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26m Mining leveling stuck Hi there, I'm trying to get my mining to 800 but it's stuck at 787. There are no mining quests open in the quest log and mining on Argus does not increase the skill. Gathering herbs went as expected and got to 800 couple of days ago. Would like to know if I'm missing something here or(e) that it's a bug Please advice.Tawenimi2 26m
3h Low level enchanting prices Hi Why is the prices for low level enchantments like 5 stamina or a little health and mana - so expensive? Who buys that? Have I missed something about enchantments? RegardsAskila3 3h
5h TSM alchemy proc anyone know if there is a way to include the rank 3 proc to my TSM operations?Vlambulance0 5h
7h Rockhide Strongfish Questions to those who have their Salty title, regarding Rockhide Strongfish. I know it spawns during the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza (along with some rumours about Darkmoon Faire), now the question is - does it spawn only during the initial window, until 50 people turn the quest in at Booty Bay, or can it spawn during the entire 2 hour window theoretically intended for the contest? If anyone knows, I would be grateful for the answer.Vardanis0 7h
1d First Aid utterly useless profession in Legion (7.3) Maybe it's just my opinion but I think First Aid as a profession is not what it used to be. Silkweave bandage heals 366k over 8 seconds. That is meaningless. In addition with the release of Argus content Lightweave cloth was introduced but we did not get new bandages. Can we get those as well? TL;DR First Aid has been totally forgotten, do something about it BlizzardLaheqt9 1d
1d [Suggestion] Profession quests I would like to have more profession quests. These quests are given by capital city NPCs for level 5-60 chars and for profession levels between 1 and 300. They require you to make certain items. The reason maybe problems ("This city is threatened by a war by Horde/Alliance and we need some more armor for new soldiers that must defend our city"). Completing them gives 2 or 3 additional profession level-ups, and of course XP, reputation bonus and a little money.Genkiparadin1 1d
2d Inscription vs alchemy? I have herb. on my warlock but i dont know which to choose as the 2nd?Peitsipate3 2d
2d Sumptuos Fur farming At 110, what's the best spot? Maybe some elite dudes drop a bunch?Tvartas3 2d
3d Alchemy: Potion of Prolonged Power 3 The only way to get a Rank 3 recipe for Prolonged Power Rank is to kill world boss: Na'zak the Fiend In 3 months I have never seen him spawned yet (Suramar). Am i missing something? Is there some trick to getting it spawned?Dessento31 3d
4d First Aid for two months now I have had 2 chrts killing mobs left right and centre on the broken Isles trying to get a drop for to treat or stabilise a wounded soldier so I can get the 5 points I need to move up to the top lvl of my first aid trade. I know it is a random drop and down to luck but has and other player heard if this could be bugged in some way or been changed. At least then I would stop wasting my time trying !!!!! ThxFrostfury0 4d
6d Gigantique We need bigger bags can tailors get blueprints for a 50 slot bag plz?Chálisto3 6d
6d Best gold earning profession for alts & main So i'm wondering what you'r professions are for your main and alt for gold making. for example mine are Main : -enchanting (couse i play him and can DE etc etc) -engineering (but gonne switch this one off to another one after i made my sky golem, any idea's to what?) Alts : -one alt got jewelcrafting, for making all the 5 panthers and keep them up on AH at all time. -All alts got tailor, becouse of the garrison i can make hexweave bags basicly for free and with all my alts as tailor i can make tons of bags. -Rest of alts got Engineering to make the sky golem. So basicly why i did these profs on alt is that i only have to log in on them once a day to make either the jard's to make sky golem, and make the hexweave bag C/D and do my garrison stuff... only takes 3-4min every alt a day. Now i'm pretty wondering what your professions are for either main and alt? :) Grtz VlamVlambulance2 6d
15 Oct Gatherer Hey guys, i recently returned to playing wow... Back in my day when i played i used a addon Called Gatherer. Wich places a small icon on minimap when u gather a herb or anything else... I installed this addon now and played for serval days, but now i`m getting osme wierd warnings in my chat... (didnt get a screenshot) So i wonder is this addon bannable? I guess it shouldnt be because it has 17 000 000 downloads on curse... But better safe than sorry :D Thank you for your answers in advance..Lidaka4 15 Oct
12 Oct Stuck at 700/700 LW [SOLVED] I did the quest that was supposed to give me Legion leatherworking (the ability to go to 800) but i am still at 700/700. I have completed all of the LW legion quests and i have the Elderhorn riding harness...What did i miss?Stomgar4 12 Oct
12 Oct preperation for jewlcrafting and alchemy in late game Hi! i thought it was a good ide to get as many ores and herbs in early games so that i can use them to level up jewlcrafting and alchemy in late game, so i wonder if anyone of you have tried that. and i want to know if i need to work with any of the items, for exampel change ores to bars, because i have never done jewlcrafting and alchemy and i dont know what it takes to level those in late game. please help a noob out :)))Itsthenoob0 12 Oct
11 Oct Mining lvling is now non-exsistant? Hi all, I hope this post finds you all well and good? Ive always been a miner and skinner on my shammy since vanilla days, and enjoyed the expirence and the income that it can bring. but since the Legion expansion Ive come to a stand, I cant seem to lvl up my mining, Ive been mining heaverly trying to get upto 800 but its just stuck there on 740 odd and does not seem to move any higher, is this a bug or is it normal??Cluid3 11 Oct
10 Oct items to 935 Greetings all I have tried to google, but i need help. Which leather armour items can be upgraded to 935?Kairijo2 10 Oct
09 Oct New player, looking for tips. Hi all, I've recently picked WoW up and I'm wondering if blacksmithing and mining is a good profession combo for a paladin? Can I make gold using these professions? Thanks.Yaerius1 09 Oct
08 Oct Dreadhide Leather and Gravenscale These LW crafting reagents drops from What are they for? There are no recipes for them.Animalia3 08 Oct
06 Oct Archaeology and the Horde Just a minor moan but why do the Horde get such a bad deal with Archaeology for the lower levels. 01: Bael Modan throws up a dig right at the feet of two PvP flagged guards. You cannot do that dig without flagging yourself. So I have to keep going away and coming back. 02: Aerie Peak has a trap. There is one dig by the side of the building that will result always in instant death. And then again we have a dig on the ramp with a PvP guard. Again I just have to keep coming back. 03: Loch Modan. To get to Loch Modan you have to go through much higher levels and so the dig is excluded from you until you can at least get to Badlands. 04: Redridge Mountains. Just a minor one but like the ones in Wetlands there are just no flight paths close and for Redridge you have to trudge all the way from Stranglethorn to Duskwood and the pesky Worgen and then avoid the PvP guards at Redridge and finally make your way there. Or eventually get to Swamp of Sorrows and jump down. The reason I say this is cus I have levelled no end of times playing Alliance and other than one very minor dig in Hinterlands there just aint anything like the problems for Alliance. Easy peasy travelling around and reaching each and every dig. I have three digs excluded from me at the moment... and its generally like that all the time. I aint flagging PvP. Its a rule. So I'm stuck with it. The guy that designed this must have known those digs would be impossible for a lower level Horde without flight. I won't mention the silly dig on the platform in Darkshore that means without flight you have to keep swimming ' all the way round ' the whole island to get back. And Tanaris football field size digs that truthfully are someones idea of a very bad joke.... Can someone please consider that that there are lower level players actually levelling this profession.Isdy0 06 Oct
05 Oct Cooking - Less bonuses from cooking on my panda Hello. I have question about Cooking with Pandarens. For example: With other races I have 175 versatility from Faronaar Fizz, but on my pandaren only 85?! What's the point of this?! Is that because of our race passive Epicurean?! Then why did You add this passive if We have less stats from cooking.. When We eat it, We have same stats just like other races.. You can delete this race passive, its useless and pointless... If anyone have any explanation, explain please! This makes me realy angry!Xeorei2 05 Oct
04 Oct Mining (rank 3 nonexistent?) and Bloods rate Hello fellow miners, i would like to bring something to your attention. The mining rank 3 patterns and the droprate on bloods of sargeras. Now i remember being stated that bloods of sargeras would mainly drop from gathering professions such as mining, herbalism, skinning, but not only from those. You could also receive them trough world quests and for example dungeon bosses. Now i've been mining for quite some time over the days since launch, it has come to my attention that the amount of bloods i have mined so far can be counted on one hand, while friends with other gathering professions seem to have very good droprates. I see skinners running with me in Dark Thicket (Dungeon) and receive around 4-5 bloods per run, in addition to what the bosses also drop. It has gotten to such an extent that i had to conclude that running random dungeons supplies me with more bloods, then spending all these hours mining. This can't be right, can it? Anyone else experiencing this? Obviously the problem could be that my mining isnt rank 3, and thats the next discussion part. The droprate on these patterns are? 0.1%? I havent had one drop, non of my friends or guildies have had one drop either. Intended? I'm suspecting the bloods rate to go up with a rank 3 pattern (increases the chance of rare materials), but kind of stuck on rank 2 (with all types). Blue? -HitbagHitbag29 04 Oct
04 Oct Inscription? Hi All, is there any point in the inscription profession? It seems to me they could just remove it as it does literally nothing. Glyphs are cosmetic and the other items we can create are obsolete. Or is there something I am missing? Regards, S.Goldenfyre25 04 Oct
04 Oct Can you get rid of fractional mines/herbs? They clutter the bank and are annoying to deal with. Giving us 1 ore from all nodes if they are below our mining level would be better. Nobody is going to get rich if he mines 1 iron ore instead of 3 nuggets, and when he is done leveling and finally gets to level his mining he has in his bank ~ 10 iron ore instead of 30 nuggets that give him 3 ore.Laforge3 04 Oct
04 Oct Professions + Alts - advice needed. Hi there, Just wanted a bit of advice in terms of how to set up my professions for my 3 planned characters. I don’t want the armor creating professions. So far I’ve got: Monk (Main) - Alchemy/Inscription Hunter (2nd main) - Enchanting/Jewelcrafting Demon Hunter (Alt, gatherer) - Mining/Herbalism Does this sound like a good combination set up of professions? Am I better off doing the gathering on an alt to feed my two main characters to produce items between each other? I assume I’ll be able to craft /enchant and send items back and forth between my hunter and monk. Thanks for your help.Jkmllr2 04 Oct
03 Oct Reset underlight angler? Is it possible to reset the traits on underlight angler?Justíce10 03 Oct
03 Oct Tailoring 7.3 Problems Hiya,ive seen other people with tailoring making new hats,but the only new recipe i got was the pants,from the guest "Looming over me" after that the new tailoring trainer gives me nothing,ive done 3/3 argus story even the new dungeon on mythic,still nothing am i missing someting or is my game bugged? blue pls answer!Tómppá6 03 Oct
03 Oct A Colorful Key Has anyone completed this Argus JC quest? I have prospected >2000 ores and still only got 5 of the 6 gems required. Have loads of duplicates but this is driving me nuts.Hundead8 03 Oct
03 Oct Sell now or wait? Hi guys, I have just recently transfered my two most played characters back to alliance and as usual, I could only take very limidet amounts of gold with them. So I decided to craft lots and lots of potions, flasks etc. to sell them in the auction house and get a bit more gold that way on my alliance chars. I havn't yet sold them because I am uncertain about whether it would be better to wait for argus as the demand will probably rise and therefore prices will be higher... What do you guys think?Ameyâ1 03 Oct
03 Oct Netherlight crucible - Pocket version Soooo the Netherlight Crucible is nice and all, but it is a serious pain, when you're awarded a new relic whilst raiding. Especially, when you don't have a warlock on your raid. The other thing: Blacksmiths do not have any ingame stuff to produce, besides gear (which becomes irrelevant real fast), while all the others (minus the tailor) have at least some kind of consumable. (jewels, drums, tomes, pots and flasks). Why not combine those two and let blacksmiths build Minicrucibles, along the lines of the tomes, one individual, usable for 1 minute, and one for the whole raid group? This would definetely increase the appeal of the netherlight crucible =)Laeena0 03 Oct
03 Oct Engineering recipes (Argus) I can't seem to be able to find these recipes, as far as i am i aware of they are supposed to be quests rewards, anyone know where to get them? I've googled/searched wowhead, asked in-game *shrug* and i cannot seem to be able to find any answer.Aitz3 03 Oct
03 Oct Can't buy my LW patterns. Stuck. To advance the last bit of LW 740-800 I'm looking to buy some recipes from Stalriss Dawnrunner at felsoul Hold. But for some reason all the recipes remain greyed out. I'm currently 750 LW and according to guides I need to complete the full questchain of LW, as far as I know i've done just that because in my bank my recipe for the mount is waiting for me. There is no mentioning of any other requirements except on guide says I need the mask icon from the suramar masquerade stuff. I have had that completed for quite some time now too. I then tried to put some materials in my bags for the recipes thinking they just were grey due no materials in my bag, and go back to him. Still no option to buy any recipe. I'm lost now. I have no clue what to do next.. So if anyone could help it would be appreciated! **UPDATE** For anyone passing by here. An addon greyed out the items for whatever reason. For anyone running big addonpacks like Elvui and extensions on it. The addon that caused it was EXTENDED VENDOR UI v1.6.0.Lillidônger10 03 Oct
03 Oct Ancient Rej Potion So, i had alchemy from day one of Legion. After more than a year and after i've created atleast a thousand of ARPs i'm still stuck on r1. Now that they inscreased then proc chance for r2/r3 recips i decide that it's worth the shot to buy the seeds and eventually get r2 and then r3. 400 pots afterwards, i'm still suck on r1. What do i even need ARPs anyway you might ask. Nothing really, i just have every other ceripe on r3 and IT GETS ME ON MY NERVES TO SEE THAT STILL ON R1 GOD DAMMIT! thank you for your time.Eurydiche0 03 Oct
03 Oct Astral Glory The New Argus Herb: Useless Compared to the new ore Empyrium i feel like the new Argus herb Astral Glory is completely useless. You can currently only use them for a few things: 1. the new Alchemy trinket which requires Primal Sargerite to make. If you don't have a gathering profession on your Alchemist you aren't even able to obtain them(unless you do the transmute with 25 blood of sargeras, which is a nice way to ruin yourself) that means almost nobody is able to craft the trinket. 2. the 3 new potions are all useless so why would you craft them? you also need Primal Sargerite for those. Anyone knows if more recipes are coming in the future ? I currently have 12000x Astral Glory in my bag that wont sell and AH is slowly getting filled up. Prices are now 1/3 of the Empyrium prices. Please tell me it won't stay like this :)Ildmoney7 03 Oct
03 Oct Why does it say "Fishing (Apprentice)"? Hi, I am a Draenor Master fisher with 700 Fishing skill, but when I cast, it still says "Fishing (Apprentice) on my cast bar. Why does it say "apprentice"? Does it ever change or it is always "apprentice" no matter what skill or what fishing achievements you have?Eom0 03 Oct
30 Sep Can I plz ask have this mob at first aid lvl 650 and for the last 2 days have been flying over the broken doing any quest's I can find killing mob's and creatures alike trying to drop the 2 quest I need to move my fist aid up to 700, ie treat or stabilise a patient. I realise it is a random drop but after 2 days with no sign of a drop, just wanted to ask " were if any is the best place to concentrate killing owt that moves, as have to admit getting a bit fed up just killing mobs with no effort or real reward lol. thxDarkblade0 30 Sep
30 Sep Fishing Noticer Is there an addon that notices me when the fish hooks, like flashes the screen with red? I watch youtube at the same time when i fish and put my cursor to the bait, and sometimes i cant hear the splashing sound. Thanks.Yrolden0 30 Sep
28 Sep JC - What am I doing wrong? So I am a JC on my Rogue, but I keep destroying mines that gives little or no mats at all. It would be better economic wise to just sell the ores instead? Am I doing something wrong?Phuerox6 28 Sep
28 Sep Lightweave Bandages So, seeing how utterly useless Lightweave Cloth is, could we make it more useful and have bandages made out of it, please?Caenas2 28 Sep
27 Sep trainer doesnt offer felwort q Hi , i got all my herbs to rank 2 (except Felwort and astral) but trainer does not offer the felwort quest , do i have to get astral to rank 2 aslo? EDIT: im lvl 105 and have not unlocked broken isles world quests , is that it? do i have to unlock wq for felwort then pick it and i get starter q?Mojimax0 27 Sep
27 Sep Archeology, RNG or misunderstanding? So, after injuring my pinky with a stanley blade I decided to try out Archeology. I grinded 1-800 skill in Azsuna. During this 2-3 day grind I have only discovered 1 rare artifact. Is this profession luck, or is there more to it? I'm also using the add-on Archy.Louigi5 27 Sep
21 Sep Made Neck pieces Ive been searching and i cant see any proffesion that makes the new upgraded version, I know jewelcrafters made the lower version, is it the only piece that cant be made in now?Grunch0 21 Sep
18 Sep Jewelcrafting 7.3 how do you guys make money with this .. i just prospect every ore i find and sell everything am i doing it right ?? xD and now there is the crown thingy please help me i need some wow time xDFreezybam2 18 Sep
18 Sep engineering: gravitational reduction slippers another dissapointment. who will ever use these, when theyre not permanent?? i wouldnt even use it, if it only took 1 empyrium to make. useless!Egeszsegere9 18 Sep
16 Sep Leatherworking: How to get to 800? Hey Been grinding my Leatherworking up to earlier today which was incredibly easy up to 770 at which each point took a tad more materials to get. But after a bit of farming I reached 780 and discovered that all my legion recipies have turned gray. I don't know what recipies I can obtain that give me skillup. I cannot find anything on wowhead that tells what to go after. Anyone that hav encountered a similar problem and know how to still get to 800? Please respond :)Honkmarshal3 16 Sep
16 Sep Profession synergy Hey guys currently running Enchanting/Alchemy on my main dont have much on alts par skinning/lw. To my question, I was considering dropping Enchanting or Alchemy for herb however I am unsure if Its worth it and if it is which I should drop, herbs are relatively expensive on my realm. I have no rank 2 or 3 recipes for flasks for Alchemy and am unsure whether its worth putting the gold in to get them (or herbs) and if the combination of enchanting/herb is really efficent or if doesn't matter, my main purpose would be helping to make gold as I plan to start collecting mounts and it can get expensive. What are your thoughts or experiences with these professions and what would your opinion be from them? Thanks for reading and sorry for the long postRikuto1 16 Sep
16 Sep Most profitable proffesion Hi guys can you tell me on outland what is the most gold profitable proffession as I want to make lots of gold and also details of the best items to sell etcNaxxremiss1 16 Sep
15 Sep Stats that are best in slot So i am wondering are the best. I do not want to waste materials on random chances. Thanks for the info.Zoisite0 15 Sep
15 Sep Empyrial Breastplate of the Adaptable Why is the Empyrial Breastplate of the Adaptable from BS in 7.3 worth so much?Dshan2 15 Sep