New/Returning Player Questions & Guides

21 Jan 2016 hypnotic dust what region is best? wheres the best region or place to loot hypnotic dust from, is there any on eastern kingdoms?Nittyhitus2 21 Jan 2016
20 Jan 2016 Easy to learn to play decent class PVP? Hello! I like to play pvp but I keep getting killed. I want to make a new character that is easy to learn to play decent, and is reasonably easy and a bit fun in pvp also on top level. I understand that all classes are hard to master, but I am not looking for the "best" class, just something easy for me to have a decent chance with. Any advice, and why? How it is at level 100 is important as I will get there if I just have fun playing.Powerless6 20 Jan 2016
20 Jan 2016 Choosing a Realm - arguments Hello everyone! I've quit wow for some months and I'm thinking to start fresh again with a new character. I'm interested in rolling a troll or tauren shaman. So, I'm looking for a good horde realm. I want to try maybe a little bit of RP, but i'm mostly into PVE. I think that a realm which is social is a big plus. I also like a realm where there are a lot of other people doing things but I don't want an overpopulated realm (with the queues when legion hits). I know that it is kinda subjective which realm I would prefer so I did some research which realms look kinda good for me. - Argent Dawn - Defias Brotherhood - Chamber of Aspects - Tarren Mill My question is: what do you guys think about these realms? It would be nice to hear some arguments for a realm so I could make a good choice :) (Will check the 4 realms out with a char also). Thanks in advance for the help!Yshrela8 20 Jan 2016
20 Jan 2016 Expansion packs and where to go next. Hi. Not been playing long but played thousands of games over the years. I was wondering where all the expansion packs were on the store. All I can see is warlords and legion. Are the rest of them now free and in the game I purchased online for £9.99? Plus just finished all quest in darkshore and was not sure where to go next. Went towards ashenvale, is that a good way to go?Helsing3 20 Jan 2016
19 Jan 2016 Powerlevling Hi Community i am a Level 92. Rogue Alliance and i was wondering if there is a good and fast way to level an ALT?, i tried to use a Elixir callled Elixir of the Rapid Mind, made me up up to 90 from 88 but it is super prizy, so is there any method that i can use to level my Rogue fast? Thank you. WolfprideZWolfpridez2 19 Jan 2016
19 Jan 2016 How Do I Remove Abilities/Spells From Hotbar? This is a 'noob' question but how do I remove abilities/spells from my hotbar? I have put a couple onto the hotbar by mistake and can't see how to remove them. I must be missing something obvious but I just can't see how I do it... Thanks for any help with this.Ravenford11 19 Jan 2016
19 Jan 2016 Looking for friends Hi evryone. I am looking for a good reason to come back to World of warcraft....but i dont have any friends who play witch is half the fun in in a game like wow. My 4 lvl 100 are all on Frostwhisper an i have some lvl 90 and lower lvl toons. I do pvp and pve in equal measure and i have bin around sins vanila. I need friends if it is going to be worth coming back to wow and this feels like the best place to start looking. I dont care how old you are as long as you speek english in a fluent manner (or swedish) and your lvl and skill dont matter to me as long as we can talk and enjoy the game together. And if you are super new to wow dont worry we can be friends i like helping out! Well thats it i guess.... Hope to see all of you ingame soon if this works out :-)Silencer2 19 Jan 2016
19 Jan 2016 New player - new Death Knight Hello. I am a new player making my first "main" character to focus on - a Death Knight because I find them most appealing of all the classes I have played so far. I have chosen to be a Night Elf but I dont know which talent spec is "better" (easier to master) for a first time DK player? I plan to level up by doing almost only quests. Maybe I will do a dungeon or a battleground once in a while - but most of the time I want to explore the World and quest my way through to level 100. My question is which of the 3 specs should I choose to quest with? Would you say that Blood is a viable questing spec? Or is blood limited for dungeon tanking only - in which case I will pass and choose one of theDPS specs. I THINK I am leaning towards either Blood (if it is a viable questing spec) or Unholy - but that doesnt mean that I wont go Frost if that is a better questing spec for a new player :-) Also - as I am a new player having no gold - would you recommend me to take up any gathering professions to earn some gold selling herbs, ores or leather while questing? Or should I just focus on questing - collecting the quest revards (gold and gear) and then wait untill level 100 to focus on getting gold? Any help and tips is greatly appreciated :-) Thank you.Brawinther4 19 Jan 2016
19 Jan 2016 Jumping back in to WOW. Hi Guys, As you can see I have a level 27 Blood Elf but for some reason I can't see any expansions I have bought I am pretty sure I bought everything up to Pandaria is it just a case of buying some game time and re activating it? I will also purchase Warlords after as well. As well if I do buy Warlords will I see a difference in graphics from Warlords to Pandaria? Thanks in advance!Lancor7 19 Jan 2016
19 Jan 2016 Finding an active guild I'm new to the game and want to find a guild that has an active community so that I can actually experience the community aspect to the game. How would I do this? I can't get into any guilds on the Guild Finder and the ones that I get invites for are dead. If anyone is a part of an active guild can they tell me? Thanks in advance.Cyborgsoup3 19 Jan 2016
19 Jan 2016 Decent Horde realm (PVE) Hi Not currently subbed atm but i'm lookiing to move my Horde characters to a fairly decent sized RP or PVE realm on my return. I'm very OCD when it comes to my characters, i dont like to mix my alliance toons with my Horde so AD is out the question (my alliance realm) I dont really enjoy realms with a PVP ruleset to them anymore and I'm not looking for a overcrowded full realm. Could anyone help me with this matter?Natlean2 19 Jan 2016
18 Jan 2016 Need help to build my Gaming PC Hi, i would like to know is this build will allow me to play WoW in Ultra Settings, if you please, help me out because i don't know much about hardware. Build: Note: don't worry about the storage.Hamoniso1 18 Jan 2016
18 Jan 2016 I seem to be outleveling things very quickly Before the quests are completed I'm often higher levels to the point the mobs around me are 3-4 levels below. I haven't actually tried leveling a fresh character since Cata, I think so I'm not sure what (if anything) has changed but my biggest wonder is this: if I happen to have quests that aren't complete (so the the zone quests aren't finished) and I abandon them, can I go to the next zone? Say I'm level 21 and I have still have quests that are from a zone of level 10-20. If I go to the zone for level 20-30, will quests be avilable or do I need to complete the previous zone completely like in Vanilla?Luxral2 18 Jan 2016
18 Jan 2016 moving worlds im currently in kalimdor and have picked up a quest for eastern kingdoms. how do I get there?Sliderback4 18 Jan 2016
18 Jan 2016 Should i boost or lvl legitly? ive got a shaman that i want to main in legion im gonna lvl him to 60 but when i get there should i boost to 100 with the vetran bonus is there any bonus from lvling i know how to play one at 100 thanks to a really helpful guide so what should i doGrifftalo3 18 Jan 2016
17 Jan 2016 Hunter bow heirloom enchant I'm currently leveling a hunter with heirlooms and was wondering if I should but an enchantment on my heirloom bow. If so, anyone got an idea wich one and could you tell me what it does?Alesie7 17 Jan 2016
17 Jan 2016 so i just hit level 100 i did it :) finally. it was a long road but worth it. my question is apart from the 12 raids i can do in wod, 2v2 3v3 bg and questing what can i do on this game? i'v never been a fan of pvp and probably never will. im all about pve and killing that boss untill he drops that epic rare drop i dont mind questing but what is the point of questing if it doesn't give me xp? (not trolling) if someone could suggest me things i could possibly work for to achieve on wow that would be really helpful as i have no clue what to do .Psylover8 17 Jan 2016
17 Jan 2016 Back to draenor I have problem how to back to dreanor. I was create boost hero lvl90, task with npc and enter to dreanor. After few quest in this location i use heartstone and back to blasted lands. And here was problem becouse actually npc dont wanna talk with me and take me again to dreanor :/ Any sugestion how to back to this location? :/Aknoieqrvqlr2 17 Jan 2016
17 Jan 2016 idea for new player base this topic got me thinking: What if Blizz make some kind of mentor system as help for new players few ideas i came up with new player starts WOW, he gets a choice that he wants a mentor or not in the game (if he does the game makes a choice from a list of people who has marked the option to be a mentor on , maybe even thesame class, not the player descides to avoid abuse) reward for the mentor when his "trainee" gets max lvl could be a "mentors reward box" inside could be a tabard of the teacher, a title reward "the teacher' or "the mentor" amount of gold, a wow game token, items, potions....) incase the relation not works out between both players, trainee can get another mentor. but the reward is depending on the amount of xp the trainee and mentor spends quests dungeons, etc. maybe make even possible in timewarpmode for the mentor to queue with his trainee for a dung/raid. for example <25% xp gives a small reward box, <50% medium, <75% large, 90-100% huge box , maybe the reward title and tabard only for huge boxes reward.Quach1 17 Jan 2016
16 Jan 2016 [Gaming Desktop Hardware] LF Help Greetings fellow community, i'm planing on buying my first Gaming Desktop, i'm not that good at hardware, so if you please, give me a hand here: <----- [ PC that was recommended to me ] I came to WoW Forum because this is where WoW players are and we all know the game, i'm counting on you. Please check that build and tell me what you think, i'm looking forward to play WoD and Legion on Ultra Settings. People say GTX 960 suck and others say its enough for what i want... i'm confused and i don't know who to trust, so please, give me a hand here, i need people to trust, i need proofs and "trust" before i buy it.Imashinu16 16 Jan 2016
16 Jan 2016 Enhancement Shaman or Death Knight Frost? Quick question. Enh Shaman or DK Frost? I don't count on being on top in any mythic guild run. I just want to experience PVE and do some Normal or Heroic raids. Which are the ups and downs of these two classes?Tharengar0 16 Jan 2016
16 Jan 2016 Do I do the Worgen story if I use character booster? If I make myself a Worgen, Goblin or Pandaren character and boost it, do I still need to do the story quests? Goblin getting off the isle and ending up in Org, Pandaren having to their quests then picking a side, etc. Or is it just straight to level 90 and I get planed on the turtorial quest that all boosted characters get?Grimwurl1 16 Jan 2016
16 Jan 2016 changing characters ingame name? is there a way to change the ingame name (not battlenet id) without creating a new characters name and starting from scratchNittyhitus3 16 Jan 2016
16 Jan 2016 So I boosted a new char to 100,....and now? A few questions: 1) Where's the portal to Pandaria? I's like to go to the Shrine to have a heartstone there, because the Shrine has all the neat portals to everywhere. 2) Where are the portals to the Cata zones? 3) Do I really need to get my proffessions from lvl 1 to max? 4) Where does the questline start in WoD? Kind regards.Moonkas2 16 Jan 2016
14 Jan 2016 Greetings everybody! Hello, i'm not new to this game as i used to play this many years back and i think i quit because my account was either hacked or locked? ( I would like to know what the *bleep* happened back then ) But hey somehow i was able to recover and secure my account for now.. Well i'm not here to talk about security reasons or anything else for that matter, this question may sound stupid but here goes. Which world of warcraft expansions should i buy so i dont miss out on anything? I still have my old (Physical) copies of world of warcraft the original, lich king and burning crusade. i think there has been like 4 expansions more after that? Can you please guide me a little bit? Where can i buy and download all the expansions in one bundle? I also would like to know what is the max level in this game as of today?Satanails2 14 Jan 2016
14 Jan 2016 The lvl on followers affect the work they do?? Those the level of a follower affect the time when i assigned him to work?? Thank youGoteks2 14 Jan 2016
14 Jan 2016 Do most roles play the same at endgame? Ability wise. IIRC, in Cata, druid tanks had no AoE till around level 50 I think when I got swipe. Before that I was stuck with maul and the glyph that let me hit two targets at once. Which was nice but Is there anything like that currently? Because I'm considering what class to use the character boost I get from WoD on and would rather not get it up to around level 30-40. play a bunch of dungeons, enjoy it and then find out around level 80 they end up playing nothing like at the lower levels because they have abilities that completely change things. Example being how demon form in demonology warlocks was only available at higher levels. I'm not really sure if I explained it well but thanks for any help I can get.Gwinrul1 14 Jan 2016
13 Jan 2016 Server PVE PVP Help me Hi guys, i'm a new player but in this game there are many servers (EU). Which server should i choose? i prefer to play good pve and pvp ( arenas and battlegrounds)Simus5 13 Jan 2016
13 Jan 2016 Disc Priest 6.2 detailed guide My name is Rsoultwo and I've been creating video's for the past 6 months, 7 of them thus far to be precise and plan to be making them a lot more regularly. My video's are not always perfect they're not amazing game play with precise editing but i try my best in every video and learn from my mistakes. Im doing a guide series at the moment and it'll be broken down into 5-6 different video's and made into a playlist, so far I've done 1.Glyphs 2.Talents 3.(to come) - Stat priority + macro's 4.(to come) Positioning and situational awareness 5. (to come) N/A You can count on me to make regular video's, weather it be 2v2/3v3/5v5/rbg's or even world pvp Subscribe to me, support me & my video's if you enjoy my content, this is a call out to try and grow my channel, i enjoy critisism so if you do view my channel, dont just ignore something you dislike, SUB to me and help me make this channel better for you and others, we can do it together :) [b][/b]Rsoultwo0 13 Jan 2016
13 Jan 2016 Hello everyone Im new to wow and i wanted to ask a few questions in hope of getting a response First question: i have to raid if i want to get good gear or can i just play casualy do dungeons,do quests,pvp,do a lot of old raids solo and everything else do i need to have good gear for some quests and solo raids?because raiding is time consuming :( 2.Is it too late to join wow now in 2015 because i never played it before and this is related to my previous question will i burn out quickly not raiding with people and not having a guild can i still have toons of fun doing raids solo and questing and tracking the lore.I dont like raids SO MY MAIN QUESTION IS DO I HAVE TO DO RAIDS TO HAVE A LOT OF FUN IN WOW??????? Thx in advance :) :) :)Hawtohrne7 13 Jan 2016
13 Jan 2016 When you Instant 100 boost is there a tutorial? Is there a tutorial for fresh level 100 players like there was at the beginning of wod where they would give you a handful of spells and give you more as you progressed through the beginning missions? Just curious that's allMythea3 13 Jan 2016
12 Jan 2016 (H) Intoxicated seeking all for core roster! Intoxicated are a Horde guild on Magtheridon that was put together by a group of long term friends and wow players who were not getting what we needed in our previous guild. We are an extremely friendly and welcoming group who are looking to continue our guild progress. We are looking for all players of all levels, ingame interests and experience. Just like many guilds we are currently suffering a bit due to a large number of our core roster taking a break from game due to a mixture of burn out and real life issues hence why our progress has slowed down. I am looking to start up again. Before the break we were in the middle of working through all current raid content. We have cleared Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry on normal and are in the middle of Hellfire Citadel, from there we will be going Heroic, Mythic and looking to be raid ready for Legion. I would like to pick this progress up, We are currently looking for all roles for the team. So if you would like to progress in a relaxed and friendly team, we might just be the guild/team for you. Anyone joining at the point would obviously have a guaranteed raid spot for whenever Legion drops. We have taken a break from raiding for the next two weeks and have started running Mythic dungeons in an attempt to help people gear up and have an ilvl suitable for Heroic HFC. We plan to run Heroic HFC in two weeks time. I hope i have covered everything but if there is anything i have missed, you want to know more or (fingers crossed) want to join us please reply to me on here, /w me or add me on battlenet aaron1980#1807Prystale2 12 Jan 2016
12 Jan 2016 Best Ally pvp Battleground Hi guys, I'd like to know wich is the best ally pvp server for random bg?Makty1 12 Jan 2016
11 Jan 2016 New/old player? Are you Looking to join a Guild? Hello there. We are Eternal Chaos a Horde Guild on TWISTING NETHER. We are a friendly open guild that encourages members to be helpful, supportive and respectful. This doesn't mean however that there is no banter, join us for awhile and you will see that. If your a new player or returning player you will find that most of your questions can be answered and help for quests etc is usually available. We don't give away gold nor do we encourage guild members to give new members gold. We do however help you gear and boost you at no cost (depending whom is on) LOOKING TO RAID? Anyone can invite you in game and then speak with an officer to get NEW RAIDER status to get raid inv's. Once your the appropriate level. If you would like to join just /who then guild search eternal chaos and w/s someone in it. A lot of members have come from pugs as once they join us on TS they like the attitude and banter and ask to join us. We mainly run HC HFC the main two days are tue/thur @ 8pm-11pm realm time. As a guild we are 12/13 HC however many individuals are 13/13 hc. We Raid with a meet, chat, enjoy game and company attitude. IF YOUR LOOKING FOR MORE- there are raids happening through the week generally ran by trusted members also mythic dungeons, old raids e.t.c. we encourage guild members to invite and join with other guildies on these events. Our members are a mix of men and women we range in age(16-40+) and skill. We have players from vanilla days to players who have just rolled there first toon. LOOKING FOR THE SOCIAL SIDE OF WORLD OF WARCRAFT? We chat on TS in and OUT of Raids the latter we like to encourage for the social aspect of playing World of Warcraft. We also like to promote Green guild chat as much possible. The guild is very active. Bobcat#2345Nárcissus4 11 Jan 2016
11 Jan 2016 Which ranged class recommend? Hey guys, I've been playing mainly melee classes the entire time and fancied a change to going ranged. Was wondering if any veterans would be able to recommend me a ranged class that I could play? I tried hunter but they got SUPER boring later on and I literally just couldn't take it anymore. I was thinking either rolling a mage or lock...? Mage - Arcane (PvE) / Frost (PvP) Lock - Deso (PvE) / Afflic (PvP) Which one should I choose? I will mainly only be doing PvP as end game (2's and RBG's) but will most likely be rep farming in tanaan and other areas etc as well. So I would need a bit of self sustaining there in order to last in big fights as well. Help please? Thanks!Tékkérs1 11 Jan 2016
10 Jan 2016 (H) Intoxicated seeking all for core roster! Please deletePrystale1 10 Jan 2016
10 Jan 2016 How do i experience old content? Hello im new to the game so i was wondering if i buy all the expansions including wod how do i experience the older ones for example i looooooooooooveeee wrath of the lich king and the story and everything so if i want to experience that expansion i just go to northrend and explore the lore and everything and then kill the lich king is that how it works or not? :)thx in advanceHawtohrne3 10 Jan 2016
10 Jan 2016 Need Realm Advice I'm back from a 4 Month break from WoW and i'm thinking about giving another server a go. I've always been on Argent dawn and my main interests in WoW have been a bit of casual RP and PVP I was thinking about giving a PVP server a bit of a go. Do you have any recommendations for a PVP server? I also took a look at RPPVP servers.. I have no idea what those are like if anyone can shed some light? Thanks!Halloween5 10 Jan 2016
09 Jan 2016 Can't Cat Okay, so I've been leveling this Toon all the way to 100 and I've never been able to do more than mediocre damage compared to the others in dungeons. Which seems obviously my fault considering everybody crying about the feral being 'OP'. I'm pretty casual so it didn't bother me that much - however I'm now pretty much stuck with her unless I don't at least do some normal raids (like to process with the legendary-ring-questline), which I really would like to try, since she's my main and I haven't seen any WoD raids. But of course I feel wildly uncomfortable entering raids with the numbers I'm putting out: On an iLevel 679 toon with a 705 weapon the best I get are around 24k. If the tank runs like a freak and I can't even stealth or regain energy between encounters I don't even wanna start. According to some research it should be more like 34k (WTF people?!) Yes, I know glyphing out Savage Roar had to end in a dps decrease but honestly, that badly? I've been thorougly trying to improving my rotation but it didn't help that much. At least single-target I got a bit better. Any good ideas to knock me in a good direction? As I'm a bit stuck I've been starting to level a hunter on the side which makes me really wanna cry, because on that it seems like you could fall asleep mid-encounter and dominate the meters *sight*Calirion8 09 Jan 2016
09 Jan 2016 delete threadGrimmrace1 09 Jan 2016
09 Jan 2016 Frost DK or Ret Pala? Hey guys, As the title states, which one would you say is better or recommend? My end game ultimately is PvP but would also like to be able to self sustain as well in PvE (able to solo bosses etc in Tanaan Jungle for rep farming). They both recently got buff's to their main spells, both DK and Pally. I've asked some people in game about DK or pally and a lot of them say its a pretty close one and depends. DK = Amazing raw damage, less mobile (only have death grip)...can self sustain through DS and DP + Purgatory which acts as a second life. Pally = Amazing burst (if procs), slightly more mobile...can self sustain through proc heals / normal cast heals (more efficient than DS / DP in my eyes) + have 2 different bubbles which acts as 3 lives? I'm only asking cause I like to solo things in WoW when it comes to PvE...not like raid bosses but i mean in general PvE world, so yeah.... The only worry i have with DK's is that, they are really strong atm....i know that! But I just have a feeling they will get nerfed to the ground in the near future. I have also checked the dps rankings and Ret pally's are always up with the top 5's so clearly their damage is there! Which one would you recommend me?Ádmíral5 09 Jan 2016
09 Jan 2016 Glorious legplates farm I want to ask,why do people say that the best farm method is AQ (worms)if we have those: Still the chance of dropping the legplates is 2x better than anywhere else. Am I missing something?Fran1 09 Jan 2016
09 Jan 2016 Deleting Death Knight. So, i made a Death Knight, Alliance side and i would like to know how to delete him.. yea yea, i know Delete character.. The problem is that he has mail and i can't find a mail box. Do i really have to do all the quests until i'm done there? That would be bullshat.. In my opinion. Ahrì17 09 Jan 2016
09 Jan 2016 how to use guild bank anyone know how to use the guild bank I,m currently in booty bay, in the bank it as 16 slot bags, I try to buy one but it says I don't have permission how do I get permission to buy? or all those in the not buyable?Nittyhitus3 09 Jan 2016
08 Jan 2016 What is the healer's role in WoD? Hellow, my dear WoW lovers. I am a druid and I kinda like my restoration spec. I went dual spec with balance for that awesome spell starfall to help me farm faster. The thing is that I wish to switch my healing spec with feral because I don't see the point of healers at level 100. I like healing but I like PVP also, and I prefer fighting rather than healing. Although healers are harder to find and they are important and I feel like someone when playing one. I wish to both heal and sometimes getting in the fight too. The druid is ok for me. What do you think? Feral or Resto?Derether2 08 Jan 2016
08 Jan 2016 Artillery Strike/Fort Wrynn How do i gain access to Artillery strike? It's probably something really obvious that I'm missing. I've built the tower, done a few quests, but i still haven't got access to this ability.Trapstarr0 08 Jan 2016
08 Jan 2016 Bit burnt out and want to try healing Hiya folks After plugging away with legendary ring (recently came back) bit fed up and want to do something different from DPS. My cure for this is to roll with a newbie healer and learn from the ground up. I'm quite happy dungeon leveling but would be nice to have a class where I don't need to swap specs if questing. The obvious question is coming... What would you recommend as a starting healer. I have a soft spot for monks, in general, but personally I'm not interested in fist weaving. Is this mandatory or still doable? The 3 classes I've narrowed down to are monk, priest or pally. Any viewpoints? CheersCyritus7 08 Jan 2016
08 Jan 2016 where or how do i learn fishing anyone know how I learn or where I go to learn the fishing profession?Nittyhitus3 08 Jan 2016