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19h Bring fishing to 800 very quickly This is a very handy and easy tip to bring your fishing up to max level very quickly. I appreciate most will be 800 already but for anyone new to fishing (or WoW even), this might save you a good few hours. :) 19h
1d Golden dig sites disappearing Today I was flying to a golden dig site in Azsuna, and on my way there I decided to grab the archaeology quest first. As soon as I had picked it up I opened my map only to discover that the golden dig site was now gone. I had somewhat the same happen to me two weeks ago, where I had a golden dig site in Val'sharah at the start of the week. But when I looked at a later time, it was gone. In both cases I did not Survey a single time at the site. Does anyone else have elite or golden dig sites disappear for them?Galor3 1d
1d leveling engi 1-800,couple questions. hey there fellow wow players. decided to go mining and engineering with my demon hunter and ive looked around for some guides and this one seems to be the best: is it still viable or is there any other to relatively cheap way of leveling engineering? and if this is a good guide how would i go about getting this: ''You have to get a [Draenor Engineering] scroll to upgrade your maximum Engineering skill to 700. This scroll will also teach you a few basic recipes which you will use to level Engineering.'' do i need to go to any wod location? just asking because i came back from a long break and i missed the whole wod expansion. at the moment im just doing the engineering quests and waiting to see how i could tackle the engi grind. thanks in advance for the replies,cheers :)Pinhead2 1d
1d Engineering So I am about to reach engineering to 800. I know engineering is not that profitable. But what are some stuff I can make that people actually buy? So far I've been making Goblin Gliders and AutoHammers and people do buy them, but their price got very low in the AC. Someone told me that I can make tramsmogs, which engineering items are good for transmogs?Nanos0 1d
5d Skinning and Herbs or Herbs and Alchemy Hello First of all sorry if it's not the right topic but. I started off with skinning and leatherworking but I never used leatherworking really. I heared herbs and alch are good for farming gold. But as my skinning is 500+ and my herbs are only 20 for now I wondered. Should I keep my skinning and herbs or should I switch to herbs and alchemy. Keep in mind it's for gold purposes to sell the stuff on the auction house.Fjiltrövan2 5d
10 Apr Archaeology, Scimitar of the Sirocco states that "Players can win this item when selecting the following class specializations: paladin, warrior, death knight". Is that true? Can you get one from archaeology if you are druid, then send it to your another character and use for transmogrification?Мемастер2 10 Apr
09 Apr WTB rare chest (Tailoring) WTB DEAR Glacial Vest, i can find reagents if you need methuselah#2754Dragonella0 09 Apr
09 Apr Rockhide Strongfish Questions to those who have their Salty title, regarding Rockhide Strongfish. I know it spawns during the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza (along with some rumours about Darkmoon Faire), now the question is - does it spawn only during the initial window, until 50 people turn the quest in at Booty Bay, or can it spawn during the entire 2 hour window theoretically intended for the contest? If anyone knows, I would be grateful for the answer.Vardanis1 09 Apr
05 Apr Enchanting and what? or.... I took Enchanting and Tailoring on my main. I don't like the fact that I pretty much never use my tailoring profession anymore. My main is a leather wearer and I don't use any alts for crafting, so its either farm or spend gold. I am going to keep enchanting, but I can't decide what the second profession should be. Herb - the raw materials sell for a lot but I'm not really up for grinding a gathering professions for hours on end, but then 200 astral glory sells for 10k and pretty often. Leatherworking - I'm a leather wearer, it would be nice to craft my own gear/transmogs. But at the same time, I raid fairly high content so I outgear it all so quickly. The materials are cheap enough for it not to worry me about not having skinning. Alchemy - I'm a raider, so the bonus here would be good, but then I am sinking gold into the profession as the materials are so expensive. So then it begs the question of do I go with Herb/Alch and make my own flasks/potions and sell the extra herbs that I gather? Someone please help me decide :DLòop1 05 Apr
04 Apr Should you get fishing to 800 before achievements? I'm new to the game and only done quests and some dungeons and raids and haven't even touched on professions but I thought it's a good time to try. I really like doing the achievements so I'm wondering if it's better to just fish at one lotion until 800 before doing them or do them as I go?Theogtyrant3 04 Apr
03 Apr Rare Fish aren't giving me any artifact power. Hello all. I have recently got the angler fishing rod and have the pearl installed over the Dalaran fountain. It is my understanding that if you throw rare fish into water, such as the fountain, you get an artefact power boost of 50 AP per fish. I equipped my rod and fished up a bunch of oodelfjisk in Stormheim. I travelled back to the fountain and started throwing the oodelfjisk into the fountain. There was a flash each time and my character jumped up while thrusting his arm into the air. But the Artifact Power remained the same. I have my angler rod equipped while I am throwing the fish into the fountain and they were caught after I got the rod. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong here?Clansman2 03 Apr
03 Apr Professions while leveling Honestly, I feel like professions are completely broken right now for any content that is not current expansion end-game, and it's been like this since at least Cataclysm, and likely since Blizzard first reduced the experience needed to level through the vanilla zones. You simply level too fast for the zones you are questing in to get enough materials to keep up to date with your crafting, and the quest and dungeon rewards have become good enough that even crafted gear is often outdated by the time you can craft it, not to mention that heirlooms simply outclass any other piece of gear for a slot. Cataclysm just compounded on the issue by making the gear rewards in the vanilla zones good. Patch 7.3.5 and the level scaling have just put the final nail in the coffin of profession use while leveling, because mob drops and gathering nodes don't scale to your level (they can't, or you would lose the ability to get early game mats). And to make matters worse, you are now encouraged to skip expansions by choosing between BC or Wrath, Cata or Pandaria, but professions still seem to use the old system to level that needs to go through all of them (correct me if I'm wrong here, I haven't leveled a char to this point yet). It seems like in BfA each expansion content will get its own progression track independent of the rest that goes from 1 to 100 instead of piling 100 more levels on a single progress track (source: That is a good first step to solve the problem they have right now, since you will no longer be gated behind maxing the crafting from the previous expansion before starting on the next until Warlords content. However, it doesn't do anything to solve the problem that crafted gear simply doesn't compare to quest rewards and dungeon drops. If I choose to go the Cataclysm route instead of MoP, no gear I can craft will be better that lvl 85, so for the second half of the 80-90 stretch there will be nothing for me in professions. And even if a piece of lvl 83 gear could be useful at 83, since leveling recipes rarely give better that green gear, any quest reward for that same slot will be equivalent at level, and better as soon as you get a single extra level. In the end it seems like even with these changes the only items worth it from leveling content will be bags (if you didn't get bigger ones from the AH or an alt), gadgets and consumables, and I find that a pity. There's the transmog angle, of course, but that doesn't make profession-crafted gear useful while leveling, just not worthless to get once on a single character. One idea I've had to solve this problem is that crafted gear behave as heirlooms, growing in power with your character for the expansion (new) level range. For example, the basic Spiritmend/Deathsilk sets in Cataclysm Tailoring or the basic Windwool set in Pandaren Tailoring would act like green items in the 80-90 level range, and the Vicious Embersilk/Fireweave for Cataclysm and Contender's Sating for Pandaria would be blue items in the same range or maybe the 85-90 range only. These items would have no experience bonus to differentiate themselves from the current heirlooms. What are your ideas to make professions fun and useful again while leveling?Ragni8 03 Apr
03 Apr Legion professions Why is every profession selling the finished item for less than the cost of the materials to make it? Flasks costs like 200g less than the materials and if i want to make a suramar feast and sell it i cant cuz just the 3 bacons cost more...Grigdut5 03 Apr
03 Apr Selling flasks or selling just the materials? As a herbalist/alchemist what will bring me more income? Selling flasks or just the materials? If you combine the material price is more epxenive than the flask but with rank 3 you get more flasks.With rank 3 though,is it pure RNG or there is a standar amount of extra flasks that you get?Naspyy12 03 Apr
02 Apr Idea for how to fix boring professions. Your thoughts? Guys i just had the best idea for a remake off the professions. What if every crafting profession could make every slot of gear they are "specialized for". So blacksmiths do all slots where you can were plate, leatherworking all leatherslots and so on. They start on a lowish ilvl and can get upgraded lets say 10 times with a chance to break when you upgrade it. For each upgrade you get an X amount of ilvls, lets say 10 as an example, so lets say in our legion standars it would mean if it starts at 880 you can upgrade it to 980 if you manage to get a +10. And for every +1 you get on your items, the chance for it to break if you try to go higher increases. So lets say to craft the item is 100% chance of success. To make it +1 is 90% chance to make it. +2 is 80%, +3 is 70%, and so on and so on. So when you want to upgrade to +10 its only a 10% chance of success. Or if you have like 100% chance to get it +4 and then the chance to break is higher for each upgrade you get. Like 15% chance to break for each +1 after +4. That is details but you get the general idea. And what if the items you needed to upgrade and craft these items would be possible to get from all diffrent corners of the world. Raiding, dungeons, quests, herbing, mining, m+, hidden chests, worldbosses, weekly quests, annual event, etc etc. And later into the expantion it just drops more mats so you can make more attepts at making items and upgrading more often. Optionally make it so you can only have 1 profession and that profession also give you the appropiet gathering ability. So engineers and smiths get mining, leatherworkers get skinning and so on. And if you dont want a crafting profession for awesome lootz, you choose "gathering" and you can gather "everything" kinda, Nodes, flowers, cloth? etc etc, but not craft and upgrade this gear as a "punishment". But you still get your regular loot from raids, dungeons etc. I am just sick and tried of professions how they work now. You get to max level, they give you some average stuff but never anything good. A 835 item that you make now feels like last patch:s stuff. They are only good for boosting an alts ilvl to get into LFR kinda. Nothing exciting and really no point in making them if you dont need gold. With this new "system" i think it will make professions a part of your actual game play and you can choose from even more diffrent ways to play the game. Some people like mythic raiding and will probably still have way better gear then the rest of the people that dont mythic raid, but it will be a way for people to still be able to "work hard" for acutal good gear. What are your thoughts of this? I for one have had a similar system in another game i played ages ago before WoW and i really loved how that worked there. It had me farming for years and still found it exciting. (Shout out to Ragnarok Online!).Fortyeight3 02 Apr
02 Apr delete please delete pleaseTeddegg0 02 Apr
01 Apr Cooking whilst levelling Is it worth trying to do this or should I just vendor reagents obtained through levelling and speed boost it at the a higher level? It's frustrating that so many meats drop through the levelling process but then the recipes just aren't conveniently placed to take advantage.Nawat4 01 Apr
31 Mar Best ore to farm? What's the best ore to farm that sells fast on the AH?Panthalassa1 31 Mar
29 Mar I used the goblin glider on my cloak, what next? So i wanted to have the unlimited goblin glider thing so i tinkered my cloak with it as it said i was supposed to do, now i dont know how to activate the glider. Please help me.Zumb3 29 Mar
29 Mar Boon of the builder nerfed? Does anyone know if "Boon of the builder" has been nerfed? It's pretty much my only source of Hardened Felglass. Up to around 4 weeks ago, I could reliably get 4-5 boxes per week. But, since then, it's been impossible; I'm lucky to get 1-2 per week. I do the daily HC and grind the dinossaur packs (from the world quest); this used to be enough but now, even wipping out every dinossaur in sight, going back and doing them all again, even twice, gets zero drops...Hammerbolt0 29 Mar
29 Mar Leatherworking stuck at "zen master", scroll used. I have been at it for hours now trying to figure out why I don't have the option to start the leatherworking mount quest. As it turns out my leatherworking skill is stuck at "Zen Master" and there is no way to unlock any higher tiers. I can craft all the legion patterns in my possession with no problems however. I have spent over 2000 gold trying different in game items to fix this issue to no results. A solution would be welcome.Darkslayer5 29 Mar
29 Mar Idea how to improve the value of professions With the transmorgs in place, we finaly have the chance to make all professions that can make equipment relevant again, without having easy to get end game gear. The solution would be actually very easy: Dropped gear is still the best in terms of stats. But it should look pretty basic. Tier sets can still look great, but other than that, all dropped gear should look pretty plain. Simple Armor, Simple swords, simple everything. Now the Professions get reciepts for the great looks. The Items alone are nothing special. Blue starting gear at best, stuff you can use to get into the first bigger dungeons. Its more in the transmorg value than anything else. Of course these reciepts shouldnt be just taught by a trainer. The better looking the set end up to be, the harder it should be to get. You could make whole profession related quest chains around these reciepts. Since you get more than one different set, it could also rekindle communication in trade chat, since you might look for a special Item. Whats important is, that these Items have to be bound on pickup, so people dont just keep reselling them, but I also thought about a solution for this. When you craft the Item, you dont get the Item in your inventory right away. You get a container, in which the Item is carried. To use it, either to wear it or for Transmorg, you have to loot the container, which makes the Item soulbound. Most jobs could profit from it: Blacksmith: Plate and Weapons (Maybe even with specialisations Weaponsmith/Armorsmith) Leatherwork: Leather Tailoring: Coth armor and capes Engineering: Guns and Bows Professions that cant create equipment could have other effects, like Inscription with Glyphs that change spell visual effects. By how popular Transmorgs are, you can tell that people really like these gimick stuff alot, so why not use it to breath some life into a part of the game that has become pretty irrelevant lately?Mynostro6 29 Mar
27 Mar First Aid Achievements before end of Legion We already know that First Aid is getting removed coming BfA, so I'm sure that like me many players want to complete the achievements tied to this profession before Legion ends. Not only as I stuck at 795, but getting the 16 parts needed for First Medic (, for example, seem insane given the low drop rate of the quest items. I know I can get to 800 using the Darkmoon Faire, but what else is there to do?Molka9 27 Mar
24 Mar [Suggestion] Herbalism skill lvl with lvl scaling? As it is now, with the new level scaling, you can at level 58 choose either Outland OR Northrend. I just realized that when I went to Howling fjord with my priest-herbalist alt my skill level at 340 it actually isn't enough to pick proper herbs in Northrend. There I in Outland would gather actual herbs I now in Northrend only get the petals/leafs/or what ever you get when you don't have the proper skill level. Could this please be sorted out so that the skill level for herbs in both Outland AND Northrend simply is at the same level?Rap0 24 Mar
24 Mar Make Professions great again ! Since the new Q&A Blizz said they want us find solutions to problems, so I take a shot on this one. Keep in mind this is merely my personal opinion on this, I do not demand anything, take it with a grain of salt and let's discuss in a polite manner. As you all probably know, professions are in a sad state, there is a much bigger supply than demand to both resources and crafted gear. Let's see why ? Blood/Sargerite vendor : I think these vendors should not even be a thing, why can you buy literally every resource avaible with one simple currency? It creates a supply of everything, making gathering/fishing obsolete. You can just buy whatever you need/want from these vendors. I think if you want a fish, you should go fish, if u want ores, go mine ores. Remove these vendors, but keep blood/sargerite a crafting material, in this way they won't be useless. Also make them tradeable. Seed raid Those of you who do not know what it is : You get seeds from gathering herbs on the broken isles, which you can plant, and then pick up the herb. Problem is, up to ten people can loot the same herb from the same seed, so people actually farm these in raids. This creates a ginormous supply of herbs, ruining the market. My solution : Make herbs from seeds only lootable by up to three people. Recipe/gathering ranks People with rank 3 gathering/crafting just mass produce everything with very little materials needed, clogging the ah with cheap items that nobody buy. I think it would be fine to remove the ranks, and make it as it was back in wotlk/cata whatever. Materials from completely random places Just the other day, a dude looted five Saber's eye from Wyrmtongue Cache of Shiny Things in my group. I am a jewelcrafter myself, and this didn't make me happy at all. Saber's eye is very hard to make, so if u want to make five of them, be prepared for some real prospecting, because Pandemonite is rare. Now why does a random dude get five of them from a random bag? Yet again one more source of supply. This also goes for the oddly-shaped stomach and shoulder enchants. People should only be able to loot resources for their own professions. I think it's not too late for changes, since blizz just recently changed the blood of sargeras mission's cost, which is a very welcome change. What do you think?Ravenflow1 24 Mar
20 Mar Rank 3 shoulder recipes - Paul Kubit's interview. ... Really? Seriously? What the hell does 'rarity' has to do with it? That's the same as making Rank 3 Helia Vantus rune drop from mythic Helia and then mentioning 'rarity' too. The problem with Rank 3 Shoulder recipes is not whether or not they are rare; it's the fact that these are the ONLY recipes in legion that require organized group content. All raid recipes could be done in LFR. Almost all dungeon recipes could be done in LFG, and those that can't right now, will be soon due to LFG for mythics. Not to mention that making a group for a 5-man mythic is nothing compared to the dedication required for RBG. Keep the drop chance. Hell, feel free to make it several times lower; but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, MAKE IT DROP FROM RANDOM BG WINS, NOT RATED BG WINS.Беато8 20 Mar
20 Mar JC and Inscription are they defunct?? As there no sockets and there seem to be no use for glyphs are these two professions worth concentrating on. I can't think of any socketed items or anything glyphs anymore. This character is an engineer, it seems to be heading towards a fun only profession. Should I stay with the other original 5 professions (not including gathering)when I create another character?Littlemajik3 20 Mar
20 Mar Goldthorn Tea/Henry Stern Hello all! I know that Henry Stern is removed from the game and therefore you can no longer learn the recepie goldthorn tea. So far im cool with that what buggs me tho is that if you look in your unlearned tab that recepie is listed as one of the ones you miss. I was hopeing there could be a blue post about why? Is there any plans to bring Henry or the recepie back? If not it seems quite useless to have it in the list, not to mention it buggs me alot since that is the only cooking recepie i dont have! Thankful for answers // LazziSaving4 20 Mar
19 Mar Skinning past level 600? I just realized that my warrior can't level her skinning past 600 skill. What am I missing, or am I actually bugged? If I see the trainer, he won't offer me any higher skill than what I already have available. Does it autoincrease when I start skinning? The character has been on the shelf for quite some time, so I am a bit lost as to why it's stuck at 600, while her enchanting is possible to increase. The character was boosted to level 90 back in WoD, and was above level 60 when I boosted her, so her professions were boosted with her. She is currently level 101. Heck, I just realized I can't even post on the forums with her, as it gives me an error.Aylish7 19 Mar
18 Mar herbing? also horrible terrain design? I don't have flyihg so I have been running around randomly on my ground mount for maybe 2 hours and have found 1 herb :/ also come to a realization or two. 1/Terrain is horribly designed the whole world is ups and downs caves canyons shier cliffs, drops. coves, I don't think there is a single zone where you card start in one corner then run directly to the other in a straight line and not run into some kind of impassable land thing. 2/world is much larger and has less nodes I find a large canyon and try todo laps because its large enough that the place (if traditional) would be full of herbs! except I ran the whole place and don't see a single one :C tldr:currently need foxflower any tips for herbing without flying in this hostile terrain?Ammunae1 18 Mar
18 Mar Class requirement on Sunwell goggles plans I just noticed that a lot of old engineering goggles plans have become available on the engineering trainer, as the previous class requirement had been removed. The crafted items have also been changed to BoE when they were previously BoP. I guess this happened some time in last few months. A good change as it opens up some more stuff for transmog and the class requirements were basically pointless anyway. Anyway, I also noticed that the 11 different goggles crafted from the plans that dropped in the Sunwell raid have also been changed from BoP to BoE, but for some reason the class requirements for learning the plans have been left on those 11 Sunwell plans. Is there any chance we could have the class requirements removed from those 11 Sunwell plans as well? I've learned every other possible engineering plan so would be nice to be able to get all of those 11 from Sunwell too now that the actual items are BoE. Were those Sunwell plans maybe just overlooked during this recent change? Full list of the ones that still have class requirements on learning the plans: Schematic: Quad Deathblow X44 Goggles Schematic: Hyper-Magnified Moon Specs Schematic: Annihilator Holo-Gogs Schematic: Justicebringer 3000 Specs Schematic: Hard Khorium Goggles Schematic: Lightning Etched Specs Schematic: Powerheal 9000 Lens Schematic: Primal-Attuned Goggles Schematic: Surestrike Goggles v3.0 Schematic: Wonderheal XT68 Shades Schematic: Mayhem Projection GogglesMinizip0 18 Mar
18 Mar Can i get legion blacksmithing again? I had legion black smithing from the quest you get from the trainer in dalaran but i got rid of it as a profession so i could disenchant some gear but when i learned blacksmithing again i wasn't at the legion level anymore. Is there a way to redo the quest that gives the quest for legion blacksmithing or not?Crazymonkey2 18 Mar
18 Mar Why am I limited to 2 professions? Why am I limited to 2 professions per character? I just want to play with one character, I don't want to have an army of alts. Can this change and if not, then why?Jhimbo6 18 Mar
18 Mar Blacksmithing or Jewelcrafting to go with Mining Hi I am just starting a new char for Horde (BE Paladin) and I'm pretty sure of mining for the first profession but not sure which is best to go with it. I was originally thinking BS but it does require leather etc and my main has tailoring and it's not long before the gear I craft is not as good as the drops I get, especially now rewards change with level. Which one would you say is best baring in mind that it won't be getting any help from another char. I'm kind of looking for a balance between ease of levelling and gold making. Any help would be much appreciatedPiran3 18 Mar
16 Mar Lazy professions combo Hi everyone! I'm thinking of changing professions before the BfA changes hit (which still leaves me quite a bit of time) since I don't know if it will still be as easy to level them then. I want to go with something not too time consuming once maxed (gather -> sell the mats) even if it's not the most lucrative. I thought of 3 combos (I already have 800 skinning) : 1) Skinning/Enchanting : kill a mob, loot it for gear to disenchant then skin it, I wouldn't even have to do anything special to get the mats. 2) Herbalism/Enchanting : only getting the herbs which are on my way since I want to be lazy (and I have a Sky Golem, which makes it even easier). 3) Skinning/Herbalism : once again, only getting the herbs that are on my way. Since I've always used professions for myself only I'm not sure what the market is like and I have no idea what would make me the most gold, so I'll gladly accept any insight you have. (Though I feel like having the possibility to craft enchants if I want to is always nice) Thanks! :)Jakuta4 16 Mar
15 Mar Savage Leather nerf intended? So places where you would normally get 2 or 3 pieces, I'm now getting SCRAPS, or if I'm lucky, 1 piece of savage leather. This includes Firelands, spiders in Tol Barad and even in Zul'Gurub. All of these places have been nerfed significantly. Does anyone know if this is intentional or not?Zují1 15 Mar
17 Mar Rocket Chicken no longer explodes Hi, Sorry if this is the wrong place, I almost never post on the forums. I have noticed over the past few months, that my rocket chicken has stopped taking off and exploding. It will now instead, completely disappear instead of exploding. I am unsure for how long this has been an issue exactly, as I came back from a break a few months ago. I noticed it immediately on my return as my rocket chicken is my favourite pet (I like exploding pets). I am posting about it now, because as always with bugs, I assumed it was a known issue and would be fixed in time. Sadly it seems that it isn't that well known and I miss seeing my rocket chicken explode :(Esmerrelda3 17 Mar
14 Mar Fishing - a few noob questions I have actually played WoW since final beta but I have never ever used fishing. I just decided to learn fishing to go get some deviate fish in Barrens, make them into savory deviate delight and flip them for gold on the AH. Anyway, I read that there were supposed to be schools of these fish in the waters? I dont see any schools of fish whatsoever in the lakes inside of Wailing Caverns - have these been removed? My fishing skill is only 75, it doesnt lvl up anymore while fishing in WC - does my low fishing skill affect the % of getting Deviate fish? I'm getting like 1 deviate fish for every 5-6 fishing tries.Futurum4 14 Mar
13 Mar Legion Engineering Bug? I picked up Engineering on my Pally, done the quest for Legion Engineering 800. I got to the quest (around the 2nd-3rd one I believe) where I needed to pick up a Fel Reaver (something) and all I was picking up was an "Empty Slot" as the item. I relogged, exited game and did everything I could until I dropped Engineering and logged out. I logged back in, picked up Engineering and the cap was 75 and my Legion Engineering Quest was gone but the bugged quest was Fixed. So now I'm at 700/700 Engineering and stuck there because my cap is 700 and the Legion Engineering Quest isn't showing up and is broke. Is there any solution to getting the cap to 800 for Engineering (or getting the quest to re-appear) without having to drop Engineering again?Zamii2 13 Mar
13 Mar mining leveling PROBLEM..HELP ?? hi ! so i lvl'd my mining to 150 and now the "bar"is full. so i went back to my mining trainer to upgrade it to higher and to learn for gold and mytril and other stuff......but i'm not getting the option to learn something new !!?? can someone help me ?> pleaseSunyarai6 13 Mar
13 Mar Legion Cooking - Need help! Hey guys! I'm in a bit of a trouble here. I just changed my main to this toon, and it seems that I did the quests that reward cooking recipes while I didn't even have cooking learned. This was supposed to be an alt, so I probably deleted the recipes since I was a fool. How in the name of Argus can I get these recipes now? What does a gnome have to do?Suklaakyrpä4 13 Mar
11 Mar <Gharb> Leatherworking -- all patterns ingame Greetings. I'm an old-school (or perhaps, just old) vanilla player. Recently returned to WoW and updated my LW patterns collection. I have every LW pattern ingame. All world drop, rep, dungeon/raid drops, alliance/horde ones. ------------------- Including old and now unobtainable patterns. ZulGurub sets: — Blood Tiger Breastplate/Shoulders — Primal Batskin Bracers/Gloves/Jerkin Vanilla Naxx frost resistance sets: — Icy Scale Bracers/Breastplate/Gauntlets — Polar Bracers/Gloves/Tunic And less cool but nevertheless awesome: — Blue Dragonscale Breastplate/Shoulders — Chimeric Gloves — Chromatic Cloak — Deviate Scale Belt/Cloak/Gloves — Dragonscale Gauntlets — Girdle of Insight — Gordok Ogre Suit — Heavy Scorpid Gauntlets/Leggings/Shoulders/Vest — Hide of the Wild — Living Breastplate — Mongoose Boots — Quiver of a Thousand Feathers — Red Dragonscale Breastplate — Shifting Cloak — Stormshroud Armor/Gloves/Shoulders — Swift Flight Bracers — Wild Leather Boots/Cloak/Helmet/Leggings/Shoulders/Vest — Wolfshead Helm ------------------- I don't have materials for the Naxx/ZG gear or I'm not willing to spend mine. So you have to bring your own. Crafting tips/fees are negotiable and depend on the situation, really. Should you want something tailor-made specifically for you — I'll be glad to be of service! Argent Dawn. Alliance side. Add me and let's discuss the deals: Gharb#2577 Oh, and also: every customer preordering Naxx/ZG gear crafts gets a FREE pair of Comfortable Insoles as a bonus! ------------------- <Gharb Leatherworking>® "For you can trust a rogue!"Ghárb2 11 Mar
10 Mar Future of engineering... So, i know engineering is not much profession for making money and so on..more about fun and utility. But i feel like engineering is totally useless in legion at all. There is not actual need to have it at all...only good things are old ones (jeeves, nitro, glider, mail + ports - some of them random) Everything is expensive to make andhave no value. Not only value in money but not any value for utility. Well you can make mounts but compared to other professions in legion....maybe only scribes are on bad train too Actually will engineering get something cool next xpac? I have a looooot of recipes and hard farmed stuff on engi (on my main) and i am kind of sad if i should drop it for another proff. But i am more and more thinking if i shouldnt reroll something more usefull. I think everything its better no than engi. Next xpac also some race will get portable mailbox? If i remember good. So next thing that will not be only engi extra.... Give engi some love <3Muxeh18 10 Mar
09 Mar Now or later ? i have multiple alts with differents professions and i want to level them all up to 800 but it will take much time So what do you suggest ? do it now before bfa or wait BFA ?Yamatoro2 09 Mar
07 Mar Stuck on engeneer quest line (Legion) i have done the quest line up to the quest 'Modular modifications' but sudden stop there. according to wowhead i should be getting a quest called 'Here comes the BOOM' from Didi but i dont get any quests from her. anyone else encounter this problem and/or know a solution?Dobbìns2 07 Mar
07 Mar Idea: New glyph for Divine Hymn: Image of X'era Basically while channeling the spell Divine Hymn the image of X'era appears above you and chimes like a typical Naruu for the duration of the spell. Would be nice to see as well as appeasing those who don't want her fully gone.Davidsalter2 07 Mar
07 Mar a cure for being Dazed in old content Have you ever tried leveling your new fancy Allied race Alt within this "wonderful" new leveling system of WoW? I'm sure you wonder why do you get dismounted when a mob gently farts on you... I know you do, because I wonder about the same thing! Whenever I'm trying to run around on my Water Strider with my lv 43 Warlock and my Strider does not do the only thing that is good for. Walking on water...., it fcking sinks.... Because I'm dazed.... HOWEVER now that Trump became President of the Unites States, I think evrything is possible! I'm sure that there is a cure for this somewhere... We just have to find it! #MakeWaterStridersGreatAgain Basically, ppl are crying for a cure for daze in old content, but as far as I know the cure only exists in Draenor and Legion called "Stonehide Leather Barding" and those silly Stables. We need an item like this for old content, or at least make it so it can be used in old content as well. It would sell like candy. Or make a mount that can't be dazed and let the Loremaster achievement award it for ppl that already went thru all the story quests. Other ideas are always welcomed. Sincerely, Aru the Patient Moistweaver, breaker of Rules, friend of Stynkey, mother of Jesus, Escort of Sap, Social.. I mean Core Raider of BAHAMUT, inspector of Junks, respector of Whamen, farmer of WoW tokens, accepter of Donations, master of wiping at Heroic Coven, survivor of Depression. edit: my friend who's into making people not be alive and fcking w their minds reminded me that I forgot something. Support me, so I can start my career on Argent Dawn as a fellow Void Elf escort.Aru4 07 Mar
06 Mar Professions for Fury Warrior? What 2 professions are good for a Fury Warrior who wants to earn good money?Mextro11 06 Mar
04 Mar Changing professions before BFA I am planning to change professions going into BFA. Now I am a "oldie" returned from classic/TBC to legion so I haven't really had any focus on previous expansions and how professions have transferred into new expansions. Do professions need to be at max lvl(800) to be able to start at new recepies(regardless of coming squish) or lets say my profession is at 50/800 does it start "clean" on a new expansion? Just wondering if I need to start grind levels on profession right away or if you can change professions 2 days before BFA and be able to use the new content right away?Prällä1 04 Mar