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6m [A] <Suit and Tie> Silvermoon TOS 9/9N, 5/9 HC <Suit and Tie> TOS 9/9N, 5/9 HC , Is a Heroic raiding guild with a focus on Heroic Raid progression. We've currently opened our doors to any players interested in joining our raiding team in order to finish the progression on Tomb of Sargeras Heroic. The minimum requirement to join our raiding team is to have a character with at least item level 910, Concordance of the Legionfall and experience raiding TOS normal. Our raiding days are Tuesdays and Sundays from 20:30 to 23:30 server time. The main goal of our team is to get the "ahead of the curve" achievement before the end of each patch and also to work on a few mythic bosses once the heroic raid progression is complete. If you're looking for a nice raiding enviroment and a new place that you can call home , then look no more you came to the right guild. The next step is to add my battle tag and let's have a chat. Salutations Drivon#21237 - If I don't accept the invitation straight away , I promise that i will do it once I get home after work. Bobbidybib#2518 - You can also add Cephi who's one of our raid leaders and he will be able to assist you. Please check our progress on: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/silvermoon/Suit+and+TieBagoras31 6m
11m [A] holy paladin & frost mage LF guild! like the title says. we have very minimal experience when it comes to raiding (Normal/Heroic pref for now). we've done LFR (Normal and Heroic on my main) and we're looking for a guild that's happy to take us in. we're also interested in doing mythic/mythic+ dungeons for now to gear up. all in all a friendly guild who's happy to take us in immediately. thanks! bnet: Yvonne#21709Archibaldxv6 11m
11m H - Draenor 8/9HC Guild LF DPS Horde - Draenor - Stardrift 8/9 hc Wed / Thur 20:00 - 23:30 server time Applicants must be mature and committed. LF DPS with priority on ranged. Please add me for a chat on b-net. Socks#2103Socksoflight0 11m
25m 4/9 Mythic Spriest LF Guild Title says it all 4/9 mythic looking for guild. Cleared everything so far this expansion apart from TOV Helya Mythic and Gul'dan Mythic. Guild cleared Gul'dan i missed out due to personal reasons (Can link armories of the people etc) LF about 3 nights a week. Changing to horde/server is not an issue. Friday and Saturday only days I can't raidCaramelsx9 25m
1h (H) Pure Luck recruiting for ToS 3/9M 9/9HC LF DPS/HEAL Pure Luck is a PvE raiding progression guild on Draenor EU. We are currently recruiting players who are both motivated and dedicated to raid at a high standard for competitive Legion Raiding. We are looking for players who are enthusiastic about progression raiding and want to get the most out of their game time. To us approaching problems with a positive attitude and enjoying the time we spend playing the game are more important than anything. With that said we are not a laid back or casual guild when it comes to raid time. We have high expectations and the intent of bleeding edge progression in mind. We thrive on challenge, so we'll be killing the mythic mode content before the nerfs. Laziness is not an option - like us you should be passionate about the game, and want your character to be the best it can possibly be. Our Expectations We aim to clear the content as quickly as possible and get as much done during raid times. This means we will not be stopping for long breaks during raid or tolerate slow players. We expect our members to keep up with the tank, drink inbetween pulls, run back instantly after a wipe (when necessary) and instantly rebuff the raid after a wipe. If you are considering joining Pure Luck these procedures should come as second nature. We are looking for players that can sit at their computer for the entire raid and not lose focus or go AFK for distractions outside of the game. During raid time you focus on your game and put in 120% from the beginning to the end of the raid. If you are going to prioritise other activities on certain days during the designated raid hours then do not apply to Pure Luck. The kind of players we are looking for are those that go above and beyond when it comes to performance and push their character to its absolute limit. Raid Times (Server Time, GMT +1) (These might change in the future) Wednesday: 20:00 - 23:30 Thursday: 20:00 - 23:30 Sunday: 20:00 - 23:30 It is mandatory that you can attend at the very least 5 out of 6 of raids on all of the days listed above, over 2 weeks. Raids may be extended for an extra 30 minutes if we feel that we are close enough to kill the boss in the next 30 minutes. Currently Recruiting Tanks: N/A Healers: Any Melee DPS: Any Ranged DPS: Any We require you to have atleast 915+ Item level. Low: All other roles/classes (still considered just as much as the classes that are listed high, those are just the prefered classes) If you are interested in joining, please visit www.pl-guild.com and make an application. You can also add the following players for more information. Auviance:Auviance#21707 Akissa:Piorune#2171 Fathoof:BvrMf#1746Auviancé209 1h
1h Cerebral 5/9M ToS Guild. About Us Cerebral has been a successful raiding guild since TBC with a core membership that has been together for many years. <more history to follow> We are generally a bunch of extremely friendly and helpful people. We have a very active Discord server with lots of banter outside Wow. We always do Alt runs during the weekend and ppl are always on to do M+. If you're interested in joining you're welcome to hop in and have a chat and get to know the guild. If you have an elitist attiude then we ain't the Guild for you. if your interested in joining Find the contact information at the end of this post for more information. Current Progress Emerald Nightmare 7/7M Trial of Valor 3/3M Nighthold 10/10M ToS 5/9M Exceptional geared and skilled players considered Regardless of class to help us continue our success and future in Legion. Raiding Schedule Wed 20:00 - 23:15 Thu 20:00 - 23:15 Sun 20:00 - 23:15 Tue 20:00 - 23:15 We will be dropping from 4 days to 3 days in 2,3 weeks time so we will no longer be raiding 4 days a week anymore. We will drop to 1-2 nights per week on farm. We also run optional alt and sale runs on a regular basis. Requirements You must be ready-for-raiding. What does this mean? You must know and understand your class well as well as being equipped appropriately. Before applying we Expect you to be uptodate with your Artifact weapon and atleast 915+ ilvl Equipped also 2/9M down bear in mind we are a Mythic level progress guild. we also expect you to have an alt if possible as uptodate as possible as we always do split runs at the start of each tier. If you dont have an uptodate all we always do alt runs during the weekend so if u fancy playing an alt gearing it up during those runs can help you. You need to be able to familiarise yourself with raid encounters quickly and efficiently, as well as be able to understand instruction well and adapt quickly to changing situations. With the advent of Legion, doing content outside raids is also required. You need to ensure you are keeping up with your artifact weapon and research, as well as doing your weekly M+ 15 for gear upgrades. You must provide the majority of your own supplies for raids. The guild will help out here-and-there with consumables but you must be ready to bring potions, flasks, food and runes as required for any encounter. How to apply You can add one of our officers in game for more information on how to apply. Primary recruitment contact (Main Recruitment Officers) DaveHunt#21165 Driizy#2102Ikskwizit66 1h
1h LF Stable mythic+ group? Heya! Some mates/guildies and I have set up a stable group to run mythic+ with. We got good gear, discord etc, so if you wanna clear some high keystones every week, add my battletag. We're all flexable in specs so we can use anything really. Tizziel#2581Tizzle1 1h
1h (H or A) Restoration Shaman Looking For Guild Greetings, Thank you for reading this, I am a 920+ geared Restoration Shaman that is looking for a raiding guild that is just about to start or not yet progressed that far into Mythic Tomb of Sargeras. I have cleared Normal & Heroic but I know that it is a step up to Mythic. I am not some fresh-meat 110 who just got lucky after opening all the caches from world quests or weekly order halls chests, but I have raided most the end content in well over 10 years playing most roles but I prefer and enjoy healing. I have majority of Legendaries for Restoration and a couple for Enhancement and Elemental when I forgot I was in the wrong loot spec. I do not have any viable alts to raid on nor that I want to reroll to anything new either or currently plan to reroll. The requirements I am looking for/need are as follows :: (It's better to be clear now to save both your time now and my time later on). 1. The guild that I am looking to join does actually need a full time Restoration Shaman and not just to fill in for a couple of raids/weeks whilst someone is afk/holiday and the guild is active outside of raiding time - so no guilds that members "only logging in for raid" plz. 1a. I am happy to sit out on fights that Restoration isn't the best on but I would be prefer to keep raiding 101% of the time. 1b. I do have some off spec items & legendaries none are BIS tho, but I would rather heal than dps. 1c. I can follow instructions to the letter but also I can think on my feet or outside of the box as needed. 2. The average guild age is of the more on the mature side of things rather that a guild full of younger school aged players. 2a. I am not against the younger players, and I do really like a giggle but there is only so much "BRO", "FOR BANTS", "YOUR MUM" and such chatter one can take in any one given day, and I would prefer not to have to curb my language if there is a lot of children about. 3. Raids start around the 9pm Server time, but I am also open to starting a little earlier but not earlier than 8pm server time. 3b. I would like to raid on two days but would push to three days for the right guild, but not overly keen to raid more than that, and Fridays and Saturdays are "date" nights so those days are pretty much off limits. 3b. I am happy to raid 2, 3 or 4 hours a night but would like to finish well before or as close to midnight as possible - early starts most mornings. 4. I am currently Horde and I would like to keep with the Horde but if there is a Alliance guild that can talk me into paying blizzard more money than my subs I would like to hear their sweet-talk in making me go 'Dorf'. 4a. I would like a active server and preferably one that isn't dead but has a active social system - i.e. There is always PUG groups for this or that and I would prefer active server either PVP or PVE - I have never been on a RP server so I wouldnt count one out either - unless there's a lot of RP needing to be done. I know some of the above requirements will lock me out from lots of the guilds in WoW, but I'm all about enjoyment rather than chores, and if the requirements haven't scared you away please drop your guilds info or your Battle-tag or Discord-tag and ill get back to each and everyone, either here or in a chat via any X-tag system or communication servers. Salutations!!!Shambolik3 1h
1h [A] Silvermoon - Monk looking for a new home Hi im a 900ilvl BrM/WW monk currently looking for a more casual guild. My current guild is pushing mythic content and i feel slightly out of place, i want a more casual/social guild where i can run mid tier mythic+ and possibly a normal or heroic ToS on occasion. Bonus points to you if you have a discord i can chill in while playing. In all im just looking for a group of chill people I can have a laugh with who arent tryharding for the hardest possible content :DGegnome0 1h
1h [A]Remnant-Silvermoon-New M Guild 9/9 ToS Hc 3/9 M Hey there! About us: Remnant is a freshly made semi-hardcore guild on Silvermoon. We started off as a group of friends on Defias Brotherhood raiding in Wipe Material until it came to a point where a lot of people were burning out, including the officers, which resulted in us looking to transfer to a new server and start fresh leading us to where we are right now. All of us have experience in raiding in world top 100-600 ranked guilds and/or Gladiator or higher PvP experience and are looking for players with roughly the same experience as us. Past Progress: Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 Mythic as of 24/11/2016 Trials of Valor: 2/3 Mythic as of 5/1/2017 The Nighthold: 4/10 Mythic as of 16/2/17 ending at rank 540 - after that point, our old guild stopped raiding. Current Recruitment: Classes we are recruiting Ranged DPS (Hunters pref) Healers (Resto Shaman Pref) We do, however, have these requirements for new players looking to join: Have good past/current PvE/PvP Experience. The reason for why we say PvP as well is because we feel if one person is doing really well in PvP, there is no reason for them to not be able to perform just as well in PvE. Be 18+ Be of at least 905+ ilvl. Exceptions can be made, of course, depending on experience if a returning player etc. If that is the case, you’d be welcomed as a social and at a later point put to a trial position after having obtained good enough gear. The way we handle loot: Loot Council between 1 officer(regardless of role), 1 tank, 1 healer and 1 dps. The raiders/officers are changed every week to keep it so that there is no bias in the loot council. People are, of course, able to say if they do not want to be on the Loot Council. What you can expect from us: Dedicated officers that are online quite often and always looking to improve the guild/help out its members. A good raiding/guild atmosphere that does not tolerate excessive arrogance or drama. Proper handling of loot where if there's any arguments, they're quickly resolved. What we expect from you: To be a dedicated and motivated raider that is always prepared for a raid and looking for ways to improve their play. To have read up on every boss that we’re progressing on. We want to make the most out of the time that we’re raiding and it would save us a lot of time when everyone has read up on the tactics beforehand. To be a mature person and be able to handle constructive criticism as well as not cause any type of drama inside or outside of raids. Raiding times: Tuesday - 20:00 - 23:00 Thursday - 20:00 - 23:00 Sunday - 20:00 - 23:00 We may sometimes extend the raid by half an hour at most if we’re very close to a progress kill. For contacts, you can add: Virent#2155 - Vintre/Virent Drarion#2827 - Reckebo Garwal#2350 - Meldoria Lhissae#2695 - Scholastia Or you can also check our website and apply on https://remnant.apexmega.com/forumsVintre31 1h
2h (H) Friends LF guild Hello we are a group of friends that are LF a guild or a raidgroup. We are pretty old 27-39, so we are looking for a mature place. Most of us have played and raided for a long time. Atm we pug HC and do our +15 evry week, so we are only 7/9 so far. Most of us have good geared alts. We can Offer. Druid tank/Healer. Pala Healer. Warlock dps. Hunter BM. Rogue or most melee. And one more. We are all currently above 920 eq. We would like to raid at most 2 days a week with sunday as one of the days, we work some strange hours the other days. We dont care to much for mythic, We are fine with clearing HC. We would prefar a mature guild with an active community for mythic+ and such. Hope to hear from you. Add me for a talk. Fredrikoskar #2437 Or Mazrogal#2834, Swanky 2934Clausewitz9 2h
3h [H] <Hypoxic> 5/9M recruiting ! <Hypoxic> is a semi-hardcore minded horde raiding guild established on Ahn'Qiraj-EU. With a strong core team consisting of top-end raiders we are constantly aiming for cutting edge progression during our effective 3 day raiding schedule. <Currently Recruiting> Paldin - Holy Hunter - Marksmanship Death Knight - Unholy We are constantly looking for exceptional players. <What can you expect from us?> - Focused raiding with the mindset of cutting edge mythic progression. Our goal is always to clear content prior to the release of the next raid. - A calm and respectful raiding atmosphere. There exists a mutual understanding between all our raiders regarding how a raidnight should be executed in order to maximize progression. Withholding a calm tone and atmosphere is an essential part of this understanding. - A very sociable community where everyone plays together and helps eachother out. <What we can expect from you?> - Perfect knowledge of your class. This includes stat weights, in which situation your class thrives, what talent setup is optimal for certain encounters and everything else related to your class and its potential. Note that theorycrafting is an essential part of this. - Preparations. This comes without saying. Every raider comes prepared to every fight and raid. No discussion. This includes consumables and fight knowledge. - High attendance. If you're not attending, you're likely to be replaced by someone who is. <Raid Schedule> Wednesday 19:00-23:00 Sunday 19:00-23:00 Monday 19:00-23:00 <Intrested?> If you're intrested in joining <Hypoxic> then please feel free to contact one of our officers ingame for a chat. Brabbity Battletag: Brabbity#2251 Archpain Battletag: Painfury#2102 Desiress Battletag: Kise#21560 Friskay Battletag: foxdye#2280 Pretoi Battletag: pretoi#2444Dèss12 3h
3h [A] LF Weekend raiding guild -Mythic- Hello! I'm a 25 year old man from Sweden currently looking for a mythic weekend raiding guild! ----TLDR @ bottom--- I'm going to start of by letting you guys know who Iam and how I got here. I've been playing World of warcrarft since Vanilla. I started out as pretty much your average noob but during the course of The Burning Crusade my will to improve grew and I decided to find myself a guild and play more seriously. A few applications later I got accepted into Swedish guild called "Kid galahad". This was when WOTLK was about to be released so the guild was "chilling", waiting for WOTLK to hit the live servers. Wotlk came and I quickly became a part of the core raiding team. I stayed with Kid Galahad until the release of Trial of the crusader. During this time my interest for PvP had really grew on me and I decided to leave Kid Galahad to pursue my goal of reaching 2.2k in 3v3. So for the rest of the expansion I only PvP'ed and eventually got bored of the game and decided to quit just before Cataclysm launch. I came back and played abit casually in WoD but nothing worth mentioning. Now, when Legion was about to launch it came to my attention that my old guild (Kid Galahad) was going to start raid again. So I contacted them saying that I happily start to play serious again if we got the old team back together. And so i started playing again in Legion. We managed to clear EN mythic before NH and earned ourselves Cutting Edge: Xavius. NH was released and we recruited some more people with the goal of killing Gul'dan before ToS (Cutting Edge). And this is where the problem started for me. Due to my work i couldn't keep up for much longer with the raid times. We raided 2days a week (Wed/Sun 19-22) and I simply just couldn't manage anymore to get my irl stuff done and get enough sleep along with raids. So I eventually stepped down and became a social and basically quit. During this period I managed to get a daytime job, fulltime. So now I feel I can be the raider my guild need me to be, but unfortunately my old guild decided to disband. So here Iam looking for a new one. TLDR: Mythic raider lf for weekend raiding guild on Alliance. Got back with my old WOTLK guild when Legion came but they disbanded. My small achievements: Rank 59 EU Mythic + score. http://imgur.com/a/P22l6 Top 50 DMG Done: Chromatic Anomaly(H), Trilliax(N) (ilvl) Top 120 DMG Done: Trilliax (H) (ilvl) Top 200 DMG Done: Trilliax(H) All ilvls Top 250 DMG Done: Skorpyron(N) All ilvls IF you have any questions or want to conversate add my btag : Asbx#2855Burree0 3h
3h <Aversion> Tarren Mill 9/9HC Aversion is a new guild on Tarren Mill looking to recruit a few more members to bolster our roster. We're a semi-hardcore/casual raiding guild, raiding in a relaxed environment. Our goal is to clear as much content as we can. We have plans to move on to mythic in a near future as well. During Nighthold most of us were 8/10M. The most important thing to us is that we can raid and progress while still having fun doing so. Currently we're looking to recruit: Dps, especially hunters and 1 MW monk. Raid Times in realm time: Monday: 20:00-23:00 Wednesday 20:00-23:00 Thursday 20:00-23:00 Apply at http://aversioneu.enjin.com/ Feel free to add Dirks#2847 for more information.Bishboi2 3h
3h Rerolling Lf raiding guild Rerolling away from demon hunter to warrior. 20 Year old swede looking for a guild that raids 3-4 days a week (most times are ok) Transfer is also fine. If any of this sounds interesting add Vic#22600 raid history on Dh. Tos 6/9hc Tov 2/3M Nh Cutting edge guldan Main warrior 917 57 traits Alts: Dh 922 59 traits Shadow priest 909 traits 55Vicoji4 3h
3h {A} **CARNAGE INC** - Return To Progression OVERVIEW Server: SIlvermoon EU Faction: Alliance Category: Mythic Guild Created: March 2009 Guild Leader: Shell (Battletag: shell#2116) Raid Leader: Tapps (Battletag: tapps#2758) Officers: Mourtous (Battletag: kakka#2976) Website: www.carnage-inc.com SUMMARY We are reforming Carnage Inc on Silvermoon after a tiers break. We are currently formed of some top ranking players from multiple top 50 world guilds and returning players from over the years who wish to create an efficient 3 day top tier raiding guild. This means we are currently looking for players of a similar caliber to help us reach our goal of a 3 day guild that gets cutting edge kills with minimal time spent in raid. We all play the game because we enjoy it and because of that we have a strict ‘No A%^-*!@e’ policy. TD:LR A%^-*!@s need not apply! We do expect you to know your class and always striving to improve. The raid team is only as good as it’s raiders…. so we need you to be pretty damn good!! The average age range in the guild is between 20-40 and the language is colorful… so if you find swearing and banter offensive then this is most definitely not the guild for you. WHAT CAN WE OFFER? Well aside from cookies and late night laughs…. - A very experienced leadership team. - A dedicated team with preparation in all beta and ptr testing - Cutting Edge progression with a multitude of early kills. - A fair loot distribution system - All based on your personal performance and what benefits the raid the most for progression - Mythic experienced raiders who are committed to growing the team. - A kick #$% website with busy forums. Did I mention cookies…. triple chocolate chip? Yummy. WHAT ARE WE LOOKING FOR? - Like minded people with an exceptional knowledge of their class and a higher than average level of play. - Current or previous end game raid experience. - Solid logs or proven past in a cutting edge raid enviroment - Reliability, we expect 95% attendance - Punctuality, keeping the team waiting is not cool. - The ability to listen. A microphone is a MUST. - Be able to take criticism and learn from it. CURRENT RECRUITMENT NEEDS We are currently recruiting ALL class's - Especially the list below - Disc Priest/Holy Priest - Resto Shaman - Warlock - Hunter - Mage - Warrior - Demon Hunter Strong players are always considered and welcome to apply no matter what class. THE IMPORTANT STUFF We operate a limited raid schedule of just nine hours, spread over three nights per week: 20.00-23.30 (Server Time) on Wed, Thur & Mon. We feel that balancing progression with home life while still remaining competitive is very important, therefore we do not schedule progression raids at the weekends. WHAT ELSE DO WE HAVE TO OFFER? - Alt runs - Annual IRL meetings - Guild comps - including guild lottery, secret santa, jolly ho...ho...holidays. - A thriving website community; active forums, gallery, media, news posts and more. - Raid-a-thon; our annual charity event: www.carnage-inc.com/raidathon On behalf of everyone in Carnage Inc we would like to wish you all the very best of luck in game.Wesleyswípes3 3h
3h (A) Immortal Guardians(9/9 NORM ToS 4/9 Heroic)LF DPS Immortal Guardians are an established, raiding/social guild which has been around since the beginning of WoW. We are a group of mature, friendly and experienced players, many of which have raided together through Vanilla to current raiding. We raid normal and heroic raids. We usually have around 10 - 15 per raid, but we'd prefer to have a larger player base. We also welcome social members too and we have on offer plenty of opportunities to run M+ and HCS/NORM 5 mans to help out those who need for gear and quests. We would currently like to recruit DPS for ToS. We are looking for players who are patient, are willing to learn and who can commit to our raiding times, experience won't be an issue. Our current raid nights are THURSDAY, FRIDAY AND SUNDAY but occasionally we do have to swap nights depending on availability. Raid times are 20.30 - 23.30 and 20.30 till Midnight on Fridays. Server times. For those who have mentioned a server transfer but would rather raid with us cross realm first then that is fine however after a max 2 week trial we expect you would confirm your realm transfer to continue raiding with us if both parties are happy. Please feel free to drop by our website/forum page where we have a recruitment section or speak to any of our officers in game for an informal chat and we will strive to answer any questions you may have. Stormhammer (Guild Leader/Raid Leader) Thoryn (Raid Leader) Galagher Azthus Fost Flowerpop or myself Aidrianna ingame or Battletag Aid#2827 Look forward to hearing from you. Aid http://immortalguardians.net/Aidrianna16 3h
3h Forbidden Dreams 5/9M Top 500 Recruiting! Currently Recruiting 1x Healer (Druid, Monk or Paladin) DPS Forbidden Dreams was formed from scratch in March 2017 by a couple of recently retired hardcore players (top 70). We intend to clear mythic content while it's current as fast as possible with our light and real life supportive schedule. In other words, we created a completely new roster from scratch and cleared 10/10M within that time frame. Our goals maintain, clear mythic content as fast as possible with our current schedule. Raiding schedule Wednesday: 19:30h-23:00h; Thursday: 19:30h-23:00h; Sunday: 19:30h-23:00h. We add a 4th day (Voted) in the first two weeks of a raid releasing. In Forbidden Dreams you will find stable infrastructure, a competitive atmosphere and a bunch of friends to meme with. We prioritize progress at all times but do try our hardest to have fun while doing so! We are looking for players that are interested in optimized raiding. We expect you to have a good balance between output and mechanics. Communication is very key in this guild and we play around it as much as we can. Our leadership is experienced and provides a very structured and well prepared raid environment. We provide you the tools to work with and we expect you to use them and execute to perfection. Min-maxing is what our guild thrives around. We do not care about your past experience, we believe in potential. All we require from you are performance logs to analyze your play (Warcraftlogs). Anything else you need to know can be found on our website (listed below). If you wish to join Forbidden Dreams we kindly request you to fill out the short but informative application form on our website. If any questions remain after checking out our website and reading all of the above, please contact one of the council members listed below. - Guild Master & Raid Leader: Ontari#21406; - Officer: Grace#21105; - Officer: Astonl#1732; - Officer: Valex#2476. Website: http://forbidden-dreams.webnode.com. Wowprogress: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/draenor/Forbidden+Dreams.Ontarii33 3h
3h 3 Players LF Hardcore / Semi-Hardcore Guild. We are three players, looking for a Mythic progression guild; we've only recently come back to the game, about three weeks ago, we've taken that time to gear up to an appropriate ilvl, although we are missing a few legendaries; that can be remedied with time. We are all very flexible with our time, and have mythic progression experience previously; some logs are available. We're looking for like minded people, who want to push high mythic keystones, and progress through ToS at a timely fashion, we do however understand that we are late to the party in this case, and we are fine with the guild having minimal progression so long as we have similar mindsets going into the future. The Characters and their armories. First player: Xephony Priest (Shadow or Holy *Flexible with either*) 932 <Shadow> 929 <Holy> https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/sylvanas/xephony Xephe Mage (Frost still lacking legendaries so I'm not able to be flexible with the spec) 923 <Frost> (Only one legendary equipped at the moment) Note *I would rather play mage, but I'm fine doing anything else* https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/sylvanas/xephe Second player: Happyasaclam Rogue (Subtlety lacking legendaries for other specs, currently working on it) 925 <Sub> https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/sylvanas/happyasaclam Also has a few characters he can gear up to an effective level if required. Hunter / Druid / Monk Third player: Hamudra Warrior ( Fury and Arms *Flexible with either* can also tank, but missing legendaries on Prot) 924 <Arms> 921 <Fury> 919 <Prot> https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/stormscale/hamudra Annucia Paladin (Prot, Holy and Retribution, able to play all three, lacks legendaries for Holy) 921 <Prot> 918 <Retribution> 918 <Holy> https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/stormscale/annucia *Please note that some characters might be logged out in wrong gear sets etc, we will also being heroic ToS tonight, so those ilvls will surely be going up!* If you feel like we are the right fit, but are behind gear wise, we wouldn't mind gear up; we are not asking for handouts, we will gear ourselves up; what is most important to us is finding a guild with like minded people, who enjoy pushing content and enjoy being challenged. If this has at all piqued your interest and you have a few more questions, please feel free to contact me on Xeph#2128. I can also expanded further on our experience and provide logs etc. Thank you.Xephe10 3h
4h [A] Disc Priest - ilvl 855 - Returning player LFG Hi, As the title says, I'm a returning player who had not played in some years and have only been back a month or so, I've completed my priest campaign and am currently spending my time polishing off small quests and doing heroic dungeons to increase my ilvl. I had a guild years ago but its now empty so I'm looking to change to one with a bit of life. I'm looking for a friendly guild who doesn't mind answering the odd silly question while I find my feet and that treat each other with respect. I live in Berlin but come from England and play a couple of hours most week nights and around 8 hours at the weekend - I haven't tried any mythic dungeons or raids yet but I really want to get the most out of this game so I'd like too. I'm currently on EU - Bronzebeard but can change if needed. Thanks for reading, FDFatherdalby2 4h
4h <Alliance-Ravencrest> The Dalaran Tavern - Lfm Hey you all! The Dalaran Tavern is currently looking for skilled players to join our raiding team for progression in Tomb of Sargeras and beyond! About us: We're a group of guys and girls from all over Europe. There are long-time players among us, but also some players that only joined Wow recently. So don't be afraid to apply if you're new to the game! We're happy to help you on your way, as long as you are willing to learn :) We also definitely welcome experienced players, since we are looking to clear ToS on Heroic and then move on to Mythic. We do take raiding seriously, but we all have in common that we love Wow and play this game because we LIKE playing it in our spare time. This means that although we want to progress (obviously), we do this by positive, constructive comments, not by negative blaming comment when things go wrong. We work together to find out where things go wrong and try to do it better next time! This way we have already progressed to 9/9 normal ToS and 4/9 heroic ToS (with mistress down to 9% on the last try). We raid 2 times a week as a raidteam on Heroic, but optional Normal runs get organised by several officers, so people have a chance of getting familiar with the content and have some more chance on loot. We also have a day for Rated Battlegrounds, for players that are interested in Pvp!^^ In short: We are a guild that wants to have fun and aim for solid progression. We raid 2 days a week from 20:00 till 23:00 server time. What are we currently looking for? At the moment we are looking for DPS, Healers and Tanks that are keen to raid. Obviously socials are welcome too, because let's be honest: our guild is quite a fun and social guild. But purely from a raiding aspect we're looking for DPS that are willing to put the time and patience into progressing on ToS heroic and later mythic. We are mainly after people with a mindset that fits with ours. This means a positive vibe, room for fun and games, but focused when need be. If you're a newer player, we ask of you to be willing to learn a lot in a short amount of time. What we ask of you: - You are reliable and on time. Signing up for a raid, means you are there and in time. You come with enough flasks, food and potions to last through the 3 hours of raiding, preferably with spare. - You are aware that the most important thing is knowing tactics, not your place on the DPS meter. - You are patient and positive, even if we keep wiping on a boss during progression raids. - You know your own class but you're also open to feedback from anyone, not just officers. - You have a decent pc to play on and don't hold back the raid because you are playing with 1 fps. - You can commit to the raidschedule and have decent attendance. We are well aware that real life comes first and this is not a problem if mentioned up front. For progression however it's important to us to know how many people we can count on weekly. - You can have a laugh, can take a joke, but know when to focus. What we offer: - A group of friends with a lot of fun both on guildchat and Discord. - Additional raids and events in-game (aside from the raiding schedule) and out-game (think: karaokenight) - Progression together in a postive way, working together to achieve our goals. - Help to newer players, but also tips to older players - A safe enviroment - Possibilities to grow within the guild Loot in progress raids is distributed by Loot Council. Want to know more? If you are interested or have any questions and want to know more, feel free to whisper Demix or Vallenz in game, or write a comment here on the forums. Applications from small groups of players will be considered. Hope to hear from you soon! Love, LexaraeLexarae1 4h
5h [A]The Logical Cube 3/9 M ToS 3 days raiding Our guild was created on the 4th of June 2006 on Eonar-EU realm . Since then, we raided in every expansion and every tier. Our greatest strengths are the loyalty and skill of core members, friendly atmosphere and a will to put the good of the guild above the short term desires of individual players. This allowed us to uphold over Ten years of raiding tradition and stability, as well as quite a few Realm First achievements. We are not just bunch of people who log on for raid and right after goes offline Alot of people play here for 5-7 years + , outside of raids you will always find people on our TS . While we not raid we do alot of activities in WoW such Mythic +5 mans, PvP , achiv runs and old content . Our guild chat is really Active not just about WoW :) !. We are not a strictly hardcore raiding guild, we stick to a raiding schedule and do not frown upon players needing time off. We expect exceptional performance but also understand that anyone can have a bad night. One thing we demand is effort though; slacking and lack of respect for other people's time, are the top reasons why someone would not fit our guild. It is also important to note, that we prioritise people who play well. You can be sure, that if your long term performance is better than that of someone else, you will replace them in raid, regardless of rank. What do we expect from raiders? - Extensive class knowledge. - Understanding of new encounters before the raid. - Ablility to bring the required consumables to raid. - Optimal PvE enchants and gems. - Good situational awareness and fast reactions. - Being able to take criticism and feedback on your performance. - Having a stable PC and Internet connection. - Maturity, friendliness, control over one's emotions. - Ability to fully understand spoken English and use Teamspeak during raids. - Raiders are expected to be able to have a minimum attendance What do you can expect from us: - Stable raiding with experienced and mature people. - Good atmosphere within the guild and activities outside of main raids. - Fair loot distribution. - Alot of activities not just on WoW we play together other games such SC II , HS overwatch HoTS and so on , not just blizz one Our guild-bank is well managed, provides money for repairs, gems and enchants. Our raid times: 19:45 (Invites raid) First pull 20:00- 22:30 raid end. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday We do also Normals EN and ToV on Sunday as optional raid with Mains/Alt's / Socials Currently in need : - Rogue - Warlock - Mage - Hunter - Resto shammy - MW Monk Apply at: http://www.logicalcube.net/apply/ or just Add Bn tag for chat : Brunnhild#21145 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our achievements throughout history: Vanilla - Upper Blackrock Spire [CLEARED] - Zul'Gurub [CLEARED] - Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj [CLEARED] - Molten Core [CLEARED] - Onyxia's Lair [CLEARED] - Blackwing Lair [CLEARED] Realm First! - Temple of Ahn'Qiraj [CLEARED] Realm First! The Burning Crusade - Karazhan [CLEARED] - Zul'Aman [CLEARED] - Gruul's Lair [CLEARED] - Magtheridon's Lair [CLEARED] - The Eye [CLEARED] - Serpentshrine Cavern [CLEARED] - Black Temple [CLEARED] Realm First! - Sunwell Plateu [CLEARED] Realm First! Wrath of the Lich King - Naxxramas [CLEARED] - Obisidian Sanctum [CLEARED] Realm First! Twilight Zone - The Eye of Eternity [CLEARED] - Ulduar [CLEARED]Realm First! Death's Demise and Celestial Defender - Trial of Crusader [CLEARED](Current Mythic)Realm First! Anub Arak 10&25 hc - Icecrown Citadel [CLEARED](Current Mythic) Realm First! Fall of The Lich King - The Ruby Sanctum [CLEARED] Realm First! Cataclysm - Blackwing's Descent [Heroic CLEARED] - The Bastion of Twilight [Heroic CLEARED] - Throne of the Four Winds [Heroic CLEARED] - Firelands [Heroic CLEARED] - Dragon Soul [Heroic CLEARED](Current Mythic) Realm First! Mists of Pandaria - Mogu'shan Vaults [Heroic CLEARED](Current Mythic) - Heart of Fear [Heroic CLEARED] (Current Mythic)Realm First! - Terrace of Endless Spring [Heroic CLEARED](Current Mythic) Realm First! - SOO [Heroic CLEARED] (Current Mythic)Realm First! Warlords of Draneor - Highmaul 5/7 - Blackrock foundery 7/7 We stopped raids during BRF due to bad merge with other guild after raids 10man in MoP. Comeback with fresh start in HFC and slowly build team raid CO with other guild. Manage to clear 11/13 Mythic HFC raiding only 2days 2 hours ! so 4 hours in total ! Now in Legion we went back to 3 days raiding solo raid as guild.Brunnhild86 5h
5h MakeWowGreatAgain is recruiting! MakeWowGreatAgain Newly formed guild on Draenor. Founding members are all 7/7 2/3 9/10 Myth xp. current xp 7/9 Hc mainly need 3 RDPS: Affli lock, Shadow priest and fire or frost mage Raid days SUN-TUE 7:00 to 10:30 pm ST + 1 optional/farming raid on Thursdays same hoursXiv0 5h
5h [H] LFG - (9/9 TOS HC) ilvl 930 blood DK & 930 havoc DH HORDE (Currently at Kazzak) Hi, we are a DPS Demon Hunter and a TANK Death Knight looking for a guild to progress mythic TOS with. We are both 9/9 TOS HC and are interested in a guild that raids 2-3 times a week. We are currently at Kazzak but we can swap servers if needed. Info; DPS DH - 930 equipped / 931 unequipped TANK DK - 930 equipped / 931 unequipped Logs; DK: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/eu/kazzak/slemp DH: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/eu/kazzak/wioryn Interested? Add Ivory#21414 or Slemp#2583 on Battle.net and give us a PMWioryn1 5h
5h [H] Ungrateful Dead - Magtheridon 9/9Hc LF DPS [H] - Ungrateful Dead We are a guild on the Magtheridon server. Our guild has been around for a very long time and has been steadily raiding 3 nights a week since early TBC. We have cleared pretty much everything when it was current content and pride ourselves on having a mature and friendly environment. We are searching for like minded, committed and dedicated players who are seeking a guild to settle down in and become one of the family. Our current progress is: 9/9Hc ToS Past progress is: 7/10m NH 2/3m ToV 7/7m EN We are looking for a few more strong DPS, classes not particularly important as long as you are a decent player and can stay alive while performing well. Our raid times are: Wed: 20:30 - 23:30 Thurs: 20:30 - 23:30 Sun: 20:00 - 23:00 If you are a bit behind in gear but a good player then we can assist with that. If you are interested in joining our raid team our guild site is: http://ungrateful-dead.eu and my btag is Musserbravo#2883 or come chat to us on Discord: https://discord.gg/zhhtj3KMuserbravo27 5h
5h [A-Argent dawn] 5 player looking for raid guild! like the title said we are looking for a raid guild, we are currently 2 tanks (both would switch to DD if necessary ) and 3 DD'S the setup is 1 warrior tank 1 druid tank 1 shaman 1 hunter 1 Demonhunter. for questions just hit me up under Fuuma#2907 or here in the post :) cheers!Noiroze1 5h
5h [A] <Contingency> 7/9 HC is Recruiting - Frostmane When the Legion invaded Azeroth, all plans regarding this situation were flawed. So in their desperation, the heroes of Azeroth banded together to not plan for Contigencies, but to BE the Contigency plan. <Contingency> - Is recruiting raiders! We are currently looking to expand our newly-formed guild. So far we have progressed trought the Tomb of Sargeras and are 7/9 HC with plans to start mythic raiding soon. Our team is still in need of Healers, Ranged DPS and an Arms warrior, but everything will be considered. The times we raid are: Monday and Thursday, from 19:45 Server time to 23:30 Server Time. We use Discord as our primary voice communication. So we do require you to have acces to a microphone and atleast basic knowledge of the English Language. If you are interested in this guild, Log on and whisper one of these fine Gents: -Jofuz / Jofuzx Btag: Jofuzlol#2781 -Wàrdov Btag: kleurendove#2645 -Mcfunk Btag: Angnus#2815 We hope to see you online soon!Jofuz1 5h
6h [H] Awesome INC - Magtheridon Awesome Inc is a casual raiding guild and is looking for more raiders to join our raid team, please feel free to apply on our website, or get in contact with one of our officers in game for more information. We are recruiting the following dps classes Shadow Priest Shaman Druid Rogue Mage WarriorRaid days and times Thursday 21.00 - 23.00 realm time Monday and Tuesday from 20.30 - 23.00 realm time Progress Emerald Nightmare [7/7 Heroic] Trial of Valor [3/3 Heroic] Nighthold [10/10 Heroic] ToS [8/9 N] Officers Tidus kaeil#2999 (main whisper target) Tellarian autarch#2316 (main whisper target) Icus Dinosarius#21889 Hàrmony Challe#2931 website http://awesomeinc.enjin.com/homeTidus1 6h
6h [H] 3/9M Hunter LF mythic raiding guild https://www.wowprogress.com/character/eu/kazzak/Juggensvrede All info neededJuggensvrede0 6h
6h [H-LB] <Carpe Noctem> recruiting! (8/9 HC ToS) <Carpe Noctem> is a Horde based guild on Lightbringer (EU). It was founded in 2005 and we raided successfully during The Burning Crusade, The Wrath of The Lich King and at the start of Cataclysm. At that time we were amongst the top guilds on the server and in Europe, paving the way for 25-man Horde raiding in TBC and claiming multiple server first kills, including all Sunwell bosses and Ulduar hard modes. We did take an extended break for most of Mists of Pandaria, but managed to clear all Heroic content in Warlords of Draenor at a very reasonable pace, ending up as one of the first Lightbringer guilds on Horde to do so. All that without stepping foot in Mythic at all. Our main goal for Legion is once again clearing all raids on Heroic difficulty with a possibility to peek into Mythic if time and roster allows us to. Our core has been raiding together for around 10 years and we feel ready to accept someone that would like to stick around for another 10. We are currently open to all classes and specs provided that you know how to come to raid ready and understand that sitting in front of raid entrance at the time of invites is a sign of common courtesy. We raid on: Thursday - 20:00 - 23:00 Sunday - 19:00 - 23:00 Tuesday - 20:00 - 23:00 If the hours suit you and we sound like someone you've been looking for, go ahead and apply on www.carpenoctem-lb.com or get in touch with Goofs#2393 or Milfen#2171 if you have any questions.Minderiel22 6h
6h 921 Guardian Druid seeking guild Hello there, Experienced raider looking for raiding guild Been playing this game for almost 10 years and got a pretty good experience when it comes to PVE,. My raiding experience: I've cleared everything up to Felmyst in SWP,WOTLK I've cleared everything up to the LK Heroic in 25 man,never killed him though. My cataclysm experience so far,all the starting content cleared on Heroic and Firelands 6/7 pre nerf on heroic,DS normal and heroic cleared on 25 man. My MOP experience is 15/16 bosses on heroic. TOT i've done 11/13 bosses on heroic and done 13/14 bosses on heroic in SoO Including Garrosh. WOD experience is 6/7 HM Mythic and BRF i've done 4 bosses on mythic. HFC i've done 13/13 on heroic and done 13/13 bosses on Mythic. Legion: Only 7/7 on HC EN and did 10/10 on normal and HC Nighthold and done 5 bosses on Mythic. And done 8/9 bosses on heroic ToS This post is mostly about me finding a guild who are actively doing M+ every week and who need an experienced tank for their raiding team. I'm not able to raid on Monday and Tuesday and also not able to raid more than 3 days. And finish no later than 23:00 Not interested in Alliance guilds Leave your battletag and i'll contact you should your offer look interesting Cheers. MoonrakeMoonrake29 6h
6h [H] Exception 10/10 4/9 Mythic recruiting [H] Exception 10/10, 4/9 Mythic recruiting Horde Guild Exception on Bloodfeather cluster – Current Progress 3/9 M ToS. All Cutting edge achievements earned this expansion Actively recruiting 1 Melee (Warrior Prio) 1 Ranged (Hunter Prio) 1 Healer, or a DPS with a viable healing OS Please note. Although your class may not be on the list, all application will be considered. With our current set up we will clear ToS mythic without any doubt ,however we wish to push it to clear a little quicker, recruitment here is to improve the progress not to enable us to clear. The Guild Exception was formed in 2006 and has raided all content spanning across all 4 brackets (10, 20, 25 and 40 man) and over the years has formed a solid group of core players. Our current focus is 20 man Mythic using a comfortable, flexible raid schedule to accommodate RL commitments. We are looking to bolster the core raiding group in order to achieve the best possible progress. The raid Schedule We raid Wednesday Sunday and Monday from 19.30 to 23.00. We understand that many people have real life commitments and can’t make every raid; all we ask is notice in advance. We provide: • Steady progression. • Flexible Raid attendance. • A close knit, social environment. We require: • A good attitude and respectful manner. • We require a certain level of competency – Although we will help gear people We need to see a pro-active attitude in regard to gearings etc. • A willingness and desire to improve. Mistakes happen, we’re all human - all we look for is that you learn from these mistakes and improve. • You need to be able to listen on Teamspeak. Links Guild website http://exception.wowlaunch.com Wow Progress http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/1443 YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOONs6uPY7yLtq_aYUjecQA Please don’t hesitate to contact me in game with any question Contact coburn#2121 or you can go to our website and make an application.Coburn1 6h
6h [A] <Prime> C1 9/9HC - LF DPS and Heals Prime is a long standing guild on Defias Brotherhood, which has a keen sense of community as well as two fully fledged raiding teams. C1 is currently on the lookout for members, to get our numbers back up to continue progression into ToS. Raid days; Wednesday: 8:30pm - 11:30pm Thursday: 8:30pm - 11:30pm Sunday: 8:30pm - 11:30pm Looking for; Open to Hunter, Ele Shaman and DH DPS Open to a Holy/Disc Priest or Holy Paladin We never add extra days or extra time (unless its a few minutes due to being mid boss fight) as the majority of our raiders work or have families or study and we know the importance of also having time outside of the game. That being said, as close to 100% attendance is expected of all of our raiders, as we do operate with a very small team, and we are aiming to progress into mythic at a steady pace. Previous we got Cutting Edge in EN, 2/3M in ToV and 9/10M in NH and we do aim to clear as much as we can in mythic and will try for Cutting Edge. Having a good sense of humour, being attentive to your class and raiding role, and also being quick on your feet as far as mechanics go, are all traits that we value in a person as we do prefer to have members who take part in the guild as a whole, not just log on for raids then disappear. If you feel that Prime sounds like a place you would be interested in, either contact myself - ileynaprime#2503 or visit our website - www.defiasprime.comIleyna8 6h
7h [A]<Prime> Crew 2 Defias Brotherhood 8/9 HC ToS Greetings! <Prime> Crew 2 is a 2 day a week raiding group, based on Defias Brotherhood, who want to have fun while raiding but also take our progression raids seriously. Once Hc ToS is on farm we will move in to Mythic ToS progression. 9/9N 8/9 HC Raids: Monday and Thursday Times: 20:00 st to 23:00 st Recruitment is now open to Melee DPS who feel that this, perhaps slower progression, is more suited to them. However, if you feel that your ability and experience would make you a good fit for us then add me and we can have a chat :) Prime is a long standing guild with consistent and stable leadership. Social members are always welcome and we run a social/alts raid of relevant tier content on Saturdays when possible. Mythic + is something that happens a lot and many of us push those higher dungeons. Recruitment contact: Alanana Btag-Suzanna#1406 Raid Leader contact: Mushu Btag-Janko#2883 Or visit our website - www.defiasprime.com and apply onlineAlanana13 7h
7h [H]<The Shadowbanned> 4/9M ToS are Recruiting! <The Shadowbanned> are a progressing through ToS Mythic after starting out in 2015 as a casual guild that was formed through Reddit. During Emerald Nightmare it was clear that a core part of the roster wanted to push for mythic progress, and so here we are today! The guild is active outside of raid times and has a generally laid back social atmosphere. Our officer team aims to be transparent and involves the entire raid team in big decisions. We aren't elitist, but we expect our raiders to not stand in fire too much, and to of course be gemmed/enchanted/bring some consumables! Our application process is fairly straightforward go here: https://theshadowbanned.enjin.com/ and click Recruitment. Our website recruitment status has an up-to-date list of classes and specs we are looking for, however even if your spec/class is not listed feel free to apply! Raiding schedule: Tuesday/Wednesday/Sunday: 20:30 to 23:30 Thursday (optional): Start at 20:30 and generally runs for up to 2 hours. Guild website: https://theshadowbanned.enjin.com/ Add: Clicktoris#2768 for more information! If you wish to join as a social member, whisper anyone in the guild who happens to be online for an invite.Xeixei0 7h
7h <Shinra Inc> 8/10 M NH & 9/9 HC - 1/9 M ToS 2 day week Shinra Inc. (18+) [EU - Alliance] Background Shinra Inc. is a mature (18+) EU guild consisting of a close-knit group of friends that have broad raiding experience ranging from Vanilla to Legion with the goal of progressing quickly through Heroic content to put a dent into Mythic content. Current Progress We are re-forming our old guild that was in full flow in Mists of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor - why? Due to real life circumstances and restricted time we have joined several guilds since the start of Legion with the promise of our goals, however we have consistently been the top performing players of said guilds with too much skill separation to progress into Mythic. Now we are in a better position to run our old guild as a group and wish to recruit and thrive again! Don’t worry though, we’re (mostly) not elitists - we enjoy raiding and want to perform to our best during raids but we do have a good sense of humour - almost to the point where I’d say, if you get offended easily it’s probably not for you! We feel if you can’t laugh at yourself, then you’re taking the game too seriously. Current Legion Content Progress:- Emerald Nightmare - 7/7 N & 7/7 HC Trial of Valor - 3/3 N & 3/3 HC Nighthold - 10/10 N & 10/10 HC & 08/10 M Tomb of Sargaras – 09/09 N & 09/09 HC & 01/09 M Preferably around the same progress would be desired for all applicants. Raid Days (Server Times) Wednesday: 8PM – 11PM Monday: 8PM – 11PM What do we want? Self-sufficient players with good class knowledge that want to progress as a team in a focused but non-hostile environment. In return you will have reliable raiders to play with and enjoy current content together – We enjoy doing Mythic+ and playing alts outside of raids also. We like to look at logs to improve and have friendly competition between roles to keep the game fun and challenging. Recruitment Recruiting: 3 DPS Any anyone on the vanquisher token :P _____________________________________________________________________________________ If you are interested send a message to either: Dan – DanSeed#2783 Simon - hubbah#2706 Soren - CykelKim#2169 Adam - Akiao#2966 Jay - Jay#21447 John - Gildian#21440 Cheers!Siimoonn3 7h
7h [H] Casual|ty recruiting for laidback gaming/raiding Casualty, formerly (named) Balls of Brilliance has once again opened recruitment for mature players aged 28+ (years preferably). Due to the nature of the guild, where people often have to go off and be adults, we raid a maximum of 4 hours each week (sometimes less) and as such, progress at a slower pace. Currently at 8/9 NM. Recruiting open. Socials are always welcome. About us: We are comprised of a bunch old-school players (ages ranging from 28 to 44) with really brilliant bal--- *ahem* that excel at dying in very inventive ways to, well, everything (but mostly our own silliness): chi-torpedoing into the purple blades of doom that you yourself spawned (pro!), accidentally dismounting mid flight, where the fall doesn't kill you, but where you instead die to being spanked by a tank dummy that you just landed next to... which is not reachable in ghost form (my proudest moment), prot paladins tanking a mythic+ in holy gear (noob!), etc. etc. As mentioned earlier, our total raiding time per week does not exceed more than 4 hours and raids usually take place on Monday and Thursday (subject to change). The raids themselves consist of light-hearted fun (but not at the expense of focus) where you'll come across instances where the raid-leader -cough- has himself muted (without knowing it) for the first 30 minutes of a raid... where, in the midst of an encounter, someone will actually start making dps pots, where pulls "begin" with the main-tank yelling out LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEROYYYYYYY and charging into the boss with half the raid a mile away, a healer that dies due to "boobs"... the list goes on and on. Basically, the main goal as far as raids are concerned, is to progress whilst never allowing raiding to reach a point where it feels like another job. However, people that specifically apply for a raiding spot, will really need to be able to carry their own weight because a) time is of a premium to us, and b) we'll likely never be in a position where we massively out-gear the content we are running. Of particular note, the guild is not governed by a council, or officers, but rather is a self-governed entity - everything from whether or not to end a raid at a certain juncture, to something major like dedicating 1 of our 2 days entirely to progress, has been based on the outcome of some sort of vote and its accompanying discussion. On a more personal note: Beyond Legion, our desire is to create a community that hearkens back to the days when guilds were far more than just a collection of cliques that are bound together for no other reason than the pursuit of loot and/or realm firsts, but rather a group of people that actually make the game that much more worthwhile to play. As such, we're looking for easy-going, somewhat social, marginally sarcastic, adult gamers. If you're a d*ck, or want to raid Mythic, this is not the place for you :x For those of you that are interested in joining our close-knit cult, er... group -cough-, post an app on our forums @ http://www.casualty-guild.com/ :D Alternatively, if text is not your thing, you can come talk to us on our Discord channel (details will be provided via wikileaks/in-game whisper <.<).Bombard311 7h
7h DPS DH + alt LF a morning raiding guild. Hi. Currently looking for a 2-3 days morning raiding guild. Preff from 10AM + ST. Looking to push down KJ and start moving towards mythic raiding. Had issues with my progression because of my working schedual which has set me back a bit.. I can transfer to another server and maybe even faction change, that depends on the guild. Btag: Articulo#2430Nyjaz1 7h
7h [A]<Deus Tyrannis>6/9 ToS HC-Recruiting DPS and Healer Hello! I'm Dalaila, Recruitment Officer of Deus Tyrannis, a mediocore raiding guild which is currently 9/9 ToS normal and 6/9 ToS HC. A Bit About Us Deus Tyrannis is a fairly new guild with experienced members who aim to keep things fresh & fun whilst still focusing on Mythic progression. What our Goals are -Enjoying Raids, Dungeons and the expansion! -Progression. We hope to clear raids on mythic difficulty before the next tier of content is released. -Getting the best person for the job. We realize that not everyone has insane raiding experience but if you're willing to learn and have fun, then look this way. -Become a top 10 guild on our server (Ravencrest). Raiding Schedule Our schedule is quite typical, we have three raiding days: Server Time (GMT+1): Wednesday 19:45 - 23:00 Thursday 19:45 - 23:00 Monday 19:45 - 23:00 Our Expectations of You: -Have knowledge of your class, appropriate gear, stat weights and bring the necessary flasks & food to Raids. -Bring a smile and good attitude. No one wants to play with anyone who doesn't want to be there. Don't be that guy! -Able to take criticisms and also not to be shy to offer criticism. Improvements to individuals will help the entire Guild. Current Recruitment Healers - All classes. DPS - Ranged DPS is high prio atm. With that being said we are still in need of a few melee DPS for our Mythic raiding roster. If you don't see your class / spec being on the list above don't worry, we can always use dedicated and skilled players! If you feel intrigued or want to know some more, add me on Bnet Keanon#2571 or apply at www.deustyrannis.wowalliances.com. PS. You must be Alliance and play on Ravencrest in order to join. Looking forward to reading your application! Best regards Dalaila Recruitment Officer - Deus TyrannisDalaila6 7h
7h [H] 8/9HC 9/10M Lock LF Raiding Guild Hello there I'm currently looking for a raiding guild that's around 9/9HC or higher and that's active outside of raid times, I'm looking for a place to have fun while progressing. At the moment I play Destruction as my main spec but I plan on playing Affliction for progression as an offspec. Currently I'm 59 traits into Destruction and 53 into Affliction I cannot raid at all on Thurs-Friday-Saturday regardless of hours. any other day is fine. As for the hours, I can work with any that are within this time frame (19:30 - 00:30) (I'm willing to raid 30 mins earlier or later) This is a written application that should have most of the information that you'd need please read the application and then contact me :) (https://pastebin.com/NRvbE6Na) I'll be willing to transfer after some consideration from both the guild and I while raiding in some form together to see if we're a good fit :D. I don't mind transfering realms but not faction. For The Horde! Ideally I'm looking for a guild that raids 3 days a week and is on Kazzak, Tarren Mill or Twisting Nether. Other realms will be considered. P.S:These are deal breakers for me. If the voice comms are anything other than Teamspeak or Discord. If the Loot system is EPGP. Feel free to contact me to discuss things further :D BTag: Dertah#2342Dertuh19 7h
7h [A]Incarnate (9/9N - Semi-guild run) 2Night Guild What are we? <Incarnate> Is a friendly raiding guild who focusses on clearing current tier raids two times a week. We want to ensure a stable and fun raiding in wich people can have fun while still clearing the desired raids and progressing their characters and the guild. Available Roles: DPS: Shaman (Both specs) Demon Hunter Frost Mage Rogue Death Knight Warlock Heal: Resto Shaman Resto Druid Holy/Disc Priest Other Classes that apply will still be considered Raid Schedule Days: Friday, Saturday Times: 21:00 - 00:00 ST The raid nights and times might change as the group(s) is formed. We understand that people also have things to do in real life and therefor don't mind that you might miss some runs, but we would appreciate it if you could inform us in advance or make it clear by declining the run on the in-game calendar. Contact info: TheFrozen#2170 xt6777#2390 Renzothu3000#2767 Website: http://incarnateguild.wowlaunch.com/Galloth0 7h
8h (H) Holy priest lf mythic raid guild Hey I'm currently looking for a horde mythic progression guild. I can raid most days/nights I'm ready to change server pretty much straight away you can find my logs on Warcraft logs I have bis legendaries including the cloak short and sweet my btag is bubble#22977Bubblenheal3 8h
8h [H]Saves the Day - The Maelstrom is Recruiting Hi all this is the GM from <Saves the Day> on The Maelstrom. we are a guild that has been up and running since june 2005 and raided together since through all expansions. Describing our raiding group is difficult because i wouldn't label us hardcore or casual, Probably somewhere in between the two. we push for progression but don't force people to play certain specs. we also push for split runs but dont force people to do them. if our raiders want to have a 2nd raiding character we give them the ability to do so. if they don't, they get to have a rest day while the other split run is happening. Our standpoint on mythic is informing all our members we will take our strongest 20 man team to mythic (so no dps is guaranteed a raid spot). At the end of each raid tier we offer members up an opportunity to reroll to a different class if they are enjoying it more. Because we offer the ability to play different specs whilst raiding it does mean that research and effort is required to get the most out of a class even if it isnt the strongest performing spec and that is whats expected of all raiders. Our EU Team raid times are Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday 8pm-11pm GMT as we are primarily a UK based Guild so English speech and understanding/listening is a must We are currently looking for all dps and 1 healer (either monk or priest) to complete our Mythic team going forward. If you are interested in the guild but not one of the above feel free to contact us anyway as all members that are of the same mindset as us are always welcome. This Expansion we achieved 7/7M 2/3M 5/10M 9/9HC We chose to stop in Nighthold 3 weeks before the start of Tomb to allow us time to rest and recharge, because of this we sacrificed a few Nighthold kills. We also enjoy playing other games as a group League of Legends Rocket League Overwatch Diablo 3 Starcraft 2 as well as colony type games like ECO/Terraria and Dont Starve Together to name a few. So if you're looking for a guild that takes raiding seriously enough to progress but not too serious as to force you to reroll spec and spend all your time grinding AP give us a shout. -Finkadin HTIDRedneck#1908Finkadin2 8h
8h [A] Fun & Friendly semi-casual guild recruiting! Hello! The Phoenix Reborn is a semi-casual Alliance guild on Aggramar EU that has been around in some form since Vanilla release day. Many members are ex-hardcore raiders who now just want to relax and have fun in raids and/or have RL commitments and families. Our focus is on progressing through end-game content in a fun and relaxed way. We raid twice a week, go dungeon crawling together, complete quests and achievements and even have parties! We are 9/9 Normal, 5/9 Heroic ToS. We like to have fun while we raid and don't mind a few wipes - we all make mistakes and we're all learning! We're a team and a family and we help and encourage each other to improve. With a little luck, a little perseverance and the right attitude we progress through raids while having a good time! We currently raid: Thursday: 21:00 - 23:00 Sunday: 21:00 - 23:00 We also sometimes have an optional third night for dungeons/extra content/alt raids :) We are currently looking for another healer to join the team. Though other roles please feel free to get in touch too! If The Phoenix Reborn sounds like a good fit for you please contact Shylah, Saiho or Slayyerr on Aggramar (or any of our officers) in game or reply to this post. Alternatively add Shylah2970#2653 meganraex#2423 or Slayyerr#2387 on b-net for a chat. Thanks for reading, we hope to hear from you soon! :DSaiho13 8h
8h < DutchCircle > Recruiting. < DutchCircle > Recruiting. DutchCircle is an old guild on the combined realms Bladefist/Frostwisper/Zenedar. Back in the days we focussed on semi/hardcore raiding, but nowadays we do things casual. As time went by we have gained bigger priorities in life than Warcraft and play accordingly, but with the same amount of fun. The competative mind is still there though, hence our cry for members. As our guildname might suggest; we are a Dutch speaking guild and therefore solemly looking for Dutch and Belgium players. At this point we are working on a 2 day raid team on wednesday and friday from 20:00~23/24:00. As progression goes; Due to a shortage of members we are forced to pug some players, but have managed TOS normal 9/10 without much effort. Our focus now is to get raids going and clear Heroic asap. We are a social bunch of people who do many things ingame together, like M+ old raids, transmog runs, whatever people want to do. We hang around on Discord all of the time to have some laughs and just chat with eachother. Fun is the most imoprtant thing. If you are interested or want to know more, please give me a friend request and we'll have a chat :) Cheers, Typhòn (Btag: PartyCrusher#2475)Typhòn2 8h
8h [A] Rome in a Day (8/9HC ToS 7/10M NH) 2 nights/week About Rome in a Day is a mature, friendly raiding guild on Silvermoon who raids two nights a week. We have consistently been one of the better performing 2 night raiding guilds on our server. Our goal is to kill as many bosses as possible in our limited schedule whilst having fun. The guild was formed in 2009 and has raided consistently since then with several members still with us since the start. Whilst skill and independence are valued we also appreciate a friendly and positive attitude. This being the main reason Rome has maintained it's core roster for so long. Successful applicants will find themselves welcomed into our community. Recruitment Even if your class is not listed we will still consider your application. We are currently interested in: Shadow Priest Raid Times Raid nights: Monday, Thursday Raid time: 20:30 - 00:00 Server Time Our raid nights have been the same since WotLK and are not likely to change. We appreciate that people have real lives and do not mind people missing the occasional raid so long as warning is given in advance. To ensure that we always have enough people to do Mythic the raid team will consist of more than 20 people. This allows us to adjust to absences. As we can only take 20 people into a Mythic raid, when we are doing Mythic content, we will occasionally ask you to sit out. This is done in a fair manner such that no one person is forced to sit out each week. Recently we have been organising an extra, non-mandatory night for clearing HC where alts are welcome. Loot System We use a loot system known as Suicide Kings. What this means is that every person is given a random position in a list at the start of the tier. When a piece of loot drops it will be first opened up for bidding. Any player who's main spec is eligible for the piece of loot can bid. The successful bidder is the person who's highest on the list. They are then moved to the bottom of the list. If no players choose to bid then the piece of loot is opened up to rolls. Any player who can use that piece of loot, be it for OS or MS, can then roll on that piece of loot. Contact Info Slaqua - Lerp#2814 Website: http://riad.guildlaunch.com/ If you add me on Real ID please send me a message rather than waiting for me to message you. I get a lot of people adding me and I cannot keep looking at my friends list to see if any of the 10 people have come online. Progress WowProgress: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/silvermoon/Rome+in+a+Day Legion Tier 20 ToS: 8/9 HC Tier 19 NH: 7/10 M ToV: 3/3 HC EN: 7/7 M Warlords of Draenor Tier 18 HFC: 13/13 M Tier 17 BRF: 10/10 HC HM: 1/7 M Mists of Pandaria Tier 16 SoO: 12/14 HC Tier 15 ToT: 4/13 HC Tier 14 ToES: 4/4 N HoF: 6/6 N MSV: 1/6 HC Cataclysm Tier 13 DS: 8/8 HC Tier 12 FL: 6/7 HC Tier 11 TotFW: 2/2 N BoT: 1/5 HC BD: 2/6 HC Wrath of the Lich King Tier 10 ICC: 9/12 HC Slaqua61 8h
8h EMPIRE VII 9/9HC Recruiting!! <Empire VII> [H] Ragnaros - http://empirevii.enjin.com Current Raid Days (Server Time) Wednesday: 19:00 - 23:00 Sunday: 19:00 - 23:00 Progress: 9/9[Heroic] Who we are: <Empire VII> is a 2-day a week raiding guild with the intention of clearing current content, while maintaining an active and sociable raiding community. Due to a few players stepping down from raiding because of real life commitments, we’re looking for more dedicated players who are looking to take their raid progression and experience to the next level and commit wholly to the guild. With Tomb of Sargeras launching imminently this gives you the possibility to get ahead of the game and delve into the raid as soon as it launches. We recognize players who distinguish themselves through effort, hard work and good results, both during raids and outside of raiding times. Running multiple raids and Mythic Keystones in your own spare time is highly valued and respected. We also offer you a unique opportunity to play with like minded members of the raid team that have all put in time and effort to ensure a worthwhile and enjoyable time when raiding. What we are look for in our applicants: We are looking for players who show great competency within their class and spec, that has also put in the work to ensure that their artifact weapon and gear is competitive on a mythic raiding level. We want players who can contribute to our already well established mythic raid team. Preferably we would like a Warlock, although if you’re a dps that can compete with our top players and give them a good run for their money, we’d be more than happy to hear from you! Requirements: Able to communicate in English. Unlocked Concordance of the Legionfall. 900+ Itemlevel Be eighteen or older We expect 100% raid attendance, although planned absence is allowed. Complete knowledge of your class and role. Officer Contacts: Reblrazzor: RazzoR#2775 Noxid: Maverick#23463 Guccitiger: Lionhead#2870 Nikita: Nikita#27319Nikitâ2 8h
9h [A]Original - Shadowsong 8/9 HC ToS - LF DPS and healer Are you looking for a long lasting and standing guild? Then may we present – Original Why should I join Original? Stability & Progress - Original has been going since 2005 in Classic WoW, consistent raiding content at the cutting edge, week-in and week-out. Over 10 years we've progressed through Classic, TBC, Wrath, Cataclysm, MoP, WoD and now Legion. Unlike other Guilds we didn't cut our roster in Cataclysm and MoP - Clearing all Heroic content, leaving us going strong for Mythic Raiding for WoD and now Legion. What are you raid times? We raid on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. Invites start (Server time) at 19.45. Raid starts at 20.00, finish at 23.00. What classes are you looking for? Tank: Open Melee: Open Ranged DPS: Open Healer: Open (with exception for HPriest and Rshaman) We will accept applications for all roles and specs, and each is judged on an individual basis. Do you do cross-realm tryouts? Any applicant must be able to come in and do a job on Mythic progression bosses. But first we will happily trial you in a heroic xrealm raid (Obviously only if you are alliance), gives us both a feel of each other. But for obvious reasons, Mythic raiding you will need to be on server. What is your progress? Currently sitting at 8/9 HC ToS Previous raids this expantion, 7/7 Mythic Nightmare - 3/3HC ToV -7/10 Mythic NH. We was 13/13 Mythic in HFC well before the pre-patch (enough to get most people mounts). How do I apply? If you've got any more questions talk to one of our officers via BattleNet GM: Narayan (blu#2850) Officers: Nkechi (yóni#2742) Tipton (tipton#1663) Luckyoné (luckyme#2674) Application and links to logs and raid progress: http://original-guild.net/ Or find us on Discord: https://discord.gg/AkjftfN What about the social side of the guild? We've been around since release, Original has always been the most respected guild on Shadowsong. Known to be fair and friendly, whilst being competitive, our members are well respected in the community. A unique aspect of Original is the togetherness. We have an annual meet at our GM's house during the summer in sunny Surrey (UK) for up to a week, where all are welcome. Old, retired and new members all get together and have some fun. This shows how strong this guild is. People just never want to leave! We also have more social raids for friends, family, retired members and Alts. These take place on Saturday with a more relaxed have fun raid clearing normal ToS and Tuesday more progressing focused though heroic ToS.Luckyoné10 9h