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1h Sargeras Someone explain to me why people think we will kill Sargeras. He is a !@#$ing titan. As a titan, Sargeras is huge af. He can even cleave planets in half. I have literally no idea how people think that 40 retards would be able to kill Sargeras. Size wise, we are small as %^-*ing atoms compared to him. If blizz makes like illidan or khadgar kill him it would be retarded aswell since theyre small weak idiots also. So sorry for this toxic thread but i was wonderingMonkr16 1h
4h Where is the Horde It's kind of funny the last thing you saw from the Horde is the Stormheim ending zone and that's it. For the rest of the expansion you didn't see a single Horde character in any spotlight whatsoever. Kind of sad.Hanky207 4h
14h Agonnar Imagine if this fella came back to life, he's twice the size of Kil'jaeden and Archimonde combinedJonaske3 14h
21h How did the Lich King raise every race? Even if said race isn't that common. We have different class and race combos known throughout lore, but weren't available as playable simply because said culture of said race didn't allow many players of said class running around. There is an orc druid in existance, a night elf paladin, a draenei rogue, a pandaren death knight, ... However I just made a death knight and I was wondering how did he get access to so many Gnomes, Dwarves, Orcs, Tauren, Trolls. Heck, even a Worgen dk? Just how? Goblins from Kezan, how? An undead death knight, how is that even possible? I know, kind of sounds like naggy behavior, but it just doesn't make any sense if you atleast know a thing or two about the lore. His main resource of corpses should have been Elves and Humans. There were some Trolls in his way but no way in hell would they allow themselves to turn their back onto their own Loa of death, and so wouldn't the god himself (ofcourse, not all Trolls, as is seen with the Drakkari, but they aren't Darkspear or Horde aligned) Arthas wasn't active in Kalimdor, and since most of the Orcs went to there before he started his undead campaign, he should be lowkey on Orc corpses. Again though, I wish they went with the rule of role instead with the rule of cool here and only made blood elves and humans playable for death knights.Agamemnom8 21h
23h Who want to kill Chromie? Speculations. We still dont know who is main perpetrator behind all attacks. What do you think who could enlist undeath, nightmare, legion and the rest.Kraugerys11 23h
1d Demons I am really starting to hate the fact that demons can only be killed in the Twisting Nether or (if i understood correctly) in places saturated in fel energy. Why? Because of some aspects of the game that make no sense or show no consistency. For example : - draenei infused/corrupted with fel become demons and gain immortality (well the Twisting Nether kind), while fel orcs became green or red and grow horns and spikes, yet they can be killed without them having to be in the Twisting Nether. - another aspect that bugs me, why are demons terraforming Azeroth (using floating Scourge-like fel corrupters)? Doesn't that mean they are saturating places with fel which makes them killable for good? Is the equivalent of the Scourge being killable only on blight and them spreading it like it's Nutella. Any thoughts?Oakbark15 1d
1d Dear Death Knights, why do you continue exisitng? I know that you had your uses throughout that whole Lich King affair but don't you think that the most decent and right thing to do right now would be to jump from the tallest spire of Icecrown Citadel and rid both yourself and Azeroth of the bane that is your undead life? I am sure many of you would agree it is the right thing to do. You fought, you died, you fought some more, now it is time to rest. The recent fiasco with the red dragonflight (not to mention the raid on Light's Hope Chapel) is proof that your accursed existence is doing more harm than good. If you cannot control your homicidal urges I believe it is time for your kind to be put down as the sick and rabid dogs that you are. Sincerely, The only person who isn't afraid to call you out on your bull$hitPetros34 1d
1d Spoillers Kil Jaedan cinematic Yo guyz, already there is a cinematic with kj defeat. If you dont want spoillers dont watch, dont read dont type 1d
1d SPOILERS for Illidan Stormrage/Lights Heart Just did the, I suppose, second part of the 'Lights Heart' quest line. Got spoken to by some Light god Naaru called Xe'ra or something... So Illidan is the chosen one, or the 'Champion of Light'? Dunno whether bad writing or genius.Weavor65 1d
2d Can Xavius return? So I was browsing Wowpedia a bit and came across this on the Satyr page: "As they are demons who return to the Twisting Nether upon death, none of the killed named satyr have returned yet." The obvious question to ask is: Can Xavius return? He was still a demon at the time of his defeat in the Emerald Nightmare (although heavily corrupted by an Old God) so technically he should be able to regenerate over time in the Twisting Nether as we did not kill him there. But maybe he was more Old God spawn than demon at that point and he's permanently dead now.Vandel10 2d
2d hmm where is Magtheridon. this due should be alive again, but ever since TBC he is not mentioned at all, so where is he now, he doesnt seem to be on Azeroth atleast, Maby he is on Argus or something, but I do think he needs to show him self.Waleria1 2d
2d Until Now Until now, i, personally support Blizzard for what they're doing with the story and lore of the Warcraft. Until this point, i justified my opinions about how they've came with the solution pushing lore/story forward. Story writers took a leap on turning Garrosh into a End Game boss. Just for the sake of doing a Gul'dan remake to force us to respond against such threat as him and him calling the Burning Crusade in. But i disapprove what they had done with Thrall, Jaina, Vol'jin (VOL'JIN LIVES!) and countless other's storylines. They just wasted their potential for a modest theory of what'd happen. They wasted Kael'thas Sunstrider, i did say okey. They wasted Warcraft III stories, i did say oh, they have bigger plans. They wasted Dragon Aspects, i did say fine. But Blizzard, made fun of me with Kil'jaeden. I didn't even expect doing claw to claw fight with him. After all this tech and stuff i waited Blizzard had a surprise with Kil'jaeden. Our true, reachable, big bad villian. No, fck Kil'jaeden's power, let's do it, Velen's misguided brother and redeem him at his last breath. Oh, c'mon. You got to be kidding! It's freaking Kil'jaeden created Lich King we all adore for his power. Is your Illidan-rework is important than all of your story you told us? I'll never forgive you, never. Don't fck up with Lady Jaina and Banshee Queen, this is my last wish. Other than i've nothing to enjoy your story.Rhaé23 2d
2d Engineering class - possible future class? I know engineering is a profession, but what if it was a class, exclusive to a select few races like dwarves, gnomes and goblins? They would also introduce a new weapon type: Wrench. The three specializations would be tank - ranged damage - melee damage: Steam - Tank: Turn into a mecha suit powered by a steam gauge (new ability resource). If the steam gauge gets to 100%, you overheat, meaning you cannot cast abilities for a few seconds. If you are above 50% steam, your abilities have additional effects. Most abilities can be used without a target, to keep up the steam levels between fights. Inventor - Ranged damage: Build various inventions like turrets, platforms that launch you into the air, or even planes. To deal damage, you need to set up turrets and direct them with your other abilities. Tons of utility. Long cooldown ability lets you take off from the ground and do a short bombing run. Mana oriented. Boxer - A mecha suit built for close-combat. Pummel your enemies with a variety of high-mobility, high powered punches and whirls. You have passive movement speed boost in your mecha suit, and a lot of hidden weapons that make the specialization very unpredictable and dangerous. I think this is the one class that would fit into the WoW lore better than any other, as well as having very unique mechanics, unlike a lot of other newly introduced classes, that are basically just splicing of other classes.Tenwrath8 2d
3d Damsel with distress [Fanfiction] “So, come here often?” Thenur grinned sheepishly at the woman that was straddling him. “Shut it!” The petite woman had a large caliber gun pressed to Thenur’s neck, and she seemed jittery enough for Thenur not to do anything but sending her a slightly nervous look. “Are you sure you know how to use these things?” Thenur risked her ire, but it seemed like a reasonable question, giving his current situation. “I said shut it!” She hissed at him, her face close to his. Thenur complied, but had the urge to kiss her as her face came close. Her breath smelled like mint and her clear blue eyes revealed that she was both scared, angry and confused. She was exceedingly pretty, with her long strawberry blonde hair and startlingly blue eyes, but had a scar that marred the left side of her face. Thenur didn’t mind. He did mind being hissed to, for some strange reason. It made him both feel angry and weirdly apprehensible. It was odd on the whole, the situation he was in. He had been walking the cobbled streets of the city minding his own business, like usual, and then, curse his curiosity, had spotted a pretty, petite girl sneaking off into a back alley. He had followed her, both concerned for her safety but also because he was interested in her. He tried to pick up the scent of her perfume as he followed her, but had instead been waylaid by the girl in a small backyard. She was clearly one of the free spirits of the city, one of the petty criminals that lived on the fringe of society. That was probably why he hadn’t picked up her scent either. She just smelled like the city. It wasn’t a pleasant smell, but Thenur’s nose picked up her natural scent as well, the scent of her skin - and her fear. Those were very intoxicating, and he felt intrigued enough not to provole anything. Also, he was impressed with her attempt to manhandle a Worgen. She was strong for her size, and was clearly quite adept at sneaking up on people. He was slightly amused, watching her making sense of the situation. It was clear she knew she had the wolf by the tail, and that she couldn’t let go. “She went in ‘ere!” A voice whispered, but loud in Thenur’s ears. It was coming from down the alley. “Yeah, but wha’ about that huge friggin’ mandog?!” Another voice, scared. “Nah, don’t worry none, ‘e prolly just a bystander or whatchamacallit…” The first voice sounded overconfident, like he wasn’t sure of his own words but had to follow through. “Plus, the boss says she operates on her lonesome. Easy job this”. Thenur wasn’t sure if the young woman had heard what they said, but it was clear that she heard them approach. He grabbed her pistol with his left hand, by the firing pin, thus locking it in place, and her throat with his right hand as he whispered to her. “I will help you, just stop pointing that at me, understand?” He bared his teeth at her. To his surprise, she just nodded and rose to her feet, sheathing a sharp looking dagger he had not seen her pull out. The girl was a natural for the streets. She lined up at the entrance to the backyard, ready for action. So, she was streetwise, but an amateur at tactics. Thenur withdrew into the shadows and awaited the two men. There were three. As one of them, a young, lanky fellow with a nasty looking sword extended emerged from the alleyway, the young woman grabbed his arm and twisted it, shoving a dagger against his throat. “Hold it!” She growled, blocking the entrance with his body. “That’s ‘er!” One of the men shouted, rather unnecessarily, as he tried to get pass his comrade. He was big, ugly and strong. Perfect for the job of conveying harsh messages. The third man didn’t bother with niceties, he just kicked the young ruffian into the woman, causing them both to fall. Luckily for the young man, the blade spared him all but a grazing cut. The third man was no ordinary ruffian, as he moved quite silently and with deadly purpose. No talking, no nonsense. He just went for the young girl and hacked at her with his long sword. She barely had time to parry with her pistol, which flew out of her hand. He was a large, athletic man, clad in subtle matte black leather, and it was quite obvious that he was an experienced fighter. His face framed by a black leather hood and on his belt, he carried several daggers. It was time. “That is a bit unfair, isn’t it?” Thenur came out of the shadows, his large gun at the ready. The big, ugly thug made a move for him and Thenur shot his leg out from under him. He drew his sword as he dropped his gun, but still was almost not fast enough for the man in black. “Damn…” Thenur grinned and bit at the hooded man’s face. The young woman had managed to knock out the first thug, and the second was rolling around on the dirty street, whimpering and crying, clutching at his leg. She joined in, stabbing and slashing at the only adversary left standing. She was rewarded by a kick in the abdomen which sent her flying. Thenur used the moment to go all in, and dropped his sword to get a hold of the deadly assailant. He bit, tore and clawed, but the black clad man made no sound. He did bleed however, and in a surprise throw, managed to send Thenur flying a few yards. As Thenur scrambled to get up, the man was gone. “Who were these people?” Thenur turned to talk to the young scoundrel, but she was busy slinking away. “Let me down, you mongrel!” The young woman was in pain and clutched her torso as Thenur lifted her by her collar. “Now you listen to me, you little scruffy, pup…” Thenur felt anger rise like bile, but he managed to keep it civil, for now. “You will tell me who you are and who they were, or I will have you as a night snack”. He watched her kick air with amusement. He might not be the largest of Worgens, but she was clearly a small human. She kicked a while, and tried to pry open his large hand, but failed. As her hands fell close to her daggers, Thenur tutted until she withdrew them. “Therese...Tessie Miller.” She pronounced it Millah. Tessie seemed beaten, but Thenur had the feeling she was plotting her escape. He could sense her muscles tensing. “You can put me down now, gov…” “Tessie...right.” He had not heard about her before, but knew that the city was full of gutter runners, scabs and the like. She was likely among those. He let her drop to her feet. “And whose toes have you stepped on?” “I don’t step on any toes, chief, I dance around ‘em”. Tessie’s cocky attitude seemed to be connected to her feet touching the ground. It amused Thenur that someone so small and seemingly fragile possessed so much endurance and sass. “Come now, tell your friendly neighbourhood Thenur all about it, and perhaps I can lend you a paw.” He flexed his claws to make his point, and to his surprise, she nodded and sat down. (will post more as they are written. Both Tessie and Thenur are ingame characters, but only Tessie is mine. Please understand that I'm just writing for fun. I welcome constructive feedback).Tessie6 3d
3d Are world firsts still a thing? I remember a while back it took around 60-70 days for world first Arthas or Deathwing kills - it was really a thing. Now Kil'jaeden was killed within hours of the release. Did raids get easier? Or what changed?Morthuus4 3d
3d Do we know the source of the Light? Many have beliefs in how you get it. Taurens believe its fun the sun for example. Do we really know? Also, does Taurens wield the Holy Light aswell as any other race or is their holy powers called something else?Alempa12 3d
3d Kalecgos and Legion Hey guys! So I've been playing my mage quite a lot throughout the Legion campaign and as such done quite a lot of story based quests for the Council of the Six. I'm not sure if anyone shares these thoughts, but it feels like Kalecgos (Arch Mage Kalec) has really been given a back seat in the affairs of Legion. Clearly, Khadgar is running the show, flaunting his power at most opportunities he gets when he's not sending the random, nameless hero off to do his bidding, but it seems like the lore has forgotten just who Kalecgos is. Kalecgos is the former aspect of all magic: the faction leader of the remaining Blue Dragonflight. In essence, he is the walking, talking, flesh and blood embodiment of arcane magic. You'd think having someone like that as part of your arsenal, you would want to utilize that power a lot more often than Legion does. (He didn't even get a model update for crying out loud!) That's just my thoughts on it. I believe, regardless of losing his immortality, he's a great deal more powerful than the council of the six with perhaps the exception of Khadgar, yet the height of his ability so far in legion has been teleportation from place to place and helping empower your weapon. What're your thoughts?Álphys4 3d
3d Elune as a Naaru. A great mistake. Okay, so I don’t think it’s escaped anybody’s notice that following The Ask CDev answers and Omacron (Ask CDev answer writer)’s comments, either Blizzard is pulling off the most fantastic misdirection, or Elune might as well officially be a Naaru. Now, to me, and many other fans, this screams of being a colossally bad idea. The extreme threat to night elf themes, the ridiculous simplification of the “good vs evil” theme with everything merely being the light, the loss of one of the story’s most interestingly mysterious figures, with those interesting stories (once written as canon) turned into mere deception… It’s just a terrible idea, seemingly only written just because Blizzard wanted the army of light to be one homogenous, human following mass. Well, here’s my reasoning as to why it’s such a bad idea. TL;DR at the bottom. It's another long one. Firstly, the destruction of the Goddess theme. The theme of Elune being, not just any deity, but a full deity, left a lot of room for thematic development. What did it quite mean? How powerful is a full deity? How do they arise? How do their moral codes develop? How do they choose their chosen ones? If Elune is a Naaru though, we lose this. The Naaru seem pretty definitely not gods, certainly not named as them in the online encyclopedia, removing the idea of a special level of power. Elune hasn’t arisen as something special, merely the same way the Naaru do, and the idea of other gods perhaps doing the same has been certainly neutered. Moral codes? The same old boring “Light”. Chosen ones? Well, wanting to attract recruits because all of Warcraft has to step in line for the army of the light. It is true that the only definition of god really involves worship and immortality. However, to take that and say “well, you can go to the Naaru, it’s not like we’ve changed that much, right?” is a major bait and switch. We were told that there was a goddess, with her own guidances and ideas (a sublime mix of peaceful and aggressive), with her own chosen people. While the RPG’s were retconned, at the time they were lore, she was described as very night elven in appearance. They were her chosen people, and she spoke to them. She had her connection with the wilds. She was able to engage in intercourse with Malorne, a bestial union that would make the Greek Gods proud, and produce his children. She created many guardians. She was written as being canon. Some areas exaggerated by the night elves, some merely suggested, but the idea of her, and some of her creations, more or less canon. The Naaru came far later than Elune. The “Is Elune a Naaru?” article even later. Now, abusing the “show, not tell” nature of a lot of Elune’s character, forcing everything to be “Army of the light”, they decided that everything where she was seemingly written as a canon idea, as her own separate Goddess, should be changed to fit it into this one idea. This mysterious character, not allowed to be the separate idea she was conceived as, because Blizzard needed to show the army of the light, not only as a group of allies fighting the legion, but a homogenous group under the humans in a childishly simplistic “good vs evil” idea. Omacron says that this makes the Universe “bigger”, because you need to link together everything, supposedly making it larger. Rubbish. Elune could have been her own separate being. There could have been the whole story about how she came to be the way she was. There could have been the story of other gods. There could have been the (true!) stories of her actions, as portrayed in Night Elf myth, all happening without anybody missing out at all. There could be the story of how not just the different mortals banded together to defeat the legion, but how the titans, Naaru, and Elune and any other “unaffiliated deity” they wanted. A great mix of ideas and moral codes, all coming together to fight one foe. But no. Elune has to be a Naaru, or it can’t all confirm to this one army of light as a totally homogenous force. And as such, all the potential to explore Elune as her own separate being, with her own reason for doing things, with her own separate Goddess like actions, totally apart from the Naaru, fighting for the same overall goal, but with differing personal goals for her personal chosen people, lost. Lost apart from discussing how “she” fooled the night elves into following the army of the light (because they were unable to accept the reality even if told directly of course!), or how she became so fantastically different (in which case, why force her into being part of some other religion?). The idea of having multiple religions, all backed up with deities and magic, none of them necessarily better or worse than the other, with separate afterlives, depending on which philosophy or god you believe in, and yet in the end, banding up to fight one great evil? Again, lost.Maievs92 3d
3d Lore - A Better Understanding Hi all, I'm sure similar questions have been asked numerous times in the past but I wanted to post to get an opinion from you. I'm relatively new to WoW and Warcraft lore having only starting playing at the start of this year. I'm really enjoying the game and catching up with the ongoing story. I'm not normally a big one for lore, but I find myself wanting to learn as much about wow as possible - I constantly find myself looking things up online and getting lost in more and more questions. My understanding is now starting to develop but there is still a lot I want to learn including specifically timelines and further insight in to the Warcraft timeline. What would you guys suggest? I have seen that Chronicle is a good overview - would you recommend buying it? Are there any particular concise resources you would suggest? Massive thanks in advance for your input!Ashencrow2 3d
3d Delete This please Can be deleted, the post posted twice for some stupid reason.Álphys0 3d
3d Lore and facts regarding multiverse Hello, I have this wierd questions and can't really get an answer for it, maybe I am not up with all lore so I would love some help. 1. So to start, first thing is about titans. Titans as described are world-souls, in first state they are dormant in a planet. Ok so far. Taking Draenor as an example, was there a Titan bound to it ? We already saw two versions of Draenor(Wod and TBC) in two different universes. Does that mean that there are two (or obviously an infinite) versions of a Titan for each planet or a Titan is something like a multiverse being ? Is there a chance we have a corrupted Sargeras in our plane and an untouched one in another ? Even more, if Sargeras can split a planet in two killing the dorment world-soul in it, is he destroying in one blow that particular planet from all paralel universes ? 2. Already taking part in such an experiment, that does mean that there is an alive Arthas somewhere in another dimension still fighting for the light ? Or an Illidan still serving the Legion ? So in another idea, what is bound to one universe, what belongs to multiverse as a total ? Cause if we somehow kill Sargeras in one universe just to face another version of him later on from another universe...that's pretty much odd. If not then I come to actually ask how the power in the universe is actually ordered, since it seems that the greatest power is somehow hold by the bronze dragonflight, Khadgar and all those who can sustain multiverse traveling, making Sargeras ....puny, avoidable,etc. Yes, The Legion uses same thing when using Gul'Dan again. Coming back on that, first time when the Black Portal was used it was actually the work of Medivh and required an effort from both sides of the portal. How did that changed in Wod ? Who did the work on Azeroth side ? Edit for one more question We all know that Illidan and Arthas had a fight and seems that Arthas won and merged with The Lich King. In the new light of the events, with Illidan being on the "light" side (if fel has any light side), what if Illidan actually let Arthas merge with Lich King on porpose, knowing that this fact is actually a threat to the Legion ? After all, at the batlle of the Crimson Watch Illidan does say at some point: " So you have defeated the Crimson Sigil. You now seek to challenge my rule? Not even Arthas could defeat me, yet you dare to even harbor such thoughts? Then I say to you, come! Come <name>! The Black Temple awaits..." Was that also part of a plan ? A dark pact against the Legion ? Hope I get some interesting answers. CheersSoulmírror12 3d
3d Azeroth close to Argus This bothers me so much. When Argus and Azeroth are so close now, doesn´t that mean that Sargeras can just come and cleave Azeroth in half now? Blizz pls.Monkr3 3d
4d Tichondrius leader of the legion army If the fool Kil'jaedan will dye on Argus Tichondrius has a chance to take his post as leader of Legion Army. He even deserve it after the mess he done in w3. i think he hates Blizzard for make him a toy in Nighthold to guard that pet called Guldan ,he deserved something more as a leader of all Nathrezim. Maybe he and his brother Mephistroth will take his vengeance in future against illidan ,who knows ? As he says at the entrance in Captain Quarter:If it where up to me" but it was not,he could only awaits his return to his home. What do you all think about Tichondrius?Ileador25 4d
4d lore: how much time between the death of gul'dan and KJ How much time has actually passed between the death of Gul'dan and Kil'jaeden? In-game it was months but lorewise it must have been much shorter.Thejack1 4d
4d Kiljaedan The Deciever,the greatest Warcraft villain ? SPOILERS !!! I always thought Kiljaedan was a way better and more successful villain than even Arthas. And he had a decent/good ending to his story. He looks old in his new model,tired and fed up ,accepting his death with dignity.Raghnar17 4d
4d Into the tomb! Ok so the raid is live, but no way i can get in it with my trash casual player items. So question for the guys who can go in, there is anythyng left there or anythyng to remember the missions from war3 who happened there? I mean heres what i remeber: -you enter as mayev and some of her watchers who sacrifice (neah they just dont have the blink and die, poor naisha it would be pure gold to see her as a ghost or smth. -the temple was colapsing when you trie to escape, so hot the hell is still up and safe now? -the old runes who tell the story of gouldan (yea i remeber good i think, gouldan was there in war 3) -and if you remeber gouldan saw a vision of smth who look like ilidan methamorfis back then in war 3, what was that? I belived sargeras could not have a form in this world! -What happened to the eye? is still there now?Kittyspell12 4d
5d Dear Blizzard, Is Arthas beyond redemption? Since we are ressurecting misunderstood and tragically slain former bosses, I was pondering: Is Arthas' soul going to earn redemption and join Illidan as a brother-in-arms and stand besides him as a champion of the Light? I can just picture the witty one-liners these two are going to share. It... will... be ... GLORIOUS! ^^ Oh but wait, we would need another powerful Prime Naaru to sacrifice itself in order to give the Army of the Light a powerful champion... Naah, it's cool. Arthas was a regular old generic Human soul so I guess a regular Naaru would do the trick. Like Xi'Ri...the dumb !@#$. Totally worth it though - Arthas as a champion of the Light is a good investment for the Light Army. Cheap to make, incredibly powerful, a good commander with a grudge against Undead and Nathrezim. It's a bargain sale on any price! ^^ Ooooooh, I bet Arthas is gonna give Illidan a begrudging but earned *bro fist* for blowing up Nathreza. I think there is a marketable story in there somewhere. Are you investigating anything of the sort Blizzard, or are your lore developers working on other possible scenarios altogether?Petros47 5d
5d Just a quick question I got a 2 fast question 1) why worgens cant be paladin they were humans before and 2)why humans cant be druid and worgens can?Sinaras16 5d
6d What do you think the next expansion will be? Maybe I'm a bit early to ask you all but what do you think will be the next expansion and what will it be about? Curious to see what you all think :). By the way, do you think illidan will turn on the mortals?Library22 6d
6d Spaceships in this setting?! I really have a problem with how far the new leader of Blizzard has taken the whole of Warcraft so far from the core. Spaceship's were never apart of the core Warcraft story, even with the Legion back then. Because it was a more medieval setting with a touch of steam-powered engines. And having the Draenei once making their builing able, with the arcane and of pure and raw crystal power to move their facility from one world to another, is one thing. This is pure Starcraft action in the core of a Warcraft expansion. Which has never been done before. I understand that some see it as cool, sure. But does it fit with the rest of the settting? Obviously, no. They have always used portals, which is more effective and direct. I don't see why they would choose these ships instead of the normal portal magics that is part of the Legions theme and style. Maybe it's popular among Starwars or startrek fans or even the younger population, but it travels too far away from WOW's core. This can be said about the main story aswell. It's terrible how the Illidan story has been handlded, even the Archimonde story and Legion overall. The lore was that it was the Dreadlords who you could not truly kill on Azeroth, only in the Twisting Nether. Then some genius at Blizzard said hey, lets apply it to every demon during WOD, which suddenly made the Legion impossible to kill. Archimonde's legendary death, where so many mortals sacrificed everything to destroy the Demon lord, even their immortality in the NE's case. And then you just boom, destroy all of that coolness and legendary stories just to have an endgame boss for WoD, who by the way, AU Gul'dan, who obviously cannot be as powerful as the real one, manages to summon Archimonde like nothing, when Kel'Thuzad, who at that point, were far more powerful than Gul'dan having already been turned to a lich, with the power-boost from the Sunwell made him tremendously powerful. Still even he had to have the Book of Medivh. It's like you make the lore solely for the youngest players nowadays, who thinks "wow, a spaceship!". And don't get me started with the faction lore,hell I have no problem with Sylvanas being the Warchief, but what happens with the orcs and their leadership? They are the main race of this game together with the humans and it's always been like that. And are you seriously thinking about making Anduin a Paladin? Something that takes atleast ten years practice in combat training, that is if you don't want to die on your first day. Get serious ffs Blizzard, you are forgetting the core of this game. Although I must say you did a super job with the new zones, both gamewise and with the story. But with the Burning Legion? Right now it just feels like Kil'jaeden needs a mercikill after how his best friend and co-leader met his end. I'm a little older player. but maybe there won't be any room for us in the next expansion, atleast not if it continues like this!Sylaz10 6d
21 Jun Burning Legion's member death, clarification SPOILER ALERT I'm referring to the last Kil'jaedan cinematic. When a Burning Legion agent is killed on Azeroth o Draenor respawns into the Twisting Nether ? or just on Argus? Now that Argus has been "teleported" near Azeroth all demons, dreadlord ecc ecc are killed "forever" ? How does it work?Jüther1 21 Jun
20 Jun Why are the Alliance and Horde still enemies? I'm gunna answer my own question slightly by giving my own opinion here up top. I feel like the only reason that there is still a faction war is to accommodate PVP. The way the story has evolved makes me feel like at the very least the fighting between the races should be limited to bands of traditionalists having isolated battles. So much more water has passed under the bridge where the groups have had to cooperate for events that are much bigger than either of them, that I don't see any logical reason why characters would be motivated to screw over the opposing faction.Linkypocks83 20 Jun
20 Jun Brotherhood of the Light, Stratholme story development. Will Blizzard bother to develop the Brotherhood's story any further after the events in Stratholme? Crusade Commander Eligor Dawnbringer - - "With your help, Stratholme will become the capital of the Light and a new beginning for Lordaeron." - "The former Bastion of the Silver Hand is back in the hands of its rightful owners." - "Stratholme may take quite some time to be rebuilt and fully cleansed, but it is an effort I will take great pleasure in watching unfold. Perhaps one day we will see the next great defender of the Light armed in the Bastion of the Silver Hand, or ordained in Alonsus Chapel. No matter the outcome, our work here will bear great fruit one day." Could we perhaps see any of this actually happen? If we do get a new Eastern Kingdoms story-line for a future expansion maybe Stratholme will get an update. Can we assume from a role-playing perceptive that the Brotherhood are rebuilding Stratholme?Maldore12 20 Jun
20 Jun Humans and magic I think there's a link between humans and magic. Let's look at some evidence: 1. They're resistant to mana addiction As we all well know, mana is highly addictive. The Nightborne literally become mindless zombies once they're cut off from a source of mana. It's also in the backstory of blood elves, high elves and the naga. With the example of blood elves, we know that mana addiction is hereditary, passed on from parent to child. What about humans? They've been using magic for generations, yet they show no signs of addiction, hereditary or not. It's like they're completely resistant to the negative side-effects of mana use. 2. They're resistant to physical changes related to mana use Aside from addiction, another side-effect of mana exposure is physical transformation of mana users and their offspring. Trolls exposed to energies of the Well of Eternity were eventually transformed into the Night Elves. Night Elves exposed to the Sunwell and the Nightwell were tranformed into the High Elves and the Nighborne, respectively. Humans have shown no sings of physical changes related to magic exposure. Similarly, fel magic also has been known to transform species, with the exception of humans (Medivh is a special case, in that he was possessed by Sargeras, and even if we were to look at him as an example of a human tranformed by fel use, his corruption was clearly not hereditary, therefore hinting on some sort of natural resistance in human genes) 3. Magic exposure gives non-humans human-like form This ties in to my previous point. An interesting pattern emerges when we study the evolution of the Elves: from Trolls, to Night Elves, to High Elves, they appear to take on more and more human-like appearance and manners the longer they remain exposed to sources of arcane magic. We can even see the reverse effect for creatures cut off from sources of arcane energies: the Fal'dorei, once cut off from the Arcan'dor, became spider-like monsters. The Nightborne, cut off from the Nightwell, turn into ghoulish Withered. To a smaller extent, even the younger generation of the Blood Elves takes on a slightly more non-human appearance than the High Elves, particularly with regards to the eye color. The effect of the de-evolution is probably slowed down due to their continued use of recycled mana. Likewise, the Night Elves of the Allience have a moonwell in every town, and the Nightborne have their Nightwell, and now the regrown Arcan'dor, which might be what allows them to remain in their current form. 4. They don't rely on external source of power In WotA we find out that the Night Elf mages relied on the Well of Eternity to such an extent, that once they were deprived of it, they lost all their power and could no longer cast any spells. Human Rhonin was the only unaffected spellcaster, and he taught Illidan how to harness mana from everything aroudn him, without having to rely on a source of arcane energy. Illidan then went on to pass on that knowledge to the Blood Elves 10,000 years later. There's just one problem with that: if humans learned magic from the High Elves, and the Blood Elves learned to harness mana indirectly from a human, then who taught Rhonin how to do it? The only explanation to that is that humans naturally, instinctively draw mana without needing to be specifically told to do that. 5. Most powerful mages in Azeroth's history were human So then what happens once a human does find a source of arcane energy? They become unbelievably powerful. Rhonin's WoE-powered abilities impressed even not-easly-impressionable Illidan and a dragon, Krasus. Medivh and Aegwynn became legendary after getting their hands on the power of the Guardian of Tirisfal. Even humans who didn't get any special source of magic have abilities that rival those of spellcasters of other races: Jaina and Khadgar, for example. Notable non-human magic users usually required something more to make it to the list of Azeroth's most powerful mages: Azshara had the Well of Eternity, and then the Old God's powers, Gul'dan and Illidan turned to fel use. In Illidan's case, he was considered the most talented mage in his generation, and yet go ahead and try to kill anything in the Ravencrest memory as Illidan, without using fel. Compare thst to Khadgar, who blasted a dreadlord into the sky with a single spell. 6. tl;dr To sum up: Humans are the only species that's resistant to negative side effects of mana use, make for the most powerful arcane users, and don't rely on special sources of energy for their spellcasting. All of this hints at a special relationship between humans and magic.Veristeras7 20 Jun
18 Jun Xal'atath, 5th Old God? Spoilers for the Shadow Priest artifact quest. Well, seems this quest finally solved the mystery of what dark power was said to rest beneath Tirisfal Glades. Here is the thing though, the Blade of the Black Empire is said to be made from a claw taken from an Old God, it even seems to have a mind of it's own and even speaks to you on occation. Though the voice seems to be female and I cannot recall any female Old Gods. Is this possibly taken from the claw of an Old God previously unknown to us?Iryana9 18 Jun
18 Jun Question about DK mount quest [might be spoilers] So now that the whole class mount hype is coming on, i read through the different stories a bit. One thing that struck me was the questline of DK's. I'll probably not do it on mine for quite a while so i can't really find out for myself, but in order to get that achievement while being in the Ruby Dragonshrine/Sanctum, they need to kill everything in sight, right? Does that mean the Death Knight order pretty much causes the whole Red dragonflight to go extinct soon? Since they appear to kill every last remaining whelp, that would mean Alexstrasza and her remaining brothers and sisters in the open world are all that's left.Beanybruh38 18 Jun
16 Jun Tyrande and Ysera in Legion [Spoilers] Seems like no one posted this here... Discuss.Moonstriker67 16 Jun
16 Jun Technology - Why so inconsistent? Okay, this is probably more a personal feeling and the question could be answered with the general rule of Blizzards writing ("rule of awesome"), but it feels like the technology, especially used by the factions, is so damn inconsistent. My first example would be why the Skyfire would replace its gyrocopters (who come with radios, machine guns and missiles) with gryphons (who need food, far more space, and well...simply don't have the destructive power)? And no one thought about taking some Iron Horde equipment with them? A few Iron Stars would probably be very useful against the Legion. Or more rifles (come cannot miss the chest of a felguard!) for ground forces. Hell, Garroshs Horde already used rocket launchers en masse. Or crawler mines aka boom bots. I know it probably follows the aforementioned "rule of awesome/cool", and I also know that someone on twitter stated that flintlocks are the best rifles available (even though that didn't stop Blizzard from giving every second Iron Horde grunt a machine gun). But, I needed to write this down. It just came to my mind when I started to quest in Pandaria with another character.Annilena17 16 Jun
16 Jun We need more texts of lore! Seriously, Blizzard kicked off this expansion with tons of fun stuff to watch and read. There was the ''Illidan'' novel by William King. The Harbingers series on YouTube. The ''Tomb of Sargeras'' audio drama, again on YouTube. It was so fun. And then the whole thing launched and there was no more need to pump up the hype. Ever since - nothing. Nada. Zero. Can't they pump out some one-shot two-page lore text about the meeting between Maiev and Illidan after the Nighthold? Or about his meeting with Malfurion and Tyrande? How about the Horde side of things? I mean yeah, there was that thing with Nathanos which was good but nothing substantial about the current status of the Horde's political situation! Who will lead the trolls? What is Baine Bloodhoof doing? What will Sylvanas do now? Maybe something simpler - what the hell are Khadgar and Illidan talking about at Deliverance Point? From the side it looks like the archmage and prophet Velen are giving Maiev and Illidan couples counseling. Were a few text bubbles too much to implement? As a side-note beisenhauer at the WoW Reddit forum makes a good point: I thought maybe Khadgar was telling Illidan to have his followers stop saying, "We are all that stands between the Legion and annihilation." Do you know how stupid that sounds, Illidan? Annihilation is something we'd very much like the Legion to meet. Now if they said, "We are all that stands between Azeroth and annihilation," that would make sense. It's like they don't even know which side they made their precious "sacrifice" for. Please Blizzard, get some lore pumping. If you don't have the time and resources (lol) to implement these things in the game, then at least do the cheap alternative and just write some text about what's going on. If you don't even have enough money for that (lmao) I would be happy to volunteer and write something for you for free. TL;DR: if you're not into reading this thread isn't for you anyway.Petros2 16 Jun
15 Jun Zandalari expansion? Ok so I was thinking about the next expension and let's face it blizzard is going to do this sooner or later. Zandalari expansion will eventually come sooner or later.I think it's going to be after current legion expansion becose It's the perfect time to attack the world when the alliance and horde are weakened after the legion attack.The pre-patch should begin as trolls are invading capital cities like the frost trolls are attacking ironforge, the zombie trolls attack undercity, forest trolls attack silvermoon and darnassus, the zandalar trolls attack stormwind and orgimmar also the echo isles.We are almost defeated untill someone comes and saves the day.I'm pedicting the return of Vol'jin.I don't think Blizzard would so easyly get rid off such a character before creating a zandalari expension.So the loa brought Vol'jin back to life for a limited time so he can defeate the zandalari and after that take his place... amongst the legends of the past.The expansion should not be full about trolls we don't want another wod only about one race.It should have more story and more lore than that.We are gonna vitit zandalar to kill the king of the trolls.Zandalar should have five zones two starting areas for alliance and horde with capital cities.The horde is going to defeate the Jungle trolls and take there city or make there base in to a city.The alliance are going to find dark trolls which are the pre-evolution of the night elves as also they should take care of the nega and make there capital city out of the ruins of a old kingdom.The starting areas won't be only have quests for one faction.We are gonna to fight evry troll kind there and we will visit Zuldazar.The climat on zandalar could change since cataclysm which could explain the difrent climat zones then we used to know before.That's probably the only thinks that I want to say for now I will probably update this post later.Tell me what you think about this idea is it bad? is it good? Tell me in comment bellow take careDooduapo14 15 Jun
15 Jun Kalec is onto us! (spoiler) Every time I talk to him, he seems suspicious of me and keeps asking whether we've met before. Now, in the new Chromie storyline, he gives a talk that there's "something otherworldly" about me and doesn't appear convinced that it's just time travel. He creeps me out!Veristeras4 15 Jun
14 Jun Are the eredar redeemable? Please, put down your pitchforks and torches and listen to me. When you're finished then you might continue to lynch me. During the Legion invasions you can get an AP-item from one of the various world quests. The "Revised Chronicles of Argus." The flavor text of this item is actually quite interesting: "The history near the end of the tome has been rewritten to paint Velen as a traitor." Now, why would the eredar need to rewrite their history? Most of them probably know very well what happened 15,000 years ago, and any other demonic race is probably not interested in this stuff. So, here's my theory: Some eredar are still classified as humanoid and not demons. Probably only powerful warlocks and other high-ranking-eredar soldiers become corrupted enough to become real demons. The remaining humanoid eredar however, are still capable of reproduction (let's say demons cannot do this anymore, even though we don't have clear lore about this, also it wouldn't change a thing anyway if demons could reproduce). So, these books are given away to young eredar children, so that they're brainwashed into loyally serving the Legion. These children probably grow up on Argus, alongside other demons and are trained to serve in the Burning Legion as soldiers, commanders, engineers and what else the Legion requires. So, would it be possible that some eredar could be redeemed when the brainwashing is broken? Lothraxion was a nathrezim, the purest form of demons around and he still turned to the Light. Of course this doesn't apply to eredar like Kil'jaeden. They are too far gone to be redeemed. Also, of course the entire theory is based upon a single item, but the description is just too intriguing. The eredar wouldn't need such an item, if there wasn't someone they try to convince that they're the good guys.Annilena10 14 Jun
14 Jun [SPOILERS] How do Death Knights get away with all this? The Knights of the Ebonblade and associated player characters are fighting against the Legion and so are supposedly the good guys. But the class and mount campaign for Death Knights really bring this into question. Two majore events come to mind, and one lesser one. Spoilers ahead if you haven't done the DK campaign or mount quest. 1. At a point during the campaign to unlock your third relic slot, Death Knights assault Light's hope chapel and kill many paladins. 2. During the broken shore section of the DK class campaign you kill the guardian of the stormheim dragons burial ground in order to raise frost wyrms. 3. During the DK Class quest your torture a Bronze a dragon and kill a bunch (and even get an achievement) of Red Dragons in the Ruby Dragonshrine - it has been alluded to that the whelps in the ruby dragonshrine are the last of their kind and so you essentially end the red dragonflights future. After doing all these things, there are zero repercussions at all. Paladins don't seem phased, storm dragons don't seem to care, Red Dragons are like "meh whatever" How can Death Knights get away with such acts?Rhý61 14 Jun
14 Jun Troll Warlocks? So I'm curious.... I can't really find much on them... I'm not even sure how to go about RPing it.. I'd imagine Witch Doctor is being portrayed as Warlock for in game reasons. So If I'm a troll warlock, what, Witch Locktor? But roleplay can wait, I can improvise and stuff, It's lore I need to help with that, so any insight into this would be greatly appreciated, Troll Warlocks and demons and such! I mean, I personally see no reason why a troll cannot be a Warlock. But maybe there is one I've overlooked. Thanks in advance!Zunjiloa17 14 Jun
13 Jun Lets talk trolls so as vol jin dies who do you think will take the lead? there is not so many known trolls as far as i know maybe i am mistaken so tell me what you think guys ? as trolls dont do much at all in this ExpacMistoes18 13 Jun
13 Jun Sylvanas How come Sylvanas sees Illidan as a betrayer? Illidan just wanted to kill Arthas and the frozen throne. Which is funny cause Arthas killed and raised Sylvanas as a banshee.Samsing10 13 Jun
12 Jun Niuzao in the shade? Hey there! Just out of curiosity, I was wondering why in all what happens in Pandaria/Wandering Island, almost no one of the NPCs ever mentions Niuzao the Ox. Even His questline is kinda "meh" and His story is never mentioned.Eodope0 12 Jun
12 Jun If you could choose what Elune is, what would it be? So, right now I don't think we know what Elune is, we don't know whether it's a titan or a naaru or what, but.. If you could decide what she is, what would you choose? As for my choise? A mortal, one of the first generation of Night Elves, she would be one who, through the well of eternity, managed to connect to higher powers (naaru perhaps), and became so adept in the connection to the light (and perhaps darker paths aswell) that death did not stop her, her spirit would watch over her people, to this day, she would channel the holy (and perhaps shadow) energies of those which she communed with to the priestresses, she would be just about as powerful as, say, Bwonsamdi, a once-mortal race (well, night elves were not mortal, but you get my point), who ascended beyond that mortalityEmilïa36 12 Jun
11 Jun Idea: Azj'Agir zones, Bolvar, Anduin & Turalyon Hello, I threw some ideas and theories on my realm's forum but later wondered how you guys might receive them. They concern the future of Azeroth, or more specifically, the Undead Scourge and the Knights of the Ebon Blade. So here goes: - With the coming of N'zoth, Queen Azshara and possibly the Black Armies one day, perhaps this expansion would be a good time to create "underground" zones. For example, Azjol-Nerub in Northrend. (Which was originally an idea planned for Wrath of the Lich King) Perhaps an Azj'agir zone on each continent? Or at least on every landmass that has had an Old God on it somewhere. The class orders in Legion were sort of Blizzard's way of giving us an update on what is going on in the different corners of the world, without having to revamp any regions completely, and since they reportedly do not want to continue with that beyond Legion, these Azj'agir zones could be a potential replacement. - A much needed world revamp, and a new, and optional, death knight starting zone. What would be a good way of re-introducing the Lich King to the world, while also staying true to the new man wearing the crown? Blizzard would have to do something fairly similiar to the Scarlet Enclave, but "modernize" it somehow. Since Wrath of the Lich King was an expansion where we faced multiple enemies at once (A dragon aspect, an Old God and the Lich King), perhaps the future will bring something akin to that? Queen Azshara, N'zoth and Bolvar Fordragon. Or at least just a teaser to what the Lich King has in store for us. While we're focused on defeating both the naga and the Black Armies, we would probably have to smack Bolvar over the wrist and save him for a later expansion. Perhaps this could work to build up a proper hype, since I doubt there will be as much excitement about this new Lich King as there was with Arthas. To sort of "remake" the experience of the Scarlet Enclave, the Lich King would have to take advantage of his death knights, the Ebon Blade in this case, to reach a certain object - which was Tirion Fordring the last time. If he commanded the Ebon Hold to loom over the outskirts of the Kingdom of Stormwind and send his legions of undead against civilians in, say, Westfall, it would be close to a proper Scarlet Enclave experience. The Four Horsemen would be some of the quest-givers. But why Stormwind? Well, Bolvar was once its Regent-Lord. We do not know much about him, but we know that the Lich King is scheming, so he has to stay prepared should the Deathlord betray him or break free somehow. Which means he might need a new champion. What if he picked Anduin Wrynn as his champion? The community has compared him with Arthas for years now, and a Scourge invasion of his own lands would bring back the sense of a crumbling kingdom that Warcraft 3 did. Which only adds to the much-needed hype the new Lich King requires. So while Arthas failed his people, Anduin will stand against the darkness. He will rise up against Bolvar. (Depending on the end of this expansion, I have this small hope that Turalyon will return with us from Argus and tutor Anduin Wrynn. Anduin Lothar taught Turalyon, Turalyon will teach Anduin Wrynn. I find that so very fitting) This would also be an ideal storyline to include Calia Menethil in, and Alonsus Faol, given his relations with Turalyon. The new "Light of Dawn" quest could be the Deathlord and his new death knights confronting the King of Stormwind. Then Bolvar comes, in the flesh (or ash) and admits how he has taken advantage of the Deathlord and the Ebon Blade to make his hidden moves in the background, secretly gearing the armies of Northrend up for war. Anduin tries to reach the father-figure he once knew, but only the Lich King remains. Just as he prepares to strike at the young king, Turalyon arrives to save the day as Bolvar retreats to the Frozen Wastes, taking the Four Horsemen with him. (Definitely future raid bosses) The Deathlord somehow breaks free (or dies?) and the new death knights rise to the occation. While Turalyon may have his reservations, given his past encounters with death knights during the Second War, Anduin remembers how Varian Wrynn pardoned them during the Scourgewar and honors the memory of him, and the Bolvar he knew, by doing the same. The Ebon Hold is reclaimed and the Scourge are driven out of the lands of Stormwind, for the moment. Having the Azjol-Nerub zone in Northrend could perhaps add to this story as well. But what will stay Bolvar's hand while everyone are distracted with the naga and the Black Armies? Perhaps Anduin's words will have an effect on Bolvar afterall, which forces him to retreat and fight to regain control over himself and the Helm of Domination in Northrend. The future will reveal whether or not he succeeds or succumbs. This is all very similiar to the story of Wrath of the Lich King, which might make all of these very unlikely, but given that Warlords of Draenor is still cannon and Legion feels like a sequal to the War of the Ancients trilogy, at least from my perspective, Blizzard seems to be re-doing their stories over and over again. This is all beyond a long shot, but it's something I've been thinking about for months now. What do you think?Rottusk7 11 Jun