New/Returning Player Questions & Guides

15 Dec 2014 Coaching for a Feral Druid 2200+ Hi there, My name is Maks, I've played WoW since WotLK and have been into PvP since I started. I haven't raided and I am not interested in much else, but at the moment I'm up against a brick wall in PvP. I have rerolled for a feral druid this season, having played a frost mage in late Mop, and a pala since I started WoW, I have never gone above around 1830 rating, and I'm really enthusiastic to hit high rated this season. I am looking for anybody, and I mean, ANYBODY willing to help me out, coach me with a few arenas, watch my stream for a bit, and just help me out in any way possible. I've played with high rated people before, but they didn't have the patience to teach me so they used to leave after about twenty minutes of games. Now, with the input of skirmishes, if you are high rated and not willing to lose any rating currently, I am more than happy for you to help me out in skirmishes, or war games, if you don't mind rating, then I'd love to do 2s as well. If you guys are by any chance interested in helping me out, please send me a message on my twitch, at, or log into my server on outland and send me some in game mail to request my Skype, or add my BTag: Melokrine#2193 Any advice or help would be much appreciated. I am planning to main this druid, so please send any mail to: Melokrino-outland Thanks a bunch, MaksMelokrino0 15 Dec 2014
15 Dec 2014 Which Class Uses The Most AoE? Hi, Im curious about which class uses and has the most AoE skills, please specify the spec of the class. Thanks in advanceAquilion4 15 Dec 2014
15 Dec 2014 Whats better/more fun Monk or Druid Healer? I was just curious to ask i really want my secondary character to be a healer but i cant decide which to play. I've tried Shaman and though they are fun i cant find the right race for them cosmetically. I have never tried priest either but i've always loved druids i was just wondering about monks? Your full opinions please :)Halloween5 15 Dec 2014
15 Dec 2014 Should i come back to wow? I stopped playing couple months ago and i don't know if i should come back. The reason why i stopped playing was: I got kicked out of my guild, there were nothing to do and i had no good alts. I got 10 days of free game time from Blizzard. is there any good raiding guild on Matgheridon? If there isn't, i won't come back but if there is i will return Edit: I will wait 2 weeks. If i get good enough reasons why i should come back, i'll be back.Qartala1 15 Dec 2014
15 Dec 2014 (new) wow-player 30+ | lf mates to lvl up + raids + pvp hi, my name is tim. i am a 32 years old austrian/ swiss guy. after a skiing accident – last week - i have some time for the next weeks/ month to do some crazy things in world of warcraft. as a new player i created 2 accounts and played around 2 month this year before. but it is really boring to play alone. hopefully i can find some mates here. so, what i am looking for? first… - mature players - interested to lvl up some toons (for me at the moment: 90-100 hunter | 90-100 monk | 55-100 deathknight) - player which have fun to do that over teamspeak (i improve my english and its much more interesting to lvl up that way) later (after reaching lvl 100) - a guild to do serious raids 2-4 times in the week - mates for pvp / arena / rbg for me: i need to learn a lot of in the different wow areas (dungeons, raids, pvp), at the moment, but i have time, i am not quite stupid and i am reliable and easy to handle. your turn timWrwerwee2 15 Dec 2014
15 Dec 2014 <Giggles Ink> Social Guild EDIT: 14/11-2014 We have moved over to Moonglade, and restarting there. Hello ! <Giggles Ink> is freshly baked guild on Moonglade(RP) - Hordeside. We are a handful of people who met through different social medias, who decided it was about time to make a tiny guild to meet up. We have no other agenda then to be social, level, have fun and relax. We have all been in this game for years, through good patches and bad. Some raid, some don't. Most of us play more then one game, we dabble in many mmo's, addicted to the mmo universe. Which means we know our way around in different worlds as well as WoW. While we only have this guild together, chances are you would meet one of us in Rift, FFXIV ARR, Wildstar, SWToR or any of the other "big" online game. We are a family-friendly guild, a place you can log on whenever YOU feel like it! Don't want to play for a week or two ? Fine, we will be here when you get back. Point is, we play to have fun, when we want to and how we want to, whether it be questing, achievement hunting or smelling flowers. No pressure. Rules are simple, have fun, be helpful when you got the time and be polite. Ages range from 20-50, some with kids. So yes might get "mini me's" in the guild, which means we have to be a bit careful about our language sometimes. Aims: Do we have any ? Well, we are not many as I am writing this, but there is a couple of people who would love to raid once, perhaps two times a week so we hope to be able to get enough people interested in that. But first and foremost we aim to be a social guild, who raid casually. We also want to be able to have a social event once a week, with hide and go seek, achievement runs or whatever we might come up with. RP: We don't specifically aim to do any RP, there is plenty of opportunities on the server to find someone to RP with. But we do have a lot of writers here, as we are bloggers, which is why this server was a good pick for us, in case our fingers were itching to do some RP and write tales of our adventures. Feel free to make a babby horde and whisper me, Missripley/Missirontail, Tixxylix/ waylander/ goldenarrow , Lebeer or Zenrin/ Hanzao. Or visit our site and fill in a tiny application. Missripley20 15 Dec 2014
14 Dec 2014 Question about proffesions i know its a stupid question and noobish but i am gonna make it anyway if i have herbalism 700/700 and take it off for mining, if i take of mining and get herbalism again will it be 0/700 or 700/700?Dreadras1 14 Dec 2014
14 Dec 2014 battlechest 5.0 My mom bought me the Battlechest 5.0 because she whanted to surprise me shes comming back tommorow and i had a question if i redeem the code do i get MoP on top of itJohnnix7 14 Dec 2014
14 Dec 2014 Want to use my 90 boost! Now the Question- Which class? I still have my 90 boost as I was saving it till at least a month or so after WoD, and I have done excatly that. I am pretty tired of my hunter now, I levelled him before WoD so I could use him as a main, but he is kind of boring to play, and the lack of CD's and bad bow sounds aren't my forte. I have always played melee DPS classes, so this was my first ranged one, but I have to say the look of spell casting does interest me. Another few things - I want something with some nice visual effects, like how mages and locks rain down hell upon enemies, although I know its not all about that, having played warriors, dks, rogues and hunters which have little to know abilities such as the power to rain down fireballs upon a group of enemies, it would be nice to have something like this I am also looking for a DPS/Healer class. I don't fancy playing a tank just yet, I am preferably looking for a class that's either pure DPS, or maybe Healer and DPS, so I could use Healer as off-spec. So something like a priest would be pretty good, but I still wouldn't mind something like a warlock. Im flexible :) And finally, I will mainly be doing PvP, but I do like PvE, so I will take that into account. If anything, I will be doing raids on LFR, and some normal when I am not locked, and PvP the rest of the time, so its a pretty fair balance, but PvP is a bit more key for me :) SO. Now comes down to the final question. Which class shall I go with? And opinions? What I think: Paladin - I really like the look of this class, if I don't enjoy the 90 boost on a spell-caster, I might roll pally, as it kind of mixes both, and I like some of their transmogs plus the play style is fun! Death Knight - Played it, was my main after I levelled a rogue to 55 in WotLK, now only want it as an alt Warrior - Again, played it, have it as an alt, fury is fun, but again, I want something new Druid - Druid looks ok, but is it fun? I don't have a huge amount of knowledge on druids, they seem like an ok class, and I know they are pretty OP in WoD, so maybe. Warlock - I heard they have gone down in WoD, and Blizzard !@#$ed up the class, but anyways, I do like their visual effects, and I have heard they are easy to pick up, but hard to master, which I prefer, as I do like a challenge in a game, another reason why my 3 button click hunter is getting boring haha Mage - Frost seems fun. And I would defintley consider this class, but how are they doing in WoD? They going strong? Or are they weak? Also, once mastered, can they be up the top on the PvP ladder? Shaman - They are another class with some cool visual effects that also interest me. I like their transmogs, I like their play style, you could almost say they are the most obvious choice for me to go with, but blizzard fails to pay much attention to them, so they seem to be suffering as a whole. In raids, they are usually ok and stable, but in PvP, they seem weak, maybe thats just me, as hunters seem to be able to hurt those buggers quite easily, but I have also heard from numerous people they aren't terribly good. Anyone wanna ratify that? Priest - I love their play-style, I levelled one to 72, but deleted it as I never saw myself going back to it after their initial rough patch in cata, but I have heard they are pretty stable nowadays, so still might go back to that. Healing was fun with holy, and shadow was fun too, a pretty good combination actually! And the final class, Monk - They are very OP, and will most likely continue to be, They have some nice visuals again, and they are doing well in WoD, but again, its more up-hand combat, not so much spell-casting, and I levelled one to 30 at the start of MoP, and was 50-50 with it, but maybe that has changed Anyways, I know thats a lot, mainly taken up by my, most likely innacurate, opinions, but hey, I like to go into detail. Anyways, in short, if some people could give me rundowns of some of the classes I am interested in, with their opinions, play-styles e.t.c and just give me general knowledge on why you think I should roll the class you are suggesting, please reply! Many thanks to those who read! -Sora or AquaSora :DAquasora5 14 Dec 2014
14 Dec 2014 Xin the weaponmaster Dem swords :(. Never played in pandaria before and currently lvling. Died multiple times from these swords. So I would like to know a bit more about them, because I might run into that instance again while lvling (healing instances mostly to lvl) and I dont want a repeat of last time :P.. They move in a straight line right? So when they start, there should be safe spots? But the trajectories change right? Kinda just looking for a few tips vs these swords or the boss in general actually..Yassle5 14 Dec 2014
14 Dec 2014 Looking for someone i can recruit. Hi i am looking for someone i can recruit as a friend on either sylvanas or ravencrest on alliance. So if your new and fancy getting 3x exp let me know.Evilduckies0 14 Dec 2014
14 Dec 2014 [limited] access I didnt played wow for like 2 years and i was about to try it again. So i went to my old realm forum to check if there are still some of my old guildmates (Denique@Saurfang-EU) active for scroll of ress, but for some weird reason i have VERY limited accest to sos forums. Is there some way around it?Dwanedibbley9 14 Dec 2014
14 Dec 2014 Level 90 boosted to level 100 Hi I recently boosted a character to level 90, but the ilvl is very low that I barely can do the WoD quests. and dungeons still give me low ilvl and no raids. Auction house high prices for each item. What should I do to get some higher ilvl to be able to do the quests decently?Dilaudid3 14 Dec 2014
14 Dec 2014 Did i do this right? So i hit Lv.80 and went to Vashj'ir, i did every quest which took me to Lv.85 and when i left Vashj'ir i got given the quest to go to the Maelstrom and went, is there something important that i missed, do i go to Pandaria instead or do i continue? ThanksUrgot5 14 Dec 2014
14 Dec 2014 When Is Warlods of Dreanor Coming to PTR? Anyone got a idea about then warlords is coming to PTR?Crucal2 14 Dec 2014
13 Dec 2014 Legendary Questline Hey guys. Can the MoP legendary questline still be done? Will it stay for the whole WoD or will it disappear? I didnt have the chance of doing it in MoP but now I really want to do it.Fadeawy2 13 Dec 2014
13 Dec 2014 What class do big crits? Just wonder who. I remember i old patch rogue doing 200k crits+. Now they are not so good. So what class in pvp can make big crit like 80k+. (I dont mean rets or dk)Asmero3 13 Dec 2014
13 Dec 2014 What is the stat priority for unholy DK? Hi, what is the stat priority for unholy DK and does it change when you level up to 90-100?Kaldrán1 13 Dec 2014
13 Dec 2014 priest or druid healer i cant choose if i should play priest or druid help plsTokami0 13 Dec 2014
13 Dec 2014 Returning player, Newbie question about gear. Hello everyone, I have a level 55 shaman from 2009 i think. I came back and respecced from elemental to enhancement. Is there any way to buy agilty gears for doing quests at least ? I looked to AH But i think i cant afford 10+k for items for my level. Thank you.Koptagel9 13 Dec 2014
13 Dec 2014 View friendly player buff/debuffs above name plate So when playing WOW I've noticed my damaging abilities will appear on the enemy name plate but I can't see active effects above friendly name plates? I LOVE being a healer but I want to be able to check if my party has any active debuffs just by looking at their name plate not by having to look at the profiles in the top left (I never view it). Does anyone know how to set this up in the settings or know any addon that allows me to do this? ThanksZmolahah2 13 Dec 2014
13 Dec 2014 Frost Death Knight Loot Option for Weapon Is there any setting for if I wish to get onehanders to drop or twohanders? I haven't gotten any luck with drops of weapons and if I want 2 onehanders that'll take even longer. It'll be almost impossible to get 2 onehanders for a death knight in a raid. -Best regardsBulaka3 13 Dec 2014
13 Dec 2014 of glyphs and realms on which realm can i get the priest glyph reflective shield on the ah?Almoron12 13 Dec 2014
13 Dec 2014 stuck in death hi, i am REALLY pissed right now. after a quest where i got a flight into it i had to walk the way back, and walked thru a canyon only with 101 elite mobs in it, it is impossible for me to get out as there are about 200 of them and they oneshot me.... wtf do i do??Grimrog2 13 Dec 2014
13 Dec 2014 Should I bother with Raiding at all? I just reached 85 but I can't do them yet because I need a few more higher ilevel items.Deathbysound2 13 Dec 2014
13 Dec 2014 Way to check undone quests? is there a way/addon to check if i have already done a spesific quest or not? need to find which quests i am missing for achievements and repDreadras1 13 Dec 2014
12 Dec 2014 Champions Seal's - HEIRLOOMS Hey Guys. I wonder which is the fastest way to farm champions seal's ? I need about 280 seal's for 3 pieces of heirlooms. I hope you guys can help me!Antiprince1 12 Dec 2014
12 Dec 2014 New to WoW and need advice.... hey guys i have never played this game before but recently i have had the urge to get into it. The thing is I dont know much about it and could do with a basic run through of what the game is about. Now I have watched several youtube videos and have a rough idea of whtat to expect but my main question to begin with is....... where do I start. I understand that there is expansion packs, WOD being the latest but do i have to play my way through all of the games to play this or do I jump straight into WOD because that is where everybody is.. ThanksBeastyerbum3 12 Dec 2014
12 Dec 2014 price changed on WoD? Yesterday when I went to digital purchase I could get WoD for 15 euro, now it costs 45.. was it bugged yesterday or did you just change price ? :(((Nekia3 12 Dec 2014
12 Dec 2014 What mage spec is the most fun ^ I played as hunter and priest before, so I'd like some mobility and complexity.Ngaihim3 12 Dec 2014
12 Dec 2014 Returning from Cata: what healer to level Excelsior. First tried WoW during 3.1, started serious raiding and PvE (sorta) at 3.3 on private servers as a hunter. Eventually left for public servers and played for late WotLK and Cata until 4.2. Couldn't bear the monotonous daily grind anymore. Now, however, it seems the situation has changed, and since GW2's content updates are stalling at the moment and SWTOR is not as appealing as it was before, I am thinking about returning to WoW. My original class was priest, and I was a healer; this role was fairly intensive, but at the same time lacked mobility. Neverthless, I am not going to change it - mostly because levelling as a damage dealer is SUFFERING INCARNATE, finding a place for one in a raid is just as agonising, and tanking is not exactly my thing. What healer class at the time is the most fun to play (sans priest)? The most powerful in terms of PvE? PvP? I personally sway between monk and paladin.Mezzalt8 12 Dec 2014
12 Dec 2014 Dungeon Hazards - cannon fire/air blast. Hi guys, thanks for any tips you can give me, and for all your help to this new player over the last 2 months since I started playing.:) QQ---->There is a low level (pre 30) dungeon with cannons that fire cannon balls and blast an air stream that unfailingly knocks my characters off into the water. I have looked on youtube and google but can't find the name of the dungeon, and was wondering if you know it as you may have run them all loadsa times. The cannons are on wooden ramps that ascend in a square version of a spiral, upwards, above water which you get blasted into if you're hit. I am able to time things so that I don't get hit by cannon balls, but I always get blasted by hot air and fall in the water. Has anyone got any tips? And can anyone remember what this dungeon is called? I don't feel confident entering my tank/healer characters into low level randoms until I know how to beat this problem! Any and all help appreciated, thanks! For new players that have issues with hazards, I recommend rolling a panda alt or main, as their starting area has hazards similar to those found in dungeons. My characters are mainly worgen, and their starting area and quest zones seem to have no hazards at all to practise on - I can't speak for other races yet.Frurer11 12 Dec 2014
12 Dec 2014 Farming "too much"? Hi, I started playing about a week ago and would like some advice. There's a low level item that I want to transmog, but in my realm it costs over 4k gold in the auction, so buying it is not an option. There are mobs that drop it near Horde starting area so I've been killing them for about two hours a day. According to the Wiki the drop rates are 0.03% and 0.07%. They also drop 1-2 leather each time, so after I got my skinning/leathercrafting close to 200 I started selling them. I've sold maybe 500-600 now. My roommate, who used to play this game four years ago, told me to stop doing that because I would eventually be banned by an automated system. That sounds a bit ridiculous to me and I couldn't find anything about that in ToS nor "In-Game and Forum Policies". How much am I allowed to farm? Can I farm as much as I want if I don't pick up the leather? Why do ridiculously low drop rates exist for purely cosmetic items if we aren't allowed to farm? I've been told to power level to 90 and then farm, but that's not how I'd like to play the game. ThanksKitsune3 12 Dec 2014
12 Dec 2014 Paying to transfer between bnet account?? Is it true I need to used the paid service to transfer my char on the same realm but a different bnet ID on the same bnet account?Lichepriest1 12 Dec 2014
12 Dec 2014 Confused about pvp Gear Hello people im a bit confused about pvp gear... just got back to the game after a while. so ive gone to stormshield keep to get some conquest gear and realised..... that my honor pvp gear seems to have better stats then the conquest gear? and 1 more question can you no longer gem you gear? would appreciate the help. thanksFookya1 12 Dec 2014
11 Dec 2014 Boomkin DPS problem Hey! I'm looking for people with great Boomkin knowledge or just a good pointer in the right direction for me. I've played boomkin since end of cata/Start of MoP, taken some pauses from the game etc. To clear it out, i KNOW i am not the best boomkin and that is not something you need to remind me of, but i DO want to know what I am doing wrong. Because I am allways in the bottom of the dps meter. And I've tried to read what I am doing wrong. I am currently 642 geared, and I do around 14k singletarget dps. Not included BL/TW. This SUCKS, i should do atleast another 10k imo?! Im using Euphoria and Incarantion as dps talents, got enchanted gear + weapon. I am out of idea of how to improve... I can't keep progressing with my guild either since they require alot better dps from now on in HC/Mythic. So please, i need help to fix this. :( //Sad BoomyZortagon4 11 Dec 2014
11 Dec 2014 my pvp is off but ? I have turn off pvp , and some alliance DK 1 hit kill me in town. how is that able, and he get not flaged by npc's aswell , I just report him in game.Horiance4 11 Dec 2014
11 Dec 2014 nooby lock needs pvp advice Hey , im new to warlock arena and ive been having a rough time, anyone have some tips or links to guides for me that can help me get better? i already use focus macros and mouseover stuff and have all addons necessary for arenas. It usually comes down to me not knowing what to do when i get jumped on by a ret and a rogue for example. I just trinket out of a kidney, try to get away as much as i can with gateway, blood horror, shadowfury, demonic circle, fear, demonic leap etc. but its never good enough to survive let alone cast a single shadowboltGromurgul0 11 Dec 2014
11 Dec 2014 Rare Mounts Hey guys :) Im wondering if you could suggest some rare mounts to showcase in my videos? On my youtube channel Im beggining a new series. Id be very happy if you could sub to my channel! Here is a link to the first video of the series. Bye everyone see ya around :)Acilina3 11 Dec 2014
11 Dec 2014 Intelekt vs spell power Hi can anybody tell me which stat is more important for the healing priest.Shoshanka2 11 Dec 2014
11 Dec 2014 Quality of life things Hey everyone! I have been enjoying my leveling experience and just the wast amount of content in this game. But i have been noticing that alot of time for me atleast is spent flying around to different zones after repairs and such. Going to the bank to fill up on materials etc. But i know that you guys have alot of quality of life items that could make this alot easier. For instance ive heard about an item that can summon you´re bank while on the move, can u do the same for repairs? Is it easier to just have alts that u email stuff to and have them repair etc? But this thread is not ment to focus on just those types of tips but more in the general sense, Iam sure you guys/gals have alot of tips that you wished you knew when first starting out. Thanks for reading and take care!Suprnova3 11 Dec 2014
11 Dec 2014 how to make money? So... I need like 5k to get artistan riding, usually I got my whole gold from selling items from dungeons, but thats not enough! So my question is How can I make some good cash there are some videos that are saying its possible to get 10k-25k per hour but requires some wierd addons which I dont want to download.Bejs2 11 Dec 2014
11 Dec 2014 New character I want to make a new character for mainly pvp and I don't know what to choose: Ret or feral. Which class is looking better at the moment and is expected not to be nerfed completely in the near future.Sneakykill2 11 Dec 2014
11 Dec 2014 Ahn'Qiraj Hi guys, Have been off for a couple of years, just wondering if any1 knows if its still possible to do the old AQ40 (classic)? Any prequest? Thanks BoaBoa4 11 Dec 2014
11 Dec 2014 Returning to the game. Any tips ? I am Razmerita form Sylvanas and i am upgrading to WOD and geting some game time in a few days. 1) Do you guys have any tips for a returning player ? 2) Can some use Recruit a friend/Scroll of resurrection on me so i can get a free mount ? 3) I played Hearthstone and got the Hearthsteed mount, will i still have it if i didn't took it from the mail ? 4) Are there any Romanian guilds/players who want to recruit me for pvp or dungeons ( on any realm ) ? Thanks for the help :)Razmerita7 11 Dec 2014
11 Dec 2014 Choosing class Hey guys, I'm planning on buying wow again (last time i played was like 2-3 years ago). And I'm thinking of starting a new character. But I don't really know which class I should choose. I hope you guys have some recommandations for me. I will mainly pvp and I'm probably going for a melee class. But I don't know which class is good at this moment in terms of survivability and dps. I hope you guys can help me out and give me some information!Derplikeboss1 11 Dec 2014
10 Dec 2014 New character... someone want lvl? Hi , first of all sorry for my bad english :(. I have a monk , and i decided to create an alter , a Mague , and i hate leveling alone . I think if someone want to make a group , for level a new character , will be more fun , i have the mague in Outland , Alliance. If you want , just tell!Vivár4 10 Dec 2014
10 Dec 2014 remove spells how do i remove spells from the actionbarMært1 10 Dec 2014
10 Dec 2014 Sky Fry from Garrison Trading post : Shatar Defence The Pet you get from there is not the Sky Fry ? Bug ? Instead it is the old one from Outland.Finality0 10 Dec 2014
10 Dec 2014 Took the 90 level upgrade that came with game. Hi all, quite new to game. Been playing for about a month now. So last night I decided to take the level 90 boost on my Druid, I love the new world and some of the quests. I have my new garrison, not sure what to do with that yet. I am currently in Shadowmoon Valley and need some help, I have probably missed this along the way, but how do I get back to Stormwind / Ironforge etc ? Sorry for this dumb question, I have looked on a few sites and round the map, but got nothing. ThanksSoiran2 10 Dec 2014