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19 Nov 2010 Informative & useful threads for Roleplayers This thread contains a compilation of informative and useful threads for the roleplaying community. If there are any threads that should be added or removed from this list, please report them using the red bio-hazard symbol that can be found next to the thread's subject title (Reason: Sticky Request) General Guides and Information: [Guide] Why RP?: or Why we talk funny by Adnaw - [Guide] Guild Recruitment - Your Advice by Adnaw - [Guide] The Conversationalist's Handbook by Azhaan - Roleplaying and Character Guides: [Guide] How to have "Lok’tar" in Orc roleplay - [Guide] How to Roleplay a Warlock by Velynia - [Guide] How to roleplay Tauren? by Takuur - [Guide] Blood Elf Roleplaying by Sorathiel - [Guide] Heroic virtues, heroic flaws by Edanna - [Guide] Roleplaying a Night Elf character by Aldrannath - [Guide] Military RP by Steelhammer - [Guide] Simple character backgrounds for beginners by Edanna - [Guide] An undead's guide to... Gnome RP! by Mharla - [Guide] A Sailor's Walk: a "guide" for nautical roleplay by Scurvy - [Guide] Draenei roleplaying by Sikon - [Guide] Shapeshifting by Edanna - [Guide] Dwarf Roleplaying by Thunderbraid - [Guide] Creating and maintaining characters by Gremkarc - [Guide] Dark Ranger roleplay – a guide and general advice by Lyanea - [Guide] How to Roleplay a Death Knight by Koránith - [Guide] The Dark Lady and Her Forsaken by Viatrix - [Guide] How to Roleplay a Pandaren by Skrauhg - Lore and Resources: [Guide / Lore] Draenei Information by Naiyu - [Guide/ Lore] Time is Money: Goblins in Cataclysm by Adnaw - [Guide/ Lore] Howling Oak: Worgen in Cataclysm by Adnaw - [Guide] RP Gear & Props List! by Normie - Macros and Add-ons: RP AddOns by Gehco - Epic Tales & Stories: <none added yet> Community: <none added yet> Miscellaneous: [Guide] Infernal Key - Guide to Demonic Summonings by Sophyra - 19 Nov 2010
3m Looking to get into RP. Could use some advice. I would really like to try out rp on Defias. I'm compleetly new to it and I love my current non-rp guild too much to leave them for a dedicated rp guild. How should I go about finding some people to rp with? Any advice from more expirianced roleplayers would be greatly appriciated. Thanks in advance !Fruitshop4 3m
1h How would your character kill the one above? #10 *Yabu teleports nearby Xirque* *Stretching his hand, and charging a ball of Fire, Ice and Arcane.* Whispering a powerful spell: Kaaa.....meeee.....haaa.....mee............HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *The energy beam is so massive, powerful and fast, Xirque is totally obliterated by the extreme dangerous power of Yabu.* *With his job finished, the mighty Yabu teleports himself away.*Yabu485 1h
2h Would you date the person above you? #42 I had the last post on #41 so I'll just copy it here: "Well, if..." Thalgnor strokes his beard, deep in thought, then remembers himself and looks up. "I mean it could... she might..." he cuts off again as his face sets into a deep frown. "Hmm... I usually don't give in to racial prejudice but I tend to limit my sexual and romantical relationships strictly to sin'dorei. Please take no offense, malanore. I am always open to discussing our different fighting styles or a bit of sparring." That was towards Mitcha.Thalgnor491 2h
2h What would your character say to the above poster? #26 Yappity yap yap. More talking needs to be done in the name of RP! Previous post on the last thread was from Arebell to Thalgnor. ...Arebell411 2h
3h Roleplayers... One of the pillars of WOW is roleplaying, but there are great variations of RP. To all Roleplayers: as who do you and your guild roleplay?Gaeten26 3h
3h General RP Chat #47: Horde rules, Alliance drools! Fite me!Thuldrell103 3h
12h Rate the appearance of the character above you #9 Old one reached its limit. @ Draenön very fitting for draenei pally 10/10Ðeáth223 12h
12h Describe the above poster in 5 words or less (Part 4) I ended the last thread on Erah, the wolf fur equipped elemental warrior!Tuaitha418 12h
12h What would you do with the above poster? #18 Let's continue on and do stuff to eachother, hur hur hur. ...Arebell307 12h
19h General RP SPOILER Chat BfA edition #2 Happened to cap the first one. Previous thread: 19h
1d What would the character above you drop? #1 Shamelessly stealing this from the General Chat because I thought it would be a funny (And hilarious in some ways) idea! So, the gist of this... You just killed the character above you (Somehow) and you go to loot the corpse. What special item does the character have available to loot? As an example... Tethenar kills Astrophel (Sorry dude) and loots his corpse. What does Tethenar find? Astrophel's Head Polish Toy Use: Removes all hair from your head and develops a radiant gleam so you too can have a shiny bald head like Astrophel! So. Shoot!Tethenar434 1d
1d What does your character think of the above poster? This idea came to me and thought it could be fun. Don't know if anyone had a thread like this before but there isn't one that I could find. Basically think of it as a scenario where your character gets asked about "that person over there". Give an IC opinion of the character above you. It can be behind their backs or directed at them, whichever suits your character more. Hope people like the idea, have fun :)Wrognash154 1d
1d Guess the IC title of above poster #8 Have just Capped the last IC TITLE abow with my "Arnt" Alt Starting a new one here at once. Play nicely :-)Xirque468 1d
1d Guess the above poster's catchphrase Thought of a new RP game. Try guessing what the poster above you would say most often. If someone's guess is relatively accurate, you can participate again with an alt, and congratulate them after making your guess! Also, if you feel like making the next poster's job easier, you can help them by giving a very short summary of your character. For example, Tyrlak here is a zandalari storyteller. His catchphrase will likely relate to his passion for stories. Good luck! Let's see how this works out. :)Tyrlak17 1d
2d Lore Q&A and Character Help Saw a thread like this on the US forums and thought it would be a good fit for EU aswell. Premise is to just post questions you may have about your (possible) character or the Lore in general, and anyone can come in and help out! :) ======= I'll start it off: I'm developing a character but I'm struggling with timelines and possibilities. The idea is a young gnome hunter who grew up on Teldrassil. His parents would be either gnomes who joined the dwarves at the battle for Mount Hyjal. Or perhaps one of his parents took an interest in herbology and went to Kalimdor to discover the flora of this new continent, while taking a particular interest in Teldrassil. To see what kind of plants would grow there and what the effects of this druidic magic would be. All to find out if any of these plants would be suitable for farming deep inside the caves of Gnomeregan. I guess I'm stuck with a few questions: If a gnome was to be born and raised on Teldrassil entirely. (Not saying I want this, but what IF).How old could he possibly be? Taking in account the age of Teldrassil, and maybe also the Night Elves joining the Alliance. As I understand it Teldrassil was made before the Elves joined the Alliance, therefore it may have been difficult for a couple of gnomes to enter the tree before that. I doubt the Elves would let anyone in. Was it even possible for Gnomes to leave Gnomeregan? How did people move from Eastern Kingdoms to Kalimdor? Was Kalimdor newly discovered (like a new America?) or were there already some vessels sailing between them? Would gyrocopters be able to fly it?Maelorn10 2d
2d Looking for Polish roleplayers Hey, im looking for polish roleplayers, with or without guild.Sehldor6 2d
2d Thuldrell's Character Explained Writing this thread because I'm half bored and half simply wish to tell about Thuldrell here and what I was going for, then you guys can feel free to judge me based on how I did. My main idea behind Thuldrell was to create a Nightborne who tries to avoid his kind altogether, when the Horde rolled into Suramar this gave him the opportunity to do so, and he was baffled by their stories of redemption and heroism. Because of this he enlisted and has been a loyal soldier to them. His Story: He never liked magic, hated it in fact, and preferred to train with weapons instead. He was always neutral on it until midway through his childhood kids he played with would use magic to "cheat" pretty much, and the fact he was pretty much only good with weapons put him at a major disadvantage and set him up for mockery, but he would never retaliate through fists, partly because he'd lose against the young mages, or because he'd get into major trouble from his order loving parents. His parents were always kinda disappointed with him as they were always the kind of parents who see a child not as a child, but as a bragging right to their "friends" or in this case, the Suramar nobility. And to an aristocracy that loved magic rather than the art of war having a child who would rather pick fights than pursue education is a big no-no. But he always respected his elders and his peers despite having plenty of reasons not to. During his late teenage years he became quite adept on weaponry and combat, and he was huge compared to the other elves atleast, he's still half the size of say an orc. Though despite this he was still an idiot by Suramar standards, failing most of his classes. But mockery was never met with fists unless it was to prevent someone from harm's way, Thuldrell would always be the kind to keep the peace and try to set an example of respect and honesty. In his adult life, his parents had enough of Thuldrell ruining the Astrano name and disowned him by the time he was ready to fend for himself. He ended up doing plenty of odd jobs, mostly manual labor that most Nightborne would dread doing, until he found himself as a guardsman. And all was well for the next 100 or so years. The legion breaks through the Suramar shield and opens everyone up to a world they thought gone long ago, and Elisande accept's the legion's ultimatum which has been offered. He completely disagreed with this and knew Gul'dan's bluff but couldn't do much as he was still a nameless guard. Now that martial law has been enforced in Suramar and he was constantly given orders that he felt were unjust, he was obviously very angry with this. But again, didn't have any chance to do anything. In come the Dusk Lily, a rebellion faction of Nightborne who I'm pretty sure we all know of. He finds out about these guys quickly and ends up leaving Suramar to find Shal'aran and becomes "the muscle" so to speak, happy he wouldn't have to suck Elisande's tyranny up. His main job was to do things that stealth couldn't, mostly shock and awe like killing demons. Things escalate so much that the Horde and the Alliance join in, you know this part aswell I'm sure. Horde are nice and happy to the Nightborne, Alliance are mean and rude. Blah blah blah. The point here is that a few orc veterans of the Horde tell him all about the Horde. Honor, redemption, courage, and the will to fight for what you believe in. This all speaks to Thuldrell on a personal level, he always valued respect and courage, and he always deeply wished for a place to call home. And now he finally found one... The Horde. After the Legion's defeat and the Nightborne officially joining the Horde, he enlists as soon as he can find a recruitment booth. And the rest is history.Thuldrell14 2d
3d Tyrlak's stories After scrapping Wrognash's story I realized I only finished two short stories for WoW and started about 20. Which is bad. So I decided to do a complete overhaul on my writing style for these short stories. Tyrlak here is a zandalari loremaster. He'll be telling you stories. Completely IC from his perspective. This allows me to just do whatever I like, not just backstories for RP characters. I thought this could be more fun. However, before I start posting, I've a question: How much can I lose troll accent? For example, let's say we're talking about Tzákra. This is how I would do a sentence with a full authentic accent: "I be knowin' dat ol' troll quite a time, now." and what I want to do, for ease of read is "I've known dat (or that) old troll for quite a while, now." How much does that break the lore? The only thing I will need to do is his accent being persistent. So if I start out with a certain word being spoken in one way I cannot change it. For example, if he says "dere" in one sentence or story, he won't realistically say "there" in another one.Tyrlak13 3d
3d Are all lightforged draenei born on Argus? I tried posting this yesterday, but I guess something went wrong. Sorry if this has been answered somewhere; I searched, but found nothing. My question is, could a lightforged draenei be born (on the Xenedar?) AFTER the draenei left Argus? I like the lightforged, and would like to RP as one, but... I try to avoid RPing a millennia old individual, as it is quite daunting to even try to imagine the vast knowledge and experience such a person must possess... I prefer RPing my long-lived characters as young adults when the lore permits it.Taarbuun2 3d
3d The Escape! (A short story) Hey guys and gals! So I originally posted this on the AD forum, but figured you might enjoy the read. It was written during a work break to add a little fun to my character's name swap. Hope you like it! :) **** Beezil crashed through the door and into the bar, sending one of its undead patrons sprawling across the floor - he didn’t stop to check on him, there was no time, instead he quickly bolted the door behind him. “Boss!” The panic-stricken goblin pushed his way through the crowd, darting between the legs of a striding tauren. “Boss!” Coming abruptly to a halt at the counter, Beezil hoisted himself onto his tiptoes, frantically bouncing on the balls of his feet to get a view of the other side. “BOSS!!” A shrill, nasally reply erupted from over the myriad of dirty mugs and cocktail glasses: “Wwwhat!?” Beezil clambered onto a stool and began crawling across the bar on his knees, sending glasses tumbling onto the grimy floor with his grovelling; “T-they found us Boss, somebody talked, Fizznik’s dead Boss! They got ‘im! They’re on th-” The stammering goblin was interrupted by the sudden thudding of heavy fists at the door. “MOXIE GRIMLENN.” A gruff, orcish voice boomed. The landlady slowly glanced at Beezil with her remaining eye, her expression neutral. Not a soul stirred within the joint. The voice continued; “TRIXXI BLASTHAMMER? MINXI SHARPSHOT?....MINNIE PINCHPENNY…?” There was mirth in his tone as he called the last name. The little barmaid’s usually vibrant green skin went pale, her one red eye widening in terror beneath her blonde locks - somebody had been snitching, and for once it wasn’t her. She began to panic, grabbing Beezil by the ears and shaking him frantically; “How’d they get my name? Did you tell ‘em!? Start talkin’ ya mook!” Beezil was sobbing between squeaks of pain, “I dunno Boss, I-Ow, I jus’ saw-Ow ‘em an’ - please stop shakin’ me - an’ the guards were already…” Minnie had heard enough, she needed a way out, “Shaddap! What about Warrington? She’s the one payin’ us!” “The Alliance don’t want nuthin’ to do with us no more, they’re cuttin’ ties!” A single piece of parchment was pushed under the crack in the door, the remaining barflies watching with baited breath as Beezil slowly walked to fetch it. He unfurled it carefully and was greeted by the snarling, inky visage of his boss - they’d really over accentuated her nose - it read: WANTED DEAD CAPTAIN MINNIE PINCHPENNY BY ORDER OF THE WARCHIEF And in smaller print: (MAY BE USING OTHER NAMES) FOR ESPIONAGE, THEFT AND HIGH TREASON REWARD 250,000 GOLD He handed it to his boss, who was now busying herself by emptying the contents of a nearby tequila bottle, she was strangely quiet now - Beezil had imagined her usual murderous temper to have been in full swing, he’d even readied his earplugs. He turned back towards the door, the bar’s patrons now absent - they must have gone out the back, why hadn’t he thought of that? Minnie piped up from behind him, her gravelly-chipmunk tone resonating through the decrepit dive. “NOW YOU LISTEN TA ME, WHOEVER-YOU-ARE. I AIN’T COMIN’ QUIETLY...I GOTTA GUN POINTED AT SOMEBODY AN’ IF YOU TRY ANYTHIN’ I’M REDECORATIN’ WIT’ THIS GUY’S BRAINS!” Beezil frowned to himself for a moment, before turning back towards the counter, “You think they’ll believe ya got a gun on m- AW CAMAAAN…” He found himself staring down the barrel of a flintlock, its owner's hand trembling wildly, Capt. Pinchpenny’s remaining hand busying itself with a rope tied around the counter. “I ain’t goin’ back to jail Beezil. Ain’t nothin’ personal, ya been a good kid. Hand me a cigar will ya? For old times sake?” Cautiously, the young thug handed over the cigar, lighting it as Minnie gripped the butt with her pointed, yellow teeth. “W-what are ya gonna do Boss? We can’t just walk away here…” Minnie smiled, a grim sight for most, she wasn’t the looker she thought she was, but it calmed him for a moment. “Who says we’re walkin’? Catch.” She tossed him the rope, and with one last swig of tequila, held the cigar butt towards the lamp on the ceiling. “THIS IS YOUR FINAL WARNING”, the Honour Guard boomed, “COME OUT NOW AND YOUR DEATH WILL BE MERCIFUL!” “Bite me…” the goblin muttered, lighting the lamp. She sighed, hoisting her dress as she stepped onto the counter, dragging the already filthy fabric through so much spilled profit. Beezil, dumbfounded, stared at the rope clutched between his eight fingers. The walls began to creak, chatter, crash around their ears - Beezil assumed the worst, their time was up, he closed his eyes and waited for the axe. He winced as he heard the deafening thud of the pistol's ricochet. “SO LONG SUCKERS!!” Minnie’s piercing voice cried out, the sound of air inflating filling the room. Beezil opened his eyes, “Aw...naw….” he muttered weakly. Within moments he was pulled violently through wooden board after wooden board before crashing free through the roof and into the desert air of Durotar. He clinged onto the rope for his little goblin life, watching as the hulking frames of the city guard became mere ants - he could swear he saw their mouths agape with suprise. Minnie was cackling maniacally. Beezil looked up to see her sitting atop the bar counter, legs kicking in the breeze. Above her was the lamp, burning furiously with a green flame, and above that a crude balloon tied haphazardly to the bar’s frame - still with parts of the tavern’s wreckage tumbling off into the city below. They were off, to where he didn't know. He suspected neither did she. What he did know, however, was as soon as they landed he’d be asking about a pay rise...Pinchpenny0 3d
3d Dwarven Transmog & Mounts Hello, I'd like some suggestions about good Bronzebeard transmogs & mounts for a Dwarf Warrior representing Ironforge. Thanks!Bjolf6 3d
3d Rate the name of the person above you! #8 Last thread filled. Onwards we go! Latest person who got rated was Mannimaril. ... Here I pronounced it as neither since it had only 1 L! Anyhow, the name is not bad, but I do not find it that great either. May be, because just as I found Mannimarco's name a bit silly in Elder Scrolls I find yours that too. It works though for a blood elf and is just on the edge of being too long according to me. I'd like to know if there was a surname to it for more flavour, but for now I give it an average 5/10. It's alright. Marvin is finally having a surname revealed to the world. It's probably a reason he is quiet about it though considering he is named: Marvin O'Toole.Marvín90 3d
3d What would your character's voice sound like? I've asked a few friends this as I think a good character can really shine through their voice. Either describe it, link a video of the voice or something similar for reference. _____________________________________________________________________________ I imagine Mannimaril sounding alot like Dan Donohue's works in Skyrim's Dragonborn DLC. Example: 3d
3d Banshee Hello! Is it possible to roleplay a banshee? I do not mean Sylvanas dark ranger banshee but a banshee like a spectral being with long flowing hair , long flowy dresses and jewellery , whose screams literally kill?Marvella2 3d
4d Let's make it an interview #3 More questions needs to be asked and those questions need answers. So answer the interviewer's question above you in character and then choose which question the interviewer shall ask the next person! Last post from previous thread: ...Interviewer224 4d
4d What is your character willing to die for? "I would gladly give my life for Azeroth, Quel'Thalas, my remaining family, my Regent-Lord or my Ranger-General. There was a time when I would have given me life for the former Ranger-General as well. Now... I am not so sure." "And what of you, what would you make the ultimate sacrifice for?"Sahria29 4d
4d A Holy Light Rant So in my time RPing, I've noticed a constant. Real world atheist logic system being forcefully applied into a fantasy setting where multiple divine forms literally manifest as magic. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I've seen plenty of zealous Paladins, who'd better fit in the Scarlet Crusade than the Silver Hand or Argent Dawn. I'm going to take a moment, to actively call out every single Paladin related pet peeve I have. 1: People who act like the Church is an oppressive force. Any real world politics aside, the Church of the Holy Light is founded upon the three virtues of Tenacity, Respect and Compassion. There has been very few cases in lore of the Light's followers being portrayed as genuinely hateful. In most cases, it would apply to the post Second War period where tensions were still high; or amidst an actual zombie apocalypse. There's often a baseless notion of a Paladin Death Knight Rivalry, perpetuated by evil paladins who hate undead for being undead. The only Silver Hand/Argent Dawn aggression with Death Knights, was of course when the Death Knights attacked their allies. 2: Grimdark Catholic Crusader Xenophobes In a fantasy world where divine magic is fuelled by personal convictions, you get an awful lot of people roleplaying Warhammer. They are free to do so, but I am free to mock them for living on a steady diet of memes. Xenophobic and zealous paladins can be done, and done well; but require a level of depth and subtlety that requires a knowledge of characterization, as opposed to, thinly veiled self insertion. Holler at ya deus vulting neckbeards. 3: I am a follower of the Light, and therefore adhere to basic 21st century morality. There's nothing more annoying than a female Draenei Paladin who doesn't worship the Naaru due to Xe'ra seeming evil in the latest patch, who is also a member of the Argent Crusade and wholely neutral, and provides near fourth wall breaking commentary on the two factions. We know, war is stupid, your point was made on September 2nd 1945 Salt aside; keep on rocking in the free world. I'm not the police.Deolaras24 4d
4d Guess the above's backstory An odd game I thought of, everyone seems to do these and I'm bored, might as well start a forum game, how this game works is, you will respond to the above poster by..well, guessing their back story vaguely, use stuff like their name, transmog, race and class, the original poster will then edit their post and put a scale from 1-10 on how accurate the description was. 6/10Ossiewald1 4d
4d If Your Character Was a Human Born On Earth... Who would they be? Their profession, life situation, etc. Whatever you feel is important enough to include. Gimme some answers people! __________________________________________________________ Thuldrell Astrano: Definitely a soldier in the army, he would have never went to college or do well in school so can't progress past the rank of sergeant, but he would be content with doing his duty. Mannimaril Furyheart: I'm thinking he might be a cult leader of some kind, think of the Children of God or the People's Temple. Considering his xenophobic attitudes in the RP aswell he might even be a supremacist.Thuldrell39 4d
5d Is Warmode coming to roleplay servers as well? So today Blizz did some announcements over World PVP in BFA: Now some of these seem a lot of fun, like the bounty system (see GTA) but also the gear scaling and honor talents being enabled and being able to get conquest with World PVP events. The problem is these things seem to be tied to the new "toggle" pvp mode that Blizzard will enable only on normal servers. Blizzard has earlier announced that the pvp systems of RP and RP-PVP will stay the same? Will we still get some of these features or is that also something that roleplayers will have to miss out on? The new PVP system really seems perfect with the ability to choose in your capital city if you want to be on pvp or pve environment (and if you choose pve you won't be bothered by pvp at all) so why not introduce that on roleplay servers but let the phasing be just with rp servers (and as little phasing as possible in capital cities like Stormwind, Oggrimar, Silvermoon, etc).Ceara16 5d
5d Your character's theme? If your character had some song or theme what would it be? I'm going to take "Service and Sacrifice", from the finale of season 3 of The Legend of Korra. 5d
5d RPing Flying Mount Hey guys - i'm running my character as a stormwind champion with engineering proficiency, having a bit of trouble picking a mount though - my ground mount of choice is the champion's treadblade but I can't decide on a good flying mount. Any ideas? At the moment I am torn between a Grand Armored Gryphon, Grand Gryphon, Stormwind Skychaser and Lightforged Warframe.Gannen3 5d
5d A night while the other's sleep. Another Adventure, A third time in the Frozen wastes that is, Northrend. Gar'mak. Veteran of the Shroken Shore and Ashran Sits alone in his tent, Gardan the cat long lost in the night of dreams. The Orc sits alone awake amongst the tents. the snoring of his Brothers and Sisters of the Irontusk Clan fill the night's Silence with sound. The coldness of his Father's fallen self still paining the fingertips of the palms he looks into. Remembering the words of the General. Gar'mak places his hands firmly on his knees as he sat in a meditational style. His axe resting across his lap as his thought falls back to what has been, what can be? An image forms in his mind of a Orc he knows all too well. A most delightfull speciment of a Female Orc. One of the Clan perhaps? A soft smile on his lips as his eyes close and his fantasy is allowed to wander wit hthe Orcess within his own mind. They walk, talk and laugh together in what must be paradise. A clear little river crossing through the pathway in a deep deep forrest, Not complete darkness but that of a forrest on a Sunny day. Flowers grow along the pathway as if almost instructed to yet somehow, looks natural. The Orcs hold eachother but the hands as they look upon eachother. As if to kiss the two lean in against eachother. Suddendly, the Frame of the female orc melts in the fingers of Gar'mak. A horrid sight as the Orc girl liquifies into a dark-pink bloody mess. The Surroundings change all of a sudden as Gar'mak finds himself back on Ashran! Back for the Horde and back in Battle! The flowers around him become spears of wich he picks four up. The rocky path become his fallen Brothers and Sister! The First Enemy dares come into his sight! A Dwarven Gunman! His aim already at Gar'mak , the Orc tosses his spear! Straight through the telescopic sight of the Gun and into the eyesocket and skull of the Dwarf! The First kill! The second fool, a Draenei! Three spears are left in the graps of the Orc Warrior, and all three are used to be thrusted into the stomach and chest of the Draenei before he is hoisted up by the warrior. Leaving the suffering and agonizing screams behind as Gar'mak distances himself from the impaled Draenei! A few steps further a Gnome sat, bleeding from the side of his throat. A lost fight with a Goblin perhaps? Mercy takes over the orc as his bleeding frame of purple Draenei Blood almost has him covered. A thumb is struck into the little wound of the Gnome's neck. Soon followed by another finger, the would rips far open as the Gnome can't do much more than scream, A sudden snap lays the Gnome to rest as his neck is broken by the Orc with a swift ripping of the head to the left side. The March goes on to bleed for Freedom. Yet a sudden hand places itself on Gar'mak's shoulder as he turns with a snarl, only to see the Orcess again. Her voice is demanding yet gentle. "Come home." The Orcess taller than himself at this point. "Return to me my wolf." Gar'mak finds himself back in paradise. The Screaming of war, the bloodlakes of bodies. The red sky and smokefilled air, all have vanished again. His frame, untouched by anything that was ever considdered blood. A deep inhale the Orc offers before he sought to gently kiss the Orcess. Her hand on his cheek. A sudden pain strikes the Orc in the left shoulder as paradise vanishes and before the pained orc can open his eyes again. He sees himself in the fireline of two Kaldorei sentinel. Roaring out he Charches at them only to quickly be fired at again. His chest and shoulders, Leaving himn looking like a Hedgehog. His frame once again covered in blood, this time his own. He rises his hands high above himself before the combines fists crack down on the first Night elf. Her body collapses under the sudden force of the Orc's Might. The second turns to flee, or perhaps simple tactical relocation. Gar'mak reaches for the Bow and a single arrow from the fallen sentinel. A quick draw and steady hand has the fleeing Elf struck with glorious position in the back of her head. Slightly from the side as it seemed almost by intention, have the arrowhead exit the skull behind the Right eyesocket of the Kaldorei. Resulting in a most gorefull end for the sentinel. Gar'mak wanders on hrough the fields of war. He spots a Knight of the Silver Hand, A sudden charge up to the side of the Knight sends the Paladin onto the ground. Yet it takes not much for the Knight to get back on his feet. Gar'mak, already on the outlook for the next Alliance swine to face his might seems not to haven seen before the Warhammer of the Silver Hand to swing around, The air forced out of himself he is thrown back by the Hammer's force. Laying on his side in pain and agony before the pain suddendly vanishes... He opens his eyes and he finds himself home... In his hut as the blured frame of the Orcess, undressed walks from the sleeping skins, towards the fireplace as she is heard giggling softly while looking at Gar'mak on the Skin-bed. "You naughty Wolf." A soft smile back on his face as he closes his eyes again. The sudden thrundering of battle has the Orc rip his eyes open, The paladin standing above him on the left side as the hammer is about to come crashing down, Gar'mak shuts his eyes again, Only for the send next to his face to kick up and the deafening screeking of steel hitting steel filling his head. His eyes rip open once again as he sees a fork-speak, Saveing Gar'mak's like is a Darkspear Spear-tosser! "Darkspea' neva die!" Before the Troll vanishes through the smoke that clouded the Battlefield. A Swift roll has Gar'mak back on his feet, Ready to battle the Paladin, They charge at eachother, Gar'mak unarmed against the Lightblessed Mace of the Paladin! They almost reach eachother before the Paladin falls to the Skills of a Sin'dorei girl On her first tour to the battlefield as a Sniper. A quick nod has the orc acknowledge the Aid of the Giggling elf girl. A barricade is to be Broken ahead and Gar'mak charges over the battlefield. Finding himself pushing behind seven other Warriors of the Horde, amongst the crowd a Highmountain Tauren, the largest of that kind ever seen by the Orc. They push together as the other side seeks to keep the gate of the Alliance Stronghold shut tight! A sudden push sends Gar'mak on the ground as he Snorts, yet as he blinks. He finds himself back at the Camp, The Orcs arround in tends and bedrolls... The snoring of the Night, the Irontusk Clan. The Orc's eyes peers around before he looks upon her, the orcess from his visions, she is right there in the Clan with him. Gar'mak closes his eyes, a smile on his face and a tear down his cheek. Gar'mak is Happy, Gar'mak is home. For Everever the Clan might take him, whatever Hardship there is to overcome. Gar'mak knows that in this clan, He'll never stand alone.Bloodknuckle2 5d
6d [RP Guide] Characters: Creating Them & Playing Them Now, I’ve marked this thread as a guide, but I’ve tried – really – to purge it of all hectoring, grandstanding, and backbiting. It is your prerogative how you read the following however-many-thousand words. As a guide? Great. A catalyst for further discussion? Works for me. As an unprompted babble? Well, it’s probably that too. But more than anything, I’m writing this for and to my fellow RPers – and not to finger-wag. Submit yourself to this lumbering body of text, and I pledge to show how to create characters whose minds are their own, not beholden to plot or whatever other plans their author has for them. I’m an advocate for characters as people, essentially, who think and act based on their own circumstances, making decisions that seem logical to themselves. An RP character, if you’re really going for it, should be a whirlpool of thoughts, allegiances, ties, contradictions, and feeling. Nothing about a character should be too neatly packaged. Finger-wagging, sorry! Hm. Let’s see what we have to gain from continuing down this thread… *** Online, MMO-based roleplay has its limitations. At the end of an evening’s RP, once the last person in an encounter logs off, the record of what occurred instantly evaporates, leaving “not a rack behind”. Screenshots of the night might exist, if some diligent archivist has been poised over the print screen button throughout, but this makes for fractured, impractical documentation. Even before this point, the intrepid roleplayers have, like as not, had to deal with DCs and AFKs, OOCers, movement mishaps… debilitating hurdles aplenty. Take all that into consideration and RP can seem very throwaway. Yet it isn’t: it’s an enthralling hobby, which some of us have been engaged in for years. One critical reason for this is the abundance of memorable characters you bump into when RPing. In an environment where everything else is throwaway and inert (the more things change in RP, the more they stay the same… in the game world), characters are what persist, night after night, living in pseudo-real time. If the world cannot be changed, then at least the characters who reside in it can. (did you spot the Tempest quote? Yes or no, Prospero’s words, whilst obviously applying most readily to theatrical productions, do a fair job of encapsulating our own medium too: ) So, you want to be an orc, elf, gnome, troll, etc. What do you want to play, and why? What itch is it that you are moving to scratch, and how will your character differ from others of their type? Where to begin? Background helps, greatly, and before setting down to RP, I recommend thrashing something out. Your character’s history is a fixed point to which you can return for guidance, an instruction manual and primer, that will enable you to key into their feelings and convictions on whatever confronts them. Backgrounds are themselves a record: of who your character is, what they’ve already been through, why they’re here. There can be hooks in your character’s history, existing RP characters (belonging to your friends and associates) might factor into it, and perhaps even an incentive within to join certain guilds and communities. Particular characters might be ruled by their backgrounds, acting in accordance to what’s expected of them, while others may rail against their past, the boxes that circumstances have put them in. The universal thing here is that all characters, to their individual extends, are products of where they came from. Even the free spirited are turning away from something. That’s my personal view: that background matters, and you benefit from knowing your character’s. I’m far less opinionated on how you do this, how thoroughly you go about it, and if you share it on a resource such as Argent Dawn. It can be private to you, so try, if you can, to suppress any suspicions that you’re writing pap. To some roleplayers, committing their creative thoughts to paper (even digital, word processor paper) is very much an intimidating prospect. To these RPers I can only say that, chances are, once you get going, you’ll surprise yourself at the abundance of ideas you have, and the clarity with which you’re able to express them. To get this stuff written down (“do they feel aligned to any particular race or location?”; “where is home to them, and if they are away from it, does it pain them to be?”; “how many friends have they had outside of their race?”, etc) can make the difference between a rather flat character and a much more robust one. I speak in favour of backgrounds because they can be a great aid to another contention of mine: that you should think of your character in the same light as you would the main protagonist of a novel. ...interpreted the wrong way, that is of course bonkers. The RP scene doesn’t need a crush of characters vyin for the spotlight, exploiting every opportunity to go one-on-one with the baddy or defuse the bomb single-handedly. It doesn’t need the selfishness, the self-regard. Happily, that isn’t my suggestion: this is much more about instilling your characters with all the thoughts, desires and motivations, and internal monologues a character is host to in their own novel. So you see why I am an advocate for functional backgrounds: to achieve that kind of robustness of character, you need a deep well to draw from. Mulling over your toons (for sake of a synonym, you know) in those terms can be illuminating. Irrespective of other considerations, while you’re playing them they are your main (and only) protagonist, and as you continue to play them, they get more screen-time than any character in any TV drama (save perhaps soaps, which go on and on and on and…), so thinking this way is only logical. While deliberately assuming the role of a background or bit-part character is a noble enterprise, it is also misguided, even counter-productive, if this is a character you’ll be playing a lot. Substance is key. Substance doesn’t mean dominating scenes, or blocking out other roleplayers. There’s a big caveat to this: introverted characters are riskier in RP than in many other forms of storytelling, due to some incontrovertible truths: so much of RP is in the dialogue, and if it is your aim to establish character connections from random RP, then your characters must be willing to approach and be approached: to talk, sometimes at length, on any old topic. I like the term “social animal” here, because it does not imply, as I do not intend it to, that characters have an obligation to be friendly. Nope. They should, however, be open at least to the prospect of conversation, and it should not require Hyjalian efforts on the parts of other characters (and their roleplayers) in order to get half a conversation from them. The brooding, the taciturn, the pathologically shy: these are concepts that can work stupendously in fiction, but their success in RP is mitigated somewhat by the core principles of the medium. To reiterate: this does not equate to happiness and amiability, and neither is it a call for you to drop your Death Knights. But have a care, always, for the other RPers around you, and the deterrents to roleplay you may inadvertently be putting up with an anti-social, or asocial, character. What might seem at first a fun concept - a cold, emotionless killer who only speaks when necessary - ends up in a situation saddling you with fewer avenues for expression.Avarill3 6d
6d [AD-A-RP] Fist of Thaurissan "At the hands of the Alliance and Horde, Emperor Dargran Thaurissan's death meant much for the Princess of Ironforge and Heir Moira Broznebeard, because of her enslavement by the dominating Emperor. She was made Dagran's wife, became pregnant, and swore to her enraged father King Magni Broznebeard that the Dark Iron Clan would return to glory, without his help... and so it has. Currently within the Council of the Three Hammers, Dark Iron Representive and Queen Moira Bronzebeard rules over the Dark Iron Clan, while some remained in their hostile state toward both the Alliance and the Horde, and a small part of the Clan became neutral and joined the Thorium Brotherhood. The Fist of Thaurissan was formed to claim a rightfull place within the Mountain City of Ironforge. Under the banner of the Queen herself, Rylir Runefist currently leads the Order personally to maintain the balance of the still hostile Dark Irons, and honor the will of their Queen. We are the Fist of our Queen, our people, our land. For Khaz Modan!" OOC: Fist of Thaurissan is rather new guild at this moment. To tell the basics; You could say that Fist of Thaurissan is an dwarven unit meant only for Dark Irons and Dark Iron half-bloods and are here to maybe cause some headache for Mountaineers and Anvilmar Iron Brigade in the future but we shall see. We accept all classes, past level 10 is always prefered and higher why not BUT we prefer not to take death knights because.. well yeah they are dead and all.. And people would just make them because of the Dark Iron skin model. In the future, once we get few more active members, I planned to start holding weekly meeting atleast for Dark irons. The guild's basic ideas are to promote dark iron role-play, promote dwarven role-play in general along with the Ironforge Mountaineers and Anvilmar Iron Brigade and try bring more role-play to Ironforge!Rylir2 6d
6d Looking for artist! Hello there! My friend is looking for a skilful artist who would like to produce art of his character (Human female paladin) for a fair price. I've been trying to look around but I often find them to be closed and not open for commissions. If you are someone, or know someone who could make art for my friend, please add a link of your or their work in the comments. :-)Nymphadora5 6d
6d General RP Chat #46: <PH Title> Today's title is brought to you by my exploration of the BfA alpha.Tyrinne500 6d
19 May Would the Above date your character ? #1 I decided to take a new spin on this thing.Argetor415 19 May
19 May My daily stupid idea, presented to you by Tyrlak Some of you may know I have a habit of having idiotic ideas. Like RPing a fel infused green dragon as a night elven demon hunter. Yes, that did happen, thank you. I can feel at least three people facepalming because I reminded them of that. So, my stupid idea of the day is taking your character's name, splitting it into two parts and putting the first part to the end. If your name has a number of letters that isn't even, you can decide where to put the middle letter. To demonstrate, Tyrlak would be Laktyr. What I learned from that is 'tyr' sounds better at the end of a word then at the beginning, by the way. But let's see a name consisting of odd numbers. Lytandrah, consists of 9 letters. So in today's stupid idea, her name would be Drahlytan. Sounds considerably worse (and manly), but it can't always work out as well as with Tyrlak/Laktyr. So, I wanna see you ladies and gentlemen of the Roleplaying forum try, if you're interested.Tyrlak17 19 May
19 May [A]RP Guild - Alliance of Lordaeron We have existed for quiet a few weeks now on DB realm and it's sub-realms so i guess its time to say what we are and little more about us. Alliance of Lordaeron is Military organization focused on reclaiming lost human Kingdoms in North of Easter Kingdoms. It was created by ex-Sergeant from The Ninth Company, Aleksa Wrathblade. It will stay politically undefined as we don't want to have anything with southern politics, and they have no power over us in our regions. While in Stormwind and other Alliance controlled regions they do. We have our representatives in both Stormwind and Ironforge for even if we stay out of politics, we are ready to offer our hand to aid any guild that requires so. Our Army has both Military and Civilian duties, for every member must chose one from both branches. In times of peace, if civilian duties are required or member is OOC at the moment, members IC can be said to be doing their civilian duties. Civilian duties (Blacksmith, Hunter (ressource gathering), farmer, builder (more be coming soon)). Military part for every character is required for whenever there is call to arms sounded. Military duties Tier 1: __Tier 2: __Tier 3: Scout->Sharpshooter->Marksman Scout->Sharpshooter->Ranger Scout->Sharpshooter->Saboteur Scout->Spy------------->Spy Master Scout->Spy------------->Saboteur Footman->Vanguard->Vanguard Knight Footman->Vanguard->Vanguard Leader Footman->Rearguard->Rearguard Knight Footman->Rearguard->Crusader Spellcaster->Chaplain->Bishop Spellcaster->Chaplain->Crusader Spellcaster->Battlemage->Archmage Spellcaster->Battlemage->Saboteur Representative in Stormwind is Alliance of Lordaeron's Sergeant and Diplomat Nemuss Ravenhide. Our Headquaters and official Office in Stormwind are alley behind Shady Lady, also known as cutthroat alley. HQ in SW Representative in Ironforge is Corporal and Diplomat Jade Dun-Haldren. Office to be decided in coming days. Our main Headquaters and base of operation is Fenris Keep, Fenris Isle, Silverpine forest. It is also seat for Grand Marshal (GM guild rank both IC and OOC), Grand Marshal carries title as Lord of Fenris Keep in name of the Guild. Main HQ We are currently in personal alliance with The Ninth Company. - Forum for current Campaign - Discord Channel ----Characters---- Name: Aleksa Wrathblade Title: Grand Marshal to Alliance of Lordaeron and Lord of Fenris Keep (temp). Rank: Grand Marshal Age: 22. Status: Alive. Eye color: Brown. Allegiance: Light, Prince Arthas, Kingdom of Lordaeron, Captain Tudo. Nationality: Lordaeronian Occupation: Paladin, Leader of Alliance of Lordaeron. Responsibilities: -Lead Alliance of Lordaeron. -One of the Leaders in current campaign "To Lordaeron" -Develope strategies and tactics Name: Gerarth Stormfury Title: Marshal to Alliance of Lordaeron Rank: Marshal Age: 37 Status: Alive Eye color: Teal Allegiance: Aleksa Wrathblade, Kingdom of Lordaeron Nationality: Lordaeroninan Occupation: Warrior, Right hand to Grand Marshal Aleksa Wrathblade Responsibilities: - Right hand in leading Alliance of Lordaeron - Leader of Grand Marshals personal guard - Stewart of Fenris Keep (temp) Name: Elleyna Netherbow Title: Ranger General to Alliance of Lordaeron Rank: Marshal Age: Young Adault Status: Alive Eye color: Cyan Allegiance: Aleksa Wrathblade, Kingdom of Lordaeron, Lady Alleria Windrunner Nationality: Sin'dorei Occupation: Ranger, Responsibilities: -Organizing scouting missions -Organizing hunting missions -Organizing stealthy rescue missions -Commander of Ranged units Name: Resoss Title: First Scout to Alliance of Lordaeron Rank: Sergeant Status: Alive Nationality: Night Elf Occupation: Deamon Hunter Responsibilities: -Scout master for alliance of Lordaeron -Direct supperior for all scouts Name: Nemuss Ravenhide Title: Diplomat to Alliance of Lordaeron Rank: Sergeant Status: Alive Nationality: Gilnean Occupation: Diplomatn, Hunter Responsibilities: -Interviewing new recruits for Alliance of Lordaeron -Nagotiation with, and attendence of Stormwind Council -Internal Alliance of Lordaeron matters -Financies Name: Jade Dun-Haldren Title: Diplomat in Ironforge for Alliance of Lordaeron Rank: Corporal Status: Alive Nationality: Half-Dark Iron Occupation: Diplomat/Paladin Responsibilities: -Interviewing recruits for Alliance of Lordaeron -Attending as Alliance of Lordaeron representative Ironforge Senat meetings and nagotiating with Senat Ranks IC: Officers Grand Marshal (GM) Marshal Commander Lieutenant Knight Enlisted Major Sergeant Sergeant Corporal Private Recruit (OOC Rank until interview is done) Recruiting message for those that want to interact with us on more special way: *Raven flies high in the sky dropping a letter at you. It bears Royal seal of Lordaeron. As you unfold it you can read.* Greetings Champion Alliance of Lordaeron is being reborn, and it needs you in its ranks. Together we can resurrect our fallen Kingdom! Message attached on message board in all capital cities and locations: Good news, Alliance of Lordaeron is being reborn, as succesful campaigns agains the Forsaken are made in the north we are looking for new recruits to join us in the battle to restore great Kingdom of Lordaeron. If you are interested please contact an officer to Alliacne of Lordaeron in order to signup. Officers can be found in Fenris Keep, Ironforge and Stormwind. Guild is welcoming towards ALL races/classes/levels. We accept both people new to RP and those more experienced. Our members are mostly IC or to become IC after interview. Aleksa0 19 May
18 May Sum up your character in one screenshot! #1 Let's try a slightly different game. Take one screenshot of your character that you think sums them up the best! Then rate the screenie of the person above you in terms of how well you think their mog and theme fits together. So get your fancy doodahs on and get creative! :D I'll start us off: 18 May
18 May What does your character think of the above outfit? I wanted to spin on things, we have rating the above transmog. But what about doing it from an IC perspective? Maybe it will catch on, maybe it won't, just an idea! Edit: I didn't change back to my IC outfit before making this post and logging off for the night... alas, the price I have to pay for being unobservant.Énarí344 18 May
16 May A character's relationship with lore characters Quick question today; would it be okay for an RP character to have known ro to know some lore characters personally? For example, there's a character who was previously part of the Kirin Tor and says he knew Krasus and was friends with him. Obviously the character didn't know at the time Krasus was Korialstrasz. Or a nightborne character had worked with Oculeth before and fondly mentions it to someone in a conversation about portals. I don't know if it makes a difference if said lore character is dead or not.Tyrlak14 16 May
16 May This is me A dark stage, somewhere on Azeroth. Suddenly, a spotlight brightens the center of the stage. There, a very thin, very pale young woman covers her eyes with the back of her hand. "Can you... can you tone the light off?" The spotlight shines less, to a more comfortable light to the eyes. "Thank you! Alright, where was... i?" Suddenly, she remembers she has stage fright. She starts fidgeting, muttering, looking around the stage and towards the public. She then turns her eyes to the side of the stage and stops. Nods, close her eyes, and sighs, looking serious to the observers. "M-my name is Adreena Regata. And i am... Well... I am a lich." She flinches, turns here face away, and close her eyes, expecting people to throw stuff at her, or at least boo. Still, no word. Just someone coughing at the distance. She opens one eye, looks around, then straigthen herself, dusting off her robe. "W-well... Let me explain. I am what is called a 'first-phase Lich'. Not as powerful as a full fledged lich, since i am still in part on a functioning body. If you will ask, yes. I am dead. Well, undead. Err... midterm it. I ain't alive, sacrificed it for the sake of power to... well, i don't want to talk about it. At the same time, i ain't exacly undead. I can eat and take nutrients from it, for instance, even if what sustains me is magic. Food is more to sustain my body. But i am dead. Eventually my body will decay." She looks around the public in silence. "But i mean no harm. I do not want to cause any pain or inconvenience to anyone. I took this path because... I... " She looks down. "I can't say. Not yet." Sighs. "Well, what can i do with my power?" She scratch her chin, thinking. "Well, i can fully freeze the Lake Lordamere in 4 minutes, if i ever wish- and i don't. Don't you worry. For non-casters, that sounds stupidly long for something so easy. And yet, mages know that is required tons of mana, just to be able to freeze about 100 liters. Also, can turn a lake of lava into rock-solid... rock, in a near instant. And may say that takes a toll in me. Can do some conjuring with my powers. And... Well, i can do something macabre, like freezing someone's blood with just a wave from my hand. Oh don't get scared! Please! Isn't a threat, just something i can do!" She does look worried, even lifting her hands asking for clemency. She then sighs. "Well... What can i say more about me? I... am sort of a book worm. I spend nearly all my time in libraries. I do guess that's why i resorted to lichood... Err, what else? Oh i am kind of... shy, heh. And clumsy. And not very...talkative. And right now i am feeling awfully inadequate. But! But... I never served the Scourge. I guess that's... good?" She shrugs. "I choose undeath by my own methods, and declined promisses of greater power from the Prince of Lordareon... Oh er, i wanted to say something positive about me. Well, i can keep your beer cold. Eh?" She snickers, but seeing no one joined her, she decides she sucks at jokes. "Well, i'm good hearted. Even if it barely moves now. I see no race. Whoever is my friend, is my friend. Human, goblin, orc, no matter. I love my friends, and i hope they love me. Also, even if i am a loner, i try to be a good company. Some librarians say i can make a very good peacebloom and thistle iced tea. And this time isn't a joke." a light smile. "Well, i think i took plenty of your time. If anyone wants to... talk with me, just look for me. As long as you cause me no harm, you will be recieved as a friend." She gives a bow, and quickly scuttle away from the stage. NOW IS YOUR TURN! Are you brave enough to climb on stage and tell your pros and cons?Regata5 16 May
14 May Regarding draenei on a role playing aspect. Due to us having lightforged draenei could we possibly play as a fallen lightforged draenei as a Death knight draenei or is that a bit much? Not to sure about the lore on lightforge draenei so i don't know if this is okay.Kaligath10 14 May
14 May Does anyone else have a story for their character I have one for this character and all my other ones I like to have my thoughts be their thoughts so like for instance Vu'Kul hates all undead with a passion (namely because of the scourge attack) and because of that he was disgusted with the Belves joining the Horde and fighting along side the Undead something he found Immoral and seeing it as betrayal of his fallen kin so he left the horde and sin'dorei joined the silver covenant though still struggling with the magic addiction when he caught wind of this group of elves he set out to joining hoping that they could help him with his addiction when he changed he became a rouge for the alliance and has no issue with killing his former kin believing them to be traitorsVukul3 14 May
13 May A good text font/add-on for RP? Hi all, I recently revamped my UI for RP, using the Kong add-on so everything bar the text chat box is removed from the HUD unless I mouse over it. To make the UI even more immersive for RP, I was looking for a text add-on that displays the text in a parchment-style area in calligraphy-style text. Does anything exist? Something like this but for text chat: Thanks in advance.Phoeníx0 13 May
13 May Roleplaying Hi good Peoples I have been on a pve server since I started this game some years ago, recently I felt a need for change and made a realm and faction change to argent dawn, well I asked around on the forum and found a guild that seemed interesting. When I was about to make the transfer I saw that it was an rp server and that was kind of new to me, but I made the transfer. Anyhow, good people on the guild explained what an rp server is and that it would not affect normal pve, never less it left me with a curiosity for this role playing. So my humble question is if I can observe a role playing community/session on argent dawn as a passive bystander out of pure curiosity ? Thanks in advanceKrognack1 13 May