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1d Recruit a Friend Requests Please feel free to reply to this thread if you’re looking for a friend to recruit, or if you wish to be recruited by a friend. We only ask that you follow the other forum guidelines, and restrict these requests to only the specific thread on the official forums. How to Recruit a Friend - World of Warcraft: IMPORTANT: Please be careful about sharing your account details with people. Posting your RealID or any other personal information on a public forum isn't a great idea!Vaneras4395 1d
09 Jul Helpful People List For New Players Continued Pt3 Old threads are now full, again. Glad to see it being so popular! Don't be afraid newbies to add us ^_^ We wouldn't put our tags here if we weren't happy with you contacting us! Me especially. First Thread: Second Thread: Same as the previous thread, don't expect these people to shower you in gold and items. We're here to give advice not play the game for you. Name: Realm: Faction: RealID/BattleTag: (You don't need to put this here if you don't want to.) Assistance: List of Helpful People No.2 Name: Vafler(A.K.A creator of this thread, Kailera/Waffles) Realm: Magtheridon Faction: Horde RealID/BattleTag: Jani#2877 Assistance: I can help with all kinds of advice about the game, including information on classes, gold making and fight mechanics. I also stream at so feel free to jump into chat any time to ask a question, even if I'm not playing WoW at the time. Name: Dalator Realm: Silvermoon/Argent Dawn Faction: Alliance (used to play horde) Btag: Fishhoox#2600 Assistance: Well if you need guidance in almost anything I probably have an answer (if not I'll look it up). I'm raiding heroic raids, I do pvp and I got 8 lvl 90's, I do a bit roleplaying and I might be an achievment hunter so I assume I have a wide diversity of knowledge in the game. Basically I don't mind helping people because I'm lonely and bored :/ And yes I was a newbie once too. Name: (Depends on the current character I use) Realm: Maghteridon/Moonglade/ArgentDawn/Shadowsong Faction: Horde/Alliance -(also secretly part of the Scourge/Naga) RealID/BattleTag: MRTF#2579 Assistance: I'm pretty much an expert on lvl 15-75 dungeons. (Since I've done them too many times :p). I can also help when it comes to battle pets, classes/spezialications, general issues, transmogrification, any profession advice lvls 1-400s. How to Tank/DPS/Heal. Few RP advices, PvP suggestions (but I'm not as good as in MoP). Name: Ionis, Trusthoof, That guy that loves to hear himself talk. Realm/Faction: Steamwheedle Cartel (Alliance) / The Sha'tar (Horde) Real ID: Ionis#2574 Assistance: - Explaining basics of game mechanics for all roles and most classes. - Primary and Secondary professions (except Engineering) - Basics of PvP and battlegrounds - All group content between levels 15 and 80 (Cataclysm and Pandaria is a little blurry :) ) - Suggesting useful game addons. - Lore, roleplaying. Name: Ninjaattack Realm: Stormreaver / Spinebreaker /Dragonmarw /Vashj. (Cross-realm) Faction: Alliance RealID/BattleTag: Sarah#2620 Assistance: Anything! Will gladly with dungeons, Pvp, killing players from the other faction, quests.. u name it ;) Just write to me in-game, and i'll help u and answer all the questions u probably have (as good as i can). See ya in Azeroth! :P Name: Wìsky Realm: Draenor/Silvermoon Faction: Horde/Alliance Battle Tag: Wìsky#2483 Assistance: Have been playing this game for a long time so I can help you with anything really. If you have questions about the game, your class, addons and whatnot or just wanna talk and make a new friend I'm always available. Name: Tacitaalma Realm: Anachronos - alonsus Faction: Horde Assistance: Any, I am a skilled girl. Name: Mns(Jonathan) Realm: Twisting nether-EU Faction: Horde RealID/BattleTag: Paddfan#2979 Assistance: Advice on the game be it tips for your class or help with quests etc or just want someone to talk to or do things with in game. Also help with raidiing from a player that been playing since release of vanilla. Name: Mns(Jonathan) Realm: Twisting nether-EU Faction: Horde RealID/BattleTag: Paddfan#2979 Assistance: Advice on the game be it tips for your class or help with quests etc or just want someone to talk to or do things with in game. Also help with raidiing from a player that been playing since release of vanilla. Name: Aenaar Realm: Kazzak (EU) Faction: Horde RealID/BattleTag: Aenaar#2103 Assistance: Pretty much anything with the exception of currency. Feel free to approach me for any help or if you would like to chat or make friends. I am happy to guide, teach and will come to assist if you are in trouble. I have been in World of Warcraft for about 8 years and will gladly share experiences that may help you in your adventures. Name: Felthrian Realm: Sylvanas Faction: Alliance RealID/BattleTag: ((Will Update when I can log in later)) Assistance: I can help you with PvP, I'm a keen lover of lore and as such know quite a lot of it and have done most of the quests in the game. Always happy to help new players into the game in any way I can, I've played casually for a very long time so can give advice on most topics, or just have a chat and play some BGs or Arena with you! Name: Wolfz Realm: Aggra / Grim Batol Faction: Horde RealID/BattleTag: xInesx#2449 Assistance: Can assist with introduction to raiding and gearing up your character, new player tip, competiive pvp ( to an extent not every class) and weekly arena caps , currency (gold) farm - AH playing. speak portuguese , english , french spanish or italian. only lend currency if i see its justified. i'm mainly an experienced feral druid ( since wotlk ) and holy paladin (since early cata) Our guild also happens to be recruiting but u must be portuguese for that.. Name: Whis Realm: Daggerspine (or any other i'm on) Faction: Horde RealID/BattleTag: Ocodot#2978 Assistance: I can help with nearly everything except for advanced raiding since I'm mainly PvP focused. I've played since WoW launch so I am extremely familiar with the game and it's mechanics. I can help you understand your class, anything PvP, gearing, weekly conquest cap, basic mechanics. Name: Melthazina Realm: Magtheridon (main) Faction: Alliance / Horde RealID/BattleTag: Pharazon #2864 Assistance: I've played WoW on and off since its release in 2005, and through that time I've played all classes and levelled numerous alts, many classes several times. I from Northern Norway, have a streak of Viking blood and know how to curse for an extended period of time without using the same word twice. Despite that I bark worse than I bite so don't be scared of throwing me a whisper if you're ever stuck on something, or generally just want to chat :) Name: Anwraith Realm: Chamber of Aspects Faction: Horde New player trying to understand how to navigate the game. I reached level 8 in a few hours and then got stuck when I couldn't find an avatar to obtain my next quest from. I have read the new player guide and many posts on these forms but I haven't seen a topic dealing with learning how to move around in the World. I don't know where to look for a quest giver, or a vendor to unload the excess baggage from my quests and if I knew where, I don't know what to read to learn what can be found where or how to navigate from where I am to other designated locations that haven't been targeted on the map with a quest. Name: Dreams/Medea/Medzie Realm: Draenor/Kazzak/Sylvanas Faction: Horde/Alliance BattleTag:Nikil#2653 Assistance: I've played this game since vanilla across multiple accounts over the time I have done and achieved many things in game I have done decent amount of PvP and cleared end raids on hardest difficulty during its time period, I have farmed various achievements, reputations, mounts and pets over the years and farmed a lot of gold easily I can help you with all of this + help with general questions, leveling tips and how to get into raiding and pvp and all sort of other stuff the one thing I cannot help you with is battle pets I am sorry:( . The reason I'm doing this is because when I first started I was lucky to have friends brother who was fairly experienced I asked him all sort of questions without him I would be nowhere and I would like to give the same opportunity to new players now to give you an example of my stupid questions "Why can mobs see and attack me if I'm hiding behind a tree?" anything you ask wont be as bad as that so go for it. Also please note if I'm raiding I may not be able to respond but during breaks or after raid I definitely will answer your question.Waffles22 09 Jul
03 Jul [Information] Starter Account for returning players You will likely be aware by now that some changes have taken place in 6.1 for returning players that have frozen accounts. Some sites have named this a "Veteran Account" though it is not officially named such. I thought I would make a quick post to let you know what this is all about. If an account becomes frozen, i.e. player has unsubbed or is no longer adding game time, characters above level 20 will be locked out from play, theses characters will be marked as [Inactive] on the character selection screen. You can however create new characters which will have the mostly the same limitations as a starter account:- Can't play expansion-restricted content (new continents, etc). Can't exceed level 20, 10 gold, and 100 trade skill ranks. Can't participate in Pet Battles. Can't disable experience gains. Can't trade, mail, or use the Auction House. Can't use voice chat or Real ID. Can't use value added services (character transfers, faction changes, etc). If you know starter accounts well, you will see that some of the restrictions of a starter account are not listed above. A player that has a full account but has no game time can play on a low level character but as opposed to having all the starter account restrictions, the following extra permissions have been granted:- Can join guilds their other characters are members of. Can whisper characters that are members of your current guild. Can use guild chat in addition to the say and party channels. You can also play any existing characters you have that are level 20 or below, but any trade skills that require over a skill level of 100 will not be available and if the character has more than 10g then that character will not earn any gold until they have spent enough to bring them back under 10g. Full information can be found in the updated support article found here:- 03 Jul
5m 1 million dps Hey, just wondering around what item level you start pulling 1 million dps with good gear and stats. Just concerned about my own dps. Thank you :)Peanût2 5m
35m Will the guild get deleted? Hello If you for example just made a guild/everyone quit and you're on your own in it. And so there is no one to pass the leadership too. Will the guild get deleted if you're offline for a while? and what would happen to the stuff in the bank? Thanks youDaemonara2 35m
4h Class mount quest still gated? Help Hello! I've taken a break from Legion right when 7.2 came out. Now I'm back and I want my class mount but I can't seem to find a quest for it anywhere. I've also read that it's gated behind an 11 week questchain. Since 11 weeks have already passed, can I get my mount sooner? Any info and help is apreciated. I really haven't done anything from the Broken Shore, just a couple of intro quests. Just picked up the one to get a new order follower and to kill Kill Jaeden.Dawgfu3 4h
19h Cross servers and populations Hi all, I have a question, because i was thinking of starting a new Alliance character... but I play on Stormscale EU which is a Horde server with 95%/5%. With the cross server technology is that even a problem or does it matter in any way to the gameplay ?Amyele3 19h
19h Looking for someone to play wow with Heya, I've got several lvl 100 chars but all my friends have left and so I'm finding my self in the sad situation where I'm looking for someone to play wow with. I don't mind starting a new char, or findings someone to play high level chars with. I'm hoping to find another person which also plays alone and could use some company. Got TeamSpeak etc and I'll happily give 1.000g per 10 levels to anyone which might want to play together with me. Hope that doesn't sound desperate, but its boring to play alone. Regards Mikael WOW Tag = Ethemos or RavencrestFrostxone27 19h
23h . .Ârya2 23h
23h Looking for leveling pals Any realm (thats english) prefer sylvanas but doesnt really matter. Any race and any faction. without or with heirloomsKerina1 23h
1d <Whispers of the Mountain>Casual/Social Guild Whispers of the Mountain is a new guild on Silvermoon founded by family and friends. What we offer: We want to create a social and friendly atmosphere where you feel that you log on to the game to meet your friends(or get to know a new friend). We aim to be a closely-knit community, and this means that we will start out a small guild and grow it from there,slowly and together. Play the game your way.There will be no pressure,no requirements and no obligations. As such,we will not be a hardcore guild in any specific part of the game (PvP, raiding, etc). We like doing transmog runs,crafting,farming stuff and dungeons and even an occasional pet battle.We also enjoy low level content and dungeons with our alts. What we are looking for: You are a social person, you like to talk in guildchat,you are mature and you are interested in making new friends. You are not looking for any hardcore end game things,but want to enjoy the game at your own pace. Newbies and returning players are more than welcome. For more info or questions you might have,contact me in-game. My battle-tag is: Yulivee#2678 P.S.: We have Cookies :DBrînna2 1d
1d What class should I play? 1: I like playing as a DPS, or healer. 2: I don't mind ranged or melee. 3: I hate Warlock, and don't want a druid. 4: Something to easy to level, and is fun, and is useful in endgame content. So, yes.Allaner3 1d
1d Warriro Or Shaman for melee dps? Returning to wow after more then a year . I want to do melee Dps . Should I go Shaman or Warrior?Jorp2 1d
1d Looking for friends to play with :) Hi, me and my buddy are looking for nice person to play 3s and with. But also to chill together and have good fun doing wq or whatever. We just came back after 6 months of not playing so we look someone to let use get used to new season and be ready that we are not fully geared. We usually sit on discord together so you are welcome to join :) We want to climb but also have a good time so no angry ppl pls. We play dk/warrior so TSG it is :) (obviously we are looking for a healer, but if you don't feel like pvping and just want to hang out, you are still welcome :D) Add me @ Afresh#2761 Have a nice day! We play on Alliance (Sylvanas)Selfish1 1d
1d artifact power new players boost hi, i have not played game since WOD just feel like oh i like to start playing again. but something i worry about that is this new thing Artifact power i was look some players are + 61 or max is 65 how about new players they need to play just right now? any thing is up for them to get forward or noShepha4 1d
1d why i cant do the [Scouring What Remains] why i cant do this quest [Scouring What Remains] i have this quest for a long time and i never bothered doing it but now i see what the quest says i wanna do it but i cant .... pls help meShirokounelo1 1d
2d Item to transform to undead Saw a female undead shaman in party wich it means its not client sided, he had no transformation buffs, any idea what it was?Ðevilangel1 2d
2d Trinket charts for all dps specs Hey ho, from now on you can find charts for all trinkets for all specs under the following link. As a member of StormEarthAndLava (Guide for elemental shamans) I'm creating trinket charts on a regular basis. The charts list all available trinkets by their expected dps-value. But now I went ahead and did the same for all dps-specs with the help of SimulationCraft. As I suspect, that I'm not the only one looking for a quick overview on trinkets, I published the charts on the aforementioned page. I'd love to see your feedback, impressions and ideas for improvements. I want this page to be as accessible as possible. Yours sincerely, Blood(y)Bloodmallet6 2d
2d Class fatigue or unrewarding content So he come back to wow after a few months after moving country. Having played my rogue for a little bit I'm feeling like one getting a bit bored with it. Not sure if that's the class itself or me just not doing fun and rewarding content with it. I don't want to invest all my time into it and find out its not what I want. I also dont want to reroll and spend all that time catching up to find that I don't like playing that either. Any help appreciated and just wondering if anyone else has had the same problem :)Peanût0 2d
2d Missing realm? I have never really played on other realms because I'm simply not interested. But I've kind of grown bored of my realm(Aggramar) and I've wanted to check out an RP realm for a while now. And I have heard good and bad things about Moon Guard, but I just wanted to take a look at it. But It's not on my realm list? And I don't know if that has anything to do with it, but I'm playing on English. Is there a reason for why I can't see it? And do I have to do something about it? Or is there maybe another RP server you would recommend?Krishjelm3 2d
2d Returning 'tank' ilevel 860 Hi all I'm a returning player, found myself a nice guild but I'm a little behind the curve...ok I'm REALLY behind the curve (not even done my class campaign) or finished Suramar. I'm wondering how friendly LFD and LFR are thesedays to new tanks? And any advice from existing tanks on how to get where I need to be toon-wise? Thanks!Ironoath3 2d
2d Returning playing, stuck with Suramar I've been trying to find the quests needed to progress from 2750 Neutral to Friendly with Nightfallen in Suramar, but for the life of me can't find any quests for them or remember where I was up to when I stopped playing originally Can anyone help? I've gone through Suramar and there are no quests for that reputation lineVirean2 2d
2d Can't find/ use poisons on Rouge Hi, I haven't been online for a while, but when i have logged on the last 2 days i am not able to use poisons. The symbol is in my action bar but doesn't open with any options (ie different poison options). Also I am not able to find poisons in my spell/ abilities book. Not sure if this is a glitch, or if I am missing something. When i went to the rogue trainer all he does is transfers me to some training instance which is of no help what so ever. If any one could help i would really appreciate it.Agneash4 2d
3d Does portal from Stormwind to Ashran exist? Speaking from the Horde side, there is a portal from Orgrimmar to Ashran:Warspear inside the Warchief house. I was simple wondering if there was anything similar to the Alliance, as I've got a character on the Alliances and would be in need of an easier way to get to Ashran:Stormshield. (In case of garrison hearthstone is down etc.) I've google'd this question, asked people in trade chat only to find the answer: take the portal in blasted lands, which I'm not satisfied with. I hope this community can share some pure light over this case (pun not intended)Tuturu17 3d
3d HELP ! DONT HAVE CLASS HALL QUESTS So few days ago i transfered my 110 level Demon Hunter to Horde. I had my class quests when i was alliance,now i dont have them ? can someone help pleaseRdn2 3d
3d Sticking to a class I have had the eternal struggle of finding the "right" class and just cant seem to overcome it. I have 8 classes at 110 and the others are above 90, 3 of which are 900+ ilvl. I play a class for a couple days and find it fun then just completely lose interest in it and i have no idea why. The old MW monk with uplift was my favourite class and I managed to stick to it, raided and loved sniping massive aoe heals from other healers with Revival. But the new MW doesnt feel the same, it doesnt really feel unique anymore. Tanking I find interesting but it gets quite boring actually playing it and sitting there pressing taunt every X stacks for 5-10 minutes (raid boss), and no other measure of ability other than surviving, which is dependent on healers. DPS is fun on paper, with the little differences in each spec but again that gets boring in a raid fight where you are pressing the same set of buttons in a row for 5-10 minutes straight. WW monks look and sound fun but I struggle to stay interested in a DPS class for more than a couple of days. Healing is good but all i do is stare at peoples health bars. Is there any class like the old MW? I like the idea of self healing and soloing but i struggle to stay interested in my DH. I like the idea of doing big critical hits but as a caster i feel like a turret, so uninvolved, and as a melee; i cant see any of my animations or anything flashy. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated, by me and my irl friends who want me to stick to a single class. Thank you! Edit: Class opinions Mage: mained arcane for a while and the big crits were fun, overstacking arcane blast but that was back in WotLK, dont really enjoy it anymore, feels like a turret. Hunter: the idea of it is fun, loved archery and ranged stuff in every game, no lifed it back in the runescape days. But playing it here just feels dull. Shaman: Enhance looks good and i just got it to 110 last night, but i cant see how its unique, it just seems like an elemental warrior, whereas back in WotLK it was extremely fun, popping those 4 totems down at once and sending my wolves in who healed me while i smacked the enemy around with the elements and fire nova aoe was so satisfying for some reason. Maybe im missing something when i play the legion version of it. Monk: MW was love. WW is fun but after a period of time it just gets a bit repetitive, even though the rotation isnt really repetitive but it just feels very binary. The mobility is really nice. Priest: Shadow is fun but the effort needed to compete with others is a struggle sometimes, especially in AoE where it gets frustrating as other classes have an easy way of doing aoe, then also top the single target fights. Druid: Balance feels like a turret and very repetitive but being a lazer chicken who throws moons at people is so cool. Paladin: All the spells look the same to me, a glowing hammer. I have fallen asleep many times playing this class, a couple times tanking with it too. Warlock: I like the idea of dots and the self heals but gets very repetitive, refresh this summon that, nothing really like woa i did that. Warrior: Just cant seem to enjoy playing this, no woa factor for me. Just swinging swords and hoping for the best. Demon Hunter: I couldnt stick to it, just felt really repetitive and the animations are really nice the first few times then they just get a bit tiring to watch but soul cleave is so good. Rogue: not really interested in this class. Death Knight: The lack of mobility is annoying and they do have things that are enjoyable such as the virulent plague spread but otherwise its just a bit boring for me. How do you guys not find a class to be repetitive?Thebestlime3 3d
3d Srsly no idea :/ Hello guys, I need your advice because I cant find my main in legion. I play a class for a couple days and find it fun then just completely lose interest in it and I have no idea why, it happen with hunter, priest, dh and rogue. I was always PvE Player but now I also want to do BGs and Arenas. I dont like play as tank. I think about 3 classes: Paladin, Warrior and DK I loved Paladin in WOTLK but this Paladin in Legion... Rly not sure about it, my damage on bgs is low - dont know if its me or class I also think about Warrior Arms, nice mobility - that Jump and charge is rly nice but there is no REAL spell to heal yourself And the last one is DK, I think about Unholy: nice dots but I heard that this class is sooooo slowwww and I will get bored after some time because of this. Im really done with leather and cloth classes.Lecraiclite4 3d
3d Assassination dps Hi all I've just returned to the game after a few months after having to switch regions due to moving. I'm currently an 886 ilvl assassination rogue. Just wondering if anybody knew roughly how much dps i should be doing. Usually sit around 380k - 400k with spikes on vendetta etc. All help appreciated :) thanksPeanût3 3d
4d Returning Warlock! Hey guys, After being a consistent player from later TBC through to Early WoD (patch 6.1), I took up and went travelling around the world, teaching people how to scuba dive. I've just returned from my three year adventure, and am starting a 'normal' routine again. WoW was always my escape, and I want it to be again. I will continue with my Warlock, as he was always my main. I'm sure the muscle memory will return very quickly and that i'll pick it up again fast, I just want to know what i've missed. Do you guys have any advice on major changes in the game, or any tips for someone coming back? Does anyone have a brief lore update from patch 6.1 to current? I know this is probably best suited to the lock forums but what is the optimum spec right now for levelling Warlocks, and indeed for endgame pve/pvp. Thanks guys! Its great to back!Velrus0 4d
4d Guilds Im a new player and im confused on how guilds work are they cross realm or not when I go to my guild roster and click on people they either have this or this next to there names which are both servers but when I googled cross realm guilds it said they wernt a thing can somebody explain this to mePandaahface2 4d
4d Need Advice on Raiding I'm a new player who has just levelled to 70, I'm interested in started raiding and I'd like to invest myself in the game. I'm not sure where to start or what type of Guild I should look for, should I wait for LFR, look for a guild, or wait till I am level 100? I haven't bought Legion yet as I want to experience as much previous content as I an before I upgrade. Opinions please :)Xandaro2 4d
5d Question about Monk Hello. I would like to ask what do u think about Monk DPS/Heal specs. I want to play mostly PvP and Raids. How is Heal spec perfoming in PvP? Is it good or bad?Ruaidhari5 5d
5d My friends I need advice Hey guys. First of all I know that both classes are different but I checked all classes and these two I like the most: I talk about Druid(Balance/Resto) and Warrior(with 2h weapon), other classes were to meh for me. I was always PvE player (in WOTLK) but now I want to play BGs much more often than before, arena from time to time. I also want to do Raids, Im not gonna do Mythic +. Which one is better on BGs and Raids.Iavright3 5d
5d What Chosse Hello I have one question.. What better way to maincharacter Sham Enh or DH HAVOC/VEN i play PVE and PVPMmou1 5d
6d Heirlooms Hi, I want to get heirlooms but I'm not quite sure how whole thing works. Went to the vendor in Ironforge but couldn't see any items. If I'm right, that is because I'm not honored eith guild. Can I buy heirlooms on other character that is and just use them on all my characters on all classes because they are account wide? This and any other info about heirlooms will be appreciated. Please don't post a link to wiki or something, I already tried some sources and I don't understand concept at all. :) Thanks in advanceSyther5 6d
6d What would work best? I've come back after a long break (think I ended in MoP :P) Now I've been back for about a month and managed to get my ilvl up a bit. I was glad I didn't need to do a long quest again for the legendary, instead just luck or gold. Now I have 3 legendaries, 1 bought from ah, 1 wrist and a pair of shoulders. The wrist is BiS according to askmrrobot. I want to get the second BiS which would be the ring (Shard of the Exodar). I'm doing the basic things, emissary, dungeons, raids etc. Some guildies say it's fast to get your first 2 legendaries if you dont have them yet for offspec. So I was wondering if it's better to keep my loot on frostmage (main spec) or just change to fire to hope and get 2 legendaries for that, one being the ring maybe? ThanksEatbrainzz4 6d
6d Do I Need To Do All The Quest Or Just The Chapters Hi.. i started wow again and i ding level 110 in like 2 days and i did all the chapters in all zones and i am half way to surmars chapters and i was wandering do i need to do all the quest all just the chapters because there is some quest in other zones i dint do sorry for the poor English TyShirokounelo4 6d
21 Jul How do I get to draenor!? [HORDE] So I've used my lvl 100 char boost yesterday and went exploring in azaroth, however now I think its time to go explore draenor however I cant seem to find the way to get there ... On youtube people are going through portals which I dont see ... Please help :')Goldfarmxd20 21 Jul
20 Jul Help me with class selection please Greetings, I have been always playing wow on free server (tbc, wotlk, cataclysm) but recently went on official server. I am really enjoying the game. Right now I have my pandaren hunter, on which I play all specs. Mainly I play bm hunter, but recently decided to go for mm + survival. I love how survival plays, its really fun spec but in the end I always tend to go back to ranged spec, because it seems more convenient for me. In raids or m+ its much easier to keep track of my surroundings and dodge abilities. But when I port in Dalaran I tend to envy how paladins / warlocks / shamans look. I also find myself in need to try some new class - the hunter is fun but it just lacks something for me. I am mainly cassual player. I will be playing for 3 months now and then will probably have to take a break because of the college. So basically the things I am looking for are: - Dps class for PvE (I try PvP from time to time but PvE is still my thing) - Ranged / melee (best with possibility to choose from spec to spec) - Having some way to dodge attacks without screwing up my rotation (that's what i love about bm hunter - the mobility that I have on boss encounters) - Cool looking armor, weapon + abilities - Fun to play (I know.... that one is really subjective) - Being able to choose a different spec in case i get bored of one (preferably dps) - The classes I am mainly choosing from are: Warlock, Shaman, Paladin Any suggestions? Also I have already tried: - Mage - found it to be somewhat "meh" - not really feeling it (but I only have him on 108 lvl), it might be because of the lack of mobility while killing enemies (also don't like how squishy he feels - again might be because its only lvl 108 char) - Death knight - Tried class trial + have 70 char. love how he looks but dislike the rune playstyle - I always tend to use my abilies too much and go out of runes and be in spot where I have nothing to use (everything is on cd) and have to wait for runes to go back up. Paladin - Tried class trial. love the retribution playstyle and the overall look of the armor, but again its only one dps spec and I know I wont play tank (too much pressure and stuff to take care of :D), I might play healer.... but dk about that one - Warlock - Tried class trial. Love how he looks, have no problem with the playstyle but everyone always tells me he is really hard to play as a destro (which would be the spec I would play most) - Shaman - Tried class trial + have 100 lvl char. The elemental feels kinda weird. The proc rng for the magma blast is just sometimes really frustrating and again the lack of mobility it has is something I dislike. Enhacement looked like fun (after I tried him with weak auras to keep track of everything), but everyone says he is really weak now and probably it wont get better.Shirøe5 20 Jul
20 Jul Mobtagging still possible? Can I still use the Mobtagging technique for leveling twinks, especially in Dungeons?Sayto1 20 Jul
20 Jul i have to pay every month to play? i dont know if i had to pay every month to play.Streachyatol23 20 Jul
20 Jul Cool "easy to get" mounts? Hey guys I have been playing this game on/off for 3 months now, but there is still a lot of things i haven't learned yet. Right now i am just riding on the gryphon i got when i boosted my character. I am interested in finding some cool mounts to show off, but i have no clue where to start, any ideas? either your personal experience or some noob friendly guide would be appreciated. also sorry in advance if this post is in the wrong forum category.Ilcapitano27 20 Jul
20 Jul Artifact Explained I can't increase immolate. IS there a simple guide to this system? I've been sorta adding dps elements as I go from the various artifact powers ups from questing but not really studying it. I want to increase my immolate damage from rank 2 to 3 but it's not "connected" , i can only increase incinerate. Bit confused, as to how I move immo up a "rank" THanks.Zaox1 20 Jul
19 Jul Warrior | DK - differences Hello guys. What are differences between Warrior and DK (Only DPS specs). Which one have better AoE, better survavility in PvE and PvP. Which one is more complicated and have better mobility. I tried both classes on trial (100 lvl) but still I preffer to ask someone more experienced how it looks on 110 lvl on raids or BG.Rueidhari3 19 Jul
19 Jul Weekly Mythic+ chest Can anyone tell me what happens to the loot inside the chest if left unopened for several weeks? The reason im asking this is because im travelling for 3 weeks and will be unable to log in to WoW. So im wondering should i bother completing a high level mythic+ this week.Nukacola0 19 Jul
18 Jul Grind professions Hello everyone, I recently started playing after very long break. So I made a druid with who I want to grind gold. Herbalism and skinning are professions I've learned, wondering was it a good choice?Syther3 18 Jul
18 Jul One character or more I just got to outland but i would like to try other classes. Should i level this character up to 110 first or should i level multiple at once? I'm getting a bit bored of playing the same for such a long time.Shamrani8 18 Jul
18 Jul Demon Hunter after few months, question Hello guys. I have question about Demon Hunter, how is he atm? I played this class like 10 months ago and for me the main problem was lack of survival. I want to do Raids and BGs/Arenas.Lungorthin1 18 Jul
18 Jul Legion PvP Class Choices. Hey All, I've not played for about 4 - 5 months and I've not even touched the PvP in Legion yet. Now I understand that all classes have their strengths and weaknesses when It boils down to PvP. However, I'm just currently wondering what classes are favorited, whether that's due to their strength or just because of how fun they are to play. If I could get some advice/direction in this topic, it would be much appreciated. ThanksCryosis1 18 Jul