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19 Nov 2010 Informative & useful threads for Roleplayers This thread contains a compilation of informative and useful threads for the roleplaying community. If there are any threads that should be added or removed from this list, please report them using the red bio-hazard symbol that can be found next to the thread's subject title (Reason: Sticky Request) General Guides and Information: [Guide] Why RP?: or Why we talk funny by Adnaw - [Guide] Guild Recruitment - Your Advice by Adnaw - [Guide] The Conversationalist's Handbook by Azhaan - Roleplaying and Character Guides: [Guide] How to have "Lok’tar" in Orc roleplay - [Guide] How to Roleplay a Warlock by Velynia - [Guide] How to roleplay Tauren? by Takuur - [Guide] Blood Elf Roleplaying by Sorathiel - [Guide] Heroic virtues, heroic flaws by Edanna - [Guide] Roleplaying a Night Elf character by Aldrannath - [Guide] Military RP by Steelhammer - [Guide] Simple character backgrounds for beginners by Edanna - [Guide] An undead's guide to... Gnome RP! by Mharla - [Guide] A Sailor's Walk: a "guide" for nautical roleplay by Scurvy - [Guide] Draenei roleplaying by Sikon - [Guide] Shapeshifting by Edanna - [Guide] Dwarf Roleplaying by Thunderbraid - [Guide] Creating and maintaining characters by Gremkarc - [Guide] Dark Ranger roleplay – a guide and general advice by Lyanea - [Guide] How to Roleplay a Death Knight by Koránith - [Guide] The Dark Lady and Her Forsaken by Viatrix - [Guide] How to Roleplay a Pandaren by Skrauhg - Lore and Resources: [Guide / Lore] Draenei Information by Naiyu - [Guide/ Lore] Time is Money: Goblins in Cataclysm by Adnaw - [Guide/ Lore] Howling Oak: Worgen in Cataclysm by Adnaw - [Guide] RP Gear & Props List! by Normie - Macros and Add-ons: RP AddOns by Gehco - Epic Tales & Stories: <none added yet> Community: <none added yet> Miscellaneous: [Guide] Infernal Key - Guide to Demonic Summonings by Sophyra - 19 Nov 2010
56m Would you date the person above you? #44 ((continued from the previous maxed out thread She frowns a moment and bites her lip briefly looking at Rylothia's profile from the dating agency. "Well, I do usually think elves are really pretty, and I'm all about new experiences... but... she does seem to have a thing for skulls. In a major way. I mean, it's a skull motif on a skull pattern topped off with a skull frosting, so to speak. And I don't want to end up on one of those dates where I'm listening to someone talk obsessively about their hobbies all night. Especially when that hobby involves skulls somehow. So erm... pass this time?"Nakitaa169 56m
3h Hey Devs, why'd you break the lore (again)? So, I just started a Mag'har Orc, and aside from the fact that the whole introduction story was porly made (Old man Hellscream has a standard grunt voice-pack for instance), the entire game's lore is immediately broken the second you start questing anywhere outside of Orgrimmar. It appears, that Garrosh Hellscream is still the Warchief of the horde, as he were back in Cataclysm when pretty much all of the 1-60 zones was rewritten lorewise. But not only is Sylvanas the current Warchief, travelling back in time (which you're effectively doing when you start a new character at level 20) just doesn't work well when in fact it was at Sylvana's behest that we went to Draenor to get new allies. It especially doesn't work when we start a new character, and we get a letter from WARCHIEF Sylvanas, who we can also find standing inside of Grommash Hold with the title of WARCHIEF, only for me to go talk to a Mag'har grunt in the Valley of Strength, for him to tell me that Garrosh is our current warchief. Now when I'm questing in - let's say - Stonetalon Mountains, Warchief Garrosh appears and corrects the mistakes of his underling-general who just murdered a bunch of druids - why was Garrosh not replaced by Sylvanas? I mean, if Red-Shirt-Guy doesn't woop some lore-!@# at the blizzcon and this gets corrected, is it just more proof that WoD was the worst thing that happened to wow lorewise, or am I missing some crucial plot point? ***On a side note - it bothers me immensely that Eitrigg can be found standing inside the Embassy and Grommash Hold at the same time. I mean, get rid of one of them and let the remaining one offer the quests - it sucks that he can somehow break the ripples of a spacetime continuem without anyone else noticing, appearing in two places at the same time.Aelys10 3h
4h Shen'dralar modern day? Hopefully someone can help me with this, because I'm a little clueless. I read the wowpedia ('dralar ) about the Shen'dralar and wondered if my mage (this character) could be a part of them. What would they be doing nowadays? Is their leader still active and about? Since the last update of what they were doing was back in Cataclysm. Does anyone have an idea what they are doing, how the society sees them and where would they be?Lisadriel2 4h
12h What does your character think of the above outfit? #2 ((Continuation of , post limit reached)) @Grebblz "That's a lot of fancy thread and leather, more than I've ever seen on a goblin! Those are some thick goggles though, do you have poor eyesight? Would you like a carrot?" She rummages in her bag looking for a carrot, but only finds a cookie, which she offers him anyway.Nakitaa104 12h
13h Warrior Class Fantasy - What's Yours? I get that we're battle-hardened fighters but from a RP perspective, where do you fit in? Are you just someone who picked up a sword and started killing things? Were you trained by someone significant? Are you part of an ancient order? Where is your place in the world? I am trying to make my warrior feel a little less... pedestrian and juice it up a bit and I'm hoping for some inspiration. What's your take on warrior?Daelius11 13h
15h Naga and water I would like my character to have been inspired by the magic she saw the Naga use and actually seek to learn similar magic herself. Sadly though most Naga use water based spells and I do not get it: are they mages or shamans? I am so confused , I can’t actually properly play her! Do they conjure the water and storms with the arcane? Also, the Earthen ring has gained access to Sharas’dal, which is infused with arcane and yet the shamans, who cannot control it, use it to enhance their restoration abilities. How is it supposed to heal? Make the communication between shamans and water elements easier? Or what? (I have made many of these posts but i just don’t understand.) Thank you!!Marivella1 15h
18h Rate the appearance of the character above you #9 Old one reached its limit. @ Draenön very fitting for draenei pally 10/10Ðeáth311 18h
18h lore question for my priest toon So I recently created a human priest and I was wondering: is it possible to be both a light and a shadow priest? or are they mutually exclusive the way the light and the void are? and what exactly is the difference between the shadow and the void? I know that disc priests can use shadow and holy magic, but does that actually hold up in lore?Lefây5 18h
20h Dark Iron Core Hound, bad rp ? Would using the small dark iron core hound be bad rp ? or would it be accepted by the roleplaying community. Sadly the only decent looking Ram is the Dark Iron Paladin mount, which of course - isn't available for a warrior, or any other class for that matter, and if it is agreed it would be bad rp, I would like some suggestions for other mounts which would be ok to ride IC, whilst still suiting the dark irons. Thanks !Wildbeard1 20h
20h What would your character say to the above poster? #28 (Previous thread: He said, she commented, they regarded, Bob commented. Either way the previous thread got filled and things need to be uttered. Carry on!)Nadine36 20h
20h What would you do with the above poster? #19 We're doing stuff, and things. And stuff. Proceed.Idaris235 20h
23h How would your character kill the one above? #11 ... As I completed the last thread, it falls to me to continue our adventures in murder and glory. I just killed Hex's character.Elyssarain257 23h
23h Describe the Above Poster in 5 Words or Less #5 The last thread was finished by myself on Shang Lao, posting towards Nakitaa ... "Horns, hooves, cookies and cleavage!" ... so describe on! Feel free to do either Cathríon or Shang Lao, I'd just feel odd posting a new thread on anyone but her!Cathríon73 23h
1d General RP Chat #51: As Dumb as Fish. Think before you chant.Marinya476 1d
1d Reputation named after your main So I created this character (Honorbound, full name Erthos Honorbound) mid way through Legion (patch 7.1). He was my first character for WoW and is still my main. I was wide awake for the midnight launch of BFA and to my shock and surprise, one of the Reps that were given to us for grinding was the Honorbound, spelling correct and all that jazz. A few months back, I was involved in some anime/manga RP wikis and naturally I created a Mary Sue character (because that's the noob I am). Not only did I create Mary Sue's, other people did it as well and it didn't rub off on me well. The characters needed to have flaws and should go through hardship to make the character interesting and relatable. So I started doing it to my shaman prior to BfA. I had an amazing but really simple and traditional transmog for my tauren shaman, Honorbound. I fully embraced the path of the spiritwalker. And then war called in the form of BfA. The moment I got the Honorbound rep, I had this uncomfortable feeling of being a Mary Sue, but since last week I fully embraced the path of war. I am Honorbound, and thanks to me and my comrades' effort against the legion, The Dark Lady has entrusted me with the Horde assault of Kul Tiras and Arathi, with the supervision of Nathanos Blightcaller. So I see myself as the non-Canon Overlord of the Honorbound because it got named after me (Mary Sue intensifies), opposed by the 7th Legion of course. Being a Mary Sue is extremely nauseous and this is a cringe post but I just had to say something. Horde say hello to a new leader, and Alliance prepare to face your worst nightmare. (cringe) For the Horde! Lok'tar!Honorbound0 1d
2d Would your char kiss, marry or kill the one above? Yeah, thought of another forum game, anyone wanna participate?Luyrae172 2d
2d Am i the only one looking for myself in a class? As the title says, Am i just weird or are there other people? I've played dk as my main for 4 years and i've always been this cold side guy who doesn't talk too much but is crucial in almost everything. I've never had the need to shout out loud or argue, im just there doing my best and minding my own business. Never had many friends and stayed isolated. But now that i've been working out for a year and started really looking good, im feeling a lot more open and i have a lot of self confidence. I don't feel nervous or have anxiety at all. All the frustration i ever have gets disintegrated while i workout. All of this made me like warriors even more. They charge into battle, use rage as their resource and are always first to the battle. The ultimate glorious champion in my opinion. They stand tall and proud, no regrets, and thats how im feeling right now. I plan on taking my workout even more seriously up to the point of perfection if needed. I wanna extend my limits and push forward. So with all that said, i think i will switch my mains after 4 years. Warriors, here i come :)Feniva25 2d
2d Choose a theme for the above poster. Cathrion was suggesting themes for my Shaman, I'd still stick to Manowar. but it gave me an idea for another forum thing that I can waste several hours of each day checking for updates upon. Pick a Musical theme that -YOU- think suits the above poster. Music is a good way to enrich our minds, even bad music. So let's share bands eh? Edit: I generally enjoy sharing heavy metal with people, hopefully people will enjoy it, if you don't want to listen, totally up to you. Edit: Finntroll is always a good answer!Grikkha475 2d
3d Best EU server for Horde RP? Just trying to determine if I'm on the right server for decent Horde RP. Am currently on AD and have a couple of tools on ER.Istairi5 3d
3d How to start RP? Hey there, I'm getting quite burnt out on constantly killing the same bosses in the same environment over and over again whilst playing with zombies that only complain, so I thought I'd give RP a try. Where should I go? Are there addons I could use? Is there something like an etiquette? (Except for of course RP'ing and stuff like slow walking, ...) and what do I do to find people, since I dont wanna spend the first four hours walking around aimlessly or seeing furries in Goldshire^^ I prefer giving alliance a try as I can't see Orgrimmar anymore ;_; Also a few more questions: - If I decide to jump into a Dungeon, will I only find people that macrospam "WATCH OUT, FRIENDS! I WILL GAIN THEIR THREAT" or just genuinely nice people that share the same social interests of the game like me? - How do guilds work on RP servers? - Are there special RP events or something like that? I'd really love to get answers to those questions, as I started becomming reall curious about RPing since I discovered Nixxiom :DNikurasu3 3d
3d What is your character willing to die for? "I would gladly give my life for Azeroth, Quel'Thalas, my remaining family, my Regent-Lord or my Ranger-General. There was a time when I would have given me life for the former Ranger-General as well. Now... I am not so sure." "And what of you, what would you make the ultimate sacrifice for?"Sahria107 3d
3d Languages in WoW Probably something that has been said again many times but: I want Blizzard to make more language options available for characters. How can a Blood Elf speak Orcish but not Common? Or, how did Voljin speak with Varian? Did either of the two speak the way the other did? My general concern is with RP servers, as many of us enjoy cross-faction RP. I'd suggest having a language option such as "Horde" and "Alliance" which will be the general language not understood by the otehr faction for convenience reasons and then have the other pool of languages more spread out towards the races. Also, have a "Cross" language option for everyone to listen to everyone cross faction. I know these two don't make sense in RP but it will make our lives much easier and I'm reffering to RP servers, as other servers hardly need that. Please Blizzard, make this happen.Nirethor32 3d
3d If the Above Poster was your Tag-Team Partner... ... what would be the signature move of the two of you?! The premise is simple: the above poster is your tag-team partner in a 2v2 brawl/fight/match, and you'll come up with a suitable move or attack that utilizes both of your characters' strengths in combination to as devastating effect as possible! And you can also describe your own character/abilities/strengths/weaknesses in a few words at the end of the post to give the next poster some ideas or help. Unfortunately there is no poster above me, but I'll still give a brief summary of Zirahael! :D Zirahael: Particularly big demon huntress with a high pain tolerance and a penchant for wild and aggressive tactics! She can fly; has a few engineering gizmos and can get even bigger and badder if she activates her demonic aspect.Zirahael10 3d
4d What distinguishes Dwarves from Iron Dwarves? Now, aside from just looks, what really differentiates our regular Dwarves from Iron Dwarves in terms of personality, culture, mannerism? I.E. What are the stereotypes of each race and how do they differ? I know in a lot of fantasy universes, Dwarves tend to be described as these jolly, brawly hot-headed beardlings who party and work equally hard; whereas their Dark cousins tend to be depicted as far more serious and somber, humourless workers who excel at industry & war even moreso than regular dwarves but leave little room for joy/comfort. How is it in Azeroth? Aside from their appearance, what differentiates your average regular dwarf from your average iron dwarf in terms of culture, mannerisms, personality etc?Zirahael3 4d
4d Rate the name of the person above you! #8 Last thread filled. Onwards we go! Latest person who got rated was Mannimaril. ... Here I pronounced it as neither since it had only 1 L! Anyhow, the name is not bad, but I do not find it that great either. May be, because just as I found Mannimarco's name a bit silly in Elder Scrolls I find yours that too. It works though for a blood elf and is just on the edge of being too long according to me. I'd like to know if there was a surname to it for more flavour, but for now I give it an average 5/10. It's alright. Marvin is finally having a surname revealed to the world. It's probably a reason he is quiet about it though considering he is named: Marvin O'Toole.Marvín152 4d
4d Could Blackrock mag'har be a mage? I want to finally make a toon of a Mag'har and blackrock is my favorite color of skin so onto my question. Can blackrock orc be a mage? Since I didn't see any in my playtime.Drakk6 4d
4d Let's make it an interview #3 More questions needs to be asked and those questions need answers. So answer the interviewer's question above you in character and then choose which question the interviewer shall ask the next person! Last post from previous thread: ...Interviewer325 4d
5d Backstories, explanations; who is your character? A thread for detailing the story and history behind your character. Where you can share the full nuance behind your thinking, and go into a tangent on their thoughts and feelings! I'd like if all this were kept friendly and constructive! Of course it doesn't have to be a full backstory, it can be a summary; or something that gives a general idea of the "who" and the "why"? I'll kick off with something from Tyram Deolaras himself in here shortly!Deolaras21 5d
5d What would your character say to the above poster? #27 @ Eridu Is there any particular reason you appear to be obsessed with the height of other people, or is it just overcompensating for the fact there's nothing even remotely interesting about you asides from your stature?Cathríon500 5d
6d Lightforged Non Draenei Hello everyone, It is common knowledge that Turalyon has been forged in the Light (and possibly Lothraxion, though for him it seems to be a little different), so it is only logical that other races which are at least somewhat similar to draenei and humans, can become Lightforged as well. However, I wonder what a Lightforged non Draenei would look like. Turalyon doesn't give us that much Information, since we never see him without his armor, beside the fact that his eye's don't glow (all the time). So I'd like to ask you guys, what do you think? Would other races get metal plates on their body like the LF Draenei, would they get glowing lighttatooos? Would it change their hair color? Or would something completely different happen. I'd like to lay out a few ideas what _might_ happen but I'm very eager to hear what you guys have to say. Humans: Thats probably the easiest. Turalyons Hair is white though in his case, it might just be his age prior to his Lightforging (it does have a bit of gray to it). His Eyes are amber colored and start glowing when Xe'ra awakens, which does suggest that the glow when he uses the light or is simply near a strong source of light energy, so I guess these two things might apply to Humans in general if they become Lightforged. Since the Skin of Draenei doesn't seem to be much different then the Skin of Humans, I do think humans would also have those metal plates and Light symbols acccross their body. Dwarves: Since the dwarves have a strong connection to the earth, I could imagine that their "plates" might appear a bit crystal like. Apart from that, like Humans. Gnomes: could plug them into the vindicaar as emergency batteries? Jokes aside, I guess its very similar to the Dwarves and Humans. Night Elves: Though I very much doubt, a Night Elf would be even willing to become lightforged, since that would mean to turn his back on Elune (Delas Moonfang aside^^), lets just assume he would for some reason. In that case I think their eyes, which are similar to those of draenei, would get a similar golden glow to them, though it is probably a bit brighter and ligther, then the "druid gold" that is already known among them. Worgen: With Gilneans, their is a similar cultural Problem as with the night elves, since most of them aren't very faithful or worship Goldrinn, but their have always been Lightworshipers in Gilneas( ask the Cathedral) so it's not as far stretched as a Nightelve. Plus a Worgen could theoretically come from any human kingdom, so in that case, they would be just as likely to step onto that path as a regular human. Now how would they look like. I think the males (who's eyes for some reason are more similar to those of nightelves and draenei) would get that golden glow into their eye's, while the females would only get amberlike eyes. If a Draenei's Hair and Skinbecomes white (ish), it would make sense for a Worgen's Fur to undergo a similar change. However I'm unsure about the metal plates and tattoos. The tattoos might only be visible in human form, allthough it is also possible that the Furr would give room for them to be noticable (since the fur will probably not grow directly on the tattoos itself. ) Those metal plates...I am unsure. One might say, they would be a problem when a Worgen turns into a human (or from human to Worgen) however if draenei can simply move around with metal attached to their Body, it seems flexible enough, that it might just grow with the Body. Pandaren: Well, I think most of the things that might apply to Worgen, would also apply to Pandaren. But again, there is a strong cultural barrier here, However I don't think a lightforged pandaren would be as far stretched as a Lightforged nightelve, since their culture is much more open, while the nightelves are very focussed on elune. What else is their in the alliance...well Void Elves can't become Lightforged, they are the exact opposite. Dark iron....maybe but that would just be a Dwarf with darker skin, since their glowing eyes would probably get "replaced". But as stated before, these are just my ideas and theories, the point of this thread is to hear/read what you guys think would happen!Dargra6 6d
6d Half Dark-Iron? How realistic is it to believe, in WoW I mean, for a Bronzebeard Dwarf and an Dark Iron Dwarf to have fallen in love a long enough time ago for them to have had a son who is an adult? Was the entirity of the Dark Iron Clan corrupt and/or evil or were people like the Thorium Brotherhood around for much longer? We do have some darker skin tones for dwarves and it got me thinking about half-breeds in Dwarven society.Dazzlebell3 6d
6d Questions about human mage Hi! I have tried to read about my questions but didn’t really find answers. Firstly, how can I have a mage be from Kul Tiras without it being a copy of Jaina’s story? I floated the idea of her having read about it in Kul Tiras as a child and setting off to study. I want her father to have been a sailor so I considered the idea that he could have travelled and met her mother perhaps in Stormwind. But I don’t know if they ever really sailed that way previously? I also really want her to have a strong affinity with animals, and did want her to have originally cared for the horses in Kul Tiras, and is perhaps now as a result a horse breeder. But I don’t know if that seems implausible due to her being a mage. Thanks for any help!Bellenia6 6d
13 Sep Horde PC in BfA (SPOILERS) Dear RP community. First I wanted to thank everyone that replied later to this topic created by me a few weeks ago. "RP as Tyrande" I wanted to post this topic on the story forum, but because it includes player character discussion, I thought you are better suited to do it. I am a Horde player, with only one Alliance alt a level 110. I am a very casual WoW player to the point of only hitting max level two days ago and completed the Zandalar story yesterday. As a Horde player this is what my character did in game: Free princess Talanji and prophet Zul, from the stockades. Meet the king Rastakhan and in exchange for his naval support, we would help his kingdom, deal with internal problems. In the course of events he gets back stabbed by Zul and we find out that his own council is plotting against him. We also know that the people plotting against king Rastakhan's rulership are tied with the old Gods. Fast forward to the end scene in Zandalar, king Rastakhan get's his kingdom back, but he payed a great cost, which I will try to describe. He won his kingdom back, but: 1) "With the seal of Atul'Aman destroyed by Mythrax, and the seal of Nazwatha destroyed by the Cataclysm, Zul and his allies, General Jakra'zet and Yazma, worked to free the Blood God by undoing the last remaining seal, in Zuldazar. The plan was to have G'huun replace the loa, which Zul saw as weak, as the trolls' new god who would lead them to rule the world again. The seal was ultimately destroyed by a revived Mythrax during the invasion of Dazar'alor." Source: 2) He lost Rezan as Loa, killed by a trap set up by prophet Zul. He than had to do a very bad deal with Bwonsamdi, which now forces his entire generation to serve the Loa of death. My question here is, what is the purpose of Horde player character in all of this ? Sylvanas starts a war because she suspects Anduin is plotting against her. Because of a war "hardly" justified the Horde goes and frees Zandalar prisoners held in the Alliance stockades, in exchange for Zandalar naval support in the war. But in the process Horde frees Zul also leader of their rebellion against king Rastakhan. Now Azeroth face the prospect of seeing an old god G'hunn coming back. In my opinion, if we consider the Horde player character as someone that has any impact on the story, it seems to me that he would be better of not doing anything in the story. Laying around in Argus, as leader of his order class Hall. The Horde player character doesn't help Sylvanas, a evil Warchief, she doesn't get reinforcements and she gets defeated by Anduin,with less bloodshed hardly a bad ending. Zul doesn't get free from the stockades and he doesn't lead the rebellion against king Rastakhan, neither he gets to brake the last seal with Mythrax, not releasing an Old God in Azeroth. Your opinions ? Thank you for your attention. Cheers.Valainistima7 13 Sep
13 Sep Jewelcrating or blacksmithing Which one is most iconic to a dwarf?Athellis3 13 Sep
11 Sep Hunters and warriors wielding magic We know that warriors can use light but i wonder if hunter and warriors can wield other types of magic. Basicly im asking; Light using hunter Shadow and void using warriors and hunters Fel using warriors and hunters Arcane using warriors and hunters Can these exist?Moosildur14 11 Sep
10 Sep How would you get killed by the above poster? #2 We all can't die dead enough. @ Death Shatter his lantern while attacking him, decanting every single spirit collected. This causes them to swirl around and form a soulnado to appear which draws Cathríon in and tears her apart.Cathríon224 10 Sep
09 Sep Which spec of rogue is better in this patch I personally like the playstyle of subtlety or assassination, bu dont know which fits better in this patchZei5 09 Sep
09 Sep Demon Hunter Origin The backstory thread on this forum made me me actually wonder about the backstory of demon hunters. Specifically, Night Elven Demon Hunters. Demon Hunters were given their training under Illidan in his short reign in outlands at the Black Temple. I can perfectly understand how a lot of Blood Elves came to be Illidari, having essentially followed Illidan as an army under Keal'Thas. What I'm not so sure is how so many Night Elves ended up in the service of Illidan. The Night Elves never had a significant presence in outlands, whether military or not; the closest thing being the Cenarion Circle which were relatively new arrivals. So where did Illidan get most of his Night Elven recruits from? They seem to be a majority in his order, so he must have had a great source. How did Night Elves come into service under Illidan? I was under the impression a lot of them started their training pre-TBC era, so I am curious how they ended up in Outland. Were they the remnants of Maiev's forces? Did Illidan send headhunters & talent agents to round up potential candidates on Kalimdor in secret? Given Night Elves' general aversion to mages and warlocks, I can't imagine a lot of them came to outland pre-TBC by their own means, even if they wanted to.Zirahael14 09 Sep
08 Sep Character as RTS hero (quotes) I ain't sure if this was made before. But had this idea last night. Imagine your character is part of the real time strategy games from Blizzard. WC3, for instance. I am curious to see what your character would say, and express as is used by a player. The idea is simple: You have a set number of small quotes (overclicked quotes can be longer) when your character is clicked or ordered to do something. At least two "clicked" quotes, max 4; At least 2 "to move" quotes, max 5; 3 or 4 "attack" quotes; A death reaction, or small quote; At least 3 "overclicked" quotes. You can also include a couple quotes when using an ability (like on WC3, 4 abilities max, in which one is an ultimate). As usual, i will be the example. Clicked -Aye? -Sarbok, preped an' ready! -Reportin'. Move -Coordinates recieved. -Yea, yea... I heard ye. -Scoutin' ahead. -I keep an eye for buggers, don' worry. Attack -*hearty chuckle* Is dat so? -Gonna make me daddy proud! -Scapel tactics. Waste no ammo. -I deal with dem! Dying -Blargh! -*wet cough, long last sigh* Overclicked -Stop that... -Someone wants ta lose a finger, no? -I have a very, very fluffy friend dat looooooves annoying gits like you. I do think ye met him already. *bear growl on the background* You wanna try me patience, or will ye behave like a grown up? -*burp loudly* Ach! Oooh, that was a poweful one. Was it... Yep! Last night's meal! ABILITY: explosive throw (as the name emplies, he throws an explosive that cause damage on a small area. More effective against groups, cause extra damage on buildings) -'nade!! -Get down! He is a classic hunter. Blunderbuss on his hands, a bear as guardian (works just like Misha for Rexxar), and a jolly, but easily to annoy personality. He focus on heavy damage, but is generaly in trouble at melee or against hordes for his slow, but powerful damage. Stout (his bear) is quite tanky, and has two abilities: Challenge (that works like the NE giant's "taunt") and Maul (10% chance to stun his target for 1.4 seconds)Sarbok78 08 Sep
08 Sep Would Wildhammer Shamans do Archealogy? I am guessing they don't because the elements don't like when people dig up the Earth but I still need some conformation. How would Wildhammers react if they were asked to go on a expedition?Trodán0 08 Sep
07 Sep Guess the IC title of above poster #9 Last post was mine in the previous thread. Here's #9Lytandrah56 07 Sep
07 Sep HOW TO BECOME A GANGSTA ROGUE YO Loveninja coming in hot, about to make a drop that'll blow your high top way up! Lost in the forest, lookin' for help? Think you can solo that scary lookin' black dragon whelp? Lemme tell you a little secret, gather close and sit down, And Loveninja will help you get rid of that frown. If no ones around, and you ask in /trade, Be prepared for stupid jokes, and much more I'm afraid! If this solves nothing, but only makes more questions emerge, I promise you, homie, the answer is not linking a [Dirge] But to dig deep in the forums, and what might you find? A guide from me, to you, that's one of a kind! So wait no longer, and click here on this link, It might not be what you think, but it'll teach you to no longer stink (at the game, I can't make you shower) 07 Sep
07 Sep Demon Hunter - after legion In legion I found it hard to have a «personality» as a DH. I mean : our main target/treat was out there, it consumed everything. Why would a DH hang out at a bar, when there is demons out there? Bow however, we have a faction-conflict. So, is it more OK lorewize to become a more «normal» character with personal needs, dreams And personality outside just sacrificing everything? Can I just be an adventurer? Or is it a far stretch?Fòrum22 07 Sep
07 Sep Tauren Discord Hello fellow cow's. I've decided to make a Tauren Only discord, where everyone can be a free cow, and post pictures of their daily achievements as a cow. We are not many united cow's at the moment, but i hope in the future, that we can be strong as one big cow. The discord is named "Loyal to Baine" because Baine is life. Hope to see you on: "" Best regards, Chieftan Oblar.Dinven7 07 Sep
06 Sep What Ultimate Attack would the character above you use? Trying to get something new going :) If the character above you would be the protagonist of a shōnen anime, cartoon or superhero flick, what do you imagine would be their ultimate attack or finishing move? As I don't have someone above me, for Nakitaa it could for example be; 10-ton Cookie Crusher Smash! Summons and drops a massive choc chip cookie above the adversary in order to flatten them!Nakitaa30 06 Sep
05 Sep CRZ, Sharding and the RP realms. A union from Hell. CRZ, Sharding and the RP realms. A union from Hell. I need to get this off my chest. Perhaps this is not the best place for it, but most certainly the place where Blizzard are most likely to see this. I will attempt not to be too longwinded... First of all I am going to say that I love this expansion, which makes this even more sad. What I speak of is the immense amount of lag that we on roleplaying realms face in absence of Sharding, currently affecting areas like the Arathi Highlands Warfront and making a feature that many of us looked forward to unplayable. This is an issue that affects all of us, roleplayers and non-roleplayers alike. But let's look into the problems we face as roleplayers now: Stormwind City for instance is considered one of the main roleplay hubs on Argent Dawn EU, and where a lot of people gather every evening to indulge in relaxed roleplaying activities, the problem is that now during peak hours when people gather up Stormwind City becomes immensely laggy, and while not a direct issue as it does not affect roleplaying activities it does get very annoying to look at in the long run. The greatest concern and problem I see for RP realms is our server events. As we have seen evidence of gathering a larger amount of people in one zone will cause immense lag. And our server events, like RP-PvP events, tend to have hundreds of attendants. Blizzard... This is unacceptable, on so many levels. And I fear for the future of RP realms if you decide that just switching sharding back on will be your permanent solution. That, my friends, would kill our communities. You decreased the server capacity on RP realms like you did on all other types of realms, you need to realize that this does not work for RP realms. We need a greater server capacity. And while I understand that such may cost a little bit of money you must take into consideration the loyalty of Roleplayers to your games. The vast majority of us have without a doubt been your most consistent subscribers, without a fail, even through content that everyone else deemed subpar we remained. We have been a consistent source of money for many, many years - through thick and thin. The amount of money we as a community has spent on your game must, by far, outweigh how much it will cost you to upgrade the server capacity on realms like Argent Dawn EU, Moon Guard US and Wyrmrest Accord US, which are the most populated RP realms. Not to take into account all the money roleplayers have spent on things to spice up their characters and the roleplay they engage in on YOUR game. What this boils down to is... I am worried, Blizzard. And immensely disappointed. Not once since the launch of this game. Not since day 1. Have I considered unsubbing and premanently leaving the game as much as I do now. You're killing us through negligence and utter detachment. If this comes to pass, well, I have no words for you. I will not fall into the usual trap of calling you a pathetic slave to your corporate masters or overall awful at what you do. Just know that you are failing a lot of people. A lot of people who had the utmost trust for you for many, many years. Peace.Luminaera0 05 Sep
05 Sep What does your character think of the above poster? This idea came to me and thought it could be fun. Don't know if anyone had a thread like this before but there isn't one that I could find. Basically think of it as a scenario where your character gets asked about "that person over there". Give an IC opinion of the character above you. It can be behind their backs or directed at them, whichever suits your character more. Hope people like the idea, have fun :)Wrognash354 05 Sep
04 Sep Newbie to RP - Human Question Hi, I am planning to transfer this character over to an RP realm. I have tried to read and comprehend as much as I can about the Kul Tiran humans, and I really like their naval vibe. My question is, can I RP her as having come from there, with parents from there, but left it when she was younger and settled in Stormwind for a period of time before returning? Or would Stormwind not work? Timeline wise, etc? I want to have her be a stable-hand and have been helping with the horses for the guards, but I would like her to return to Kul Tiras. Thanks!Bellena3 04 Sep