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3h What would you do with the Above Poster? #16 At late night while Cathrion is out, Dakuh breaks into her house, stealing her daggers, blades, jewelery even her scarf. He gets away with it before Cathrion returns, and sells everything to Feenly and co.Dakuh241 3h
4h Would you date the person above you? #37 IT'S JUST ANOTHER LOVE THREEEEAD, ANOTHER LOVE, THREEEEAD!Cathríon453 4h
5h What would your character say to the above poster? #22 (There is still things to be said, people!) To Uruk: "Eat them? That is barbaric!...Though, if seasoned..." The tauren pauses for a bit. "MUST STOP SAYING THINGS LIKE THIS!"Ategami230 5h
6h General RP chat #39; Elves are people too! Carrying on: ... That I can grasp as they lose some of what they were as they grow. There was an original, often idolized image that changed far beyond first impressions. My objection is that this happens universally as storylines advance and the narrative demands more from the actors involved. They could not remain isolationist in a changing world and fighting the scourge/demons put such a dent in their numbers that the cenarion gender barriers had to go. Again I struggle to see how night elves suffer uniquely from lore developments. Well, aside from losing some of their vauge WC3 image. My impression of them remains as a unique culture with a special relationship with the living world and the "gods" of the setting. They're no less primal than they were. Maybe we focus on and enjoy different things about them? I think they're way too special and distinct to be dismissed as filler or purple humans. And like I said, I don't regard playable night elf/highborne mages to be irredeemable heresy given the appropriate buildup and context it received. That, and I forget what exactly made night elves matriarchal in a rigid sense. It's a lingering trope I often see played up by RPers that benefit from it (priestesses, amazonian sentinels) when my memories are dominated by segregation rather than supremacism. That, however is its own lengthy debate... As for silly questlines or voice acting killing the race lore, I don't think it does. Trolls aren't ruined forever by zen'kiki flopping around on the ground in seal form and humans remain a thing despite entire quest zones being pop culture references.Marinya284 6h
12h Roleplay Levelling Duo Partner Hey there. :) Was wondering if anyone perhaps liked the idea of roleplay levelling together as a team? Casual stuff, maybe gaining a few levels here and there when we have time, but these alt characters would always be in-character questing together as we develop some sort of evolving storyline as the characters explore the world together. Or perhaps sometimes we'd skip the levelling and just RP around what we'd explored/done in the previous "episode" of our adventure! Pretty much my entire 10 year career of WoW RP has been casual walk-up chats in taverns on on the city streets, so I figured something much more in depth like this might be a nice change of pace. Only thing is, I need to sound out the interest for it! Must be someone out there who likes the idea too, surely? :D Let me know!Aethireon11 12h
16h Dumbest RP Moment? What's your dumbest, cringiest, or just in general worst RP moment? Mine would have to be when I was playing a human mage on Argent Dawn. Being the stupid child I was, I ended up in the guild of a RPer with a pretty bad reputation. I'm not mentioning names because I don't want to call anyone out, but I ended up taking it a bit too seriously, and ended up kind of hero worshipping this person, defending them on the forums. It got to the point where I ended up whining on the forums about how people were judging me due to being in that guild... Not one of my proudest moments :P So I'm curious, what bad experiences has everyone else had?Alixstar9 16h
17h New to RPing - Looking for friends! Hello fellow role players! I have just gotten into role playing and I'm looking for some friends to play with, since no one on my does so! I just recently made a human paladin on the server Argent Dawn, and I have figured out a sort-of backstory, but I have yet to come up with the details. She is your ordinary paladin, adventuring the world to figure out who she is, serving the alliance wherever, and however, she can. Since I am not an experienced role player I am not looking for some hardcore RPing! So if you are looking for someone to RP with, or just want to have a laugh, then feel free to either PM me or respond in this thread! I will answer you as soon as I am able :)Ilenien4 17h
17h Compendium of Kaldorei Songs and Poems Hello there, everyone! Other the past few months, a few people and myself have been composing and collecting a "compendium" of kaldorei poems. I have now decided to collect them into a word document and I have uploaded it onto the internet now. Originally, the poems were written to be used during in-game ceremonies. Over time, we gradually accumulated a vast collection of these poems and songs! I decided to publish the collection for people's reading pleasure. Unfortunately, I will not be updating the compendium document with new poems anymore; however, I will try to keep this thread updated with any new additions. I would also like to invite everyone to post their own poems here too, if they would like - as long as they are kaldorei related! ;) Finally, I would like to send my thanks to everyone who helped and participated in the making of the compendium. I hope you all enjoy reading them as much as we did writing them! Any feedback, be it positive or negative, and suggestions and criticism, is greatly appreciated and welcomed! You can contact me on Shundal-Argent Dawn / Shaelyssa-Argent Dawn.Shaelyssa86 17h
1d Steampunk Night-elf RP Question Greetings RP forum, I've got a question I hope you could help answer. You see, I was working on a steampunk themed transmog on my night elf hunter for a contest my guild is having in a few days (which you can check here how it looks: But then I thought on something: Is it posseble for a nightelf hunter (if written correctly in a RP addon like TRP) to roleplay with a steampunk themed outfit, or would that idea fall flat? Any thoughts are welcome, but please keep it civil :) PS: I've talked to a friend of mine, and he said he did RP with one that was a nightelf engineer.Glaine5 1d
1d 5E Home Brew content For all you table top Roleplayers, take a gander and see what you think, it's not much but its atleast a start 1d
2d Your last day on WoW.. Sargeras blows up EVERYTHING!, perma server shut down in 24hrs. How do you spend your last day?Ðeáth35 2d
2d How would you get killed by the above poster? #2 We all can't die dead enough. @ Death Shatter his lantern while attacking him, decanting every single spirit collected. This causes them to swirl around and form a soulnado to appear which draws Cathríon in and tears her apart.Cathríon17 2d
2d Roleplaying - Blizzard's poorly tapped pool of revenue Roleplaying in WoW has been a part of the portfolio for years now, yet Blizzard's support for it has been minimal or at least felt minimal to the dedicated core population of them. Many attempts at re-invigorating and centralizing it has been attempted by players though few succeed. I will reiterate here two of the already existing ideas that have been asked for or hinted for over the years by roleplayers. Roleplayers generate their own content, if you improve their toolkit you will certainly recover a large player base and possibly even increase it without the need to create large amounts of new content. For years Blizzard has flaunted their increasing control of models, animations, riggings and emotes. Has it never occurred to a developer at HQ what an amazing tool that would be in the hands of roleplayers? What roleplayer wouldn't want to be able to at-will do the sunglasses emote that Horatio Laine does in Westfall and Deadmines? What about guard stances with shields presented and weapons at ease? Locking upper-body in some pose like say the flex pose while also walking? Imagine a rigging system similar to the transmog interface. You select a preset model, pan and zoom through it's various states, save snapshots of certain points and bind it to a macro or action. Voila, you could give players the stereotypical guard stance we see city guards using all the time. Do you know how many roleplayers would dedicate hundreds of hours simply standing in that one pose? The above is a overly simplistic version of such a system, but the core idea is there. Give roleplayers a tool-set to make custom emotes tied to animations and you would be providing a section of the player base with the ability to enhance the already purely player-driven content that they themselves generate. The problem however seems to be Blizzards idea of what players should be able to do. Each expansion we get a metric ton of new toys to use. Fun toys most of them until you realize that they have insanely long cooldowns for what is in general often very innocent effects with limited impact on gameplay. The latest I can think of is the Champion's Salute, a simple thing to make your character hold their weapons above their head. For up to five minutes... Every 30 minutes... Where's the logic behind this? Why would you create such an item and not give players the option to maintain that pose until they turned gray in their beards and their family began attempting interventions? Can you imagine the myriad of ways a roleplayer could make use of such a simple rigid pose? And this is just one single example, you will find that the majority of toys are restricted in nonsensical ways. I have attempted to reason why Blizzard has chosen this approach with toys, and for simplicity's sake I'll try to list some without going into the ones that spawn new objects or alter things that affect beyond the character itself: 1. They simply do not care about it enough. A reasonable enough assumption, the roleplaying community of WoW certainly is not, while large, the majority and as such catering to them can in certain scenarios make less business "sense". 2. The fear that it will affect PvE or PvP elements of the game. This problem is easily solved by locking the zones that such actions can be done in to specified roleplay spots or cities or similar solutions, which they already do when it comes to most newer toys today. 3. Lack of freedom to actually pursue the idea. Who knows, some higher up might have a distaste for the concept of roleplay after his 15th level Wizard in D&D had the DM turn sour and painted it in a negative light for him. Stranger things have happened. 4. Game engine limitations. The things I've asked for here already exist and is being shown off to players as NPC-side things or used in carefully scripted cutscenes, meaning they are clearly available and possible and should in theory only require a user-friendly interface hooked into it. These are but two simple yet extremely powerful things that would reinvigorate the roleplaying scene for many players. I must ask why they are not already present in the game. Please Blizzard. Provide us with a custom model animation editor ingame or a variation of it aswell as tweak the toys that already provide these effects to make them useable more than once per x hours in a roleplay event. Hell. If you're concerned roleplayers would ignore the rest of the game content in favour of self-generated content then put the things like "Guard stance emote toy" up into a piece of raid loot or some other form of PvE reward. I'm sure you guys can think of far more ways to do that if you so desired. I do wonder what the rest of the community thinks of these ideas, or if you have ideas of your own that go beyond animation control and emote system expansions.Orranan6 2d
3d What to spec as a Pandaren Mage in RP? Hello, I have tried looking around on the internet and find some information about Pandaren Mages, but there really isn't much to find. I am currently leveling this Pandaren Mage. I am used to spec my character after what I want to be in RP. I haven't yet made a decision. I was wondering, what is the best spec to go for as a Pandaren Mage RP wise. I can't help but look at it objectively and think about Asian culture thinking about fire/dragons/fireworks etc. But I would like to know lore wise in WoW. Can someone help me out to make a decision? Thank you in advance :)Nalle4 3d
3d Art for RP? Right, so, I think this is the right category where I can post this, I want to draw for you guys :D basically if anyone wants their character drawn or a specific scene in their mind, leave a comment on this post with what you want, if I do get some requests I'll upload them on deviantArt. I'm kinda stuck and I have absolutely no ideea what to draw, I'm seeing this as a challenge, it might not be Blizz quality but hey, I'd like to do this :DCynthía18 3d
3d Busy Cathedral. So a Demon Hunter was causing a bit of uproar on the cathedral district, soon the cathedral square turned into this: 3d
3d How would you save the above character? I know, I know, I make too many topics, and some of them are duds, but hear me out this time, Okay? I think this is a good one. You save the above poster, and then you either do a separate or linked occasion where you are in trouble. So for Example. Cathrion is Being Eaten by an Ogre. Maugria swoops in, leaping upward and smashing the ogre on the head with the hilt of her axe, Breaking all his teeth, without teeth you cannot eat Cathrions! I could have it continue from there or do something completely seperate! Maugria is travelling through Blackrock mountain when she loses footing and nearly falls into the Lava, how ever will she be saved? Find out, In the next post! (I hope!) P.S. Sorry Cathrion. Edit: Cleaned things up a bit. Please save me, my hooves are getting very hot! Edit: Oh well... I thought it sounded interesting.Maugria5 3d
3d Looking for family/members rp! Like the title says, i'm eager to find someone who would be willing to form a family with me or let me accede to a existing one. Before you whisper to me in-game OOCly do post here so i know in beforehand. I'd appreciate it if you could tell me about your character ( Doesn't have to be long, a summary) once that's done you're free to contact me and we'll have a chat :) Either you post the biography here or we'll talk about it privately. I will be online 20:00 in game, (Realm time) obviously. Until then i will keep my eye on this topic! :)Alëxa12 3d
4d How would your character kill the one above? #10 *Yabu teleports nearby Xirque* *Stretching his hand, and charging a ball of Fire, Ice and Arcane.* Whispering a powerful spell: Kaaa.....meeee.....haaa.....mee............HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *The energy beam is so massive, powerful and fast, Xirque is totally obliterated by the extreme dangerous power of Yabu.* *With his job finished, the mighty Yabu teleports himself away.*Yabu187 4d
4d Dire Maul (Eldre'Thalas) Sometime ago while exploring I noticed there is a room north-east from the arena in Dire Maul. On the ceiling of this room there is a trapdoor or a hole that is hard to reach. Recently out of luck I managed to get up that opening and I found this tunnel, at first I thought it is some secret way to get inside the city from some cave somewhere else maybe used in some quest like in the crypts of Duskwood or Karazhan. The tunnel seems detailed but it leads to nowhere and has nothing inside. Was this ever used for something? Also are there any other cool nooks and cranies in Dire Maul (in/out of dungeon) or any cool lore bits?Vildrath0 4d
4d Rogue Hideout I am looking for a hideout for my main rogue. I have in my head a few places already but I would still appreciate your ideas. I am looking for secluded place in EK or Kalimdor that is not far away (like two zones away) from big trading city like Stormwind or goblin cities. I don't need it to be a pretty place. Ruin, cellar or cave would be perfect as long it is a bigger complex with some "room" at the end which is equipped with something resembling "furniture", some boxes, maybe table or rug would be ideal. I really don't mind and would actually prefer if there were some hostile mobs, as long as it is believable a rogue could live or hide among them. So no undead or demon cult infested places. Any ideas?Marlode10 4d
4d Rate the name of the person above you! #7 Character limits, yo. Since I made the last post in the old thread I'll make the new one. Saramisya TruestrikeSaramisya365 4d
4d The Intercontinental Role-play Discussion. #1 Greetings, one and all! As a player of both the European and America(s) regions i've noticed how vastly the Role-play between both can differ which has lead to the creation of the following thread. I would like to create a bridge between these two otherwise disconnected Communities of World of Warcraft and allow for both communities to interact and engage in dialog with one and other. Sharing differing thoughts and opinions on a subject and cultivate discussion on a wide variety of different subjects in a civil and mature enviroment. Feel free to ask to ask any question you may have for the opposite region below and reply to posts as follows for easier communication between both: @Êurope The intercontinental Role-play Discussion thread for the America(s) region. Important Announcment: Unfortunately, my gametime within the European Region has reached it's conclusion therfor I leave it you, the Community to continue on the discussion and actively bump the thread to ensure it's survival. I will, naturally be cutorating the thread for the America(s) region so you'll certainly see me around on Êurope but for now it'll be the last you'll see of me on here. If both threads don't die off from inactivity or stagnation by then, by all means feel free to poke me on Discord to enquire of curating and coordination the thread from the European side.Âmericas12 4d
4d Someone for some rp in some way I recently began to see rp as an interesting activity but I dont really want to make a new character on RP server, especially when the solution can be much simpler: crossrealm RP. I have to say Im not good at it and Ill make mistakes also I dont think its necesary to uphold all the "rules" since its gonna be a thing between 2-3 ppl so we can let loose our fantasy. There could be some adventures/legion fighting etc. etc. Preferably on Alliance but I also have a char on Horde so that works too ;) Kharmul#2235Andreasus0 4d
4d Troll rp hello i want to role play as a troll historian sort of a loremaster of trolls i am however trumped on what class i should go for i saw a lot of rogues and warriors and hunters when i went on an rp realm but it doesn't really capture the idea of being this old loremaster of the trolls. any advice i greatly appreciate thanksDocvand2 4d
4d Describe the above poster in 5 words or less (Part 3) Not the one who ended the thread prior, but I will open a new one, as needs must.Elyssarain256 4d
4d What would the character above you drop? #1 Shamelessly stealing this from the General Chat because I thought it would be a funny (And hilarious in some ways) idea! So, the gist of this... You just killed the character above you (Somehow) and you go to loot the corpse. What special item does the character have available to loot? As an example... Tethenar kills Astrophel (Sorry dude) and loots his corpse. What does Tethenar find? Astrophel's Head Polish Toy Use: Removes all hair from your head and develops a radiant gleam so you too can have a shiny bald head like Astrophel! So. Shoot!Tethenar273 4d
4d RP story question hey guys ^^ i'm making my own story here about shamanism. I have researched a bit and i would like confirmation on a conclusion i made; "Elementals are a manifestation of the elements given life trough spirit(regular shamanism) or decay (dark shamanism)"Sangitoria2 4d
4d Let's make it an interview #2 First thread got full so it's time to continue! (Thanks Cal for leting me post this \o/ ) So how does this work? It's simple you answer the interviewer's question from the post before you in character and when you have done that you choose the next question the interviewer ask for the next person to answer! Like the question is, what's your favourite colour? Bob the Guard: "Periwinkle, just like my wife's eyes." then Bob makes the interviewer's next question ooc, simple! So ...Interviewer402 4d
5d Folk songs for Azaroth. Hello everyone! I originally started this thread on the Moonglade forums but thought it would be a better idea to share it on the RP forums so that everyone might have a look at it. However, before I start posting all my songs, could I get into trouble for essentially copy-pasting one thread from one forum to another? I just wanted to clear this up in case it got me into any bother.Bollthorn87 5d
5d Druid for Shadow Hunter? Hello everyone. I don't know why but the whole week i've been obsessed with the idea of playing a troll. Well, not just any troll, but a Shadow Hunter. I've been thinking about race-changing my subtlety rogue main, but this is difficult, I've been a Forsaken for a very long time and I also love the little backstory I created for him. So I'm considering creating a new toon. I thought about druid and I'd like to have your opinion. Do you think druid (most likely feral) could work as a shadow hunter? As far as I know, troll druids are ex witch doctors who learned to communicate with several loas. Since witch doctors and shadow hunters are pretty similar in their relation to loas, is it possible to imagine a shadow hunter that would serve several loas, receive powers from them in return (stealth, pace, flight etc) and express these powers via shapeshifting into the appropriate form? This is my main issue because I'll spend a lot of time fighting in cat form so it's hard to ignore it, and most people imagine shadow hunters fighting with glaives and bow. I think the other aspects of shadow hunters are covered by druid mechanics and lore (healing, speed boost for allies, communicating with spirits, ressurection, fighting the undead) or can be covered with items and toys (totems, curses with Haunting Memento or Kang's Bindstone for example or with other items like Baby Spice, capturing a soul for a loa with Soul Inhaler, maybe Cremating Torch for fallen allies, troll-themed toys like drums and flutes etc). So what do you think, would this work?Maestraz3 5d
6d Training Sessions Hello, I'm a seasoned roleplayer, been around for a few years. However I'm leading up some training sessions, both focusing on technicque and cardio. I just wanted to know if anyone has any suggestions or perhaps advice on how to go about it. Thank you! P.S The more unorthodox, the better! ^^Delothos2 6d
6d The Venture Co Server Over the past few months there seems to have been a lot of talk about the Venture Co. server being dead with nothing on it at all. The reason for this post is to showcase what the server has to offer in terms of roleplay. Recently there has been a short film made to show just some of the roleplay that has happened on this so called 'dead server'. You can find it at ( Why should I even look at the Venture Co.? There is no doubt that the Venture Co. is a small server, it's population has never been that of other servers and will likely never be. However quantity doesn't even quality. While you may not find the random role play of other servers, you will find a very close-knit community where almost every roleplayer knows everyone else. We also actively work with each other to make the most out of the population we have, running a vast variety of events, from the serious to the relaxing. Communication between the remaining guilds is very strong though our ingame channel (worldofroleplay) and the RP forums ( While I understand why people enjoy big servers, personally, I've always been a fan of something small where you know everyone else. In truth it is good to have a healthy mix I am sure. We are not here to say that anyone should leave their server, but if you are looking at maybe rerolling, or just making an alt to get away from your hectic life as a main then you might want to look at the Venture Co, especially if you think you may prefer a close community which doesn't bombard you with masses of other roleplayers. So what guilds do you have on your server? The Alliance side is mainly made up of four guilds, however this does not mean there are roleplayers in other guilds (raiding guilds spring to mind) that actively get involved in events and storylines. If you are looking for a pure roleplay guild then we have the following to choose from: Wardens of Azeroth GM - Carmtan Officers - Gerrond, Carcia, Skaraa Website - "Wardens of Azeroth are , in the 'RP Guide Policies' terms , a Neutral-Good Guild. A defence order yet cunning and careful when choosing ones decisions. Instead of a group of beserking mad-men. We are also classed as a Medium RP Guild. RP is the main aim of the Guild but we have branches of PVP and RP-PVP. Our RP-PVP team is well geared and we can also , on the side of RP, help with Arenas and Honor farming if required. We run at least three guaranteed RP and RP-PVP events a week. These involve light/Casual RP, Meetings, D&D style, Training and other many interesting Story-lines. The Wardens of Azeroth have for many months performed Dungeon and Dragon-esque scenarios, where despite the power of a level 85 with Dragon Soul Gear, they are still bound to the roll of a die and their own actions as much as a level 27. This allows people who generally are active on other servers, or with other characters, to spend a bit of time each week standing alongside higher levels and sometimes being that hero we all want our character to be. Storylines for these D&D events have included; defending Menethil Harbour from Naga attacks, fighting off a small group of Man'ari Eredar who are trying to reach Azeroth, defending the Wetlands from a group of marauding bandits, and attempting to save the life of a guild officer who is being chased around Azeroth by an old Warlock acquaintance." Rise of the Dawn GM - Leov Officers - Karinía, Gibbzy Website - "Rise of the Dawn is a small military order founded by Leov Lahnmaiden. While the guild is still small and growing it is extremely social and already has a number of events held under it's name. While most of it's events happen at the weekends to accomodate for the raiding of various members, many nights of the week small pockets of random RP can be found in Ironforge and beyond. Besides the random roleplay that happens within guild there are also various kinds of events: -Boot Camp - Gruelling training. Pack your inspection kit, show the proper respect and pray the General is not in a bad mood. -Festival Events - From fireworks and dragon slaying at Lunar Festival, to speed and blind dating for Love is in the Air, each party promises something unique. -Live Action Roleplay - Let your character see how much fun it can be to roleplay. Your brave knight could end up roleplaying a demon worshipper or your warrior playing a maid, see how well your character can act in these short but involved LARP scenarios. Current storylines include Soul's Last Request, a long chain of events with the Dead Rose featuring the Soul Shard of a fallen paladin, the return of a great evil and how the death of a loved one can change the lives of one's close to him forever. Also we have the revenge attacks of Chadigien and his death knights, attacking members for their part to play in freeing the members of his family from his demonic grip." The Dead Rose GM - Iskaroth Officers - Shayanan, Leonarde, Vicco, Zhaelnas, Zaphira Website - "The Dead Rose is an RP guild with aspects of PvP. It's primary focus is based around the will of it's Dark Lord Maladath and his human incarnation, Iskaroth. Mainly made up of warlocks and other dark magic practitioners, each member seems to be in there for their own gain, whether it be finding someone, serving their master or increasing their own power. In the shadiest places of Azeroth does this guild live, communing with demons and the dead. Current storylines include the summoning of Maladath, including the search for the required grimoire, as well as the constant power struggles between members, each searching for something to give them an edge, from mind-slaves, magic-absorbing creatures or dark magic collars." Grundal Um Karaz GM - Triali Officers - Phyllis, Jessix "A Dwarven guild opened to their gnomish allies. Dwarven guards of the Ironforge suffered badly during Deathwing's invasion and lost their position because of the death of their beloved king. Only a few of them survived and still walks through empty tunnels of the Ironforge. But there is still hope in young dwarves who might be able to return Ironforge to its former glory and power! Then again after a good day's fighting they will enjoy nothing more than putting their feet up and cheering at the Beermaiden in the pub." So, anything else I should know? As already mentioned, we have good communication channels and many events which are open to all roleplayers of the Venture Co. Unlike many servers, Goldshire is not very active, despite the glimpse that do occur of roleplay there. If you are looking at some random roleplay then Ironforge (Mystic Ward) would be your best bet. RP Forums - Official Forums - Ingame Channel (Alliance) - worldofroleplay Showcase Film - If other aspects of the game take your fancy besides roleplaying then we do have other things to offer you. The top Horde guild is currently are 8/8 Heroic on 10 man, meanwhile on the Alliance side Sanctuary of Dreams and Veneficus Ex are both 5/8 Heroic on 10 man, with Sanctuary of Dreams also running 25-mans whenever possible. Rated Battlegrounds are run regulary during the weekends on the Alliance side. We also have plans for other events in the future spanning across the factions. Market days for people to sell their wares, monthly plays performed by the Darkmoon Cavaliers during the Faire and Weekly Wine parties at a hidden vineyard. This is the bit where I say "In Conclusion" So, despite whatever else you may read on various forums and websites, the Venture Co. is not dead. There are still players breathing life into it and with some effort from everyone involved the Alliance side of the server is actually growing, in a month the number of people attending events has doubled. We have many new and different ideas and we intend to keep coming up with more. We may not have the numbers of larger servers but that doesn't mean we lack any of the enthusiasm and the drive to enjoy this game to the fullest. If you liked the look of anything that the Venture Co. has to offer, from the guilds, the events, the community to the sheer peace and quiet then I would highly recommend making an alt here to test the waters. You may like it, you may not. You may want to move here, you may want to just attend only a few events. Whatever you choose to do, if you decide to step foot onto our server then you will find a very welcoming community with an abundance of different events and roleplay.Karinía15 6d
6d Mogu'Shan Vaults 2nd boss fences After killing the boss the fences won't go down. I ported out, went back in, and they are still up. So I can't progress further to 3rd boss. The same happened when I did the Hour of Twilight dungeon. Killed the 1st boss, Thrall just stood there, and I was blocked in the area by ice walls. WTF!?!Filidix1 6d
6d [A-RP Project] The Midnight Claws “What you did doesn’t matter anymore, now the only question is: what are you going to do?” IC: *A shrouded silhouette approach you in a black alley* Life is full of choices, and sometimes you regret those decisions you made, you look at yourself in a mirror and you ask: “What did I become?”. But what if you can redeem yourself? I know a way. Embrace what you have become and use it, for the greater good. This world will always need wardens, even when the sun has disappeared in the sky, even when the night rule. We are those, we are Midnight. Our choices, our destinies, had separated us from the world of the sun. Now it is time to reclaim our place in, for Azeroth, for the Alliance. We are the Claws of the Lion. We are Midnight Claws. OC: Midnight Claws is rp guild project, we are three friends who met in a previous guild working on this project. We are looking for other people to join so we can form the base of the guild. The guild is about outcasts seeking for redemption, to achieve this goal Midnight Claws try to assemble a group of people who want to work and fight side by side for Azeroth and the Alliance, despite what they did in their past and despite their differences. You can join if you want to redeem yourself, if you are looking for companions who won’t judge you, or if you simply want to act against the various foes of Azeroth and the Alliance. We already have an event plane, “Reactivating the base”, which is about settle again in previous installations used by the guild leader in Northrend, so every kind of help is welcome. Ideally the group will constitute as we are reactivating the base, and then we will start our various activities planned. We are even working on our own character and fighting system, based on /roll and various stats and skills. If you are interested by this project you can add me, my id is Solignox and my ig name is Marchenuit. You can also post a message here. See you all soon I hope.Marchenuit3 6d
6d Elixers and the attitudes people have of them Hey guys. So, I was thinking of RPing an orc who is abnormally large, maybe due to fel experimenting or somesuch. I would grind up alchemy and stockpile elixers of giant growth. I kind of imagine the character as a peon thats been experimented on by a warlock. I'd like to join a orcish clan and be one of those bruiser type underlings that gets sent out, but gets beaten by talented warriors even though he's huge. I quite like the David and Goliath thing. So how do people generally take people using elixers like this? Is it annoying? With the improved mixology the effect would last 40 minutes so I thought it wouldn't be that noticeable, but how do people generally view stuff like this?Kragrok8 6d
6d Rate the appearance of the character above you #8 (And new thread to continue ... Here's a picture to show Kahli'wa's more ceremonial outfit. Which also works as my transmog: 6d
17 May A guiding hand! I've stumbled into a recent 'problem' that I thought I might be able to solve here; I have been roleplaying now for years, and for the most part I have kept to the same characters with the occasional short lasting alt here and there. Now, I have come back from a couple month break from the game and am looking to start fresh. Namely due to friends being on different toons and many of the IC relations with my toons being gone/shelved etc and I think a fresh start might be what I need! So, I thought I might ask here for some ideas of character concepts. I would only ask for a basic concept, which I can then improvise on and see if it hooks me! So yeah, any ideas for a concept of a character would be appreciated as I have been slipping back on what I have comfortable portraying which is to say, the same thing i have been for years now in WoW.Teanuu0 17 May
17 May Demon Hunters and past events (advice needed) Hey guys and best wishes to you all! So I am thinking of "maining" this bad boy here, but I have a question for all of you DHs out there. How did you character learn about/ catch up with the events of the past expansions? Or hasn't he/she? I need your ideas, so I can get inspired for my character's background. Thank you, all!Zeraldias12 17 May
17 May Choose a theme for the above poster. Cathrion was suggesting themes for my Shaman, I'd still stick to Manowar. but it gave me an idea for another forum thing that I can waste several hours of each day checking for updates upon. Pick a Musical theme that -YOU- think suits the above poster. Music is a good way to enrich our minds, even bad music. So let's share bands eh? Edit: I generally enjoy sharing heavy metal with people, hopefully people will enjoy it, if you don't want to listen, totally up to you. Edit: Finntroll is always a good answer!Grikkha351 17 May
17 May Guess the IC title of above poster #8 Have just Capped the last IC TITLE abow with my "Arnt" Alt Starting a new one here at once. Play nicely :-)Xirque151 17 May
17 May LF a bartender (horde) I am hiring a competent but not too competent individual who knows how to bring a drink to a table and not ask too many questions. Whatever you witness tonight stays between you and me and if anyone asks, it never happened. You will be well compensated and might even make a friend or two! No level requirement and good working hours + pension. /w me in game for more infoArgh2 17 May
17 May Suggest a voice reference for the person above you #1 I recently came up with this idea, it may not get far, but i'm curious as to how well it's gonna go. So how does it work? simple, just suggest a voice from any character/person/celebrity/anything that you think it would fit the above person.Blanes15 17 May
16 May umm, so how is it to roleplay? well im returning back to wow, and ive considered going to a roleplay realm instead of my normal realm. id like to know really what it means to play in a roleplay realm? do you still quest raid and do dungeons like in any other server? do i need to adjust my playstyle to a RP realm? what are the actual changes in an RP realm then lets say a normal realm?Edward5 16 May
16 May Your names How did come up with them? Was it a spontaneous flash of inspiration or did think you think about them a lot? Did you choose them for their sound or do they have a special meaning?Ronaeriel89 16 May
16 May Nelf Demonhunter Black hair? So how come Night Elf Demonhunters can have black hair? Illidan had it, yes, but I assumed he had it from the get-go, and was a rare case, he seemed to have purple-ish hair in the flashbacks from the Lights Heart, so we know its changed color, but the questions are.. How? Why? Did the demonic energy corrupt his hair color? Did he dye it? Are there other colors you can obtain from the Demonic ritual that transforms you? I can't seem to find any information about this.Leraran7 16 May
15 May I've RP'd for a little over week now... And this is easily the funniest thing that has happened so far: 15 May
14 May Flower/plant headdress/armor So, My tauren is supposed to have vines growing on her horns, and generally just plants all over. So if ayone has any ideas i kinda need a plant like thing i can equip on my head, and gear relating to overgrowth. doesnt have to be plate though that is prefferable. i do know about the [forever-lovely rose] but that's all i could find. Thanks in advance!Vrýa1 14 May
13 May Lore Snowflakes Greetings RP Forums, we all know these characters. They're special, they're beautiful, fun and smart as well, powerful as can be and without flaw. I speak, of course, of Mary Sues, Snowflakes and Edgelords. But what about the official lore? The first that comes to mind might be Green Jesus and that is exactly the direction I'd like this to be going. Write down stuff you think made a character super speshul, reasons you'd think they'd be a horrible character in RP and why you'd scorn them. Broxigar Broxigar the Red fought in all three wars, so he is a warrior of EPIC proportions. He travelled through TIME to fight in even more wars! Got a weapon from Malfurion and Cenarius, super duper powerful and cool. Got a statue erected for him by the Kaldorei, a super rare honour and the ONLY orc to ever get such homage. He killed bajillions of demons and eventually even wounded Sargeras himself! This orc is tough as nails! I think that his lore is a bit too messy, under the influence of too many "super duper cool" things and lends no reason for his fighting prowess. How did he kick so much !@#? For all we know, he was just a normal orc. How did his axe wreck so much? Cenarius is powerful but from what we know, it takes a simple few mid-sized demons to tear him a new one, so how can a wooden axe wound the God of the Legion?Vaarethad15 13 May