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4h How did the Death Knights break free of the Lich King? I mean, sure, at the battle of light's hope Tirion Fordring Made them understand that what they were doing was wrong, but they allready knew that, didn't they? were they not merely controled against their will? what made them break free of the control?Thedraes4 4h
5h Draenei fate after Legion: rename and maybe more? Hello all! I might get backlash or downvotes or other but please read ahead, as this trully got through my mind. With Blizzcon, we now know 7.3 will be Argus, so not an expansion of its own etc. What that means is that we attack a big foothold of the Legion, maybe we'll go further after in the Twisting Nether, who knows (since we did during Archimonde Mythic fight, we totally can). What that means is probably the true defeat of the Legion, and Sargeras. But what does it mean for the Draenei, and the Man'ari (those we always call Eredar in casual talk, the "corrupted Eredars" while draeneis are "self-exiled eredars"). If the Legion is defeated, a cleansing will start to happen. Fel controlled Man'ari might regain their counciousness (we can notice some neutral in Dalaran or Highmountain already) while some will continue to fight, die etc. That will also mean the Draenei might not consider themselves self-exiled that much anymore: yes their world is no more, but they still retook it. Velen still considers Argus as their home after all. So with the newly neutrals/allied Man'ari, and Argus retaken, the Draenei could be renamed as Eredar again, including red skin color now too! You might say "yes but this would not fit the draenei starting zone" and i agree with you, this would not fit TODAY'S starting zone of the draenei to have Man'ari, but you must consider, like the Blood Elf starting zone, it requires rework. The quests are still of us who recently crashed onto Azeroth, nothing is cleansed (while it has been years already), and many people keep asking for such rework. We must also take into account that the Exodar will be GONE (or at least, not in the ground anymore) since Velen aim to use it to go to Argus! So definitly a change to take into account in term of zone, landscape etc (unless the Exodar crash again at the exact same spot, but I doubt it). To resume, with the hypothetical defeat of the Legion and hypothetical retaking of Argus, the Draenei and the Man'ari might make one again, the Eredars, once again, once the Legion expansion is over, also possibly leading to the draenei (and maybe blood elf) starting zone rework. I would like to hear your opinion on this future lore theory (so WoW story etc). I hope this is the right forum as there is no Race forum and "Story" seemed to fit!Yreliana5 5h
5h Who leads the Darkspear? So, Vol'jin died. What's going to happen to the Darkspear tribe now? Who's going to lead them? Have we ever really seen any Darkspear figureheads other than that Ashran boss? Kind of dissapointed we didn't immediately get a new troll representive.Ardaenis37 5h
5h Alleria return in Legion? I havent watched any beta gameplay and at blizzcon they said she and Turalyon will return , i wonder how will Alleria react to Sylvanas fate? She loved her sisters more then anything , will she accept Sylvanas as she is yet Alleria hate orcs to bones?Casthiel8 5h
5h The Horde Is Evil! The Horde is Evil...I am not talking about the Fel Horde, Old Horde or Iron Horde.... I am talking about the Horde itself.......Here are my points.... Orcs..... As Turaliyon once said....Orcs do not have connection with a Holy Light. That is why we never see an orc paladin or well known orc priest. They are the one who willingly exterminated the drainei and they proved that they could do it without a demon blood (in WoD)...Orcs indeed have many similarities with demons. Mannaroth once said to Grommash. When in your heart, you know, we are the same! . Just as demons, orcs seek destruction and total annihilation. Here is the quote of Orgrimm the most respected orc warchief of Horde. ... Garrosh the one who wanted to make Kalimdor only for Orcs was always saying to Thrall that he is not a True Orc. So what it means to be a true orc? Forsaken Forsaken is another name of evolved Scourge.Golbitga252 5h
8h Strongest armies Pre-WoW Hey guys, just wanted to ask which army do you guys think is, or rather was, the strongest army, before the batterdown of WoW. WoW has significantly changed the power balance of armies since balance has been included to the lore. For example, Night elven armies consisted of Mountain Giants, which were essentialy moving mountains, almost immune to magic. Yet, in WoW, and correct me if I'm wrong, there's not more than 2 of them helping the Night Elves, in Feralas. But there's not a single one of them helping the Night Elves in Ashenvale, nor were there during Gromash's invasion. In my personal opinion I think that if demons were'nt involved, the Night Elves could have reppeled the Orcs from their forests. Unlike seen in the new Warcraft books and in WoW itself. 10 Mountain Giants, as large as those seen in WoW, can easily destroy most Orc armies, with some support from other units of course. At any rate, i guess you're getting my point. What do you think?Carnival10 8h
10h Blood Elves join the Alliance? Now I know Garrosh put the kibosh on this, but why can't they re-negotiate? Sylvanus is VERY untrustworthy, and now that The Plaguelands are being re-taken they have human allies they can call on and so don't need the undead to help them. That plus the Sunwell now restored seems to me time to move on the Elves storyline.Lumosian226 10h
10h If the high elves return - what city should they have? If blizzard do indeed execute their strong desire to have the high elves make a comeback, I'm wondering what city they'd give them as home and where the numbers would come from. City: Several optons: 1. Dalaran - becomes the defacto home 2. Stormwind - shared with the humans capital (making them alliance only) 3. Silvermoon - shared with the blood elves (likely making them horde only) 4. Skywall - now empty after Al'akir was banished - it looks like an elven city (makes me wonder where it came from - maybe it was a highborne city made using the power of the air elemntals and blasted into the sky by the sundering where Al'akir centred it around his throne of the four winds - there's no reasonan elemental needs a city, which begs - where from? - they bring it to the ground somewhere new. 5. Theramore rebuilt - they rebuild a city on theramore's ruins utlising the arcane energy there. 6. Eldre'thalas - they link up with the Shen'dralar highborne and help them restore that bastion of arcana, making it a shared Quel'dorei home of night and day. 7. They build a new city somewhere Sources of High Elves: 1. Blizzard reveal the number of high elves were much greater than we first thought (not really a retcon - but explaining the 90% statement the community took the wrong way. 2. Many more blood elves switched back to high elves after mourning the loss of their kin and upon discovering what Kael'thas and Rommath and blood elf had come to stand for. The capturing of the naaru and reckless use of magic was the last straw. 3. Allerian Stronghold had many more high elves and other bases than the TBC game showed, (they out on missions when the alliance hero passed by) 4. Many high elves captured by the Lich king for experiments were freed after his death 5. Alleria and Turalyon return with a whole bunch of them. ... Which options would you think most likely? Discuss or give alternatives.Hustlewinds47 10h
11h Are Thalyssra & co worthy to rejoin the NElves? Question: Are the nightborne under Thalyssra worthy to rejoin the night elves? You know, we often criticse the night elves a lot - and i know we've been very dissatisfied with their activity in world of warcraft, but still, sometimes it's easy to forget what they've done or been through, and after reading this response to a dissatisfied fan, it cause me to rethink a number of things. ... At first seeing the wonder of Suramar and the magical might and advancement of her people I had initially felt the night elves who badly need the magical might and upgrade would be lucky to recount Suramar and it's people amongst their ranks once more. Perhaps the question was never are the night elves able to rise to this or handle the occasion or level of the nightborne, but are the nightborne under Thalyssra worthy to join such company they have in the night elves or stand alongside as proud equal partners in their own right. The nightborne did choose to hide after their astounding victory over the legion closing the second portal, but in fear chose to save the city rather than march out with the rest of the Suramar populace to finish off the problem. 10,000 years later, the legion has once more come knocking, and in fear of destruction, Elisande has instead surrendered to them handing over the crown jewels as she sees it "in order to save her people" - not just on a hunch but after spending 3 days searching the timeways. However instead of surrender to a fate and life with the demons and their great evil, Thalyssra and others instead of chosen, to remember their noble past, those who fought to defend them and instead of hide and cower, at what would equate to a death sentence and certain exclusion from the nourishment of the nightwell, have defied their leaders decision and staking their lives on it, chosen to fight alongside Azeroth in destroying this menace and defending both their city and the planet from it. This time, the nightborne with Thalyssra have chosen not to hide or be silent, but even if it means starving or dying - they would not be a party to the Legion and instead will complete what they should have 10,000 years, and go all the way. Free their city, free their world. In this, I feel by their efforts and actions. Thalyssra and her people have qualified themselves to rejoin and stand alongside their ancient kin, family, friends they separated from. In this the night elf highborne of Suramar, now called the Nightborne earn the right to stand as equals alongside their kin.Kalibas29 11h
12h Story cannon question Is it me grand master of the order in cannon or random blood elf or random dreanai or random taurent paladin standing next too me rite now ? Becouse i dont get it anymore what makes sense :/Seniskeilas1 12h
13h Many races in World of Warcraft - why not? Hello, I'm thinking that it would be a great idea for Blizzard to greatly expand the races, and possibly not limiting the races to specific factions. Like what we currently have in SWTOR - 11 races in total, available for each factions There are many races I'd like to be playable. High elves. Ogres. Nagas. Arrakoas. Furbolgs. Nerubians. and so on and so on... Is it feasible or even possible?Eruwen5 13h
15h Where is N'zoth? Hi guys. I keep seeing posts that state (or at least assume) that N'zoth is around or in the Maelstrom. I was wondering why people think that is, as that is where Y'sharaj was positioned, and N'zoth was likely to the east somewhere?Aeronwen2 15h
17h Fel magic question If fel magic made the orcs green, why aren't all warlocks green?Quetiapine13 17h
17h Il'gynoth and Lights hope chappel NOTE: This theory has little to do with the actual whispers exept 1 and has a "bit" of speculation in it but I if true provides a possible source of the Light's hope chappel holiness This theory begins with 1 of the whispers of Il'gynoth: "To find him, drown yourself in the circle of stars". At first I though nothing of the line and thought of the titans since they are celestial beings and avatars of planets which from afar may be concidered stars. Then it hit me... Azeroth is also a TITAN... well atleast a spirit of a sleaping one , so I should start my search on the planet itself. So I thought of titan constructs on azeroth and started putting points on the map. There is Ulduar , Uldum and Uldaman ... but thats far from a circle.So I expanded my search and started adding other points of interest that werent created by either titan or 1 of the other inhabitants of the planet: nordrasil ,the vale of eternal blossoms (mainly the spring ... ill talk about it in a bit), the nexus ,Lights hope chappel , and karazhan.And I had my circle with the maelstrom in the middle where he lies .... presumably N'zoth. You probably have found my initial flaw in the idea ... all of them are created by the mortal races -but the question is about lokation...Lets look at Kara as its easiest to explain- yes Aegwyn created the tower ....but why there- because of the lay lines- kara is in a place where the lay lines connect Ok so what about the others : the Nexus- lay lines again, Uldum- lay lines power the giand failsafe that we dissabled in the quests.Ulduar is the same:lay line energy powers the deffences around the prison.Uldum no real solid proof but given that its a titan city we can asume its powered by the same way The other points of interest however are a bit more conveluded lets start with nordrasil in hyjal and the old well of eternity that was previously where currently the maelstrom is.The major power of the well was speculatory from all the lay lines connecting at that place giving a huge amound of power in the waters above. Not many people know this but even in current wow there is a well of eternity ... but on a much smaller scale - the lake under the world tree Nordrasil. Nordrasil was planted after the war of the ansients by the Night elves and blessed by the dragons to protect it. It is a similar tree to that that we plant i surramar . a kind of tree that drinks magic . It was planted to limit the power of the new well of eternity so noone could missuse it... thats why also both raggy and arhimonde tried to destroy it Next is the spring in the Vale of eternal blossoms ... We have alot of surcumstancial evidence.Mainly the eternal spring (the season)that is in there and the fact that the titans used the groun as a safe for the remains of an old god(cough*power needed*cough).... and that the waters have the strange power to make farm lands extremely fertile and able to produce massive harvests ... imagine if some tried to plant a tree that sucks magic there And then there is Lights hope chappel...I'll admit I don't have much solid ground here ... BUT the place was known to be a holy ground long before the chappel was built and the graves of the fallen heroes of the second and third war were moved there... so why ... why was it a holy place ... why does the ground around the place returned to life so fast after the plague while all of the plaigue lands are mostly dead ... why are the trees there alive....OH wait ... And with this I end my theory of where N'zoth is and why exacty lights hope chappel is not just a holy ground for priests and paladinsDorkina8 17h
17h Who will replace us? As we all know, with Legion we all ended up playing an important role lore wise. We become the Deathlord, the Highlord, the Archdruid, the Archmage etc etc. We're no longer this "nameless group of adventurers" or that pointless commander (WoD) that assisted some main named character into defeating the big bad guy (ie us with Tyrion vs the Lich King, us with Thrall and the aspects vs Deathwing etc) Our characters now have a direct impact on the development of the lore (really wonder how the RP community feels about that but either way). In 7.2 the orderhall classes will come together to tackle Nighthold and all its threats, not the horde and the alliance, but the order hall themselves (I think the new faction will be called Legion Fall? Not sure check out videos from last Blizzcon). As we all know Blizzard likes releasing books and other media between expansions that go more in-depth in the story and close all the gaps. So will we be all omitted? Will the deathlord be Morgraine instead of us? Will the highlord be Maxwell, or whatever that one eyed dude is called? What are your thought on this?Gorbathust18 17h
18h If you could choose what Elune is, what would it be? So, right now I don't think we know what Elune is, we don't know whether it's a titan or a naaru or what, but.. If you could decide what she is, what would you choose? As for my choise? A mortal, one of the first generation of Night Elves, she would be one who, through the well of eternity, managed to connect to higher powers (naaru perhaps), and became so adept in the connection to the light (and perhaps darker paths aswell) that death did not stop her, her spirit would watch over her people, to this day, she would channel the holy (and perhaps shadow) energies of those which she communed with to the priestresses, she would be just about as powerful as, say, Bwonsamdi, a once-mortal race (well, night elves were not mortal, but you get my point), who ascended beyond that mortalityEmilïa10 18h
18h What is the lvl required? From what lvl i can see the quest with muradin? I mean i understand is in dragonblight and some mage send me to see something in froustmourne cavern, but there is nothing there where the mage should be. What lvl do i need?Doomasher0 18h
1d Was the Legion on vacation? I have to wonder: Right nor the Burning Legion is leading their 3rd assault on Azeroth. Their attempt happend during the events of WC3 which lore-wise just happened 10 years before the current events. How come are already able to invade Azeroth again? Or if you look at it the other way: How come that after their 1st attempt failed during the War of the Ancient it took the Legion not 10 but 10000 years to launch a new attack? Is there any lore explanation for that? I can hardly believe they were simply unable to find a way to make it there for so long.Ronaeriel11 1d
1d Elune is the all mighty one? I did some research over the articles of: Elune Titans Old gods In the wowwikia website and i didnt find a certain absolute answer for this. Who is the very first creator of of the universe that Azeroth is part of? There must be someone or somthing who or which is the root source of creationDeepurple10 1d
1d What happend to Varin Wrynn's Ashes? I were wondering what happend to Varin Wrynn's Ashes?Holbart45 1d
2d Sylvanas and Helya [SPOILER] Before I tell you about Sylvanas and Helya, please check out this information first: ... Now Odyn is the warrior god in the Warrior's class hall and warriors become a champion of him in the Halls of Valor. In the intro it is revealed when a warrior dies, a Val'kyr of Odyn comes and takes him to the Halls of Valor. However it is also revealed that Helya, Queen of the underworld, tries to claim them before Odyn does with her fallen Val'kyr to send them to her domain. Now during the questline in Stormheim, the player gets send to Hell. I haven't watched the video, but I have skipped to the part where you encounter Sylvanas there with Helya. ... Source: I don't know what to think of this but nothing can come good out of this.Jhonas40 2d
2d The Lich King, most successful villain By Kel'Thuzad The roots of the Scourge are sewn in the folly of all races. Our rise to power is the product of the sins of those who mean our end. The so called 'heroes' of the land fall before us by resorting to a measure of our ideals to bring forth their envisioned victory. Their victory is a vehicle to the realization that without resorting to what they define as deplorability to achieve it, we would have overcome them instead. In both outcomes, win or lose, the Scourge invariably wins. When this is recognized, submission to our will is inevitable. The Master, our Lich King, was born under this very doctrine. To conquer is to corrupt. To corrupt is to take what it is to be righteous and hopeful, to be living, and invert it through any means in your arsenal. The attributes of the living all have synonyms with fatal flaws that are their undoing: hope is dogma, righteousness is zealotry, living is empathy. Recognize what makes that which lives desire to live, and turn it upon itself. Knowing the most direct path of corruption is the pinnacle of wisdom. A simple weakening of the heart, dismemberment of vital organs, or direct disease will work for most. However the conquer of most is not the decree of the Master, but the conquer of all. It is foolish to spend excessive resources in warping the mind of a simple peasant where the common plague will suffice. But it is equally unwise to try the same plague against the seasoned and hearty. Reasoned study of any formidability will reveal useable weaknesses. The Decree of the Scourge Chapter 2 The largest misconception the living have of the Scourge is our penchant for what is considered 'evil.' For the sake of demoralization we allow this error to perpetuate, and indeed spread it on our own. The true nature of The Scourge is our transcendence of the shackles that keep any of the living races from becoming as prosperous as we. For example: What benefits do emotion and honor really hold? They serve to validate the living, to make them feel 'good.' Now, what flaws do they hold? Emotion is directly correlated to the ignorance of logic and reason. Honor is, at most times, the sole perpetrator of able resources fighting a losing battle. It is baffling even to me that the living can be so unaware of how eager we are to play the part of their villain, to nurture their greatest flaws by becoming the embodiment of all that incites irrational behavior. Moral ambiguity cannot be 'cleansed.' Antipathy cannot be 'healed' or 'assuaged.' Greed cannot be 'dispelled' and wrath cannot be 'cured.' We choose to be the embodiment of all these things, and yet there are some still foolish enough to believe that the Scourge can be defeated and removed completely. So long as the most attractive sins of the living remain our banner flag, there will always be those eager to flock to our will. I myself was born under this doctrine. The Decree of the Scourge Chapter 3 The Scourge is infinite in potential. We are not, however, infallible by any means. Always be well aware of your limits, and the resources at your disposal. Always have an exit strategy. Sacrifice of eager minions to your ends is a cornerstone of Scourge philosophy. All manner of bravery, martyrdom, or compatriotism for anyone but the Master is imprudent and severely punishable. Another fallacy outsiders hold of the Scourge is that our power resides in the residual will of the living, that we are an advanced form of parasite, and without a host of regenerating life would simply wither away. Again we do not deny such ignorant though for our benefit, but this could not be further from the truth. We are nothing but an ever-improving form of adaptation to a land once riddled with endless struggle. We are immune to the tribulations of dissention, over-population, individuality, selfish opinion, short-sightedness, and even morality. We hear the will of the Master, and the Master brings us all that we will ever desire. It is true that we take architecture, technology, and physical prowess from assimilated cultures. This, like so many 'evil' acts of the Scourge, is done entirely out of pragmatism. The Scourge has neither the time nor the desire to generate a culture of its own. A member of the Scourge that creates without influence will hold an inherent attachment to it, a right to see it viewed and used. This leads to individuality, which leads to dissention. Creativity is a flaw of culture, but a minor obligation when dealing with simple needs like buildings and equipment. It is not your duty to question or care the origins of your resources, only in how usable they are. The Scourge is the will of the land. All manner of life kneel to our will with an ease that yields a single conclusion: That they need us, they yearn for our salvation. There is no resilience to our practices, no immunity to our commandments. We are every bit the inevitability that natural life holds: Death. Death comes with every life, and undeath comes with every death. The sooner the living recognizes this immutable fact, the easier their transition will be. This is truth that Kel'Thuzad, backbonde of the Scourge and the most powerful necromancer to ever walk this world, except for his creator and master, the Lich King himself. My loyalties have always been towards the Lich King, even though I have been with the Forsaken. But as a Shadow Priest and shadowcaster, I started to explore the far reaches of the Void. And in the middle of my ritual, a voice called out to me. A voice I found very familiar. He gave me a vision, show me the darkest truth of the universe. And from that point, I knew the God of Death was right. With the wisdom, cunning and mental powers beyond comprehension, the entity we call the the Lich King, had now found the ultimate avatar, a human Death Knight with the strenght, stamina and agility of a young and formidable warrior, Together, the master could walk this world again, freed from the demons grasp. I have been patient, I have positioned myself under the Banshee Queen, hoping she would soon realize how valiable the Lich King and his power over death is our most benefitial ally. The Lich King, knowing how threatening the Dreadlords can be against his position, has already sent out the Ebon Blae to track down and exterminate every single Dreadlord that walks this world. Soon we will rise, our forces have already grown with the Ebon Blade under his influence! This is the time for the undead race, soon all will face their inevitable end and all lifeo n Azeroth will end.Ernstx22 2d
2d Frost vs Unholy vs Blood So i had this idea, typically we put 1v1 with different classes, but why don't we try a trio? Now you may say that we would need a specific NPCs, names and such, but i had the idea that we could use the lore and typical sterotypes and capabilities as base. With that said, if we put 3 death knights on the battlefield to fight one another who do you think would emerge victorious? Take into consideration the fact that eahc of the death knights has specifically mastered his own way...frost, unholy and blood, taking the in game description of what each of these specializes in, a s base, yes even the life force corruption/draining capabilties of a blood death knight.Ebontusk10 2d
2d Apostrophes Why is Blizzard so obsessed with placing an apostrophe in the middle of a ton of names, it's not even necessary for the majority of them. Kinda bugs me out but it's nothing they should fix.Malfoorien9 2d
2d The Whispers of Il'gynoth So it seems that Il'gynoth is a pretty chatty tree, there is several quite interesting messages that he will whisper to people while in his area, which I think are not just random gibberish, but actually relevant to the current expansion, and some even hinting at things yet to come. Here is each of them and what I think they mean. "The King of Diamonds has been made a pawn." This one is fairly easy, I think its quite obviously referring to Magni who was a king who got turned to diamond and is now a servant of the titan spirit in Azeroth. "Flesh is his gift. He is your true creator." This is probably just a reference to the curse of flesh and the old god who caused it, N'zoth I think. "Her heart is a crater, and we have filled it." This I think is referring to Azeroth herself, and more specifically the Well of Eternity (now the Maelstrom) and the old god N'zoth residing in it. "The boy-king serves at the master's table. Three lies will he offer you." This one I think refers to Wrathion, who even told us during mists of pandaria to not trust him if I remember correctly. "From the earth, he draws strength. Our earth. Our strength." This I think is also referring to Wrathion, and how he as a black dragon draws strength from the earth, and the old gods are imprisoned under the earth, perhaps a hint to Wrathion being corrupted? "Its surface blazes light, masking shadow below." This I think is referring to the Naaru, who are beings of pure light, but can turn into creatures of the void. "Five keys to open our way. Five torches light our path." This I believe to refer to the pillars of creation, and perhaps that using them to seal the tomb of sargeras will release the old gods somehow? "The Lord of Ravens will turn the key." The part about turning the key is likely linked to the previous one about the pillars, but I am not sure who the 'lord of ravens' is, as it could mean several different individuals, the most literal would be Anzu, but I don't see how that would make any sense, there is also Medivh and Khadgar who can both turn to ravens, and then there is Odyn, who has the pet ravens Hugin and Mugin which are quite prevalent during the Stormheim questline. "At the hour of her third death, she ushers in our coming." I think that this one refers to Sylvanas, as I can't think of any other female characters that have died twice already. So will Sylvanas release the old gods? "To find him, drown yourself in the Circle of Stars." This one I have absolutely no idea of what it could be referring to. Find who? What is the Circle of Stars? So what do you guys think?Felanna30 2d
2d Jaina Proudmoore.. I feel really sorry for this character, to the point that I look back at the RTS game and wish we still had this character being as awesome as before. Why isn't she involved against the Legion? I feel like they've underutilised this character for her potential, as all the lore that was given to her post-Tides of war was terrible. Only Isle of Thunder seemed to make sense, but then nothing really came out of it. If blizzard decides to kill her off, she would end up being one of the most tragic characters in WoW. It doesn't even make sense- how does the hero of Hyjal and the protector of peace fall to corruption? While I agree her character has been erratic at best, I still think she could have a positive role to play in the near future, and hopefully get back to saving the world.Darkránger67 2d
2d What was in Garrosj's chest? So i watched this cinematic (Mists of Pandaria - Siege of Orgrimmar Trailer) And it got me thinking, ''what was in the chest?'' i looked at the comments at some said it was Yshaars heart. but why did the heart ruin the whole pandaria? is there some kinda big power to it?Morfes12 2d
2d Fellow player story and ask for help Hello guys, I know this might be stupid to you guys but well i would like to ask some help. I would try anything for my kids and i would like to ask you guys if you could maybe take some time as to read my page. Sorry to bother you guys with this, that page is my ask for help and it is a question that i hope you guys will help me with. The laptop i have now is a Dell laptop that does not allow me to raid or play in dungeons. The way i play is follow on some friends and they run ion the dungeon. My screen just keeps freezing even on the lowest settings which does not allow me to play. Have a wonderful day fellow players!Twutti3 2d
3d Tallest elfs? Nightboarn are most tallest elf kind ?Призраклеса14 3d
3d Guild kicks..... My real name is william and im going in a depression becus my life is bad got kicked from my guild for being too young or known as 13 years old it sucks and i dont know what to do,Lilletolle5 3d
3d Would blizzard do the high elf thing to the nightborne? No one is expecting it, and you will probably forget about this post but what if blizzard would do the high elf thing with the nightborne? So the nightborne under Thalyssra join the night elves, and the fruit reverts them to their night elf forms with slight modifications like glowing runes [these night elven shal'dorei now control their city] , Elisande is exiled after the nighthold with a bunch of her nightborne loyalists who survived and they (like the high elves after TFT) become a people without a home and shackle up with the blood elves. Because they get no fruit, they retain their form, and the blood elves help them with their hunger. Meanwhile blizzard changes the high elf model when they introduce the half elves and allow you to play as nightborne on the horde and high elf on the alliance. Ensuring that the nightborne model is unique to the horde, and the high elf/half elf model unique to the alliance. So you effectively get night elf shal'dorei and homeless high elves on the alliance, blood elf quel'dorei and homeless shal'dorei on the horde.Eleiyna10 3d
3d Warlock or DH for Lore wise??? Demon Hunter is a new class which we almost mention as warlock melee DPS. what do you think about lore wise between them? does Demon Hunter can beat warlock in lore term?Mégazia35 3d
3d Who is Sephuz? This tickled my mind today, sephuz's secret... I've searched who sephuz is and actually found nothing. Does anybody know?Mittleflink8 3d
3d SPOILERS Suramar 7.1 Quest Test Not really a huge problem here, just curious about this as in one of the quests I noticed the Nightbourne Leader tells Tyrande that the Night Elves are no better than the trolls that stalk their forests. Thinking about this I'm struggling to work out where this is, the closest I could find was the Horde encroachment of Ashenvale, the Hinterlands, which I wouldn't consider to be Night Elf territory, and then Quel'Thalas, which is definitely not Night Elf territory. Where about is she referring to?Hawk4 3d
4d BRING BACK VOL JIN You build him up give him some of the best moments in the game, then once hes in position you barly do anything with him as warchief before you kill him off unceremoniously and then go on and on and on (AND ON AND ON AND ON) about varian........ WE LOST SOMEONE TOO YOU *rambles for a bit* so ether bring him back of give the ONLY STORY IMPORTANT TROLL YOU JUST KILLED OFF IN A EXPANSION TO BRING BACK YET ANOTHER ELF the proper respect he deserves.Unhorn71 4d
4d [Legion storyline] Thrall [SPOILERS!!!] So... Basically... Remember when Thrall killed Garrosh in cold blood, because of rage??? Because of that the elements have abandoned him... He falls in a great depression and attempts suicide! So it seems likely that after Legion, Thrall will be retiring from his 'Green Jesus' days??? What do you think of this???Derpr19 4d
4d Next playable races So we'll probably get new playable races at some point so who do you think are the possible candidates? I thought about sub-races but that would be a big stretch in the lore, considering every single starting zone acknowledges you as a certain race/background already. You're a Bronzebeard dwarf, green (Frostwolf?) orc, Stormwind human, Darkspear troll etc... Even the Nelf mage was kind of a stretch since all you do is still druidic "restore the balance" stuff. So do you think we'll get an existing/demanded race like ogres or something completely unexpected like Worgen?Lynnir114 4d
4d Deathwing vs Alexstrasa and the Old Gods speculation In the in-game cataclysm cinematic of Deathwing vs Alexstrasa, Deathwing says at the end 'the sun has set on this mortal world'. 'Mortal world'. Could deathwing have known somehow that Azeroth was i titan and be implying this by calling Azeroth 'Mortal'?. Just speculation but if so could the old gods have let him know this and if so why would they want him to destroy the world if they could corrupt it? Also one of Il'gynoth's whispers is 'on the hour of her third death, she will usher in our coming'. I believe this means Azeroth because she has 'died' 3 times already e.g.when aman'thul ripped an old god out from the surface creating the well of eternity. Could this be what they wanted with deathwing and are now trying to do it by getting the naga to get the tidestone of golganoth and create and explosion like the one when Sargeras last came to the world in the war of the ancients because of queen azshara, by opening his portal again in the tomb of Sargeras (because we know they will be there). Just speculation ofc. Lol that was long.Krabolsh6 4d
4d Wish list for further expansions This wishlist has already been posted in the general forum However, I wanted to share it here as well to see the opinions here, considering that different players lurk on different forums. Some may lurk exlusively on the general forum, some on the PvP forum, some on the story forum, etc. Maybe you people have some additional wishes regarding future expansions. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is my wishlist for World Of Warcraft future expansion features. It doesn't have to be this or the next expansion. These are just things that I want to see as content being added to the already massive world of Azeroth. The list is prone to updates. Customization Unlock all hairstyles for all racesHair is a very important feature to me. If all races could wear all hairstyles, regardless of faction side, for instance, putting hair currently unique to humans on a blood elf, or vise versa. More beards. New hairstyles.Different body types If we truly want to be immersive, we should have different body types. This could include: A height slider A weight slider A skin colour slider/wheel Idle stances Body types I.E using zandalari model appearance instead of darkspear model Playable races VrykulI think the vrykul are among the coolest races in WoW. I could be biased because I'm norwegian, but vikings are just bloody cool. Vrykul value strength over anything, and both the Horde and the Alliance have proven their strength many times over. Obviously, with vrykul as a new playable race, the expansion would have to be vrykul-related. Vrykul would be playable by both sides, like the pandaren. Vrykul starting zone could be one of these: Somewhere in the Howling Fjord (Phased) Jandvik (Phased) A new island, kind of like Iceland or Greenland?New classes VampireVampires are bloody cool, no pun intended. When I first saw the Darkfallen San'layn in WotLK, I fell in love. They have wings, and possess dark abilities such as blood draining and turning into bats. Vampires can turn to bats as a means of transportation. All races can become vampires. Vampires use plate gear. Their talent specializations could be: KnightSpecialization focusing on tanking. This spec uses two handed weapons. It focuses on draining the blood of its enemies and allies alike, and mitigates damage by parrying, dodging, curses and mind magic. They posess a vampiric aura that turns damage into healing for the vampire. Knights can turn into feral bats that massively increases their stats for a short period. They can summon ghosts and gargoyles, and terrorize their opponents with mind magic and terrible curses, such as reflecting pain back to their opponent or making their vision hazy like they were drunk. LordSpecialization focusing on spells. Lords can use wands more efficiently than any other class, but they also use staffs, one-handers and off-hand held items. Lords drain the blood of their enemies and casts blood magic. They raise the dead and sic bats on their enemies. Lords are capable of vanishing into thin air and summon large packs of bats to survive hard encounters, they can also turn themselves into pools of blood to corrupt and feed upon blood that is being shed. I wanted a third spec that could either be melee or range DPS, but not sure how it should play so I left it out. Apparel Blizzard Store CostumesI think one way to appeal to players is to sell cosmetic gear on the Blizzard Store. Sure, some people hate to pay real money for ingame content, but I see it as a great opportunity to grant some players cool outfits without having to quit their jobs to practice and run mythics every two weekdays for the dream transmog. This could be gear like: Val'kyr armour San'layn armour Hymdal's armour Arthas' armour Kael'thas' robes Medivh's robes Warden armour Etc. Geography Updated Blood elf and Draenei zones to fit the current state of affairs. Repaired Silvermoon Barber in Silvermoon and the Exodar Raids Timewalking raids Heroic and mythic settings for "Legacy" raidsEllieth36 4d
5d final end i was wondering, what is the absolute end of the game? and im talking to the dev. and story-makers of warcraft, where are you taking us? are we gonna face sargaras head to head with the other titans or the voidlords? im thinking you must have some kind of a plan, to have to end world of warcraft? i dont care if it gets that far or how we are gonna get there. i know that there is still a hell a lot of story to be covered. im hope a blue post will come up with something. and ideas or theory's from the ppl of the game are also more then welcomeMygalis5 5d
5d bring back warlock metamorphosis It was made canon in MoP with one of the books from the green fire questline, stating that Kanrethad shared the secrets of Illidan's meta with the Council of the Black Harvest, yet demonology still got turned into this !@#$. Gotta love wow lore man, gotta love how much blizzard cares about it.Accelero31 5d
6d What to do after And Justice for Thrall? Sooo, i just finished this quest, and wondered if there were more story quests. Is this the end of WoD? i'v finished all of my active quests, and havent ignored any quests in the whole expansion. There is some parts in nargrand i havent been in, but thats because no quests have led me there. No quests have led me to Tanaan jungle too, the whole area is undiscovered. have i missed something? Im a horde character. It just feels like there are more stuff to be done, story wise.Shonx6 6d
6d Tyrande should not be in charge! How the heckles is Tyrande in charge? She straight up murdered her own soldiers. The warden were just as much imprisoned as Illidan was. Banished down to those caves and hallways for an eternity. But they grit and bear it for their people. The wardens are without a doubt in my mind heroes. Who gave pretty much everything to their cause. Then. One day. Tyrande, on her own and after the other 'leader' of the night elves forbids it, strolls in and asks them to free him. They, naturally say no. So Tyrande's first reaction is to murder her own soldiers in a just as heinous as Arthas. She kills until blood is flowing like a river through the entire prison, and then she (methaphorically speaking) walks out hand in hand with Illidan. Spitting on their sacrifice and rubbing ten thousand years of legacy down into the filth as she steps over their corpses. At some point you think someone would raise their arm and go "Uhm..." and maybe question this act? And the imprisomnet was bull in the first place. Sure Illidan cannot ever claim moral high ground on anything ever, he has never done a single thing out of selflessness really. But damn. The merciful option is not ETERNAL imprisonment. And then they keep messing up. All the way from warcraft 3 until Legion Tyrande and Furion screw up every single thing they touch. And while they are doing it every second sentence out of their maws are "MAI LOVE!" like they are high school kids. And their decision making, just.. Wow. So Xavius fooled Malfurion so he straight up lead to Ysera getting murdered. And while nightmare dragon is flying around Tyrande does not give a !@#$. Cuz she is all "MAI LOVE!". It is not until she absolutely CANNOT possibly save Furion in any perceivable way that she deigns to actually care that a dragon aspect is dying! These people should not be in charge! They have the decision making skills of toddlers! And they are incompetent overall! Tyrande apparently according to recent Suramar quests doesn't know how to deal with a charge! A general who doesn't know how to conduct war. Who is this character? Why is this character? HOW is this character?! She is so incompetent I am amazed she doesn't wear pants on her head! And why does she dress in high heels and a silken gown? She shouldn't look regal she is a general! She is out there in the woods with a bow and her mount. Not dealing with politics! Dress the part woman! Tyrande should be excuted for war crimes. AGAINST HER OWN PEOPLE! The bloody baker can run a people better than this lady and her boyfriend.Hiyorin79 6d
6d Would the belves even want the nightborne? There all sorts of aspirations from the player base to do with the nightborne and where or with which elven group if any their future should lie. They are going to be in need of allies for sure, after this legion conflict, no longer in isolation. lost large numbers, and just a city of magic users, and the way blizzard does things, if they are to play a part in world affairs they are going to have to pick either the horde or the alliance. To me the horde seems a more attractive option to them, with the blood elves who are in a stronger position right now than their night elf counterparts and more on their own level or par with magic as compared to the night elves who are way behind and considered a complement to the sister post on the night elves here, I'm wondering if the blood elves would even want the nightborne? 1. Would the Blood elves even want the nightborne? 2. Would the nightborne need to join a faction to stay relevant. My Response to: Would the Blood elves even want the nightborne? Actually, no I think. At first I thought, yes ofc, obvoiusly, but let's face it, what can the nightborne bring that the blood elves don't already have? Both Silgryn and Victoire comment on how formidable the blood elf magic is - this indicates to us that offensively at least, the blood elves are either on par or near on par with the nightborne. We see one of the blood elf magister scouts able to unravel one of the chief nightborne's protective wards he very confidently states he can before showing so, pointing out how sloppy the spellwork is, "we blood elves know a thing or two about magic" The blood elves pragmatically are far better off looting the nightborne for any additional magical knowledge and secrets these elves have in their vast library to add to their arsenal rather than shoulder the burden of a people. They don't need the nightborne for magical knowledge or magical strength. They don't need the nightwell either, nor do they need the nightborne cure for addiction as Rommath stated they have forged their own path and their own solutions, their glory is their own. My feeling here is whiles the additional advancements would be nice, especially the lost knowledge, they don't need it, the BElves already have cool stuff going, they're not desperate for the magic. What strategic value do the nightborne bring? They are in the middle of night elf country and would likely also mean acquiring the broken isle night elves who've been working with Thalyssra - would they want the blood elves? Would the blood elves want night elves? and if they don't want them wouldn't this open up another warfront for the blood elves - is that something they need right now having their own issues to deal with including the high elves and the darkfallen with Quel'thalas still not recovered. I'm trying to imagine a blood elf trying to fit in nightborne society or a nightborne in blood elf surroundings and despite their love for magic they are very different night and day apart - like literally. My Response to: Would the nightborne need to join a faction to stay relevant. My answer? Yes !! Face it, it's the horde and the alliance that get involved in all the key stuff. And they can't join both as a whole nation. they'd have to join either one or split into two groups. This is how blizzard writes this game. The factions are too involved, becoming an ally with one will forfeit the other. And I don't think the nightborne can be alone. I don't think the horde and alliance would trust them to be by themselves with the nightwell. Although once they get to know Thalyssra that might change. I think one of the two sides will have to get the nightwell. And whiles blizzard could write them neutral regardless, they won't stay relevant that way, and besides it is not the best writing to do that given how they've set them up. They could make them a dalaran state - but I think players will hate this as it would yet again making humans masters of magic now robbing the night elf arcane group of it's magical pre-eminence by coming under the shadow of the kirn'tor. Let's face it, if your race is not playing a role in either the horde or alliance, you very quickly disappear, become very minor or fade into obscurity.Otheliya19 6d
6d Who will be the final boss in Legion? Hello. I was wondering who people think will be the final boss in Legion. We kill Gul'dan and tichondrius in the first raid, so i am wondering what Legion commanders are left.Tankard128 6d
02 Dec How is Sylvanas actually a good Warchief? Isn't she actually a weakness to the Horde? Remember the Lich King? A creation of the Burning Legion to control the undead? What prevents Kil'jaeden to create another tool to control Sylvanas or the Forsaken? A demonlord of his power level can instantly take over a simple corpse like Sylvanas. Kil'jaeden doesn't even need to be summoned, he only need to make sure such an artefact gets on Azeroth, something like the Helm of Domination of the Lich King. Basically Vol'jin is wrong, and so is his Loa, the leader of the Horde must be a living person, that cannot be mindcontrolled. For that, Baine, Saurfang or even Lor'themar should lead the Horde instead of Sylvanas, no matter how powerful her Forsaken are, she isn't even interested to be the Warchief any way. There was no reason for her to be the Warchief. Not 1 single reason for so far. I hope that the Burning Legion will mind-control Sylvanas, for the sake of lore consistency.Daha279 02 Dec
02 Dec Who would you be? If you could be and live as one of the characters in the Warcraft story, who's fate do you feel the most related to? And I hope people don't chose overpowerful gods like Sargeras or something. Because of course we all wanna be powerful but it's harder to relate to those. I'm just curious how people think and react to certain characters they can relate to or are their favorites for whatever reason. So you only pick one please, you can only be one person. Mine is of course Prince Arthas, born into power and heir to the greatest nation of humans. But when the undead Scourge starts to slaughter his people, he loses control over the situation and himself. Trained by Muradin, he was already a skilled warrior. Now, with Frostmourne in hand, he was invincinble he felt. And the constant whispers, which he at times even replied to like a mad man, they gave him guidance and empowered him even more when he needed it. His new power was so much more than the Light could ever offer. Sure, I gave my soul for this power, but it freed me from all the shackles of being a mortal man. Emotions, remorse, fear and even love. He travels to his fathers throne and kills him, succeeding his father as King of Lordaeron. At the same time he unleashes the Scourge upon the unsuspecting crowds. The Scourge grew to be vast. And when he puts on the Helmet of Domination, what a rush. o merge with this god-like entity, we became as one. All he knew, all the wisdom, all memories of both of us melted together as we both had lived them. We were now the most powerful entity on Azeroth, our mental powers could reach people half across the world. The Lich King even controlled parts of the Shadowlands at the same time he was commanding his forces here. With a mind like this, doing multiple tasks at one time isn't very hard. So they sat frozen for five years, while we commanded the Scourge to build us our new kingdom. We were in a dreamlike state, where Ner'zhul was present. In the dream however, I also carried Frostmourne. We argued over my loyalty and commitment to be this powerful entity. So I took Frostmourne and pierced the boy, feeling released from his grip. And then I turned to Ner'zhul, doing the same thing, piercing him with Frostmourne and supressed Ner'zhul's influence (I believe he just supressed Ner'zhul's influence), becoming the dominant personality in the Lich King. Now he awoke, with powers unlike any he could've dreamed of. Not only was he physically skilled with unholy strenght and basicly couldn't be wounded. But he also had a mind so vast that no mortal could ever understand. He now knew and could see things no one else could comprehend. He telepathically ruled an entire army just with his thoughts, from his Frozen Throne to both Lordaeron and Kalimdor, wherever his subjects had spread. I know. he did not live forever. Arthas is probably the greatest and biggest traitor Azeroth has ever faced, first he betrayed his people, killing his father, betraying the Burning Legion and finally his own master. Arthas kill count on actual characters holds the record by far. In his time, Arthas/the Lich King, killed three kings and destroyed three kingdoms. He went from a mortal man, who sacrificed it all, even his soul for powers beyond imagining and that was also what he got. He became a god, who could've won that war and conquered all of Azeroth, making it stronger and safer, for if the Legion would ever enter, he the Lich King would instantly know. He gave his soul to the blade that was gonna save him and his people, but wielding Frostmourne came with a price few men would pay. And on the part where I can relate, it actually due to personal issues that affected me deeply in my teenage years and continue some years as a young adult. I was deep into morfin addiction that grabbed me completely, it took over my life in every aspect. I became a very destructive person, poisoning and destroying both myself and all around, including family and friends. It was like I was two persons, one who was the normal me, who wanted to do well, to do the right things and throw away the pills. But as soon as my withdrawal started kicking in, it was like I became a completely different person. I did everything In my power to aquire money and more pills, no matter the consequences, no matter who I hurt in the process, I felt no remorse for it. Sometimes I could tell myself to not do this or that, but when this other side of me, the thought's that constantly told me to do the opposite, the thought's who started making different excuses as to why I should keep on and that I wasn't the one doing anything wrong, it was all the others. Those who were against me, they had it coming once I allowed that side take full control. So that is why I feel related to Arthas and the whole Frostmourne scenario, when a force stronger than any of your other thought's competely dominates your mind and you follow it no matter what, straight into the darkness. This is mine, how about yours?Ernstx45 02 Dec
01 Dec Alliance and Horde attitudes When I was questing through Shadowmoon Valley on an Alliance character (forgive me Horde, I swear it is for espionage only) I met with the Draenei and their leaders. Once gathered, Khadgar is able to open a portal back to Azeroth, but just briefly, so he sends over the best of the best. And in comes no other than Baros Alexton himself! And his first quote when I arrive on a planet he never been before and standing in a circle around several AU Draenei, and the first thing Alexton shouts is: "This is it, boys! Let's break some ground and take this world for the Alliance!" Chocked? I for one are not. There are plenty of Alliance supremacists scum who acts exactly like Baros Alexton. Here we are and the Draenei is ready to offer us aid and food. But they heard him quite well, we aren't there for fun. The military's goal is to take this world for the alliance, either by force or by negotioations, doesn't matter as long as the Alliance flag is hanging over every town in Draenor! So don't tell me Garrosh was unique, because there are dozens of other just like him, except they aren't the King/Warchief atm.Ernstx65 01 Dec
01 Dec What happens when Azeroth awakens? So Azeroth is herself a slumbering Titan, waiting to mature. My question is simply: what happens when she awakens? Does the surface of Azeroth crack open and the myriad of life that lives on the shell become extinguished? And the arcane power flowing from the wellspring of the earth herself suddenly runs dry? What happens when a large chunk of the planet's inner core is missing?Aeronwen12 01 Dec