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15 Nov 2018 [A] Meridies 4/8M - Silvermoon Daytime Raiding Meridies on Silvermoon, a Daytime Raiding guild recruiting people from across the globe! Recruitment: Ranged DPS & Healers- Exceptional applicants welcome! Specifically; Resto Druid Holy Paladin Mage Warlock Hunter Ele Sham Shadow Priest Death Knight Raiding times are 1300 - 1600ST Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. What we offer you: Steady progression on new content A small, friendly and close knit raid team We are based on a highly ranked PvE server with a thriving economy. What we require from you: High level of attendance High degree of personal ability, in both your mainspec and your offspec Ability to theorise on your feet on how to adapt to new content The ability to understand spoken and written English to a good degree A working headset with microphone To be active and contribute to the forum/discord channel discussions. Able to join the guild on Silvermoon, help us, help you. Aims and objectives of the guild: We simply aim to create a relaxed but focused raid environment that clears all content offered by Blizzard to its gamers. If you are looking for a raid team that ensures your time spent in game is spent seeing content, a guild that aims for high standards of practice, and where each individual is a valued raid member, then please apply. If you wish to trial with us and see if you fit in here simply whisper Thraps#2977 or Life#2565 in game for more information. Alternatively you can go to: www.meridies-wow.com // https://discord.gg/N9gYF4B and fill out an application form. We hope to hear from you soon.Lifeuk27 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 3/8 Mythic - 2 Days/Week *Draenor H* Good Day To You All! Thank you for taking your time to read our Post. <Timeless Raiders> Were founded on the 20th June This Year! We were set up with the purpose of being a progression minded guild whilst maintaining a fun and family environment with no elitist Jerks. The Guild was founded by myself and 4 friends that i have previously run guilds with over the last 7 years or so, we all have strong experience in running guilds to a high level as well as maintaining a strong family feel in raids and out. All of the officers have high end raid experience whether it be current mythic / HC before Mythic was introduced. We have a whats app chat for the officers so we are in constant communication about running / improving the guild for its raiders :) (Typically 300 - 400 messages a day about how its going and improvements) We have created a guild that has the following.. - Raids 2 times a week. (Wed / Sun 8 - 11 Server Time) - Groups That Push M+ Keys and Improve their Raider IO - Expect at least 75 % attendance as sometimes, life comes first and that's okay. - Committed, Mature and skilled players to clear HC and progress Mythic - Family Atmosphere and no elitist jerks. - Wants between 20 - 25 Highly Skilled and Friendly Raiders to ensure we can always raid. (swap outs may happen in this case but will ofcourse be fair and everyone will get there kills) What Is Our Progress In BFA? - 8/8 Normal - 8/8 HC - 3/8 M What are we recruiting? Melee: - Warrior / Ret Pally Exceptional Applicants are always welcome. What Are Our Requirements? - 370+ Ilvl - Atleast 8/8 HC - 2/8 M & A Strong Raiding History Skilled, Committed, Mature, Reliable and Most of All .... Friendly Members are also ofcourse welcome to join and make friends and join in on Alt Runs :) Let me know if you need any more information about the guild or the Officer team and i will get back to you (Please read the comments as i will update you all there of any changes.) If you would like to apply / talk more then please add me / The Officer Team on battlenet. RyanBass#2368 Sprout#21442 GrantW#2497 kánda#2806 Brandtz#2610Xyphús13 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 <Sonkei> Late night raiding guild LF raiders!! <-Sonkei-> LF dedicated raiders! We are looking for dedicated raiders for our late night raiding guild Add me ingame so we can have a nice conversation! -Looking for dps players and one more healer -Raiding days and times: Tuesday-Thursday-Sunday from 22:00-01:00u SERVER TIME -Current progress 8/8 HC 2/8M -Contact: bella#2151 *Our community: - Mature guild *Expectations: -Instal discord -Be on Time -Attendancy -Respect the guild rules Friendly greetz BellatjeBellatje39 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 [A][Ravencrest] A Void Dance 2/8M 8/8 HC Recruiting! A Void Dance is now recruiting! Who are we? We are an upcoming raiding guild over on Ravencrest Alliance that is building on the foundation laid by the core members that moved here from Outland to create a guild that would be able to have a decent progression while also enjoying the social aspect of the game by building a proper community. What are our goals? Moving to one of the biggest Alliance servers allows us to strive for more, and our aim will be to get to a point where we can have a decent mythic progression on a relaxed schedule of two progression days per week. Although, as this is just the start of our journey, we have decided that a reachable goal for our humble beginning would be to clear heroic in the first couple weeks while also preparing to set foot into mythic into this new expansion. When are we raiding? Our raid schedule will be composed of a total of three days: - Two progression days – Wednesday and Monday from 20:30 to 23:00; - One farm night – Thursday from 20:30 till 23:00 when we will clear a lesser difficulty of the raid, Normal or Heroic Depending of what we are progressing on at the time. We expect you to be able to at least attend the progression nights on a regular basis. What are we looking for? The right kind of player, as our belief is that a competent and respectful player is better than someone that is elitistic and toxic, but we would prefer the following: - One WW Monk; - One Balance Druid; Other roles might be considered but are not a priority at the moment. As we are already 8 weeks in the raid we expect you to bring at the very least Item level 365 and 7/8 HC with logs. Where can you find us? Whether you got a question or feel like joining us, you can whisper us in game on Ravencrest EU at: - Traendithas (Battle.net: SvenKuber#2375; Discord: SvenKuber#2724); - Glâss; - Frâgile; Looking forward to seeing you in game!Traendithas0 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 [H]Priest heals LF afternoon/late night Mythic/M+ guild ilvl 380, 8/8HC 2/8M Disc/Holy priest LF late afternoon/ late night guild/team for Mythic raiding or pushing 10+ keys. I prefer Disc but I'm willing to respec Holy for raids if required by the fight/ raid comp. Available times (slightly flexible): Mon-Thurs 14:00-18:00 ST Fri-Sat 22:00-01:00 ST I prefer to run Fri/Sat nights only, with maybe one additional weekday afternoon, but I'm open to discussing this schedule. Prefer a guild on Draenor but would be willing to realm transfer if the guild and I are a good fit. I started playing around the end of Legion. Not much Mythic experience yet in WoW but I have raided before in SWTOR (pre-4.0 Revanchist, 4/5 GftM) and FFXIV (4/4 Alexander Midas Savage), so I'm no stranger to progression raiding. Because of real life circumstances and schedules, I missed the start of Uldir Mythic prog, but now I'm looking for a guild to progress with in the rest of Uldir, and beyond that into the next raid. I prefer to raid and have only been doing keys casually so far, but I would also be interested in pushing 10+ keys with a stable group instead, if I can't find a raid team given my odd schedule. I can no longer play as much as I used to, but I remain no less hungry for progress and improvement. I try to come prepared to fights, and I'm always looking to improve my gameplay. I keep myself updated on my class through my class/spec Discord servers, and I'm open to fair and constructive criticism. I would like to be in a guild/ group with a similar attitude to mine: friendly and chill while striving to play at a solid level even on a casual schedule. Contact me on Discord (Cas#9824) or on Battle.net (Cas#21615), or leave a post here :)Kestrielle2 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 SPriest 378 2/8 Mythic LF Late Night Raiding Guild Hello! Intro It’s shaking pretty heavy in my current guild so I’ve decided to start looking for a new home should the time come. I’ve played since vanilla from varying degrees from very hardcore to casual, both pve and pvp. I’m 34 years old from Sweden with a stable connection, powerful computer, good internet and working mic I’m willing to use.
 What I’m looking for: A late night horde raiding guild, raiding anything from 1-3 days per week, with start around 22:00 server time. I cannot commit earlier than 21:30 currently. My character(s) (Draenor Horde EU) Main: Nadiya, Shadow Priest 378 equipped, Holy OS. Alt: Bönflöde, Blood Death Knight 367 working it’s way up. I got 6 characters at 120 but didn’t really enjoy any other than my priest until the DK. I got about 140 days playtime on the Priest and around 40 days on the Death Knight. My current tier progress Uldir Heroic 8/8, Mythic 2/8 My warcraftlogs profile: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/id/68425#difficulty=4 My average parse in Heroic Uldir is 91,7. I’m a committed player with limited playtime and do everything I can to make the most of it. I do my very best to deliver good results while always following what’s told. I’ve raided at cutting edge level and I know what it takes and what’s needed from me. I’m always there for the best of the group. If you got a place that could fit and would be interested in getting in touch with me please let me know, either here, in-game or on discord. I'm willing to server transfer, but a faction change would be kind of a last resort I'd prefer to avoid; Lok'tar Ogar! Discord: Cayumi#7996 Well met!Nadiya6 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 [TWISTING NETHER] Resto sham LF mythic progress guild Resto shaman 4/8M LF mythic progress guildArrogant0 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 [H] Tarren Mill <Kinetic> 4/8M General Information Guild name: Kinetic Faction: Horde Server: Tarren Mill - EU Website: www.kinguild.com WowProgress: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/tarren-mill/Kinetic About Us Kinetic is a raiding guild that has been around since the start of Legion, we started out on Ravencrest as Alliance and moved to Tarren Mill towards the end of Legion. The guild started with a core of online friends who all wanted to do mythic raiding on a more relaxed schedule than you would typically find. We are realistic in our approach to the game, and see raiding progression on this type of schedule as a marathon, not a sprint. We are a guild consisting mostly of adults who all have jobs, families and other commitments, and we try to work around these to accommodate the raid, obviously as long as it does not have a detrimental effect on the collective. The typical members of Kinetic are between 25 and 40 years old, male and female. Due to our recent move to Tarren Mill, we said goodbye to some members who decided to stay alliance, and therefore we decided to stop progression raiding until BFA. We typically sit mid-tier on all mythic raids, and we accept that with our schedule and with the way that real life sometimes play out, resulting in pulling away essential players, this was acceptable. Having said that, we always try to gather the tools for going to the end. Sometimes adults, just have to adult, unfortunately. We are looking for a squad size of about 24-27 raiders in total. We do this to accommodate real life and to have class flexibility for various fight mechanics. Our former wowprogress page can be found here-> (https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/ravencrest/Kin) What we can offer… - We offer a relaxed and mature environment for raiding with emphasis on progression with like-minded people of many origins, where people can feel safe and joke around, but also be focused when needed. - We offer a non-aggressive approach to guild management and running raids. Only very rarely have our leadership raised their voice to stop something, simply because there is never a need for it with our mix of people. - We offer experienced players. - We offer a solid social experience if you put effort into it. - We offer raiding at a mythic level. What we look for… - We are looking for players who seek to raid mythic in BFA on a dialled back schedule of only two 3-hour mandatory raids a week (Thursday and Sunday, 20.00 – 23.00 Server Time), with an optional Wednesday night(20.00 – 23.00 Server Time) reserved for easier farm/gearing content. - We are looking for players with experience in mythic raiding, who maybe previously have raided more hardcore and want to approach the game slightly more relaxed and in a more orderly, less aggressive manner. - We are also looking for a few people who are looking to step up into mythic raiding, but do not know exactly where to begin. We have many experienced players who give decent feedback and can assist you in becoming a better player. Some experience and solid understanding of game mechanics is necessary. (We will only take limited people with these qualifications) - We are looking for people who are willing to invest time into the guild socially, but also realises that you do not go from being “new” to being “one of the pack” in a few days. Integration takes time - the social aspects are important, and as such, we put a lot of emphasis on personality. Because it is the person who plays with us night in and night out, not just a class in the game. - We are looking for people who enjoy M+ and other content outside of raiding. - We are also looking for socials who just need a place to hang out and chat. Roles Available 1-2xranged (Hunter spots are full) Ideally a ranged with a healer off spec Exceptional players are always considered. Raid Schedule Thursday 20:00-23:00 GMT +1 Sunday 20:00-23:00 GMT +1 Optional Wednesday Raid where we clear farm content Contact us Bilz#21951 Velking#2969 Or www.Kinguild.comDeadtreach21 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 Disc/Holy Priest LF Weekend Raid Guild Hello guys, I am looking for a weekend Guild which needs a Disc Priest. I can offer the Holy Spec on certain fights which should not be a problem at all but i want to mainly play Disc. Here are some Logs of my current mythic Progression: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/eu/blackhand/depletopanda If u look into the logs u can see that i havbe 5/8M Exp had a lot 2-3% wiped on the 2 Bosses. Just was not able to kill them because of my Work !@#$ and the Guild raiding Time. I played Priest Heal since BC and sticked to it mainly but i also played all other healers in this Expansion especially Shaman and Pala as Twinks. If u are interessted in the other 2 Classes just write it i can play all 3 of them decently. My Shaman and Paladin would need a bit polishing but they are around 370+gs. Add me if u are interested Shizu#21790Depletopanda2 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 [A][Ravencrest][6/8M]2-day/week Guild LF Healer/rDPS Who are we? We are 'The Lost Ones', a relatively new 2-day/week raiding guild consisting of a fun, mature and dedicated bunch of players, aspiring to be one of the very best 2-day raiding guilds on our server, a server of which is home to many of the best guilds in the world. As of such, we put heavy emphasis on efficiency and quality during our limited raiding schedule, all of which while taking part in a fun, competitive and focused raid environment. Raid Days: ● Wednesday 19.00 - 22.00 ● Monday 19.00 - 22.00 As most others, we too expect our raiders to be online and ready to go around 18.45 server time, in order to appropriately set up the desired composition on a boss-to-boss basis, and to start clearing trash as soon as possible. What we are looking for: We expect our raiders to be both able to and willing to communicate verbally in English during raids. Being able use constructive criticism to improve is a necessity, as we want to help our raiders reach their fullest potential. We always review our applicants on a case-to-case basis, but competitive logs and/or relevant raiding experiences from current/previous tiers gets you a long way. We encourage any exceptional player to apply, although the classes we are in dire need of are the following: ● A Restoration Druid/Shamam ● A Hunter ● A Mage For recruitment inquiries or additional information, contact the following people: ● Iummune, Guild Master and Raid Leader, at Atmosphere#21890 (Btag) ● Buttshark, Community Officer, at Buttshark#21139 (Btag) ● Iloliemi, Healing Officer, at Haadek#2670 (Btag) You may also apply through our website https://theones.enjin.com/Honkwai1 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 [H] TarrenMill - Uldir Heroic / Mythic boosts < Hakuna Mattata > (6/8 myth) selling weekly 8/8 Uldir Heroic Runs * Run every Thursday, at 20:00 Server Time * Unsaved 380-geared mythic boosters * You can buy full run or only needed bosses * Also we can help with G'huun Heroic kill for achievement * We accept payments only on Tarren Mill realm * Can be only one buyer for one gear type! Contacts: Sham#2710 DjTwo#2933Shamkan1 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 [A] Alacríty - Silvermoon 8/8 HC 3/8M - Recruiting! Who is Alacríty? Alacríty is a newly established guild, comprising the majority of our old guild’s raid team. We raid 3 days a week (with 1 additional optional day to clear Heroic). When Do You Raid? We raid Thurs, Sun and Mon from 19:45 - 22:45 CET. What is Your Goal? We aim to clear mythic raids and obtain Cutting Edge in all future tiers, but not detracting from having a fun raiding environment; it’s a game after all!. How Do You Deal With Loot? We use ‘RC Loot Council’ to distribute any items which the receiving player doesn’t need. What Are We Recruiting? Resto Shaman (able to play DPS OS). Warlock. Priest (Shadow). If your class isn’t listed above we’d still be interested to hear from anyone who regards themselves as a strong player, knowledgeable in their class! What Do We Expect From You? High Attendance. Discord. Knowledge of the encounters. Be able to handle constructive criticism. What You Can Expect From Us As A Guild A mature but fun environment to raid. A stable guild. Consistent progression. A social atmosphere on Discord, both in and out of raids. If you’re interested in joining us or have any further questions then feel free to get in touch on Battle.net: Capper#2532 Toad#2400 Gavstar#2528 Or sent a application on: https://goo.gl/forms/9r2ekLCjo3EG0Z0W2Minocha3 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 2 Players LFG Hello, Me and my brother are currently looking for a guild to join. We are looking for a raiding guild that raids twice a week and does mythic raids. We are decent players and are always looking to improve. We can raid Sunday-Thursday anytime from 12:30pm-3:30pm GMT or 5pm to 8pm GMT. I am also looking to pvp so thats a plus whether its arena or rbgs. We will server transfer upon finding a guild. Thanks and please contact me ingame or leave a message here and ill get in touch with you.Smashr11 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 Mythic raiders looking for a new guild Two Mythic raiders looking for a new guild (5/8 Mythic experience this tier) extended game experience,playing since vanilla have cutting edge in every tier,killed every boss when it was relevant and progress worthy, can be versatile in characters (Both play several and all are raid ready) We are looking for a 2 day raiding guild with preference on Horde side but if the place is the right one we can consider going alliance. For more info add Filipgrk#2704Tojark18 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 LF Holy Paladin. 2d/w 4/8M progress Hi, Delicate thugs on Kazzak is looking for a Holy Paladin as high prio. We raid twice a week from 7pm - 11pm Server time on Wednesdays and Sundays. We have a fun environment with the goals of getting cutting edge progressing through content at a steady rate. Guild is also active on offnights and we have a good social environment going. Please get hold of me on Discord - Hightotem#7850 or btag klathmor#2683Monkatonk0 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 Sodium Chloride[Silvermoon-A] Cutting Edge Raiding Sodium Chloride [Silvermoon – Alliance] is a guild formed from experienced mythic raiders after just cutting the latest edge on a simple core principle that every action or issue should be discussed openly as a team. After seeing issues with our previous guilds not holding their individual weight as officers or leaders with no potential for change we're setting ourselves up as a counselled guild – should any individual member of our officer team or even the guild master not be wholly pulling their weight for their individual role you as a member are well within your right to discuss this with another officer, it will then be put forth anonymously to the other officers and discussed, if we agree you should expect leadership change. This will ensure we always have the strongest possible leadership team heading into each tier and will provide the greatest foundation possible to maintain fairness as well as a consistent standard throughout your time with us. As a guild we will be looking to always cut the mythic edge in a reasonable time whilst only raiding 2 days (Monday/Thursday 20:00-23:00). Once we've farmed heroic enough at the start of a tier we will move that to an optional raid day (Likely Sunday, 20:00-23:00) and focus totally on progression. With such a tight requirement we will have relatively high expectations of our raiders both in an ability capacity as well as attendance, however we will also value that your real life will ultimately maintain a higher priority than gaming – if you need to take time off at some point as long as reasonable notice is given we will do our upmost to play around this. We're currently 8/8 heroic and 5/8 mythic - Recruitment is still open to high-parsing ranged dps. Slight preferences to Warlocks or an Elemental Shaman. Also always recruiting any M+ players interested in an environment filled with people looking to push 1k or so IO and above. What we're looking for in our players on a basic level: - Fluent in English, and willing to speak on discord. - Have roughly 90+ percentiles as a minimum on farmed content (e.g. Antorus Hc etc) - Be prepared to potentially play an off-spec should it be required. While we would encourage having an alt it's not completely necessary. - Clear mechanical understanding of fights – meter whoring will not be encouraged in this team. - Be sociable outside of raiding environments, we will expect the members to play together relatively consistently throughout BFA, be it dungeoning, leveling etc. You should always want to take a guild member over a PuG player is the general philosophy we want to maintain. - Potentially we may want to trial you in a M+ environment just to get a feel for you as a player. Rather than continue this wall of text I've simply added below the rules and guidelines our guild will be following throughout BFA, if we've held your interest this far please take a look through them: Guild Rules The Basics: - Guild image is important! - you will be expected to be respectful to both your guild members and those outside of the guild. - All important decisions are made as an officer council – the GM's role is only to take the final vote in the event of an unbreakable tie on a decision – this is to ensure that the popular opinion of the whole raid team is accounted for as consistently as possible. - You have every right as a raider to say you don't agree with an officer's decision – please feel free to whisper either the GM or one of the other officers with any concerns, all of these will be taken into consideration. Your opinion matters regardless of rank. - All players will be expected to be able to speak on discord during raid nights. This doesn't mean constantly, just be capable should the need arise - (adapting to a fight or a bad situation is a lot easier when you don't have to type mid pull!). We're also actively encouraging people to sit in discord outside of raids to join in on the content BFA has to offer and really get involved with one another as players – as well as perhaps delving into other games once the initial hype dies down. The goal here is community. In regards to Raiding: Our goal is to maintain a very strong sense of progression with consistent curve cutting each tier whilst also only raiding twice per week. As such there will be some relatively strong policies on how we raid as follows: - All players will be expected to have arrived 5minutes prior to the raid commencing with flasks, runes and potions (regardless of if the guild is providing them you should have them in your bags just in case!). - You’ll also be expected to have finalized your signs for the raids no later than 24 hours before the raid begins. In the event that you can’t meet this requirement there needs to be a very solid reasoning – if it becomes consistent you need to inform us you'll have to take a continual leave from the roster until it's sorted. In the event that we've had no information and you're simply consistently declining – expect to stop being invited. - The raid leaders (there will be 2 alternating on fights to ensure if one cannot make it that we always have a consistent leader) will choose the bench warmers each raid, this will be rotated each raid. No player should have an issue with the potential of being benched, every raider should expect it at some point and take it gracefully as just part of how we operate. - We actively encourage people to speak up! If you feel like you've seen a better tactic or think we could do something differently to help optimise the fight your opinion is invaluable. The raid leaders can't see everything, 20 sets of eyes are better than 2! (most of the time ) - Due to recent loot drop changes and with the goal of playing as a team in mind - gearing your main-spec is priority, once you’ve geared your main-spec should you receive a drop while raiding that isn’t an upgrade (this is talking stats not item-level) for your main-spec and is tradeable whilst being an upgrade to another’s main-spec we will encourage loot to be traded, once all players main-specs are geared it becomes the full individual's choice – This is simply to ensure everyone gets to a reasonable level to aid in progression, it'll seriously suck if one guy gets 15 items a week and another gets shafted by the RNG gods so help each other out! - Meter whoring is not encouraged in this guild. If you’re actively failing mechanics being top of the meters will not save you from being called out or quite possibly benched for the evening. We look forward to any and all applications. Please get in-contact via either battle.net - Math#2386 or Discord - Math#2386Variables20 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 [H] M+ group looking for another regular member We are a group of 4 regular players complemented with some guildies who play more on and off when it comes to m+. We want to push higher keys after having achieved 10+ in every dungeon. To that end we are searching for an additional good player to add to our group. We are currently: Multi-class tank (BDK/VDH/Brew) Holy/disc priest Rogue BM Hunter We play most nights between 9 and 12 server time Wednesdays being the guaranteed exception as this is when we do our weekly raid. We all play atleast an alt and try to do atleast a weekly 10 key on those at some point during the week. If you think you are the perfect fit to push some keys with this bunch hit me up for a chat: Azzania#2964Deagron0 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 [H]Lást Rites - Kazzak - LF Mythic raiders! (H)Lást Rites - Late night raid guild - Kazzak Lást Rites is a guild with focus on pve endgame, but mythic+ and arenas are also run by the members on daily basis We raid on a very family friendly schedule: Tuesday - 22.00 - 00.30 Cet Wednesday - 22.00 - 00.30 Cet Friday optional Alt/Nm/Hc - 22.00 - 00.30 Cet As of right now our progress is: Normal Uldir - 8/8 Heroic Uldir - 7/8 Mythic Uldir - Soon to come We are now recruiting to fill up our roster and get heroic done and jump into mythic asap! Therefore we need you! Tank - Closed Melee - Rogue - WW Monk (BM OS) - Dk (Blood OS) Ranged - Mage - Boomkin - Hunter - Warlock - Elemental Shaman Healer - Priest - Mistweaver Monk If accepted into the guild, your trial period will last 3 weeks (6 raids) so that both you and the guild can get a feel if we are a good match. About Lást Rites: Most of our founders have played and run guilds since Vanilla, raiding in guilds like: Last Watch - Aquamarines and Elitist Gaming. When Draenor hit most of us had enough of the elite hardcore raiding, because we shared the same vision - That the game should not control us, it should be played around us and members real life - that is how this guild started out on Doomhammer/Turalyon (Ally) for about 14 years ago. At the end of Legion the core group moved to Kazzak (Horde) with their vision, and Lást Rites was borne! We value or community very highly, and therefore you will in your trial period also be evaluated not only on skills, but also how you fit into the group. We want to progress through the endgame at a decent pace, while we have a lot of fun and laughs along the way! That dosen´t mean we don't take our raiding seriously, but we do feel that a big part of the wow community and raiding scene is in a very toxic state. And that is not how we want to experience the game we all love- or love to hate :) We want to be a Guild/Team/Community whom enjoy playing together as friends! If this seem interesting for you to be a part of, don't hesitate to contact us in game: ShaunStewart#2220 Lazer#2711 Hope to see you in game - Lást RitesLazerlock13 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 [A] <Deus Ex Machina> 8/8hc 3/8M - Recruting! <Deus Ex Machina> Server: Grim Batol Uldir: 8/8N 8/8HC 3/8M Raid Days: Thursday - Monday 20.00 - 23.00 First of all thanks for reading this. Deus Ex Machina is a guild that is made up of a group of long time gaming friends and real life friends. We are a guild that is casual but still have a rather ok progression in BFA / Uldir. We now have chosen to try and boost our roster with more people so we can get an stable progress in Mythic raiding. We raid 2 days a week and have a strong culture for M+. And if you are looking for a guild that set real life and family first, but still are able to play World of Warcraft and have progress in raiding and high M+ keys. This just might be the place for you. What sort of people do we look for ? We look for people that can progress with a smile. Someone that don't make drama. And that you try your best. What can we offer you ? Raiding 2 days a week. We offer a stable guild with an calm and relaxed atmosphere, with stable progress in raid and a hunger for M+. We offer you a 2 week trial periode where you have your chance to show us that you are the player we are looking for to boost our roster with for progress raiding. Within the 2 weeks trial period we will get to know you better in a raid setting and a M+ setting and give feedback to you if we can or cannot offer you a spot in our raiding roster. If this sounds like something you would like to give a chance or you have more questions you would like to ask take contact with: krazydog#2379 / Officer in [A] Deus Ex Machina - Grim BatolKrazybarrage14 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 [H] [Draenor] TSL Early Evening 8/8H 3/8M Hello there people! We are 2/8 M and 8/8 HC Uldir and wish to progress further. Our raid timings are: Sunday - 17:30-20:00 Monday - 17:30-20:00 Wednesday - 17:30-20:00 We are The Shadow Legion, an early evening raiding guild , and we are looking for players to progress into Mythic Uldir. We are a mature raiding guild with average age of 25 and above and we all have a passion for WOW. We are looking to finish the content as soon as possible, while working around our IRL commitments. We raid pretty early by most EU standards, 2-3 hours before regular raids start!, as most of our raiders work late night/early day shifts and cannot raid in the usual/standard EU raiding hours. That being said, our raid timings are: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday from 17:30 - 20:00 server time (CEST time). Therefore, we are looking for similar players who want to progress Mythic BFA raids. While we have some solid players to push mythics we are still missing some key classes to bolster our roster. So, if you want to push Mythic raiding and high M+ keys, and generally looking for a good atmosphere that is both disciplined, but fun, then The Shadow Legion is perfect for you! we need around 5 more regular members but we will always consider exceptional players of any class/spec, We occasionally raid extra days when necessary (Thursdays or Fridays) but these are optional raids. To know more, you can contact me or other officers on bnet at Cavionus#2843 or Night#23645Cavicorpus8 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 [A] Broken 8/8HC 2/8M recruiting DPS & Healers Broken was created as a project between a close group of friends that has progressed over the last few expansions and tiers. With the release of Battle for Azeroth many of our players, along with new and old friends, have come back together with a shared determination to reach Cutting Edge. Our focus is on maintaining a consistent and positive progression throughout the expansion as we look to improve the guild, it's team and our community. We have a strict stance on our players approach and attitude to progression raiding. We feel that hard-work and dedication is important for any raider who is looking to progress through mythic. We want to promote an efficient and proactive raiding experience and as such all of our raiders are expected to come prepared with a deep level of understanding about their specializations, foreknowledge of all fights and equipped with all consumables they might possibly need. Our raiding schedule is as follows: Wednesday: 20:00 – 23:00 Thursday: 20:00 – 23:00 Sunday: 20:00 – 23:00 We are currently looking to recruit a few of the following, though do bear in mind that some spots are shared; if we recruit a resto shaman then we likely will not need a resto druid, etc. Obviously exceptions will be made for exceptional players: Mages Holy Paladin Hunters Resto Druid Resto Shaman Rogues If you are interested in applying, or wish to know more, then feel free to contact any of the following: GM: Winny Bnet:Winny#2254 Discord:Winny#3809 Officer: Janna Bnet: Kayotic#2532 Discord: Janna#1899Jãnnã8 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 [H] Disc/Holy Priest LF M+ Group As title say, i'm looking for group to push higher M+ keys, did 10ish keys with pugs but as keys get higher it's nearly impossible to pug them, im mostly online on every evening add me on Anowia#2995 for further conversation. raider.io: https://raider.io/characters/eu/kazzak/Anowi%C3%A1?utm_source=clientAnowiá2 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 DPS looking for mythic progress guild Hello there , as the topic says i am looking for a progress mythic raiding guild. I cleared 2/8M so far but experienced in 5/8 due to watching & reading guides and attempting to clear them with my old guild who got disbanded very recently. I am looking for a friendly guild who wants make progress. Due to being on a very low pop server I just recently started to actually do mythic raids. I already considered transfering my mage to another server but i´d like to find a guild that i think is the right one before doing so. iLvl 381 Ger/Eng Capable of playing either spec if needed Feel free to ask me questions if you have anyZinura10 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 [H] Drak'thul - Primordial Flame 2/8 Mythic Recruitment <Primordial Flame> is an English-speaking Horde guild on Drak'thul (EU) looking to fill gaps in our Raiding roster as we progress through Mythic Uldir (2/8M) and head into 8.1 content. We transferred to Drak'thul from Shadowsong/Azsune on the 13th November in order to open ourselves up to more players. Currently Recruiting: - ALL CLASSES - However, Ranged DPS & Priests are high priority. Our current raid schedule is 7pm - 11pm UK time (8pm - 12am server time) on Thursday & Saturday. Our Saturday Raid is currently subject to change. Please come with experience if applying for our Mythic Raid team, preferably having cleared HC. Please contact our GM or one of our officers on Battle.Net for more details. EIDOLON#21568 (GM) Wimball#2238 You can view our WoWProgress here: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/shadowsong/Primordial+FlameKlaxosaurei0 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 DISNEY AND DOTS 2/8M Weds/Mon - Draenor Due to a few people needing to go more Social DISNEY AND DOTS is looking to recruit a few DPS for Mythic Uldir Progression. We are currently 8/8 Heroic and 2/8 Mythic. We are looking to have more than what is required as we appreciate not everyone can make it all of the time. Current Requirements 2 x Melee DPS 3 x Ranged DPS Exceptional applications of any classes and specialisations welcome. About Us For the most part, we are players with jobs and families and we understand that those come first. We are a casual guild in the sense that we raid 2 nights a week and require no other obligations from you outside of raids. We do take the 6 hours of raiding seriously and expect the same from our raiders, however we also do have a good time whilst we’re there. Quite a few players run Mythic + Keystones and there is some PvP and Arena in the background. Raid Schedule Wednesday 20:00 - 23:00 ST Monday 20:00 - 23:00 ST What We Would Like From You If you’re a friendly player looking to casually progress through Mythic raid tiers this expansion and can take a joke, you will need a sense of humour here, then give us a shout. We do want people with an attitude that puts Guild progression above personal reward as we are a close knit bunch who practically live on Discord throughout the working day and have built a good unity. We do look for regular attendance on raids but if you can’t make it and if you let us know beforehand, there is never an issue. Apply If the above sounds of interest to you, please get in contact with myself, or alternatively, one of our Officers on the following Discords. Immortalitie - Maxxipad#9140 (Discord) Aspirations - Necrotic#2953 (Discord)Benathon4 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 [A] 4/8M Looking for MW Monk and Warlock Hi and thanks for taking the time to read this post! VII's an Alliance Guild on Emerald Dream/Terenas. Now in our 14th year, we're looking for a MW Monk and a Warlock to join our raid team to help us progress further into Mythic and to join us to become part of our guild community. We're 4/8M and currently progressing on Fetid. You can find out more about the guild here: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17617015234#post-1 You can also contact me through my battle tag - tricky#2757 Look forward to hearing from you! Yowshi www.vii.guildlaunch.comYowshi7 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 Horde Guild (Tarren Mill) LF Merge + Additional Players Hello all, We are a core group of 15 raiders. We have HC Uldir on farm and 2/8 Mythic on farm when pugging the extra 5 members. We would really like to fill the roster with a healthier number of players to progress further into Mythic. We are friendly, dedicated and raid Mon, Tues, and Thurs at 20:00 realm time. Regards, Nosebleed.Nosebleed0 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 [H] < Jebaited > EU-Kazzak About Us < Jebaited > We’re a newly formed guild that have recently moved to Kazzak. We were previously on Quel’Thalas as < The Front Line >. We moved to Kazzak because we were struggling to recruit Mythic quality players, and this was hurting our progression. We’re a chilled out bunch of players, who are always looking to push ourselves further and have a good time whilst we’re at it. At the moment we’re aiming to get at least get Cutting Edge every raid tier, but looking to challenge ourselves to do it as fast as possible. However, as the guild is new we know this probably isn't going to happen this tier now, so we're recruiting and prepping for 8.1. What we expect from you  Have cleared at least 8/8 HC and ideally 2/8 on Mythic  Join discord with a good quality mic  Speak and understand English  Bring a positive attitude  Come to raids prepared  Socially active in the guild  Good raid attendance ~80%  Desire to constantly improve your gameplay (via logs, sims, etc.) Raid times Wednesday, Thursday & Monday 20:00 – 23:00 (server time) We are currently recruiting for our Mythic teams with these ranks: Core Raider - Key member of the Mythic Raiding team. Is expected to have the higher attendance than other raider ranks and play this character to the maximum potential. Flex Raider - Part of Mythic Raiding team. This rank is for people who still want to take part in the mythic raids but maybe can’t fully commit to the raid schedule. These players are expected to have their character equally as gear and play it to the same level as a Core Raider. If you're interested in joining please message one of the officers: Webb#1499 FilipG#2162 ForTheHorde#16654 ahnovaroar#2733Webby4 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 Aiur @Silvermoon 8/8N 8/8H 2/8M Aiur Guild has been held up since TBC launched back in the day, when a couple of real life friends started the guild together with some ideals that are still being held to this date, after experience in raiding Vanilla WOW. In Sept 2017 we decided to make a shift in scenario were we left the horde side to venture and keep building the guild on alliance side. We grew nicley since we started and now we are also working into the Mythic side of things with only 2 days/week. Needless to say we value Quality > Qty. Now with 25+ in our roster, and Mythic raiding is being held every week, we are looking to get ourselves a couple of LIKE MINDED folks to stick with us and move forward in the new Expansion. Progress in BFA: 8/8 N Uldir 8/8 H Uldir 2/8 M Uldir Guild requirements: Active with great attitude Eager to be on board and help the guild move forward. Raiding: 2 nights Monday and Thur 20.00 - 22.45 server time sharp Still looking for those last key spots. ALL ranged DPS CLASSES will be considered!! WW monk Ench/ELE shaman with a decent Resto OS Holy Pala Please visit our new web page fro more information about classes needed: https://aiur-silvermoon.enjin.com Hit us up for a chat in Discord for more information. Kartor#2203, roronoa#2243.Kârtor55 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 (A) <Kill It With Fire> 2 Day HC Guild LF Tank + Dps Hi everyone :) Kill It With Fire is a new guild on Quel'Thalas EU formed to raid up to HC difficulty and do regular M+. We are currently a small and friendly group who have just started raiding in this tier, standing atm at 8/8N and 4/8HC. We raid on Wednesday and Sunday from 8pm-11pm server time. We are a casual guild who want to enjoy our raiding in a drama free environment, whilst clearing content relatively effiiciently. Right now we are looking for more core raiders to maintain consistent raiding, who are of a similar mindset and able to raid reliably on our 2 day schedule. Classes we are looking for... Tank: Looking for one MS Tank. Healer: Full. Ranged Dps: Mage, Hunter, Warlock, Ele Shaman. Melee Dps: Warrior, Death Knight, Monk, Rogue, Enh Shaman.<em/> Here's some additional info about us... 1. We want to enjoy our raiding. Shouting, constant swearing, and flaming people for making mistakes isn't our thing. 2. We are a casual guild but we still expect certain things to be done as standard. This includes coming to raid prepared with the usual consumables (often the guild members can help with enough notice), enchants, and suitable knowledge of the encounter. We do like a good chat in the raid but expect focus when it's needed. 3. We are looking for people interested in a community where you can raid, do M+, level alts, and other content together. 4. We do expect a decent level of performance in the raids (mechanically as well as numbers) but our approach is to try and help people improve rather than simply bench them. 5. We do have a laugh and joke with each other but abuse of other players (inside or outside the guild) isn't tolerated. 6. We are a mature bunch (some of us a lot more mature than others 'cough') and as such we prefer people in their 20's and above. 7. We use Discord for raids and everyone is expected to be on there and have a working headset and mic. 8. If you're the type of player who plays for fun (with that fun including killing nasty bosses who want to destroy us all), and you're a team player that is friendly and helpful we are probably a good match :) Drop a reply here or apply online at https://killitwithfire.enjin.com You can also add me on Bnet Dodger#2127 or Discord Maxi#0222 for guild or raid questions. Many thanks, Max :)Maxshocks2 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 [H] 4/8M 383ilevel Tank LFGuild After the unfortunate demise of my last guild, due to the leader stepping down, I'm looking for a friendly new home. Preferably raiding 2 days a week, 8pm onwards, thats around the same progress as I am. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/eu/kazzak/tristrom Add me on battlenet #t1me2116 or discord Tristrom#5883 for a chat.Tristrom0 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 Building a 2 day Mythic team - Can you help? Hi there, <SUPERNOVA> On Stormscale, is building a 2 day Mythic raid team with the objective of achieving cutting edge in Siege of Dazar'alor. For this to happen, WE NEED YOU! We are looking for raiders that are the “total package”, I mean friendly and dedicated people that are above all experienced in progression raiding, have good logs and are communicative at the right times in the raid. So we aren't asking for much, just that you be totally awesome people! We raid on Wednesday and Thursday from 20:30 until 00:00 server time. It is set a little later than some guilds, in order to give us enough time to get the things at home done that we need to do before the raid. - Can't raid on an empty stomach after all! So it goes without saying that we are mature adults and are looking for similar people – we don't recruit people under 18 normally although we could make an exception for the right logs. Drama Llamas get the boot double quick! So far, we already have 2 tanks, 3-4 healers and some dps. We have a somewhat set idea about what sort of comp we want to go with but are flexible where cruicial specs are needed for certain mechanics. We have Brm + DK tanks (and druids levelled and geared as backups). We feel having a Holy Paladin is essential, as could be a resto Shaman for certain mechanics, as well as a Resto Druid for more comfortable combat res. Our Disc and Holy Priests are awesome. We definitely want to have a pair of Warlocks and at least 1 Mage. We will be trying to keep as few melee in the raid as possible, from 5 to a maximum of 7. If a 2-day schedule and our aims of getting cutting edge with this sounds appealing to you, don't hesitate to get in touch with me! Add me on battle.net and we'll have a chat on discord. Iyotake#21234 – ADD ME NAOW!Miagido7 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 [A] - [EU][Sylvanas] - "IS PRO" is now recruiting Hello guys and girls! IS PRO is now recruiting for our Raiding Team! Current Progress 8/8 Hc & 3/8 M Uldir. We are currently recruiting: -Ranged Dps: Very High -Healers: High -Melee: Low -Tanks: Low But dont hesitate to make an application it takes only 2 min to fill out the application form (link at the buttom of this post), and all exceptional players will be taken in consideration and contacted ingame for a short interview We are a guild with dedicated and exceptional players who no longer have time to be a hardcore raiding team, so we raid only 2 days a week which is: - Wednesday from 20-23 server time - Sunday from 19-23 server time Our goal is to be one of the best raiding guilds on the server while we still only raid those 2 days. We are looking forward to hear from you! and we will contact you if we think you're the one we need for our team! Thank you for your time! ~ Zazoix - IS PRO https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1btyVMIP_drU8jg-P5XuUfUYpR6Cl-Rn_Qz3WHXf4iG8/viewform?edit_requested=trueZazoix0 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 [H] Fury (Shadowsong), 2 day mythic Fury is an inclusive community of players, many of whom have played together for several years. We're a reliable bunch who strive to progress as far as possible each tier without sacrificing career and family commitments. We recruit mature players based on ability and personality; aiming to create a friendly, relaxed environment where we also progress well every tier. We raid: 20:30 - 23:30 on Thursday and Monday. What we look for: Mature, easy-going yet committed players seeking a long-term in-game home. We are a mythic-focussed guild though so we do expect appropriate performance. We're always very happy to work together to improve our numbers; help with macros, add-ons etc. I.e. even if you may be a little inexperienced now, if you've got a good personality and a willingness to improve and succeed we'd be very happy to hear from you. All ages are welcome, we have a wide range. Our officer team have mostly played since vanilla though so at least one of us may smell of cabbage, occasionally. Since we are partly rebuilding at the moment we're interested in most roles. Since we tend to keep a relatively small roster we're always very interested in hearing from players who like to cover multiple raid roles. Progression (While current content): T10: Icecrown Citadel (25H), 12/12H T11: 8/13H (Nef 0.1%) T12: Firelands (25H): 6/7H (Ragnaros P3) T13: Dragonsoul (25H): 8/8H (& Farmed mounts for many raiders) T14: 6/6H, 4/6H, 1/4H T15: Throne of Thunder (25H): 11/13H (Lei Shen P3) T16: Siege of Orgrimmar (25H): 14/14H CE (& Farmed mounts for every raider) T17: Highmaul (4/7M), Blackrock Foundry (7/10, Iron Maidens P3) T18: Hellfire Citadel: 13/13M CE (& Farmed mounts for almost every raider) T19: 7/7M CE, 2/3M, 10/10M CE (& Currently farming Gul'dan mythic weekly for mounts) T20: Tomb of Sargeras: 7/9M (Progressed Fallen Avatar a lot too but didn't finish) T21: Antorus, the Burning Throne: 9/11M (Stopped at P3 Aggramar, 4 months ago to recharge our batteries after a very long expansion of AP grinding ..) Our web-page and forum are here: www.ssefury.com (you can also find videos of all our first kill videos spanning all the way back to Dragonsoul here: https://www.youtube.com/user/ssezas/videos ) If you would like to chat please add: Zastaph#2891 (GM) Spankanoid#2355 Paradox#23388Zastaph9 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 (A) EU New Player Friendly raiding community New Player Friendly EU Alliance Raiding Community is a group of veteran, and new players (like myself) looking to build a team of friends to raid the current expansion. If you are interested in raiding with a group of helpful, team players in a mature, drama-free, non elitist environment, then contact me to join the community. We use discord for organising raids,mythic dungeons, voice chat etc. If you are new to the game, or new to raiding, you are more than welcome to join us and get help starting your journey. Our goals are to help each other progress in game and improve our personal skill at the game whilst having fun doing it. The community is EU timezone based and cross realm friendly so you don't even have to leave your guild. Regards, Haneef.Haneefa0 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 [H]Primal Madness 4/8M, 2d/w LF RDPS About us: Primal Madness was formed in 2010 with the aim of clearing high end content in a competitive way. We did this in Cataclysm & Pandaria. We came back in BFA to become what we once were but this with a whole new core which is why we’re recruiting! Current Progress: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/stormreaver/Primal+Madness Raid days & times: Monday & Tuesday Mythic 19:00 – 23:00 CEST What we expect from you? A player: who has a thorough understanding of his/her class/spec(s), and is able to analyse logs without being asked to. #Wowanalyze - warcraftlogs who strives to become better every day who wants to be part of the guild and not solely in it for him/herself who is able to cope with criticism who strives for optimal attendance, making sure he regulates his hobby’s in such a way it doesn’t interfere with the raid. who understands the basic addon requirements for raiding like Exorsus Raid Tools, DBM … What you can expect from us? Raid leaders that have in depth knowledge of encounters at first pull. Tactical knowledge of and execution to achieve maximum efficiency out of our raiding hours. If we don’t reach our goal that we set up during the week, be sure to expect to go overtime! What are we recruiting? High: ranged DPS Medium: MDPS, Healers & Off - Tank Low: Tank We're always looking for exceptional players so if you think you're on that fits the guild be sure to apply! Interested in applying? Realms: Dragonmaw / Spinebreaker / Haomarush / Vashj / Stormreaver or realm transfer! STARTING NEXT WEEK DIFFERENT REALMS CAN JOIN MYTHIC RUNS FROM DIFFERENT SERVERS. Please fill in our application https://discord.gg/aRw2UFH Or Contact: Pico#2151, Rob#2116 & Elitescream#2347Aïther0 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 [H] 375 Hunter lf Mythic raiding guild Im looking for active mythic raiding guild 2-3 times a week, I got 8/8 hc and 2/8 mythic. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/eu/shattered-hand/dizing#difficulty=4 Bad mythic logs but there's a reason to it. Open to server transfer. Jackmeister #2433Dizing6 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 380 Hunter Looking for Stable Mythic Raiding Guild. With my current guild having stopped raiding (as of this thursday anyway) and our RL taking a break thereafter and unsure if he's returning in 8.1, i feel this is my opportunity to get back into Mythic Raiding. I love my current guild, the social aspect is great and they are such a great bunch of characters both in game and on discord, that i will be keeping alts in the guild and playing with them from time to time. More often than not, it's actually them they make it enjoyable to log in. I've raided everywhere form casual to world 50, killing bosses while still current and getting those kills after hours of wipes and the buzz you feel from accomplishing that is what i'd like to get back again. I'm pretty clued in with content, love reading up, theory crafting, coming up with tactics, changing specs and talents accordingly and more often than not, wear a big orange nipple on my head in raids to guide others. Logs: We don't do mythic very often hence linking heroic Logs. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/AdvZB6Rh87HmGMtD#view=rankings&boss=-2&difficulty=0&wipes=2 Ideally i'd not like to raid more than 2-3 nights a week, however, if there are some serious offers, i am available more than that (i'm usually on anyways leveling alts or running M+). I would like to stay horde as i've never really played alliance apart from some alts, however i am not completely against the option if the right offer comes along. Ideally there is a guild out there with 3/4 mythic progress (if on a 2 day raid schedule) or 4+ mythic if raiding more than the 2 days, as i feel this would be on par with my current guild if we focused on mythic more so than we have. Fell free to add me in game or ask any of the current guild members about me (in before they hijack this post and flame haha <3). Battlenet: Tincan#2374Jinxedd10 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 DPS player looking for new home. Hello, my name is James and I find myself in need of a new guild to call home, having parting ways with my previous guild of which I have been a member for quite some time. I am looking for a guild which would take me on as a "reroller" so I can get a feel for the guild and vice versa, I mainly play melee dps but have played ranged in MoP/WoD and would be open to discuss how I can best fill a hole in your roster, I would however be interested in giving enhance shaman a shot as it is one of the only classes I have not played and with the buffs coming in 8.1 seems like would be a great time to try it out. A few things I would like are: Guild activity outside of raids (m+ etc) Active social side to the guild 2 Raid days, 3 at the most Weekly alt runs I can provide you with the following: Punctual Prepared (Flasks/food/pots/runes/tactics) Experienced player Friendly/helpful Drama free My main goal is to get Curve of each raid in a decent time period, am open to dabbling in mythic, however it has been a long time since I have committed to mythic raiding. Feel free to comment here or add me on bnet for a chat SgtFapfap#2357 Many thanks for reading my babbling.Speakp4 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 (A) (Silvermoon) Divergents 3/8M LFM Wed & Mon Divergents is a guild that was created by a group of friends. Most of us started playing back in Vanilla and have a lot of experience from hardcore raiding in the past but, as life goes on, almost everyone in the guild has settled in real life, has a family and kids to look after. On Discord there will be some banter, swearing and digs thrown around at each other, so make sure you can accept that. Keep in mind that this is for a laugh, any serious form of racism, discrimination or being a right prick to other guildmembers will not be tolerated. We raid two nights a week Monday/Wednesday (21:00 - 23:30 server time). If you can’t make a raid you are expected to inform us as soon as you can through Discord. We are a mature guild, so we respect that sometimes real life comes first. On other nights we run Mythic+, farm old content raids for gearing alts or mains if they still need loot and, whenever we can, we also do some pvp for fun. Events up through Discord every week. Legion Progress AtBT Normal 11/11 - Heroic 11/11 - Mythic 9/11 BFA Progress Uldir Normal 8/8 - Heroic 8/8 - Mythic 3/8 Why join Divergents? Everyone is welcome but is also expected to pull their weight. As we only raid 2 nights we don’t plan to carry someone through. If you are a good match we don't only offer you a place in our raid team, we give you the chance to play with people that love progressing together, that work hard but at the same time have fun while going through old and new content! DPS : Any exceptional player will be considered. Preferably a dps DK & ranged dps. Healers : We are currently looking for an exceptional healer preferably with a solid dps offspec. Any class will be considered (pref priest). Social players also have the chance to raid if they are up to it and if a raiding spot is available on our off nights. Guild bank repairs and flasks/feasts are also available for everyone that participates in progression raids. Being able to listen to Discord is mandatory, but we prefer that you have a working microphone. If interested in joining or if you need more information /w in game. Battlenet : Slaxx#2919 or BobLess#2529 There's always an officer online to chat with! You can also apply to join by the following link http://www.guilded.gg/r/Adkj7gdxj9 Hope you all enjoy your day and your gaming! Have funIhotyoukk88 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 [A] Et Lux 1/8Mythic recruiting We are located on Lightbringer Our raid nights: Wed/Thur/Mon 7.45pm to 10.30pm Voice com: Teamspeak What we offer: A stable guild who has been around without going into slumber since 2010 Well organised and coordinated raids every week Drama free guild environment with people from all over Europe and beyond to have a good time while relaxing from real life stress. Mythic+ dungeons, old and new achievement runs, profession crafting (we have all professions maxed in guild) Fellow guildies who are aware that we are all human beings behind the screen and show the same respect we show others in real life. What we expect from you: Commit to all our raid nights - apart of course absent due to emergency or planned absence (and documented on our absence thread) - you will get a fix spot in the main raid team on all difficulties. If you want to raid but can not commit to our main raid nights we will be able to accommodate you in our alt runs and depending on your role/class also as backup for the main team. A lot of us have already leveled more raid ready chars so we are planning to start with our alt runs any time now. Those will most probably be scheduled on the Weekend as for most our raiders raiding more than 3 times on week nights is too much with the busy work schedule. For our main team we have spots for: Demon Hunter Warlock high demand Hunter high demand Tank - Monk/DK with dps offspec OR Monk/DK with tank offspec who will primarily be in dps role but jump into tank mode when needed For our alt team we are open to all classes/roles right now. You can reach me via btag: fuge#2659 to have a more personal chat.Selan17 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 Hysteria Recruiting -3/8M and 8/8 HC Tarren Mill,Horde "Hysteria" is a newly formed guild on Tarren mill, horde. The guild was founded by four real life friends with the goal of overcoming mythic content while current on a 2 days schedule. We highly value a positive, fun and social guild atmosphere that work together. Given the nature of the guilds leadership being real life friends it is safe to say we have a stable guild management. We have added players from our past raiding days to the roster so a great deal of the core have known each other and raided together for many years. Guild leaders have 2-3/8 M. We are currently recruiting : Dps – All classes Raid days are Thursday and Sunday at 20:00 - 23:00 server time, with a possible extension of 20ish minutes if close to an important kill. Outside of raids we look to create an active player base that will participate in various activities such as Mythic+ runs, occasional optional alt/social raids, pvp (rated bg, arena) and a lot of social banter in guild chat and on Discord. Our website https://hysteriaguild.enjin.com For more information feel free to contact Clarkz (Hawkins#2424), Meyhem (Mey#2705) or Ryex (Riggs#2962).Clarkz19 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 Team IV - Tarren Mill - EU – Horde – Mythic Recruiting Team IV is a new guild formed at the start of BFA after stepping away from a large community guild, but don’t let that fool you into thinking we aren’t a capable mythic team. We finished Legion with cutting edge Argus and had consistently good mythic raid progress for the whole expansion and we are currently 3/8m progressing Fetid. Unfortunately due to IRL commitments our roster has shrunk slightly and we are in need of new mythic capable players willing to put the raid ahead of personal glory, and while we don’t ask players to no-life WoW and be playing 24/7, we do expect raiders to be prepared and geared for the level of content we will be progressing. If you have any questions or wish to apply to the guild please visit our guild website: https://teamiv.enjin.com/Markm3 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 [H]Mythos - Tarren mill <Mythos> is a new guild with two goals in mind: to raid at mythic level, and to have fun. Right now, we'd especially like to add a few ranged dps to our team. Our raid times are Wed/Sun/Mon 8pm-11pm Server time. Who are we? We are a diverse group of gamers who share the same common goal of clearing content while it is current. Many of us are friends that met each other in other guilds or raid groups. What are we looking for in potential guildies? First and foremost, we're looking for raiders who enjoy a focused raiding atmosphere and like punching bosses in the face. We are especially looking for ranged dps and a healer or two. A Good sense of humour, reliability and a touch of patience are a must, especially for progression. We'd also love to have people who enjoy hanging out and potentially doing pvp/mythic dungeons. *We strongly suggest for new members to join our discord server!! It is often active during the day for other games as well as WoW, and is required for raiding. What's our progress so far? We are currently 8/8 Heroic and 2/8 Mythic What's the plan? The game plan is to clear as much as we can this tier while building up our raiding team, ready to go for the next tier. Next tier, we fully expect to be clearing every boss on mythic difficulty Any of this sound like your kind of thing? Contact me! - Invî - on Tarren Mill - Discord: invi#8073 - Btag: invi#2297Inví1 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 [H] Tempus Ultima - Tarren Mill [7/8] Recruiting Current progress Uldir: (7/8) HC Raid schedule Wednesday: 20:30 - 22:30 Friday: 20:30 - 22:30 Sunday: 20:30 - 22:30 About Tempus Ultima Tempus Ultima is a guild, eager to progress in a stress free environment with people we can call friends. Our main aim is to keep the spirit of the guild in line with that of any game: to enjoy it, with friends, and have fun. We formed originally with a group of 5 (real life friends) raiders who wanted a more clearly defined approach to raiding. We now consist of a small, close-knit group who enjoy getting to know the people we raid with. Having formed on the 22th January 2014, we are almost 5 years old, and believe that we can offer a stable, long-term option with good progression. What do we expect from you? A sense of humour is a must, but also thick skin. Our raids are quite lighthearted during farm content and between boss pulls, but when the pull timer is sent out, we expect people to focus. Remember that 'having a laugh' does not mean lazy. We don't maintain rules for mandatory attendance, but we aim to recruit people who can make at least 2 a week. We expect a positive attitude from our raiders, and we do not suffer elitism or disrespect. If you have a problem, whisper an officer and allow them to address it. We also expect raiders to be working to improve their character's effectiveness whilst not in raids. Be willing and able to show us that you are serious about progressing with us. We realise that real life issues take priority, but ask for notice if you have to step away from the game for any period of time. This way, if you intend to return, you're not at risk of losing your place. Recruitment Currently we need: Range DPS ( Warlock, Mage , Hunter) Healers: (Paladin , Druid , Monk) Others will be considered Contact and application If any of this sounds good to you, or you have any other questions, please feel free to add me on Bnet: Sachira#2772 , xDaeva#2333 , Fiestatime#2393Ninelie5 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 [A][EU][SILVERMOON]<Average Elite> newly formed Guild About us: We are a completely new guild made of 2 previous mythic raiders, with a dank sense of humor and modesty. We’ve both chosen to take a step back and focus on a more casual and chill form of raiding with the fun in mind. Our goal will be to get curve for each tier but anything more than that is just bonus. We are going to raid wednesday and thursday from 8-10.30pm - these times are chosen to make more room for optional raiding/guildevents and to better fit working peeps. WE DO NOT REQUIRE ANY PRIOR RAIDING/GUILD RAIDING EXPERIENCE! Our goal is to start raiding in the attack on dazal'alor, and even if you aren't looking for a place to raid, you are still more than welcome to contact us, as we are interested in more or less all different kinds of play. At the moment we aren't "just" looking for full time raiders, we are just looking to make some new friends, and are open for socials as well! Come join us, and make Silvermoon great again! Silvermoon is great because Silvermoon is Good! Contact me here or add me, or my mate, on b.net Taintia#2456 or Moobzorz#2386Taintiaa2 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 (H) Adorable 4/8M - Twisting Nether Guild Name: Adorable. Realm: Twisting Nether - EU. Progress: (Uldir) 4/8M. Raid Days (2): Wednesday, Thursday 20:00-23:00 Server time. About us: Adorable is a very new and upcoming guild formed mainly of previous hardcore and extremely experienced players (many of which have been in top 50-100 guilds in the past). Our mindset and goal is to progress as much and as efficiently as possible within the 2 day raiding period as this is the time frame most of us have and prefer. We aim to be hitting cutting edge regularly once we have completely established a solid core. Currently in search of experienced and skilled Mages, Warlocks & Hunters of all specs, as well as Boomkins & Shadow priests. We're also keen to find An experienced Healer/DPS who can play both just as well as each other to either be our 5th healer and mainly DPS or just be a main healer. Please feel free to contact me Via: Discord - Reaps#4378 In-game btag - Reaps#21141 Please visit our website, or feel free to apply at: https://weareadorable.enjin.com/?set-browser-type=webAcufist5 15 Nov 2018