Interface and Macros

07 Mar 2011 WoW User Interface Add-On Development Policy With the continuing popularity of World of Warcraft user interface add-ons (referred to hereafter as "add-ons") created by the community of players, Blizzard Entertainment has formalized design and distribution guidelines for add-ons. These guidelines have been put in place to ensure the integrity of World of Warcraft and to help promote an enjoyable gaming environment for all of our players - failure to abide by them may result in measures up to and including taking formal legal action. 1) Add-ons must be free of charge. All add-ons must be distributed free of charge. Developers may not create "premium" versions of add-ons with additional for-pay features, charge money to download an add-on, charge for services related to the add-on, or otherwise require some form of monetary compensation to download or access an add-on. 2) Add-on code must be completely visible. The programming code of an add-on must in no way be hidden or obfuscated, and must be freely accessible to and viewable by the general public. 3) Add-ons must not negatively impact World of Warcraft realms or other players. Add-ons will perform no function which, in Blizzard Entertainment's sole discretion, negatively impacts the performance of the World of Warcraft realms or otherwise negatively affects the game for other players. For example, this includes but is not limited to excessive use of the chat system, unnecessary loading from the hard disk, and slow frame rates. 4) Add-ons may not include advertisements. Add-ons may not be used to advertise any goods or services. 5) Add-ons may not solicit donations. Add-ons may not include requests for donations. We recognize the immense amount of effort and resources that go into developing an add-on; however, such requests should be limited to the add-on website or distribution site and should not appear in the game. 6) Add-ons must not contain offensive or objectionable material. World of Warcraft has been given a "T" by the ESRB, and similar ratings from other ratings boards around the world. Blizzard Entertainment requires that add-ons not include any material that would not be allowed under these ratings. 7) Add-ons must abide by World of Warcraft ToU and EULA. All add-ons must follow the World of Warcraft Terms of Use and the World of Warcraft End User License Agreement. 8) Blizzard Entertainment has the right to disable add-on functionality as it sees fit. To maintain the integrity World of Warcraft and ensure the best possible gaming experience for our players, Blizzard Entertainment reserves the right to disable any add-on functionality within World of Warcraft at its sole discretion. 15 July 2009 Music Distribution through UI Add-Ons We have recently seen a number of User Interface Add-Ons that are making modifications to the World of Warcraft in-game music files and wanted to take a moment to go over some important points with the community in connection with this. While we are currently allowing Add-Ons that remove or replace existing sound files, keep in mind that it is illegal to distribute copyrighted materials, in this case in-game music and audio files, without authorization. One of the primary goals of the user interface is to allow players to customize their game experience and we hope to avoid making any modifications in the future that will prevent this. 13 April 2009 UI Add-On Development Policy Update On 20 March, we released the new add-on development policy to the public as an ongoing effort to help ensure add-on integrity, safety, and quality for the community. Since that time we have been in touch with many UI development communities on what the policy means to them and the continuing development of these add-ons. We would like to announce further that we are providing a sixty-day grace period beginning at the time of the initial release of the policy for UI developers to comply with the new policy. After May 19th, Blizzard Entertainment will begin to enforce the Add-on Development policy, and developers found to be in violation of this policy will be contacted directly. For more information... If you are an add-on developer and have any questions about and this User Interface Add-On Development Policy and how it pertains to the add-on that you've developed, please don't hesitate to email us at 07 Mar 2011
27 Feb UI changes coming in 7.2 From our latest PTR Patch Notes: User Interface You can now assign a specialization to an equipment set in the Equipment Manager. An “Open All” button has been added to the mailbox. You can now preview an ensemble set by CTRL-clicking it. Spellbook Spells that haven’t been moved to an action bar are highlighted in the spellbook. Mousing over a spell highlights it on your action bar, making it easier to locate. Pet spells can now be dragged onto the player action bar. Quick Join Auto Accept: A setting has been added to allow friends and guild members to instantly join your queues without a confirmation. This setting is located in Interface Options -> Social. Group tooltips now show the available roles and if auto accept is enabled. Right click a Quick Join group to whisper a member of that group. Aerythlea11 27 Feb
1h Simple swap/use trinkets macro? Hi, I'm trying to create a macro to swap my Discpline of Xuei trinket for my Elemetium Dragonling trinket (and use the Dragonling). Apparently there's the 30-second cooldown before the newly-equipped dragonling can be used and the Discipline trinket be put back. So far I have: #showtooltip Elementium Dragonling /equipslot 13 Elementium Dragonling /use Elementium Dragonling /equipslot 13 Discipline of Xuen But all it does is swap the trinkets, it does not use the Dragonling. Is there any way to tell the macro to only use it after the cooldown? Or am I approaching this completely wrong? :) Many thanks!Ronybird3 1h
7h Addon for LFG Hiho, is there any known by someone addon that automatically decline apply of ppls from xyz realm? I'd love to block russian realms, my experience with them is most likely bad, not even gonna mention that all what they can say is "123".Vivenn5 7h
9h Addon for mission complete timer on alts. Hello everyone, I'm looking around for an addon that could let me know if a mission is ready for completion on characters I'm not currently logged onto. I mean something similar was made in the past where it helped you keep track of hourly cooldowns for professions and the like. Any good ideas anyone?Fosuya6 9h
9h Cast sequence not showing icon #showtooltip /castsequence reset=15 [talent:7/3] Icefury, Frost Shock, Frost Shock, Frost Shock, Frost Shock; [talent:6/1,@cursor] Liquid Magma Totem Made this macro. It works, but the icon doesn't change to match the current spell. It just remains as the question mark all the time. Anyone able to fix it please?Rikku4 9h
19h Ice Block Cancelaura Ignores Mod Hi, I'm trying to make a macro to cast and then cancelaura Ice Block so its easier to get out of it. Im trying to use a modifier but its not working: #showtooltip Ice Block /cancelaura [mod:ctrl] Ice Block /cast Ice Block Right now this is what I have, but the cancelaura its executed even though I'm not presing CTRL. If I press the button once it casts Ice Block, if I then I press it twice, it executes the cancelaura line, without pressing the modifier. How the hell do I do this? I don't want to have the macro without the modifier, im used to press the button a couple of times so i would instanlly get out of the block. ThanksKhaladryel1 19h
22h Personal Resource Display - Bigger First Post! I was just wondering how can i make the Personal Resource Display bigger, as seen in Asmongolds videos, and other out there i suppose.Windweave3 22h
22h WAuras - Show action bar when Shadow Dance is active Hey there. I want my Weakauras group to show up whenever my Shadow Dance is active, but I can't figure out how. Does anybody knows how to do it? I suppose the option to fiddle with is in the "trigger" section, but I can't find it and I have no idea on how to enable it. EDIT I finally managed to figure it out :) Please close post :)Songline2 22h
22h Help with WeakAuras? Hi Is it possible to track nearby enemies within 8 yards with weakauras? (obviously not counting stealthed enemies or alike). Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, just the best place I could find :)Mogensmadsen2 22h
22h HELP Addon?! its that little achievement icon that I want to know whats called. I had it before but got deleted when my Computer got destroyed.!!! Please help outTuredoure1 22h
1d Blazing Barrier Weak Aura Hey guys. I'm trying to create a Weak Aura for my Fire Mage so that when I cast Blazing Barrier, a bar will appear that has the current strength of the shield. I can manage to get the bar to show up and have the health of the shield on it, but the bar decreases with time and not with health. Is there a way for me to make it so that the bar only decreases when the shield is damaged? I've been at this for a while now and I can't figure it out. Any help would be appreciated.Bturner2 1d
1d Which Addon? Hey I downloaded a bunch of preset addons and then further configured them to get a Interface to my liking. My issue right now is that i got this box which basically shows my actions (image below) and I'm not sure if I like it, so I'd like to be able to disable it. I suspect it's from elvui but i haven't found anything yet. Thanks in advance!Caalfyc4 1d
1d Mouse button 4/5 problem Hi there, I hope this is the correct place to ask this question, so here goes. I have a mouse with 2 side buttons on the left (4 + 5). I decided binding them to a few of my spells for faster reactions! The binding went nice and easy except theres one problem. mouse 4/5 also seem to function as right click and I have no idea how to get rid of this. Why is this annoying? Well at the moment I got Binding heal on one of them, so if I hoover over grid and target someone else the mouse 4 button won't work as it just right clicks the person, I have to select the person and then put my mouse somewhere else on the screen and it works fine. I installed the mouse program but all I can do is turn the buttons off, and I cant find anything in the wow options either. Anybody experienced this problem before?Turamarth9 1d
1d Change how the abbreviations in MSBT works, how? When my Chaos Bolt hits for 1 million damage I'd like it to show as 1000k instead. If I crit for 1 020 000 I'd like it to see it as 1020k instead. It want to see the number closer to what is actually hits for. Is this possible?Zeraphion1 1d
1d Angelic Feather on target Hello everyone. I'm trying to make macro which, depending on modifier, will cast Angelic Feather on: (a) ctrl = me (b) alt = my target (c) no modifier = let me choose the destination normally I wrote the below macro: #showtooltip Angelic Feather /cast [mod:ctrl, @player ] Angelic Feather /cast [mod:alt, @target ] Angelic Feather /cast [nomod] Angelic Feather /stopspelltarget [mod:alt] /stopspelltarget [mod:ctrl] With the above, (a) and (c) is working, but (b) is not. Can someone help pls?Siostro0 1d
1d Cast bar issues / Resolved! Hello everyone, for few months now i have been having issues with enemy cast bars. Basically enemy cast bars are missing from under enemy portrait frames... It is really making gameplay difficult for me and i would like to resolve it. I've checked all the possible options from UI and nothing helped even reinstalled the whole game, and nothing changed, which made me think the problem is binded to my account :/. Here is a link to this stuff Imgur , it really infuriates me. Any ideas are appreciated. 1d
1d Nameplates script Hey! I'm wondering if it's possible to create a script or addon that enables friendly nameplates in Arena, but not outside of it?Ravai0 1d
1d Good use for keyboard macro buttons? Hi everyone I've got a Razer Blackwidow keyboard that comes with five macro keys on the left of the keyboard. Unfortunately, I've never gotten around to using these. Anyone have any good/fun ideas on what these could be used for?Càmaris3 1d
2d Better Gear comparison Addon So I am currently relying on a gear comparison addon called "Pawn" to make sure I get the correct upgrades, but it seems I am coming up against an age old problem or stat weight vs. item level upgrade. I can get items that are a big boost in item level and even give me more intellect, which is my primary stat, but it will still say that my current equipped is better because it may have a higher value of one secondary stat. While my primary spec is Resto, I've been using Boomkin allot more recently due to the guild's over abundance of healers. I obviously want to optimise both my gear level for gated progression *and* get the correct stats, but honestly relying on Gear Check just seems to be giving me a headache. Is there a better addon for comparing gear which will give me more info on which are my stat weights, as well as prioritising upgrade of my primary stats over secondary?Moravian0 2d
2d 3 honor talents in 1 macro As stated in the title. I'd like to have a macro that looks like the one below. Is it possible for honor talents? I've unsuccessfully tried 'htalent' and 'pvptalent'. #showtooltip /cast [talent: 3/1] Curse of Tongues /cast [talent: 3/2] Curse of Weakness /cast [talent: 3/3] Curse of Fragility Thank you in advance.Mindx10 2d
3d Mouse buttons not working for macros Hey all I am starting a Holy Pally and came across this macro #showtooltip Cleanse /use [@mouseover,help,nodead][help,nodead][@player] Cleanse now the problem is when I assign it to a key works fine on party/raid frames, but when I assign the middle mouse button (not the roller but the button) to the same action bar slot, it doesn't work on the party/raid frames but the keyboard does. The macro works when I go directly to the player but not to their party frame. This is both with and without addons. I have used this button in the past for interrupts and it works fine but now I want to Cleanse with it. Anyone have any ideas, thanks for helping.Hoofadin8 3d
3d Addon hunt Can anyone reconice the addons that are used here? I would really love to get thoeseJointxtid1 3d
3d UI MACRO INTO ADDON HELP (READ) Hey guys im used to play with quite small UI (Blizzard standard) and clicking a few line macro everytime to resize some parts of my UI, exactly player/target/focus frame, personal buffs/debuffs frame and casting bars on the target/focus. /run PlayerFrame:SetScale(1.1) /run TargetFrame:SetScale(1.1) /run FocusFrame:SetScale(1.1) /run BuffFrame:SetScale(1.1) /run TargetFrameSpellBar:SetScale(1.25); /run FocusFrameSpellBar:SetScale(1.25); Now i would like to make a SLIGHT ADDON with it, so i don't have to press the button every /reload or when changing characters. Sorry for the bad english, i would appreciate very much a help from someone able to do this.Nodr1 3d
4d Using Icons - EquipSets, Macros and Guild Bank Tabs I found this - - on the US forum (and I can't post there) and wanted to add a little extra info, specifically for Macros Summary: - Find your spell/aura/item on WoWHead (eg Lovely Black Dress) - Find the icon in the Quick Facts (eg inv_chest_cloth_50) - Click the icon and get its icon number from the URL (eg 132691) You have your info now. So set things: New equipment set - Modify existing set - New macro - Modify existing macro - Modify Guild Bank Tab - So for example, I wanted to set my Enhancement equipment spec to use the StormStrike icon: - Find the spell - - Find the Icon - - Run the script - /run ModifyEquipmentSet("Enhance", "Enhance", 132314)Sharmin0 4d
5d Macro for quick specchange Hello! I am looking for macros to change from vengance spec to havoc spec, and vice versa. Thanks in advance! // Not-so-technical BazirBazir2 5d
6d Cinematic Camera addon This is a re-post from the general thread, figured this sub-forum is a better one to post this. Hey people, Since Legion has launched I have not yet come across any camera Addon which allows me to make beautyshots of areas whilst moving. Using my mouse to look around works ofcourse, but it's always going to be somewhat shocky and what not. So... Does anyone know of any good camera addon that allows me to make such shots? I remember WoD had this addon called 'DynamicCam' or something along those lines, in which you could set key points to have the camera turn to in a specific timeframe. It was great for cinematic recordings for machinima making. I am aware of the ActionCam in-game, but that's not what I'm after. Hopefully somebody has the solution!Kendríck3 6d
6d Advanced macro guide for everyone ____________________ 1. Introduction ____________________ I see many people ask for macros every day, often either for their class or their specific playground. I hope the examples are simplistic enough for a regular player to understand the basics and start creating their own macros. The aim of the Guide is to provide the best posseble insight in the working of macro's. And to give players who have never bothered to make any out of stress a chance to step up and create their own. I know you guys hate long posts, so im borrowing Dalrian's layout to make it overseeable and hopefully very clear. If you really are interested in using, understanding and making your own macros I do recommend reading it all. Contents: 1. Introduction 2. What is a macro and how do i make one? 3. How does a macro work? 4. Macroing abilities and item's -4.1 Abilities -4.2 Item's 5. Targets 6. Castsequence 7. Modifiers and Stances -7.1 Modifiers -7.2 Stances 8. Weapon Swapping 9. What can you not do with a macro? ____________________ 2. What is a macro and how do i make one? ____________________ Macros allow you to perform multiple actions by only using 1 button. Macros can make things much easier if you use certain abilties in sequence a lot. Or if you want to save space on your actionbars. Basically, macroing is a simple form of coding and it performs the actions in line. Usually they are quite simple, but that doesn't always have to be that way. You can make pretty advanced pieces of code to make your macro do crazy things. You can for example, as a Warrior, have 1 button do different things in Defensive Stance, Battle Stance and Berserker Stance. You can access the macro-creation window by either pressing escape and then the "macro" menu button. Or you can type /macro in your chatbox and hit enter. Either have the same effect. ____________________ 3. How does a macro work? ____________________ As i explained in 2, a macro is a code that performs one or multiple actions with the use of only 1 button. It will always follow the code from top to bottom and from left to right. Meaning that an ability placed on the first line, is first to be checked to meet its criteria. Notice how i add "#show" or "#showtooltip" at the top of every macro. #show shows the ability icon instead of the icon you suggested and its cooldown. #showtooltip replaces the icon you selected with the actual ability tooltip (the information text about it etc) and also adds the cooldown. ____________________ 4.1 Abilities ____________________ Alright so lets start easy. You all probebly often use certain spells in combination. For example a Paladin using his/her Avenging Wrath (Wings) together with Divine Shield. It would look like this: #showtooltip /cast Avenging Wrath /cast Divine Shield This is useful because it is fast, and goes with only 1 press of a button rather than 2. Careful though, because even though it looks to be pretty much instant, the macro still performs the one after the other. Beware, this is not posseble with all abilities. Many of your abilities have a Global Cooldown, and those that do only go together in a macro like this with a spell that is not on the Global Cooldown. If you try to macro two spells that are both on the Global Cooldown in this way then the macro will only perform the first ability and fail to perform the second. There is a way around this that comes up later. ____________________ 4.2 Item's ____________________ Lets go a step further. You can also bind Item's in your macros! Crazy huh? Lets say, you want to use your Agility/Strength/Intellect PvP trinket along with a big cooldown: #showtooltip /use 13 /cast SPELLNAME This will use the item in your upper trinketslot along with the ability you defined. For the lower trinketslot, you use "14". It isn't limited to trinkets though, you can put anything in there as long as there are no restrictions: 1 Head 2 Neck 3 Shoulder 4 Shirt 5 Chest 6 Belt 7 Legs 8 Feet 9 Wrist 10 Gloves 11 Finger 1 (Top) 12 Finger 2 (Bottom) 13 Trinket 1 (Top) 14 Trinket 2 (Bottom) 15 Back 16 Main Hand 17 Off Hand 18 Ranged/Relic 19 Tabard Just make sure the item acually has a use effect otherwise nothing will happen ^^Eléctrica168 6d
6d Rogue Stealth macro help Help with Suberfuse Cheapshot/Kidneyshot macroAntix4 6d
6d Weakauras Hide on healing specs I have a couple of WeakAuras bars that I don't want to see on my healer specs but do want to have on all others. Is there a way to do this? Currently I think the only way is to have - 1 copy of the bars for all DPS/tank only classes and apply it to these classes - Separate copies for each of the classes with a healer spec and apply it to only the tank/DPS specs for that class. As there are 5 different classes that have a healing option that means I need to have 6 copies of the same WAs to apply to separate classes? Is there any way to have only one version and hide/show them based on the role type (tank, healer, MDPS, RDPS)?Sharmin6 6d
6d Buttons button issue . I just transferred to another server and am having an issue with casting . Atm i am casting on the release of the button and not the push of the button , I have tried a few diffrent Addons which have not worked any suggetions would be great .Nóprobs1 6d
21 Mar cmd button on mac Hi there! I was wondering if it's possible to remap the command button on a mac to act as the control button, since it's placed much more conveniently. Also, I was wondering if it is possible to unmap 'r' as the chat reply button, as I regularly accidentally hit it while dps'ing. thanks o:)Hailey2 21 Mar
21 Mar Cooldown and Addon Help Can someone help me, cant seem to figure out what this is and how to get rid of it (the box tracking the cooldowns) its ruining my UI lol Normal and zoomed in so its easier to see.Cràne5 21 Mar
18 Mar Macro to toggle Volley after equipping Titanstrike Hi, I use 2 simple macros to equip Underlight Angler and Titanstrike. The first one is (toggles Volley to 'off' by default): /equip Underlight Angler The second one is (should toggle Volley to 'on'): /equip Titanstrike /cast Volley The problem is with the equip Titanstrike macro. It won't let me cast Volley; I get: 'Must have Ranged Weapon equipped'. While Titanstrike obviously is equipped. Is there a workaround for this? Thanks in advance!Endtimegrime0 18 Mar
18 Mar Remove Names in Raid Frames Hi, I'm looking for an addon or macro to remove the names and realms of my standard blizzard raid frames. I don't want to replace the frames, I just want to remove the names, because I like clean frames without any (for me) unimportant information in it. Please tell me, if you know an addon or macro, which can do this.Tiona1 18 Mar
18 Mar [RESOLVED] I'm Confused, Again, And I Need Help! Because I'm a huge nerd who likes statistics and stuff, I am trying to add a counter to my anti-duel addon which tracks how many duels it blocks. It works on a global and local basis, so it will show you the total number of duels blocked, as well as how many have been blocked for the particular character you are playing on. When the addon is loaded, the numbers are supposed to appear in the chat frame, along the lines of: 'x duels have been blocked, y of them on this character.' Instead, what I get is this: ... The 'DuelsDeclined' variable is the number of duels blocked on your current character; the global equivalent is called 'GlobalDC' (because I suck at naming things). I have no idea what this error means, but it is quite annoying. The two variables have been set up earlier in the code: ... And then I use them like so: ... I'm wracking my brains trying to figure this out, and I can't find any answers elsewhere, although I'm probably not Googling properly. Thanks in advance for any help, and apologies for the long as hell error message.Navitas2 18 Mar
17 Mar Mute: MON_DraenorWolf_MountSpecial Hey! I am trying to mute this particular sound: MON_DraenorWolf_MountSpecial It's being triggered every few seconds on my wolf pet... and it's just driving me mad. Here is the sound ID: /script PlaySoundKitID(49565) How should I name the empty .ogg file and in which directory put it? Cheers!Laegol4 17 Mar
17 Mar health bar question so how do i get my health bar to show up in the M version (million) and not K? thanks alreadySpöxxje3 17 Mar
16 Mar Possible to move Blizz Health Bars? Ok so i have been mulling over a healing addon but i just seriously enjoy using the Blizz health bars with custom addons. Is there a way to move these badboys from the top left to anywhere on the screen, say middle bottom etc? Please let there be a way! ThanksPaoloc6 16 Mar
15 Mar TRP3 Blocking PVP Queuing Seriously why does this addon even have an impact queuing for battle grounds?Eathelin1 15 Mar
15 Mar "Tell Me When" Execute Hello Can anybody help me out? I can't figure out how to make Tell Me When, tell me when I can use execute. Can somebody guide me step by step?Felisima0 15 Mar
15 Mar - Friends Armory link/info Why doesn't the friends section of the application have a direct link to the respective friend's armory (if nothing else for the current WoW character he's playing). Right-clicking your friend per today gives you two options: 1) Whisper 2) View friends. I'd be eternally grateful if we could get a 3rd option, opening a browser window directly to said friend's WoW Character armory. Much obliged, thanks very much for reading.Unclassified0 15 Mar
15 Mar Focus/no focus macro Hello, I want to write a specific macro and I can't get it to work. Let's say I bind Shadow Mend to 1 and I want my macro to: a) if I have focus, I want it to cast on focus b) if I don't have focus, I want it to cast on Party1 Is it possible and how do I do it if so?Chvrches2 15 Mar
14 Mar Blizzard RaidFrames undo console controls Hello, don't know if any of you can help me with this, but here it goes. I disabled blizzard raid frames like 1 year ago with this command : /run CompactRaidFrameManager:UnregisterAllEvents() /run CompactRaidFrameManager:Hide() /run CompactRaidFrameContainer:UnregisterAllEvents() /run CompactRaidFrameContainer:Hide() Now I want to turn them "on" again and can't seem to do so. This is what I did so far: - Wiped Interface files (Interface, WTF, Cache) - Tried /run CompactRaidFrameContainer:Show() - Reinstalled WoW after wiping everything - Used no addons Thank youZüül2 14 Mar
14 Mar Single window for all abilities I know this would be a big change but I'm throwing it out there as a suggestion: It would be nice to have all character abilities in a single window. Currently abilities are spread over 4 different windows (spell book, talents, honor talents, artifact traits). All these windows also depend on specialization. Sometimes it's hard to keep a mental map of this, especially when switching specs or playing alts. It would be nice to open a single window just to have an abilities overview and all the talent choices in a single place.Enirs0 14 Mar
13 Mar No floating damage text on targets? Can't get floating combat text for enemies for some bizzare reason, I've tried everything I can think of including disabling every addon, deleting my wtf folder and cache folder, straight up directly editing the cvars, nothing, I can not get damage text to display again and it's driving me up the wall, anyone know how to fix this? The most bizzare thing being that damage to me and healing to me are still just fine for combat text, only damage is refusing to displayKïnkywalrus7 13 Mar
12 Mar Macro for calling Incomings in battlegrounds Hi all, Here is the macro I use to call incomings in battlegrounds. It uses the text on the minimap and shouts {skull}Incoming <text on minimap> in /bg. If the player is not in a battleground it uses /ra if there is a raid, otherwise /p if there is a party or /yell as a last resort. Therefore it works equally well in the Tol Barad and Wintergrasp raids. ... It does a lot in only 255 characters so it's quite compact and a bit hard to read. It is trivial to copy it to call "safe" too. Aenott4 12 Mar
12 Mar Nameplates Is it possible to make it so that i don't have to look up to see nameplates of enemies? It's quite hard to keep track of my dots on a big enemy.Yheett3 12 Mar
12 Mar Loot Glowing Effect Well, i know we all like boss loot glow effect. But i want this effect for trash loot. i've to look all trash in raid for boe or something. sometimes, it can be really hard as u know. is there a addon for get trash loot easyly ? any glow effect or announcer ? just i need to know there's a loot for me.Fêrwen1 12 Mar
12 Mar Replace Default WOW Sound Hello I would like to know if someone can tell me how i can replace a WoW Sound with my Custom one. I want to replace the "ui_alert_achievementgained" Sound with the new one, i already have the File (ogg. Format), but how do i get the Game to use it? Google told me i have to make a Sound Folder in the WOW Folder and put it in there, but it doesnt work :/ How does this work? Thx for any Help :)Obolosch3 12 Mar