17h why no Fel-encrusted Herb Ranks? Why is there no ranks for Fel-encrusted Herb? like all the others. Like Fel-encrusted Herb Rank 1 increase the number of herbs getheret. Fel-encrusted Herb Rank 2 increase the chance for Blood of sagaras by X% Fel-encrusted Herb Rank 3 can now be any Legion Herb including Starlight and Felwort. can now drop a random seed x1 from any legion herb.Zztops1 17h
23h Lavish Suramar Feast: Rank 3 Hello Everyone As the title says I was wondering if this recipe is discovered by someone, anyone?? From the start of the expansion I was providing Nomi with fresh meat and fish, and although he burnt almost everything, he managed somehow to discover all recipes to rank 3. Only Lavish Suramar Feast is rank 2 for me. For over 2 months I'm providing the wanna be cook Nomi with bacon (I saw on wowhead that to discover that recipe Nomi needs to cook bacon) which costed me a fortune, approximately around 200k gold and I see no results or end in near future. So I was wondering, is this recipe in game at all, is it somehow related with a bug of something, or is it me just being unlucky?? Is it worthy to let Nomi to continue burning my gold?? Any advice is greatly appreciated... CheersForttuna0 23h
1d Blacksmiths - Repair Anvil As we have no real perks in blacksmithing anymore (I miss the days of extra gem slots). Yet Alchy still get 2 hour flask buffs. It makes no sense to me, why as blacksmiths we cant create a forge / anvil in raid that people can at least repair at. Engineers have at two that I know of repair options yet as BLACKSMITHS we have none. This needs to be added.Bod1 1d
1d Drowning in Chaos Crystals short on Ley/Arkhana @devs: Will be be seeing a way to downconvert Chaos Crystals into the lower ranks? Because of the iLv increase in heroics dungeons, getting Ley Shards and Arkhana is a big bother. You really don't get any blue drops short of running normal dungeons. Alternatively the level at which an item becomes "epic" could be raised. Back in MoP we had ways to shatter excess epic materials into the lower ranks, but now you practically HAVE to use your Blood of Sargeras to buy Arkhana and Leylight Shards since you only get very few green items to disenchant from normal gameplay.Aritra1 1d
1d Enchant Neck: Enchant of the Heavy Hide (rank 3) Can this enchant (upgrade) be made a 100% drop already? After nearly 3/4 of a year I still didn't manage to get this enchant upgrade. All my other enchants are on rank 3 for I guess 6 months already, but this thing simply doesn't want to drop. It is supposed to drop from Ursoc but I've never seen it drop, not for myself, not for anybody else. With several rank 3's available by sneezing in the proper direction or by simply getting them from a vendor, this one seems excessively hard to get. Next to this Emerald Nightmare is irrelevant content at this moment, making grinding Ursoc kills even more tedious.Menzov1 1d
2d Alchemy: Potion of Prolonged Power 3 The only way to get a Rank 3 recipe for Prolonged Power Rank is to kill world boss: Na'zak the Fiend In 3 months I have never seen him spawned yet (Suramar). Am i missing something? Is there some trick to getting it spawned?Dessento8 2d
2d (Cooking) Deleted Legion recipes Hello guys, I've started cooking yestreday and today I've reached to a Q - A Good Recipe List. The problem is that I've already done quest lines (checked by script) that give me these four recipes, but deleted them long time ago, because I never thought I'd ever start cooking (yes, an idiot indeed). [Recipe: Barracuda Mrglgagh] [Recipe: Salt and Pepper Shank] [Recipe: Deep-Fried Mossgill] [Recipe: Fighter Chow] My question is very simple - Is there a way to get these four recipes back? If not, my cooking days are over, right? Thank you, guys, for respond. Have a good night. Regards SedlonkaSedlonka3 2d
3d Alchemy world quest bug Hi All Has this happened to any of you. I have learnt rank 3 skystep potion and I have the world quest up "work orders: skystep potion" but the reward for I get what I hand in the quest is rank 2 recipe Skystep. I also have the same issue with the Alchemy world quest in Stormheim. I think this might of been because when I was making the skystep potions I discovered rank 3 and then learnt it before I handed in the quest, this then changed the reward to the rank 2 recipe. Now everytime this world quest shows up the reward is rank 2 again. Do any of you have this or do you know of a way to resolve this. I have logged this as a bug ingame but so far nothing has happened. Thanks JaysIams1 3d
3d BOT FARMERS showed up again? Hello! I'm just writing here because i want to ask my fellow buddies if they have seen any suspicous activity while farming herbs around the isles. Few of my farmer friends i spoke to said they have seen few characters flying in straight lines from herb to herb while in Suramar. Also, i don't know hows on other servers (that's the point of my post) but on outland i can see a pretty decent drop in herb prices once again due to the big supply. For example a guy yesterday was selling 60 stack starlight roses which he stated just picked up last week because he likes herbing, and he was selling it ridicolously cheap. Please if you saw something, or have some thoughts don't hesitate to post here, and if it's a valid problem blizzard will sure stand against them once again, with another ban-wave to bots. If this whole thing isn't legit and i'm just paranoid, forgive me please. Thanks for reading the topic!Knowiin2 3d
3d Skinning in Tol Barad... Whoever though of the Rank3 skinning quest, putting the player though old content especially a PVP one, is a retard... Having to skin the boss in the instance, that is unlocked only if your faction controls the point, is just stupid...Danteresist8 3d
3d How do I learn the "Riddle of Steel" recipe? Wowhead says I discover it in Pandaria, but where and how exactly?Goraan1 3d
4d Upgrading WOD leatherworking gear. Is there anyway to upgrade WOD leatherworking gear? specifically the capes. I'd love to upgrade the current one I have to get the red version for a transmog but the problem is that they require valor which I'm pretty sure was removed from the game entirely. Any ideas?Nawya0 4d
4d Anyone actually having all cooking recipes? I have 10 110 level chars and been at "Nomi Burn-it-all" 's **** since my first char got the ability to do it and I have not one char that has not at least 4-6 recipes (ranks) missing and sometimes over a week goes by with nothing other than *** One would think that after all this time there would finally be an end to doing that !@#$ty test kitchen.... I am so sick of it...Iwony3 4d
5d Ancient healing potion still rank 1 Anybody else still stuck on rank 1 or is it just me. Has my rng fairy gone on holiday? Is there a certain amount of these potions you have to make to get to rank 2?Yrana1 5d
6d Limited alchemy products? So I decided to use my 1,5k yseralline seeds today, to finally progress alchemy, but after about 80 potions made, the "create" option became unavailable on every recipe. Is there a cap to potions/elixirs etc made that I didn't know of, and if so, what is the cooldown?Goraan2 6d
20 Jul Potion of Prolonged Power, Rank 3 - MIA. Hi Blizzard, Why does the NPC from this recipe drop only appeared once this expansion? Is this on purpose? Does it have any value to make something so trivial to happen only once, last year AFAIK, and then make it impossible to get again? It's not game breaking, I know. It's just an itch we can't scratch. Can you help, Blizzard?Razzadur1 20 Jul
19 Jul Does enchanting worth it? Does enchanting worth it? I just got back to wow after a year, and got my warlock lvl 100 and l got her tailoring and enchanting. As l remember, my main gold source was selling blue and green stuff. Enchanting will empty my purse, or is it? Thanks for help.Szumpi0 19 Jul
18 Jul Enchanting + what? Hi guys! I'm gonna level this shaman and I want to ask you which professions fits/complements enchanting best? Is it tailoring or is leatherworking a good alternative? Are both professions "easy" to skill up or is one harder then the other? Thank you in advance for your help! :-)Totemchamun6 18 Jul
18 Jul Raising the Drogbar and other quest issues I'm a jewelcrafter and i wish to go through the jewelcrafting quests to get recipes for better items. I finished a few quests and now Tiffany Cartier is not giving any quests out and the one I am looking for is RAISING THE DROGBAR. She is not giving any quests and i am not sure what else i can do, i have been to where jabrul is but i cant do anything ThanksSamhypryx2 18 Jul
17 Jul Leylight shard I think Leylight shard must be the most rare enchanting material in Legion. Not that many blues around and they are usually BoP. What happens is that people who have gotten familiar with the auction house and how the marked works occasionally buy out every shard and relist them for x4 or more expensive. While you can disenchant Leylight shards into Arkhana you can not create or disenchant into Leylight shards. I don't mind marked fluctuations, I usually stay away during volatile periods like when patches bring notable changes but I think it is unfortunate design when you can go into the auctionhouse, buy everything in a category and list it for x3 or x4 or higher profit without the marked being much able to respond by increasing supply. Maybe we could have a option to disenchant Chaos Crystals (since epics are more common than blues) or to unite Arkhana dust into Leylight shards. Anyhow, just my thought.Epzilon6 17 Jul
15 Jul Will we get a fix on this Archaeology bug? So as you probably know, people with Archaeology(at least everyone I know with it) have had their Completed artifacts wiped, meaning... say you're farming Tol'vir Archaeology for the mount, and you already have the Pendant of the Scarab Storm, but now you will have a chance to get that again, and actually, that's what happened to me. What would've been my mount, is the Scarab Storm pendant that I already have. I didn't notice this bug until I had wasted close to 200 artifacts, when I saw the Pendant that I already have pop up. When will we get a fix on this? I wouldn't think it's that hard to restore our progress, which most likely would require a server restart, so.. why not do that?Bodomi16 15 Jul
15 Jul need to get to Ashran for profs I'm leveling JC and back after a few years away . whats the quickest way into Ashran plz do I need to complete a few WoD questsDuskjump3 15 Jul
15 Jul Sandstone Drake Use Case Is Sandstone Drake binds to account? Can I buy Vial of the Sands by one of my alchemy alts and use drake by my main who has no alchemy profession? Or another question, can I buy Vial of the Sands and use without alchemy profession?Xidan3 15 Jul
14 Jul Missing Engineering Recipes Hi! I'm a completionist and i'd like to learn all the engineering recipes, but unfortunately a lot of them seem to be missing from engineering trainers. The 'unlearned' tab has a lot of recipes that say their source "Engineering Trainer", but none of the trainers i've spoken to know these recipes. Can anyone help? I've tried searching for an answer, but haven't found one. It's important to note that 1. I have not accidently filtered out the Available recipes. Both Available and Unavailable are ticked. 2. They are not exclusively Gnomish/Goblin specialised recipes. There are even some for both specialisations. Here's a screenie of the trainer window and the unlearned recipes. 14 Jul
14 Jul Fishing idea If you are fishing, without fishing pole equiped, you holding a branch. But my idea is, if you have in bagpack fishing pole, you will hold your fishing rod? Mining is not requesting mining pickaxe equiped, skinning is not requesting skinning knife equiped, why is fishing requesting equiped tool? I hope, you are getting my idea. (And sorry for my english :) )Çártón1 14 Jul
12 Jul Warhide Footpads - still bugged? I am so !@#$ing pissed and mad right now, thinking this was not bugged, wasting hours googling about it... First only rank 2 and 3 came up, wowhead has zero comments on rank 1, no idea where to get it or who teaches it. Found another site with LW guide, saying "quest: From Head to Toe Zone - Dalaran What to do - Craft a pair of Sturdy Stonehide Boots. The materials are in Legendary Leathers Reward - Unlocks Broken Isles Boots: Warhide Footpads So I go back to wowhead, look up the quest npc, go to her and what do you know, NO QUEST for me. I did the "playthings" quest, a bed for the pets, the end. So now what? Wtf do I have to do to get the rank 1 recipes started?? Why can't your stupid profession system have some CONSISTANCY and ORDER? Maybe tell us ahead when something is needed, where we learn to make it, what requirements there are, what recipes are coming AFTER that, etc... Now it's just this retarded tunnel of doing forced quests willy nilly and then stuff just UNLOCKS and you repeat... never knowing where the hell you're going with all this, what's the goal, it's just "shut up and do these things, jump monkey jump"... Y O U R - P R O F E S S I O N - S Y S T E M - S U C K S ! ! ! Oh and everything is BOP/SB, super weak, useless, untradeable, and if it's fun in the SLIGHTEST: you can be sure it's not usable in a BG WHERE YOU NEED IT THE MOST !! Trinkets, procs, toys, equipment, enchants, etc... wow just, epic facepalm. Worst profession system in the universe.Solídsnake0 12 Jul
11 Jul Oily Blackmouth Hello guys Where should i go fish in order to find it? Do i need to be a certain fish level to catch it? Are there any other ways to get it besides auction? Thank you in advanceFreezemaster1 11 Jul
09 Jul Archeology digsite spawn chance Heya, like all good folks I have been farming for Tol'Vir artifact fragments, apparently, what I read from several guides ;/, is that when you complete all rare artifact solves from a certain race, for arguments sake let's say night elf, new sites spawned have a significanlty reduced rate of been night elf sites. Is this still the case? I'm asking because I solved all night elf rares but they keep popping up over Kalimdor at the same rate they did before.Azalexx1 09 Jul
09 Jul Raging Furystone Gorget of the Savant WTB Raging Furystone Gorget of the Savant <Twisting Nether Horde> Add me if you have one : Quetzecoatl#2753Griselda0 09 Jul
09 Jul WTB Raging Furystone Gorget of the Savant As title of topic I need Savant (full mastery) Any server Contact me via btag: #Ast21597Astiqy2 09 Jul
09 Jul Alchemy / Herbalism Hello guys Which is the best to level up those 2 proffesions cause i noticed that some materials for alchemy are really difficult to find or they require other proffessions or are very expensive. Thank you in advanceFreezemaster1 09 Jul
09 Jul Randomness of Stats procs on crafted Items hello, I posted a GM about this matter because in WoD we had items to change the stats, so we didn't need to gather/buy the materials for the complete item again. So I was crafting the "Raging furystone Gorget" (jewelcrafting, warr class necklace) to try to get a proc of the "Of the Savant" (flat mastery). Now ... I've made like 10-15 of these necklaces and the materials are quite expensive, and there isn't a way to change stats of crafted Items in legion. So I Spent a total of 150k Gold on materials now, and always getting the same useless procs, not even 1 "of the savant". i'm not a huge goldmaker so 150k gold takes a lifetime for me to get, but that necklace is BiS for my warrior for pve, so really want it, but it feels like it's impossible to get it???? Can anyone help this thread to gain attention, cuz this is a really annoying crafting matter in my opinion. And I'm just posting this on a forum because the actual GM asked me to. Kind regards. Edit: Made around 20 now and ran out of bloods aswell, the pain is real and the auction house is flooded with these now ;-)Croazil2 09 Jul
08 Jul borean leather/ arctic fur best place to farm? Best place to farm borean leather/ arctic fur? i need to make plenty of old recipes cheers in advance for any reply.Wackybacky1 08 Jul
08 Jul Archeology bug There is link with screenshot 08 Jul
07 Jul Nomi work orders Hello, If I want to go for a certain recipe, do I need to do work orders with an ingredient for that recipe or can I just use anything?Glauron1 07 Jul
06 Jul [Archaeology] How to get dig sites in a different zone? Hi. First day of expansion I had only dig sites in highmountain. I even got the quest for the spectral moose. But since I just wanted to level up, I didn't do any of it. Next day and today the dig sites are only located in stormheim. I even completed between 10 and 15 dig sites but they never move to a new zone. What gives? Also the moose quest is gone from my log, I don't know if it comes back once there's dig sites in highmountain or what it isEremoo6 06 Jul
06 Jul Khorium Champion For days i have been farming the blacksmithing recipe for the Khorium Champion. But i don't have any reliable source of where to get the recipe. In the unlearned tab it says it's looted from Coilskar chests, on the Warcraft site it says only drops in karazhan and on wowhead it says its a world drop. Could anyone give me more information about this recipe? I know the droprate is very low, but there is no proof of where to get it. If i ask people in game the either dont remever where they got it from or they bought it of the ah (what im willing to do aswell) Thank you! :DDoomhammers1 06 Jul
06 Jul Na'zak the Fiend enough said?Sivaria0 06 Jul
06 Jul Blessed Dawnlight Medallion of the Fireflash Hello i'm looking Blessed Dawnlight Medallion of the Fireflash Realm : Ravencrest What rate do you pay? ThanksArüma0 06 Jul
06 Jul Legion engineering mount? I was rather disappointed when I found out the Zeppelin mount was a Darkmoon Faire grind. Last engineering mount was... MoP I think? I really want some new ones I can make.Pyxilyx2 06 Jul
06 Jul Alc rank3 flask drop chanses. So i have had ALc maxed at 800 on my Demon hunter form the start of the Legion and yet i have no rank 3 flask recipes. WTF is this pile Shi t drop chanse??? Have made over 2000 flasks and nothing and yet every patch note have this bull!@#$ in it that says "Increased drop change of rank 3 recipes for multiple professions". I dont really see a increase any where. WOULD you mind really have look at the drop chances i mean really WTF.Golnar1 06 Jul
06 Jul Engineer teleport needed Engineers should be able to build a summing stone like the warlocks portal would be great... And we can finally put them warlocks out of a job I do not trust them... they mess about with demonic stuff all the time and with whats happening in our world at the moment I do not want to be around any of them! Engineer portals now! Tomorrow the wor... I mean more engineering stuff would be cool right?Tobi4 06 Jul
05 Jul blacksmithing pointless? at this stage i can't really see any use for blacksmithing. yes i know the legendary's but that's soon going to become outdated. as of now everything before them serves little to no purpose take the demonsteel stuff for example......long !@# quests to unlock parts then collecting hundreds upon hundreds or ores not to mention the flux half the time it takes to make a single piece you can do a dungeon with little to no effort and get somthing better really is there any point?Redzsteel0 05 Jul
05 Jul Buying removed Blacksmithing recipes, 30k Hello, if you got any removed Blacksmithing recipes that are not available anymore, please hit me up, I got 30k gold, my btag is Teraxion#21449, I am on the server Defias BrotherhoodTeraxion2 05 Jul
05 Jul Proffesions are destryed Why all those far out instanses, only for getting a recipe? Instanses are for a few players, not for everybody. Make professions for those who like to play that way. Blizzard want to force us to do all that crappy instanses, for no reason! Or maybe they dosent want us to pay anymore... All proffesions are destroyed.Dkpræst4 05 Jul
05 Jul 36er Gem Bag Pattern - Why still so hard to obtain? Yesterday I did some online and ingame research on this topic and if the information I got is right, I must say that Blizzard doesn't treat jewelcrafters very fairly. At the moment every 36er crafting bag can be produced once you hit the necessary profession level, i. e. you get it automatically. Only the 36er gem bag is NOT included. Even worse, you can still only get the necessary tailoring pattern if you do a very, very lengthy quest chain and farm reputation in Molten Front. Please Blizzard, why haven't you already changed or why don't you change this? Did the responsible programmer forget the gem bag? Other 36er bags from the same vendor have become automatic patterns, but not the gem bag. Or is there another reason? If so, could you please explain it here in the forum, so I could understand? Sure, it is no new or big thing, but as a player and a person I do not like to be treated unfairly and badly.Zuultarion0 05 Jul
02 Jul Cannot CREATE enchants For one reason or another since a few days I can enchant my own gear, but cannot create enchants to use on alts. The create button isn't simply there. Any ideas?Jägermeister3 02 Jul
01 Jul Enchanting: Lack of Leylight Shard sources As the tittle says, right now, there are almost no sources of obtaining leylight shards 'cause heroic dungeons give epic loot, same goes for WQ and emissaries. Can we get a recipe to shatter Chaos Crystals into leylight shards? That would make sense because right now there is no income of those from any content other than bloods and making random low lvl legion gear.Nycto7 01 Jul
01 Jul The Best Profession to Make Money? I want to buy WoW token every month so I need money. What is the best way?Latrox2 01 Jul
01 Jul Easiest crafting profession to make gold? For someone who's new to the game and doesn't have a lot of time to play or study market prices, which crafting profession would be the most simple/straightforward option for making gold?Nevian3 01 Jul