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16 Apr 2012 Looking for players — PvE forum Welcome to the "Looking for Players — PVE" Forum. This is the place to look for other players if: You are looking for a new member for your guild You want to join a guild You are looking for members for cross-realm raiding You want to join a cross-realm raid You are looking for a leveling partner or simply to find someone to quest with In order to make your search as successful as possible, we recommend you to follow these simple steps: Use the search feature at the top right of the screen before posting When creating a new thread, make sure to use an appropriate and descriptive title (e.g. "[A/H] Guild on (name of realm) looking for <Class> <Raid>" or "[A/H] <Class> Looking for cross-realm raid" or “[A/H] <Class> Looking for leveling partner”) If you are not interested in teaming up with players from other realms, please feel free to also post on your realm forum. We hope that you will succeed in finding other players to have fun with!Vaneras0 16 Apr 2012
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6m Healer LFG Hey all I am an experienced and commited raider looking for a new raid team. Current team has recently disbanded as we did not get enough players for mythic. Would prefer to players healer (pally or priest) but happy to fill a vacant spot. Ivl currently 936. Ideally would like 2 nights raiding a week, starting about 21:00 server. I am in my 30s so mature guild would be great. Let me know if you are lookingTaurt10 6m
9m [A] Overzealous 3/9M - Silvermoon LF Healer and DPS Overzealous is a newly formed Raiding Guild looking to progress as far into Tomb of Sargeras as possible before Antorus hits live. The guild consists of both new players and veterans of the game. Most of our raiders have previous experience from Mythic(Heroic) raiding, but now we are taking a more casual approach with raiding two days a week. We also do heroic clears on wednesdays and mythic+. We only raid two days a week so we do require near 100% attendance, and that you show up to raids prepared. I.E you bring consumables and you have read up on tactics beforehand giving you a general idea of what is going on in the fight. We are looking to progress which means everyone needs to be able to take constructive criticism and everyone has to be looking to improve their skills. We like to keep a tight roster and we do not recruit for the bench. Socials are also welcome into the Overzealous family We are currently recruiting: 1 Healer - Preferably Resto Shaman 1 Tank 2-3 DPS - Any class Raid Schedule : Thursday 21:00-00:00 Server Time Sunday 21:00-00:00 Server Time If you are interested in joining please don't hesitate to contact one of the officers in the guild for a quick chat :) Tiramy - GM DeezyNutzy#2167 Squizyy - Officer WizzNorway#2920 Marphiq - Officer Carl#2790 Malcôf - Officer Malcof#2984Marphiq0 9m
27m Provídence is reqruiting (server Dragonmaw) Hello there! Provídence is a social and casual raiding guild. At the moment we did 9/9 ToS Normal and 6/9 ToS Heroic. We also did NH 10/10 on both normal and heroic but we are in need of healers, tanks and also some DPS. If you want to apply whisper me or Aquilegia in game or leave a comment here and we will get in contact with you. Also you can add my battletag: Snackbarry#1705 Thank you for the time to read this. And hopefully we will see you in our guild soon.Hilversum0 27m
41m [A]: Aiur 8/9 HC LF like minded players Aiur was reassembled in Nov 2016 on Draenor horde, were we started as a casual guild doing M+ and Pugging some raids here and there. After we grew consistently, a 2 day raiding roster was set and we took a more raiding approach type of a guild. Before legion and the summer holidays, the guild split for the simple reason that, a good number of our core did not want to move to Mitic raiding after we were clearing HC NH under 2 hrs. After the summer brake, those who stayed loyal to the cause and myself started a new project on Silvermoon alliance. Now with a raid roster settled and 2 days raiding is back on a weekly schedule, we are striving forward. We are looking for like minded players who value quality over QTY. Progress this exp: 7/7 HC EN 3/3 Normal TOV 1/3 HC TOV 10/10 NH normal. 10/10 NH HC 1/9 NH Mitic 9/9 TOS N 8/9 TOS HC Guild requirements: At least 910ilvl and 62 traits Active with great attitude Eager to be on board and help the guild move forward. Raiding: 2 nights Monday and Thur 20.00 - 11.00 sharp no 30min ext personal Loot until we hit Mitic raiding. Then we will include EPGP or some other system Roles still in need: 1 possible tank spot for the right candidate 1 Healer dps roles are up for grabs. Classes open: Warlock Mistweaver Ele shaman Resto Druid Mage Warrior Keep in mind that all classes will be considered, these above are the most classes desired. If you think that you have what it takes and this sounds like it suits you, please don't hesitate to contact one of us. Kartor#2203,roronoa#2243Kartessa28 41m
1h [A] Stardust [4/9M] is looking for dps! We are recruiting: 1 or 2 of any ranged dps 1 dk or rogue 1 healer, druid preferred but any class will be considered If your class is not stated above, but you are interested anyways do contact us. The possibility is definitely there that we can figure something out. Stardust (Balnazzar et al) was formed at the end of WotLK with the intention to clear high level raids while having as much fun as possible, and with respect to irl commitment. Our raiding schedule: Wednesday: 20:00-23:00 server time Sunday: 20:00-23:00 server time Tuesday: 20:00-23:00 server time Our philosophy is that people don't join a guild to be benched, but to raid. Because of this reason we don't like to have a big raiding roster (we aim for 25) and barely ever had to bench people. This does however require that raiding members are there as much as possible! previous progress: 6/10M Nighthold, 3/3M ToV, 7/7M EN (if you want to know about previous expansions, you can ask) What we offer? We can offer a friendly but serious raiding environment, as well as a social community if you want to be part of it. We have people from all over Europe, and outside raiding everyone seems to like different parts of the game (some do a lot of M+, some love arena, old content etc). On the more practical side: we offer guild repairs, and like to slash people's needed amounts of herbs for flasks to tinier bits by sharing the load into cauldrons for raids (monthly contribution from everyone + guildbank). What should you be? First of all yourself, but as a second definitely a teamplayer. To achieve a collective goal, we need to work as a collective. A high attendance to raids is a must as stated before, but we do understand that you sometimes just have something more important than raids (communication is key here). We like people with a progress oriented mindset, that understand that wiping is part of the progression with the kill as the ultimate reward. We therefore also ask that you are aware of mechanics before we attempt a boss fight, as well as good knowledge on the class you play (and to keep yourself updated). Contact You can contact us on bnet by adding Gwendolynn#2953 (Gloriana) or Ghostieee#2303 (Iridian).Gloriana12 1h
1h [H] TmT - 5/9M - Draenor - Recruiting for Mythic Currently Recruiting: -Resto Druid -Holy Priest -Ele Shaman -MM/BM Hunter All other applicants considered! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <TmT>, a semi-hardcore raiding guild always in the look of progressing and we are striving towards our vision of what a raiding guild should be; progress oriented - We try to progress as much as we can while keeping a good environment between everyone. competitive - our members push themselves to be the best players they can be trying to maintain competition between themselves within the guild. a community - we are a semi-hardcore raiding guild but in the end, no matter how much effort and competitiveness there is, we are friends and we respect each other as much as we can. Our members hail from all kinds of experience, we have multiple long time raiders raiders on our roster, multiple players that have played since day 1 of world of Warcraft as well as players that are relatively new to the game, so don't hesitate if you think you belong here. Raid times: Invites go out 15 minutes prior to raid start Wednesday 20:00 - 23:00 Sunday 20:00 - 23:00 Monday 20:00 - 23:00 all server time What we can offer you: - Competitive raiding - Mythic+ groups - Alt runs (including player incentive's boost runs) - Members willing to help inside and outside of raiding hours - The chance to improve as a raider and as a person What do we expect from you: - Mainly : We are always aiming for better progress and we expect the same from our members. You should be in it for the raid team not the loot. As you may know loot will come and go and as a new recruit it may take some time before loot starts to come your way. That being said loot will be distributed as fairly as possible. We will do progression content over farm content even if we have to wipe 100+ times. All members should come to raids with Flasks Food Potions and any other consumables necessary to perform optimally. - Good English / Working microphone, while we have members from all over the world everything we do officially is in English. - Class Knowledge , we value players over classes and we expect all our members to actively try to do their best on their classes. - Ability to remain calm, there will always be hurdles in life, if you can't remain calm you'll fall at the first one - this is our no "rage-quit" policy. - Attendance, we don't have a set percentage of raids you're required to attend, however as a mythic raider we expect you to be able to make most of our raids. Social – All guild members, regardless of rank are to be respected – Be a good representative, everything you do while in our guild will reflect on us, don’t be a prick. Or at least be funny while being a prick. Raid rules – Be ready atleast 10 minutes pre-raid. – Don’t come to raid without having sorted out consumables pre-raid. (Flasks, Potions, Food & Healing Tonics) – We operate a loot council system. The loot council prioritises players and classes that will most benefit the raid to improve progression. Make sure you install RC Loot council. – Save all non-essential chat during a progression fight until after the encounter. Arguing and trying to shift a tactic around mid-fight is not going to help. – The raid leader(s) orders should be followed as a priority. Decisions may be made both mid & pre-pull that you don’t necessarily agree with, but hold onto your comments / ideas for an appropriate time. We value our members opinions and take them into consideration. Contacts for more information: Mind-Recruitment (Manafury#21921) Kickfiz-Recruitment (Kickfiz#2539) Or visit our website to apply. touchmytotem.comMindshatter25 1h
1h [H] Exception 10/10 8/9 Mythic recruiting Tank Horde Guild Exception on Bloodfeather cluster – Current Progress 8/9 M ToS. All Cutting edge achievements earned this expansion Actively recruiting 1 Tank - DK, Druid or Monk We are looking for players ready for mythic progression, meaning ample experience, gear and logs. Please note. Although your class may not be on the list, all application will be considered. With our current set up we will clear ToS mythic without any doubt ,however we wish to push it to clear a little quicker, recruitment here is to improve the progress not to enable us to clear. The Guild Exception was formed in 2006 and has raided all content spanning across all 4 brackets (10, 20, 25 and 40 man) and over the years has formed a solid group of core players. Our current focus is 20 man Mythic using a comfortable, flexible raid schedule to accommodate RL commitments. We are looking to bolster the core raiding group in order to achieve the best possible progress. The raid Schedule We raid Wednesday Sunday and Monday from 19.30 to 23.00. We understand that many people have real life commitments and can’t make every raid; all we ask is notice in advance. We provide: • Steady progression, clearing content whilst relevant • Stable leadership • A close knit, social environment We require: • A good attitude and respectful manner. • We require a certain level of competency – Although we will help gear people We need to see a pro-active attitude in regard to gearings etc. • A willingness and desire to improve. Mistakes happen, we’re all human - all we look for is that you learn from these mistakes and improve. • You need to be able to listen on Teamspeak. • High attendance out side of holidays/personal events Links Guild website http://exception.wowlaunch.com Wow Progress http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/1443 YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOONs6uPY7yLtq_aYUjecQA Please don’t hesitate to contact me in game with any question Contact coburn#2121 or on Discord (Better during the day) on Coburn#5044 or you can go to our website and make an application. Thanks!Coburn58 1h
1h [A] LF m+ group for high lvl keys (disc priest) Hi guys, I am looking for a decent group of a few fellow players who aim to push high m+ keys (17+++). I wouldn't mind if the group/team got more than 5 players, so that there is more often someone to play with. I am not looking for a guild, just for highly dedicated m+ teams looking for a healer. My current m+ score ist ~2000, mostly done with pugs. My aim is to play high high level keys 20+ with a nice group. I got my gear mostly from raiding, my 2 day raid guild got 8/9 mythic atm, progressing at KJ. I got decent m+ gear with Prydaz and Deceivers... I play disc priest. DPS shadow specc also available. Feel free to respond or add me ingame ruffy#2336 https://www.wowprogress.com/character/eu/ravencrest/RuffyyRuffyy2 1h
1h Project Sixty Legion <Sixty Legion> Draenor Discord Link: https://discord.gg/vFKKVpP We’re a legacy guild which launched with a few core members from a previous legacy project. Unlike many other legacy guilds, we have a set of rules in place to actually make the legacy experience challenging. From our experience in several legacy guilds we’ve all come to the conclusion that these rules just make the experience far more fun and less faceroll. Want in on our project? Or just want some more info regarding any questions you may have? Then join our Discord through: https://discord.gg/vFKKVpP Our rules are: General rules: No Monks or Death Knights. No pvp gear, it's far too easily obtained. (You're not allowed to spend honor, at all.) No raid boosts, you are allowed to get boosted through dungeons by your guildies. Dungeons and leveling: Can use heirlooms to level to 60, however you have to take these off as soon as you hit 60. So make sure you save possible replacements as you level to 60. You do not have to start at level 1, if you already have a 60 on this realm you’re able to join with that. However, you cannot use gear ahead of our curve. You are not allowed to level through any TBC content, this includes both dungeons and questing zones (Hellfire). Professions and trading: No Auction House use is allowed, at all. This also includes the selling of WoW tokens for gold. You may only level a profession to the maximum allowed at that expansion. (300 at Classic (Level 60), 375 at TBC, etc.) Profession items are all fine to be used, as long as they hail within the expansion we're currently playing at. No Archeology, Jewelcrafting or Inscription. Trading may only be done within the guild, with other members. Raiding player-caps: MC: 7 Players AQ20: 4 Players BWL: 7 Players AQ40: 7 Players Raid release dates: MC: 23/8/2017 AQ20: 29/8/2017 BWL: 7/9/2017 AQ40: 25/8/2017Fæy57 1h
1h (H) 6/9M <Weekend Warriors> @Draenor recruiting Weekend Daytime Mythic Raiding!!! Do you work too hard or too late to raid in the week? Is your evening taken up with family or TV time that you can’t miss without aggroing your IRL raid boss? Are you tired of sometimes on, sometimes off raiding with casual guilds that don’t get you very far? Are you a veteran WoW player who despite feeling jaded can’t quit as the desire for raiding is what keeps you going? If the answer to any of these is yes, you should apply to join Weekend Warriors! We raid every weekend afternoon to keep that important lunch and evening time open for those all important social activities. Our aim is to clear all relevant content on Heroic and Mythic difficulty.. With a long history from Wrath of the Lich King to date without a single guild break-down or raiding break, Weekend Warriors has the proven strength and character to guarantee you raiding continuity for as long as you want to continue to play WoW. So, if you’re done with travelling and the 4 night per week hardcore scene then don’t quit! Come on over to Weekend Warriors and keep raiding with a guild that makes raiding fit RL and not the other way around. We currently have a strong and stable roster of players, but we are looking for a few more exceptional, mature players to enrich our Legion Mythic raiding roster. Our current official raid times are Saturday 16:00 – 19:00 and Sunday 16:00 - 19:00 server time (one hour later in the summer months) unless otherwise stated in the calendar invite. We also run flex mode normal/heroic raids for socials, alts and flex team members on Friday night from 20.00. What do we expect from you? • To be aged 25+ (we will consider younger applicants on a case by case basis). • To know your class, know Boss tactics (Heroic and Mythic) and to be at a relevant item level. • Have a real life, work, family and or other commitments that come first yet still able to set aside 6 hours a week regularly to raid with your team mates (75% minimum attendance ratio required). • Enjoy and care about the social aspect of the game, playing with friends and family, helping and being helped out or just chewing the fat in chat or on Discord whilst grinding. • And last, but by no means least, you should be a stable and mature individual with a sense of humour and friendly disposition towards others and the ability to take constructive criticism and guidance. We also gladly accept social and casual members to enrich the important social experience in guild, all of whom are welcome in our flex runs. For further information on our guild or to fill out our recruitment form, please visit www.weekend-warriors.net or poke Scabbrox (GM&RL), Samious (Melee), Necroaxe (Tanking), Zarfen (Healing), Amajar (tactical) or Impliyed (Ranged) if you have any further questions.Scabbrox70 1h
1h 937 Guardian Druid seeking guild Hello there, Experienced raider looking for raiding guild Been playing this game for almost 10 years and got a pretty good experience when it comes to PVE,. My raiding experience: I've cleared everything up to Felmyst in SWP,WOTLK I've cleared everything up to the LK Heroic in 25 man,never killed him though. My cataclysm experience so far,all the starting content cleared on Heroic and Firelands 6/7 pre nerf on heroic,DS normal and heroic cleared on 25 man. My MOP experience is 15/16 bosses on heroic. TOT i've done 11/13 bosses on heroic and done 13/14 bosses on heroic in SoO Including Garrosh. WOD experience is 6/7 HM Mythic and BRF i've done 4 bosses on mythic. HFC i've done 13/13 on heroic and done 13/13 bosses on Mythic. Legion: Only 7/7 on HC EN and did 10/10 on normal and HC Nighthold and done 5 bosses on Mythic. And done 9/9 bosses on heroic ToS and 5/9 on Mythic This post is mostly about me finding a guild who are actively doing M+ every week and who need an experienced tank for their raiding team. I'm not able to raid more than 3 days and finish no later than 23:00 Leave your battletag and i'll contact you should your offer look interesting Cheers. MoonrakeMóonrake31 1h
2h [H] <Adapt> 8/9M | 6 Hrs/Week | LF Healer Please visit our new website at www.adaptguild.com! <Adapt> is a time-efficient Horde guild on Sunstrider EU that aims for cutting edge whilst raiding just 6 hours per week even during progression. Founded by years of friendship we value the balance of high quality raiding coupled by a positive and enjoyable atmosphere both in and outside of raids. What We Need x1 Healer - Preferably a Disc Priest or Restro Druid! Like every guild we're always on the lookout for exceptional players who are willing to compete and earn a spot within our raiding lineup - so even if we're not advertising your class above, it is always worth asking especially if you think Adapt is the right guild for you. Current Progress 8/9M World #320 T19: Gul'dan (pre-nerf) World #592 T19: Helya World #300 T19: Xavius World #294 T18: Archimonde (pre-nerf) World #560 T17: Blackhand Why Adapt? In Adapt we are a sociable, talented and multinational team that speaks English, but I think what really sets us apart from the rest is our non-elitist and friendly community style atmosphere that surrounds the guild, both in and outside of raids at this level of progression. Our primary goal is being time-efficient so despite our casual raiding schedule we expect our members to make the most of their characters and execute them well in raids. Many of our raiders routinely rank orange/purple for their class on Warcraft Logs though we value strong situational awareness more. What you can expect from us We know the decision of picking the right guild is important to you, so here are some of the best reasons to be a part of Adapt: Smarter Raiding - Focused high-end raiding environment on a tight schedule. Raid smarter not harder. Raid Spot - A raiding spot, we don't recruit for the bench as we keep a small but active roster. Likeminded Players - We offer you a social community of awesome people who share your interests and goals. Respect - You can expect a calm, and respectful tone at all times. We always welcome thoughts, ideas and strategies. Maturity - Our positive approach is key. We're all adults so when problems arise we fix them in a calm manner. Stability - A great place to call home with a strong core we want to build on, we are here for the long haul. Great Community - An active community both in and outside of the game. We also play Overwatch, PUBG, HOTS & more! Have Fun - We are extremely passionate about raiding but you'll find our raids can be extremely fun.What we expect from you Performance - We expect our raiders to stay current with theorycrafting and to compete for a raiding spot. Mechanical Awareness - Personal sacrifice is valiant and we highly value players with strong situational and mechanical awareness. Team Player - We don't want people who play for logs, gear or to soley for themselves. Raiding is a collective effort. High Attendance - We expect close to 100% attendance as we only raid twice a week. Sign up to raids on the calendar. Significant Preparation - For new bosses we face by researching new encounters and reading our forums/discord. Communication - Be willing to communicate in and outside the raids. Oh and bring the nerd screams, we absolutely love them!Gear, Legendaries and AP is not everything; we value the qualities of an individual over gear. We invest in people. Raid Schedule Sunday 20:00 - 23:00 Tuesday 20:00 - 23:00 Raid invites are 15 minutes earlier than the above times and we do not extend beyond our raiding hours, no hidden days, no extra hours. We remain true to our schedule. Because we are a community as much as we are a guild, we have a Friday fun-run where friends, family, alts and even pugs are welcome for a stab at non-mythic content. Unlike other guilds we don't go beyond our 6 hour weekly schedule so our Friday raid is non-mandatory and a lot less serious by nature, just turn up if you want to have fun! Our Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/230530/ Website: www.praesidiumguild.com Guild Rules: www.praesidiumguild.com/guild-rules Interested? Sound good to you? Contact one of our officers, Junior, Tsabo or Volrokk in-game. Tsabo Battletag: Tsabo#2795 Volrokk Battletag: Karokk#2441 Junior Battletag: dontchase#2198 Or visit our website where you can make an application at: www.adaptguild.com We can genuinely say that the vibe and atmosphere surrounding the entire guild here will be unlike any other you have experienced. We hope we can welcome you to our team soon!Junior59 2h
2h (A) Angels of absolution (Defias Brotherhood) Angels of Absolution are an international PVE focused guild on the English speaking Defias Brotherhood server. We are a socially strong and committed casual raiding guild looking for more like-minded individuals. We are a brand new guild (founded Feb 2017) that has already formed a rock solid foundation. Our focus is to progress through Legion raiding content, while safeguarding our guild’s trademark; an exceptionally friendly and helpful atmosphere with focus on raiding. Our main objective: offer a home for people with RL commitments who still want to enjoy everything the game has to offer and do so in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. Our current members are aged 18+ with varying levels of experience in World of Warcraft. This includes individuals that are brand new to the game or learning a new character, to people with recent Edge achievements. Everyone is always willing to help. All our members have a few things in common however, we are a bunch of committed people, who are aware of the fact that real life is, and should be, the biggest time consumer. This makes AoA the perfect home for any player who cannot commit to the hardcore style, but still wants to raid regularly while having loads of fun! The guild is led by an experienced officer core that are married, have kids and appreciate people cannot always play WoW. As such, there is no guild drama, just an enjoyable atmosphere for all. What we look for in a potential member: - Social skills. You know how to have fun, and love to interact with others! - Maturity. We have an 18+ only policy - Patience, willingness and determination to make the guild a success. Every member counts! Our raiding - Monday and Wednesday starting at 20:30 to 23:00 ST, Optional Saturday at 20.30 to 23.00 (giving everyone enough time to get home, enjoy some family time, kids to bed etc). Current Raid Progress[b] - 9/9 Heroic ToS - Open to all classes and levels, however- [b]We are on the market for DPS and healers DPS - Every class Healer - Shaman, Priest, Druid If interested please contact any member of our guild council. Rev#21670 Kento#21136 Dajawz#2585 Look forward to hearing from you. Regards Angels of AbsolutionRaldy4 2h
2h Looking for group: Only the Penitent... I'm looking for a group of experienced people to get the achievment. The raid is avalaible in 2 days so this should leave us some time to prepare the thing. :) /w me in game or send a mail if I'm not here!Rimian0 2h
2h VII-EmeraldDream 12 Years of Experience VII is Currently Recruiting! We're looking for experienced and skilled players to join us as we progress through Tomb of Sargeras and beyond. Current progress is 1/9M. About VII We're an Alliance Guild on Emerald Dream now in our 13th year, founded in June 2005. VII offers a stable raiding home for the long-term, not just the current tier/expansion. We set out to balance steady raid progression with a social and active community. Players are online, day and night, avoiding that feeling of a 'ghost town' outside of raid time. Active voice comms, scheduled events almost every night, mature members who aren't about elitism but rather working as a team to progress through the current content. We're a large and active community with a raid schedule which runs like clockwork. Our raids happen when they say they will and we maintain a healthy speed of progress whilst our raid environment is upbeat, relaxed and ultimately fun. Raid Days and Times Wednesday - 21:00-00:00 st Sunday - 21:00-00:00 st Monday - 21:00-00:00 st About You We're looking for experienced raiders who are appropriately geared for the content we're currently clearing, in order that you are able to hit the ground running. Determined players who accept that wiping is part of progression and who can remain focused throughout our raid, ensuring each pull is as valuable as the last. The community-minded part of you, is someone who is looking to be part of an emotionally mature, social and fun-loving team. Contact To find out more about VII and for a chat, please add me djfreddi#2220 You can also find out more via our forum www.vii.guildlaunch.com Look forward to hearing from you. Alfonsen (djfreddi#2220) www.vii.guildlaunch.comAlfonsen19 2h
2h (H)3/9Disc LF raiding guild Disc ilvl 928 lf raiding guild, that raids 2-3 days per week. (Tue, Thurs, Wend or sunday) 3/9 M ToS from Legion. Have exp from myth end raids, my main have been disc for many years, but i have also exp from all the other healers. HFC full clear myth in WoD. Raiding since WoTlK. If you want my other chrs name aswell you can just whisper me, and i can show exp from those aswell.Priestenzia0 2h
2h [A] Weekend Raiding Fri+Sat 20:00-24:00 ToS 5/9 Mythic Friday Marines is a raiding Team and Guild, raiding Heroic and Mythic content 2 days per week: Friday and Saturday 20:00-24:00, with optional raids also on Wednesday (non-progression content for Mains and Alts for AP and fun). Recruitment status (updated: 22 Oct 2017): =================== - 1 healer (ideally Druid / Shaman / Paladin) - 1 dps, most classes possible (especially ranged, but all welcommed) More info or apply at : http://fridaymarines.guildlaunch.com or just add Shandril#2428 (Shandril) or Mak#2170 (Mickella) for a in-game chat about raiding with us. :) Some selected info about the team follows. We are in between semi hard core and casual raiding, however many members are ex-hard core raiders who do not have that much time any more as before, or are alts of current hard-core raiders who seek even more fun in raids on their primary alt. Team was created on 2nd November 2012, and for initial 4 years was a cross-guilds team, however, with the changes Blizzard made in Legion to Master Looter UI, a Friday Marines guild has been created with aim to have 80%+ team members in guild, yet still to maintain original spirit of cross-guilds team for those ppl who for valid reasons can't leave their guilds. By default new members are expected to join FM guild, unless otherwise agreed with Officer. REQUIREMENTS / EXPECTATIONS FOR ALL RAIDING MEMBERS AND TRIAL RULES 1. Attend all raids on weekly basis, unless some rl unexpected pops up - if you have a permanent conflict with one of the raiding days, better not join the team, as we do expect participation and dedication to the Team :) In terms of specific attendance requirement it is 80%, so allows for 3 missed raidsd per 2 months. 2. Prioritize Weapon artifacts activities, as it has big impact on progression, especially at the expansion beginning. For new members it is expected to be up to speed with AK, and 52 ranks (concordance) with commitment to push it up further. 3. Have all the best consumables (food, runes) always ready and used during progression raids. Flasks are provided. Gear fully enchanted with BiS enchants. We try hard to keep our raids nice and calm. Occasionally, on some progression fights, we may fail to maintain this, but that's rare. We all make the effort to keep the atmosphere in raids relaxing rather than stressfull, while still reasonably pushing for progress. - Contribute to this approach! :) In terms of trial rules, it is pritty simple: what matter for the decission is: (1) attendance - if you can't make most or all raids it makes really no sense to join the team, as the trial will be failed for sure; (2) game play skills - which means ability to execute tactics precisely and consistently plus knowledge of the class demonstrated by good dps or hps output for damage dealers or healers (it is required for new team members to be able to reach 50% Ranking at Warcraft Logs in your gear bracket for most of the fights, and we admire those able to go 80% and above); (3) personality fit for the team - we are a bunch of old timers, mature people, with families and jobs, we treat WoW as great way to relax after a had week at work or Uni, so we tolerate no shouting, fingerpointing, or drama - if you kind of emo person, easy to upset or annoy by whatever reasons, you will not fit well, and best is to stay away, however, if you warm and kind in your heart, tolerant for unintended mistakes sometimes, you certainly will find Friday Marines a nice group to raid with. Thanks for reading and see you in raids! :)Shandril48 2h
3h (A) <Hyperia> 1 night raid guild - 3/9 mythic and 9/9hc <Hyperia> is a raiding guild that has formed from a core of friends, and people who have raided together in the past. Most of us have focused on Mythic progress in the past, but due to other obligations we are now playing the game with a more casual approach. This is why we only raid on Sunday evenings from 19:45 til 23:00 server time. There is however more going on outside of raiding such as mythic dungeons, normal clears, and runs through older content. Be aware: we are casual in the time that we raid now, not in terms of the effort that we put in. We're currently looking for boomkin, spriest, rogue, lock and dps DK. If you don't play one of these classes but have relevant exp and decent gear, let us know :) We are always open to applications from people that have past experience and share the same mind-set as us. We know that we are limited on time, so we do expect people to focus up. We are not averse to extending a lock out where needed, however this is not a usual occurrence. What we can offer you: - Friendly environment with a no-drama policy. - Some joking around, while maintaining a progress minded attitude. - Decent amount of progress for the time invested. - Some stuff to do outside of raids. - Tabard with a bunny! - A nice place to call home. What we want from you: - Heroic/Mythic raid experience in any previous tiers. - The ability to keep up your focus during raids. - Usual crap, like bringing flasks, pots, food, optimisation etc. - Being able to take constructive criticism. - Being able to use discord and be vocal when it's needed. - Being able to attend raids on a regular basis. If you are interested in making an application, please do so using the application form. We look forward to hearing from you! Add someone for a chat : infernity#2168 Jones#1839 Dylan#22297 Lemin#2217 https://hyperia-guild.enjin.com/Nickizilla16 3h
3h [H-Draenor] Revival 6/9M LF DPS <Revival> is a semi-harcore raiding guild who likes to get progress done while having a laugh when doing so and are now progressing through Mythic ToS. We are currently recruiting mainly: 2-3 Various DPS classes Check the website link below and recruitment status for more detailed information on what we are looking for. However all exceptional applicants will be considered as we like to take into account the player's skill before the class in most cases! Our raid days are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday between 19:30 and 22:30 ST. ToS: 9/9N, 9/9 H, 6/9 M. Nighthold: 10/10 N, 10/10 H & 8/10 M. For more information or to apply visit our website: http://revival-draenor.enjin.com/ Or contact any of our officers in game: Dreadan / Dreaden#2610 Slauka/ Slauka#1596 Jopperavager/ Booker#2374Dreadan10 3h
3h 945 RDruid LF New Home! Hi there! I'm a Resto Druid, looking to get back into the mythic raiding scene after months of laid back heroic content. So far this expansion I have 7/7 EN HC, 3/3 Mythic ToV, 8/10 Mythic NH and now currently 9/9 HC ToS. My logs are normally in the orange (95%+) But since those logs are from HC content, I don't value them that highly. As for gear/specs, I am currently 945 for 5man content and for raiding I am 933 (Still using T19 4PC since T20 is terrible) with 70 traits and a weapon level of 964. My off-specs are fairly well geared also but lacking leggos. I've done the Healer/Tank/Feral challenge and the proving grounds endless wave challenge (Proven Healer). I'm looking for a mythic raiding guild that's ideally got an average age of 25+, with a laid back atmosphere (not looking for elitism or for people who value logs/meters over ice cream :D) I am happy to xfer server (H or A). Thank you for taking the time to read through, I look forward to finding a new home!Daremo9 3h
3h [A] Murloc Death Squad 8/9 Mythic ToS on the Maelstrom For details, please see our website: http://www.murlocdeathsquad.eu/ Murloc Death Squad raided as Challenged on the Maelstrom up to and including the end of Mythic Nighthold. We reformed as a new guild in order to get back into faster raid progress in the Tomb of Sargeras. We are always on the lookout for effective, reliable raiders who can compete with our current roster. Our current priority targets include: DPS (Rogue, Warlock and another). Effective and reliable tank (Warrior, Monk, Druid). All exceptional players considered. We raid on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Mondays 20:00-00:00. We expect raiders to carry sufficient stocks of flasks, DPS potions, augment runes (which are not used unless needed) and personal food. We do provide Vantus runes and feasts (though if you die and most people didn't then we won't put a new feast down). We are a good natured group of players but very far from being politically correct. If you are easily offended then we may not be the place for you. That being said, the guild atmosphere is very nice and toxic behaviour is not tolerated. We run a loot council for the distribution of loot, expect everyone to have your artefact weapon at a suitable level for Tomb of Sargeras, and to complete a high enough Mythic+ dungeon each week to get the best item level from the weekly cache. We offer Discord interviews for people who prefer not to fill out application forms. For further details please contact an officer: Thete Thete#2661 Scitt Scitt#2592 Winni Paul#2911Thete20 3h
4h 7/9M 942 RSham Searching for Guild Hello! I'm currently looking for a potential new guild to raid with for the remainder of ToS/Beginning of Antorus. Hopefully I should cover the required information below. About Me I'm a 21 year old student from England, currently maining my Restoration Shaman. ilevel is 940+ (depends on gear set) and I have every resto legendary. Ideally I'm looking for a healing spot but I'm also happy to play either Ele or Enhance as my offspec if needed. Looking forward to Antorus, I do also have a Holy Paladin alt that I am not opposed to rerolling to for the next tier. Availability Ideally I'm looking for a guild that raids 2-3 days a week. I am available for the following days/times: Mon (23:00ST onwards) Tues (Any) Wed (Any) Thurs (23:00ST onwards) Fri (Any) Sat (Any) Sun (Any) Experience My experience during Legion comes from raid leading with the guild <Mana Curve>. I've killed 7/7, 8/10 and 7/9M In their respective patches on a 2 day, 6hrs/week schedule. The majority of which I've been a MS healer. My raiding experience during previous expansions isn't all that impressive. I dabbled in mythic during WoD though I ended up stopping playing after BRF due to not having the time to commit. My Shaman logs are available here: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/eu/kazzak/invented#rankingmetric=hps Wish mythic could be better but I guess the combination of raid leading and an overall strong healing team doesn't go well. What I'm looking for As mentioned above, I'm after a 2-3 days a week raiding guild to continue to raid with for the remainder of Legion. Ideally progress-wise I'd like to find a guild around the same progress as me. I'm situated on Kazzak Horde currently but I'm not opposed to realm/faction changing should the guild be right. I like to think of myself as a consistent raider who's not afraid to admit my when I make a mistake. Contact Hopefully I've given enough information above. Should you want to get in touch my battle tag is Invented#2346. Even if it's just a quick chat and direction to an application form then that's cool. Cheers for making it this far if you've read the whole thing.Invented3 4h
5h [H] Draenor - Hug My Pug 9/9HC - Casual Raiding. [H] Draenor -EU - Hug My Pug - Casual Raiding Guild With Antorus, the Burning Throne around the corner, Hug My Pug is currently looking for additional members to fill our rooster. We are raiding 2 times a week, Thursday and Sunday 19-22 server time. Who are Hug My Pug? We are a guild who migrated from Bloodhoof PVE to Draenor March 2017 to seek addition members to our rooster, since our previous server died out. We started out as a small group within a guild called Cold Turkey and grew from there to where we are now. We still believe in a balance between raids being fun and enjoyable without being too hardcore, however do do acknowledge that the current game content requires abit more than the casual play we used to expect from our members. While we try to keep a relaxed attitude, the content we attempt is difficult and needs a level of focus and commitment. We raid in a pretty civil fashion, we’re a diverse bunch and we more than appreciate that real life comes first. If this sounds interesting, have a quick look at our website. The next step is to apply, don't worry. It's not a 10 page application form, but we hope you take the opportunity to actually tell us a bit about yourself. Current Progression Raid: 9/9HC | 9/9N Past Progression:2/10M NH | 10/10HC NH | 10/10N NH | 7/7HC EN | 7/7M EN | 3/3HC ToV | Loot: EPGP Tanks: Closed Healer: Open RDPS: Open (Any) MDPS: Closed Raiding times: Thursday 19-22 Sunday 19-22 Website: http://hugmypug.enjin.com If you have any additional questions, contact me on battlenet: - NightY#2194Bruceleäfs71 5h
5h [H][Cult of the Doomed][7/9M] LF Holy Pala & DPS Cult of the Doomed (Horde), is currently recruiting a Holy Paladin, and dps classes to push more progress, and to bolster our Mythic roster for Antorus, the Burning Throne. Currently open: - Holy Paladin (High Priority). - Most dps classes will be considered at the moment, but a high priority on ranged dps. Although any exceptional candidate regardless of the classes/specs wrote above will be considered, so don't hesitate to ask us, or apply on our website. Guild current expansion history: - The Emerald Nightmare [7/7M][Cutting Edge]. - Trial of Valor [3/3M][Cutting Edge]. - The Nighthold [10/10M][Cutting Edge]. - Tomb of Sargeras [7/9M][In Progress]. Guild information: Cotd is a mature, thriving guild that hasn't stopped raiding since 2008. We call home the connected realms of Emeriss, Hakkar, Crushridge, Agamaggan, Bloodscalp and Twilight's-Hammer - EU. Our raiding schedule is Wed/Sun/Mon 19:45-23:00 (CET, UTC +01:00). We are looking for exceptional raiders that are driven and patient, and are able to maintain over 85% raid-attendance per month. More Specifically: - Consistency is what we appreciate the most. - You need to be over 18 y.o. - Talk on Discord when you need to. - Be an active player, and put the effort to join our long-lasting community. - Ready to go the extra mile to help the team when it needs you. - Be open to constructive criticism. - Respect our effort. Additional info: - Highly diversified international community. - English is our main language. - Alt/Social raids (optional) - Every Thursday evening. - Active Guild forums. - Guild activity in other Steam/Blizzard games. - We make sure to keep having fun even during the worst progress wipefests. If you think you have what it takes, find some recent combat logs and apply @ www.cultofthedoomed.net In case you have questions check the website or whisper any officer ingame. Or contact us via real-id at: Tranceaddict#2107 (Elektrika). Thanks!Trollipops7 5h
5h Aeon {7/9M} 10 years old realm first guild **Recruitment is currently open for all classes** Edit: Our current world ranks dont represent our actual rankings we get every tier. Thats the result of being in a summer break, and raiding 1 to 2(rarely) for the last almost 2 months. Our guild has a high average of age with ppl having families and unavoidable summer vacations from most of our members. Thats why we opened recruitment again in order to have bigger roster, to avoid same situations in the future. Atm we started raiding again and we are full force to get cutting edge before argus and realm first. That doesnt mean ofc we recruit for summer and holidays and bench ppl for the rest of the year. Everyone has same chances to raid. Guild is above everyone. So if u made it reading so far, below there is a little info about us. Recruitment is currently open for all DPS and healers. Especially looking for a: - Retribution paladin - Warlock - Shadow priest Class doesn't matter as much as reliability and ability to play your class well. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Aeon was formed in the summer of 2008, from the merge of the then two top Horde guilds of our server, Ad Noctum and Might of the Horde. We have been raiding ever since, being the top Horde guild, with many server firsts during our journey through all expansions, like a Tribute to Insanity and Sinestra. Aeon moved to Twilight's Hammer from Earthen Ring at the end of February, 2016. Previous Legion raid tier progress: Emerald Nightmare 7/7M - Realm first Trial of Valor 3/3M - Realm first Nighthold 10/10M - Realm first --------------------------------------------------------------------- Requirements: Able to make our scheduled raids on Wed, Thurs, Sun 20:00 - 23:30 server time. Over 18. Can communicate in English. Discord + microphone. Former mythic raiding experience is highly desirable. What we can offer you: An established guild that has been raiding for 9+ years. A guild where members are listened to. Goal to be competitive and to always improve, while having fun. Fair leadership - no A or B teams. What we expect of you: A "team first" attitude . You come prepared with consumables and knowledge of the bosses you are about to face. High Motivation during progress and farm raids. You know your class and min-max your character. Your computer and internet connection are stable. Attitude and commitment are the most important. We do not want people who just log on to farm raids to get loot and then disappear for progression nights, or who are unable to work with their guild members, thinking just about themselves. --------------------------------------------------------------------- To post an application, register to our forums at http://www.aeonguild.org/forum/. Private applications can be PM'ed through the forums to Zeru. You can also roll an alt on our server and contact Syale ingame for any questions at all (Zeru#2267 on B.net). NOTE: If your forum account is not activated within a day please contact Zeru (Zeru#2267) through B.net. Please take your time in writing your application. Remember that first impression lasts and that the main function of the application is to give us the impression that you are able to perform well with your class. --------------------------------------------------------------------- You can find videos of our kills and possible raid VoDs from the below links: https://www.youtube.com/user/mrunanimous (Resto Druid PoV) https://twitch.tv/haaziie (Retribution Paladin PoV) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPl4dl2XnF-Ft0aCdFQklswZoyt48 5h
5h [A] Frostmane <Mutiny> 6/9mythic <Mutiny> are a 6/9Mythic guild on Frostmane-Alliance looking for skilled ranged dps, however any skilled players are always welcome. We are a casual guild who raid Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday at 20:00-23:00 realm time. Feel free to contact me if you're interested about hearing more :) #Brad2542Cyclonë0 5h
5h 937 MW Monk/ Balance Druid Looking for Guild Hey, I am a Mistweaver monk looking for a guild to raid with the remainder of this tier and hopefully next tier. I do also play a lot on my balance druid, Its not as geared as my monk (924) but with a bit of love its raid worthy My current guild is falling apart and to make sure i don't cause any more damage i'm posting this on an alt. I really liked the atmosphere in this guild but i'm not sticking around to be social. Thus I am looking for a new guild, one i hope that has a social and active player base to play and raid with. It has been a while since i raided mythic, and its not a must for me. However i do like a challenge, so its not off the table. I can only commit to 2-3 raids a week, since i do have a social life outside of WoW. Because of this i really can't raid Fridays or Saturdays. Transfers and faction changes are not an issue for me. I am sure i missed some important stuf, If you want to know more please leave a comment with your Bnet account and i'll get in touch. Thanks for reading and have a nice day. PS: I am a Dutchie, i am really sorry if i messed up some of the grammar or spelling.Lessel15 5h
5h Holy Priest looking for new Home Hello Guys I'm looking for a new home for my 940 + Holy Priest My current exp is 6/9 M, with around 200 try's on Maiden, so im looking for a guild with same progress or better. Looking for a late evening guild if possible, Horde or Alliance Add me Wizper#21135 Thank you!!Wizper2 5h
6h [A]Looking for raiding guild Hello! I'm a monk healer with ilvl 938 looking for a new serious raiding guild! =) Have been trying with previous guild to get curve but have mostly been social guild and therefore not been that much for raiding sadly. I'm right now on 7/9 HC Looking for Swedish/English guilds on Terenas(but might reconsider a realm transfer if I find a guild that fits me). I study and might start working so timewise it might be difficult to join every time but I will try my best since I love raiding and wow =) Write here or /w me please =)Jagärninja2 6h
6h Paradise Lost <Draenor> Recruiting for mythic team Paradise Lost (EU) is a raiding guild formed in August 2010 with the goal for a smaller and less intense raiding environment. As we move into the later stages of the Legion expansion, the core team has blasted through heroic encounters and is aiming to do mythic come 7.3 and beyond. We're looking for likeminded individuals who want a piece of the action! Quick info: Server: Draenor EU Primary Language: English Voice communication: Discord Raiding times: Wed: 20:30 - 23:30* Sun: 20:30 - 23:30* *Note : We use server time aka GMT +1. Trial period: 2 raids You must be over the age of 18, parental permission with exceptional applicants may be considered. Gear distribution: RCLootcouncil Currently recruiting: 3x ranged dps 1x healer 2x melee dps 1x tank Who are we? Paradise lost is a group of core raiders from all the way back in Wrath of the Lich King who broke off from a highly ranked raiding guild to form a tight-knit community that has spanned for over a decade. As time has gone on we've picked up some great people and lost some as well, however our core values remain the same: RAIDING SHOULD BE FUN. The raiding environment is as you would expect, general consumables will be provided. Raid leaders are experienced and dedicated, having pushed progression to it's absolute limits expansion after expansion. While we are a light raiding guild (6 hours/week) we make great progression as we have a talented roster of players who are dedicated to their classes and always want to be at peak performance, we expect anyone we invite to be equally as motivated! If you're looking into getting into Mythic and you're not too keen on putting too much time into raiding then we might be the place for you! Please contact anyone on the list below if you would like any more information or to set up a trial: Officers available on bnet : Zhongjie#2671 Tammz#2233 Ralox#2100 Mohawkkiller#2295 Rahxt#2882 website : paradiselost.wowlaunch.comHypnosz11 6h
6h [H] - Draenor - <Ancient Circle> (Swe) Mythic raiding Vi raidar 19.30 - 23.00 på Torsdagar och Måndagar. Vi letar nu efter mer folk för mythic progress. Om du vill raida mythic i "vuxet" sällskap i ett trevligt guild utan drama så viska Hufs, Mourning, eller Apotekarnes för mer info.Apotekarnes5 6h
6h [A] < Isentropy >, 7/9M 9/9Hc ToS, Recruiting Isentropy is a fairly new guild formed from experienced members up to 10/10 Mythic NH, and Cutting edge obtained in various Legion tiers so far. In Isentropy we pride ourselves in creating a guild that aims to achieve steady progression with focus on raid preparation and time efficiency . With raid members that have played for over 12 years and possess high experience in Mythic raiding, but stepped down from hardcore raiding, we strive to maintain one of our favourite activities, even with busy IRL commitments, through a structured, and mostly importantly fun and enjoyable environment. The most important aspect of Isentropy is the community and social aspect. Even though we all share the same mindset and strive for the same goal, clearing the content in a timely fashion, whilst being able to maintain our IRL schedules, we also like spending time doing additional things outside of raiding, such as Mythic +! Raid days are Wednesday / Thursday / Monday 20:00-23:00 Realm time and invites go out 15 minutes prior to raid time. We are currently looking to add a few strong and committed people into our roster for ToS Mythic and specifically we are looking for ranged(especially hunter/spriest/boomy), melee dps (warr/ww/unholy dk)and 1healer (Rdruid/Mistweaver monk ) and any other exceptional dps will be considered. feel free to contact regardless if interested! As always, also recruiting socials. Feel free to contact myst#2524 koscy#2268 lefkiosm#2369 LavtheLock#2749 or Jnz(in-game) for any questions!Braindêd39 6h
7h Legacy Reroll Guild @Ravencrest Horde Greetings! Growing frustrated by the AP grind? Looking for a change? Desire to try something new? Feeling nostalgic all the sudden? Then <Back In Time> Might be just what you are looking for! A few friends and I have decided to start a so called reroll 'legacy' guild - with the mindset that we'll be leveling to 60 (with no heirlooms obviously) then start raiding Vanilla content, spend about a month per tier and after we've cleared every raid per expansion we level up to next expansion. We have a strong desire for creating a tight knit community filled with banter & friendship! We are not elitists so we are very open to bringing in people who are new to the game who would like to experience old content - Basicly: Anyone is welcome! We will be raiding Wednesdays & Sundays 20:00 - 24:00 - No raid extending. Until we get to spesific expansions such as Wrath of the Lich King/ Mists of Pandaria we won't allow Death Knight's or Monks. To make Vanilla/TBC content a bit harder than it is currently we'll hopefully be running a 10-15 man roster to make it as real as we can, considering a 40man team in a 40man raid will just faceroll the raids. Server: Ravencrest Faction: Horde Start date: 16/10 - 2017, however lvling needs to be done so raiding won't start on first week obviously. If you are interested and decide that this is something you'd like to participate in then please don't hesitate to contact an officer on discord; Lalochezia#9183 Edolwa#3640 Beeq01#7532Lalochezia22 7h
7h (A) Very casual weekend raiding We are - the BSC* and reside on Arathor - mainly of the older persuasion (30 plus) and have been playing WoW pretty much forever - casual weekend raiders who value inclusive raiding over rapid progress, and - we find numerous other ways of enjoying our time in game (alts, dungeons, pets, mounts, achievements … the works) - looking for likeminded people to join our raiding team. If that sounds at all interesting and you would like more information, just check us out on bsc-wow.enjin.com. Or /join bsc1 in-game and ask to speak to one of our officers, or contact me on Kokila #2908. *BSC used to stand for “British Space Corps” more than a decade ago, now we only use the acronym as WoW is neither in space nor are most of us British (some are though)Adora26 7h
7h 929 DH LFG I've been doing casual raids for most of Legion and i'm looking for a casual guild to run normal and heroic content. I've been using the group finder for most of my time raiding and got up to ahead of the curve on Helya. I'm a relatively new player, starting late WoD, and have never been in a proper guild before.Aodren1 7h
7h (H) <Bloodsworn> -Magtheridon- Recruiting for Mythic Hello reader, We are <Bloodsworn> a 9/9 N & 9/9 H Tomb of Sargeras raiding guild on the Magtheridon server. We're a relatively new guild, started mid-June 2017. However, the founders of this guild have experience in World of Warcraft, dating back to the days of Molten Core in the original game. <Bloodsworn> is created by a group of close in-game friends coming from the same background: a Mythic guild created at the start of Legion which collapsed under the pressure of conflicting interests, elitism and anti-social behaviour in general. This brings me immediately to the philosophy of what <Bloodsworn> stands for: the social aspect of the game, include people in our activities as a guild, avoid clique-forming and anti-social behaviour. As a result of this philosophy we tend to run M+ dungeon groups together (we aim that évery guild member gets a maxed out chest, every week*), raid together (be it for now either normal and/or heroic) and general banter. We primairily raid heroic 2 nights a week**: Monday 19:30 - 22:30 Thursday 19:30 - 22:30 However, and this is not mandatory, we have an optional raid on Wednesdays to clear normal Tomb to either help new recruits gear up or get some war- and titanforges. This raid on Wednesday is from 19:30 - 22:30 as well (usually this raid ends earlier due to the difficulty of the raid). Besides the above mentioned philosophy of the guild we are progress minded players. As a result, we like our potentional recruits to be as well: - Have passion for the game and raiding in general: We don't really like people that only show up 5 mins before a raid starts and log off immediatly after it is done. This ultimately also hurts our social believes - Competent in communicating: Can't make a raid? No problem! Do let us know tho! We have our own Discord server and we set up raids using the ingame callendar: accept or decline these invites so we know what we're facing on raid days. Something happening IRL on the spot? No problem, use your discord app to leave a message via your phone. - Character optimalization: Gemmed and enchanted characters only WITH at least one trait in Concordance for your raiding spec! Also, due to the nature of our raids and our future mythic prospect, be around 900 itemlevel. Experience in raiding is a pré but not a must at this point: We can learn you the tactics, we cannot make you play the game. Currently recruiting: DPS: Warrior, Demon Hunter, Monk, Warlock, Rogue, Shaman (elemental/enhancement) & Ret. Paladin Healing: Monk Tank: Full Note: We encourage everyone to approach us, even if your class/spec isn't represented by our recruitment status. Ultimately we'd love our recruits to, naturally, be in the guild together with all of us on the Magtheridon server. We do also understand that a pricetag of €45 (in the worst case) is not something that we can automatically demand from everyone. For this reason we propose the following to all our new recruits: We will invite you to join one or two of our Normal/Heroic Tomb runs and we will invite you to our Discord so that you yourself can deceide if we are the group of people/guild for you. Aditionally you can also join a M+ run we tend to run often. This way you don't have to immediatly make the decission to transfer and/or faction change! To conclude. Should you be interested in our guild/community feel free to comment on this post below (this thread is being checked regularly) or apply via www.bloodswornguild.com You can also contact our GM or one of our officers in-game: GM Sefure: Limir#2964 Officers Sish: Sish#21795 Roofio: Baronen#21825 Datgirlxeo: Fulika#2208 We hope that we've caught your attention, because we would love to hear from YOU! * Due to RL circumstances and commitments otherwise this is an aim that cannot always be achieved. It also depends on your own activity within the game and the guild. ** An optional Thuesday raid can be planned if we're close to killing a new boss. The raid times of such an optional raid are from 19:30 till 22:30 (or earlier if the boss gets killed). We always plan such raids with everybody's consent.Sish15 7h
7h [H][Kazzak] <Potential> 7/9M Late Night guild [H][Kazzak] <Potential> is a late night raiding guild located on Kazzak. Our current progression is 7/9M. Our raid times are 22-01 ST on Wednesday, Thursday and Monday, with an optional raid for running easier content on Sunday. We are currently recruiting a few DPS and possibly a Holy Paladin for mythic progress for Tomb of Sargeras. Our core team is formed out of people who have reached cutting edge in all raids in Legion, and bring good understanding of their classes, knowledge of the encounters, and motivation to raid at a high level on a short 9 hour schedule. Our most recent kill was Mythic Maiden ranked ~650 in the world. To progress as fast as possible we expect people to turn up to raids promptly and ready to kill bosses. We want to foster an environment that is enjoyable to be a part of, whilst giving people the opportunities to improve in WoW and make friends online. Several members play other games as well such as Overwatch and League of Legends, so feel free to hop on discord and have a chat with us and get a feel for our guild: https://discord.gg/dCJSBGY In order to raid with us, we require you to have a working microphone so you can communicate with the rest of the raid. To apply please visit our forums at http://potential-guild.eu/forum/index.php To get in touch with us about joining the guild, please contact one of our officers: percy#2598, arturo112#2812, Pøwnie#21783, Oli#2155Arturopriest43 7h
8h {A} Alonsus - Frequency - Looking for DPS Frequency is a raiding guild on the Eu server Alonsus, we have been together raiding consistently now since 2008. We ourselves are a mature group of adults, priding ourselves on mutual respect with players from all over the Eu and different backgrounds and can offer a relaxed and friendly environment for Both our raiders and Social players. Our main focus is Raiding high end mythic content, while enjoying all other aspects of the game. We are always looking for keen & experienced raiders with the ability to fit well into a team and come prepared for each raid, as in class knowledge & boss mechanics as well as being a reliable team player. We want to see you giving 100% to your class and your team while having a shared interest in high level progression. These are important qualities we look for in our raiders as we plan to push progress as hard as we can in Legion Our website for More Info & getting to know us better - https://frequencyalonsus.wixsite.com/warcraft We are currently Recruiting - Tank - This role is considered at this time Ranged - All classes at this this time are being considered Melee Dps - All classes at this time are being considered Raiding: 20.00 - 23.00 ST Wed-Thur-Mondays  Current progress: 9/9 H TOS 1/9 M Gm/officers - Toobashed, Popejon, Cheeki, Missloo. Michelle#2280 is my personal Battlenet if you fancy a chat :DCheeki159 8h
8h HC Raids, fun, friends, social – you can have it all The Forgotten Few is a social casual Alliance guild on the Arathor PVE EU server. Some key points: Raiding • We have a casual but competent raid team who have cleared ToS HC. We want to feel that we have done some serious raiding but without the stress and constraints of Mythic difficulty. We prefer a more relaxed environment without a raid team set in stone where members can have the possibility to change character or roles if they want [after discussing it with the raid leader]. Throughout a tier we often continue to clear normal as well for members who don’t want to commit to more. • Raiding set up: Goal: Clear Heroic each tier in our own comfortable pace. Times: Generally 21:00 - 23:30 server, but flexible on ending from 23:00 depending on time and people Thursday - For everyone in the guild above a set minimum iLvL. Sunday (Optional) - For everyone and alts. Early in the tier used for Normal, but towards the end also HC. Content depends on who shows up Tuesday - Progress night for the members of the raid team. This last raid of the week is progress night, this is generally for raiders who're comfortable with the mechanics , there is also a pretty minimal dps requirement here to avoid hitting walls. • We are inclusive and not very strict, but when we progress we are organized and expect people to listen to tactics and do their best. • We are not driven by Artifact level, maximum deeps, but we are still aware and interested in improving our characters – we have many who can help with whatever your focus is in the game. • We use personal loot and share out anything we don’t need Social • We have occasional Social Events – level one runs, old raids for achievements, quiz nights, mogging competitions – that sort of thing. We like to get the non-raiders among us involved in stuff too. • We have people who talk in guild chat! If you want one, you will get a hello and warm welcome. If you want to keep yourself to yourself, that is fine too! • We have helpful, friendly folks who understand also that sometimes all you want to do is fish and chill but will still laugh with you when you get something silly fished up Dungeons • We often run Mythic dungeons and rather than having a ‘set team’ we are inclusive and switch about, including anyone who wants to give it a go at whatever level they feel comfortable with. There’s normally people who will join if you shout out :) • Periodically, we make some levelling groups for a team of 5 to try out new classes, roles and races - we then have some fun running through dungeons while laughing, reminiscing and normally with much hilarity :) What are we really like? • It’s all about the atmosphere really - we are a relatively small guild by design as we feel it’s more important to make friends and enjoy the game than being a guild full of strangers • We do “relaxed” quite well and throw in enough “organised” that we can clear what we want without any shouting, finger pointing or other silliness • We remember it’s a GAME, that people PAY to play – it’s not another job and we don’t need drama, hassle, aggro. • We tend to attract a nice mix of ex-hardcore raiders and new or inexperienced players. If you like the sound of this, have a look at our website www.forgotten-few.enjin.com, or maybe add one of us to battlenet (Seph#2233, Starbuck#21735, Play182#2564) and have a chat, make an alt and ask someone in the guild for an officer to talk to. We won’t bite – well not hard…. The website is a little dated since all the hip folks seem to be using discord these days, which we do too, but the website still has some decent information about us and most importantly our application form! Yes, we are old school – we like to know a bit about you so we can get a feel for if you would find our home somewhere you could also call home. Currently we would really love some dps classes, but all are welcome - we will see how we can fit you in :)Sèph8 8h
9h [H] Myth on Draenor 2/9M are looking for YOU! Current Recruitment Status 1 Monk/Palahealer 1-2 dps, not hunters. We are looking for dps with valid tank offspec or healing offspec. Current raid clear status Emerald nightmare 7/7 Heroic 7/7 Mythic Trial of valor 3/3 Heroic The Nighthold 10/10 Heroic 5/10 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras 9/9 Normal 9/9 Heroic 2/9 Mythic Who are we? Myth has been around since Cataclysm. We promote calm and fun raid enviroment above anything else. At our raids you will not hear shouting or namecalling. You will however be expected to do your best regardless. Our plan in legion Our plan is to explore the Heroic and Mythic content of Legion. Raid times, servertime Wednesday 20:30 - 23:00 Thursday 20:30 - 23:00 Sunday 20:30 - 23:00 What we expect from you Having some experience with the game Knowing what is your best stats and gear are is a must. Contributing to a good raidingenvironmentWe use Discord as a form of voice communication and it's a must for any raid we will do. Since we only raid 3 days a week we expect our raid members to be there. If you can't make it, there are many ways to contact a leader or officer. If you want more info or to have a chat, contact our recruitmentofficers Furtaus#2507 or Jamet. You can also fill in the very short application at discord.gg/JtrUz9U and we will get back to you. If you want to check into raid and want to see how it is like you can always check the stream https://www.twitch.tv/jeeeeesFurtaus0 9h
9h [H] <Solenya> Recruiting mythic raiders! General info International guild Created 2017-09-06 Horde Draenor Us and you <Solenya> is a new fresh semi-hardcore guild aiming for clearing high content in a relaxed and competitive environment. We are looking for you that can carry your own weight without being a douche about it. We bring the player, not the class. We are currently clearing HC with one-shots every week until we've formed our mythic team, and so are forced into personal loot. Some version of lootcouncil will be used when reasonable. Raids are on Wednesday and Sunday at 20:00-23:00, but we really enjoy hanging out in our glorious discord outside of that while doing m+ or other fancy stuff. Primarily aiming for next raid tier, but if possible we would love to get 7/9M or even higher this raid tier. Link to WP: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/draenor/Solenya/ Contacts Guild master Dorkadin dotdash#2330 Officer Dkm bulmer360#2917 Officer Noroichi niceye#2888 Officer Xelíaet xeliaet#2126Dorkadin5 9h
9h Spec Ox - Horde Aszune/Shadowsong Sunday raiding <Spec Ox> (H) (Shadowsong/Azune) Hello, this is a brand new raiding guild. With already a few raiders keen on action. We offer a new guild with old school style principles. Guild was born because there was a lack of morals and rules in our old guild. "What we offer" We offer as a guild, guaranteed raiding progresion aiming for current content as soon as we are able and also Pushing for Heroic content. We also understand that we are human, we make mistakes. As long as your willing to learn and improve you have a place with us. "What Will Be Required" We will start off raiding as soon as we have 10 people to do so, you will be required to sign up for raids and then be expected to turn up. We will also require you to fill in our guild application form. Knowledge of your class and the raid encounters is also required! We can/will provide help if needed ofcourse, but most of it will be up to you! "Raid Info" Raids will be held On a Sunday, maybe another day during the weekend when we get going. But for now we will aim for it to be just on Sunday at 18:30-22:00 Server Time. We are recruiting DPS and healers to start our team for Antorus. If you wish to speak to us please add our tag's: Officer- Escanor#12383 GM - Folly#2739Dominoxx2 9h
9h 938 (1/9M) Restoration Shaman LFG Hello! I am considering moving with my characters on another realm and if I do that I would need a semi-hardcore mythic raiding guild. I have been playing WoW since 2007, with long breaks. I have raided in TBC, WOTLK, MOP and now in Legion. My latest mythic experience is with my current guild. I’m trying to find a more dedicated team towards content progression. Moreover, I want to be part of a core that is serious, mature and in the same time relaxed. We’re all people, so everyone can make mistakes, as long as we are all determined to achieve our goals as a group. I expect to be called upon all raids if I’m a fit to your needs. In addition to that, I would like to be told when I’m in the wrong and why so I could improve. The better my skills are, the better for everyone. That goes the other way around too, if I think we could do something better I would want to express my opinion without being “sacked”. Armory - https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/stormreaver/zhoorg Logs - https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/eu/stormreaver/zhoorg UI - https://imgur.com/a/sObRy If you think I might be a fit for your guild don't hesitate to leave a comment or message me on zotik#2338.Zhoorg14 9h
9h <A> Safety Not Guaranteed - 6/9M ToS - Recruitment Safety not Guaranteed is an English speaking Alliance raiding guild on Emerald Dream. We raid 3 times a week and are mainly focused on mythic raiding. Current Progress: 7/7M, 3/3M, 10/10M, 6/9M ToS Recruitment: We are currently recruiting the following classes to continue progress in Tomb of Sargeras Melee DPS: Warrior, Rogue,, Ranged DPS: Mage, Warlock, Druid, SPriest Healer (1): Druid, Shaman, Pala, Priest Our raiding schedule is: - Thursday: 20.00 - 23.00 (server time) - Monday: 20.00 - 23.00 (server time) - Tuesday: 20.00 - 23.00 (server time) Apply here: You can apply via Realid chat with : Joana#2806, Kitty#2896, Noxxus#2229 or via our website: http://safetynotguaranteed.guildlaunch.com/ Even if we are not actively recruiting your class, we will consider any exceptional applications. About us: Safety not Guaranteed (SnG) was initially formed on horde side by a small group of friends in early MoP, raiding 10man heroic mode. Later during the expansion we faction changed to Alliance and expanded our roster to a 20man mythic team, where we cleared SoO mythic mode as a guild. We aim to progress through content at a steady pace, without hardcore hours. We have been on the cutting edge of mythic content, clearing each tier before the next one is released. In WoD we cleared 7/7M, 10/10M, 13/13M when relevent, and we have cleared each tier so far in Legion obtaining mythic cutting edge achievements, and aim to continue doing so. Many of us have been playing together since as early as WotLK, and some of us have friendships outside of the game aswell. What we offer: A structured mythic raiding team and raiding times. We start invites 19:45 and begin to clear trash so we can have the first pulls at 20:00 A fair rotation and loot distribution via loot council. We keep spreadsheets! A steady guild with a good community, and generally good guild atmosphere. You may encounter some trolling during your stay. A focused attitude during progression, and relaxed attitude during farm content. We like to chat and have fun, but focus during difficult content. A desire to raid. We often run an extra raid day on the 1st week of a new raid tier. This is 100% optional, but some people are excited to get into a new instance. Additionally we often run some sort of alt raids on fridays (100% optional), and do a lot of mythic+ content within the guild. What we want from you: High attendance. We expect a minimum of 80% attendance, though most of our raiders have near to 100%. We run a small roster to minimize rotation, and want to be able to rely on you. Commitment. We don't want someone who is looking to join, get geared and then leave. We have a 2 week trial period during which we will control gearing. Honesty. If you're having problems within the guild, or have real life issues, we'd like to hear rather than you just disappearing. Talk to us. Be prepared! This means reading up on new fights, having consumables (flask, pots, food, runes), gemming and enchanting properly, and being on time! Communication. We want you to know how to communicate both verbally and in writing. We use TeamSpeak for communicating in raids, though we also have a guild discord! Raiding awareness. We want you to not stand in fire, unless it's required... Progression oriented attitude. Everyone makes mistakes, but learning is part of progression, so we value people who continue to improve over time. For more information you can add an officer to chat: Joana#2806, Kitty#2896, Noxxus#2229 Or visit our website: http://safetynotguaranteed.guildlaunch.com/Nelfaya59 9h
9h Veteran lf guild Hello everyone, My name is Joey, I'm a 25 year old Belgian. below you can find summaries, logs and a tad about myself. about myself: So as I said, I'm a 25 year old Belgian, playign wow since vanilla. I'm a current officer in Juicy( might be GM in disguise as I run the guild all by myself), the guild is slowly dying, losing members each day. I'd like to raid 2 days per week ( MAX 3). ending no later than 23.00. I have a demanding job so I need some sleep at least. I have a 936 eq fury warrior (all fury legendaries & missing one for arms). 945 overall. I also have a 928 frost mage as an alt & a rogue with bad gear. raiding experience: vanilla: MC/onyxia/ZG/aq20 TBC: all but sunwell wotlk: all but lk25hc cata: only DS ( break) mop: (break) WOD: (break), cleared hfc though legion: 7/7 heroic EN, 3/3 heroic TOV, 10/10 heroic NH, 2/9 mythic TOS Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/eu/ragnaros/sycro Sycro#1196Sycro5 9h
9h Looking for a leveling partner! Im looking for someone to level and play with, i play as alliance on EU turalyon. HMU if anyone is intrested.Kehegre1 9h
9h [A] <KIN> Ravencrest 3/9M 2day raiding recruiting! KIN “a group of persons descended from a common ancestor or constituting a people, clan, tribe, or family.” General Information Guild name: Kin Faction: Alliance Server: Ravencrest-EU Website: www.kinguild.com About us Kin is a new guild with some old heads looking to go through the latest content at a reasonable pace. A lot of us have played together through a variety of different games with the main one being World of Warcraft. What we're looking for in a member We’re looking for solid players who while raiding 2 nights a week are also interested in running mythic + on off nights as there will be an expectation that your gear is up to par. With our schedule being as it is we are looking for a consistent group who would be there for most raids, of course we do understand that real life can come up, we would just appreciate some advanced warning! Activity on Discord would be nice, a requirement is that you to have a PC able to handle WoW comfortably and an internet connection that is up to the task. A willingness to learn will also be greatly appreciated. Casual/Social players are also welcome to apply, regardless of their choice of class. Roles Available Melee DPS• Demon Hunter Shaman Warrior Paladin Healer• Restoration druid Holy Paladin Holy Priest Monk Exceptional Players always Considered! Raid Schedule Thursday 20:00-23:00 GMT +1 Sunday 20:00-23:00 GMT +1 Optional wednesday Raid where we clear HC tos in less than 2h with alts. Contact us Velking#2969 Soul#2142 Or www.Kinguild.comMaaloo4 9h