New/Returning Player Questions & Guides

21 Aug 2015 Shaman or Priest for healing - help decide please Saddly the Tank/Healer/Damage sub-forums aren't an option anymore so I will post it here. Got a fast question regarding the classes mentioned on title. From a fully PvE point of view and considering WoD has reached its end, which one of these two (Shaman and Priest) would you pick to at least get some gear but mainly continuing playing it in Legion (some stuff might change until its release, I know that)?? Shamans seem harder to play and Priest (Disc-spec) seems not that versatile - noob opinions, I know.Sighuman7 21 Aug 2015
21 Aug 2015 Looking for a Coach! :> Hello! First of all English is not my first language, some of my words might be odd or awkward also might be hard to understand. So I'm an monk! Level 100 Draenei. I'm playing in Alliance-ArgentDawn. I've been playing wow for a long time but then I just got back last month. I was actually looking for something to do, I mean I was just gearing myself and quitting the game at every expansion launch. I just decided to do something different then before. Something like earning somestuff and such! Now I just put myself into PvP and trying to hit 2k in 3v3 or 2v2. I mean I don't find myself such a good player but I'm trying to improve myself as much as I can! - I just watch some of WW players on youtube. I'm using exactly the same talents as they do but the problem is I can't burst much damage or deal much damage in arenas. I mean I'm not bad at world-pvps but I seriously suck at arenas. I just checked out top monk players in the world and like %90 of them reached 2k by playing MW after all. I almsot have no chance to reach it! I mean It's too hard for me. WW almost got none! I was trying to heal my friend in dungeon and such but then I just suck at it either. Plus I find WW Monk more fun to MW. I also watch some stuff about BM Monk too! I mean I have no chance to reach 2k to be honestly. I'm creating this post because I'm trying to find myself a better coach. I might be doing some stuff wrong at all. Who knows?Enjoy2 21 Aug 2015
21 Aug 2015 Returning to WoW Hi guys, I played through wrath (raided and PvP'd pretty seriously), and then a little through cata (less seriously), before stopping playing completely. As such I haven't played properly in a couple of years, and was wondering if anyone could direct me towards any sites or videos that I might find useful in shaking off some rust, as I'm going to be buying WoD and renewing my subscription soon. I'm thinking of maining either my warrior or paladin, probably looking to main PvP. As you may know coming back to WoW can be quite daunting and there can be quite a lot of rust to shake off, so any videos or sites regarding important changes, specs, rotations, anything at all that might be useful for someone that's not a new player but rather a returning one: these would all be great for me. Thanks :)Scrake10 21 Aug 2015
21 Aug 2015 Scroll of Resurection Hey! I'm returning to World of Warcraft after 4 years. If anyone has a "Scroll of Resurection" i would appreciate it. Thank you :-)Kwitz5 21 Aug 2015
21 Aug 2015 Upgrading gear? Hello I just finished the seige of orgrimmar raid today and I ended up with 5+ mythic pieces of gear. All I want to know is it sais 0/4 upgrade level and how do I go about upgrading this to level 4? and whom do I need to speak to to upgrade it? Thanks in advance.Reegz4 21 Aug 2015
21 Aug 2015 returning player Hi all , After a few months i kinda wanna rerturn to the world of warcraft. But i wanna see first how al the changes have worked out. Is there any option for me to get like a trail or so? I know the scroll of resurection has been removed so are there any other options for me? For the HORDE !Chromex0 21 Aug 2015
20 Aug 2015 Fast leveling Hello! Yesterday I watched a bit on Sodapoppins stream where he began leveling a mage. I level up to 10 in like an hour, for him, it took 20min type ... He even came up in 38 of type 2 hours which takes 1 day for me. What am I doing wrong or what does he do to make it go so fast?Faaiix12 20 Aug 2015
20 Aug 2015 Picking a class - stuck Hey fellow forum-goers, I'm having a bit of difficult on picking a class that will keep my attention until max level and was hoping there'd be some kind folks around here that could help me shed some light on the subject. You see I'm a returning WoW player who never actually achieved anything of particular note and sadly never got a character to Northrend (a shame since from what I've watched it looks like an amazing place) but would of course like some semblance of a well-prepared main before Legion eventually drops (I'm sure I have at least 6-12 months until that happens, but I'd like to sort out my character's wealth and try some raiding first). Naturally, I've tried all the different classes and specs up to certain levels (the highest being a Druid at 67 that I got quite bored with) and from this I have some idea of what I'd like my class to be able to do. Looking into it DPS is what I'd like to do overall with perhaps an occasional attempt at healing/tanking if required/my class permits it, so my chosen class would need more than 1 DPS spec (which sadly means no Monk, Paladin or Priest) so that I have some different options or in case one spec is nerfed and I need to play the other one. I'm aiming to do more PvE raiding than PvP (but wouldn't mind running into the occasional battleground/arena) so I'd of course like my class to have some utility in that chosen field, something that my class can do that not much else can that would make me a desirable member of the group. Viability in general isn't too big a concern for me as Blizzard will no doubt fix numbers and whatnot whenever it's required, so damage as such isn't an issue. However having decent burst through an ability (e.g. Dark Soul, Ascendance, Avenging Wrath, Incarnation, etc.) would be nice, just for the feeling of doing more damage in a small period of time. Classes in particular I'm looking at are Death Knight, Hunter and Warlock. That's basically it to be honest, I hope that you find the time to respond and help me out - it would be most appreciated.Zhengjing10 20 Aug 2015
20 Aug 2015 Same gear for two specs? Hello my friends, I would like to say that I am not really a new player, I have been playing WoW since 2007, but in recent years I have been playing with multiple breaks and very casually. That means that I sometimes miss some subtle features of this game, so I wanted to ask for answers in this part of the forum (people are very nice in this section :) ). So, if I understood properly, WoD brought us 'feature' that same gear can be used for two specs. That is why some items have, for example, intelect grayed out, but it becomes active if I say switch to Mistweaver spec. Now, what I would like to know is does this basically mean I can enter dungeon/heroic dungeon/LFR, set loot specialization to Windwalker. And whenever I decide to switch to Mistweaver I can use the same gear (probably except weapons?), because 'intelect' on my gear will become active, instead of, unless I'm wrong, agility? Also, if I'm right, trinkets are not affected by this? I would very much appreciate clarification or by any means, correction of my assumption above. Thanks in advance, DDvorf4 20 Aug 2015
20 Aug 2015 Is flying in yet? I'm wondering when to come back, if they have put flying in i will return, if not i will passCleggy3 20 Aug 2015
20 Aug 2015 Any rereolling guild out there? Looking for a guild thats going through old content, and prefrebily horde pleaseCaltari5 20 Aug 2015
20 Aug 2015 talents Hi guys I just started playing WoW and I am level 12 now. I'm still playing the starters edition but I will buy the game soon. At level 10 I was asked to choose a specialization. I did some research and found out that after mists of pandaria, you did not have to choose a specialization anymore but players may choose a new talent from the same group of three talents at periodic levels. So if I would choose a talent now, and buy the game later, what would happen to the talents/specialization? thanks!Azertyhunter4 20 Aug 2015
20 Aug 2015 Halp :( Hello everyone, i need a little help from you guys, i know you've heard this question so many times that you've got borred of it... I recently started playing world of warcraft and i've stumbled into a big problem, i can't seem to be able to choose my first character to have it main for now untill i get to know better the game, i have this fire mage lvl 40 but got borred of it, and i made other chars but i don't know what to choose, what will be great for pvp, and pve, easy to learn the class and so on, if you guys could help me out i would be so greatfull. I was thinking about Fury or Prot Warrior, MM Hunter, but i'm not sure, can you help a poor guy out ? ^_^...Comburst2 20 Aug 2015
19 Aug 2015 Keyboard Keybindings My Razer Naga just retired and got a Razer Deathadder because I didnt play much WoW and a lot of LoL. But the problem is that I don't like clicking the spells and I also don't like keys for spells close to WASD. The solution I got now is using left and right mouse buttons to walk and QWER ASDF ZXCV for the spells in 123...0-= But when I play for like half an hour my fingers get tired from holding both mouse buttons. Anyone got any solutions for me? Thanks in advanceÄadje4 19 Aug 2015
19 Aug 2015 getting back to wow hi everyone. i haven't played wow since cataclysm i want to get back and play again but i have some questions : 1.i used to play on outland since it was very populated , but it was really hard to get into raids and guilds,but the pvp part was really good,however i wasn't a serius player. but now im planning to start fresh with my friend , and im looking for a good realm which offers good pvp and pve,also has a very active auction house,also a very good community in alliance 2.i love warriors and im planning to play warrior again,but i didn't liked the worgen race for warrior,im thinking human is much better,any suggestion on race ?!?and also are warriors are cool as they used to be in cata and wotlk? much it takes to get to 100 for 2 players with the raf xp bonus ?!?Ibladel2 19 Aug 2015
19 Aug 2015 Starting with WoW again, realm tips? Hello guys and girls, I was thinking about starting with WoW again. I played early WoD and well got kinda tired of the game but now I'm back for some action. I'd like to know which realms I should be looking at if I'm going to be PvE'ing a lot in the next expansion (Legion). Was thinking dungeon/raid wise that is, which is the most populated and best servers for that atm? Might also note that I'd like to stay in Alliance. :) Thanks in advance.Bowmarley1 19 Aug 2015
19 Aug 2015 Returning player - can I purchase good gear for gold? Hi, there. I left WoW just after WoD release but now I am going to return to the game. However after my leaving WoW Tokens were introduced. That is why I'd like to know if now I can purchase good level 6xx gear in exchange for in-game gold to be able to do raids, dungeons etc. just after achieving level 100 with my character?Perseida24 19 Aug 2015
19 Aug 2015 Starting afresh and need help Hello, I've recently taken a brief break from WoW due to holidays and now I'm back I've decided to essentially start from scratch which means picking a new character, realm, etc. However I am terrible at making solid decisions and could use some opinions to help me decide where to go and what to level. Class choice - to be honest I'm not particularly picky in regards to class choice; I'd like the class to have solid mobility in certain scenarios, have more than one DPS spec (so no Monk/Paladin/Priest unfortunately) as well as have solid burst for when I need things to die. Utility would also be nice, bringing certain buffs or being able to do tasks that few others can do even if that means I won't be top damage. I do prefer some class aesthetics to others, but I'll wait and see what's recommended before going into that. Realm - sadly I'm unable to access Realm Pop on my PC for some stupid reason so I cannot use this as a source of information, but I'm looking for a PvP realm with solid raiding guilds either Horde or Alliance side (either really, I'm not biased towards any faction). If one exists for either I'd be happy to hear of it. As always, thank you for any and all replies (provided they're relevant).Shikkari2 19 Aug 2015
19 Aug 2015 Getting started with wow-a bit confusing So i played on private servers before,and now i decided to play on retail ones,but my question is what is all i need to get started?(like do i need all expansions? or )Shadzy6 19 Aug 2015
19 Aug 2015 New to Dw DK need help! hello, i have a question as a new DK player i searched for a lot of guides and they say that i should use frost strike when my KM proc is active and they say that is my hardest hitting ability when my obliterate hits so much harder, so why use frost strike and not obliterate? (and yes i'am playing dual wielding) Thank you if you answer. :)Witheredfang2 19 Aug 2015
19 Aug 2015 Returing Lost Druid :( Good day to all :) So I have finally managed to get some game time at long last after 6 months... and as usual.. I can't remember much about my Druid :( Can anyone out there help me? And info.. sites... even jumping into the game and showing me on Shadow Song :D Anything! :P Many thanks for your interest guys! :DEnnostiel2 19 Aug 2015
18 Aug 2015 Which expansions.. Hi, I haven't played for a few years , and I'm unsure about which games/expansions I need to buy. The latest i have is Wrath of Lich King. I'd like to be brought up to the latest version . Could you tell me which ones I need and if I need to install all of the version s up to and including Lich King before the later ones? Also I have a level 70 warrior. I'd like to be able to use this character if possible.. ThanksZamthor4 18 Aug 2015
18 Aug 2015 WOD key My account is European,When i ben in Russia I have purchased russian WoD key and i get the following error : ''This code is region-specific, so it can only be redeemed on a World of Warcraft license from the same geographic region''. Any solutions? And apparently GM doesn't know that Russian region does not exist anymore.Can my friend activate key in my account?He live in CISТоррадор2 18 Aug 2015
17 Aug 2015 Basic Holy Priest Guide on Youtube for Patch 6.2 YT link -énde0 17 Aug 2015
17 Aug 2015 High vs Low population realm I am considering in creating a Horde too and since TBC I have been playing Alliance on Silvermoon which is a very crowded realm, however at this days and with all cross-zone stuff. What would be better for a rerolling char: a low pop. realm (Nordrassil) or a high pop. one (Draenor)??Sighuman5 17 Aug 2015
17 Aug 2015 Flying mounts and im new Hello all im new to this game i found it ages ago while i saw my friend flying on a dragon so i played along time ago it got boring but i just wanna level up fast and get cool mounts and stuff i need help and why do u HAVE to be level 60 to be able to fly like wtf and level 20 for a mount and if i buy a flying mount from the store am i able to fly that any level? thxFyae4 17 Aug 2015
17 Aug 2015 Do I need to keep Arena gear or not? Hi again Still playing Priest in Draenor at lvl 100 (bloody hard!). I got to some Arena in Nagrand, bought some purple gear to fight the Arena champions. Lost. Decided maybe it was like lvl 100 vs others and that maybe the gear was putting me on too high a level and therefore making the Arena Champion harder. Took off all the Arena stuff I had bought (around 1000 gold at 50 gold each). Fought Champion and won first time, it was easier! Now I have all this gear clogging up my bank (16 spaces). Do I need to keep this gear? (could not re-sell any back). Or should I just accept my losses and smash it (it has no sell price even though it is purple rare and it doesn't work outside Arena). Another problem I have found - is there any way of switching off p v p when just roaming the land, it is getting very annoying as a Priest, that anyone that attacks me wins and I have basically no chance, and that is if I am not jumped by a group of around 5 lvl 100s. It means I die at least 2-3 a hour if not more. I know some will say get in a group yourself, but is that the only way round this? Thanks in advance as usual. HellswitchHellswitch6 17 Aug 2015
17 Aug 2015 Any one got any nice Fire mage tmogs?? hello dear player! anyone got any nice/epic fire mage tmogs for my mage?Kírax5 17 Aug 2015
17 Aug 2015 mail delay time ? my items in ah are gone and i didnt got the gold in the mail :( , (40 min past ) , so how much time it's takes to the gold to arrive ? (sorry for my bad english )Keltaraan5 17 Aug 2015
17 Aug 2015 Starter Edition for Returning Players Hello. i have a slightly problem that i need help with so thank you in advance. Last time i played was on Tbc and i found my old palla (lvl38) on my Acc, but the thing is that it says that it is a starter edition so i can only play lvl 20 characters so my question is. do i just need to buy some game card time, or do a need to buy classic,tbc,wolk again?Testamentet4 17 Aug 2015
16 Aug 2015 Gold question I'm thinking of buying a game-card in a couple of weeks (such as blizzard said about the flying ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) and I was wondering how easy/hard it is to make 48k-50k gold for a wow token? Because I decided to play by only using wow tokens. P.S.: I'll roll a hunter, with Tailoring and Enchanting professions and all the secondaries ones.Jegosu2 16 Aug 2015
16 Aug 2015 Hi Hi, I've one problem. I wanna send through the mail 1 thing to my aliance charakter and I've another charakter in horde and I wanna send from Horde to Aliance, but I can't send it it's saying "Target is unfriendly" Ty for anwsers. Btw: Pls don't hate me ima new in WoWWsgvklsdv6 16 Aug 2015
16 Aug 2015 PC ? Hey guys, so I decided to build a new PC, so I can finally play this game, and I have a question about CPUs. I got my MSI GTX750 Ti graphics card, and I want to know, if somebody here has some experiences with this GPU. What CPU to take ? AMD or Intel ? And what types would be the best for this GPU ? Thanks....Warhull11 16 Aug 2015
15 Aug 2015 I GOT NEW EXP IDEA AFTER WOW:THE LEGION Ok so this is my point of view on the events after WoW: The Legion (i write on this forum beacuse im in-active) All in all lets start. So let the Legion overtake whole Azeroth and in the end of the expansion, that Timeless dragon send Illidan back to past in the time when Garrosh went to paraler universe. So the next expansion would be called The Return of the Warlords of Dreanor. The plot would be that Illidan would be on our side trying to stop Gul'dan. What you think about it?Qbrick5 15 Aug 2015
15 Aug 2015 We are Movida, a Reroll project for old and new players Dear community, With the new expansion coming up, I decided to resub and reroll and I would love to be among you guys. I believe, in order to get the most out of this game, you shouldn't play it alone and I don't want to. I hope to be part of a community, a circle of friends, a group of likeminded people. Hence, I decided to create this guild. Together, we can relive what this game is all about. Facing new challenges together as a team. So, what is Movida? Movida is a Reroll guild welcoming new players and old stagers alike. Rerolling is when a player creates a new character on a new realm with a fresh mindset and longing for adventures ahead. If you think about starting from fresh, or you are a new player in general, this is your opportunity to not be alone on your endeavours. It gives you the chance to play with people who have started fresh with you. We will start playing together on August 15th, at 8 pm server time on the chosen faction side of a later to be announced realm. From there on, everyone will be leveling at their own pace: rushing to level 100 with 90 character boost, 300% pots and heirlooms, or taking it slow, finishing each started zone and taking in all the sights on the way. You're not being forced into any restrictions. You'll have a friendly, joking and loving bunch of guys and gals at your side, keeping a vibrant guild & voice chat. Once level 100 we will attempt to prepare our community for the next expansion. Of course we will raid together, PvP together, make events or just netflix and chill, but our aim is to make the next expansion our best time in WoW yet. I hope that we will bond and be the greatest bunch of people to attack the new content as a guild. Let us make this game great again. Why do we not start immediately? The extra time will allow for more people to become aware of the reroll project. After all, the more the merrier. Giving us an extra couple of days before going live will also raise the tension and filter out those people who are in it for a week or even less. If you have to wait two weeks for something to happen, you are more likely to be a part of it for weeks/months/years to come. Which realm are we playing on? Once people have used the polls to determine our faction and which type of realm we should play on, I'll attempt to find a realm most suitable (not too high population so that we'll get queues all the time, not too little population that it'll feel like a dead realm, decent representation of both factions etc.) Is there not going to be a level cap? No, there isnt. Once its go time, everyone can start leveling as they desire. To not make you feel alone, however fast you may be, we will have voice chat, events, guild meetings in game and other fun stuff going on. More to be announced at a later time! ;) What makes this reroll project different from all the others out there? Through excellent preparation including an own website and ready-to-use voice communication as well as experienced leadership and a certain "build-up" time, I hope that we can create a playerbase big enough to leave us with a core team of members to make this a sustainable guild. Additionally, with the clear goal of making the announced expansion our best time in WoW, we will have the drive, excitment and joyful anticipation to pursue upcoming content together. Sounds fantastic, where can I join? If you would like to join, click the "Launch Code" button on our website: Don't worry, the application process is rather forgiving: right now, in order to get accepted, just enter the launch code: "reroll". During the "downtime" until the launch begins, get active on the forums and the voice chat, meet your new comrades and enjoy the rising tension, together. If you have any questions, just ask here! Im looking forward to you guys Yours, TaptapTaptap20 15 Aug 2015
15 Aug 2015 Moneymaking? I have some troubles when it comes to getting gold. It takes me forever just to get 1000g, and I had to spend loads of it to get artisan riding. (Fortunately a friend sent me some gold so I could get it once I got to lvl 70) I want to be able to buy stuff without thinking "It took me so long to get all this gold, should I really buy this?" but since I suck at making money that's always the case for me :/ Does anyone wanna share some tips (of course I understand that you don't wanna share your top thing) on how you make gold. I've heard that you can make plenty of gold from the AH, but I don't really understand how to do it and it seems really complicated, I've only managed to sell some cloth, but I sold that quite cheap. Thankful for any tips! :)Lillvargen6 15 Aug 2015
15 Aug 2015 The Dark Portal? Hi all, hope someone can help, is it right that when I go through the Dark Portal in the Blasted Lands it takes me to Stormshield? I thought it took me to the Dark Portal in the jungle? Can someone clarify? Thanks, LauraLauraalldrit11 15 Aug 2015
15 Aug 2015 Items during dungeon fights Hey I am new in game. During dungeon fights random items appears giving me the option to keep them or pass them as well as greed and dischant. What are greed and enchant? Also is it the game which is giving me these items or is it other players? How would I know if the item is useful to me or not? Thanks and RegardsKhail5 15 Aug 2015
15 Aug 2015 How to install AddOns Could someone please help me on how to install Addons? I know I'm not exactly new but I'm having problems with this and I dont know where to go. I tried to do the curse thing when it does it for you but firefox didn't accept the site or something. I'm also not very techy so could you explain like everything? Thankyou if you take the time to answer this. (Sorry if this is in the wrong place).Aestra9 15 Aug 2015
14 Aug 2015 Stuck in draenor I really want to get back to ironforge but i dont know how long until i can get the ashran appearance quest how do i get it and at what point/level?Ryanlightone2 14 Aug 2015
14 Aug 2015 Best tank now? Hey there, i'm going to go serious with WOW. I'm wondering what is the best tank class now, and why? Thanks <3Roughstrider6 14 Aug 2015
14 Aug 2015 For shaman pro dual wield folks Especially for those who played before cata. 14 Aug 2015
14 Aug 2015 need help on the new wow (legion) hello evrey one i need help :( ,ammybe anyone think and this possible , the new wow is out before the big viction end (the big holiday) this is possible i need a old player think :)Soulzen14 14 Aug 2015
14 Aug 2015 noob question about exploring,questing and levelling. Hi, i am quite a perfectionist and would like to explore everything(once i have bought wow) but don't know how to start. Should i follow my quests to silverpine forest lvl10-20 or explore all lvl1-10 regions first? If i do the second option would i have a level to high for all zones to come( all lvl10-20 20-30 etc)? Can i do all horde quest even with only an undead character? Does going in alliance territory have any use at all? except pvp. maybe just exploring? A little random question: Isn't the lore !@#$ed-op since cataclysm. In one of my starter quests they already say the lich king is dead.Kloefklaffer5 14 Aug 2015
14 Aug 2015 New to game and need some help and direction? I have a spare guild on.... Blade's edge alliance ... that I keep for storing good levelling gear and profession materials. I have a few low level characters there that I play now and then I feel that I could put the guild to better use by offering newcommers to the game a spot in a very small guild where they can get their start in the game a bit easier and more pleasant. Low level players that join will get free 16 slot bags, free repairs and access to a guildbank where there is a lot of profession levelling materials and also elixirs/potions and some nice levelling gear and such things. The bank will be filled up and attended too when needed. I will also be availiable on a daily basis in case someone needs a bit of advice about their class or other things in the game. I will not have any demands of the guild members other than that you respect the guild bank and only take what you personallly really need for the character you have in the guild. Taking stuff for selling will lead to removal from guild. First week access to the bank will be very limited and you will only be able to take out a couple of things a day but when I see it works fine, you will get promoted to member and gain some more access. I rather see that the things in the guild bank comes to use than just collecting dust month after month and if I can help a few new players to get it a bit easier in the start, then its a win. Any interest?Balsamica0 14 Aug 2015
14 Aug 2015 Reroll project for Legion! I am looking for people with the same interest in making a reroll project so that we can build a strong guild bond and a community that welcomes other like-minded players in our quest to kill big bosses & get epic loots. Caps and rules will be discussed once a interest in this project has been seen. I'm open to all feedback. BT : SneakySquid#21780 /w me in game if you have any questionsSkeelzz3 14 Aug 2015
14 Aug 2015 Keep getting teleported out of the Ashran PvP zone i try to get in but it keeps kicking me out...anyone knows if its a bug or it supposed to be that way? and if yes,how i go in ashran?Dreadras15 14 Aug 2015
14 Aug 2015 Good duo composition for levelling up ? Hi there, I have convinced my GF to level up a character for the first time and i want to help (she doesn't like this kind of game usually). I'm pretty sure she wants to play as a hunter because she seemed to enjoy it through the starter edition, but i don't know what to play. A tank or maybe a healer ? Another dps ? I don't really care i could play anything, but i just want to help as much as i can. Do you have any advice on what to pair with a hunter ? Also, i wanted to know if i give her money and teleport her to Undercity, is she be able to buy heirlooms for her character ?Galran1 14 Aug 2015
13 Aug 2015 Not sure what realm to choose (PvP or PvE?) Hey guys, I am thinking about getting a WoW subscription, but before i do so i want to make sure i make the right choice (I hate starting over, as i do it in almost every game which results in me quitting. This is also the reason i quit WoW a long time ago after wasting some months of subscription). Now the problem is that i dont know what Realm to pick. And i am mainly talking about the type of realm, PvP or PvE? The thing is: I really really like it when cities are getting attacked by enemy players, and i also really like the feeling of danger wherever you are. I used to play on Private Servers a loooong time ago (back in Burning Crusade), and i really liked the PvP servers there. They brought me great memories. I remember hiding in the woods to avoid being killed, being killed a couple of times in Stranglethorn, and attacking some of the other faction's villages myself. Now the problem is that there is one major thing i hate about PvP servers, which REALLY annoys me. This is getting killed literally every time. Like i said, i like PvP for the sense of danger. But i cant stand it when people camp you over and over again to the point where questing becomes useless. This is the biggest turnoff for me and can really ruin my experience. So i was wondering. Does this happen a lot on PvP servers? Are you still able to do your own thing without getting killed literally every time? I also want to say a couple of other things. I am not a big fan of Player VS Player combat, i like doing it every once in a while but its not something that i would to do every time. Like i said: I mainly like PvP servers for the feeling of danger lurking around you, and not for the combat (Its not like i hate the combat though).. What i really look forward to the most is the end game content like Dungeons and Raids + the general leveling experience. I have also read that it IS possible to kill members of the other faction when in a PvE realm by toggling PvP on. This feature looks incredibly sweet to me. As i can just have PvP turned on and then the moment i start getting camped or whatsoever i can just turn PvP off. But do people really have PvP turned on? There is no point in having a feature like this if 99% of the people have PvP off anyways. What is the point of attacking other villages if you cant even kill the players that are in there? So what do you guys recommend me to do? Should i pick a PvP or PvE realm? Is there any Realm you recommend me to join as well? Another question i have is if i can group with players from another realm. I have read there was cross-realm support for certain things. Does this mean i can group up for dungeons with friends across realms? So lets say a friend of mine turns out to be playing WoW as well but is on another Realm than i am, can i still group up with him for dungeons? PS: I prefer to play Alliance Thanks for helping me out guys!Baxdy2 13 Aug 2015
13 Aug 2015 Which class is "special operation force" in PvE atm? Hello everyone : ) I'm planning on returning to WoW endgame PvE after quite a long time. My question for you is - is there a particular DPS class/spec best suited to do special assignment tasks in raid, like countering some mechanics, rather than being DPS turret targeting boss/occasional adds? Is there demand for players doing out-of-the-(hit)box jobs in HfC (not only mythic, but normal/hc as well)? Thanks for any info, cheers! : )Sämsquanch3 13 Aug 2015