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05 Feb Recruit a Friend Requests Please feel free to reply to this thread if you’re looking for a friend to recruit, or if you wish to be recruited by a friend. We only ask that you follow the other forum guidelines, and restrict these requests to only the specific thread on the official forums. How to Recruit a Friend - World of Warcraft: IMPORTANT: Please be careful about sharing your account details with people. Posting your RealID or any other personal information on a public forum isn't a great idea!Vaneras4634 05 Feb
27 Jan Helpful People List For New Players Continued Pt3 Old threads are now full, again. Glad to see it being so popular! Don't be afraid newbies to add us ^_^ We wouldn't put our tags here if we weren't happy with you contacting us! Me especially. First Thread: Second Thread: Same as the previous thread, don't expect these people to shower you in gold and items. We're here to give advice not play the game for you. Name: Realm: Faction: RealID/BattleTag: (You don't need to put this here if you don't want to.) Assistance: List of Helpful People No.2 Name: Waffles Realm: Shadowsong Faction: Horde/Alliance RealID/BattleTag: Jani#2877 Assistance: I can help with all kinds of advice about the game, including information on classes, gold making, fight mechanics and also lore. Pretty much, if you have a question about the game, there's a 98% chance I can answer it. Never hesitate to just add my Battletag and say hi. Name: Dalator Realm: Silvermoon/Argent Dawn Faction: Alliance (used to play horde) Btag: Fishhoox#2600 Assistance: Well if you need guidance in almost anything I probably have an answer (if not I'll look it up). I'm raiding heroic raids, I do pvp and I got 8 lvl 90's, I do a bit roleplaying and I might be an achievment hunter so I assume I have a wide diversity of knowledge in the game. Basically I don't mind helping people because I'm lonely and bored :/ And yes I was a newbie once too. Name: (Depends on the current character I use) Realm: Maghteridon/Moonglade/ArgentDawn/Shadowsong Faction: Horde/Alliance -(also secretly part of the Scourge/Naga) RealID/BattleTag: MRTF#2579 Assistance: I'm pretty much an expert on lvl 15-75 dungeons. (Since I've done them too many times :p). I can also help when it comes to battle pets, classes/spezialications, general issues, transmogrification, any profession advice lvls 1-400s. How to Tank/DPS/Heal. Few RP advices, PvP suggestions (but I'm not as good as in MoP). Name: Ionis, Trusthoof, That guy that loves to hear himself talk. Realm/Faction: Steamwheedle Cartel (Alliance) / The Sha'tar (Horde) Real ID: Ionis#2574 Assistance: - Explaining basics of game mechanics for all roles and most classes. - Primary and Secondary professions (except Engineering) - Basics of PvP and battlegrounds - All group content between levels 15 and 80 (Cataclysm and Pandaria is a little blurry :) ) - Suggesting useful game addons. - Lore, roleplaying. Name: Ninjaattack Realm: Stormreaver / Spinebreaker /Dragonmarw /Vashj. (Cross-realm) Faction: Alliance RealID/BattleTag: Sarah#2620 Assistance: Anything! Will gladly with dungeons, Pvp, killing players from the other faction, quests.. u name it ;) Just write to me in-game, and i'll help u and answer all the questions u probably have (as good as i can). See ya in Azeroth! :P Name: Wìsky Realm: Draenor/Silvermoon Faction: Horde/Alliance Battle Tag: Wìsky#2483 Assistance: Have been playing this game for a long time so I can help you with anything really. If you have questions about the game, your class, addons and whatnot or just wanna talk and make a new friend I'm always available. Name: Tacitaalma Realm: Anachronos - alonsus Faction: Horde Assistance: Any, I am a skilled girl. Name: Mns(Jonathan) Realm: Twisting nether-EU Faction: Horde RealID/BattleTag: Paddfan#2979 Assistance: Advice on the game be it tips for your class or help with quests etc or just want someone to talk to or do things with in game. Also help with raidiing from a player that been playing since release of vanilla. Name: Mns(Jonathan) Realm: Twisting nether-EU Faction: Horde RealID/BattleTag: Paddfan#2979 Assistance: Advice on the game be it tips for your class or help with quests etc or just want someone to talk to or do things with in game. Also help with raidiing from a player that been playing since release of vanilla. Name: Aenaar Realm: Kazzak (EU) Faction: Horde RealID/BattleTag: Aenaar#2103 Assistance: Pretty much anything with the exception of currency. Feel free to approach me for any help or if you would like to chat or make friends. I am happy to guide, teach and will come to assist if you are in trouble. I have been in World of Warcraft for about 8 years and will gladly share experiences that may help you in your adventures. Name: Felthrian Realm: Sylvanas Faction: Alliance RealID/BattleTag: ((Will Update when I can log in later)) Assistance: I can help you with PvP, I'm a keen lover of lore and as such know quite a lot of it and have done most of the quests in the game. Always happy to help new players into the game in any way I can, I've played casually for a very long time so can give advice on most topics, or just have a chat and play some BGs or Arena with you! Name: Wolfz Realm: Aggra / Grim Batol Faction: Horde RealID/BattleTag: xInesx#2449 Assistance: Can assist with introduction to raiding and gearing up your character, new player tip, competiive pvp ( to an extent not every class) and weekly arena caps , currency (gold) farm - AH playing. speak portuguese , english , french spanish or italian. only lend currency if i see its justified. i'm mainly an experienced feral druid ( since wotlk ) and holy paladin (since early cata) Our guild also happens to be recruiting but u must be portuguese for that.. Name: Whis Realm: Daggerspine (or any other i'm on) Faction: Horde RealID/BattleTag: Ocodot#2978 Assistance: I can help with nearly everything except for advanced raiding since I'm mainly PvP focused. I've played since WoW launch so I am extremely familiar with the game and it's mechanics. I can help you understand your class, anything PvP, gearing, weekly conquest cap, basic mechanics. Name: Melthazina Realm: Magtheridon (main) Faction: Alliance / Horde RealID/BattleTag: Pharazon #2864 Assistance: I've played WoW on and off since its release in 2005, and through that time I've played all classes and levelled numerous alts, many classes several times. I from Northern Norway, have a streak of Viking blood and know how to curse for an extended period of time without using the same word twice. Despite that I bark worse than I bite so don't be scared of throwing me a whisper if you're ever stuck on something, or generally just want to chat :) Name: Anwraith Realm: Chamber of Aspects Faction: Horde New player trying to understand how to navigate the game. I reached level 8 in a few hours and then got stuck when I couldn't find an avatar to obtain my next quest from. I have read the new player guide and many posts on these forms but I haven't seen a topic dealing with learning how to move around in the World. I don't know where to look for a quest giver, or a vendor to unload the excess baggage from my quests and if I knew where, I don't know what to read to learn what can be found where or how to navigate from where I am to other designated locations that haven't been targeted on the map with a quest. Name: Dreams/Medea/Medzie Realm: Draenor/Kazzak/Sylvanas Faction: Horde/Alliance BattleTag:Nikil#2653 Assistance: I've played this game since vanilla across multiple accounts over the time I have done and achieved many things in game I have done decent amount of PvP and cleared end raids on hardest difficulty during its time period, I have farmed various achievements, reputations, mounts and pets over the years and farmed a lot of gold easily I can help you with all of this + help with general questions, leveling tips and how to get into raiding and pvp and all sort of other stuff the one thing I cannot help you with is battle pets I am sorry:( . The reason I'm doing this is because when I first started I was lucky to have friends brother who was fairly experienced I asked him all sort of questions without him I would be nowhere and I would like to give the same opportunity to new players now to give you an example of my stupid questions "Why can mobs see and attack me if I'm hiding behind a tree?" anything you ask wont be as bad as that so go for it. Also please note if I'm raiding I may not be able to respond but during breaks or after raid I definitely will answer your question.Waffles30 27 Jan
12 Jan [Information] Starter Account for returning players You will likely be aware by now that some changes have taken place in 6.1 for returning players that have frozen accounts. Some sites have named this a "Veteran Account" though it is not officially named such. I thought I would make a quick post to let you know what this is all about. If an account becomes frozen, i.e. player has unsubbed or is no longer adding game time, characters above level 20 will be locked out from play, theses characters will be marked as [Inactive] on the character selection screen. You can however create new characters which will have the mostly the same limitations as a starter account:- Can't play expansion-restricted content (new continents, etc). Can't exceed level 20, 10 gold, and 100 trade skill ranks. Can't participate in Pet Battles. Can't disable experience gains. Can't trade, mail, or use the Auction House. Can't use voice chat or Real ID. Can't use value added services (character transfers, faction changes, etc). If you know starter accounts well, you will see that some of the restrictions of a starter account are not listed above. A player that has a full account but has no game time can play on a low level character but as opposed to having all the starter account restrictions, the following extra permissions have been granted:- Can join guilds their other characters are members of. Can whisper characters that are members of your current guild. Can use guild chat in addition to the say and party channels. You can also play any existing characters you have that are level 20 or below, but any trade skills that require over a skill level of 100 will not be available and if the character has more than 10g then that character will not earn any gold until they have spent enough to bring them back under 10g. Full information can be found in the updated support article found here:- 12 Jan
9h Invicible NPC player one shoot me dead!? First things first... I've been gone for a couple years... So I was questing in Swamp of Sorrows at the Stormard "keep". Just lurking around the area I enter a building and find a NPC boss, marked with one of those deadly skulls that say; you will die if you attack. So while staying at a distance so the boss won't not attack me, I get one shoot'ed taking 85,933 dmg by a Stormard Grunt. (Eight times my healthbar) And looking around... there is no Stormard Grunt anywhere around. So what just happended? Invicible NPC? Rgds, StepsSteps4 9h
20h Returned for 5 minutes, now leaving again I subscribed to the game today, on Saturday, at 11pm, to get into a LFG dungeon and have some fun. The queue for a basic LFG on my mage was 35+ minutes, because I am on a low population server (Darksorrow). This was the same problem that caused me to quit 11 months ago and the server population issue still has not been resolved. As all my characters are on Darksorrow, trying different level characters to see if the queue was shorter didn't work out, lowest I saw was 19 minutes for a character I didn't really want to play anyway. Please can you change the game so that I do not have to wait 35 minutes to play LFG dungeons (which I find the most fun part of this game, as its far more social and team oriented than questing). You could do this by widening the number of servers that LFG can match with, merging servers together entirely (why are there even 10+ low population servers to begin with, just start merging them). See you in another 11 months, maybe.Funabashi11 20h
20h Old player returning for duty! Hi Everyone, I've been a WoW player for 10 years now. Started during my study and enjoyed the games for many many years. But time is changing. Now, I own and run a company and are living with my future wife. Time to enjoy a game became less of a priority and the time wasn't there a lot anymore. But, it looks like I will have the opportunity to enjoy gaming a bit more in the near future! Back in the days (I'm really feeling old now haha!) you progressed by playing dungeons, raids, storyline quests/fractions and more. But now WoW seems a bit complicated. Its a bit overwhelming and I can't seem to find an overview on all the things I can do. It's annoying when you have 2 hours to play, but you don't know exactly what to do. Ofcourse, I understand that WoW is a progress-game. But you probably know what I mean! So my struggle is to not have an overview (focussing on PvE). Is there a main storyline to enjoy the story/main quest until the end of the expansions (so that the character is up-to-date for the next expansion)? What are the most important things to do with your character overall? What are the most important things to do when you are a mage? And what is important to have/do beside the main story and progress in raids and dungeons? I hope someone can give me advice, information or some tips to pick-up the character. Thanks for reading this post and have a great day! Thank you! KaelaricKaelaric12 20h
1d Looking for friends to play with Hello, My name is Edit. English is not my first language, but I think is a good way to ipmrove it, too I am new to Wow and I looking for people to play with, because sometimes I get lost in the game. Add me if you want to play with me, My Battle tag: Edit#21823Elendy0 1d
1d Confused player Hello there, I am a pretty fresh player and I am a little bit confused about some gearing up processes. So basically after getting all items from argunite vendor on argus should I still farm argunite and buy the same items hoping to get higher ilvl? Is that how titanforge works or am I wrong? Secondly I am not really sure how to start with mythics dungeons. Thirdly what ilvl should i have to start riding antorus on normal? If someone could help me I would be so thankful. Thanks!Ladronn11 1d
1d Looking for someone to play wow with Heya, I've got several lvl 100 chars but all my friends have left and so I'm finding my self in the sad situation where I'm looking for someone to play wow with. I don't mind starting a new char, or findings someone to play high level chars with. I'm hoping to find another person which also plays alone and could use some company. Got TeamSpeak etc and I'll happily give 1.000g per 10 levels to anyone which might want to play together with me. Hope that doesn't sound desperate, but its boring to play alone. Regards Mikael WOW Tag = Ethemos or RavencrestFrostxone43 1d
1d Dungeons locked behind quests? Hi, Recently i boosted a shaman to 110. A week later i decided to try healing in some M+ dungeons. I was invited to Black Rock Hold, only to be sumoned and blocked by a gate wich wouldn't let me in. Do i have to unlock the access to this instance? And is there another instance like this? If so, i hate this, its a futile thing to do on all your alts.Luxmagno3 1d
1d Don’t get it I’ve been playing wow for a few weeks I just don’t get how the pvp system works same as dungeons players race through and I haven’t a clue I’ve played a few different classes and I like how warlock demonology plays it’s fun but I want to know when can I get better mount gear etcTrann4 1d
1d Boring class to level up? Hello! So with buying the next expansion I get to get a new level 110 character. For me it is a fun way to play with something different. I wanted to pick something that is fun at level 110 but boring to level up. Any suggestions are welcome!Gerrak15 1d
2d Class for beginners Good night WoWers! So I'm starting the game after a loooooong pause (from pandaria) and I would like to know some opinions on best class to be as a beginner! Don't start with that coments that "All classes are good" cause I'm not complaining about that, just want some general opinions on what should I do now to start off, Thanks all.Infernalpet3 2d
2d Question about artifact power Hi all, played many years ago and returned recently. Confused about a lot of the content. But for now I was wondering if there is any point putting more AP in a weapon once you have all traits on it unlocked. Or do I save this up for other weapons? Thanks NingiNingizzida4 2d
2d What to purchase Hey, I'm a new player, I've been playing this game for 5 days now, stacked up some gold from Lovely Bracelets + mining/herb, bought a full set of heirlooms except trinkets, and my guildie made 4 Silkweave Satchels, the question is, what do I buy next? Or do I just spend it on sth else?Shirta4 2d
2d New player noob question Just for background, I come from playing FF XIV... I have been leveling through questing and have only just started doing dungeons using dungeon finder... What I have found is that every time you die you respawn at the beginning of the dungeon and have to run all the way back to join up with your group! In FF XIV all healers have ability to res but it doesn't seem like res is a thing in WoW? So I guess my questions is... is my understanding correct in that resurrection does not exist in WoW? If so, how are you supposed to run back to join up with the group when there are enemies in the path?Littlefluffy11 2d
3d Start from scratch or just deal with time difference? I moved from France to California about 5 years ago. I stopped WoW, but I took it up again last summer. The time difference was practical to get back into it; the off-hours made questing easier (though I was still getting camped by awesome people occasionally...). But when I caught up and wanted to explore higher end content (getting consistent arena partners and rated bgs) there were of course no guilds playing at 3-6AM server time. I also found myself just soloqueuing almost everything almost always. I'm missing the social aspect. Now that BFA is maybe 5 months away, I'm considering abandoning my 4 lvl110s, my ~2million gold, rare(ish) mount collection, and xmogs, in favor of a fresh start on a US realm. But losing all that progress is daunting. I will absolutely not re-grind flying in WoD and Legion. Going from ~870ilvl (boost stats) to something interesting would be seriously tedious. Getting the gold back just won't happen... I'll miss my mounts for sure. And the ability to switch between geared characters (with a variety of professions). Would you just continue on EU, stop WoW altogether, or bite the bullet and start over on a US server?Whatshisface4 3d
3d Broken Shore relevant? I just returned after a few months of not playing and i was wondering if the Nethershards and the legionfall campaign on Broken Shore are still relevant. Or can i ignore it and do the Argus quests?Bantoro5 3d
3d Lost in Pandaria - unlocking Dailies How to unlock the Dailies around the Temple of the White Tiger and the Temple of the Jade Serpent? Yes, well, lost is perhaps an overstatement, I DO still have my Hearthstone! But upon a long break from the game starting around MoP and to now, I am back and ready to take on Pandaria! I have waited patiently, raised most of the reps to exalted, anxious to go to the Temple of the White Tiger, as well as the Temple of the Jade Serpent. However, no Dailies show up for me. I am sure I need to unlock them somehow, but how? I tried Shrine of Seven Stars, nothing. I finished the final chapters of the other Factions, I thought was needed to jumpstart it. But nothing. Anyone who can recall, how to press forward from here? I browsed for a long time on Wowhead on various quests, NPCs and what not, that are involved, but no solution found. Thank you very much in advance :)Alunaria9 3d
3d LF some1 to start over with :) Hi all! I haven't played for 6 years but i feel that i want to play some again. As i said, 6 years has gone since i last played the game, i played alot during cataclysm, so im kinda new to everything after that. Im looking for someone to start over with. Beginning with new characters from 0 with maybe some help from my "main" (lol) Just to enjoy the game, have fun, chill out, leveling, questing, do dungeons etc, and take it from there. 24 y/o from Sweden, open to play some everyday Cheers Battletag - PontSwe#2577Bloodwaister4 3d
3d Frequently Asked Questions: Newbies of WoW I’m the creator of the “Helpful People List” sticky on these forums, which means I get a lot of new players adding me ever since I started the thread chain back in June 2013. Over the years I get the same questions over and over so I figured I’d finally get around to writing up a little FAQ of these questions, with some answers. If you still have questions after this, or don’t understand the answers, feel free to add me still on Jani#2877. I’m always happy to help. So, let’s begin shall we? Should I use my free level boost? No. New players shouldn't use the level boost. You miss so much content and then get dumped at the end of the game not knowing what on earth is going on or how to play. 98% (no joke) of the people I have spoken to who have used their boost as their first character, quit because they are too overwhelmed, and let the more experienced players get to them because they are now max level with no idea how to actually play the game. I personally would save my boost until I have maybe 2 characters leveled to max already. By then you would have experienced a lot of the content, gotten the chance to try multiple different playstyles, and will likely be able to get the hang of your freshly boosted character a lot quicker now you have a basic understanding of the game. THERE IS NO RUSH TO END GAME. You’re new to the game, so play it. Ignore all these people who rush to end game. They’ve likely been playing for a couple of years and have already seen most of the old world content. What server should I play? If you have friends who already actively play the game, I would always suggest playing with them. If you don’t you’re left with a few options; Post on the newcomer forum looking for any guilds who may be accepting of newer players and willing to help. I’ve seen a couple pop up over the years, however i can’t name any specifically that are still around/active today. Pick a server on your own, and try and make some friendships as you go. With Battle for Azeroth (BfA) the servers will be changing in terms of Normal/PvP tagging. Right now if you roll on a PvP or RPPvP server you will automatically be flagged for Player vs Player in some zones. This means people of the opposite faction and freely kill you. This can be very annoying for a new player. I would avoid these. RP servers are for Role Playing. Argent Dawn is the most popular Role Play server, so if you are into this or would like to try, check out their server forums for maybe a guild who could teach you their ways. RP servers have slightly different rules were basically, if people are RP’ing, don’t act like a jerk and try and ruin their time. You can get punished for this if reported. Be aware the area Goldshire in Elwynn Forest on this server has some NSFW activities, so if you don’t like that stuff or have young-uns who watch you play then avoid this area. Normal servers are like PvP servers, but you don’t get PvP flagged, so you can’t be attacked freely. These servers right now are the best option for a newbie as you can freely explore without the worry of a high level coming and killing you over, and over, and over, and over, and… well you get the picture. In terms of popularity, the high pop servers of course have the most players. You may get log in wait times on new patches/expansions however, and well as lag in cities if there’s a lot of people there at once. Still I would recommend High-Medium pop servers as it is nice to play an mmo and actually see other people, and have a higher chance of finding friends/a guild. It also gives you easier options for branching out into raiding/pvp/gold making etc. All possible on low population servers, it’s just harder. What faction should I play? That would depend on what server you pick as well as which faction you enjoy the most. This choice goes hand in hand with the server choice. If you want to be Horde then you’ll want to pick a server where the Horde is populated. If you want to play Alliance then the same needs to be done. I would advise looking at the following website to get an idea of faction split. The information isn’t 100% correct but it’s correct enough to get an idea. You can sort the realm list by your chosen Region (so for me I filter for only the English servers), and then by the total population on the table below. What you’ll see is at the top is Outland which is the most populated server, there’s 7-8 more times Alliance players than there is Horde, and that it’s a PvP tagged server. I personally wouldn’t recommend this server for a new player due to the PvP tag, and it’s just TOO populated. The choice is yours however. What class should I play? The one you enjoy most/think looks the most enjoyable/looks the coolest for you. Yeah, but is it “top tier”? Unless you’re going for world first, or top 200, raiding wise it doesn't matter. Pick whatever is fun for you. Try them all out if you have to. Yeah, but I don’t want to level up a character and then it be bad. No class is unplayable at any point in the game. Yes some are better than others if you min-max them, but what class is “the best” will vary from patch to patch. A class could be bottom one patch, then next patch be top. None of this matters if you aren’t having fun though. Yeah but… Stop. Just stop. I have raided server first, I have switched around playing whatever is “best”. IT’S NOT WORTH IT. You’re new and things such as raiding shouldn’t be on the forefront of your mind right now. Take your time, level up, try out different classes. Ignore what everyone says. If you think something looks fun or cool, then give it a go. If you’re enjoying your character you will always do well on it as you’ll want to play it. Can I tank/heal as a new player? Of course you can. DPS roles are suggested as it does make leveling/doing dungeons easier for you, but you don’t HAVE to DPS. You will have to be prepared for the extra responsibility however if you do chose to tank or heal as your first experience in the game. If in doubt, DPS. Tank responsibilities: Know the instance layout. Keep all enemies hitting you in the face. Healer responsibilities: Have the patience. Keep everyone alive. Yes even that dps running ahead, pulling everything. Yes it’s annoying, and yes they will blame you if they die. Ignore them. Without the use of mouseover macros/keybinds/addons healing can be difficult to cope with. If you really want to heal go for it, but I would recommend waiting until you are more familiar with the game. Learn to keybind and make some mouseover macros. There are addons which do similar things but installing addons and setting them up is not going to be mentioned here. I don’t advise it for new players. And personally, after healing since Vanilla, I prefer keybinds with mouse over macros over any “healing addon” anyday. It’s more transferable between different classes/roles also as you will want to eventually keybind all of your abilities on every character. Where can I learn more about my class? I would suggest as a good starting place to learn more about how to play your chosen class. There’s also class discords where you can ask questions and get help (WowHead is also a great database website. If you need help with a quest or finding an item, look here).Waffles2 3d
3d Getting rep for allied race I have been on a break from Wow but when i heard that allied races where coming soon I came back. now i got pre-order and got the quest but I missing a rep called "Argussian Reach" and i only have 1600/3000 (neutral), I never did argus stuff So my question is how long will it take for me to get exalted with Argussian Reach? I really wanna play void elf and I'm kinda salty now :(Naozie8 3d
3d How do I get to Argus? I am level 104 still questing in Val'sharah main quest. But I've seen people doing invasions on Argus at that level? How do you get there? I saw mentioning broken shore scenario and talking to Khadgar, but neither options were showing up. Please help!Camazotz5 3d
3d Why so hard to do? Hello, This is my second attempt to start this game. I only played couple weeks couple years ago. 3-4 days ago i just started to play and i do not care pvp or any lunatic things in this game. i'm just the guy who likes to do quests and lore. So i opened an undead hunter which looks like funny. I got a quest at my level range (i'm trying to follow story and questline). That quest name is "sowing discord", u suppose to kill a general while you have 3 elite helpers with you but that general kills you with 1 shot all the time. Its impossible to do this quest. I'm so confused. Game not giving any gold to buy better gears till this level nor powerful weapon nor armor nor whatever. Its not dungeon. Why its so hard to do this quest as solo? Do i missing somethings? im totally losing my appitite.Neolestro5 3d
3d Disc Priest or Frost Mage? (For PvP and a bit of PvE) I can't decide what to play out of these two classes for my Void elf. I want to level up a Void Elf but i'm stumped on a class, Disc Priest has always been pretty fun at low level but i've never leveled one to 110 before, i've always wanted to give frost mage a go aswell because i love the asthetic of using frost and icy spells to kill enemies. I mainly do RBG's and i plan on doing Arena's a lot more as well. Of course i need to do some PvE on the side aswell but i prefer the PvP aspect. Can someone give me some advice on what to play?Pranks3 3d
3d Is Flying NEEDED For Legion? Hey everyone, I came back to Legion after about a years break from WoW. I boosted my character from level 50ish to 100 (cheating I know, but I really wanted to check out the content!). I am now at the point of grinding to get my flying in Legion and its so bloody frustrating! Some of the quests are proving very hard to even start let alone finish, I am literally pulling my hair out! Cheers!Tasslehóff5 3d
3d New player : Seeking Help and advices ! Hello guys ! It's been a few days since I bought WoW, I used my booster to get my first lv 100 charac, I followed most of players' advice -Play what you like- and so I have chosen a warrior simply because I loved its playstyle, everything was fine, until I started dying against lv 100 Monsters, usualy after I finish up a fight i have less than half of my HP, and when it's a boss (Those with a star on the map), I just can't beat those ! So i'm having a hard time playing, and when I sit and consume food to get back some of my health, it's just costs quit the amount of Gold (For a starter, i can't afford heilrooms, repair fee, Potions... etc) And it became so frustrating ! So guys I would like to ask you, is there a way for me, as a warrior to get back my health during the fight (A talent, spell or anything!) Or there's no solution :( And another question please, Is there something like a totaly overpowered character in PVE, something that would carry me through monsters, quests, dungeons and raids with ease, without worrying much ? Something like this would definitly help me quit a bit ! Enough time to build experiences and some gold ! Also, is there a type or advices to level up a character fast from lv 1 to 100 ? And least but not last, Is there specifique rules to Character Boost's refund ? or I just can't undue my boost... And thank you :) Have a good day I hope you could help me with your advices ! :) I'm really at a point where i'm one step away from uninstalling the game, it got on my nerves dying everynow and then ! (Even leveling from lv 1 is super extra boring ! you just can't stand it, not without heilroom items to boost your Exp and your progress aswell!)Tenshu17 3d
3d Paladin's position in this current patch. Hello ! A new player here ! I loved the game, my fury warrior aswell, but paladins caught my interests, they can be tanks, healers or even damage dealers makes them a good class to fit in all those spots (No need to mention their good looking artifact weapon) So I wanted to ask you, where's the paladins (In each role) position right now in this patch ? As retribution, holy paladin and as tankaladin (:P). Also I believe it's a good class for starters or/and as a second character. P.S : I know things might change in the next patch ! Favorable or not, I am sure they'll be back to the top ladder once again, so in the meantime, if they are already in a good position, It would be great to level it up now while it's viable (Or good, it's up to where paladins are right now, which tier to be more precise), if they are in a bad/average position, then it would be better to wait until they climb the tier ladder once again ! And thank you :) Leave your opinions based on your experience or on what you observed (or read) ! Share your opinions we might help each others out ! Edit : I forgot to add, I believe both retribution paladin (Which is DPS, better for questing and leveling) share same heilrooms as Fury warrior, which is good for my wallet (I'm still new, still trying to fill my wallet xD).Tenshu7 3d
3d Action Bar Help Please Hello, I haven't played on WoW for a few years and I've forgotten how to get an action bar back that has disappeared. There's 1 - 6 action bars, number 6 has gone and all spells I had on there are now above the action bar. Anyone know how to get them back down? CheersRomanoff4 3d
3d Old guy needs a bit of help Hello everyone I am returning from long break (7 months) ,i stopped before tombs of sargeras opened. Atm i am clueles what to do and where to go.I did guldan hc curve/2/11 mythic. I need some good person to help me out a bit where to start. Cheers.Xaethos3 3d
3d Is safe to destroy tabards? Hi all, I got recently back to the game and decided to start by cleaning my bank stash. I noticed that under appearances tab there is tabard section. So is it safe to delete my tabard collection just get some room in my bank? EDIT: *is it safe*, cant fix typo in the topic it seems :/ Sorry for that.Tuupo2 3d
5d Raid Gold for new players This subject has come up several times recently, and since the numbers changed in Legion, I don't have a clear source any more. So I decided to do a few runs. When you first reach max level, or maybe even a bit before that, you might be on the lookout for some quick and easy gold. Soloing old raids is one possible source. While there are better ways in the longer term, there are not many that a new player can access immediately. As a new-ish 110, at ilevel 800-850, you can easily solo all Wrath raids and Cata raids on the hardest difficulties (25-man or 25-man Heroic), and can probably solo most of the Mists raids, depending on class and spec. If you go to YouTube, you will find people showing how to find and clear each of the raids. My first run was through the Wrath raids tonight. My procedure was - I vendored everything, including cloth and greens - I converted gear tokens before vendoring - I cleared more trash than I usually would on a transmog run, but not absolutely everything. - I wasn't especially rushing. No speed buffs, like Bear Tartare, or Speed gear. I picked up 5 pets that could be auctioned, but did not include these in totals. Start Time: 22:02 Gold: 704,622 Naxxramas 25 22:02-22:36 705,811 = 1189 gold, 34 mins Obsidian Sanctum 25 22:42 - 22:42 705,934 = 123 gold, 1 mins Ruby Sanctum 25 22:45-22:48 706,018 = 84 gold, 3 mins Ulduar 25 22:54-23:34 706,968 = 954 gold, 40 mins ToC 25H 23:39-23:48 707,589 = 621 gold, 9 mins ICC 25H 23:55-00:23 708,629 = 640 gold, 28 mins The Eye of Eternity 00:33-00:36 708,680 = 51 gold, 3 mins Onyxia's Lair 00:42-00:45 708,724 = 44 gold, 3 mins Total running time: 2h 1m Total session time: 2h 43m Total raw gold: 4,102 I'll follow up with results from Cata and some Mists runs after the reset.Gráinne13 5d
5d New expansion races Hi, I just bought the new expansion to try out the new races, i did not like legion so i just stooped playing after hitting 110. When i loged in i have to earn Exalted with different factions for being able to play the factions. Blizz wtf? You have the rant about vanilla servers that is still not out yet, you make this new expansion, that makes it able to play the NEW classes. People buy it to be able to give it a try, they give it a chanse. Why do you do this?Cptjørn9 5d
6d How many people are needed for a guild run raid ? how many people are needed for a guild run raid, in 10 man, 25 man and 40 man raidsSitrix9 6d
6d New to Legion, seek [help] Hello guys, I'm new to Legion, i just refreshed a couple of days ago, and I was looking for someone able to answer a couple of my questions. 1) What happened to the PvP ? What I've understood so far is that only the iLvL count toward the actual %stats you are going to get in any PvP Zone, am I right ? 2) Said so, farming PvE Gear - iLvL is by far the best thing to do right now to be able to have a decent PvP Gear. So how much is the theoretical iLvL Cap ? 3) There is an internal PvP stats cap, or it can go on forever and ever ? ex - 960 iLvL 16% stats - 1000 iLvL 20% stats - 1100 iLvL 21% stats, and so on... Br,Swagmaster3 6d
6d New to WoW, but not to MMORPG's! Hey Guys and Gals! First off, when I say new I mean VERY new. I think Ive been playing about a week. Perhaps 10 days. and I have my own Private business so I don't have 10 - 15 hours a day to put into WoW as I'd like and have put into other MMORPG's over the years. I started wow because a friend and I got bored of our current games and he has been playing wow on/off since release. as we play though I realized I cant rely on him for much help or advice. Since he doesn't have a main or a max level. He has always just leveled different races and Classes to Role play and to learn the Lore. So here I am. 69 Hunter playing as MM. 20% from level 70 Reason I chose hunter: I've always liked playing with a bow. Ranger/Hunter is usually my main in games. I chose MM because I don't like the Idea of AI (the pet) fighting for me in PvP. unlike my friend I play MMORPG's to Gear up and PvP at end game. PvE as well but I love PvP Well for now I'm focusing PvE and using gear as I get it. I wont use Real life money to get gold in game so I have to Improve my Character by just playing the game. Starting to really enjoy WoW. Wish I started playing it long ago. With your advice I hope to enjoy the game even more! Now that you have a back story. here comes some Questions: 1. When I go home and play tonight. where should I go Quest to Level as fast as possible? 2. What professions would you suggest? (I currently have Skinning, First Aid and Enchanting)(I'm thinking I'll swap Skinning with Engineering once I hit 100 or 110) 3. Any advice from Exp Players for this Noob? xD 4. Is there a way for new players to make Gold? I know I cant expect to make Tonnes of gold until Ive played for a while and have a decently geared main. 5. This is more of an bonus Question: Im looking for a Awesome flying mount :) Id like a Black/blue or White/blue dragon of some kind. if that is available; how do I go about obtaining it? Lastly. I don't know the WoW slag or terms :( so please speak to me like I'm an Idiot when you reply :) Thank you in advance!Meist1 6d
6d [Help] How to properly know what role fits better I need help from people who reached max level and are acquainted with end game content. I can't decide if I'm going to play as a rogue or as a priest. It will be my main and only character. Rogue seems to fit my playstyle way more than priest does, however, I don't want to become useless later on, since the only role I may play is DPS, and as far as I know priest can do damage or heal, which sounds more promising for the "community". Can you share with me how do you see rogues and how do you see priests at higher levels? Whatever information you would like to have when you chose your class. Thanks for you timeScaglietti2 6d
6d Returning & seeking playmates! Hejj, So I'm a old-time wow player who hasn't played since the days of MoP and I've recently decided to return (once again). Essentially all my good friends have long since left and the social aspect of this game is as necessary for me as its actual content and thus i'm looking for some solid individuals to liven up my gaming experience a bit! I'll be leveling from scratch but my end-game passions are pvp (both arena and casual BG/wpvp) and small-group content like mythic+. I'm a competent player who simply seeks likeminded peeps to join me for a mix of causal/competitive fun! So yah, if you're in the same position as me or just fancy a fresh start/change of pace - gimme a holla!Ciderkat2 6d
6d 110 boost and WQs Hello, If a new player boosts a character to lvl 110, do they automatically unlock world quests in the process, or do they have to acquire reputation with all the factions by questing through the Broken Isles? I've searched quite thoroughly but couldn't find an answer. Edit: My friend actually used the boost and it turns out that the boost automatically unlocks world quests for you. Thought I should update, in case anyone else wants to know the answer to this question.Athelda1 6d
10 Feb Velf monk What do u think about void elf monk? Personal preference bla bla bla talking about racial is it good combo or void elf just caster?Vaelsen5 10 Feb
10 Feb Is there any way to hide quests? Thanks to the free boost that comes with purchasing BfA I decided to use it on one of my older characters. Now, while I have no problem with all the stuff you have to do being a fresh lvl110, the one thing that annoys me about it is that I fail to find a way to ignore available quests showing up on the (mini)map. I'm not talking about trivial quests. I know you can ignore them by using the icon on your minimap. For example, Dalaran is full of quests I don't plan to do. Either I don't care about them or they are slightly outdated. Another thing are profession quests, especially for secondary profesions, which can't be unlearned. And another example would be the "pursue you next Artifact" while I'm still nowhere finished with the first one. Etc etc... So do you guys know of a way or an addon that let's me ignore/hide quests? Thanks in advance.Berlag2 10 Feb
10 Feb Dungeon Taunt and Assist Hello. Trying to be less Noob DPS as I get the hang of dungeons. Got myself splattered twice at Utgaede Keep. Thanked healer for resurrection both times but clearly need to get better. Is It okay to use a taunt ability to peel a mob off the healer, or am I going to make it more difficult for the tank to get them back under control? I believe that as melee DPS I should generally be whacking whichever mob the tank is targeting. I believe I can use assist function for that but how do folks generally deal with the 'target my tank' step? As to add-ons I think I need Deadly Boss Mod, Omen, EvlUI...anything else? (I am very new at dungeons. Anxiety issues mean I have stayed away from multiplayer content. I think I am missing out. So trying to expand my game.) Thank you.Purity4 10 Feb
10 Feb LFR explain and some items title Good day boys again im here for some answers. First is LFR: can someone tell me how its work ? how much time i need to go lfr raid per week for loot i mean i was antorus and i drop one item then only golds so its mean no need to go again and again ? not sure how loot work here ...i try google but i dont find anything about how its work. Q about items I drop some items titanwarfoged 0/10obliterium unsullied warforged relinquished so what everything means ? pls Can i change some specific attributes? or not and if i can where Ty for answers HAVE A NICE DAYBambulinka3 10 Feb
10 Feb Want to start fresh/looking for a new realm Hey there. I quit playing WoW about 3 months ago after getting burned out. I've been playing my elemental shaman for around 7 years now and this is likely the cause of my burnout. To not burn out again I decided it's time for a fresh start. Preferably on a new server without access to twinks or gold etc. With the recent changes to leveling in 7.3.5 I think now is a great time to start from scratch. I'm german and have been playing on german realms ever since. It may sound silly but i've grown tired of the german community and want to try something new and start playing on an english realm. I also want to take this opportunity to improve my english. That said I was looking for some advice to choose the right realm. I previously played on Blackhand which is a horde PVE realm. But since Blizz will change the way how PVE and PVP realms work I guess it doesn't matter what type of realm I will choose. Population-wise a realm with a 50/50 ratio of Alliance and Horde would be great but I guess it's hard to find one. So far I've been keeping an eye on Magtheridon and Chamber of Aspects. Does anyone got experience with mentioned realms? Also let me know if you got any recommended realms. Thanks in advance!Kazanjo11 10 Feb
10 Feb Playing the patch content in order? I bought Legion at launch and proceeded to level a character to 110 and in the middle of gearing up and doing the level 110 stuff, my graphics card in my laptop died. I was able to continue playing with onboard graphics but the difference in quality put me off. Anyway fast forward to now and I'm up and running on my newly built desktop. Logging into my 110 and felt a little lost in terms of plot and where I was so decided I'd level another character to 110 instead. I'm now close to finishing the last of the broken isles areas and reaching 110 on this character and while I know I still have a bunch of stuff to do plot/lore wise at 110, I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction so that I can play through all the post launch patch content in order? Finding out how a certain character makes his return for example and how we end up going to Argus, I also remember we return to the area from the scenario outside the tomb of Sargeras if I remember correctly. I'd like to play through that in it's appropriate order yet have no idea in terms of quest givers etc, is there a guide anywhere which explains it all for people like me who follow the story?Sennden3 10 Feb
09 Feb New to Legion and have some questions... Hey guys... I have returned to WoW about a week ago after a loooooong time and started a warrior which is at level 48 now... I just purchased Legion a moment ago and wondering if theres anything to do in respect to the legion's expansion... Is legion pointless at a level below 98? Tbh the only reason why i bought it was for the weapon artifact and the Demon Hunter which i know you only get once you hit a certain level. Right now im just questing, following wherever the game takes me really and spamming the dungeons to level up... thats literally it! Should i be doing anything else? I've just finished Cape of Stranglethorne and not really sure where to go from there. thxDarshvader1 09 Feb
09 Feb Level 100-110 BOOST !! Hey guys, my Brother and me are Boosting NH Dungeons from 100-110 on ALL realms(Hord). We are Both lvl 101 and good equiped. One dungeon needs 4-7 Minutes and we´d take 3.5k Gold per run. One level needs around 3-5 runs. If you are interested add us: Periaz#2980 Maslor#2269Paramecias1 09 Feb
09 Feb Abandoned a quest, can't find a way to start it again So my quest-log was full and I thought it would be ok to abandon tailoring-quests I got in Dalaran. However now it seems I'm not able to start those again, I even unlearned Tailoring and learned it again but that didn't help at all. Is there anything I can do?Torchling4 09 Feb