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04 Jan 2016 Story Forum "Guidelines" and Suggestions We've adapted the description of this forum to include Fan Fiction, and we encourage you to share your stories here! This rest of this post is taken from Nethaera's thread on the US forums: I know more than a few people have been asking if there are guidelines to posting in these forums. The answer is yes and no both. Confusing, I know, but you'll understand once I explain. First, if you are sharing a story here, it should be fictional and set in the Warcraft universe. Can you break canon? Yes. It's your story. Just please try not to go too far afield. Your audience will appreciate some semblance of familiarity. Next, you've asked about just how far language, sexual themes, or violent themes can go, so I'll explain here. Keep in mind, the forum Code of Conduct still applies. Also, keep in mind the rating (T for Teen) as well. When you want a good example story, please take a look at Blizzard's own for World of Warcraft. That should give you a good comparison for your own tales. Use your best judgement. If you ask yourself, "Is this too far?", it just might be and you might want to consider doing another editing pass. While not everyone may agree on taste, try to keep it as tasteful as possible. If you're sharing a story, it may be a good idea to put "complete" at the bottom of your story if it takes more than one post to tell it. We know there are restrictions on the forums that may hinder you a bit, but this may give you the room to post without someone jumping in before you're done and so that the reader knows they are reading a "finished" (we all know no story is ever really finished) piece of work. Authors may also want to express at the bottom of their completed tale if they are open to constructive feedback. Some may not want feedback other than to hear if someone enjoyed it and some may be looking for others to help them hone their skills. The best way to solicit either is to make it clear what you would like. "Constructive feedback welcome." If you are a reader, please be considerate. If you didn't like a story or liked it, then sharing constructive feedback is fine. But, please make sure you do it in a way that isn't insulting to the author if the author has asked for or made it clear they are open to feedback. Most importantly, we all know that these types of efforts are very personal to the author. I'd like to ask authors not to take feedback too personally and likewise for those that give constructive feedback. Please don't make it personal. Personal attacks are definitely not OK here. This is largely 'your' forum to make of what you like in the end. While we have the power to moderate and help mold, the shape of it all is largely up to you and what you make of it as a community. *I've left this thread open on purpose so that any additional etiquette discussions or questions could be kept here. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves.Takralus8 04 Jan 2016
6m Anyone else miss the old stories Of defeating the defias brotherhood, scarlet crusade and troll kingdoms and not giant planet wielding sword titans and suddenly our planet is an egg. Story is getting more and more ridiculous imo.Mograk4 6m
9m Grand Marshal Othmar Garithos, the Alliance needs you! And so guys, the power of the fan service has already returned us such wonderful heroes as General Nazgrim and King Thoras Trollbane. But why is the Grand Marshal Othmar Garithos still not returned? I agree that he is a controversial character, but it was he who took the lead over people who could survive the fall of Lordaeron from the plague in the Third War and in the absence of other superiors cleared Dalaran from the Scourge. Grand Marshal performed his military duty in wartime and was the supreme law in the territory of Lordaeron. Let's not remember the Kael'thas, this guy eventually became a servant and six of the Legion. the Grand Marshal made a fatal mistake by making an alliance with Sylvanas, for she has no honor and nobility. This also ruined him. I urge the power of the fan service to resurrect this wonderful character! The Grand Marshal Othmar Garithos, the Alliance needs you!Локтан38 9m
11m Teldrassil destruction. 7.3.5 Spoilers Hi everyone, So, we have some datamined quest texts regarding Silithus. Apparently, Gallywix and his boys are the ones that discover Azerite and start digging it out. It’s unclear why they want it, but given their past with Kajamite, it’s very interesting to think what they could accomplish with this new substance. Now, when the Alliance discovers this, someone (isn’t clear yet who), gives the order to stop them from obtaining it, kickstarting a massacre of goblin miners. Horde players on the other hand, are requested (by Gallywix presumably) to stop the Alliance assasins. Given this scenario, it seems that the initial clash was instigated by the Alliance itself. Going back to Teldrassil. With this set up, and the volatile properties Azerite is said to have, could it be possible that it was an angered Gallywix, tired of having his people (AND PROPERTY) harassed, the one that set up an azerite bomb to retaliate and avenge the death of his people? It wouldn’t be the first time goblins and night elves clash. And it would fit his character, being a Crime-Jerk Boss as he is, to don’t give two f**cks about the natural monument Teldrassil is. That would also explain why Varok still backs up Sylvanas and why she seems genuinely surprised about watching the tree explode in flames. This would give at last playable goblins some deserved spotlight, and after those Silithus quests no one in the Horde would say that they didn’t have enough reasons to fight back. Goblin players would find it awesome to have some payback time, and fight alongside their leader. Alliance players would have the chance to stop the polluting goblin war machine and try and stop this ‘capitalist’ jerk from obtaining what he wants. TLDR: Don’t mess with a goblin or their gains, unless you want your house to explode. See Theramore or Teldrassil. What do you guys think? I think this could make up an interesting theory.Zarao162 11m
12m Velen vs Sylvanas Who do you think would win?Alphaturtle40 12m
27m Tyrande vs Sylvanas Who would win?Serpentra12 27m
30m think I realiced why they killed Vol´jin. I have a feeling it was due to the Zandalari joining the horde, we know lore wise Vol´jin was no fan of any of the Zandalari at all, so having him alive, when Zandalari joins the horde would have been realy odd.Waleria31 30m
38m Why are Elves so weak in WoW Physically, Elves are one of the weakest races to begin with. Agile is their superiority, but when you look at Tolkien's Elves, they are slim and agile too, yet they were hard badasses that would put an Orc on WoW to shame. As much as I'm a fan off warcraft Orcs, it's time we see more of Lor'Themar taking up the mantle of the warrior image after Varian died. It would be interesting, a new concept and simply something else than the generic Orc warriors, Elf mages, Human Paladins kinda thing.Mcbones167 38m
2h Why are the Alliance and Horde still enemies? I'm gunna answer my own question slightly by giving my own opinion here up top. I feel like the only reason that there is still a faction war is to accommodate PVP. The way the story has evolved makes me feel like at the very least the fighting between the races should be limited to bands of traditionalists having isolated battles. So much more water has passed under the bridge where the groups have had to cooperate for events that are much bigger than either of them, that I don't see any logical reason why characters would be motivated to screw over the opposing faction.Linkypocks147 2h
3h Warcraft 4 Now, I don't think Blizzard will ever release a Warcraft 4, but the discussion in regards to story i've seen about a potential Warcraft 4 speculates about if it would take place in parallel with World of Warcraft or if it will ignore all of WoW completely and make up a new story for what happened after Warcraft 3. Both of these ideas are well... not ideal. Wouldn't it be much more interesting if Warcraft 4 took place during the Black Empire? Or the War of the Ancients? Or the Troll War? I mean, Warcraft has thousands of years of largely unexplored history and an RTS would be the perfect way to tell some of those stories (without any convoluted time travel!) Warcraft 4 most likely won't happen because it wouldn't be financially justifiable to produce, but if it ever does, this would be a tremendous opportunity to continue to explore WoW lore. And who knows? Who thought Starcraft 2 would ever come out in 2006?Moggma14 3h
3h Amani joined the Zaladari So if the Zandalari join the Horde...and the Amani have joined the Zandalari ...which means Forest trolls and Blood elves are allies? Never seen that coming!Avelise4 3h
3h Malfurion's neutrality Do you think after the burning of Teldrassil Malfurion will remain neutral, because if he doesn't, then horde will be in trouble. Malfurion is one of the strongest mortals on Aazeroth, so unless he dies in sacrifice then i don't understand how a faction war is even possible. And if Tyrande dies then bye bye horde and Sylvanas.Alphaturtle19 3h
3h Man'ari as allied race Do you think in retrospect that redeemed man'ari could be a better allied race than the Lightforged? They would make a lot of sense lore-wise as Legion demons are now leaderless and looking for a purpose. They would provide a very distinct yet still similar (and thus, cheap) appearance to draenei, while also having a completely different character to them (another edgy race for Alliance, would be great). Overall they would feel more like their own thing rather than an extension of the already existing culture, which is what Lightforged feel like. They could also have a memorable leader. Revived Rakeesh or Jaraxxus could both be interesting eredar rulers.Mezzalt20 3h
3h Diablo and WoW same universe? Hi So is actually Diablo WoW and mazbe Starcraft in the same universe? I mean like different planets in the same galaxy? 3h
4h Elves: Will You Switch Sides? I’m curious to know the thoughts on Night Elves (specifically Highborne mages) and Blood Elves (specifically the ones unhappy in the Horde). Highborne: How do you feel about the Nightborne? They have all of your ancient themes and aesthetics. They have Surumar and the respect of their civilisation. You have ruins and mistrust. Are you tempted to race change? If you do, how do you feel about having to join the Horde? What do you think your leader Mordent Evenshade thinks about the situation? How would you feel about fighting your kin in Ashenvale? And what about the Night Elves who aren’t Magi? Has the thought crossed your mind? Blood Elves: Do you have any plans to rejoin the Alliance? If so, how do you feel about making your character embody the void? Is the sacrifice worth the Alliance? Void Elves seem to deliver for Blood Elf shadow priests who have loyalties to the Alliance. Kind of a specific niche though! I know if I was a Blood Elf I’d probably want to keep my natural tones and capital city and if I was a Night Elf mage I’d be pi**ed about Nightborne in the Horde, but I’d feel quite torn. But that’s just me. Anyone else feeling torn? Any faction changes planned?Timerius57 4h
4h So. About Jaina She comes back in a cinematic with a new look. But what warrants this? She did absolutely nothing in Legion. N.O.T.H.I.N.G She bailed on Varians funeral, bailed when she got outvoted in Dalaran, and has probably been angsting in Lor'Themars bedchamber the whole expansion.Kelthuzad32 4h
6h Class and Race clash How does it make sense for a Void Elf to be anything other than a Shadow Priest or Warlock? I can't see why a High Elf would go through the hardship of becoming a Void Elf, just to become a Warrior and never use any void magic at all. It just doesn't sit right with me. It's kind of a relevant topic in terms of Allied Races... some races only have a few classes lore-wise. For example, naga females are always spell casters, naga males are always warriors. How would that work in game if they were playable? I'm not against race/class combo exclusives, similar to how Paladin and Shaman worked in Vanilla. Example: Goblin and Gnome - Engineer class.Connoth23 6h
6h is it over ? is the whole story of this expansion over or you know something is coming ?Corve2 6h
7h Arcane magic questions I have a few questions please 1) Arcane magic is corrupting/addicting - Does this apply to arcane entities like high/blood elves, blue dragons, anveena teague (deceased, but when she was alive) etc? 2) Azeroth's nature is arcane? Does that mean that Azeroth is corruptive and addicting? If Azeroth awoke wouldn't it just be like Queen Azshara or something? 3) Arcane magic leads to fel magic? Again, does that mean entities like blue dragons, high elves, anveena teague, azeroth would eventually want fel magic? Why does arcane magic lead to fel magic when fel is the antithesis of arcane? 4) Arcane magic prematurely ages? Again, does this apply to arcane aligned entities? Would a High/Blood elf prematurely age? Didn't High Elves use the Sunwell's arcane power to make Quel'Thalas? How come they didn't turn into Khadgars, or end up making Quel'Thalas look like Argus?Kîri6 7h
13h Why would the Shen’dralar stay in the Alliance? Is there any reason they wouldn’t choose to ally themselves with the Nightborne? They were ‘Queen Azshara's most revered arcanists’ before the sundering and basically did the same thing to protect themselves from it and survive it’s aftermath. They were also met with similar distain in Cataclysm. Why wouldn’t they want to be among the people most similar to them in the world? Is there anything story-wise post Cata that suggests that they’re completely loyal to the Night Elves? It seems they joined them for necessity and familiarity. After the burning of Teldrassil, they’d have the perfect opportunity to seek out the Nightborne. Counter: If they stay, what would be the best way to advance their story? What can change in current Night Elf society to represent magic being used in a controlled way for the benefit of everyone? It would be awesome to see a new militant force of balance druids and arcane mages. A renewal of the Moon Guard to counter the Nightborne and Blood Elves that they’ll be going up against on the battlefield. Could they be an allied race? Blizzard seem to be on a retcon rampage at the moment, so they could quite easily write in bigger pop numbers and fairer physiques/tones. It’s high time the Night Elves stepped out of the shadows and upped their game. It’s time to adapt to the current state of warfare. Sticks and stone will break their bones but magic will disintegrate them.Timerius14 13h
16h No Illidari love from Illidan? I was hoping for a DH only Quest with a personal goodbye from Illidan. I mean.. we followed him without doubt (apart from those traitors that chose Altruis!). For a long time we were the only ones he could truly trust. We followed him without hesitation and his every command. We trusted him and he trusted us. We were the first and for a long time only ones that understood and believed in the importance of his mission and never stopped believing in him. Yet.. we don't even get a single goodbye from him, apart from the generic one to all classes after the Antorus Raid. I find this rather sad.. and feel a bit left out. But don't worry Illidan. Eventho you didn't say anything.. When the last defense of the mortal world falters, we Illidari will stay strong and fight until our last breath and beyond!Anethia13 16h
16h Story Lore Help - I'm Lost Hi, I played a wow for a while many years ago and have come back. Then the story line was quite easy to follow but now there are people, places, events being referred to that I have no idea what they are talking about. I just levelled from 0 -105 and ignored the fact that the quest stories were confusing because with the rate of levelling, I never got to play most of the content. However, Now that I'm on Legion, the stories are still a little confusing. I just played the falling star quest line and it talks about a war which I don't know about, somebody who sent this artifact which I'm not sure who is and the betrayal. I can piece together most of what I need but I guess I'm going to need to do some background reading. I found that Blizz have published three chronicles, which I'm going to get hold of now, do you think this will give me enough info on the background and lore? Are these up to date with the current stuff? (up to Legion, not during and after). Do you think I'll need to read anything else? Thanks HVrahai3 16h
17h Tirion's pathetic death So I figured his death couldn't possibly be any more pathetic and had to be a joke. Why put down epic characters with great powers to some random no-name beast? Honestly, his whole death just makes you unable to sleep thinking back at all his great deeds back in WotLK, only to be killed off by a random mob.Faceròll40 17h
17h If you could rewrite the lore... What would you do? First off, I want to say, I did post these things before, but want to start over with a clean thread, as the first had a few small issues. Either way, the following is what I'd do, and I want to know how much you agree or disagree with it: Vanilla/Classic: I haven't played much back in the day, I do not know if there were any large mistakes made here, feel free to share though, that goes for all parts of this post. The Burning Crusade: -Draenei looks like broken as seen on Argus, broken look like Lost Ones, Lost Ones retconned. Eredar look like current Draenei/Eredar due demonic mutation -Illidan going evil for no reason at all, attacking Shattrath even though he's an enemy of the Legion. How should this have been? Illidan did not attack Shattrath, rather, it was Kael'thas' forces that did it, disguised as Stormrage's Illidari. Why? Kil'jaeden would've ordered KT to do so, a punishment to Illidan for his failure to slay Arthas. -Blood Knight redemption, before the Sunwell, Blood Knights were a lot different, they used to enslave a Naaru and drain its power, with this -commanding- the Light, they did not feel like Paladins at all, in matter of fact, the quest that you needed to do to get your epic mount involved burning down one of the Silver Hand's most sacred places. This is something that seperated them from Alliance paladins, something that made them feel more Horde-like. What should've happened is that they didn't lose their captive naaru, or captured another one, therefore keeping their ability so syphon one even after the Sunwell. The Sunwell also should've been destroyed, Imagine Kil'jaeden putting up one final act of revenge beforebeing sent back to Argus at his defeat in the Sunwell, he would cast a spell that would collapse the Sunwell entirely, permanently destroying it. Alternatively, have Kael'thas steal the naaru but we later find another naaru, oddly named Xe'ra, near the black temple, which we use instead. Either way, Kael'thas should not have been the first to act against Silvermoon, but would've rahter indirectly angered them, causing them to be his enemies without it feeling like a randm betrayal. Wrath of the Lich King: The Lich King, an underestimating fool, throughout the expansion we are made to believe that Arthas is a very good tactician, so why is it then, after every time we thwart him, he lets us go, several times throughout leveling he has come personally face-to-face with us, and let us live, one may try to argue that this was to make us more powerful before making us his minions, but it was made clear that the Scourge was already powerful enough to wipe us out, and that he was "holding back", this completely counters that entire post, he doesn't need us, so why should he test us?! Instead he shouldn't've come face-to-face with us before the final confrontation near his throne. -Argent Tournament, why? Why in Icecrown?! There are a few things about this Argent Tournament that annoy me, first of all, why is it hosted in Icecrown? Why would you hold your training ground in the middle of the enemy stronghold?! The original idea was to hold it in Crystalsong Forest, hence the two useless camps in the zone, and this would've made more sense, it would be kept a fair distance away from the scourge's main forces, and under the direct protection of Dalaran, floating just above. Another issue within the Tournament is... it's more of a colliseum, an arena, the Tournament's goal was to prepare for an attack upon Icecrown Citadel.. So why, then, do we try to KILL OUR COMPETITORS?! While I do understand that some trainees would die in this, as they may put us to fight against monsters, as only that would properly train us to face some of the Scourge's minions, we should definately not kill eachother when it comes to Horde vs Alliance on this, instead, their hatred for eachother would be resolved in non-lethal combat, we do not have the resources to lose anyone in this grand war against the Scourge. -There must always be A Lich King": Total, Bullcrap. This is only an excuse to bring something that could've been used in the future, while forgetting Kel'thuzad is still not permanently dead. Bolvar should've been dead-dead, and no new Lich King should've been made. Mord'rethar could've been closed down to keep the scourge at bay, or it could've been explained that, while the Scourge's numbers are still countless, without a leader, they are weak and unorganized, unable to put up a serious threat again. Cataclysm: -Cairne Vs. Garrosh: Now, this is allright, but I do wish that the intent of cairne was a non-lethal mak'gora, he'd still die because of magatha's poison ofcourse, but this would make the entire shock value of his death even bigger. Now this here is an iffy one, it's not really a mistake Blizzard made, but I'm curious if this idea would work: -Druids of the Flame: Malfurion Corrupted: What if through some way, the druids of the flame managed to corrupt Malfurion, rather than Fandral, what if we had to kill Malfurion in the Firelands, perhaps this could add a bigger involvement of the priesthood of elune into this storyline, a bit of progression for Tyrande's story. If this were indeed to pass, Hamuul would also become the leader of the Cenarion Circle. Again, I am unsure if this could work, this is only a random though I had, anyways, back to more pressing issues. -Thrall, the "Earth-warder", okay, first problem of Dragon Soul.. Thrall is a mortal, and should not be able to control the Dragon Soul at all, he should not be involved with this at all, thats about it. -The "Age of Mortals": You know what makes even less sense than a mortal controlling such a powerful artifact? Dragons losing their power over Neltharion's defeat. First of all, why should dragons lose their power over completing their "destiny"? If you ask me, that's a compelling argument to not follow your destiny. Secondly: Deathwing was not the real evil, sure he was corrupted and evil, but it was caused by the Old Gods, if anything, ending the Old Gods would be the real "destiny" of the dragonflights, not slaying one of their own.. which by the way wouldn't be a major issue if he wasn't blessed in the first place. Mists of Pandaria: -Om nom nom, the language of the Pandaren; Okay blizzard, very funny.. or not, I know you tried to joke here, but I'd prefer it if Pandaren had a more asian sounding language if you're not a pandaren, rather than the "nom nom" they put out now, hell, the Ballad of Liu Lang had actual Pandaren language in it, which was great! While on subject, you made another mistake on Pandaren language... by calling it "Pandaren" the pandaren don't use that language anymore, not since the Mogu Dynasty, Pandaren language was lost to the ages as the Pandaria races were not allowed to speak any language but Mogu, to prevent any secret planning under the noses of the Empire., so, the language should be called "Mogu" instead. -Pandaren, the optimistic peace-lovers: I don't know why you chose to do this, but you made pandaren this... always smiling, super optimistic race of carebears, to which I must say: "NO!", you gave a good example with how most pandaren should be with the Shado-pan, with honor and control within them, they know the dangers of Pandaria, and are very strict and disciplined in their nature, you would see that they may have the most discipline among their younger, less of that "playing all the time" and more of learning of their values and virtues. -I also wish you gave us more Shao-dins, or clans, aside from the Shado-pan, I would like to see a few ancient pandaren clans in Pandaria, among them the ancient Huojin and Tushui, which would be rivals on Pandaria, rahter than the allies they were on the turtle, Imagine a backstory about them, that they were once allies in the times of Liu Lang, but in time, their on Pandaria living Shao-dins would start parting ways as their opposing views started brewing trouble, Imagine if there was a tale that they worked together in ancient times, the Huojin would defend their settlements from average attacks, while the Tushui meditated and planned to defend these settlements from larger scale attacks in the meantime, these clans, once working in pendulum, now bitter enemies. -Pandaren Appearance, another thing I dislike about pandaren is their appearance, their ingame models simply look... silly, overweight, what I would want is something more along the lines of Samwise's art, specifically the "Pandyr" as seen in the following links: These pandaren look a lot less cuddly, and much more fitting within the Warcraft franchise, here are a few normal pandaren made by Samwise: Again, much more fitting for Warcraft. Secondly, their weapons, as seen while leveling in pandaria look... outright silly, as does some of their armor, but especially their weapons, it looks like parts of the weapons were made with play-doh, all colorful and useless spirals in their base.. why? Why couldn't we have some more asian-styled weapons, mogu had some pretty good looking weapons. -Garrosh's Corruption and descent to Madness: Oh boy, this is a big one.. Before I'll go on, yes, it made sense, but, why, why did you do this? This is perhaps the biggest loss of potential you caused in lore to this date.. Garrosh.. he could've been so much more than this.. Yes, he was reckless and aggressive, but in Cata, we saw progression within him, especially in Stonetalon Mountains, we saw that he was learning, slowly perhaps, but still, learning how to lead his people, he was changing, he learned a lot about honor and respect, and MERCY, we saw him shape up to in the future perhaps be the best Warchief the Horde has ever had... But you ruined it, you took him and shaped him into an evil psychopath because of the Sha... Who would I choose to become an enemy instead? this might be the most controversial of all my points here but... Sylvanas... Why Sylvanas? Well, her main goal was to kill the Lich King, and that she did, the only reason she accepted ressurection after her suicide was because she came to be in the same afterlife as Arthas, but she is slipping into madness, we can see she's not herself anymore, and simply does anything not to join arthas, even if it means becoming just like him, as seen in Silverpine Forest. This would be the best time to end her story, remember, you can die a hero or become a monster, and that's the case with her story aswell, end her before her story grows bad. I even thought of a few encounters we could see in this... Siege of Undercity raid.. Kor'kron Vanguard: The Kor'kron that were to keep a watch over the Undercity since the Wrathgate, turned into undead by Sylvanas, a few mobs outside and an ad-based boss in the courtyard, they serve as "cannon fodder" to the forsaken. Nathanos Blightcaller: A patrol roaming around the outer circle of Undercity, perhaps he has a pet which needs to be dealt with? Mantid Apothecaries: Apothercary quarter, the forsaken and mantid work together to combine their posions and blight to make a successor over the blight used at the Wrathgate, we must put a stop to this. Koltira Deathweaver: Sylvanas' Throne Room: Koltira has been tortured and reshaped to be a weapon of the Forsaken, this is where Thassarian could take part of the story, helping us put an end to his corrupted friend. Once Koltira is dead, the plateau Sylvanas usually stood on lowers, it becomes an elevator, which goes down.. waaaaay down, as we take the elevator down we can hear the sound of chains and a loud heartbeat getting louder and louder, clutter in the rooms ahead will move in tandem as the heart beats, we face the Klaxxi Champions as one of the encounters down there, the second final boss would be the Val'kyr, the remaining Val'kyr with the most power, we kill all of them of them but one, Aradne, Aradne would at the end of the fight flee, not to be seen for some time. Finally, Sylvanas herself, we would see she had discovered whatever laid under Tirisfal (Whether it is the minion or not) and absorb its power along with the power of the heart of Y'shaarj, We would face against the combination of Legion and Old God minions, an undead with the power of the god's heart, and slay her there. With the (permanent) death of Sylvanas, a new Forsaken leader needs to rise, for this, changes need to be made, and more lore added to this character, but I would pick Lillian Voss.. now, some of you might have a few problems with this but let me explain. Voss has a hatred for the undead, this is true, but perhaps that is exactly why she would make for a fitting leader to lead the Forsaken to a... somewhat brigher future, stepping away from the blight forever, and going back to stealing minons of the Scourge, rather than raising their own, the Forsaken would once more step away from their evil roots and try to aid the horde and their own with some dignity.. Perhaps Voss would at first decline, but somehow forced into this position, or persuaded, to know that the undead would only become more of a problem if she would not step in. The Alliance-Horde war continues, or at least skirmishes do, there will be no peace, only local ceasefires in areas of greater danger, as it always has been. Walords of Draenor: Now, onto this... how would I do this, without needing Garrosh... As the Horde and Alliance continue their war/skirmishes against eachother, wrathion and Kairoz would come to the same conclusion as we have now, the current forces of Azeroth cannot defeat the oncoming attack of the Legion/old gods, and decide to go to AU draenor, not because Garrosh could be used here, but instead because the Orcs have been shown to be a threat before, they would enter Draenor through Faralohn and form the Iron Horde, not through the Warsong, but through the Dragonmaw, as dragons, perhaps to be revered by this clan. We would indeed chase after them, but this time less foolish, the Dark Portal is much too fortified for us to assault, it is the very Stronghold of the Iron Horde, and assaulting there would be suicide. Instead, we get the Bronze Dragonflight to aid us, using the time-dimension rift in Faralohn to enter Draenor, just as the assault on tanaan, we would have a short scenario in Faralohn, escaping from the Iron Horde forces there, and going to Frostfire/Shadowmoon Side note on SMV, it would not be a zone of permanent night, it makes no sense that the sun never comes up there but it does in other zones.. it is simply named after the clan, and Gorgrond is a full barren rock-wasteland, where Faralohn takes the Botani part. Anyways, we get to our respective zones and make Bladespire Citadel and Karabor our homes, these would serve as the capital cities, screw Ashran. Now here is where some fun comes in, every clan has parts of them with, and against the Iron Horde, this may help the Horde expand in their orc subrace diversity. But now, for the enemy chieftains, not nessecarily Iron Horde: Grommash Ner'zhul Gul'dan Kargath Dragonmaw Warlord and.... Durotan. The Dragonmaw Warlord, Kargath, Grommash and Durotan being part of the Iron Horde, seeing honor in this unity, being convinced by Kairoz and Wrathion that this is for the good of all, Thrall and Garrosh would both have a tough time here, facing their fathers as enemies, Garrosh in the end winning, however, Thrall, would be slain, and Nobundo takes the leadership of the Earthen Ring. As we continue our fight against the Iron Horde, we would fight through the entirety of draenor on the first patch, including Faralohn and Tanaan, Tanaan serving as the level 100 zone, where we face the bulk of the Iron Horde, and -CAPTURE-, not destroy, the Dark Portal, it is after all, our only way home, Khadgar could open a portal to our azeroth using the time rip in Faralohn, otherwise having no leyline connection to our home aside from the Dark Portal, but even that for a mere few seconds, in other words, not enough to gather reinforcements or anything. As we capture the Dark Portal, the Shadow council manages to free Gul'dan and his allies, it would not be us to free him, that's stupid, why not kill him right there, after all, he was defenseless! Rather than Blackrock Foundry as one of the raids, as Blackhand would side with us, being among the Warlords to listen to Kilrogg, whose vision foresaw the Iron Horde's failure would they face the Burning Legion/old gods (Also yes, Kilrogg would be the main cause for the AU orcs to side with us), we would have the Dragonmaw Stronghold in Shadowmoon Valley, based on the southern Island, among the bosses in that raid, we could face Kairozdormu, perhaps the final boss of that instance. -Cho'gall would not be a part of Highmaul, instead, he would be involved in two major patches. -We would not kill Rukhmar, as the adherents were FALSE followers, Rukhmar was not an enemy, instead, perhaps that fungal whale boss could've been a thing. 6.1: The Heart of Nature: With Gul'dan escaped, we need a new power source for the portal to function, for this, we travel to Faralohn, and face the Botani, we slay their leader in a short.. 3-boss raid, and use the heart of this botani leader to power the gateway once more. 6.2: Legacy of the Apexis: Cho'gall has escaped, and made his way to an island west of the Spires of Arak Which is where he uncovers a lost city, and raises it once more, this city would be the temple of the Apexis civilization, a "temple in the sky" as described in an arakkoan archaeology item: Apexis Scroll: This battered scroll case has corroded shut, and the scroll within is barely readable with very careful examination. These appear to be plans and measurements for a glorious "Temple in the Sky," written in an ancient hand. It's unclear whether such a splendid structure was ever built. This "Temple" would serve as the 5man dungeon of this patch, in it we would end up facing Sethe as the final boss, putting an end to him once and for all. 6.3: The Return of the Empire: Cho'gall, however, escapes, and makes his way to the Gorian Empire, where we would chase him once more, and this time, we do not let him escape, a raid would be involved in this patch, bosses of this raid include Cho'gall and Ner'zhul, and a few other servants of the old god inhabiting Draenor, we stop the summoning of the old god. 6.4: Hellfire Citadel: In our absence from Tanaan, Gul'dan had prepared everything he needs to summon the Legion, and this patch would be a lot similar lorewise as our current HFC patch, however, a few changes: -Tyrant Velhari would be replaced by... Yrel. In the early production, Blizzard said that Yrel had a "dark secret", which I think would've been awesome, we face the traitor eredar instead. -Final Boss: Mannoroth: I am not a fan of this "One legion" lore, so instead of facing an AU Archimonde and needing to face him later in the game for a third time, we could face a resurrected Mannoroth instead, on his death, he sends Gul'dan through the Dark Portal (Which would be under Legion control for then) to send him to azeroth. I never got how Gul'dan came to azeroth by being sent through a portal connected to Argus. With our business on Draenor done, we would return to Azeroth. Now, for a bit of lore I forgot to mention, because it's important here, before WoD, we would discover that Outland's connection to the Nether is eating it away, the shattered planet would collapse slowly, however its speed increasing, this would cause us to try and rescuse as many inhabitants of the planet as we can, which the Iron Horde disrupts. With the AU Draenor linked to MU Azeroth, and no way to undo it, he Bronze and Blue dragonflights work together to merge these two timelines together in a way, the MU outland would be forever lost, collapsing to come to an end soon, and AU Draenor holding better reinforcements for the fights ahead. Legion: Oh boy, that was a lot of writing, well... almost done... Broken Shore; Intro: Okay, in here perhaps we could lose two other important characters, Vol'jin's death here was stupid, and that of Varian, while awesome, I see him as an alliance counterpart of Garrosh; Strong, Somewhat brutal, honorful, has some great backstory to him, I know I shouldn't, but he's one of the two characters I put plot-armor on, because it's just so hard to replace him with someone just as likeable, if not more. Aszuna: Nearly everything is perfect, the only bother here is that the blue dragonflight is there and infertile, part of that whole "age of mortals" thing, so they'd still be fertile... Stormheim: No Sylvanas involved, perhaps some other faction war stuff? Worgen vs Forsaken is still viable, but less connected to the entire Vrykul stuff. Less Felskorn, seriously, a few more allied vrykul that ain't valarjar would be great. Highmountain: Involve Ebonhorn and Sabelion to track down and together with you, kill Wrathion, who is among the people to blame for the Legion's presence, the rest's good. Val'sharah: -Ysera indeed gets corrupted, but we do not face her in a solo quest, rather in the raid. -Nightmare Corruption CAN be reversed, it's funny because there's a WQ with us cleansing the land of it, which you mentioned is impossible in questing, you couldn't even stick to "unreversable" for one patch, you went against it in the same patch as when you made this a thing! -Less people get corrupted, I mean we lost 2 archdruids aside from cenarius AND ysera.. calm down, we get it, corruption powerful and all that.. Suramar: As an opposer to the "you are our Only hope" style of writing, i am also really against becoming the jarl of jandvik, maybe thane at most... Give the Vrykul place to the Horde, and Shal'aran to the Alliance. Isles in general: Highmountain tauren and Vrykul go Horde, the elven factions Alliance, give a PvP area between Val'sharah and Highmountain. Both factions will still have quests in all zones, but instead do so with other NPCs at other places, just as in TBC and Wrath Emerald Nightmare Replace Ursoc with Omen, you know, the ancient driven insane that we faced every year at lunar festival? How about we fight him in the nightmare, don't kill him, though, and Omen is finally freed from his madness, and now a new ally, lunar festival would change accordingly, we've fought omen for enough years.. Replace Dragons of Nightmare with Ysera, as Ysera dies, Ysondre, who has faced the nightmare before, would reluctantly accept to become the new aspect, her previous encounters with the nightmare making her the most experienced dragon to deal with it, and thus, the best replacement possible. Cenarius would be killed, however, permanently too, as he is within the Emerald Dream, and I feel like ancients should be bound to the dream, just as it demons are to the Nether and can only be permanently killed in the nether (Also on that topic, only powerful demons should be able to be reborn like that) We wouldn't become class hall leaders either, and as previous expansions should've been, we would remain adventurers This means we'd not be hunting down these super powerful demons on our own. Speaking of class hall bosses though... Hakkar should not be a Fel Lord, but rather as described in lore before "A burning skeletal demon" who weilds a whip made of felhound skin as a weapon, here's an image of official artwork: And on topic on Fel Lords and other "Powerful Demons", we should not face them often at all, the only two Fel Lords I think are alright up to now are the one in HFC and the upcoming one in ToS Moving on... No Xe'ra/Illidan redemption, the redemption of illidan would be in TBC, sunwell patch, discovering that we were decieved and now Illidan is dead, the end. A long questchain involving Tirion's death and throughout the Legion patches, discovering about a rogue Nathrezim (Lothraxion) (no connection to turalyion/alleria this time around) and in the end aiding him, Lothraxion would, near the end of the expansion, take the mantle of Highlord of the Argent Crusade, reforging the broken Ashbringer into a shield. 7.1: The Gates of Helheim Not much to change with the entire Helya/odyn thing, maybe make odyn less of a really dislikable character? I also don't like Helya being a Val'kyr, perhaps just a former ally of odyn, swayed to the dark by Loken? Speaking of Val'kyr... Aradne would be the second final boss of this Raid, perhaps Guarm>Aradne>Helya, no need to be tested by odyn... again..., Aradne would serve as a mockery to odyn, something that says; "Hey, you remember your glorious creation? Yeah, not even they are safe from my grasp" Now, this is also where a large plot twist comes in.. What if Aradne was always a servant of Helya, Val'kyr were very smart members of the Scourge, and what if Helya had a better grasp over them than even Arthas? What I would do is reveal here that this is one of the reasons of the Kvadir in Northrend, the Kvadir were there to contact the dark Val'kyr, and sway them to serve Helya, and so they did, they pretended to serve Arthas further, constantly drawing his powerful soul ever closer to Helheim. When Arthas died, this is where his sould would be sent.. and this is where the Val'kyr could temporally bring Sylvanas' soul aswell, giving her the impression being stuck with Arthas is where her fate would lay if dead. Just like Arthas' soul, that of Sylvanas would also be very powerful, and a great gift to Helya, so they fooled both arthas and sylvanas, binding both souls to helheim in the end. Once Helya is dead, I would think, THIS is a better place to put another "keeper of the dead", someone who would draw the souls of the dishonorable into hell, a punishment for their disgrace, one who would work together with Odyn to keep justice among the Vrykul. Who this would be I do not know, perhaps a final redemption for either arthas or sylvanas... 7.2: Tomb of Sargeras(?) -Dalaran's Fall As we assault the Tomb of Sargeras, the Legion manages to counterattack, the Tomb's fel beam is amied at Dalaran, and it succeeds, we evacuate as many people as we can and escape, A broken Dalaran plummets into the seas below, the capital will be moved to Suramar City, now that we have ripped it from the Legion's control. -Kil'jaeden not final boss of Tomb, how about the Avatar of Sargeras being the final boss, I am sure something else fits in there to have as another boss to get the number right. As for Argus and all that, look, I'm clueless, I wouldn't want any of it to happen in the first place yet, ending the Legion still feels premature, and I'd try to make ToS the final raid of the Expansion, I'm not sure what I'd put inbetween, maybe that scrapped night elf island, Thal'dranath.. However, Regarding the "Army of the Light" which may be dubbed as something else, it would include more than broek and draenei, it would be an army spanning from a whole array of different races from different worlds where they resisted the Legion, a good place to let developers go wild, they could make what they want here, chanses are we wont ever see this race again anyways. Argus would be introduced the last Legion-related patch in wow, and either the final or second final boss would be Archimonde AND Kil'jaeden at the same time, if not the last, Sargeras would be the last, another boss that I'd not have killed before that would be Aggonar, he appeared collossal in TBC, and would perhaps be more powerful than even Mannoroth. Battle for Azeroth: First off let's start with the subraces, void elves... wouldn't exist, you want to roll a void elf, go roll any type of elf, and go shadow priest. I don't think subraces need to be equal between Horde and Alliance, rather go with what fits more. I'd give the Alliance the Nightborne instead, if we need to make it equal, give orcs their mag'har, its the most requested subrace ever. The rest of the story: We don't know much yet, but we do know that the Zandalari will be introduced into the Horde, this is the expansion where Vol'jin would die in the pre-expansion, Rastakhan taking the leadership over trolls later on. Horde/Alliance war would need a new reason to be started, with Varian and Garrosh alive, and Sylvanas dead, the speculation of Sylvanas starting this war can't work, and since Sargeras didn't stab the planet, Azerite wouldn't be a thing either, but I do believe a certain valuable resource needs to be the cause of the war, both factions are weakened by the Legion, and one faction getting all the resources may mean the end of the other in the future, as they will be overpowered by a large amount. I am unsure myself if I'd do the entire losing capitals idea, perhaps switch some up Night elves could get Eldre'thalas(Dire Maul) while the Forsaken claim.. okay I don't know, Naxxramas, perhaps? Chronicles: -Azeroth is not a titan, rather a normal planet, the Well of Eternity would be, as speculated, a fountain of power the Titans have planted to reinforce our chanses to win against the Old Gods and their minions -The Old Gods are not minions of the Void, the Void would be just another element, one fitting to the Old Gods, sure, but not their masters, the Old Gods are perhaps without masters, or perhaps something else than the Void leads them. -Other titans did visit Draenor, and it does have an Emerald Dream, to which Anzu and Rukhmar for example, are connected to. -The Broken Curse is made from an amplified Sethe's blood sample, rahter than the red pox, more similarities: Both Sethe's curse and the Legion's weapon disconnected the target from the Light Both Sethe's curse and the Legion's weapon deformed the body of the target into a broken state. -I feel like the pre-chronicles Sargeras, even though much simpler, was far more menacing, a titan who has gone mad by countless eons of fighting demons/the void is much scarier than one who simply thought "Let's kill all life so nothing can get corrupted" -Pantheon still alive, simply fled from Sargeras, we've heard so much about them, to just declare them dead is a huge waste. Misc: -Grand Army of the Light, whenever it happens, way more races, let the developers do some freestyle races to add as models as random members of the army! -Third War=10 years before World of Warcraft classic, and ingame timeline should correlate with the real timeline, look up when either World First kills were made, or when the next patch came out, whichever is a more realistic time lapse for said accomplishment.Nishio49 17h
19h What can we do to make the Alliance feel good? Horde comrades. We must unite against a threat that has risen on the forums. Alliance players don't feel good about themselves anymore, let's make them feel welcome again. Let's throw them a party. I was thinking about baking a cake. If anyone got any other ideas, throw them in the thread. No bonfires guys, it might hurt their feelings.Jonaske181 19h
19h Why did Tirion die so easily Well I thought about it and came to a conclusion, that's there can be one pretty good way to explain it (except of course that one where blue gods just dediced him for lulz): Let's look at his dialogues, going baaack to the fight with the Lich King where he got frozen "LIGHT, GRANT ME ONE FINAL BLESSING. GIVE ME THE STRENGTH... TO SHATTER THESE BONDS!" And at the scene where he died he said something like that: "The light will protect me" Explanation is the following: He asked Light for the final blessing. With that the light won't aid him anymore and he is just an ordinary mage who can control the light power but can't recieve blessings from it. It's kinda logical, since that final blessing helped him to break the ice prison which supposed not to happen (especially on the unholy ground, right at the frozen throne). By that he used all of his "light" for his whole future life and the drawback of this is like I said above, that the light won't help him anymore. That's why that demon just burned through his bubble without any problem. Especially again, on the "unholy" ground. Final blessing won't happen twice, because it is final. /discussEilith47 19h
20h New Night Elves symbol Hi! As, all of you know, in next add-on, NE will lose all their lands. Also Horde burns down Teldrassil. So Darnassus is gone forever ! Currently NE are using Darnassus symbol, as racial symbol on battlefront. So, since Darnassus is no more, maybe those few NE which are left, should start to use new symbol ? Lets think about the best option. I vote for this oneПризраклеса17 20h
22h Which dead character would you bring back? So this is an often asked question on the WoW streams I usually watch on Twitch and thought it would make for a nice, uncontroversial discussion. Also, elaborate on it. I'll start. Mine would be Korialstrasz, Alexstrasza's Prime Consort, also known as Krasus. Yes, Krasus' Landing in Dalaran is named after him. His death was really not called for in my opinion. I think it would have given so much to his character if he just blew up all the eggs and then would be apprehended and tried for treason. When Krasus would explain why he did it no one, not even Alexstrasza would believe him, which could lead to the same depression storyline on her part and would grant Green Jesus the oportunity to redeem him in his flight's eyes. He was such a great character and died in such an underwhelming way I'll never understand why they chose to go along with it. He could have had such important and interesting contributions to post-cata lore it's really a waste to just have him killed off like that. Okay, finihsed rambling. Next! :DLytariel22 22h
22h Alliance can't get to Silithus! The Alliance has a huge problem, how do they get to Silithus? As we saw in the reveal trailer, the parts of Kalimdor controlled by the Alliance gets overrun by the Horde. This gives the Horde total dominance over the continent. The only part that (presumably) is left alone is the Azuremyst Isles. However, that territory is disconnected from the rest of the Alliance forces and a far way from the Wound in Silithus. If you're read up on the cause of the war in the next expansion you'll know why Silithus becomes the most important zone of the expansion. We'll even have a battleground taking place in the sea beyond Silithus. However, lore-wise I find it hard to believe that the battle for Silithus will be an even match. Coloured in red are the areas and routes dominated by the Horde. In blue the areas dominated by the Alliance and supposed ways in which they can gain access to Silithus. In black I've covered the adjacent areas that are unavailable for both factions. To be honest it does not look good for the Alliance. Had this been a real war the Horde would be able to populate this area with civilians even, before the Alliance could get a fleet there. Even if they got there at the same time as the Horde, they're ability to communicate with and get reinforcements from Alliance territory is abysmal in comparison to the Horde's fun little road-trip back to Orgrimmar. To make an understatement: The Horde has an advantage in this battle. I wonder if they will address this problem. PS: No they can't go east and go the other way around. The ships that have sailed into the Forbidden Sea never returns. Probably best to avoid that.Sinvara80 22h
1d Will Gnomes ever be relevant? Even goblins seem to have more lore development in the new expansion than them.Sashirus12 1d
1d Why do people hate Alleria I see people refer to her as being worse then Vereesa and I don't understand why.Soliana76 1d
1d The End of the Regency Era for Quel'thalas A discussion that has been had over and over but still hasn't been resolved nor will I think it will until Blizzard decides to act on it. Now honestly if Lor'themar should stay on as the ruler of Quelthalas or not, it's inevitable that the regency will and should end in one way or another. A regent is a placeholder, it's temporary, which means it must come to a conclusion. There are a few ways to do this. 1. Lor'themar decides to become King (unlikely) 2. Lorthemar drops the 'Regent' from this title becomes simply the 'Lord of Quelthalas' which I doubt should be a problem for him. 3. Someone puts in a bid for Crown. 4. Lor'themar dies. And many others I'm sure. However those are the ones I can think of. And while the idea of restoring the Convaction is a right and natural turn of events it still will need a head, whatever they choose to call themselves. Point is, regency needs to end.Olympe14 1d
1d If Turalyon and Alleria returns as neutral characters.. I swear to Chris Metzen's stylish glasses if they make Alleria and Turalyon come back as neutral characters I'm gonna make... a long angry post on the forums or something! Seriously though. Those two despise the orcs with their hearts and souls. And it's highly unlikely they would ally themselves with the horde.Dentro311 1d
1d Will Sylvanas turn Vereesa into a forsaken? Ok, we have that image that features the burning Teldrassil, Sylvanas looking at it from Darkshore and a female elf with a blue hood lying on the ground next to her. A lot of people speculate that elf could be Vereesa. And since Sylvanas was already interested in turning Vereesa undead, she certainly would do so in this situation. Therefore, Alliance would have Alleria as their only Windrunner, while the Horde would have two. Do you think that's plausible?Akashar29 1d
1d Calia I know she say she doesnt want to rule, but wouldnt she be good character for alliance somewhere in Loarderon? I mean... she doesnt have to be there as super important leader but as priest she could help the alliance ppl (or be neutral and help horde ppl as well, the undeads in Loarderon are her former ppl so she could at least try to "compensate" deeds of her brother.) What do you think? I didnt play priest so if in their class campaign is something what affect Calia please let me know. (I am sure as hell I will not play the priest, just too boring for me, so I will be happy for any info)Aertah46 1d
2d What about the ghost of Admiral Taylor? Is he just roaming around the ruins of our citadel or what? sad endingMelyan4 2d
2d new roleplayer for horde! NEED HELP!! Hey guys new roleplayer here, just looking for some info on the Horde Who leads the trolls now? Is Volljin dead forever or coming back? Who is the Horde leader (warchief)? Are all trolls horde? Or just darkpear. Is rexxar (wc3) still alive? thanks for your help! - CowabungaCowabunga3 2d
2d Turalyon and the second war At some point during Argus storyline quests, Turalyon says something like "I was fighting your kind for thousands of years". But we know he is missing since the Second War, to be more precise, since the Alliance Expedition went Beyond the Dark Portal. Is there any valid explanation for this? Even if we forgo completelly Warcraft 2 lore, he is human and how was he able to survive this long? Regards, ImmImmortall8 2d
2d *Spoilers* (sort of) end of Burning Throne Can someone help clear up a lore aspect for me? So...the titans are not dead after all...they are not in Shen and other watchers after all - they're captured and being tortured and he's still looking for Eonar...for thousands & thousands of years, can't find her - except for the exact moment that we find her...mmmmkkkk The tortured titans don't cave for millenia...until the exact moment that we arrive.....mmmkk Soo now at the end the titans are not dead? And are "back"? They end it with them and illidan fighting we get a score on that match? was it 1-0? Do we know what happened? Could use a bit of help clarifying this and the role of the titans because it all seems a bit jumbledJimstab4 2d
2d Hawkstriders Where do they come from? I mean I know blood elves ride them but I have never seen them in the wilderness, only in settlements. The high elves didnt use them (they had their horses) so where they originally came from? Is there any answer for it? I cant find anything about it.Aertah12 2d
2d (Spoiler) Illogic in BfA dungeons I mean we're supposed to be at war right? Then why some seems we're just helping the enemy? Waycrest manor: Why would the Horde fight the Drust? Thye're keeping the Alliance busy and blocking the source of weapons (and sausages) of the Tirasian. Shrine of the Storm: why would the Horde free this place from the corrputed Sea priests? they're preventing the Alliance from getting ships. It's stupid. The Underrot: Same for Waycrest manor. As long as the Blood Trolls are around, the Zandalari can't give their full strenght to the Horde. Why killing them if you're Alliance? Thats what happens to PvE in a PvP expansion. Unless is world ending stuff, is stupid for a faction to do a instance that is part of the other faction storyline.Chikerino3 2d
2d Lady Vashj served Ilidan And in the end it turned out Ilidan was in fact working towards saving our world, not the other way around, as he was depicted as bad guy during TBC. Does that mean we slaughtered Lady Vashj and her kin in vain? She was afterall only serving Ilidan and helping his cause. Strictly speaking, that means we eradicated the whole faction which was completelly not "bad", so to say. Regards, ImmImmortall26 2d
2d Manduin too stronk So there is a lot of "plotarmor" flying around in this forums, because certain characters, that some people like and dislike, are still alive, even if they in their opinion should be long dead. But there is one character, I always seem to miss in these discussions. A character so ridiculously forced, it's not even funny anymore. High King Anduin Wrynn. Come on people. Am I really the only one who has a problem with the way he has been, and is now being portraied? As a horde player, I always had a good portion of faction pride going on for me. Makes the game more fun and immersive. Horde vs Alliance war has always been a core-theme in warcraft, not just in gameplay, but also in the story. There was always some sort of conflict going on, there never was true peace. And I always respected my enemy in some sort. King Varian was a badass, a true king, a force not be f***ed with. Even though I always find humans in fantasy universes to be boring, I kind of liked him. His story was one of a warrior. A complete badass, wearing badass armor, who has some scars, and a badass sword, who wasn't all about peace, but about honor and protecting his people by any means necessary. "Mess with us, and we're gonna f**king kill you.". I even was a bit envious of that. Since Thrall went full green jesus in cataclysm, Garrosh turned out to be a complete nutcase, and Vol'jin did sweet f**k-all in his time as warchief, I always wanted a good leader, like varian was one. But now I feel bad for the alliance. Because of Anduin Wrynn-reasons. The new, unkillable, most powerful, cripple wearing plate-armor, but still pathetic character in Warcraft. If Anduin Lothar knew that Anduin Wrynn was named after him, he would do a sick backflip inside his grave. This boy knows one thing, and one thing alone. Talking about peace. He didn't learn, when he tried to befriend a maniac-garrosh, twice his size, wielding this huge axe, in front of that bell in Pandaria. And Garrosh smashed him into that bell, breaking every bone he had, but Anduin didn't learn. Well sh*t happens, right? Also when Wrathion betrayed him, he didn't learn. Or when his father was killed by a "presumeable" horde-betrayal (even though it isn't true). He will never learn. So why am I saying he is unkillable? Well I don't know if you read the Velen-comic in Legion, where Velen went full "let's look into the future a bit, since I'ma fancy prophet, and can do that", and saw himself and old-manAnduin aboard the spaceship of #TeamLight (or the friend-ship as I call it), going for the last battle against the void lords. Yes, I am aware that Velen can always be wrong, but come on, you really think this whole comic is turning out to be meaningless? Thickest plot armor in history, nothing will compare. Why do I say he is a cripple? Well, as mentioned earlier, Anduin is crushed by garrosh. Velen even says "well, that's gonna stick with him, forever", since so many bones were shattered. I don't know how you see it, but if one of the strongest light-wielders in WoW says "yea, he gonna be a cripple the rest of his life.", I usually take that for granted. But hey, I dunno, magic I guess? *enter shia labeouf-magic gif here*. So now a cripple wears plate armor and moves around with it, as if it was a pair of jeans, and a t-shirt or smth. Nice. Also, did I mention that Anduin gets mentioned to be a sh*t-swordfighter often, yet he still kicks complete !@# in the trailer, blowing away orc warriors, twice his size? Awesome. As if his gladiator-daddys fighting powers were magically transferred to him, when he looted Shalamayne on the broken shore. Which is also unfair btw. every alli-shaman can have my precious doomhammer, but Anduin gets to keep his daddy-issues-sword, even though my fury warrior would have looked like a badass with it, since it can split? Meh. And no he could not have learned swordfighting in like a month. I mean, he always could, but come on. Mary-sue much? Didn't we learn anything form Medan? Poor bloke even got retconned. Anyway, now we have a super stronk cripple, who can wear plate, and fight like a real man, even though he should'nt be able to. Super forced for me. And of course he drops his sword on the battlefield, because he is a nice, good guy, and almost starts crying, because the light is so beautiful. Oh my god. I don't even. I sure hope Greymane buys him some lego or smth, so he can take over, and the alliance has a proper king, I can go on fighting against. Is my opinion anyway. Sorry for my bad english or smth. See you on the battlefield.Menorem78 2d
3d Thalyssra: Exciting lore ahead for the Nightborne In continuation to the previous thread - but exciting lore developments lie ahead for Thalyssra and the Shal'dorei in the next expansion and it's because they chose the Horde. The Blood Elves are finally not ridiculed to boring lore with just Forsaken, Humans and High Elves. Now things can start getting interesting (although less Aethas and Ryanna, the better.) Some might say the Nightborne could have worked alongside the Draenei, but you'd still have Night Elves poking their arrogant noses in.Tanariá50 3d
3d I wish I was on the US forum Those guys are so Horde-aligned right now and keep throwing lameass insults left and right and I have no way of countering them with my own insults. Blizzard join the EU/NA forums. We are more Alliance aligned currently while they are incredibly Horde-partisan. They also dull down any valid argument with stupid personal attacks with no basis. Seriously I NEED to respond to them!Nightwarden16 3d
3d Lich King influencing DKs Greetings How come I am an errand boy or girl for the fiery Lich King when we Death Knights of Acherus freed ourselves from his will back in WOTLK? Now another Lich King commands us like we were still part of the Scourge. What am I missing please. Thanks :)Arnax17 3d
3d Outlandish scenario for Azeroth world peace So I was just having fun thinking about how the Horde and Alliance could have lasting peace. This is the first time the High King and the Warchief were of opposite sex so if a naaru as powerful as Xe'ra would come along and make Sylvanas lightforged (cleansed of undeath but still living) and no one would be burning down any world trees at the moment, she would almost 100% marry Anduin. Anduin would be game because his ultimate goal is peace (last I checked it was, anyway) and it would benefit Sylvanas as the warchief as well. Just had this crazy idea in my head, thought I'd share.Lytariel11 3d
3d Balance the Races of the Horde and Ally The horde should get more races that can actually build real buildings not just shacks. its good that we got night born but the ally just got blood elves so give us some1 who can build a house that's not made out of wood. Just to balance the races out because the ally are now getting void elves and lightforge, and they are elite warriors and the horde just gets more cows, trolls but where are our elite new warriors. Feel like blood elves kinda look odd by them selves in the horde that why I like the night born, just think we might need some more. maybe some kind of elite warriors like the ally got or something. I dkHellinus17 3d
3d *SPOILERS* Unmentioned Old God appeared ? Hello people. I just saw this voiceline datamined from MMO-Champion "Uul'gyneth - Destroy them! They must not hinder my return! Spiritwalker Ebonhorn - Mayla... the pools... Mayla Highmountain - I understand, my friend. Baine, I must get Ebonhorn back to Highmountain. Baine Bloodhoof - Very well. We will drive this Old God filth from Thunder Bluff." I like to dabble around in the lore from time to time. I am by no means a vast well of knowledge of the lore in any kind, but I like to read around about it. I have been scouting around on wowpedia, and other sites that handles lore for WoW, but I have not found the mention of this old god anywhere. Maybe someone has stumbled upon his name in the ingame lore books ? Or do you think this is just some filler stuff ? Because if I remember correctly then you see some infested planets in Starauger's room - But these should not be within the grasp of Azeroth as how i understood it ? Any actual LoreMasters here who maybe know something about this old god Uul'gyneth, who can point me in the right direction for his lore ? Thanks for any inputs.Illisera13 3d