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19 Nov 2010 Informative & useful threads for Roleplayers This thread contains a compilation of informative and useful threads for the roleplaying community. If there are any threads that should be added or removed from this list, please report them using the red bio-hazard symbol that can be found next to the thread's subject title (Reason: Sticky Request) General Guides and Information: [Guide] Why RP?: or Why we talk funny by Adnaw - [Guide] Guild Recruitment - Your Advice by Adnaw - [Guide] The Conversationalist's Handbook by Azhaan - Roleplaying and Character Guides: [Guide] How to have "Lok’tar" in Orc roleplay - [Guide] How to Roleplay a Warlock by Velynia - [Guide] How to roleplay Tauren? by Takuur - [Guide] Blood Elf Roleplaying by Sorathiel - [Guide] Heroic virtues, heroic flaws by Edanna - [Guide] Roleplaying a Night Elf character by Aldrannath - [Guide] Military RP by Steelhammer - [Guide] Simple character backgrounds for beginners by Edanna - [Guide] An undead's guide to... Gnome RP! by Mharla - [Guide] A Sailor's Walk: a "guide" for nautical roleplay by Scurvy - [Guide] Draenei roleplaying by Sikon - [Guide] Shapeshifting by Edanna - [Guide] Dwarf Roleplaying by Thunderbraid - [Guide] Creating and maintaining characters by Gremkarc - [Guide] Dark Ranger roleplay – a guide and general advice by Lyanea - [Guide] How to Roleplay a Death Knight by Koránith - [Guide] The Dark Lady and Her Forsaken by Viatrix - [Guide] How to Roleplay a Pandaren by Skrauhg - Lore and Resources: [Guide / Lore] Draenei Information by Naiyu - [Guide/ Lore] Time is Money: Goblins in Cataclysm by Adnaw - [Guide/ Lore] Howling Oak: Worgen in Cataclysm by Adnaw - [Guide] RP Gear & Props List! by Normie - Macros and Add-ons: RP AddOns by Gehco - Epic Tales & Stories: <none added yet> Community: <none added yet> Miscellaneous: [Guide] Infernal Key - Guide to Demonic Summonings by Sophyra - 19 Nov 2010
1m General RP Chat #45: Don't Stop Us Now We're having such a good time!Cornelicus237 1m
3h What would your character say to the above poster? #26 Yappity yap yap. More talking needs to be done in the name of RP! Previous post on the last thread was from Arebell to Thalgnor. ...Arebell63 3h
7h Rate the appearance of the character above you #9 Old one reached its limit. @ Draenön very fitting for draenei pally 10/10Ðeáth166 7h
10h How would a gnome say...... Hi all. just found forum and trying to find out how to RP gnomes. The only advice I was given was;- 'Be totally eccentric (which is easy). and try to speak as third party'. It is the second part that confuses me, and might be hard. I watched a Wendy Breezy sketch and find Wendy speaks in normal format. "I'm standing here with Commander Duron, who is leading the Alliance Forces against the Burning Legion here at the Portal!" Whilst Strombone, reporting from Lower City Shattrah, speaks in third party format "Strombone was wondering has anything like this happened before." What is the right way for an eccentric race of a technology mad race to identify him/herself. And if it's the latter, like Strombone. "Littlemajik is new to this forum and there are a lot of tall ones chatting here"Littlemajik9 10h
13h What does Bliz says about Void elfs using holy magic. I have been trying to Roleplay a Void elf Disc Priest (Since disc is all about using both shadows and light to heal and damage). But bad people had hurt my feelings saying mean things! They even said that my character was not canon! :( ------ Well... Now, I have been seriously insulted by people by whisper. Some people take the lore thing too... seriously... I know, "Light and Void can't never be together", Alleria and Turalyon thingy if they touch they get hurt.... But it was the same for undead priests, How could them be holy priests if light burns the undead. So Blizzard just said "Well, they get hurt using holy magic, but is their sacrifice to use it" Can't Just Blizzard say the same about Holy/disc Void elfs since gameplay > Lore.Ileanor15 13h
17h Question: Making a character interesting for others Hi all - I'm new to RP. Haven't even tried it yet. I'm leveling my green friend here, trying to sort him out in my head, getting the transmog and mounts I want, and playing through all the horde quests for the first time. (fun!) I'll probably start trying to RP once I've cleared through the legion quest chains. I have a concept and a backstory, but today I was thinking that siting around exchanging backstories isn't RP. Going out, doing *stuff*, reacting to *stuff* and other peoples' reactions to said *stuff*, that's RP (at least to me). Thing is, my backstory is leading towards Mary Sue territory. I can't see him being an interesting companion in a group. So my question: What made certain characters fun to RP with, in your past experience? I know what my friend here did during the 3rd war and after, where he comes from, what he likes and what he doesn't like. But that's not enough. What aspects should I focus on so that he is more than a "blah-blah-blah-listen-to-my-sad-tale" talking head? I've read the newbie guides on this, which talk about physical ticks & personal shortcomings. But this just makes the character more believable, not more interesting. In your time RP'ing, how would you describe the characters that you enjoyed being around? What made them fun to be around? Thanks all!Varokthar3 17h
19h Tips for a player interested, but new to WoW RP? Hey there! So, I'd like to start by saying that I'm not new to RP per se, but I'm not too sure how to approach it in WoW. What servers would people recommend to an EU player? What would be good rules of etiquette to know before starting? And are there any external communities to make starting easier out there? Discords, forums or such.Cilnis1 19h
19h What would you do with the above poster? #18 Let's continue on and do stuff to eachother, hur hur hur. ...Arebell109 19h
20h Deleted .Baoming1 20h
21h [Guide] A Guide to Roleplaying a Night Elf character New forums, new thread, and a new version of our guide too! Please refer to the source on our realm wiki for the latest and most version, complete with links and, at some future time, possibly even footnotes. You can also find eye-friendly and printable versions there. If you want to link to this guide, please use the link above, don't link to this thread. You're welcome to copy this guide to your own website, but please include the whole text including this section with the credits, and note that the guide is frequently updated to reflect new lore and ideas. Last update: 27 November 2010: We've updated and expanded the guide in this new version, to incorporate suggestions from the community, the new lore from the novel "Stormrage", and of course the Shattering. Sections on Worgen and the Druids of the Scythe are coming soon. This new version is still under construction; please post suggestions below. Brought to you by Celegil, Aldrannath, and Kestrel with input from the community, including suggestions and corrections from: Serinde, Inayrra, Imoenn, Dewsinger, Jeled, Silanoliel (Earthen Ring), Aremoth, Lukamuss and Trigore (Runetotem). Night Elves, or Kaldorei, as they call themselves, are a difficult race to roleplay convincingly. Partly due to confusion with elves in other settings (Tolkien, D&D, etc.) and partly due to a slight lack of "official" information, there has been a lot of discussion about how they should be portrayed. They can seem, by turns, kind and peaceful, or racist and belligerent. Here, we have tried to distil our best ideas, to help you have more fun in playing this strange, mysterious, yet strangely compelling race. Needless to add, this is our view, and our understanding of the lore. This guide is intended to help - if you want to do it differently, go ahead! It's your game too. When creating your Kaldorei character, first, remember: she (or perhaps he) is not human. Gnomes and Dwarves can seem quite human-like in many ways, but Kaldorei are really different. This strangeness makes them difficult to play - difficult, but fascinating. Welcome to another world... Contents Chapter One: Outlook Chapter Two: History, Culture, Society, Names Chapter Three: Major groups and roles in society Chapter Four: Outcasts and Exiles Chapter Five: Background and maturity Chapter Six: Attitude towards allied races Chapter Seven: Timeline Chapter Eight: Famous Kaldorei Chapter Nine: Avoiding common mistakes Closing remarksAldrannath85 21h
22h How would your character kill the one above? #10 *Yabu teleports nearby Xirque* *Stretching his hand, and charging a ball of Fire, Ice and Arcane.* Whispering a powerful spell: Kaaa.....meeee.....haaa.....mee............HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *The energy beam is so massive, powerful and fast, Xirque is totally obliterated by the extreme dangerous power of Yabu.* *With his job finished, the mighty Yabu teleports himself away.*Yabu409 22h
1d Lightforging So, we know Lightforged Draenei are a thing. But I want to know - Can any race become a Lightforged? Worgen included?Marxon2 1d
1d Lore friendly zones Nightborne Hi. I want to level a new Nightborne and i would like to know what zones can be considered lore friendly with the continuity of the story. Zones like eastern plagueland or Stragletorn that are not directly related to the events of Cataclysm or maybe zones in war with the alliance that can be roleplayed like is the current war with the alliance. Thanks.Priscilla2 1d
2d General RP SPOILER Chat BfA edition #1 As we've had during past spoiler-heavy discussions, here's a seperate thread so people can discuss spoilers for the next expansion without alienating anyone wanting to avoid them in our normal General RP Chat threads. Deliberately not posting spoilers in this first post so that there's no risk of hovering over the thread and seeing unwanted spoilers.Tyrinne449 2d
2d Would the Above date your character ? #1 I decided to take a new spin on this thing.Argetor348 2d
2d Would you date the person above you? #42 I had the last post on #41 so I'll just copy it here: "Well, if..." Thalgnor strokes his beard, deep in thought, then remembers himself and looks up. "I mean it could... she might..." he cuts off again as his face sets into a deep frown. "Hmm... I usually don't give in to racial prejudice but I tend to limit my sexual and romantical relationships strictly to sin'dorei. Please take no offense, malanore. I am always open to discussing our different fighting styles or a bit of sparring." That was towards Mitcha.Thalgnor62 2d
2d Rate the name of the person above you! #8 Last thread filled. Onwards we go! Latest person who got rated was Mannimaril. ... Here I pronounced it as neither since it had only 1 L! Anyhow, the name is not bad, but I do not find it that great either. May be, because just as I found Mannimarco's name a bit silly in Elder Scrolls I find yours that too. It works though for a blood elf and is just on the edge of being too long according to me. I'd like to know if there was a surname to it for more flavour, but for now I give it an average 5/10. It's alright. Marvin is finally having a surname revealed to the world. It's probably a reason he is quiet about it though considering he is named: Marvin O'Toole.Marvín37 2d
2d Void variant of Demon Hunters? So I was contemplating this - Does a Demon Hunter have to specifically be Fel? Would Void or any other form of magic (such as Arcane) also allow for similar results if one were to "absorb" a Void / Arcane creature? I am just curious given I've read the Illidan novel which gives some insight into the process but doesn't cover everything (to my knowledge).Araghást5 2d
2d Your quest New fun thread! Your character is now a questgiver, either passive (just give the quest) or active (participate on the quest, either as a companion, or a guide/escort). The requirements are simple: -Local; -Quest title; -Quest text; -Quest progress (what you say if the player returns, either with the quest complete or not); -completion; -Reward. Greens and blues are the best rewards. If you go for epics, make the quest kind of hard. Legendaries, though, best do a really hard, really tiresome but rewarding questline. And talking about questlines, you can do them if you desire. Just need to repeat the procedure I described. Local isn't necessary, unless you move to a different area (like, from westfall to duskwood). Happy writing!Sarbok23 2d
2d Character as RTS hero (quotes) I ain't sure if this was made before. But had this idea last night. Imagine your character is part of the real time strategy games from Blizzard. WC3, for instance. I am curious to see what your character would say, and express as is used by a player. The idea is simple: You have a set number of small quotes (overclicked quotes can be longer) when your character is clicked or ordered to do something. At least two "clicked" quotes, max 4; At least 2 "to move" quotes, max 5; 3 or 4 "attack" quotes; A death reaction, or small quote; At least 3 "overclicked" quotes. You can also include a couple quotes when using an ability (like on WC3, 4 abilities max, in which one is an ultimate). As usual, i will be the example. Clicked -Aye? -Sarbok, preped an' ready! -Reportin'. Move -Coordinates recieved. -Yea, yea... I heard ye. -Scoutin' ahead. -I keep an eye for buggers, don' worry. Attack -*hearty chuckle* Is dat so? -Gonna make me daddy proud! -Scapel tactics. Waste no ammo. -I deal with dem! Dying -Blargh! -*wet cough, long last sigh* Overclicked -Stop that... -Someone wants ta lose a finger, no? -I have a very, very fluffy friend dat looooooves annoying gits like you. I do think ye met him already. *bear growl on the background* You wanna try me patience, or will ye behave like a grown up? -*burp loudly* Ach! Oooh, that was a poweful one. Was it... Yep! Last night's meal! ABILITY: explosive throw (as the name emplies, he throws an explosive that cause damage on a small area. More effective against groups, cause extra damage on buildings) -'nade!! -Get down! He is a classic hunter. Blunderbuss on his hands, a bear as guardian (works just like Misha for Rexxar), and a jolly, but easily to annoy personality. He focus on heavy damage, but is generaly in trouble at melee or against hordes for his slow, but powerful damage. Stout (his bear) is quite tanky, and has two abilities: Challenge (that works like the NE giant's "taunt") and Maul (10% chance to stun his target for 1.4 seconds)Sarbok57 2d
2d Describe the above poster in 5 words or less (Part 4) I ended the last thread on Erah, the wolf fur equipped elemental warrior!Tuaitha358 2d
2d Introducing! Copied this over from the US Forums as there's loads of US folks on this service but not many from the EU yet, and I haven't seen mention of it here prior. - - - - - A role play networking site that's made by people who speak our language—that's We finally built our own thing. Absolute anonymity, no advertisements, no subscriptions, as many characters as you want, and a host of utilities to help you find what you want. We rely on donations. Create a profile specifically for your character—it becomes search criteria here. No more combing through archaic forums or idling for hours on end in a city to no avail, now you can be found without even being online. Browse characters, make friends, promote guilds, host community events, even blog. All in one place, all for role play. Help us get the word out! Official Twitter: @rpfind_me Official Tumblr: FEATURES: ... FAQs: ... We hope to see you there, as we're eager to get this fire started. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me in-game, otherwise I'll try to keep tabs on this post. We're also always looking for helping hands.Kufell4 2d
3d Social horde RP guilds Any social RP horde guilds? Recently wanted to try out the RP on the horde side and i wasn't able to find any guilds that does RP. I realized most of the guilds are military and was hoping to find a regular or casual.Ruvira4 3d
3d FOR THE ALLIANCE FOR THE ALLIANCE MY BROTHERS the horde ever since their birth has been nothing but trouble for the Azeroth nothing but a pack of merciless dregs that plunder and pillage innocent people The Orcs are savage animals putting them in internment camps was too kind we should have eradicated that light forsaken race long ago The Trolls have always been an issue for azeroth like the Orcs they are primitive and stupid The blood elves are a pack of murders and traitors that abandoned the alliance to be with the freaks of the horde The goblins its goblins do i need to in depth The Tauren are the only good thing about the horde And then there's the undead the worst of them all abominations whose existence spits in the face of all that is natural and the fact that the horde is willing to associate with these monster is morally questionable the dead be long in the ground and that's it with hope High King Anduin will see the horde as the abominations they are and will exterminate the critens of the horde HELL I WILL TAKE MY ASHBRINGER AND GO ON A CRUSADE ALONE IF I HAVE TOErodwen29 3d
3d undead are obviously evil and we should kill them you won't change my mindErodwen38 3d
4d Guess the IC title of above poster #8 Have just Capped the last IC TITLE abow with my "Arnt" Alt Starting a new one here at once. Play nicely :-)Xirque422 4d
4d Night Elf fel question Hi everyone, I was wondering if it would be possible lore wise to roleplay a night elf that has been corrupted by fel magic against her will and overcame the fel and now uses the fel power as her own power. How strong does a character need to be to overcome fel corruption and is that even possible? All information is welcome :DAleiyä6 4d
4d What would your character's voice sound like? I've asked a few friends this as I think a good character can really shine through their voice. Either describe it, link a video of the voice or something similar for reference. _____________________________________________________________________________ I imagine Mannimaril sounding alot like Dan Donohue's works in Skyrim's Dragonborn DLC. Example: 4d
4d Rate the theme for the above character. Another forum game idea! Yay... Sorry, I do a lot of these. Let's see if it goes well. Basically, you pick a theme for your character, the next person then decides if it's fitting for your character either based on your posts, appearance, or what they think of your character, then they pick a theme for theirs. Sound good? Course not everyone will agree with the theme chosen, no getting upset by this. ^^ Raemia is very beastly and huntery, spends a lot of time in Jungles. Or well, would like to. (Let's have a jungle expansion, Blizzard! Well, Zandalari will do.) So, Jumanji Cartoon theme. .Raemia17 4d
4d Let's make it an interview #3 More questions needs to be asked and those questions need answers. So answer the interviewer's question above you in character and then choose which question the interviewer shall ask the next person! Last post from previous thread: ...Interviewer134 4d
5d Wanting to try RP, but some concerns hi so at long last, i have decided to try roleplaying. because i like to talk to people! but on regular servers the only talk i get out of any players is just 2 things "link curve" and "noob this, noob that" time to try roleplaying for the first time! im concerned tho, by my lack of english language. im not a native speaker, its only my 3dr language that i practice. will i get a lot of crap for my grammar? or in other words, how much of grammar !@#$s are the roleplayers in general? i suppose i could fit as an orc, as they are not the most educated bunch... but id much prefer to play alliance. so what are my choices for a race there? draenei perhaps? they are the russians of wow, or at least they sound like when they speak. to be honest i know very little about RP, except the few basics: -need an addon to write a short background about character -need to walk instead of run -never go in to goldshire inn unless you are drunk any tips welcome :)Pivke7 5d
5d Lightforged Draenei Qs So, I struggled already as to why my, now former, Draenei warrior was a draenei. In the end I race changed. Now the LF Draenei, infused with the light.... how would one still be a warrior ? And how does that fit into their system of vindicators etc.... who is a warrior then ? Just trying to understand.Aohadric4 5d
6d What would your character say to the above poster? #25 I filled it in so I would suppose it's my turn to make a new one, yes? Is that... how it works? Anyway, I'll quote the last entry here: "May I suggest seeking out the services of a brothel instead of encouraging strangers to do the deed out in the open?" the tauren looks at Ialith who smiles innocently back at him, then looks back at Mithcha. "Lady Ialith may be more forthcoming about her advances then others but that does not give cause to believe she lacks the decency to have such affairs privately." I also noticed I got sniped. Filling in: Lerquiy looks and nods at Tethenar approvingly. "Indeed as you say. Such behaviour would be inappropriate for a young lady such as herself. I can understand seeking the pleasures of the flesh as such an attractive young female but privacy is not something one should give up readily, especially in such affairs."Lerquiy500 6d
6d Troll lifespan/aging So I wanted to try something new (and figure out how well I can improvise a troll accent in text) and decided to make a Sen'jin Shieldmasta. I've a decently planned bio for him which I will not be sharing because it was frowned upon when I did in the past but I do have a question I've not been able to research. From how many years of living would a troll be considered to be at the threshold of elderly (just a bit older then middle aged)? Somewhere around late 40s early 50s by human standards is what I'm looking for. How long is that? I heard King Rastakhan is around 200 and is pretty old so I'm thinking 140 or so would be okay? I want him to be old but still fit and not as aging as say Cairne when he died (his reflexes wouldn't be slowed, his eyesight wouldn't be poor and his wounds wouldn't heal slower then normal like it was noted in Cairne's case). So, how much should he live to be this experience war veteran but that old?Lerquir3 6d
09 Mar Would you date the person above you? #41 Old thread full, new thread here we go. @Avelise, being the last poster in the previous thread; ... "I don't think I could see myself dating an apparent stalker... It's somewhat creepy to say the least you appear to know her nightly activity."Tyrinne500 09 Mar
09 Mar Initiating relationships in RP I've briefly looked over the 'Informative & useful threads for Roleplayers' thread but couldn't find anything. I'm looking to initiate a romantic relationship in a storyline for one of my characters but I've no idea how to go about it. Are there any guides I could look at for tips and information about Azeroth's courting traditions that anyone knows about?Lerquir5 09 Mar
09 Mar What does your character think of the above outfit? I wanted to spin on things, we have rating the above transmog. But what about doing it from an IC perspective? Maybe it will catch on, maybe it won't, just an idea! Edit: I didn't change back to my IC outfit before making this post and logging off for the night... alas, the price I have to pay for being unobservant.Énarí258 09 Mar
08 Mar Ancestor RP So, I was rping on Argent Dawn, and then I have remembered that I have toy that shows my days at the academy from Azsuna, so I started thinking, could it be possible to RP as an ancestor, for example like those from Uldum under Obelix of the Moon?Jackeon4 08 Mar
07 Mar How would you get killed by the above poster? #2 We all can't die dead enough. @ Death Shatter his lantern while attacking him, decanting every single spirit collected. This causes them to swirl around and form a soulnado to appear which draws Cathríon in and tears her apart.Cathríon152 07 Mar
06 Mar Character Biographies Character bios. I find that on topics people post things like "Blood elf Vanity mirror" For dropped items. Very generic things based on the above posters race. (Yes, you know who you are.) Well, How about posting a little, or long description of your character here? Then people can refer to it, and make a more educated guess on what you'd like to see in a response. I won't prattle on about my character first, will see if people are interested first! Well, I guess I can prattle now ^_^. The Kurghan, Might of the Highlands. No Surname. And yes, I have actually roleplayed with this guy, not just some random alt on Terokkar... well, not always. He was in the guild <The Bloodstorm Clan> Which was a fairly successful RP guild originally on the server The Sha'tar, but I was only in it when it moved to AD. (I was even leader of it for a few days...) They mostly Roleplayed in the Arathi Highlands, Hammerfall. And when I heard that, alarm bells rang for me... So I named this orc for that. I like Erah's fora, so I will continue in that form for the rest of this. Age: Around 50. Getting on a bit. Relatives: He is not related to any of my other characters, though he has a daughter, Amgra, as his only living relative as far as he knows. She is too young for combat. Relationships: He had a mate, who was killed by human scouts not long after giving birth to his daughter. Affiliation: The Horde! 100% Occupation: Since The Bloodstorm Clan is no more as far as I know. And since he's not on an RP server anymore, He doesn't do a whole lot. But ICly he'd be defending Hammerfall from any threats, as he and his daughter live there. Mentor: Some Shaman on Draenor. Class: Enhancement Shaman. Fights with a shield and an axe. Likes: Pandaren food.... I haven't really put much thought into his likes, it's been a while. Dislikes: The Alliance. Discussing things he dislikes. The Alliance. Dishonourable cowards. The Alliance. Kubluku (My mage)... Oh, and The Alliance. Being confined to an internment camp and all. Wary/Suspicious of: Goblins.... Common sense really. Companions: Two Wolves. Kalach and Kal'ma, the latter being very young. Both words stolen from Stargate. Kalach is Goa'uld for Soul. Kal'ma for child.Kurghan45 06 Mar
06 Mar The Monk Roleplaying Guide Hello there, grasshopper! This is my friendly monk guide. If you have any questions, ask away. I hope that by reading this it answers some of the more frequently asked questions about what monk RP can entail or involve - or find the interest to roll one if you haven't already! (Get it? Roll?). This guide is frequently updated. ... In perspective of the class we play, they're heavily based on the Shaolin monks of ancient China. They're not a new class to the Warcraft universe, but to the other races they are a mostly new occupation. To be a monk is certainly a way of life, and not simply something one does in his spare time, as it takes years of training to be capable as a hand to hand fighter on battlefields, especially when they are often dominated by steel and magic. A well studied monk has access to potent Chi energy; the spirit energy within all people that only monks know how to fully control at will. Chi strengthens their punches to the strength of mace strikes, it even allows them to perform great feats of Chi magic, capable of healing or harming whoever the monk wishes in many ways. They train mentally and physically to be as strong, yet agile as possible. A monk's athleticism is what makes him a deadly fighter. On the battlefield, they can easily outmaneuver footsoldiers in heavy armor, and perhaps even the spells of mages and projectiles of archers. They fight with their legs as well as their hands, and in one-on-one combat they would be amongst the hardest combatants to battle - in fact, well trained monks are competent enough to fight many enemies at once. They can serve as healers of their allies, skilled soldiers on the front lines, or bolster their rank's offence or defensive capabilities with pandaren brews that sharpen one's mind rather than blur and slow it. Monks have lightning fast minds, reflexes, and attacks. They have played an important role in Pandaria's battlefields for thousands of years, and will no doubt bring new tactics to the table as more races learn their ways. ... Most, if not all of this is taken from in-game lore texts but I have condensed it down to what I feel are the most important parts. Monk history is tied directly to pandaren and Pandaria history. Reknowned monks: Emperor Shaohao - the Last Emperor of Pandaria was presumably a monk. Lord Taran Zhu - 'his prowess is legendary', say the Shado-Pan, whom he leads. Chen Stormstout - the famous wandering brewmaster is also a skilled monk. Master Bruised Paw - the Hidden Master of Pandaria. Master Shang Xi - the last Master of the Training Grounds of the Wandering Isle. Aysa Cloudsinder - student of Master Shang Xi and philosophical leader of the Tushui. Ji Firepaw - student of Master Shang Xi and philosophical leader of the Huojin. Kang the Fist of First Dawn - the first monk who taught the pandaren slaves under the mogu to fight unarmed. How the monks began.. ... Roleplay Specializations - Your tiger style is no match for my serpent style! The three in-game specs are Brewmaster, Windwalker, and Mistweaver. However, it's rare for monks to refer to these styles by these names e.g, one doesn't study the path of a Windwalker or a Mistweaver, they are loose terms - as broad as saying you're studying the path of the warrior or the paladin - you don't say 'protection paladin' ICly either. Whilst it does give an inclination as to what kind of monk you are - a Windwalker being an aggressive fighter, and a Mistweaver being a healer, there are more fitting ways of describing it. Each of the August Celetial's Temples in Pandaria marks the location of defeat for the Prime Sha by Emperor Shaohao thousands of years ago. Monks who train at these locations have developed different styles for combating the Sha relevant to their location. These are the styles practiced by monks today. Any self-developed, personal styles would have been branches of these original four. ... ... ... ... Whilst it's fine to develop your own style I'd put some thoughts into what the style is actually about and how it's different from something that already exists - it would most likely be a developed form of one of these styles. Styles under the tutelege of the Celestials and developed over 10,000 years are not easily improved upon. ... As far as pandaren style monks are concerned, and the playable class; monks as we know them have only really become available for the rest of the world, but in the monk order hall there are plenty of non-pandaren masters. This means enough time has passed for us as RPers to also feasibly play as masters if we aren't pandaren, though keep in mind that it has still only been a few years for non-pandaren to train as monks. Most pandaren masters are still going to have a larger amount of experience than non-pandaren masters. This is also important when we consider that being a master monk doesn't necessarily mean you're as good as you can get, but more on that later. There have been the pandaren venturing from the Wandering Isle, but it is rare that they will take on the time and commit themselves to teaching someone until they have mastered it. There are a few exceptions though. Brother Korloff of the Scarlet Crusade was taught by a wandering pandaren, and he then trained the Scarlets; hence why the Scarlets have monks. The Draenei starting area was retconned so that Mojo Stormstout was on Azuremust when the draenei crashed there, so on a chronological level, draenei monks could have been around since Burning Crusade. There are Argent monks, though since the Argent Crusade was born out of a breakaway faction of the Scarlets, it's plausible these monks are former students of Korloff, save for their lightwielding abilities. Auchenai monks seem to be more of the Christian monastic variety, keepers of the dead and holy in their beliefs, rather than the Shaolin style that the pandaren are based off. These monks don't work with Chi energy either; so if you were to roleplay one, it wouldn't be quite the same monk you play as in-game.Zen181 06 Mar
05 Mar Druid RP limits? Hey again lovely people of the WoW RP forums. I'm here to ask about druid RP and the possibilities of it. Okay, so mainly, what are the possibilities for a druid to be roleplayed as? Using the shapeshift forms that is. Of course, some people RP pets or wild beasts and the like, But what about shapeshifters? Could a druid be evil, or would they lose their ability to shapeshift if they abandoned the usual druid ideals? Just asking all in all, what do you think are the possibilities of a druid in RP?Icarielle4 05 Mar
05 Mar Using name of NPC? It wasn't intentional but I saved a name recently and it wasn't until I was levelling another character that I realised the name I'd saved was actually used at the beginning of the WoD intro quest (it's ungra) So I was wondering do you think I should drop the name or is it ok to use it?Kuruhk2 05 Mar
05 Mar Worgen - Two Forms - Death Knight Hello Guys, I really like playing a Death Knight, but I am unsure on whether things have changed for them recently as all the lore seems to be several years old. I have read from other threads that a Worgen Death Knight would be a Worgen that was created by Arugal, and not necessarily a Gilnean Worgen. If that is the case, would a Worgen created by Arugal still have access to the two forms? I am also not sure if the Worgen using the two forms is even acceptable in RP for Gilnean Worgen? Is it possible for newer Death Knights to have been created or are all veterans of Lights Hope? Has the need to cause pain subsided with the death of Arthas? Any info would be much appreciated,Feljax6 05 Mar
04 Mar Genfolax - RP Back-story Genfolax is, was and always will be a bitter little goblin. He hates everything and anyone and only tolerates those that work to his advantage. Having been severely bullied and tormented trough his younger years by his fellow goblin peers Genfolax found comfort in solace and a sense of perverted dignity in hating everything. Hate is his weapon. When Genfolax was a young man he ran away to the forests of Tristfall where he came across the ruined city of Lorderon, the only inhabitants now being undead and few in number – a perfect place to be left alone. For years on end Genfolax lived a hermit like lifestyle in the deserted great library of Lorderon rarely interrupted by his undead neighbors, he was able to study the ways of the warlock and learn how to master the demonic powers. Genfolax is now a fully fledged warlock wielding powerful yet unstable magic to exact his agenda upon Azeroth. Chapter I – The inception of an Exception As the years thudded on in the Lorderon library, Genfolax lived comfortably filling his thick green skull with the information contained in the momentous collection of ancient texts. He lived as happy as a hate consumed goblin could live, and appeared to be a natural in conjuring the dark twisted magic of a Warlock and everything was as he had wished, until he encountered one of the most dangerous entities in existence…. An idea… [Genfolax is sitting against a cold stone wall inside the library, dust and cobwebs decorate the room.] Genfolax is doing what Genfolax does, he reads and he hates. He finished up the last page on his most recent book, “Demonology and Me Volume 245” and walks towards the shelf from which it came. He stops, peers around in slight amazement… he just realized that he is nearly out of reading material… his many years of solitude and study are finally come to fruition. His moment of amazement doesn't last long, and he continues to the bookshelf and returns the book... Just as the book is neatly slotted back into it’s home he stops again, before lifting his hand of the book he has an idea… what if. He quickly scurries to the start of the section, looking for a particular book… black cover, boar tendon bindings? No, no… not it… Ghoul skin cover with brass hinges?? No not it again… his eyes finally see what he was looking for, a slim inconspicuous purple book. He quickly opens the book, hastily searching until he stops… finger pointed at a phrase, “and lost forever more unto the depths of the forbidden sea, the soul of Farlinel resides”. What if he found this soul-stone, it would make him the most powerful Warlock in existence, no one has ever controlled a demon as powerful as that before…. Goblins love two things in this life, and will do anything to hoard it, Gold, and power. Genfolax being a goblin was not immune to the insatiable desire for wealth, but his yearning for greatness – to have the power to stand above everyone who had chastised him in life and make them suffer has always been his biggest dream, it was always just a matter of how that eluded him… He isn't going to be able to find the soul-stone alone, so that would mean one very, very big exception – leaving his solace and rejoining the outside world, he’s also going to have to decide on where to start his journey... He’s a goblin after all, who has a love for money and needs to get out to sea so there’s only one place that really has what he needs, Booty Bay.Genfolax7 04 Mar
04 Mar High elf/Blood elf aging... How it actually is? A quick question for those more experienced with the lore, since the answers are quite contrasting after I try googling this: When do high elves reach their adult age? Can I RP a 18-years old void elf and say she's an adult?Láurenn19 04 Mar
03 Mar Horde RP servers So, to keep it short (or at least try), I was looking for a good Horde RP realm. And before anyone says "Argent Dawn", let me explain. I'm already on Argent Dawn. See, I've had my Alliance characters on AD for a while and because I'm weird I'd like to have a separate realm for making Horde characters on. So yeah, suggestions for a good Horde RP realm that isn't AD would be much appreciated!Nayren2 03 Mar
03 Mar Locations of boats for RP I'd like to do some RP sailing the high seas with my guild using the power of TRP, our imagination and some ships of course. I've had a good look around on Google, YouTube and on the forums and can't find a great definitive list of decent boat locations in WoW. They tend to be very scattered and hit and miss. I'm really looking for a single large boat that is in the open waters and reasonably far from land. Ideally with no distractions around, so we can RP actually sailing large distances. Have you found any decent boats in WoW for RP purposes? Any suggestions welcome.Phoeníx5 03 Mar