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04 Jan 2016 Story Forum "Guidelines" and Suggestions We've adapted the description of this forum to include Fan Fiction, and we encourage you to share your stories here! This rest of this post is taken from Nethaera's thread on the US forums: I know more than a few people have been asking if there are guidelines to posting in these forums. The answer is yes and no both. Confusing, I know, but you'll understand once I explain. First, if you are sharing a story here, it should be fictional and set in the Warcraft universe. Can you break canon? Yes. It's your story. Just please try not to go too far afield. Your audience will appreciate some semblance of familiarity. Next, you've asked about just how far language, sexual themes, or violent themes can go, so I'll explain here. Keep in mind, the forum Code of Conduct still applies. Also, keep in mind the rating (T for Teen) as well. When you want a good example story, please take a look at Blizzard's own for World of Warcraft. That should give you a good comparison for your own tales. Use your best judgement. If you ask yourself, "Is this too far?", it just might be and you might want to consider doing another editing pass. While not everyone may agree on taste, try to keep it as tasteful as possible. If you're sharing a story, it may be a good idea to put "complete" at the bottom of your story if it takes more than one post to tell it. We know there are restrictions on the forums that may hinder you a bit, but this may give you the room to post without someone jumping in before you're done and so that the reader knows they are reading a "finished" (we all know no story is ever really finished) piece of work. Authors may also want to express at the bottom of their completed tale if they are open to constructive feedback. Some may not want feedback other than to hear if someone enjoyed it and some may be looking for others to help them hone their skills. The best way to solicit either is to make it clear what you would like. "Constructive feedback welcome." If you are a reader, please be considerate. If you didn't like a story or liked it, then sharing constructive feedback is fine. But, please make sure you do it in a way that isn't insulting to the author if the author has asked for or made it clear they are open to feedback. Most importantly, we all know that these types of efforts are very personal to the author. I'd like to ask authors not to take feedback too personally and likewise for those that give constructive feedback. Please don't make it personal. Personal attacks are definitely not OK here. This is largely 'your' forum to make of what you like in the end. While we have the power to moderate and help mold, the shape of it all is largely up to you and what you make of it as a community. *I've left this thread open on purpose so that any additional etiquette discussions or questions could be kept here. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves.Takralus8 04 Jan 2016
18m If Velen was so smart and could predict How come he was so blind and stupid to not see the Burning Legion coming after them and possibility of them corrupting the Orcs and setting them up against them? Imagine if the Elves did keep to themselves. Without sending adversaries to the humans. This is exactly what the Draenei did to the Orcs. They landed on their planet, kept to themselves, decided to put up no defences even though they damn knew that the Legion was hunting for them, even without warning for the Orcs. Imagine this. A race came up from nowhere with intelligent tech, took up residence in the best spots without any harsh nature and keep to themselves the whole time with little interaction as possible. I'm not saying the Draenei are entirely to blame, but the way they handled it for being such a Dr. Manhatten race, jeez total failure. Good job I guess for being such a pompeous race. Atleast the Elves had the decency to negotiate with the humans, what stopped the Draenei from doing the same?Rektem0 18m
22m Impeaching Sylvanas You guys think the other Horde leaders will snap out of the curse Sylvanas has put them under and realise they are following a psycothic war criminal? If so will they kill her or simply let Baine/Saurfang take the mantle of warchief. Personally hope it happens real soon because horde lore is going down the gutter real fast and that trainwreck needs to stop real quick.Gurluk105 22m
24m The Horde is strategically better The Horde next expansion is situated far better than the Alliance. Let's see here. Horde controls Kalimdor. Still there are Night Elf forces holding against them and fighting them, they are cut off to the other side of the continent. We've got the warsong Hold sitting at the edge of the map in Borean Tundra, Valiance guard is situated there also, but cut off from reinforcements. Then we've got the Blood Elves situated still up in the North of EK, with the Forsaken fort still up at howling fjord. Tol Barad was semi under control during MoP by Garrosh. As was said that the Horde won multiple battles there at the shores. I have no idea under who's control it is now. Also the Horde now controls the Broken Isles with the Nightborn in Suramar and the Highmountain Tauren. Plus there are Horde forces situated south of Stormwind. Also most Orcish clans are active in EK who could do guerilla warfare, sabotaging enemy supplies. The Alliance did rebuild Stromgarde and are taken hold in Gilneas. But resources must be scarced. All in all the Horde has better pinpoints and is strategically situated better than the Alliance. It's gonna be interesting to see how the war will play out.Arsgar68 24m
25m Horde got tricked Hello all, Thinking about the burning of Tel'drassil, what if the Horde got tricked into believing that N'zoth is actually hiding beneath the Tree. After all, its birth was overseen by Fandral (later revealed a supporter of the Old Gods) and named Tel'drassil (Crown of the world) as an evil pun on the fact that it would bring the victory of the Old god. We know, from Chronicles 1, that N'zoth is most likely south of the Broken Isles, but to my knowledge, no one in the game world knows his location. So someone gets the knowledge to the Horde that N'zoth with the defeat of the Legion will reveal himself and unleash his full power onto the world to corrupt Azeroth in its weakened state. Someone "innocently" suggest that the destruction of the Tree could prevent the advent of N'zoth, maybe even destroy the Old God. Someone suggest that using a shard of Sargeras' Sword would be tool to achieve the destruction of the Tree but time is of the essence. Someone put down that, yes, it means killing thousands but it is the only way to save the world as time is of the essence. It is just a question of intercepting any messenger sent to inform anyone. and voilà Casus belli.Fanarie13 25m
52m BfA Cinematic & The Blood Elves Hello! I did some research and I couldn't get any answers. I was wondering, if Saurfang made it to Undercity in time, where were the Blood Elves?Coobah12 52m
1h The best of both worlds(The Lich King) Before Arthas donned the Lich King's armor, it was the spirit of the former Orc Shaman Ner'zhul whose soul was attached to the armor and then imprisoned (physically) inside the Frozen Throne. Now Arthas and Ner'zhul's spirit are one and together they are the Lich King. Chris Metzen replied: "Arthas and Ner'zhul have become a perfect fusion of one being - Arthas' PERSONALITY and body with Ner'zhul's wisdom, experience, power and EVIL. Metzen later said "Yes. Yeah, Ner'zhul is done. He served us well in that capacity, but really the Lich King idea... really is the ultimate expression, you know, as Arthas or whatever. Ner'zhul's done." Yeah, because of the book Arthas: Rise of the Lich King, which is nowhere supported ingame at all, a certain group of people have taken this a bit too far and claim Ner'zhul is dead and the Metzen response is the proof? Hah! People who are desperate twists his words. He clearly stated "Ner'zhul is done(Ner'zhul the character). He served us well in that capacity, but really the Lich King idea... really is the ultimate expression, you know, (which means that Ner'zhul as a character won't come back, because the demons damned him fully, so he is only the Lich King now, merged together into one being). As Arthas or whatever. (which clearly points to the merge with Ner'zhul the Lich King. For people to truly believe that Arthas, a soulless undead, which has his soul bound within Frostmourne, which Ner'zhul controls fully, could win and overpower The Lich King Ner'zhul, with his vast mental consciousness and tremendous power over necromancy, shadow and frost, wouldn't just think it and he could've overpowered Arthas like nothing, since he lacks his soul and thereby his strong willpower and he faces a demi-god with a mind ten thousandfold greater than his own. How can people draw that stupid conclusion from the Met'zen quote is beyond me? It's just impossible for Arthas to stand even the smallest chance in a mental fight for control over the dominant part of the Lich King. It's more than bizarre to think otherwise when it's all right there, even several quests and events ingame supports that Ner'zhul is atleast partly if not fully in control. But another logical thing people don't think about and instead takes as evidence for the Arthas theory, is that just because he says "as Arthas, or whatever. Ner'zhul is done." doesn't mean the same as yes, it's Arthas being the dominant personality now and Ner'zhul is dead, no. It just just says that Ner'zhul as a character separate from the Lich King, that story is done. And why the characters in the Warcraft universe like Tirion for example calls him Arthas, is purely because of Arthas is the body, it's him they see. And not all know the whole truth about who the dark being that embodies the power behind Arthas is and used to be, namely an orc, one of the most famous orcs in history. That's what I loved about the Lich King, tormented into only hatred was left of Ner'zhul's soul, the Dreadlords experiments and knowledge in necromancy together with allowing them to craft the blade and the Helmet, forge them and enchant both with incredibly powerful and twisted magics, while Kil'jaeden empowered these artifacts even further with a portion of his own power and bound Ner'zhul to the Helmet and partly(?) to the blade. Either way Ner'zhul had full control over it. Ner'zhul with a consciousness that had expanded a ten thousandfold, took the dreadlords experiments in and they came out through his mind as a the most powerful necromancer in existence. THe thing I love the most about it is that the Horde and Alliance had been warring through two great wars which only left destruction in it's path. But when The Lich King Ner'zhul merged with a former human Arthas Menethil, they became the best of both worlds and the most powerful being on Azeroth at the time. And that the merging of an orc and a human with both faced similar fates, good mortal leaders forced into dark corners, that this would be the greatest threat to the existence of life as a whole on Azeroth. There is a hidden message here, what if orc and humans would've stood side by side? No one could oppose them and they would be the ruling races on the planet. Together they can accomplish incredible things, apart and divided against eachother, they will eventually succumb to the cold and dark death that awaits them in the Frozen continent.Ernstx2 1h
6h Night Elves in Battle for Azeroth The new expansion announcement left me with some questions: 1) So, the great Night Elven empire is defeated, by a weakened horde that suffered a civil war, was apparently the losing side of a war (according to Blizzard, the Alliance "won" the Fourth War), not to mention that even before that, they were weaker then the Alliance. And they lost on their home turf. Against an enemy that really shouldn't be a threat anymore. Is this because the Horde is actually super-awesome uber-faction whose warriors can take on hundreds of alliance soldiers without a sweat? Or are Night Elves actually just pathetic weaklings that can't fight worth a damn? Or both? 2) Does this mean that all the other Alliance settlements in Kalimdor will be destroyed too? Like Feathermoon Stronghold in Feralas? 3) If the Horde conquered their territory, what happens to the night elf civilians? Will they be conquered and under the Horde rule? Will they die in battle/from the plague? Will they all be evacuated by draenei spaceships and sent to... Val'Sharah? Stormwind Park 3.0? Lion's Pride Inn? 4) If this "victory" was archieved with the Plague, wouldn't the Cenarion Circle object to that? Especially if the Horde assaulted Mount Hyjal or even Moonglade. Even if the Archdruid was a random tauren druid who thinks Sylvanas is his waifu. 5) Speaking of the Cenarion Circle, what about Malfurion? Now that the horde rampaged through his people's ancestral lands, burned down the great tree and drove his people to exile and (possibly) near extinction, will he finally start to care about his people? Or will he channel Taran Zhu and just go on and on about the Cycle of Hatred? 6) Will Tyrande Divorce him if he does the latter? 7) Does this make the ending of Siege of Orgrimmar even stupider in retrospect? Specifically, how the Alliance dealt with the Horde?Shiwer71 6h
7h Nightborne should be kicked out of Suramar It's funny how for me, nightborne on the horde sold me to the horde. Don't get me wrong I'm quite disgusted with how they are treating the alliance night elves, but nightborne on the horde are night elves on the horde afterall. And I still think that if they join the horde they should lose Suramar to the night elves and hope for blizzard to raise the highborne profile amongst the night elves to replace the nightborne they lose to the horde. I thought about it too, if I'd still be interested in playing nightborne if they lose Suramar. The answer is yes, because I like the models and I like Thalyssra, but much will depend on how /why they join the horde. Atm, hands down the horde elves are better than the alliance ones. As it looks now, both high elves (void ones) and night elves are homeless and living like refugees, whiles both the sin'dorei and shal'dorei seem to embody the best of the high elves and the night elves. That ofc is unfair, as well as the night elves constantly losing, and it makes them even less attractive. Secondly, one faction having all the best things and being vastly suprerior is terrible and boring, having a worthy adversary is far more exciting, especially when your players are on both sides. Which is why the crap portrayal of alliance NElves is so astonishing. The nightborne really could do with having to be kicked out of Suramar, I'm willing to wager it would be a brilliant move for story potential. Staying in that city is suffocating and stagnating for the group. But if they are displaced and have to make their way and build their way in Kalimdor (presumably having to fight angry night elves who've been displaced ) it would be far more interesting, as this is the first time their situation has drastically changed, going from high civilization to nothing, and vice versa for the night elves who with their highborne are now back in their home city for the first time in 10,000 years after living in ruins and the forest. It is poetic justice too, as one group gave up everything to keep the world safe, and the other kept everything to keep themselves safe, and now end up losing everything, while the ones that lost gained it back. Ofc you'll need an epic battle, imo, it should be the one that announces the night elves as the group you don't want to mess with, as they outwit, out fight and out magic the nightborne and blood elves. Meanwhile when the nightborne move to Kalimdor, again we see them and their struggles to gain a firm footing. This is when things get real, they're very clever, and very good at magic, but have no night well power source. The night elves stuck on Kalimdor and fighting to get their stuff back, are far tougher wilier than the nightborne thought or their blood elf allies, gaining a foothold, securing the land is like pulling teeth, it is slow and their foe is very cunning and very good with and against their magic (you get to see how night elves during the vigil successfully maintained the ban on sorcery - they learnt how to be very good against the magic they were the masters of). Fighting and struggle is new to the nightborne despite their great skill, so they experience a lot of losses, and their victories seem to be flukes. They realize they need a lot more help than they thought they would, and life is very different when you're not sitting comfortably and organised in a magnificent city with the resources of an empire behind you. Yet, they are night elves after all, and they are neither idiots nor do they give up. They and their allies out number their enemy, no matter how good the enemy is, it is only a matter of time. There is just much more potential for the nightborne to grow away from Suramar. Now if blizzard seriously develop the highborne for the night elves, to the extent of even seeing some highborne styled customizations on night elf character creation with a huge bump in their role in the story and the night elf plans, well, I might just keep a night elf or two. My mind is made up to play the nightborne, but the outcome of whether ALL my characters will be nightborne or I'll leave some as night elves really depends on the how the story goes.Kalibas137 7h
8h Your favorite Windrunner? Sylvanas, Alleria or Vereesa? I guess for me it would be Sylvanas. I really like her as a villain, not so much as a warchief, in my opinion she would work better as someone who rules from the shadows, but hopefully it leads to something interesting. Alleria is a pretty recent addition in WoW, so not that sure yet, but she seems really interesting and I like any lore about shadow magic and the Void, so I've really enjoyed her quests. Definitely going to make a void elf in BfA. Not a big fan of Vereesa due to that Dalaran incident, but still I find her interactions with her sisters interesting enough. If they add High Elves, she would make a good faction leader for them. Hope all three of them will have atleast one scene together in the next expansion!Soliana59 8h
8h Light Forged Elves Salut, It seems there are High Elves who are Light Forged in the Army of the Light. Do you think we will get them as well to play for the Alliance? It would be strange that some Draenei come to Azeroth, but the Elves decide to stay away from their home planet. Give them to both factions as some decide to side with Alleria and others decide to go back to Silvermoon. It would keep the Horde in the loop for the future conflict with the Void Lords.Fanarie19 8h
8h Whos leading trolls after voljin death? title.Bearinmind11 8h
8h Tyrande was not mean to the Nightborne Copying this thread from US because I very much agree with this Source: Now for some reason I keep seeing people say the reason the nightborne join the horde is because Tyrande was mean to them. I find this is generally "backed up" by poorly remembering some world quest or something else. One thing that is brought up is a world quest people say she wants the nightborne to die. This is not true. She wants more Shal'dorei to take up the fight against the legion to help take back their city. Like any good commander she is concerned about the loss of her troops, but if you are trying to liberate a city you always want the help of the locals. Then someone said she said that she wants them to die to their face, which isn't true. Tyrande Whisperwind: The Nightwell is no more. These Nightborne will learn to survive without its corrupting power, or they will perish. Let us hope it is the former. They mixed up the meaning of former and latter. She hopes they survive without the nightwell. This is just two examples of what I've seen people say. Tyrande helps to liberate suramar, there is nothing to indicate here that Tyrande would be the reason. If someone does have an example of why Tyrande is the reason, post proof of the quest text because people seem to try to cast her in the worst possible light when they attempt to remember something and mix up words. In my opinion the questline where they join the horde is going to be the reason, not because of something Tyrande did when she was liberating Suramar.Tidebreaker58 8h
8h Where is sylvanas? As a role player i find it quite disrespectful that our new warchief isn't even bothered to show up to ogrimmar and say hi. Last we of her she was fighting Genn Greymane and thats it. Will we ever see her again?Gonrund85 8h
9h The "bad writing" excuse. The last few weeks/months I've been reading posts and posts in mostly the Story forums, and I have witnessed many arguments between (mainly) factions. But I've noticed a trend in these discussions... The "bad writing" excuse... Whenever someone brings up a valid point in a lore discussion it's responded to immediately with: "Well that's bad writing" or "Well blizzard sucks at making up lore." Even though this is sometimes true, I would even say mostly true. This should not be considered as a valid argument. Because it happened in the warcraft universe, therefore it's fact. This post is a message to everyone who keeps using the same sentence. It's getting annoying and you're not giving a good argument. Sign the petition!Tinywizurd36 9h
9h I want all the Arcan"dor back !! Those mana addicts do not deserve the fruit ! Give it all back and go rot in Quel'thalas with the other degenerates!!! when we are done with you, you'd wish you were in Elisande's slave pens! Ungrateful !@#$%^-s, Thalyssra ready yourself the Wrath of the night warrior is coming !!Tyrandé45 9h
21h Any Scarlet Crusade guilds recruiting? Greetings. I am a roleplayer with 2 years of experience. I've lead rp-events and a couple of guilds in the past. I have a couple of characters. You may deicide which one you'll need. :) Characters: Midron: Lvl 86 Paladin Modrin: Lvl 110 Warrior Dariot: 96 Priest (For gods sake, only scarlet rpers please! I don't wanna hear that: 'Ugh, scarlet rp is dead' !@#$ again) Addons: Total RP 3 and NPC GeneratorMidron2 21h
22h Worst Lore Moment? I've tried to include one from each expansion, which one do you think was the worst one? 1) Kael'thas is evil and Tempest Keep was just a setback! 2) There must always be a Lich King! 3) The purpose of the dragonflights was to stop one of their own from destroying Azeroth and then make way for Age of Mortals 2.0, starting with Aggra's convenient pregnancy. 4) "We have all suffered from his atrocities; my people more than any other." 5) Garrosh the time traveler. 6) "Draenor is free!" 7) Xe'ra, the ultimate Illidan fangirl and her retcon powers. 8) Sylvanas in Stormheim. Feel free to mention anything not on the list. For me, it's probably number 2.Shiwer80 22h
1d Shadow Priests and Masochism I noticed that in the Shadow talent tree for Priests, there is a talent called Masochism. What is the lore behind this talent? Is it that Shadow Priests gain pleasure from being tortured by the Old Gods, physically/mentally, or both?Tarasanor3 1d
1d More powerful Lore Wise Warlock or Death Knight? What do you guys think? Any Lore wizards here who can answer?Turhaturpa37 1d
1d What happens to Demon Hunters in BfA? Why would demon hunters - who's only goal is to follow their god Illidan - all of the sudden decide to fight in the Horde vs Alliance war? How would that work? Sylvanas: "Hey so we know that you gave your life and body and whatnot to kill demons and all but those guys are gone now you guys wanna come fight in some pointless war?"Brewxor10 1d
1d DH's should not follow into BfA. ... One hero. And DH's didn't even exist. THey just made up the lore the day before the launch and ruined long established lore. Anyone who is a true fan and loves this game, would hate a DH and everything it stands for. They destroyed Illidan character in Legion, why?! Why ress him at all? We would've fought the Legion and won even without him, trust me. Mages could handle the few things that the Light cannot. And when it comes to the demonic Legion, the Light purges it in holy fire. So it's such a big lore fail when Illidan could stand unharmed in the Vindicar. Lorewise he would've been burned to ash by the incredibly powerful presence of the Light. No demon could survive the presence in a ship filled with Lightforged and even a Naaru. The whole DH's and Illidan's return became a joke, just as I said it would two years ago.Ernstx7 1d
1d Green Vs Red Dragons Hello Lore buffs! Could anyone please clarify the difference between the magics of the Red and Green Dragon Flight? I understand that Ysera was linked to the Dream, which is where druids get their magic from; but where does the Red Dragonflight's power originate from? Is it the power of Life- one of the primordial forces? Bonus Points for explaining it in terms of the schools of magic/ cosmic forces diagram from the WoW Chronicle books!!Trinimac1 1d
1d Will Malfurion fight the Horde? So, Teldrassil was burned and Night Elves are losing the war. Now, while Malfurion was against the creation of Teldrassil, he was the one who cleansed it from corruption and managed to get it blessed by the dragonflights. Not to mention that it's home to many night elves, druids of Shadowglen among them and houses Darnassus, the night elven capital city. It was a world tree, if there's anything that should push him to act, it's this. According to what information we have, Malfurion is missing from Stormwind Embassy, while Tyrande is there. While it could be because he is neutral, it could be because he is out there in Kalimdor, personally leading the Night Elven armies and nature itself against the invaders. Those are his people and the forests he watched over and now, there's no convenient world ending crisis to occupy his attention. I mean, he can't just ignore this. Right?Heartseeker60 1d
1d Will we see Maiev in BfA? I really want to see how she reacts to the burning of Teldrassil, and the loss of her people's homes. I would also like to see what Jarod is doing, since Darnassus is his canonical home as of Wolfheart.Nightwarden38 1d
1d Why nightborne choose to become alliance enemies? I mean after all we did help them retake their city from burning legion and are they totaly ok whit fighting their own kin the night elves? and is thalysra ok whit this too ? did she and others forget how i saved their blue lumenescent buttocks ? Any ways joking aside what you guys would speculate or think the reasoning would be for them to join the horde and do you think ALL of them are ok whit this or is it just a splinter faction same whit highmountain tauren they were all buddy whit both sides but now they just decide switch it and lets be enemies for no reason ? i really would like to see the story line blizz plays out on reasoning why these seemless neutral factions join a race war whitout any past hostilities whit either faction All in all its gonna be an interesting expansion cant waitNeleria74 1d
1d Question about the Illidari Hi everyone :) I wanted to ask if in terms of lore, there are both night elves and blood elves among the Illidari. I don't know much about them besides what it is shown in Legion, but if that faction was created before Arthas attacked Quel'thalas, then there would not be illidari blood elves but high elves, right? The same way that Sylvannas would not actually be a blood elf since she died as a high elf, no? But if the Illidari were originally followers of Illidan, could they be anything else but night elves? I mean, would high elves follow Illidan, a nigth elf? I hope you can help me clarify all this. Many thanks! :)Ninethyn5 1d
1d Gilneas/Gnomeregan questions What's the state of gilneas currently in wow? What's also the state of gnomeregan? Kezan? I simply can't find enough info about this. Also, is gilneas going to be retaken in BfA?Castilius8 1d
1d Draenor Apologies, if someone asked this before, but is there any info about our friends who stayed on Draenor? I mean, I just watched few WoD cinematics once again w\o any reasons and Yrel told, that they will come, if we will ever need them. I feel like we could open a small portal for some named npcs and a few draeneis\orcs from Draenor so they could help their factions, because it seems to me like I just lost 2 years of history, gameplay and my own time while being there, doing stupid green-wommit raid again and again. Would be great to have at least a few links between us and Draenor people, because I do not understand why I even was there, what was I doing and for what reasons. Maybe famous "Redshirt guy" asked something like this on blizzcon or Blizzard gave their answer. Clarify this for me pls. And sorry if my english sucks.Uendell24 1d
1d If Sylvanas wins... Suppose she succeeded in her plan of conquering SW, then either ignored or razed Ironforge, would she eventually turn against the orcs and the Kalimdor Horde and create her own faction? I doubt she would attack Quel'thalas unless she sees it as an absolute threat but do you think she will eventually set her eyes on Orgrimmar as well?Nightwarden13 1d
1d WoW Kingdoms (what if) Hello all, The announce of WoW classic got me thinking about alternate settings. Imagine if there had not been the 2 factions at launch. Just a smattering of small kingdoms with varying relationships. Let's say you create a Stormwind Human. You are on Friendly terms with Ironforge and Stormwind, Unfriendly with Darnassus (WC3 elves are quite xenophobic) and Hostile with Orgrimar. So your character can quest without problem in IF and SW, has limited quest acces to Darna till his rep reach neutral then friendly, but must first work through side factions (Ratchet as a neutral ground and Theramore as a benevolent supporter of Thrall's Kingdom) to raise his rep Orgri to Unfriendly to unlock the first quests available with that realm. BGs would have been regional conflicts between minor powers in which the players are mercenaries and fight with a side of their choice. It would affect their rep with linked major kingdoms. For ex., fighting in Arathi on UD side would earn you rep with Undercity and cost you rep with SW. It would have given Blizz more options to write stories. It would have given players more content to do on a character. The evolution fo relationship between Kingdoms could have had an impact on the player Rep levels. for ex. Blizz implement an advance of Orgrimmar in Stonetalons, Orc players lose rep with Darna and have to earn it back. Just morning musings, but I think it would have been pretty interesting. Whata are your thoughts?Fanarie3 1d
2d Azeroth will burn! And you will be powerless to stop it. There will be a faction within the Alliance or atleast someone who has heavy ties to the Alliance, who will burn Teldrassil down. And guess who? It's already several suspects in the Alliance that could easily be swayed by the dark whispers because of their emotional flaws, something the undead is almost immune to. But my guess is that Teldrassil will burn first, and that it's Veressa with her hatred or even Maiev, who already took the step into madness, now with her losing Illidan aswell. But Veressa is a much more likely candidate, especially since now she has to prove that the Horde is evil to keep Alleria on her side. Genn Greymane could also be in on it, since he and Veressa could find common ground in wanting Sylvanas gone now. And as a response, the Alliance attacks Lordaeron. Either way, the Old God's win and will order Azshara to launch an all out attack. Any thoughts?Ernstx19 2d
2d Leak of how the fire of Teldrassil started. This is like totally legit, this was seen by them future seers folks and them made it into a picture to stop the confusion. 2d
2d The children of Cenarius in BfA We know that Teldrassil is home to not just night elves, but also dryads, keepers, furbolg, tree ancients, treants, and a host of wildlife including sabers, owls, spiders etc. Come BfA, the Horde (apparently) burns down every single creature living on Teldrassil, with unlikelihood that any of the above survived, as they lack portal convenience or allies that night elves do. How will the children of Cenarius respond to the Horde in BfA? Will they go all out along with Cenarius/Remulos himself or will they still cower behind their veil of neutrality? I presume the attack on Teldrassil would be perceived as not just an attack on the night elves, but against much of nature itself.Nightwarden2 2d
2d Vindicaar is Millenium Falcon Found this quote from Metzen "To be clear, we’re not talking about having the Millennium Falcon cruising around the Twisting Nether (I’m certain there would be some legal issues there, to say the least). The draenei ‘nether-ship’ you’ve been hearing about is far more than it seems. It’s part of a larger dimension-traveling fortress called Tempest Keep that essentially teleports through alternate realities. It doesn’t bank and roll or shoot proton torpedoes (not yet, anyway)." That's exactly what Vindicaar is. Quite funny and ironic. "Times change..."Alleen1 2d
3d What if...All Blizzard games are connected? At the end of history of World of Warcraft. Banishing of the old gods, life is endengered on Azeroth, she is too damaged. Races escape to different worlds. The great dark beyond forgotten, army of light was too busy fighting the demons that managed to escape their prison. Trag'Oul, a Dragon that consumed the power of the elemental lords has become The Guardian of This world. Undead still roam the land,the Scourge cannot be stopped. The Portal to Argus was closed, but that much arcane power cannot just dissapear, so the connection is still there. Which allows demons, when the two are close to each other(During certain seasons), pass the border. Long after history is forgotten, an immortal being appears on Azeroth, but calls her "Sanctuary". He has no memory of what she once was, or what the demons were all it knows is that there has been a war between "Light" and "Darkness" for centuries. Angels against Demons. He wants peace and takes this world as his Sanctuary for exactly that. Nephalem are born from that union proving to be stronger than both angels and demons. The world stone was created to weaken the Nephalem. Mortal race of men evolved from the nephalem over centuries and spread over the world. Until the world stone was destroyed by a Lord Of Argus(Hell). Nephalem Killed Lords of hell one after the other, killed an arch angel of death and all other angels and demons over and over again in an endless quest for power. Humanity keeps advancing untill they are capable of space travel. Sargeras goes insane in his prison and it turns into a new life form, The Zerg. Draenai keep traveling the cosmos but call themselves Protos, they are the only race that has survived for so long. Kerrigan is a Nephalem turned Zerg queen. Together all three races travel to the "Void" to defeat Amon (A void Lord?) her Angelic and demonic powers are awakened and she completes ages long prophecy with all 3 races banded together and stood united against the might of the Void lords.Cake3 3d
3d Saurfang Cinematic One has to wonder why The Horde didn't just run over the Alliance in the CInematic completly, especially with The High Overlord himself there, well I guess Saurfang was being humble, usualy all it would take would be one cleave.Dragà73 3d
3d Dragonlance similarities Yes! im re-reading dragonlance chronicles with newer "Lost chronicles" and i wanted to share with you that warcraft world is very similar to DL .. Colored dragon flights, Kael-tas = Feal thas , general atmosphere, everything smells dragon lance! isnt it?Nostracles1 3d
3d Night elves are so weak ? "Now Horde control's the Kalimdor" - How ? Horde army was so weak, they retreat from islands when they where totally crashed by Legion. Where Night elves was not taking any actions. And now all Night Elves are defeated. Where was those Malorne e.t.c ? Last time even Elune was helping Alliance to defend those forests. But what now ? They lost all their lands. Garrosh was not able take even Ashenvale for 2 addons. With all those monsters he had. And now Horde done this so quick. How ? Night Elves lost everything. I have no words. How hard does Blizzard hate this race ? Where will they live now without their Nordrassil and Teldrassil ? Without Well on Eternity ? Where those Malorne e.t.c will live ??? Why did Night Elves start to live on Teldrassil in first place ? To cure the world tree, because tree could destroy all the world. And now Horde burn this tree down... Horde was trying to destroy all Azeroth ?? Blizzard hit very hard to the harts of all Night Elves fans. As soon as Chris Metzen was out...Призраклеса36 3d
3d BfA - Lordaeron Elo, for the new expansion we're seeing fightscenes at Lordaeron, so my question is are we going back in time to fight for Lordaeron (Undercity) or are we seeing another... lordaeron? I'm abit confused right now.. (heh) thanks!Kupray4 3d
3d Huojin should leave the Horde ... Unless they really believe that Sylvanas is bringing about some "greater good", they should do something about it, if they really believe their own philosophy.Sallahadin17 3d
3d Scarlet Brotherhood joining the alliance I was thinking with arrival of allied races and the Alliance assault on Undercity Would it not be interesting to have the remants of the Scarlet Brotherhood joining the Alliance? Undeads worshiping the Light and opposed to the Forsaken. It would make for an interesting twist on the allied races.Fanarie19 3d
3d Are warlocks still accepted among bloodelves? So the only playable faction race where warlocks are accepted in society are the bloodelves. When you start out playing a bloodelf of the Silvermoon(?) faction, the bloodelves have returned from Outland to reclaim Quel'Thalas, and the destruction of their Sunwell has led them to learn from Illidan about draining magic from demons. Using demonic magic is accepted among bloodelves as a necessity for survival. But after the events of the Burning Crusade, the bloodelves got their Sunwell restored, and thus have a fountain of arcane to draw magic from. (and at the same time, they got holy energy in their Sunwell, and their paladins need not drain holy energy from a Naaru anymore) So the question is, after the end of the Burning Crusade, are warlocks still accepted as a necessity for survival, or is it unaccepted again, when they got an arcane Sunwell again, and the dangers with demonmagic was shown by Kaels faction of demonic bloodelves?Kriget7 3d
3d N'Zoth minions I have been thinking for awhile now about the Aqir and the old gods. All of the old gods we have encountered have had thier own insectoids serving them. C'thun has his Qiraji and the silithid. Yogg'saron with his Nerubians and arachnathid. Y'shaarj while dead still have his faithful Mantid and kunchong, waiting for his rebirth. But we haven't encountered N'zoth yet. Do you think he will also have his own Aqir sub-race? Perhaps water-insectiods? Or are the faceless ones actually his minions? This expansion will not be about the old gods, but maybe the next one will. I really liked when they introduced the mantid as Y'shaarjs minions. I bet this would be just as good.Kranken16 3d
3d Void Elves and Shadow Priests I am here to ask Shadow Priests. How do you see the void elves? You are the masters of shadow (void) magic and you even wield crazy butterknife (part of a creature created by the void lords). Why are there no forsaken, dwarf and human void beings? I can understand no void trolls because their priests follow the loas and while dark it seems to be a different kind of priestly power. I can understand no Tauren bacause their clergy is recent and centered around the sun. I can already imagine the void elf warrior standing beside an experience shadow priest and saying: " Oh yeah, shadow stuff, mastered that before; but now I have a big sword, does the job." So I was wondering how shadow priests of both factions saw void elves? And do you think void elves priests should be barred from using the Light abilities in game?Fanarie4 3d
3d Why is aldiun high king instead of greymane? From what i understand high king basically means supreme commander of the alliance forces. It isn't hereditary. Greymane acted as second in command of varian wyrn during the cutesences and does the same for aldiun wyrn. Greymane is a much more experianced commander. Has experiance fighting sylvanas for years. And is a king in exile(but still a king). If anything aldiun shoud be second in command learning from greymane. Speaking of high kings(it shoud just be named supreme commander) How come more experianced and capeable leaders arent holding that rank? Face it varian might be a great warrior but he was a horrible stratagist. Hearing he lectured tyrande made me facepalm. Between tyrande, greymane, malfurion, velen and jania. There are tons of people who are better at leading militery campaigns then the wyrn family. While we are on the subject: Who would you vote for high king?Malaficus18 3d
3d Warlocks,Void Elves and the Burning Legion So, as the title suggests, I have some question. 1: First of all, are Warlocks tied with the Burning Legion at all, or do they summon “independent” demons? 2: Where do Warlocks draw their fel magic from? Their summoned demons? 3: With the announcement of BfA, what are the Void Elves connection with demons and fel? Aren’t they supposed to dabble in Void Magic and not fel? I can see why Nightborne get their warlock class from, but for me, the Void Elves only seem to get Warlocks because they have to mirror the Nightborne. Thoughts on that? Bonus Question: Why are the Nightborne allowed to have priests? Do they revere the light in any way? It doesn’t seem like they worship Elune in any way. Seems like they should just gove priests to the Void Elves and warlocks for the Nightborne.Vokara5 3d
4d It's time to kill Anduin as last raid boss in BfA Anduin will be corrupted Will go insane Will burn the tree and start a war with horde , framing them Horde will help sane alliance people to get rid of a mad tyrant. I expect 12 months of "Cleanse Stormwind" raid with Anduin as final boss. Bring it!Enachev21 4d
4d Allied Races Done Right. I cant be the only one completely baffled by blizzards choice when it comes to the new allied races? I mean there are SO MANY already well established races and cultures that they could of picked yet they go with these new ones that arent nearly fleshed out enough to relate to (Apart from Zandalari and Dark Iron of Course). Here is what I think would have been a better idea: Orcs - Mag'Har or Mok'Nathal (Maybe even Fel Orc) Human - Vrykul Undead - Skeleton or option to be any race as undead Gnome - Mechagnomes Tauren - Yaungol Night Elves - Withered Dranei - Eredar (Seriously enrages me that we got Lightforged instead of this) Worgen - Saberon or Native Gilnean Goblin - Hobgoblin Pandaren - Just get rid of this race seriously Troll - Forest Troll Blood Elves - High ElvesÂhtuno24 4d