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1h Liandrin's comment about Tyrande I am a bit curious about something Liandrin said about Tyrande in the Suramar quest chain. She said, Tyrande is a Sentinel, she knows little of war on this type of battlefield and that she should recuse her army from the main assault. I thought Tyrande and her armies were meant to be very skilled in things like this? What did Liandrin mean? Seemed a strange thing to say unless I am missing something. One other side question. Do Tyrande and Thalyssra know each other from before Suramar? Were they ever affiliated years ago? Would Thalyssra know Azshara also?Ázkeban85 1h
2h Night elf paladin ??? Now for the big question why can we not play night elf palladin, becouse in the lore there is a night elf palladin and since night elves can be priests they can also be a palladin so blizz let us play palladin pleaseÆlexa73 2h
2h Garrosh: Unintentionally hero? Seeing how things have been going since his friend left to Draenor (could he be, unintentionally, a hero?), because if he had not left, he might had been executed or imprisoned. The Legion might have never come, but we would not have known what Sargeras was up to and there would be no way to stop him. I believe that by messing things up, he saved all of us unintentionally.Drahkaro3 2h
3h Shamanism I was wondering can anyone become a like a mage becoming a shaman, monk becoming a shaman vice versa.I though the elements chose their vessels and while in some cases can be thought. please can some clarify this.Erah0 3h
4h The Lore of Hallow's End - What Must Have Happened For those of you who don't know, the in-world justification for Hallow's End is that it celebrates the independence of the Forsaken from the Scourge. Which means that, logically, this conversation must have happened at some point... The Banshee Queen and the Royal Apothecaries sit around a table, with a large piece of parchment sitting blank in the center, with the words 'Independence Festival Ideas' scrawled at the top. Master Apothecary Faranell: "So- I believe it is only right that our lady has the first say on what we do to celebrate our independence." Sylvanas, Banshee Queen, Leader of the Forsaken, Monarch of Lordaeron stokes her chin gently. Sylvanas: "Monster masks." Grand Apothecary Putress: "-Monster masks?" Sylvanas: "Monster masks." Grand Apothecary Putress: "Why monster masks?" Nathanos: "If she wants Monster masks, she gets monster masks." Sylvanas: "And sweeties. Just... so many sweeties. Ooh and we can go bobbing for apples!" Grand Apothecary Putress: "Surely a little more dignity-" Sylvanas: "I SAID SWEETIES, PUTRESS. AND A GIANT MAN WE SET ON FIRE." Nathanos: "And something to fight." Sylvanas: "AND SOMETHING TO FIGHT FOR NATTY. WITH A BIG SMILEY HELMET." Master Apothecary Faranell sighs and begins writing on the parchment.Koshdrol6 4h
5h Blood Elves - is Elune worship possible? Hi there, Just a question some of you might be able to respond to quickly. I know about the banishment of the High Elves, but was there no worship of Elune before this banishment? Is it in any way possible that some High or Blood Elves still worship Elune these days? Any response would be great, thanks in advance!Maluss13 5h
5h Rommath and Tyrande Why doesn't Rommath remember Tyrande? In wc3 she was aiding Kael'thas group against the Scourge. It is well known that Rommath was a part of this group, as it was the same group that later confronted Garithos and Rommath remembers Modera saying nothing when Garithos ordered the blood elves imprisoned. Considering Tyrande sacrificed herself to save Kael and his group (and therefore Rommath as well) by holding off an undead army, why do we see him as an antagonist to her group in Suramar?Nightwarden21 5h
5h All 3 windrunner sisters dig humans Something tells me whoever puts the above title in reality self inserts him as a certain individual who likes to bang elves. It's not a coincidence is it that all 3 ended up with a human right? Jeez Devs, your fetish are showing. Next up Liadrin becomes Turalyon sidechick while Tyrande suddenly gets a thing for maturing boys like Anduin or cucks Malfurion into that crap lol! When you think about it, there are actually more Elf females by name that are dating humans than their own lmao Even Valeera probably boned Varian once or twice I bet Sad reality for male Elves I guess Sorry for the thread but I'm having a giggle of it xDArsgar14 5h
7h Affliction vs Destro vs Demo I always enjoyed the versus threads, despite that they often get severely derailed due to bias and other reasons, but this one might be a bit better in that regard. Just as i always loved the Deadliest warrior show :P Which warlocks with mastery in each of the aspects(in the title) would come out victorious in a battle between each other? (all 3 at the same time) The rules are - 1. Use of current artifacts(including their lore) 2. Figuratively, ''Player'' power level/capabilities battle(s)(due to destro artifact being able to tear a planet apart, had to take that out to even the odds) 3. Can use abilities based on in-game design, as well as lore. Keep in mind that it's not about player vs player and in-game state, but as an in-game characters of their own, like Gul'dan, Khadgar..etc. So, if 3 of these warlocks went into a full out battle with one another...who would win? A lot to consider, but let's keep it clean at least ;pLenzar5 7h
7h Can dragons be druids, shaman etc? Is Ebonhorn a shaman? I see him using shamanic powers in the Vision questlines (like ancestral vision type things) but I'm not very sure. Ysera was a druid by lineage. Can dragons break the mold and become shaman, druids, warlocks, priests etc? Can black dracons become druids? Can blues be priests? Why don't they ever try, and potentially surpass mortals in the process? Ebonhorn should've become the next Black Aspect/Earth-Warder. He fits too well.Nightwarden9 7h
11h The Stormrage Brothers: Much to consider Like all other expansions, Legion's story was unique in such a way that it brought drastic, interesting progress which altered the world(s) and the creatures on them, but also it brings with it a lot of questions about many characters, among them the ones below: 1- Illidan Stormrage: Here returns an elf whose influence on Azeroth's future, since 10,000 years past, was greatly influential. It's unclear whether his pact with the Legion and the power gained from Sargeras were a feint to understand them from the beginning, or if he snapped due to lack of recognition from his nation and from Cenarius, and faithfully joined the enemy -but- the vision of an infinite, immortal and powerful army changed his mind, but it's clear that his role was pivotal in helping the Moonguard mages device ways to counter the otherwise magic-dominant felhounds as well as lead several charges against the Legion soldiers and Man'ari Eredar summoners alike, countering many of the Legion's master channelers. His leadership of magi in general was very coordinated and smooth. (According to other events than the vision we encounter at Black Rook Hold). He achieved much more, too much to mention here, up to the point of sealing the Well's gateway and recreating the Well of Eternity, which many believe this one is not a positive achievement, despite how central the Well's energy and power was in the night elf nation's civil and martial activities alike. However, more or less the War of the Ancients couldn't have lasted for, say, longer than 2 years, and after Illidan's release from prison he truly spent barely a few decades at most(?) clashing against demons and researching further on how to best end their Crusade, and yet, the expanse of his power was so overwhelming that, in a few seconds, he managed destroying an extraordinarily powerful being from time long beyond history, and after Xe'ra was reduced to particles, Illidan's evident exhaustion didn't prevent him from parrying an overhead strike from one of the strongest paladins in the universe, the High Exarch, with his bare hand. Aside from the First and Second Wars against Orcs empowered by an Annihilian's blood and surviving Draenor's demise, Turalyon also fought the Burning Legion for over one thousand years, became one with the Light itself metaphorically, and battled on Argus itself long before we did. The question here is obvious: How? What element am I missing here? 2-Malfurion Stormrage: Malfurion didn't chase druidism; druidism chased him. For a mortal to be chosen by Azeroth as the first proper druid and not long before the War of the Ancients, it means no less greatness than his twin's. I say proper, because it seems there were Tauren trainees before him among which some abandoned the art while the left used Cenarius's knowledge to branch into shamanism, since both classes are two faces of one coin in a way. I say proper as the mortals before him who did not abandon druidism ended up as literally one with nature by permanently evolving into colossal trees with voice and conscious, disconnecting themselves from the world's more dynamic events. I say proper because, in summary, he listened to the elements' speech mid-way into visiting the Emerald Dream, where his earlier selflessness, patience, and endless devotion to helping the wild creatures of the land were recognized by Azeroth and coupled with his training it all helped him pluck a vision out of the Emerald Dream about the Burning Legion's arrival, to prepare the necessary precautions. Four times did he defeat Archimonde with an earthquake once, colossal choking vines once, a tornado once and, last, Nordrassil's power. Hakkar the Houndmaster was destroyed by two lightning strikes from the clouds above, and Deathwing's most prized creation - the Demon Soul - was stolen under his nose by the same druid. He was the first to invent the idea of shapeshifting into the unruly but useful wolf form (the physical one) which, while it led to a history of plight and terror, also ended the War of the Satyr, and later birthed the Gilnean worgen who ultimately saved Ashenvale from the Magnataur pack and the Horde army Garrosh brought there. Both him and Illidan were the two halfs of the spell which sealed the portal back then, and he twice-defeated Xavius in the same war -once when Xavius exploded from lightning, and another when he was turned into a tree. And overall, the storms he sewed together scattered and devastated Demon ranks. From preventing the full destruction of Darkshore, to securing Mount Hyjal once again, to openning the portal into the Firelands and serving as a primary factor in the defeat of Ragnaros, the once patient, wise, calculative, selfless, and powerful Archdruid we knew has been represented in a completely different way in Legion, by both lacking patience, and being reckless and easy to anger, pleading for his life while we know the druidic path is also one of sacrifice which he many times readily accepted, and he was also pictured as being so easily bested. I ask the same question: How? What element am I missing here? Is the balance between the Stormrage brothers' powers lost forever? 3-Xe'ra: Arguably older than Sargeras himself and the entire Pantheon (since it takes a world soul several thousands of years to animate, I suppose, and the Naaru were created during the big bang itself) and much more aware about the truth of the Void, Fel and the Light, single-minded in her beliefs and methods, fanatical, and her decisions are near-impossible to negotiate, but it's easy to forget someone's good deeds for a single sin, no matter how many and universally beneficial were those good deeds. How is it that Xe'ra is so suddenly represented as a villain? What about her efforts to build the Army of the Light, founding the Xenedar, purifying Demons into holy beings, and playing the plotter's role in delaying the Burning Legion's advance on Azeroth for decades until the natives and their guests are prepared and recovered from the earlier wars, as well as subverting the Legion's plans on other locations around the universe as well as enlightening many organic creatures about their positive feelings' connection to the Light, and being instrumental in subtly introducing the Human tribes to the Light which advanced them into nations whose role was primary in successfully defending Azeroth multiple times - what about all of that, and possibly more? Is she truly worth being antagonized and hated based on one single act? What if there was something she knew that we did not, about Illidan? In the end she's been tracking his progress, status and importance even before he was born. Why was it so quickly forgotten that Illidan as well was the source of terror and death to many victims on Azeroth and Outland? If we are to go by the philosophy that "The end justifies the means" with Illidan, then why did we not apply that same philosophy to Xe'ra's final approach? Thank you for reading.Kunchao9 11h
12h Strongest race? What do you think is the most strongest race out there. In terms of Strength and endurance. First thing, Trolls come to my mind. Probably the oldest race on Azeroth. Can grow regenerate bodyparts because they are used to harsh nature. Countless times they pop up with something new. I mean they controlled dinosaurs in MoP for example... I think Trolls are the strongest race because they are the most adaptable out there, for this reason alone they look like the strongest race. Their sizes vary aswell. You got berserker Trolls being the strong buffed up type with packing mucles and you got the more leaner Trolls, more agile and faster than the berserker.Arsgar25 12h
17h Titans and Blizzard fixation of size... Why, why in the world are they so intent on keeping the false theory that the Titans are so big and large in size, when in reality they are just the same size as the Titan keepers? "Oh, let's say Sargeras is the size of bigger than planets", well then he never could've walked one without destroying it with his big feet an massive weight even before he turned evil. I mean, why make everything so complicated? Imagine if all the Titans were that size, wtf were they just floating around in the big dark all by themselves before having the time of their lives? I think not. Since they are the only creatures in the universe of that size and their lives must've been boring as f***. No wonder he turned evil. I mean why, why in the world don't they just make it easy with this point and make them canon in their current size we face them in? Even Aggrammar isn't bigger than a Fel-reaver at his best. Give me a break-Ernstx13 17h
19h Dumb Orcs You know the Blood Elf represent the Horde on Argus, not the Orcs that got their entire race corrupted by the Legion, got their homeland blown up and made multiple times into the enemy by them, but let's not put any sign of them on Argus or Tomb oF Sargeras haha these dumb Orcs so stupid looool Bravo Blizzard nice story neglect, you could see their marketing director say: "yo I saw on the forums WoD is widely received negative, do not put any Orcs in screentime until like 2 expansions got it?"Agamemnom16 19h
20h The fall of Anduin Wrynn. I feel that there is a huge chance that Anduin will be mislead and corrupted by the void. He is a priest of the Light, but he has already atleast once, used a shadow spell. And I doubt he is strong enough to stand against the maddening whispers of the Old God's and their minions. Actually, there is potential for a very good political storyline here. Since Il'gonoth has already claimed that he will offer us three lies. And his mourning will make him an easy target for manipulation and corruption. This will lead to him using the alliance forces into a war with the Horde full scale. And I think it will end with him being caught and he will already be so deep into the corruption that he has already embraced the shadows. So the champion or Genn Greymane will have to take him out in the end, to stop the war against the Horde and redirect the Alliance forces to apocalyptic threats we face. Later, Genn Greymane is crowned as High King of the Alliance and King of Stormwind, since Gilneas is blighted and unhabitable. So from then on, all his people will have a safe haven there and he would give the worgen people lands outside the city were they can roam without scarying the locals in Stormwind. This is all speculation, but I have been known to get it right before so. Atleast the Anduin dying part is not too far fetched.Ernstx23 20h
1d Death of a dragon. Life as undead drake. Why do the dragonflights cease to be more than dragons when they're brought back as undead? Dragons are one of the foremost casters in the world of Azeroth, taking the forms of humanoids. Why is it that they lose the reason to cast spells outside of the dragonflights essence. Blue dragons are arcane casters, but stick to frost breaths, red dragon; life, but only seem to be able to breath fire.Isilnir1 1d
1d We need another war Am I the only one who loved the Horde v Alliance storylines of Cata and MoP? I loved this and I'd love to see a new war Now Sylvanas is a warchief and my reaction is exactly the same as when Garrosh was made a warchief. It was something along the lines of, the spirits said to make this lunatic a warchief, no way this could end well lol. Then it went exactly as I expected. This got me thinking, maybe this is a way to start a new Horde v Alliance war storyline? Though that said, I think it's the Alliance turn to start a war. If Sylvanas does start a war I'll have to agree in principle with the "Horde must die" side of this forum, even though I'll stick with the Horde anyway and enjoy every second of it lol. Opinions? Does anyone else want a war?Lenneth8 1d
1d If you could rewrite the lore... What would you do? First off, I want to say, I did post these things before, but want to start over with a clean thread, as the first had a few small issues. Either way, the following is what I'd do, and I want to know how much you agree or disagree with it: Vanilla/Classic: I haven't played much back in the day, I do not know if there were any large mistakes made here, feel free to share though, that goes for all parts of this post. The Burning Crusade: -Draenei looks like broken as seen on Argus, broken look like Lost Ones, Lost Ones retconned. Eredar look like current Draenei/Eredar due demonic mutation -Illidan going evil for no reason at all, attacking Shattrath even though he's an enemy of the Legion. How should this have been? Illidan did not attack Shattrath, rather, it was Kael'thas' forces that did it, disguised as Stormrage's Illidari. Why? Kil'jaeden would've ordered KT to do so, a punishment to Illidan for his failure to slay Arthas. -Blood Knight redemption, before the Sunwell, Blood Knights were a lot different, they used to enslave a Naaru and drain its power, with this -commanding- the Light, they did not feel like Paladins at all, in matter of fact, the quest that you needed to do to get your epic mount involved burning down one of the Silver Hand's most sacred places. This is something that seperated them from Alliance paladins, something that made them feel more Horde-like. What should've happened is that they didn't lose their captive naaru, or captured another one, therefore keeping their ability so syphon one even after the Sunwell. The Sunwell also should've been destroyed, Imagine Kil'jaeden putting up one final act of revenge beforebeing sent back to Argus at his defeat in the Sunwell, he would cast a spell that would collapse the Sunwell entirely, permanently destroying it. Alternatively, have Kael'thas steal the naaru but we later find another naaru, oddly named Xe'ra, near the black temple, which we use instead. Either way, Kael'thas should not have been the first to act against Silvermoon, but would've rahter indirectly angered them, causing them to be his enemies without it feeling like a randm betrayal. Wrath of the Lich King: The Lich King, an underestimating fool, throughout the expansion we are made to believe that Arthas is a very good tactician, so why is it then, after every time we thwart him, he lets us go, several times throughout leveling he has come personally face-to-face with us, and let us live, one may try to argue that this was to make us more powerful before making us his minions, but it was made clear that the Scourge was already powerful enough to wipe us out, and that he was "holding back", this completely counters that entire post, he doesn't need us, so why should he test us?! Instead he shouldn't've come face-to-face with us before the final confrontation near his throne. -Argent Tournament, why? Why in Icecrown?! There are a few things about this Argent Tournament that annoy me, first of all, why is it hosted in Icecrown? Why would you hold your training ground in the middle of the enemy stronghold?! The original idea was to hold it in Crystalsong Forest, hence the two useless camps in the zone, and this would've made more sense, it would be kept a fair distance away from the scourge's main forces, and under the direct protection of Dalaran, floating just above. Another issue within the Tournament is... it's more of a colliseum, an arena, the Tournament's goal was to prepare for an attack upon Icecrown Citadel.. So why, then, do we try to KILL OUR COMPETITORS?! While I do understand that some trainees would die in this, as they may put us to fight against monsters, as only that would properly train us to face some of the Scourge's minions, we should definately not kill eachother when it comes to Horde vs Alliance on this, instead, their hatred for eachother would be resolved in non-lethal combat, we do not have the resources to lose anyone in this grand war against the Scourge. -There must always be A Lich King": Total, Bullcrap. This is only an excuse to bring something that could've been used in the future, while forgetting Kel'thuzad is still not permanently dead. Bolvar should've been dead-dead, and no new Lich King should've been made. Mord'rethar could've been closed down to keep the scourge at bay, or it could've been explained that, while the Scourge's numbers are still countless, without a leader, they are weak and unorganized, unable to put up a serious threat again. Cataclysm: -Cairne Vs. Garrosh: Now, this is allright, but I do wish that the intent of cairne was a non-lethal mak'gora, he'd still die because of magatha's poison ofcourse, but this would make the entire shock value of his death even bigger. Now this here is an iffy one, it's not really a mistake Blizzard made, but I'm curious if this idea would work: -Druids of the Flame: Malfurion Corrupted: What if through some way, the druids of the flame managed to corrupt Malfurion, rather than Fandral, what if we had to kill Malfurion in the Firelands, perhaps this could add a bigger involvement of the priesthood of elune into this storyline, a bit of progression for Tyrande's story. If this were indeed to pass, Hamuul would also become the leader of the Cenarion Circle. Again, I am unsure if this could work, this is only a random though I had, anyways, back to more pressing issues. -Thrall, the "Earth-warder", okay, first problem of Dragon Soul.. Thrall is a mortal, and should not be able to control the Dragon Soul at all, he should not be involved with this at all, thats about it. -The "Age of Mortals": You know what makes even less sense than a mortal controlling such a powerful artifact? Dragons losing their power over Neltharion's defeat. First of all, why should dragons lose their power over completing their "destiny"? If you ask me, that's a compelling argument to not follow your destiny. Secondly: Deathwing was not the real evil, sure he was corrupted and evil, but it was caused by the Old Gods, if anything, ending the Old Gods would be the real "destiny" of the dragonflights, not slaying one of their own.. which by the way wouldn't be a major issue if he wasn't blessed in the first place. Mists of Pandaria: -Om nom nom, the language of the Pandaren; Okay blizzard, very funny.. or not, I know you tried to joke here, but I'd prefer it if Pandaren had a more asian sounding language if you're not a pandaren, rather than the "nom nom" they put out now, hell, the Ballad of Liu Lang had actual Pandaren language in it, which was great! While on subject, you made another mistake on Pandaren language... by calling it "Pandaren" the pandaren don't use that language anymore, not since the Mogu Dynasty, Pandaren language was lost to the ages as the Pandaria races were not allowed to speak any language but Mogu, to prevent any secret planning under the noses of the Empire., so, the language should be called "Mogu" instead. -Pandaren, the optimistic peace-lovers: I don't know why you chose to do this, but you made pandaren this... always smiling, super optimistic race of carebears, to which I must say: "NO!", you gave a good example with how most pandaren should be with the Shado-pan, with honor and control within them, they know the dangers of Pandaria, and are very strict and disciplined in their nature, you would see that they may have the most discipline among their younger, less of that "playing all the time" and more of learning of their values and virtues. -I also wish you gave us more Shao-dins, or clans, aside from the Shado-pan, I would like to see a few ancient pandaren clans in Pandaria, among them the ancient Huojin and Tushui, which would be rivals on Pandaria, rahter than the allies they were on the turtle, Imagine a backstory about them, that they were once allies in the times of Liu Lang, but in time, their on Pandaria living Shao-dins would start parting ways as their opposing views started brewing trouble, Imagine if there was a tale that they worked together in ancient times, the Huojin would defend their settlements from average attacks, while the Tushui meditated and planned to defend these settlements from larger scale attacks in the meantime, these clans, once working in pendulum, now bitter enemies. -Pandaren Appearance, another thing I dislike about pandaren is their appearance, their ingame models simply look... silly, overweight, what I would want is something more along the lines of Samwise's art, specifically the "Pandyr" as seen in the following links: These pandaren look a lot less cuddly, and much more fitting within the Warcraft franchise, here are a few normal pandaren made by Samwise: Again, much more fitting for Warcraft. Secondly, their weapons, as seen while leveling in pandaria look... outright silly, as does some of their armor, but especially their weapons, it looks like parts of the weapons were made with play-doh, all colorful and useless spirals in their base.. why? Why couldn't we have some more asian-styled weapons, mogu had some pretty good looking weapons. -Garrosh's Corruption and descent to Madness: Oh boy, this is a big one.. Before I'll go on, yes, it made sense, but, why, why did you do this? This is perhaps the biggest loss of potential you caused in lore to this date.. Garrosh.. he could've been so much more than this.. Yes, he was reckless and aggressive, but in Cata, we saw progression within him, especially in Stonetalon Mountains, we saw that he was learning, slowly perhaps, but still, learning how to lead his people, he was changing, he learned a lot about honor and respect, and MERCY, we saw him shape up to in the future perhaps be the best Warchief the Horde has ever had... But you ruined it, you took him and shaped him into an evil psychopath because of the Sha... Who would I choose to become an enemy instead? this might be the most controversial of all my points here but... Sylvanas... Why Sylvanas? Well, her main goal was to kill the Lich King, and that she did, the only reason she accepted ressurection after her suicide was because she came to be in the same afterlife as Arthas, but she is slipping into madness, we can see she's not herself anymore, and simply does anything not to join arthas, even if it means becoming just like him, as seen in Silverpine Forest. This would be the best time to end her story, remember, you can die a hero or become a monster, and that's the case with her story aswell, end her before her story grows bad. I even thought of a few encounters we could see in this... Siege of Undercity raid.. Kor'kron Vanguard: The Kor'kron that were to keep a watch over the Undercity since the Wrathgate, turned into undead by Sylvanas, a few mobs outside and an ad-based boss in the courtyard, they serve as "cannon fodder" to the forsaken. Nathanos Blightcaller: A patrol roaming around the outer circle of Undercity, perhaps he has a pet which needs to be dealt with? Mantid Apothecaries: Apothercary quarter, the forsaken and mantid work together to combine their posions and blight to make a successor over the blight used at the Wrathgate, we must put a stop to this. Koltira Deathweaver: Sylvanas' Throne Room: Koltira has been tortured and reshaped to be a weapon of the Forsaken, this is where Thassarian could take part of the story, helping us put an end to his corrupted friend. Once Koltira is dead, the plateau Sylvanas usually stood on lowers, it becomes an elevator, which goes down.. waaaaay down, as we take the elevator down we can hear the sound of chains and a loud heartbeat getting louder and louder, clutter in the rooms ahead will move in tandem as the heart beats, we face the Klaxxi Champions as one of the encounters down there, the second final boss would be the Val'kyr, the remaining Val'kyr with the most power, we kill all of them of them but one, Aradne, Aradne would at the end of the fight flee, not to be seen for some time. Finally, Sylvanas herself, we would see she had discovered whatever laid under Tirisfal (Whether it is the minion or not) and absorb its power along with the power of the heart of Y'shaarj, We would face against the combination of Legion and Old God minions, an undead with the power of the god's heart, and slay her there. With the (permanent) death of Sylvanas, a new Forsaken leader needs to rise, for this, changes need to be made, and more lore added to this character, but I would pick Lillian Voss.. now, some of you might have a few problems with this but let me explain. Voss has a hatred for the undead, this is true, but perhaps that is exactly why she would make for a fitting leader to lead the Forsaken to a... somewhat brigher future, stepping away from the blight forever, and going back to stealing minons of the Scourge, rather than raising their own, the Forsaken would once more step away from their evil roots and try to aid the horde and their own with some dignity.. Perhaps Voss would at first decline, but somehow forced into this position, or persuaded, to know that the undead would only become more of a problem if she would not step in. The Alliance-Horde war continues, or at least skirmishes do, there will be no peace, only local ceasefires in areas of greater danger, as it always has been. Walords of Draenor: Now, onto this... how would I do this, without needing Garrosh... As the Horde and Alliance continue their war/skirmishes against eachother, wrathion and Kairoz would come to the same conclusion as we have now, the current forces of Azeroth cannot defeat the oncoming attack of the Legion/old gods, and decide to go to AU draenor, not because Garrosh could be used here, but instead because the Orcs have been shown to be a threat before, they would enter Draenor through Faralohn and form the Iron Horde, not through the Warsong, but through the Dragonmaw, as dragons, perhaps to be revered by this clan. We would indeed chase after them, but this time less foolish, the Dark Portal is much too fortified for us to assault, it is the very Stronghold of the Iron Horde, and assaulting there would be suicide. Instead, we get the Bronze Dragonflight to aid us, using the time-dimension rift in Faralohn to enter Draenor, just as the assault on tanaan, we would have a short scenario in Faralohn, escaping from the Iron Horde forces there, and going to Frostfire/Shadowmoon Side note on SMV, it would not be a zone of permanent night, it makes no sense that the sun never comes up there but it does in other zones.. it is simply named after the clan, and Gorgrond is a full barren rock-wasteland, where Faralohn takes the Botani part. Anyways, we get to our respective zones and make Bladespire Citadel and Karabor our homes, these would serve as the capital cities, screw Ashran. Now here is where some fun comes in, every clan has parts of them with, and against the Iron Horde, this may help the Horde expand in their orc subrace diversity. But now, for the enemy chieftains, not nessecarily Iron Horde: Grommash Ner'zhul Gul'dan Kargath Dragonmaw Warlord and.... Durotan. The Dragonmaw Warlord, Kargath, Grommash and Durotan being part of the Iron Horde, seeing honor in this unity, being convinced by Kairoz and Wrathion that this is for the good of all, Thrall and Garrosh would both have a tough time here, facing their fathers as enemies, Garrosh in the end winning, however, Thrall, would be slain, and Nobundo takes the leadership of the Earthen Ring. As we continue our fight against the Iron Horde, we would fight through the entirety of draenor on the first patch, including Faralohn and Tanaan, Tanaan serving as the level 100 zone, where we face the bulk of the Iron Horde, and -CAPTURE-, not destroy, the Dark Portal, it is after all, our only way home, Khadgar could open a portal to our azeroth using the time rip in Faralohn, otherwise having no leyline connection to our home aside from the Dark Portal, but even that for a mere few seconds, in other words, not enough to gather reinforcements or anything. As we capture the Dark Portal, the Shadow council manages to free Gul'dan and his allies, it would not be us to free him, that's stupid, why not kill him right there, after all, he was defenseless! Rather than Blackrock Foundry as one of the raids, as Blackhand would side with us, being among the Warlords to listen to Kilrogg, whose vision foresaw the Iron Horde's failure would they face the Burning Legion/old gods (Also yes, Kilrogg would be the main cause for the AU orcs to side with us), we would have the Dragonmaw Stronghold in Shadowmoon Valley, based on the southern Island, among the bosses in that raid, we could face Kairozdormu, perhaps the final boss of that instance. -Cho'gall would not be a part of Highmaul, instead, he would be involved in two major patches. -We would not kill Rukhmar, as the adherents were FALSE followers, Rukhmar was not an enemy, instead, perhaps that fungal whale boss could've been a thing. 6.1: The Heart of Nature: With Gul'dan escaped, we need a new power source for the portal to function, for this, we travel to Faralohn, and face the Botani, we slay their leader in a short.. 3-boss raid, and use the heart of this botani leader to power the gateway once more. 6.2: Legacy of the Apexis: Cho'gall has escaped, and made his way to an island west of the Spires of Arak Which is where he uncovers a lost city, and raises it once more, this city would be the temple of the Apexis civilization, a "temple in the sky" as described in an arakkoan archaeology item: Apexis Scroll: This battered scroll case has corroded shut, and the scroll within is barely readable with very careful examination. These appear to be plans and measurements for a glorious "Temple in the Sky," written in an ancient hand. It's unclear whether such a splendid structure was ever built. This "Temple" would serve as the 5man dungeon of this patch, in it we would end up facing Sethe as the final boss, putting an end to him once and for all. 6.3: The Return of the Empire: Cho'gall, however, escapes, and makes his way to the Gorian Empire, where we would chase him once more, and this time, we do not let him escape, a raid would be involved in this patch, bosses of this raid include Cho'gall and Ner'zhul, and a few other servants of the old god inhabiting Draenor, we stop the summoning of the old god. 6.4: Hellfire Citadel: In our absence from Tanaan, Gul'dan had prepared everything he needs to summon the Legion, and this patch would be a lot similar lorewise as our current HFC patch, however, a few changes: -Tyrant Velhari would be replaced by... Yrel. In the early production, Blizzard said that Yrel had a "dark secret", which I think would've been awesome, we face the traitor eredar instead. -Final Boss: Mannoroth: I am not a fan of this "One legion" lore, so instead of facing an AU Archimonde and needing to face him later in the game for a third time, we could face a resurrected Mannoroth instead, on his death, he sends Gul'dan through the Dark Portal (Which would be under Legion control for then) to send him to azeroth. I never got how Gul'dan came to azeroth by being sent through a portal connected to Argus. With our business on Draenor done, we would return to Azeroth. Now, for a bit of lore I forgot to mention, because it's important here, before WoD, we would discover that Outland's connection to the Nether is eating it away, the shattered planet would collapse slowly, however its speed increasing, this would cause us to try and rescuse as many inhabitants of the planet as we can, which the Iron Horde disrupts. With the AU Draenor linked to MU Azeroth, and no way to undo it, he Bronze and Blue dragonflights work together to merge these two timelines together in a way, the MU outland would be forever lost, collapsing to come to an end soon, and AU Draenor holding better reinforcements for the fights ahead. Legion: Oh boy, that was a lot of writing, well... almost done... Broken Shore; Intro: Okay, in here perhaps we could lose two other important characters, Vol'jin's death here was stupid, and that of Varian, while awesome, I see him as an alliance counterpart of Garrosh; Strong, Somewhat brutal, honorful, has some great backstory to him, I know I shouldn't, but he's one of the two characters I put plot-armor on, because it's just so hard to replace him with someone just as likeable, if not more. Aszuna: Nearly everything is perfect, the only bother here is that the blue dragonflight is there and infertile, part of that whole "age of mortals" thing, so they'd still be fertile... Stormheim: No Sylvanas involved, perhaps some other faction war stuff? Worgen vs Forsaken is still viable, but less connected to the entire Vrykul stuff. Less Felskorn, seriously, a few more allied vrykul that ain't valarjar would be great. Highmountain: Involve Ebonhorn and Sabelion to track down and together with you, kill Wrathion, who is among the people to blame for the Legion's presence, the rest's good. Val'sharah: -Ysera indeed gets corrupted, but we do not face her in a solo quest, rather in the raid. -Nightmare Corruption CAN be reversed, it's funny because there's a WQ with us cleansing the land of it, which you mentioned is impossible in questing, you couldn't even stick to "unreversable" for one patch, you went against it in the same patch as when you made this a thing! -Less people get corrupted, I mean we lost 2 archdruids aside from cenarius AND ysera.. calm down, we get it, corruption powerful and all that.. Suramar: As an opposer to the "you are our Only hope" style of writing, i am also really against becoming the jarl of jandvik, maybe thane at most... Give the Vrykul place to the Horde, and Shal'aran to the Alliance. Isles in general: Highmountain tauren and Vrykul go Horde, the elven factions Alliance, give a PvP area between Val'sharah and Highmountain. Both factions will still have quests in all zones, but instead do so with other NPCs at other places, just as in TBC and Wrath Emerald Nightmare Replace Ursoc with Omen, you know, the ancient driven insane that we faced every year at lunar festival? How about we fight him in the nightmare, don't kill him, though, and Omen is finally freed from his madness, and now a new ally, lunar festival would change accordingly, we've fought omen for enough years.. Replace Dragons of Nightmare with Ysera, as Ysera dies, Ysondre, who has faced the nightmare before, would reluctantly accept to become the new aspect, her previous encounters with the nightmare making her the most experienced dragon to deal with it, and thus, the best replacement possible. Cenarius would be killed, however, permanently too, as he is within the Emerald Dream, and I feel like ancients should be bound to the dream, just as it demons are to the Nether and can only be permanently killed in the nether (Also on that topic, only powerful demons should be able to be reborn like that) We wouldn't become class hall leaders either, and as previous expansions should've been, we would remain adventurers This means we'd not be hunting down these super powerful demons on our own. Speaking of class hall bosses though... Hakkar should not be a Fel Lord, but rather as described in lore before "A burning skeletal demon" who weilds a whip made of felhound skin as a weapon, here's an image of official artwork: And on topic on Fel Lords and other "Powerful Demons", we should not face them often at all, the only two Fel Lords I think are alright up to now are the one in HFC and the upcoming one in ToS Moving on... No Xe'ra/Illidan redemption, the redemption of illidan would be in TBC, sunwell patch, discovering that we were decieved and now Illidan is dead, the end. A long questchain involving Tirion's death and throughout the Legion patches, discovering about a rogue Nathrezim (Lothraxion) (no connection to turalyion/alleria this time around) and in the end aiding him, Lothraxion would, near the end of the expansion, take the mantle of Highlord of the Argent Crusade, reforging the broken Ashbringer into a shield. 7.1: The Gates of Helheim Not much to change with the entire Helya/odyn thing, maybe make odyn less of a really dislikable character? I also don't like Helya being a Val'kyr, perhaps just a former ally of odyn, swayed to the dark by Loken? Speaking of Val'kyr... Aradne would be the second final boss of this Raid, perhaps Guarm>Aradne>Helya, no need to be tested by odyn... again..., Aradne would serve as a mockery to odyn, something that says; "Hey, you remember your glorious creation? Yeah, not even they are safe from my grasp" Now, this is also where a large plot twist comes in.. What if Aradne was always a servant of Helya, Val'kyr were very smart members of the Scourge, and what if Helya had a better grasp over them than even Arthas? What I would do is reveal here that this is one of the reasons of the Kvadir in Northrend, the Kvadir were there to contact the dark Val'kyr, and sway them to serve Helya, and so they did, they pretended to serve Arthas further, constantly drawing his powerful soul ever closer to Helheim. When Arthas died, this is where his sould would be sent.. and this is where the Val'kyr could temporally bring Sylvanas' soul aswell, giving her the impression being stuck with Arthas is where her fate would lay if dead. Just like Arthas' soul, that of Sylvanas would also be very powerful, and a great gift to Helya, so they fooled both arthas and sylvanas, binding both souls to helheim in the end. Once Helya is dead, I would think, THIS is a better place to put another "keeper of the dead", someone who would draw the souls of the dishonorable into hell, a punishment for their disgrace, one who would work together with Odyn to keep justice among the Vrykul. Who this would be I do not know, perhaps a final redemption for either arthas or sylvanas... 7.2: Tomb of Sargeras(?) -Dalaran's Fall As we assault the Tomb of Sargeras, the Legion manages to counterattack, the Tomb's fel beam is amied at Dalaran, and it succeeds, we evacuate as many people as we can and escape, A broken Dalaran plummets into the seas below, the capital will be moved to Suramar City, now that we have ripped it from the Legion's control. -Kil'jaeden not final boss of Tomb, how about the Avatar of Sargeras being the final boss, I am sure something else fits in there to have as another boss to get the number right. As for Argus and all that, look, I'm clueless, I wouldn't want any of it to happen in the first place yet, ending the Legion still feels premature, and I'd try to make ToS the final raid of the Expansion, I'm not sure what I'd put inbetween, maybe that scrapped night elf island, Thal'dranath.. However, Regarding the "Army of the Light" which may be dubbed as something else, it would include more than broek and draenei, it would be an army spanning from a whole array of different races from different worlds where they resisted the Legion, a good place to let developers go wild, they could make what they want here, chanses are we wont ever see this race again anyways. Argus would be introduced the last Legion-related patch in wow, and either the final or second final boss would be Archimonde AND Kil'jaeden at the same time, if not the last, Sargeras would be the last, another boss that I'd not have killed before that would be Aggonar, he appeared collossal in TBC, and would prhaps be more powerful than even Mannoroth Chronicles: -Azeroth is not a titan, rather a normal planet, the Well of Eternity would be, as speculated, a fountain of power the Titans have planted to reinforce our chanses to win against the Old Gods and their minions -The Old Gods are not minions of the Void, the Void would be just another element, one fitting to the Old Gods, sure, but not their masters, the Old Gods are perhaps without masters, or perhaps something else than the Void leads them. -Other titans did visit Draenor, and it does have an Emerald Dream, to which Anzu and Rukhmar for example, are connected to. -The Broken Curse is made from an amplified Sethe's blood sample, rahter than the red pox, more similarities: Both Sethe's curse and the Legion's weapon disconnected the target from the Light Both Sethe's curse and the Legion's weapon deformed the body of the target into a broken state. -I feel like the pre-chronicles Sargeras, even though much simpler, was far more menacing, a titan who has gone mad by countless eons of fighting demons/the void is much scarier than one who simply thought "Let's kill all life so nothing can get corrupted" -Pantheon still alive, simply fled from Sargeras, we've heard so much about them, to just declare them dead is a huge waste. Misc: -Grand Army of the Light, whenever it happens, way more races, let the developers do some freestyle races to add as models as random members of the army! -Third War=10 years before World of Warcraft classic, and ingame timeline should correlate with the real timeline, look up when either World First kills were made, or when the next patch came out, whichever is a more realistic time lapse for said accomplishment.Nishio6 1d
2d Illidan's goodbye to Tyrande and Malfurion(spoiler) Such sad sad moment, i hated Illidan before, i disagreed with his choices, now i understand part of what he did,but it he is s till not a ''good'' guy. Pretty cool listening to what he said and the replies of Tyrande and Malfurion.é32 2d
2d Orcs no redemption on Argus? The question here has to be asked. Why is there not a single relevant Horde character going to Argus? And I mean a bloody well endorsed Horde character, not some light puppet like Lady Liadrin that would betray the Horde over the Light. Why aren't there any Orcs wanting to have a word with the Legion? They have suffered as much as the Draenei, who brought them into their homeworld in the first place. The Orcs not wanting a bone to pick with both the Legion and the Draenei for bringing it to them. Is it because of Warlords of Draenor? Must the Orc lore suffer because of what the community thinks of the almighty Blizzard? This is STORY here getting neglected, I don't care if I saw too many Orcs in the past, it would have been much more interesting than what we have now, and atleast we would see SOME KALIMDOR HORDE INTO THIS GOD DAMN EXPANSION!!!! Even on the US forums they agreeStormer139 2d
2d Vereesa sure is a hypocrite Barely two expansions ago she was fine with joining the horde herself, as long as she could emotionally manipulate her sister to help with her personal revenge plans. She didn't utter a single kind word to her sister after all the horrible things she had suffered, but then suddenly she acted all friendly and loving when she wanted to use her (and she didn't care that aiding her would throw Sylvanas under fire). Only to drop her cold again when Sylvanas stopped being useful. Vereesa used Sylvanas, encouraged her to engage in immoral behavior, broke her heart, and now she's trying to turn their other sister against her? Wow. Just... wow.Veristeras19 2d
2d Illidan's new glaives Any proper story behind them? Does that make the DH player's Azzinoth mog canon? What ilevel was he when he did Xylem?Dariun0 2d
2d Blizzard, let us post on US forums too Two days I was gone because a thread I made got some bad attention and people forgot to swallow the joke, instead they choked on it. The state I see the EU forums compared to the US is that we are too small, threads often result into the same debate and discussion and the US story forums are like 90% more active with a mixed community. How long will it take for Blizzard to break down the wall between the two regions? I love to talk about lore here but it came to a point that everyone just wants to state their opinion over eachother, not interesting or fun at all, not to mention that "some posters" here often change subject and threads end in the same discussion being hold in different threads. I am talking about story forum here, if you guys seem confused by it.Jonaske63 2d
2d Why didn't Bronze dragons get involved in Suramar? Elisande seems to use time magic quite a bit. Maybe they did not pick up on it as for a long time there was a shield up? Yet I just had the cut scene where she basically time freezes Tyrande and the other elf factions. Khadgar was shocked and said her power rivals the bronze dragons. I know the dragons lost a lot of power but do they not still intervene a bit when there is abuse of time lines and people messing with time magic?Ázkeban5 2d
2d An opinion regarding Sylvanas' future Burning her shouldn't be an option in my opinion right now. I am a girl who suffered abuse. I connect to this character in a way I don't with others in that universe. If I see her burned, even if written in a good way, I will take it personally. It will feel like they attack me. Like they tell me "You know what? Destroying everything is the only way to live after that." No! I need to see a woman who went through s*** grow up to put things behind her. To want to do better than what was done to her. I don't wanna see a woman who becomes her abuser. I wanna see the woman who tries to reassure a young child that she does her best and means it. And I wanna see a woman who sees s*** done to someone else, s*** they don't deserve, and support them, not kick them farther down. As people say 'Representation matters' and in this case it does so much more. I was discussing something similar with a friend yesterday and we concluded that s*** happen to women and they destroy us. We need to know that it can turn better instead of worse. That you can try to turn it around and help others. Blizzard has a good chance to do just that. To support someone in a way that some people can not. If they ruin this, I don't think they'll have another such chance again. And this is not just a matter of 'strong women' as many fans try and will try to paint it. This is a matter of 'surviving women' and 'growing stronger women' and I wish people could just...see that..And if Blizzard doesn't know what they have and what they can do with it to help, then someone better tell them because by everything holy in this world and the next it is needed.Kaldrassil355 2d
2d Maiev smokes too much Her voice sounds like it. How does she stay alive? Does she visit druid healers daily?Lilianne16 2d
2d Liadrin is fickle .. and a hypocrite Back in Suramar, Liadrin was bashing Tyrande and the sentinels about how they ahve no experience in this kind of battlefield (probably knowing nothing of Tyrande's experience for that matter.) Now her dialogue in the Vindicaar says.. "Now we go to fight the Legion. One battlefield is just like the other and we will emerge victorious." ... or something along those lines. Hypocrite much? So terrain and battlefield don't matter when she's doing the fighting? And don't get me started on the foolishness of her original comment (I could make a list if you ask me about its flaws).Nightwarden3 2d
2d Kil'ruk's Final Words in SoO. "Well fought Wakener. We will meet again..." I wanted to really post something like this 3 years ago, but I forgot. What did he mean when he said "We will meet again..."?. I can't help but wonder if we have seen the last of the Mantid and Nerubians. But the way he said it, just felt...weird. I keep trying to piece some of the puzzle pieces together as to why he would say that. But I can't really come up with anything. Their purpose was to preserve the cycle until the old one rises again. When he did their purpose changed to serving Y'Shaarj through Garrosh. Now that Garrosh is defeated and Y'Shaarj has been truly dealt with. What purpose would the Mantid have? And will he truly return?Klitto5 2d
2d The Wound and what's to come I Garauntee that Sylvanas along with the Forsaken troops only will be at the Wound to secure this power, but without ordering her Horde forces there so that they can see what she's up too. And other possible candidates to show up: Khadgar and the Kirin Tor, Thrall and the Earthen Ring, The Naga, maybe the Twilight's Hammer, if the Old God's forces is after it they'll send both the Twilight cult and their Naga army. Others can also be The Ebon Blade, depending the Death-God is interested in this kind of power.Ernstx19 2d
2d What is Death? (Chronicle QQ) Cessation of once self-sustaining biological processes connected to irreversible failure of essential body parts. In the Chronicle, it's also mentioned as one of the great forces of the universe. I have a problem with it as something really separate from other "sinister" aspects. For example, what the Chronicle itself points at as connected the most to it, the necromancy and the undead, can be mimicked by Void as seen in WoD with necrolytes and prolly soulpriests; not sure about the MU Ner'zhul but I guess that drawing from the demonic magic could be possible aswell? Bah – the fel itself runs on souls, for the sunlight's sake and some Legion areas have examples of corporeal undead aswell. The Shadowlands might be a unique link, and perhaps the Val'kyr are up to something just as Dreamers are in their domain, but it is all secondary as governed by the Keepers. In alchemical terms, I have also speculated that the Putress' blight transcends the "regular" usage of dark magic and contains which could be a death essence, or an agent catalysed by all three components. I think Nirnaya was a bit high there though. "Well, both Light and Life can heal, so no wonder that everything that hurts may cause, or be perceived as death" – yeah but these two domains can be easily identified, with (usually) different cultural approach and so on. Maybe is it just that it is difficult to speak about negatives (as a lack of something) without them overlapping a lot because well, 0 = 0? Have a wonderful Hallow's End, and whatever to all who oppose us. ;-)Nirka0 2d
3d Question time If the Titans can see into the future and its many time ways , at what point does it count . Go the easy road or the hard road and a lot of suffering seems to be the order of the day from whats happened so far with Azeroth.Bladesong2 3d
4d Well of Eternity and Sunwell Why did Illidan create the new well of eternity? The Sunwell was created with 1 vial and the new Well of Eternity with 3, does that make the NWoE stronger than the SW? The Old Well of Eternity is green, the New Well of Eternity is blue and the Sunwell is gold. I get that the aspects purified the one on Hyjal and now there's a tree growing out of it, but what about the Sunwell? Did something happen to make it golden, or is it just because it's made with only 1 vial of water?Lenneth7 4d
4d VARiMATHRAS of the Horde BEG FOR MERCY now and we may yet allow you to live Varimathras : You have made a grevious mistake by coming here ,mortal Now prepare to dye arrogant azerothian. Me: Very well,witness your unmercifuly end. I see now Blizzard found a way to putt him in our way but will they reconsider putt him in throne as leader of the Forsaken in exchange of Sylvanas live? Will you bee pleased with the dreadlord as commander of the forsaken if Varimathras deny Sargeras as his master and alling with his old people forever. I am sorry for my gramatical mistake i am not english.Ileador12 4d
4d Garrosh Hellscream was a straw man ... Garrosh was supposed to be the Varian of the Horde, yet it got denied. I still am bitter about it to this day of what a WASTE of potential his character was.Jonaske20 4d
5d Getting involved in the story So I have played a bit of the WC3 games and got an idea of what the story is about. I know a bit about Garrosh and that he is not the Horde's leader anymore. I know a bit about Illidian, but other than that I don't know so much. Where can I get started to get involved in the story since I know many people still play this game only because of its story? I like it a lot for the gameplay, world etc. But I am always interested in the story since people love the story SO much! Where can I continue from WC3? Are there any other ways than the books?Attom2 5d
5d [Spoilers] Alleria and the Horde I'm sure you can't change dialogue for every bit of lore, I understand that, but what about some small bits of texts? When SoO was coming the Orc NPC's spoke with disregard to every Horde Race and to Orc players they said 'You're not part of the resistance are you?' So, how come this didn't happen here? It sure would be a cool bit of lore after all the Old Horde did to her home. Or do you think she understands the Orcs are changed, but then that raises the question she still gets angry when she hears Sylvanas leads the Horde now.. Also why does she not comment on the fact that her people now have green eyes?Sammyknight22 5d
6d Who among you will help me avenge him? This was the line that Sylvanas uttered at the end of the Horde Broken Shore cinematic while stood beside Vol'jins's burning body and looking down at the combined forces of The Horde? And it seems that the answer is, NO ONE. On the Broken Shore part of the Broken Isles, EVERY npc in the main area who you can get stuff from, or take quests from, is a member of an ALLIANCE race. In 7.3, each member of The Horde, is on an ALLIANCE Ship and there are no interactable Horde races in sight. Khadgar, who leads the fight against The Legion, is a human, and although he claims to be neutral, if push ever came to shove, he'd side with The Alliance by default. Where and when did Sylvanas give authority for EVERY member of the Horde to follow Khadgar and Illidan instead of her ? Speaking of her, where is she even? as she's not been heard or seen of since her cinematic with Greymane at the start of Legion. In breaking their backsides to implement layer upon layer of rng and zillions of pets, mounts and toys that take forever and a day to (hopefully) acquire (if that rng allows), the devs have totally forgotten that The Horde even exist as a faction, and in doing so, have lost sight of the one thing that makes WoW, WoW, it's story, because from a Horde pov the Legion storyline is worse than a pathetic parody that cannot end soon enough. Roll on the next xpac, we might, I stress, 'might', then actually see some Horde races to buy stuff from and take orders from instead of Alliance ones (but don't count on it).Lswindrunner35 6d
13 Oct no peace? So, after we are done with Sargeras and the Legion, we will probably find Azeroth being attacked by naga/old god, etc...and after that, maybe a faction war. Is there any way in the future that we dont have any threat? Like an expansion where we don't have to save anything, etc...or would it be boring? share your ideas I mean's cool to be a world saving champion, hero but all the time? can't we ever lay back and maybe make Azeroth a better place, discover the other side or something?Sátáán13 13 Oct
13 Oct Arthas after death So, I was wondering lately. What happened to Arthas after his death, also is it possible that WotLK II: electric boogaloo could happen?Gaboo19 13 Oct
13 Oct Horde/Alliance relationship in legion Im curious about the Alliance and horde relationship within legion. At the start of the expansion we see the relationship break with the death of Varrien and the horde retreat but idk if im just blind but you never get to see them really work together again and form a new relationship well i didnt see it. Iv done all the expansion as alliance and even on argus i only see alliance characters and seen them mainly focus on fighting the legion after stormheim story line. Im guessing its the same for horde as they only see thrall and stuff but im curious to know either i have missed some potential story of the factions uniting or is the relationship between them is now fractured again and i should expect a new war will start eventually.Cirila8 13 Oct
13 Oct My idea I'd like to share my idea for a south seas expansion. It would start with ships gone missing...we will get a report that we have to go to our harbor and see whats going on out there in the unknown. As we travel, we see damaged, blown up ships, dead bodies in the sea...we have to investigate them and we find no resources on the ships at all. Nothing. All stolen, gone. We continue our travel and after surviving a big storm on the sea, the sky clears ahead of us. We see tons of islands. Sandy beach, dense jungles, sounds of monkeys... Our leaders don't know what place is this but we make camp on the first beach. After making our camp, we start to explore the jungle ahead of us. We can barely see anything and we have to find clues whats going on and what is this place. While we are gathering resources, hunting wild animals for food we find a tree with skeletons with a skull flag. As we travel further, we encounter pirates. First, they are enemies but after some blows, we start to exchange words...what or who killed those pirates? They soon become a neutral faction and they tell us about an ancient tribe that rules the place and kill most of their people (pirates). We could also bribe them (the pirates) with given resources (could call for resources from our capitals, Org, SW) so they don't have to attack our ships anymore + they could join us as followers for missions, combat allies, etc. No world ending threats, no big bad that can destroy the entire planet...but if we don't make a stand, there is no going home. Player housing? Building and upgrading our own ship that can travel further around the place as we progress in the story. Dungeons/raid? Not sure, maybe the tribe's capital or something Please tell me what you think, your opinion... My point is, no life/world ending threats. No more cosmos battle and time travel or anything. No fel, no void. Just a vicious, thousands of years old (aztec type?) tribe that would literally feed us to their captured tigers/gorillas if they capture us aswell. Colorful expansion. The tribe could actually worship some godlike creature that would turn out to be n'zoth and could summon him at the end of the expansion but not sure about this one, maybe it sounds stupid...maybe my whole idea sounds stupid. Anyways, i'd like to hear your opinion. Sorry for my english...Rileyraid6 13 Oct
13 Oct The future of WoW I have come under a grim realization. If and I say IF the next or some future expansion or patch will deal about the Naga, Azhara, N'Zoth and Kul Tiras and possibly else like Zandalar, Kezan properly and what not isles and rocks, the Great Sea in its fullest, let's say, (and not to mention, Sargeras will be the end boss of Legion, won't he? and will close up Burning Legion, Argus, Demons, Twisting Nether for a very good wile at least). I realize, that after all of this, WoW has nothing more to offer, or at least anything from its old pre-WoW sources. Is it the end?, or will it continue? (Most likely) But now that the question about Turalyon and Alleria has been answered, and all the above what I just mentioned are yet to be discovered and implemented in WoW, anything beyond that will then be totally new in Warcraft. What do you think of this ?Sinihirmu13 13 Oct
13 Oct The Horde Is Evil! The Horde is Evil...I am not talking about the Fel Horde, Old Horde or Iron Horde.... I am talking about the Horde itself.......Here are my points.... Orcs..... As Turaliyon once said....Orcs do not have connection with a Holy Light. That is why we never see an orc paladin or well known orc priest. They are the one who willingly exterminated the drainei and they proved that they could do it without a demon blood (in WoD)...Orcs indeed have many similarities with demons. Mannaroth once said to Grommash. When in your heart, you know, we are the same! . Just as demons, orcs seek destruction and total annihilation. Here is the quote of Orgrimm the most respected orc warchief of Horde. ... Garrosh the one who wanted to make Kalimdor only for Orcs was always saying to Thrall that he is not a True Orc. So what it means to be a true orc? Forsaken Forsaken is another name of evolved Scourge.Golbitga321 13 Oct
12 Oct The Warcraft Movie (2016) Hey y'all! I got a task from my teacher where she wants me to analyse two books or a book and a movie. And I've decided that I want to analyse The Warcraft Movie from 2016. Now I am not really a lore fanatic, but I am really interested in what the Warcraft universe has to offer (so I guess im kind of a lore fanatic..) anyway.. I just want to hear peoples thoughts about the movie in consideration to the lore, because I know a lot of people did not like the movie because it did not follow the lore. So I mainly want to hear what's the biggest differences from the lore to the movie, and also the small onces for that matter, what you think made them make that decision, why you don't like it and what you would have done! Cheers for reading this and I hope for some answers to help me with my task :)Faythe9 12 Oct
12 Oct Couldn't Kil'jaeden just kill them So In the Tomb of Sargeras raid we see that Illidan, Khadgar and Velen are fighting vs Kil'jaeden 3v1, couldn't Kil'jaeden just one shot them because he is described as one of the strongest beings in azeroth. And even more unbelievable was the beam fight with Velen and Kil'jaeden 1v1. I mean they are powerful and all but not THAT powerful.Turtledemon27 12 Oct
12 Oct ''Children of Azeroth. Protect the final Titan'' And so ends the tale of the Pantheon, their legacy left in our hands. Beings of unfathomable power we barely understood, and could only dream about, giving us one last mission. To protect the last best hope for life in the Great Dark Beyond, agaisn't the encroaching shadows that would consume us all. It is kind of sad...For all those years, we explored the legacy the Titans left on our world. Their constructs, monuments and ruins. We dreamt of meeting them, to seek their counsel, their help. Ironic that we will see them, only to witness their last sacrifice. It now falls to us to be the stewards of what they stood for : life itself. Brace yourselves, Children of Azeroth. The hungering Void comes to consume us all.Terovar10 12 Oct
12 Oct Argus Storyline and the view I must admit, Blizzard really did it this time. In one patch, they delivered so much that this patch alone was worth more than the rest of the expansion in terms of everything. Although I feel the storyline could've gone in the same direction but without characters like Illidan, since half of the players can't just forget who he really is and not who he is made out to be in Legion. Illidan wasn't far away from Gul'dan in terms of behaviour, except the original Gul'dan was a master schemer and manipulator, something Illidan lacked. However, I was against this whole "all demons are now immortal" when they announced it on WoD, when it before were only the Nathrezim. I mean they had the greatest army in the cosmos, adding that didn't improve the story, it did the opposite. Besides the fact that suddenly, they realized they made a mistake by making every demon invincible, they had to dumb them down in order for us to kill them. This was the case with Archimonde, who commanded the Legion invasions, planned and led them himself and in terms of raw power and destructive magics, I would say he would've been far more difficult to fight, since he is so much more corrupted and has always been present on every planet they've invaded and destroyed. Which means he has consumed alot of power sources over the years, he had a constant hunger for more and you can imagine how many they run into. While Kil'jaeden just sat on his throne in Antorus when he wasn't recruiting new forces to the Legion. But I loved Kil'jaeden's demise though, even if it were stupid, it was kinda cool to see his death just before we took the fight to Argus. It left the Legion without a master to command it's forces. But overall, Antorus is amazing. The seat of the Burning Legion itself, destroyers of a thousand worlds, so many races burned and exterminated in their quest to undo life itself. You can't help to feel dazzed when coming near it. And it seems that the Antoran War Council is currently running the Legion now, since Sargeras hasn't really been running it for thousands of years, it was Archimonde and Kil'jaeden. And since Sargeras isn't in a corporeal form and has his project going on, he doesn't really run the Legion beyond that. But the whole place is just so heavily fortified and the typical Fel corruption with the dry lands, just like in Krokun. And of course. Mac'Aree has a special place in my heart. So much history, especially before the Eredar became demons and traces of that ancient civilization. And of course, the all-consuming void has gained a foothold here thanks to the fallen Naaru, attracting the Shadowguard who plans to use L'uras almost limitless power to drown all of Mac'Aree in shadow, along with Antorus and Krokun. It's a pretty bold move their incursion on the Legion's homeworld. But I guess news spread fast, when both of the Demon Lords are permanently dead, the Legion is weakened. What do you guys think?Ernstx4 12 Oct