09 Sep 2012 Archaeology stuff This so far has to be my favorite profession, i could end up losing hours without relising it while surveying the lands, but at the same time, i'm finding it frustrating because it feels like it's lacking at the moment. The frustration usually ties in with getting digsites where you have completed everything on specific races. If you go to Kalimdor you end up finding virtually everything Nightelf 10 times over, the same with Eastern Kingdoms and Troll. I noticed a few days ago you had options with the LFG and also PvP where you could blacklist certain instances or battles - The option to blacklist certain races within Archaeology could at least free up other races (Totally not talking about Tol'Vir here, really!) The Survey skill is vastly inaccurate, and this needs remedying especially if you're not close to the fragment spot. The Survey will show that it will be straight ahead, when infact the fragment is much further left/right of where it was directing you, and while it surely triangulates - the accuracy isn't brilliant unless you're in amber or green status. Any elevated ground also has it's issues with the Survey tool, places like Jaedenar in Felwood and the dreaded Jintha'alor in Hinterlands are examples of how frustrating the mountainous region or extra levels plays up the Survey tool. The 6 digsites where an excellent addition, considering you can get upto a maximum 54 fragments (+ scrolls etc) and i still think you are trying to find the right balance considering the changes that have been made to the number of fragments/digs that can be made per digsite. The 8 that it's at now is quite the ballbreaker, when again coupled with a larger area digsite (Lakkari Tar Pits) or again, an area with elevated ground which takes you potentially 5-6 Surveys before you find the fragments. Reducing the digsites while maintaining the high fragments could be an idea, for instance 5 digs/maximum 11 fragments per find. Overall some changes need to be made, but looking forward to discovering those new ones in Pandaria!Scorchit2 09 Sep 2012
09 Sep 2012 What Profession combination should i get? Hey there i'm currently levellling up a Mage and a Warrior and i wonder wich professions i should give them. I was thinking of giving the mage enchanting and the warrior blacksmithing that's how far i've gotten but then i wonder what i should go with that? Then i was thinking of giving the mage Engineering and the warrior Jewelcrafting and get mining for my Warlock so i can fly around to gather ore with him. On the other hand i was also thinking of giving my warlock jewelcrafting because he currently lacks a profession and give the warrior mining. I'm so confused please help.Siphon1 09 Sep 2012
09 Sep 2012 Archaeology is in a hurry! Hi there, I had the oddest thing happen to me last night whilst leveling my arch. Sometimes but not always, whenever I'd use my pick to 'dig', the direction-showing telescope would show for just a split second before fading again. A good few times I had to re-'dig' just so I could catch a glimpse of the direction and distance it was pointing towards. The times when this did not happen, it would stay in position for a good few seconds, as I'm used to it doing. I'm guessing this is possibly a bug or a glitch? I'm using no addons for this so have ruled that possibility out. Anyone else experiencing this or similar?Anathera2 09 Sep 2012
09 Sep 2012 Tailoring - Shadow/Moon/Spell Sorry if this has been answered before but can tailors make all three now specialization has gone ThanksMorphelias0 09 Sep 2012
08 Sep 2012 Thoughts on engineering tweaks. Just a couple of ideas, i had a search on the forums and could find a few things that hint at, but nothing that really got to the core of what i mean. However i apologise in advance if anyone feels i'm wasting their time. Engineering is a brilliant profession, in terms of helping others. As a hunter in a PvE guild, i find myself in a very utility class position and engineering helps me to further that. I can save myself from long drops with my cloak, let the healer not have to worry about me by being able to give myself 20-25% of my health back in a single hit, even help a party that near wipes by using my jumper cables/army knife to rez someone with full rezzing abilities, usually an unlucky healer. In solo PvE i'm pretty handy as well, target dummies in case my pet needs some assistance, bombs for aoe/stun, explosives for locked doors, chests and lock boxes, a flying mount that saves me not a huge amount of gold, but enough to help out a little, plus the lures for when i'm fishing and a whole swathe of random PvE utility items to help me get around the world in fun and interesting ways and generally blow stuff up, even with gnomish specialization. However, a few things i would like to change/add: With the recent patch taking away multi weapon equips (very annoyed, my polearm was ideal for boosting my AGI) the one reliable way engineers have of making money has been drastically diminished. I used to have contracts with other guilds to supply their rogues and warriors with firearms so they could pull a little easier, no more. Also, mount sharing, the other semi-reliable way of engineers funding their development was to sell the motorbike, which has now also been taken away. So, how would i make things better without unbalancing the profession? Add more non-engineer explosive recipes, or allow us to tinker another players gloves (in place of an enchantment) so that they can use the various bombs and grenades. Add a few more non-combat mechanical pets, it's going to become a big thing. Add a couple of underwater mounts, a single-man/woman/entity sub which gives the same speed as druid form and a 2-5 person sub which is maybe as fast as druid form, but requires a full crew to reach that speed. Just a few ideas, feel free to comment as you see fit. Khor Disgruntled Ultimate Utility Hunter EngineerKhormhan0 08 Sep 2012
08 Sep 2012 jewel,inscription or alchemy? heya wich1 is better gold make proffesion alchemy,inscript,or jewel? i got mining and herb :)Byhuk2 08 Sep 2012
08 Sep 2012 What proffessions pve/pvp? What shall i have? Enchanting and jc on my pve char and herb and alch on my pvp char or vice versa? i already got enchanting on my pvp char so its kinda tricky Please help me out here! :) Greetings MystiqeMystiqe0 08 Sep 2012
07 Sep 2012 Nitro Boosts backfiring too much Out of the last 10 times I've used Nitro Boosts (and I've greatly reduced how much I use them, favouring using the much slower Speed of Light [Paladin talent] instead) 7 times were backfires. Great fun in a BG having to waste a cooldown or die because someone in Blizzard thought it would be an amazing idea to make you lose 80% hp. I think by now I can accept that what I say means absolutely nothing to Blizzard (since I've asked about 4 or 5 times in long, well written posts about removing the backfire), so my feedback of even reducing how much it backfires is going to be wasted breath. How about at least changing the tooltip to not lie about it "rarely" backfiring? Therefore, community, any suggestions for what I can use instead of Nitro Boosts that would be useful in PvP?Goc3 07 Sep 2012
07 Sep 2012 Tailoring embroideries. So I've been playing DPS for whole cataclysm and I choose tailoring for A) the back enchant and B) making some money. I mean the back enchant are really superior if you have a damage dealing specialization in both PvE and PvP enviroments. But now that pandaria is about to come out i've rerolled tank. You see where im going with this? I want a tank embroider for tailoring. Or atleast I think that it is indeed a good idea to make one. Because tailoring is viable for every other specialization. And im not saying that its the best of all proffesions, but some people do actually have it and im one of them. And I wont remove tailoring just because of this. Because I think that it will be a good moneymaker at the start of pandaria.Mavoox6 07 Sep 2012
07 Sep 2012 Arcaeology skill stuck at 518 Hi, I'm rerolling for MoP and wanted to raise my new main's archaeology to 525. I'm at 518 now and it's not been increasing anymore for the last like 12 artefacts I build, including 4 rares that used hundreds of fragments. Is that intended? I could not find anything about this in profession skilling guides. I can't even remeber having had similar problems with other characters leveling archaeology.Prazz3 07 Sep 2012
07 Sep 2012 Cosmetic enchants I've a little request, since we can now wear pretty much whatever gear we like, can we also choose the glows we like? If we could separate the effect from the visual for our weapon enchants you could enjoy the look you want - I've always been fond of the flaming and frost two weapon look but there are also some beautiful weapons that don't need any additional glows or effects to look great, like the rose topped staff from the Plaguelands and numerous others. It is particularly sad when the artists create something that has players go ooooh priddy only for the whole aesthetic to be hidden by a bright glow. For the RPers it would be great - the frost mage with avalanche on his staff for example. Can we please have straightforward weapon buff enchants without any glows like we do for every other slot? And then a set of cosmetic effects that can be added as wanted? I wouldn't mind if the cosmetic effect was actually not an enchant at all but something you do through a vendor like transmog.Rugasa4 07 Sep 2012
07 Sep 2012 Your Fish Got Away! Okay guys, enough laughing. Gimme back mah trash fish. This was removed years ago and should stay buried. It's outdated, stupid, and nothing is more annoying than spending 20 minutes catching absolutely nothing instead of getting those skillpoints from trash. Hotfix this.Angrah3 07 Sep 2012
07 Sep 2012 well selling high price matses! hey just wanna ask what matses is worth to farm what goes xpensive like what ores and herbs and what inks ?Paygrande1 07 Sep 2012
07 Sep 2012 priest proffesion! hello just wanna ask fast advice older priests then me :P what is good and useful proffesions for priest and good for gold making? i got allrdy enchanting on 1 char and gathering proffesions other char.Ceryze1 07 Sep 2012
07 Sep 2012 Funny cosmetic bug while fishing As some of you have noticed that you can cast Fishing without equipping a fishing rod. Doing so you get a lovely branch with a fishing line attached to it. However if you go to Dalaran Sewers, grab an Underbelly Elixir and morph into Tuskar you won't get the branch. Instead you fish with your currently equipped weapon, for example I had Rathrak, the Poisonous Mind transmogrified into Blade of Dormant Memories and it replaced the fishing pole.Crucianda0 07 Sep 2012
07 Sep 2012 Potion Of Illusion Just a suggestion really as their pretty good things to have when your bored, but they only last 2 minutes and for the materials required it would be good if the time was increased from 2 minutes to maybe 15 or 30.Fiddy39 07 Sep 2012
06 Sep 2012 Fishing cast time bar gone? when i tried to do my fishing daily for my usual bag of fishy objects, i found the cast time bar is gone! i dont have any addons installed, is this a bug, or did blizzard remove it?!Shadowzac3 06 Sep 2012
06 Sep 2012 ´pre cata herbs! hey guys can some1 tell me names on pre cata herbs sorry i am really new on this.Edfs1 06 Sep 2012
06 Sep 2012 Archaeology change ideas Hello everyone! Like many of you know, archaeology is a proffesion which is considered "boring" and "grindy". In addition to this, *most* of the stuff isnt useable for more stuff than having a nice look (turning into wisps and stuffs) vanity pets, mounts or gear. However, this gear usually takes quite some time to attain (and if you're luck no time to attain) and usually is replaced as soon as a new raid is released. Honestly, I think a lot of the problems is that it does not really feel all that rewarding sometimes. Blizzard is trying to remove much of the grind, or rather, speed it up. I like this, because it will make archaeology a profession more will want. However, I've been thinking of an idea which I would like feedback on. First of all, Id like to hear WHY you do or do not like it more than "brilliant" or "terrible". If there are something you like, tell me why, and same for if you don't like it. Now, this idea is based on a reward that's worth someting in a longer term than one content patch, but which aint mounts or pets. And at the same time, I also wanted it to be rewarding to have archaeology on more characthers than one. So, I found something I really liked, inspired by the "Vial of Sands". Vial of Sands is a reward for Archaeologs which will let an alchemyst make Vial of the Sands, a very popular mount, which is also one of the more expensive non-tcg mounts. So, what I would like is unique rewards for each profession, however, if you got Blacksmithing and JC on that char but alchemy on another, you will not be able to get the alchemy receipe on the char without it. This is because if you want a profession receipe on a char, you should farm it on that char. Now, what kind of rewards am I talking about, it would be boring (and against my earlier point) if we were only making mounts here. So here is the idea: Engineers receipe would be a (permanent) item with X cooldown. This item would basically let you set up a profession camp anywhere, containing any vendor you might need (like blacksmithing supplies), in addition to stuff like anvils, forge's and what ever other needs you might have. This item would be BoE. Mats for this item should be expensive. (This is the most creative idea I had, Im not very creative, please feel free to provide feedback). Blacksmiths, Tailors and Leatherworkers would get a Set recipe. Now, what is a set receipe? Its a receipe that teaches you every item to a full set of 8 items. Since I want theese things to be BoP, making it so you need to grind for 8 different items wouldn't be very nice. Theese sets would be transmog sets, and work exactly like the armor from challenge runs. This armor Bind to account, it should be a personal reward but not only one characther but entire account so if you really like a set you dont need blacksmithing on all your plate users. Jewelcrafters would simply teach themself something like a "cutting mastery" alowing them to obtain two gems from one cut, simply a /copy of transmution mastery (please provide feedback here, Im sure you guys can do better than me). Enchanters would be able to get something like reforging. However, to make things more interesting, Id like it to be able to reforge from 30-40%, decided by the player having his gear reforged. Enchanters would be able to reforge other people's gear. This way, enchanters got another way of making profit, the reforging becomes a reward and enchanters wont get a stat advantage resulting in a nerf to their current perks forcing every enchanter to go archaeology. Im not able to find any great ideas for inscritption or alchemy, please help me here. Gathering professions I dont have any ideas for either, but it would be kinda lame to tell a farm alt (one with BS/Herb) "nah, you dont need a grindy profession cuz you got two of them already" so if anything can come up with anything here, please do! I look forward to any feedback!Locö0 06 Sep 2012
06 Sep 2012 Problems with milling Sup fellas! I wonder if this bug / problem / whatsoever occurs on other players. I tried to mill Dreaming Glory and Felweed which were in stacks of 20, but nothing really happened. My character used milling and the lootwindow didn't open. Well I tried the same on Nightmare Vine and they got milled. I tried removing all my add-ons and still couldn't mill Felweed and Dreaming Glory. I tried splitting the stacks into piles of 5 and then I could get the milling work on those herbs... Odd right? I wasn't lagging or anything.Crucianda2 06 Sep 2012
06 Sep 2012 How goes insciption/enchanting work? So, how goes inscription/enchanting leveling together? It's both easier and cheaper getting the insc mats than the lw ones, I presume? What kind of inscription items can I disenchant?Tradeprince4 06 Sep 2012
06 Sep 2012 Bountifull bags in group looting Some1 sayd to me that bountifull bags guild perk wont apply if you choose disenchant when looting, and instead i should greed and disenchant ewerything? I hawe rly no idea myself, and iw always just chosen de. So should i instead greed ewerything in mop, for the best effiency?Deadvanilla1 06 Sep 2012
06 Sep 2012 Skinning stats not increasing? Hi everyone, Probably a stupid question but when I skin animals my skinning ability doesnt increase. It is stuck on 206+10/300?? Is this because Im not skinning animals with higher levels? A friend of mine sent me the scroll of res because I have not played in 2 years..I was on level 29 and it boosted me to lvl 80. I dont know if this has anything to do with it but I would really like to up my skinning. ThankIronnaught3 06 Sep 2012
06 Sep 2012 Stupid anvil/crafting bugs! For some reason I can't use the anvil in Dalaran today. Yesterday some lowbie asked me if I knew if you had to do something special to use the anvils in Dalaran, but today it happened to me too. Please fix this yesterday!Frankuletta7 06 Sep 2012
06 Sep 2012 Anvils in dalaran? There eeems to be a bug with the anvils in Dalaran. I stand near one and try to craft but get the requieres anvil message. I have tryed all the anvils and non work. Am I being dense or is this a bug?Snowleaf1 06 Sep 2012
06 Sep 2012 What new archaeology artifacts would you like to see? Hehey folks! I made a list of all the thingies I want for each profession, and it's a huuuge list! Haha! Aaanywho, I will post 5 here for archaeology to start with and see what happens. What about finding one of the 3 Forgotten Dances? When you complete it, you get a new ability in your spellbook! Account wide sure, but perhaps it's a class/race bound dance? And if you complete all 3, you get a bonus dance move, that struck all in awe. And of course there will be achievements and titles for completing this. And what if you discovered a certain Haunted Box, which when you try to open it releases three angry time displaced spirits. They will each gather their lost powers, and will duel you sometime in the future. You don't know where or when it will happen. You could be gathering herbs on a field in Arathi Highlands when all of a sudden the sky turns dark, the land gets barren and dried out, all living things dies out, and you are called upon for a duel. You manage to win this one. But you don't know when or where the next will be. And when/if you win all three, you will get an ability in your spell book, calling the Wild Fury of the Lost Spirits, unfortunately it's just a graphic "boost" to your fights, since the spirits are in a different phase and dimension than you. And what about finding proof of the silly past, when people tried using Petrified Stilts to reach the gods and skies above. Account wide of course. You can still fight normally, but you'll do it at a "slightly higher altitude". I sure would like to own a set of Vocal Cord of an Old God, making your emote voices all powerful and mighty. And wouldn't an Audience with the First King be just awesome! When used, you kneel in front of the First King who appears, and lay his sword upon your shoulders, knighting you and you get a temporary Sir title and beneficial buff. Too bad this can only happen once every 24 hours. And we could all use more pets, right? I know I'd love to have the Spectral Sphynx Cat in to use in my next pet battle! Edit: Oh, I guess I couldn't stop at 5 as I said I would. Haha!Frankuletta0 06 Sep 2012
06 Sep 2012 I really like new glyphs Blizz, congratulations on giving us the new glyphs. Though some aren't available yet, I really think it was a good idea to add these glyphs to the game. It really creates a lot of detail and enhanced the visual appearances of the characters, especially the Priest's. (I can't wait to get the shadow pet glyph.) And though the glowing shards above the heads of a WL were kinda weird to look at, while playing I hardly focus on them. They kinda give ab earie look, which suits me fine after a week. I'll probably have to avoid the capitals the next few days for saying this, should some players want to hunt me down. Cause i've seen a lot of glyph complaints around.Nightkas0 06 Sep 2012
06 Sep 2012 mining/herb or jewel/mining for lock and gold making? hello guys just asking litle advice here what would be more useful for me as lock and ofc i wanna make wery well gold on upcoming xpansion what is better choice for that herbalism,mining or mining,jewelcrafting mainly i want to make good amount gold and would be nice if its litle useful too ! whats u think guys?Chelios13 06 Sep 2012
06 Sep 2012 1+10 in a profession for no reason? so i made this goblin and intended to make it an engineer, then i found that my Mining skill was 1+10 when i began, and as far as i know goblins doesn't have a racial that increases mining skill(i think it dwarves, while goblins have alchemy, am i wrong?) what does this mean? as of now it is 25+10/75 so i'm seriously confused as i myself cannot find a reasonable answer, thus i ended up hereTaasaadaar3 06 Sep 2012
05 Sep 2012 mining/herbalism in mop! eny idea isnt mining and herbalism enymore best moneymaking proffesions on mop? i heard there gonna be some account bound stuff cant sell in ah? sorry if i am wrong i missandurstanded things.Ceryze2 05 Sep 2012
05 Sep 2012 Archaeology rare drop rate? What is the rare item probability these days?Elean0 05 Sep 2012
05 Sep 2012 LF BS with the Runic Breastplate! I'm looking for a Blacksmith with the Runic Breastplate plans! If you know anybody who has the plan, or if you have it, please contact me.Wots2 05 Sep 2012
05 Sep 2012 Patch 5.0.4 Professions Issues So the US thread mentions that the weapon chain and alchemy specialization changes aren't intended. Fair enough. What about the belt buckles? Atm. you can't apply the current belt buckle becuase everything's too high itemlevel.Sinistar2 05 Sep 2012
05 Sep 2012 More digs on each site? [21:00:51] You receive currency: [Night Elf Archaeology Fragment] x7. [21:01:40] You receive currency: [Night Elf Archaeology Fragment] x5. [21:02:08] You receive loot: [Highborne Scroll]. [21:02:09] You receive currency: [Night Elf Archaeology Fragment] x9. [21:02:27] You receive currency: [Night Elf Archaeology Fragment] x7. [21:03:19] You receive currency: [Night Elf Archaeology Fragment] x7. [21:04:09] You receive currency: [Night Elf Archaeology Fragment] x5. Nice little thingy I didn't see in the patchnotes. <3Camomilla18 05 Sep 2012
05 Sep 2012 Alchemy and Cooking in PvP? I heard that in MoP buffs from Alchemy potions and Cooking recipes will remain even after death.Can someone verify this information please? Im asking because i plan to do mainly PvP and if i need to use potion or eat after every death in BG there is no point even picking those professions.Sarafim1 05 Sep 2012
05 Sep 2012 Ebonsteel Belt Buckle Ebonsteel Belt Buckle have changed to only allow up to ilvl 375, therefore they are useless to many raiders and such now as the average belt ilvl for raiders is 397 or 410. Please change this so that these belts can still be use with Cata level gear, as they used to be ilvl 500, or allow us some of the recipes to continue to make any kind of income from our profession. ThanksScarlun5 05 Sep 2012
05 Sep 2012 Inscription how it works with the new glyphs? i got lots of them from the trainer and a got one from minor inscription research, the second time the cd gave me scrolls all the rest i suppose through books? thxKèrrigan1 05 Sep 2012
05 Sep 2012 Enchant Ring Limited I just wanted to know why when it comes to tanking the ring enchant becomes obsolete. Who decides that the primary stat is stamina (now strength gives parry???) ??? Well i want to enchant parry or dodge to my warrior. Is that OP or something? Guess no... So why not let it free to decide which stat you want to enchantAstarroth2 05 Sep 2012
04 Sep 2012 Gathering Professions Hey as you all know allot of raiding guilds don't like it hen you have a gathering profs blahblahblah so! i would like to hear your thoughts on it, whether you don't mind it or think the bonuses to gathering professions should be changed to make them look more appealing for people who raid and actually like to have a gathering prof on there main. I would like to see this change because of the new mat required to make all the good stuff in MoP, seeing as its bound to the avatar which picks it up :o What do you think?Ramsayy2 04 Sep 2012
04 Sep 2012 What professions give you the ability to heal you? If there are any? Was wondering if there is an item or w/e you get with a profession that heals yourself which is still viable at max level?Zelg5 04 Sep 2012
04 Sep 2012 Statbonus and profit in MoP! Which would be the best statbonus professions in MoP and which should be the best profession for a good profit? :) Thought of leveling a profession up pre-MoP.Pulchrá4 04 Sep 2012
04 Sep 2012 Profession at 70 max skill ? I was wondering what's the maximum skill you can get at 70 from a profession? Was interested in getting jeeves and molle from engineering on this one if it's able.Lív10 04 Sep 2012
04 Sep 2012 Trade Skill Master! Hey guys I'm after a little help please. Im expanding into the glyph market for the first time and i have seen a lot of good things said about TSM. So I have DL TSM mod but when i open it up i see very few options, do I need to DL all the other separate versions or is there somewhere i can get everything i need in one package? Many thanks .Skumie4 04 Sep 2012
04 Sep 2012 Blacksmithing problem I stay near an anvil and i try to create some folded obsidium - but i cant because it says "requires anvil". Any ideas why?Arthemis2 04 Sep 2012
04 Sep 2012 Leatherworking/enchanting - how's dat? (OR: insc/ench) .......Or inscription/enchanting. So like the title asks, how is it leveling up leatherworking and enchanting together? Is it similar to tailoring/enchanting, or not? My plan is to level up either a rogue or a monk. My thought about it is like this: when gathering mats for lw, I disenchants the crafted items to level up enchanting, for example.Tradeprince2 04 Sep 2012
04 Sep 2012 why not share recipes account wide ? since we can share the mounts / pets and achievements that we have worked so hard for, why not make it possible to share your hard to get recipes as well.Viswijf3 04 Sep 2012
04 Sep 2012 Make money as Alchemist make potion of illusion sell for 75g per 10 potsHolyrocket4 04 Sep 2012
04 Sep 2012 Elementium and obsidium galore I've accumulated a lot of elementium and obsidium -- about half a bank tab worth of bars of each -- and I'd like to have my blacksmith turn them into something worth while. Either something saleable (not much hope there) or the most efficient way to make an item for disenchanting. Any suggestions? No, I don't want to put them up for auction at the prices I can get there, much less vendor them. XorralXorral4 04 Sep 2012
03 Sep 2012 Why did you make archaeology worse? It was bad enough having to dig over and over in the nelf zones when u had everything there was to get from that specific race when your trying to farm the pet or other items from tol'vir fragments, but now you have to dig 6 times to get another dig zone to spawn whats the thinking behind this? fair enough its easier to level archy now for the guys that cba to do it earlier in the game, but what about players that have everything now and are just trying to farm the last few remaining items from other races?Dáisuke13 03 Sep 2012
03 Sep 2012 Is Anyone Finding Canopic Jars Since MoP Patch? This is just for people who have been tracking canopic jar digs SINCE the MoP Patch in AUG'12. I haven't got a single one and I'm max Alch and max Archaeology. I found one the day before the patch, with dedicated looking for 2 days straight for many hours. I contacted Blizz and they said they don't know and told me to read the patch unhelpful. The reply was like a stock letter and they clearly didn't even read my ticket. So, have you found one since the patch and if so, what was the drop rate like?Arlotta5 03 Sep 2012