1h Help to decide on a 2nd profession Hi All, Recently decided i would go with a 'twink' for my alt. I love Demon Hunter, so I continue in my footsteps. My main (DH) is Herbalism & Alchemy, i play it 95% of my time online. My shaman has Skinning & Leatherworking. I just hit 800 and made my first legendary boots. However, as a resto shaman, or a shaman in general, i don't feel good to quickly grind down mobs. I want to have fun and make gold, without flying around Picking flowers all day and converting to flasks. It seems slow. My intention on this character is initially skinning. Find a spot, round up multiple packs, AoE them down in seconds and skin away. In addition, i expect to spend a lot of time within regular dungeons. (Herbalism might work in DHT and NL, Mining useful in some dungeon?) I also expect to get a lot of Blood of Sargeras. My question is, which secondary profession would you recommend, considering i'm more of a grinding or gathering character at the moment? Option 1: Mining Option 2: Herbalism Option 3: Tailoring / Enchanting / Alchemy Option 4: Blood of Sargeras vendor (exchange) How can i maximise my profits with bloods? Prolonged power pots from alchemy? Also bearing in mind i cannot access lvl 110 content or related items from professions, therefore cannot craft legendaries, since i cannot access the broken isles questlines? Similarly, Suramar content or Falcosaurs are also not available. Thanks in advance, and please avoid any "why not do it on your main" "Why stay at 101" and off topic flames.Zårthenniz0 1h
1h Alchemy: Potion of Prolonged Power 3 The only way to get a Rank 3 recipe for Prolonged Power Rank is to kill world boss: Na'zak the Fiend In 3 months I have never seen him spawned yet (Suramar). Am i missing something? Is there some trick to getting it spawned?Dessento12 1h
6h Skinning: Trial of the Crusader, Hides of Legends I cant do it as the alliance always have Tol Barad, Forcing me to PvP (the thing i hate on my hunter the most) is crazy.. Its !@#$ty that they're forcing me to PvP for a PvE profession!!.. What the actual %^-*!.. what moron thought that was a fun idea?!?!.. =(Tekeo3 6h
11h Black Dragonscales Hey Are black dragon scales only skinned in BWL? Thanks.Dottie1 11h
23h Planning on a druid? Planning on making a druid, what profs should i take? I got mining and enchanting on my warrior and mining is pretty profitable so i was thinking herbalism and alchemy for the druid? Or is it better to get a prof that requires mining and use mats from my warrior?Alexim2 23h
1d seems like i cant gather seeds so i got my rank3 felwort and it says i can now gather seeds from plans. it was days ago and until now i havnt found even 1 seed :\ am i missing something or i am bugged? thanks for help.Pizdetsalets3 1d
2d Mining rank 3, still low amount of ores? Is the mining rank 3 supposed to only give 1-3 more ores then rank 1? I seem to be getting between 3-5 ores on the rank 3 i have. Which does seem a bit low.Auroura3 2d
2d 740 Alchemy - where is my recpies? Hi Guys, First proff' in Legion so i may miss somethign here. I leveled my Alchemy with a guide (making 232 ancient healing 232 ancient mana and 232 ancient reju') Anyway, i am 740 now but i have like 4 legion potions i can make. the NPC there that everyone says should sell me the recipes still offering me only 4 recipes the one that i already know. How do i find more recpies? Also - Vial of sends worth farming? how long does it take to get the recipe? I know it was very hard back than, but things changed? easier now? THanks.Agarophobia2 2d
3d blacksmithimg stuck at 700 as title say i reached cap of 700/700 and I can't find anyway to unlock thr cap , I've done all and all the quests , any ideas ? thanksRàzør3 3d
4d Change profession Hi my inscription prof is crap and i wanna change to alchemy. Will it take long time, before i can make decent pots ? or can i only do the legion quest-line?Dextor1 4d
6d Selling Formula: Enchant Shield - Lesser Parry Selling Formula: Enchant Shield - Lesser Parry (known as Lesser Block pre-4.3) on Kor'gall. This has been the rarest formula in game since launch. The best way of obtaining the formula was through lesser darkmoon prizes, but that method is no longer available since 4.3, making the formula even harder to acquire than before. If you are interested leave a note here, or send a mail in game. Do not bother if you are not a collector willing to pay very good gold. Obviously, you'll have to pay and collect on Kor'gall (Horde).Treasury11 6d
14 Aug MOST PROFITABLE PROFFESION what is the most profitable proffesion at the moment ?Orceto1 14 Aug
13 Aug Professions while leveling Do you think it is a good idea to get Mining-skinning for 100-110 and then switching mining for LW or should i go LW-skinning straight up.Asdfasaeriyj2 13 Aug
13 Aug Engineering Profession. :P Just waiting for some new content.Roadrunt0 13 Aug
12 Aug Legion Jewelcrafting Prospecting To say I hate it is an understatement! I despise it with a passion, comes close! The amounts of ore I have wasted on this idiotic RNG luck deprived ability called Prospecting is just beyond stupid!!! With some items like an ilvl 850 neck for Warlock... HA! Yes it needs 5 Pandemonites if your recipe is on lvl 1! Good luck prospecting one Pandemonite! I am sure all Jewelcrafters are broke or somewhere in an Ironforge bar drinking about their sorrows with the only one listening the dwarf bar tender as Blizz don't give a damn! That dwarf maid is starting to look kind of cute though.. /Cough /shake head. No wonder they gave the JC's a free quest to get a free gem in Dalaran every now and then! It is Blizzards way of silently admitting Prospecting is utterly useless.Cùrsé1 12 Aug
11 Aug LF glyph of fel-touched shards Hi, i'm looking for sombody on The Maelstrom / Deathwing / Karazhan / Lightning's Blade to craft and/or sell me a 'glyph of fel-touched shards'. Can't find any on ah. If possible COD to my warlock 'bonespear' (i'm on lightning's blade)Hoplitespear0 11 Aug
10 Aug Tailoring: Shal'dorei vendor? I swear when I was just exploring the Suramar City near where the portal appears after the quest line, I found someone selling Shal'dorei for gold and I bought like 4 stacks of them, but now that I need more, I can't find this vendor ANYWHERE. There's no information of this anywhere. Am I going crazy? I have like 5 stacks of silk.Vanessa0 10 Aug
10 Aug Crafting Legendaries when the Nether Disruptor is on I gained lvl 800 tailoring AFTER the Netherdisruptor got on and I had the buff from it. So I couldnt get the commendation. Is there any way to get the crafter commendation now? or is the only way to wait until the next time? Any ideas please?Phoes4 10 Aug
10 Aug help me decide Hi there Currently i have Skinning and Harvesting as professions. I want to drop Harvesting for Leatherworking (i have had leatherworking before so i will relearn with tomb) Reason i want to do this is to get some obliterum by creating leatherworking items and then obliterating it, which i will then use later to upgrade crafted gear or sell on AH. Is my reasoning sound to do the above or do you have better advice? ThanksKairijo1 10 Aug
10 Aug What 2 professions to learn on holy paladin Ìm learning the game and currently im lvling up paladin with holy spec. When i search on google there are old posts or people say multiple different answers. Just tell me what 2 professions are best for holy paladin CURRENTLY please.Aronax1 10 Aug
10 Aug Lvl 3 Aethril and Foxflower I have been farming herbs since the launch of Legion and still havent recieved the rank 3 for both Aethril and Foxflower. Has anyone had a similar problem?Kutsál1 10 Aug
09 Aug Is blacksmith worth anything? I am thinking about changing it to Alchem to save my some flasks.Nanccy2 09 Aug
09 Aug Drowning in Chaos Crystals short on Ley/Arkhana @devs: Will be be seeing a way to downconvert Chaos Crystals into the lower ranks? Because of the iLv increase in heroics dungeons, getting Ley Shards and Arkhana is a big bother. You really don't get any blue drops short of running normal dungeons. Alternatively the level at which an item becomes "epic" could be raised. Back in MoP we had ways to shatter excess epic materials into the lower ranks, but now you practically HAVE to use your Blood of Sargeras to buy Arkhana and Leylight Shards since you only get very few green items to disenchant from normal gameplay.Aritra2 09 Aug
09 Aug Mining 790>800 Hey peeps, I am currently looking for some insight on how to reach 800 with mining. I looked around the net for a solution before poping up here, but everyone is currently saying that you get a +1 every time you mine an Infernal Brimstone from the WQ. I have been doing these WQs every time they pop up, but with no avail. I am stuck at 790 mining and I dont have any idea how to level it further. Any info will be greatly appreciated.Öpheliä2 09 Aug
09 Aug infernal alchemist stone Rank 3 Prof Rate I have crafted 10 infernal alchemist stones at rank 3 but I havent seen any procs. Is anyone else having the same problem?Kutsál1 09 Aug
09 Aug Blacksmiths - Repair Anvil As we have no real perks in blacksmithing anymore (I miss the days of extra gem slots). Yet Alchy still get 2 hour flask buffs. It makes no sense to me, why as blacksmiths we cant create a forge / anvil in raid that people can at least repair at. Engineers have at two that I know of repair options yet as BLACKSMITHS we have none. This needs to be added.Bod3 09 Aug
09 Aug Archaeology Legion This needs to be more rewarding. I've dug up god knows how many Demonic sites and never once had a rare. It's great in Azeroth / Kalimor and I love the fact you can obtain Tol'Vir from handing in the restored artifact as you all know, grinding for Tol'Vir is insane and a very long and boring process. At least give Legion ones more rare artifacts. Wanting the battletank mount so bad so good luck to all trying for it. :)Versorius1 09 Aug
07 Aug Darkmoon Card of the Legion Hi, Anyone know where i can learn Darkmoon Card of the Legion. I know i can buy rank 2 and 3 from professor in Darkmoon island, but can't find out where to learn rank 1 cheersDextor1 07 Aug
07 Aug Help with Alchemy Hello, I will try to kepp this short and simple. I had Alchemy before, did the fist few quests then I removed it and now I re-learnt it and I have to level it to 800 and I lost all the recipes and I can't get the recipe for potion of prolonged power I've been trying for 3 days now.....please help. Is there any way I can reset the whole alchemy thing???Sner2 07 Aug
06 Aug Any point lvl up inscription in legion? Hi, Any point lvl up inscription in begin. My lvl are 643 atm. or is it waste of time? cheers :)Dextor3 06 Aug
05 Aug Jewelcrafting w/o mining Hey, I just boosted this toon, and being relatively new I didn't take mining along with JC.. It seems I can't really get anything from prospecting, and bloods and AH are pretty expensive atm. Should I just abandon the whole JC thing? Doesn't seem profitable. ThanksLeetus6 05 Aug
05 Aug Mods I've went through this forum a bit.. anyone ever seen a mod response here? I mostly see complaint posts followed by more ppl agreeing w/o response.. I would love to know the design considerations for a 1/10000 proc on JC, for example. Is it pointless?Leetus2 05 Aug
04 Aug Craftable Shields for lower level characters. Greetings fellow players, Currently, I am leveling this paladin on Vek'Nilash. I am leveling my mining and blacksmithing. But, I am level 15 now, and haven't yet come across a nice shield from any quest or vendor. This makes me feel sad, because as a blacksmith, I should at least be able to craft myself a shield or two, just to level. My general idea was a Copper Shield, a Tin Shield, a Bronze Shield etc. Level range, 7-13,13-17-17-23 etc. Cheers, Apartje.Apartje3 04 Aug
03 Aug Enchanting leveling macro. This is a little adaptation to other popular enchanting macro's, but made it easier to use without having to manually enter in which item you want to enchant, and it also gets rid of the annoying popup confirmation box. /cast enchanting /cast enchanting /script DoTradeSkill(GetTradeSkillSelectionIndex()); /run GetMouseFocus():Click() /script ReplaceEnchant() /click StaticPopup1Button1 Open enchant window and select the enchant you wish to use. Hover over the item you wish to enchant with your mouse (in your bags, a vellum, or in your equipment slot). Use the macro above while still hovering over the item, and it will start enchanting that item. Important: You must have this macro keybinded because moving the mouse away from the item you want to enchant will break the macro. Bonus: Once you have done this you can use this macro multiple times, and it will start enchanting the same item again without having to keep your mouse hovered over. Enjoy!Teacher14 03 Aug
31 Jul Best gathering profession for gold Guys what is the best gathering profession to make money in 7.2.5 curently i am using mining and herbalism should i change ?Orceto1 31 Jul
31 Jul best professions for healer priest what is best prof for priest? i think enchant and tailor shop. is nice? thanksÂtheneax2 31 Jul
30 Jul Bot farmers are out of control I spent some time gathering ghost iron ores in valley of four winds. There are plenty of them there, both alliance and horde side. Most of them are level 100 toons. I tried killing one of them but it's not worth the effort. These bots are well made, and they just keep running to their body, respawning and keep gathering resources all over again... It's just very unfair for all those people that, like me, spend hours on gathering materials to craft items and then try to sell them on the AH. Can we do something more than reporting them?Zantetsuken1 30 Jul
30 Jul Upgrading WOD leatherworking gear. Is there anyway to upgrade WOD leatherworking gear? specifically the capes. I'd love to upgrade the current one I have to get the red version for a transmog but the problem is that they require valor which I'm pretty sure was removed from the game entirely. Any ideas?Nawya3 30 Jul
30 Jul Mining Ghost Iron Ore. Has old content been nerfed? Hi, I am trying to farm some old content to get some new Mounts like Sky Golem and the jewelcrafting panther mounts, because I dont want to buy them at the AH, I have just spent quite abit of time at an old Ghost Iron Ore farming spot (valley of the four winds) and not one node has spawned. I've spent 10-15 mins flying around looking for ore, then stopping to give them some time to spawn, then spend another 10-15 looking again, i've been looking for about an hour but not one node mined. I've checked the Jade Forest as well but nothing. Has the old content been nerfed? or is there a new area where the ore spawns?? i'm really stumped on this one.Devian8 30 Jul
29 Jul BOT FARMERS showed up again? Hello! I'm just writing here because i want to ask my fellow buddies if they have seen any suspicous activity while farming herbs around the isles. Few of my farmer friends i spoke to said they have seen few characters flying in straight lines from herb to herb while in Suramar. Also, i don't know hows on other servers (that's the point of my post) but on outland i can see a pretty decent drop in herb prices once again due to the big supply. For example a guy yesterday was selling 60 stack starlight roses which he stated just picked up last week because he likes herbing, and he was selling it ridicolously cheap. Please if you saw something, or have some thoughts don't hesitate to post here, and if it's a valid problem blizzard will sure stand against them once again, with another ban-wave to bots. If this whole thing isn't legit and i'm just paranoid, forgive me please. Thanks for reading the topic!Knowiin3 29 Jul
28 Jul Lavish Suramar Feast: Rank 3 Hello Everyone As the title says I was wondering if this recipe is discovered by someone, anyone?? From the start of the expansion I was providing Nomi with fresh meat and fish, and although he burnt almost everything, he managed somehow to discover all recipes to rank 3. Only Lavish Suramar Feast is rank 2 for me. For over 2 months I'm providing the wanna be cook Nomi with bacon (I saw on wowhead that to discover that recipe Nomi needs to cook bacon) which costed me a fortune, approximately around 200k gold and I see no results or end in near future. So I was wondering, is this recipe in game at all, is it somehow related with a bug of something, or is it me just being unlucky?? Is it worthy to let Nomi to continue burning my gold?? Any advice is greatly appreciated... CheersForttuna1 28 Jul
27 Jul why no Fel-encrusted Herb Ranks? Why is there no ranks for Fel-encrusted Herb? like all the others. Like Fel-encrusted Herb Rank 1 increase the number of herbs getheret. Fel-encrusted Herb Rank 2 increase the chance for Blood of sagaras by X% Fel-encrusted Herb Rank 3 can now be any Legion Herb including Starlight and Felwort. can now drop a random seed x1 from any legion herb.Zztops1 27 Jul
26 Jul Enchant Neck: Enchant of the Heavy Hide (rank 3) Can this enchant (upgrade) be made a 100% drop already? After nearly 3/4 of a year I still didn't manage to get this enchant upgrade. All my other enchants are on rank 3 for I guess 6 months already, but this thing simply doesn't want to drop. It is supposed to drop from Ursoc but I've never seen it drop, not for myself, not for anybody else. With several rank 3's available by sneezing in the proper direction or by simply getting them from a vendor, this one seems excessively hard to get. Next to this Emerald Nightmare is irrelevant content at this moment, making grinding Ursoc kills even more tedious.Menzov1 26 Jul
25 Jul (Cooking) Deleted Legion recipes Hello guys, I've started cooking yestreday and today I've reached to a Q - A Good Recipe List. The problem is that I've already done quest lines (checked by script) that give me these four recipes, but deleted them long time ago, because I never thought I'd ever start cooking (yes, an idiot indeed). [Recipe: Barracuda Mrglgagh] [Recipe: Salt and Pepper Shank] [Recipe: Deep-Fried Mossgill] [Recipe: Fighter Chow] My question is very simple - Is there a way to get these four recipes back? If not, my cooking days are over, right? Thank you, guys, for respond. Have a good night. Regards SedlonkaSedlonka3 25 Jul
25 Jul Alchemy world quest bug Hi All Has this happened to any of you. I have learnt rank 3 skystep potion and I have the world quest up "work orders: skystep potion" but the reward for I get what I hand in the quest is rank 2 recipe Skystep. I also have the same issue with the Alchemy world quest in Stormheim. I think this might of been because when I was making the skystep potions I discovered rank 3 and then learnt it before I handed in the quest, this then changed the reward to the rank 2 recipe. Now everytime this world quest shows up the reward is rank 2 again. Do any of you have this or do you know of a way to resolve this. I have logged this as a bug ingame but so far nothing has happened. Thanks JaysIams1 25 Jul
24 Jul Skinning in Tol Barad... Whoever though of the Rank3 skinning quest, putting the player though old content especially a PVP one, is a retard... Having to skin the boss in the instance, that is unlocked only if your faction controls the point, is just stupid...Danteresist10 24 Jul
24 Jul How do I learn the "Riddle of Steel" recipe? Wowhead says I discover it in Pandaria, but where and how exactly?Goraan1 24 Jul
23 Jul Anyone actually having all cooking recipes? I have 10 110 level chars and been at "Nomi Burn-it-all" 's **** since my first char got the ability to do it and I have not one char that has not at least 4-6 recipes (ranks) missing and sometimes over a week goes by with nothing other than *** One would think that after all this time there would finally be an end to doing that !@#$ty test kitchen.... I am so sick of it...Iwony3 23 Jul
22 Jul Ancient healing potion still rank 1 Anybody else still stuck on rank 1 or is it just me. Has my rng fairy gone on holiday? Is there a certain amount of these potions you have to make to get to rank 2?Yrana1 22 Jul
21 Jul Limited alchemy products? So I decided to use my 1,5k yseralline seeds today, to finally progress alchemy, but after about 80 potions made, the "create" option became unavailable on every recipe. Is there a cap to potions/elixirs etc made that I didn't know of, and if so, what is the cooldown?Goraan2 21 Jul