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3d Alchemy Items Adjustments - Oct. 2 We deployed a hotfix overnight making some adjustments to some Alchemy items: The ratio of ingredients for Battle Potions of Agility has been adjusted so that the demand for Siren’s Pollen and Riverbud are more closely aligned in the long term. The costs of creating Potions of Rising Death and Potions of Bursting Blood have been reduced. Since these potions have non-stat effects, it has been difficult to judge whether or not you should use them instead of stat potions. In practice, both contribute a similar amount of damage, but these potions are more constrained, since they are direct damage. We’re reducing their costs to make the decision of whether to use them or not more of a question of economics, rather than a question of straight throughput. The goal is for these potions to provide most of the effectiveness of a Battle Potion, at a lower cost. To complement these changes, we're reducing the minimum range required for the Potion of Rising Death’s damage effect to reach full value. It will now be a 20-yard range (it was 30 yards). In the next major content patch, Tides of Vengeance, we’re going to update the Potion of Rising Death tooltip to read “damaging ranged abilities” instead of “ranged attacks”, to make it more clear this potion is functional for casters. These hotfixes are documented in our hotfixes blog post.Aerythlea3 3d
13h Herb disappearing - BUG Before a blue comes and tell us it might be that someone just picked it up before you, or herbs respawn in different places ... I saw a herb, started gathering it, before cast finished it vanished. I went to the next herb, I stopped next to it a 30 seconds, kept on watching it, then I started picking up, and before the cast finshed it disappeared. Then I went to the next herb and try to pick it up as soon as possible, it disappeared before I could fish casting the pickup. I removed the gloves (with herb enchanting) it also happened with the next herb. Anyway this is clearly a bug, people have mentioned it during beta, and after bfa went live. almost two months after launch, the bug is still here. cheers.Môé5 13h
19h Revive professions - Give us shops (Sorry if its a repost, but I think the server just ate my last post) How about this idea. Set up a system that allow players to set up shops for any (crafting) profession, in dedicated areas in any major city of the world. The shops would be temporary and cost a fair bit of coin to set up (for instance, 10K gold for 4 hours). The shops would be manned by npcs that offer a whole range of services to player clients. The profits of the shop would go entirely to the shop-owner (minus maybe an AH-like % tax). The shop would offer services that are exclusive to the shop and cannot be gotten any other way. This means the recipes should be new, exclusive, and could maybe be found through questing, exploring, dungeoning, etc... A shop with all the recipes will look more elaborate than a shop with only a few recipes. It could look somewhat like this. Engineering shop = garage/futuristic stable (maybe differences goblin/gnome) - You can present a mechanical mount to the garage npc for different tune-ups: spoilers (speedincrease), wings (limited glide), rocket exhaust (jump increase), repaint, etc - You can present an animal mount to the stable guy: rocket hoofs for an extra jumpthump, saddlebags for inventory space, installing a mutation container that works with alchemy shop mutagens, etc, etc - You can also get grease for your boots to glide with momentum, blades that let you skate on ice, waterskis so you can get pulled by another player on a watermount (/follow with the buff), get rocketboosters for your pets, A blackmith shop could offer the following: - Weapon sharpening (%dmg increase), plate armor strengthening (%def increase), installing a socket in an armor piece to be used with specific gems from the gemshop, fusing a gunturret (from engineering shop) on a shoulderslot that can shoot critters predator style, drive 9-inch nails through your plate so you look like a porcupine, etc, etc A shop-owner should also be able to put up a discount sign on his shop (-10%, -20%, -50%, etc). This will balance out when players set up their shop. More players setting up during peak hours will need to give larger discounts to compete, but will also have more customers. In non-peak hours shop-owners will face less competition and can probably sell their services for full price. All of these services should be temporary buffs, which you can extend by paying more. Some may be permanent (for instance a repaint of a mount) for a higher price. Scribes could offer repaints of armor pieces, alchemists offer mutations for players, mounts or pets (that may need another profession to install a proper administration device), etc, etc... The purpose is to reinvigorate professions again, and reintroduce some good old fashion fun. What kind of service would you like the shops to offer? Should gathering professions be included or excluded? Let your creativity loose and post your ideas! :)Bruuz5 19h
19h Why did you murder the professions Blizz? Hey Blizz, Took a break from WoW for a bit and this appears to be like the 3rd expansion is a row where professions are utter useless. With the exception of Alchemy + Herbalism. As inscriber, enchanter, blacksmith or whatever you chose, you are totally worthless. Noone needs your services. Why did you murder and eradicate all professions and when will you revive them?? It's sooo sooo sad what you did. Bring back the massive amounts of enchants we could put on gears and bring back gems. That way we actually had a profession to make money with instead of chasing !@#$ty (can I say that?!) World Quests or even more dumber Garrison missions. The only garrison we enjoy is mister Garrison. But hey! thanks for killing one of the most unique selling points of this game. What will you kill next?Holybud7 19h
21h Plate items able to make without soulbound mats? Ok so all Game masters and Devs are playing plate ? why in hell do Cloth and Leather need soul bound mats to make and Plate do not? Please make Expulsion soulbound mats atleast account bound or a trade Artikel this is nuts.Macburns0 21h
1d JC is terrible Hello. I have been a long time JC playing this game and atm JC must be the most boring out of all professions. I know some of the other professions made worse aswell but I don’t understand why this is the path Blizz takes. Here are some thing I like and dont like about JC: - precious craft mats like sanguicell hydrocore and expulsom are practically useless for jc. we basically have half the gameplay content of other professions. - the items we can craft are capped at 300 and ask too much items for what they are worth. we should be able to craft rings of high item levels using sanguicell. low items are also the reason why hydrocore and expulsom are useless. - gems are worth no money except haste atm. this is very comparable to alchemists. all of their flasks fetch good money tho. - all professions have something that only they can use. we jcs used to have unique gems that only we could use back in the days. now these items are mostly utility and that is cool but we want something like that too. - only good thing I can think of is the relative ease we can level our profession to max level. and that offers nothing. here is a couple suggestions - introduce high level rings before they become obsolete. - maybe introduce an item that can open socket to items that can be sold on ah (limit how many items you can open socket ofc) - bring back mass prospect (really whats the big idea taking it away)Derzu26 1d
1d Someone forgot to add this i think :D So how come we still dont have a hotfix adding a mass prospect in game :) mass milling exists but no mass prospect,did the team forgot to add it?Zigrifid4 1d
1d cooking world quest Hi so any chance to see those spawning again one day? so i can get 3 star recipes?Szam0 1d
2d Inscr - Ultramarine Pigment Is there anything useful that I can utilize this for? It seems to be pilling up for me at scary rates relative to the other types of BFA pigments.Vektron0 2d
2d Legion inscription to 100. how? Im now at 90 and i have 2 green recipies. Is there anyway to get yellow or red recipies anymore or are those green ones something i have to spam as long as i get to 100 by luck?Yasera0 2d
2d Engineering mount bonuses I think if there was some features added to engineering made but usable by all mounts (Sky golem, mecgineer choopper etc.) when used by engineers, it would be really cool. These would work by disabling safety features of the mounts, so there shoıld be a chance for botch that causes and explosion and kills you and anyone around. These could be speed boosts like igniting boosters. And AoE damage explosion when you overchange capacitors. There can be even engineer enchants that target the mount that adds shoulder mounted missile launher to sky golem for ex.Quelessar3 2d
2d Engineering 110 - no goggles So I finally got my engineering to 110 but sadface --- Layla doesn't want to teach me the schematic for goggles. It's not in the training tab and there's no recipe in the shop tab. To add insult I got the Horrific Amalgam's Hood (ilvl 355) from a world quest. The hood is an amazing upgrade from an ilvl 310 dungeon item. And it turns the goggles to garbage before I ever got to make them. So, at level 110 no goggles. Layla doesn't want to teach. And they're outdated already.Megatokyo2 2d
2d LW or ENG? Hello guys, What profession should i take on my new Demon Hunter ? Leatherworking for some items or ENG for toys, mounts etc? I´m not so sure that Leatherworking in BFA is worth because all of that items you replace in 3 days of play at 120 anyway. Is there any pros about LW instead of starting items and drums? ThanksMëdísëk11 2d
3d no great sea ray after 7k casts Greetings ! what am i doing wrong ? i'm fishing in coastal waters and look for pools ! after 7k casts no mount yet...Beasteu2 3d
3d Disappearing herbs. Oh look! A Herb, Anchor weed! You can see it.. you go to it.. there is no one there. Before you click - it disappears. Happened way too many times. Are these things made like that in mind just to slow you down so you can pay more money for subscription?Gudman3 3d
3d nvm Nvm, it was just silly thinking anyone gives a !@#$. Wow needs a new engine and a fresh start, not ideas ¯\_(ツ)_/¯Nozamy0 3d
3d "We never force people to do content" (Cauldrons) The mechanics of Cauldron making, forces alchemists to do content. Due to the Souldbound nature of Hydrocores if an alchemists wants to make a cauldron they have to do a Mythic dungeon or a M+ dungeon. By extension, unless they pug, the other FOUR people are also forced to do this content long after it's become irrelevant. The other four people also get Hydrocores which most likely have no value to them. I'm at present count sitting on 32 and can only look at them. I've no use of them and I'm unable to trade them to the alchemists who needs them. At least the Expulsom requirement for making cauldrons can be alleviated by the rest of the guild throwing greens at them. Hydrocores? Nope, they have to get them of their own creating yet another supply bottleneck on top of the Anchor Weed supply bottleneck. I get the idea behind needing Hydrocores for Cauldrons however the effect goes against your stated philosophy. So either remobe Hydrocores from the recipy or make them tradable.Arcana14 3d
4d Mecha-Mogul Mk2 So i am trying to farm the materials for this mount, but i have farmed this dungeon prob around 20 times on mythic +0 but the only thing i got from those 15-20 runs is 1 Azerite forged protection plate. I have been reading people doing this dungeon 40 times and got all the materials. I did find 1 potion +20 engineering though. I mean do i have to farm this dungeon 10000 times this way? Am i just this unlucky? Is there something i'am doing wrong? engineering is 150+75 avarage 4 machines to farmCruzell2 4d
4d Follower Equipment dropchance too low? I've been farming lots and lots and lots of Expulsom, to make the insciption follower equipment. The problem is, that even tho I have 5 follower equipment, and I have done over 25+ missions with them so far, and I still haven't gotten A SINGLE PIECE OF INK. Like, seriusly, I got followerequipmen worth around 200-250k gold, and I dont even get a single piece of ink, worth of 8 gold? And the ink itself isn't expensieve at all! This in not even balanced guys, this is a waste of money and time.. The dropchance is TOO LOW to be worth anything!Elsanador3 4d
5d Skinning junk So I go skin Razorjaw Chomper and to farm meat and scale...etc. 3 groups of them I got 5 meat, 28 Discarded Molting ( junk ) and 15 Flaky Fish Scales also junk. I was before farm them got scales a lot, bones, meat is it skinning nerfed od just that npcs.. ? 5d
5d Is anyone getting Engineering WQ's ? I had 1 or 2 in first week or so, but nothing since so still missing level 3 of quite a few of the engineering plans. Checking every day, had some for other professions but not seen any for Engineering in weeks. Anyone else?Minizip4 5d
6d Ah bot ranting Even though I reported him, no action taken yet. There is a guy online 0-24, selling darkmoon decks on EU - Ravencrest, XXXXbank toon. Reposting his items with undercuts of 5% in every damn minute. This is freaking crazy. Has anyone heard anything about these guys taken care of? Any botter banned in the last few weeks? Or do we have to simply live with them?Seventhseal2 6d
6d Schematic-mecha-mogul-mk2 Can I farm this schematic on mythic+? I tried every week on normal mythic but it doesn't drop. So far I did an additional 20 mythic+ dungeons but I'm starting to doubt it drops there.Moezeke4 6d
6d Choosing Profession Hey, i just got back to WoW with BFA and started raiding..working my way up back. Did Hardcoreraiding last in WOTLK (German top 10) Aslong as i see, there are not anymore really usefull Perks for raiding? I play Hunter, and have some alts. What Professions should i choose? I saw most Raiders on the Top have LW&Ingi. Why? Because of the craftable? I mean a already have better Gear than what they give atm..?! Secondaryquestion: In which Professions should i invest my Explosum?/on which char should i scratch everything?Stygg3 6d
11 Oct Casual crafters punished again Hydrocore BoP items from mythics. Sanguicell only from raids. If any more evidence was needed Blizzard only really cares about their precious end game players, this is it. I'm sorry I do not have the time to farm mythics because of my job Blizzard, but I should not be punished for thatBethaney22 11 Oct
10 Oct Failure Detection Pylon So basically it doesnt work is it bug? Other engineers have same problem?Bacab1 10 Oct
10 Oct Potion of Herb Tracking SCAM? Potion of Herb Tracking is a S C A M. I do not know if the Champion Equipment is working properly or not, but I have already 3 followers with this equipment. Still, I am yet to find a single HERB from them despite I even have one of them on EPIC level (I have been spamming missions since last week). Is there any blue that can give me a hand on this? is this working as intended? if so, I wish to know why on earth does this equipment cost 30 expulsion????Kornyous34 10 Oct
09 Oct archeology questions Greetings, since i start to lvl secondary professions... archeology is up ! i only have 2 questions: 1. Does it matter in what zone i farm ??? will i get different items in bfa then in legion for example ? 2. is it even worth my time ?Beasteu4 09 Oct
08 Oct Make Disenchanting have a chance to give Expulsom? On none enchanting characters the Scrapper is a great addition to the game. However, on my 1 enchanter I'm finding it hard to get any Expulsom at all because I need to disenchant a tonne of items to get the mats I need. Meaning I don't get very much Expulsom at all... Wouldn't it make sense to give disencating a chance to give Expulsom since Enchanters dont really use the scrapper?Ilythara1 08 Oct
08 Oct Alchmist Stone math Hi Got me a Sirens Alchemist Stone at lvl 114. "increases the effect that healing and mana potions have on the wearer by 40%" Coastal Healing potion (with stone) - 22114 ; (without) 21777 - 1,5% increase +/- Coastal Mana potion (with or without stone) - 6840 - 0% increase. It gets better I leveled up to 115 and the Healing potion is now healing LESS: 21363 without stone and 21656 with it.... Is this bugged beyond believe ? Or am I missing something ?Malygris1 08 Oct
07 Oct Toons for Gold/Professions for raiding hi, i need some help with my professions I have by now 3 120Chars Hunter - Main for Mythic raiding Rogue Mage Now i would Like to learn the most helpful Professions for Gold and substain Mythicraiding. Which 6Professions to choose? The Hunter is atleast revered with all BFA Factions. Maybe it makes sense to go for 4 or 5 chars?Ekje1 07 Oct
06 Oct Azerite Traits and Professions First of all, the Azerite bonuses should scale with the ilevel worn to adjust for the extreme imbalance between players who were unlucky. Furthermore, I think that the professions should have a greater influence on the game, without being a necessity for players who have no interest in playing them on their own. See this as a suggestion as to where the system could go, not as a final solution. Jewelcrafting: With this profession it will be possible to extract Azerite bonuses into a crystal and then implement them into another item located on the same slot. Example: I have a chest (ilvl 340) with my current BiS Trait. I get a 385 chest dropped with a bad trait. Now I can extract the 340 trait from the chest and implement it into the 385 chest. This will pollute the chest and reduce it to 340 from 385 ilvl. Blacksmith/Leatherwork/Tailoring: To clean the Azerit Items we need one of these professions depending on the armor class. You can make sets to clean polluted Azerite items, +5 ilvl per use up to a maximum of the initial ilvl. Since the Azerite traits probably have max ilvl depending on the season, it should not be possible to raise an item with a season 1 azerite trait to the ilvl of a season 2 azerite trait. Enchanting: Enchanters get the opportunity to bind the power of the Azerite items and transfer it to the heart. Rare: 300AP Epic: 600 AP... etc. etc etc Inscription: Here I am not 100% sure in which direction it could go. Either this profession gets a scroll which dices the traits again and with each roll the ilvl is reduced by 5. Or the profession gets a Scroll of Luck which increases the drop chance on an Azerite item for the next boss/treasure chest. Or he gets a reskill scroll for the Azerite items like we already have with the talents.Calicojack0 06 Oct
06 Oct Takes longer to make flasks than to do raid/m+ Not exactly sure how many times you want players to repeat them self. Also not sure what you are waiting for because there is no constructive criticism to be had here outside of increase the damn spawn rates. I gather plants for 2 hours as long as the monelite hoofplates and stirrups last. Today's weed farming got me roughly 6-700 plants, 350+ of them being winter's kiss. Guess how many anchor weed i got for 2 hours of farming: 34 Found 4 or 5 anchor weed plants in 2 hours. Its impossible to keep up with the demand even for a small party of players doing m+ and raiding. Either enable flying so we can increase the gathering process or get your ***** out of your ***** and fix drop rates. Its incredible how in this expansion you managed to break everything. EVERYTHING. Literally down to professions.Aerensiniac8 06 Oct
06 Oct delete plz delete plzBwg0 06 Oct
05 Oct Professions for Raiding/Money hi! Just got back into WoW 2 Weeks ago. now im 120 and have a gearlvl of 340.. I want to go back to mythic raiding, but i'm really unsure about the Professions. Everything is so insane expensiv when i compare back to Mop (last time i played acvtive) So what Professions to took to get able to raid and get some money? I mean i get bankrupt even by buying flasks, pots etc...Ekje7 05 Oct
05 Oct Any use for anything other than BS/LW/TL? So will the professions other than Blacksmith, Leatherworker and Tailors get any use whatsoever? Currently Sanguicells are completely worthless for anyone other than those three if I'm not mistaken, also being able to use 40 str gems are nothing compared to being able to craft 380+ stuff.Androme3 05 Oct
05 Oct Alchemy - do you actually play this game? To start with nice things - Alchemy now lets me browse the recipes I haven't learnt yet! But the sad thing - There's little in said list I am seeking to make. The mana potion restores a whopping 8% of my mana. The stats potion raises my intellect by 3%. The trinkets --- well the GREEN one gives me 10% health for each kill. I may use that over an epic trinket. Transmute expulsom is nice, except my tailoring (read: just making 30 slot bags) doesn't need it. You put effort into making BoA Alchemy. But to what use?Megatokyo5 05 Oct
05 Oct Suggestion - Unbinding Tinker Kit (Soulbound to BoE) Here's a way of helping out crafters who feel useless atm due to heavy costs of upper class rank 3 gear while not being able to sell those: Give Rank 3 recipe to engineers, enabling them to craft some sort of Unbinding Kit, which would unbind all the crafted gear. Needless to say this kind of tool should cost quite a lot: 1) 1000(+) epulsom? 2) 500(+) sanquicell? 3) All the random gems, ores, parts and other reagents that one might find suitable for such a tool? 4) Might use more reagents to unbind the actual targeted item Consider this a long term investment. I mean as long as there's a 4 mil mount running around - this might not be actually as crazy of an idea, right? PS I'm rather new to this game and this kind of topic might have already surfaced at some point, but I thought why not say this anywayMichinorenji1 05 Oct
05 Oct JewelCrafting, Sanguicell and BoP Maybe it wud make the other professions more fun or interesting if you can craft BoP items, just like Blacksmiths or Leatherworkers. Jewelcrafting fx, could craft BoP 385 Polearms/Staves under the same premise as the before mentioned professions. Right now its 100% useless unless you're one of the 3 professions. Furthermore it would give those willing and able another chance at getting a decent weapon outside of Mythic Keystones. Currently its near impossible to get a caster or agi 2hander from classes who can use these, bcos of weapon restrictions. Druids are in a unique position compared to DK or Warrior, where they need intellect for 2specs and agility for 2specs, and if you only have a high enough ilvl for one (lets say agi), and you get a high ilvl intellect you cannot trade it to others due to dumb restrictions. Warriors are not in this position and can easily gift equal items to other strength classes. Making JC able to craft BOP items for own use wud be a workaround the item restrictions and actually make the profession useful, as to right now where its 100% useless. You can craft 300(310) Rings and gems. Big woop, nobody cares.Majestix1 05 Oct
04 Oct Getting rep with Nat Pagel? Just wondering how you get rep with ol' Nat in BfA. I've put this off for so long I genuinely have no idea how to do it any more. Thanks.Blazzko2 04 Oct
04 Oct Sleeper Sushi tooltip says +13 Mastery, people say +125 Hi, I've seen many times that the Draenor food "Sleeper Sushi" is supposed to give you +125 Mastery. When I'm using it though, it gives the +13 that my tooltip is talking about. I'm already maxed in Dreanor cooking (100/100) and on my way in legion. Am I missing on something very important here ? Thank you for any help :)Sarathoga3 04 Oct
04 Oct Viewing profession skill bars of different expansions? I just started a new demon hunter (Level 100) and learned Mining. The Mining skill bar shows "Cataclysm Mining 1/75". I understand that there is now an extra skill bar per expansion, but how do I view my skill bars of the other expansions? For example, when I mine a Copper Vein the console text tells me that my skill has increased to 2, 3, etc. but this is obviously refering to my "vanilla" skill in Mining, because "Cataclysm Mining" is still 1/75. Where can I see the "vanilla" skill bar then?Ludius2 04 Oct
04 Oct Skinning and Leatherworking Hi guys, While doing skinning and leather working there some mats that are literally worth copper, hello calcified bones, and others like blood-stained bones that are worth a lot. Blood-stained bones are supposed to be the basic one and calcified bones the ones you get more of it once you have level 3 bones gathering with skinning. It even feel like with that rank 3 you get more often Calcified bones than Blood Stained bones. Wouldn't it feel right to be able to convert some Calcified bones to blood-stained ones or change the way some receipes work ? It's weird to have some mats worth close to nothing. Or maybe someone does have a better idea on it ?Sty2 04 Oct
04 Oct Can't find Light Illusion Dust As the title say's, I can not get Light Illusion dusts from Disenchanting, only Rich Illusion Dust. Which is useless to me as I am trying to level enchanting and most of the recipes want Light. I have tailoring as well so I've been making Frostweave Pants and Runecloth Headbands, as I've been told that they have a high chance to give it, but after 2 or 3 dozen or so I've had none. Is there another source as the various online guides are out of date or misguiding? Or some other way to level Enchanting, mine is at 150 right now?Rafaze4 04 Oct
04 Oct Master transmuter in 8.0! HELP Master transmute i cant get the quest. Now with the changes on 8.0 can someone help how i can get the quest?Koftis11 04 Oct
03 Oct Most efficient way to level cooking with fishing? So ive amassed a rather large collection of great sea catfish and have been using them to level cooking (I have amended from fishing there sorry!). I have even more redtail loach along with all the other types of fish. From guides ive read they recommend turning them into fishing oil and using other ingredients. I find this abit cumbersome and wasteful, so do redtail loaches have no use as they are apart from converting to oil? How did you guys manage to level cooking and how did you find it corresponding with fishing? Thanks, ZephZepharock0 03 Oct
02 Oct inscription ultramarine ink hey blizzy, just checking in if your ever gonna respond to the fact we get way more ultramarine then we need and just not enough crimson ink. now i just got 5000 herbs to mill, from that i got 1400 crimson ink and about 4000 ultramarine, not totaly sure cause i stil had loads off ultramarine in my bags now we get to the recipes wich all need about 5-8 crimson ink. and only some need 12 ultramarine. mostly only the contracts wich you only weekly need to make for the scrolls i make daily for the mithic+ we do its only crimson now all this should not be news to people we all should have noticed already, so blizzy should have noticed aswel so where has their response been on this,do they feel like fixing this? or we also need to just wait for the next expansion? and yesh ofc i can delete all the leftovers this is more out of frustration such a simple system seems totaly backwords.Rhydrui1 02 Oct
02 Oct Old Rep-locked profession recipes With gear being exempt from reputation requirements if you're already exalted with a faction on a character on your account (allowing the rest to buy them with no rep), I was wondering if there were any plans to also do this with profession recipes. For relevance's sake, I'd propose giving profession recipes from Vanilla to Mists of Pandaria the same treatment that gear has now, so insane completionists like me can have nice and tidy "unlearned" tabs! Now that I have your attention, it's time to ask for more and more things! - Give the ability to hide certain recipes (in both the learned and the unlearned tabs). This would nicely sift through worthless ones and help with current oversights in the "unlearned" tab (Songs of the Alliance/Horde for Scribes, you can't learn the opposite faction's one but it's still flagged as Unlearned) - Hide Gnomish/Goblin Engineering recipes when you are a Goblin/Gnome Engineer (or add a toggle option) Thank you for your time!Despacita5 02 Oct
02 Oct Can't find schematic for Mace. I was leveling blacksmithing on my alt trying to make a Solid Iron Maul which needed a 155 blacksmithing skill. Once I reached it I went to the vendor (Jonnas Ironwill) to buy the schematic and It's not there. Help.Dúnlang3 02 Oct