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3h How much dedication do professions need? I started doing professions in legion. On my main i made around 100k gold with herbalism/alchemy during around 6 months i played the character. This expansion (Battle for Azeroth) I have herbalism and mining. I wanna make some gold with those in the beginning. I wanna trade at least one of them for a crafting profession, but I'm not sure if I want to spend that much time for crafting proffs. How much time do u spend for them? How much time does it take to know the market, cause that is what was the hardest for me in alchemy until I found potion of prolonged power sells good on my server. Also, what are the least and most time consuming;easy;etc professions in your opinion?Tahren1 3h
4h BfA Epic gems need buffed So the new epic gems in BfA have the same stats as the old ones from Legion... surely a mistake? Actually the rare quality gems are the same too. Presumably a fix is incoming.Minizip2 4h
9h Deleted DeletedNeccris0 9h
14h Alchemy for minig? Hello guys! So, I dont know if it is a good trade... I have Alchemy + Herbalism on my Druid (My main atm.) both maxed out... And Mining + Engineering on my DK, also both maxed out... The thing is... Is it worth switching them? Is it worth to have Minig + Herba on my Druid... And learn Alchemy on my DK ? I'll need to grind them again... Please help! ^^Séllyn6 14h
17h Missing Blacksmith plans? Hey guys, I have come back to this game after a long break and a lot has changed, I left off it Pandaria levelling up my Smith skill but don't seem to have nearly as many things to make as I did when leveling old world or legion plans. From a trainer for example I've only got 4 weapon plans I can learn from him, none of them a two hand sword for example. I left off in draenor and have since maxed draenor smiting but still barely any pandaria plans. Am I missing something?Reignald0 17h
1d Master of the ways...? More like Master of the Insane. So I was working towards this achievement for the last couple of months. The trick was to get to 600 mastery with each Way and to make it from 575 to 600 you were forced to make very material-heavy Banquets, each also requiring one 100-year old soy which costs 1 ironpaw token. The good part was that each banquet dish gave by 5 points to the Way mastery so you only needed to make 30 of those to get the meta achievement... Until now. Today after finishing the Tillers dailies I noticed that each banquet only gives by 1 mastery point... And the world went dark. That means that to get all Ways to 75, required for the achi, you need to cook 25 banquets in every single Way.... that makes 150 banquets in total! 150 100-year old soys are needed, not to mention several tons of vegetables, meats, fish and all that jazz. At you can only get 1 ironpaw token once each day. What was meant to take a couple of months of managable grinding now suddenly turned into "Insane in the membrane" (I have that one, I know what I talk about) level of non-stop grinding for the next 5 months of dailies, hours of fishing and meat grinding, thousands of vegetables frown on Yoon's farm. AH is not an option - those things get bought in an instant on my server. All those who got the Master of the ways achi done before this patch... Good job. You avoided Hell.Jirky10 1d
1d Level professions now or wait? So i just boosted a char up to 110 and wanted enchanting for it. My question is, is there any point maxing that profession now or should i just simply wait for bfa? If there is a point leveling it, should i focus on leveling "legion enchanting (1-100)" or should i focus on leveling "normal enchanting 1-300"? many thanks in advance!Rondaorcsy6 1d
1d Unable to get to 300 vanilla mining skill. After patch 8.0 gaining skill was devided into the different expansions. I have been trying to get my mining to level 300, and have spend a few hours mining Thorium and Rich Thorium veins, but now that I have reached 295 skill level even the Rich Thorium veins are grey for me. I can't seem to find any higher vanilla wow ores I could mine to get the last 5 mining skill I need. I hope you can help by either informing me what I need to do to get the last 5 levels, or fix the skill you can gain from Thorium and Rich Thorium veinsCyarika2 1d
1d Which class and spec for multi-gathering? Hi I love to gather mats, so I'm thinking Herbalism + Mining (they CAN be tracked at the same time, right??). So, when it comes to practicality of getting to a node (Ore or Herb), that can be hard to reach because of mobs, terrain or even other players, which class and spec do you think could be most suited for the task? I don't know much about BFA but I would guess a subtlety rogue...?Ishaldaranis4 1d
1d Holy moly I’m in a pickle after 13yrs Alright guys, I’ve been around for some time and I’ve never really asked the questions or what not others have done on the forums in the past pre expac release (as I’ve always figured stuff out for myself and been focused on what I need/want). But here for bfa im in a right state after reading both EU and US forums on said professions. My main (this) is currently enchanting and tailoring - I got by nicely with this in the past. I’ve not been able to play the beta so I have no knowledge on what bfa brings in regards with my professions until I started reading posts on it :( Watched a video on YouTube saying which ones to go for - 2x gathering at the start to max gold boost (not for me) what I want is something I’ll have for end game - heroic m+ and Rbgs. I’m not a farmer, once I get my toon heroic geared I normally just chill from there. All previous toons I’ve had have been herb and alchemy, good profs My questions is I guess, after reading all these posts etc tailoring and enchanting is a pain in the #%#% to level and its concerning me a lot, do I jump ship now and get on something else? Will herb alchemy be better than what I currently have for BFA? Or shall I stick it out and keep tailoring for bag making and enchanting for weapon enchants for end game market? Fishing cooking have all lost interest to me, as most other things in WoW but what I would love to know is some good quality advice from those that played beta and can maybe help me either choose something else to stick to my guns Thanks for taking the time if you got this far on my post, wasn’t suppose to be long but it was either that or bathing my kid.... (I said I was typing an email for work to my wife) ThanksDarkplay3 1d
2d Can we make fishing like Old School Runescape can we please make fishing an afk profession just like RuneScape because I really dislike fishing in World of Warcraft I cannot watch anime or Netflix without having to listen to the stupid noise each time i have fish on the lineBrittanie0 2d
2d Level 100 Profession Boost? Previously the level 100 boost led to the professions being boosted as well if you are already level 60+. Is it still there? The veteran boost? I know that with the new changes in professions the professions boost is viewed as "not that useful anymore" however if we take inscription as an example the glyphs are still required from all previous expansions. Tailoring, LW and BS old expansion transmog sets are still viable.Illuminate1 2d
2d Cataclysm Engineering Tinkers Undiscoverable Multiple posts across US and EU forums from people encountering this bug. Now I have too. That 20k gold isn't coming back! (Just 20k, I know). Please fix this bug as tinkers are one of the most fun things about engi, especially at lower levels! To fix this bug, make cataclysm engineering tinkers discoverable once more through crafting any cataclysm engineering recipe (obsidian bolts, electrified ether, etc.) Thank youKasia0 2d
2d Blizzard Addon bug The addon Blizzard_Archaeology is causing an error right after i solve a fossil and game crashes. This is the error: 14x C stack overflow [C]: in function `GetItemInfo' ...ns\Blizzard_ArchaeologyUI\Blizzard_ArchaeologyUI.lua:300: in function `ArchaeologyFrame_CurrentArtifactUpdate' ...ns\Blizzard_ArchaeologyUI\Blizzard_ArchaeologyUI.lua:172: in function <...ns\Blizzard_ArchaeologyUI\Blizzard_ArchaeologyUI.lua:157> [C]: in function `GetItemInfo' ...ns\Blizzard_ArchaeologyUI\Blizzard_ArchaeologyUI.lua:300: in function `ArchaeologyFrame_CurrentArtifactUpdate' ...ns\Blizzard_ArchaeologyUI\Blizzard_ArchaeologyUI.lua:172: in function <...ns\Blizzard_ArchaeologyUI\Blizzard_ArchaeologyUI.lua:157> [C]: in function `GetItemInfo' ...ns\Blizzard_ArchaeologyUI\Blizzard_ArchaeologyUI.lua:300: in function `ArchaeologyFrame_CurrentArtifactUpdate' ...ns\Blizzard_ArchaeologyUI\Blizzard_ArchaeologyUI.lua:172: in function <...ns\Blizzard_ArchaeologyUI\Blizzard_ArchaeologyUI.lua:157> [C]: in function `GetItemInfo' ...ns\Blizzard_ArchaeologyUI\Blizzard_ArchaeologyUI.lua:300: in function `ArchaeologyFrame_CurrentArtifactUpdate' ...ns\Blizzard_ArchaeologyUI\Blizzard_ArchaeologyUI.lua:172: in function <...ns\Blizzard_ArchaeologyUI\Blizzard_ArchaeologyUI.lua:157> ... ...ns\Blizzard_ArchaeologyUI\Blizzard_ArchaeologyUI.lua:172: in function <...ns\Blizzard_ArchaeologyUI\Blizzard_ArchaeologyUI.lua:157> [C]: in function `GetItemInfo' ...ns\Blizzard_ArchaeologyUI\Blizzard_ArchaeologyUI.lua:300: in function `ArchaeologyFrame_CurrentArtifactUpdate' ...ns\Blizzard_ArchaeologyUI\Blizzard_ArchaeologyUI.lua:172: in function <...ns\Blizzard_ArchaeologyUI\Blizzard_ArchaeologyUI.lua:157> [C]: in function `GetItemInfo' ...ns\Blizzard_ArchaeologyUI\Blizzard_ArchaeologyUI.lua:300: in function `ArchaeologyFrame_CurrentArtifactUpdate' ...ns\Blizzard_ArchaeologyUI\Blizzard_ArchaeologyUI.lua:172: in function <...ns\Blizzard_ArchaeologyUI\Blizzard_ArchaeologyUI.lua:157> [C]: in function `GetItemInfo' ...ns\Blizzard_ArchaeologyUI\Blizzard_ArchaeologyUI.lua:300: in function `UpdateFrame' ...ns\Blizzard_ArchaeologyUI\Blizzard_ArchaeologyUI.lua:193: in function <...ns\Blizzard_ArchaeologyUI\Blizzard_ArchaeologyUI.lua:157> Locals: (*temporary) = 0 (*temporary) = <function> defined =[C]:-1 (*temporary) = <function> defined @FrameXML\StaticPopup.lua:5155 (*temporary) = StaticPopup1ItemFrame { 0 = <userdata> Count = StaticPopup1ItemFrameCount { } IconBorder = <unnamed> { } searchOverlay = StaticPopup1ItemFrameSearchOverlay { } icon = StaticPopup1ItemFrameIconTexture { } IconOverlay = <unnamed> { } } (*temporary) = "GET_ITEM_INFO_RECEIVED" (*temporary) = 0 (*temporary) = falseMilfara1 2d
3d Stuck in Alchemy progress Hey guys, I don't know about the Legion professions and i could not find a real answer to my question. I'm currently stuck on 80/100 on Alchemy of the broken Isles. whenever i get a new receipt it's grey. how can i continue the progress? Thx for the help.Griknarsh2 3d
3d Picking a profession in BfA I'm trying to find a profession combination that would both be lucrative and would also be very beneficial for both me and my guild. We are a casual raiding guild (Normal/Heroic), so will the combination of Herbalism/Enchanting be a good idea, or should I stick to 2 gathering professions? I'm looking forward to farming gold at the start, so I'm kind of torn between enchanting or mining as my second profession. And truth be told, I'm trying to look at this situation in the long terms. Which is the reason why I'm considering switching mining with enchanting, since unlike the other professions looks extremely beneficial. Any advice? Edit: Will the scrapper play any part in the gold making? Or should I ignore it?Falhaas3 3d
3d Engineering no legion quests? Can't progress any quest for engineering, Was half way thought them and now unable to pick any up in Dalaran, none in my quests either.Scíencé1 3d
3d Darkmoon fishing takes forever now... WHY? Just returned to wow after around 6 months off. went to darkmoon faire to do the quests etc. I have max skills on most my chars and max fishing on all of them The fishing quest took me around 30 casts to catch the 5 fish required to complete the quest. previously before patch 8.0 with max fishing it would take 5 casts 5 fish and has been like this for years. why has this changed now? Also that's a hell of a change as it now takes around 6 times longer depending on luck and I dread to think how long it takes without max fishing/lures etc Fishing is a long !@# grind as it is without making it even more tedious and slow. Please tell this isn't as intended.Arcanía14 3d
3d Most useful professions for a main character? What are the most useful professions for a main character in BFA? (Especially for Rogues.) I don't really wanna make gold with them, i just want to use them for PvE and World PvP. (I used always Skinning + Leatherworking on my Rogue.) So what should i pick? Engineering + Leatherworking? Engineering + Alchemy? Or something else? (I have some alts, so i can use the gathering professions on them.) And please explain why should i use those professions, because i don't really cared about professions in the previous expansions, so i don't know too much about them.Weper3 3d
4d "ghost" nodes - mining Any eta for fixing "ghost" nodes problem? They seem to not disappear after other miners "used them up" and u just run towards them just to get an error. I havent seen that on beta, but there is no telling if that wont start happening after some locations will get more populated on liveMojrer1 4d
4d Leveling Pandaria mining Heyo, I would like to smelt some trillium bars but I'm only at 52 in Pandaria mining. I don't get levels from smelting ghost iron ores and their veins have become green for me. What do I do? Should I just blindly hope for a shît ton of trillium veins or what's the deal?Swigz2 4d
4d (JC) Tiffany Cartier, No Quests. Dropped a prof on my Pala to pick up JC. Pala is 110 not boosted. I got JC from Timothy Jones, turned to get the Quest 'Facet-nating Friends' for Legion Jewelcrafter but noting, no quests. As BfA is out next week is this no probs as I can go right to BfA JC or do I need to work this out because Legion is needed before BfA?Darway6 4d
4d Speed up alchemy crafting speed? Seriously this has been massively bothering me and it takes away my game time for nothing, I'm making potions on regular basis and especially skystep potions because they are super nice in wpvp and bg's. Problem is, I spend literary hours waiting for casts to be completed, I have time to watch a complete movie in the meantime. There is like 1,5 second cast time for each potion, to create a medium batch of 50 stacks of Skystep potions I need to first make: 1000 health potions then 1000 mana potions, then combine them to 1000 rejuvenation potions, and then combine 1000 rejuvenation potions with herbs. These are 4000 total casts of 1,5 seconds = 6000 seconds = 100 minutes = 1 hour and 40 minutes I can't do anything but watch the screen, or alt tab and browse the internet. This is not extraordinary or something I make potions on daily basis, so i'm just standing 3 hours casting, It feels like a gathering profession at this point. (Time gated means of production, lol) I know most gathering professions have something that increases the speed, and since potions are frequent consumables the total volume is much larger than other crafting professions, it seems this needs to be adjusted. Is there anyway to increase my speed, with a glove enchant or something? It feels like I must be missing something.Hylax1 4d
4d Trial of the Crusader: Hides of Legend ... and probably also Scales of Legend. My usual gaming partner returned in preparation for BfA, and we were clearing out quest logs so we don't have to listen to "My quest log is full, help!" too often. Amongst the quests that hadn't been done were the raid skinning quests from Legion. So far we've killed Icehowl and Horridon, and neither boss was skinnable nor dropped the required quest item. I've read through Wowhead and can see no one else with this issue - but then, there are no comments from 8.0.1 either, so if there is a problem since prepatch it won't be reflected in the comments. Has anyone managed to do these quests since prepatch? Is there some stupidly simple thing we didn't do? I mean, skinning isn't hard - it's put the mouse cursor on the corpse and right-click.Calydor1 4d
4d Tome of Polymorph: Turtle - Fish Rate Hi, I am aware that being extroridiarily unlucky is a thing, but with the impact of the 8.0 stat squish on other rarer fishing drop rates (like WoD lunkers going from 12% to 5%) and requirements tagging not being squished in error I wanted to check. Can this still drop from Cata fishing nodes, and if so has the squish intentionally or unintentionally increased the rarity of this happening? I'm a couple of thousand casts into Highland Guppy nodes since 8.0 and am starting to be concerned that this might have a now unattainable minimum skill requirement or something. Thanks,Ganereon3 4d
4d Tailor First Aid ? can we get stacks of 5 per craft at some point? i mean crafting a full set of every bandage for AH is slow.Errin0 4d
4d Draenor Engineering is bugged Draenor Engineering is bugged for me. I bought the item Draenor Engineering to learn Secrets of Draenor Engineering but nothing happened when I used the item. I even got rewarded this from the quest Big frostfire Gun but still nothing happened when I used it and I still haven't learnt Secrets of Draenor Engineering.Katàleya5 4d
4d Do profession ranks in BFA require reputation? Hello, I read that somewhere and would like confirmation if it's true. Since the title is 55 characters max, let me write here. In order to progress through the profession ranks(for example herbalism rank 3), do I need to get a certain reputation level with some faction?Stevepls0 4d
5d Quick question about new prof system I didn't touch professions for couple years. I decided to start a new one today and I am a bit confused. I checked that it is split by the expansions. So if I start a prof now in legion from Dalaran the level range is 1-100. Should I just focus on legion to lvl up my profession and don't pay attention to previous expansion at all? ThanksSilvian3 5d
5d Darkmoon Faire profession quests, no skill increase As the title says, I've checked with doing the profession based quests in Darkmoon faire, that give +5 to the related skill on completion...and this reward is not granted to my character's skill, no matter what level (Though I must admit, all characters tested so far have maxed out basic/vanilla skill)Malatuk16 5d
5d Boost+Professions Ahooy there! i've got a question regarding boosting a character to lvl 110 using the boost i get from obtaining the newest expansion. is it still possible to get the maxed out professions like in previous boosts if you level your character to 60 or 70? i recall this used to be a thing in previous expansions.Tîmco1 5d
5d BFA profession sorting SUCKS! Just looked through some of the professions I have on my characters and the new way of sorting makes me womit, not because it makes me sick as such, but because it is a horrible mess now. Many of the recipes makes sence sorting them into their respective expansion, but there are also a lot that should not be sorted just by expansion. It is stuff like mounts, toys, glyphs and so on. Stuff that doesn't become "irrelevant" due to new expansion stuff. Lets take glyphs as an example. They are now spread out all over the place and finding a glyph for an ability is now annoying, tedious and slow as f..k. it goes something like this: Opens inscription window. Looks confused at the window as not all glyphs are in same place. Tries to find glyph for som of my druids abilities. Looks confused again, as there are no visual clues as to what class the glyphs are for in the list. Starts going though them one by one. Is it this one? Nope. Is it this one? Well, it is for druid, but not one I want. Is it this one? Nope... Get my point? It is tedious, slow and annoying. The way they were sorted before, was all glyhs in one dropdown and sorted by class. This made it relative fast and easy to find and make glyphs. But now we have this monstrocity of !@#$ty sorting and I just give up. Please redo this idiotic way of sorting pofession stuff and give us a proper way of using our profession, so sorting makes sence for stuff that should not be sorted by expansion!!!Pizant3 5d
5d Can't see Legion Archeology quest Hi there, I just started doing archeology in Legion to work towards the mount, I've finished the questline where you compile the 9 chapters of the book for the dwarf etc, however I'm not seeing a quest from the Legion archeology trainer after that. I read that the quest from her changes bi-weekly, does that very first starter quest where you compile the book count as my current bi-weekly archeology quest, and if so when do the quests switch over to a new one? Cheers in advance, sorry if this seems like a stupid question.Kaptainkek0 5d
6d Brutal Banquets: MoP Cooking So, I've always enjoyed, out of all of them, cooking in Pandaria. It was a nice blend of challenging, with a bit of grinding, but a sense that you're doing something more than just lobbing stuff into a fire. The Mastery of the Ways (Wok, Grill, etc.) was what I was working on before the patch drop. Prior to this, it was +5 for a banquet. Now, at the point reached, there is nothing available to cook save for a banquet. This was not a problem with the 5 skill boost, as it would only take me a few hours to pull in all the materials for the banquet. HOWEVER! The new system, has created some big ol' problems. With the reduction of everything to +1 skill, I now need to create 25 banquets to acquire the profession achievement for each. 25 Banquets, means 25 servings of 100 Year Old Soy Sauce, each requiring 20 materials to buy (Grocery Bundles!). Calculate this for all 6 Ways, you get something in the region of: 3000 just for the sauce alone. This doesn't factor in fruit and veg, which, without a Tiller's Farm, is no easy thing to come by, requiring almost double the amount that 100 Year Old Soy Sauce does. I know this won't be a thing for most people, but I feel like this has ruined what used to be an alright experience with a rewarding achievement at the end.Hornthorpe5 6d
6d Reset underlight angler? Is it possible to reset the traits on underlight angler?Justíce13 6d
6d Best Race, Class & Profession combination for lore? Hi everyone! I've been an on-off WoW player since early 2006, and mostly play casually, without a crazy deep knowledge of everything lore. I have never posted a single comment, nor created a thread ever, so this is a rather odd one to start that trend. But anyhow, here goes: I wanted all of you wonderful peoples' take on--as the description clearly states--what the best race, class & profession combination is, purely from a lore-wise perspective? To start off, I can say that my posting character here, Scrancher, is the very first character I ever made, and to this day is still my main! I picked the Mining & Engineering professions combination, although I know that Engineering isn't a particularly lore-right choice for an Orc. To give an example of a lore-right combination, I would say: Goblin, [Class]: Mining & Engineering -> Lore-correct. Tauren, Survival Hunter: Skinning & Leatherworking -> Lore-correct. .. And so on. Please consider the lore of the race & class combo first, with the most appropriate profession combo. I appreciate it, thanks! - P.S. I only play Horde (of course!)Scrancher7 6d
6d Luminous pearl Can you still fish up the luminous pearl to get the underlight angler? I've noticed that it is taking hundreds more casts now than before the pre patch and was wondering if the new profession system has inadvertently made it unobtainable since we can no longer get 800 fishing skill. EDIT: Nevermind, I was just getting really unluckyGrímhildr0 6d
6d Engineering is broken Just tried using one of the belt tinkers (mind amplification dish) against a player and a message popped up saying I need 350 engineering skill to use the tinker, I'm maxed out. Thanks in advance.Vylawix1 6d
6d Discovery recipes don't seem to work Hey guys! I've been trying to discover the Cataclism Engineering recipes for a while and so far I haven't discovered any of them. Doesn anybody have this same issue with this or other professions? My engineering is maxed on all expansions. Thanks in advance!Vylawix0 6d
6d Schematic: Jard's Peculiar Energy Source Schematic: Jard's Peculiar Energy Source Does it still drops and what lvl Pandaria Engineering is needed for it?Demostation2 6d
08 Aug Darkmoon Faire Profession Quests Hello, I'm not sure if this is a bug or intended so I thought I'd ask here first before submitting a bug report. I did the enchanting quest at DMF yesterday, my priest is on 74/100 of Legion skill (all earlier expansions maxed). I got the +5 reward apparently, but it didn't change my skill level. Is it intended that it applies to classic or should it be to the current expansions skill? TIA.Epidote13 08 Aug
07 Aug Professions Problems look here 1st This applies to every profession except for Archaelogy which is still 1-800: With the implementation of the new Profession break down, there was a failure to realize that EVERY RECIPE in game will have to be revamped to remove the current skill level requirement or the complexity of this task. All World of Dreanor starter scrolls are broken: people are being given 1 recipe and not receiving the other 5 or 6 recipes that are supposed to be contained in the scroll. Much less the “Secrets of Dreanor “insert profession here “ that is required to gain the books to purchase more recipes: “Put in a ticket” NPC that give professions and / or quest have been changed with quest like the Master “transmute, elixir, potions” quest missing. Some NPC have been missed and do not have the needed Quests: Fishing that was scaled according to your skill level has to be revamped. As in if you needed 450 sill level to make the percentage to catch xyz fish over trash work is currently broken. MoP Master of ways that gave 5 skill up for making the banquets for the achievement where you could make 8 banquets of the expensive time consuming to get items now give 1 skill up and will take over 75 banquets to get the same achievement: Needs to be repaired. Discovery Recipes that also had skill level tied into the equations are not discoverable currently. Gathering profession that relied on skill level calculations are causing issues as well as grey nodes not allowing for completion of a category. Questing for profession recipes where the drop rate relied on a calculation of skill level will be bugged until every recipe is fixed. This is not by all means an answer to every current profession quest, but hope it helps. As you come across things PUT IN A TICKET I know blizz has made it harder and harder to put in tickets with everything pointing at wowhead or ice veins. Which I think is wrong, they should not hide how to put in a real ticket but they do.Allisica9 07 Aug
07 Aug Crafting and why it feels useless & joyless I haven't played Wow for really long time, but one thing seems not to have chagned. Crafting feels grindy and not particularly practical when leveling your character. Back in time when I tried Guild Wars 2 I had crafting on every one of my 5 characters. It did not feel as grindy, it felt useful and provided you with a certain dose of satisfaction as you could easily equip your character with a useable set of armour and weapons every 5, 10 levels without breaking a sweat. It was actually making a difference for my daily activities in the game. In have crafted +1 STR potion. Wow... I look how crafting works mechnically in WoW and I just cannot be bothered to do anything. Blizzard for love of god, do something about it.Stormydd7 07 Aug
07 Aug Would someone mind tldr bfa professions ? I have no professions ATM. Will they give bonusus in bfa to stats? Where can I go to learn bfa professions?Ebiso1 07 Aug
07 Aug Dragonfist, Dragonmaw Hello guys, i am looking for someone, who can create me dragonstrike and dragonmaw in BS. I have all materials and Drakefist. I can pay 15000g, and maybe more, if it is not enough. Send me an mail ingame or whisp me, if you mee online. Thank youAlavon7 07 Aug
07 Aug Darkmoon fishing Is Darkmoon fishing area badly scaled or what's going on? Keep catching mostly trash even with maxed out fishing + lure/hat. Didn't even need those to get fish every catch before prepatch.Passionfruit12 07 Aug
07 Aug Cataclysm discovery recipes Hey guys! With the new system, what's the best way of discovering the belt tinker recipes from Cataclysm? Should I continue making Cataclysm engineering items or just continue leveling up/crafting other items from engineer expansion tiers? Thanks in advance!Vylawix0 07 Aug
06 Aug Legion Tailoring - Garbage As Legion draws to its end there is no tailored item I actually used. And the drop rates of cloth are this bad I have to buy cloth just to level up. But then again there is nothing craftable worth wearing. I liked the tailoring quests. But there's just the story and a pile of Obliterium.Zophia0 06 Aug
06 Aug No boosted profs? Bemot, Undead Rogue, Level 83, Dunemaul After purchasing BFA, I used the free 110 boost for my rogue. Before I did that, I chose my professions carefully that I wanted boosted also. The character is over level 60, so why did my Engineering and Mining not get boosted? Is it something that has changed after pre-patch that I don't know about?Stailo10 06 Aug