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10 Sep Story Forum "Guidelines" and Suggestions We've adapted the description of this forum to include Fan Fiction, and we encourage you to share your stories here! This rest of this post is taken from Nethaera's thread on the US forums: I know more than a few people have been asking if there are guidelines to posting in these forums. The answer is yes and no both. Confusing, I know, but you'll understand once I explain. First, if you are sharing a story here, it should be fictional and set in the Warcraft universe. Can you break canon? Yes. It's your story. Just please try not to go too far afield. Your audience will appreciate some semblance of familiarity. Next, you've asked about just how far language, sexual themes, or violent themes can go, so I'll explain here. Keep in mind, the forum Code of Conduct still applies. Also, keep in mind the rating (T for Teen) as well. When you want a good example story, please take a look at Blizzard's own for World of Warcraft. That should give you a good comparison for your own tales. Use your best judgement. If you ask yourself, "Is this too far?", it just might be and you might want to consider doing another editing pass. While not everyone may agree on taste, try to keep it as tasteful as possible. If you're sharing a story, it may be a good idea to put "complete" at the bottom of your story if it takes more than one post to tell it. We know there are restrictions on the forums that may hinder you a bit, but this may give you the room to post without someone jumping in before you're done and so that the reader knows they are reading a "finished" (we all know no story is ever really finished) piece of work. Authors may also want to express at the bottom of their completed tale if they are open to constructive feedback. Some may not want feedback other than to hear if someone enjoyed it and some may be looking for others to help them hone their skills. The best way to solicit either is to make it clear what you would like. "Constructive feedback welcome." If you are a reader, please be considerate. If you didn't like a story or liked it, then sharing constructive feedback is fine. But, please make sure you do it in a way that isn't insulting to the author if the author has asked for or made it clear they are open to feedback. Most importantly, we all know that these types of efforts are very personal to the author. I'd like to ask authors not to take feedback too personally and likewise for those that give constructive feedback. Please don't make it personal. Personal attacks are definitely not OK here. This is largely 'your' forum to make of what you like in the end. While we have the power to moderate and help mold, the shape of it all is largely up to you and what you make of it as a community. *I've left this thread open on purpose so that any additional etiquette discussions or questions could be kept here. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves.Takralus9 10 Sep
1m "Faction war" So I don't know about anyone else but I'm feeling a major disconnect between the overarching narrative of this expansion and the activities I'm actually doing in it. Grinding WQs in Kul Tiras, I can't help but think of Alliance players as allies that I can't directly interact with rather than enemies. I'm basically helping the Alliance with their problems on Kul Tiras, even though it's framed as being For The Horde™. Admittedly, the experience is probably less jarring with War Mode on, but I'm not about that PvP life. How do you feel about your "enemies", Story Forum?Salmonella5 1m
2m Is it true? the Forsakens hatred towards humans According to Nathanos, if you tell him to blabber on about his motivations, he says that, when the Grasp of the lich king broke over the undead and Sylvanas took control, she sought out the humans as allies. however, rather than embracing their former kin, they rejected the forsaken, and hunted them down. those that used to be their allies and friends im guessing, killing them (lordaeron had an alliance with stormwind didnt they?). is this true? i mean if it is, id say it makes a lot more sense to me now as to why they are so hateful towards humans. in any case, this was never shown in warcraft 3 i believe, but then again, a lot of things happened between warcraft 3 and WoW vanilla that was never shown in game. i dont believe Nathanos have any reason to lie about this so im guessing its true.Peonmaster88 2m
2m Horde bias Damn you Blizz. Why are you favoring Horde this much. It is the second time Horde experience one of their cities as a Raid. Alliance never had the chance of having same experience. Stop with this biasKittyperry191 2m
5m Forsaken identity after Sylvanas Considering that Sylvanas is very likely to go down, for a number of possible reasons, what would Forsaken become without her? I really wish they would capitalise on their Lordaeronian identity more, while retaining the grimdark touch.Ashval39 5m
11m Darkshores Warfront First of all tnx to Blizzard for a hope. This is what NE fans needed. Now we all know that Night Elves and Tyrande were not hiding in Stormwind, crying. Whey were planning all this time to fight for their lands! That means that they still have and army. That they are still a real threat to the Horde. That they want to retake their lands back, instead of living in some stupid Darkwoods like some people wanted. I wish Night Elves to win this battle. Because if Alliance will lose in Darkshores for the second time, this will be pretty stupid. Also that will means the end of Night Elves. But anyway this Warfront means that Night Elves will give the Hell to the Horde. That this will be an even battle were both factions will have a chance on a win. And if this is the last battle of Kaldorai race, they will end in good colors. tnx Blizzard, that means really a lot for me as NE fan. btw just wonder why it's Forsakens the one who will fighting there, and not the orcs?Призраклеса12 11m
18m Jaina raid boss!! Thanks blizzard have been waiting to kill her for years finally its time. Guess we lose Rastakhan in the meantime but his daughter will carry on leading the trolls.Raljin85 18m
53m Bwonsamdi's boss [possible spoiler] Just place Vol'Jin urn in his temple. He says the boss is not going to like that he lost his soul. Guess this confirms that we got a counter part to the naruu, old gods in the shadowlands or do i miss anything here? since Rezan is dead (recovering in the emerald dream) and i dont think he answers to any other loa.Raljin11 53m
54m Would you play in an evil faction? As title says. I'm curious if most who cares about the story want to have the moral high ground or at least relatable tendencies in a race/faction they play. Would you enjoy being actually a wrongdoer? Please no "Horde is already evil" cries as it's a rabbit hole of a topic.Erebros46 54m
2h Jaina death prediction It's you boy Anthropea, back at it with another juicy, spicy, corny, low-carb, high-calorie nutrient topic bound to tickle your liver the right way. I've had these dark thoughts ever since Ion "I will murder this game" Hazzikostas announced 8.1 and mentioned the Horde will be fighting Jaina on the High Seas. Knowing Blizzard, this can end in one of two ways: 1. A cop-out, where the Horde bring Jaina down to 10% and then fight ends, she survives, and I breathe a sigh of relief. OR 2. She dies. And I unsub. Now, you might be asking yourself: "You biased Alliance dog! Yet another fanfic thread that wastes my time. Where is your proff that she dies? For all we know, the Horde are going to lose more, as usual. We are the victims here, not you!" Let me provide you with 3 very important pieces of proof supporting this dreadful theory. I. The notorious character development arcs before they get killed in the next episode. If you watch Anime, and I know a lot of you weebs do, you know what I am talking about. You get 1 episode of a minor character that gets developed, which foreshadows their death in the very next episode. We got this in various Naruto episodes: Haku in the zabuza saga, Asuma, Jiraiya, and many more. Now, taking this foreshadowing and bringing it over to the Warcraft universe, and what do we get? Jaina, for the first time, gets 2 in-game cinematics custom-tailored to her development, clad with images of her past and possibilities for the future. All this leading to her underwhelming death in the 2nd raid of this expansion. II. Blizzard are notorious for putting characters on the loading screens that are bound to die. Case in point: 1. Original Outland Loading Screen, featuring Illidan and Kael'thas, both of whom we killed in the same expansion. 2. Original Nothrend Loadin Screen, featuring the iconic Arthas, who we killed in the same expansion. 3. Pandaria Loading Screen, featuring a Mogu who we probably, most definitely killed at some point. 4. Warlords of Draenor Loading Screen, which features 6 Horde warlords, all of them currently deceased, half of who died in that very same expansion, and the other 3 in later expansions. 5. Legion Loading Screen, which features Varian, who died in that expansion, and a dozen demons, who undoubtedly died multiple times. 6. Battle for Azeroth Loading Screen, which features Gorak Tul on the Alliance, who we killed, Rezan on the Horde, who is also dead. With this substantial evidence, I can only conclude that Jaina, being in the focus of a Loading Screen, will only speed her towards an imminent demise. III. Blizzard love to !@#$ on the Alliance and spit in the faces of the players of that faction. 1. Multiple alliance settlements burned throughout the history of this game, with no counterpart on the horde side. 2. Thousands of civilians killed, with no coutnerpart. 3. Multiple battles lost, with no counterpart. 4. A war "supposedly" won with no spoils of war. 5. The NE Genocide. This death will be the final nail in the cofin, the final middle finger to the paying customers, the final drop that spills the mug over. If Blizzard have the opportunity to %^-* one last time on the Alliance fans, they will do it. Even if they have to traverse the nine circles of Hell to do so. Ayy, that's it. Here's a cookie.Anthropea8 2h
4h Soul energy, blight, Drustvar Fel I have a bit of a curious question about the blue-black visual effects/energy being used in the Drustvar zone, for Wicker creatures and for weapons like "Jagged Iris Sica." I really like it but I'm not sure what it is exactly, lorewise. Any insight?Vinalora1 4h
4h We all can see how this war will go right? So I have been trying to be more positive regarding Blizzard's stance towards the factions, although it is clear that the Alliance gets to shine most of the time (Now I'm not talking about mechanics or gameplay, those aspects do not really matter to me, I'm talking strictly about the story) and what do I mean by shine? Well the Alliance had less development but any small development had either been a victory for them or a defeat that gives them a righteous cause for a future victory. Meanwhile most of the development that the Horde received is negative and I do not mean necessarily from a moral point of view, being evil is awesome and Saurfang is totally wrong with his take on this. But I mean, the Horde is fragmented, infighting is continuous, when we lose, we are losing hard and mercilessly... Blizzard had a golden opportunity of creating strife within the Alliance with Anduin choosing to help the Kal'Dorei first over the Gilneans, but of course the wise King Greymane who had no problem escalating the conflict in Stormheim so everyone sees how wise and calm he is, was totally cool about it right? Amazing. I would have not pointed this out if not for the raid announced in patch 8.1, "Siege of Zuldazar", let me get this straight, so Kul'Tiras and Zandalar are relatively equal in navy, but the Alliance could just strike the city, bypassing the entire Golden Fleet that was apparently not reinforced at all (Awesome allies we are for that by the way), climb all the way trough the pyramid and obviously kill King Rastakhan? For what? Giving Talanji (Who seems to be a character forced in there for the purpose of feminist approval if you ask me, but hey what do I know?) the spot to shine over the great leader that ruled over the trolls for over 200 years? Now I understand that the Horde then fights the remnants of the Alliance attack, clearly after Rastakhan is dead, because our logistics and response time is awesome, as we are great allies. But what about it? We kill some nameless commanders most likely, then we fight Jaina on the high seas, but question is, do we kill her? Because if we kill that damned mage and end her Deus ex machina spree, well yes, that would be balance, but unless that happens I don't see anything fair in that and I do not expect for us to do so as they seem to be making her to be a quite important character in this expansion. After that, the Alliance returns to Boralus with the head of the King of our allies, all happy about what they have done and we just sit there, in the remnants of the city already heavily hit by G'huun's shenanigans, cry about our lives and gather the wreak's of the ships? Then of course I can already see that the bold Alliance strikes at Darkshore and most likely push us south. I'm glad at least that, at least until now, the Azshara or Barrens stuff that was datamined did not become a reality, that would have been the last straw for me, how obvious must it be that we are losing and how hard is it for our leaders to accept that there has to be done something greater than before, like Azerite nuke Stormwind or plague carpet bomb Boralus, but no, we just take the losses because of course as always there is a Horde bias, isn't it?Darkholder0 4h
4h I bet some Nightborne would love to become DH Just for researching purpose (looking at bosses in nighthold and stuff they experiment on). So i could switch race without changing faction. I mean stuff you can get from sacrificing everything you got - true immortality, new super powers, inner friend you can hang with, edge.Вэлренар2 4h
4h Thanks for ruining King Rastakhan character Blizzard. As a troll fan something that i most expected in BfA was to see the Zandalari Empire and King Rastakhan in action, a character that has been anticipated since woW Classic. Ruler of the biggest troll empire ever for almost 500 years and described as a baddas troll king. Then BfA launchs, and what we get? We get a Wakanda forever meme, a dysney princess who noone wanted ever and the King is just here to enhace the disney princess character story. What the hell blizzard. One of the most anticipated characters of WoW history is just writed in a way that he's just here to serve as pusher to Talajis story?. Being bullied constantly in the text missions and everyhere as a incompetent leader just to kill him now ( yhea we all know this is gonna happen) in the new raid and put Talanji as the strong and powerfull woman leader. Its just so sad to see this character turned into this, as a troll fan and as a person who just love the characters i think they !@#$ed up hard with this.Zulkazkah34 4h
5h Siege of Zuldazar Raid Rastakhan gets confronted by the Alliance, the Horde then confront Jaina. Thoughts?Thalasdin91 5h
6h Tyrande+Sylvanas - confrontation With the new news regarding 8.1, it is high time that the two primary, classic wow, female racial leaders finally confronted each other. Finally, we can and should see Tyrande call Sylvanas out for attacking her people whilst she away and to remind the walking wretch that the spirit and will of the Kaldorei will never falter under Elune's light. If Tyrande is a main character for 8.1, then we should see this. In Elegy, it was given to us, in so many words, that Tyrande had never thought Sylvanas would be as cruel, nor as bitter towards life, so now it's time to see this fleshed out. But who am I will be Malfurion who'll either be with Tyrande, but Tyrande won't talk or Tyrande won't be there and it will be Malfurion vs Sylvanas 2.0.Minairia24 6h
7h Anduin is going to destroy the Alliance army If i see the tactical moves around the possible warfronts then its going to look pretty good for the Horde to win the war. South Barrens, one of the hardest zones to get to from a Alliance point of view with no access points from the sea. So i guess he sends a army into the zone from air what makes it very weak in supplies and getting reinforcements. Azshara basicly means an assault on Orgrimmar. currently the Horde around and in that zone is at 100% strength its basicly the allies at the start of WW2 sending their troops with airplains around berlin. Silvermoon, sound to me like a trap from Sylvanas, if the Alliance can just skip all other zones like the Hinterlands, ghostlands and plaguelands then it sound very mutch in my ears as a trap to let them move up without resistance to face a deadly trap. So in short these warfronts make no sense in my eyes war-wise my conclusion is either blizzard just picks zones randomly without any thought or Anduin is going to face defeat very soon by poor tactical planning.Raljin67 7h
8h Brewfest and dark iron So will Brewfest be changed now that the dark iron are allied with the Alliance? My knowledge is that they sabotage it every year.Galaleon4 8h
9h An idea for Tyrande. Hey! I don't wanna go into details about her behaviour or role in the BfA story so far, but let's just say Tyrande is my favourite female character - despite her flaws. And since "her story will continue" (or whatever they said about her - one thing is sure - she will have a role in the story) I've thought of something I'd love to see. First and foremost, I wish Tyrande is portrayed as a reasonable leader. She should be vengeful, but not blinded with hatred. She should remain sober thinking. The idea. I haven't thought of many details, but I came up with this - Tyrande and Sisterhood of Elune are heavily involved in both, keeping the Night Elven morale high (idk how to say that) and retaking their territories. Basically they return to the older ways - they used to fight side by side with warriors and called for Elune's wrath to damage the enemies - this is needed nowadays more than ever. Tyrande realizes that the ranks of the order should grow as there are darker times coming, so it opens for new recruits. This opens a way for NE paladins. Thoughts? I am not sure if someone has already thought of such story, but I hope it's possible to happen.Meyandra11 9h
9h Alliance pov predictions Since with the Zuldazar raid announced, it is clear that, just like Legion, Battle for Azeroth will become the next round in the grand alliance circle j. Fest, with characters like Anduin, the traitor Saurfang and Jaina carving the way for wow entirely. So what else is in the big loot box of human potential and their friends in the future? Another Orgrimmar raid perhaps? Let the ideas flow, salt included.Erevien15 9h
14h WoW Jokes 2018 Just to further lighten the mood I thought it would be fun to share some wow related jokes. If you post then please keep the jokes clean! :D The jokes can be ones you have seen places or your own creations. I'll get us started: A new business was opening in Stormwind and one of the owner's friends wanted to send a basket of herbs for the occasion. They arrived at the new business site and the owner read the card; it said “Rest In Peace”. The owner was furious and marched down to the Herbalist to complain. “Sir, I'm really sorry for the mistake, but rather than getting angry you should be feeling bad for those who received your basket”Grxkas14 14h
15h Grommash Hellscream - ressurection as DK Why Grom can't be ressurected as DK? Now, when Forsaken have Valkrys, which can create new Death Knights [We seen in ICC Valkyr ressing new DKs or Valkyr ressing in DK quest chain]. We know where Grom's body is so why Sylvanas and Thrall can't do it?? Grom would be awesome DK and warrior of the horde :). I want him back!! <3 I hope you too guys :DFikivi31 15h
17h (Spoiler) Taelia as a deathknight? We learned that Taelia is a Fordragon, so her father, is the Lich king or part of the lich king. But she thinks he is dead because of you know... ''I must be forgotten Tirion! If this world is to live free of this tyranny of fear'' But imagine this: Taelia dies, maybe from the Horde bois. and then you hear Bolvar cry out in pain all the way from Northrend, since he feels/sees the last thing he cares about dying, so he raises her as deathknight.Gooddoggo10 17h
21h Nazmir : Alliance hypocricy at its finest. Alliance claims hordies are bad guys ,savages with the undead magic etc etc. Meanwhile they attempt to team up with the blood trolls in Nazmir who are guess what? Savages that kill ANYONE ( the horde doesnt slaughter any living being they come across with) and use blood magic, the deal was even that they teach the blood magic to alliance ( brann says that in the quest description).Oh and they serve an abomination of the old gods. Next step they will ressurect garrosh to help them fight the "traitors of the true horde".Dantis94 21h
21h Did I miss the ending? *includes spoilers* So it's been what, a month since I've finished the storyline in Zuldazar, ending with Zul's betrayal and the destruction of the seal. But I still see the corpses of the Zanchuli Betrayers outside of Dazar'Alor and the Forsaken guards standing there battle ready, which I found weird. Is anyone else seeing this? I've also watched on youtube the cinematic with Volj'in's spirit and Talanji giving her speech but I've never seen that cinematic. Did I miss anything? I did the quest to take his ashes to Ata'Dazar and that's it. I'm left with his ashes quest object in my bag. Does it end here? What am I missing?Amorzo10 21h
23h Who is the God of Death? As in the be all end all God of Death, who calls all the shots; we know now that Bwonsamdi has a boss, someone he answers to, and that Helya has somehow returned after we went and killed her in her own realm. The Shadowlands are, in a narrative sense, barely explored. We know Odyn saw some kind of powerful spirit there which he gave his eye too; was this the God of Death? It's very unlikely to be an Old God, lets get that clear off the bat; Yoggie might've claimed to be it, but we know from recent lore that the Void regards the dead and undeath as the 'true enemy'. We do know and have known for a while now that the undead have greater resistance to the Void than the living; perhaps this goes deeper? Whoever this god is, they're behind all of the death-related forces we've seen. Bwonsamdi and Helya certainly are, which means Arthas, and likely Bolvar now too, are in cahoots, knowingly or not, with this god. Sylvanas seems to be a pawn in its game now too, since it likely made the call to have Bwonsamdi ask Vol'jin to make her warchief (if Bwonsamdi was, in fact, the one who did it). There are several other loose ends in the realm of death too. Kel'thuzad is the most notable; he's not dead, we never destroyed his phylactery in our second raid of Naxx. We know there are other Loas of death in the Troll pantheon. How on earth did Illidan's soul end up with Helya? So, who could it be? Do we even know who it could be? Or is this just a pattern that's getting imagined?Lilura38 23h
23h Is it possible to play War of Thorns now? Sorry I came back to the game recently, and can't accept the fact that a huge piece of Kaldorei Lore i did not play. I wonder if I had a lvl 110 would it be possible to start the quest chain? any help would be appreciated.Tyrandé6 23h
1d Are DH BE recognize the authority of Lor'Themar? When those BE who followed their prince into outland - orcs, undead and trolls were our most recent enemies. Then also alliance betrayed us. Then our rightful ruler went completely insane (but at time we were already under illidan training). Then Kael died (twice). Then we returned to azeroth. So our allies are orcs, undead and trolls. And our fraction leader is kinda traitor in our blind eyes (even though killing Kael was justified)... Or we just don't care about factions war and just sit in our space-ship chasing down demons that left after legion.Вэлренар15 1d
1d LAST SUBRACES ON THE GO NEW CLASS IN DEVELOPEMENT. With last subraces on sight , wow can focus on new class develeopment. is there any doubt , it should and will be a long awaited BARD class. New kids on the block maybe lack cause of not living through hype of 100000000 fantasy novels and eating through them and with that the wast importance of such a class. NO bard is not just a support class and bard is not just another proffesion expert playing some instrument. Do look into D&D univers ( upon which wow was made on tbh ) and you will se that bard has all the right to be amongst playable classes, infact its long overdue that its not ! For those wondering how would it fit the role and which role it would take, the answer is fairly simple. BARD is a mix of a druid/ranger/rogue/priest/mage . How to enroll that in WOW , simple , we already have such a class - DRUID , or uhm dunno a PALADIN or uhmm dunno a MONK , ... all hybrid classes are the same just the flare and the story is different ... so yeh some more sophisticated rogue that knows some magics and also dabbles in some divine magics and also is on pair with nature so can call upon some animal companion and ofc can hide in shadows and use swords and throwing weapons. Nothing OP . cause .... u know theres no class that can be more OP than DK .... GIVE US THE BARD !Jáxsçha7 1d
1d King consort Rokhan Rastakhan dies Talanji is a new troll queen She formed bond with Rokhan during Nazmir campaign and they get married Some Trolls over the world aren't happy, because darkspear are not "true" trolls. Troll world war starts.Вэлренар4 1d
1d Forest Trolls as allied race Forest trolls, one of the oldest horde races and yet not playable. The story behind them wasted with a single raid. Does anyone else feel like newer races like Blood elves and Nighborne are changing The Horde to something too similar like the Alliance. Even upcoming Zandalari trolls are more "human" version of the original trolls. Thats why im feeling like we need few races less pretty, like Forest Trolls or Ogres. Zandalari Trolls opens the door storywise and they have rich backstory witch would be easy to continue. I personally would prefer Amani as playable clan, because story would have to get really interesting between them and the Blood Elfs and Zul'Aman would make great starting zone. But if that would be too much there is of course Raventusk clan, long time friend of the Horde. And for the Alliance counter race, i personally would pick Wildhammer clan another forgotten gem. I know these would mean that the Horde would have 3 races of Trolls and the Alliance 3 races of Dwarfs but at least numbers would add up. Please do comment if you agree or disagree, and open up your opinion Thank you for reading.Moistzerker44 1d
1d The Alliance's Retaliation So, after the Horde finished unmaking all our victories in the Alliance-Horde war, destroyed one of our zones, ensured we could never have Lordaeron (after evacuating all the civilians) while keeping Tirisfal and then being rewarded by performing an awesome raid on Stormwind, guess, just guess, how Blizzard has decided to pay Alliance players, and Night Elves in particular, back. They are going to take a zone that we already control (Darkshore), and make that it so we only control it half of the time, while giving the Horde another zone the other half. I would normallu be furious at this lackluster reward, but as an Alliance player, this is pretty much the best to be expected from Blizzard. And People say Horde bias is not real. And if you want to bring up Siege of Zuldazar, ask yourself this: would Blizzard really let one faction conquer another's city? Well, they probably would let the Horde do so. Also, Horde got to raid Boralus. Twice.Osirenne56 1d
1d Hug,Kiss, Marry, Whorship, Kill, Purge So I saw a gnome posting this (thank you for that) and I thought it a good idea to do such a topic Lorechars or ingame events Explanation: Hug - Hug a loved lorechar Kiss - One kiss, not more Marry - And all that has to do with it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Worship - As a deity or hero Kill - Murder murder murder Purge - Not simply murder but annihilation because u really deaspise that char Template to copy: Hug - Kiss - Marry - Worship - Kill - Purge - Hug - Tortollans... I love them <3 Kiss - Sylvanas Marry - Nathanos.... ohhh the things I would do to him ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Worship - Emperor Shaohao/ Greymane Kill - Tyrande... i loved her in the books... but now... ARRRGHHH Purge - EVERY .. SINGLE... TURTLE... ON... EVERY... BEACH!!!Laochan62 1d
1d Tree trolling After burning of the Teldrassil we can see a lot of trolling in game, regarding burning of the tree. We have a quest with a spy, when trolls are saying "Yes trees are good, fire is bad"... We have a joke from dark iron dworfs who are rofling Night Elves. And many other places. But why? Not so far ago in interview Blizzard told, that War Of The Thorns was meant to bring Drama. Ok Golden made it. NE fans was crying while reading the book. But why for Blizzard are adding those trollings it to game? Instead of drama in War times, I can see only trolling from Developers, which makes me angry. Angry not on Horde, but on Developers. . . Any one can give an answer why Blizzard hate Night Elves so much? They even giving jokes about Night Elves to NE Allied races! Not Horde races but Alliance races are rofling. Night Elves was almost wiped out as a race, and not a single interview about them since than from Blizzard. And all this stuff with "punching bags". Why?Призраклеса72 1d
1d Silvermoon Warfront So. I have been surfing through youtube and watching some WoW youtubers videos. And I have stumbled upon MrGM's video where he shares his revelations. It is still not confirmed and very much datamined code. But well. Once done is done. Here is the link for the video itself Welp. It seems we Blood Elves are the filth on Eastern Kingdom's face that needs to be cleansed. There we go. Long awaited update on Quel'thalas awaits.Taladris111 1d
1d Night elf paladins finally confirmed? ... From interview with BlizzardWatch... PRAISE THE MOON?!Sapherea52 1d
1d WoW losing it's identity ? So, apart from the 'you're the ultimative hero' thing, does WoW become more and more like Final Fantasy-ish type style, especially the ridiculous emo cutscenes and FMVs ? When I did the ''find Jaina'' storyline the last video felt so generic japanese and cheesy that I couldn't stand it lol. Might be just me but anyone feeling the same ? I'd like to just go back to vanilla/tbc days where everyone was a nobody and WoW felt mysterious and more like a traditional western RPG.Nelithia34 1d
1d I need Sethrak in my life I've only just recently visited Vol'dun. I've met Sethrak, snake-people. And I fell in love with the snake-people. A couple of lines of dialogue with their leader and I'm all on board to play one. They seem absolutely perfect on every possible level. I've read US forums when everyone unzips their pants just thinking about Vulpera. And they say that Sethrak are worse. My response is - I do not understand american way of thinking. Vulpera are "cute" furry goblins. End of story. At least so far. Sethrak on the other hand, 2 minutes after I've encountered them, have already painted themselves as complex and intersting people, dedicating their lives to defending what they believe is right. Also, their mindset fits so well within the Alliance. If I receive a Sethrak, I am going to main a Sethrak.Halasibel124 1d
1d Another old world revamp? What would you think of it? It's still disjointed and confusing to have the revamped post-Cata 1-60 zones back to back with TBC and Wrath. How can the timeline be fixed in WoW? With another revamp? If so, where and how? Will everything handled with phasing from now on?Erebros12 1d
2d Possible new warfronts datamined (Silvermoon Warfront!) I copy this from the US-forum. Here is the original thread: ... (Small sidenote: This script also works in the German version, and the broadcast text was already translated.)Keydiam120 2d
2d Your Top 3 Best and Bottom 3 Worst Leveling Zones? Sup people! I'm just curious. I'm currently leveling this Dwarf Shaman in Twilight Highlands and I am already level 85 so I turned off XP just to finish this zone in peace and then continue to Mount Hyjal and later Pandaria content. I am enjoying the whole Dwarf Shaman/Wildhammer/Earthen Ring lore very much, I loved Deepholm and I'm in love with Twi-Hi. So I want to know: which are your three most loved zones and also, which three zones did you hate? As I don't have a level 110 character yet, I can't answer that yet, but Twilight Highlands and Deepholm are in my Top 3 for sure. A place I hate which isn't really a zone but rather a city is Shattrath. I just think it's really ugly. The story is interesting and I chose the Aldor but still, I don't like the place, the people, the style. What say you?Balfur43 2d
2d Why am I going into Uldir? So as an Alliance player I'm wondering what I'm doing there. What can happen if I don't go there and defeat Ghuun?Taxation37 2d
3d Azshara warbringer I think it was cool its exactly what Azshara is the Queen that wont serve anyone and the work on that animation ,colors and cunning Nzoth was amazing.Radley99 3d
3d Lore Quotes & Fun Questlines Since I am trying currently leveling this shaman (also), I came across an in-game quote, which really made me laugh. So, I was thinking that maybe you guys may have a quote, or even a questline to add, that was particularly funny/enjoyable. Of course, there are quite a few the game has to offer, but I will just settle for two, which jump to mind immediately. Frostfire Ridge: Quote by Hatock: "You should have stayed dead, Ga'nar. You would have lived longer". Howlin' Fjord: The ''Worg-Questchain'' available at the Steel Gate. I just love Woofies :)Shammysparks3 3d
3d The Omniverse Before starting this discussion, i am sure many of you don't know the meaning of "Omniverse" so i will make it clear. ... We know the universe we are in is one of many since an alternate universe and futures exist. So what do you think is there in the omniverse? Is anyone inhabiting it? Maybe elune? Will we know from where the light came or how it existed? it can't just exist by it's own suddenly in the emptiness if there isn't anything beyond the universes. My theory of it is that there is some powerful beings in the omniverse and one of them is ( Death ) if we can call it like this, The void lords are afraid of them and want to be stronger by devouring everything. After the defeat of the void lords the light might reach their places, Making the universe shine and then the attention of the omniverse beings will be on our universe. It's a good way to make the story continue after we get rid of the void. But anyway your opinion on the omniverse and what beyond our universe?Waygos1 3d
3d Petition for Stromgarde Keep. I love the new Arathi Highlands and the new changes, but there need to be a few changes before I can be 100% pleased (and they should be rather easy to implement). 1 - Make the roofs in Stromgarde Keep RED. Red is the color of Stromgarde, and it seems odd with the blue roofs while Stromgarde guards patrol around (Yay for correct guards). 2 - Delete the Stormwind banners and put in Stromgarde banners. Either the closed red fist emblem or the eagle/bird the guards have on their tabards. 3 - More civilian buildings. Many more. Right now it seems more like a glorified military base, rather than the "birthplace" of humanity on the Eastern Kingdoms. There are several places around the different military buildings (bunker, town hall, barracks, mage tower, etc). 4 - Please don't let Arathi Highlands be "swapped" all the time. One week Stromgarde Keep is destroyed, next week it's rebuild, etc, etc (because of the Warfronts). Let Stromgarde Keep stand proud (and perhaps let the Horde keep Hammerfall or whatever). Thank you for your patience.Barvaron18 3d
3d Disjointed storyline Why are there so many loose ends? The story feels like it’s all over the place. Here are a few that are on my mind right now: Where are Tyrande and Malfurion? What is to become of the Night Elves now? Where are all the Forsaken? Orgrimmar is hardly overrun with undead. Why are we all messing around in Zandalari and Kul’Tiras, when we just had 2 cities destroyed? Where is the vindicaar? Why is the warfront in Arathi? Alliance have recently taken possession of Eastern Kingdoms, how are Horde even building a foothold there? How has Kezan somehow un-volcanoed itself enough for the MOTHERLOAD to exist? Why can’t we go there except as part of a dungeon? What of the Ilidari? The Ebon Blade? Where did they go? I think some of this may stem from split Horde/Alliance storylines, meaning I have only seen half. But it all feels very disjointed, I have no idea what is going on most of the time!Scalda4 3d
3d Elf Prince How do the Night elf Highborne princes get their title? Were they children of Queen Azshara? (perhaps like Elisande, she could have had courtesans and male concubines, cute) Is it hereditary? Is it given to them and by whom? Why are there no princesses? Why has the tradition become out of use for our cousins?Isilnir9 3d
3d Unpopular lore opinions. Ok, let me get this straight at the start. Just one opinion at a time, NO spamming. Also NO faction biased arguments( especially involving characters like Sylvanas and/or Anduin). Afterall this game is bigger than just some political factions. Let me start then. Our true MVP of Azeroth, glorious hero and defender of Azeroth, and last but not least also, beloved son of the light, who gave everything he had in his final fights against the dreaded monster Arthas/The Lich King and later the burning legion. Died protecting the world he fought for until the very end. Of course I am talking about grand Highlord Tirion Fordring, last named wielder of the legendary Ashbringer and refounder of a new united Order of the Silver Hand, presently known as Argent Crusade. You sir, are the only Human in this game I can respect fully, right next to Khadgar, aka Dadgar. Thank you. *bows to his tomb* 3d