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19 Nov 2010 Informative & useful threads for Roleplayers This thread contains a compilation of informative and useful threads for the roleplaying community. If there are any threads that should be added or removed from this list, please report them using the red bio-hazard symbol that can be found next to the thread's subject title (Reason: Sticky Request) General Guides and Information: [Guide] Why RP?: or Why we talk funny by Adnaw - [Guide] Guild Recruitment - Your Advice by Adnaw - [Guide] The Conversationalist's Handbook by Azhaan - Roleplaying and Character Guides: [Guide] How to have "Lok’tar" in Orc roleplay - [Guide] How to Roleplay a Warlock by Velynia - [Guide] How to roleplay Tauren? by Takuur - [Guide] Blood Elf Roleplaying by Sorathiel - [Guide] Heroic virtues, heroic flaws by Edanna - [Guide] Roleplaying a Night Elf character by Aldrannath - [Guide] Military RP by Steelhammer - [Guide] Simple character backgrounds for beginners by Edanna - [Guide] An undead's guide to... Gnome RP! by Mharla - [Guide] A Sailor's Walk: a "guide" for nautical roleplay by Scurvy - [Guide] Draenei roleplaying by Sikon - [Guide] Shapeshifting by Edanna - [Guide] Dwarf Roleplaying by Thunderbraid - [Guide] Creating and maintaining characters by Gremkarc - [Guide] Dark Ranger roleplay – a guide and general advice by Lyanea - [Guide] How to Roleplay a Death Knight by Koránith - [Guide] The Dark Lady and Her Forsaken by Viatrix - [Guide] How to Roleplay a Pandaren by Skrauhg - Lore and Resources: [Guide / Lore] Draenei Information by Naiyu - [Guide/ Lore] Time is Money: Goblins in Cataclysm by Adnaw - [Guide/ Lore] Howling Oak: Worgen in Cataclysm by Adnaw - [Guide] RP Gear & Props List! by Normie - Macros and Add-ons: RP AddOns by Gehco - Epic Tales & Stories: <none added yet> Community: <none added yet> Miscellaneous: [Guide] Infernal Key - Guide to Demonic Summonings by Sophyra - 19 Nov 2010
15 Nov What would your character say to the above poster? #28 (Previous thread: He said, she commented, they regarded, Bob commented. Either way the previous thread got filled and things need to be uttered. Carry on!)Nadine170 15 Nov
15 Nov RP-guild and ToS problems I'm about to make a guild on horde for alliance players. Though this is nothing new, it's supposed to really be alliance undercover on horde with an guild name clearly showing the affiliation of its players (Covert Ops...). Since guildnames are only visible out-of-character this seems to be a nice way to allow RP with willing horde players. To avoid breaking the TOS, I'd like to know beforehand what we would be allowed to do and where we'd be crossing lines: actively helping alliance players while no horde is watching? probably OK? passively supporting alliance in pvp situations by not helping horde? OK? interfering in random PvP situations to give alliance an upper hand? Not sure... actively sabotaging world-pvp? Not sure... going into bgs to help alliance win? Not ok, wouldn't do that. Last example is to show that there definately ARE things not ok. Where would you say we'd go too far?Luthara2 15 Nov
15 Nov Describe YOUR character in 5 words or less. A twist on the other thread I brought up in a discord and decided to post it here! Describe your char in 5 words or less and rate the one(s) above you. Thuldrell: Grudge and glory. Nendrovus: All this for a dollar...Nendrovus28 15 Nov
15 Nov General RP Chat #52: *A flash of light did nothing* "The flash of light you did not see did not erase your memories." Night elf bounces? Weird illogical writing? Using the Nether as a dumping site for garbage? We have arrived at number 52 and there is no such things going on here. Everything is perfectly normal.Cornelicus172 15 Nov
15 Nov What would you do with the above poster? #19 We're doing stuff, and things. And stuff. Proceed.Idaris333 15 Nov
15 Nov What meal would your character offer the above? As the name says. New IC thread idea! Can be either a showcase of the character's cooking recipes or something from a place they found particularly interesting. Let's try it!Coldsháde23 15 Nov
15 Nov Rate the name of the person above you! #8 Last thread filled. Onwards we go! Latest person who got rated was Mannimaril. ... Here I pronounced it as neither since it had only 1 L! Anyhow, the name is not bad, but I do not find it that great either. May be, because just as I found Mannimarco's name a bit silly in Elder Scrolls I find yours that too. It works though for a blood elf and is just on the edge of being too long according to me. I'd like to know if there was a surname to it for more flavour, but for now I give it an average 5/10. It's alright. Marvin is finally having a surname revealed to the world. It's probably a reason he is quiet about it though considering he is named: Marvin O'Toole.Marvín160 15 Nov
14 Nov Ebon Blade/Illidari's opinion on Faction War Helluu! With the war between the Horde and Alliance becoming more and more relevant to Azeroth and its different peoples' survival, it is likely more and more Death Knights and Demon Hunters will become involved in the faction war one way or another; whether it be to help/control the Azerite flow or simply protect their old loved ones and people. My question then is; as organizations outside of the Alliance/Horde, how will the Illidari/Ebon Blade react to its members participating in the faction war? Would they allow it? Would they try to stop it? Or just ignore it altogether as long as they kept the fighting off the Acherus/Fel Hammer? Are Demon Hunters/Death Knights participating in the war considered as renegades? Or are they fully sanctioned with access to order resources even? These are hero classes after all, bringing a significant arsenal of powers and magic with them wherever they go; and will have a far bigger impact than just a few mortal footmen or grunts. They will gain the attention of generals and warchiefs of whichever battlefield they choose to intervene in fully. And even just as importantly; if a member of the Ebon Blade/Illidari kills scores of their soldiers or sabotage a battle, how will the Alliance/Horde react to this? Will there be repercussions for the Illidari/Ebon Blade? Lots of question, I know; but feel free to share what you think/know!Mahlificia8 14 Nov
14 Nov what server is good rp server ? im lookin for good rp server well good rp server for horde i don't really care about alliance rpTescolover4 14 Nov
13 Nov Would you date the person above you? #44 ((continued from the previous maxed out thread She frowns a moment and bites her lip briefly looking at Rylothia's profile from the dating agency. "Well, I do usually think elves are really pretty, and I'm all about new experiences... but... she does seem to have a thing for skulls. In a major way. I mean, it's a skull motif on a skull pattern topped off with a skull frosting, so to speak. And I don't want to end up on one of those dates where I'm listening to someone talk obsessively about their hobbies all night. Especially when that hobby involves skulls somehow. So erm... pass this time?"Nakitaa346 13 Nov
13 Nov Illidari in silvermoon I have a backstory in mind for my DH, that will involve trying to reintegrate into blood elf society. Lord Illidan knew the way, but now (post legion) this character just wants out from all that DH stuff. What challenges might he face? Would he be able to make a residence in silvermoon, or eversong woods? I imagine he would be quite the novelty at parties, if he plays his connections well.Runescale2 13 Nov
13 Nov Would your char kiss, marry or kill the one above? Yeah, thought of another forum game, anyone wanna participate?Luyrae275 13 Nov
13 Nov Stranded with the above poster What would your character do if your character were stranded on a deserted island with the above poster, having little memory of how they got there or why?Rumikah496 13 Nov
12 Nov Moonglade server RP: Greeting the new Moon? Hiya! I'm returning from a few years away and I just wondered if you still watch the new Moon rise in Ashenvale? (Monthly Moonglade Server RP event) I've been looking around in whatever forums I can find but I have not been able to locate it, so maybe it's no longer a thing? If you're a Moonglade roleplayer; Do you know what I'm talking about? Is it still happening? If it is: When is it and where can I find some info abut it? If it's not: You wanna go and look at the moon with me? :) Love //KittenKitten7 12 Nov
12 Nov What does your character think of the above outfit? #2 ((Continuation of , post limit reached)) @Grebblz "That's a lot of fancy thread and leather, more than I've ever seen on a goblin! Those are some thick goggles though, do you have poor eyesight? Would you like a carrot?" She rummages in her bag looking for a carrot, but only finds a cookie, which she offers him anyway.Nakitaa144 12 Nov
12 Nov Ascension of the Kaldorei? What do we think? The Kaldorei whilst noble, ancient and controlled people have always had a savage, primal instinct instilled within them. With the Burning of Teldrassil, thousands dead and the Alliance unable to assist fully, it'd be awesome to see a new dynamic to Night Elven attitudes and their approach to war and other races. I've always viewed the Kaldorei as somewhat cold, distant and ferocious in nature but reserved due to lessons learned and humbled by mortality. I'd LOVE to see this atrocity at the hands of the Horde to be met out with ferocity and for the Kaldorei to ascend to greatness once more. I'd hate for us to just retake Darkshore and then that it is - we should be changed completely by the genocide of our people and embrace vengeance and dominance. What do you think? What would you like to see?Caedias2 12 Nov
12 Nov Nightborne Priests: The Problem of Power [X-Post on the story forums, I wasn't sure where to put it] So as the little picture at the side of this forum post hints at, I've recently made a Nightborne priest and I'm coming up to a conundrum when writing his backstory: "Where in the everloving great dark beyond does he get his magic from?" I was wondering what other people were doing, and what opinions people had on the subject as more preliminary googlings haven't seemed to do me many favours. As far as I can tell there are kind of three options: - Some Nightborne are still faithful to Elune, and get Light/Shadow magic from her akin to how Night Elf priests theoretically do it. - Some Nightborne pursue Light/Shadow as a scholarly endeavour and as forms of magic they wish to engage with. - Some Nightborne pursue/pray for arcane magic, which mechanically seems to work out in giving them priest abilities (I say "pray for" as balance druids seem to imply Elune doesn't mind handing out arcane). What do other people think/RP?Noraen4 12 Nov
11 Nov What is your character willing to die for? "I would gladly give my life for Azeroth, Quel'Thalas, my remaining family, my Regent-Lord or my Ranger-General. There was a time when I would have given me life for the former Ranger-General as well. Now... I am not so sure." "And what of you, what would you make the ultimate sacrifice for?"Sahria128 11 Nov
11 Nov what server is good rp server ? im lookin for good rp server well good rp server for horde i don't really care about alliance rpTescolover0 11 Nov
10 Nov Blind night elf "night warrior" eyes? Anyone knows the specific way, how becoming a night warrior works? Is it like a DH or DK's vision? What do you think, could a blind night elf also receive those black eyes?Afthrast3 10 Nov
10 Nov Newbie seeking help Greetings fellow adventurers of Azeroth! I've played WoW on and off since Cataclysm but I've never really tried role-playing before. After some time with D&D IRL however, I have to say I enjoy it very much and thought I'd give it a shot in WoW as well. So, I have some questions. Are there strict rules for role-playing or is anything that is allowed by the engine fair play? Are there good sources where one can look up the finer details of lore (e.g. the name of that one charachter you forgot etc.)? How is levelling incorporated into the experience? Is it an essential part or is it the same as on "normal" realms (i.e. the real game starts on max. level)? Or is it up to the player? This is what comes to mind off the top of my head. Looking forward to seeing your answers. Thanks in advance.Lockret5 10 Nov
09 Nov SOLVED Cute name for female gnome? The title is pretty straight forward. Most names are taken here on Argent Dawn. :( I'm looking for a unique first name that can also be used as the character's name. I was thinking of a name like "Piwi" or something like that. I need some kind of inspiration for ideas. And before you recommend: fantasynamegenerator isn't the source that will help me, the names aren't all that cute. So I thought I'd ask the lovely RP community of WoW! Give me your best ideas! :) If it helps: It's going to be a hunterLandris5 09 Nov
08 Nov I have a story - need help with race/class! I've had an idea for a new RP toon for a while; I've got the backstory and personality sorted but cannot think of a suitable race and class and would love some suggestions. Essentially this character believes that the most important things in life are personal advancement, financial gain and living in a society which values commerce, industry and individual talent. Ideas such as religion, honor and helping the less fortunate are silly and childish. They get in the way of what is really important, like science, technology and money. He is not a criminal, as he believes that the laws are best place to handle financial and contractual disputes. (Therefore, I don't really see him being a rogue) I appreciate this sounds like a stereotypical goblin but would appreciate some thoughts! Thanks!Lythdrandir4 08 Nov
07 Nov Question for Draenei character's background Hello fellow players, I was wondering.. How long was the trip from Draenor to the crash on Azeroth exactly ? I want my character to be born on the Exodar and to know Azeroth as her only "home" but i'm afraid she'll be too young to have fought in BC all the way to BfA. What do you people think ? (sorry for my english... i hope it's not too bad)Zhuo4 07 Nov
06 Nov Is there an afterlife in Warcraft? Essentially, what happens to you when you die in Warcraft? Assuming you die in a relatively normal way and DON'T get your soul stolen/devoured and doomed to suffer a grimdarkridiculous fate a thousand times worse than death(which seem surprisingly common in Warcraft), where do you go? Is there a hell? Does your actions matter? What is the impact of religion or other power dieties/demigods?Mahlificia4 06 Nov
04 Nov Choose a theme for the above poster. Cathrion was suggesting themes for my Shaman, I'd still stick to Manowar. but it gave me an idea for another forum thing that I can waste several hours of each day checking for updates upon. Pick a Musical theme that -YOU- think suits the above poster. Music is a good way to enrich our minds, even bad music. So let's share bands eh? Edit: I generally enjoy sharing heavy metal with people, hopefully people will enjoy it, if you don't want to listen, totally up to you. Edit: Finntroll is always a good answer!Grikkha477 04 Nov
04 Nov How would you get killed by the above poster? #2 We all can't die dead enough. @ Death Shatter his lantern while attacking him, decanting every single spirit collected. This causes them to swirl around and form a soulnado to appear which draws Cathríon in and tears her apart.Cathríon239 04 Nov
04 Nov Which actor would voice/play your character? Congratulations! Your character(s) is in the next Warcraft movie. Which actor would voice/play your character and why? And comment on the one above how well you'd think their actor would fit their character Deathvarg - Mark Strong (Voice) Perfect voice, can be both fitting for a bad and a good character.Deathvarg8 04 Nov
03 Nov Describe the Above Poster in 5 Words or Less #5 The last thread was finished by myself on Shang Lao, posting towards Nakitaa ... "Horns, hooves, cookies and cleavage!" ... so describe on! Feel free to do either Cathríon or Shang Lao, I'd just feel odd posting a new thread on anyone but her!Cathríon143 03 Nov
02 Nov Forgive me father for i have sinned. A little roleplay. Confess your wow sins. I will start: Forgive me father for i have sinned. My combat skill where horrible today as i was unable to kill a few savage members of the herd.Malaficus20 02 Nov
02 Nov lack of ships and Zeppelins ok why do we have portals now in stead of Ships and Zeppelins , ah the sea air that feeling of flying the views, portals are so boring! to hell with the quickness of it some of us like to experience the idea of travelling not just zap here and there its so much more fun waiting for the ship or the zeppelin, love the flight between the Two horde cities or even the rocket way but for an alliance orientated player pls bring back our ships if you want portals hire a mage its good for the economy i want to sail to the new lands not disappear through a portal it looses some magic of the journey its to easy lolElflaede5 02 Nov
02 Nov What does your character think of the above poster? This idea came to me and thought it could be fun. Don't know if anyone had a thread like this before but there isn't one that I could find. Basically think of it as a scenario where your character gets asked about "that person over there". Give an IC opinion of the character above you. It can be behind their backs or directed at them, whichever suits your character more. Hope people like the idea, have fun :)Wrognash365 02 Nov
01 Nov What would the character above you drop? #2 Last post in the previous thread was my reply to Nakitaa ...Láurenn42 01 Nov
31 Oct How would your character kill the one above? #11 ... As I completed the last thread, it falls to me to continue our adventures in murder and glory. I just killed Hex's character.Elyssarain310 31 Oct
31 Oct Question from a non role player Hello, sorry if this sounds weird, but I wanted to ask how do people role play a class that is not fully available in game for example If you wanted to be a Priest of Elune, which class do you take? or I you wanted to be a Warden etc... My second question is, how do you role play if you are attacked by the horde? is there like a rule? do you emote while in combat or just mash buttons until they die?Mälfurion17 31 Oct
30 Oct What Ultimate Attack would the character above you use? Trying to get something new going :) If the character above you would be the protagonist of a shōnen anime, cartoon or superhero flick, what do you imagine would be their ultimate attack or finishing move? As I don't have someone above me, for Nakitaa it could for example be; 10-ton Cookie Crusher Smash! Summons and drops a massive choc chip cookie above the adversary in order to flatten them!Nakitaa34 30 Oct
30 Oct Need Advice on Playing a Fool Hello. Thinking of creating a new character building off the archetypal fool. Someone akin to Patchface in Game of Thrones. I aiming for it to be a male night elf Druid. Perhaps his oddity was a consequence of what happened at Teldrassil. As such I was wondering if anyone had RPd something similar and had any advice. Sorry for being so general, just need ideas!Lucaiine0 30 Oct
30 Oct [Guide] How to Roleplay a Demon Hunter! FOREWORD With the success of my guide about Death Knights, I thought I might try my hand at another Hero Class - The Demon Hunter. This guide will attempt to cover the various aspects of roleplaying a Demon Hunter, from some of the most basic to some of the most in depth. If I missed anything, let me know in the comments! All my sources are cited at the end of the guide, and I've tried to make clear what is lore, what is speculation, and what is personal preference. Many thanks to the people who wrote the lore, the people who collected the lore on wikis and in other roleplay guides on the forums, and the people who shared their thoughts and opinions with me on this topic. I will try to credit all of you at the end as well, but please forgive me if memory fails and I miss a name! Table of Content: 1. Facts about the IC Class + Races 2. The Story by Blizzard 3. Faction Alliegence 4. Making Your Character Within This 5. Demon Powers 6. Miscellaneous - Transmogs 7. Useful Tips and Advice 8. SourcesKoranith24 30 Oct
29 Oct Spirit beasts in RP Hey, what do you think about hunters using spirit beasts in role play? Personally I have nothing against it and have seen people use them, but still wanting to hear few second opinions on it. Would it be okay for a Sentinel to have a spirit beast or two around as in being spirits of her fallen companions and how lore-friendly would such resolution for their presence be? As I've also understood that Night Elves would gravely oppose raising dead, would that also be the case for spirit magic or such to keep the spirits of your former pets around?Mortdorei2 29 Oct
29 Oct Let's make it an interview #3 More questions needs to be asked and those questions need answers. So answer the interviewer's question above you in character and then choose which question the interviewer shall ask the next person! Last post from previous thread: ...Interviewer329 29 Oct
27 Oct Looking for a roleplaying guild Hello, I am looking for a guild since I am pretty new to WoW roleplaying.I have some experience with it from boardgames and a few sessions of pen and paper DnD. I've been trying to join ones outside of the cathedral but they do not like my kind (didn't think walking corpses wouldn't be accepted easily beforehand). In any case, if anyone is willing to have me in their guild, I am just a death knight that wanders around. I have some skeleton potions on me to embrace the living dead fantasy (And avoid getting hit on even though I am dead) and since I am dead I have a more nihilistic outlook on everything around me.Sikelis2 27 Oct
27 Oct Argent Dawn (EU-Alliance) City Guard Guild I've been around a few times RPing, trying to get into it with my new nelf char. I have seen the City Guard guild around a few times but I've only heard negative things. The apparent complaint is god-moting along with power-gaming events. Is there anyone who can give any other views? I've seen a few bad things from the guild with some really wacky situations sprawling out with them. I even think I read one-time they were fine in allowing people to burn Ren'dorei on stakes? RP is confusing, lol.Aralíá6 27 Oct
27 Oct Some advice needed RP in it still a thing? I joined AD a few months ago and rp'd a little bit but wasn't able to find regular people to show me the ropes, I tried looking for guilds but none ever responded. Wondering if there are any other realms that are more patient with newer rp newbies? I need a fresh take on this game! rp provided that for a while ! excited to get back into it.Toreigh6 27 Oct
27 Oct Argent Dawn / Earthen Ring Hi, Can someone explain to me why Argent Dawn is really highly populated, yet Earthen Ring is not? As far as I understand they both have existed since launch so I would've expected a closer amount of players. Just wondering if there's any particular reason for that.Schlowman11 27 Oct
27 Oct Critical Role One-shot 2017 So all you filthy roleplayers were probably aware of Critical Role Hearthstone "promotion" sort-of event that happened almost a year ago Sorry that this is ahem a little bit outdated by now but I was surprised to not find any threads about this thing on eu forums. Also not sure if this is the right subforum to post it, but this is related to WoW RPing and could be inspirational. And just wanted to express how this little humorous story of lowlife adventurers' band feels far more Warcraft and, well, RPG, than current WoW storytelling, with all due respect to it. ThanksStrahnbrad0 27 Oct
26 Oct The Monk Roleplaying Guide Hello there, grasshopper! This is my friendly monk guide. If you have any questions, ask away. I hope that by reading this it answers some of the more frequently asked questions about what monk RP can entail or involve - or find the interest to roll one if you haven't already! (Get it? Roll?). This guide is frequently updated. ... In perspective of the class we play, they're heavily based on the Shaolin monks of ancient China. They're not a new class to the Warcraft universe, but to the other races they are a mostly new occupation. To be a monk is certainly a way of life, and not simply something one does in his spare time, as it takes years of training to be capable as a hand to hand fighter on battlefields, especially when they are often dominated by steel and magic. A well studied monk has access to potent Chi energy; the spirit energy within all people that only monks know how to fully control at will. Chi strengthens their punches to the strength of mace strikes, it even allows them to perform great feats of Chi magic, capable of healing or harming whoever the monk wishes in many ways. They train mentally and physically to be as strong, yet agile as possible. A monk's athleticism is what makes him a deadly fighter. On the battlefield, they can easily outmaneuver footsoldiers in heavy armor, and perhaps even the spells of mages and projectiles of archers. They fight with their legs as well as their hands, and in one-on-one combat they would be amongst the hardest combatants to battle - in fact, well trained monks are competent enough to fight many enemies at once. They can serve as healers of their allies, skilled soldiers on the front lines, or bolster their rank's offence or defensive capabilities with pandaren brews that sharpen one's mind rather than blur and slow it. Monks have lightning fast minds, reflexes, and attacks. They have played an important role in Pandaria's battlefields for thousands of years, and will no doubt bring new tactics to the table as more races learn their ways. ... Most, if not all of this is taken from in-game lore texts but I have condensed it down to what I feel are the most important parts. Monk history is tied directly to pandaren and Pandaria history. Reknowned monks: Emperor Shaohao - the Last Emperor of Pandaria was presumably a monk. Lord Taran Zhu - 'his prowess is legendary', say the Shado-Pan, whom he leads. Chen Stormstout - the famous wandering brewmaster is also a skilled monk. Master Bruised Paw - the Hidden Master of Pandaria. Master Shang Xi - the last Master of the Training Grounds of the Wandering Isle. Aysa Cloudsinder - student of Master Shang Xi and philosophical leader of the Tushui. Ji Firepaw - student of Master Shang Xi and philosophical leader of the Huojin. Kang the Fist of First Dawn - the first monk who taught the pandaren slaves under the mogu to fight unarmed. How the monks began.. ... Roleplay Specializations - Your tiger style is no match for my serpent style! The three in-game specs are Brewmaster, Windwalker, and Mistweaver. However, it's rare for monks to refer to these styles by these names e.g, one doesn't study the path of a Windwalker or a Mistweaver, they are loose terms - as broad as saying you're studying the path of the warrior or the paladin - you don't say 'protection paladin' ICly either. Whilst it does give an inclination as to what kind of monk you are - a Windwalker being an aggressive fighter, and a Mistweaver being a healer, there are more fitting ways of describing it. Each of the August Celetial's Temples in Pandaria marks the location of defeat for the Prime Sha by Emperor Shaohao thousands of years ago. Monks who train at these locations have developed different styles for combating the Sha relevant to their location. These are the styles practiced by monks today. Any self-developed, personal styles would have been branches of these original four. ... ... ... ... Whilst it's fine to develop your own style I'd put some thoughts into what the style is actually about and how it's different from something that already exists - it would most likely be a developed form of one of these styles. Styles under the tutelege of the Celestials and developed over 10,000 years are not easily improved upon. ... As far as pandaren style monks are concerned, and the playable class; monks as we know them have only really become available for the rest of the world, but in the monk order hall there are plenty of non-pandaren masters. This means enough time has passed for us as RPers to also feasibly play as masters if we aren't pandaren, though keep in mind that it has still only been a few years for non-pandaren to train as monks. Most pandaren masters are still going to have a larger amount of experience than non-pandaren masters. This is also important when we consider that being a master monk doesn't necessarily mean you're as good as you can get, but more on that later. There have been the pandaren venturing from the Wandering Isle, but it is rare that they will take on the time and commit themselves to teaching someone until they have mastered it. There are a few exceptions though. Brother Korloff of the Scarlet Crusade was taught by a wandering pandaren, and he then trained the Scarlets; hence why the Scarlets have monks. The Draenei starting area was retconned so that Mojo Stormstout was on Azuremust when the draenei crashed there, so on a chronological level, draenei monks could have been around since Burning Crusade. There are Argent monks, though since the Argent Crusade was born out of a breakaway faction of the Scarlets, it's plausible these monks are former students of Korloff, save for their lightwielding abilities. Auchenai monks seem to be more of the Christian monastic variety, keepers of the dead and holy in their beliefs, rather than the Shaolin style that the pandaren are based off. These monks don't work with Chi energy either; so if you were to roleplay one, it wouldn't be quite the same monk you play as in-game.Zen187 26 Oct
26 Oct The Broken Mask A pamphlet is nailed to the wall only inches away from the entrance to The Broken Tusk. Underneath is more nails in the wall. These ones hold a few dozen necklaces. All of the same sort. A black chain decorated with one half of a pale elven face. The symbol of the Banshee Queen. Have you ever dreamed of eternal life? Or have you ever pondered the possibility of a second chance? The Broken Mask wishes to grant you exactly that and more. Ever since the angels of undeath pledged their allegiance to our Dark Lady, a chance escape our own mortality has been within our grasp. However, our leaders have denied us this fate. They stand tall in their own pretentious "morals", knowing their lives are safe while ours are at risk everyday in this war. With the help of the Val'kyr you could return home to your loved ones, avenge your own death and do everything you had hoped to do before departing this world. You could live forever. The necklaces hereunder are the mark of the Broken Mask. With this we let the angels know that we welcome their blessing. That we decide for ourselves that yes, we wish to be born again and not rot in the dirt! Take the necklace and take your fate into your own hands. We of the Broken Mask welcomes you to your new glorious future! For the Horde and for the Warchief Sylvanas! Some of the nails no longer have necklaces. It seems some at the inn have already taken themSonrath0 26 Oct
26 Oct Horde RP Best horde RP realm?Lightness2 26 Oct