04 Jan 2016 Story Forum "Guidelines" and Suggestions We've adapted the description of this forum to include Fan Fiction, and we encourage you to share your stories here! This rest of this post is taken from Nethaera's thread on the US forums: I know more than a few people have been asking if there are guidelines to posting in these forums. The answer is yes and no both. Confusing, I know, but you'll understand once I explain. First, if you are sharing a story here, it should be fictional and set in the Warcraft universe. Can you break canon? Yes. It's your story. Just please try not to go too far afield. Your audience will appreciate some semblance of familiarity. Next, you've asked about just how far language, sexual themes, or violent themes can go, so I'll explain here. Keep in mind, the forum Code of Conduct still applies. Also, keep in mind the rating (T for Teen) as well. When you want a good example story, please take a look at Blizzard's own for World of Warcraft. That should give you a good comparison for your own tales. Use your best judgement. If you ask yourself, "Is this too far?", it just might be and you might want to consider doing another editing pass. While not everyone may agree on taste, try to keep it as tasteful as possible. If you're sharing a story, it may be a good idea to put "complete" at the bottom of your story if it takes more than one post to tell it. We know there are restrictions on the forums that may hinder you a bit, but this may give you the room to post without someone jumping in before you're done and so that the reader knows they are reading a "finished" (we all know no story is ever really finished) piece of work. Authors may also want to express at the bottom of their completed tale if they are open to constructive feedback. Some may not want feedback other than to hear if someone enjoyed it and some may be looking for others to help them hone their skills. The best way to solicit either is to make it clear what you would like. "Constructive feedback welcome." If you are a reader, please be considerate. If you didn't like a story or liked it, then sharing constructive feedback is fine. But, please make sure you do it in a way that isn't insulting to the author if the author has asked for or made it clear they are open to feedback. Most importantly, we all know that these types of efforts are very personal to the author. I'd like to ask authors not to take feedback too personally and likewise for those that give constructive feedback. Please don't make it personal. Personal attacks are definitely not OK here. This is largely 'your' forum to make of what you like in the end. While we have the power to moderate and help mold, the shape of it all is largely up to you and what you make of it as a community. *I've left this thread open on purpose so that any additional etiquette discussions or questions could be kept here. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves.Takralus8 04 Jan 2016
59m Chronicles: Volume 2 - Lore with Kalaghar! Hello everyone! My name is Kalaghar, don't get fooled by the imposter who's blankly staring outwards towards you lot! No, no, no! I have recently started a youtube channel, and well I've always loved the lore of the game, I'm making these video's to because of said fascination with the lore of the game and perhaps grab a little confidence in the meantime, it'd be great if you'd check out my latest(And only) video, where I cover a little bit about Draenors early days and how it all began, it'd be fantastical if you awesome people would throw a comment on things I could improve on or otherwise. Cheers! Just click the link, or copy paste it into your bar, and you win a cookie! (Cookies may be invisible and made of air, and may or may not exist) 59m
2h Who will be the final boss in Legion? Hello. I was wondering who people think will be the final boss in Legion. We kill Gul'dan and tichondrius in the first raid, so i am wondering what Legion commanders are left.Tankard146 2h
6h Sargeras, Void Lords and Azeroth. In the beginning; The first of everything, when there was nothing, the Great Dark Beyond. Simply reality, the physical universe. Before the age of Azeroth, a World-soul known as Aman'Thul awoke. He then traveled the universe in search of others of his kind. He found and woke up a handful of his brothers, including Sargeras. Aman'Thul and his brothers became known as the Pantheon, a group of Titans who traveled the universe in search of others of their kind, while creating and shaping worlds and life itself. Their ultimate goal, to uphold order and watch over the universe. World-souls are infant Titan souls that form inside some planets. Even if this is the first stage of a Titan were they are most vulnerable, they are still incredible powerful. They slumber and dream for a very long time, suffusing the very planet they inhabit from the core, before they eventually awaken as living worlds, as Titans. The Titans themselves are a race of colossal, planet-sized cosmic beings. Made out of Arcane magic and the very energy that shaped the universe as a whole. While traveling the universe the Titans found less and less World-souls along the way, but they knew that they had only explored a minor portion of what was out there. Along the way, the Titans encountered the Demons, mutated beings who existed in chaos, and worked against the ways of the Titans. Sargeras, The Defender was the one who took the charge in destroying the Demons. He made it his duty to keep these chaotic creatures in check and make sure they would not stand in the way of the Titans and their creations. As this was going on; The living shadow of the universe, started to grow jealous of the Titans and their incredible power. The Void Lords started to plot out their course of action. In an attempt to gain the upper hand, they tried to corrupt the Titans. However, this proved to be useless, the Titans was just too powerful for the Void Lords to corrupt. This angered the Void Lords and made them scheme another course of success, one that would prove much more feasible. They plotted to corrupt the Titans in their most vulnerable state, the World-souls. The Void Lords then pooled their power and threw dark, parasitic horrors across the universe, hoping that one of these parasites would eventually crash down on a planet containing a host, a World-soul. Among these the parasites that managed to get to Azeroth were later known as the Old Gods; C'Thun, Yogg-Saron, Y'Shaarj and N'Zoth. While Sargeras hunted the Demons wherever he could find them, he soon learned that some had learned to wield Void energies. He was puzzled by this, but continued his work nonetheless. While he was looking for World-souls to awaken, he stumbled upon a sight that changed him forever. Sargeras came across a World-soul. To his horror, he saw that the planet had been almost completely infested by the parasitic Old Gods. It was covered in Void energies, and the normally tranquil dreams of the infant Titan had been twisted into horrific nightmares. At this point, Sargeras and the other Titans had no knowledge of the Void Lords or their existence, he then ruthlessly interrogated the corrupted world's Dreadlord inhabitants, who had come to dwell amongst the Old Gods, and through them he learned of the Void Lords and their intentions. If the Old Gods succeeded in corrupting a World-soul, it would awaken as an unspeakably dark creature who would destroy all of creation, a Dark Titan. An existence that would make the powers of the Pantheon dwarf in comparison. An existence with such a massive force that its very presence would devour the universe. Enraged at this discovery, Sargeras killed the Dreadlords and cleaved the corrupted planet in two, instantly killing the world-soul within. Sargeras returned at once to the rest of the Pantheon to tell them what had happened, but they chastised and told him off for his rash action, telling him that they may have been able to cleanse the World-soul of its corruption without killing it. Sargeras tried to tell the other Titans that what he had done was right, and that the universe needed to be purged of mortal life in order to prevent the risk of a World-soul becoming corrupted and opening the way for the Void Lords and their destruction. Realizing that the others would never see things the way he did, Sargeras stormed off, vowing to purge the universe on his own. At any cost. ''All I did, I did for the universe! Not for power, not for personal gain or greatness, but for existence!'' After Sargeras left, Aggramar continued the hunt for demons in his place. While doing so, he sensed the tranquil dreams of a slumbering World-soul from a distant corner of the universe. He traveled towards the source, then he discovered the world that would later become known as Azeroth. Within its core was an infant Titan far more powerful than any others the Pantheon had yet encountered. However, the world had already been corrupted by the parasitic Old Gods. The infant Titan's spirit remained uncorrupted, but, knowing it was only a matter of time before it would be consumed by the Void, Aggramar quickly returned to the Pantheon and told them of his discovery, telling them that this was proof of Sargeras' claims and that the Pantheon had to take action before the World-soul was lost to corruption. Eonar agreed, and convinced the rest of the Pantheon to save the planet from the Old Gods. They then decided that the Pantheon would travel to Azeroth and cleanse it of the malicious Black Empire which had claimed it. However, due to the Titans' colossal forms and the risk of unintentionally damaging or killing the world-soul, Aggramar decided that rather than take action directly, the Pantheon would create servants to do battle against the forced of the Old Gods in their place. And thus, the Titan-forged was created. Among them was the Watchers, and the Keepers; Giants, Troggs, Mogu, Tol'vir, Valarjar, Val'kyr, among others.. Including Earthen and Mechagnomes, later becoming known as Dwarves and Gnomes by the curse of flesh. The minions of the Old Gods, and their elemental servants native to Azeroth, were powerful beyond mortal comprehension, their forces did not stop the armies of the Titans. One by one, the elemental lords fell, and their forces destroyed. But, it was discovered that the Old Gods had managed to infect the planet so early in its lifetime that they were irreversibly linked with it. Since they could not destroy the Old Gods, the Titans decided to imprison them far beneath the surface of the earth. Without the power of the Void to keep their raging spirits bound to the physical world, the elemental lords such as Ragnaros were banished to an abyssal plane, where they would contend with one another for all eternity. With the elementals' departure, nature calmed once again, and Azeroth settled into a peaceful harmony. The titans saw that the threat was contained and set to work, they then continued to shape the world and all its life as we know it. Meanwhile, across the universe; Sargeras, having now broken his ties to the other Titans, pondered upon the future of the universe. As doubt and despair twisted his mind, as he remembered what he had seen he reached the conclusion that to save the universe from the hands of the Void Lords, all World-souls had to be destroyed. To accomplish this, he would need an army, the Titan then returned to the demonic prison world of Mardum, where he had imprisoned and killed thousand of Demons, he then shattered it to unleash the demons upon the universe once more. In the process of doing so, the former Pantheon was twisted into a fel-corrupted being. The Demons that Sargeras had been hunting for so long now pledged their allegiance to his crusade. They began their travel through the universe together in search for World-souls to destroy, and other entities who would join them. And so, the Burning Legion was created. Eventually, Sargeras got in contact with his former brothers - They attempted to reason with Sargeras and told him of the powerful World-soul known as Azeroth, and that they had cleansed it off its corruption. The conversation turned into an argument, and Sargeras ended up striking down Aggramar, killing him with a single blow of his sword. As this happened, the other Pantheon members attacked Sargeras. However, one by one they all fell to the might of Sargeras. When he was done, he set out with his legion in search of Azeroth, determined to destroy it to save the universe. In his mind, a lifeless universe was better than one absolutely corrupted by the Void Lords, for he argued that if life in its pure form had once taken existence in the universe on its own, it would be able do so again. For whom the leaders of the Void Lords are, he did not know, and his worst fears was to one day find out.Plaguevii13 6h
17h So What The Hell Are The High Elves Doing? So just to make sure, after fall of Silvermoon by the hands of scourge some Elves mainly those who were with Jaina in Theramore and those with Kirin Tor decided to not join Blood Elves. These High Elves: Didn't help protect Silvermoon Didn't help rebuild Silvermoon Didn't join the fight to take back the Sunwell They watch the Alliance kill their brethren and do nothing, actually worse than nothing, they HELP. I don't know what High Elves are actually planning to do here. Their numbers are very few and they have literally done nothing for their homeland and people and instead have decided to remain with the Alliance. This is not even about Garithos, during the second war there was a lot of Elves among Human armies yet the Alliance did not send any help when half of Quel'Thalas burned. This was when Elves and Alliane really got separated. Granted Varian and to some extent Jaina tried to get the Blood Elves back into Alliance, maybe at the behest of High Elves. But other than that I think High Elves are practically useless and pathetic. I wish Blizzard gave them a better direction other than "Oh no we rather wear blue".Nezekan189 17h
17h The most important lore question of all Do Draenei wear horse shoes? Can't get the question out of my mind for some reaason. Well their ingame models don't. But if see them doing so in a lot of art work, official ones aswell. Like here: Anyone who plays the blues who got some further info on that?Ronaeriel10 17h
17h The Seven Wonders of Azeroth I'm going to be making a video on my YouTube channel where I show, what I consider to be the Seven Wonders of Azeroth (That includes Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms Northrend and Pandaria) The 'wonders' can include man-made and natural locations. 1. Nordrassil, the World Tree (Mount Hyjal, Kalimdor) 2. Wyrmrest Temple (Dragonblight, Northrend) 3. The Stonewrought Dam (Loch Modan, Eastern Kingdoms) 4. Serpent's Spine (Vale of Eternal Blossoms, Pandaria) 5. The Sunwell (Isle of Quel'Danas, Eastern Kingdoms) 6. Blackrock Mountain (Burning Steppes, Eastern Kingdoms) 7. The Dark Portal (Blasted Lands, Eastern Kingdoms) Of course, there are hundreds of beautiful and wonderous places in the World of Warcraft that could make this list. My reasons for including the ones I did is because I think they are the most monumental and stand-out locations that, even in a colossal fantasy world, still defy expectations. I would love to hear some feedback and if anyone has any suggestions or a list of their own it would be brilliant to see!Wrench12 17h
21h Could Elisande return? Should she? After defeating her in the nighthold, her echo actually addresses us and is able to actually use the night well to help us gain access too and empower us in the fight against Gul'dan. The echo has real abilities, could this repentant Elisande somehow enable her to actually have survived our invasion? Wouldn't it be kind cool that the Elisande story continues - not as the almost goddess like level of power and influence she once had, but totally different. Would be nice if the Elisande story continue and we get an Elisande - Azshara confrontation and part 2 when she eventually meets up with the nightborne in some down the line event. I can imagine a good Elisande - "fates be damned, I cast my lot in with yours" who now fights for whats rigiht. She's got no access to the arcan'dor, but she has people who still believe in her, still loyal to her, those that followed her through the madness of the legion, follow her through he change of mind, trusting her decisions were always to save her people" She and her group are now outcasts, they must travel the world, avoid main stream communities connected to anyone who was involved with the Broken Isles and Suramar. So they journey away and have a series of adventures sticking to small communities to avoid public eye. To most people, they're just a bunch of of slightly darker night elves, and are often greeted with the same awe /reverence or suspicion/disdain night elves get from various groups. They could start a whole series of her. They use their magic and skills to survive, taking jobs, often helping all kinds of communities, they don't discriminate between horde and alliance, so they help anyone or everyone, but tend to avoid horde/alliance groups to avoid detection. I would like that :) An alternative destiny could be: They end up eventually finding refuge with the blood elves and joining the horde. Yes, nightborne are a night elf thing, but just like we had high elves on the alliance ( or blood elves join the horde if you look at it that way) we can have a group of nightborne join the horde under Elisande, the magic of the sunwell helping their addiction since they don't have access to the arcan'dor. The rest of the nigihtborne peoples are obviously allied with their night elven kin, maybe the fruit of the arcan'dor reverts their appearance back to night elven - so you get kaldorei looking nightborne in the alliance (with an arcane runed version of the night elf model), but the old nightborne model we now see available on the horde. Then they give the alliance a modified high elf model or half-elf model too. - I don't think fans will complain, the night elves keep their city and most of the shal'dorei whether in night elf bodies or nightborne ones, but the horde get something too, and the comlicated elven saga goes on. Especially when they discover war criminal Elisande is being given sanctuary by the Sin' 21h
1d Legion storyline The back story in Legion sucks, unfortunately. Our world is a Titan baby? And what about Illidan? We all know the stuff he did before, just because Blizzard is trying to whitewash him with brute force, since not only are they trying to make us forget what an anti-hero and villain he was in WC3 and then later TBC. They want us to just forget all of that and just pretend it never happened, lol. Why not return him like he really was? A flawed character with a heavy addiction to arcane and now especially fel magic. Illidan was a great character because of his flaws. But no, now they are not only trying to whitewash, but also now claim that there was a pluton of hundreds of DH's fully trained, when we know for a fact only five completed their training at the Black Temple before Illidan was killed. They are trying so hard to rape the lore (and many morons who just like Illidan because of his looks obviously, because his personality has changed) that now, he is also chosen as the Golden child?! I mean really? You give us this great expansion, with all the other lore stories around the big main one is just top notch. And the game mechanics too. But suddenly, you freak out and deliver this piece of !@#$ story with Illidan and the Naaru?! If anyone should be the chosen one, it should be someone who has been devoted to the Light for quite some time and lived by it's virtues. Not someone who feasts on magic that is created upon destruction of life itself. He is the opposite of everything the Light stands for.Sylaz21 1d
1d Are you happy with your Warchief? I dislike Sylvanas becoming warchief for a few reasons. She is selfish and dishonorable. I used to like her when she was the shadowy figure that didnt give a crap about Horde. And her becoming warchief felt stupid and unlogical to me because nobody trusted her. Almost any other faction leaders would make me happier (Baine,Saurofang,Lothemar......hell even Gallywix). But Iam an Alliance player and I wonder are you happy with her being chosen to lead your people?Darkdir292 1d
1d War Crimes plot holes At the end of War Crimes, loyalists of Garrosh' True Horde such as Shokia and Thalen Songweaver appear, but haven't been seen since then. The Infinite Dragonflight was also there to aid them. Do you think they will ever appear again, and that their absence from the story will be explained? I know Shokia was supposed to appear in WoD, but this never happened.Terajo6 1d
1d WoW - PLAYING IT LIKE IT'S VANILLA (2004) WoW - PLAYING IT LIKE IT'S VANILLA (2004) By no means is this Topic trying to tell you how to play the game. By no means is this Topic trying to bash today's WoW and put Vanilla in a perfect, flawless light. If you think this Topic is stupid because you like to play WoW in a different way, move on and do not downvote it. If you think this Topic is stupid because it has many flaws feel free to downvote it and maybe even add some new ideas in the comment section. This isn't a complete list. This is why I am asking YOU to help me add to it! Please post every ideas you have in the comment section. I appreciate it! ----------Races---------- Alliance: -Human -Night Elf -Dwarf -Gnome Horde: -Orc -Forsaken -Tauren -Troll ----------Classes---------- -Warrior -Paladin -Warlock -Shaman -Druid -Rogue -Priest -Hunter -Mage ----------Areas and Expansions---------- This is a tough one. In order to get the perfect Vanilla experience, it would be fitted to never visit any of the following areas: -Pandaria -Northrend -The Broken Shore -Azuremyst Isles -Eversong Woods -Ghostlands -Isle of Quel'Danas -Kezan -Bilgewater Harbor -Maelstrom -Gilneas -Draenor -Outland There is also a handful of smaller places and locations added by the Expansions that are not quite worth mentioning here, like for example "Gallywix Pleasure Palace". ----------Pets & Mounts---------- What you must know is that Battle pets and Flying Mounts didn't exist back in Vanilla. So do not use them. There were always Companion Pets though. You can delete Battle Pets from your Collections window -if you truly wish to immerse yourself as much as possible in the Vanilla WoW- ----------Professions & Secondary Professions---------- Do not use: -Inscription -Jewelcrafting -Archeology ----------Graphics & Models---------- -Set the normal graphics and the Dungeon & Raid graphics to 1 -Go to Advanced in the Settings menu and uncheck "Show new character models". All Vanilla playable character models except "Female Trolls" and "Male + Female Night Elves" will use the old character models. NPCs will be affected by this as well. ----------Raid & Dungeon Finder---------- It is important that you do not use the Raid & Dungeon Finder (Group Finder as a whole). It might sound challenging to walk, run or ride to an Instance while also forming a group of people and keeping it all together, but that's Vanilla WoW afterall, no? ----------Leveling---------- I do hope it is clear enough, that you should only level your character up to level 60. Once you reach the "level cap" you must go to your capital city and buy "Level Locking" for 10 gold. You can, of course, always undo it by paying 10 gold again. ----------Others---------- Do not use: -The only Emote (/sleep, /walk etc.) you can use is /golfclap -Heirlooms -Transmogrification -Barber Shop -Toys Druid Shapeshifting: The only Druid Shapeshifting abilities you area allowed to use are: -Travel From -Aquatic Form -Bear Form -Cat Form -Moonkin FormRiddeck5 1d
1d Baine - the only source of redemption Over the last number of expansions, the Horde has been repositioned as the warmongering, savage enemy. From the burning of NE woods, to the WMD used on Theramore, to the endless slaughter caused by Garrosh's horde - more and more the balance has shifted until hardcore horde defenders are left saying "well there was that one time the Alliance attacked that Tauren village"....pretty weak sauce. And today we are left with Sylvanas, a banshee that has unleashed plagues, invaded Gilnaes and forcibly raised the fallen as forsaken just like the Lich king. Things are not looking good for the horde as "misunderstood noble people". So where's the redemption? It can only come from the Tauren. The Tauren, together with the Horde Trolls are the only consistently "good" people. With Voljin dead, Baine is the last hope for the Horde. The Alliance cannot remain the sole source of stability and good in the world. If lore-wise the Horde and Alliance are to unite against the ultimate enemy, Sylvanas must die and join Arthas in the abyss. Baine must become Warchief and with Anduin, lead the charge.Jimbot88 1d
2d "Hell and heavens" in wow Hell is the closest description i could find for the eternal torment(is it the vois) some people go through (arthas and sylvannas for a short tome). Even Uther mentionned it to arthas before dying . The thing is,what are the criteria to go to one place or another? Are the souls claimed by the lich king condemned to go to this "hell" if they die(does the state of undeath seals your destiny and you'll get to hell?)Khâmul19 2d
3d I want new viking exp OK I admit I love wotlk because of its Northern theme. It is better then everything you will ever try to make. I do not want super boss villain I do not want 584th Burning Crusade invasion. Just give us WORLD of warcraft where I can be small insignificant adventurer in some icy land with cold dragons and big beardy guys with axes.Crossaider9 3d
3d Draenor's Emerald Dream ( *Spoilers* ) Obvious #spoilers ahead for everyone who hasn't read the Chronicles Vol. II yet, but still plans to do so in the nearer future. You have been warned. ----------------------------------------------------------- Just because the question came up a couple weeks ago: There is none. Draenor does not house a titan soul and the only titan who ever visited the the planet was Aggramar. The botani instead draw there powers from spirit the fifth element that can be found in abundance on Draenor. The vast amount of spirit caused Draenors elementals to be calm and weak, but the plantlife on the planet at some point of time digged into it and developed a crude collective intelligence called the Evergrowth. Aggramar animated a great mountain 'Grond' to fight the Evergrowth and stop it from devouring everything on Draenor. The Evergrowth defended itself by spawning three giant plant-monstrosities the 'sporemounds'. Life-energy still seeps from their corpses this way druids ( and the botani )can use their powers on Draenor without the Emerald Dream.Ronaeriel3 3d
3d Lor'Themars Monocle So is there a specific reason why Blizzard keeps giving Lor'Themar a !@#$ing monocle in every cinematic instead of the eye patch he is always wearing everytime except in the docks in SoO. In my opinion i would rather have him keep wearing the eyepatch or blizz make him a model where his eye is scarred as it is in the art. What are you guys thoughts on this?Thenaelor2 3d
4d Class Power first of all this is not a thread to !@#$% and whine about any class being OP gameplay wise. this is a discussion i want to have concidering what class or specific specc that is the most powerfull lorewise. and artifact weapons should be concidered as well. as i have not read up that much on the lore of most artifact weapons i will base my judgement on class/specc alone. for me i cant decide between death knights and warlocks. both of these classes can command small armies with thier powers alone. so unholy and demonology would be thier strongest speccs. as for warlock i think destruction would be the weakest of their speccs and for death knight frost and blood is quite evenly matched. frost has the power to devastate large areas and blood would focus more on the living and not as much in destruction of land or dwelling. so i would then place frost slightly ahead of blood.Tomsboll23 4d
4d Lego Warcraft Movie? Awesome! Have You seen Lego Warcraft made by Polish Lego Fan? Zbudowany z Lego in Fantasy World! Blood, death, Orcs ... invaders came from Draenor to conquer Azeroth by sword and axe. The only way to stop them is destroying the Portal and kill all of the invaders! This is World of Warcraft advanced story, incredible work, awesome game. I am inviting you to the adventure at Dark Portal in Blasted Lands. For the Horde or for The Alliance? Link for Pictures: 4d
4d Elven Utopia I would liek to have an Elven kingdom that is open to all elves, and no elf fights. Elves aren't like humans and other races, even when they strongly disagree it seldom comes to blows, and in actual fact, blood shed between elves did not happen despite the night elf and blood elf hatred until the blood leves joined the horde and started murdering the nigh telves who were spying on them. Elven kind is not generally warlike, its in their description if you read about the night elves in Chronicles. It makes sense to have an Elven utopia. And while I admit that Suramar is a gorgeous place, i think it should be built/centred around the high elves. No offence, but night elf stuff is too nighty and dark, and it feels a bit strange to us.. as i said no offence - i like them, but I think the populace will prefer an elven utopia to be centred around the high elf than the nightborne or any night elf group. To that effect, I propose a collaboration of ALL elves, High elf, Nightbonre, Highborne, Blood Elf, Night elf, Darkfallen all work together and bring the Skywall to a utopic verdant land that they make into Elftopia - where Elves set aside their differences and work together, promote each other etc. Show the world this is how you work together.Valeiya24 4d
5d How BElf magic compares to nightborne how do you feel BElf magic overall measure up to the nightborne? Obviously the nightborne is more advanced - i mean 10k years of unbroken magical mastery from the discovery of magic nearly 15k years ago has its perk and its easy to see that these guys are magically more advanced than anyone. But: 1. Nightborne are impressed with blood elf magical power - at least according to Silgryn and Victoire or are they just trying to be optimistic? This is with the nightwell up.. without the nightwell.... - blood elves have gained some new sources of magic in their travels - When it was just Azeroth, you could say nightborne were undisputably far ahead, but since MoP and TBC - blood elves have gained a lot new knowledge 2. Blood elves seem more cunning. Cunning not necessarily more intelligent - i would estimate nightborne have higher IQs - they got a bigger boost, and they never suffered an exile losing some of the original enhancements like the high elves did. Though the sunwell restored some extra longevity, intellect and stature, it wasn't on the night elf scale - but at least the arcane amplifies intellect further when you use it, something the night elves don't generally, putting blood elf IQ higher despite the weaker well, but not nightborne, who make full use Still blood elves seem more cunning and battle savvy - that blood elf mage takes out the highborne shield - but you get the impression that the nightobnre are riddled with over confidence, they haven't updated a lot of stuff , like the telemancy network - still, they are formidable in the nighthold on a scale not seen before - they have been in a refuge for 10k years, but we see how the night elf empire covered the world. Still, blood elves are working at their peak, 110% they give in everything. Nightborne aren't slackers at all, but i think the blood elves are better thereValeiya13 5d
5d Names Am I the only one finding weird that many characters have perfectly "alien" firstnames, but totally english-based surnames. It would seem a character like "Illidan stormrage" would have a totally elfish name. Why is his surname English sounding ? Is it his actual surname ? Then why does it look like english ? Is this a kind of translation ? Then why is the firstname not translated then ? Such inconsistency! It's driving me mad!Kalibban3 5d
5d Stop glorifying the player character so much I'm sick of it! And other people i've spoken to are sick of it aswell, the player character keeps getting more and more mindless praise over time, it's stupid You make us the leaders of factions, highlord, farseer, deathlord, etc.. STOP! Just because we helped kill a few enemies doesn't make us great leaders, do you people working on the lore have no idea what the difference is between swinging a weapon and being a tactical mastermind?! I know our characters should be well-known, but keep it at champion, or later in whatever expansion, hero, at best, don't replace leaders of important factions with us, you're hurting the lore, and you're doing that enough without this mess you're putting us in, all this does is tear apart lore regarding these factions you put your "rule of cool" where its not needed, where it actually makes it worse, when working on lore the first and foremost matter is if it makes sense, something you seem to have abandoned somewhere mid-MoP, ever since then, lore has just been rolling downhill, faster and faster.Emilïa49 5d
6d Warcraft Books Reading Order Hey guys, maybe I'm just being blind (or that I can't be bothered to try and find a thread related that's not on the first page), but I've seen so many different points of view on how the Warcraft books should be read. I really want to get stuck into the lore, could someone kindly give me an infallible order to read the books? (Taking into account the new Dawn of the Aspects series as well). I'd like to read them chronologically, and if possible could you indicate which games they relate to or how far before/after they were set sort of thing, if you know what I mean. Thanks so much, VestaxeVestaxe52 6d
6d Athissa was a main Character :P lol So i do not know about the rest of you, but do you feel that the way she was promoted is bad? she was barely a powerful enemy that we kill without even having an instance... Just feels weird being promoted as Azshara's chosen, and one of her best handmaidens...she barely did anything. Replacing Athissa with Thalyssra or Tyrande would have been better.Tyrandebae13 6d
6d The books of WoW Dear Lore enthousiasts, Recently, the wow-virus has again struck me in full force. This time I want to really delve more into the lore. To do that I started reading the book "Rise of the Horde" last week. However, today I was reminded of the books Chronicle vol. 1 and Chronicle vol. 2. I was wondering how these fit in alongside the novels already written. Are the Chronicles 1 & 2 like history books , whereas the novels are really stories with the 'voice' of characters? Please englighten me :)Maerius2 6d
15 Mar Night Elf future So, seeing that so much concerning the night elven group is shown in Legion, so much tragedy, glimmer of hope - what do you think the future of the night group will be? Nightborne do introduce a very exciting element to the group, Azsuna ghosts and Moonguard also. Demon Hunters is also a new thing, and a reforging of the Wardens. The liberation of both Suramar and the Cathedral of Eternal night. How do you think the varioius peoples will move forward? They did well for the blood elves after TBC, seen them become capable and strong - NElves previously had the opposite, becoming your defacto guys in trouble/beaten up. Will we see a resurgence of night elves shown as capable? Do you think the group is far more interesting with nightborne, demon hunters, wardens, highborne etc rather than pretty much largely druids? Will we see these groups show up again in future quests/stories and will they actually be competent, and awesome - or are we in for lame nightborne without a nightwell, lame night elves continuing and forgotten. Or willl we see a resurgence in how they're portrayed in lore?Evynstar18 15 Mar
15 Mar World of warcraft Chronicle 2 discussion Just got my world of warcraft cronicles volume two yesterday. And i must say that i loved it. Great background information about Draenor. What are your opinions ?Qbi6 15 Mar
15 Mar Gul'Dan's Clan Name what was he's clan name before he killed them all? i know its supposed to be "lost to the ages" as guldan preffers. but its really bugging me. i cant find anything about it anywhere, do you know?Johnsonz11 15 Mar
15 Mar Will the night elves become badass again? Question: DO any of you perceive the night elf group as badass? This includes kaldorei, nightborne and highborne - whether the broken isles bunch or the kaldimor bunch. Wondering if we'll ever see this group get a badass moment in WoW or get a happy ending in this installment of the franchise. Not so optimistic about this anymore after seeing 7.2 PTR stuff, and they've been generally pretty lame in all of WoW. I think only those who played WC3 think night elves can be badass, and none have seen them actually be in WoW. In Legion we see night elf kind rescued again in Suramar as a band of heroes clear their city and later their most holy site, Cathedral of Eternal night (renamed tomb of sargeras in 7.2). Given that Illidan/Malfurion god moments are individual not race moments - I just wonder.Starstride35 15 Mar
14 Mar Question about the forsaken So, about the forsaken. This might be very old, and common, but I noticed when you kill random forsaken grunts during the world quest "to Battle" they sometimes says "Ah.. at last" when you kill them. So, they want their existence to end, but don't just end it themselves. Are forsaken not fully in control? And if they feel forced into undeath, why do they follow Sylvanas? Any corrections is appreciated.Flashbringer11 14 Mar
14 Mar About Tyrande Let me start off by saying I adore Tyrande. If there's one character I love the most Tyrande would be my first pick. Now what will this thread cover? 1. Her role in the lore 2. Malfurion and Illidan and how she became High Priestess 3. How she's handled in WoW 4. Val'sharah So lets get started shall we? 1. Her role in the lore Tyrande was smart, an amazing huntress who beat both Malfurion and Illidan a few times. When it came time to choose, she chose the path of the priestess in the order of the Sisters of Elune. Tyrande, in the lore is described as stunningly beautiful, even more beautiful than Lady Vashj, in fact Queen Azshara herself offered Tyrande the role of Majordomo. Tyrande, is strong, she's a priestess of Elune but has the courage of a Warrior, she and her sisters went up against The Burning Legion 10.000 years ago and she fought with pride, and didn't hold back. Then in the War of the Satyrs, she and her sentinels fought relentlessly, in The Third War she goes up against Orcs, Humans, she kills Illidans prisoners to release him because she knows, from a leaders point of view, they need him to fight this threat. She disobeyed Malfurion without a second choice. Then she meets Kael together with Maiev and shows just how kind she is by helping him, he is so lost with his people, given orders by racist Humans and surrounded by Undead. Tyrande, decides to help them out. She then is presumed dead only to be discovered that she's been holding off the Undead. That's one strong woman. Let me just express, how kind Tyrande is. She has no love for outsiders, but in the War of the Ancients Broxigar is being caged as an animal everyone mocking him and who shows him kindness, and heals him? Tyrande. She saw, not a beast, but a living being. She's also shown to not like other races until she knows they are to be trusted and once she knows that, she's one of the best allies you could have. 2. Malfurion and Illidan and how she became High Priestess Malfurion and Illidan caused the first real conflict Tyrande had ever faced in her life, they grew up together in Suramar and as they grew older they both took notice of her. See it as a 'The girl next door' situation. Especially Illidan was quite straight forward about this, Malfurion however, he chose to admire her from afar. Often gazing at her beauty while sitting by the tree's or lakes, so you have Illidan, who is born with amber eyes and is destined for great destiny, who shows and expresses that he likes Tyrande, and then you have his twin brother who doesn't have the amber eyes and likes her too, but he doesn't tell her in an overblown way. It is to this, that Tyrande was drawn. He was quiet, understated and loyal. This conflict went on for a while, Illidan had yet to find his place, Malfurion was training to become the first Druid which is in itself, quite a feat. I saw people saying that Malfurion doesn't really love Tyrande but let me show you why I do believe he does. When Alexstrasza and Cenarius were talking to destroy the Well of Eternity to stop the Demon Invasion, Tyrande as much as she liked her immortality and power, agreed it should be done. What does Illidan do? He loves Tyrande but he went ahead and told Azshara of the plan even after Tyrande pleaded him to not do it, which made it a million times harder to make the plan go through. This resulted in Tyrande sneaking into the palace with sentinels, being attacked by Azshara's guardsmen, which were killed by the sentinels but a lot of them died too. Tyrande was near-fatally wounded, and by seeing that, Malfurion became furious and actually attacked Queen Azshara. He seriously attacked Queen Azshara how awesome is that! This resulted in the highborne being thrown off and not being able to focus their spell and so the Well collapsed. During the War High Priestess Dejhana died and named Tyrande her successor. The only one surprised by this was Tyrande herself, She didn't believe she was worthy of this, but she realized the Night Elves needed a capable leader and she trusted Elune to lead her down the right path. Also lets not forget that Dejhana found that Tyrande was the perfect embodiment of Elune on Azeroth. Also she sort of adopted Shandris Feathermoon when her family was killed because she's so kind <3 3. How she's handled in WoW In WoW, so far she hasn't done anything to noticeable, which is a shame for someone which such a great backstory. She hasn't had any interaction with The Demon Hunters, so far nothing on whether she'll interact with Illidan or Maiev, or even the Naga. Quite a shame. Her kindness, however. Remained. In Cataclysm she was the only one who sent troops and ships to help the Gilneans and thus saving them. Varian refused to send troops, but after speaking to Tyrande he was convinced they would be a valuable ally in the Alliance. In Mists of Pandaria she allowed the Devine Bell to be hid in Darnassus. But in the Landfall scenario, the poor writing began. Tyrande and Varian preparing to attack the Horde in Krasarang Wilds, Varian takes his time to prepare everything and there's Tyrande : 'We are wasting we must attack now!' this not Tyrande.. She's not a whiny leader she'd trust Varian's judgement and not keep whining about it the whole scenario. Then after Siege of Ogrimmar she allowed The Horde to keep harvesting lumber in Azshara if they left Ashenvale for good. Though she doubts how long the Goblins will last with Azshara's lumber, she doesn't trust Varian's confidence, if the Horde, is ever, to break their honour again, her people will ready. 4. Val'sharah Here is the difficult part. I liked Val'sharah, but a lot of people didn't. Lets take a look at it. Malfurion, in a moment of rage, chases after Xavius, Ysera gets us 'the hero' to ride her and get Malfurion, whom is captured by Xavius and turned Ysera against us with the Nightmare stone. He then took Malfurion with him and Tyrande comes to us looking for Malfurion we help her find him, but through the whole questline she is sad and talking about how they love each other. Let me explain why this isn't so wrong as many believe it is. The malfurion cries who said 'Tyrande, where are you? I need you...' wasn't Malfurion. It was the nightmare that was toying with Tyrande. Malfurion is a Druid, and thus, faster exposed to the nightmare, Tyrande lost a lot in her life, she had to lead the Night Elves on her own and when Malfurion came back her life got better she didn't have to rule alone, she had her love back, she was happy. Now Malfurion is captured by Xavius and she can't find him, she's scared of losing the one man she loves. The one person, even when he was asleep in the dream she went to, to find comfort. Then she has to either leave Malfurion be and save the temple or lose the temple and save Malfurion. Either way she'd lose. This must have been the hardest decision for her, she must have been broken, she was sad that the entire zone was being corrupted the nightmare and she couldn't do anything about it. She felt helpless. One can argue that Malf is at fault for getting mad and chasing Xavius either way, Tyrande had a tough time in that zone and she was scared of losing her husband, her temple and with it all hope. In conclusion: Tyrande is a lovely character that has her ups and downs in WoW but in the lore she's such a great character and I would rather Blizzard don't do anything to her cause if they would she might turn into Jaina. Poor Jaina, the once so lovely Jaina who wanted nothing but peace. But that's a discussion for another time! Tyrande is one of the most loved characters and she has a very complex life, she cares deeply for Illidan but he chose the wrong path, so I'm hoping for some interaction between the two. Either way, If a Naga expansion with Queen Azshara comes soon, I'd love for more Tyrande action in the game. What do you think of my thoughts and of Tyrande? Would you like me to do it for other characters too? Thanks for reading and leave your thoughts! :DSammyknight22 14 Mar
14 Mar Warchief ? hey all ! i'v been going through warcraft lore for quit a while now and stopped by legions new stories just to figure out what exactly might happen in the future, last thing that happened with Genn and sylvana was a while ago and im not sure if it was just the end or if theres more to it ? because after the questline, it went from genns revenge straight to odyn and the whole stormheim crew. (which really sounds weak if that was the last we'll see between these two) now going back to WoD to legion with khadgar praising us almost everywhere it had me thinking about us being this "hail commander all mighty".. are they just setting this up to play out like were the new leaders in the end ?? (( sorry if my grammar is bad, it not my first language :p ))Vanderpump17 14 Mar
14 Mar Thrall lost his powers? Rework his persona to make him a badass orc warrior. C'mon , best time to do it. Every interesting Orc has been killed off or grown old. To me, WoW Thrall was more of an idiot. Nothing much about it. Always with his mind in the past, you know the whole "we must not forget who we were, what we came from" thingy. To me, that wasn't what made the orcish race so interesting, I found them interesting because they always looked at the present, not in the future, not in the past. (WoW Thrall being an exception ofcourse) Look at Grom, drinking Mannoroths blood again to whoop Cenarion's !@# because he was being kind of a dick. Not thinking of his past, or what the future could bring. Cenarion just needed a good $%^- kicking and that Mannoroth's blood did came in handy. Few moments later, Thrall saves his best bud, to go kick Mannoroths *!@, just a few exchanges of words, but all was forgiven and dem bros were ready to whoop that demon butt man! They were always THE problem solvers to me. Warcraft 3 Thrall was great but in WoW he became some kind of political correct character that tried his very best not to offend his great overlords of the Alliance. Thrall at the moment is at his very lowest, ashamed and unconfident of himself (or dare I say every orc at the moment), as he has given the doomhammer to somebody else. The only thing keeping him in check are his wife and kid. Why not let him transform into this badass orc warrior. Orgrim Doomhammer v2Jhonas28 14 Mar
12 Mar The Horde Is Evil! The Horde is Evil...I am not talking about the Fel Horde, Old Horde or Iron Horde.... I am talking about the Horde itself.......Here are my points.... Orcs..... As Turaliyon once said....Orcs do not have connection with a Holy Light. That is why we never see an orc paladin or well known orc priest. They are the one who willingly exterminated the drainei and they proved that they could do it without a demon blood (in WoD)...Orcs indeed have many similarities with demons. Mannaroth once said to Grommash. When in your heart, you know, we are the same! . Just as demons, orcs seek destruction and total annihilation. Here is the quote of Orgrimm the most respected orc warchief of Horde. ... Garrosh the one who wanted to make Kalimdor only for Orcs was always saying to Thrall that he is not a True Orc. So what it means to be a true orc? Forsaken Forsaken is another name of evolved Scourge.Golbitga291 12 Mar
12 Mar Would Illidan give his seat to elderly person in a Bus? ^ Also think about it Ilidan was too tired geting the bus from work to home, he worked even weekends, he sacrifices everything you know..Luratharion19 12 Mar
12 Mar Elisandes bland character development I just did the newly opened raid finder wing and was especially bothered with how little effort went into her story to make it somewhat believable. Her monologue before the fight: She tells the champions present that using her scrying she came to the conclusion that aligning with the legion is the only viable choice to save her people and provide them further nourishment from the nightwell. After she is defeated by a group of random champions: An echo of her appears and she does a full 180 and now rescinds her alliance with the legion and is willing to help in the final fight with gul'dan because she didn't foresee the possibility of her being defeated. Yeah - sure. You slaughtered your own people who rebelled as a result of your alignment with the legion, those who didn't get killed were exiled and withered away to a mindless husk and sitting on this immense power of the nightwell you were unable to see the defeat of the legion as a possibility. And after you've been shown that you too are only mortal you suddenly switch sides in attempt to redeem yourself of everything you've done - but without an ounce of actual regret? That 180 of elisande is as believable as blizzards claim to improve communication tenfold after that joke of 7.0-7.1.5.Liarawyn22 12 Mar
12 Mar Darkness is closing in around Azeroth... The Great Dark Beyond is progressively emptying itself of life. The Void Lords and the Burning Legion are competing for the corruption and destruction of the entire universe... The Legion seeks to eradicate every world that can be corrupted by the Void Lords. The Void Lords seek to corrupt those worlds to the core, enslaving them forever to their will, and helping them manifest into our reality. Our creators, the Titans, have fallen, and only small memories of their spirits remain in the Titan keepers. The resistance is failing everywhere. The status of friendly forces is extremely uncertain. The Army of the Light is on Argus, but is in big trouble, facing overwhelming odds. Any other ally is likely to be isolated or in the process of being exterminated. The Naruu are saving who they can, but their power and numbers are limited. As their power grows, the Void Lords are likely to be intercepting more and more Naruu who are trying to save poor helpless mortals...The Naruu might be hopeful, but I believe they are sad of not being able to do much more. Our greatest ''otherwordly'' ally remains so weak agaisn't the forces we face. Only Azeroth stands a chance...A single soul...A single Light in the Darkness. A Darkness that is closing in around us from all sides. The Light is being snuffed out from the universe. The End War is coming...And with it, the greatest horrors we will ever face.Terovar9 12 Mar
12 Mar The Great Union - Peace between Alli and Horde. and then as soon we all make friends the void lords invade and inslave us all. imagine all major citys under complete voidlord control. voidlord sitting on the throne giving quests(or more like orders) to us slaves, alliance and horde races alike.Johnsonz8 12 Mar
12 Mar Nature of The Void is the energy of the void naturaly evil? or do the beings who first discovered it just use it for evil means? i preffer the latter, what do you think?Johnsonz4 12 Mar
11 Mar The lack of lore at the end of Nighthold After defeating Gul'dan atop Betrayer's Rise in the Nighthold raid, a set of characters appear. However none of the, except for Khadgar, give any comment on the current situation. I am especially confused as to how anyone at Blizzard thought it was a good idea to have TYRANDE and ILLIDAN together in the same place without having them talk to each other or give any meaningful insight into the current situation?? Are we supposed to read about their encounter in a book or is the cannon explanation that they did not talk to eachother? We see Illidan again in real life for the first time since the Black Temple (except for those who have done the DH order hall) and he doesn't say anything. Wouldn't it be kind of natural for him to have some dialogue options with the players to fill in some gaps in the lore? All we get is the cinematic and Khadgar's dialogue which is meaningless. "The fate of Azeroth rests in our hands" is not a good substitute for the reunification of Tyrande and Illidan.Sinvara4 11 Mar
11 Mar How did Azshara become Queen? I have looked and looked but could never find anything she did that would make it so the other Elves accepted her as their queen.. Was it just because she was so powerful? If she gets added someday please give us some more backstory :DSammyknight24 11 Mar
11 Mar Isn't Vereesa going to get punished? She !@#$ed over Sylvanas, Sylvanas out of all people, she gave her a glimmer of hope, Sylvanas felt, happy, for once to be with her sister. And she threw it all away. And now she hates the Horde because they killed her Rhonin. I never hated any of the Windrunners until War Crimes. So Valeera's logic: Lets give Sylvanas hope of being sisters, lets assassinate Garrosh together (she basically made Sylvanas do the dirty work) and then she turned her back on her, which sent Sylvanas on a rampage killing everything and everyone that was unlucky enough to cross her path that night. I don't think she can just get away with that. She betrayed, the Alliance by nearly killing Garrosh, and now she thinks she can just hate the Horde even though she's no saint? Jaina, I can understand she lost EVERYTHING. Valeera spent all her time in Dalaran, has her kids... Sylvanas was there for Vereesa, calming her in her sorrow, I'm so enraged by this! I hope we get Alleria soon I'm really curious how she is going to react to everything that has happened with her sisters, especially Sylvanas... What do you all think of this? Are you excited to see Alleria, and her reaction to Sylvanas? Do you want Vereesa to get confronted with what she did?Sammyknight126 11 Mar
11 Mar Your toon's motivation Why is your toon on the Broken Isles doing what they are doing? What are their personal motivations? I saw this on the US Forums, and it looked fun Morthuus is a psychopath in the truest sense of the word. He does realise, however, that it is more beneficial to his own endeavors not to agitate the Horde leadership too much, so his relationship with the Warchief is....tenuous at best. Currently, the understanding is that Morthuus can sate his lust for destruction on demons and any enemy of the Horde, and take home a hefty bounty of powerful artifacts for...errr research, and for the Horde! He feels little for the squabbles of the of the Broken Isles, but bears a burning hatred for the Legion, and in particular Gul'dan, whom he views as weak minded and a tool of his masters. Demons, to Morthuus, can never have power over a warlock, and is always inferior. He will relish the demise of Gul'dan at his own hands, and will make sure it is humiliating and slow - a befitting punishment.Morthuus24 11 Mar
10 Mar Holy Hunters So at some point at the Illidan novel an elder Naaru says that Illidan in the future might become a being of Light and not a being of Darkness and suffering as he is now.In that Holy state he will be totally enhanced with the power of the Light and also he might become one of the Leaders of the Army Of The Light aswell. But the Naaru stated that "MAYBE"he will become that. The original topic is this tho.If Illidan will become a pure entity of Light will his Demon Hunters follow him on that road aswell?I mean he will be shooting light infused eye beams that will be able to destroy both Legion and Void forces why wouldnt they want that too?They dont want to stay behind and be less efficient with the fel.If it ensures the safety of the cosmos I think they could walk the path of Light. But then again...if that happens...Blizzard will have to do a major overhaul of the Demon Hunter class and thus completely change the mechanics of the class.You can say that they can just reskin the Demon Hunters with light instead of fel and still have the same abilities,but will Blizzard do that?I mean how is it even going to be implemented in the game?In Legion we get to level as Fel Demon Hunters and at the time that Illidan might turn Light enhanced we get to change?Dunno. Leave your ideas below.Roslos15 10 Mar
09 Mar Best order for books+comics? can anyone direct me to the most updated website/forum topic to find out the best order to read books, comics and short stories in? I've read a couple, but not in the correct order so I'd like to start again :) CheersLorellai0 09 Mar
09 Mar Future classes I have been thinking wich classes in future expacs would be more appropriate whit lore, many have been talking about shadowhunters and witchdoctors that would be cool, I my self have been thinking Arcane Warriors or Battlemages , what are your ideas of classes that would fit warcraft universe ?Neleria106 09 Mar
09 Mar Why should I care about the factions anymore? Okay, let me explain why I think this way. This will be rather long. With Legion and the Chronicle-books Blizzard created galaxy-shattering threats. The Burning Legion, now in full strength and power, invading millions of worlds, annihilating entire star systems, and winning even when there's a race who caused them casualties in the millions (the Aldrachi...I really hope we see something from them by the way). We have the Void Lords lurking in another dimension, unable to enter but still able to create powerful servants, corrupt the minds of beings and even turning a Titan somewhat mad because of fear. Now, we also have a galactic army fighting against this very threat: The Army of the Light, probably consisting of dozens of different species, Draenei, maybe even humans/dwarves/High Elves (the forces who went with Turalyon and Alleria) who fights the Legion on Argus, and plans to even attack the servants of the Void Lords if no the void itself. Also, now in Legion our characters even joined class orders (if you see yourself as leader or just a member doesn't change here). We worked together with orcs, tauren, worgen, draenei, dwarves, goblins and gnomes. In fact it is the order halls who fight and stop the Legion, not the Horde, not the Alliance. Some "random" dudes thrown together. So...why should I care about the factions anymore? Our characters know about the threats out in the void and Great Dark Beyond (and the latter one is not even fully explored..there might be races/factions just as powerful as the Legion). They know (especially Paladins and Priests who came in contact with the Army of Light) about the gigantic battles out there where the wars of Alliance and Horde not even pale against, but become utterly redundant. (The Factions fight about a few square miles, while somewhere else an army fights over an entire world) I mean yeah: We have PvP and it cannot be removed from the game. It's a part of it. But, do we really have to drag these conflicts into the story? Why not just make them trainings matches (hey capture the flag actually would make sense then). But, with all of these galaxy threatening evils lurking in the Nether I cannot care about the stupid bickering between the factions anymore, which simply looks utterly idiotic when you have an enemy who consumed endless amount of worlds and races. And that's only one enemy. More are probably out there. Edit: You can downvote me all you want. This is just an opinion I wanted to share with the world. Maybe have a little discussion about it.Aeliva31 09 Mar
08 Mar What have we learned in Pandaria? Pandaria is an expansion about learning from our mistakes. But I wonder, what exactly have we learned during that time? What have the Pandaren brought into the fold apart from their skills in combat and new manpower for the Horde and the Alliance (and arguably, for the side of ''life'' in the greater scheme of things)? What do you think?Terovar16 08 Mar
07 Mar Is the War of the Ancients-Trilogy considered non-canon Heey all! Quick question about the War of the Ancients book trilogy written by Richard A. Knaak; Is it considered non-canon with the release of the Warcraft Chronicles Valume 1? Why I ask this; I firmly belief it is considered non-canon now, because of the simple reason that the Chronicles Book also talks about the War of the Ancients, which is a rather big event in shaping Azeroth's history, yet it mentions neither of the three time-travelling Heroes/Gary Stu's. So we now have multiple source who don't even touch upon the three time travellers; Ingame Books. Ingame Dungeon No one mentions it what so ever. But we also have 2 sources that support it, namely; The WoTA-Trilogy itself and Stormrage(I think it was Stormrage). Or atleast the book in which High-Priestess Whisperwind weeps everytime she passes his statue. I was just wondering what you guys think!?Moridunum24 07 Mar