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11m [H] Tarren Mill - <Abhorrence> Recruiting for BFA! [H] Tarren Mill - <Abhorrence> Recruiting for BFA! Hello everyone! :) Abhorrence is currently in the process of building a solid mythic roster for BfA raids. Most things have fallen into place, but we're still in need of a few more people to complete our roster. Currently we're looking for a Windwalker Monk and a Havoc Demon Hunter. Abhorrence is guild made by friends, with an aim to clear the hardest raidcontent in BfA within a respectable timeframe. We raid twice a week - Wednesday and Thursday from 19.30 - 22.15 server time. Since we only have around 6 hours of raidtime within a week, we expect seriousness, maximum effort and concentration while progressing. However, whenever content is on farm, or we're hanging out on offdays, we encourage a social, fun and relaxed enviroment. For more information, either contact an officer or visit our website! Website: https://abhorrence-eu.shivtr.com/ Officers: Brentwood - Benni#21677 Vhaelor - Anardil#2752 Ashfang - NastyLad#21441 We hope to hear from you soon! :)Brentwood1 11m
19m LF Casual raiding late night guild (H or A) Hey folks! So im looking to still raid some in BfA , however a few months ago i changed jobs meaning my shifts vary week in week out, sometimes i finish at 1130pm GMT, other times i finish early and also i get days off - but i cant quite manage set raid days 100% week in week out. So im looking for a later at night raid guild that i could join. Not overly fussed for pushing mythics and world firsts etc, heroic raiding and some mythic would be great and at a relaxed pace in a mature environment im 33 years old male from Scotland, been playing since the start of WoW (And i played other MMOs such as Everquest since 1999) I have every single class maxed, with decent knowledge at most (And a few that im really good with). Classes spread among horde and alliance faction but could be willing to change Are you a guild like this and think i'd fit in? Drop me a message and lets chat !Squatmonster2 19m
21m Friendly Group of Adventurers Hi Guys, Tinkerpitch here and im here to see if anyone is interested in forming up with my fellow partner in arms and taking on what ever the game throws at us going into BFA and onwards. The plan is to have a group of us that just enjoy playing together and seeing what content we can. This isn't a hardcore group about getting world firsts its just a group that is there to have fun if we want to run into a BG storming the gates of the Horde then i'm up for it. Currently its all loose as another player and i are still leveling currently 45 on Tinker and 10 on Gultini as the person i was playing with decided to change class at 40 so you are more then welcome to join us, we can usually be found questing, dungeoning or pvping and can be found on Argent Dawn Alliance side. Our motto which will stand till the end of time is play what you want and we will make it fit as best as possible if you want to tank then by all means come tank we are happy to help and smash our faces into a brick wall with you, if you want to heal we will make it our life's mission to stand in the fire...basically your welcome regardless of whats hot and whats not or what ever experience you have we just want to have fun. If your still reading and feel like this could be a place for you to join then i've set up a Discord chat thing to have a one stop location for everything awesome and if we have enough players wanting it we will set up a guild then but there's no hurry lets just have fun and kick !@#. As we are leveling there may be a bit of time before we reach some of you but anyone and everyone is welcome to get involved we will all be max one day just some sooner then others :P Discord Link: https://discord.gg/VHrXP8a Community Link: https://www.worldofwarcraft.com/invite/a97mmVC0o3?region=EU&faction=Alliance If you want to add me because who wouldn't want to add a random stranger here's my Bnet: Tinkerpitch#2491 Hopefully see you in game and a part of m...our army ;D (Just to be clear we do plan to raid we just need to get there and hopefully have a rag tag bunch of adventurers to join us)Tinkerpitch7 21m
30m [H] 3 players LF raiding guild for BFA Hello , We are a group of 3 players consist of: - Prot Paladin - DPS/healer (can play any class except for mage) - Havoc DH we prefer the following raid days/times or combinations of: Days: Sun - Mon - Tues - Wed Times: 19:00 to 22:00 ST (because of the time difference we cannot raid past 22:00ST) We would like to be part of a mythic raiding guild with friendly chill environment . We are open for server transfer . Feel free to ask any more quests or post your recruitment post/link .Ligght3 30m
34m Experienced player LF guild for BfA! Hello, my name is Kjell, i'm a 25y/o guy that lives in Belgium. I've been playing WoW since TbC and i've been raiding since WoTLK. I have played a lot of classes since the time i started, my main in Wotlk/cata was elemental shaman, then in cata i rerolled balance druid since i didnt like ele shammy anymore, i played my balance druid for a long time to this expansion but i felt it was time for something new, so i started to play a hunter and i liked it very much :) now due to work i couldnt play for a while so i'm without a guild. Through every expansion i've been raiding on a good level (HC clear and a few bosses on Mythic). This expansion i did 7/7 EN cutting edge and 1/3 M ToV before the nerf, 3/10 M NH, ToS ahead of the curve and after that i started slacking abit because of work. For the next expansion i wanna play my warlock. What can i offer to your guild? A guy that you can count on, I'll be there most of the raid days, to be aware of the tactics in a new boss/raid, flasks, food, enchants, contribute to the guild(bank) and most of all contribute to a good atmosphere in a guild :) What am i looking for in a guild? Friendly atmosphere (no people that feel themselves better than the rest because of nice dps or w/e), aiming for a good progression, and have a lot of fun! But when it comes down to raiding things get serious for 2/3 hours. I can raid every day of the week but i work everyday till 20 pm. So ideally i would prefer the raid to start 21PM/22pm. If you feel like i could be the guy for your guild, dont hesitate to talk to me ^^ i'm currently playing alliance on the nordrassil server, but i'm willing to faction/server transfer! hope to hear from you soon! greetings, Kjell.Blacký1 34m
47m [Casual] Hello everyone! I am just a casual player looking for some people to play along with. I am still pretty new to the game so some tips and tricks are always welcome! Bnet: Aphrodite#21184Earke1 47m
51m [H] <Alternate Reality> on Draenor is recruiting Alternate Reality is a newly formed casual raiding guild on Dreanor. We are mature, transparent and friendly players with a good sense of humour. Raid days are not set in stone yet, but will be 2 days a week from 8.30-11pm ST. We are recruiting for all roles/classes. Both casuals and raiders are welcome. As this is a fairly new guild we are especially looking for people who can help build up our BFA core team. Positions for officers are also open (raid lead, recruitment, M+, melee and ranged). If you are interested in helping out, please /w us with your experience. For more information or to apply: TBird1983#2322 Or Oyamatsumi#21883Rolandgilead0 51m
1h [H - Mythic] Antisocial - Draenor BfA Prep General Information: Guild name: Antisocial Faction: Horde Server: Draenor About us: We are the core roster of formerly the guild Trainwreck (Sylvanas). We built that guild in Emerald Nightmare in Legion and by the time we decided to stop raiding in ToS mythic we had established ourselves as a solid top 300 guild and #1 on our realm. Due to multiple factors like burnout and our server slowly bleeding out we struggled to replace people, so we decided to put the guild on pause and let those who wanted take a break and the others could split off into other guilds and finish off ToS/Antorus mythic. However, now that BfA is on the horizon we are rebuilding. We got the whole core roster from that guild intact, and are looking to fill the remaining spots. We're a fun-loving bunch of good raiders. We all have extensive knowledge of our classes and the game in general, and most have over a decade of hardcore raiding experience. We're all very sociable, outgoing and easy to talk to and we play a multitude of other games together outside of raid times. Goals for Battle for Azeroth: Once the roster is complete, the main goal is to establish ourselves back in the top 300 bracket as soon as we can. Raid days: Monday 19:30-23:00 Wednesday 19:30-23:00 Thursday 19:30-23:00 With the option to extend if required, and you will be expected to stay if that happens. However, it likely won't happen often. What we're looking for: We're looking for people with a competitive mindset, vast knowledge about their class and the game in general and people who just love raiding at a high level. People who have patience and treat each other with respect. Basically just nice human beings who doesn't mind a healthy (Possibly unhealthy) dose of banter and jokes. When it comes to the raid, we expect every single person to be prepared with all consumables and knowledge about the fights and mechanics we're about to delve into. If the raid leader does not call a specific mechanic for whatever reason, we expect people to have the presence of mind to know for themselves what is going to happen and deal with it without dying or causing wipes. People who do not come prepared for fights and expect the raid leader to hold their hands through every encounter will be shown the door rather quickly. Since we only raid 3 nights with relatively short hours, we expect our raiders to show for practically every raid. We know things happen and sometimes you miss raids, but if it becomes a habit you'll be replaced. What you can expect from us: You can expect a lot of laughs and generally nice people to be around. Solid raids and fair treatment of all members. Our leadership has years of experience both running and playing in high-end raiding guilds. We have zero tolerance for racists, homophobes, sexists, drama and deadweight. Currently recruiting: 2-3 Ranged DPS (Warlock/Bal Druid/Spriest/Hunter/Elemental) 1-2 Melee (Feral/Enhancement/Fury/Retri/WW) We require logs from our applicants. Even if your class/spec/role isn't listed, we will always consider and trial exceptional players. Where to apply: www.antisocialguild.enjin.com (Currently being worked on but the application form is up and running) If you have any questions please add Nerada#2682Koreeda71 1h
1h Looking for people to level new alt with looking for players who want to level a new alt with me, horde or alliance doesn't matter.Miluxdh0 1h
1h (H) (Draenor) Feels Bad Inc is Recruiting! Feels Bad Inc is a semi casual raiding guild who are looking for a few players to fill out the remainder of our roster for BFA. We are friendly bunch of guys who like to have a laugh and a bit of banter while we raid. we were a more hardcore guild in Legion pushing onto Mythic content but out goal for BFA is just to comfortably clear HC as stress free as possible. We are currently looking for: - 1 - 2 Healers - A few Ranged DPS Our raid days will be Wednesday and Friday from 20:30 to 23:00 EU Realm Time. If you're interested in joining us drop me a reply below!Vexiel2 1h
1h [H][EU][Draenor]<Birds of War> We are Birds of War a horde based mainly PVE guild (With PVP days). We are looking to recruit more members for the upcoming expansion. We cleared Antorous as a group then took a break waiting for BFA. We aim to do Mythic+ until the raid comes out then will be doing 2 locked in days of raiding a week, with a 3rd day that will move around dpending on schedules of everyone. Although we are a casual guild and will never expect people to show up for ever raid day etc, when we are in the raid we take it seriously and are always looking to clear in a reasonable amount of time. That being said we will teach any newcomers the basic of raiding and we will never make you swap to a spec you dont like because its got better DPS as i think its better to have fun on a worse spec than be forced and hate a better spec! Join our Discord for more information (Be aware when you join as a guest you are incredibly limited so thats why it looks dead!): https://discord.gg/r7xVhnY If you dont want to do it on discord add me on BNET: Karl#22501 Or respond to this post!Unclefist0 1h
1h [H] Latinus Namus - 2 days - Recruiting R-DPS! Latinus Namus are a newly reformed guild recruiting for BfA! Are you sick of guilds with pretentious Latin names who sound like they're a bunch of old men in robes from the Da Vinci Code? Do you think Carpe Diem means something about fish? If you answered "yes" to either of these questions then Latinus Namus could be the guild for you! About Us Latinus Namus is a Horde raiding guild on Draenor-EU. Formed by players with previous hardcore experience, our aim is to create an enjoyable but focused atmosphere where we can maintain long term Mythic progression whilst having fun on a 2 day a week schedule. We have taken a very long break from the game but have our sights set on kicking some monster butt in BFA. Raiding Schedule Sunday 21:00 - 23:30 ST Tuesday 21:00 - 23:30 ST *NB. We are primarily recruiting for BfA, and at the moment we are only running Sunday raids on Heroic difficulty for fun and to get back into the swing of raiding. Recruitment Status We are currently recruiting the below classes for our Mythic raid team in BfA:- Tanks: CLOSED Healers: CLOSED Melee DPS: CLOSED Ranged DPS: OPEN - Any class/spec We would expect you to know your class and have your character optimised for current content, as well as an understanding of raid mechanics in order to go as far as we possibly can in the allotted time. For more information or to apply, please visit: https://www.guilded.gg/Latinus-Namus Alternatively you can chat to an officer: Rouxy, Qqmyshortz or Awesomedin or add BNET Roux#21919. Cur sic gravis?Rouxy3 1h
2h [H][2Day]<Mana Curve > 11/11M - Recruiting for BFA Hi Hello, Mana Curve is a 2 Day Mythic raiding guild located on Kazzak. ABOUT US The guild was formed from real life friendships and through players with strong ties to each other from different gaming communities. We are broad mix of people in our late 20's and early 30's, from many nationalities and all walks of life. Our aim is to enjoy mythic content, play well and clear mythic raids without hardcore schedule commitments. We are looking for chill people who share this goal, want to hang out on Discord with us and enjoy a bit of friendly banter. Overall, we are a guild with a friendly adult atmosphere and a humorous edge, that enjoys doing other in-game activities along side a consistent raiding schedule, that gives you some breathing room to manage your real life. RECRUITMENT We currently are currently opening recruiting to all players and classes in preparation for BFA. You would be supplementing our healthy Mythic roster and we are looking for individuals who fit with us socially and perform well on progress fights. OUR RAIDING SCHEDULE ... We require everyone to maintain at least 75% attendance for Mythic raids so that we can prepare our roster consistently, that means we need you to attend at least 6 out of 8 raids a month. HOW TO JOIN ... CONTACT US ... More detailed information regarding requirements and loot can be found in our wowprogress description https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/kazzak/Mana+CurveKôz30 2h
2h LF A fun and social guild for BFA [M+ and raiding] Heyooo! Recently returned to healing for the first time since wotlk/cata so I am a little bit rusty but I am looking to join a fun and social guild for BFA. Since I have pretty much only played PvP for my entire WoW "career" but I rather not call it a career since that would be a sad one. I do not have many accomplishments in this game but I had a lot of fun with friends! But now with a few m+ dungeons and some time spent in the mage tower I have gained a taste for the PvE side of things and I really wanna learn and knock down some bosses in BFA! I have played very casually in MoP, WoD and legion with some longer breaks here and there but I pin-pointed the issue to me getting bored of DPS and hence why I returned to healing which I enjoy a great deal! Oh, and I am a 24 year old dude from sweden that is currently studying at the university so plenty of time for gaming and stressing about my choices in life but thats for another time! So, if I find like a "good" fit for your guild I would love to talk more!Chrispey1 2h
2h [H] The Brigade - 11/11M, Weekend-2Day <The Brigade> A Real 2-Day Raiding guild Old thread reached its capacity, so starting a new one! old thread -> http://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/12989319070#post-1 Who are we? Founded as a weekend alt guild in 2007, we've since transformed the guild into a competitive and efficient two night per week guild for players who don't have the time or energy to raid a typical weekday schedule. The guild is comprised of various nationalities, mainly Scandinavian, some of whom have raided together since TBC. Several of us have previously raided hardcore in top 50 guilds and our aim is to steadily improve our world ranking every tier on a much smaller schedule. We all thoroughly enjoy raiding and making efficient progress, even though we've simmered down to 8 hours per week. For all of our raiders this is their main raid for the week, so naturally people get excited about killing bosses. The guild is relatively active outside of the two raid nights with alt raiding and M+. What are we looking for? We're looking for like minded individual(s) who want to excel in raiding without the tiresome raid schedule. As we're only raiding two nights per week we expect recruits: > To be fully prepared, tactic wise, for the progress bosses of that particular week. > Punctually logging in for raid invites. > Good attendance, we don't over recruit so reliability is important. > Able to listen to instructions via TS (Microphone not essential, but helpful). > Thick skin - we are loud as a guild, always have been, always will be! > Relevant previous raiding experience. > To be able to play their character on a very high level. We raid only two days, so during progression we want to be constrained only by time, and not by the performance of our members. > We currently don't enforce having alts, but if split raiding remains viable in BfA we will run at least one. > And most importantly - innate love for raiding and wiping! Currently Recruiting: > Rogue > DD Warrior > DD Death Knight > Mage > Hunter Considering exceptional applicants of other classes as well! Current Progress > Antorus Mythic 11/11 Previous Progress > Argus Mythic - World 86/EU 60 > Kil'jaeden Mythic - World 167/EU 98. > Gul'dan Mythic - World 284/EU 173. > Archimonde Mythic - World 279/ EU 151 > Blackhand Mythic - World 471/ EU 255 > Garrosh Hellscream 10man Heroic - World 1017/ EU 588 We raid: > Friday: 20:00-24:00 > Saturday: 20:00-24:00 Infrequently raiding hours may be extended if close to achieving a boss kill. Boosting Visit http://the-brigade.com/pages/boosting or contact Kai#21311 (Reuben) Website: http://the-brigade.net/ Considering applying? Check out our raiding atmosphere during progression! http://youtu.be/39-JSX24Vrk ★ For anymore information or questions regarding recruitment you can get in touch with: ► Bro (Bro#22814)Carbronate358 2h
2h LF casual/semi-hardcore social guild From late Wrath through until mid Pandaria I was part of a social guild that made the game much more enjoyable but since the end of Pandaria a lot of people stopped playing and so I started looking for another place to call home. I never ended up finding that home and transferred onto Stormscale as it was much larger than Terokkar in terms of population, I've been playing solo since the end of Pandaria and now I want to change that. I'm looking for a guild that is a casual or semi-hardcore social guild so I can do a bit of raiding and just chat on discord whilst playing. I was originally part of guild that had many people from the UK so that would be a bonus as we'd have a fair few things in common.Gregonur4 2h
2h Looking for mature guild Good evening, Long time WoW player (since vanilla) have dabbled a little with this expansion but looking to play lots with BFA. I am looking for a guild that caters to the older player. I'm a male in my mid 30's and whilst very dedicated at times do have to leave the game due to real life issues at times. I am looking for a guild where I can enjoy the expansion but at the same time get to know and chat with players. Is it just me or has the game really died recently on a communication front sort of way ? About me : Well I have a priest or druid main (like to heal), I'm pretty chilled, I do like to raid. I work in a hospital (long shifts three days a week) so any guild that starts raids before 8.30 GMT i'm probably no use to unless as a backup. so if I do sound like someone who could be of use please PM me. Like I said earlier I am looking for a guild where people speak and actually interact with each other since too many guilds I have been in all I see is silence. Forgot to mention I'm based in the UK , (English/welsh speaker) Thanks again ChrisAfireinside4 2h
2h Love Raiding? Not So Much Time? Hello There! Ill get straight to the point: Myself and a few of my old raiders and good friends will be making a guild on Draenor Horde. I have personally Raid Lead and run guilds for a long time on wow, dating back to WoTLK and i know how to successfully lead a guild in the right direction and make decisions that better the guild. I have cleared alot of HC content back in the day including 9/12 ICC HC, 8/8 DS Hc and 10/12 SOO HC (pre mythic release) and most recently ToS mythic, just to name a few. What are we trying to create? We want to create a guild that.. - Raids 2 times a week. (Wed / Sun 8 - 11 Server Time) - Expect at least 70 % attendance as sometimes, life comes first and thats okay. - Commited, Mature and skilled players to clear atleast HC content. - Will Venture into Mythic without loosing our core principles - Family Atmosphere and no elitist jerks. - Highly Sociable guild, all using discord to build friendships and have fun - a group of 15 - 20 raiders for HC raids so that if some cant make it we can still progress. once on mythic it will be between 20 - 25 to ensure we can allways raid. (swapouts may happen in this case but will ofcoure be fair and everyone will get there kills) Who we are looking for? - Commited, skilled, mature and most importantly, friendly players. - Players that are in the same bracket as us or like our philosophy (people that may have some raid nights every now and then that they need a break or have family events to attend etc, potentially those with a family that could disrupt there ability to raid. - People that want to create a very friendly atmosphere, clear at least HC content every patch in a fun but commited and serious enviroment when raiding. What Classes we are looking for? Currently we are accepting all classes and specs. - Tanks - Healers - Dps We will be making the guild tonight and i will update the post with our progress as we continue forward on our journey. Let me know if you need any more information about the guild of the Officer team and i will get back to you, If you would like to apply / talk more then please add me / The Officer Team on battlenet. RyanBass#2368 kánda#2806 Sprout#21442 Ashcrow#2531 GrantW#2497Visolis12 2h
2h [H] <Contingency Plan> on Draenor recruiting for BfA RECRUITMENT INFORMATION Greetings, Our guild is actively recruiting new players to form our ranks for Battle for Azeroth. We are preferably looking for people with some form of Ahead of the Curve achievement from Legion or has previous raiding experience. Even if you do not meet these requirements you can still apply and prove your worth. What we can offer you, are a fun and social environment where you can develop your raiding finesse and become a part of an experienced group of raiders. We value the individual's characteristics and traits above everything else to make sure everyone feels at home. All we want from you are matureness, patience, humor, good temper, and love for raiding. If you feel that any of this describes yourself then do not hesitate to send a request. Our goals are to at least clear heroic and progress through mythic. RECRUITMENT LIST Tanks Death Knight: Blood Demon Hunter: Vengeance Druid: Guardian Monk: Brewmaster Paladin: Protection Warrior: Protection Healers Druid: Restoration Monk: Mistweaver Paladin: Holy Priest: Holy Shaman: Restoration Damage dealers Death Knight: Frost, Unholy Demon Hunter: Havoc Druid: Balance, Feral Hunter: Beast Mastery, Marksmanship, Survival Mage: Arcane, Fire, Frost Monk: Windwalker Paladin: Retribution Priest: Shadow Rogue: Assassination, Outlaw, Subtlety Shaman: Elemental, Enhancement Warlock: Affliction, Demonology, Destruction Warrior: Arms, Fury NOTE: IF A SPEC IS NOT HIGHLIGHTED IN BOLD IT IS NOT AVAILABLE! GUILD INFORMATION Raid schedule (Realm time, CET) Wednesday: 18:00-21:00 Thursday: 18:00-21:00 Sunday: 18:00-21:00 Formed Date: 16th of July 2018 Contact BattleTag: Torzk#2901 Discord: https://discord.gg/NgZD72x In-game character: Spirithealer If you join in Discord make sure to leave a message.Spirithealer3 2h
3h [A] Abstine is recruiting for Bfa! Faction: Alliance Server: Hellfire/Arathor Website: https://www.guilded.gg/abstine Hi there! I’m Libbi, the Guild Master of Abstine. We are now recruiting for Bfa! About us We are a casual, heroic raiding guild, who have been raiding together for many years. Our core raiders are all ex-hardcore raiders from the early WoW days. Now we all prefer a more relaxed raiding environment but we still hit our objective of Ahead of the Curve Heroic each expansion and plan on doing the same for Bfa. We are now returning from our post-raiding break and want to build up our core raiding team in time for pre patch / Bfa launch. What we are looking for We are looking for dps (All classes are welcome to apply) to bolster our ranks for the new expansion. We will happily welcome new and returning players and we also encourage group applications. Raiding Schedule Monday: 20.30 - 23.30 Server time Wednesday: 20.30 - 23.30 Server time We will also be looking to form guild Mythic+ groups (and new Bfa content) on non-raiding days. Contact info If you would like to chat to myself or one of the officers in Abstine, please feel free to add us on Bnet or Discord. Libbi: Bnet - Pinky#2953 / Discord – tilleymint#7370 Zaphkiel: Bnet - Silverwillo#2290 / Discord – silverwillo#5715 Ashandarei: Bnet – Nyobe#2121 / Discord – Ash#3792Libbi21 3h
3h Frost DK & Shaman LF Raiding guild in Silvermoon[A] Dear recruiter, We’re looking for a semi-hardcore raiding guild that is going to do mythic raid content in BFA. We’re both very experienced raiders and great team players. Currently we are looking for a guild that clears mythic raid content in a reasonable amount of time, and also has fun doing so. I’ve been raiding for over 12 years. During Legion we earned Cutting edge: Cenarius and Cutting edge: Helya, and we were in the top 10 guilds in Silvermoon Who we are: I’m Boykahard, 23 years old. I’ve played a lot of classes throughout the years but currently I main frost DK within legion, and I’m planning to continue during BFA. Armory: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/silvermoon/Boykahard My friend Nlfstreet, 27 years old, who’s been tanking in Legion and is now switching to his shaman and will be either healing or dps’ing in BFA. Still open for debate. Armory: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/silvermoon/Nlfjuh Raiding days: The times we’d like to raid are (atleast 3 days, and probably 4 days during first weeks of progression) on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, between 19:30-23:00. If you are interested we’ve had Logs made during the days in Emerald Nightmare and ToV, have fun going through them: Me as DK: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/eu/silvermoon/boykahard#spec=Frost&zone=10 Nlfstreet as Prot Warrior: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/eu/silvermoon/nlfjuh#zone=10&spec=Any&bybracket=1 You can contact us at Boykahard#2803 or Nlfstreet#2167 on battle net. We’d also like to strike a conversation on Discord if you have any other questions. See you in BFA.Boykahard0 3h
3h Fury Warrior LF Guild for BfA to casual raid. Hi, I'm a Fury Warrior (26 from the UK). I have been Playing since TBC and used to regularly raid with friends during WotLK. Since then I have played every expac however I haven't joined a decent guild. LFR became that friend that no one likes but has to tolerate. WoW became boring and I only really played because I wanted to see the content. With BfA just around the corner and looking like its going to be a brilliant expansion I really want to take WoW seriously again. So here we are, I'm looking for a guild, I am in no way looking for a 6 night a week mythic hard-core quit your job and family guild, I just want a casual guild that will be willing to do all kinds of content together. The goal is to at least be able to raid normal difficulty, if heroic becomes a possibility then great! I want a community that helps each other play to their fullest potential. I am currently on Burning Legion, and I didn't not realise that this is a predominantly polish speaking realm until far too late. so if a ideal position arises then a realm change will be possible. Anyway, I've rambled enough, if anyone can help then lets have a discussion. Many thanks.Glytchs6 3h
3h [A] Quelm (11/11M, 10/10 M) Recruitment Thread We are looking to recruit 1-2 exceptional ranged dps, 1 experienced tank, and 1 healer with preferences listed below. Current Recruitment Status Tank: • Blood DK *high* • Brewmaster Monk *high* • Guardian Druid *high* • Protection Paladin *high* • Protection Warrior *high* • Vengeance DH *high* Healer: • Disc Priest *high* • Resto Druid *high* Ranged: • MM/BM Hunter *low* • Mage *low* • Warlock *high* About the Guild We are a mythic raiding guild with a 9 hour weekly raiding schedule: Wednesday, Sunday and Monday 20:30-23:30 RT. We are a very social guild - you’ll see us chatting on Discord on a daily basis, running Mythic+ dungeons throughout the week (both daytime and on the nights we don’t have raids planned) and much more. Raiding Our goals are to clear the content as fast as we can under our limited schedule. Our raids are only rarely extended and then typically only by "one last pull". Additional raid days are also rare, usually only in the first week of a new tier and possibly when an end boss kill is getting near. What we can offer you: - A community where a lot of people have enough game knowledge to help you out whenever needed - whatever the subject. - A social and friendly group of people for you to join. - A fair way of distributing loot (loot council of at least 4 members). - A consistent amount of raids over the duration of the expansion. - A relaxed but social guild overall. What we expect from our raiders: - It is important to have a sense of humour. - Come prepared to raids with knowledge of tactics and consumables. - A working mic and the ability to use it when needed. - Be active on the guild forums as this is where we discuss tactics and have vetting threads for trials. - Be motivated to improve and keep up to date with your class - It is very important that you are able commit to our raiding schedule. We don't require 100 % attendance though so IRL interfering at times is expected and accepted. - Sign up for raids and post in the AFK thread if you can’t make it. Contact information If you have any questions regarding the guild we usually have people on at any time of the day. If you wish to speak directly to an officer, you can contact: Guild Master: Crusha (Crusha#2983) Officers: Uzual (Amy#2621), Deadlyshade (Deadlyshade#2465) We also have a guild website: www.quelm.enjin.com where you can apply directly if interested. Our applications are private and will not be visible to outsiders.Uzual19 3h
3h [H] An old-timer LF a Guild for BFA [TANK/ MELEE DPS] Hello there, I am an old-timer (since 2004) planing to make a return to active M raiding for BFA (stopped raiding in the middle of M Nighthold due guild lacking players). My goals are simple enough: to clear the Mythic end-game content prior to the release of the next tier. I am not planing to bore you with "who am I?", "what I can bring?" and "what I am looking for." stuff here, we can discuss those in depth if you are interested. Planing carry my on with my current main, DH in BFA, when I find the right guild then I will choose my spec according to their needs (I played as tank during Legion). If you are with me so far and interested to learn more add me on Discord @ Bodyy#2465 Bnet @ Bodyci #2644Bodyy3 3h
3h DUTCH guild:Optimus Pruim[H] 11/11HC-preparing for BfA! This post is in English but we’re a DUTCH speaking guild. To start off, we're not a raiding guild! We're a social bunch off people who enjoy different aspects in WoW, raiding happen to be one off those. Optimus Pruim is a guild on Bloodhoof/Khadgar with members from Belgium and the Netherlands. The guild was created by a group off friends right before WoTLK. We’re a CASUAL guild and we value the SOCIAL aspect. We have a laidback attitude en try to experience what WoW has to offer together. Raiding is one off those things. We have a strong active guildcore at the moment and focus on heroic (Ahead of the Curve). Current: - Antorus HC (11/11 down) We help each other out and besides raiding do other stuff together, such as mythic+, achievements etc. We’re very pleased with the direction the guild is taking, and we want to continue this way in BfA. That’s why we’re on the lookout for like minded dutchies/belgians (18+) to expand our dutch/belgian WoW community. Raiding is not mandatory to join us, but an intention to raid would be a big plus! We have two evenings planned for progress raids: - Wednesday 20:30 - 23:00 - Monday 20:30 - 23:00 (raiders get invited to these with calendar) ★Besides these progressraids we have a relaxed-/altrun on sunday evening (20:30) where everyone can tag along => also used for achievement runs. New members can be asked to join the normal run on sunday, just to get to know eachother. Besides the above we have no requirements or attendance for raiding, just bring a good mood and a laugh and off course the ability to understand/speak DUTCH. Other info: ★ We use discord and there're often folks just hanging out on discord when we're not raiding ★ We keep logs off raiding for our own improvent. ★ For guild raids we provide food+flasks from guildbank ★ our guild wowprogress link: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/bloodhoof/Optimus+Pruim If it sounds like you would fit in then let us know and feel free to ask any questions. If you add me on Battletag please send me a message rather than waiting for me to message you. Most off the time i can respond directly with the app. Groet en misschien tot later, Puik Puik battletag: Stougmeister#2832Puik111 3h
3h Open M+ Community Looking For More Players! Hey people! We've created a Mythic plus community for people who wants to run dungeons with familiar names, rather than find new randoms every key you get. We enjoy the feeling of community and that friendly any video game community should strive for. There are no R.IO requirements, but be aware that higher ranked players might want to play with higher ranked players. So wether you want to finish your +10 weekly the first day of BFA, or simply want to run +0's for the amazing visuals and lore,I believe that you might find a few likeminded friends to play with. If time allows we might put together a few raids to get to see the content blizzard is throwing at us, but this is not going to be a main goal for this group of people. Hope to see you online! The link to the community is https://www.worldofwarcraft.com/invite/57ex3JupwJ?region=EU&faction=HordePatcookie0 3h
4h [H] Casual Disc Priest LFG on Chamber of Aspect Casual Disc Priest LF Guild or ppl to play with on Chamber of Aspect with mature ppl to PvE and PvP. I'm age 30+ with a full-time job so want to enjoy and relax while playingShadowtriest0 4h
4h (H) LvL 110 PvE Twink Cross Realm Team Hi. I'm the leader of Prime, a cross realm lvl 110 twink PvE team. We've recently moved to this idea after originally being a lvl 100 twink team who mainly progressed through mythic HFC. Right now, we have found a new goal in ToS, the raid we would like to also clear on mythic difficulty since it provides a solid amount of challenge and is overall quite well designed in my opinion. So in short, these will be players who will stay on 110 despite BfA, with the character they wish to join us on in our progression. However, as it was expected, when you do a change like this some people from the old WoD group were bound to not be willing to do it. This is why for the forseeable future, we will be doing truly big amounts of recruitment to find those good, motivated and active players. Furthermore, we will make good use of the new communities feature implemented with 8.0. We have been a cross realm team thus far and our only way of communication outside of raids was our battle net group and discord. With this communities feature we will be able to stay in touch with each other from in-game and also do things like calendar events, sth that has been available only to guilds until now. So now that we've gone over this main part, I'll quickly go over requirements we have if you with to join: - Discord and ability to understand english language - Motivated, positive and non toxic attitude - Willingness to take critisism if directed at you - Control over your schedule on raid days so you can maintain high attendance - level 110 character - minimum 220 ilvl Raid days: Sunday & Tuesday, 20:30 - 23:00 game time. Progress: 3/9M ToS Outside of raids, Prime members tend to stay in contact through discord but also ingame where we tend to make groups to run mythic+ dungeons. So to sum up, the core of Prime is a tight group of ingame friends, overall relaxed, having a good time but in the same time focused and striving for constant improvement so that new boss kills may be achieved regularly. If you think you're someone who can be a part of this team and be beneficial, get in contact with us. Contact (battle net): Khazark#21615 HitNBC#2134 curtjod#2884Khazmark0 4h
4h [H] <Alternate Reality> on Dreanor is recruiting Alternate Reality is a newly formed casual raiding guild on Dreanor. We are mature, transparent and friendly players with a good sense of humour. Raid days are not set in stone yet, but will be 2 days a week from 8.30-11pm ST. We are recruiting for all roles/classes. Both casuals and raiders are welcome. As this is a fairly new guild we are especially looking for people who can help build up our BFA core team. Positions for officers are also open (raid lead, recruitment, M+, melee and ranged). If you are interested in helping out, please /w us with your experience. For more information or to apply: TBird1983#2322 Or Oyamatsumi#21883Rolandgilead7 4h
6h [Argent Dawn][A] <The Shadowstalkers>(10/11 M Antrus) We're currently on a raid break until BFA launches. Trial periods will commence during the first raid tier of BFA The Shadowstalkers are looking for dedicated members to join our raid team! Recruitment is currently OPEN. We will consider any strong applicant! We are a raiding guild with a long history on Argent Dawn, We are currently seeking new raiders to help us push our progression and aim to raise our rank as high as we can! Current progression is 10/11 mythic Antorus 6/9 mythic Tomb of Sargeras 10/10 mythic Nighthold 3/3 mythic Trial of Valor 7/7 mythic Emerald Nightmare About your trial: - You will remain a trialist for around two raid lockouts to allow us to get a feel for you as a player and see how you fit and preform. - We want trialists to join the guild during their trial period to see how they fit socially as this is an important part of our guild. About our raids: - We raid Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday 19:50 until 23:00 server time. - We expect raiders to maintain good attendance. - We expect raiders to keep us informed if they can't attend a raid. - All raiders must be willing to use voice chat and speak English. You can find our Wowprogress page at: [http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/argent-dawn/The+Shadowstalkers] You can find our Warcraft Logs page at: [https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guild/id/3311] You can find our Discord server at: [https://discord.gg/AGhh8sd] Use our discord server to find out more information about us. You can apply to us on discord as well! If you would like to discuss the guild further please poke Hucknell or any of the other officers Rugnus, Jacob, Eubert, Saltyshot, or Chleo in-game who will be glad to chat! Feel free to add my battletag for a chat WhiteLorne#2575Chizuko149 6h
6h LF GuiLD Eu HoRdE Hi, I am looking to find a guild of sad old !@#$ers like me, I am a casual player with a job and a family = limited time to play! so don't expect commitment. just looking for somewhere chilled to hang out and have some fun, I like PVE although I am terrible and not much better at PVP either, so if you want an all round useless old fart as part of your guild I'm definitely your top pick. <CHAMBER OF ASPECTS HORDE EU>Bùbbalicious0 6h
6h [A] Et Lux recruiting raiders and socials for BfA Et Lux in Tenebris Lucet is located on Lightbringer with currently on 11/11HC, 2/11Mythic Gear does not make a raider, reliability and dedication does. You should have at least cleared Antorus on normal plus you are at least 18 years old - we do not want a game to interfere with school or peer pressure :) Our raid nights are Wed/Thur/Mon 7.45pm to 10.30pm We are opening all roles with view to BfA. All of our current raiders have viable offspecs so we can switch roles when ever needed or to gear up new raiders. We already have some very active rerollers who will be slaughtering bad guys with us in BfA or even this expansion :) Although this thread is mainly written for players who want to be part of our guild raiding it does NOT mean we will not accept socials. Raiding can be stress for many who work and/or have a family so of course not all will be able to commit to a regular schedule. Lower mode of raids is flex so anyone in guild who does meet the requirements can join our raids however priority for certain roles (tanks, healers) will be given to full time raiders should more have signed for raids for these roles. The same applies for fix size raid difficulty but it does not mean though that 'casual raiders' can not get a spot when there is an opening on any given night. What we are looking for: People who want to be part of a stable guild who has been around without going into slumber since 2010 :) People who appreciate well organised and coordinated raids every week People who want to spend time with others from all over Europe and beyond to have a good time while relaxing from real life stress. People who want to achieve things with like minded fellow players, who get help and offer help to make our time in the game a time we will one day think back and smile :) People who are aware that we are all human beings behind the screen and show the same respect we show others in real life. We use teamspeak for raids/dungeons and expect raiders to let us know if they can not attend a raid, be it emergency or planned absence (vacations etc.) by posting that on the absence thread on our forum This ensures a smooth running of our raids as we will know if we need to fill vacant spots sooner than at invite time! What might sound "omg so much work" is frankly respect shown towards your fellow raiders who are ready on raid nights and expect to get started without having to quess if someone is late or not showing at all and maybe wait for people they think might be late but that don't show at all. So if this sounds acceptable to you, feel free to contact me, if it is "omg so much work" do not contact me as it would be a waste of time for both parties. You want organised smooth raids, we want dedication of all our raiders as in the end it all boils down to teamwork, right ? :) If you can commit for all our raid nights - apart of course absent due to emergency or planned absence (and documented on our absence thread) - you will get a fix spot in the raid team on all difficulties. Those that can not or do not want to commit full time will get to raid on the flex nights but for progress nights on higher difficulties they will only get a standby spot for obvious reasons. This sounds maybe harsh but it is not one person that raids, it is a whole group and bad raid attitude/reliability affects everyone which of course nobody wants, we all plan to have relaxed raids with fun and kills, keep the stress in real life, not in a game, right ? :) if you want to get to know us before taking the big step, we do invite potential fellow slayers cross-realm to our heroic clear and also to our Saturday normal AtbT alt run :) You can reach me via fuge#2659 to have a more personal chat.Selan3 6h
6h Hunter and Lock Looking mythic guild for bfa Hunter and Warlock looking mythic guild for BFA. Hunter has 10/11 current tier prog would of had all 11 down but took a small break before the BFA grind begins. He has also been clearing mythic since he started in MOP. Myself had to miss out on 2 tiers due to moving house and all the expenses that came with that but before that happened i was on Grand Magistrix Elisande mythic before i had to stop raiding. We are looking a solid guild with the hopes on good mythic prog at a steady pace. Want anymore info add us on B.Net (qulimaxzu#2311) or (coatsy88#2159) Hunter specs - B.M and M.M Warlock specs - AllCoatsy3 6h
6h [H] Tarren Mill,<Iniquity> Recruiting for BFA ! Iniquíty is a Horde based Mythic raiding guild on Tarren Mill: Background: The core group of players have been playing World of Warcraft since vanilla and at the start of legion we decided to found Iniquity. The aims of the guild were to enjoy progressive Mythic Content while raiding with likeminded players who want to progress through end game content, in fun and friendly environment and push for cutting edge. Our Mythic Progress during Legion: 7/7M (Cutting Edge) - Emerald Nightmare 2/3M - Trial of Valor 4/10M - The Nighthold 6/9 M - Tomb of Sargeras 6/11 M - Antorus, The Burning Throne BFA: The guild has already begun recruitment for BFA and have switched all our focus to having a strong foundation ready for the launch of the new expansion. We are actively looking for players which have previous raid experience and are aiming to push mythic content in BFA. We are also looking for players interested in running mythic plus outside of raids. During Legion we had many players pushing their Raider IO ranks. Recruitment Status: All though we are open to recruit on all classes and specs we would prefer Ranged DPS over Melee. This is due to the veteran players currently wanting to claim 5 Melee DPS spots in BFA. This however leaves load of opportunities for Ranged DPS, Healers and the additional Tank in preparation for BFA. Raiding Policy: Iniquity will treat BFA as reset and re-evaluate existing and new members equally in preparation for Mythic contact. Raid spots will be given to those which perform and bring the correct attitude to raids. All ranks within the guild are planned to be reset to ensure it is an equal platform for BFA. Raid Schedule: Our raid times are on Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday/ from 20:30 - 23:30 Raiding Video: A lot of members tend to want to see the raid environment before joining a new guild so to help with this we have cropped some of our best raid clips into a short video to help get the feel of Iniquity Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_Nz9JSKcoc The guild will also accept social players which want to play in a friendly environment Please apply here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeYl9ngWwyH3kyAmmQ9H8PGgW_wWhE9mPXJtFQ-OK46l1a5lw/viewform For any extra information please contact me on: Bnet - Crisis#2645Jáy4 6h
6h Reroller LF Mythic guild for BFA This expansion, I played as a shadow priest with 10/11M antorus exp(stopped raiding in late March/Early April with best attempt being 6%) so I am a "Cutting Edge" calibre player but for BFA, I aim to take a more casual stride towards raiding. I am aiming to reroll Hunter or Warlock(preferably Hunter), as I have experience on both as Alts since TBC(played since vanilla though) but never had the chance to main either one. Guild criteria I am looking for: Any realm, any faction(I aim to level a fresh character instead of xfer my current lock/hunter to give me something to do while I wait for BFA to hit). Must be 2 day a week guild with optional off-day raids such as alt runs etc. Prefer 9/11M or higher Antorus progression as I aim to still see most mythic content in BFA despite being more casual(raiding wise as I will still be active outside of raids). Must use discord for communication (dislike ts3 etc) Prefer active guilds, don't want to log on being the only person online outside of raids :P Any other questions, feel free to ask on here or post your battletag and I will add you if I am interested. Will check responses regularly over the weekend as I aim to find a guild in the next few days. Thanks for reading ;)Pethalian2 6h
7h [A] Lunar Legacy: A place to call home Hi there! Lunar Legacy is recruiting! We're an Alliance guild on the Defias-Brotherhood server that came over from Destiny 2 back in december of 2017. Some of us are new to WoW, others are longtime veterans. The following is quite a bit to read, but it is important that you understand our guild and our motives. You can visit our website (https://lunarlegacy.eu/) for more information. This forum post covers who we are as best as we can put to words, but to really get to know us, you must get in contact with us :) Introduction: A place to call home if you want it to be. We try to create an enviroment where everyone can have fun in one way or another. Our Discord server is a place where this becomes true more than anywhere else, which is why we encourage everyone to come and hang out! You don't have to be amazing at the game, everything we do is for fun. As long as you try and are willing to learn, you're golden in our book! :) Our goal has and will always be to grow; in any way you can think of. We look for quality over quantity. An individual with charisma will always be prefered over a group of people who simply 'are'. Lunar Legacy was based around the idea of the moon cycle. We live in a world that's constantly changing. You often don't notice it on a day to day basis, but if you don't look for a while, you'll see a big difference, just like the moon. At times, these changes don't seem too impactful, but they can have the potential to change our world or your perception of it. Look at the tides, or the tales of werewolves for example. We as a guild need to do 2 thing: adapt to a changing world, but leave a big enough impact to be significant, especially for our members. That's our legacy. Our Lunar Legacy. What do we stand for? We want to be sort of a 'home' to our members. Friends can be found anywhere if you put yourself in a position for it. Maybe we'll even get to meet up one day! Our guild is advertised as 'semi-hardcore, community driven'. It means once we get into an activity, we go for it and get stuff done. But we're gonna have a laugh about it aswell. Things might get serious and you need to focus. But there has yet to be a moment where someone didn't say/do something funny or stupid and you don't and least chuckle a bit. Nobody should feel stressed about raiding. Just try your best. If you fit in the group, you'll have a good time automatically! Regular use of voice chat is encouraged, and not only during group content. We hang out on Discord alot, even if we're not always doing something together. Whether you believe it or not, actually talking to eachother greatly improves one's experience with your guild! Having fun is what we're all about. If you're not having fun, then something is wrong. Wether it's your class, a specific gamemode or a certain style of gameplay, everything can be resolved. Talk about it with me, other founders or anyone else in the guild. We can help you, but you need to talk to us about it. Problems can manifest from anywhere. And while we're a guild in a game, we're all real people. Sometimes it can be hard to talk about things with anyone. However, if you'd feel comfortable about it, you can talk to your guildies. We care for our members. Don't be afraid to ask for help! You're not alone here! Raiding: We raid 2-3 nights a week, 2 are set, 1 is set up as a 'do-whatever-day', which has the option te be an extra raid night. Monday, wednesday (and possibly sunday) we raid from 20:00 - 23:00 server time. The goal will always be heroic. If we eventually get geared very well, we might attempt mythic, but this will depend on our members. There will never be a point where we push people to do things they aren't ok with. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't push your own limits. Part of the joy of raiding comes from seeing yourself and others get better over time. Some people may tell you you just need better gear. And while it surely makes it easier, it's not the be-all-end-all. Your ability to preform well comes from yourself, gear simply helps you do it smoother. So, what's more? If you want to find out more about us, visit our website we talked about in the beginning of this post. You can apply there and find more information to get in contact with the guild and it's GM. Thank you for your time, and untill we meet again! Best regards, LanceFruzard20 7h
8h LF Monday / Tuesday Raiding guild! Hello everyone :) I am looking for a guild that does Mythic+ and Raid Heroic or Mythic. I've got a big break from wow since end of Emerald Nightmare Tier. I've decide to come back and try it out again with a new look :) I perf to play DPS in M+ and in Raids. For BFA Expansion i am going to main: Death Knight I can main raid: Monday / Tuesday's duo to my work. I am working every Wednesday & Thursday and everysecond Weekend as Night Secruity Guard. I am 27 Years Old from Denmark :) Catch me on: Leeter#2252Leeterxd0 8h
12h 5 former raiders looking for a semi-hardcore guild. Hello! In anticipation for the upcoming expansion me and 4 friends have decided to return to raiding. A little about us is that we are 5 guys from Sweden aged 22-23 that have played WoW since Vanilla/TBC that's looking for a semi-hardcore guild. We are searching for a guild that raids preferably 2 days per week but we can do with 3 days also if we feel the guild is right for us. Although we don't have much experience from this tier we are all experienced raiders from previous expansions and know what it takes to perform at this level of difficulty. Me personally started playing when TBC came out where I mostly played PvP but when wotlk came out I decided to start raiding where I started out very casual but eventually joined a semi-hardcore guild where we cleared Ulduar/TotGC/ICC. When Cataclysm came out I wanted to challenge myself even more and I knew I could perform at a higher level so I switched guilds and transfered to Kor'gall and joined Ronin who then was a highly ranked guild on the server. We managed to get a couple of rank 100 kills but eventually I decided to quit because it took too much time. After that I returned to raiding in WoD and also raided a little in the beginning of Legion in semi-hardcore guilds. Now with just a couple of weeks left before BfA releases I am super motivated to get back to raiding and so are my friends. We are looking for a longterm guild that will last through the tiers and hopefully through expansions. As for what roles we play a short summary would be: Hunter Elemental Shaman Fury/Arms Warrior DPS Death Knight (tank if necessary) And myself who can play healer or dps depending what the guild needs. I have most raid experience as Mage/Hunter but I'm willing to play what's needed. Same thing can be said about most of us. We are all open to playing other roles and have knowledge of many classes and specs but these are the preferred roles. Need 5 dedicated raiders for your BfA roster? Add me on bnet or write in this thread and we can talk :) Wonner#2418Twim7 12h
15h Looking for HC raid (1 night a week) and m+ group/guild Hello everbody I am looking for a new group/guild for BfA to clear HC raids, semi push some m+ keys (2945 rio on my druid in 7.3.2) and have fun in BGs. Hope to find a group with mature, friendly people that want to have a good time together playing wow. Preferably 1 raid night a week from 20:00 or later (can't raid on fridays though). Have been playing since WoW beta and will bring a lot of raiding and having fun together experience :). Looking forward to hearing from all the nice casual guilds that think we could match. YammYamm1 15h
15h [A] Deus Ex, 11/11 Mythic! LF ranged dps + DH dps What we really want out of this game is simple. To be able to raid with people we really like and by doing so, killing bosses and getting purps at a decent pace. You might sit here and think, "why would anyone in their right mind want to join a bunch of ragtag players?" It is a fair question. What we can offer here is a extremely friendly group of people that know what they are doing. We're asking out to each and everyone of you that are capable when it comes to this game. People with enough decency to know that there are actual people behind the screen at the end of the day. With that we are going to need the following classes: - Elemental shaman - Hunter - Warlock - Capable people regardless of class are welcome to apply Prior to ToV we did manage to kill mythic Xavius with a world rank of 279, which is an alltime best for all us here. With extreme joy and bias towards this guild it sure was a good moment during my 7 years as a active raider. The guild itself dates back to early Wotlk with people of different nationalities. What we do have in common is that English is the language used in and outside of raiding hours, our will to progress and develop as a team and our apprection of the terrible dad jokes that our local mistweaver is providing us. This story about fame and fortune is yet to begin though, the question I have for you is, do you dare to venture down this road with me? The expectations I and Deus Ex will have of you are as follows: - Attendance on atleast two raid nights(monday, wednesday and thursday, 20-23) - Gemmed and enchanted gear matched with appropriate talent spec - Tactical knowledge for tonight's encounter - Discord - Decency towards guildies - Being able to receive and give criticism in a mature fashion. Saying that something is wrong is one thing, bluntly saying, "you suck" is not really going to improve anything. I can not stress this bit enough! What you can expect from Deus Ex: - A mature environment and raiding on common grounds - Ongoing progress in any encounter - Solid raiding days/chances - Lots and lots of purple shinies for those that are pulling their weight - Midnight mayhem on Discord For any potential applicant - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfD2WN1uYUQ-VM3w3UbJqoOzTWhCgYr36NZvj7LkdjAQ9hwCA/viewform - Discord interview - Bribes based on cookies and milk - Kakmonstret#2723 With this I am wishing you all the best and perhaps a wee talk in the future! Kakmonstret - Guild master of Deus ExKakmonstret288 15h
15h [A][EU][The Maelstrom] <Uprising> is recruiting! Guild: Uprising Faction: Alliance Server: The Maelstrom <Uprising> is a newly established guild with a focus on keeping things fun. We aim to build a social community and a raid team ready to take on Battle for Azeroth. About us: We’re focused on providing a social environment in which all our members can enjoy the game. Whether you’re looking for end game progression, preparation for BfA, beating up Horde or just a glorified chat room, we aim to make your stay as welcoming as possible. The guild is ran by players with over a decade of experience, who understand that Real Life commitments come first. We enjoy all aspects of the game and currently run PvE and PvP content together. We are now building a raid team to progress through Battle for Azeroth. Recruitment is now open for raiders and casual members. We’re mostly looking for awesome people who will make us laugh, and when it comes to raiders we’re focused on the ability to learn and improve, working as a team. Our doors are open for any and all to join and be part of our community so long as they wish to get involved - when it comes to raiders, we will consider anyone with the right attitude regardless of their current gear / experience so please do enquire if you are interested. Recruitment: We are now recruiting members of all levels to join socially or casually. Recruitment for a raid team ready for BfA is in progress - all roles currently required. This team will progress through Legion together whilst waiting for BfA. The raid schedule will be solidified based on majority availability. Tank: Low - Warrior/Death Knight/Demon Hunter/Monk/Druid Healer: Low - Shaman/Monk Ranged DPS: Med - Shaman/Hunter/Boomkin Melee DPS: High - Warrior/Monk/Death Knight/Druid/Rogue/Demon Hunter Raid Schedule: Wednesday: 21:00 - 00:00 Server Time (20:00 - 23:00 UK) Sunday: 21:00 - 00:00 Server Time (20:00 - 23:00 UK) Non-raid days will have social/optional events such as Achievement/Mount runs, Battlegrounds, M+ Progression. Contact Us: Please contact Althía, Lexander or Abbles in-game to have a chat, or join our discord at https://discord.gg/jHwcqet Alternatively, add me on BattleNet - Abbles#2824Abbles13 15h
15h [H] Holy Pala looking for Guild Greetings, as i got back to WoW shortly befor the new expansion i am looking for a guild to raid and eventually pvp with. Prefering a "hardcore" guild that aims to raid 3-5 times a week, progressing and aiming to clear mythic. Im a fullfletched Holy Paladin ive been playing Holy since vanilla and would like to continue to heal my raid as one but i would be willing to swap to resto druid or even rogue. Currently im on a german Server but i am willing to change anytime. I havent been playing WoW for the past expansion so dont get turned off and just try me out. About me: 29year old male, from Austria. i work mo-fr 6-14:30 gmt+1 so id be ready to raid everyday from 16:00-22:00 gmt+1 Im a quiet person, reliable and punctual. If you are interested or Need any more info hit me up in a pm my Battletag is Deca#2242 or if you use discord DecaHohenheim#8327 Looking forward to meeting youDecá1 15h
15h [A]Tea, Tactics & Debauchery LF H Raiders / M+ Requirements: EU, Age 21+, Discord About Us: Ever miss the days where being part of a clan/community meant meaningful friendships and long term bonds? That is what we strive to create in TEA.  Our ideology Is to create a tightly knit community/family by only incorporating people we see ourselves being friends with in 5 years time and not fill our roster up with mute bodies. As such we make use of an application process as well as a trial period. We don't care what level, skill level, gear/ilvl and raid progress you have as with the right attitude and desire to improve yourself; it will all come with time. Our Culture We chat/banter every day via discord text+voip and build long lasting relationships no matter what games we play. We're multi-gaming: FFXIV, Path of Exile, PayDay 2, Warframe & WoW are but a few. Real life comes first and it's not always finding a community that understand that. With our busy schedules we still strive to progress to the best of our abilities to clear content. Our Goals in WoW: Regular Mythic+ dungeons Heroic raiding Raiding+Events Currently we have Saturday 20:00 as our main raiding night. A Friday/Sunday (depending on work schedules) serves as the second raiding night. Mythic+ and additional raids are organised throughout the week depending on who is online at the time. Please note We do not use in game chats due to the nature of our community. Discord serves as our central means of communication via text+voip. Some of us on hiatus until BFA, so we are no longer actively raiding. There are some members leveling up characters in preparation for BFA. Many of us are playing Warframe/FFXIV to keep us busy until August. Trial period: This starts off by joining our discord channel and filling out an application which then leads to an interview via voip. After which the applicant gets promoted to Tea Leaf (trial rank). It is up to the person at that point whether they progress to the core membership via integrating themselves into our community (being social, joining in on content, building relationships). If the person fails to be promoted to the next rank within 30 days then they are removed from the community. How to Join: Join our discord: https://discord.gg/NhdMQft Follow the instructions in the applications channel Looking forward to seeing you in game.Xinshina37 15h
15h Old player returning to WoW Hello All, Well after 6 years of being away from WoW i decided to come back, this is my 4rd week and i must say it is a bit overwhelming , a lot has changed and BFA is almost here so more changes. So im a casual player who enjoys leveling alts , doing raids , dungeons, but also trans mog runs, mount runs and all this with no presure, cant be always online because of work and normal life. Im looking for a casual guild, friendly player who enjoy the game and are willing to learn this old returning player the new ways, a guild with MATURE people , adults no kids in raids yelling at you on the mic, you dont have to be the biggest guild in the server , a small guild is also nice. Im in the realm of Anachronos , i have a pallytank(main) 110, warrior tank 110, hunter 110 and a druid feral 110, and more alts. Thanks to all in advance.Puñodelaluz10 15h
15h Returning player LF HC raiding guild for BfA! mTrawan8 15h
15h Returning player LF casual guild Hi all, I'm looking for a guild that'll take a social player. I'm not really in a position to commit to raiding etc due to irl commitments #PhdLife However, I like playing WoW to let loose some steam. Therefore just looking to get some of that community feel. So any guild that love a good chat while they play sounds supaaahhhh to me kind regards and lots of love xxxFederica4 15h
15h LF Semi Casual Guild for BfA (in the Manchester area) Hi, I am a returning player that has played WoW for many years and raided at a reasonably competitive level throughout, however i took a break during Legion and i am now planning to come back for BfA. Ideally i am looking for like minded individuals to raid with on a semi-casual basis (2/3 days a week in the evenings), specifically raid time from 20:00 - 20:30 UK time onwards. It would be great if i could raid with people from the North West/Manchester region as i have found historically that raiding is more relaxed and fun if it is with players that you have more you have in common with and develop a more social aspect to it. I am currently playing as Horde however i am open to an Alliance switch if required (never raided as Alliance, but hey don't know it till you have tried it....) Cheers,Illîdan7 15h