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4d Helpful People List For New Players Continued Pt3 Old threads are now full, again. Glad to see it being so popular! Don't be afraid newbies to add us ^_^ We wouldn't put our tags here if we weren't happy with you contacting us! Me especially. First Thread: Second Thread: Same as the previous thread, don't expect these people to shower you in gold and items. We're here to give advice not play the game for you. Name: Realm: Faction: RealID/BattleTag: (You don't need to put this here if you don't want to.) Assistance: List of Helpful People No.2 Name: Waffles Realm: Shadowsong Faction: Horde/Alliance RealID/BattleTag: Jani#2877 Assistance: I can help with all kinds of advice about the game, including information on classes, gold making, fight mechanics and also lore. Pretty much, if you have a question about the game, there's a 98% chance I can answer it. Never hesitate to just add my Battletag and say hi. Name: Dalator Realm: Silvermoon/Argent Dawn Faction: Alliance (used to play horde) Btag: Fishhoox#2600 Assistance: Well if you need guidance in almost anything I probably have an answer (if not I'll look it up). I'm raiding heroic raids, I do pvp and I got 8 lvl 90's, I do a bit roleplaying and I might be an achievment hunter so I assume I have a wide diversity of knowledge in the game. Basically I don't mind helping people because I'm lonely and bored :/ And yes I was a newbie once too. Name: (Depends on the current character I use) Realm: Maghteridon/Moonglade/ArgentDawn/Shadowsong Faction: Horde/Alliance -(also secretly part of the Scourge/Naga) RealID/BattleTag: MRTF#2579 Assistance: I'm pretty much an expert on lvl 15-75 dungeons. (Since I've done them too many times :p). I can also help when it comes to battle pets, classes/spezialications, general issues, transmogrification, any profession advice lvls 1-400s. How to Tank/DPS/Heal. Few RP advices, PvP suggestions (but I'm not as good as in MoP). Name: Ionis, Trusthoof, That guy that loves to hear himself talk. Realm/Faction: Steamwheedle Cartel (Alliance) / The Sha'tar (Horde) Real ID: Ionis#2574 Assistance: - Explaining basics of game mechanics for all roles and most classes. - Primary and Secondary professions (except Engineering) - Basics of PvP and battlegrounds - All group content between levels 15 and 80 (Cataclysm and Pandaria is a little blurry :) ) - Suggesting useful game addons. - Lore, roleplaying. Name: Ninjaattack Realm: Stormreaver / Spinebreaker /Dragonmarw /Vashj. (Cross-realm) Faction: Alliance RealID/BattleTag: Sarah#2620 Assistance: Anything! Will gladly with dungeons, Pvp, killing players from the other faction, quests.. u name it ;) Just write to me in-game, and i'll help u and answer all the questions u probably have (as good as i can). See ya in Azeroth! :P Name: Wìsky Realm: Draenor/Silvermoon Faction: Horde/Alliance Battle Tag: Wìsky#2483 Assistance: Have been playing this game for a long time so I can help you with anything really. If you have questions about the game, your class, addons and whatnot or just wanna talk and make a new friend I'm always available. Name: Tacitaalma Realm: Anachronos - alonsus Faction: Horde Assistance: Any, I am a skilled girl. Name: Mns(Jonathan) Realm: Twisting nether-EU Faction: Horde RealID/BattleTag: Paddfan#2979 Assistance: Advice on the game be it tips for your class or help with quests etc or just want someone to talk to or do things with in game. Also help with raidiing from a player that been playing since release of vanilla. Name: Mns(Jonathan) Realm: Twisting nether-EU Faction: Horde RealID/BattleTag: Paddfan#2979 Assistance: Advice on the game be it tips for your class or help with quests etc or just want someone to talk to or do things with in game. Also help with raidiing from a player that been playing since release of vanilla. Name: Aenaar Realm: Kazzak (EU) Faction: Horde RealID/BattleTag: Aenaar#2103 Assistance: Pretty much anything with the exception of currency. Feel free to approach me for any help or if you would like to chat or make friends. I am happy to guide, teach and will come to assist if you are in trouble. I have been in World of Warcraft for about 8 years and will gladly share experiences that may help you in your adventures. Name: Felthrian Realm: Sylvanas Faction: Alliance RealID/BattleTag: ((Will Update when I can log in later)) Assistance: I can help you with PvP, I'm a keen lover of lore and as such know quite a lot of it and have done most of the quests in the game. Always happy to help new players into the game in any way I can, I've played casually for a very long time so can give advice on most topics, or just have a chat and play some BGs or Arena with you! Name: Wolfz Realm: Aggra / Grim Batol Faction: Horde RealID/BattleTag: xInesx#2449 Assistance: Can assist with introduction to raiding and gearing up your character, new player tip, competiive pvp ( to an extent not every class) and weekly arena caps , currency (gold) farm - AH playing. speak portuguese , english , french spanish or italian. only lend currency if i see its justified. i'm mainly an experienced feral druid ( since wotlk ) and holy paladin (since early cata) Our guild also happens to be recruiting but u must be portuguese for that.. Name: Whis Realm: Daggerspine (or any other i'm on) Faction: Horde RealID/BattleTag: Ocodot#2978 Assistance: I can help with nearly everything except for advanced raiding since I'm mainly PvP focused. I've played since WoW launch so I am extremely familiar with the game and it's mechanics. I can help you understand your class, anything PvP, gearing, weekly conquest cap, basic mechanics. Name: Melthazina Realm: Magtheridon (main) Faction: Alliance / Horde RealID/BattleTag: Pharazon #2864 Assistance: I've played WoW on and off since its release in 2005, and through that time I've played all classes and levelled numerous alts, many classes several times. I from Northern Norway, have a streak of Viking blood and know how to curse for an extended period of time without using the same word twice. Despite that I bark worse than I bite so don't be scared of throwing me a whisper if you're ever stuck on something, or generally just want to chat :) Name: Anwraith Realm: Chamber of Aspects Faction: Horde New player trying to understand how to navigate the game. I reached level 8 in a few hours and then got stuck when I couldn't find an avatar to obtain my next quest from. I have read the new player guide and many posts on these forms but I haven't seen a topic dealing with learning how to move around in the World. I don't know where to look for a quest giver, or a vendor to unload the excess baggage from my quests and if I knew where, I don't know what to read to learn what can be found where or how to navigate from where I am to other designated locations that haven't been targeted on the map with a quest. Name: Dreams/Medea/Medzie Realm: Draenor/Kazzak/Sylvanas Faction: Horde/Alliance BattleTag:Nikil#2653 Assistance: I've played this game since vanilla across multiple accounts over the time I have done and achieved many things in game I have done decent amount of PvP and cleared end raids on hardest difficulty during its time period, I have farmed various achievements, reputations, mounts and pets over the years and farmed a lot of gold easily I can help you with all of this + help with general questions, leveling tips and how to get into raiding and pvp and all sort of other stuff the one thing I cannot help you with is battle pets I am sorry:( . The reason I'm doing this is because when I first started I was lucky to have friends brother who was fairly experienced I asked him all sort of questions without him I would be nowhere and I would like to give the same opportunity to new players now to give you an example of my stupid questions "Why can mobs see and attack me if I'm hiding behind a tree?" anything you ask wont be as bad as that so go for it. Also please note if I'm raiding I may not be able to respond but during breaks or after raid I definitely will answer your question.Waffles43 4d
11 Oct [Information] Starter Account for returning players You will likely be aware by now that some changes have taken place in 6.1 for returning players that have frozen accounts. Some sites have named this a "Veteran Account" though it is not officially named such. I thought I would make a quick post to let you know what this is all about. If an account becomes frozen, i.e. player has unsubbed or is no longer adding game time, characters above level 20 will be locked out from play, theses characters will be marked as [Inactive] on the character selection screen. You can however create new characters which will have the mostly the same limitations as a starter account:- Can't play expansion-restricted content (new continents, etc). Can't exceed level 20, 10 gold, and 100 trade skill ranks. Can't participate in Pet Battles. Can't disable experience gains. Can't trade, mail, or use the Auction House. Can't use voice chat or Real ID. Can't use value added services (character transfers, faction changes, etc). If you know starter accounts well, you will see that some of the restrictions of a starter account are not listed above. A player that has a full account but has no game time can play on a low level character but as opposed to having all the starter account restrictions, the following extra permissions have been granted:- Can join guilds their other characters are members of. Can whisper characters that are members of your current guild. Can use guild chat in addition to the say and party channels. You can also play any existing characters you have that are level 20 or below, but any trade skills that require over a skill level of 100 will not be available and if the character has more than 10g then that character will not earn any gold until they have spent enough to bring them back under 10g. Full information can be found in the updated support article found here:- 11 Oct
02 Oct Recruit a Friend Requests Please feel free to reply to this thread if you’re looking for a friend to recruit, or if you wish to be recruited by a friend. We only ask that you follow the other forum guidelines, and restrict these requests to only the specific thread on the official forums. How to Recruit a Friend - World of Warcraft: IMPORTANT: Please be careful about sharing your account details with people. Posting your RealID or any other personal information on a public forum isn't a great idea!Vaneras4715 02 Oct
5h How to farm MoP tokens efficiently? I've found this video: Can someone explain where I can farm that many tokens? From his calculations it's around 400 tokens per hour so 11-12 hours of grinding to have Exalted reputation in order to buy Azure Water Strider MountOrcowie5 5h
12h Dwarf gun racial? Does my dwarf racial still count if i transmog bow into gun? So I found a bow that has better stats than the gun i was using beforehand. But the 1% crit that dwarfs get from using guns; does that still count if I use a transmog on my bow?Hanzel2 12h
14h Soloing Old Content Just a quicky and it’s not major. Annoyingly, my raid progression on doesn’t track properly. I’m missing the early tbc raids. I contacted a GM, but despite having the achievements dated from 2008 and gear that the bosses drop in my bank still, they wouldn’t change them which means I now have to redo them. So as I was passing I dropped into Mags Lair. At level 90 I thought it would be easy. First trash pack has 70k HP and a skull for its level. Am I too low to be soloing this stuff, or has it ramped up? As I was short on time I didn’t bother attempting it I just walked out, I can always come back later but it’s just annoying I have to redo it in the first place.Azmodani8 14h
17h Artifact weapon question Just acquired my Dreadblades. When i completed the quest "Dark Revelations", I chose randomly a Shadow Artifact Relic out of the 4 available. It seems that the relic is not attuned to my artifact weapon. What do these Shadow Artifact Relics do, how do I obtain them, and which should I choose for my Outlaw Rogue?Misanthropy7 17h
20h need to re-roll need a reroll, this warrior just isn't doing it for me anymore. It will still be my main raiding class due to DPS, but prot being a meme at this point and although its viable having to basically do m+ on other toons/characters is annoying me. Monk was my last main, but with BFA gutting I couldnt main it here but its my only other 120, but I log on, que for something, get bored and log off. I have a hunter at 115, paladin at 111 and a rogue and death knight at 110. Hunter is fun, BM is very easy though Paladin I couldn't main as only 1 DPS spec Rogue seems really slow, is it gear related? DK is the same probably as BM, frost is boring to play. Help pick me a new main, I raid mythic and do m+.. prefer 2+DPS specs, and I've weighted towards melee more! I will buy cookies for those that say why a certain class :)Lòóp5 20h
1d Leveling in Legion As I am venturing at the Broken Isles, one question arises the most: Why Legion quests and bonus objectives reward less experience than Draenor ones (even without the XP potion at Draenor)? Is there a way to level up faster at Legion? I don't have the gold for heirlooms.Misanthropy2 1d
1d Could use some help with classes Hi I'm a returning player for bfa and I have never had this problem of choosing a class to play but for some reason I can't choose one this time around. And I was wondering if the nice people of the community could help me out? Special thanks to Icedragon for the questions bellow. IF YOU'RE A VETERAN AND HAVE PLAYED EXTENSIVELY: ---> OR HAVE LEVELED PAST 60 - What have you played before? I starten to lvl a Dwarf warrior in late late vanilla to around lvl 8-10 or so before my friends told me to drop that because you have to use magi if it' s fantasy they said. So dumb young me droped it and started to lvl a Blood elf Mage when BC hit and it ended up becoming my first lvl 70 character. I later also lvled up a orc female warrior to 70 but that was som time after. In wotlk I lvled a death knight to max and raided some. Kille the lich king and all that. In cata i lvled a druid, a rogue and did som pvp on my dk until mig xp when i jumped ship. Mop i lvl a monk to almost max and did som lfr with my dk - How far did you level it? Mage lvl 88, dk lvl 90, War lvl 86, druid lvl 90, monk lvl 88 and rogue lvl 72. - Describe what you liked and disliked about those classes. Be detailed! Mage: I liked the magic aspect of the class and that I could have a feeling of being in control. Fireballing people in the face was a plus. I very much disliked that I was squishy and the stress that came when a melee got on me in pvp. Warrior: I liked tanking when I did it in BC, I liked the flow of fury and I liked charging between mobs. I disliked being rage starved sometimes and how it made it unfun for me. Death knight: I liked the fact that it combined magic and heavy armor so that I did not have to feel so fragile against other players and mobs. So when a player or mob got on me i could just turen around and bash his or her face in. I really liked that we could tank with every spec. But my favoriter ting was rusning Blood dps with armor penetration. My dislikes was that they changed the class i could no longer run my blood dps. I also hated the low mobility of the class with a passion death grip helped but still. Druid: i liked the stealth from feral but not the constant dot management. Did not tuch the other specs so i can't say much about them. Monk: I liked the mobility of the class but not the squishy part of the class and The tanking just felet off to me. It also nerver felt to be that my punches hurt. The hits did not feel chuncky enough like with my dk all his abilities felt like there were power behind them. I just did not get that feeling with the monk. Rogue: I liked the stealth aspect of the class and the lvl of control you had with the character in pvp. But i just can't like the energy system as it gives me the same feeling as being rage starved with the warrior. Combo point system is not great either as it does nothing for me as I want all my abilities to feel strong not just my finishers. - With a friend or alone? What's your friend going to be leveling? I'm going to lvl alone as I like being self reliant but I don't min lvling with a friends. - Are you leveling via PvE or PvP? Chain-running dungeons? I like all aspect of the game but I will probably lvl mainly with quest and some dungeons. I will be lvling in warmode if that maters. - Will you be doing primarily raids/dungeons at level cap (PvE) or knocking the opposing faction in the balls over a flag (PvP)? I would like to get i to raiding again in Bfa as I feel it has been to long since last time. So I want to do something more than lfr raid. But I will still do some pvp on the side. - Will you be multiboxing or just playing a single character? Just one character. I want to just play one character as I do not have that much time these days. Race preference? Either for looks or the actual racials (or lore!). Blood elf or the New Zandalari race or Nightborne. Friends play horde so have to be horde. Don't like the rest of the races on the horde. Heals/tank/DPS? What's your style for DPS - melee or ranged? I have tanked and dpsed but nerver really healed properly but i could try it. Both melee and ranger work for me but i feel stressen when a melee gets to le in pvp as ranger. So anything work really. Any favorite game mechanics? (DoTs, HoTs, stealth, mana, etc) I dislike dots in gameplay but like the idea of them in theory because of drop and forget damage. I like hots, mana and General builder/spender mechanics. Stealth is a favorit of mine also just because the control and fun it can provide. - Hybrid or pure? Does it matter? Does not matter at all. - Pet or temporary pet or none at all? Does it matter? I don't min them but I like it when the power of my character is contained at one place and not splitt between two. - Throw in any extra details here: I think i have covered everything i can think of at the moment. But hey i'm only Human. F YOU'RE ANSWERING THESE THREADS OR GIVING ADVICE: 1. Don't give a one-word or vague answer. Telling someone "I think you should play a mage" tells them absolutely nothing. Why do you think they would like it? 2. Don't suggest a class just because you like it. That's an opinion of what YOU like, not a suggestion of what THEY might like. 3. If you don't know something about a class, DON'T EFFING SAY IT. You don't think druids can tank? Go play one and get back to me with your new perspective. Generalizations don't help anyone, so if you're not intimately familiar with a class or experienced enough to comment on it, then DON'T because it can be very misleading and lead to other veterans correcting you...which can be quite embarrassing on your part and confusing to the person asking for advice. Thank you all for any help you can give! And thanks for reading Hope it was not that big of a drag. Hope you hall have a good time!Aturic3 1d
1d How did I get here? I'm completely new to the game (startet two weeks ago) and didn't read any quests so far... (more or less). Well... suddently pirates and an awesome storyline (startet reading the quests). Now I'm just wondering how I got here storywise? Can't seem to find it anywhere online. I feel like a completely new character would take too long and the same for a walkthrough. Can someone give me a recap please? :) Human rogue btwJohnjohn9 1d
1d Heirloom Bug? Hey, So im pretty new to heirlooms which is why I wanted to check here to see if it is an error. My total stats combined from the heirlooms are: Experience gained +30% Experience gained from killing monsters and completing quests 5% Yet the icon next to the map in the upper right corner only says: Experience gained from killing monsters and completing quests increased 10% under an item named enlisted. And to be honest the xp rewards haven't been reflecting the 30% at all. Am I doing something wrong? or is this a bug? thanks in advance!Shandorius7 1d
1d Older Reputations Farm Question Hey, just wondering, is there an easy way to farm MoP, Cata & older expansions' reputations, since they're outdated? Like for example, farming mobs, have Blizzard made any changes or?Cayalle6 1d
2d Archaeology When I left the game, this profession didn’t exist. I’ve recently restarted, and I did Cata and most of Pandaria. In both of these zones, I got my cooking, tailor and enchanting to either max or very close for those zones. But archaeology when I rejoined I started from 0. I did go around Kalimdor and got it to 250 or so, but didn’t continue. Does archaeology not work in the same way as other professions in that I can just pick up and start from the expansion point? Maybe it does and I missed it, but I think it’s holding me back. Do I need to go back and boost the original zones, then Outland and NorthernSeas, then cata then Pandaria fo catch up? This is gonna take a fair few hours if I need to do that. Or is there a way I can start arch in the zones I’m currently in. The trainer in org when I came back to the game only gave me one option, which I think was the original zones.Azmodani6 2d
2d Are garrisons worth it anymore? As I just hit lvl 100 and about to hit legion, my question is: Is it worth it to get involved in garrisons? Are the apexis crystals from the daily assaults worth the hassle? If this helps, this is my first char, so my main focus right now should be lvl 110, right?Misanthropy6 2d
2d IKIGAI, social guild for returning and first timers Hey guys! It has been said many time than the World of Warcraft community is toxic, and I'm here to prove otherwise! Nicky & myself have created a little re-roll guild for our Twitch community (, and as the project rise more success than anticipated, we decided that we wanted to open it to anyone that are seaking a welcoming home. IKIGAI - Aerie Peak - Horde A reason for being Our guild is aimed to be a welcoming, friendly and social community for returning players, new players, or for alts. We are open to anyone that wan to find a family to play World of Warcraft with. Our community is composed of nice mix of Veteran WOW-players, first-timers and returning players What we offer - A nice environement for leveling with friends. - Leveling can be a pleasant journey to share with friends, rather than rushing it through. - End-game in a relaxing, calm, fun, stress-free atmosphere (planed for BFA) - Dungeons, Group questing, Social events organised regularly - Freedom to play on your own term, fast or slow, often or rarely. - A friendly, open community active in various MMORPG, Discord and Twitch Guild ideal for: - Returning players that wish to rediscover the game - First timer that never played World of Warcraft before - Players that enjoy a social environement - Players that seak for a calm, relaxing, gentle, mature environement Rules: - Be Kind! This is our only rule and expectation. Our community is an open community. You are welcome to come and go as it please you. To join our events or not. To be very active or be discreete. As long as you are kind, you will always be welcome! WHO WE ARE Hey! I'm Elloa, I'm a content creator on Twitch, Youtube and social media. I'm passionated by MMORPGs and the gaming community. I play several MMORPGS at all time and enjoy it a lot! World of Warcraft had been my first love. I played it intensively and exclusively for 7 years. I left just before the Fireland patch of Cataclysm, and came back On and Off in Pandaria, Warlord and at the very start of Legion. I returned to WOW to introduce my boyfriend & partner to it. Yes, he never played WOW and that mistake had to be repaired. As we were rediscovering the game and having fun leveling new characters in a slow way, a LOT of friends joined us and we decided to create IKIGAI. WOW TODAY HAS CHANGED A lot of WOW players left the game because they didn't enjoyed the evolution the game was taking, especially on a social level. So, there was a time where WOW were maybe not the most friendly place to be. But I think the gaming community as evolved a lot since then, and it is nowadays possible to create a very nice, friendly environement within the game. WOW is offering new tools that make the organisation of social event easier than it has ever been, such as the flex raid and the leveling scaling. OUR GOALS - We want to offer a guild where players can experience the whole game in peace and at their own rythm. - We aim to have a raid-team, relaxed but focused, Mythic Dungeons events and more... - Nicky, myself and some of our mods/officers are working to have a character frozen in each bracket (Vanilla, TBC-WOTLK, Cata-Pandaria) for the organisation of Dungeons and Group questing. This ensure everyone to be able to level at their own pace, fast or slow and be ensured to have the possibility to play with other players. At this point, most of our roster is level <60 but we have a few players (me included) who boosted a character at lvl 110 to prepare for BFA INTERESTED? Is our project intering you? Do you have any question, or do you want to know us better first? Check us on our Social Media: - TWITCH: - DISCORD: - Twitter: Look forward to see some of you joining our little family on the internet! Peace!Elloa33 2d
2d How to unlock Artifact Weapon appearance Just got myself an artifact weapon skin, The Stars' Design, doing some Legion raid. But I can't use or unlock it. Is it impossible to use this any longer in BFA?Phixt4 2d
2d Island Expeditions progress bar Hi Saw a couple of videos and read some guides about island expeditions and every single of them show/talk about a weekly bar on the expeditions table. I have done 3 expeditons and never saw that bar. What am I missing ? Is it because I am doing it on easy and I am not 120 yet? Some other thing ? ThanksMalygris2 2d
3d Quick question about Alied Races Heritage armors set. We know that if you roll e.g. void elf and you boost it you won't get Heritage Armor but what if I boost one VE now and level another VE later will it unlock Heritage Armor also for the boosted one? I know this question may sound stupid and the answer to it is "common sense" but I rather ask a stupid question than waste character boost ;) Cheers! :DBlinkrush5 3d
3d Healer decision Hey folks, not a long time ago i reactivated my account and i am currently totally unavailable to settle down on one healer. I have tested them all so far but the most appealing are priest and shaman. I keep hearing druid is strong but its healing type is just not my cup of tea. Id like to know on which one i should concentrate, as i am looking for a strong healer with an useful offspec for questing and leveling. Any hints for me? :)Wolfpuls15 3d
3d Worth it for a not so patient person? Hello warcraft players. I wanted to ask if it's worth getting back into this game since they released a new expansion. To be honest I am not very a patient person with MMORPG games since they require too much time and I get bored quickly only to end up leaving the game, but I have a feeling I won't this time (FeelsLikeGamblingMan xD) I mean..there is so much to do and usually I just stop mid way because of how frustrated I am in that moment.It seems endless tasks, but that's what MMORPG games are about afterall.... Tell me your advice please.Basuru4 3d
3d Give me new races right now I've been away for the end of Legion, droppet out just when we started to do Emerald Nightmare. So I didn't do anything Argus back then. I really want to play and experience the new races, especially Void Elf - they look so cool! But I'm not allowed, the content is blocked by a quest chain and reputation farm. Is that nice? To block content by farming? I get the reputation rewards like mounts, titles and so on. You've put in a lot of work and cosmetically granted a reward. But blocking the races from Legion is plain rubbish. At the end of the day a mount is a mount, it's just a tool to get from A to B. Be proud of the achievement but doing the same thing with content is wrong. I miss out on more lore, quest chains and story telling. I'm totally on board with the idea that the player should do some quest chain to get to know the story behind, but requiring farm for it? Come on! Doing the Argus quest chain and friendly/honored status should be enough. Also, going thru old content on my 120 Hunter is like cutting butter with a warm knife. I'm just walking thru it, one-shotting everything unless my pet kills the mob, then I'm zero-shotting everything. There are buffs. I could make a human and get 10% buff. I could get the Darkmoon fair when its ut and get 10% buff. But its not enough for the huge amount and sources of increasing the reputation. I know Blizzard have been buffing rewards adding token drops from elites for instance. But its still not enough. Doing the Argus quest chain and a couple of WQ put me at friendly, almost honored, at the moment. I have still more then 34 000 reputation to go to exalted. 34 000 reputation. Its not to be completed this week, not this month... not even before the end of the year maybe. I'm a casual gamer I guess. I don't want a hand out. All the cool kids have their pets, mounts and titles. I'll be OK with doing a large quest chain, but it seems pointless since I'm one shotting quest objectives like i explained before. It's too much.Larsey18 3d
1d Why do I always lose in pvp? I recently started playing arena on a 120 character and lost almost all my starting games. Some just seem to have it so easy in pvp like rogues. For your information im playing a death knight and I want to wreck face however every time i enter arena somebody just stuns me and starts bursting me down. Then after the stun is gone, i fight back for no gains and barely make a scratch on the enmyie. I am starting to feel the bittersweet feeling creeping of envy inside that some fools are cheering their heads off right now and im standing here with multiple losses and only one win, in which i died. And i stand here empty handed with a glass half empty. If not less. I know some say its a bit difficult getting into pvp, just that it just feels like some more is missing. Why is life so unfair? Why do i always die? What makes it so that I barely chop a small portion off of their health? What should i do instead?Hateflesh23 1d
21h Tank nerfs? Hi I'm looking at boosting a tank for my guild, however I'm drawn towards DK and Monk as they are the only classes I haven't got at 110. The problem I have is that both tanks are currently FOTM. What are you're guesses, do you think they will on nerf these or bring the other tanks up to the same level?Skreever8 21h
3d Simple class Hi I'm looking for a class with a straight forward rotation that wont be gimping my damage, I'm not looking to be top of the DPS charts but I'd like to bring something that will help me get into raids and mythic+ dungeons. I've been looking around myself and a lot of videos say that demon hunters have a basic rotation but I'm looking for someone who has played a variety of classes and will have a better understanding than I do.Malum6 3d
3d What is this buff? What is this buff? 3d
3d Broken Isles Dalaran without Hearthstone? Not a new player but I figured I'd ask this here as it's all about guides etc. So if you delete your Dalaran Hearthstone, how can you get back to the Broken Isles? Obviously you can get a mage portal, or other classes (such as Druid) can teleport to the Broken Isles. Paladins can likewise get to Dalaran via their class hall. But what's the main way that anyone can do? Like the portal to Paw'don Village in Stormwind/Orgrimmar, or the portal to Ashran in Stormwind Keep (no idea where the Horde one is).Shallin6 3d
3d WoD Garrison I’m just wondering if the app still works to run garrison content? I know it doesn’t for newer stuff, but for someone just starting WoD does it still work? And what is the exact name of the app? Found tons on the iOS store.Ingafel5 3d
4d Fastest way to earn gold to buy the expansion? I’m currently broke and looking for work so I don’t really have the funds to buy the expansion. Any advice on ways to farm gold so I can buy tokens and swap them for balance would be much appreciated.Jammies9 4d
4d Warfronts Does warfront have weekly cache like m+?Eletriik1 4d
4d RAF question, gifting subs Hello! Quick questions, Im currently playing with my friend through the Recruit-a-friend option. He has not yet brought gametime. I want to gift him the 3 month of subscription. Does this mean I get the veteran rewards? 30 days + Mount Or does he have to buy the gametime himself? Does I get the rewards right away if I buy him 3 month of gametime? Rewards-info on the the bottom if this page: 4d
5d Dungeon Gold Farming Hi there, So I am always looking for different ways to make gold, trying to save up for great expensive mounts and stuff. Now i noticed that Stonecore gives me about 300g per run and it takes me about 7-10 mins. I even have cloth and volatile fire left for the AH. I was wondering if there are dungeons with a higher gold per minute amount that can be ran on repeat. I would like to mention that I do not have the latest expansion (just in case). Kind regards and thanks in advance!Shandorius1 5d
5d Twinks in leveling bgs? Hiya! So recently decided to start fresh on a new realm and have fun while leveling from scratch. Was looking to also get some pvp tokens for buying transmog gear, and thought I'd try random bgs while questing. In the 10-19 range I've only met teams that seem to be twinking, with almost 2k hp (about twice as much as the rest of us). Are these twinks who've locked their xp? I seem to remember there being an exploit allowing xp off characters to enter regular bgs with levelers, but that was years ago.Revan1 5d
5d 90-100 Leveling Just hit lvl 90. With much work i managed to buy the 2 xp heirlooms and the fast flying. From my understanding -based on the searches I made- the best way to level up to 100 is to do the bonus objectives and find the treasures in Draenor, am I right? I also read something about an artifact weapon at lvl 98. So the question is: What is the best way to level up? Any tips? (I am completely new, this is my first char)Misanthropy16 5d
6d Profession Recipes I've just hit 75 on both Pandaria Enchanting and Tailoring, and whilst I found Cata recipes really easy (the vendors in Org for example swapped recipes for shards), I can't find many in Pandaria. I found the PvP ones at the temple of the two moons, and the guides Ive checked seemed out dated? I heard mention of ring enchants etc that are no longer in the game or stuff. But no idea where to bulk out my profession recipes as I cant find them! Wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction, as Ive got all the trainer boughts ones. Wondering if there are some notable vendors or anything scattered about!Azmodani3 6d
6d Icon swap macro. Hello, I need help with creating this macro, what I am trying to do is that my icons swap when I use different talents, the spell itself works but it only shows the Thrash icon when I am using Guardian Affinity, when I switch to the Feral Affinity it doesn't show the Swipe icon. The current macro I have is this. ... I tried searching on how to solve this I even asked in the (WoW Lazy Macros) Discord, but nobody responded. I hope someone can help me.Amoy2 6d
6d Ghost iron ore farm Alright so I have started farming ghost iron ore in panda land to make enogh gold to pay for a subscription but I dont know how much I should farm per day to have enogh to pay for a montly subscription? any thoughts`?Jimmij3 6d
6d Zen Flight broken Why is Zen Flight no longer working in zones I can fly in? Just bought it for my new monk who is in Northrend and, although he can use his flying mount, he cant use Zen FlightAeolan2 6d
6d Cross realm grouping for PVE/PVP Hey all, So i have recently joined some discord and community places and see grouping for PVP/PVE and wondered how it worked cross realm and of different levels. My main is 120 and i have a few alts i am levelling, if someone in the discord is running a heroic and need a healer does it matter which servers we are on? And if i needed a hand with a group quest levelling an alt can one jump on to help me no matter where they are? Same as PVP could we group together and run dungeons and arena?Muldwych2 6d
6d Best way to catch up w dungeons in BfA I kinda started late, and I have 5 character to get to 120. This is the 3rd, I wonder, what is the best way to catch up with dungeons? In dungeons people already expect everyone to know everything, and I can't get all mechanics of all mobs and bosses in my system in a day or even a week. I read icy-veins, detailed, but too much information to absorb in one go. Youtube guides mostly focus on bosses, but the mob groups are also important. Where can I best find easy to absorb information on the new dungeons? Of course I go into normal dungeons as well, to get a feel. But I am not spamming dungeons at the moment, I am doing them at the end of each questline basically as we speak. But there's like 10 dungeons.Orela3 6d
10 Oct Amount of [Sanguicell] from Emblazoned scrapping? The imbued gear gives back the sanguicell used to craft it, but on wowhead it doesn't confirm the same for the emblazoned. I got my worst two secondary stats. Does anyone have any clarification, Thanks.Thanec0 10 Oct
10 Oct Pets and mounts (Solved) Hey guys, returning player after a few years. I’ve purchased mounts and pets previously and they are saying that they are available I’m I not meant to get an mail to my mail box so I can accept these as I’ve still not received any mail regarding this any help would be much appreciated thanks. Edit: the games still currently downloading could this be the issue?Fraserkeenan2 10 Oct
10 Oct Unlocking Lightforged Dranei So I have saved my 110 boost for a Lightforged Dranei priest. I want to unlock the class. I skipped legion, mainly, and the advice I can find is to complete the argus questline. I picked up the starter quests in New Dalaran, I have completed them all the way through to "The Decievers Downfall" which appears to be a 25 man raid. I dont believe that I need to complete a 25 man raid to unlock the class. What the **** am I supposed to do here? The wowhead guide is worse than useless, especially on "uniting the isles" .. can someone please link me to or explain the basics of unlocking the LFD race?Irtuk5 10 Oct
10 Oct How to use the same Keybind for multiple spells Hello, I would like to know how you can use the same keybind for multiple spells, because when I switch to cat form or bear form my spells usually changed in the middle bar, but now I moved my spam spells to the right bars, and when I change to cat form now, they don't swap, I was wondering if there is a way to do this or do I have to have a certain addon.Amoy3 10 Oct
10 Oct Can I play/test PTR without subscription Hello, im not new, but i wanted to ask, if i could play/test PTR without subscription. Nothing to do actually in BfA, so i wanted to test out the new stuff ^^Deepassmode2 10 Oct
10 Oct Is low level scaling broken again? Hello, I started playing again for BfA a couple of weeks ago, got this to 120, then tried some alts, and I'm puzzled at how low damage mobs deal. I know leveling was quite messed up not long ago, don't remember if before Legion or during (I didn't play that much), to the point that I soloed most dungeons between 13-35 as a guardian druid, but they had tweaked it so it was fun again. Just now however I got a protection warrior at level 16, pulled 13 murlocs (I counted them) and I was able to keep up just with the heals from Victory Rush from killing them one by one. I know, heirlooms and all, but still... 13? Is it like this all the way up, or should I expect some ramp-up? I usually love leveling alts but if mobs keep hitting me for 1% of my health it's gonna be a bit dull...Kyph4 10 Oct
10 Oct Question about leveling following the story Hi! Returning player, mostly from Vanilla with a bit of WotLK I'm leveling from zero to review all the lore (all I can, at least... too many 1-60 zones!) and stories. I know that 60-80 you can choose TBC or WotLK, and 80-90 you can choose Cata or MoP How much time would I waste if I want to do all expansions in order? Meaning finishing all TBC zones before going to WotLK zones, and so on. I assume XP would almost halt once I go over the recommended level. I don't mind wasting some time, but I wouldn't want to waste two weeks of /played with no XP gain Currently at level 45!Blackl0A74AA9 10 Oct
10 Oct Why are some vendor items selling for thousands? been trying out flipping in the AH and keep getting confused by this. Why are these items that can presumably be bought from a vendor be selling for thousands? i dont think i should be buying these right? 10 Oct