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1h [H] <Colei> - Kazzak 3/10 M LF DPS WHO ARE WE? ---------------------------------------------- <Colei> 3/10M - A guild made up of ex hardcore raiders looking to establish a more stable core roster to progress in Mythic NH and be ready to hit the ground running once ToS launches. HOW DO WE DO THINGS? ---------------------------------------------- The guild is lead by a Guild Master together with a team of Officers. These share responsibilities like raid leading, recruitment etc. and work together in a very democratic fashion, towards what is believed to be the best for the guild's raid team and its progression. New recruits will be trialed until a promotion or demotion is decided on. All of our raids will be logged and analyzed afterwards. This information will be used and taken into consideration. Should you be interested in applying to join us but prefer to do the whole application process over voice, that's fine too. WHAT'S OUR GOAL? ---------------------------------------------- Our goal is to obtain and maintain a steady progression through the Mythic Mode difficulty in Legion raids. We want to create a fun, comfortable and enjoyable raiding environment where progression is still the main focus. A team with fun people who can put their serious face on whenever this is required of them. WHO ARE WE LOOKING FOR? ---------------------------------------------- We want players who are serious about raiding, players who know what they're doing and why they do it, players who communicate and work together with their team. You need to be in control of when you sit down and play and you need to be able to attend to our schedule without showing up late, showing up unprepared or missing raids. We are currently looking for any DPS class. All classes and exceptional applications will be considered. WHAT'S OUR SCHEDULE? ---------------------------------------------- We raid Wednesday & Sunday @ 20:00 - 00:00 Kazzak Server Time (CET - Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Stockholm). If you are interested please comment on this post or /w Swagkage, Nagató, Ifillkids or Doc for more information, or you can apply online at http://colei.shivtr.com/Ifillkids0 1h
3h Holy Priest LF Guild. As the title explains I am currently looking for a raiding guild to call my new home. I am able to faction + realm change. Been playing on/off for the past 2 weeks, looking to get back into mythic progression raiding. Can raid up to 7 days a week. Artifact traits = 44 My progression (Completed on my Death Knight)- Tier 11 - 6/6 BWD Normal, 4/6 BWD HC < 10man 4/4 BoT Normal, 1/4 BoT HC < 10man 2/2 TFW Normal < 10man Tier 12 - 7/7 Firelands Normal, 6/7 Firelands HC <10man/25man Tier 13 - 8/8 Dragonsoul Normal, 8/8 Dragonsoul HC < 25man Tier 14 - 6/6 MV Normal < 25man (First Week of Release) If you wish to talk over Battletag: Predatorx#21699Mariah2 3h
3h 904 frost mage looking for Mythic raiding guild I am looking for a stable guild Prefferably on Alliance with active M+ runs and Alt raid around the weekends. My current guild dont have enough members to start mythic so iam looking for new one! Server change is not a problem. my Available raiding days are: Monday - 18:00 - 23:00 Tuesday - 18:00 - 23:00 Wednesday - 18:00 - 23:00 Thursday - 18:00 - 23:00 Friday - 18:00 -23:00+ Saturday ~15:00 - 23:00+ Sunday ~15:00 - 23:00 Please leave a reply here Thank you for Reading,Dionysuse1 3h
4h 4/10M - Holy Paladin LF Guild Hello all, I'm looking for a change of pace and was wondering what availability there was for someone with my progress to join a guild that wants to push on and clear Nighthold whilst it is still relevant and then on to Tomb of Sargeras. I'm currently 4/10M have roughly 905 ilvl. Ultimately I'd like to join a guild that: Plays Alliance (I'd rather not pay extra for faction change if possible, realm transfer is a non-issue) Raids 2 / 3 nights a week from 20:00 (GMT+1) onwards, days irrelevant Has shown previous capability of being able to clear current content Is active outside of main raids (both in game and on Discord*), I'd like to be able to do M+ and what not with others * Other voice communication programs are available, of course. Please show interest by replying below Battle tag ID and I'll endeavour to get in touch; logs can be provided.Supdupp0 4h
4h [A] Iron Clan @ Ravencrest Casual 2 day raiding guild Iron Clan @ Ravencrest eu Alliance is currently searching for members to expand the casual raiding team. We raid 2 evenings a week ; Wednesday and Friday from 20:30 till 23:30. Currently we are working on our progress in HC Nighthold and are searching for the following ; 1 Healer ; Shaman / Monk Several dps : all classes are welcome but ''HIGH PRIO ON"" ; Rogue , Monk , Deathknight and Hunter PM me for more info or contact Ashynna [ Ashynna#2278] or Darkain ingame via wisper or a ingame mail to get in contactAshynna5 4h
4h [H]<CRY> Twisting Nether Turkish Guild LFM This recruitment post for turkish players . Selamlar, Twisting Nether realminde yeni kurmuş olduğumuz CRY guildimize raid,mythic+ arkadaşları aramaktayız. Guilde alım için ilevel sınırlaması yoktur. Amacımız; Nighthold (Heroic) raidini her hafta guild içi arkadaşlarla tamamlamak. PUG gruplarla uğraşmamak ve Mythic+ (10) ile 5 kişilik gruplarla rahatça haftalık chestlerimizi almak ve item leveli düşük olabilecek arkadaşları raid kadrosuna yetiştirmektir. Öncelikli olarak aradığımız classlar Tecrübeli 1 tank eksiğimiz var Range DPS ; warlock,elemental shaman,balance druid,shadow priest Healer ; resto druid , resto shaman , holy paladin ** 9 kişilik arkadaş grubu ile oynuyoruz yaşlarımız 20-30 arası , dungeonlarda ve raidlerde loot için kavga , küfür tarzı olayların gerçekleşmediğini rahatlıkla söyleyebilirim . Aramıza katılacak arkadaşlarında bizim gibi hem oyundan hem muhabbetten keyif almasını ve aynı düşünce yapısında olmasını istiyoruz. Oyun içi irtibat ; Cursewyrm Umru KromgrashCursewyrm7 4h
4h [A] Eternal Unity [7/7 M, 3/3 M, 7/10 M] - Weekends "Eternal Unity" is currently recruiting skilled and dedicated raiders to complete our weekend raiding team! We're a serious semi-hardcore raiding guild and our main aim is to progress current content at a Mythic level. Many weekend raiding guilds are extremely casual even though they say that they are serious, we're here to offer the serious weekend progression! Therefore we are looking for people with the similiar mindset and who actually have what it takes to progress! About us: "Eternal Unity" is as stated above a weekend raiding guild, formed in the start of April 2016. Don't get beaten down by this! Even though we haven't been around for that long, we've made huge progress and earned some feats already. We consider ourselves a semi-hardcore raiding guild. We emphasize to still have a great atmosphere in raids with laughs included, yet to ensure progression everyone msut make sacrifices for the greater good. Afterall we're here to progress Mythic content! We're a weekend raiding guild that is breaking the standard of many other weekend raiding guilds. We'd like to clarify that we are taking raiding seriously, we want to progress, but we simply don't have the time to invest this time during the weekdays and here we are - A solid, progressive and dedicated weekend raiding guild. Do you feel that you want to spend time with players who can’t commit enough time to raid during the weekdays, but still want to progress high-end Mythic content? Or are you simply wanting to get a bunch of friends, while doing the previously stated, in the resistance against the Burning Legion? Then this is the guild for you! If you join us you can expect a friendly guild atmosphere, with the perks and benefits of raiding. The key to success is teamwork, loyality, dedication, motivation and hardwork from everyone in the team! We are looking for people who can uphold these standards! Recruitment status: DPS (high prio on DPS with a strong healing OS) - Mage - Windwalker monk - Balance druid - Shadow priest Other classes are welcome to apply as well if you believe you'll perform your role very well. We will still consider every application. Progression: Tier 19 The Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 Normal 7/7 Heroic 7/7 Mythic Trial of Valor: 3/3 Normal 3/3 Heroic 3/3 Mythic Nighthold: 10/10 Normal 10/10 Heroic 7/10 Mythic Tier 18 Hellfire Citadel: 13/13 Normal 13/13 Heroic 6/13 Mythic Raiding schedule: Main Raids (mandatory): Fridays: 20.00-24.00 (ST) Saturdays: 20.00-24.00 (ST). Invites are going out 19.45 (ST)! Alt raids (Optional): Sundays: 19.00-21.00 (ST) What we expect from you: As we're a Mythic raiding guild we're expecting our applications and future raiders to have some sort of previous raiding experience. You'll be expected to have some sort of previous high-end progression. Don't get beaten down by this though, if you can show us in other factors, such as logs or by your application form then you still have a good chance to be accepted for a trial! Class knowledge is something we also expect. You are not expected to push 90-percentiles on every fight, but you need to know your class inside and out. We're expecting you to perform at a high standard while doing tactics properly. This includes that you know your strenghts and weaknessess and try to work around them. We're also expecting the following from our raiders: If you join us then we expect you to stay loyal to the guild. You are a raider of Eternal Unity and you should act like one aswell. Guild > individual. You are expected to be a reliable raider. You sign up to be a raider, therefore you should also attend the raids at a high rate (preferbly 100%). Which brings us to the next point: Attendance. Our attendance requirement is currently set to a minimum of 80% monthly attendance and if you miss more then you will most likely see yourself removed from the team, we're expectint our core to remain at 100% (apart from during vacations etc). You are also expected to be a dedicated and motivated raider. You need to show that you actually want to raid and improve to make the guild's progress as smooth as possible. Without motivation you and the guild won't get anywhere. We're offering progression and team mates to build this motivation up to build ones' dedication, but you need to put your fair deal into it aswell! As voice communication we're using Teamspeak3 and you are expected to have it installed and ready for use before your first raid with us. Also a working microphone is a big plus! Our website is active with information and all event sign-ups will happen there aswell. You are required to use the website frequently to make sure you are up-to-date with guild information and that you are signed up to events well in advance (at least 24 hours in advance). We're also requiring our raiders to come prepared to the raids, with knowledge of tactics of the bosses we are going to progress and with flasks/pots/food for 4 hours of raiding. What you can expect from us: Apart from being a friendly and relaxed guild where you can have a chill, do dungeons or have fun with our members outside of raiding hours, "Eternal Unity" will offer you the following: - A serious raiding guild with progress as one of the main priorities! - Steady progression in Mythic content in a serious raiding atmosphere, with a Raid Leader with many years of experience. - Friendly players who enjoy raiding and always strive to improve as individuals and as a team. - Guild officers with years of raid- and guild leading and who possess the will to make the Guild as good as possible! - We'll always strive to help anyone in need! If you struggle in any way then contact your fellow guild members and they will try to help you out! We're a guild afterall! - We're also offering different activies during the weeks - such as Mythic dungeon groups and alt raids (on Sundays). - A fair loot system (Loot Council) where we look at the team above the individual. - And last but not least a place that you can call home! Loot System: We'll distribute loot with the help of a Loot Council addon, which cosists of the officers in the Guild and a random raider from the guild, being rotated in and out every week. We will always take the Guild's best motives in mind and award loot accordingly! We look at several different factors, such as where the item is best put out of a progression point of view. Other than that: BiS, overall item upgrade, performance, attendance etc. Application Process and Trial Period: All of our possible recruits will have to fill in an application on our website eternal-unity.enjin.com and if your application gets approved you'll have a two weeks trial period, where you'll be able to show us everything there is to know about you in a raiding enviroment. During this period you'll be able to see if you find our Guild to be the right for you and we'll see if you are the right raider for the Guild! And we're sure you'll be the right one for us! Dare to take the chance? Then head over to our website: eternal-unity.enjin.com and drop an application or contact one of the officers below: Contact us: Guild Master/Ranged Team Leader - MarcusPi#2842 Recruitment Officer/Melee Team Leader - Shadi#2223 Healer Team Leader - Endure#2913 Officer - Kyra#22825Merkes2 4h
5h 890 Druid seeks PvE Guild (Argent Dawn, Evening) Hi folks. I mainly prefer to raid. The earliest I can log on and be ready to go is 9pm GMT, due to my working hours. I have completed Nighthold on Normal, ToV on Normal and EN on Heroic. I am looking for a guild that has done or is doing ToV and Nighthold on Heroic. I mainly play Moonkin, but also play Restoration and Guardian.Shallin0 5h
5h [H] <Fury> - Shadowsong 7/10M Recruiting DPS + Healers! “Beware of him that is slow to anger; for when it is long coming, it is the stronger when it comes, and the longer kept. Abused patience turns to Fury.” - Francis Quarles Currently recruiting: High Prio: Mages, Shadow Priest, Moonkin, Elemental Shama, Marksman Hunter High Prio: Restoration Shamans/Druids and Holy Priests Medium Prio: Demon Hunter DPS/Enhancement Shaman Low Prio: Mistweaver Monk Of course, all classes of exceptional applicants will be considered! Current Progress: 7/10 Mythic NH 10/10 Heroic NH 2/3 Mythic ToV 7/7 Mythic EN Background: Fury was launched in the beginning of April 2010 by a small group of long-term friends from all over Europe, with a wealth of raiding experience from every tier of raid content all the way back to the beginning of vanilla WoW. After two short months of existence we had grown to heroic standard guild and surpassed many long-standing raiding guilds on Shadowsong in progress. Since then, we remained as a heroic (and now Mythic) progression guild and despite relatively minimal time investment (we raid typically 10-12hours each reset only) Fury has consistently maintained a high standing on the realm. Our focus is on making as much progress as we can in a limited time-frame. When it comes to raiding we're a dedicated and stable bunch but the guild has a mature yet fun community and social atmosphere besides. We pride ourselves on being a well run, drama-free guild with plenty of time to pursue other activities besides raiding in or out of game. If this sounds like the type of place you could see yourself fitting in then please feel free to chat to any of our officers: Psiethyr, Zastaph (GM), Monoki, Lethora, or Azur or visit our forums at www.ssefury.com and create a private application (via the link on the main banner). ------------------------------------------------------------------- What you can expect: A mature and inclusive guild atmosphere A stable raiding experience 3 nights strictly per reset Strong Progression for time invested Balanced gearing Faceplanting 0.001% Wipes :) Comfortable sized realm. No queue times. What we expect from our raiders: Communication Focus and Preparation Maturity A drive to achieve the best they can. A drive to always learn from mistakes and improve with each boss attempt ~80% Attendance in general Raid Times: Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday 20:30 - 00:00 (often finishing a little earlier) On rare resets where we need to move a raid-day for better raid composition etc. we typically aim for Monday as our replacement day. Our Raiders will always know when this type of situation is likely though so they can plan accordingly. Thanks for reading and we look forward to hearing from you. Psiethyr, Recruitment Officer for <Fury> Website: http://www.ssefury.com Psiethyr#1473 Baroque#2155 Zastaph#2891 Monoki#2908Psiethyr206 5h
5h [A] The Brigade-7/7M 3/3M 10/10M, Weekend-2Day <The Brigade> A Real 2-Day Raiding guild Old thread reached its capacity, so starting a new one! old thread -> http://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/12989319070#post-1 Who are we? We're a group of players, various nationalities, who have played and raided together since BC. A few of us have previously raided hardcore in top 50 guilds. We all thoroughly enjoy raiding and making good progress, even though we've simmered down to two raids per week. Our raid atmosphere is a mixture of light-hearted mockery of each other, trivialization of current events... oh and segment occasionally about the current boss we're working on. We are one of the few real 2 day guilds, basically with the schedule what you see is what you get - no "optional" farms on a third day or hidden added days. For most of our raiders this is their main raid for the week, so naturally people get excited about killing bosses, and the guild is relatively active outside of the two raid nights as well. What are we looking for? We're looking for like minded individual(s) who want to excel in raiding without the tiresome raid schedule. As we're only raiding two nights per week we expect recruits: > To be fully prepared, tactic wise, for the progress bosses of that particular week. > Punctually logging in for raid invites. > Good attendance, we don't over recruit so reliability is important. > Able to listen to instructions via TS (Microphone not essential, but helpful). > Thick skin - we are loud as a guild, always have been, always will be! > Relevant previous raiding experience. > To be able to play their character on a very high level. We raid only two days, so during progression we want to be constrained only by time, and not by the performance of our members. > We don't enforce having alts, but we do expect our members to be able to play all of their speccs on the same level. > And most importantly - innate love for raiding and wiping! Currently Recruiting: Considering all DPS and Healing classes! Current Progress > 9/10 Mythic Nighthold > 3/3 Mythic 7/7 Mythic > Emerald Nightmare Heroic 7/7 - World 271/EU 118 Previous Progress > Archimonde Mythic - World 279/ EU 151 > Blackhand Mythic - World 471/ EU 255 > Garrosh Hellscream 10man Heroic - World 1017/ EU 588 We raid: > Friday: 20:00-24:00 > Saturday: 20:00-24:00 Infrequently raiding hours may be extended if close to achieving a boss kill. Website: http://www.the-brigade.com/ Considering applying? Check out our raiding atmosphere during progression! http://youtu.be/39-JSX24Vrk ★ For anymore information or questions regarding recruitment you can get in touch with: ► Bro (Moostafa#2967)Carbronate177 5h
5h (H) Crimson (3/10M)-Tarren Mill looking for dps/heal About us: Crimson is a guild for social members and end-game fanatics alike! The core has been together raiding for 3 years now. We're an active guild that provides good company and a pleasant raiding environment for all or raiders. We are in no means hardcore, but take raiding seriously - main raiders are expected to have at least 90% attendance, they need to have thorough knowledge of their class and should be willing to improve themselves as much as they can. We also have spots open for off-raiders (raid only when they can and when there's a spot open for them) and socials. Our raiding days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 21.00-23.30 Invites go out 15 minutes before the raids. (We do not have an active PvP team at the moment, but if it's a largely wanted addition to the guild we can make it happen.) Currently we are in need of: * Ranged dps - all classes, MAGE prio * Melee dps - all classes, DEMON HUNTER prio * Healer - Prefer Holy pally/Resto Shaman If this has piqued your interest, feel free to contact our officers (Fexez#21625, Freyaluna#2718) ingame on Tarren Mill or apply on our site at crimsontm.enjin.comFreyaluna3 5h
6h 8/10M Fury Warrior LFG Hey About Me Jamezzar, 20 from UK. I started raiding properly around end of Pandaria that's when my interest and skill first started to blossom, didn't do much just normals with a few friends. When i put my time and effort into something i really want to be the best. In WoD i picked up a mage and raided through Normal and Heroic HFC, then rerolled to warrior to play prot for the first 3 bosses of mythic. I really wanted to up my game in legion and carry on with my warrior, so i chose fury and stuck with it. Learning my class inside out and striving to be the best i can be. What Im Looking For 2-3 Raid nights Pref Tuesday/Wednesday/Sunday Atleast 6/10m My Previous Experience Ahead of the Curve: The Black Gate - 24/6/16 Cutting Edge: Xavius - 9/1/17 Ahead of the Curve: Helya - 15/1/17 Mythic Odyn - 16/1/17 Mythic Guarm - 16/1/17 Ahead of the Curve: Gul'Dan - 30/1/17 Currently 8/10M Nighthold. My Logs and Info http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/kazzak/Jamezzarr/ https://www.wowprogress.com/character/eu/kazzak/Jamezzarr https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/22768487/latest/ Contact Jamezzar#2509 Hope to hear from you soon! :)Jamezzarr3 6h
6h [SWE] Swedish Alliance [A] rekryterar! (2/10 Mythic) Swedish Alliance på Darkspear rekryterar för fortsatt progress i Mythic! 2/10 Mythic (Trilliax på 2%, har honom på söndag!). Ett härligt gäng som raidar två gånger i veckan. Stabil guild, med mestadels lite äldre personer. Vi raidar torsdagar och söndagar, 20:30 - 23:00. Sugen på att joina? Applya eller skicka ett mess! Freddie#21721 http://swedish-alliance.shivtr.com/Starsparkle5 6h
6h Sunday - April 30, 2017 - Night Hold Mythic. CHARACTER LEVEL HAS TO BE 110 Item Level is preferred to be over 900 1. You HAVE to be on either SHADOWSONG or ASZUNE. 2. Please come fully prepared. KNOW your class, and be prepared to wipe. This is progress raiding. We have 14-16 coming from guild. 3. You MUST be on teamspeak (TeamSpeak 3). 4. Add the Raid Lead to Real ID -- Mysteeq#2955 - and whisper her ingame. 5. If Guild has majority, we shall run with MasterLoot. As that does give better loot, so pray. 6. You will be then added to the InGame Calendar - If you sign up, and are accepted, please turn up. Be on Time.Mysteeq0 6h
7h [H] Casual|ty recruiting for laidback gaming/raiding Casualty, formerly (named) Balls of Brilliance has once again opened recruitment for mature players aged 28+ (years preferably). Due to the nature of the guild, where people often have to go off and be adults, we raid a maximum of 4 hours each week (sometimes less) and as such, progress at a slower pace. Currently at 10/10 Normal, and 7/10 HC Recruiting open for pretty much everything except main-spec tanks. Socials are always welcome. About us: We are comprised of a bunch old-school players (ages ranging from 28 to 44) with really brilliant bal--- *ahem* that excel at dying in very inventive ways to, well, everything (but mostly our own silliness): chi-torpedoing into the purple blades of doom that you yourself spawned (pro!), accidentally dismounting mid flight, where the fall doesn't kill you, but where you instead die to being spanked by a tank dummy that you just landed next to... which is not reachable in ghost form (my proudest moment), prot paladins tanking a mythic+ in holy gear (noob!), etc. etc. As mentioned earlier, our total raiding time per week does not exceed more than 4 hours and raids usually take place on Monday and Thursday (subject to change). The raids themselves consist of light-hearted fun (but not at the expense of focus) where you'll come across instances where the raid-leader -cough- has himself muted (without knowing it) for the first 30 minutes of a raid... where, in the midst of an encounter, someone will actually start making dps pots, where pulls "begin" with the main-tank yelling out LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEROYYYYYYY and charging into the boss with half the raid a mile away, a healer that died due to "boobs" (details only to be provided to those that app!)... the list goes on and on. Basically, the main goal as far as raids are concerned, is to progress whilst never allowing raiding to reach a point where it feels like another job. However, people that specifically apply for a raiding spot, will really need to be able to carry their own weight because a) time is of a premium to us, and b) we'll likely never be in a position where we massively out-gear the content we are running. On a more personal note: Beyond Legion, our desire is to create a community that hearkens back to the days when guilds were far more than just a collection of cliques that are bound together for no other reason than the pursuit of loot and/or realm firsts, but rather a group of people that actually make the game that much more worthwhile to play. As such, we're looking for easy-going, somewhat social, marginally sarcastic, adult gamers. If you're a d*ck, or want to raid Mythic, this is not the place for you :x For those of you that are interested in joining our close-knit cult, er... group -cough-, post an app on our forums @ http://www.casualty-guild.com/ :D Alternatively, if text is not your thing, you can come talk to us on our Discord channel (details will be provided via wikileaks/in-game whisper <.<).Bombard118 7h
7h 908 prot Paladin looking for Mythic raiding guild Hello everyone, Experienced raider looking for a new guild in need of a good tank for there Mythic NH progression as a core Raider. Prefferably around 4/10-5/10 Mythic progression. I have been playing this game for around 11 years with small off periods and 1 big brake during WoD. My current guild recently merged with a other guild leaving me in a odd situation, going from Maintank to benchwarmer, and i do not like warming a bench I love to raid and i love progression. My raiding Experience, I have pretty much cleared everything from Wotlk onwards on my then main Rogue and alt Paladin swiching over to paladin during Trial of the crusader. Vanilla - Leveling casual play. TBC- Pvp and casual play WotlK - VoA,Nax,OS,EoE,Uld,Ony,Totc and Icc 25Hc nerfed. Cata - BH,BD,BoT,TFW,FL and Dragon Soul 25Hc Mist - on/off period during MV,HoF ,TeS, ToT and full raiding during Soo(cutting Edge) WoD - Big brake from the game expansion did not attract me. Legion- EN 7/7 hc and 7/7 Mythic, ToV ; 3/3Hc 2/3M and NH 10/10 N and Hc 4/10 Mythic cleared. I am looking for a stable guild Prefferably on Alliance who is in need of a good tank with allot of experience, with ofcourse active M+ runs and Alt raid around the weekends. Server/Faction change is not a problem. my Available raiding days are: Monday - Offline Not available Tuesday - Offline Not available Wednesday - 18:00 - 24:00 Thursday - 18:00 - 24:00 Friday - 18:00 -24:00+ Saturday ~15:00 - 24:00+ Sunday ~15:00 - 24:00 If I am what you are looking for Alliance or Horde!! please leave a reply here with your battle tag and i will get back to you. My BattleTag. Kealden#2760 Thank you for Reading, kealdenKealden14 7h
7h 8/10M NH RECRUITING DPS SILVERMOON ALLIANCE <BraGnugg> Silvermoon 8/10M NH is recruiting and we are looking for active and progress-minded people. Our raid days are wednesday, sunday, monday 19-22ST. We currently need DPS (Hunters, Monks, SP, Warrior), all classes are considered. We got cutting edge in EN and we are on track for cutting edge for NH. We provide you with a stable raid team, a friendly environment where you can learn, and the people to progress. Leave your #BTAG and application below if you are interested, or contact any of the following people: Oxyma Djroomba Hímlen Fragey You can also apply at bragnugg.shivtr.comOxyma0 7h
7h [Silvermoon]<Treehugging Hippies> 3/10M Here's some quick Info: Server - Silvermoon Faction - Alliance Raid Times - Tuesday and Thursday 20:00 - 23:00 Optional Raid Times - Most Sundays from 20:00 to 22:00 (Normal Nighthold atm But likely to change to HC now that we are getting into mythic on Tuesdays and Thursdays). Loot System - RCLootCouncil for Heroic/Mythic, Personal Loot for Optional Raid. Our Forum - http://treehugginghippies.enjin.com/forum In terms of Progress we've cleared Emerald Nightmare 3/7 Mythic, Trial of Valor 3/3 Heroic and The Nighthold 9/10 Heroic We're mainly Looking to recruit the following: Healers: 1 of the following classes: Monk, Druid and Shaman DPS: Ranged: 1 Mage, Frost or Arcane 1-2 Warlocks, Aflliction or Demonology 1 Balance Druid, preferably with a resto offspec 1 Elemental Shaman Melee: 2-3 People of the following classes: Rogue, Demon Hunter, Warrior and Paladin Our requirements for raiding are the following: - 890+ ilvl - 36+ ap lvl in your raiding spec. - Headset with a microphone and Discord for raid - Age 18+ - An open mind:) We like to have a fun and friendly tone in general. What you can expect from us: A funny but serious atmosphere when raiding, we like to get stuff done when we raid!:) Positive reinforcement, we don't call out people for making mistakes, and if someone has issues with a boss mechanic or anything class related we try our best to be helpful A friendly environment in the guild, if you bring a good attitude you will be treated as a friend:) If this sounds like something you would be interested in then please feel free to contact us on battlenet: Glitzh#2266 Our raidleader/recruitment officer TheDwemerNO#2390 Our lootmaster/recruitment officerNumeri3 7h
8h [A] <Aeonic> EU-Ravencrest 2/Week 7/7M 3/3M 8/10M Aeonic is a Mythic Raiding Guild on Ravencrest comprising of former core members of Hibility (EU-Kazzak). We are used to high raiding standards from our more hardcore raiding days in the past (top 400 - see Hibility on Kazzak history), incorporating these standards into our raiding mentality today. Aeonic has a strong focus on quality raiding, acchieving as much as possible in only 2 raids/week. We wish to do the absolute best we can in the given timeframe available to all of our members. That being said, we strongly value a friendly atmosphere within the guild, aknowledging that our members have a life outside of wow, coping with various sorts of challenges on a daily basis. Aware of this we nonetheless expect our members to come to raids punctually and well prepared (a matter of respect towards the other members). Whilst the atmosphere is fun and casual on a daily basis, with members being akin to different jokes, raids will always take place in a very focused and concentrated environment. We are seeking highly capable players who seek to raid only 2 times per week, however on a very competitive level. We are looking for people that are motivated, have the desire to improve permanently and analyse min/max their rotation on a regular basis (check logs, see where they can improve/where they failed). Our intent is most certainly in finding suitable members on a long term basis (we seek the player, not the class). Members that wish to grow with us, seeking a place they can call home and colleagues they can rely on. Raiding Times: Thursday, Sunday - Raid starts at 19:30 (CET) - Raid ends at 23:00 (CET) Past Raiding History: Tier 14 | Rank 326 (10man) - Sha of Fear (3 days/week raiding) Tier 15 | Rank 295 (10man) - Lei Shen (3 days/week raiding) Tier 16 | Rank 325 (10man) - Garrosh Hellscream (3 days/week raiding) Tier 17 | Rank 445 (20man) - Mar'gok (3 days/week raiding) Future Plans – Legion and Beyond: As can be regarded in the past raiding history, a break was taken after MOP. We are now back and running, henceforth currently fine-tuning our roster for Mythic raiding. Our plans are to be fully operational with the Nighthold coming out early next year. Until then we plan to clear as much Mythic EN as is possible. Being a 2 days/week guild, we are certain that this time schedule can be very well incorporated into RL (and sustained) and hence lead to a very long lasting Guild Lifetime. What YOU can expect from US: - Very high quality raiding in only 2 days/week - Progress raiding as efficiently as possible - A strong and experienced guild and raid leader - Healthy social guild environment - We seek the player, not the class. If you‘re good, we want you (long term) and not the FOTM class you may be playing. What WE expect from YOU: - High raid attendance (90%+) - High level of reliability - Can talk, partake in conversations and are open for constructive feedback - High level of maturity (respect others, think before talking) - Teamplayer, accept to sit out an encounter, no drama about loot going to somoene else - You wish to be your absolute best (know roration, can play other specs and are willing to respec if need be) - You come to raids prepared (you know encounter mechanics, bring flasks, pots, enchants etc.) - Are willing to progress and know what that means Interested? Questions? We are currently seeking DPS that not only know their class but also manage to not stand in stuff the whole time. Further information on what we are currently looking for (in detail) can be seen in the recruitment section on our homepage. Please visit our homepage and apply/send me a message (Application takes only a few minutes, very fast process): www.aeonic-eu.enjin.comKerno59 8h
8h Internet Friends - Twisting Nether 7/10 M Internet Friends is a long standing guild, with the aim of progressing competitively through current content and having a strong roster for the release of Tomb of Sargeras. Currently, we're looking for a like-minded Resto Shaman and Shadow Priest to join our roster, however exceptional applicants are always considered. Our raiding days are Wednesday, Thursday and Monday from 8pm-11pm realm time. We also have social/alt runs on Sundays from the same time. A high attendance is mandatory in our 3 core raiding days. For more information, please contact; Robert#2992 Mïga#2302 or apply at, http://notinternetfriends.shivtr.comMemecake0 8h
8h Consumed [H] Kazzak Hi, potential future guild member! Consumed are looking to expand their roster! I've made this guild, to make a place where the main focus will be on socializing and doing stuff together. My aim with the guild is to creaty a cosy, warm and welcom environment, with raiding teams too, and create in-game memories together! I will take the raiding very seriously, but outside that I am looking for fun, and friends! "Such friends; many fun!" Raid days will be: Wednesdays: 20-23 Sundays: 20-23 My personal experience is Emerald Nightmare heroic, and Nighthold heroic. Our focus is NOT hardcore raiding, therefor, mythic raid teams is a low priority, I will expect the raid teams to hit heroic, and be able to farm it though! Post here if interested, where I will check daily. Or add me with my battletag: Kamura#2165Suzumebachi2 8h
9h [A] Deus Ex Machina, 7/7M + 2/3M +8/10M LF caster dps What we really want out of this game is simple. To be able to raid with people we really like and by doing so, killing bosses and getting purps at a decent pace. You might sit here and think, "why would anyone in their right mind want to join a bunch of ragtag players?" It is a fair question. What we can offer here is a extremely friendly group of people that know what they are doing. We're asking out to each and everyone of you that are capable when it comes to this game. People with enough decency to know that there are actual people behind the screen at the end of the day. With that we are going to need the following classes: - Warlock - Essentially any capable dps is free to hit me up at Kakmonstret#2723 Prior to ToV we did manage to kill mythic Xavius with a world rank of 279, which is an alltime best for all us here. With extreme joy and bias towards this guild it sure was a good moment during my 7 years as a active raider. The guild itself dates back to early Wotlk with people of different nationalities. What we do have in common is that English is the language used in and outside of raiding hours, our will to progress and develop as a team and our apprection of the terrible dad jokes that our local mistweaver is providing us. This story about fame and fortune is yet to begin though, the question I have for you is, do you dare to venture down this road with me? The expectations I and Deus Ex Machina will have of you are as follows: - Attendance on atleast three raid nights(monday, wednesday, thursday and sunday, 20-23) - Gemmed and enchanted gear matched with appropriate talent spec - Tactical knowledge for tonight's encounter - Teamspeak 3 - Decency towards guildies - Being able to receive and give criticism in a mature fashion. Saying that something is wrong is one thing, bluntly saying, "you suck" is not really going to improve anything. I can not stress this bit enough! What you can expect from Deus Ex Machina: - A mature environment and raiding on common grounds - Ongoing progress in any encounter - Solid raiding days/chances - Lots and lots of purple shinies for those that are pulling their weight - Midnight mayhem on teamspeak For any potential applicant - http://dem-guild.com - TS3 interview - Bribes based on cookies and milk - Kakmonstret#2723 With this I am wishing you all the best and perhaps a wee talk in the future! Kakmonstret - Guild master of Deus Ex MachinaKakmonstret49 9h
9h [H] 6/10M Holy Paladin LF Guild Hello guys, I'm currently looking for a guild raiding 2-3 days and that has the same or better progression. I'm willing to transfer to any server. Equipped : 905 Traits : 46 Max 911 I can also play Ret or Tank because I like having diversity but also options for the guild. I want a chance at a clear before The Tomb Of Sargeras. any questions, feel free to add me on battlenet Kellogg#21306 .Zenita3 9h
9h Raiding academy Hi I,v setup a guild on Silvermoon EU Alliance called Raiding academy as the name suggests it's goal is to provide a raiding environment for all raiders off any skill level a place to raid in a positive raid environment. So if you new to wow and like to see what raiding like or a old timer like myself who has raided 10+ years and would like to pass on your experience to the next generation of raiders then pls feel free to post your name here and I will contact you in-game asap or add me on battlenet Ultimatewolf #2709 Social are welcome to. We are in great need of healers and ranged dps First raid this Sunday 2100ST :)Ultímatewolf0 9h
9h [H] - [Lightbringer] <UE> 6/10M Are now recruiting! UE is a weekend raiding guild on Lightbringer-EU Horde that was previously a top 250 guild before taking a break for the second half of Warlords of Draenor. We reformed at the start of Nighthold and our aim is to have an established Mythic raiding team by Tomb of Sargeras in 7.2. We raid two days a week (Saturday & Sunday), from 19:30 until 23:00 (server time). In a typical week* we require 100% attendance. Obviously we realise that people have to miss raids occasionally due to other commitments, but in a normal week, we expect all of our raiders to be able to attend both raid days. We are always recruiting all classes and roles, however at the moment we are specifically looking for; Rogue - Any Specialisation Warlock - Any Specialisation Paladin - HolyFor more information, contact an officer in-game - Xzll, Hotsstuff, Muushi or Cyzee (Scouse#2979) Feel free to learn more about UE and apply at ue-guild.com.Cyzee0 9h
10h Brand New Start Hi all, Thanks for stopping by and reading the below. TLDR: BRAND NEW SOCIALLY STRONG AND COMMITTED CASUAL RAIDING GUILD LOOKING FOR MORE LIKE MINDED INDIVIDUALS. Edit 18.04.17- starting NH heroic tomorrow. Get in touch If you're interested in this project. Edit 05.04.17 - the guild is making positive progress. Great bunch of people enjoying the game. We'll soon be on NH Heroic, please get in touch to be part of this team. Edit 23.03.17 - excellent raid last night. Still looking for more to join this new team - especially some DPS. Edit 16.03.17 - Practice raid completed, one wipe and full EN clear with a few people that have not raided before. We have a solid core and excellent future team, get in touch to be part of this brand new team. Angels of Absolution are an international PVE focused guild on the English speaking Defias Brotherhood server. We are a socially strong and committed casual raiding guild looking for more like-minded individuals. We are a brand new guild (founded Feb 2017) that has already formed a rock solid foundation. Our focus is to progress through Legion raiding content, while safeguarding our guild’s trademark; an exceptionally friendly and helpful atmosphere! Our main objective: offer a home for people with RL commitments who still want to enjoy everything the game has to offer and do so in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. Our current members are aged 25+ with varying levels of experience in World of Warcraft. This includes individuals that are brand new to the game or learning a new character, to people with recent Edge achievements. Everyone is always willing to help. All our members have a few things in common however, we are a bunch of committed people, who are aware of the fact that real life is, and should be, the biggest time consumer. This makes AoA the perfect home for any player who cannot commit to the hardcore style, but still wants to raid regularly while having loads of fun! The guild is led by an experienced officer core that are married, have kids and appreciate people cannot always play WoW. As such, there is no guild drama, just an enjoyable atmosphere for all. What we look for in a potential member: - Social skills. You know how to have fun, and love to interact with others! - Maturity. We have an 18+ only policy (our youngest member is 25) - Open to all classes and levels, however- we like to see that you know your class, and getting the right spec shows us this. If you’re new to a class, we can always help just ask a member. - Patience, willingness and determination to make the guild a success. Every member counts! Our raiding is casual – 2 scheduled raids a week on a Wednesday and Monday starting at 20:30 to 23:00 ST (giving everyone enough time to get home, enjoy some family time, kids to bed etc). You only have to raid 1 night a week to maintain a raider status. SOCIALLY STRONG AND COMMITTED CASUAL RAIDING GUILD LOOKING FOR MORE LIKE MINDED INDIVIDUALS. If interested please contact any member of our guild council. Rev#21670 Superstar#22589 Look forward to hearing from you. Regards Angels of Absolution https://angelsofabsolution-db.enjin.com/Rèv59 10h
10h 906 Prot paladin seeking guild Hello there, Experienced raider looking for raiding guild Been playing this game for almost 10 years and got a pretty good experience when it comes to PVE,. My raiding experience: I've cleared everything up to Felmyst in SWP,WOTLK I've cleared everything up to the LK Heroic in 25 man,never killed him though. My cataclysm experience so far,all the starting content cleared on Heroic and Firelands 6/7 pre nerf on heroic,DS normal and heroic cleared on 25 man. My MOP experience is 15/16 bosses on heroic. TOT i've done 11/13 bosses on heroic and done 13/14 bosses on heroic in SoO Including Garrosh. WOD experience is 6/7 HM Mythic and BRF i've done 4 bosses on mythic. HFC i've done 13/13 on heroic and done 13/13 bosses on Mythic. Legion: Only 7/7 on HC EN and did 10/10 on normal and HC Nighthold and done 3 bosses on Mythic. This post is mostly about me finding a guild who are actively doing M+ every week and who need an experienced tank for their raiding team. I'm not able to raid on Monday and Tuesday and also not able to raid more than 2 days. Horde or Alliance don't matter much Leave your battletag and i'll contact you should your offer look interesting Cheers. CandusCandus17 10h
10h Late Night [H] Insomnia recruiting[ Kazzak] It’s all in the name! ~Insomnia~ was created for the sole purpose of providing those whom can't attend the traditional raiding schedule with an environment focused on progression raiding.We enjoy a manageable raid schedule that - while unique - works well for busy students, those with difficult work schedules, and anyone that enjoys staying up a bit later than usual. We pride ourselves on not sacrificing a friendly, enjoyable raid atmosphere while progressing through current content. With this in mind, we classify ourselves as a "Semi-Hardcore" late night guild providing a niche for players who wish to experience this game at a competitive level while also having competitive professional and family lives out of game…….We want to have fun while expecting the best out of every player! After a period of inactivity we are back in business doing what we love most: clearing PVE content with a close-knit stable core of players. However, we are always looking to meet new players who fit our profile and will potentially become our next core raiders. While our raiding times or community may not be ideal for many, we're a guild with personality, that pride ourselves on our unique atmosphere. With each passing tier we've not only improved as individuals, but as a team. We've proven our ability to weather the storm, and not fall victim to the common difficulties faced by others. Our guilds' mindset is to not only survive the tier, but thrive in them. Our raiding times are: Thursday 23:00 – 01:00 Sunday 23:00 – 01:00 Tuesday 23:00-01:00 What can we offer you? A warm friendly guild where being efficient and competent goes hand in hand with active lively banter…… And the fun goes on all night long! We enjoy playing the game and spending time with the people we play it with! What you can expect from ~Insomnia~ : *Guild leadership focused on progression *Reliable and skilled players *A friendly, social atmosphere not commonly found in progression guilds What we expect from you : *Raid awareness *Experience and knowledge to play and excel at your respective class *Consistency [showing up every night, and on time is a MUST]. *Desire to progress and push yourself every night, and to always strive to achieve better results! * Maturity: Over 18 with a healthy gaming attitude that can fit into a group environment * Short but intense hours of dedication: Punctuality and preparation for raids * Passion for your class and for wow: knowing your spec, PVE tactics… * Good social and communication skills: good sense of humour required * And good “movement out of fire” skills Join us! If you want to join this late night family, we look forward to hearing from you .Sweetheart3 10h
10h [H] <Praesidium> 9/10M | 6 Hrs/Week | LF Ranged Please visit our new website at www.praesidiumguild.com! <Praesidium> is a time-efficient Horde guild on Sunstrider EU that aims for cutting edge progression whilst raiding just 6 hours per week even during progression. We have quickly established ourselves as one of the best 2 day a week guilds in the world and have a core belief that raiding should be enjoyable while still playing at a high level consistently. What We Need 1x DPS: Shadow Priest / Warlock / Mage Like every guild we're always on the lookout for exceptional players who are willing to compete and earn a spot within our raiding lineup - so even if we're not advertising your class above, it is always worth asking especially if you think Praesidium is the right guild for you. Current Progress Nighthold: 9/10M Trial of Valor: 3/3M Emerald Nightmare: 7/7M Why Praesidium? In Praesidium we are a sociable, talented and multinational team that speaks English, but I think what really sets us apart from the rest is our non-elitist and friendly community style atmosphere that surrounds the guild, both in and outside of raids at this level of progression. A vast majority of our members are mid-twenties with most of us holding down demanding jobs, education or family commitments amongst other responsibilities. Most of us simply do not have the time to play the game like we once did but still want to experience raiding at the highest level. Our primary goal is being time-efficient so despite our casual raiding schedule we expect our members to make the most of their characters and execute them well in raids. Many of our raiders routinely rank orange/purple for their class on Warcraft Logs though we value strong situational awareness more. What you can expect from us We know the decision of picking the right guild is important to you, so here are some of the best reasons to be a part of Praesidium: High End Raiding - Focused high-end raiding environment on a tight schedule. Raid smarter not harder. Raid Spot - A raiding spot, we don't recruit for the bench as we keep a small but active roster. Equal Respect - You can expect a calm, and respectful tone at all times. We always welcome thoughts, ideas and strategies. Maturity - We will wipe and have setbacks, it’s the way we deal with those circumstances that set us apart. Long Term Home - A stable place to call home, we are here for the long haul. We have strong and stable leadership. Have Fun - We are passionate about raiding but remain true to our core values that a video game should be fun. A Community - We have a plethora of other games we play outside of raiding. These include Overwatch, Rocket League & Tabletop Simulator! Likeminded Players - We offer you a social community of likeminded players who share your interests and ambitions. What we expect from you Class Knowledge - We expect our raiders to stay current with theorycrafting and to maximise performance in every possible way. Mechanical Awareness - We highly value players with strong situational awareness that can avoid boss mechanics on a consistent basis. High Attendance - And a stable connection is a must as we only raid twice a week. Sign up to raids on the calendar. Significant Preparation - For new bosses we face by researching new encounters and reading our forums. Solid Communication - Be prepared with the best available consumables, enchants & gems. Read our guild forums & discord often and have a working microphone for TS3. Team Player - We seek players who understand there is no ‘I’ in ‘Team’. Raiding is a collective effort and everyone works towards our goals. Gear, Legendaries and AP is not everything; we value the qualities of an individual over gear. We invest in people. Raid Schedule Sunday 20:00 - 23:00 Tuesday 20:00 - 23:00 Raid invites are 15 minutes earlier than the above times and we do not extend beyond our raiding hours, no hidden days, no extra hours. We remain true to our schedule. Because we are a community as much as we are a guild, we have a Friday fun-run where friends, family, alts and even pugs are welcome for a stab at non-mythic content. Unlike other guilds we don't go beyond our 6 hour weekly schedule so our Friday raid is non-mandatory and a lot less serious by nature, just turn up if you want to have fun! Our Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/230530/ Website: www.praesidiumguild.com Guild Rules: www.praesidiumguild.com/guild-rules Interested? Sound good to you? Contact one of our officers, Trizade, Jinzu or Virani in-game. Trizade Battletag: Alex#214557 Jinzu Battletag: Myst#2524 Or visit our website where you can make an application at: www.praesidiumguild.com We can genuinely say that the vibe and atmosphere surrounding the entire guild here will be unlike any other you have experienced. We hope we can welcome you to our team soon!Trizade149 10h
10h LF DPS 3/10 Myth weekly progress <Evolved> is recruting. We are looking for semi-hardcore players for our Nighthold Mythic progression. Currently in need of dps but all aplications are considered.Raid days Wed,Thur,Mon, 19:30-22:30. Socials/PvP are welcome too.Rikmaj0 10h
10h [A] Devious 6/7M 3/3H 4/10M Silvermoon EU Devious is an old guild originally founded in 2006 at the release of The Burning Crusade on Silvermoon EU. The guild was founded with a desire to create a raiding-oriented guild with the priority being progress. Our progress in The Burning Crusade ranked us amongst the top 4 guilds on the server. During the following expansions we have progressed through the content at a steady pace gaining us a good reputation on server. We are now looking to recruit new members to complete our core raiding team which has been with us since the establishment of the guild. Our members have raided together for so long that we have become like family. We are not looking for bench warmers, we firmly believe that it is always quality over quantity. What we are looking for: At least 95% attendance (excluding pre-planned holidays or other pre-arranged absences) 100% dedication to the raid and the guild. LOYALTY is a big deal to us. You to be fully prepared for raids. You are willing to wipe, if you don’t like wiping you need not apply. We're looking for motivated players, we will help you if you need help but full knowledge of your class/spec is required. Have a proper connection/PC, everyone has tech issues but we expect you to be online and raid ready at all times. Classes open for recruitment: All classes. Current Raid Schedule: Sun: 8pm-11pm CET Wed: 8pm-11pm CET Thu: 8pm-11pm CET Raid invites start 15 minutes prior to the time mentioned above. To apply please Apply via: www.devious-silvermoon-eu.enjin.com/apply Or Email us at Deviousrecruitment@gmail.com Or Contact members listed: Ash#23955 (Guild Master), Vizzy#2821 (Raid Leader), Sythur#2347 (Recruitment).Hellaphime70 10h
11h <Raven Knights> - 1/10 Mythic Casual Raiding Guild Currently Raven Knights are mainly looking for: Tank -DPS with interest in OS- Healer -DPS with interest in OS- DPS Melee OR Ranged DPS With the start of Mythic Nighthold, Raven Knights are currently looking for additional members to fill our Roster. Raiding spots are currently a regular raiding spot 2-3 nights per week. If you are unsure to transfer to EU-Earthen Ring we are open for raiding via Heroic Cross-Realm Raid so you get to stay on your Realm and still Raid with us to get a feel for the Guild. Who are Raven Knights We're one of the oldest raiding guilds on Earthen Ring, formed in 2005. Where others have fallen we have kept pushing. We started off 40m, switched to 25 when required, then in Cataclysm decided to shrink to 10m and have been raiding that size until the release of Mythic 20m. We still believe in a balance between raids being fun and enjoyable without being too hardcore, however we do acknowledge that the current game content requires a bit more than the casual play we used to expect from our members. While we attempt to keep a relaxed attitude, the content we attempt is difficult and needs a level of focus and commitment. You may be used to heroic groups who will scream and shout at the slightest mistake, expect 90% attendance and that are filled with teenage boys. That’s not us. We raid in a pretty civil fashion, we’re a diverse bunch and we more than appreciate that real life comes first. What are Raven Knights doing in Legion? Taking into account the guild’s progression through the recent tiers on heroic it’s a pretty safe bet that we will not be kept busy with the normal and heroic tiers in the longer term. We’re likely to blitz normal fairly quickly, then spend a chunk of time digesting heroic to gear ourselves up for the main target: Mythic. As these raids will be flexible in numbers we can avoid sit outs for a large proportion of our raiding, gear people up faster and also give opportunities to people who are time limited or just don’t really fancy the harder difficulty stuff. What does that mean for us? Well, we’re going to be recruiting. And we’re going to be trying to recruit decent players, although not sacrificing the social element so important to our guild. This inevitably means we’re going to get more people signed up to do raids this expansion than we have space for. Some of that need we can cover with the flexible system, but it’s going to be a transitional period and people are going to have to accept that sit outs are a necessary evil of recruiting more people. What do I do now? If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, have a read of our rules and the way we operate as a guild. You can find them on our website. The next step is to apply - don’t worry, it’s not a 14 page application form, but we hope you take the opportunity to actually tell us a bit about yourself. Raid times We raid 19:45 - 23:00 on: Wednesday Sunday Monday Website Raven Knights http://www.ravenknights.co.uk If you have any additional questions, please contact (ingame), one of following characters: Shev Saradír - Saradir#2274Saradír0 11h
11h [H] Pescorus - Kazzak Looking for members - 2 days Pescorus: Pescorus is a 2 day raiding guild focused on clearing content as efficiently as possible while maintaining a laid-back atmosphere outside of raids. The goal is to have all mythic content on farm before the next tier opens up. We strive to achieve this without extending raid times beyond 2 days per week, but may occasionally decide to do so in consultation with the entire raid team. History: Pescorus has been around for a long time in one form or another. It was founded during early Wrath of the Lich King on Azuremyst as a 4 day raiding guild, and remained so through Cataclysm and the first tier of Mists of Pandaria. Following this tier, the guild took a sabbatical and its members went their separate ways, some quitting the game entirely and others forming a new guild under a more “hardcore” philosophy. With the launch of Legion, many of Pescorus’ old members returned to the guild and we decided to pick up raiding again. This time around, many of us have a more demanding life outside the game so we chose to cut our old raid times in half while maintaining the results-oriented atmosphere. Raid Times: – Thursday 20.00 – 00:00 – Monday 20.00 – 00:00 – A third day can be put up for a vote depending on availability of the raiders, interest and content Recruitment: We are looking to enhance our core raid team going into Tomb of Sargeras. Our goal at this time is not to clear mythic Nighthold, but rather to go into tier 20 as prepared as possible, and with a strong group of raiders. We are currently recruiting the following classes: -Guardian Druid -Mage - Warlock - Balance Druid - Shadow Priest - Retribution Paladin - Rogue - Restoration Druid - Holy Paladin - Restoration Shaman All exceptional applicants will be considered regardless of class or spec. www.pescorus.eu Questions may be directed to any of the officers either in-game or via forum PM: Ariy, Naemesis, Cozer, Arndylird, Beñjie.Ariy0 11h
11h [A]The Logical Cube 7/7M . 7/10 M NH . 3 days raiding Our guild was created on the 4th of June 2006 on Eonar-EU realm . Since then, we raided in every expansion and every tier. Our greatest strengths are the loyalty and skill of core members, friendly atmosphere and a will to put the good of the guild above the short term desires of individual players. This allowed us to uphold over Ten years of raiding tradition and stability, as well as quite a few Realm First achievements. We are not just bunch of people who log on for raid and right after goes offline Alot of people play here for 5-7 years + , outside of raids you will always find people on our TS . While we not raid we do alot of activities in WoW such Mythic +5 mans, PvP , achiv runs and old content . Our guild chat is really Active not just about WoW :) !. We are not a strictly hardcore raiding guild, we stick to a raiding schedule and do not frown upon players needing time off. We expect exceptional performance but also understand that anyone can have a bad night. One thing we demand is effort though; slacking and lack of respect for other people's time, are the top reasons why someone would not fit our guild. It is also important to note, that we prioritise people who play well. You can be sure, that if your long term performance is better than that of someone else, you will replace them in raid, regardless of rank. What do we expect from raiders? - Extensive class knowledge. - Understanding of new encounters before the raid. - Ablility to bring the required consumables to raid. - Optimal PvE enchants and gems. - Good situational awareness and fast reactions. - Being able to take criticism and feedback on your performance. - Having a stable PC and Internet connection. - Maturity, friendliness, control over one's emotions. - Ability to fully understand spoken English and use Teamspeak during raids. - Raiders are expected to be able to have a minimum attendance What do you can expect from us: - Stable raiding with experienced and mature people. - Good atmosphere within the guild and activities outside of main raids. - Fair loot distribution. - Alot of activities not just on WoW we play together other games such SC II , HS overwatch HoTS and so on , not just blizz one Our guild-bank is well managed, provides money for repairs, gems and enchants. Our raid times: 19:45 (Invites raid) First pull 20:00- 22:30 raid end. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday We do also Normals EN and ToV on Sunday as optional raid with Mains/Alt's / Socials Currently in need : - Demon Hunter - Shadow Priest - Warlock - Boomkin - Hunter - Holy/Disc Priest - Holy Pala - MW Monk - Resto shammy Apply at: http://www.logicalcube.net/apply/ or just Add Bn tag for chat : Kremcia#2739 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our achievements throughout history: Vanilla - Upper Blackrock Spire [CLEARED] - Zul'Gurub [CLEARED] - Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj [CLEARED] - Molten Core [CLEARED] - Onyxia's Lair [CLEARED] - Blackwing Lair [CLEARED] Realm First! - Temple of Ahn'Qiraj [CLEARED] Realm First! The Burning Crusade - Karazhan [CLEARED] - Zul'Aman [CLEARED] - Gruul's Lair [CLEARED] - Magtheridon's Lair [CLEARED] - The Eye [CLEARED] - Serpentshrine Cavern [CLEARED] - Black Temple [CLEARED] Realm First! - Sunwell Plateu [CLEARED] Realm First! Wrath of the Lich King - Naxxramas [CLEARED] - Obisidian Sanctum [CLEARED] Realm First! Twilight Zone - The Eye of Eternity [CLEARED] - Ulduar [CLEARED]Realm First! Death's Demise and Celestial Defender - Trial of Crusader [CLEARED](Current Mythic)Realm First! Anub Arak 10&25 hc - Icecrown Citadel [CLEARED](Current Mythic) Realm First! Fall of The Lich King - The Ruby Sanctum [CLEARED] Realm First! Cataclysm - Blackwing's Descent [Heroic CLEARED] - The Bastion of Twilight [Heroic CLEARED] - Throne of the Four Winds [Heroic CLEARED] - Firelands [Heroic CLEARED] - Dragon Soul [Heroic CLEARED](Current Mythic) Realm First! Mists of Pandaria - Mogu'shan Vaults [Heroic CLEARED](Current Mythic) - Heart of Fear [Heroic CLEARED] (Current Mythic)Realm First! - Terrace of Endless Spring [Heroic CLEARED](Current Mythic) Realm First! - SOO [Heroic CLEARED] (Current Mythic)Realm First! Warlords of Draneor - Highmaul 5/7 - Blackrock foundery 7/7 We stopped raids during BRF due to bad merge with other guild after raids 10man in MoP. Comeback with fresh start in HFC and slowly build team raid CO with other guild. Manage to clear 11/13 Mythic HFC raiding only 2days 2 hours ! so 4 hours in total ! Now in Legion we went back to 3 days raiding solo raid as guild.Brunnhild52 11h
11h Looking for raid team/PvE guild Hey guys! I'm looking for a spot in a raid team / raid guild. I'm trying to build up some gear but joining Mythic+ dungeons arent easy these days. I've been raiding since MOP :) I always prepare myself well, and I dont stand in fire. I know my gear may not be the best, but I'm working on getting some better. Hopefully, a PvE guild can help me faster towards the goal? I really hope there are some friendly people / guildies out there! :)Immoxb11 11h
11h [A]Blood Money - Ravencrest (7/7M 2/3M 6/10M) 2 days Blood Money is forged from the merger of two guilds, Lion Guard and Outerspace, with the goal of providing a stable raid environment for its members. Together we bring a lot of experience to the table as the player core is formed by retired hardcore raiders who have been playing together for years. We do take raiding very seriously since our time is limited and we want to make the most of it. Our raid days are: Wednesday: 19.30-23.30st Sunday: 19.30-23.30st Monday: 20.00st - optional raid for alts/legendaries/ap/wf gear Our immediate goal is to build a reliable team to get the best progression we can in NH and to prepare for a strong start in Tomb of Sargeras. Our current progression is: 7/7M EN, 2/3M ToV, 6/10M NH What are we looking for: - Frost Death Knight - Havoc Demon Hunter - Retribution Paladin - Warlock - MM or BM Hunter All exceptional applications will be considered regardless of recruitment status. What do we require: * Attendance: We require at least 90% attendance. We do understand that real life will take priority, but we do require you to notify an officer if you are going to miss a raid. * Punctuality: Raid invites will always start 10 mins before the raid start time. We expect everyone to be ready and prepared. This means you must have all the flasks, foods, potions (and any other item necessary for the raid) ready before you come to the raid. * Communication: We expect you to be able to understand and speak English well enough to communicate with the guild or at least to understand when things are explained in Discord. * Know your class: Whether you are a tank, healer or dps you must know how to play it, know the strengths and weaknesses, master the rotation and have the ability to adapt on the fly in order to put out the best performance possible. * Be a team player: You are expected to do the mechanics accordingly and perform any other tasks assigned to you by the Raid Leader. We do not tolerate boss tunneling, meter whoring or selfish behavior. You are part of a team and everyone needs to do his/her part for all to benefit. * Be able to take criticism: Nobody is perfect and we know that but we expect all our members to be able to take the advice and constructive criticism given in order to improve their performance. Outbursts during the raid, openly flaming fellow raid members or repeatedly ignoring the advice from the raid leader will result in immediate removal from the raid or even the guild. We do not tolerate drama, if you have a problem take it in private to an officer after the raid. * Know the current raid tier inside and out: With our limited schedule it is very important for everyone in the raid to know all of the boss’s abilities and how to deal with them before we even face that boss. You should understand that when you join a raiding guild the guild and raid progression will always be the first priority. What are we offering: * Fair and committed leadership and a stable organization * Strong raid leading from mature players that have been around since Vanilla/TBC days * A friendly atmosphere during the raids * Good progression within a limited amount of time * Help and advice with bettering yourself within the game * Various activities from PVP to M+ runs How to apply: You can apply directly on our website: http://bloodmoney.shivtr.com/ Or you can contact any of our Officers: Btag: Teddytree - Lectobud1990#2164 Ryzhor - RockMeUp#2776Rhyzhunt14 11h
11h [A] THoF @ Nagrand is LF a Healer & Dps 3/3M 8/10M THoF @ Nagrand - A semi-hardcore and committed raiding guild formed in 2007. We are Recruiting a couple of players to complete our mythic raid team. The classes we are recruiting are as follows: Rogue Paladin - Holy Druid – Restoration Druid – Balance Monk – Mistweaver Shaman – Restoration/Elemental/Enhancement Exceptional applications will always be considered. Applicants will be trialed over a 2 week period. (Cross realm available for HC content only) We raid 3 days a week: Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 20:00-23:30 Server time. We have a contingency plan of a Monday evening for raid just in case we need that little extra time or an In real life situation appears (I.e. major holidays, unfortunate coincidences). We also do optional Alt runs on a Monday. We also do Mythic + Dungeons when not raiding. For more information you can go to: http://thofgaming.com http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/nagrand/THoF https://discord.gg/QyUBmvb Or if you have any questions you can contact us in game: Strava#1641, Malgin#2344 and Nambi#2874Atai42 11h
11h <Daylight Raiding Time> Daytime/Afternoon Raiding Guild Daylight Raiding Time is a guild formed of people who are unable to work during normal raid times due to work & Time Zones. We were formed at the start of legion with an aim to clear all Mythic content. We are a Semi-Hardcore guild based on Draenor - Horde. Most of our guild activity is based around late morning & early afternoon. About the Guild We are a friendly bunch of people who try to keep things friendly during raids and make sure to have a laugh during farm content. We are generally found online most a few hours either side of raid time where we will be running M+'s or anything that takes a fancy. Current Progress Emerald Nightmare - 7/7M Cutting Edge Nighthold 10/10 HC & 4/10 Mythic What to expect from us. Within Raids. A friendly and confident raid team who are willing to put down their time and effort to push past barriers and complete encounters to best of our abilities. We are adaptable and willing to listen to ideas from any members to help improve ourselves in any way. Outside of Raids We maintain a fairly active discord channel outside of raid times and run Mythic+ after raids and on off-days. What we expect from you. 90% Attendance Rate Online 10-15 minutes before raid time for invites. Come fully prepared with Flask/Potions/Health Potions & Buff Food. Understand the fights to the best of your ability. Have a complete understanding of your class and how to perform well with it. Have a basic understanding of all classes and specs to help understand the Limits & Strengths of your raid team. Working Microphone, Isn’t 100% essential however, having and using a microphone helps create an enjoyable atmosphere for all. Our Raid Schedule Monday 13:00 - 16:00 ST Wednesday 13:00 - 16:00 ST Thursday 13:00 - 16:00 ST Friday 13:00 up to 16:00 ST - This is an optional run for heroic clears to focus our raid times on clearing Mythic What we are currently looking for. Various Ranged DPS A couple of Melee, Warrior, Monk, Ret Paladin Willing to talk with any class & Spec who is interested in joining. Add me on battle.net for a discussion. How to Join http://daylightraiding.enjin.com/ Please Contact any of the Officers below to discuss your application Shadowian - Battle.net - Shadowian#2895 Shadowian -Discord - Shadowian#1322 - Most consistent way to contact me We are most likely to be found online a few hours before and after raid times (13-16:00 ST) we will be available for a chat.Shadowian12 11h
12h Looking for a casual raiding guild Looking for a casual raiding guild, currently at ilevel 810 but really grinding to get it higher. Looking to improve the way i play and just generally become a better player. I am an extremely fast learner and really enjoy learning. ThanksOweeny2 12h
12h [H] 3/10 M (Draenor) 2 days raiding <Stardrift> Draenor Wed / Thurs 20:00 - 23:30 Recruitment - Tanks (Closed) - Melee - exceptional players - RDPS - all classes considered - Healers (Shaman / holy pala) We can offer - Stable guild - Weekly raid spot for reliable good players - Mature guild with most players 20 + - Understanding of real life issues (Family comes first ect) - Freindly and progressive atmosphere What we expect - Reliable raiders who turn up to all raid days - Self effort in gearing / artifact power - Knowledge of your class - Know tactics before raid - Able to accept critisim and improve - To be on voice chat in raid time - 18 + years of age Any further questions please add me - socksoflight (in game) - socks#2103 (Bnet)Socksoflight0 12h
12h [A] Heresy Guild on Ravencrest recruiting! Hello citizens of Azeroth! Heresy is filling rooster for Team 2 & Team 3! For our Mythic team visit https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17614791668?page=1 Also we always have open spots for people that want to hang out and chill as socials in guild. What do we need: For Team 2 we need people that aim to gear up doing Full normal clears + some HC Nighthold and get ready for progress and hitting Tombs, recruitment is open for all classes. For Team 3 we need people aiming to do regular clear on 10/10 NH HC every week get decked and prepare full team to tackle Tombs once it is out. Team 3 is in need of healer class; Druid, Shaman preferred, and some DPS spots are open: Mage, Shaman, Warlock preferred. Take in mind we will always take person over class so don't be affraid to poke us! What we are looking for: We are looking for people with tight schedules that still have spark for raiding and progressing further but maintaining it to maximum 2 days a week. People that are prepared to take criticism and learn quickly from their mistakes. People that have an ambition and willingness to learn and raid atleast 2 days a week.Schedule: Team 2; Wed: 20:00 - 23:00 ST Sun: 20:00 - 23:00 ST Team 3; Mon: 21:00 - 00:00 ST Tue: 21:00 - 01:00 ST More info: We use Discord as our raid tool so having proper mic and headphones is must. Loot is distributed via Loot Council and we use RCLootCouncil for it. For further information and how to get in please feel free to contact us in-game: Just search Heresy and poke any of members to point you to first officer or add me directly via Battle net @ Nyx#2709 May the gods of RNG be with you. Nyx out.Nyx1 12h
12h [A] Frequency - Hellfire - 7/7 3/3 HC [2Nights] Frequency is a casual raiding guild with a relaxed attitude. The core is made up of long time players, those who have raided on and off for over 10 years. We have achieved a lot collectively and have seen much of what this game has to offer. After such a long time and much of it spent raiding at a higher level, or focused on a more hardcore approach, we have decided to take it easy for a change. We’re looking for players who share a similar mind set, regardless of experience. If you’re looking for a guild that doesn’t take itself too seriously but still has a focus to clear content, then we might just be your best choice. There are many competent players out there that do not raid or get too involved with in game communities due to real life commitments. There are also those that struggle to keep up with their regular raiding guild because of the same reason, perhaps you have to rush home or find yourself not being able to relax properly before that nights run. Maybe you have experienced a guild that is far too demanding of you, or you didn’t feel comfortable with such a high level of commitment. This is a game, not a second job, and it should feel like a game. We want our members to enjoy themselves, see some content and wind down of an evening. So if you want to just have a laugh and kill some monsters then give us a shout, maybe we’re where you belong. Frequency aim to clear Heroic Raid content in Legion. If you are seeking Mythic raiding then we appreciate your interest but you may wish to look else where. Key notes: - Our raid times are 21:00-00:00 (9PM-Midnight) server time. - The aim is to allow people time to get home from work and chill out before raid. - Our raid days are Wednesday and Thursday. - We raid two nights a week, we like to keep things casual and not over extend ourselves. Not everyone just plays WoW and we know all too well how precious our time outside of work can be. Current Recruitment Status: - DPS Classes. Last updated: 25/11/16 Head over to our website to check out our recruitment status and chuck an app up if you like what you see. Even if your class is closed don’t be put off, our status only reflects our most required classes/specs. www.frequencyeu.enjin.com Disclaimer: We must warn that this guild is an adult environment, some conversations, topics or language might be considered offensive to some. Despite the fact that offence can only be taken not given, those of a more sensitive nature might want to consider somewhere else. We are welcoming and friendly, we don’t take life too seriously and as such we don’t want any drama or whiners.Delusional11 12h
12h [A] Furious Gaming [9/10M] LFM Especially interested in a tank (of any kind) and a Holy priest/paladin (pref. with offspec DPS, though not required by any means) We are always on the lookout for exceptional players, so even if your class is not specifically listed and you think you would be an asset to us and would fit right in we hope you will take the time and apply, after all the worst thing that could happen is that you wasted 15-30 minutes. Are you looking for a stable and accomplished guild, which has a unique atmosphere, good players and a great community? Read on! Community Furious-Gaming is something that stands out within WoW as a multi-gaming community that has been around since Molten Core. Our members play various games together, even when their World of Warcraft adventure comes to an end (or intermission) they remain a part of our community. Raidteam Our raid team is a nice blend of old school veterans (Korean/US and EU beta players) that have been playing WoW (and other games) together for more than 10 years as well as people that have found their way to us more recently. What keeps us going is the fact we all enjoy raiding, downing challenging bosses and doing so in a unique and fun atmosphere. Expectations All that we require from potential recruits is the ability to communicate and the same serious commitment towards raiding that is shown by us. This means having an in-depth understanding of your class and preparing for new fights, as well as keeping one alt ready for early split runs in new content. In return you get to be part of a friendly and well-established community of gamers who enjoy what they do. Note that while we do not recruit *for* the bench, we do like to have a roster that isn't exactly 20 people, so there will be moments where players with unfavorable classes/specs for certain fights will be asked to step out for that particular (progress) fight. We promise that together we will do our utmost to ensure that we all get to experience everything that WoW has to offer! What we can offer Within WoW we offer experienced management that has raided at a high level for several expansions, a stable infrastructure where we have a dedicated server that hosts our TS3, Website and game servers (for some of those other games we play). Naturally we also offer you the unique experience of killing new bosses with this bunch of ‘misfits’. Goals Furious-Gaming in WoW has one main goal - to conquer all raiding content, while it's current - before new content is released and before everything is nerfed into the ground. Do not let this discourage you, we're by no means 'hardcore', but we wouldn’t call ourselves casual either. Following Gul'Dan's defeat (Soon™), a few changes will occur: The current management (minus Healing & Ranged officers) will be stepping down after having lead the guild since Cataclysm. Using this as an opportunity, the new blood will move the guild to Frostmane (Staying Alliance), and be competitive on a good server where getting realm first actually means something. The current team will stay mostly intact, with only a handful of spots (1-2 tanks, 1-2 healers, maybe 1 DPS if any at all) left to be filled. A great chance for hungry players to make our mark on the new land from ToS onwards! Schedule Wednesday: 20:00 - 23:30 Thursday: 20:00 - 23:30 Sunday: 20:00 - 23:30 We generally do not extend raids, nor raid on any additional days, apart from occasional (optional!) heroic farm runs etc. Extra information You can get a feel for our raids and get some unique TS experiences on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Furiousgamingcom As well as Twitch streams at https://www.twitch.tv/Odeanathus (Prot Warrior) https://www.twitch.tv/puzlock (Warlock) https://www.twitch.tv/Furious_nidalee (Balance Druid) Contact information If you have any additional questions, or anything else you want to talk about with us , feel free to contact any of the following people: Odeanathus (Odeanathus#2146) Nidalee (Deathmagnet#1615) Milian (Milían#2746) Mario (Arhes#2187)Nïdalee0 12h
13h [A]< Conclave>-Silvermoon:7/10M 2/3M 7/7M Recruiting! Raid hours (CEST - Server Time) - Wednesday: 19:45 - 23:00 - Sunday: 19:45 - 23:00 - Monday: 19:45 - 23:00 Trial Period: The Trial Period lasts for an uncertain amount of time, depending on your performance. By performance we mean: - signing up for the raids in advance - showing up on time and prepared for the Raid - playing your role correctly - behaving as a decent human being - in case of absence: informing us about it in advance During your trial you will be evaluated and given information whether we are interested in offering you a place within our ranks. We are only interested in people who want to help Conclave progress and develop into a stronger community. Loot during Trial Period: During your Trial Period you will have a lower loot priority than our Raiders. If no Raider needs a certain item but you do, the item of course goes to you so the loot isn't wasted. In case of two Trials wanting the same item the item will be rolled for or given based on performance. Loot for Raiders: We use Loot Council, where items are distributed based on performance and the current best-in-slot list for each individual specialization. In case of uncertainty, the loot will be rolled for. Decision regarding loot is made by the Officers, and loot drama is strongly frowned upon. However, if you feel that a mistake has been made, please notify the Raid Leader and he will look into it. If after looking into it the Raid Leader decides to stick with the original decision, please do not fight him on this. What do we expect from you? - know everything that is relevant to your class in general and your specialization in particular - keep up to date with changes or mechanics that concern your class and specialization - come fully prepared for the raids: have your gear enchanted and gemmed, have your food, runes, potions and flasks, know all required tactics -be online in-game and on our Discord at 19:45 on raid nights, have a working microphone -be able to communicate with all our members in English -be focused on progress fights even though we joke around on farm bosses, thrash and during breaks -behave as a decent human being and keep all dramas out of the game What can you expect from us? - experienced and strong leadership from all previous expansions' end-game content - three raids a week with progression oriented mindset - raid progression with a serious, goal-oriented yet laid back attitude. - decent human behaviour from the Raiders Our raids are always focused on progressing through to the next boss, or the next difficulty, while having fun. We always stir the cauldron with the right amount of winner mentality, fun and seriousness when we raid! If you want to raid in a guild sporting a great team spirit, good progress, stability and a fun atmosphere, Conclave is the guild for you! We're currently looking for the following classes: - Warlocks, - Restoration Shamans - Balance druids - mistweaver monks Exceptional Deathknights(dps) and windwalker monks will be considered. To apply or for more information, feel free to contact me or any of our officers, Duckgirl, Saenn, Emberism or me(achillíes - achillies#2724) ingame or on our forums. http://conclave.freeforums.org/ Thank you for reading and we hope to see you soon!Achillíes3 13h
14h [H] <Ferox> - Draenor 3/10M 10/10HC Current Progression: 3/10M 10/10 HC Currently Recruiting: Ranged DPS Resto Druid Ret Pally Holy Pally Any exceptional players----------------------------------------------------------- <Ferox> Ferox is a guild formed during the end of WOD on Draenor PvE - we have chosen this realm to home our guild because of it's great pve focused player base. The raid team only consists of friendly and competent players and the kind of atmosphere here is full of laughs & banter. Although in the core team, during progression we do take raiding seriously. We require: 885 ilvl 42 TraitsPlayers are always required to respect each other We raid: Monday 20:45-00:00 ST Wednesday 20:45-00:00 ST Thursday 20:45-00:00 ST...Tyrøne27 14h
14h [H] <okej> recruiting for ToS and beyond! (HC) <okej> is a newly formed guild on Kazzak Horde, looking to form a small roster for Legion. As a guild, our philosophy is to raid the highest difficulty available to us while maintaining a core of ten players. For this reason, we will be raiding heroic only in Legion. If you're interested in raiding at a higher difficulty than what we offer (i.e. mythic), this is not the guild for you. Outside of raiding, there will be a strong focus on the new mythic plus dungeons. Again, if this is not something you are interested in, then we suggest you look elsewhere as we are looking for players with a similar mindset to ours. Please note that although the guild is casual by definition, we expect players to be able to pull their weight. We aim to clear the content in a timely manner in as fun and a relaxed an environment as possible. Those who fall short and consistently hinder the guild's progress will not retain a place in the guild. -- RECRUITMENT & SCHEDULE All classes/specs will be considered. Raiding Thursday & Sunday from 20:15 to 23:00 ST. As heroic mode is available cross realm, we welcome applicants from other realms. (No transfer necessary, although ideally we would prefer to have you on the realm) WHAT WE EXPECT FROM YOU - Close to 100% raid attendance is expected as this allows us to keep a tightly knit roster. However, we do understand that this isn't always possible and exceptions will be made where necessary. - We're primarily an English speaking guild, so it goes without saying that you should be able to both speak/understand it. You will also be expected to install Discord and have a working microphone at hand. - A solid understanding of the class you play and the specs available to you. Although we won't force you into playing a particular spec, you should be able to play any given spec at any given time without issue. - We expect that you share the guild's philosophy when it comes to raiding and end game content. If you're an individual who logs on solely to raid, this isn't the guild for you. If you're looking to raid mythic in the future, you need not apply. WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT FROM US: - Experienced guild leadership with a focus on a friendly, relaxed atmosphere while still clearing the content available to us in a timely manner. - A guaranteed raid spot. We're not in the interest of benching people, hence the need for a tightly knit roster built up of people we can rely on. - A maximum of two raid days a week, for a maximum of 6 hours a week, allowing for plenty of time to involve ourselves in other end game content beyond raiding. (PvP, mythic plus dungeons, etc.) If you're interested in joining, please contact us for a chat. Teelor - Shaun#2102 Haazeey - Haazeey#2761Teelor0 14h
14h <Depeche> wants You! [H] Stormscale About <Depeche> ... Who are we looking for? ... Why are we looking to expand? ... Our composition ... Final notes ... Contact for any questions ...Déxterr10 14h
14h (A) Panic Room (3/10M) LF Mythic Raiders Looking for your new home in Legion? Want to progress in a chill and fun environment? Well, look no further! Panic Room is an alliance guild on Magtheridon, recruiting to add to its raid core! We are currently looking to add members to our ranks who wish to raid with less pressure than a hardcore guild but still want a challenge and to progress. Our aim in Legion is to experience the entire content, including Mythic raiding, but to do so in a fun and relaxed environment. We are clearing HC in a night, and have a solid core of 17-18 players, but need a few more of the right people to make that jump into mythic. High ilvl is not a necessity, but previous experience of high end raiding will go far. Raid Times are currently: Monday & Thursdays 8pm-11pm Server time - 7pm to 10pm UK. What can we offer you: -Friendly and stress-free atmosphere -Teamwork - we often help each other while questing, doing dailies and dungeons, so if you have any problems with anything or just feeling lonely, there is always someone out there to join you -High Discord activity - there are always people chatting on our Discord channel, and it is very easy to set up events/activities with other guildies. -Raid Progression -Flasks, pots and other raid consumables. What we expect from you: -Be an active player - nothing is more discouraging than seeing a bunch of members being AFK for weeks without any notice. -Be sociable - we do not expect you to talk in guild chat or hang out on Discord all the time, some of our members are very open and talkative, others are more quiet and that is okay. However we would highly encourage you to take part in the guild life in some way as the social element of the guild is a key focus for us. -If you decide to raid with us we would like you to follow some obvious and general rules that apply to all raiding groups: *Know your class well, and chosen main and off-specs. We do expect above average performance from all of our raiders. *Be punctual - No one likes to wait and waste time waiting around for people. We do take scheduled breaks during raids. *Prepare for raids - bringing flasks, elixirs, food etc. is mandatory for all raid members. *Further to the above, read guides and watch videos to at least know what is required from you and your role. CURRENT NEEDS: A healer, although we are always looking to recruit exceptional players of all classes. Please check out our website: http://panicroom.enjin.com and if you are interested please apply and fill out the recruitment questionnaire. Contact us at tetramaster#2865, Kheala#2159 or Halcyon#2584 if you wish to speak further. Thanks for reading!Shoddun7 14h