09 Oct 2012 Spirits of Harmony Why are these BOP? The most important profession item so far and it's BOP. Is it to deliberatly waste our time and fatten your pocket-book?Damimshort19 09 Oct 2012
09 Oct 2012 Farming and time for harvesting Blizzard i thin you wrong,24 hours for 1 stack/20/ is too long time! I like the idea i love my farm but the progress with the coocking is too slowly! what do you think people of WOW?Missispriest1 09 Oct 2012
09 Oct 2012 Scribe Problems [inscription][no ink trader] So , as you can see in title im running inscription in MOP.Today i searched for a ink trader that will trade 10-25 ink of dreams in to 1 Starlight ink my search was in vain there isnt a ink trader in mop i am asking blizzard to get ink trading back cause:The milling chanse of misty pigment is pretty low also the useage of the starlight inks are abnormaly high. now im sitting with 500 ink of dreams considering idea to vendor them. note : im milling fools cap (its top tier of herbs at pandaria)Esadiablo24 09 Oct 2012
09 Oct 2012 Alchemy: Discoveries Im getting new recipes by making stuff. Thats ok, because its going quite fast :) But. Do i get discoveries from doing "grey" poitons for example? Im mean this Pandaria ones but dont give skill points? Or only from this "skillpoint awarded" ones? I know im missing only few recipes now so i think it will take A LOT of making pots - so i want do it cheapest way :-)Wariatka6 09 Oct 2012
09 Oct 2012 LF Stormshroud set Desperately looking for a complete set, preferably looking for someone who got all patterns for it Price is up for negotiationVrethsov1 09 Oct 2012
09 Oct 2012 new inks@ trader , now ty 'nuff saidErfan2 09 Oct 2012
08 Oct 2012 farming at level 85 is it possible to mine and herb with ease in pandaria at level 85? because i have some toons with different professions and i can´t go just yet through the pain of levelling from 85 to 90. Thanks in advance.Tunleggy4 08 Oct 2012
08 Oct 2012 Archaeology, Fishing, Cooking should be (Account) I think i have said it all in the title. After 321/ Tolvir solves on Paladin from a total of 1500 solves on all factions for the mount and 126 Tolvir solves on my hunter from a total of 542 solves overall, i think i am entitled to have an opinion about Archaeology and also about Cooking, after leveling it to Master of the Ways in Pandaria. With all this grind, i am still missing 3 rares available in Cataclysm, 2 staves and a 2h sword. Thank you for reading!Showtyro2 08 Oct 2012
08 Oct 2012 Too many glyphs? Is there anyone else, particularly scribes, who think there are too many glyphs in the game? My scribe has already learnt over 200 and still has 120 left to learn. Some seem to be next to useless and some really naff - please voice your opinion :-)Arthust0 08 Oct 2012
08 Oct 2012 Weapon enchants? Does anyone have like dancing steel etc that req sha crystals? I horded 80crystals and was hoping for prices to go up..Gebz1 08 Oct 2012
08 Oct 2012 alchemy help where i can train specialization for alchemy? and where is the best now? transmute or flask?Byàkuyà3 08 Oct 2012
08 Oct 2012 Lvl 85 Alchemy Alt? Hello, is it possible to use a lvl 85 (which I don´t play anymore) solely for Alchemy, so I can gather the herbs on this new hunter here and send them all to my other char and push it there to 600 so I can transmute Living Steel? Just wanna make sure it is possible... maybe someone else is doing it like that or knows it works need the other profession slot for Engineering, thats why I ask :)Dhumra3 08 Oct 2012
08 Oct 2012 short end of the stick again.JC only secondary stat gem Hi everyone. This post is not about making money its about combat bonuses. We JCs have suffered through hole DS. Now i was hoping we'd be on par again. But blizzard decided otherwise. Here's the problem JC only gems give extra 160 stats per gem compared to a normal gem. While for primary stats thats normal for secondary stats thats low since they have the half item badget now. If I wanted to use JC-str gems there is no problem. BUT if I want to gem secondary stats like haste or PvP power I get less stats compared to a Blacksmith. Im not sure if this is a way for blizzard to reduce number of JCs and make people roll other proffessions, regardless we have suffered enough. I dont wanna suffer for another expansion. TLDR: Buff JC to BS level.Tavil0 08 Oct 2012
08 Oct 2012 Selling Schematic: Purple Smoke Flare 5k or nearest offer. Horde Hellscream server.Hamsandwich0 08 Oct 2012
08 Oct 2012 [Suggestion] Foxicopter Controller Dear Blizzard, Please allow the Foxicopter Controller to be placed into Engineering bags; I have so little inventory space these days that it would be greatly appreciated! Kind regards, JoJodok0 08 Oct 2012
08 Oct 2012 Engineering: please remove "Rocket Fuel Leak" As the title says. When choosing nitro boosts you give up some other engineering "tinker-enchant". There is no need for the chance of taking extreme and in PvP often fatal damage from it. To my knowledge, no other profession has such an extreme drawback when using it. While I agree that engineering has always been somewhat unpredictable (e.g. teleporting several hundred yards up in the air in vanilla) this is niether fun or fair. Bonkbonk made the following comment on Wowhead, which I think summarizes it all very well: ... Of course, the most just thing to would be to remove all drawbacks whatsoever (even though I actually enjoy the explode-and-fly-high-up-in-the-air one)Penesh5 08 Oct 2012
08 Oct 2012 No neat archaeology gizmos or mounts :/ Anybody else disappointed that arch got a very lame set of weapons, a bland grey mogu statue and other stuff (me having to say "other stuff" dictates how lame I personally think it is ) Instead of actual UNIQUE transmog gear or a unique glyph or hell A MOUNT which was the sole reason I started this stupid profession you have not done anything decent with since the release of cata. I might sound a little entitled but even the turn into items do not looks that fun, and we get an umbrella.... Like really When will I EVER care to carry this in my bags and use it, It does not even look that great it all just seems very balnd to me, It seems to have gone to "FIND SUPER FUN AND RARE ITEM, TRANSFORMATIONS AND RARES!!" To "Stuff", I was also looking forward to at least a mount from the profession which was one of the main reasons to farm this profession because you got an extremely rare pet and those who put the time and effort (mostly time) to get it got it and it all now seems just... gone. :/Accelerator14 08 Oct 2012
08 Oct 2012 Inscription is missing something.. Anyone else notice that Inscription are missing the Battle Elixir type scrolls for Mists level? Runescroll of Fortitude II being the only thing we get to make.. I have inscription on my Priest so the scroll is pretty useless. Any reason why they left them out? Also would be nice if they made a [Paper Disguise Kit] that makes you look like other players but being made of paper tears when you enter combat.Amaara0 08 Oct 2012
08 Oct 2012 So, you have to design a Rocketship Colour Scheme. This is a giant flying bomb that has a metal lightning bolt power nailed onto its side. This is a giant flying bomb has a giant white skull painted onto the nose. You are given the task to paint this, absolutely awesome, giant flying bomb/rocketship. How many of you would choose... wait for it.. Teal. Yes Teal. The colour of a bathroom, possibly curtains at a push. This is not the colour for a Giant Flying Bomb. Please, please, please change it. PS: While we are here, what does this mean? "Use: Teaches you how to summon this mount. This mount changes depending on your Riding skill and location."Tora0 08 Oct 2012
08 Oct 2012 LW/Ench or Engi/Ench I'm brushing up my ol' hunter again and have been thinking of dropping LW for Engi since I think Engi is a bit more fun. However, AFAIK, engi is not a very good money maker, and I guess LW will be able to sell leg enchantments. My second profession will definately be enchanting, but I'm thinking of droping LW now already instead of wasting time getting it to 600, but still not sure. Is engi a viable prof in MoP?Maruka0 08 Oct 2012
08 Oct 2012 account wide secondary professions Hello blizzard. i was thinking today and came up with this idea dunno if u wanna take it to consideration for some future patches or expansions. but i was thinking as all chars can have all secondary professions it would be amazing to have em account wide. hence it would be a lot more fun to also be able to do archeology etc on u main if u like change youre main char to another etc, instead of doing it all over. and as u can have all secondary professions on any char i cant see why it shouldnt be an idea, just my idea. couldnt find another topic regarding this so i thought i might put it up. or maybe just archeology account wide which would also be amazing.Maphisto23 08 Oct 2012
08 Oct 2012 Alchemy: how do i know when i have them all? Hi there, I have made a number of discoveries, but is there anyway to check which ones i am missing, or if i have them all? CheersHaleo2 08 Oct 2012
08 Oct 2012 Inscription or Alchemy? So, I'm currently level 600 in inscription, but I'm having a hard time making money and it's hardly useful for me (Except for the shoulder enchants). I-m considering switching to alchemy, but will it be worth it? To start ALL over again?Momijî5 08 Oct 2012
07 Oct 2012 WTS Banana charm Im selling the ultra rare bananas pet, if anyone's looking for it. Would require coming to Grim Batol EU. It is level 1. It comes from The TCG pack : Through The Dark Portal, King Mukla. Was thinking around 150k considering the value on ebay etc.Drakengrad0 07 Oct 2012
07 Oct 2012 Super lag issues! Everytime I enchant something my WoW client just freezes for like 5 seconds and it's annoying the hell out of me. Anyone know what's going on? Edit: increased to 20 second freeze.Archmagii3 07 Oct 2012
07 Oct 2012 Quick question about cooking 525+ As the title says, just a quick question. I'm at 550+ in cooking and a recipe which im cooking atm need stiped melons. I do know where to buys seeds at where to plant them etc. But want I'd like to know is, is there anyway to make them grow faster? because now it looks like I've to way a day to make them grow enough? or how long does it take for them to grow?Hibbert8 07 Oct 2012
07 Oct 2012 Cooking - 300 stat bonus feast ? Is there any possibility to get 300 stat bonus from feasts ? I heard that Quest "to be a master" will makes that you will get 300 stats instead of 275 from other feasts. But i didnt find any information about it. Or this quest only allow you to buy recipe for 275 for all highest stats and 300 is reserved ?Kedtry1 07 Oct 2012
07 Oct 2012 Special JC gems not activating socket bonus? Okey, so i gemed my headslot item with a meta gem and a 320+agi gem (red) and im still not getting the 180+agi bonus. Is this a bug or is the JC gem not supposed to work?Zimran3 07 Oct 2012
07 Oct 2012 Mechano-Hog + Factionchange = ??? Hi, I have a question. I intend to transfer my horde hunter to my ally server, and then do a factionchange. My hunter owns a Mechano-Hog which is yet to be used, so it's not soulbound. What happens when I factionchange the hunter? Will the Mechano-Hog automatically tansform into a Mekingeer's Chopper, or will it simply dissapear?Ileath3 07 Oct 2012
07 Oct 2012 Missing items on loot table (easy fixed bug) I have noticed while gathering materials for some old items that since patch 5.0.4 when blizz remade Stratholme they accidently removed some of the old materials needed for a lot of important 60 items. The most notable example is the Dark Rune wich is suposed to drop from most Stratholme bosses. I do not belive that this is intentional since they remade the whole place and it is easy to forget about small things like these. But it would be nice if they could fix this issue in a future patch. One notable example is the "Flask of Oil" wich they accidently removed. But this item is now ingame thanks to people reporting it to GM's. Hopefully this will be fixed soon. But until then, is it possible to ask a GM for help regarding this?Torger0 07 Oct 2012
07 Oct 2012 Ink traders need to update Okay, so blackfallow ink is still currency for other inks. I find it pretty annoying since I have been been farming for herbs in a couple of days for mist pigments. And I don't find much use atm for the common pigments. I have literally filled a couple of bank tabs with Ink of Dreams stacks.Lazerowl1 07 Oct 2012
07 Oct 2012 Blingtron 4000 I just wondered, why isn't he a repair bot? I thought personally he would be, the materials are quite high for a non-repair bot. Is this something that should be changed or should i have to farm out Jeeves?Vikkiblows4 07 Oct 2012
07 Oct 2012 Reduce the amount of mats req in low lvl profs! for examlpe: Toughened Leather Armor Mats required: 10 Medium Leather 6 Cured Light Hide 2 Fine Thread. I wish that blizzard would make it easier to level professions in the lower levels.. reduce the amount of mats needed please. There is hardly any mats on AH to level proffesions.. I spend like 3-4k on going from 1 to 150.. in LWSoku0 07 Oct 2012
06 Oct 2012 [Fishing] Sealed Crates Every Single Sealed Crate I have fished up contains abysmal items. These usually consist of Darkmoon Firewater, some level 10 food and something else random. The best I've ever had is 2 ghost iron ore. Seriously have they not updated this?Tahl3 06 Oct 2012
06 Oct 2012 drop herb for tailoring? I have herb & alch on my mage and both are capped to 600. I also have a 85 tailoring/enchanting shammy which I do not intend to level up in a near future currently. So what is your opinion on dropping herb to pick up tailoring instead? I know alchemy is a good money maker but since I capped it already and it become less dependent on huge amounts of herbs, I thought I could rely on ah for the reasonable amount of herbs needed for flasks & transmutes. What would you say?Magdelaine0 06 Oct 2012
06 Oct 2012 Endless Master Healing Potion i crafted more than 500 (Master Healing Potion) and more than 150 flask/elixer/potion and still havn't discoverered the Endless Master Healing Potion, what am i doing wrong ? 06 Oct 2012
06 Oct 2012 [Mining] Why are ore nodes included in zoning areas? So I've been doing a fair bit of mining lately and there's one thing that's been irritating me endlessly. It's not the single ore nodes in Dread Wastes guarded by 30+ mobs each with ~500k health (although that's on my list), it's the zoning ores. It happens with rare mob spawns too, which I can understand to an extent, but how can this be possibly justified with ore nodes? When I'm flying about in Pandaria and spot an ore node on the map, when I fly down to it I don't expect it to fade out and vanish, and what's the reasoning behind including them in zoning areas with mobs/structures? Before anyone says it, I am aware of the function of zoning areas and their (somewhat redundant) uses. I am simply asking: Why are ore nodes included in zoning areas?Exixo0 06 Oct 2012
06 Oct 2012 Alchemist need help hi in lvl 85 and how can i learn new recept cant bay any at the trainer dont no what to doKracha1 06 Oct 2012
06 Oct 2012 Fishing Tournament's Bugged? What has happened to the fishing tournaments? They have disappeared from my calendar. I went to Dalaran just now to start the Kalu'ak Derby but the lovely Kalu'ak walrus isn't even there like usual. Is this a bug or have the tournaments been removed? xLothelania2 06 Oct 2012
06 Oct 2012 What happened to ''No, thank you''. I sell a lot of items using the trade chat. Especially lately it seems that almost every single potential buyer goes by the routine of replying ''lol'' when I tell them my price. There are no negotiations, no reasonable arguements why it should be cheaper. Chances are I might be willing to lower my price if I am given a proper reason or if only the potential buyer would behave. Anyone else experiencing this?Spitfìre17 06 Oct 2012
06 Oct 2012 [Fishing] Issue, bopper jumps at the very end Hi This expansion I've noticed my bopper VERY frequently jumping at exactly the END of my channel. Now, I'm very grateful that every cast actually yields a bite (long patch ago). But please prevent the bopper of popping at the last second. I just can't click it fast enough. It jumps and while it jumps, the sound effect only starts AFTER you cannot click it any more. This is very annoying if you like to browse the web and have fishing buddy tell you when there's something to click. Any fishermen/women who share my experiences? Thanks.Engel5 06 Oct 2012
06 Oct 2012 Alchemy proccs... If i create flasks will they still have a chance to procc "create more" like they did back in burning crusade... Not had alchemy since bc so i dunno :(Noobstompah2 06 Oct 2012
06 Oct 2012 Gnomish or Goblin Engineering for a Hunter? Hello everyone. I would ask you "Which one is better for Hunter?" for PVPKivram0 06 Oct 2012
06 Oct 2012 Regarding Inscrpition Ink swap Well. Until today, a scribe could mill the current expansion herbs and turn them into inks, then trade them at the ink trader for older ones. However, now when we're at pandaria, there is no option to trade Ink of Dreams for older ones, or 10 for Starlight Ink. It's an important feature that we scribes miss, Please, provide any information regarding why its not ingame! Also, Using soul of harmony to buy just 1 starlight ink sounds laughable. while you trade one of those to get stacks of 20 prismatic scale / exotic leather or 3 golden lotus (lol). -NimzNímz3 06 Oct 2012
06 Oct 2012 my archeology achievements not showing properly as it stands i have both I Have it my hand. and gathered a fair few more, yet my achievment for "what was briefly yours is mine" is showing 1. I have found 6 Digger completed Diggerer 1/50 i have found 44 what is going on? i have made great inroads into these and that work is gone?Phalhunt7 06 Oct 2012
06 Oct 2012 JC - Common Gems Hey Blizz, I like how Perfect cut gems have the same stats as rare Gems, which helps sell at least 1 out of 100 common cut gems, but is it possible to have these common gems used as materials for more useful recipes such as pieces of gear or maybe some fun items? It is already troublesome to sell them, I can't imagine what will happen in the next patch when even the perfect cuts are useless. Personally, I wouldn't mind needing 100x Red Gems to make 1 Rare Red Gem for example, as long as I can actually use them for something x) especially now that common gems are not even required for dailies. Or perhaps transmutations requiring just gems to encourage Alchemist further to buy our gems?Nexvotum1 06 Oct 2012
05 Oct 2012 ENG gloves vs active trinket As a title says. Is this bug or is it nerf? I can't use both of them together so it's simple useless with zerg macro.Ophelielesba6 05 Oct 2012
05 Oct 2012 Fish trading? Hello! I read somewhere that you could trade a fish for another, like Reef Octopus to Jade Lungfish. I cannot find any info on it on "official" sites, or wowhead etc etc. Can anyone tell me if this is true? And if that is the case, where?Marfyy2 05 Oct 2012
05 Oct 2012 Blacksmithing vs Leatherworking Alright. Blacksmithing 476 ilvl costs 8x Spirit of Harmony for both Gloves and Chest. Leatherworking 476 ilvl costs 8x Spirit of Harmony for Chest, and 6x for Gloves. Considering the cost on most servers of making Living Steel compared to Hides, this makes no sense. And if you take into account, that, without Spirit of Harmony, you can only get 1x Living Steel pr day from an alchemist, whilst a Leatherworker can craft as many Hides, without cooldown or extra materials. Why is one profession always retardedly more expensive than the other? And Why does the Gloves have a different usage of Spirit of Harmony? It really is beyond me why Blizzard put this choice in place. It seems like they want Blacksmith's to do alot more farming and spend more time on cooldowns than leatherworkers.Meatshield5 05 Oct 2012
05 Oct 2012 [ALLIANCE-BURNING LEGION]MiningSupplier! Takin Requests Hey guys! As you can see in the title, I am a mining supplier whom is currently open for requests. I am based on the Alliance side on the realm 'Burning Legion' and I can supply the following ores; Ghost Iron Trilium Kyrite I can also smelt the bars. My pricing: Will check AH before selling you the items, will choose a price usually about 10% cheaper than the current lowest price of the item on the AH. E.g. Stack of Ghost Iron Ore on AH = 120g. I sell you it for 108g a stack, but to make things easier i'd put it to 100 or 105. Leave a comment with your ingame name that you'd like to speak to me with and I will send you an ingame mail and get ahold of you :) Thank you.Skepticyo1 05 Oct 2012