1d Pre-purchase Battle for Azeroth™ Now! World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth is now available for pre-purchase through the Blizzard Shop and in-game shop! When you pre-purchase a digital copy, you’ll receive a level 110 character boost to use immediately. You can also begin the journey to unlock the expansion’s new playable Allied Races: the Highmountain Tauren, Lightforged Draenei, Void Elves, and Nightborne. And if you level an Allied Race character from 20–110*, you’ll earn a distinctive Heritage Armor set—a lasting symbol of your dedication and commitment to Azeroth. BATTLE FOR AZEROTH – STANDARD AND DIGITAL DELUXE FEATURES Battle for Azeroth is available now in two digital editions: Standard and Digital Deluxe. Here’s what comes with each: STANDARD AND DIGITAL DELUXE The complete Battle for Azeroth experience Includes level 110 character boost Pre-purchase today to use your 110 character boost, and begin the journey to unlock playable Allied Races.DIGITAL DELUXE ONLY Zandalar Gilded Ravasaur (Horde) and Kul Tiras Seabraid Stallion (Alliance) mounts Tottle, the baby Tortollan pet Hearthstone card back StarCraft II sprays Heroes of the Storm Primal Flamesaber mounts Overwatch voice lines, emotes, sprays, and icons Later this year we will announce our retail-only Collector’s Edition, featuring art, music, and lore to celebrate the release of Battle for Azeroth.Taepsilum74 1d
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22m Live Developer Q&A – Submit Your Questions The Battle for Azeroth Beta has begun! Join us live on Thursday, April 26, at 20:00 CEST, as we sit down with Game Director Ion Hazzikostas for our next live developer Q&A where he’ll be answering your World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Beta questions. You can submit your questions here in this thread or on Twitter by using the hashtag #WarcraftQA. As a reminder, please keep your questions short (40 words or less) so that we can get to as many questions as possible. We look forward to you joining us live on Thursday!Bradanvar111 22m
1d Loot Rule Changes for Transmog Runs Since the Patch 7.3.5 change to use personal loot rules in leveling dungeons, we’ve heard a lot of feedback from Transmog hunters concerned about how this has affected the ability to collect appearances from older content. We hear you, and agree it’s a problem, so we’ve been working on a more robust solution for Battle for Azeroth. Once these updates are implemented, entering a dungeon or raid that is trivial for you (i.e.: your character is 10 or more levels higher than the dungeon or raid’s intended level) will activate a “legacy loot mode.” That loot mode will work like this: The number of items dropped by bosses will be the same as it would have been if you were in a full party. So if you’re in a 5-player dungeon, you’ll get 5 players’ worth of loot. For raids with a flexible raid size (such as Raid Finder), this will act as though there were 20 players in the raid. All items on the loot table will have a chance to drop, not just the ones that are designated for your spec. If you have multiple players in the group, the loot will be split among those players, but be tradeable. For example, if you’re clearing with one other player and kill a boss that should drop 4 items, you’ll each be able to pick up two items and trade them between each other if you like. While the personal loot change was a key part of what allowed us to expand leveling dungeons to encompass a wider range of levels, and we’re happy with it in that environment, we recognize that it’s not a great experience for those who enjoy clearing older content for transmog, and hope that these changes will make that more enjoyable once they’re complete. Thanks again for all of the feedback!Aerythlea45 1d
2d Updates from @WarcraftDevs Patch 7.3 - 7.3.5 A new patch means new tweets from the World of Warcraft development team! This thread is an archive of @WarcraftDevs tweets regarding patch 7.3. ---- @WarcraftDevs is an official World of Warcraft Twitter account offering design insight and information directly from the World of Warcraft Development Team. For past updates, please refer to Updates from @WarcraftDevs - Patch 7.2.5. Aerythlea140 2d
3d Post if you want to make some in-game friends (pt2) My original thread has finally reached its posting limit. Therefore I'm redoing it. Let's face it, we all need friends in-game, whether it is to try for mutual achievements, daily HC's, LFR, PVP, WQ's etc, to ask someone if they can lend a hand with a problem, or even just to say hello to someone and chat once in a while. So if you'd like to make new friends, simply post in the same format as below. (Note, DON'T list which sex you are as it could lead to unwanted attention, likewise, DON'T give out your email address). About me: Age: 30+ Personality: Laid back and mature Side: Horde only Chars: Rogue: (DPS) Spec: Combat only (I do have an Alliance rogue as well, but its sole purpose doesn’t involve gameplay) Playing time: (at the moment) Mon-Tue, Thu-Fri: 1pm – 3 pm, Wed 1 pm onwards. Sat-Sun, on most of the day Up for: Helping you out if required and it's in my character's ability to do so, HC’s LFR, ach’s (inc Raids (new and old), HC and PVP) etc. Other interests: Many. Battletag: LadySylvanas#2676 (To add a battletag and request being friends with a person, either A: In the Battlenet client, left click on the blue person icon at the top right, it will then open up a sub column. In the top left, click on 'add friend', it will then prompt you to type (or paste in) the battletag of the person you want to be friend's with. Then click on 'send request' at the bottom left. B: In-game, left click on the yellow 'social' icon towards the bottom left of your screen. It will bring up a sub screen. Enter (or paste in) the battletag and press 'add friend'.Lswindrunner47 3d
11 Apr Datamining and Content Creation Hello everyone! As you can imagine, we’re all extremely excited for the upcoming Battle for Azeroth Alpha, and we’re delighted to see that you’re just as excited as we are. However, we’d like to take a moment to remind everyone on our stance on what methods are acceptable for creating content based on game files and which are not. The most important thing to keep in mind is that reverse-engineering the WoW server architecture in order to get the WoW client running in a private environment is not allowed. This is not only a violation of the WoW Terms of Service, but also several copyright and intellectual property laws. Content created using these methods may be subject to legal action, including DMCA takedowns and copyright strikes on third-party hosts such as YouTube and Twitch. We are aware that a few fansites and content creators have been creating custom software that allows them to view WoW models and other visual assets in an environment that is similar to WoW, but does not actually use the WoW client itself in any way. These applications are, at their core, very similar to the third-party model viewers that have been available to the community for quite some time, and in their current form, are not considered a violation. As such, these methods are considered acceptable for content creation. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation and respect toward copyright laws, and can’t wait to share Battle for Azeroth with you all once it’s ready for public testing. Thanks!Aerythlea17 11 Apr
58s 6000hours is much? How much 6000 hours of gameplay sounds to you?Wahior18 58s
5m BFA : No beta club Okay, it's time for the traditional "No beta club". Welcome here, if you don't have beta-access, but you're hoping for one and itching to play BFA :) I remember back in Legion I was initially in the "No beta club", then later got access by obtaining a key via MMO-Champion lottery. It was cool to have it, and I took it very seriously - I betatested it and filed reports all day long. But by the time Legion got released, it was already old in my eyes. What will happen if I get beta access in BFA? I suppose I'll be glad to have it. But then, I'll be more careful and play only moderately so I won't get burned out quickly. Of course, I'll file reports again. What about you? If you don't have beta access: Welcome to the no-beta club :) You've chosen or been chosen to have no access to the newest expansion yet :)Grodor37 5m
9m No Participation Rewards #NoParticipationRewards People won't be inspired to be better if they are rewarded for participation, for losing, for dying. This does not apply to higher end of players, or even the middle level of players. This has to be implemented in the beginner section, if you show rainbows and stuff and give more rainbows for failing, that person is motivated to not care and not improve cause difference between being the best and being the worst is next to nothing in terms of how you are treated/rewarded. I'm gonna give you examples to make this clear. When you die in LFR you get stronger after each wipe until you become so strong that u can defeat the boss(es) by not improving at all... 'cause you're stronger, doesn't matter if you're not good enough, they make you stronger so that u can get your thing. Before, u had to win the games in order to get your arena cap done, now you basically get 50+X free honor for losing or even not doing anything so that u can get your reward. So, you're rewarding players for not doing anything in PvP, you're rewarding people for doing nearly nothing in PvE, what are you trying to achieve? I'll give my version of how it should be, pretty sure a lot of people are curious to ask... No Participation Rewards. You lose - u get nothing, period. You die? Too bad, it will be as hard as it was, get better. No scaling. No gear, skill, or whatever? Too bad, gear up, practice, get ur mind set to it. It hurts my soul to see it like this. This used to be a game and not "let me do nothing for a while so that I can get everything already". I have a lot more to say, but I have to stop here for now. Hoping for better in the near future.Daisu31 9m
12m Blue post on BfA class design "Hello! I wouldn't call anything "locked" during testing and active development. Our development processes are as iterative as they've ever been, and we're always looking for places where we need to make further changes to meet design goals. Having said that, we're close to finished with the changes to the rotations and the look and feel for most specs. We’ve still got a few changes coming soon in the Beta to Unholy Death Knights, Frost Death Knights, and Protection Warriors. We used the Alpha timeframe to make some surgical changes to several other specs, and we're somewhat finished with that stage of development for this expansion. In the days and weeks to come in the Beta, we're going to keep a focus on how every spec plays with regard to the new itemization systems in Battle for Azeroth. While it's certainly possible that feedback on how Azerite affects a certain spec could lead us to do further development on that spec's rotation, we don't expect to need any big changes to talents that would justify the words "severe" or "overhaul". Beyond itemization concerns, there may be spots where we’ll do focused problem-solving around rotational issues (examples: “it turns out that simulations say never to use X, but X seems like it should be part of my core rotation” or “my spec is too feast-or-famine, and if I have bad luck with Y procs, I feel useless.”). As always, thank you very much for testing the Beta and making your experiences testing inform your feedback. Focused feedback is super-helpful." posted by Kaivax We told you all along that what we´ve seen in alpha is what we´ll get. If you want things to change, now is the time to be vocal about it.Alandrion28 12m
33m Quel'dorei High Elves Alliance Allied race Last thread capped at 51 pages (1000 replies) GM said to create anothor thread <3 So this is the new thread due to the other one capping, let's keep this up For the Quel'dorei! NEW April 12th, 2018: TALIESIN AND EVITEL MADE A VIDEO ON HIGH ELVES! SUPPORTING THEIR INCLUSION FOR ALLIANCE! It's Time For High Elves ... NEW April 5th, 2018: WE'VE BEEN NOTICED MY HIGH ELVEN BRETHREN AND LADIES! GET TO THEORYCRAFTING BOYS AND GIRLS! WoW Battle for Azeroth Dev Interview - Islands and Wrathion ... Note: PLEASE extend the thread cap! We don't want to spam the forums with multiple versions of these threads, just a singular place to discuss the topic! Thank you! <3 Reason for this thread: At Blizzcon, the WoW developers asked the community to provide feedback and suggestions on future Allied Races they'd like to see - this is ours! Purpose of this thread: Brainstorming ideas how to EVENTUALLY implement and diversify High Elves, so they don't step on Blood Elves' toes. We will be discussing model alterations, idle stance, animations, customization options, class selection, as well as their overall culture and story. We fully understand that if HE do happen, it won't be any time soon. Probably not until every baseline race gets an Allied Race counterpart (i.e. Worgen>Sethrak; Goblin>Vulpera). Goals of this thread: Aid Blizzard in the eventual implementation of a High Elf Allied Race, in a way that is most acceptable for the majority of the WoW community by providing ideas and suggestions. We do not want "Blood Elves on the Alliance" - those are Void Elves. We do not want to "take away an Allied Race slot" - we are aiming for further down the line, after everyone else has taken their turn. Please note: These threads have been going on for quite some time, and most of the arguments have already been had quite extensively. The below are some examples of the most common, and while people are free to post what they like, anyone making these arguments will likely not get a response. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FAQs/Common Counterarguments: “Aren’t High Elves Just Blood Elves With Blue Eyes?” Leaving the lore differences aside, model-wise, currently, yes. Blizzard has a long track record of having less developed models for races that are not currently playable. If made playable, it is very likely that these models would see some kind of revisiting to further differentiate them from Blood Elves, similar to tweaks Nightborne got in comparison to Night Elves. Common suggestions have been: changing the idle stances and animations, which would change the silhouette, a more “human”-like model modified from the current Human or Night Elf models, slimmed down, or customization specific traits like tattoos, war paints, or distinct hairstyle choices, among others. “There aren’t enough High Elves left, I thought?” The Silver Covenant, the militarized organization of Dalaran High Elves (which have recently been clarified as being more numerous than once thought), have been present for many of the Alliance’s military operations in the past several expansions and have consistently fielded numbers that would suggest there are plenty of them left. Similarly, Quel’Danil lodge in the Hinterlands and the Allerian Stronghold in Outland both show other independently organized High Elf forces that are not suffering in numbers. In addition, Stormwind has its own High Elf population. There is more than enough evidence to suggest High Elves have enough numbers to be appropriate for an Allied Race, especially compared to what has been shown as appropriate for other examples such as the Lightforged or the Void Elves. Source: In-game representation, out of game official canon text such as Chronicle Vol 3 “I don’t want to see any more elves in this game!” This is a subjective opinion, and a valid one, but not a reasonable argument against other people’s ability to ask for what they would also subjectively like to see. "What about Void Elves?” Void Elves were specifically and deliberately set up as being recent exiles from Silvermoon among the Blood Elf population. Their presence does not continue the separate High Elf story in any way and thus is not a reason for them not to be added. “High Elves = Blood Elves = Void Elves” Both the in-game lore and the out of game official canon texts have very clearly set up the Thalassian elves as a split people, and the themes of mutual High Elf and Blood Elf resentment for each other is what led to the creation of the Silver Covenant in the first place. Furthermore, Chronicle has drawn further attention to the fact on some level this split was in the process of happening before Kael’Thas even renamed those who followed him to Blood Elves: tensions existed between the High Elves who chose to live in Dalaran and those who lived in Silvermoon, the latter considering the former to prefer the company of humans over the love of their own homeland. Sources: In-game representation and lore as presented through Alliance questing, as well as out-of-game official canon text such as Chronicle Vol 3. “High Elves will cause population bleed on Horde side.” Considering Allied Races have so far required extra steps, such as having a max level character on the appropriate faction and gating behind reputations, along with the fact that Allied Races also have restricted class options (Death Knight and Demon Hunter are both very popular classes and would likely not be available), this outcome is unlikely. Adding to that, the fact that Horde edges out Alliance population-wise slightly at max level, and the fact that Void Elves, which brought the Blood Elf model to the Alliance to begin with, did not impact overall faction balance, and this is very likely not a very serious concern. Above ^ summary made by the lovely Tabasa-Earthen Ring~ Discord link for discussing High Elves: 33m
44m Battleground Veteran Achievements Hi all, Didn't find a similar thread so I decided to start a new one. So, I am a returning player interested in PVP. One of my main incentives for refreshing my subscription was to achieve the battlemaster title. However, as of right now, the grind to 100 wins per bg locks you to your current character, or in my case, the main I left off with. Which is a kinda offputting because I really don't have the urge to play this character... I am just wondering why such achievements such as the veteran pvp ones don't track account-bound like many other achievements? It's anyways just a grind, and reflects your "bg experience"... I believe not implementing this is effectively locking achievement-seeking pvpers in a little hamsterwheel, where they will keep running until boredome kicks in. Just my 2 cents!Theforce2 44m
48m Beta has started..... of nowIggwilv69 48m
52m Mission Table improvements. Missions Tables have been a very mixed back ever since WoD, however-- I believe there is a way to improve and intergrate this system into something worthwhile, rather than an expansion feature. While Legion mission tables was a large improvement from WoD, it seems like BfA's style will be an even greater improvement as I believe mission tables should be something completely optional and not something mandatory, on the same level as how pet battles are completely optional and doesn't directly affect your character improvement. The first step in my opinion would be to intergrate the mission table formula into something that expands across all expansions-- Example, make this ''new'' mission table system something that you can access from example the Hero's Call Boards spread across World of Warcraft-- To make the system interesting on an equal level of other ''optional'' things in WoW, my suggestions is to have the followers/troops, or whatever you would like to call the minions you send on missions-- To have both old and ''new'' followers/troops spread across the entire World of Warcraft in form of both new and old NPCs. As an example, imagine whatever NPC in WoW currently, within a limit of moderation, a vendor in Dalaran, or a random Night's Watch NPC in Duskwood-- Imagine that with this system you are able to interact with a specific NPC and ''recruit'' that NPC, once recruited you will have that NPC accessable for use as a follower, with its own set of abilities. Some secret followers could also be added, recruitable NPCs hidden in secret locations throughout the world-- and they could even add ''seasonal'' missions during holidays. It seems Blizzard want this system to stay going further with BfA, so let's keep it civil and discuss ways to improve this system. I would like to hear your suggestion!Mechastein1 52m
2h drop. Please help. Hello guys. I think i have problem with my warlock. I play BG`s with my warlock for about 3 months now and i have only 910ilvl. with my shaman i have only Prestige 1 and i already have ilvl 923... With shaman i get 910-920 ilvl every bg, and i even get item with 945 ilvl. With my warlock my bes item is 930 ilvl, but i play him 20x more then shaman. Is this bug or what? can i fix it somehow?Dxcore1 2h
3h Guilds + raid times. Are there guilds out there that raid in the afternoons or early mornings?Vaalac1 3h
3h What's the most you've spent on stuff ? This morning after forking out 300k for Plaguehound Leggings (an almost non existant drop from Stratholme) it got me thinking, what's the most you've spent on stuff ? Mount: 500k Lightforged Warframe. Gear: 300k Plaguehound Leggings. Toy: 425k Experimental Goblin Weather Machine.Lswindrunner41 3h
4h What kind of mount Sylvanas is going to drop ? I think a cool undead bat would be nice. Any other idea of what kind of mount is she going to drop as a raid boss ?Adelphine15 4h
4h Tips for finding an active casual guild Has anyone got any? Ive tried the lfguild thing ( useless i think?) Tried general/trade chat and got no response. Tried my realm forum (no response) Im just looking for a guild to find groups to do basicly anything. my old guild died out on my last break and now im on my own. I got into a guild where there are tons of members but no one talks or groups up for anything.Fiddler2 4h
4h The Horde is NOT evil! Seriously, I am sick of hearing that Sylvanas is the perfect Warchief because the horde needs an evil leader again. NO! just freaking no! The Horde was NEVER evil. The only race of the Horde that ever was an antagonist of the Story were the Orcs, and that was only when they were controlled by the Legion. Once they broke free or the Legion corruption, only a few cultists remained on that path. The only one in the whole WoW horde who was actually evil was... you guessed it, SYLVANAS! The black sheep who shouldnt have been in the horde to begin with. Lets have a look at the founding races of the Horde. First we have the Orcs. Yes, the orcs are Warriors. But they are honorable Warriors. They are no Killers without moral, and they value honor over anything else in Battle. Even though Humans enslaved them for generations, once they were free they didnt went on a revenge driven genocide (like some Waifu we all know), they just wanted to find a place to live in peace. Hell, they acceptet everyone to join them, who was in need of help. Found some Trolls on a sinking Rock? Join us, we have boats! Find some Cows who are slaughtered by Centaurs? Dont worry, we got your backs? Humans, Nightelves and Horde have to team up to defeat the Legion? They were the first ones to accept. Sure, there are evil orcs, but most of them are pretty ok and just want to live without being hunted or enslaved. So, next, the Trolls. They didnt even care that others existed around them as long as noone bothered them. Though they might even be the most "evil" members of the horde, since they practise Canibalism and Voodoo, even then they rarely go out of their way to rage war. Sure, if you drop in a trap made by a wild troll tribe, you are most likely done for, so we can say they are the most evil ones. Still after joining with the Horde, the Darkspear Trolls gave up their canibalistic ways without much of a discussion and are now just plain chill bros. And next, the Taurens... Do I really have to talk about the Tauren in terms of agression? Tauren are the Metalheads of Azeroth, they are big, hairy and look scary, but they are the nicest people you might ever meet. If I was to be teleported to the world of Warcraft and found by ANYONE, you bet I would want it to be a Tauren. And then... there is Sylvanas. Ok, we could say the forsaken, but the puppets are not rtesponsible for the strings the puppet master pulls. Sure, Sylvanas claims the forsaken have their own free will, but who in his right mind would trust her? Sylvanas is a Dictator, who rules by fear, intimidation and mind controle. Dont belive me? Watch a replay of the Undead Campaing in the frozen Throne. The only Allies who followed Sylvanas out of their free will were her Banshee sisters. Everyone else was either Mind Controled or threatend to follow her or die. And she slaughtered everyone who stood in her way without even trying to be diplomatic first. If you were camping on a road whe wanted to cross, she wouldnt even bother to check if you were a threat, she would kill you and walk over your corpse. How she joined the horde (Lore wise, in terms of the game its easy, she was very popular with the young males, and Blizzard wanted 4 races in each faction) is still a mystery to me and until this very day I suspect Mind Controle. And now, this Dictator rules the Horde and since shes a hot undead elve with big boob plate, so many people are cheering for her. And of course these edgy people, who want the Horde to be evil, because they want to play the evil ones... The Horde is not evil and never was, and we dont need a brutal, warhungry, genocidal leader.Mynostro15 4h
4h Question for those with SSD (Solid state drive)A Getting an SSD on Monday so wondering the benefits it offers WoW. As well as loading the desktop faster- do you notice any other difference in an SSD that involve WoW? For example faster loading screens, or loading the game itself? Also how is browsing the internet? Is that faster too?Lockhero19 4h
4h The Trenchcoat shown at Blizzcon Now we have Beta, is there any word on this coat being available to players?, It was shown on a human model next to other sets players can get from Dungeons/Questing. Can we at least get a confirmation that this set is going to be for players or NPC only like WoWhead said.Saetih8 4h
5h Weapon appearances Hello, i have a question about unlocked artifact appearances. We all know we lose artifacts in the next exp now I want to know... Those unlocked appearances... Will they be usable like every other weapon appearance in game across realm on every char that can wear that kind of weapon or only on the char we've unlocked them on?Yamonjin1 5h
5h Sylvanas rule must come to an end to be honest, im hoping blizzard removes sylvanas from power or just kills her off. ill give some good reasons too. she is an undead psycho belf killing allies to raise them as undead the race of forsaken is clearly evil. they use blight and the plague on innocent creatures. they do not serve the horde mostly serve only themselves. sylvanas does not really care for the horde, only to gain power and make sure her sick race of undead freaks grow in number. Saurfang doesn't like her, so it means she gotta go. ''the Horde is leery of the Forsaken's tactics, however, and keeps watchful eyes on them. This caution is justified. Forsaken culture is strange, a perverse combination of the lives they once knew as mortals and the mindless slavery they experienced in the Scourge, colored by white-hot rage toward the Lich King and an almost equally intense devotion to their queen. Never sleeping, eating or falling ill, abandoned by those they once loved, the Forsaken have a brutal set of priorities. A great portion of their efforts focus on dark alchemy, and the Royal Apothecary Society commands great power in Undercity's oily tunnels. The apothecaries constantly send Forsaken on missions to gather odd materials for their twisted experiments. Rumors tell that the undead creatures are working to create a plague that will exterminate the Scourge and every living being on Azeroth. Are the Forsaken evil? At times it can be difficult to tell. Some Forsaken attempt to reclaim their humanity by acting in kind and helpful ways. Others allow hatred to fester into cruelty and rage. All that can be said is that the Forsaken follow their own agendas, and the rest of the world be damned; and if they have their way, it will be. Not all Forsaken are evil, but many are, and other races definitely view them as such. A non-evil Forsaken must work hard to prove his or her neutral (or perhaps, good) intentions. Few good Forsaken exist, but many evil ones do, and their leadership is definitely up to nefarious ends.'' Hailing from the twisted, skittering darkness of Undercity, the Forsaken are nominally allied with the Horde, but serve only themselves. The Forsaken originally made allies of the Horde out of necessity and convenience. They have no love for orcs, tauren, or any other living creature but they need time to strike against the Scourge and allies to help them do it. The Forsaken claim that they joined the Horde to prove their desire to leave their evil ways behind, but no one really believes this. The Horde accepts the Forsaken's help, as they do indeed have a common enemy: the Scourge. Sylvanas rule must end! and also end the failed experiment race of hers too!Tupacisbest53 5h
5h Half Elves Can we have half elves as an Allied race? The lore makes sense for them. We have some in lore. They would bring something new to the table. They would look cool. They could be a great ending to the ever ending saga that is high elves. I just think they would make a great addition.Moritz56 5h
5h Dragon based hero class Anyone else want a dragon based hero class? There are five major dragonflights however since two already have influence on two other classes - blue=mage -green=druid I think it would be cool to have a dragon based hero class with three specs (you are not a dragon yourself you just have some of their powers) -the bronze specialization should be based around time, so naturally they should have speed boosts and lots of abilities that slow enemies, maybe speed up teamates cooldowns e.t.c. Since nobody really uses sand based magic it should be quite unique as a specialization. (Player should carry wand and off-hand) -the red specialization should be based around abilities that both heal allies while also damaging enemies, perhaps abilites such as a fiery storm that after it is calmed creates a grass field for allies to heal in. To avoid similarities or ability stealing with fire mage and resto druid it should most likely be based around summoning dragonkin to your aid, it should be a relativly weak spec dps wise however have lots of abilities that hell you in different situations (silences, crowd controll, heals, bursts and more) (player should have staff) - the black specialization should be tank like and have a blacksmith like theme manipulating weapons against your enemies and using a combination of dark and fire magic to punish your foes. The character should have relativly high health however less abilites that empower you directly such as ignore pain but abilities that can help an entire party (such as the dk anti-magic barrier before it was changed). Since the character can manipulate the earth I think the character should be able to create barriers and other objects that disencourage enemy players from walking over them or directly through them using their location to their advantage. (Player should either have fist weapons or two handed maces) What do you guys think? Is this a good idea? What could be improved? Or doe sit just completely suck forsaken !@#$%^-*s and remove the idead completely?Rooseisloose14 5h
6h Why should we pvp I ask myself this question over and over after playing a session of arena. The rewards are really bad and even if you are glad level player your gear will be worse than someone who runs normal gear. Cool rewards are locked behind ratings that are unobtainable to most people. Imagine not getting anything from raiding until you start doing mythic raids. This makes new players not even try the pvp. Blizz why should an average player ever bother with pvp? Edit: Yes, fun is an important factor but in an rpg you need more than that you need real tangible rewards otherwise 99% of people will stop quicklyVextra54 6h
6h Default settings and basic gameplay features Now, I generally advocate people to chill out when they read patch notes, give blizzard a chance ma dudes, they are a multi billion dollar company, they can't be completely incompetent. But Honestly my patience is running a bit thin. With easily abused and downright abysmal report systems, to the insane amount of bugged spell Queues in Antorus, to terrible boss design where RNG can completely wipe the raid with very few options to make up for the bad RNG (Aggramar Mythic pre nerf is a prime example with the adds spawning with random energy levels) But one thing that always anoys the living !@#$ out of me, is the default settings. why, oh god why are the default bindings, system settings, and interface settings so abysmal? no wonder new players cant keep up with veterans when they have to figure out how to do the settings first. On the alpha, i was getting super anoyed with the new nameplates, they werent showing up unless i had hit the mob or the mob hit me. then i realized blizzard just decided that turning name plates on isnt a good enough confirmation that i want the nameplates to be shown, no. you have to go into Interface -> names -> always show name plates. why does this setting exist? what did any of us do to hurt you blizzard? we do not deserve to be treated this way. make Strafing the default, none of that keyboard turning %^-*. make actions bars turned on the default. give me bindings that arent "+" and "=" that only work on American keyboards. how can every default setting be wrong to the point that anyone in the top 200k of players need to change ALL OF THEM to even play your game? Valve, pls fix.Tumle1 6h
6h Balance between classes cannot exist Balance in 1v1, or - up to 3v3, while also having different classes, cannot exist in this game or any other game. Same thing for PVE - if you want the same performance from all tanks, healers and dps, you will have only 3 classes: tank, healer, dps. And these 3 classes will all have the same skills, but with different visual effects and icons. Look at paladin, dk and dh tanks - they all have a form of "consecration", just the name and visuals differ. Example: Let's say you have a mage and a warrior. Balance for a dps role in PVE: Warrior abilities: Heroic strike, Execute, Bloodthirst, Cleave, Battle Shout, Demo Shout, Sunder armor We have problems alredy: sunder armor is an effect only a warrior can bring, and we don't want to force anyone to bring a warrior just for a special effect that class can bring. Remove sunder armor. Also - remove Battle Shout (Mage does not have it) and make Demo Shout effect for the warrior (dont want to force anyone to bring a warrior for ... Demo Shout). And so on. Mage can buff intelect - removed. Then - mage has mana, and warrior does not! Big problem. Let's make it so the mana bar is there just because it's tradition to be there, nobody will run out of mana anyway. And so on. All this in the name of "balance", because some are annoyed their class cannot do everything equal or better than the rest. Soon there will be only one class, with one skill, and there will be perfect balance. For those who want equality in PVP, (or PVE), I suggest Counterstrike, let WoW remain a RPG, where a mage is not equal to a warrior.Makorr2 6h
7h Race: please help me decide? Hiya everyone, With Battle for Azeroth, I have decided to take up my journey with the elements (be a shaman). This was after seeing what is in store for them but I have been struggling with one thing: race. I cannot for the life of me decide between a male Mag'har orc or a male Goblin. What do I like about either? For goblins I love their ethics, looks and general artitude. There's a few out there that care and then there's most that don't. I like how representative of real life that is and I like their look. However I don't like their size sometimes as I feel a little unimposing. For orcs I like their look, they are fierce, upright orcs look badass and can be aesthetically awesome looking to. However the run bothers me and they feel a little off sometimes? I know this is a very long post and I have probably over thought it but I would appreciate the opinions!Ymeera13 7h
7h Where did your name come from? What the title says :PMoritz111 7h
8h Item compare on mouse over When I mouseover an item on my bag it pops up 2 huge tooltips comparing the 2 items, essentially covering my whole bags and is really annoying when trying to just check my items without wanting to compare them to my equiped. If I remember correct, I must hold "shift" in order for an item comparison to pop, but now it pops by default :( I have disabled all addons and cleared my cache folder and still have that issue. So it is a game setting I am looking, but I cannot find :( How do I turn off the auto-compare on item hover? EDIT: I have tried the following addons to fix this with no success: Move Anything Tiptac tooltiptabs EDIT 2: ***Fixed using "AdvancedInterfaceOptions" addon :)***Fallen5 8h
8h Battle for Azeroth Beta Hi Blizz, Thanks for selecting me for the BFA beta. Unfortunately i'm not going to have a lot of spare time during the beta and i don't feel i deserve the access when there are others who could give it the full attention it deserves and may contribute some meaningful data for you. I ask if you could remove it from my account and select another user. Super excited to play on release, keep up the good work. Kind Regards.Grekshar5 8h
8h Guilds from release Hello, I am wondering, is there any guilds from release still active? I don't mean a few people in them, like legit active. And from release i mean 22 november 2004? If i remember correctly. Couldnt be bothered googling it ><Aaeero3 8h
9h Argent dawn faction change? Please move if in wrong chat area. OK I’m a relatively new WoW player. Level 47 on Draenei Spriest. Love the class but not a huge fan of my race and background. Plus since watching BfA I think horde is epic. What is it like for RP on Argent Dawn EU for Horde? I’m debating with myself a faction change, i am with a guild but not active with them. I am looking for RP fun but also end content and not a fan of the military RP I see everywhere with alliance. Also what race would you think is best and how to go about it all? Thanks all in advance.Faehde14 9h
9h Call to arms: Fix the community! The countdown has started the beta is out and I am sure as always the expansion is going to be fantastic, gameplay related. But I stopped playing the game 6 months ago because of lack in faith in the wow community. For me the game is supposed to be fun. I don't care about being the very best. I just want to have fun with PvP, raiding, questing whatever I want to do. I left the game because as well as many of my friends that the WoW Player base is failing in letting people play the game on their own terms. I returned to the game recently after 6 month. day 1 logged in, 10 minutes in the game a person starts calling me a !@#$ for not having the antorus curve achievement. I just got on haven't played since before the raid came out. I talked with some friends and they as well as I left the game because of this. We don't care if you are going for the achievements. that you want to be the very best like no one ever was. but We are some who just want to play for the fun of it. Lets all just allow each other to play as we want to play the game and not lash out on each other because we don't have a %^-*ing achievement. Thank youLîghtbringer8 9h
9h Warblood Clan I have been wanting to make an Orc Clan for a long time now, so I decided tp start today, I've made a register, and I am now signing up and will be recruiting all orcs of the horde, maybe befriending some allies. If any of you wish to judge or advice, just do so, and those who wish to join please add me on B.Net: Ophion#2234Bruisër0 9h
9h Will BFA end up like almost every other expansion? I am sure Battle for Azeroth will turn out to be a great expansion in its own right, but I am still worried that we'll just be treading the same path set by previous expansions! I worry that BFA will just follow the generic structure we've seen before. - Don't want to see the Horde and the Alliance dropping the war effort mid-charge to team up and fight some massive world-ending threat, only for that war to promptly be forgotten as "friendship and love wins the day" once the threat is ended. - Massive world-ending threat and/or the main aggressors of the expansion never truly threaten Azeroth as they are bigged up to be. Never getting off their beach-head. Bar a few skirmishes in Greater Azeroth here and there, the main Villain is always on the defensive and is never even gets to see Greater Azeroth. Illidan in BC, Kil'jaeden (twice now), the Lich King, Gul'dan, Garrosh, Grommash and the Burning Legion all had their conflicts isolated or contained within lesser parts of the world if they got on Azeroth at all. They all were on the defensive after the pre-patch events. - Please, while I do hate Sylvanas and want her dethroned so that Vol'jin's Burial Urn can be Warchief, I don't want to see the Horde yet again be the main villains. Seems that they will with Sylvanas leading them but honestly, the Alliance are just as evil! Where is the Seige of Stormwind City that the good guy Horde can conquer? Oh, sorry, I mean "liberate".Hyneken21 9h
10h Transformation of the Void Elves Can add a button like the worgen to turn into the High Elves? It would be a compromise.Nordeximus9 10h
10h addon So i was wondering why I get no people for my m+,then I heared from another player that atm there is some kinda addon for m+ ratting,I just wana say its not fair for casual and non-hardcore players,how should we now progress?Deathcöre36 10h
10h Leveling fast 7.3.5? What's the fastest way to level now in 7.3.5? I felt really confused when I got around 3% experience from a dungeon that took roughly 20 minutes to do and long time to find. ( at level 64 ) Did a couple of quests and been questing for 2 hours now without any level ups... ( I have heirlooms but is there something I am missing? )Trotz159 10h
11h Dk Presence in BfA? Are they gonna be (re)added in BfA? What do you guys think? What about warrior stance/pala auras/monk too?Shadówfròst1 11h
11h WTS Reins of the Spectral Tiger in-game Hello. Like the title suggests then I currently have a [Reins of the Spectral Tiger] for sale on Twisting Nether (EU). I would prefer the payment in gold but if you have other in-game items to trade, like other TCG items, then I'm willing to hear your offer. Feel free to whisper me in-game on Twisting Nether if you are interested. I'm online most evenings after 18:00 server time. Regards, SlushiceSlushice0 11h
11h Help me get my degree! Greetings Everyone, I am a student at Kozminski in Warsaw, Poland and I am writing my Bachelor thesis on the different communication styles of Blizzard and how they changed over the years. Along with my Thesis I have created a survey in order to find what people like about the way Blizzard communicates and what could possibly be improved in the future. You would help me out a lot if you could take 5 minutes and fill out the survey below. (I am missing just a few more answers to finish my paper) Tell me what you think about Blizzards communication style! For the survey go to the link below: and feedback is appreciated :) Thank you all in advance and have fun in game!Mirecle1 11h
11h The Untamed Blade for warriors Hi In Blackwing Lair it says in lootguide The Untamed Blade is only listed as loot for hunters. Its a two-handed sword so why doesn't it drop for warriors also? I can use it, but not get it as loot? Is this a bug?Loeve11 11h
11h New quest reward system ruined the fun for the RP community. I might be a bit late on this, but felt like writing this nontheless: I am a roleplayer. Items that look good are much more imortant to me then items that give you higher stats. Most of my characters I level up to max level and mainly gear up for RP. It used to be so that let's say I have a plate user, I would go and do some old zone quests that could reward you cloth items for example. But nowdays you can't do that anymore. You automatically get a stupid plate item and are forced to deal with it. You can't even see what other rewards you could get for other classes. There are specific cloth/leather/mail items that looked very cool and that I would pick instead of the plate I should wear. All of that would be fine if they didn't ruin it so now that as a plate user you can't even wear a cloth item and transmog it to have the look you want. I am talking purely about RP gear. So let's say I would buy a random green cloth from the AH and transmog it into the other cool cloth item I want, just so I can wear it in RP. But Blizzard has made that impossible too. Because Plate/Mail/Leather users can't transmog items anymore like they could before. I want to do a race change on my Worgen Warrior. Make her to Human. I went to do some low level questing yesterday to get a nice purple cloth shirt I wanted. Only to find out I was forced to deal with ugly low level plate bracers. I have the same cloth item(s) on another plate user (Paladin) which I have done the quests on before this rediculous change. She has the physical cloth items that I want on my Warrior before I race change her. I made a ticket, asking if they can move those items over to my warrior instead. I know the chance is slim. But man this pisses me off. This took away the fun from collecting RP gear. Some of us RP-ers like to do some low level questing to get those cool/unique looking items for RP. We are not crying for better gear and stats. All we want is to enjoy the game our own way, but that again is butchered now.Philomeen10 11h
11h boosting in trade chat getting out of control WTS ARGUS HC can summon blah blah blah so many of these messages being spammed in trade 24/7 also people selling +15. Now i dont mind those people selling services but its getting out of control. I feel like leaving the trade the chat since 95% of the messages are argus/+15 selling. 4% is guilds advertising and 1% people doing actual trades. real stats used kappa /rant offAstoni8 11h
12h Social Group chat in game? Is there way to show launcher's social group chat in game? I guess there isn't ... at least i never found it, but I don't understand whyWhisperer0 12h