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04 Jan 2016 Story Forum "Guidelines" and Suggestions We've adapted the description of this forum to include Fan Fiction, and we encourage you to share your stories here! This rest of this post is taken from Nethaera's thread on the US forums: I know more than a few people have been asking if there are guidelines to posting in these forums. The answer is yes and no both. Confusing, I know, but you'll understand once I explain. First, if you are sharing a story here, it should be fictional and set in the Warcraft universe. Can you break canon? Yes. It's your story. Just please try not to go too far afield. Your audience will appreciate some semblance of familiarity. Next, you've asked about just how far language, sexual themes, or violent themes can go, so I'll explain here. Keep in mind, the forum Code of Conduct still applies. Also, keep in mind the rating (T for Teen) as well. When you want a good example story, please take a look at Blizzard's own for World of Warcraft. That should give you a good comparison for your own tales. Use your best judgement. If you ask yourself, "Is this too far?", it just might be and you might want to consider doing another editing pass. While not everyone may agree on taste, try to keep it as tasteful as possible. If you're sharing a story, it may be a good idea to put "complete" at the bottom of your story if it takes more than one post to tell it. We know there are restrictions on the forums that may hinder you a bit, but this may give you the room to post without someone jumping in before you're done and so that the reader knows they are reading a "finished" (we all know no story is ever really finished) piece of work. Authors may also want to express at the bottom of their completed tale if they are open to constructive feedback. Some may not want feedback other than to hear if someone enjoyed it and some may be looking for others to help them hone their skills. The best way to solicit either is to make it clear what you would like. "Constructive feedback welcome." If you are a reader, please be considerate. If you didn't like a story or liked it, then sharing constructive feedback is fine. But, please make sure you do it in a way that isn't insulting to the author if the author has asked for or made it clear they are open to feedback. Most importantly, we all know that these types of efforts are very personal to the author. I'd like to ask authors not to take feedback too personally and likewise for those that give constructive feedback. Please don't make it personal. Personal attacks are definitely not OK here. This is largely 'your' forum to make of what you like in the end. While we have the power to moderate and help mold, the shape of it all is largely up to you and what you make of it as a community. *I've left this thread open on purpose so that any additional etiquette discussions or questions could be kept here. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves.Takralus8 04 Jan 2016
16m What are Wolfs? No, seriously. What are they? They exist on both Azeroth and Draenor. Do they have the technology to travel through space? Help?Moggma8 16m
49m So...shady Alliance stuff. ... ... ... Yeah... Given that as of currently revealed lore, undeath doesn't instantly doom your soul (as per BtS), i must say that these Alliance actions are pretty hardcore compared to the usual stuff people call out Sylvanas for. Is this what Blizzard told us about both factions being "grey" or "should be on the lookout for evil things"?. (Wanted to bring this up because it was brought down at the US forums and i wanted to know the opinion of people here).Zarao103 49m
2h Mages and their hidden paintings In the mage order hall, the entrance is filled with lots of paintings. One of them is obscured behind a spell - which got me curious so I took a closer look... Mages are pervs! 2h
2h Scarlet Crusade at the palisade lives! Simply turns out the scarlet crusade seems to still be around in tirisfal glades at the scarlet palisade, in bfa. Thoughts?Grives6 2h
4h Belf Golden Eyes Question Okay so we were discussing on guild Discord and reached an argument about the golden eyes of Sin'dorei. So I wanted to ask - The golden eyes are a thing only Paladins and Priests can ahve ICly or other classes too? What are the rules on this whole thing in general?Gabriielle1 4h
4h Sentient artifact weapons and you! Seeing as our artifact weapons have been finally turned into cool looking paperweights, I am left with a few questions. What happened to our sentient weapons? If they "died", did they accept our choice to sacrifice them for the greater good? Or did they try to dissuade us from essentially trying to feed them ridiculous amounts of steroids until they died horribly? On the other hand, if they survived the whole thing, did they get released from the artifacts? I can bet a certain knaifu might be up to a whole new level of friendly shenanigans after devouring that sweet, sweet ap from sargeras' little butter knife. Does our friendly neighborhood staff-monster Aluneth finally have aaaall the power he always wanted? Did Hati finally get to doggo heaven, or is he maybe roaming the Northrend happily ever after?Daraleth3 4h
5h Swap Saurfang and Sylvanas A lot of people including me are dissatisfied with Sylvanas being warchief mainly because she cannot represent the Kalimdor Horde races, since she is a dead elf, and an alien to savage aesthetics. As I already wrote here, seeing her in Grommash Hold makes me depressed, cause she certainly belongs in the dark and mysterious undercity, not in savage and warrior-style Orgrimmar. I think it would be much cooler if after Voljin's death (if he had to die because of parity with Varian) Saurfang would be appointed warchief (more as a symbolic figure, a role-model for Horde warriors) and Sylvanas would become the counselor, having the real power. She would do some "morally grey" stuff without telling it to the warchief (like she did when Garrosh was in charge). That would remind of Hindenburg and Hitler in Germany. Thus: 1) Sylvanas has a major role in the plot and plenty of power - Sylvanas's fans are satisfied 2) The warchief is the member of the core horde races - people like me are satisfied 3) The warchief is orc - Garrosh fans are quite more satisfied 4) This just would be more like real life politics - a symbolic figure that represents something - and the shady counselor behind him, which possesses true power. What do you think guys?Каррах4 5h
6h "Making the Horde Evil Was Our Mistake"-Blizz ... Thoughts? Very debated these days in the US forumsZarao77 6h
6h Saurfangs writing and future Saurfang is a long-time fan favourite. As an alliance player you might have encountered him for the first time while killing Thrall only to see Saurfang beside him turn red in rage and stomp you. As a horde player you probably turned in a quest or two involving a dragon’s head. Saurfang has been portrayed as this strong stoic character with very firm principals, this has been done through the game and the books. To my point. What both worries and bothers me is how he is being written now. The character feels untrue to his values whom the writers established, considering Chris Metzens departure as writer from blizzard this further strengthens my worries. I am sure Blizzard has something planned for Saurfang but the inconsistency caused by inadequate writers still worries me. I hope he stops being a whimp and rejoins the horde. My theory is that Thralls death somehow will spark the fight in him. I am aware that its to early to presume what blizzard will do but when it comes to bad writing of characters or cliff-hangers this wouldn’t be the first time. If you guys have theories of your own or if I missed something let me know. Saurfang and Varian being my two favourite characters, my best ingame moment is when completing Dranosh fight as an alliance and witnessing the conversation between Saurfang and Varian, still gives me Goosebumps.Mosih11 6h
8h What Happened to the Writing/Story? Early-to-mid-Legion was some of the best writing I've seen in a game. The buildup to the war with the Legion was fantastic. The invasions were great, the Assault on Broken Shore and its cinematic were superb. It built up suspense and had some fantastic storylines and I think was pretty universally well-received. The Suramar quest line and story was amazing. I felt it really made you feel for the characters involved, and had a genuine vested interest in seeing them succeed. The Tomb of Sargeras, even, and rolling right up toward Antorus, were all so relevant to plot, pretty well-paced... The quests were written well, everything was fantastically-voiced. It was great. In very late Legion, it seemed to fall completely flat--or is there a reason for this? Argus was... small, relatively-speaking. Where the hell were the Horde and the Alliance forces? It's never once been addressed, to my knowledge. Did both factions just stay on Azeroth? This war is built up throughout all of Warcraft's gaming history, and then the factions just stay at home? Where were the fierce orcish armies swarming onto the barren lands to smash demon faces, and get revenge for their corruption?! Where were the Alliance standing strong and righteous against demonic onslaughts? Where was the factional conflict as we tried to stand together, and put aside those differences? There was so much potential that seemed completely lost. As a friend of mine put it, it felt more like a road trip with Velen and Khadgar, and that felt... strange. This is a massive failure in the storytelling, to me; why weren't we made aware of where the armies were, as players in this story? Even if they were just... at home, why wasn't this addressed? It was so bizarre to just be left in the air like that, untold, for us to have to guess at. Allied races..? Highmountain, that's fine. Lightforged... ehhh. I guess I could see them going to their cousins. But Nightborne? Really? Their close ties to Night Elven society, their ancestor worship/care of Night Elven graves in Tel'anor, their return to their physical forms and dropping their addiction by way of Night Elven help, and they are still okay with outright attacking and going to war with their own kin? To hop right on-board with the Horde? They're old enough to know some still-living night elves. I get that even a single race may war amongst itself but this could have easily been another Pandaren situation, or better yet, the beginning of a long-overdue neutral faction. It felt like a massive kick in the teeth to play, and roleplay, a night elf through the Suramar stuff and to be sucked in as strongly as we were, to be involved so heavily in their fate, only to basically be told "too bad, we're going to be killing you now." What?! And Void Elves are a catastrophe. The reasoning for not giving High Elves, for years, was that there weren't enough of them--and now these atrocious-looking void-haired dudes just got ejected from their own faction for... void use? Really? Void is Shadow. The Forsaken are ANIMATED by this, Undercity is FULL of shadowpriests. Even if Silvermoon banned one group of casters, surely it isn't enough to make up an entire playable race, and surely not more Void Elves than High Elves exist? This was (caveat, imo) a terrible idea that should have been rejected outright, really. But that aside, writing-wise, they came out of nowhere. There was no hint they might exist, but suddenly they're there, playable, despite the potential for having introduced them earlier on and properly. It feels so bizarre and out of left field. In BfA, it looks to be going very downhill very fast, and I'm worried. It could be that the writers have some brilliant stuff up their sleeves. It could be, and I hope. I have faith in Blizz, and I love the game, and really the writing of most of Legion has my loyalty ensured to see where BfA goes. But, that being said, I want to add my worry here on the forum, where it can be seen. I'm afraid that Blizzard is writing WoW's story to pander to what they think players want: old-school Horde vs Alliance badass PvP. The problem is, Warcraft's story is far beyond that, now. We've fought side-by-side so many times. The Tauren are the oldest allies of the Night Elves. The Nightborne are their old allies. The orcs have proved time and again that they struggle with honor vs bloodthirst and want to stick with honor. We've fought against the Lich King's forces. We've fought against the demons, again and again and again. So why, oh why, would the majority of the Horde follow Sylvanas in attacking and destroying Teldrassil, out of nowhere? It makes no sense. Sylvanas being evil--sure, that makes sense. Old god shiz and all that, her own mysterious and semi-evil goals,we get it. But the rest of the Horde..? Forsaken aside, I think every single Horde race (bar maybe trolls) would see this with horror. I don't think they'd follow through on it to begin with. The minute Tauren find out that Sylvanas just wrecked a world tree, I feel they'd be OUT of there. The orcs would balk at murdering civilians, or at least the new-orcs how Blizzard tried to write them (Iron Horde aside) should. The writing of the attacks in Ashenvale is also worrying. Did Alextrazsa's blessing on the World Tree not ensure that Night Elves are immune to poison and disease? Are Sentinels not able to see and sense and move virtually invisible in the forests? This is kind of the night elves' "thing"--you set foot in night elven woods, you're being watched by savage half-naked long-eared ladies with bows. Yet somehow "rogues" appear and slaughter the guards wholesale with... poisons. What..? I'm very, very concerned that in the interests of presenting a "strong" (by which I mean, very forceful and clear) conflict at the expansion start, Blizzard is writing WAY too hamfistedly and forcing a lot of things that would make little sense if actually acted out by the characters involved. I think there's a lot of people very worried and confused about this direction. There's a lot of Horde players (and RPers) concerned about how this depicts the Horde--vicious, honorless and savage once again. Virtually all Horde "character development" will just be forgotten. It really is worrying. (Obviously I don't claim to speak for everyone, but I know I am certainly not the only one to have voiced these concerns.) So, rant aside, I have to ask--does anyone know if there's a reason behind all this? Is there some sort of hidden story that's gonna play out, and make it all make sense? Is the hidden Old God interference also tampering with the Horde membership as a whole? Was the creation of the Void Elves a deliberate Old God ploy? Please tell me there's more than "we hired new writers and want to sell a PvP-based expansion" because that is my current fear. What I'd Like to See: because I'm a constructive sort of person... - Horde Druids reacting with abhorrence or at least internal conflict to what's been done, and potentially some of them leaving the Horde, or being seen being imprisoned/punished for refusing to aid - Night Elven sentinels taking back big chunks of forest through super-spooky guerilla warfare - Likewise, internal conflict with the Nightborne, even a single NPC conversation implying doubt over their new loyalties, say between Chief Telemancer Oculeth and Sigryn or something (because Oculeth is still our bro, right..? Oc?) - Defectors from the Horde, be they orcs or whatever, following Saurfang's example and bailing on what's being done; they can be wandering, or captured/punished, whatever - If you're gonna screw over the Night Elves, do it right. Have them take the Gilneans and move into Duskwood, or something. It has some trees, and one BIG tree, and a moonwell, and it's near Stormwind, that's enough... right? Have them be legit upset about having lost their lands, rather than being in an unknown "here's some refugees, aside from that your race is gone" storytelling purgatory. - Show us attempts at peace and if you don't want peace, show those attempts being rebuffed. Alliance couriers with diplomatic letters being killed by loyal Forsaken. The Alliance murdering a Forsaken dude who comes in peace with intel. It doesn't matter on specifics, but don't gloss over it in favor of going "raarr war" on every level of the storytelling, please! Just remember you're writing people, for people, not stereotypical archetypes for kids. We've all grown up some, and your characters have grown so much. Please, don't forget that.Anhagath20 8h
10h Delaryn is the Sylvanas parallel From the new Warbringers trailer, it seems to me that the burning of Teldrassil will give Sylvanas Quel'thalas flashbacks. If we look into the Teldrassil burning questline, the Horde questline has Delaryn kneeling with arrows in her back near the edge of Darkshore. I think the cinematic will show her dying watching Teldrassil burn and the whole thing reminds Sylvanas of her own failure and loss of watching Quel'thalas burn. - The Dead Scar is similar to the path Sylvanas' army creates.. ofcourse no undead raising here but similar in effect. -Sylvanas/Delaryn create difficulties for the enemy but are eventually overcome. -Sylvanas/Delaryn fail to defend their homeland and watch it burn as they die. I think the Warbringer cinematic will show Sylvanas having Quel'thalas flashbacks as she and her people valiantly tried to defend their homes. It will either show her regret it and show hints of salvation or show her discard the memories altogether and drive her down the raidboss path. EDIT: I forgot to mention that their outfits of "ranger" are highly similar, and the artwork for both of them (Elegy for Delaryn and The Sunwell Trilogy for Sylvanas make them look extremely similar. Delaryn: Sylvanas: Bonus: Malfurion says : "You have led your Horde in service of death. You will regret this day." Maybe Sylvanas will regret becoming Arthas?Nightwarden14 10h
10h Save the Night Elves. I never make any threads but are you really gonna insult night elves with this crappy pre patch writing . I played it on PTR and its beyond stupid how weak you made my favorite race. You see some people actually like nelves and get offended when stuff like this happens ?! I get it they gotta lose (again) but really like this? I am really insulted by your bad writing. Very very uncreative blizzard and cant believe you guys are this BAD at writing. Postpone and rewrite prepatch or make it a horde only quest line. PS. Making tyrande completly useless really proved how you think of us... #stopracism #changethelore #forthelore #powertonelfs #nelfShanayney8 10h
15h Alliance is full of bad parents Think about it. Varian was beating Anduin. Anduin was really scared of him and Varian was also ashamed of his son since he couldnt fight. Magni was sad that she had a daughter instead of a son. They are retconing that with the latest comic and book a little but he saw his grandson for the first time in before the storm. Velen left his son at Argus. His defense was I've left him with a friend and I didnt know he was a traitor but that doesnt make sense. He was leaving the planet and Argus was under the control of Burning Legion. Why would you leave him there? Varessa forgot she had children while she was thinking about joining Sylvanas. But she is Varessa, parenting is not the only thing she sucks at. Alleria and Turalyon are debatable. They left their son for year but they also fought for him so they get a pass. I think worst is Bolvar. He leave her daughter at Kul tiras and take care of Anduin in Stormwind. Why? Is Stormwind too small for two kid? Wasnt there enough food to feed both of them? There is no excuse for leaving her daughter in Kul tiras Only good parent I can think of is Moira. She Loves her son and took action to ensure a better future for himKittyperry22 15h
15h I predict that calia will take over the undercity! I firmly believe that calia being a Light Undead herself and alliance taken back undercity. It could be possible that blizzard are setting up calia to take back loderon and have uther come back as a holy undead too. The undead following sylvanis are the citizens of loderon etc. I wouldnt mind seeing loderon being restored in somewayYaxxie23 15h
19h Garrosh and Zela I want to believe there was something more between those two, than just a military cooperation.:) Actually, if blizzard didn’t make Garrosh a villain and he remained warchief, i would have been happy to see his relations with Zela. Maybe romantic relations would have made him less explosive and hot tempered, which were his worst qualities that led him to downfall. Sure, the Horde was the love of his life, but maybe Zela, which embodied orcish strength, could find a place in his heart? :3Каррах5 19h
21h Sylvanas is going to die in BFA I was trying to get some sleep when it occurred to me why I can't shake the feeling Sylvanas is going to die in Battle for Azeroth. Behold, all of the cinematic trailers for WoW's expansions (besides Pandaria and Warlords); Notice something about them all, besides the gradual improvement in fidelity? Each one has narration from a character, usually the main villain (or about the main villain in Terenas' case), but not always as with Varian in Legion. And in all of these cases, the narrator? Dead by the end of the expansion. Remember who was narrating the BFA cinematic? That's right, Sylvanas. Now, Warlords doesn't have a narrator, but it does rather focus on Garrosh who also dies, although it remains an exception since its main focus is Grom (although he may have been planned to die before they started scrapping content). Pandaria doesn't follow the pattern, but then Pandaria doesn't really follow any pattern as an expansion to begin with (though again, maybe Chen was supposed to die at some early stage of development) and you could also consider Maraad's narration in the Lords of War series to set the precedent for a non-villain narrator dying. Considering everything Sylvanas has done, including her very bad idea in Stormheim, I find it easy to compare her to the narrating villains of the other cinematics, and conclude that she's being set up thusly. The upcoming book will supposedly give more insight into her status as Warchief, and since both Garrosh and Illidan got books before Cataclysm and Legion, I consider that another warning sign. Even if you're a fan of Sylvanas and don't consider her a villain, Varian's death - and indeed, Illidan's 'functional' death at the end of Legion - should indicate that there's quite a big precedent she won't make it out of BFA. Maybe you think I'm paranoid, but I'm telling you now; If you're going to narrate Blizzard cinematic trailers, go with Starcraft. You're not guaranteed to live (rest in peace DuGaulle you beautiful bastard) but your odds are much, much better than here...Sanara219 21h
1d Please, not Baine I ve got a terrible feeling that we are going from bad to worse, and this one-horned alliance fan and anduin's pen pal will become our warchief. I really hate sylvanas, but at this point I d prefer her to him. Maybe it's because the Tauren didn't take part in the Warchief's chair competition, maybe because he had a too big role in the 7.3.5 cinematic, maybe it's just my stupid apprehension, but still... I hear a lot from players in WOW communities that they want him to be warchief. Probably, they haven't read the books, cause in the game he is depicted quite OK. And, just as always, Blizzard will appeal to people who don't really care about the lore and don't read their books. However, we know that all of his horde will be a "legitimate military target" for his favorite faction - the Alliance. P.S. Probably he won't last long anyway. He will die, trying to cut off other parts of his body and send them to Anduin.Каррах42 1d
1d Queen Azshara: More Alliance or Horde? On the one hand, she was queen of the Night Elves. On the other hand, she was Highborne, like the people who became Blood Elves and Nightborne. On the other other hand, she deals with the void, just like void elves. Which faction is she the most connected to? Is fighting Queen Azshara more of an Alliance or Horde storyline? Or have we, finally, reached that mystical creature called balance for one storyline? What do you think?Moggma19 1d
1d Rise of Arthas With the lich kings part played in legion thought out the death knight and part of the mage quest line. I would say we are not to far from a new lich king exp and with the big call for the necromancer class i think this would be the right time to bring Arthas back. As the necromancer class master and a bit of a Redemption story killing three birds one stone. What better person then the old lich king to bring the necromancer class and with the total loss of life thought out legion and BFA. The lich king arms would be big then ever. With the horde and alliance outnumbered and no way to sustain long drawn-out offensive. Kowning this jaina proudmoore Tirion Fordring archmage khadgar and the bronze dragonflight come up with a desperate plan. If we are going to fight death we need death on are side they plan to resurrect Arthas. just idea i came up with let me know what u thinkTimaka4 1d
1d Faction high elves/Blood elves i was just wondering how many (not sure how to say it) big named/ lore heavy high elves/Blood elves there are and what faction they are on the ones i can name out of my head is Alliance - Alleria - Arator - Vereesa - Giramar & Galadin - Valeera Horde - Lor'themar - Lady Liadrin - that blood elf magister that i cant remember the name off maybe its just me but i have a easy time naming Alliance elves then horde which i find sad because they been part of the horde for long time and im wondering if that is part of the hole blood elves want to be on Alliance because most of the cool elve characters are on the Alliance side are there any Sunstriders left? if so maybe they need some more lore and make a comeback or one of the living windrunners needs to join the blood elf i know Giramar & Galadin are a bit too young but there could come som cool lore out of to brothers fighting by one of them joining the blood elves but maybe that to long to wait. or make a hole new hero like they did with yrel in WOD or maybe its just me who dont know much of the blood elf lore characters.Phreya19 1d
1d Bring Lirath Windrunner back alive as a Death knight Since, we are killing core characters here in BfA like Saurfang, Sylvanas (because of Calia) Why not add this character to the horde as a death knight. We all know that sylvanas will be replaced at the end of BFA expansion. So, why not bring Lirath Windrunner to action either as a boss or comrade. This will make the story far interesting.....Vanyah12 1d
1d Queen Moira - The best faction Queen. Queen Moira is one of the best faction leaders in the game. She's a badass. She doesn't cower behind her male counterparts and she's not married or has a boy-toy which would overshadow her. I can't wait to see more of the Queen Regent in the future. As an Elf fan, I love the Queen Regent of the Dark Iron Clan and want to see more of her. More of her > Alleria, Sylvanas, Tyrande, Jaina as well as others.Minairia13 1d
1d Worgen vs Forsaken logic So Alliance (mostly Humans) hates the Forsaken because they are an abomination to nature, while the Worgen aren't? Even ingame, Worgens start out as neutral when you play a Human, same as the Forsaken if you play an Orc. Yet no one brings it up. Blizzard is forcing the Forsaken into those scum that are even hated by their own faction, but to the Worgen they get a free pass? Why?Mcbones37 1d
1d Bolvar Fordragon's Role So, during Varian Wrynn's absence (inprisonment by the Horde), Bolvar was the 'ad interim' leader of the Alliance and Keeper of Stormwind. I think it's safe to say that Bolvar had a heart for the Alliance. Once Varian returned, Bolvar went to Northrend where he fought at Angrathar the Wrathgate. There, both the Alliance and Horde were betrayed by the Forsaken (led by Grand Apothecary Putress) who deployed their New Blight plague on the Scourge ánd the Living. Once Arthas was killed, Bolvar took his place as 'keeper of the damned'. Very noble thing to do if you ask me. Now, Varian did have his revenge by assaulting the Undercity and getting rid of Putress and Varimathras, BUT... In Legion, Varian Wrynn died because Sylvanas Windrunner (Forsaken) sounded the retreat. Granted, she had good reason to since Vol'Jin got stabbed, but still. Now, Bolvar had to be leader of the Alliance because the Horde captured Varian. Bolvar later suffered immensly at the hands of the Forsaken, he got captured and tortured by the Lich King, and the leader in who's absence he ruled the Alliance, was now dead (partly) due to the sudden retreat of the Horde on the Broken Shore. Does Bolvar HATE the Horde already? Why doesn't he command the entire Scourge to extinct every and all Hordes out there? For that matter, why did Bolvar not help against the Burning Legion by sending the Scourge to the Broken Shore? I mean, he's kinda in charge of those mindless ghouls right? I'm not saying he Should, I just wonder how he keeps such a calm head over all this. Or am I missing something?Solidivus13 1d
1d Scourge Appreciation Thread ... ... ... Kil'jaeden knew it, Ner'zhul knew it, Arthas knew it: the Scourge was the greatest fighting force Azeroth has ever known. Unbridled by petty mortal conflict, the undead served their king with singular purpose. As dark as his methods were, Arthas did want to protect Azeroth. He probably would have driven away every single demonic invasion force. The Alliance and Horde have defeated the Legion and ended their threat forever, but at what cost? Azeroth is dying, while the Alliance and the Horde remain shackled by the chains of hatred, setting the stage for even darker forces than the Legion to make their appearance. None of this would have happened under Arthas.Moburon14 1d
1d Maiev/Tyrande against Azshara When the final Azshara showdown happens, I want to see these two characters team up against her as retribution for all she's done towards the night elves (including the recent burning of Teldrassil). Tyrande obviously has enough backstory, being captured by Azshara, rejecting to serve her and eventually leading her people after Azshara's fall from grace. There is also the obvious aspect of facing her only major fear as of now- the naga Azshara who she's had several nightmares of, and the thought of becoming like her. Tyrande has recent voice lines saying "Our foes will know our fury", and I think one of those foes is definitely Azshara. Remember that Elune ccould probably reveal to her the truth about who burnt Teldrassil (another VO line is "In her light, all truths are revealed"). I think she eventually will figure out that it was Azshara and not Sylvanas who burnt down her home and the people living in it. Maiev doesn't have the personal connection but hates naga with seething rage, having sworn to prevent their rise while she still drew breath (refer warcraft 3). She also calls them a craven bastard race that attempted to tempt the night elves' wrath, and that none such races have survived long. I think the burning of Teldrassil would spur her into action against both the Horde and the naga, and although she would still begrudge Tyrande for failing to take care of her people, she would hate the naga and Azshara more and would work with her when both are hellbent on vengeance. People presume that Maiev hates Tyrande but the major reason for that has long passed, seeing that she finally worked with Illidan herself and turned a blind eye towards his murder of her Watchers (if you remember the Naisha WQ in the Tomb of Sargeras raid). She also cares about justice and her people would work with people she earlier considered as enemies (see demon hunters and Illidan) for the greater good ( a major retcon of her Wolfheart personality). I'd like to see these two characters actually work together positively for once and settle old scores for the sake of their people, while Malfurion the boring recovers in the background.Nightwarden3 1d
1d How to avoid spoilers. I know many will answer "Just avoid the internet" and "Its your own fault" but I would more like to discuss if you think sites like Wowhead and MMO-champion are to liberal when it comes to sharing information about the upcoming story? I go to mmo-champion because I heard there was some class tuning on the beta. Right in my face i see a title and "SPOILERS". Well thanks for that but I also see a picture of Teldrassil burning. So thanks for that. I have tried to live under a rock but now I know there is something happening in Teldrassil soon, and I would love for getting completely surprised by that in-game during some event. My question is perhaps if Blizzard should hide stuff that effects the story, even from the beta. And that sites like wowhead and such should be even more strict on not spoiling anything?Mussy6 1d
2d Mag'har Orc lore characters Since we are running low on lore characters on the Horde what alrdy known Orcs would you like to see return and jion the Horde? I thought about: Rend Blackhand Maim Blackhand Dranosh Saurfang Zuluhed the Whacked Nekros Skullcrusher Son of Grom after we cleanse his light corruption SInce these characters are alrdy dead in our world they can rejion the story as different characters in the Horde and you dont need to create alot of new lore and story to build up totally unknow characters.Roghosh8 2d
2d Yet another Teldrassil theory I'll preface this by confessing I've tried to avoid finding out too many spoilers, as did my friend who shared in coming up with this theory. If it's already known that what is proposed in this topic is completely off the mark, please try to be gentle with your undoubtedly well-written reasons as to why this theory sucks! Possible spoilers ahead! Be warned! So! As far as I know, we are as of yet unaware of what happens to our Artifact Weapons. Now empowered by the energies from Sargeras' enormous blade, it's anyone's guess how these magical powerhouses react. Especially when they are wielded left and right by the champions of Azeroth, this time against each other in the battle for Teldrassil. Thirty-six of Azeroth's mightiest weapons and champions clashing on a world tree already besieged by two armies...sounds like an explosive combination, doesn't it? We figured so. Perhaps this is what Blizzard meant with the artifacts going out with a bang. In the end, we will be partially responsible for blowing up Teldrassil.Reeshà0 2d
2d Horde down with another leader Yep, we can add orcs to the list of leaderless Horde factions. Latest build made Saurfang state he will never return to the Horde. Thoughts?Zarao74 2d
2d Pillars of Creation, Artifacts, Kruul vs. Antorus New storylines made me think about a few things (among some other things, just cherrypicking now two recent >.> ) 1) Return of the Highlord story vs. Antorus lore: Aren't demons resurrected in Antorus nowadays? How come that Highlord Kruul is being ressed inside the Nether that we have to prevent during the tank-scenario? 2) Purpose of the Pillars of Creation post-Antorus: Sooo... we needed the pillars of creation to restor Aegwynn's wards inside the Tomb and then the Eye of Aman'thul to "eradicate the Felstorm and sever the Legion's link to Azeroth." Now... after 7.3.5 Wards are fixed, Avatar of Sargeras got killed, the legion's connection got severed, the legion decimated, their homeworld reclaimed, the mutilated soul of that world spanked, basically we won and left the legion in shambles. Now when we siphon out the corruption from Sargeras' sword, Magni says that we could have used the pillars for this but they are needed in the tomb. My question is: Why? (Oversight, retcon or is Magni lying to break our artifacts?)Thamyna5 2d
2d Leave Elune alone One of the last things we know almost nothing about, and the most well known of the still unknown parts of the Warcraft Universe is Elune. Worshipped under this name by only one race yet is present in many if not all cultures in the world. Seemingly a moon goddess of Azeroth but compared in strength to the most powerful creatures we know of. In a time where we know almost everything about everything, I beg of Blizzard to keep Elune shrouded in mystery. The Death of Ysera was powerful and epic because we had no in depth knowledge of how Elune works, she was a mysterious and legendary being. So please, don't start Elune down the path of inevitably becoming another quest hub or faction rep grind. Keep her shrouded in mystery and wonder.Sinvara43 2d
2d Void empowerment Hello! So, I have a question I find myself not quite able to answer. I wish to change my main to a void elf but she is a frost mage and a void elf just seems odd. We see Alleria, a hunter, who is a void elf: if you check her arrows, they are infused with void magic. What does that mean? Are the arrows simply stronger? Do they drive crazy it's victims? Same with magic: people told me I could think of my character empowering her spells with the void, but what does that mean? The spells are just amplified or do they drive crazy the one who is hit or what? Thank you for answering! :) <3Marvella1 2d
3d Sylvanas and Mak'gora Lets say we will have opposition to Sylvanas and they will choose to challange her to a Mak'gora instead of sitting in Stormwind and drink tea with Anduin. Does any Horde leader stands a change against her maybe other than ThrallKittyperry23 3d
3d Fellow human and alliance players Dear fellow human players, How would you feel if in Stormwind keep there was Tyrande instead of Varian or Anduin? You would take orders from Tyrande, orders you don’t wanna follow, orders that don’t make sense for you as a human player. Also, Tyrande would have a jerk general (also night elf) who would treat you as garbage and send you to suicide missions for the sake of Night Elves. Then, Tyrande would start a stupid war, which results in Darnassus destroyed and Stormwind will host even more Night Elves. Humans, dwarves and gnomes will be ignored completely just to suit the Night Elven narrative. The alliance would be Night Elves, and nothing more. Your war campaign would be fighting for Night Elves, fighting with Night Elven tactics. Tyrande would openly admit that she values Night Elves more than other alliance races, and humans, dwarves and others are just a meat shield for her and her precious night elves. Would you like to play THIS Alliance? How am i supposed to play THIS Horde?Каррах33 3d
3d Void vs Blood Elves So Are Ren'dorei just start killing Sin'Dorei just because they changed faction? Why did the Alliance just accept them? If they can so easily turn on their own people, what do you think they'll do with the Alliance? It's just....Isilnir45 3d
3d yrel, and what she could do once she notice.... the draenor orcs escaped to Azeroth. she is bound to find out that many escaped to Azeroth, but will se pursue them, I think she will do it, and this might be intresting. thing is Azeroth is in such a huge mess that, she and her lightbound, might find the hole thing owerwhelming, and they might go on a rampage to stop it, aka attacking both horde and alliance at first, considering both sides are well should we put it, unstable in so many ways, offcourse Yrel would never have the man power, but if she does it smart, she can get more to join. thing is as long as there is a way to get to draenor, Aseroth wil allways be a threat to draenor, no question about it.Waleria29 3d
3d Can Baine reroll Alliance I think Baine leans too much to the Alliance side and that the story is not making sense. He is more in contact with Anduin than Sylvanas at this point. His dialogues states this. He has more interaction with the Alliance leader than his own. So I ask, what reason has Baine to stay with the Horde, and his own people? His people get double punished for camp Taurajo, he doesn't care about the Dwarves in his land. He is more keen on pleasing the Alliance than to stick up for his own people! Baine should just resign.Agamemnom26 3d
3d Anduin the Crackhead In an adventure to Suramar, Anduin becomes hooked on Arcwine. There, I fixed your ``Mary Sue'' issue. I would definitely buy a book on the subject.Lucelen18 3d
3d Why are neutrals never positive about the Alliance? I just watched the Nightborne intro again, and it had Thalyssra slobbering all over the Horde, going on about how great they are, and basically giving the Horde playerbase a verbal handjob. Can we get a character talk about the good parts of the Alliance for once, or is that a privilege exclusive to the Horde? Its kinda grating that you have the game constantly go on ad on about the perks of the Horde, but Blizzard has never explained what the Alliance does/has to offer.Sicarus55 3d
3d Horde core is destroyed. Kinda weird since Cataclysm, the Horde core isn't that much written anymore. WotLK, you had players yelling and roaring left and right "FOR THE HORDE" Now? Nothing. The horde is in shambles. Every race has it's eyes at eachother, rather than to the Alliance, who in turn are written that way, by Christie Golden, to do no wrong. Seriously, Anduin gets "hurt bones" whenever an evil deed is done. I'm sick of it. Since Cataclysm, we don't have that Horde unity anymore. Trolls and Taurens felt left out back then, because of Garrosh, and the Orcish community felt back out, because of SoO blaming every Orc there was, and WoD, again blaming every Orc there was. Congratulations on officially stomping down the Horde to a pitiful waste of no Faction proudness anymore, I bet the writers who are currently working for Blizzard were bullied or ganked at some point by a Horde player, because it seems, WE ARE ALL WHAT IS GOOD FOR IS PLAYING THE BAD GUY. NAME ME ONE, FREACKING GOOD WRITTEN HORDE CHARACTER, WITHOUT ALLIANCE INFLUENCE, WITHOUT THE NEED OF ANDUIN WRITING HIM MESSAGES OR FORGIVING HIM, PLEASE NAME ME ONE. Seriously! The Horde storyline in BfA? Zandalari focus. The Alliance one? To see the destruction of Horde forces killing parents and children everywhere they go. Blizzard is telling Horde players "you aren't playing for the bad guys, don't worry" at the same time they whisper softly to Alliance players "HORDE IS THE BAD GUY, LOOK AT WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO YOUR PEOPLE!" Siege of Orgrimmar all over again. I wish I could have BfA repaid, but atlast, I did the subraces quests, so I can't ask for a refund anymore.Rektem19 3d
3d Khadgar's role in BFA We've all spent quite a bit of time with Khadgar since WoD. He's had a very large role in both WoD and Legion. I have to say I've grown quite fond of him and his dad humour. Now in the Silithus quests he mentioned he will not pick a side in the coming Horde vs Alliance war, instead trying to find a way to heal Azeroth. Do you guys think (maybe hope) he returns in BfA? And if so, in what capacity? Or has there been some mention of him in BfA? If so I have missed it.Bandelor6 3d
3d Zandalari/Trollish Lifespans So I'm curious about Zandalari/Trollish lifespans. From what I understood previously, the old RPG stated that trolls have slightly shorter lifespans than humans (talking 60-70 years rather than 80-90), and WoW has largely left the subject untouched, meaning current canon probably has them living about as long as humans. However I was wondering if this holds up for the Zandalari, who seem to be a slightly 'higher', more 'upper class/noble' part of the old trollish culture. I am aware the night(high/blood/nightborne) elves got their immortality/long lives from the elune shenanigans in their earlier history, but the sources I have read also state that Rastakhan has been ruling over the Zandalari Empire for hundreds of years. Is this just because he's a special boy to the Loa? Or do all Zandalari have a few hundred years to knock about in their city of gold?Nóxx7 3d
4d Lich King Vs. Deathwing I always wondering who is the strongest? I adore both Lich King and Deathwing, but in terms of powers and capabilities who would win the fight ? How and why ? The way I see it, the Lich King have the upper hand because of the army of the undead he got. I wanna hear your opinions guys.Clerk267 4d
5d WoW in-game Lore Books reading order Hello fellow adventurers, I am trying to make an ordered list of the in-game lore books and I searched the web and WoW forums but couldn't find a full list, so I will appreciate your help. I have 42 in-game lore books in my list. I ordered 21 of them based on another list (not sure if they are ordered correctly). The remaining 21 need to be inserted into the list in correct order. If you have a good knowledge of Warcraft history, or if you know a link to a page with such a list, it would be great if you could help me with the ordering. Ordered Books: The Kaldorei and the Well of Eternity Exile of the High Elves The Sentinels and the Long Vigil The Founding of Quel'Thalas Arathor and the Troll Wars The Guardians of Trisfal Ironforge - the Awakening of the Dwarves The Seven Kingdoms Aegwynn and the Dragon Hunt War of the Three Hammers The Last Guardian Kil'jaeden and the Shadow Pact Rise of the Horde Beyond the Dark Portal The Birth of the Lich King Icecrown and the Frozen Throne The Battle of Grim Batol Lethargy of the Orcs War of the Spider Kel'Thuzad and the Forming of the Scourge Sunwell - The Fall of Quel'Thalas Unordered Books: Aftermath of the Second War Archimonde's Return and the Flight to Kalimdor Charge of the Dragonflights Civil War in the Plaguelands Empires' Fall Mount Hyjal and Illidan's Gift Old Hatreds - The Colonization of Kalimdor Rise of the Blood Elves Sargeras and the Betrayal The Alliance of Lordaeron The Betrayer Ascendant The Dark Portal and the Fall of Stormwind The Invasion of Draenor The Lich King Triumphant The New Horde The Old Gods and the Ordering of Azeroth The Scourge of Lordaeron The Twin Empires The War of the Ancients The World Tree and the Emerald Dream Wrath of Soulflayer Thank you very much.Eom3 5d
5d What did Stormwind do in Legion? First off, this is not a complaint or anything, it's a genuine question. So I'll admit, I didn't do too much of the legionfall campaign. I've only briefly spent time on broken shore, but when I saw the cinematic of Anduin talking about how his people sacrificed so much and so on I got a bit confused. Yes, the first wave with Varian seems to have been Stormwind Soldiers of some kind, but then... I'm honestly not really sure, it seems like it's mostly elves and worgen. Now of course Anduin is the "High King of the Alliance" but that scene just seemed odd to me. Is it just implied and even tho' we don't see too many models or major characters we just assume the SW military was also running around and sending troops after the the initial landing? Am I just overthinking this whole ideal?Stevern14 5d
6d Azeroth in the future After the announce of hearthstone new expansion "The boomsday project" I Begin to wonder .. Are HS New expansion and "Mean streets of Gadgetzan" a vision of what azeroth would be in the future after the faction war completely end ?Waygos3 6d
6d Blood Elves and the Fel What is the current status of this, lorewise? Eversong is still full of demon crystals, and our eyes are still green. I would love to see an in-depth treatment of this topic. It could be similar to the Nightborne and the Nightwell, but even more interesting, as the fel is more destructive than the arcane.Reqquiem12 6d