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10 Jan 2015 just read about the glyphs today, please help me hi. i stumbled over the "view in talent calculator" and there i saw glyph... i understand i really need them and i try search it up here and read i can buy them at the actionhous. but some of them i want is not for sale there. how can i get them if they r not in the auctionhouse? im a new addicted wow player and would really apreciate some help here sry about my bad english. thanksThewiseowl2 10 Jan 2015
10 Jan 2015 Correct ilvl and still cannot LFR. Hey. I recently just completed Walled City & Arcane Sanctum After completing both of them with an ilvl of 635 I still cannot queue for any of the further raids. Hovering over the "grayed out text" shows a tool-tip which says: "You may not queue for this Instance" "This Instance is not available yet" I may be mistaken and in further updates the raids will release but before I had the correct ilvl it forbidden from joining. (TL;DR) So, my question is; Is the further raids bugged or are they not released yet?Kure6 10 Jan 2015
09 Jan 2015 Lack of motivation to renew gametime. My gametime is about to exipre and honestly I lack motivation to keep on going, I have done some arena pvp- nothing serious and it's one huge pile of junk. Imbalance is far worse than any previous expansion even though Developer team said they will bring up close balance during Blizzcon pannels and during beta tests. They did not and it resulted in some rather broken setups. Entire concept of warspear and Garrison bores the living hell out of me, it's simply forced gameplay if you want to keep up. I have cleared HC and NM HM. Here is my main account, which for some reason I can't post on him. Keep getting errors while trying to log in, anyway... Hence the reason to post on newbie forums due this account does not have active sub. Regarding PvE, it's not bad but it's far from good. When I raid I usually enjoy lore parts and something that is important and appealing ingame. Sadly I can't say that about HM, it lacks something, it seems dull it reminds me of SoO far too much, and I hated that damn raid with passion. Maybe I should simply move on as all of my ingame buddies did aswel as my brothers and couple of friends outside of game... I guess this post is more of a attention seeking to grab some extra motivation to play, and I can't seem to find any. Past weeks since WoD came out all I did is "Garrisons>Raid>Arena cap" I played 3 days a week for 12 hours total a week... So it's hardly burnout. I won't say that WoD is a bad expansion, I enjoyed questing and nice looking areas, but game is just not the same anymore. They tried to reintroduce warcraft into WoW again but honestly they kind of faild and by that moved away further from the core. Peace...Chasis1 09 Jan 2015
09 Jan 2015 No 4th glyph at level 100 ? so far u get 3 glyph from level 25-80 what i find realy odd no glyph betvine 80-100 ? why not make it 25 50 75 and 100 ? every 25th level you level unlocks a glyph makes more sence.Snipergirl3 09 Jan 2015
09 Jan 2015 Thinking about coming back, some advice would be great Hi all, I played for some time then took a break for a year or so but had already stopped before that. Just to let you know where I am atm... ... I started when the game started and loved it, I loved vanilla, TBC and yea I enjoyed WotLK but felt something die in the game, and then I liked Cata even less and detested MOP (hence why I stopped). For me the game at the beginning was a real adventure, WoW was a vibrant place to be explored by one and all and you would meet lots of people on your travels, all clueless and longing for adventure, I guess everyone was on the same boat. TBC brought more dangers and rewards and the community was just as hungry but a little more experienced. Then came WotLK, a great story and offered some new developments but I felt the community was in conflict, greed, higher expectancy, impatience and abuse beginning to seep in more and more. Then Cata, again more adventures but structural changes to the game (to coincide with player demands), I noticed more and more solo play and class tunnelling and homogenization - at this point I didn't need a guild to succeed. Then came a bit of a popular cash-in joke of MOP. The social element of the game all but gone, people forgot how to chat, guild loyalty was all but a distant dream, the idea of community gone with it. It felt like a lonely place, few spoke and when they did it was usually abuse, trolling and impatience the new abilities to master - so I left. For me the game became too solo orientated and was a far-cry from the teamwork and friendship developing game of old - instead of coming up with new ways to increase player empowerment and interactivity it would appear that Blizzard was more interested in extending grind times and introducing new gimmicky ways for players to spend money regardless of what this undermined. Anyways, is the new expansion any different? Are players back to helping one another? Is there a greater freedom in class selection and ability/spell related diversity (or are they all simply tunnelled)? Has any attempt been made to increase environment and NPC interaction? Has the idea of locking professions, dungeons and NPCs been reduced or are we still supposed to wait and wait to do simple things? Has PvP been overhauled with the help of monitoring and feedback to give players a greater sense of purpose and empowerment or are they still just random in-door arenas filled with bots and people who don't care about one another? Are there still queues for everything? Still the World of Waitcraft? I'd love to know because the devil in me is itching to weave my wand once more. P.S. I heard about there not being a flying option - is this true for all areas? If so why allow us to pay for flying mounts or go through near impossible tasks to grind extremely rare flying mounts only to remove it? I have a special code mount from the cards, that dragon is a part of me. It is important to know he is still there in some form. Thanks all.Vision12 09 Jan 2015
09 Jan 2015 How to make cash? So I kinda need cash to get items that grats bonus exp from guild vendor so I can exp faster my characters, and buy stuff for engineering for them (its usefull in PvE and PvP), I was makind topic like this some time ago however ppl told me to get 100lvl first because I can't make any cash at lvl 70.Bejs1 09 Jan 2015
09 Jan 2015 Question about third party mounts Hey guys, I recently came across mounts for sale on ebay, presumably they are selling the codes for the mounts, or something to that effect. However I am pretty certain that is against the rules and it seems a pointless thing to get banned over. Can anyone confirm whether they are allowed or not?Cyaneyed4 09 Jan 2015
09 Jan 2015 Looking for someone to play with Looking to start on a fresh character you can pick the race and faction I play on EU Outland. Skype-cory.barnes26Baksh0 09 Jan 2015
09 Jan 2015 Reputation at low levels? So im not really sure what the different reputations do and if they are useful or not but i guess that's why im here. Is there any specific reputation i should go ahead and level up (mainly when doing dungeons i guess) I am a level 20 Dwarf Monk if that matters :) ThanksThustrud3 09 Jan 2015
09 Jan 2015 Healing Class which one. Hey All, im trying to decide what healing class I want to use for pve end game raids and HC dungeons etc... I want to have the ability to use HoTs but not rely on them and I want to be able to use good powerful direct heals and be able to have good dps for the second spec thanks. which one is the better one between: Shaman Druid.Sedonar5 09 Jan 2015
09 Jan 2015 noob need advice :) hy guys, am new to this game and after buying last expansion i can boost one char to lvl90. I don't want to use boost on this char since I have it on 77lvl, so i want new char, a class where i can switch between tanking and healing. So i can choose between paladin, druid and monk, right? What would you recommend me?? I was reading some topics and often there was statement like this "It's like icecream I don't know which taste you like", but problem is I can't choose which taste i like if i don't know any of tastes :D i hope you got my point and also one other thing, every dungeon is new to me so now when i go as healer it's easy to follow group, will there be problem when i play as tank since i dont know dungeon and i need to "lead" ?Lapan12 09 Jan 2015
08 Jan 2015 Starting a Rogue or a Priest?? Hi guys, i want to create my first main character! I like the Rogue and the Priest, but i cant decide! Can you give me an ideea about this classes or pros/cons? You can just comment the class! Please, help, i really want to become a good WoW player!Yauman4 08 Jan 2015
08 Jan 2015 Leveling guide? So I am newbie, friend told me to do dungeons but queue takes ages and I have to wait around 20 minutes for one dungeon, when I tried to find lvling guide on wod expansion there are just 90-100 guides because of 90lvl boost which I can't affordVitalshot1 08 Jan 2015
08 Jan 2015 Looking for an experienced player to teach me the ropes Hey i am completely new to wow but i love putting hundreds of hours into games at a time. I recently burned out CSGO with almost 2k hours on combined accounts. I am looking for a new game to grind and i have always wanted to try wow but it seemed so daunting, so much to learn. If you would be willing to take me on as an apprentice i would be very grateful. I am an extremely fast learner and am willing to put in some serious hours most days. Add me on battlenet d4nkK33f #2116Drhtdfgh2 08 Jan 2015
08 Jan 2015 WOW Battlechest Hi, currently doing trial account, almost lvl20 Now i'm going to buy the battlechest and some time later the WOD expansion I just wanne know, if i start how can i play each expansion seperatly or is this al together? need i enter a specific portal or something? Gonna start a paladin :p Kind regards and hope to see you later on WOW :)Shadowski3 08 Jan 2015
08 Jan 2015 Help with pvp Addons Hey everyone. I need help to get some pvp addons. I had Lui but i couldnt get used to it. I just need an addon that shows me when a passive talent like healing brews is popping up and cooldowns are ready. And an addon that shows the duration of a stun on an enemy target as a large icon above their head. if u got any oter suggestion what else would be helpfull Id appreciate if u share your pvp addons. Thanks :)Chaosmonk2 08 Jan 2015
08 Jan 2015 Is ashran good for people starting pvp? Now I wasn't sure where to post this as it kind of fits both in this part of the forum and the pvp forums but here it goes: I started playing WoW during the 5.4.8 SoO patch and before that i kind of speculated that WoW was a very very advanced game and too much for me to handle so i kind of explored private servers and stuff that seemed simple. Didn't stay for long. Only like 2 weeks, then i left. Then last year i finally decided to give WoW a real shot and and luckely i scored, but only on PvE. I leveled from 1-90 in like 2 weeks and then when WoD was released, i leveled to 100 in 2 days. Then i went into dungeoning and raiding. Doing challenge modes etc. But I always had that thought in the back of my head, I MUST TRY PvP. So far i only killed about 20 hordies during questing and stuff, but i never had the courage to do real PvPing. So my question is: Is ashran a good place to start for a pvp newbie? What do i need to know to start doing Ashran PvPing besides knowing how to play my own class? Currently I'm on ilvl 642 in PvE gear. I have never done a battleground or arena battle in my life.Adelmannen9 08 Jan 2015
08 Jan 2015 Spec advice Hi I'm a rouge and rogue is new to me i will also be level 10 soon and I don't know wat spec to pick can you please explain all the specs to help me choose thanksJinxer3 08 Jan 2015
07 Jan 2015 Got an AoE target question So I only started playing this game a week or so before MoP, and then took a break in the middle of MoP, but when I played I remember there being an option for AoE targeting circles to not be cancelled by left click, but with right click instead. I'm pretty sure it was both an option in the settings, and you could do it with a macro aswell. Is this still possible ? What I mean is being able to left click spam Heroic Leap for example without the green circle disappearing, unless you right click first. -Ex.Revenantzor0 07 Jan 2015
07 Jan 2015 Reputation at low levels? So im not really sure what the different reputations do and if they are useful or notFaclya4 07 Jan 2015
07 Jan 2015 mail cross faction Hey guys,i've read in so many forums that you can send heirlooms cross faction as long as they both are in the same realm.I'm trying to send a heirloom from my alliance mage to my new hord paladin (both in Frostmane) ,to the recipient section i type the name of my player "...-Frostmane" or the name only but the error comes up saying it cant find mail recipient.i've deleted cache interface and wtf as i read in a forum but still you have any idea what i'm doing wrong?Ersylia3 07 Jan 2015
07 Jan 2015 most desired classes Hi, I don't know where to ask it, so I will put it here. I've tried to get in some normal raid groups using the group finder with this dk. But I always get rejected by them. Now my question is, are melee classes less desired in raids atm ? If so which classes have to most change to get invited ? ThanksLamstok1 07 Jan 2015
07 Jan 2015 Be a part of the start of a new guild!? What do you say A casual guild where you play at your own pace with others who also is starting over again. But what can we look forward to? We could do older raids for transmog on our way up. Perhaps some would like to make a fun RP event. Or you could simply play on your own with some people to chat with, it's your game & your time. Realm: Argent Dawn Faction: Alliance Race: Any Class: Any Level to join: First week, level 1 to 30 accepted.Grimbeard1 07 Jan 2015
07 Jan 2015 Help with armour (and weapons)! So as far as I know, all (or most) of the good armour in the game is available at level cap, but I'm just wondering if there is a BEST armour in the game in terms of armour level and usefulness. If not then what armour's should I look out for in the future which are good? On a side note, could anyone also link me or show me some nice armour combos, I'm just curious to see :)Anui2 07 Jan 2015
06 Jan 2015 Returning, What class for pvp? Hello, Iam returning to Wow. Iam gonna get myself WoD and boost a char to 90. Question is.. which class? My aim is to mostly pvp, BGs and rBGs.. at the moment Iam not aiming for Arenas. Also going to do some casual pve raiding. Iam looking for a melee class that can stand its own. Rogue - one of those I have most interest in. Allthou I read that they're pretty bad right now dmg wise and have problems in pvp. Question is if its worth investing in or if I will be bored playing it caus its weaker than most. DK - Had one before, enjoyed it. Problem is that so many seems to be playing it atm.. Ret Pala - Seems to be all about the bursts and then pretty weak inbetween? Not played pala in a loong time. Dont know how they perform in rBG and if they're wanted. Warrior - my absolut fav since vanilla, prob gonna play 1 as alt thou. They also seem to be pretty weak atm?Regina10 06 Jan 2015
06 Jan 2015 Experienced Player Looking to 'Recruit a Friend' Hi guys, I am looking to recruit someone to play with on Tarren Mill (Horde). Initially, this is my requirement, but I am more than happy to level on other realms once I have gotten to know you. I am a really chilled out guy, with a wealth of experience inside WoW. I have played pretty much all classes and specs throughout all expansions, and am particularly well-known as a healer inside raids. I am a perfectionist, and pride myself on being a top notch player. I have been in some of the best guilds in the world (Envy, Numen, etc). What I will provide: A huge amount of experience and knowledge that will make the levelling process quick and easy. Lots of advice and tips about your preferred class and spec. I know my stuff and will look to research any topics you ask me about should I be unsure. A fun environment. I will look to make the levelling experience as fun as possible. I am happy to chat on Skype whilst levelling, too. What you need to provide: A good attitude and a willingness to learn (if you are relatively inexperienced playing WoW). Some free time so we can actually get some quality time put in to levelling. Upgrades to your account, i.e. paying for expansionsSwish3 06 Jan 2015
06 Jan 2015 Choosing a suitable realm for a new player Hello everyone. I'm quite new to WoW, so I'd like to ask probably a really common question. What realm should I choose? I'm most eager to see what are tendencies on various realms and pick the most suitable for me. I highly prefer PvE content, PvP might be fine too, though. What I'm most concerned is where are majority of new players going, so I could find people to level and go to dungeons, maybe find a dungeoneering/raiding guild later on. Also, balanced horde/alliance ratio is quite a big plus. Right now I tried one of these "New players" realms, Bronze Dragonflight to be exact, and it's just a desert with barelly people in it. Looking forward to various answers.Neothar2 06 Jan 2015
06 Jan 2015 Painful play I'm not really sure if this belongs in new player but I suppose it's a reasonable place to try. I love my warrior to bits, she's tons of fun and the mobility is out of this world. But I have early onset arthritis, and playing as Gladiator and Fury is causing me huge amounts of pain. The pain makes me grumpy and impatient, which isn't going to help me stay loved by my guildies :(. Arms isn't performing very well at the moment it seems, though I'm considering it. I'm also considering a different class but I haven't played anything else in a while and have no idea what would be more suitable. Can anyone recommend something that they consider the least "spammy"? It doesn't really matter how hard/easy it's considered to be, I just can't keep hammering away at keys. Also maybe another disabled player has some ideas about UI modifications or peripherals that might help?Sinarra12 06 Jan 2015
06 Jan 2015 i have boost my acc lvl 90 now i need help Hey guys I,m a lvl 91 dwarf rogue and i want to need how i can get good pvp ore pvm gear. The reason why i dont know that is because i have buyed warlord of dreaner and have boost that character to lvl 90. I hope that some poeple me can tell how i can get it. Ps. My english is ferry bad sorry for it. JackThrandor7 06 Jan 2015
05 Jan 2015 Options for hybrid class? Hi all. I'm likely to return to the game after a long absence to play with my young daughter, who will probably play a hunter. I'm expecting her to pull lots of mobs and do relatively low damage to each (she'll be button mashing). So I'm looking for something that can keep us both alive while still doing decent damage. Back when I last played that meant a Discipline Priest or perhaps a MW monk, are those still good options and do any other classes now have a similar ability to build for a mix of damage and healing?Carnivon4 05 Jan 2015
05 Jan 2015 hi i am not new players but new in jewelcrafting.i have 610 skils points and colecting recepies in dalaran in most frustrating thing.i farm for 2 houers for 10 titanium ore to prospecting them in to titanium powder, if i have lucky i got one.all i finde is saronite ore when mining and almost non titanium ther any recepie to transmute saronite ore to titanium ore???i mining onle in whintergrasp and not even ther you cant finde almost nothing of them,just usles saronite ore,what can i do wit them???got them over 1000 for galeryDranero3 05 Jan 2015
05 Jan 2015 Stats as Combat? What stats should I go for as a combat? Obviously, agility & stam :p But what should I go for as of other stats? (such as: multistrike, haste, versatillity, mastery) Thanks in advance!Kure5 05 Jan 2015
05 Jan 2015 Darkmoon faire tickets Hello. Im not new to world of warcraft but am helping my level 50 paladin with looms. I currently have shoulders,head,sword and a few leather peices. I need the chest, but then need darkmoon tickets. I have done all the quests and have 27 tickets. What's the most effective way to get them. I have heard of artifacts but dont want to blow my gold on them. Thanks.Sithmcknight4 05 Jan 2015
05 Jan 2015 Working Better as a Team Achievement Hey all, Just wondering if there are any awesome people out there willing to help me get this achievement for my guild? Team Awesome Alliance Frostmane Regards LimboLimbodk0 05 Jan 2015
05 Jan 2015 Challenger mode rewards? Hey, i've just finished my first challenger mode dungeon; Bloodmaul slag mines after a few wipes. It was my first ever challenger mode dungeon and so we only completed it to the bronze time standard. Am I rewarded for completing this? I asked a few of the party members who replied "Go to the quest giver". Needless to say, I didn't find "The quest giver" as there are many in Draenor. Can anyone give me a better description or solution? Cheers.Eviscrated2 05 Jan 2015
05 Jan 2015 New Guild Master Need tips. Hey because our last guild master recently decided to take a break from wow he gave me the rank as guild master, so suddenly im leading a pve guild with no experience as a guild master or a raid leader. Do any of you have any tips for me, would be greatly appreciated.Warmeniðn4 05 Jan 2015
05 Jan 2015 how to turn on menu? So I accidently changed Esc keybinding and I have no idea how to fix it because I can't get into menu and change keybindings :D Can someone help me?Nocylah1 05 Jan 2015
05 Jan 2015 returning player, class help Played since mid WotLK and came back for WoD and wow things have changed a lot! Some for good ie LFG makes pugs a lot easier, some for the bad ie so many tiny cooldowns and procs!!!! Am having a hard time trying to settle on a main chr, so far I have: 100 Affliction Warlock, 100 BM Hunter, 100 Holy priest 100 Retri Pally I do also have level 80s in all othe classes except a rouge, so levling up should be easy, just a little dull as the quests seem very mind numbing tbh, which is why I guess you can buy your way to 90 (Blizz certainly li ed that one up good and propper, hehe) So, the really difficult thing is settling on a main chr. I used to like all my previous chrs, but now they seem really clunky with all the tiny cooldowns and procs. I find myself looking more at the button panel in prep to cast than I do looking at the fight! OK, it doesnt really matter whilst questing, as 99.9% of fights are just a formality, but progressing end game content should not be that forgiving. Well after all that grumbling my main question would be. Which class would you suggest I try out? I was thinking Mage as im liking the ranged combat a lot better than melee, or maybe boomkin? I basically want to be able to play the fight and enjoy it instead of playing the cooldowns and procs. My Warlock is my favorite so far, as the dots and drain soul seem seem quite fun, but would like a few more tools at my fingers. Instant casts or cast spells, I dont mind, I just want to play a smooth and immersive class that does what I want it to do, when I want to do it. Sorry for starting off as a bit of a rant, just a little frustrated with the clunkyness off my initial choice of classes. Oh and my mains used to be Holy Priest and Warrior Tank up until WotLK and love them soooo much! Thanks in advance MickIronduchess2 05 Jan 2015
05 Jan 2015 Macro - turn around then use skill? Hello, is it possible to do a macro that will rotate my character 180* then use skill? I want to use disengage like a travel boost on my hunter and it's pointless when I need to manualy turn around and then use skill, cuz it's time consuming. Thank you guys!Apticer5 05 Jan 2015
05 Jan 2015 What is the best server? Some servers have insane human pop. Some servers have insane orc pop. What should I choose? (Europe English) (pvp question)If I choose to be an undead, does this mean I'm allied with the orcs? Can I not fight them? If I choose to be an undead, can i fight other undead later in the game?Thebb1 05 Jan 2015
04 Jan 2015 Turtles I like them.Demon1 04 Jan 2015
04 Jan 2015 Last call for awesome trophies! Hey folks, I've made a short video and uploaded it on YouTube! It shows you the way how to get items from WoW 10 year's anniversary event! Let me know what you think about it ;) Enable subtitles if you want to understand what im saying :D ThanksFeloy0 04 Jan 2015
04 Jan 2015 Returning player seeking class advice! Hey guys, As the title states I'm a returning player & I'm looking for some class selection advice, I have leveled this Druid to 100 and I'm not finding it enjoyable. I like the class & the lore I like the idea of moonkins & nature / astral spells I dislike the Static gameplay of balance in PVP & PVE I dislike feral gameplay & aesthetics I was leaning towards hunters because I like the ranged combat without the needing to "cast" anything. Generally I'm looking for some ideas and tips on how to select my new class. Thanks in advance.Lashér1 04 Jan 2015
04 Jan 2015 Druid - Macro problem/Question Hello there =) I am a little newbie so far, so please respect that :P I wanted to make a little macro, but I just simply can't do that. I was trying to make it, but each my attempt ended as failure... Is there any chance to make a makro which allow me to use 1 skill "Remove corruption" (instant skill) and after that making me a cat form instantly? Thank You. Cheers.Jablkowy3 04 Jan 2015
04 Jan 2015 Considering coming back to the game. I've tried this game a few times in the past, but could never really get the hang of it. I'd fumble around for a while, kill a few things, do a couple of quests, get lost, then quit in frustration because I had nothing really to aim for in game. Choosing specs and talents etc. always confused the heck out of me and the random guild invites from complete strangers were a PITB. However, I did have fun between the frustrations. If I do come back, I'd like to join a Guild. Preferably an active one with people who don't mind some (ok...probably more than 'some') questions from a clueless old newbie. Any help and advice for someone who is thinking about giving this game yet another try?Unsheathed6 04 Jan 2015
04 Jan 2015 LF someone to level all classes to 100(silvermoon alli) LF someone to level all classes to 100 but with no heirlooms or gold from other characters. i have experience with all classes in don't mind healing or dpsing and im not good at tanking but dont mind tryin it. the realm would be silvermoon alliance. i will be using all races but we can talk about that later if your interested reply hereMasstra5 04 Jan 2015
04 Jan 2015 Is serpent a bad pet for a hunter? So what's the point of the serpent increasing spellpower by 10% if hunters don't even need it?Topkek2 04 Jan 2015
04 Jan 2015 Closed. Closed ThreadZychlike1 04 Jan 2015
04 Jan 2015 Heirloom help Hello i found this bow and i wanna know if i still can get it? Bow= 04 Jan 2015