29m Leatherworking 600 to 800? So I easily got to 600 in 20 minutes in leatherworking, I got the Elderhorn quest and completed it. The problem is I don't have 'legion leatherworking'. My skill cap is literally 600 and can't continue. I looked the quest up on wowhead and it appears to be one of the first quests you get when getting leatherworking. Is this a bug or how can I trigger the quest? How can I progress to 800?Yavatheas1 29m
19h Rank 3 Alchemy flasks bug? Hello. What do I need to do in order to get rank 3 flask? I'm daily making 20-40 Intellect flasks, I have made so far over 2000 flasks (maybe even more, since I have rank 2 from the first month of this expansion). Is this rng intende to be like this or it's bugged? Because after all this time I have a feeling like something is broken and it's impossible to get rank 3. Same goes for the potions. Every potion is still rank 2. I have made even more mana and health pots, nothing... like wtf?Kliez3 19h
21h Rip Crafted legendarys Meh Rip life.. Need Mythic arc/cos and Elisande for quest line... Saved on them all...Pensionisten9 21h
1d Sandstone drake guide/discuss Sandstone drake statistics Hi guys, I would like to share with you my thoughts + statistics of farming sandstone drake of either drop chances and tactics of how to actually do that. statistics So to get recipe for vial of the sands (AKA sandstone drake) you need to have learnt archeology on at least 450 skill points, and Alchemy on I believe 500 skill points, so alchemy is a proffesion that makes the item itself, however the recipe is farmed by archeology. Through archeology you have to get (it's obtainable in more ways) Tol'Vir fragments, which only have 5-10% chance to reveal canopic jar to be solved, once you get canopic jar, when you open it you have only 2-5% chance to get the recipe itself. Now do note that sandstone drake is also buayble in the auction, so if you don't have nerves, then just simply store some golds for it. From my own expeience you get canopic jar in average of 10 artifacts. tactics Now for the tactics, do note that there are 3 different strats of how to farm the Tol'Vir fragments. strat 1 - this one is the first strat people had to do since release of cataclysm, you basically keep digging digsites in Eastern Kingdoms until a digstie in uldum spawns, once it spawns you will get these Tol'Vir fragments by digging those digsites. This is probably the most inefficient and inconsistent way, as you have to have luck to have spawn of exactly Tol'Vir digsites, but once you have it it gets fast for a while. You need 450 archeology skill points for that. Strat 2 - This strat is the most usual to be done, you have to have 600 archeology skill points and you have to get into pandaria, where you keep farming - Mantid, mogu and pandaria fragments which you normally solve and get a "restored artifact" (RA from now)which I will explain what they are used to. You can also get a rare artifact Q that gives you three of those RA. RA can be traded in both ashran or dalaran for both factions for fragments, of course you wanna choose Tol'Vir fragments, this chest will give you 5-9 of those fragments. Now there is actually upgrade for this efficient and consistent strat, as by having exalted I believe with faction "The Lorewalkers" you can buy a 24HR buff for 2x RA that gives you a 100% chance that all of your pandaria digsites will be mantisd, meaning you will have to fly for digsites only from Townlong stepps to Dread Wastes. Strat 3 - Now this one is not really popular but by far for me it was the most efficient way to farm RA since legion pathfinder 2 was availaible. I only experienced the highborne faction farming so far, but at least highbotn faction is the most fast consistent and efficient way to farm RA. Reason for that is that in legion you have 3 factions that change every 14 days meaning that you have always one faction digsites for 14 days. That means that you can clearly farm RA on one single location, also legion artifacts are the easiest ones to be solved as it requires the lowest amountage of fragments even for the biggest ones, you can get a total of 12 rare artifacts from legion basically 4 from each of the 3 factions. upside of that is; that you don't really have to have any skill points in archeology, so you can level up archeology to 800 by doing that pretty easily and farming RA while leveling up skills, do know that you can trade RA for Tol'Vir fragments only when you have 600 archeology skill points so the time spent on leveling up skill points is needed. Another upside of doing this strat is that you get to easily combine this with herbalism which is actually usefull when you are in alchemy as you move around the broken isles all the time. Downside is that as legion is the newest expansion you don't really have one shotting damage for mobs and they WILL attack you. Apart from that there is also golden "elite" digsite that has bigger chance to give you scrolls or AP. Feedback Alright thanks for reading this guide now if you have any other statistics or notes please discuss below as we can share the best way to farm this mount.Shadowforge0 1d
2d Starlight Rose Rank 2 I cannot get this to rank 2, I have dropped herbalism which was at 799 and retook it again, Farmed nothing but Starlight Rose and back up to 350 in herbalism and still no quest for rank 2. I did put in a ticket but was told that this is working as intended. How can this be when I have literally spent untold hours farming this item and others in my guild all seem to drop it in 15-20 minutes max? This is getting beyond frustrating now.Druinda1 2d
3d Crafted Relics These items as they are, are quite useless. Why not make them useable at level 100? It would give them a worth, having 805 relics into your weapon at 100. If this would somehow "ruin" getting relics from quests, atleast scale them up to 825 or even more. So there is an actual use for them. Maybe make them stack with Obliterum.Twoton1 3d
3d Stuck at 700/700 LW [SOLVED] I did the quest that was supposed to give me Legion leatherworking (the ability to go to 800) but i am still at 700/700. I have completed all of the LW legion quests and i have the Elderhorn riding harness...What did i miss?Stomgar3 3d
4d Alchemy flasks not ranking up Hi y'all, I've had alchemy on this character since the start of legion, I managed to hit 800 only thanks to Darkmoon quests, my flasks are stuck at rank 2 and they've been since before Emerald Nightmare was open. I crafted flasks for myself and my friends. My friends keep donating me materials for crafting flasks knowing I've been trying to rank up since forever, but the damn recipe never procs. I am sure I crafted hundreds and hundreds of agility flasks, and a lot of intellect ones too, some stamina too. I know it's RNG but this is ridicolous, I crafted so many agility flasks that I had so many in stock I ended up selling them and gifting them to friends too. Is there something I'm missing? Was there some kind of quest I was supposed to do? Am I just awfully unlucky? Is there a chance that my character is bugged? TL;DR I crafter hundreds of flasks, where my rank 3 at?Klah4 4d
4d Jewel crafting Prospecting I find that prospecting drop rates for gems are ridiculously low. I farm my own ore and I would prospect at least 400 ore in a go and then I would normally get 1 or 2 purple Shadowruby gems and 1 blue Maelstrom Sapphire gem. And extremely rare luck I have received the green Pandemonite or orange Eye of Prophecy. I have 4 Pandemonites in my JC bag and in all the time I have done prospecting I got only 2. The other 2 is from the Kirintor JC quest. Orange gems I normally just buy but green gems are way too expensive on the AH. My enchanter has 0 RNG with disenchanting. If he needs a Chaos Crystal he needs to farm some WQ's and disenchant purple gear and he has his mats. If he needs Leylight Shard just quickly make some low item blues with Tailoring since Shal'dorei Silk is very easy to come by. So why does JC's get screwed with RNG? Edit: Oh and I forgot to mention, but I hate gem chips! This I understand is for cooking??? Why on earth do I want to waste hundreds upon hundreds of ore to produce this crap for cooking?! Why could they not let you atlas chance 10 or 20 gem chips into a minor gem at least? Since when do you go chip at some rocks and think.. hmm this will go nicely with some beef or chicken??Cùrsé1 4d
4d Addressing Reaves - Piloted Combat Mode I recently managed to craft my very own Reaves Piloted Combat Mode! Such excitement and expectations on how and when to use it! After all, I have been trying to get the materials since november or so. When I finally got to fire this baddie up and give it a spin.. I WAS SEVERELY DISAPPOINTED, and all thoughts of reclaiming Gnomeregan with an army of Reaveses.. Reavesi?- went out the proverbial window. Here are some of the points as to why: INFO ON REAVES: COMBAT APPLICATIONS: Has 1 million HP (I have 3.6 million when just gnoming around) The four abilities are basically free-use engineering items. Gunpowder Charge, Deployable Bullet Dispenser, Pump-Action Bandage Gun and Gunpack. Main attack - Gunpowder Charge - does 400k damage, only on Global Cooldown. (So takes 5 seconds to kill lower HP mobs, where it would almost be instant for my hunter) Has a healing ability - Pump-Action Bandage Gun - which is lackluster compared to the damage you might take if facing more than one enemy Moves about as fast as you can run, with no means to speed up. (might actually be slower) No flying, but does have an ability - Gunpack - that punts you around, usually in the direction you don't want to goGENERAL APPLICATIONS: Most of the time you don't get credit for kills If you somehow do get credit, you can't loot because you're in a vehicle Can only use on the Broken Isles Lasts 10 minutes After the 10 minutes have passed, you get a 30 minute debuff, preventing reuse When in use, you can only play in 1st person Screen is tinted a sickening green, which is immersive, but leads to headachesConsidering the amount of time you -might- have to wait in order to get this, it is NOT worth your time and effort. It does not count as a toy, mount, pet nor grant an achievement. I mainly only wanted it for roleplay applications, but even that is impossible with the 10 minutes duration and 30 minutes debuff. I know engineering have pretty much always been BAD, but this one just seems to be TOO CRUEL of a joke compared to the amount of time I sunk into trying to get it. You could UP the droprate on the materials, but that will not fix the inherent problems and inadequecies that plagues the... Toy, for lack of a better word. Or just give engineering an actual boon, make it a separate mount, or a mount you need to summon Reaves for in order to use. Sure it will be a hassle if you have to keep resummoning, but it would be MORE FUN, and at the end of the day, isn't that what engineering is about?Zapcharge1 4d
5d Archaeology - first solve of artifact is pristine issue Has anyone else had the situation where the first solve of an artifact was pristine and since then that artifact hasn't popped up again to solve? My first 'Cracked Mogu Runestone' was pristine and I've not had another one since then. I know it's RNG but I'm past my 'solve 5 of <name>' on everything else and just sat at 1 solved for the runestone? Thanks for any insight you can give :-)Dalbozz2 5d
5d Legendary Crafting: One Per Nether Disrupter? Just crafted my first legendary. I have all the materials to craft a second one, minus the crafting material I obtained from the quest chain to unlock legendary crafting. How do I obtain another Wisp-Touched Elderhide? Is it locked to the Nether Disrupter or does everyone only get one? Thanks in advance.Astora2 5d
6d RF Elisande- Tailoring Legendary So one of the items needed for the crafted tailoring legendary item is obtained from Elisande. I am not in a raiding guild so I am limited mostly to raid finder. If I have already completed it this week, is it possible to re-queue for it and obtain the item as the only lootable item on the corpse or do I have to try and pug a normal nighthold group/wait till after the weekly reset? cheers!Cinderfall1 6d
6d Proffesions for shaman and warlock Hey guys me and my freind are new to wow. what do u think is the best Proffesions for shaman enhancement and warlock demonology ? :)Tinok3 6d
18 Apr Skinning in Tol Barad... Whoever though of the Rank3 skinning quest, putting the player though old content especially a PVP one, is a retard... Having to skin the boss in the instance, that is unlocked only if your faction controls the point, is just stupid...Danteresist5 18 Apr
16 Apr Artifact weapon change Hello how i change my artifact weapon? Im play hunter and i change specialization.Touris1 16 Apr
16 Apr Can't hit 800 blacksmithing? I am at 780 blacksmithing and everyone of my recipes is grey what am i ment to do for the 20 levels left?Sensei3 16 Apr
16 Apr Buying cooking mats The vendor that is with Nomi that sells the ingredients for Legion foods now only sells per 5. Very annoying, before I would just buy exactly what I needed for what I was going to craft but now I'm stuck with leftovers, taking slots in bank/bags. It's a minor inconvenience but I have no idea why Blizzard decided this needed changing.Ivydoom4 16 Apr
15 Apr Legion Profession ilvl 880 items As an Engineer you get to farm [Hardened Felglass] from mobs by using a shoulder enchant Boon of the Builder so you can make these 4 ilvl 880 head recipe items: [Chain Skullblasters] for Mail [Heavy Skullblasters] for Plate [Rugged Skullblasters] for Leather [Tailored Skullblasters] for Cloth Of course you have to be an Engineer level 1 to wear them. .. Now my question is what do Blacksmiths, Jewelcrafters or Tailors get to craft? Do you they also have a 880 ilvl item they can craft? I have been levelling those professions but they don't seem to get any similar recipes?Cùrsé2 15 Apr
15 Apr Oily Transmutagen So, quick question...... What genius decided that the Oily Transmutagen should drop 500% more often than both of the other two, while at the same time being the LEAST used of them all, AND having no vendor value so you destroy them or drown in them ? Transmute Blood of Sargeras - 5 Blac, 4 Viscous, 3 Oily. Meat to Pet - 1 each of Black, Viscous and Oily. So no matter what I do with them, I CANNOT use them as fast as I gain them. And I cant sell them. I have 80 Oily in bank atm, 0 Black and 20 Viscous. Do you guys not have a Calculator programme on any of the computers you use to write game code ? There needs to be SOME use for Oily that is not tied to an equal or greater usage of the other mutagens. Even if that use isnt that awesome, at least its using them for something rather than just destroying them.Cotilliona0 15 Apr
15 Apr Professions leveling help Hi, I haven't played the last 3 expansions. Anyway, im leveling my priest now, and I took tailoring and enchanting as my professions. Im level 80 now and about to go to cataclysm areas. But my professions are at ~400. Anyway, I tried to stay in Icecrown and farm Frostweave cloth to get them to 450, but its slow and exhausting.. i dont have time or will to do that. I read somewhere that you can easily level up professions when you get to WOD? Is that true, and if is, how would I lvl up my tailoring and enchanting? Or am i just stuck with farming cloth? :/Shadowknight2 15 Apr
15 Apr Where do I find arkhana? This probably sounds stupid but I am unable to find online any source that tells me how am I supposed to get arkhana for my first disenchanting mission? Even if I search for "Arkhana" in this forum, I dont find the answer. I know I am most probably searching wrong, and maybe the answer is so simple no one bothered to explain it, but until I become smarter, could anyone just tell me how am I supposed to get Arkhana without paying for it in the AH? Auction house prices are out of my budget.Loreley10 15 Apr
14 Apr once nether disruptor gone, unfinished qs go aswell? or am I wrong here?Dall2 14 Apr
13 Apr WTS Frozen runes, can transfer. WTS - No longer obtainable in game. Its a reagent to craft Naxx 40 frost resistance gear (transmog, for example). Got runes on these realms: connected Karazhan / Lightning’s Blade / Deathwing / The Maelstrom - 18 runes connected Mazrigos/Lightbringer - 1 rune connected Aszune/Shadowsong - 6 runes Silvermoon - 41 rune Realm transfer adds 320k gold to runes cost for you. PM via ingame mail to that character.Tetariuz4 13 Apr
13 Apr Mining Technique - Infernal Brimstone Sooooo, I finally managed to get rank 2 yesterday after months of mining these. Now when I finished the quest I immediately got the follow up quest to unlock rank 3. But here is the joke: Blizzard sends us back to HFC to kill Archimonde. WTF has HFC and Archi to do with a Legion Mining quest. Was looking to see if there was any HFC groups going last night but there were none. Also why has it to be the very last boss from that raid. I am not amused Blizzard. I was told you can skip all bosses and go straight up to Archimonde? Can someone confirm that? Also is he solo able on Normal at least? In case I cannot find any groups going.Sherbeth2 13 Apr
12 Apr I need to finish 34 blacksmithing quests? Do I need to finish all the blacksmithing quests to get 800 blacksmithing?Lichepriest1 12 Apr
12 Apr Jewel crafting is broken Jewel crafting is broken there's no where near enough sockets on gear to make gems more consumable ie increasing demand. Prospecting should be our farming tool yet is useless since ores are better sold raw rather than prospected, a quick fix for this is implement farming nodes for prospecting. All crafted epic rings and necks I don't need say anymore about these as its obvious that these are pointless they should be hard to craft but BIS and scale to keep them relevant increasing there value. How Jewel crafting sits at the moment it may aswell be removed from game.Shocknorc5 12 Apr
12 Apr Witch-Hunter Harvester Can anyone on The Maelstrom or a connected realm craft the above? The only one on the AH is listed for a ludicrous price (100k) when the mats are only around 30k. I'm happy to buy the mats and supply if someone would kindly put the thing together for me! Thanks in advance!Fenixdeath0 12 Apr
11 Apr Foxflower proc and thieves I got a proc on a foxflower, a fox run around and drop flowers that you walk over to pick up. Theese can be stolen by other people. We're talking 20+ herbs here. Make it personal!!!Bananbrus12 11 Apr
11 Apr Re-crafting legendaries So just crafted the plate belt, will we be able to craft it again when the nether disruptor pops up again? Would be nice to know whether we can sell them safely.Michaela1 11 Apr
10 Apr Silkweave Splint healing for less My Silkweave Splint only heals for 224.680 instead of the 528.000 its supposed to. Anyone has an idea why? Does it have to do with not being level 110 or not having 800 in First Aid? Thanks in advance.Cecilliah0 10 Apr
10 Apr (Cooking) Deleted Legion recipes Hello guys, I've started cooking yestreday and today I've reached to a Q - A Good Recipe List. The problem is that I've already done quest lines (checked by script) that give me these four recipes, but deleted them long time ago, because I never thought I'd ever start cooking (yes, an idiot indeed). [Recipe: Barracuda Mrglgagh] [Recipe: Salt and Pepper Shank] [Recipe: Deep-Fried Mossgill] [Recipe: Fighter Chow] My question is very simple - Is there a way to get these four recipes back? If not, my cooking days are over, right? Thank you, guys, for respond. Have a good night. Regards SedlonkaSedlonka2 10 Apr
10 Apr Legendary crafting Anyone have any idea how to obtain the materials below or how to obtain their pattern ?? [Bolt of Shadowcloth] [Bolt of Starweave] Appreciate any reply, thanks.Sevax8 10 Apr
10 Apr Did not get Legendary pattern I have 800 skill LW. After doing all the quests that Hammerbeard gives I am stuck with [Prime Wardenscale] but no pattern for the legendary gloves or further mats. According to the wowhead guide one should have the pattern for [Vigilance Perch] when the last quest is handed in. No vendors will sell me anything relevant. Damned frustrating to get stuck like thisInsulown3 10 Apr
10 Apr Class Trial professions Hi! If you make a class trial character and take the professions you want, when you then 100 boost (unlock it) will you get 700 level profession? Thanks :)Pnklady1 10 Apr
10 Apr Crafting 2 legendary items on same character? If you have for example BS and LW, can you make 2 legendary items? Will you get q for both? Or you can make only 1? With LW you need to choose mail or lether, but that is same profesion... Thanks alot for help.Elessil0 10 Apr
10 Apr Nevermind, please delete Hi Anybody know what to do to buy the recipe ? I have completed the quest and have the hammer in bags, nether disruptor is still up and somehow BS trainer is selling me the recipe in dalaran/stormwind. Appreciate any advice. ThanksDharockster0 10 Apr
09 Apr Recraftint legendaries There is no stated restriction on how many of the crafted legendaries you can make. I assume that next time the tower is built I can craft another one, does anyone know if that is right?Forogil1 09 Apr
09 Apr How to get Wisp-Touched Elderhide? Well I have googled to death the Wisp-Touched Elderhide but can't find any info on how or where to get it. It is used for the new crafted Leather Feet Legendary. Any ideas? Thanks IanDredsong8 09 Apr
09 Apr Leather of the Ancients Does anyone know what mobs to kill to get them? tried suramar dudes on the north, spiders north-west, random demons in the middle, also sentinax demons, none of them dropped any.Crazztt2 09 Apr
09 Apr I cant get the Q for crafting legendary. As you know, the Nether Disruptor is up and there should be Q available for people, who have 800 skill in their profession. But i cant get it anywhere. Wowhead says, i should get Armorcrafter's Commendation from Commander Chambers, but i get nothing...Andromedes15 09 Apr
09 Apr How to make money this expansion Hi guys I need help making money this expansion I was thinking of buying obliterum and putting 100 g on it to make profit relisting If there are ways to make good money pls share Any tips are appreciated I need money for spider mount pls make me rich i beg of youNomnar6 09 Apr
09 Apr Best gold making profession currently? (7.1.5) 03/04/17 titleCrimerider9 09 Apr
09 Apr Thanks Blizz for Falcasaurs Skin those birdie-raptors its heaven for a skinner ! Something nice Blizz did =DLirastrasza0 09 Apr
09 Apr Celumbra, the Night's Dichotomy - Effect ... Does anyone know if the shoulders actually make your character look shadowy when something is within 12 yards of you?Krugra4 09 Apr
08 Apr Legendary crafting quest line So once you get your quests at least for BS it tells you to go to two mythic dungeons which in theory is fine but i am saved to one of those so am i just !@#$ out of luck and have to wait till the reset before i can do that quest?Zombiunicorn1 08 Apr
07 Apr Re-learning leatherworking I recently re-learned legion leatherworking and bought back skill recipes from the tome from a vendor in Dalaran. I didn't get the rank 2 recipes for Warhide Gloves and Warhide Mask or the chance to redo the quests for them from Hrul Sharphoof (Evolution of the Past and Strength of the Past). What am I doing wrong?Balanceheal2 07 Apr
07 Apr Lazy-man's/woman's Professions This thread will probably get downvoted or something lol. Anyway... Does anyone know of a set of lazy-man's/woman's professions? I've tried tailoring/skinning & leatherworking/herb & alch/mining & JC/.... But with this character I just want something easy where I don't really have to do much. What do you guys suggest? Herb & mining? I mean that you just run around gathering nodes while doing quests ect... My cooking is leveled quite a bit and have good recipes but I find that people aren't buying food as much in Legion as they used to in say WoD or MoP.Cyphinette10 07 Apr
06 Apr Prospecting Prospect 4-5 stacks (x200) of felslate . 0 Pandemonite. Nice game. Status: unsubbed.Ammer5 06 Apr
05 Apr felhide skill hi just wondering what still do you need to be to skin felhide , im 110 and ive just learned skinning , but it wont let me skin felhide , but i can skin other stuff , so do you have to be a sorten skill to skin felhideEqualizerr2 05 Apr