1h Crafted Gear - Stat Suffix - Up-to-date List? Hi there :) I'm trying to gear up my various alts with the best crafted gear for their spec. I'm finding it quite tricky to keep track of which 'suffix' I should be keeping an eye open for each character, particularly as RNG plays such a big part in what you make, and there seems to be a bewildering array of combinations - some of which don't turn up that often. I've done a few searches for a list, but the usual sites don't seem to have this information at all, and the lists posted on places like Reddit aren't up-to-date. Does anyone have a current spreadsheet/list or can you point me in the right direction? I can't have my feral druid going about in 'Aurora' when she ought to be in 'Peerless', can I!? Many thanks in advance.Jazurja0 1h
8h Buff crafted items! From 1/10 into 1/20 or atleast into 900ilvl top choise for pvp set, or casuals can have some kind of progression chance and for those extreme unlucky ones who never get any lootDamios10 8h
10h Jewel crafting is broken Jewel crafting is broken there's no where near enough sockets on gear to make gems more consumable ie increasing demand. Prospecting should be our farming tool yet is useless since ores are better sold raw rather than prospected, a quick fix for this is implement farming nodes for prospecting. All crafted epic rings and necks I don't need say anymore about these as its obvious that these are pointless they should be hard to craft but BIS and scale to keep them relevant increasing there value. How Jewel crafting sits at the moment it may aswell be removed from game.Shocknorc3 10h
22h BS stuck at 799 I have made a ton of Demonsteel boots (at 799 / rank 3) and I haven't had a single skillpoint. Why Blizzard... why? Give me 800 already. 22h
1d Does the Archaeology quest reset tomorrow? I currently have Echoes of my Ancestors, does anyone know if it changes to something else tomorrow? I want to do it before it swaps.Feirgan2 1d
1d Mining nodes bugged Hello! I've got a problem for a few days now(4-5), when i mine a node my character kneels down but no loot window appears. Any solutions?Nottleqt3 1d
1d Archaeology: Echoes of My Ancestors I'm sorry, but were you having a laugh when you designed this quest? This quest is a part of the achievement "This Side Up" which awards an artifact skin. The requirements for this particular quest is to complete 25 (!!!) highborn archaeology projects. That's one big time sink and a hellish grind, especially considering at least one of the dig sites is located among 110+ elites (Temple of a Thousand Lights). This needs a re-think and a nerf, especially considering picking up next week's quest will result in the loss of all progress from the previous week's quest.Savannah37 1d
1d Bugged herbs Why is there so many bugged herbs? Trying to pick them up very often but just get skill point without anything in my bag.Perwerka20 1d
1d First Aid in Legion The first aid vendors let you unlock 800 first aid but i also found out that there are supposed to be a number of quests to find NPCs out in the world and patch them up, however these quests are supposed to be given to me by the same NPC that taught me legion first aid, but they do not have any quests. How do you get these quests?Lullerull8 1d
1d Foxflower proc and thieves I got a proc on a foxflower, a fox run around and drop flowers that you walk over to pick up. Theese can be stolen by other people. We're talking 20+ herbs here. Make it personal!!!Bananbrus10 1d
1d Where are the L3 mining quests, since 3-4 weeks? I got them on a toon around silvester and on others I levelled mining since then, none dropped. What happened in patches inbetween this timeframe? Where are the level 3 mining quests?Liebeist2 1d
2d Pandemonic choker - a joke? Heals for 11k when summoned daemon dies - that is ridiculousShumensko0 2d
3d Legion tailoring is annoying It's not just the fact that all the crafted gear is not good enough. Tailoring seems the only profession that requires to craft its best items only at 1 place. I can understand the reasoning, but this is just bad. At least add a mail box in front of tailor's guild in Suramar.Shumensko1 3d
3d Rank 3 Battlebound Armbands WQ I'm not quite sure if this belongs here since it's more about a bug than the profession alone but if it get's less attention than I want, I'll move it to general perhaps. So I asked some people on reddit if they had the same problem and it looks like we all have it. I'm just here for further confirmation and perhaps to get some more attention since just like Infernal Alchemist Stone rank3 bug, this seems to be ignored for over half a year. For those unwilling to check the link: the problem is the quest didn't spawn since September. At least no one can confirm it did. Nothing has been done about this yet. Does anyone of you actually remember it spawning between September and now? Please, confirm and report this bug so maybe we can speed up the process.Hlirgh4 3d
4d Alchemy Rank 3 Flasks I have leveled my alchemist early in Legion and have been making flasks ever since for my characters. After crafting 'round 200 intelect flasks at rank 2 I received rank 3 pattern. It was a horrible farming experience, but I made it. Now, I have been trying to proc rank 3 on agility flask for 3 months now. I've made more than 800 flasks and still no rank 3. Can't imagine how much time and herbs will it take to get potions and other flasks to rank 3 aswell at this rate. Will someone please adress this stupid and absurd RNG where after 800 flasks you dont see a rank 3 recipe. Are you serious with this? This cannot possibly be how its supposed to work, nobody with sane mind would design it to work this way.Nycto11 4d
4d Prof WQ rewards My enchanting WQ today is word of int for 40 arkhana word of int costs 12 leylight (3 stars) I often convert leylight into Arkhana because its priced better on AH, 1 Leylight makes 3 Arkhana (the 12 Leylight i used i could have made 36 Arkhana) my gain from this WQ was effectively 4 Arkhana my server thats worth about 88g ---- The other day i did a JC WQ 6 uncommen gems i brought off the AH (aroung 200g worth) made a neck and got 5 bloods of sargeras (blood of sargeras go for about 450g, Fjarniskagl are about 45g each crafting somewhat similar) my gain from this WQ was around 2050g Who are you paying to plan this stuff that's deciding that's about fair and even? My JC gets a rare gem every 2 days in the Dala JC shop, will you be adding a click the chunks off the Chaos Crystal soon? I kid, I make far more from my enchanter than my JC, some reason the JCers have not been keeping the 450g difference between cut and uncuts recentlyKevjp1 4d
4d Is "Bigger Fish To Fry" account-wide? I really don't want to catch all the rare fish again just for another character.Iexi1 4d
4d Alchemy dead in 7.2 ? Would this item kill Alchemy ? 4d
4d Make Secondary Proffesions ...... Account Shared ! Its about time for such a change that is needed , that or give us the ability to unlearn them if we choice tooMetalhoof0 4d
5d Pocket Training dummy idea. i think having a pocket training dummy from engineering would be cool ? What do you guys think ? or Armored training dummy from blacksmithing.Gulbrand1 5d
5d [Inscription] Vantus Rune Ursoc 3 It has been almost (if not more) 2 months. I wonder if is there any inscriptor like me that misses that specific rank 3 vantus rune. I started Legion a bit late, but I am doing WQs almost every day. Rank 3 Ursoc VR is obtainable only by WQ in Highmountain as far I know. I've seen loads of vantus rune quests for xavius, nythendra, eye etc., but havent met Ursoc one so far. Is this world quest bugged? Or rng is tricking me once more? Anyone can confirm this quest is obtainable but invisible on map or something?Violationer2 5d
6d Advice please Hello ppls. I want to grow enchanting. What profession is best with enchanting to learn to? Thank you!Frostizy4 6d
15 Mar Herbalism Felwort and Aehtril proc bug Whenever you gather a Felwort and your Aethril rank 3 proc on it, and spawns another Felwort, you cannot gather it !? Like what the hell It happened for like 20th time ?! This is ridiculous bug and I wrote a ticket Blizzard didn't even respond. So I'm making a topic with the hope they will take a look at it ! Because it's really f*cking annoying ! FIX IT ALREADYFrostanxiety0 15 Mar
15 Mar What professions for raiding? What profession combo is best for PvE/Raids? Explain why it's good for what so i can learn for the future. (Lore wise) what professions for Undead Warlock?Derfla14 15 Mar
15 Mar Lost 3-rd star I have changing professions for a wile just to test something, and when I reacquire herbalism I had 3-rd star missing for roses only, other stars were OK, skill was starting over, but it is normal. Is profession book returns all Legion stars or randomly just some of them? Is it normal to lose a star when changing professions? Those 3-rd star quests are repeatable or this is a bug?Otrovata3 15 Mar
15 Mar Which pots share cooldowns? Seems like certain potions share cd with others, for example healthstone seems to share cd with ancient healing potions while ancient healing potion seems to share cd with skystep potion, deadly grace etc. On the other hand you have ancient rejuvenation potion which doesnt seem to share cd with anything so it is really useful for double healing pot for 1m heal. Do all utility/damage pots share cd with ancient healing potion?Ràlph1 15 Mar
15 Mar Tailoring 800 Bloodtotem Saddle Blanket Has anyone figured out what this item do?Lightjuice2 15 Mar
15 Mar No communication on Profession issues. Seriously. I understand this is EU forums, and we should not really expect great communication from devs responsible for professions design, but STILL. Will it help if we consolidate all the bugs and issues found with many professions, so you can just provide that pure feedback to the devs and then come back to us with answers? I will list what I personally consider bugs and/or severe issues with professions, having all professions on 800 across alts (except JC at 790): 1. Most of Profession-related Work Order World Quests in Val'Sharah and Highmountain have not appeared since October. And this isn't just the case where the WQ doesn't appear on the map, but is in fact there - I've been checking on my alts that still need some rank 3 recipes daily. That includes 2 work orders on fish (Val'Sharah and Highmountain one) and pretty much every single work order for every profession - vantus runes, enchants, crafted gear. Notably, the fishing world quests (those that aren't work orders) appear just fine in those 2 zones. 2. Shark riding fishing quest is still required for the meta-achievement yet has never appeared. I'm playing the Russian game client, so I'm not certain regarding the name of this quest. Please correct me with the real name of this quest. 3. Shoulder rank 3 recipes requiring RBG wins is ridiculous. It has nothing to do with 'rarity'. Make it even more rare than it is now, but make it a reward from RANDOM BGs, not RATED BGs. Every single recipe that requires various group content can be obtained through the LFG tool - LFR, dungeon finder, soon even the mythic dungeons will be more trivial. Even now, though people need to actually form a group for mythic 5mans (for some rank 3 recipes), it is incomparable to the dedication and time investment required to simply DELVE into the RBG process, yet alone start winning, yet alone get enough wins to receive the recipes. 4. Infernal Brimstone Rank 2 is definitely bugged. Yes, RNG is RNG, but I've not heard of any single person since september who got the quest for rank 2. Felwort and Felhide rank 2 usually proc within 1-2 weeks, and people have been doing the Brimstone WQs for almost half a year now without seeing the rank 2 recipe. Let me know if I forgot something important, I will add it to this list.Беато7 15 Mar
15 Mar Felwort stealing I know this will probably be a topic of flaming and trolling. I just need to get this off my chest. Earlier today I spent around 30k gold buying Felwort Seed. I went to my usual spot to plant them, and when I have done this before I have always been alone so I didn't give it alot of thought, so I planted all the seeds I bought. All of the sudden this random player comes along and steals around 75% of all my Felwort. I know I was stupid for not thinking further ahead, but there should really be a restriction for those seed plantings. For example that only people in your group/party can pick them up or something like that. I know in this expansion 30k isn't alot of money for most, but it is alot of money for me. There should really be some kind of solution to this.Nybcrox8 15 Mar
14 Mar Crafting? Crafting? Nothing to say here.Manbag0 14 Mar
13 Mar Fastest way to level fishing? Hey! Are there any other ways than just to fish from zone to zone? Thanks for any helpful advice!Orwathar13 13 Mar
13 Mar Our Man in Azsuna Our Man in Azsuna. While my Engineering is 700/800 I am not getting offered any follow quests. Any ideas?Repal1 13 Mar
12 Mar For anyone with 800 blacksmithing/mount How would I farm this mount on multiple characters? How long does it take to get the mount once?Vaz1 12 Mar
12 Mar Recipe: Fel Core Hound drop in LFR? My warrior skill blacksmiths. Try get mount when drop recipe. Wondered, it can work in LFR?Liborio1 12 Mar
12 Mar Bum? i have no profession, i just bum around is goldshire mostly..Johnsonz0 12 Mar
12 Mar Alchemy mastery Hey there. Long time player who's come back after a three years break. It seems that with every expansion that has been released, Blizzard seem to have a need to radically change everything that has to do with the professions. Legion doesn't seem to be an exception. With the ranking system of your recpies, I was curious to know whether the alchemy specializations, like elixir mastery, does still proc extra flasks when you are below rank 3? I tried looking for some information on the forums and on wowhead, but I couldnt find anything that helped me. Thanks in advance guys!Deliena2 12 Mar
11 Mar Cooking broken Just noticed that Nightborne Delicacy Platter on Twisting Nether is much cheaper just buy from AH than make yourself..... I just counted if i needed to buy 20xgems for Nighborne Delicacy platter it costed 1000g and one others making the price per food 153G... That doesnt even include fish and others... Those i can get myself.. You just buy that food for 92,1G per stack. ITS INSANSE!! With herbalism it would make sense (or not with time consumed)Akatsugi2 11 Mar
11 Mar Best gold making profession currently? (7.1.5) 03/04/17 titleCrimerider8 11 Mar
11 Mar Raising the Drogbar and other quest issues I'm a jewelcrafter and i wish to go through the jewelcrafting quests to get recipes for better items. I finished a few quests and now Tiffany Cartier is not giving any quests out and the one I am looking for is RAISING THE DROGBAR. She is not giving any quests and i am not sure what else i can do, i have been to where jabrul is but i cant do anything ThanksSamhypryx1 11 Mar
11 Mar Fjarnskaggl Not able to loot a single herb in Stromheim. What the hell blizz?!Hilversum5 11 Mar
08 Mar Herbalism in future expansions I've been thinking about herbalism and the fact that herbs from previous expansions are more or less made redundant upon the release of newer expansions, and how this could be improved. For the next expansion I think they should include certain herbs in the recipes all the way from vanilla (like [Peacebloom], [Silverleaf], [Earthroot]) through to the current content, but at the same time allow for players who are low level to be able to level their skills. This could be done simply by creating variants of those herbs. For instance in the next expansion one of the flasks will incorporate Peacebloom however for players with low level herbalism skill who want to level up, they can pick 'Peacebloom Sprouts' which can be combined to create one Peacebloom. Higher level/skilled herbalists will therefore not bother collecting the Peacebloom sprouts, when instead they can just harvest Peacebloom, but at the same time it will allow low level herbalists the chance to level their skill. It just seems like a total waste of older content seeing as we can now bypass all of the old herbs and start crafting (at the time of making this post) Legion recipes. It will also encourage exploration into older content areas. What do you guys think?Rage1 08 Mar
07 Mar Mining (rank 3 nonexistent?) and Bloods rate Hello fellow miners, i would like to bring something to your attention. The mining rank 3 patterns and the droprate on bloods of sargeras. Now i remember being stated that bloods of sargeras would mainly drop from gathering professions such as mining, herbalism, skinning, but not only from those. You could also receive them trough world quests and for example dungeon bosses. Now i've been mining for quite some time over the days since launch, it has come to my attention that the amount of bloods i have mined so far can be counted on one hand, while friends with other gathering professions seem to have very good droprates. I see skinners running with me in Dark Thicket (Dungeon) and receive around 4-5 bloods per run, in addition to what the bosses also drop. It has gotten to such an extent that i had to conclude that running random dungeons supplies me with more bloods, then spending all these hours mining. This can't be right, can it? Anyone else experiencing this? Obviously the problem could be that my mining isnt rank 3, and thats the next discussion part. The droprate on these patterns are? 0.1%? I havent had one drop, non of my friends or guildies have had one drop either. Intended? I'm suspecting the bloods rate to go up with a rank 3 pattern (increases the chance of rare materials), but kind of stuck on rank 2 (with all types). Blue? -HitbagHitbag21 07 Mar
07 Mar Question On Profession Rank Drops Before I go off on a bender can someone please confirm that this lame*** rank system recipes that drop off of bosses in dungeons AND world bosses are a guaranteed drop or not. Edit nvm, just managed to confirm myself. As if the profession system wasnt ******** enough with all the ******* RNG in this lame*** expansion. Want to finish off Jewelcrafting, good luck getting the RNG Rank ******* 3 designs especially from the world bosses. If this whole RNG Rank BS carries on over to the next expansion you can probably say goodbye to a lot of people because as it stands people are sick and tired of this BS. Even with Rank 3 its going to cost hundreds of thousands to actually finish it off, dungeons are supposed to be a source of enjoyment not something to be despised before you even set foot in the damn places. I won't make the same mistake I did with this expansion, I will be reading up on every damn bit of it.Forbiddenone2 07 Mar
06 Mar Complete imbalance in professions Okay, so i got jewelcrafting, want to max it.. So i need ores which cost 55 gold each.. So i prospect (5 ores x 55 gold = 275G / prospect) and i get useless gemchips.. And when i finaly get some blue quality gems, i only have 4 rank 3 necklaces to craft which nobody wants be`cuz they suck... Still i buy the recipy despite it being 2400gold (wtf???). And i craft it anyway `cuz i want skillpoints.. So i spend 5 Blue quality gems, 2 infernal brimstones and 5 bloods and craft one and i get no skillpoint.. And its yellow!! WTF?? But i craft anotherone anyway `cuz i want skillpoints.. Nothing!! again?? B-b-but.. it is yellow? QQ And i craft another one, surely i should get some skillpoint now, cuz it is yellow and all? Nothing, again? Thats 15 blue quality gems, 6 infernal brimstones and 15 bloods for NOTHING, k? Cuz the necklaces nobody wants, least of all me :p And thats why u suck... at balancing profession stuff. But i aint mad... Well, maybe just a little? :p When its yellow, one should get a skillpoint at least once out of three tries, no? :pEadir4 06 Mar
06 Mar Solution for a big problem (skinning) Imagine that you're skinning around with your awesome transmoged charakter when suddenly a douche start killing the mobs. You whisper him - hey! could you pls loot the mobs, I want to skin them. The douche stops for a sec, he starts thinking and then continue the mob killing still without looting them. My solution is that you can skin the mobs even if they don't loot them and the douche will get his loot from mail just like when you don't loot a boss, and everyone will be happy.. except for the douche but we don't care about himBerijoker8 06 Mar
04 Mar Aethril rank 3 bugged ? So, how long it takes ? Already on 9k herbs !Ciziks2 04 Mar
04 Mar [Glyph suggestion] Moonkin Hey folks, I'm not sure if others feel this way: but I always run with glyph of stars just to be able to show off my transmog set. Unfortunately, that glyph constantly screws over the colour (especially of the new artifact weapon's glow). So I would like another option for the look of the moonkin form. Perhaps a glyph that gives you the feathery arms only like the Malfurion model, or perhaps even a glyph that removes the visual alltogether (although you might want to scrap that one in PvP, since I can understand the important of visually seeing moonkin form there.Elmir0 04 Mar
04 Mar Bugged herb nodes Hi, more and more herb nodes are bugged, they can't be looted. Can you please address this issue? Thanks!Pantokrator1 04 Mar
03 Mar Flask Bug Hey, some of my guildmates and I are experiencing a bug regarding Legion flasks. If we consume only one flask everything's fine, but as soon as we take two at once (to get the 2h buff) they run out too fast. For example: I take them at 8.00pm and two flasks should last until 10.00pm but somehow after like ~20 mins one flask has already run out and we're left with only one flask. Is there any solution how to solve this bug as its pretty annoying?Fluffybeaver3 03 Mar