3d The Nighthold Preview & Release Dates EU The journey through Suramar has been fraught with intrigue and danger as the heroes of Azeroth have fought to help reclaim this shining city. It’s time to take the next step and face the challenges within the Nighthold - learn more here. Raid Schedule: Wednesday, January 18: Nighthold Normal and Heroic difficulties open. Wednesday, January 25: Nighthold Mythic difficulty and Raid Finder Wing 1 (Arcing Aqueducts) open. Wednesday, February 8: Nighthold Raid Finder Wing 2 (Royal Athenaeum) opens. Wednesday, February 22: Nighthold Raid Finder Wing 3 (Nightspire) opens. Wednesday, March 8: Nighthold Raid Finder Wing 4 (Betrayer’s Rise) opens. Aerythlea13 3d
14 Feb 2014 Forum Guidelines - Please Read Welcome to the World of Warcraft discussion forums! This forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can discuss all aspects of World of Warcraft with your fellow players. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy. Therefore, we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct before posting. Search The new search function at the top of the World of Warcraft community site is extremely robust. Please be sure to use it to look for similar topics, blog posts, or web pages that may contain the answer before creating your forum topic. Making a new thread on an existing subject will likely result in your thread being deleted. If you continue to repost it you're likely to have your posting privileges suspended for spamming. Worst of all, you'll be making the other forum goers upset that you didn't take a minute to search before posting. Rating The new rating system ( can be used to promote positive discussion, and demote unhelpful posts, or even report posts that violate the forum code of conduct. By hovering over a post you'll be presented with a thumbs up, and a thumbs down icon. Clicking the 'thumbs down' icon you can choose from a few options. Dislike will rate the comment down. If enough people dislike a post it will be darkened, or with a lot of dislikes it will be hidden. You can also quickly report a post as trolling or spam, or use the report function to fill out a more comprehensive description of the violation. You can only rate each post once. Use it wisely to help foster a positive and helpful forum community. Guidelines In addition to the Forum Code of Conduct (, here are some common courtesy guidelines to follow to ensure these forums remain a constructive and friendly gathering place for the community. While these do technically fall within the bounds of the Code of Conduct, these cover more specific examples of common errors that will lead to thread deletions or posting privileges being revoked. The World of Warcraft forums are for discussion of topics directly related to World of Warcraft The forums here are specifically to discuss the game and related topics. Any topics not related to World of Warcraft, or Blizzard are subject to deletion. Don't post in all capital letters, use a misleading title, excessive punctuation, non-standard symbols, etc. While everyone wants their posts read, we ask you to refrain from using these types of tactics in order to bring more people to your thread. Let your post stand on its own merit. Threads violating this guideline are subject to deletion. Using the words Blizzard, Blue, or any community team members name in a thread topic to gather attention is frowned upon Everyone would like Blizzard to read and acknowledge his or her post, and we understand that. However, use of such words in the topic does not help that come to pass. Please make your thread title relevant to the post subject. Threads violating this guideline are subject to deletion. Note that threads discussing e.g. the Blizzard authenticator or Blizzard’s latest press release are allowed to have Blizzard in the title as it’s then relevant to the discussion. Posting "First" or IBTL constitutes as spamming You will be suspended if you create a post that is intended to call out that you achieved a specific reply number in a thread. This is considered spamming. Posting IBTL (in before the lock) is not helpful and if you feel a thread should be moderated please use the rating button to do so. Posting TLDR or L2P constitutes as trolling Posting TLDR (Too Long, Didn’t Read) is saying you don’t care about a player’s post. Posting L2P (Learn to Play) mocks the player for their skill or experience level rather than provide constructive input on the post itself. Both are considered trolling and will lead to a suspension.Takralus2 14 Feb 2014
2d Post if you want to make some in-game friends My original thread reached its posting limit. Therefore I'm redoing it. Firstly, please, when posting your info, press the "REQUEST STICKY" button towards the top right side of the page. If it gets enough hits, it will then be considered by the moderators to be pinned to the front page as a sticky. Generally, when a thread moves off the 1st page, it is harder for other people to notice it. So by pressing that button you are being courteous to others (maybe even absolute beginners to WoW) who may wish to use this thread at a later date than today to try and find in-game friends themselves. Thank-you. Let's face it, we all need friends in-game, whether it is to try for mutual achievements, valor cap HC's, LFR, PVP etc, or to ask someone if they can lend a hand with a problem, or even just to say hello to someone and chat once in a while. So if you'd like to make new friends, simply post in the same format as below. (Note, DON'T list which sex you are as it could lead to unwanted attention, likewise, DON'T give out your email address). About me: Age: 30+ Personality: Laid back and mature Side: Horde only Chars: Rogue: (DPS) Spec: Combat only (I do have an Alliance rogue as well, but its sole purpose doesn’t involve gameplay) Playing time: (at the moment) Mon: 12.30pm – 4.30 pm, Tue 12.30 pm – 7 pm, Wed and Thu 12.30pm – 4.30 pm, Fri 12.30 pm – 7 pm, Sat and Sun, most of the day. I do play in the evenings Mon-Fri too, but I simply never know just how much Russian-English translation work I need to do until I receive it, so evening playing time is very erratic. Up for: Helping you out if required and it's in my character's ability to do so, HC’s for cap, LFR, ach’s (inc Raids (new and old), HC and PVP) etc. Other interests: Many. Battletag: LadySylvanas#2676 (To add a battletag and request being friends with a person, either A: In the Battlenet client, left click on the blue person icon at the top right, it will then open up a sub column. In the top left, click on 'add friend', it will then prompt you to type (or paste in) the battletag of the person you want to be friend's with. Then click on 'send request' at the bottom left. B: In-game, left click on the yellow 'social' icon towards the bottom left of your screen. It will bring up a sub screen. Enter (or paste in) the battletag and press 'add friend'.Lswindrunner665 2d
24 Apr 2014 Social Media & Fansites (Updated: 05/10/2016) Blizzard on Social Media You already know that you can find World of Warcraft news right here on the official community site, but make sure you keep an eye on Blizzard's social networking pages. These sites feature World of Warcraft news, visual media, contests, player-created content, career opportunities, customer support, and much more. Check out what we have to offer, interact with your peers in the community, and share the latest updates with your friends. Official Facebook Pages World of Warcraft Blizzard Entertainment Other Blizzard Franchises Diablo Hearthstone Heroes of the Storm Overwatch StarCraft Official Twitter Feeds @Warcraft @WarcraftDevs (Design Insight & Info) @BlizzardCSEU_EN (Customer Support) @BlizzardCareers (Careers, Recruiting & University Relations) @BlizzCon Other Blizzard Franchises @Diablo @PlayHearthstone @BlizzHeroes @PlayOverwatch @StarCraft Official Google+ Pages Other Blizzard Franchises Hearthstone Official YouTube Channels World of Warcraft Customer Support Blizzard Entertainment Other Blizzard Franchises Diablo Hearthstone Heroes of the Storm Overwatch StarCraft World of Warcraft on Reddit /r/WoW (not owned or operated by Blizzard)Vaneras2 24 Apr 2014
4h Updates from @WarcraftDevs Patch 7.1 & 7.1.5 A new patch means a new bunch of tweets from the World of Warcraft development team! This thread is an archive of @WarcraftDevs tweets regarding patch 7.1. ---- @WarcraftDevs is an official World of Warcraft Twitter account offering design insight and information directly from the World of Warcraft Development Team. For past updates, please refer to Updates from @WarcraftDevs - Patch 7.0.3. Aerythlea90 4h
31m 7.1.5 Legendary Items Upgrade Clarification Since the release of Patch 7.1.5, we've received a number of questions relating to the Nighthold Legendary item upgrades and how that process will work. We'd like to provide some clarity on what you can expect next week. When the Nighthold opens next week, players who have acquired at least one Legion Legendary item will find a quest in Dalaran to upgrade a Legendary from item level 910 to 940. This quest involves collecting a number of Essences of Aman’thul, which can be found in the following locations: Nighthold Raid Bosses Weekly Mythic Keystone Cache Emissary Bags PvP Weekly Quests Once you have completed the quest, you'll be given a Distilled Titan Essence, which can be consumed to upgrade a Legion Legendary item to level 940. The quest is repeatable, so you'll be able to earn as many Distilled Titan Essences as you need to upgrade any Legendaries you have. Additionally, once the Nighthold is open, any new Legendaries you discover will already be item level 940. Note that this does not apply retroactively to Emissary Bags that you may already have in your inventory when the time comes. Only new bags earned after the Nighthold is open have the chance to reward an item level 940 Legendary. Aerythlea23 31m
3h Upcoming Class Tuning Hotfixes Hey all. As with each major patch that significantly changes class spells and abilities, we review tuning based on live data once it’s live, to look for any tuning issues that may have arisen. Based on that, we’re planning to make the following changes during the next weekly restarts in each region. We’ll continue to pay close attention to each spec’s performance as players progress through the Nighthold, and are ready to make further adjustments as necessary. Classes Death Knight Blood Blooddrinker damage reduced by 40% (unchanged in PvP). Demon Hunter Havoc Annihilation, Blade Dance, Chaos Nova, Chaos Strike, Death Sweep, Demon Blades, Demon’s Bite, Eye Beam, Fel Barrage, Fel Eruption, Fel Rush, Fury of the Illidari, Metamorphosis, and Throw Glaive damage reduced by 2%. Fel Mastery now grants 30 Fury (up from 25). Chaos Blades now increases autoattack damage by 150% (down from 200%). Hunter Beast Mastery Cobra Shot damage increased by 46%. Chimaera Shot damage increased by 10%. Barrage damage increased by 10%. Kill Command damage increased by 10%. Marksmanship Aimed Shot, Arcane Shot, Barrage, Black Arrow, Bursting Shot, Marked Shot, Multi-shot, Murder of Crows, Piercing Shot, Sidewinders, Volley, and Windburst damage increased by 8%. Survival Carve, Flanking Strike, Explosive Trap direct damage, Flanking Strike, Mongoose Bite, Raptor Strike damage increased by 7%. Explosive Trap damage over time, Lacerate, and Serpent Sting damage increased by 12%. Caltrops damage reduced by 10%. Mage Fire Flame Patch damage reduced by 17%. Frost Ray of Frost damage increased by 12%. Monk Windwalker Rushing Jade Wind now applies Mark of the Crane to 4 targets (down from 5). Paladin Retribution Execution Sentence damage reduced by 15%. Priest Discipline Trinkets that deal single-target damage now deal 45% of normal damage (up from 40%). Trinkets that deal multi-target damage now deal 35% of normal damage (up from 25%). Shadow Mind Blast, Mind Flay, Shadow Crash, Shadow Word: Death, Shadow Word: Void, Shadowy Apparition, Void Bolt, Void Torrent, and Void Eruption damage reduced by 4%. Shadow Word: Pain damage reduced by 11%. Vampiric Touch damage reduced by 14%. Rogue Assassination Agonizing Poison increases damage by 3.5% per stack (down from 4%). Shaman Elemental Lightning Bolt damage increased by 9%. Enhancement Crash Lightning, Flametongue, Lava Lash, Lightning Bolt, Lightning Shield, Rockbiter, Stormstrike, Windfury, and Windsong damage increased by 4%. Hailstorm damage increased by 29%. Boulderfist damage increased by 15%. Fury of Air damage reduced by 12%. Doom Vortex damage increased by 33%. Warlock Affliction Agony now has its full chance to generate a Soul Shard on Soul Effigy (up from a 55% of normal chance). Malefic Grasp now increases the damage of damage over time effects by 70% (down from 80%). Demonology Shadowbolt damage increased by 42%. Demonbolt damage increased by 42%, but its damage is now increased by 10% per active demon (down from 18%). Warrior Protection Charge, Devastate, Devastator, Heroic Throw, Ravager, Shield Slam, Victory Rush, and Deep Wounds damage reduced by 5%. Revenge and Thunder Clap damage reduced by 14%. Legendary Items DPS Specs Kiljaeden’s Burning Wish: Damage increased by 55%. Paladin Chain of Thrayn: Damage bonus reduced from 20% to 10%. Priest Mother Shahraz’s Seduction: Stacks of Voidform gained when entering Voidform reduced from 5 to 3. Zeks Exterminatus: Damage bonus increased from 25% to 100%. Rogue Duskwalker Footpads: Energy needed per 1 second of CDR for Vendetta increased from 50 to 65. Additionally, we’re planning to make some general changes to PvP balance, with the intent of lowering overall damage from a few overperforming specs and talents. Those exact changes have not yet been finalized, but we’ll share them as soon as we are able.Lore148 3h
5m Leveling Through Quests? Random question here, has anyone solely grinded quests to level up instead of running dungeons? I recently reached lvl 15 so I can run dungeons, and have done so with all of my previous characters. But I cant help but feel I will miss out on things if I do that instead of the quests? Maybe storyline or something? If someone could elaborate on this, it'd be much appreciated! Thanks in advance ^_^ *note* I'm a new player, played for a few weeks on an old account about a year/two years ago. Recently got back involved.Cadgard23 5m
7m Sylvanas is Pregnant with Wrynn Surely you all know it happened.... at the Broken Shore. Their child will conquer the Horde.Maîÿa14 7m
7m Solo WoD Raids possible? So i was wondering if it is possible to solo WoD raids as a monk or druid? If you can do you have to have a high item lvl or not. sorry for any bad english.Lezus19 7m
17m Got attacked by guards after BG? After finishing a random BG I got ported back to my class hall, and got immediately attacked by all the guards. After holding off for a while as blood, I took a portal to Dalaran only to be killed there by Kirin Tor mages. It never happened to me before. Why did this happened? It was really underwhelming experience especially since I'm the Deathlord and everything...Braun10 17m
21m How do i unlock additional Artifact Models? At the moment i can have 4 x 4 artifact weapon models for each spec: 4 different types + 4 different colors for each type. But then i saw some additional artifact weapons/skins on MMO champ added lately on, like very nice looking Staff for Frost Mages, but i can't find it anywhere. Any idea how to unlock these additional artifact weapon types? And why the "book" which shows all locked and unlocked Artifact models and colors, doesn't show that additional ones?Animron5 21m
22m Keystone affixes are poorly balanced. Greetings, the more high level keystone dungeons that I play, the more I notice severe balancing issues when it comes to certain combinations of affixes. Some dungeons are just not worth playing anymore when the "wrong" affixes are active. A few dungeons even become borderline unplayable. These imbalanced affixes combined with monsters (Scorpions in Neltharion's Lair with Fortified) and bosses (Wrath of Azshara with Tyrannical) that also aren't well balanced, result in many frustrating and even abandoned dungeon runs. Some people have to wait for a very long time to get their (12+) keystone done due to lack of tanks and/or healers, because some affixes are just plain annoying and nobody wants to even bother trying. As a tank, I constantly join groups that have been waiting for a tank for 30-45 minutes. This week is a good example of very annoying affixes. Teeming, Skittish and Fortified turn many dungeons into complete madness. As a tank, there is simply nothing you can do to reliably hold the aggro of these large, hard hitting trash packs. Lose aggro of more than one mob and bam... one of the melee damage dealers in your group gets oneshot. The group finder is a desolate wasteland of everwaiting 4-man groups this week. I can't even blame people for not being motivated to play with these borderline broken affixes, because next week might offer a complete easy mode of affixes with free loot for everyone, like Sanguine and Overflowing. And since the hard affixes don't offer more rewards than the easy affixes, why even bother with the difficult ones? Why even try Bolstering and Necrotic? It just slows things down and the tank has to run away all the time. I didn't choose to play a tank to flee from my enemies. Blizzard should put more effort into designing more interesting affixes and balance them better. Fortified and Tyrannical are two especially boring affixes. Zero thought was put into them, which is very disappointing for the highest affixes. The dungeons need to be tested more thoroughly by Blizzard on higher levels. Nobody can tell me that Blizzard ever tried to kill the scorpions in Neltharion's Lair with Raging and Fortified on 12+ and were happy with the results. Also, some affixes simply don't work correctly, like Overflowing and Volcanic. With Overflowing, sometimes people in the group have huge healing aborbs that almost take up their entire life pool, even though the healer only healed them once with a healing spell that can't even heal that amount. Volcanoes aren't supposed to spawn in melee range, but sometimes they just do. Volcanoes are also spawned by mobs that aren't even in combat with the group, which also defeats the melee range aspect of the affix. In some bossfights you can't even see the volcanoes, like when standing on an island while fighting Lady Hatecoil in Eye of Azshara. Again, not even tested by Blizzard. Other bossfights almost become unplayable with this affix, especially for casters. How are casters supposed to finish their spellcasts against the final boss in Court of Stars on high levels, when all the images of this boss also start spawning volcanoes? Is this even intended? Overall, I think that the affixes are very poorly balanced. It just isn't fun to try and find a group for Bolstering and Raging when everyone is simply waiting for Sanguine and Overflowing again, for good reason. What are you supposed to do when two cats in Darkheart Thicket with Fortified just jump on a player and kill him instantly? I can't imagine that this is supposed to be enjoyable gameplay. Blizzard needs to either bring all the affixes closer together when it comes to their difficulty, or offer better rewards when the harder affixes are active. New affixes should also be added to offer more variety. Blizzard should really put more thought into new affixes though. In my opinion it would be best to implement affixes that can be beneficial to the group when used correctly, but also damage the group if misplayed. For example, one of the affixes that I would add is Bursting. Corpses of enemies burst after 2 seconds, dealing 1,5 million physical damage to players AND enemies in 8 yards. That way, players could speed up their dungeon run by dodging these explosions but would suffer greatly when not paying attention. Just a thought. Thanks for reading this wall of text. I don't think I ever wrote such a long text on a forum before. This is important to me though, because I prefer playing with a small group of friends, but my friends keep losing interest in keystone dungeons because of the affixes and other problems, like the RNG loot, but that's a topic for another time. Have a nice day.Keilen31 22m
24m Bubble Boy Prydaz, remove visual For the love of Alune. Please remove the visual bubble from Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus after 7.1.5. The Bubble just looks ridiculous. People are calling me bubble boy. And if walking around in a hamster ball isn't enough. Have you seen it when you are riding a mount? I look like an astronaut, especially in a Sky Golem. Anyone else having bad dreams they are part of a big pinball machine?Nightlores20 24m
28m Nost/Elysium breakdown Iggwilv263 28m
34m Grumble about World Quests. Just a minor grumble really but I was irked enough today to post. This week is World Quest week but the only rep I really need is Nightfallen as I'm 7/11 in Suramar. I got back from my holidays last week and since then there has been no Nightfallen emissary. So to do my 20 World Quests I have to do the emissaries for which I no longer need rep (although getting exalted with them all some day would be good). I am getting bored to tears of World Quests and it would be really great if the ones I have to do for an event were actually ones that were useful to me. At this rate it'll take me five or six months to get the last bit of Nightfallen rep. Why do emissaries not simpjy cycle through all the reps in order. RNG on this adds no fun or enjoyment what so ever. There is no surprise Whoop! the emissary I need is up today! feeling. Bliz did say that they wanted to move away from needing to log in everyday to do "chores" but it almost feels that way with World Quests, although at least they have a three day timer on the emissaries which helps a little. /minor grumble.Gram0 34m
40m Let's select our own king/warchief Through elections. Every 4-5 years Blizzard should allow us to cast vote for the most prominent leader and let us select our own leaders. In this way, Blizzard gets to work on every faction leader, giving them importance and a good lore,and the player base gets to decide which faction leader was worth being their leader.Blindrush57 40m
50m Molten Front vendors removed ? Just been to the Molten Front for the 2 l/w recipes. However, the vendor who sells them is not there anymore, neither are any of the others. I know they should all be there because I've previously completed all the quests and bought all of their other stuff back in Cata. Have they all simply been removed now that we're in Legion ? (would seem strange to do that though)Lswindrunner8 50m
1h I love Blizzard ty blizzZZZ I can't even get accepted into any mythic+ groups really loving shadow priest gAmePlaYY where all you do is basically playing applying to group simulatorXiepo13 1h
1h Proffesion levelling is a Joke! Iv been stuck on level 796 Blacksmithing for ages, iv crafted 26 demon steel armgaurds with no level increase, it's a joke! yes you could wait till DM fair however NH is out wednesday and with it the new BS mount which i'm now clearly going to miss out on. Making these armgaurds is also NOT cheap! Seriously sort this crap out! Also to note the engineering boon containers never seem to drop, iv had 1 drop in 16hours, what happened to 2 an hour?Wolfblood15 1h
1h Diablo 20th Anniversary WOW Event end Hey, I believe today is the last day for the Diablo 20th Anniversary event but, does this apply to EU servers as we are normally one day behind the US servers?Furrybear24 1h
1h Legendary Therapy Lounge A few months have passed and in my mythic team three raiders remain without dps legendaries whom are now dubbed as the legendary losers. We are not really competitive anymore in a mythic raid environment since legendaries have a huge impact on performance. I would even bench myself until I get a legendary that increases dps (sadly I raidlead). So here I started this thread to hear the sob stories of others and find some comfort with those unlucky enough. I will kick off with my sob story. Been doing the quest cache every day since release, the daily heroic dungeon, raid every week on different difficulties (raidlead) and have around 300+ mythic+ done (not all show on wowprogress). It has been 1-2 months since my last legendary and so far I got 3 utility legendaries. Two of these legendaries were not worth equipping until 7.1.5. but even now they are nothing more but poor stat sticks. My biggest fear is getting a 4th legendary that functions as a stat stick. To put salt on the wound my wife who only does quests, daily HC and LFR (no mythic+) has three legendaries as well. Two of them being best in slot and good for about an 80-100k dps increase.Celestraza9 1h
1h a idea to make profs more interactive I have posted before about making armor with a colour slider so thinking on that why not make it prof based inscript = symbols on armor that drop from quests rares dungons ect alchemy = mix herbs and other matts to make colours that drop from same source as above lw = changing leather/mail armor ect bs = change plate and chain talior = change cloth and cloaks ect enchanting = add effects to armor jc = encrust gem effects to armor ect i am not saying the art team do not do good work on armor they do a fantasic job but this will make people feel they are diffrent ect ect i know some will take the mick with it and have a pink paladin or somthing but if thats what they want so be it but will be epic i think to change and make your own desinges . there are some armors in game i think look amazing but i would prefer them with diffrent colours and trims and some desinges ofc this will be all cosmetic and have no effect on game play but would add a lot to the game in ways of farming more recipes and make all proffesions interlink and all that good stuff im open to all comments good and bad so lets have it aelreÀèlre3 1h
1h Tabards are USELESS now This new 3d modelled Belts are pretty cool , instead of old boring flat belts.But downside is now tabards are useless since they don't look like tabards with a Legion-belt on. Clipping would be fine no one cares, the things get clipped in this game I mean, you decided that would bother players? Tabards are cool , a shame you can't keep a good belt and a good tabard at the same time...Incubbus7 1h
1h Tired of petulant PUGs? Help us fix it New link: ________________________________________________________________________________ The fail train is a discord community (cross realm cross faction guild if you like) where people can clear content in a friendly and relaxed environment. If you play wow and: *You have anxiety issues or are just very shy *You are tired of getting bashed in every group *You are tired of how rude & antisocial the wow community is *You are to busy or to rubbish to get into mythics or raids. *You value doing the content with a fun and relaxed group *You are tired of the "gogogo omfg hurry up &%#¤&" mentality *You wanna try out new classes and specs but are unsure *You want to see all the content but just the thought of mythics or raids make you all shaky. Give us a chance. Wow can be fun, pugs can be fun. Even if you are inexperienced, bad, shy, can't find a guild why should that limit your ability to enjoy the game and see all aspects of the game? What this community isn't: *It's not a boosting group, if you wanna clear something, you get in there you don't afk, you do your best (whatever your abilities are), you wipe with us, you fail with us and you succeed with us. *It's not for you who want to clear stuff as quickly as possible, for us the journey is important. (and that doesn't mean we lack ambition or dedication) This is a group with a large blend of people, everyone from kids to 60, everyone from totally new players to highly experienced, everyone from those who strugle with a heroic 5 man to those that raid heroic. It is okay to be on different levels skill wise, its okay to have different ambitions in-game, it is okay to be shy, outwards, amazing, rubbish, totally silent or the one that talk in voice for hours and hours. It's..just okay, and whoever you are you deserve to have just as much fun as the next guy, be treated just the same as the next guy. The only requirement we have is don't be an !@#. If you think this is something for you, join us on this epic journey that wow actually is when you have nice people with you. If this is for you, you can find us here: Do not cancel your subsciption yet, wow is still fun.Fleurez559 1h
1h ..i am afraid to DPS! Hello. First off let me just say this: i love this expansion, its cool, the story its cool, the classes are cool, artifacts are cool, everything is cool. Secondly, i would like to say that i am afraid of being a dps. Yes. I am. I have been a tank in this expansion, and the last expansion, and the expansions before, all the way back to WotLK. Have only been a dps in very few occasions when the guild needed me to be one. In this expansion, my friends have left me, and i am guildless and friendless. I have been a tank on the alliance side, currently pushing 873ilvl druid tank, and building my horde druid tank aswell. I chose to be a tank, because i like to have instant q in dungeons, are be invited to mythic+ dungeons faster, or surviving 10+mobs when questing. But deep down i want to be a dps, to see BIG numbers, kill mobs faster, to do raids as a dps, dungeons and mythics, and mythic+ as a dps. But i am afraid that once i turn dps nobody will want me in their group. I'm not the best tank, and will most likely not be the very best dps, i will most likely be in the middle, trying my best to push higher numbers. How can i surpass this fear? How can i make new friends in game? How can i gear up as dps if nobody will want to do normal mythics with me or mythic+ or raids?Bulldozier30 1h
2h 7.1.5 shows Blizzard incompetence So PTR was out for like 2 months. The primary purpose was said to balance the different classes. From what I've seen most classes are disappointed by the changes and mainly mechanics wise. Now Blizzard are throwing out flat dmg % increases since they failed with making interesting talent changes and fun rotations. Let me take two examples of major failure: 1. Hunters. The community had several good idea to fix the rotations and make them more fun. Instead they make it worse and hunter is not only terrible boring to play but also bottom of the damage. Solution? Straight dmg % buff to some abilities. 2. Blood DK talents. The DK talents were very "cookie-cutter". For most rows there were one viable talent and Blizzard wanted to change this. Great! So they nerfed our best talents and slightly buffed the other talents. However, only one new talent was actually better than the old ones. Blooddrinker. Blooddrinker made our damage on par with other tanks and was fun to play with. What happens, 40% dmg nerf to blooddrinker and we are at the bottom of tankdmg and back to our exact previous talents, except they are worse than before. What the hell were you doing during these 2 months of PTR?Volrokk39 2h
2h fps Guys help please, i cant stand this anymore. Maybe my notebook is too weak but i dont think so, heres the specification; i5 5200 2.2ghz 4gb ram geforce 940m When im doin df's or exp i different zones i have like ~~100fps, graphics about third level from options but when i hearstoned to town like orgri/sw i have terrible drops to really fuc**** 0~~... I cant even move for 1-2~~ minutes.. I dont know if my notebook is too slow or its on addons or smth. I installed new drivers for card/doin scan all by antivir/everything. Help mates (sry for english if its kinda wrong xD)Ikson11 2h
2h Blizz's idea of class balance - DH Poor DHs will get a huge 2% nerf on Wednesday :p 2h
2h Is legion overhyped? I was really hyped about the reviews but after two weeks of gameplay and im finding it overhyped. There is no real difference between horde / alliance quest lines. Its the same thing and gets frustrating reaching 110 with different heroes due to that. Artifact weapons are nice and all, but who wants a legendary blade when any other player has it around as well? The quests around the weapons are nice, same cant be said about questing in the Broken isles. People say they hate WOD, but WOD actually did a good job differentiating quests and zones and explaining what was actually happening on the expac. Not to mention, both mop and wod did a good job on making a player feeling that there is a war going, Legion feels like you reached the proximity of hellfire citadel on wod. Legion doesn't explain a thing, lore is confusing and not straightforward and pretty dull. We are back to Dalaran (hooray?) and have class halls. Ok, but what about garrisons? What about the heroes we trained to do quests like we do on class halls? Why Blizzard ignored that content instead of porting it to work on legion? For instances, have your garrison (for those who did wod) themed according to your class (necropolis for dks, etc) and allow those old heroes help your new ones on class hall. Nah, lets make garrisons v2 without the fun part that is the city managing and make it even more boring and useless. Grinding rep to progress on the quest-line is cancer. Having to feed crack elves is fun, but what about leylines? You connect them all and still they need a fix? You can't fully enjoy suramar without grinding rep by training some backyard junkies? Overall, I enjoyed MOP and WOD despite the hate. Specially the story (alternative time-lines are absurd but the dragon aspect of time exists and what not, so not that absurd). I can't say that Legion story is interesting at all. Some zones do have some interesting lore, but others feel like fillers to grind exp. The story overall looks like its glued and barely holding. The emerald nightmare is a beaten horse, the Norse people (haven't we had enough of them on northrend?), Taurens developing a questline just to say that there is a sane brood of deathwing and to get an excuse for another pillar of creation? The only questline that has some sense are the nightborne questlines. But seriously, a nightwell? Blizzard, a Nightwell? People criticize, but WOD did have nice questing and feel to it. The end game itself was awful and boring tbh, but soo far I don't see Legion giving a better impression. Maybe the Nighthold will change that, but soo far, Legion has shown to be more boring than WOD and MOP. Just because you connect lose ends on a story doesn't mean it will fit well. Legion questing feels like a kid covering a book with post-its. This is just my opinion, because i really dont get the hype. I played WC3 and expansions, the Lich king is by far my fav character. I started wow on Cata but i visist all the content on northrend whenever i can. Would love to be here during WOTLK xpac time. But playing what Ive played, i honestly do not understand the hype. Even after getting a DH to 110 and progressing with my unholy dk 110 as well. This is not a troll post, just need to see if something is escaping, if im missing something hereMorodür27 2h
2h Been playing this game since 2004 So I've been playing WoW since its release and also reading wow forums. Since the original WoW 70% content of the forums are about people whining and saying they are quitting. Really guys, nobody cares if you are quitting, please quit already, don't come to tell it in forums, just quit. You must think you have big effect on Blizzard, yes sure one or two whiny players are quitting, ofc Blizzard is going bankrupt and everybody cares about you. Every expansion and every patch since the Classic wow there have been people crying how Blizzard has destroyed WoW and now they are quitting. I'm veteran player since 2004 and Legion is golden times of WoW, it is best expansion and best time playing WoW. 7.1.5 has some negative sides but most of it are only good changes. So I thank Blizzard for their good work. I'm continuing playing this game like always.Jezzer28 2h
2h Too much commitment I do not know if it is just me, but I am really unhappy with how much time you need to spend to be at a "basic level". Like I have to farm all day and every day Artifact Power to be able to do decent performance in raids, mythic+. And this really bothers me... I do not even have the time to level my alts because I have to commit myself to my main char. Moreover, if I decide to leave Wow for like 2 weeks, I fall so behind others that it is really demotivating. Back in early expansions, after you had the gear to run raids, you could do that 1-2 days a week and that was it. And you could spend time trying out others thing or leveling other characters. But now I have to spend all the time on my main and it really sucks... I also would like to mention that the game feels like Diablo. I am doing the same WQ everyday, for no fun. But I am "forced" to do because if I do not, I fall behind in AP. And RNG... oh please. Wow was great because you knew, what to expect, and if you got it, you knew you were good with that. But now with all this luck in gear (titanforged, etc.), it just feels morelike Diablo for me. Mostly in arena. I loved the old system beacuse you were "paid" for the hard word you did during the week. And the excitement and the joy that you could purchase a gear was awesome. Not like now... This probably will not have a big impact on the future of Wow, but please, do not throw away the idea of the old system. I love the game but the systems of present Wow keeps pushing me away from the game...Pawazu28 2h
2h PvP is, well, in need of change I haven't played in a few months so I thought I'd return to WoW now that I had a bit more free time. I usually play PvP but, I've recently run into a few concerning problems. 1) Finding teammates. Nobody wants to play with you unless you have 2.7 xp or you match their CR. Everybody is just sitting in their small pug-queue group on LFR waiting for someone that satisfies their criteria. And some of these people don't meet the criteria they set themselves. I met a feral druid who wanted 2.2k experience even though he was only 1.4k exp - I asked him why and his answer was that he wanted faster wins and to learn from better players - he legit spent a good 30 minutes waiting for someone (I dunno if he did). 2) No healers. There's like, a massive shortage of healers. So forming a 3's group is not easy.Twisimo4 2h
3h Saving emissary quests until Wednesday? So, as far as I understand it, after nighthold is released any new legendaries will be 940, but saving emissary chests isn't worth it since any chests earned before that will still hold 910 legendaries (that is, if they hold any legendaries at all). But what about the quests themselves, starting with tomorrows emissary quest, it's possible to save them and complete them on Wednesday, do you think that the potential reward level is set already when the emissary quest is given, or when you complete it and get the chest? Considering that pretty much the only reason I do emissary quests these days is the potential for a legendary, if it's possible I'd rather save my "tickets" in the legendary lottery until there's a chance of a 940 than a 910 that then needs extra work to upgrade :)Bussel13 3h
3h WTB Six-Feather Fan on any realm 880+ Must have more epix, add me if interested! Macfish#2898Macfish3 3h
3h Old models update Saw this thread thanks to mmo-champion: Oh please Blizzard, dont allow this to happen! Let the old models keep their old animations! There is a real big reason why I refuse to use the so called "just models with higher definition". The male undead casting animation is the best one ever. Truelly feels like a undead charging up magic to cast away a huge bolt. New ones looks like "the magic is to heave, i'm bout to drop it." I beg / implore / pray you wont allow this to happen. Please talk sense to the devs. Let the old models keep their old animations by us who still loves em.Jaedrius673 3h
3h Where the hell are curious coins! Almost a month into expansion. Running random heroic every day, over 500 local missions done, all cache missions done, running mythics with guildies... Zero curious coins. Seriously... what gives? How are we supposed to collect 150 for a mount?Кракозюбрище84 3h
30m Better priest spec for raids? I want to know, since I am getting into raiding for the first time ever, what spec would you recommend me?Zayd20 30m
22m Druid's Feral on LEGION: 7.1.5 Thanks to all DRUID comunities of all servers, around Druid Feral's to put this thread up!! Perhaps a day in 2017 a DEVELOPER see that's some players play this spec!!! Do not let this thread fall into oblivion! Make it the biggest thread with some hundreds of pages! We need yours FEEDBACK! We need people! We need MVP! We need SOME BLUE! We need it to be read by DEVELOPER PLEASE! PLEASE Blizzard or community Manager give them DRUID FERAL FEEDBACK' s PLAYERS.. Because this specialty is played by few players, it is very little watched by the developers. And yet it deserves several improvements... AOE ( Mechanic, Damage, rotation...) = mythic + .... Mono (The worst rotation of all spec with to many spells and timers) Bonus PART T19 (AOE spell on it...) Please just read DRUID forums. I specify that this post is not a post to petition but a post that is intended to be read by developers a day so let your feedback please!Torpp89 22m
3h When will you listen to the HC PvE community? This is a open letter to Blizzard. Disclaimer: The following post has no "TL;DR", is long and negative. If you don't want to read this then don't. This is my view on the problems we (the raiding community) have been pointing out for months now. We (the hardcore PvE raiding community) have tried communicating with you through direct channels about the current problems within legion PvE with no success, you have ignored problems that we have been pointing out since beta and its time for you to stop ignoring us and start communicating. We all came with different solutions of what we personally felt was best but for the most part we all agreed where the problem are. The core problem is how unrewarding mythic raiding is and how mythic raiders get the short end of the stick time and time again. I will break this down in the following three area's: gear, artifact power and time spent vs reward. Gear. It started with titanforged and out gearing your mythic raid content before you even released it, it continues with mythic+. Mythic+ is a problem, why is it more rewarding to grind mythic +7 to 9 keys then to clear mythic raid content? Something that in comparison to prenerf mythic Trial of Valor has a very low level of difficulty. Just before the release of mythic EN you changed the amount of loot that dropped from 5 to 4, with a chance of 5 items. We both know why you did this and with zero communication, you didn't expect us to attain the level of gear we did before you released it. Something we pointed out multiple times during beta we would. Due to this change in terms of character progression it is more efficient to split your raidteam up in mythic+ boost groups then it is to raid your current Mythic raid content. The itemization for most classes is poor, most trinkets are worse then what drops in dungeons (with the exception of a few) and the amount of loot you get per boss for 20 people is pathetic in comparison to the amount of loot you get for the time spent in a mythic+. Yes it does require the loot to roll titanforged but seeing as the itemization is better in dungeons then most of the raid gear we just keep going till it happens and the chance for it to occur is hardly rare. Nighthold will fix this due to the trinkets and tier gear in there not being garbage but we are at that stage 4 months in, it should have never been a better alternative to grind mythic+. It feels pretty lame to see players who only do mythic+ have better gear because we spent our time progressing mythic ToV. Legendaries are a problem on top of this but that's been pointed out and discussed more times then I can count so I will skip this. Artifact Power So artifact power, to be more precise distribution of said artifact power. This is my biggest problem with Hardcore Endgame in legion. For a mythic +7 key we currently get 224k artifact power (I believe, could be 228k, not important.) We can clear a maw of souls +7 in 15minutes while boosting someone. This is currently the most efficient way to grind artifact power. Progressing and killing Helya mythic has given me zero artifact power as you decided to make artifact power from raiding a random drop. The amount you get if it does drop is less then what you get for clearing a +7 key. Why in the world is killing the hardest content in game content completely unrewarding in terms of artifact power? Why is it a chance and why if you do get it is it so bad? I can not wrap my head around this in any way. This should have NEVER been the case. We have tried to communicate this with you and you ignored us for months now. You tune mythic content around having a certain level of artifact power. You will tune mythic Guldan for 54 traits because if you don't we will steamroll it as we are grinding it in case you do. If we don't grind it to 54 and you do tune Guldan that high? Then we are fighting the number boss and not the skill boss. No one wins here. You tell us that if we don't wanna be part of the race we don't have to, if we don't wanna grind artifact power no one is forcing us. If we wanna have a fair chance at clearing your content without being roadblocked due to a number on a weapon we don't have a choice. Its either grind now or headbutt in 3weeks with zero gain. All of this could have been fixed in so many ways. We said, make a cap and you said you don't want it to feel like valor points. We said give mythic raiding better artifact power rewards to help speed us up and make raiding more rewarding and you ignored us. It's about time you acknowledge this problem, just because we are a minority of your player base does not mean you should ignore us or make our life a pain in the behind in game just because we wanna enjoy a challenge, mythic raiding. You have yet to give us a single reason why raiding gives as little artifact power as it does? This lead me in to my final problem, time spent vs rewards when raiding mythic content. You release raid content back to back with little gaps, no mythic raider is going to tell you they want nighthold mythic this month or we will get bored. If you didn't release it so quick the above problems would still exist but the time spent to achieve 54 would have been more evenly spread and less of a frustration. We know why you release content as quick as you do, the casual playerbase does not raid mythic and has seen and done your other PvE content quite a few times by now. This is fair and understandable, but does that mean we need to grind boring and repetative content nonstop just to keep up with your content pace with no support from you, Blizzard? Doesn't seem fair. The mythic raiding reward for timespent even from a cosmetic perspective is non-existant, we don't gain any exclusive content for our time spent. No secret boss, the last thing we got was one phase within a bossfight in highmaul during WoD. Even mounts are no longer a niche as you decided to have both heroic Guldan and mythic Guldan drop the same mount in a different color. Titles stay in the game even after the content has become obsolete, mounts keep dropping and in Legion even the loot and Artifact power reward is worse even while it is current content. Why can't the hardest content in game not be the most lucrative content in game for character progression I ask you? If all that is left is just the joy of the challenge in a game where character progression is the centre something is wrong. I don't have a problem with grinding, its part of a mmo but grinding the easy content because the hard content is unrewarding is illogical and poor design. You wanted mythic+ and raiding to be separate paths to character progression? You made mythic+ a path towards raiding progression instead, and trust me when I say its a boring path just to enjoy a challenge in a few weeks from now.Nuckels76 3h
4h Fury warrior hidden artifact skin question Simple question do i need to loot head of shar'thos and head of nithogg before i can loot the item from skovald in hov or can i get the item from skovald anytime? iam exalted with valarjar and dreamweavers so.Fantax7 4h
4h Kicked from my own key group Joined a boost group which wiped several time, never mind it was my key, doesn't matter as long as we finish it? Group decided to pull big on the ship in MoS. failed. Died, Kicked me. Surely it is my group if it is my key and it should be them who are forced to leave the instance not me, they then finished the run without me, surely this is totally open for abusePeterdkay20 4h
4h Lets support subraces They've been mentioned by Blizzard and I don't want them to put them on hold hence the topic to try gain some support for this content. Some possibilities: ---------------ALLIANCE--------------------- Dwarf Category Dark Iron Dwarves - Under Moira's guidance, some of the Dark Iron clan have even moved into Ironforge to train the local dwarves in the ways of warlocks and mages. The Frostborn - Along with welcoming any Alliance within their settlements, they've recently befriended members of the Alliance Vanguard to join and oppose the Lich King. Wildhammer Dwarves - Now, as part of the Alliance, the wild dwarves hold the Horde as enemies. Gnome Category Mechagnomes - Not only does Mechazod confirm that the mechagnomes were created by a titan called "The Grand Architect" within Ulduar and that fleshy gnomes are a result of the Curse of Flesh's effect upon mechagnomes, he also possesses the ability to remove this curse and thus revert fleshy gnomes back to mechagnomes. Still, most normal gnomes would prefer he didn't. Likewise, The Grand Architect might also be Mimiron. Leper Gnomes (Possible Horde Affiliation) - A handful of Leper Gnomes have joined the Forsaken in Lordaeron. They usually work for the Royal Apothecary Society as assistants and apprentices. Draenei Category Broken - They were going to be the race implemented originally before Blizzard scrapped that for the Draenei we have today. "They are supposedly allied with Illidan Stormrage." - So with Legion, its a good time to implement the broken for lore reasons. Night Elves The Nightfallen - The Nightfallen are a faction of Nightborne that have a presence in Azsuna. Their origins stretch back to Suramar, as night elf royalty that was exiled from the city. When a Nightborne is exiled from Suramar they are cut off from the Nightwell and suffer withdrawals, becoming Nightfallen. Nightfallen who can not find other sources of arcane to feed their addiction fall further and become Withered, a state similar to the Wretched for blood elves. So we know we can't be the Nightborne because they are allied with Gul'dan in Legion, however, it would make sense that the nightfallen could form a partnership with the alliance or horde as a source of arcane energy to sustain their form. Naturally, they will have a hatred for the Nightborne which works in favour of our factions causes. Human Category Ogre / Human Halfbreed - Half-human half-ogres are half-ogres with part human descent. Ogres crossed the Dark Portal into Azeroth over 24 years ago, thus, half-human half-ogres may exist. If the rumors of their existence are true, most half-human half-ogres are products of ogre aggressions on human villages. Their primary languages are Common and Low Common. The half-human half-ogre looks more like a human, with rounder ears and pinker skin. Their tusks are also not as predominant, and their eyes are larger. Instead of a mixed blood racial trait, half-human half-ogres possess ogre blood. A half-human half-ogre is considered a human and an ogre, sharing many of the same abilities of both parent races. Elf / Human Halfbreed - They push themselves to excel in whatever their chosen field, whether to hope that success will help them fit in or to spite those who consider them inferior. You will not find a more dedicated priest, a more loyal fighter, or a more studious mage than a half-elf. This is a taster so far, I will add more when I finish work.Deadgrasp24 4h
3h Blooddrinker and the proposed nerfs... Hey guys, i once again just quote this from Atraeus and the US Forums Hey, Blizzard. Look, I try to make a point not to whine too much about the state of the game, and rather provide constructive feedback as opposed to just namecalling and mudslinging. For the most part it's worked. A couple months back I posted a mega thread on the state of Death Knight balance that got a lot of attention, and I feel for the most part that many of the suggestions made on that thread have actually somehow worked their way into the game. However, after seeing the latest proposed hot fix, I have to make another post yet again. Blooddrinker is being nerfed by 40% in the upcoming patch. And I agree, this one spell is immensely overpowered! 1.5 million damage over the course of an - on average - 2.1 second cast? That's nuts! However, there is something about this ability that needs to be said. In its broken state, it made our damage competitive with other tanks. Warriors, Guardian Druids and Protection Paladins all currently have higher single target damage than us. And as if that weren't irritating enough, Blood Death Knights have less capacity for survival than these three tanks unless we overgear the content. Take a look at this week's Heroic and Mythic Emerald Nightmare rankings for tank damage. Warriors, Druids and Paladins constitute a majority of the highest damage-output tanks. And in exchange they give up what...? Their ability to survive? That's not right, they're the best progression tanks right now. Their utility? Well, considering pretty much all utility was taken from all tanks in the first place this point is pretty moot. The fun associated with the class? ...wait, ignore that last one... Are you seeing what I'm getting at? My proposal is this; nerf Blooddrinker, that's fine. It's a stupidly powerful ability. But please, buff our other damage-dealing abilities. There is no reason we should be the weakest in all aspects until we overgear content, only to rise to middle of the pack. Thank you. Im a really happy with the Buffs BDK got in 7.1.5 especialy the fix to Boneshield is huge. And yes, Blooddrinker was broken. Even for constant 5 target cleave it pulled ahead of Heartbreaker. And thats kind of bad i guess ^.^ But BDKs are not the #1 DPS neither in ST nor in AOE. If you look at mythic logs from 7.1.5 BDKs are seconed to last in ToV and EN. Warris got nerfed too. And once again it will be Pallys and Druids (trash legendaries ...) who are also the best progress/raiding tanks who will be doing the most damage. So i guess it would be fair to buff some of our other abilities to bring dps more in line? Being the worst raid tank in terms of mitigation / survivability and doing pathetic damage just feels very bad.Schlars16 3h
4h Brawlers Guild unplayable So on my server the Brawler's Guild is completely unplayable for large portions of time, players farming the 20k gold achieve just sit there and spam buy Mazhareen rumble. Literally nothing we can do about it, being stuck with this tank and spank boss over and over again until some special snowflake gets their achievement. Something needs to be done about thisZeppe9 4h
4h Top 5 DPS specs Greetings community. I am checking, very recently, the site Warcraft Logs but i'm really noob about how to search the ranks for the top dps specs. I was wondering what are the top specs in this patch? Also in Warcraft Logs is there a way to see what are the top dps specs generally and not raid specific? Also does Warcraft Logs features PvP ladders?Ishgha6 4h
4h Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare Impossible? Can anyone please tell me how to complete this achievement in Legion with a lvl 110 Hero? I know how to do the achievement but when i try to get them to low health they just die instantly. I would highly appriciate anyone tell me how i can do it?Spamzo24 4h
4h From Bubble Boy to Rainbow Brite... Did Prydaz get some kind of tweak overnight? (PS: Yes I caved in the end and equipped a Legendary) 4h
4h Can you still solo ToT? DARK ANIMUS has serious friends... I cant seem to kill the adds fast enough and damage builds incredibly fast. Was this raid buffed? As I see there are no recent videos on youtube. Any tips or guidance is much appreciated.Dizdain0 4h
5h Talent builds and DPS ladder Greetings World of Warcraft community. I was wondering if there is a website where we can check the latest dps ladder with each patch? Also is there a good website you advise me to use where i can check class talent builds? Thank you in advance.Ishgha5 5h