02 Oct 2012 Missing Tailor Trainer So having spoken to some of the other NPC's they try to point me to a Tailoring Trainer in Silken Fields. I travel there but cannot find said trainer. Are they missing? Do they not exist? Are the NPC's liars?Pandamönium1 02 Oct 2012
02 Oct 2012 Why don't engineers make helmet enchants? The entire time engineers have existed, they have struggled to make money. So why not let them make helmet enchants for everyone? They can already make mind-amplifying helmet modifications, so there's at least the lore for buffing intellect, and it's not much of a strain on the imagination to let it buff strength, stamina and agility too. Also, while I'm here, why do leatherworkers get hte best enchants? For tanks they gain WAY too much stamina compared to other professions, and for DPS/healers they just get 10 free agi/str/int. They also get it a lot earlier than everyone else, as no enchanter (or anyone else, for that matter) is going to be revered with the August Celestials for quite a while.Mordrin0 02 Oct 2012
02 Oct 2012 Leather working crafted pvp gear recipes Where do i buy them or how do i optian them? Asking guards looking it up on google. No sucsess in finding it. :( Hoping that sombody here can tel me.Gealfir2 02 Oct 2012
02 Oct 2012 BS/JC or BS/Engi for warr tank Hi I'm currently getting my BS up to 600 and after that I'm planning to drop mining. My first intention was to go for JC, but I'm now thinking of Engi instead since it seems more interesting and I have a Ench/JC alt already. What do you think?Maruka0 02 Oct 2012
02 Oct 2012 Mystery of the Mists "Mystery of the Mists" a scribe skill that involves putting together a Light Parchment, 10 Starlight ink and 10 Spirit of Harmony to give a Darkmoon card. Will this ever go live? Any news on it?Greiver0 02 Oct 2012
02 Oct 2012 Have over 600 skill but no achievement Anyone else get past 600 or past in a profession and receive no achievement? Why is this?! My herbalism is at 611 but i don't have the zen master achievement.Daaz2 02 Oct 2012
02 Oct 2012 Northern Cloth Scavenging It's about time this tooltip gets updated. It claims you have a chance to find more cloth from Northrend humanoids, but it really gives you a chance to gain more cloth from ALL humanoids. It's about time the tooltip is updated, it's starting to look rather silly :PMangs0 02 Oct 2012
02 Oct 2012 inscription help plz ok i just maxxed out inscription how do i sell my shoulder enchants? i made 3 of them but they are soulbound yet i was able to buy them of the ah on my pally before i got maxxedBoínks2 02 Oct 2012
02 Oct 2012 reputation and enchanting ! Why every enchanting recipe need revered to get ?!??!? yet other professions like Bs and Ins and some other get their recipes so easy ? It take like 3 months to get Revered whit shadow pon and a auguest celestials and by that point nothing from the rep is useful so WTH.Xirz0 02 Oct 2012
02 Oct 2012 Zen Alchemist's Stone Hello there! I wanted to communicate a problem regarding the new Alchemy trinket. When I deal damage with any type of attack, it doesn't proc the +stat, unless I use Throw or Fan of Knives, then it suddenly appears to work properly. I hope it gets a fix soon, since it's a pretty good item to start the heroics when I get to lvl 90.Quickbolt4 02 Oct 2012
02 Oct 2012 Engineering mounts Hey blizzard, how come a mount from engineering cost 3 of those orb of mystery when a JC mount only requires 1? Last time i checked a JC makes more money than a Engineer >.> Is this really intended and how did it pass the beta? >.> No i'm not QQing cause i can't afford it cause I can, i just find it lame. Edit: SpellingDòóm1 02 Oct 2012
02 Oct 2012 Merge black/White trillium I simply don't see the point with this, im currently sitting with 30 white ores and like 1 black so i can't make them to bars, the nodes are rare as it is so why? Also 2 of each is pretty overkill... There has always been rare minerals, Khorium, Titanium, Pyrite ect so why change this formula now?Jägerméister10 02 Oct 2012
02 Oct 2012 What are the best professions atm? Hello, i'm a new WoW player, and i just hit lvl 30, i would love to know what are the 2 best professions in MoP atm. thank you!Pallyrukter3 02 Oct 2012
02 Oct 2012 Inscribed Jade Fan I've been hearing rumours this offhand is going to be replaced and drop significantly in value. I've been trying to find validity in these rumours, but come up with nothing. Does anyone have ideas?Frostmoarne0 02 Oct 2012
02 Oct 2012 Please add a debuff for mining. Bad back: You've recently pulled a muscle in your back and can no longer mine ore for 3 hours. That way, it stops 1 - market being flooded 2 - Bots 3 - Everyone (me) can finish a quest without stopping every 7 seconds to mine a node OR! Just turn down the node spawning, it's absolutely ridiculous. The market has crashed already. Now, I'm far far from poor, having more money than most, more than I can spend really, but this is promoting bots even more. I am not joking when I say I made 5 stacks of ghost iron in as many minutes running on a ground mount. I saw a bot running around at level 90 without even using flightform just picking up flowers and ore. So, please, for us populated realms that's flooded with stuff making it already less than cata goods at the end of the expansion, turn it downAlyia8 02 Oct 2012
02 Oct 2012 lvl 90 craftable pvp neck/ring ? So you can make a full pre-season Contendor's set, but you can't make the rings, neck and trinket to go along with it, what gives ?...or am i just missing something ?Muilpeer0 02 Oct 2012
02 Oct 2012 worth stacking sha crystals? Worth buying them and sell for higher when ppls starts raiding?Gebz0 02 Oct 2012
02 Oct 2012 need more ironpaw!! could we please get a couple of ironpaw tokens from daily quests please, i am literally banging my face against a wall fishing up stacks of octopuss to turn into ironpaw tokens, i would like to be levelling up my pets or working on my alts professions. When you reach 575 cooking, every single recipe requires at least 1 ironpaw token to craft 1 single recipe!!! and the only way to get them is to spend a mind numbing amount of time fishing. TLDR: just give us the a couple of ironpaw tokens from dailies please 3 or 4 a day will do, thanx blizzMichlin5 02 Oct 2012
01 Oct 2012 Profession mats are worth nothing As the title says, I just think it's a bit sad. The mats are worth nothing anymore, the cloth is at 15g per stack on my realm now, that's lower than embersilk has ever been. The enchanting stuff, like ethereal shard, I sold them for 1000g the first night to people going for realm first - now theyre at 40g. The reason is obvious, the recipes are too hard to get, and by the time you get a recipe you'll have so much mats that you can literally feed the entire realm's demand for that item, which would be awesome for business if everyone else didnt have that exact same recipe aswell by then. So as a tailor I'm making sh*tloads of contender's pieces, then I disenchant them, and I make enchants that I give away to friends of friends etc. Or sometimes I just vendor the cloth, cus it takes up too much bag space even when in bolts. Tbh I enjoyed the system better where you had to spend some time to gather mats, then craft some cool item. Now motes of harmony is the one universal material for everything. You've got cloth son? Well unless you have motes of harmony you ain't got nothin'. NUTHIN. Which brings me to motes of harmony, I won't even start. I see no reason to be a tailor atm, except ofc I get free leg enchants, so for having 600 skill in tailoring, I save like 1000g. Enchanting gives me ring enchants, that's the only reason I have enchanting. Infact if people ask me what professions I have, I say Ring enchants and free leg enchant.Corpsewater3 01 Oct 2012
01 Oct 2012 Alchemy > all? Ok so I have Jewelcrafting on my shaman, Engineering on my rogue, and Blacksmithing on my Warrior. Why is it that I can't make anything of use by myself without paying a ton of gold to an alchemist? Everything good needs living steel. Only alchemists can make living steel. It has a 1 day cooldown (unless you're willing to spend bop mats), and so obviously the price will remain high for the foreseeable future. The only solution I see at the moment is leveling an alchemist of my own. "Oh you farmed your own mats? Too bad brah, go buy some living steel" Crafted epics? Living steel. Crafted mounts? Living steel. Belt buckles, weapon chains... all living steel. Anything I can make money off means paying 5k gold to an alchemist for every living steel, and most crafts need multiple steels each. This is unacceptable.Tenjin7 01 Oct 2012
01 Oct 2012 When will the ink traders stop trading Blackfallow Ink? Did Blizzard share a date for when the Ink Traders will stop accepting Blackfallow Inks for lower-level inks, and start accepting Ink of Dreams instead?Kelseya4 01 Oct 2012
01 Oct 2012 Alchemy recipes Can I still learn new alchemy recipes at skill level 600 from even level 525 potions?Accendi0 01 Oct 2012
01 Oct 2012 Can't level JC/Mining Just got to outlands after the painful and expensive pre-300 part and now i'm simply stuck. There are no nodes whatsoever. I suspect it is because of cross-realms that put alot of people in the same zones wich, while i like it overall, it absolutely kills any prospect of mining. After two complete runs of each Hellfire and Zangarmarsh i found 26 ores total. This is rediculous. Please do something about it. PLEASE learn from Guild Wars 2 and make nodes instanced so i can mine my own business without competing against others. This is very anti-social because i get to hate everyone else that is mining.Pancaek0 01 Oct 2012
01 Oct 2012 What professions is best for making money? What professions is best to farm money with? Or what two professions? Thanks in advance ~ReastpoReastpo1 01 Oct 2012
01 Oct 2012 professions in wow Crafting in wow I think is quite boring and entirely predictable. You have two choices, speed though the boring crap (mudance recipes on the way to max level) and get to the high end, one type of item (JC e.g. Int Gem). Or you can save loads of mats for a one off legendary craft. Everything else seems pointless and frankly quite mundane. Crafting needs to be interesting again (make more stuff like invis potions/ goblin cannons/ exploding sheep!) Useful stuff, fun stuff!Thyyme0 01 Oct 2012
01 Oct 2012 archeology unpossible to lvl? i am trying to get my archeology to 525 skill so i can start in mist. but i seem to be stuck on 515. nothing geves me skill anymoreNemmy1 01 Oct 2012
01 Oct 2012 Engineering material costs out of hand I'm playing on a quite high-populated server - yet the material prices for anything usable are ridiculous. I understand Blizzard doesn't want to have everybody own them in a week, but the price pools we are talking about are not accessible by a semi-player. Reinforced Retinal Armor (476 Epic head with worse stats than equal BoPs): 6 x Living Steel (3000g ea / Alchemist daily CD) ~18k at the cheapest. The Engineering Mount: 12 x Living Steel (3000g ea / Alchemist daily CD) 3 x Orb of Mystery (20000g ea / reputation) 12 x Spirit of Harmony First of all, why am I given a mount that needs no Engineering skill, with insane price pool? I want something affordable and some sort of reason to skill-up engineering. The materials cost approximately 100k at the cheapest + 12 Spirit of Harmonies...Gouca5 01 Oct 2012
01 Oct 2012 Zen master alchemist i dont get any new recipes from trainer in sw or in pandaria. i only have cata recipes. its like im stuck.. so what too do ?Palalaladin4 01 Oct 2012
01 Oct 2012 Bran Bronzebeard and crates of archaeology fragments So I've gathered 40 odd Restored Artifacts and started trading them in to Brann, however the process could use a quality-of-life update. You can only buy one crate at a time, due to them being unique, and you can't open the crate from your inventory whilst you still have the vendor window open. This means you have to constantly buy the crates, close the vendor window, open the crate, then re-open the vendor window to buy another. This is a pain for large collections of artifacts. Why do the crates need to be unique? Shift-click to buy multiple amounts, thanks.Cry3 01 Oct 2012
01 Oct 2012 Tailoring: Why no ilvl 463 rares? Hi. I'm aware that tailorers can buy recipies for ilvl450 PvP-items. So when I leveled my Blacksmith, I got amazed, (and alittle annoyed) to find out, that not only can blacksmiths buy recipies for ilvl450 PvP-items just like us, but they can also buy recipies for ilvl450 and 463 rare PvE items. Is there any particular reason that tailorers can't craft say, DPS/Healing items with ilvl463, or did Blizzard just f*ck us over for no good reason?Solmyhr4 01 Oct 2012
01 Oct 2012 Missing blacksmith plans I have been looking and looking but i cant seem to find where to get these plans for this set. Anynody that could help out? Masterwork Lightsteel LegplatesSpaszm3 01 Oct 2012
01 Oct 2012 Comparing proffesions Seriously what happened to the balance of the proffesions. !@#$ing unfair the way they have given out new stuff in mop for some professions. Take tailoring and enchanting, wich is a common proffesion for priest. And then compare it to jc or engineering. WHAT THE %^-*! Tailoring is so !@#$ing boring and i belive this proffesion must have been forgotten during the coffee donut break that office had when they brainstormed this. Also enchanting.... So much UNINTERESTING %^-* enchants that you make just to skill up to 600... just to get it done. Not like it means !@#$ anyway. Dont understand, why dont all proffesions get something cool they can work towards and finally down the road be able to craft. Like some cool looking mounts, or pets, battle pets. Seriously anything... Makes me %^-*ing pissed to see how things are done in wow these days.Teslacow3 01 Oct 2012
01 Oct 2012 Exotic Leather Is it even worth staying skinner anymore? I'm mainly a healer so the 480 crit rating isn't that big of a deal for me, and to be honest I can't seem to make any money off skinning, what so ever. Back in wrath i could at least make some decent cash by selling leather, but now it's not worth anything, since exotic leathers are the only thing we can get, there's so much of it. So does anyone know if i can even make a decent living off skinning dead animals anymore?Kàguya1 01 Oct 2012
01 Oct 2012 No Empty Spinefish Container? I know the dude that is suppose to sell them, Merchant Cheng at Halfhill, same one that sells the rest of them right?! Well he doesn't have it in his list :( And I have so many Spinefish I was for using to get tokens. I was wondering if this was got somewhere else or if it was missing from game/bugged or something. Thanks in advance for any help <3Hadoüken4 01 Oct 2012
01 Oct 2012 enchant gloves - Angler bugged ? This enchant is supposed to give +5 fishing. I tried different combination of fmy fishing gear and the +5 fishing enchant does not always apply. Ive found out that the +5 fishing enchant doesnt add up with my +5 High Test Eternium Fishing Line enchant on the pole. Is that an old bug ? This means the enchant is basically useless for me.Torandil1 01 Oct 2012
01 Oct 2012 Herbalism 550-575 Im having real trouble leveling this. In the starter zones there is plenty of green leaf tea that got me to 550 fast then went grey. In the next zones all i see is still green leaf tea. So i went to a 87-88 zone and now its snow lilly req 575 so i cant touch that yet. I saw some silkweed in a small area in valley of four winds but mostly the zone is covered in grey green leaf tea. Anyone have a suggestion where to level it? it seems really messed up the amount of grey tea everywhere and nothing in between.Kiddingme1 01 Oct 2012
01 Oct 2012 Archaeology - Pristine artifacts don't count for achis? Today I solved a pristine iron amulet and pristine cracked mogu runestone, yet this apparently doesn't count for the criteria for Symbols of Strength. Is this intended or a bug? Seems a bit silly that pristine artifacts don't count where normal ones do...Erinne1 01 Oct 2012
30 Sep 2012 Profession Moans Ok, so for blacksmithing there is a Tank + Healer specific 450 ilevel pve items. But DPS All there is is an item with a random enchantment what the hell. Jewelcrafting (What the **** were you thinking) Research, fair idea but prospecting nearly 1000 ore and only getting 5 or 6 reds what the hell. Not to mention you dont have ANY control over whats learn which in itself is fair enough but still annoying but what really ****** me off is getting ******* pvp gems, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SEPARATE THESE TWO ASPECTS OF THE ******* GAME. I dont pvp, I dont buy any pvp recipes I DONT WANT PVP OVER PVE. Mining Trillium Bars require 2 separate ores and 2 of each as well, how about increasing the ******* spawns and making what u get a bit more random. No matter where I go to mine it 99% of the time its black. Engineering You can only have 1 cogwheel yet there is a trinket with 3 slots and a helm with 2 where most classes only benefit from maximum 4 stats and then being forced to just add one into the helm thats useless. How about adding in primary stats thats say 150, or 300 or at least letting us equip up to 2 of each. Have not started LW or Enchanting properly but I doubt they will bug me as much. /Rage Edit Just noticed, the tank + healer specific BS items are 450 the random enchantment is 415. Where the **** is the ilevel 450 blacksmithing pve stuff.Warriorjelly0 30 Sep 2012
30 Sep 2012 The are millions of gold being made right now on the AH Get rich now or be priced out forever.Lolbear2 30 Sep 2012
30 Sep 2012 Mists of Pandaria Jewelcrafting Changes - Have Your Say Although I'm not enjoying the changes if you are I want to hear about it and I want to encourage discussion in this thread not just complaining. ^^ I also understand that it's still very early in the expansion and things could be much different later on. Firstly they changed the meta recipe to 2 Vermillion Onyx, 2 Wild Jade and 2 Imperial amethyst to 1 Primal Diamond. The reason I don't like this is because it's a really punishing ratio and the gems are hard to obtain. 6 rare gems to 1 meta is really expensive and to prospect those 6 gems specifically you'll need a tonne of ore. Also under the old system (18 Uncommons to 2 meta's) it gave a use to the uncommon gems and even though the ratio is worse the uncommon gems were much easier to obtain. Uncommon gems have no use. Sure perfect cuts are back and nice but everyone will still overlook them for the rare gem and as I said above since they aren't used to make the meta they have virtually no use. It's also not really viable to transmute them up to their rare since they need a golden lotus which is a rare flower. Before transmuting up was possible because it needed uncommon gems and flowers. The random factor makes it overly punishing. Say for example I want to learn a red recipe I first need 3 Primordial Ruby. Which seems to be painfully difficult to prospect, today it tool me 12 stacks to get 1 and yesterday 10 stacks to get 3. I also have friends who are finding it equally difficult to prospect. Then after that I learn a random recipe in the color. This means I can't learn the recipes that will actually benefit my class and I can't stay competitive on the AH because some people will have better look at learning recipes. Spirit of Harmony helps but again you need 3 and you're getting a random gem form an even bigger pool. Serpent's Eyes. Hit and miss. I like how they work for Jewelers I just hope that they're balanced against the buffs form other professions and that the items crafted with them are moderately useful to other classes. I'm not the biggest fan of how they're made simply because anyone being able to make them devalues them horribly.Plus if we say you get on average 2 dust per prospect and you need at least 5 for the recipes that's a lot of ore, again. What was wrong with the quests for tokens way? Anyway that's it for my opinions, let me know what you think about the changes.Sigmazeromus6 30 Sep 2012
30 Sep 2012 tank warrior proffesion :) hey guiys can u help me litle out iam playing prot warrior what is best proffesions to take for him? 1 proffesion i allrdy got and it is jewelcrafting but cant decide 2nd proffesion blacksmithing or mining what is better to take?Paygrande4 30 Sep 2012
30 Sep 2012 How do I train new Alchemy? (525+) So i learned Zen Alchemy from SW trainer, but no new recipes. How do I level it up?Lolbear1 30 Sep 2012
30 Sep 2012 MoP: Enchanting So, I maxed my enchanting a while ago. Bought all the recipes the Npc in Stormwind sold. Are these really all of them? There's no recipes I need to buy for Ex. Dream Shards, like in Cata?Sephyx5 30 Sep 2012
30 Sep 2012 Engineering in MoP Just checked the new recipes, and it's not looking very attractive. Instead of some sort of Nitro/Rocket Boots tinker we now have a Waterwalking/Swimming device which is only useful in a few corners of the game (thinking mostly BGs), and the new parachute seems to work like the old one but has 5 instead of 1 minute cooldown. The goggles are pretty much useless for PvP, since you can only socket 2 PvE-stats while entirely lacking the PvP-Power/Resilience that even the blue sets have now. Has anyone tried attaching Flexweave and Nitros to level 90 gear? Do they still work like pre-MoP? Otherwise i'd just skip it in MoP and pick one random other profession instead.Haohmaru3 30 Sep 2012
30 Sep 2012 Leveling and farming rep on alts for proffesions. So I have my main with JC and enchanting (warlock) and I have alt with tailoring - my idea was to level warlock fast, farm reputation and focus on getting as best gear as fast as possible. Obviously I wanted my alt with tailoring to make BoE epics for my main - mats are no problem - farmed more then needed. Problem is I have to stop playing my main and level alt and then spend lots of time on that alt just to get reputation with faction that will sell me needed patern! I know those quests and dailys are awesome (GJ Blizz) but doing them again in matter of days on 2nd character is boring. Here are solutions I can think of: 1. Make those paterns BoA 2. Make Imperial Silk not BoP - so I can give it to my guildies with tailoring so they make me those epics Right now if I want those epics on my main I have to level and farm rep on my alt or buy them on AH for 30-40k gold (which I dont have) which is stupid cos I do have my own alt with maxed tailoring!Thystonius0 30 Sep 2012
30 Sep 2012 Inks Will the ink traders update at some point so I can trade in the Ink of the Dreams for other various inks?Sinnermojo2 30 Sep 2012
30 Sep 2012 Gear crafting is useless Blue gear isn't even on-par with heroic dungeon gear and epic crafting is 20 ilvls behind normal raid gear. Why even bother spending 40k on an epic when raid finder gear is better. GG blizz.Daegranos9 30 Sep 2012
30 Sep 2012 Alchemy problem! why i cant lvl up from 535skill alchemy anymore'? i go to trainer dont have any new to train? help someoneDasdasdasdcr3 30 Sep 2012
30 Sep 2012 Chef Hat BoA Since all new profession items are already BoA I think Chef Hat should also be. I rerolled monk for Pandaria when found out that achis are Account Wide (they are not in guild ranking what annoys me but its wrong topic for this) and now i still have to do all over again. I spent my time farming marks in the past and I would like to use it now. I think things like that will make people less excited about rerolling other classes, so when they will get bored with their they might stop playing.Falqua1 30 Sep 2012
30 Sep 2012 Engineering Googles and living steel I'm requesting a change to replace the living steel materials with something else. These goggles are better than raidfinder but slightly worse than normal mode raids. I have mining, a requirement for engineering so why should i be forced to find an alchemist to make these when their bop? Either make living steel mining aswell (considering truegold was mining and alch) or replace the living steel with 24 trillium bar.Jägerméister10 30 Sep 2012