10 Aug 2012 Items that will be rising? In MoP, what items would rise a lot in price? You think its best to keep buying all the items that are going to be expensive ready to sell in MoP?Balando4 10 Aug 2012
10 Aug 2012 How long did you Scepter of Azj'Aqir take? I'm currently sitting on around 300 solves total I think, gotten all the rares from every race you can search artefacts for in Kalimdor minus the Scepter, just got the BoA sword from Tol'vir a few minutes ago (after having a panic attack seeing I unlocked a 150 fragment find, and thinking it has too be the mount too be disappointed...) Made roughly 8k gold too selling the crap I've been getting ._. How about your guys? How long did it take you / how much have you done so far if you're hunting it?Lembank1 10 Aug 2012
10 Aug 2012 What to do with herbs? On this char I rolled Herbalism and Alchemy for my professions, and I really dont know what to do with the herbs, lol. Should I save them? Should I use them to lvl my Alchemy? Should I sell them at the AH? I know there's no 'carved in stone' way to use the herbs that you gather. But I want you guys' tips! :-) RegardsWrathule1 10 Aug 2012
10 Aug 2012 Skinning or Two JC's for MoP? I have been giving this alot of thought recently and would love to have some suggestions. Ok so here's the case: I currently have every profession maxed (gathering and crafting) with two alchemists decked in transmutation mastery. Now i never farm materials myself (99% of the time) but i still have them maxed and i have been recently thinking of dumping skinning (the most useless profession IMO) to level JC to 525 before mists come out. This would be my 2nd jewelcrafter and hence it will help me getting the patterns twice as fast as having only 1. But then i will have no skinner, i do have a level 20 rogue that i can pick skinning and level later but i am not planning to level her anytime soon. So what you guys suggest? Keep 1 jewelcrafter and skinner just incase i need leather or dump it and go with 2 jewelcrafters? And oh, letherworking is down to 2nd lowest in my profession leveling list when mists come out with engineering being lowest so its not like i would actually be needing any leather for myself early in the expansion. Its all about gold making potential.Drauger6 10 Aug 2012
10 Aug 2012 Enchanting? Hello, I wish to level Enchanting and I have 3 characters with a spare profession slot, I'm wondering which of my characters would be more suited to level enchanting? I have:- Rogue, Level 75 - No professions Hunter, Level 80 - Skinning only Paladin, Level 50 - Mining only Which do you advise would be best to pick up enchanting? ThanksLitheen2 10 Aug 2012
10 Aug 2012 Some enchanting questions. At the moment im leveling a enchanter. And i heared that the enchanting rods wil be removed. This makes me glad. But when do people think this wil actually be installed? Cause i want to keep leveling that character. But gathering all the mats and items i won't be able to disenchant wil make my bank a bit full. So should i wait for the pre-patch of MoP with leveling enchanting. Or shal i buy all the mats required on AH for the rod. (wel some) wich isn't exacly cheap on this server.Zenjen2 10 Aug 2012
10 Aug 2012 Account wide Proffesions why not?Ajad4 10 Aug 2012
09 Aug 2012 most easy and most rewarding proffesion? Hi guys im going for a proffesion on my 85 and i just wonder which one of them is very easy leveld and the one u can get quite mutch gold on, please helpSompatina3 09 Aug 2012
09 Aug 2012 Archeology rares where\how\when??? I can't understand how the rare solves work. Do I have to keep solving items to get them or do I have to find the rares on dig sites? Is there a skill req? Dont have much to do until MOP is out and I want this skeleton mount thingy=) tnxАхушармута2 09 Aug 2012
09 Aug 2012 Gathermate2 problems when i am gonna make a route in a area to find ores i can only track the ores that i have mined? don't he make a track with all the ores in the area? anyone know a addon that can track all ores in the area?Noxah2 09 Aug 2012
08 Aug 2012 Jewelcrafting ... a PVE profession ??? Hello. I just returned to wow after a long time and I had a really bad surprise: I cannot get the gems to create the latest epic sockets without doing some lame PVE instances. This isn't TBC anymore guys. I don't have the time to play this game for hours. I pay my subscription to play 1-2 hours a day so I can only "afford" to play some PVP for fun in wow and you "forgot" to add these gems to be bought with honor, even if that honor isn't so easy to obtain if you're not using some "cheatbots" like I see in every BG these days ... (BTW, we don't even have a tool to report them directly to your GM staff ... if you have any left ingame) I have mining on another char and I don't have anything to mine to get these gems. You ruined another profession for me now, on my second char. OFC I took mining to help my JC ... and now ???????????????????? Why are forcing me to go to some obscure instances to get some stupid gems ??? They are like 1500g each in AH, so buying them isn't really an option. At this point we're actually getting gear faster than we can afford to socket them. I hope you'll fix this stupid situation. I also have enchanting on another char and there's no such problem there. Why are you mocking JC ? Also the addition of the new sockets&gems are a nerf to JC, because you failed to improve our special/unique profession sockets and everybody are getting better sockets, so our bonus percent is decreased. I guess I'll abandon it for BS ... anyway it wasn't such good bonus profession for PVP ... now is even worse. Shame on you Blizz for ruining my fav. profession :)) You're really trying to convince me to quit wow again, aren't you ? :P PS: consider this a joke. I don't really care about this game anymore. Merge some more realms so we can have a better & cheaper (no chinese) AH :))Taiji2 08 Aug 2012
08 Aug 2012 stacking DE mats Hey guys, a while ago I started stacking all of my disenchanted mats into my bank. I was sure it would be a great idea to boost me to lvl enchanting when MoP comes out. When I really thought about it I wasn't sure anymore if I could use those old mats for lvling enchanting towards lvl 500 in MoP. In that case I would lose a lot of gold if it would turn out I couldn't, and selling all those mats after the realease of MoP will give me a huge loss of gold.. Therefore the next question; will I be able to use some load of maelstrom crystals, greater celestial essences, and hypnotic dusts allong the way to the new professional maximum level?Fulgàr4 08 Aug 2012
08 Aug 2012 Is it wise to drop mining for alchemy? Hello, so i am currently considering to drop mining for alchemy so that i have alchemy and jewelcrafting at 525. I've heard that this combination can make alot of gold but this makes me unable to farm materials and forcing me to buy everything of the AH for profit. I will also have to spend gold first to get alchemy to 525 and my question is: is it wise to do this now right before the next patch. I will get alchemy to 525 before MoP then but it makes me unable to farm at the start of the next patch. What do you guys think? edit: with patch i mean expansion.Feedmegnomes7 08 Aug 2012
08 Aug 2012 Picking up enchanting on a level 58 DK... What's the fastest way to level it? I ran a few old dungeons but RNG hasn't been too kind, I've been farming cloth for my tailor so the DK can disenchant the products of that venture-- but I am wondering whether just questing and DEing the quest rewards etc. is faster? EDIT: AH is a little hit and miss with mats.Croecell5 08 Aug 2012
07 Aug 2012 Archaelogy Fragment reset in Panda? When MoP is released, will our fragment inventory be reset or will we be able to gather up to max now and save it for MoP?Saralie5 07 Aug 2012
07 Aug 2012 Leveling profession with Guild Bank materials? Wouldn't it be great? Guild Master could add permission for some rank (fx. Officer / Guild Crafter) so they could craft items and level professions without having the mats in their own bags, as far as Guild Bank contains the required materials. And of course the profession tab would show the amount of all craftable items and would take into account all the Guild Bank tabs so you wouldn't have to refresh them each individually while crafting/leveling.. :PBeeq2 07 Aug 2012
07 Aug 2012 Mats needed in Mop? Ello im lf info: What materials is needed in mop to lvl Proffesions above 525? Specialy Alchemy im intrested in.. Anybody know? Can i read it somewere?Ballder1 07 Aug 2012
07 Aug 2012 Give us Swift Zulian Tiger would be awesome to get that from a rare troll solve!!!Semrine24 07 Aug 2012
07 Aug 2012 WTB: Engineering Schematics Hi Forum! I'm looking for the following schematics to complete my collection. Having no luck on my realm forum, I figured I could at least try here as well. I'm willing to transfer a character, but ideally to pick them both up, if possible. Schematic: Flame Deflector - Drops from last boss in Gnomeregan. Schematic: Annihilator Holo-Gogs - Drops from Sunwell Plateau trash. If anyone should have them, or are willing to farm away, please contact me here or in-game with an offer. Other characters (same realm): @!!%!parade, Tryptamine, Lôlita. Flim4 07 Aug 2012
07 Aug 2012 Engineering Gadgets Hi, I am an Engineering user and think that the Wormhole skill we got [That transport u to Northrend] is great but 1 thing is ridiculous about it, what is mean is de CD. Yes... the CD it's 4 hours i think it should be 1 hour ^^. Tell me what u guys think please and they should make 1 for Outland too. Who's in?Hashoraq0 07 Aug 2012
06 Aug 2012 In game or not in game? That is the question. To kill some time until Mop I am farming bs plans I don't have. One of the bs plans causing me some confusion is the blacksmith plans runic breastplate. Got a reply from a gm yesterday saying its in game. Ackis addon and wowhead comments say its not in game anymore but wowhead haven't listed it as not in game. Also one of the wowhead comments saz a gm told him it wasn't in game anymore 8 days old. I was annoy to miss talking to the gm as I wanted to quiz him about it. My problem is I am not sure who is right or not.Bigbuller3 06 Aug 2012
06 Aug 2012 Fastest way? What is the fastest way to level your Mining and Blacksmithing to 525? Please respond I'm not patient.Vertica6 06 Aug 2012
06 Aug 2012 Fishing question Hi, This is to all the fishing people out there. is there good gold to be made out of fishing once you've hit max level? can it compete with a gathering profession as a gold maker? Thanks!Wheldon2 06 Aug 2012
06 Aug 2012 Best method for... Hi, Up to now I've been using my druid to gather all the herbs and ore I need for my alts. (main has herb/mining and alts have crafting) but I've been told this is a very inefficient way of doing it and rather than using my druid for all my gathering (re: flight form) I should level gathering on those alts that need it. ie: herb on the one with inscription, mining on my bs, herb on my alch and so on. Which method do you think is more efficient? using one char to gather all or having each char get it themselves?Calinda4 06 Aug 2012
06 Aug 2012 self crafted bags except tailoring bop and unlocked For example Engineers Toolbox, I wouldnt use that over a normal bag. Make it bind on pick up and allow only engineers to use it and unlock the slots to everything. Do the same please for all other crafts bags except cloth ty.Zzahm1 06 Aug 2012
06 Aug 2012 Heirlooms for crafters? Hello. I was wondering, why capped crafters can't make heirlooms? To me, it just seems fitting that we could make heirlooms. U could even make it very expensive in mats (o'course), but i dont see why this is not in the game already? It gives a chance for heirlooms to feel more "personal" (like they should, right?). It's not like they're hard to get anyway. They should ofcouse be BoA and have huge (1-2k) mat prices. Whats ur opinion on this?Tupaco2 06 Aug 2012
06 Aug 2012 Night elf Mage Noob question alert !!! I have now created a new character (I already have a hunter) I am really confused as to proffessions to go for ??? Is there someone to guide me in right direction please :-) TomThornelf3 06 Aug 2012
06 Aug 2012 How to level JC when MoP hits? Hello, I am currently leveling JC and enchanting with gold. And i wonder how i get my JC up when MoP hits. I dont have mining and this is my only character on this server. I'm afraid JC will cost alot of money to buy all the mats of AH. Is there any advice you guys can give me?Aruthas2 06 Aug 2012
05 Aug 2012 New Profession Greetings, I've been levelling Mining and Herbalism on my main (Druid) now both are maxxed I've decided to start levelling a crafting profession on an alt ready for MoP. I seek advice on which profession I should level up? I know JC is out as I simply don't have the time to get the needed designs. Gold is not really a problem, I can drop 20k on levelling this profession, so.. which do you experts recommend?Calinda3 05 Aug 2012
05 Aug 2012 10th icon in Archaeology races Probably been asked before somewhere, but I couldn't find it in my fast reading! So have anyone figured out what the 10th icon is yet?Sahir1 05 Aug 2012
05 Aug 2012 Glyphs in 5.0 I'm in the glyph selling business and I'm wondering how will the glyphs work out once patch 5.0 goes live. The prime glyphs will be gone, some of the others will change and there will be a lot of new ones. I don't have beta, but on PTR I already knew most of the new glyphs when I logged in, and there's a huge tauren dude that sells all the available glyphs for my class at 4 silver each. I don't think this will be the case on live, but I don't know how it will work. Will the new glyphs be available for all, or will only the inscriptors be able to make those glyphs? And if so, can they learn all the recipes from the trainer or they need to be discovered through inscription research and books of glyph mastery? Should I be stacking ink before the patch?Fripp9 05 Aug 2012
05 Aug 2012 Enchanting - Wizard Oil I think Wizard Oil (Use: Applies superior wizard oil to your weapon, increasing Intellect by 40. Effect lasts for 1 hour. Cannot be applied to items higher than level 200.) should come back to Enchanting, level appropriate of course. How come it dissapeared from this proffesion?Sehlia4 05 Aug 2012
05 Aug 2012 Best Proffs for MAX MONIES I have just taken up Herbalism & Mining on my Rogue - All I need is gold seeing as I will be levelling engineering before MoP. Is this is the best combination for fast gold?Archael2 05 Aug 2012
05 Aug 2012 Glyphs are boring now. Glyphs were cool changes when introduced, now they are next to nothing. Having a necessary glyph to increase percentually just damage, what fun!Destruktio0 05 Aug 2012
05 Aug 2012 Blizzard please update professions Hi, basically to get to the point it would be nice if Blizzard updated professions. I'm just getting tired of having to start a profession from the beginning and seeing the same old gear and items, everything else is getting either updated, revamped etc. like talents, glyphs starter zones everything but professions stuff haven't been updated since vanilla. Same gear, Same look, Nothing new at the begginings just the same. Also I don't really like the way professions are operating and how to use them. I mean in my point of view a profession is meant to help out a character in gear items consumables etc. but what help is there when you have to grind soo freaking much just to get to the next item, for example in BlackSmithing by the time im getting rewarded with greens in starting zones with quests im still on those damn copper sets, and it's so very hard to get to the next items without spending alot of time stalling your leveling experience just to get to the next gear farming and going back and forth to find the veins. I'm getting sick of it to be honest, Blizzard it'd be nice if you would atleast change the appearance of the gear that you are rewarded in your profession because the same look for 8 years is dull and make less points in professions overall coz all you do is every expansion add more points to the existing professions. Professions are meant to be useful to levelers not a boring farming fest. Everything is getting changed and revamped evrything exciting excpet for professions :(Rattles2 05 Aug 2012
05 Aug 2012 Whats the point in the fishing skill points? Does it catch fish faster? Whats the deal here. EDIT: To Blizzard people or however it works, if your reading this, how about an improvment off the fishing skill, i heard somewhere that you must catch 1k+ fish to be around 525...well i must of caught that and i feel like all ive done is fill up my banks with fish. whats the catch with this skill?Jimmyevans8 05 Aug 2012
05 Aug 2012 Thorium brotherhood rep is gone, set to zero? Someone asked in trade for Mighty intellect weapon enchant, and i wanted to make it. But i was surprised to see I don't know it anymore! It's from Thorium brotherhood rep, that i found was reset to 0...? I was thinking i must be senile or what? But i have made scrolls of this one and Mighty spirit, that also is Thorium brotherhood rep and put them in AH. As you traders know they sell for quite good money. It's in my add on so i have proof at least for myself i knew it. Don't know if its good enough for Blizzard though. I made a ticket ofcourse, but i would like to know if anyone else has had the same problem, with rep getting lost?Erose0 05 Aug 2012
04 Aug 2012 A question for a meta gem. This meta gem Burning Shadowspirit Diamond Is that gem actually increases our overall crit damage potential ? So does it also increases crit rating's usefulness by 6% ?Rutha1 04 Aug 2012
04 Aug 2012 Kalu'ak Fishing Derby reward bug? Hey, I just won the Fishing Derby and selected the Dread Ring as a reward, it completed and said i received the item along with 5500 rep and 33g. Although i havent got the item in my bags? Is this a bug or do i have to wait untill the event is over and get it in the mail or something? ThanksBrainbugs0 04 Aug 2012
04 Aug 2012 Beer in the fishing box, drink it all up! While fishing I noticed a alcholic beverage in the box.. and though "huh?" then i went and checked, turns out you can put alcholic drinks into it.. that was a really nice touch!Mcflagin0 04 Aug 2012
04 Aug 2012 Leatherworking stupid buy Thread Tsunami bracers 10 savage leather-1Eternim thread cost 2g25silver bracers vendor sell price 2g 54 silver???Mártha0 04 Aug 2012
04 Aug 2012 WTB Alchemy Kit Hello, i am looking to purchase a Alchemy Kit with: Required Vials [Crystal Vial] x 487 Required Herbs: [Peacebloom] x 60 [Silverleaf] x 60 [Mageroyal] x 20 [Briarthorn] x 90 [Stranglekelp] x 40 [Bruiseweed] x 30 [Wild Steelbloom] x 5 [Kingsblood] x 30 [Liferoot] x 30 [Goldthorn] x 45 [Khadgar's Whisker] x 35 [Sungrass] x 75 [Blindweed] x 55 [Golden Sansam] x 45 [Mountain Silversage] x 15 [Felweed] x 40 [Ragveil] x 70 [Netherbloom] x 20 [Pygmy Oil] x 15 [Goldclover] x 78 [Talandra's Rose] x 20 [Tiger Lily] x 30 [Adder's Tongue] x 20 [Icethorn] x 10 [Lichbloom] x 36 [Stormvine] x 27 [Twilight Jasmine] x 32 [Heartblossom] x 5 [Whiptail] x 44 [Azshara's Veil] x 39 [Cinderbloom] x 81 [Jasper] x 3 [Hessonite] x 15 [Zephyrite] x 15 or [Nightstone] x 15 [Alicite] x 15 [Volatile Life] x 5 I do not offer so please message below saying the price you sell at. Also Silvermoon only obviously ^0^Lolimadwarf1 04 Aug 2012
03 Aug 2012 Fishing getting nerfed? No way! Today i read at mmo-champion that fishing got a global cooldown (0.5sec cooldown) This will affect pool fishing so much... Not very many is fishing for fun, only for the gold. Those people won't care that much (at least not what i think, tell me if i'm wrong). But for the ones that fish for fun... Now have to wait to cast if you miss the pool! What is this blizzard?? Now this is ofcouse only my thoughts... Maybe i'm totally wrong!? who knows. Please tell me if i'm terrible wrong, or if you understand me (not that i'm very good at english lol). But if you feel the same as me. Thank you! :)Aynia1 03 Aug 2012
03 Aug 2012 Gathering - is ninjaing nodes now totally acceptable? So I was gathering Whiptail in Uldum, while enjoying some nice music and overall relaxing. The route there looks really beautiful while flying on a flying mount, juts a few yards above ground. And there are crocs. Crocs that sometimes attack you while you pick a herb. So, all of a sudden, while fighting 2 crocs, this guys comes and snatches the herb away. Is this acceptable to people nowadays? Do you ninja the nodes while someone gets aggro, and it's very clear that they are fighting them for the node?Sedit20 03 Aug 2012
03 Aug 2012 Jc Skill level 535 Hi guys I'm making this post because I didn't find any related to what I want to ask for. I am close to maximum of my JC profession and it makes me think why do I need 535 except for the achievement? So far I haven’t found any patterns required 535skill, are there any patterns which drops in new raids? If there isn’t any (and this question is to a blizzard) are you guys planning of bringing some patterns which would be exclusive to draenei JC? Many Thanks TrueswordTruesword8 03 Aug 2012
03 Aug 2012 Dear Blissard Dev. Fishing is BORING! I have a few proposal for you. Randomly when ppl fish let them get a monster on the hook! A lvl matching elite monster on the hook would get fishing more funny! Plz impement it in mop!!Ballder5 03 Aug 2012
03 Aug 2012 Inscription - Glyphs So, I'm restocking my guild vault with glyphs and decided to seriously stock up/create the top, must have glyphs for all classes: Druid: Glyph of Rebirth: Players resurrected by Rebirth are returned to life with 100% health. Glyph of Unburdened Rebirth: Your Rebirth spell no longer requires a reagent. => Those two are, in my opinion must haves for all Druids doing PvP, PvE (both dungeons and raids). Hell, ressing a tank midbattle to 100% health makes you very well liked in any situation. Now I'm looking for similar (usefull for any spec in their class) glyphs for all the other classes. Glyphs you've found particularily helpfull during raids/dungeons/PvP.Odaner1 03 Aug 2012
02 Aug 2012 SUGESSTION: WEAPONS FOR BLACKSMITHERS ~!!! we need weapons for blacksmithers 525 !Clearia3 02 Aug 2012
02 Aug 2012 LW + Enchanthing I was thinking of taking LW and enchanting for my priest, because my main is a Shaman and i have so many leather-wearers, i was wondering is it viable with enchanting i mean i can dischenchant green stuff i don't need and so on?Jonata4 02 Aug 2012
02 Aug 2012 Why not make Archaeology account-wide? Why not make Archaeology account-wide? It seems like a good idea to me.Wolfshock1 02 Aug 2012