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57s Find Your Relative(s)! (Bring Roleplayers Together) So! I have read many forumtopics of how people find Roleplay very guildbased and isolated, perhaps even hard to get into due to how it can be hard to approach. My point is, that many find it hard to find a reason to conversate with people they don't know or simply because people keep to themselves a lot. It can get isolated, hard to progress and sometimes even lead to that you don't want to Roleplay a character anymore when you simply don't find a reason to. Especially when you're alone. With this topic, I hope to let people find more people and build up their characters! Who knows, you might find a relative to your character, and that itself might lead to many fun adventures in Azeroth together. Of course it's important to make sure you're on the same server to begin with, needless to say. Let's find your family, build up more backstory to your character and a funnier future!Alnova5 57s
3m New head-turning feature? So... I noticed this while fooling around my order hall but it appears that whenever you got something targetted your head now turns to face that target (assuming its within a reasonable degree so you dont break your neck). Purely as id seen no one else comment on this I just wanted to mention it so people knew. Assuming im not lacking in attention and this has been a thing for a while. But I dont believe so.Kaliragoth8 3m
3m General RP Chat #Thirty Eight. Gronnors Big Hands! Hey, Old one is full, So, Hello friends. Here we are again. With another episode of General RP Chat! \0/ Here's a link to the old one. Here's a link to a picture of me in a hat. Here's a link to Abe Lincoln in a hat. Now. Back to Gronnors Hands!Maugria285 3m
1h druid/nature magic and aging Hello i was thinking....can nature magic extend your lifespan? i couldn't find anything about this but i found about other classess for example: shaman: can become elemental ascendant(permanently) and be immortal so they can be permanently slain only in elemental plane otherwise they can live forever(and there are peaceful means of permanently becoming an ascendant and being bound to the elemental plane) mage: they can prolong their lifespan, well aegwynn was special but still warlock: they can drain life and soulstone are canon too AND if they absorb a lot of fel they can become demons(if i know) dk, dh can live forever(if they aren't killed) priest and paladins i don't know but i think they can extend their lifespan(velen but i don't know if it is becous he is draenei or becouse use holy light) but i couldn't find anything about druids. Thank your for your answers, and i apologize for a long post PS: english is my second language so apologize for mystakesGortarius7 1h
2h LF Druid Guild Not sure if this is the right place for this sorry if its not. I'm a newbie when it comes to wow roleplaying, though Ive rped elsewhere. I am looking for a druid based guild, on any eu rp server, preferably one that's okay with a new low level character joining. Can anyone direct me to one? Thanks in advanceSylvae4 2h
4h A wee bit of help before I introduce the character... Heyo! I've been gone from WoW for some time, and after the much needed break, I've returned for Legion(I'm late, I know. Wops.) I play on Argent Dawn, and have since.... 2013, me thinks. Roleplay is my passion of the game, and I've been dying to get the ball(keg?) rolling with Matuwa here. So with that, I have some questions I'd like to hear people's thoughts on: - I couldn't keep my hands off the tauren totem toys from Highmountain, and thus I've given Matuwa the Bloodtotems to carry. From an in-character view, they are not what they toy says they are, Matuwa is a tauren of Mulgore. However, he is a wandering Brewmaster/Brewlover/Whatever you want to call it, and thus they are hollow and double as kegs. They are mostly carried for aesthetical purposes, aswell as to give him a homey feeling wherever his hooves take him. Is this too far out there? Is it a nice idea? Is there some big importance to carrying totems that I've overlooked? I'm mainly asking this question as I've only seen tauren NPC's of high standing carry such totems on their backs. - Could a tauren warrior - stranded on Pandaria during the start of MoP - have come in contact with a Pandaren Brewmaster, and after a time of -/insert reason/- have learned from them, or several Brewmasters? Matuwa is not very agile. In fact, he's more of a sturdy tank. I'm asking this as I'm curious to see if there are things about the tauren as a race that would make this more difficult to pull of... Or even easier? Any helpful input is greatly appreciated, thank you in advance!♥Matuwa1 4h
4h Newly Risen Death Knights So we all know now that the Ebon Blade are raising fresh Death Knights but has anyone given a go at roleplaying as a new Death Knight? I'm quite curious how they'd differ from the standard Death Knights we've had since Wotlk. What are there thoughts on being a DK? Many of the original DKs from Wotlk were brand new to this whole experience and very few would have known of Death Knights from before and most would only have met the Ebon Blade after already becoming undead, how would the recently resurrected individual react to being risen by the Ebon Blade presuming that they know about the faction, what they are and what they do. Would it make it easier or harder to accept? The other question I have is regarding what makes Death Knights so ruthless, the addictive need to inflict suffering or else they are wracked by terrible pain. Would the Ebon Blade purposefully instil this in their newly risen or would it be more akin to the Forsaken way to bringing back an individual? On the same note would the risen DKs still be under the influence of the Lich King even though it wasn't he would commanded them to be raised? (I assume it was whomever the Deathlord is IC) Would society, the DKs race in general, friends or family be more or less accepting of them when compared to the events of Wrath? Would love to hear some thoughts and feedback on this as I don't think I've met anyone ingame, IC or OOC that has explored these thoughts before.Loethen5 4h
4h Rate the appearance of the character above you #8 (And new thread to continue ... Here's a picture to show Kahli'wa's more ceremonial outfit. Which also works as my transmog: 4h
4h Dear RP guilds.... I have been in many RP guilds and one thing popped out to me.. Most of the guilds which had scripts tended to give the higher ranks a part in the event but they left out the low ranks.. now there is many problems with this, One, everyone wants to have fun and it is not fair if you make them have to just watch rather than giving them a role because they are new to the guild. And second, how would you like it if somebody left you out. Conclusion I am in no way criticising leaders that do this but I am just trying to make a point and I hope this gets out there and something "changes".Herunee15 4h
9h What triggers your character? #1 "FOR THE LAST TIME I DON'T WANT HELP!", getting dragged forcefully along, squirming and screaming in anger, frowning as she is helped with a simple task.Bravespartan99 9h
15h How would your character kill the one above? #10 *Yabu teleports nearby Xirque* *Stretching his hand, and charging a ball of Fire, Ice and Arcane.* Whispering a powerful spell: Kaaa.....meeee.....haaa.....mee............HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *The energy beam is so massive, powerful and fast, Xirque is totally obliterated by the extreme dangerous power of Yabu.* *With his job finished, the mighty Yabu teleports himself away.*Yabu170 15h
17h How Would you make small talk with the person above you ... *the ghost blade samurai catches you from the corner of he's eye* ...Ðeáth21 17h
17h Is being a warlock always a choice. I was wondering, say now for a backstory, is being a warlock always a choice, like...can you be born as one, or like, coming into a situation where your arcane abilities are corrupted and you kinda have no choice? Just a thought.Astaría3 17h
21h DM'ing advice. Hello, fellow roleplayers. First of all, I would like to apologize in advance for my english, as it is not my first (nor second) language. I have been DMing a serie of linked events for a while, with the group hunting down a burning legion's generals across the world, and I have always tried to add a lot of sub-events, like looking for ingredients, infiltration and interacting with some created NPC. But for the next event, which will be the last it will be sort of a finale, hosted in a raid where the characters are attacking the general's base, so it will mainly consist of fighting said bosses. But I am afraid of it being ininteresting and could bore out the players if it's just consecutive fights. Do you have any advices/ideas that could help me out so that the players have more objectives and "stuff" to do in between, I am kind of lost and all reactions could help. Thanks a lot !Wollpert4 21h
23h RP Newbie here! Hello people! I'm having a tiny little problem. I'm not new to Roleplaying (I've been roleplaying for almost 7 years now), just... RPing in WoW. I really, REALLY want to get into it, but I have no idea where to being. I have this Total RP 3 addon installed, which I've already managed to use. I've typed in the trade chat where I say that I'm looking for a dedicated RP guild to join that is willing to take in a newbie, but no luck there. The guild finder is no help, whatsoever either. And for some reason, I can't find the Guild Recruitment forum for EU on here, so I can't exactly make a post saying that I'm looking for an RP guild to join. My question is... well, what shall I do? I'm playing on Argent Dawn, and always see other players in the Cathedral Square area in SW roleplaying, or just simply standing/walking around. Considering I'm a newbie to WoW RPing, I'm kind of afraid (that's not the right word, but whatever) to just walk up to someone and start interacting with them. If they have this RP addon as well, and I see in their OOC section that it is okay to approach them, then the next problem appears: Since I'm a newbie, I'm really afraid of the chance of scaring them off by doing something wrong, or whatever. That's why I thought it would be easier for me to find an RP guild to join, where I could watch and learn when the others RP, and maybe get tips and advice as well. I just simply can't learn by my own. So to make a long story short (and since I couldn't find the Guild Recruitment thread), is there anybody out there who is willing to take me in to their RP guild on Argent Dawn (both Horde and Allience)? Or just simply... well, roleplay with me, and teach me the amazing ways of WoW RPing? Character development and all that isn't important at the moment, I just simply need to know the basics, and to be included in a group of RP people. Thanks in advance! (and I'm sorry if this thread is in the wrong place!)Elzzá6 23h
1d What would your character say to the above poster? #22 (There is still things to be said, people!) To Uruk: "Eat them? That is barbaric!...Though, if seasoned..." The tauren pauses for a bit. "MUST STOP SAYING THINGS LIKE THIS!"Ategami103 1d
1d What would you do with the Above Poster? #16 At late night while Cathrion is out, Dakuh breaks into her house, stealing her daggers, blades, jewelery even her scarf. He gets away with it before Cathrion returns, and sells everything to Feenly and co.Dakuh187 1d
1d Would you date the person above you? #37 IT'S JUST ANOTHER LOVE THREEEEAD, ANOTHER LOVE, THREEEEAD!Cathríon309 1d
1d ERP, your opinion? Hello my fellow wow players Im going to ask you on your opinion on ERP but before that Im going to have to ask you to consider mine first and before you judge me yes I have practiced ERP with fully consenting partners on realm argrent dawn now before we start the argument about the rules, some will say stick to them and obey them like slaves obey their master and others will act like anarchist. I want to ask you to refrain from using rules and pointing them out for this is a talk about your point of view. Lets look at the in game aspect of it. I agree that harassing someone into ERP should be punishable but why do we the people who do that to pleas ourselves and sometimes make a living (in wow) have to suffer because of that? I see nothing wrong with 2 individuals, both consenting doing what they want to do. I mean if I told you the way you should play your game you would be angry and report me to blizzard for harassment but if we agree to raise a new char together then who is to stop us. Your opinion people?Luksina141 1d
1d Name Change Hello reader! I am thinking of getting a name change because a lot of people are finding it hard to pronounce my current one on Discord, as well as typo issues in game. So I was planning on getting a name change to something much simpler and catchy, I was thinking Acolight as it is a form of priest as well as a wink to my spec. However I would like to know if this would be acceptable when it comes to RP as I know the guidelines are rather stricked when it comes to RP names. Thank you!Nurandraic2 1d
2d How would you get killed by the above poster? I'm bored, and thought this would be a fun idea, it probably won't be, but we can always try. Basically the other post, but in reverse, test your creativity! Anyone can kill someone, in fact, most of us thrive on it, I can see Daha having issues here, silly Orc! So, How would you get killed by me? I'm a gnome, so you might have to think hard on this one *Evil grin*. But don't worry, the next poster gets killed by you! Presumably before you were killed by me, try not to think too hard on that one.Karama492 2d
2d Mechagnome, Leper Gnome, need your advices! Hello. Firstly, sorry for my english. I'd like to start by saying that I do not play on a rp realm, therefore I do not plan to impose the following ideas on anyone else. I just enjoy having an original backstory for my characters. My character being too powerful in rp terms isn't really a problem either, especially considering all the things this character does ingame, but I'd like this backstory to be somewhat credible and possible in the wow universe. These last years, we had more and more toys added into the game. And I actually enjoy using them in my rp. Gnomes have very interesting toys to play with. The Gnomeregan Pride to turn you into a Gnomeregan Covert Ops, the Robo-Gnomebulator, which turns you into a mechagnome, and the Vial of Green Goo, which turns you into a leper gnome (I don't possess this one at the moment and probably won't anytime soon considering the gear required to kill Omegaplugg, however it's also worth noting that this toy has a 100% uptime atm). I'm trying to find a way to fit these toys into my rp. For the Gnomeregan Pride, it's fairly easy, my transmog itself tries to give that Covert Ops vibe. For the Vial of Green Goo, it's not really urgent since I don't own it. But I'd be interested to discuss the Robo-Gnomebulator. So, basically, my question is, how do I build a story around this toy? - Should I RP as a powerful mechagnome survivor from Ulduar, using mechanical or arcanic powers to take a normal gnome form to not draw attention? (This character would still be some kind of mage, and mages do have the spell Illusion after all). And then observe the mortal races/pursue the work of the Titans/save the gnome race and lead them to a new era of prosperity! - Should I RP as a powerful technomage, using a mechagnome-looking armor to increase my resistance, my spells or grant me special abilities? - Should I RP as a gnome trapped into a clockwork gnome (alone in there) or a mechagnome (so my spirit would maybe cohabit with this mechagnome inside his mechanical body?). I also thought of how to incorporate the Vial of Green Goo into this. It's worth mentioning that this toy turns you into a male, which make things more complicated for me. Maybe I should just pay for a gender change. The idea I had so far is to RP the daughter or grand daughter of a powerful technomage/engineer specialized on Titan studies and mechagnome. This technomage was studying a "dead" (or maybe just sleeping) mechagnome found in Ulduar to have a better understanding of Titan technologies. His long-term plan was to be able to build more mechagnome suits and to transfert the spirit of those affected by the leprosy into them to keep them sane. After the liberation of a part of Gnomeregan, they both went there so he could continue his studies on the many leper gnomes still present in the depth of the city. This is starting to be long so I'll try to make it short now; during an attack, he got affected, and as he was going to die, Applebum (maybe not the best RP name I reckon but love it on a gnome) used his machine to transfert his spirit into the one mechagnome. As she isn't as skilled as him, and despite being her student, she only half succeeds, and they both end up trapped into the mechagnome. Her grandfather's spirit switching between moments of sanity and madness is also weakened, so she's kinda in charge in there. Her aim from this point is to find a way to leave this mechanical body without dying - despite the power it turns out to give her - while keeping her grandfather inside and curing him. Also, depending on if it's a clockwork gnome or a mechagnome, they could potentially be three inside, the mechagnome's knowledge could prove useful to reach her goal. The issue here - beside the fact that some of you may find this whole story completly ridiculous - is, how do I justify to turn into a leper gnome occasionaly (we could imagine that when the grandfather gets mad, she sometimes loses control) if it's just their spirits that are trapped inside? Another solution to incorporate the Vial would be to turn my character into a male, basically the grandfather. The mechagnome here would simply be an armor to heal his body and preserve his mind. He would sometimes lose it and turn, but would eventually involuntarily activate the armor again which would temporarily cure him, or the armor would have some kind of intelligence and would activate itself, etc. This would make more sense gameplay wise, the Vial has a 100% uptime for now, so I could spend as much time as I want as a leper gnome, activate the armor for 10 minutes and then go back to my sane, mortal form. So anyway, I hope anyone managed to read all this. I would greatly appreciate to have your thoughts about all this. Should I RP as an actual mechagnome? Should it be an armor? Should I be trapped inside and just ditch the Vial idea (as I said, not like I'll own it anytime soon)? Tell me what you think about all this and what ideas you prefer (or if you despise them all!). Cheers!Applebum4 2d
2d Does reincarnation exist in the lore? I was wondering, is there any evidence to prove/disprove the existence of reincarnation within the lore of WoW?Astaría6 2d
2d How would your character react to NPC 'X' It's simple really, if your character was to meet a certain person from wow, what would their reaction be ? After you finish writing that give your suggestion. I'll start : Calia MenethilArgetor66 2d
3d What would the character above you drop? #1 Shamelessly stealing this from the General Chat because I thought it would be a funny (And hilarious in some ways) idea! So, the gist of this... You just killed the character above you (Somehow) and you go to loot the corpse. What special item does the character have available to loot? As an example... Tethenar kills Astrophel (Sorry dude) and loots his corpse. What does Tethenar find? Astrophel's Head Polish Toy Use: Removes all hair from your head and develops a radiant gleam so you too can have a shiny bald head like Astrophel! So. Shoot!Tethenar234 3d
3d Guess the IC title of above poster #8 Have just Capped the last IC TITLE abow with my "Arnt" Alt Starting a new one here at once. Play nicely :-)Xirque127 3d
3d Is Chronomancy illegal? Hey RP community, I've been having a discussion with a guildie for a while back when it comes to rp. That being, is Chronomancy illegal. I presume myself, yes it is and highly illegal, prehaps even suicide if the Bronze Dragonflight found you flogging about with their magic. While their stance is and I quote "Chronomancy isn't illegal, Anon. Dalaran and the Dragonflights just don't like mortals using it" So, what's the RP forums think?Greenears9 3d
3d Rate the name of the person above you! #7 Character limits, yo. Since I made the last post in the old thread I'll make the new one. Saramisya TruestrikeSaramisya346 3d
3d (Ignore this please, And move on with your day) ((I do not know how to delete this but this is all I can do))Rosenight4 3d
4d [setting] Technology in RP Below you will find gathered up posts from some older threads on the WoW forums, relating to roleplaying the use of technology in the game - both magical and non-magical, but centred around the representation of engineering and Science! in the game setting. They were originally posted by an assortment of players, but each post will credit the original poster at the top. There are a wide variety of topics covered, and a wide variety of opinions on those topics presented. These subjects are not, here, presented in any particular order, and range from quotations of quest texts or short stories in the setting, through comparisons with real-world history, to suggestions of in-game items useful for costumes or props.Gnapoleon150 4d
4d Question for Mage RP'ers (and possibly others) So. Having played Kali here for around 2 years now as a Ranger first and slowly learning more and more magic on the side as she has quite an interest in it. Ive kinda been stuck in a problem. I rather enjoy magic RP but find it extremely tiresome to have the solution to so many things through creative use of magic. Which made me want to look into undoing her status as a mage through some sort of story development. However ive been stuck there and keep bouncing back and forth between IC class ideas as I cant settle on anything. Im not sure it'll help me make a decision but it'll likely have some influence to know. What do you guys do to prevent your magic in roleplay feeling too strong? Not neccesarily by being a strong mage but just the fact that it can do -SO- many different things that you almost always have an answer to problems.Kaliragoth16 4d
4d New RP seeking for advice Hello fellow role players, I am new to role playing and have a keen interest to do so. how ever i do not know how to role play. i would appreciate if you can share some videos online and also some guild oriented videos so that i can watch and learn.Blindrush10 4d
5d Would the Above date your character ? #1 I decided to take a new spin on this thing.Argetor133 5d
6d Earth and all of its sturdyness If I wanted to roleplay as something that's simliar to something like an earthbender, how would I go about doing that? I know shaman is a pretty obvious choice, but I don't really like the part about having to commune and all of the with the elements to borrow their powerGrawon2 6d
6d Dear RP guilds..... I have been in many RP guildsHerunee5 6d
22 Mar How would you save the above character? I know, I know, I make too many topics, and some of them are duds, but hear me out this time, Okay? I think this is a good one. You save the above poster, and then you either do a separate or linked occasion where you are in trouble. So for Example. Cathrion is Being Eaten by an Ogre. Maugria swoops in, leaping upward and smashing the ogre on the head with the hilt of her axe, Breaking all his teeth, without teeth you cannot eat Cathrions! I could have it continue from there or do something completely seperate! Maugria is travelling through Blackrock mountain when she loses footing and nearly falls into the Lava, how ever will she be saved? Find out, In the next post! (I hope!) P.S. Sorry Cathrion. Edit: Cleaned things up a bit. Please save me, my hooves are getting very hot! Edit: Oh well... I thought it sounded interesting.Maugria3 22 Mar
21 Mar On cloud serpents Hello there! I was wondering on some opinions for cloud serpents. Sadly, the existing threads that I could dig up didn't answer my questions and neither does any lore that I could find. For me, mounts are my main passion in this game, and are always very important to me in any sort of RPG setting (be that an MMORPG, a book, or similar). So, naturally, I'd like to include at least some of them in my writing when they suit a character. This is specifically about my warlock and the Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent. I have written my warlock since the beginning of Mists of Pandaria and the serpent has been my favorite mount ever since it has shown up (and in general, I adore the cloud serpents as a species). For a multitude of reasons besides mere aesthetics I would love to use her icly for him (and aside from heavenly serpents being quite rare, they do not appear much different from other serpents according to their currently known lore). However, I was asking myself: can I justify him having this creature? He's spent many, many years in Pandaria. He was there for a few months into Warlords of Draenor, too. He did visit the Order of the Cloud Serpents icly, and he did fight sha-corrupted creatures. My tentative idea was that this serpent might have been corrupted, but then cleansed and recovered in the Arboretum. Although he did kill the majority of corrupted beasts, it would make sense for him as a character to think twice about doing so when faced with this creature and go the extra mile of recovering it, thus earning the young serpents initial loyalty (however, I would like to say that many months of training and development still had to occur, similar to the short story of an orc and his cloud serpent hatchling in "The Strength of Steel"). I'm also curious what people's take is on cloud serpent intelligence. According from what you read in quests and texts, they are smart critters, but only a handful of them can speak whereas others are more animal-like. Perhaps an age or subspecies thing?Kerreth7 21 Mar
21 Mar RP guild recruiting ? Looking to try RP, have experience with raiding but none with RP. I have an Orc DK on argent dawn and Nelf DK on Ravencrest. Any help would be great guys :)Archoan2 21 Mar
21 Mar Leveling awkwardness I play on an RP server as i, when i reach cap and get into endgame, intend to rp on the side. However theres one thing currently that bothers me a bit. Not too long ago i got a quest where i had to head in a cave and beat a statue right in the schnoz. I rolled in and suddenly realised there was an event going on. I felt very awkward in that moment. i did however swiftly beat up the baddie and rolled out fast. These moments are awkward. How do i best approach other roleplayers in the wild, when they are having secret events in the way of my quests?Larnic6 21 Mar
21 Mar Can Void energy be contained? Good morning, afternoon or evening all my RP forum folk. I was just wondering, is it ICly possible to have Void energy contained into, let's say a blade and if so, what means would that take? I think it might be possible once it's either enfused with Arcane or Rune magic but I'm not entirely sure, hence my post here. The reason for me asking is because I want to find a way for my glaives (Once I decide to use them again) to be tainted with Void energy. Any light on this subject is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Enedion Featherstep Overseer of FelbladesEnedíon9 21 Mar
19 Mar The Monk Roleplaying Guide Hello there, grasshopper! This is my friendly monk guide. If you have any questions, ask away. I hope that by reading this it answers some of the more frequently asked questions about what monk RP can entail or involve - or find the interest to roll one if you haven't already! (Get it? Roll?). This guide is frequently updated. ... In perspective of the class we play, they're heavily based on the Shaolin monks of ancient China. They're not a new class to the Warcraft universe, but to the other races they are a mostly new occupation. To be a monk is certainly a way of life, and not simply something one does in his spare time, as it takes years of training to be capable as a hand to hand fighter on battlefields, especially when they are often dominated by steel and magic. A well studied monk has access to potent Chi energy; the spirit energy within all people that only monks know how to fully control at will. Chi strengthens their punches to the strength of mace strikes, it even allows them to perform great feats of Chi magic, capable of healing or harming whoever the monk wishes in many ways. They train mentally and physically to be as strong, yet agile as possible. A monk's athleticism is what makes him a deadly fighter. On the battlefield, they can easily outmaneuver footsoldiers in heavy armor, and perhaps even the spells of mages and projectiles of archers. They fight with their legs as well as their hands, and in one-on-one combat they would be amongst the hardest combatants to battle - in fact, well trained monks are competent enough to fight many enemies at once. They can serve as healers of their allies, skilled soldiers on the front lines, or bolster their rank's offence or defensive capabilities with pandaren brews that sharpen one's mind rather than blur and slow it. Monks have lightning fast minds, reflexes, and attacks. They have played an important role in Pandaria's battlefields for thousands of years, and will no doubt bring new tactics to the table as more races learn their ways. ... Most, if not all of this is taken from in-game lore texts but I have condensed it down to what I feel are the most important parts. Monk history is tied directly to pandaren and Pandaria history. Reknowned monks: Emperor Shaohao - the Last Emperor of Pandaria was presumably a monk. Lord Taran Zhu - 'his prowess is legendary', say the Shado-Pan, whom he leads. Chen Stormstout - the famous wandering brewmaster is also a skilled monk. Master Bruised Paw - the Hidden Master of Pandaria. Master Shang Xi - the last Master of the Training Grounds of the Wandering Isle. Aysa Cloudsinder - student of Master Shang Xi and philosophical leader of the Tushui. Ji Firepaw - student of Master Shang Xi and philosophical leader of the Huojin. Kang the Fist of First Dawn - the first monk who taught the pandaren slaves under the mogu to fight unarmed. How the monks began.. ... Roleplay Specializations - Your tiger style is no match for my serpent style! The three in-game specs are Brewmaster, Windwalker, and Mistweaver. However, it's rare for monks to refer to these styles by these names e.g, one doesn't study the path of a Windwalker or a Mistweaver, they are loose terms - as broad as saying you're studying the path of the warrior or the paladin - you don't say 'protection paladin' ICly either. Whilst it does give an inclination as to what kind of monk you are - a Windwalker being an aggressive fighter, and a Mistweaver being a healer, there are more fitting ways of describing it. Each of the August Celetial's Temples in Pandaria marks the location of defeat for the Prime Sha by Emperor Shaohao thousands of years ago. Monks who train at these locations have developed different styles for combating the Sha relevant to their location. These are the styles practiced by monks today. Any self-developed, personal styles would have been branches of these original four. ... ... ... ... Whilst it's fine to develop your own style I'd put some thoughts into what the style is actually about and how it's different from something that already exists - it would most likely be a developed form of one of these styles. Styles under the tutelege of the Celestials and developed over 10,000 years are not easily improved upon. ... As far as pandaren style monks are concerned, and the playable class; monks as we know them have only really become available for the rest of the world, but in the monk order hall there are plenty of non-pandaren masters. This means enough time has passed for us as RPers to also feasibly play as masters if we aren't pandaren, though keep in mind that it has still only been a few years for non-pandaren to train as monks. Most pandaren masters are still going to have a larger amount of experience than non-pandaren masters. This is also important when we consider that being a master monk doesn't necessarily mean you're as good as you can get, but more on that later. There have been the pandaren venturing from the Wandering Isle, but it is rare that they will take on the time and commit themselves to teaching someone until they have mastered it. There are a few exceptions though. Brother Korloff of the Scarlet Crusade was taught by a wandering pandaren, and he then trained the Scarlets; hence why the Scarlets have monks. The Draenei starting area was retconned so that Mojo Stormstout was on Azuremust when the draenei crashed there, so on a chronological level, draenei monks could have been around since Burning Crusade. There are Argent monks, though since the Argent Crusade was born out of a breakaway faction of the Scarlets, it's plausible these monks are former students of Korloff, save for their lightwielding abilities. Auchenai monks seem to be more of the Christian monastic variety, keepers of the dead and holy in their beliefs, rather than the Shaolin style that the pandaren are based off. These monks don't work with Chi energy either; so if you were to roleplay one, it wouldn't be quite the same monk you play as in-game.Zen166 19 Mar
19 Mar Do gnomes swim? The question is simple... Can they swim?Devyx7 19 Mar
18 Mar Roleplay Levelling Duo Partner Hey there. :) Was wondering if anyone perhaps liked the idea of roleplay levelling together as a team? Casual stuff, maybe gaining a few levels here and there when we have time, but these alt characters would always be in-character questing together as we develop some sort of evolving storyline as the characters explore the world together. Or perhaps sometimes we'd skip the levelling and just RP around what we'd explored/done in the previous "episode" of our adventure! Pretty much my entire 10 year career of WoW RP has been casual walk-up chats in taverns on on the city streets, so I figured something much more in depth like this might be a nice change of pace. Only thing is, I need to sound out the interest for it! Must be someone out there who likes the idea too, surely? :D Let me know!Aethireon7 18 Mar
18 Mar So ... let's talk about Shadow. Not sure I've seen a topic on shadow magic and the likes before, besides people asking about Rogues using it ... this is a more general topic just speaking about the power itself, more so from a priestly point of view. Long story short, I have a Goblin priest who is level 100. I had been playing her as a disc up until now, but no strong character or persona has "clicked" in my head in regards to her yet, hence she hasn't appeared on this forum. When looking at her last night, I figured I'd go and get her an artefact weapon, and then remember how horrendous it was trying to level as a resto Druid, I figured "I should just get her levelled as shadow", but now I'm thinking "... actually, maybe I could have her as a shadow user IC". Problem is, I don't know a whole lot about shadow, and I can't even really find much useful info around. I went trying to research briefly last night, but there doesn't seem to be much around on places like WoWpedia. It's all quite vague. So basically, what exactly is the deal with shadow users, how might one even come to learn about utilising shadow magic if not a Twilight lackey, etc? The feeling I got from what I've read and seen in game is that shadow "is bad", it's associated with the Old Gods, but like Warlockery and such, it can be used for our benefit. The other element I get in regards to it is a bit of a "balance" thing, where there is the Light, there must be the Shadow. You see in WoD that the Draeneic priests are using it when they're the poster children for the Light ... above all else, it just makes me think "Old Gods" and "Twilight Hammer", but where has there been more to it than that in lore? I'm sure there has, I just haven't noticed it. I might be getting the wrong end of the stick here, I'm not sure. What do you guys know/think about this?Cathríon20 18 Mar
18 Mar Gilneas guild Hey, ive recently started playing a worgen warrior and cant find an rp guild around based Gilneas. Anyone know of any or would be interested in starting one?Robingilbert3 18 Mar
18 Mar Your characters' story The title pretty much says it: What is the background story of your chars? What's their motivations and where do they stand now?Ronaeriel13 18 Mar
18 Mar Your names How did come up with them? Was it a spontaneous flash of inspiration or did think you think about them a lot? Did you choose them for their sound or do they have a special meaning?Ronaeriel70 18 Mar
18 Mar Killed LK ICly. OP? So, as the title "says" while writing story of one of my chars I wrought that she killed LK ICly. And there is my question, is it too op for a single char to participate in LK demise ?Xiera18 18 Mar
18 Mar Pandaren names - Inspiration/sources and what have you So i've been wanting to try out a pandaren male for a few days now but i'm seemingly stuck staring at that nameplate. I believe where i get stuck is where to look for inspiration. Chinese-sounding names ( or real chinese names ) aside there are honestly more asian languages that i have an equal or higher admiration for, and i have been looking into names in korean and Mongolian aswell. The latter being the strongest candidate for now. I guess another aspect could be that depending on the backstory i could just give him a name that has a Eastern/Kalimdorian-tune to it aswell. So, Pandaren players! I wanna' join your fat and cuddly family and require your input! How did you approach naming your toon? I do intend on making him look rather soft and mellow, going for an altogether not-so-rough look if that helpsMaggotsnout3 18 Mar