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04 Jan 2016 Story Forum "Guidelines" and Suggestions We've adapted the description of this forum to include Fan Fiction, and we encourage you to share your stories here! This rest of this post is taken from Nethaera's thread on the US forums: I know more than a few people have been asking if there are guidelines to posting in these forums. The answer is yes and no both. Confusing, I know, but you'll understand once I explain. First, if you are sharing a story here, it should be fictional and set in the Warcraft universe. Can you break canon? Yes. It's your story. Just please try not to go too far afield. Your audience will appreciate some semblance of familiarity. Next, you've asked about just how far language, sexual themes, or violent themes can go, so I'll explain here. Keep in mind, the forum Code of Conduct still applies. Also, keep in mind the rating (T for Teen) as well. When you want a good example story, please take a look at Blizzard's own for World of Warcraft. That should give you a good comparison for your own tales. Use your best judgement. If you ask yourself, "Is this too far?", it just might be and you might want to consider doing another editing pass. While not everyone may agree on taste, try to keep it as tasteful as possible. If you're sharing a story, it may be a good idea to put "complete" at the bottom of your story if it takes more than one post to tell it. We know there are restrictions on the forums that may hinder you a bit, but this may give you the room to post without someone jumping in before you're done and so that the reader knows they are reading a "finished" (we all know no story is ever really finished) piece of work. Authors may also want to express at the bottom of their completed tale if they are open to constructive feedback. Some may not want feedback other than to hear if someone enjoyed it and some may be looking for others to help them hone their skills. The best way to solicit either is to make it clear what you would like. "Constructive feedback welcome." If you are a reader, please be considerate. If you didn't like a story or liked it, then sharing constructive feedback is fine. But, please make sure you do it in a way that isn't insulting to the author if the author has asked for or made it clear they are open to feedback. Most importantly, we all know that these types of efforts are very personal to the author. I'd like to ask authors not to take feedback too personally and likewise for those that give constructive feedback. Please don't make it personal. Personal attacks are definitely not OK here. This is largely 'your' forum to make of what you like in the end. While we have the power to moderate and help mold, the shape of it all is largely up to you and what you make of it as a community. *I've left this thread open on purpose so that any additional etiquette discussions or questions could be kept here. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves.Takralus8 04 Jan 2016
6m Gnome paladins? Seriously i still don't get it. Why gnomes got priests, while paladins not yet? It's somehow bugging me, because priests use both light and shadow magic... The only reason i remember gnome priests happend back in CATA, was they were an medics or something... WHAT?Sapherea42 6m
8m Another ¨Garrosh¨ type story With what I have read from datamined info which is subject to change mind you, it does seem like we are headed for another Garrosh type story line with Sylvanas, I really don't want this. We have already been through this once and we don't need a repeat of that madmans story, it would have been fun to see the Horde united once again instead of always being fractured for the sake of perhaps killing someone off. Please feel free to share your thoughts on all this but keep it sivil.Tyrahna91 8m
20m Spoiler: Saurfang new alpha build "I have stopped counting the days I have sat in this cell. It has, however, given me a great deal of time to reflect. You think you are here to take me back to Orgrimmar. Back to the Warchief. You are mistaken. After all she has done, I will never return to her Horde. What do you mean? Make sure you know the difference between loyalty and honor. And pray you never have to choose." To me the Horde comes first - Nazgrim would have been disappointed with SaurfangKutthu266 20m
9h Sons of Lothar full reunion? Will it happen? So yes, Khadgar goes to meet Tyralyon and Alleria on Argus and they only briefly mention a renuion along with Kurdan and Danath. Now Danath has actully been featured in Legion, but only standing around in the Alliance tavern in Dalaran, doing nothing. Has Blizzard missed something here? They forgot about it? Cut content? We can expect the Windrunner renuion in BFA but the Sons of Lothar really deserves to sit down and all raise a toast together once more, considering how much they've been through.Durgrol35 9h
10h Gnome Allied Race What will it be?Ìz22 10h
19h Troll Lore Am i the only one who's pumped that we finally gonna get some troll lore? Our boy here Bwonsamdi looks bad a$$ af!Reígn120 19h
23h Arator the Redeemer I wonder if he'll become a bigger character in the future. I know there's a prophecy or something that mentions a child of Light and Shadow would have a big part to play. Whether or not that's him, I have no idea, but it's still interesting. What y'all think?Charmionge12 23h
23h Taelia: Who is she? Kul Tiras SPOILERS Hi everyone, We are having some debate down in the US forums about this girl. For anyone wondering who is she and why is she important, her dialogue has been datamined with the new batch of information we’ve had about Kul Tiras. She is in Tiragarde Sound, and after completing some quest around the area, we discover she isn't actually Kul Tiran. Katherine Proudmoore herself seems to know something about her: Taelia... Of course. Our young ward from across the sea. You've grown into a valiant young woman, Taelia. Your father would be proud. And when talking with Taelia directly, she tells us: You see, my mother was from Lordaeron and my father was a decorated knight of Stormwind. They sent me here during the Third War to keep me safe. Cyrus taught me to ride. Taught me to fight. He was one of Daelin Proudmoore's most trusted knights! Daelin hand-picked him to raise me. I always felt a little guilty about Cyrus being forced into a desk job to raise me. But I supposed it's the only reason he wasn't in the battle of Theramore. I mean, woah. A guardian handpicked by Daelin Proudmoore himself, sent to Kul Tiras for her own protection, an important Lordaeron mother and a decorated knight from Stormwind that even Katherine Proudmoore herself knew... Who is this girl??? Some say they are setting her for some future with Anduin. And we might be looking at Taelia Fordragon. What do you guys think? I mean, who could possibly be?. Blizzard seems to be trying to expand on her story, so she must come from some place relevant for the narrative.Zarao63 23h
1d Wildhammer Clan. Extinct? Hey, Going over some Kul Tiras quests in the alpha, you meet a bunch of gryphon riders. When talking to their leader, he tells you he is a Wildhammer and an interesting story: ... So, apparently, his clan was wiped from the Twilight Highlands by the Twilight Hammer. That’s something pretty big.... Some of you may recall from Legion and the class hall campaigns, that the Wildhammers settled in the Aerie Peak were also wrecked by a demon attack. Taking both attacks, I must say that the Wildhammers might as well have ended as clan, or best case scenario, have some scattered remnants left. Could it be that Blizzard is trying to give a canonical reason to avoid making playable Wildhammers? It’s kind of cheap... Also, I don’t understand the move of killing off quite a big segment of the dwarven lore. Could it be that they want to give Ironforge the full, undivided attention when it comes to dwarf stories? A mirrored loss for the Dragonmaw that died with Garrosh in SoO?Zarao21 1d
1d If you could rewrite the lore... What would you do? First off, I want to say, I did post these things before, but want to start over with a clean thread, as the first had a few small issues. Either way, the following is what I'd do, and I want to know how much you agree or disagree with it: Vanilla/Classic: I haven't played much back in the day, I do not know if there were any large mistakes made here, feel free to share though, that goes for all parts of this post. The Burning Crusade: -Draenei looks like broken as seen on Argus, broken look like Lost Ones, Lost Ones retconned. Eredar look like current Draenei/Eredar due demonic mutation -Illidan going evil for no reason at all, attacking Shattrath even though he's an enemy of the Legion. How should this have been? Illidan did not attack Shattrath, rather, it was Kael'thas' forces that did it, disguised as Stormrage's Illidari. Why? Kil'jaeden would've ordered KT to do so, a punishment to Illidan for his failure to slay Arthas. -Blood Knight redemption, before the Sunwell, Blood Knights were a lot different, they used to enslave a Naaru and drain its power, with this -commanding- the Light, they did not feel like Paladins at all, in matter of fact, the quest that you needed to do to get your epic mount involved burning down one of the Silver Hand's most sacred places. This is something that seperated them from Alliance paladins, something that made them feel more Horde-like. What should've happened is that they didn't lose their captive naaru, or captured another one, therefore keeping their ability so syphon one even after the Sunwell. The Sunwell also should've been destroyed, Imagine Kil'jaeden putting up one final act of revenge beforebeing sent back to Argus at his defeat in the Sunwell, he would cast a spell that would collapse the Sunwell entirely, permanently destroying it. Alternatively, have Kael'thas steal the naaru but we later find another naaru, oddly named Xe'ra, near the black temple, which we use instead. Either way, Kael'thas should not have been the first to act against Silvermoon, but would've rahter indirectly angered them, causing them to be his enemies without it feeling like a randm betrayal. Wrath of the Lich King: The Lich King, an underestimating fool, throughout the expansion we are made to believe that Arthas is a very good tactician, so why is it then, after every time we thwart him, he lets us go, several times throughout leveling he has come personally face-to-face with us, and let us live, one may try to argue that this was to make us more powerful before making us his minions, but it was made clear that the Scourge was already powerful enough to wipe us out, and that he was "holding back", this completely counters that entire post, he doesn't need us, so why should he test us?! Instead he shouldn't've come face-to-face with us before the final confrontation near his throne. -Argent Tournament, why? Why in Icecrown?! There are a few things about this Argent Tournament that annoy me, first of all, why is it hosted in Icecrown? Why would you hold your training ground in the middle of the enemy stronghold?! The original idea was to hold it in Crystalsong Forest, hence the two useless camps in the zone, and this would've made more sense, it would be kept a fair distance away from the scourge's main forces, and under the direct protection of Dalaran, floating just above. Another issue within the Tournament is... it's more of a colliseum, an arena, the Tournament's goal was to prepare for an attack upon Icecrown Citadel.. So why, then, do we try to KILL OUR COMPETITORS?! While I do understand that some trainees would die in this, as they may put us to fight against monsters, as only that would properly train us to face some of the Scourge's minions, we should definately not kill eachother when it comes to Horde vs Alliance on this, instead, their hatred for eachother would be resolved in non-lethal combat, we do not have the resources to lose anyone in this grand war against the Scourge. -There must always be A Lich King": Total, Bullcrap. This is only an excuse to bring something that could've been used in the future, while forgetting Kel'thuzad is still not permanently dead. Bolvar should've been dead-dead, and no new Lich King should've been made. Mord'rethar could've been closed down to keep the scourge at bay, or it could've been explained that, while the Scourge's numbers are still countless, without a leader, they are weak and unorganized, unable to put up a serious threat again. Cataclysm: -Cairne Vs. Garrosh: Now, this is allright, but I do wish that the intent of cairne was a non-lethal mak'gora, he'd still die because of magatha's poison ofcourse, but this would make the entire shock value of his death even bigger. -Nordrassil's End: I'll explain this later on, but have Ragnaros succeed in burning down Nordrassil... Now this here is an iffy one, it's not really a mistake Blizzard made, but I'm curious if this idea would work: -Druids of the Flame: Malfurion Corrupted: What if through some way, the druids of the flame managed to corrupt Malfurion, rather than Fandral, what if we had to kill Malfurion in the Firelands, perhaps this could add a bigger involvement of the priesthood of elune into this storyline, a bit of progression for Tyrande's story. If this were indeed to pass, Hamuul would also become the leader of the Cenarion Circle. Again, I am unsure if this could work, this is only a random though I had, anyways, back to more pressing issues. -Thrall, the "Earth-warder", okay, first problem of Dragon Soul.. Thrall is a mortal, and should not be able to control the Dragon Soul at all, he should not be involved with this at all, thats about it. -The "Age of Mortals": You know what makes even less sense than a mortal controlling such a powerful artifact? Dragons losing their power over Neltharion's defeat. First of all, why should dragons lose their power over completing their "destiny"? If you ask me, that's a compelling argument to not follow your destiny. Secondly: Deathwing was not the real evil, sure he was corrupted and evil, but it was caused by the Old Gods, if anything, ending the Old Gods would be the real "destiny" of the dragonflights, not slaying one of their own.. which by the way wouldn't be a major issue if he wasn't blessed in the first place. Mists of Pandaria: -Om nom nom, the language of the Pandaren; Okay blizzard, very funny.. or not, I know you tried to joke here, but I'd prefer it if Pandaren had a more asian sounding language if you're not a pandaren, rather than the "nom nom" they put out now, hell, the Ballad of Liu Lang had actual Pandaren language in it, which was great! While on subject, you made another mistake on Pandaren language... by calling it "Pandaren" the pandaren don't use that language anymore, not since the Mogu Dynasty, Pandaren language was lost to the ages as the Pandaria races were not allowed to speak any language but Mogu, to prevent any secret planning under the noses of the Empire., so, the language should be called "Mogu" instead. -Pandaren, the optimistic peace-lovers: I don't know why you chose to do this, but you made pandaren this... always smiling, super optimistic race of carebears, to which I must say: "NO!", you gave a good example with how most pandaren should be with the Shado-pan, with honor and control within them, they know the dangers of Pandaria, and are very strict and disciplined in their nature, you would see that they may have the most discipline among their younger, less of that "playing all the time" and more of learning of their values and virtues. -I also wish you gave us more Shao-dins, or clans, aside from the Shado-pan, I would like to see a few ancient pandaren clans in Pandaria, among them the ancient Huojin and Tushui, which would be rivals on Pandaria, rahter than the allies they were on the turtle, Imagine a backstory about them, that they were once allies in the times of Liu Lang, but in time, their on Pandaria living Shao-dins would start parting ways as their opposing views started brewing trouble, Imagine if there was a tale that they worked together in ancient times, the Huojin would defend their settlements from average attacks, while the Tushui meditated and planned to defend these settlements from larger scale attacks in the meantime, these clans, once working in pendulum, now bitter enemies. -Pandaren Appearance, another thing I dislike about pandaren is their appearance, their ingame models simply look... silly, overweight, what I would want is something more along the lines of Samwise's art, specifically the "Pandyr" as seen in the following links: These pandaren look a lot less cuddly, and much more fitting within the Warcraft franchise, here are a few normal pandaren made by Samwise: Again, much more fitting for Warcraft. Secondly, their weapons, as seen while leveling in pandaria look... outright silly, as does some of their armor, but especially their weapons, it looks like parts of the weapons were made with play-doh, all colorful and useless spirals in their base.. why? Why couldn't we have some more asian-styled weapons, mogu had some pretty good looking weapons. -Garrosh's Corruption and descent to Madness: Oh boy, this is a big one.. Before I'll go on, yes, it made sense, but, why, why did you do this? This is perhaps the biggest loss of potential you caused in lore to this date.. Garrosh.. he could've been so much more than this.. Yes, he was reckless and aggressive, but in Cata, we saw progression within him, especially in Stonetalon Mountains, we saw that he was learning, slowly perhaps, but still, learning how to lead his people, he was changing, he learned a lot about honor and respect, and MERCY, we saw him shape up to in the future perhaps be the best Warchief the Horde has ever had... But you ruined it, you took him and shaped him into an evil psychopath because of the Sha... Who would I choose to become an enemy instead? this might be the most controversial of all my points here but... Sylvanas... Why Sylvanas? Well, her main goal was to kill the Lich King, and that she did, the only reason she accepted ressurection after her suicide was because she came to be in the same afterlife as Arthas, but she is slipping into madness, we can see she's not herself anymore, and simply does anything not to join arthas, even if it means becoming just like him, as seen in Silverpine Forest. This would be the best time to end her story, remember, you can die a hero or become a monster, and that's the case with her story aswell, end her before her story grows bad. I even thought of a few encounters we could see in this... Siege of Undercity raid.. Kor'kron Vanguard: The Kor'kron that were to keep a watch over the Undercity since the Wrathgate, turned into undead by Sylvanas, a few mobs outside and an ad-based boss in the courtyard, they serve as "cannon fodder" to the forsaken. Nathanos Blightcaller: A patrol roaming around the outer circle of Undercity, perhaps he has a pet which needs to be dealt with? Mantid Apothecaries: Apothercary quarter, the forsaken and mantid work together to combine their posions and blight to make a successor over the blight used at the Wrathgate, we must put a stop to this. Koltira Deathweaver: Sylvanas' Throne Room: Koltira has been tortured and reshaped to be a weapon of the Forsaken, this is where Thassarian could take part of the story, helping us put an end to his corrupted friend. Once Koltira is dead, the plateau Sylvanas usually stood on lowers, it becomes an elevator, which goes down.. waaaaay down, as we take the elevator down we can hear the sound of chains and a loud heartbeat getting louder and louder, clutter in the rooms ahead will move in tandem as the heart beats, we face the Klaxxi Champions as one of the encounters down there, the second final boss would be the Val'kyr, the remaining Val'kyr with the most power, we kill all of them of them but one, Aradne, Aradne would at the end of the fight flee, not to be seen for some time. Finally, Sylvanas herself, we would see she had discovered whatever laid under Tirisfal (Whether it is the minion or not) and absorb its power along with the power of the heart of Y'shaarj, We would face against the combination of Legion and Old God minions, an undead with the power of the god's heart, and slay her there. With the (permanent) death of Sylvanas, a new Forsaken leader needs to rise, for this, changes need to be made, and more lore added to this character, but I would pick Lillian Voss.. now, some of you might have a few problems with this but let me explain. Voss has a hatred for the undead, this is true, but perhaps that is exactly why she would make for a fitting leader to lead the Forsaken to a... somewhat brigher future, stepping away from the blight forever, and going back to stealing minons of the Scourge, rather than raising their own, the Forsaken would once more step away from their evil roots and try to aid the horde and their own with some dignity.. Perhaps Voss would at first decline, but somehow forced into this position, or persuaded, to know that the undead would only become more of a problem if she would not step in. The Alliance-Horde war continues, or at least skirmishes do, there will be no peace, only local ceasefires in areas of greater danger, as it always has been. Walords of Draenor: Now, onto this... how would I do this, without needing Garrosh... As the Horde and Alliance continue their war/skirmishes against eachother, wrathion and Kairoz would come to the same conclusion as we have now, the current forces of Azeroth cannot defeat the oncoming attack of the Legion/old gods, and decide to go to AU draenor, not because Garrosh could be used here, but instead because the Orcs have been shown to be a threat before, they would enter Draenor through Faralohn and form the Iron Horde, not through the Warsong, but through the Dragonmaw, as dragons, perhaps to be revered by this clan. We would indeed chase after them, but this time less foolish, the Dark Portal is much too fortified for us to assault, it is the very Stronghold of the Iron Horde, and assaulting there would be suicide. Instead, we get the Bronze Dragonflight to aid us, using the time-dimension rift in Faralohn to enter Draenor, just as the assault on tanaan, we would have a short scenario in Faralohn, escaping from the Iron Horde forces there, and going to Frostfire/Shadowmoon Side note on SMV, it would not be a zone of permanent night, it makes no sense that the sun never comes up there but it does in other zones.. it is simply named after the clan, and Gorgrond is a full barren rock-wasteland, where Faralohn takes the Botani part. Anyways, we get to our respective zones and make Bladespire Citadel and Karabor our homes, these would serve as the capital cities, screw Ashran. Now here is where some fun comes in, every clan has parts of them with, and against the Iron Horde, this may help the Horde expand in their orc subrace diversity. But now, for the enemy chieftains, not nessecarily Iron Horde: Grommash Ner'zhul Gul'dan Kargath Dragonmaw Warlord and.... Durotan. The Dragonmaw Warlord, Kargath, Grommash and Durotan being part of the Iron Horde, seeing honor in this unity, being convinced by Kairoz and Wrathion that this is for the good of all, Thrall and Garrosh would both have a tough time here, facing their fathers as enemies, Garrosh in the end winning, however, Thrall, would be slain, and Nobundo takes the leadership of the Earthen Ring. As we continue our fight against the Iron Horde, we would fight through the entirety of draenor on the first patch, including Faralohn and Tanaan, Tanaan serving as the level 100 zone, where we face the bulk of the Iron Horde, and -CAPTURE-, not destroy, the Dark Portal, it is after all, our only way home, Khadgar could open a portal to our azeroth using the time rip in Faralohn, otherwise having no leyline connection to our home aside from the Dark Portal, but even that for a mere few seconds, in other words, not enough to gather reinforcements or anything. As we capture the Dark Portal, the Shadow council manages to free Gul'dan and his allies, it would not be us to free him, that's stupid, why not kill him right there, after all, he was defenseless! Rather than Blackrock Foundry as one of the raids, as Blackhand would side with us, being among the Warlords to listen to Kilrogg, whose vision foresaw the Iron Horde's failure would they face the Burning Legion/old gods (Also yes, Kilrogg would be the main cause for the AU orcs to side with us), we would have the Dragonmaw Stronghold in Shadowmoon Valley, based on the southern Island, among the bosses in that raid, we could face Kairozdormu, perhaps the final boss of that instance. -Cho'gall would not be a part of Highmaul, instead, he would be involved in two major patches. -We would not kill Rukhmar, as the adherents were FALSE followers, Rukhmar was not an enemy, instead, perhaps that fungal whale boss could've been a thing. 6.1: The Heart of Nature: With Gul'dan escaped, we need a new power source for the portal to function, for this, we travel to Faralohn, and face the Botani, we slay their leader in a short.. 3-boss raid, and use the heart of this botani leader to power the gateway once more. 6.2: Legacy of the Apexis: Cho'gall has escaped, and made his way to an island west of the Spires of Arak Which is where he uncovers a lost city, and raises it once more, this city would be the temple of the Apexis civilization, a "temple in the sky" as described in an arakkoan archaeology item: Apexis Scroll: This battered scroll case has corroded shut, and the scroll within is barely readable with very careful examination. These appear to be plans and measurements for a glorious "Temple in the Sky," written in an ancient hand. It's unclear whether such a splendid structure was ever built. This "Temple" would serve as the 5man dungeon of this patch, in it we would end up facing Sethe as the final boss, putting an end to him once and for all. 6.3: The Return of the Empire: Cho'gall, however, escapes, and makes his way to the Gorian Empire, where we would chase him once more, and this time, we do not let him escape, a raid would be involved in this patch, bosses of this raid include Cho'gall and Ner'zhul, and a few other servants of the old god inhabiting Draenor, we stop the summoning of the old god. 6.4: Hellfire Citadel: In our absence from Tanaan, Gul'dan had prepared everything he needs to summon the Legion, and this patch would be a lot similar lorewise as our current HFC patch, however, a few changes: -Tyrant Velhari would be replaced by... Yrel. In the early production, Blizzard said that Yrel had a "dark secret", which I think would've been awesome, we face the traitor eredar instead. -Final Boss: Mannoroth: I am not a fan of this "One legion" lore, so instead of facing an AU Archimonde and needing to face him later in the game for a third time, we could face a resurrected Mannoroth instead, on his death, he sends Gul'dan through the Dark Portal (Which would be under Legion control for then) to send him to azeroth. I never got how Gul'dan came to azeroth by being sent through a portal connected to Argus. With our business on Draenor done, we would return to Azeroth. Now, for a bit of lore I forgot to mention, because it's important here, before WoD, we would discover that Outland's connection to the Nether is eating it away, the shattered planet would collapse slowly, however its speed increasing, this would cause us to try and rescuse as many inhabitants of the planet as we can, which the Iron Horde disrupts. With the AU Draenor linked to MU Azeroth, and no way to undo it, he Bronze and Blue dragonflights work together to merge these two timelines together in a way, the MU outland would be forever lost, collapsing to come to an end soon, and AU Draenor holding better reinforcements for the fights ahead. Legion: Oh boy, that was a lot of writing, well... almost done... Broken Shore; Intro: Okay, in here perhaps we could lose two other important characters, Vol'jin's death here was stupid, and that of Varian, while awesome, I see him as an alliance counterpart of Garrosh; Strong, Somewhat brutal, honorful, has some great backstory to him, I know I shouldn't, but he's one of the two characters I put plot-armor on, because it's just so hard to replace him with someone just as likeable, if not more. Aszuna: Nearly everything is perfect, the only bother here is that the blue dragonflight is there and infertile, part of that whole "age of mortals" thing, so they'd still be fertile... Stormheim: No Sylvanas involved, perhaps some other faction war stuff? Worgen vs Forsaken is still viable, but less connected to the entire Vrykul stuff. Less Felskorn, seriously, a few more allied vrykul that ain't valarjar would be great. Highmountain: Involve Ebonhorn and Sabelion to track down and together with you, kill Wrathion, who is among the people to blame for the Legion's presence, the rest's good. Val'sharah: -Ysera indeed gets corrupted, but we do not face her in a solo quest, rather in the raid. -Nightmare Corruption CAN be reversed, it's funny because there's a WQ with us cleansing the land of it, which you mentioned is impossible in questing, you couldn't even stick to "unreversable" for one patch, you went against it in the same patch as when you made this a thing! -Less people get corrupted, I mean we lost 2 archdruids aside from cenarius AND ysera.. calm down, we get it, corruption powerful and all that.. Suramar: As an opposer to the "you are our Only hope" style of writing, i am also really against becoming the jarl of jandvik, maybe thane at most... Give the Vrykul place to the Horde, and Shal'aran to the Alliance. Isles in general: Highmountain tauren and Vrykul go Horde, the elven factions Alliance, give a PvP area between Val'sharah and Highmountain. Both factions will still have quests in all zones, but instead do so with other NPCs at other places, just as in TBC and Wrath Emerald Nightmare Replace Ursoc with Omen, you know, the ancient driven insane that we faced every year at lunar festival? How about we fight him in the nightmare, don't kill him, though, and Omen is finally freed from his madness, and now a new ally, lunar festival would change accordingly, we've fought omen for enough years.. Replace Dragons of Nightmare with Ysera, as Ysera dies, Ysondre, who has faced the nightmare before, would reluctantly accept to become the new aspect, her previous encounters with the nightmare making her the most experienced dragon to deal with it, and thus, the best replacement possible. Cenarius would be killed, however, permanently too, as he is within the Emerald Dream, and I feel like ancients should be bound to the dream, just as it demons are to the Nether and can only be permanently killed in the nether (Also on that topic, only powerful demons should be able to be reborn like that) Shaladrassil is beyond saving, and is burned away to prevent corruption after the EN raid, as the nightmare isn't quite dead yet, just pushed back. We wouldn't become class hall leaders either, and as previous expansions should've been, we would remain adventurers This means we'd not be hunting down these super powerful demons on our own. Speaking of class hall bosses though... Hakkar should not be a Fel Lord, but rather as described in lore before "A burning skeletal demon" who weilds a whip made of felhound skin as a weapon, here's an image of official artwork: And on topic on Fel Lords and other "Powerful Demons", we should not face them often at all, the only two Fel Lords I think are alright up to now are the one in HFC and the upcoming one in ToS Moving on... No Xe'ra/Illidan redemption, the redemption of illidan would be in TBC, sunwell patch, discovering that we were decieved and now Illidan is dead, the end. A long questchain involving Tirion's death and throughout the Legion patches, discovering about a rogue Nathrezim (Lothraxion) (no connection to turalyion/alleria this time around) and in the end aiding him, Lothraxion would, near the end of the expansion, take the mantle of Highlord of the Argent Crusade, reforging the broken Ashbringer into a shield. 7.1: The Gates of Helheim Not much to change with the entire Helya/odyn thing, maybe make odyn less of a really dislikable character? I also don't like Helya being a Val'kyr, perhaps just a former ally of odyn, swayed to the dark by Loken? Speaking of Val'kyr... Aradne would be the second final boss of this Raid, perhaps Guarm>Aradne>Helya, no need to be tested by odyn... again..., Aradne would serve as a mockery to odyn, something that says; "Hey, you remember your glorious creation? Yeah, not even they are safe from my grasp" Now, this is also where a large plot twist comes in.. What if Aradne was always a servant of Helya, Val'kyr were very smart members of the Scourge, and what if Helya had a better grasp over them than even Arthas? What I would do is reveal here that this is one of the reasons of the Kvadir in Northrend, the Kvadir were there to contact the dark Val'kyr, and sway them to serve Helya, and so they did, they pretended to serve Arthas further, constantly drawing his powerful soul ever closer to Helheim. When Arthas died, this is where his sould would be sent.. and this is where the Val'kyr could temporally bring Sylvanas' soul aswell, giving her the impression being stuck with Arthas is where her fate would lay if dead. Just like Arthas' soul, that of Sylvanas would also be very powerful, and a great gift to Helya, so they fooled both arthas and sylvanas, binding both souls to helheim in the end. Once Helya is dead, I would think, THIS is a better place to put another "keeper of the dead", someone who would draw the souls of the dishonorable into hell, a punishment for their disgrace, one who would work together with Odyn to keep justice among the Vrykul. Who this would be I do not know, perhaps a final redemption for either arthas or sylvanas... 7.2: Tomb of Sargeras(?) -Dalaran's Fall As we assault the Tomb of Sargeras, the Legion manages to counterattack, the Tomb's fel beam is amied at Dalaran, and it succeeds, we evacuate as many people as we can and escape, A broken Dalaran plummets into the seas below, the capital will be moved to Suramar City, now that we have ripped it from the Legion's control. -Kil'jaeden not final boss of Tomb, how about the Avatar of Sargeras being the final boss, I am sure something else fits in there to have as another boss to get the number right. As for Argus and all that, look, I'm clueless, I wouldn't want any of it to happen in the first place yet, ending the Legion still feels premature, and I'd try to make ToS the final raid of the Expansion, I'm not sure what I'd put inbetween, maybe that scrapped night elf island, Thal'dranath.. However, Regarding the "Army of the Light" which may be dubbed as something else, it would include more than broek and draenei, it would be an army spanning from a whole array of different races from different worlds where they resisted the Legion, a good place to let developers go wild, they could make what they want here, chanses are we wont ever see this race again anyways. Argus would be introduced the last Legion-related patch in wow, and either the final or second final boss would be Archimonde AND Kil'jaeden at the same time, if not the last, Sargeras would be the last, another boss that I'd not have killed before that would be Aggonar, he appeared collossal in TBC, and would perhaps be more powerful than even Mannoroth. Battle for Azeroth: First off let's start with the subraces, void elves... wouldn't exist, you want to roll a void elf, go roll any type of elf, and go shadow priest. I don't think subraces need to be equal between Horde and Alliance, rather go with what fits more. I'd give the Alliance the Nightborne instead, if we need to make it equal, give orcs their mag'har, its the most requested subrace ever. The rest of the story: We don't know much yet, but we do know that the Zandalari will be introduced into the Horde, this is the expansion where Vol'jin would die in the pre-expansion, Rastakhan taking the leadership over trolls later on. Horde/Alliance war would need a new reason to be started, with Varian and Garrosh alive, and Sylvanas dead, the speculation of Sylvanas starting this war can't work, and since Sargeras didn't stab the planet, Azerite wouldn't be a thing either, but I do believe a certain valuable resource needs to be the cause of the war, both factions are weakened by the Legion, and one faction getting all the resources may mean the end of the other in the future, as they will be overpowered by a large amount. -Capital cities do indeed get invaded, Teldrassil is burned away, fulfilling the prophecy of Il'gynoth "five torches to light our path", those being the world trees, including the unknown one that was in Un'goro, they were all burned, representing the torches, these trees' roots dig deep into the earth, burning them may make way for N'zoth to rise. (Eldre'thalas new Nelf city, dont know for Undead) Chronicles: -Azeroth is not a titan, rather a normal planet, the Well of Eternity would be, as speculated, a fountain of power the Titans have planted to reinforce our chanses to win against the Old Gods and their minions -The Old Gods are not minions of the Void, the Void would be just another element, one fitting to the Old Gods, sure, but not their masters, the Old Gods are perhaps without masters, or perhaps something else than the Void leads them. -Other titans did visit Draenor, and it does have an Emerald Dream, to which Anzu and Rukhmar for example, are connected to. -The Broken Curse is made from an amplified Sethe's blood sample, rahter than the red pox, more similarities: Both Sethe's curse and the Legion's weapon disconnected the target from the Light Both Sethe's curse and the Legion's weapon deformed the body of the target into a broken state. -I feel like the pre-chronicles Sargeras, even though much simpler, was far more menacing, a titan who has gone mad by countless eons of fighting demons/the void is much scarier than one who simply thought "Let's kill all life so nothing can get corrupted" -Pantheon still alive, simply fled from Sargeras, we've heard so much about them, to just declare them dead is a huge waste. Misc: -Grand Army of the Light, whenever it happens, way more races, let the developers do some freestyle races to add as models as random members of the army! -Third War=10 years before World of Warcraft classic, and ingame timeline should correlate with the real timeline, look up when either World First kills were made, or when the next patch came out, whichever is a more realistic time lapse for said accomplishment.Nishio106 1d
1d The Forsaken and the Alliance- Diplomatic flaws Hey everyone, As seen in some excerpt from the third volume of Chronicles, Sylvanas apparently decided to send ambassadors to both factions. But apparently, the ones that knocked on Stormwinds door where killed without a chance to actually pass on their proposal. Do you think this kind of action is something the Alliance narrative should put more emphasis on? I mean, it’s turning out to be a recurrent Alliance theme regarding their diplomacy: they have a grudge, and they push away potential allies, forcing them to the more “welcoming” arms of some Horde faction or collective. Happened with Blood elves (Chronicles makes some emphasis on how they were shunned for allying temporally with the naga), the Nightborne, the goblins, and now we have some texts that point at them doing the same with Sylvanas. Do you feel this is consistent or interesting narrative? It gives some depth to one of the characteristic flaws the Alliance has shown over the years: prejudice. And it makes them so much more interesting. Must say that it makes Garithos mindset all the more consistent, given that his way of viewing the other races was something apparently shared by Stormwinds rule. It’s refreshing.Zarao150 1d
1d Lore "movie" Lately I started watching Youtube videos about the lore. I found 3 amazing Youtubers (I am sure everyone knows them but I will tell the names). Krucial, Hirumaredx and BelluralGaming. Their lore videos are amazing. So I thought of something. How hard is for Blizzard to pay them, give them the budget they need and they take the lore and visualise it? I mean imagine a 10-20 part documentary that show people, in details the story. From the beginning to today. Imagine it in 4K quality watching it in Blue Ray on your big TV. I know its a long shot but I thought to just say it.Sindarine30 1d
1d A poem about a troll and a dwarf A poem about the hatred brewed between a troll, a dwarf, and their long held feud. Their tragic story of pester and scorn, began in the vale of Stranglethorn… “Steady now” the dwarf was thinking, His right eye steady, never blinking. A moment of silence… Then BOOM! a shot, The dwarf laughed elated, a raptor he caught! From shoulder to toe he skinned his price, By Bronzebeard’s hammer did the scales look nice. The beast’s head he strapped to his bag, Oh boy, he couldn’t wait to show and brag. While strolling away he did start to wonder, Where the feathers came from that he found under. But then he recalled, he had once heard, Raptors might be related to some kind of bird. Now as the dwarf heads back to camp, Our attention shifts to our other champ: A troll in the forest, back from a swim, His day would soon turn out to be grim… He would’ve looked silly, if there had been bystanding troops: “This strange Shaman fella was walking in loops. Surely by now, he had to see, it was the fourth time he was passing that tree.” But, our troll wasn’t just strolling about, He was confused, desperate, starting to doubt, Several times he had covered the ground, Muttering to himself: “Mon, Wasn’t dis … … where I parked ma mount?” -to be continued- Couldn't find much motivation for the thesis I was writing, so I wrote the beginning of a short story instead ... If people find this entertaining I might write a sequal.Stags3 1d
1d High elfs and Velfs Ok random thought - Just give alliance high elfs for free to go along with Velfs. Why?? 1. Lore wise there should be very very few Velfs anyway by adding High elfs to go along with them at least buffs the numbers to the alliance army. 2. It's fair to say most would of rather High elfs this isnt to suggest to remove Velf clearly they cannot be removed and I am sure Some out there even like Velfs now at this stage. 3. Currently Horde have gotten some real love with there new trolls so much added detail, giving alliance High elfs ( what people wanted from the begininig ) would at least help 4. It shouldnt even take a huge amount of work for blizz + High elfs even have the own bases faction mount leaders etc to go along with them its easy! and what a huge playerbase wants. - To end if there is worry about fairness for horde and alliance upcoming Orcs are getting how many reskin orc tribes? bla anyway random rantAmonjerro119 1d
1d Kul Tiras human Druids hinted. Yes/No? Hey, With all the datamined info, and the quests around Drustvar, there seem to be a lot of hints pointing at the Druid class getting implemented if the Kul tiran allied race comes live. Now, are you people in favour or against? There is a newly written article in Wowhead regarding this subject. 1d
1d Kul Tiras population. Looking at the lore of warcraft, shouldn't Kul Tiras pretty much have the biggest human population on Azeroth? All the other kingdoms have been either sacked multiple times or completely wiped out, all except Kul Tiras. So one could expect that they have become the most thriving of the human factions.Livía27 1d
1d Pandarian Lore how does it fit into WOW? How does the Pandarians fit into the lore of wow. The expansion of MoP doesn't seem to fit the game. I tried to make sense of the idea of finding a lost continent roughly similar in size to Northrend. They took a long time in finding as it's in the middle of the Booty Bay Ratchet ship lane, shouldn't have been hard to miss as it's big!! As you can guess I am not a fan of this expansion, mostly because it introduced the pandarians and the monks. I think the flow is wrong. We could have bypassed MoP and WoD and jumped into Legion. At least it would have kept the plot firmly on Azeroth.Littlemajik18 1d
1d Should nightborne & all others be dominated by faction? Should every new group/race introduced only exist to be defined by the horde or alliance even if their far older and long reaching lore kinda demands that this doesn't happen? Why do both the Kaldorei and Shal'dorei have to be dominated by horde and alliance hatred or faction politics/fighting? Sure it can play a factor, especially when their friends are so full of it, but I think it would be much better and more logical if it was only a minor one. I'll be frank, I would like to see the 2 night elf groups have a working relationship to be honest. Face it, these guys are 10k year old ancients, should they be so sucked in by the squabbles of what must seem children to them? I don't think so. I accept and think it is fitting that they should both play roles in their factions especially when WMDs are at stake, but do they need to hate and kill each other ? No, even if their best friends hate each other. Look at it this way, I may be friendly, neutral or even cold towards a family member, and each of our best friends hate each other, doesn't mean I would hate and want to kill my family member or can't have some sort of working relationship, even if it is a bit frosty. Nightborne Shal'dorei don't have to hate Kaldorei, in fact they can get along and it fits the mentality and psychology of both of them, I mean they both think the night elf is the zenith of all things, and they both had last 10k years dominated by what the legion did... Surely the end of the legion is far more significant and a shared experience (as well as the kaldorei empire) than the hostilities between the horde and the alliance. They may have differences, but we cannot forget they have a lot in common too, including history, racial identity - you can't ignore that kaldorei have a sizeable highborne group within them, and that nightborne have avid botanists crazy about nature. Not to mention both agree about responsible and balanced use of magic - whether arcane or nature. And you can still fight for your faction and not necessarily hate or even raise arms against certain races. Furthermore, not all of you need to be involved in the war either. Would be nice to see the nightborne and night elves get along and some extra drama because their friends don't like this. And it would be nice to see them behaving like ancients. If you ask me, they should be far more about rebuilding their lives now their ancient enemy is gone, and protecting the world from new major threats. There role in the factions doesn't need to be yet another group that hate each other, they could be more the ones stirring their friends to pay attention to world threats like Azshara/N'zoth and making sure they don't kill each other leaving Azeroth defenseless - how cool it could be if they actually secretly plotted together to ensure the horde and alliance don't mutually destroy the world, raise another Arthas/Garrosh and make sure they would turn their efforts to global threats when they arise. They could also make sure they don't interefere with the elven rebuilding of their cities and forests. Something they can finally start doing with the legion gone. I'd love that. The nightborne, Suramar and the returned temple as well as the healing of the nightmare could force Tyrande and Malfurion to completely retire from the politics of their race and faction to lead their Orders (i.e. the druids and the order of Elune) especially with curious new nightborne waiting to reconnect both with the goddess and with nature thanks to Farodin's almost saviour like role amongst them. We can still have all the fighting we have in BfA and like Pandaren of opposite factions would fight each other on the battlefront, but not really out of hatred for the other pandaren, but more out of orders or conviction in their faction's cause or just friendship/loyality of a pact given. Also it would be nice to see Thalyssra say no to some crazy order of Sylvannas, and she not been able to do a thing about it cos she dare not risk losing the nightborne and possibly the blood elves, so she makes do without them for the really dark and crazy stuff. I mean, am I the only one that would like this?Kelibor52 1d
1d Why are Tyrande/Malufrion so problematic? I am still one of those bugged by the relationship between Malfurion, Tyrande and Illidan. Illidan's path was always destined to be much different than the other two and many of the choices he made were both controversial, questionable and in some cases, even villainous, yet his goal was never about ruling worlds or become a god. He simply was willing to take the extra step in what was needed to combat great evils such as the Legion and the Scourge. In return he is only met with hate, banishment and constant judgement from others. Yet during Legion, we see Malfurion, a druid thousands of years old, succumb to his anger like an inmature child and rushes off without thinking or hearing his allies out, this in turn leads to Ysera's tragic downfall. In the same event, we see Tyrande, an ancient warrior priestess, revert back to the same impatient type she was in Mist of Pandaria (going as far as to hold Horde Players responsible for the whole thing, still cannot get my head around that). By the end of Legion, Illidan, in his final act, decides to become the eternal jailer (combatant?) to Sargeras, to hold him forever locked in the Pantheon so that he can not threaten the worlds any longer. This is quite the sacrafice, though some partly suspect and suggest Illidan did not do this out of some sense of greater purpose other than to just have his desired 1vs1 with Sargeras for the hell of it. Either way, he sends a last farwell to both Tyrande and Malfurion, telling them both how their powers, abitilies, beliefs and morals were always the better and more true than his own. And also a last wish for them both to look after one another in a way he could not. Their answers are just appalling. Its more or less: "Eh, nice words Illidan but you were bad and now we must move on to others things." I am sorry, there are alot of questionable things in WoW story writting but this one just leaves me wondering if these two characters were ment to be failures from the very begining?Durgrol11 1d
1d Will Sylvanas turn Vereesa into a forsaken? Ok, we have that image that features the burning Teldrassil, Sylvanas looking at it from Darkshore and a female elf with a blue hood lying on the ground next to her. A lot of people speculate that elf could be Vereesa. And since Sylvanas was already interested in turning Vereesa undead, she certainly would do so in this situation. Therefore, Alliance would have Alleria as their only Windrunner, while the Horde would have two. Do you think that's plausible?Akashar33 1d
1d Origin Story - Warbrave Norhan Alg never liked the storms that struck Stormheim. But then being part of the border patrol meant keeping an eye over his Vrykul neighbours. Norhan also did not like the way snow got stuck in his antlers. Norhan further more didn’t like it when the storms from Stormheim moved into Highmountain. It made for sloppy and wet nightshifts. But then again Norhan complained about very many things. One complaint he did not have at this time was having to minister to his wife Nala. She was 12 months pregnant and the baby calf was on his way. Great Eagle willing he was not born on this storming… wet…sodding day! Thankfully the Matrons were with Nala. But being part of the mountain watch meant Norhan’s duties called him away from Skyhorn. So there he sat. Out in the cold. Out in the wet rain. Listening to the constant crackle of thunder. And he watched for border invaders. Tonight had been a quiet night and Norhan kept himself busy by sharpening his axe. He had already re-strung his bow twice. He had already counted his spare arrows. Still Forty Two arrows… yep… nothing to complain about. Norhan was now starting to worry. He should be back with Nala… he could not think straight. He snorted a deep sigh. *CRACK* Thunder struck the mountainside above him and a few boulders of snow fell down the mountainside. In that second Norhan was on his feet running up the mountain sounding his watch-horn in alarm. He hoped the outpost heard in time… But nevertheless he sprinted, breathing deep and blowing as hard as he could. His blood raged and panic was rising. To the North closer to Skyhorn was Stonehoof Watch. From here all the Warbraves set off for patrol. Oros was manning the south facing tower. He heard the horn sounding in the distance. He looked for invaders or any sign of danger all he could see was one lone bull charging up the mountainside. ‘’Korbo! Who is on South watch today?’’ ‘’Norhan the old git – why?’’ ‘’Look for yourself…’’Raijinalg3 1d
1d AU Orcs coming to Azeroth in form of Mag'har So... wouldn't it be more sensible if our, green skin, Orcs leave to their home world of Draenor, be it AU, its still their home world, rather then AU Orcs joining us on Azeroth in form of allied race? What I mean is, it is a huge mistake to give us AU orcs, it makes much more sense if Outland Orcs join us. Some of them already did. Like so, makes 0 sense to me. No hate on Orcs, love those brutes. But this is just not logical.Beher6 1d
2d Canon Victories - Upcoming Chronicles Lore. Hi everyone! Some fun thread to keep us sharp regarding the actual ingame lore we'll soon have with the latest Chronicle book. As most of you know, the book takes us all the way to Cataclysm. And a few sneak peaks have already been datamined in several fan pages. Now, we are probably about to get some interesting and definitive canon info regarding the biggest ingame events: The Raids. We already had some hints, like with the Dark Harvest Council, regarding which side canonically "cleared" some content. True, there are several raids that involved both factions, given they were at peace times. But some, due to gameplay or the state of war both factions were at, must have had only one clear "victor". I made a list of all the raids up to Cataclysm in order. I've also "pruned" some of the side stories that aren't really relevant and that were addressed by adventurers (like the Caverns of time, or the split instances in Ahn' Qiraj). I'll add a few that have already been confirmed as canon and given said victory to either side. Vanilla Molten Core: Blackwing Lair: Onixias Lair: Ahn'Qiraj: ----- Burning Crusade Gruul's Lair: Magtheridon' Lair: Horde. Confirmed by Chronicles. Coilfang Reservoir: Alliance. Confirmed by Chronicles. Tempest Keep: Black Temple: Alliance or Both. The human warlock called Kanrethad was definetly there, but there is a picture with Horde troops too. Sunwell Plateau: ----- Wrath of the Lich King Naxxramas: Eye of Eternity: Ulduar: Trial of the Grand Crusader: Both. Confirmed by Chronicles. Icecrown Citadel: ----- Cataclysm Bastion of Twilight: Horde. Confirmed by Chronicles. Throne of Four Winds: Blackwing Descent: Firelands: Horde. Might be canon because of Ritssyn. Dragon Soul: Alliance. Might be canon because of Zinnin. ===================== Now: 1)Which sides do you guys think cleared said content? 2) Which side made more sense to address each situation given their context and the final boss at hand? Would the Alliance be more prone to address a raid about killing Onixia after all she did to Stormwind, while the Horde tackled Nefarian?.... We'll son find out most of these, but i think it'll be interesting to know if people managed to guess them right. Or if people see those canon victories as "consistent" or "plausible", given their circumstances.Zarao6 2d
2d Mass resurrection Anduin Everyone (well mostly everyone) was in awe of Anduin using a mass resurrection spell in the Battle for Lordaeron...but Roanauk Icemist did it in Icemist village first! (Yes, I was just questing there...)Kutthu15 2d
2d Your Top 3 Best and Bottom 3 Worst Leveling Zones? Sup people! I'm just curious. I'm currently leveling this Dwarf Shaman in Twilight Highlands and I am already level 85 so I turned off XP just to finish this zone in peace and then continue to Mount Hyjal and later Pandaria content. I am enjoying the whole Dwarf Shaman/Wildhammer/Earthen Ring lore very much, I loved Deepholm and I'm in love with Twi-Hi. So I want to know: which are your three most loved zones and also, which three zones did you hate? As I don't have a level 110 character yet, I can't answer that yet, but Twilight Highlands and Deepholm are in my Top 3 for sure. A place I hate which isn't really a zone but rather a city is Shattrath. I just think it's really ugly. The story is interesting and I chose the Aldor but still, I don't like the place, the people, the style. What say you?Balfur27 2d
2d Could anyone take Sylvanas through Mak'gora? Motive aside, is anyone currently strong enough to take down Sylvanas and challenge for Warchief? No matter what Horde might think of her is her position secure just through her power alone? -FemFemka194 2d
2d SPOILERS: Warcraft: Chronicle Volume 3 I'm surprised I've not yet seen a thread about Warcraft Chronicle 3. Perhaps it's that the three Chronicles are a boring read, without dialogues, just telling what happened in the World of Warcraft. The Third Chronicle is scheduled to be released in the end of March, but there's already a large preview on WoWHead. The preview is not just large - it's huge. Link at the end of the thread. Now Spoilers 1. Kul'Tiras - the Kingdom isolates itself after the death of Daelin Proudmoore. Kul Tiranians are mad at his death, they beg the Alliance for retribution, but the Alliance refuses for two reasons - 1. The plague of the undeath has hit the kingdoms and they're still rebuilding 2. There's no sympathy to Daelin who started the war against the orcs without the approvement of the others. So Kul Tiras isolates itself from the rest of the Alliance, and the citizens direct their anger not towards Varian Wrynn, but towards Jaina who betrayed her family. TL:DR summary - yes, Jaina is hated in her homeland because she allowed her father to be killed. 2. Benedictus was a good man (confirmed). He was a devout follower of the Light. It was not the First and the Second War who crushed him, but the Third War. Where was the Light during the Scourge of Lordaeron? The Twilight Cult and the Old Gods corrupted his thought and he saw in the Void the truth. Even then Benedictus willpower was too great and was able to wield Holy Light. 3. Before the Forsaken joined the Horde, Sylvanas has sent pleas to many other factions. The blood elves refused to help her initially, they saw her and the other undeads as monsters. Sylvanas has also sent emissaries to the Alliance, but they never returned - perhaps they never passed through the front gates. Only the tauren thought Sylvanas and her Forsaken could be redeemed. 2d
3d Nightborne should be kicked out of Suramar It's funny how for me, nightborne on the horde sold me to the horde. Don't get me wrong I'm quite disgusted with how they are treating the alliance night elves, but nightborne on the horde are night elves on the horde afterall. And I still think that if they join the horde they should lose Suramar to the night elves and hope for blizzard to raise the highborne profile amongst the night elves to replace the nightborne they lose to the horde. I thought about it too, if I'd still be interested in playing nightborne if they lose Suramar. The answer is yes, because I like the models and I like Thalyssra, but much will depend on how /why they join the horde. Atm, hands down the horde elves are better than the alliance ones. As it looks now, both high elves (void ones) and night elves are homeless and living like refugees, whiles both the sin'dorei and shal'dorei seem to embody the best of the high elves and the night elves. That ofc is unfair, as well as the night elves constantly losing, and it makes them even less attractive. Secondly, one faction having all the best things and being vastly suprerior is terrible and boring, having a worthy adversary is far more exciting, especially when your players are on both sides. Which is why the crap portrayal of alliance NElves is so astonishing. The nightborne really could do with having to be kicked out of Suramar, I'm willing to wager it would be a brilliant move for story potential. Staying in that city is suffocating and stagnating for the group. But if they are displaced and have to make their way and build their way in Kalimdor (presumably having to fight angry night elves who've been displaced ) it would be far more interesting, as this is the first time their situation has drastically changed, going from high civilization to nothing, and vice versa for the night elves who with their highborne are now back in their home city for the first time in 10,000 years after living in ruins and the forest. It is poetic justice too, as one group gave up everything to keep the world safe, and the other kept everything to keep themselves safe, and now end up losing everything, while the ones that lost gained it back. Ofc you'll need an epic battle, imo, it should be the one that announces the night elves as the group you don't want to mess with, as they outwit, out fight and out magic the nightborne and blood elves. Meanwhile when the nightborne move to Kalimdor, again we see them and their struggles to gain a firm footing. This is when things get real, they're very clever, and very good at magic, but have no night well power source. The night elves stuck on Kalimdor and fighting to get their stuff back, are far tougher wilier than the nightborne thought or their blood elf allies, gaining a foothold, securing the land is like pulling teeth, it is slow and their foe is very cunning and very good with and against their magic (you get to see how night elves during the vigil successfully maintained the ban on sorcery - they learnt how to be very good against the magic they were the masters of). Fighting and struggle is new to the nightborne despite their great skill, so they experience a lot of losses, and their victories seem to be flukes. They realize they need a lot more help than they thought they would, and life is very different when you're not sitting comfortably and organised in a magnificent city with the resources of an empire behind you. Yet, they are night elves after all, and they are neither idiots nor do they give up. They and their allies out number their enemy, no matter how good the enemy is, it is only a matter of time. There is just much more potential for the nightborne to grow away from Suramar. Now if blizzard seriously develop the highborne for the night elves, to the extent of even seeing some highborne styled customizations on night elf character creation with a huge bump in their role in the story and the night elf plans, well, I might just keep a night elf or two. My mind is made up to play the nightborne, but the outcome of whether ALL my characters will be nightborne or I'll leave some as night elves really depends on the how the story goes.Kalibas358 3d
3d oops Removed wrong forum :(Littlemajik3 3d
3d Could anyone other than a human lead the Alliance? Could anyone other than a human lead the alliance? I wonder why the Alliance are so complacent with their leadership. They seem happy to let a boy rule showing blind devotion to a hereditary monarchy while better candidates just fall in line. It seems like Anduin will be there forever, with his greatest backer being his racial status rather than his accomplishments. The alliance simply wouldn’t accept a non-human leader. Doesn’t that make Anduin just a figurehead propped up by blood and circumstance? Having a default human placeholder king sort of devalues the other supposed Alliance faction leaders. Like they are only good for playing a supporting role because they don’t have the chops to steer the Alliance in any real direction. I doubt the Alliance could imagine the possibility of non-human leadership. Put an alien in charge, or someone centuries old. Yeah right. It seems to me that the vanity of humanity doesn’t make it a true Alliance as such, but more of an arrangement of convenient subservience. Meanwhile the big tree burns.Chop49 3d
4d Alliance Story development. Hi, Okay, lets try and clear once and for all a few questions regarding the Alliance lore. Yes, this thread is particularly addressed towards the Alliance players, and came out quite recently in another forum. We've been discussing about it for some time, and i wanted to know what exactly does the community around here think about this. Its quite simple: We have some basic questions as a guideline, just to see how people who are primarily interested in the Alliance currently feel about their presented narrative within the faction. 1) Are you satisfied with how the Alliance has been written lately? Say, MoP onwards? If not why not? 2) Are you happy or unhappy with how integral Anduin and the Wrynns have become to the narrative and if not what would you suggest they do to make it more tolerable without the possibilty of axeing him?. 3) Two questions in one: A.What is your stance and preferred viewpoint when it comes to the Alliance presentation in WoW, even more so in the recent expansions when it comes to ''sometimes getting it's hands dirty''? B.(follow up questions to the previous one ^) Do you feel like it should happen more often to provide for more interesting scenarios from time to time, or do you prefer it never happens or be acknowledged because it would mean a character that you'd like or feel attached to would be ''safer''? 4) How do you see the Alliance narrative looking say, 2 expansions from now? (including BFA) Basicly, this is for Alliance players to voice their opinions, think about their characters, their preferred stories and their dissatisfaction, and what they would do to help the Alliance just be more interesting overall. Horde players certainly can chime in and give their thoughts that could make them like the faction more, or if they like how everyone in the faction is currently being presented by the writers.Zarao67 4d
4d Do we need new races for story? Most, but not all of the expansions in series seems to be advertised with NEW CONTINENTS, NEW RACES, NEW CLASS!!!! TBC :- Draenei and Blood Elf with Outland - Wotlk :- Northrend and Death Knights -Cataclysm:- Worgans and Goblins-MoP Pandas, and so forth. Now BfA introduces us to 6 new races Lightforged Draenei, Void Elf , Nightbourne, Highmountain Tauren and at launch Zandalari trolls and Dark Iron dwarfs. Although I prefer the sound of Kul Tiras Gnomes. :) Are the addition of new races a help or hindrance to the flow of the story-line. Those Pandas and Monks were not needed when they realeased MoP. Did we realy need another hero class in the game with the addition of the Demon Hunter, which was, in my opinion, only created for the players that has no patience to start at level 1, by killing plagued gnomes in Gnomeregan. Maybe the Dark Iron dwarfs and Zandalari trolls start as a level 110 HC!! But that marketing for you :)Littlemajik15 4d
4d Title Topic - Topic Title? A topic about titles. I am not 100% sure that this is the right place to post this, but I am gonna give it a go. It is not about a certain class per se, but about titles. So, I love a good achi with a good title. But sometimes I feel a bit let down. As an example I think that "Kingslayer Muskél" would sound much cooler than "Muskél the Kingslayer". So I really wish we were allowed to play around a bit more with our titles. Furthermore what would be even better is if we were allowed to combine our titles. Say if I was allowed to put my "Knight" title together with my "of Gnomeregan" title? That would be so cool. "Knight Muskél of Gnomeregan" Or "Assistant Professor Muskél, the Twilight Vanquisher" "Kingslayer Muskél, Shadowblade" would be one of my favourites Just a thought Would be brilliant though.Muskél4 4d
4d Warcraft Books Reading Order Hey guys, maybe I'm just being blind (or that I can't be bothered to try and find a thread related that's not on the first page), but I've seen so many different points of view on how the Warcraft books should be read. I really want to get stuck into the lore, could someone kindly give me an infallible order to read the books? (Taking into account the new Dawn of the Aspects series as well). I'd like to read them chronologically, and if possible could you indicate which games they relate to or how far before/after they were set sort of thing, if you know what I mean. Thanks so much, VestaxeVestaxe56 4d
4d Archus, Archus, so good they named it twice! Is the Archus in EPL the same one or a different one to that in the skies above the Broken Shore! I just got my Death-Gnome. err Knight to level 100 and my base of operations has now changed. (I have several lvl 100+ and a couple maxed out, Little is just a chatterbox) A few questions arises, bar forward planning by the command staff, and knowing that my Flying Machine will not make it due to petrol shortages. Is there any story or reason why they decide to move it to the Broken Isle. If using a Death Gate can get me from every other continent I should have no trouble getting there. I think this idea was also a waste of rescores. After looking at their complexion. I think Void Elves would make, good or bad, Death-Knights, especially if you place them next to Blood Elves.Littlemajik5 4d
4d Most unused and unknown race in Warcraft As we know lore is one sided I mean you can write a novel on humans, but when it comes to Gnomes about a page. I think this applies to Taurens too. How could you rectify this in Lore so that the culture of at least two of the oldest races takes more than a small page in Wiki. I know the game is called World Of Warcraft and not World Of Gnomecraft, although it could be retitled World Of Elfcraft at the moment. But could any expansion be released that avoid the stories of the human/elf/forsaken/orc plot. An expansion that really gets into the backstory of other cultures. Or have we now got so bogged down into a cycle of Human/Elf/Forsaken/Orc expantions, that the only development in any lore will be firmly fixed on them. On behalf of Gnomes, Taurens and other races without a decent backstory, come on Blizzard put something on the drawingboard!Littlemajik9 4d
4d A Question For Horde Druids. After the burning of Teldrassil, how can you honestly stand with your warchief? I get that this is a Faction war but following that murderous psychopath as you help her burn down one of the greatest druidic creations?Ahtuno68 4d
5d Too Many Classes for a Race Since Vanilla (ah nostalgia) Some races, I am counting Gnomes here, which went from a nicely balanced four race class build, to eight, which is three classes short from Maximum. All we need to find is Hippie-Gnomes who worship earth magic and you get Druid and Shaman Gnomes. And another who thinks a Hammer is not a tool but draws you to the light, you have a Paladin-Gnome. Since vanilla we have rerolled the complete build of the original four and added 'classes' to 'balance' the game, I think the way that they are being 'introduced' does not conform to the race separate identity. Inconsistences and week stories try to remedy this balancing act. Even the class build of Velf have a mistake, 'Monks' , and what wrong with monks? Easy you will need Void Pandas to train them!Littlemajik14 5d
5d Why Blizzard? Why have you done this? As an alliance player, I'm extremely disappointed with the way you handled the Alliance story telling in BFA compared to the horde. I wasn't aware of this, because I don't have alpha access, but (as I'm sure you are aware already) Preach just put out a video about this.. shall we call it, issue and honestly, you can't be serious right? You give the horde Nasmir and all that awesome troll stuff with a awesome story behind it that makes sense and every quest in the zone is tied together some how. The Allience? They get these generic "deal with a problem and its over, next problem!" type of thing. like Preach said you come a cross some mine and there is a quest to clear it out, once you have done that the crisis is over, there is no story behind it at all, unlike with the horde. I'm extremely disappointed. And yes I am aware it is only alpha and beta later on, but the stories are pretty much finished in the zones. this is how they will be rolled out. it's like Blizzard is trying to convert everyone to horde by making everything that they get cooler and better. For those that don't care what it is they are playing, they just want the xp and thats it, just imagine doing boring vanilla stuff again. And stupid escort quests where you have to /walk so the npc can keep up with you. Alliance has 2 of those, horde have none.Puffinslam47 5d
5d So now we can go home!!! Whey the Draenei has retaken Argus and now can go home. Now this is my speculation, for the next chapter of they story. Firstly the gnome engineers will finally see eye to eye with the Draenei and fix Exodar. This would have taken a while as they are over twice as high as us and we are easily missed. Also as an advance race they could have fixed that warp drive, loaded it with photon torpedoes and get rid of the Legion for us in TBC..I digress. So back to speculation. (Bear with me) After BfA (Battle for Argus), the Draenei decides that it was time to return home, settle down and raise more demon looking good guys. The Lightforged would ofc throw a party and decide that it would be a good idea to rebuild their planet and didn't bother joining alliance. They have the technology so terraforming might be one. Meanwhile good Queen Windrunner, has a bright idea. The Alliance are two armies short. (lightbulb moment) Also most of the gnomes are on the Exodar repairing the photon torpedoes and adding selfsealing-stembolts to the structure, and the Alliance has to rely on a kid..... Cue 8.0.1, Battle for Azeroth begins, Horde takes advantage of situation and by 8.x.x comes along, the alliance are gone....except for the Gnomes, who have redesigned old Legion technology, upgraded armaments to quantum torpedoes, steal the upgraded UGS* Exodar, return to Azeroth to reclaim Gnomeregan, and sod Stormwind because the Humans are extinct. Ok plot bit iffy but it is about time we gnomes get our own BIG Story. All the ideas are now aimed at more boring races, especially Humans. But for those of us that been there since day one, with no real impact to any major storyline is not fair. Lets hope that somewhere in BfA there will be a reason to make gnomes an integral part of the plot. *United Gnome ShipLittlemajik12 5d
6d Horde-happy you got Nightborne not VElves? Ally? Curious, I know traditionally void elves would have been horde with the blood elves, and nightborne alliance with the night elves. But they swapped. Hordies are you happy you got nightborne? or would you have preferred void elves? Also Alliance are you happy you got void elves? or would you have preferred nightborne instead? If you play both, would you have preferred it as it is, or for the more traditional direction.Sanoriel96 6d
6d Theory about future Allied races / New forsaken I read a/several theories online that each current race/character on each side invites an allied race they are connected to somehow. With the Focus on Sylvanas growing I've been wondering, could the race that the forsaken "invite" into the horde perhaps be something along the lines of forsaken 2.0?. Nathanos is an example of an upgraded forsaken, but Sylvanas had to use a valkyr to perform the ritual and another human was sacrificed in order to give him a less decayed body and stronger body. What if through the use of azerite (the very life blood of a titan) she can empower her valkyr/necromancy powers and mass produce/raise these "upgraded" forsaken? I mean Sylvanas has been looking for ways to increase the population of the forsaken since they don't have any natural way of reproducing and since they touched upon this subject it means it MUST come to a conclusion eventually. Blizzard can't just randomly remove a race from the game, so the only other alternative they have is to arrive to a solution where more forsaken can be produced.Tiás35 6d
09 Mar Where to now? As the title says, I'd like to hear from you guys where you think the story/lore should go from here on. NOTE: Not where we Will go, where we Should go. If your arguments come down to "Blizzard would never do this", then you are a bad poster and you should feel bad. So as to not derail matters immediately, I'll keep my own thoughts to myself(for now), and just see what you guys come up with. :)Ehi11 09 Mar
09 Mar Disgusted about the fate of the night elves in BfA Am I the only one that's disgusted about the fate of the night elves in BfA? My favourite race since their introduction in War III, who received almost no love from Blizzard in any of the WoW expansions save for Legion, is basically being removed from the game and gets nothing in exchange? The night elves are supposed to be powerful, and yet get ****** in the *** by the Horde who, just 4 years ago, lost its war against the Alliance (but again, actually lost nothing). What will they get then? Nothing at all? That seems likely. A !@#$ty moonwell in Stormwind? Yay for the great civilization of the kaldorei. Something in Gilneas? You mean that the WORGENS actually get some love while the night elves are stuck in uninteresting human lands? That's night elves that I like, I HATE worgens, so yea, no thanks about Gilneas. The night elves are NOTHING without Kalimdor. Hence, in BfA, the night elves become NOTHING. And that is permanent. It would take something HUGE to make me swallow the annihilation of the night elves in Kalimdor. Is anyone else butthurt like me? Is anyone else basically sure to never again play this very poor game?Ârkh297 09 Mar
09 Mar Story writers and their horde bias (spoilers) With the new alpha, we now know what the respective starting scenarios entail. The horde scenario has the player infiltrate Stormwind, break into the prison, rescue a zandalari princes and escape, making the alliance (and worgen in particular) look real god damn inept. The alliance scenario in turn, has nothing at all to do with the horde. Nada. Zilch. If this was a one off, I doubt anyone would care, but this is just one more incident in what's a very clear pattern with the writers. In Wrath, alliance troops get ambushed by horde. In Cataclysm, Theramore gets nuked and alliance loses in western plaguelands. In mists, the horde steal the bell from under the alliances noses, and the only consequence is anulled in Legion when the belves are let in to Dalaran again. And in legion , the race with the biggest story set piece, nightborne, join the horde. In contrast, the only thing that's in alliance favor is the invasion of ogrimmar, and that involved both factions. Honestly, the story writers need to take a long hard look at how they're writing the faction conflicts and stop having the alliance constantly react to everything the horde does. Even in BfA, the invasion of Undercity only happens as a response to teldrassilEarlgray120 09 Mar
08 Mar 2 Windrunner brothers? So i just watched the new video from the guy Krucial on youtube and he mentions that the Windrunner has two un-named Elder and younger brother that i have never heard of. I am sure we all know of Lirath Windrunner their youngest brother who died to orcs in the second war or something, but i have never heard of and elder and younger brother that is un-named. He does state in the video it's mentioned in the first novel of The War of The Ancients trilogy, which i myself havent read. So i wanted to asked the story forums if you guys have heard about these ''two'' un-named brothers and if they're even canon?Thalothas13 08 Mar
08 Mar What kicks of the War Between WC Orcs and Humans - Legion, meddling by Gul'dan, the legion and a dragon were the main focus of the story. It was Alliance & Horde against Evil. (Although vanilla was mostly Alliance V Horde scenario). Without external interference, what will be trigger to start this War. At this moment it seems to be a grieving Anduin Wrynn being angry that Sylvanas Windrunner didn't save Varian. Can any one add some light on to the trigger for this expensive (£39.00) war.Littlemajik10 08 Mar
08 Mar Alleria Windrunner? Is Alleria Windrunner a High Elf or a Void Elf? If we go back to WCll and The Through The Dark Portal expansion, Alleria Windrunner leads a contingent of high elves to what is now Outland. That was the last time she was known to be alive. Now she back at end of legion with void elves. When we return to outland in TBC we find that "Allerian Stronghold is an Alliance town in Terokkar Forest. Its name is in honor of Alleria Windrunner, although she does not currently reside here. The place is full of high elves and features some of the only high elf buildings in-game." (wiki quote). Knowing that she was going to return in Legion with some elves I expected them the high elves from the Stronghold, or at least that company. What now confuses me is we meet her with Void Elves. 1-Are these Void Elves a 'mutated' form of the original company that she bought into Outland? 2-If so would she also be a Void Elf herself as they all have been in Outland for same length of time? 3- If she is still a High Elf does the story explain why she leaves her comrades in Outland and return to Azeroth with Void Elves?Littlemajik19 08 Mar