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28 Dec 2014 Looking for someone to play with I've play WoW on numerous previous account but only upto Burning Crusade. I wanted to create a new account so I could start over completely and I'd looking for someone to play with so I don't get bored with doing fetch quests constantly <.>Chochuschuvi5 28 Dec 2014
28 Dec 2014 transmog hello why i cant transmog my 2 h axe in marshal 2 h axe. plz helpAdrija3 28 Dec 2014
27 Dec 2014 Leveling Mage What spec is the best for leveling? Thanks! :)Ziari3 27 Dec 2014
27 Dec 2014 Is this game worth starting in 2014 As you might guess from my name i was introduces to this by the man named sodapoppin. I dont rly know !@#$ about this game, is it still worth starting for someone like me?Sodapoopinzz4 27 Dec 2014
27 Dec 2014 Heroic or Normal How do you do an Heroic dubgeon? is there a button where you choose H eroic or what? Seems every time I do a dungeon I am automatically in Normal! please help!Nightcomet5 27 Dec 2014
27 Dec 2014 Starting the MoP Questline after Character Boost! Hi, I just encountered a little problem and after some research I noticed that I'm not the only one, so I decided to share my findings with you guys: 1 The Problem: I wanted to start the Pandaria Storyline with my boosted Warrior. But after heading to Jade Forest and trying to get ported to the Skyfire and dropping to my death, I figured something is amiss. Even though the teleporter was there no Skyfire was visible or accessable. Also Taradormi was not in the Paw'don village. 2 Analysis: What has happend is the following. Apperantly since you need the Pandaren Campaign to continue on the former Legendary Quest, I started the Karasang Wilds event, this moved the Skyfire to KW. Thus even though the NPCs in Jade Forest wanted me to start there, this was not possible and just ended in getting ported to thin air ^^ 3 Solution: HEad to Karasang Wilds, to the newly build outpost. Search for Taradormi there. she is near the flight master on a small ledge. Talk to her and have her temporartily reset the timeline, so you can continue the story line in Jade Forest. After completiotion, find her in Paw'don village and have her restore the original timeline. and Tada you were able to complete the full Jade Forest Line without any further issues :) I hope when other have this issue and google for it, that my post will help them out :-P CheersAlestîa0 27 Dec 2014
27 Dec 2014 Realm Hi ,im new to wow and i just cant deside which server to pick , which realm is best with population , balance ?Ioasfkja1 27 Dec 2014
27 Dec 2014 How did he get my Battletag? So, about 15 minutes prior to writing this, I was leveling my night elf hunter in badlands killing ogres when this blood elf death knight came by and started following me, couple of minutes later I got a Real ID friend request from a person I didn't recognize. I figured it was a friend of a friend in RL but sure enough it was the blood elf death knight. I asked how he had invited me by Real ID since I didn't know him and he didn't really give an actual answer. He just wanted me to kill him (obvious ganker is obvious). After chatting with him trying to get him to tell me how he managed this I removed him from my friends list and checked all my other friends real id friend lists but none of them had him as a friend either. Could someone enlighten me in this matter? I have screenshots of the chat in case those are needed but they offer very little information.Willas4 27 Dec 2014
27 Dec 2014 Taking Precautions QUEST So i am stuck on this quest where i need to gather blood nettle from the fields at stormwind city, I cant see the plant so i cant gather it (I dont even know how to gather stuff). Please help meWeedzerk4 27 Dec 2014
27 Dec 2014 do you need expansions? Heya I'm Bangio, i have a question im level 57 when creating this thread i was wondering if i needed expansions to level in higher level zones and what expansion(s) i should buy then. also do i need expansions to do the non classic dungeons? and do i need expansions to buy the flightmasters license? Thank you, BangioBangio4 27 Dec 2014
27 Dec 2014 Problem with leveling up So i get to this lvl [74] and now i have problem to level more. I want to tell that i havent got fly lisence in northend and thats is a problem... How to get golds without proffesion cuz i havent got it or how to level up on this lvl?Tihikiller2 27 Dec 2014
27 Dec 2014 need advice I am thinking about downloading WOD and taking advantage of the level 90 character boost. I already have a character at level 22. Would it be best to Create a new character for this boost? Also if you have purchased anything like mounts do are they available to you for all your characters?Kungfupandaz4 27 Dec 2014
27 Dec 2014 What is the best horde race for a warrior ? I am doing a server and faction change and was wondering what is the best horde race in terms of pve ? I will be playing fury as a dps and was wondering which race will have the most advantages? If any of them don't seem really good I will go with my own choice :)Yesilift2 27 Dec 2014
27 Dec 2014 what would you choose and why if you could create a new character with a level 90 boost. The character is an Orc What class would you choose and why?Kungfupandaz2 27 Dec 2014
27 Dec 2014 A little help Hey! Im a returning player thats been back on around a month id imagine, playing occasionally and not every day... i have a lot to learn about wow again! since starting back up I've made many characters, higher than i ever have been before but simply cant stick to one character to make on into a proper main! i could do with some help just learning about the game really and what people think i should level and make into a main.... so far my characters are: mage 85 druid 65 death knight 61 rogue/priest/shaman/hunter/lock 40's paladin 52 i really like being able to fill a couple of roles and swap around what I'm doing so druid really sticks out to me, but could i use the same gear for example being guardian/feral spec, I'm so worried about when i hit level 100 and raiding etc as a tank/healer not knowing what I'm doing and getting kicked out all the time, so maybe would go feral at level cap! I like being involved in the fight, used to hate melee and always be a caster but since starting some melee characters now love it! what are death knights like in pvp? my other worry is having a class thats poor in pvp as this is what i like doing the most! what class sounds like it is right for me? and what about my gear question... hope this isn't to long and someone can help a guy out! ThanksRoffey8 27 Dec 2014
27 Dec 2014 Just hit 90 Hey so i just hit my max level 90 (i dont have WoD) and where should i go from there? I cant do any raids yet because i have low armor level. Mostly i have been grinding dungeons or doing quests with zygor help. I would really like to try raids.. and is my armor decent at the moment? and should i grind more dungeons until i get required armor level for raids (around 460-470 armor level)?Pinnu5 27 Dec 2014
27 Dec 2014 Do I get my lost gold back if I buy Battlechest? Hello, dear friends. Yesterday I had started a character in WoW as a starter edition player. And soon I noticed I can only have 10 gold ( i am getting gold thru quests and hunting). What if I buy full copy of a game? Do I get my gold back? Because I had bought it, but it says i need to wait up to 72 hours to my pay to kick in. Just I need to know about the gold. Thank you, sincerely GloRyOne.Gloryone4 27 Dec 2014
27 Dec 2014 Low xp from soloing Icecrown? I have been soloing icecrown for the last couple of days getting tremendous xp, since i'm also rested. Logging in this morning to continue my tour of icecrown, but now i only receive about 80-90xp per monster instead of the 800-900xp ive been getting the last couple of days. I am still rested, and im fighting creatures at level 80, same as me. Can anybody tell me why this is happening?Trottor2 27 Dec 2014
27 Dec 2014 looking for a new laptop, looking for help Hello, my previous laptop recently packed up on me and I've been doing some research into a new one. I have read around the different components and what i would like and I've come up with a few options! My price range is £550-£850, so i'm not looking for top of the range but something that will hold up in 25 mans on decent graphic settings. Multi-tasking will be minimal, maybe having chrome up in the background. I can try and provide any extra information necessary Option 1: Acer Aspire v3-772g 17.3" £850 OVERVIEW Type Laptop Operating system Windows 8.1 SPECIFICATION Processor Intel® Core™ i7-4702MQ Processor (2.2 GHz, 3.2 GHz with TurboBoost, 6 MB cache) RAM 16 GB DDR3 Graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M Storage 1 TB HDD, 5400 rpm SCREEN Screen size 17.3" Screen type Acer CineCrystal HD Resolution 1600 x 900 Screen features LED backlighting Option 2: hp-envy-17-j141na £850 Product Description HP Envy 17-j141na - 17.3" - Core i7 4710MQ - Windows 8.1 64-bit - 12 GB RAM - 1 TB HDD Product Type Notebook Operating System Windows 8.1 64-bit Processor Intel Core i7 (4th Gen) 4710MQ / 2.5 GHz / 6 MB Cache Memory 12 GB DDR3L Storage 1 TB HDD / 5400 rpm + 8 GB SSD cache Optical Drive DVD SuperMulti Display 17.3" LED backlight 1920 x 1080 / Full HD Graphics NVIDIA GeForce 840M / Intel HD Graphics 4600 - 2 GB DDR3 Option 3: Lenovo Z50-70 Laptop, Intel Core i7, 8GB RAM, 1TB + 8GB SSHD, 15.6" £550 Graphics card Information NVIDIA GeForce GT840M, 4GB Graphics card type Information Dedicated Hard drive Information 1TB + 8GB SSHD Headphone socket YES Keyboard AccuType Memory (RAM) Information 8GB Operating system Information Windows 8.1 (64 Bit) Ports Information 2x USB 2.0, 1x USB 3.0, 1x HDMI, 1x VGA Processor Information Dual-core Intel Core i7-4510U Processor speed Information 2.0GHz to 3.1GHz with Turbo Boost Screen finish Information Gloss Screen Resolution Information 1920 x 1080 pixels Screen size Information 15.6" Screen Type Full HD LED display These are the 3 I've mainly been interested in. The Lenovo is obviously a lot cheaper, and is dual core. If any more questions please don't hesitate to ask, otherwise, thanks very much in advance! PS, no, a Desktop isn't in the question as I am at Uni and need to be able to take it around with me!Phenorex5 27 Dec 2014
27 Dec 2014 what is the best way to get fast gold? So , im not pve player , never did this before. Tell me please secrets how players making too much gold?Gunnilol7 27 Dec 2014
27 Dec 2014 Changing from troll to worgen So I am playing wow not so long (2-3 weeks), I decided to play on horde side, I am mainly focused on pvp, however I am able to win 20% battlegrounds which make me really annoyed, I am pretty sure I could get my pvp gear 4 times faster If I were ally. But how do I change race from troll to worgen/NE?Nocylah4 27 Dec 2014
27 Dec 2014 Skipping WoD zone content? So i just bought WoD and resubbed, levelling in WoD i feel compelled to finish the zone content, mostly the "chapters" they give you in each zone. This means im still sitting in gorgrond at 85 though, probably getting much less exp than i would in other zones. Should i just skip to the appropriate zones when i outlevel the ones im in? Does the story content need to be finished or the higher level stuff wont unlock or is it all seperate? Thanks for help.Cappette1 27 Dec 2014
26 Dec 2014 Question Madafakerka10 26 Dec 2014
26 Dec 2014 Can't delete characters!! Hi I just need help deleting some characters, my list is full and I'm trying to delete unused characters but the game won't let me because they have the bliz developer message and I can't find the mail anywhere. The characters I want to delete are panda, tauren and death knight plz help me find the mail box. Thank youNazerghoul7 26 Dec 2014
26 Dec 2014 Is the game worth sticking around? Hey guys, so I started WoW about 3 days ago and I've been loving the game! However there are times that I wonder if all this is worth it. I've heard other players say that the end-game content makes it worth it but I'm not entirely sure whether that's true or not. So, Is it worth it?Ralfdahunter3 26 Dec 2014
26 Dec 2014 Buy LvL 100 char instead of LvL90 Hello, as the title says i believe for 50 euros is fair enough to be able to buy a lvl100 char instead of a lvl 90 since we are already in WoD. What you guys think of my suggestion?Edalen2 26 Dec 2014
26 Dec 2014 what stats need for druids? hello, what stats need druid in Balance, guardian, Restoration, and feral?Аэйрин3 26 Dec 2014
26 Dec 2014 looking for someone for raf I'm looking for someone to recruit and level together. I don't care about gametime or mount, I need a few extra alts. I want to level one or more characters (up to 3), and I'll provide a very fast leveling path. Leveling priority: druid/paladin/warlock Playing the game for the full 10 years and I will gladly give you tips about anything, including gold making I'm on holidays now so I'm online most of the day, and night Providing enough gold for basic stuff to get you going: mounts, riding skills, bags, etc. I can powerlevel your alts 85+, and help you get some gear on 85+ Level 25 guild with active player base that you can stay in later Requirements: you buy the battlechest for £9.99 but cuz its christmas its under £5 atm just so i know u are serious and if the leveling all goes well i will buy you wod so u will have the full game and a free level 90 if you can not buy the battlechest i will for you but i will buy you wod I have Skype/Teamspeak (or we can just chat in-game through whispers) i wish to level on outland alliance but you can pick any realm you like :p im 21 so would be nice to have someone around the same age but older is fine its just younger is bit of a pain from 18 and up would be great im from england being on my time would be great +1 or -1 hour is fine but it can be up to +5 Contact; Skype - dcalliance123 private message here, in threadAusie8 26 Dec 2014
26 Dec 2014 warforged nightmare help can someone please explain to me how to get the warforged nightmare, basically i purchased the mount online. i have a wow subcription, i done my first riding at level 20. but it says i still do not meet the requirements? next one is apprentice riding at level 40, do i need to work my way up to that? Thanks again!Kungfupandaz1 26 Dec 2014
26 Dec 2014 Urgent Help: Can't start Estamblishment of Axefall Please help me; I am sooooooo tired looking over the map.Deathbysound1 26 Dec 2014
26 Dec 2014 can someone help me here? im new to the game and im at lev 19 pandaren monk, im in the realm for new players but im starting to get a bit bored because every quest im doing is ''kill 6 of that and kill 7 of that etc, quite boring, am i doing something wrong or should i be doing something different? thanks guysKungfupandaz3 26 Dec 2014
25 Dec 2014 Does such a computer can do the trick raid? -Intel Xeon E5320 (4-core performance index Windows 7 7.3) cooled by a Scythe Katana 3.Aktualnie works with 2.8 GHz clock speed Video Greeting Card (HD 5670) with a modified cooling (performance index 7.1) -4 GB Ram Windows performance set at 7.3) -power supply 430 watt Tagan Joined Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3 Because you probably will hunt along without a problem. Only if we can do the trick raid? Sorry my english bad...Ardiano3 25 Dec 2014
25 Dec 2014 New Computer.. Not sure where to put this. Help needed! Okay so I'm looking into getting a new computer in January. Nothing fancy just something that will play wow smoothly. I'm not too bothered with playing on high graphics, I was playing on a little laptop on super low graphics with lag until the new expansion came out and it no longer ran in a playable state :( I bought the expansion as soon as it was released so you can tell how distressing it is not being able to enjoy the new content because my current laptop sucks. I looked at the system requirements and stuff and my budget is around £500 and less but I have to also buy a keyboard and monitor ect but I really have no idea what I'm looking for. xD Anyway I have found this that seems to suit my budget nicely with the extras included and I just need to know if it will run wow nicely on any kind of graphics without a lot of lag (I'm used to playing on around 12 fps lol) Thanks! :D edit: I am also a casual player I don't raid or pvp I usually just run dungeons make many alts and quest. :)Mortane1 25 Dec 2014
25 Dec 2014 Why I can't rise my char to 91 lvl ? Hello. I have char on 90 lvl ( only MoP ) few days ago I get inv for 10 days in Draenor. Today I add this time and I get 99,9% but nothing happend. Somebody can help ? Thx.Alundris2 25 Dec 2014
25 Dec 2014 Global Chat channels Hello, More ppl having problems with the chat channels. i have no Global channels in my chat window ( its gray). And i am running with no addons at all. Can someone help or explain.Hunterinion2 25 Dec 2014
25 Dec 2014 I need tips for arena. Hello gents. I am a new player to wow, been playing for 3 weeks at the time this was posted and I enjoy playing arenas with my buddy but I suck pretty hard 90% of the times. Can you hand me out some good tips, in general and for rogues if you know any. Thanks ^^Edwinoncliff2 25 Dec 2014
25 Dec 2014 Most easy, powerful & fun class for PvP? 25 Dec 2014
24 Dec 2014 help with mount i just purchased a warforged nightmare, it says i do not meet the requirements for it. what do i need to do? thanks againKungfupandaz2 24 Dec 2014
24 Dec 2014 The main storyline Hai there everybody, I am a rookie player in the game for about 2 years now, the best storyline i have ever played in was the undead race, so I decided that my main would be that handsome guy on the left of your screen, anyways, I am currently stuck on something... Soo, I have just completed the sludge fields, and defeated that undead maniac that turned into a huge disgusting zombie-like figure with Johnny 'jenny' Awesome and the other undead, after that I found that drowning Orc, I did the quest to heal his undead flying dragon thing, Kasha, and then I got the quest to go with him and get the battle plans and become heroes of the horde, I did it, there was a little glitch but I managed that, and I did the quest, and turned it to that High Warlord Orc Gromush in after I flew on Kasha's back to Tarren mill when the drowning Orc died, Now take a note that I have did every single quest on the areas I am supposed to be in so far, not to mention Shadowfang keep, the only quest I didn't do was from the same High Walord Gromushl to kill bears that are originally Worgen druids, I did that after 'Become heroes of the Horde' quest, but the problem was that I was supposed to turn it in to the High Warlord which was supposed to be in forsaken forward command at that time, but since he changed positions to Tarren mill, I can't turn it in, so I have abandoned it, now I have no quest and in tarren mill the Orc general, a banshee, two undeads in the balcony, and a female blood elf, all with grey '!'s, I know that means I have not met the requirements or I have to do a certain quest first, BUT WHAT QUEST? I'VE DID THEM ALL.... So now I'm stuck the only quest I managed to find was to help a goblin defend his resources against undead by putting flowers , basically plants vs zombies, the quest is located near Dalaran Crater, but I highly doubt that has to do with anything, is it maybe because I am still a starter edition account? please help and answer the question, thank you in advance....Zardarth2 24 Dec 2014
24 Dec 2014 Desolace or Southern Barrens? Hi, My NE hunter, having finished Stonetalon Mountains, has gotten two breadcrumb quests, one to Desolace and another to the Southern Barrens. Having played in 2005, I barely remember a thing and resubbed not to rush to the top level but to experience the outside content, to smell the roses and stuff. I would like to do right now the zone that would be the most fitting for this toon and leave the other for an eventual Horde alt. I asked in-game and was told to do Desolace with this NE for some faction I don't remember the name of, and I have absolutely no reason to not to trust the advice, but... I also got 3 diffferent "Hero's Call: Southern Barrens" (from Darnassus, Stormwind and The Exodar, I bet there is a 4th one waiting for me at Ironforge), and not a single one for Desolace, yet according to wowhead "Hero's Call: Desolace" should be offered there too. It's like the game is trying to tell me something. Then again, it's from the guys who tripled the outdoor experience gain to force us NOT to use their content, so I'm not sure we care about the same things. So, any advice on the issue? Forget the Hero's tantalizing Calls and go do Desolace with the NE hunter? Or not? Thanks.Neofit0 24 Dec 2014
24 Dec 2014 Can't add friend Player not found Hello, I've seen this question many times and with multiple answers, but neither work for me. Me and a friend just started playing and we would like to add each other as friends. I am running on the trial version so I can't use Real ID to add. We are both running the Europe region WoW, we are both in the same faction, we are both on the same server, and I'm pretty sure that after 100 tries I spelled the user name correct. Parental control is not on so what am I missing?Elyone0 24 Dec 2014
24 Dec 2014 quest help i have recently logged on again after being away for 2hrs and ive came back to no quests. I'm pretty sure i cleared up on the last 3 i done but where should i go next, is there a main quest I should be following or do i just go about doing random quests and leveling up? ThanksKungfupandaz2 24 Dec 2014
24 Dec 2014 Class Hello people, Going to make a new character but now I want to know which one so I have done some research and come out on this classes: - DK - Warrior - Hunter So I want to make a choice between this classes, But I have some things that I want like doing good dmg, good for mostly pvp(Arena/RBG) and sometimes pve and I want the class thats not so hard to learn. Which one do you recommend me? Greetings, GhakonGhakon2 24 Dec 2014
24 Dec 2014 Looking a friend for playing Hi im looking someone who wants to play with newbie :D . I can play any server and any fraction but the best server will be burning legion beacouse there are most pepole from my language :) . About me : - I can talk in English/Polish language - I've got TS and Skype (this is better option when i talk with someone in comunicator than in chat game) - I'm listening more expirenced players - I'm asking a lot of questions :D - I'm a nice person - I'm talking a lot :D My contact Clutcheze#2707Erzen2 24 Dec 2014
24 Dec 2014 Looking to recruit new PEOPLE As you may know there is a RAF system in World of Warcraft, so, if you are a new player or partially new(quit and expansion or 2 before), you can come back in the game now, using a refer a friend system which will benefit you a lot. RAF benefits include: -300% xp boost -teleport to your recruiter/ viceversa -1 month of gametime -1 granted level of any choice but 85-100 What I can offer: -Gold for mount skills.* -Dungeon boosting (a tank or healer with heirlooms for a fast queue). -Level 1-90 in just 2-3 days (Depends on how often you are playing.** -Coaching through the changes of the game, or a full coach with basic abilities for each class. -Help with any questions 24/7 regarding the game's mechanics, economy, or any other tips and tricks that will benefit you. -Help with any old raid in case you want a transmog and you can't solo it.*** -Guild invite. *Available only for Kazzak-Horde. **It depends on the rate and whether you would prefer questing or dungeon farming. [Level 85-90 takes you 30 minutes per level (faster than any questing or dungeon farming)]. ***Available for every realm but only for Horde side. For any other information add me on skype: ovidiu.bejan5Larakx0 24 Dec 2014
24 Dec 2014 Hellscream Fist airship So im using this zygor guide which tells me to go on Hellscream Fist airship to talk to Chen Stormstout to accept Chen and Li Li quest, but the thing is i cant find that airship anywhere. I have looked absolutely everywhere for 2 days still nothing?.. what could be wrong, do i need to complete some other quest first?Pinnu4 24 Dec 2014
24 Dec 2014 cant equip and use my weapons hi guys i am a panderan monk, im new to this game and i have hit a stage where i cant use any of my weapons. i dont know if im doing something wrong, ive even tried auto attack but he uses his fists intead. when i select a weapon to use and right click the target he just stands there and does nothing, the weapon is not red either can anyone help me thanksKungfupandaz4 24 Dec 2014
24 Dec 2014 <NOSTALGIA> - Reroll Project! (A) Hey all, <NOSTALGIA> is now recruiting! Server - Sylvanas Faction - Alliance What is Nostalgia? Nostalgia is a newly created guild consisiting of players with a mutual consensus to explore World of Warcraft in it's entirety. What does this mean? This means we all create a new character. We then slowly progress through the game completing as much as we possibly can before advancing to new content. Why? I personally, after hitting the level cap 100, feel like I am missing something that other players might have experienced or aquired throughout their gaming experience. This is due to other commitments such as dailys, professions, dungeons/raids etc, that i do on my main character, I feel I don't have the time to backtrack on myself without losing my current foothold in the game. So what does Nostalgia achieve? Nostalgia as a guild will consist of hopefully a plathora of friendly like-minded players with the intentions of experiencing all aspects of the game from PVP to PVE, quests to exploration or even lore. What type of commitment will be required? The best way to answer this would be, as much as you're willing to give. I myself have a main character who will be progressing through current content and smashing the skip button through all the cinematics, this is where Nostalgia will, in time, pick up the pieces. There will be guild events going on and if you can make them, great! if not don't worry, the goal here is to enjoy the game. Are there any restrictions? Absolutely not, unlike other reroll guilds, we want you to play the game the way that you enjoy playing it, as i mentioned earlier the biggest thing here is have fun, so you do whatever you want to achieve that! How do I apply? Simple, add my Battle Net - Truman1994#2634 and get in touch either through that or in-game mail. Thank you for you're time and we hope to see you in-game soon! Peace Truman Truman4 24 Dec 2014
24 Dec 2014 How do I bind my movements to the mouse? First of all, I'm a noob. I know. Glad we got that out of the way. I've been using the arrow keys to move. I can't really say that it has been a big problem but it's impractical and annoying. I have googled for instructions on how to use the mouse for movement. However, none of the instructions explained how to bind the movements to the mouse. I tried to use the key binder but it only recognizes key pressing but not the mouse. So what should I do?Seniilisiili5 24 Dec 2014
24 Dec 2014 R-A-F & Digital Offer So I'm about to recruit a friend to join WoW (an absolute novice :P). I've seen that the digital chest currently on offer comes with one free month of game time. So I'm thinking, If I send the R-A-F, and get them the Chest, do they then only need to buy 1 more month so I am mount-eligible, or do they still need to buy 2 months, on top of the free one?Gawian2 24 Dec 2014