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16 Apr 2012 Looking for players — PvE forum Welcome to the "Looking for Players — PVE" Forum. This is the place to look for other players if: You are looking for a new member for your guild You want to join a guild You are looking for members for cross-realm raiding You want to join a cross-realm raid You are looking for a leveling partner or simply to find someone to quest with In order to make your search as successful as possible, we recommend you to follow these simple steps: Use the search feature at the top right of the screen before posting When creating a new thread, make sure to use an appropriate and descriptive title (e.g. "[A/H] Guild on (name of realm) looking for <Class> <Raid>" or "[A/H] <Class> Looking for cross-realm raid" or “[A/H] <Class> Looking for leveling partner”) If you are not interested in teaming up with players from other realms, please feel free to also post on your realm forum. We hope that you will succeed in finding other players to have fun with!Vaneras0 16 Apr 2012
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11m 944 Resto druid Looking for a guild Im Isanía playing at silvermoon. Experienced raider looking for raiding guild. Been playing wow since vanilla but played Resto druid since cata. My experience as a resto druid started in cata but got into mythic in MIST where i got 13/13 mythic SoO Later in WoD i did HM and BRF where i i got 4/10 and in HFC 8/13 in legion i have made a little break so i didnt do that much more then hc but started looking for a mythic guild to raid in the end game in legion. I'm not able to raid more than 3 days and finish no later than 23:00 Cheers IsaníaIsanía1 11m
18m {A}Couple seeking active social guild Hey all that may read this, We're a real life couple who have played this game for a very long time, since original release infact. We've been in every bracket possible within the game, progression raider, hardcore server 1st right through to a filthy casual. However we're in a difficult position currently with finding a guild that can cater for our personal needs, basically our issue is that we cannot raid past 22:30 server time and we also may have to get up to deal with our daughter should she wake up during a raid. This has proven to be a big issue for guilds to look past especially given that the other half only plays Holy Priest. Ideally we would love to find a guild that can work around this somehow but it's proved to be extremely hard to find. So we're accepting that we may have to just remain as a social spot until BfA when the little girl is a bit older, where we aim to get back into a steady raid schedule. The important thing is that we will never raid past 22:30 server time. We're going to play the following: Holy Priest Hunter or Paladin. If you would like more information then you can add me on Skatterblop#2111.Suku6 18m
30m Legacy Progressive Reroll Guild @Quel'Thalas Alliance We are getting really close so I will start with this. We are reaching level 60 in 6 days ! (17.12.2017). And we will start raiding on the next day. So if anyone else still wants to join, this is the best time. Guild rules: - No heirlooms - Each expansion/classic content be treated only with its own items. - Struggle to do all raids and actually make it a thing to set records. Like doing the raid with as few players as possible at some point, make it with as low ilvl items as possible, etc. - Focus dungeoning while in guild group would be optimal. - LFG restricted. LFG will be used as last resort and only as catch up mechanism for characters below our current max level cap. ( level cap is 47 atm) - No mounts restrictions - Max Level restriction depending on guild pace and progress. Mainly will go up by 5 levels in a gap of 2-3 days or so. - Achievement oriented as dungeoning/raiding, much more to do after level 60 tho. Rules after classic will be considered in detail later on. *** Updates *** - Level cap raised to 47. - Few dungeons cleared as guild group and available for LFG as catch up mechanism, but only if there is no way to form a guild group at similar level of 4-5 players for dungeons. * The Deadmines * The Wailing Caverns * Ragefire Chasm - the hard corpse run way by entering Orgrimmar. * Shadowfang Keep * The Stockade * Blackfathom Deeps * Gnomeregan * Scarlet Halls * Scarlet Monastery * Razorfen Kraul * Maraudon * Uldaman * Scholomance * Razorfen Downs All guild videos here (missed 2 dungeons): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUfATdY8VS8obzrtPcbGbTw We now have 17 members but still recruiting. Classes that we really lack so far: - Hunter - Monk (consider monks will have no sets for a long period) - Rogue All other classes/roles are still welcome. Since we have fun together we will soon start contests and records, we have ideas as: - Party time record for clearing dungeon with parties at minim normal entry level (Ex: Deadmines as level 15 party) with experience locked.* - Solo dungeon level and time.* - Fishing contests maybe, such as Old Ironjaw fishing, etc. * Timers for dungeons would require recording the dungeon. We already started the guild challenges in the form of solo dungeons (someone was again crazy and soloed Ragefire Chasm as level 18 shaman). Anyone ? Contact me ! EqGaming#2193Lunasaaraa46 30m
1h [H] Ragnaros <Calibre> 7/9M Recruiting <Calibre> is a newly formed guild of previous hardcore raiders that have all raided within top 200 ranks going back to WotLK. Our core is made up of a group of long term friends, who have played together for years in not only WoW, but many other games too. We aim to clear end game raid content with a true light schedule, 2 days per week. We are a group comprised of predominantly UK players, but we do have a good mix of European players too. We stay in contact through our Discord channel and private Facebook group. We are currently looking to strengthen our DPS core. Currently Recruiting All DPS Classes Exceptional applicants will always be considered, regardless of recruitment status What We Want From You Near perfect attendance, 2 day raiding demands it for success Have the determination and willingness to succeed Be able to take constructive criticism, even during raid Be vocal when required, we enjoy the banter that comes with raiding Be prepared for every fight, not only tactics but, gear, spec and all consumables Use logs to understand your performance The ability to use essential addons, such as Weak Auras Be able to play your class to its full potential, you must keep up to date with any and all relevant changes and the current meta What We Will Provide Strong leadership and well organised raid time The ability to clear cutting edge content without investing more than 2 days to progress A fun friendly environment both in and out of raid A sensible trial period, with genuine feedback on what we have assessed A stable place to be, since we are a long standing group of friends Fair and reasonable loot distribution Raid Days/Times (all server time) Sunday 19:30 - 23:00 Wednesday 19:30 - 23:00 Contact r0y#2245 trigger#2828Sonofsham13 1h
1h <Arcadian> High Quality Social Mythic Raiding Original post: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17617113531 Arcadian was created to make an enjoyable place to be and raid in. The social aspect of the game is very important to us, as is having a quality raiding enviroment. We hope to achieve server first rankings without being hardcore or elitist. The guild leadership is experienced, including the guild master who has server first experience. Server: Aggramar/Hellscream Faction: Alliance Raid Days Wednesday/Sunday/Monday Raid Times: 20:00-23:00 Server Time (Being online 15 minutes before is a requirement.) Loot: Loot Council (RCLootcouncil Addon Required) Recruitment: We are always looking for exceptional players for our raid team. If you’d like to join please add myself or our other admin officer to Battle Tag, and we will arrange a Discord interview with you (no mic required, but you will need to be able to hear us). Me: Jani#2877 Admin Officer: Doctor#23195 What we look for in a raider: We look for dedicated raiders, who like to push themselves and progress to the best of their ability, as well as being relaxed, social and up for some fun. Our raid environment strives to be a relaxed place where people can enjoy themselves while progressing to the best of our ability, and constantly pushing ourselves to get further. We don’t require you to have any prior experience but we will require to talk to you in an interview on our discord channel, to make sure you’re the right fit for us.Banked3 1h
1h Fluffy Toxic Pandas - Draenor Fluffy Toxic Pandas - Recruiting Raiders! We're a fun, social and active guild, and we have succesfully ran the guild for over 9 years! We are looking for a few raiders to join us so we can finish Heroic and progress into mythic! ( current progress 7/11hc) We are currently recruiting Tanks for the main team and some ranged dps however, all exceptional players will be considered and welcome to join. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our raid times: Wed - 9pm-11:30pm ST Thurs - 9pm-11:30pm ST Sun - 9pm-11:30pm ST --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are looking for raiders with an average ilvl of 940 and at least some HC exp. We're looking to progress through the rest of HC and progress through Mythic! Our guild is actively social and we always have a healthy green chat. Discord channel for all members to use. Leaders are always on to chat to everyone Message Doomy#21989 or Sweetem#2600 or Suzu#2933 for more information or to join. Feel free to drop a message and we will get back to you. Hope to hear from you!Udonbear0 1h
1h Resto Druid (ilvl 946) and it's alts looking for Guild Hello Everyone! I'm currently looking for a raiding and mythic+ guild in order to progress through Antorus (N/H) aswell as the previous ToS. Playing Resto and Guardian Druid (ilvl 946) as main character Also have a Retri Paladin (ilvl930) and a Affliction Warlock (ilvl935) All chars on Executus Realm. Kind Regards, Me*Arashy2 1h
1h [A] Deus Ex, 5/11 Mythic! LF 1 healer and ranged dps What we really want out of this game is simple. To be able to raid with people we really like and by doing so, killing bosses and getting purps at a decent pace. You might sit here and think, "why would anyone in their right mind want to join a bunch of ragtag players?" It is a fair question. What we can offer here is a extremely friendly group of people that know what they are doing. We're asking out to each and everyone of you that are capable when it comes to this game. People with enough decency to know that there are actual people behind the screen at the end of the day. With that we are going to need the following classes: - Rogue - Hunter - Capable people regardless of class are welcome to apply Prior to ToV we did manage to kill mythic Xavius with a world rank of 279, which is an alltime best for all us here. With extreme joy and bias towards this guild it sure was a good moment during my 7 years as a active raider. The guild itself dates back to early Wotlk with people of different nationalities. What we do have in common is that English is the language used in and outside of raiding hours, our will to progress and develop as a team and our apprection of the terrible dad jokes that our local mistweaver is providing us. This story about fame and fortune is yet to begin though, the question I have for you is, do you dare to venture down this road with me? The expectations I and Deus Ex will have of you are as follows: - Attendance on atleast two raid nights(monday, wednesday and thursday, 20-23) - Gemmed and enchanted gear matched with appropriate talent spec - Tactical knowledge for tonight's encounter - Discord - Decency towards guildies - Being able to receive and give criticism in a mature fashion. Saying that something is wrong is one thing, bluntly saying, "you suck" is not really going to improve anything. I can not stress this bit enough! What you can expect from Deus Ex: - A mature environment and raiding on common grounds - Ongoing progress in any encounter - Solid raiding days/chances - Lots and lots of purple shinies for those that are pulling their weight - Midnight mayhem on Discord For any potential applicant - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfD2WN1uYUQ-VM3w3UbJqoOzTWhCgYr36NZvj7LkdjAQ9hwCA/viewform - Discord interview - Bribes based on cookies and milk - Kakmonstret#2723 With this I am wishing you all the best and perhaps a wee talk in the future! Kakmonstret - Guild master of Deus ExKakmonstret166 1h
2h Elysium söker spelare på Ragnaros Halloj. Guilden Elysium (A) söker nu svenska och norska spelare på Ragnaros. För fortsatt progress i Heroic samt för att börja raida mythic. Känner du dig manad så hör av dig till någon av oss i guilden som är inne o spelar för tillfället. Väl mött.Eria0 2h
2h [H][EU][Draenor] <Birds of War> Introduction: We are a friendly casual UK based guild currently recruiting DPS and healers. We are slowly progressing on Antorous but due to the type of guild we are we are not that serious about hardcore progression. We have 2 raid nights a week Wed/Sunday. Qualifications: We are looking for people 910+ ilevel who can play there role decently and is a good learner. We use discord and are pretty chill on raid days, we kill bosses as we can but do like to progress in decent time. Contact: If this sounds like a guild for you please contact me on Bnet: Karl#22501Unclefist0 2h
2h (H) <Operation Trash Panda> 7/9M 11/11HC Although the majority of the guild members has played together for quite some time, Operation Trash Panda is a new guild - created in the hope of bringing something new to the table. Team effort is one of the key phrases to the guild. Simply put you're expected to pull your weight, both when it comes to creating a social atmosphere that other players wants to be in, but also when performance is required. However, a chain is only as good as its weakest link, and in order to be as good as we possibly can there is a heavy emphasis on positive criticism. Everybody makes mistakes, the main thing is to understand what went wrong - and to not repeat it. We realise that people have things they want to do outside raids, and as such we have a slightly different raid schedule compared to most other guilds, with only 7 ½ hours of planned raid time. Our focus is set to having quality raids with little explanations and tactical walk throughs. Instead, every member is required to have a great knowledge of the fights ahead, before getting there. The goal is to see the content whilst it is current, before major nerfs and new raid releases, and still having time to do other things that we enjoy. Our current roster has a mixed player base with experiences that reaches all the way back to pre-Vanilla, up to 7/9 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras before patch 7.3.2, and 11/11 HC from the first week of Antorus, the Burning Throne. This is however nothing that we are happy about. The 7/9 should have been 9/9, and we do not intend to repeat that mistake with Mythic Antorus. Important information: • Raid days are currently Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday, 20.00 - 22.30 ST • Attendance requirement is set to 80% • Loot system: Loot Council, we are using the addon RCLootCouncil to hand out loot. The council is a set group formed by one officer, one ranged DPS, one healer, one melee DPS, as well as one "wild card" player, chosen randomly for one week at a time. • Attendance: You are expected to have at least 80% attendance. We track this by using the addon "Guild Raid Attendance". • The addon "Exorsus Raid Tools" is mandatory • Discord is being used as our main source of communication • Raid invites are handled through the ingame calendar In order to reach our goal we are looking to strengthen our roster with the following classes: • 1 Shadow Priest • 1 DK (pref with Blood offspec) If there's any questions or if you'd like to apply, please contact one of the following officers: Nemsess#2626 Booker#2374 Slauka#1596Slauka1 2h
3h Sushi - Ravencrest 1/11 M is recruiting! Sushi guild on Ravencrest is recruiting 3 rdps (1/2 Warlocks, 1 Mage) and 1 Rest druid for Antorus HC/MY progression! We are a semi-hardcore guild that is raiding Wednesday-Monday 21:10-23:50 and Thursday NM/HC clears. Apply and join our ranks! Apply on our Website www.sushigaming.net or add me thanosz#2602 for more info!Athanasz8 3h
3h [A]Tea, Tactics & Debauchery LF N/H Raiders Ever miss the days where being part of a clan/community meant meaningful friendships and long term bonds? That is what we strive to create in TEA.  Our Goals WoW: Regular Mythic+ dungeons Normal/Heroic raiding About Us: We're a multi-gaming community looking for prospective recruits to join our "family". We currently have members playing FFXIV, Path of Exile, PayDay 2, Destiny 2, Guildwars 2, Warframe & World of Warcraft. We've recently returned to WoW (Frostmane) and are looking for 4 or more players so that we can start raiding end of December/beginning January. We'd like to use the December period to gear people up. Whether you're on Frostmane or not, you're more than welcome to join us on discord and complete your trial period before considering transferring (which would only matter if we start Mythic raiding). Our raid times are still being ironed out but we're looking towards twice a week (Currently we're debating between Mon, Wed or Sat evenings 1900gmt->2200gmt). Since we play multiple games discord is our primary means of communication as such a high priority is placed on chatting there in text (at a minimum) and we encourage members to participate in voip whilst gaming. Requirements: EU, Age 21+, Discord Trial period: We make use of a 14 day trial period so that recruits can see whether they fit into the community & for us to see whether they're capable of integrating themselves into our community.  How to Join: Post your battle.net id in a reply to this thread and we'll send you a private message with the discord details and organise a guild invite. Looking forward to seeing you in game.Xinshina4 3h
3h [H - Tarren Mill] Revelations Reborn 9/11HC Revelations Reborn is a Semi-hardcore 2-Day raiding team which is currently looking for following classes to strenghten our team for mythic progression in Antorus: • Hunter • Mage • Elemental Shaman • Balance Druid • Warlock • Shadow Priest What are our raiding days and times? (Server Time) • Wednesday 8:15pm - 11.30pm • Sunday 8:15pm - 11.30pm What are we expecting of you? • First of all we require you to fill in a quick application on the following address https://goo.gl/vjQ16P • Reliable attendance: we expect you to attend our 2 raiding days each weak, whilst also being on time. (If you can't make it due a certain reason, this'll be taking into account.) • Knowledge of your class and role. • Desire to progress AND improve. We expect you to show up to raids having researched the fights we're currently on, bringing consumables such as flasks/potions and the required addons e.g. RC Loot Council and Exorsus Raid Tools. • You being able to be serious during fights. We enjoy having a good laugh together in between fights, but during encounters we expect you to focus 100%. What can we offer you? • Stable and strong core • Friendly and very social atmosphere • The chance to clear raid content on heroic/mythic • Experienced leadership with a great amount of eagerness. • Loads of other contact outside of raids e.g.: mythic+, older content, PvP, ... How can you contact us? If you have any further questions feel free to contact either: • Compulsor -> Compulsor#21952 • Sumbody -> sumbodyelse#2875 • Or add Lennart (Compulsor)#1929 on Discord Compulsor0 3h
3h [A] Sunrise Social/Casual Raid Guild Recruiting Blade's Edge / Eonar / Vek'nilash. Sunrise is a social Alliance guild on Blades Edge looking to recruit active like minded members. We have no prerequisites with regards to your character, part of our ethos being to allow all our members to be able to participate in all content without the pressure exerted by impatient players in pugs. We welcome applications from both raiders and non-raiders . Our membership is mixed, coming from all over the Europe. All of us are adults (jobs, families etc) - so we naturally understand if real-life occasionally calls during raids. We're drama free and a fairly laid back bunch of people. We raid where we can, usually Normal and HC and we raid regularly where we can - times are: MON/WEDS/FRI : 20.00 - 23.00 (Realm Time) We are not a progression guild, however we do enjoy all content blizzard releases and as such are currently 5/9 ToS HC; when raiding we have no fixed team, being happy for any members who want to try it to come along without worrying about their gear, dps, hps or experience. We have found this allows progression to come naturally without having to aim or stress for it and makes for a much more relaxed and fun game experience for all. We have members who are interested in most aspects of the game (raiding, achievement hunters, altaholics, mythics/+ and pvp) and most of our members are happy to play alternate specs or alts if a role is oversubscribed for dungeon runs or raids, therefore we are open to all roles. This means we'll never be a bleeding edge Mythic raiding guild, but we do like to progress at our own pace (which is currently ToS HC 5/9). We're looking for social and mature players to join our raiding/social ranks in order to push towards the final Legion raid content and beyond. Everyone is welcome to apply at - www.sunrisebe.enjin.com/recruitment To get a better picture of who we are and how we run as a guild,lease visit our site and read our guild charter: http://sunrisebe.enjin.com/forum/m/39175648/viewforum/7304038 While there, you can leave your application in the same forum, just follow the instruction in the sticky!Littlebottom9 3h
3h H <Fresh> Draenor recruiting for raids Hey <Fresh> is a newly formed guild. We are veteran players with previous mythic experience looking for like minded raiders who aim for mythic content. We are currently recruiting for raiding our raid nights are: Wednesday 2030-2300 Sunday 2030-2300 Roles: Currently all roles are being recruited. Requirements - We require as good as an attendance as possible. People to learn mechanics prior to the raids DBM or equivalent Discord - to listen at least. Also will be recruiting for mythic+ pushing for higher keys. If this sounds like it could appeal to yourself feel free to drop me a message for a chat or Zambai in game. Hoogar#2822 is my tagHolyhoog0 3h
3h [H] Roar leder efter gode raider <Roar> er en dansk guild med fokus på heroic raiding, med mulighed for mythic. Har pt clearet 8/11 HC antorus og leder efter aktive ranged dps'er til Antorus (Warlock, Spriest og Ele shaman pref 18+ år, ilvl 920+). Vi raider torsdag og søndag 19-22. Skriv ingame hvis man vil tager en snak om at joine guilden. Axxon#2905Shámbulance0 3h
4h [A] Affinity-Runetotem <11/11NM 8/11HC> 2 nights/week “Affinity” is an Alliance guild on the server cluster Kilrogg/Nagrand/Runetotem. We raid Wednesday and Sunday from 20:30 to 23:30 server time with the goal of achieving the most we can with the time we have. We're a home for different types of players with a wide variety of playstyles. The members of the raid team have a long history of high end raiding and we’re looking to continue that with players who share our goals and mindset. We are fully committed as a team and a guild to return to mythic raiding with a solid foundation of players who enjoy playing and progressing together. Currently we are working on heroic Antorus as we move forward with this goal. We also regularly do mythic plus together. What can you expect from us? ... What do we expect from you? ... Recruitment ... You can read more about our guild on our website affinity.enjin.com or contact one of our officers for more information: Storm (Storm#22774) Sarah (Luminea#2664) Jenn (Nili#2893)Vignette73 4h
4h (A) RoV is recruiting - casual/mature (8/11HC) History of RoV Remnants of Valhalla is a guild formed by experienced wow-players who've been playing together since vanilla / tbc, with more players tagging along trough the expansions. We played on the server Vek'nilash where we were in the top 3 progress guilds. After disbandening in Cataclysm due to irl reasons of the leadership, we decided to reform the guild with WoD and return to Frostmane. We did fairly well at the start of WoD and cleared full heroic and a few mythic bosses. After we got to 5/13M HFC, raid attendance started to go backwards as players got tired of this expansion. We decided to take a break till legion. The leftover raiders got to 13/13M. Legion RoV is a progress based raiding guild with a close-knit group of friends. Our focus will be on raiding in a relaxed and fun environment while keeping focus high in order to get those bosses down. Our main priority is to have a nice time after a hard day of work. We are a 2-day raiding guild with some side event when we feel like it (farming gear, achievement runs, m+ spam, ...). We're a guild open for those friendly, slightly more casual players that just want to enjoy the game while also clearing the raids. Our main focus is clearing everything on heroic and once everything is on farm on hc, we'll go for mythic progress. Current progress: 7/7 EN HC 3/7 EN Mythic 3/3 ToV HC 10/10 NH HC 9/9 ToS HC 4/9 ToS Mythic 11/11 Antorus nm 8/11 Antorus HC We are not running with strict guildrules as we don't want that playing this game feels like a chore. That being said, we do expect ppl to follow the 'usual' guildrules, such as proper behaviour, being on time when you sign up for events, be prepared,... We do not react very well on 'slackers'. Our raid days: Wednesday 20.00 - 23.00 Sunday 20.00 - 23.00 Recruitment open for: Melee dps Retridin Ranged dps Boomkin Warlock Healers Holy / disc priest Tanks Closed Don't be affraid to apply even if your class isn't mentioned above. Exceptional applications will always be concidered. What we do NOT want in our guild: Dramaqueens Elitist jerks Loot!@#$%s We will always make sure that we get to know a bit about the people joining us before accepting them into the guild, this as a matter of precaution, in both ways. Therefore we expect everyone that is interested in joining to make an application on our website and/or having an ingame chat with an officer. Also accepting players that just wanna do m+ and social players. Does this sound like the guild for you? Feel free to apply at: http://rov-guild.enjin.com/recruitment You can also check our guild video to see what we are all about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKJYVbv447Y Or wisper any officer ingame if you're interested in joining us. For more information, you can visit our website (above) or contact any of the officers ingame: Podolski (Podolskí#2548) - GM Xarial - Recruitment officer (Xarial 2863) Sakamura - Recruitment officer (SakamuraBXL#2492) Anomandera - Melee officer Murck - Raid leader Tincell - Raid leader -The RoV officer team-Shaely79 4h
5h [H] Draenor - Hug My Pug 5/11HC - Casual Raiding. [H] Draenor -EU - Hug My Pug - Casual Raiding Guild With Antorus, the Burning Throne at our doorstep, Hug My Pug is currently looking for additional members to fill our rooster. We are raiding 2 times a week, Thursday and Sunday 19:00-22:30 server time. Who are Hug My Pug? We are a guild who migrated from Bloodhoof PVE to Draenor March 2017 to seek addition members to our rooster, since our previous server died out. We started out as a small group within a guild called Cold Turkey and grew from there to where we are now. We still believe in a balance between raids being fun and enjoyable without being too hardcore, however do do acknowledge that the current game content requires abit more than the casual play we used to expect from our members. While we try to keep a relaxed attitude, the content we attempt is difficult and needs a level of focus and commitment. We raid in a pretty civil fashion, we’re a diverse bunch and we more than appreciate that real life comes first. If this sounds interesting, have a quick look at our website. The next step is to apply, don't worry. It's not a 10 page application form, but we hope you take the opportunity to actually tell us a bit about yourself. Current Progression Raid: 5/11HC Antorus | 11/11N Antorus Past Progression: 9/9HC | 9/9N | 5/10M NH | 10/10HC NH | 10/10N NH | 7/7HC EN | 7/7M EN | 3/3HC ToV | Loot: RCLootCouncil + EPGP Tanks: Closed Healer: Closed RDPS: Open (Any) MDPS: Closed Raiding times: Thursday 19:00 - 22:30 Sunday 19:00 - 22:30 Website: http://hugmypug.enjin.com If you have any additional questions, contact me on battlenet: - NightY#2194Bruceleäfs87 5h
5h <Rohnin> is recruiting Rohnin (Silvermoon) is recruiting for Antorus ! If you are a Social player or someone that likes to raid at semi-hardcore level, then Rohnin is the guild for you! We have all sorts of players for all ages, sex, nationalities and levels. Rohnin has been around for over 7 years now and has been growing ever since. We love to be a friendly guild that helps out as much as we can. We use Teamspeak3 most days for raids and for the social side of the game. We have 2 Raiding teams that are always looking for bright new players with the will to move forward in progression. Team RES our Core Mythic team raiding Mon/Wed 19:45pm-23:00pm ST. Team RES is a team that will push through as much content as we can, with the aim of a full Mythic clear. Current recruitment team RES (7/11 H ATB) : - Ranged dps (pref elem shaman) Team ART our HC team that is also looking for progression, but with a little more relaxed pace. This doesn't mean that Team ART is only for the slackers. No Team ART has ex Mythic players in the team that want a more relaxed environment but with steady progression. Raid times for Team ART are Thur/Sun 19:45-23:00h ST. Current recruitment team ART (2/11 H ATB) : - Dedicated healer (Paladin/Priest) - Ranged dps (pref with good healing OS) So if you are interested in joining one of our teams and think you got what it takes, or you just wish to join our forever growing social guild just as a social, then feel free to contact myself Laduni (feel free to add me on Bnet : Shopaholic#1537) or one of our online Officers. Best regards from all of us at Rohnin. Website : www.rohnin.euLaduni2 5h
5h [A]<Judge> | 5/11M, 9/9M | 3 Nights - LF RDPS/Heal! <Judge> on Alonsus is recruiting for Antorus and beyond. We've been on Alonsus as a raiding guild since The Burning Crusade, and most of our members have raided at a high level in past expansions, but are now looking to get content done with less of a time commitment. During Nighthold we raided 2 nights a week with an optional heroic clear, but we moved to a 3-night raid schedule for Tomb: Wednesday, Sunday & Tuesday. In addition to the raid nights, the guild is active on non-raid nights doing Mythic+, PvP, and levelling/gearing alts (the drunken alt-raid is almost a Judge tradition by now ;-)). Raid times: Wednesday - 20.00-00.00 Server Time. Sunday - 20.00-00.00 Server Time. Tuesday - 20.00-00.00 Server Time. There will be a break for around 10 minutes, approximately half way through a standard 4 hour raid Legion Raid Stats: Kiljaeden M - Realm #2, World #694 Gul'dan M - Realm #2, World #1144 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_F7XiD_7k4 Helya M - Realm #1, World #818 Xavius M - Realm #4, World #2892 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UmNAthH1Wos Raiding rules: LootFor all main team raiding content, loot will primarily be distributed via loot council unless otherwise stated at the start of the raid. RC Loot Council is a prerequisite for getting any loot. Loot will be distributed to provide the highest impact to the raid as a whole. This may mean pushing certain pieces or set bonuses to key classes or players within the group. If a Bind on Equip Epic item drops during a guild organised event: 1) If it is a sizeable upgrade for anyone in the raid, standard loot council applies. 2) If it is of minimal or no value as a gear upgrade to anyone, it must be traded to an officer so that it can be sold to fund cauldrons and feasts. Please ensure that when bidding on a piece of loot using RC Loot Council, you are being honest and basing upgrades off an up to date sim of your character. Only an upgrade of 10% or more is "Major". Attendance and Punctuality Please aim to be online and available from 19:45ST on raid days, the aim is to get the group together in time for a first boss pull at 20:00ST. If you are online after 19:45ST, you must be free to join the raid group. Any raiding organised outside of standard raiding hours or additional days is entirely optional, so please don't feel obliged to attend. Even on nights you are online and available, there is no guarantee that you will be raiding on a specific encounter. We will try to rotate fairly and provide transparency to allow players sat out a night off rather than a night sat in the wings for no reason - however, please understand that things don't always go to plan. The quicker the first kill of a boss, the sooner everyone in the team gets their own first kill. PreparationYou are expected to have sufficiently researched relevant bosses before beginning progress on them. It is unacceptable to be wasting the time of the rest of the team that did prepare adequately. You should be looking through logs and class forums in advance to find out which talent builds are most appropriate for a given encounter, as well as any other class or role specific tips. Your gear should be fully gemmed and enchanted to the highest level. You should have sufficient consumables to last a full raid and they should be fully optimised for your role. No slacking on Potions of Old War or Deadly Grace if those are optimal for your role on a specific encounter over Prolonged Power. We will aim to bring sufficient feasts and cauldrons to cover the raid, however you should have your own food and flasks available in stock as well. Healthstones are not allowed for non-Warlocks. Ensure you always have several stacks of Healing Tonics in your bags and get in the habit of making proper use of them. Every raider is expected to complete at least 1 Mythic +15 dungeon each week, to ensure maximum ilvl loot from the chest. PerformanceDuring a raid, please try to avoid being AFK except during organised breaks. If you notice anyone is causing repetitive failures or wipes, please let an officer know and we can address it with them in private. If it is evident that someone has not prepared sufficiently for an encounter or is performing significantly under par, they may be switched out for another raider. Obviously, everyone makes mistakes and we are not looking to penalise people just because of where they are on a learning curve! AttitudeWe want a team of players who are able to continually improve. This means looking back at your past performance in logs or videos and identifying what you should do differently. This means looking forward to new encounters and making sure you've got the right build for the job ready when we start it. This means looking at what the rest of the raid is doing and if you see a fault or have an idea, bring it up with the officers to discuss. All raiders are expected to take criticism of their performance in their stride and not as a personal affront. Criticism should always be used constructively and not just as an excuse to be a dick. Finally, remember that we are all here to enjoy the game and kill some bosses! Recruitment We're currently recruiting Ranged DPS players, with a strong preference for a Hunter or a Mage as well as a healer with strong preference for Holy Paladin or Priest. If the above sounds like it could be interesting for you, please get in touch with one of our officers in-game for a chat. Contact us Shae (Trickery#2500), Maltheras (XtremeBean#2219), Malefic/Gaxar (Gaxar#2576) or Ikeus (Ikeus#2404) can be contacted if you have any questions about the guild or are interested in joining.Shae153 5h
5h [H] Regulators - Draenor - Recruiting PvE HC-> M Regulators is recruiting for Antorus. We raid twice a week; Thursday and Sunday 20:30 - 23:30. Currently we are looking for DPS (Non Protector Token & high prio Rogue/SP/) (935+ ilvl) We are 6/11 HC in ANT. We have a group of good core raiders (about 20) who have played this game (and others) together for a long time, and on various levels. In Antorus we do want to progress into Mythic and therefore looking to increase our roster to 25+ active HC raiders out of which we will then form a raid team to go into Mythic. We are looking for good, friendly and patient players who are looking to raid in a relaxed atmosphere, but play their characters well and make the most out of the limited raid time that we have. We expect you to play your character well. We do not mind if you do not constantly grind your AP, and are "behind" on AP or artifact knowledge. Just as long as you contribute to the raid team! If you are interested to join us please talk with me Theostolus, Exutan, Vladimira or Bloodypally. Regards, Borrom (Borrom#2688) http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/draenor/RegulatorsBorrom5 5h
5h Underrated-Aggramar 7/11Hc Recruiting Welcome traveler, You have arrived at the forum post for Underrated <7/11 HC Antorus>. This was a very good call. We are a casual raiding guild who pew pew twice a week. Our main focus currently is pushing through heroic intention of doing mythic once get the numbers. If you don't understand what this means think of it like this: you're at work on a Friday, your boss has let you have a beer at your desk while you count your numbers. Enjoy that beer, you're an adult - don't take advantage of the situation by !@#$%^-*!ing under the table. That would be super uncool. What we want from you is thus: * A good sense of humor - laughter and mild ridicule (unless your name is Lyp or Manoftime, in which case it's extreme) is a common sound around our guild, if you don't enjoy a laugh you won't make it far. * A desire to progress - As we will be investing heavily in you we expect no less in return. You'll communicate closely with the guild about any raids you can't attend and in every other case you'll turn up on time. * Be prepared - If you turn up with gear that isn't enchanted or gemmed then it will be pointed out for everyone to judge you, laugh at you and then make you go fix it. * Skill - You can have all the gear in the world, if you don't know your rotation then it's not worth the sock we @#$%^-*!@ed into under our desk at work last Friday. We need players that can play. * You also have to be cool with criticism, a fair bit flies around. We provide feasts every raid and to some extent provide other consumables and enchants ect, depending how hard I've been working on the bank that week (I'm pretty lazy :3). Our raid nights are as follows: Wed & Monday 8 - 10.30 Servertime. Currently we're in the Market for some skilled dps, particularly ones who are confortable playing tank or healing offspecs. We also have roughly a million geared alts which venture frequenty into ToS to get our grubby little hands on some bangin loot; quite successfully I might add. If you think Underrated is the home for you then you should hit me up: Sazz#11747 or whisper anyone online and they'll point you in the right direction. Thanks for taking the time to read this. See you later alligator, UnderratedWelpish1 5h
6h [A-Silvermoon-EU] <Just Awful> 9/11 HC Late night guild <Just Awful> Late Night Raiding Guild - EU Silvermoon Just Awful is the top late night raiding guild on Silvermoon-EU. We raid within a friendly atmosphere combined with a competitive attitude, and we are currently looking for a few new members to bolster our ranks as we move into Antorus: The Burning Throne. Raid schedule. Thursday - 2300 to 0200 (Server Time) Sunday - 2300 to 0200 (Server Time) Monday - 2300 to 0200 (Server Time) We are now progressing through Antorus with Mythic progression scheduled to begin after the Christmas break. We require: 1 x Restoration Druid 1 x Balance Druid Other classes than those specified will be considered, so don't be afraid to get in touch! About the guild. Just Awful was formed to give a place for new and returning players whose lives might not allow for the traditional schedules of most guilds a chance to experience high level endgame content at an accessible time. Many of us are experienced and dedicated raid leaders with a history of competitive play across many genres, and love helping people experience raiding without the elitist attitude. We expect success, but we don't berate anyone over mistakes. A quiet word of advice is all it takes. While we focus heavily on successful raid progression, it's not all we do. We have a thriving and diverse social scene, and a busy /g channel filled with helpful and friendly guild members who run Mythic+ pushes, Timewalking and weekly quest completion etc. Even if you are looking to just be sociable while you get on with your day to day play, Just Awful could be the place for you! What we want from you. Respect your fellow guild members - We have a strong belief that no person should be made to feel uncomfortable, so please be aware of your team mates. Be on time and be prepared. Invites go out fifteen minutes before raid time, with everyone gemmed and enchanted with flasks and food ready. Listen, learn and understand. We value hard work and a willingness to improve your play. We will always offer constructive advice firmly but fairly. Contacts In game: Azurein-Silvermoon, Taycess-Silvermoon, Greph-Silvermoon, Darnias-Silvermoon, Balthazae-silvermoon, Klàra-silvermoon Discord: Azurein#9986 Taycess#9305 tempus02#4076 Greph#4086 integ#5515Azurein12 6h
6h Lock & Rogue LF Raiding Guild On [H]Draenor Hello there a friend of mine and I are currently looking for a raiding guild on Draenor - Horde Side that's around 11/11 HC Antorus or higher! At the moment I play Warlock. As for specs, I play Affliction as my main spec and Destruction as an offspec. Currently I'm 75 traits into Affliction and 72 into Destruction and my friend plays Rogue he just came back from a break after quitting at the start of mythic nighthold. We cannot raid at all on Thursday - Friday - Saturday regardless of hours. Any other day is fine. As for the hours, We can work with any times that are within this time frame (18:30 - 00:30) This is a written application that should have most of the information that you'd need please read the application and then contact me, it also contains all links which include logs and armory :) Dertah's Application:(https://pastebin.com/usgwq9bc) Foddy's Application:(https://pastebin.com/r5Dv9weU) Ideally we're looking for a guild that raids 2-3 days a week and aiming to get cutting edge this tier while having a community rather than just people logging on for raids and not to be seen until next raid day. P.S:These are deal breakers for us. If the voice comms are anything other than Teamspeak or Discord. If the Loot system is EPGP or DKP. If you cannot accept both Foddy and I together! Feel free to contact me to discuss things further :D BTag: Dertah#2342Dertah0 6h
6h Warrior (Dps) LF Mythic raiding guild (Horde only) Hi there, Returning player after a few months due to irl problems looking for a guild for Mythic Aantorus and into the next expansion. Highly experienced mythic raider with a lot of past achievements. A little about me, well to start with my current exp in Legion is as follows, Cleared all tier 19 except ToV on mythic while it was current, and up to 5/9 mythic ToS before guild crumbled and ended up taking a prolonged break from wow. Most of my experience was on my Demon Hunter however looking for a fresh start back on my old main (this warrior) My past exp peaked during cataclysm with world 20th Firelands and Dragon Soul clears. I'm a pretty chilled person always up for a raid or m+ when settled in a guild and willing to help out other players (m+, raids, alts, pvp and other games) I can provide logs etc if they are still up for my past raids. I have been an experienced tank in the past, although a little rusty now on the raid side of things I did to a lot of M+ (boosting and pushing) at the start of the expansion before Nighthold released. Currently both specs are 950 Ilevel with 75 traits in fury and 72 in protection, only came back to my warrior when Antorus the burning throne released. I will stress that the biggest negativity about my warrior is being a little behind on legendaries however I am playing basically almost all the time to acquire the desired ones for fury at the moment however I could swap over my specialisation to protection if required. My preference would be to stay as dps though. https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/draenor/aytren is My DH just an fyi however My main alt would be my paladin (Which I would be open to roll over to) https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/tarren-mill/eldaris (armoury not updated it's a little better than show but not a lot) I am a little behind for high progress but hopefully by next week if pugging (>.<) goes well my tier bonus will hopefully be completed. As a player I consider myself very skilled and adaptable and as a person as said just chilled out and ready to have fun :). Looking for somewhere either Alliance or Horde to clear and finish off this expansion in Antorus and going further into Battle for Azeroth. Basically able to play most days but scheduled raiding would be preferably after 1900 ST and I am pretty much never available on Tuesdays for scheduled events ( I may be around but usually quite busy :p) Also no way will I go back to alliance side so sorry guys its an auto no for alliance joes ;)Aralen1 6h
6h Legacy Reroll Guild @Ravencrest Horde Greetings! Growing frustrated by the AP grind? Looking for a change? Desire to try something new? Feeling nostalgic all the sudden? Then <Back In Time> Might be just what you are looking for! A few friends and I have decided to start a so called reroll 'legacy' guild - with the mindset that we'll be leveling to 60 (with no heirlooms obviously) then start raiding Vanilla content, spend about a month per tier and after we've cleared every raid per expansion we level up to next expansion. We have a strong desire for creating a tight knit community filled with banter & friendship! We are not elitists so we are very open to bringing in people who are new to the game who would like to experience old content - Basicly: Anyone is welcome! We will be raiding Wednesdays & Sundays 20:00 - 24:00 - No raid extending. Until we get to spesific expansions such as Wrath of the Lich King/ Mists of Pandaria we won't allow Death Knight's or Monks. To make Vanilla/TBC content a bit harder than it is currently we'll hopefully be running a 10-15 man roster to make it as real as we can, considering a 40man team in a 40man raid will just faceroll the raids. Server: Ravencrest Faction: Horde Start date: 16/10 - 2017, however lvling needs to be done so raiding won't start on first week obviously. If you are interested and decide that this is something you'd like to participate in then please don't hesitate to contact an officer on discord; Lalochezia#9183 Edolwa#3640 Beeq01#7532Lalochezia39 6h
6h (H) 949 Rsham LF new raiding guild Goodday all, Thank you for reading my post in advance :) As you might guess, I'm on the lookout for a new guild. Now to not waste a lot of your time, here is my "wish-list": - 20man mythic team - Core spot; - Prefer Horde - Realm: prefer any PvE realm; - Available times starting any server time. - Willing to raid 3-5 nights a week, Why am I in search of a new guild? I started raiding seriously late WotLK and have been raiding HC content from that point onwards. That is until several of my mates decided to just quit playing WoW for their own reasons, By the way, my current progression is 9/11hc antorus 11hc on my alt 6/9mythic last tier The person behind the computer: The age of 33 is several years behind me, but still young enough to see void zones and be able to react fast enough :P Attendance is as near to 100% as a married guy with 2 kids can guarentee. I think it has happened once or twice this year where I had to cancel my sign up or had to leave mid raid due to RL stuff. Skills?? Well, I like to think I got "some" skills :P I'm using WCL to check up on myself. I use the theorycrafting sites. Got in- and outside knowledge of my class + spec . Can use Ventrilo, TeamSpeak, Mumble and also any other voice comms got a mic, not affraid to use it :) im not the best at applications i prefare voice interviews if possible :) Okay then :) Please leave your information down below in a reply with a link to your guild thread, guild website, Battle tag or any other possible information for me to check up on your guild and contact you :DÓrígin0 6h
6h LF achievement completion guild Hi everyone, I'm a casual player enjoying all the aspects of the game. What I mainly do is trying to complete achievements mostly in raids and dungeons (legacy ones included). If you are a member of such a guild and you want more member like me add me to discuss more I play more on horde but on alliance some time too. btag: Xerthius#2553 Realm: Twisting NetherOatheru1 6h
7h Zenedar,Lonley Guy needs Guild If some dear wonderful soul could sign my guild that would be very helpfull.. tried to get an invite but Zenedar alliance seems to be awful quiet :8 Feeling abit lonley so please let me join or sign my guild /Your Healer BlueHealerBluehealer0 7h
7h [A] Ape Enclosure-Alonsus // LF Mythic enthousiasts. Hey there, We are Ape Enclosure, we are a new formed guild on the realm of Alonsus. We exist since Tomb of Sargeras. We are currently 1/11 Mythic Antorus and aim for a full mythic clear. Not hardcore tho. We are looking for some new additions to our raid team. We are looking for a few DPS. At the moment we love to get RANGED dps, but any exceptional player is welcome. We raid 3 times a week, monday, wednesday and thursday. All days are from 20.00-23.00 ST. (Be there at 19.45) If you want to apply we expect you to be available for as much raids as possible, we do understand however that in real life can happen and that stuff can come up. We also have fun raid at fridays for alts or people that don't do mythic/heroic raiding. (normal run) If you have any questions about us you can always contact our Co-GM and Raid Leader Cahea. (Ynstinction#2432) He will get back to you asap. (Discord = Ynstinction#8272) We try to keep everyone happy and are a really social guild who are doing keys on a daily bases and sometimes we do some rbg's or arena's. Thanks, hope to talk to you soon! https://www.wowprogress.com/pve/eu/connected-alonsus https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/282311Caheá10 7h
7h [A] Craze on Kilrogg recruiting for mythic Antorus Craze has been a raiding guild on Kilrogg since October 2007. We are still run by the same officer team that originally set up the guild, which provides us with great stability and a friendly environment. A move to Craze is a guarantee of joining an experienced guild that wants to progress mythic raiding in Legion, as well as the next expansions. We are recruiting for our main raid team and are not looking for bench warmers. New members at this point can expect the opportunity to cement a raid spot in a mature, experienced end-game guild that wants clear all current mythic content. While we don't actively chase ranks due to our semi-hardcore mentality, we achieve Realm ~4/World ~1500 on each tier anyway. Our raid days are Wednesday-Sunday-Monday 20:00-23:30 Server time. We offer an ever present community in all aspects of the game. Our members can be found online late into the night; there's always something going on, most notably Mythic+. Such groups form at any hour of any day depending on player interest. We have an understanding officer team: we've been active for 10 years; we have real life commitments too. We are not going to chain you to your computer when you have family / exam / work commitments. If you like what you see and think you will be a good match for the guild, you can post an application on our website at http://www.crazekilrogg.enjin.com For inquiries, please add any of the following: Battle.net: Danedeluka#2342 Friedel#2169 Nambi#2874 Discord: Danedeluka#8904 Friedel#9829 Atai#3385 Ask any of our members to see if we are online on any alts.Haanen8 7h
8h <Contenance> (since 2008) looking for people Antorus The guild: "Contenance" (started in wotlk 2008) i is back up after a Summerbreak and recruiting for Antorus. Most of the maincore people are still with us but some people stop playing. We are in Need for some more DPS to have some fun in our Raids and make progress a little more. Anyway since we are a social raiding guild we dont command you to be there every raid we just ask you to sign (accept, tentative or decline on our raid calendar) This guild have a lot of people who like to help out eachother with anything in game dont be afraid to ask :) Raiddays (Progression): Wednesday Thursday Monday Raid time: 20.30 untill 22.30 Our focus is atm on getting a decent group to get some progress in Antorus hc and mythic after if we get the people. Enchants and gems are sponsored by the guild for Raiders also we profide food tables on progression raids and maybe soon cauldrons(flask). We have our own Discord chanel where people are always welkom to join https://discord.gg/TZStK7G If your interested send a message here below or wisper one of the following people or find us at discord : Tempanda Ricopol Shirkuh Iceler We also have some people who are doing high M+ keys and some battlegrounds. Warcraft logs will be posted after every raid so everyone can look on it. All guild-Heirlooms/Mounts/Pets unlocked as guild maybe also a plus if you dont have those yet ;) Hope to see you soon Regards, ContenanceRicopol6 8h
8h [H-Magtheridon] <Oversight> Recruiting! <Oversight> is a Horde guild on EU-Magtheridon. We’re currently at 4/11H AtBT and recruiting to strengthen our raid progression team to venture into mythic raiding. We are looking for people who have the basics down already, avoid puddles, dodge beams, get out of fire, stack when told and spread when needed. We are not here to teach people the basics as our team has most of those down already. The guild atmosphere is aimed more towards a mature (18+) group but we’re a friendly bunch who love to raid and also push through mythic keystones. When we’re raiding we enjoy a laugh, but when that ready check happens we want people who are focused and ready to give it their all. We do expect you to be geared to a minimum ilvl of 930 for our progression team and as part of the application process we also ask that you supply us a link to your logs at Warcraft logs so we can look at your performance. We are, however, willing to give some consideration to people who are just returning to the game and show promise on their logs but are under-geared. If you fall into this category we will discuss the situation with you privately. We raid Thursday and Sunday at 7:15pm (server time) with the first pull of the boss to be at 7:30pm. We also run social/alt raids on a Tuesday night so a social guild application is also welcome! - Please see most recent comment in this thread for our recruitment preferences! For any additional information or to apply, please visit our website at http://oversight-gaming.com.Missflick16 8h
8h [H - Kazzak] 6/9M - Recruiting Lok'tar Ogar fellow Horde and Alliance players! Issues with Tissues - Kazzak just got back to the game after having a break of 1 year. We are currently 11/11 in both Normal and Heroic. Our current goal is to rebuild a team of players with the same mindset. We want active, dedicated and skilled players who can think on their own! We are currently in need of the following classes: Healers Priest Discipline (high prio) Monk Mistweaver (high prio) Ranged DPS Hunter (high prio) Shadow Priest (low prio) Warlock (high prio) Shaman Elemental (high prio) Mage (high prio) Melee DPS only considering exceptional players Tanks Druid Guardian (high prio) Monk Brewmaster (high prio) We will look at all exceptional application's, even if they are not on the high priority list. Issues with Tissues is a 3 day raiding guild, and our motto is quality over quantity. Our raid times are: Wednesdays 19.00 - 23.00 ST Thursday 19.00-23.00 ST Sunday 19.00 - 23.00 ST We also do optional alt runs on Friday from 19.00 - 22.30 ST. Depending on peoples time. We are looking for people with the following attributes - You are a team player that puts the guilds best interest in front of your own. - Be able to take criticism. - Able to learn and adapt quickly to encounters. - High raid attendance. - Fluent and confident communication in verbal and written English. - Good class knowledge. - Independent class research for every tier. - Know-how in simcraft. - Working microphone. What we offer to our raiders: - Dedicated leading team. - Players with the same mindset as you have. - A guild with a compact schedule and great progress per hour. - A friendly guild with a great raid atmosphere. - We are currently using loot council. - Discord server as voice communication program as well as a place to hang out outside of raids with your fellow guild members and friends What we offer outside of raiding: We like to have fun outside of raids as well and you can find people on Discord during all hours of the day and/or night. We play also other games beside WoW such as Diablo, HotS, PUBG, CS:GO, (LoL) and various others. If you are a loot !@#$%s, drama queen or a lazy player, you will not fit into our roster. We are a friendly bunch of players who know how to have fun outside of raids, and focus inside. If you are unable to take a joke, you do not belong here! We do expect our guild members to respect each other, no matter if you are the GM of the guild or a Social. Our guild is run by competent people, who have extensive leadership experience. If you feel like you fit in to our roster, don't hesitate to drop an application on our website: http://tissues.enjin.com/ Or If you have any further questions you can add: GM Ðevilicious - UrPhaze#1427 Best Regards Leadership of Issues with TissuesWhatsherface18 8h
8h [A] <Vigilantes-Doomhammer> Recruiting for Antorus HC About us Vigilantes is one of the oldest guilds on Doomhammer. The guild was founded in February 2005, and has always maintained a casual, but dedicated attitude to raiding. We have a fairly large portion of active social members as well as a core raiding group. In the Legion expansion we mainly focus our efforts towards raids on Heroic difficulty, and if the situation calls for it, some Mythic progress at the end of the raid tier. Our goal is to clear all raid content on heroic well before the next raid tier is released, while having fun on the way. We are recruiting We are primarily looking for a couple of skilled DPS to improve the balance in our raid team. Both melee and ranged are welcome. If you are playing a different role, you are still welcome to apply, but we will most likely need you to be flexible in terms of which role you fill as we are currently quite high on both healers and tanks. Still, we would like you to hear from you if you feel you have something to provide for our team. Our raid times are Wednesday and Sunday, 20:00 to 23:00. From time to time we also have some activities in between the raids (i.e. normal/alt runs or mythic+ dungeons). Social applications are always open. If you'd like to get into raiding, but don't have the gear, you are free to apply as a social member, and later reapply for a position as a raider should you so wish. There will be room for regular members to join farm runs as long as you can pull your own weight. If you lack experience we'd be happy to point you towards good sources of information for your class and spec. What we hope to see from you If you are applying as a raider, we expect a fairly high attendance. You are also expected to bring consumables to the raid. Even though most of it is provided by the guild bank (food and cauldrons) you are expected to bring your own flasks and food just in case. In terms of your performance, we do expect you to have a personal interest to always improve your game. This means having all your gear up to par with enchants and gems, reading up on how to play your class/spec, and also how each raid encounter works. While expecting a good attendance percentage, we do understand that real-life calls from time to time. We do however expect you to let us know so we can plan the progression better, knowing who we expect to sign up for raids. For both raiders and social applicants, it is important for us that you fit the general personality profile of the rest of the guild. Most of us are grown ups (at least we like to think we are), and with that comes family, jobs, kids, etc. If you are enjoying our company then you'll have a great time playing WoW, and vice versa. Did we peak your interest? If you'd like to know more, please head over to our website www.vigilantes-guild.com or get in touch with any of our officers (Shadowyz, Erodin, Kazar, Tyrini, and Tordall). We are happy to answer any questions you might have before leaving your application on our forum. For information about how to apply, please visit our forum http://www.vigilantes-guild.com/forum/5 We hope to hear from you!Tordall3 8h
9h [H]Early evening raiding group for Antorus Hello everyone! Antorus is here and my friend Kalmoona and I are looking for people that are interested in early evening raiding. The raid is from 16.00 till 19.00, server time, on Wednesday and Monday. We are 11/11 NM! The reason that we are making this group is because we haven't been able to find any guild/group for that on Draenor, so we decided to make our own! Kalmoona is a Monk healer, and I am a Warlock dps, we need healers and dps, we have enough tanks now What we ask of you: Be nice to people, and patient. Have ilvl 920+ for NM, 930+ for HC, with 800k dps for the later bosses on NM and forward bosses Have decent knowledge of your class and role. Know tacts / be ready to look the up from FatBoss or similar before the fights. (We don't expect you to know Antorus bosses by heart right away, ofc.) Have flask, pots, food, whatever you need to perform your role well. What we offer you: Steady raid times that suit YOU, finally! Boss kills (most likely). A group that is nice, but also aims for steady progression from NM to HC (and eventually mythic, if possible). Also cookies! You are not required to be at Draenor realm, we will invite you through Battle.net or the group finder (as long as we know your name). Invites start 10min before raid time. In case we don't get a full group, we will pug the rest. In case it's just you, me and Kalmoona, we will probably join another group. :D in our group, loot will be personal. We don't mind if you have a full loot lockout already - instead we encourage you to kill the bosses as often as you please in order to learn the fights. Our end goal is mythic, because it's good to aim high! You can either reply on this post or send a whisper to Qatha#2923 or Kalmoona at Behera#2306 on Battle.net.Qatharyhna13 9h
9h Looking for guild that can give heirlooms (Silvermoon) Me and my friend are currently levelling on a new server (Silvermoon) and are looking for a guild that could give us some heirlooms. We currently do not have the money to buy them or a guild to buy them in. We are both level 52, I am an Undead Hunter and my friend is an Undead Rogue.Riskxvenomzz0 9h
9h [A] <Shadow> (7/9 M, Thu/Sun) recruiting for Antorus! Hello there! <Shadow> on Argent Dawn has been going since 2009. We are a close-knit community and strongly believe in recruiting people who will fit in with us rather than just whoever is topping the meters. We also believe that having a busy RL life with job/family/social commitments and committing to Mythic raiding as a hobby we're all passionate about are not mutually exclusive. We are looking to bolster our line-up to push for Cutting Edge in Antorus. About us We progress raid Thursdays and Sundays, 20:00-23:00 and 19:30-22:30 respectively (all times server time) We have a non-mandatory farm raid Fridays at 20:30 that socials and alts are welcome to We use Discord for voice communication and have an active server to hang out, chat, and organise M+ runs We maintain a mature environment - having a laugh is great, but bullying, endless meme-spamming and the like are not welcome We believe in learning from your mistakes - you will never be yelled at, but you will be asked whether you know what you did wrong and how you can fix it What we expect from recruits Sign up to raids ahead of time and give us a heads-up in case of longer absences Be there 15 minutes before raid start and bring your own consumables as back-up to feasts and cauldrons Do your homework - research encounters thoroughly and understand them Understand and know how to play your class Have Discord installed and a working microphone, ready to speak when required but without cluttering up comms with chatter You don't need to grind to the point of burn-out, but keep up with AP traits and do M+ to hone your skills and supplement your gear Be a team player and bring a positive attitude. Wipes happen in Mythic. Constructive feedback is great, backseat raid leading is not. What we are currently looking for A rule that applies to all potential recruits is: We do not recruit for the bench, but we will always take the team that is most likely to defeat the boss and cannot promise everyone they will always be in for every fight. When things are equal in terms of performance and required composition, we much prefer to rotate people in and out over benching someone for an entire night. One Healer - Paladin preferred, but any class that isn't priest will be considered One Tank - Bear, Brewmaster or Blood DK Melee DPS - got one spot for a Rogue Ranged DPS - Boomkins, Shadow Priests, Warlocks and Hunters If this sounds like the guild for you, check us out at shadow-wow.enjin.com or contact the Co-GMs NevNev#2669 and Alec#2922 for more info! See you in Antorus!Nevaera4 9h
9h (A) lf mythic+ / (maybe raid team) Dear reader, im in a little bit of troubel at the moment. Most of my friends changed to horde side because of the upcomming add-on and in my guild there are not realy active ppl. So i was wondering if some ppl would like to stard a m+ group to push some keys* and maybe going to raid togather. :) Im not a super pro but i think over all im doing ok. I could come as: Heal Shamy, Prot Pala, Arcance Mage (the arcane mage is a bit outdated but it would be fast to fix i guess haha), i was also thinking about transfering my monk over, so if that would be better i would do it. Personally im i would say not the most serius person so i make a joke here and there :D But if im dedicated to something i give my best to achive it. My online times are: MO-FR 19:20-0:00/1:00 (I usully have 1 day off in the week because i work saturdays) Sa: 16:30-???? and ofc full sunday. These are the usuel times. Ofc when i meet someone or go out it can be different. But i think it gives a good overview. Im German so please dont hate me for all the wrong written words. <.< If you have any questions feel free to write here or on discord: Hakuru#4815 Atm im not so much online because im not realy motivated to always run with pugs. Thanks for taking the time reading. Have a great day! Kind regards, Yuji Server: Argent Dawn *highest key i did was +12 yet.Yuji1 9h
10h <H> Frozen Wrath - 8/11 Antorus (H) Frozen Wrath - Kazzak Formally a social guild we have now decided to take the step into raiding. We are now looking for players to help us progress through ToS and the next raid tier! Progress: 8/11 Antorus Heroic 11/11 Antorus Normal 4/9 Tomb of Sargeras Mythic 9/9 Tomb of Sargeras Heroic Raid Days: Wednesday - 20:00-23:00 Monday - 20:00-23:00 Currently Recruiting more players to continue our progress through Mythic Mainly looking for ranged DPS: Hunters Warlocks Spriests Also recruiting healers, all classes considered! What we can offer you: *Raiding in a relaxed but progressive atmosphere *An active player-base where people are always willing to help and run Mythic+ as well as levelling alts etc. *Friendly players who hang out on Discord and always welcome you online. What we ask of you: *Know your class! We expect you to keep on top of your class' changes and updates and put effort into getting the best you can out of it. *Showing up prepared for raids - repaired, flasks, food etc. *Know tactics and make sure you have the correct addons. On progress we expect wipes, everyone makes mistakes but we expect people to learn from them. The raid leaders have the say on which tactics we go with for each fight - suggestions are always welcome before or after a pull (not during a fight). We do enjoy having fun and joking in raid, but on boss fights (especially progression) we expect people to be serious and pay attention. All applications will be considered even if your class is not listed above. To apply to our guild please contact us over b-net: Saetharia#2998 / Deyllo#2451. Socials always welcome! /S <3Saetharia77 10h
10h {A} Alonsus - Frequency - 6/11 Heroic - Looking for DPS Frequency is a raiding guild on the Eu server Alonsus, we have been together raiding consistently now since 2008. We ourselves are a mature group of adults, priding ourselves on mutual respect with players from all over the Eu and different backgrounds and can offer a relaxed and friendly environment for Both our raiders and Social players. Our main focus is Raiding high end mythic content, while enjoying all other aspects of the game. We are always looking for keen & experienced raiders with the ability to fit well into a team and come prepared for each raid. We want to see you giving 100% to your class and your team while having a shared interest in high level progression & having respect for one another. These are important qualities we look for in our raiders as we plan to push progress as hard as we can in Legion Returning to the game after a break? No problem. We can offer you a social spot where you are able to join raids at the weekend, getting to know raiders while catching up to a level you need to be at to finally Join the main team. We like to think everyone deserves a chance and we can offer you that here. Our website for More Info & getting to know us better - https://frequencyalonsus.wixsite.com/warcraft We are currently Recruiting - Tank - This role is considered at this time Ranged - Caster dps is required at this time Melee Dps - All classes at this time are being considered Raiding: 20.00 - 23.00 ST Wed-Thur-Mondays  Current progress: 9/9 H TOS 3/9 M 6/11 H Antorus We also Run a social raid on Sundays where members in the guild can join main team raiders in raid content. Don't like applications? that is No problem either. Application process can be done over a chat. Gm/officers - Toobashed, Popejon, Cheeki, Ultimesia Michelle#2280 is my personal Battlenet if you fancy a chat :DCheeki186 10h
10h [A] Et Lux (Lightbringer) - 5/11HC - recruiting Et Lux In Tenebris Lucet - Lightbringer While not a hardcore raiding guild we do take our raiding and raid team serious to ensure progress for the individual raider and the guild itself. You prefer a guild that prefers personality over skill, meaning that they rather have a nice player that can - and will if needed - improve, but is a great person instead of a very skilled player that is a bit of a (unladylikeword). Raid days/time: Wednesday, Thursday, Monday 19.45 - 22.30 realm time We have a few full time spots open in our main team. On Sundays we host an optional alt run to which we also invite guildies who have had no chance to join our main team but want to raid in the guild environment. As most of us are adults we would prefer raiders to be 20+ which makes it easier to form a solid raid team (we are aware that younger raiders at times are exceptional at their class but education/parents too often interfere with their raid plans :) We have a very active social side which includes doing a lot of things together especially the weekly dungeons, +mythic dungeons, achievements, helping each other out with our complete maxed profs and short, have a good relaxed atmosphere with great people from all over the world. If you know and enjoy your class, can make sure that you are undisturbed on our raid nights and enjoy a few hours with like minded people wiping to success, feel free to add fuge#2659 for a more in-depth chat or if you are on Lightbringer/Mazrigos feel free to contact anyone in the guild to direct you to the right person online at that moment. Our guild has been around since 2010, and since we started raiding in 2011 we have never called raids :) Right now we have full time DPS spot open for a Mage and a RogueSelan6 10h
10h (A)<GLHF> 6/11 HC Weekend Raid Guild LFM Hi all. For latest recruitment needs please see the latest post on this thread or visit the website at https://glhflightbringer.enjin.com. GLHF is an established weekend HC raiding guild on Lightbringer/Mazrigos. Up to now our goal has been to clear the current raid up to HC level before the release of new content. We do however clear with plenty of time to spare and we have now started to step into mythic, with our current progress being 2/9M. At present while we boost our roster, we are farming HC until the Antorus raid arrives. 1. We raid Saturday and Sunday 20.00 - 23.00 server time, with inv's going out about 10-15 mins b4 raid start. 2. We are a mature and friendly group of people. We class ourselves as a casual guild but we expect people to know their class and roles in the raid, and to be able to concentrate for the full 3 hours. We don't expect you to rank every fight but we do expect you to make a meaningful contribution to the team. If you're struggling a bit we like to try and help people to improve rather than just remove them. We may bring you for farm bosses and then progress bosses later on when you're doing better. 3. We don't like drama, people obsessed with loot, players who don't move out of crap b/c it hurts their dps, rude or abusive people, lazy people, or people who can't open their mouths without using the F word. We work as a team here, respect the people we play with, and expect peeps to be fairly considerate. Don't think we don't have fun b/c we do. We just know when to have a laugh and when it's time to focus :) 4. Although quite a few of us have raided mythic before, this is the first time we have decided to raid mythic in this guild. Our aim is not currently to achieve Cutting Edge. We want to clear HC and get the curve, and then get as many mythic bosses as we can before new content. If you're a hardcore raider this isn't the place for you. We won't be stressing about the speed we clear at too much. We'll just be clearing HC and then onto mythic as a natural progression. 5. Plenty of the guild enjoy mythic + as well outside of raids. We also regularly make time for alt runs where possible. 6. We only take people over 18 for raiding. Here's what we would like from you: 1. Reliability. You need to be able to make a minimum of 75% of the raids. Turn up on time for raiding. 2. Good knowledge of your class and spec. 3. Prepared for raids with enchants, pots, flasks etc (guild can often help with these). 4. A positive, helpful, 'can do' attitude. Negative people don't help our team. 5. Working headset and mic and decent PC. We use Discord for raids. We like people to be able to speak if needed during raids although it's not mandatory. 6. Able to just brush off wipes and go again. The only slightly grumpy person here is me and I'm the GM and RL, quite old and sarcastic, but otherwise generally harmless :) 7. A reasonable amount of play time to advance your character (i.e. in Legion this has meant working on your artifact weapon ofc). We don't want people who just log on for raids, get loot, then log off until the next weekend. If this sounds like a guild you'd like to call home then apply at: https://glhflightbringer.enjin.com/joinus Add me on Bnet Dodger#2127 for any raid and guild related questions, or just pop a reply here. Many Thx, Max.Maxxed12 10h
10h Fury Warrior LF "Weekend" raiding guild Hi, I quit raiding 6 months ago and i am looking to get back into it. Due to a new job i am only able to raid on Friday/Saturday/Sunday. I last raided NH 10/10 HC and 3/10 M. Im looking for chill raiding team to have fun and down some content. B-tag : Holyrunner#2645 Server : Bronze Dragon-Flight ( Will change if needed) Thanks,Holyrunner1 10h
11h [A] MM hunter looking for weekend raiding guild Hello! Recently came back, had a break during ToS, looking for new home, because getting into Antorus pugs is a nightmare. I'm 25 and I work shifts so I will not be able to attend every friday, but most likely every saturday and sunday. Not willing to switch factions. Currently 938 (don't know why armory is not updated) with AoE legendaries, still don't have BiS ones, no set pieces since I can't get into any raid, mostly doing mythic+. My b.tag - SadCocoa#2184 Cheers!Wildheart0 11h