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4h On Profession Progression through Expansions How it all began When this game was launched, there were 60 Levels to progress through. You could do dungeons, but much of it was spent travelling through the world, doing quests. Parallel to that, there were professions to choose. You would do so early on and could progress through 300 levels of that at the same time, which was fair enough. You'd average on making 5 skill ranks per character level and life was good. Then came expansions and pushed the level and skill rank limits higher and higher. Most of the players' time was spent on max level doing endgame content. New characters would try to hurry through the levels, but the path grew longer. Blizzard added alternative leveling options, reduced XP requirements, added heirlooms to cover item progression and extra XP gained. Levelling your professions became a chore, because it slowed your character levelling significantly. People neglected the professions. The traditional Skill Level system no longer suited a game, where each expansion the skill limit is pushed further and new characters need to go the full path anyway. Recognizing this, Blizzard started to instead push catch-up mechanisms for their professions and opened up expansion content to Skill Rank 1 players. Suddenly, skill ranks were no longer needed. But they still exist. Why? The current focus With the recognition of the problem, Blizzard has started experimenting. In Draenor, suddenly everybody could start working with Skill 1, though high skill levels were still required for full profession performance. It was still somewhat lacking, but it - in combination with the Garrison's material supplies - at least allowed players to catch up their profession ranks eventually without grinding through legacy content (Who wants to go back to BC? Except to earn that phoenix, that is ...). The Garrison had several unfortunate effects on the world markets however and heavily impacted the relative worth the gathering professions. Now in Legion, the lessons learned were applied, providing a profession experience, a profession progression throughout the expansion. While the implementation was not without issues, the experience per se was a great success in my opinion and shows great promise as a way forward. Profession progression throughout the expansion This is the key point here. Changing the progression mode My proposal is thus: Remove all Skill Ranks / Requirements Provide expansion Skill Ranks for legacy content Assume classic and all expansion content to have a skill rank/level limit of 100 Keep all legacy recipes Award all players with existing professions Expansion skill ranks equivalent to their current progress in their profession. For example Tailoring Level 345 would translate to Azeroth Tailoring 100 and Outlandish Tailroing 45 Keep a rich mix of progression within an expansion, which can now also utilize a generic skill rank as in olden times (e.g. Azerite Tailoring Level 1-60 Benefits Consistent Profession progression through all expansion Fundamentally eliminates catchup issue Provides new mechanism to scale/extend progression within an expansion (by extending the maximum Expansion skill level, rather than forcing to rely on new materials/recipes) Allows players to switch their level progression method and still experience Professions while starting to quests in a later expansion's content. Conclusions While I do not believe the current system to be hopelessly broken or anything, it is a bit limiting in the tools provided. Implementing this change should offer more flexibility in designing profession content while improving the user's experience with legacy crafting or switching their progression style as they race new characters to max level. Opinions anybody?Bosparan9 4h
20h Cooking So what is the deal with cooking. Never in my life have I used flowers or minerals to fix my food. So why is it like this? I mean more Herbalism then meat/fish to I can't understand logic behind that?!Skrikdamp1 20h
22h [Enchanting] Why isn't this a thing? Hey, as an enchanter I've always wondered why we have to manually "click" every enchant into Enchanting Vellum, instead of using "Create" or "Create all" options, similar to other proffesions? (see picture) 22h
1d The state of professions Hey all, I had a discussion yesterday with some guildies about how professions in Legion don't really matter that much anymore. Like, now only Alchemy, Jewelcrafting and Enchanting are really viable. The other professions are pretty useless to be honest. Soo, that got me think about how it was in the past. Some examples; - In WotLK is was possible to make extra sockets in your bracers/gloves - In TBC you would get patterns from the Sunwell Plateau that if created would be better then the gear that would drop there. So you had a purpose also to gather the mats etc. - Skinning/Herbalism gave passive stat increases if i'm right. - As enchanter you had the perks of only being able to enchant rings yourself, not be able to give it to others. This made me wonder why this was all changed. I understand it would give some advantages and could be considered "unfair". But this way the profession really mattered and you really had to decide what you would want as extra perks. Now it just feels like you don't have to put any time in them anymore. As a leatherworker you could make gear in the beginning of Legion that could help you get going, but just now it's so easy to get gear and the crafted items aren't even close to compete with the gear that drops now. So pretty much I really hope that Blizzard will make professions matter again and add something to the game. I really miss it to put time into it and get rewards that way. What are your thoughts on the profession in their current state and what would you like to see?Naràrayn3 1d
2d Professions while leveling Honestly, I feel like professions are completely broken right now for any content that is not current expansion end-game, and it's been like this since at least Cataclysm, and likely since Blizzard first reduced the experience needed to level through the vanilla zones. You simply level too fast for the zones you are questing in to get enough materials to keep up to date with your crafting, and the quest and dungeon rewards have become good enough that even crafted gear is often outdated by the time you can craft it, not to mention that heirlooms simply outclass any other piece of gear for a slot. Cataclysm just compounded on the issue by making the gear rewards in the vanilla zones good. Patch 7.3.5 and the level scaling have just put the final nail in the coffin of profession use while leveling, because mob drops and gathering nodes don't scale to your level (they can't, or you would lose the ability to get early game mats). And to make matters worse, you are now encouraged to skip expansions by choosing between BC or Wrath, Cata or Pandaria, but professions still seem to use the old system to level that needs to go through all of them (correct me if I'm wrong here, I haven't leveled a char to this point yet). It seems like in BfA each expansion content will get its own progression track independent of the rest that goes from 1 to 100 instead of piling 100 more levels on a single progress track (source: That is a good first step to solve the problem they have right now, since you will no longer be gated behind maxing the crafting from the previous expansion before starting on the next until Warlords content. However, it doesn't do anything to solve the problem that crafted gear simply doesn't compare to quest rewards and dungeon drops. If I choose to go the Cataclysm route instead of MoP, no gear I can craft will be better that lvl 85, so for the second half of the 80-90 stretch there will be nothing for me in professions. And even if a piece of lvl 83 gear could be useful at 83, since leveling recipes rarely give better that green gear, any quest reward for that same slot will be equivalent at level, and better as soon as you get a single extra level. In the end it seems like even with these changes the only items worth it from leveling content will be bags (if you didn't get bigger ones from the AH or an alt), gadgets and consumables, and I find that a pity. There's the transmog angle, of course, but that doesn't make profession-crafted gear useful while leveling, just not worthless to get once on a single character. One idea I've had to solve this problem is that crafted gear behave as heirlooms, growing in power with your character for the expansion (new) level range. For example, the basic Spiritmend/Deathsilk sets in Cataclysm Tailoring or the basic Windwool set in Pandaren Tailoring would act like green items in the 80-90 level range, and the Vicious Embersilk/Fireweave for Cataclysm and Contender's Sating for Pandaria would be blue items in the same range or maybe the 85-90 range only. These items would have no experience bonus to differentiate themselves from the current heirlooms. What are your ideas to make professions fun and useful again while leveling?Ragni3 2d
2d Requires previous rank Seriously ??!!! I have been absent from the game for nearly a year so was a bit rusty on what I should be doing. I have Leatherworking 770 and decided to buy some more recipes but after trying to learn them I realised they all say "Requires previous rank". I would understand if they required next rank but how can you be too advanced to learn a new recipe?? Is this a bug?Jannerette2 2d
2d Do you want 'Disenchant Rod' item? I'd like to have this one in my pockets, crafted by Enchanters. Disenchanting Rod Item level 100 Use: Extracts the magical element(s) from good quality (Green) or better weapons or armor.  The targeted item will be DESTROYED and will not be retrievable. 20 Charges What do you think guys?Brat4 2d
2d An example of reforging Hello! So I miss reforge just like alot of others do but I also understand why blizzard removed it, wasn't really that rewarding to just click an addon and get the best options available. I did have a thought tho. In this example I'm using Inscription cause their profession is pretty lackluster. I'm proposing that they can make scrolls for each stat that will change a random stat of an item into what you want, Like Scroll of crit reforge would swap a % of a stat on the item you choose and turn it into crit. This would also be like gems and have a limit on how many, I'm thinking you can have 3 active scrolls. Maybe this will also just turn into an addon telling you what to use and on what but its the same with enchanting, this would just be a fun way to upgrade items that have the wrong stats for you. This would also give inscriptioners something to craft. Maybe start with green ones that swap 10% then up 20% blue recipe and by the end 30% epic recipe.Karned1 2d
2d Archaeology problem/bug? How to fix this? :( 2d
2d Blacksmithing Put this in the Warrior forum but thought I would try here. Given the quality of drops and random BG rewards is it worthwhile taking blacksmithing for a warrior or should I just mine and sell. Any advice would be appreciated.Mushypeas0 2d
2d I can't carry anymore recipe scrap it's not a big deal but it's been a while since i am trying to get Broken Isles Recipe Scrap and i get the message "You can't carry anymore of these". I Have only seven in my bag and the rest keep coming in mail , but i can't get them .Énvy2 2d
3d Tips for gathering faster Hi, After experiencing the dungeon and mob scaling in 7.3.5, which ripped the fun off for me in dungeons and quests, I decided to level some of my alts via Herbalism. Relaxing and even profitable. I can't get Mining -that would've helped with quicker xp gain- because they have another primary profession I am making use of. My intention is to level up as quickly as possible via Herbalism, and I am asking for any further tips you might have. My alts are currently at level 65. I am gathering herbs in Outland. - On my Druid alt, I use flying travel form. - I use Darkmoon Firewater while gathering. - I use GatherMate2 and Routes addons. - I focus on herbs that provide the most XP in that zone. I herbed in Hellfire Peninsula, Zangarmarsh, Nagrand and Terokkar Forest so far, the pace is not so bad but it is not so great either. Any further tips (e.g. items, zones to focus, addons) to speed up gathering herbs would be appreciated. Thanks.Eom1 3d
4d Is their any point to proffession alts? Is their any point have professions on alts? If so what are the benefits that my main can use?Noxvali2 4d
5d Selling Pattern:Deviate Scale Gloves Hey, I have this removed pattern that I want to sell. Come with offers. It's on a crappy french realm so u need to pay for a transfer also. I dont mind what realm I get the gold on. Add me on btag if intrested Zahl#2362Zähl1 5d
5d fishboters i really want to see that blizzard do something with fishbots, 120 stacks of 200 darkmoon daggermaw in wednesday, 4 days after darkmoon opened and please dn't write me about servers change or sth like it. How we can compete with situation like this? they do it in braight light, same things happening with leylight shards which is most needed for enchanters, do blizzard started allowing boters do their economy destruction? Please just go after money and ban accounts that ended with gold after bot account bought rock for 4 mln goldNethrezin2 5d
5d Boosted character - gathering profession Hi there So i decided to come back to wow to do the new content ( i left 12 months ago ) But as always when i come back i prefer to start with a new class to be something new So i chose my class and boosted the character. The character was below lvl 60 so i did not the get profession boost too. I would like to pick up herbalism for example. But, I would like to go straight to the broken shore content instead of the old legion content. Since herbalism gathering is tied behind quests , will i be able to pickup the quests by gathering herbs straight in the broken shore ( the newer zones...i don't remember the name exactly ) ? Or will I have to first gather all the herbs in the original zone first and finish the quest lines ? Thank youKungpaw2 5d
6d Savage Leather nerf intended? So places where you would normally get 2 or 3 pieces, I'm now getting SCRAPS, or if I'm lucky, 1 piece of savage leather. This includes Firelands, spiders in Tol Barad and even in Zul'Gurub. All of these places have been nerfed significantly. Does anyone know if this is intentional or not?Zují0 6d
10 Feb Boost to 110 I know that when you use a boost on a character from level 60+ you will get a boost to your professions aswell. But does this also count when the boost is used on a class trial character? The character is above level 60 and some other things happen that otherwise wouldn't happen (if you boosted a lvl 1) or something when used on a class trial, not sure which.Xaroy0 10 Feb
10 Feb Profession Won't go past 700 Hi i used bfa boost my professions got boosted to 700 but the quest/thing to unlock upto 800 wont show up i've reloged a few times and done two none related quests still no luck :(Orkchriz11 10 Feb
10 Feb playing ah how can i do this ? can i start it with 10k ? pls i want tips not videosSelvenia5 10 Feb
08 Feb Archeology in padnaria doesnt show up So i know there isnt a skill requerment for archeology , but nothing shows up on the map for pandariaDachica0 08 Feb
07 Feb a cure for being Dazed in old content Have you ever tried leveling your new fancy Allied race Alt within this "wonderful" new leveling system of WoW? I'm sure you wonder why do you get dismounted when a mob gently farts on you... I know you do, because I wonder about the same thing! Whenever I'm trying to run around on my Water Strider with my lv 43 Warlock and my Strider does not do the only thing that is good for. Walking on water...., it fcking sinks.... Because I'm dazed.... HOWEVER now that Trump became President of the Unites States, I think evrything is possible! I'm sure that there is a cure for this somewhere... We just have to find it! #MakeWaterStridersGreatAgain Basically, ppl are crying for a cure for daze in old content, but as far as I know the cure only exists in Draenor and Legion called "Stonehide Leather Barding" and those silly Stables. We need an item like this for old content, or at least make it so it can be used in old content as well. It would sell like candy. Or make a mount that can't be dazed and let the Loremaster achievement award it for ppl that already went thru all the story quests. Other ideas are always welcomed. Sincerely, Aru the Patient Moistweaver, breaker of Rules, friend of Stynkey, mother of Jesus, Escort of Sap, Social.. I mean Core Raider of BAHAMUT, inspector of Junks, respector of Whamen, farmer of WoW tokens, accepter of Donations, master of wiping at Heroic Coven, survivor of Depression. edit: my friend who's into making people not be alive and fcking w their minds reminded me that I forgot something. Support me, so I can start my career on Argent Dawn as a fellow Void Elf escort.Aru1 07 Feb
05 Feb Buying 1-800 Profession Kits/Boosts. Hola, Looking to purchase a number of profession recipes/material to get me from 1-800 as quickly as possible. Currently in need of: 2x Engineering 2x Blacksmithing (Both starting at 1/800) 2x Tailoring (Both starting at 1/800) 2x Alchemy (Both starting at 1/800) 2x Engineering (One starting at 609/800, one starting at 1/800) 1x Jewelcrafting (Starting at 1/800) 1x Enchanting (Starting at 40/800) 1x Inscription (Starting at 1/800) 1x Leatherworking (Starting at 1/800) Happy to negotiate prices, willing to pay well for the right package. I am also willing to wait around a month if you need time to prepare the relevant materials. Add me to discuss it further, Aiden#21505Teshi1 05 Feb
05 Feb Darkmoon Fishing Cap!? Greetings! I am simply curious if anyone with max lvl fishing (600) have ever caught this majestic hat while fishing at the Faire? (Getting it when the skill was 600), I seem to hear alot of people pointing out that the hat may be impossible to get for Zen Master fisherman, because of a "bug" with the fish catch scaling in the open water. Some seems to have had 6000+ catches without ever seeing the hat, yet getting it on alts with low lvl fishing within a 100-200 ca. catch range. So, to sum up, have anyone with max fishing ever caught this hat? Kind Regards.Gorehand3 05 Feb
05 Feb Herbalist's spawned add can't be looted. Hello,i want to ask why every other profession has this skill to loot the bonus add spawn from node and herbalists are the only one who can't do that?For example as BS my alt can mining the adds spawned by looting node,but on my Herbalist when add spawn i can only kill it but not mining it with herbalism.This is really unfair :(Hubavelka3 05 Feb
03 Feb What should i choose? So i have skinning + LW and i dont like it. I thought of making either mining + engineering because of the fun perks you get and because i will be able to create mounts passively... and on the other hand i thought about taking Enchanting + Tailoring because it is my main and because i will be able to make bags and sell them. What do you recommend?Psychoshot2 03 Feb
03 Feb Making money with Mining without Legion Hello! I am trying to make money with Mining and JewelCrafting. I am pretty new to WoW in general, so I don't know when I am doing something wrong. I just got my mining to level 525, and I might level it up even more, if needed. My goal is to try and save up for a token. I have exactly 1 month to accomplish this. I already figured it would be a pain to do, but oh well. I have a couple of questions: - Should I drop JewelCrafting and pick up Alchemy? That way I can create Thrillium, if I am not mistaken. The reason I took JewelCrafting is because I figured it would be good for making money ( source: ) - What exactly should I be mining in the first place? There are so many ores, I'm just not sure which ore would be the most profitable. I understand this varies from realm to realm. I have done some research on these subjects, but it's just hard to figure out what exactly is the most profitable, because most of the tutorials are pre-Legion or are made for people that own Legion. I can not afford legion unfortunately, hence this post. Thanks in advance!Volyon9 03 Feb
02 Feb TBC/Wotlk Herb & Alchy inconsistency So both in alchemy and herbalism I have reached skill level 300. It used to be that after 300 in herbalism, you go to outland to collect herbs. This still seems to be the case, skill wise. I am getting full Felweed yield from gathering them in Hellfire peninsula. However, for alchemy they seemed to have changed it so that you need Northrend herbs earlier Outland herbs now from skill 300 on. Maybe they thought more people go to Northrend right away after reaching level 60. Now the problem begins. Gathering Herbs with a skill of 300 in Northrend only yields you stems or broken parts, instead of entire herbs. So for Herbalism after 300 you go to TBC and for Alchemy after 300 you now go to Northrend Making it totally incosistent and annoying to gather and effectively use. I just wanted to point that out. I am surprised something like this made it into life version.Mervias6 02 Feb
02 Feb Stuck on engeneer quest line (Legion) i have done the quest line up to the quest 'Modular modifications' but sudden stop there. according to wowhead i should be getting a quest called 'Here comes the BOOM' from Didi but i dont get any quests from her. anyone else encounter this problem and/or know a solution?Dobbìns0 02 Feb
01 Feb Boosted 110 Engineering missing quest Problem Hi After boosting my rouge i wanted to pick up quest for legion engineering, however i dont see the quest to pick up, does it need some special contidion or something?Thilian0 01 Feb
01 Feb [REQUEST] Shared stash. Same faction. Same realm I now own several World of Warcraft accounts and quite a number of level 100 characters. I like levelling, crafting and playing the auction house. I try not to rip off other people, when pricing my crafts. I tend to believe I do a great service for the community of Wildhammer EU and Thunderhorn EU. Naturally I have every profession and more than one crafter with the same profession. I like creating things. However, crafting usually involves a lot of different materials. Although the number of materials required to craft anything has been drastically reduced in Warlords of Draenor, things get complicated when you use 10-15 crafters and craft pre-Warlords stuff. I have to juggle things and keep track of what material goes where, what toon has a short supply of required mats, and what toon could share stuff with others. One of the solutions is using my brain and sending mails between characters all the time. It consumes a lot of time and is a lot of hassle because for some reason relogging to a different alt takes quite some time even with quad-core processors, 16GB of memory and a solid-state drive. Besides, it must be driving my Battle.Net friends nuts, if they have “User has come online” toasts enabled :) Another solution is using a dedicated guild bank of my own. It has the benefit of keeping all the required mats in one place but deprives me of social interaction, which is one of the great things about World of Warcraft that I have come to like: social interaction when requested (however, I hate unrequested social interaction such as Cross-Realm Zones). All my alts are in a dedicated crafting guild. I don’t get to see other people. A sad existence. This one-man many-alts guild experience has led to an idea. Shared stash as a feature request. I’d love to see a stash, which is similar to the shared stash in Diablo 3, be made part of World of Warcraft. If it is done, I’d continue happily crafting stuff while being available for any activities with my guildies :) The benefits of the shared stash may go beyond crafting convenience. I suspect that many players have a dedicated low-level alt that keeps all the stuff they don’t need right now but will certainly use it in the future, one day, next month surely, two at the outside… A shared stash would resolve that problem! Shared stash can be implemented in at least two ways. 1. HALF-WAY SOLUTION. A simple flag that allows characters of a certain rank to craft things using materials in the guild bank the way we can craft using mats in personal banks. 2. A NEW TECHNOLOGY based on existing guild banks. Every character on an account on the same server automatically becomes a member of a parallel secret guild named SharedStash_RealmName_WOWaccountName, which would be invisible to players but yet would allow access to a vault similar to the guild bank. And that parallel guild bank would allow crafting with its mats. I’d love to mention that if shared stash is implemented as a guild bank with tabs, those tabs do not have to be free. At least tabs past the first one. Asking a lot of gold for each of them may be a good idea. Not sure how much appeal a shared stash would have to regular players or new players or anyone else to justify development time but let’s wait and see. PS: Removing alts from my main’s guild one by one for the sake of crafting without much of a hassle was a painful process. It felt as if I was not going to return. Please, Blizzard, allow me to rejoin my main's guild…Aido6 01 Feb
31 Jan Highmountain tauren racial and cooking Hey, I was wondering how much does the racial "waste not, want not" affect in grinding mobs for food items etc. I am considering on race-change but still a bit unsure if the racial has any significant use. Is it really worth if you run hm-tauren as main with cooking as a main profession ?Ronttikontti0 31 Jan
31 Jan Enchanter Naltanis sure is slow (mail problem) So before 7.3.5 hit I put up all the enchantmats that were gonna be changed with the patch. I logged in after the patch to retrieve whatever result I got. I deposited around 400 mats. I have 116 left, stuck in mail limbo not able to be retrieved. For some reason the mailbox only gives me 1 mail regardless of how much time I wait. I have to wait, then do a /reload only to have that one mail show up. But sometimes not even that works and I have to wait until the next time I login. It's annoying. Anyone else have this?Veilor0 31 Jan
31 Jan Skinning after character boost Hello Blizz support :-) Yesterday i made a Druid named "Grolem" and boosted him to 110 (horde side) Ive been doing skinning from 1-800 in legion, farming stonehide Leather. My question is why i dont get any rank quests? Havent got any ranking at all Is this intended? ( ranks goes from 0-3 )Lolfh3 31 Jan
30 Jan Blacksmithing Legenday Questline Hi all I was wondering if anyone out there is on the above questline. There are 4 parts to it. The one is the collection from humanoid mobs which is easy enough. The other part can be done cheesing LFR Trial of Valor. The other two require Mythic Neltharion's Lair and Halls of Valor. I'm looking for more to complete this line of questing. Of course aside from just this questline I'm looking to get into Mythic+ as well. My battletag is Coach#2943 If anyone is interested at all. RegardsQarth0 30 Jan
30 Jan Buying Primal Bat Leather! As the title suggests im buying primal bat leather, old wow(before cataclysm) skinning/lw materials. If you saw them being sold somewhere or you have some in stock im buying any amount that you've got! I've been tracking these down for months, only managed to find a few for now. Please add me to Viper#2759 or pos there. If somebody is selling Primal bat jerkin(chest piece) or primal bat gloves(hand item) ill buy those instead of leathers! Thanks in advance!Malthel0 30 Jan
30 Jan AH Expensive Herbs I wanted to quickly level up my alchemy, but then realized that even the most basic mats (Peacebloom, Silverleaf...) are very expensive for how easy they are to get. I was expecting them to be a few gold per stack but they're like 50 gold. How is this a thing?Dasmilc2 30 Jan
28 Jan Jewel gems 7.3 Hello. So I leveled up my Jewelcrafting for a specific reason - +600 gems. I found some information about them from a trustworthy source as wowhead. As I got 800/800 I haven't got any new quests, any new recipes at vendor, only the old +200 Saber Eye. Where could I find +600 recipe?Fattyroller3 28 Jan
28 Jan Getting the 3rd star on professions At what point would you consider a professions action bugged, i have 3 stars on all my mining except the leystone seam , i am a regular miner and at time go off on 8 hour farming runs i have mined way many more leystone seams than the felslate if i had to guess id say into the thousand plus but no 3rd star.Madjockaneez4 28 Jan
28 Jan Engineering mount bonuses I think if there was some features added to engineering made but usable by all mounts (Sky golem, mecgineer choopper etc.) when used by engineers, it would be really cool. These would work by disabling safety features of the mounts, so there shoıld be a chance for botch that causes and explosion and kills you and anyone around. These could be speed boosts like igniting boosters. And AoE damage explosion when you overchange capacitors. There can be even engineer enchants that target the mount that adds shoulder mounted missile launher to sky golem for ex.Quelessar0 28 Jan
28 Jan No loot when fishing... Hello, today fishing is not working for me. When I click the bobbler nothing happen but I recive the skill point. This is happening only when I am fishing in the "school" spots in the open water the loot is working. Anyone can tell me what to do? Thank you.Bluehair0 28 Jan
28 Jan 7.3.5 - Profession progression through BC and WotLK I am playing with a new toon and I am aware that the Broken Isles are the best ones to pick up and level my professions. However, so far I have also strived to gather herbs and brew potions as I have progressed through the inizial zones. Now, what happens in WotLK and BC overlapping zones? will it be possible to progress through the production professions, or would I be forced to get BC recipes and materials first, and do the same with WotLK later? It would just not make sense with the new level scaling, and in that case, I would simply drop the professions until I get to the Broken Isles. I guess I would just gather some herbs here and there to get the extra XP :PAzeem3 28 Jan
28 Jan Self use Hello I've come back to the game I am starting a new char in a new server and I am wondering what do you think is the most useful profession in PVE for self use (not to make gold) ThanksEspiritual1 28 Jan
27 Jan Enchanting does not work on white gear Hey guys, I've enchanted a piece of white gear with +1 stamina and my HP does not change and it also does not update the stamina total value in the character pane screen (same thing goes with +1 armor on my cloak). If I enchant the same piece of gear with +2 health my HP does update. Why does this happen? It's clear that enchanting works on white gear, but not all enchants. Thanks!Yzú1 27 Jan
26 Jan Easiest way to get a first aid quest? I need one more first aid quest to cap first aid. Whats the easiest way to get an item? The drop rates on wowhead seem to be very offKirî9 26 Jan
25 Jan Mining & Jewelcrafting Hello! This is my first post here, so I apologize in advance if I posted in the wrong section. I got to level 100, and I am only now getting into professions. I want to have Mining and JewelCrafting at the same time. I am currently on level 150 Mining and level 103 JewelCrafting. I was wondering if it was smarter to level Mining first, then JewelCrafting second, or should I level the at the same time? Currently I am Mining ores, then prospecting them for JewelCrafting, so I can level both professions up at the same time. The problem is that I am not sure if this is the best way to go, since I can already smelt Mithril, but I still have to mine Copper in order to craft jewels. Should I just level up my Mining, then come back and level my JewelCrafting, or should I continue leveling them both up at the same time? Thanks!Volyon3 25 Jan
25 Jan Professions for questing? Hey guys going to be leveling a new alt for this patch and haven't played in ages, Im going to be doing all quests lines and wondering what the best professions would be to take with me on this trip? Used to be skinning and mining for money making but now i have no idea, any help would be greatToofty1 25 Jan
25 Jan 7.3.5. and levelling professions 13750 37 posts 17 min ago (Edited) Okay , so patch 7.3.5. Have to say LOVING it so far. Nice to be questing in the old lands, not being in dungeons 24/7 and being able to skip outland outright is very appealing. Also , I decided to level professions as well so I can actually use the gear, enchantments and food. And therein lies the problem. I'm at level 58 now and going to Northrend. I can m a k e the northrend foods, but I can't actually e a t them , since they still require me to be level 70. This kinda defeats the purpose of making them available at lvl 58 ( 300 cooking ). EDIT : It seems this is also true for cloth gear made with tailoring : EDIT Any comments ? And are there plans to change this in the nearby future ?Laurana1 25 Jan
25 Jan Jewelcrafting in Legion RNG Stop asking us to make expensive Legion rings and stuff in Legion Jewelcrafting quests! This is the dumbest annoying profession in all of Legion as stupid Prospecting is so broken due to the low drop rates of RNG! I have wasted so much ore and gold I only make stuff if I really need it but to ask me to make stuff for a dumb quest is ridiculous! None of the other professions BS, Tailoring, Leatherworking, Enchanting or Engineering is so annoying as you can simply make what you want without stupid RNG!Cùrsé6 25 Jan