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3d Pre-purchase Battle for Azeroth™ Now! World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth is now available for pre-purchase through the Blizzard Shop and in-game shop! When you pre-purchase a digital copy, you’ll receive a level 110 character boost to use immediately. You can also begin the journey to unlock the expansion’s new playable Allied Races: the Highmountain Tauren, Lightforged Draenei, Void Elves, and Nightborne. And if you level an Allied Race character from 20–110*, you’ll earn a distinctive Heritage Armor set—a lasting symbol of your dedication and commitment to Azeroth. BATTLE FOR AZEROTH – STANDARD AND DIGITAL DELUXE FEATURES Battle for Azeroth is available now in two digital editions: Standard and Digital Deluxe. Here’s what comes with each: STANDARD AND DIGITAL DELUXE The complete Battle for Azeroth experience Includes level 110 character boost Pre-purchase today to use your 110 character boost, and begin the journey to unlock playable Allied Races.DIGITAL DELUXE ONLY Zandalar Gilded Ravasaur (Horde) and Kul Tiras Seabraid Stallion (Alliance) mounts Tottle, the baby Tortollan pet Hearthstone card back StarCraft II sprays Heroes of the Storm Primal Flamesaber mounts Overwatch voice lines, emotes, sprays, and icons Later this year we will announce our retail-only Collector’s Edition, featuring art, music, and lore to celebrate the release of Battle for Azeroth.Taepsilum81 3d
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3h Post if you want to make some in-game friends (pt2) My original thread has finally reached its posting limit. Therefore I'm redoing it. Let's face it, we all need friends in-game, whether it is to try for mutual achievements, daily HC's, LFR, PVP, WQ's etc, to ask someone if they can lend a hand with a problem, or even just to say hello to someone and chat once in a while. So if you'd like to make new friends, simply post in the same format as below. (Note, DON'T list which sex you are as it could lead to unwanted attention, likewise, DON'T give out your email address). About me: Age: 30+ Personality: Laid back and mature Side: Horde only Chars: Rogue: (DPS) Spec: Combat only (I do have an Alliance rogue as well, but its sole purpose doesn’t involve gameplay) Playing time: (at the moment) Mon-Tue, Thu-Fri: 1pm – 3 pm, Wed 1 pm onwards. Sat-Sun, on most of the day Up for: Helping you out if required and it's in my character's ability to do so, HC’s LFR, ach’s (inc Raids (new and old), HC and PVP) etc. Other interests: Many. Battletag: LadySylvanas#2676 (To add a battletag and request being friends with a person, either A: In the Battlenet client, left click on the blue person icon at the top right, it will then open up a sub column. In the top left, click on 'add friend', it will then prompt you to type (or paste in) the battletag of the person you want to be friend's with. Then click on 'send request' at the bottom left. B: In-game, left click on the yellow 'social' icon towards the bottom left of your screen. It will bring up a sub screen. Enter (or paste in) the battletag and press 'add friend'.Lswindrunner74 3h
1d Updates from @WarcraftDevs Patch 7.3.5 & BFA Beta A new patch means new tweets from the World of Warcraft development team! This thread is an archive of @WarcraftDevs tweets regarding patch 7.3. ---- @WarcraftDevs is an official World of Warcraft Twitter account offering design insight and information directly from the World of Warcraft Development Team. For past updates, please refer to Updates from @WarcraftDevs - Patch 7.2.5. Aerythlea155 1d
2d Loot Rule Changes for Transmog Runs Since the Patch 7.3.5 change to use personal loot rules in leveling dungeons, we’ve heard a lot of feedback from Transmog hunters concerned about how this has affected the ability to collect appearances from older content. We hear you, and agree it’s a problem, so we’ve been working on a more robust solution for Battle for Azeroth. Once these updates are implemented, entering a dungeon or raid that is trivial for you (i.e.: your character is 10 or more levels higher than the dungeon or raid’s intended level) will activate a “legacy loot mode.” That loot mode will work like this: The number of items dropped by bosses will be the same as it would have been if you were in a full party. So if you’re in a 5-player dungeon, you’ll get 5 players’ worth of loot. For raids with a flexible raid size (such as Raid Finder), this will act as though there were 20 players in the raid. All items on the loot table will have a chance to drop, not just the ones that are designated for your spec. If you have multiple players in the group, the loot will be split among those players, but be tradeable. For example, if you’re clearing with one other player and kill a boss that should drop 4 items, you’ll each be able to pick up two items and trade them between each other if you like. While the personal loot change was a key part of what allowed us to expand leveling dungeons to encompass a wider range of levels, and we’re happy with it in that environment, we recognize that it’s not a great experience for those who enjoy clearing older content for transmog, and hope that these changes will make that more enjoyable once they’re complete. Thanks again for all of the feedback!Aerythlea52 2d
11 Apr Datamining and Content Creation Hello everyone! As you can imagine, we’re all extremely excited for the upcoming Battle for Azeroth Alpha, and we’re delighted to see that you’re just as excited as we are. However, we’d like to take a moment to remind everyone on our stance on what methods are acceptable for creating content based on game files and which are not. The most important thing to keep in mind is that reverse-engineering the WoW server architecture in order to get the WoW client running in a private environment is not allowed. This is not only a violation of the WoW Terms of Service, but also several copyright and intellectual property laws. Content created using these methods may be subject to legal action, including DMCA takedowns and copyright strikes on third-party hosts such as YouTube and Twitch. We are aware that a few fansites and content creators have been creating custom software that allows them to view WoW models and other visual assets in an environment that is similar to WoW, but does not actually use the WoW client itself in any way. These applications are, at their core, very similar to the third-party model viewers that have been available to the community for quite some time, and in their current form, are not considered a violation. As such, these methods are considered acceptable for content creation. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation and respect toward copyright laws, and can’t wait to share Battle for Azeroth with you all once it’s ready for public testing. Thanks!Aerythlea17 11 Apr
7m Blizzard have to do somthing about it! Well, I had this guy <edit> swearing my old mother with the worst swear words because we lost Randome BG and I was one of the 2 healers ... i was not talking or complaining or anything,,, just had a lost to a premade one before that and i was getting targettet just like the game before in this game.. anyhow even if i am the worse player dosnt give him the right to talk in that manner about my love ones ore me ! i have reported the chocking sentence he wrote just at the end of the game.. i hope i se som respect from blizzard and this guy gets banned for the behavior like that so he can learn somthing , Now his parents have not teach him how to be polite!" <more edit>Hïtman22 7m
18m You're dev for one day and. You have to choose do one thing. Revamping Azjol'Nerub to become an open world zone like it was planned initially. Or finish some unfinished storyline. (Choose yours) Or other...Sapherea112 18m
26m TotalBiscuit passed away John Bain aka TotalBiscuit passed away earlier today. A well-known gaming critic but also a former avid WoW player and content creator. He was diagnosed with cancer, which proved to be incurable. Not too long ago he announced his treatment was stopped. *tips top hat* Rest in peace.Kehinaan13 26m
41m Thanks for inviting my 3 best friends to beta But not me.. saaaaad...Kaoozbolt12 41m
46m Cancel BFA Hello! I am playing WoW already for 12 years. All this time I was a fan of Night Elves. Kaldorei - the only reason I was playing this game. Not so far ago, I read about BFA. Blizzard have humiliated, and destroyed Night Elves race. From proud, independent, wise nation they become miserable bums living on the streets on Stormwind. After that, they story will not continue in BFA. So I don't see a reason to continue playing, and planning to stop. But the problem is, that I have pre-purchase BFA. So question is - Is there a way, to cancel BFA pre-purchase, and return money???Призраклеса68 46m
53m Legacy Raids in 7.3.5 live. Some are impossible to be done. Blizzard what you did with old raids like Siege of Orgrimmar or ToES from MoP they are now not soloable... I hope that its bug with legacy raids scalling or I will be really disappointed... killing fun is not nice. I hope that it will be repaired quickly and I will be able to solo Legacy raids from MoP and Draenor like I could to do in 7.3.0 Evidence - You can find more information on wow reddit.Rorosh74 53m
1h Factions restrict Pve players Seriously for pve players like me factions only divide and block other players in enemy faction from me. Allow people in pve servers to group up with other faction for pve content.Ssten16 1h
1h Heritage armor with RAF? Wrote everything and then I found can someone confirm that I will get heritage armor if I level with RAF, as long as my friend doesn't grant me any levels? Thank you! Here's the rant I wrote before finding the support link if anyone is interested. ...Akazamzarak4 1h
1h Nomi BFA Where is Nomi in BFA? Is he still a cooking trainer or tossed away?Thwarin21 1h
1h Sylvanas triggering people more than Garrosh Wonder why Sylvanas is triggering so many people while Garrosh the far more emotional "tough guy" type of leader didnt cause as much triggering. A rhetorical question of course ;^)Ràlph61 1h
2h Should I leave the Horde for the Alliance Hello guys, I've always been a Horde player, mainly because I love their struggle: a right to live on Azeroth. The trolls are the "race" that sticks out in my opinion, although the Taurens and the Blood Elves are cool too. I tend to choose a race and a faction based on the look, the lore and how much I identify to them. Basically I chose the Horde because the races tends to stend out in comparison to the Alliance, especially the Trolls and the Taurens, but also they tends to be framed as the bad guys while they aren't really bad. But recently, I've really disliked Sylvanas as a Warchief. I understand that she wants to save her people from instinctions, but I believe she is making wrong decisions and actually acting like the lich King: she litteraly wants to raise cities and make the citizens undead (Oh the irony). So I'm afraid of whats going to happen in BFA. As for the Alliance, I like the style, the idea that honor, justice and rightsouness is very important. The draenei are by far my favorite race in the Alliance, not only for the look but for the lore around them. The Worgens are also a race that I really like, I mean human and werewolf, that's really cool. The lore around Gilneas and Genn is also well developped. Recently, the Alliance has caught my attention: Varian was a really good leader (the broken shore cinematic made me doubt about where I should go). Now Anduin really surprised me, I like how he thinks: he is more a diplomatic person and will try to look for peace between the Horde and the Alliance (which won't happen, but to which I identify a lot). I know many thinks he is a *****, but I really like the way he leaning towards, plus having Genn as a mentor is also good. Now, I know a lot of you will say "Play both sides", but I don't want to. I want to commit and stick to one faction. I've also read that the community on the Alliance side is less mature than the Horde's side, is that true ? I would like to know your opinion. Don't be afraid to be honest. Thank you.Deadtusks36 2h
2h New "Bar" animations! Hey guys, you have to check this out! It's really awesome. I found on wowhead new animations for sitting in a bar for NPCs, so far only for human, orc, undead and troll males, but I encourage for you to check this out in motion. Without further a do, I'm gonna give screenshots and links to wowhead: Human : - standing at bar - waiter pose (I think I saw it in Kul'Tiras) Orc: - standing at bar - bartender pose Undead: - sitting at bar - talking Troll : - sitting at bar - drinking All I need to add, more animations like those, they make world truly feel alive, I also love how their personality was captured in each.Zakkaru2 2h
2h Ingame cosmetic shop as an gold sink. Edit 2: Please also write down why you don't like it why it wouldn't work or why you are against it. EDIT 3: As some people are unable to read: GOLD IS THE MAIN OPTION AND IRL CASH A OPTIONAL WITH THE IRL CASH FOR THE MOG BEING A LOW AMOUNT. I have an idea, not sure if this has been suggest before but the idea is for Blizzard to create an ingame shop where you can buy cosmetic stuff in city's for gold or either a small amount of irl cash so we both have a gold sink and a reason for Blizzard and the fund to keep that shop going. The cosmetic shop would contain pets,mounts,transmog and other things as different kind of underwear, possible new hair styles new special effect for your weapons or an aura for your character and even possible your pets. Each city would contain a shop with possible timed shops around Azeroth contain different kind of outfits such as the requested outfits of the races but those can be bought inside of that shop for the gold or cash. - As an example the Night Elf sentinel outfit would be sold for around 10.000 gold but you can buy it for around 0.50-2.5 euro if you don't have the gold, with time the wow tokens might also go down in price as the gold amount will be going down. This would only serve as a cosmetic shop only, but what do you think would this be possible or has this been said before and rejected? But it would be important to not overprice. Edit: This is a great way for Roleplayer and people who wish to have their characters look in a way what could now be possible, a suggestion option should also exist where people can describe what their outfit idea is or possible sent a image of the request outfit/mog piece. Edit 2: Please also write down why you don't like it why it wouldn't work or why you are against it.Tyrniae24 2h
2h Ty Blizzard Ty Blizzard,expansion is ending soon and I still don't have any Unstable Arcano,after 900+ Relinqueshed Tokens. I hope you never make such item and make it BiS for some classes,as you make it Rngbollocks,some people get at 10th try with 950 WF and some farm it endlessly like me...Yamatai54 2h
2h WTB Feldrake ShadowR#2294 Only gold.Vilisa8 2h
2h Chronicles Not sure if this is fitting to post in general discussions but I'm not sure where else i'm supposed to post this so bear with me :) I'm thinking about buying the first chronicles book and i wanted to ask if anyone can actually recommend it ? I've seen rather mixed reviews so far (Prize compared to the size/length) but i really want to get more into the lore of Warcraft and i thought this is the best start to do so. If you already went through it, feel free to share your thoughts. Thanks in advance!Shandoras4 2h
3h Beta access Hello blizzard about beta access and i see you guys send beta invites on peoples that dont play the game and dont play the beta test too also i see you give a tons of keys on sites and streamers on twicth why is that happened and i dont get a key to test the game too?Wilven3 3h
3h Add ways to get PvP gear Outside of RBG or Arena. I don't like RBG nor do I like arenas, why should I not be able to obtain PVP gear?Nootsie24 3h
3h Mage tower in BfA I say put a 110 level cap to mage tower and make it available in BfA. Why is that a problem? I don't want anything for free. Challenge is not easy especially if you try with different classes but I am a casual player and I have no time to level and gear all my alts in time before the next expansion. There is no reason to restrict this challenge only to the characters that played Legion in time. It is really a stupid thing to do.Concetta68 3h
3h Wands: have they gone from the game? Why have you removed Wands from Legion? I can find all other weapon types (at least for transmoging) in Legion with exception of Wands. Maybe you think that Wands are unpopular, but i am sure that majority of casters would rather see Wands then Daggers. If you think wands are too small, you can always make them bigger, right? I just like to see some kind of "Harry Potter" type of Weapon you now:) Staffs (too many Staffs in the game), swords and daggers are not always the best solution for casters imo. Shadow/Discipline Priest and Arcane Mage with Wands would be awesome. If you can force four specs using Fist weapons (i guess they are the least popular weapons?) i am sure you can find a way to get Wands back in to the game and how to make them bigger (for example i have in mind something like Scepters from Guild Wars 2), better looking and more popular. While melee can use 2H swords/maces/axes/polearms, 1H swords/axes/maces/fists/shields/daggers/warglaives, casters and healers are only left with Staves ( more than 80%) one handed sword (Fire mage) and Daggers. Some healers/casters can also use a 2 handed mace (Holy paladin) and fists (shaman) and that's it. So i think that would really be nice if you can bring Wands back to life for BfA, don't you agree? We are not all fans of huge weapons and huge shoulders, just to let you know.Tul11 3h
4h Draenor is too hard :( I didnt expect to find myself complaining too much about the scaled leveling, but finally at draenor I find it is extremely over tuned. Some of the quest bosses that should be soloable are barely that. I must perform perfectly without fail and use all movement to kite, and dodge everything I can just to barely kill them. Fix the scaling. :(Kaden152 4h
4h We need more socialisation Me and a couple of friends were talking today and we all agreed that WoW is missing something it used to have. Before it used to be you had to form relationships with players and guilds, before dungeon finger (great tool btw!) you had to go out and look for people yourself. Now you can go through any dungeon without anyone saying a single word and you'll never see those people again. Now, granted, socialising is not everyone's cup of tea, but creating communities and building relationships with random people can be so much fun and most people have never actually had that experience so they wouldn't know. i would LOVE for WoW to encourage people to join together for events just for the fun of it. for example a guild vs guild easter egg hunt. or a matchmaking quest-line for valentines day where you get a random person from your realm and you two have to party up if you want the bonus rewards. at the moment we have very little incentive to actually BE social. Sure, we join parties and raids and do events together, but we don't ENGAGE other players. It doesn't even have to be about talking. Just connecting with other players and forming relationships. In an video game era where multiplayer dominates the market, we are losing the social aspect of it.Ollera4 4h
4h Kul'tiran animation Just wonder what Kul'tiran skeleton based on ? Pandaren ? Dwarf ?Rashingan8 4h
4h Make vanilla PvP gear transmoggable Without having to achieved vanilla PvP rank or 1800 RBG rating, it's ridiculous that you want to force people into doing RBG just to get a transmog option for old gear.Nootsie27 4h
4h Is Blizzard serious? 400 Mount reward Blizzard, I can look past the 350 mount reward as being a ground only mount. What is completely unnaceptable is the 400 mount reward. Does Blizzard even know the effort involved in collecting 400 mounts? These collectors are some of the most dedicated players in the game. And what is their reward? A red version of a lackluster and ugly mount that everyone has because it came from a hearthstone promotion. PLEASE consider changing this.Sarithus122 4h
4h Black People ( For the human race) This has been bugging me for a long time. Ive been playing WoW since around the start of Cata and ive always wanted to create a character that somewhat resembles myself (Im black), however humans only have facial feature's that resemble noses that could be identified as noses of white or asian people. Not being racist or anything but everyone knows that black people noses are quite larger and different to other races. Although this nose issue isnt as big as the hair issue. There are only white/asian people hair styles and hair textures in WoW. Which makes it very awkward to try and make a black person. I feel as though since many races are being brought into bfa and some races are receiving changes, perhaps humans could have a chance to address this too? Its just annoying how when you try to create a black person in WoW, they look strange. They look like white people who just have black skin.Xikadi67 4h
4h Low level balance needs significant attention I've seen quite a few posts recently involving players complaining about being, in their eyes, unfairly kicked from low level dungeons. This could of course be down to a multitude of entirely separate factors, however the prevalence of these complaints in comparison to the period prior to 7.3.5, is a worrying trend. I don't think this pattern is a sheer coincidence either. It's no great secret that the latest patch made dungeons substantially more taxing for tanks and healers. With the changes made, one thing has become hugely apparent. The balance between classes pre 110 is practically non existent. "But Cowculatéd, low level balance doesn't matter you scrub, the game is balanced around max level content" Sorry, but I don't think this excuse is good enough anymore. With the changes made to the levelling experience, balance has become more important than ever with regards to lower level content. Previously, if we're being completely honest with ourselves, it didn't matter one iota which class or spec you decided to play in a dungeon. Sure, I'm not going to sit here and lie to you and say there was equality - there wasn't. Burst oriented classes still dominated the DPS charts, but one thing that wasn't really affected was the tanks and healers. Unfortunately the goal posts have moved. With longer, drawn out fights and increased damage, a gulf has formed between the tank and healer specs of certain classes. I am currently levelling my second Priest (I needed another cow pun Tauren) and the difference between Discipline and Holy is remarkable at my current level (65). I'm a self confessed filthy casual, but I know how to heal on a Priest and would consider myself to be quite adept at the class. Holy simply cannot keep up with Disc. If anyone is currently levelling, or has recently levelled a priest - they will know exactly what I'm talking about. Potency, mana efficiency, mitigation - Disc wins by a landslide. You can get away with pulls healing as Disc that Holy could only dream of. This isn't a slight difference, which of course would be understandable. This is a gaping chasm that I would argue renders Holy a dead spec until later levels. This issue isn't something exclusive to Priests either. Resto Druids, one of my favourite healers at level cap are absolute trash tier in levelling dungeons when compared to Holy Paladins. Monk tanks are a joke compared to Blood DKs. These are just a few examples but I can assure you there are more. So we have a pretty huge issue that I would argue is manifesting itself in a rather ugly way in LFD. Some class compositions still literally breeze through content, others struggle horribly purely due to the way they are scaled and balanced at low level. This causes a toxic environment where people become frustrated and angry that the tank keeps dying or that the healer is unable to keep up. You may have a mechanically sound player, who is unable to perform purely based on their class or spec choice and I believe this is an issue that requires urgent attention. Blizzard, if you want the levelling experience to be more 'relevant' - that's great. That being said, the current state of low level balance is causing an environment that results in frustration, anger and players becoming discouraged through potentially no fault of their own. It's time you examined the balance of tanks and healers pre 110 and stop hiding behind the excuse that the game is balanced at max level if you truly want to provide a levelling journey people can invest their time into.Cowculatéd31 4h
4h There are no good arguments for the removal of master loot. Apparently Blizzard are considering to remove master loot due to tier sets no longer being a part of the equation. These news have also made a handful of people come out and voice their own complaints about master loot. So here's a comprehensive list of rebuttals of all the arguments in favor of removing master loot. I would like to think that the simple reason that master loot is an optional loot option for guilds only would be enough reason to leave it alone, but apparently not. 1) "Master loot is no longer viable without tier pieces" This argument assumes that tier sets are the only reason to use master loot, and that's simply not true. There will still be trinkets which will be really good for one class, but mediocre or maybe even bad for another class. If your raid have this trinket drop for the "wrong" class, too bad. An otherwise good upgrade have gone to waste. Other than this there's also the case of "haste is good for this class, but terrible for this other class" or "this is a 5 ilvl upgrade for this guy, but a 50 ilvl upgrade for this other guy". Not to mention prioritizing gearing up your dps before your tanks for example. Master loot in general is about giving out your upgrades efficiently to where it will benefit the raid the most. But I know many of the master loot nay-sayers have a hard time imagining putting a raids progression over their own itemlevel. 2) "Master loot causes too much drama, this is why personal should be the only option" Personal loot is not immune to potential drama. Even with personal loot there will STILL be left over pieces which won't be an upgrade for the person it dropped for, which your raid have to distribute somehow. Maybe your raid team will choose to make people /roll for the left over loot, maybe your raid team will have a loot council decide, and maybe your raid will give the loot to whoever can sing "Toto - Africa" the most passionately over Discord. No matter which system your raid team chooses, there will potentially be people who feel they are unfairly treated. In my experience being consistent with how loot is handled is the best way to avoid drama. However you can't really enforce any loot rules when you need to rely on 20~ people to trade it to the right person rather than 1. Another good point here is the inconvenience of handing out loot through the the trade window rather than the convenient master loot menu. 3) "They are doing this to kill split running" Split running would be a lot less effective with this change, and that would probably make many guilds stop doing it, which would be the one good thing to come out of this change. Guilds like Method would most likely still do it however, since it would still be an advantage. Now there will just be a dumb RNG element to split running where guilds like method will hope that gear won by the alts they bring won't titan forge too high. 4) "I trialed for a guild once and didn't get any loot! and then they failed my trial! this will show those !@#$%^-s" If you don't like the guild, look for greener pastures. But just for the sake of discussion, let's talk about why so many guilds decides to prioritize loot to main raiders over trials. It's because the loot you get from bosses is a tool to make the team stronger, not a reward. When you're a trial you're not part of the team yet. Imagine a trial joining for one night, wining some decent loot, and then never returning. If you been around for two weeks and proven that you're a decent player then it makes sense to invest loot into you. With that being said, in my opinion a trial should generally still get loot before you start giving people loot for their offspec, and I would definitely never disenchant a piece of loot if a trial can use it. The lead game designer of WoW asked for feedback on the proposed removal of master loot, so here it is. TL:DR: Removal of master loot will not reduce drama around loot, it will not kill split running, and it will gear up raids less efficiently. Jaboli150 4h
4h Raid boss concept I came up with (wall of text warning) Hi, so over the last few days I’ve been designing my own 20 man ULTRA-raid boss mainly because I was bored and I also love boss mechanics and stuff works, so I thought I would have a go and that I would share it! Read it, see what you think, too hard? Too easy? Boring? Fun? Whatever, just give your feedback! I’ve put a lot of thought into this as it’s meant to be mythic/heroic diffulty level, but yeah! A little context: It’s some angry Titan dude called Archanvor. I haven’t put much thought into lore as probably you can see. Health is done in percentages rather than numbers. Berserk in 14 minutes Phase 1 (Arcane power) Archanvor begins the fight in the top of a circular tower with a large 2 handed staff infused with the arcane. Abilities In phases 1, 3 and 4, If Archanvor uses a basic meele on the same target more than 15 times in a row then the target will take 80% less healing and will take 20% increased damage. Honour of the stars: if eight or more players are dead at one time then Archanvor will deem you unworthy instantly killing all players. Standard auto attack to the current target The stars align: 5 players except the current target will be targeted, and after 10 seconds if the 5 players are not in an almost straight line then they will each suffer 60% damage and will decrease healing gained by 50%. If the players align correctly then the stars will be aimed at their locations depleting after 4 seconds dealing 100% damage in the small radius. (This ability can only be used twice for this phase only) Chaotic arcane: 4 players (except the current target) will be targeted by a surge of arcane energy for 5 seconds depleting at the current location of the target exploding for 100% damage after 4 seconds. If these surges deplete in the same proximity of another surge then they will instead deal massive scale raid-wide damage. Arcane volley: Archanvor casts a series of 8 barrages to random players in the raid over 3 seconds dealing 40% damage. Beam of infinite energy: Archanvor teleports to the centre of the room and casts a large linear beam towards the entrance of the room, and turns clock-wise channeling the beam for 3 seconds to complete the full circle. Players caught in the beam will suffer 100% damage. Arcane cleave: Archanvor strikes in a frontal cone dealing 20% damage to the current target and 80% damage to any other player. Phase 2 Starts at 90% health. (Multiple challengers) In phase 2 Archanvor says: “For the greatest gladiators, one must be able to take on multiple enemies, at once!” Archanvor encases himself in an arcane bubble, reducing all damage taken by 99%. Arcane pulse: Every 1.5 seconds Archanvor will send a pulse of arcane energy to every player dealing 9% damage (3 adds are summoned at the beginning of the phase) Worthy Bow master: The worthy bow master wields a bow (obviously) Shooting the current target with arrows (obviously) as an auto attack with a short range. Focused arrow: the bow master draws her bow back at such a force it strikes a random target dealing 20% damage and knocking them stunned for 3 seconds Void arrow: (Unlimited range) The bow master infuses the arrow with dark energy shooting towards the current target, and leaving a large permanent trail of void energy behind the arrow that will continue past the target until it hits the wall. No player will suffer any damage from this for the first 3 seconds of the energy being activated. After these 3 seconds all targets will recieve 70% damage every 1 second in the energy. Worthy priestess: Has no auto attack and will spawn on the right side of the room being immobile. Void strike: Strikes a random player for 30% damage every 4 seconds. Dark Light: Takes 2 seconds to cast and when done so will heal each of the adds for 40% of their maximum health. [interruptible] Guiding light: At 30% health the priestess will take a long amount of time to heal all of the adds to 100% health and if they are dead then will revive all of them. Worthy combatant: A brute warrior with a sword and shield, has 20% more health compared to the other adds. Striking with the sword as a basic auto attack. Hard strike: Deals 30% damage to the current target, knocking them back and causing them to move 50% slower Charged Blade storm: The combatant activates a full shield absorbing all damage taken for 10% of his Max health. During this absorb shield he will prepare a blade storm over the next 15 seconds, upon completion he will do massive raid wide damage. [Interuptable once the absorb is down] Protect!: The combatant jumps to the bow master when she casts void arrow shielding her back blocking 99% of all damage taken from his front and the bow master’s back. This lasts for 10 seconds. If the bow master is dead then he will enrage casting hard strike instead of a basic auto attack and increasing haste by 200%. Also increasing movement speed by 90%. When all 3 adds are killed Archanvor will release his shield and stop casting arcane pulse. Archanvor will return to phase 1 until 65% health without the honour of the stars ability (see first ability written) The stars align will also be usable more than twice in this phase. Phase 3 (The dark skies beyond) At 60% Heath Archanvor will unravel the walls and the entrance of the tower to reveal the twisting nether and enter phase 3. Archanvor disintegrates his staff and infuses his body with void energy. Causing his auto attacks to come from his fists. The abyss opens: The floor pulses with energy, increasing the playable area of the instance over the first 8 seconds of this phase, and the floor has no barriers so players can fall and instantly die. Players who fall off the area will be not be able to be restructured. Falling stars: Periodically, medium sized stars will fall into the area doing 70% damage to anyone caught underneath. Deathly rune: Archanvor summons 3 void runes at random locations in the area. After 8 seconds the runes will deplete and 70% damage to each player in the whole raid. For this effect to be cancelled exactly 2 players must stand on each rune any more or any less will cause the explosion after the depletion time. Dark strike: Archanvor strikes in a large cone dealing 30% damage to the current target and any other target caught within the cone will suffer 80% each. Timeless dark strike strike: Archanvor casts dark strike at any other direction. This ability can only be used after dark strike has been used. Manifestations of the void: The twisting nether summons creatures of the void at the locations for 3 different players after 8 seconds. These entities will then make their towards Archanvor, upon reaching him he will permanently deal 30% more damage for each of his melee abilities. Restless void: If Archanvor is in the same location for more than 10 seconds he will take 70% less damage for 20 seconds Gravity rift: The nether strikes at the centre of the area, causing a rift in space that pushes all players back for 10 seconds in all directions. Phase 4 (The void consumes all) At 30% health Archanvor will trigger phase 3. Archanvor infuses himself with even more void energy. Causing his attack speed to be 15% faster and changing his appearance. At the beginning of the phase a dark orb will spawn at the centre emitting waves of dark energy for 360 degrees. These waves moves at a reasonably fast rate, and at a high frequency, players caught in the waves will suffer 65% damage and will be slowed by 60%. This effect will be present for the whole of this phase and until Archanvor is defeated. Unstable rift: The twisting nether causes a rift in time and space periodically at any point of the area. The rift will cast over 15 seconds a wave that will deal 90% damage to the whole raid. This rift is classed as an add and can be killed/destroyed. Death explosion: 5 random players will be targeted by the nether and after 9 seconds it deals 20% damage to the player targeted and 90% damage to any other players caught in the area. After the explosion has occurred [Corruption] will lay on the ground, dealing 70% damage per player for every seon stood in it. Death sweep: Archanvor strikes in front of himself dealing 40% damage to the current target and will leave a Small line of [Corruption] Focused [corruption]: Archanvor targets 4 random players and after 5 seconds they will leave trails of [corruption] for the next 6 seconds of anywhere they walk. Ultimate Annihilation: At 3% remaining health Archanvor takes 20 seconds to cast death, upon completion will instantly end every player. EDIT: Changed the mega 1 shot at the beginning: Honour of the stars to 8 people rather than 2. EDIT 2: Removed death ray from the last phase. EDIT 3: Changed The damage output on the stars align and added a debuff for some of the damage nerfed. EDIT 4: Put more clarity into the description of the priestessBazeroth17 4h
5h Alliance warrior race Orcs are know on the horde side for being the warrior class. But which alliance race would be known for it? I guess human or dwarf?Vaalac25 5h
5h Could use some help picking a laptop Basically the title. Im looking for a new laptop (In before: thats yer problem right there kiddo, buy a pc instead), and I could do with some advice. I have looked around a little and came across one with these specs: 8th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-8750H Processor Memory 8GB, 1x8GB, DDR4, 2666MHz NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1050 Ti with 4GB GDDR5 graphics memory 128GB Solid State Drive (Boot) + 1TB 5400RPM Hard Drive (Storage) 15.6-inch FHD (1920 x 1080) IPS Anti-Glare LED-Backlit Display Windows 10 64-bit (obviously) I think those are the most important specs. I have looked at Bfa's system recs and thats fine for recommended, but, is this any good, and will it let me play WoW with everything on "very high" for years to come? And if I had to choose between the i5-8300H Processor and NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060 with NVIDIA® Max Q Design technology, 6GB GDDR5 video memory combination, instead of the one listed above, which one should I pick then? Processor above all else? Obvious answer would be, build it yourself and pick both, but I dont see that option, and if I could do it myself, I wouldnt be asking questions like this, I guess. If i play on my laptop, its 90% WoW, but it would still be nice if it can run modern day heavy stuff for a while. Anyway, thanks in advance. Looking forward to finally be able to play the game that I love above "very low". For the first time in 13 years, lol.Deshakes3 5h
5h Is there any way i can look for lower level raids legit? I recently hit level 100 but i don't have legion and i want to try some raiding and i can use raid finder to do draenor raids such as highmaul and blackrock foundry but i can't find anyone because everybody is too busy doing all the legion stuff. I am obviously new to this sort of stuff so don't criticise me, is there anyway i can find people doing it legit? And i am item level 638, is this high enough for a tank in those raids?Bigde7 5h
6h Nobbel87's content view count Hiya! I wonder... why does Nobbel has so 'little' views of his recent uploads? In comparison to other WoW youtubers, the difference is quite significant. Rarely, he got 100k view, while the other guys easly manage to get 200-300k on every single video they make. Not so long ago he was undoubtly number one if it comes to WoW on Youtube. What are your thoughts on the matter?Angerblow8 6h
6h Fix your dam BG's no healers vs healers I'm sooo sick of this crap now game after game where the alliance gets two healers and we get 0...... on any cap the flag game its over before you even start its to the point where people just sit back to let the game end faster. And then on top of all this you give the alliance 50% more Honor as a reward.... Alliance: Faster Queue times 50% more Honor Balanced teams Horde: Longer queue times no bonus to Honor Unbalanced teamsVorren2 6h
6h Invasion points BFA Will Invasion points be returning in BFA or something similarZestey4 6h
6h BFA suggestion: Felguard, go away please. Heya! So, I'll start by saying that I'm really excited for BFA and what it means for demonology warlocks! I tried the spec and it plays really well. I'm loving it so far and prepairing my warlock for launch, but... ...if I could have one wish... Can we get something besides the damned Felguard? I hated them the moment I first saw them as pets. They are the reason I don't play demonology on any of my warlocks (though BFA demo is fun enough for me to suffer even felguards). I hate them with a passion, and I know I am not the only one. Could we possibly get a talent or a glyph or ANYTHING that makes demo without a felguard viable? And no, glyph of wraithgaurd doesn't make it all better, though ti is a step in the right direction. I enjoy wraithgaurds a lot more than felguards. Thank you for your time, whoever's reading this.Slunko5 6h
6h Druid should be an elven class staple Given that wow elves love nature, and it's love and cultivation is a visible part of every one of their groups, whether the arcane societies or the displaced ones. It is puzzling that none of the other elven races won't have some individuals go to the scholarly level of the druids is puzzling. Especially given that night elf druisdsm is so arcane complementing, balance druid cast arcane offensive spellsrather than volcanoes, earthquakes or strangling roots. What's even more puzzling is how high elves, nightborne, highborne , blood elves have all been shown to have nature wiekders and livung gardens, nature, yet trolls and tauren who have not been shown as lovers of nature have more races that can be druids, even humans by the worgen and kul'tirans. Trolls ever dominate nature and use it to control others. Tauren have a profound respect for the earth, the expression of their relation to nature and use of it is built through shamanism based on appeasing elemental and Loa and calling on these beings to grant power to do the things they do, they extend this relationship in the building of shaman , priest, hunter hybrids like shadow hunters, witch doctors and hex priestess it is the elves whether arcane wielders or not that love nature, and druids the discipline that expressed their relation to nature into a well studied art, so why NOT? Wow druids is distinctly elven, and all the elves show a love for nature, yet only night elves can be? At the very least at least blood elves and nightborne should be able to and both high elves and void elves. Did, mage and priest should be the cornerstone elven caster classes, bring druids back to the elves blizz.Starstride54 6h
7h elite pvp gear i know u need atleast 2k rating to get potantial elite gear drops, but my question is , IF i get 2k rating, and then i get 1.8 or something, do i still get elite gear if i win at 1.8 or do i need to go back up to 2k+ to continue getting gear?Naramsin2 7h
7h Make Mage Tower available 24/7 Good afternoon guys. I'd like to propose this idea to the forums, as it appears to be ignored by official Twitter account (raised this idea multiple times). As the pre-patch comes closer every day, our chances to acquire Mage Tower appearance get thinner every day. I wish you would make Mage Tower and all other buildings available permanently. Buffs associated with these buildings can change weekly. From my personal POV - I will be traveling across the US west-coast whole June and return in time, when the pre-patch is most probably going to be on live servers. There are currently 8 specs left for me to complete and I would try hard every single day, but since these buildings come up once every 10-11 days, I won't be able to do so before I leave for a vacation (and that makes me sad). Yes, you could argue these are only pixels or that the xmog itself is ugly and that I'd never use it. That's not the point though. My point is to complete the dream and finish this challenge on every single spec available, even as casual player. I am fairly certain this idea will be ignored as well, as these are EU forums that are not monitored by the devs themselves and topics local CMs flag to devs are not considered to be important. Either way I just wanted to try my luck and maybe, even though I will be abroad, you guys will be able to enjoy whole month of June worth of Mage Tower. Cheers.Uriel40 7h
8h Death Knight Voice Lines Since Demon Hunters got their class-specific voice lines, I'm kind of sad that Death Knights do not have such, so this is a request for just that, while we're at it, I might aswell try to give a few ideas, feel free to add yours and your opinion on this idea. /Hello: "Death greets you" "Greetings" /Goodbye: "Suffer Well" "Stay Frosty" "Ashes to Ashes..." /Doom: "You face death itself, mongrel!" /Charge: "By the will of Mograine!" /Whoa: "By all that is unholy!" Can't think of anything else right now, might edit or add posts in the future.Pyreshaper0 8h
8h Question about server pop balance and RP servers Hi there everyone :) I'm a returning player to WoW and I'm in the process of choosing a new server to play in. I would love to do WPVP, as that is the main reason for me returning to WoW after seeing the changes that are going to be implemented in BfA; so I was wondering if it matters if a choose a balanced server in terms of Horde/Alliance ratio, or if with the new changes implemented in legion (phasing and so on) it won't matter at all and there will always be 1:1 ratio out in the world. Also, in another completely different topic: I was wondering if role-playing is still done actively in RP servers or has it died down in last years... I would love to play on an RP server, but seeing that there are only 2 big RP servers in the English community, I'm a bit worried that the changes coming to BfA will make those servers feel "empty" in comparison to non-RP ones. Thanks for your taking your time to read :)Kurary1 8h
8h Ingame Shop Hello. I like to suggest that Blizzard makes a new moose mount for the cash shop, one that can be both ground and fly mount. But WITHOUT funny wings :P Like the rest of their shop mounts. Also, maybe a battle pet that could match it? The color, maybe Blackish or Darkblueish or White with black spots on? (Like some horses are irl) They could use the models they already have ingame from lets say Grove Warden or the leatherworker mount.Vargliat11 8h