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56m Troll dungeons If I'm not mistaken we had some sort of Troll dungeon/raid/decent story presence in just about every expansion (except WOD?) Was just wondering if there's anything in the works for Legion with this? Failing that, what's the likelihood of seeing something Zandalari focused next expansion?Vazjin3 56m
1h How is Grom Hellsceam ever gonna fit in They butchered this character throughout WoD, how the hell is he ever gonna return. Thrall killed his son basically.Grux8 1h
3h Forsaken storyline in Silverpine and Dalaran... Can someone explain to me how is it possible - the Forsaken during the Silverpine questline did the following things: They killed the archmage of Dalaran, obliterated Ambermill and converted all dead mages to Forsaken. So how the hell it's possible Dalaran magi to invite the Horde under the leadership of Sylvanas in the city? Not only that, there's a whole district guarded by the Forsaken?Perpeto10 3h
9h Alliance should retake Lordaeron The Alliance should focuse more of their war efforts in retaking Lordaeron, according my checkings the alliance should have a far superior number of members and weaponry, and with Lordaeron being such an important place for the humans it should be a vital point, Varian should have done this long ago due to him actually living with King Terenas Menethil and Prince Arthas in lordaeron when his father got murdered, anyone else see this as a viable reason to atleast try to take the kingdom back?Tór318 9h
12h Warcraft Books I've been pondering for a while now to use my extra pocket money to buy one or two warcraft books to read and have as collectible. I, myself, was thinking about the Chronicle books, of which one was released recently. Although I am not sure if it'll grab my interest. As I want lore accurate books, but also books that go about my favorite races in Warcraft so I can get to understand them better. My favorite races are Kaldorei, Dwarf, Draenei and Gnomes. So let me know!Nyliëne4 12h
13h Priests usage of the light and shadow Why does the priests use the shadow? Paladins dont! im not talking about the shadow priests, but discipline. By default the shadow is sinister and evil (chaotic) in nature, why does someone use it or balance it with the light anyway? By definition the light is good and should be enough to fight the evil and the ultimate evil in the univerce - the burning legion. We can see that in that race called Naaru - they are pure light and they are dedicated to eradicate the legion. Theyve said that they will create one unstopable army of light, not shadow or anything but light. And still disc priests are considered good or tolerated atleast. I just dont get it why would you use some different force than the light to fight the burning legion since the light is the force that cause them most terrible damage. And another thing i dont get it how this little prince of ours - Anduin use the shadow and as we know from pandaria, even the slightest use of negative force or energies can cause great trouble. It just makes no sense! What are your views on the topic, can you throw a little LIGHT on it (see what i did there, huh..., alright it wasnt that funny).Melander37 13h
13h Forsaken DK lore Forsaken DK and Human DK are belong to the same race - undead human. What is the difference between human death knight and forsaken? I don't understand. Why my forsaken DK cannot join Alliance, and why my human DK cannot join Sylvanas?Turallion32 13h
13h The Legion feels like Iron Horde 2.0 They just don't feel like a credible threat, the same as the Iron Horde. We've thwarted all their efforts, are destroying their ships with ease and holding the zones they're invading (which for some bizarre reason are only focused on the Broken Isles instead of all over Azeroth). Does that sound familiar to anyone? Yup! It's the Iron Horde all over again, a major threat which never actually -feels- like a major threat because the second we get to it's area of influence we're whacking it six ways from Sunday without taking any big, impactful hits in return. Bloodtotem? Meh. Riverbend? That was the Drogbar! A non-Legion enemy with a single zone's worth of screentime that, surprise surprise, actually feels like more of a credible threat than the Legion ever does! We never lose anyone we actually love to the Legion, none of the characters we've quested with and come to know and like over this expac ever feel like they're in actual danger from this vast unstoppable army, nor does anything else. So how would you change this? Well, losing something major would be one heck of a good start! What do you think would make the Legion feel more of a threat?Rilza19 13h
13h Most Interesting Outcome for a Zone you can Think of ? Preferably for pre Legion zones but anything goes. Anything from forsaken conquering more eastern kingdoms zones,to barren wastelands like Badlands or Tanaris getting rejuvenated to..idk Gallywix's head monument in Azshara turns out to be a fully functional stone mech that was buried. I'd love to hear what are the scenarios that people can think of :)Brightshade10 13h
15h Favorite Warlord? Which of the Warlords do you care about the most? Who's your favorite of these fine orcs? And who do you despise? Like: Personally, Ner'zhul from his tragic story of being decieved to later doing everything in his power, even go so far as to become corrupt to escape death. And still in the end death would be all he would ever know. Despise: Gul'dan, cowardly traitor, who does everything for more power but doesn't realize that in the end he is just a pawn of dark forces much greater than him. And his importance can quickly drop to unimportance. That Archimonde didn't kill Gul'dan with his final breath was very out of character for him, because he is known for killing failing pawns like nothing. And now they made the lame speach about "you made a pact".Fanlyr31 15h
16h Why does sylvannas need the valkyr I remember a quest in which I used plague bombs to turn farmers into new forsaken if this is the case why would dose she need valkyr when the plague works just as well?Guldanmills52 16h
19h Sylvanas being Warchief, your thoughts? EDIT: Turwen is just trying to incite this thread to derail by trolling and flaming, please ignore her posts to keep the topic civil Just curious on this, because I think it's just horrible. She doesn't really care about the Horde, maybe the Forsaken, but doubtfully anyone else. She mostly cares about herself, seeking a way to avoid death forever and using the Forsaken as meatshields. She's an undead, an abomination to most of the Horde's eyes. She uses the blight, a weapon that was forbidden since the Wrathgate. She lacks a lot of honor, something most of the Horde value very very highly. The only redeeming factor is that she's got some experience, but even then, so does Lor'themar, and he has a lot less of these flaws. Now, the Horde doesn't feel as it used to, I mean, it didn't ever since they lost Garrosh if you ask me, but, now it just seems even further from what they used to be. There's also the thing that the reason she became Warchief, the way it was executed, was really really cheap. "Oh, spirits told she should lead the Horde", Blizzard couldn't even find a legitimate reason to do this. As a final point of this post, I would just like to say that Sylvanas seems comparable to the corrupted Garrosh, so what, we're going to leave her be even though we killed someone else for similar actions? I know we'll have to see what's next, but I'd just like to share my current opinion on this.Emilïa200 19h
21h Druids, what can they turn into? So having just argued with a friend that their char shouldn't be able to turn into a bear, cat, moonkin and treant, all on a whim without any thought whatsoever. I wonder, can druids even turn into Moonkins and Treants? Last I heard was no, but I was never given anything more than that, just no. Surely someone here will know!Daglathor7 21h
22h Zerg VS Legion VS Azeroth Who do you guys think would win in an all-out total war between Kerrigan's Swarm, the Legion, or the combined forces of Azeroth?Yovelapaw54 22h
1d Could Alleria Windrunner be a blood elf? So Alleria Windrunner is a character who has not been touched at all since WarCraft II and a lot of fans have been wanting to see her and she is also the protagonist in the rumored Argus expansion. (There's no proof what so ever that Argus or Alleria will be in the next expansion.) It's said that the destruction of the sunwell could be sensed by all high elves and that the majority of the high elves decided to become blood elves and it's highly possible that Alleria also decided to become a blood elf. Also I think that it would make for a great story if Alleria actually was a blood elf. Now I say that it would make for a great story mainly for sin'dorei(blood elf) fans like me because we do not have a Windrunner among our ranks and we could need one. This would probably also make her very neutral in the horde vs alliance war which would be very interesting to follow. But why this would be interesting for everyone and not just the sin'dorei fans is because right now there is a lot of focus on the quel'dorei(high elves) vs the sin'dorei and the leader of the quel'dorei in this fight is Vereesa Windrunner and she is very anti sin'dorei even though it's confirmed that were it not for the help of Rhonin and her two children she would most likely have followed that road herself. Now what would happen if we threw in Alleria in this argument and she was a blood elf, how would Vereesa react to this? These questions are really hard to answer and I think that what would come to pass would be really enjoyable for both fans of the alliance, the horde or for people like me whose loyalty lies with one specific race. This is my opinion of this theory crafted situation please share yours.Xemnes187 1d
1d Liliana and Lilian are totally different I don't get why some many people tie them together because of the name and the purple flames. They have barely anithing in common, she's more similar to Sylvanas. Both of them are very selfish, arrogant, self centered persons. Both use necromancy. Both are doomed to the torment in the Void after their death. Both made an alliance of convenience with another groups for protection and to use them for their goals, and are barely trusted by the other members. Both made pacts with ancient dark creatures to prevent their deaths. Both are currently in a search to further their existance. How any of those things can be said about Lilian?Tazeel2 1d
2d How is Illidan different than Garrosh? Both comitted war crimes, used torture practises, did unmorally things for the sake of their own view to help the world. Illidan saw us as idiots that didn't saw the threat of the Legion and how there has to be made sacrifices, even when it means killing off your own people to feed into arcane power. Garrosh also hated The Legion, saw the Alliance as a nuisance bunch. The Horde got in his way, his way to secure Azeroth under his boot to then have a world with no quarrel between eachother so he could take the Legion head on. Please tell me the difference between a demon hunter and a warrior infused with old god power. Both use evil things to their own practise.Agamemnom44 2d
2d Favorite cinematic What is your favorite cinematics? I want to say pick only one. Mine is clearly Arthas ascension, the mortal Crown Prince, who betrayed his people, murdered his father and scourged two kingdoms as the most powerful Death Knight ever created. Here he goes from being a powerful Death Knight to merging with Ner'zhul and becoming a Demi-God, the spectral Lich King, the most powerful necromancer with a mind that expanded a thousand fold, They are the best of both worlds, the human warriors body combined with the cunning and tremendously powerful orcish soul. That they, they became the most powerful entity on Azeroth. And the answer to the Alliance-Horde conflict. Now the Scourge will do what the orcs could not. Eradicate all life on Azeroth and create a new world, with complete order and peace of mind for the reborn people.Ernstx31 2d
2d Sylvanas family Hi, is there anyone who wondered who are the parents of Sylvanas Windrunner same as me? I think that it is same as Illidan and Mafurion, nobody knows. But maybe I'm not right, If you have got any answers, please reply, thanks o/Toumhas7 2d
3d Why did Garona kill Llane? I just don't get it. Does she have absolutely no free will? I never thought of her as one to blindly follow orders... Perhaps I've missed something there. Could anyone explain to me what happened and what exactly was her motive then for making the hit...Chop22 3d
3d So Horde development isn't fit? No word about ascension of Saurfang being the leader of the Orcs, we have a quest from TBC that points that out. Thrall is gone, website says he is a paragon of the Orcs (what the hell, what is Saurfang now?) Okay man, can the story writers clear things up a bit? Also, Saurfang is a veteran of all three wars, in charge of the might of Kalimdor during the war agains the Black Empire and overlord of the Kor'Kron, an elite special force, yet he isn't used at all. Meanwhile Malfurion, Tyrande, Velen, Anduin and Genn are all running around in Legion. Baine develoment wasn't seen fit and got scrapped because it might have made Alliance players uncomfortable playing aside a Horde character (LOL) Man, playing as a Horde is a joke now, screw you story writers. There are races out there besides humans and elves. Trolls and Orcs are only fit to be villian category.Jonaske2 3d
3d Expansion Idea (Because Dragons are awesome);) What if there was a major event that made the different dragonflights relevant again. Even force them to choose between horde and alliance, or even better, make them a third faction entirely. New Class could be extremely diverse. Be one of the dragonflight, and the colour you choose determines your class. E.G, Blue dragonflight would be Battlemages Black can be some form of Flaming DPS/tank (with Deathwing armor :)) Green and bronse could be healers Red would also be a form of mage, but with melee relevance. So this would probably take alot of work, and I don't see anything like this happening. I havent even given it much thought, just an idea.Dùsk15 3d
3d Stories of Areas questions I have a few questions about the stories Question 1: How did the raging chasm happen? Question 2: What caused The Great Divide? Question 3: Why is there the Whispering Forest?Sabain1 3d
3d Should the nightborne join horde? or alliance? Hey hordies... should the nightborne join the horde ? Would you like these guys? or is it too many elves for the horde. Do you feel blood elf is all the elf the horde will ever need or you would like some dark purple blood elves too? I assume Ally welcomes elves - would you want nightborne playable as a full race or okay as a night elf sub-race on the alliance? or would you prefer them not to be playable but still linked with the night elf and highborne?Kelian24 3d
3d Battle of the magic roids Who would win Garrosh on old god roids Or gul'dan with fel roids I would pay to see that matchTerrorbow10 3d
3d When you join a guild There once was a Level 1 Druid in Moonglade(idk how he got there) After getting his first quest there were 3 (Yes, 3 YES 3) people next to him "Hey , wanna join my guild?" said the first. "Name?" asked the Level 1 Druid "It's called The Awesome Druid Guild With Druids that Druid around with Druid armor" The other 2 said the same. Once he went to Dun Morogh at level 4 Another guy walked to him He said "Would you like to join my guild?" So the level 4 Druid said "Sure" with a big sigh "It's called The WoW club of Mount Hyal" <Saltpepper is now an member of "The WoW club of Mount Hyal"> ----38 minutes later in the chat---- <Saltpepper>Hello! <OwnerTWcomHi-AzjolNerub>Welcome! <Anothercity1-FrostWhisper>Hello there! <Sabain>I am stronger then you... BUT ANYWAY HI! <Sabain>Welcome* <Saltpepper clicks Sabain's name> [Sabain: Level 59 Blood Elf Death Knight <The WoW Club of Mount Hyal> - The Jade Forest] <Saltpepper>I guess so.... ----------The next day----------- Quest: The easy day [Kill morphduck] All your quests are heathens[Ready for turn in ------In the chat------ <Saltpepper> Hi? <Saltpepper> Wheres morphduck? <Saltpepper> Anyone? <Saltpepper> Who??.... <Persmanocital>I like pickles! to: [Saltpepper]Im leaving! [Saltpepper] whispers: Im leaving! <Saltpepper left "The WoW club of Mount Hyal"> THE ENDSabain2 3d
3d Westfall Raging chasm Heyoo, I was wondering, what's the point of raging chasm in westfall? Why is it even here? Who or what made it? Thanks for replies :) o/Toumhas1 3d
3d When is orc paladins coming?? Is it next expansion or the one after that? Since night elves can be mages and the lore is offically unimportant, we will most likely see orc paladins and priests soon. I mean, the reason people are stating behind the fact that goblins(who is a purely mechanical race from the start) has an affinity for magic and shamanism now, is that everyone can learn everything. That includes orcs. So Eiltrigg can send the most openminded to Tirion when the war is over to study his teachings. We all know it's bound to happen anyway.Sylaz98 3d
4d Taurajo and Theramore Hello, everyone! As a lover of the warcraft lore, I have read the books , comics as well as informed myself about most things. One thing I can't quite understand , as it differs between sources, is how the Taurajo and Theramore things happened. As far as I knew Garrosh sent the mana bomb to Theramore because he wanted to conquer Kalimdor. Me and some friends even argue about Garrosh/Jaina and I've always sided with Jaina... What I would like to understand is: what happened in camp Taurajo? Did Jaina suddenly come up with the idea to send an attack against that camp and massacre everyone? If so , she's just a hypocrite... or did things not happen this way?Marvella14 4d
4d Archimonde and why Legion is destroyed lorewise Archimonde is the Supreme Field-Commander of the Legion, in other words, Archimonde was the Legion's military leader and top strategist and often surrounds himself with the sinister Dreadlords to serve as his top advisors, tacticians and eyes and ears . Kil'jaeden was in charge of recruiting, and manipulation was often a big part of his tactics to seek at races deemed worthy of their tasks, then he would find a way to corrupt them through different decieving methods. Point is, they were the Left and Right hand men of Sargeras himself and had been running the Legion all these years together, but definitely with a secret ambition to gain powers that could rival Sargeras power or atleast gain enough power to keep him banished forever. Since Archimonde fell, which was a HUGE thing back in the days, because they had just done the impossible (thanks to the Lich King, who tricked Illidan to kill Tichondrius and thus Archimonde never saw the trap coming). They had (what was believed at the time) manage to destroy Archimonde, the demon lord who were ordering the invasions and very often partook in them aswell. The that dealt a crippling blow to the Legion at the time, due to two things, one they had just lost the war and they knew it, the defenders got very confident now and the demons began to falter, some flead and others were unaware. Two, Kil'jaeden had just lost his longest friend, they took the Fel gift together and had rained destruction upon thousands of people and souls. With Archimonde dead, the Legion would be severely weakened and Kil'jaeden was furious and with his forces either engaged in full on battle or couldn't be reached, he scryed Azeroth for the first and best candidate to exact his revenge on Ner'zhul, who had grown vastly in his mental powers and necromantic aswell, something Kil'jaeden never intended beyond the already tremendous powers he was given. But the more souls and undead under Ner'zhul's control, the more his power grew. It proved to be the much needed nourishment for this spectral Death-God. He began to fear the Lich King's reach now and wanted him destroyed. For not only betraying them, but also being the mastermind who orchestrated the Legion's downfall as payback for damning him and turning him into the Lich King. Now we know that he wasn't truly dead,which was a huge disappointment. Since that ruined alot of the game for me and many others, in the sense that "now we are faced with one the the two Demon Lords of the Legion, who possess god-like powers and are responsible for countless worlds being burned to ash. Archimonde's death in WC3 was epic, since it required the very essense of the worlds protective wisps to utterly obliterate Archimonde. Same thing with the Lich King's last fight, were he was without a doubt had already won. He killed the champions rallied from all over Azeroth, who manage to penetrate a way into Icecrown through the massive armies of undead between us and the Citadel. But we carved a way despite the odds, and when the Lich King took us all out in one single blow, everyone realized how powerful he truly was and that he had only been playing with us, while could've killed us easily if he wanted. But then, in the final moments of before the Light's demise, the Holy Light (most likely a Naaru) made a divine intervention and dosed Tirion with so much power of the Light that he become a living Light conduit, I've never seen someone wielding such powerful holy magics before, because suddenly he broke all the Lich King's spells, and the two blades, who had clashed numerous times before, now with Tirion's jump against Arthas, struck the final blow that broke Frostmourne and released all the souls who started attacking their captor and tormentor, incapacitating him in the air. The Lich King was just too chocked at what had occured, that he was completely stunned.Ernstx34 4d
4d Did the Iron Horde now join the original Horde I followed the story and I find the Iron Horde so fascinating, all the warlords are badass. What I don't get it how the Iron Horde teams up with us in the fight against Archimonde, but we still kill them in a daily quest. Their technology is awesome, which leaves me again on why it isn't used.Jonaske3 4d
5d Favorite faction/race/cult/clan For me it is the shadowy and powerful Nathrezim, also called the Dreadlords. The Burning Legion's strategists and tacticians aswell as the covert operations specialists who's mastery over the Void has granted them tremendous power to manipulate and straight out mind control smaller groups or armies and still being able to do other things meanwhile. They also mastered conjuring arcane portals all over the worlds. They draw their powers from the Void, which most definitely lead to their culture advancing in this dark direction and that their core value and virtue is Malice. When they joined the Burning Legion, they reveled in their tasks. To continue conquer worlds but this time they would not be only themselves with their divide and conquer tactics only, this time they also had brute force and the two mighiest Demon Lords in existence that they served. The Dreadlords are cunning and I feel that they weren used to their fullest potenial here in Legion. There is a reason the Lich King was so determined to send the newly empowered Ebon Blade only after the specific Dreadlords in the Legion army. Because he knew how valuable they are to the Legion in terms of advisors and covert operations. Taking them out would cripple the Legion generals and the top commanders heavily as it had before. When the Dreadlords joined the Legion, they merged their great knowledge of shadow magic and combined it with Fel to become one of the most feared and veneratted foes in the Burning Legion. I hope to see more of them. They are also one of a few who are well-spoken and seems educated. Only Kirin Tor Archmages, Kel'Thuzad and Nefarian also share that well-spoken, mature language. Because honestly, my overall favorite cult is by far the Cult of the Damned. Kel'Thuzad, one of the most powerful mages in Dalaran, who knew he had become old and fragile, but there was still so much knowledge left to be uncovered. When the icy voice began it's whispers,. which eventually lead to him abandoning the highest position in Dalaran as one of the six and stored away his fortunes, he left Dalaran for good in exile, for his peers shortsighted mindsets. Kel'Thuzad, old but charismatic, was promised power beyond his wildest dreams and eternal life, free willed by the way, in exchange for serving the Lich King for the rest of his days. So he got to work and his recruiting methods paid off. He managed to secretly recruit ten thousands of disengruntled peasants who felt mistreated by the King. He introcuded a new religion, an religion opposite of what the Light promised but never delivered. This new religion meant worshipping the Lich King as a God (he is an eternal/demi-god) and the creator of the undead race. These two requirements is what you need to fulfill to be considered a god. And for those who followed the Cult's practices and studied under Kel'Thuzad and his chosen in scholomance, immortality through undeath was promised to those faithful to the Master and a place in his new world once the Scourge had eradicated all life. Kel'Thuzad, a necromancer with great prowess in life, turned into a master of necromancy and the second most powerful lich in existence second only to the Lich King himself. With his soul bound to his phylactery, Kel'Thuzad was truly eternal, all thanks to the Gift of Undeath. Kel'Thuzad also is the one who built the backbone oif the Scourge, the engineer behind it. Without him it would've never grown so vast and powerful so fast. The Cult of the Damned and all in the Scourge, were granted true immortality upon their rebirth, unlike the Forsaken, the ones in the Scourge does not decay since the tremendous powers of the Lich King is what reanimated them. Many see the Cult of the Damned as the most twisted mortals walking this world, but infact, they are the most cunning. Many being highly intelligent former Archmages of the Kirin Tor and the benefits of undeath is unlike anything any other organization can offer, immortality and to be released from the damning shackles of morality and emotions, since the necromancers slowly gets corrupted by the dark magics they practice, gradually changing until they are more and more like undead than living. Eventually they risk being consumed by it and transcend into undeath that way. This is what I love about Arthas, he did everything righteous and goodhearted, and what did it ever get him? A bunch of guilt and pain. When Arthas finally betrayed humanity and took up Frostmourne, he was released from all the boundries and shackles of humanity, that had been holding him back from reaching his true potential. Together, The Lich King orchestrated the downfall of the Legion, using his champion and his number two, Kel'Thuzad, to avange the Legion. And Arthas, a mortal crown prince from Lordaeron, went from that to become a god, at the time of the merging Blizzard themselves stated that they together had just become the most powerful entity on Azeroth. Arthas, the prince who went from mortal man to a Demi-god, capable of wiping out all life on Azeroth. If Christie wouldnt have !@#$ed the story, by letting Arthas supress Ner'zhul, the Scourge would've easily won. Ner'zhul's mind had been expanded ten thousand fold, he was the most intelligent being out there, with mental and necromantic powers beyond our comprehension. With him in full control, we wouldn't have stood a chance. But no, they had to make the prince Arthas play his arrogant games, now that he and Ner'zhul had merged into one, their memories aswell. And he knew how powerful he was now.Sylaz32 5d
5d New races for Alliance and Horde Hello all, I had thought of this idea since the beginning of my WoW adventure on my first account during the early beginnings of WOTLK. Although it might sound familiar, I think there could be great potential. High elves for the Alliance. Naga for the horde. Let me tell you why. The High Elves were always allies of the alliance. They fought with the alliance during the 2nd war and the third. They are still quite involved in the stories of WoW and are actually my favourite race in WoW. They are the lost child of the alliance atm, living in Stormwind, Dalaran and formally Theramore. Since the destruction of Theramore, we of the alliance have one less 'city' of importance throughout Kalimdor. Although some players do not know the actual importance of Theramore during the rise of Orgrimmar, the WoW version of Theramore looked like 'an hub', nothing more and nothing less. I read that the High Elves are trying to become 'distinct' from their Sin'dorei brothers and sisters, whom they despise for their 'evil' doings. It is also stated that the physical appearance of the Sin'dorei altered when they became blood elves after absorbing too much fell energies. This gives ground to have the High Elf race as an original race within WoW. To think of the new lore possibilities I really like the idea of them finding a new home. I had dreamed (im serious about this) about them having a city in the clouds, a bit like Dalaran, but truly unique in appearance and lore. This city could be situated above an Island starting zone close to the Eastern Kingdoms or Kalimdor. I also liked the idea of having Alleria Windrunner as their new faction leader and having Vareesa Windrunner lead of the Silver Covenant (who remain having close ties with the Kirin Tor) The name for their new home would be Anthelas (New home). And their capital could be named Silversky city ('couch' 'couch'). I would like to hear any idea's you guys have :D. For the Naga, the reason I want to see them playable is their immense lore they have. The reason I have set them among the Horde is their relation with the Blood Elves, mainly during TFT. Their hatred with the Night Elves remains, but they are less aggresive against them.They would be a splinter faction that has rebelled against Aszhara and the Old Golds, having seen the madness they want to summon to Azeroth (Sargaras). Or they have broken free from the mental prison they have been after the pact of Aszhara and the Old Gods. They could have a new home in what I believe to be remnants of the broken isles, a tropical environment. Their capital could be part above water and under water. The naga however are like the undead a feared faction. And as a new naga player you need to earn your rights as a new member of the Horde by gaining trust of the Orcs, Tauren, Trolls and Pandaran. The Goblins only see money in them and do not care very much about them joining. For the physical appearance I have thought about two forms, the sea naga form and the land walker naga form, giving the ability to walk fast over land. Their form might have changed after an large event (maybe the Old Gods caused it). I hope you guys like these idea's, please do respond ^^Thalthor141 5d
6d If elves came from trolls, why are there still trolls? checkmate atheistsHypotenous18 6d
6d Summar arcwine Why do sumar love arcwinne so mutchCumty2 6d
6d Darion and Ahsbringer Because since Darion was son of Alexandros, whom created the weapon, he must be the next in-line for the weapon instead of a paladin? I know it was designed for paladins to use, but still, why doesn't Darion step up and try claiming it? Even at the death knight end scene where the death knights are defeated and Tirion appears. Alexandros appears as a ghost and tells Darion that there will come a day where he will wield the Ashbringer. Why hasn't that day come? I know ret paladins use it know, but maybe they will lose it in future if this is still true?Rosulao12 6d
16 May Crystalsong Forest Since I've been forever here, I finally got the courage and entered a roleplaying guild which is much satisfying but I'm also everyday on the edge of "I-hope-I-don't-make-mistakes". With my group we're approaching Northrend and they are all about to find out the story of my character, which I'm not giving out bc some of them could read this (btw NOT cool guys). So apparently there are NO quests in Crystalsong whatsoever, (but there are flight stops and even a garrison I believe)? Or can you remember this old one that maybe there are some quests but you can take them elsewhere?Eodope3 16 May
14 May Illidan and Warglaives Hello. Just one small question: where are iconic warglives what Illidan wield during Third War (and even earlier) and The Burning Crusade? The Warglives of Azzinoth? In Cathedral of Eternal Night he have... normal Demon Hunter's Flamereaper glaivers... He looks lame with that. In DH intro I saw that Wardens like to store their weapons. So Warglives of Azzinoth should be there too or some treasure room. Maiev is a crazy b***h but not that much to force her strogest ally fight by bare hands. I think Illidan wants hes fav weapons back too. Maybe we get some quest to help him get back these weapons... or dev's are just lazy? Or it's just me, and explanation is in Demon Hunter's Order Hall quests?Xaeo5 14 May
14 May Nightborne's thoughts on Elune? I remember during the Insurrection questline Elisande called night elves ''savage'' which I presume to mean is referring to their druidism which is semi-religious. What about Elune, what do they think about her? Do they (still?) believe in her? By extension, what was night elf religion like before/during the well of eternity? Also, is there a difference between highborne and nightborne?Hypotenous12 14 May
14 May Northern Barrens Remove the Kor'Kron base camps already! What's the point keeping them there? Garrosh is gone and so should the Kor'Kron in Northern Barrens! It's so ugly to look at, and has NO purpose for people leveling from 10 - 20! Really destroys the beauty of the Barrens... It doesn't belong there anymore... HAVE IT REMOVED!Stailo9 14 May
13 May The Burning Blade Clan If the Twilights Hammer cult is involved, when there is something going on with the Old Gods, why isn't the Burning Blade clan involved now that the Legion is at our doorstep? Isn't that clan all about destruction and chaos, using demons, fel magic etc.? In my opinion, this would be the perfect time for them to shine.Stailo1 13 May
13 May Multiple Gul'dans? PLEASE NO SPOILERS :D I am reading "The rise of the Horde" in this book there is an Gul'dan apprentice of Ner'zhul. Now if I listen to the Audio Drama - The Tomb of Sargeras I hear kil'jaeden talk about an other Gul'dan. Link to Audio Drama: Now I am wondering if the Gul'dan in the audio drama/ legion expansion/ nighthold is the same Gul'dan as in the book "The rise of the Horde"? And why is kil'jaeden speaking of "the other Gul'dan"? PLEASE NO SPOILERS :D If I read these books will I get to know the awnser of my question? order: 1. WarCraft Chronicle Volume 1 2. Rise of the Horde by Christie Golden 3. The Last Guardian by Jeff Grubb 4. Tides of Darkness by Aaron Rosenburg 5. Beyond the Dark Portal by Christie Golden & Aaron Rosenburg 6. Day of the Dragon by Richard A. Knaak !! The War of the Ancients Trilogy takes place before Rise of the Horde but it is highly recommended that you read it after having read Day of the Dragon which is why I have the trilogy listed as 6,7,8 instead of 1,2,3. 7. War of the Ancients: The Well of Eternity by Richard A. Knaak 8. War of the Ancients: The Demon Soul by Richard A. Knaak 9. War of the Ancients: The Sundering by Richard A. Knaak 10. Lord of the Clans by Christie Golden 11. Of Blood and Honor by Chris Metzen 12. Arthas: Rise of the Lich King by Christie Golden 13. Illidan by William King 14. Cycle of Hatred by Keith DeCandido 15. Night of The Dragon by Richard A. Knaak 16. Stormrage by Richard A. Knaak 17. The Shattering: Prelude to Cataclysm by Christie Golden 18. Wolfheart by Richard A Knaak 19. Thrall: Twilight of the Aspects by Christie Golden 20. Jaina Proudmoore: Tides of War by Christie Golden 21. Dawn of the Aspects by Richard A. Knaak 22. Vol'Jin: Shadows of the Horde by Michael A. Stackpole 23. War Crimes by Christie Golden Tiboonn8 13 May
13 May Why is this happening? Why is Danric following Nici and staring at her from behind ? JustFangion5 13 May
13 May The importance of Dragon Aspects Hello! Firstly, let me apologize, I did just a brief look-over the topics that already exist here and did not actually notice anything at a first glance, so sorry if it was already answered. But now to the question. Just what are the Dragon Aspects considered to be now? And I do not mean to talk about what happened in Cataclysim, no. I mean Warcraft Lore. The way I understand it, Titans created the Dragon Aspects (The Earth, Time, Life, Magic and Nature) to defend the Azeroth in the case that the Old Gods managed to break free of their prison. And I mean, actually, completely breaking free. Again, how I see the Old Gods is that they are beings of immense power that, if unleashed, you would need several Titanic beings to defeat... Soooo... If just one broke free, Azerothians would have a really bad time... Even more than what Deathwing caused... A problem, that the Dragon Aspects were made for to help with in the first place... And Old Gods still slumber, still exist, only one ever being killed (Y'shaarj)... Those... things we defeated in Ahn'qiraj and Ulduar... They were but a shard of their full power and like that, C'thun and Yogg'saron still live. If they broke free now... What would save the World?Pavljuk1 13 May
13 May Leader of the Shadow Council Fel'dan, Vorpil and both Gul'dans are dead. So, who leads the Shadow Council now?Vólks1 13 May
12 May Cairne, Hamuul and the new WoW magazine (spoiler) Hello all! THIS THREAD CONTAINS SPOILERS! IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO DISCOVER SPOILERS, LEAVE THIS PAGE NOW! So, I was checking the preview of the new number of the 3rd issue of the WoW magazine. You can find the preview here if you don't know about it: Now, in this preview, at page 8 there is a letter written by Cairne Bloodhoof adressed to Hamuul Runetotem. In this letter it seems Cairne is telling Hamuul about the fact the tauren had a trade agreement till the slaughter of the Sentinels(considering the tone in which the letter is written the slaughter hasn't happened yet in game, it's something related to Cataclysm most likely, my thought is that it's related to Silverwing Outpost beeing attacked by the Horde but I could be wrong) which proves a point I made a long time ago that tauren still mentained good relations with the night elves even if they were both in different factions for quite some time. Now it would also appear Hamuul went to negociate a new trade agreement with the night elves and maybe even find the root of the one who killed the Sentinels mentioned. This shows that the tauren were framed something and that weakened their relations with the night elves since the night elves belived the Horde did this deed. This isn't helped by Garrosh's new way of thinking that he shouldn't make trade agreements but instead take what he needs from Ashenvale. It would also seem Cairne sent this letter before departing to Orgrimmar to meet with Garrosh (at which meeting he'll probably die as known) However what's more interesting is that at the bottom of the page there's a picture of Hamuul and some writing. This could be a response letter that never got to destination for the simple fact that Cairne died. Seemed Hamuul was attacked by orcs. Is this another action made by someone (Garrosh, Warsong Clan, Twilight Cult) made to this time frame the night elves and make the tauren think it was the night elves who killed Hamuul and the druids? Or maybe just to kill those seeking peace? Or to weaken the relations between Horde and Alliance even more? Will Hamuul escape? Will the relations between tauren and night elves ever be the same? We don't know. What I want to discuss is what you think about these events though. I please ask you also since this is a thread about both Horde and Alliance to not turn it into a Horde versus Alliance flamefest. Thank you.Arnorei57 12 May
12 May Do the Tauren know magni spoke with the earth mother? the legion magni comic shows that magni became one with earth and spoke with the earth mother (he also mentions the deep places of the earth like the high mountain tauren) and with how much the Tauren love the earth mother I wonder if they were told of magni and how the earth mother spoke with him directly. I mean in legion the tauren and dwarves share so many areas together like sanctuaries or class halls that some must've learnt the other person's language and chatted with them. or do the dwarves not know of what happened to magni in those 4 years of bondingHaitum7 12 May
12 May Good Noble Warlock in WOW as i mentioned on tittle. is there any good noble warlock in wow? in warcraft universe, i do only saw warlock as a bad guy which tend to corrupted the world. well, i don't know much about council of the black harvest, does they are a good council? or they just a self-interest council? Please share your idea, i would love to hear your thought :)Mègazia20 12 May
09 May lich king I know absolutley nothing about him. Can anybody tell his lore? Thx!Gimleypro14 09 May