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5h Leylight shard I think Leylight shard must be the most rare enchanting material in Legion. Not that many blues around and they are usually BoP. What happens is that people who have gotten familiar with the auction house and how the marked works occasionally buy out every shard and relist them for x4 or more expensive. While you can disenchant Leylight shards into Arkhana you can not create or disenchant into Leylight shards. I don't mind marked fluctuations, I usually stay away during volatile periods like when patches bring notable changes but I think it is unfortunate design when you can go into the auctionhouse, buy everything in a category and list it for x3 or x4 or higher profit without the marked being much able to respond by increasing supply. Maybe we could have a option to disenchant Chaos Crystals (since epics are more common than blues) or to unite Arkhana dust into Leylight shards. Anyhow, just my thought.Epzilon7 5h
5h 750 rating food buff I was in a keystone a few days ago, there was a monk who had a 750 mastery well fed buff. We had a !@#$ty tank and the group disbanded really quick, so I didn't get the chance to ask him how he did that. Is this a cooking only added buff or something? Anyone care to elaborate? Much appreciated in advance.Batinak0 5h
9h Cooking/fishing :-\ OK, so I'm not saying these secondary professions should be a breeze and take 5 min to raise from 1 to 800. But I'm getting frustrated at Cooking/Fishing in Legion. So there are two million types of fish and meat, and Nomi takes a LOT more than you can reasonably fish/farm a day - nvm, that's what the AH's for right, you just buy tons and let him burn most of them. (I'd much rather fish for my own quests, but hey, I don't have 2hrs a day for this). Anyway. The bigger problem is getting the freaking recipes. Reps, no prob, quests, no prob - but now some NPC are not even showing up????????????? Trying to get the Feast of Fishes recipe from keeper Raynae but she's nowhere to be found. Turns out there some other guys and they all appear on different days... wtf, cba to read more on wowhead. Isn't rep grining enough to get a freaking cooking recipe? I just find it ridiculous that legendaries are random drops from Blingtron, but you are required to complete an epic questline and travel all around the contintent to be able to cook for your raid. How does that make sense? The reason this bugs me is that out of raids professions should be something light/fun you can do with your main char. Some small quests or hunts are fine but really, it shouldn't be more complicated than getting legendary items that make or break your character performance in the entire expansion. >:-(Yllasera6 9h
1d Stunned, Angry Shark I have been fishing for at least 10 arcane lures worth for the Stunned, Angry Shark but have not seen it once. I've got both of the other baits at least twice or three times from fishing in black barracuda schools or general oceanic water. I am almost certain I am doing nothing wrong, and the drop rate isn't this low. What is going on?Betamale3 1d
1d Reeves Wormhole Stormheim Ok, anyone else have this problem? Whenever I teleport to Stormheim with Reeves wormhole I get ported under the surface. Start falling ends to a disconnect. I have to reconnect to find my self to the gy. wthTomragorn1 1d
1d Proff Mounts Engi have 2 helecopters, BoE, but they are bount to the proff. Engi can also craft a chopper, BoE, sell able, and any person can use them. Tailor have flying carpets, bound to the proff. Leather work have 2, a wolf (bound to the proff) and a moose (that somehow any person can use??, still reg 800 to craft). BS have a corehound thats BoE and all can use it. Alch have sanddrake that reg a lot of farming, BoE, all can use it. My question is, why are mounts bound to a proff, and some are not? Sure we can talk about "but leatherworker are selling thier LW gear to ppl, making them sell the mount aswell = to much income", but what about BS and alch then :P?, they are proff that sell the mounts. If we then talk about enig, sure it might take some knowlegde about the mech stuff to operate a flying mechine, still, we are selling choppers, cant be that safe to sell mechines to ppl at all then :P? (+ ppl can get mechine mount other way, like mimirons head, how can ppl then use that if they cant use a engi flying helecopter??) Tailor, again, i can fly on a disc or a carped from nightfallen, but not tailorcrafted carpet? LW version also just seems silly, i have trailed 6 dif type of animal in my garrison, i master the beast, yet, i dont dare to ride a wolf thats have a saddle made from a LW?, but i can ride the new moose just fine, wicth have a saddle made from the same LW...i dont even. So, what do you guys say?, remove "proff fantazy?" from the game so all your alt can use whatever mount they want...or you guys are fine with it ^^? Personally, i bet i dont really care that much about it (yet, i type all this, lol!), i bet the thing just came into my mind after i just crafted the new LW moose and saw it was account wide, and not locked behind LW proff reg. (might simple be a bug thats going to be fix'ed now...) Still, in the end, it had been cool to have all mount unlocked i bet, so if someone craft a helecopter on thier engi alt, log thier main, just to see they cant use it, i bet they be like "wtf". Just seems silly why some mount are still bound to thier proff, while other are not.Assassia3 1d
1d Change to skinning mechanics I would like that if players leaves the area of a kill without looting the corpse that who even else has tagged that corpse can skin it. And after a certain amount of time elapse the body can be skinned by anyone. I find that when ever I am farming skins some other players passing by shoot at my targets without looting and just run off. Which means I can't skin the corpses. I know I can just wait for more beasts to spawn but if there are a lot of players int he same area it can get a bit annoying. Also, there should be no reason for me to skin a corpse and the body of meat is still left behind with the loot if someone still wants to loot it.Cùrsé1 1d
1d Picking the best Professions I am now moving over to my druid as my new main for 7.3.2 and the next expansion. I currently have 700 in Skinning & Leatherworking. I plan to strictly make gold with my professions. Is SK & LW worth getting to max and grinding for gold income. I heard HERB/ALCH is great but that would mean I need to level from 1 to 800 again. I am maining a druid so I thought SK/LW was the best. Any help is much appreciated :)Madzpredàtor3 1d
1d Underlight Angler and alts Does the credit for the achievement count for all characters in getting the Angler, or do you need to have earned the achievement on each character if you want the Angler?Shallin10 1d
1d goblin or gnomish engineering - how and what to choose? goblin or gnomish engineering - how and what to choose? My engi is on lvl 800 now. I cannot choose between. Any help, guys? may be links to read about? thx a lot in advanceHeera5 1d
1d Skinning stuck level 75 -_- Hello Guys, Am back on wow after a long time so pretty new to the game again. I thought i would try a rogue which am finding pretty good, only thing am struggling with is getting past 75 skinning went to train next nothing there to proceed to says 75 + 10 which is annoying me, any help much appreciated sorry if a silly question haha -_-Zydiak3 1d
1d Tailoring as leather user Just curious if is there is any reason for having tailoring as a leather user? Is there something I can make and sell on the AH that I would profit from etc?Ralljballj1 1d
5d Finaly be something good for inscription? In BFA, will inscription be somewhat more usefull of this otherwise useless proffesion? Ok some glyphs are pretty neat... but who buys them?Elhorn2 5d
6d Stuck at Blacksmithing Hi there. Currently stuck with blacksmithing 795 finished all quests Only 2 recipes left unlearned Hound and legendary waste which gives me skill ups but I cant get any of them as it requires 800. What to do now how do I get last 5 skill ups???Eessaa2 6d
14 Nov No blacksmith plate/strength items 1-40? I thought it'd be fun to level up a character using only crafted gear. I started a warrior with blacksmithing, only to find that all the early gear is mail items with agi/int. I see that leatherworking has recieved new recipes for agi/int mail items, which means there's two professions for that gear, yet no professions for strength plate items.Gulost1 14 Nov
13 Nov Making Money with JC I really need help here. I am looking to make money using jewelcrafting, what is the best way to use the gems I collect from mining. Or is it best to just sell my mining mats?Klitto1 13 Nov
11 Nov Legion Tailoring Quest Line Bug? I've completed the Legion Tailoring Quest line through the Queen's Loom, but can't find where to begin the Halls of Valor quest for the loin cloth. Have 800 tailoring and even the recipe for the legendary but I must be doing something wrong. I've been to the location in Stormheim where the guy should be to give the quest and still nothing. Can anyone help?Ashanti0 11 Nov
11 Nov Class buffs and proffession suggestion I know that the old system wasnt perfect. Forcing a player to retalent for a buff, or just to log in with an undesired character can be demotivating, unless someone is so dedicated to become an altoholic and a true jack-of-all-trade. However I think removing buffs from the game wasnt a good choice in a cooperative game. I know the "bring the player not the class" is a welcomed philosophy, and Im sure nobody want to be a paladin whos "job" is to afk at the instance entrance to spam buffs for the wiping groups... But removing every buffs and debuff seems just to be like a decapatitation of an rpg game. The class and spec design just disappeared. Like an affli warlock is just a shadow priest now, or an elem shaman is like a druid... The problem here, that the bring the player not the class changed from fillable roles to usefullness. Pure vs hybrid classes turned to be roles. Like I made a topic on warlock forums, that todays roles are: - quick burst - cc - soak - interrupt - combat res - bl We had interesting mechanics like sunder armor, curce of elements, slow, etc... Buffwise lots of auras and spells. As first step spells became the same level, so a lower level version didnt caused overwrite problem. Then it became irrelevant who puts the buff/debuff on, since its benefitial for everyone. Then class specific buff and debuffs been shared. And now completely removed. Same thing with reforging. Instead of adding new stats to the game, making more option available the game has been reduced to 4 stats from dozens. Its been said, one of the reason of reforging been removed, because once a drenai entered to the group, everyone could go and change that 1% hit stat, or geasrswapping for the sake of a bossfight became a travel again. In the meantime Drums and army knife been introduced, so the a dungeon run wouldnt be over just because a shaman or mage is still missing. The point is, that I think removing itneresting element was a bad choice. A much interesting and better way, and personally I thinks its more benefitial for the gameplay is To give buffs/auras and debuffs to proffessions too. And not as exlusive use. Make just like drums, autohammer and tranquil mind a usable item. All the class specific buff could be mymic'd with a proffession temporary buff. So lets say the game have a stamina buff, that you could get from Class: priest, shaman, paladin Proff: a potion - alchemy mana regeneration: Class: paladin, druid Proff: temporary enchant Curse of elements: Class: warlock Proff: inscriber Dmg reduction: Class: warrior Proff: tailor/LW/BS The list could go on... And I hope you would join to feedback. Proffessions could make 4 versions: 1. temporary one, that removed with death 2. a temporary 1 hour buff, that stay after death 3. raid/partywide with death removal 4. raid/partywide that stays after death Each version is clearly more expensive than the former one. Addons or inbuild UI could help the raidleader to track buffs: Lets say there would be 10 buffs/debuffs, and as a checklist you would see that someone has 8 out of 10 on (a team setup would possibly cover 4-6 anyway). So as a readycheck the leader can decide that he wants to see all buffs, a few mandatory ones, or he/she dont care because the group is overgeared already. This way the class uniqueness can come back, making proffesion worthy and usefull. And yes... I read that class buff are coming back, but clearly, a 3-5% haste will be always more desired than extra stamina. People ans especially pugs always prefer offensive over skill. Thats why I would personally give the buffs to proffessions too. So buffs should be mandatory, but easily accessable.Kraivanah2 11 Nov
09 Nov Dumbing down professions Here's what you gotta do to make goggles from different expansions. Legion: 40x leystone 2x Sniping Scope 2x Loose Trigger 1x "Twirling Bottom" Repeater In Legion Leystone is ofcourse the most common ore as we all know, it's everywhere and it's cheap, rest of the materials are bought directly from the same engineering vendor. And plate Goggles from Wrath: 8x Titanium Bar 4x Heavy Borean Leather 2x Monarc Topaz 4x Eternal Fire 1x Frozen Orb Titanium was extremely rare and expensive in Wrath, hard to come by, but you could get help from an alchemist who could transmute Saronite Bars to Titanium. Heavy Borean Leather is made by combining some Borean Leather by LW's. Monarch Topaz is a rare drop from mining iirc and Eternal Fire is from elementals. Frozen Orb from dungeons. Obviously more effort and thought goes to Wrath professions, it's clear to everybody. I just wanted to give an example. Before they took you to the world, made you think about acquiring materials in different ways and different professions worked together, like alchemists transmuting saronite bars. Legion professions are very disappointing to me, seems like so much focus is on the quests and having different levels of recipes, but very little effort or thought is put on the actual crafting...Asdasde1 09 Nov
08 Nov Is JC and Ench good choice for making gold right now? Is JC and Ench good choice for making gold right now? I just get 110 lvl and now i want to choose my professions, but i dont know which one is good at this moment. Can u halp me guys? :)Dzonnzi6 08 Nov
07 Nov Alchemy: Potion of Prolonged Power 3 The only way to get a Rank 3 recipe for Prolonged Power Rank is to kill world boss: Na'zak the Fiend In 3 months I have never seen him spawned yet (Suramar). Am i missing something? Is there some trick to getting it spawned?Dessento38 07 Nov
05 Nov Problem with Nomi, need help I know there's been forum posts like this but I see the latest one is a remnant of at least 3 months ago and I kind of need help now. OK so, the problem is that although I have all 375s and half the 300s rank 3, there is one food that I am interested in making: the Hearty Feast. It's currently on rank 2 but the problem lies with its ingredients; it requires five 225 stat recipes and I don't have two of them (and I mean they are unlearned even). They're the Spiced Rib Roast and Salt & Pepper Shank. One requires leybeque ribs and the other one requires lean shanks as main ingredients. Now I've been feeding this incompetent fool of a cook more than 300 of them each so far (I've been at it for quite a while now) and this inept pandaren doesn't even produce a single recipe. I didn't want to write this on the forums since I know the answer from many people would just come as "you just gotta have to wait...". But it's getting more aggravating as time goes on, and I want to gain some insight on this issue. Can anyone shed some light on this, please?Valenn3 05 Nov
05 Nov First Aid utterly useless profession in Legion (7.3) Maybe it's just my opinion but I think First Aid as a profession is not what it used to be. Silkweave bandage heals 366k over 8 seconds. That is meaningless. In addition with the release of Argus content Lightweave cloth was introduced but we did not get new bandages. Can we get those as well? TL;DR First Aid has been totally forgotten, do something about it BlizzardLaheqt14 05 Nov
05 Nov Alliance and Horde set Is it possible for me to aquire this set as a bloodelf? Or i can'T get this colored version? :/ What if an alliance char makes it and puts it on the Gadgeztan AH?Sentwin0 05 Nov
05 Nov Leatherworking question New to game and leatherworking. I just finished crafting my vigilance perch. My question is, do I have to go through same questline to craft another one?Summergale1 05 Nov
01 Nov Can't get any Starlight Rose Hello guys. can anyone fix my problem. i had barded about 500 "Starlight Rose". and still dont have got the rank 1 quest prog. what can i doEgpeevee3 01 Nov
01 Nov First Aid for two months now I have had 2 chrts killing mobs left right and centre on the broken Isles trying to get a drop for to treat or stabilise a wounded soldier so I can get the 5 points I need to move up to the top lvl of my first aid trade. I know it is a random drop and down to luck but has and other player heard if this could be bugged in some way or been changed. At least then I would stop wasting my time trying !!!!! ThxFrostfury2 01 Nov
31 Oct Mining (rank 3 nonexistent?) and Bloods rate Hello fellow miners, i would like to bring something to your attention. The mining rank 3 patterns and the droprate on bloods of sargeras. Now i remember being stated that bloods of sargeras would mainly drop from gathering professions such as mining, herbalism, skinning, but not only from those. You could also receive them trough world quests and for example dungeon bosses. Now i've been mining for quite some time over the days since launch, it has come to my attention that the amount of bloods i have mined so far can be counted on one hand, while friends with other gathering professions seem to have very good droprates. I see skinners running with me in Dark Thicket (Dungeon) and receive around 4-5 bloods per run, in addition to what the bosses also drop. It has gotten to such an extent that i had to conclude that running random dungeons supplies me with more bloods, then spending all these hours mining. This can't be right, can it? Anyone else experiencing this? Obviously the problem could be that my mining isnt rank 3, and thats the next discussion part. The droprate on these patterns are? 0.1%? I havent had one drop, non of my friends or guildies have had one drop either. Intended? I'm suspecting the bloods rate to go up with a rank 3 pattern (increases the chance of rare materials), but kind of stuck on rank 2 (with all types). Blue? -HitbagHitbag30 31 Oct
31 Oct Best gold earning profession for alts & main So i'm wondering what you'r professions are for your main and alt for gold making. for example mine are Main : -enchanting (couse i play him and can DE etc etc) -engineering (but gonne switch this one off to another one after i made my sky golem, any idea's to what?) Alts : -one alt got jewelcrafting, for making all the 5 panthers and keep them up on AH at all time. -All alts got tailor, becouse of the garrison i can make hexweave bags basicly for free and with all my alts as tailor i can make tons of bags. -Rest of alts got Engineering to make the sky golem. So basicly why i did these profs on alt is that i only have to log in on them once a day to make either the jard's to make sky golem, and make the hexweave bag C/D and do my garrison stuff... only takes 3-4min every alt a day. Now i'm pretty wondering what your professions are for either main and alt? :) Grtz VlamVlambulance5 31 Oct
29 Oct Gigantique We need bigger bags can tailors get blueprints for a 50 slot bag plz?Chálisto4 29 Oct
29 Oct Low level enchanting prices Hi Why is the prices for low level enchantments like 5 stamina or a little health and mana - so expensive? Who buys that? Have I missed something about enchantments? RegardsAskila6 29 Oct
29 Oct Bags I am struggling with crafted Bags and Blizzards thought process. To obtain and craft the Imbued Silkweave bag is far more difficult / heavy on mats than the Hexweave bag and yet both the same 30 slots. Makes no sense. Nor does the cost of Imbued Silkweave being twice Hexweave on AHColinsdad3 29 Oct
28 Oct Top Hat and Sunglasses With the increase in the amount of Cataclysm Rare "World Boss" kills, has anyone looted a Design: Rhinestone Sunglasses or Pattern: High Society Top Hat, or are they still a myth?Neferure0 28 Oct
27 Oct Nodes disappearing. They have got to do something with the herb/mining nodes disappearing. You can be trying to pick 3-4 nodes in a row that suddenly vanishes.Evìlyn1 27 Oct
27 Oct Stuck with Enchanting I have kinda forgotten this character but wanted to level my enchanting after long time. There is only one quest in my log under enchanting : Prepping for Battle. I need to do 3 enchantments. The problem is i dont have those recipies. The vendor in Dalaran sells only rank 2s. The vendor next to quest giver sells only neck enhantments. I go around map in Azsuna and Highmountain but can find any undone quests that would relate to enhanting. My guildies cant help either. What i am missing?Yasera5 27 Oct
27 Oct Sumptuos Fur farming At 110, what's the best spot? Maybe some elite dudes drop a bunch?Tvartas4 27 Oct
25 Oct Work Ranks with Rep ?! Really ?! Hi . I have 3 110 hero . PALA DH MAGE . i exalted with all faction with my pala . but today i go to highmountain with my DH to buy rank 2 and 3 for the leatherworking item . i faced the error of reputation . Really i must exalt there with my DH again ?! its totally wasting time . and in other cases .. the reputation are shared with other hero . but in this case . ?! its not fair .Attaack2 25 Oct
25 Oct [Engineering] Reaves Wormhole module missing So I completed the quests listed in the ingame unlearned section and the quests that are listed on Wowhead for "Reaves Module: Wormhole Generator Mode". Neither have given me the appropriate schematic. Which leads me to ask, is this bugged atm or is the schematic now given elsewhere and neither the unlock notes in game or on other websites have been updated. P.S: That change to making the snack module was VERY welcome...Maelshulk3 25 Oct
24 Oct Fisherfriends and World Quests It seems there's often a World Quest on top of the fisherfriends. This makes the buff "Something's fishy" not appear. This is a spoil sports for me who have not unlimited time and often log in onnly to catch a few fish. Repair that bug ...Bredil0 24 Oct
24 Oct Podlings and Gronnlings not dropping / spawning So these two seem to have stopped spawning completely for me as I go about my garrison mine / herb garden, at least on my level 110. If I do it on my 104, they spawn as regular. If I however help kill one with my 110, my 110 NEVER gets loot from them, only my 104 (or lower). This has bugged out for me for well over a year now, and I have reported it on several occassions among with witnessing other people complain about this issue on WoWhead etc. Any fix for it in the near future would be great! If anyone else has any input on the matter, please share. :)Náia2 24 Oct
23 Oct Court of Start Profession Requirement What are the requirements to use buffs etc in CoS other than having the actual profession? I have simply learned Engineering rank 1, but i am not eigble to deactivate the Constructs. I have not done any engineering-quests yet. Thanks for any helpSuspect0 23 Oct
23 Oct Mining leveling stuck Hi there, I'm trying to get my mining to 800 but it's stuck at 787. There are no mining quests open in the quest log and mining on Argus does not increase the skill. Gathering herbs went as expected and got to 800 couple of days ago. Would like to know if I'm missing something here or(e) that it's a bug Please advice.Tawenimi4 23 Oct
22 Oct TSM alchemy proc anyone know if there is a way to include the rank 3 proc to my TSM operations?Vlambulance0 22 Oct
22 Oct Rockhide Strongfish Questions to those who have their Salty title, regarding Rockhide Strongfish. I know it spawns during the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza (along with some rumours about Darkmoon Faire), now the question is - does it spawn only during the initial window, until 50 people turn the quest in at Booty Bay, or can it spawn during the entire 2 hour window theoretically intended for the contest? If anyone knows, I would be grateful for the answer.Vardanis0 22 Oct
20 Oct [Suggestion] Profession quests I would like to have more profession quests. These quests are given by capital city NPCs for level 5-60 chars and for profession levels between 1 and 300. They require you to make certain items. The reason maybe problems ("This city is threatened by a war by Horde/Alliance and we need some more armor for new soldiers that must defend our city"). Completing them gives 2 or 3 additional profession level-ups, and of course XP, reputation bonus and a little money.Genkiparadin1 20 Oct
20 Oct Inscription vs alchemy? I have herb. on my warlock but i dont know which to choose as the 2nd?Peitsipate3 20 Oct
15 Oct Gatherer Hey guys, i recently returned to playing wow... Back in my day when i played i used a addon Called Gatherer. Wich places a small icon on minimap when u gather a herb or anything else... I installed this addon now and played for serval days, but now i`m getting osme wierd warnings in my chat... (didnt get a screenshot) So i wonder is this addon bannable? I guess it shouldnt be because it has 17 000 000 downloads on curse... But better safe than sorry :D Thank you for your answers in advance..Lidaka4 15 Oct
12 Oct Stuck at 700/700 LW [SOLVED] I did the quest that was supposed to give me Legion leatherworking (the ability to go to 800) but i am still at 700/700. I have completed all of the LW legion quests and i have the Elderhorn riding harness...What did i miss?Stomgar4 12 Oct
12 Oct preperation for jewlcrafting and alchemy in late game Hi! i thought it was a good ide to get as many ores and herbs in early games so that i can use them to level up jewlcrafting and alchemy in late game, so i wonder if anyone of you have tried that. and i want to know if i need to work with any of the items, for exampel change ores to bars, because i have never done jewlcrafting and alchemy and i dont know what it takes to level those in late game. please help a noob out :)))Itsthenoob0 12 Oct