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20s [7/7M 2/3M 8/10H] Rhapsody Recruiting Rhapsody is a progress raiding guild on Magtheridon Horde. Our guild aim is to clear all current content at the highest level we can, while keeping a relaxed and friendly raiding environment. We also hope to achieve server first ranking, to keep raiding competitive. You can watch raids of the guild here: https://www.twitch.tv/kailera What we look for: We expect all of our raiders to be prepared for raids, and perform to the best of their ability. We also look for a good sense of humor and general friendly and laid back attitude to any of our applicants. We also expect our raiders to be constantly improving themselves where possible so we can always progress at a high level. We aren’t a guild that does any hand-holding, but we also encourage people to ask for advice when they feel they need it. As we are aiming for server first rankings we expect our raiders to have as high raid attendance as possible. We respect real life happens and that 100% attendance is impossible to achive. What you can expect: We are a guild comprised of experienced veterans who have all raided at a high level. Raid wills be organised and focused, but relaxed and fun also. We expect high quality from our raiders so we give high quality back. We don’t have a tense guild environment and want everyone to be able to enjoy themselves. We also respect that real life happens and sometimes you can’t make a raid. All we ask is that you let us know in advance, so we can shuffle the raid team accordingly. We fully cleared Normal and Heroic Emerald Nightmare in our first week of the guild being around, which includes us two shotting Xavius on Heroic. This is the kind of quality we look to give back to all of our raiders. Raid times: Wednesday 20:00-23:00 Thursday 20:00-23:00 Sunday 20:00-23:00 Recruitment We are currently open to all potential applicants. Even if your class is not listed, do not hesitate to apply! We welcome all applicants who feel they would fit in with our team. Recruiting: Balance Druid Elemental Shaman Mage Healer (NOT PALADIN OR RESTO SHAMAN) (I am afraid we are not looking for the following for the moment. This may change in the future. Healers Tanks) You can apply at http://rhapsody-mag.enjin.com/home Just join the website and post an application on the forums using the template provided. You can also add us to Btag with any further questions. Jani#2877 – Recruitment Officer (me) Friez#2216 – Guild Master Znoopy#2515 - Raid Leader Fulika#2208 – OfficerVafler88 20s
45s [H]Draenor-Taunt & Run 3/10HC Recruiting Hello! I'm Zaite, one of the Officers in Taunt and Run (previously Illidorable); a semi-hardcore Guild with high goals for our raiders. A Bit About Us Taunt and Run is a relatively new guild with experienced members who aim to keep things fresh & fun whilst still focussing on Mythic progression. The guild is formed by a group of friends who met during WoD & Legion and share the same view on what a guild should be and how to handle progression whilst still enjoying content and not getting worn by fast, hard progression! We're currently 3/10 HC in NH, 4/7M in EN and 3/3HC in ToV. What our Goals are Enjoying Raids, Dungeons and the expansion! Progression. We hope to clear the current Raid on Mythic, before the next tier of content is released. Getting the best person for the job. We realise that not everyone has insane raiding experience but if you're willing to learn and have fun, then look this way. Once again, to have FUN. WoW shouldn't be a job. We've all taken a step back from cutthroat teams to lessen the stress that it sometimes poses.Raiding Schedule Our schedule is quite typical, we have three raiding days with an additional, fun day for the whole guild. Server Time (GMT+1): Wednesday 19:45 - 23:00 Thursday 19:45 -23:00 Monday 19:45 - 23:00 Sunday 19:45 start (This is the optional fun raid if you wish to attend. Typically normal/farm HC runs for all guild members) Our Expectations of You Have knowledge of your class, appropriate gear, stat weights and bring the necessary flasks & food to Raids. Bring a smile and good attitude. No one wants to play with anyone who doesn't want to be there. Don't be that guy! Able to take criticisms and also not to be shy to offer criticism. Improvements to individuals will help the entire Guild. We don't expect you to make 100% of raids, but we will expect an 80% attendance from our raiders.Current Recruitment Tanks - FULL Healers - Resto Druid/Holy Priest Melee DPS - FULL Ranged DPS - Mage/Shadow Priest If you feel intrigued or want to know some more, add me on bnet GDudz#2183. Discord Applications can be found by joining this server: https://discord.gg/MjnrzVY Have a good one, Zaite.Zäite15 45s
16m EU Horde - PvE/PvP Guild looking for players <GoBoiz> is looking for Players: Guild Name: GoBoiz Region: EU Faction: Horde Server: Daggerspine PvP Connected Servers: Shattered Halls / Balnazzar / Ahn'Qiraj / Trollbane / Talnivarr / Chromaggus / Boulderfist / Daggerspine / Laughing Skull / Sunstrider About us: We are a couple of friends who enjoy this game very much and would like to create a guild were all could achieve the most out of this game. We are looking for players from Europe who are able to play a couple of hours a day. We all have families and jobs sooo... 4-7H a day - more on weekends. 1. Goals: PvE, PvP and Community * Community: We would like to create an environment where players will always have some one to play with (do WQs, M+, Arenas, BGs, Achievements etc) and never get bored; *PvP: For those interested we are aiming for 2000+ Raiting !!! Your current raiting does not matter!!! *PvE: We would like to as high M+ as possible and to finish all raids on Heroic difficulty; 2. Requirements to join: The main things we are looking for are players who want to improve, to better themselves - People who want to do harder content to achieve more than just WQs and Mythic dungeons. Although we do not see iLvL as a deciding factor we also not a boosting guild, so you are expected to be somewhat geared (Above 850). If you have a character that fits the profile alts are welcomed without the above mentioned requirements. 3. Guild Rules: The only rules that will be enforced in the guild are basic common sens. Racial, xenophobic, misogynistic, misandrist or demeaning language/attitude will not be tolerated - no matter how good you are (or think you are). Also we discourage people to try and force their beliefs, political and/or social views upon the other members of the guild. Sh*t talk is permitted as long it is in the interest of good fun and not bothering the other person. Raiding, PvP and other activities do not have set days as we would like to round up our roster before deciding. 4. Times available & time zone: GTM +0; +1; +2; +3; 5. Contact: xXxArthasxXx#2108 Blu3#2800 snake#21544 6. Communication: Romanian English French 7. VoIP: Discord - https://discord.gg/dkSFWV3 We would love to hear from you and good luck on the Broken Isles!Kenthor2 16m
24m [A] 878 Fire Mage (37 traits) LF a new home Hello reader, I'm looking for a new guild now that NH has been released this week, I've been eager to raid but currently my current low pop realm (Darksorrow) is dead when it comes to my requirements for raiding so I'm willing to realm transfer to other Alliance guilds on other realms. I like to have a trial first to get to know the guild first for a week before I commit to transfering to your server if needed. What am I looking for (in order of importance) a 2/3 day weekend evening raiding guild English speaking guild preferred (I'm Dutch so Dutch guilds are also considered) an established raiding guild since at least start of WoD at least a mid pop server, in case it doesn't work out I'd like to be on a populated server but do apply if you're on a low pop server! What can I offer you a raider that has near 100% attendance, the times I don't make it to raid is usually an emergency (either private or work related where my life depends on it) a player that knows his class (Only been raiding seriously with mage) a player that sticks to your guild until you stop raiding or kick me I guess :P a mature player a player that is up to date with strategies and always sims Raiding experience Vanilla (AQ20, ZG, Ony, MC, BWL, AQ40, Naxx) TBC (Kara, Magtheridon, Gruul, SSC, TK, Hyjal, BT) Wotlk (Naxx, OS, Ulduar, ICC) WoD (HM/BRF/HFC) About me I'm a mature player that has a very laid back attitude. When it comes to raiding I only care about the kill first then performance later. I like to go to the gym, watch football and other sports and code apps in the evening. If you think your guild is what I need then reply here or add me on jin#2887.Gniimage0 24m
30m [A]Vestige-Frostmane recruiting! Hi there. We are looking for new raiders to join us to progress as far as we can in current content and content to come! Vestige was created back in October 2015 with bunch of people who have raided together in the past, either in previous expansions or guilds. We are people who are grown up by age and limited with families, work and hobbies. We are bunch of people who consider each other friends and like to push each others limits; either in game or in teamspeak during raids. We can be quiet and focused, but we sure can be loud and big mouthing each other too. We have progressed to have 1/10 HC Nighthold, 4/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare and 3/3 HC Trial of Valor. Our raid days and times are: Tuesday 20.30-23.00 ST Wednesday 20.30-23.00 ST Thursday 20.30-23.00 ST What are we looking for? Death Knight DPS Demon Hunter DPS Druid DPS Mage Rogue Warrior DPS Priest Healer Druid Resto What we would like to expect from you: - To have Teamspeak and working mic; willingness to speak is a huge plus in our team from time to time. - Stable internet connection/computer - Consistent raid attendance (we raid only 3 days a week) - Good attitude and patience. - To be online and prepared 15-30 minutes before raid if possible. - A mindset to progress and kill bosses; You want progress above everything else but with fun atmosphere. - Addon: RC_LootCouncil for loot. As loot system we use is Loot council. Meaning that loot is a means to an end in Vestige, and not the goal, so we focus on allocating loot in a way to best progress the raid. We are always open minded for other options, but this has been working for us this far when other ways (EPGP n such) have not. In farm raids (heroic EN for example) we run with personal loot, so people can trade gear around to those who need it. What you can expect from us? Friendly, social based guild who consists people who used to do that hardcore raiding scene and don't want to do it anymore, but want to push hard as they can with friends on current content; we try and do our best, push each other to do better and never forget that there is life outside the game. We are more evening social guild. Few people online during day, but our peak hours are during late evenings. We also have bunch of people running mythic+ during the week. Did I peak your interest? Contact us: Our forums are found here: http://vestigeguild.net Our battletags for you to add for questions: Guild Master: Wowqwop#2502 Officer: Meleamee#2212Ashuntar15 30m
35m [A]<Dragonlight>@Silvermoon 9/10N 3/10H Finnish guild Since this is purely Finnish guild the actual recruitment info will be in Finnish. Dragonlight on suomalainen Alliance kilta Silvermoon serverillä. Olemme yksi vanhimmista ellemme vanhin. Yhteisöstämme löytyy niin casuaaleja, kuin semi-hc pelaajiakin. Uusia ja vanhoja. Yhteisössämme ikäraja on 18 v. Olemme joka lisärissä raidanneet tavalla tai toisella ja pitkään pyöritimmekin tehokasta raidigrouppia. Lich kingit tapoimme ennen nerffejä, kuten myös raggyt ja deathwingit. Raidaamme torstaisin 18:30-22:30 ja sunnuntaisin 19:00-22:30. Koska raidaamme vain kaksi iltaa viikossa niin raidaajilta vaaditaan yli 90% osanottoa. Lisäksi odotamme raidaavilta ihmisiltä ahkeraa asennetta, flaskit ja consut mukaan ja myös niiden aktiivista käyttöä. Kokemus raidaamisesta katsotaan eduksi mutta se että osaa pelata ja asenne on kohdallaan on paljon tärkeämpää kuin aikaisempi raidikokemus. Hakemuksia otamme aina vastaan, kiltaan voi tulla social jäseneksi tai tulla näyttämään taitonsa progress raidiryhmään. Infoa: http://dragonlight.miumau.net/ ----- Raidiajat: TO: 18:30-22:30 SU: 19:00-22:30 Progress: - Emerald Nightmare (Normal): 7/7 - Emerald Nightmare (HC): 7/7 - Emerald Nightmare (Mythic): 4/7 - Trial of Valor (Normal): 3/3 - Trial of Valor (HC): 2/3 - Nighthold (Normal): 9/10 - Nighthold (Heroic): 3/10 Rekrytilanne: - Depsejä - Hiiluja Kysymykset voi esittää pelissä: Karmina Rélic Zakeru Darkkew (Damathacus#2857)Darkkew0 35m
37m 33 Year old Horde Player Returning after 10 years - LFG After more than 10 years (I left just after Ragnaros was downed for the first time.) I've returned to WOW. I used to be First Officer in a Guild called Unknown, but it dissappeared years ago. Current: 110 Paladin - Trollbane Holy / Retribution PVP + PVE 825 Gearscore (working on it) (World of Glyphs is a Guild with 1 player, my anti-social friend :) so..) Dutch I'm 33 (so a bit older perhaps, not sure what the average age in wow is like). I spent several years playing SWtor, where I was GuildMaster of a semi-hardcore raiding guild. Now I'm just looking for a nice, social Guild of players that know their classes and that go raiding on a regular basis. So I can learn and just enjoy the game. I've got several other characters at different levels on different servers: Level 60 Mage (old main, MasterKurd, renamed FunkyPanda) - Boulderfist Level 29 Rogue - Kor'Gall Level 33 Druid - Kor'Gall (Starski) I've got a Warrior that I'm leveling all the way through the Old content to see it. (currently level 5). There's only so much you can learn and do without a Guild to do stuff with. In SWtor I had 12 different fully geared characters and could play both a serious healer, DPS or Tank. With my return to Wow I'd like to do the same here, preferably with nice people to do it with :) Right now I'm really enjoying healing and dps'ing with my holy Pala, but I can fill any role needed when this toon is decked out.Sailcat3 37m
38m <Muju> - 2 day/w Recruiting for Mythic NH Recruitment: Ranged DPS are high priority along with one exceptional melee. We are however always interested in exceptional people regardless of class. Short about us: Muju is an international guild started just before the launch of legion. We are a bunch of people who due to various in real life commitments are either not willing or able to commit to more than 2 days per week but still want to raid in an environment that fosters competition and progression. Goals: Despite the fact that we only raid twice per week, we’re serious about raiding. We’re more towards the hardcore side of the spectrum and we strive to be as efficient as possible and get the most out of the two days that we raid. The guild was born just before legion and building a team from scratch is not something you accomplish over night and it is still a work in progress. Despite that, we’re currently just short of top 500 world and for Nighthold we’re looking to push into top 500 and beyond. While progression is our foremost objective, we’re keen to have and maintain a fun and enjoyable atmosphere. There is a lot of banter, bad memes and puns going around in here without sacrificing focus during raids. What you can expect from us: An organized and dedicated officer team The clearing of all content at a competitive pace with only two days A fun raiding environment Applicant expectations: To put it simply, be good. We’re looking to establish ourselves as one of the best 2 days per week guilds in the world, mediocrity won’t cut it. This includes class knowledge, research, preparation before raids, consumables etc. Able to take constructive criticism in a professional manner More than just good players, we’re looking for good people, ones who we will enjoy playing with. Humour, maturity and being easy going are important qualities in this guild. Around 95% attendance. Don’t waste our time if this is not something you can deliver on. Activity. We are a 2 days per week guild but we still expect you to keep your character in top shape and keep up in artifact power etc. General information: Realm: Ravencrest EU Faction: Alliance Raid times: Tuesday and Thursday, 19:45-23:30 CET. Where to apply: Mujuguild.com Got a question?: Arbitrary#2520 or Kaap#21768Kaap117 38m
39m [A][Stardust-Balnazzar] lf dps for mythic NH (3/10hc) About us: Stardust is a raiding guild on EU-Balnazzar (and related connected realms) that was created in Wrath of the Lich King by people that by then had raided together already since Vanilla and others that we met down the road. We like to progress, but we also like to have fun while doing that. There is a lot of banter going on in raids, but when it's progress we tend to be serious. We're proud of having a core of people that have raided together for so long, and we're a fan of meeting new people that would like to join us on our mythic adventures. We like people who are social, but if you're not a fan of talking a lot that is fine too. We try to keep a good mix of personalities so that everyone feels comfortable. The average age is over 20 years old, with our youngest addition being 14 (and awesome) up until our oldest raider being over 40. As long as you're mature and you have a good sense of humor, you should fit right in! Our players are from all over Europe although the land of IKEA is currently the most present. Our current progress: NH 3/10 hc (normal clear on non raid day incoming, we don't have a focus on normal) EN mythic 7/7 (cutting edge) ToV hc 3/3 We are looking for people who are looking for a home, and not for a boost. Loyal people who love to progress, and like to play their class the best they can. It's a plus if you have raiding experience in previous expansions, but not a must if you have the right attitude for raiding! If you are looking for a guild where everyone is online 24/7, we're probably not the right place for you. Some of us have jobs, uni, partners, a few have kids. We expect everyone to give the effort they can, though we do think there is an amount of effort that is necessary. This means not everyone will do all wq's every day, or do M+ full time. There are always people online, on different times of the day but we'd like to be social enough to give understanding that there are different things in life than wow. Gaming in the end should be exactly what it was meant for: fun. We are looking for +- 1 or 2 people out of the following classes: Mage: (able to play 2 specs) Druid: Balance Warlock: (able to play 2 specs) Priest: Shadow Hunter: (able to play 2 specs) Paladin: Retribution Rogue: able to play 2 specs Monk: mistweaver (would be great if could play windwalker os) If your class is not listed here, but you're interested feel free to contact us anyways! Raid Schedule: Wednesday, Sunday, Tuesday 20.00-23.00 servertime Attendancy: in general you should be available all raids, unless irl commitments keep you from attending. We do understand that people have exams and other commitments, and if you just inform us in time that should be fine. Applications: We like to have a chat on ts as our method of application. If you do not own a microphone or do not like to talk on voicechat we can probably work out something else. Our guildwebsite does have an application form if you wish to use it http://stardust-guild.enjin.com Guild bank: we provide repairs to every raider. Money for the guild is provided by selling boe drops in raids that aren't used as gear. Trial period:lasts for about 6 raids. During this time you don't have priority on loot over members, but you will get the item if no member needs it for mainspec. voicechat: TS3 Our logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/33250 Some of our videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/Missvolcanic If you're interested in joining us, please don't hesitate to contact Gloriana (Gwendolynn#2953) or Oell (Oell#2258)!Gloriana21 39m
47m 864 Ret Paladin LF weekend raiding guild. Hi all, I'm looking for a raiding guild that raids on any of the following days - Fri/Sat/Sun. I'm 864ilvl geared. I have some previous raiding experience from Cataclysm where I raided and cleared Dragon Soul on Heroic, so I'm aware of what's expected of being a heroic/mythic raider, and can perform this this standard. I'm also more than willing to transfer server and/or faction. If any one is interested in having a chat with me, please feel free to leave a message on here, or add me on battlenet, Khenzo#2920Zephric5 47m
1h [A - Defias Brotherhood] Daybreak (3/3H ToV, 6/10 NH) Daybreak is a laid-back alliance guild on Defias Brotherhood server (RP-PvP). We focus mostly on having a good time clearing the Legion provided content at our own modest pace. Our goal isn't to clear mythic raids, but rather just progress through the raid content of normal and heroic to best of our ability in a low-pressure atmosphere. We're currently 3/3 on HC ToV. Our raid size has been around 15-18 players lately, but we're looking to add some people to it. It doesn't matter to us if you're a veteran or just starting your journey in WoW. We don't require you to have certain item levels or ask you to know everything about your class right at start (tho we do expect you to get to certain levels of performance if you're interested in raiding heroic). We're in the end simply looking for friendly people with right attitude (the type that won't leave after few wipes, but rather try to learn and improve) that would want to play with us. Here's us on wowprogress: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/defias-brotherhood/Daybreak We are currently looking to increase our raid team with: Healers. We have two really solid healers, but beyond that we've been using offspec healers. Would be interested in MW monk and resto shaman above others, but we're really fine with any healer. In general we'd like to have people that have ability to switch specs when needed simply to make it possible to have a decent raid setup at all time, but if you're just a one spec guy/gal, don't hesitate to contact us. While we are currently looking mostly for players that want to get in the raid team, we're also willing to recruit people that have no interest in raids. We do have active mythic/mythic+ dungeon scene too if that's more your style. Guild Schedule: We mostly operate in the evenings. Majority of the planned and unplanned events (raids, dungeons, etc) happens between 19 and 23 server time. It might be bit harder to find company during day time unless it's weekend. Thursday and Sunday (20-22.30 server time) are our raid days. Communication: We use Discord for communication - both for the text chat function and the voice comms. So any applicant is required to sort discord out. We don't force you to talk on voice comms, but it does make gaming more fun. Get in touch (multiple ways): Add Alieno#2818 (GM) or Grue#2307 on bnet for applying (mostly online in the evenings), or just leave your contact info on this thread and we'll get back at you. You can also add me on discord for a chat with Leimus#7931 and If you'd rather drop us a written application, you can do so at www.guilded.gg/#!AdeDlZ80jPCendriel52 1h
1h Demon Hunter looking for Guild Deamon Hunter 854 Looking for guild on alliance side. My server is Chrommagus. I have experience in all raids Prior to Legion.Reapersixt2 1h
1h 885 Ele Shaman (45 traits) 888 O/S resto LF guild Hello Thanks for looking - before i write my bit blurb about myself and my character i think it would be helpful if can detail what type of guild i am looking for regarding my play times. I am looking for a guild that starts raids at 7:30 UK GMT (at the earliest) i think thats 830 CET - i would prefer a Fri / Sat / Sun guild but i can be flexible about the days and amount of days. My current progress is 7/7 EN mythic (Xavius mythic kill 30/10/16) 3/3 ToV Heroic 10/10 NH normal 4/10 NH heroic My current main and preferred spec is elemental having previously been resto - i would of course be happy to cover a healer absence in the raid if required but i would not want to play resto full time anymore. I cleared EN Mythic a long time ago but due to a real tragedy i took an enforced break from the game and have only been playing casually ever since but the raiding bug has caught me again (doesnt it always!) and i have started a new job so my working times are set and i am ready to rock again! I am experienced player and raider who has been playing WoW since TBC , my first raid was the old pre nerf karazhan and i have raided every tier since on various characters - so you can hopefully guess i am a mature gamer who still loves the game. I have been in all types of guilds in my time throughout the game from 6 or 7 nights hardcore raiding back in BT Hyall days chasing server firsts through to running my own guild and raid leading but i am now more than happy to be a competive and laid back raider who treats raids seriously but likes to have some fun in the game as well - after all its supposed to be entertainment ! I always come prepared and more importantly on time for raid - stocked with consumables and ready to have a go at taking down whatever blizzard has come up with to try and stop us ! I am looking for a guild with similar aims / goals but somewhere that likes to have some fun as well as being focussed with a desire to clear heroic and move onto mythic but it does NOT have to be at the sacrifice of enjoying the game I currently work in IT as an Application Support Engineer in the UK - i have a crazy gaming son (14) who keeps me more than busy outside online gaming ! Well i think thats more than enough for now , feel free to leave me your btag and any links to your guild and i will be happy to take a look and have a chat in game PS i would much prefer alliance solely for the fact i HATE paying the faction change prices but if its the right guild then its something i would of course consider Bye for now and happy hunting WavestormWavestorm9 1h
2h [A] Resolve (7/7 M, 2/3 M) is recruiting! Heya! Resolve is now in its very first year! Formed by players who have been raiding together for quite a long time, our aim was to establish a solid Mythic team during Emerald Nightmare and we have managed to do so more or less, but we are still recruiting for Nighthold to get those last few things we need! We started very late in Warlords of Draenor resulting in a Mythic Archimonde kill only after the launch of the pre-patch. However, now in Legion, we have achieved realm 2nd Xavius Mythic and we intend to continue into Nighthold maintaining the same pace and trying for some realm firsts! Why join Resolve? - Consistent raids - Secure raid spot (if you earn it) - Experienced leadership - Steady progress in a focused and enjoyable raid environment - Fair loot distribution - Vibrant social activities outside of raids - PvP, Mythic+ farming, weekly alt raids and a very busy TS - Smaller raid roster where we ensure everyone sees equal amounts of raid time - we don't recruit for the bench What we expect from you: - A decent raiding history - Full knowledge and competence in your main spec and ideally your offspec - Geared approriately for current content including up-to-date Artifact weapon - Reliable and loyal - Make 80-90% of the raids We raid on the following days: Wednesday, Sunday and Monday 21:00 - 00:00 ST So, if you'd like to join in on the fun and have a laugh with us while building a close-knit team and progressing throughout Legion and the future, add me (Filip#2459), Beafour (Beafour#2870) or Salty (Aries#1327) for a chat or visit our website for more information: resolve-guild.enjin.com Rhaelía Slayer of Gnomes, Recently Converted Disciple of the Void and GM of ResolveRhaelía53 2h
2h 865 Pally/DH or Rogue LF Raiding Guild and Love! Hi there, How are you? Why are you reading this? I don't know maybe your bored..:P If you aren't, then maybe I can help you with a recruiting issue you may have. I'm a veteran player, (since vanilla, I didn't need to shave then), looking for a new community/guild since my last one exploded violently like an over ripe melon, (true story). I'm a heroic level player whose, 'dun Emerald Nightmare', and laughed at the idea of Trail of Valor, apparently though it's a, 'thing'. 'Well that's great', you ask, 'but what can you offer me?'. Well seeings as this is all about you, let me tell you in a concise listed manner: 1. I'll turn up and punch things, I'll move at the right time and stop punching things. 2. I've done this for ten years. 3. Current progress is everything done on heroic, Mythic progression might be great in the right environment 4. Even though I'm very, 'jokey', I take raiding seriously and always turn up prepared and ready to endure multiple attempts before a kill. 5. ummm...in real life my eyebrows are really great? As you can see this is an amazing package, but inevitably I have conditions, so here they are, (in list form again, see consistency): 1. Out of those I can offer, Rogue, Paladin,DK, Warrior (dps), Mage, or a Demon Hunter, yes there maybe somewhere in the wowevse that needs that...probably not here . 2. Yourselves are a good community full of committed but sociable and fun players. Bleeding edge content clearing isn't necessary but a progression attitude is. 3. The raid days I can't do are: Wednesday and Thursday night. I cannot apply to your guild if I can't make every single one of your progression days, so please don't suggest yourselves if your core days are any of the above. Whatever server you are and even if it's a faction change,(I'd prefer Alliance but I have no issue with rotting people and walking cows). I'm just looking for a guild to help out, murder bosses, and have good times with, hope you can help :P Omnibeam #2961Taroik13 2h
2h Returning Hunter LF Guild Hi there everyone As the title says, I am returning to the game playing a Hunter. Currently this toon only has an item level of 850 - but will be gearing up quickly. My artefact weapon has all gold traits. I previously played a DK earlier in the expansion, and parsed 90%+ frequently while clearing EN Heroic. I have no preference on whether to play Horde or Alliance and can server transfer too. If anyone has use for more Ranged DPS from someone who does require some gearing, please leave a reply below. Many thanksMilkii6 2h
2h 884 resto druid LF guild Hi folks, 25yo web dev here struggling to make progress on a dead server and looking to find a mature, semi-casual pve guild to make progress through nighthold and mythic + I've played resto druid since cata and holy pala before that - currently 7/7 2/3 hc looking for a relaxed environment but with players who also know their class and can push through challenging content. I work fairly long hours but usually play 19:00-02:00 weekdays if I can, ideally looking for weekend raid times. Willing to transfer if I can find a good match!Lionbear9 2h
2h LF monday/thursday raiding guild Hiya lads n lasses, As the title says I am looking for a monday and thursday raiding guild. Cata was my starting expansion and ever since I've been playing rogue as a main. Now I am looking to expand my knownledge. Sort of leaning to playing warrior, hunter or warlock. In the current expansion I am 3/7M EM and 3/3 nom ToV. My expectations of a guild are the following; Obviously mature friendly enviorment, driven for progression (either M+/raiding/pvp (rbgs)). I wouldn't mind to change server or fraction, however I do want to play on an active server. If with this all I still have your attention, you can contact me through here or in game: Rick1990#2283 Enjoy the day!Rakva4 2h
2h 883 Ret paladin looking for raiding guild Hi people , Im currently looking for a raiding guild !Im guildless atm ,I cleared 7/7 EN H 3/3 Tov H and 4/7 EN M. I can do a server transfer it would be no problem ! If you are interrested to recruit me to your ranks just leave a message here ! Kind regardsTuuliz13 2h
2h Mythic + Players Hello, I am not looking for a guild or looking for people to join my guild. I am looking for players that don't really have the time to raid in the evening, as raiding time do not fit due to family or work commitments, Or just do not want to be raider. I am trying to reach out to people that want to progress through the Mythic+ Dungeons and Kara that find it hard to obtain groups as their iLvL may not be quite high enough. Or are tired of using dungeon finder. If you are interested the please give me a whisper in game and we can have a chat on Kasp-Bloodhoof Thanks and good luckKasp0 2h
2h Makers recruiting Warlock and healer We are a 6 man team from server mazrigos/lightbringer most of us are 7/7 EN HC and are all 870+ i level. (I have no exp in TOV or Mythic raiding :P) We are 3/10 normal in the nighthold. What we are looking for is a few players who want to join us for regular runs at 1900 Wednesday and Thursday. We aim to clear normal & Heroic Nighthold this tier. Looking for 1-2 healers 1 with DPS OS 1 tank and few dps (860+ i level) Looking for it to be 10-12 man team. Looting is personal, we use mumble. We speak English. Will consider any class but we would like a warlock as permanent part of team. We are a guild but willing to run with people who just want a regular team. Also if you just want temp guys to run with. We work well with regular/stable pugs and count them as part of our team. We are casual and get on well with each other in raids, our aim is to clear normal and heroic this tier at least. add me Harrydruid #2290 thnxHarrydrud1 2h
3h [A]Reforged heroic raiding recruiting casters Reforged is an Alliance guild on the Shadowsong server. We will be progressing through normal and heroic raids. Currently 7/7hc EN 3/3n ToV The majority of us are 20s/30s and are looking for similar age raiders. Our members have varied raiding experience at different levels. Right now we generally have real life commitments but do want to make steady progress with people we enjoy spending time with, not too much pressure but fully prepared and able to move out of fire. We are a pretty friendly bunch and try to make everyone feel welcome. We raid Thursday/Sunday 9pm server time onwards up until midnight server time. We have a discord server and there are people on most nights outside of raiding times. Looking for healers and dps for the raid team. Social members welcome. visit http://www.refor.enjin.com/ for more infoToastia18 3h
3h (H) 870 Arms Warrior LF Early Evening Raid Guild LF Early Evening Raid Guild Playing on a European Server (Onyxia) but currently Work & Live in Bangkok, Thailand. Therefore I have 6 Hours of Time Difference. Optimal Time would be from 1-4pm CET (Central European Time). Open & available Every Day of the Week (incl. Weekends) for this Time Zone. Looking for a Guild who raids during these Hours. Experience EN 7/7 NHC, TOV 3/3 NHC (haven't had the Opportunity to Raid HC & Mythic much due to Time Difference, also don't really wanna go with randoms) I know most of the Boss Mechanics HC & Mythic as well as Nighthold Bosses since I like to read about the Mechanics before any New Release. Looking for Progress Guild (not Hard-Core, although not refusing if Team is Good). Was really active during Cata with my Rogue but now looking to get back into it. High Commitment, if I confirm a Date, I will be there :) Average DPS, not as much as my Rogue during Cata with them Legendary Fangs, but working on it. Flexible & willing to learn/adapt. About myself: I'm 30 Years old & from Austria. I fluently speak French, English & German. Let me know if there is some Hope for me out there! Karlito#6752Muushuu0 3h
3h [A] Havoc recruiting - EN 2/7M, ToV 3/3 HC Greetings friend, We are looking to expand our ranks when moving into Nighthold. We are a friendly guild with many active members (also outside raid days), who enjoy many aspects of the game. The guild consists of players from all over Europe. Due to the nature of a new expansion we have lost some players which have hindered us in progression into Mythic raids in a steady pace - we hope to change this in Nighthold. We are not a play-hard-go-pro guild, but enjoy a casual atmosphere with loads of laughing, joking but also progressing. We raid Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 20:30-23:00 server time. We do not have any strict attendance requirements, but would expect you to join most of the raid days. Loot distribution is done with a loot counsel. At the moment we are looking for 3-4 dps' to boost us into mythic raiding - all classes are welcome, as long as you know what to do and how to play it. We expect you to be friendly, mature (even though we're not always acting like that ;-) ) and have a good sense of humor. Also come prepared with all consumables needed and knowledge of the fights we are going to do. If you are looking for a great guild to play your favorite game and still progress in an decent pace, Havoc is the place for you. You are welcome to contact me ingame at Valle#2831 Valdrood out!Valdrood0 3h
3h [A] Et Lux In Tenebris Lucet - 1/7M,3/3HC While not a hardcore raiding guild we do take our raiding and raid team serious to ensure progress for the individual raider and the guild itself. At this moment we are on 7/7HC,1/7 mythic in Emerald Nightmare and 3/3 heroic in Trial of Valor Raid days/time: Wednesday, Thursday, Monday 19.45 - 22.30 realm time We have a few full time spots open to progress in mythic (the 20 man rule for that difficulty is really annoying :D ). What we expect are raiders who are active in the guild outside of raid times as well and will commit to the 3 days with 3 hours each on the raid nights. We are not just looking for pure tank/dps/healers but rather raiders who have 2 strong specs as different encounters demand different setups but preferably with the same people as a strong group sense contributes positively to the outcome of any raid. As most of us are adults we would prefer raiders to be 20+ which makes it easier to form a solid raid team (we are aware that younger raiders at times are exceptional at their class but education/parents too often interfere with their raid plans :) We also have a very active social side which includes doing a lot of things together especially the weekly dungeons, +mythic dungeons, achievements, helping each other out with our complete maxed profs and short, have a good relaxed atmosphere with great people from all over the world. If you know and enjoy your class, can make sure that you are undisturbed on our raid nights and enjoy a few hours with like minded people wiping to success, feel free to add fuge#2659 for a more in-depth chat or if you are on Lightbringer/Mazrigos feel free to contact anyone in the guild to direct you to the right person online at that moment. This is the last week before Nighthold and having cleared ToV HC we are running EN HC with some alts and mains still searching for Legendaries :) If you are interested to see how we do things or to just meet our raiders before making a decision you are welcome to join us to have some last minute fun before the new raid opens.Etluxie5 3h
3h [H]<Benched> - 3 Nights/Week - 7/7 + 2/3 - Recruiting Benched is a guild rebuilding on Kazzak and compromised of 7/7 + 2/3 leadership. The guild has a Semi-Hardcore atmosphere with raiding hours being dedicated to serious and productive progression. Our core is created of many high percentile and reliable, friendly players who excel at their class. Current Experience: 7/7 EN - M (Cutting Edge) 2/3 ToV - M 4/10 NH - HC We are looking to recruit a skilled and dedicated roster that enjoy raiding at their maximum potential. As our roster is finalizing, recruitment for certain classes/roles will be cut and only open to exceptional applications. Raid Times: Wednesday, Thursday + Monday /// 20:00 - 23:00 Server Time We like our applicants to preferably meet these requirements: - You are 18+ - You're a reliable player and active. You should be able to attend 3/3 raids a week. Real-life issues are understood; we all have obligations ourselves. - You should know your class & spec very well and be able to demonstrate this. - Your gear is up to date for the current content with the optimal gemming/enchants. - Researched the encounters during progression and being prepared before you have entered the raid. - Have one off-spec relatively well-geared. - You are a team player that prefers to put guild interest before self interest. - You want to raid seriously while having a healthy life outside of WoW. Things to note about us: - Our 3 nights of raiding are taken seriously; if you can provide us with your dedication, we can provide you with fair leadership and a constructive raiding environment to push for progression. - As serious as we are about progression we are also incredibly active and often joking around on Discord; running Mythic + farm groups and making players feel as included as we can. Our guild is a community; not a small clique. - A loot system focused on making progress the best it can be. We use RCLootCouncil in-order to take advantage of set-pieces and create a stronger raiding core for everyone during progression. - We expect all members to be ready and prepared for raids of the current content, this includes our officers and myself; there is no bias. Currently we're searching for: (If you feel you are an exceptional player and want to make an application, please do so. We take all applications into consideration even for roles we have filled) Tanks - Low Healers - Low Ranged Dps - Medium Classes: Hunters Melee Dps - High Classes: Rogues Instead of using a website we take all applications through an application form and congregate on our Discord. Link to the form is here: https://goo.gl/IQ35UR If you wish to contact a member for more information: Ringi - Kazzak Fabboo - Kazzak Waplan - Kazzak Tronq - KazzakThanks for reading and giving us your time; we hope to see your application to Benched.Ringi1 3h
4h (A) <Quelm> 7/7 2/3 M 9/10 hc LF ranged dps & warrior We're looking for some new players for Nighthold! Current Recruitment Status: * Boomkin * Hunter * Warrior * Spriest * Rogue The Guild Quelm is a mythic raiding guild with a light 9 hours weekly raiding schedule. Our raiding philosophy is quite simple: we want to have fun while killing new bosses. Of course, in order for this to happen everyone is expected to carry their own weight in terms of attendance, consumables, and gameplay. Besides our main raids that run on Wednesday, Sunday and Monday we have alt runs, achievement runs and dungeon activities going on, not to mention Discord chats going on at all hours and active forums on the social side of things. We're always looking for good players who like raiding even when it's one wipe after another on the same boss. It's also important to have a sense of humor, enjoy our banter and aim to clear mythic without dedicating absurd hours to the game. It's very important that you are normally able commit to our raiding schedule - three hours on three days each week. We don't require 100 % attendance though so IRL interfering at times is expected and accepted. We raid on Wednesday, Sunday and Monday, 20.30-23.30 server time. Our raids are only rarely extended and then typically only by "one last pull". Additional raid days are also rare, usually only in the first week of a new tier and possibly when an end boss kill is getting near. Because 9 hours leaves relatively little time for progress after farming we try to make our raids fast and efficient without afk's and other waiting around. Our progress is assured by making regular sacrifices to the RNG gods. Epic wipefests and bosskills wait for us in Legion, the time to apply is now, don't leave it until it's too late! :) Contact information If you have any questions regarding the guild we usually have people on at any time of the day. If you wish to speak directly to an officer you can contact: Guild Master: Laallaal (Lennyd1989#2473) Officers: Summerfire (Summer#2868), Daish (Daishan#2723), Jinah (Nezik#2991) We also have a guild website: www.quelm.enjin.com where you can apply directly if interested, or send us a private mail. Our applications are private and will not be visible to outsiders.Summerfire67 4h
4h Operation Eskimo 7/7M 2/3M 8/10HC, 2d/w, LF ranged Operation Eskimo is an old raiding guild, founded on Boulderfist in 2007. The guild has gone through many incarnations over the years, but we have always maintained a strong competitive focus, with an emphasis placed on clean and efficient raids. OE has returned for Legion with a strong roster of veteran raiders. During Legion, we are going to be raiding two days per week. While the core of OE are hardcore raiders who have played in guilds such as Ensidia, Method, ScrubBusters, and so on, most of us are slightly older now and can't commit to spending every night on progression. We're committed to making two-day progression work, and we are always on the lookout for people with similar backgrounds and goals. Note that we do not recruit for the bench, but rather to encourage competition among our raiders. We feel this elevates the level of play. If you think you can do better than one of our raiders, we encourage you to apply, and you will be given a fair shot. Raid times Thursday: 20:00 - 00:00 Sunday: 20:00 - 00:00 Kill highlights World 16th Vezax World 30th Algalon World 72nd Arthas World 42nd Hallion World 32nd Council of Elders World 11th Tortos :^) Recruitment We are specifically looking for: One Hunter/Mage/Shadow Priest/Warlock If you are a returning player with hardcore experience from way back, but lack the time to raid full-time, we are probably interested in you, regardless of class. Contact https://operation-eskimo.com/ Meano#2997Razorgore49 4h
7h [A] Trainwreck - 7/7M 2/3M 10/10HC - Sylvanas LFM General Information: Guild name: Trainwreck Faction: Alliance Server: Sylvanas About us: We were originally on Darksorrow horde for the better part Warlords of Draenor, but it was and is a wasteland so it was impossible to find capable recruits after a while, having snagged all the best ones. Eventually we made the switch to Alliance, but it wasn't much better there either. After a long time into the expansion, we decided to hit the pause button until Legion and reform on a more populated realm (Sylvanas) for the expansion to avoid the problems we ended up having in WoD. We were #1 on Horde, and top 5 overall (competing with long established top 100-400 guilds). The current roster of players are pretty tight knit, and we would like to recruit exceptional additions that would fit well with us. If your intention is to only interact with us during raids, it's likely not the guild for you. We're all very sociable, outgoing, and easy to talk to. There's a lot of banter and jokes, but when it comes down to it, we expect everyone to step up and give 100% of the effort and commitment required to be competitive. The roster consists of dedicated and serious raiders who have all been playing in competitive guilds at different points throughout the lifespan of the game. Since most of us are students or hold down full-time jobs it makes us quite aware that people lead busy lives and therefore have limited playing time. So we only run 3 raid nights per week, but we also do some optional off-day raids. Emerald Nightmare/ToV raid days: Monday 19:45:00-23:00 Wednesday 19:45-23:00 Thursday 19:45-23:00 Nighthold raid days and beyond: Monday 19:30-23:30 Wednesday 19:30-23:30 Thursday 19:30-23:30 And from Nighthold, we will also reserve the option to extend the raid times until 00:00 if the officers/raid leader sees a potential kill during that time. Goals for Legion: Our goal for Emerald Nightmare was to establish a solid roster and clear 7/7M prior to Nighthold. We've already cleared it, and the roster is coming along nicely. Long term, overall for Legion our main goal is to establish ourselves as a top 500 guild at the very least. What we're looking for in a member: The most important thing we're looking for are people who share the same passion and love for progression raiding. People who are reliable and show the same high level of focus and commitment when the content demands it. Being able to keep calm during stressful situtations is a must. We try to make raids as fun and enjoyable as we can, but there will be times when things just go way wrong, and we need you to be able to handle that. We don't want people who complain after every whipe, or start lashing out at people left, right and center. If the situation demands it, the officers/raid leader will take care of it. We need reliable raiders, who we can trust to always show on time, ready and prepared for the raid. People who treat each other with kindness and respect, but won't hesitate to give constructive criticism if needed to. It obviously helps a lot if you have previous experience in hardcore/mythic raiding. 3 days of raiding is not a lot, so we expect high attendance and performance from every member. It's a given these days that you're expected to be present on Discord and you're able to communicate on it. Currently recruiting: 1-2 Hunters Shadow Priest Ele Shaman We will always consider exceptional players of any class/spec, even if you're not listed above. Logs are a must have, and you should preferably have a good amount experience. Where to apply: www.trainwreckeu.enjin.com If you have any questions, you can add Nerada#2682, Clarissa#2879 or Mmore#2219 for a chat.Neradá382 7h
7h (H) Pure Luck 7/7M 3/3M 10/10HC searching for DPS/Heal Pure Luck is a PvE raiding progression guild on Draenor EU. We are currently recruiting players who are both motivated and dedicated to raid at a high standard for competitive Legion Raiding. We are looking for players who are enthusiastic about progression raiding and want to get the most out of their game time. To us approaching problems with a positive attitude and enjoying the time we spend playing the game are more important than anything. With that said we are not a laid back or casual guild when it comes to raid time. We have high expectations and the intent of bleeding edge progression in mind. We thrive on challenge, so we'll be killing the mythic mode content before the nerfs. Laziness is not an option - like us you should be passionate about the game, and want your character to be the best it can possibly be. Our Expectations We aim to clear the content as quickly as possible and get as much done during raid times. This means we will not be stopping for long breaks during raid or tolerate slow players. We expect our members to keep up with the tank, drink inbetween pulls, run back instantly after a wipe (when necessary) and instantly rebuff the raid after a wipe. If you are considering joining Pure Luck these procedures should come as second nature. We are looking for players that can sit at their computer for the entire raid and not lose focus or go AFK for distractions outside of the game. During raid time you focus on your game and put in 120% from the beginning to the end of the raid. If you are going to prioritise other activities on certain days during the designated raid hours then do not apply to Pure Luck. The kind of players we are looking for are those that go above and beyond when it comes to performance and push their character to its absolute limit. Raid Times (Server Time, GMT +1) (These might change in the future) Wednesday: 20:00 - 23:30 Thursday: 20:00 - 23:30 Sunday: 20:00 - 23:30 It is mandatory that you can attend at the very least 5 out of 6 of raids on all of the days listed above, over 2 weeks. Raids may be extended for an extra 30 minutes if we feel that we are close enough to kill the boss in the next 30 minutes. Currently Recruiting Tanks: N/A Healers: Druid Melee DPS: Any Ranged DPS: Any We require you to have atleast 880+ item level and atleast level 40 in your artifact weapon. Low: All other roles/classes (still considered just as much as the classes that are listed high, those are just the prefered classes) If you are interested in joining, please visit www.pl-guild.com and make an application. You can also add the following players for more information. Auviance (Auviance#21707) Pzoykoz (keviinV#2552) Vasalina(Vasa#2163)Auviancé164 7h
8h [H]<eXsto> - 7/7M + 3/3M - Recruiting Healer/Mage!! <eXsto> is a Horde guild on Shadowsong that formed January 2015 from an experienced group of raiders who've played with top 50 guilds throughout Catalysm and Mists of Pandaria. <eXsto> aims to do content with the experience and mindset of a top guild but with far more lenient hours. Recruits will be expected to have good knowledge of their class and mechanics and will have the satisfaction that the rest of the raid does the same. Recruitment ***Mainly looking for: 1x Mage, 1x Solid Healer*** Exceptional players are always encouraged to apply! We have a flexible raiding team and can potentially give all classes and roles a place based on their merit, high/low necessity on recruitment is based on current setup but all applications are welcome. Death Knight (Medium) Druid (Medium) (Balance) Hunter (High) Mage (High) Monk (Low) Paladin (Low) Priest (High) (Shadow) Rogue (Medium) Shaman (Low) Warlock (Low) Warrior (Low) Current progress: Mythic EN: 7/7 - World 216 Mythoc ToV: 2/3 When do we raid? Tuesday 8pm - 11:30pm Wednesday 8pm - 11:30pm (*) Thursday 8pm - 11:30pm Sunday 8pm - 11:30pm (server time) (*)This raid is only performed during progression, and is solely used to farm content. No progression raids take place on this night. This raid also can end earlier due to it being purely a farm night. Contact: If you are interested in applying you can leave an application on our forums (link found underneath). If you would like to have additional information, please contact Aenae (Inori#2754) or any officer ingame and we will gladly assist you. Throw an application at: http://www.exsto-guild.com/forumsAenae30 8h
8h 888 Guardian Druid looking for guild After been trial in 2 guilds after coming back in Legion without success (due to merge-issues etc) I now write a post to try and find that solid place for Nighthold. Been mostly pugging around in EN and NH and current progress: 7/7M EN 2/3M ToV 8/10 HC NH Looking for: Looking for a guild in need of a tank (45 traits atm, started late and geared in beginning all weapons). I am able to play resto (35 traits atm) to but first of all I wish a spot as a tank since that is my MS and been last 3+ years. The guild should be steady and not newly formed or merged (have seen how that ends) and the raiders aim progress without drama etc. During raids there should be focus in vocal chat and not alot of social chatting etc. Outside of raid be social, fun and like to do M+ runs etc. Looking for a guild that aim to push it in Nighthold. About me: 30+, Swede. I am vocal, know my class, always on time and prepared for each raid. I analyze my logs after raids to look over what I need to change and can improve on. Used to raid hardcore in SoO with top 50+ rankings before I had to cut down the hours due to RL. I also used to be RL in my old guild that disband in Draenor since most of us took a break after cleared it (because it was such boring content) so I know what is excepted of a raider. Can raid up to 4 days a week (not friday-saturday). Daytime (10-15ST) or after 19:30 ST. Former content: HFC - Cleared BRF - Cleared HM - Cleared SoO - Cleared ToT - Cleared (and so on) Thanks for reading my post and feel free to reply if you got a good offer.Shïftsalot1 8h
8h [2/3M 7/10HC] (A)Recruiting Ranged dps (A) 7/7M, 2/3M 7/10HC <Resurgence> Darksorrow - EU is a semi-hardcore raiding guild with focus on having a good raiding environment and progressing into mythic. Resurgence as a Guild Best to describe us as a friendly lot with a slight competitive edge. Our goal is to be a semi-hardcore guild with strict discipline concerning performance and attendance while still being a very friendly guild; we enjoy our banter as much as anyone but we expect a serious attitude during all boss fights. Loot is distributed using a council-system, we firmly believe that loot isn't a reward; it is merely a tool for the guild to kill bosses, which we consider the real reward and as such, having a council allows us to better give loot to those that will benefit the guild as a whole. Our expectations of you Be able to communicate in English Meet a minimum of 90% attendance Have a working microphone along with TS3 installed Keep your artifact up to date Staying up to date on your class I.E. knowing your situational talent choices, trinket choices and so on Show respect towards your fellow guildmates and generally act like a decent human being.Legion raiding Our ultimate goal for legion is to clear the end boss on their hardest difficulty while it is still current content. This means that we are always recruiting strong players to compete our roster. Recruitment We're mostly looking for: Healers: Shaman DPS: Balance druid, Hunter, Warlock and Elemental.Other classes are encouraged to apply just the same, we always welcome exceptional players in our guild. Raid times and other info Resurgence is raiding 3 days a week Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays: 19:30-23:00 Thursday (optional raid): 19:30-21:00~Each raid has a ~10min break somewhere in the middle. Contact information Zation#11675 Seven#21115Or apply at: http://wow-resurgence.enjin.com/apply Join the Resurgence todayZylér0 8h
8h Late night guild 4/7M 3/3HC 10/10&2/10HC recruiting <Farming Simulator> is currently recruiting various classes, healers, melee and ranged dps, all are considered for our team. Current or passed content experience is needed and desirable. Recruitment Melee Ranged Healer Progress Emerald Nightmare 4/7 Mythic Trail of Valor 3/3 Heroic The Nighthold 10/10 Normal 2/10hc About Us farming simulator was established on November 1st 2016. A guild made of mature and experienced players, aiming for raiding in a friendly but serious atmosphere. Our members are (and expected to be) experienced, mature, passionate and dedicated to working together to make our raiding as successful as possible. We provide a home for those players that want to come back to the game, or if you are looking for a new guild. Approach us, get to know us, as a potential trial or a social. We do cherish previous experience and the knowledge of your class, so if you can prove to us that you're a dedicated player, hungry for some progress and want to put an effort in your class, than we do not care at all about your ilvl or current progress. We are always trying to clear the content provided, push ourselves further, and thus we expect high standard performance, attendance and the capability of teamwork among players. If you're not looking for raiding, we're still willing to take you into our guild, just be mature, have a sense of humor and the willingness to socialise with the guildies. And yes, a fluent level of well spoken English is a must. Raid Schedules Currently we raid 3 days a week: Wednesday: 23.00– 02.00 Thursday: 23.00 – 02.00 Sunday: 23.00 – 02.00 Application Process The trial period starts the moment your application gets approved on our website. That period while you're on trial, the guild leadership shall monitor your raid performance and your general contribution to the guild as a whole. A player usualy stays on trial for a few weeks, but if you can show us that you're the right material for the guild, that time can be a bit shorter. What we expect from you Attendance is the most important thing among us because we prefer a stable raid group rather than big number of players siting outside. Dedication As a player, you are expected to know your class perfectly in full depth, know about any previous class changes done to your class, be up to date with boss encounters and be prepared before the raid is about to occur. Also what is expected, is to recieve constructive criticism if based on facts so you can maximize your performance and the output of your class. If you find yourself a player that meets the previously stated requirements, poses a good level of fluently spoken English, a working headset combined with Discord, also a stable internet connection do not hesitate to contact any of the guild leadership ingame or throw an application on our website.(under construction) either add one of those on Bnet mekkus: malfurande#2423 truckadin: nemessiz#2885 tuoga: rövborst#2355Mekkus18 8h
9h 869 Fury Warrior looking for raiding guild Hi! I'm looking for a new guild to raid with, any day is fine so long as you raid past 9:30 UK time during the weekdays, I do have some raid experience and I am prepared to be fully committed and want to raid and do mythic+ as much as possible!Snowèy0 9h
9h 890 rogue looking for M+ players Hey guys! I want to spam M+ for AP etc, and eventually push for 15+ within timer, for the achievement. If you're down to push for some high lvl keys, or eventually boost groups etc, feel free to add Nelly#2794Envoke1 9h
10h [H] XIS - 2/3M 9/10H. 3d/w. LF Ranged dps <XIS> is a mythic raiding guild on Kilrogg/Nagrand/Runetotem - EU. XIS is looking for 2 DPS players for core raiding roster for NH Mythic progress. We are interested in Ranged dps (especialy in Boomkin and Shadow Priest) ... ... ... Applications can be done by: 1) Apply on our guild website http://xis.enjin.com/recruitment/ Our applications are private and will not be visible to outsiders, only members of the raid team will be able to read them. Abount the guild: Guild was created after a merge of 'XI' and 'Spiritus Sancti' in April 2015. Being unable to do mythic content after clearing BRF HC, due to numbers and small recruitment pool pushed both of our long standing guilds towards this decision. This was one of the best moves both guilds could make as we fit eachother perfectly from the get go and made a very strong team, which we are up to this day! After joining forces we almost reached top 500 mark in our first competitive tier operating on 9h/w shedule. XIS is a guild focused on end-game raiding that aims to clear all content in a competitive time frame whilst being on a schedule of three nights a week. We aim to combine focused progress mindset with enjoyable atmosphere. Check http://xis.enjin.com/about for more detailed information :) Raiding in XIS: Raids are only rarely extended and then typically only by "one last pull". Sometimes we do add an extra raiding day on sunday, but it is optional and only happens under very special circumstances. At the beginning of a new tier, we add additional raid days to the schedule for two weeks. The raids are not mandatory, however attendance is appreciated. Our limited raiding schedule leaves little time for progress. We try to make our raids fast and efficient without afking on trash or waiting around to have as little downtime as possible. Community: We put a great effort in guaranteeing our raid team is made of like-minded individuals and that usually translates in a good atmosphere inside and outside raids. Many of our raiders have known each other for several years making us a strong community that can often be found playing other games or simply hanging around on discord before and after raids. What we offer: • Stable spot in mythic team, we do not recuruit for bench • Joining a team of commited and solid raiders • A guild that truly enjoys raiding • Fair loot rules • Flasks/Food provied by the guild bank What we want from you: • Attendance: We keep a reasonably sized raid roster and expect all raiders to keep high attendance so there is not a large number of backup raiders that can sub in. That said, If pesky irl comes up and you cant make a raid, it's not a big problem if you inform officer squad in advance We don't recruit people to sit outside but everyone have to understand that sometimes some classes are better then others for given encounters so we will rotate on encounter to encounter basis. . • Dedication: You must have a positive and preferably passionate attitude towards raiding. You should have a competitive nature seeking to maximise your classes full potential, utilising the best gems, enchants, auguments. • Always come prepared for raids and give your best at all times, carry your own weight! • Able to adapt to a change of planned situation and continue with a decent standard of play • Knowledge and skillset to play your class on good level • Be able to accept and learn from constructive criticism • Minimum age – 18 Contact and other info: Add us if you are intrested or want to ask anything: • Guild Master: Legi#21338 • Rec. Officer: Legi#21338 • Website: xis.enjin.com • Wowprogress: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/kilrogg/Legi31 10h
10h {A} FiLTH - Silvermoon are Recruiting {2/7M} FiLTH, a friendly progressive guild looking for skilled players for our 20 Man MYTHIC Team. We have just transferred the guild and 20 of its members from frostmane to silvermoon, a more populated server with a wider variety and choice of people available to fulfill our raid roster. With pushing 12/13 Mythic in WOD and killing 89/90 bosses through out WOD expac we are confident of pushing top 20 server ranks this time around. What do we offer? A stable raiding guild, friendly environment and some good times. Teamspeak 3, glossy forums/website, youtube channel, live raid streaming,Twitch channel , logs after every raid to go with streams and a raid whatsapp group on smart phones. We also meet up for real life events twice a year. We also have a PVP team pushing RBGs @ weekends and last season pushed guardian ranks. Always people online to join you in adventures till late in the night. We also have a guild raiders whatsapp grp for keeping in touch with each other daily, building that bond and synergy a team requires and thrives on. FiLTH also hold event nights every couple of month with some great give aways of gold, mounts and so much more. Games consisting of naked brawls, scavenger hunts, team relays and many more activities on the night. FiLTH is a fun place to be and most who join love calling it there home and family. When do we raid? Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays from 8.45-11.45 pm server time. If most of those times are bad for you, please do not apply. We are trying to keep a solid team with the same people on all the raids. We need players who can join full raids, not just half raids. We really need players available 3/3 raid nights to keep the team synergy and progression. At the start of the expac or new raid we intend on pushing a couple more nights to give us a good start for a few weeks. Weds, Thurs, Fri, Sun, Mon and a possible Tuesday. How do I apply? If you’ve made it this far, and you are interested in our guild and ready to kill some bosses in Mythic or wanting a solid raiding guild ready for legion , then head over to our Guild website and hit 'apply here' at the left side , below the FiLTH banner. Thanks for reading. FiLTH http://filth.guildlaunch.com fozzy#2286 Battle tag in game.Fozzmistrèss14 10h
10h [H] <Aluren> - Tarren Mill Hello and thank you for your interest! Homepage: http://www.aluren.co/ We are looking for: - Melee dps - Ranged dps - 1 or 2 healers Aluren is a newly formed guild on Tarren Mill. We are a group of (at the time of writing this) 13 players that have played together the last 2-3 years coming from a 7/7 M 3/3 HC guild. We split from our previous guild due to different oppinions on how we should approach raiding - with us having a more progression-orientated view. We are raiders that are used to clearing HC content first week. _____________________________________ RAID TIMES: Our raid times will be (all server time): Wednesday 19.30-23.00 Sunday 19.30-23.00 Monday 19.30-23.00 We will extend on Thursdays and/or Tuesdays if we are close to a kill, but those raids are not "mandatory" per se. When content gets on farm we will clear within 1 - 2 days. We will then have time to do "goofy" strats like playing into certain players to log the high ranks for fun to spice up the clearing and to stroke eachothers epeen. _____________________________________ LOOT DISTRIBUTION: We will use RC Loot council to distribute loot - and there will be no unjust handling of loot - it will be handled in the way that will benefit the raid as a whole the most. _____________________________________ EXPECTATIONS: We expect people with a similar "Mindset" as us, meaning (and sorry for my bluntness on this): - Progress is rewarded from effort put in to game, this means doing m+, farming ap, keeping on top of your class and follow the various class-sites/discord of your character. - Progress means wiping, and learning from mistakes (and then doing it better next time). Everyone makes mistakes - but not everyone learn from their mistakes. - The raid leader decides the tactic and the execution. Suggestions are welcomed but it serves no purpose to have a discussion "in the heat of battle" on trivial matters. - Have fun! Enjoy yourself! Joke during trash and farm - we play this game cause we like it not because its a job! BUT when its progress, its serious business, be SHARP for that. _____________________________________ WHAT WE OFFER - Progress in curent content, and a safe raidspot. - Players that know how to play their class, and are actively on the hunt for doing it better. - An active playerbase where doing high end m+ is not a problem, nor is forming boost-runs. - Friendly players that say hi to you when you enter discord and log on wow, people that want to play with you. - Players that LOVE to dig into logs, and can spend hours upon hours of either helping you or discussing what the perfect way to handle certain aspects are! _____________________________________ If you are interested and feel we are the bunch you'd like to spend your free time with, dont hesitate to leave a reply here, or contact any of the following on btag: Talentless#21206 Or go directly to our forum: http://www.aluren.co/forum/viewforum.php?f=6 If you reached this far - thank you very much for your attention :)Kollbjorn7 10h
10h [A] <Smells like Chloroform> 7/7HC Weekend Raids We are <Smells like Chloroform> A newly formed -Weekend- Heroic/Mythic Raiding Guild. We cater to the guys/gals who have to: - Afk in weeknight raids as their kid just ate either a Lego or a Haribo (Not sure but this is looking like a trip to the Doctors...) - Office Hours are crazy at the moment, Karen from HR has a new boyfriend (sounds like a douche), so we are covering her work as she is busy sending those first week texts... If you know what I mean. - Take little Johnny to Judo on Wednesdays, and Little Annie to Ballet on Mondays... Because the Wife says the Kids need to do activities... Thanks Love. - Genuinely had someone on Discord have to afk for a few seconds as his 2 kids were trying to burn down the house. We recruit those people who want to Raid but sometimes life gets in the way. Raid Times (Currently): Friday & Sunday - Heroic Emerald Nightmare - 11pm-2am Server time. We also will be running a normal gearing run during the week for those people who have time, and want to learn some tactics and get a few 850 drops. However no pressure to attend. Looking for: - You If you want to come play with a good group of people who understand there is a life outside the game, then feel free to message me in-game, or pop a message on here. Kiyoko#2201Irrissia0 10h
10h [A] Deus Ex Machina, 7/7M +8/10 HC Recruiting for NH What we really want out of this game is simple. To be able to raid with people we really like and by doing so, killing bosses and getting purps at a decent pace. You might sit here and think, "why would anyone in their right mind want to join a bunch of ragtag players?" It is a fair question. What we can offer here is a extremely friendly group of people that know what they are doing. We're asking out to each and everyone of you that are capable when it comes to this game. People with enough decency to know that there are actual people behind the screen at the end of the day. With that we are going to need the following classes: - Warlock - Restoration druid (or priest) - Healing priest (or druid) - Essentially any capable dps is free to hit me up at Kakmonstret#2723 Prior to ToV we did manage to kill mythic Xavius with a world rank of 279, which is an alltime best for all us here. With extreme joy and bias towards this guild it sure was a good moment during my 7 years as a active raider. The guild itself dates back to early Wotlk with people of different nationalities. What we do have in common is that English is the language used in and outside of raiding hours, our will to progress and develop as a team and our apprection of the terrible dad jokes that our local mistweaver is providing us. This story about fame and fortune is yet to begin though, the question I have for you is, do you dare to venture down this road with me? The expectations I and Deus Ex Machina will have of you are as follows: - Attendance on atleast three raid nights(monday, wednesday, thursday and sunday, 20-23) - Gemmed and enchanted gear matched with appropriate talent spec - Tactical knowledge for tonight's encounter - Teamspeak 3 - Decency towards guildies - Being able to receive and give criticism in a mature fashion. Saying that something is wrong is one thing, bluntly saying, "you suck" is not really going to improve anything. I can not stress this bit enough! What you can expect from Deus Ex Machina: - A mature environment and raiding on common grounds - Ongoing progress in any encounter - Solid raiding days/chances - Lots and lots of purple shinies for those that are pulling their weight - Midnight mayhem on teamspeak For any potential applicant - http://dem-guild.com - TS3 interview - Bribes based on cookies and milk - Kakmonstret#2723 With this I am wishing you all the best and perhaps a wee talk in the future! Kakmonstret - Guild master of Deus Ex MachinaKakmonstret0 10h
10h <Why So Serious> 7/7 M 2/3M 7/10HC is looking for you! We are experienced and skilled PvE players with a significant background and long term practice. We are motivated and have our minds on the goal, the goal that always was and always will be the essence of PvE - the progression of end content raids. On the other hand, we like to maintain a healthy balance between the progression itself and guild atmosphere. You are welcome to ask, contribute, interact, speak your mind off, laugh, discuss and have fun - we all do that. I wont take long before the usual awkwardness - that you normally experience when joining new community - completely dissipates. Our current progress is 7/7 Mythic and 2/3 M on Trials. We have a core group of people with right mentality and abilities for Mythic raiding. We do not look at your gear, but skill and intelligence, as we know from experience that gear is a matter of weeks, skill of years and intelligence of lifetime. However, people joining with better gear can obviously count on getting in to main roster faster. We greatly treasure contributed skilled players that inevitably will find their deserved spot in the core raiding squad. We have great plans and aspirations for our guild. We are passionate about the game and want to achieve common end goals together. Join the team, you might be just the one we need! The raiding schedule is as follows: Wednesday; 19:30 - 23:30 (Heroic + Mythic) Sunday; 19:30 - 23:30 (Mythic) Monday; 19:30 - 23:30 (Mythic) Tuesday; 19:30 - 23:30 (Optional progress day) (Mythic) Add our Btag to have a chat in game: Winterfresh#2372 Unconvinced#2221 You can apply here! -> http://wss.wowalliances.com PS: There is a possibility to raid Heroic with us when you are from a different realm to test our team. http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/ravencrest/DREAM+AragornWinterfresh25 10h
10h H - Draenor - <Origin> 2 Day Mythic Raid Guild! Origin Recruitment After losing some players to attrition following EN/ToV, we are currently seeking a few players to complete our mythic raiding team for Nighthold, with an emphasis on Healers and ranged DPS. In the meantime we will be gearing off regular heroic NH clears. Who are Origin? Origin are a long standing community of friends, formed with the goal of completing the hardest PvE content in World of Warcraft. The community within Origin consists of friends made in real life, as well as through our adventures over the past 10 + years of WoW. Our core officer team have been raiding since the early days of WoW and have experience in some of the hardest content throughout the different expansions but sometimes in different guilds. One of the goals of Origin was to bring people together after playing in different raiding teams over the last few years and use our knowledge and experience to build the best guild and raiding environment we can. Our roster contains experienced, driven and dedicated players with a strong focus on team work, and we expect anyone joining us for Mythic Raiding to share these qualities. We are a 2 day Mythic raiding guild as we value a good raid life balance. We do however, regularly run Mythic + Dungeons, Alt raids and have social fun on Discord. We have excellent results considering our light schedule, clearing 7/7 EN mythic by the end of November, and finishing Odyn post-Christmas in half a night. What Origin will offer you! • A guild where raiders aim to defeat all Legion (and beyond) content on the hardest difficulty • A stable, team centric raiding team • A guild that treats members with respect that welcomes thoughts, ideas, strategies and constructive criticism • A meritocracy in which contributions are recognized and rewarded (no favoritism) • A guild that fosters and encourages player growth and improvement • A strong community inside and outside of the game What do we need from you? A desire to: • complete all Legion (and beyond) content on the hardest difficulty • to be part of a team long term and progress on not only bosses, but as a guild and community • gain thorough knowledge about your chosen role and class • perform your chosen role and class to a very high standard • to evaluate your performance and improve and a willingness to accept constructive criticism • to excel during each boss encounter, showing good situational awareness and a strong learning curve AND importantly • ATTENDANCE! We maintain a relatively small raiding roster due to only raiding 2 days per week. This means you should be sure you are able to commit to our raid schedule. With the start of Nighthold, we would also require all trials to have at least 35 traits in their main artifact weapon, and preferably 40+. Our Raiding Hours There will never be pressure to raid additional days or stay for additional raid hours! Wednesday: 20:00 – 00:00 (Server) Sunday: 20:00 – 00:00 (Server) Application Process Our guild uses an application process. Applicants are required to complete our application form and submit it to the guild website. Your trial period will last approximately 4 weeks and applicants should maintain very high attendance during this period. We’ll have a small chat on Discord if we like your application and make sure you’re welcomed to the guild and get the information you need! As well as an opportunity for us to get to know you a little. Upon completing your trial period, if you fail your trial you will be offered the opportunity to stay as a social (if your personality fits within the guild) or you must unfortunately leave/be kicked. A player who passes will then be promoted to Raider. While on trial, you will receive loot when raiders do not require it. You can apply at our website: http://www.origin-draenor.eu Alternatively, for an informal chat, please contact Biscuinator#2177 Thanks for reading, look forward to hearing from you. See you in game!Matjin0 10h
10h [H] <Fury> - Shadowsong 7/7M 1/3M EN Recruiting! “Beware of him that is slow to anger; for when it is long coming, it is the stronger when it comes, and the longer kept. Abused patience turns to Fury.” - Francis Quarles Currently recruiting: High Prio: All Healers (Particular focus on Holy Paladins) High Prio: Ranged DPS Low Prio: Warrior/Paladin DPS Of course, all classes of exceptional applicants will be considered! Current Progress: 7/7 Mythic EN 1/3 Mythic ToV 10/10 Normal NH Background: Fury was launched in the beginning of April 2010 by a small group of long-term friends from all over Europe, with a wealth of raiding experience from every tier of raid content all the way back to the beginning of vanilla WoW. After two short months of existence we had grown to heroic standard guild and surpassed many long-standing raiding guilds on Shadowsong in progress. Since then, we remained as a heroic (and now Mythic) progression guild and despite relatively minimal time investment (we raid typically 10-12hours each reset only) Fury has consistently maintained a high standing on the realm. Our focus is on making as much progress as we can in a limited time-frame. When it comes to raiding we're a dedicated and stable bunch but the guild has a mature yet fun community and social atmosphere besides. We pride ourselves on being a well run, drama-free guild with plenty of time to pursue other activities besides raiding in or out of game. If this sounds like the type of place you could see yourself fitting in then please feel free to chat to any of our officers: Psiethyr, Zastaph (GM), Monoki, Lethora, or Azur or visit our forums at www.ssefury.com and create a private application (via the link on the main banner). ------------------------------------------------------------------- What you can expect: A mature and inclusive guild atmosphere A stable raiding experience 3 nights strictly per reset Strong Progression for time invested Balanced gearing Faceplanting 0.001% Wipes :) Comfortable sized realm. No queue times. What we expect from our raiders: Communication Focus and Preparation Maturity A drive to achieve the best they can. A drive to always learn from mistakes and improve with each boss attempt ~80% Attendance in general Raid Times: Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday 20:30 - 00:00 (often finishing a little earlier) On rare resets where we need to move a raid-day for better raid composition etc. we typically aim for Monday as our replacement day. Our Raiders will always know when this type of situation is likely though so they can plan accordingly. Thanks for reading and we look forward to hearing from you. Psiethyr, Recruitment Officer for <Fury> Website: http://www.ssefury.com Psiethyr #1473 Zastaph#2891 Monoki#2908Psiethyr136 10h
10h [A] [Silvermoon] Midnight Sentinels recruiting About Us We are <Midnight Sentinels> a semi-hardcore guild on Silvermoon EU. We are focused on progressive raiding. We are looking for raiders with a similar mindset to help push mythic progression on Nighthold and onwards. At our core we are focused on mythic progressive raiding while maintaining a chilled out and relaxed environment for raiders and socials alike within our guild. We believe in a guild where you can raid the hardest content Blizzard can throw at us while not having the typical attitude and drama that often comes with it. While we are chill and down to earth people we do of course expect the raiders to perform their best and to come prepared to the raids. If this is of interest to you then please contact us: Toblakai#1624 or James#24496 Raid Times Wednesday 20:45 - 23:30 Thursday 20:45 - 23:30 Monday 20:45 - 23:30 Current Progression 4/7M EN 3/3HC ToV 9/10N NH Recruitment Status Mage Balance Druid All applications are considered. Socials are welcome!Jamès1 10h
10h Ever been kicked out of a dungeon for no reason? It's time for a change, fellow non-cancer members of the community. Abuse of the vote-kick system has been a known issue for a long time now, and Blizzard does nothing about it, as usual. So I'm doing random dungeon with a 3-man dps premade. They kicked the healer with the reason being "bad dps". I figure "maybe they're new" so I explain to them that he's not supposed to be dealing damage, and you guessed it, I get kicked as well. So, I'm looking for 2 more people sick of Devs apathy and/or ignorance that are willing to abuse the !@#$ out of the vote-kick system for as long as it takes to make a change.Alastor0 10h
10h [H] <Praesidium> 7/7M & 2/3M | 6 Hrs/Week Please visit our new website at www.praesidiumguild.com! <Praesidium> is a time-efficient Horde guild on Sunstrider EU that aims for cutting edge progression whilst raiding just 6 hours per week even during progression. What We Need 1x Melee DPS: Ret Paladin / Death Knight 1x Ranged DPS: Shadow Priest / Warlock Why Praesidium? In Praesidium we are a sociable, talented and multinational team that speaks English, but I think what really sets us apart from the rest is our non-elitist and friendly community style atmosphere that surrounds the guild, both in and outside of raids at this level of progression. A vast majority of our members are mid-twenties with most of us holding down demanding jobs, education or family commitments amongst other responsibilities. Most of us simply do not have the time to play the game like we once did but still want to experience raiding at the highest level. Our primary goal is being time-efficient so despite our casual raiding schedule we expect our members to make the most of their characters and execute them well in raids. Many of our raiders routinely rank orange/purple for their class on Warcraft Logs though we value strong situational awareness more. Current Progress Nighthold: 0/10HC Trial of Valor: 2/3M Emerald Nightmare: 7/7M Like every guild we're always on the lookout for exceptional players who are willing to compete and earn a spot within our raiding lineup - so even if we're not advertising your class above, it is always worth asking especially if you think Praesidium is the right guild for you. What you can expect from us We know the decision of picking the right guild is important to you, so here are some of the best reasons to be a part of Praesidium: High End Raiding - Focused high-end raiding environment on a tight schedule. Raid smarter not harder. Raid Spot - A raiding spot, we don't recruit for the bench as we keep a small but active roster. Equal Respect - You can expect a calm, and respectful tone at all times. We always welcome thoughts, ideas and strategies. Maturity - We will wipe and have setbacks, it’s the way we deal with those circumstances that set us apart. Long Term Home - A stable place to call home, we are here for the long haul. We have strong and stable leadership. Have Fun - We are passionate about raiding but remain true to our core values of having fun and keeping calm. A Community - We have a plethora of other games we play outside of raiding. These include Overwatch and Rocket League! Likeminded Players - We offer you a social community of likeminded players who share your interests and ambitions. What we expect from you Like every guild we're always on the lookout for exceptional players who are willing to compete and earn a spot within our raiding lineup - so even if we're not advertising your class above, it is always worth asking especially if you think Praesidium is the right guild for you. Class Knowledge - We expect our raiders to stay current with theorycrafting and to maximise performance in every possible way. Mechanical Awareness - We highly value players with strong situational awareness that can avoid boss mechanics on a consistent basis. High Attendance - And a stable connection is a must as we only raid twice a week. Sign up to raids on the calendar. Significant Preparation - For new bosses we face by researching new encounters and reading our forums. Solid Communication - Be prepared with the best available consumables, enchants & gems. Read our guild forums & discord often and have a working microphone for TS3. Team Player - We seek players who understand there is no ‘I’ in ‘Team’. Raiding is a collective effort and everyone works towards the same goal. Gear is not everything; we value the qualities of an individual over gear. We invest in people, not item level. Raid Schedule Sunday 20:00 - 23:00 Tuesday 20:00 - 23:00 Raid invites are 15 minutes earlier than the above times and we do not extend beyond our raiding hours, no hidden days, no extra hours. We remain true to our schedule. Because we are a community as much as we are a guild, we have a Friday fun-run where friends, family, alts and even pugs are welcome for a stab at non-mythic content. Unlike other guilds we don't go beyond our 6 hour weekly schedule so our Friday raid is non-mandatory and a lot less serious by nature, just turn up if you want to have fun! Our Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/230530/ Website: www.praesidiumguild.com Guild Rules: www.praesidiumguild.com/guild-rules Interested? Sound good to you? Contact one of our officers, Trizade, Assphir or Virani in-game. Trizade Battletag: Alex#214557 Virani Battletag: Virani#2453 Or visit our website where you can make an application at: www.praesidiumguild.com We can genuinely say that the vibe and atmosphere surrounding the entire guild here will be unlike any other you have experienced. We hope we can welcome you to our team soon!Trizade17 10h
10h New Home on Draenor Hello, Let me introduce myself. I'm a 24 year old male, living in Belgium who works as a welder. I'm trying to find a new home for me and my friend who love to raid in legion. I have experience in Mythic HFC as healer/Dps. Ive raided practicly every expansion. Now my question towards the people of Draenor is,... Are you currently looking for 2 Fine gentlemen from Belgium who are dying to raid with you? Then please let me know at Halm#2953 Thanks for your time and hope to raid with you in the future. PS Raid times are very important. ( 8:30 PM) ST - ( 11 / 12 PM ) ST.[i][/i]Mûselk2 10h