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6h Future of engineering... So, i know engineering is not much profession for making money and so on..more about fun and utility. But i feel like engineering is totally useless in legion at all. There is not actual need to have it at all...only good things are old ones (jeeves, nitro, glider, mail + ports - some of them random) Everything is expensive to make andhave no value. Not only value in money but not any value for utility. Well you can make mounts but compared to other professions in legion....maybe only scribes are on bad train too Actually will engineering get something cool next xpac? I have a looooot of recipes and hard farmed stuff on engi (on my main) and i am kind of sad if i should drop it for another proff. But i am more and more thinking if i shouldnt reroll something more usefull. I think everything its better no than engi. Next xpac also some race will get portable mailbox? If i remember good. So next thing that will not be only engi extra.... Give engi some love <3Muxeh13 6h
6h Fishing in Deadwind Pass rewards BC fish not sure if works like intendedPharod1 6h
8h Archeology "you cant use that here" Hi Trying to do the weekly archeology quest in Aszuna. But I get the message "you cant use that here" from 80% of the digsites. What is this? Bug? Im starting to wonder if anyone at Blizzard is even doing these quests? And they just laugh at us who care to do them?Thelrion21 8h
8h Archaeology bug - not just Aszuna. Just wanted to point out that the same bug has happened to me all over Pandaria today aswell as Aszune. I have been doing the MoP arch achies last couple of days without any problems, but today i couldn't finnish multiple digsites.Raybank1 8h
9h Archeology: Western Ruins of Zul'Kunda buggy Can't dig in most spots, can't dig on the spot where there is an artifact, really annoying. 9h
20h PRIMAL BAT LEATHER Good day. I'm buying Primal bat leather currently from anyone who still has these rare mats. Please add me to my battle net id Viper#2759 or/and reply here so that I can add you and we can arrange transaction. Im in need of 24, but will settle for as many as you have(as long as it's not over 24). Thank you in advance!!Iladre0 20h
23h Good professions? I was thinking that enchanting/alchemy would be best for my main: Enchanting: Blood Elf bonus. breaking down junk I get while playing which is optimal for my main since I play it the most Alchemy: I heard this one has a high auction house turnover rate. I can buy ingredients, make potions and put them up for sale and make decent profit without having to camp the AH and constantly undercut like with gear crafting. Is this assessment correct? Also double flask duration I have plenty of alts for the gathering profs. Only other things I am concerned about are: is engineering worthwhile? Is there a better prof than alchemy for making money that can still be done pretty casually due to high turnover rate?Kirî2 23h
1d Any tips on gold making grinding profs? At start of expansion I farmed starlight rose but the price has gone down a lot so Is there any gathering or crafting prof I can invest time into doing to grant my a nice gold per hour? I would like 20k-30k an hour but even 10k will be nice for me. I prefer gathering but willing to train a crafting prof if its worth it, cheersMonkmode3 1d
1d Archaeology problem Archaeology never moves zones, no matter how many digs I do It never moves from suramar, is it brokenVambo10 1d
1d Rank 3 Prolonged Power I just killed Na'zak the Fiend and didn't get the rank 3 Prolonged Power recipe, my personal disappointment aside, I always thought this was a guaranteed drop for alchemists. Is there any actual data on the droprate, just want to make sure before I submit a ticket.Mortenebra2 1d
2d Easiest way to get a first aid quest? I need one more first aid quest to cap first aid. Whats the easiest way to get an item? The drop rates on wowhead seem to be very offKirî5 2d
2d Gathering 7.3.5 What will happen with gathering professions with level scaling in 7.3.5? For example, will I be able to mine Thorium in Hillsbrad if I am level 50? Or perhaps based on my mining level? Since legion, nodes have been personal - I wonder if this technology can be utilised to offer the relevant nodes according to player/profession level.Bladelight2 2d
2d I miss relevant proffs and mats My post here: made me realize what a mess proffs are now, earlier tonight aswell. "Never actually use my LW druid or BS paladin ever again, same for engineering, tailoring or inscription." Worst thanks to WoD random socket even JC have fallen to this side, not entirely but I sell and craft less than ever before. Same goes enchanting since they removed all but cloak, neck and rings:( Edit: ...Destruct8 2d
3d Fixing bidding AH This might be an old topic that is addressed many times but I like to do it once more so that others can also express their opinion and maybe blizz can do something about it... Why is it that I cannot remove my bid of an item that I had place a bid on in AH, but a seller is able to remove his item just because he is not "happy" with the outcome of his sale, once a buyer has placed a low bid. Yesterday I placed a bid on a Vigilance perch, which has been selling between 125 and 150k on the AH until yesterday when there was 1 of them for bid price 94k no buyout. I placed a bid on the 94k (very long). This morning I checked AH and I had received my money back, also seeing the same player having reposted his Vigilance Perch but now for a price of 124k instead of the 94k. Why is it possible that a seller can withdraw an item that has bids while buyers cannot withdraw bids?!? This is also not the first time, that sellers are selling items with low bid prices and withdrawing the items just because they are not getting what they were expecting (a bidding war with high buy as result) I would love blizzard to make some changes so that buyers and sellers are equal, either we both can withdraw (item/bid) or we both are forbidden to withdraw (item/bid) Note: forbidden to withdraw once the item has received a bid.Khanji6 3d
4d Tips for leveling in blacksmithing and mining? having a hard time, any tips would be greatJeroema1 4d
13 Jan BS/LW. Are they worth it in Legion? I'm looking to add more professions to my various characters, but one thing i'm unsure about is whether or not it's worthwhile to invest into the likes of Leatherworking and Blacksmithing.The rest of the crafting professions provide things to all my characters, big (Flasks/Enchants) and small (Bags/Glyphs), and Engineering is a nice little novelty of gadgetry to enjoy on a character. But looking towards the likes of BS/LW, i can't really see the benefit in them. I'm not someone in a rush to get geared up when i cap, so i'm not really sure if it can provide any benefits at all outside of specific craftable items that might be otherwise rare or expensive from the AH. Should i pass up on them? Or roll the dice on how beneficial they might be next expansion? (I do play all three Plate and Leather Tanks.)Gorah7 13 Jan
12 Jan stat squish for crafting skill I've tested crafting on a few characters recently, and it feels like a relic from old times when leveling was much much slower. Currently it's really difficult to craft some worthy items in low level content, since you level so fast that the quest gear mostly is superior to the crafted item. You certainly could go out of your way and gather a lot of mats, but in that time you'd have progressed through a big portion of the zone through quests. My suggestion: make a statsqish for the crafting skill. Lower it from 800 down to a value which is fitting the high speed leveling. It's nowhere near as slow as it were when you introduced crafting.Greythorne1 12 Jan
09 Jan Tailoring 780-800 What is the easiest and the fastest way to get there? I don't want to quest for ages so I can buy a rank 3 imbued gear.Tazal4 09 Jan
09 Jan Can engineers use Obliterum in any way? I'm a little bit confused. Engineering is my main crafting profession and it looks like the most useful stuff is few expansions old. I'd at least like some clarification about Obliterum and upgrading. There's Obliterum and then there's Primal Obliterum. Engineers have ilvl 850 goggles that can be upgraded by Obliterum to 900 and nowhere further. Then they have ilvl 880 goggles that can't be upgraded at all (which makes me wonder what the heck is their point then). Then they have... nothing? No way to use Primal Obliterum? Am I missing something? Or have we just pulled the short stick or something? I just feel it's pretty sad, the one profession known for their special head gear and we have to buy jewelcrafting heads instead because they got treated better and can actually be upgraded.Elliora1 09 Jan
08 Jan Enhanced Professions i was thinking of a way to create awesome items and get rid of old materials so we have an item like a TitanGifted forge, drying rack or alchemy laboratory when a player clicks on the item a window opens up allow materials to be added the recipies aren't learned through the book but are determined by what materials have been added. The best outcomes are from soulbound materials from different expansions. the same basic recipies with additional materials could cause colour variationsMadjic1 08 Jan
06 Jan Enchanting leveling macro. This is a little adaptation to other popular enchanting macro's, but made it easier to use without having to manually enter in which item you want to enchant, and it also gets rid of the annoying popup confirmation box. /cast enchanting /cast enchanting /script DoTradeSkill(GetTradeSkillSelectionIndex()); /run GetMouseFocus():Click() /script ReplaceEnchant() /click StaticPopup1Button1 Open enchant window and select the enchant you wish to use. Hover over the item you wish to enchant with your mouse (in your bags, a vellum, or in your equipment slot). Use the macro above while still hovering over the item, and it will start enchanting that item. Important: You must have this macro keybinded because moving the mouse away from the item you want to enchant will break the macro. Bonus: Once you have done this you can use this macro multiple times, and it will start enchanting the same item again without having to keep your mouse hovered over. Enjoy!Teacher15 06 Jan
05 Jan Crafting multiple items at once Hello everyone, I've come and go during WoW history, and I've seen crafting being drastically changed along the years. Queuing of items showed up, we were finally able to craft the same item multiple time easily. Then Legion came, with the possibility of going from 1 to max level in any profession at the same place, whenever we would reach the Broken Isles. Being able to farm the same place is quite fortunate, we don't have to run around low level areas to level a profession anymore. But the main side effect is that we may end up crafting hundred of the same item just to level up. Here is my point: why, after easing so much crafting, isn't it yet possible to craft in stacks, to avoid having to click on that "craft all" button and just do something else of our live for the next half hour? I took it for granted in earlier versions of WoW, as grinding and waiting was part of the deal in everything, but it doesn't make sense anymore in WoW's current state to me. Cheers to all!Gromf1 05 Jan
05 Jan First Aid utterly useless profession in Legion (7.3) Maybe it's just my opinion but I think First Aid as a profession is not what it used to be. Silkweave bandage heals 366k over 8 seconds. That is meaningless. In addition with the release of Argus content Lightweave cloth was introduced but we did not get new bandages. Can we get those as well? TL;DR First Aid has been totally forgotten, do something about it BlizzardLaheqt20 05 Jan
05 Jan Time to say goodbye to gathering professions? I understand gathering professions do exactly what they're meant to. Gather things. However is it time Blizz did away with them and made them universal (everyone can grab anything) or simply part of whatever professions you choose (i.e Blacksmithing allows you to mine)? For instance with enchanting, you don't need a gathering skill, you collect gear to DE, why is there no separate disenchanting prof? This may sound silly, but why should being able to pick a flower or chip a rock be its own profession, when it has no tangible benefits outside simply getting the material or making a bit of cash? Right now they feel like a dead weight for most of the game, especially giving that you can purchase raw materials using BOS. I could be way off base, but what are your thoughts?Grape11 05 Jan
05 Jan Have design for Rank 1 iLvl850 item; Rank 2 is iLvl835 Hello everyone, I got taught the Jewelcrafting design for Ancient Maelstrom Amulet (ID 130241 ?) as a quest reward (I don't remember the name of the quest now). The piece I can create is a rank 1 iLvl 850 (Eight Hundred and FIFTY) item. I see I can buy rank 2 from Tiffany Cartier (NPC 93526) BUT this one makes an iLvl 835 (Eight Hundred and THIRTY FIVE) item. Will buying this upgrade from Tiffany Cartier make my character craft a lower iLvl version of the amulet it can currently craft, or will the Rank 2 produce an iLvl 850 piece like the first rank? Or should I get Rank 2 by some other means?Shalkaline5 05 Jan
04 Jan Demand for low level food Hi all, I've recently been levelling my cooking skill up properly for the first time and surprisingly enjoyed it. With all the leftover food I created to get my skill up, I thought I'd sell some of it on the auction house, and I found an unusually high demand for some lower level items like fish cakes and rylak crepes. Why is there a demand for low level food items? Is it just so people can regain health quickly while levelling or doing world pvp?Phoeníx4 04 Jan
03 Jan [suggestion] Missed Leatherworking recipes Hello! I want to talk about recipes what not obtainable now because humanoids what dropped it before are gone after shattering. 1. Pattern: Heavy Scorpid Shoulders from Blackrock Battlemaster in Burning Steppes. 2. Pattern: Heavy Scorpid Gauntlets from Blackrock Soldier in Burning Steppes. 3. Pattern: Heavy Scorpid Leggings from Blackrock Slayer in Burning Steppes. 4. Pattern: Stormshroud Armor from Arkkoran Oracle in Azshara. 5. Pattern: Stormshroud Shoulders from Son of Arkkoroc in Azshara 6. Pattern: Stormshroud Gloves from The Windreaver in Silithus. I asking about to add this recipes to another creature's loot table. Reason to do that - Pattern: Stormshroud Pants still obtainable from vendor in Western Plaguelands, Pattern: Heavy Scorpid Belt drops in Blackrock Spire and its strange to have in game only one part of set. Also Stormshroud nice tanking and RP set and I don't see any reason to remove it from game. I understand its not so big problem, but many collectors will be glad to get this patterns or items. Would be great if developers could take in account this request. Second part of my thread about Leatherworking specializations. It has been removed from game like Tailoring and Blacksmith specializations. But when, for example, in Tailoring only restrictions was removed and all tailors can learn now recipes from any of previous specializations, in Leatherworking recipes from other specializations not obtainable anymore. Thats why i want to ask about possibility to add it back to game. Thank you for answer in advance.Kirnsten7 03 Jan
03 Jan Skinning: [110r] Trial of the Crusader: Hides of Legend Dear Blizzard, when will you change this quest so it doesn't force players to participate in PvP anymore? Or at least change Baradin Hold so both factions can enter it, no matter who holds Tol Barad. My server has literally 100% uptime for Alliance here, every hour they camp the bridge and, after they've killed you for the first time, the graveyard with at least 15-20 players and I suspect they have set up a rotation so Tol Barad is never unguarded. After MoP you promised you would never again force players to participate in PvP for PvE content (which Skinning is, PvE), yet you do this here and leave many players without even a chance of finishing this quest, simply because other servers experience the same issue of one faction dominating the other. Please fix this, it's been a year and you have never even acknowledged this issue.Bloodyz4 03 Jan
03 Jan Making professions relevant again Over the past few expansions, I think it's fair to say that as soon as raids come out, the relevance of the majority of professions completely drops off. Why is this? Essentially Blizzard believes that raiding should be the ultimate method of gearing, which is fair enough, but it makes the likes of Tailoring, Blacksmithing, Leatherworking and any other profession that makes gear pretty pointless. The only professions which serve any purpose are professions which enhance a character on top of their current raid tier equipment. Such as Alchemy, Enchanting and Cooking. They all provide strong stat buffs on top of what you currently have. My suggestion is one which has already been implemented in the past, but for some odd design decision was taken out. Item enhancements for every profession. Back in Wrath of the Lich King, and I think Cataclysm, each profession could create consumable enhancements that could be used on gear to give it buffs. By re-introducing this into the new expansion, it would make professions worth while again, as at least they would be profitable. Another suggestion which I have, is to have some recipes for gear/enhancement which only drop in raids, and therefore the recipes scale with the difficulty you obtained it on. These could create BoP enhancements/gear which are on par/slightly above the current raid gear. Thanks for taking the time to read the suggestion, let me know what you think! If you like the suggestion, don't forget to leave a comment/like and hopefully someone from Blizzard might see it.Chooseday2 03 Jan
02 Jan New Engineering toy idea While doing my regular farm of some old raids I realized an engineering toy that would be loved by pretty much everyone. A device that will teleport you to the entrance of whatever dungeon or raid you are in. Most new dungeons and raids have ways of returning you to the entrance, but some of the older ones do not. Sure, I could just use my hearthstone. But when I am planning on running a raid or dungeon next to it afterwards I don't really want to fly all the way back here. An entrance teleport would be amazing. Maybe it could be limited so it only works on old content or something if they don't want people returning to the entrance on current raids (like I said most new raids have portals to the entrance anyway so it doesn't matter). Or make it something that only engineers can use, I wouldn't care I have 3 engineers.Neslin0 02 Jan
29 Dec Professions suggestion Hey! So I've been Engineering + Tailoring since TBC and was thinking about trading Tailoring now. I only use it for tmog purpose and feel like its just a waste for me to have atm. I mainly play PvE, nothing hardcore so there is no need to bring "the absolute best to max your dps etc etc" thing in. But I still want a profession that can make some money and works good for with mages. I've had my thoughts on Enchanting and Alchemy. Feel free to drop a suggestion and perhaps a reason why I should reroll that certain profession! Thanks!Ember1 29 Dec
27 Dec What profession to chose Hello, I'm pretty new to WoW and i'm a little bit confused with professions. What professions are for and what profession do you recommend to me as a Paladin?Timriviel7 27 Dec
27 Dec Mining Nodes Disappearing Hi. I just came to say how annoyed I am that mining nodes keep on disappearing, just as I make my way to them, just because someone else has just mined it 10 seconds before. Why?! I thought a big point of gathering professions in Legion was that multiple people could gather the same node? So why is this not actually the case? This is really frustrating Blizzard, and you really need to fix it.Orcishdk9 27 Dec
26 Dec Engineering - usable PvP items? Hello, Besides the glider, are there other items usable in random BGs. I though they're not since Legion, but I saw a druid using something like a nitro boots yesterday so maybe there have been some changes I don't know about. Thanks.Inyanga2 26 Dec
24 Dec blacksmithing so i made a pally alt with the idea of leveling up without twink gear and heirlooms relying on quest/dungeon and ive got to 31 and quest items and dungeon drops good so far.. blacksmithing up to 161 and all there is to make is mail agility items??? leatherworking seems to have had a make over so I'm hoping blacksmithing might get one as well.. any admins know or can put this forwardClargagin6 24 Dec
24 Dec Farming Blood of Sargeras Hey guys, I have been trying to farm Blood of Sargeras in most efficent way, the best solution i found since now is to farm Sentinax portals with The Wardens shoulder ench. I was wondering if you guys have any other techniques. My proffesions are Blacksmithing and Mining. Cheers!Lanarid7 24 Dec
24 Dec How to enchant? Sorry if I necro an old thread but if I disenchant something, do I then have the ability to put that same enchantment onto another item? Also, can I put enchantments on things that already have enchantments? Just checking: things like '+2 Int', do they count as enchantments?Dufeng1 24 Dec
23 Dec More professions for one character? I love alchemy/herbalism, grabbing every piece of flower I see, You know, thats some kind of "shamanism", or at least I see it that way. But... I also would like so much strip off skins from animals You know... Thats also part of my way, way of shaman... Is there any chance we get in future more avaible mainly professions on one character?Gekhai2 23 Dec
19 Dec I have never seen a fishing WQ?! Just wondering what I may have done wrong? World quests for my other professions show but never have I seen a fishing world quest on the map. I went into legion on 700 fishing. Only recently maxed out after stopping around 750 early days. (also acquired the artifact only around a week ago - not sure this affects anything) Any idea why I have never seen a world quest pop? Is there a pre req I am possibly missing? Thanks for any help!Krystallia6 19 Dec
17 Dec New to professions.. I am new to professions and I have no idea how do they work. I've picked up mining and jewelcrafting professions.. now, how do I level up these professions? and what do I use them for?Timriviel0 17 Dec
16 Dec Lvl 800 mining benefits ? So i'm lvl 798 mining lvl I just want to know what will happen if i get it to 800 ? Will i get more ore from every nod or anything especial at all ? Or is this just a number ? :pAluucard1 16 Dec
16 Dec Astral Alchemist stone warning before you start quest So yes I made a post similar to this but since then I've had some Gm feedback and lets just say its not the best. So I have decided to construct a guile on Astral Alchemist stone. First step : don't do it unless you have lots of gold The quest to obtain the recipe is flawed, unlike in WoD where you would upgrade your previous stone to the new stone in legion it seems this doesn't work that way. So the quest ONLY gives the recipe !, you do not get a new stone. now this is important because without a stone you cannot transmute anything. that's correct it actually consumes your current infernal stone. it also doesn't let you select a stone it just consumes whatever stone it comes to first and that's usually the one you have been using that is fully upgraded to 10/10. Now to be fair I think most of us read the PTR and notes that a new stone would be available and it would use primal sagarite to upgrade it. I think we all assumed this mean that we could upgraded out 900 ilvl infernal stone to 925/930 with the new mats. This however is not the case. So your 10/10 900 ilvl infernal stone will get consumed ( unless you bank it and make another but the way blizzard have set it up whats the point ?). lets consider that: it cost mats to make , and then 20 blood of sagaras and 10 obliterium to upgrade. that's about 30-30k gold on some servers. The quest costs the stone plus a 75 astral herbs ( which are not easy to farm in Argus due to its disjunted layout) and then also 5 primal sagarite ( drop rates on this suck). but I hear you say you can transmute it.... but I cant because I just had my stone consumed! So the recipe has now cost me about 100k gold and a lot of time farming. But then I get to upgrade the stone which starts out at 885 . lets look at that for starters it starts out 15ilvl lower than the 900ilvl trinket I had at the start of this. I then have to use primal obliterium which requires primal sagarite and yet more obliterium. So my new 10/10 Astral alchemist stone cost me: 2 x infernal brimstone 10 x felwort 26 x blood of sagaras 20 x obliterium 150 x Astral Glory 20 x primal sagarite ( because you have to make a infernal stone +herbs+sagarite JUST for the quest. you then have to make another infernal stone to make the astral version costing a further herbs and sagarite> you then have to upgrade it and if you already upgraded your original infernal stone then that's cost you more ) that's around 100-150k gold depending on demand and your server. its actually more expensive to make than the craftable legendaries Now there are multiple post and a lot of people saying GMs say this wasn't intended but seems little of nothing is being don about it. this is also way more expensive than any of the other craftable items around. the fact it consumes your transmute stone also means you are forced to make one. This is what Blizzard should have done if you use your 10/10 fully upgraded stone it should when completing the quest change the stone to a 900 ilvl or 3/10 Astral version or something similar OR reduced the legendary value of the mats required for this. Or is should refund you the mats you spent upgrading the infernal stone Dear Blizzard it should cost 2 infernal stones 150 herbs and 10 primal sagarite to get the new alchemist stone. it should also not waste your obliterium, you spent before.Anonymal4 16 Dec
15 Dec Demon's Bile - Bug Hi, I have problem with this quest when i go to the door and drink Skaggldrynk then nothing happen, I can not open this door. I watch this film and do everything same and still nothing. This mark on door not showing for me, when i go with someone who too want do this quest then he too can not open this f door. sorry for my englishVerenvast4 15 Dec
15 Dec Tip of the Day! Armour /use items Engineering use items like Nitro boots for your belt and Goblin Glider for your cloak. Do not put your belt or cloak on your action bars but instead make two macros: For Cloak: /use 15 For Belt: /use 6 This way you only need to apply the spell to your cloak or belt and your macro will use the same slot item when pressed.Cùrsé0 15 Dec
12 Dec Underlight Angler and alts Does the credit for the achievement count for all characters in getting the Angler, or do you need to have earned the achievement on each character if you want the Angler?Shallin13 12 Dec
11 Dec Highmountain herbs... Is there such a thing? Did they forget to place these down? I've spent 40 minutes now riding around across the whole area and I got all but 5 herb spots. That's all. Blizzard, could you please put some damn herbs down, please?!Manderion8 11 Dec
09 Dec What is the fishing profession good for? I honestly wanna know... Seems to be a fun profession to have but I'd like to know what are the pros of having it, if there's any utility for having it. I know you can get achievements and make money with it... but what else? I know back in vanilla it was probably useful to feed you pets as well... but this is not vanilla hahaIvoryfrost7 09 Dec
06 Dec Professions Yo so I’m new at the game, i bought battlechest so got my 30 days of wow so i wanna make as much gold so i can buy a token for the next 30 days. Main question here is what proffesions do you guys sugest I should get that I will make the most hold with.Dzonara4 06 Dec
05 Dec How do i change or forget a profession? I picked the wrong profession and i do not know if there is a way to change itLstathis10 05 Dec