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16 Apr 2012 Looking for players — PvE forum Welcome to the "Looking for Players — PVE" Forum. This is the place to look for other players if: You are looking for a new member for your guild You want to join a guild You are looking for members for cross-realm raiding You want to join a cross-realm raid You are looking for a leveling partner or simply to find someone to quest with In order to make your search as successful as possible, we recommend you to follow these simple steps: Use the search feature at the top right of the screen before posting When creating a new thread, make sure to use an appropriate and descriptive title (e.g. "[A/H] Guild on (name of realm) looking for <Class> <Raid>" or "[A/H] <Class> Looking for cross-realm raid" or “[A/H] <Class> Looking for leveling partner”) If you are not interested in teaming up with players from other realms, please feel free to also post on your realm forum. We hope that you will succeed in finding other players to have fun with!Vaneras0 16 Apr 2012
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1m Ret Paladin LF Pve guild ( stormscale ) Ret Paladin LF Pve guild for heroic raids ( stormscale ). Cause of real life issues i don't have time to do mythic progression but i am up for heroic raids. Cause of time issues i am interested in guild that raids friday or saturday but if other days raid time are good it is fine too.Skorcha1 1m
7m [A] Quel'Thalas - Trotters Traders Ltd recruiting About us Trotters Traders Ltd is one of the longest established Alliance guilds on Quel’Thalas. We’re a mature guild from all over Europe with main groups coming from the UK and Scandinavia. The majority of our members are people with families which is reflected in the guild atmosphere and the way we treat each other. Our members have varying levels of experience and interests in the game. Some with years of raiding under their belt and others who prefer different aspects of the game. In our raids we are aiming to clear normal and heroic difficulty in our own time. In addition to raiding there are mythic keystone runs of various difficulties almost on a daily basis. Most of us have alts we like to do other activities on like questing, timewalking dungeons (and soon raids!), PvP or LFR. Trotters Traders Ltd is a home for veteran players and people who are new to the game alike. We offer a place where players can learn and experience different aspects of the game within an established guild. What matters to us is that we’re a good fit for each other. Raiding We offer two types of raids throughout the week: Casual raid Our casual raid’s time to shine is Friday evening, where new players have the opportunity to catch up on gear if needed and to get to know us. This is where you can bring your alts too. Main raid Our main raid takes place 3 times a week and focuses on clearing heroic difficulty after normal has been cleared. As we are a casual guild we don’t take ourselves too seriously and know that wipes will happen, but we still want to maintain focus during progression. Our raid atmosphere is laid back and respectful. We don’t do name-calling, nor do we give up when a boss seems to be more stubborn than we like. Eventually they will fall, so we might as well have fun in the process. Our current progress in Legion is NH 10/10 heroic. Our raid times are: - Wednesday: 21:00 - 23:00 - Friday 21:00 - 00:00 - Saturday: 21:00 - 00:00 - Tuesday: 21:00 - 23:00 Recruiting We are currently recruiting for Tomb of Sargeras with the aim to clear heroic difficulty and would love to welcome a few additions to our raid team. How to contact us If you are interested in joining us please leave an application on our forum: http://forum.trotterstraders.net/ For further enquiries contact our GM HonourlessQT#2861 or one of the following officers: Shivi#2140 Spirit#21564 AirkRaft#2647Twinklepain3 7m
16m [A] Lost Battalion - Grim-Batol EU - New and Casual Lost Battalion (Grim-Batol EU) is a guild that is formed by 3 real life friends with the intention to make a guild that is laidback and have a good atmosphere. What do we want with the guild?: The guild have a goal to be enjoyable for every member of the guild, we want a guild were everyone speaks together if you enjoy either PVP or PVE and dont mind joining discord even when questing or just to have a social moment when you are online. After a while we want to be able to make guildruns for fun casual raiding or even legacy raids in the weekends. We also want a laidback raidteam that can raid 2 times a week, with laidback i mean that we dont go for specific progress goals, we will rather just try to impress ourselfs and have lots of fun. When we are raiding we will use raid channels on discord to have good communication throughout the raid. We have set an age cap of 20+. If you are want a social guild and at the same time are mostly doing PVP, you are more then welcome to join us, the main goal for the guild is to be social but there will always be people that are interested in joining you to smash in some horde skulls. Founders and their experience: The 3 of us have experience from Vanilla and all the expansions after that, we have raided most of the raids that exists, not as much vanilla as we like because one of us started late in vanilla and the rest started in later expansion, we have been on and off wow for years, but now we want to found a guild that can keep the interest of the game up. Does this sound interesting? Add: oblaks#2918 or MadeUp#2376 on battle.net Or whisper: Civious, Injsain, Kransekakå or Insomniâc ingame on Grim-Batol EUCivious1 16m
35m [A] -- Shadowsong/Aszune Guild -- GOF 12 yrs old GOF Currently 4/7-Mythic in Emerald Nightmare. 3/3-Hc in ToV, 10/10 NH hc, 9/9-N and 2/9-Hc in Tomb. Trying to get more to continue with Heroic and into Mythic as a guild. Who we are, what we are doing. We are an alliance guild on Shadowsong EU, active since 09-02-2005 vanilla, most of our past we've usually been ending up in raid alliances. However due to the guild mechanics introduced in Cataclysm and the collapse of our partner guild, we decided to form our own guild raid. We also have a social part of the guild, where we have people leveling, doing achievements and some that like to tag along in heroics. This Expansion, our goal is to have the Heroic Content in the first Tier Raid on farm as soon as possible, to this end, we're looking to recruit to fill out our roster with people that can regularly attend raids. We used to raid three days a week, but people asked to be slightly more "casual", so now we are currently only raiding two days a week, therefore we're expecting raiders to be able to attend all raids during an average week (notwithstanding Real Life Emergencies/Holidays). HIGH PRIO -- What we are currently recruiting Ranged DPS Mage Priest Warlock Hunter Melee DPS DPS DK (Unholy or Frost) Paladin Having a decently geared offspec is a bonus. Raid times We are currently raiding Two days a week (main raid), and expect people to be able to attend all days during an average week. We will also be starting a Second "Normal" raid group up that will do 1 day a week. Our raid times are as follows (always GAME TIME [EU time]) Wed - 19.45 until 22.45 Sun - 19.45 until 22.45 We would like to try adding Friday to the roster to get progress going again. In addition ... Sometimes we want to stay for longer if we're close to killing a new boss, but if you have to go we'll accept that. Thurs or Mon - 19.45 until 22.45 (Help Gear Up Raid) or Alts with gear and play knowledge welcome. What we expect of applicants - Being able to attend both raids regularly. - Knowing reasonable knowledge of how your class works, and have a good understanding of boss encounters. - That you are able to use Teamspeak 3. We don't require a microphone, although it is preferred. - You are dedicated to progression and want to achieve the same goals as the guild. - That you bring your own flasks, food and potions for every raid. Remember that we will sell Flasks, Potions, Tonics only if required, but you will be asked to reimburse the G.Bank (@50% AH cost). What we offer - Raiding for main chars, two days a week - A friendly guild atmosphere - Achievement runs in old content (ICC drakes, etc.) We ask that all applicants either apply at our website: http://g-o-f.shivtr.com/ or if you would rather contact us in-game, please whisper or send an ingame letter to one of our officers. Mysteeq / Theodori / Baibit / AstaraellMysteeq9 35m
38m (A) 10/10 HC Casual Raiding Guild - 100% Unique I think we can all recall our first guild, but we can even better recall that guild that first made us feel like we were a family, in a place that could be a home in game, and even outside of it. Guilds such as these are rare finds, and guilds who manage to have this sort of feeling within the guild, don't tend to also be raiding guilds. We have blended the two to get a casual progression guild that actually kills stuff! WHAT'S IN A NAME? Introducing (or re-introducing!) The Forty-Second. Our guild is named for the answer to life, the universe, and everything. We even have some dolphins! We've been around for over 5 years, and will be around for plenty more because we've stuck to some core values that have been unwritten, but universally understood. 1. There is no reason a guild cannot be a progression raiding guild, and also be good to one another and care about each other's goals and achievements just as much as our own. 2. There is no reason to beat people down and act like elitists if they screw up during a raid. We hope that the person will learn from it, and if they do not - to handle it with tact and care one-on-one instead of hurtful negativity, particularly publicly. 3. There is no reason for drama to exist in a guild full of people who care about each other and mutual goals. It has never had a place in The 42nd, we just don't foster a place where that kind of stuff is allowed to fester and grow. 4. People matter more. YOU are who matters to us. We are a community of people with rich and varied backgrounds and lives, not toons who serve one purpose, and as such - we value one another. 5. Real life comes first. No matter how often you play, something will always come along and disrupt that game time now and then, and sometimes reality can be harsh. We understand that things happen, and when tragedy strikes in whatever form it takes - not only will you have a home to come back to if you need time away, but you'll also have the support of your guildmates in the meantime. 6. Lots of rules are silly. Be mature, responsible and know that while you're wearing our guild tag above your head that you represent all of us. 7. Don't forget to have fun while pushing your limits in game. This is a game after all, and we meet within it to have our share of the fun within it. Taking yourself or the game too seriously only leads to burnout. We have a lot of fun here in The 42nd, but we keep things classy. APPLY HERE: http://thefortysecond.net/ OTHER EQUALLY IMPORTANT STUFFS So here are the boring things everyone reads on every other guild recruitment post. We are 10/10 Heroic Nighthold, and we have historically managed to clear current Heroic content to get "Ahead of the Curve". We raid on Thursday and Sunday evenings from 7:45 - 11pm server time. (and sometimes Wednesdays for a "fun run" - though not required, nor usually, progress). We are based on the triad of servers: The Sha'tar, Moonglade and Steamwheedle Cartel, Alliance - EU. It's an RPVE server. We are opening recruitment for dps, but please note that those who have tank or heal offspecs are more versatile, and hence - able to do more within the raid team. Being able to play more than one spec is super helpful :) Any exceptional raiders are welcome to apply. We're also open for social members, we have quite a large community of social players who do everything from old content and achievement farming, to mog hunting and mog runs, and plenty more. APPLY HERE: http://thefortysecond.net/ LAST THOUGHTS If you remember your first guild, or the one guild which treated you like a valued person and not just a number to add to a raid force, it's because those kinds of guilds are truly amazing. Here in The Forty-Second, we're lucky to have such a great group of people, who celebrate our differences and unite in common goals. Come rediscover that feeling of wonder, family, fun, and feeling like a person - not a number. You can also contact Kittkatt-TheSha'tar by in game mail, in game live, or any of our officer team who will be glad to answer any other questions you have! LAST THOUGHTS - no...really this time. Bonus points if you're a gnome. APPLY HERE: http://thefortysecond.net/Kittkatt22 38m
42m [A-Sylvanas EU<TSD>] 8/9HC 3X A WEEK, LF DPS Hello raider! We are an 18+ alliance mythic raiding guild called Transcendence, based on EU-server Sylvanas. Current progression: 8/9 HC transcendencewow.eu Due to a recent guild split at the end of Nighthold progression we are still looking for some additional members to complete the roster. We have really good potential in the group with players who perform very well (that is at least above avarage) on both progression and farm content, check some combatloggs out. We want to make a step forward in raiding quality going into Tomb of Sargeras with a roster that has no weak links. Therefor we will be strict in selecting our new trials, making sure we protect the high quality we currently have while finalizing the roster for ToS. WHAT WE EXPECT FROM YOU - You need Mythic level raiding experience at least around our level. We are interested in the players who know what it is like to progress through content and finish it pre-nerf. - You need (visible) above avarage performances over a decent duration. (warcraftlogs.com) - You need good attendance to the raids. Missing more than 1 raid a month is not acceptable to us. - You need a stable computer and internet connection. - You have topnotch understanding of your Class and its specs. Beware that during the talk when we first meet, you may be questioned about this. - You know when to speak, and when to remain quiet. It is important to listen to your raidleaders and keep the teamspeak clear for them. It takes certain insight to know when you should speak midfight if you're not a raidleader. - You understand the importance of a good UI and Addons during high level raiding, and can provide a screenshot and other information about what you use, when we ask you to fill in our application form. - We value respectful behaviour, a friendly mindset and being able to give and take constructive critisism. It is important to have room for jokes, fun and laughter and we will always protect this. But that also means its important to think about a balance between being serious, performing and joking. - Dont think in ways of friend politics, privileges or favorizing. We are a performance based team and you are judged exactly that way. - It is absolutely crucial for us that you fit into the generally described mindset in this post or else your stay with us will be very short. Please don't bother applying for the team if you dont match with these requirements. You will just be wasting both your own and our time, but mostly your own time. If your apply is relevant you will be contacted and trialed by us, via cross realm if need be. This will take place in the form of you joining multiple of our raids and typically lasts for 2 weeks. THE TEAMS RAIDING SCHEDULE - wednesday 19:30 - 23:00 Server Time - thursday 19:30 - 23:00 Sever Time - monday 19:30 - 23:00 Server Time - at content raid release we will schedule extra raid days! (by far most of them non mandatory) Top Priority: - Boomkin - Monk (dps) - Death Knight (UH dps) - Hunter - Elemental Shaman - Warrior (dps) - Warlock - Rogue (assa) Keep in mind ALL relevant applies will be considered carefully. ALL exceptional applies will be taken into consideration aswell. HOW TO APPLY?! You can apply on our website transcendencewow.eu under Recruitment. This is the best and fastest way to apply. You can also add my contact details (below) for a chat but we will eventually always kindly ask you to fill in the Recruitment form on the site. Extra info and contact details For loot distribution we use a Loot Council system consisting of higher ranked guildies. Whenever needed they will look into a certain situation to come forth with a solution. Who gets what loot should always benefit the team the most, not the individual player. We have a very friendly, social and mature gaming environment. I take my job to protect that environment in the guild very seriously. A big part of how we recruit is with high standarts regarding personality and characteristics. We will not ever allow drama or any immature behaviour here. All our raiders understand that and have been recruited with this message of respect. Though, a raid without jokes laughter and fun is no raid, we get that and maintain a good amount of all that to compensat hard work and high levels of concentration that have to be put forth. In a nutshell as a guild we are about getting the Cutting Edge achievement, and keep growing stronger as a raiding team. With the exception of Highmaul and Blackrock, where we mostly dealt with internal roster problems aswell as transitioning from a 10man (Heroic SoO) to a 20man mythic team, we enjoyed succes in getting those Cutting Edges ever since the first content people in Transcendence started raiding which was Siege of Orgrimmar. If you feel like it, add my battle tag so we can have a talk. I can answer any question you have and clearify more about what this place and our family can offer you. Battletag: Milan#2761 Charachters I play alot: Lurïfax, Lurio I look foward to meet you :) Milan, Lurïfax Guildmaster, Transcendence transcendencewow.euLurïfax4 42m
43m [H]<Victus> 10/10M NH - 9/9 HC ToS need healers Currently recruiting: 2 healers : 1 Holy paladin + 1 any Demon Havoc Any exceptional applications can be considered About us: Victus is an international PVE guild. A old guild on Shattered Hand with a lot of history. Guild creation 15-10-2010. Before that we were Alliance. What we offer: • Good mix between Fun, Atmosphere, Progress. • Excellent Progression and a strict 3 day schedule (Yes we are actually a real 3 day guild!). • Loot Council system. • We do NOT require alts. What we are looking for in applicants: • Due to our small roster we are looking for experienced and dependable players high raid attendance (95%+). • The ability to play ALL of your specs depending on what is best, for example; Arcane/Frost/Fire. • We are looking for people who learn quickly, do not repeat the same mistakes over and over. • Being able to listen and contribute to the raid is essential, as such a decent grasp of English is also necessary. • You are required to have access to TS3, with a microphone and be able to use it. Raid times: We raid 3 times a week (Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday) from 19:00 to 23:00 game time, you will never be asked to raid an extra day. Note: Every Saturday from 19.00 we run an alt run if interested. We will always pick the most suitable raid line-up for specific bosses if you can't handle sitting out now and then because your class isn't ideal please do not apply. If you have any questions feel free to contact Razier#2960 in-game.Xenaké98 43m
1h [A] <Element> 8/9hc ToS, social raiding <Element> Ravencrest Alliance Currently ToS normal - Cleared ToS herioc - 8/9hc (40% on KJ) NH mythic - 7/10 We aim to progress mythic raiding whilst still maintaining a fun environment for all players. We are recruiting: 1 Tank - DK/Pala/Monk/Warrior Skilled dps - Preferring Death Knight, Hunter, Spriest, Demon Hunter Other classes considered, check our WoW Progress for full recruitment status. https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/ravencrest/Element We have been around for 10 years as a social raid guild, previously on Ragnaros Horde. Our goal is enjoying the game with friends but also pushing into harder difficulties to see end game content and to better ourselves as players. We will be raiding ToS hc/mythic when Khadgar finally lets us in =p We raid 2 evenings a week: Wednesday and Sunday at 20.00 - 23.00 and also have a social raid in hc on Mondays. We are looking to recruit players with matching ilvl and experience, although that isn't always necessary. Skill and potential is always worth alot, so we will always have a chat with you beforehand to make sure both parties are happy. - We require team members to perform at a high level, display sufficient raid awareness and maximise their survivability (i.e. using personal CD’s during periods of high incoming damage). Having a good working knowledge of your class and keeping that knowledge up to date. - The team’s best interest comes before the interest of the individual. Working and playing as a team will lead to growth for everyone. - Have a good attendance, we only raid 2 nights a week, that shouldn't be hard =] If you cannot make a raid, we have a channel on Discord you can text to let us know. - And to have a positive attitude when coming to the raid, good morale does wonders for progress! We run with Discord being our voice coms of choice. RCLootCouncil for our looting. We are also always accepting social members who wish to play as part of an online family. We also recruit players that wish to raid mythic in the near future but need a little gearing up first. We game together outside of raid times, and also on different games (eg Overwatch/HoTs/Minecraft) Message one of us ingame: Guild master: Teralyn -> Auraelia#2663 Officers: Shinanigans, Eldrad, Bentou Recruitment: GaviriaTeralyn11 1h
1h [H] 909 Resto Druid LF Guild for ToS Hey, Looking for a semi hardcore guild to progress with in ToS on Shattered Halls connected realms Able to raid 2-3 times a week, looking for a fun but progression minded guild :) Drop me a message if you may have a spot ThanksBax3 1h
1h 911 Brewmaster Looking for raiding guild Hello :) My name is Lee, I'm a Brewmaster/Windwalker monk based on Silvermoon EU [A]. i'm currently 911 equipped ilvl 3/9HC Tomb looking for a new guild to continue progress in ToS. I'm looking for a guild that aims to clear heroic and farm while progressing mythic. I'm not a hardcore raider but I do like progress while having fun. I'm available to raid all evenings except saturdays from 20:30 ST I can realm/faction change if required. If you need to know anything else about me - Lee#22558 ThanksLeè4 1h
1h 920 resto druid lf tos progress guild Looking for a guild for hc/myth progress on Outland, ign:Wannex BN id:Roky#2412Wannex3 1h
1h We need a home ! (A) or (H) 4 players with 9/9 n - 3/9 hc ToS progress. 10/10 hc - 1/10M NH We are: 1 tank, 1 melee dps with OS tank, 2 with heal or dps and happy to play either. Long time friends looking to have fun and make progress with some good guys. We need a raid time that finish at 22:30 server and would like 2-3 days a week raiding. Dont care about faction or server ( please no RP xD ) Please leave a message about your guild if interested and battlenet so i can add you for a chat if its a good fit. Thank you :)Serene6 1h
1h Enhanc - BM Vi söker guild Enhancement shaman 917 och Bm hunter 910 SWE Jag och min flickvän letar ny guild någon semi-hardcore med 2 dagar i veckan fast ändå försöker hålla sig till mythic progress. Vi kan transfer. Jag själv har tidigare erfarenhet av GM och RL. Vi letar nu efter en SKÖN guild, där drama inte dyker upp. 4/9 hc xpWrathzy2 1h
1h <Raven Knights> - Casual Raiding Guild - 9/9 N 3/9 HC Currently Raven Knights are mainly looking for: Tank --- Healer -DPS with interest in OS- DPS Melee OR Ranged DPS With the start of TOS, Raven Knights are currently looking for additional members to fill our Roster. Raiding spots are currently a regular raiding spot 2-3 nights per week. Who are Raven Knights We're one of the oldest raiding guilds on Earthen Ring, formed in 2005. Where others have fallen we have kept pushing. We started off 40m, switched to 25 when required, then in Cataclysm decided to shrink to 10m and have been raiding that size until the release of Mythic 20m. We still believe in a balance between raids being fun and enjoyable without being too hardcore, however we do acknowledge that the current game content requires a bit more than the casual play we used to expect from our members. While we attempt to keep a relaxed attitude, the content we attempt is difficult and needs a level of focus and commitment. You may be used to heroic groups who will scream and shout at the slightest mistake, expect 90% attendance and that are filled with teenage boys. That’s not us. We raid in a pretty civil fashion, we’re a diverse bunch and we more than appreciate that real life comes first. What are Raven Knights doing in Legion? Taking into account the guild’s progression through the recent tiers on heroic it’s a pretty safe bet that we will not be kept busy with the normal and heroic tiers in the longer term. We’re likely to blitz normal fairly quickly, then spend a chunk of time digesting heroic to gear ourselves up for the main target: Mythic. As these raids will be flexible in numbers we can avoid sit outs for a large proportion of our raiding, gear people up faster and also give opportunities to people who are time limited or just don’t really fancy the harder difficulty stuff. What does that mean for us? Well, we’re going to be recruiting. And we’re going to be trying to recruit decent players, although not sacrificing the social element so important to our guild. This inevitably means we’re going to get more people signed up to do raids this expansion than we have space for. Some of that need we can cover with the flexible system, but it’s going to be a transitional period and people are going to have to accept that sit outs are a necessary evil of recruiting more people. What do I do now? If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, have a read of our rules and the way we operate as a guild. You can find them on our website. The next step is to apply - don’t worry, it’s not a 14 page application form, but we hope you take the opportunity to actually tell us a bit about yourself. Raid times We raid 19:45 - 23:00 on: Wednesday Sunday Monday Website Raven Knights http://www.ravenknights.co.uk If you have any additional questions, please contact (ingame), one of following characters: Shev Saradír - Saradir#2274Saradír1 1h
1h Natural Selection LF Players TOS HC PROG Natural Selection is a PVE guild based on TheVentureCo. Current progression 9/9 TOS NM 4/9 TOS HC. we are currently recruiting people for our TOS Heroic/Mythic Team. 1.About us 2. Attending events & Our values 3. what we are currently looking for 4. Guild benefits 5. What we expect 6. Contact Info 1. Now a bit about us. This content tier we were in the first 70 guild in Europe to clear Tomb under the name Aurora before name changing the guild. We aim to push our boundaries into heroic and mythic. We are a very close guild, we enjoy a good bit of banter and have members from many places over the world! we believe that to succeeded in raiding you need to have a good teamwork, a team that looks out for one an other and genuinely enjoys playing together, always pushing each other on and giving each other a helping hand, this is the sort of environment we encourage in Natural Selection. which is one that has lead to success after success. 2. Many of our players have families, some with children others have busy personal lives and heavy work commitments. Because of this we don’t expect you to attend every event. 2a. Our goal is to compete at the highest level in PvE end game, but also keeping our core principles at heart, such as raiding with a pleasant atmosphere however we do not believe in being Sh**! we do try to generally tell people what as group why a wipe might of occurred however we have we known to move people discord channels to specifically make a point and make 100% sure they full understand. We like to encourage good raid preparation weather that be mythic plus and gear by doing plus 15 or simply by fine tuning we are very effective at min maxing! 2b. Raid times [Wednesday 8pm – 11:30pm] [Saturday 8pm – 12:30/1:30am] [Monday 8pm – 11:30pm] (We are aware that not all players can raid till 1:30am and its depends on the amount of raiders who choose to stay up that late.) 3. First of all to people that took the time to read the above paragraphs before skipping here thank you! We are currently looking for the following for our 20 man Team. Please Be Advised some of the classes on the list are for the same spot IE if we Get a Feral Its unlikely we would want a ENH shaman too . Elemental shaman . Balance druid . Mage . Feral Druid . Demon Hunter X 2 . ENH Shaman . Resto Shaman . Mistweaver Monk Please Bare in Mind if your class/spec/roll is not listed here that we do take classes we are not recruiting depending on experience and skill and gear( we also have a Social rank if you just want to hang out with us :) 4. So Joining our guild has a wide range of benefits, We offer all gems and enchants for free (no gold no mats) The guild pays for the cost ( IE the Guild Leader). We also have Free Buff Food and Flasks also for free provided by the guild ( Again out the Guild Masters Pocket) This is all done for free so people can turn up to the raids fully prepared ie Gems enchants to provide maximum efficiency. The flasks and food are provided so the raid team dont have to spend time farming herbs etc and can focus on getting the best gear possible or improving In other ways. We also have a strong Social community within guild both on discord and in the fact that there are always mythic plus groups going no matter the time day or night there are always people online. We are also a very Multi Cultural Guild with people from the UK, Belgium , Holland , Norway, India , Egypt, USA Just to name a few :) 5. We do not expect a massive amount, we understand that everyone is human thus understanding that some times real life gets in the way and that everyone can make mistakes. We like people who listen and have good common sense and can speak or at least understand spoken English as that is the only common language across the whole guild. As all gems and enchants are provided for you for free from the guild we do not believe its unreasonable to turn up fully gemed and enchanted. We also ask that whilst we have banter that people are also respectful of one another we don't do people who rage ( They usually find out the Guild Master can Rage Harder :) Thanks for taking the time to read our post we look forward to hearing from you 6. "Ollie" (Battle Tag ollie#22736) " Alexie" (Battle Tag Burninghate#2100)Ollza1 1h
2h [H][Kazzak][Late Night]Dusk Till Dawn Recently Founded Late night guild with people that used to raid together that felt like that wanted to do things different. We are friendly, mature and want to give mythic raiding a serious go. We are 5/10 M , some more and we are looking for a few dps (4/5). We are looking for hunters,warlocks and shadow priests for our main roster. Socials are welcome to join! Raid Schedule: Wed, Thurs & Sundays from 22:45 to 01:30 ST If you want to discuss, or learn more about us please add: drones#2826Daedpewl16 2h
2h [H] Cynical - Draenor RECRUITING DPS FOR MYTHIC UPDATE: 2/9HC, 8/9N after first week In terms of healers, we will only consider Paladins Due to recent changes and the introduction of the new tier, a few friends and I have decided to return to the game and aim to raid again. We consist of ex-mythic raiders that have recently come back from a break from the game. We will raid on a high level, though we don't expect to be realm first, nor is that our goal. Our atmosphere is laid-back but also focused on progression. What you can expect: - A two night a week schedule(Wed/Sun 20:00-23:00): Real life gets in the way, hence the raid times. We all have jobs, though we will be active most evenings. - A community that is active, playing games other than WoW aswell. - Fair loot distribution: We care about progress and fun, not loot. - Solid gameplay, and a push to progress. - A slow start, as stated, we are reforming, so don't expect to jump into mythic with 19 other amazing players instantly. We will get there, but it will take time and dedication. - Last but not least, no drama. What we expect from you: - Reliability. - Preparation (Class knowledge, fight knowledge, consumables) - A friendly and committed attitude towards raiding. - A working, decent microphone. What we are recruiting: At this point, anything. We need all roles. That's as much as i'll put here, if you want more information contact me with my battletag (Tymoa#2145) or join our discord server. https://discord.gg/7ZJHZ4N Speak to you soon!Tymoa9 2h
2h [H] The High Council 7/7M 3/3M 10/10M - LF All The High Council is an World of warcraft guild that has come back for the expansion Legion. The High council has it roots in "High Council" that orginated from EU-Xavius, EU-Boulderfist, and is now located on EU-Ragnaros. Several(~10) old core members have decided to come back and raid on a casual semi-hardcore level. We are currently looking for more quality players to bolster our ranks for Mythics. We are currently 10/10M and looking for more people to do Mythics. We aim to have as a high quality as possible of the raids we are doing, but at the same time have have time for real life activities. Our raid times (based on server time): Wednesday ~19.15-23.00 Thursday ~19.15-23.00 Sunday ~19.15-23.00 Recruitment: We are very interested in the following: * Hunter * Boomkin * Holy Paladin * Retribution Paladin * Elemental Shaman * Shadow Priest * Warlock * Mistweaver Monk Any exceptional player(s) who feel like they can complement our quality of raiding regardless of class/spec are encouraged to contact us even if your spec is not mentioned above. What we are looking for in you as a player: * You love raiding and want to progress in Mythic mode. * You're an independent and communicative player (that means you actively prepare yourself for new encounters, know about their mechanics and ask when you don't). * You wanna have fun and have good progress * Your English is good enough for clear communication. * You have a stable connection. * Being able to listen to and actively speak when required. What can we offer you? * We give you the opportunity to clear content at a fast pace with lots of fun. * A stable environment with few to none players leaving. * Members with several years of experience with guild- and raid-leadership. * A social guild with lots of laughs. * Casual raids on Saturday(NH Normal,ToV, EM NM Mythic etc). * Several Mythic+ groups How to join? 1. Contact Swix#2683 or ask for an officer ingame Some Old achievements: * pre-nerf M'uru/KJ in Sunwell * World 48 Yogg-Saron * World 16 A Tribute to Dedicated Insanity * World 61 LK 10 * Realm first from Mid-TBC to start of Cataclysm.Swixie19 2h
2h Ret pally LF raiding guild Raider on Doomhammer LFG I'm a ret pally geared 918 looking for a guild that preferably raids on 2 days: friday / saturday excluded. ( i prefer to raid from 20:00 ish - ...... ) for TOS heroic/mythic I'm looking for a no-drama / mature guild. Preferably with some kind of loot-system (dkp ,...) I'm 31years father of a 8months old boy. I speak English and I've used to be a hardcore raider but don't have the time for that anymore. Raiding in legion for a good 3 months now( joined l8er ) Got a stable connection and a good grasp on my class. Got a working mic and discord/ts/vent... whatever is needed. Hope to get some positive reactionsThaeris9 2h
2h (A) Panic Room (3/10M) LF Mythic Raiders Looking for your new home in Legion? Want to progress in a chill and fun environment? Well, look no further! Panic Room is an alliance guild on Magtheridon, recruiting to add to its raid core! We are currently looking to add members to our ranks who wish to raid with less pressure than a hardcore guild but still want a challenge and to progress. Our aim in Legion is to experience the entire content, including Mythic raiding, but to do so in a fun and relaxed environment. We are clearing HC in a night, and have a solid core of 17-18 players, but need a few more of the right people to make that jump into mythic. High ilvl is not a necessity, but previous experience of high end raiding will go far. Raid Times are currently: Monday & Thursdays 8pm-11pm Server time - 7pm to 10pm UK. What can we offer you: -Friendly and stress-free atmosphere -Teamwork - we often help each other while questing, doing dailies and dungeons, so if you have any problems with anything or just feeling lonely, there is always someone out there to join you -High Discord activity - there are always people chatting on our Discord channel, and it is very easy to set up events/activities with other guildies. -Raid Progression -Flasks, pots and other raid consumables. What we expect from you: -Be an active player - nothing is more discouraging than seeing a bunch of members being AFK for weeks without any notice. -Be sociable - we do not expect you to talk in guild chat or hang out on Discord all the time, some of our members are very open and talkative, others are more quiet and that is okay. However we would highly encourage you to take part in the guild life in some way as the social element of the guild is a key focus for us. -If you decide to raid with us we would like you to follow some obvious and general rules that apply to all raiding groups: *Know your class well, and chosen main and off-specs. We do expect above average performance from all of our raiders. *Be punctual - No one likes to wait and waste time waiting around for people. We do take scheduled breaks during raids. *Prepare for raids - bringing flasks, elixirs, food etc. is mandatory for all raid members. *Further to the above, read guides and watch videos to at least know what is required from you and your role. CURRENT NEEDS: 1 Healer: Pref HPala/ 1DPS: Pref a rogue/boomkin/spriest/warlock, although we are always looking to recruit exceptional players of all classes. Please check out our website: http://panicroom.enjin.com and if you are interested please apply and fill out the recruitment questionnaire. Contact us at tetramaster#2865, Kheala#2159 or Halcyon#2584 if you wish to speak further. Thanks for reading!Shoddun12 2h
2h (H) Arms/fury warrior lf guild Hi! I'm an active player, with loads of experience through many expansions. Raided for the first time in WotLK, where I also ended up with quite decent progress. (9/10 hc, with LK on 13%). I've cleared atleast 1 raid each expansion since on the hardest difficulty, except in WoD, where I changed my focus to the PvP content. Became a strong player in PvP, with high experience on many classes. (x1 Gladiator as warrior in legion, close to 3, by close I mean, less than 100 rating away from the cutoff). I'm looking to get back to raiding after my guild broke up in March - Core players felt like we were carrying some of our team through the tiers, and it was quite hard to recruit more people, therefore, we decided to split up. A guild which raids 2-3 days a week would suit me really well. I can transfer, but I'd prefer not to faction change. My Experience in Legion: 7/7 mythic EN (Cutting Edge) 0/3 ToV M (we cleared HC, nothing more, cause we wanted to clear EN before it was too late) 3/10 M NH (Krosus tore the guild apart). Here's a log from our very last raid: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/9YZfzqjW2bKQALnV (Please note, I didn't have Draught of Souls which was key through NH for a warrior dps) I am a little behind on traits, but hopefully my skill makes up for it! (Got x1 point in concordance).Sakakuro7 2h
2h Holy Pala lf 2 days raiding guild Dear reader. Firstly, thanks alot for taking time to read through my post about looking for a guild. Currently sitting on 6/10M 5/9H My name is Mathias, i'm 25, living in Denmark more specific Copenhagen, where I with my girlfriend have an apartment. I'm currently studying, and will do so for the next two years. I have a huge passion for gaming, and specificly world of warcraft, together with PUBG. I have various experience, when it comes to raiding - Endgame - Responsability in form of raidleading and being apart of a succesful officer team for more than 5 years. Within the expansions I've cleared most content on highest difficulties, leaving me alot of background to get through most mechanics, while keeping a good performance. What am I looking for? - I am currently only looking for guilds, that just raids twice a week. I have no interest in raiding more, as I simply don't have the time to put into it. - A serious progressing mythic raiding guild - Positive and social enviorment What can you expect? You can expect a player, whom are loyal, on point and always doing his best to help others and perform as well as possible. I do see myself as a great add to most rosters Hit me up if you are interested in hearing more! MatClem9 2h
2h The Internet People. 7/9 HC. LF two dps 1/7 Mythic EN. So, The Internet People are a guild made up of players that have been around since vanilla in various forms. We took a break like most guilds and tried different things! We have raided every tier but slowed down at the end of WoD. We are back and ready for legion! We have the majority of our raid roster sorted with experienced players who want to do well and experience mythic content at a good rate of progression. We are open to recruitment for our last couple of ranged dps- we will consider most classes but are looking for quality over "who is top right now". It also helps that you are enjoying the tier and want to get involved with the guild! We raid on a Sunday/Monday/Thursday from 19:30 to 22:30 and obviously expect a 90% attendance rate. No one likes to wait around. If you are interested in progressing in heroic and mythic content in legion but can't play at the 5 nights a week "hardcore rate" then give us a shout at tip-guild.com or speak to artaurius#1997 or terrorking#1815 for a chat about joining up! Good luck finding a place to enjoy legion!Grímbold22 2h
2h Legacy raiding guild starting! Vanilla! Hello! I am making a legacy raiding guild. Level to 60 and stop xp. We will raid one day per week so people still have time to play main characters etc. We will be Alliance on the Aggramar Server. Rules and info: All professions allowed up to lvl 300. We will check if you use any proffesion items that requires over lvl 300 skill. Transmog and hierlooms are optional. Hierlooms are not allowed in raids. Loot will be rolled for. Toxic, immature, or generally bad behaviour will be punished. (Loot ban, guild kick, rank lowered.) Good behaviour will be rewarded. (Gold, raised rank) Not more than 2 of each class. Our raid team will be 12 players. 2 tanks, 3 healers, 7 dps. Must have Discord and a working microphone. Auction house is allowed. Do you think this is something you would enjoy being apart of? Send me a message! Abekebbab#2640 Currently need 1 Tank, 3healers and 7dps.Dolthrun0 2h
2h Mage or Druid looking for raiding guild Hello, The team i was in has stopped raiding so i am looking for a new guild. Atm i play an Arcane mage but i dont mind rerolling Resto or guardian druid for ToS. I am looking for a guild that at least clears all current content on heroic difficulty and attempts to kill as many mythic bosses as possible. My raiding experience: Vanilla - Everything up to Naxx TBC - everything Wotlk - Everything Cata - Missed out on DS Panda - Everything on Heroic WoD - Missed out on BrF was back for SoO though Legion - EN 7/7H and 3/7M, ToV 3/3 H, NH 10/10H Thanks Xànder armory link for my druid included https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/aggramar/xand%c3%a9rXànder7 2h
2h [A][EU][Saurfang]<Saligia> 8/9HC Recruiting This is a semi-hardcore guild built up by old raiding buddies, new friends and similar thinking individuals. We take raiding as serious as we need to, but we also understand real life issues happen, work commitments, family, friends etc. all this takes priority over the game, which we all get and help each other if and when we can. All we ask is that you let us know if you have any issues beforehand so we are fully prepared for any outcome - everyone's time is equally important. We simply want to progress at a reasonable rate for the times we raid and for that to happen we need to recruit more people to fill our core roster. Our raiding nights and times are below: - Wednesday: 22:00-01:00 (Server Time) - Sunday 22:00-01:00 (Server Time) We also raid an optional/farm night: - Thursday: 22:00-01:00 (Server Time) Primarily we are looking for a Warlock, Priest (DPS) and Monk (DPS) but other classes are very much considered. If any of this applies to you and/or you wish to know more please message me in game: Plobble#2198 - look forward to hearing from you.Bogsdollocks6 2h
2h New home, Twisting Nether or Ragnaros? Me and three friends are planning to join an Horde realm. We have given up looking for a good realm with a high population and a good A/H ratio. Now we are looking for an Horde realm that focuses on the PVE (and some PVP, although it is not a priority) and has a good community and a high population. Our main choices are Twisting Nether and Ragnaros (not sure if this one is high populated, isn't it?). Draenor is a PVE server and, as we have heard, Kazzak is full of toxic players, so we discard those realms. Are our options (TW and Rag) good or do you know a realm with a good population, PVE and a "pleasant" community that we have not taken into account? Pd: Thank you and sorry for my english, understand it perfectly, but still got some problems writing >.<Vertoft2 2h
2h [A] Darksorrow <Final Evolution> 8/9HC ★ Final Evolution ★ 7/7M 2/3M 8/10M 8/9HC ★ Classes we need the most ★ Ranged DPS [Warlock + SPriest + Mage + Boomie] Melee [DH] Any exceptional application will be considered. NOTE: we do consider multiplayers applications, even classes not specified up here. ★ Final Evolution ★ We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild located on the Darksorrow realm, which focuses on its 20-man mythic raid team. We have been around on Darksorrow for many years and has as a result achieved a nearly stainless reputation on the realm throughout the years. We pride ourselves, not only on our raiding capabilities, but most of all on our ability to raid competitively in a 3-day raid schedule whilst having a blast with one another, not only during raid time, but also outside of raids in the form of either; challenge modes, alt raids, reputation farming etc. or even just by having a chat in our guild chat / ventrilo. ★★★ Our progress started with mythics a couple of weeks later than the Mythics were actually open, due to an intensive test of a few players in heroic lockouts. We've been able to fix the best group and progress quite quickly after that, last two Mythic kills took only a 3/4 hours of tries each. We raid 9 hours a week, spread out on three days a week. Raid invites are 15 min. prior to the start of each raid and our raid times are set according to Server time GMT+1. As an applicant, you are expected to show up for each of the three raid days during your trial period. Official Raid Times ★ Wednesday (20:30-23:30) ★ Thursday (20:30-23:30) ★ Monday (20:30-23:30) ★ At the realease of new content, or when we feel we're close enough to a kill, we might add one extra raid day (usually Sunday, and usually a shorter raid). We expect you to attain certain requirements beforehand applying ★ At least iLvl900+ ★ An attendance of at least 75%+, the more the better. ★ A wider understanding of your class and its specializations. ★ Previous experience will help in your application ★ Being able to write and speak the English language is an absolute necessity. ★ Reading up on the forum once in a while to read posts from the officers or other important stuff (boss tactics etc.). ★ Have a stable pc and internet connection, that is, if you wanna be taken to raids. ★ Motivation during progression nights or even if we’re just having a bad night, you can uphold a good attitude and enjoy yourself! ★ Notes ★ Yes, we do achievements, we do M+, we do all the fun part of the game too ;) Interested in joining the ranks of Final Evolution? If you like what you’ve read so far, and you like to be part of our Mythic raid team, then visit our webpage: http://www.final-evolution.com/, and drop off an application (you can also reach us at officers@final-evolution.com). Take your time writing it, and remember to include some sort of data on your performance in raids (Warcraft Logs / World of Logs) and answer every question as informatively as possible! Should you have any questions regarding the guild, you can whisper one of our officers in-game: Xaap #21515 (Recruitment officer) posiden#2540 (Recruitment officer) Guyon#2135 (Guild Leader) [DISCORD: Guyon#2208]Guyon6 2h
2h Holy Pally looking for Raiding guild for mythic tomb Hello, Thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to look at my post about my quest to find a guild. Since the start of legion i have Joined a couple of guilds mostly with friends and have been relaxed in my progress so far only 7/9 in ToS HC but no more im ready to take the next step up and push for Curve with a group a strong, stable and dependable raiders. So what do i have to offer? - Im a strong tactically minded player - An in depth knowledge of not just my own class but my healing allies - A reliable member that will make it to raid no matter what What do i want in return? - Stability in your roster (holding 20 for consistent progress) - A good raiding environment that promotes progress and banter - A guild that is serious about pushing for Curve If you have any questions to ask dont hesitate to add my Battletag Timebomb#21327 Again many thanks for reading my postTimebombtrol2 2h
3h LF ppl to do only the penitent BT160612#219222Aduialdor2 3h
3h [A] Original - Shadowsong (5/9H ToS) Need DPS! Looking for a guild that is worthy of your time investment, and transfer fee? Then may we present - Original. Why should I join Original? Stability & Progress - Original has been going since 2005 in Classic WoW, consistent raiding content at the cutting edge, week-in and week-out. Over 10 years we've progressed through Classic, TBC, Wrath, Cataclysm, MoP, WoD and now Legion. Unlike other Guilds we didn't cut our roster in Cataclysm and MoP - Clearing all Heroic content, leaving us going strong for Mythic Raiding for WoD and now Legion. What are you raid times? We raid on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. Invites start (Server time) at 19.45. Raid starts at 20.00, finish at 23.00. What classes are you looking for? Tank: Open Melee: Open Ranged DPS: Open Healer: Paladin We will accept applications for all roles and specs, and each is judged on an individual basis. Do you do cross-realm tryouts? Any applicant must be able to come in and do a job on Mythic progression bosses. But first we will happily trial you in a heroic xrealm raid (Obviously only if you are alliance), gives us both a feel of each other. But for obvious reasons, Mythic raiding you will need to be on server. What is your progress? Currently sitting at 7/7 Mythic Nightmare - 3/3HC ToV -3/10 Mythic NH. Was 13/13 Mythic in HFC well before the pre-patch (enough to get most people mounts). How do I apply? If you've got any more questions talk to one of our officers via BattleNet yóni#2742 (Nkechi) tipton#1663 (Tipton) blu#2850 (Narayan) luckyme#2674 (Esmeraldá) Stormbreaker#2860 (Stormbreaker) Or find us on Discord: https://discord.gg/AkjftfN What about the social side of the guild? We've been around since release, Original has always been the most respected guild on Shadowsong. Known to be fair and friendly, whilst being competitive, our members are well respected in the community. A unique aspect of Original is the togetherness. We have an annual meet at our GM's house during the summer in sunny Surrey (UK) for up to a week, where all are welcome. Old, retired and new members all get together and have some fun. This shows how strong this guild is. People just never want to leave! We also have more social raids for friends, family, retired members and Alts. These take place on Saturday with a more relaxed have fun raid clearing normal NH and a few early HC NH bosses and Tuesday more progressing focused though Heroic NH.Stormbreaker37 3h
3h Once Again [Late Evening] // Kazzak Hello! O-A are a late night guild with steady progress and a mature friendly atmosphere. For more information please see below, or contact any member in game. Check out our website www.oaguild.com or add our officer team on btag. Adamski#2159 / Oneyota#2678 / Temptation#2121 Raid Time - Wednesday / Thursday / Monday 22:00 to 01:00 (server time) ... ... ... ... ... What We Offer. - Stability as a guild and stable leadership. - Fun & Sociable atmosphere inside and outside of Warcarft. - Focused and driven progress raids. - Fair & Open leadership were opinions are valued. - Commitment to raiding but also were IRL commitments are understood. - A diverse community with people from all over Europe young and old(er).[/ul] What We Expect. - Players committed to Achieving the best attendance possible. - Focused attitude to raiding and character development. - Good understanding of raid mechanics and an ability to learn from mistakes. - Positive friendly attitude with an understanding to team play. - Working Microphone, teamspeak 3 and a great understanding of English. - Stable connection and computer. Interested? We are currently looking for any player that offers improvements to our team. Particularly DPS. Currently starting work on our Mythic progress, we ideally would like people with similar progress. Feel free to drop an application at our site www.oaguild.com We welcome anyone to have a chat to discuss any questions about our guild. Any member will be more then happy to help or for detailed information please contact a guild officer. Adamski#2159 / Oneyota#2678 / Temptation#2121Yorkshireman151 3h
3h (A) RoV is recruiting for ToS - Frostmane server History of RoV Remnants of Valhalla is a guild formed by experienced wow-players who've been playing together since vanilla / tbc, with more players tagging along trough the expansions. We played on the server Vek'nilash where we were in the top 3 progress guilds. After disbandening in Cataclysm due to irl reasons of the leadership, we decided to reform the guild with WoD and return to Frostmane. We did fairly well at the start of WoD and cleared full heroic and a few mythic bosses. After we got to 5/13M HFC, raid attendance started to go backwards as players got tired of this expansion. We decided to take a break till legion. The leftover raiders got to 13/13M. Legion RoV is a progress based raiding guild with a close-knit group of friends. Our focus will be on raiding in a relaxed and fun environment while keeping focus high in order to get those bosses down. Our main priority is to have a nice time after a hard day of work. We are a 2-day raiding guild with some side event when we feel like it (farming gear, achievement runs, m+ spam, ...). We're a guild open for those friendly, slightly more casual players that just want to enjoy the game while also clearing the raids. Current progress: 7/7 EN HC 3/7 EN Mythic 3/3 ToV HC 10/10 NH HC 9/9 ToS NM 1/9 ToS HC We are not running with strict guildrules as we don't want that playing this game feels like a chore. That being said, we do expect ppl to follow the 'usual' guildrules, such as proper behaviour, being on time when you sign up for events, be prepared,... We do not react very well on 'slackers'. Our raid days: Wednesday 20.00 - 23.00 Sunday 20.00 - 23.00 Recruitment open for: Melee dps Only exceptional applications concidered atm Ranged dps 2 spots open Healers Priest (holy or disc) Monk Tanks Closed Don't be affraid to apply even if your class isn't mentioned above. Exceptional applications will always be concidered. What we do NOT want in our guild: Dramaqueens Elitist jerks Loot!@#$%s We will always make sure that we get to know a bit about the people joining us before accepting them into the guild, this as a matter of precaution, in both ways. Therefore we expect everyone that is interested in joining to make an application on our website and/or having an ingame chat with an officer. Also accepting players that just wanna do m+ and social players. Does this sound like the guild for you? Feel free to apply at: http://rov-guild.enjin.com/recruitment You can also check our guild video to see what we are all about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKJYVbv447Y Or wisper any officer ingame if you're interested in joining us. For more information, you can visit our website (above) or contact any of the officers ingame: Podolski (Podolskí#2548) - GM Vitary - Raid leader Sanfori - Healing officer Fakkau - Officer -The RoV officer team-Shaely8 3h
3h [H]<Arctic Penguins> 8/10M 5/9 HC WEEKEND raiding guild Arctic Penguins is a weekend raiding guild on Draenor EU Horde, made by a couple of friends who couldn´t find any fitting guild who raids around the same hours. This is a guild for the people who can't raid during the "work" days because of job, kids, etc. etc. Progress 5/9 Heroic ToS 8/10 Mythic NH 2/3 Mythic ToV 7/7 Mythic EN Raid hours We raid saturday 20-23 Server time and sunday 19:30-22:30 ST What to expect When new content comes out we focus on clearing Heroic first, we make sure we are prepared both gear, skill and setup wise before moving into Mythic. We dont aim to clear or push mythic content hardore, but instead a steady progression while enjoying the raid content. Even tho we are laid-back we take our raid progress and preperation itself serious and ask for high attendence to our raids. Aside from raiding we enjoy doing other content together such as Mythic+ dungeons, achievements, pvp and alt raids. We are often active on Discord and have fun chatting together. Generally we like to have fun, joke around and pick on eachother, while still keeping it serious to progress and preparing, so if you cant take a joke this is probably not the guild for you :) Recruitment Ranged dps: Ele shaman, Mage, Hunter Melee dps: DK, Warrior, Paladin The classes listed above are on high need, we still consider any other dps class. Socials are always welcome for Mythic+, thursday Nighthold Normal run or just to hang around and chat. We recently added a Tuesday Nighthold Heroic alt/social run aswell! Contact Applications can either be send on ap.guildlaunch.com or be done online by adding us for a chat: Shinbou#2536 Ardaion#2241Shinbou165 3h
4h [H]OurSickStory 2 Day / Week LF Members (8/10M) Basic Info: Faction: Horde Realm: Twisting Nether Progress: ToS: 9/9N 7/9HC NH: 8/10 Mythic Recruitment Status: Recruitment open for the following DPS Druid (Balance) Mage Priest Shaman (Ele) Warlock Healers Paladin Monk We are always looking for exceptional players so we would always consider extremely impressive applications from all classes. The main roles we are currently looking for and our current raid days are as follows: Raid Days (GameTime): Wednesday - 20:00 > 23:00 Sunday - 19:30 > 23:00 About OSS Our Sick Story is a long-lasting, experienced guild currently playing Horde on Twisting Nether. We have been previously a one day raiding guild (getting 7/10M in NH) but have decided to create an extra day for tomb progress. We are a group of people who, over the last few years, have met throughout several games to learn and progress through PvE content. We have a vast range of MMO experience branching from some of the very top guilds in WoW and consider ourselves capable and dedicated to raiding. What can you expect from us? A stable raiding environment with raid leaders which have more than 8 years of experience in doing so. We have members which have been in top guilds of the world in other games who are now looking for a less hardcore raiding environment. You can expect quality raids, but not as many anymore. You can also expect a near definite raiding slot if you are up to our standards. Had enough of WoW for the day? We play other games too while having random chats on teamspeak such as Heroes of the Storm!. What we expect from you * Someone who is able to raid our raid day all of the time. We only raid once a week now, so being able to be here 100% if vital. * A Mature player who can take criticism when needed. * Someone who is willing to put in 100% effort during raid hours * English speaking * Able to use voice comms during raids * Have good knowledge of your class * Come to every raid prepared with pots / max enchants and so on Contact us Officers: Phenner, Bicceh, UgMonk You can also contact myself on Bicceh#1830Bicceh33 4h
4h [A] <Nightshade> 2/9 Mythic - World 91 - LF Dps Hello fellow World of Warcraft Enthusiasts . Our guild Nightshade located on Sunstrider realm fighting for Alliance is currently searching for specific classes and specs to fill our roster . Our progress is 2/9 Mythic - 10/10 Mythic 7/7 Mythic and 3/3 Mythic Our wow progress page: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/sunstrider/Nightshade Full logs history: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/42782 Nightshade is the oldest guild on Sunstrider raiding actively since 2005 nonstop.We are an in game family realy . Originally formed by a collection of old friends from older games like EverQuest, Starwars-Galaxies and Lineage 2, the guild has been equally hated by bosses from Ragnaros to Arthas, and by the horde, whose demise is part of our motto. The classes we are currently recruiting are the following 1) Tank ( Only a player that can play dps at the same level as tank) 2) 1 Damage Dealer -Any solid geared and experienced candidate will be considered 3) 1 Healer -Any solid geared and experienced candidate will be considered ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are willing to offer a significant gold scholarship to extremely good applicants in order to help possible transfer and faction change ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our raiding schedule is the follow -Wednesday 19:00-23:00 Server time -Thursday 19:00-23:00 Server time -Monday 19:00-23:00 Server time Some mythic experience and a certain item level would be appreciated (910+). But we are considering people who where core mythic raiders in previous expansions . Once a mythic raider always a mythic raider :) You can contact me here or via my battle tag cranion#2344 .Cranion160 4h
4h [H] BadKarma - Draenor - 4/9 HC Recruiting for ToS Thank you for reading. Please Add LeonAnderson#21762, Polaar#2822, Qetesh#2786 or Relic#2618 for a chat over b.net Badkarma Horde Draenor EU Progress: 4/9HC cleared - Progressing on Sisters + Desolate Host. Raid days: Thursday, Sunday, Tuesday Raid times: 8pm - 11pm Server Time / CET We use Discord as a social hub for our members across all platforms and games. You will be given an invite after a short vetting process. Add battletag/Real IDs above for more information. Recruiting for Heroic and Mythic Raiding: Mainly needing 2/3 DPS, with 1 DPS who can tank OS or 1 tank who can happy DPS OS. Roles/Classes we seek: Death Knight: Open to all 3 specs. Demon Hunter: Havoc Druid: Balance / Feral Hunter: Beastmastery / Marksmanship Mage: Open to all 3 Specs Heavy Need Monk: Brewmaster Paladin: -Closed- Priest: Discipline Rogue: Open to all 3 Specs Shaman: Enchancement / Elemental Warlock: Open to all 3 Specs Warrior: Open to all 3 Specs -Arms HEAVY NEED- Do not worry if we are full on your role. We are happy to take some duplicates. Add Battletag / Real ID - LeonAnderson#21762, Polaar#2822, Qetesh#2786 or Relic#2618. Talk to us lets see if we can fit you in. Casuals / Socials welcome anytime. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Who are we? - Badkarma A friendly, family guild who have been together since Vanilla and moved together across many MMO-RPGs and platforms. Still active in wow we are looking to recruit DPS, prefer melee and 2 healers. Others roles welcome, especially if they are active players who will regularly log. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and understanding that ''People have life/work/family''. We do our best to cater to your needs. In main raids we Focus and expect everyone to come prepared with food/flask/pots etc & equipped with the tactics and knowledge required for each encounter. Goes without saying show respect to all members of the guild. S***ty attitudes get S***-canned out of the guild quickly. Our Discord is active day and night. People sitting in there listening as they commute to and from work. All day we have someone doing something via Discord (Keys / pvp etc), where everyone can stay connected. We hold Alt-Raids Fridays and Saturdays to gear people up and have a laugh, 'Mogs of the Month' competition with in game prizes for monthly winners, pet / mount farming, achievement farming and running the Raids of yore whilst Drunk! BOYB and get plastered as we crack jokes on the weekend! We also do monthly Pub Quiz's related to WoW for extra banter. Come join our community. It'll be a blast to have you. :D --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Raiding with us At the moment we raid 3 nights a week on Thursday / Sunday & Tuesday - 8pm - 11pm Server time / CET. Our progression is @ 4/9 on Tomb of Sargeras heroic on farm every week. Our Mythic progression will start soon after out HC progression completes. We are also considering stepping into Mythic to clear 1st few bosses per week prior to completing HC 9/9 progression. We're focusing on Mythic Progression in Tomb of Sageras. There After we will do Farm/Alt runs for the Tier. If we've piqued your interest come join our family, It'd be an absolute pleasure to have you. Add LeonAnderson#21762, Polaar#2822, Qetesh#2786 or Relic#2618 for a chat. PS. Legion has been tough on many aspects. People are leaving the game in droves because of the wrong atmosphere, burnout, grinding or guilds fracturing. If you find yourselves in this situation do not quit. Keep your friends together and we will do our best to absorb you all. Come speak to us we're always open to group applications or talking about merging guilds. Thank you for reading to the end o/ You like Pineapples!Lagunasunsol11 4h
4h [A] THoF 8/9HC LFM Dps Pref Warlock Hunter Boomkin THoF @ Nagrand - A semi-hardcore and committed raiding guild formed in 2007. We are Recruiting a couple of players to complete our mythic raid team. The classes we are recruiting are as follows: Hunter High! Mistweaver Rogue High! Ele Shammy High! Boomkin High! Warlock High! Exceptional applications will always be considered. Applicants will be trialed over a 2 week period. (Cross realm available for HC content only) We raid 3 days a week: Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 20:00-23:30 Server time. We have a contingency plan of a Monday evening for raid just in case we need that little extra time or an In real life situation appears (I.e. major holidays, unfortunate coincidences). We also do optional Alt runs on a Monday. We also do Mythic + Dungeons when not raiding. For more information you can go to: http://thofgaming.com http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/nagrand/THoF https://discord.gg/QyUBmvb Or if you have any questions you can contact us in game: Strava#1641, Malgin#2344Malgin22 4h
5h [A - Defias] Daybreak (3/9 H, Thu&Sun 20-22.30) Daybreak is a laid-back alliance guild on Defias Brotherhood server (RP-PvP). We focus mostly on having a good time clearing the Legion provided content at our own modest pace. Our goal is to clear heroic raids for each tier to the best of our ability in a low-pressure atmosphere - so far we've managed to meet that goal with all the raids. Our raid size has been around 15 player category lately, but we're always looking to add some interesting people to it. It doesn't matter to us if you're a veteran or just starting your journey in WoW. While we're generally interested in just about anyone willing to join, for the raid team we do still have some basic performance requirements so that progress is possible. In the end we're simply looking for friendly people with right attitude. If you're motivated to do well, getting suitable gear is not really an issue with a bit of help from the guild. Here's us on wowprogress: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/defias-brotherhood/Daybreak We are currently looking to increase our raid team with: - DPS, anything really. Bonus points for being shadow priest, balance druid, hunter, ele shaman or warlock of any kind While we are currently looking mostly for players that want to get in the raid team, we're also willing to recruit people that have no interest in raids. We do have active mythic/mythic+ dungeon scene too if that's more your style. Guild Schedule: We mostly operate in the evenings. Majority of the planned and unplanned events (raids, dungeons, etc) happens between 19 and 23 server time, but there is some limited action during the day time too. Thursday and Sunday (20-22.30 server time) are our raid days. At times also an additional shorter raid on Tuesday. Communication: We use Discord for communication - both for the text chat function and the voice comms. So any applicant is required to sort discord out. We don't force you to talk on voice comms, but it does make gaming more fun. Get in touch (multiple ways): The best way to get in touch with us is through Discord: Just add Leimus#7931 (in discord) for a chat. If for some reason unwilling to use discord for that, you can also add me through BNet: Grue#2307 (mostly online in the evenings, slower replies), or just leave your contact info on this thread and we'll get back at you. If you'd rather fill an application, you can do so at www.guilded.gg/#!AdeDlZ80jP (the site isn't really used for much else, we mostly operate through discord).Cendriel83 5h
5h LF guild active between 4am - 11am (pve/pvp) Hey folks, I am looking for a pve/pvp guild raiding /doing rbg anytime between 4am - 11am server time, I do not mind the server as my choices are limited. I live in North California so those are the times I can be active. I have been a raider since vanilla but I have been missing a lot of Mythics lately due to time zone. I want to start doing Mythics with Tomb and RBGs with new pvp season. I play my mage as my main in Legion: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/defias-brotherhood/mewse I don't mind making a guild application, faction change or server transfer. The problem is finding a guild which fits my time zone. If you are a guild or know a guild which fits to what I am looking for drop a line in this thread or contact me in game: Mertfirarda#2933Mewse9 5h
5h 922 Havoc DH LF mythic raiding guild I am currently looking for a mythic progression guild for ToS as sadly my guild started falling apart on Guldan Mythic, and though the countless efforts to keep it going, the guild has sadly disbanded the night ToS came out. As the title says, I am 922 usually 920 equipped, you may find in my armory that I am 915eq but that is due to swapping my gear (890 NH hc tier instead of some higher ilvel items) for the KJ HC fight which I have tried to pug and lead the past week and have 200+ wipes with 3% as best (logs can be provided privately for people who ask). Armory: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/magtheridon/akbarzib Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/eu/magtheridon/akbarzib#rankingzone=11 Current Legion Progression 7/7 Mythic (cutting edge) 3/3HC (did not bother with helya as the focus was NH) 9/10M (guild started falling apart on Guldan) 5/9HC (with the remaining people in the guild who eventually left too, so it's basically 1 raid night. while I could have easily went for 8/9 with a pug, I have chose to put all my effort into KJ HC ahead of the other bosses, and though unable to down him, I have managed to amass great experience on him and should have downed him had I been in a much organized group/guild) Feel free adding me: pato#2141Akbarzib6 5h
5h [H] Casual|ty recruiting for laidback gaming/raiding Casualty, formerly (named) Balls of Brilliance has once again opened recruitment for mature players aged 28+ (years preferably). Due to the nature of the guild, where people often have to go off and be adults, we raid a maximum of 4 hours each week (sometimes less) and as such, progress at a slower pace. Currently at 10/10 HC. Recruiting open - could use a MS tank. Socials are always welcome. About us: We are comprised of a bunch old-school players (ages ranging from 28 to 44) with really brilliant bal--- *ahem* that excel at dying in very inventive ways to, well, everything (but mostly our own silliness): chi-torpedoing into the purple blades of doom that you yourself spawned (pro!), accidentally dismounting mid flight, where the fall doesn't kill you, but where you instead die to being spanked by a tank dummy that you just landed next to... which is not reachable in ghost form (my proudest moment), prot paladins tanking a mythic+ in holy gear (noob!), etc. etc. As mentioned earlier, our total raiding time per week does not exceed more than 4 hours and raids usually take place on Monday and Thursday (subject to change). The raids themselves consist of light-hearted fun (but not at the expense of focus) where you'll come across instances where the raid-leader -cough- has himself muted (without knowing it) for the first 30 minutes of a raid... where, in the midst of an encounter, someone will actually start making dps pots, where pulls "begin" with the main-tank yelling out LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEROYYYYYYY and charging into the boss with half the raid a mile away, a healer that dies due to "boobs"... the list goes on and on. Basically, the main goal as far as raids are concerned, is to progress whilst never allowing raiding to reach a point where it feels like another job. However, people that specifically apply for a raiding spot, will really need to be able to carry their own weight because a) time is of a premium to us, and b) we'll likely never be in a position where we massively out-gear the content we are running. On a more personal note: Beyond Legion, our desire is to create a community that hearkens back to the days when guilds were far more than just a collection of cliques that are bound together for no other reason than the pursuit of loot and/or realm firsts, but rather a group of people that actually make the game that much more worthwhile to play. As such, we're looking for easy-going, somewhat social, marginally sarcastic, adult gamers. If you're a d*ck, or want to raid Mythic, this is not the place for you :x For those of you that are interested in joining our close-knit cult, er... group -cough-, post an app on our forums @ http://www.casualty-guild.com/ :D Alternatively, if text is not your thing, you can come talk to us on our Discord channel (details will be provided via wikileaks/in-game whisper <.<).Bombard247 5h
5h [H] <Rehab Inc> LFM Heroic raiders Hello, established in 2006 on Korgall, Rehab Inc migrated to Draenor from Kor'gall at the end of WoD and is now looking for more raiders to boost our numbers in Nighhold hc progression. We are a group of social players and raiders from all over Europe. We all have real life commitments (kids, work etc.), so understand that people aren't always able to make every raid. We aim to get as far through content as our schedule allows, so we do expect people to have reasonable gear, at least a vague understanding of class rotation, flasks etc. for raid days, however our primary focus is on enjoying the game and having fun! Also note that we are primarily a heroic guild, not an aspiring mythic guild. This means that our raid goal is always to clear the current raid on heroic, not to someday move on to mythic difficulty. Our current raid progress in Legion is: 7/7 EN hc, 3/3 Tov hc, 10/10 Nighhold hc, 9/9 ToS normal. Our raid times are Wednesday and Sunday from 20:30 until 23:30 server time, and other than raids there are regular mythic+ runs, Nightbane runs, and occasionally achievement-related runs. We are currently looking for 1 healer and dps of any kind to boost our raid team. In addition to raiding, we are also looking for mature people interested mythic + dungeons or other guild-related stuff (prefer older people). If our guild seems like a good fit for you, please visit http://www.rehab-ftw.org/apply and make an application. You can also add me (Cratos#2356) if you want to have a chat or have some questions. Thank you.Gorakhnath42 5h
6h ★[A][SWE]Kommande guild söker Officers ★ VIKTIGT: Innan ni läser vidare, denna annonsen är enbart för dem som är intresserade av att ansöka sig till en plats som Officer i denna blivande raiding guild. Jag kommer vid ett senare tillfälle slänga upp en ny annons för vanliga medlemmar. Guildens Mål Målet jag har med guilden är att cleara alla aktuella raids med likasinnande spelare med positiv attityd och glada personer som älskar att döda raid bossar. Guilden ska rikta sig åt folk som har spelat många år men även folk som nyligen har hittat WoW som sitt favoritspel. Jag vill rikta denna guilden åt alla sorts av spelare som älskar att raida, om du nu har lirat 1 vecka eller 12 år har ingen betydelse, sålänge du är villig att lära dig. Målet med guilden förutom raids varje vecka är också att ha dagliga events i guilden där vi sätter ihop Mythic+ grupper eller PvP grupper för dem som är intresserade av det. Om Mig Jag är 29 år gammal, bor förtillfälligt i Skåne. Har lirat WoW sen Februari 2005 och har raidat på en casual/semi-hardcore nivå sedan Molten Core. Jag har för det mesta varit en vanlig medlem i dem flesta guilderna jag varit med i, förutom under Wrath of the Lich King när jag startade min egen guild och uppnådde då många Server Först Boss Kills och Server Först Raid Achievements. Efter WotLk har jag mer eller mindre varit LFR casual raidare eftersom jag har haft andra priorteringar i livet. Jag kom tillbaka för ett litet tag sedan i Legion och känner för att starta min egen guild ännu igen, och gör därför denna annonsen för att försöka hitta ett par Officers som kan hjälpa mig att styra guilden. Ideal Kandidat som Officer ► 20 år+ helst äldre dock, Mogen, social, utåtriktad och lugn person ► Har mikrofon och inte rädd för att prata ► Stabilt internet och en raid kapabel dator ► Du kan din klass och spec som du spelar utantill ► Ingen dålig negativitet, alla ledare i guilden ska sprida glädje och positivitet även när guilden har dåliga dagar. ► Du har gärna någon form av raiding & ledar erfarenhet, inte nödvändigt dock. Platser som behöver fyllas är - Informationen nedan är riktlinjer Raid Ledare ► Du är positiv, bestämd och tydlig. ► Du kommer berätta taktiker under raids och med hjälp av andra officers se till så att folk är där dom ska vara under boss fighten. ► Du är heller inte rädd för att säga till om någon gör fel och rätta dom. ► Det är du som har sista ordet under raidet vid viktiga beslut. ► Du sätter kommande raids och bjuder in alla som ska vara med. Rekrytering Officer ► Du sköter alla inkommande ansökningar ► Kollar upp så allt i deras ansökan stämmer med deras information ► Pratar med alla officers och diskuterar om personen som ansökt är en bra kandidat för guilden eller inte. ► Det är du som har sista ordet om personen ska få en inbjudan till guilden eller inte, baserat på dina slutsatser. ► Du har gärna erfarenhet av dem flesta klasserna, hur man speccar, enchantar, gemmar osv. för att sedan kunna bestämma om personen vet vad han/hon sysslar med. Klass/Roll Officer Kommer att finnas officer för Tank/Healer/Melee DPS/Range DPS ► Ni håller koll på spelare i guilden så att dom har rätt spec, addons för sin klass, kör dom fel rotation t.ex och gör dålig dps/hps, tar onödigt mycket skada för att tanks inte använder rätt cooldown vid rätt tillfälle t.ex så hjälper ni dom där. ► Dessa diskutionerna mellan er och spelaren i fråga tas självklart alltid via whisper så att vi inte får någon tråkig attityd i raid chat eller voice com. Guild Ledare/Bank Officer/Loot Master ► Jag kommer att utse mig själv som Guild Ledare av självklar anledning, eftersom det är jag som startar guilden. ► Bank Officer kommer att utses efter att guilden har funnits ett tag och jag litar på att personen som utses till detta inte kommer att stjäla från guilden. ► Loot Master är samma sak som Bank Officer, det kan utses till vilken Officer som helst när jag känner att jag kan lita på alla till 100% utan att någon stjäl loot och lämnar guilden. Guild Namn: Kommer diskuteras om Server: Kommer diskuteras om Faction: Alliance Raiding Dagar: 2-3 dagar i veckan, kan bli mer om folk är intresserade. Raid Tider: 18:00 - 21:00 Kontakt: Just nu slänger jag upp min Real ID bara, när jag har fått ihop folk som vill styra guilden med mig och när vi har ett namn, skapar jag en discord server. Efter att ni addar mig vid intresse kommer jag att rikta er åt en tillfällig hemsida där ni kan fylla i en ansökan och därefter kommer jag att bestämma om ni är en bra kandidat för att leda guilden med mig. Real ID: Clarius#2525Jockepro2 6h
10h Looking for a guild Hi 920 tank currently looking for a guild for tos heroic and mythic progression. Avalaible for raiding wednesday thursday friday and saturday. Willing to realm transferIgnasitas0 10h
11h Lunae@SM Late Night Raiding 10/10H 9/9N 3/9H DPS & Heal Lunae (Silvermoon) was created in early 2011 by a group of friends that have busy real lives with jobs, families, and significant others. For a year and a half Lunae was a semi-hardcore raiding guild, raiding 4 nights a week and getting ranked #25-40 server (#10-#15 in 25 man). That has changed, when we think about raiding we still like to do things well yet our families and friends come first. After a hibernation from November 2012 to April 2013, Lunae was reborn as a raiding guild that aims for normal and heroic content and maybe some mythic, but without the ranking and the hardcore pressure. Currently we are 7/7HC, 3/3HC, 10/10HC, 9/9N and 3/9HC We are looking for mature, fun, experienced and polite players that who want to join a friendly raiding environment. We offer a mature atmosphere that loves to raid more with the person than with the player and also understands that real life is all that matters in the end. If you think this way, we might be the right place for you. Our raids are at 23:30/02:00 (Server Time) Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays and we are currently looking for: DPS Holy Priest or Resto Shaman High interest also on a DPS or healer with a working tank specVisit us on http://lunae.enjin.com for more info or contact us in game. If you prefer you can also contact one of the officers, just add this battletag, Damajoa#2894Damadin21 11h
11h 898 BM hunter looking for a mythic raiding guild hello, i have just returned to the game for mythic raiding. I would like to join a mythic raiding guild. Have experience in hardcore raiding , raided as a hardcore back in TBC and went up to 4/6 sunwell. After that played rift/wildstar and was in top end raiding guilds. My gear lvl atm is 898. ThanksSolidhunt12 11h
11h [H] Sequence @ Draenor Recruiting Healer and DPS! Hello guys, We are Sequence, a guild founded by high tier Mythic raiders that wanted to start their own guild and set a strong team of players with similar mindsets to push through the remainder of the Nighthold and the start of Tomb of Sargeras. With the leading roles of the guild clearing the Nighthold on Mythic, we believe that we have a strong foundation to make a guild which will achieve great things. The Nighthold was a big stepping stone for a lot of guilds, and sadly a lot of guilds disbanded because of this. Our goal is to create a guild and community of people that are able to push past these barriers and comfortably progress through the content. Sequence has a strong foundation of raiders who have played together for multiple expansions and also returning veterans of the game, looking to get back into progression raiding and climbing back up to where they left off. With all of the experience between us, we have the potential to make something great. Our raiding times: Wednesday: 20:30 - 23:30 CET Thursday: 20:30 - 23:30 CET Monday: 20:30 - 23:30 CET The qualities we look for in a raider - • To be mature and focused during progression. • Active to run Mythic + and other guild activities outside of raids. • Able to self analyse and improve on their play ready for the next raid. • Able to provide and receive constructive criticism in order to benefit the raid and grow stronger as a team. • Having the mindset of going into progress as a team, and working together to down the bosses and move forward as a team. Currently we are looking to recruit a healer and a couple of DPS players. However all exceptional players will be taken into account! In Sequence we all have the same goal and we also maintain a fun and calm raiding environment for our players so they can enjoy their time while progressing on the bosses. Currently we are on Fallen Avatar with our last wipe at 7%. We will be doing an additional raid this week to get him down for tomorrow along with Kil'Jaiden! We are always recruiting players to solidify our roster and create competition for our current raiders. We are always looking to move forward and upgrade our raiding team. If you would like to be a part of our raiding team, you can either make an application on our website or talk to one of our officers! On our website you will be able to find the latest news about the guild, view our members, view our current recruitment status and also submit your application! Website: https://sequence-guild.com Kwepp (Guild Master): Kwepp#2689 Jamezzar (Officer): Jamezzar#2509Kwepp6 11h