7h Kicked for Disenchanting So I'm doing heroics for blues, since they're ironically rare to come by now, but I'm met with contempt/kicks whenever I DE my own piece of loot (after nicely apologising prior/after). Thoughts?Sina7 7h
7h (legion) Pigment trader yes/no This is just a thing that will help some players that have a lot of pigment. (Like me 290 Roseate pigment and like no Sallow pigment) So a legion pigment trader ? yes or no x amount of roseate for x amount for sallow and the other way aroundMillona0 7h
11h Engineering upgrades It does not make sense to me to why [Obliterum] needs 2 x [Blood of Sargeras] to upgrade a crafted engineering item by 5 needs to make the item soulbound. 1. [Blood of Sargeras] only becomes available to collect once you are lvl 110 and is soulbound. 2. You would rather replace your ilvl 815 item with the new ilvl 880 recipe item than waste all that effort and grind for an item that will only give you an ilvl of max 865! My suggestion is that the Obliterum upgrade + Blood of Sargeras should make an upgrade enchant +5 ilvl that you should be able to sell or mail to a lvl 101 character who can then upgrade the item themselves to ilvl 865.Cùrsé2 11h
11h Losing Jeeves when unlearning engi? Hey guys, as the title says I'm wondering if I'll lose my Jeeves if I decide to unlearn Engineering.I know that I won't be able to use him, but want to know if the item remains since im not changing my engi for good.Morfidus3 11h
12h Hardened felglass drop rate is horrible Been farming sprocket containers all morning and I'm not getting any hardened fel glass. I don't even care for the helmet crafted with them. I just want to get my engineering to 800 and this is now pretty much the only reasonable way to do it, but even this seems impossible with the drop rate currently. The only other way to do it is craft several Triggers that each require 50 blood of sargeras. And that is just dumb. Summary: leveling engineering to 800 atm is bull!@#$, do something about it... Br, Khay edit: I'm an idiot. Found Cranial cannon recepies now. Sadly Couldn't find that information anywhere on wowhead before this. Also the drop rate is still !@#$ =/Khayrell2 12h
12h what i like to see in professions Hello all. After the last Q&A, I wondered why I used profesions, Skinning me leatherwurking. I use this not so much for the Ah, or whatever not so much for better items to have. But more for transmorpf sets you can make. What I'd like to see that I can make old raids sets pieces . Maybe back to lands of those old raids dungeons, for material. and that I craft those sets. For me yourself, or maybe for other. What else I would find a cooler idea. That I can make of armoor wow bosses, so I there unique characteristics of that boss can forge. any case that I would want to see. Sorrie for me bad English. hope you can read over there. What do you guys think of this idea. I would like to see.Vosil0 12h
17h Artifact power for the Underlight Angler (Fishing pole) So I finally got my new shiny artifact fishing pole! I had saved up all the rare fish like the guides said and rushed to one of the zones to throw back the fish i cough there to start collecting artifact power. Alas, no such thing happened. When i threw the rare fishes in I simply got a "ding" like light around my character and no artifact power. Am I doing it wrong? Have anyone else managed to get some artifact power on their fishing pole? Halp.Xiya16 17h
1d What should I be picking up and mining ? Hi. Im new to the game and im only like level 27, and decided to go with mining and herbalism for my professions, but im not sure what veins and herbs I should be picking up. I see some of them but I heard that the low level ones arent really useful. Any tips?Xketjow1 1d
1d Engineering Head Piece & Nitro Boots share could down? Why is it that my nitro boots and my Engineering Head item that fires a bullet shares the same global cool down? You can't even use the bullet in BG's or anything special! A bit unnecessary.Cùrsé2 1d
2d Recipe drops from bosses Can you get recipe drops from bosses that you are not eligible to loot (already killed this week)?Holyun1 2d
2d Max Amount of Potions Proc What's the max amount of potions you can proc with a 3 star recipe? So far i've only gotten 19 as max.Stoneberg3 2d
2d Nitro boosts Is there any way that I can apply nitro boosts to an alt's belt (as I only have engineering on this guy) or would I have to ask another engineer to do it when on my alt?Yeshuagave2 2d
3d Professions for a rogue? As the topic says. All of the professions benefit me as a rogue for agility but, I was wondering what's the easiest to level up? What's the best profession to make gold while levelling it up? Right now I have mining 353 and enchanting 84. I feel as if enchanting is too expensive to level up. So could someone please help me out and point me into the right direction? Thank you :)Gámbít9 3d
3d [Archaeology] How to get dig sites in a different zone? Hi. First day of expansion I had only dig sites in highmountain. I even got the quest for the spectral moose. But since I just wanted to level up, I didn't do any of it. Next day and today the dig sites are only located in stormheim. I even completed between 10 and 15 dig sites but they never move to a new zone. What gives? Also the moose quest is gone from my log, I don't know if it comes back once there's dig sites in highmountain or what it isEremoo3 3d
3d Quest: Short Circuit (Engineering) Im just wondering why Nixx Sprocketspring in Gadgetzan requires you to be at least neutral with the city. While Chief Engineer Foote in Rachet dont. Problem is I did the Bloodsail Admiral title back in the days. And now im unable to do this quest - im buying all mageweave on AH but it will still take ages to get it done. Could a blue post please give some feedback on this?Synergy3 3d
3d Rank 3 shoulder recipes - Paul Kubit's interview. ... Really? Seriously? What the hell does 'rarity' has to do with it? That's the same as making Rank 3 Helia Vantus rune drop from mythic Helia and then mentioning 'rarity' too. The problem with Rank 3 Shoulder recipes is not whether or not they are rare; it's the fact that these are the ONLY recipes in legion that require organized group content. All raid recipes could be done in LFR. Almost all dungeon recipes could be done in LFG, and those that can't right now, will be soon due to LFG for mythics. Not to mention that making a group for a 5-man mythic is nothing compared to the dedication required for RBG. Keep the drop chance. Hell, feel free to make it several times lower; but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, MAKE IT DROP FROM RANDOM BG WINS, NOT RATED BG WINS.Беато3 3d
3d Val'Sharah and Highmountain Work Order WQs are MIA As title says. Pretty much every single WQ that has anything to do with professions and appears in these two zones has been absent for like... 2 months now. - All 'Fish required' quests - Both elixir orders in those zones - All LW/TL/BS quests - Not sure about any Inscription and/or JC quests that might be affected What's going on? Why aren't they appearing?Беато1 3d
3d Nomi and 17 days without a new recipe. Hey, it might be a stupid question, but can is it really intended, for Nomi to NOT drop me a new recipe, after 17 days of throwing mats at him, and getting burnt food and that new slightly burned food? Thanks in advance.Dawnwalkér34 3d
3d Time for a new ban wave Herbalism bots are back in town, in fact they came back about a week after the last ban wave. Need to do theese banwaves more oftenBananbrus2 3d
3d Gems no sell value Ok so can anyone tell me whats the point in crafting green gems if you cant even vendor them? Yes I can put em on AH but rly... that's bout 800 green gems i got to lvl up with.Îssen3 3d
3d Some professions seem obsolete? I had tailoring on my mage and i ahve blacksmith on this one but it feels like i cant craft anything of worth? Pretty much just craft and obliterate while enchanting,alch,inscription,cooking can craft actual used stuff.Hab13 3d
4d Gemcutter needed I was wondering if this WQ had a gate to it as I have never seen it as yet ? I haven't finished the Jeweller quests fully yet (which Im presuming may be the problem) and am sitting at 753 but have no problem with the other work orders.Beanella1 4d
4d Unable to do Archeology The quest [Tried and True] doesn't work, nothing drops or appears. I'm not in a raid. Cleared a few sites, zero progress.Kamido6 4d
4d Archeology find everything with one race possible? Hi! Can you find everything with one race ? And if so will it stop pop up on the map? If not will you just continue finding common stuff and will you be able to know that you have found all rares for that race? I only have 330 skill atm so dont know much about it hence why im asking. Cheers.Xavies2 4d
4d Inscription is in a bad place Anyone else experiencing this? On my servers materials are more expensive than the end products, and reflecting the uselessness of glyphs and irrelevancy of the tarot - the prices are really high and the traffic on the AH is practically zero.. Not sure how to even level w/o spending a fortune.Helichrysum1 4d
4d Sumptuous Fur grindspot I was looking around guides but they were either not confirmed to work now or were nerfed since. Anyone know still working spots?Syldrea1 4d
4d Digsite: nor'danil wellspring So i've been doing the archaeology quest in Azsuna and this digsite is showing up as being in the middle of the sea but obviously there is nothing. Anybody else having this problem?Narcosis2 4d
4d Did they increase the change of rank 3? Didnt they say they would increase the chance of getting alchemy rank 3? spent 200k on materials and still rank 2 ...Zagrax5 4d
4d Employees of the company Blizzard, please, please note I understand that I'm just one of millions who pays you money for a good product. But I venture to ask you to listen to my words, because your other players think would agree with me. I have long been faced with a big problem, which is so clearly showed itself yesterday in a raid Citadel Nights, I decided that it makes no sense to spend their time and money on this game. Take, please, the ability to change into other legendary items from another specialization, then the people will have the opportunity to play and get pleasure from the game. Now, if you dropped a legendary object of specialization that NAC currently has no DPS, then you do not take in normal raidsand mythical keys. I have not a great offer for you, which will help people like me, continue to enjoy the game, and you get more money and retain players. To exit the mode landmark Citadel raid nights, give the opportunity to change to a random Legendary Items Legendary Items that specialization, in which the player would like to play. Make the price of $ 2-3 or 40-50 thousand Gold. It will scare away those who do not need it, and will provide additional opportunities. This is very necessary. Understand pump artifact - a matter of time and effort and get legendaries, the case of randomness. Bottom line, many, looking at the current state of affairs with their specialization, simply leave the game and will not pay Bottom line, many, looking at the current state of affairs with their specialization, simply leave the game and will not pay you the money. I'm probably one of the first. But still I hope for your understandingНазаринн0 4d
4d Where do I find arkhana? This probably sounds stupid but I am unable to find online any source that tells me how am I supposed to get arkhana for my first disenchanting mission? Even if I search for "Arkhana" in this forum, I dont find the answer. I know I am most probably searching wrong, and maybe the answer is so simple no one bothered to explain it, but until I become smarter, could anyone just tell me how am I supposed to get Arkhana without paying for it in the AH? Auction house prices are out of my budget.Loreley8 4d
5d Engineering Helm (880) - Shared CD with Potion I just have a Question: What is the use for the new Engineering Helm (880), because the "On-use" Part of it (Head Shot) shares a CD with potions? The "on-use"-Part does about as much damage as a Grenade (Gunpowder Charge) which is single-target and quite low compared to say 1 minute of prolonged power potion. I know you have a chance to get your BiS-Stat alone on it, but is that really the only "good" part about this helm? TL:DR: On-Use from Helm and Potion share a CD = Potion is always better!Hishiro6 5d
5d Legion herb seeds I think the system where anyone can herb your planted herb is bad, especially for Felword that can only be herbed by 1 person. I think it's bad because of other playing showing off there sad behavior by camping the spot where I am planting herbs to get them. Sadly enough there apparently is a need for phasing the spots to plant herbs so only me or party members can use the herb. This sad behavior contribute to me preferring solo play or only with players I know above engaging in activities with random other players, even though it's an MMO.Ideetje1 5d
6d Mounting Made Easy Is this the most pointless and frustrating quest in wow history? That waterfall is just utterly pointless. I have spent hours and still not done it. close to giving up and deleting LW >.<Solaaris18 6d
6d Rank 2 Aethril Its great that in 7.1.5 there is an increased chance of getting rank 3 recipes, but what about rank 2? I've been playing over 4 months and still haven't got a drop for rank 2 Aethril quest item, which apparently locks rank 3 Felworth quest as it starts when you get 2 stars in all the common herbs picking. This is just ridiculously stupid and it makes no sense to make this drop chance that low. I even opened a ticket but the GM just asked me to be patient (though he pointed out that there are other complains about the low drop rate). Right, in 2-3 months it'll probably drop, or may be it'll happen in one of the future addons, who knows!Скорпа4 6d
6d Don't pickup engineering if "Hated" The questline "Short Circuit" will lead you to Tanaris where you need to speak with "Nixx Sprocketspring" You can't speak with him until you are Neutral with Gadgetzan. Was confirmed by a GM that you need to gain the reputation to complete it. 6d
6d Profession relics Why does profession relics can't be upgraded using obliterate like the crafted items can? They are useless without upgrade and no point in making them.Rbt0 6d
6d Aethril rank 3 is aethril rank 3 bugged as 9000+ of it and still no rank 3 drop.Shinadaz14 6d
16 Jan Boon of the Builder quest? Where does it appear from? I've been searching online for info but all I got was that Hobart gives it, but all I had was a quest for the rechargeable reaves battery but he doesn't have any others now. I also checked his inventory several times just encase I accidentally completed the quest some how but nothing, re-logged etc. Have I been fed bad info or what?Aluramey8 16 Jan
16 Jan Rank3 Infernal Alchemist Stone Bug I was wondering what went wrong when i found rank3 recipe and craft some stones but never got proc even tho i saw "proc animation". Now i found it... I had mats for 7stones, crafted one and it proc'd. I got 2 stones BUT... proc also consumed mats. So it just made stones faster, not giving extra procs but using mats in the process. other 4 didnt proc and last one also proc'd. But since i had no mats to afford for proc stone i got only 1.Turimbar1 16 Jan
15 Jan Alchemy specialism Hi, I have chosen Transmutation as an Alchemy specialist but have not yet sourced the materials (Living steel). Is there any way I can change that specialisation before I have taken it up or am I stuck with it until I specialise by buying the material and then a "red button" will show up allowing me to change? ThanksWusuntzu4 15 Jan
15 Jan First Aid-Unable to craft certain items I found myself unable to craft certain items (Stabilize and Treat Fever) needed for leveling first aid. Right now my skill is 737/800 and, even though I've all the reagents needed to craft those items, I can't press the "create" button. Does anyone have a solution for this problem?Varaste12 15 Jan
15 Jan Herbing elementals. I'm sick and tired of random people tagging monsters im fighting and not looting just to annoy me or to keep the herbing loot to themselfs.. easy solution: - All sort of monsters that can be mined, herbed after dead once you take your loot you can mine / herb it. And corpse stays till everyone loots + herbs/mines or fades on timer.. that way, there is no more tag wars when farming for herbs/mine monsters. and alot of toxic will disappear from the world.Rítchy0 15 Jan
14 Jan [Idea - Engineering] The Combat Trigger The Combat Trigger An item not exclusive to engineers that if you have it in your bags will do the following: When you use a combat potion (e.g. Old War) its duration will linger and not trigger until the player enters combat. This is something I personally think whould be a great tool for any raider who loves to min/max their damage or just in general prevent missed pre-pots on a raid boss.Wannachei0 14 Jan
14 Jan Mining (rank 3 nonexistent?) and Bloods rate Hello fellow miners, i would like to bring something to your attention. The mining rank 3 patterns and the droprate on bloods of sargeras. Now i remember being stated that bloods of sargeras would mainly drop from gathering professions such as mining, herbalism, skinning, but not only from those. You could also receive them trough world quests and for example dungeon bosses. Now i've been mining for quite some time over the days since launch, it has come to my attention that the amount of bloods i have mined so far can be counted on one hand, while friends with other gathering professions seem to have very good droprates. I see skinners running with me in Dark Thicket (Dungeon) and receive around 4-5 bloods per run, in addition to what the bosses also drop. It has gotten to such an extent that i had to conclude that running random dungeons supplies me with more bloods, then spending all these hours mining. This can't be right, can it? Anyone else experiencing this? Obviously the problem could be that my mining isnt rank 3, and thats the next discussion part. The droprate on these patterns are? 0.1%? I havent had one drop, non of my friends or guildies have had one drop either. Intended? I'm suspecting the bloods rate to go up with a rank 3 pattern (increases the chance of rare materials), but kind of stuck on rank 2 (with all types). Blue? -HitbagHitbag10 14 Jan
14 Jan Stormshroud Armor SYLVANAS I'm looking for a Leatherworker on Sylvanas Alliance who can make Stormshroud Armor for me ofc i 'll pay :)Dennisso0 14 Jan
12 Jan PSA: Blingtron 6k's gift can contain legendary Spreading the word after hearing of it.Bloodwrath10 12 Jan
12 Jan what makes Legion ore so desirable? hello , i have noticed Legion ores sell fast and i was wondering what makes them so desirable that people buy them ? do they turn it into something more expensive and sell it again? whats the best profession to make some extra profit from it if ?Beris1 12 Jan
12 Jan Alchemy+Enchanting vs Alchemy+Herbalism Before Boost I am preparing to boost this character to lvl 100 but before hit to level 60, I need to choose my professions. I know, production professions has not benefit like before but I have an 700 level boost opportunity and want to use it on most benefical professions. Alchemy and Enchanting seems good but is it logical to select both of them without any gathering profession? Is it possible to reach to level 800 for both through some gold (Let's say 50K) and more importantly is this sustainable after level 800 or do you recommend me to select Herbalism intead of Enchanting?Selahaddin3 12 Jan
12 Jan Leveling Mining the easy way - Smelting Smelting is a easy and inexpensive way to level your mining up. Instead of mining for hours upon hours to get the last few points you need you could simply head over to your factions AH and buy some ore. Smelting to level 300 will cost you around 3,000 gold. However that gold is returned to you once you sell the bars you crafted on AH. The Price of Ore VS Bars is roughly the same, sometimes you might get lucky with the AH and bars are more expensive then Ore. melting Copper Skills: 1-65 Buy enough Copper Ore from the auction house to reach skill 65 in mining. You will need at least 65 Copper Ore. Try starting off by buying 100 Copper Ore and see where you end up. I used 165 ore one time leveling up and 131 another time, so it varies. Copper Skill Proficiency Smelting Orange 1 Yellow 25 Green 47 Gray 70 Smelting Tin Skills: 65-75 I made 22 Tin Bars to get to skill level 75. You'll need Tin Bars to smelt your Bronze Bars. If you don't want to smelt Tin at all then just buy the bars from the Auction House, and begin smelting Bronze right away. Tin Skill Proficiency Smelting Orange - Yellow 65 Green 70 Gray 75 Smelting Bronze Skills: 75-115 If you have a lot of cash just skip this section and move to smelting Silver Ore, it will go faster, or just smelt Bronze until it turns green at 90. If you decide to level up all the way from yellow to gray plan on smelting for a while. I did it to test it out and it took me 227 smelts just to reach 115. Bronze Skill Proficiency Smelting Orange - Yellow 65 Green 90 Gray 115 Smelting Silver Skills: 115-125 Silver can be a bit more expensive to make than Bronze Bars but if you make Silver Bars you'll level up with less smelting attempts. I made 15 Silver Bars to get to 125. Silver Skill Proficiency Smelting Orange 75 Yellow 115 Green 122 Gray 130 Smelting Iron Skills: 125-155 It took me 59 smelts to get from 125-155. Iron Skill Proficiency Smelting Orange 125 Yellow 130 Green 145 Gray 160 Smelting Gold Skills: 155-175 It took me 22 smelts to get to 175. Gold Skill Proficiency Smelting Orange 155 Yellow 170 Green 177 Gray 185 Smelting Steel Skills: None! It's gray. Steel Skill Proficiency Smelting Orange - Yellow - Green - Gray 165 Smelting Mithril Skills: 175-230 It took me 217 smelts to reach 230. Mithril Skill Proficiency Smelting Orange - Yellow 175 Green 202 Gray 230 Smelting Truesilver Skills: 230-250 It took me 47 smelts to get to 250. Truesilver Skill Proficiency Smelting Orange 230 Yellow 235 Green 242 Gray 250 Smelting Thorium Skills: 250-290 It took 216 smelts to get to 290. Thorium Skill Proficiency Smelting Orange - Yellow 250 Green 270 Gray 290 Smelting Fel Iron Skills: 290-315 It took me 46 smelts to get to 315. Fel Iron Skill Proficiency Smelting Orange - Yellow 300 Green 307 Gray 315 You'll have to mine from 315-325 since you can't smelt Adamantite until 325. Smelting Adamantite Skills: 325-340 It took me 77 smelts to get to 340. Adamantite Skill Proficiency Smelting Orange - Yellow 325 Green 332 Gray 340 You'll have to mine from 340-350 since you can't smelt the next level ores until 350. Smelting Cobalt Skills: 350-375 This is likely the easiest way to finish off to 375; however, you can level up using Eternium and Felsteel to 375. If you choose to level up using these two ores I have listed the path you would take below this section. Cobalt Skill Proficiency Smelting Orange - Yellow 350 Green 362 Gray 375 Smelting Eternium Skills: 350-365 It took me 45 smelts to get from 350-365. Eternium Skill Proficiency Smelting Orange - Yellow 350 Green 357 Gray 365 Smelting Felsteel Skills: 365-375 It took me 29 smelts to get to 375. Felsteel Skill Proficiency Smelting Orange 350 Yellow 355 Green 367 Gray Smelting Hardened Adamantite Hardened Adamantite Skill Proficiency Smelting Orange - Yellow - Green - Gray 375 Smelting Khorium Khorium Skill Proficiency Smelting Orange - Yellow - Green - Gray 375 Smelting Saronite Saronite Skill Proficiency Smelting Orange - Yellow - Green - Gray 400 Smelting Titanium Titanium Skill Proficiency Smelting Orange - Yellow - Green - Gray 450Lìly13 12 Jan
12 Jan Inscription mount idea How about like other proffesions scribes get their own "kind off" mount. Casting/Scribing a rune under ur feet. Flashy lettering floating around you makes you weightless. and you swim away in thin air.Trainstation0 12 Jan