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07 Mar 2011 WoW User Interface Add-On Development Policy With the continuing popularity of World of Warcraft user interface add-ons (referred to hereafter as "add-ons") created by the community of players, Blizzard Entertainment has formalized design and distribution guidelines for add-ons. These guidelines have been put in place to ensure the integrity of World of Warcraft and to help promote an enjoyable gaming environment for all of our players - failure to abide by them may result in measures up to and including taking formal legal action. 1) Add-ons must be free of charge. All add-ons must be distributed free of charge. Developers may not create "premium" versions of add-ons with additional for-pay features, charge money to download an add-on, charge for services related to the add-on, or otherwise require some form of monetary compensation to download or access an add-on. 2) Add-on code must be completely visible. The programming code of an add-on must in no way be hidden or obfuscated, and must be freely accessible to and viewable by the general public. 3) Add-ons must not negatively impact World of Warcraft realms or other players. Add-ons will perform no function which, in Blizzard Entertainment's sole discretion, negatively impacts the performance of the World of Warcraft realms or otherwise negatively affects the game for other players. For example, this includes but is not limited to excessive use of the chat system, unnecessary loading from the hard disk, and slow frame rates. 4) Add-ons may not include advertisements. Add-ons may not be used to advertise any goods or services. 5) Add-ons may not solicit donations. Add-ons may not include requests for donations. We recognize the immense amount of effort and resources that go into developing an add-on; however, such requests should be limited to the add-on website or distribution site and should not appear in the game. 6) Add-ons must not contain offensive or objectionable material. World of Warcraft has been given a "T" by the ESRB, and similar ratings from other ratings boards around the world. Blizzard Entertainment requires that add-ons not include any material that would not be allowed under these ratings. 7) Add-ons must abide by World of Warcraft ToU and EULA. All add-ons must follow the World of Warcraft Terms of Use and the World of Warcraft End User License Agreement. 8) Blizzard Entertainment has the right to disable add-on functionality as it sees fit. To maintain the integrity World of Warcraft and ensure the best possible gaming experience for our players, Blizzard Entertainment reserves the right to disable any add-on functionality within World of Warcraft at its sole discretion. 15 July 2009 Music Distribution through UI Add-Ons We have recently seen a number of User Interface Add-Ons that are making modifications to the World of Warcraft in-game music files and wanted to take a moment to go over some important points with the community in connection with this. While we are currently allowing Add-Ons that remove or replace existing sound files, keep in mind that it is illegal to distribute copyrighted materials, in this case in-game music and audio files, without authorization. One of the primary goals of the user interface is to allow players to customize their game experience and we hope to avoid making any modifications in the future that will prevent this. 13 April 2009 UI Add-On Development Policy Update On 20 March, we released the new add-on development policy to the public as an ongoing effort to help ensure add-on integrity, safety, and quality for the community. Since that time we have been in touch with many UI development communities on what the policy means to them and the continuing development of these add-ons. We would like to announce further that we are providing a sixty-day grace period beginning at the time of the initial release of the policy for UI developers to comply with the new policy. After May 19th, Blizzard Entertainment will begin to enforce the Add-on Development policy, and developers found to be in violation of this policy will be contacted directly. For more information... If you are an add-on developer and have any questions about and this User Interface Add-On Development Policy and how it pertains to the add-on that you've developed, please don't hesitate to email us at 07 Mar 2011
5h UI changes coming in 7.2 From our latest PTR Patch Notes: User Interface You can now assign a specialization to an equipment set in the Equipment Manager. An “Open All” button has been added to the mailbox. You can now preview an ensemble set by CTRL-clicking it. Spellbook Spells that haven’t been moved to an action bar are highlighted in the spellbook. Mousing over a spell highlights it on your action bar, making it easier to locate. Pet spells can now be dragged onto the player action bar. Quick Join Auto Accept: A setting has been added to allow friends and guild members to instantly join your queues without a confirmation. This setting is located in Interface Options -> Social. Group tooltips now show the available roles and if auto accept is enabled. Right click a Quick Join group to whisper a member of that group. Aerythlea7 5h
3h Exit condition macro I want to make macro for my DH with condition. The macro looks something like this. /cast Nemesis /cast Chaos Blades The condition is to stop macro (do not cast any abilities) if there is no target selected. Thanks.Caedas0 3h
14h 3 honor talents in 1 macro As stated in the title. I'd like to have a macro that looks like the one below. Is it possible for honor talents? I've unsuccessfully tried 'htalent' and 'pvptalent'. #showtooltip /cast [talent: 3/1] Curse of Tongues /cast [talent: 3/2] Curse of Weakness /cast [talent: 3/3] Curse of Fragility Thank you in advance.Mindx8 14h
14h Looking for an Addon - Drop Down Menu for Spells Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to read this :D I'm looking for an addon I haven't used since Cataclysm. It created a little button you could move anywhere on the screen that would show a drop-down (pop-up?) menu that you could put spells into. Sort of like the Tracking button, but customizable for spells. I used to use it for things like Hearthstone, Mount, toys. The stuff you don't want to look for in spell books and such, but don't want on your actionbars all the time, cluttering up the screen. But I kinda stopped using it at some point and now I can't find it anymore. If anyone knows/remembers this one, could you let me know, please? ^^' Or if you know how to make such an addon, I'd love to try my hand at (re-)making it. :) Thank you ^^' Edit: I've looked at OPie, FlyoutBars and AutoBar. But they don't seem to be what I'm looking for.Nixfizzet0 14h
16h Annoying icon bottom left corner Hello all! I'm having a little problem figuring out where a icon on my screen appears from. Icon in question is here: I dont know if this would be the correct sub-forum to ask but here goes. I have tried most of the thing i can think of, removed wtf and interface folder. even also tried from a fresh install that i fixed some time ago to see if it where from the game itself but icon still there even on log-in screen (so would seem like a software overlay). So i disabled all programs on boot, programs like curse, discord, nvidia experience and so on. icon itself does nothing, cant click on it, always the same unless i go into loading screen, then the icon change with a pause sign for half a second. anyone have any idé where the icon is comming from?Snowex2 16h
1d Survival Hunter Weakauras Hi guys, first, please pardon me for my bad english, it's not my primal language. I was looking for some weakauras for Survival Hunter on the Internet, but I have not found anything that I liked, so I try to make something by myself. I give it here, if someone else want use it. Pictures: ... String: ...Beonar0 1d
1d Targetting a corpse? Is there a macro to select or target a dead mob/player/npc? Other than directly clicking with the mouse obviously.Væyer0 1d
1d Swapping between actionbar 1 and 2 Hi, I use normally shift+2 to change between actionbar 1 and 2 on all chars i have. I have started playing a DK now and i want to have the same option. I have set the same settings like all chars i have "Next actionbar: Shift +2". Thats the only setting i have in the actionbar keybindings. On this DK however when i do this, it changes from 1-->2-->3-->4-->5-->6-->1. Does anyone know how I can remove 3-4-5-6 from this chain and only swap between 1 and 2? Thanks for any help with this - TravoltaTravolta3 1d
1d Is it possible to assist without changing target? As a holy paladin I'm looking to do the following: Whilst hovered over friendly player on the raid frames, cast Judgment on that friendly player's harmful target. Is this possible? This is the current code I have: #showtooltip /assist [@mouseover,help,nodead][@targettarget,harm,nodead][] /cast Judgment /targetlasttarget It may be completely incorrect, but I haven't had a chance to test it properly. The /targetlasttarget throws me off considerably, so I was curious if it was possible to hit that ally's target without changing targets. Thank you.Shimmers1 1d
1d Blizz-like Unit Frames Addon? I'm looking for something blizz-like but with more functionality, i was a huge fan of ghetto frames but that doesn't seem to be updated for legion, UnitFramesImproved also looks really nice but the owner hasn't updated it since pre-patch legion.Stigrim0 1d
2d Help with font shadows in Unit Frames So the picture beneath shows my unit frames after disabling my addon and how it looked before. My current addon isn't working anymore and had to make something myself. However previously it seems that the shadow were either transparent or the same color of the background. Is there anyone that knows a command to change this? 2d
2d Macro CTRL+1 I now sat 6 straight hours trying to make a macro that will press CTRL+1. How do I make a macro that, when I simply click the macro, CTRL+1 will "get pressed"? Reason for this is that I'm playing with controller and consoleport addon and want to activate my microphone using CTRL+1 in a background program. I don't want to reach out for my keyboard every time I want to use microphone. It's a Bluetooth mic so battery runs out quickly if it's continously activated. For the love of god please help meVandaraz6 2d
2d Addons do not work at all. Hello! After i downloaded patch 7.1.5 all my addons stoped working. i have reinstalled the game and the addons but still it do no work. Anyone that have had the same problem and know how to fix it?Trollern2 2d
2d Is there? An addon that shows item levels in the inventory? ARKInv had this feature but with legion they deleted it :( This feature is very important to sorting equipmentTurmentatu1 2d
3d Addon to show %-differences on auction sales? Show average prize and the %-differences on how they drop and climb each day/week? .. is this called auction cut? nvm, the first sentence should describe well what I actually mean. TSM can do that, what other addon can do it aswell? I am looking forward to your reply EDIT: Market Value is the correct term, and how it changesPveowl0 3d
3d Dungeon FPS Drop 7.1/7.1.5 Hello, from some times i got one problem, and have tried everything like reinstall drivers, clean install etc. My configuration is: i7 4790k MSI 980Ti 16GB DDR3 2400MHz -3440x1440 @100Hz Acer Predator X34 got all setting to ultra, but shadow: ultra not ultra high, distance to 7, environment details 7. But for example in Arcway during Ivanyr (Nether Link spell) fight or in Halls of Valor during Hyrja fight (Lightning spell) got a huge fps drop, from 100 (capped) to 40 and less. After tried everything i can't find a solution and probably are one of my addons that make conflict with this. This is the list of addons activated: If someone can check them all and can help me is really appreciated. This is so much frustrating for me. Thanks alot.Shubishake0 3d
3d Weapon ID Macro Not Working Fortunately managed to fix problem myself, linking working macro for players in need for such thing. /run local function id(s) return string.match(GetInventoryItemLink("player",s) or "","(item:.+:%d+)") end ChatFrame1:AddMessage("MH:""\nOH:" Enjoy :)Ângelîque0 3d
3d Cleave Whirlwind ? tried to make a Cleave Whirlwind macro /cast Cleave /cast Whirlwind idea is that he casts cleave and during the cooldown whirlwind. problem is he wont cast whirlwind at all. /castsquence cleave, whirlwind ain't working either since im limited to one whirlwind after cleave. any Macro masters out there know the right lines to make it work ?Eisenberg1 3d
3d reactive abilities - disabling activation border hi all, im looking for an addon to remove gold, glowing border around reactive abilities on my action bars such as execute or rampage whenever they can be used. its missleading because i track my rampage with tmw to use it at exactly 100 rage for frothing berserker to proc but during combat i sometimes mess up by using it before that due to golden border. pls hlp much thanks meChaffee0 3d
4d Need help turning macro into addon Hello there. I'm hoping someone can help me turn 2 macros (that work in conjunction) into a working addon since I can't quite seem to get it. What the addon does is show HP / MaxHP - % HP However when running it as a macro it doesn't seem to show all the time on my target but only on mouseover which I hope someone might be able to help with aswell. /run FrL={TargetFrameHealthBar=1} /run hooksecurefunc("TextStatusBar_UpdateTextStringWithValues",function(f,t,v,_,x)local z,s,a,k=1000 if FrL[f:GetName()]then a=v*100/x k=x>z s=k and "k"or "" x=k and x/z or x t:SetText(format("%s / %.0f%s - %.0f%%",BreakUpLargeNumbers(v),x,s,a))end end)Dastey0 4d
4d Hide Keybinds Script not working in LUA file. Hey I'm trying to get the hide keybinds script working in my custom LUA file but it will only work when i /run them in a macro. ... This is currently how my LUA file looks, everything besides the last 6 lines work, and I don't know how to reformat into getting this to work. All help is greatly appreciated!Dañcé4 4d
4d Similar addon to mobmap Ok so remember back in burning crusade when a addon called mobMap which could track the mobs and npcs, help you with gearing etc. I wanted to ask if there is something similar to thatKalemar2 4d
4d Create AH category link in tradechat Hi all, I'm pretty sure that what I'm thinking of doesn't exist yet, but if it does please feel free to correct me. I think it would be cool to be able to create a link in trade chat that upon clicking, displays the content of my bags/ bank of a certain auction house category that I want to sell. Example: I have a lot of pets in my bags. Instead of posting them on the AH one by one, hoping someone will buy them, I could type: "WTS [Companion Pets]" in trade chat. The link would then display the list of companion pets that I have on offer. Now there would have to be a function to exclude items from the linked category that I don't want to sell. Just wanted to the general idea out there and maybe start a discussion. Please keep it civil and thank you for your feedback :-)Jeriom1 4d
4d WeakAuras show if despellable Spell Hey, for the pvp passiv Purifying Waters, i want that my weakauras tell me if on my target is a despellable Spell (Magic) or on me is a despellable Debuff(Curse) I dont want to install more addons, so if its possible with WA please tell me how, maybe as import if u have the time. I just now that it is possible if u search all magic buffs and check if target got one of them but i hope it can be done better or maybe someone did already a list of them. peaceBatrollomäus1 4d
4d Swap spec+gear macro. Warning message? So I was searching for a simple macro that would let me change spec and gear on my new druid. And as far as I can see I should use: /equipset "name" /run SetSpecialization(1) Please correct me if this is wrong or there is a better way to do this? When i try to test it though, there is a popup message that says that I am attempting to run a custom script, and it might compromise my account and result in the loss of gear and gold. What is this? I have like a dozen of other simple macros that work fine without this warning, so now i dont know what to think. Is it safe to run it?Moxemerald3 4d
4d world boss ana ui lock at world boss ana, i got charmed, after i t wore off, i lost all ability to click anything in my ui including attacking ana. and i could not use my bonus roll.Eivind1 4d
4d VuhDo help needed! (Black theme w/ debuffs) Hi everyone! I recently switched from the ElvUI default raidframe to VuhDo, since I find it more configurable. I decided to opt for a black overall theme, with the names of the players and the background of the HP bars being class-colored. I like this alot actually, but found that when there are debuffs on players, the whole frame becomes blue/yellow, etc, depending on the type of the debuff. Now, the only thing that bothers me is that when this happens, I cannot really see the missing HP of the person until I dispell the debuff, as the whole frame becomes blue, and the missing HP (which is class colored) is really hard to see, no matter how I play with the opacity settings. Is it possible to configure the HP colors in such way that if there is a debuff, both the current and the missing HP would still be visible? Alternatively, it would also be perfect (or even better, actually) if the debuffs were indicated with only a thick colored frame (colors depending on the type of the debuff) , in that way, the HP itself would still be black. I understand that you can add a frame indicator, but I have not been able to configure it to show debuffs correctly (when there is a debuff, the frame appears as black, but the color of it never changes based on the type of the debuff). I would really appreciate your help with this. Thank you!Vicreva1 4d
4d Condition Exists macro Im trying to make a macro for my rogue that changes target if it has Nightblade (i.e. a dot) to apply it to the next target. Ive been looking around the web but havent found any good answer if such a macro condition even exists. Anyone got any idea if its possible?Yacki2 4d
4d Xavaric's Magnum Opus Hello, I have the Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus legendary and I have a question regarding its visual effect. Is there a way to turn it off or I'm going to see the permanent bubble visual during the whole expansion around my character? Thanks, LekroLekro2 4d
5d Assassin Rogue poison macro If you are like me, you usually end up forgetting to apply your poisons before ganking someone. There was a very very old post about a cast sequence macro to apply your 2 poisons, that wasn't spamable. Clicking is too painful for me and I like spamming buttons. After a bit of testing I was able to come up with something works. Hope this helps you people out. This one has to be spammed. /castsequence reset=0.3 Deadly Poison, null /cast Crippling poison Test it and let me know your suggestions. A broader analysis of this macro shows that this can be used in general for spell sequences where you want to cast spells sharing GCD as A > B > B > B... The normal castsequence let's you only do A > B > A > B .. So have fun with this :DWenomm2 5d
6d HP/Mana bar in centre of my screen Hey guys, is there any way I can remove those hp and mana bars in the centre of my screen, check the picture below. I have no idea if it's from a addon or the regular interface too:q Thanks in advance, Robbdie.Robbdie2 6d
6d HereBeDragons? Hey. I'm having a really weird issue, whereby whenever my Druid is in a dungeon/raid, I'm getting so many errors from something called HereBeDragons that it's appearing constantly in my chat feed. It isn't slowing down or affecting my gameplay so far as I can tell. It only happens on my Druid, my mage (main) is completely unaffected, and only happens when in an instance. Here's a screenshot of the Bugsack: Any help would be appreciated.Jhazz10 6d
6d Living Seed Heal-value stack WA tracker Hello. I was wondering if it is possible to extract the number value from the tooltip of the LIVING SEED aura with Weak Auras and create a tracker which dynamically update itself with any changes to the value. I want to have a tracker above my focus target (usually the tank) which shows me how much the living seed on him will heal for. This value changes as the living seed values stack. I was thinking to just have a text/number value showing for instance "Living seed: 300.000" if it then get another stack it would show the new number. "Living Seed: 400.000" And so on.... This would make it possible for me to plan ahead and "stack up" living seed on my focus target as preparation for a special boss ability which might hit hard. Anyone good with WA who could try make such a tracker? I am no coder so i hope someone can help. Thank you. :) Seems like someone else had same thoughts: BoofBoof0 6d
6d Macro, use focus target if no target exists. Hello, I have a question consirning the target macros. It's on my priest, I always have the tank as "Focus Target" and another one as target in case of a LoF. But I want to use my "Holy Word: Serenity" macro on the focus target if it exists instead of the other target. I have not gotten this to work and can't find it on google, or forums. I'll try to make it clear if you don't know what I'm looking for Tank = focus target one of the DPS = Target HW:S should be casted on Focus Target, whether i have a target or not. EDIT: #showtooltip Holy Word: Serenity /target mouseover /cast Holy Word: Serenity /target [target=focus exist] EDIT2: The macro also have a "/target mousover" Function.Acoleski10 6d
6d Threat Percentage is not shown It seems that I can't see the threat percentage on my tank warrior while I can see on my other characters. I checked every settings on my characters but I couldn't solve the problem. Any ideas?Zühtü4 6d
17 Jan Weakauras Is there any way in weakauras to show key bind text?Grutak1 17 Jan
16 Jan Recently button wont press in time. I notice recently like since 7.1.5 when i'm press a spell let say 1 i'm spamming 1 1 1 1 11 to get it off as quick as possible its lagging to press even thought it ready to go it wait till i press it a few more times. Like an in game cool down that i cant see. Weird one I know how anyone else found this?Loonsta7 16 Jan
16 Jan Helya TOV-Mythic Encounter id Helya (TOV - mythic difficulty) EncounterID_Helya = ? What is the encounter id for helya in trial of valor on mythic difficulty. Cant find it anywhere..Lmannen0 16 Jan
16 Jan arena123, exist else target/focus Hello, im trying to figure out a modifier macro and cant find any here on the forums. #showtooltip /cast [mod:shift,@arena2,exists,@focus][mod:ctrl,@arena3][nomod,@arena1,exists][] death grip no modifier = arena1, if im not in arena i want it cast on target shift = arena2, if not in arena, then it should be cast on focus ctrl = arena3 hope someone can help me figure this out cheers!Gulsnø0 16 Jan
16 Jan Activate BT mic w/o keyboard Greetings. So I'm playing WoW with a controller and chatpad (Xbox one). I'm also using a Bluetooth headset. To save power I want to use a hotkey to switch mic on/off. I want to use a hotkey on my controller/chatpad because I don't want to reach for my ordinary keyboard every time I want to activate the microphone. It's possible to "activate" the mic with a voice command, however it requires the mic to be On all the time listening for my voice command. An actual hotkey will switch the mic off entirely. As for the hotkey, the background audio program I'm using is limited to either F1-12, CTRL+X or Alt+X, where X can not be an ordinary letter. Some other keys such as Insert, Delete and Pause/Break works too, however my chatpad does not have such keys, and my chatpad is not customizable. It has a Shift key but my audio program doesn't allow me to use Shift+X as hotkey. I tried to create an in-game macro that, when I click it (bound to controller button), it will press an F-key or CTRL+X combo but in a previous thread it was mentioned that such a macro is not possible. Two other solutions I thought of: 1) A single physical multi-purpose Bluetooth button to attach to controller. However the ones I found are too large, and it's not for certain I can bind it to the background audio program. 2) Within Windows 10, try to rearrange an ordinary key which is present on my chatpad, to act as a e.g F12 key. Which is quite inconvenient because most keys on the chatpad is essential. I don't want to get started with this if there are other more simple solutions. Any one out there that could help me come up with a good solution? Best regards VanVandaraz0 16 Jan
16 Jan Find the Item colour with item API In regards to item APIs... is there a way to find the hex code for the item name colour (ie. Legendary, Rare, Heilaloom etc)? This is to so I can alter the display colour of the items displayed on the newsfeed of my guilds website.Psycopathic1 16 Jan
15 Jan I do not see damage on display is not showing my damage when i hit the target on display? what can i do .pls help me.Criminalass2 15 Jan
15 Jan PvE Talents change after exiting BG/Arena Hi, when you enter arena and then change your PvE talents while waiting for battle, then after you quit the arena, your talents switch back to what theye were before you entered arena. This used to be the same for Battlegrounds. But right now it no longer happens for Battlegrouds - so changes to PvE talents in BG stay even after quitting the BG. Am I missing something or is this a bug?Wica1 15 Jan
15 Jan Any way to right-click through raid frames? I use Healbot for mouseover macros, but a sort of minor issue is that right clicking while over the frames (whether a spell is bound to right click or not) does not allow camera movement. It's an issue because I have to move my mouse away from my healing target so I can move my camera, then I can move back. Is there any way to handle camera movement so I don't have to move my mouse away from raid frames?Riania0 15 Jan
14 Jan Undead model need fix ALL CREDIT TO GUY WHO MADE THIS VIDEO! 14 Jan
14 Jan No combat text No combat text in my interface. I need help how to enable my dmg show in screen because i dont see any dmg :(Gabu1 14 Jan
14 Jan Cyclone doesn't show DR on gladius Hi folks, Like the topic says me and my friend don't see the diminishing returns from cyclone on gladius anymore. Does anyone know how to fix this, as we already reinstalled the addon and checked for updates but there are non. Aside from cyclone we can see every other cc in the same dr category such as fear and blind.Ayóoóoó2 14 Jan
14 Jan gray thing on my screen mount/vehicle whenever im on a mount or vehicle there is a gray thing on right side of my screen.. what is that?Avenga3 14 Jan
13 Jan Titan Panel or similar addon for Combat Status? Is there anyway I can have a text option saying "In combat" "Out of combat" that I can look at at a glance? Apart from Character portrait, is there a combat status addonZergelf0 13 Jan