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11h Recruit a Friend Requests Please feel free to reply to this thread if you’re looking for a friend to recruit, or if you wish to be recruited by a friend. We only ask that you follow the other forum guidelines, and restrict these requests to only the specific thread on the official forums. How to Recruit a Friend - World of Warcraft: IMPORTANT: Please be careful about sharing your account details with people. Posting your RealID or any other personal information on a public forum isn't a great idea!Vaneras4288 11h
5d [Information] Starter Account for returning players You will likely be aware by now that some changes have taken place in 6.1 for returning players that have frozen accounts. Some sites have named this a "Veteran Account" though it is not officially named such. I thought I would make a quick post to let you know what this is all about. If an account becomes frozen, i.e. player has unsubbed or is no longer adding game time, characters above level 20 will be locked out from play, theses characters will be marked as [Inactive] on the character selection screen. You can however create new characters which will have the mostly the same limitations as a starter account:- Can't play expansion-restricted content (new continents, etc). Can't exceed level 20, 10 gold, and 100 trade skill ranks. Can't participate in Pet Battles. Can't disable experience gains. Can't trade, mail, or use the Auction House. Can't use voice chat or Real ID. Can't use value added services (character transfers, faction changes, etc). If you know starter accounts well, you will see that some of the restrictions of a starter account are not listed above. A player that has a full account but has no game time can play on a low level character but as opposed to having all the starter account restrictions, the following extra permissions have been granted:- Can join guilds their other characters are members of. Can whisper characters that are members of your current guild. Can use guild chat in addition to the say and party channels. You can also play any existing characters you have that are level 20 or below, but any trade skills that require over a skill level of 100 will not be available and if the character has more than 10g then that character will not earn any gold until they have spent enough to bring them back under 10g. Full information can be found in the updated support article found here:- 5d
12 Apr Helpful People List For New Players Continued Pt3 Old threads are now full, again. Glad to see it being so popular! Don't be afraid newbies to add us ^_^ We wouldn't put our tags here if we weren't happy with you contacting us! Me especially. First Thread: Second Thread: Same as the previous thread, don't expect these people to shower you in gold and items. We're here to give advice not play the game for you. Name: Realm: Faction: RealID/BattleTag: (You don't need to put this here if you don't want to.) Assistance: List of Helpful People No.2 Name: Vafler(A.K.A creator of this thread, Kailera/Waffles) Realm: Magtheridon Faction: Horde RealID/BattleTag: Jani#2877 Assistance: I can help with all kinds of advice about the game, including information on classes, gold making and fight mechanics. I also stream at so feel free to jump into chat any time to ask a question, even if I'm not playing WoW at the time. Name: Dalator Realm: Silvermoon/Argent Dawn Faction: Alliance (used to play horde) Btag: Fishhoox#2600 Assistance: Well if you need guidance in almost anything I probably have an answer (if not I'll look it up). I'm raiding heroic raids, I do pvp and I got 8 lvl 90's, I do a bit roleplaying and I might be an achievment hunter so I assume I have a wide diversity of knowledge in the game. Basically I don't mind helping people because I'm lonely and bored :/ And yes I was a newbie once too. Name: (Depends on the current character I use) Realm: Maghteridon/Moonglade/ArgentDawn/Shadowsong Faction: Horde/Alliance -(also secretly part of the Scourge/Naga) RealID/BattleTag: MRTF#2579 Assistance: I'm pretty much an expert on lvl 15-75 dungeons. (Since I've done them too many times :p). I can also help when it comes to battle pets, classes/spezialications, general issues, transmogrification, any profession advice lvls 1-400s. How to Tank/DPS/Heal. Few RP advices, PvP suggestions (but I'm not as good as in MoP). Name: Ionis, Trusthoof, That guy that loves to hear himself talk. Realm/Faction: Steamwheedle Cartel (Alliance) / The Sha'tar (Horde) Real ID: Ionis#2574 Assistance: - Explaining basics of game mechanics for all roles and most classes. - Primary and Secondary professions (except Engineering) - Basics of PvP and battlegrounds - All group content between levels 15 and 80 (Cataclysm and Pandaria is a little blurry :) ) - Suggesting useful game addons. - Lore, roleplaying. Name: Ninjaattack Realm: Stormreaver / Spinebreaker /Dragonmarw /Vashj. (Cross-realm) Faction: Alliance RealID/BattleTag: Sarah#2620 Assistance: Anything! Will gladly with dungeons, Pvp, killing players from the other faction, quests.. u name it ;) Just write to me in-game, and i'll help u and answer all the questions u probably have (as good as i can). See ya in Azeroth! :P Name: Wìsky Realm: Draenor/Silvermoon Faction: Horde/Alliance Battle Tag: Wìsky#2483 Assistance: Have been playing this game for a long time so I can help you with anything really. If you have questions about the game, your class, addons and whatnot or just wanna talk and make a new friend I'm always available. Name: Tacitaalma Realm: Anachronos - alonsus Faction: Horde Assistance: Any, I am a skilled girl. Name: Mns(Jonathan) Realm: Twisting nether-EU Faction: Horde RealID/BattleTag: Paddfan#2979 Assistance: Advice on the game be it tips for your class or help with quests etc or just want someone to talk to or do things with in game. Also help with raidiing from a player that been playing since release of vanilla. Name: Mns(Jonathan) Realm: Twisting nether-EU Faction: Horde RealID/BattleTag: Paddfan#2979 Assistance: Advice on the game be it tips for your class or help with quests etc or just want someone to talk to or do things with in game. Also help with raidiing from a player that been playing since release of vanilla. Name: Aenaar Realm: Kazzak (EU) Faction: Horde RealID/BattleTag: Aenaar#2103 Assistance: Pretty much anything with the exception of currency. Feel free to approach me for any help or if you would like to chat or make friends. I am happy to guide, teach and will come to assist if you are in trouble. I have been in World of Warcraft for about 8 years and will gladly share experiences that may help you in your adventures. Name: Felthrian Realm: Sylvanas Faction: Alliance RealID/BattleTag: ((Will Update when I can log in later)) Assistance: I can help you with PvP, I'm a keen lover of lore and as such know quite a lot of it and have done most of the quests in the game. Always happy to help new players into the game in any way I can, I've played casually for a very long time so can give advice on most topics, or just have a chat and play some BGs or Arena with you! Name: Wolfz Realm: Aggra / Grim Batol Faction: Horde RealID/BattleTag: xInesx#2449 Assistance: Can assist with introduction to raiding and gearing up your character, new player tip, competiive pvp ( to an extent not every class) and weekly arena caps , currency (gold) farm - AH playing. speak portuguese , english , french spanish or italian. only lend currency if i see its justified. i'm mainly an experienced feral druid ( since wotlk ) and holy paladin (since early cata) Our guild also happens to be recruiting but u must be portuguese for that.. Name: Whis Realm: Daggerspine (or any other i'm on) Faction: Horde RealID/BattleTag: Ocodot#2978 Assistance: I can help with nearly everything except for advanced raiding since I'm mainly PvP focused. I've played since WoW launch so I am extremely familiar with the game and it's mechanics. I can help you understand your class, anything PvP, gearing, weekly conquest cap, basic mechanics. Name: Melthazina Realm: Magtheridon (main) Faction: Alliance / Horde RealID/BattleTag: Pharazon #2864 Assistance: I've played WoW on and off since its release in 2005, and through that time I've played all classes and levelled numerous alts, many classes several times. I from Northern Norway, have a streak of Viking blood and know how to curse for an extended period of time without using the same word twice. Despite that I bark worse than I bite so don't be scared of throwing me a whisper if you're ever stuck on something, or generally just want to chat :) Name: Anwraith Realm: Chamber of Aspects Faction: Horde New player trying to understand how to navigate the game. I reached level 8 in a few hours and then got stuck when I couldn't find an avatar to obtain my next quest from. I have read the new player guide and many posts on these forms but I haven't seen a topic dealing with learning how to move around in the World. I don't know where to look for a quest giver, or a vendor to unload the excess baggage from my quests and if I knew where, I don't know what to read to learn what can be found where or how to navigate from where I am to other designated locations that haven't been targeted on the map with a quest. Name: Dreams/Medea/Medzie Realm: Draenor/Kazzak/Sylvanas Faction: Horde/Alliance BattleTag:Nikil#2653 Assistance: I've played this game since vanilla across multiple accounts over the time I have done and achieved many things in game I have done decent amount of PvP and cleared end raids on hardest difficulty during its time period, I have farmed various achievements, reputations, mounts and pets over the years and farmed a lot of gold easily I can help you with all of this + help with general questions, leveling tips and how to get into raiding and pvp and all sort of other stuff the one thing I cannot help you with is battle pets I am sorry:( . The reason I'm doing this is because when I first started I was lucky to have friends brother who was fairly experienced I asked him all sort of questions without him I would be nowhere and I would like to give the same opportunity to new players now to give you an example of my stupid questions "Why can mobs see and attack me if I'm hiding behind a tree?" anything you ask wont be as bad as that so go for it. Also please note if I'm raiding I may not be able to respond but during breaks or after raid I definitely will answer your question.Waffles17 12 Apr
4h Where is Booty Bay? I have a quest where I have to go to Booty bay, but I don't know where it is located?! Please help!Myven1 4h
6h LF level 60 guild (vanilla experience) Hello. I am looking for a level 60 guild only. To do Vanilla content.Erde1 6h
13h How to make gold? [Polish language] It's video tutorial guy's, easy way to make gold :) 13h
23h Will I ever get a legendary? Hi! My name is Matthew and I've played quite a bit of wow since the release of Legion. I have lv 25 Artifact Knowledge and 845 in item level, so I've done a bunch of Heroic dungeons but also world quests. Apperantly Legendary items may drop but I've never seen one! (Exept for my Ashbringer) My brother already has three legendary items, and I long to get some too.. It feels like if I finish my artifact weapon and get a legendary I can relieve myself from the grind. How do I know when/if I will get a legendary? Thanks, MatthewMyven3 23h
1d Looking for friends to level up with! :) Hello everyone! As the title says I'm looking for friends to level up with by doing quests and dungeons in the Broken Isles. It doesn't matter if you're a veteran or completely new to the game, I'll gladly help out new players. However, you do need to be; Horde, atleast lvl 98 so we can start to quest in the Broken Isles, understand/speak decent English(or Swedish) and last but not least be a friendly individual :) I'm busy raiding on Monday and Wednesday evenings, but other than that I'm available most of the time. Feel free to add me. Best regards, -Rhunok#2377Rhúnok13 1d
1d Which realm? help me please :c TM vs TN Hello guys, i'm lf a realm to play with my friend (new players) and we are really impressed by Method/Serenity, Nihilum, Ensidia, etc... and now we're here asking which realm we could go?. help me please :c Tarren Mill or Twisting Nether? Why? best community? active guilds? etc.. Thanks u all <3Gøre2 1d
1d Brewmaster Stagger Graphics? Hey all, I have no idea if this is standard or if its part of an addon, but Im trying to get rid of the 'aura' type graphics that happens when I get stagger damage. I have minimum addons (tho am using EvlUI) and I've been disabling, uninstalling, removing savevar files but just cant get rid of them. Any ideas? (image shows the things Im talking about (sorry for the green grass, makes it a bit harder to see)) ThanksTrionas0 1d
1d Order Hall Salvage Replacement Posted a question in the general forum some time ago about the order halls but got little useful information and some idiot thinking I was trolling. Apparently asking anything about the new expansion months after release is a weird thing. Oh well So let's get this out of the way first: I don't own Legion yet. I probably will sometime soon. In this regard I am more or less a new/soon-to-be returning player. I've looked around (perhaps not in the right places) and tried google numerous times but I can't find a definitive answer on the question of wether or not Legion has a replacement for the old WoD garrison salvage crates. When I say old I don't just mean old as in previous expansion, I mean old as in the ones before the nerf which could contain one of MANY random items and not just the class specific set. My other question was about gold income. I've always been terrible at making gold (not an AH "player" at all) and haven't had the patience to spend hours every day grinding for gold either. The garrisons in WoD gave me an easy bit of disposable income with follower missions but were nerfed before I could truly get into it with multiple characters. I've been told that the same thing has already happened in Legion as well. So, the second (less important) question is: any way for a long time yet casual WoW player to get some gold out of the order halls? Or is it still the same thing; use the auction house with all the competition and hope for the best? Thanks for any helpful information here. -Thread disappeared after I posted it around an hour ago? If someone is deleting stuff, it would help more if you just told me where to post this. Like I said, posting it in a place where people seem to assume everyone has Legion didn't help me much.Carnanum4 1d
1d Hardware upgrade Hi! I currently having some thoughts about upgrading my computer so I can play WoW on 10/10 on 1080p 60fps :-) Current hardware AMD FX-8350 8gb ram GTX 970 2x 250gb SSD and 1x 750gb HDD Right now I'm on 7/10 and I'm pretty sure that I have been able to play WoD on Ultra.. :-) What would you suggest me to do? Upgrade my CPU/Mobo/RAM or the GFX card? :-)Cokyna0 1d
1d Just returned LF people to play with. Hey, i've just came back to WoW and i'm looking for people(s) to play with, not sure what i want to do either Legion stuff or maybe start a new character fresh or mabye farm gold/achievements but i know i don't want to play alone :(Saproth0 1d
1d Returning player and the grind. So people who have ''lifes'' ''jobs'' are not suppose to fly in legion?, I am suppose to do all this horse !@#$ just to get flying? oh dont forget you need to grind for your weapon and your honor talents, and your gear, so I'm gonna say welcome to world of grindcraft wow........ this is %^-*ing !@#$ im outTestasterón4 1d
1d Looking for players to do achiviments with! Looking for players to do achiviments with. I want to fly in draenor and legion. If youre going to play plz have good engloish. Im from sweden so i can talkl swedish as well. Not that good at the game!Sladegrade4 1d
1d How to complete Assault On Broken Shore alone? So I recently leveled up to 110 and Khadgar gave me the "Assault On Broken Shore" quest. When I start the assault it starts queuing me to the scenario, but no other players come. I can do most parts of the mission, but at the end I need to kill Mephistrot alone. He has 80 mil hp, so it would take me ages to kill him. Any tips? PS: Sorry for my bad English, I'm not a native english speaker.Snixerito1 1d
2d Heirlooms problem? Hi guys returning to wow after years away. Felt a little lost and was persuaded in to buying heirlooms. So I emptied my other characters bank balance and now I'm left with only 200g remaining, I'm level 52 with 3 heirloom peices. Now how do I go about affording the upgrade for these three items when I hit level 60? I can't afford the gold I won't have saved up enough by thst point I don't think. Have I made a big mistake? Any solutions for a concerned paladin? ThanksGoosé6 2d
2d Help with a DPS melee class for a newish WoW player Need help with a decent melee dps class with a somewhat easy rotation and is fun to play!Thulkan3 2d
2d Returning player questions Hello, everyone I recently bought Legion and will be playing wow actively again like I used in the old days, I mainly played during Cataclysm and Mist of Pandaria. So my question is.. I want to play a class, tank or dps which isnt super slow but also not like I'm riding a rollercoaster and if I dont press a key I'm losing on dps. Which classes/specs would suit me? Also: What are some fun quest zones, and which races/factions have the best quests? Thnx for reading :-)Elkoy3 2d
2d How do i "Recruit a new Champion?" Hello, i got that quest: Champions of Legionfall: return to your class order hall and recruit a new champion. Any idea how do i recruit a new Champion? What is a new champion? Do i have any old ones? I have no idea what the quest giver wants from me :) I have checked every npc in my class hall but i just can't find the right one. Does it have something to do with Followers from Missions or Silver hand recruiter? Any help would be appreciated.Uland2 2d
3d Deciding on the "main" problem Hello, I'll try to get to the thick of it: I am trying to decide if I should continue maining my Druid or Shaman (that I already have at lvl110) or if should I reroll on a Priest or Mage? First of all I really like changing up the phase and I like mostly caster/mage-like classes. I have most experience with Druid, limited with Shaman, no experience with Priest or Mage. I recently made the "effort" to level up a new character and due to my limited free time, I am not able to do that with all the classes I would like to try out. That is why I turn to the community. I would like to know which is the most engaging/interesting to play. Coming from GW2 and other single player RPG's I really dislike repetitive gameplay. I would be very much interested in Healing then DPS. Not much interest in Tanking. Druid forms also have no interest to me, its the main thing I dislike in Druid. I know mages have no Healing spec, but I would be willing to main a Mage if all the 3 DPS specs would be "fun and engaging". Then maybe have an alt for healing. I am mostly PVE oriented (Dungeons and Raids), but I want to get into PVP as well. After 3 weeks on Shaman and 3 weeks on Druid (at lvl110) I can see that Druid is the more viable, but the less engaging in raids and dungeons, can become rather boring in long raids or world content. Priest seems interesting with the DPS Shadow mechanics, however I saw guides on youtube that it might have a short and uninteresting rotation. The two Healing specs would be a bonus as I heard that Priest is the best at Healing. Mage on the other hand is the best at DPS and saw that Fire (while not the best) is the most fun and interesting. The three DPS specs I think would be interesting to explore and master, but are they good enough on the long run? I ask this of you because it would be much for me to invest in leveling up 2 other different classes, after Shaman and Druid. I would rather invest in one character on the long run starting from now. I already feel like wasting time with the two other classes I leveled, but I would be willing to level up one more if it would be advised. Thank you for your time and patience! Appreciate any feedback!Arkwennah2 3d
4d returning after say 5 years returning after say 5 years ; and the game has changed, for most parts it innitially looks all very glamerous. but there is something missing .............. it took me few weeks to find wat it is. it is sad, but it is the player's attitude. there was a sense of community here and it's gone. single players waiting at landing stations to boost their kill rates, language, rotten attitudes .............. sad well peeps we are in major times of change in this world of ours; if we cannot make it work on a pc game how are we gonna make it in real life? food for thought i hope.Lightworker1 4d
4d WOW legion question on purchase Hi everyone , I just bought wow legion deluxe edition ( the 65 something euro one) and it said that I now have a fully upgraded account , and when I entered the game it asked me to either play free trial or subscribe , when I pressed subscribe it said that I'm already upgraded, so I'm confused do I still pay monthly or what ? btw I'm kinda new so any helpful awnsers would be apprecheated :DZemar4 4d
4d Spell damage calculation? Is spell damage calculated at the end of the cast or when the spell hits its target? Can I use CD's after spell cast to boost the damage of already flying spell that has not yet hit the target?Ufoshotti1 4d
4d i have to pay every month to play? i dont know if i had to pay every month to play.Streachyatol15 4d
5d Suggestions on getting a Legendary Hello everyone, i haven't played in some time and i 've been trying to catch up by farming nethershards. I was wondering whether relinquished tokens are a good way to get a legendary or if i should try something else like mythic/pvp/world quest etc. Thanks :)Risperidone2 5d
5d How to balance between questing and dungeons Hey guys! It's been 20 days since i bought the game, and I've been having a blast! The class choice was a bit hard, but I've finally settled for a priest and couldn't complain since. But the problem lays not here. You see, while leveling up, I've been doing some dungeons just to test things up, get some gear and have a feel for my class in a pve situation (that's what i'm planning to do once lvl max) in general. But in doing so, i noticed that once i get into a dungeon, i'm almost guaranteed to advance by at least one or two levels, meaning that you're always forced to constantly change zones, which could be considered good if not for the fact that it's my very first character and i'm planning to enjoy everything that the game has to offer, leveling included. That's why i'm actually taking my time to read quests, change specs every 30 lvls to test everything out about the class... But on the other hand, i can't just give up on dungeons, mostly because the gear you get is really helpful for a squishy class like mine to level up (it is the term, right?),and that it helps me get accustomed to my class in pve. So can you guys suggest me some sort of "routine" that balances between the two ?Chaiør6 5d
5d Returning player with question about demon hunter Hey all, I'm not sure if this has been asked, I can't seem to find it but I do apologise if it has been. I am a returning player, I stopped playing before MoP was released and have started playing again. My question is should I make a demon hunter or even a boosted lvl 100 character despite not doing MoP or WoD. I have looked up their stories and how it ended, had to do the same for the previous ones even when I finished them because I feel like you need to do raids to see how they end. I never got the chance to but that is my understanding ( I could be wrong). Going back the question, can I skip MoP and WoD or would that not be recommended? Sorry if this long, random or a stupid question.Tovas2 5d
5d R.A.F hey dudes I can't seem to find any recent information about R.A.F, what level is it up to? ThanksLittletank1 5d
6d Pretty new, recommended Add-Ons? I'm pretty new, and don't know what Add-Ons would be nice to use while playing. Recommend some :)Tunicus8 6d
6d Heirlooms, are they worth it? I'm totally confused by heirlooms. Some people say it's worth it some say it isn't. It's taken me a month to level this druid to 100 via questing only. I'm wondering basically if heirlooms would be worth buying and using on other characters. I'm tempted to start a new character as a mage, rogue, hunter or warlock haven't really decided yet but yeah. I've some questions, im alliance and I'm in shattrath city i think it's called where you can buy the heirlooms (i think?) (the vendor is Riha right, or should I be buying them from someone else in a different city?) im not sure why they're all saying the item level is 85 and why the required level is only up to 60? does that mean they wont be usefull after i get to level 60? Sorry for the noobie questions I'm actually clueless about all this tbh.Lyldren4 6d
6d Buy Game time for a friend Can i buy Game Time for a friend in exchange for Gold?Nèrzhul4 6d
6d Mouse movement vs keys I came back to the game around the end of November following a 2 year break. I think i've only really raided Naxx during WOTLK and that was as dps. I do want to get into casual raiding as tank at some point. I used to click (arggh! stop hitting me!). I've levelled this toon using the mouse to turn and move and keys for actions (though I occasionally panic and click!). If i'm being honest i've not really used strafe much in levelling. I recently started to look at some articles/posts on movement/keybinding and a lot seem to indicate that forward + strafe are best keybound with mouse for turning only. I've tried to switch to this form of play and I find it really interferes with my action keybinds e.g. it's really hard to hit Q if i'm strafing left (using A). Obviously a Naga would sort a lot of probs out, but i'm not quite readt to fork out that much. I can see an obvious advantage in using keys to move forward is that you can turn your camera around and move at the same time, in other words, better enviroement awareness. Is using a forward key better than mouse movement or is it pure preference? Strafe isn't as big an issue as I have 2 thumb buttons on the side of my mouse I can assign to strafe. Thanks for your advice.Lopin9 6d
6d Returning/ can't decide on class Hello everyone, Im returning after a couple years(stopped right after mop release). With recent changes, classes feel so different. Im a casual doing a lot of old content solo runs. I like to heal in dungeons and seldom do lfr. What do you think would be the most fun to roll with? (monk pun not intended) Priorities in order; utility, off-dps potential and clear speed in old content(aoe, instant casts) I know anything can do old content but the satisfaction differs greatly. thinking of rdruid w/ balance affinity right now.Exhan6 6d
6d Looking for someone to play wow with Heya, I've got several lvl 100 chars but all my friends have left and so I'm finding my self in the sad situation where I'm looking for someone to play wow with. I don't mind starting a new char, or findings someone to play high level chars with. I'm hoping to find another person which also plays alone and could use some company. Got TeamSpeak etc and I'll happily give 1.000g per 10 levels to anyone which might want to play together with me. Hope that doesn't sound desperate, but its boring to play alone. Regards Mikael WOW Tag = Ethemos or RavencrestFrostxone13 6d
6d Returning player Hey all been a while since I have played and Jose I used to play with are no longer here. So looking to have a fresh run at the game with some new people from level 1 to the end. Not bothered which server we play I am mainly on lightbringer. Server wise, for levelling I would prefer alliance but not a deal breaker for me Hit me up on here or add me on bnet devimus#2990 Look forward to making new memories :)Devium3 6d
17 Apr Returning PVE player, where do I start? Hiya all, Obviously the first objective is to level to 110, shouldn't take too long as I'm a pretty OCD leveller. So my question is, what and how do I go about getting ready to raid, and stepping into raiding once I hit 110? I'll be wanting to play a guardian druid preferably! Thanks.Hypoglycemia1 17 Apr
17 Apr Why I am so unlucky? I've been playing since 2005 and as far as I can remember, I've been jumping between classes and characters alot. I pick one class for a few weeks and then visit a major city, inspect people and I'm like 'wow, this guy looks cool, I want to be like him!' and I'm off to creating new character. Vicious cycle, especially that I'd love to commit to one toon, I just don't really know how. How do you guys manage to pick your main? How can you be so lucky,unlike me that i cant stick to one character? !@#$ me ! :(Bladewen3 17 Apr
17 Apr Returning player... I really like melee classes but i found that they are all straightforward except for feral and monk which i dont like because I'm vanilla guy and like swords. Yet i havent tried fury or assassination rogue. I will focus on pve. Thanks In advance :-)Bladewen0 17 Apr
17 Apr New Player Here, Hello! Hello there! I recently started playing the game (a day or so ago) and I would love to get in contact with some people that could perhaps help me a little or simply just be a good chat, as my friends list is awfully quiet. My battletag is Valrysha#2740 Thanks!Valrysha5 17 Apr
17 Apr Returning Player looking for friends Hey! Hey i have just returned to wow after a long break (have not played since MoP) and i find myself with a dead guild and with no friends :(. And it's pretty lonely playing by myself, so I hope to find some friends to play with I'm from Sweden (so I play on EU) :) I play whenever I can, so both evenings and during the day. I've only played alliance so far, but I think I'll keep it that way. But like I said, I am a returning players so everything feels kinda new to me :) Hope to see your friendrequest soon :) KeFy#21349Koify1 17 Apr
16 Apr Tomorrow's egg event Where can I haunt for eggs in horde?Veladir1 16 Apr
16 Apr Is Legion still worth it? I'm getting legion for my bday, I really wanna be happy but people don't seem to be pleased lately. I've seen players complaining about grinding too much and that the xpac is too alt-unfriendly. Is it true? Do I have to stick to only my main to not get burned out?Dankboi2 16 Apr
16 Apr 7.2 Elemental shaman or hunter Hi there.. I got this paladin, but wanna lvl up a ranged class. I am not really into the warlock dot spamming and mage is kinda.. hmm well let's say I like the gear / transmorgs on hunter or shaman better. So considering I am a casual, I still cannot decide between these 2. I do some random bgs/pvp and pve. Not a hardcore raider either. I know ( play what you like ) , but I wanna consider the damage output in both pve/pvp as well as fun factor = I wanna be able to put out the dps while having fun. So anyone that can enlighten me to which class I should lean towards? :)Savagelight2 16 Apr
15 Apr Player slovak and czech republic Hladam spoluhracov ak sa niekto najde ovite saKrvavaskaza4 15 Apr
15 Apr ret paladin or shadow priest Hello i can't decide which class to choose ret paladin or shadow priest i know they are very different: ret is melee and paladin can be tank/heal(prot, holy) and shadow priest can be healer(holy, disc) i'm not interested in healing only dps(and maybe tanking)and i want to have only one. But i like both so i want to ask...when we are talking about dps, what is current state of these two classess/spec? Are they both in the middle or is one higher than other? I don't want to be top dps(well these classess can't compare with mage/lock IMHO) but i don't want to be at the botton and what prot paladins? Is prot paladin good tank? I heard paladin(ret/prot/holy it is indifferent) have some problems with mobility but i heard also that paladin is better for soloing old content than priest. Is it true? I tried to find something myself but it was out of dateGortarius2 15 Apr
15 Apr Demonology Warlock Tips For Scrubs? Alright so I am a new player to WoW and have only played halfway with two characters so far, Druid and Warlock. My main being the demonology warlock. But it seems like a complicated class and I could need some tips on how to play it. Like if theres special combos, gear, tactics that are better than others e.t.c. Right now I'm leveling and not so experienced with all the PVP and PVE. But PVE seems like the most interesting thing even though I'm in a PVP server.Hssalt3 15 Apr
15 Apr Legion invasions As the title says I wonder if the new legion invasions drop the transmog weapons that used to drop in the pre- legion expansion invasions. I have seen that the new legion invasions drop new t-mog weapons, but do they also drop the old ones? Can anyone please tell me or confirm this? Thank you!Skirit1 15 Apr
15 Apr I am Lost! So, I've had to take a break from wow for this expansion so far due to my commitments in the military and I have finally gotten around to re-subbing and playing legion (which I've had since pre-order!) I assumed it would be the standard, ding max level, grind out my honor PvP gear then spam my way to catch up with arena gear! However that isn't the case! Instead I've found myself being forced to do world quests to grind my weapon power and knowledge, while at the same time, trying to get some BG's done to level up a PvP talent system? But i feel like i am getting no where! What am I supposed to be doing? Where am I meant to be going and getting gear? Please Help!Vihasta1 15 Apr