7h Rank 2 Demonsteel blacksmith recipes? I can't seem to find any of these. The blacksmithing window says "Quest: Demonsteel Armguards Zone: Highmountain" (for example). I went up to the blacksmithing camp and...nothing. Other professions you buy the recipes from Dalaran, but of course things always have to be cryptic in this game. If I have to wait for a random world quest to spawn to learn these I shall become most annoyed! It would take AGES to learn all of them, and having to craft a rank 1 armor piece to learn the rank 2 recipe would be seriously draining on my (not very large) reserves. The materials required for most rank 1 crafts are ludicrous to say the least, considering how rare felslate in particular is. 110 felslate to make ONE armguard? Wow, smoked some serious dope at Blizz HQ when they thought that one up! (The 80 scales is less of an issue, at least if you got a skinner alt, which I do. I wouldn't want to have to buy all this stuff from the AH though...) I've now resorted to picking herbs for blood of sargeras, and then buying ore from the blood vendor, just because mining is such a damn waste of time. Ok, rant over. :DBrassbearde1 7h
7h Can't loot ores or herbs but get skill. Hi, me and several others have gotten a bug where when we mine or herb something the loot window doesn't come up. I get the skill but not any loot, which is reaaaallly frustrating cause I just hit exaulted with klaxxi and need money for the scorpion. I mean seriously Blizzard help me with this. I've been farming klaxxi dailes every day for over a month now and FINALLY hit exaulted and now I can't earn money?! I searched the forums and find that several others had had this problem but got no response. So please a blue post about what's causing this problem and when you're going to fix this. Best regards from a dedicated player and customer since vanilla.Madinferno16 7h
8h Leatherworking macro - create and disenchant Hello, Is there any way to create a macro, which will create Warhide Bindings and then disenchant them all with one click?Möuntäin2 8h
8h Solution for a big problem (skinning) Imagine that you're skinning around with your awesome transmoged charakter when suddenly a douche start killing the mobs. You whisper him - hey! could you pls loot the mobs, I want to skin them. The douche stops for a sec, he starts thinking and then continue the mob killing still without looting them. My solution is that you can skin the mobs even if they don't loot them and the douche will get his loot from mail just like when you don't loot a boss, and everyone will be happy.. except for the douche but we don't care about himBerijoker7 8h
8h Make profession great again The main reson I loved the new artifact weapon, because instead of farming a new wardrobe over and over again, you recieved your weapon, and you worked for it to make it better. I can imagine it freed up a lot of developing time, and a team could focus on something else. In the future I would love to see, that every item a character could wear would be made by professions, and upgraded by profession, and the materials would be farmed by the players. Instead of "look, a giant snakemonster jost dropped the size of epic shoe what I always wanted" would be: "your scale will be the perfect swordpolisher" How the system would work: Tailors, leatherworkers and blacksmiths would create an item with a basic ilvl with armor and stamina. Every end content goal (boss, chests, pvp rank) would give somethoing like a valor badge or AP item (100% droprate) to raise the maximum ilvl of the item. Than a token to raise the actual ilvl of the item. These key materials would be BoP, and the professions would make a DIY kit to make it active. Gathering professions could farm the usual way to get the materials for theese DIY kits. But this would be only an uncommon, now you need to make it rare and above. The only stat on the item would be armor and stamina. We have Jewelcarafters to give the 2 ring and necks With gems they can supply primary stats: agi, str, int. Yes... everything would need a gem or 3 gemslot if somebody want the item for multiple specs. If you are lucky that your secondary spec needs the same secondary stat, the 2nd and 3rd gemslot would be really expensive. Enchanters to give the secondary stats: versa, haste, crit, mastery. The materials from bosses could be used for certain stat. Engeneers with trinkets and extra "use for" features. Inscribers extra runes that could give proc chance for something. Every content would be usefull and leveling characters/alts would have their job, because you need the basic material to get the expensions basic item and need the next content tier to reach. Foe rxample a hc key material would have a restriction: "only usable on item with ilvl x-y" No skipping. You shouldnt get an end content gear straight away. Apart of the key material everything should be really common, so the prices wouldnt be skyhigh. Yes... characters this way could create their own min-maxed stats, but the key materials would be hard to get. Like the actual item itself. And lets face it... hardcore gamers minmaxing their wardrobe anyway. And a patchnote would actually keep the market boiling. Another positive thing with this system the numbers could be squished again. New items, new formula. 3 digit dps again instead of quadrillion boss hp-s and 3million dmg autoattack. (the bosses are designed to be dead in 6-10 min anyway)Kraivanah4 8h
9h Sorry, I'm not going to do that! So. Got my main to 110, leather working in progress. Hmm. Have to run a couple of dungeons to progress leatherworking, wtf. ok do them, I don't want to, but will to try progress. Next up comes the herby and Alchemist. Then it becomes a WTF. Every time I want to learn something new I have to run a Dungeon or two with optional bosses just to get the next recipe! I've no problem with special recipes, that special transmog or bis gear being behind dungeons/raids but basic progression. Nah. I'm not going to do that. All my crafters are now just going to be gatherers. If there is no other option but having to run dungeons to progress, then, sorry but I'm not going to do that! Just over a month in and getting groups to do the profession quests is ridicules, heaven knows what its going to be like in a few months time when other alts are coming through. I'll sell the raw mats to be able to buy gear/pots instead. Not salty about it, but goodness me this is the first time that basic progression has been gated behind dungeons and raids. Blizzard need to give us another way to do things, make hard and grindy for all I care, but I don't want to run Dungeons with the mostly toxic people who yell if you are a fraction of second late firing off an attack. Good for those that got there early, poor for those of us that travel rater slower.Baldgit20 9h
16h Alchemy Rank 3 Flasks I have leveled my alchemist early in Legion and have been making flasks ever since for my characters. After crafting 'round 200 intelect flasks at rank 2 I received rank 3 pattern. It was a horrible farming experience, but I made it. Now, I have been trying to proc rank 3 on agility flask for 3 months now. I've made more than 800 flasks and still no rank 3. Can't imagine how much time and herbs will it take to get potions and other flasks to rank 3 aswell at this rate. Will someone please adress this stupid and absurd RNG where after 800 flasks you dont see a rank 3 recipe. Are you serious with this? This cannot possibly be how its supposed to work, nobody with sane mind would design it to work this way.Nycto1 16h
1d Bloodseeker and Herbalism. It suddenly struck me that Bloodseeker changes the entire paradigm of merely running from node to node like we have been conditioned to since classic. Instead of merely gathering a tail of mobs as you run between herb nodes and running until they reset, take your time to aoe them down! The increased amount of bloods you get from deliberately gathering up and killing enemies seriously increases the herb yield. Especially when getting multiple bloodpacks back to back. So you actually want to kill enemies in a flowerpatch, instead of running in and out. And if you have r3 fjarnskaggl, its quick to remount and run on when you finally pluck the herb.Bloodwrath9 1d
2d Bugged herbs Why is there so many bugged herbs? Trying to pick them up very often but just get skill point without anything in my bag.Perwerka8 2d
2d Underwater Archaeology at Darkmoon Island Hi, i'm playing WoW for a while now and have some twinks by my side. I liked the idea of the darkmoon fairy from the beginning and also make good use of the chance to push the professions. But i think it is a litte unfair, that you can do the profession quests on the island with little (vendor outside of the portal for reagents) to no effort for all professions, except archaeology. Since the island is already packed with stuff, maybe you could design a litte ruin area near the shore with an underwater digsite. Maybe you could find darkmoon artifacts that lead to the thousends of years of history of the fairy. And you could find things that lets you breath und swim underwater to dig better an faster, like the hozen helm on timeless island or a shark-submarine (that you can try out in the new underwater racetrack). Maybe you could also do underwater digsites around azeroth( the broken isles or the nightelven an troll areas,...). And the things you dig up at darkmoon can also be used there. I think this would make archaeology more interesting. Or, we could just dig in dirtpiles near the animalcages. That would also go. But please just make it without the external digging part. Thanks for the replies that hopefully come. PS: a spellchecker would be cool when you write threads, because, you know, there are even videos on the frontpage ;-)Hironimuh4 2d
2d Why do some professions need mythic dungeons I've been progressing: - blacksmithing - jewelcrafting - enchanting - tailoring - skinning - leatherworking across multiple characters. Most of these are either completely finished or very close to the last quest. Right now, i'm doing engineering, and suddenly it wants me to go to Court of Stars. Why is this? Where is the logic in having SOME (but not all) professions have the suramar dungeon requirements to progress? It takes a fair amount of time to even unlock them (thank god that's fixed for 7.1), but you actually need 830-835+ ilvl gear to do the dungeon itself since these are mythic mode only. While for other professions, normal/heroic modes and an ilvl of 810+ is enough. I can't wrap my head around it, and apparently the same engineering profession needs you to do the other dungeon (arcway) later as well.Gogeta26 2d
2d Mining ranks - Problem Hi. After switching my profession to mining I immediatly did this quest . This quest chain unlocks the drop of quest items for rank 2 ( I looted a few already). But here's the problem - I don't have ranks 1 learned. The only special drop from nodes are rank 2 quest items - no samples for rank 1. Is it my ,,luck'' or is it blocked for me now?Fortiz1 2d
2d Did something happend to Foxflower spawn rates? i've done 5 laps of highmountain and gotten 50 while i lap in Stormheim have my 70Jandia2 2d
2d Mining (rank 3 nonexistent?) and Bloods rate Hello fellow miners, i would like to bring something to your attention. The mining rank 3 patterns and the droprate on bloods of sargeras. Now i remember being stated that bloods of sargeras would mainly drop from gathering professions such as mining, herbalism, skinning, but not only from those. You could also receive them trough world quests and for example dungeon bosses. Now i've been mining for quite some time over the days since launch, it has come to my attention that the amount of bloods i have mined so far can be counted on one hand, while friends with other gathering professions seem to have very good droprates. I see skinners running with me in Dark Thicket (Dungeon) and receive around 4-5 bloods per run, in addition to what the bosses also drop. It has gotten to such an extent that i had to conclude that running random dungeons supplies me with more bloods, then spending all these hours mining. This can't be right, can it? Anyone else experiencing this? Obviously the problem could be that my mining isnt rank 3, and thats the next discussion part. The droprate on these patterns are? 0.1%? I havent had one drop, non of my friends or guildies have had one drop either. Intended? I'm suspecting the bloods rate to go up with a rank 3 pattern (increases the chance of rare materials), but kind of stuck on rank 2 (with all types). Blue? -HitbagHitbag16 2d
2d Enchanting stuck at 790/810 My problem is that I'm stuck on Enchanting at 790/810 and all the things I can make are grayed out. There's no way to get anywhere from this point forward, is this a bug?Sefhiroth4 2d
3d Herbalism lvl 3 - A slip of the Hand Hello, currently i got herbalism at 804 (tauren) and Aethril on level 2. For Aethril gathering level 3 the herbalism trainer in Dalaran should give me the quest "A slip of the Hand" but she doesnt have it. How can i obtain it? Do i have to bring all herbs on level 2 first to bring one of them on level 3? Wowhead just says the trainer in dalaran should give me the quest.Araii18 3d
4d Archaeology on zone map Ive not done archaeology for a while. Im getting back into it atm, but im noticing that on the zone map, the dig sites are just showing up as a spade icon and not the orange area of the dig site that i remember (Im NOT talking about the minimap here im talking about the "m" key map) is this a change blizzard made? Im finding it very hard to see the dig sites. Especially with all the quest/world quest icons on the map cluttering it up either making the spade icon much larger or going back to how it was before with the orange area on the map instead would be better imoDazaw0 4d
4d Archaelogy Archaelogy!!! What Now? Has Blizzard said anything about archaelogy now that all rares has been solved? Will they add something else?Vùkodlak0 4d
4d Curious, what does this crossed out circle mean? Got a crossed out circle beside Infernal Alchemist Stone in my crafting window, as shown in the following picture: What does it mean ?Harlee1 4d
4d Which professions to boost? Hello guys, Im in the situation where i have considered purchasing a boost for a lvl 60dk, as i really can't be arsed leveling, eventho i have a lvl 81 one (its orc tho, and i might go for belf instead..) So i was wondering, which professions would be better to boost, incase i decide to purchase the boost in the first place. What i want to is make gold with the professions. I was thinking alchemy and enchanting maybe? I know herbalism would make plenty of gold, but would it be worth boosting such professions? Best RegardsElystria8 4d
4d [Alchemy] 3 stars Flasks. Hello I have made 177 intellect Flask (Flask of the Whispered Pact), this amount of flask can be translate to: 1239 Starlight Rose 1770 Fjarnskaggl 1770 Dreamleaf and i have not unlocked 3 stars yet...seriously?... Proof here: 4d
5d Profession rank RNG Profession rank RNG Please Blizz implement some kind of bad luck protection on this rng as for those of us with Ocd and bad luck we can do nothing else until we get that proc, its actually madness lol. I've farmed 20k aethril since rank 2 and no rank 3 made over 1500 Ancient healing potions and no rank 3 its soul destroying.Temptus6 5d
5d Fjarnskaggl Rank 2 It is nearly impossible to obtain Fjarnskaggl the low rates are okay just 60% of the nodes are glitched or the % of the quest is like 0.000001% Please to all players trying to do this don't waiste your time it is glitched as hell. Most spawns are not working on EU and i am not talking that you dont get material you simply not getting anything since the nodes are glitched. That is all around the map!Skinnysalt5 5d
6d [Archeology] quest rotation Hello, With this week, the quests rotation of Archeology finishs. I have done all of them for the achievment "A keen eye"... except the one from the 2 last weeks (Purple Hills of Mac'Aree). Will the rotation start again now? meaning I have to wait 24 weeks to finish it ?Suji2 6d
6d Still no BS keys? We used to have Blacksmithing keys to open lockboxes, as well as Engineering charges etc. Since Draenor -and it's a long time to make up you minds, dev people, especially since many people are complaining about this- we don't have these things anymore. The highest key a BS can make is still the ghost iron key, which opens lockboxes up to 450. So, if you find a lockbox in Draenor, seeing as it's dead man's land nowdays too and there's hardly people around, let alone rogues, you just VT it. And now I find out that there are no keys in Legion either. Why don't you guys include some BS keys like you used to? What would be the problem? What huge intricate gaming design would blacksmith keys ruin? We are choke full of ore from garrison mine, so what would including something actually useful hurt? Anyway, just my two cents, I don't wanna ruin anybody's "artistic vision" or whatnot, heard that one before elsewhere...Meepsie1 6d
6d Blingtron 6000 - the big disappointment So i spent something on the order of 40k yesterday to finish leveling my engineering to 800 and craft the blingtron module for my reeves. Since then i've been putting one down in krasus landing and asking people what they got, for the moment, it seems as if the blingtron cache is giving absolute worthless haul. as in, less then 50s in payout on average. At the moment, it's not worth even bothering with it, put down blingtron 5000 as we used to and at least give people a chance to earn a bit of gold.Ashbolts27 6d
19 Feb 80% of all professions are useless Why only Alchemy and Enchanting do something useful for raiders? You may argue that you get Obliterum from other professions, however that just doesn't make sense. You use Obliterum to gear up an alt quickly. But why? What's the point of reaching certain item level on your alt if it's not for raiding? Not to mention that you also can get Obliterum from Enchanting and Alchemy (however the efficiency is lower compared to other professions). I have to say that relatively recent addition of Vantus runes to Inscription is a great example for other professions to follow. While it isn't as useful / profitable as Alchemy, it is certainly a step in right direction. Here are some suggestions: Leatherworking: drums that would very slightly boost a stat of nearby players, while not sharing Exhaustion debuff from Bloodlust Jewelcrafting: just give us more items with jewel sockets Blacksmithing: apart from the obvious armor enchants, where is the infamous Iron Buckle? BS could make all sorts of consumables required by other professions Engineering: literally anything. TLDR: professions have to provide something useful for raiders, otherwise they are useless. Sure you can have a Warrior with Blacksmithing to have fun from an RP aspect, but it's far from optimal when speaking about usefulness and how much gold you can make (meanwhile somebody mentions the stirrups that nobody but blacksmiths use).Whissp4 19 Feb
19 Feb Making Item's is a joke Took me month's to get mats and all I want is 1 set of Imbued Silkweave Pantaloons Impatient and so far I'v had made 8 x Imbued Silkweave Pantaloons of the Feverflare 7 x Imbued Silkweave Pantaloons of the Fireflash 3 x Imbued Silkweave Pantaloons of the Harmonious 2 x Imbued Silkweave Pantaloons of the Aurora 5 x Imbued Silkweave Pantaloons of the Peerless 4 x Imbued Silkweave Pantaloons of the Quickblade Now I'v got get more mats . All this time and money I'v spent what's the point in making a items for your toon'sMecjewel3 19 Feb
19 Feb LF crafter tailoring Just looking for someone with the Sunfire Robes recipe, will pay whatever for it. Price will be negotiated ofcourse. (Also willing to get the materials)Lindoriél0 19 Feb
19 Feb Jewel crafting is broken Jewel crafting is broken there's no where near enough sockets on gear to make gems more consumable ie increasing demand. Prospecting should be our farming tool yet is useless since ores are better sold raw rather than prospected, a quick fix for this is implement farming nodes for prospecting. All crafted epic rings and necks I don't need say anymore about these as its obvious that these are pointless they should be hard to craft but BIS and scale to keep them relevant increasing there value. How Jewel crafting sits at the moment it may aswell be removed from game.Shocknorc0 19 Feb
19 Feb Infernal Brimstone rank 2 Are there any plans to fix this stupid thing? I mean... 180+ days of Legion and still stuck at rank 1 WTF blizzrd, just WTF...Silloh5 19 Feb
18 Feb Profession for 7.2? I will boost my character and trying to decide which professions should I choose for veteran bonus. As much as I know, we will be able to produce legendary gears after 7.2 patch with leatherworking and ilvl cap will be increased to 875 Obliterum. Do you recommend me a crafting profession like leatherworking and skinning or something else?Kaprice2 18 Feb
18 Feb Jewelcrafting and Prospecting. Am I the only one who think its extremely hard to generate good gems for your jewelcrafter? Sometimes I prospect hundreds of ore with like 0-1 of the big gems, and it just feels like those ore would be much better of just being sold as they are on the AH. And now after getting past lvl 780 the only plans that give 1x lvl-up require 6-8 of these big gems. The only reason I have at least a little bit of crafting with my JC is because of the gemfinder shoulder enchants. It just seems like 10x harder to use your mining to fuel your JC, than in WoD for example, where u could just use ore straight up as ingedient.Moxemerald6 18 Feb
17 Feb Rank 1 herbalism Do you need to be a certain level to obtain the rank 1 drops from picking herbs? I'm rank 3 starlight rose but haven't seen any other herb quest item drop. Using this twink characterClaudio4 17 Feb
17 Feb Leatherworking 770 All the recipes i have are now green at 770. Most of the gravenscale recipes are at rank 2, im not getting any rank 3 drops and not enough rep to purchase. Is there any yellow+ recipes to get me to 800?Mysticroots2 17 Feb
17 Feb Alchemy quest problem Hi guys recently i ended the quest for vault of the warders to complete the quest line for alchemy so i can start making my potions for my hunter. The thing is i try to buy the recipe: flask of the seventh demon, but it appears in red and below it says that i need 3 objets... but i dont know how to get them they wont give me more quest... please help me im lost!Peinee2 17 Feb
17 Feb No communication on Profession issues. Seriously. I understand this is EU forums, and we should not really expect great communication from devs responsible for professions design, but STILL. Will it help if we consolidate all the bugs and issues found with many professions, so you can just provide that pure feedback to the devs and then come back to us with answers? I will list what I personally consider bugs and/or severe issues with professions, having all professions on 800 across alts (except JC at 790): 1. Most of Profession-related Work Order World Quests in Val'Sharah and Highmountain have not appeared since October. And this isn't just the case where the WQ doesn't appear on the map, but is in fact there - I've been checking on my alts that still need some rank 3 recipes daily. That includes 2 work orders on fish (Val'Sharah and Highmountain one) and pretty much every single work order for every profession - vantus runes, enchants, crafted gear. Notably, the fishing world quests (those that aren't work orders) appear just fine in those 2 zones. 2. Shark riding fishing quest is still required for the meta-achievement yet has never appeared. I'm playing the Russian game client, so I'm not certain regarding the name of this quest. Please correct me with the real name of this quest. 3. Shoulder rank 3 recipes requiring RBG wins is ridiculous. It has nothing to do with 'rarity'. Make it even more rare than it is now, but make it a reward from RANDOM BGs, not RATED BGs. Every single recipe that requires various group content can be obtained through the LFG tool - LFR, dungeon finder, soon even the mythic dungeons will be more trivial. Even now, though people need to actually form a group for mythic 5mans (for some rank 3 recipes), it is incomparable to the dedication and time investment required to simply DELVE into the RBG process, yet alone start winning, yet alone get enough wins to receive the recipes. 4. Infernal Brimstone Rank 2 is definitely bugged. Yes, RNG is RNG, but I've not heard of any single person since september who got the quest for rank 2. Felwort and Felhide rank 2 usually proc within 1-2 weeks, and people have been doing the Brimstone WQs for almost half a year now without seeing the rank 2 recipe. Let me know if I forgot something important, I will add it to this list.Беато2 17 Feb
17 Feb Blood for Chips. Strikes me as odd that all the other 375 food materials can be purchased with Blood of Sargeras with the exception of Gem Chips that are needed (and 20 chips per 5/7/10 at that!) for the Nightborne Delicacy Platter. 1:20 Would be a good exchange rate, perhaps even 1:10 when trading the bloods with Illnea Bloodthorn in Dalaran.Axél4 17 Feb
17 Feb Nomi and 17 days without a new recipe. Hey, it might be a stupid question, but can is it really intended, for Nomi to NOT drop me a new recipe, after 17 days of throwing mats at him, and getting burnt food and that new slightly burned food? Thanks in advance.Dawnwalkér40 17 Feb
16 Feb Proffesion world quests (Work Oders) So recently i wanted to skill my proffesion with low cost and i wanted the 3 recipe. But it was from proffesion world quest (work oder). Couldnt find any information how hight your skill must be to get these.Even GM couldnt tell me so i tried to skill up by 50 and it looks like you have to have 150 skill to get work orders for you proffesion. Hope it helps!Unbúff1 16 Feb
16 Feb Crafted legendarys, only for LW/BS/Tailor wtf So leatherworkers blacksmiths and tailors get crafted legendary items, i understand it was little worth to use these proffessions, but cmon legendary items? Engineering still has nothing useful except 880 head slot item that only engineers (no one) can use. How about adding a legendary trinket with a really special effect for engineers? Or you know... interesting gadgets/tinkers? feeling like engi is boring AF this expansion.Ancalon12 16 Feb
15 Feb LF goldmakers Hi I'm one of the only active players with the [rhinestone sunglasses] recipe. The new changes to the wow token have enabled me to teleport from server to server and sell my goods. (fitting that i have the pattern on a mage) price & limitations - 80K for 1 [rhinestone sunglasses]* - Minimum order of 10 (sorry any less and it is not worth the cost of transferring) - price drops by 5k with every multiple of 10. so buy 20 and they are 75k each 30= 70k each upto a maximum of 40 check the prices on your server in game or on the undermine journal you could make a nice profit depending on the server you play on. I will only sell a maximum of 40 glasses per server as I don't want to drive the prices down. also I will sell exclusively to you and no one else on your server to ensure you have no competition. Having been selling these glasses for well over a year on outland, i have never had a problem finding buyers, and have made 10's of millions of gold, however as they are not BOE and I've sold an enormous amount of them here, the market has become somewhat saturated and prices have fallen, which is why I'm looking towards other servers to increase my profits. I will sell to any EU server with one exception <Argent Dawn> the reason is i have already crafted 250 for a friend and we have an agreement. *glasses are 60k each if you want to transfer to my current realm instead. (msg me first as i'll be hopping around servers frequently) *currently I'm not accepting in-game items as a trade, but this may become an option at a later date. *DO NOT offer me real life money, I'm not interested in getting banned. Thanks for reading reply here if you are interested, good luck in your goldmakingAmazake4 15 Feb
15 Feb I can't pick any fjarnskaggl. I can't pick any fjarnskaggl. I have herbalism 800 and rank2 fjarnskaggl, but i cant loot them. I can see on the map, i can gathering, but never finished, and never get a loot. I already wrote a bug report 2-3 weeks ago, but nothing change. The other flowers i don't have any problem, but i need this flower aswell for alchemy... Anybody have the same problem?Näamah4 15 Feb
15 Feb Suggestion about the "Obliterum Forge" I tried making this into a suggestion in the game, but suggestions are limited to 500 characters, which in my case just wasn't enough to get my point across. I also searched this forum for any other suggestions but, quite frankly, the search function is super useless and I only found kids crying about obliterum being useless to them.. I also couldn't find any developer statements or "blue posts" regarding obliterum at all, so I figured why not give it a shot? Suggestion turned into quite a long post so I put a tl;dr at the top for convenience. <tl;dr> Give us the option to obliterate potions and cut gems one stack at a time to cut down on time consumed to create obliterum. This will save mass producers like myself time but also encourage casual players to give it a shot which will be healty for the in game economy. </tl;dr> Anyway, here goes; Hello! I find Obliterum to be an awesome thing, mainly because I can make a ton of gold flipping cheap materials into potions and gems which I then obliterate and sell on the AH! Awesome! However! Crafting 1500 potions at a time is a slow process, turned even slower by obliterating the 2250 potions I ususally get due to procs - It is made even slower by the fact that I have to obliterate the potions one by one. Gems from jewelcrafting are the same - cut 200 gems, obliterate them one by one at a flat rate of 1 obliterum ash per obliteration. This process quickly turns in to a time-sink; creating one obliterum from a stack of 100 gems takes about 7-8 minutes per obliterum barring any delay in server communication or you missing any clicks. If you want to upgrade an item to 850 ilevel (or 855 tomorrow) you will need about an hour per item - 5-6 hours of monotonous clicking per full set of items to upgrade. As it stands at the moment you have to manually press each potion or gem and then press obliterate. There are addons that can "auto-select" items for you, which is great and is a feature I think you should add to the forge by default. The addons also have a feature which lets you keybind the obliterate button which is an even greater feature, instead of clicking the mouse I can just press "2" on my numpad while watching a movie or while reading or just doing anything else in general, the process is still slow however. I'm afraid that people are scared away of the long process of creating obliterum from both alchemy and jewelcrafting which drives down the supply and is unhealthy for the AH-market of obliterum in the long run. If potions could be "mass-obliterated" in stacks of 20 people would be more inclined to actually use the forge to obliterate potions, wether you should still get the "random-proc-chance" of 2 obliterum ash every other potion you destroy or not is another thing to debate. My main gripe with the forge as it is designed right now is that people who want to mass-create obliterum (like myself) are stood infront of the forge 4-5 hours a day and that doesn't make for very fun times, nor the sense of the gameplay being very "rewarding". By allowing "mass-obliteration" one stack of potions at a time, or one stack of cut gems at a time the time to obliterate will be cut down by 20 to 200 fold, which will make obliterum a more worthwile investment when accounting for time. Or, you could just make the cast-time to obliterate longer. Instead of obliterating 1 potion taking 1-2 seconds the cast-time to obliterate 20 potions could be 10-20 seconds - time invested would be the same, however the frantic clicking would be reduced which is a win in my eyes. The system as it stands today is encouraging people to not play the game but to stand semi-afk and spam either a keybound button or click your mouse hundreds of times over and over again if you arn't using the addons, which quite frankly are a must have with the design of the system in place at the moment. I am aware that blizzard wants us to feel like we actually "do things" with our professions - they want us to spend time with the professions to make the professions feel rewarding, and I have had this in mind with the current suggestion - the potions will still need to be created and the gems will still need to be cut - however, the "Pressing the obliterate button close to 500 times to upgrade an item to iLevel 850" will be less time consuming and alchemists and jewelcrafters, wether you are someone who enjoys farming gold like myself, or a casual player looking to save some gold, will have more time to actually play the game instead of being stuck in front of that weird looking forge. In short; *Add options to auto loot and auto select to the default obliterum forge ui *Add an option to "mass obliterate" stacks of 20 potions and either 20 or 200 gems at a time (with or without "random chance obliterum ash") This will; *Make the process of obliterating items a lot quicker for both the casual as well as the mass producer *Fuel more obliterum into the economy providing a lower price for the casual player *Make the process of obliterating more rewarding as you'll have more time to actually play the game Suggestions and thoughts are more than welcome! Thank you for reading!Blairwood4 15 Feb
14 Feb Crafted Gear Variations? nvmGenovish0 14 Feb
14 Feb Fjarnskaggl !!! hey blizz, whats up with this whole fjarnskaggl thing? this thing is unfarmable ! i keep getting nodes everywhere but they are all ghosts, its been like this for how long now? a week ago it was farmable again - thank god - and now im up to 10 nodes and they are all ghosts again ! when will this be fixxed? prices are skyrocketing in tarren mill server, and im getting tired i cant farm my own mats for pots. Im sure the coding isnt too hard for this to correct tho, please have a look into this. on the sidenote, there are some starlight rose nodes that are ghosts also, please have a look at it, it becomes very very annoying, i usually dont post anything and give you guys your time to fix things but this is getting out of hand.Veltana15 14 Feb
13 Feb Music for archeology? Idk if I make any sense, but im looking for some music that kinda fits archeology.. like exploration and stuff.. inb4 darude - sandstorm.Kadreth3 13 Feb
13 Feb Blacksmithing = Gold? Explain to someone completely illiterate about how economy works, how Blacksmithing could make gold. Do I just make a ton of stirrups?Kadreth1 13 Feb
13 Feb How to get alchemy 780-800 ? I am at 780 alchemy and all the flasks are greyed out, meaning i can't get skillups. WTF?Dessento4 13 Feb
13 Feb Fix Skinning! - Multi Tap - Skin with other persons loot inside. Make it happen in 7.2!Lunarix3 13 Feb