26 Sep 2012 Alchemy level 600 how have people got 600 alchemy and w/e already? i cant get the valley of eternal blossum to buy the recipies until ive done the Qs? is there any other way to lvl it up or somthing?Yasuki9 26 Sep 2012
26 Sep 2012 Tailoring Anyone know where Tailoring trainers are?Sheogorathss2 26 Sep 2012
26 Sep 2012 When can you start creating MoP patterns? Hey there, I couldn't find anything about this on Google so I'm gonna try my luck here, since it's less than a day until the release. When can you start making MoP related stuff? I'm pretty sure it doesn't need to be 525, because it hasn't been like that in any expansion so far. Can anyone confirm this? I'm thinking of 500 myself. Not sure if I'm right though. Thanks!Jeyzka4 26 Sep 2012
26 Sep 2012 Faction exclusive tailoring patterns Hey! I play alliance mainly but just made a horde alt on my main server to try to get some horde only cooking recipes to get the achievment to learn 200 cooking recipes on my alliance main. Then i got curious about faction specific tailoring patterns as well. I googled it and found a long list on wowwiki/wowpedia, but those sites seemed to miss atleast a few recipes I know can only be obtained horde side, namely Pattern: Azure Silk Cloak and Pattern: Icy Cloak. So now I'm looking for a more complete list of faction exclusive tailoring patterns (actually, mainly stuff exclusive to horde) and thought I'd come here asking for help. So do you guys know any more tailoring recipes only obtainable on horde side? PeaceBronsminken1 26 Sep 2012
25 Sep 2012 Question about Locksmith's Powderkeg Hi! I just learned the recipe for Locksmith's Powderkeg, and according to the tooltip, it only opens locks with a lockpicking requirement of up to 450. That makes it worse than its cataclysm version, Volatile Seaforium Blastpack. I was wondering if this is intentional or a bug, and if someone has any official information regarding the issue, could that person please post a link to the source?Zhonya0 25 Sep 2012
25 Sep 2012 Using professions from alts I was thinking about this earlier and couldn't really see a problem with it to be honest... How many times have you been asked to do something on an alt profession wise and you would log off, log back in on a different character and make that bike/gem/enchant/glyph/elixir etc. and then logged back into your main? Well... what exactly is the point of that? My idea is basically allow us to use our alts professions.. you could add some restrictions such as the alt must hit maximum level or even add a gold sink price on your character for unlocking your alts professions. This way instead of having to log over to do whatever, you can just use your alts professions there and then. It's just easier really. Balance issues.. of course you would not be able to use the profession benefits such as enchant rings, shoulders, blacksmith sockets etc. just use the default options. I can't really think of any other reason why it's a bad idea really. Another reason for adding professions from alts is because well.. it just adds longevity to the game in my opinion. Once you're bored and have nothing else to do you can level again on an alt in the knowledge that once you're max level and have done your professions you've unlocked it on your main as well. Possibly been suggested before but can't find anythingFortesque11 25 Sep 2012
25 Sep 2012 Leatherworking recipe structure Is it possible to change the recipe structure back to what it was pre 5.0 (leather armor section, mail armor section etc)? What we have now (chest section, waist section, boots section etc) is really uncomfortable for me.Trollok0 25 Sep 2012
25 Sep 2012 LW trainers. hello i got to 575 in LW.. but now i cant lern more form the leatherworker trainer (in thunder Bluff)... were to go now /what to do ??Laadysix0 25 Sep 2012
25 Sep 2012 Unfair! I have a fishing skill of 670,thats 70 more than MoP fishing.I wont tell you the secret way to get it but its possible with hats,poles.....One day I decided to do the fishing contest.I thought I have the highest skill ever I cant loose.I got myself 39 fish.I was happy.Because of that I couldnt hit the last pool,but when i did,the same minute i clicked the last fish I saw a yell.Someone beat me! I was there first and i have a skill of 670! The human was tehre 10 mins after me. So tell me if tournaments need to be skill wise in general how can this be fair?!!!! And btw when I already opened a thread.I liekd the instanced zone idea at first.But I found out about the awful truth today.On my server no1 is in Uldum so I calculated when the figurine will spawn.I came to Uldum to see hundreds of people from other server camping it.Thats not all,staling q mobs and items is common these days.And world PvP......... I have no words about that.You fight and you bring an enemy to 10%.But he runs away and is zoned!Thats unfair too.Fix it Blizzard!I mean I put 3 talents into Imprved Blizzard on my mage but the company still sucks on some things :pPana9 25 Sep 2012
25 Sep 2012 World first zen master fishing ? Just got this sawg to the max achiefment well worth the effort. Anny one has a better time ?ärklär2 25 Sep 2012
25 Sep 2012 World first zen master First aid? How close am i to a world first? Took the screen 1 or 2 min after i got it. 25 Sep 2012
24 Sep 2012 Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds Advice Hello guys :) Im currently farming Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds but all i seem to get is loads of Dwarf/Fossil/Night Elf artifacts and a lack of Troll/Tol'Vir. Im quite new to archaeology and have only farmed it up to 525 recently... just wondering if i have to actually farm all these different race artifacts just to get to the Troll/Tol'Vir artifacts. Thankyou TayleTayle1 24 Sep 2012
24 Sep 2012 Ty Blizzard for forcing ppl to buy gold illegal ... Ty for making a HUGE BUG which u think is a "GREAT FEATURE" that's called CRZ on LIVE servers. I've been trying to farm some herbs to prepared tons of Fortune Cookies for my raid. Now i've been trying to farm some herbs for over 2 hrs and got 400+ herbs. Before your "great feature" i've been able to farm 1400+ with the same amount of time and this was enough to cover food for main / 2 x alt raids.... All Cata zones are filled with bots from at least 5 realms farming everything they can. Some even don't move they just camp @ herbs / mines respawns. The prices on AH are 300% up according to prices from last week. U force us to farm herbs / fish / mine for a whole day with this great CRZ. But there is a solution - just go buy some gold from gold sellers and pay tons of gold for mats from AH. Once again TY TY TY for bringing another great improvement to the game!Starspawn13 24 Sep 2012
24 Sep 2012 Kind of D3 Identify for archaeology. So one of my friends saw me play diablo and he saw a rare unidentified item in my bag and said: "Wouldn't it be cool if there was a identify system in WoW?" I instantly thought "archaeology!" and we agreed to create a thread about it. I haven't thought about anything specific, but I think it could be a cool addition to the archaeology profession, of course I'm not talking about that all drops will be "unidentified items, but that there will randomly drop "unidentified" items from world and trash drops. Unidentified is maybe not the right name for something like that in WoW, maybe another name like - Forgotten Item, or Lost Artifact, or Ancient Sword/Staff/Bow/Dagger etc. So what do you guys think? Is it some crap you don't want in the game, or do you think it could be a nice perk to the archaeology profession?Angrada3 24 Sep 2012
24 Sep 2012 quick question at midnight tonight when mists is activated will i need to go and get training for my profesions when that happens or will i automatically be able to level themSuperslim2 24 Sep 2012
24 Sep 2012 Jewelcrafter Gems Hi, I've been looking on the new gems in mop, and i've notice a weird thing, The Jewelcrafter gems arent in proportion to the Rare gems with secondary stats - for example: Fractured Sun's Radiance -320 Mastery , the Jewelcrafter Fractured Serpent's Eye is 480 Mastery, thats 1.5x more. But the main stats (str , int, agility) are x2 for example: Bold Primordial Ruby-160 str . the jewelcrafter Bold Serpent's Eye is 320 str thats twice of the normal gem!! does blizzard fails to do simple math or i am missing something??Mystics1 24 Sep 2012
24 Sep 2012 Potion of Illusion in MOP Hi! Does anyone know if the potion of illusion will work in MoP at level 90? Or if there is anything replacing it and making it obsolete? I'm thinking of loading up on cheap herbs and volatiles as I think they will be harder to come by in MoP and thus more expensive. ThanksMilitia2 24 Sep 2012
23 Sep 2012 Fishing = xp Hi. I would like to see fishing giving us xp, for every catch, just like mining.Ragdash14 23 Sep 2012
23 Sep 2012 Engineering idea - Gun silencer For some reason I always find better guns than crossbows or regular bows. And simply for that reason I use them more. It's a bit silly to use bad bows, above good guns just because the sound is anoying. But since I'm not very fond of the gun sounds, I have this idea for engineering of creating a silencer....Predakas5 23 Sep 2012
23 Sep 2012 WTS Rhinestone Sunglasses @ Auchindoun Whisper me in game or add my Battle Tag: Dan#2568.Xaii0 23 Sep 2012
23 Sep 2012 cross realm good for pvp but really bad for prof. cross realm pvp great idea for pvp ( i like it) but think about that blizz its really bad for farm herb mining or some rare mount mobs atc... if I want some prof. its annoying because many ppl s try to kill me really ofen :) (and lvling will be hard for zerg...) We need turn of/on if its possibleVoldemórt0 23 Sep 2012
23 Sep 2012 Gathering proffs in MoP So is blizzard planning to do some balancing with the whole CRZ thing and node/mobs or we are going to compete vs our whole realm + whole battlegroup's realms to farm our herbs/ore/skins?Xayc3 23 Sep 2012
22 Sep 2012 Dreamcloth CD question. Help! Hey guys! Alright so I have Pattern: Bracers of Unconquered Power that requires 5 Dreamcloths. Now the issue I have is with the Dreamcloth CD. last night I had all the mats to be able to create 4 dreamcloths. I already created 1 dream cloth a week ago. Now I was very excited because i had the other mats required to make the bracers. but then when I hit "Create all" .. it just created 1 dreamcloth and BAM! 7 days cooldown. I thought that it would take me 2 weeks to make those 5 DCs. i don't know. I'm so confused. I REALLY want to know what am i doing wrong? I am aware that there is a 7 days cd for dreamcloth, but is it for EVERY dreamcloth I make?Xarthus2 22 Sep 2012
22 Sep 2012 LW patterns removed? I'm sure that I had some armor kits before the patch that don't seem to appear in my list now, specifically: Arcane Armor Kit - Chrono Lord Deja (The Black Morass) Flame Armor Kit - Gargantuan Abyssal (Arcatraz) Frost Armor Kit - Hydromancer Thespia (The Steamvault) Nature Armor Kit - Mennu the Betrayer (The Slave Pens) Shadow Armor Kit - Time-Lost Shadowmage (Sethekk Halls) I can't seem to find any reference to them having been removed from the game. Have they been?Earthenware9 22 Sep 2012
22 Sep 2012 Inscription Research and mats and other sources Alchemy mastery change requires MoP mats with patch 5.0.4, right? But Northrend Incription Research (and the minor one) both make glyphs for MoP and require old world mats. Will this stay? Are there other origins for glyphs of the new level content or something? I mean, you learn some glyphs from the trainer up to skill level 600, but is the rest learned exclusively through those 2 researches using old content mats?Chromeson2 22 Sep 2012
22 Sep 2012 Archaeology - Best Prof I would like to thank Blizzard for Archaeology, it is the best profession this game has ever seen. I love flying around to those fantastic digsites and digging things up, and the amazing amount of common artifacts one gets is simply outstanding. I'm not even sure 'common' is a good enough word for them, they should have something that sounds more spectacular. Now obviously you don't want to go too far with the name as a really awesome name combined with the actual completion of one for a 1g reward may cause some people to suffer heart attacks. This inturn could lead to World of Warcraft being blamed for things like heart failure, obesity, headaches and general bad health. We really don't want that! Thanks again. Blizzard #1 in our hearts!Johnnyrotten8 22 Sep 2012
22 Sep 2012 Arch fixed solves? Is it true some of the tolvir solves are in a fixed pattern? I am seeing alot with ring,pendant,pet,mount or pendant,ring,pet,mount.there has even been reports of people getting the mount on their 2nd solve. Or are the solves just random? Im asking this because both my guild friends got the mount in the same day i think it was their second rare and now thinking of lvling arch on different alts to see if i get the mount early.Thargak7 22 Sep 2012
22 Sep 2012 How to make Inscription user friendly to new players "Book of Minor Glyphs of Mages" etc. Each book teaches a large number of glyphs.Fateswarm7 22 Sep 2012
22 Sep 2012 Frustration ! ever since crossrealm !@#$ , it is nearly impossible to level mining/herbing , due to the fact evry single ore node/herb is 24/7 camped in a mater of speech , BLIZZ adjust respawn timers !!!Ginsy0 22 Sep 2012
22 Sep 2012 Hold on with selling until MoP? I've been selling Savage Leather and Fel Iron recently really good. So i wonder should i hold on with selling them til MoP or just sell them all now?Expóón0 22 Sep 2012
22 Sep 2012 leatherworking How much does 525 lw cost?... cheersAlícíà5 22 Sep 2012
22 Sep 2012 New engineering mounts concerns. The 2 new rockets from engineering require a regent (3 x Orb of Mystery) that cost 25k each from the vendor. Fair enough, game needs a gold sink, etc. However, after the Sands of Time duping exploit and Vials selling for less than they cost to craft legitimately, can we expect the same thing to happen with Orb of Mystery?Nethzul1 22 Sep 2012
21 Sep 2012 Estimated value Hello fellow forum dwellers I have recently looted the engineering schematic for the purple smoke flare and I couldn't find anything on the auction houses. So I was wondering if it was worth anything or just a vendorstrike. Thanks in advance!Stopwatch1 21 Sep 2012
21 Sep 2012 Where is Mixology? Hi! I currently got 514 Alchemy on my main and I dont have the mixology skill. How is that possible?Chakris1 21 Sep 2012
21 Sep 2012 Archeology achievements problem. So I finally forced myself before MoP to finish : Diggerest It belongs in Museum! So my counter from Diggerest stopped on 90/100 and I have no clue why does it stopped. I am aware of the "unique" part of the achievement so I have checked before solving the item did I solve him before. The answer is "No". To be sure I did close my game client and login again. Nothing has changed. The same happened to 3 other artefacts. Still 90/100.Kyok1 21 Sep 2012
21 Sep 2012 Herb/mining Hey! GG farming your mats in mop or even now, I've been roaming around for 45 minutes and I found ONE node in the whole twilight highlands.. the !@#$ing place is flooded with druid bots.Killzinger9 21 Sep 2012
21 Sep 2012 Which professions for 1st character So ive been away from wow for about a year, toke a fresh start on a new realm. Which professions should i take on my first character as a rogue? I know gathering professions are good for money but should i take 2 of those or have one and tech up a diff prof for some promising late game rewards?Zivy2 21 Sep 2012
21 Sep 2012 Flying shoes should be a tailoring "mount" in MoP! How cool wouldnt it be if tailors could make shoes with small wings. I would really like that, its strange that they havent done that yet. At level 600 in tailoring we should be able to get those shoes! :)Kýld3 21 Sep 2012
21 Sep 2012 I cant learn the last engineering tinker? help? Ok, so i have 7/8 cata tinkers. The last one is the Z50 mana gulper. So i read around, and apparantly if you make a chicken splitter gun it should proc. Theyre quite expensive to make. I made 2 and neither procced the recipe. Ive also made about 2000g worth of obsidium bolts, which didnt proc it either. How can i learn this last one? Will cata recipes proc it? Or am i destined to never have it?Sammax2 21 Sep 2012
21 Sep 2012 Blacksmithing and leatherworking Anyone know if it's possible to have Blacksmithing AND leatherworking as professions? BS for the extra hole in bracers and LW for the bracer enchant.Wayu2 21 Sep 2012
21 Sep 2012 Engineering Gadgets - What you would like to see? OK I like engineering. Gadgets are fun and some are even useful. So for example: The back could be replaced with a mechanical wing which requires you to press a button to make them flap causing lift. In none flyable zones you jump off a cliff and you can glide down :) Anyone else got an idea ?Delíríum115 21 Sep 2012
21 Sep 2012 I want to mine my fel irons, I want them my own This cross-realm thing is bad at least from this side: herbs, veins, deposits and such are shared. I say they shouldn't. Please make those world-personal again, good luck working on it too. Thumbs up please... I know other players feel the same!Yowu7 21 Sep 2012
21 Sep 2012 Inscription 500-510 Hi im currently trying to level up inscription but, after 5.0.4 you can no longer make relics, so the guide tells me to go farm a recipe with 0.8% drop chance.. any other way to do it? I don't want to have to grind mobs with that loot chance, its impossible to level it to 525 now unless you are uber lucky or have lots of gold to spend ( i want a cheap non-grind way....whyyyy blizzard...) any help appreciatedMíana10 21 Sep 2012
20 Sep 2012 One recipe for Chef ..and can't get it. Seems so unfair that this title completely depends on luck and RNG. I can't get the darn Chocolate Cake recipe though I do dailies every day for a long time now. How long did you guys wait for the miracle?Ironcurtain7 20 Sep 2012
20 Sep 2012 Fishing improvements Does anyone have suggestions for improving the fun content (currently hovering somewhere above zero) of fishing? This could involve the levelling experience or what goes on at max level. I had an idea to make it more authentic to fishing in real life. This would involve adding an RNG piece of data to each fish caught - its weight. You can already catch 10lb fish to carry as Off hands. Why not go further and make the size of each and every fish matter? For example, each fish could have categories of size: 5lb, 10lb, 20lb, and whopper, with diminishing likelihood of catching each one. The heavier fish could add a greater chance of skilling up, or maybe even add more than one point. There could also be achievements linked to the size of fish caught (catch a whopper of each type for example). I think the task of clicking on the bobber has to remain very easy, but it's what happens next that needs to be looked at.Comma2 20 Sep 2012
20 Sep 2012 suggestion: archaeology to Support the other Tradeskils Hey there I have a suggestion for archaeology - to make it a more usefull and surpporting tradeskill. At the moment archaeology is a fun farm/grind skill for spending some time or waiting on a group for a dungeon. a suggestion there makes it a tradeskill to support the other tradeskill there. for expamel : when you are out digging for stuff you are finding alot of weird things some story based items others there have no use at all. well why not make that you can find old gem stone metels and leather and so on ? in the real world archaeologists find gem bones mummified animal and humans there the skin are still on them. the gem would be used in jewelcrafting for rare/epic items ? and for blacksmithing weapons and armors where the gems are the sercret to making them digging and finding skin there are from extinct animal humanoids and so on. there can be used in leatherworking metels there can be used in blacksmithing and jewelcrafting to. for enchating you can find old relics or items there can be Disenchanted to specials mats for some magic ?? And so on... the things there can be found and put in to some of the other tradeskills are unlimted just try to think about some of the idear that you can come up with and see how easy it is to fit it in to some of the tradeskills and make archaeology a tradeskill for it self there have some cool benifits to the game i know that the archaeology was made as an secondary skill like cooking, fishing and first aid, but I see so much more that the skill can be made into? what is you thoughts on this ? Sorry about the spellings.Smukke1 20 Sep 2012
20 Sep 2012 in mop why boot enchnats with agility and run speed and And not with str and run speed. I see mastery on boots and run speed, why cnt everyone use it, why should agility user always get better echants?Silveerdawn5 20 Sep 2012
20 Sep 2012 Hunters and disarm-recduction enchant. Forgive me, but I havent noticed that there are any weapon enchants in-game rigth now that gives hunters a disarm reduction. I`ve tried with the pyrium-weapon chain but it doesnt work on my bow. Are there are plans to add this type of enchant in MOP for hunters?Squiggz5 20 Sep 2012
19 Sep 2012 [Archaeology] Will fragments be reset in Mop? As the title says, i am wondering if the fragments i have now will be reset in the expantion. I am digging for professor at the moment and some of the schools dont have any more rares for me so i dont bother to solve them if i can save the fragments for MOP.Pallem5 19 Sep 2012
19 Sep 2012 Profession filters Why have these been changed? It was much, much easier to look through items when we could pick e.g. in Leatherworking Mail -> Head, etc, while now we have just Head items, so it is mixed mail and leather (or am I missing something here?).Ammiel1 19 Sep 2012