14h Earn a New Mount - For Azeroth! Gather your friends together and play any Warcraft Hero in Heroes of the Storm as a team and you can earn the new Primal Flamesaber Mount in World of Warcraft. Beginning February 15 through March 14, a new quest called For Azeroth! will be available in Heroes of the Storm. Play 15 Heroes of the Storm matches with a friend from your® friends list, and you’ll be burning a new trail through Azeroth in style. When: February 15 – March 14, 2017 Where: Play Heroes of the Storm Free What: Play 15 matches of Heroes of the Storm using a Warcraft Hero while teamed up with a friend from your friends list. Don’t have a Warcraft hero in Heroes of the Storm already? Don’t worry—each week a new set of heroes will become available to play for free. See the hero rotation schedule and begin planning your path to victory within the Nexus! Aerythlea21 14h
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2d Post if you want to make some in-game friends My original thread reached its posting limit. Therefore I'm redoing it. Firstly, please, when posting your info, press the "REQUEST STICKY" button towards the top right side of the page. If it gets enough hits, it will then be considered by the moderators to be pinned to the front page as a sticky. Generally, when a thread moves off the 1st page, it is harder for other people to notice it. So by pressing that button you are being courteous to others (maybe even absolute beginners to WoW) who may wish to use this thread at a later date than today to try and find in-game friends themselves. Thank-you. Let's face it, we all need friends in-game, whether it is to try for mutual achievements, valor cap HC's, LFR, PVP etc, or to ask someone if they can lend a hand with a problem, or even just to say hello to someone and chat once in a while. So if you'd like to make new friends, simply post in the same format as below. (Note, DON'T list which sex you are as it could lead to unwanted attention, likewise, DON'T give out your email address). About me: Age: 30+ Personality: Laid back and mature Side: Horde only Chars: Rogue: (DPS) Spec: Combat only (I do have an Alliance rogue as well, but its sole purpose doesn’t involve gameplay) Playing time: (at the moment) Mon: 12.30pm – 4.30 pm, Tue 12.30 pm – 7 pm, Wed and Thu 12.30pm – 4.30 pm, Fri 12.30 pm – 7 pm, Sat and Sun, most of the day. I do play in the evenings Mon-Fri too, but I simply never know just how much Russian-English translation work I need to do until I receive it, so evening playing time is very erratic. Up for: Helping you out if required and it's in my character's ability to do so, HC’s for cap, LFR, ach’s (inc Raids (new and old), HC and PVP) etc. Other interests: Many. Battletag: LadySylvanas#2676 (To add a battletag and request being friends with a person, either A: In the Battlenet client, left click on the blue person icon at the top right, it will then open up a sub column. In the top left, click on 'add friend', it will then prompt you to type (or paste in) the battletag of the person you want to be friend's with. Then click on 'send request' at the bottom left. B: In-game, left click on the yellow 'social' icon towards the bottom left of your screen. It will bring up a sub screen. Enter (or paste in) the battletag and press 'add friend'.Lswindrunner701 2d
1d Updates from @WarcraftDevs Patch 7.1 & 7.1.5 A new patch means a new bunch of tweets from the World of Warcraft development team! This thread is an archive of @WarcraftDevs tweets regarding patch 7.1. ---- @WarcraftDevs is an official World of Warcraft Twitter account offering design insight and information directly from the World of Warcraft Development Team. For past updates, please refer to Updates from @WarcraftDevs - Patch 7.0.3. Aerythlea176 1d
4h Legendary Drop Rates The rate at which players acquire Legendary items is a subject that we’ve kept a very close eye on since the launch of Legion. We’ve generally tried to avoid getting into too much technical detail on the system behind your chance to get a Legendary, but we would like to say a bit more on what we’ve done behind-the-scenes up to this point. As many players have figured out, changes were made to legendary drop rates with patch 7.1 and patch 7.1.5 – when those patches went live, your chance to receive a Legendary increased in pretty much all cases. What you might not have noticed is that we’ve been steadily increasing your chances since then. One of our long-term goals is to allow you to switch specific Legendary items in and out as the situation warrants, and regularly increasing drop chances is one way of ensuring that that happens. We’ve also made adjustments that leveled off what used to be steady decrease to your chance to get subsequent Legendaries after your first. When Legion launched, every time you earned a Legendary, your starting chance to earn your next one would be lower (and thus, the average time it took you to loot it would be longer). At this stage, however, most players in the Broken Isles are no longer hunting for their first Legendary, and many already have their second. We didn’t want you to feel as though your good fortune in the past equates to harder times in the future, so we normalized drop chances for subsequent Legendaries after your second. Right now, in Patch 7.1.5, your first Legendary has the highest drop chance, the second still has a significant bonus, and then you’ll have the same chances to earn your third Legendary as you will your fourth, fifth, sixth, and so on. We think it’s important to get this across clearly: it currently takes the same amount of luck/effort to get your third Legendary as it takes to get your eighth. We’ve seen a few players and tools attempting to use historical data to predict their drop chances, but because of how regularly we’ve been increasing Legendary drop rates, that data is extremely outdated – and their conclusions extremely inaccurate. In short, your chance of receiving that next Legendary is probably a lot better than you think. Aerythlea63 4h
7h Live Developer Q&A – Submit Your Questions Join us live on Thursday, February 23, at 11:00 a.m. PST (7:00 PM GMT), as we sit down with Game Director Ion Hazzikostas for our next live developer Q&A where he’ll be answering your World of Warcraft: Legion questions. You can submit your questions here in this thread or on Twitter by using the hashtag #LegionQA. As a reminder, please keep your questions short (40 words or less) so that we can get to as many questions as possible. We look forward to you joining us live on Thursday!Lore142 7h
5d Ending Support for Windows XP and Vista Starting later this year, we will begin the process of ending support for Windows XP and Windows Vista in World of Warcraft, StarCraft II, Diablo III, Hearthstone, and Heroes of the Storm. Microsoft ceased mainstream support for these versions of Windows in 2009 and 2012, respectively, but since a decent portion of our audience was still using them at the time, we continued supporting them. However, there have been three major Windows releases since Vista, and at this point, the vast majority of our audience has upgraded to one of the newer versions. After these older operating systems are no longer supported, the games will not run on them, so we encourage any players who are still using one of the older OSes to upgrade to a newer version. We’ll be rolling out this change on a staggered schedule, and will post further notices as we get closer to making the change for each game. Aerythlea0 5d
14 Feb Recent World of Warcraft Account Actions We’ve recently taken action against thousands of World of Warcraft accounts that were found to be using third-party programs that automate gameplay, known as “bots.” We’re committed to providing an equal and fair playing field for everyone in World of Warcraft, and will continue to take action against those found in violation of our Terms of Use. Cheating of any form will not be tolerated. Aerythlea20 14 Feb
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1m Balance Of Power .... 1st must say amazeing quest line for the artifact and great looks as a reward i enjoyed pushing myself out of my comfort zone and getting into doing just normal and heroic raids after a lil push from Ruin and Obake <3 But and the big but is you seriously expect us to do it for every char ?the quest line that is ? why didnt you make the achivement account wide . I am sorry if this has come over as whiney i was just so :( when i noticed i will have to (by my own choice) do it again for some truely good looking skins . You have us grind AP and mythic+s but please have rethink about this its just to much .Sylendra132 1m
4m Are YOU going to buy the next WoW expac? Are YOU going to buy the next WoW expac? If not, why? In the games current state I won't be buying the next expac, reasons why; PvP is terrible PvE is terrible Class design is terrible No flying No Horde and Alliance conflict Only thing I look forward to is the weekly LFR reset Leveling is really boring I could go more in depth and state 'why' for each reason but I'd end up with a really long list. Anyone else not buying the next expac?Ragnaroker60 4m
10m World boss item drop. In a 40 man raid, only 2-4 gets an Epic item from the World boss. I have not seen a drop for me for months on all my characters. Before, it used to drop alot. I would say that the majority of the time i killed the boss and used the extra roll, i got an item. Now, i havent. I wasted so much Resources on extra roll thinking im just some unlucky kid until i saw how many people of the raid actually got the item. I mean, its like more common to find a rare mount drop than getting item from the World bosses now. It is your choice to roll the extra roll, but i would suggest you to do it on something else. I dont know why Blizzard keeps overnerfing Everything.Risenhunter0 10m
12m FakeAchievements on Rise My main paladin, i usally make raids but alot and alot of people when i raid, are getting away with fake achievements and are getting invited alot, most raid leaders cba checking all players in raid, so people getting free pass. whats your take on this?Chubaccaa82 12m
13m Good features in Legion The opposite of the crying one. What would you like to see in the future and why? 1. The artifact system. Yes... First I found it weird, that at the cata Blizz wanted to get rid of the "boring talent tree" where you get 1 level for 1% stat. Thats not fun, boring, and wont change your playstyle. Yet they made it the key feature of this expension. I kinda liked the idea, that designers were freed up, hopefully focusing better things, than creating tousands of green/blue/purple items with names and stats. Actually I would like to see, that the gears would be changed to upgradeable items. The materials could be dropped from raids, and the itemupgrade could be done by proffessions. Create your own gears would be awesome. 2. Different difficulty levels - Normal, Hc, mythic Much better than the "+5% extra stat every week" was. 3. Mythic keystone dungeons: This is what really keeps the expension fizzing. Just give extra affixes. On the other side some reward tuning would be great. Long dungeons should give more ap. 4. World quests Its the same as daily-s were. Much better that I dont have to visit the npc. I just go where i'm needed. 5. The scaling zones and system. Best thing ever. Choices instead of forced paths. And teamed up with different level of friends. 6. Suramar storyline: Not suramar itself, but I tought all 5 region in broken isle would get a same story as Suramar.Kraivanah6 13m
18m Sad truth about grownups playing WoW Dear Blizzard, Here is my take on Legion, about the AP-farm and the general direction the game is heading towards. Please take every word you read her with a pinch of salt, this is NOT a complaint thread! A little background: First i picked up WoW during TBC at the prime age of 18, when i went to university. Needless to say, i had all the time to play WoW. In WotLK i started raiding, finally. And generally started to experience every aspect of the game. That's when i fell in love with the game. I used to raid 5 times a week, top 500ish world; played arena/bg's regularly. Hunted achievements, kissed critters, farmed mounts, grinded the reputations. God, i was even one of the first few who finished the "What a long, strange trip it's been" on my realm and got the Violet Proto-Drake. You name it, i've been doing them all. I managed to maintain a fine balance between WoW and IRL, i had an amazing relationship at time, i was doing great at uni, everything was just working out really well. Never enjoyed gaming as much ever since. The golden era of my gaming career, etc. (stopped playing during mid-Cata due some IRL changes). The present: Fast-forward 9-10 years. Legion trailers started to be shown; and man, the hype was real. Me and a couple of my IRL decided to give the game a go, once again, as adults now. We all rerolled, starting on the Legion-release day. Rushed to 110, started to gearing up, farming 5mans, grinding reps, finishing up the quests in every zone. Usual MMO stuff. I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it, like i did back in WotLK, when i started raiding hardcore. The problems: The problems started to appear when i started looking for a new raiding guild. Due to my work schedule i can only raid 2 times a week. That was the first struggle to get used to. Someone, who always raided 5 times, going back to twice a week is a big change. But then i realised the commitment and the grind i need to get done to stay competitive. Things, which never really been an issue, turned out to be quite a nightmare. (The idea behind Artifact Power is great. I love the neverending progression and the fact that i can improve my character by myself, even outside raids, whenever i want.) The AP farm turned out to be a chore quite early in the expansion. The fact that i play a druid isn't helping my either. I picked the druid before Legion because i was well aware that i'm probably not gonna have enough time to play other characters. Later i had to realise that i not only don't have time to play other characters, but i don't have the time to play other specs within my own main character. (I'm not planning to talk about the legendary system. I strongly believe that there's still space to improve but i personally look at legendaries as a "bonus" rather than must-have items. I understand that the system is based on RNG, which is an outdated rewarding system and not having certain legendaries could hinder the progression on characters, but we should be able to collect each one of them at some point of the expansion, so we just need to stay patient, i guess. The WF/TF system is just a gamble, they should've use something like a "max +ilvl proc" for every situation/content. Like let's say the base itemlevel in M+0 is 840, and could only proc up to 860, +20 ilvl or something.) And here comes my big, personal problem: i work 50 hours a week, trying to have a healthy lifestyle, meet up with friends and look after myself. Therefore i have a limited time to play the game outside raids. Now i have 2 choices: - Spend every minute of playing with farming M+, AP WQs and daily rewards, so i can stay competitive and have a spot in my raid team, and ignore every other aspect of the game, or - Stop raiding completely, play on alts and try to enjoy the game without the main source of joy; which, for me, is high level PvE/Mythic raiding. I have no time to play on my alts, or find inspiration to play them at all. What's the point of farming AP on them if i could spend that time farming AP on my main? What's the point of trying to do PvE on them, if my weapon is only 37 on my alt and would get outdps'ed or simply not taken anywhere? And the list goes on and on. Just a few things i've already missed out on in and outside Legion due to the 'must-have' AP farm: - PVP - i had to give up PVP completely. I haven't played a single RBG this expansion or any serious arena. Not worth the AP/hour - Events - Alts - this is a biggie for me, i've always been a bit of an altoholic - Achievements - Other Blizzard-game events (i.e Oni Genji) - Overwatch is being ignored, even though i love the game - Fun, in general? Didn't get the chance to "just goof around in OG" since i came back to WoW. I remember organizing a Mammoth train and RP-walking from OG to TB back in the days, just for the giggles. 1,5-2hrs without any AP gain? no thanks. And seeing that the AP grind never stops and gonna keep going in 7.2 scares me. Here's somewhat of a conclusion. Dear Blizzard. Having a character "finished" ISN'T a bad thing, at all. Just because i have no AP left to farm (on my mainspec, we're not talking about offspec here) that doesn't mean i wanna stop playing the game. That means i could get the chance to enjoy every other aspect of it. But right now, all i do is farm brainlessly every minute i have for this game so i can stay valuable for my guild. Feeling socially obliged(not sure if this is the right word) to farm AP so i won't let my fellow guildies down is something that could very much turn me away from my well-loved game. With the current system, having and extra point in your weapon could be the difference between a wipe or a first kill. And i hate thinking about ruining the game(/progress/PvE experience) for others, simply because i don't have the time to farm. Please Blizzard, as a loyal fan and long time player, i'd like to ask you to consider lowering the required AP in 7.2 and onwards BY A LARGE MARGIN! All i want really is to enjoy the game, every aspect of it. Thanks for listening! TL;DR: A grownup with a proper job and other commintments in life couldn't enjoy every aspect of the game because of the AP farm, slowly burning out because of being socially obliged to farm AP all day everyday so he wouldn't let his guildies down.Vegabondo175 18m
22m Repetitiveness hurting WoW-and the only cure So I logged in yesterday, and I realized the unpleasant truth - my server DOES feel desolated. It was not so several months ago, when Legion was released. It feels just like in the end of Warlords of Draenor. Recruiting people for the guild is hard, because there are few newcomers or people who return from a gaming break... Yes, it's the same thing all over again - people rush back when a new expansions is released, then they leave soon. Why does it happen? Because people get fed up of the game. And it's not endgame and its quality. It's the repetitiveness of the endgame. Back in Mists of Pandaria it was so cool to level the character to level 90. Zones. Questing. Opening of the Vale of Eternal blossoms... ... and after that what happens? I log in. I go to a zone and do dailies. Then I go to another zone and do more dailies. Then more and more dailies. Repetitiveness started killing the fun for me. But at least we had Scenarios. Remember the first day of WOD, when Garrisons were cool? I build my first building. Whoah! I upgraded my town hall. Cinematic. Whoah! I sent my followers on a mission... Whoah! Then later during the course of expansion, my gamestyle was like that: Log-in. Go to garrison. Complete old missions. Do more missions. Go to shipyard. Complete missions. Rebuild ships, if they're destroyed. Send them on more missions. Then go to Tanaan. Do the daily quests. It's the same thing in Legion. I started leveling my chars. Going from 100-110 was a great experience. I have to admit - it was even greater, because artifact weapons were different. Class halls also give a little diversity, even after hitting to 110. Because the class hall campaign is different and the storyline is different. But after the many "Whoa!" moments, now my gamestyle is the same: I log-in. Check the map. Do the emissary quests. Collect the cache. Grind Nightfallen reputation. Do a dungeon (not Mythic, I hate premade groups). Do a battleground. Grind AP. Log off. The World Quests, something that has become so innovative, have become another chore. Same goes for grinding for AP. There's only one cure for that repetitiveness. Guess what? It's not innovating new gamestyle once per two years, when an expansion gets released. Once we get accustomed to the gamestyle, we will be bored. It's releasing new major patches. Regularly. A new zone + new quests, plus dungeon, battleground every three months. Not more. This should be a norm. In the end, I pay my monthly payment. And my monthly payment should go to support, maintain and develop the game. I don't mind paying Blizzard for that - if they, of course, take care of my game and provide me with content. Unfortunately those funds are no longer guaranteed to support the game - instead, Blizzard develops sub-par games like a LoL clone and a card game I'm not even remotely interested in these. Legion got released in September. Patch 7.1 was here in the end of October. But then November, December, January and February went without new content. And patch 7.2, even if it's on PTR, is nowere close to being released. I'm not sure why Blizzard are so slow in releasing regular batches of data.Perpeto8 22m
28m Its time to d-d-duel Whats taking so long? Dueling was a very fun aspect for me while waiting for a bg for example. It also gives the chance to practice against different classes. Whats holding blizz back to implement the pvp template to duels?Meantobee2 28m
43m worst ever to play mytic dungeons The sad thing is that I suck at this game, according to some of your top brass iLVL900 I should have comitted suicide when I was young because people like me should not enter mytic dungeons and destroy for others,, well,, maybe they are right because I have a dysfunctional disorder named autism and I should not play this game,, MMORPG is a social game and I am not social,,Hunterqw20 43m
48m High elf playable race? As we all know that the high elf were banished in Warcraft III but not all why cant the high elfs be a multi faction race we give the alliance high elfs and the horde blood elfs. Some horde fans wil get mad for the alliance having more races but we could kill some off. We could add some lore to the worgen and after we fight azshara she decurses all worgens and make them human or we could let them race change i think this could work. this is the same as pandaren you can pick a faction by sick quests!! you can choose to use fel (Horde) or you can try to bring back the light of the sunwell (Alliance) i know for sure this wont make it into the game but if we did it would be alot of fun!! We can add more lore to the worgens We can add more lore to high elfsLuckpop59 48m
1h Warforging and Titanforging. Would players be happier if this system was completely removed and we therefore had clear progression goals? I personally would. Here's why. In my opinion, it is very good to have personal goals in the game. Right now, one of my goals is to get the tank trinket from Black Rook Hold. At the moment, the highest base item level I can get from mythic plus dungeons is 885. The problem is that if the trinket eventually drops with an item level of 885, I won't be happy. I will be disappointed instead, because I already have other trinkets with much higher item levels. Unless the trinket drops with an item level of 925 with a socket and leech as a bonus stat, my goal technically remains unreached. I would be MUCH more excited to join a +15 Black Rook Hold right now if I had a realistic chance to acquire the best version of this trinket. That's why I dislike this system so much. Unless I win the item lottery, I can't truly reach any equipment based goal in this game. This personal quest of mine will probably never be finished, no matter how hard I try. It's out of my control, all I can hope for is more luck. Player input becomes almost irrelevant. This is especially disheartening for completionists. Where's the point in playing a game that is most likely never ending? Why would I just want to keep playing the lottery forever? I would feel much better if I could set a goal for myself and reach this goal within a reasonable amount of time. I want to COMPLETE something, so that I can move on to new goals. Basically, the warforging and titanforging system has me trapped inside a limbo for the entire lifetime of this expansion. All I can do is run in circles and hope for the best. I think Blizzard is scared to get rid of this system because they fear that players will quit the game once they are finished equipping their characters. In my opinion, the opposite would be the case though. Players would have much more motivation to fully equip their main characters and then try out new roles, specs and characters if they had clear equipment goals that they can actually reach. Thanks for reading. The end.Keilen34 1h
1h Replying to Cross-Realm Whispers? Completed a mythic+ dungeon, left the group, and one of the group members whispered me, so I tried to reply, but got the message "No player names <name-realm> is currently playing". I tried pressing R to reply, clicking his name and selecting whisper, and manually typing out /w <name-realm> and then my message, but none of these work. It's very irritating, as he was able to message me but I couldn't reply and didn't want to appear rude. I'd also read about typing /recount sync in some posts, but I don't use recount, and this didn't work anyway. Is there a solution to this, or is it just because I wasn't in the group or instance with him? Any information would be helpful!Kaelas9 1h
2h Legendary and a story/tip Take this post with a grain of salt. But i have to tell my story about me and the ones i have. as i was gearing up for raids in the start of the legion i was looking at what legendary i wanted at that point my worst item was a ring, so i wanted my class ring. after many world quests and mythics/mythic + i got the ring. the second legendary i was uncertain about, because i heard the head was not only glory because it changed the playstyle very much i was told so i was uncertain about what legendary i wanted. i did a mythic guild run and our rogue had the Cinidaria, the Symbiote, so we spoke of it and his conclusion was that it was not very good, and i told as long as i dont get that one im gonna be happy and i laughed, the next run Cinidaria, the Symbiote droped for me. and we had a huge laugh because i jinxed myself.. After that dungeon i came to a conclusion that, i had gotten legendary based on my focus, so for my third i was very certain that i wanted head piece i did tons of mythics/+/lfr/raids,hc dungeons and world quests, nothing for many weeks of farming, and i set background picture of the The Emerald Dreamcatcher on my pc. and after getting tired of not getting anything at all for my effort, i had statement if i do not get my The Emerald Dreamcatcher within this week im gonna stop playing. The Emerald Dreamcatcher droped mid that week. The next legendary i am very certain what i want. Oneth's Intuition i will post here when i get it. Anyways, my idea is that if you are so focused and scared of getting the bad ones you are going to get the bad ones. Focus and say to your self that you deserve the one you get, do NOT THINK OF OR FEEL of any legendary that makes u sad, dont give it any attention at all. Focus on the thing you want and only that!. If any one gives it a try and posts back here the result for your next legendary that would be cool. Good luck.Radiana12 2h
2h Finally made it to level 110. and Im not really sure what I want to do at max level. If I want to maybe start raiding is there anything I should do other than getting better items? All this Artifact power thing is a little bit confusing I dont know if its important .. >_<Supfatty9 2h
3h The Terrible Tank Race I've noticed this since the introduction of Mythic+, its pretty horrible and getting worse. The LFG system drops you into a pug and the tank races on like he's in a full Mythic+ group on comms with great gear, charging through lots of groups of mobs and pulling more than he can handle. At first I thought it was just bad luck but I'm seeing this more and more. People levelling tanks in pugs are racing as if they're doing Mythic+ in an opted group then causing wipe after wipe, screaming (as usual :D ) at the healer. I think Blizz have made a rod for their own back here, encouraging a playstyle used by Mythic+ capable tanks that drooling tank-wannabes aim to emulate but without having learned their class yet and without even a grain of tank-knowhow. They think if they're ploughing through lots of mobs at warp speed they're doing a great job. Never mind the mobs they don't keep agro on that are beating the crap out of the healer or the stunned/rooted/CC'd DPS that have fallen behind and blunder into those mobs they've skipped. Basically Blizz are making pugs even worse. It was always a crap-shoot because you get a wide variance in ability and temperament but now most of the pug tanks seem to be thinking the way to play is Scholomance Daytona 500. Great if you're geared and know what you're doing. Not so great an experience for everyone else in the group when the bulk of players levelling tanks don't. Conversely it can't be very nice for those that want to level a tank as an alt because Blizz's latest mechanics place this large expectation on tanks to have to drive through mobs like someone shoved a cattleprod up their !@#$ and they daren't stop in case someone flicks a switch and the entire national grid shoots up their butt. I'm commenting on a trend rather than aiming this post at an individual but this style represents a massive drop in the fun factor because, as usual, most people just copy what they see rather than thinking it through. Some guidance in the form of better mechanics would be appreciated from Blizz.Uroo27 3h
3h Should i play a female or male tauren druid? I really want to start a tauren druid but im finding it really difficult to decide on male or female, please tell me why you play male or female and give me your reasons.Kainimia29 3h
4h Can Horde and Alliance Pandaren talk to eachother? Can Horde and Alliance Pandaren talk to eachother? hmmm heh we both speak pandaren...Kimiyo27 4h
5h Unholy or Frost for leveling? Currently leveling a death knight,but cant decide whether to go unholy or frost,i really like the idea of frost chilling enemies and causing ice damage but i like unholy's way's of summoning minions,spreading death and decay etc. Which spec should i go for leveling and whyDinkyfeet4 5h
7h I hope you get something good For the Weekly :) lately i Got bad things because they had wrong stats and some was on my tier set spot:(.Lilyfelsong5 7h
7h action cam In the legion beta there was an option the use an "action cam". I know Blizzard took that out on live because people were getting sick using it, however I never got to try it. Any chance they are putting it back in in a later patch?Aekrj5 7h
8h New Race after Legion? So my guess is that well see new race after legion and my bets are on Dragon race or cat race since we already have dog race=Worgens. Cat Race like in Final Fantasy but Wow style.Shamyra91 8h
8h Thank you! <3 I just wanted to say that i'm extremely happy that this year's love event has no level 110 requirement! I was so sad because this expansion is not alt friendly and there's so much stuff to do that i only managed to level 3 chars, so i thought yeah..just 3 times a day this year ./cry BUT that's not the case!, i was telling my friends that i have a dream(other than getting the rocket ofc :D )...a dream that the love event would have no 110 level requirement..AND THE DREAM CAME TRUE! :D So thank you very much Blizzard devs<3 you really made an excellent decision, it's so awesome, more chances now to get one of the rarest mounts in-game! i hope i finally get it this year, it's been sooo long! Thanks again, and good luck to you all farming for it! may the skies be filled with big love rockets :DHegazy12 8h
8h Multibox in pvp hello guys, I am writing to know why the blizard continues to allow the multibox even in PvP maps. This guy is more than three months that still connects at 23:00 GMT - 1:00 am gmt always on the same map to ruin all the gaming experience with multi-box. I can understand that the multibox is allowed, but it is also the use of programs that move more people at the same time with the same pc? This guy uses various dk with shamans for oneshot all people without leaving so others to answer. One character can almost always win because the other alliance instead of refusing to play with a cheater instead they help and protect. this behavior from my point of view is not right either side horde or alliance and should be punished with perma ban. video:ùky10 8h
8h The Love Boat So I spend 3 hours, farming for charm bracelets, in that damn dungeon because I forgot its the last day...the quests do not reset as Blizz has changed the reset time. It is 3am, I have a headache, I feel sick, ate a whole bag of wine gums and finally I get my love boat.... I go to use my love boat on the lake in the park (which is actually a waterfall) and my love boat SANK ... it just sank. TY Blizz was so funny.....NOTRòse5 8h
8h Where to get iLvL870+ ? Hey fellas, I'm currently stuck at 861 iLvl (should be about 867 with a second legendary), where do I get items much higher than this? Is Mythic +10 the only option? Is there any high-lvl gear in arenas (I prefer PvP)? Thanks!Rinnick5 8h
8h Got killed by someone from my own faction? So I was doing the Warden's Tower WQ in Highmountain and I got killed by someone from my own faction. As far as I know these WQ's are not Free for all, so this seems really strange. The person was having some sort of toy on, I think they looked like a taunka. When I hovered over their name there was no faction under their name. I first thought it might have been a Horde, but I looked up and it was an Alliance character. So how is this possible? Not that it bothered me that much but I don't get how someone can kill me when they are on the same faction.Tinkiloo3 8h
8h Motivation for playing I have played on and off since the beginning of WoW, not on this account but I have experience in the game. I briefly got into raiding at the end of WoD but this Demon Hunter is the only character I have as I am very OCD and particular about my characters. I am really enjoying the game, like marathoning through content, its just I always have this lingering worry that it will all be for nothing, like I will get some gear and then content will just stop. I would really like to start playing on a fresh toon with someone but I don't really have any friends who play WoW. I guess what I'm trying to ask is what motivates you people to continue playing, and also would anyone like to help me get into the game again whilst progressing themselves?Kehlani14 8h
9h Unite for the flamesaber mount ! Lets go ! Alright, so blizz made a post about giving us a bad-!@# looking mount for COMPLETING (not wining) 15 matches in ANY GAME MODE in HoTS So, people just write you tags here, join a party, steamroll 15 vs A.I games (can take between 5 to 10 min) and bamm the mount is yours ! My battle tag is Skaju#1390 Lets go ! Note: it takes place - February 14, 10 a.m. PST – March 14, 10 a.m. PST.Linasu120 9h
10h Raid disband macro [legally feature] Hello. Didn't have to found a fresh thread about it, but this annoying feature makes life of raid leaders so f**n terrible. I am talking about kicking players from raid by anyone who have an assist. Its works only for raids which ones was created in the world (and not bg groups, LFR etc). Also don't say to me do not gives a promotes if me dislike this, because promotes let to find players quickly. I'm talking about : - Ashran raids (when a feature LFR for ash not working and players helps to group up a raid) - World bosses - wPvp def of some city, when rl looking for random players to get raid up to 40, and when players usualy asking about giving a promote. - Cross server raid - when without promote it a hard works for looking for players. i think you clearly understanding what i'm talking about. For new visitors First of all create two macros: MACRO1 /kick raid21 /kick raid22 /kick raid23 /kick raid24 /kick raid25 /kick raid26 /kick raid27 /kick raid28 /kick raid29 /kick raid30 /kick raid31 /kick raid32 /kick raid33 /kick raid34 /kick raid35 /kick raid36 /kick raid37 /kick raid38 /kick raid39 /kick raid40 MACRO2 /kick raid20 /kick raid19 /kick raid18 /kick raid17 /kick raid16 /kick raid15 /kick raid14 /kick raid13 /kick raid12 /kick raid11 /kick raid10 /kick raid9 /kick raid8 /kick raid7 /kick raid6 /kick raid5 /kick raid4 /kick raid3 Now. When you have got a promote you able to drag your self to any group of raid. Just drag your self to GROUP 1 - POSITION 2 and then drag a raid leader to position 1 if he had dragged your self to any other group. DON'T FORGET IT ! After this prepare you can just click on MACRO1 and then MACRO2 after raid disband you can leave a raid. Also you can kick some f***n anoying players by typing solo command /kick raid? , where ? - is position of anoying player from raid group. If you will do ask me about will blizzards found who disbanded a raid. My answer: No. I had about 5 precedents for the last 3 months and when i made a ticket about it, GM said two things: 1) They have no logs about /kick command 2) After this i asked him: "Okey. if you will do found a player - what you will have to do with him ?" - He said "NOTHING" !!! Because it not an illegal. 3) Also GM said that "They know about this feature and for removing they needs for mass request from customers about it, and only after it they will possible remove it" [For raged by this feature players and raid leaders] Raged: Create a ticket about it feature and say blizzard plz remove it. Raid Leaders: If you see a disband of your raid - just take a look at last leaved player with a greater chance it was he. Add his to your ignore list (Reports will not helps to you cuz its punishable. Also turn off silence and make a ticket about removing it too. 2Blizzard. Remove this feature prefer, or make it visible from submenu buz players usually dont know about it and on disbands asking rl "why you kicked me ?", its not an exploits it a blizzard developers. Also was a precedent when some of players from (not my own raid) on killing the boss at last 2-3 percents kicked someones to get a loot for their spec and rl kicked me with sentence - "f**k off kicker", but it was not me and i didnt known before about this feature. And i think me is not alone had this case. I hope for your understanding of this issue. Give me dislikes or anything also, i will not take offense. Don't forget about Tickets !Ярославль15 10h
10h Worst Feature of Legion We have seen roughly 1/3 of the expansion now, what do you think is the worst feature so far, here are some options: 1. The Legendary system 2. The Titanforging system 3. The AP grind 4. World quests 5. Other I am interested in hearing what people think, I included this options, because those ones are broad up most frequently. For me it's the legendary system, so far I've gotten 5 and I sill don't have the 2 best ones, the difference is quite big for my class that's why I hate it so much I guess. Please share your opinion.Caralan64 10h
11h Gathering herbs while mounted Hello! I saw today a DK farming Starlight Rose in Suramar, but the strange thing was that he didn't dismount when he gathered it. He wasn't sitting on a Sky Golem, nor using Demonsteel Stirrup. When I asked him, how he does that, didn't want to tell,and actually, he behaved a bit suspiciously. Is there any other way to gather herbs without being dismounted?Bashaan2 11h
11h Undead leather straps on face The undead has an option to have leather straps on their face in the shape of an X. I've always wondered what this is and what the purpose is, does anyone know? Is it from some burial ritual in some cultures?Huesta11 11h
11h Slightly rusted canteen Hello :) Is there anyone who knows where I can buy Slightly rusted canteen ? They are awesome to have in dungeon as healer.Zelezte6 11h
11h Token Extravaganza and how to fix it Currently the game favors those who spend a long time grinding, especially those with gathering professions. There is no doubt that herbalism, skinng and mining produce tons of gold, while raiding, questing and doing dungeons do not. In brief, adventurers are not rewarded while gold farmers are. There is a solution to this madness: Implement an alternative currency that people get through doing different tasks (similar to artifact power) and which is used exclusively to acquire WoW Tokens from the AH. This currency would exist alongside the possibility to still buy the token with gold. Players who buy a token for real money would still receive gold from their sales through the AH even when their item is bought using the new currency. This system would not penalize gatherers, but it would reward adventurers as well.Archangelus9 11h
12h What spec ot play for Rogue Hi. Okay, 1st thing i can ENJOY in all spec but what would be the most easier but still good damage? I heard Assassination gets nerfed i n7.2 and outlaw seems HARD ?Fallric5 12h
12h PvP 'Honor'. Bug or working as intended? Recently got a 3/0 WSG Perfection on my Level 74 DK. Got the reward crate with an item but didn't get the 150 victory honor. Is this a bug or can lowbies not get the honor?Merithian2 12h
12h Finding my main Troll warlock or Troll warrior.Enryko19 12h
12h What are your favourite mounts? Im not asking this for like a farming guide or which ones i should have,i was just wondering which mounts you class as your favourites? I personally really like the sky golem and the sandstone drakeKainimia39 12h
14h Let legendaries switch spec I really like how set items do it. It should not be too difficult, just create a 1v1 mapping of the specific ones. I enjoy playing my offspec for world quests and the like, but if there is a raid where dps/heal/tanks are missing it's not really feasible to switch the role at the moment.Ograshuk7 14h
14h New class Idea: Tinker Greetings, fellow forums users, moderators, and so forth. Without further delays, I'll get straight to the topic. I'm here to share you a concept about a new class: Tinker. What is a Tinker? Basically, tinker is a master of mechanics, explosives, and gadgets, using these tools of destruction and weapons of choice to survive through intense battles and bring devastating havoc on the enemy lines. While tinkers are mainly found amongst goblins and gnomes, other races can learn the ways of these engineering experts. Tinkers can be: Gnomes Goblins Humans Orcs Forsaken Dwarves Blood Elves Worgen Edit: it's also possible that Draeneis and Trolls could be tinkers. trolls could be tinkering with stone & spiritwork, whereas Draneis with their own crystal and more space-ish constructs. It's possible that each race could have something race/faction specific aswell. Why would we want a tinker? Tinker would be officially the first class that emphasises solely upon mechanical and gadget weapons to win the trades against other classes and monsters. While there is already an engineering profession, and it has a part "Tinker", I feel that this profession alone doesn't emphasise the steam-punkish atmosphere wow has enough. While no doubt there'll be folks that will go "we already have too many classes rolling for X items", this isn't a problem, for you can't have more than 5 people in instance groups and so on. It's just a new class among others. What roles would tinker fill? How does one play a tinker? In my concept, tinker would be somewhat similar to a monk, using resources called Steam pressure (Similar to energy/focus), and Phlogiston (Gained from using specific abilities, max 5 can be had. Depletes over time). However, instead of being melee and healer classs, Tinker would be a melee tank, and ranged dps class, having two dps specs and one tank spec. Also, in addition to the resource system, tinkers use turrets and pets, similar to shamans totems and Death knights pets. Tinker would rely on several things, depending on spec. As a tank, Tinker would rely on damage control, absorbs, and high armor. The other ranged spec emphasises on strong burst damage and great mobility, whereas the other relies on more sustained damage rather than burst, and support / teamfight strenghts. This would be an overkill with engineering profession! If you chooce to play a tinker, Engineering specialization will be baked in the class, aka you can not pick it as a profession. You'll be able to use various, BETTER engineering skills that will be your class skills, and various other, still none engineering skills. All engineering mounts are also available for you. Now, for the actual class: All tinkers have a customizable backbag, that will be placed over cloak. This bag can be customized with a specific custom shop, the costs varying by what paintjob, tools, and other miscelangelous stuff you want to add to it. The bag is purely for visual reasons, and can be hidden if the player so wishes. Tinker uses armors all the way to mail. Tinker can use the following weapons: Guns, crossbows, maces, axes, polearms, swords and shields. Despite being able to use melee weapons, two dps specs will mainly use ranged weapons only, similar to hunters (aka, they can use weapons for RP purposes and looks, but they can not need for them in raids/dungeons). Only Machine Herald will use a one-handed melee weapon and a shield. Tinker has three specs. Machine Herald (Tank, melee) Tinker mastering the Machine herald spec is a sturdy protector of his group, capable of sustaining incrediple amounts of damage with his steam warrior suit, and protecting his allies from harm that would otherwise end up being their demise. A few passive abilities granted from choosing the spec: Passive: Reflective plating. Allows you to block and parry your foes attacks. Up to 5% of all damage taken is reflected back to any attacker hitting you in melee range. This damage generates a high amount of threat. Passive: Hydraulic strenght. All agility gained from mail items now increase your chance to parry attacks as well as dodge with increased amount. The hydraulics also make you resistant to knockbacks and knockdowns, reducing their duration and effect by 20%. This stacks with other similar effects. Passive: Iron Man: Your base health is increased by 10%, and your threat generation from basic attacks and abilities is increased severely. A few abilities granted by the spec: Steam suit: No cost, instant cast. No cooldown. The tinker's backbag folds into a power suit over the tinker, increasing his provess in battle. Your armor is increased by 400%, and your movement speed can not be reduced below base movement speed. This skill, is what defines a tank tinker. A steam powered suit that allows you to punch your way through your opponents and sustain damage similar to a druids shapeshift form. Unlike the pic shows, the armor would be somewhat a suit that covers your race's body, having buffed up parts around shoulders, arms, chest and legs, similar to a Starcraft marine, ina crude way. You can alter the paintjob, looks, and style of your suit with minor glyphs. You can also use a glyph to determine whether you want your steam warrior to use a unique attack animation while punching opponents, or use weapons and have them shoving Puncturing smash: Costs 25 steam pressure, no cooldown. Awards one phlogiston. The tinker smashes his opponent with his select weapon, causing weapon damage + X amount of damage, and a high amount of threat. Also reduces your opponents armor by 24%. Similar to devastate. A bread and butter skill. Resonating smash: Costs one phlogiston, 5 second cooldown. The tinker smashes his main opponent with such force and precision that the impact resonates to other targets within 10 yards, causing them to take same damage as the main target and have any debuffs applied by the tinker to be transferred to them aswell. Similar to blood and thunder + thunderclap. Slightly buffed. Steam blast. Costs 50 energy, awards 2 phlogiston. 6 second cooldown. Blasts all opponents in cone with fire-hot steam., dealing X amount of damage and causing heat exhaustion, reducing their damage dealt by 6%. lasts for 20 seconds. Mastery: Power shield. Increases your chance to block and parry attacks by an X amount, and causes your puncturing smash ability to generate an absorption shield that lasts for two seconds each time you hit an opponent, four times (+ x mastery) the amount of damage dealt.Nakasu52 14h
14h Machinima Tools from Blizzard Hey! So I've been playing World of Warcraft for many years now, and I've always enjoyed making videos, especcially in raids. And throughout the years, I've been able to use Machinima Tools, and when that shut down, Free Far Sight took over, but now it seems like FFS also has shut down. This means I am no longer able to capture footage in-game as I prefer to, and it really sucks as I have a big passion for it! My question for the Blizzard team, or if anyone else might be able to answer it is, would it be possible for you guys to release such a similar tool for us movie makers? I absolutely love the thought of not having to rely on people outside of Blizzard to update these tools, as I've gone over 6 months now with no FFS updates :(Vampizer10 14h