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16 Apr 2012 Looking for players — PvE forum Welcome to the "Looking for Players — PVE" Forum. This is the place to look for other players if: You are looking for a new member for your guild You want to join a guild You are looking for members for cross-realm raiding You want to join a cross-realm raid You are looking for a leveling partner or simply to find someone to quest with In order to make your search as successful as possible, we recommend you to follow these simple steps: Use the search feature at the top right of the screen before posting When creating a new thread, make sure to use an appropriate and descriptive title (e.g. "[A/H] Guild on (name of realm) looking for <Class> <Raid>" or "[A/H] <Class> Looking for cross-realm raid" or “[A/H] <Class> Looking for leveling partner”) If you are not interested in teaming up with players from other realms, please feel free to also post on your realm forum. We hope that you will succeed in finding other players to have fun with!Vaneras0 16 Apr 2012
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9m (H) <Operation Trash Panda> 7/9M 11/11HC Although the majority of the guild members has played together for quite some time, Operation Trash Panda is a new guild - created in the hope of bringing something new to the table. Team effort is one of the key phrases to the guild. Simply put you're expected to pull your weight, both when it comes to creating a social atmosphere that other players wants to be in, but also when performance is required. However, a chain is only as good as its weakest link, and in order to be as good as we possibly can there is a heavy emphasis on positive criticism. Everybody makes mistakes, the main thing is to understand what went wrong - and to not repeat it. We realise that people have things they want to do outside raids, and as such we have a slightly different raid schedule compared to most other guilds, with only 7 ½ hours of planned raid time. Our focus is set to having quality raids with little explanations and tactical walk throughs. Instead, every member is required to have a great knowledge of the fights ahead, before getting there. The goal is to see the content whilst it is current, before major nerfs and new raid releases, and still having time to do other things that we enjoy. Our current roster has a mixed player base with experiences that reaches all the way back to pre-Vanilla, up to 7/9 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras before patch 7.3.2, and 11/11 HC from the first week of Antorus, the Burning Throne. This is however nothing that we are happy about. The 7/9 should have been 9/9, and we do not intend to repeat that mistake with Mythic Antorus. Important information: • Raid days are currently Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday, 20.00 - 22.30 ST • Attendance requirement is set to 80% • Loot system: Loot Council, we are using the addon RCLootCouncil to hand out loot. The council is a set group formed by one officer, one ranged DPS, one healer, one melee DPS, as well as one "wild card" player, chosen randomly for one week at a time. • Attendance: You are expected to have at least 80% attendance. We track this by using the addon "Guild Raid Attendance". • The addon "Exorsus Raid Tools" is mandatory • Discord is being used as our main source of communication • Raid invites are handled through the ingame calendar In order to reach our goal we are looking to strengthen our roster with the following classes: • 1 Holy Paladin • 1 Balance druid • 1 Mage • 1 Hunter If there's any questions or if you'd like to apply, please contact one of the following officers: Nemsess#2626 Booker#2374 Slauka#1596Slauka4 9m
10m [H] - Draenor - Early Evening Raiding Guild Hello there people! TLDR, we are 8/11 HC Antorus and going Mythic soon, and our raid timings are: Sunday - 17:00-19:30 Monday - 17:00-19:30 Wednesday - 17:00-19:30 We are The Shadow Legion, an early evening raiding guild located on the Draenor server, of course, Horde side, and we are looking for players to progress into Mythic Antorus. While we are not aiming towards any of the world rankings or any such thing, we all have a passion for WOW, and we are looking to finish the content as soon as possible, while working around our IRL commitments. Due to our time zone differences (some of us are in the UAE, some in the Middle East), as well as IRL commitment (late !@#$s or very early shifts in the UK, and some eastern European players as well), we raid pretty early by most EU standards, 2-3 hours before regular raids start! That being said, our raid timings are: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday from 17:00 - 19:30. Therefore, we are looking for similar players who want to kill Mythic Argus before BFA. While we have a few months (or possibly even a year) before the launch, we are aiming to have him killed within the coming months. So, if you want to clear Mythic Antorus, get some phatt loots, compete with others on DPS/Healing, and generally looking for a good atmosphere that is both disciplined (except for Blasster, he's our special little cookie we love so much and can't live without), but fun (that is where Blasster mostly shines), then The Shadow Legion is perfect for you! We have cleared 8/11 HC (and ofc, full NM clear, but that is nothing special is it?), and we need 5 more "regular" members to be able to start our Mythic progression. While we are a team of close to 20 players, due to vacations, IRL commitments, and generally people unable to show up for this or that reason, we are most often than not 17-18 people in the raid. Of course, to clear Mythic, we are looking for either people consistently online for Mythic raids, or otherwise replacement members who can fill in when there is a need. We occasionally raid extra days when necessary (Thursdays or Fridays) but these are optional raids, and we have do these raids only for progression or gearing up members (t21 4 set is still elusive to some of us). To know more, you can contact me on bnet at Cavionus#2843 or apply on our website: http://www.shadowlegion.club/recruitmentCavionia3 10m
13m Social Aspect missing? Need a fresh start? New to the game or returning from a break? Thinking of rerolling for a fresh start? Miss the social aspect of the game? Just looking for a friendy, helpful place to call home? We may be the guild you are looking for! <Solar Noctis> is a new fun and casual Horde guild on Frostwhisper/Bladefist/Zenedar. We are looking for players from all walks of life to join us in our journey towards Antorus. We've all been there before in a large and unsocialble guild where there's 50 people online but no one says a word. These days raiding and progress is everything and there's no time for jokes and banter, We are looking to break the mould. We have an active guild chat and discord server. We will clear content at our own pace in a fun and relaxed envrioment. We are only looking to raid normal and heroic mode, So if you are looking for a guild that intends to raid Mythic, this isn't it. We understand that people have families, jobs and other commitments outside of the game and don't want raiding to turn into an extra job. We will have set raid times (Weds and Sun 20:00-23:00) but everyone is welcome to join when they can. No pressure. Recruiting all classes and spec with a high demand on dps classes. So if you are looking for a relaxed and friendly place to raid, level or start fresh or if you'd like more information contact our GM or officers in game for a chat GM: Levantou- Frostwhisper (Arí#2357) Officer: Ryuko - Frostwhisper (Jimijams#1880) Gormac - Zenedar Everyone is weird but we like weird here :)Levantou19 13m
1h <Arcadian> High Quality Social Mythic Raiding Arcadian was created to make an enjoyable place to be and raid in. The social aspect of the game is very important to us, as is having a quality raiding environment. We hope to achieve server first rankings without being hardcore or elitist. The guild leadership is experienced, including the guild master who has server first experience. Server: Aggramar/Hellscream Faction: Alliance Raid Days: Wednesday/Sunday/Monday Raid Times: 20:00-23:00 Server Time (Being online 15 minutes before is a requirement.) Loot: Loot Council (RCLootcouncil Addon Required) Recruitment: We are always looking for exceptional players for our raid team. If you’d like to join please add myself or our other admin officer to Battle Tag, and we will arrange a Discord interview with you (no mic required, but you will need to be able to hear us). Priority Classes: Druid - Restoration Hunter - Marksman/Beast Mastery Mage Priest - Shadow Warlock What we look for in a raider: We look for dedicated raiders, who like to push themselves and progress to the best of their ability, as well as being relaxed, social and up for some fun. Our raid environment strives to be a relaxed place where people can enjoy themselves while progressing to the best of our ability, and constantly pushing ourselves to get further. We don’t require you to have any prior experience but we will require to talk to you in an interview on our discord channel, to make sure you’re the right fit for us. Me: Jani#2877 Admin Officer: Doctor#23195Banked10 1h
1h [A] Silvermoon <Heaven of sinners> Ro recruteaza Guilda semi-casual Heaven of sinners ( 2/9M ToS 8/11HC Antorus ) recruteaza jucatori interesati de progres PvE in noul raid Antorus si care doresc sa faca parte dintr-o comunitate prietenoasa, fara elitisti. Vor fi 2-3 zile de raid pe saptamana, intre 21-24PM, ora Romaniei. Folosim discord ca si canal de comunicare. Acceptam si jucatori noi/low levels, oricine este binevenit atat timp cat are cei 7 ani de acasa si bun simt. Contact aici ori ingame @Viewstar sau Frozenbro (bnet: Frozenbro#21150 ).Viewstar16 1h
1h [A] <Nightshade> 6/11 Mythic-269 WR - LF 1dps 1 healer Hello fellow World of Warcraft Enthusiasts . Our guild Nightshade located on Sunstrider realm fighting for Alliance is currently searching for specific classes and specs to fill our roster . Our progress is 2/11 Mythic - 9/9 Mythic - 10/10 Mythic 7/7 Mythic and 3/3 Mythic Our wow progress page: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/sunstrider/Nightshade Full logs history: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/42782 Nightshade is the oldest guild on Sunstrider raiding actively since 2005 nonstop.We are an in game family realy . Originally formed by a collection of old friends from older games like EverQuest, Starwars-Galaxies and Lineage 2, the guild has been equally hated by bosses from Ragnaros to Arthas, and by the horde, whose demise is part of our motto. The classes we are currently recruiting are the following 1) Tank ( Only a player that can dps as main and have a solid tank offspec) 2) 1 Damage Dealer -Any solid geared and experienced candidate will be considered 3) 1 Healer -We are mainly looking for a solid holy paladin and resto druid at the moment. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are willing to offer a significant gold scholarship to extremely good applicants in order to help possible transfer and faction change ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our raiding schedule is the follow -Wednesday 18:50-23:00 Server time -Thursday 18:50-23:00 Server time -Monday 18:50-23:00 Server time Some mythic experience and a certain item level would be appreciated (945+). But we are considering people who where core mythic raiders in previous expansions . Once a mythic raider always a mythic raider :) You can contact us here or via battle tag cranion#2344 - Nasuki#21574 .Cranion229 1h
1h [H] Casual|ty recruiting for laidback gaming/raiding Casualty, formerly (named) Balls of Brilliance has once again opened recruitment for mature players aged 28+ (years preferably). Due to the nature of the guild, where people often have to go off and be adults, we raid (usually with wonky comps) for a maximum of 4 hours each week (sometimes less) and as such, progress at a slower pace. Currently at 8/9 HC. Recruiting open - could use an active main-spec healer that isn't a paladin, and a couple dps (don't care what class). Socials are always welcome. About us: We are comprised of a bunch old-school players (ages ranging from 28 to 44) with really brilliant bal--- *ahem* that excel at dying in very inventive ways to, well, everything (but mostly our own silliness): chi-torpedoing into the purple blades of doom that you yourself spawned (pro!), accidentally dismounting mid flight, where the fall doesn't kill you, but where you instead die to being spanked by a tank dummy that you just landed next to... which is not reachable in ghost form (my proudest moment), prot paladins tanking a mythic+ in holy gear (noob!), etc. etc. As mentioned earlier, our total raiding time per week does not exceed more than 4 hours and raids usually take place on Monday and Thursday (subject to change). The raids themselves consist of light-hearted fun (but not at the expense of focus) where you'll come across instances where the raid-leader -cough- has himself muted (without knowing it) for the first 30 minutes of a raid... where, in the midst of an encounter, someone will actually start making dps pots, where pulls "begin" with the main-tank yelling out LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEROYYYYYYY and charging into the boss with half the raid a mile away, a healer that dies due to "boobs"... the list goes on and on. Basically, the main goal as far as raids are concerned, is to progress whilst never allowing raiding to reach a point where it feels like another job. However, people that specifically apply for a raiding spot, will really need to be able to carry their own weight because a) time is of a premium to us, and b) we'll likely never be in a position where we massively out-gear the content we are running. Of particular note, the guild is not run by a council, or officers, but rather is a self-governed entity - everything from whether or not to end a raid at a certain juncture, to something major like dedicating 1 of our 2 days entirely to progress, has been based on the outcome of some sort of vote and its accompanying discussion. On a more personal note: Beyond Legion, our desire is to create a community that hearkens back to the days when guilds were far more than just a collection of cliques that are bound together for no other reason than the pursuit of loot and/or realm firsts, but rather a group of people that actually make the game that much more worthwhile to play. As such, we're looking for easy-going, somewhat social, marginally sarcastic, adult gamers. If you're a d*ck, or want to raid Mythic, this is not the place for you :x For those of you that are interested in joining our close-knit cult, er... group -cough-, post an app on our forums @ http://www.casualty-guild.com/ :D Alternatively, if text is not your thing, you can come talk to us on our Discord channel (details will be provided via wikileaks/in-game whisper <.<).Bombard488 1h
1h 952 MW MONK LF MYTHIC RAID GUILD! CAN ALSO REROLL :D Hey! I'm currently looking for a new guild to raid with! I'm currently maining MW monk and enjoying it. I'm 11/11 HC Exp and 1/11 Mythic in Antorus! I'm looking for a guild who is looking to push mythic progress and one which has a good social atmosphere outside of raiding etc. I've been playing wow since Cata and raided since MoP. I got my first cutting edge on xavius this xpac and now looking to push for another if possible :D Any info needed please add me Danny#22563 ThanksDany0 1h
2h <Never Go Full Potato> - Ragnaros. Looking for peeps Hi there. NGFP is a casual PvE oriented guild founded by me, my family and friends. All nationalities welcome. Speaking English is really handy though :D We're nice folks looking to rebuild our guild back to it's former glory. We don't require you to be a great player or even a committed raider. Nothing like that. We just want cool folks who want to do their own thing while surrounded by cool hombres. If you wanna do some Mythic+? Sure, sign me up I'm coming with you. Want some company on dailies to break the monotony? We can offer that. Wanna hit up Antorus and get some gear with some friends and hopefully have a blast while doing it? Well heck, lets see what we can do. No applications necessary, just message myself or Doodarude in game for invites. Thanks for your time :)Yamwah0 2h
3h Social, mature and committed we need you! - Silvermoon. IF APPLYING, PLEASE PUT YOUR 'CURRENT' CHARACTER NAME DOWN! Thx :) Note: We are an Alliance Guild Are you new to Wow! Are you newly returned to Wow? Do you forget everything about it? Were you a pve player who likes to enjoy the game without any 'requirements' of guilds? Do you like dungeons? Do you want to dip your toe into raids? If you answered yes to at least two of those questions then 'Only Fools With Horses' wants to hear from you... We started out as a group of 4 friends and now (at time of editing) have 4 full time groups for our now infamous DPE (Dungeon Progression Event alone) and have over 40 full time accounts... However, we are always looking for more! We are a mature lot (most of us over 40 as it happens) and would like to hear from like minded people who want to just 'enjoy' the game. We want to do the dungeons, all of them... In time (and currently are with our event - that anyone can join!). We want to have a friendly no stress guild where participation is 100% voluntary. We want above all to make new friends. None of us are power players. Hell we manage to die in the easy dungeons but we always have fun doing it! (and we always complete them too... It just takes us a while in our dotage). None of us play every day. (we have other stuff to do) None of us want powerlevelling!!! EVER! None of us care if we die... over and over and over. This is a game to us, a game that we have all enjoyed over the years. We all have max level characters (well max way back when) on OTHER SERVERS... We chose Silvermoon at random so we could 'start over' I'm posting this on 6th September. (re-edited on 15th) (Re-edited and updated 11th December) When we get some more players we will start a 'progression' of sorts, where we will do all the dungeons... In order!! (We are now doing this!! Come join in!!) So if you missed any (or simply forgot every inch of every one of them like us) and want to complete your achievements or you simply want to come and be social, then our guild will become a great place to be. PLEASE THOUGH... No kids who want everything given to them... No power players who want to get to max level as quickly as possible and then lose interest. No dungeon 'rushers' (we want to take our time - for many in our guild it may be their first!) And above all... No asshats! We only ask that your a forum user and are willing to get involved with our own forum. At OFWH we work hard in the background at getting people together, we work hard at organising events for our guild members and if you dont use our forum, you will never know about any of them. Please consider joining us carefully, we only want the right people here and you will know if this is right for you. That is all.. Please contact Arteruk or my recent alts Arterus or one of our officers (Moganna, Longwolfe, Kerowyne pr Meatpaste) Or feel free to post here and I'll get in contact with you. Lets have some fun returning, and re-playing WoW. GUILD: ONLY FOOLS WITH HORSES SERVER: SILVERMOON EU GUILD TYPE: PVE, CASUAL, SOCIAL, DUNGEONS, in time RAIDS GUILD REQUIREMENTS: Forum Participation.Arteruk0 3h
3h [H] <Unforgiven> Classic WoW Guild [Early Recruitment] <Unforgiven> EU World of Warcraft Classic Guild. Sister guild of the retail one. Http://www.unforgiven-classic.tk Our website is being constructed with a forum etc but is up and functional. Not sure if I can post links here so I won't just in case. Enjoy the read (or don't). Myself (Mike) and my best friend (Liam) are both 23 years old and from South Wales. We have been waiting for years for Vanilla WoW so when it was announced at Blizzcon, we like many others were hyped and can't wait for it. We started playing a week after release (we were 10 at the time) and were consistently made officers in raiding guilds (not sure how adults put up with us but they seemed to). We made Unforgiven during WoTLK (May 2009) and the guild is still alive and running to this day. We left the guild to a friend we know personally in 2013 and she is still the leader. I still play occasionally but I just haven't had much fun compared to TBC and especially Vanilla. During Vanilla we completed all of ZG, AQ20/40, Onyxia's Lair, MC, BWL and had a brief stint in Naxxaramas. We use to raid 5-6 nights a week (so young, so much time) which I highly doubt we can do now but we want to consistently raid every week with some old friends and some new. We know people have lives outside of the World of Warcraft which takes priority but doesn't mean we can't have some fun while we are on. If you're still here and aren't bored to death. Below will be some guild information, a template for people to fill out so we can just get some information and contact information of myself. Please bare in mind we can't decide everything yet as we don't have all of the information. Guild Information: Guild Name: Unforgiven Faction: Horde Realm (US/EU): EU Realm Type: To be decided. Realm Timezone: GMT or GMT+1 hopefully. Progression: Starting at the beginning. Raid Times: Will be evening raids based around a GMT/GMT+1 timezone. Raid Schedule: To be decided. Openings: Everything and everyone. What we are looking for:- - English speaking. - 18+ preferably. You will get a chance if younger, just have to show you act older than your age implies. - Maturity (this doesn't mean be boring, you can be fun and mature). - Access to Discord (voice program) and preferably a microphone. - A want to raid. It will be a raiding guild after all. - Be friendly. Make it a nice atmosphere, speak in the guild chat, offer to help people if you have time/the means possible. Now if all of this sounds good to you, fill out the template below and let's re-live the nostalgia together! We also know some of the below information about your character may change before Classic is released and that's fine. If you never experienced Vanilla that's fine but bare in mind when applying not all specs were viable for all classes when it came to raiding. Application Template Character name: First name (if you're comfortable giving it out): Age: Location: Timezone: Class and spec: Vanilla experience? (not required): Any information you would like to add?: We hope to hear from some of you and for those we don't hear from, enjoy Classic WoW and see you on the server maybe! Below are some ways to contact me should you want (and maybe play some other games while we wait). Battle.net Messenger: Pisohog#2820 Steam: <Unforgiven> Mike Discord: Mike#7822 Not sure if recruiting for Classic already is allowed but if not, I apologise and remove this topic.Pisohog1 3h
3h Dk dps looking for guild 956 Frost DK with 2/11 in Mythic Antorus is looking for a 2-3 day progress guild,looking for a guild that raids on Wed-Sunday and any other mid week day as an addition Old school player need a an established guild to join not looking for newly founded guilds,had a 1.5 month break due to health issue coming back for Antorus and so on Btag:Entropy#256Mediamarkt13 3h
5h [H] Amnesia - 9/11 NM Antorus Hi guys and gals! Amnesia (Nordrassil, EU) is a social casual guild with a serious raiding aspect. We're a fun-loving bunch who have been around for a couple of years, poking our way through various content while entertaining WoW marriages and other spoonlike adventures. We're a mature guild, meaning we mainly recruit people age 20+. We're not a swing-door guild, meaning we screen people thoroughly to make sure they're a good fit for our in-game family - this also means we can provide a trial raid before you x-fer, so you can have a closer look. If you got humour, patience and need an in-game home, we might be it for you! Our progress: Antorus, 9/11 NM Raid days: Tuesdays and Thursdays 8-11PM ST. Discord required. Working mic not necessary, but it is recommended as we're a chatty bunch and would like you to chat with us. :D Alt runs also provided on Sundays, same time slot. Theyre lots of fun and if you are interested, we can maybe get you into one so you can check us out - we know that transferring is a big deal and this way you can meet some of the guys first, and we can see if we're a good fit for each other. :) Outside of raid days we also have a very active mythic keystone environment going! Who are we and what can we offer you? Generally we're a pretty fun bunch to be around. We help each other out with whatever we need and have a very strong bond going on with our members. We provide successful raids with lots of fun times in an organized environment. We also accept socials. We're relaxed about attendance, because we know a lot of people have lives; families, dodgy work hours, social lives and more. We try to work around that, so we all get to raid and still have functional lives outside the pixels (RL is a lie, we know, but we like to pretend it exists!). What do we need? DPS, an OT (with a dps and a tank spec) and a healer (pref with an OS)! We're recruiting to fill the last spots for our mythic team! People with functional OS are preferred - and if you have RL experience, our RL-team would love someone to nudge raid details around with. If you have questions feel free to throw us a poke in-game; Etoia#2396 (GM) or Exodeo#2151 (Recruitment officer) or go browse our forum: https://amnesiaeu.enjin.com/Etoia40 5h
5h [A]: Aiur 2/11H LF like minded players Aiur was reassembled in Nov 2016 on Draenor horde, were we started as a casual guild doing M+ and Pugging some raids here and there. After we grew consistently, a 2 day raiding roster was set and we took a more raiding approach type of a guild. Before legion and the summer holidays, the guild split for the simple reason that, a good number of our core did not want to move to Mitic raiding after we were clearing HC NH under 2 hrs. After the summer brake, those who stayed loyal to the cause and myself started a new project on Silvermoon alliance. Now with a raid roster settled and 2 days raiding is back on a weekly schedule, we are striving forward. We are looking for like minded players who value quality over QTY. Progress this exp: 7/7 HC EN 3/3 Normal TOV 1/3 HC TOV 10/10 NH normal. 10/10 NH HC 1/9 NH Mythic 9/9 TOS HC 1/9 TOS Mythic 11/11 ANT normal 2/11 ANT HC Guild requirements: At least 920ilvl and 70+ traits Active with great attitude Eager to be on board and help the guild move forward. Raiding: 2 nights Monday and Thur 20.00 - 11.00 sharp no 30min ext personal Loot until we hit Mitic raiding. Then we will include EPGP or some other system Roles still in need: dps roles are up for grabs. Classes open: Warlock Ele shaman shadow Priest boomkin Keep in mind that all classes will be considered, these above are the most classes desired. If you think that you have what it takes and this sounds like it suits you, please don't hesitate to contact one of us. Kartor#2203,roronoa#2243Kartessa78 5h
5h (A) Very casual weekend raiding We are - the BSC* and reside on Arathor - mainly of the older persuasion (30 plus) and have been playing WoW pretty much forever - casual weekend raiders who value inclusive raiding over rapid progress, and - we find numerous other ways of enjoying our time in game (alts, dungeons, pets, mounts, achievements … the works) - looking for likeminded people to join our raiding team. If that sounds at all interesting and you would like more information, just check us out on bsc-wow.enjin.com. Or /join bsc1 in-game and ask to speak to one of our officers, or contact me on Kokila #2908. *BSC used to stand for “British Space Corps” more than a decade ago, now we only use the acronym as WoW is neither in space nor are most of us British (some are though)Adora35 5h
6h {A} Alonsus - Frequency - 6/11 Heroic - Looking for DPS Frequency is a raiding guild on the Eu server Alonsus, we have been together raiding consistently now since 2008. We ourselves are a mature group of adults, priding ourselves on mutual respect with players from all over the Eu and different backgrounds and can offer a relaxed and friendly environment for Both our raiders and Social players. Our main focus is Raiding high end mythic content, while enjoying all other aspects of the game. We are always looking for keen & experienced raiders with the ability to fit well into a team and come prepared for each raid. We want to see you giving 100% to your class and your team while having a shared interest in high level progression & having respect for one another. These are important qualities we look for in our raiders as we plan to push progress as hard as we can in Legion Returning to the game after a break? No problem. We can offer you a social spot where you are able to join raids at the weekend, getting to know raiders while catching up to a level you need to be at to finally Join the main team. We like to think everyone deserves a chance and we can offer you that here. Our website for More Info & getting to know us better - https://frequencyalonsus.wixsite.com/warcraft We are currently Recruiting - Tank - This role is considered for the next expansion Healer - Druid is ideal but other classes considered. Ranged - Caster dps is required at this time Melee Dps - All classes at this time are being considered Raiding: 20.00 - 23.00 ST Wed-Thur-Mondays  Current progress: 9/9 H TOS 3/9 M 6/11 H Antorus We also Run a social raid on Sundays where members in the guild can join main team raiders in raid content. Don't like applications? that is No problem either. Application process can be done over a chat. Gm/officers - Toobashed, Popejon, Cheeki, Ultimesia Michelle#2280 is my personal Battlenet if you fancy a chat :DCheeki188 6h
7h Horde @Draenor <Cannon Fodder> <Cannon Fodder> About us: Our goal is to clear HC and progress in our own pace. Most of our members are old mythic raiders who don't have time to raid 4+ times a week. So we are an experienced bunch of people. We are going to clear heroic, do mythic plus and other activities as a group of friends. There are no rushing into content and no wiping all night with our group. If we find out a boss is to hard for us at the moment, we switch our attention to other activities (achievement runs, normal raid etc), until we feel comfortable killing that boss. We have also had several guild meetings irl with members from all over Europe. History: The core in this guild is group friends that have played together since vanilla. Cannon Fodder was started in Wrath. We moved over to Draenor in 2012, and have been here ever since. Some of our achievements: Wrath: We managed to clear full HC ICC as a guild after the nerfs. Cata: which we cleared most of DS on HC (last boss left) MoP: we cleared up to HC/Mythic Thok. WOD: Most of the members took a break in WoD, but those who didn't, raided with another guild ending up clearing HFC on mythic. Legion: We cleared 4 bosses on Mythic in Emerald Nightmare, Full HC ToV and full HC Nighthold. Some of our old members just recently came back, having cleared 9/10 Mythic in Nighthold and 8/9 Mythic in ToS. At the moment we have cleared 3 bosses in HC Antorus and full normal clear. What we want: We are more after the player than the class, meaning that we would like to add members to our roster that fits us We want players who like having a laugh while playing Players that enjoy clearing content New friends A tank DPS What we can offer: We can offer a steady raid team with good players and a pretty casual approach to raids. Active people, not just in wow. We also play other games together Normal and heroic clears Guild IRL meetingsContact and raid information: Raid days are Wed 1930-2300 and Sunday 2030-2300. We are currently recruiting a few more dpsers and a tank. Feel free to whisper me ingame Hogan#21205 or reply to this post if you are interested in joining our ranks.Leaothora1 7h
8h [A/H] Looking for leveling partner Hello there, As a new beginner to World of Warcraft, I am looking for someone to play the game with. I do know the basics of the game although It is kind of sad to enjoy the game alone to some extent. Generally, I do not care if I were to make a new character or play in a different realm. The only thing that I seek for is happiness and some memories to share with others while playing the game. I currently live in Europe, but that does not mean that I cannot play with individuals from a different foreign country (or continent). I do prefer voice-calls more than chatting, although that is fully up to you. My Battlenet id is "Danijula#2450" if you are interested. Sincerely, DanielDanijula0 8h
11h [A] Weekend Raiding Fri+Sat 20:00-24:00 ToS 5/9 Mythic Friday Marines is a raiding Team and Guild, raiding Heroic and Mythic content 2 days per week: Friday and Saturday 20:00-24:00, with optional raids also on Wednesday (non-progression content for Mains and Alts for AP and fun). Recruitment status (updated: 22 Oct 2017): =================== - 1 healer (ideally Druid / Shaman / Paladin) - 1 dps, most classes possible (especially ranged, but all welcommed) More info or apply at : http://fridaymarines.guildlaunch.com or just add Shandril#2428 (Shandril) or Mak#2170 (Mickella) for a in-game chat about raiding with us. :) Some selected info about the team follows. We are in between semi hard core and casual raiding, however many members are ex-hard core raiders who do not have that much time any more as before, or are alts of current hard-core raiders who seek even more fun in raids on their primary alt. Team was created on 2nd November 2012, and for initial 4 years was a cross-guilds team, however, with the changes Blizzard made in Legion to Master Looter UI, a Friday Marines guild has been created with aim to have 80%+ team members in guild, yet still to maintain original spirit of cross-guilds team for those ppl who for valid reasons can't leave their guilds. By default new members are expected to join FM guild, unless otherwise agreed with Officer. REQUIREMENTS / EXPECTATIONS FOR ALL RAIDING MEMBERS AND TRIAL RULES 1. Attend all raids on weekly basis, unless some rl unexpected pops up - if you have a permanent conflict with one of the raiding days, better not join the team, as we do expect participation and dedication to the Team :) In terms of specific attendance requirement it is 80%, so allows for 3 missed raidsd per 2 months. 2. Prioritize Weapon artifacts activities, as it has big impact on progression, especially at the expansion beginning. For new members it is expected to be up to speed with AK, and 52 ranks (concordance) with commitment to push it up further. 3. Have all the best consumables (food, runes) always ready and used during progression raids. Flasks are provided. Gear fully enchanted with BiS enchants. We try hard to keep our raids nice and calm. Occasionally, on some progression fights, we may fail to maintain this, but that's rare. We all make the effort to keep the atmosphere in raids relaxing rather than stressfull, while still reasonably pushing for progress. - Contribute to this approach! :) In terms of trial rules, it is pritty simple: what matter for the decission is: (1) attendance - if you can't make most or all raids it makes really no sense to join the team, as the trial will be failed for sure; (2) game play skills - which means ability to execute tactics precisely and consistently plus knowledge of the class demonstrated by good dps or hps output for damage dealers or healers (it is required for new team members to be able to reach 50% Ranking at Warcraft Logs in your gear bracket for most of the fights, and we admire those able to go 80% and above); (3) personality fit for the team - we are a bunch of old timers, mature people, with families and jobs, we treat WoW as great way to relax after a had week at work or Uni, so we tolerate no shouting, fingerpointing, or drama - if you kind of emo person, easy to upset or annoy by whatever reasons, you will not fit well, and best is to stay away, however, if you warm and kind in your heart, tolerant for unintended mistakes sometimes, you certainly will find Friday Marines a nice group to raid with. Thanks for reading and see you in raids! :)Shandril64 11h
12h [H]<Arctic Penguins> 1/11M 7/9M WEEKEND raiding guild The weekend raiding guild on Draenor EU. This is a guild for the people who can't raid during the weekdays or prefer to raid weekends. Progress 1/11 Mythic Antorus 7/9 Mythic ToS 8/10 Mythic NH 2/3 Mythic ToV 7/7 Mythic EN Raid hours We raid Saturday 20-23 Server time and Sunday 19:30-22:30 ST What to expect When new content comes out we focus on clearing Heroic first, we make sure we are prepared both gear, skill and setup wise before moving into Mythic. We don't aim to clear or push mythic content hardcore, but instead a steady progression while enjoying the raid content. Even tho we are laid-back we take our raids and preparation itself serious and ask for high attendance to our raids. Aside from raiding we enjoy doing other content together such as Mythic+, achievements, alt/social raids and even other games. We are often active on Discord both chat and voice chat Generally, we like to have fun, joke around and pick on each other, while still keeping it serious in raids and preparing, so if you can't take a joke this is probably not the guild for you :) Recruitment Healer: All classes considered The classes listed above are on high need, we still consider any other great ,active and reliable players. We welcome socials and think they are an important part of the guild, to make the guild feel more alive and play together on different levels of content. We do social/alt raids on Tue and Thu, we are 9/9 hc with no intent of doing Mythic. Contact Follow our website on ap.guildlaunch.com or contact us online. The application can be done on either the website or a chat ingame: Kerghan#21641 Shinbou#2536 Ardaion#2241Shinbou264 12h
13h [Tarren Mill]<One Step Closer> 11/11HC 2/11M recruiting One Step Closer is a progress oriented guild looking for skilled raiders for our mythic team. Our objective at the moment is forming a strong and competitive mythic team so we can push progress in the upcoming raids and reach competitive ranks. Cores of the guild are reliable and experienced veteran players always looking for new challenges. Raid Times Wednesday: 20:00 ST - 23:00 ST Sunday: 20:00 ST - 23:00 ST Monday: 20:00 ST - 23:00 ST Tuesday: 20:00 ST - 23:00 ST (optional) What we can offer: - Serious raiding environment - Steady progress - Active people during non-raid nights doing high M+ runs - Fun people who you can interact with in a laid back atmosphere in and outside of raid - Fair looting system and good leadership What we expect from you: - Be reliable, you need to come prepared with consumables and knowledge of the bosses you are about to kill. We will try to provide enough feasts to cover the whole raid night - Have close to 99% attendance and be online 10 or 15mins before the raid start so we have the group set up and pull the boss on 8 PM ST - Always keep improving the way you play your class, logs are the deciding factor for joining our mythic team, we don't tolerate people that can't pull their own weight in raids - Make sure you have the max weekly chest, meaning you need to do atleast one +15 - Don't throw tantrum when criticized and when we decide to bench you for a boss. Remember, we don't replace you because we hate you, we replace you for the sake of progressing as a guild Voice communication: Discord Loot distribution: Loot council Wowprogress: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/tarren-mill/One+Step+Closer Application form: https://goo.gl/2TvAFR - Required for joining the guild Contact: Hathra#2950, Ilynthea#2566, Tobivel#2135, Glavca#2567 or use the google form link provided to apply.Floky4 13h
13h LFG- Late night raids I am looking for a social late night guild, I am currently on Bronze Dragonflight.Jakeoe0 13h
14h WolfGang - Kazzak - LF Members Hello everyone, I'm Mopiax aka Michel and i'm from the guild named ''Wolfgang''. We are playing basically WoW for the fun! So if you are a person that loves to play WoW on a casual level you are welcome to join us! We don't ask you a lot just be nice and enjoy the game. Also we make use of our own discord, so we do ask you to make use of that! Wolfgang is there for you and we try to have a nice and friendly guild going. Stuff we do : Raids & Dungeons Player vs Player Mythic+ Dungeons Questing World pvp Owners: Mopiax (mopiax#2217) & Wolfpk (wolfpk#2917) Feel free to add us to get information about us or to join our guild! Greetings, Mopiax (Michel) Ps. Me and ''Wolfpk'' both have a full time job, so we are not always online ''just saying'' and we are a new guild so we aren't as big as you hope. We do already have some members, but we are not with many. You need to start with something right? :)Legendarynl7 14h
14h [A] <Suit and Tie> Silvermoon ATBT 11/11N - 8/11Hc LFM <Suit and Tie> ATBT 11/11N - 8/11Hc is a casual raiding guild that focuses on heroic and mythic progression. Looking in order to continue our progression on the new raid content we're currently looking for any of the following: DPS Classes: - Death Knight (Unholy) - Warrior (Fury) Our raiding days are: Thursdays, Sundays and Tuesdays from 20:30 to 23:30 server time. The main goal of our team is to get the "ahead of the curve" achievement before the end of each patch and also to progress as much as possible on mythic raiding after the heroic progression is done. If you're looking for a nice raiding environment and a new place that you can call home, then look no more you came to the right guild. The next step is to add my battle tag and let's have a chat. Salutations Drivon#21237 Daliel#2390 Feel free to check our guild progress: Https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/silvermoon/Suit+and+TieBagoras26 14h
14h 945 Frost mage LF guild! Alliance EU 945 Frost mage LF guild! Alliance EU Looking for a guild that had good mythic progress in ToS/Is doin mythic now in Antorus. I got 13/13 M in draenor ( REALLY good logs back then) 5/7 M in TeN (after that I took a break) 3/9 M in ToS ( Came back in the end of ToS so I barely raided) I am right now located on Sylvanas-EU, but I am ready to mig for the right guild! If you are interested in having me in your guild, contact me thrue my btag - Denzo#2232 Thanks in advance!Denzoo1 14h
15h Avenging Dawn (H) - Progressive Raid Guild Hello Guys, welcome to our forum post we are a progressive raiding guild primarily focused on its members and PVE we wish to create a family like atmosphere whilst progressing content quickly and efficiently. we will be raiding 3 nights per week for 2 and half hours each night - Tues/Thursday/Sunday 21:00-23:30. Current Guild Progress 11/11 Normal Antorus Please if you enjoy the idea of a tight knit community whether its to social / pvp or pve please read below. Mission Statement Avenging Dawn is an English Horde WoW Guild of similar minded, adult, (mostly) mature, veteran gamers. We enjoy mainly PVE and will take part in progressive raiding (3 Nights Per Week) at maximum level. Raiding is not mandatory but it will always remain a core focus of the guild. We are mostly seasoned MMO players, alot of us have been around since the start or early expansions of WoW and some even playing MMO previous to this. Though we do respect the achievements of hardcore raiding guilds, Avenging Dawn is not one; however our members are skilled and online daily. We all help each other where possible: leveling, group play, crafting and knowledge passed around to improve our skills. Our purpose is to create long term friendships amongst guild mates, these friendships will help strengthen the guild and make the game a lot more fun for its members. Our dedication to each other is what will make us so successful. Progressive Raiding Meaning We will progress through all current content right up until End-Game (Mythic). As above we are not hardcore but will require dedication from its core Raiding Team to achieve this level of gaming. Progression will be made upon the teams capabilities and all personal ventures should be taken to ensure you are prepared to "progress". If these aspects of our guild interest you, then please read further on to the "Requirements" , to help you decide whether or not you would like to apply. Requirements Avenging Dawn is a 18+ guild with very rare exceptions from within the guild, and a 2 week probationary period for all new applicants. This period occurs regardless of whether you were referred to the guild or not. We recruit people NOT characters, therefore we want to get to know you and for you to get to know us.The probationary period will not limit any restrictions from the guild and you will be treated like one of us! Please check us out at https://avengingdawn.enjin.com/Creó0 15h
15h [A] Craze on Kilrogg recruiting for mythic Antorus Craze has been a raiding guild on Kilrogg since October 2007. We are still run by the same officer team that originally set up the guild, which provides us with great stability and a friendly environment. A move to Craze is a guarantee of joining an experienced guild that wants to progress mythic raiding in Legion, as well as the next expansions. We are recruiting for our main raid team and are not looking for bench warmers. New members at this point can expect the opportunity to cement a raid spot in a mature, experienced end-game guild that wants clear all current mythic content. While we don't actively chase ranks due to our semi-hardcore mentality, we achieve Realm ~4/World ~1500 on each tier anyway. Our raid days are Wednesday-Sunday-Monday 20:00-23:30 Server time. We offer an ever present community in all aspects of the game. Our members can be found online late into the night; there's always something going on, most notably Mythic+. Such groups form at any hour of any day depending on player interest. We have an understanding officer team: we've been active for 10 years; we have real life commitments too. We are not going to chain you to your computer when you have family / exam / work commitments. If you like what you see and think you will be a good match for the guild, you can post an application on our website at http://www.crazekilrogg.enjin.com For inquiries, please add any of the following: Battle.net: Danedeluka#2342 Friedel#2169 Nambi#2874 Discord: Danedeluka#8904 Friedel#9829 Atai#3385 Ask any of our members to see if we are online on any alts.Haanen9 15h
15h <Indomitable> (H) 4/11 HC Two day raiding guild Hello there ! Indomitable is currently looking for new members to bolster their ranks into Heroic and later mythic Antorus. Raiding Days Wednesday : 20:00 - 23:00 Sunday : 20:00 -23:00 There are events throughout the week that are optional such as transmog runs, mythic key stone pushing and just general banting around with drinking games ( of course you have to be 18 + to attend these) The recruitment is as stated below but we will always consider ANY exceptional player. Tanks Closed Healers Resto Shaman Resto Druid Ranged DPS Affliction Warlock Destruction Warlock Marksmanship Hunter Mage (Any spec) Shadow Priest Melee DPS Frost/Unholy DK Rogue (Any spec) Havoc Demon Hunter Before applying , do keep in mind we expect you to be able to play this spec to a certain standard , if its your offspec and you do not mention this we will flat out not take it into concideration. We expect our players to be geared accordingly to the content we wish to clear aswell as have sufficient knowledge about their class / spec / fight to perform up to a standard that they are held to by both me and their other raid team members. We constantly encourage our members ( including myself) to improve by providing them with logs and where possible personal opinion about any questions , we provide a challenge by constantly having multiple of a certain class / Spec combo ( with exception of the tanks and healers where this is of course not as feasable) during heroic clears. We always encourage people to do the best they can by handling the motto : " Everybody can be replaced "( even the Leader ). This does not mean we do hardcore raiding all the time of course , we only raid two days and during these days we have a normal clear ( for now ) on Wednesday where we bant more than anything else while of course not wasting to much time on clearing the bosses. During progression however , a mature yet relaxed atmosphere is the course for the day , the bants are there but during pulls and tactic explanations we expect a focused attitude. Outside of this we also provide an excellent and mature enviorment with the word "Bant" being the word most commonly used to describe us , you can already tell we are a bunch of fun guys and girls where you'll be able to laugh and joke with. As for loot ....we use a loot council. Apply here : https://goo.gl/forms/t101j2Mfa7CNrEWu2 Thank you for reading this post ! If you have any further questions please redirect yourself to any members online but in particular : Diamonddisc(Saz#2172), Zhaura(Zhaura#2512) , Bâllz , DØbuber , Inserted. Or add me on battle tag ! Anicky#21107Inserted3 15h
16h [H] Calamitous Intent 10/11HC 2 Day Raiding Guild About Us Calamitous Intent is a semi-hardcore raiding guild. Our guild is made up of a group of friends who have been playing together since Wotlk. We class ourselves as a semi-hardcore raiding guild with the intent to clear content as fast as possible. At the same time, we feel that we have a strong social community where members can feel at ease. Our raid team is currently fully prepared for the legion expansion to raid competitively. We have updated our raiding days and times from previous expansions to suit the guilds needs. We are recruiting a few key classes to provide more options for progression. We're always recruiting EXCEPTIONAL raiders no matter recruitment status. Get in-touch if you feel you can outperform our current raiders! Raid Times -Sunday 20:00 - 23:00 -Tuesday: 20:00 - 23:00 -Friday optional (old farm content - hc/normal raids and boost runs) Guild Requirements - Reliable - All of our raiders must be able to maintain as close to 100% attendance as possible. - Skill - All raiders must be competent within their class/role. This also includes being capable at playing your off-spec. You must also be able to move from fire and other not-so-enjoyable things on the ground. - Tactics- It is expected that you turn up to all raids full prepared. When it comes to progression raids, you are expected to have learnt as much about the encounter as possible and be able to help develop tactics. This includes having the correct spec and add-ons prepared and made for all bosses indivdually. - Humour - Members must have a strong sense of humour to be able to fit into the guild comfortably. - Communication - Access to Teamspeak and a working microphone is mandatory. What We Offer - Organised & structured raiding. - Fair loot distribution. We use a loot council. - Progression raid spots are based on performance and reliability. Farm boss raid spots will prioritize players that still need loot from a particular boss. - A fun atmosphere with a serious raiding environment. Current Recruitment Ranged DPS Shadow Priest! - Warlock! Healers Holy Paladin (ASAP) - Holy/Disc Priest For more information regarding recruitment, please contact one of our recruitment officers in-game: Durburz#2541 Nicolé#2480 Thanks for readingDúrburz168 16h
16h H <Fresh> Draenor recruiting for raids Hey <Fresh> is a newly formed guild. We are veteran players with previous mythic experience looking for like minded raiders who aim for mythic content. We are currently recruiting for raiding our raid nights are: Wednesday 2030-2300 Sunday 2030-2300 Roles: Currently all roles are being recruited. Requirements - We require as good as an attendance as possible. People to learn mechanics prior to the raids DBM or equivalent Discord - to listen at least. Also will be recruiting for mythic+ pushing for higher keys. If this sounds like it could appeal to yourself feel free to drop me a message for a chat or Zambai in game. Hoogar#2822 is my tagHolyhoog2 16h
16h [A]Frostmane <AnV> 7/11 HC; 3x2hrs(22-00) Recruiting! Few words about guild AnV was formed way back in 2007 and has been running successful 25 man raids ever since (transitioned to 20 man Mythic raiding, obviously). We are a friendly, mature late night raiding guild with a casual approach to progression raiding. We recognize that real life takes precedence over the game and we will do our utmost to cater to individual requirements. In all these years of existence we had few guild meetings where we had a lot of fun time meeting each other and spending some excellent time raiding pubs! We have a good core team but we are always looking to add some skilled players who could bring improvements to our progress raiding. We prioritize a fun and healthy guild atmosphere over pushing for immediate progression. As such, we use our guild forums for scheduling people for raids and rotate the squad with the intent of everyone having a chance to raid at least once/week. Just to make it clear - AnV stands for Acta non Verba, the name under which we raided for more then 6 years. It had to be changed since the name was already taken on Frostmane when we transferred. If you are interested in our pre-Frostmane raiding history feel free to check it on wowprogress, just look for Acta non Verba at Dunemaul Raiding goals - Clear Heroic content and hit some Mythic, as far as possible while it's comfortable for all - Raiding time: 22:00 -00:00 Raiding days: Wednesday, Thursday, Monday Progress : 4/9 Mythic ToS 4/10 Mythic NH 7/7 Mythic EN 3/3 HC ToV Recruitment WILL ALWAYS BE POSTED AS LAST POST IN THIS THREAD As usual - all exceptional applications will be considered no mater on state of recruitment, so if you think we are perfect guild for you do apply! We require all members are: Mature and drama free Skilled Prepared to wipe when learning a boss Prepared for raiding - including appropriate gear, enchants, specs, flasks etc Able to attend a large number of raids without dropping out (although we recognize that real life comes first) Able to at least listen to Team Speak (we prefer it if you can also speak). Although and because we have members from all Europe English is language that is in use when raiding. We provide: Ranking system where dedication is awarded Fair loot distribution where everyone have chance to gear up pretty fast Fun and social guild environment Chance to see and experience most, if not every, in game encounter before it get nerfed! In case you'd like to have a chat before applying feel free to send a request to any of the following: Goneril#2442 - GM, anything guild or mage related Xandina#2394 - officer, casual raider/socials liason officer SjerpeAuw#2956 - healer role officer Vismonk#2739 - melee dps/tank role officer Agriel#2662 - ranged dps role officer Guild forum is at www.actaguild.org and you can find more about guild there, as well as application template. If it is possible please use in game name when registering, to avoid some further hassle. /TyFeanorris12 16h
17h [H] - Draenor - <Ancient Circle> (Swe) Mythic raiding Vi raidar 19.30 - 23.00 på Torsdagar och Måndagar. Vi letar nu efter mer folk för mythic progress. Om du vill raida mythic i "vuxet" sällskap i ett trevligt guild utan drama så viska Hufs, Mourning, eller Apotekarnes för mer info.Apotekarnes12 17h
17h [Twisting Nether][H] <Asylum> 5/11 LF ranged damage dps All applications will be reviewed and considered however if you are playing a class/spec combination we need then your chances of joining will be higher. A little bit of info about us: We are a group of friends and serious raiders on EU Twisting Nether looking to recruit skilled like-minded players into our roster for Mythic Legion raids and onwards. We will offer a sociable and fun raiding environment while maintaining a strong desire for progression. Our Discord is very active and we encourage all members to chat and play together not only for raids. The guild formed late March 2016 and fully cleared 13/13 Mythic Hellfire Citadel pre nerf shortly after. We've since been improving our world ranking every tier. We currently raid 3 days per week on Mythic: Wednesday, Sunday and Tuesday 19:15-22:15 server time. While it is not a lot we try to make the most out of our time. We run optional heroic/normal/alt/previous tier raids during off days in which raiders are welcome to come to. Our members also play other games outside raid times together where anyone is welcome to join(LoL, PUBG, HotS, Overwatch etc.). Our loot system for Mythic is RC Loot Council. What we expect from you: - We are a raiding guild with only a 9 hour per week schedule so you are expected to attend and be ON TIME! However we understand things can come up sometimes but please let us know. - Be able to speak and understand the English language and not be afraid to communicate with other members during raids. - Actively doing dungeons/world quests to improve your gear and artifact weapon. - Have a strong understanding of the current raid tier and be able to play your class to it's potential. - Always come to raids prepared(i.e. bringing food and potions, etc). - Come fully gemmed and enchanted with the correct stats for your class and spec. - Access to Discord and a working microphone. - Have a computer that can handle 20 man raiding and a good, stable internet connection. - Exorsus Raid Tools, Weakauras2 and RC Loot Council addons installed. We may ask you to install others. If you have any further questions please contact us at battletags:  Stjern#2802 or Azkey#21565 To apply please visit our guild website: http://asylum-tn.enjin.com/recruitment __________________________________________________________________________ Requirements to be considered into current main raids: - 930~ ilvl - 72+ traits. - 8/9 in ToS. - Exceptions to the requirements may be made. _____________________________________________________________________________ We're currently looking for the classes below but may consider other classes as well. Priest: Shadow. Druid: Balance. Warlock: Affli/dest Any and all applications will be considered.Vimzoo14 17h
17h [H] <Rehab Inc> Casual heroic guild LF ranged dps Hello, established in 2006 on Korgall, Rehab Inc migrated to Draenor from Kor'gall at the end of WoD and is now looking for more raiders to boost our numbers in Nighhold hc progression. We are a group of social players and raiders from all over Europe. We all have real life commitments (kids, work etc.), so understand that people aren't always able to make every raid. We aim to get as far through content as our schedule allows, so we do expect people to have reasonable gear, at least a vague understanding of class rotation, flasks etc. for raid days, however our primary focus is on enjoying the game and having fun! The average age in the guild is probably 30+. Also note that we are primarily a heroic guild, not an aspiring mythic guild. This means that our raid goal is always to clear the current raid on heroic, not to someday move on to mythic difficulty. Our raid progress in Legion is: 7/7 EN hc, 3/3 Tov hc, 10/10 Nighhold hc, 9/9 Tos hc. Antorus progress: 11/11 Normal, 1/11 hc. Our raid times are Wednesday and Sunday from 20:30 until 23:30 server time, and other than raids there are regular mythic+ runs and occasionally achievement-related runs. We are currently looking for: Ranged dps 1 non-druid healer All applicants will be considered. If our guild seems like a good fit for you, please visit http://www.rehab-ftw.org/apply and make an application. You can also add me (Cratos#2356) if you want to have a chat or have some questions. Thank you.Gorakhnath69 17h
17h 951 Frost Mage LF raid team 951 Mage LF Daytime raid guild/team - Can be cross realm if requiredMaxstar0 17h
18h [PL][H] Old Dogz @ Draenor O Nas Jedna z najstarszych polskich gildii na serwerze Draenor, po stronie Hordy. Kiedyś była nastawiona na hardkorowe raidowanie oraz uczestnictwo w wyścigach z innymi gildiami, obecnie cel jest nieco inny: wspólna gra w gronie znajomych ludzi na casualowych zasadach, ale na najwyższym poziomie trudności - Mythic. Raidy Zrezygnowaliśmy z hardkorowego progressu, nie spinamy się na raidach. Staramy się aby atmosfera była przyjemna, ale nie oznacza to, że przekładamy atmosferę nad profesjonalizm. Wymagamy od graczy: - znajomość walk oraz swojej klasy - wykorzystywanie Discorda / TeamSpeak, stosowanie się do poleceń RL - całkowite przygotowanie na raid, tj. flaski, poty, gemy oraz enchanty. - umiejętność gry w zespole Aktualny progress to 9/9 HC. Raidy odbywają się w środę i czwartek od 21 do 23. Rozdajemy loot wykorzystując RC Loot Council, biorąc pod uwagę wyniki oraz obecność na raidach. Jesteśmy otwarci na krytykę i nie boimy się rozmawiać na temat lootu oraz gildii. Jeżeli masz odmienne zdanie, nie zostaniesz wyrzucony z raidów bez ostrzeżenia. We wtorki odbywa się fun/alt run, od 20 do 23 dla chętnych. Brak zasad przyznawania lootu: Personal loot. Rekrutacja Rekrutacja jest otwarta dla wszystkich. Najbardziej poszukujemy DPSów aby złożyć solidną grupę na Mythic. Mile widziani healerzy i tankowie z DPS offspec (bądź mainspec). Podania proszę składać na naszym forum: https://olddogz.eu/. Jeżeli masz pytania bądź wątpliwości, skontaktuj się w grze z nami: Tlareg, Czolgownik, Elvithrill, FerrorTlareg7 18h
19h [A] Rome in a Day (10/11H) 2 nights/week LF DPS About Rome in a Day is a mature, friendly raiding guild on Silvermoon who raids two nights a week. We have consistently been one of the better performing 2 night raiding guilds on our server. Our goal is to kill as many bosses as possible in our limited schedule whilst having fun. The guild was formed in 2009 and has raided consistently since then with several members still with us since the start. Whilst skill and independence are valued we also appreciate a friendly and positive attitude. This being the main reason Rome has maintained it's core roster for so long. Successful applicants will find themselves welcomed into our community. Recruitment Even if your class is not listed we will still consider your application. We are currently interested in: Any DPS class with the exception of Shaman Raid Times Raid nights: Monday, Thursday Raid time: 20:30 - 00:00 Server Time Our raid nights have been the same since WotLK and are not likely to change. We appreciate that people have real lives and do not mind people missing the occasional raid so long as warning is given in advance. To ensure that we always have enough people to do Mythic the raid team will consist of more than 20 people. This allows us to adjust to absences. As we can only take 20 people into a Mythic raid, when we are doing Mythic content, we will occasionally ask you to sit out. This is done in a fair manner such that no one person is forced to sit out each week. Recently we have been organising an extra, non-mandatory night for clearing HC where alts are welcome. Loot System We use a loot system known as Suicide Kings. What this means is that every person is given a random position in a list at the start of the tier. When a piece of loot drops it will be first opened up for bidding. Any player who's main spec is eligible for the piece of loot can bid. The successful bidder is the person who's highest on the list. They are then moved to the bottom of the list. If no players choose to bid then the piece of loot is opened up to rolls. Any player who can use that piece of loot, be it for OS or MS, can then roll on that piece of loot. Contact Info Artemis - Asmodiseus#2870 Website: http://riad.guildlaunch.com/ If you add me on Real ID please send me a message rather than waiting for me to message you. I get a lot of people adding me and I cannot keep looking at my friends list to see if any of the 10 people have come online. Progress WowProgress: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/silvermoon/Rome+in+a+Day Legion Tier 20 ToS: 5/9 M Tier 19 NH: 7/10 M ToV: 3/3 HC EN: 7/7 M Warlords of Draenor Tier 18 HFC: 13/13 M Tier 17 BRF: 10/10 HC HM: 1/7 M Mists of Pandaria Tier 16 SoO: 12/14 HC Tier 15 ToT: 4/13 HC Tier 14 ToES: 4/4 N HoF: 6/6 N MSV: 1/6 HC Cataclysm Tier 13 DS: 8/8 HC Tier 12 FL: 6/7 HC Tier 11 TotFW: 2/2 N BoT: 1/5 HC BD: 2/6 HC Wrath of the Lich King Tier 10 ICC: 9/12 HCArtêmis4 19h
19h (H) Guardian druid LF raiding guild. Ilvl 964 Hello. im a guardian druid. Played alot back in Legion opening, cleared EN mythic quite fast With my guild. Ive been doing lots of pugs since ive started again in september this year. But now that ive cleared Heroic 3-4 times and climbed alot the last three weeks, ive found out that im interrested in joining a decent raiding guild to keep farming heroic and normal, and hopefully some bosses in mythic aswell (Mythic is absolutely not a must). To me, its mostly for the social part, and that i want fast and clean runs, not those splitups all the time. So, if anyone is interrested let me know :) Remember to check out my armory. -BeeristaBeerista0 19h
20h [H] Wretched 3/11 M LF 1 Healer We are opening our recruitment for the following classes for Antorus Raid! - 1 Balance Druid Please only come to us if you are dedicated to stay for Antorus and the rest of the expansion. The guild Wretched is a semi-hardcore, semi-social guild, preferring the prio over the latter, especially when it comes to raiding. The guild has been remade at the launch of Legion by veteran players with the same mind set as each other. Our goal is to be a Cutting Edge guild in Antorus and trying to be a strong guild on Horde side generally. To prove our dedication, Wretched is holding the Realm First Guild Rank 25! Feasts of Strength achievement on Nagrand. Recruits We have the following expectations towards the players wanting to join us: - 100% Attendance (if possible) - Know your class, it's specs and itemization(s) - Be mature and respect the guild and other players - Be prepared for the raids since we are, after all, a raiding guild; reading up on any Boss fight (be it a farm or progress boss) is mandatory as well as bringing potions to the raids. - Have Discord installed, we don't expect you to have a microphone, although its always a big advantage when the final judgement on your trial passes. What we can offer you in return: - A mature and professional(ish) atmosphere, our core team raiding together since Cataclysm - The guild providing free flasks / food / gems and enchants to their raiders. - Fixed raid days based on calendar invites - A fair loot council system - Leader team with years of experience - Drama free environment - A chance on mythic modes and achievements (as the progression does well) - But most of all progression and end game content. As for raid times: Monday 20:30 - 23:30 CET Wednesday 20:30 - 23:30 CET Thursday 20:30 - 23:30 CET Raid Invites starts at 20:15, (try to be online around that time so we can start pulling the trash by 20:30) Fridays and Saturdays are usually off-days for off-raid activities or clearing older content / gathering achievements. (Yes we love Achievements) If you think these rules are fair for you, don't hesitate to apply to our officers by in game whisper or on battle.net: - Guild Master: NascarNSX, NascarNSX#2986 - Officers: Epedemic, Narbeleth, Shoel, Nyph Exceptional applications will always be progressed and get a chance of joining regardless of recruitment status. We are accepting Socials to bring the guild a more social atmosphere. For socials we offer a friendly atmosphere and alt / socials raids during weekends!Nascarnsx57 20h
20h [A] (Silvermoon) Normal/HC raiding guild is recruiting! Well hello there, First off just a little introduction: Call of the Void is an Alliance guild based on the highly populated server of Silvermoon, we are a friendly and mature guild who like to enjoy the game and the people whom we raid with. We were formed at the time that Nighthold was the current content so we are a fairly new guild! We are by no means a Hardcore guild, by this I mean that we do not push to raid mythic. Instead, we clear the Normal and Heroic content. Having fun in a relaxed social environment is our main goal, however, we still like to clear the content and receive that shiny shiny loot. So what is Call of the Voids progression? Antorus, the Burning Throne (3/9 Heroic, 9/9 Normal) Tomb of Sargeras (9/9 Heroic, 9/9 Normal) Nighthold (10/10 Heroic, 10/10 Normal) Our raiding schedule is: Monday 20:00 - 23:00 Tuesday 20:00 - 23:00Okay, but what does Call of the Void need for it's raid team? Here is a list of the classes we are currently looking for, this list is subject to change at any given time. The below classes are ones that we are proactively trying to recruit for, applications from all classes are however welcome of course: Warlock Mage Hunter Shadow Priest Balance Druid Elemental Shaman So now I know a little bit about Call of the Void, but what should I expect when I join? We are a fairly laid back guild however when it comes to it we want to progress and so will focus and push for the kill. In a raid environment there is always a bit of chatter as we like to have happy raiders that are at the same time, focused on killing the bosses at hand - this is the key to our success. Therefore, there is no bad atmosphere during our raids, but instead, a relaxed, calm and focused environment. We don't like shouting at people for doing something wrong, instead we try and advise them on how to improve and try to guide them if needed. Most (if not all) of our members will offer help out where possible (if you ask for it!). This can help people fit in and feel wanted. By joining us you won't just be joining a raid guild - you will be joining a community. This sounds great, what does Call of the Void want from me though? Call of the Void is looking for focused, friendly and mature people to join its raid team. We expect you to turn up to raids prepared with flasks, potions and food, we also ask that you try to attend as many raids as possibly: at least 80% attendance is requested. We also expect you to know at least the next 3/4 progress bosses that we will be going for; not knowing this will cause a problem; you will waste time and basically cause more wipes than necessary - wiping is a part of progress but if you are not prepared by watching tactics then it takes longer. Now I know all of this, what if I get taken on as a trial? The most important thing to note is that you should just be yourself! What we hate to see is that someone behaves like an angel during their trial and then their commitment drops dramatically or they turn into this strange person we have never seen before and show their true colours - DO NOT LET THIS BE YOU PLEASE! Be yourself, relax, and we will get a better understanding of whether or not you fit in (this works the other way round too). If you think you are interested in what we have to offer and if you also think we may be interested in you, please do not hesitate to add my battle-tag or discord tag (I'm available 24/7 on discord): Ilanoar#3210 - Discord Ilanoar#2296 - Battle.net Hope to hear from you soon :)Ilanoar1 20h
20h [A] Affinity-Runetotem <11/11NM 8/11HC> 2 nights/week “Affinity” is an Alliance guild on the server cluster Kilrogg/Nagrand/Runetotem. We raid Wednesday and Sunday from 20:30 to 23:30 server time with the goal of achieving the most we can with the time we have. We're a home for different types of players with a wide variety of playstyles. The members of the raid team have a long history of high end raiding and we’re looking to continue that with players who share our goals and mindset. We are fully committed as a team and a guild to return to mythic raiding with a solid foundation of players who enjoy playing and progressing together. Currently we are working on heroic Antorus as we move forward with this goal. We also regularly do mythic plus together. What can you expect from us? ... What do we expect from you? ... Recruitment ... You can read more about our guild on our website affinity.enjin.com or contact one of our officers for more information: Storm (Storm#22774) Sarah (Luminea#2664) Jenn (Nili#2893)Vignette75 20h
20h 945 Frost mage LF mythic+ team! HIGH KEYS!!!! 945 Frost mage LF a mythic+ team for high keys! I had 2k MS in 7.3, so I am looking for a team around 2k MS or higher from 7.3! Add me thrue my Btag for further information etc etc - Denzo#2232 Alliance-EUDenzoo0 20h
21h [H] Casual/Mature Guild LFM SERVER: Twisting Nether EU FACTION: Horde RAIDS: Wednesday & Sunday 8:00-11:00 iO is a mature guild that have been playing since classic WoW, with the core of the guild having played with/against each other for many years prior in other games. We used to be hardcore but as the years went by too many of us became parents etc so we now only raid twice a week. Looking to solidify the squad for the new raid! We will consider any good applicant but as things stand we would love to add the following to our team: Priest (all) Paladin (Ret) Warrior (Arms/Fury) Demon Hunter (Havoc) Druid (Feral/Balance) If you are a mature person who is keen to raid to a good standard but without the pressures associated with Mythic focused level demands please get in touch via: H1ve#2648 MysticAngel#2249Hive18 21h
21h [H] 2/11M 11/11HC <Loyal to Garrosh> recruiting I N T R O D U C T I O N <Loyal to Garrosh> is a semi hardcore raiding community of skilled players that likes to always push its players towards improvement. To learn about us read our posts on https://loyalg.enjin.com/ , and check out our wowprogress page linked below. In short our raid days are Wednesday, Sunday, Tuesday from 20 00 to 23 00 CET. We require raiders and trials to have more than 80% monthly attendance. You can check what we are currently looking for on our website. Contact: Mihajlosrb#2826 - Battnenet ID Kajmak#0619 - Discord ID https://discord.gg/jz8ucyg - Discord ServerKajmak33 21h
22h (Critical Hit - Argent Dawn) 6/11HC LFM!!! <Critical Hit> is looking for experienced and dedicated raiders for progression in Antorus. Critical Hit formed just before the start of Legion, with the goal of raid progression in mind. We're based on Argent Dawn EU (Alliance). Outside of raids, we run Mythic+ keys and also hang out in our Discord server. We generally aim for Normal & Heroic progression, and if we have the numbers, we'll move onto Mythic. Currently, we have a roster of 15-17 active members. If you're a fan of truly awful banter, then this is the place for you. Classes We're currently looking for: Melee DPS Demon Hunter Death Knight Retribution Paladin Survival Hunter Rogue (Any Spec) Enhancement Shaman Warrior (Fury/Arms) Ranged DPS Mage (Any Spec) Warlock (Any Spec) Hunter (Any Spec) Elemental Shaman Shadow Priest Other classes maybe considered. Raid Times Wednesday, Sunday - 20:00 to 23:00 Server Time. Raid Progress Emerald Nightmare - 5/7M Nighthold - 10/10H Tomb of Sargeras - 3/9M Antorus, the Burning Throne - 3/11H What does Critical Hit expect from you? You must be motivated and willing to dedicate yourself to the guild and the raid team. You must be open to criticism and feedback; whilst also striving to improve your performance in raid. You must have a good and positive attitude whilst raiding. A poor, maybe elitist, attitude can bring the raid down and can hinder performance What can you expect from Critical Hit? Progression through current content. Tactic/raid discussion and feedback via the forums and our dedicated Discord. Friendly banter outside of raids, during trash and breaks. Fair loot distribution via the EPGP system. What addons do you need? EPGP (dkp reloaded) and EPGPLootmaster DBM or Bigwigs - your choice Angry Assignments Interested in joining Critical Hit? If you would like to apply to the raiding team, then get started at www.criticalhit.uk! You must be able to link some form of logs (WarcraftLogs, AskMrRobot, etc.) for your application. If you have any questions, you're welcome to reply to the thread here or contact any of the following via Battle.net: Taurz#2438 - Guild Master ArcaneNinja#2886 - Officer Calderon#11400 - Officer Profwedgie#2232 - Officer If you'd like to join as just a social, then please whisper anyone (that is Raider, or above) for an invite to the guild. No need to apply.Dipbolt0 22h
23h [A] Silvermoon - <Retro> [11/11 HC] Hello! About Us: <Retro> was originally founded in 2011 during Cataclysm's "Rage of the Firelands" patch. Having reformed this expansion and steamrolled our way through current content, we are currently recruiting to expand the raid team for Antorus with players who show a good attitude and raid awareness. Though as a guild we don't take ourselves too seriously; we still know when to get our heads down and focus on mechanics. If your ideal raid setting involves a mix of humour, bad puns and decent progression, then you've found the right guild for you! The guild is also active outside of raiding, our Discord chat is regularly populated on nights when we have nothing planned, and we regularly try to clear Mythic+ dungeons together in an attempt to gather a bit more gear all-round. Even if raiding isn’t your fancy, social members are also very welcome! Raid Information: Currently seeking the following to fill in the last few gaps of our raid roster: 1 Healer - (Mistweaver Monk as a priority)We will also consider exceptional applicants from other classes and specs. We raid every Wednesday and Thursday 22:00-01:00 (server time). We run alt / new member runs every Monday to help existing members gear up and potentially move them into a trial period for our raid team, as well as a way to help get folks acquainted with us! Raid Requirements: Have at least 925+ ilvl and similar raiding experience to the guild’s. Be willing to use Discord for voice communications. A microphone is not an absolute must, but it is necessary that you are able to listen and remain engaged with the raid leader’s instructions. Be responsible for yourself - turn up to raids as prepared as possible. Good attendance - please ensure that you are able to attend the raid times specified above. If your circumstances change and you are unable to attend one night, please ensure you let an officer know or otherwise get a message passed onto us!If you are interested or have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to message me or get in touch via the following: Guild Leader - In-game: Taero Battletag: JaackD#2461 You can also message me via Reddit if you prefer. Thank you for reading!!Taero3 23h
23h (H) Ecstatic lf members! Ecstatic is a new guild which is being led by an officer team with high experience of high end mythic raiding. This tier the raid days will be Wednesday,Thursday and Sunday, untill we have a core to up the game! Apply at http://ecstatic.shivtr.com/ For any further questions u might have u can add my btag Margots#21287Margots0 23h