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13h First Aid Problem HELP. So my Character is at 735 in First Aid and its seems like i can't progress any further. Is there a Quest i'm missing? When i try to create 'Treat Fever' for example, the 'create' button is just grayed out...Idk what to do .Macbeth6 13h
2d Engineering needs more I'm looking at professions for a monk for BFA, this hunter has had engineering since Classic and I've always liked having engineering on this, making my own ammo and scopes having access to a res, so I thought what does a monk get from engineer. Looterang, a bit less useful for a melee than my range hunter Repair bots, I keep the saronite bots in the gbank with some auto hammers so not super useful. Teleports, the Gadgetzan, Toshley teleports haven't been used in a long time the MOP 1 is useless. Goblin glider, 1 of the most frequent used engineering items :) And that's it, I would almost never use anything else on a monk, I would never take engineering to make gold. Fortunately things are a bit better on hunter, being able to jumper cable res, make my scopes and summon a stable. It makes me sad that after years of engineering the only great reason to have a non hunter main as engineer is a reusable gliderKevjp0 2d
2d Which profession should i take along with Inscription Greetings, I would be interesting to know what profession would suit inscription the best. Thank you very muchHyunsin3 2d
2d How hard is it to find highborne rares? Been digging in Suramar for a week now and solved about 20 artifacts, but no rare. Is this normal? I got rares much faster in other areas, like 1 in 5 solves. What's the approximate droprate for a rare highborne artifact?Nepheria0 2d
2d Can other players see the wisps in Suramar digsites? I was digging a bit in Suramar and found a grave that spawned a swarm of wisps. When I had killed them off I saw two glowing findings that had dropped a small distance away from me, but another player looted them before I got there. Can other players see the wisps that spawn from your digging and also loot them, or can you steal any findings from a player?Nepheria0 2d
4d Professional problem Hello guys , Recently i boosted character from 1 to 110 lv and i don't have any professional. Do I miss something?Folaji3 4d
6d Digsite reset trick doesn't work in Legion? I read about this old trick where if you have a "Mantid Artifact Sonic Locator" in your inventory, you can generate digsites in an area by zoning in and out of it. I tried this in Uldum and zoned in and out a couple of times, but no digsites appear. Can anyone confirm this doesn't work anymore? I don't feel like doing all my digsites in Kalimdor just to get new ones that aren't in Uldum, and continuously doing the same sites in Broken Isles for crates is getting very tedious.!-(Archaeology-Trick!)Nepheria1 6d
11 Jun What proffs for my alt (BfA future) Hey, I need your advice in choosing professions for my alt. My main character has ench/jc. My one alt has mining/herbalism. I wonder if my second alt should be mining/herb too to get more mats or maybe should I pick other proffesions like enchanting to enchant all soulbound loot items or tailoring to try to make some money with it in BfA? I've heard there are gonna be some changes to the professions in BfA but I'm not sure what they are. Will the tailoring be good if I have only BfA recipes (cba to waste money and time into farming recipes and actually not sure if I have enough money to lvl it up from 1 to 800). What do you think would be the best for me?Wildfox2 11 Jun
07 Jun Before BFA Do i need max out my proffisions? I am thinking about getting my proffisions ready for BFA. is it worth it or it will be a waste of time sense from what i have heared that they have changed the systemin Legion. I was going for Mining and Engineering.Hmydani2 07 Jun
06 Jun Gold Making from Mining? I've tried empyrium but it's worth nothing now compared to 5 months ago anyone got any good ores to farm that are consistent and sell for a good price on AH?Netoo1 06 Jun
05 Jun Headmistress title How often does the quest actually appear? Is it still obtainable?Sieran4 05 Jun
05 Jun Mining vs Herbalism on higher levels? So two of my characters already have mining as their gathering profession, and it makes a good amount of money. For a third character I started herbalism for variety's sake, and on low level classic content, it was alright. But on both Outland and Northrend it's ridiculous, the herbs are worth the same, if not LESS than the Kalimdor/EK herbs, while minerals are 4-5 times as valuable. Is herbalism going to get more lucrative later on, or whould I just switch to mining instead if i want to make a decent amount of money?Lysende3 05 Jun
03 Jun BFA question: professions any good? Professions used to be good, but as time has gone on, they have gotten to be pretty much useless. Legion professions, while I leveled most on the toons I played, in the end, I don't think it made 0.1% of difference. If I really, REALLY cared, I can just buy most anything from professions in the AH, mostly reasonably priced, because in the end, it doesn't really make more than a 0.1% difference. If this trend will continue, i just will not even bother (heck, I probably will anyway). Part of me thinks, I will just swap to gathering professions, but in all honesty, I don't bother farming just for gold anyway =) And, more of the time, I just ride by any nodes or plants. Professions DoA.Jalisco0 03 Jun
31 May JC-quest "A Crowning Achievement" worth it? I did the pre-quest to the abovementioned quest, A Colorful Key. Then I was thinking whether the Crowning quest really was worth it, considering the hefty price of the mats? The crown would be a welcome update to my Wikket Witch's Hat (910) but then again there are boss drops waiting along the road and an addon to come along. tl;dr: 1) If I make the quest and then wanna make a crown for myself, do I have to spend the mats twice or am I to keep the crown I made for the quest? 2) Are the crown recipes still worth doing the quest? Thanks!Calix4 31 May
29 May New RPR bo for BFA ( ENGINEER ) Okey now, engineers has 3 rpr bot, When the BFA comes is there any new repair bot for BFA engineer? Old to New - Field Repair Bot 74A - Field Repair Bot 110G - Auto-Hammer - BFA ? is it come new? now, i have 2 make auto hammer ? or in the bfa it will comes?Efetorunu0 29 May
29 May First aid no show scroll I am half way through Frostfire Ridge and still have not received a first aid scroll. Having looked in the forums it appears this drop is usually from Groog, when I defeated him I was fighting with others but not in a party, could this be the reason for my scroll no show. My other chrs got their scrolls very early on, sometimes not from Groog.Razznikki0 29 May
24 May WTS Glacial Cloak, -Wrists, -Vest and Gloves ! So I have a situation where I posess enough Frozen Rune to craft the Glacial Vest Glacial Gloves , Glacial Wrists and Glacial CloakThe items above are long ago unobtainable, but if you got the gold for it, it can now be yours - for a truely unique and one of a kind look. Be the MvP RPer ! Whisper or send me a ingame mail on Cyarona-stormreaver if you are interested with a bid, and for wich items you are interested in!Cyarona6 24 May
23 May mining skinning and herbalism of old could you pleasemake changes to item drops while not having "enough" skill in low lvl and by that remove all scraps of leather and herbs and ore fragments. in todays content we dont have this so might be a good idea to remove these in bfa update since you alsaw reducing skill lvlIvern1 23 May
22 May FIshing auto-loot bug I've noticed that i keep losing baits because auto-loot doesn't pick them up, today i fished a bit and caught one of those Vrykul ancient rings and another common lure but i didn't get them in my bags because it doesn't pick them up with auto-loot. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?Gannet6 22 May
21 May First Aid not working Is anyone else having this problem with first aid, specifically the injured adventurers in the Broken Isles. I no longer have the ability to heal any of the injured or ill adventurers when I pick up their notes for help. For example I currently have the Crumpled Request quest in Stormheim. I have the materials and the knowledge to set a broken bone but when I get to the adventurer, the game doesn't give me the ability to set the bone. The option is missing from the text box when I click on the adventurer. Does anyone else have this problem? I would like to have the achievement for first aid before we lose it in August.Clansman1 21 May
20 May Class requirement on Sunwell goggles plans I just noticed that a lot of old engineering goggles plans have become available on the engineering trainer, as the previous class requirement had been removed. The crafted items have also been changed to BoE when they were previously BoP. I guess this happened some time in last few months. A good change as it opens up some more stuff for transmog and the class requirements were basically pointless anyway. Anyway, I also noticed that the 11 different goggles crafted from the plans that dropped in the Sunwell raid have also been changed from BoP to BoE, but for some reason the class requirements for learning the plans have been left on those 11 Sunwell plans. Is there any chance we could have the class requirements removed from those 11 Sunwell plans as well? I've learned every other possible engineering plan so would be nice to be able to get all of those 11 from Sunwell too now that the actual items are BoE. Were those Sunwell plans maybe just overlooked during this recent change? Full list of the ones that still have class requirements on learning the plans: Schematic: Quad Deathblow X44 Goggles Schematic: Hyper-Magnified Moon Specs Schematic: Annihilator Holo-Gogs Schematic: Justicebringer 3000 Specs Schematic: Hard Khorium Goggles Schematic: Lightning Etched Specs Schematic: Powerheal 9000 Lens Schematic: Primal-Attuned Goggles Schematic: Surestrike Goggles v3.0 Schematic: Wonderheal XT68 Shades Schematic: Mayhem Projection GogglesMinizip1 20 May
19 May Level 200 professions? Hello, I read somewhere externally that BFA professions will be capped at 200. Do you think this means there will be new professions for the expansion that will only go up to 200? Or do you think it means all professions will be skill-squished down from 800 to 200 in order to actually be viable to use again (in the sense that if they're not account-wide most people will just generally not bother any more imo)Kleenex3 19 May
18 May Key of Kalyndras I started the Goblin Archaeology quest in Legion. Did the first one with exploding rocks and several fights. The second one gives me a chest that contains a 'Key of Kalyndras'. Is this key only usable in the Black Rock Hold dungeon? If it is, that's OK, I'll just ignore it - dungeons and raids are my least favourite parts of WoW (not including cosmetic stuff and pets). I ask because you only get 9 days to complete one of the archaeology quest lines in Legion and it's been more than 48hrs and I'm not seeing anything else that would class as a follow on from the second task. As the key is soulbound I can't even pass it on to someone that would use it...Triffik4 18 May
18 May Fishing lvl 430+ I m at lvl 430 fishing, but its very hard and slow to increase this professions. So i wonder if you can tell me where are the best fishing spots from lvl 430. Actually i do 1 lvl in 6/10 tentatives. I have a fishing pole lvl 1 enchanted +6 fishing. Please helpTrixel4 18 May
17 May Artifact fishing Given that you can complete the achievement "Bigger Fish to Fry" and "Fisherfriends of the isles" receiving the "Underlight Emerald" and that the "luminous pearl" clearly says "requires level 98" at what level can it be caught?Flameonlife0 17 May
16 May Fishing artifact weapon question In order to get The Underlight, you need to get the achievement Bigger Fish to Fry, but in order to get that achievement, do you require to be at least 800 fishing, according to 7.1 changes?Adriss2 16 May
16 May All professions on single char So now professions are getting dumbed down so far, how long before we can do all the profession on a single character? ;)Stacksamus1 16 May
15 May Alchemy money making Can somebody tell me, what can i craft with alchemy to make most of it in terms of gold? (by selling it on AH)Yandric2 15 May
14 May Professions while leveling Honestly, I feel like professions are completely broken right now for any content that is not current expansion end-game, and it's been like this since at least Cataclysm, and likely since Blizzard first reduced the experience needed to level through the vanilla zones. You simply level too fast for the zones you are questing in to get enough materials to keep up to date with your crafting, and the quest and dungeon rewards have become good enough that even crafted gear is often outdated by the time you can craft it, not to mention that heirlooms simply outclass any other piece of gear for a slot. Cataclysm just compounded on the issue by making the gear rewards in the vanilla zones good. Patch 7.3.5 and the level scaling have just put the final nail in the coffin of profession use while leveling, because mob drops and gathering nodes don't scale to your level (they can't, or you would lose the ability to get early game mats). And to make matters worse, you are now encouraged to skip expansions by choosing between BC or Wrath, Cata or Pandaria, but professions still seem to use the old system to level that needs to go through all of them (correct me if I'm wrong here, I haven't leveled a char to this point yet). It seems like in BfA each expansion content will get its own progression track independent of the rest that goes from 1 to 100 instead of piling 100 more levels on a single progress track (source: That is a good first step to solve the problem they have right now, since you will no longer be gated behind maxing the crafting from the previous expansion before starting on the next until Warlords content. However, it doesn't do anything to solve the problem that crafted gear simply doesn't compare to quest rewards and dungeon drops. If I choose to go the Cataclysm route instead of MoP, no gear I can craft will be better that lvl 85, so for the second half of the 80-90 stretch there will be nothing for me in professions. And even if a piece of lvl 83 gear could be useful at 83, since leveling recipes rarely give better that green gear, any quest reward for that same slot will be equivalent at level, and better as soon as you get a single extra level. In the end it seems like even with these changes the only items worth it from leveling content will be bags (if you didn't get bigger ones from the AH or an alt), gadgets and consumables, and I find that a pity. There's the transmog angle, of course, but that doesn't make profession-crafted gear useful while leveling, just not worthless to get once on a single character. One idea I've had to solve this problem is that crafted gear behave as heirlooms, growing in power with your character for the expansion (new) level range. For example, the basic Spiritmend/Deathsilk sets in Cataclysm Tailoring or the basic Windwool set in Pandaren Tailoring would act like green items in the 80-90 level range, and the Vicious Embersilk/Fireweave for Cataclysm and Contender's Sating for Pandaria would be blue items in the same range or maybe the 85-90 range only. These items would have no experience bonus to differentiate themselves from the current heirlooms. What are your ideas to make professions fun and useful again while leveling?Ragni10 14 May
14 May BFA Engineering (please give) It would be great if engineers could some how make a gnomish teleport we can already make portals to places to skip around the world but it would be great if we could also summon people. Pesky warlocks need not reply to thread they caused to much problems messing with demons just look at the burning legion coming to azeroth know doubts they were in cahoots with them.Tobi0 14 May
14 May Feedback of Legion Herbalism Now at the End of Legion i wanted to give some Feedback. At the beginning of Legion multiple Characters could get the same herb before they respawn. It is the best change of all. But coming with that you invented the Ranks which were good, but having no progression - but luck only. Without knowing if there is a bad-luck protection (and i think there was not) - it felt terrible if you wanted some specific Herbs on Rank 3. I was quite lucky with Starlight, but i farmed for hours - thousands of Aethril, to get it to Rank 3. At the beginning of Legion Aethril Rank 3 - having a chance that another herb spawns nearby - had a very high chance. I like this very much because you could form a group and gather herbs together and get some Bonus from it. It was very fun, chatting with ppl, running together and getting excited about a prock-spawn-chain, where you got like 10-15 herbs from 1. The chance was quite high at the beginning, but you nerfed it to the ground, where you didnt got any benefits from running together anymore (because waiting for all to harvest 1 herb obviously takes some time in a Raid of 10 ppl.). I know that combining Aethril Rank 3 with the chance of getting Seeds (which were both like 10%) was to much, but just having the high prock chance of Aethril was great. I dont think that the seeds were bad - i like that concept. But the chance to get it while farming with such a low chance felt quite.... unexciting: " yay after 25 herbs i got 1 seed" I liked the worldquests where you could get seeds - but there werent enough in my opinion. When someone in my guild spotted a worldquest, we change Guildnotifications that everyone should get the Seeds and put them on the Guild-Bank. When we had 200 or more Seeds we started "Raiding" 1 hour earlier, to farm the herbs with 10 herbalists. I still remember the day when we had 170 Foxflower-seeds. It was fun, all the spawning Fox sounds made the voicechat go wild and we had a great time. In the end we had more than 12.000 Foxflowers which we could use for Raiding materials. In the end i think both were great new concepts, but you should split them up. Seeds on WQ and a Prockchance on herbs that were not created by seeds. Maybe give us some kind of Progress to get some Bonus from gathering, like a "pathfinder for herbalism".Mirajanê1 14 May
13 May Sha-Touched Leather doesn't exist/isn't dropping. I'm trying to level up my leatherworking from 500. Pretty much the only way of me getting to 525 before I can pick up a new recipes is to turn sha-touched leather into exotic leather, but none of the mobs that supposedly drop the sha-touched leather when skinned are dropping any at all. I'm getting exotic leather 100% of the time. I was lucky enough to get the Magnificence of Leather & Scales pretty quickly, but since I can only use that once a day, it's not a very reliable source for leveling my leatherworking quickly. My only other source of leveling it up, for now, is by creating exotic leather. Which I can't do since sha-touched leather isn't dropping. And there's none on the AH... Is sha-touched leather still meant to drop? Is it a bug? Or has it stopped dropping because of my level? I definitely remember skinning some of it when I first made it to Pandaria, but now that I'm level 89, I'm getting nothing. I just want to level my leatherworking... :'(Aeladrae0 13 May
12 May Spirit Keeper Helm Looking for a Leatherworker who can make Spirit Keeper Helm for me. I have the materials to give you. Silvermoon EU Alliance - I will pay 10k Gold to the person who can make it for me with MY materials.Hecks0 12 May
12 May New to professions Hello everyone! I came back to wow a few months ago and now have 4 toons at lvl 110. I have never touched professions in my wow life. Can someone explain them a little? Why should i take them? What advantages do they give? Mind i am a casual player, so no mythic raids or high mythic key dungeons. Thx in advance guys!Gizmobes0 12 May
11 May Legion utility potions in BfA? So probably a noobish question, but I havent been around for that many expansion(s). Will some of the legion utility potions (like skystep potion, skaggldrynk) still be usable in the new BfA-zones? Or will they somehow be disabled after launch?Truenemesis1 11 May
07 May LF Ironforge Gauntlets Hello! I'm currently looking for someone that can craft the Ironforge Gauntlets cant find much info about them besides that the Pattern went unobtainable quite quick. The Pattern seems to be BoE tho soo that can be of interest aswell if you happen to have it. Feel free to add me on: Dunderman1#2801 Cheers!Shewy0 07 May
02 May Easiest Archaeology Method Hi! I have an archaeology-related question. I noticed that you can buy old fragments with crated artifacts. I would like to know, is it easier to solve legion/draenor/pandaria rares and trade for fragments, or to journey around old locations collecting them manually? I ask this because the dig sites often seem quite far apart, especially in Eastern Kingdoms/Kalimdor, and often they only give six finds. Legion dig sites tend to be much smaller, too.Doodlybap5 02 May
02 May Engineering So I am about to reach engineering to 800. I know engineering is not that profitable. But what are some stuff I can make that people actually buy? So far I've been making Goblin Gliders and AutoHammers and people do buy them, but their price got very low in the AC. Someone told me that I can make tramsmogs, which engineering items are good for transmogs?Nanos1 02 May
02 May Selling flasks or selling just the materials? As a herbalist/alchemist what will bring me more income? Selling flasks or just the materials? If you combine the material price is more epxenive than the flask but with rank 3 you get more flasks.With rank 3 though,is it pure RNG or there is a standar amount of extra flasks that you get?Naspyy13 02 May
01 May My hopes for Acheology 1. More lore of the world. As a Lore lover, I always liked how you can ready these small trivia parts for your artifacts, but I was kinda sad that you could only read them when you could make the atrifact. I would really like it if every time you create a new one, you would get a page of a book, and in the end, you have a lore book of the race. It doesnt even have to be done to acknowlege anything already, done, I would glady farm all races digsites for that Book again. 2. More Transmogs. Yeah, mounts are cool, I get that, but I would really like it if new (and maybe even old) Digsites got new Items that give you cool Transmog sets. Imagine when Archeology would give you acces to ancient Tribe Armor for Trolls, Historical Dwarf battle armor, or even some armor sets that the Valkyrs or the Burning legion uses. 3. No more stupid timegating please... this 2 weeks waiting time and only one active digsite type really really really blows. Give us the rng from cata back, that was perfect. The way its made in legion is just plain bad.Mynostro0 01 May
29 Apr Bring fishing to 800 very quickly This is a very handy and easy tip to bring your fishing up to max level very quickly. I appreciate most will be 800 already but for anyone new to fishing (or WoW even), this might save you a good few hours. :) 29 Apr
29 Apr Glacial Vest pattern anyone? Hello. Is there anyone who have learned the pattern for glacial vest? You could get it by getting Revered with the Argent Dawn back in the days. I am interrested in obtaining this vest for transmog at some point. But first I need to find a person who have the recipe to create it. If that person is you, please let me knowAisutora3 29 Apr
28 Apr Old world craft tips Hey guys! I was just wondering what best old world things you can craft with professions? I know about the Legion stuff and a lot of it isn't profitable anymore, on my server anyway. So I wanted to expand to old world stuff to craft and sell that has some purpose. I have Alchemy, Enchanting, Inscripting, Jewelcrafting, Mining and Herbing. Can pick up another profession if needed, too! Am exited to hear about your tips lads! CheersFarmmeister0 28 Apr
26 Apr Pre-40 Blacksmithing - Where's the Plate? I noticed the first 4 items you can craft were changed from Mail to Plate (Rough Copper Vest, Copper Bracers, Chain Copper Belt & Chain Copper Pants). However, those are White items (no Stats). Not only did all Green and Rare items remain Mail, they were also converted to Agility. What's going on?Avenjielde12 26 Apr
26 Apr I need a side hustle hey guys, what are you using to make your extra bits of gold in the auction house? which profession should I be using?/utilising?Demtings0 26 Apr
22 Apr Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds So I've been farming Mantid Artifacts all week. I've handed in 500-ish Restored Artifacts to swap for Troll, and i still haven't got my weapon. I know its a long haul to farm this but what's the most someone has had to go through before this dropped? It's starting to feel like i'm never going to get this. ps. Farming the Insane title was easier than this imo.Kâk6 22 Apr
18 Apr Golden dig sites disappearing Today I was flying to a golden dig site in Azsuna, and on my way there I decided to grab the archaeology quest first. As soon as I had picked it up I opened my map only to discover that the golden dig site was now gone. I had somewhat the same happen to me two weeks ago, where I had a golden dig site in Val'sharah at the start of the week. But when I looked at a later time, it was gone. In both cases I did not Survey a single time at the site. Does anyone else have elite or golden dig sites disappear for them?Galor3 18 Apr
18 Apr leveling engi 1-800,couple questions. hey there fellow wow players. decided to go mining and engineering with my demon hunter and ive looked around for some guides and this one seems to be the best: is it still viable or is there any other to relatively cheap way of leveling engineering? and if this is a good guide how would i go about getting this: ''You have to get a [Draenor Engineering] scroll to upgrade your maximum Engineering skill to 700. This scroll will also teach you a few basic recipes which you will use to level Engineering.'' do i need to go to any wod location? just asking because i came back from a long break and i missed the whole wod expansion. at the moment im just doing the engineering quests and waiting to see how i could tackle the engi grind. thanks in advance for the replies,cheers :)Pinhead2 18 Apr
14 Apr Skinning and Herbs or Herbs and Alchemy Hello First of all sorry if it's not the right topic but. I started off with skinning and leatherworking but I never used leatherworking really. I heared herbs and alch are good for farming gold. But as my skinning is 500+ and my herbs are only 20 for now I wondered. Should I keep my skinning and herbs or should I switch to herbs and alchemy. Keep in mind it's for gold purposes to sell the stuff on the auction house.Fjiltrövan2 14 Apr