ms beacuse of my sister. started as a warrior and played that for 6mnts before i started lvling every other class. alot to learn and really enjoied learning everything so when i got most of it i started lvling all the other classes to find my main and learn all the spells for other classes for pvp etc. believe i lvled 8 calsses before i got to my main wich is a destruction warlock. struggled finding a group for raiding on outland ally so switched to stormscale horde and joined a guild. killed 2 bosses in tot normal before soo came out, really bad guild with people who were doing 1/3 of the dps they could be doing so joined another guild to get normal cleared in soo. wasnt really a fit for me either so quit and pugged normal and cleared it about 20 times before i found another guild near the end of the tier. was a good fit so after a week or 2 they wanted to try heroic. ended up killing 11 bosses hc in 1.2mnts before mythic came out and then killed the rest the same week. now. destruction in mop and why it became my main. no matter what content i did i had a spell for every situation. the class was really fun and engaging to play. i dont care if my class sims the highest or not because ill out dps anyone that isnt a top mythic raider because i know my class. so the only thing i care about is what the class feels like and how the spells work. in mop i did everything pvp both rgb and arena, raiding, farming current and old content/mobs. rain of fire cost mana so u could have 5 out at a time wich was amazing for clearing old raids. shadowburn was amazing for rgbs cleaving with havoc executing healers within 3 globals. choosing between chaosbolt and sadowburn when a boss was under 35% depending on what type of proc u had. chaos bolt wich hit lilke a truck but couldnt be cast that often and was annoying if u threw it into a player with immunity up for instance. kil jaedens cunning giving u the abuilityt to cast everything on the move, its liberating and amazing to be able to run around throwing spells in both pve and pvp. having fire and brimstone as base spell so u allways were ready for big packs but it cost embers so u couldnt use it all the time if the pack was too small. you removed everything i loved about my class now im just a turret castring the same 4 spells over and over without nothing to think about. using shadowburn to execute dying adds to gain embers aswell, so much you could od to improve dps and allways a choice in every situation. im still top dps, killed argus and got my cutting edge btw, but it wasnt fun. only reason i havent unsubbed is because i like the story and the raids so i joined a casual guild to clear hc now and then and thats pretty much the only thing im doing nowadays, cant be bothered doing weekly +10 most weeks either. so what i would really want is mop destro spells and talents back and fix the dmg so its not op, and pls buff chaos bolt and nerf every other spell. critting more with conflagrate with a small buff than an unbeffed chaos bolt is just wrong. chaos bolt should be the hardest hitting spell in the game and take time to generate embers for it. as for azerite armor add an aditional ring but have one ring for single target 1 ring for aoe so you dont have to switch gear all the time. and have less traits wich are more balanced. world quests are good for exploring the world but really boring and tedious when youre doing the same quest over and over. i enyoed daileys in mop except golden lotus that took way too long, but every rep had a storyline and for me they had worth while rewards, like cool mounts, dont remember what else :D you should really bring back class raid sets aswell with cool transmogs for every class every tier. yes it will require more work but its worth it to improve the game and class feel. instead of world quests you can have treasures or small story lines or weekly events to explore the world. destro is unplayable in pvp so besides raiding i dont have anything thats actually worth doing so i need something more than just raiding, pvp, m+ and treasure islands in order to still play the game. but if u revert destro back to mop state(i can live with only incinerate being castable on the move and less dmg than mop) but atleast then i would enjoy pvp(and everything else). but we need content that isnt repetitive, farming the same thing every week gets old fast, no idea how people can farm m+ all day id rather play something else. i would also recommend less wbosses with mounts and a new one for every tier like mop that was a great design. and better looking mounts not just more mounts. i would really like to see deathwing/timewalking rare drop drake/sandstone drake mounts with no saddle and lots of fire/details and also tigers/panthers/nightsaber mounts wich are really detailed and not so much armor/padding cluttering up and destroying the mount. also yeallow jewelcrafter panther in mop was amazing because the jewls were gray, best mount u have made in my opinion so would like to see similar without jewels. ty for your time if you read it and hope you can improve the game and make me and others play it more. also looking forward to next expac. (sylv undead lk?)Warglóck2 3h
4h RIP WoW? Seems pretty legit. WA would not post something if they were not sure if sub numbers are correct. Down to 1,7M players boys. I am not ranting. But man. Maybe Blizz will finaly wake up.Sinndor439 4h
4h Classic demo is going to be disappointing... I'm not a Classic hater, but think about it... A lot (pretty much all) of the interest in Classic doesn't come from the fact that the raw gameplay was better. It comes from the fact that the immersion was better. Without wanting to get into a pro's and con's of Classic debate, that (imho) came from things like no lfg, no crossrealm, no heirlooms, being alt unfriendly, having to work to get to max level, having to grind to pay for skills / mounts so they meant something... . None of these things will come across in the demo. So what are we left with? Basically, a sh*t, outdated version of the current game with weak graphics and poor interactivity. The only reason people will enjoy it is pure, 100% nostalgia. I don't say this to hate. I only joined late Cata and I am personally keen to play Classic (for the reasons above). But I can't help but feel that the natural reaction to the demo will be one of disappointment.Rehoboam16 4h
5h Say with one word how you feel about your class DisabledEltariela158 5h
5h Blizzard favor the horde. And yes they do everyday i see less and less Alliance players and more and more horde players. So blizzard either give us Blood elves or High Elves to make those there wants the to play them rejoin us. Else you'll soon lose a lot of subs.Türiel222 5h
5h BfA is dead, please dont screw up next expansion. I don't honestly think BfA is that bad as people here and on reddit state so but compared to Legion it has so few it hurts. I will make a comparison here and numbers will make it so obvious. In order to be fair i will compare Legion first tier to BfA first tier. Legion gave us a new class ( Demon Hunter ) and a complete new specc ( Survival Hunter ). BfA has none. In Legion 36 speccs received 36 artifact weapons with 50ish traits almost like a whole talent tree, 36 tier sets with 2 unique set bonusses each, over 100 legendary items. BfA brought 1 ( one ) artifact neck to fit all 36 specs and Azerite traits most of them not unique to class and all passive abilities with no visuals. In legion we had 5 new zones with 5 campaigns; Suramar campaign was at least as long as the war campaign we have now if not longer. We had 12 class campaigns. 36 artifact weapon acquiring quests. In BFA we have 3 zones and a war campaign and 1 quest to go talk to Muradin to get our neck. In legion we got 12 tier sets 1 for each class. In BfA we get 1 for armor type meaning 4. Legion brought us mythic plus difficulty dungeons and world quests/emissaries as new content. BfA has warfronts and Island Expeditions. In terms of mythic dungeons and mythic plus we got more or less same amount of content. Legion had no new playable races, BFA has 6 so far with their unique heritage armors. Even if we ignore the quality difference in content simply because tastes are subjective, numbers clearly state we got 12 times less content on release compared to latest expansion. In terms of new content BfA is imho not that better than Argus patch which introduced as much story as this war campaign and new content as whole expac ( we got the alien space ship and artifact weapon improvememt thingy inside with a rng gear vendor, legion invasion portala etc. ) Not getting any new abilities and glyphs, no new talents in 10 levels and more over loosing the ones we already had is a big cherry on top of this whole cake. I think BfA is a lost cause already. No matter how hard you try Azerite system cant replace artifact weapons legendaries and tier sets all at once. Please start working on next expansion as soon as possible amd give us a new Legion. Faction imbalance has already killed faction identity so you should focus on class identity like Legion. Also you should have noticed by now as long as gameplay is fun we dont care much about repeating same content. ( check out billions of MoS runs in legion ). So please give us specc special artifacts and unique traits. And ffs tier sets have been most wanted items of wow since dawn of time why remove them? Make them drop from mythic + as well if you must. Next time please do not fix what is not broken. Ps. Not unsubbing or anything yet i still have gold to buy tokens for a while.Vanimelde53 5h
5h Help me choose my Class I really can't decide what class to play next. At the moment I have Rogue, Daemon Hunter, Hunter, Monk and Warlock at 120, but I want to play more classes and can't decide. Would appreciate your vote or advice. Shaman/Druid/Deathknight/Mage are the choices. 5h
5h M+ elo hell For reference, I've been very active in the first few weeks of BFA, did a +10 during the first week of M+, semi-competitive raiding, etc. Perhaps this is a meta-rant to 'remove'. My learning experience included watching streams and discussing strategies on voice comms and such, but giving my ilvl 320 alt brew monk a shot I am experiencing something similar to ELO hell -- good players have their friends boost them in +10's, play with their friends' alts or even buy boosts themselves. It's not really because they want the best possible rewards, it's because people doing low to mid range keys don't know the basic dungeon mechanics. Even if someone would just look for a m+ group to farm gear, they wouldn't look for anything below a +10. In late Legion, this was fine cause even pugs could 3chest a +15; +25 in dungeon finder weren't out of the ordinary. I was suspicious why would a 355 balance druid join a +2 AD -- turns out he would cleaves the totem next to a CC'd witch doctor while the party is dealing with a 5 pack. There is no tier in between LFD Heroics and high keys. Actually, there are warfronts and world quests. Pretty ridiculous. ... and I honestly wouldn't know the best way to position at Rezan if I didn't see it on stream, but not understanding Transfusion on Priestess or totems on Volkaal is something else. I don't know if its the poorly described dungeon guide or people simply don't give a damn about mechanics. I really don't have a solution for this but I think M+ is a very important part of the game and more people could and should enjoy it were there a progression pace for everyone.Virà37 5h
6h 10k gold! I forgot your nickname! Good evening. One guy was selling a sword. Ive bought that and now I need to give that demon hunter 10k gold more. The problem is I forgot his nickname! Ticket didn’t help, I still scream in trade chat. Let me know if you see this message, comrade! #kazzak#realmArcwell15 6h
6h Completely OT how do you deal with fear of flying? The thought of being 30,000 feet in the air really unsettles me :/ But! It has to be done otherwise I'll never see anywhere My plane has WiFi so I'm honestly gonna see if wow works lolTonywonder12 6h
6h Dear Blizzard... ...what happened? (Jeff was cool af) No nostalgia here, just wanna point out that you know exactly how to do things right, and I think you realize that OUR game is suffering right now. Im an hardcore World of Warcraft fan, and I beg you, bring back WoW. Not Vanilla or the old times, but give us World of Warcraft pls. Probably someone will consider this post a complaint, but it is not at all like that. The love and passion that I have for warcraft have led me to write these things, and I sincerely hope that you know how to do justice to our game again. Peace <3Sekcy10 6h
6h What happened to fishing?? Why is it so boring in BfA? Here you have a sea faring expansion based around the idea of naval cities and great fleets, NPCs waxing lyrical about the sea and loads of fishermen about and yet this is the least exciting expansion for fishing since Cata! Where is Nat Pagle? Why isnt there some sort of rep grind with tabard, pets, toys, gear, etc that you can fish your way towards? Why isnt there a fishing mount? (I know....sea ray, but its really just a random world drop). Im talking about the new water walking mount we all want, my preference would be a regular rowboat that functioned as a water mount but you could also fish from. MoP had a fishing hub + rep, WoD had garrison fishing quests, Legion had the artifact and various vendores/reps..... what does BfA have?? :(Yinghei21 6h
6h Content is the issue. Focus on RPG, not Content. Content is the issue in wow today, you create the game thinking of content instead of creating a world. This is not a rant, this is a short summary of my understanding of RPG. Professions are made as a way to spend resources attained from objects that make the world feel more alive. We should gather resources for a goal, to craft powerful items by taking elemental cores from a powerful elemental. Or skinning a fel-infused wolf for the unique properties caused by the fel, which then will interact with different enchantments. Refine ores or whatever material that make sense to be refined(purified), More pure ore = more poweful item. Ancient ways to process, refine or forge weapons. More or less heavy material used to craft weapon, will affect the attack-speed or weapon damage. Ores from the Burning Stepps would be more interactive with fire elemental cores, gems, or enchants. Create the world, of warcraft around Lore->Logic->RPG, RPG is the heart of wow. RPG is not how the npc lean on the wall, or random cinematic/video showing an event. RPG should be translated to Logical reason for how things work in this world of warcraft, this material is stronger for this reason and can be stronger by doing this or that, through an ancient way only known by (insert name). Wood grown from this forest is especially good for a nature, arcane or fire weapon due to whatever is logical and make sense to the lore. We should want to group up and raid uldir for loot, but loot does not mean itemlevel, but rather for all the possible items, resources and secrets hidden in this mighty and ancient place. Are there materials that can be used for crafting?or do an ancient place like this have uknown spell scrolls or tablets of knowledge? Wow needs deep logic to mirror the real world, at least in terms of profession. World of Warcraft is a world, of Warcraft. This is my view and understanding, what is your understanding of RPG?Please share your understand of RPG, i want to hear it and maybe the developers do as well.Nozamy20 6h
7h Endgame I think wow players must ask yourself these x3 questions: • What are you supposed to do after you hit level 120? • Do you enjoy doing it? • What can be improved, what do you want?Punie15 7h
7h Satyr Shoulders Drop incresse? Hello Just wondering since i have been farming Satyr Shoulders since nighthold and never seen a drop of these Shoulders but since Bfa came out i have seen them every week on a drop in the raid, Did they get a drop chance buff? anyone that knowsHampazly6 7h
7h Heart of Azeroth iLvl First of all without knowing when 8.1 will come, IF the reputation sharing for Champions of Azeroth is already workin please implement it!! Having to grind that reputation once again on alts is just the worst for an ilvl! And just a suggestion, make the ilvl like legendaries in legion; HIGHER than your other gear. Imagine having full 385 (or higher) gear because of luck/skill/dedication but you neck piece is not even 380 (depending on how much you grind). It just feels bad. BUT do not make the wakening essence system if you do upgrade the ilvl, just another thing to grind and feel sad about.Feyliné1 7h
8h Barracks Bodyguards Reputation in BfA I just hit the rock cause I left for later a 2 reps for my followers-bodyguards. It looks like I am unable to get any rep from mobs. Is there any solution for that ?Srebron2 8h
8h The BfA trial is super disappointing... Go ahead and laugh at me for being so tight, but I always enjoy expansion trials to see what I have missed, and get myself back into WoW for a while - I inevitably end up buying the expansion+subbing for a few months too after a trial. For some reason Blizzard decided we can't use our own characters in the expansion trial this time around... why? This is the first time they've ever done something like this, and it sucks. Guess I'll try out BfA once the next expansion trial hits next year!Shiqi7 8h
8h Personal Loot and iLvL restrictions Good memories from the game, those special moments are really precious, aren't they? For some this might be server first, or some spectacular RP event, for others I don't know, scoring "Wrecking Ball" achievement. For me most of those are mount drops/catches since I like to collect them (I still remember getting Mimiorn's Head, was soloing Ulduar with my friend just for giggles, or finally getting Torn Invitation). Probably reading this fragment you memorised something by yourself. This alone is a huge merit which not many games can provide, something which makes WoW unique and loved by many (including me). Achieving something, or just creating some cool memory, with friends, solo, however we like. This also applies to gear, or at least it used to from what I heard. I've heard about WoW long time ago, and was finally able to play the game starting 2015, in WoD (thou I created a trial in 2014, unintentionally getting Horde Chopper). But I've been watching videos, listening to friends stories. I even had a chance to live with one dude playing in WotLK, and when he won DBW (trinket from 4th boss from ICC) on heroic difficulty, let me tell you, he was so happy. Same when he finally collected those tokens for last piece of set. So yeah, my point is - getting gear can and at least was something which created a good memory. And even now some of this remains since bosses still carries those shiny trinkets. How titanforging/socketforging/godknowswhichentitywillforgeouriteminnextpatchforging affects this isn't my point here. As twisted as it is, it's still some sort of achievement, some little succes of yours which you can somehow remember. Not that I'm fan of the system of forging, on the contrary. So why I'm here talking all lovely about memories? Because recently (I don't know how long this systems been going on, someone can tell me in response) Blizzard has implemented system which can bring memories, but very bad ones. Short story time. I'm currently sitting at 6/8 HC, with whooping 364 ilvl gear. We recently, in this lockout downed Zul which was rather challenging fight. As some of you know, Zul drops dagger, Tusk of the Reborn Prophet, which I wanted to drop, as it is one of the best weapons I can get. I didn't care if it will titanforge or not - I just wanted. We wiped a lot, but finally we managed to kill him. That was an achievement itself since we're main guild group and we're currently progressing through Uldir. Boss dropped for me gold which is fine, tough luck, I'll get it next time. But then I see that one of our mages got the dagger. Better yet, she bonus rolled the next one! Now this was neat, she got to keep her dagger from bonus roll and trade me the boss one. She had I believe staff 370, and had no need for this weapon, and as I said before, it was huge upgrade for me. Since we're progressing and yet to face Mythrax/Ghuun every single item helping me, helps guild. So yeah, I was pretty hyped seeing that she got two of those and can trade me one. Or so I thought. You see, here comes Blizzard idea. She didn't ever had equipped dagger of such ilvl or higher. Situation didn't change even when she equipped bonus rolled one - since the bonus roll item came AFTER the boss one. So here's absolutely bizarre and crushing situation - she have both daggers of no use for her, except for disenchanting. You can't imagine how sad I was. Yeah, you can go on "omg, this is just an item, get over yourself" and I some part you will be right. But then I know how long it took us to make Zul bite the dust. And the reward was just... wasted. So, just before you will tell me "just an item lol" "bad luck". No, this isn't about the item, or about luck. Luck was normally on my side - it dropped, and if it was Master Loot I'd be the only one to get this item. Bonus roll even would assured my "reward". But no, current system forbid that. So what is my point with memories and this situation? As I said before, this is a game which makes special memories, and I believe I'm not solitary one in such opinion. I've heard a LOTS of stories, including even "Wetlands Run" by Nixxiom just to pull something recent. And sometimes things don't go our way - like now, I'm farming Amber Direhorn and this slippery dino won't drop for nothing, but yeah, that's part of the game, and finally getting him will overwrite all the frustration of hundreds of Zandalari Warbringer dead with no mount. Same with the items from boss - sometimes they don't drop and frankly that I believe doesn't contribute to our feelings about the game. But this situation is the opposition of what I said. I'm not here to say "omegalul, get back the Master Loot, revert the changes with iLvL" (but I do think it should be done) but to showcase how dangerous this is. This isn't what WoW should be giving it's player-base - feeling of disappointment, being "cheated" by the system. I don't believe in ill intent from Blizzard side, but this stories seem to go on and on since Personal Loot was forced for raids. And for all it's upsides (which I fail to see unfortunately) it creates this bizarre, disappointing situations like mine. It's very simple - I killed a boss, I deserved loot like anyone else, and yet I couldn't get it due to some restrictions, which I have now way to affect. I will probably forget about this, since our coping mechanism is to keep the good memories, but this one leaves super bad taste in mouth. And also for some time - really bad memory.Amesoeurs0 8h
8h Question about garissons Hi guys, so I've started playing in late Legion - you could say I'm still new to the game. Let me ask you, since it's the halloween event and I am on my way to completing at least most of the achievements, I would like to complete the find "Pepe in his halloween costume" one. So to do that I need a level 3 garrison, however I've managed to get a level 2 garrison constructed but not a level 3 one. To do a level 3 one I would need 5k gold and 2k resources. The 5k gold is no problem as I have way beyond that but, ow man the resources are a big one. So my question is: is it a realistic goal to try to gather 2k garrison resources to build a level 3 garrison until the end of the event? If so how would I do that, since I don't even know how to gather them at all not to even mention gather them quickly. Thank you for your help in advance.Merewarlock6 8h
8h HOTs dont heal aynthing, DOTs dont do any dmg Seriously, HOTs dont heal anything and DOTs dont do any dmg. You always have to HARDCAST over and over as Druid or as Warlock, where is the seperation of classes like it used to be ? Feels all the same, thanks Blizzard for the great class design /NOT ... Meanwhile melees are of course chain interrupting without any DR, stun and slow you. I dont know exactly what was changed buts its not anymore possible to get away even as Druid with shapeshifting. Pls revert class changes to BC/WOTLK and go from there, because what we have right now is utter garbage. Homogenization (or however you spell it) is not good for a game ... And bring back all pruned spells while you are at it and of course all systems which you pruned or downgraded to nothingness (reforging, enchanting, gemming, glyphing, PvP-Vendors/T-Sets, GCD, etc. etc.. You didnt make the game better by it, you made it worse and you are even continueing this path ...)Swiftpaw9 8h
8h Make offhands cosmetic items! All offhands should drop as cosmetic items only (same as transmog weapons that drop from Uldir etc), i dont really understand the reasoning why some specs need to get one extra item upgrade compared to others, and im guessing that the game isnt actually balanced around it either its just worse if your class use a offhand. So just make it that all offhands has 0 stats and tie the stats into the mainhand.Archon8 8h
8h Arcane Wielding NElves better as a sub Race or In the Group? Are Arcane Wielding Night Elves better for the Alliance Kaldorei as their own Separate Sub Race/Allied Race or a proper part of the group? Welcome to my weekly topic for Night elves and their current state in the game, In this week's topic I want to focus on exploing the question of whether it is best if arcane wielding night elves should be represented via their own sub race/allied race group or should just be a vibrant section of the current kaldorei playable group, like the druids, and the female warrior priests are. This is with respect to the playable night elf group of kaldorei on the alliance, that are the banner holders for the race in game, not every night elf out there (the distinction is pertinent). And it comes on the back of last week's discussion that focused on the player perceptions of night elves and their identity - that showed they were not just forest elves but more. For a continued discussion on our previous topics please go to the following links. To Writers: From a Nelf fan There’s More to NElves than Forests & Pacifism It's odd to see Thalyssra & Valtrois in BfA like this Future of Night elves & the Night Warriors Are the Nightborne THAT ungrateful? Gief The Cool Night Elves of WC3, WotA and Legion 7.0 Undesirable Night Elves is fuelling High elf calls The Nightborne feel... underwhelming A Plea to Blizz for Night Elves-Don't just leave them there I'm not feeling excited about my race anymore It is a magical tree & it's not the first magical tree So when is the horde bias going to stop? Arcane Wielding Night Elves as An Allied Race? Or Just A Section Of The Group Now the reason this topic was made was to challenge the assumption the Night Elves were the nature elf group of wow, aka forest elves or wood elves. Now whether you thought this of the whole Thrace or just the playable group I hope you have found my posts very informative in showing you that they are far more than that restrictive and unoriginaly, frankly boring too. You should be able to recognise the arcane intertwined with nature in all night elf groups through each era even though the role it plays in each group and stage can vary enormously, but always there, always a key part alongside nature regardless of how it was made use off, and core in their make up. Now there are many fans of arcane wielding night elves the wielding of the magic has a detailed history and has showed up in the games too (most strongly in Legion) but also in many novelty (WotA trilogy, Wolfheart, Illidan) It is no surprise that there are fans of this detailed side of the night elves who want to see the cured and wise restored version play a prominent part in the night elves in the most fascinating and spectacular version of it yet (yes, I want it being more amazing than in the pre-sundering era, not size wise, I don’t want a global empire as I love other races too, but the portion however small, even if it is just 1 city and zone must be the pinnacle of their development in this area both morally and visually - they have had an extra 10k years of study and advancement even if it was limited in isolation in 2 cities, or a stronghold, or as ghosts) And while as the long vigil era prove dto you that wielding the arcane is not necessary to showing the identity of the night elf is both arcane and nature and consequently neither are cities or casters, nevertheless the night elf arcane fantasy so detailed and expansive in its wonder and imagination deserves to make it into the game and displayed in its full wonder (which it did via the nightborne) and giving the tragic way they lost it, it so deserves for the best of it to be shown in the playable Night elves. But the question is should it do it in the current group or as a separate group like an allied race? Verdict It can be either. inside the Group: Has the advantage of feeling the night elves are finally whole again. The arcane portion now redeemed and subscribing to the same values of balance, not abusing and humility like we saw Farondis, Thalyssra’s nightfallen rebels achieve, as well as we saw in the behaviour of the Moonguard and what the portion of the shen’dralar that joined the night elves went through. It fits. The purpose of the night elves shifted after wc3, in lore they are not arcane haters, never were, but they did bam it for a purpose that is no longer necessary and so lifted. Whether we have more of the arcane playing a role in the form of wielders and cities won’t change that at all. Only Maiev amongst them hates all magic users for reasons Illidan the novel goes into detail. So the advantage of integration is a fancy cool side to the playable Night elves, it allows them to have an outstanding city or outstanding cities, either Suramar or cities of that level and adds that portion of the night elves to the main group. Contrary to some fears, this won’t erode or erase the female warrior priest side of the night elves nor the forest elf Druidic side because the night elf orders tend to be segregated anyway. It does have the advantage of showing new sides to them all. For example, we never got to see the glamorous and majestic side of the priests. The return of a pre-sundering city or a new one at that level of beauty and majesty allows us to see a rendition of how the priesthood operates in the War of the Ancients trilogy, the long vigil era has shown us the sentinel and huntress martial sided which will remain very relevant as Azeroth is in war, but we haven’t seen the Moon Priestesses do much priest stuff or nor seen what they look like in that role. I think it can also bring out more of the balance Druid side of things too, which hasn’t been seen much either play prominent roles in the druids even though it is the heart of elven druidsm, it’s arcane spells are a direct link or connection to the arcane night elves. As a Sub Race or Allied Race this is the other option. It has its own advantages though but a few disadvantages as well. The main advantage of having the arcane group as a separate allied race group allows it to be even more prominent, it’s like having an entire race just dedicated to one thing. As mentioned above the night elf orders are more than classes and are distinct enough and segregated enough to be their own allied races too, so the advantage here is small. It does allow particular focus though if you really love the arcane portion you get it all to yourself. As long as they remain allied to the night elf group like kul’tirans and Gilneas are allied to Stormwind, I think it is enough, the identity of the night elves as arcane wielders would instead be represented by an officially separate group. The slight disadvantage is that it may not accelerate development of the main playable Night elf group who we saw finding a new position for themselves both with the arcane returning and a return to civilisation and playing a role in world affairs out of isolation. It may have the advantage of making night elves easier to understand though as the ones with the playable model you can go ‘ah nature night elves more into nature’ and the sub race with its slightly different appearance you can go ‘ah, advanced arcane night elf’ - a slightly different appearance could work, not to the degree of the nightborne. Maybe the actual night elf model but having a different pose (use the nightborne pose) and identifier like arcane tunes similar to nightborne and some unique beards and hairstyles, I would also give younger versions of the same night elf Male face available. It does run the risk however of confining the playable Night elf to a forest elf, as the arcane portion will be viewed as non core even though it is regardless. The whole idea of the night elf being this unique fusion of dark elf and forest elf is not so that it can end up a forest elf in the end anyway. However the problem can be solved by the physical appearance being more clearly night elven. Seeing how a few hard core people struggle to view the nightborne as night elven, despite them being clearly nocturnal, purple skinned and their story showing them as the actual night elves of Suramar, just with a different appearance. Some stil had a problem identifying them as such even after both a Dev interview and the official article on the website called them that. This is worth bearing mindStarstride115 8h