08 Nov World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Azeroth paid a terrible price to end the apocalyptic march of the Legion’s crusade—but even as the world’s wounds are tended, it is the shattered trust between the Alliance and Horde that may prove hardest to mend. As this age-old conflict reignites, join your allies and champion your faction’s cause—Azeroth’s future will be forged in the fires of war. In World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, you must declare your allegiance. ----- Trailers and Media: World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth - Cinematic Trailer World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth - Features Trailer ----- Recruit Allied Races Explore Azeroth as one of six new playable Allied Races, including four you've encountered in your campaign against the Legion. Embark on a quest to earn their favour and unlock each race, adding their strength to your faction. Create a new character and complete the full leveling experience to earn a distinctive Heritage Armor set. Learn more about Allied Races here. New Continent - Kul Tiras As a hero of the mighty Alliance, journey to the seafaring kingdom of Kul Tiras, home of Jaina Proudmoore. Untangle a web of betrayal and dark magic as you encounter power-hungry pirates, witches wielding death magic, mystical sea priests, and more. Explore the stony peaks of Tiragarde Sound, trek across Drustvar’s high plains and red forests, and navigate the intricate inland canals of Stormsong Valley as you convince this fractured kingdom to join your cause. New Continent - Zandalar Prepare the Horde for war by recruiting the ancient empire of Zandalar. In this troll-dominated territory, ancient evil waits to be unleashed on the world as you battle crazed blood-troll worshipers, gargantuan dinosaurs, and titan constructs. Discover Zuldazar, the oldest city in Azeroth; unveil the bleak swamps of Nazmir; and traverse the deadly deserts of Vol'dun. Plunder Uncharted Islands Set sail for the previously unmapped isles of Azeroth. Battle in groups of three as you race against cunning rival intruders—or enemy players—to collect the island’s resources. Constantly evolving challenges await as you traverse frozen landscapes near Northrend, open the gates of an abandoned Gilnean castle, navigate a war between elementals and more. Storm the Warfronts Head to the frontlines and take part in a large-scale 20-player cooperative Warfront to claim a key strategic location. Build up your faction’s forces, lead the charge as your troops lay siege to the objective, and battle the enemy commanders as they make their last stand in this new PvE mode inspired by classic Warcraft RTS battles. Infuse Armor with Titanic Might Take control of the Heart of Azeroth—a legendary neck piece entrusted to you by Magni Bronzebeard. Imbue it with Azerite, an invaluable resource that’s emerged in the Legion’s wake, to customize your armor with new powers and traits. Enter a World Divided New Level CapStop the spread of the Blood God’s corruption, unearth the secrets of a lost titan vault, and much more as you quest to level 120. New Dungeons and RaidsFight through all-new dungeons like the golden city of Atal’Dazar, and the outlaw town of Freehold! Character BoostAdvance a new or existing hero character to level 110 instantly, and be ready to join your new allies in battle! CommunitiesFind adventurers who share common interests through in-game Communities and join cross-realm social groups. Aerythlea0 08 Nov
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45m Post if you want to make some in-game friends My original thread reached its posting limit. Therefore I'm redoing it. Firstly, please, when posting your info, press the "REQUEST STICKY" button towards the top right side of the page. If it gets enough hits, it will then be considered by the moderators to be pinned to the front page as a sticky. Generally, when a thread moves off the 1st page, it is harder for other people to notice it. So by pressing that button you are being courteous to others (maybe even absolute beginners to WoW) who may wish to use this thread at a later date than today to try and find in-game friends themselves. Thank-you. Let's face it, we all need friends in-game, whether it is to try for mutual achievements, valor cap HC's, LFR, PVP etc, or to ask someone if they can lend a hand with a problem, or even just to say hello to someone and chat once in a while. So if you'd like to make new friends, simply post in the same format as below. (Note, DON'T list which sex you are as it could lead to unwanted attention, likewise, DON'T give out your email address). About me: Age: 30+ Personality: Laid back and mature Side: Horde only Chars: Rogue: (DPS) Spec: Combat only (I do have an Alliance rogue as well, but its sole purpose doesn’t involve gameplay) Playing time: (at the moment) Mon: 12.30pm – 4.30 pm, Tue 12.30 pm – 7 pm, Wed and Thu 12.30pm – 4.30 pm, Fri 12.30 pm – 7 pm, Sat and Sun, most of the day. I do play in the evenings Mon-Fri too, but I simply never know just how much Russian-English translation work I need to do until I receive it, so evening playing time is very erratic. Up for: Helping you out if required and it's in my character's ability to do so, HC’s for cap, LFR, ach’s (inc Raids (new and old), HC and PVP) etc. Other interests: Many. Battletag: LadySylvanas#2676 (To add a battletag and request being friends with a person, either A: In the Battlenet client, left click on the blue person icon at the top right, it will then open up a sub column. In the top left, click on 'add friend', it will then prompt you to type (or paste in) the battletag of the person you want to be friend's with. Then click on 'send request' at the bottom left. B: In-game, left click on the yellow 'social' icon towards the bottom left of your screen. It will bring up a sub screen. Enter (or paste in) the battletag and press 'add friend'.Lswindrunner911 45m
1d Antorus, the Burning Throne Release Schedule It’s been an epic few days for World of Warcraft, including the announcement of the Battle for Azeroth expansion at BlizzCon, but there’s one more announcement we didn’t get to: when you’ll be able to enter Antorus, the Burning Throne. We’ve now finalized the upcoming raid’s release schedule and are pleased to share it with you today! Antorus, the Burning Throne Release Schedule • November 29: Normal and Heroic difficulties • December 6: Mythic difficulty and Raid Finder wing 1 • December 20: Raid Finder wing 2 • January 3: Raid Finder wing 3 • January 17: Raid Finder wing 4 Additionally, Legion PvP Season 5 will end and Season 6 will begin the same day that Antorus opens on Normal and Heroic difficulty (November 29). Good luck! Aerythlea23 1d
2d Updates from @WarcraftDevs Patch 7.3 A new patch means new tweets from the World of Warcraft development team! This thread is an archive of @WarcraftDevs tweets regarding patch 7.3. ---- @WarcraftDevs is an official World of Warcraft Twitter account offering design insight and information directly from the World of Warcraft Development Team. For past updates, please refer to Updates from @WarcraftDevs - Patch 7.2.5. Aerythlea53 2d
5s Time Lost Proto Drake Advice Hi guys I wanted you guys share experience how you manage to get Time Lost Proto Drake I have been camping on/off was getting frustrated wasting my time sometime I felt like this mount doesn’t exist anymore is there any advice simple easy way to get this mount I’m dying for this mount.Rohann1 5s
9s Class unbalance. Hey i wanna talk about class unbalance but i dont mean something like "Nah Fury is OP" i mean missing spells, i play priest and whenever we go on more then 2 targets i have no chance stay up in dps i have no Aoe dmg only passive "mind sear" and it sucks.Pristerino6 9s
45s Open questions to Blizzard: patch 7.3.5 Hi, Since patch 7.3.5 will probabliy hit when or close to the date in which my current sub ends (resubbed for 3 monts after Blizzcon, experienced Argus and didn't like it), I'm most interested in a couple of questions that will make lots of difference to my either to keep sub going to wait till BFE pre-launch. 1. Does the leveling changes will include tunning up the difficulty of leveling, at least to people like me that choose not to use any heirlooms? Means, with all due respect to the new experience, it won't really help if any mob will be 2-hitted again, and even make it worse, as the creatures will scale to my level and I won't be able to go for creatues few levels higher then me. 2. Are any of the allied races coming with 7.3.5? means - it's nice to get new leveling methods, but we also need soemthing to level... esepcially people that keep their last vacant places in the 50 char limit for the new allied races :-) I admit - I got a certain hype after Blizzcon, and thus resubed. But Argus feels (personally for me) non immesrive, tiny and there's not much to it after the story ends, except for the raid. My questions are meant to find out, if there's something worthwhile (non raid and non argus) coming in patch 7.3.5, enough to keep me around. Thanks :-)Amnastária2 45s
1m Blizzard give reasons why Void Elves exist. I just thought, i post here for anyone wondering why Blizzard choose this race. Yeah they are asspull.Barnold96 1m
12m Unpopular Opinion: I really, really liked WoD Hi All, I've recently levelled a Death Knight through the WoD zones and I can't express how badly I miss Draenor. You may say I'm weird, that WoD was crap and all, but I honestly do. I've played WoW since TBC really, and I can't remember missing an expansion as much as I miss WoD. I will agree that gameplay and content-wise it was extremely lacking, compared to all other expacs, but what it had was immersion. Keep in mind, I'm a very "orc" person, so I am very heavily biased here. But the moment I stepped into the Frostfire Ridge, I knew it was going to be my favourite zone. The music is extremely fitting, you got to see Frostwolf lands how they were before Draenor exploded into Outland, and you got to know all those nice characters... I think everyone can agree that WoD levelling was amazing. This was the expansion when I actually levelled all my characters that I played to max level. Next thing, the dungeons. And these were absolutely amazing. The only problem was that they became irrelevant too quickly, but imagine if they gave us Mythic Keystone back then. Grimrail Depot was an absolutely crazy good dungeon, it felt unique with the train moving while we had to move towards the first wagon. It seriously gave me a vibe of that one mission from "Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy", fans will know which I am talking about. Then we had Bloodmaul Slag Mines, which was soooo well done. We had little challenged that rewarded followers inside of dungeons. We finally got to see inside of Auchindoun when it was still whole. The only lacking one was the arakkoa dungeon, but to me overall this whole theme was kind of bad and I didn't enjoy it. However, the Draenei and Orc themes were just perfect. And the raids. Yes, we got only 3 of them (Highmaul, Blackrock Foundry and Hellfire Citadel), but they were extremely well done. Highmaul truly felt like an old, ogre city, and I was quite amazed at their architecture and that they were not as primitive as I had imagined (I knew that they were not, I have read a bit about them and knew they had their developped civilization, but it was one thing reading about it and the other seeing it. And it was pretty difficult to believe seeing Azerothian ogres). The bosses had crazy good, fun mechanics (screw Legion soakfest) and the whole zones felt thematically consistent. Blackrock Foundry was the period in WoD when I raided the most and it also felt absolutely amazing. Hellfire Citadel was kind of a miss to me, I felt like the whole WoD theme was lost at that point. The raid itself was good, it had many interesting mechanics and simply looked good, but I didn't quite feel the need to raid it. I've simply finished it a few times on Normal, Heroic, got the moose and that was it for me, I simply played the game as I wanted to after that. I am not trying to whitewash the expansion. I know it had its issues. But I have to admit, I have never felt as immersed in WoW, as pre-Tanaan WoD. I could do Frostfire Ridge questline all the time, Gorgrond felt amazing with all the colossi, I loved seeing Talador in its full glory. And after seeing desolate, depressing TBC Nagrand where orcs strived for survival, barely making it with very few people, seeing the WoD Nagrand alive in its full glory, with a crazy good ending to its whole plot.. I must admit, I doubt I will enjoy levelling of any expansion as much as I enjoyed WoD.Kanthash65 12m
13m Voidelfs in BfA cinematic(?) Hello guys, a question: after watching the BfA cinematic many times (it is absolutely marvelous isn't it?) what caught my eye was the 2 figures of elfes casting for a split second during the battle. At first I thought Night Elves casting,but, when I replayed the video again and again I noticed: the body position is nothing like night elves, the torso faces fully to the front and both hands are eleveted above the shoulders and thrust forward followed by a supporting upper movement towards the front as well; male and female night elves do not cast like that at all. Plus, notice the colour of these 2 elves in the cinematic, they are purple-greysh... As for the body type, they are very slim and not very tall nothing like the very athletic body on night elves. If you please watch the video and replay 2:28" to 2:30" and tell me what do you beleive these elfs are? I think we just saw there 2 void elfs in action.Nyhta17 13m
15m Change Titanforging in BfA Please cap titanforging with a max increase of 10 ilvls max don't ruin raid progression in the next expansion.Postura333 15m
26m PvP in Battle for Azeroth We can all agree that PvP is dying, and its something that has been in the game for years. the PvP community is huge so why does blizz !@#$ on us year after year. I agree that PvE should be there main focus, all i am asking for along with thousands of PvPers is a SOLO QUEUE option! This outdated LFG PvP system is pushing people away from PvP, give us rankings similar to Overwatch or Cs-go where we can log in and queue without spending hours looking for some good team mates or waiting for the rest of the guild to log in for RBGS. That alongside some reward that encourages people to do PvP, like different mounts for getting a high rank or a border around your character so people know what skill level you are at. i know this want make any difference to PvP but its worth a try.Cycos12 26m
28m Suggestions for retail WoW Suggestions: - Make the game hard: there is dungeon finder but no dungeon teleport, professions are relevant while leveling, elite quests, ranged mobs, mobs that run, patrols, etc. Vanilla stuff. This does not require anything removed from the game, just mob tuning and quest design. Skull Rock cave for example was more challenging and fun than anything the Legion brought. - Create achievements for getting to max level without heirlooms. And later - achievements for playing each raid in sequence, without using the catch-up gear vendor. Achievements for not learning flying and finishing all raids in the current expansion You are trying to make players go on ground mounts, but most are getting upset if they feel the are forced to do that. What I propose is the reward strategy, instead of the punishment strategy. Not all will care about those achievements, but a few will - and they will populate the roads of Azeroth, going on ground mounts. - And: because the game is more difficult - empower the heirlooms, so those players that are always in a rush to the final raid will get there just as fast, or even faster than now In this way everybody is happy: players that are not interested in the leveling journey will be able to rush to the final raid using heirlooms, and new players won't get bored immediately by how easy the game is, and they will be able to enjoy WoW as an RPG. As a choice - of not using heirlooms, with achievements as rewards. I think this reward approach will work better than just taking heirlooms out of the game. Right now the content is simply wasted, even raids in the current expansion are wasted if a player did not play from the start. Also leveling is too easy, it's pointless to try to enjoy it even without heirlooms. Finally: don't be lazy and create boat and zeppelin routes to all continents. These give substance to the world, all those portals make me dizzy, don't even know where they are anymore. Even a route to Argus, using the greatest goblin created space zeppelin. The only continent that should have a mage (a bronze dragon would be better) portal as an access point is Draenor, seeing that the Dark Portal there was destroyed, and it's an alternate timeline. The Dark Portal in Blasted Lands should lead to Outlands, it should lead to Draenor only before the introductory quests to WoD.Laforge8 28m
35m Why does only 3% of players play monk? Is this a sign they aren't enjoyable or lack gear sets etc? What is it?Senzin45 35m
37m No Zandalari dinomancer forms So in the Q&A it was told that we only get a raptor as travel form for Druids. Rest stay a bear / cat ect instead of the dinomancers of ToT. Lets show blizzard that alot of ppl want this feature and that it is worth the effort to make it happen.Trø16 37m
37m Challenge Appearance Question DO i have to use Challenge App for my artifact to unlock its second, third and fourth reskin? Aka do I need to go to RBG using my challenge appearance etc.? Or can I do it with different one? what about in different spec?Deathfyre7 37m
41m Sniper like Class been playing Melee for a while now and wanna play some ranger sniper like class for fun in BGs. tried couple casters didn't like them much, their dmg seemed so low compared to how squishy they are. i was wondering which class have the most sniper feel to it, even if its squishy or have to stand still and take long to cast stuff. as long as it hit really hardMclothar10 41m
52m Weapons skins not obtainable after Legion Mythic+ and Mage tower, that's all ? so we can do Balance of Power after Legion ? thank you for the clarification.Schmilblik2 52m
56m Never against russians again... What realm do I have to transfer to, to never ever play again russian premades ever again? I fed up; sick of it; it's done. I see things in these BG's that "can't" be done; the whole "matching system doesn't work 1 bit. I want out, out of a mixed realm with russians. Who can help/advise?Barago37 56m
1h How likely are High Elves now? Sorry if this is the wrong place for this. Not sure where to post speculation So I'd kind of resigned myself to being a Horde blood elf, and it seemed the dominant argument was that High Elves are reskinned Blood Elves, they're practically the same race and it would mean giving "Blood Elves" to the Alliance But now allied races are coming out and we have reskinned taurens, chubby night elves for the Horde, reskinned Draenei, and actual blood elves for the Alliance (called void elves and reskinned, but even in lore they are blood elves, in the same way that blood elves are high elves anyway) Yes, I know that blood elves are high elves are void elves, but they're also reskins and have their own class lore and abilities, and this applies to all of the allied races. That said the old arguments are much weaker now and it's got me wondering if Blizz is testing the waters before they take the plunge with High Elves and Coffee Orcs. This will be the first time they added more than two races in an expansion, and as allied races they're implemented in a different way than the other races were, as unlockable skins, sort of. Makes me wonder if there will be a new high elf rep faction, and getting it to exalted will unlock a high elf allied race, perhaps in 8.1, 8.2, 8.3 or 9.0 I read some stuff that one of the big devs said high elves and blood elves are the same thing so they dont see the point in adding high elves, but that basically applies to lightforged draenei and draenei so I still think they might do high elves. Especially since they're now giving us wow classic and that's another thing that a lot of people have been wanting and never thought they would get Thoughts?Lenneth49 1h
1h BfA sharding tech and RP servers.(Suggestion) Hello, so I hear now that you'll be taking up the same system that SWTOR has where you can switch between PVP / PVE shards in capital cities. I like this idea, I think it's great, but there's one thing I am curious about. Before Legion and during it as well, I specifically remember the topic of Adventure zones being brought up, this due to how stunning and amazing the Suramar city is. I do not speak on behalf of the RP community, but as someone who's RPed for years now, I personally think it would be the perfect timing to implement such. So basically how it'd work is that you go to a capital city and simply turn this on like you'd do with the PvE and PvP sharding tech. And there's two options you can go with there. 1. You can remove mobs altogether from the Adventure shard or 2. You could make mobs neutral and non-attackable. Thus they would not bother you. This would also mean that we could use Kul Tiras and Zandalar for RP right away and not wait until BfA is over until the sharding is removed. It has been a suggestion in the past, but you never had the tech to do it at the time, but now you do. So is this something you could take into consideration now? There are amazing zones, Suramar in particular but it's just not in a good place for RPers because it's full of hostile mobs and likely won't be usable for RP for another 2 expansions. I'd love to hear your thoughts about this.Apharah5 1h
1h 7.3 Animations to Old ones as an option. Hi there. I first wanna start out by saying. That countless threads about this specific topic has been created talked and closed, with no following responds from any DEVs. Second I want to mention that the topic has always been about Animations. The old style of animations such as /cast and /run many people including myself dont like the bouncy way of new character models. I personally like the old animations and character models because Ive been playing ever since WoWs first days - I do however NOT support private servers. Third Countless of hours has been put into this topic. I have dont countless of research on daily basis. I've looked into Programs which Blizzard think of as Illegal to use in term of their game. I've tried most commonly programs in order to change the appearance of my toons. Ways to advance program the old character models back so I could shut this thread once and for all. Because I am sick and tierd of using my game-time on the forums, Forums is not worth a subscribtion CONCLUSIONS OF THE MANY THREADS I'VE BEEN GOING THRU: In fewer words The old option from Warlord's of Draenor which is still in the game, could allow players to switch between old and new ones, Except that the old models is NOT the old animation rigs anymore. I and alot of more people want to see this change re-appear. Second in conclusion : As mentioned earlier Countless of other threads. A small amount of topics within this problem of the new and old Animations. I am NOT saying that the artists job is terrible. But for me WoW is the old animations and seem to me that it is for alot of other people. Therfore I do NOT ask blizzard to remove the work and art they've put into the new animations as a big amount of players do seem to like them aswell. But for me this is not WoW. Simple solutions: 1. Bring the old option back similar to WoD. If people then get tierd of half of their abilities doesnt work they will eventually change to new models I assume, but as for us who dont care for a fancy casting animation but grew love for the old ones the option should remain. In fact ever since this change I have been playing on Alts which I never did. I have been changing race/Faction for countless of times, not only on my main but for several ALTS. 2. Bouncy animations is NOT for everyone. 3. I do however see myself keep playing the game, even tho this issue actually made me quit for a good period of time, but as I still did my research but unable to respond to forums I re-subscribed. Now the biggest case in EUROPE of this topic has been closed. I hereby would like to reopen it in order to keep this topic to Blizzards attention. LAST a few videos I have come across with other players who tells the story from other perspectives. - technical and even this guy did an amazing job trying to restore. same guy in different topics due to this issue - Best of all this video heavily describe how it felt for the many players when the old animations were lost. WORTH TO WATCH NEWEST AND BEST TOPIC OF ALL : Has ups and downs involving going to a DEVs private tweet account is No good but this issue is huge. I hereby thank you for reading my message I hope you'll take the time and go thru all or most of what I have shared with you today. In the end if this I would also like to ask Trolls and People who just wanna be right to stay out of this topic. AS many of us has been reading countless of other responds on the many topics as mentioned. Thanks again /SLAUGHSlaughness127 1h
1h Let Tauren be their own mount! Tauren look amazing when they are sprinting, it is a natural looking pace for them as huge creatures. They don't fit as well onto mounts as most other races. Give Tauren a mount that is just them sprinting. I have asked for this many times, it makes so much sense and doesn't even require a new animation as the current sprint one is beautiful. Let us be our own mount, please! I don't care how hard I have to work to learn this ability, I need it in my life! If someone knows how else to suggest this I would love help as posting it here in the past has had no affect. Lore-wise, why wouldnt these powerful creatures be using their huge hooves to travel the plains of their homeland? Pretty please and thank you! EDIT: Highmountain too!Kromah12 1h
1h The price of character services Kinda obscene in my opinion I would avail of them a lot more if they were reasonable. As it is right now I do not use them on principle AKA I don't like being ripped off.Bilko20 1h
2h Guldans mount. Hey bros,wanned to ask ya,does green one drops on lfr from Guld too? Living core one,have you ever seen it droped?Løveme5 2h
2h Projectsixty by Kungen ran into it by accident on Twitch. Kungen, former guild leader of Nihilum has formed a new level 60 guild with very special rules: *************** Rules: In order to make the hardcore challange intresting, both for leveling but mainly at an max project level, that being 60 in this case, several rules needs to be made that are both fun to play by and hopefully effective in order to maintain somewhat of a challange within the ways the game currently works. It's also important for me that we work and play together as a guild so the first rule will be that you have to clear all 5 man content before we start raiding! Here is a list of the dungeons with level requirements (MINIMUM LEVEL REQ) Deadmines - 10 Ragefire - 10 Wailing Cavertns - 10 Shadowfang Keep - 11 Blackfathom Deeps - 15 Gnomeregan - 19 Scarlet Halls - 21 Scarlet Monestary - 23 RFK - 25 Mauradon - 25 Uldaman - 30 Scholo - 33 RFD - 35 Dire Maul - 31 Zul'Farrak - 39 Strat - 37 Sunken Temple - 45 BRD - 42 LBRS - 48 THE RULES; Only allowed to group with guild members Not allowed to use any of the 11th Anniversary gifts! No heirlooms, including the heirloom mount. No auction house at all! NO meetings stones are allowed (summoning stones) No use of the Looking for Group tool. NO PET BATTLES No use of talents & glyphs. (YOU CAN SPEC, but not pick talents) NO DUAL SPEC (ONE FOR LIFE) Professions may only be brought to a maximum of 300 skillpoints. No Pandaren, Goblins or Blood Elves. No Monk, Death Knights or Paladins. Only Vanilla class/races (no Tauren priests and !@#$ like that) Potions, Elixirs, Enchants and any items are only allowed to be aquired from professions held by members within the guild. No assistance in forms of gold, boosting or similar from alternative characters. No flying mounts, we are all bound to the ground. No ground mounts until level 40 No visiting any other continents than Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdom. This means that Outland and any instances found there is out of bounds. Items obtained trough profession crafting are fully allowed to be used at any time, excluding those hailing from Burning Crusade. To sum it up: You play purist, you only use items you find on your character or are found within a guild group CHEATING IN ANY KIND OF WAY WILL RESULT IN A FAT GKICK IN THE FACE! Raiding: The goal is to start raiding the second we have enough people for it and we will balance our gear to make it a real challenge. For example if something is easy then we just start removing gear until we are happy with the challenge! Naked could be an option is that's the only way to make it hard! We will do whatever it takes to make raiding interesting, be that play naked or without talents then we go for it. What do you guys think about it?Banktoon63 2h
2h Project 60, Argent Dawn and Harassment Greetings everyone, today we are talking about a few controversial subjects: Vanilla, RIP and Harassment! In case you do not know, there has been a massive influx of new players to the Realms: Argent Dawn EU and Moonguard US. This is because of a project made by many wellknown WoW Streamers. This was placed not just on RP servers, but also the most crowded RP servers on each region, which was specifically designed to harass the largest populations of the RP crowd. Not only does this create a lot of traffic and non-RPers to RP servers, but also breaks the "Safe space" that a lot of RPers have come to know. While we can deal with the usual subjects with a simple /ignore. It is much different with people in the thousands. Although I will not be calling out names directly, mostly because a GM will just "<snip>" them anyways. Some of these streamers have openly encouraged harassment of roleplayers along with the belittling and bashing of a small minority. While I am aware that not all streamers encourage this, and not all players do this. This is a post made on principle, and also a call that I for one am tired of being in a sub-community being the punching bag of the WoW community. This is also not an attack on Vanilla players, as an RPer I fully understand wanting to play the game in an entirely different way than most. But this is the Argent Dawn Community taking a stand against against people, quite frankly treating this community like trash. Sources: 2h
2h Void Elf Names Now, just like when Demon Hunters were introduced, we should come up with some proper names for Void Elves! I'll start: DarknessIncarnate Shadowmourne Syylvaanaas AlleriaVampir Crawlinginmyskin xxblacktearsxx SoulReaperSashirus20 2h
2h Why do alliance lack spines? When playing on a PvP realm, I find when playing a Horde character, if I get attacked by another player and there are other Horde around, not always but most of the time they will help. However, as Alliance in a situation where there are other Alliance around, if I get attacked by a Horde player, they'll no nothing, even if there's 20 Ally for 1 Horde. Once again this isn't always the case, but about 80%+ of the time. What is it about playing Alliance that make you turn into such spineless little !@#$%es?Wrawracka50 2h
2h I missed all of this I am quite new to WoW, I’ve just got the hang of things (I haven’t made a character from lvl 1 just lvl 100) How was I so stupid to not start playing this game earlier, it’s so much better than all the other games out there that are just pale copies of it… to think that the only reason that I never got into WoW was because of the graphics and then figure out that there’s so much detail in them. The stories are captivating and I can’t wait to find out what happens to these characters. The pvp is fun and it’s not aggravating because I know I’m always gonna lose anyway (GO THE ALLIANCE!). People are quite nice on the French server apart from that guy in Trade chat (there’s always one). I played on Guild wars 2 for a while but it got so boring after a couple of days. I still play League of legends because it’s fun now and then. My questions are: Does it get boring waiting for the next patch? Other than transmogs, what do you have to show for the fact that you have played the game for so long since the catchup is so easy? (This seems to be one of my main problems with this game) Are there any places that are renowned for just hanging out? (how many people will be there) Sometimes I just wanna kick my feet up and make some friends. Regards, A relatively new player that just wants to have fun.Noxiro21 2h
2h Why the change to PVP rewards on WQ's ? People have been asking this since 7.3.2 came out and nothing ? its like being a mushroom kept in the dark and fed on waste . Can we please have some kind of reasoning why it sundenly changed back down to 870 gear ?Cælestis20 2h
2h Horde Paladin Allied Races? Hi! I'm pretty happy as a blood elf, I'm not race switching, but it seems weird to me to leave out the option of playing an allied race as a horde paladin completely? Did they forget about paladins when they made the allied races? Am I missing something here?Iscy22 2h
2h Keyboard Reccomendations Hello, so I am looking about buying a new keyboard for playing WoW specifically and I am completely baffled for what I want. I am looking for something around 70-100£, have RGB lighting, have comfort and tactile and clicky keys. I was thinking for either going for Razer or Corsair but I know there are others on the market. I would like to hear what others have, how good they are etc etc, and what you recommend! =)Halforius12 2h
2h Plea for cross-spec artifact transmog On the Q&A stream last thursday Ion said that the current thinking is that they will restrict the transmog appearances you have unlocked for your artifacts to the specs they currently belong to. I think that's restrictive and un-fun. It's only an appearance, and while they are certainly iconic for the class that wields it, I just can't see any good reason to restrict them to a single spec. Restrictions on class, yeah I can understand that, but please devs... Consider the above things. Give us the appearances we earned on our character. Forcing us into a spec for a transmog is just madness. What are other people's thoughts on this?Tahra12 2h
2h Eredar? Do you think these are an option in case sub-races ever make it into the game? As a variation (sub-race) for the Draenei of course. I'd personally love to roll me a red Draenei enhanced by fel and those green cracks on his hooves and sides. And since their big brothers got rekt (Archie & Kill Jaden), Sargeras about to get a boot to his back too, they'll be unemployed and Argus is our planet's new BFF, closer than ever, so there is a chance. Would it make any sense to have these playable in your opinion?Geraxous36 2h
3h 40% reduction in wpvp is broken! Okey at first glance i was rly glad they nerfed the damage output in wpvp to get rid of all the oneshoting in duels and ganking etc etc. But after experimenting through out the day ive noticed its more broken then ever. Legendarys are now so valuable you cant win without them, for example a rouge with will of valeera was before just very strong but now they are completley unkillable, i mean they still heal the same as before but i dont 40% less dmg to them making them basicly gods. Its the same with mage chest belo vir it also gives mages too crazy survivablity. I mean there is now no way to outplay your opponent unless you both are playing without legendarys!Spicygarlic63 3h
3h Class mounts reward for campaign? Broken Shore is obsolete now. Nobody is doing the sentinax, nethershards are worthless. I want my mounts though.. I've been trying to get marks of the sentinax for about an hour now.. no luck, no groups, nothing. So just give the mount at the end of the class campaign instead yea?Eredhwen19 3h
3h FEEDBACK: People who have 50 characters. ... or thereabouts. As someone who is having to work around the 50 cap, I will have to delete characters in order to get one of each new race and gender. It isn't so ridiculous to argue wanting at least one of each race and gender, given how this is a game with such heavy focus on our characters. Some of us like to experience the game with every unique model available. To me, it doesn't seem like a relevant counter to say "Well, you'll never 'seriously' play all of them", because if I manage to play all of them for an hour a week (at least, some more or less), are you going to make the same argument to someone with one character who only plays an hour or two a week also? Maybe he should delete that one character or just not bother. The game has been out for THIRTEEN years, and it's actually not much of a feat to reach that character limit. Maybe you don't get attached to all your characters. But some of us actually spend a lot of time creating and thinking about what theme they fit, by their race, look and gender. I currently have 41 110s, and 4 other character of various levels. It'd be nice to not have to delete, or be forced to race change some, when I have actually put the time into levelling and/or creating them. I've also heard people make the argument "Well, I'm sure they're all badly geared." Yes, but are we now judging the worth of characters purely by their gear? Seems elitist to me, when again we can think back to that person who only has one character which he plays only for a couple of hours-- I'm sure that character is badly geared. The game launched with far fewer races, fewer classes, and fewer characters per realm, but the same 50 character limit. It seems strange that everything else has increased, but not this. Could it not go up by just 10? I speak for myself here but I'd guess that would please many in my position. I'm sure we're a minority, but surely this isn't a big ask, and I shouldn't think the storage capacity is going to explode in on itself with ten more potential characters from a relative handful of the population.Rickghastley94 3h
3h Scarlet Crusade faction for BoA Now - as Tirisfal and kinda everything south of Quel'Thalas are coming under proper human control, it seems like a great time to finally add one of the most hyped and cool bunch of folks in the game as a faction: The Scarlet Crusade. Alliance only ofc. Face it: once the Alliance occupies those areas, the Argents aren't gonna be happy about it, and at least refuse to fight and submit to Allied control. They have forsaken and other hordie members among them who will refuse to take part in the slaughter of the forsaken and the re-populating of Lordaeron with homans. They're even likely to defend civilian forsaken from being mercilessly butchered, those traitors. There's only one organisation who can help you there. And it's already got kinda the same ideology as Greymane - apart from him being a doggie ofc. So please... Blizzard... please - let us finally get Scarlets as a faction for BoA! =)Khadiya14 3h
4h Black friday next week in wow? Can we have black friday in WoW also next friday please? I wanna do some faction changes n stuff but i can't be bothered paying 30$ per character. FROM THE OTHER hand, if they were 5$ for one day... :)Pärts16 4h
4h Blood seeker Hi, I've just completed a 13 hour Aeonaxx camp. Unfortunately I only saw two Xariona's and one Blood seeker about 15 minutes ago. However when I pressed my macro and focused the blood seeker it disappeared in about 10 seconds? I looked for it on the ground to no avail. I couldn't see that it had been killed, and there was no one near me at the time. Has anyone ever witnessed it despawn or is this a known fact that it can despawn? ThanksLungpuncture3 4h
4h Highlords return nerf Highlords Return nerf's what do you think? I am currently a 903 Druid tank with the legendary legs and Sephuz I have had around 150 attempts collectively over the two times the Mage tower has been up. My best attempt was krull at 50% I got one shot cause I wasn't paying attention to his annihilate when things got crazy. The nerf is welcomed, I don't think that it was either a dps check or a survivability check to such a great degree. The whole thing felt like a test of endurance and I found that the longer I did it my attempts would go down hill and I'd regress I spent more time getting knocked off due to spend more time trying to get back to phase 2 to get some progression but was unable to complete the first phase flawlessly over and over and when I did eventually get a shot at phase 2 I found myself panicking and messing up due to the adrenaline of thinking "yes I can do this" this did ware off on phase one but out of 150 atemps I got to krull what 13 times at most TLDR how do you feel about these nerfs?Primaul23 4h
4h Stealth in Black Rook Rumble Is this ever going to be addressed? I'm sick and tired of rogues and druids just sitting in stealth 24/7 and doing nothing. You can stand in the middle doing nothing and they still refuse to open on you. It means there's nothing to kill, but since it also counts as multiple people in the arena, the NPC's that appear and give credit when you're alone also don't spawn...Gogeta17 4h
5h Please, no Old Gods in BfA. Hello! I do realize there are Old God-corrupted/infulenced zones on the new continents, the new Silithus battleground etc, but I honestly hope we are not going to face the Old God(s), nor Azshara, in Battle for Azeroth. It's hard to predict what direction the expansion will take, but I think such a great threat as N'Zoth or Azshara deserve a liiittle bit more than a patch. They deserve a themed expansion, not just raid tiers, don't you think? I know, I know, not much is known yet, but I just want to share my current point of view. If Blizzard wants us to face the Old Gods, they have to portray and introduce them properly. I mean - sure, let's fight their minions, their soldiers, but not them, not yet. N'Zoth's prison will be heavily weakend by Sargeras' attack, but wouldn't it take him more time than a year to awake and become free? We've already seen Azshara this expansion. She is up to something. She can send her armies to assault Kul Tiras and Zandalar. But she is not foolish; I doubt she would leave Nazjatar, her domain. Here comes the question, would an underwater raid be enough to portray one of the most powerful, evil characters in Warcraft Universe? What I expect and hope to see in this expansion - N'Zoth's prison weakens, Azshara gethers her full strength. We're too focused on the war, gathering the Azerite, exploring and dealing with dangers of new lands, but as the time passes more and more signs are pointing towards the greater threat (as always). In BfA we could focus on the 'local' threats of Zandalar, Kul Tiras and eventually Old Gods' forces. And in the following expansions we face their full might, as the Black Empire has risen. What do you think? PS There's a chance I'm not abreast of BfA stuff, so I apologize if any information is not accurate.Zenthaki31 5h
5h Finding it hard stick with WoW Every other month I come back to wow and try to get back into it, for the first couple of days it'll be great fun and i'll wonder while I ever left, then after that rush is over i realize the reasons. Back when i first started playing in MoP, the game was actually a challenge, in multiple ways, rotations were deep and flexible, raids and dungeons were actually difficult outside of "dont stand in the fire" and getting gear actually felt like it meant something. Now, I dont want to say anything along the lines of "wow is dying" because i know how ape!@#$ people go when you do so, but i feel like Blizzard needs to really take a step back and look for the reasons why people play the game. Personally I do not understand the thought process behind the spell cull, it's easily the worst thing that happened to the game for me and i'd be happy to hear arguments for it. I understand the purpose of it was to try and draw more casual players onto wow, but that doesn't make any sense, the kind of people who play MMORPG's aren't looking for a shallow, casual experience (I understand that some people call themselves casual wow players, the ones that come on once a week or so to play, but i dont think that's the same thing as actually casual video game players) and all it really does, is push away the players who were actually looking for a deep and engaging experience. I'd like to hear other people's thoughts, or maybe i'm missing something in the current wow experience, i honestly love WoW, i want to enjoy it, and it truly kills me that i'm struggling to find any enjoyment in playing anymore.Valdari42 5h
7h Resto Shaman or Resto Druid? So i took a break from WoW shortly before ToS got released. I was playing a Feral/Guardian Druid back then but ever since i came back i decided to go back to healing again. My so called "dilemma" is that i can't choose between my resto shammy or resto druid. I started healing back in Wrath as a resto shammy, my love for healing grew and i decided to start healing on my pally as well and lvl a druid(my brother was maining a resto druid back then). I've been healing ever since Wrath and near the end of that expansion i basically traded/rerolled my shammy for my druid. Ever since then i mained druid for every expansion but ever since the visual update on shammy skills it made me want to reroll back to my shammy. It feels so smooth to heal now that the spells are all water based. Tl:dr I want to reroll back to resto shaman but i have trouble leaving my druid behind that has been my main for the past 7-8 years. Could you guys give me any pros and cons of both classes in their current state and what "might" change drastically in the future? Thank you guys in advance :)Pawsitive4 7h
7h When can I start doing quests with friends. I am new to Wow and I really want to play with my friends. How can I start playing with them do I have to be a specific level or something.Hamadyr2 7h
8h Camera distance slider? Hey guys, am I blind or is the distance slider removed?Mipriest9 8h