8h Skinning and mob tagging Skinning and mob tagging, when is it going to be fixed? I'm trying to farm leathers and randomly people come and tag my mobs and don't loot. Some come just to do a quest some seemingly do it just out of spite.Skhope0 8h
11h Botters and other type of EULA/TOS violations So, herb prices were looking up slightly. Start farming again things are good for about five days and !@#$ goes south again. Just to finish off 1k starlight and call it again, I see a player farming herbs while falling to the floor constantly on a gryphon like he is.. hacking. (no legion pathfinder) So here is your piss and vinegar blizzard, out in the %^-*ing open. I am REALLY !@#$ing sick of bots. If they can keep breaking the rules why can't we? hmm? Get your act together and remove these "players"Muraad0 11h
17h The Best Profession to Make Money? I want to buy WoW token every month so I need money. What is the best way?Latrox1 17h
1d Reset underlight angler? Is it possible to reset the traits on underlight angler?Justíce8 1d
1d Looking for unobtainable Blacksmithing Patterns After a big break during Cataclysm I've created a new Account and now I'm missing a lot of those Blackmithing Plans and I'd like to complete on my collection. My further motivation would be that my guild is a Levelstop-Guild progressing slowly through the content and establishing groups on each levelcap to make all old Content available, so we would actually use those Plans to create gear we use and not only sell. Currently looking for the most Plans including: Plans: Blood Talon Plans: Golden Scale Gauntlets Plans: Enchanted Battlehammer The Glacial Set plus Runes and others.. If you could help me out here I would higly appreciate it if you could contact me through Battlenet under Ramon#2239 or posting on this thread and I'm sure we can figure out a Price:) Playing on Blackrock-EU.Norvel0 1d
2d Enchanting: Lack of Leylight Shard sources As the tittle says, right now, there are almost no sources of obtaining leylight shards 'cause heroic dungeons give epic loot, same goes for WQ and emissaries. Can we get a recipe to shatter Chaos Crystals into leylight shards? That would make sense because right now there is no income of those from any content other than bloods and making random low lvl legion gear.Nycto4 2d
2d Enchanting + what? Hi guys! I'm gonna level this shaman and I want to ask you which professions fits/complements enchanting best? Is it tailoring or is leatherworking a good alternative? Are both professions "easy" to skill up or is one harder then the other? Thank you in advance for your help! :-)Totemchamun5 2d
2d Goblin Enginner or Gnomish Engineer to farm gold? I have engineering and I want to farm money with it. So which one I should choose?Latrox4 2d
2d Easiest crafting profession to make gold? For someone who's new to the game and doesn't have a lot of time to play or study market prices, which crafting profession would be the most simple/straightforward option for making gold?Nevian1 2d
2d Vantus rune feedback & suggestion Lately I have been thinking about the design of Vantus runes and I wanted to give some feedback/suggestions. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First of all let's start by trying to very generally deduct the design intent behind Vantus runes so we have a basis for the discussion: They should be a source of steady income. They should be unique, not a flask/enchant 2.0 They should provide help for progress raids, potentially enabling you to push that final tiny bit missing to succeed in an encounter. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now based on this assumption here's a list of the pros and cons of the current Vantus rune design (I tried my best to be objective): Pros As consumables, they generate a steady income The boss specificity makes them tailored to target progress encounters. Weekly boss lockout and duration make them unique compared to similar consumables 1500 Versatility is not to be underestimated and empowers you in every aspect. Cons Weekly duration slows down steady income Boss specificity, completely limits usefulness to progress raids thus target audience is limited (further amplified by weekly lockout) Raid specificity, makes old runes obsolete after one tier, since progress raiders will always target the most recent raid tier. Once you manage to kill a boss, for the rest of the week Vantus runes are useless and the following week you have to guess whether or not you are able to kill the boss without the rune so you can use it for the next boss. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now to my suggestion for a redesign to empower the role of Vantus runes while at the same time making the more flexible and a more reliable source of income: Remove baseline boss lockout, instead give them a baseline of 500 versatility. Additionally, every time you wipe at a specific boss increase the versatility by 75 up to 2000. However, the bonus is reset to baseline once you pull another boss. To avoid abuse, the buff increase would only take effect once you're in combat with the boss for at least 2 minutes. Now what would this change mean for the design philosophy of Vantus runes: The baseline 500 versatility and the removal of boss specificity would open up the Vantus rune to a larger audience. The Vantus runes would still keep their role of helping you push this final bit of a boss you might be lacking. The Vantus rune actually would encourage to keep trying instead of giving up. They do not become obsolete once you manage to kill the boss and you won't have the dilemma next week where you wonder for which boss you should use the rune. They would be even more unique compared to other consumables. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So what's your opinion on the current Vantus runes? Do you have any points to a add to my lists? What do you think about my redesign suggestion? -TerantroxTerantrox0 2d
2d WTS Naxx 40 Icebane and Glacial Sets I'm on Ravencrest, I was recommended to post on the wow forums by a friend so sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, still new here. I have the Icebane Breastplate, gauntlets, and bracers, I'm also able to get the glacial set too. I have enough frozen runes to craft multiple sets. OJHype#21761Cavebob7 2d
3d Feedback: Vantus rune rank 3 recipes After unsuccessfully farming the rank 3 recipe for the Grand Magistrix Elisande Vantus rune for several hours, I decided to post some feedback concerning the acquisition of this recipe. This feedback can also be applied to other similar recipes: I realize that rank 3 recipes are rarer on purpose since they do not limit the ability to produce items, but just increase the efficiency. However, currently Vantus runes have a rather unique design compared to many of the other player enhancing recipes of other professions: Vantus runes recipes are only relevant for a single raid tier and due to the reward structures of raids, raid groups will always favor progressing on the most recent raid tier. Considering the limited time frame during which Vantus runes are useful, I think it is a really bad idea to have extremely low drop chances for these recipes. Additionally, currently the rank 3 Gul'dan Vantus rune is locked behind the rank 3 recipes of all the other Vantus thus, giving even one rune a low drop chance immediately affects two runes and the rarity of the Gul'dan rune further amplifies with the number of other rare Vantus rune recipes. Finally, I think that recipes which force you into other professions (as in this case with Archeology or Fishing in the case of the Chromatic Anomaly Vantus rune) should have at least the same speed of acquisition as "traditional" acquisition methods. However, I realize that this point might be based on my biased opinion and vary from player to player. Nonetheless, I personally think that the "traditional" methods of recipe acquisition feel more "natural" and thus secondary profession linked recipes should have a higher drop chance. Hope this feedback helps and maybe prevents similar issues in the future -TerantroxTerantrox0 3d
3d Engineering. So I have been thinking about learning Engineering, because the toys look fun, but I have a few questions that I would like answered, so if any Engineers can hop in to provide some help that'd be appreciated. I currently have Herbalism and Alchemy, I picked Alchemy mainly for the flasks, and Herbalism because you practically need it if you want Alchemy to work. Does engineering have any other benefits, aside from making fun toys? Can you still use Engineering toys once you learned them, and switch back to Alchemy? Or do you have to have Engineering to use them as well? And overall, is it worth it to go with Engineering? Or are you better off with other professions. Kind regards.Vorazunn8 3d
4d Foxflower proc and thieves I got a proc on a foxflower, a fox run around and drop flowers that you walk over to pick up. Theese can be stolen by other people. We're talking 20+ herbs here. Make it personal!!!Bananbrus13 4d
5d Skinning in Tol Barad... Whoever though of the Rank3 skinning quest, putting the player though old content especially a PVP one, is a retard... Having to skin the boss in the instance, that is unlocked only if your faction controls the point, is just stupid...Danteresist6 5d
6d Leatherworking quests Hy! I have problem with lw quests. Last q that I done is Well Spent Time. Now I need to have Demon Flesh , but I dont have it.. I m 780 in lw. I dont know how to finish lw because all mine recipes r grey .Sisachu0 6d
16 Jun Jard's Peculiar Energy cooldown Will we ever see a reduction on the cooldown for crafting Jard's Peculiar Energy? It's been two expansions now.Peacefield0 16 Jun
15 Jun Crafting Legendaries when the Nether Disruptor is on I gained lvl 800 tailoring AFTER the Netherdisruptor got on and I had the buff from it. So I couldnt get the commendation. Is there any way to get the crafter commendation now? or is the only way to wait until the next time? Any ideas please?Phoes2 15 Jun
14 Jun crafting legendries item level hi can anyone tell in 7.2.5 crafting legendries item level is gonna be 970 or stil 940? sry for my bad englishElesiss1 14 Jun
14 Jun [This Side up] question Can someone who has already gotten that achievement confirm if it unlocks the skin on all the alts too or only on the character who obtained it? I do not want to get it on the wrong characterEosferon2 14 Jun
13 Jun Blacksmitting!!! Hi guys i have some question i need way to farm my gold for the month so i heard that blacksmitting is good way like u can make the leg belt once a week so my question is how to level up the proffesion to 800 faster as i can i have 50k gold atm tell me what i have to doDreimz3 13 Jun
12 Jun Whispered pact Hey there! Recipe: Flask of the Whispered Pact requires Demonsbreath Crucible, Malloric Burette Assembly, and Shaldorei Silk Filter. How do i get them?Derfla2 12 Jun
12 Jun Total gold from bags in chat What was the chat command that shows total amount in gold from all items in your bag?Рестодру0 12 Jun
12 Jun Alchemy xp gain potion? Are there any that I can craft?Blackspirit3 12 Jun
12 Jun Cooking start from 1 It looks like I have to start from scratch because I am not able to find a quest in Dalaran wich lets me make food for legion. Nomi is not visible for me in Dalaran and I dont know which quest I need or what to do to be able to see him... Do I need to search for a specific I need to find a certain thing...Im totaly lost.Kobasica1 12 Jun
11 Jun How do i change or forget a profession? I picked the wrong profession and i do not know if there is a way to change itLstathis8 11 Jun
10 Jun Crafted Gear 7.2.5 Recent 7.2.5 Patch Notes: "Obliterum-modified items can now be increased to a maximum item level of 885 (was 875)" This actually comes as a hefty nerf to crafted gear as we go into the next tier, putting it just on par with low end ToS LFR gear, while currently it's on par with Normal NH gear. Considering crafted gear was already seeing less use, was this really necessary?Líam0 10 Jun
07 Jun Cooking for raids Do I need to level cooking from 1-800 or do I start at a higher level ? I went from PVP to raiding and I would like to be able to cook my own buffs. thanks in advance.Kobasica6 07 Jun
07 Jun Rank 3 shoulder recipes - Paul Kubit's interview. ... Really? Seriously? What the hell does 'rarity' has to do with it? That's the same as making Rank 3 Helia Vantus rune drop from mythic Helia and then mentioning 'rarity' too. The problem with Rank 3 Shoulder recipes is not whether or not they are rare; it's the fact that these are the ONLY recipes in legion that require organized group content. All raid recipes could be done in LFR. Almost all dungeon recipes could be done in LFG, and those that can't right now, will be soon due to LFG for mythics. Not to mention that making a group for a 5-man mythic is nothing compared to the dedication required for RBG. Keep the drop chance. Hell, feel free to make it several times lower; but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, MAKE IT DROP FROM RANDOM BG WINS, NOT RATED BG WINS.Беато7 07 Jun
07 Jun Rated PvP for profession recipes is INSANE! Why does it need coordinated PvP activites (rated BGs) to gain profession recipes that have zero impact on PvP? Especially when the pattern isn't even a guaranteed drop. This is maximum frustrating. And before anyone argues that PvP still benefits from ilevel; there are tons of other items out there that are way easier to get if you want to bump your iLevel... There is absolutely zero reason why a profession recipe should be gated behind PVP #Pattern: Imbued Silkweave EpauletsIgnis4 07 Jun
07 Jun Professions I am currently doing mining and herboism as my main professions because I thought they would give me the most gold. Now I don't really want gold and prefer mounts and I know to get a sandstone drake I need alchemist. I was wondering if I unlearned my main professions and added new ones if I was able to learn them again and have them as I used to do for example mining 364/1000Fireupb2 07 Jun
05 Jun Steelscale Crushfish at Legion (7.2.0) Hi, I cannot find any information if the Steelscale Crushfish is still obtainable at Darkmoon Island. I know there was some problems before with required fishing level to fish it, but how the situation looks now when there is different drop from the waters? If you have any information about anyone who fished this specific fish needed to achie One That Dind't Get Away please post it here.Marallie0 05 Jun
05 Jun Low level plate recipes ? I noticed that leather workers have been given low level mail items to craft. Will Blackmiths be getting low level strength plate items to craft ? I have just noticed that all of the low level (upto 40) mail items have had strength changed to agility and no items for sub 40 warriors are available. Are there any plans to change this in a future patch ?Faethor3 05 Jun
05 Jun Professions dilemma - hunters duo Hi everyone Me and my gf are begginers at WoW. We want to complement each others and i have question about professions. Which one will be the best for us? We both play hunters blood elfViserys2 05 Jun
05 Jun Crafting Celumbra, the Night's Dichotomy Hi I have just finished the initial quest and have created my first legendary. As far as I can read, there are a one week cooldowm. I'm not sure when I can create the next one, and if it require Nether deiscrupter to be up? Do I have to talk to the same npc, and get a quest or how does it work. can I collect the shadow cloth in advance? Best Regards KKrushér1 05 Jun
03 Jun Proffesion non-sense ok let's do some maths for Enchant Cloak - Binding of Intellect (3-stars) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- mats required 8x Chaos crystal, 20x Arkhana, 2x Blood of sargeras Cost of mats = 8x67 + 20x11 + 2x160 =1076g (Blood cost = defined by prolonged pots) Buy the enchant in AH = 1046g --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Price to obtain the recipe 3000g , requires exalted --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After you process the materials you lose gold. This is not the only case I noticed and I wonder what is going on with proffesions. Am I an enchanter or a disenchanter?Mikö3 03 Jun
03 Jun Living steel unlearned, known speel i learn the transmute Living Steel and some days after, it goes to ulearned area tab like i never learn it i create 1 living steel and then no more Any1 got this problem before? ?Acidrain0 03 Jun
02 Jun Alchemy: Potion of Prolonged Power 3 The only way to get a Rank 3 recipe for Prolonged Power Rank is to kill world boss: Na'zak the Fiend In 3 months I have never seen him spawned yet (Suramar). Am i missing something? Is there some trick to getting it spawned?Dessento4 02 Jun
02 Jun Alts should be able to learn Reputation based patterns Alts should be able to learn Reputation based patterns when acquired by character on same account with sufficient rep. no change to Level three enchants but allows 2.3 enchants ;) Also on general crafting, "trash" used to craft materials, shamans can manipulate materials on an elemental level, Dwarf specializing in earth, x race in water, y race in, crafts distribute from Zone to player to player to player, From this we are able to create craft professions that merit individual design. Could start with a small "Crafter" privileged player, allow for materials such as wood and nails to be crafted in to garrison zones, create a populous among the zone. Garrison resources sent to allow AI to shape the zone,, removal of trees and the effect of so on the surrounding area. There is so much potential.Xenaphobe0 02 Jun
30 May How do I level enchanting from scratch? It takes forever and ever running through vanilla dungeons and disenchanting items. WTF is this game?!Filidix9 30 May
30 May Using old-school Engineering enchants in Legion... Hey all, This may seem like a stupid question, but are engineers around here still using the "enchants" that were provided in previous expansions (e.g., rocket boots/belt) in Legion? Do the they have some sort of "diminished returns" that make them useless?Razon1 30 May
30 May Professions Idea! I hope this is the correct place to post an idea, If it isn't please feel free to send me on my way (politely lol). So, been thinking of a lot of different things and Tinkers keep popping up - personally don't see it ever happening however someone mentioned in a post they were "similar" to the engineer profession.. the gadgets it has etc. Got me thinking what if we changed up professions a little, how to level has been great and I love the questing however they don't mean anything to most people unless it makes gold. I would like to see it come back to professions providing a decent but different benefit. For example: Engineering- Could built a "suit" that could reduce damage for 10 seconds (Cool visual of armor wrapping round you - Iron man style!), Could proc missle launchers round your arms if you are a DPS or could launch out healing potions. you get the idea? Alchemy - Could proc a bio suit, vines wrap around you to protect you, thorns could come out your hands and provide extra dmg if your a DPS or could have a frontal "pollen" cone that could heal? Blacksmithing - Could provide shields around you defending you, spikes on you for offense and I am not sure how a heal could be provided - suggestions? Jewlcrafting - Jewlcrafting could provide better gems and extra sockets. Which would provide what it already does but back to adding extra sockets would be great (was it black smithing that done this in the past? ) Tailoring - I haven't fully got to the stage of thinking about how it could work yet. Gathering - should stay gathering lol Would also like to see wood cutting and carpentry coming into the game perhaps allow us to build structures, chassis for boats, mounts (horse and cart for example?). I know Blizzard removed the professions proving buffs but I think they could go all out and make the professions provide on use buffs (or proc) that have awesome visuals. I think if the engineer one came to be it would stop people calling out for tinkers lol and give some love back to what we craft. Crafted gear wears out over the course of the patches but buffs won't! And it will always be something we could provide throughout an expansion. Hell, bring back the old "Libram" slot and make it a profession slot so that what ever it is that gets crafted isn't replaced every time you change your gear but only when you discover an upgrade through the professions. Would be very keen to hear what people think and even help expand on the ideas as this is very rough.Archimedez2 30 May
29 May Golden dig sites disappearing Today I was flying to a golden dig site in Azsuna, and on my way there I decided to grab the archaeology quest first. As soon as I had picked it up I opened my map only to discover that the golden dig site was now gone. I had somewhat the same happen to me two weeks ago, where I had a golden dig site in Val'sharah at the start of the week. But when I looked at a later time, it was gone. In both cases I did not Survey a single time at the site. Does anyone else have elite or golden dig sites disappear for them?Galor1 29 May
29 May How to get Wisp-Touched Elderhide? Well I have googled to death the Wisp-Touched Elderhide but can't find any info on how or where to get it. It is used for the new crafted Leather Feet Legendary. Any ideas? Thanks IanDredsong10 29 May
29 May What crafting proffesions are selling? I am aware that we are at a point where most crafted gear is not something that people need at the current item levels. I was wondering what professions do you find to be worth investing on these days? Those that create consumables needed for raiding etc?Eosferon1 29 May
29 May Profession overhaul ever gonna happen? Are we ever gonna get an update to the early level profession products? As a new engineer I have stumbled across a problem where all of my explosives seem to do 1000% less damage than any of my abilities... this may be due to me having heirlooms though. But still. 300 dmg on a dynamite seems very low when one multishot deals 400 dmg and has 1 sec cooldown. Also the variation in the products are lacking. Each new leveling tier provides a new set of explosives that I never use. All the cool looking engineering gear are cloth armor and can't be transmogrified. Goblin fuel can't be obtained without the aid of an alchemist, closing off the option to get any interesting armor/trinkets... which by the time you get will get outleveled by new gear you get through questing. What is the purpose of early game professions? Like really? Does Blizzard expect new players to enjoy the profession content when it is this outdated? Let me give you an example. Goblin bomb dispenser (trinket item) made at 230 engineering: No stats Active: create a bomb that follows you for 1 minute and explode on a nearby enemy target for 350 damage... ON A FREAKING 30 MIN COOLDOWN! Is that a joke? Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the idea of this thing. A personal ticking bomb. However it seems like this is stuck in vanilla time where everything was very different and damage wasn't so free. So why doesn't Blizzard just update the old profession content? Surely even just "tiny" number changes would do wonders. I think this is especially important if Blizzard is trying to lure in new players. Professions are a core part of the game experience and neglecting them is doing a lot of harm. Sry if there has been a thousand threads concerning this in the past...Nimblefoot2 29 May
27 May Smithing problem stuck at 700 Well, I have a problem i hope someone can help me solov. I'm at 700/700 in black smithing and i cant get from 700 to 800. though i have done the quests and all but northing.Jjasminn0 27 May
24 May Jewelcrafting panthers Is still making gold out of jewelcrafting panthers on AH worth it?Klad2 24 May
23 May Dropping Alchemy for Mining....have a few questions Hi all, I'm Currently 800 in Alchemy/Herb, however, i now wish to go the Mining/Herb route and have some questions. 1.) When i pick up mining, will i have to go through all those quests (like i did with alchemy/herb)? 2.) Is there a way to get some compensation for losing all my rank 3 recipes in herbalism when picking up mining? i.e. I learn mining and have access to all recipes at certain ranks. It's probably wishful thinking on my part, but I'm still more than determined to go this route even if it's a 'no' to both questions.Grimmrace2 23 May
23 May Archaeology catch 22 On one of my alts I have gotten ogre archaeology fragments from the garrison mission board. This does not open up the ogre items, aka ogres are greyed out. Now I have hit maximum acrchaeology shards and went to a digsite to open them up somI could spend yhem. But as my shards are at maximum, I can't pick my surveyed pieces up, and thus can't get a project to spend them on. Does anyone have any advice?Belami3 23 May