08 Nov World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Azeroth paid a terrible price to end the apocalyptic march of the Legion’s crusade—but even as the world’s wounds are tended, it is the shattered trust between the Alliance and Horde that may prove hardest to mend. As this age-old conflict reignites, join your allies and champion your faction’s cause—Azeroth’s future will be forged in the fires of war. In World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, you must declare your allegiance. ----- Trailers and Media: World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth - Cinematic Trailer World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth - Features Trailer ----- Recruit Allied Races Explore Azeroth as one of six new playable Allied Races, including four you've encountered in your campaign against the Legion. Embark on a quest to earn their favour and unlock each race, adding their strength to your faction. Create a new character and complete the full leveling experience to earn a distinctive Heritage Armor set. Learn more about Allied Races here. New Continent - Kul Tiras As a hero of the mighty Alliance, journey to the seafaring kingdom of Kul Tiras, home of Jaina Proudmoore. Untangle a web of betrayal and dark magic as you encounter power-hungry pirates, witches wielding death magic, mystical sea priests, and more. Explore the stony peaks of Tiragarde Sound, trek across Drustvar’s high plains and red forests, and navigate the intricate inland canals of Stormsong Valley as you convince this fractured kingdom to join your cause. New Continent - Zandalar Prepare the Horde for war by recruiting the ancient empire of Zandalar. In this troll-dominated territory, ancient evil waits to be unleashed on the world as you battle crazed blood-troll worshipers, gargantuan dinosaurs, and titan constructs. Discover Zuldazar, the oldest city in Azeroth; unveil the bleak swamps of Nazmir; and traverse the deadly deserts of Vol'dun. Plunder Uncharted Islands Set sail for the previously unmapped isles of Azeroth. Battle in groups of three as you race against cunning rival intruders—or enemy players—to collect the island’s resources. Constantly evolving challenges await as you traverse frozen landscapes near Northrend, open the gates of an abandoned Gilnean castle, navigate a war between elementals and more. Storm the Warfronts Head to the frontlines and take part in a large-scale 20-player cooperative Warfront to claim a key strategic location. Build up your faction’s forces, lead the charge as your troops lay siege to the objective, and battle the enemy commanders as they make their last stand in this new PvE mode inspired by classic Warcraft RTS battles. Infuse Armor with Titanic Might Take control of the Heart of Azeroth—a legendary neck piece entrusted to you by Magni Bronzebeard. Imbue it with Azerite, an invaluable resource that’s emerged in the Legion’s wake, to customize your armor with new powers and traits. Enter a World Divided New Level CapStop the spread of the Blood God’s corruption, unearth the secrets of a lost titan vault, and much more as you quest to level 120. New Dungeons and RaidsFight through all-new dungeons like the golden city of Atal’Dazar, and the outlaw town of Freehold! Character BoostAdvance a new or existing hero character to level 110 instantly, and be ready to join your new allies in battle! CommunitiesFind adventurers who share common interests through in-game Communities and join cross-realm social groups. Aerythlea0 08 Nov
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16h Updates from @WarcraftDevs Patch 7.3/7.3.2 A new patch means new tweets from the World of Warcraft development team! This thread is an archive of @WarcraftDevs tweets regarding patch 7.3. ---- @WarcraftDevs is an official World of Warcraft Twitter account offering design insight and information directly from the World of Warcraft Development Team. For past updates, please refer to Updates from @WarcraftDevs - Patch 7.2.5. Aerythlea82 16h
3d Post if you want to make some in-game friends My original thread reached its posting limit. Therefore I'm redoing it. Firstly, please, when posting your info, press the "REQUEST STICKY" button towards the top right side of the page. If it gets enough hits, it will then be considered by the moderators to be pinned to the front page as a sticky. Generally, when a thread moves off the 1st page, it is harder for other people to notice it. So by pressing that button you are being courteous to others (maybe even absolute beginners to WoW) who may wish to use this thread at a later date than today to try and find in-game friends themselves. Thank-you. Let's face it, we all need friends in-game, whether it is to try for mutual achievements, valor cap HC's, LFR, PVP etc, or to ask someone if they can lend a hand with a problem, or even just to say hello to someone and chat once in a while. So if you'd like to make new friends, simply post in the same format as below. (Note, DON'T list which sex you are as it could lead to unwanted attention, likewise, DON'T give out your email address). About me: Age: 30+ Personality: Laid back and mature Side: Horde only Chars: Rogue: (DPS) Spec: Combat only (I do have an Alliance rogue as well, but its sole purpose doesn’t involve gameplay) Playing time: (at the moment) Mon: 12.30pm – 4.30 pm, Tue 12.30 pm – 7 pm, Wed and Thu 12.30pm – 4.30 pm, Fri 12.30 pm – 7 pm, Sat and Sun, most of the day. I do play in the evenings Mon-Fri too, but I simply never know just how much Russian-English translation work I need to do until I receive it, so evening playing time is very erratic. Up for: Helping you out if required and it's in my character's ability to do so, HC’s for cap, LFR, ach’s (inc Raids (new and old), HC and PVP) etc. Other interests: Many. Battletag: LadySylvanas#2676 (To add a battletag and request being friends with a person, either A: In the Battlenet client, left click on the blue person icon at the top right, it will then open up a sub column. In the top left, click on 'add friend', it will then prompt you to type (or paste in) the battletag of the person you want to be friend's with. Then click on 'send request' at the bottom left. B: In-game, left click on the yellow 'social' icon towards the bottom left of your screen. It will bring up a sub screen. Enter (or paste in) the battletag and press 'add friend'.Lswindrunner944 3d
08 Dec Terms of Service Violations in Antorus As you’ve seen over the course of Legion, we’ve been consistently increasing our actions taken against Terms of Service violations used to give an unfair advantage in raid and dungeon content. These violations include selling raid clears for real money, sharing accounts between members of the same raid team, and similar behaviors prohibited under the ToS. With Mythic Antorus about to open and the world first race ready to begin, we felt it was important to give a reminder of our stance on these issues, as well as a warning that we will be actively monitoring and taking action against those who participate in such behavior to gain an early progression advantage in Mythic Antorus. We’re excited to see how our top players progress through Mythic Antorus in the weeks to come, and want to ensure that the experience is as fair as possible for everyone participating. Please keep this in mind as you begin to work your way through the Burning Throne, and best of luck! Aerythlea13 08 Dec
30 Nov Antorus, the Burning Throne Release Schedule It’s been an epic few days for World of Warcraft, including the announcement of the Battle for Azeroth expansion at BlizzCon, but there’s one more announcement we didn’t get to: when you’ll be able to enter Antorus, the Burning Throne. We’ve now finalized the upcoming raid’s release schedule and are pleased to share it with you today! Antorus, the Burning Throne Release Schedule • November 29: Normal and Heroic difficulties • December 6: Mythic difficulty and Raid Finder wing 1 • December 20: Raid Finder wing 2 • January 3: Raid Finder wing 3 • January 17: Raid Finder wing 4 Additionally, Legion PvP Season 5 will end and Season 6 will begin the same day that Antorus opens on Normal and Heroic difficulty (November 29). Good luck! Aerythlea27 30 Nov
8m Change Titanforging in BfA We think Titanforging should be capped by 10 ilvl's from the base itemlevel. This way you can still rerun the raiders for slightly better gear but now it wouldn't make as much of a impact. The way the current system is kills progression and rewards luck over effort. the other thread got lost.Postura234 8m
12m Why not Kobold-forged? As a means of making looting a boss more exciting blizzard introduced us to war- and titan-forging, so that you never quite know what you are going to get. This makes me wonder why we don't extend this mechanism and have 'kobold-forged' where items would be 5, 10 etc item levels lower then their usual power. This could really add some spice to the gearing process as you are wonder if its worth equipping a piece that has good stats but is 20 item levels lower then usual. This would be an excellent addition to BfA.Froody21 12m
14m Best way to farm gold? I've tried finding some YouTube videos but most have been click bait and not useful at allZillâ10 14m
25m Don't like Legion, don't expect to like BfA From all I have seen regarding BfA the expansion is almost just a major patch to Legion. They are not redesigning the specs. They like the current titanforging system. They like the current world quest system. They like the 4 difficulty raiding system. They like the mythic+ system. They like the PvP system. They like the AP farming system. (now in a neck instead of a weapon) Nothing is pointing to anything of this changing. Let's also not forget how the expansion stops the focus on classes so there won't even be the class specific questlines and artifact spec specific stuff, less content if you don't like the current Raiding or PvP. If you enjoy Legion, good for you, really. If you don't enjoy Legion, I would not get my hopes up for BfA.Yukihyo48 25m
30m Realm & character limit increase option Hey, been wondering for a very long time about the number of characters you can have per account and per realm. Just to clarify, I'm troubled. I am what you call an alt-aholic and yes I've been taking lot's of expensive therapy sessions, but to no avail. Now I know there's always the option of creating another account to "dodge" this problem, but on the long run, it costs quite a lot of money to support 2 World of Warcraft accounts, not to mention how much more difficult it gets to keep up with the progress. So my questions/suggestions are: -Do you still have no plans on increasing the 50 characters per WoW account?* *If not, why not allow us to "add" more characters on our currently limited WoW account, by purchasing more "space" for characters? Make it a one-time extra purchase, instead of forcing us to keep subbed on multiple WoW accounts. It would still make you a buck. -Do you still have plans to continue increasing the amount of characters you can have per realm?** **So far we've gotten an extra character slot per realm as new classes have been introduced, but this takes me to the initial problem; it doesn't help if you're already maxed at 50. I really hope there can be a new system where you can add more characters for the new classes, without having to lose an old character for it in the progress.Gaustrofobia1 30m
53m Raid lockout Is anyone selling raid lockouts? On horde side.Triwena0 53m
56m How can humans be the most popular race? Humans seem to be the most popular race in WoW according to statistis. I've always found them to be the most boring race. You are a human irl, why so keen on playing one in WoW instead of a troll or a worgen, for example? So how many others agree with me, are humans the most boring race?Vrathyna87 56m
1h Non-fragile classes? Actually I am looking for a new main because my shaman looks so fragile especially in pvp. I play enhancement because I prefer melee over casters, but shaman is so fragile , as I mentioned above, and that makes me wanna switch to something else. I want to be good in pve and pvp. Don’t care if I don’t top the dps meter but to be viable. In pvp mostly I play as a base defender and I would like to take this under consideration as well. Any suggestions plz?Båbestorm17 1h
1h Sooo...maybe? So I checked out Destiny 2 ... fun game in general but I find first person shooters preety "meh"...then I got a sword...and even though I was out of ammo on's so fun to play on such an engine from 3rd person perspective, it's action packed and just dumb fun to be hones.... Soooo...maybe.... borrow destiny engine slap Warcraft assets on top and make a 3rd person MMO ACTION RPG?Regnever2 1h
1h Allied Race Heritage Armor Availability Been thinking about this more and I urge you to reconsider its availability from leveling a fresh character alone... Some players already have lots of alts and have collected much on those characters. I myself have a Draenei Paladin, a Blood Elf Mage and an Undead Shadow Priest. I now feel I will have to create 3 new toons from level 20 or whatever it is so i can have a Lightforged Paladin, a Nightborne Mage and a Void Elf Shadow Priest. Those new races in their heritage armor perfectly represent the class but I do not wish to start all over again as I expect many others will feel the same. Say someone has a Mage main, they have thousands of achievements, all artifact skins etc etc but they've wanted to play a Nightborne ever since seeing Suramar. they will now have to re-roll a new mage and start all over again. I know it is just one armor set but for players like me who love to have a set that perfectly matches the race and class it's a must have! I appreciate you want to inject some more life into the early game and get more people out leveling but you're asking a lot of people to start fresh on characters they love. Can't you just create a bunch of quests max level that unlock the set, like a mini campaign for these races? I'd rather do a bunch quests to unlock them than start all over again...Farladin19 1h
1h what is your title and why? Mine is currently "the fabulous" because i find it funny to be a gay guy with that in his name. You?Melchior212 1h
1h Your most hilarious death Greetings fellow community, I would love if we could share here our most hilrious death moment(s) or something related! Here goes mine: It was back when there were Demo's, and it was TBC, if I am not wrong. So, I played a human pala, and didn't know english, so I only knew that I lvled up by killing wolves. When I had finally reached level 6 on my 10th character, I didn't see the way out of Northshire abbey, and decided to climb the mountains, having descended on a lvl 10 zone got 1shotted by 2 kobbolds ... And since I didnt know how to res, I had to create a new char!Jreymer122 1h
2h Invisible Chest Mog Helm and Shoulders can be made invisible, thats cool, but why can't we make the chest piece invisible or any other slots? Let the kids hide their blood elf waifus clothes, im talking from an RP perspective where a DH van hide their chest for lore reasons or Wildhammer Dwarf RPer because thats simply a way they dress because of their own tattoos. Maybe having it ALL is OTT but hey, you do you cause we already have some 'yummy' female mogs that show off a lotEocaan24 2h
2h Outland Leveling Currently levelling my second Priest through Outland. Upon engaging 7 enemies at the same time, I was interrupted and stunned several times mid-cast of a Smite or Penance. It was annoying, as my health was down to 50%. Then I remembered that mobs used to do this. Why don't they do it anymore? It prevented people from engaging a huge amount of mobs at the same time.Eurgan7 2h
2h Bringing Allied Race Themes to their Classes Infused Allied Classes would be AMAZING ! If you thought new skins was all there could be to the new allied races, think again! You thought all there was to being light infused or an arcane master of 10k years, or void infused would just be a new skin and some racials. Haha! Think bigger Thought cool light/arcane/void effects were limited only to the npcs on the vindicaar, Mac'aree, Suramar or Zandalar? Should only the npcs enjoy that while void infused elves or arcane ones are relegated to the regular versions of classes like regular hunter arrows and traps while their npcs versions shoot light ones or arcane ones..uh-urgh! Well, For those underwhelmed by allied race AND for those who love em and want more integration, prepare to have your world rocked! Especially if you thought levelling the same class with a modified skin was all you could get from these. It can go much further than that. It’s a Bombshell level of cool option I would kill for. If blizzard decided, they would give us infused versions of classes for some of the allied race classes (and where applicable original races), opening up some extra options and race-class combos, but also magnifying cool factor by 100. Have some faith in the blizzard team, because this is what they can do. Bet you didn't expect it, right? Imagine this right: Class isn't really changed, but visuals and names of certain specs and abilities are converted. ... N.B. I repeat: These aren't new classes. They are your existing classes given unique void, arcane or Light themes/versions where relevant. Neither is this a detailed manual of what should be done or what I want done, it's just a concept article in ways that the class can reflect the lore and theme of the allied races and even some of the original races later on. Void elf paladin - The Void Knight (Think Blood Knight but for void elf) - This paladin uses the void instead of the light for all his specs and classes. Original Race forsaken only gain the option for this Shadow paladin they can opt to switch too. Lightforge Light Priest: Shadow priest spec becomes Light priest where this priest uses the light instead of shadow. Discipline shadow abilities become light abilities instead. Lore: Their enhanced connection to the light allows them to wield it in this devastating manner too. Void Elf Priest: The Dark Priest: Normal Holy spec becomes Darkness spec, and discipline holy magic abilities are converted to void. Original Race forsaken: Also gain the option for the Dark or Death priest if they wish: Nightborne Moon Priest: Nightborne priests replace some of the shadow/holy damage/healing abilities with Moon/star versions. Original race NIght elf priests also gain this as an option they can switch too. Zandalari Blood Priest - if they wish they could do a 4th version for Zandalari priests, and also make Troll priests access this type, this is based on blood magic instead of the Light/shadow, like the arcane one for the ngiht elf races, replaces only some, not all holy/shadow abilities with blood Hunters: Nightborne, Lightforge and Void Elf - hunters get Arcane, Light and void imbue effects on their abilities, sometimes shooting pure silver (arcane nightborne), pure Light (lightforge) and pure void (arrows) - the hunter kit on these classes are changed. Rogue/Warriors/MonksNightborne, Void elf, Light forge - actually instead use arcane, void and light versions of the nature abilities on monks (the Pandaren instructure is left perplexed (nightborne), awed (lightforge), furious (void elf) at how these clever races adapt. For warrior and rogue, light, arcane and void effects are shown by the weapons being either arcane, void or light summoned for special abilities, for others the equipped weapon instead glows with the appropriate aura, and where appropriate the damage is instead void/light or arcane. Dark Druids Zandalari: A twist in this version of druidsm. These guys use a less crippling form of the dark druidic magic the Kul'tiras witches use, in fact the reason why the human witches get so twisted is because they practice an incorrect version of it. This dark druidsm could be tied to advances in witch doctor practices made post sundering, and could be a magic Cenarius is utterly opposed to, but what do the zandalari care. Balance instead uses blood type magic and shadow (instead of arcane and solar), restoration uses blood healing. Troll druids have the option to go dark druid if they prefer Maybe Human druids can become a thing - the worgen help temper this dark strain and the end result ends up being something similar to the Zandalari dark druid for humans. Nightborne Druids: Nightborne arcane infused versions of druids. After Tel'arn's failed experiements, the nightborne consult the Val'sharan druids to augment their already advanced knowledge, they train to become druids, but augment their arcane expertise into it, with the balance druid cat and bear forms having arcane runes on them, and some of the abilities having arcane infused versions. Nature and arcane go quite well together as balance druids show. Extending this Concept Even Further With the above in place this can be extended even further possibly for 9.0 which might see the Tinker class but could also see race class options previously not available. The idea is similar to SWTOR’s mirror classes where the mechanics and base class is exactly the same but the name of the class is completely different with its own unique visuals, animations, name and lore to fit. One of the examples given below is the Shaman class on a void elf and a Nightborne/Night Elf instead becomes an Entropist (VElf) and Astro/Starmancer (N/NbElf) it’s basically the shaman class for class mechanics but appears as this new class Entropist or Starmancer adapted to use various types void or moon/star magic to achieve the same effect and employ same mechanic as a shaman Elves would never pick up shamanism but who’s to say Entropy and Starmancing don’t work the same way but using void and arcane/moonlight energies instead of nature elemental ones. Draenei don’t need as they can be shaman, Blood elves being more attuned to nature can instead wield elemental magic from magecraft without need of elemental spirits and use the nature connection for healing instead of moonlight Healing like the night group N.B. This is not the same as a completely new class like the Tinker which would have new system and mechanics, it’s a repackaged existing class allowing more gameplay styles on your favourite race, but with a lore appropriate version I.e no need to make elves tribal leaders in order to have the shaman gameplay The following race class combos can be available with this. Lightforge and Void Elf druids: Strong connection to the void and the light enable these two races to excel where normally others would fail giving them a deeper more building blocks view which equals being able to pick up magic that would not normal be their purview, and adapt it to light/void versions. For druidsm their forms become Light and void infused versions of the animals with void and light magic used instead of arcane and solar (balance) and instead of nature (resto) Mage: Nightborne & Highborne don't have a fire or frost tree, but instead use that sp ecial night elven moon/star magic like some of the spells in the nighthold and have versions of Moon (Frost) and Star (fire) doing exactly the same things but with different effects. Night elf mages (who are either highborne or trained by highborne) have the option to switch to this style if they want. Shaman: Nightborne/void elf can have arcane and void versions of the shaman class, although we all call them shaman, they call themselves something else: Void elf Entropist, Nightborne Arcanomancer: It's basically the shaman class, but void energy and arcane energy is used to do the same things, similar can be done for the Lightforge using the light. OR rather, the arcane, void and light can infuse the elemental spells to augment them, but for resto, the light, the void and Elune spells are drawn upon. Technically although it is shaman spells renamed, you could say they aren't really shaman. Lightforge Warlock - the Lightforge don't summon demons, but instead their light counterparts, with holy magic instead of shadow magic for the spells. Could be called Warlights or better, Light Wardens. Original Races - No reason this has to stop at Allied races though, just like over 7.x we saw animations updated for classes, we can have certain lore appropriate races have additional individualisation in their specific race class combo where the lore demanded it. Examples are Blood Knights, Sunwalker Priests/Palas etc, these may not be as visually striking as an infused allied race, but they could receive some variation. END Result: Void Elf - Paladins, Shaman (Entropists) are possible Nightborne - Shaman (Arcanomancers) are possible Lightforge - Warlock (Lightwarden) Zandalari Blood Priests, Nightborne Moon Priests, Light Priest spec for Lightforge Priests, Void/Death/Dark Priest for Void elf priest. Light, Void and Arcane themed: Priests, Rogues, Warriors, Monks, etc Zandalari Dark Druid - could be called Witch doctorThis largely affects these 3 allied races, however the spill over allows you to have. Forsaken Shadow Paladins Forsaken Death Priests (or Dark Priests) Night Elf Moon Priest Night elf Highborne Mage Human Dark Druid.2 Huge Reasons Blizzard Can do this: 1. It really is a superficial effort that only involves renaming the spells for the classes on these races, and changing their visual effect. Nothing else changes. Tiny effort, HUGE HUGE HUGE effect 2. You will get far more people interested in playing allied races to try the unique visuals = far more race changes, especially with paladin, shaman and druid having more options 3. Lore, Light infused, void infused, arcane infiused, has to have a greater meaning and effect than just some racials, especially for the light/void. We can say the reason night elves don't get all these options, is because the nightborne, unlike even the highborne had that arcane infusion from the time changed by the nightwell. However night elf priests can share with nightborne priests and mages too because night elf ones are highborne trained and use the same magic. Light and Void infused races should have these effects translate to the classes too where appropriate Now I'm not saying all of these would be feasible, the druid ones would mean a ton more work for example and dark druids, light druids, void druids sounds awesome but is it too much? Still these guys should be unique.Elandril47 2h
2h Scottish Community! Discord & Facebook up and running for some fellow players from Scotland to hang out and find like-minded Scottish players! <3 Discord: Facebook: Would love to see some of your faces! xShoxxqt6 2h
2h Curve haters are the same as LFR Haters They both envy and despise people that want to play in their own terms without hurting anyone. While you might not like them (i certainly have issues with lfr) wanting to erase them for your own glass ego is toxic. Much more than your perceived offense when they just don't mingle in your affairs. Stop hating on other people way to enjoy their hobbies. How other people play is not your business.Yooxes21 2h
2h Purge Second Wind in BfA Hey, WoWDevs! I heard you like to purge random abilities from the characters we play. Well then - purge this abomination of a talent. Like who do you think we are ? A cowardly rogue running away from the enemy to heal ? No ! We are warriors and we fight the enemy headstrong with steel in our hands ! And to add an insult to the injury you put our iconic Defensive stance on the same row - as a talent? Ha ! So good riddance - purge away!Stansmash9 2h
2h Petition to give Kin'garoth a new title "Breaker of Pugs" Stop dying to Ruiner pls.Terajo6 2h
2h Alliance Shaman race? What race do you personally think is best for Alliance shaman? Use whatever criteria you want, looks or min/maxing etc. I'm thinking Draenei, not sure if I should go male and keep the look as close to the Orc (my favourite shaman) or go female since I've never had a female character and I think they look pretty decent. What do you guys think?Shocktor18 2h
2h why are there no achievements in heroic dungeons? i memba back in wotlk you could do rhc and casually squeeze in an achievement but now oh boy go socialize and make a group for it or solo it as vengeance demon hunter why did it change?Néckbeard6 2h
2h Old Mythic +, New Mythic + or both In the future what would you like to see for Mythic +? To clarify I consider old mythic + as what we had at the start of Legion where if you cleared with enough time to upgrade you stone 2 or 3 times you got 2 or 3 chests of loot, each containing 2 items. New mythic + started after 7.2.5 as long as you beat the timer you get 3 items for the group. Does any want challenge mode back? Personally I really enjoyed the 3 chest system and would actually like the old and new system to be available in some way in the future.Kevjp7 2h
3h Allied Races and Reputation and the grind!!!! With Allied Races coming about I am actually thinking about switching my main from my Paladin (Which I have had since BC) to a Void Elf Shadow Priest (orginal!) as i am burned out with my Paladin. The main sticking point for me is not just the levelling to max level again its going through content i have have already done the grind for. For example the thought of doing all the Molten Front again or Kalu'ak and even the serpent rep in Mists is putting me off playing completely. I know its my choice to have all these reps but its just nice to have it for the cosmetic stuff but its just not worth it. Then it comes to Legion and i have to grind out Suramar quests, Balance of Power etc is just soul destroying, Then of course theres the artifact skins and being able to transmog next expansion. Problem is, some of the cooler transmogs are from the mage tower and if they take these away then it means if i want them on my void elf im going to have to grind out a alt to max level invest time in getting geared and repped up just to get these skins then level up to get the transmog/ I have leveled up multiple alts in the past even though they are fixing leveling, the thought of doing it another couple of times just puts me off completely. It would be nice if we could transfer rep to another character even if it cost 40 bucks. Either that once you have a maxed out rep on one char then the next char could get double exp or be able to send tokens or use the tabard rep like Wrath. Another idea could be heirlooms boost the rep you get as well. I get each character is supposed to be individual but i just dont have the time to do all that again. Id rather have a nioce catch up mechanic so i can enjoy current content. I kind of know the reaction I will get for this post but i thought i air my views anyway lolMythrildor6 3h
3h Barbershop and Skin Tones in 7.3.5 Hello, so we were told by two or three people at Blizzard that we'd have skin tones added to the barbershop by the end of Legion. 7.3.5 is likely the last patch before BfA so how come it's not on the PTR yet? They obviously have to add it as allied races are coming and we don't even know if we'll be happy with the choice of skin tone when we finally reach high level, so I'd love to be able to change it. Paying 25 euro / usd to change your skin tone is horrible game design and is not something the players should be forced into doing if they want to re-customize their character's skin tone. Could any blue posters please clarify if this'll make it into 7.3.5? I'm tired of the "soon" comment as it seems the devs just want to push this topic away, but not this time. We've been asking the entire expansion for this so please make sure it makes it into 7.3.5Aianory27 3h
3h Guild charter sign Hi, I need 3 people to sign my guild charter bank alt (kilrogg). I tried to ask in trade chat with offer some gold for hours but no reply. I'll be really appreciated if anyone would help me ^^.Prettygolden0 3h
4h N.B Why and How Suramar should be shared You may not realize it, but despite being the home of the nightborne, Suramar is also a night elf city and where most night elves come from, and in 7.3.5 onwards is actually accessible to both horde and alliance players. This is hinting at a solution and situation that could actually fit all the lore that we saw in 7.0/1 with night elves and nightborne despite nightborne choosing the horde to ally with I would say boldly it is not necessary for Suramar to follow the old racial city lines and be exclusive to one faction, in fact, given the 7.0 lore and the history and what's happening to the night elves in BfA, it definitely should be shared (which it is being), key point here: this should be much more prominent in the lore development of the night group of elves (night elf/nightborne) giving blizzard an opportunity to show us they know their lore and despite gameplay balance induced developments, take effort to not break it, but instead do interesting things we can ALL like and relate that fit what we fell in love with the first place. Many reasons why and also how this can come about. Nightborne DO NOT need to be neutral for this to happen, I can say that cos they are going horde. But Suramar can and should be for many good reasons, I promise you ALL of this essay is worth the read. This statement makes more sense when you consider many reasons such how odd it seems atm for the nightborne to be so gong ho about the horde and theoretically leading them to all of a sudden be enemies of the night elves. Actually it doesn't have to be that away at all. Even in the nightborne joining the horde, a neutral situation can exist in Suramar here, and it is exactly possible because of how the nightborne story was written and because they wrote that it's actually the friendship with the blood elves carrying the move, not hatred of the night elves. Allying with the blood elves or having allies in the horde doesn't need to make you hate all the races i the alliance, this doesn't have to be the case for everyone who joins the fation, and we shall use that to explain how given the character of 10k year old being is very different and should be than that of people who are far far younger. Take the time to have a look at this, it's worth it, I assure you. WHY: - It's an amazing looking city we all loved and fought to save. It is a night elf empire city most alliance night elves originally come from AND the nightborne, both have right and claim to it, and despite what it may look like, both don't need to be in conflict even though their friends hate each other. - It's a night elven city, both alliance night elves and nightborne come from there (oh I mentioned that already, just again for emphasis. - We all fought to save it and the night elves/nightborne of the region from the region. IT does feel unfair that it will go to one faction only, but it doesn't need to be. It's not like the horde need another all horde elven arcane city with Silvermoon while night elves/void elves/high elves i.e. all alliance elves are homeless, there is a way Suramar can be neutral because of night elf and nightborne relations despite both these night elven groups being part of opposing factions. Factions whose hatred for each other should be a secondary thing to these two night elven groups that are 10k years old, it makes sense that they can have more in common regarding themselves that will supercede the hatred of humans, orcs, dwarves, trolls etc even blood elves and high elves all of whom are much much younger individuals Whiles the expertise of the nightborne is equalled or cancelled out by the highborne in the alliance, Suramar being all horde with Zandalar empire going to the horde is lopsided - horde having both the ancient troll AND night elf empires all to themselves isn't balanced or fair, especially when night elves are homeless as well as void/high elves, LF draenei and Nightborne, HM Tauren and Zandalari all have greatness - given the invested stake night elves and birthright claim to Suramar night elves have and how night elves also fought to free their ancient home and save their ancient brethren, it makes a lot sense and will feel fair to players that Suramar is shared by both night elf and nightborne. - It could be a unifying theme for night elves and nightborne (and by extension an aspect of the two factions that actually is corporating quite nicely despite their constant war and hating) it is something night elf and nightborne can have in common and find common ground that has nothing to do with horde/alliance hatred and fighting, but goes beyond it , with the legion dead, it's a new beginning for the night elven groups (highborne, nightborne, kaldorei, moonguard etc) far bigger to them than alliance/horde fighting - and should be the centre stage for something new to them independent of faction - Night Elves no longer have a city in BfA, it makes sense that the race moves in there with its new purpose, rebuilding the world again from all the destruction and defending it. This is a share purpose nightborne can have too that allows them to work together independent of their much much younger friends who hate each other. Just because our friends hate and kill each other, doesn't mean we have to do hate/kill each other. - It doesn't mean night elves and nightborne cannot fully engage with their factions when the world is at stake, like Azerite, they can help their allies though not necessarily killing each other (similar to horde/alliance Pandaren - a legacy of hate may exist between high elf and blood elf, but it doesn't need to exist between night elf and nightborne (or blood elf and void elf for that matter), and it also doesn't mean that if orcs or forsaken do something heinous against night elves, they can't or won't retaliate just because they get on well with the nightborne, nor does it mean the nightborne will aid the orcs and forsaken just because they're horde (That would be so nice to see Thalyssra able to think for herself). It also doesn't mean that night elves have to play a strong role in every mission of the alliance, or nightborne in every mission of the horde, these guys should have always played a more advisory role and maybe once in a while lend a powerful tool or expertise or weapon/knowledge to help a specific task their younger allies would never have been able to do witihout them, underlying their value to the horde and the alliance to the extent that each faction is unwilling to lose them even if they don't always join in with their schemes. - We need faction interaction for the races that isn't always towards war and blind hatred, there needs to be some nuance and an exception - who better than the night group that are 10k years old and should have a wisdom that sees beyond much of the blind hatred - Nightborne and night elves are very similar and share very same sense of honour and character, afterall they are basically the same stock that have just spent the last 10k years apart, only for us to see how honourable Thalyssra is, just like Tyrande - and though it's been frosty, their similarity should allow them to work together. - Whiles blood elves shared the arcane addiction with the nightborne, we cannot forget that the nightborne are night elves and still share so much more with them, from nocturnal nature, love of moonlight/starlight, Elune, moon/star motifs, star/moon magic theme to them, the panthers, they all lived together 10k years ago, only they can understand each other. - Night elves remember are the reason nightborne are cured from the curse of the arcan'dor, island night elves in the moonguard, val'sharah refugees, the Valewalker all were instrumental to their joint city being saved - remember night elves also come from Suramar, including those who were trapped outside the shield - Nightborne will also find kinship in the highborne shen'dralar when they meet them and this can be used to strengthen their relationships with the night elves, especially if blizzard uses Mordant Evenshade and Farondis to be the ones focused on building this new future for them while Tyrande focuses on restoring the most holy Catherdral of Eternal Light seeing she swore to defend the goddess' temples and lands, and there is no bigger, she even left her husband to defend the smaller val'sharah temple, now the much bigger one needs work. Malfurion has the emerald nightmare damage to clean up, therefore Farondis and Evenshade, who are highborne and much like the nightborne too should be the ones leading this new initiative while the others focus on their Orders. Jarod has the Wardens and Shandris the army - Nightborne can get along with high elves. Just because the high elves hate the blood elves, doesn't mean the nightborne would too. We all have been in situations where we have friends that hate each other, but are friends with us. - It would be good for night elves to be less focused on the faction hatred and fighting, given their age and wisdom and many things they can be focused on like defending the world from global threats and rebuilding it, and their ruins. The nightborne shouldn't be mainly focused on the faction conflict - Nightborne and Night elevs should have the faction fighting as a secondary thing to them, we help our friends. Yes night elves need to answer the destruction to the forests etc, and nightborne shouldn't agree with every evil the horde do either, and vice versa, night elves shouldn't agree with every bad decision the alliance make. They should advise them, but their main focus should be night elf troubles - things to do with the emerald dream, Queen Azshara, the state of the Arcane in the world, and the goddess Elune's efforts to save/protect the world - we should see them involved heavily with the Kirin'tor often enough initiating a lot of things and be the ones trying to get their factions to focus on bigger things. The arcane, nature and the Emerald dream and the goddess' functions should be the areas they get involved with. Also mopping up demon threats and dangerous enemies (Illidari and Warden). Would be nice to see both nightborne and night elf being involved in all these areas. - NIghtborne should be aware they owe night elves a huge debt, night elves' efforts saved the world and Suramar from destruction, if they hadn't defeated Azshara and Sargeras in the WotA, Azeroth would have been destroyed and their shield would not have survived, they would know that now. Also many night elves come from Suramar and defended that city, marching on Zin'Azshari was their answer to saving their city - even though they got locked out - Nightborne should also find compassion because these guys won the war, and had to live in the aftermath, while they kept their shield up and could have lowered it and helped their people restore everything much sooner. There is reason for nightborne to feel very compassionate towards night elves, and admirable to. - Nightborne have reason to admire night elves for defeating the legion not once, but twice, a task those who stayed in the city didn't believe they could do, yet their friends and fellow citizens who left the city to fight achieved, and did so a second time without arcane magic- this should outstand and impress them. There is good reason for nightborne to owe a debt of gratitude and admire the night elves too, even want to help the highborne they will meet integrate magic back into the rest of them faster, and also learn some of the power that allowed them to defeat the legion again - there is reason for the nightborne to be very curious. - With the Legion gone and arcane addiction cured and fully understood, the night elves also should not be afraid, reluctant to work with magic at all with the highborne, nightborne or moonguard. It doesn't mean Priests and druids would want to go arcane, but it means using the arcane should not be an obstacle or a threat to even the most reluctant priests and druids, so while those of that order may not necessarily care for picking up the arcane, it is no longer an obstacle in anyway, allowing new night elves to go highborne, non-order night elves to choose to live in the city they were forced to leave to save the world or a forest or wherever. HOW: - Thalyssra and co might prefer to ally with the blood elves, but they don't hate the night elves enough to kill them. This opens a door. - Night elves and nightborne should build something new together for the night group on the Broken Isle both alliance and horde players can feel invested in because they now both have night elven groups amongst them. - Don't let Thalyssra be cool about killing night elves in Ashenvale/Kalimdor. She doesn't have to be a yes woman to everything Sylvannas says - in fact, it can be a situation where they are friends with the Blood elves and allied with the horde, but not night elf haters even though they will fight humans. - This means that they don't always obey, but the horde can't lose their allegiance because they really benefit from them, and they cancel out the night elves' highborne advantage, so the horde has no choice when they decide to work with night elves to build a future for night kind, and focus more on defending the world and bringing super civilization back. - Similarly, night elves have so many groups that are actually understanding and kin to the nightborne, seeing they all came from Suramar, the highborne amongst them should be willing to improve already good relationships and the alliance group may not like the befriending of the blood elves, but they don't need to hate the nightborne for liking the blood elves, and could actually take the high road here, also showing them that they have things to offer too - The nightborne are shown to revere the night elves a lot in many of the quests too, for their role in the WotA, and for just the kaldorei elf being a superior species in their eyes since this is what they are/come from - this should make it much harder for them to hate night elves who have helped them and who they find themselves still at heart. - With Kalimdor fully in control by the horde, the broken isle with the ancestral route and centre of night elven arcana in Suramar, druidsm in Val'sharah and priesthood in the Cathedral of Eternal night is the ideal place and it can be shared with the Nightborne. - It would be totally in Thalyssra's general character, to open the doors of Suramar back to those who were once part of it and now have no place to go . And whiles the night elves of the alliance can hate and plot revenge against the horde races that caused so much destruction, it can form a bond between them and Thalyssra when she does that. Showing once again that there is such nuance to the conflict and you can have groups in opposite factions that buck the trend. It could even open the door for Nightborne druids How? You have both groups tied to this because if they do work together even become friends independent of their individual "other friends" who are in opposite factions, a scenario that actually makes sense when you facotr int hat they are from the same citiy, know each other, should be happy to see each other again, already helped each other recently, and now magic addiction is not the barrier ,nor is the legion - even though their allies hate each other, there is much room for them to do something toegehte too, even live in the same city and not bring the faction conflict to the broken isles, it opens the door for nightborne to be druids too, coming in 9.0 after these events happen, as night elf interaction would increase, and all those botanists would be eager to expand their knowledge These are tons of reasons, why and how and benefits too. Not to mention a lot more respect for the lore. A Heartfelt Note to Blizzard Lore Team, Afrisiabi and All Deves who love the Story and the Night Group of Elves Blizzard, it really sucks for night elves to lose the nightborne, for many night elf fans the magical arcane kingdom returning in some form, has been long awaited and exactly the spicing up their group needed and the fans were looking forward too. Whiles the nightborne must go to the horde, it can actually turn out to be a good thing, because it doesn't necessarily mean the night elves can't actually be a part of Suramar or have a stake in their returned city or even the nightborne. They are a large collection of groups, losing the nightborne to the horde can be replaced by the highborne (both Shen'dralar and Farondis) being raised in profile to play the role to them that the nightborne would have played, and Suramar can be shared by both even if they're in opposite factions. In fact it could be turned into a big win as night elves and nightborne can actually have a shared destiny and purpose that binds them together to work to restore both city and forest and the destroyed world all those attacks and invasions have caused. With the legion gone these are the guys who have given the most, fought the most for their world, suffered the most and bare responsibility, it makes sense that their new purpose will be to restore what was broken, both for themselves and the world and to have their first priority not be the horde and the alliance they have friends in, but their first priority is defending the world from future threats, and rebuilding and restoring it and the beauty and grace they built it on. No one has the depth of experience or knowledge and wisdom their 10-15k years and struggles has taught them. It supercedes the conflict and hatred their allies are often mired in, and we should write their destiny more in line with something that is shared, since now both horde and alliance players are invested in the night elven world thanks to the alliance night elves and the nightborne being in each faction. Just because they're in the faction doesn't mean they need to be consumed by it, they could have a totally different thing gonig here, that doesn't necesasrly bring the factions into war. With Kalimdor lost to the night elves, the broken isles can be the common ground between all night elf kind, night elf, highborne, nightborne etc. And though I'm sure the alliance night elves will seek to bring Sylvannas and the horde races who brought more devastation to justice for what happened, it doesn't necesarly have to involve the nightborne, and the nightborne don't have to always join the Warchief in her schemes if they judge it unwise or are unwilling to kill night elves.. they bring enough value to the horde to make even helping horde matters sometimes to be valuable enough to keep them even if they don't always obey, and they have another motive to keep them, which is making sure they are not prejudiced into joining the alliance. The same thing should be for the alliance and the night elves. The night elves don't need to be involved in everything and should sometimes say no, afterall it is an alliance, not the Kingdom of Alliance. The alliance will accomodate because the night elves even if they help occassionally bring incredible things when they do thanks to their highborne who can counter nightborne stuff and their druids. And with the nightborne on the horde, the night elves have temptation to ally with their kin, even if it is unlikely they would aid blood elves. So the alliance is willing to count them allies even if they don't always go along. Please consider this.Kalibas68 4h
4h Release new allied races or expect backlash! I have been playing since i was a little kid, and only in the recent years have i been truely disappointed with what blizzard has done, sure they allways do something that some people diagree with. But with WoD everyone agreed that they !@#$ed up! And that is why they had to give the player base a pretty good expantion namely Legion. Now not only that but they knew they had to give us Demon Hunters to carm the storm, and i believe that to carm the storm that will form from now and until July or so next year (2018) they have to give us allied races in patch 7.3.5. Why you might ask? Because know that they deserve to have a hobby and to have time to love that hobby, for many years one of my main hobbies have been this game. And when something like the end of WoD or Mists happens, then i take up another hobby. But in doing so i know i lose some of what i had in WoW some of that love for the game... So if they dont give us allied races in 7.3.5 i truely believe that i will finally be able to say no! I want to have something i can ALLWAYS rely on.. I ask that if you bother with reading this, that you consider also stopping if they dont do so out of respect for your own time and the time of others.... Stop the %^-*ty service from those who run your hobbies!Huyama16 4h
4h Second artifact weapon help I've been looking ages but cant find a answer, I think I may have delete my quest for second weapon, Anyone know how to get it back ?Jakeoe6 4h
5h The best of this expansion! Dear Blizzard, I think that, with no doubt, that the Mage Tower Challenge and the Chromie scenario were the best things you did in this expansion, at least for people who don't use guides to this kind of stuff. They were tough and required people to put brain into it, just as it should be! I like, even though I should have spent hours on the MT, I got to use everything of my spec, make my own strategy, and scavenge for anything in my bags/bank, whether a trinket or a potion or whatever. It allowed us to use everything at our disposal, study our talent tree and spell book, and I believe to those who didn't know their specs, a good teaching session! I pity we can't do more, for instance ret paladin repeat the challenge ( not to my knowledge ) And would love to see something like this more often! About the Chromie scenario, the same applies, yet it wasn't as much of studying ourselves but more what surrounded us! Despite being good to take a different talent or two, the most was about seeing stuff, deducting what is going on, and, just as on MT, devising a plan to do it correctly! Again, congratulations for this!Jreymer27 5h
5h Khadgar Facts Okay, we all know Khadgar. Our friend from Burning Crusade who just made a glorious comeback in the opening scenarion of WOD. He can be everywhere at once, whether it's Stormwind, Orgrimmar, Shrine of Seven Stars, Blasted Lands, Talador or Nagrand, he can reverse time, shows up both in Frostfire Ridge AND Shadowmoon Valley at the same time to help you start up your Garrison, can wipe out armies with his Super Wizard spells and teleport in rapid succession. This guy seriously reached Saurfang levels of awesomeness, so I think it's only fitting that he should get his own Facts list. Feel free to add some! 1. Khadgar has completed the quest given by Deceptia. 2. Khadgar completed all of the Damage, Tank and Healing challenges in proving grounds. At the same time. As a Mage. He also managed to beat the Endless challenges. 3. Blizzard wanted to nerf Mages for years now, but they just can't get through Khadgar's nerf-proof wards. 4. Khadgar is Exalted with both Aldor and Scryers at the same time. 5. Khadgar was also Exalted with Theramore, but utterly destroyed it in all realities when he found out that after all that rep grind they don't even sell any cool mounts. He subsequently framed Garrosh for that. 6. Khadgar could've already killed all of the Warlords by himself, but he finds it way more fun to just sit back and watch us wipe on trash. 7. The reason Stormwind park was completely destroyed was because the night elves there had the audacity to tell Khadgar that Boomkins are superior to Mages in every way. Deathwing just happened to be flying by. 8. Khadgar raided Black Temple in Vanilla. 9. The reason Kil'jaeden tried to invade Azeroth in the first place was because Khadgar was in Outland at the time. 10. The reason Kairoz and Garrosh travelled through time and space and organized the Iron Horde invasion was in a vain attempt to stop Khadgar. 11. Khadgar has a Horde alt. His name is Saurfang. 12. The reason Gul'dan sent Garona to assassinate khadgar was because he was too scared to face Khadgar himself. 13. The reason Garona tried to assassinate Khadgar in the first place was because she thought he was cheating on her with Cordana. They all had a good laugh over that misunderstanding afterwards and the AU version of Me'dan will be born soon. Except now, with Khadgar as the father it will be even more powerful. 14. Khadgar once took pity on Gamon and gave him some of his old levelling gear. Que Gamon in Cataclysm. 15. Khadgar did the insane title when it was hard. 16. Khadgar played WOW since Warcraft 1. 17. Khadgar once said Plate Armor is for pussies. Thus Mages wear only cloth armor in a vain attempt to be as awesome as he is. 18. Khadgar quit Guild Wars 2 when WOW came out. 19. Khadgar gave Rhonin his holiday cottage for his expedition to Northrend. He named it Dalaran. 20. When Khadgar said "As powerful as I am, I can't be everywhere at once" he meant it sarcastically. 21. Khadgar can just walk into Orgrimmar. 22. Contrary to popular opinion, those glowy lights that killed Archimonde weren't wisps. it was just Khadgar testing his Arcane Missiles spell. 23. Khadgar originally wanted to be a Warlock, but changed class when he found his imp pet Sargeras grossly underpowered. 24. Illidan Stormrage was not prepared to face Khadgar. 25. That giant glowy thing in the center of Shattrath is actually Khadgar's Battle Pet. 26. Khadgar managed to leave Tanaan Jungle onboard both the Alliance and the Horde ship at the same time. 27. Instead of merely opening a portal to Stormwind, Khadgar originally planned to teleport Stormwind into Draenor. Maraad convinced him that a portal is sufficient. He is currently considering teleporting Draenor to Azeroth in an attempt to cut down on travel costs. 28. Khadgar technically violates the space-time continuum with his mere existence, but the Bronze Dragonflight is too scared of him to do anything about it. 29. Players use random NPCs as their followers. Khadgar uses random players. 30. The reason Khadgar is not a follower is because he would make all other followers feel obsolete, as he could complete all of your available missions at the same time and still work in all of your profession buildings. 31. The reason Khadgar is not a Bodyguard should be obvious. 32. Khadgar also had a Garrison too, but grew bored of it and turned Stormwind over to Varian for safekeeping. 33. The Iron Horde redirected the Dark Portal from Outland to Draenor, because they hoped Khadgar would be stuck in Outland and thus out of the way. Obviously, it didn't work. 34. Khadgar actually created the Titans when he was a novice engineer. He just never talks about it because he is ashamed of how imperfect his first creations were. 35. The mists obscuring Pandaria disappeared, because Khadgar just wanted some Chinese food. 36. That dark void of eternal torment that Sylvanas and Arthas went to after death was actually Khadgar's basement. He just never got around to cleaning it, but he swears he will get around to it Soon TM. 37. The reason we are going back to Draenor is because Khadgar wanted to relive his glory days. 38. If Khadgar was a Raid Boss, GMs would wipe on him. 39. Khadgar already got World First kill on all current, past and future bosses. At the same time. We are all just competing for second place. 40. Khadgar can fly in Draenor. Khadgar also teaches flying in Draenor, but to unlock him as a trainer you have to finish his legendary quest chain first. 41. Khadgar is watching everything you do. EVERYTHING!Shiwer82 5h
6h Bodyguards suck! They're annoying & useless. I always thought that Hunter pets were the most annoying thing in the game, but I think I have slaughtered enough Hunters in my life time to have made a positive impact here, because they can at least learn to control their pets. Bodyguards can NOT be controlled though. Why? They keep you in combat and don't deal any meaningful damage. If it weren't for the extra 150g I get for having Moroes with me, I would leave him in my order hall forever and be more than happy about it. Please make it so that Bodyguards can be controlled, or remove them from the game and never bring them back.Keilen48 6h
6h Store sale No 50% digital store mount/pet sale this winter? :(Lovepizza6 6h
6h Old player coming back question Hello, i've been playing on and off on vanilla but never too dedicated. Now i'm back into it and I love the game, I have only one question.. While leveling my toon(level 70) I sometimes get hit as a DPS, but often the healer refuses to heal me, 'Because i'm not a tank' what kind of lazy attitude is this? Is this like some new norm for healers in this game? If so, i'm instant re-rolling to a healer because I can't stand this elitist attitude. All they have to do in lower level dungeons is spam one button and you can't even heal a DPS are you frikkin' serious? If you're any like these people, please care to explain why you're all so damn arrogant.Damnjok6 6h
6h About to buy legion today I quit during wod and really really disliked it. So much in fact that I wanted to skip legion. However, I got the itch again cuz of bfa. Does legion offer anything better? I really !@#$ing hate anything to do with garrisons, artificially (rep) gating through dailies, and bad world design. Good lord did wod have terrible claustrophobic world design with them squishing everything in as little square feet as possible. The pathfinder reps are ridiculous. I know legion has 2 of these but I hope the overall enjoyment alleviates some of the impact of this %^-*ty design. I just wanna tank in dungeons and raids as a prot warr. Kind of what we did pre-wod, the good old days (yes even mop, i liked mop)! Anyway, Is legion worth it? What are the pros and cons? What should I look out for? xoxoDamrak15 6h
7h Appearance Unlocks via Reputation Greetings! I've had a discussion with guild friends and we came up with an interesting idea. As we already have a ton of mounts in game, we thought that certain reputation vendors could sell Appearance Unlocks for specific races once hitting Exalted. Say, certain reputation vendors could sell Dark Iron Tattoos, Lightforged accessories, hairstyle unlocks, etc. It might be an interesting addition to the game, also considering that the character creation in this state is really, really...really poor and limited. More cosmetic rewards apart from mounts would be nice to see. (Quivers, warhorns, pouches...)Altherius3 7h
7h 7.3.5 Levelling and Scaling dungeons Do the changes include rebalancing low-level dungeons so that they aren't super-easy or will they stay the same?Sashirus6 7h
7h What we REALLY need is... Wildhammer Dwarves. I have a big !@#$%^ for all dwarves the same and Dark Irons are cool and all but what we really need are those sweet redhaired wild bois with tattoos all over their bald heads. mhm.Loominaughty7 7h
7h Nightborne druids I would love to have a Nightborne druid instead of Tauren or Troll. Yet the classes listed as available to Nightborne don't show druid. Would it be inconceivable for Nightborne to be druids? I'm tired of not having boots shown and always being hunched over in my normal form. Unfortunately rolling alliance is not an option for me as I love the Horde and my guild is Horde. It's about time druids get another race option.Røøt65 7h
7h Zandalari troll shaman I'm stressing, I really want a zandalari troll shaman but there is no information suggesting they will be shamans. Anyone have any idea if the lore is in such a way they have to have shamans?Rukoe14 7h
7h Patch 7.3.5. release date Any ideas when we can expect the new patch?Ishaelara80 7h
7h How to track razor stacks can anyone help my with a tell me when string to track razor ice stacks as it wont seem to work for me. thanks in advanceLucás0 7h
8h is pvp the worst its ever been? at this point i dont even know if i play league of legends i que up some tanks are flag carriers that dont die unless they got 10 stacks wich translates into 100% more damage taken and then there is hits backpedaling huntard that gets spoonfeed with the healers helping him because the only thing he was good at was to purchase the scroll of name change from the AH why is this happening to me?Néckbeard89 8h
8h What’s this hype about tattoos? So much useless effort in customizable features that you’ll never see in game. Who cares and what’s the bloody point?Bullnakano26 8h