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08 Sep Support for Windows XP and Vista Ending Soon As we previously announced, we will be ending support for Windows XP and Windows Vista for several Blizzard games. For World of Warcraft, we’re ending support for these operating systems in October. Microsoft ended mainstream support for these versions of Windows in 2009 and 2012, respectively, but since a segment of our audience was still using them at the time, we continued to support them. Now that there have been three major Windows releases since Vista’s release and a clear majority of our audience has upgraded to one of the newer versions of Windows, we are ready to make this change. After this time, Windows XP and Vista will not be supported and World of Warcraft will not run on them. We encourage any players who are still using one of these older operating systems to upgrade to a newer version prior to this date to continue playing. Aerythlea36 08 Sep
1h Some New Blue Faces Over the coming weeks, you’ll be seeing some new Blue accounts posting here in the forums. These fine folks are joining on to help us be more present and active in discussions with you all. Our new additions will be labeled “Forum Engagement.” While these people are Blizzard employees, they aren’t game designers and won’t be able to answer those deeper questions about topics like game balance. And no worries; you’ll still see the same names you recognize. Thanks for giving them a warm welcome! Aerythlea78 1h
1d Post if you want to make some in-game friends My original thread reached its posting limit. Therefore I'm redoing it. Firstly, please, when posting your info, press the "REQUEST STICKY" button towards the top right side of the page. If it gets enough hits, it will then be considered by the moderators to be pinned to the front page as a sticky. Generally, when a thread moves off the 1st page, it is harder for other people to notice it. So by pressing that button you are being courteous to others (maybe even absolute beginners to WoW) who may wish to use this thread at a later date than today to try and find in-game friends themselves. Thank-you. Let's face it, we all need friends in-game, whether it is to try for mutual achievements, valor cap HC's, LFR, PVP etc, or to ask someone if they can lend a hand with a problem, or even just to say hello to someone and chat once in a while. So if you'd like to make new friends, simply post in the same format as below. (Note, DON'T list which sex you are as it could lead to unwanted attention, likewise, DON'T give out your email address). About me: Age: 30+ Personality: Laid back and mature Side: Horde only Chars: Rogue: (DPS) Spec: Combat only (I do have an Alliance rogue as well, but its sole purpose doesn’t involve gameplay) Playing time: (at the moment) Mon: 12.30pm – 4.30 pm, Tue 12.30 pm – 7 pm, Wed and Thu 12.30pm – 4.30 pm, Fri 12.30 pm – 7 pm, Sat and Sun, most of the day. I do play in the evenings Mon-Fri too, but I simply never know just how much Russian-English translation work I need to do until I receive it, so evening playing time is very erratic. Up for: Helping you out if required and it's in my character's ability to do so, HC’s for cap, LFR, ach’s (inc Raids (new and old), HC and PVP) etc. Other interests: Many. Battletag: LadySylvanas#2676 (To add a battletag and request being friends with a person, either A: In the Battlenet client, left click on the blue person icon at the top right, it will then open up a sub column. In the top left, click on 'add friend', it will then prompt you to type (or paste in) the battletag of the person you want to be friend's with. Then click on 'send request' at the bottom left. B: In-game, left click on the yellow 'social' icon towards the bottom left of your screen. It will bring up a sub screen. Enter (or paste in) the battletag and press 'add friend'.Lswindrunner852 1d
5d Updates from @WarcraftDevs Patch 7.3 A new patch means new tweets from the World of Warcraft development team! This thread is an archive of @WarcraftDevs tweets regarding patch 7.3. ---- @WarcraftDevs is an official World of Warcraft Twitter account offering design insight and information directly from the World of Warcraft Development Team. For past updates, please refer to Updates from @WarcraftDevs - Patch 7.2.5. Aerythlea24 5d
1m Echoes of Domination? Hi there! I just wonder how to find out or just take a look how many of those Echoes of Domination I already got. Any other way than just viewing the price-tag-tooltip of the PvP vendor? Maybe I'm just incredibly blind, but I couldn't find anything in the currency frame. TIASmylodon1 1m
2m Where is all that prestigious stuff ? hi I have been wondering since the start of this expansion about what is actually going on with the WoW dev team ? What's up with all the good or bad - FRESH ideas from patch to patch ? When a new patch came out during WoD MoP or any other expansion, there was a ton of new ideas. Some of them were bad and some were good but the general outcome was that there was something new everytime. Did anyone notice that all content patches in Legion are the same ? I really mean it ! THE SAME There is a certain pattern used for each content patch i.e. Add world quests Add a world boss or two Add rares that aren't actually rare because they spawn every 60 second Add new graphics so it has this artificial feeling that it is new Add new rep to grind Add pointless 5 man instance like COEN or Seat of Triumvirate (no unique items / mounts / pets etc. just blank piece of artwork with monsters to kill) Add raid instance which becomes pointless to play because it gets nerfed to the ground with the X.X.5 patch. - Raid instance which is also the same in structure > 3 easy bosses > 4 medium bosses > 2 hard bosses = No surprise of any kind... We all know that this is coming Change weekly mythic + rewards back and forth from +10 to +15 and +15 to +10 On top of it, what happened to the uniqueness and prestigious stuff like Cutting edge ? Cutting edge achievements are so pointless these days that you can't even use it to determine a high end raider from a casual 3 day raider - everyone gets to kill the boss lol Why complete mage tower challenge in 900 ilvl gear if you will be able to complete it in 960+ next tier ? all that for the same reward ? ! ? ! ? ! Why complete "The chosen" achievement in 900 ilvl gear if you will be able to complete in 960+ next tier ? Whats the point ? The is no prestigious stuff in this game anymore ! Everything is available to anyone ! What is the point of playing throughout the whole expansion - paying for the sub and wasting your precious time just to be granted all that stuff at the end of the expansion for doing literally nothing ? There must be something what separates the people who complete more challenging content (when its current) from those who play this game for RP or that sort of casual stuff!! OR like it used to be prior to Legion ! Thanks for readingCollection5 2m
3m Horde should get vrykuls Barbaric race, they look great, they have a different posture to the other races and they have enough lore, are original and fit the Horde perfectly. For those saying "but they are just tall humans" So Blood Elves are slimmer humans? Orcs are buffer humans with hunched backs and green skin, Night Elves are purple taller and slimmer humans, Dwarves and gnomes are just short humans Do you know why Vrykul looks like humans? Because they are humanoid *gasp*Rektem5 3m
4m A Hypothetical Examination of.... Have anyone any idea what is this? Found it by accident in Booty Bay when was there for Pirate's Day. Looked up on web for it but there's no info at all! Any clues?Unmarked0 4m
4m Murder Has anyone ever notice that we as the players are mass murders like think about it We kill for money,gear and killing for the sake of killing.We are no better than the lich king were basically serial killers.Erah19 4m
5m Transmog items quest... So im trying to get the "Fierce Gladiator's Plate Amor". I have every piece but not the legguards or the chestpiece. Now when i put my mouse on it, it shows that i can get it from a quest. But nowhere on the internet is told where this "quest" can be started. Legguards Chestpiece Is this a mistake or is there really a quest for there?Yrolden3 5m
5m Please give flying on Argus! Hello! This is yet another thread with "enable flying" request. I've completed the entire Argus storyline on six characters, farmed whole lot of resources, argunite and everything, killed some hundred rares there, and I believe I did enought to finally earn flying on Argus. Blizzard expressed their unwillingness to enable flying, and in this thread I want to answer one of their big arguments. -- Some people enjoy not having flying. -- My answer is - great! Let them enjoy it! Is there anyone to stop them from just NOT using their flying mounts? I mean it: some people enjoy bicycles more than cars, some prefer walking over bicycles. And they use their preferred means of travelling while there's lots of different ways, which other people prefer and use. If there's people who enjoy walking, it doesn't mean everyone must abandon their driving licenses. And if you think it does, then tell me how would you feel when one day you come out to the street and there's police forcing you to follow the new rules: "Walking the pavement is prohibited, only crawling allowed", because there's few people who like to crawl? Would you feel it's fair to you and to everyone? To sum it all up: There's no one to force people who enjoy ground mounts, to use their flying mounts if they don't like it. But why everyone else has to suffer? So, Blizzard, please enable flying on Argus at exalted reputations, or for 1mil gold, or at 20th keystone of Seat of Triumvirate.Vautrin89 5m
10m When you're not playing WoW What else are you doing? Do you play other games? Do you have a specific hobby? Tell me about yourselves, o' community.Forð32 10m
15m Number of players on WOW !!! Number of players on WOW !!! so me and my friend had a discussion on how many players currently playing on WOW, he said that around 10M or at least 6-8M, and i said in contrary that it doesnt seems realistic or logic, i QUED for RBG in 6AM and i had to wait 30 mins until ppl decided its taking too long and even in 8pm the new dala doesnt feels very crowded as i would assume that a game that have millions of subs around the world... he gave 2 good points he says that in dala for example you have different phases that in every phase you can see around 100 ppls or more... second he said while you are queing you have to get into "waiting list" which sounds a lil bit unrealistic for .... ill be happy if someone can give me a reasonable explain ... im curios about it !!! P.S - Dont give the reason that in US you have this and in EU , ASIA you have that number of players... thanks...Raisitlin104 15m
17m Im a lvl 76, and kinda stuck (?) Hi, im kinda stuck on leveling Alonsus realm is kinda of a dead realm, so dungeon queue is kinda dead too. anyways, should i keep questing or try to keep queuing for dungeons? (i can only do lich king dungeons normal) Also, its kinda hard to level from above lvl 75. my gear sucks, and idk where to get better gear (click on my character icon to see stuff) any advice would be really helpful, thanks :)Jesseplays7 17m
17m Crucible is 1 big bug...Boons are crap +1 rank shadowbind on the artifact relic crucible: "Your spell damages have a chance to deal 200000 shadow damage & heal you for 200000", This doesn't work at all, it doesn't activate at all not even on chance. Killed +1000 mobs with that "+1 rank shadowbind", not 1 time this damage/heal was readable in the combat log. Again you tricked us with a bunch of "just pixels"... Crucible has nothing that works properly and no addition of anything but some ilvl, I am at level 2-2-2 -> all possible traits have zero as result. The 2 "boons" for the spauldrons: they drop barely something, even have more sargerite without it, than with it on the casual drop by skinning. Steadfast boon of the argussian, gives you 1 or times a small ammount of veiled argunite a day on mass killing mobs... Better give nothing, than people don't count on it either. Further, as people reach exalted with the army of the light, fight-surviving hardway, a nice mount is gettable... Why asking +500000k gold for it? You might aswell just be honest and putted it in the store, as people now buy wow-tokens for it... Blizz has no shame.Lyçançlaws40 17m
23m Class mounts after legion Can we get class mounts after legion? Will the argus quest lines persist? Will the Legion invasions that are required for the class mounts stay?Sneakyturtle6 23m
26m WQ reward balancing. Today I realised that if I ever do emissaries, I only do the "wanted" quests. The reason: its inteted to be a difficult enemy, thats either impossible, or time consuming to solo. Blizz inputted the LFG for wq option. And now I see, that other quests are skipped. Why? I have an option: a) join lfg, and kill the rare "elite" in 10 seconds, get the 700gold / 180M ap / 800 resource or b) Do the gathering quests, where you have to kill/gather 10/20 anything can take several minutes for half or third of the reward what other gives. hurrdurr. Its not ok! Give boring quests some love!Kraivanah0 26m
28m Who was the first person to reach level cap? First ever person worldwide, does he still play, whats his story?Ridleey7 28m
29m drediest dread lord of all the lords Jaina is the Dreadiest dread lord of all the lords of all the bread lords? The bread lord must unit to defeat the Dreadiest dread lords of all the dread lords. Jaina The Dreadiest Dread Lords of all the lords will destroy us all!Hagrîd2 29m
29m DK general, I think =) Hi everybody =) I think this is a question for the general forum, the thing is that I want to level another dk but this time he will be blood from start, the problem is that I do not remember all the dungeons in the past expansions, not by heart at least. My blood dk will have full heirloom so he can take some beating but what do I say to the dungeon party when I do not know where to go because I do not remember this dungeon? Thanks =)Magronne1 29m
31m Reputation gains after exalted are bad As I said elsewhere I like to finish stuff. After a long journey I want to get my reward, feel it was worth it, and be done with it. I want to see an empty map, after I have done every quest, and got exalted, if that is even possible this days. Or, Blizzard really wants me to burn out and get bored with the game? After grinding Suramar for flying, I got to exalted, and I thought I will do the same with the other factions in time, only when the emissary is up, to get whatever they give at exalted, then - finally feel I have completed one side of the game, and turn to others, there is a lot to do. It's about the feeling of completion, I do not even care about those mounts. You can invent another mechanism if you want to give us random chances, why link them to reputation? Can't have that. The grind is endless, I have not completed anything (chance is I never will - not even this side of the game that was simple in the past), and I feel totally bored with the game. Is this what you call "content"?Laforge18 31m
34m Void/light classes So as far as our history goes in Legion, and considering the diferente NPC choices going on, for exemple, people who choose to submit themselves to the void powers, like alleria, or defenders of the light like Turalyon, there seems to be a trend going on between light and dark, and i wonder to myself, maybe that´s what´s gonna happen on the next expansion, Void classes, or for exemple, instead of an artifact, your character will have to choose between wielding the void or the light power, opening a new talent tree to further enhance your class. Basically it would work like the artifact talent tree but with traits related to the choice you made at the beginning of the new expansion. Because up until now, it seems like a choice based story we have going on at the moment, so that choice may continue in the next expansion. At least, that´s what´s looking like to me, what do you guys think?Morgulin3 34m
50m Stop the Flying achievements I just came back to wow and i cant believe Blizzard did this Again, listen for once, NO ONE likes this... I got to a point that im not even reading the quests anymore, im in Suramar, picking up all quests and doing them..... i have no idea why i am killing this guys, why im picking up this things or why the F*ck they need mana..... You know why i don't know any of this? because questing was taking to long " i was reading every single quest"..... and i need flying... and whats the fastest way to get the loremaster achievement ? just do the damn quests and stop caring about the lore. This is am RPG and im not even reading the quests.... Reputation grinds are boring as hell.... Leave the Achievements for the players that ACTUALLY want to do them...i don't care about achievements, i want to get to max level and buy the ability to fly, that's my reward for getting to max level, it was always like this before the Damn Warlords of Draenor and now this expansion.... The pathfinder achievements are killing this game for me, im not having fun doing them, it stopped me from enjoying the quests because i have to rush them and it actually makes me want to stop playing. If this continues, honestly im not playing the next expansion, everything was sooo good until 110 and now im not having fun at all. Yes im just 1 player and you wont even feel it, but hey, its one player less. Stay well.Fábio43 50m
59m The last 3 expansions has taught me Too bad i didn't learn this lesson sooner enough. But is there really a point to playing through a whole expansion anymore ? You know there is just going to be a GG catch up system every 3 , 6, 9 months down the line. With all the gated content , not gated any longer. Flying will be avaible to you . So my point is, should we just be playing the first month of the expansion , unsub and come back at the end of it's life cycle ? Yeah but you miss out on curves Bilban . True , but since they are meaningless these days since most people seem to buy the feat of strength rather than earning it. Loot has become so meaningless , because you can put all that effort into get that sweet loot right ? Wrong just wait and sit it out boom , easy loot for all and everyone. Why can't we just go back to how it was in old TBC days ? Remember hitting level 70 and your threshold was just doing heroic dungeons and t4 and move on. No idea why Blizz thinks it's so important to trivialize content so quickly ? What would be wrong with having guild pushing through EN ? Why does everyone have to have access to the tomb of Sargeras ? Gives us a ceiling to reach , instead of handouts. I'm really thinking next expansion to just level up my chars. Unsub and come back 4-5 months before the end of the expansion. Anyone starting to feel that way ? I feel this game isn't about expansions anymore , we are just playing patches if that makes sense.Bilban37 59m
1h Buff the Paraxis! It feels like the Paraxis is a little underpowered if you can ignore the zone-wide yell telling people to get back to safety. I mean, you can run around in circles on a mount and the Paraxis wont be able to hit you. Is there any chance the Legion could use more accurate artillery for their ships? Otherwise defeats the purpose of the warnings.Ursarvis22 1h
1h Best Class Order Questline HI folks I was wondering, I want to start a new char, and I want to base by decision entirely on the best order hall questline. PS - may also include Artifact questline. Any help here?Kairijo6 1h
1h Class hall annoyances. Why do warlocks need 3 people to do ritual of doom? Other class hall fights (that I have seen) require only 1 like for example DH can solo it. It is very slow to get people group for it. I'd like to collect destruction appearance from it, but its painful to try gather 3 people for it when I could just solo it. Blizzard fix it, ok?Sharganeth23 1h
1h Loot for nothing, epics for free Quote from Asmongold pretty much sums up WoD and Legion Edit: If I would have posted this a year ago, I would have gotten a lot of negative feedback. I'm glad more and more people agree that character progression is gone in modern WoW because then Blizzard might rethink their decisions. Btw, I don't care what color the item is, why are some of you arguing about that? There's no reason to care if an item is blue or purple and it seems like no one cares about that too. It's funny how some people just start talking about that because they have a presetting to start hating. I wrote "epics" because you can get good enough gear to clear ToS without any effort.Xzard57 1h
1h WoW performance I've been pondering. How is it ok for a game in 2017 to be bottlenecked by running 1 core on 100 % and leaving the other 11 just sorta half idle? Like, this expansion really shows it. You wanna do all these things with the game but when that game starts to struggle on even beasts of machines, something kinda needs to happen. There just have to be more engineers at work to get proper multi core support in. Not much for discussion I guess, just a rant after flying through Val'shara today.Gilherad31 1h
1h Will WoW end before going back to the Moon? Just got curious... about whether World of Warcraft will continue existing until humans return back to the Moon :)Lightmane7 1h
1h DK DPS Hi everybody =) I have a question about my dk, I seem do to something wrong with the unholy spec since the blood spec do more dps than unholy :/ According to ice-veins, strength is number one and the other stats is less important and I built my dk according to that, maybe I am messing up something in the rotations, any tips are welcome, thanks =)Magronne2 1h
1h Lucid Nightmare Riddle maze (plz remove) Change it to make it easier please especially for those like me with learning difficulties or just remove it altogether Ive had friend tell me they completed it but it took them a good large chunk of hours & myself having a job and also ending up having to leave the computer for one reason or another I can't dedicate a good chunk of hours & I really don't want to end up working on it something taking me away from it then having to start from scratch all over again plus it's NOT healthy to stay on a computer for as long as that, the only thing I can think of is getting a friend to logon to my account & do it for me but I won't becasue I think that violates Blizzard policy from what I undersand..... :(Qarinah32 1h
1h "not for you" tichondrius achievement bugged title. doing this in nighthold seems to be bugged, cause i avoided the damage and still dint get it. screenshot included where skada shows no damage from the ability. before any blue starts linking me bug report, i just did it, and also made a ticket, though i doublt it will help me. Defeat Tichondrius in The Nighthold without taking any damage from Echoes of the Void on Normal difficulty or higher.Crashandburn5 1h
1h At least TRY and avoid armour clipping. The new Priest PvP and raid set really has an eye-sore of a clipping issue. When wearing the chest it clips in what can only be described as an absolute visual monstrosity if you have a character with long hair. My character is a female human and it's doubly unfortunate given how amazing the set actually looks. Would it not simply be a more simple way around this problem by designing armour in a way that doesn't clutter around the head and hair areas? With the obvious exception of helms. If you want a fancy collar, link it to the head, not the chest or shoulders.Daecimus1 1h
1h argussian reach not enough quest I try to do this on my alts but will not do the story again and only has 2 wq. Why blizzard. Let the alts see the same as you main so you dont need to do all the !@#$ story again.Pandime5 1h
1h its raining eggs atleast for me im at 6 eggs already hows the drop rate for everyone else ?Evilbefall22 1h
1h Horde vs Alliance Let's see why you enjoy more Horde than Alliance , or Alliance than Horde! I'd say - Durotar iz just moar epic than Elwynn ForestRazer198 1h
2h Ivory Talon - Talon's Vengeance Rep Grind This item allows you to kill players in PVP or Falcosaur zones for Marks of Prey to grind rep with this faction. So i'm trying to grind the above rep in PVP zones around Broken Isle and people are sending violent whispers before ignoring me. First of all you are in a PVP zone. If you don't like fighting other players don't do PVP, that simple. Second I hate the design of this item, yes it's the Legion equivalent of the Timeless Isle rep for Bloody Coins but you can literally farm a PVP zone and kill anyone at any time. It promotes ganking, I hate it just as much as anyone else but there's no other way to get this rep until you hit Honoured where you get the Battleground equivalent item Ivory Feather. PLEASE make the Ivory Feather require Friendly reputation or replace the Talon with it. World PVP right now is a mess and nobody enjoys it, would much prefer to fight with a template.Devilcurse5 2h
2h Regarding Dual reputation WQs in Argus A blue had said about how several WQs that say Armgy of the Light also give reputation with the Argusian Reach but they are limmited by the system and cannot put both names on the WQs. I suggest that any Army of the Light WQs that also give reputation to the Argusian Reach to be edited to say Argusian Reach since this is the reputation most people desperately want (for the flute, the mounts, the enchant and the title)Eosferon2 2h
2h archeology Question Hi guys :) Well im trying to farm zin'rokh destroyer of worlds on my paladin (retri) and was wondering whats the best way to get it?Drops via Troll fragments, Would it be better farming in WoD or just kalimdor? (my archeology is still low btw (250ish/700) Ty in advance :PNyonk3 2h
2h Dead realms Something really needs to be done about the dead (low population) realms. I am currently playing on ER and it is linked with DMF. Honestly even with the easy group finding for realm quests it is so, so quiet in the main. Go to do some auctioning NO ONE in SW that I can see. Nope not a soul... Hang around in the vindicar at peak times and see only 3 other players... I thought I would also have a look at the peak popular areas at the moment and I stood around an Argus invasion... Guess how many people I saw in 10 minutes? 7 yes 7. Stuff on AH doesn't sell and next to no random and wonderful encounters with RPers. It has been so long since they did a bit of merging and I can't afford to move my characters at AD at £19 a pop. A huge part of the game is missing and it's forcing me out of love and interest with the game. My only other option? Put my time and effort into rerolling and losing all my hard work? I just expect so much more and a general buzz and liveliness in the game. I really think changes need to happen whether it is; More merges Removal of realms with the offering of free transfers Free migration to ER/DMF Bonuses for new players e.g. xp boosts for picking that realm I'd like to hear your thoughts :)Lillabelle61 2h
2h Account Wide Reputation So... This is gonna be a marmite topic, but I think most people will likley agree with this opinion still lets see how it goes... I have been playing Wow, since around patch 1.4-5ish vanillia time and for the longest of times ive found reputation to be a pretty chore heavy thing from the start. But never, and I do mean *never* has it become more prominantly bad, than in Legion. Legion to me only prooves reputations value has become both outdated, and somewhat tedious. Rep grinding is no longer fun the way it was in the good ol' days of tabard farming or mob grinding where it was possible to choose your pace of rep grinding. The forced world quest caps and limittations simply make it impossible to continue progress, making the entire thing unfun. Then your expected, to do this 12 times on your alts, and assuming you have others on additional servers, even more times on them. Alt friendly content has to be a focus of the future of wow, after the tediousness that was artifact farming (finally addressed in 7.3) but rep farming, is one of these problems. I honestly believe the time has come in wow, to make rep farms, account wide. No more individual farms, just one, big, account wide rep for every character, including pvp reps. I think this is honestly more of a good thing than a bad thing, in yesterdays wow back in the vanillia days maybe rep farming on alts had a purpose, todays wow however, does not. Most of it is mounts, and toys, most of the gear, is niche and meaningless. Which only makes the point more straightforward, rep grinding, is old, dated, and needs to change.Miranía9 2h
2h i feel betrayed why....just tell me why....Pettaimingxd9 2h
2h Best items to overcome chartransfer gold cap? Hi guys What are the best items to buy on my current and sell on the target realm with the gold that exceeds the 250k gold cap for the character transfer? In WoD, there were these honor tokens that granted 1k honor, but now I cannot find any items that sell fast and at a stable priceDecsis13 2h
3h Archimonde's case Prior to defeating Kil'Jaeden in Tomb of Sargeras I realized how shallow Archimonde's end was. He was literally pushed into Gromm Hellscream place as Dreanor last boss and received no spotlight at all. Kil'Jaeden had huge part in dreanei arc and how he hunted them for millenia but was Archimonde that was huge part of Burning Legion arc we had since Warcraft 3 and I really had hoped that Blizzard would bring him back for Legion so we could have two Legion commanders in one expanssion which would be EPIC. I just want to say that it saddens me how every meaningfull character becomes shallow water just to fill the glass when it's needed and then *poof* cya. And now in the upcomming raid we have Argus The Unmaker as the last boss of a expanssion. Last boss of a Legion expanssion is character that didn't even existed before Legion, has no "real" backstory and is a random forced into villain character instead of Sargeras. Save the lore Blizzard before it's too late.Zarundil11 3h
3h Blizzard, I had enough of this Yep. And I don't mean raids, content void or something like this, I am more upset about much more subtle things. Old content. More precisely, Tol Barad. As a fellow horde who plays on obviously horde realm (Draenor) I want to get to that Tol Barad for that one quest and also to get more reputation (I have the tabard but wait, I can't use it on other chars because I somehow need rep from that, farming rap on the other part of the isle takes forever). And what happens? I am alone versus at least 3 scumbag alliance players. One time I can understand, but I have been trying to win a single Tol Barad battle for last 8 hours and guess what? Nothing. I always was alone, nobody is willing to help but there must be somehow more alliance players. How? I am on horde realm, hello? You know how impossible it is to win Tol Barad while outnumbered? For not giving a single **** about old content but only make it worse and force us to get through it while it still is impossible you have lost all of my respect. Even skill doesn't matter here since for some reason in the obvious PvP zone the templates don't work at all like in the normal wPvP. Some specs with their legendaries are just immortal, I can't do a thing about that.Stealgar8 3h
3h Glorious reward for Prestige level 20 Thanks god! finnaly I feel prestige like almost everyday u should do "PVP" quests, join tons of garbage battlegrounds and there we go! level 20 for GLORIOUS REWARD: MARK OF HONORS HAHAHHAHAHAHAH /slap devsKonhoota13 3h
3h How would you fix ingame economy? Updated first post to build in the valid points, and so new readers dont have to go trough pages. I realised my true goal is not the see smaller numbers in the wallet. I would like to see fun ways (yes, in plural) to do something with the gold. 18/09/2017 With a 100% guarantee we can say, WoW gold is hyperinflating. Everything drops gold, or if not, some "gray items" that you can sell for a lot of gold. Materials can be traded to gold, items worth tons of gold. If you are on maximum level, instead of xp you get gold. And you can send your followers to get more direct or indirect gold. Some people say that inflation isnt really on, because its true that you get more gold, but you have to spend more as well. Like a mount in argus costs 35k each. I do not agree with this. It is true that prices escalates, but first: it doesnt escalates the same rate as the spending. Just because you gt 1200 gold from a quest instead of 800, the prices in AH arent really changed. New items and consumables been introduced, but the farming methid is the same. The old 150 gems are expensive now, because the demand is lower, and the new 200 stat gems are on the same price as the old one. Because the mechanic to get it is the same, your material / hour speed is the same. But the gold/hour rate is incrased, so the prices will rise. Second problem the new currency. Every content comes with a new currency, and an npc that sells you item for it. Cosmetic upgrades and collactables are a once / ACCOUNT now. And the loot is like the lottery from diablo games (again... world of diablo...): buy an item, and hope that you get your favored stats + a titanforge. Thats your game of argus: farm shards, and buy an item slot untill you get a desired upgrade. However while spend the new type of currency, your goldpool only incrases. A shard+ gold would slow the problem again. Seems its a badly favorised idea to intoduce a new currency like diamond/platinum or something else. Or some people recommending purging method and wallet resets. The reason this won't help anything because it doesnt matter if you are gathering platinum from now on, or giving a monthly taxcollecting day, it helps the same way as flushing your toilet. Eventually it will be filled up again. Just because youre gathering platinum, the platinum you gather will be hundreds of time more than what you spend. Still... a platinumcoin would be a good soft reset but only with the new maintainence cost mechanics. But only if people cant change platinum from gold. Tax collecting would be an easy way to abuse. More people suggested that rich players should be taxed. Well... just like in real life, people will avoid tax. Anyone who would see that their wallet would be purged, targeted by gold, they would just buy the AH out, and change their gold into anything else thats not targeted by the collectors. Sorry to say it, but only stupid, offline and unsubscribed people would be damaged by this. And you cant change the world by hoping that people are careless. So... there are few thing that takes gold out of the system is just not even close enough. Theese are - repair cost - auction 5% cut - taxi service - and some collectables that you only need to buy once, but since they're only cosmetic upgrades most people not buying it. The game had many hidden goldsinks expensions ago. Its not like gathering gold in vanilla was so extremely hard, but each of your character had their own maintainence cost, that people forgot, or didnt even realised. These where the RPG elements of the game: - catalysts for buffs rouges poison, shaman totems, priest candles, etc - ranged weapon ammunition or durrability - trainers that tought your new or next level spells - proffessions needed materials from npc. I'm sure people will and can find some other "maintainence cost" that has been removed. So again... we are back to the problem, that each expension blizz incrases the gold reward and introducing new way to get gold. They have to. What would be the point of go to the new content if the best way would be in any old content? But the way of getting rid of your money become less and less each expension. One of the best feature of the game was the accountwide collecting. But it inflated the economic problem. Dont get it wrong. I made suggestion post to merge account even more. Instead of handling individual characters, one account should be a group of heroes. It is not fun to do the same quests 10 times, or relog to my 850 geared character for cooking recipes, just because my shaman has rank3 cooking recipes, but in the meantime I changed to priest. But with accountwide collecting, again... goldspending dramaticly decrased. Ok... bit exagarated becase who was so hardcore to buy every mount for every character? Still I hope you see the point of this. Another cut of maintainence cost. The players gold income and spending are imbalanced. You get materials from nothing, or you can trade your Bloods for material, or if you have those type of profession, you can multiply your gold easily. Even if you just check your personal balance, for a semihc pve you need 7k gold / week, and thats 2 stack of food, 5 flask, some repaircost, and possibly 1 enchant or gem, IF you get an item upgrade that needs anythig extra. On the other side, without struggling you can get 10-15k+ extra doing only emisseries. At least thats my balance, and i gave up all type of professions, since I got fed up with the scratchcard system. So this way the gold you spend isn't going out from the system, it just wanders to other players. Some would say theres the buying game time for gold, but there you give gold to the player to someone who pumped irl money to the game. If theres less people who sell their gametime, the wow token price will go higher and higher. So again... that's just transfering money to someone else. So there are players like me, who barely do anything, still have an avg 25-35k gold on each of my characters, and I dont even bother to send my troops on gold quests, or putting any efforts to get gold. It's just appear after a couple of hours of play. In the meantime guildmates telling me, that if you do put some effort in, you can get 500k in one week, and after that, you just rotating your money for more profit. Not to mention the lovely alchemist with their up-to- 20x proc from 1 portion or material... IF you are one of those lucky people who reached rank3... Still... Prices are rising, and quite a while ago you cant even buy anything for gold. Thats why every content patch comes with its own individual shard/token/valor/etc... with timegates, etc. Some people are attacking the WoW token system. I have to defend the idea, because you see it the wrong way. WoW tokens true purpose is to get rid of goldsellers. You can legally buy gold. And goldsellspammers disappeared from the game. or... they replaced by boostsellers. Thats why the Boosting scheme is my suggestion aswell. WoW token is like stockmarket. The price depends on demand. If more people would buy gold, than people who try to get rid of it the WoW token price would go down. In europe the WoW token is 250k in US its 180k-ish. Dont think america has less farmerbots. Its just there are more people who buys gold instead of using farmmethods. The idea to turn your WoW gold into any blizzuniverse microtransaction is an amazing idea. But it wont help anything in the Warcraft universe. Or it makes things worse, that the economy is designed that it has to produce money for the blizzverse... The game needs more thing to make the money disappear. So some ideas: Housing: Not garrison. I know once blizz stated that they don't want housing system, since every other mmo has one, and they want something unique, not copying others. Garrison was a disaster. The basic idea seemed to be awesome, that your not a gardner with a legendary plow, but garrison was a moneyprinter. I even read that some people still using it for a reasonable extra gold income. Housing is to take the money away. A personal instance, where your friends can walk in put your trophies out. You have to pay rent, and buy special items into to get some open world bonuses: A bed, for better/longer rest bonus. Firepit for open world hp/manareg The list could go on. The higher your house quality is, the more rent you have to pay. Or unlocking it like we did at garrison. make your own profession station, where you can play your more interactive way of doing proffessions. Or... low rent, but burglers and bandits could steal your belongings. So you have to hire guards. The point is, unlike garrison where every step of yours is a guaranteed succes, you could lose here, but you still want to maintain it, and put efforts into it. guild hall Guild AH, bank, teleports, minigames, etc... To create your own social hub. Here i'm a but out of ideas, since guild size are unlimited, and we've seen it expensions ago that because of the guild perks, everybody wanted to be a GM. But I'm sure pople can come up with ideas that can be fun, balanced, and creative. All I can think about is feasts and cauldrons could be available for guilds only. So members putting ingredient into the bank, and the npc creates it for officer request. "Special booster buff" Boosting groups becoming more popular. And people are using it. Some people paying 200k gold or irl money for a Curve achievement. How about give an ingame way to do it? First my issue with 4 raid difficulty. Sounds good, but there a massive problem with it: theres mythic difficulty, and 3 boosting raid. ("lfm ToS hc 930+" now) Put a level cap on the raid. If you enter a raid the system would every item of yours as it woult be the designed entrance level. Example: ToS norm, your max item is 900. You have to learn the tactic of the boss, you dont have the luxury to ignore the mechanic with brute force. So sad to see spellblade in NH died before her 1st elemental cast... So players need to gather some skills. OR... And heres the buff part. Raidleader could ask for "booster buff". Lets you to approve your ilvl for 1k gold/ ilvl. (numbers can be tuned, the point is the mechanic) To be more precise if you have a 970 legendary, that would be +70, but if you have a 860 neck, that would be -40. This way you couldnt "upgrade" your existing loot. Before you go to the instance you have to lock your gear id, so no gearchange, or going in naked than dress up. And it could be even a mythic run way, that you would see what the boss dropped for you (so you can decide to roll bonus loot for it) but you wouldnt get the loot untill raid is dismissed. Same for scaling. If raidleader wants 2/3/9 that it has to stay like that. So if you want to go ToS norm in 930,that you have to pay 30k gold (price can change) unless you want to play the boss on 900 downscale. You have to pay the money for an npc, and that money would go to a pool. And would be reduced after each bosskill. This way leaver, kickers cannot abuse the system. The RL could put a limit that he want a "920 ToS norm". In this case even if youre 940, you could raise your instance ilvl to 920, so you dont have to pay twice amount of money just because you are greatly overgeared and want to help your friend. However if you are undergeared, you still have to put the money in. If the payment is too high, you either look for a group for a free entrance, but upper limit cap, or you are paying to getting boosted by overgeared teammates. Its still raidleader decision, and a readycheck can be a vote about the raid agreement. (and this is what actually happening. most 920+ group have a few 880 geared player, you can see wher things are going) This is not about ToS, im just using it for example. This could be a reversed AH. 5% cut could go to the raidleader, and the rest of them out of the system. So the system would be about: free entrance - higher items downgraded - show the skills show the money - you can hit the boss with your "credit card" if you want to. Exception is mythic only (even old ones), since thats the designed way of the boss and gives the best loot. Lower difficulties already have turned off mechanics and tuned downed bosses, so the free entrance is easier anyway. It's only to legalise the insane requirements of pugs, and get some gold out of the system. OR simple but harsh way - npc-s should not drop gold. Remove gold from the droplist, only ingredient and grey items would drop Let me hear your ideas to stop this inflation.Kraivanah84 3h