New/Returning Player Questions & Guides

04 Dec 2015 Help on new character Hello everyone, I will buy 100lvl bost with prepurchase and gonna start the game again after 1.5 years break. I will play only pvp. I played mage and warrior before and I liked them both. My friend friend and I will mostly play 2v2 arena and some 3v3 if we find a healer. Should I play mage,dk or warlock. I narrowed my options to those 3 classes. If your answer is warlock , plase tell me which spec I should chose since I have no clue about warlocks and some says destro others aff. Thank youIborc4 04 Dec 2015
04 Dec 2015 Level faster with RAF looking for someone who want to start the game to level with me faster via Recruit a Friend i can help you with gold show you the fastest way to level to 100 add my battletag: pendeho#2401Manyfórms0 04 Dec 2015
04 Dec 2015 (H) Intoxicated seeking all for core roster! Intoxicated are a Horde guild on Magtheridon that was put together by a group of long term friends and wow players who were not getting what we needed in our previous guild. We are an extremely friendly and welcoming group who are looking to continue our guild progress. We are looking for all players of all levels, ingame interests and experience. Just like many guilds we are currently suffering a bit due to a large number of our core roster taking a break from game due to a mixture of burn out and real life issues hence why our progress has slowed down. I am looking to start up again. Before the break we were in the middle of working through all current raid content. We have cleared Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry on normal and are in the middle of Hellfire Citadel, from there we will be going Heroic, Mythic and looking to be raid ready for Legion. I would like to pick this progress up, We are currently looking for all roles for the team. So if you would like to progress in a relaxed and friendly team, we might just be the guild/team for you. Anyone joining at the point would obviously have a guaranteed raid spot for whenever Legion drops. Our current raid times/days are Tuesdays and Thursdays (Be online at 19:00 , to start at 19:15) Outside of current raid content we also run old raid days on a Monday evening (Be online at 19:00, to start at 19:15) We run these for achievements and mounts. If there is any old raids and dungeons you would like to do, please let me know. I hope i have covered everything but if there is anything i have missed, you want to know more or (fingers crossed) want to join us please reply to me on here, /w me or add me on battlenet aaron1980#1807Prystale0 04 Dec 2015
04 Dec 2015 Playing with a freind on other realm Hey, I have a friend on other realm (I am on bladefist and he is on kazaak) and just wondered what we can do together and what we cant. Like trading and raiding and joining to the same guild or so. Just came back to play so if somebody could fill me up on this info would be great. Thank you!Monwish1 04 Dec 2015
03 Dec 2015 [A] Royal Genesis @ Magtheridon Are you fed up of sitting around doing nothing but staring at your character in-game, wondering why you're still playing the class? Are you looking to start from scratch, and experience the old content in a relaxed, casual atmosphere? Maybe you're a newcomer and you're just looking for a decent group of people to help you progress through the game in an enjoyable manner? If the answer to any of those was yes, then this is the place for you. A couple of weeks ago, myself and two other fellow players with a similar goal and mindset noticed a gap in Alliance re-roll guilds, and we decided to form a guild that would fill that gap. The guild launched approximately 2 weeks ago, and we got off to a great start, with a quite a bit of interest and people racing to our first level cap. The things we would like to get out of this guild in the long run are to have quite a few active members to form a helpful, and fun community that will get through the different aspects the game has to offer, even though the guild is focused on PvE we will definitely be doing some PvP and different kinds of events to make your time in the guild that little bit more enjoyable.. We will be doing raids at level cap and we are certainly looking to continue this project through Legion! Below is information about the guild, and some of our rules: -We will be stopping at each level bracket for approximately 2 weeks in order to experience the old content, and let people catch up and not get left behind, we are currently sat at level 70. -Heirlooms are restricted in raids If you are interested in joining or have any queries about our guild, you can contact us in-game or via battlenet ID: Eloishandra - Dreadburn#2998 Tyrís - Brendan#2799 Fornjótr - Rasputin#2530Fornjótr0 03 Dec 2015
03 Dec 2015 Practising my tanking again after a long break Hi all, Just back after about a 1.5 year break! Decided to make a paladin tank and level him up through the dungeon finder to get a feel for it again. I'm only level 27 at the moment so a long way to go. Have one question! At what level does tanking dungeons (not raiding) get a lot more challenging? Baring in mind I was never a great tank to begin with so I'm pretty much starting from scratch. At the moment mostly all groups have heirlooms (including myself) and we're just flying through each dungeon with ease. I am keeping aggro completely fine and doing my job, but I just feel with the heirloom DPS I could stay out of all combat and let the DPS and healer do away with no problem whatsoever. Any links to basic guides on paladin tanking will be much appreciated too! Cheers.ßastard1 03 Dec 2015
03 Dec 2015 PvP or PvE and Tokens Hello, Im new to WoW and i noticed im playing on normal server so i guess i cant kill opossite faction players, do you think it will be more fun for a new player to play on PvP world or just harder? also how players earn money for Token, i heard it cost about 60,000 Gold.Myndexp6 03 Dec 2015
03 Dec 2015 Stats question ! Hej all I stopped playing when all the stats changes hit us about a year ago i think it was, my main stat crit was now the worst stat i could have, reforge was skipped, so i couldent change the stats on my gear witch pissed my off :) especially my legendary ring , the thought of going through that questline again made me stop, anyway i am looking for a way back in so i have a few noob questions, hope someone will give me the answer i am looking for: is there any way i can replace the stats on my legendary ring , an last question is about pvp gear do you still get kicked for during pve in pvp gear i am thinking gearing up in pvp and during LFR when my gear level is high enough . All pointers are welcome.Svenderik2 03 Dec 2015
02 Dec 2015 A good time to return to WoW? It's been a while since I have played, a long while. Most people would say ''dont sub now, there isnt any content''.. but because I haven't played in so long, like I played a month of Endgame at the start, there might be a lot of stuff for me to be getting on with and enjoying. I think it was just after the first patch I think, will the content keep me happy up until Legion or the next major patch? Worth a sub, I mean, I have experienced like 2 dungeons because I jumped into pvp straight away. How quickly will the current content get old?Shadöw5 02 Dec 2015
02 Dec 2015 Creating a second character - Death Knight Hi WoW! I'm still loving the game as an Alliance Pandaren! I'm kicking myself that I didn't try this thing sooner, but I have the added bonus of having so many expansions to play through. My favourite is the Lich KIng! Love everything about it. And I've decided to create a second character as a Death Knight. Question is should I go for a Horde Blood Elf or Alliance Night Elf? These are the two I'm learning towards, but thought Death Knights were mainly a Horde character? (evil)? Any help is always welcome.Nutpuk3 02 Dec 2015
02 Dec 2015 Alliance Reroll @ Magtheridon Have all your friends from back in the day quit WoW and moved to Australia? Do you spend your evenings kicking rocks around your Garrison in absolute silence? Do you feel like the spark is missing from your relationship (with WoW)? Do you often wonder why you're even playing this game anymore? We too feel your pain, so we decided to create a new guild from scratch, where we level together again from the beginning. No heirlooms, no splashing around gold from other characters, no boosts, just a fresh start with a whole new team of mature, like-minded players. The aim is to forge new friendships in a spirit of cooperation and fun. The plan is, first, to level up. We plan to stop for approximately 2 weeks at each level cap (60, 70, 80, 85, 90) in order to let all guildies catch up and to explore a bit of old content if we fancy. Next, we reach level 100 and tackle each tier of raids in WoD at an appropriate gear level. Moving forward, we prepare to raid the next expansion as a well-bonded, fluid and efficient team. The guild currently has 15 members raring to go with level 1 toons. We will begin levelling on Sunday evening at 18:30 Server time. This means that there is still time for you to get in on this at the absolute ground level! Personally, I have wanted to get involved in a decent reroll guild for some time, but I always seem to read about them a few weeks too late or after the hype has fizzled out. If this is something you have been looking to do, please come and show your interest at our website: We really could use quite a few more members to help kick off our new guild, so don't be afraid to get in contact. Officers can also be reached ingame between now and Sunday evening on the following battletags: Brendan#2799 Dreadburn#2998 Chega#2816 Codevather72#2895 We hope to hear from some folks soon. Feel free to post queries on this thread!Illvan32 02 Dec 2015
02 Dec 2015 Cross Realms Hello, can anyone explain how are divided the servers cross realms?i mean with Ashran, battleground, dungeons... everything that needs a queue. How does it works for pvp and pve servers? english and other languange servers?Khaileena2 02 Dec 2015
02 Dec 2015 LF Levelling buddy Hi There I don't like levelling alone so I am looking for someone from the UK that works office hours, this makes it easier to get on at same time. I have been playing since BC, but not dont much of anything in a long while so just looking to take it easy and level something up. Can RAF possibly, but I am not interested in a mad dash, I already have lots of high level characters. Let me know on her or Skype (columbo1977) if you wanna chat. Cheers GrahamDarkpórk0 02 Dec 2015
02 Dec 2015 New to wow and want to try out range dps. So i have a bunch of friends who play wow and they are rather good at it but i am not. I have made 1 char when i tested to play and i was thinking of buying the game but i dont know what class to play. I want to play ranged dps, i have looked into frost mage and balance druid but i wanna know if there is anything else to choice from. Thank you.Daniëll4 02 Dec 2015
02 Dec 2015 Interesting Alliance questlines? Hi all, First of all I'm not exactly sure if this is the right subforum, but here we go... So, I have been playing WoW several years by now but only on Horde side, and this is my first Alliance toon. I got through the initial worgen questline (which was awesome!), then went to see Stormwind and now I am in awe with architecture etc. associated with Alliance. I plan to level by questing and I would appreciate if you have any suggestions about memorable quest lines and places where they take place to get the "Alliance experience" of things? Mainly for levels 10-80, I guess its pretty linear after that. Many thanks in advance, Uhana Edit: also, I do not mind if quests go green at some point, as long as there are some interesting lore or places to explore associated with the quests :)Uhana2 02 Dec 2015
02 Dec 2015 WOW Tokens Can anyone help me by buying my ridiculously expensive auction items? I really need game time to play with my friends during our holiday now for this month, but my parents won't let me buy any. (they don't like wow) Any donations to this character will also be appreciated. I don't usually auction but I assume its worth while for buying me game time? I was granted access to my account just to auction items so please if you are mad enough help me? Mad and kind at the same time. I'll be grateful. Thank you in advance!!Skoper5 02 Dec 2015
01 Dec 2015 Demon hunter help please i just pre purchased legion but i stil can't make a demon hunter please help how do i make a demon hunter??Mindraia3 01 Dec 2015
01 Dec 2015 Profession Mounts Are mounts gained through professions account wide or only available on the characters which have the required profession? Thank you.Kallakix4 01 Dec 2015
01 Dec 2015 Welcher Beruf? Welcher Bereruf were am bessten für ein PaladinDrou3 01 Dec 2015
01 Dec 2015 Returning player - Legion Question Hello everyone, I am going to be returning to dear dear WoW once I have fixed up my computer. I am excited to be back and I really like the changes being made in Legion. However, my only concern is that I read somewhere that there will be a new pvp talent system being introduced. This will be unlocked and ranked up through doing pvp (Correct me if I'm wrong). The reason this concerns me is that I love WoWs talent system and abilities etc in both pve and pvp situations. I do not like the idea of my talents suddenly being "switched out" when it comes to pvp. It will feel so much more disconnected (in my opinion) from the game if suddenly I had to use special pvp skills, it will feel more like some extra little "mini game". My question is; will these pvp skills be optional? Do they completely replace your existing talent trees or just add to them? Are they the same talent trees and skills but with slightly altered effects to balance pvp alone? So for example 'X' talent will still be the same and do the same thing just the "pvp version" may do 5% less damage or something? Again, looking forward to returning and thank you for any help! Not sure if there could have been a more relevant forum to post this on but as I have not yet resubscribed I am 'Limited'.Talrak1 01 Dec 2015
01 Dec 2015 Are you back after a break? looking for a fresh start? Intro It is always power overwelming when you come back after a break i noticed. Not knowing what to play, what fraction you want to start at and what server you want to join. Also when you are hitting above 30+ age maker like myself here. Myself i started in WOTLK i have really seen it all, But what i never seen is a small tight knight guild where you really feel that you belong somewhere. Most of the people that would respond on this would say that vanilla had that feeling. To keep things short, I am thinking of starting a guild with people that are in the same position as myself. Back from a break, Looking for a place that the can call home. A real home. Not some **** with people saying, the chat is always green, we do alt runs and we are very active. You do a server transfer and you are just a number / face in a guild. Activity is someting that you do with mindliked people that want to invest time in this, doing things together as a tight knight ingame family. Not only by doing raids, You do that with transmorg runs, hunting achievements, exploring the world of warcraft lore, hunting pets, or simple talk about life, have fun and play other games together. My vision My vision for a guild is either going horde / alliance on a high populated Normal server. We can always do pvp and que together with our twinks. We start with nothing, and we grow from that. Raiding will be done in a casual/semi casual matter. ( We want focussed and prepared raiding, with killing some bosses ) Together we build up a good leadership. Having a council of players running the guild and a few class trainers / event makers to help out. ( this is all a WIP) Age Age above 25+, the reason why i really don't want to play with youngsters anymore. When you get older, you get kids, wives that don't understand world of warcraft is a cool game ( and you have to call them witches of the east ) This way i feel we can all relate together because we share a certain live experience and additute. Also i like to talk about mario and duckhunt and share my awsome stories with people that know what that is. Recruitment Always quality above quantity. No matter if you are a awsome raider, or still need to learn how to play the game. So long you have the right heart and mind, you can achieve everything. This guild will be mostly preparing for legion, ( so focussing on end content) i have been in reroll guilds, don't get me wrong, the are amazing. But joining after two and seeing that there is no challenge involved. I love to do the old content, and i am really looking for the typ of people that like that aswell. But more going with your ingame friends and having a few beers, or a cup of thee and say, this was aswsome and do you remember this, When you get our awsome looking transmorg gear / achievement or mount. The typ of people that i would like to see here is people that are passionate about this game and are not saying, i am bored, world of warcraft has nothing to offer. But the typ of people that want to be a spark and like to do all content world of warcraft has to offer. People can join this guild with either a fresh character ( what i would advise ) or a high level character. Intrested in bumping heads with me? Are you above the age of 25, Are you back from a break, or do you feel lost, just like me? can't find that right home for you and your friends / partner in life? add me on battletag. Become a part of someting that we all can enjoy again!. songsteel # 2119Fivetigers8 01 Dec 2015
01 Dec 2015 Can these specs run WoW on ultra and a stable 60 fps I Would love to play WoW on ultra with a stable 60 fps, also on the next expansion Legion. 4,0-GHz quad-core Intel i7, turbo boost up to 4,2 GHz. 16 GB 1867-MHz DDR3 SDRAM - 2x 8 GB. 512 GB Flash Storage. AMD Radeon R9 M395X with 4 GB video memory. (New model iMac 27-inch with Retina 5K display, late 2015) Is this good enough for the next years of WoW?Durotor3 01 Dec 2015
01 Dec 2015 (Yet another) Recommend a class for me to play T_T Hey, I'm not exactly a new player and I'm at a point where I don't really want to play anything because I always seem to find something that bothers me about every class and every spec. I would really appreciate if you guys could give me some encouraging words to play whatever you think suits me best. I'll give you guys an idea of stuff I hate and what I am looking for or really like. Not all of this is mandatory unless stated otherwise. Please take Damage Dealer, Tank and Healer into consideration with off-specs to fit certain requirements. - I absolutely despise being Resource (Energy, Mana etc.) starved. (I found Feral quite interesting but this totally threw me off) and have nothing to press. - I like fast gameplay. - Big plus if the class is good to farm mobs with i.e. can sustain itself and has some sustainable AoE - I kind of hate boring specs such as Fire or Frost Mage spamming three buttons whenever they come off cooldown or get a proc (mostly PvE-wise, I actually quite enjoy Frost Mage PvP) - Big plus if the class/spec has potential to rank high in arena or BG/does well in PvP - Scales well into Legion (Yes, it's almost impossible to tell as of now but looking at the current reveals we can sort of get an idea of the depth and complexity/general playstyle or whether it will be completely altered) Thanks a lot in advance~ I know it's a lot to ask but as I said not everything can be and has to be fullfilledMasulsa9 01 Dec 2015
30 Nov 2015 lgbt+ guild? hello there! ive come back to wow after a long time and ive been wondering if there are any lgbt+ guilds on the english eu servers? im openly lesbian and ive been harassed for it a bunch of times on the german servers already, i really enjoy rp but its always been difficult to find people who were willing to rp with me... i hope theres some kind of safeplace guild for non het and/or trans people around the english servers? can anyone name me some lgbt+ friendly servers or guilds?Eriel12 30 Nov 2015
30 Nov 2015 EU Realm Population Hey guys, I have been playing wow only in private servers so far like Molten WoW. The servers were buggy and old so I wanted to try out retail wow. So far it seems a lot better but only one thing keeps buging me. Retail wow realm population. I jus't can't find a ballanced 50/50 A/H type server. So i joined a realm Defias Brotherhood. The problem is it's CR with some other realms and thus the cities and some zones are looking empty and dead. Were should I move for a feeling of massive in game population? And if I move to a server who has 99/1 A/H population how does the PVP work there?Horras2 30 Nov 2015
30 Nov 2015 idea: Reins of Astral Tiger like elegon dragon mountSevec1 30 Nov 2015
30 Nov 2015 Realm suggestion? Hi guys! I am an old player, left WOW on WOTLK and came back 1 week ago on WoD so it is like a new game to me. I would like you guys to please recommend me one realm where I could start out again, I have noticed that nowadays the realms are grouped. question is what realm should I choose if I a like PVP as much as PVE ? And it I would like it to be very active. Thank you, RalleyRalley2 30 Nov 2015
29 Nov 2015 Question about reputation after boosting Will some be exalted? or all be default thanks in advanceCerberusmill2 29 Nov 2015
29 Nov 2015 "New" to wow and rogue Hello everybody, Mr.Potato here I know a lot of you don't have the time or don't want to put in enough effort into reading this so if you still want to help you can scroll down to the last bit for the actual question <3 ==================================================================== ............................................................ Backstory ....................................................... ==================================================================== I had recently decided to get back into WoW because of some youtube videos i saw where it seemed like a lot of fun, I was by far most impressed by Monk gameplay and mechanics so i decided to level one. And so my journey began. I used to have a rogue back when MoP was released and that was my main class until i stopped playing so i had heirlooms to make for easier leveling. Now that i've reached the "top" (lvl 100) I've decided to try raiding. I got some instructions from the guild where to start with the Legendary ring and get my first acceptable gear in tannan jungle, after i felt confident enough i started LFR Oh boy.. At this point i was a windwalker monk doing hellfire citadel LFR, but sadly my punches were as hard as a wet pillow only getting in the top 8 dps / damage done (recount) if i did my rotation perfectly and i was highly dissapointed, so hey, i decided to try the two other roles. Tank just doesn't cut it for me and everyones telling me Brewmasters suck. So after spending lots of time gearing, reading and watching guides on Mistweaver it just isn't my style ==================================================================== .................................... Backstory end, Actual question beggins............................ ==================================================================== So i've decided to go back to the roots! I boosted a rogue character to lvl 90. Since i used to play rogue i know how it worked, can and will addapt to the changes but i really don't want to waste any more time so i ask you for your oppinions, i used to play Subtlety and Assasination rogue, but that was in the beggining days of MoP. So i ask you kind gentlemen. What is (in your opinion) the best two rogue specs for raiding and why? Mightypotato10 29 Nov 2015
29 Nov 2015 PvP gear vendor So i heard that there was a PVP gear seller in stormshield townhall and his name is austin feeney but for some reason i cant talk to him lol its like the shop doesnt exist for some reason does anyone know a little more about this?Chocomelkz0 29 Nov 2015
29 Nov 2015 Legion pets class choice Hi, Thinking about playing WoW again and i would like to play a pet class in Legion, as close as possible to the necromancer experience like Diablo 2 offered. I could not really find such info in the class descriptions. Is demonlogy warlock or unholy deathknight the multiple pets class? Or does beastmaster hunter offer multiple pets also in Legion? Thanks for any help / advice.Milklee1 29 Nov 2015
29 Nov 2015 90 level Windwalker item suggestions I just hit 90 level. I don't have WoD and i don't know when will i buy it. So if i don't buy WoD in any time soon, what items should i use? As you can see my current items are not very good and i'm new at rpg games so i can't decide what to do. Found some guides for 90 level gearing but they are pretty old (from patch 5.1.0) Should i use them or try something else. Here's an example guide : 29 Nov 2015
29 Nov 2015 Need someone to teach me WOW I literally have no idea where to start. I haven't yet gone ahead and purchased WOW simply because I haven't even got to know what the game is about. If some kind person could skype me, and teach me literally everything about WOW I'd love it. It's a game I could really see myself getting into, but I haven't yet been able to find the help I need. I'd go ahead and purchase the World of Warcraft game for you to teach me. If you could possibly walk me through, I try and watch streams online, but they seem so far ahead and I don't know where to start. Thanks to anyone who reads. And a special thanks who anyone who contacts me. <3Gxme16 29 Nov 2015
28 Nov 2015 Is group finder still a long wait as a dps? Hi all, I've just came back after a long break! I will never forget the horrendous waiting as a dps in the group finder and was wondering if this is this still the same? For both leveling up and once i hit 90/100. Since I have been away from the game for so long I really fancied a nice and easy dps class to level and get a feel for the game again (BM hunter? not sure) but if the wait is still long in the dungeon finder I might consider a healer or tank. I was at best a mediocre player back in the day and didn't do much healing or tanking. If I did it was only ever in dungeons and never a raid. Also I have a 85 druid and warrior so wouldn't want to make other ones. Any help will be much appreciated! Cheersßastard2 28 Nov 2015
28 Nov 2015 story quests and bosses Hi all, It is my intention to buy the game and then play through all the quests and expansions 'chronologically'. Meaning first the orginal game > burning crusade > lich king etc, as I'd like to follow the exact story of warcraft. I'm really looking forward to fighting all the bosses like Ilidan, Kel-thuzad, Kael Thas, the lich king etc etc. But after reading up on them a bit, it seems some can only be found in raids and such. So my question is, if I do all the quests will I automatically be guided torwards those bosses or can I only find them in specific raids through the dungeon finder? Furthermore do you guys got any tips for me, so I won't miss out on any of the story?Luthdor1 28 Nov 2015
28 Nov 2015 Question about Mail (Please Help) If i never log into the account once will all the main still be there lets say 2 months later? Thanks in advance Please someone replyCerberusmill1 28 Nov 2015
28 Nov 2015 Back from a year break - shall i continue with playing? Dear Community, After playing this game sinds WOTLK i have seen a lot, and i really enjoyed what World of warcraft had to offer. Now i see a pretty big bargain 15 euros for a expension. Would you come back to the game? So far i really like what i am seeing from Legion.. But i also noticed a lot of problems and disappointed community members. Advice would be really appreciated. I really feel that i would like legion, but i am having doubts about WOD.Bubbleyolo3 28 Nov 2015
28 Nov 2015 Class help? I have played Wow before and left just after MoP, I've played Shaman to lvl55 and DK to 67 but felt like shaman was too weak and DK wasn't for me. I might have been playing it wrong though... I've decided to start fresh and see what other people think (class wise). Do you want to have a permanent pet? Is a temporary one okay with you? Or does it not matter if you have a pet? Having a pet doesn't matter too much to me but it's cool to have one. Are you partial to cloth wearers or do you want a little more bulk in your armor? I would prefer to have more bulk but I don't mind it being weaker if I can deal more damage. Do you want to be able to heal yourself and others, or are you okay with lacking those spells? I would like the ability to heal myself but It isn't something I 100% need. Which is your preference: attacking enemies from a distance or being up in their faces? I always like range and hitting them before they can reach me but I would probably prefer melee. Are you the sneaky type or do you take pleasure ripping out internal organs as a greeting right off the bat? I love playing sneaky such as a rogue/druid and I love the feature but I can always make exceptions. Do you want to be on the front lines with a shield or watching over your group to keep them safe? Front lines with a shield, I don't like healing that much but if it's simple in dungeons I can always change over to it if I need to. Will you be leveling with a friend or mostly on your own? If you're doing it with a friend, what are they planning to level, or have they not decided yet? I should be playing by myself but if I do play with someone, they would choose depending on my character. Have you read about classes at all yet? If so, what stands out as interesting to you? Rogue and Druid seem interesting but I don't mind if they suit my play style or what I'm looking for. Are you interested in the lore or story of Warcraft? Some classes have a lot of easily-absorbed lore while others are a little "less detailed" in their history. Probably more in the story, I'm not too bothered. Interested in roleplaying at all? This goes with the previous question, but some races/classes are easier to roleplay as a newbie than others (with lots of history to adhere to). I will never roleplay... never. Are you the knight type or the enchantress? Shady dealer or sniper? Any extra details you might want to toss in might help. I could be the shady dealer quite easily but possible the knight... could also be the sniper but probably the shady dealer (not sure). Do any of the races stick out to you as being attractive? Not every race can be every class, so if you have an early favourite (or if you really dislike one in particular) this can narrow things down. I liked the look of Draenai (spelling?) but I'm not too bothered, any on alliance will do for me. Thank you for any replies/help!Reeper8 28 Nov 2015
28 Nov 2015 purchase help? So i use the trial version of WoW and im going to upgrade. If i buy the digitall game and warlords of draenor do they come as codes or do i get them straight awayOllysaur4 28 Nov 2015
28 Nov 2015 Question about using a boost Recently got back into wow, and since WoD's on offer im going to buy it, when i boost to 90 will my character be able to use flying mounts I.e have Expert Riding and Artisan flying and all that jazz? or not please helpTangodown4 28 Nov 2015
28 Nov 2015 Outland server. Hello , i am currently horde on the Outland PVP server and was wondering how the Raid Times are currently on the server. Thanks to any one who reply's.Roadrunt5 28 Nov 2015
28 Nov 2015 Movement during PVE fights - What's the point? As the title suggest I would like to understand why many people move and jump around like crazy when fighting normal quest mobs and the like. Is there any benefit to it? I am sure I read somewhere that an enemy can't block when hit from behind, but aside from that it shouldn't really matter when fighting normal mobs, should it? Of course there is also the telegraphs to escape from, but these seldom exist on trash mobs and are more of a dungeon / raid occurrence if I am not mistaken. Or do they just do it for fun and to make the game feel more action-y? I'd really appreciate your comments, so I can see if there is any real viability to it or not.Artrell3 28 Nov 2015
27 Nov 2015 Returning Players Looking for Home & Some Guidence Hello, Myself and my friend have recently returned to wow after a few months break. We have been playing since the game was launched and are experienced raiders. On our return we have found that the guild we were in has died. So we are looking for a new home. Currently we are Disc Priest (Item lvl 665) & Prot Warrior (Item lvl 664) we do have other toons but mainly would like to play these. We of cause have dps off specs. The problem we have found is most guilds are raiding way above our item lvl. We did join one but were ignored in guild. After being in such a friendly helpful guild were everyone knows each other and has a laugh it was a bit of a shock. We have spoken to a few recruiting guilds and found them to be empty soulless places until raid time. We are looking for a home and are happy to wait on raiding until our gear is better but would like a friendly guild to be in. We are happy to transfer realms (currently on darkmoon) If you think you might have the right slot on your mantelpiece for us please comment or contact me on. Crayfern#2821 Thanks :)Doctrine2 27 Nov 2015
26 Nov 2015 Looking for guild. Hi, I recently bought World of Warcraft, and have been enjoying it a lot. But I don't know what guild to join, so I thought maybe the forums could help. I would really appreciate it. Thank you in advance -HasaskiHasaski2 26 Nov 2015
26 Nov 2015 I have no idea how to do it. Hi, I just started playing WoW and have played it a bit before, I've got one problem I want to raid in the future but i have no idea where to start looking for it. If you could help me that would be great. Thanks in advance.Yvestraka3 26 Nov 2015
26 Nov 2015 Reached Lvl60 - Stuck with flying Hi all. I'm in need of help again. I've just reached level 60 and the GUI mentioned I can now fly and continue my mists of pandaria training. I did my training beating master cheng with paralysis and then headed to stormwind for the flying. Bralla Cloudwing said I'd completed the task and told me to speak to Stonebeak to purchase a mount. The trouble is all the Gryphons are in red and if I hover over them it says requires expert riding. I have no idea if I have expert riding, how to get it or where it might be located? Please can someone help. I feel like I'm missing something simple...... ThanksNutpuk10 26 Nov 2015
26 Nov 2015 Two questions about Burning Legion server 1. Is it one of many servers which has very high population? (I mean if it`s one of many server with the highest population?) 2. What about Polish players? This server contains a lot of Polish players? Sorry for bad English and thanks for answers! I want to buy WoW and start playing, but I think about server - which should I take? My friend said: take burning legion - many people players like me and very high population. What do you think?Courageous2 26 Nov 2015
26 Nov 2015 my mistweaver cannot defend himself i have a monk that I chose to be a mistweaver (I am very new player by the way). my healing abilities were not working at all but I could complete my quests by fighting my targets. Then unfortunately I decided to try dungeons. (i failed totally because i couldn't undestand who is who and they kicked me out fairly) the problem is that since I exit dungeons I lost all my fighting abilities and I cannot kill anything. I only can heal. how am I going to complete my quests now? any help? thank youGustave4 26 Nov 2015
26 Nov 2015 Burning Legion realm question Hi, I am trying to create a demon hunter on the legion realm but I can't see them! I thought this realm had them... ThanksGulosh1 26 Nov 2015