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07 Mar 2011 WoW User Interface Add-On Development Policy With the continuing popularity of World of Warcraft user interface add-ons (referred to hereafter as "add-ons") created by the community of players, Blizzard Entertainment has formalized design and distribution guidelines for add-ons. These guidelines have been put in place to ensure the integrity of World of Warcraft and to help promote an enjoyable gaming environment for all of our players - failure to abide by them may result in measures up to and including taking formal legal action. 1) Add-ons must be free of charge. All add-ons must be distributed free of charge. Developers may not create "premium" versions of add-ons with additional for-pay features, charge money to download an add-on, charge for services related to the add-on, or otherwise require some form of monetary compensation to download or access an add-on. 2) Add-on code must be completely visible. The programming code of an add-on must in no way be hidden or obfuscated, and must be freely accessible to and viewable by the general public. 3) Add-ons must not negatively impact World of Warcraft realms or other players. Add-ons will perform no function which, in Blizzard Entertainment's sole discretion, negatively impacts the performance of the World of Warcraft realms or otherwise negatively affects the game for other players. For example, this includes but is not limited to excessive use of the chat system, unnecessary loading from the hard disk, and slow frame rates. 4) Add-ons may not include advertisements. Add-ons may not be used to advertise any goods or services. 5) Add-ons may not solicit donations. Add-ons may not include requests for donations. We recognize the immense amount of effort and resources that go into developing an add-on; however, such requests should be limited to the add-on website or distribution site and should not appear in the game. 6) Add-ons must not contain offensive or objectionable material. World of Warcraft has been given a "T" by the ESRB, and similar ratings from other ratings boards around the world. Blizzard Entertainment requires that add-ons not include any material that would not be allowed under these ratings. 7) Add-ons must abide by World of Warcraft ToU and EULA. All add-ons must follow the World of Warcraft Terms of Use and the World of Warcraft End User License Agreement. 8) Blizzard Entertainment has the right to disable add-on functionality as it sees fit. To maintain the integrity World of Warcraft and ensure the best possible gaming experience for our players, Blizzard Entertainment reserves the right to disable any add-on functionality within World of Warcraft at its sole discretion. 15 July 2009 Music Distribution through UI Add-Ons We have recently seen a number of User Interface Add-Ons that are making modifications to the World of Warcraft in-game music files and wanted to take a moment to go over some important points with the community in connection with this. While we are currently allowing Add-Ons that remove or replace existing sound files, keep in mind that it is illegal to distribute copyrighted materials, in this case in-game music and audio files, without authorization. One of the primary goals of the user interface is to allow players to customize their game experience and we hope to avoid making any modifications in the future that will prevent this. 13 April 2009 UI Add-On Development Policy Update On 20 March, we released the new add-on development policy to the public as an ongoing effort to help ensure add-on integrity, safety, and quality for the community. Since that time we have been in touch with many UI development communities on what the policy means to them and the continuing development of these add-ons. We would like to announce further that we are providing a sixty-day grace period beginning at the time of the initial release of the policy for UI developers to comply with the new policy. After May 19th, Blizzard Entertainment will begin to enforce the Add-on Development policy, and developers found to be in violation of this policy will be contacted directly. For more information... If you are an add-on developer and have any questions about and this User Interface Add-On Development Policy and how it pertains to the add-on that you've developed, please don't hesitate to email us at 07 Mar 2011
25m SetMacroIcon help? so i've made 70~ simple macros (for fun) in-game #showtooltip /cast [@cursor] Cataclysm /cast Demonic Empowerment /run local G=GetSpellInfo SetMacroSpell("Cataclysm", G"Cataclysm" or G"Demonic Empowerment") (every button on my action bar is a variation of this macro now) the macro button will then function as destro warlock's "Cataclysm" or demonology warlock's "Demonic Empowerment" and if you're in affliction spec , it will do nothing and display the '?' macro icon what i want it to do , ideally , is to hide the button if it doesn't find the spellinfo . but there's no good way to do that , as far as i know , so maybe just swap the '?' icon for something else via ? but i don't really know how to install that one , do i legit just drop the 'libs' folder into my addons folder? how would i then go about writing this macro ? ALSO , is there any way to customize the friendly-raid-nameplates's scaling ?Kimzxjw0 25m
2h BM hunter macro dependable on talent + shift mod focus Hello, I would like to find out if there is an option to write a macro which casts either viper, scorpid or spider sting based on the honor talent choice. In addition I would like the macro to cast on focus if shift is hold. Thank you in advance.Yoamfrosty0 2h
7h Tournament Realm UI How can i completly copy my UI settings/addons/configurations/etc to the tournament realm character i created for the timed trials?Asous0 7h
12h What’s that gear comparison add on?! Saw a video where when hovering over a piece of gear you have equipped, it will show you the other pieces of that slot in your bag? Thank you!Varietypack4 12h
14h tidyplates - can't change theme basically, the theme (by default) is set to neon. it won't let me click the arrow button to change it to something else. i've tried reinstalling it but it didn't work.. what to do?Lysene20 14h
16h MaxDps rotation addon Hey, So out of curiosity I installed the MaxDps addon and the mage package to go with it. Thought i'd try out frost 1st, it said to open with frostbolt..... and it never said to use orb at anypoint in the two mins or so I tested it for on the target dummy in class hall. It also said to use flurry proc as soon as it proc'd which is incorrect as well. Then I switched to fire spec and whilst it was a bit better, i.e said use scorch when moving etc so it was at least responsive to what was going on around but the rotation was far from perfect although it got the combustion phase of the rotation correct. It also got the opener wrong. Whist I understand that i can make a custom rotation for each class, it is hardly the point of a rotation addon if I have to enter the correct rotation before It becomes useful. Anyone else have any constructive feedback regarding MaxDps addon, and are there alternatives out there that show correct rotation or very close to it?Aaeero1 16h
20h TSM Crafting Hello, Today I started using TSM Crafting addon. I have a problem - i want to check all crafting statistic for profit like enchanting, tailoring etc(my only character has Blacksmithing and Mining). Is there any way to set this addon up so i can check how much would i earn if i had for example enchanting proffession (this addon only allows me to see everything only for mine prof)Auer0 20h
1d Macro for switching PvP talents? I know that this works for normal talent switching: /click PlayerTalentFrameTalentsTalentRow1Talent2 /click PlayerTalentFrameTalentsTalentRow3Talent1 etc. However, is there any version for the honor talents for fast switching as a macro? I want to save some honor talent setups as macros on some alts.Raizee0 1d
1d Health bar numbers. Sorry, me again. I have another issue, my health bar and mana bar, and other peoples don't show numbers unless I highlight them, how do I fix this? It's really quite irritating.Tamíay29 1d
1d Handynotes Argus Problem I have a problem while using Handynotes on Argus. I see those treasures marked on my map, but when I go there, then it turns out that there is no treasure at all. Are treasure spawns randomized or it is just bad working addon?Auer2 1d
2d /castsequence reset=15 not working? #showtooltip /castsequence [@player] reset=15 Unleash Elements, Riptide, Riptide, Riptide Each time I press this macro the timer resets. Instead of switching back to Unleash Elements 15 sec (the spells CD) after I've casted the first spell it waits until I've either casted the entire sequence or untill 15 seconds has passed since the last cast. E.g. if I've casted UE, Ripsite, Riptide I have to wait 15 seconds until it enables me to cast UE again. What's wrong here?Vruhak8 2d
2d Expedition Dialog Box Text Size change Hi there, i would like to change the size of the dialog box that appear whenever you enter an expedition zone or when an npc starts talking to you during quest. I find the text too small, and i would like to inscrease it. i use elvui but i haven't seen an option for that particular ui. Anyone can help or give suggestion ?Peregrim0 2d
3d Mod or script to show elite sets in Appearances tab The elite set will only by shown in the appearances tab, if you got ALL PIECES ! This makes no sense to me. I got many alts which haven't yet the full elite sets, but I want to see how the other stuff looks like. Is there any script or mod which adds all elite sets to the standard blizzard tab? thanksЗмеяя2 3d
3d Details streamer settings help Hi, trying to make my details look like this streamers: His setup is easy to manage, especially the gfx of the bars and how they update. Anyone a maestro on details? Thanks!Kyrenn3 3d
3d Hide Interface How can i hide the interface to take a nice screenshot? txDinetrath3 3d
3d Disabling alt+tab minimising Hey all Is there a way to not make alt+tab minimise the game? i'm constantly minimising by accident from holding alt for modifiers and tab targetting. Any help is appreciatedIsz6 3d
3d Poor FPS With Good PC? So ive recently started raiding and as a quick example i seem to be in the middle of boss fights being around 30fps very very choppy and poor performance keep in mind this is playing at the lowest settings possible. Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700 CPU @ 3.40GHz, 3408 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s) Graphics card: GTX 1080 RAM:16GB Im not sure if this is normal for the specs ive got but i feel although it isnt, any idea's would be much appreciated tyIceposeidøn1 3d
3d Equipping Highest iLvl - Possible? Hi folks, I've got quite the dilemma, and, thus, would love to see whether there's anything related to this acquirable. My case is this: On my Demon Hunter I have an iLvl of 950 (in bags) according to to the interface: However, there is no way I can actually achieve this iLvl by using ANY combination of my items. Here's my inventory: There is no items above 300iLvl in the bank, and I do not have Void Storage on this character. Also, my Vengance weapon is lower iLvl than my Havoc weapon. Am I just an idiot and can't figure this out? In the end, for my other toons I'd also wish to know if there was an addon and/or script to equip items based on highest itemlevel, or, see a list which items produce such results. PS. AskMrRobot doesn't have that feature, I don't care about "best dps" I care about item level for PvP. Thank you in advance!Recycle18 3d
4d all my Addon profiles ... Gone Hi, i just logged on tonight to a heart attack..... All my addons i use have reset to default. And all my saved profiles, for each addon, for each character/spec have been deleted. I`m left with the default setups.... No idea what`s caused it. I logged off after the raid last night. no issues. Logged on tonight. All change. Man alive is that some MAJOR ball ache sorting that...... dunno if i can be arsed, that`s too much. Any ideas what`s caused it? or if it can be saved?Fnar6 4d
4d how to create timer in DBM? when i go in raids i see alot of leaders make a timer in DBM like PULL 00:05 how i can do that?Sabagi14 4d
4d Control modifier not working on macros Hello So I've had this problem with control modifiers not working on macros for as long as I can remember. I've disabled all random control modified target keybindings so that's not the issue. I've been googling and I've asked a GM but I've found no solution. So the macros I use are the following: #showtooltip Hex /cast [mod:alt,@arena3][mod:shift,@arena2][@arena1] Hex #showtooltip Purge /cast [mod:alt,@arena3][mod:shift,@arena2][@arena1] Purge #showtooltip Wind Shear /cast [mod:alt,@arena3][mod:shift,@arena2][@arena1] Wind Shear #showtooltip Purify Spirit /stopcasting /cast [mod:shift,target= Spöge] Purify Spirit; /cast [mod:alt,target= Munis] Purify Spirit; Purify Spirit The last one stopped working even with an alt modifier recently. I'd like to use a control modifier instead of the alt modifier on all those, but it simply doesn't work. This really pisses me off and I'd be grateful if any of you would have a solution for this.Loofy6 4d
4d Question regarding SimulationCraft Hello, I have a question regarding Simcraft. If i Sim myself and use the string to import my stats in Pawn, do i have to Sim myself everytime i obtain a new better item? Or is the proces of simming yourself a one time thing? This might be a dumb question, apologies If it is but i cant seem to find an answer on Google. Thanks in advance!Shinszhou0 4d
5d Vertical Mana and Healthbar addon? Hello there my fellow WoW players! I'm currently working on setting up a nice looking UI for my characters. Like so; However, as you can see, there's a black empty space where the red question mark is. The portrait is designed to have a vertical healthbar interface to the right, but I don't know any addons with vertical UI that would fit. Can anyone recommend a fitting addon or do I need to change the design for a horizontal frame?Alymanius0 5d
5d Bagnon sorting wrongly, item insert is wrong to I have done what google searches says, looked at curse errors page, still cant figure this out and its driving me blooming nuts. Whenever I do "click to clean up bags", most of my items sort to right most bag with a weird gap near the top. Half of the 2nd bag isnt moving down with the rest. Bagnon reverse bag order and reverse slot order are unchecked. I tried to instal advancedinterfaceOptions addon but doing "reverse clean up bags" and "loot to leftmost bag" doesnt do what i want it to do. I want sort to make everything go down to the bottom (junk to stay up top if possible but not important) and new items to go into Slot 1 bag 1 (leftmost). If i check Bagnon "reverse slot order" then sorting works, but looting items doesnt work. Its putting new items in slot 16 of bag 1. /run SetInsertItemsLeftToRight(false/true) /console lootLeftmostBag 1/0 /run SetSortBagsRightToLeft(false/true) I dunno what im doing wrong :(Nibblet1 5d
5d how do i get rid of this bar? please help 5d
5d XP bar bug Yo everyone, i have some trouble with my XP bar, it's filled all the time i reloaded, reset etc. nothing works, someone has an idea how to fix this? 5d
5d Mouseover announcing macro So I have this macro for casting blessings with mouseover #showtooltip Blessing of Freedom /stopcasting /cast [@mouseover,help,nodead][]Blessing of Freedom How could I add to it a whisper to the target receiving it? Ofcourse without spamming the message if the spell is on cd. ThanksTomragorn3 5d
6d Target on mouse DOWN? So im reaching out to see if anyone of you know if there is like a console command or such that would help me with my problem. My problem is that I want my raidframes/partyframes to react on the key down portion of the click not the key up. I know you can do this for keybindings in action bars but havent found that for the mouse actions. I read online and saw that Clique had a function like this, so I downloaded it and got it to work. But it only works like 50% of the time and when it doesn't, I have to /reload or re-apply the settings.. I find this inconvenient and would be much nicer if there was some blizzard function/console command that would do this instead of Clique. I am sorry if my English is not perfect. TL;DR - How to change your frames to react to key down portion of the mouseclick instead of key up? By not using Clique..Zytoon4 6d
15 Mar Weak aura 2 help Hello there :) I'm new to using weak auras, and i've found a great looking string for my rogue. The problem i have is that some of the cooldowns are greyd out and are visible when not in use. I would like to make them disappear when not in use on a target, but I can't seem to figure out how it is done - Here's an image of it, if my describtion is not that great. Thank you in advance, and be sure to comment if you don't understand itFaunn2 15 Mar
15 Mar Instantly moving up camera Hello. From last one week I've got a problem with camera moving. Sometimes when I move camera in any direction it instantly goes up. I tried to turn on/off vsync, triple buffering and reduce input lag but nothing helps. Any advices?Vadrendk4 15 Mar
14 Mar Unit Frame Placement, convert Macro to Addon Hi, I have 2 positions I like to have my player unit frames and target unit frames. One for a clean casual ui and the other for raiding. I've created 2 Macros to do this: /run PlayerFrame:ClearAllPoints() PlayerFrame:SetPoint("CENTER",UIParent,-470,-520) PlayerFrame:SetUserPlaced(true) /run TargetFrame:ClearAllPoints() TargetFrame:SetPoint("CENTER",UIParent,470,-520) TargetFrame:SetUserPlaced(true) and /run PlayerFrame:ClearAllPoints() PlayerFrame:SetPoint("CENTER",UIParent,-250,-420) PlayerFrame:SetUserPlaced(true) /run TargetFrame:ClearAllPoints() TargetFrame:SetPoint("CENTER",UIParent,250,-420) TargetFrame:SetUserPlaced(true) I want to convert these Macros to an addon form so they load automatically when i have the correct addon loaded. E.g I'm doing casual questing and then want to go raid, so I go to my addons load up all my raiding addons, reload the ui and my unit frames have moved to the desired position. However I can't work out how to convert them. I remove the /run and use but the frames do not move from where I last had them. The addon code looks like this PlayerFrame:ClearAllPoints() PlayerFrame:SetPoint("CENTER",UIParent,-470,-520) PlayerFrame:SetUserPlaced(true) TargetFrame:ClearAllPoints() TargetFrame:SetPoint("CENTER",UIParent,470,-520) TargetFrame:SetUserPlaced(true) Can anyone help me with my novice addon skills? ThanksJambai2 14 Mar
13 Mar ElvUI - Buffs/Debuffs Help? Hello! I play with ElvUI and it's amazing. I use it for a clean, minimalist style through some configuring. However I need a way to hide buffs/debuffs out of combat and only show when in combat automatically. I'd prefer not to use macros and instead use anything built into ElvUI. If that's not possible, Is there a simple and lightweight compatible add-on that can do this? Additionally, I'd like to hide the tool tips when hovering over NPCs but not when looking at items in my bag, bank, etc? Really need some ideas thanks! :)Roastedeyes0 13 Mar
13 Mar Out of range check addon? Hi, Are there any stand-alone addons out there that change the colour of your spells to red if you are out of range of a target? Thanks in advance!Minicubix2 13 Mar
12 Mar New to PvP New to PvP and what like help setup keyblinds right and best addon?Philprocter3 12 Mar
12 Mar Shadowed Unit Frames - Unit Color Name Hi guys, i have a problem with customizing my Shadowed Unit Frames Addon. I want the target unit name color in red when my target is a enemy npc or player and in blue when my target is friendly. I already looked over and over again in the settings and tried many times to find this but i had no luck. :D Hope someone can help me ...DebonoDBA88B3 12 Mar
12 Mar Blizzard default raid frames, increase buff count Many druids have complained about this in the past, why is the buffs displayed limited to 3? Is there any way to increase the number of displayed buffs? I have tried different addons and none worked Tried grid and healbot, they do work but the interface is hideous, I don't like it and would very much prefer to stay with the default raid frames.Milkd11 12 Mar
11 Mar Hide names in raid frames? Heya, Guess I'm stupid but I can't find a clean way to hide the names in raid frames. Don't wanna be pressing it every time a frame is created and preferrably not a bunch of errors slowing shiz down. Any help would be appreciated ty ty!Idno2 11 Mar
11 Mar raids Big CD's addon Hello, i was promoted to raid leader, so i need some addons for it if you have any advice please share, but i know i want a addon to control big CD's like divine hymn, lay on hands, etc. i need a addon to watch it's cooldowns. Thanks for help.Hunta1 11 Mar
10 Mar Cant Move Target Of Focus frame I had "moveanything" addon and i want to disable it but when i move focus frame the target of focus portrait does not move with the focus portrait . Had the same issue with target of target and i found a script on the internet to resolve this but i cannot find any for the target of focus ... Anyone know any script or how to resolve this ? thanks in advanceFieldmedic1 10 Mar
10 Mar CTRL modifier sometimes not working with 456. Hi, so I'm having issues with the ctrl modifier binds, namely ctrl+4 and ctrl+5 - they simply aren't going off. i tested them by opening the key bindings panel to try to rebind them - no luck. i've also tested ctrl+4 and ctrl+5 in browser while the issue was persistent in game - the browser was responsive. i've relogged with all the addons disabled to test, still didn't work. but i walk away from the keyboard for 10-15 minutes to find they're working just fine. i had the same issue yesterday - i rebooted my pc and everything was working ok again. yes it seems weird, but hopefully there's an obvious cause to this issue. thank you.Ensoe2 10 Mar
10 Mar Auto Mount/Travel form after loot Ive searched everywhere on the net and so far ive been able to find only 1 working script for automount after loot: /run local f=AtH or CreateFrame("Frame","AtH") f:SetScript("OnEvent",function() CallCompanion("MOUNT",2) end) f:RegisterEvent("LOOT_CLOSED") but how to make it work for druid travel form - so it automatically goes to flying or deer formBiofacticity2 10 Mar
10 Mar Battleground Objective Targets and Arena Targets Hey all, I'm having a little problem since MoP. Back then i started using arena target macros like /cast [@arena1, exists] Skull Bash; Skull Bash for better control and less focustarget switching in fight when playing arena. Since then I encountered the problem that when im playing random BGs or rated BGs that the flag- or orbcarries are adressed by the same target as the arena targets. So when im using my Skull Bash macro @arena1 in a battleground, my character either Skull Bashes the flag- or orbcarry thats assigned to @arena1 OR just simply says "Not in Range.". It's quite annoying to change my buttons everytime I switch between BGs and arena. Long story short: I'm asking Blizzard for changing the adress of those objectivetargets in battlegrounds to something else (maybe @obj1). Also, if I'm just too dumb to see that solution for this problem, I'm asking the community for that solution! (Sorry for my bad english) Greetings, DatweazelDatweazel0 10 Mar
10 Mar WQGF bug? Hi all, recently I had to reinstall wow and all my addons, I seem to have a problem with the “world quest group finder” addon where by I used to be able to right click on invasion portals or the antorus world boss and it would show groups available and how many people were in them. Now when I right click it just zooms out on the map. Is there a setting or option or even another addon I need to run along side where I can right click the greater invasion portal to find a group? Thank youCardinál1 10 Mar
09 Mar Tracking Cooldowns and Buffs/Debuffs timers? Hey, So I came after a long break and I can't remember anything about my previous addons, I used to use a highly customisable addon for tracking cooldowns/buffs/debuffs which I had forgotten its name. Share your addons, and if you know an addon like this kindly name it.Evilworgen1 09 Mar
08 Mar Lua error - cant fix Date: 2018-03-08 12:48:06 ID: 1 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\FrameXML\SecureTemplates.lua line 306: bad argument #1 to 'lower' (string expected, got nil) Debug: [C]: ? [C]: lower() ..\FrameXML\SecureTemplates.lua:306: handler() ..\FrameXML\SecureTemplates.lua:619: SecureActionButton_OnClick() ..\FrameXML\SecureTemplates.lua:659: ..\FrameXML\SecureTemplates.lua:651 Locals: AddOns: Swatter, v7.3.1 (<%codename%>) AdvancedInterfaceOptions, v1.2.2 AngryAssignments, vv1.9.1 AucAdvanced, v7.5.5724 (TasmanianThylacine) AucFilterBasic, v7.5.5724 (TasmanianThylacine) AucFilterOutlier, v7.5.5724.5459(7.5/embedded) AucMatchUndercut, v7.5.5724.5585(7.5/embedded) AucStatHistogram, v7.5.5724 (TasmanianThylacine) AucStatiLevel, v7.5.5724 (TasmanianThylacine) AucStatPurchased, v7.5.5724 (TasmanianThylacine) AucStatSales, v7.5.5724.5598(7.5/embedded) AucStatSimple, v7.5.5724 (TasmanianThylacine) AucStatStdDev, v7.5.5724 (TasmanianThylacine) AucStatWOWEcon, v7.5.5724.5613(7.5/embedded) AucUtilAHWindowControl, v7.5.5724.5575(7.5/embedded) AucUtilAppraiser, v7.5.5724.5719(7.5/embedded) AucUtilAskPrice, v7.5.5724.5599(7.5/embedded) AucUtilAutoMagic, v7.5.5724.5686(7.5/embedded) AucUtilCompactUI, v7.5.5724.5715(7.5/embedded) AucUtilEasyBuyout, v7.5.5724.5576(7.5/embedded) AucUtilFixAH, v7.5.5724 (TasmanianThylacine) AucUtilItemSuggest, v7.5.5724.5651(7.5/embedded) AucUtilPriceLevel, v7.5.5724.5633(7.5/embedded) AucUtilScanButton, v7.5.5724.5631(7.5/embedded) AucUtilScanFinish, v7.5.5724.5720(7.5/embedded) AucUtilScanProgress, v7.5.5724.4979(7.5/embedded) AucUtilScanStart, v7.5.5724.5347(7.5/embedded) AucUtilSearchUI, v7.5.5724.5721(7.5/embedded) AucUtilSimpleAuction, v7.5.5724.5705(7.5/embedded) AucUtilVendMarkup, v7.5.5724.4828(7.5/embedded) Babylonian, v5.1.DEV.332(/embedded) Clique, vv70300-1.0.0 Configator, v5.1.DEV.431(/embedded) DBMCore, v7.3.24 DBMDefaultSkin, v DBMLDB, v DBMStatusBarTimers, v DebugLib, v5.1.DEV.337(/embedded) Decursive, v2.7.5.7 DejaCharacterStats, v730rc108 ElvUI, v10.68 ElvUIConfig, v1.05 Gatherer, v7.3.1 HandyNotes, vv1.4.15 HandyNotesLegionRaresTreasures, v1.01b LibExtraTip, v5.12.DEV.430(/embedded) LibStub, v OmniBar, vv8.1 OrderHallCommander, v1.5.14 70300 Postal, vv3.5.8 Simulationcraft, v1.9.1 Skada, v1.7.2 SlideBar, v7.3.1 (<%codename%>) SpellFlashCore, v2.1.6 Stubby, v7.5.5724 (TasmanianThylacine) TipHelper, v5.12.DEV.405(/embedded) WeakAuras, v2.5.7 WorldQuestTracker, v BlizRuntimeLib_enUS v7.3.5.70300 <none> (ck=899)Cowwder0 08 Mar
07 Mar Help with Focus modifier Macro Heya! i would be a very happy troll if i could get some help with a macro. Basically the thing i need help with is when i hold down shift modifier i want Wyvern Sting to be cast on focus target and act as normal if no modifier is held down. Dunno if it's possible to maybe add a mouseover to it aswell if there is no target and im not holding Shift down #showtooltip /cancelaura Aspect of the Turtle /cancelaura Hand of Protection /use [talent:5/1]Binding Shot;[talent:5/2]Wyvern Sting;[talent:5/3]CamouflageBeastmatsery2 07 Mar
06 Mar Tidy plates not showing " After Interrupted" Tidy plates not showing after interrupted in enemy cast bar. When I interrupt enemy, enemy cast bar not showing anything. How to fix it?Gëntlëman0 06 Mar
05 Mar SET threatShowNumeric 1 not working anymore?Lohéin0 05 Mar