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19 Nov 2010 Informative & useful threads for Roleplayers This thread contains a compilation of informative and useful threads for the roleplaying community. If there are any threads that should be added or removed from this list, please report them using the red bio-hazard symbol that can be found next to the thread's subject title (Reason: Sticky Request) General Guides and Information: [Guide] Why RP?: or Why we talk funny by Adnaw - [Guide] Guild Recruitment - Your Advice by Adnaw - [Guide] The Conversationalist's Handbook by Azhaan - Roleplaying and Character Guides: [Guide] How to have "Lok’tar" in Orc roleplay - [Guide] How to Roleplay a Warlock by Velynia - [Guide] How to roleplay Tauren? by Takuur - [Guide] Blood Elf Roleplaying by Sorathiel - [Guide] Heroic virtues, heroic flaws by Edanna - [Guide] Roleplaying a Night Elf character by Aldrannath - [Guide] Military RP by Steelhammer - [Guide] Simple character backgrounds for beginners by Edanna - [Guide] An undead's guide to... Gnome RP! by Mharla - [Guide] A Sailor's Walk: a "guide" for nautical roleplay by Scurvy - [Guide] Draenei roleplaying by Sikon - [Guide] Shapeshifting by Edanna - [Guide] Dwarf Roleplaying by Thunderbraid - [Guide] Creating and maintaining characters by Gremkarc - [Guide] Dark Ranger roleplay – a guide and general advice by Lyanea - [Guide] How to Roleplay a Death Knight by Koránith - [Guide] The Dark Lady and Her Forsaken by Viatrix - [Guide] How to Roleplay a Pandaren by Skrauhg - Lore and Resources: [Guide / Lore] Draenei Information by Naiyu - [Guide/ Lore] Time is Money: Goblins in Cataclysm by Adnaw - [Guide/ Lore] Howling Oak: Worgen in Cataclysm by Adnaw - [Guide] RP Gear & Props List! by Normie - Macros and Add-ons: RP AddOns by Gehco - Epic Tales & Stories: <none added yet> Community: <none added yet> Miscellaneous: [Guide] Infernal Key - Guide to Demonic Summonings by Sophyra - 19 Nov 2010
1h Would you date the person above you? #39 ... well, there have been a lot of anthropomorphic types in the threads lately, and I'm going to use any excuse to make Motörhead refrences!Cathríon6 1h
2h How does one become a priest? I was curious about the education of human priests. How does someone become a priest and is there an ordination/ ceremony (where they get their powers or something like that)? When it comes to paladins, we know that there is a ceremony and how their training looks like, but i can't find anything comparable about priests ( in "Arthas: Rise of the Lich King" you can read about Arthas and his paladin-training). It would be awesome, if someone could help me out. (I want to make a backstory for a priest). Thank youAdalbert0 2h
5h Give a nickname to the character above you #1 I randomly came up with this idea, time will tell if it'll stick.Thedraes32 5h
5h What would you do with the Above Poster? #16 At late night while Cathrion is out, Dakuh breaks into her house, stealing her daggers, blades, jewelery even her scarf. He gets away with it before Cathrion returns, and sells everything to Feenly and co.Dakuh418 5h
7h Worgen bite Do you have to be scratched or bitten by a worgen to be worgen or st it just bite that turns you?Erah14 7h
8h Light / Void discussion. (POTENTIAL SPOILER) So... In the quite recent released audio drama "A thousand years of war" we get some interesting information regarding the void and the light... and their affiliations regarding morality. As far as I understood was it as follows: Neither light or Void is inherently evil nor good. They are both just powers. The Light are power of order, but also of enslavement. The Void are power of freedom, but also madness. I am not sure if this is how they meant, so I am curious... What do you guys think? What did you guys get out of the Audio Drama or the clues we have gotten so far regarding the void and the light. #MyDestinyIsMyOwn (joking, Joking xD)Trazerid3 8h
10h How would your character kill the one above? #10 *Yabu teleports nearby Xirque* *Stretching his hand, and charging a ball of Fire, Ice and Arcane.* Whispering a powerful spell: Kaaa.....meeee.....haaa.....mee............HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *The energy beam is so massive, powerful and fast, Xirque is totally obliterated by the extreme dangerous power of Yabu.* *With his job finished, the mighty Yabu teleports himself away.*Yabu264 10h
10h What would your character say to the above poster? #23 Awwww yee. Oh wait, wrong thread! Well, we might get it on ... who knows? >8OCathríon119 10h
11h Exalted Armies of the Light: Lightforged Warframe Hello guys, I finaly reached exalted with the faction Armies of the light. Thought you would want to have a look on the epic mount you can buy from them. Lightforged Warframe: Hope you guys enjoy the video and save some gold for this beast because it costs 500k Gold.Saaberus1 11h
12h Would you date the person above you? #38 The romance and nomance continues! @ Liruthien Folding her arms, Cathríon looks the Demon Hunter up and down in a not so subtle fashion for a few moments. "Well, I would be lying if I said I'm not entirely fond of the gratuitous amounts of cleavage and barechestedness regularly displayed by your ilk, but I'm less than enamoured with the horns and how they came to be, so that should allow you to draw your own conclusions in regards to how I feel about a potential date ..." Having another quick scan, she continues. "... basically, the Illidari are a lot more fun to look at than anything else we've seen pop up out of nowhere over the past few years, such as Death Knights and the Pandaren, but then again, I can easily inspire pristine skinned, unscarred and hornless Sin'dorei to expose even more flesh, so there isn't really anything unique which you can offer asides from ... your taint." As she begins to stroll off, she stops for a moment, turning back for a final look before adding. "I like the blindfold. Good choice of colour. It's important to remember where you came from, otherwise you'll become lost before you get to where you wanted to go ... then you could end up anywhere. We don't want that now, do we?"Cathríon500 12h
1d new customization:straight back orc I vote for more customization options and straight back orcs who's with me! we seen the new stance that orcs get that looks awesome thx blizz, but still hasnt solved the problem we need straight back orc stance.Zunen0 1d
1d Describe the above poster in 5 words or less (Part 4) I ended the last thread on Erah, the wolf fur equipped elemental warrior!Tuaitha27 1d
1d Guess the IC title of above poster #8 Have just Capped the last IC TITLE abow with my "Arnt" Alt Starting a new one here at once. Play nicely :-)Xirque210 1d
1d General RP Chat #41: Puns, we got them! -Restacks a pile of papers while flashing a brilliant smile- Welcome to General RP Chat news and I'm your host Corny. Earlier this day we had some grave news, when some were talking about death knights. The topic of weird changes to quest rewards was also brought up and a little chat about classes. Next up: Do undead actually want brains? Or is it just a misunderstanding and they are looking for someone named Brian? Later on the weather: Is the cold front here to stay? This is Corny with the news, wishing you all a lovely day.Cornelicus49 1d
1d Struggling to come up with RP Guild ideas. I've been wanting to create a character to lead an RP guild recently, but for the life of me I can't seem to decide on a theme for said guild, or a character to lead it. The realm I'm playing on is Argent Dawn, I don't want to do a guild that's too generic, but at the same time, I want it to be interesting enough that people would actually want to join. Any suggestions would be appreciated, it's something I've wanted to do for a while now, figured I should ask the community what they'd like to see.Davenholm2 1d
1d Can Shadow Druids be a thing? (Roleplay ofc) I was going to hear with all the people who knows WoW lore into the core of their bones. Without trying to create a cult from the Forgotten Realms, I was thinking of creating a RP character who is a druid, but also adapted with the void (kinda like shadow priest) Is that a thing that could be possible without raping the lore? Knowing druids, you have to keep the balance going and playing with the void might have their wildlife power removed. I know for a fact that the Nightmare is all N'Zoth's doing and that everyone should be destroyed playing with the Nightmare.Alymanius2 1d
1d What would the character above you drop? #1 Shamelessly stealing this from the General Chat because I thought it would be a funny (And hilarious in some ways) idea! So, the gist of this... You just killed the character above you (Somehow) and you go to loot the corpse. What special item does the character have available to loot? As an example... Tethenar kills Astrophel (Sorry dude) and loots his corpse. What does Tethenar find? Astrophel's Head Polish Toy Use: Removes all hair from your head and develops a radiant gleam so you too can have a shiny bald head like Astrophel! So. Shoot!Tethenar337 1d
1d Let's make it an interview #2 First thread got full so it's time to continue! (Thanks Cal for leting me post this \o/ ) So how does this work? It's simple you answer the interviewer's question from the post before you in character and when you have done that you choose the next question the interviewer ask for the next person to answer! Like the question is, what's your favourite colour? Bob the Guard: "Periwinkle, just like my wife's eyes." then Bob makes the interviewer's next question ooc, simple! So ...Interviewer430 1d
2d How would you get killed by the above poster? #2 We all can't die dead enough. @ Death Shatter his lantern while attacking him, decanting every single spirit collected. This causes them to swirl around and form a soulnado to appear which draws Cathríon in and tears her apart.Cathríon78 2d
2d Erp Guild Any Erp guilds on the horde side? Just wonderingDrekah22 2d
2d Rate the name of the person above you! #7 Character limits, yo. Since I made the last post in the old thread I'll make the new one. Saramisya TruestrikeSaramisya388 2d
2d Best place to brood Ok guys, it occured to me as I was standing atop the Nelf tunnel of Warsong Gulch, peering back at the third and final horde flag to be ferried across the battlefield, that World of Warcraft has some truely epic landscapes. The view the supporting beam gave me was of the entire field of battle, and beyond that the whole of Warsong Hold. As I stood there, wondering why on earth my team were fighting mid, I realised I was basically Batman. Dark and brooding, stood perfectly motionless, with a clarity and dignity unmatched, I wondered where the best places were to just take in the Warcraft atmosphere?Aeronwen7 2d
2d Your last day on WoW.. Sargeras blows up EVERYTHING!, perma server shut down in 24hrs. How do you spend your last day?Ðeáth43 2d
4d Priests And the light Im wondering, does a priest HAVE to be fanaticly religious And worship the light? Or can they also aproach it in a more mage-like way? Like just another school of magic focusing on aiding/healing , but not quite "understand" that it is in fact the light?Ravñ4 4d
4d RP hub Popular hub in Argent Dawn for Alliance?Ethardos9 4d
5d When Blizz accidentally copies an RP char For the sake of privacy ive elected to post from an old character as I really prefer my characters story and traits remaining private until revealed through RP. On to the topic. Ive been debating something for a little while now and wanted to get the community's general opinion on the matter. I have a character that ive now RP'ed for years on Argent Dawn that has coincidentally very similar traits and beliefs as Alleria Windrunner in the current Argus storyline. More particularly her view on darker magics and especially void. In how its not neccesarily an evil but a tool to be used for good if one has the strength to do it. And generally just diving into dark arts for the sake of the greater good and having the power to make a difference. On top of that also being a blood elf ranger. I reckon you get what im going for. What im concerned about is despite having RP'ed this character for years now, anyone that did not know my character before Blizzard introduced the new and void-happy Alleria will immediately jump to the conclusion that its simply another character meant to be a near copy of a lore character for the sake of looking cool. And ive been almost afraid to RP my character in any way except closed RP with friends because of it. Id be rather depressed to have a character I cherish so much be frowned upon simply because the unfortunate concidence happened that Blizzard made a very similar one. Thoughts? Opinions? Id really love to hear what people say. Thanks in advance. EDIT: My friends gave me some feedback that my title was rather confusing so ive tried an alternative one.Eallindril19 5d
5d General RP Chat #Thirty Eight. Gronnors Big Hands! Hey, Old one is full, So, Hello friends. Here we are again. With another episode of General RP Chat! \0/ Here's a link to the old one. Here's a link to a picture of me in a hat. Here's a link to Abe Lincoln in a hat. Now. Back to Gronnors Hands!Maugria493 5d
6d General RP Chat #40: Storming into a new thread Yes, I did want to make a heroes of the storm pun given the last thread's ending. I REGRET NOTHING! But yeah, Garrosh being added. I don't actually have anything against the character being added like in his own right, there are plenty bad guys in HotS and I will fully admit it is fun to occasionally be able to play as the guys you usually beat up (I greatly enjoy playing Diablo, Leoric and Gul'dan for some examples). It's just uuugh... Another Orc. We already have Thrall, Rehgar, Rexxar, Gul'dan and Samuro... Meanwhile we have no Draenei, no Eredar, only one Troll, one Goblin, one Tauren (who is a joke character rather than a proper lore character anyway), one Undead... etc. I don't mind Garrosh being added but the Orc thing is getting old >.<Tyrinne500 6d
16 Sep Choose a theme for the above poster. Cathrion was suggesting themes for my Shaman, I'd still stick to Manowar. but it gave me an idea for another forum thing that I can waste several hours of each day checking for updates upon. Pick a Musical theme that -YOU- think suits the above poster. Music is a good way to enrich our minds, even bad music. So let's share bands eh? Edit: I generally enjoy sharing heavy metal with people, hopefully people will enjoy it, if you don't want to listen, totally up to you. Edit: Finntroll is always a good answer!Grikkha375 16 Sep
16 Sep Describe the above poster in 5 words or less (Part 3) Not the one who ended the thread prior, but I will open a new one, as needs must.Elyssarain500 16 Sep
16 Sep Rate the appearance of the character above you #9 Old one reached its limit. @ Draenön very fitting for draenei pally 10/10Ðeáth13 16 Sep
16 Sep Magic schools Hey. (Seems my last attempt to post vanished?) Do you know if there's a comprehensive guide or table about magic schools and which branches are strong/weak against which? Preferably backed up by lore. While it's easy to gain basic knowledge about how those branches work and which energies they're connected to through gaming itself and reading wowwiki, there seems to be little of them in action. I would want to start RP'ing on a spellcaster one day, but would be pretty awkward if all I knew was "holy light is strong against unhead/unholy", "void is opposite of holy light"(but is it strong against it?) and "fel seems to corrupt nature quite efficiently" since I intend to do some adventuring aside from just studying the magic their class practises. :P What do you think, is considering efficiency of different branches against another even important in RP? If you do emote/roll battles with predetermined hp and stats, would you consider efficiency and resistance factors important... or would you allow your opponent having an upper hand in a free emote battle if their school was efficient against yours (or the other way around)? Discuss!Kendolf4 16 Sep
15 Sep Draenei Shaman character. (could work or burned) Right so I was making a new alliance character to RP with. Something new and that could be a nice challenge and without really thinking picked up Draenei Shaman. Only to get an earful that they are actually not really reasonable because of the Draenei's connection to the light and how only after a few years they suddenly get into Shamanism. I was thinking that this character trained in Shamanism as a way to study what goes into it and perhaps to find a way to use it against the Orcs in the Horde. Basically I would like to know the public opinion on this particular Class Race Pairup and if it is even logically possible in character If not, well I could just make him a normal civilian and the Shaman stuff is just for levelling. Thanks :)Enanza2 15 Sep
15 Sep Would the Above date your character ? #1 I decided to take a new spin on this thing.Argetor163 15 Sep
14 Sep Thoughts about techno+void/shadow magic So I find the concept very interesting and made a thread before about my idea for a techno-void-priest, but since I can't find much info about it I wonder a bit how it works in practice. If I have my rod that's infused with void magic to create a void beam, would I have to channel the magic to it constantly, or sort of "load" it with magic which is stored in the object until it runs out? Can I decide that for myself because there is no canon lore (that I know of) to it? Edit: Just a thought I was playing with. When you read about shadow mage it sounds a lot like shadow priest in game , and since techno-mages do exist, would "techno-shadow mage" make more sense?Doltri10 14 Sep
14 Sep Blizzcon 2017 Rewards: Flying Factional Passanger Mount Epic News everyone! The Blizzcon Reward is a Factional Passanger Mount :D Like allways i will offcourse provide you guys with an ingame look: Here is the official Link aswell: I definetly recomend buying Virtual tickets if you dont have any of the other passanger flying mounts like X-53 Netherrocket, Sandstone Drake or Obsidian Nightwing. Unlike the others you dont have to recruite a friend or buy it on AH for 100k+ gold, This mount you get for 29,99€ in the Blizzard Shop. Hope you guys dont miss out on a sweet mount and that my post was helpfull, Take care and have fun :) i will try to keep you updated if i find more cool stuff.Saaberus2 14 Sep
14 Sep Dance hello blizzard I have a question, can i change the undead male version on 14 Sep
13 Sep Draenor and hearthstones Can we still go to alternate draenor we did shut down the portal yeah? I understand for shamans cuz they can go through the twisting nether(astral recall) oh and are hearthstones canon?Erah6 13 Sep
13 Sep Preservers of the Balance - A [Guide] to Druid RP. Druids can be some of the most diverse and interesting characters the Warcraft setting has to offer. They really are a hybrid class, offering some of the best bits other classes bring to the table and combining them with a blend of faith and philosophy that make them uniquely Druidic. There are some easy pitfalls that can make druids seem unapproachable, and plenty of misconceptions that can make them seem uninteresting - but get past these and you'll have one of the most adaptable and engaging characters out there. This guide is separated into a number of sections, as it is quite large, to allow you to skip to the relevant bit. They are: ... Be warned; it may get wordy. I will provide citations and quotations where I can, and I will do my best to keep conjecture out (or highlight when there is some debate over certain issues) but bear with me. It'll be worth it. ... Tauren mythology holds that it was the Tauren who were the first druids. The Tauren lost a lot of their cultural heritage over the millennia, and ended up being re-educated in the ways of the Druid by the Night Elves. The Night Elves believe that Malfurion Stormrage was the first mortal druid. He learnt under the tutelage of Cenarius, before the War of the Ancients and the Sundering, and he is responsible for the proliferation of Druidic tradition among the Night Elves. With the abandonment of arcane magic, many night elves (mostly men) turned to Druidism. They learnt under the tutelage of Malfurion and spent much time in the Emerald Dream, as had been agreed to at the creation of Nordrassil. At some point later (around the time of the War of the Satyr and the Worgen crisis) the Cenarion Circle was formed, as teaching and governing body for druids. We'll come back to what the Cenarion Circle does and our character's relationship with it later on. Following that was a period of peace, tranquillity and learning that lasted millennia. The druids slumbered in Barrow Dens spending a great deal of time in the Dream, woken only in times of need [ad. 1], up until the events of the Third War. Roused from their slumber to defend the World Tree, the druids helped fight off the Legion and witnessed the near-destruction of Nordrassil and the death of Archimonde. This changed a few things; many druids now spent their time in the waking world repairing the damage down by the Legion's invasion, most adopted new techniques in their craft, and the first new Tauren druid in twenty generations (Hamuul Runetotem) was trained. Malfurion and a group of other Druids turned to the Dream, Tauren were allowed into the Cenarion Circle, and under the direction of Fandral Staghelm, a new 'world tree,' Teldrassil was grown. This is context in which your druid character will be playing; the Nightmare is contained, Malfurion is back, but there's still a lot of work to do - and now there are Trolls and Worgen to contend with. That's a potted history of everything relevant to all druids that isn't covered in-game. For a more extensive account, the relevant novels are The War of the Ancients trilogy and Stormrage, which focus mostly on Malfurion but are still relevant to all druid characters. ... Four playable races have the Druid class - Night Elves, Tauren, Worgen and Trolls. Each one adds its own explanation as to how that race has access to nature magic, and includes a bunch of flavour unique to them in their teachings. Night Elves By far the oldest and most experienced Druids out there. How the Night Elves came to be druids is explained above, and they have been practising druidic magic as a society for the longest. They founded the Cenarion Circle and still make up the core of its members. Night Elven society holds druidic values at its core. They are a race deeply in tune with nature and view the protection of the balance with the utmost importance. Though they can be quiet and reclusive , Druids are treated with respect by the night elves, and are to some extent seen as the natural counterpart to the Sisterhood of Elune. Up until the Third War, Night Elf society was divided by gender - meaning that the Cenarion Circle would not accept female members (though some female druids may have existed), but these membership restrictions have been relaxed, and more and more women are taking up the mantle of the Druid. The typical Night Elf druid carries with it all the weight of their races' history behind them, views their duty to protect the wilds as sacred, and occupies a well-respected role within society. Tauren The Tauren, like the elves, are a race deeply in-tune with the ebb and flow of the natural world. They combine elements of shamanism and druidic magic into their spirituality, and personify nature in the figure of the Earthmother. Respect for the Earthmother will feature heavily in the life of any Tauren druid. Druidism was recently re-introduced to Tauren society, through their introduction into the Cenarion Circle, and Tauren druids now stand alongside Shaman as the spiritual guides in Tauren society. Like the elves, they too are treated with respect. Tauren druids exist in almost every tribe, but seem to be the most common in the Runetotem, Mistrunner and Wildmane tribes. Worgen ... Worgen, then, have a very interesting 'origin story,' for their Druids. They had low-level nature magic BEFORE coming into contact with the Cenarion Circle, in the form of the Harvest Witch 'cult,' which was then built upon and improved by training from the Circle. The role given to Gilnean druids in society isn't necessarily clear; it seems safe to say most humans view the magic of druids as mysterious and abnormal, as magic goes - Human society prefers the Light as its religion, and the Arcane as its mainstream magic of choice. But the Gilneans recognise the debt they have to the elves and, with their Worgen condition, see the wisdom in learning more about the Ancients and the ways of the druid. Trolls Like the Tauren, Troll druids have their own unique origin story. Zen'tabra of the Echo Isles has all the dialogue, but wowpedia summarises it thusly;... The original Darkspear Druids were practitioners of voodoo; Witch Doctors, Loa priests, hexxers - all in contact with spirits to conduct their magic - but in a time of great need, they were taught to "connect wit ALL de spirits o' nature, ta work WIT de spirits, not just be servin' a single loa at a time." It seems that the Darkspear druids' magic is still coloured by the troll heritage - they are said to refer to all the spirits, including Wisps, as Loa, and the animal forms taken by Trolls include the Bat and what looks like a Tiger - animals that Trolls have worshipped for some time beforehand. The new troll Druids have also opened up channels with the Cenarion Circle (much to the Night Elves' surprise/distaste!) in hopes of learning more about druidism. It seems unlikely that the Trolls revere the Balance or the Earthmother in the way that Elves or Tauren do, but such a thing wouldn't be impossible. As for the social standing and outlook of Troll Druids, they seem to occupy the same role as other casters in troll society. They are cunning, respected, or even feared.Thornroot67 13 Sep
13 Sep Draenor, Outland, Argus & Azeroth As far as I know, Argus was not technically brought to Azeroth, but a portal was opened between the two. However, I recently noticed that Argus appeared on the skies of Outland. Azeroth had been visible from Outland before, so it can be assumed that the two are in close proximity (though it is also said that Outland's randomly drifting in the Netherspace). Is there any lore explanation to seeing both Argus and Azeroth from Shattrath/Outland? I can't really imagine any.Lazarescu4 13 Sep
13 Sep Remove sharding entirely, from rp/rppvp servers Its really annoying not being able to interact with players on my server because they are on a separate shard.Aegón10 13 Sep
12 Sep Surnames Guys i was wondering do orcs ,trolls,goblins but mostly orcs do they have surnames the most notable is Garrosh Hellscream. or are they called by their clans names. How many clans are in the horde now?Erah1 12 Sep
12 Sep Horde motivation for Legion I'm just wondering what's our Horde motivation again to invade Argus? I know there's always self preservation, but the campaign is so alliance heavy. Here I am walking around as an Orc on the Horde side wondering what I really have to do with all these Human and Draenei leaders. Where's the horde representation?Guru19 12 Sep
11 Sep Naming character after a town/region? So I had this name saved, only to find recently it's actually a former area of Argus, the name being Oronaar, I was considering making a character with the name but after finding out it's the name of a region (Ruins of Oronaar) I'm hesitant. Do you think it's alright, or should I perhaps find something else?Keezal3 11 Sep
11 Sep General RP Chat #32: Nerds R Us Go.Rocmar500 11 Sep
11 Sep Nihru Wobblewick's adventure I decided to start a picture diary for Nihru Wobblewick. Join him on his adventure: 11 Sep
10 Sep Tales and Stories Hello everyone I am an avid writer; I love to write stories about my characters and about stories in Azeroth and other fantasy worlds of my own making. I don't proclaim to be a good writer, but I enjoy doing it, especially short one or two part stories. I'd like to think as well that there are others out there who are in a potentially similar position to myself. So, I invite anyone reading this to write their own short stories. They must be in the Warcraft setting, but about what and who is completely up to you. I request however that you keep the stories to three or four parts at maximum; this is dedicated to short stories, not novels or entire backstories. And if no-one else wants to write in this thread, then I hope at least that you enjoy my writing. If you have any questions, or wish to comment on my works or others, then leave a comment and I (And hopefully the others) will respond. And with that out of the way, I will begin.Tinitha18 10 Sep
10 Sep Dwarf mage RP I want to RP as a dwarf mage but i am trying to construct a background that suits it so far the points. 1. Archaeology as dwarfs are known to be good at archaeology that would justify a value of intelligence of lore and history. 2. Mastery of there talents normally with perfectionist with metal working but who is to say they don't delve into a more mystical art like rune crafting or inscription. 3. Connection with the elements due to there ancestor connection with the Earthen so possibly have a connection with the arcane no confirmed info to say. Please correct me if i am wrong as i am still looking into the lore of dwarfs but there race as a mage is interesting to me. Fire mage = A dwarf who is a metal worker utilising the tool of fire magic. Ice mage = A dwarf who aspires the use of rune crafting. Arcane mage = A dwarf lore master and inscriber.Golruuk4 10 Sep