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18h Recruit a Friend Requests Please feel free to reply to this thread if you’re looking for a friend to recruit, or if you wish to be recruited by a friend. We only ask that you follow the other forum guidelines, and restrict these requests to only the specific thread on the official forums. How to Recruit a Friend - World of Warcraft: IMPORTANT: Please be careful about sharing your account details with people. Posting your RealID or any other personal information on a public forum isn't a great idea!Vaneras4491 18h
5d [Information] Starter Account for returning players You will likely be aware by now that some changes have taken place in 6.1 for returning players that have frozen accounts. Some sites have named this a "Veteran Account" though it is not officially named such. I thought I would make a quick post to let you know what this is all about. If an account becomes frozen, i.e. player has unsubbed or is no longer adding game time, characters above level 20 will be locked out from play, theses characters will be marked as [Inactive] on the character selection screen. You can however create new characters which will have the mostly the same limitations as a starter account:- Can't play expansion-restricted content (new continents, etc). Can't exceed level 20, 10 gold, and 100 trade skill ranks. Can't participate in Pet Battles. Can't disable experience gains. Can't trade, mail, or use the Auction House. Can't use voice chat or Real ID. Can't use value added services (character transfers, faction changes, etc). If you know starter accounts well, you will see that some of the restrictions of a starter account are not listed above. A player that has a full account but has no game time can play on a low level character but as opposed to having all the starter account restrictions, the following extra permissions have been granted:- Can join guilds their other characters are members of. Can whisper characters that are members of your current guild. Can use guild chat in addition to the say and party channels. You can also play any existing characters you have that are level 20 or below, but any trade skills that require over a skill level of 100 will not be available and if the character has more than 10g then that character will not earn any gold until they have spent enough to bring them back under 10g. Full information can be found in the updated support article found here:- 5d
04 Sep Helpful People List For New Players Continued Pt3 Old threads are now full, again. Glad to see it being so popular! Don't be afraid newbies to add us ^_^ We wouldn't put our tags here if we weren't happy with you contacting us! Me especially. First Thread: Second Thread: Same as the previous thread, don't expect these people to shower you in gold and items. We're here to give advice not play the game for you. Name: Realm: Faction: RealID/BattleTag: (You don't need to put this here if you don't want to.) Assistance: List of Helpful People No.2 Name: Vafler(A.K.A creator of this thread, Kailera/Waffles) Realm: Magtheridon Faction: Horde RealID/BattleTag: Jani#2877 Assistance: I can help with all kinds of advice about the game, including information on classes, gold making and fight mechanics. I also stream at so feel free to jump into chat any time to ask a question, even if I'm not playing WoW at the time. Name: Dalator Realm: Silvermoon/Argent Dawn Faction: Alliance (used to play horde) Btag: Fishhoox#2600 Assistance: Well if you need guidance in almost anything I probably have an answer (if not I'll look it up). I'm raiding heroic raids, I do pvp and I got 8 lvl 90's, I do a bit roleplaying and I might be an achievment hunter so I assume I have a wide diversity of knowledge in the game. Basically I don't mind helping people because I'm lonely and bored :/ And yes I was a newbie once too. Name: (Depends on the current character I use) Realm: Maghteridon/Moonglade/ArgentDawn/Shadowsong Faction: Horde/Alliance -(also secretly part of the Scourge/Naga) RealID/BattleTag: MRTF#2579 Assistance: I'm pretty much an expert on lvl 15-75 dungeons. (Since I've done them too many times :p). I can also help when it comes to battle pets, classes/spezialications, general issues, transmogrification, any profession advice lvls 1-400s. How to Tank/DPS/Heal. Few RP advices, PvP suggestions (but I'm not as good as in MoP). Name: Ionis, Trusthoof, That guy that loves to hear himself talk. Realm/Faction: Steamwheedle Cartel (Alliance) / The Sha'tar (Horde) Real ID: Ionis#2574 Assistance: - Explaining basics of game mechanics for all roles and most classes. - Primary and Secondary professions (except Engineering) - Basics of PvP and battlegrounds - All group content between levels 15 and 80 (Cataclysm and Pandaria is a little blurry :) ) - Suggesting useful game addons. - Lore, roleplaying. Name: Ninjaattack Realm: Stormreaver / Spinebreaker /Dragonmarw /Vashj. (Cross-realm) Faction: Alliance RealID/BattleTag: Sarah#2620 Assistance: Anything! Will gladly with dungeons, Pvp, killing players from the other faction, quests.. u name it ;) Just write to me in-game, and i'll help u and answer all the questions u probably have (as good as i can). See ya in Azeroth! :P Name: Wìsky Realm: Draenor/Silvermoon Faction: Horde/Alliance Battle Tag: Wìsky#2483 Assistance: Have been playing this game for a long time so I can help you with anything really. If you have questions about the game, your class, addons and whatnot or just wanna talk and make a new friend I'm always available. Name: Tacitaalma Realm: Anachronos - alonsus Faction: Horde Assistance: Any, I am a skilled girl. Name: Mns(Jonathan) Realm: Twisting nether-EU Faction: Horde RealID/BattleTag: Paddfan#2979 Assistance: Advice on the game be it tips for your class or help with quests etc or just want someone to talk to or do things with in game. Also help with raidiing from a player that been playing since release of vanilla. Name: Mns(Jonathan) Realm: Twisting nether-EU Faction: Horde RealID/BattleTag: Paddfan#2979 Assistance: Advice on the game be it tips for your class or help with quests etc or just want someone to talk to or do things with in game. Also help with raidiing from a player that been playing since release of vanilla. Name: Aenaar Realm: Kazzak (EU) Faction: Horde RealID/BattleTag: Aenaar#2103 Assistance: Pretty much anything with the exception of currency. Feel free to approach me for any help or if you would like to chat or make friends. I am happy to guide, teach and will come to assist if you are in trouble. I have been in World of Warcraft for about 8 years and will gladly share experiences that may help you in your adventures. Name: Felthrian Realm: Sylvanas Faction: Alliance RealID/BattleTag: ((Will Update when I can log in later)) Assistance: I can help you with PvP, I'm a keen lover of lore and as such know quite a lot of it and have done most of the quests in the game. Always happy to help new players into the game in any way I can, I've played casually for a very long time so can give advice on most topics, or just have a chat and play some BGs or Arena with you! Name: Wolfz Realm: Aggra / Grim Batol Faction: Horde RealID/BattleTag: xInesx#2449 Assistance: Can assist with introduction to raiding and gearing up your character, new player tip, competiive pvp ( to an extent not every class) and weekly arena caps , currency (gold) farm - AH playing. speak portuguese , english , french spanish or italian. only lend currency if i see its justified. i'm mainly an experienced feral druid ( since wotlk ) and holy paladin (since early cata) Our guild also happens to be recruiting but u must be portuguese for that.. Name: Whis Realm: Daggerspine (or any other i'm on) Faction: Horde RealID/BattleTag: Ocodot#2978 Assistance: I can help with nearly everything except for advanced raiding since I'm mainly PvP focused. I've played since WoW launch so I am extremely familiar with the game and it's mechanics. I can help you understand your class, anything PvP, gearing, weekly conquest cap, basic mechanics. Name: Melthazina Realm: Magtheridon (main) Faction: Alliance / Horde RealID/BattleTag: Pharazon #2864 Assistance: I've played WoW on and off since its release in 2005, and through that time I've played all classes and levelled numerous alts, many classes several times. I from Northern Norway, have a streak of Viking blood and know how to curse for an extended period of time without using the same word twice. Despite that I bark worse than I bite so don't be scared of throwing me a whisper if you're ever stuck on something, or generally just want to chat :) Name: Anwraith Realm: Chamber of Aspects Faction: Horde New player trying to understand how to navigate the game. I reached level 8 in a few hours and then got stuck when I couldn't find an avatar to obtain my next quest from. I have read the new player guide and many posts on these forms but I haven't seen a topic dealing with learning how to move around in the World. I don't know where to look for a quest giver, or a vendor to unload the excess baggage from my quests and if I knew where, I don't know what to read to learn what can be found where or how to navigate from where I am to other designated locations that haven't been targeted on the map with a quest. Name: Dreams/Medea/Medzie Realm: Draenor/Kazzak/Sylvanas Faction: Horde/Alliance BattleTag:Nikil#2653 Assistance: I've played this game since vanilla across multiple accounts over the time I have done and achieved many things in game I have done decent amount of PvP and cleared end raids on hardest difficulty during its time period, I have farmed various achievements, reputations, mounts and pets over the years and farmed a lot of gold easily I can help you with all of this + help with general questions, leveling tips and how to get into raiding and pvp and all sort of other stuff the one thing I cannot help you with is battle pets I am sorry:( . The reason I'm doing this is because when I first started I was lucky to have friends brother who was fairly experienced I asked him all sort of questions without him I would be nowhere and I would like to give the same opportunity to new players now to give you an example of my stupid questions "Why can mobs see and attack me if I'm hiding behind a tree?" anything you ask wont be as bad as that so go for it. Also please note if I'm raiding I may not be able to respond but during breaks or after raid I definitely will answer your question.Waffles23 04 Sep
52m Silvermoon for new and returning players... Join us! WE HAVE MOVED WE ARE NOW ON SILVERMOON! If your newly returned to WoW after a long time away, or if your a new player looking for a home then please consider having a look at our guild introduction post here: TLDR on that post: We don't want to rush! We dont want to powerlevel! We don't want to be 'rushed' through dungeons. We want to take our time, and enjoy the game. We do not want to get to max level as quickly as possible. We are old... :P We offer a place to the more mature WoW player who's 'been round the block a few times' shall we say. We are (now) on the Silvermoon server, so if you dont have a character there already you will need to re-roll but we think it's worth it. We are an ALLIANCE guild. Thanks for your consideration. ArtArteruk29 52m
57m Starting over again...... LF server and guild Hi everyone on the forums. I want to start over again on a different server, since this is a massive multi player online role playing game, I thought it would be a good idea to look for a server and a guild. This is what I am looking for: 1: A mature guild (21+ preferably). 2: A social guild. 3: A non rushing guild. 4: Either a Dutch or English speaking guild. I hope I have informed you guys with enough information, if not please let me know by posting on this forum thread.Nesraa3 57m
1h Destruction lock 7.3 PvP guide Basic, complete destro guide :) 1h
8h Need tanking advice. So, I'm pretty new to wow and started as a dps, but as I got a little further into wow I started leveling tanks, now I have 2 max lvl tanks (Blood dk and vengeance dh). I just got into mythic+ on my dh, this however was much harder than normal dungeons which are normally a breeze, are there some special techniques to have an easier time in mythic+ and possibly raids in the future, I'd like advice at both blood dk and vengeance dh.Jagerdemon12 8h
10h Heirlooms 100-110 Yo guys. I just want to ask about Heirlooms. How stats scaling is working, at this moment I have 100 lvl on my hunter and my heirloom helmet 1-110 have 605 ilvl. Why only 605 not 715 or something like this, why so low?Teirinn4 10h
11h How to start raid healing? So I decided to learn healing. It goes pretty well in dungeons, so it's to take it on to the the raid version. Now before I spoil the honor of the healers in raids, I wanna ask about few basic tips. Or is it really all about "whack a mole"?Yunji3 11h
22h Looking for a balanced PvP realm faction-wise Hello guys, I'm currently playing on Twisting Nether and since I can no more bear the horde/alliance ratio in there, I'm planning to move to a less unbalanced realm. I say "less unbalanced" because, according to what I was told, balanced realms don't exist anymore, which is a shame. But honestly, I wouldn't mind playing in a 60%-40% or even 30-70% realm so long as I don't feel like I'm the only alliance around when I world quest, and don't get ganked by a fat group of hordies who know very well how much horde biased our realm is but still go on and make it even worse for no good reason at all. I hear more or less the same names whenever I ask this question, and people talk about Emerald Dream and Ravencrest. However, others tell me that ED is more of an alliance biased realm, which to me is even worse because I love PvP and don't want the realm I choose to be hordless either (pvp'less). But I also want to guild raid and arena, which is simply impossible in TN for alliances. Looking forward to hearing your suggestions, knowing that I don't want to play in a RP realm. But if it has to come down to that, I'll just do it and shut up I guess. Also, a high populated realm would be a great plus. Thanks.Sariath2 22h
1d New player views on Guilds and Guild Finder Hey people, New player here, I'm on Draenor currently trying to find a class I like lol I'm starting to like druid seems like such a versatile class. This question is aimed towards Blizzard, Whats wrong with guild making and the guild finder? I can't find any guild out there willing to invite a new player or to sign a charter and the finder is filled with inactive ones which makes it utterly useless. So to further that question are there any guilds on here from Draenor willing to invite me ? I'm interested in all aspects pve and pvp and I'm going to aim for a beastly feral druid. Thanks ladies & gents ~Edit~ forgot to add I'm alliance, night elf, my druid name is ßirdperson (I'm a Rick and Morty fan)Mortý4 1d
2d Back On Wow Restoration Back on WOW resto shaman, I wanted to ask if it possible to lvl up as a restoration Shaman by only doing randoms istances?Rezzy4 2d
2d Best healer class right now? Hello, I want to roll a new healer character. I was wondering witch class is currently on the top of healing chart and who is good overall in Legion? Any tips and advices are welcome.Fledalf14 2d
2d A few questions from a returning player Hi I just returned and I have a few questions about picking what server/class to play 1) What class should I pick? Class I play mainly are pala, hunter, rogue, priest, mage. Especially pala/hunter I've seen the classes changed a lot. I loved the paladin lore but didn't like the playstyle much. I loved hunter playstyle the most since it was very mobile ranged damage, meaning I could move around a lot and never had out of range problems, plus it had cloaking (a poor mans stealth but I'll take it for a stealth ranged class) Anyway seems like survival is melee now. BM is kill command spam and MM is another caster turret effectively, I can only be mobile if I let my pet do the work. Any other good mobile classes? I was thinking of spending my lvl 100 upgrade on a rogue since I love me my stealth but I suck at melee in pvp, too much to take in. I have to attack, defend, use my utility moves, watch out for enemy utility moves and check my range all at the same time whereas as range I can usually just range nuke people, use my utilities to keep them at bay, if they close in i just try to get away so it doesnt matter about healing myself or watching what utilities they are using, and I never go out of range because theyre running figures of 8 around me I just keep backing away and keep them in front of me, much easier. Then again rogues stun spam right? So I can just ambush and stun spam, and if they survive my kill combo I vanish and try again or just run away should be fine, and they'll probably be panicking at low HP anyway so it might work better than paladin Paladin in pvp had way too much to pay attention to, had to be in range, felt squishy so I had to watch out for stuns, snares, damage cooldowns, never felt like I did much damage, had to heal regularly and try to trick them into wasting their spell interrupt, and it seemed I was the prime target. Plus I've got warriors running figures of 8 around me to make me out of range or locks fearing or mages freezing me so I can't do anything which got old fast. I also heard disc priests are good at pvp but this was a long time ago now. And I have a mage too which seemed to be semi mobile and had a lot of snares but was really hard to play, still felt better than the pala tho I guess what I'm asking is, I want something to pvp with that doesn't have me keeping track of a billion different things. People said pala was an easy pvp class back then but I found it really hard and a large part of that being because it was a melee class I think, wotlk DK pvp was even worse since I was even easier to snare than a pala and spent all my time concussed, webbed, frozen and feared. I would also like to do some guild pve but I'm really not too fussed about the role. I was usually a tank but I wouldn't mind some ranged dps so I can actually see what I am fighting and not have so much pressure to perform. I tried healing but it was super stressful and everyone hated me, and when we wiped I always felt like it was my fault for not keeping the tank up T_T 2) What server should I do? I like pvp but from EU realm pop it seems most servers are all alliance or all horde. Do these servers overlap with other servers? For instance Outland pvp is very Alliance with little Horde and the most populated server. Does it overlap with a server that is very Horde and little Alliance so that I can get into some huge alliance vs horde fights on the field. I don't like arena but I love BG and world pvp. I like the idea of sneaking around as a stealthy rogue or hunter and fighting people but I want to see lots of Allies and Hordes fighting everywhere, not just one faction or another. And I want to actually be able to do some other stuff like raiding which requires other peeps of my faction as well. Defias Brotherhood is more balanced but lower pop. I wouldn't mind that too, but better if there is a high Horde pop server sharing a world with a high Alliance pop server so there's like 1M people running around killing each other in roughly even numbers 3) Any advice for a good guild? I'd like to do some raiding at some point as well. Any advice for how to get into a good guild or is raiding basically dead? Is it essential that I pick a class that can tank or heal such as a pala/priest to have a chance at joining a raiding guild or do I have a pretty decent chance as a hunter, rogue or mage as well?Lenneth1 2d
2d AOTC Help Hi, so i'm kinda desperate in getting Ahead of the Curve: Kil'jaeden achievement before Antorus releases. Emerald Nightmare AOTC got helped there aswell of a friend which quited wow Trial of Valor AOTC I managed to get this Achievement by forming a grp, HC Trial was a joke! Nighthold AOTC Got this with my previous guild [Can't get back into the team] Tomb of Sargeras AOTC I'm currently looking for help with this AOTC!, i've formed a grp myself and got to the Sisters so 4 / 9HC, but have 5/9HC on my mage [Main], However i know the remaining tacts So could anyone please help me with this AOTC?, i know what to do and all, 90% of the grps requires AOTC for an inv, and leading a pug is just impossible to do as no one listens!. I have the Challenge Appearence, i'm doing dps and know what to do! Could any kind soul here on the forum help :/? IF the 11 weeks schedule is true between the Patches then its not long before the ToS AOTC achievement becomes unavailable!! you can reach me at Miwa#21883 Horde: This druid Alliance: Mîwa@Ravencrest If you'd like to check the two chars out!!Jinkazama0 2d
2d I don't get WOW :( Hi! I'm a new player since I have a gaming pc. I always wanted to play this game, but I don't really get it. Right now I'm lvl 5 Night Elf Druid, but all I do is questing. I see a lot of exclamation marks and I always accept the quests. Is this something I have to do, or? And I also don't know if I'm still in the 'beginning world' or something. What else can you do on WOW besides questing? I'm still a noobie in WOW. Thanks for the help!Baxterille6 2d
3d Finding a realm Hey I am currently playing on defias brotherhood realm where I was originally playing alliance about a year and a half ago and coming back to wow I wanted to play horde but as I have started playing I feel like the realm isn't as active as I remember or is this just because I am only starting out or are there any other realms that have a good balance between horde and alliance I do like to have pvp and pve accessibility as I enjoy both aspects of the game but do prefer pve slightly but should I try and find another realm or stick with what I am on? Because I can't find any guilds that are more for new players on defias brotherhood they all seem to be focused on the veteran players So if anyone sees this and have any info on realms or just has a guild on a new realm where I can relearn the game then that would be much appreciated Thank youMukton10 3d
3d How do I ilvl after boost? I mean 100lvl boost. I just finished starting scenario at Broken Shores, did some quests in SW (and 1 in Dalaran) and now I just stuck. Okay, I will follow quests, but still - What is good way to make ilvl (in not so long time)to do atleast Legion heroic dungs or easiest raids? Btw. it's my first time with Legion, so its like wtf for me at this time (cuz last expansion I was playing on, was MoP) A lot have changed.Haylash2 3d
3d Huge Spikes Ok, I know that what I'm going to ask sounds incredibly "nooby": While testing my DPS (it really is bad) I encountered, that sometimes huge spikes come out of the ground dealing dmg to the enemy. It's really rare though (About 2 times each 10 mins) The only thing it could come from is the "Commander of Legionfall" buff. But Im not sure about that. Just wanted to ask to be sure. Thanks :)Primefive1 3d
3d New Player here Hello!, as the title stated im a new player a friend of mine got me into this game yesterday and used Recuit a friend with me. Sadly he can only play like 3Hrs a day so i wont be getting that much of advice / help from him so im reaching out for the forum i dont know if this is the right place to ask for help tho!. But maybe someone can help me if i need help ingame or wana show me what i can do ingame etc, bought legion 2 days ago and boosted a druid i'm currently playing feral and finds it pretty fun! add me here then Juzai#2245 [i do only have this char and a lvl 8 gnome warlock], planning on get 1 alliance and 1 horde char to max lvl tho! i'm a quick learner so i only need to get explained to like 1 time about something and i got it! or if theres a boss i gotta understand then will i most likely just need to fight him one time to understand the fight!Nekò3 3d
4d Will it get a bit slower? So I'm new to retail WoW. Mostly I played on Wrath private server, so naturally a lot has changed. I started playing few days ago and already almost Level 50. Things are going pretty fast, questing is fast, not even finishing all the quests and already high enough to move to another zone. Dungeons are always with veterans in Heirlooms just plowing through a dungeons and me trying to keep up. So what I want to know will it ever get a bit slower?Spiritforge6 4d
5d Questions about Professions and Leveling Hello guys, I'm not a new player but I actually started playing after Legion came out so basically I'm not an experienced player. I also only have 1 Warlock that's 110 with 918ilvl and as I'm doing stuff on it, I'd also like to lv up my Rogue and I wanted to ask you some questions in general about professions and stuff. -So, On my lock i have 620 enchanting but only 1 on Tailoring, i want to get these high enough so i can use them in some way, i've figured out a method with leyline shard to lv enchanting but for tailoring idk what to do, and idk if that's even a good combination of Professions. -Second thing is that I wanted to know what professions should i get on my Rogue wich is my first Alt(Possibly involving Alchemy if it's good). And also what are the best methods aside than dungeons to lv the char up quickly. I'd like also to stay with enchanting on my lock coz of it's profits. I don't like gathering professions even if I know that they're required for some Profs. Thank you for your attention !Fedaykin11 5d
5d Good UI addon? ^Mestog7 5d
5d Which class to boost? Good morning. Yesterday I ordered Legion and I will get it in a few hours. Seeing as there is a free level 100 boost, I'd like to use that for a new character, but I have no idea which class. I want a class which is a good all arounder, good for PvP but can also hold it's ground/damage in PvE. I only like MELEE / SWORD classes so i was thinking of: Retri Pala, Frost DK, Sub Rogue, Fury/Arms (couldn't decide on spec) Warrior. I would like some opinions on which one and why. Thanks.Omgwtfqq5 5d
5d Endgame content class Hello, I can't decide and I thought I ask for help. So I play a balance druid and a havoc demon hunter, both at the end-game content. I enjoy both a lot, and I will probably play both from time to time, but I want to master one. So my question is - which of those two is better at: - heroic/mythic raids - mythic+ dungeons - pvp content - other endgame activities Let's assume I have best possible gear and proper player skills, because this is what I want to accomplish ;)Avaelia4 5d
5d Vanilla player, class main? Hi I'm having real difficulty in picking a main class for wow. I played in Vanilla, but haven't really played since and I'm really enjoying the game but don't have time to commit to more than 1 character. I had a list of my pros/cons of each class, but for sake of tl;dr, I've narrowed my class choice to Warrior or Hunters. My goal of the class is to do mainly PvE, raids/dungeons etc.. but also a fair amount of solo content and old raids etc.. also I do enjoy PvP (arenas) a fair amount. I don't care about which is best right now, I simply want the most fun. Which is subjective but these are my concerns Warrior - Melee range seems to be a problem for me, in DPS anyway. I find myself out of range, or staring at something wrong or not switching targets quick enough although tanking I'm fine (at least in dungeons) but there is so much crap in the way, and I find myself being a tank due to short dungeon timers. Although I wouldn't want to actually tank at end game content. I really enjoy the lore behind warriors, class hall, the weapons and importantly all 3 specs. Hunter - Really enjoy the running and gunning, Lore is good. I want to be ranged DPS, and surv is just a no-go for me. I've tried it and enjoy it about 1/10th as I do the warrior. BM is good to just constantly move, esp in early dungeons and MM is still more mobile than any of the casters. The thing that makes me keep loading my hunter is the fact that when I run dungeons its such an enjoyable experience just standing back, missing mechanics easily but keeping up to the top of the dmg charts. So the main concern for warrior is its purely melee, which seems to be a mind!@#$ for me and just not as enjoyable when it comes to dungeons/raids. My main concern with Hunters is that its somewhat boring, but I really don't want to ever play surv. Can anyone add to this? pros/cons of each and maybe something I wouldn't of noticed yet as only around the 80-90s in levels. ThanksEloop3 5d
5d World of Warcraft®: The Complete Collection If I Buy The World of Warcraft®: The Complete Collection I can level from level 1-90 and soon 100, But Will I also get The 30 days free game time whit this purschase? Also I am lvl 20 Hunter on WoW 2 why does its show 4 Blood Elf Priest ?Brokenq19 5d
6d Is There a Macro to Control Sound? Does anyone know a macro or quick option to be able to turn the game sound up quickly without going into the options menu? I know about Ctrl + S turning it on and off but I like having it low during raids so I can hear it a little bit under the voices on Teamspeak.Viron8 6d
6d Which characters don't have ground cast AoEs? I'd like to try playing PVP or raiding with an xbox controller. You can't use it that well to target the ground. I guess pvp might be doable with some classes though I'm not sure which ones. I'm not interested in healers. with pve I'm not sure if there's any class without any relevant AOEArsalan3 6d
18 Sep Searching for Mentor - First Account Hey, I am searching for a mentor. It is my first account, I started playing with 2 friends a week ago. I played to 60 and boosted with the legion expansion to 100. Then I quested to 110 today. The game already got me very deep into it. I like the graphic, the awesome atmosphere and the huge maps. There is so much content that it really overwhelms me. I want to get a really good char and I am willing to spend many hours. I would be happy, if some very experienced player could teach me. (EU Servers) Regards! :)Brozalpha3 18 Sep
18 Sep What can i do at lvl 40? So, I recently reached lvl 40 on wow i was wondering what i can do at this level I am a Warrior NightElf just incase you need to know this to answer my question Thanks alot, ThumpHammerRyanthunder2 18 Sep
17 Sep Making gold? How? Hey, so I've bought this game last week and sucessfully leveled to 110. At this point I started running dungeons and stuff to get better gear. Recently I've seen on YouTube some videos about gold making... The thing is that those videos was outdated but more likley i didn't understand them. So my question is how do get started with "making gold" like a completly newbie. Thanks in advice.Mantle8 17 Sep
17 Sep Just came to the game after years... realm dead. So came back to the game after few years (since CATA) back to my good old Bloodhoof realm but I found it pretty much dead. No chat going on in Orgrimmar and AH almost empty. Should I switch? I like to mingle in the AH alot and Bloodhoof atleast for now seems really dead. Kinda makes me sad since I had quite fond memories of it from when I played back in 2010. Not to mention my old clan is completly abandoned so I'm kinda clanless lol. I was thinking of switching either to Argent-Dawn, Draenor or Silvermoon. Which one would you suggest? I have no preference over horde/aliance but I mostly care about the economy of the server and how active the AH is. Thank you.Mathue3 17 Sep
17 Sep God Queens Challange Excuse me, I am searching for a way to do the god queens challenge, google has content of people either already doing it. Wowhead says it should be started at councilor victoria at the broken shore ( but I couldnt find her ;/ Could someone please let me know where can I start this challenge and/or whether I can do it with other ppl? Thank you in advance.Hawock2 17 Sep
17 Sep Newly dinged good morning guys I hope this post finds you all well and good. I have changed mains to this druid now, and have just dinged to 110, but still badly geared, I know the mobs scale to your lvl, but what Im not sure about is, do the mobs scale to your Ilvl, or does it get a bit easier when your gear gets better?? I am stuggling at the moment soloing some of the new areas, I tend to play on my own most of the time as Im more comfortable doing that as Im a bit disabled and can be a bit slow at times, and sometimes get a bit of stick and abuse from other players for it occationaly when I make mistakes or cant keep up at times. thanks in advance for any help and adviceCluid4 17 Sep
17 Sep No idea how to craft So basically I wanted to attempt to craft something through tailoring, but no matter what I try I have no idea how to get up any kind of crafting interface and I can't see any butting for it in key bindings. P.S: Sorry for the totally noob question XDCalbius3 17 Sep
16 Sep VAL SHARAH STORYLINE PROBLEM Hello guys im doing val sharah questline, but there's something i've missed. i did 4/7 quests and im stucked i cant do archdruid of the claw, into the nighmare and all nighmare long. what can i do? i tried to find on internet when i can start archdruid of the claw, but i go there and i cant take any questsWedza2 16 Sep
16 Sep Looking to Raf new players I have been playing wow for over 4 years, I'm looking to recruit any new player so we can benefit from the xp boost, we can hardcore push to 90 using the xp boost through dungeons and quests, I'm willing to provide all the help and experience needed for legion etc, I will also be providing gold for repairs, bags, flask,food or anything needed, the only reason behind all this is that I will be rerolling into a different class and its nor worth paying for the boost. There is no requirements as long its Horde for faction, we can fix hours according to kazzak server time, I'm really active and I play daily. More about myself I'm a mythic raider my experience for this expansion is 8/10 mythic Nighthold and currently I'm 5/9 Mythic Tomb of sargaras. I'm 21 years old I can speak fluent English and I can use discord or TS if needed. I'm also willing to help after reaching 110 if anything is needed or help. I don't require any experience either but that's the most efficient way to level up and it shouldn't take more than 2 days with total 8-10 hours. For any more info contact me on Bnet: Bibo#21665 or here on forum but Bnet is the fastest way. Feel free to visit my character DH so you can see more about my playstyle and everything.Bibò0 16 Sep
16 Sep What to spend talent point on? Not sure between Chi Torpedo, Tigers Lust and CelerityRidleey7 16 Sep
16 Sep How stick to one character? How find main? Hello. I keep making alts, thinking its ok to make some alts. But i also want to be able to get to this pace i'll never make it, constantly making alts. Is there away to stop making new ones if i don't have the willpower to do it? Also, how do you know when a class is your main? Should i force myself to level a character to 100? EDIT: It's so bad i feel genuine stress :/Tankard13 16 Sep
15 Sep [Guide] Realm Types & Picking Your Realm Welcome to the World of Warcraft! This guide is meant as a helper for the new, and the more experienced players, to pick the realm that is correct for them, and to inform about the different kinds of realms which are offered to players of World of Warcraft. I am not a Blizzard employee, nor anything related. Green text? MVP (Most Valuable Poster) program: Guide created: 05/04-11 Last edit: 05/04-11Lethan17 15 Sep
15 Sep I wanna learn healing So I know how to play tank and dps, now I want to learn healing so I know all 3 roles to decide which playstyle to choose. I use HealBot addon, it's quite handy and I got familiar with that. At first it all went smooth and nice. But later I started meeting people, that complain about my healing (in very rude forms). All healers have these basic abilities: major heal, fast and innexpensive heal, heal over time and AoE heals. Here's what I can't understand: how to properly use major heal and fast heal? Also those tanks blame me for bad heals when they die, but there's no way I can outheal, when their health drops so fast. I can use Life Cocoon once upon the time, when they pull half a dungeon, but only for 10 seconds. Also I'd like to express a great respect to all healers having nerves to endure an infinite amount of accusations!Yunji6 15 Sep
15 Sep Back, hoping to do solo mount runs I only have one max level character, and mages historically have struggled with the more recent raids in terms of solo efforts - what would peeps recommend as the "best" class to solo old content with?Tanukicana2 15 Sep
15 Sep How do i re-iginite that spark? Where do I start, go guess at my main issue. I've played wow since late vanilla, and the game has come along way since then in some good and bad ways. I guess I'm really struggling to get back into the game, my last "addiction" was probably mists of pandaria, despite all of the angst surrounding it, I thoroughly enjoyed playing it, to the point I would level as many characters to 90 as I possible could, there was so much thrill to the game and it just had that addicting factor that always made you wanna come back, but then warlords came, sure I tried to treat it the same as pandaria but the expansion was such a let down I feel like it completely killed any passion I had for the game, back in pretty much every expansion since vanilla I would spend hours and hours and hours playing, but after warlords I would come on for an hour get bored and go off. When I heard legion was announced I was so excited, finally, demon hunters, a great looking expansion, the legion, sargeras, oh my it was like I was in a dream world, I played for the first fee months quite alot, but then, I fell into the same curse as I did in warlords, I just got bored, I was never much of a raider, I liked to do raiding on occasions sure but I was always more on the PvP side of the game, it appealed to me more, I only got into raiding properly in Cata when PVE gear was better for PvP than the actual PvP gear, for a short amount of time I'll admit. These days I'm dying to find a game I can put countless hours into a really enjoy the experience, and I desperately want that to be wow, recently a few of my mates have started to play it, but I still have no incentive to play, I think one of my main reasons to play used to be the social interaction, but as time past all friends I had made quit the game or moved on, so I was left alone, it's tough to make connections with people these days in the same way you used to, when you would be up all night in dungeons and PvP events, you bond with people, these days youre lucky if the dungeons or pvp sessions last longer than 20-25 minutes, and even then no-one talks, I tried RP and found that very fun, as I'm a lore freak, and I love that sort of stuff, it was new and exciting, but that phase ended when my mates stopped playing aswell, and i just lost interest in it. It's become such an antisocial game, which is ironic because playing games is considered antisocial, I really wanna 're ignite my spark for the game, does anyone have any advice at all, or has anyone else been through this aswell? I JUST need something to get me back into the game full time. Apologise for the soppy sob story but I felt it needed to be said.Shardvision4 15 Sep
14 Sep Faction imbalance - I feel cheated I recently rejoined the WoW gaming community and started a Horde character on Sylvanas. I've played around 50+ hours into the character and now I've discovered that the faction balance on Sylvanas is completely ridiculous. According to some sites it's even as high as 99% to 1% (Alliance / Horde). Some sites say it's around 85% to 15% which is still too high. I have seen zero horde players in the Broken Shores zones I attempt to complete world quests at and I'm often failing miserably as I am either being killed by the majority of Alliance players, or I can't kill the required mobs as they have already been tagged by same Alliance players. I feel kind of cheated as this statistic is not shown in the server listing or anywhere. You have to rely on external sources to find out that at your server you are alone! Now I am forced to level a new character to 110 on Alliance side, migrate servers or factions. The latter options cost ~30 € which is not much but I feel like it's money wasted when this data should be available when you create a character!Joanna41 14 Sep
14 Sep Vindicaar Matrix Core Question Which skill is the best to use for doing world quests and rares on Argus? I'm having trouble deciding which one is best to use as they all seem rather useful. Thanks in advance for any help.Kooki5 14 Sep
14 Sep Warrior or Druid? Hello! This is my first character a level 65 Druid. I would really like to try out a Fury Warrior. I really don't want to have wasted my time, so should I level my druid to 110 or try out Warrior? I don't have any Warrior heirlooms Thanks from Some NoobieKoliastr4 14 Sep
14 Sep Returning Player wanting to Tank So i'm returning to game after a long period away and was wondering which tanks are in a good position at current, mainly for Mythic and Mythic + Dgs can't raid at current as i don't have time. Also how easy are artifacts to level now as i'm so far behind on all chars >< Thanks in advance :)Mirajané2 14 Sep