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02 Jun 2015 DPS & HEALERS for MYTHIC PROGRESSION (Dragonblight) Mayhem Brotherhood are a 9/10 HC guild looking for dedicated and reliable DPS (no mail) and HEALERS (no disc priest) with ILVL 680+ to prepare for HELLFIRE CITADEL mythic progression. We raid TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY beginning at 20:00 ST and ending at 23:00 ST. We are also an ENGLISH speaking guild only. We are not a super serious guild and we like to have a laugh but we don't !@#$ around while doing bosses. Thanks :D.Dwalen0 02 Jun 2015
02 Jun 2015 LF people to level with Hey after i came back a couple of months ago i really find it hard to find players to enjoy the game with i want to level a new character but i really want to do it was a group since i never done that before. I like to level from scratch / no exp heirlooms, weapon + trinkets are fine. dont know what realm yet or what side, it doesnt really matter to me if u would like this please reply in this thread and we will try to sort something out!Xuxuxu2 02 Jun 2015
02 Jun 2015 Hey HEALER! We are looking for YOU! <The Typhoon Struggle> are looking for more raiders. Healing spots open: 2-3 Preferred classes: Priest, Paladin, Monk * other classes are welcome to apply aswell Region: Europe Server: Defias Brotherhood Faction: Alliance Heroic: 7/7 and 10/10 Mythic: 1/7 and 0/10 Raid times: 20:00 - 23:00 servertime Raid days: Thursday, Sunday, Tuesday More information: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/14213361656Wannachei0 02 Jun 2015
02 Jun 2015 Epiunion- Ravencrest - 2day raiding 5/10M!Two dps spots Hello , some short info about us: We are one of the oldest and most respected raiding guilds on Ravencrests and are always looking for the best players available. We value people who can play their class to it's full potential, who strive to learn encounters when they are just released and most of all, people who can play an active part in contributing to the guild. We enjoy having good progression but we never forget our guild is built on having loyal, long term players. Motivation and the ability to listen to and learn from our experienced raid leaders is essential in all applicants. We invest in the player behind the toon , and not people that only want purple pixels. Recruitment: we basicly want two more players in our team from the following classes : (2 core spot open) - Rogue -Warlock -Death knight - Warrior - Feral druid - Shadowpriest - mage - Windwalk monk We are looking for two more DPS players.( any class listed here ) Progress: All Mists of Pandaria content cleared with Cutting Edge achievements. Higmaul: Normal: 7/7 Heroic: 7/7 Mythic: 2/7 , not happy with that. Blackrock Foundry: Normal 10/10 Heroic 10/10 Mythic 5/10 http://www.epiunion.com/ **********WHAT WE CAN OFFER********* -Stable and well established guild. -Organised and stable raiding schedule -Guild bank support for raids is Food/Repairs/Crafting etc. -Knowledgeable and experienced raid leading team -Highly organised and experienced core group of players for several expansions. -High quality social content, Alt raids,Challenge Modes,,Arenas and more. - We are a active guild outside raid ahours also **********WHAT WE EXPECT************ -Understanding and playing your class to its full potential -Dedication -Positive attitude -Time investment, clearing content takes time -Any new recruit must value our goals and aims, if your not on the same page as us then we are not the guild for you. -Experience, we are not a training guild, We expect applicants to know there class inside out. - Abel to listen on mumble , if you got a mic and can use it , please do so. Raiding Schedule: We raid 2 days a week - Thursday and Monday. Invites start at 19.45 and raid pulls at 20.00 server time,with a break at 21:50 for 5 minutes. Raids finish at 23.00 We are always on the lookout for exceptional players,so even if your class isn't open, we would still like to hear from you! Contact info : Officer : Reported battle tag Reported#2371 Guild master: Tombi Battle tag = Nuri#2913 Website: http://www.epiunion.com/ If you have any questions you can add me or apply to our website at http://www.epiunion.com/ Best Regards Reported Citizen of the world #1 2 seconds ago Reply Quote Delete EditReported0 02 Jun 2015
02 Jun 2015 [H] [Suomi] Routa 7/7hc 9/10hc Morjens! Kul tiras/Anachronos/Alonsus serveri nipulla sijaitseva suomi kilta etsii lisää pelaajia! Tarkoituksenamme on laajentaa 20 man raidi ryhmään ja pyrkiä tulevissa tiereissä raidamaan mythic vaikeusasteella. Tällä hetkellä olemme saaneet alas 7/7 heroic Highmaul ja 9/10 heroic Blackrock Foundry Ryhmässämme on tällä hetkellä 15+ pelaajia eli muutama tarvitaan. Raidit ovat Keskiviikkoisin, Sunnuntaisin ja Maanantaisin. Kello 20.00 - 23.00(Kesän ajaksi vähennetty 1 raidipäivä, eli Keskiviikko ja Sunnuntai on raidipäivät kesä- ja heinäkuun ajan). Hakusessa erityisesti 1 healeri (mieluusti ei priesti) ja dps puolella ei ole niin väliä mitä hahmoa pelaat. 2 viikkoa voi heilua mukana xrealmi testailemassa. Ota pelin sisällä rohkeasti yhteyttä(ei hakemuksia tarvitse kirjoittaa) Pistepirkko#1995 Burritto#2428 Baconinja#2702Pistepirkko0 02 Jun 2015
02 Jun 2015 Epiunion - 2day raiding 5/10M! searching for two Dps Hello , some short info about us: We are one of the oldest and most respected raiding guilds on Ravencrests and are always looking for the best players available. We value people who can play their class to it's full potential, who strive to learn encounters when they are just released and most of all, people who can play an active part in contributing to the guild. We enjoy having good progression but we never forget our guild is built on having loyal, long term players. Motivation and the ability to listen to and learn from our experienced raid leaders is essential in all applicants. We invest in the player behind the toon , and not people that only want purple pixels. Recruitment: we basicly want two more players in our team from the following classes : (2 core spot open) - Rogue -Warlock -Death knight - Warrior - Feral druid - Shadowpriest - mage - Windwalk monk We are looking for two more DPS players.( any class listed here ) Progress: All Mists of Pandaria content cleared with Cutting Edge achievements. Higmaul: Normal: 7/7 Heroic: 7/7 Mythic: 2/7 , not happy with that. Blackrock Foundry: Normal 10/10 Heroic 10/10 Mythic 5/10 http://www.epiunion.com/ **********WHAT WE CAN OFFER********* -Stable and well established guild. -Organised and stable raiding schedule -Guild bank support for raids is Food/Repairs/Crafting etc. -Knowledgeable and experienced raid leading team -Highly organised and experienced core group of players for several expansions. -High quality social content, Alt raids,Challenge Modes,,Arenas and more. - We are a active guild outside raid ahours also **********WHAT WE EXPECT************ -Understanding and playing your class to its full potential -Dedication -Positive attitude -Time investment, clearing content takes time -Any new recruit must value our goals and aims, if your not on the same page as us then we are not the guild for you. -Experience, we are not a training guild, We expect applicants to know there class inside out. - Abel to listen on mumble , if you got a mic and can use it , please do so. Raiding Schedule: We raid 2 days a week - Thursday and Monday. Invites start at 19.45 and raid pulls at 20.00 server time,with a break at 21:50 for 5 minutes. Raids finish at 23.00 We are always on the lookout for exceptional players,so even if your class isn't open, we would still like to hear from you! Contact info : Officer : Reported battle tag Reported#2371 Guild master: Tombi Battle tag = Nuri#2913 Website: http://www.epiunion.com/ If you have any questions you can add me or apply to our website at http://www.epiunion.com/ Best Regards Reported Citizen of the worldReported0 02 Jun 2015
02 Jun 2015 [H/A] Discipline/Holy Priest LF Guild Hello, As title above mentioned I'm looking for a casual raiding guild that fits me. My current guild has swapped raiding days to get more signs. This means that I cant attend anymore since the new days clasches with IRL/other stuff for me. So therefor I'm forced to find a new guild. About me *Can play both speccs on the same level(currently disc optimized) *I prefer to commit 100% to raid hours, also performance wise * I have loggs to provide in an application or for other instrest *Iam mature, I have a great deal of patience and after 8yrs I still love the game. I am also very loyal against my team/guild. *Not looking to roll DPS. * I'm 10/10HC experienced in BRF and 1/10M (Also had ta few tries on other bosses on Mythic in BRF) (Cleared HM by pugging on HC/N mode) What I'm looking for; *1-3 days schedule , preferably started mythic but no requirement for that. * Raids are on fridays,saturdays or mondays. I can commit to tuesday aswell but might be 50% attendance due to work.(on that day) * Still have love for the game as me *Friendly envoirment inside and outside raids. If you're the right guild for me, it does not matter if your're Horde or Alliance, I am willing to transfer if that's the case. Currently I am alliance. *If your intrested, please leave the guild information below and how to contact you. I'll be happy to give my B-tag once I find something suitable for my priest, and we can have a more deeper conversation if you prefer. Thanks for reading, and hope to hear from my future home soon.Cevira7 02 Jun 2015
02 Jun 2015 692 Bm/surv hunter lf hc/mythic raiding guild Willing to server transfor for the right guild. Aint a hardcore raider but do have 7/7 hc hm - 10/10 hc brf. Am looking for a friendly activ guild that does current content each weekElfkiller11 02 Jun 2015
02 Jun 2015 Reroll Progression guild 70/80/85/90/100 Hello guys and girls. :) I recently formed a new reroll guild with the following aims in mind: - Level caps, 70, 80, 85, 90 and then endgame content. - Profession caps, 375, 450, 525 600 and then endgame 700. - To be a laid back casual raiding guild. The main goal with this guild is to experience (or re-experience in some cases) the old contents that these days can be cleared with ease by one or two persons. We will be doing this 100% progressively, meaning that we will be defeating each tier of raids before moving on to the next tier. At every tier, we will only be using characters that are level-appropriate, with gear, gems and consumables and enchants that are only obtainable at the current expansion. For those who want to PvP there’s also room for you. I’m not the biggest PvP-player myself, but I have a few things in my mind that could be fun to do as a guild when it comes to PvP. World PvP with a guildgroup, premade battleground groups while leveling and guild PvP tournaments/wargames (with these things said I have to say that the primary focus of the guild is PvE, so the PvP part is not as big as the PvE part). The guild has been made on Defias Brotherhood (Alliance) and is called “Division One”. - Why Defias Brotherhood (RPPVP)? Primarily because it is a high populated server, which means that almost everything can be found on the auction house, compared to low populated servers. It is also a server which has approximately 50% alliance and 50% horde, which makes the server a good choice since the world PvP is fairly active, which can lead to some very funny moments (as mentioned above – World PvP in guildgroups!) Level Caps - We will lock our experience at level 70, 80, 85 and 90. - Why? Because max level in The Burning Crusade expansion was 70, max level in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion was level 80, max level in the Cataclysm expansion was level 85 and max level in the Mists of Pandaria expansion. And also because I want the guild to get the feeling of being at the highest level in each expansion. - Why skip Classic WoW (the level 60 cap)? Because a lot of raids are gone/revamped and cannot be accessed as level 60 anymore. Same goes for dungeons, the only Classic dungeon you can do is Lower Blackrock Spire. There is simply not enough stuff to do at level 60, which is why I want to start out at level 70. Professions - We will cap our professions at level 375, 450, 525 and 600. - Why? For the same reason as I mentioned before with the level caps. And also because I want to let people get the feeling of how it was to have maxed professions in each expansions. - What do I suggest? I suggest you pick one gathering profession and one crafting profession. - Why do I suggest this? By doing this each person will be able to gather all the materials they need for their crafting profession instead of being dependent on other guildies. - What if I want to have 2 crafting professions? Then I suggest you have another character with the gathering profession you need for these 2 crafting professions. - What if I want to have 2 gathering professions? Then it’s great. We will always be in need of materials, the more materials we have, the less we need to buy from the auction house. - What if I don’t want to have professions? If you don’t want to spend a lot of time on leveling professions, then I suggest that you pick 2 gathering professions. Gathering professions are easy to level and even though you don’t want to have professions, you could help the guild just a little bit by at least leveling gathering professions. Gear - What kind of gear is okay to use at each level cap? You are allowed to use the quest gear you have obtained from the expansion we are currently playing. You are also allowed to use gear from dungeons and heroic dungeons available at the current expansion we play. Gear from raids must be obtained with the guild. - Can I get boosted through raids/dungeons to get gear? No. You are not allowed to get boosted by a high-level character in either dungeons or raids. Gear from normal and heroic dungeons can be obtained on your own, but gear from raids must be obtained with the guild. - Can I use heirlooms for leveling? Yes you can. We aren’t so strict that we don’t want people to level faster. - Can I use heirlooms in dungeons and raids with the guild? No. If you just dinged (for example level 70) then you’re allowed to use heirlooms in dungeons until you find a replacement. You are not allowed to use heirlooms during raids, if you bring heirlooms to the raid, you will be asked to take off the item and raid with an empty item slot. - What about the level 70, 80, 85 and 90 pvp gear I can buy from honor, can I use that? You can buy the gear, but you are not allowed to use the pvp gear in dungeons and raids WITH the guild. However if you play on your own WITHOUT the guild, then it’s your own decision and you can use it as you want for things such as farming or doing dungeons on your own (do not raid on your own!). - What about BoE gear? Can I buy BoE gear from the auction house? Yes, as long as the items are below our current item level cap. Enchants, gems and consumables - What enchants/consumables am I allowed to use? You are allowed to use enchants/consumables that were obtainable in the expansion we currently play. - Can I use enchants/consumables from higher expansion? No. - Which gems can I use? You are allowed to use the gems that were available in the expansion we currently play. - Can I use gems from higher expansion? No. - Can I use major and minor glyphs? Yes. Raiding - We are raiding with Masterloot. Loot will be sorted out with rolls. MS-OS-RR/DE. We might face a situation, where someone needs a piece of loot more than another guy, and the one who needs it the most didn’t win the roll. In such a situation you’ll be asked to give the item to the other guy. The primary goal with the guilds raiding progress is to make everyone happy and have a nice experience. This means that we’re gearing the entire guild and not just one guy (if he’s a lucky roller). Contact: Ingame: Zorrash - Warrior Battletag: victor#2873Zorrash9 02 Jun 2015
02 Jun 2015 [H]BabyWipes (EU Ragnaros) LF DPS + healer 10/10HC BRF Hello Babywipes (ragnaros EU Horde) is recruiting! We are a laid back friendly guild, with a focus on progression by analysis and teamwork. We currently have 12+ core members who have progressed through HC at a consistent rate. We may dip our toes into Mythic for fun after a Heroic clear, but we want to establish a really solid team jump into Heroic HFC when it drops. We raid Monday and Thursday from 8:30pm - 12:00 pm server time (7:30-11:00 uk time) We pride ourselves on a relaxed atmosphere but we are progression focussed. Also we maintain the ethos that we are there for the raid 1st and the loot 2nd. We hand out loot as fairly as possible and want no drama. We are looking for competent DPS and a healer, ideally with 10/10HC already. Must have; - HC raiding experience - Use TS3 - Ilvl 680+ We recognise that RL gets in the way of raiding sometimes… so we are flexible when it comes to raid size/composition. please contact any of the following for more info: Guildmaster: Grubbynutz Officer: Gershwyn Officer: Bàrryscôtt Officer: ArtróxaGershwyn0 02 Jun 2015
02 Jun 2015 Calling you raiders out there HI all, trying my luck here. We are Pandemic - a friendly alliance raiding guild. We are struggling at the moment with Melee players. It seems there are none left on our connected realms (Chromaggus +) What we need are some like minded players who want to put in the effort needed for progression raiding, There are plenty of players out there who want free loots / boosting which is not what we want or need. Where are all the players who still believe in Teamwork, Loyalty and respect for their team. As a guild we have now 15/20 ( 0 plate Melee).raiders who believe strongly in the above. We are 10/10 HC with no tries on Mythic yet due to the numbers. The guild has been around since 2010 with the same leader from day 1. I know I am not the best leader and make many mistakes but I am honest enough to own up to them. We raid 20:00 to 23:30 server time Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday with possible extensions to the end time if we're particularly close to downing a boss. Not hardcore raiders, we raid for fun whilst getting the job done. There is no room here for bad attitudes, after all we are playing a game here ;) Our website (if you can call it that) as I am no expert at it, is : http://pandemic-guild.shivtr.com/ Have a look around or simply whisper me in game. Thank you for reading this and enjoy your day.Shumai0 02 Jun 2015
02 Jun 2015 (A) Asgard Azjol-Nerub/Quel'Thalas 6/10 Mythic Asgard - A semi-hardcore and commited raiding guild are recruiting. Formed in 2007, and recently started raiding once more post BRF release and are currently 6/10 Mythic Blackrock Foundry The classes we are recruiting are as follows: Ranged DPS(Any) Holy Pally Mistweaver Monk Brewmaster Monk Melee DPS Enquire more for details Exceptional applications will always be considered. Raid Days Thursday 2000-2300 Game time Sunday 2000-2300 Game time Monday 2000-2300 game time If you on a different server we also run heroic runs to try you out. Whisper more in game for Info To Apply - Please visit our website http://asgardan.enjin.com/recruitment Be sure to link recent logs and a screen picture of your UI Contact us more in game Dunga#2647 Xeneph#2206 Naysayer#2780Dunga1 02 Jun 2015
02 Jun 2015 [A]<Helium Bubbles> - A Casual raiding guild Hello! Helium Bubbles is a recently formed guild on the realm Darksorrow that will focus on casual raiding for both new and old players. We are currently in buildup-phase, we have a few people already but looking for more to join our ranks! Our focus for now is getting to know each other and to get a stable core-team that will raid normal/heroic in a friendly environment. If things go well we might even consider moving on to some mythic bosses in the future. We will also be having social ranks for the people that just want to log on and have fun with different events such as old raids, pvp, achievments or maybe you just want to log on and chat with your fellow guildies. We want this guild to become what you can call a "home" in the game. (Other than your garrison :D ) To join the raidteam you wont need any previous raid experience, this is because we will start from normal and work our way through the difficulties together as a team. What we do require from our raiders is to put in their best effort while in the raids, that is being prepared with the basic tactics and have relevant gems/enchants/pots etc. 100% attendance isnt what we require either, its a game and if theres some nights you cant come for a raid its perfectly fine. We welcome anyone that share our mindset that you should have fun while raiding! Raid days and times are TBD at the moment. But our plans for now are 2 nights a week. Current recruitment for the Raidteam: We are looking for everything but tanks at the moment. You are also welcome to apply even if you arent 100 yet, you can join and level as social and then join the raidteam at level 100. We are also looking for an raidleader, if you are interested in this role please add this to your application along with any previous experience with leading raids. So this little project/guild sound interesting? If you have questions or want more info you can add my btag: Multismurf#2418 You can also visit our website (http://heliumbubbles.enjin.com/home) for info. To join the raidteam you just need to fill in our simple application form found thereMultismurfn1 02 Jun 2015
02 Jun 2015 [H] Rising is looking for more! 9/10H Who are we: Rising have been in existence since the beginning of TBC, offering a raiding place for those who struggle to make the typical 100% attendance requirements that a lot of other guilds require. For 6 years we've stuck to that mantra, and have a core of dedicated members as a result. Raiding times: The current raiding schedule is: Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. Invites start at 19:45, pulling at 20:00h and raiding till 23:00h Servertime. Progression: Our current progression is: Highmaul: 7/7 Normal 6/7 Heroic and 0/7 Mythic. Blackrock Foundry: 10/10 Normal 9/10 Heroic 0/10 Mythic The reason we are mentioning Mythic is because we are trying to get a stable 20 man raid team, we are very close to those numbers, but to get it stabilized, we are looking for a few extra people. ... Although above post mentioning about certain classes we are looking for - this is pretty much to balance out the raid, We are always taking every exceptional application into consideration! If you need more information visit www.rising-guild.com, /w one of the officers in game: Talandar, Zhor, Detox/Leturion, or any member online, we will get back to you! Thanks for reading, and hopefully we will see you in game! Detox#2372Leturion2 02 Jun 2015
02 Jun 2015 Epiunion - Alliance - Ravencrest - 2day raiding 5/10M Not raiding anymoreReported0 02 Jun 2015
02 Jun 2015 Old timer looking for a social and casual raiding guild Greetings, Im looking for a guild with a solid core of mature members to call my new home. I prefer an alliance guild since Ive been horde most of my years playing, but I feel its time to take a step into the light of the alliance. My previous main char is a guardian druid, which I raided with through SoO heroic (before mythic was introduced). I havent decided what class/spec Im gonna play so far, but Im open to suggestions. :) So if any casual raiding guilds with a solid social core is interested in having a new friendly and knowledgeable player around feel free to give me a shout. -GFulltank9 02 Jun 2015
02 Jun 2015 Old Player, New Hunter, Looking For Fun Raiding Guild! Hey everyone, I've returned to the game after a break spanning the MoP expansion. I'm currently looking for a guild I can call home, and hopefully earn a raid spot in. I'd prefer playing this hunter, though I'm not too set on the spec. I haven't been back for long, but am currently rocking a 653 iLvl, which will only increase. My <sarcasm> insane iLvl </sarcasm> is not why you want me though. I'm mature (well, some times), late 20s and I really love standing in fire shouting at my healer. All jokes aside though, I'm pretty fun, relaxed and nice to be around. I'm not afraid of using my mic, nor taking responsiblity for a silly pull or bad performance. I'm not looking for an elitist guild, but rather a guild with a steady progress, fun people and mature adults who doesn't necessarily behave like it at all times. I tend, and intend, to be on regularly and I'm always up for some mischief. My raid experience is mainly from TBC through Cataclysm, where I've done some intense progression raiding, and some not-so-intense-because-half-the-guild-where-completely-smashed-and-the-raid-leader-was-singing-Britney-Spears-the-entire-time raids. If I sound like a match, feel free to throw me a message here in the thread, and I'll get back to you as soon as I'm able. Looking forward to hearing from you :)Aían6 02 Jun 2015
02 Jun 2015 Retribution paladin - Looking for guild I am looking for active raiding guild to play in 6.2 with. I am 22 polish player, currently studying, so I have lots of time. I started playing WoW in WotLK expansion, mostly enjoying PvE, unfortunately it was private server. Started playing on official server in Pandaria, but mostly PvP, just at the end of expansion due to prolonged SoO, I`ve realised, that i was wrong playing LFR, and got into raiding again. Now I`m ready for raiding, with commitment to raid group, an knowledge about class that i`m playing. I`m avaible practically all week evenings. My pally is 648 ilvl atm, I can also have any class at 100 in no time, most of characters in alliance, except for horde shammy, and hunter.Keleris5 02 Jun 2015
02 Jun 2015 Returning player looking for new home After taking a break due to family commitments coming back to wow to find a lot of old guild left so in need of a new home. Looking for really only Horde but would move over to alliance if the guild was a perfect fit. Not looking for hard core right now would love a guild that is aiming for mythic in the future but that's not really a big deal to me right now. Looking for a guild with a good community over anything really progress is not my first concern, i do like to make progress but just speaking to people in raids for me kind of kills the point of a MMO :D My main class and spec is holy priest my main off spec is shadow but i can play disc just as well. Before my break my progress was 7/7 hc highmaul. Raid times have to be 20:00+ GMT no way i can do any more early than that right now or in the future. 3 days a week for me is a good fit but can do more or less days raiding does not bother me that much. As for my self i am 28 from the uk i work full time i am also a full time student so my free time is limited :) Please reply here or add me on dataless#2252 Thanks /LifestreamLifèstream8 02 Jun 2015
02 Jun 2015 Holy Paladin LF raiding guild Hello everyone! As the title says. Holy paladin 689ilvl looking for semi-core raiding guild to raid with and prepare for next raid tier. Got 8 years of healing exp with 6/7M Highmaul and 2/10M Blackrock Foundry. I would have higher progress if my guild did raid last 3 weeks and if we had people to raid.Looking for a guild with same or higher progress. I am very serious and discipline player when it comes to raiding and always pushing my self to the limits when it comes to raiding. So looking for a stable guild where i can make good progress and solid kills..Beside raiding I am social/funny and friendly player willing to always help when need.Atm my location is on EU Ragnaros Horde side. I would like to stay horde side on any other realm that i got offer.BUT for good offer i can faction change aswell.. Here is the link to my paladin http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/ragnaros/H%C3%B0pe/simple Possible to show logs if need. What I can offer: 100% attendeance going to keep that up in future aswell always on time and ready to kill serious and discipline raider hunger for progression always prepared with tactics on bosses food,pots and flasks always on me helpful and loyal player Playing 7years holy paladin Can reroll another healing class What am looking for: Mature,focused guild with no drama ( tired for that !@#$ ) Steady and reliable semi-core raiding guild Guild that is hunger for progress 3 day raiding guild Raid starts not early then 20:00 ST ( because of RL family/work tasks) Only Week raiding guild 100% spot in the raid grp with no bench Late night guilds got advantage Everything else that i could not remember to write here. I will write down on application and if you found anything of this interesting dont hesitate to add me on my Btag or drop a comment here. ... Hope to hear from you!! Best regardsÆvðn18 02 Jun 2015
02 Jun 2015 [A] Raiders looking for mythic raiding guild! Hello, Me and my friend are looking for a new home and ready to transfer. We are looking for a guild which has some Mythic kills in BRF under their belt and raiding weekdays. Our characters: Warrior DD and Ele Shaman http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/outland/Bonerfart/simple (got 685ish with tanking gear. I tanked 7/7hm HC and tanked some bosses in BRF.) http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/outland/nokhai/simple We maybe have a Hunter friend 690ish ilvl same XP. Alts: My alts: Disc priest 651 Mage 650 Nokhai: Mistweaver 666 Got some very incomplete logs but its better than nothing: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/usercalendar/51687 Who are we? We are two friends me and Nokhai we are 20 years old from Sweden, currently got plenty of time raiding. We both started playing in late Vanilla/early TBC but we were total noobs and did not do anything seriously untill MoP. In MoP we decided together to start raiding and me and Nokhai took up the quest to start our own guild so we started Iceclown Citadel on Outland. Raiding Experience We went from killing our first boss ever in Flex in Februari 2014 to killing Heroic Malkorok in May. We then had to disband the raidteam due to lack or raiders. We took a break from raiding untill we joined Pater Componat before the release of WoD. With Pater Componat we had a promising start and killed Imperator HC second week then Kargath mythic the following week. But then people left and we did not have enough people to progress more mythic in HM. The same happened in BRF and hope was near we I became Officer but Outland is not a PVE server and we had to disband the team. Me and Nokhai managed to get some mythic experience from pugging witht the guild Iron Pirates. Where I managed to get a Kromog kill and both me and Nokhai got plenty of Maidens and Thogar XP. Other notheworthy Achievements: During the release of WoW me and Nokhai reached lvl 100 -48 hours after the laggy release ranked 100-150 on the realm Outland. We where amongst the first to gear up via Challenge Mode hence my realm best times. We always strive to prepare as much as possible before a raid. Nokhai went on to finish all CMs with gold ranking and even got some real realm best times when he did them. We both play plenty of other games, and I am myself was an avid CoD player and even ranked myself top 1000 in the world in CoD: Ghost during one time. TL;DR 9/14hc in SoO, 1/7mythic, 10/10hc + Kromong Mythic and experience. Nokhai completed CM Gold with good times. Positions in Guild: Iceclown Citadel-Outland: Guildmaster/raidleader and Nokhai Officer Pater Componat: Me: Officer and Nokhai: Core Raider What we want from your guild: - Good and fun atmosphere - Raidtimes all weekdays for 19.30-early morning. Sundays 20.45-early morning. Tho we will be able to raid earlier on Sundays in the summer. - Some mythic kills in BRF What you can expect from us? - Skilled players - Loyalty (we want to stick to a guild and only leave as a last resort) - High attendance - Motivation to kill bosses - We come prepared! I probably forgot something so feel free to ask some questions! If we are something you want either link us to your application website or talk to us ingame or on your Voicecomm!. DasNabu#2512Bonerfart8 02 Jun 2015
02 Jun 2015 (A)Drive-Ravencrest 10/10M;6 dayp/w raiding next tier Drive is a 4-day raiding guild situated on Ravencrest (Alliance). We are a fairly new guild, formed on the 5th of January 2015. It is very important to point out that Drive was not the result of any guild merges. It is a standalone product of its management and the hard work they put in to formulate a solid roster in a very short time. Drive has climbed the ranking ladders on Ravencrest faster than any other guild ever has. Our core consists of very experienced players that have played at a high level for a long time. Most of them have decided to drop 7 day raiding and found that Drive’s 4 day raiding schedule suited them best. We cleared 6/7 Mythic highmaul two weeks after the guild was formed. After that, we went straight into BRF. Chronological BRF Kills: Beastlord Darmac: 23/2/2015 World: 523 EU:320 Realm: 8 Oregorger the Devourer:23/2/2015 World: 402 EU: 242 Realm: 9 Hansgar and Franzok: 02/03/2015 World: 599 EU: 286 Realm: 8 Gruul: 03/03/2015 World: 503 EU: 261 Realm: 8 Flamebender Kar’gaz: 04/03/2015 World 488 EU: 274 Realm: 8 Kromog: 12/03/2015 World 411 EU: 225 Realm: 6 Operator Thogar: 17/03/2015 World: 418 EU: 226 Realm: 6 The Iron Maidens: 24/03/2015 World: 365 EU: 195 Realm: 6 Blast Furnace: 07/04/2015 World: 336 EU: 168 Realm: 6 Blackhand 30/04/2015 World 266 EU: 143 Realm: 5 Drive Recruitment is Open! Drive, being an end-game raiding guild, is always on the lookout for exceptional players. We value loyalty, dedication and effort highly in this guild. We, on the other hand, do not appreciate elitism. If a certain individual feels superior to another one, we see it as another reason for him to provide a helping hand. We strive to be the best, that can only happen through dedication and practise. Class Recruitment Status: Death Knight Blood: High Unholy: High Frost: High Druid Feral: High Balance: High Restoration: Medium Hunter Marksmanship: Medium Survival: Medium Beastmaster: Medium Mage Arcane: High Fire: High Monk Mistweaver: Low Brewmaster: High Windwalker: Medium Paladin Holy: Medium Retribution: Medium Protection: High Priest Holy: Low Discipline: Low Shadow: Low Rogue Combat: High Subtlety: High Assassination: Low Shaman Elemental: Low Enhancement: Low Restoration: Low Warlock Affliction: High Demonology: High Destruction: Low Warrior Fury: High Arms: High Protection: High Schedule: We raid strictly 4 days a week. We sometimes add an extra day as soon as new content is released to push progress. The 4 days we raid are Wed/Thur/Mon/Tues. The extra day we might add is Sunday. Invites start at 19:15, we pull at 19:30. We have a 10 minute break at around 22:00 and we call the raid at 24:00. We will sometimes extend for 30 minutes if we are close to killing a boss. After we have completed a tier we will be running raids with our alts, in order to prepare them for next tiers split raids. Citadel update: We will be raiding 6 days a week for the first two weeks of citadel progression. What we expect from you: We expect dedicated raiders, that know their classes inside out and strive for progress. We expect you to have an attendance close to 100% during progress, especially if you are a trial. We expect you to be able to receive criticism and grow from it. We are forming this guild based around players who we consider are fast learner. There are many guilds out there that raid 5 or 6 days a week and cannot compete with a 4 day raiding guild. Reason being, it takes much more than countless hours to achieve end-game competitive raiding. This being the precise reason we are looking for skilled and passionate players to make up our roster. We do not tolerate disrespectful attitudes, racist or sexist statements, and non-compliance to the general rules and regulations of the guild. (i.e being 20 minutes late for invites and always asking for permission to leave early). Lastly, we expect you to level up fast for new expansions and be ready for when the raiding commences. Hardware Requirements: You have a good computer and a stable connection. You own a mic and can use it through Teamspeak. Personal Requirements: You are a mature player (preferably aged 18+) . You are not afraid to wipe on new encounters. You are able to understand instructions in both written and spoken English. You don’t take yourself too seriously and can take a joke. What we can provide: In Drive, we pride ourselves over the professionalism of our raids. We can provide an extremely stable raiding environment, allowing our raiders to finish game content while it is still relevant. The social aspect of the guild is one of our niches as well. Most of our core members are life-long gamers and they are online for a large proportion of the day. Teamspeak is always alive with people for you to have a chat with during any time of the day. Drive is also a home for your alts since we consider them a vital progression tool. Once we are done with progression you will be able to start bring your alts along for them to be geared for the next tier. Contact information: www.drive-guild.co.uk Pigas - Pigas#2677 Hellstrong - earthstrong#2669 Hierarchy - Leonidas#2879Pigas19 02 Jun 2015
02 Jun 2015 Looking for a guild that is raiding normal modes. I am interested in joining a guild that as the title says doing normal or heroic raiding :). I am very friendly and i will get along with anyone , I am available almost every day of the week. I am from DarksorrowÐavíd6 02 Jun 2015
01 Jun 2015 [A] The Fallen Order - Bloodhoof LFM :) Greetings all :) The Fallen Order is mixed casual / raiding guild started our way in Vanilla WOW and raiding all contents from there. Base of guild was from another game called Dark Age of Camelot, so ATM we are about 2 year older than WOW itself. That is reason we are pretty much mature now and we value friendship above all. That mean we will mostly focus on person behind keyboard more than toon he is playing. Sometimes that mean bit slower progress, but in general we prefer to have fun in raids, and we still manage to finish most of end game content. Still, our raiding group love to raid very much and we making 3 raids a week. Our raiding days are Sunday, Monday and Wednesday. Raid times are from 20:00 to 23:00 We was always raiding 40 and 25 man raids, and in Pandaria 10 man. With changes Blizzard did with raiding system we are raiding normal for now with some HC bosses. Our goal ATM is to fill up a bit raid group, to replace few member that stopped playing. So if you are ready to join us and support that goal please feel free to whisper any of our officers or send guild join request on our web page: http://thefallenordereu.enjin.com . For raid communication we are using guild Ventrilo server. As raid distribution system we are using EPGP which trough years we find most fair. It will allow you to start getting items reasonably fast after joining but also will take care to discourage guildhoppers. Though loot distribution was never big issue in our community :) We don’t have many rules in TFO because our members are friendly and polite enough not to need many, but one recruit rule we try to support without many exception: you have to be 18+ to join. We prefer mature atmosphere in guild chat and raids :) At the moment we are open to all classes and all applicants will be taken into consideration, but what we mostly need at the moment is tank or two. Guys, if you find yourself wanting to join our friendly community and help starting our regular raid group, please just make some lowby character on Bloodhoof (if you are from other server) and contact me in game so we can have chat. You will find me on some of following character: Jura, Jurella, Jurita, Juranell, Juralot, Juranei, Astera, Hekata, Moonback, Shaolinette and Nuit. Well... As you can see i can use some RL :) HF and GL in game and in your RL, hope to see some of you joining us :DJura0 01 Jun 2015
01 Jun 2015 DISC priest looking for a end game raiding guild . my name is absolot and Im looking for a nice raiding guild with mindset of clearing every content on mythic level . I just came back from a 3 months break and Im looking forward to get back to progressing . I normally raided in guilds with something between world 300-700 ranking and Im looking forward to join a guild with similar standards . even tho Im currently on silvermoon I can transfer if needs be . you can contact me via Btag ( absolot#2443 )Absolot1 01 Jun 2015
01 Jun 2015 Epiunion - Alliance - Ravencrest - 2day raiding 5/10M Not raiding anymoreReported0 01 Jun 2015
01 Jun 2015 Furyans - Kazzak EU - Late Night Raiding Guild Hi All, Furyans is a late night raiding guild created in mid 2011, actively looking for players to join our raid team for further progression into Dreanor. Originally migrated from Anachronos to Kazzak to further expand our numbers and improve our skill set. We are a friendly group of players who have raided together for many years we have a laugh and joke but know what we want when it come to killing bosses for epic loot. We have sucessfully completed Highmaul HC 7/7, Currently 8/10 HC on Blackrock Foundry, Our aim is to extend our current raid team to completed BRF which will give us a great foundation for Patch 6.2 when released. We currently raid 11-1 Server time and our days are; Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, Monday Furyans is recruiting the following classes; DPS ( High Priority ); - Deathknight - Shaman - Monk - Druid DPS - Warrior - Hunter - Mage - Paladin - Rogue - Warlock Apply online - furyans-kazzak.enjin.com If you have any questions or queries please reply, We look forward to your responses. :)Warborg5 01 Jun 2015
01 Jun 2015 [H] <Legends Reborn> 8/10 Mythic @ Frostwhisper [H] <Legends Reborn> Recruiting for Mythic 6.2 We are seeking experienced people for our 20-man Mythic raid team. Legends Reborn is a guild with a great history which spans all the way back to early vanilla times. The core of the guild consists of real life friends and people who have been playing together since the early, early days. We see ourselves as a mature guild, with natural leaders. The average age in our guild is 25+. 1. We are a stable guild that is over 10 years old. 2. Solid core group of gaming veterans who played with each other since the start. 3. We are mature and don't tolerate any shenanigans. 4. We are a progress guild, and very fast at that. What are we looking for: Range DPS We will accept classes outside these requirements IF the right person comes along. What we require from you: - You are age 20+ and have a mature attitude - You have a working mic + Teamspeak - You are able to speak and understand English - You are a team player who stands out with individual skills - You are dedicated to what you do and you make sure you do it well What we can offer you: - Friendly and fun community with people from all over Europe - Homepage, Forum and TS Server - A well experienced raiding environment with focus on clearing new content - Feedback on your performance so you can continue to improve - Experienced group of players who have been playing WoW and other games together for a LONG time Raid days: Wednesday 20.00-23.00 Sunday 20.00-23.00 Monday 20.00-23.00 A few tips before you think about applying 1. Maxing your character with the best enchants, gems and reforging is an absolute must. 2. Do not rush your application. Filling out questions with one word answers is not the way to go. 3. You will most likely be questioned in your application thread or be contacted ingame. This is because we want to know and understand more about you and your character. 4. Good attitude, attendance and performance is what distinguishes you between trialist and raider. 5. If your internet connection is unreliable, you should stop reading. If your computer shuts down every 2 hours, we don't want you. 6. This is most likely your first and only impression to our guild, be sure to make it worth our time. Still interested? Contact us ingame by whispering or battletag: Whisper ingame: Funtack Battletag: Funtack#2413 or Check out our homepage and make an application: http://legendsreborn.wowlaunch.com/Funtack2 01 Jun 2015
01 Jun 2015 <High Definition> LFM (DPS / HEALER) Hi fellows, <High Definition> on Defias Brotherhood is currently looking for a few players to fill our ranks with. We are looking for DPS and a healer. We are certainly looking for a hunter, mage and/or a monk but other classes are also of interest. We might also take in a healer. Any guilds out there, struggling with raid attendance, is of high interest for us in terms of a merge! High Definition is a guild that has existed for a long time, and the majority of the members have been in the guild for years and years. It is a very stable guild, that rarely have to cancel raids. Why join us? Well we have a lot of fun, dedicated players, a great raid leader and naughty girls :P Progress: 10/10 HC BRF, 4/7 Mythic HM. We started BRF mythic yesterday and got first boss down to 20%. We expect alot of progress in mythic the following weeks. So if you got HC experience and want to have fun, is 20+ of age (most of us are mid 20+), able to attend atleast 2/3 of our raids each week, then HD is the place for you! Drop by hd-guild.org for information, make an apply or give me a /w ingame (battletag Defcon#2362). Cheers!Defcòn4 01 Jun 2015
01 Jun 2015 [A] Møtiøn 7/10 M-BRF 6/7 M-HM. Looking for some DPS Introduction Møtiøn are a raiding guild on Kilrogg who aim to down content while it is current and aim to do so efficiently whilst still having fun, why would we do it if we're not having fun? We are looking for some more experienced raiders to join us in our progression through this expansion, you are required to have a reasonable level of common sense and almost certainly a good sense of humor. In our raids you can expect a lot of nonsense, from swapblasting the AFK's into the nearest fire to playing the Thomas the Tank Engine theme over the TS raidio (which is entirely optional). It's all game and anything is possible, but we are still serious with our raiding and once the pull timer begins people must be focused and progress must be made. We're recruiting in order to replace the few people we have that seem to think turning up late and what not, is a good idea. Sadly we're a raid team and that team can get quite frustrated when people do that. So, apply, come, show up on-time out perform them, take their spot. Interested? If you are interested in joining us, please add one of the following people via Battle ID to discuss anything further. If you are interested, you are more than welcome to join one of our raids before you join to see if we fit what you are looking for. If you wish to apply, please do so here: http://motionguild.eu/blog/recruitment What we've done: Siege of Orgrimmar 14/14 HC (prenerf) Highmaul 7/7 HC 6/7 Mythic Blackrock Foundry 10/10 HC 7/10 Mythic Recruitment status Rogue Balance Druid Feral Druid Enhancement Shaman WarlockThese are our preferred class's, though we will consider others if the player is right. We are also looking for a player capable of fulling the hybrid role, heal the fights we need the extra healer, dps the others. When we raid Wednesday Sunday Monday 8:00pm - 11:30pm Server TimeWhat we require Full PVE Gear 680 ilvl A mature manner, sense of humor and a good communicator with a team minded attitude BattleID: Syrakul#2439 Whodapally#2636 Steve#2962 If you wish to apply, please do so here: http://motionguild.eu/blog/recruitmentWei6 01 Jun 2015
01 Jun 2015 [A] <Møtiøn> - Runetotem/Nagrand/Kilrogg 7/10 Mythic Recruiting DPS/All classes - No Hunters plz. Runetotem Nagrand Killrogg We Are a mythic raiding guild, we raid Monday, Wednesday and Sunday 8-11:30 server time. We are look for some reliable dps classes aswell as offspecs for our mythic progress. Be Ready or close to read to raid mythic.. We are also a social fun guild that like to have some craic and knuckle down to get the kills when needed.. English Speaking guild with players from all over EU. Feel free to contact me ingame, by mail or by btag BenJi420#2935Delish1 01 Jun 2015
01 Jun 2015 686 Balance Druid LF Raid Spot Hey everyone, the guild I was trialing for disbanded :'( and I'm looking for a new guild to raid with asap. My raid experience is 9/10 HC and I want to try aim for mythics if possible, I can raid every night of the week at any time and I'm willing to change to tank or healer if needed. Looking forward to hearing from you people and have a nice daySwampfyre29 01 Jun 2015
01 Jun 2015 692Windwalker / 692BM / 686MW LF Mythic Raiding Guild Thanks for the offers guys but I have found a guild now which I will be joining shortly, thnaks for your offers guys :)! Hello, I am looking for a Mythic Raiding Guild of decent progression, I am a 10/10 HC Windwalker / Mistweaver / Brewmaster (depending what the guild needs but I always keep my main spec Windwalker) looking to change guild. The reason why I want to change guild is due to the fact that the guild I'm in cannot progress due to the guild not having enough members to progress to Mythic and some of the members underperforming dps wise and or tactics wise. I perform best at Windwalker but still can play Brewmaster and Mistweaver Monk at a competant / good level. My timezone is (GMT+1) (UK Time, 1 hour before server time). I am willing to realm and faction transfer :). Times available to raid Monday - Thursday: 4:30 PM - 11 PM Friday: 4:30 PM - ~2 AM - 3 AM Saturday: 9:30 AM - ~2 AM - 3 AM Sunday: 9:30 AM - 11 PM Here are my logs, I have multiple ranks under 100 on many BRF HC bosses and other difficulties / raids. I have not properly raided on my Monk for a while due to issues regarding the guild so sme of my logs are old, my ilvl has also increased from the logs which are shown due to garrison Mythic missions. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/989816/latest/ https://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/player/eu/wildhammer/m%C3%A0ndy If that is not enough evidence regarding me being a competant raider, I have 9/9 Gold CM from MoP on my DK and Monk, I also have 8/8 Gold CM from WoD. This is my DK http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/thunderhorn/Amaandaa/simple My Battle Tag is Amanda#2653 feel free to add me or whisper me in game. Thanks :). -AmandaMàndy12 01 Jun 2015
01 Jun 2015 Hunter looking for guild Hey guys I took a break from WoW in march when my guild disbanded, i am now looking for a raiding guild heroic/mythic. I'd prefer to find a guild on the realm i'm on now, i'm not willing to faction change tbh so horde only Thanks.Currantcake3 01 Jun 2015
01 Jun 2015 10/10 hc dk dps Hey everyone, as you can see by the title i've progressed to 10/10 hc brf and I am looking for a new guild to join. I preferably am looking for a guild that raids 2 days a week, I am dps main spec, but I can run tank as my offspec, and have killed BH hc as tank and dps. A little about me, I am a 21 year old student, just finishing university and would be looking for a chilled and friendly guild that progresses. I have played the game on and off properly since WotLK and during ICC progression I managed to down 10/12 hc 25m. Please respond, I am always down for a chat in game just pm me.Douevendkbro12 01 Jun 2015
01 Jun 2015 [H] Stinki Monki Finger - Hellscream3/7M HM, BRF 6/10M Stinki Monki Finger (SMF) is currently one of the longest standing guilds on Hellscream. Formed on 28th April 2005 SMF have been around to see all of Vanilla, Burning Crusade, Wrath, Cataclysm & MoP content. Our current progress progress is 3/7Mythic Highmaul, Blackrock Foundry 6/10 Mythic , 10/10HC. Stinki Monki Finger is currently searching for a couple of exceptional dps to add more depth to our roster for continued Mythic: Highmaul progress and moving forward into Blackrock Foundry. Strong applications from all classes/roles will also be considered. We require you to have previous experience at raiding Heroic/Mythic mode content and be available for atleast 2-3 raids per week. Main raid schedule: Wednesday 20:00-23:00 Sunday 20:00-23:00 Monday 20:00-23:00 We have an extra raid day on tuesday, but that one is optional. We are also looking to organise Challenge modes outside of raid times and there is a weekend Alt Raid. If you have any questions feel free to contact me in game or one of the other officers for a chat. [Mariusimo#2774] , [Ergunk#2122] You can apply at http://www.stinkimonkifinger.co.uk/ Kind Regards JessicaEllesdee64 01 Jun 2015
01 Jun 2015 (H) Paradigma Casual raiding Guild Paradigma - A guild since Meridian59 / EQ and have been raiding since Vanila. Are currently recruiting for the next Tier and we wish to get back onto progression onto Mythic. We have a semi-serious raiding core, cleared in classic up to Twin Emperors and in TBC 1/6 SWP (6/6 SWP after nerf). In WotlK, we cleared Naxx, EoE and Sarth3D before patch 3.1 and cleared Ulduar (except Algalon) before patch 3.2., ToC, ToGC (4/5) ICC (12/12) In Cataclysm first tier 5/13(HC), Firelands 6/7(HC) and Dragon Soul 6/8(HC) We had a rough start in MoP which ended up with leaving Emeriss for a more populated server and we are finally back on track with our raids We stop raiding with about 4 months before WOD and still got SoO 8/14(mythic) which is not so bad with only 2 nights of 3 hours raiding. Majority of members have raided and known each other for over 10 years and we only recruit people who fit in the same mindset, fun and enjoy raiding but can be serious at the same time. We also work as most members are over 25 years of age and this is why we only raid raid 2 nights a week, on a Wednesday and Sunday from 8pm-11:30pm server time. We have come to a point where our raid roster needs boosting as we no longer wish to have just 13-15 ppl in raid we want more and are looking to get ready for the next tier. We are currently looking for the following classes. DPS Hunter x 3 Shadow priest x 1 mage x 2 boomkin x 1 rogue x 1 warrior x 1 ench shammy x 1 lock x 2 DK x 1 HEALERS Mist Monk x1 Restro shammy x1 Other classes still apply we will look at good ppl anytime. Highmaul - 7/7 normal 7/7 HC 1/7 Mythic Blackrock foundry 10/10N 9/10 HC you can apply here on our web site www.paradigma-guild.net or add my Btag for a chat which is Decca#2940 or Demon Btag xionz#2251 speak with an officer in-game.Decca0 01 Jun 2015
01 Jun 2015 [A] Innocent Bystanders Are Recruiting! Innocent Bystanders (Whatever happened - we didn't do it!) Newly returned and reformed casual guild recruiting to fill up our first raid team. Would suit the more mature raider possibly with family/work/other commitments. Min age 18. Bring a calm demeanour, a lil determination and a good sense of....sarcasm. I've put together a lil recruitment video. (link at bottom of the post) We hope you enjoy it and, who knows, maybe you get to star in the next one! Webpage for applying/questions/etc: http://innocentbystanders.shivtr.com Whisper Shilo/Hepburn/Tokitae/Tribsis @Ghostlands if interested. (no embd option on forum :( ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CwAVtqw7AmQShilo3 01 Jun 2015
01 Jun 2015 (A) <Vintage> 6/10M BRF RAVENCREST Website: http://vintage-ravencrest.enjin.com/ Apply here Note: We are currently NOT looking for any healers or tanks, just DPS. <Vintage> is recruiting for Mythic progression. We're currently 6/10M BRF and 4/7M HM, with the goal of progressing in BRF and preparing for a solid start in 6.2. What we are currently looking for*: High prio: x1 Boomkin x1 Mage x1 Rogue x1 Hunter * We are willing to consider most classes, feel free to get in touch What we expect of you: Naturally we're only after people well geared to get right into our raid group, and for that we expect at least 685 ilevel and 715 ring. A sense of humour wouldn't be a bad thing, and past experience of raids is always a plus. A working mic would be greatly preferred, and the addons of DBM, RC LootCouncil and Angry Assignments are a must. A willingness to always accept criticism and improve your overall game is expected, and a strong understanding of your class and the game is essential. What we can offer you: A friendly atmosphere coupled with progressive raiding without the need to raid every day of the week. Officers and members are always willing to help people improve their overall game, with logs analysed after every raid to see where we can improve as a guild and individually. All applicants are considered, so feel free to apply at http://vintage-ravencrest.enjin.com/ Thanks for reading, we at Vintage hope to hear from you soon! Gilead#2561Dundaine26 01 Jun 2015
01 Jun 2015 (H) <Fury> Shadowsong - 3 Days, 6/10M “Beware of him that is slow to anger; for when it is long coming, it is the stronger when it comes, and the longer kept. Abused patience turns to Fury.” - Francis Quarles Currently recruiting: High Priority: Any Healer (Particularly interested in a Druid, Monk or Priest) Medium Priority: Any geared and experienced DPS (Particularly Ranged, Moonkin highest Priority) Medium Priority: Tank (Class not particularly important) Background: Fury was launched in the beginning of April 2010 by a small group of long-term friends from all over Europe, with a wealth of raiding experience from every tier of raid content all the way back to the beginning of vanilla WoW. After two short months of existence we had grown to 25 man size and surpassed many long-standing raiding guilds on Shadowsong in progress. Since then, we remained as a 25 man guild and despite relatively minimal time investment (we raid typically 10hours each reset only) Fury has consistently maintained a high standing on the realm. Our focus is on making as much progress as we can in a limited time-frame. When it comes to raiding we're a dedicated and stable bunch but the guild has a mature yet fun community and social atmosphere besides. You can often find a collection of our members chit-chatting about random stuff on ventrilo/mumble outside of raid times. We pride ourselves on being a well run, drama-free guild with plenty of time to pursue other activities besides raiding in or out of game. If this sounds like the type of place you could see yourself fitting in then please feel free to chat to any of our officers: Zastaph (GM), Monoki, Skelectric, Phunsies or Zangetsú or visit our forums at www.ssefury.com and create a private application (via the link on the main banner). ------------------------------------------------------------------- What you can expect: A mature and inclusive guild atmosphere A stable raiding experience 3 nights strictly per reset Strong Progression for time invested Balanced gearing Faceplanting 0.001% Wipes :) Medium population realm – no queue times, ever What we expect from our raiders: Communication Focus and Preparation Maturity A drive to always learn from mistakes and improve with each boss attempt ~80% Attendance in general Raid Times: Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday 20:30 - 00:00 (often finishing a little earlier) On rare resets where we need to move a raid-day for better raid composition etc. we typically aim for Monday as our replacement day. Our Raiders will always know when this type of situation is likely though so they can plan accordingly. Thanks for reading and we look forward to hearing from you. Zastaph, Guild Master of <Fury> Website: http://www.ssefury.com Zastaph#2891 Skelectric#2458Zastaph2 01 Jun 2015
01 Jun 2015 7/10 normal LF Progression guild 670 blood/frost ^^Haloamigo3 01 Jun 2015
01 Jun 2015 [A] <Sphere>Silvermoon-3/10 Mythic Recruiting Hi ho hello fellow champions of Azeroth! Sphere is a new Raid Guild guild making its new home at Silvermoon. The guild is created by a group of 10 friends and long playing WoW veterans. We wish to create a mature and stable environment where there's room for real-life commitments aswell as proper progress. Sphere is an English speaking guild and our primary focus is on endgame raiding. We do however value our guild community and friendships and will try to build our team around that. At the heart of our guild is a social atmosphere with regular raids, always looking to advance our position in this world in everything we do. Our raids are focused on progress but at the same time we do not sacrifice the reasoning behind why this game remains a joy to play, the social interaction and enjoyment in which the soul of raiding resides. We want to progress, and we want to achieve, but we won't do so at the cost of our members enjoyment of the game! We are in prosses of completing our 20 man Mythic team. Raiding: Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday: 20.00-23.00 Servertime. Recruiting: - Rdps: Lock, Priest, Shaman, Mage - Mdps: Shaman, Monk, Warrior - Tank: None - Healer: Monk If interested you can: * Add me on battletag: Mithara#2938 for a chat. * Contact any online officer ingame.Mithara8 01 Jun 2015
01 Jun 2015 [A] LFM Dungeon Queuing (90 - 100) (Tank and DPS) Hey everyone, I'm looking for a tank and three dps to join me in dungeon queuing today at around 14.30 onwards. I'll be healing, and you're more than welcome to tank and dps in your own pace, be it chainpulling or pack by pack. I'm asking here If you're up for it, or want to join later in the day - add me: crazY#2638Moelgaard0 01 Jun 2015
01 Jun 2015 Recruit a Friend Hello !LF someone that is starter edition and wants to go full game and wants Recruit a friend.add me goldust@2230 .You can pick any server you like .Thank youCubs0 01 Jun 2015
01 Jun 2015 Frost DK looking for active raiding guild Server: Deathwing time i have for playing: 2-3 hours a day natonality: denmarkRallebftw1 01 Jun 2015
01 Jun 2015 Ambuscade@Kazzak 7/10 Mythic BRF Recruitment Ambuscade - Kazzak(PvP) Horde Eu; http://ambuscade.enjin.com We are a well established 20 man raiding guild, formed back at the start of WotLK by dedicated raiders who lust to face all the endgame challenges World of Warcraft currently has to offer. We raid in a friendly but focused environment and are looking for more like minded players to strengthen our team for the upcoming patches. There is plenty of stuff happening inside the guild on off-days such as an optional alt raids which are scheduled on Friday or Saturday most of the times. We've got a lot of people interested in PvP and obtaining achievements, so it's easy to find something for everyone. Please visit http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/kazzak/Ambuscade to see which classes + roles we are currently recruiting. Please note that every single well written application will be considered seriously! We are interested in players with good awareness, who can pull their own weight in raids and perform equally or better then our current raiders. You should have a positive and friendly attitude towards other people in the guild as well as raiding. Current Classes Mage Balance druid Warrior (dd) Rogue MW Monk Hunter Our Current Progress: BRF Mythic 7/10 Highmaul Mythic 6/7 Monday: 20.00-23.30 ST Wednesday: 20.00-23.30 ST Thursday: 20.00-23.30 ST ( ! ) Note that invites go out at around 19.45, so that trash clearing may begin. Highlights of the Guild: Our roster consists of friendly and mature adult players. Loot is handled via EPGP system. Guild Bank also covers all repair bills during raids Steady progress through current raid content. Weekend alt run. Few Tips Before Applying: Make sure your character is min-maxed (sorted enchants, spec, professions, etc.) Take your time with application! Answering open questions with one word is not acceptable.If your connection or computer shuts down every few hours, reconsider if it's worth applying.This is most likely going to be your first and only impression, make the most out of it! Keep in mind that we are not hardcore raiding guild, however when we do raid, we expect everyone to bring out their best. We want to make the most out of our three day raiding schedule and are looking to boost and replace few weak points we currently have. If you are interested in joining us, visit & drop by on our website - http://ambuscade.enjin.com, or get in touch in-game with one of our officers - Bigjav, Waki or Morsa! you can also check our streams on any given raid night - http://ambuscade.enjin.com/stream or Youtube channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs69kal248SK5xaGE6cFZnw ReadID: feel free to add Javelindog#2557Bigjav22 01 Jun 2015
01 Jun 2015 [H] Earlybirds, Kazzak, Early Hours [4AM-12PM] Raiding Dear Earlybirds, I have noticed that there are no European early hour guilds out there. Therefore I have decided to form one. It is a pain to pug in the 'dead' hours between 4 AM and 12 PM. We will specify the exact raid times together when we have a full squad. The guild will be on Kazzak on the Horde side. I expect 10/10 HC BRF and together we can gain some Mythic experience. I think that people that raid around these hours anyway, are serious WoW players, but simply might not have a lot of experience due to their uptime hours. I am looking forward to hear from interested respondents. Hope to hear from you soon. Best Regards, MithiMithi9 01 Jun 2015
01 Jun 2015 [H] <Circles> LFM people for level 80 raid Stormscale Circles is a level 80 raiding guild currently leveling up to start our journey in the first tier of Wrath of the Lich King. Our rules are as follows: No Azeroth flying No Cataclysm gear No Monks No Pandarens No boost of any kind No PvP/BoE gear in raids What we do: We want to raid as a 10man group throgh all tiers of Wrath of the Lich King. I would also love to do some PvP if that is even possible, we'll wait and see. All big desicions are made by the guild as a whole, not the guild leader alone. Contact: Vizie#2822 or Sloppy#2495Zopri1 01 Jun 2015
31 May 2015 687 Resto shammy+ 692 Ret/Prot Lf new guild Looking for a laid back mature guild to raid with for myself and a friend. I can heal main spec and he can play both tank and retribution at equal standard, we would like an alliance guild that has mature patient leadership for us both with full attendance in mind. Paladin http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/silvermoon/Protarion/simpleFluffybuns28 31 May 2015