04 Jan 2016 Story Forum "Guidelines" and Suggestions We've adapted the description of this forum to include Fan Fiction, and we encourage you to share your stories here! This rest of this post is taken from Nethaera's thread on the US forums: I know more than a few people have been asking if there are guidelines to posting in these forums. The answer is yes and no both. Confusing, I know, but you'll understand once I explain. First, if you are sharing a story here, it should be fictional and set in the Warcraft universe. Can you break canon? Yes. It's your story. Just please try not to go too far afield. Your audience will appreciate some semblance of familiarity. Next, you've asked about just how far language, sexual themes, or violent themes can go, so I'll explain here. Keep in mind, the forum Code of Conduct still applies. Also, keep in mind the rating (T for Teen) as well. When you want a good example story, please take a look at Blizzard's own for World of Warcraft. That should give you a good comparison for your own tales. Use your best judgement. If you ask yourself, "Is this too far?", it just might be and you might want to consider doing another editing pass. While not everyone may agree on taste, try to keep it as tasteful as possible. If you're sharing a story, it may be a good idea to put "complete" at the bottom of your story if it takes more than one post to tell it. We know there are restrictions on the forums that may hinder you a bit, but this may give you the room to post without someone jumping in before you're done and so that the reader knows they are reading a "finished" (we all know no story is ever really finished) piece of work. Authors may also want to express at the bottom of their completed tale if they are open to constructive feedback. Some may not want feedback other than to hear if someone enjoyed it and some may be looking for others to help them hone their skills. The best way to solicit either is to make it clear what you would like. "Constructive feedback welcome." If you are a reader, please be considerate. If you didn't like a story or liked it, then sharing constructive feedback is fine. But, please make sure you do it in a way that isn't insulting to the author if the author has asked for or made it clear they are open to feedback. Most importantly, we all know that these types of efforts are very personal to the author. I'd like to ask authors not to take feedback too personally and likewise for those that give constructive feedback. Please don't make it personal. Personal attacks are definitely not OK here. This is largely 'your' forum to make of what you like in the end. While we have the power to moderate and help mold, the shape of it all is largely up to you and what you make of it as a community. *I've left this thread open on purpose so that any additional etiquette discussions or questions could be kept here. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves.Takralus8 04 Jan 2016
57m Light... Thinked about it and want to ask Now the Void Lords moving and Curroption anything What about the Light ? What are he or they doing ? Just keeping the void curropting the world ? Where are you light ? or maybe Light lords or whatever they are .Waygos0 57m
2h Holy Hunters So at some point at the Illidan novel an elder Naaru says that Illidan in the future might become a being of Light and not a being of Darkness and suffering as he is now.In that Holy state he will be totally enhanced with the power of the Light and also he might become one of the Leaders of the Army Of The Light aswell. But the Naaru stated that "MAYBE"he will become that. The original topic is this tho.If Illidan will become a pure entity of Light will his Demon Hunters follow him on that road aswell?I mean he will be shooting light infused eye beams that will be able to destroy both Legion and Void forces why wouldnt they want that too?They dont want to stay behind and be less efficient with the fel.If it ensures the safety of the cosmos I think they could walk the path of Light. But then again...if that happens...Blizzard will have to do a major overhaul of the Demon Hunter class and thus completely change the mechanics of the class.You can say that they can just reskin the Demon Hunters with light instead of fel and still have the same abilities,but will Blizzard do that?I mean how is it even going to be implemented in the game?In Legion we get to level as Fel Demon Hunters and at the time that Illidan might turn Light enhanced we get to change?Dunno. Leave your ideas below.Roslos13 2h
7h the legion lead buy compleate morons. Now why I say that. the legion must buy know understand, we are a force to be reconed whit, but still they decides to attack us on many fronts, and pretty much making us attack the brokenshore, par we lost there, but again whit the help of Khadgar and Dalaran we managed to make a foot hold on the other main island, what the legion them selfs seems to struggle whit. So why did the legion attack us all at once, horribly stopid, they should have stayed at broken isles, and taken them over instead, and then once they done what they where suppose to, like summoning sargeras in to illidan, only then they should have attacked us. one reason we even knew about their attack is them, pretty much coming to us at first, it was then we noticed them on broken isles.Waleria11 7h
18h Lore question I have a lore question... Im not sure if i am telling this right but when we kill demons in the broken isles ain't it so that they dont die? Becouse dont they just go back to the twisting nether? So why are we trying to defeat the burning legion if we don't make any progression in it?Dwarve9 18h
18h Stop glorifying the player character so much I'm sick of it! And other people i've spoken to are sick of it aswell, the player character keeps getting more and more mindless praise over time, it's stupid You make us the leaders of factions, highlord, farseer, deathlord, etc.. STOP! Just because we helped kill a few enemies doesn't make us great leaders, do you people working on the lore have no idea what the difference is between swinging a weapon and being a tactical mastermind?! I know our characters should be well-known, but keep it at champion, or later in whatever expansion, hero, at best, don't replace leaders of important factions with us, you're hurting the lore, and you're doing that enough without this mess you're putting us in, all this does is tear apart lore regarding these factions you put your "rule of cool" where its not needed, where it actually makes it worse, when working on lore the first and foremost matter is if it makes sense, something you seem to have abandoned somewhere mid-MoP, ever since then, lore has just been rolling downhill, faster and faster.Emilïa33 18h
19h Darkness is closing in around Azeroth... The Great Dark Beyond is progressively emptying itself of life. The Void Lords and the Burning Legion are competing for the corruption and destruction of the entire universe... The Legion seeks to eradicate every world that can be corrupted by the Void Lords. The Void Lords seek to corrupt those worlds to the core, enslaving them forever to their will, and helping them manifest into our reality. Our creators, the Titans, have fallen, and only small memories of their spirits remain in the Titan keepers. The resistance is failing everywhere. The status of friendly forces is extremely uncertain. The Army of the Light is on Argus, but is in big trouble, facing overwhelming odds. Any other ally is likely to be isolated or in the process of being exterminated. The Naruu are saving who they can, but their power and numbers are limited. As their power grows, the Void Lords are likely to be intercepting more and more Naruu who are trying to save poor helpless mortals...The Naruu might be hopeful, but I believe they are sad of not being able to do much more. Our greatest ''otherwordly'' ally remains so weak agaisn't the forces we face. Only Azeroth stands a chance...A single soul...A single Light in the Darkness. A Darkness that is closing in around us from all sides. The Light is being snuffed out from the universe. The End War is coming...And with it, the greatest horrors we will ever face.Terovar0 19h
20h The Ancient world and the modern world Playing the game from a night elf focus, and following the story since WC1, it appears that there are two worlds in Azeroth, the ancient world, where beings like the night elves, vrykul, earthern, and to an extent older races like the Tauren and Pandara are part of - this is Kalimdor and the Broken Isles. And the modern world concentrated in the Eastern kingdom. The ancient world was full of wonder, and grand civilizations like the Night elves, the Titan constructs and Keepers of Ulduar, etc, this was when civiliation was at itshighest, as places like Suramar and Ulduar show - but they do not play a role in the modern world, nor did those in the ancient forests of Kalimdor till recently. WoW's age is a post apocalyptic one. Certainly for the Night elves. But it isn't for the humans or the high elves as their civlization started after the sundering and built up from nothing to where it is today. BUt it is clear they are not at the standard of the night elves or the titan keepers. Though most of the night elves are in living in post apocalypse, the nightborne at least are not, retianing some of the best parts of the night elven empire in Suramar. Meanwhile the Earthern, stone vrykul and keepers still continue on in Ulduar the only un-ruined titan city remaining. Silvermoon/Quel'thalas, Lordaeron, Stormwind etc there are all modern places built in a post apocalyptic world, as the high elves and humans were not around when the golden elven era ended or the troll empire ended, for them they are probably at the height of their civilization. That is until the scourge hit - and now they have experienced an apocalypse of sorts. But it's nothing like the shattering of the world the night elves experienced. It's an interesting thought to ponder, because half the time you get the impression they present the highborne as outdated and rusty giving way to the more modern advanced magic, kind of like our modern society, but actually that's not the picture their lore paints, groups like the highborne/nightborne are in a state that is still considerably superior to what their evolved descendants are. SAme with gnomes and dwarves compared to the high tech and advanced station we see the mecha gnomes and earthern operating at. Evolved also in this case does not mean superior, actually in wow it usually means worse. At least for high elves who lost intelligence (which they made up again by tapping into the intellect enhancing arcane sunwell source), stature, longevity etc that are customary of the night elves. The curse of flesh weakened the form and constitution affecting the gnomes, the dwarves and the humans from their generally stronger more perfected stone/mechanical predecessors. however, devolved or evolved mutation changes, doesn't not mean they are worse. we find out the blood elves are capable as any night elf highborne or nightborne at least in their potential if not having the same levels of base intelligence/stature/longevity/agility etc - and we see the gnomes/dwarves humans charatersitically having a perseverance and potnetial that makes them quite remarakble even next to their better equipped and constructed counterparts. i.e. they lost statistics, but not potential. Still the ancient world is more primal, but also more advanced, everything was better, brighter, fuller, and it has decayed since, still though the fight continues. Warcraft is in a post apocalyptic world, that still has a hope for the all time best still in the future. especially if you're orcish, human, dwarven, gnomish, tauren. sadly if you're night elven, draenei, troll - you've had an incredible peak - which doens't mean you werea t the zenith point, but it was a pretty high point when you look at the pre-sundering night elves(Suramar) and you read the accounts of the Draenei and the trolls. Whereas humans/high elves/blood elves are at the best so far, with a minor set back but still more to come unknown what heights they have reached, the ancient denizens have already peaked.Evynstar17 20h
21h Love for Suramar! I've only spent a couple of days in Suramar, but wow, am I loving it so far! The complex story. Building my own portals. Collecting followers. Guerilla operations inside the city. I can understand that people without feign death might find the guards more annoying than fun - but the slightly paranoid atmosphere is awesome! I've been playing on and off since the original beta, but I haven't been this hooked to the game in a long time. Way to go Blizz - and thank you!Ajira1 21h
1d Class attacks on the Legion So, which class do you think made the biggest dent in the Legion's plans in their Artifact/Class campaigns? Rate out of 10. While quite biased (and I've only fully played through Mage/Warlock campaigns), I was pretty impressed with the Warlock's contribution. We stole a Legion portal world and it's forces, stopped Gul'Dan from opening hundreds of portals for Legion forces to pour through when we stole the Sceptre of Sargeras, grabbed a powerful summoning artifact from the new leader of the Nathrezim and enslaved the Eredar Twins, high ranking Legion officers. I'd give us a 9/10 overall. We spent a lot of time just trying to rebuild the Council, but our gains against the Legion were pretty good when we focused on that.Onestep24 1d
1d War of the Ancients ebooks Apologies if this is not the right section, I want to start reading the WoW books on my ereader and have been told War of the Ancients is a good place to start. Is there any books prior to War of the Ancients that's worth picking up first? Has anyone seen these in ebook format? The Kobo store has some WoW books but not War of the Ancients, is there any other stores that do EPUB format for these?Hawk1 1d
1d Where does the Dark Portal lead to in 'present day'? In-game it's still the red portal that leads to alternate Dreanor. Lorewise, what's actually there in present day? The portal on the other side in alt-Dreanor was destroyed, so would it just go back to our Outland?Vólks8 1d
2d Elisandes bland character development I just did the newly opened raid finder wing and was especially bothered with how little effort went into her story to make it somewhat believable. Her monologue before the fight: She tells the champions present that using her scrying she came to the conclusion that aligning with the legion is the only viable choice to save her people and provide them further nourishment from the nightwell. After she is defeated by a group of random champions: An echo of her appears and she does a full 180 and now rescinds her alliance with the legion and is willing to help in the final fight with gul'dan because she didn't foresee the possibility of her being defeated. Yeah - sure. You slaughtered your own people who rebelled as a result of your alignment with the legion, those who didn't get killed were exiled and withered away to a mindless husk and sitting on this immense power of the nightwell you were unable to see the defeat of the legion as a possibility. And after you've been shown that you too are only mortal you suddenly switch sides in attempt to redeem yourself of everything you've done - but without an ounce of actual regret? That 180 of elisande is as believable as blizzards claim to improve communication tenfold after that joke of 7.0-7.1.5.Liarawyn17 2d
3d Poor Kael I'm still salty about the complete waste of this character's potential. Imagine if Kael'thas had not joined the Legion. Imagine if he had returend as the rightful leader of the Sin'dorei. Imagine watching Kael interact with Sylvanas, Thrall, Garrosh, and post-MoP Jaina. Don't get me wrong, i like Lor'themar, but i think Kael'thas would have been a far better leader than Lor'themar. Alas, Kael dies alone, cursed, and despised by his own people. All because of Blizzard's fetish with turning good guys into bad guys.Turwen86 3d
3d (Spoiler) Whoever asked about Naisha. She's back! 3d
3d Why are there so few important female lore characters? It's something that actually bothers me quite a bit. Since Warcraft is a fantasy world and women mostly enjoy the same right's as males do, why are women still so underrepresented? While you see your occasional female grunt or foot soldier the vast majority of NPCs you encounter is male. Both allied and enemy ones. Just have a look at some of the new factions such as Jinyu, Hozen and those Tauren like things, from appearance every single last one of them seems to be male and females aren't even mentioned at any point. Something that I personally think is far more discriminating and agitating is the fact that out of 10 faction leaders only 3 are female, Sylvanas, Moira (who's only 1/3 of the faction leader) and Lor'themar Theron. No I don't count Jaina here as see isn't an actual faction leader. We find an even worse disparity when looking at the antagonists. Not a single one of the major villains so far has been female and the only one who could possibly be is Azshara but I'm sure Blizzard could manage to even turn her into arm candy for some male villain. Because for the most part that's the story of most of the female minor villains we've encountered so far. They were always underlings to some bigger, more competent and threatening male villain, only goaded into being evil or had been corrupted. Not a single one acted out of her own beliefs, for her own sake or her own gain. To me it seems as if Blizzard is outright stating that women are worse at scheming, plotting and in general being effectively evil. I find this to be highly offensive.Erìs75 3d
3d No draenei or worgen in 7th legion special forces During a scenario in Legion, you meet an alliance special force of few hardened heroes. As titel says, 2 ally races not included. Any ideas why? ThxPaalim35 3d
3d Naga as a possible future race inclusion Now alot/some/a few people might outright hate me for this but I have had this on my mind for the past 2 years on and off, I have been thinking of a possible way to include the Naga as a possible future race option in the game. I have always been for their inclusion in the game and I have always wanted to play as one, this is just my personal thoughts that I have to get out there and you are more than free to throw your hate/anger/or whatever reason you have to go at me right off the bat if that is what you wish, I am expecting the worst in anycase. So here I go then with my hypothetical lore reason for why they may perhaps join either the Horde or Alliance or be neutral. Though the Naga are fiercely loyal to Azshara I could perhaps see the reason behind a ¨Leader¨ within the Naga civilization seeing their constant losses to the Alliance and Horde as a prelude to their races destruction, and he/she might take action to make sure that their race will survive in the end. They might even go as far as to oppose Azshara after let us say that their group was sent on a suicide mission against either faction, not switching right away but during the course of the starting area it would feel more and more like you and yours are nothing but fodder, expendable and worthless. This would perhaps prompt the ¨Leader¨ of your group to seek out either faction and your continued survival, as the Highborne where (Altough it took alot of convincing) welcomed back into Night Elf society, the Night Elves might welcome them back but not as openly but for the same reasons, a possible redemption, this again would perhaps be the catalyst for their inclusion into the Alliance, Anduin being a more diplomatic and patient leader than his father (Though Varian has show change as of late, I mean no hate towards him) might see the benefit of having another ally that knows the oceans and the enemies tactics. With the Horde it would perhaps go in a bit easier, as the Horde is a band of many races that stand together to ensure their peoples survival, I know someone will mention the Dark Spear Trolls hate for the Naga, but I do believe that Vol'jin might perhaps look past his own personal hatred for the Horde's benefit (If he is the Warchief again by that point), the same as with the Alliance. Now that was my own personal lore view on how they could be included, feel free to leave some feedback. There is also the point on mounts, armor/weapons etc, but I believe there are easier work around there than in the lore department, though do feel free to discuss this aswell, anyway I am sorry for the wall of text but if you reached this far then thank you so much for reading it through and have a good week still :3Kaihleena23 3d
4d After WoD... New race? I really wish new expansion after WoD will have new race. Like Val'kyr or other. Maybe for both sides like pandas... What you guys think?Shadowladyy11 4d
4d Old content updates and story progression. Good moaning o/ After having a discussion about it with a friend I thought I'd bring the subject up with the rest of the community: Should Blizz, in a future expansion, update the 1-60 zones again and update the old TBC/Lich King/Cata content? I mean, after everything that's happening in Legion there's going to be major changes in Azeroth, and I'm thinking future expansions should reflect those changes, and for that to happen I personally think the story needs to progress in previous content zones. Anyone wanna share their thoughts?Thisylis15 4d
4d (SPOILER) New Xal'atath whispers in 7.2 She's a bit more cheeky and chatty in 7.2 though this one caught my attention, not because it's mysterious or enigmatic as they usually are but mainly because I'm curious who it's talking about 'It was here, in ages past, that the God of the Deep lost a great battle to the God of Seven Heads, but as was so often the case, even defeat ultimately worked in N'Zoth's favor.' Is the God of Seven Heads Y'shaarj?Fartlas10 4d
5d Blizz, please don't leave Tyrande there! She's got a lot more potential than we've seen, and so far I must say she disappoints me. We've seen her as a wife in Val'sharah, then a warrior/hunter priestess in the Ysera scene, but neither have been flattering. Then we see her in 7.1 as a sentinel.. but never as a High Priestess. She is disdainful of the biggest elven hero, a nightborne Thalyssra which I don't like, Thalyssra has behaved exactly how I would expect Tyrande to, in fighting the demons, but it's worse... we see her dis-associate herself from her own people, disowning them because they went under a shield... rather than bringing back the light of Elune to her lost flock ...which are her people. It's rather underwhelming. I had hoped to see compassion and benevolence befitting a bringer of great light to a people in great darkness, whiles unleashing spell and arrow on their oppressors in vengeance for what the legion and Elisande are doing to her lost flock. Instead Tyrande goes around sending you to post notices about the ALLIANCE?! Shouldn't she be preaching the salvation of Elune? It's bad taste that amidst all that suffering Tyrande doesn't seem to be showing the wisdom of an ancient and voice of Elune, and is more concerned with advertising the alliance than her own goddess to her own people - some of those nightborne would be her friends and/or family from 10k years ago when she lived there. Their plight is terrible, and they've really been fighting to overcome the nightwell curse which a night elf druid helps them with and fight the legion. I can understand she would be upset with them at first, but when are we going to see her as high priestess - and not everything but. ? I'd love a scene where Elune helps Tyrande with her pain over the sundering, and shows her the hope in her former kin, that need help, and we see her really come round to help her people.Evynstar84 5d
5d Jaina.. I've been thinking lately, what if Blizzard is setting up Jaina's anger and the Lich King story because they're thinking of making her The Lich Queen? Intend on taking revenge on The Horde? O.oSammyknight127 5d
5d Make Silithus a "modern" questing zone Silithus is among perhaps just one zone completely unaffected by the cataclysm, and in the post-cataclysm era, Silithus is just a lost cause. I realise by now many people have complained about the lack of quests and meaning in Silithus, and I would like to propose some fixes to that. Firstly, we should take a look at the missed opportunities in the zone. Right now, I am counting five regions that are clearly marked on the map where no quests exist. These are: Southwind Village Staghelm Point - debatable since there are two quests revolved around this area, but I think this area can have more quests. Hive'Ashi Hive'Zora Bones of Grakkarond I think at least another fifteen quests can be added to this zone, allowing more two, maybe even three more levels that can be achieved. This will resolve the problem between the two final zones in Azeroth before you reach The Burning Crusade content, in that zone population can be better organised and divided between the two legacy zones. This way, at least you will have a greater presence of people in Silithus, and not so many people in Blasted Lands which always feels overpopulated regardless of the time you play in that zone. However, that is another discussion. The story behind Commander Mar'alith's wife could be easily expanded. Instead of him assuming that the dwarves in the south have something to do with her being killed, the quests could start by exploring each of the missed opportunities listed above. Perhaps the last time they met was in Southwind Village; you explore it, and along the way gain additional quests. The whole zone could revolve around this missing wife, until you eventually find out her whereabouts and location when you stumble upon dwarves on your journey. This could add not only more quests to this supposedly dead zone, but it will add more context as to what happened in the untouched regions, which have creatures in them but not being used in any way. Finally, there is very little context surrounding Grakkarond. He was a bronze dragon fighting, I guess with the Cenarion Circle (whether they were called that at the time, I'm not sure), against the Silithid during the war of the Shifting Sands. But considering Bronze dragons were involved, surely it would make a bit more sense to bring a bronze dragon to Cenarion Hold to give us more context. This could add more quests, fulfilling the notion that Silithus is a 55-60 region, and not technically a 55-57 region. I am wondering if this proposal can be done, but I realise population control in legacy zones are probably not considered high priority for Blizzard.Karestra5 5d
5d When I'm Varian I'm so sorry 5d
5d Isn't Vereesa going to get punished? She !@#$ed over Sylvanas, Sylvanas out of all people, she gave her a glimmer of hope, Sylvanas felt, happy, for once to be with her sister. And she threw it all away. And now she hates the Horde because they killed her Rhonin. I never hated any of the Windrunners until War Crimes. So Valeera's logic: Lets give Sylvanas hope of being sisters, lets assassinate Garrosh together (she basically made Sylvanas do the dirty work) and then she turned her back on her, which sent Sylvanas on a rampage killing everything and everyone that was unlucky enough to cross her path that night. I don't think she can just get away with that. She betrayed, the Alliance by nearly killing Garrosh, and now she thinks she can just hate the Horde even though she's no saint? Jaina, I can understand she lost EVERYTHING. Valeera spent all her time in Dalaran, has her kids... Sylvanas was there for Vereesa, calming her in her sorrow, I'm so enraged by this! I hope we get Alleria soon I'm really curious how she is going to react to everything that has happened with her sisters, especially Sylvanas... What do you all think of this? Are you excited to see Alleria, and her reaction to Sylvanas? Do you want Vereesa to get confronted with what she did?Sammyknight27 5d
5d Dragons Demise So I'm a huge fan of Dragons in general, doesn't have to be WoW, I think in any fantasy universe they are hugely impressive and interesting. For this reason I my arguments on the state of Dragons in WoW might be a bit one sided but I'd like to hear some opinions on how WoW is treating its Dragons. A little background - The Dragon Aspects So the Aspects came about when the titans were just about done doing all the Titan stuff they did to Azeroth. Dragons or Proto-Dragons were one of the first intelligent creatures on the planet and the whole idea was the 5 choosen would watch over the world and protect it from harm. A little background - The Age of Mortals So the Dragons cropped up here and there over the years, one went mad and caused a war but then Cataclysm threw them into the spotlight when they would be called to defend the world against Deathwing was working for the Old Gods who really are enemy #1 on Azeroth, but in the end Deathwing died, and the Old Gods only really lost an agent, they are still there and still a threat. Just get to the point Ok, ok, to destroy Deathwing the Dragon Aspects put all their power into the Dragon Soul, once they'd sorted him out Alexstrasza proclaimed that their ancient duty had been fulfilled and now the mortals need to look after their own world. This is where I first take issue, I know the seeds for Deathwings corruption were sewn a long long time ago but I doubt the Dragon Aspects were empowered just so the Old Gods could cause havoc with one and the rest eventually stamp out the dissident. Another day another dead Dragon. These Dragons have been kicking around for a long long time, imagine the amount of time it took to reinstall every expansion pack and update before they added the streaming launcher, well Dragons been around a lot lot longer than that. They having a pretty bad time considering in handful of years have 3/5 of the original aspects for have been around for ages have suddenly been killed off. Current state of Dragons So what do we have now? Nozdormu - Ok I can see why he's out the picture at the moment, unless the Legion plan on moving everyone's clocks back so we're all late for work his talents are not really required. Kalecgos - Probably not even level with Khadgar, just another mage of the Kirin Tor. Alexstrasza - Supposed to be protecting life on Azeroth, but I guess the Legion are not too much of a threat to that. Ysera - guardian of the Dream was actually doing her job but presumably (her strength is in the dream itself) was in the very wrong place at the wrong time. As for the rest of the Dragons you don't see head nor tail of them, the blues made an appearance in Aszuna while being terrorized by a bunch of mana starved Elves, its lucky we came along to bail them out but are dragons really this weak now? This got boring a long time ago, whats your point? At the end of Cataclysm it kind of felt like they were shelving the Dragons for a while, but as time goes on it looks more and more like the steps in Cataclysm, and what we're seeing now is pretty much killing them all off. Dragons Aspects were given their powers as part of the grand plan by the Titans for protecting Azeroth. The planet has two main threats which are the Legion and the Void Lord but neither of them are dealt with despite the dragons calling it a day and going home, which incidentally is still Azeroth. I just think with our destiny set to be a pretty brutal battle with the Old Gods the Dragons should have tied into that, they are one of the oldest and most knowledgeable creatures on the planet. I know even at the peak of their power they were no match for the Old Gods, but then again neither are we, they could have been a good help. Over the years theres been a lot of build up on Dragons in this game (lore-wise I mean) What they were exactly supposed to do is a little unclear in my opinion but it still feels like they never really accomplished it. TL:DR I like Dragon WoW Dragon were cool Internal power struggle made Dragon wars WoW Dragon had battle with evil super Dragon WoW Dragon population declined. It feels like they are killing off Dragons in WoW lore, why?Hawk19 5d
5d Letter to Anduin Wrynn To Anduin Llane Wrynn. There are neither words that I may speak or write that will properly convey the grief we all feel, nor relieve you of the sense of loss left in the wake of King Varian’s death. We have lost a King, a leader, a fellow armsmen, the sword at our side, the shield at our back. But you have lost a father, you have lost a friend. Varian, Lo’gosh, the Ghost Wolf who incarnated the spirit of the demi-god Goldrinn. Never has the Alliance seen determination and ferocity within their leader as has our generation when gifted with King Varian. Never have our enemies so given a face and name to the collective force that is the Alliance. You are not like your father. You will never be like your father. And never will you need to be like your father, for you are yourself, and in your own way, you will achieve what your father never could. Your father was crafted for war, to put an end to past threats. His only consideration for the future came in the form of his son. You. And you will look to the future. You will build that future which Varian could only envision. The days ahead are grim, sad and faded. Our sadness will not hold the Legion’s blades nor will they hold any respect for our grief. The unsavory characters that hold the reins of the demons will likely rejoice at our pain, yet that is the exact reason why they must be fought and defeated. We can sit and speak with a hated enemy, we can even relate and understand his actions thought not agree with him or her. We can believe that our enemy holds friendship and love, if not for us, then their family, their clan. But the Burning Legion has no clan, has no friendship or allegiance. It has no family and no bonds other than servitude and submission to their leader. They must be fought and they must be defeated, for the sake of all. For that, preparations must be made, friendship strengthened, alliances forged and hard decisions that will never satisfy everyone must be decided. Such is the heavy burden of the ruler, and twice as heavy for the honest ruler. There is nothing in the hearts of the Legion but greed and hate. And so, I beseech you, do not hate the Horde. Fight them, if you must. Demand justice, if you need the solace. Be defiant towards their arrogance and threats if you so desire. Spill their blood, if battle is met. But with all my strength I beg you, do not hate them. Hate blinds us, it warps the perception of the good man, it brings us closer to become that which we fight. There is no meaning in fighting with hatred in us, the demons need no more allies. Be certain, young Anduin, that you are not alone. Through your deeds, your gentle wisdom and your will to make this world a better place for all, you have earned many friends, though you may not be aware of their names or faces, though they may not even belong to the Alliance. Forever shall we heed your council and hold you in our hearts. Forever shall we defend you from peril when aware of it. Forever shall we serve as your eyes, and hands throughout the kingdoms of the Alliance and beyond, striving to make a little easier, the path to that dream forever imprinted in your eyelids and that you see every time you close your eyes. Trust in us, as we trust in you. Call us and we will be there. And when we kneel before you, the gesture will not be one of fear, of obeisance or sycophancy, we will kneel before you out of respect, the same way that you would to the smallest child or the humblest man of this realm. Have faith, our king, our brother. In the Light, we are one. An unnamed paladin of the Alliance.Skaer27 5d
6d Highborne the past, Nightborne the present? The more i look at it the more it seems to me that blizzard have made the nightborne the present day version of the highborne for the night elf group 1. the story they paint is clearly a highborne one. Arcane based night elves, who've continued in the original night elf tradition and taken it to new heights, their bodies becoming even more night based. You see the strength of the kaldorei star culture in the arcane here 2. The highborne wrt night elves are shown in ruin, relic of the past, everything crumbling, ghosts long dead, in contrast, the nightborne are living, vibrant, full of energy and desire. 3. The nightborne are that night elven highborne culture that has continued on, it's basically the highborne in the present, who didn't fall to ruin - note that though their appearance has changed as their bodies have evolved, this is not like the high elf/blood elves who set up a new kingdom, these guys have continued in the night elf arcane empire, and consider themselves the elves truest to their peoples original calling. It is a continuation, not a re-invention. The same people , not several new generations on. High/Blood elf are a sun based culture now, light focused and though elven and highborne in root, are now very distinctive and not part of the night world of elves (or night elven world) though there will always be the occassional interaction, whether friendly or hostile, depending on who's dealing with who. 4. The players have been suggesting blizzard give highborne night elf a different model as an option for a sub-race, and nightborne shows up. 5. The shen'dralar are completely silent, absent from the very arcane phenomena they should have been shouting the loudest, which further indicates that the nightborne are their replacement. What i mean by that is that blizzard will instead develop the nightborne as a full fledged group rather than the shen'dralar highborne who would probably remain a small sect either absorbed into the nightborne group or the kaldorei group 6. It appears that all the arcane night elf groups, highborne, moonguard are been tied into and to the nightborne from the broken isle quests. It appears also that blizzard intend to set up a second night elven group , nightborne led from the Suramar, governing all night elven affairs on the broken isles. This is not too dissimalar to other races who have several easily and strongly identifiable groups. The dwarves for example having the dark irons, bronzebeards and wildhammers. It seems that 3 distinct mostly night elven groups now come into play. 1. Kaldorei - priest led group, alliance allied Darnassus/northwesetern kalimdor 2. Cenarions - druid night elf/half night elf based group, Northern/central kalimdor, not night elven exclusive, welcoming tauren, troll, worgen, furbolg 3. Shal'dorei - arcane based group, neutral, Suramar (broken isles) based - includes val'sharah druids/priests, nightborne ofc, azsuna ghosts, moon guard etc Groups like the wardens, priests and druids, possibly shen'dralar too, would likely be factions spread through all these groups, connected to a degree, or apart from like the Illidari demon hunters that also include blood elves. But it appears to me, that night elven matters will now appear to involve these 3 main groups and disciplines, Kaldorei, Cenarians and Shal'dorei. And each will appear as night elven representatives when it comes to priestly, druidic and arcane matters. e.g. whenever we see the earthern ring, dwarven representatives are always wildhammer, whiles some bronzebeards can be shaman - the experts are the wildhammers, likewise when we see night elven arcane involvement in the future, it would be nightborne showing up (in a non-faction capacity), whereas night elves can be mages too, and highborne are there, it would most often be nightborne I suspect, just like druid appearance are often night elven though not always. This is also in complete contrast to blood elven appearances, where their magisters will continue to appear when we see high elves, dalaran or horde representatives of arcane magic - i.e. just like the goblins are used whenever the horde have engineering projects, so too the blood elves are used for the arcane needs, and while this isn't exclusive as you sometimes get forsaken for arcane stuff or goblins instead of forsaken for alchemy stuff - you have the go to guys of a group. when it is non-faction related you often get human/high elf representing the eastern kingdom lot, sometimes blood elf/forsaken if given a horde leaning, likewise now you will most likely see night elven involvement in arcane affairs go via the nightborne instead of the highborne who will continue to play a sub-role with the very occasional appearances. The nightborne seem to be the night elven arcane major introduction/revamp, dominating the high elf scene.Otheliya3 6d
6d The Eye of Eternity So when fighting Malygos he says that the energies of the Eye of Eternity can destroy Azeroth 10 times over if they were released.The Eye of Eternity is where all the magic of Azeroth is concentrated and can be manipulated with someones will.Why arent we using the Eye's powers to get rid of the Legion? You can say that only Malygos could control its powers,but didnt we defeat him?(With or without Alextrazsas help)That pretty much means that we are as strong or even stronger than him.Why cant the Archmage(our player)and the Council of the Kirin Tor unite and start to tap on its power in order to cause some real pain to the Legion?Roslos1 6d
6d Your toon's motivation Why is your toon on the Broken Isles doing what they are doing? What are their personal motivations? I saw this on the US Forums, and it looked fun Morthuus is a psychopath in the truest sense of the word. He does realise, however, that it is more beneficial to his own endeavors not to agitate the Horde leadership too much, so his relationship with the Warchief is....tenuous at best. Currently, the understanding is that Morthuus can sate his lust for destruction on demons and any enemy of the Horde, and take home a hefty bounty of powerful artifacts for...errr research, and for the Horde! He feels little for the squabbles of the of the Broken Isles, but bears a burning hatred for the Legion, and in particular Gul'dan, whom he views as weak minded and a tool of his masters. Demons, to Morthuus, can never have power over a warlock, and is always inferior. He will relish the demise of Gul'dan at his own hands, and will make sure it is humiliating and slow - a befitting punishment.Morthuus13 6d
19 Feb Kil Jaeden cared deeply for Velen and the draenei It's just an hypothesis but it's the feeling I've got while reading the artifact's lore from Blood Dk and demonology warlocks. What you learned in the blood dk artifact is that there's someone(Netrius) who was admiring Kil'Jaeden so much that he accepted to be corrupted. This admiration was transformed into an obscession. Archimonde was described as someone already ambicious (kills his senpai to be one of the Eredar's leaders but still uses his magic(thus making him exposed slowly corrupted)). When Sargeras offers them power, he gladly accepts it and doesn't care about the draeinei, only his lust of power have been increased. I think what happened to Kil'Jaeden is the same to Netrius. He felt betrayed (while archimonde didn't give a sh..) and went full tryhard to destroy the draenei, captured velen's son and send him after his own father 13k years after to kill him.Khâmul15 19 Feb
19 Feb Why are Frost DKs so fast? Is there any reasoning (lore-wise) behind the incredible speed in which Frost Death Knights fight?Carnival13 19 Feb
19 Feb Still Curious about Theramore isle??? well, i know it is old story, but Theramore was destroyed during MOP expansion, right? and why we keep see the old Theramore on the world map? i do read wowiki about this issue and i catch paragraph said "Despite Theramore's destruction, an agent of the Caverns of Time can be seen outside of the current ruins of Theramore who will offer to reverse time and allow the player to view Theramore before it was destroyed." but i still not clear about it. can someone explain me more? Thank you guy :DMègazia11 19 Feb
19 Feb Do Shadow Priests use Old-God magic/energy? As far as I know, shadow is something that humans began to study from orcs they defeated in the 1st war and later. This could kind of suggest that shadow magic is based on the void lords' way of power (since void lords and sargeras are connected and associated with each other in that they frequently send each other death threat messages over FB messenger)? But then again the shadow priest spec also use the occasional tentacle spell or the shadow fiend minion which leans towards Old-Godesque magic. Or maybe the void lords and Old-Gods draw power from the same entity/pool/field/energy fundamentally? Pfft I don't even know, halp me pls ThanksTzaeroth27 19 Feb
18 Feb Would Illidan give his seat to elderly person in a Bus? ^ Also think about it Ilidan was too tired geting the bus from work to home, he worked even weekends, he sacrifices everything you know..Luratharion15 18 Feb
18 Feb You know what we need? A mecha class! I mean seriously goblins and gnomes run around in various mechs but we yet to have a class that actually is about being a mech pilot and laying destruction over their enemies with rockets, flamethrowers, cool AF mech blades, and don't forget the combining. ESPECIALLY THE COMBINING!!!! They could even have modes similar to the druid fly and travel forms in which you don't need those puny mounts!Emeraldra19 18 Feb
18 Feb Curious about blood dk lore hello as a practistioner of the dark arts im intersested in learning blood magic. what exactly allows blood dks to use blood magic? is it mentioned in the lore or just invented by blizz because its cool?Johnsonz3 18 Feb
18 Feb (Spoilers) Death Knight 7.2 Campaign. Huge spoilers for the ending to the death knight campaign coming up in the next patch, do not read if you don't wish to have anything ruined for you. After the player character finds the dragon they're searching for, a short cinematic plays that is reminiscant of the WOTLK trailer where Arthas ressurects Sindragosa. Some screenshots of the cinematic are below. 18 Feb
17 Feb How will Sargeras defeat the Old gods/Titans? Sargeras is no doubt one of the most powerful beings to ever exist and his goal is to remake the universe. Should he hypothetically succeed in conquering Azeroth and killing us, how would he be able to fight against the old gods. It took all the Titans to imprison the old gods.The old gods could easily destroy him as could the Titans if they worked together.Granthen42 17 Feb
16 Feb Azeroth 40 years later Curious, where do you see the races of Azertoh 40 years of peace later post end of the legion threat. What would Azeroth and the various races look like, or you hope would look like?Valeiya11 16 Feb
16 Feb Warcraft lore Hi. I want to read the warcraft lore. As much as I can of it. But after googling it for a while I always find many different answer on what chronological order to read it in. I found this page: Is this a nice order to read it in? Or any other sites that is better? Or is this post better: Regards RoarKòwa4 16 Feb
16 Feb Shal'dorei and Naga Good afternoon all I was wondering, due to Azshara still being at large, do you think we might still see more lore surrounding the Shal'dorei in the future? Particularly, future lore for Thalyssra and her Elves and the forces of Azshara, from Naz'jatar? I know a meeting between the Naga and the Shen'dralar is long overdue, but the Nightborne still speak of their ancient Queen. The Shen'dralar dont. How do you picture the Naga/Nightborne and/or Thalyssra/Azshara lore moment? This is just speculation. :) I have a few ideas, but I would like to hear what others think. This is specific to the Shal'dorei and the Naga, so no nelves, helves or belves.Mínairia2 16 Feb
16 Feb Blood elves are truly incredible I've just been going through some of the older wow content, and blood elves, truly are remarkable. I know in legion the night elves are getting the nightborne, but even with that boost are they going to be able to be a match for the blood elves? I'm not sure if blizzard realize this but, Belves are seriously badass. In Netherstorm, they've basically taken over Draenei and Naaru tech, and mastered it, converted it and are using it. This is incredible, it shows a ridiculously high level of both ingeniuity and drive - they were relentless. I know the Kael'thas ones controlled the mana forges, but you have to remember that the brightest scholars, researches and talented amongst them left Kael'thas in Outland to become Scryers and it is their turn of heart that causes the rest of the blood elves who were heading straight into Kael'thas' arms to turn around and come to their senses. Those guys were part of the team that cracked the mana-forge tech - I don't know if Illidan helped them, i mean he also is incredibly smart, and he probably did, afterall he's like 10k years old, and studied sorcery back in their magical age of legends when the night elves were arcane masters. But the level of knowledge they rise too, matching and surpassing the draenei at thier own tech. We see the night elves on their own are simply no challenge for them. Remember Azshara? 1 blood elf is all it took to beat their entire campaign, not to mention Desolace where 2 lead the hero to single-handedly rout an entire base. They are so intelligent and smart. I'm looking with interest at the nightborne and thinking even with them added to the night elves can they compete? The highborne from Dire Maul were very few, 10? 20? and they don't seem to do that well in cata, but still too few, Nightborne though have a fully operational city that's not in ruins, a nightwell to match the blood elven sunwell. They have advanced magical knowledge they have continued honing, so they would know tons of stuff the blood elves don't know... but are they driven like them? Maybe Thalyssra's group is, and possibly the night elves might be after this latest legion attack because they've had to galvanise, but they're really low on encouragement. Blood elves a brimming with it though, driven, and confident, they've been gaining success after success, building back their shattered lives quickly, didn't see niether the night elves do that for 10k years they just wanted to forget their previous civilization and now they've come to their senses, they don't seem to be up to the task, and the highborne they rescued don't seem to be brimming with energy and drive, they're just as reclusive - Estulan for example is painted as very reclusive and just sad at all the missed opportunities and squandered resources of his people. He is trying to restore Eldre'thalas - don't know how that's gone for him. Maybe the nightborne might have some more energy.. but it's not looking good, rather than fight the evil of the demons like they did 10,000 years ago, these Suramar night elves have instead chosen to bow neck to the Legion instead of fight the evil. We're going to kill all of them for it. However, this Thalyssra and Lunastre of the Nightborne/fallen resistance seem to be a totally different kettle of fish, they seem highly motivated and driven - reminds me a bit of Illidan and Tyrande - one of them Thalyssra is nearing the corrupted withered state, but she's doing everything despite her weakened state to save her people, and Lunastre in the city is stirring up the masses to remember that they're not weak nor fearful, remember they fought the legion badly - so it could go somewhere through this lot. Blood Elves the Best, but could the Emergence of the Nightborne Bounce The Magical Advantage Back to the Night Elves? but magical wise, can they match them? At first, it seems the nightborne would finally have the arcane edge, because surely their knowledge is superior right.. they have all the pre-sundering knowledge in a fully functioning city, with much larger numbers than the Shen'drelar had, far more knowledge than the Zin'Azshari Highborne that became the High elves would have had with them after their 3k years of no magic and no books or tomes from the fallen empire that the sundering and demons shattered. Those elves had to rebuild anew from scratch which is why they became high elves - no longer being night elves. So the nightborne not only have all that previous knoweledge, but had 10k years of solid time to advance hone witht he level of excellence from the Azshara days, without the recklessness ofc, Still, very advanced. So they would be several leagues ahead of the Blood elves and Kirin'Tor ... but......... The draenei knowledge and tech, this is stuff the Nightborne don't have, nor any other night elven group, Blood elves have shown they are great at learning new stuff and can pick it up quickly, like really advanced stuff . If the nightborne bring the night elves an advantage, it won't last for long , and the nightborne don't have Naaru and Draenei tech and all the new stuff the blood elves would have learnt. Finally, the High Elves may have been behind the arcane night elves, but not by much. The gap isn't huge, Suramar looks amazing, but Quel'danas in Chronicles Vol 1 looks even more so, even though we meet in a ruin, and if it wasn't for Warcraft lore saying that the night elves built a civilization and empire that none even of the current age has reached yet again, then i would have said the High elves had surpassed their former kin's zenith point. But alas they haven't. Neck and Neck Could Be Great for Story - But BElves have the Momentum Still, that was said in WC3 and chronicles, it doesn't account for all the new stuff the Blood elves have learnt, and whiles there hasn't been time to build much with all the world disasters showing up, I can't help but think that if they did have time, they'd be able to build surpass the pre-sundering night elves. However, with the nightborne back in the mix and looking like partnering with their night elven kin - they're already at that level, and if they were to build now, with the Ancients around (that's how the night elves built suramar it was druid and mage - the druids were the Ancients whiles the mages the night elves - at least according to WotA), you can see now they're out of isoaltion, and the night elves still retain the druidic aspects including the ancients (that's how they built Darnassus so quickly btw, but without the arcane element at the time, or highborne it is missing the extra mile we see in Suramar) - but together again they'd probably be able to build stuff beyond the ancient night elven empire. Would be interesting. My overall estimate... is that nightborne+night elves together will be able to match the blood elves. I think at first the night elf group will have the upper hand, but the blood elves would catch up fast and then it would be 50/50 - because i don't think the night elves will settle for the blood elves racing ahead, and the nigthborne and highborne are just as intelligent if not more arcane savvy. This is my guess. They'd probably keep each other in check. Which oddly, I like. I like that it would take an Elf to stop an Elf and because the two groups are so evenly matched, well they'll stop the other from dominating everyone else, and this is how you can have the elves be so amazing yet, the orcs and humans gaining the larger territories. It keeps the elves a little smaller so whiles amazing they're not eclipsing everyone else...and this way you can do some crazy stuff with them without them using that to just win every war hands down, because the opposite side's elven group would counter it.Otheliya286 16 Feb
16 Feb Undead Priest... There is One thing i cant understand it in the classes , Undead Priest ! We know that there is no "Undead Paladin" Becuase the undead Are " Dark Race " who cant have the light inside him or they will destoryed "Something like this" Then what about undead Priest ? i dont talk about the Shadow spec , I am talking about Holy and Disciple Spec . Those two specs are in Light Side . How could that happened ? Light and Undead in One body ! Also want to know , What happened to those who was Paladins in there lives before the death ? there is no Undead Paladin *Only Those who became Deathknights i think * But that just give me another Question... If the Paladins became after death a Deathknight then .... Why there is some races can be death knights and they cant be Paladin ?!Waygos11 16 Feb
15 Feb Windrunner Sisters Hi everybody... I always wanted to create this topic. So Sylvanas She is an orc and troll hunter. She likes humans as well as her sisters. She was a high-general ranger of Quel-Thalas when she was alive, now she is a Horde queen. Vereesa. She is a dragonrider hunter. According to Knaak, she has a superhuman power. Also she fight well against warlocks. Alleria. She is an orc killer and demon hunter. Emotionally unstable. Who will win in a fair fight? Alleria? Sylvanas? Vereesa?Alleriya4 15 Feb
15 Feb Destroy The Dark Portal I Just want to ask... Isn't Destorying The Dark Portal A Good idea ? In TBC and WoD Destroy it better than send an army to fight I Know in WoD we destoryed the dark portal but that in the Draenor side ! Come on why we just didnt destroy the one in Azeroth and save many lives ?Waygos8 15 Feb
15 Feb Trilliax Hello, First of all, i apologize if this post is in the wrong category, i really didn't know where to put it :) Second, i would like to take a minute to personally congratulate the blizzard employee responsible for writing Trilliax's quotes. Wow has a lot of great quotes and voices, but I have to say that Trilliax is by far my favorite. I laugh every week when clearing NH because of his quotes and of course the voice acting. Keep up the good work, guys! I'm gonna leave here my favorite :D (copy-pasted from wowhead) Trilliax says: Ooo, that would be impressive... considering I still have his hands in a jar. Trilliax says: Please don't say such things! The master is back, and things need to be kept tidy. Trilliax says: That's not the master, imbecile! Unless he managed to claw his way out from under two tons of solid stone. Trilliax says: The master has returned! We must ensure the household is immaculate.Twohots1 15 Feb
15 Feb In Regards to Kayne or Altruis (Spoilers) One of the best choices Blizzard ever did was to give players a choice, emphasis on the word choice. While I haven't finished the campaign, I found it really amazing that there was a choice with severe effects on the story based on what choice you took. On one hand we have Kayne, who I can understand why everybody likes him. We meet him in the demon hunter zone and he is unimaginably loyal. A true soldier and great companion. Then we have Altruis, the less popular choice as far as I am aware. When I took Altruis I didn't do it for actual story reasons but more because I already knew people took Kayne over Altruis almost always, so I wanted to see the difference. My conclusion based on the story presented though has led me to have a far bigger liking for Altruis than I ever had for Kayne. Maybe it's just the softspot that I really don't want to torture Akama the way we do if we choose Kayne, maybe it's just that he is the night elf choice, but honestly I prefer Altruis massively. They're both good choices, but one choice is a blind loyalist who would betray everything he had ever fought for if Illidan told him too while the other is an independent thinker, and as people have described in the past, renegade. The recruiting of Akama with Altruis was an amazing difference. Mostly, in my opinion, because of why. Altruis and Akama are both traitors and I wouldn't be surprised if Altruis and Akama had fought alongside at one point. Kayne and Shade of Akama is also somewhat understandable. Shade of Akama was loyal Illidan, and Kayne is loyal towards Illidan and the Illidari. My favourite part of Altruis is that he is a rebel. He reminds me of Illidan in many ways. Kayne's flaw is that he is a great demon hunter but an awful Illidan wannabe, at least in my opinion. This discussion thread however is because I became curious: What do people think of Kayne and Altruis? What are your opinions? Which choice did you take and why. Sincerely: Thenduril TL:DR I think it's great that Blizzard gave a choice though I prefer Altruis massively because he resembles Illidan a lot to me and I want to hear your opinion.Thenduril23 15 Feb
15 Feb Natalie Seline, undead? Natalie Seline was a priest who's interest into the orcish Necrolyte's and the dark magic they wielded. She studied them well and long, which eventually lead to several books about the necrolyte's magics. How to cast such magic, rituals, different ways to form it. Even raise the dead into walking corpses and bend the minds of the living. But it was also corruption... But then Natalie is killed and the honorable Kirin Tor swoops in and claims all her work, her books locked away in their vaults. It was against their laws of magics you could practice. And shadow magic like these were strictly forbidden. Now, some 30+? years later, we recover her body and her soul, which we later re- attach when we raise her. The thing is, when she is raised she looks completely like a normal human being, except she's more dark skinned, like many other evil npcs, like Kel'Thuzad, Onyxia, Brohnjam, Wrathion etc... She should be undead now, her body was completely rotten and like the rest of us undead, when you are raised your body will show signs of it.Ernstx11 15 Feb