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2h How would you get killed by the above poster? I'm bored, and thought this would be a fun idea, it probably won't be, but we can always try. Basically the other post, but in reverse, test your creativity! Anyone can kill someone, in fact, most of us thrive on it, I can see Daha having issues here, silly Orc! So, How would you get killed by me? I'm a gnome, so you might have to think hard on this one *Evil grin*. But don't worry, the next poster gets killed by you! Presumably before you were killed by me, try not to think too hard on that one.Karama483 2h
3h Suggestion for belf priest name? Hello guys! As im going to reroll a horde shadowpriest, i was curious if anyone had some nice suggestions for a new name? Serious names please! ^^ Cheers!Envoke16 3h
3h How would your character kill the one above? #10 *Yabu teleports nearby Xirque* *Stretching his hand, and charging a ball of Fire, Ice and Arcane.* Whispering a powerful spell: Kaaa.....meeee.....haaa.....mee............HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *The energy beam is so massive, powerful and fast, Xirque is totally obliterated by the extreme dangerous power of Yabu.* *With his job finished, the mighty Yabu teleports himself away.*Yabu139 3h
3h How do you RP? Not as in "whats rp duh" but more like..what is it about? I remember once making a Belf to RP in for trying it out, and I walked into silvermoon and someone was "giving birth".. they were doing the whole thing with a "doctor" dressed in white and the "mother" laying down on a bench, going all "puuush, etc" and then the baby came with some other bloke who logged in and was like "mommy" is this normal behaviour? because when i think of roleplaying in wow I think of speaking like your race, acting like your class, maybe creating a lenghty backstory and going on adventures with a group of people..not...House M.D... everyone to their own though..put me off mighty quick.Trixanomi7 3h
4h [Role play fun: Let me be your shrink!] Sits down on her chair with a cup of hot coca. With the legion racing on, I am sure that many of you just need to let out certain emotions and feelings. But oh dear you've no place to do so? Do not fear for the rest of the week I shall be listening to all of your thoughts and help you carry on or something like that. Right then who is first? Puts on her glasses, grabs a quill and offers you to sit or lay down upon the specialized all races 900 thousand, modified and constructed by gnomes to fit any race within the Horde or Alliance. Next she sits ready to hear it allSabrinn12 4h
6h No Expense Spared [Forum RP - IC-Thread!] This is the IC Thread! For OOC-discussions and feedback, follow the link below! -------------------------------------- ”Largebux’s Great Sea-Spanning Airship Cruise! It’s not just any ordinary vacation! Go overboard with fun on this exhilarating skyward journey across the sea! With your gold pass ticket you get access to such luxuries as swimming pools, live orchestras, sunbathing decks, bars, dance floors, sports arenas, our own Shootbang Blasto-Range and more! All from an amazing height of REALLY FREAKING HIGH! Enough to give you a lifetime of glorious memories! As a gold pass ticket owner, you are a spectacular individual and we at Largebux Inc. want to provide you with the best service possible. Please feel free to ask our staff if you have any questions about your stay. WARNING: DO NOT TIP THE STAFF.” Ariyel folds her pamphlet. Clutching her golden pass ticket with her other hand as she stuffs the pamphlet away, she turns her attention back to the numerous signs adorning the wall. Again. She has stared at the various plaques for so long that the valet by the door has started giving her judgmental sideway glances through the corner of his eyes. There are so many activities, rooms and directions listed that you have to spend a tremendous amount of time just figuring out where to go first. Where are you even supposed to go first? There are so many options! Her outfit probably isn’t very appropriate for a game of Whackball on floor 3, and she hadn’t really dressed for sunbathing on the top deck, either. She hated being so hopelessly lost. Granted, she had been to these kinds of fancy gatherings before, but that was work. While working she could just plaster on a smile and wear a mask of professionalism. When she was gifted this ticket, she was told it was supposed to be a fun and exciting recreational adventure. Fun, however, is not her forte. The valet peers up at her over black-rimmed spectacles, one of his human eyebrows raised. “The ballroom is this way, ma’am,” he speaks up, finally, with a gentlemanly twang to his words, and motions to the doors to his right. The tension in Ariyel’s shoulders subsides as the valet effectively makes her decision for her. “The ballroom. Right,” she whispers as she takes a few tentative steps forward. “Just through here?” “Correct, ma’am.” She presses her ear flat against the doors. Leaning against the wood, she can barely make out the faint strumming of various string instruments and the dull rumble of a gossiping crowd. “Any general advice?” “Just enjoy yourself, ma’am.” “And, ah, what would you say is the best way to do that?” The valet’s scrutinising eyebrow moves a little further up his face, and there is an awkward pause between them. “Right. Sorry,” she breathes out and straightens her back. “You’ve got this, girl.” Before she can even consider regretting her decision, the doors are pushed open and she is instantly swallowed up by the amorphous mass of people inside, disappearing into a cluster of wild limbs. Glowing eyes, glittering jewellery and forced smiles take up the entirely of Ariyel’s vision as she is absorbed further into the wing-ding. Various shoulders and hips bump against her as well-dressed couples move in tune to the music. Everyone seems to have worn their finest garb, which made her feel less out of place in her blue halterneck dress. It responds well to the dancing lights, glittering like sapphire as Ariyel moves her lithe frame as discreetly as she can through the bustling crowd. Normally she’s not a fan of crowds, but she can power through this. The entire point of this trip is to have a good time and meet new people. She can do that. She can be fun. After gracelessly crashing into a draenei, and almost being trampled by an orc who has clearly had too much to drink, she finally makes her way to the bar. Going in just a little too fast, she bumps against the counter and comes eye to eye with the bartender. Standing on top of a stool, the gnome lady tirelessly scrubs away at an already grime-free glass. As a few strands of hair are shaken loose by the impact and fall in front of her face, Ariyel prepares herself for the typical body scan and sneer, but instead she gets this pleasant smile. “Need some juice, sweetness?” Ariyel takes a moment to collect herself, using a few fingers to comb her blonde hair back into place. “I beg your pardon?” The lady grins. “What can I getcha, hun?” Having already taken the plunge out of her comfort zone, Ariyel figures she might as well keep on being daring - break the conventions and push the envelopes. “Water, please,” she says, putting on her most dashing smile before the crippling fear of social interaction can worm its way in again. “Large, with a slice of lemon.”Ariyel58 6h
8h No Expense Spared - OOC Thread! This is the OOC-thread accompanying the actual RP-thread, which you can find over here: If you have any questions, or want to discuss your characters or offer feedback, this is the place for you! If you want to take a deep dive into the RP, follow the link above! WHAT IS THIS It’s an open RP-thread! We haven’t had one of those in a while! The idea is that we all interact with each other in-character through forum posts, writing a little story together. It’s a bit slower than what you might experience in-game, but since it’s all text-based we can explore a bunch of new environments and RP across factions without a whole lot of hassle. Adventuring’s never been easier! Sounds like fun? Keep reading! NO BUT SERIOUSLY WHAT IS HAPPENING The premise is that we all start out on this luxurious new zeppelin, The Golden Goose, courtesy of Stacks Largebux of Largebux Inc. Stacks, being the excellently funded goblin that he is, has poured enough money into this cruise to make sure it’s got a little bit - or a lot, actually - of everything. It’s got several floors worth of activities and joys (Swimming pool? Check. Casino Gambling? Check. Tourist shop? Also check.), all while decorated with the finest carpets and golden chandeliers, offering a wild selection of exotic foods and drinks to keep you well-fed through the journey across the Great Sea. I assure you, Largebux Inc. has spared no expense. Or have they? This zeppelin mainly serves as a narrative vehicle for character introductions and setting up our cast. Who are you? Why are you on this ship? Are you an aspiring deck worker, engineer or a chef hired to work on the ambitious new air-based yacht? Did you receive a fancy cruise ticket for Winter Veil, or were you a lucky winner of the Darkmoon Faire lottery? Or, maybe, maybe, you could be a sneaky stowaway with other motives - like corporate espionage or other tomfoolery. The point is; after some initial setup of our characters on this extravagant set, SOMETHING bad happens. Then, as the chillaxy cruise quickly turns into something much more dangerous (Attention: Please put on your oxygen masks before tending to others.), and we find ourselves in a strange new environment, our motley crew of castaways will have to struggle to get over their differences and figure out how to work together to survive. I THINK. WE’LL FIGURE IT OUT AS WE GO. EXCUSE ME I HAVE A QUESTION Feel free to post in the thread below. I’ll answer your questions as best I can. This forum RP is more or less open to most kinds of characters, so if you’re interested but unsure of how you should introduce yourself, let us know! I’m sure we can figure something out together. ^^Ariyel40 8h
8h Please help with this RP problem! If you're infected by a feral worgen, how do you calm the ferality down? My character was bit by a feral worgen, now I'm trying to find out if they still do some form of ritual still to calm down the feral side. Please help!Bravespartan5 8h
12h What would your character say to the above poster? #21 The True Horde... CANNOT BE STOPPED!Daha481 12h
12h What would the character above you drop? #1 Shamelessly stealing this from the General Chat because I thought it would be a funny (And hilarious in some ways) idea! So, the gist of this... You just killed the character above you (Somehow) and you go to loot the corpse. What special item does the character have available to loot? As an example... Tethenar kills Astrophel (Sorry dude) and loots his corpse. What does Tethenar find? Astrophel's Head Polish Toy Use: Removes all hair from your head and develops a radiant gleam so you too can have a shiny bald head like Astrophel! So. Shoot!Tethenar205 12h
12h Would you date the person above you? #37 IT'S JUST ANOTHER LOVE THREEEEAD, ANOTHER LOVE, THREEEEAD!Cathríon92 12h
14h What would you do with the Above Poster? #16 At late night while Cathrion is out, Dakuh breaks into her house, stealing her daggers, blades, jewelery even her scarf. He gets away with it before Cathrion returns, and sells everything to Feenly and co.Dakuh96 14h
1d Describe the above poster in 5 words or less (Part 3) Not the one who ended the thread prior, but I will open a new one, as needs must.Elyssarain183 1d
1d Farewell As my time in warcraft is coming to an end (less then 24 hours left till my sub expires), I am writing this last thread of farewell, choosing this forum in which I had such a good time, rather then throwing a bait to all the troll filth in the general forum. I've first seen warcraft in the end of Vanilla, though it was early TBC when I made my first own account, rather than playing a character on a friend's account. Back then, I just had enough from the dying Runescape, with is crude plot, toxic community with forced harmful pvp (you were losing you items to the player that killed you) and automatic, badly made professions - And the first time my RL friend showed my Warcraft, it was fascinated - a large, nearly endless developing world of high fantasy, with complicated plots and characters, immersive, challenging world and so on. Ashenvale seemed endless; even Elwynn forest was big. Mobs were hitting hard and every band of defias thieves could kill you if you were not careful. I've watched my RL friend and his pals doing old Gnomeragen and fight for their lives. My first character was a paladin, then I made my first huntress. It was so great, it was so immersive - it felt like a true hunter, struggling with enemies closing on her and preventing her from shooting; using slowing melee strikes, kiting, watching from additional spawns in the back. Choosing a pet presented a real choice between different kinds of creatures, and the pet behaved almost like a true wild creature that you need to gain its trust, feed him, care for him or he will run or turn on you. Then I discovered the blood elves starting zones... when I traveled through Ghostlands, it was so immersive, so risky - with the roaming elites, with the so many undead around. It was and still one of my most beloved zones. Honestly, I will add that even there, I was resentful about the forced plot that threw the blood elves into the horde, and always wished to find a way or a time to revert my character back into her proper place in the lore - feeling that not all elves forgot long past alliances only because of Garrithos who was not even a memeber in the Stormwind alliance, and a handfull of strange night elf spies (since when spies engage in open combat?) - that some attempt to converse could prevent it, but Blizzard - in an early spark of the devastating forces that will later take control, just threw them all into an alliance with the undead and orcs, just to give the horde "a pretty race". But in spite of that, the world and game were great. Outland was amazing and challanging; Northrend was dark and full with horrors... But then, the woes started to crawl into the game, darker and meaner as the shadow of Activision fell on Azeroth, felling this once great world and lore into their mocking, greedy hands. First came Cata, with its so-so rushed plot that felt so uninspired after Wotlk; the cursed revamp that destroyed the old world and replaced it with linear, mostly badly made and rushed plots - with too many lolz and copycats. Like, turning Redridge into a Rambo film copycat; And searing gorge into "The ogre that donna wanta kill, lolololol". Then Flying, heirlooms, canceling the hunter zero range, and continuing nerfing of the world and the pruning and down-dumbing of classes. Lore And plot became more and more rushed and badly made. Sure, there were nice stories here and there, but the main plots made less and less sense, while more and more relying on techno-miracles and dia ex-machina, with writers that seemed to have no clue and no care about how warfare is like; how looks a siege on city - why bother, when you can plague the world with airplanes, iron stars, siege tanks and mana bombs? The Garrosh plot was horrible and in-coherent; the purge of Dalaran made me so frustrated that I wanted to scream; Then came WoD - the worst of the worst time travel absurd with the horrific "high commander" invansion - making any player "the speical snowflake". I waited, I really, really wished in all my heart that legion will be better - and to some account, it was an improvement. But the core of the sickness stayed, now causing one of the worst plot lines I ever seen - with taking illidan, which was a complex villian in TBC and turning him into a cosmic messiah. No, Blizzard could not just make a reluctant alliance between our forces and dark grey forces to unite against the legion. It seemed, that their main writers lost the ability to understand and write complex and greyscale plots - only crude, one dimensional lines, full with cosmic wars, mega-heroes that save the world five times a day; high chosen ones and demonic or racist villains. And there's the alliance and horde - shells of their former selves, that no one can really answer why the fel they still even exist in their current form. The once so well written, so in-depth world, was slowly turning into some kind of a mixture between a Disney film and some kind of badly made super-hero / Anime, throwing most of all elements of high fantasy and RPG out of the window. Classes were dumbed into a childish collection of absurd power. Long gone the true hunter, the tamer of wild beasts that fought beside his or her pet. Now you just sit back, summoning non-existing beasts out of thin air. Creatures fall in 2-3 hits, even without looms. And in 7.1 - they send a pitlord! one of the biggest, powerfull legion commander, for each player to beat down in 10 seconds. "Cause every paying costumer has a right to..." As expected, with the continous dumbing of the plot and the game, and the CRZ and LFG destroying sever communities, the community had changed and became more and more childish and toxic. Bored, violent adolescents took the place of the mature players that quited one after the other, as did all my RL friends, including the one that had shown me WoW in the first place :-( I tried my part in Roleplay, but though I had fun creating new RP charcters and try them - most of them here in this forum, the dumbing and poisoning of the world and lore drained that too - and of course, my continuing anger and disappointment about Blizzard continuing refusal to make alliance high elves playable, though they had every reason to do it according to lore - "Cause of Bala-blah-blah". Balance could be taken care in a hundred forms; another "pretty" race could be added to the horde; or else, renegade character could be enabled - like they exist in ESO and nothing went bad because of that. I never made a list of demands from Blizzard: "Give me A,B,C,D,E,F or else I quit"- I waited patiently, writing in the forums, placing opinions and feedback and waiting and asking for some things on my wish list to come into the game. But I got nothing. And Slowly, I figured that Blizzard and its devs are scorning and mocking players like me. They shrug at as after all those years, while catering for the facebook gamers, the whiners and the entitled rude kids. Those that run to the forum to run and demand nerves anytime they failed a fight or task. Those, that lore is nothing to them. So they keep pruning and dumbing both game and lore. I finally broke in 7.1, with the continuing rng fest, with legendaries drop from silly daily quest, and in the last Blizzcon in which the devs referred to the crowed like little dumb children "You want to cry for the horde!/alliance! kids?! Sure you do!!!". And with all the promised content list - that was just more, and more and more of the same. Nothing really new, nothing really exciting. Just more dailies, more dungeons and so on. - No changing the outdated alliance/horde. - No real new features that will effect gameplay. - Future lore is still a big "cosmic hero" crap. - No new real races. Even if they do, my guess is that it won't be something with good lore and high fantasy fitting (like Vrykul/ogres and so), but another far-fetched "cool" animal race. -And the most painful for me - nothing about playable alliance high elves. - No returning of the high fantasy/RPG elemetns. I never asked for legacy servers (though I would try them if an official version comes out); I never demanded "give me all of what I want or else"... But It came clear, that Blizzard doesn't take players like me into account; they just shrug at our faces in their crusade to capture the hearts of the young, entitled and whiny. So, with great sadness, I canceled my sub, after postponing it for long months - because that pressing of the final button was so painful and heartbreaking. Letting go of a world I adored so much; of characters I played for years, making long and detailed backgrounds for them. But the current Activision-Blizzard, with their cold shoulder, finally broke me. It looks like a tragic closing of a circle: ten years ago, I left the dying, crude and toxic Runescape and joined the fascinating, in-depth world of warcraft. Now, warcraft had slowly turned into a new Runescape, And I have no place left in it. Farewell; I really enjoyed here, with the forum RP, the forum campaigns and so on. The in-game RP with Rayzeel/Baradiel and others. I will really miss it :-(Amnastária21 1d
1d Returning to "TBD Server" Hey! I'm an returning player who's spent some time roleplaying and am looking to get back into the trade. I have some ideas of what I want to do, but not where to do it. So, I was hoping that someone could maybe help me figure out which server is the most active in creating storylines and fulfilling them. Biased guild recommendations are also welcome. Anyway, thanks for your time and I'll see some of you in Azeroth!Plirig1 1d
1d General RP Chat #37: 2K17 Edition I know, I know... A day early, but come on, kinda have to so close to the new year. Now go, do the chatting thing.Maziane216 1d
1d Let's make it an interview #2 First thread got full so it's time to continue! (Thanks Cal for leting me post this \o/ ) So how does this work? It's simple you answer the interviewer's question from the post before you in character and when you have done that you choose the next question the interviewer ask for the next person to answer! Like the question is, what's your favourite colour? Bob the Guard: "Periwinkle, just like my wife's eyes." then Bob makes the interviewer's next question ooc, simple! So ...Interviewer382 1d
2d Clefthoof Britches I can't find a decent sub forum to post this in, and im actually getting kind of frustrated. I've been missing one part for my transmog for about 4 months now. Clefthoof Britches. A pair of level 66 leather pants. According to wowhead it should drop from all mobs in Sethekk Halls (And ofcourse other places), but this is quickest place for reset. I've now done 150 runs, taking roughly 10 hours, without seeing them. Gathered all the other parts of the Clefthoof Set, some duplicates too. Found the Cloth, Mail and plate equivalent of pants 2 times each. I have been checking AH for 4 months (since i started gathering the other parts of the mog), and i havent seen them once. I just want to know they exist. Has anyone out there found them? Ever? // A frustrated man, wasting away his short vacation on farming Sethekk HallsTusqyarr0 2d
2d Prism Not Working With Mirror 7.1.5 So I spent the time to grind the pet mirror so I can RP as anything basically, but now I can't use the prisms when I'm in the pet's form. I know they disabled prisms on raid members and they only work on group members, but is this also intentional? Why the hell would Blizz do this?!Barthalameu13 2d
2d I've been absent Hi all I have been inactive for a while, and thought that I should explain a little of why. The last 3 Months I have struggled with both a depressuon, and have been tested for work capacity cause of health issues, among other migraine, making it hard to log on and play. I have however been a little bit active and Rped a little with Drae in some guild RP. I have been quiet on the forum sadly. Also, the 3rd of January I moved into a new apartment, and even though that I am settled now, I still am awaiting for the broadband installment, and as the broadband here is radio Broadband I need someone to install the antenna on the wall of the house. Sadly this have taken time and it's 10 days since I ordered it. I hope to have broadband in this week, but I am not sure when I will get it. I will be back ASAP as I miss all of you.Xirque5 2d
2d Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian Goodevening fellow gamers, With the rise of the artifact weapons, one is missing in my opinion. Item nr: #22632 Better knows as: Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian I fallen in love with the looks over the years. It's simple, it got style, it's just marvelouse! There aint a look-a-like in game to obtain. Is there a reason that there aint a look-a-like obtainable, or did everybody forget about it ? Please... Thanks in advance, Terogamu. (I hope this is the correct forum to post sutch things) <3Terogamu2 2d
2d Help with gnome rp Hello guys, I am in the middle of deciding whether to start playing role-play or not. It has been a long time since I played wow and now I am coming back wondering about trying something new, so role-play is a natural choice. I have been thinking this through a bit and I have decided that I would like to try rp as gnome warrior/hunter and I would like to know your opinion about this, maybe even some tips if you had. Please take in account that I have never done this before so my ideas might bumpy a bit. My contemporary idea is making a gnome (hunter/warrior as I said) who used to be some low-life operative in the "company" that makes mechanical striders for gnomes and other races, so he has minimal engineering abilities. Then after half of his whole life devoted to the low-level engineering something (not necessarily negative) happens and he realizes that life has much more to offer, so he grabs his sword/axe/boomstick (because of engineering ofc) and starts his journey heading to the real world and not just Dun Morogh. And of course, his engineering skills would help him in his adventures, like goggles which are somehow calculating enemy`s moves or other utilities. I am sorry for grammatical or estethical mistakes, English is not my native language and thank you for your responses and tips for role-play beginner.Neirytus6 2d
2d Rogue Hideout I am looking for a hideout for my main rogue. I have in my head a few places already but I would still appreciate your ideas. I am looking for secluded place in EK or Kalimdor that is not far away (like two zones away) from big trading city like Stormwind or goblin cities. I don't need it to be a pretty place. Ruin, cellar or cave would be perfect as long it is a bigger complex with some "room" at the end which is equipped with something resembling "furniture", some boxes, maybe table or rug would be ideal. I really don't mind and would actually prefer if there were some hostile mobs, as long as it is believable a rogue could live or hide among them. So no undead or demon cult infested places. Any ideas?Marlode6 2d
2d Why I hesitate to try RP again When I first picked up a copy of WoW I joined an RP/PvP server to play with a colleague from work who introduced me to the game in late TBC. Back then I didn't even know the difference between server types but it didn't take long for a few lessons in what the PvP stood for. The RP came later, his guild was a heavy PvP guild and zero RP. If they weren't playing WoW they were all playing CoD together, wasn't really my cup of tea. Along came Wrath and I joined a fun friendly RP guild but it was more fun than RP and the GM's insistence on forcing heavy immersion eventually broke th e spirit of everyone. In Cata I transferred to a normal server to play with RL friends but they didn't stick around long, transferring to horde then eventually quitting altogether. Often wonder if I'd have more fun in WoW by transferring back to an RP server where the community seemed a friendlier bunch. What eventually sways my decision not to? This forum. OMG! The first page is literally trash threads with above you in the title. Rate, date, would you, could you, should you! Meanwhile every post that isn't a reminder of "post this to 5 friends or you will die in a fire tomorrow" crap go largely ignored. So just like Duncan Bannatyne, I'm out!Rhovanor11 2d
2d Returning RPer for a Fresh Start Hello players of the world: As the name suggests, I'm a returning RPer back from the ends of Draneor expansion looking to get my RP fix again. As I've grown older since my start in Warcraft, which was the release of Wrath, I've lost the time to jump in the fray without my wits and hope for the best. I've roleplayed on and off ever since and I know the differences between the healthy and immersive from the non. I had a great time when I lived in Germany last year: I opened a new account and had an amazing time with a group that unfortunately met it's demise before I left the country. I live in the states now, but I found a love for European RPers and realms, and gained some valuable friends and experiences along the way. I plan to move back to Europe when summer comes, and recently resubbed into WoW on EU servers. This info is important because it explains that I will be available at strange hours of the day. However, my real dilemma arises that I need to be doing it for the right reasons. I'm asking the greater EU RP community to heed my call. I'm willing to jump back in - any realm, any character, any premise. Though, I do admit, I'm so over my traditional pick of being an "intellectual, scribe writing, pointy hat mage nobleman-dwarf or elf" thing. That, or just some person of power or pawn in another Stormwind City Guard. I want to be no one. I want to just have a small life, some good RP, good magics and fighting and drama and plot and story-line and I don't want to be a part of some huge, witty, honorable knight's guild or watch. Just something and anything but that. I implore anyone who is willing to pitch an idea - where we start to brainstorm and intertwine this new character's beginnings with your new or pre-existing character story. Anything at all - any class, any accepted lore. Literally anything. I'm itching to write again, to create. I'd say I'm pretty unique and original in my characters for the past I dunno how many years I've roleplayed, and not just with Blizzard. All I want is to reignite the passion for story-telling and character development; the pillars of why I fell in love with RP in the first place. To get the ball rolling, I do have a few already developed characters, for example this level 100 Dwarf Mage. As an idea, I was thinking about being involved with the Darkmoon Faire, some sort of custodian or merchant or performer. I have a good looking set, some Darkmoon Faire pets, and of course the Dancing Bear mount. I have never exercised this idea before, so might as well throw it out there. All the best, from Azeroth to the Outlands - RadisRadisoglou4 2d
3d [Recruitment/RP Event]Death Knights, rise up! “Death Knights! Great Veterans of the Third War! We have been forgotton. Cast Aside. The very people we swore to protect, has turned their back on us. We are being treated with disgust and indifference. But no more! Rise up and break free from the shackles of the Alliance and the King. While the Alliance squabble amongst themselves, in their eternal conflict with the Horde, the Scourge roam the lands, unchecked. The King has refused to put more resources towards the Scourge, and our lands are soaked in Undead filth! So we will fight them, on our own terms, and eradicate the Scourge from Azeroth forever.” - Shathrath, General of the Ebon Blade, Veteran of the Northrend campaign. ________________________________________ I’m starting a Death Knight RP Guild, and I’m looking for DKs with a knack for storytelling and with feet solidly planted in the Lore from WotLK and back, who’d be interested in a concept that centers around a group of Veteran Death Knights who has seceded from the Alliance to fight the Scourge on their own terms, believing the Alliance, and especially humans, are too concerned with the Horde, when the threat of the Scourge and Bolvar Fordragon as the new Lich King must be watched and supervised. Also that we’re sick of the treatment we have gotten since Arthas has been defeated. We are all but forgotten. It will just be for the sake of RP. Write some cool scenarios and act them out. I’ve been looking at both Northrend and Eastern Plaguelands/Scholomance/Kaer Darrow as our base of operations. My idea so far is that a handful of death knights are spreading malcontent and ill will among other death knights. Whispers of a revolution. I need you guys to help me make this happen. It will end with an official “Revolution” event in Stormwind, where we secede from the Alliance and forming our own Order. That’s what I got so far, looking forward to some input. <3 Oh, and any Guilds interested in arranging complementary events or somehow work with us, give me a shout.Shathrath3 3d
3d Rate the appearance of the character above you #8 (And new thread to continue ... Here's a picture to show Kahli'wa's more ceremonial outfit. Which also works as my transmog: 3d
3d Anyone interested in a spot of biker/road trip RP? Bah-weep-graaaaagnah wheep nini !@#$! It's been a while, but I'm thinking of getting back into RP in WOW. I'm wondering if there is any interest in the RP community for a spot of light biker RP? I'm not talking about riding around Stormwind terrorising the Ol' Emma, but rather going on a road trip and finding adventure.Glimberen3 3d
3d Choose a theme for the above poster. Cathrion was suggesting themes for my Shaman, I'd still stick to Manowar. but it gave me an idea for another forum thing that I can waste several hours of each day checking for updates upon. Pick a Musical theme that -YOU- think suits the above poster. Music is a good way to enrich our minds, even bad music. So let's share bands eh? Edit: I generally enjoy sharing heavy metal with people, hopefully people will enjoy it, if you don't want to listen, totally up to you. Edit: Finntroll is always a good answer!Grikkha326 3d
3d Your names How did come up with them? Was it a spontaneous flash of inspiration or did think you think about them a lot? Did you choose them for their sound or do they have a special meaning?Ronaeriel43 3d
4d Guess the IC title of above poster #8 Have just Capped the last IC TITLE abow with my "Arnt" Alt Starting a new one here at once. Play nicely :-)Xirque92 4d
4d Would the Above date your character ? #1 I decided to take a new spin on this thing.Argetor106 4d
4d How would your character react to NPC 'X' It's simple really, if your character was to meet a certain person from wow, what would their reaction be ? After you finish writing that give your suggestion. I'll start : Calia MenethilArgetor52 4d
4d DH RP Hello! So, I just returned after a couple of months without WoW, and I'm a bit curious as to how the state of DH RP is. 1: What would be the general reaction to a Demon Hunter walking into a tavern and getting something to drink? 2: How are Demon Hunters regarded in major cities? 3: Are there any DH rp hubs, or any hubs where demon hunters are not shunned?Rylárth5 4d
4d Warlocks and Succubi I recently saw some warlock artwork and wondered. Can/Do warlocks have carnal relationships with their demonic pets? Considering all the risks, is it even possible? If it is, do people use it in roleplay? (Outside of Goldshire of course)Inathil14 4d
4d Auchenai, Soulpriests and Soulbinders From what I've gathered, the Auchenai are a draenei order devoted to the dead. Since almost every draenei death is violent and traumatic (being ageless, or close enough that it doesn't matter), it's their job to soothe their souls so they can pass on into the afterlife. I'm wondering about some specifics, however. What's the difference between Soulpriests and Soulbinders? What would be a good reason for a Soulpriest/-binder to be out and about in the world? Using shadow magic is necessary for what the Auchenai do, but I haven't seen them use it in combat. Do they? To what extent? Leave your thoughts below.Oraana5 4d
4d Fix hide helm suggestion Now it's part of the wardrobe feature and no longer able to toggle on and off at will perhaps you could give us a toy: Ethereal Helm: 3 second cooldown ... The Ethereals are liars and scoundrels who will stop at nothing to pursue their mysterious aims. It would make perfect sense that they'd sell invisible hats. Then for all those that want to toggle the helm: /use ethereal helm /cancelaura etheralhelm Sure you can just macro equip unequip but these don't work with combat a toy would however...Rhovanor0 4d
5d Rate the name of the person above you! #7 Character limits, yo. Since I made the last post in the old thread I'll make the new one. Saramisya TruestrikeSaramisya283 5d
5d Does being drunk alter chat? I was wondering if being drunk altered chat to other people, or if it is other players role-playing themselves being drunk? I've had a few conversations with people who do a great job at role-playing drunken, slurred conversations. I was unsure if it a legit game mechanic or just great RP?Cargard3 5d
5d Question about Gnome backstory I want to make a backstory for a gnome, but Im a little bit confused about the starter quests. Are the gnomes we can play survivors who lived in gnomeregan for years or did we came to Gnomeregan just recently? Would a backstory about a gnome who did survive the troggs and the radiation and who stayed in the city make sense?Adalbert0 5d
5d What are the mantid doing now? The Sha have been purged and cleansed from the heart of Y'Shaarj, the queen has been slain (possibly replaced because that's how Hive races work), and the Paragons fell in Siege of Orgrimmar so they cannot protect the mantid anymore. So, what's up with them now? Are they quiet now? Slain? Still invading the walls?Nimmel2 5d
14 Jan Paladins and the Engineering profession Hey all! First off, my apologies if this is in the wrong forum, but I couldn't think of a better place to find advice: Even though I do not play on RP servers (yet; been thinking about it since my DW group fell apart a while ago), I like my characters to be atleast somewhat lore friendly, and this is where my problem begins... I'm planning to faction change this paladin into a human and make it my new main, but having played a hunter with engineering for years, I've grown very accustomed to all the gadgets and portals, and it's very likely I would miss them. As such, I've been thinking of replacing blacksmithing with engineering, but I've had a hard time finding a good enough "excuse" for a paladin to tinker with explosives and such instead of just relying on the power of the Light. For most other professions I could see a connection; blacksmithing ties into the warrior aspect of paladins, and enchanting could be infusing equipment with the Light. Training in alchemy, for example, could be a result of trying to cure diseases immune to healing and other spells (thinking of the Plague of Undeath, that, if my mind serves me right, was immune to any and all healing at first)... With engineering, I simply fail to see any reasonable connection. So, my question is: how would you go about to justify this, in a lore friendly way? Is it even possible? Thankful for any input and advice! :)Sharynne2 14 Jan
12 Jan Need help with a new name Hello guys, as im most likely going to transfer to Ravencrest im in need of a new name. Ill stay as a female human i guess! Any good suggestions? ^^Envoke1 12 Jan
12 Jan Three ideas for RP organisations Hi everyone! Recently returned to the game after a long break. I like both RP and PVP even though I realise I'm not a very experienced player nor well-acquainted with the WoW RP culture. I'd like to ask whenever people find the following ideas interesting or even plausible. I have no illusion of one day being a leader of a big movement (partly because I don't have the time lol) but perhaps a seed or two could be planted and grow to something interesting given the time Without further ado, here's some concepts I come up with: 1. A blood elf fellowship devoted to the holy light functioning as either a church/mission/ministry or a crusade of sorts or both. Might be either completely loyal to Silvermoon and the Horde (viewing the Alliance as corrupt, heretical, imperialistic) or more half-secretly wanting to bring Quel'thalas back to the Alliance, seeking to become high elves once again, shunning the other horde races. 2. An "old-school", Sunfury-esque Blood elf movement seeking to the good ol' days of (pre-Sunwell BC) consorting with demons and enslaving angels. Probably led by a homecoming Sunfury Blood knight or Blood Mage (lock) who believes that #KaelThasDidNothingWrong though could be someone who never went to Outland as well. Loyalty to the Regent Lord and the Horde might be seriously in question. 3. An organisation with humans from Kul'tiras or the now-destroyed Theramore that seeks to reclaim Kalimdor for the Alliance and their race. Lawful evil. Desperate. Like a Scarlet Crusade across the sea. In case of outright Scarlet inspiration probably led by a warlock to spice things up (the legion could blast the Horde anyway). Or a Mage. Activities could include raiding horde territories around the Barrens and that area or Orgrimmar and world PvP in general. Base of operations may be Northwatch or in worst case Ratchet. I realise there's a pretty big chance people have already done all of these or something similar and feel free to lmao at that. Hope I at least thought out something half-original anyway. =)Dirasol2 12 Jan
11 Jan How to start Assault on Ironhold Harbor? I looked up everywhere, it only says it ends with Draka, no quest giver at all. Any help?Goraan3 11 Jan
11 Jan WTS Pendulum of Doom Currently one of, if not THE rarest items in WoW today. Still under debate whether it drops or not as people have been given mixed answers by GM's. It is currently BiS 2H for any 39 twink. I've had it sat in my bags since vanilla, item is located on Wildhammer sever. Open to offers.Dredd0 11 Jan
11 Jan Would You Buy From The Person Above You? Props go to Silvanni from US RP forum. ... I'll go first: Eridu carefully puts down a small stand and starts putting on his brews and teas, as well as some energy drinks of varying potency. Casually sitting at his barrel, he'd patiently wait for customers and offer his beverages to anyone that approaches. ''Want to try best drinks in ages? Come get some of my beverages!Eridu16 11 Jan
10 Jan Gnome Monk A reason why? A gnome Monk??? Why would a gnome become a monk. Took them a hell of a long time to realise that using magic made them priests (Medics) And that using engendering could create clockwork combat pets. And with that they became hunters. (That's how I would write it into my bio for the Priest and Hunter classes). But how or why would a gnome decide to become a monk it not very rational or in my opinion gnome like? I am still prefer the vanilla classes of warrior rouge warlock and mage. The only cool DK are Forsaken, Priests for Human and Hunters for Night Elves or Orcs, This leaving the furry and stupid pandas as monksLittlemajik5 10 Jan
08 Jan The Monk Roleplaying Guide Hello there, grasshopper! This is my friendly monk guide. If you have any questions, ask away. I hope that by reading this it answers some of the more frequently asked questions about what monk RP can entail or involve - or find the interest to roll one if you haven't already! (Get it? Roll?). This guide is frequently updated. ... In perspective of the class we play, they're heavily based on the Shaolin monks of ancient China. They're not a new class to the Warcraft universe, but to the other races they are a mostly new occupation. To be a monk is certainly a way of life, and not simply something one does in his spare time, as it takes years of training to be capable as a hand to hand fighter on battlefields, especially when they are often dominated by steel and magic. A well studied monk has access to potent Chi energy; the spirit energy within all people that only monks know how to fully control at will. Chi strengthens their punches to the strength of mace strikes, it even allows them to perform great feats of Chi magic, capable of healing or harming whoever the monk wishes in many ways. They train mentally and physically to be as strong, yet agile as possible. A monk's athleticism is what makes him a deadly fighter. On the battlefield, they can easily outmaneuver footsoldiers in heavy armor, and perhaps even the spells of mages and projectiles of archers. They fight with their legs as well as their hands, and in one-on-one combat they would be amongst the hardest combatants to battle - in fact, well trained monks are competent enough to fight many enemies at once. They can serve as healers of their allies, skilled soldiers on the front lines, or bolster their rank's offence or defensive capabilities with pandaren brews that sharpen one's mind rather than blur and slow it. Monks have lightning fast minds, reflexes, and attacks. They have played an important role in Pandaria's battlefields for thousands of years, and will no doubt bring new tactics to the table as more races learn their ways. ... Most, if not all of this is taken from in-game lore texts but I have condensed it down to what I feel are the most important parts. Monk history is tied directly to pandaren and Pandaria history. Reknowned monks: Emperor Shaohao - the Last Emperor of Pandaria was presumably a monk. Lord Taran Zhu - 'his prowess is legendary', say the Shado-Pan, whom he leads. Chen Stormstout - the famous wandering brewmaster is also a skilled monk. Master Bruised Paw - the Hidden Master of Pandaria. Master Shang Xi - the last Master of the Training Grounds of the Wandering Isle. Aysa Cloudsinder - student of Master Shang Xi and philosophical leader of the Tushui. Ji Firepaw - student of Master Shang Xi and philosophical leader of the Huojin. Kang the Fist of First Dawn - the first monk who taught the pandaren slaves under the mogu to fight unarmed. How the monks began.. ... Roleplay Specializations - Your tiger style is no match for my serpent style! The three in-game specs are Brewmaster, Windwalker, and Mistweaver. However, it's rare for monks to refer to these styles by these names e.g, one doesn't study the path of a Windwalker or a Mistweaver, they are loose terms - as broad as saying you're studying the path of the warrior or the paladin - you don't say 'protection paladin' ICly either. Whilst it does give an inclination as to what kind of monk you are - a Windwalker being an aggressive fighter, and a Mistweaver being a healer, there are more fitting ways of describing it. Each of the August Celetial's Temples in Pandaria marks the location of defeat for the Prime Sha by Emperor Shaohao thousands of years ago. Monks who train at these locations have developed different styles for combating the Sha relevant to their location. These are the styles practiced by monks today. Any self-developed, personal styles would have been branches of these original four. ... ... ... ... Whilst it's fine to develop your own style I'd put some thoughts into what the style is actually about and how it's different from something that already exists - it would most likely be a developed form of one of these styles. ... As far as pandaren style monks are concerned, and the playable class; monks as we know them have only really become available for the rest of the world and so it's arguable at this time there are very few masters that aren't pandaren. There have been the pandaren venturing from the Wandering Isle, but it is rare that they will take on the time and commit themselves to teaching someone until they have mastered it. There are a few exceptions though. Brother Korloff of the Scarlet Crusade was taught by a wandering pandaren, and he then trained the Scarlets; hence why the Scarlets have monks. The Draenei also have Auchenai monks. The Draenei starting area was retconned so that Mojo Stormstout was on Azuremust when the draenei crashed there - but only a few years have passed in lore since then. Auchenai monks seem to be more of the Christian monastic variety, keepers of the dead and holy in their beliefs, rather than the Shaolin style that the pandaren are based off. These monks don't work with Chi energy either; so if you were to roleplay one, it wouldn't be quite the same monk you play as in-game. If you want to RP an already mastered monk outside of this there's nothing stopping you; but I can only warn that many people may be against the idea and that there's very little to back-up such claims. There has been enough time between then and now to allow any race of monk to be very well trained ICly, but bare in mind how long it takes to actually become a master in real life. Monks also think about their body in the sense that a warrior thinks about his sword. It needs to cared for and be properly maintained as it is their weapon. Pandaren monks often pride themselves on being as big as possible. ... Even with their massive size and strength, pandaren are able to move quickly and with great agility. Pandaren monks eat a lot, both to increase their size and because if they don't, they burn it off with constant training. Mind you, they are walking bears! More humanoid races would probably require maintaining a healthy, powerful physique.Zen161 08 Jan