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2h Inscription? Hi All, is there any point in the inscription profession? It seems to me they could just remove it as it does literally nothing. Glyphs are cosmetic and the other items we can create are obsolete. Or is there something I am missing? Regards, S.Goldenfyre21 2h
6h A Colorful Key Has anyone completed this Argus JC quest? I have prospected >2000 ores and still only got 5 of the 6 gems required. Have loads of duplicates but this is driving me nuts.Hundead4 6h
1d Archeology, RNG or misunderstanding? So, after injuring my pinky with a stanley blade I decided to try out Archeology. I grinded 1-800 skill in Azsuna. During this 2-3 day grind I have only discovered 1 rare artifact. Is this profession luck, or is there more to it? I'm also using the add-on Archy.Louigi3 1d
1d Astral Glory The New Argus Herb: Useless Compared to the new ore Empyrium i feel like the new Argus herb Astral Glory is completely useless. You can currently only use them for a few things: 1. the new Alchemy trinket which requires Primal Sargerite to make. If you don't have a gathering profession on your Alchemist you aren't even able to obtain them(unless you do the transmute with 25 blood of sargeras, which is a nice way to ruin yourself) that means almost nobody is able to craft the trinket. 2. the 3 new potions are all useless so why would you craft them? you also need Primal Sargerite for those. Anyone knows if more recipes are coming in the future ? I currently have 12000x Astral Glory in my bag that wont sell and AH is slowly getting filled up. Prices are now 1/3 of the Empyrium prices. Please tell me it won't stay like this :)Ildmoney6 1d
3d JC - What am I doing wrong? So I am a JC on my Rogue, but I keep destroying mines that gives little or no mats at all. It would be better economic wise to just sell the ores instead? Am I doing something wrong?Phuerox4 3d
4d Made Neck pieces Ive been searching and i cant see any proffesion that makes the new upgraded version, I know jewelcrafters made the lower version, is it the only piece that cant be made in now?Grunch0 4d
6d Dreadhide Leather and Gravenscale These LW crafting reagents drops from What are they for? There are no recipes for them.Animalia0 6d
18 Sep Jewelcrafting 7.3 how do you guys make money with this .. i just prospect every ore i find and sell everything am i doing it right ?? xD and now there is the crown thingy please help me i need some wow time xDFreezybam2 18 Sep
18 Sep engineering: gravitational reduction slippers another dissapointment. who will ever use these, when theyre not permanent?? i wouldnt even use it, if it only took 1 empyrium to make. useless!Egeszsegere9 18 Sep
16 Sep Tailoring 7.3 Problems Hiya,ive seen other people with tailoring making new hats,but the only new recipe i got was the pants,from the guest "Looming over me" after that the new tailoring trainer gives me nothing,ive done 3/3 argus story even the new dungeon on mythic,still nothing am i missing someting or is my game bugged? blue pls answer!Tómppá5 16 Sep
16 Sep Leatherworking: How to get to 800? Hey Been grinding my Leatherworking up to earlier today which was incredibly easy up to 770 at which each point took a tad more materials to get. But after a bit of farming I reached 780 and discovered that all my legion recipies have turned gray. I don't know what recipies I can obtain that give me skillup. I cannot find anything on wowhead that tells what to go after. Anyone that hav encountered a similar problem and know how to still get to 800? Please respond :)Honkmarshal3 16 Sep
16 Sep Profession synergy Hey guys currently running Enchanting/Alchemy on my main dont have much on alts par skinning/lw. To my question, I was considering dropping Enchanting or Alchemy for herb however I am unsure if Its worth it and if it is which I should drop, herbs are relatively expensive on my realm. I have no rank 2 or 3 recipes for flasks for Alchemy and am unsure whether its worth putting the gold in to get them (or herbs) and if the combination of enchanting/herb is really efficent or if doesn't matter, my main purpose would be helping to make gold as I plan to start collecting mounts and it can get expensive. What are your thoughts or experiences with these professions and what would your opinion be from them? Thanks for reading and sorry for the long postRikuto1 16 Sep
16 Sep Most profitable proffesion Hi guys can you tell me on outland what is the most gold profitable proffession as I want to make lots of gold and also details of the best items to sell etcNaxxremiss1 16 Sep
15 Sep Stats that are best in slot So i am wondering are the best. I do not want to waste materials on random chances. Thanks for the info.Zoisite0 15 Sep
15 Sep Empyrial Breastplate of the Adaptable Why is the Empyrial Breastplate of the Adaptable from BS in 7.3 worth so much?Dshan2 15 Sep
14 Sep Reset underlight angler? Is it possible to reset the traits on underlight angler?Justíce9 14 Sep
14 Sep Can't find Rank 2 Empyrium I've been mining for several hours each day, both basilisks and normal nodes and I've collected over 1,800 ore. However, at a mining level of 785, I haven't received Rank 2 Empyrium yet, nor a single Primal Sargerite. Is it gated behind something? Is there something I should be doing?Djx5 14 Sep
13 Sep Inscription could it be less dank then it currently is?? tomes are 150g or less. only thing that can make any gold is runes. or just sell herbs really. glyphs are nice and all but they dont sell that well, they could definately be more spicey and attractive. or how about a mythic + vantus rune, maybe it would work for all dungeons at reduced value obv. and it would cost something and not be completely unsless. i had numerous professions on my alts and it feels like inscription is by far the worse, and with other professions getting legendary crafts AND 935 items. it really feel like blizz dont give one fudge about inscription. maybe i just suck at inscription *shrugs* open to that possibility.Bugdrops2 13 Sep
12 Sep Some legion food buffs don't work on Argus Namely the Spiced Falcosaur Omelet. I know the description says it only works on Broken Isles but why? Argus is still part of the Legion expansion is it not? In the passed has there ever been a food buff or potion that just stopped working (intentionally) because of a content patch?Gitmix0 12 Sep
12 Sep Astral Glory rank 3: not receiving the buff Astral Glory Rank 3 states that you have a chance to gain a small healing over time when gathering this particular herb. Yet I can not seem to receive the buff. It does not appear on my buff list nor do I see a faster increase in my health regeneration. I know it says it has a chance to proc this buff, but from the 40 herbs I farmed I haven't seen a single healing over time buff. Am I missing something here or is it bugged? Besides that, it seems only logical that the rank 3 could have at least give a guaranteed healing over time, it is already not the strongest upgrade, and it would be nice to have the extra reliability. Edit: I was just really unlucky.Kameltoetem1 12 Sep
11 Sep Engineering recipes (Argus) I can't seem to be able to find these recipes, as far as i am i aware of they are supposed to be quests rewards, anyone know where to get them? I've googled/searched wowhead, asked in-game *shrug* and i cannot seem to be able to find any answer.Aitz2 11 Sep
11 Sep Alchemy: Potion of Prolonged Power 3 The only way to get a Rank 3 recipe for Prolonged Power Rank is to kill world boss: Na'zak the Fiend In 3 months I have never seen him spawned yet (Suramar). Am i missing something? Is there some trick to getting it spawned?Dessento23 11 Sep
11 Sep items to 935 Greetings all I have tried to google, but i need help. Which leather armour items can be upgraded to 935?Kairijo1 11 Sep
09 Sep Profession advice for boost Hi guys This is Nomnar from Kazzak. I am in need of advice from you folks. I am planning on using boost on my druid at lvl 60 and choose alchemy and jc as professions. I have a dk who has jc and mınıng but jc ıs about 300 so gonna drop that and take herb. Herm and mıne on dk and lvl thm on druıd. IS thıs a nıce ıdea? as i dont want to boost a profession like herb and mine which are easy.Nomnar3 09 Sep
09 Sep Shadoweave Mask Latest Bad Move Ok Blizzard, I am seriously getting tired of your crap this expansion. Why would you introduce a pattern with a crap drop rate IN AN AUTO CROSS REALM ZONE on a mob with a crap spawn rate. Either give it a bigger drop rate that only tailors can see or disable cross realm for vanilla areas.Forbiddenone4 09 Sep
08 Sep Astral Alchemist stone warning before you start quest So yes I made a post similar to this but since then I've had some Gm feedback and lets just say its not the best. So I have decided to construct a guile on Astral Alchemist stone. First step : don't do it unless you have lots of gold The quest to obtain the recipe is flawed, unlike in WoD where you would upgrade your previous stone to the new stone in legion it seems this doesn't work that way. So the quest ONLY gives the recipe !, you do not get a new stone. now this is important because without a stone you cannot transmute anything. that's correct it actually consumes your current infernal stone. it also doesn't let you select a stone it just consumes whatever stone it comes to first and that's usually the one you have been using that is fully upgraded to 10/10. Now to be fair I think most of us read the PTR and notes that a new stone would be available and it would use primal sagarite to upgrade it. I think we all assumed this mean that we could upgraded out 900 ilvl infernal stone to 925/930 with the new mats. This however is not the case. So your 10/10 900 ilvl infernal stone will get consumed ( unless you bank it and make another but the way blizzard have set it up whats the point ?). lets consider that: it cost mats to make , and then 20 blood of sagaras and 10 obliterium to upgrade. that's about 30-30k gold on some servers. The quest costs the stone plus a 75 astral herbs ( which are not easy to farm in Argus due to its disjunted layout) and then also 5 primal sagarite ( drop rates on this suck). but I hear you say you can transmute it.... but I cant because I just had my stone consumed! So the recipe has now cost me about 100k gold and a lot of time farming. But then I get to upgrade the stone which starts out at 885 . lets look at that for starters it starts out 15ilvl lower than the 900ilvl trinket I had at the start of this. I then have to use primal obliterium which requires primal sagarite and yet more obliterium. So my new 10/10 Astral alchemist stone cost me: 2 x infernal brimstone 10 x felwort 26 x blood of sagaras 20 x obliterium 150 x Astral Glory 20 x primal sagarite ( because you have to make a infernal stone +herbs+sagarite JUST for the quest. you then have to make another infernal stone to make the astral version costing a further herbs and sagarite> you then have to upgrade it and if you already upgraded your original infernal stone then that's cost you more ) that's around 100-150k gold depending on demand and your server. its actually more expensive to make than the craftable legendaries Now there are multiple post and a lot of people saying GMs say this wasn't intended but seems little of nothing is being don about it. this is also way more expensive than any of the other craftable items around. the fact it consumes your transmute stone also means you are forced to make one. This is what Blizzard should have done if you use your 10/10 fully upgraded stone it should when completing the quest change the stone to a 900 ilvl or 3/10 Astral version or something similar OR reduced the legendary value of the mats required for this. Or is should refund you the mats you spent upgrading the infernal stone Dear Blizzard it should cost 2 infernal stones 150 herbs and 10 primal sagarite to get the new alchemist stone. it should also not waste your obliterium, you spent before.Anonymal0 08 Sep
08 Sep Legion Jewelcrafting Prospecting To say I hate it is an understatement! I despise it with a passion, comes close! The amounts of ore I have wasted on this idiotic RNG luck deprived ability called Prospecting is just beyond stupid!!! With some items like an ilvl 850 neck for Warlock... HA! Yes it needs 5 Pandemonites if your recipe is on lvl 1! Good luck prospecting one Pandemonite! I am sure all Jewelcrafters are broke or somewhere in an Ironforge bar drinking about their sorrows with the only one listening the dwarf bar tender as Blizz don't give a damn! That dwarf maid is starting to look kind of cute though.. /Cough /shake head. No wonder they gave the JC's a free quest to get a free gem in Dalaran every now and then! It is Blizzards way of silently admitting Prospecting is utterly useless.Cùrsé5 08 Sep
08 Sep Darkmoon Profession Quets I just brought my DK up to speed with a token, but naturally now I'm a bit behind with the professions (Mining 116, Blacksmithing 62). Thought the +5 quests would be an option, but alas! no quests for poor me. According to the WoW-Head guide Yebb Neblegear and Rinling should have my quest, but they offer nothing. Curiously, Rhinling gives me that quest for Healing. Any prerequisites I should be aware of or something? Thanks in advance...Defector4 08 Sep
07 Sep Primal Sargerite is messed up,blizz pls fix/think So basically with new blood there is really big problem with professions. a)double gatherer . There is nothing you can do with these and no, primal obliterum doesnt count. Its same price as normal obliterum since these are worthless for double gatherer. b) double crafter There is no way of getting sargerite for even basic stuff, like first blacksmith quest is to craft armorpiece which needs sargerites. So Im basically !@#$ed up now. c) transmute for alchemists would be nice unless it would cost 7,5k gold for 1 sargerite, this is just %^-*ed up okay, there is shoulder enchant with revered, but well yeah, might take a while to get revered for all my alts......and after few sargerites its probably worth going back to blood enchant. Basically this means that you are forcing us to take gather+crafting profession combo for each character if we want to do anything with our professions which is just totally bull!@#$ with characters that have been double crafters since TBC/Wotlk. Please try to give atleast a bit of thought on these things before you put this stuff online... Just making these BoA would be easiest solution. If thats something you dont want then maybe you should consider merging gathering into crafting professions or atleast give professions some viable way to get these.Beelsebub7 07 Sep
06 Sep Where are the new epic gems? Why isn'T the NPC giving me the Jc questline... they said they'll open it on the 2nd week of argus.... yet there's still nothing... making JC a horrible profession atm... wth is going on?Sentwin2 06 Sep
06 Sep So rare gems and shoulder enchant useless now... Well done on adding Epic gems to the game with no source for them other than having another primary profession to collect the ore needed to find them. This has made all of the rare gems I have useless since people will only want epic gems but at least I had the shoulder enchant that gave me a supply of those gems...the common gems were already pointless outside of a few silly world quests Please make shoulder (or preferably a different slot...belt perhaps) to collect mats from Argus Or allow us to trade up a number of a lower gem for one of the higher quality (let's say at a ratio of 5/1)Archermit0 06 Sep
05 Sep Empyrial Breastplate Rank 1 - Blacksmithing. So I was wondering if anyone within the forums has the same problem as me, but for some odd reason I am unable to make the Empyrial Breastplate, despite having completed the quest to learn the recipe. It's not in my Learned tab and it isn't in my Unlearned tab either. So where is it then?Lannisa3 05 Sep
05 Sep Lavish Suramar Feast: Rank 3 Hello Everyone As the title says I was wondering if this recipe is discovered by someone, anyone?? From the start of the expansion I was providing Nomi with fresh meat and fish, and although he burnt almost everything, he managed somehow to discover all recipes to rank 3. Only Lavish Suramar Feast is rank 2 for me. For over 2 months I'm providing the wanna be cook Nomi with bacon (I saw on wowhead that to discover that recipe Nomi needs to cook bacon) which costed me a fortune, approximately around 200k gold and I see no results or end in near future. So I was wondering, is this recipe in game at all, is it somehow related with a bug of something, or is it me just being unlucky?? Is it worthy to let Nomi to continue burning my gold?? Any advice is greatly appreciated... CheersForttuna4 05 Sep
05 Sep JWC 885+ Crown I have question about that. I saw some ppl already have in AH 885+ Primal Obliterum items ( i think it was LW or BL players). So why we cant craft alredy that 885+ item in JWC if other professions can? I hear we can equip only one 885+ item on char so... isn't it ittle bit unfair? Because if one player buy mail shoulders... there is no chance he will buy then mail crown from JWC if he can't equip that.Moondo0 05 Sep
05 Sep Issue with restoring professions. I switched server yesterday and realised that Inscription wasn't worth having anymore for gold making and decided that I'd be better with Alchemy. I'd had alchemy before on this character and had most legion recipes at rank3. I tried to use the tome from the Alchemy Supplies to re-learn my skills (I had done this for herbalism and tailoring previously). For some reason it didn't relearn anything. I've put a ticket in for help but I'm wondering if anyone else has had this issue ? I noticed that the tome for Alchemy is 100g while the rest that I've used at 1000g so I'm not sure if there's an issue there.Woddéll0 05 Sep
05 Sep Demonsteel Stirrups on Argus Any chance you could make the Demonsteel Stirrups usable on Argus? If not, then would it at least be possible to add a recipe for a new kind of stirrups made from Empyrium that would provide the same kind of effect on both Argus and Broken Isles?Peranor3 05 Sep
05 Sep Primal Bat Leather? Greetings you amazing lot! I'd love, more than nearly anything, to help a friend by obtaining something he can no longer get in game, but needs for the PERFECT mog. Any of you who are fond of dressing to impress, and looking your best will understand the dilemma, and I will go to the ends of the earth to help a friend, and apparently the ends of Azeroth! :) Earn your Draenic merit badge right here for doing your good deed for us?! We need ten [Primal Bat Leather][i][/i] That's all! The rest of the mats seem to be easy enough to go farm up to make the Primal Batskin Gloves. I'm happy to pay a very handsome price for this! (Though I do hope people will help do a kind deed, and accept a reasonable, handsome price for dusting off their old banked leather) ^_^ Please whisper me, send me an in-game mail, or any other way you can find to hail me, you'll be making this particular Draenei a very happy woman, and I always find a way to pay it forward. ((I'm in TheSha'tar, so you'd need to be from there, Moonglade or SteamwheedleCartel)) <3 Thanks in advance! <3 The Kat =^_^=Kittkatt0 05 Sep
04 Sep Ascending Alchemy consumes Stone without warning Hi, in the Quest Ascending Alchemy one is tasked to present some mats and a Infernal Alchemist Stone. What the quest doesn't tell is that upon finishing it will consume even equipped Infernal Alchemist Stones without asking. I lost my iLv 900 Stone. Fix this!ëyr2 04 Sep
04 Sep 780 enchanting, what now? I allmost finished skill up my professions, only enchanting left on 780 skill. Any ideas how to skill it up?Sapherea5 04 Sep
03 Sep Getting max value from a mat? Hehyo! Is there a way to find out whats the max value you can get of a specific mat? Like u have a lot of leather type X and want to max it. A tool that says u to just auction it or craft specific item that brings most value at the moment? Or is something like that somewhere hidden in the awesome TSM?Pandauschi0 03 Sep
03 Sep (Engineering) Vindicaar teleport for Reaves? Any chance we could get a teleport to the Vindicaar that we can install in to Reaves, similar to the wormhole generator module. The Wormhole generators are one of the best part of being an engineer. I don't think it's going to be unbalanced (if that term can be used for this) since it's going to share a cooldown with the current wormhole module. With the upgraded flight whistle you will be able to jump to the closest beacon and teleport there anyway, so it's not that unbalanced to give Engineers a direct teleport. I want to clarify though that I don't want it to connect to the entire beacon network and allow engineers to teleport all over Argus, it should just bring Engineers back to the Vindicaar. Does anyone else think this would be a good addition? Or am I just a lazy, entitled prick?Neslin0 03 Sep
02 Sep No Loot Fishing? So i've been fishing since last night trying to max it out for the legion fishing mount "Pond Nettle", Been currently In Uldum Fishing for the "Sea Turtle" Mount while leveling up my skills. Whenever i Right click on the bobber my skill goes up, But no message or loot box appears, I have auto-loot off too. I can't seem to get loot no matter what i do, can someone please explain what i need to do or how to fix this?Topkeklel0 02 Sep
02 Sep New Druid - Professions Hi all I've been doing some research, trying to decide what professions to take and level up fully but I'm really struggling to pick them. I will either be feral or a resto Druid. I'm a returning player starting from scratch, so I'm wondering whether I should go with 2 gathering to make money or go for Herb/Alch for pots or Min/Eng for gadgets (are there any good goggles/equipment/gadgets for druids?). Or do people have level 1 alts with crafting skills and mains with gathering? Any Druids that can recommend their set up? ThanksJkmllr1 02 Sep
02 Sep New tailoring spell for 7.3? as above, where do I learn the new tailoring spell in 7.3, I have found the trainor on the ship, but she doesn't offer me any recipes. I have done all the world quests etc but still no joy, any help wold be appreciated. tyHigherpower3 02 Sep
02 Sep No Loot Fishing? So i've been fishing since last night trying to max it out for the legion fishing mount "Pond Nettle", Been currently In Uldum Fishing for the "Sea Turtle" Mount while leveling up my skills. Whenever i Right click on the bobber my skill goes up, But no message or loot box appears, I have auto-loot off too. I can't seem to get loot no matter what i do, can someone please explain what i need to do or how to fix this?Topkeklel0 02 Sep
02 Sep No Loot Fishing? So i've been fishing since last night trying to max it out for the legion fishing mount "Pond Nettle", Been currently In Uldum Fishing for the "Sea Turtle" Mount while leveling up my skills. Whenever i Right click on the bobber my skill goes up, But no message or loot box appears, I have auto-loot off too. I can't seem to get loot no matter what i do, can someone please explain what i need to do or how to fix this?Topkeklel0 02 Sep
01 Sep The new recipe from Argussian reach rep. Why the hell every rank 3 is on exalted????? You do know how slow you have made the rep gain? As it stands now it going to takes Ages to get those recipes this is stupid unless im missing something here. We are 2 days in and im still not even friendly.Golnar8 01 Sep
01 Sep Skinning It's very cool find people that can intentionally ruin your game spamming aoe on your mobs and don t loot,You did a really good skinning system CongratzCortedduzzu0 01 Sep
01 Sep Lightblood Elixir pointless and expensive Nobody in his right mind is going to use an elixir that last for 15m, only usable outdoors and cost 1 primal Sagerite to craft. The WQ is up for rank 2 and that means you have to deliver 5 of those. I am not spending 5 Primal on that and waste my primal basically for no return. Not sure what the point is in this expensive Elixir but the crafting cost of 1 Primal need to be removed to make it doable to collect it for completion maybe because that about all there is use for.Ròótz0 01 Sep