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18m The Next Expansion is About the titans As i said in the title the next expnasion will be about the Titans ! Why ? Let's go back to mop .. it was a pandaren theme but the last patch ( 5.4 ) was about the orc and the horde and later wod come out and it was Orc theme until the last patch ( 6.2 ) it was Legion theme and the current expansion ( Legion ) is Legion theme . The Last patch ( 7.3 ) is titan theme so i am pretty sure the next expnasion will be titan theme :) and i guess we will finally see Acheras the Custodian and medan ( or know what happened to him )Waygos5 18m
1h Why parts of the story is become a joke, sadly. I mean, sure Metzen was far from perfect. But he was committed to the fullest, which showed ingame and in the story. Ever since he left, the story has been brought to ruin. The Legion, who ever since WC3 with Archimonde's epic defeat, gave them alot of respect from the players. And he should've stayed dead, even though I love his character, still sometimes once you are dead, you're dead. Same thing with Illidan, I warned people in 2015 that if they bring Iliidan back, they will completely destroy his character and make that powerhungry and insane demon into a joke like Kael'thas. And of course, thats what happened. They retconned so much lore we already knew happened and the DH's was the worst idea ever. We knew there only were five, it was canon and three of them died. But suddenly, they are a full fledge organisation with Death Knight voices(which they shouldn't have, but they had to make them look "cool" but it failed. And the Legion, Archimonde brought back completely powerless, KIl'jaeden too. Both the Archimonde fight and the Kil'jaeden fight should've been Velen, Khadgar and one Paladin fighting the demons and still they would risk dying. But that we could even survive his first spells is just ridiculous, this goes for both Archimonde's return and Kil'jaeden. But it's like with Sargeras, they hyped him so much that it became ridiculous, the thought of even ever facing him would be impossible. He would do best to stay dead. And should've let the demon lords run it instead, putting the Sargeras god to rest. And the worst thing of all, is the ability that only the Nathrezim possessed, since their souls were bound to the Twisting Nether. And they were the original demonic race. But no, some brilliant employee at Blizzard who could not care less about the story or is even not invested into the lore at all, beyond he wants to get paid for his job, so he suggests the most stupidest idea ever. It started in WoD. "Lets make the Legion all transcending all realities and every demon in the whole Legion is bound to the nether in the same way the Dreadlords are now. SO basicly, the made the Burning Legion, the demonic army that is on a crusade around the cosmos with the intent of destroying all life. They were powerful before, now they just made them invincible. After that, we could not win. We had lost. But then suddenly, something happened. All the demons in the Legion, especially the Demon Lords, lost all their cunning and intelligence and instantly became morons. That was their solutions for the mess Blizz themselves created in the first place. They destroyed the Legion, one of the most powerful villains we could ever face. Now they have become cartoon villains. So now, even the patch 7.3, they didn't need Kil'jaeden, Archimonde and especially not Sargeras to have had captured the souls of the Titans and turn them into their weapon. There are still some demons left on Argus that now leads the Legion. And the spaceships, also one of the worst things ever. They cannot differ from Starcraft or Warcraft. It was fne with Velens ship built with arcane crystals, since it was more like a facility like Dalaran that they travelled with. But the Legion, who has the Nathrezim who are unparalleled when it comes to portal magics and even the demon lords uses portals always. Bringing in space ships just made Warcraft look like a B-movie, when you compare it to every other expansion and the medieval theme it is. They have ruin alot in a very short time. Now they name the Void Lords, who we cannot ever fight since they cannot enter our reality. And the Old God's are such great threats alone when they are unleashed that we don't need to face anything worse. They should've stayed more on Azeroth and make less story with a new life ending threat everyday. It's so far from realistic and logic it's just silly. I miss the old days, I miss the Lich King, the greatest villain ever. Most successful, WoW peaked in players because of the story. And even he was too powerful for us so he killed us, after toying with us the whole time. Blizzard, enough is enough. I'm just so disappointed that you destroyed so much of the lore, because I followed it deeply and loved this games story since first time I played. Sadly it had to end like this, but its all about making a profit and impress 12-13 year olds, or else you would've pulled even 30% of this !@#$. RIP Warcraft's lore. You'll be missed!Ernstx14 1h
11h Lich King Vs. Deathwing I always wondering who is the strongest? I adore both Lich King and Deathwing, but in terms of powers and capabilities who would win the fight ? How and why ? The way I see it, the Lich King have the upper hand because of the army of the undead he got. I wanna hear your opinions guys.Clerk203 11h
12h Ice or Fire? Now that the Lich King and the Night King is very similar in the GoT series, atleast their mental powers and they're both necromancers who can raise the dead. And both also control the element of frost and ice. Or do you prefer Dragons and their destructive fires? We have the Black Dragonflight and their quests for world destruction before they were defeated. Either way, I've always preferred frost though. But on the other hand, I live in the north in real life so. This is why the Lich King was always superior and would've won, because he can raise everyone of your dead. Any soldier that falls, he gains. It's impossible for anyone to win against such odds, thats why Tirion got his "divine intervention" or uberpower boost by the Light in the last second, when we were all laying there dead and defeated. The Lich king had won and all would be lost. Then Tirion out of nowhere, fully empowered by the Light breaks free from the thick ice and not only that, he makes an incredible jump and shatters the most powerful sword on Azeroth, which he wasn't able to do before. If there is any logics involved or intelligence, you could quickly realize that the undead forces always wins. The Lich King's legacy still endures til this day. Two of the most powerful forces on Azeroth were created by him, the Forsaken that now leads the entire Horde and the Ebon Blade, who is still sustained by the Lich King's awesome necromancy. They do not rot like the Forsaken and they are stronger in every aspect, unholy physical strenght, they all know atleast a handful of necromantic, frost and shadow spells. What happens when suddenly all undead bands together into one single faction again? Then kingdoms will burn, this I promise you.Ernstx0 12h
14h are the titans overpowered? hello, Archimonde and kil jaden are exceptionally powerful creatures, most likely very close to the avatar of sargeras. However, the actual titans, not their vessel-avatar, seems severely overpowered to me, as they are planet sized. From my perspective, they seem so utterly more powerful than any other being in the warcraft universe in their planet sized titan form, every single titan could probably destroy azheroth in one single blow. who or what can defeat them. and dont say heey, i can defeat them at lvl 250!!!Agila5 14h
17h Whispers of A Frightened World & Il'gynoth's words The breadcrumb quest leading to Patch 7.3 -- "Whispers of a Frightened World" -- got me thinking again about the whisperings of Il'gynoth from the Emerald Nightmare. For reference, here they are again: "The King of Diamonds has been made a pawn." "Five keys to open our way. Five torches light our path." "Its surface blazes light, masking shadow below." "The Lord of Ravens will turn the key." "To find him, drown yourself in a circle of stars. "From the earth, he draws strength. Our earth. Our strength." "The boy-king serves at the master's table. Three lies he will offer you." "Flesh is his gift. He is your true creator." "At the hour of her third death, she ushers in our coming." "Her heart is a crater, and we have filled it." These were a subject of much speculation when the raid appeared, but as far as I know, nothing definitive came from them. It was, and still is, entirely possible that they are meaningless. However, this new quest seems to me to have some links: "The King of Diamonds has been made a pawn." We are led to the quest by Magni Bronzebeard, unquestionably the King of Diamonds. "Her heart is a crater, and we have filled it." <She> appears to be Azeroth itself, which here is anthropomorphised for the first time. We hear a heartbeat throughout the chamber. The crater may be Sholazar Basin where we do the quest, or some other crater in Azeroth. "At the hour of her third death, she ushers in our coming." This could be linking to the next patch, though I can't see how. Were there two prior 'deaths' of Azeroth? "From the earth, he draws strength. Our earth. Our strength." Sargeras perhaps, though there's no real link yet. Any thoughts?Beregama11 17h
17h (SPOILER) Lothraxion? Are we ever going to get an explanation to this guy? 7.3 maybe? What's his deal?Tyronus11 17h
19h The Last Void Knight In the future, the evil of the Void Lords is law. having corrupted the land and enslaved its people for fodder in their dark rituals. there power is only dwarfed only by their cruelty. 500 years has passed since the Gaurdain fell. on the ruins of outland, humanitys last defence awaits immenient attack. The Void Knights weilding their magic shields and swords steel them selfs for what they know will be their last battle, the wrath of the void lords engulfing the entire planet before their eyes. but all hope was not lost.. A last resort, an ancient and forbbiden artifact left centurys ago by the Arch chronomancy chormie - The Chrono Orb before the final blow was struck the orb was used to tear open a portal through time to send a single void knight into the past, to save the future and undo the evil that is the Void Lords.Ðeáth6 19h
1d the sleeping titan? SPOILERS! who do you think the sleeping titan-worldsoul inside azeroth is? Could it be elune, having communicated with the inhabitants of azeroth for quite some time? or is it an entierly new character,? out of the characters that excists in wow lore, elune is the most likely for sure, but its highely likely that a new character-titan-god will be introduced!Agila6 1d
1d Lor'themar Theron's age Hi, here is my question. How old is Lor'themar Theron? I can't find his age anywhere..Blackfashion16 1d
1d Titan Theory I've just been reading about Elune and her relationship with 'The White Lady', the larger of Azeroth's 2 moons. This may be far-fetched, but what if Elune was a Titan World-Soul within the moon? Azeroth We already know that Azeroth is a 'special' Titan; purported to be the most powerful of the Titans as described by those that discovered the planet. Except...What if they were wrong? What if they had actually discovered 2 Titans in close proximity? Criteria for being a Titan What criteria must be met in order for a world to hold a World-Soul? We know that Titan-Planets eat up the Spirit of Life, which creates elemental disarray; as seen on Azeroth between the four elements. Out of 2 Titan-Planets, we know that they have held some sentience (Argus -> Draenei, Azeroth -> Trolls et al) Azeroth is said to be the strongest of the Titans because it has used plentiful amounts of the 'Spirit of Life'. But, what if, Elune (as the World Soul in The White Lady) acted as a parasite; sucking that Spirit of Life to sustain its rather meagre form. Would that be possible? Or even; if Elune had been a World-Soul eons ago and had consumed too much of 'The White Lady's' Spirit of Life that the world was devastated, only for the Titan to consume its nearby kin's Spirit of Life, throwing that world into jeopardy as well? Azeroth Through current quest lines, we know that the Titan's had been monitoring Azeroth's life signs through the Keepers/Watchers. We also know that Magni was chosen as a speaker, and that Azeroth can communicate. More importantly perhaps, the Emerald Dream has been considered as a realm in which denizens can communicate with Azeroth (Theories on Freya inserted here), or as a realm in which Azeroth's dreams manifest. However, as a sleeping World-Soul, Azeroth is powerless. We know that Elune can communicate with the living, as a Titan can. She has done this through the Night Elves and other beings, characterized by Tyrande's relationship with Elune. (Visions, whispers, blessings and physical protection during her entrapment during the War of the Ancients) In addition to this, Elune can move into the Emerald Dream, as she protected Tyrande during the events of Stormrage Titans Apart from this, we don't really know much else about a World-Soul. Apart from the fact that it has several characteristics of an Old God; whispers, manifestations, followers et al. We know World-Souls are vast; but any planet or celestial body can be described as vast. Just how big to Titan-Worlds have to be in order for them to hold a World-Soul? If the White Lady was indeed a Titan who consumed too much of its own Spirit of Life, it could have withered away and become dependent on Azeroth's to survive. This could explain why it is smaller than Azeroth. As seen from Argus and Azeroth...... (POSSIBLE SPOILERS INCOMING FOR ARGUS PATCH, READ AT YOUR OWN PERIL) (POSSIBLE SPOILERS INCOMING FOR ARGUS PATCH, READ AT YOUR OWN PERIL) (POSSIBLE SPOILERS INCOMING FOR ARGUS PATCH, READ AT YOUR OWN PERIL) (POSSIBLE SPOILERS INCOMING FOR ARGUS PATCH, READ AT YOUR OWN PERIL) (POSSIBLE SPOILERS INCOMING FOR ARGUS PATCH, READ AT YOUR OWN PERIL) (POSSIBLE SPOILERS INCOMING FOR ARGUS PATCH, READ AT YOUR OWN PERIL) Titan Worlds generally have some Titan-esque structures in them. Azeroth has Uldum, Ulduar, Uldamen, Terramok etc etc. While Argus has Antorus. Even Draenor had a Titan link with the Cache of the Titans in Nagrand. Apart from the above, it seems very hard to create criteria for a planet with the World Soul. So, what do you think?Eurgan3 1d
1d So... Why no Troll lore? Seriously now, why is there none? The Trolls, be they jungle, forest, Zadalari etc, are the oldest, most diverse race on Azeroth. They founded an empire when the world was young, defeated the minions of the old gods, and have forgotten more than most of the other races will ever know. A proud people, an ancient people, reduced to scattered, disparate tribes fighting for survival; desperately clinging to their heritage, to the last, fleeting vestiges of greatness. Why don't we ever hear about them? I thought Trolls in general were going to get some development when Vol'jin was made warchief. Maybe he was finally going to unite the tribes, to succeed where the Zandalari failed and bring the Troll people together to fight the threat of the Legion. But no, they killed him off (like a little !@#$%, I might add) to make room for more Elves. Endless bloody Elves in this game. I don't get the fascination with them. I mean, we don't even know what they descended from. Sure, we've been battered over the head by the Dwarves and their precious titan ancestry, but wheres the backstory for Trolls? I swear, there is so much interesting stuff that you could do with this race, but it seems Trolls are doomed to be second-rate villains, only cropping up when Blizz needs a quick raid to fill. Bah! Anyway, rant over. Peace out, mon!Zuruzan19 1d
1d New Azeroth ? Is it possible ? Many times i heard that in the new expnasion the entire world will change Just like the cataclysm ! But is that possible ? Let's go back In the time to The cataclysm Launch Every leveling zone was changed from the original ! But Outland and Northrend is still the same without any changes Why?! Why blizzard didn't change them ?! Because they are expnasion zones and changing it will broken the word of " Expnasion " I Think you understand what i mean right ? blizzard can't change the expnasion zones .. But they can Only change the dungeons and the raid. Now let's go to the real time .. Cataclysm events take place in the original leveling zones with new leveling zones and that's mean Blizzard can't change Azeroth again becuase the cataclysm expnasion Or....Change it and in the same time they dont change it .. Just like blasted lands ! They give us new one with the iron horde around and The red dark portal but you can return in anytime to the original blasted land. So what do you think guys ? it is possible for blizzard to change the original leveling zones again after it follow the events or entire expnasion or Making it like The New blasted lands ?!Waygos8 1d
2d Alliance and Horde faction conflict? Well, first of all, is there any conflict at all? Why do we have to fight each other in first place? And anyways, what are those factions right now at all? Let's look at alliance races first and their reasons to fight someone: 1).Humans Well, humans had a long story of conflict between them and Orcs, even more after Cataclysm. Perhaps they hate the forsaken too for what they did so they may aswell have reasons to hate them too. Right now after end of Garrosh I don't think there is a real war between humans and orcs, perhaps only forsaken are their problem. 2).Dwarves and Gnomes They were together with humans since like the beginning, which mean that their actions are similar to humans, they might aswell have same reasons to fight orcs and forsaken. 3). Night elves They had problems especially with orcs, since orcs needed lumber (?) which nightelves didn't approve. Perhaps after defeat of garrosh they made/can make some kind of truce between them and orcs. Undead are too far from them away anyway and right now it seems they don't care about any specific race at all. 4). Worgen Well, they might not have a conflict with orcs or any other horde race but one: Forsaken. They have all the reasons to hate forsaken to the oblivion, not even looking at current Legion events. They are connected with human alliance aswell since their culture is the same and they have a common enemy: forsaken. 5). Draenei They hated bloodelves but after the defeat of Kil Jaeden (in Sunwell) they are kinda in peace with them and don't care about anyone at all, their only enemies are the demons and Eredar. Now back to the Horde: 6. Orcs and Trolls They seem to work together since a long time and right now after defeat of Garrosh they may be somehow pacified. Perhaps some little conflict over trees with Nightelves or some minor territory dispute with humans but nothing more. No real reason to fight someone. 7. Tauren They live in peace, althought on the side of the horde. I assume they are friends with Nightelves which can probably lead to some kind of truce between orcs and nightelves through the Tauren. No real conflict with other races. 8. Blood elves They probably had problems with human alliance but right now I don't see any reason for them to be enemies. They are kinda allied with all horde factions aswell, might aswell be neutral. Only enemies would be those high elves from Dalaran which are a minor faction. They might look down on nightelves and had some conflict with Draenei in Outlands but right now they are in peace with everyone. 9. Goblins They may be assigned on the horde side but you probably know how goblins work, as long as there is money they will do anything you want. They don't have enemies or allies at all, only money. 10. Forsaken As long as they blindly follow Sylvanas and rot out humans they make them obviously their enemies. The only side which actively promotes conflict. Neutral: Pandaren Well they are neutral anyways, no reason to mention them at all. Well if we look at this all together, there is only 1 conflict right now: Forsaken vs Human/Dwarf/Worgen/Gnome alliance. The point is, nobody from the horde side would agree to help forsaken in that, since the reasoning for war is not acceptable for them. Orcs, Tauren and Trolls would never accept that way of fighting, even bloodelves would rather back off. Other than that, other alliance races don't care about that conflict aswell, since they are too far away. Why is there horde vs alliance again? I wouldn't even wonder if all the races together with neutral factions like Argent Dawn or Cenarion Circle would unite to get rid of Sylvanas once and for all.Frozeron67 2d
2d Who amongs you will help me to avenge him? Well i think Blizzard forgot about this AVENGE thing little bit?Nobal22 2d
2d Story progression broken for new players? I recently re-joined the game and decided to make a clean start on a new server. I'm now level 105. As part of this fresh start, I decided to immerse myself in the story as much as possible and really enjoy the journey. 1-60 was magnificent, truly enjoyed every minute. Clearly a lot of love and attention was put in to the replaced content in cata. But this is also an issue. Some of the npc's talk about the death of Arthas and our efforts in outland...but for my character that hasn't happened yet...kind of. So clearly the timeline moved on in Azeroth, but then when I hit level 60, I went back in time to outland to fight Illidan, then at 70 I travelled to Northrend to fight Arthas etc. etc. I think you get my point. From my perspective as someone who has played on and off since vanilla, totally understand the situation but if you think purely from a immersive story perspective for new players, it just doesn’t make sense. That's my thoughts at least. Kindest McNoodzMcnoodz7 2d
3d C'thun was in the 7.3 pre-patch scenario?! When you kill that monster 'Amalgam of Torment' it speaks: 'Your courage will fail." in the exact tone and voice that C'thun speaks. You think we will see him again soon? Also what did you think of the scenario? I think it was really interesting and opened up more questions than it answered! That heartbeat noise was kinda creepy though lolSammyknight10 3d
3d The monster below Bael Modan Barrens Turn away, <class>. Before the cataclysm hit, we found something. We dug something up that should've stayed buried. Pray to whatever you believe in that the landslide was enough to keep it down... What do you think it is? A forgotten one?Greenpepe2 3d
3d why are the valkyr so intent on sylvanas not dying? I never really understood this and hope someone can help me understand I know sylvanas attempted suicide after arthas death and the valkyr tried to stop her from doing it, and then when she ignored them one of the valkyr offered to take her place in the afterlife (which is described as terrifying sylvanas and generally being a bad place overall). then after godrey killed sylvanas in silverpine three more valkyr took her place in the afterlife to keep her alive Then in stormheim we see sylvanas trying to enslave the god of the valkyr (eyir) presumably in order to create more valkyr But I thought that, following arthas' death the valkyr were supposed to be free? It makes no sense for them to even talk to sylvanas, let alone take her place in the afterlife for eternity? can any lore experts help me understand why the valkyr are so intent on sylvanas not dying? what are their motives?Azgorath26 3d
3d The Upcoming Traitors in the Alliance I suppose a lot of us are picking up clues and alleged leaks about where Wow is going next. There are good videos on Youtube which show all the confirmed in-game hints and add 3rd party alleged leaks. So, who are the traitors in the Alliance? My best guess is perhaps the Worgen. Traitor; betrayal is hinted, and something about 'letting them in under false pretences'. That could easily be Sylvanas (likely the Horde's new big problem) 'pushing out the Worgens from Gilneas' only to be 'resuced by the Night Elves' and re-homed in the capital, Darnassus - which gives them the perfect opportunity to stab the Alliance in the back. My other guess is the Highborne re-introduced into the Night Elves. Maybe they're up-to-something?Harmonicrain19 3d
3d Garrosh's hatred towards the Alliance Just watched his spotlight from Heroes of the Storm, and they mentioned his unrivalled hatred for the Alliance. Why though? I would understand if his hatred grew over time due to several years of fighting, but basically he joined the Horde in TBC and by Wrath he was the leading warmonger. What am i missing? He didn't really interract with the Alliance prior to joining the Horde (the Sons of Lothar didn't seem aware of the mag'har, so I am guessing they didn't had any significant conflicts with them as they were struggling to survive while constantly battling the fel horde). And another thing, he basically worships his dad because Thrall told him he died a hero... did Thrall fail to mention "Oh btw... Jaina helped purge the demon taint from your dad, so be nice towards humans"?Daggerclaw135 3d
3d Kul'tiras next expansion Do you think Kul'tiras is going to be old god infested, not from the start but it changes throughout the expansion? Jaina will probably side with them, pulling Greymane into the game so she can finally focus on Horde. I think they are going to pull out the villain bat for the Alliance this time around. And it's about time.Nazrel15 3d
5d If Titans are dead, who sent Algalon? As we perfectly know, during our journey through Ulduar in WotLK and later expansions for fun or xmog hunt, eventualy Mimiron's Head mount, we stumbled upon Algalon the Observer. A constellary Watcher sent by now we know dead Titans to investigate Azeroth distress call sent to Pantheon after Loken's death. So my question is. If Pantheon is dead, who recieved distress call from Loken's death and who sent Algalon? He clearly says during his arrival RP that Pantheon WILL recieve his message. But how are they gonna recieve it if they are dead? Sounds like a gigantic lorelol to me and Blizzard completely doesn't give a flying f*ck about their past works and just moves on like all the legacy they have put so far means nothing. In this youtube spoiler video provided by Nobbel we learn that Titans are dead for eons now. So potential claim that Pantheon was still alive by the WotLK time is completely invalid. This realy is starting to stink. Even by the High Fantasy standards that WoW has definetly become with these Holy Dreadlords and child of Light and Darkness called Illidan...... First Blizzard completely smashes entire Black Temple attunement quest line that was required in TBC to unlock that raid. In that questline we killed three Demon Hunter instructors, then we kill the only successful Belf Demon Hunter to prevent Illidan from raising his precious army. In Legion we learn that magnificently he actualy made an army of DH long before completely smashing entire questline's lore. Also Warlocks lose ability of metamorphose into demons so that Blizzard can conveniently intorduce lore raping Demon Hunters that should not be in the first place. Even though Green Fire questline introduced in Mists of Pandaria clearly and utterly explains how Warlocks gained that knowledge. And now Ulduar gets screwed. I start to get a feeling I am not playing continuation of awesome game WarCraft 3 what WoW used to be until WoD, but instead I feel that with reintroducing Draenor and making long dead characters return, I am dealing with some half assed fiasco Fan4tastic reboot. This game literaly has no lore. Nothing is adamant here. No rules are eternal. You have one very nice loading screen tip. "Put all things in moderation, even World of Warcraft." That goes for you Blizzard aswell. Put in moderation your freaking and completely missed Lore changes. We all have seen what enhanced edition of some very popular franchises do. *coigh* Star Wars *cough*. Tolkien didn't rewrite Hobbit novel after he finished LotR to make it fit more either. So please stop it and instead changing lore to your needs, suit it to the order you have already settled.Taladris39 5d
5d New races for Alliance and Horde Hello all, I had thought of this idea since the beginning of my WoW adventure on my first account during the early beginnings of WOTLK. Although it might sound familiar, I think there could be great potential. High elves for the Alliance. Naga for the horde. Let me tell you why. The High Elves were always allies of the alliance. They fought with the alliance during the 2nd war and the third. They are still quite involved in the stories of WoW and are actually my favourite race in WoW. They are the lost child of the alliance atm, living in Stormwind, Dalaran and formally Theramore. Since the destruction of Theramore, we of the alliance have one less 'city' of importance throughout Kalimdor. Although some players do not know the actual importance of Theramore during the rise of Orgrimmar, the WoW version of Theramore looked like 'an hub', nothing more and nothing less. I read that the High Elves are trying to become 'distinct' from their Sin'dorei brothers and sisters, whom they despise for their 'evil' doings. It is also stated that the physical appearance of the Sin'dorei altered when they became blood elves after absorbing too much fell energies. This gives ground to have the High Elf race as an original race within WoW. To think of the new lore possibilities I really like the idea of them finding a new home. I had dreamed (im serious about this) about them having a city in the clouds, a bit like Dalaran, but truly unique in appearance and lore. This city could be situated above an Island starting zone close to the Eastern Kingdoms or Kalimdor. I also liked the idea of having Alleria Windrunner as their new faction leader and having Vareesa Windrunner lead of the Silver Covenant (who remain having close ties with the Kirin Tor) The name for their new home would be Anthelas (New home). And their capital could be named Silversky city ('couch' 'couch'). I would like to hear any idea's you guys have :D. For the Naga, the reason I want to see them playable is their immense lore they have. The reason I have set them among the Horde is their relation with the Blood Elves, mainly during TFT. Their hatred with the Night Elves remains, but they are less aggresive against them.They would be a splinter faction that has rebelled against Aszhara and the Old Golds, having seen the madness they want to summon to Azeroth (Sargaras). Or they have broken free from the mental prison they have been after the pact of Aszhara and the Old Gods. They could have a new home in what I believe to be remnants of the broken isles, a tropical environment. Their capital could be part above water and under water. The naga however are like the undead a feared faction. And as a new naga player you need to earn your rights as a new member of the Horde by gaining trust of the Orcs, Tauren, Trolls and Pandaran. The Goblins only see money in them and do not care very much about them joining. For the physical appearance I have thought about two forms, the sea naga form and the land walker naga form, giving the ability to walk fast over land. Their form might have changed after an large event (maybe the Old Gods caused it). I hope you guys like these idea's, please do respond ^^Thalthor158 5d
5d Let's discuss about : Where is the titans ? Hello and welcome again to Let's Discuss about :) Our discuss today have some " Spoiler " about the patch 7.3 ... if you dont want it just click on Back ;) I Was wonder from long time .. where are the titans ? Millions of worlds are in the great dark beyond and some of it are eggs to the titans some of it has hatched like Argus and some of it didnt like Azeroth ( Our world ) The Burning legion .. destoryed thousands of worlds and they yet only have one new titans from all these worlds and the Pantheon :/ Let's not discuss about the pantheon and focus on the new titan .. argus The Legion used his power as a titan to make an endless army to invade the worlds without lose anything ! but they already invade thousands of worlds yet they didnt have another titan and that's make the question .. where are the titans ? i quess some planets are already hatched becuase you know .. millions of worlds in the great dark beyond .. can't just be there only 10 eggs for the titans or something like this .. atleast there must be more than thousand titans Yet where are they ? where did they go ? if they goes to fight the legion then we already must know about that but they just ignore the legion and goes to the nowhere ... does they hide from the legion ?Waygos3 5d
5d First Goblin Monk? Hey Guys, i just found something weird, probably most of you know about it, but im sure some of you dont, so i wanted to share it with you and speak about it aswell, since it may be a new race/class combination during next expansion? who knows maybe its a leak or just another unexplained ,,thing'' from wow, but okay, lets get started, in monk class order hall, inside the inn at the very top of the building theres a goblin ,,Gakkiz Blusterblast'' sitting next to pandaren, now as far as i remember its been a mage whom we meet during warlords of draenor, if you look at him now, hes completly dressed like a monk, and hes wearing legendary cape ,,Qian-Le, Courage of Niuzao'' from black prince which was obtainable during mists of pandaria legendary questline, despite the facts like Gallywix model update and Ion's mention about updating goblin/worgen models during last Q&A (yes i know theyre promising this to us since 2014) It may actually be some sort of leak of new race/class combo? is this even possible that this goblin mastered ways of the monks during just one expansion, and joined monks in monk class order hall to help with demons? or maybe... on the other hand when you look at it, theres been quite few years since Cataclysm release... , anyways.. what you guys think about it? 5d
5d Your worship of choice? (Heretics!) To whom to you owe your true loyalty to? What false gods of have you be taught to worship? The Holy Light, hah, which has lead thousands upon thousands to their doom at their hands of the Death-God. And all for to uphold their "honor" and "virtues" which always ultimately will be their doom. Or like others who worship trees and nature? Heretics! Blashpemy! What chance did the gods of the Forests have when the true masters of your world wanted them gone? The gods of shadows and flames, sent their most devoted followers to burn it all down. Even the Elements themselves bend to our gods great power and by extension, also to our power. The command the void is the true power, you can either bend minds and shape opinions to your will, like the mighty Lich King with his necromancy or you can bind the elements to your own will and unleash their chaotic powers on the world around you. Do you seriously think you have won? Just because you tore down Sargeras, our masters pawn, you tore down his demonic lieutenants, so deluded that they believed themselves to be gods. But no, true gods can never die. Look at the Lich King, the God of Death, he lingers. And the true Old God's of this world, merely set back in their schemes. But defeated? Not even close. Azeroth will burn and all life on it eradicated in the shadowy flames. Only the devouted and the true believers will be spared. We will be remade when the apocalypse comes and reshaped in the Old One's images- We will rise as their immortal servants and together, we will feast on your ashes!Ernstx54 5d
6d Please, don't corrupt Jaina. Jaina is one of my favourite Lore heroes. And she has been ever since Warcraft 3 (And I am pretty sure a lot of you fell in love with her too). But I feel like Blizzard is ruining her story. In Legion, Ill'Gynoth says:" Her heart is a crater and we have filled it." I really hope it doesn't refer to Jaina... I mean, I can't help but to think it's her. #MakeJainaGreatAgainAzekiel233 6d
6d *SPOILERS* Titans Retcon(Again....) I just saw the new released Lore Cutsenes that WoWHead has provided. Here's a link: My question is why and how are we fighting(helping) the titans where in Chronicles Vol. 1 it is clearly stated that their forms are too massive for them to physically enter any Planet. It seems WoW's lore has become a series of Retcons or I have missed something. Share your thoughts.Silmarilien23 6d
6d [Spoilers] Alleria and the Horde I'm sure you can't change dialogue for every bit of lore, I understand that, but what about some small bits of texts? When SoO was coming the Orc NPC's spoke with disregard to every Horde Race and to Orc players they said 'You're not part of the resistance are you?' So, how come this didn't happen here? It sure would be a cool bit of lore after all the Old Horde did to her home. Or do you think she understands the Orcs are changed, but then that raises the question she still gets angry when she hears Sylvanas leads the Horde now.. Also why does she not comment on the fact that her people now have green eyes?Sammyknight21 6d
6d How powerful are the OGs(at their prime)? Really? How powerful are the OG? Are they more powerful than Archimonde for example? Sargeras can easily one shoot an OG, and Archimonde is his ( left/right? can't remember ) hand. Who is gonna be the winner in a duel between an OG and Archimonde? What u guys think?Randerwik18 6d
11 Aug Burning Legion Logo Meaning? Hello guys, I am planning to get a Burning Legion logo as tattoo it looks kinda cool and mysterious, so I like it. But I also dont know what does it mean or what is it? Is it some1's skull or what's true meaning behind logo? And yes I tried google, was not able to find anything maybe you guys can help and explain what is it.Chronoos3 11 Aug
11 Aug [SPOILERS] Kil'jaedens intentions - A theory I want to talk about Kil'jaeden the 'Deceiver'. In the current expansion he hasn't exactly been living up to his reputation of being cunning and intelligent. He's been outsmarted and defeated at every turn despite having access to an endless army of demons, not to mention his supposed ability to manipulate others into doing his bidding. He's not done his given title any justice at all. Or has he? I would like to believe that the truth to the matter is that Kil'jaeden intentionally set up this Legion invasion of Azeroth to fail. Why? To get back at Sargeras, for one. Despite him willingly taking up on his offer in joining his Crusade, it came at a terrible cost. His homeworld of Argus. We see the rift between the two in the conversation they have during the 7.2 trailer. This brings me to his second reason: He wants Sargeras destroyed. I believe Kil'jaeden begun to lose faith in his master as far back as during the Third War, after Archimondes defeat. Since then, he's been taking matters into his own hands. Setting Illidan against the Lich King. Manipulating Kael'thas into using the Sunwell to bring him to Azeroth and so forth. Let's jump to the 'meat' of this theory where I'll explain exactly how he's been manipulating the events of Legion to end in the way it did: -He intentionally held back the full strength of the Legion until Gul'dans defeat, when it was far too late to win the war. After the victory in the Nighthold and what with Xavius no longer being a threat, Kil'jaeden summoned the rest of the Legion to Azeroth in order to taunt the heroes into assaulting the tomb a second time. Only now they'd be more prepared. -He knew that Illidan possessed the Sargerite Keystone and would be reckless enough to make use of it should he join the champions, which he did. Then it was only a matter of bringing Illidan & the rest to Argus on board his ship. After Kil'jaeden is defeated, Illidan uses the keystone as he had calculated he would to open the rift between Azeroth & Argus. -He also knew that Velen & his people would leap at the chance to spearhead the assault on Argus and bring about the ultimate end of the Legion at the hands of the defenders of Azeroth. So therein lies his ultimate deception. He's been posing as the right hand man of Sargeras throughout the course of years whilst secretly biding his time to bring about his masters downfall. This would make his final words to Velen all the more genuine as well and something that I think fits the character.Saleysea6 11 Aug
11 Aug A new Christe Golden novel. Could it be Jaina?! So Christie Golden recently announced she's writing a new Warcraft novel. The fact that it's still a secret could mean it is tied to the next World of Warcraft expansion, which I hope it's going to be about Old Gods, Kul'Tiras and the surprisingly absent from the current expansion Jaina. I wonder if this novel is going to tell us what's going on in the mind of this girl.Lightmane22 11 Aug
11 Aug By the looks of it , Sargeras will be in Raid .... As a Mythic only Boss , just like how Ra-dan was in TOT . How did i know ? What this till the end : Till time 20:48 , you will see the final Heroic / Normal / LFR Boss Aggramar , but why make a whole additional Area ( Seat of the Pantheon ) ??? Specially knowing that that area will be the jail of Sargeras , there is no way it will be like how Emeraled Nightmare raid were we get rewarded for defeating Xavis ! Now what do you think ?Metalhoof6 11 Aug
10 Aug The Plague of Undeath... defeated? In the Paladin class mount quest, you bring back to life the horse of Arius Rivendare, that is of course undead. Those this means there's a hope for the people risen by the Scourge? Or by a certain other faction that i won't name here?Tazeel16 10 Aug
10 Aug Doomsayer's are back?? So ive been just visint the bank to sort out my auction house valuable items, and noticed this guy near the entrance to the bank in dalaran, after some investigation i found another one, seems like theyre back, the doomsayers from legion prepatch , but this time theyre talkin about something different? what do you guys think about it? what does yours pamphlets says about? why blizzard did something like that, isnt it too early for next expansion clues? or the hell is this about? Here's my Pamphlet: PAGE 1: PAGE 2: 10 Aug
09 Aug Valeera and Tess? So I'm tired, it's 1 in the morning and I'm doing the rogue order hall campaign. I got to the part where everyone drinks the stuff and gets stunned. First thing Tess is concerned about is if Valeera is alright. That got me thinking. Do you think they would put in a romance between the two? I think it would be fitting, they do fit together and it wouldn't be completely undoable. What do you guys think? After Tracer turned out to prefer women I don't think it would be too far to say Valeera does too. The thought just came to me and I thought I'd share it and ask for opinions if maybe I should do a short story about it. Would any of you read that?Lerquiy8 09 Aug
09 Aug Lack of strategy? Say what you want about garrosh but atleast he was using strategy up until thalmore. Attacking ashanvale for resourses(while not the brighest idee to piss of the night elves. The land itself is valueable), taking gilnasses for a port, attacking pandaria(again not the brigest of idea's) was motivated by gaining lands. Clear objective's, clear gains, clear risks. Yet many quests in world of warcraft seem to lack any king of strategy. Alot of plot ex machina but no strategy. The iron horde's entire strategy could be summed up: Send everything we have to that one invincible hero. Instead of claiming lands, subdueing dreanor before launching a massive invasion and getting stuck at the easy to hold chockpoint. Or attacking place's your player is not. There are thousent of them and only a few dozen of us at any given location. Or legion: Lets invade a island full of demons with a single transport ship. It isnt like we have flying fortresses that could bomb the island for days. Softening them up before we send in the troops to contain the single portal all the demons are pooring out from. Ow wait we do have those. Never heard of chock points? Dont get me started on supply lines(very few games will even bother mentioning this as something that happen in the background, despite being a key factor in any war) Is it just me? Or does nobody in azaroth have the faintess idea how to wage a war?Malaficus2 09 Aug
09 Aug Let's Discuss About : Old Azeroth Hello and welcome again :) Today i want to discuss about something Very important and i didnt even find an answer for it Today we are going to discuss about the Old Azeroth ! And i mean By "Old" is the old azeroth before The First war There is Seven kingdoms for the human and three clan of Dwarfs with One kingdoms for the High elves " blood elves " and they live together in Eastren kingdoms for Hundreds centuries yet no one of them go out to explore the whole world until the third war came ! In The Other side in kalimdor there is Night elves and tuarens Well i dont thing the Exploring is in the Tuaren Culture but what about the night elves ? They was before a great empire but now they just live in The Northren Ruins of Kalimdor ! .. you can compare Darnassus With suramar and you will see Very very big differents And yet no one of the night elves dare to Travel across the world for 10k years ! no one from the two contient go to Northrend until Arthas came No one goes or get out from pandaria until the conflict between the alliance and the horde in the southern seas well only maiev who goes to Broken isles but just becuase illidan in warcraft 3 Really ? no one do something until something came to happen and then " Oh lets fight and stop him before everything lost in that New land ! " i dont really see any reason but what about you ?Waygos14 09 Aug
08 Aug Why did Vol'jin have to die? From a story standpoint, when a leader of a faction dies, another takes over, and the new leader will get to be the focus of writing, but Blizzard has done nothing with Sylvanas except for the Helya and Eyir stuff..but even that were like tiny tidbits worth absolutely nothing.. Seems like a bad move tbh..with Vol'jin we couldve have had a big story about Horde and Alliance maybe making peace with eachother for at least a couple of years.Arvos76 08 Aug
08 Aug Age of some important characters I'm not clear on timelines and I've been wondering this. Thrall acts like he's well past his 50s but he can't be past his late 30s right? Jaina and Arthas must be only a few years away from each other so Arthas would be about late 30s maybe? And Jaina in her early 40s? From Arthas: The Rise of the Lich King it seemed Jaina was the older one (or just more mature) by a few years. So how old are they? Also there's another topic I would like to bring up. Troll life spam. Is there any official information on how long do trolls generally live? Specifically I mean darkspear trolls, not amani and zandalari and forest and cave and whatever else we got as bad guys. I mean Vol'jin's people. Also, how old was Vol'jin at the time of his death? Is there anything officially stated in this topic?Lerquiy13 08 Aug
07 Aug You're Welcome - The Illidan project So I heard the Luke Skywalker and Rey You're Welcome video and it got me thinking could wow write one, I kind of thought of Illidan first because I thought of (spoilers for end of Tomb of Sargeras) "What can I say except you're welcome!, for putting Argus into the Sky" Are there any other lines that could work for it? I thought I could make a bit of a project for it.Nuraani1 07 Aug
07 Aug will illidan get tyrande tyrande is in love as hell with malfurion, they try to depict that in valsharah questline but big boy illidan is back, he's part of that prophecy, he's gonna redeem himself....... will he win over tyrande, will he kill malfurion and pretend he fell of a cliff and comfort tyrande to win her over, will he find a new girl on argus, what do you think will happen?Woege55 07 Aug
07 Aug Which WotA is cannon? The one with Brox-Rhonin-Krasus or the one without them? The three where not in Chronicles Part I, or in the WotA book, but the former version is used in game. It's confusing...Goraan13 07 Aug
07 Aug How strong is current Medivh? So, we all know that Guardian Medivh is one of the strongest characters in WoW, but how strong is he currently? He said that now , he is only Medivh, so he doesn't have Guardian power, nor Sargeras possessing him. How does he compare to the other mages lore wise? Would you say he's stronger/weaker than Khadgar and such?Khâdgar19 07 Aug
07 Aug Jaina, were and what role in next expansion? So after she stormed off at the start of Legion she finds her way to Kul Tiras, that after the cataclysm floated over towards the troll and Goblin islands. Why is she over there? to raise support to take over the Alliance perhaps? or maybe just to get help with taking down the Horde. Either way things are not going as she hoped... The city not only has the Naga and Murlocs to deal with, the Trolls want a piece of this new land. How do we end up there? Well as with Draenei tradition they crash there new ship there after we take down Argus. What content can we expect? Ships Pirates Goblin Traders Trolls Trolling us. Three main land masses to explore with a few smaller isles. A plot of revenge on the Horde Possible links to Void Lord corruption (what have you gone and done now Jaina). New customisation options for all races (Tattoos, scars, hair accessorises) This is all speculation of course. so feel free to say what you think she is doing or what you think might happen while were collection 1000 Murloc fins. ;DAngoleth2 07 Aug
07 Aug So many WoW2 theories nowadays. Here is mine Hello everyone. It's almost clear that next xpac will be about last Old God - N'Zoth, we'll have to explore Azeroth even more, since we'll get Kul'Tiras, prolly more new locations. But what we'll have after that? I was fan of theory that we could experience time-skip between Legion and 8.0.0, since we'll spend time on Argus, Argus and Twisting Nether kinda close nowadays, and as Tyralion says time flows different there. But now i think we'll have time-skip after next xpac. Why is that good? Look, most likely we'll get rid of obvious threats to Azeroth in next few years: Legion and Old Gods. What's next? Straight to fight Void Lords? But how? Where? It's so unclear. But we know that we will do that in future, since we saw comic about old Anduin and Velen leading Army of Light. Soooooo... Time-skip. After we cleared Azeroth from threats it's perfect opportunity to skip let's say 50 years, to live happily or something like that. We coming back in WoW 2. New engine will give us best opportunity to experience reworked Azeroth. As a whole world, we won't see parts of it fighting Deathwing/Scourge/Sha/Old'Gods in different time periods, because it's all now is a part of past.. We'll have one big picture of world. Just like we had in Vanilla, but with all new features and even more. Its not necessarily will be all new and shiny. New conflicts between Horde and Azeroth, new antagonists who developed during these years, easy to introduce new heroes. We won't see Outland any more. It got destroyed. We won't see AU Draenor, they living their lives without our intervention, no need to mess with time-lines anymore. We won't see Deepholm. Its not our business anymore. Let Terazane rule there We have our new Azeroth. We are slowly moving to war against Void Lords, dealing with their new minions from space, like ethereals or anything new or old. Now i'll mention 2 technical details, not lore-ones: We'll have 60 lvl cap again, 120/2, magic of numbers Too many locations for 60 lvls and u worried you'll miss the new story? We don't have Outland and Draenor anymore. But more importantly, now we have more starting zones with all these sub-races Which sub-races you'll ask me? For each race except for Pandarens. Alliance: Nightelves and Nightbornes, which located in Suramar Draenei and Lightforged Draenei, they can park their shiny Vindicaar anywhere, let's say Wetlands Gnomes and... erm... Leprognomes? or Mecha-gnomes? Cyborgnomes? Dwarfes with their clans, as well as male version of sub-race - Earthen. Humans and Worgens are the same now. iirc worgen's childrens are not wolverines, so they free to decide if they want their child to become worgen or not. Probably Vrykuls?Horde: Orcs. Green, who decided with Thrall's son to come back to Alterac? Red, who stay in Durotar? Black from Blackrock Mountain? You decide. Taurens and Taunka, we still have Northrend, remember? Trolls. Many tribes Blood Elves. i dont really know any sub-races for them, what about Nightbornes, who are not willing to be with Alliance? Goblins, maybe some transformed, like purple alchemist-goblins Undeads. What about 50 years of science and they can become less rotten, more cured(not fully tho) Many races. New conflicts. New stories. New heroes. Faction leaders now in such condition, that they can last for another 50 years easily. Sylvanas still Warchief. She's immortal, still young and beautiful. Baine became Old Tauren. Rokhan is troll leader, he's old though, but Trolls have a long life-span. Blood Elves same. Maybe some son of Gallywix now ruling, since his dad on pension or smth. retired. Brother of Durak stays at Orgrimmar and leading orcs Anduin. Nothing to add Tyrande. What could happen to her Internet told me that dwarfs live more than century, so their council still ruling Gnomes are probably live long as well, so Mekkatorque still here Velen is Velen Dragons still present. i've read somewhere they will play big role, so maybe we'll have even more dragons, Blue Dragonflight can be restored, thanks to dragons from Azsuna. Black dragons shouldn't have new ones, Ebonhorn lives happily in Highmountain, Wrathion too royal to cross-breed with other dragons, plus their lifespan too huge, 50 years insignificant for them. I'm not sure if i have something in particular in my head about this WoW 2. Only big picture, something like that. Future where all threats that we faced are not thing anymore. If anyone have something to add - please do. Maybe i wrote this long post but it'll be a bull!@#$ in your eyes, lol.Skver9 07 Aug
07 Aug Thank you Alliance! Thank you for pushing the Nightborne right in the Horde hands!Tazeel1 07 Aug