New/Returning Player Questions & Guides

12 Feb 2015 Feral Druid dps? cant get over 150 in level 47 so ive got 3 agility pieces of heirlooms and ive got some dungeon gear. im folloxing the guide on noxxic but i still cant reach over 150 dps in level 46? the people in my level has about 220? help please?Hellsongs2 12 Feb 2015
12 Feb 2015 Professions and Garrison tips So i recently hit level 90 and WOD content for the first time and i would really like a couple tips on what to do and a couple guidelines as to where to go basically. Do i build every building i can when they are given to me? Do i keep my 2 professions? Do i prioritize certain garrison missions over others? Example questions <- Thanks for your help, every single row of text helps me alot! :)Bundahr1 12 Feb 2015
12 Feb 2015 Is druid good in late game I am boosting a Character to 90 but cant dicide on a class. Im leaning against a paladin or druid But would like some suggestions on what classes are good I will probly play a lot of raids and i dont really what to be a important role with the team needs to win I would like to be able to leave for a week and not be expected at every raid.Grumpybilly4 12 Feb 2015
12 Feb 2015 help with stat choices please Hi Is it worth losing 27 mastery for 33 critical and 18 int? Current stats are I: 971 M: 40.11 and C: 13.43 Balance druid btw. ThanksAdrianawolf2 12 Feb 2015
12 Feb 2015 help with stat choices please Hi Is it worth losing 27 mastery for 33 critical and 18 int? Current stats are I: 971 M: 40.11 and C: 13.43 Balance druid btw. ThanksAdrianawolf0 12 Feb 2015
12 Feb 2015 Max Honor-Garrison Resources-Apexis Got max honor - garrison resources and apexis - What can I do now? Don't need any pvp gear - any other use for honor? Can I make gold from it? What about apexis? - what can I do with them? got followers already and geat I dont need. Garrison Resources - got lvl 3 garriosn and few buildings lvl 2. (Stables lvl 2 - Ench study - Barracks Forstwall Tavern ) Can't get lvl 3 cause don't have red books for it. How do I upgrate my garriosn city?Nexï2 12 Feb 2015
12 Feb 2015 gear at Cata & MoP Out of curiosity how does the non-raid gear from Cata and the next expansion compare to Wotlk epics e.g. ICC gear? From TBC->Wotlk: My BT/MH & some pieces of badge gear from TBC was replaced by lvl 78 from 5 man dungeon drops. Sunwell gear could get people straight into Naxx (some people went into Naxx even with BT/MH gear but tbh they were undergeared, even though Naxx of lvl 80 was easy). Some stuff surprisingly lasted quite a bit, e.g. my gf kept her "Skull of Guldan" Illidan trinket (TBC loot) for most of tier-7 level raiding. I find upgrading fun and it makes perfect sense if a level 83 dungeon drops a blue that's better than any gear in Wotlk, but I am curious to hear how gear worked with the expansions that came after I quit. Also, which 5man dungeon quests one should do in Cata, MoP to get good gear pieces? I remember some dungeon quests giving really good stuff, e.g. was if anything slightly better than that dropped from the final boss in Vanilla (though not wroth actively chasing the upgrade.).Lyssistrata2 12 Feb 2015
12 Feb 2015 What to do now ? ? Recently i got my paladin and my <-- Druid to level 100 i'm happy! but i always wanted a orc/undead warrior but all of my friends are on Alliance and all my gold is on this character any tips?????Rykler2 12 Feb 2015
12 Feb 2015 when to enchant items or gem hello, it really worth give weapon enchant 15x temporal crystal about 5k gold in my server for ilvl630 weapon? when should i enchant it? also i leveled tailor to 600 but it doesnt seem profitable on my server. i think i wasted about 5k gold for nothing. embersilk bag is 250 gold 15 hypnotic dust is 500 .. what can i do? as last why there's only 3 raids lol even mop got 7-8 ( i remember ) and its worth to lvl enchanting ? because i dont want waste 20k gold for nothing.Draneun4 12 Feb 2015
12 Feb 2015 I am boosting character to 90 I was woundering what Class and race you guys think i should pick. I mainly like to be cute and a varcatile character thats good in raids and pvp i dont really like questingGrumpybilly2 12 Feb 2015
12 Feb 2015 bugged I tried to upgrade my account so i could us my current character but apparently she's been left in the starter version. I refuse to pay to move her since i clicked upgrade wtf even is this !@#$Amahra1 12 Feb 2015
12 Feb 2015 Warriors - Plate Armour? Hi guys, I am making a warrior and I was wandering whether or not to buy him plate armour? Can he wear it from level 1? Help!Flippers3 12 Feb 2015
12 Feb 2015 90 boost Class Race Faction What to pick The question is the titleGrifandi1 12 Feb 2015
12 Feb 2015 lf olschool blacksmith for runic breastplate, will pay over 20k for this item if you can craft it!! please contact me adam#2626Inyourendoh5 12 Feb 2015
11 Feb 2015 Best troll class?(yes i am noob) I am probably going to buy wod soon and i would like to use the lvl 90 boost on a troll , but the problem is that i dont know which class is the best(intrested in damage). Help me out PLS!!!Peki7 11 Feb 2015
11 Feb 2015 Pet question How do you get pets to lvl up? (yeah i know i am a noob)Amandac1 11 Feb 2015
11 Feb 2015 2s bracket and horde in Gen Played this game for a long , long time... and in all my years of playing ( since s1 vanilla ) warrior , and from then on a dk from s5 ... i have never in all my days seen such an OP class , i mean s1-3 was rogue op , and then it was warriors and mages and then there was the rise of the lock ele... BUT ,,, BUT ,, i have never seen such a stupid OP dumb !@# class than what state the hunter is in right now... Hunter at the moment blizzard is absolutely disgusting.... and actually makes 2s bracket unplayable.... There slows and controll and not to mention damage is just completely OVER THE TOP.. in 10 years of playing. The hunter class right now is buy far the most broken retarded class i ever saw... 2nd grumble tonight is the mass EXODUS that is the horde population that is in such decline im expecting Sir Richard Attenborough to soon do an endangered species program on the tv... Its so bad... Blizzard we pay 10 quid a month for this $%^-e , i have all ready unsubbed if you just say don't play.... Blizz buff ally so they make 40 quid ... and after next season i'm expecting them to buff horde so they can get the money from people going the other way.... How about an even playing field and just let people choose the racial they want... Like a talent ???? and sort out the damn population... seriously bliizzard you have a wonderful game full of amazing things... but you really need to keep on top of pvp content aswell as pve... because leaving it for months doesn't make for happy people.. Angry Manlove signing off..Manlóve1 11 Feb 2015
11 Feb 2015 Swift Lovebird Mount in 1Hour * Guide 6.0.3 * ( Best way to farm tokens ) This spot is the best spot for token farming atm. There are also other various methods, one requires you to be hunter or warlock , but its really good, and you can farm it while AFK, yes you can stand AFK, go and eat , sleep or whatever , and come back with ur bags full of charms - But the first link is still more effective, but requires boring farming :OTinysnobbz1 11 Feb 2015
11 Feb 2015 What class and spec should i choose? In a few days im going to buy all WoW expansions and it'll be the first im going to play on blizzard servers.Until know I played only on private servers wich you all know it's full of bugs. So I was wondering, since here is different, what class should I pick and what spec.Huntraxor2 11 Feb 2015
11 Feb 2015 what should I buy to play the game Years ago I had bought: * WoW (which was the Azeroth content - lvl up to 60) * TBC (which was the Outlands Content - lvl up to 70) * Wotlk (which was the Northrend content - lvl up to 80) Now it looks like that there are two things to buy: * WoW (up to lvl 90) * WoD Given I had bought the above, would I still need to buy the "WoW" pack to be able to get from 80 to 90? Or I just need to buy WoD? If I don't buy anything am I left with lvl 80 toons that do not level even if I do not put the XP on freeze & can access only content up to Northrend? I wouldn't mind that option at all tbh if it's on the table.Lyssistrata3 11 Feb 2015
11 Feb 2015 Scavenging proffesion I noticed that a salvage yard is used in garrisons to turn junk items from follower missions into useful trade goods. As a low level player i am forever looting useless items that are grey and as far as i know can only be sold to vendors for a little money. Why cant i learn a scavenging proffession that will put these useless grey items to good use by turning them into salvage that can then be used to create useful trade goods. It seems like this is a benefit you can have only when you get to high level.Garrott1 11 Feb 2015
11 Feb 2015 Handling money I am bad at handling my money in World of Warcraft. I'm talking really bad, like spending all my gold on vanity items bad. I don't have any money issues in real life. I'm a student, live at home and don't really spend anything aside from Game-time and the occasional food item. But for some reason I have basically no capital when it comes to World of Warcraft. I usually spend my gold on vanity items like Transmogrification or occasionally item upgrades. How do you handle / conserve your money in World of Warcraft. And what methods do you find the most efficient for gaining a steady virtual income? I've always been good at grinding in wow. I've spend a ridiculous amount of time performing monotone tasks for measly rewards, but I've always enjoyed the challenge. Never felt that way about gold though, never had the urge to farm gold throughout my lifetime of World of Warcraft. Side note: I currently have one level 100 Hunter with maxed Engineering and Enchanting, also approximately 5 level 90's with 600+ Engineering and Mining.Rayndor7 11 Feb 2015
11 Feb 2015 possible returning player has questions I'm mucking about with the free trial, and getting the itch again. Before I resub, I have a few questions. I'm thinking of starting over on a new server, so I won't have any gold first of all (not that i had much to begin with, without any max level characters :) ) I used to make money on new alts by gathering ore and herbs, but it seems that that market has crashed thanks to something called garrisons? I won't be buying WoD anytime soon, so what would be the best way to make money while levelling for my riding skill and flying licence? How easy/hard is it to level up crafting professions nowadays, did they get an overhaul? I remember crafting costing a lot of mats that were worth more then the actual products you could make, and that anything that wasn't max level didn't sell on the AH, with the exception of bags. Is that better now, or is crafting while levelling still not worth the time? I'm not really a sociable player and I really never cared for Dungeon Finder so I'll be soloing. Is a discovery priest decent for solo questing until the end of MoP? Thanks in advance for any replies!Brinley3 11 Feb 2015
11 Feb 2015 Walter repair bot i Just wanted to know where can i get walter repairbot or buy?Ahuntra1 11 Feb 2015
11 Feb 2015 Race pick I'm going to make a Sharman and I don't know what race to pick I'm thinking of being a drani but I want some advice I wil still play as my Druid I just want a second character to play at the same time as my Druid thanksTolrok9 11 Feb 2015
11 Feb 2015 Please help me! My DPS sucks & I don't know how to fix I have a 100 Ret pally ilvl 655 and my DPS has decreased drastically over the last week. I use the rotation, talents, glyphs, and enchants/gems recommended by noxxic. I was pulling about 15k DPS in highmaul LFR, the few normal runs I attempted I was pulling around the same. Now in the same raids I’m lucky to get 12k and I average about 10k I don’t know what happened!?!? I have tried everything I can think of but still my DPS is just terrible right now. if someone has advice please give it I’m getting desperate as I don’t want to have to work up an alt just to get Into raids, thanks in advance! And is anyone else experiencing anything like this?Yseragosa5 11 Feb 2015
10 Feb 2015 Low lvl PVP Any chance in getting into it as a returing player without any heirloon gear? ppl on my lvl seem to have double my HPWheepz4 10 Feb 2015
10 Feb 2015 Places on Maps I've recently picked up two quests. One is to visit a pet trainer in Stormwind and the other is to collect some items from Shadowfang Keep. Yet I can't find either on any of the maps. How do I find where these places are?Faraxhia5 10 Feb 2015
10 Feb 2015 Questing progression in Eastern Kingdom with an Orc Hello, I started leveling a orc hunter, since I'd like to level on eastern kingdom rather than kalimdor I was thinking to pick up some chain quests from undercity, I'm level 8 atm and the warchief's board is empty in UC, is it possible to pick up silverpine etc. quests as another race? which zones in order should I aim questing in? thank you very much.Durbul1 10 Feb 2015
10 Feb 2015 Dual talent specialization I didn't look into dual talent specializations when i was lower level and now i'm level 80 and can only play prot, i'm just wondering how i'll get intellect/magic gear if i can't need them as a prot paladinParadoxtaco3 10 Feb 2015
10 Feb 2015 Restoration druid challenge mode guide Hello everyone, with restoration druids being the best healers for challenge modes and me getting a lot of questions about how to heal as one in challenge modes i decided to make a guide on how to preform well as a restoration druid and be able to clear gold times in a quite long guide with live footage being most of it. I hope you all get some support from this video and may it answer some of your questions :) If any further questions just leave them in the comment section, that's where i always see them!Éxo0 10 Feb 2015
10 Feb 2015 is report button works? Hello, on my server i always see one hunter that farms on sra'vess 7/24 he doesnt even logout 1 sec ,he always doing same rotation also he doesn't respond.i'm sure he's %100 botting no guy will grind 7/24 non stop 3 days . i reported him yesterday but he still botting he have 350 achi points and full green gear .Draneun2 10 Feb 2015
10 Feb 2015 best Goblin Rogue name? can anyone please tell me the best names for a Goblin Rogue!!Garriom16 10 Feb 2015
10 Feb 2015 How long does it take to level to level 15? If you play normal from level 1 to 15 without any heirlooms.Zanjin6 10 Feb 2015
10 Feb 2015 Re-roll Druid, Monk or Shaman? I love healing and I don't do PvP. So I consider a re-roll + boost for Restoration Druid or Mistweaver Monk or Restoration Shaman. I like the watery effects of Shaman. I like the soothing sound effects of Mistweaver. I like the way you don't have to cast all the time as a Druid to heal. I have them all at level 20, not many abilities but tired of leveling 3 classes up and up. Can any of you shine some light with your experience, why you like them?Cho2 10 Feb 2015
10 Feb 2015 Reroll/NewPlayer Friendly Guild Hi there, So I'm pretty much a new player that just started WoW and am looking to go through the game at a nice pace from 1-100. I would like to experience the content from previous expansions with others before anything in wod. I'm playing with one other friend that's pretty much new also and we haven't really found an ideal guild or players to join yet. We're looking for a mature friendly group that ideally are planning on going through content together and getting involved in some world pvp. Is there currently anything like that going on? Preferably Alliance and i've heard Defias is the best server for world pvp at the moment..? Thanks.Talics6 10 Feb 2015
10 Feb 2015 why would i play such a crippling linear game So far WOD has been awful PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FIX OUR GODAM CRACK SNORTING SPEED ADDLED MOUNTS – there are tonnes of mounts that run like they’ve got rockets crammed up their arses. When you make something anything… how can you step back and look at it and go “yeah that’s ok.” Doesn’t it upset you that your cheap !@#$ efforts at making something work is effecting billions and billions of in game characters’ lives?! Launch was by far the worst in the 10 years I’ve played... especially considering blizz had us all buy the game MONTHS in advance and still can’t figure out how to get enough servers for everyone to play on... after years of failing - i suppose why am I surprised. I couldn’t help relating it to other situations - imagine I bought tickets for the cinema and was told that my seat was taken I’d have to stand and watch my little pony instead of sitting down to watch avatar (for example) what’s the point of giving us a flying mount to buy when we can’t use it at all... I was under the impression we were going to have our flying mounts working within the first couple of months - but doesn’t seem to be any sign they'll be back... so the hours of grinding are more or less useless when I see my drakes wing clipped and stuck to the ground sort of defeats the point... just the look I was going for - plus it pisses everyone off when you have some giant beast covering up the quests etc. "oh but Ronald goodfunk... this way players are forced to bump into each other in the world" and I tell you yeah that’s great just %^-*ing great.. in between the tonnes of phased zones and our uselessly boring solo instanced garrisons I’ve bumped into tonnes of players -.- but they’ve certainly made up for that by cramming our major cities into ashwank the most pointless city they’ve made to date, it’s an absolute nightmare and impossible to find anything. There’s no structure and it makes me feel sick when you compare it to some of the epically designed ones we’ve had in the past. I know a lot of people moaned about the dailies and rep grinds in mop for gear but at least it left us with stuff to do, at level cap the current game has become mind-numbingly boring pvp they say - I’ve exhausted those awful maps waiting for wod to come out in the dry period at the end of pandaria.. but I guess I could put my five passives and one new spell into action - it'll be just like a whole new game. The most underwhelming passives learnt that correct me if I’m wrong were skills up until wod I largely seemed to have anyway? o.O pve they say - I do lfr each week which takes maybe a couple of hours if we are with a typically restless group (I do not have much to say on this matter as I am a fairly casual player) but !@#$ me.. Getting the extra loot roll tokens is the most uninventive system they’ve ever introduced... just another money / resource / time sink. I’ve taken to doing heroics and old content AGAIN.. Until I realised I have every transmog under the sun Do the garrison/professions they say - well there are aspects of garrison I love. it’s nice when its attacked the idea of everything going up in flames and watching my little peons burn is barely compensation for the hole in my pocket my garrison has become (a little bit like wow). as for professions I have no interest as they have become so distanced and just degrading it makes me feel that blizzard don’t think I can handle the old system where you had to grind items and put time and effort into levelling it up rather than making it a Farmville mobile phone app. the constant simplifying of the game is just awful and soul destroying I can’t understand after all the feedback they must receive how they can continue to squish the game into an age 3+ linear snorefest. A lot of people will read this and think why the %^-* are you still playing it then. Purely because the amount of real life time and money I’ve put into the game alone I feel like players deserve something better. he's a N3RD - well yes you could say that but unless I’m mistaken others watching this probably fall into a very similar category so say what you want its merely a reflection on yourselves. I pay my subscription and unless others offer to pay it I have a right to feel dissatisfied. Blizzard is an amazing company what they have done and continue to do is outstanding. somehow they have millions of players under their spell - there are plenty of free to play mmos where the developers put so much time and effort into their game you really feel like they care regardless of making money - I’m sure they do but I would imagine customers tend to be more willing to throw money at games companies that actually listen. I dunno just an opinion !@#$ing sad.Errandorir0 10 Feb 2015
09 Feb 2015 Inscripsion .... (I can't start it) When i learned my profesions I didn't know how to craft ... I haven't seen any guides for crafting , but please I don't even know how to use the herbs that i gatherd and my bag is full of cloth for bandages ....Petru1 09 Feb 2015
09 Feb 2015 Gold Transfer My boyfriend and I transferred our mains from ArgentDawn EU to Moonglade EU, and somehow managed to get his gold across using I think auctionhouses and the use of toons trading between eachother. However, now we are trying to transfer back since the servers are no longer freezing up but have no idea how we got the gold across in the first place, since it was months ago. We are just wondering how it would be done? (Sorry if in wrong forum, just seemed like the help forum available) Edit- Also, we didn't use the free character transfer more than once, only for our toons. And that still has the 50k limit in place.Sinasyr4 09 Feb 2015
09 Feb 2015 Recruit a friend help ! Hey, for some weeks ago i recruited a friend, he bought the game (standar edition/mist of pandaria ) and i got mail in-game saying thanks for refer a friend, but i haven gotten anything ADDITIONAL: He bough the game with a bank card online ( Please help me, thank you !Norlegende1 09 Feb 2015
09 Feb 2015 New character, what class to choose? Hello, I have played for a while now. My firstcharacter, a druid, is nearly lvl 90. I am already thinking about making a new guy. I have enjoyed playing a magic character and prefer ranged dps. The problem is, i dont know what class to pick. I am thinking about a warlock or a hunter, but the mage seems fun as well. Any tips?Yoyojoing8 09 Feb 2015
09 Feb 2015 Priest, war, or shamy??? Hey guys, so I’ve just come back from a relatively long break and am not quite sure what class I should boost. Now I really could care less if the class is over powered or under powered, instead I’m looking for a class that looks decent in end game gear (raid or PvP) and is able to hold its own. I’ve narrowed the search to priest, war, or Shamy but I just can’t decide. Thanks for the help in advance.Darkvice2 09 Feb 2015
09 Feb 2015 How to find a guild? So I'm a fairly new player with a few toons, Level 61 Draenei Pally is my current highest. None of my friends play WoW and sometimes with these types of game I get bored easily simply playing alone. Everywhere I go (To a guild) they say I can't join because I'm too low level or I simply don't know enough about the game. How can I find a noob friendly guild in this place? PS. I play both Horde and AllianceCodamol4 09 Feb 2015
09 Feb 2015 How do you find a server? Hello. I am wondering what to be looking for when trying to choose a server. I see some says "new players", but do that mean i should join them? There does not seem to be so much people, but maybe it is just the low level zones?Sunmancer9 09 Feb 2015
09 Feb 2015 Mists of Pandaria transmog run LFR Hi! What I've read you can que LFR mode from a NPC in vale of eternal blossom. Is it possible to solo Throne of Thunder on LFR level? Second question, does ToT LFR/HC share weekly lockdown? Thanks! regards, ZeddícusZeddícus2 09 Feb 2015
09 Feb 2015 New Re Roll guild starting up Hi Guys this started here on the new players section. This is a new re roll guild that is going to be starting up just need to have more people on board to get things rolling so to speak :) The faction, realm etc. is going to be decided by all the members. If your interested please visit and register Thank you. ***Update**** Thanks to all that have helped form this guild. We are Called The Revival are Horde both chosen by the members, and are now having a fun time leveling on Magtheridon. You can still get in to the action. Current level cap 60, and thinking about the raids.Gordrin29 09 Feb 2015
09 Feb 2015 Are the instances in order? Hi. I was wondering if the instances in the instance finder is always in order? There seems to be many instances taking place in Auchindoun and i was wondering if i should go by the level, or if that has nothing to do with it.Suntank3 09 Feb 2015
09 Feb 2015 How to leave a guild How do i leave the guild i am currently in?Ysdrasur6 09 Feb 2015
09 Feb 2015 Treasure of Draenor Experience Hello. I've just noticed that looting certain Draenor Treasures no longer grant experience, namely the Treasures that contain Garrison Resources. Is that intended? It's no bother to me, i just used treasure gathering as an efficient of levelling alts and would like to know if i have to modify my 'routes'. Apologies if i missed it in patch notes somewhere. CheersWérébear1 09 Feb 2015