21m Profession overhaul ever gonna happen? Are we ever gonna get an update to the early level profession products? As a new engineer I have stumbled across a problem where all of my explosives seem to do 1000% less damage than any of my abilities... this may be due to me having heirlooms though. But still. 300 dmg on a dynamite seems very low when one multishot deals 400 dmg and has 1 sec cooldown. Also the variation in the products are lacking. Each new leveling tier provides a new set of explosives that I never use. All the cool looking engineering gear are cloth armor and can't be transmogrified. Goblin fuel can't be obtained without the aid of an alchemist, closing off the option to get any interesting armor/trinkets... which by the time you get will get outleveled by new gear you get through questing. What is the purpose of early game professions? Like really? Does Blizzard expect new players to enjoy the profession content when it is this outdated? Let me give you an example. Goblin bomb dispenser (trinket item) made at 230 engineering: No stats Active: create a bomb that follows you for 1 minute and explode on a nearby enemy target for 350 damage... ON A FREAKING 30 MIN COOLDOWN! Is that a joke? Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the idea of this thing. A personal ticking bomb. However it seems like this is stuck in vanilla time where everything was very different and damage wasn't so free. So why doesn't Blizzard just update the old profession content? Surely even just "tiny" number changes would do wonders. I think this is especially important if Blizzard is trying to lure in new players. Professions are a core part of the game experience and neglecting them is doing a lot of harm. Sry if there has been a thousand threads concerning this in the past...Nimblefoot1 21m
12h What crafting proffesions are selling? I am aware that we are at a point where most crafted gear is not something that people need at the current item levels. I was wondering what professions do you find to be worth investing on these days? Those that create consumables needed for raiding etc?Eosferon0 12h
1d How to get Wisp-Touched Elderhide? Well I have googled to death the Wisp-Touched Elderhide but can't find any info on how or where to get it. It is used for the new crafted Leather Feet Legendary. Any ideas? Thanks IanDredsong9 1d
1d Smithing problem stuck at 700 Well, I have a problem i hope someone can help me solov. I'm at 700/700 in black smithing and i cant get from 700 to 800. though i have done the quests and all but northing.Jjasminn0 1d
3d Alchemy: Potion of Prolonged Power 3 The only way to get a Rank 3 recipe for Prolonged Power Rank is to kill world boss: Na'zak the Fiend In 3 months I have never seen him spawned yet (Suramar). Am i missing something? Is there some trick to getting it spawned?Dessento3 3d
3d Proffesion non-sense ok let's do some maths for Enchant Cloak - Binding of Intellect (3-stars) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- mats required 8x Chaos crystal, 20x Arkhana, 2x Blood of sargeras Cost of mats = 8x67 + 20x11 + 2x160 =1076g (Blood cost = defined by prolonged pots) Buy the enchant in AH = 1046g --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Price to obtain the recipe 3000g , requires exalted --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After you process the materials you lose gold. This is not the only case I noticed and I wonder what is going on with proffesions. Am I an enchanter or a disenchanter?Mikö2 3d
4d Golden dig sites disappearing Today I was flying to a golden dig site in Azsuna, and on my way there I decided to grab the archaeology quest first. As soon as I had picked it up I opened my map only to discover that the golden dig site was now gone. I had somewhat the same happen to me two weeks ago, where I had a golden dig site in Val'sharah at the start of the week. But when I looked at a later time, it was gone. In both cases I did not Survey a single time at the site. Does anyone else have elite or golden dig sites disappear for them?Galor0 4d
4d Jewelcrafting panthers Is still making gold out of jewelcrafting panthers on AH worth it?Klad2 4d
5d Dropping Alchemy for Mining....have a few questions Hi all, I'm Currently 800 in Alchemy/Herb, however, i now wish to go the Mining/Herb route and have some questions. 1.) When i pick up mining, will i have to go through all those quests (like i did with alchemy/herb)? 2.) Is there a way to get some compensation for losing all my rank 3 recipes in herbalism when picking up mining? i.e. I learn mining and have access to all recipes at certain ranks. It's probably wishful thinking on my part, but I'm still more than determined to go this route even if it's a 'no' to both questions.Grimmrace2 5d
5d Archaeology catch 22 On one of my alts I have gotten ogre archaeology fragments from the garrison mission board. This does not open up the ogre items, aka ogres are greyed out. Now I have hit maximum acrchaeology shards and went to a digsite to open them up somI could spend yhem. But as my shards are at maximum, I can't pick my surveyed pieces up, and thus can't get a project to spend them on. Does anyone have any advice?Belami3 5d
5d Is Recipe: Carrion Surprise still available? Hi, There's a cooking recipe: Recipe: Carrion Surprise Do you know if it is still available in the game? How? Thanks.Eom1 5d
5d How do I level enchanting from scratch? It takes forever and ever running through vanilla dungeons and disenchanting items. WTF is this game?!Filidix8 5d
5d About Mail Legendary dear blizzard, first of all, excuse my english, I'm still learning. and, why we are have to do return to karazhan make to this? rtk is big. 10 bosses in there and we can't find players want to do this dungeon. they all want to "NIGHTBANEEEEEE." so, my request is at least, delete that "mythic difficulty" thing from that legendary quest. it's really annoying. 'cause the other legendaries need smaller dungeon but mine RETURN TO KARAZHAN. omg.Fugan2 5d
6d Enchanting macro? Does anyone know an enchanting macro that works. I have found one but when i use it, the chat window says i am not in an party this is the one i have found: #showtooltip /run CloseTradeSkill() /cast Enchanting /run local s for i=1,GetNumTradeSkills() do s=GetTradeSkillInfo(i) if (s=="Enchant Bracer - Assault") then DoTradeSkill(i) end end /use Plated Saronite Bracers /script ReplaceEnchant() i replaced the Enchant Bracer - Assault with Enchant Bracer - Strength and Plated Saronite Bracers with Enchanting Vellum but it just doesnt work plz help, dont really feel like clicking that much....Yipyip3 6d
21 May Inscription deserves much more and more! Inscription suggestions If I may ; Which can be tested out in a PTR. Suggest your opinions as well. I will try to keep it tidy. There are 5 topics. Some are connected. Scrolls from Warcraft 3 : Scroll of Healing, Scroll of Protection, Scroll of Speed, Scroll of Invisibility etc. Heal Scroll that provides a little aoe heal to 50-100 yards and "%20-%25 100 yard-%25 increased duration and 100 yard" healing boost for a duration.%25 versions can be crafted with better paper,ink(same goes for other scroll ranks) and bonus mats from other professions like enchanting dusts or potions/elixirs/flasks as well. Scroll of Protection provides a little mana and "%11-%20-%33 100 yard damage reduction.". Scroll of Protection has 2 variants. Protection from Magic and Protection from Reality or something(lol). Both having 3 ranks. Scroll of Speed having two variations; Scroll of Swim Speed(has much more duration by default) and Scroll of Speed. 50-100 yard versions with 3 ranks. "%50-%80 ignores speed debuffs for first 4 sec-80% 100 yard and ignores speed debuff during the duration.". Speed scrolls can be used with scroll of Invis in conjunction but only these two dont share a cooldown. Other scrolls friend or foe cannot be effected by another scroll till other fully expires.In order to prevent overpowered stuff from these maybe a loooong cannot use debuff,full resistance or mechanic could be implemented. Anyway invis Scroll doesnt break on damage or any action for first 2 seconds. It gives the affected players in 50-100 yards Invis buff. So they move where they please. There are 3 ranks; 2nd rank increase radius to yards, 3rd rank increase radius to 100 and duration.". Also single target dampen / hamper Magic scrolls with variants with 3 ranks each(2nd rank increasing %, rank 3 has a little more % and %5 resist chance). For example Dampen and Hamper Fire Magic which increase the damage you deal and take from Fire. Hamper reduces dealt and taken. These can be combined to a Dampen&Hamper Fire which Increases fire dps and reduces fire dps taken. Can only be used by classes that can use these types of magic if players want more detail and balance if needed. Optionally it may be desingned by devs to be cast on enemy players as well; For example Dampen&Hamper Fire(combined design) if used on a enemy target will decrease its fire dps dealt and inscrease his/her fire dps received. These can be applied for all other magic types as well aside from Light and Shadow. Protection From Good(Light spells) and Protection from Evil(Shadow). Light one provides more healing,damage and immunity to light damage and self healing, shadow one provides more damage and increase shadow damage taken but shadow damage taken increases/resets duration. Requires channelling to be cast without interrupted or damaged,dotted,disturbed in any way. These two and optionally other magic type scrolls cannot be used in raids as well if it is too unbalanced. Finally these 2 have a second variation called Final Protection from Good and Evil exclusive for scribes. They are longer to cast. They just give a complete 10 to 20 or less seconds(whatever duration is acceptable for players and devs) immunity from Light(Good) and Dark(Evil) to a single target which prevents healing and received healing. If used on enemy a player, duration is reduced to something like 4 to 8 seconds, also the dark one; if used on a enemy it prevents target from dealing and receiving damage for 4 seconds.These have 3 ranks as well 4 sec-8sec-8sec increased casting range and rank 3 cannot be interrupted once consumed the scroll and triggers the cooldown. Requires a long channel to cast. Cannot be used in raids(maybe) or rated pvp(most likely). These can be used in newbie raids and World PvP situations for a "right" duration depending on the quality of scrolls. With a once per fight balanced cooldown even a long cooldown if needed. And THE Scroll of Town Portal. 3 ranks, 10 to 30 yards. "15 players-30 players -45 players". Once consumed all affected players will receive an 2 to 3 hour debuff that persists through death which prevents all from using it again. Optional : Scribes can cast it again but triggers the Lost and Damned Debuff that lets you see random horrorful hopeless from past,future and now areas in cosmos for 5 sec and increases your debuff by 1 hour, mmmaaaybe? Scroll of Town Portal can be obtained through the Decipher trait of the Inscription( mentioned a little below) to decipher some puzzling documents written and related to Legion and Kirin Tor which you can decrypt through a hefty surreal quest chain. Scribes have an exclusive rank "4" after rank 3 that it can mass teleport 60(or whatever is max atm and tweak others accordingly) players in 30 yards and increases the grim cosmos stuff duration for the scribe. Now the Scroll of Town Portal by default can either teleport all it can in your raid/party to your hearthstone, a location close to it or one by one to prevent lag issues. Or to the meeting stones for raids and hearthstone location for personale use. Which you can decide before channeling. But you have to "attune" yourself to the meeting stone you want as the scroll channeller. Most of these scrolls may are available and can be sold AH aside from Final Protection ones and all requires max level. So Scribes can heal and provide much more help now and doesnt prevent alchemy buffs at the same time. Bringing back different paper styles with a twist: Some time ago vendors were offering different quality of papers and vials. Vendors keep selling the light parchment to date but let the players at endgame create different types of papers. For example some of them can use old and new dusts from enchanting, some of them can use the old and new crafted potions from alchemy, some papers may require from these two professions at the same time as well. These paper qualities can be required to create certain scrolls , adding more rare and quality materials as a bonus raw mat to increase its duration or grants them 2 charges max as a result. New Codex like items with different buffs or curses(to enemy or ally for fun). Empty books that lets us write gibberish(it may become soulbound if something is written on it to prevent some issues). Decipher: Was it a cut content from the game. Lockbox but its books or papers. The potential maybe is for deciphering grim and dark Legion documents,communications or any opposing faction's documents. Also teaching the scribe one ally faction language they choose. Small quest chains, Legion food recipes and lore/hints from enemy side of view. Making us feel how little we are. Teases from Old Scourge,Draenor or Legion which may lead to spies or schemes, toys, recipes, songs, poems, new mats for other professions. For example providing druids info about botanists way of life a little. In the end it can at least provide a new racial, quest chain or mog appearances , class related reputations that is not availabe at the moment. I mean there is a troll cannibalization animation in the game. A Zandalari or troll scroll that teaches/reteach/indoctrinates trolls to regain their cannibalism racial with a cool quest chain. If Forsaken do it to their enemies why not trolls consume their annoying jumping around enemies as well? Troll's animation much more primal and creepy anyway. Imagine that with a Troll druid. Trees and Mixing: Trees :) . Lets not cut them of course but tap/extract them harmlessly for their cellulose. Inscription players can see some glowing plump trees to extract raw mats for different papers. Different tree types or level zones can give different cellulose. Also mixing pigments! For example mill or use the pigments of peacebloom and felwort together to produce different mats for scrolls or inks. Inscribing/Engraving,Seals: Not asking for scribe's enchants. They are removed for good of course.With the new and complex materials that mentioned above scribes can engrave alchemy vials to increase the duration and quality of the potions and even add some new effects.For people crave that little bit edge that can make the difference for high end hardcore raiding and Word PvP. Not really sure. As for seals with King's/Warchief's or any racial leader's seal we may do interesting? Maybe.Tldr; Communication is very important. We are here today thanks to words, letters and images. Helped us to relay ourselves. Even in a game Inscription may deserve more detail. So it can rival other ones more. PTR testing of these , especially scrolls can add alot to the game. Had more to say but it is too much already and becoming a "mess". Thank you for your time. Good day and have fun. :)Vindicare1 21 May
20 May What's this game to you? To me it used to be a multiplayer game (pve, raids), now it's more of a clicker/collectation/mostly drinking game. All my irl friends moved on, kinda boring now. The social aspect and exploration was my favorite parts. What were/are your favorite parts of this broad game? Sorry, wrong board. Was supposed to post in general.Torach0 20 May
20 May Mining Node Addon Greetings! Quick simple question... Is there an addon that ''Warns'' me everytime there is a mining node on my map? Cheers //StonebergStoneberg0 20 May
19 May the builder title Please can you implement "the builder" title could be something to do with archaeology or something i don'y mind. But if you implement this i will have undoubtedly the most pro name in the game. Will give free hugs to any GMs who consider this :).Bob4 19 May
19 May Buying cooking mats The vendor that is with Nomi that sells the ingredients for Legion foods now only sells per 5. Very annoying, before I would just buy exactly what I needed for what I was going to craft but now I'm stuck with leftovers, taking slots in bank/bags. It's a minor inconvenience but I have no idea why Blizzard decided this needed changing.Ivydoom6 19 May
17 May Sylvan Elixir Rank 2 I have been searching for the work order for months as many others have been too, but it is no where to be found? I would like to know why?Raidiot0 17 May
16 May Does Wisp-touched Elderhide disappear? Does Wisp-touched Elderhide disappear after Nether Disruptor is down?Herbaliska4 16 May
15 May Profession advice Hi, I do not have Legion expansion, so I wanted to hear.. What are some good professions? That is not going to cost me a ton of gold, since I wont be farming that much, but can farm what I need if the AH price is too expensive. Does it matter or is it more of a : pick what you like?Savagelight2 15 May
11 May Mining (rank 3 nonexistent?) and Bloods rate Hello fellow miners, i would like to bring something to your attention. The mining rank 3 patterns and the droprate on bloods of sargeras. Now i remember being stated that bloods of sargeras would mainly drop from gathering professions such as mining, herbalism, skinning, but not only from those. You could also receive them trough world quests and for example dungeon bosses. Now i've been mining for quite some time over the days since launch, it has come to my attention that the amount of bloods i have mined so far can be counted on one hand, while friends with other gathering professions seem to have very good droprates. I see skinners running with me in Dark Thicket (Dungeon) and receive around 4-5 bloods per run, in addition to what the bosses also drop. It has gotten to such an extent that i had to conclude that running random dungeons supplies me with more bloods, then spending all these hours mining. This can't be right, can it? Anyone else experiencing this? Obviously the problem could be that my mining isnt rank 3, and thats the next discussion part. The droprate on these patterns are? 0.1%? I havent had one drop, non of my friends or guildies have had one drop either. Intended? I'm suspecting the bloods rate to go up with a rank 3 pattern (increases the chance of rare materials), but kind of stuck on rank 2 (with all types). Blue? -HitbagHitbag25 11 May
09 May Rank 3 Alchemy flasks bug? Hello. What do I need to do in order to get rank 3 flask? I'm daily making 20-40 Intellect flasks, I have made so far over 2000 flasks (maybe even more, since I have rank 2 from the first month of this expansion). Is this rng intende to be like this or it's bugged? Because after all this time I have a feeling like something is broken and it's impossible to get rank 3. Same goes for the potions. Every potion is still rank 2. I have made even more mana and health pots, nothing... like wtf?Kliez4 09 May
09 May Legendary Crafting If you are going to force us to do these lame quests EVERY time lower the requirement to include getting items from Heroic Dungeons.Forbiddenone3 09 May
06 May WTS Naxx 40 Icebane and Glacial Sets I'm on Ravencrest, I was recommended to post on the wow forums by a friend so sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, still new here. I have the Icebane Breastplate, gauntlets, and bracers, I'm also able to get the glacial set too. I have enough frozen runes to craft multiple sets. OJHype#21761Cavebob6 06 May
06 May C 1Верели0 06 May
05 May Profession Hi peeps, im currently a miner but want to change too skinning to farm some bloods. If i was to change to skinning & go back to mining will i still have my profession skill.Deáthstar2 05 May
04 May Recipe ranking system I like that recipes have ranks that we have to progress to make them more efficiently. But I don't like the system. I have a humble suggestion. Instead of having rare rank 3 recipes we should be able to progress through ranks by making an x amount of the other rank recipes. You learn by doing, right? I would like to see some vanity recipes added to the game. Like foods that give funny buffs. Gear crafters could make cool items for transmog purposes. Alchemist might be able to make potions with surprising effects. Stuff like that. The recipes for these things should be hard to find. They're vanity items, just for fun, and of no practical use in-game whatsoever. The recipes we are supposed to use in-game shouldn't be this hard to obtain. Maybe instead of adding a +600 enchant at the start of an expansion, add it later for when harder content comes out. That way, the lower recipes also stay relevant for longer because some people will always be more lucky than others when it comes to the rng-fest that has become professions in Legion. Thanks for reading.Ivydoom0 04 May
02 May Pattern : Felcloth Pants?? Hi Guys, Can anyone tell me where I get the Pattern for 'Felcloth Pants' now? I have looked in Moonglade (the vendor no longer sells it) The Tailoring trainer doesn't teach it. I am reluctant to pay 5000g on the AH Many thanksMerlìn2 02 May
02 May Engineering Craftable Legendary Blizz plz. Of course you have to be an engineer to put it on.Zaresha0 02 May
02 May Profession Recipes Getting sick and tired of the rng on recipe drops from Dungeons / Raids, make this stuff 100% if you are going to dump them into instances.Forbiddenone0 02 May
02 May Level 100 boosted professions I am currently leveling a rogue to 60 and then i'm going to boost him to 100 for the professions. I will probably go with blacksmithing as my first and i was wondering what a good option for my second would be. Making gold would be a high priority for the 2nd profession. ThanksBás5 02 May
30 Apr WTS Frozen runes, can transfer. WTS - No longer obtainable in game. Its a reagent to craft Naxx 40 frost resistance gear (transmog, for example). Got runes on these realms: connected Karazhan / Lightning’s Blade / Deathwing / The Maelstrom - 18 runes connected Mazrigos/Lightbringer - 1 rune connected Aszune/Shadowsong - 6 runes Silvermoon - 41 rune Realm transfer adds 320k gold to runes cost for you. PM via ingame mail to that character.Tetariuz5 30 Apr
28 Apr Where do I find arkhana? This probably sounds stupid but I am unable to find online any source that tells me how am I supposed to get arkhana for my first disenchanting mission? Even if I search for "Arkhana" in this forum, I dont find the answer. I know I am most probably searching wrong, and maybe the answer is so simple no one bothered to explain it, but until I become smarter, could anyone just tell me how am I supposed to get Arkhana without paying for it in the AH? Auction house prices are out of my budget.Loreley12 28 Apr
27 Apr Rip Crafted legendarys Meh Rip life.. Need Mythic arc/cos and Elisande for quest line... Saved on them all...Pensionisten10 27 Apr
27 Apr Leveling jewelcrafting Hey i just want to ask if i get more points for making rank 3 items than from rank 2Tyrandaee1 27 Apr
27 Apr Herb / Minging Cash flow help Hey guys, i have an account that i levelled some gathering professions to 800 on, i got mining and hebalism, now ive never ever been good at making gold efficiently on wow, i normally pray for a BoE drop to keep my coin purse stacked! Now i want to start being self sufficient in my money making ways but i have no idea where to start! Does anyone have any guides or tips / tricks (Do's and Don'ts) for making some cold hard cash with herbalism or mining? I'll be sure to slide a few coins your way for the advice!Rokifour3 27 Apr
26 Apr Most profitable alchemy mastery? As title says as I'm now able to specialise on an alt. What are peoples' experiences for Legion.Argyle3 26 Apr
26 Apr My cooking skill is 2, but I have learned 304 recipes I have learned all but hmm 3-4 or so of the Legion recipes, I have the Draenor cooking achieve (700 skill), but for some reason the game has resat my skill level .. But I have all the recipes, including all the 'old ones' which I shouldn't have if I really was only skill 2... Me not understand, me is confused worgen, me head hurt..Shayerato1 26 Apr
26 Apr Way of the Flounder. Toggle Aura? Howdy! So I've recently got my fishing Artifact! I love the rod and all it's good looks and I'm a bit of a hothead and like to show off and SEE my character in all their glory. But this certain path in the Artifact weapon is making me wish I never put a point into it! The effect seems little and it makes my character turn translucent and all my viewing pleasure is lost! Am I the only one that hates this effect? Can we make it a toggle able aura? I've tried a macro for when I fish it cancels the buff but I have to press it twice to work which shouldn't be needed! Am I just being bratty? Happy fishing! Good luck on those lures, Nat Pagel Worshipers!Joodiepie1 26 Apr
25 Apr Archaeology Shoulder Enchant Recently pet battling got a version of these for charms and it really helped with the tedium of farming them. I think making a version would make grinding out pristine artifacts for the achievements so much better. Maybe they could contain fragments with a rare chance of a keystone. Thoughts?Aziure0 25 Apr
25 Apr Leatherworking 600 to 800? So I easily got to 600 in 20 minutes in leatherworking, I got the Elderhorn quest and completed it. The problem is I don't have 'legion leatherworking'. My skill cap is literally 600 and can't continue. I looked the quest up on wowhead and it appears to be one of the first quests you get when getting leatherworking. Is this a bug or how can I trigger the quest? How can I progress to 800?Yavatheas1 25 Apr
23 Apr Sandstone drake guide/discuss Sandstone drake statistics Hi guys, I would like to share with you my thoughts + statistics of farming sandstone drake of either drop chances and tactics of how to actually do that. statistics So to get recipe for vial of the sands (AKA sandstone drake) you need to have learnt archeology on at least 450 skill points, and Alchemy on I believe 500 skill points, so alchemy is a proffesion that makes the item itself, however the recipe is farmed by archeology. Through archeology you have to get (it's obtainable in more ways) Tol'Vir fragments, which only have 5-10% chance to reveal canopic jar to be solved, once you get canopic jar, when you open it you have only 2-5% chance to get the recipe itself. Now do note that sandstone drake is also buayble in the auction, so if you don't have nerves, then just simply store some golds for it. From my own expeience you get canopic jar in average of 10 artifacts. tactics Now for the tactics, do note that there are 3 different strats of how to farm the Tol'Vir fragments. strat 1 - this one is the first strat people had to do since release of cataclysm, you basically keep digging digsites in Eastern Kingdoms until a digstie in uldum spawns, once it spawns you will get these Tol'Vir fragments by digging those digsites. This is probably the most inefficient and inconsistent way, as you have to have luck to have spawn of exactly Tol'Vir digsites, but once you have it it gets fast for a while. You need 450 archeology skill points for that. Strat 2 - This strat is the most usual to be done, you have to have 600 archeology skill points and you have to get into pandaria, where you keep farming - Mantid, mogu and pandaria fragments which you normally solve and get a "restored artifact" (RA from now)which I will explain what they are used to. You can also get a rare artifact Q that gives you three of those RA. RA can be traded in both ashran or dalaran for both factions for fragments, of course you wanna choose Tol'Vir fragments, this chest will give you 5-9 of those fragments. Now there is actually upgrade for this efficient and consistent strat, as by having exalted I believe with faction "The Lorewalkers" you can buy a 24HR buff for 2x RA that gives you a 100% chance that all of your pandaria digsites will be mantisd, meaning you will have to fly for digsites only from Townlong stepps to Dread Wastes. Strat 3 - Now this one is not really popular but by far for me it was the most efficient way to farm RA since legion pathfinder 2 was availaible. I only experienced the highborne faction farming so far, but at least highbotn faction is the most fast consistent and efficient way to farm RA. Reason for that is that in legion you have 3 factions that change every 14 days meaning that you have always one faction digsites for 14 days. That means that you can clearly farm RA on one single location, also legion artifacts are the easiest ones to be solved as it requires the lowest amountage of fragments even for the biggest ones, you can get a total of 12 rare artifacts from legion basically 4 from each of the 3 factions. upside of that is; that you don't really have to have any skill points in archeology, so you can level up archeology to 800 by doing that pretty easily and farming RA while leveling up skills, do know that you can trade RA for Tol'Vir fragments only when you have 600 archeology skill points so the time spent on leveling up skill points is needed. Another upside of doing this strat is that you get to easily combine this with herbalism which is actually usefull when you are in alchemy as you move around the broken isles all the time. Downside is that as legion is the newest expansion you don't really have one shotting damage for mobs and they WILL attack you. Apart from that there is also golden "elite" digsite that has bigger chance to give you scrolls or AP. Feedback Alright thanks for reading this guide now if you have any other statistics or notes please discuss below as we can share the best way to farm this mount.Shadowforge0 23 Apr
22 Apr Starlight Rose Rank 2 I cannot get this to rank 2, I have dropped herbalism which was at 799 and retook it again, Farmed nothing but Starlight Rose and back up to 350 in herbalism and still no quest for rank 2. I did put in a ticket but was told that this is working as intended. How can this be when I have literally spent untold hours farming this item and others in my guild all seem to drop it in 15-20 minutes max? This is getting beyond frustrating now.Druinda1 22 Apr
22 Apr Crafted Relics These items as they are, are quite useless. Why not make them useable at level 100? It would give them a worth, having 805 relics into your weapon at 100. If this would somehow "ruin" getting relics from quests, atleast scale them up to 825 or even more. So there is an actual use for them. Maybe make them stack with Obliterum.Twoton1 22 Apr
21 Apr Stuck at 700/700 LW [SOLVED] I did the quest that was supposed to give me Legion leatherworking (the ability to go to 800) but i am still at 700/700. I have completed all of the LW legion quests and i have the Elderhorn riding harness...What did i miss?Stomgar3 21 Apr
21 Apr Alchemy flasks not ranking up Hi y'all, I've had alchemy on this character since the start of legion, I managed to hit 800 only thanks to Darkmoon quests, my flasks are stuck at rank 2 and they've been since before Emerald Nightmare was open. I crafted flasks for myself and my friends. My friends keep donating me materials for crafting flasks knowing I've been trying to rank up since forever, but the damn recipe never procs. I am sure I crafted hundreds and hundreds of agility flasks, and a lot of intellect ones too, some stamina too. I know it's RNG but this is ridicolous, I crafted so many agility flasks that I had so many in stock I ended up selling them and gifting them to friends too. Is there something I'm missing? Was there some kind of quest I was supposed to do? Am I just awfully unlucky? Is there a chance that my character is bugged? TL;DR I crafter hundreds of flasks, where my rank 3 at?Klah4 21 Apr
21 Apr Jewel crafting Prospecting I find that prospecting drop rates for gems are ridiculously low. I farm my own ore and I would prospect at least 400 ore in a go and then I would normally get 1 or 2 purple Shadowruby gems and 1 blue Maelstrom Sapphire gem. And extremely rare luck I have received the green Pandemonite or orange Eye of Prophecy. I have 4 Pandemonites in my JC bag and in all the time I have done prospecting I got only 2. The other 2 is from the Kirintor JC quest. Orange gems I normally just buy but green gems are way too expensive on the AH. My enchanter has 0 RNG with disenchanting. If he needs a Chaos Crystal he needs to farm some WQ's and disenchant purple gear and he has his mats. If he needs Leylight Shard just quickly make some low item blues with Tailoring since Shal'dorei Silk is very easy to come by. So why does JC's get screwed with RNG? Edit: Oh and I forgot to mention, but I hate gem chips! This I understand is for cooking??? Why on earth do I want to waste hundreds upon hundreds of ore to produce this crap for cooking?! Why could they not let you atlas chance 10 or 20 gem chips into a minor gem at least? Since when do you go chip at some rocks and think.. hmm this will go nicely with some beef or chicken??Cùrsé1 21 Apr