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5h Post if you want to make some in-game friends (pt2) My original thread has finally reached its posting limit. Therefore I'm redoing it. Let's face it, we all need friends in-game, whether it is to try for mutual achievements, daily HC's, LFR, PVP, WQ's etc, to ask someone if they can lend a hand with a problem, or even just to say hello to someone and chat once in a while. So if you'd like to make new friends, simply post in the same format as below. (Note, DON'T list which sex you are as it could lead to unwanted attention, likewise, DON'T give out your email address). About me: Age: 30+ Personality: Laid back and mature Side: Horde only Chars: Rogue: (DPS) Spec: Combat only (I do have an Alliance rogue as well, but its sole purpose doesn’t involve gameplay) Playing time: (at the moment) Mon-Tue, Thu-Fri: 1pm – 3 pm, Wed 1 pm onwards. Sat-Sun, on most of the day Up for: Helping you out if required and it's in my character's ability to do so, HC’s LFR, ach’s (inc Raids (new and old), HC and PVP) etc. Other interests: Many. Battletag: LadySylvanas#2676 (To add a battletag and request being friends with a person, either A: In the Battlenet client, left click on the blue person icon at the top right, it will then open up a sub column. In the top left, click on 'add friend', it will then prompt you to type (or paste in) the battletag of the person you want to be friend's with. Then click on 'send request' at the bottom left. B: In-game, left click on the yellow 'social' icon towards the bottom left of your screen. It will bring up a sub screen. Enter (or paste in) the battletag and press 'add friend'.Lswindrunner44 5h
2d Loot Rule Changes for Transmog Runs Since the Patch 7.3.5 change to use personal loot rules in leveling dungeons, we’ve heard a lot of feedback from Transmog hunters concerned about how this has affected the ability to collect appearances from older content. We hear you, and agree it’s a problem, so we’ve been working on a more robust solution for Battle for Azeroth. Once these updates are implemented, entering a dungeon or raid that is trivial for you (i.e.: your character is 10 or more levels higher than the dungeon or raid’s intended level) will activate a “legacy loot mode.” That loot mode will work like this: The number of items dropped by bosses will be the same as it would have been if you were in a full party. So if you’re in a 5-player dungeon, you’ll get 5 players’ worth of loot. For raids with a flexible raid size (such as Raid Finder), this will act as though there were 20 players in the raid. All items on the loot table will have a chance to drop, not just the ones that are designated for your spec. If you have multiple players in the group, the loot will be split among those players, but be tradeable. For example, if you’re clearing with one other player and kill a boss that should drop 4 items, you’ll each be able to pick up two items and trade them between each other if you like. While the personal loot change was a key part of what allowed us to expand leveling dungeons to encompass a wider range of levels, and we’re happy with it in that environment, we recognize that it’s not a great experience for those who enjoy clearing older content for transmog, and hope that these changes will make that more enjoyable once they’re complete. Thanks again for all of the feedback!Aerythlea43 2d
11 Apr Updates from @WarcraftDevs Patch 7.3 - 7.3.5 A new patch means new tweets from the World of Warcraft development team! This thread is an archive of @WarcraftDevs tweets regarding patch 7.3. ---- @WarcraftDevs is an official World of Warcraft Twitter account offering design insight and information directly from the World of Warcraft Development Team. For past updates, please refer to Updates from @WarcraftDevs - Patch 7.2.5. Aerythlea138 11 Apr
11 Apr Datamining and Content Creation Hello everyone! As you can imagine, we’re all extremely excited for the upcoming Battle for Azeroth Alpha, and we’re delighted to see that you’re just as excited as we are. However, we’d like to take a moment to remind everyone on our stance on what methods are acceptable for creating content based on game files and which are not. The most important thing to keep in mind is that reverse-engineering the WoW server architecture in order to get the WoW client running in a private environment is not allowed. This is not only a violation of the WoW Terms of Service, but also several copyright and intellectual property laws. Content created using these methods may be subject to legal action, including DMCA takedowns and copyright strikes on third-party hosts such as YouTube and Twitch. We are aware that a few fansites and content creators have been creating custom software that allows them to view WoW models and other visual assets in an environment that is similar to WoW, but does not actually use the WoW client itself in any way. These applications are, at their core, very similar to the third-party model viewers that have been available to the community for quite some time, and in their current form, are not considered a violation. As such, these methods are considered acceptable for content creation. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation and respect toward copyright laws, and can’t wait to share Battle for Azeroth with you all once it’s ready for public testing. Thanks!Aerythlea17 11 Apr
1m Every Man For Himself. Thanks for making it easy. can't wait to change to Kul'tiran after faithfully playing human for 13 years. no matter what their racial become it can't be more of a laugh than the new EMFH. Give us something new instead if you're hellbent of making the current version dog sh1tCalìdore4 1m
4m Nobbel alpha video possible Forsaken elf allied race This is the link to his video I really want Forsaken Elf personally and this video kind of fueled my wish more by showing male dark rangers there were never male versions also there will be three more allied races for factions and I hope the Forsaken recruits some since Sylvanas is our Warchief and she wanted to raise more undead after woltkßubbletea14 4m
5m Quel'dorei High Elves Alliance Allied race Last thread capped at 51 pages (1000 replies) GM said to create anothor thread <3 So this is the new thread due to the other one capping, let's keep this up For the Quel'dorei! NEW April 12th, 2018: TALIESIN AND EVITEL MADE A VIDEO ON HIGH ELVES! SUPPORTING THEIR INCLUSION FOR ALLIANCE! It's Time For High Elves ... NEW April 5th, 2018: WE'VE BEEN NOTICED MY HIGH ELVEN BRETHREN AND LADIES! GET TO THEORYCRAFTING BOYS AND GIRLS! WoW Battle for Azeroth Dev Interview - Islands and Wrathion ... Note: PLEASE extend the thread cap! We don't want to spam the forums with multiple versions of these threads, just a singular place to discuss the topic! Thank you! <3 Reason for this thread: At Blizzcon, the WoW developers asked the community to provide feedback and suggestions on future Allied Races they'd like to see - this is ours! Purpose of this thread: Brainstorming ideas how to EVENTUALLY implement and diversify High Elves, so they don't step on Blood Elves' toes. We will be discussing model alterations, idle stance, animations, customization options, class selection, as well as their overall culture and story. We fully understand that if HE do happen, it won't be any time soon. Probably not until every baseline race gets an Allied Race counterpart (i.e. Worgen>Sethrak; Goblin>Vulpera). Goals of this thread: Aid Blizzard in the eventual implementation of a High Elf Allied Race, in a way that is most acceptable for the majority of the WoW community by providing ideas and suggestions. We do not want "Blood Elves on the Alliance" - those are Void Elves. We do not want to "take away an Allied Race slot" - we are aiming for further down the line, after everyone else has taken their turn. Please note: These threads have been going on for quite some time, and most of the arguments have already been had quite extensively. The below are some examples of the most common, and while people are free to post what they like, anyone making these arguments will likely not get a response. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FAQs/Common Counterarguments: “Aren’t High Elves Just Blood Elves With Blue Eyes?” Leaving the lore differences aside, model-wise, currently, yes. Blizzard has a long track record of having less developed models for races that are not currently playable. If made playable, it is very likely that these models would see some kind of revisiting to further differentiate them from Blood Elves, similar to tweaks Nightborne got in comparison to Night Elves. Common suggestions have been: changing the idle stances and animations, which would change the silhouette, a more “human”-like model modified from the current Human or Night Elf models, slimmed down, or customization specific traits like tattoos, war paints, or distinct hairstyle choices, among others. “There aren’t enough High Elves left, I thought?” The Silver Covenant, the militarized organization of Dalaran High Elves (which have recently been clarified as being more numerous than once thought), have been present for many of the Alliance’s military operations in the past several expansions and have consistently fielded numbers that would suggest there are plenty of them left. Similarly, Quel’Danil lodge in the Hinterlands and the Allerian Stronghold in Outland both show other independently organized High Elf forces that are not suffering in numbers. In addition, Stormwind has its own High Elf population. There is more than enough evidence to suggest High Elves have enough numbers to be appropriate for an Allied Race, especially compared to what has been shown as appropriate for other examples such as the Lightforged or the Void Elves. Source: In-game representation, out of game official canon text such as Chronicle Vol 3 “I don’t want to see any more elves in this game!” This is a subjective opinion, and a valid one, but not a reasonable argument against other people’s ability to ask for what they would also subjectively like to see. "What about Void Elves?” Void Elves were specifically and deliberately set up as being recent exiles from Silvermoon among the Blood Elf population. Their presence does not continue the separate High Elf story in any way and thus is not a reason for them not to be added. “High Elves = Blood Elves = Void Elves” Both the in-game lore and the out of game official canon texts have very clearly set up the Thalassian elves as a split people, and the themes of mutual High Elf and Blood Elf resentment for each other is what led to the creation of the Silver Covenant in the first place. Furthermore, Chronicle has drawn further attention to the fact on some level this split was in the process of happening before Kael’Thas even renamed those who followed him to Blood Elves: tensions existed between the High Elves who chose to live in Dalaran and those who lived in Silvermoon, the latter considering the former to prefer the company of humans over the love of their own homeland. Sources: In-game representation and lore as presented through Alliance questing, as well as out-of-game official canon text such as Chronicle Vol 3. “High Elves will cause population bleed on Horde side.” Considering Allied Races have so far required extra steps, such as having a max level character on the appropriate faction and gating behind reputations, along with the fact that Allied Races also have restricted class options (Death Knight and Demon Hunter are both very popular classes and would likely not be available), this outcome is unlikely. Adding to that, the fact that Horde edges out Alliance population-wise slightly at max level, and the fact that Void Elves, which brought the Blood Elf model to the Alliance to begin with, did not impact overall faction balance, and this is very likely not a very serious concern. Above ^ summary made by the lovely Tabasa-Earthen Ring~ Discord link for discussing High Elves: 5m
9m World of Warcraft Wallpapers? Hello, I really enjoy using the epic WoW wallpapers, like Deathwing (Cataclysm) one, Lich King (Wrath) one, Warlords one... Are there more such epic ones? (excactly epic ones)Deathavenger11 9m
17m World of Warcraft necessary improvements suggestions Hello, I have a huge problem with World of Warcraft today and upcoming battle of azeroth there's a few things I would like to get off my chest. First of all can you please remove the ability power system in Battle of azeroth or make it easier to max out I don't want to come back from work to grind Dungeons and daily world quests just to be able to raid. Secondly the raid system needs to be completely overhauled by removing LFR and to have only Normal and Heroic mode. Future Beta/Alpha content should only be tested by Blizzard personal or hired staff that signed a non disclosure agreement. Right now i find it unfair that people are already learning how to future expansion of game works a unfair advantage (unless if it is a open beta). When comes it raiding top raiding are already learning how the fights work. Third make it easier to finish hole quest chain for example after level up alt that it easier to obtain the class mounts form broken shore or legendary quests like balance of power and access to reputation vendors And last create more end game content you can do as a small group that is rewarding and fun. The game right now is too competitive it feels more like a job than a game. and you can't do anything with friends or family who are casual players that work or go to school beyond level up character to max levelFringilla13 17m
18m Worgan and goblin models All pre cata races were remade in wod, leaving goblin and worgan in the dust looking dated. I was fine with that we should have been at the back of the queue etc. But then we should have jumped to the front, yet we have been forgotten about. Blood elves are getting gold forms, Orcs are getting spine curve options and the races are getting alt appearances with new hair tattoos a and all that good stuff from sub races. It's becoming neglect that is boarder line fantasy racism at this point. Dog men and goblins like looking pimp too Blizz whats going on?Burglar8 18m
21m Arcane Torrent=dispell now instead of interrupt Bye Felicia :^)àlph69 21m
40m Remove gold missions asap Hey ! The request is simple, remove the gold missions, so the economy will more or less heal for the time when Battle For Abilites hits the servers. Gold is inflating every day, token went from 300 to 340k in two weeks or so, we will be looking at 700k tokens in august if this goes on. As MJ gave us his wisdom : Stop it! Get some help!Crosstail64 40m
1h Where is Yrel So if the Horde gets Mag'hars holy priest what i want is Yrel back Blizzard basically killed off Maraad for here!Inmybank19 1h
1h BELf Males and tiny hips Hey, I’ve just seen on reddit that they’re updating blood elf faces in BFA and since this is happening I was hoping we could get word on whether there are any plans to fix the blood elf model for aiming their bow and running? It makes their mid section look like it’s being vacuumed into a dark hole and it’s very distracting. The same goes for BELf male monks when casting soothing most and running, their mid section twists ridiculously. Since two races now use this model it’s be great if it could be fixed, I can’t level my hunter because it’s so distracting, like once you see it you can’t UNSEE IT! If anyone has a link to a pic for reference that would be great :)Lucio4 1h
1h Mythic+ 15 I don't know if anyone knows the answer but... I used to main a Blood Elf priest until I fell in love with Void Elves. On that priest I unlocked an artefact appearance that I cannot be bothered to do again on another character (you know the one). If I do a mythic+ 15 key on this character, will I still get the artefact appearance as transmog even though I have not the base requirements on this character? (I ask because I cannot be bothered to do the whole questline again and then find a guild that I can work on getting +15 with right now. Too much for me)Moritz6 1h
1h How to properly cook a Gnome? Hello, I recently purchased a Gnome from my local auction house. And yes, it is organic. But I've never cooked a Gnome before. What are some good Gnome dishes I could try? Thank you.Zarmac53 1h
1h Wow armory Hey, I've been using the wow armory for over a month now and everything was fine, but now all of a sudden the auction house in this app is gone. everything else still works but the auction is just vanished. How do i fix this? thanks in advance.Còffee3 1h
2h Kul Tiran Female Edit / Feedback / Suggestions Hello everyone! First of all, I would like to express that I very much like the Kul Tiran male model and its looks, because it really fits the naval, working at docks, monster slaying fantasy behind them as a race. However, even if I’ve noticed that some changes were made, and that the female got some additional tweaks, edits and features such as scars and wrinkles (those actually really work for them), I still think the overall impression is quite bad. More than bad. While the Kul Tiran male breathes personality, the female lacks any. And I mean - completely. I don’t want to sound rude, but her expression is very dull. In comparison with their male counterpart, the face of the Kul Tiran female and it’s geometry looks very low effort. The skin looks too smooth, eyes are unrealistically big and most important, the female looks nothing like a woman who works all day at the docks or fights the monsters. She looks like a cross between a Barbie and some random Disney princess who just spends all day eating junkfood at the fastfood down the street. There’s nothing fierce about her and not even a blind eye and a big scar can change or save that. The textures are very plain, the eyes are too big, the model lacks any personality (while the male screams it), Please, consider giving a second look at their currently not-so-well-done appearance! I am attaching two images to show you guys an edit I’ve recently made to better express my expectations, ideas and myself. My edit of the Kul Tiran female: My edit with the other features such as scars and wrinkles applied on: Another face option idea: Please, let me know what do you guys think about my edit and feel free to ask and discuss. Thank you! Links to my two tweets adressed directly to the game devs and the game designers (with no reactions so far): Link to my thread on the US forums: P.S.: I am not a native speaker, so apologies for some grammatical errors.Kalaastra72 2h
2h Your view on (re)opening Blizzard EU store? Can I just start off by saying the revamped Blizzard store webpage looks AMAZING! and what I’m hoping to achieve with this post is getting some constructive and informative feedback from someone at Blizzard as to where they stand on the issue below? The topic at hand is the EU having its own store, not just webpage i.e. but a distribution centre in the EU. The main complaint being shipping costs on items coming from the US. My own background is that of a World of Warcraft player on and off since BC. I have been glued to Overwatch since early beta. I dabble in Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm and also own Starcraft 2 (but I suck at it!). I’ll openly admit, I absolutely love love LOVE Blizzard. I have a (large) number of Blizzard merchandise, from official stuff like t-shirts to knock off items and even a few custom made pieces off etsy etc. I hear from digging around there used to be a EU Blizzard store and it was closed due to lack of demand :( How long ago that was and the circumstances around that I’m unaware of but I did find this tweet from BlizzardCSEU on 30th June 2017 - With plenty more people asking Blizzard when an EU Blizzard store would be opened in response to a tweet from this time last year - ….my question is "What is Blizzard’s official response/stance with (re)opening EU store?" With Blizzcon 2017 having just passed, WoW seeing a new expansion, Starcraft being opened up to a plethora of additional players, new content for Hearthstone and MOST importantly (in my humble opinion) the Overwatch League starting early next year, surely someone must see the potential in offering EU Blizzard fans the opportunity to splash their cash on some loot. Where are the London Spitfire’s going to be able to buy the Overwatch team’s supporting merchandise that is being promised as becoming available in December/January? I’m hoping somewhere that doesn’t incur huge amounts of import tax…mostly because I want to buy something to show my support. I’ll be watching every game and you’ve just got to be wearing the gear in order to cheer! Listed down below are just a few of the scattered complaints and requests I’ve found browsing Blizzard and Overwatch forums as well as Reddit and even MMO Champion. I didn’t continue to scour and list WoW, Hearthstone, Diablo, HotS or SC2 forum posts because I think it makes enough of a point in itself….people want to buy Blizzard Merc who live in Europe without a huge price tag. TLDR: Blizzard’s EU store was closed years ago. Renewed interests point towards the opportunity for Blizzard to offer Europeans a place to buy Blizzard merchandise without astronomical import fees. I’d love to hear some constructive and informative feedback from someone at Blizzard as to where they stand on the issue? Posting this in the Blizzard, Overwatch and WoW EU forums for maximum exposure, I wouldn’t deem that as excessive but we’ll see what’s said… Blizzard Forums Overwatch EU Forums Overwatch US Forums Reddit /r/Overwatch Reddit /r/wow MMO Champion 2h
2h If you lived in the world of warcraft... What race/ class combo would you be? What would your professions be?Moritz23 2h
2h Glowing Hair Hello guys I just wanted to post this to say that I have noticed from people that got into the Alpha that Iron Dwarves got glowing fire hair and Void Elf got glowing tentacles I dont play Alliance but I appreciate this beauty and effort thank you for this. What I really hope for is for Nightborne to get Arcane hair like some NPC’s in Suramar I know in the Q&A it was stated that Nightborne will get reworked based on player feedback I hope they get Arcane hair and more haircuts to choose from since they only have 5 and other allied races have way more. I do hope glowing hair will be both factions lol and not just Alliance cause it makes so much sense for Nightborne ^^ßubbletea9 2h
2h Maghar racials are superbad, change them Ancestral Call - Invoke the spirits of your ancestors granting you their power. Increases a random secondary stat by 102 for 12 seconds. This one is only somewhat useful. It needs to choose highest secondary stat though...we had enough of that RNG crap in Legion. Also, we dont know how strong will it be in BFA in comparison to Orc´s Blood Fury after stat squish. Open Skies - Increases mounted speed by 10%. Bland and boring but...ok. Savage Blood - Reduces the duration of Poisons, Diseases, and Curses by 10%. It will make them last what? 1 or 2 seconds longer? Useless. Either change it to flat decrease damage taken from curses/poisons/diseases (by lets say 1 %) or change it "you have chance to resist those effects" Sympathetic Vigor - Increases pet health by 10%. Seriously? So only hunter can actually get something of this racial? Needs to be changed immediately. I was eager to throw at you 20 € for each of my character I have Blizzard, to change them to Maghar Orc. But Iam not buing into this crap. Make their racials at least worth the money. Not overpowered... but they should be at least, on par with Void Elves, HM Taurens, Nightborne and others.Garadh18 2h
3h Male Mag'har Orcs customization: jewelry/piercings. Hello there everyone. I'm creating this post because I didn't find any talking specifically about this in the EU forums. What I wanted to talk about and discuss is that the male Mag'har Orcs next allied race, in my opinion, should get another customization option regarding jewelry: I know that I'm not the only one wanting this. We all have seen during all this years in the posters and in the different art made by Blizzard that male Orcs usually wear earrings, nose rings, nipple-rings like the Grommash ones and other kinds of jewelry, which, let's be honest, may be a little thing, but makes them look better, cooler. Imo, it would be great if they add the option to the Mag'har males to get some of this kind of customization, knowing that in the latest Q&A the devs said that everything we think allied races are lacking of (regarding customization) we should and could let them known in the forums. As the Mag'har haven't be released yet, I believe it is still possible to add them some piercings to make them look better and more fitting to the Orcs posters and arts we have seen. What do you all think? Thanks for reading.Othar19 3h
3h Pet battles matchmaking, myth? Just played several rounds of pet battles. Got my !@# handed to me in like 7/8 of them, but quit when I realised I was fighting the same 2 teams on loop. If there only two people locked in an infinite battle? I assumed by similar skill it would go "Hey this guys first time, another newb then" not just slam me against the same two people and let me get my $%^ kicked over and over. :/Samkelly11 3h
3h Highmountain Tauren Moonkin... How come Highmountain Tauren Druid has different Bear, cat and flight form but not for Moonkin??? I expected to see at lease new antlers... But no! Its absolutely the same form as normal tauren! Nothing is added or changed! We Highmountain Tauren Druids are about to start a riot! You better do something blizz!... Please! lol /me cries in the corner out loud...Emloses12 3h
3h is it possible ? Fel Orcs and the Broken can they be future allied races according to lore?Smøøthstar10 3h
4h Everything wrong with dungeons / raids / content 1. People overgear dungeons, so they rush through everything at super speed. I'm so bad at the game that I end up miles behind everyone and am constantly running to catch up. I insist on looting everything, reading all the quest texts and dialog, so I end up even further behind. This isnt my fault though, it's everyone elses and I insist that we should go through outdated content at an extra slow pace. The rest of the people in my group should be forced to slow down just for me. 2. "insert task here" is TOO HARD. NERF. I can't be bothered to gear up more, watch strategy videos, read guides, or try any other approach to beating this task. I shouldn't have to get better at the game, therefore blizzard must nerf it. It doesnt matter that thousands of people have already done it, I cant do it therefore it needs to be nerfed. 3. Everyone wants achievements / score / gear for groups. I have bad / mediochre gear. I don't have any experience in the content I'm signing up for, or if I do it's minimal. You should still invite me to your group however, even though I'm a stranger to you, and these requirements are basically the only thing to judge whether a stranger will be bad or not and wipe your group. I dont have an alternative and realistic/practical method of filtering out bad players, but achievements and gear are still elitist though. Players should be FORCED to invite me to their groups, even though there's a good chance I won't perform well. I also refuse to make my own group cos...I dunno...I'm just lazy I guess and want someone else to do the work for me. Conclusion I'm just an all around meh - average player, but I'm entitled to all the best stuff, entitled to join any group I want, entitled to have content nerfed to my level, entitled to dictate how other players should play. Anyone else got some points to add?Trammp10 4h
4h Noob Graphics Question Hey, So I just got my First PC, and no longer have to play WoW on an Office Laptop. However, when I logged in to WoW, the colour was SUPER enhanced. My party chat is basically grey, and when I open my mount i'm blinded by how bright it is. I've turned down brightness, but that doesn't turn down the colours, just the screen brightness which goes too dark. The gamma also does nothing! Any advice?Lyssa8 4h
4h Please don’t butcher Night Elves like this! I love Night Elves, I love their lore and their background. However since WoW began we’ve seen them loose their identity again and again finally culminating this this horrible conversation that was just datamined. ... A fight to protect Teldrassil and all Kaldorei land from the Horde and they made it about Humans. The Horde didn’t destroy Night Elven civilisation, the Alliance did. By turning Night Elves into pathetic pets who lose more and more of what made them unique every time they get attention. The Alliance is about Humans and only Humans, every other race exists only as an ornament to their ‘triumphs’. Blizzard, please cut this conversation. You’ve smacked Night Elves around enough as it is.Silraena9 4h
4h Frost DK's secret appearance. How do i get frost secret appearance? i know its from elite in Stormheim but i never seen that i need a quest?Dothfon5 4h
4h How do you decide your main for BfA? It's so hard to choose. Anyone got any tips to ease the choosing process?Maanvaiva46 4h
4h What should I buy: Ryzen 5 1600 or i5-8600K? I want to run WoW at max settings and good FPS for at least 5 years, what CPU should I choose? i5-8600K seems to be a better fit because WoW depends on single-core processes, what do you think? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!Shaanea38 4h
5h Mag'har/Draenor nerd(rage) Now in my humble opinion TBC was way better than WoD but that is beside the point. Despite the orcs being called Mag'har they are supposed to come from Draenor. Why? Sure some orcs would join us from Draenor. But I am sure that since nothing much is happening in Outland many of the more adventurous orcs there would want to help the horde. They are a warlike race after all. Why not have the new orcs be 'officially' a mixture of the two types of brown orcs. Then you can roleplay whatever you prefer.Bigbulls10 5h
5h Questing Stuck After finishing Drustvar I am unable to open the scouting map to continue with the other 2 main quest hubs. In addition to the above, I have logged on today and cannot access any of the dungeons to test due to the Heart of Azeroth quest being impossible to complete due to a 'duplicate item' error. I already had the Heart of Azeroth before the quest appeared and now cannot complete. Nor can I delete the Heart of Azeroth from my character. I hope a fix comes soon to the scouting map so I can at least test the content properly, because at the moment I've given up trying due to these being pretty game breaking. I also cannot be bothered to re-level another character to test the other two instances.Aierwin1 5h
5h Impossible Collecting Hello, I'm an ingame Mount, Pets and Toys collector. And the goal as a collector is to fill up all the open spots and get everything. Now there are some things im not happy with and im sure other collectors don't like this also. Some mounts, pets and toys are not collectable with just ingame gold or ingame quest, achievs etc. This will say if you wont spent alot of real money account bound TCG items and Big Blizzard Bear. You will never be able to fill all slots and never will be done collecting everything. Its very cool that some people got stuff that others dont have. But in my opinion dont leave open spots on: TCG Mounts, Pets and Toys, Big Blizzard Bear, Promotion Pets like other game Collector editions, Blizzcon Pets and RAF Pets, Ingame Shop Mounts and Pets. If you wont show them as open spots and only will show them when someone obtains them, the collecting will be alot more fun for the collectors. They get the feeling they actually completed everything that can be done ingame. Without alot of real money or having alot of friends that play WoW the for RAF. Please let me know how you think about it.Zadael21 5h
5h Princess Talanji=Shuri? Is it me or is she quite similar to Shuri from black panther? She acts pretty fun and casual while serious in important moments plus the accent, also "Wakan..I mean Zandalar forever" xd So is Rastakan actually running around in a cat suit when we dont talk to him? :o Always fun to see such references if this is one :DRàlph10 5h
5h Mage Tower. I've been hammering at the mage tower for a while, and I still haven't completed it. And to be honest, I'll never complete it, because it isn't worth burning through so many items and having specific legendaries JUST for an appearance. It's not worth the hassle. Some people have done it within 30-40 attempts, whilst others have done it 150-200 attempts, that's a lot of nethershards wasted, a lot of drums, pots, and everything else. They need to make it more worth while than a god damn appearance for a weapon. I'll just stick to the basics.Worfykins108 5h
6h @52aggra kills total over two toons and still no stupid sword, literally only doing the raid for the sword at this point. Fix this double PL, ty. EDIT: still no scythe either, after 55+ kills. do u actually want players to sacrifice stuff?Blayser32 6h
6h Current v.s Classic=Sport v.s Adventure I kind of realize something... an angle of discussion between Current vs Classic WoW that hasn't really been discussed, at leased that I know. I'm super excited for BfA, but I'm also super excited for Classic and it didn't occur to me before now why I'm excited for both: it's the "SPORTS" VS the "ADVENTURE. Current WoW is to me like it is for most of the community a "SPORT" where its all about winning a game. And it makes sense because most of the 13 years of WoWs lifespan the playerbase have been playing the endgame, only interrupted by a couple of days of questing each expansion. Then it's back to WoW:Olympics again. Either it is the PvE "Recount Racetracks" AKA dungeons and raids. Or PvP "Magic Soccer" instance PvP modes. Even the new Island expedition mods, exiting as it may be, is just another Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) mode. You know the score of the opposing team all the time like it's Fotball, but it's not immersion. Your not making a Fire Mage to be Gandalf Gray any more, but to make Flame Rooney because your not making an RPG character anymore, but a sport avatar.I know I sound like an absolute hypocrite. I'm totally OK with it. That's why I'm excited for Battle for Azeroth. Even the theme the next expansion is a Massive Multiplayer Online Battle Arena and it sounds awesome. Classic WoW is an ADVENTURE. It's about teaming up with other people to overcome challenges for loot, not to get first place on Laguna Recount Racetrack. It's about dungeon crawling with 4 other people without having it narrated the first time trough by to British brothers named Alex & Loz coaching every single mechanic. It's about NOT assigning every talent point into It's about Learning by Playing. It's about organic unpredictable World PvP in STVietnam. Having to actually search for an objective instead of having a Ubisoft arrow pointing me to a Ubisoft Puddle of Blue P!ss where my objective are. It's about a self-moderating and self-policing community where you can absolutely f@£k up your character beyond repair that you have spent hundreds of hours by getting a bad reputation of being an !@#$%^-. And I am super excited for it because it represents a frame of mind that we have lost touch with trying to win WoW to much instead of just playing it. Of course you need to be a Nimble Fingure Athlete to clear Naxxramas in Vanilla, but most of the game is just about enjoying it. Battling on forums or in comments section for either Church Classic or Mosque Current makes no sense, the gaming market place is far better off with both versions of the game in it.Roogamir2 6h
6h Where is the community? I recently started playing again after a 7 or 8 year break. In the past I've been raiding in a semi-casual guild that was pretty succesfull in Classic, TBC and WOTLK, but I quit after reaching level 85. Starting again after all these years gives a great perspective in all the things that changed since the last time I've played. In my opinion a lot of things turned out to be better gamingwise. I enjoy questing more, espcially the different story lines, the cutscenes and voiced characters also give a better gaming experience. The biggest change, however, is not in gaming experience but in community. I've been playing on the Alliance side of Kor'gall ever since the server went live in 2005. With its ups and downs there always was a playerbase which knew each other fairly well, there were some 'big' raiding or pvp guilds that were known on both sides, plus there were some great realm discussions on the realm forums. After coming back I noticed: 1) Battlegroups aren't only a matter of PvP anymore but they're visible in guilds/world as well. 2) There barely is any communication between players anymore. 3) Faction balancing is completely gone which caused old communities to scatter across other realms. 4) Realmforums are dead. Battlegroups aren't only a matter of PvP anymore but they're visible in guilds/world as well. At first I thought this was a cool idea to make a realm look more alive. But as I see it now this is just a way of treating the symptoms rather than the actual problems that face dead realms. I noticed this in two ways: - While trying to get my old guildname back on the realm, I noticed charters cannot be signed by people on other realms in the same battlegroup. This diminishes the experience of a fuller realm. - It's harder to /who and /friend people. Usually goes along with '0 people show There barely is any communication between players anymore. Questing has been made easier. Does anyone still remember the first days in vanilla where every minute people would ask for directions to find Hogger? Nowaydays it is possible to solo the most 'difficult' quest bosses. But to be fair, you could argue this was already the case in WOTLK. Bottom line is: you don't need other players anymore besides dungeons and raids. (Dungeon) group dynamics have changed I think this dates back to TBC, but I noticed in all of my dungeon groups I've been in so far that communication between players is not a standard. Several groups wouldn't even start out with a little 'hi'. Or have I just grown old? ;) I cannot really say anything about major cities yet, because I have not experienced max level. Faction balancing is completely gone which caused old communities to scatter across other realms. I remember serveral attempts by Blizzard in the past to balance factions. But if I look at several realms right now it looks like PvE realms are dominated by Alliance and PvP realms are dominated by Horde. It has been one of the reasons why my old guild left Kor'gall: It was impossible to grind for resources or to recruit new players. I tried to look into Blizzard's response to the balancing issue, but could not really fine one. I think its weird that while this has been an ongoing issue for years, Blizzard expects € 25,- euros per character to solve it. And because migrations have not been 'regulated' groups scatter over different realms, people stay behind and servers continue to become more empty. Realmforums are dead. This issue is pretty self explanatory. I remember fueds between guilds were on the forum, discussions of special events and all kinds of other stuff was discussed alongside of Recruitmentposts. At this point nothing is really going on besides recruitmentposts. To sum things up Bottomline of my issue is the following: if I compare my gaming experience now compared to 8 years ago I notice that Blizzard has worked on improving the technical side of the gaming experience. If I could make an analogy with a car: Blizzard improved the carseat, the engine and the driving experience altogether. But a major succes in my eyes was the community of WoW. The dedication and communication to tackle problems/bosses/quests together. I think WoW is starting to lose sight of the passengers in the car: the groups who made the ride more enjoyable. Have there been noticable incentives to promote the community in game? If so: what incentives have there been?Deruyter31 6h
6h Invitation to Battle for Azeroth alpha Hey guys, how can i access to the Alpha? Should i compile a form somewhere? Or simply wait and trust in faith? Kindly regards, Goldran LuxronGoldran12 6h
6h Got Kicked, now What? Hi, So I was kicked from my previous guild; 6/11 mythic progress and while I was disinterested in doing mythic raiding to begin with, as this was my first tier doing mythic raiding, I was skeptical of my abilities to actually perform, but now I'm 6/11 mythic and I'd like to see it done. Only trouble is that, for me, it took 6 years and multiple characters to find my former guild. I've joined my current guild now, but I don't know if its going to work out (I don't know that it wont work out either) but in the event it doesn't, how do I go on? In general I find pugging painful and unsatisfying, more because people leave after a single wipe or stupid nonsense otherwise, than because of wipes, and that's normals and heroic; can I expect pugging mythic now to be better? I'd been with my guild for 2 years and can't see myself going back to a relative solo player again. Up until I found my guild I played mostly as a solo player taking scraps and charity raids to get gear and experience; I can't do that again. I felt so bad yesterday that I considered quitting WoW altogether, and I'm still not sure if I'll bother with Battle for Azeroth, so I'd appreciate some advice. P.S - I'd prefer not to get into why I was kicked from my former guild; suffice it to say I learned my lesson, and it won't happen again.Raioken163 6h
6h Artifact Weapon transition. Hello! I need help regarding a problem i have to be dealing with. A while ago i took a pause from wow and now returned. I figured out I wanted to level my druid. Then i realize I'm on the third trial of Ursol when i have no Strenght gear so its IMPOSSIBLE to complete the trial (at that time I wanted to go from moonkin --> guardian) so, now im stuck, can't go back, (I wan't to pursue Balance specialization) and Im !@#$ed, What do I do?Cubuz2 6h
8h What is the most fun class to play? I'm thinking about making a new character because I find myself getting bored of my current ones. I would like to hear other peoples opinions regarding what class and spec you enjoy playing the most and why? Feel free to mention several. I only have a dk and a rogue at max level currently. I don't really care about how well the class performs compared to other classes at max level. What's important to me is that it's fun to play. Two classes in particular that intrigue me are the Brewmaster monk and Survival hunter, so I would love to hear some opinions about these two classes also.Teaboar45 8h
8h TCG Selling thread continued! 3.0 Ciyn#2226 or Ciyn#3783 on discord Offering middleman service for any sort of trades, usualy the fee i charge is 5-10% of the value of the item to be MMed. this changes depending on the item ofc. Currently looking to buy: Pretty much any unavaible item. Collectors Edition Wotlk and Cataclysm Blue Murloc Egg Grommloc Knight-Captain Murky and Legionnaire Murky Murkalot (Murkalot's Flail) Murkablo (Murky's Little Soulstone ) Deathy (Smoldering Murloc Egg) Tyrael's Hilt Carved Ogre idol Perpetual Purple Firework Murloc costume Any TCG mounts for the right price.Ciynpai23 8h
8h Anti toy train addon Hi, As you all know (more or less^^) toy trains can destroy whole raids and i just want to prevent that. A few days ago i saw an addon in antorus raid which postet in chat, who has placed the toy train. I just want to know which addon can do that. I´ve searched for this type of addon but all i could find was CTRL+S posts or an automatic sound mute, but that's not what i'm looking for. greetingsErfreulich26 8h
8h Leveling Through Quests? Random question here, has anyone solely grinded quests to level up instead of running dungeons? I recently reached lvl 15 so I can run dungeons, and have done so with all of my previous characters. But I cant help but feel I will miss out on things if I do that instead of the quests? Maybe storyline or something? If someone could elaborate on this, it'd be much appreciated! Thanks in advance ^_^ *note* I'm a new player, played for a few weeks on an old account about a year/two years ago. Recently got back involved.Cadgard35 8h