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21h [FAN ART] My warchief Heya! A week or so ago i made fan art inspired by Vol'jin but i couldn't share it here because my sub was inspired. Now when its finally active again i can show you my work. (: I plan on working on more WoW inspired fanart when i have the time to draw for myself because the game itself inspired me immensely. Anyway here it is -> 21h
1d [Fan Art] - Turalyon/Mikkelsen mashup I enjoy doing a lot of actor/character mashups pics, and this one was inspired by the idea of Turalyon being played by Mads Mikkelsen: Just saying, if there was another movie, he'd be ace for the part!Meek0 1d
3d New WoW focused Discord Server! Hello and welcome to the start of "World of Chaps", this is going to be a discord server focused around World of Warcraft. The server is constantly developing ambitiously, and if you don't want to be a part of a development team which is open for anyone, you can just leave your opinions and potential ideas if a designated area. It would really mean a lot to me if you guys joined. 3d
4d Farmer Radio Hello everyone and especially music lovers. If you like electronic music like Deep Tech House (NO-EDM°) but very Cool, Soft or even atmospheric, I advise you to take a look at a WebRadio: Deep Underground Radio - A music that accompanies you peacefully in your moments of farme, watch out the time passes even faster with this radio. :) You can find it easily on Google, and it is certainly available on your IOS and Android apps. Good listening and above all good game. :) °Radio that does not broadcast Eletronic Dance MusicVîbë0 4d
4d Transmog Competition. Dear Players, I hereby would like to invite everyone who is interested, to a transmog competition. I am studying Social Media and online platforms, for our bachelors thesis me and two of my colleagues would like to create a facebook page. There, we will organize transmog competitions, with In-game and real-life rewards. The only thing we ask for in return, is that the winner, the second and the third best will have to fill out a quick, 5 minute form for us about his/her gaming habits. The first round begins at the 26th of February. The theme: Class identity. You will have to send us a transmog, that in your eyes represents your class/race the most. The rewards: 1st place: Shu-zen, the Divine Sentinel in-game Mount. 2nd place: World of Warcraft: 60 days game time. 3rd place: World of Warcraft: 30 days game time. For further informations, please visit our facebook page. 4d
4d World of Writing Do you even write? Warcraft Stories, poems, puns? Share your work here.Enrakk2 4d
5d Nerfworthy is here!!! Hello everyone, it's a pleasure to meet you all. My name is Viktor and I'm a newbie. I started playing WoW a few days ago because a friend of mine hyped me up, and so far i'm iiiiiiiiinlove in it. I'm a poor hardcore gamer my whole life, currently i'm 21 years old and have played all possible mmorpg's and games and everything there is exept those p2p games with subscriptions etc, I've even played WoW but on privatess.. it sucks there, LOL. My dream is to earn real cash by playing games and trough youtube, i've been playing league for two years now, but nah.. I got addicted to WoW. I've managed to gather money enough to buy me content till level 100 and a month of gametime whichh is still amazing for 15$. I've been cleaning and helping people and i'm trying to get money to prepurchase this so i can go even more in-depth into this game. Yesterday I've made my first video, I want you guys to share your opinion on it, the video is all about the description tho, with the thumbnail kinda made it like to say "Hi all, expect great stuff from me" xD. I didn't spend that much time on it but in a few hours im releasing my second video which will be sooo much more awesome, stay tuned!! with voice actings and cinematics and awesome stuff, the content is infinite in wow which you can create, it's awesome.. SO!!!! Here is my first video >> << I will update this thread as my next videos come along, I will become great one day!!Nerfworthy4 5d
6d My stories I began dabbling in short stories for my characters and jsut completed the first part of the first character I'm working on. Enjoy: Irhiath the Bloodhand: Irhiath the Bloodhand forced away the frown on his face, for what felt like the hundredth time just that morning when his second in command, Tarius walked up to him. „We’ve the traitor, sir.” he said. „Who was it?” Irhiath asked, without looking Tarius in the eye. „Jenkins, sir.” „Did he give a reason?” Irhiath still didn’t turn to face his second in command. „Not a good enough one. Methinks he believes we’ll want to use him as a bargaining chip.” „Even if we did, it would be for naught.” the Bloodhand knew he was done for. A rival company, called Catsaber Corps showed up at his camp last night, demanding the whole company to meet them unarmed by noon. The mercenary captain had a good chance to estimate the number of warriors his enemy marshalled and suspected to be outnumbered ten to one at least. Jenkins gave away their position over a pint or with a fat coin pouch handed to him. Irhiath sighed then said „I believe we’re done here. Get everyone ready for a fight and bring me Jenkins’ head. You may give the body to the hounds.” „Aye sir!” The pitchfork in his chest going deeper flung Irhiath back to reality. He grunted, but not from the pain.. It was mere frustration. „Feel good about yerself now?” he asked the boy who was standing over him, holding the pitchfork in his hands. „Papa!” the kid cried. „It spoke to me!” „Do not respond, lad or else you’ll get the plague!” an older voice came from the other side of the barn. The undead soldier was tied up to a stake with a rope but he just made a master plan of escape. He fought himself to his feet, moving above eye level with the small human and growled as fiercly as he could muster. It was more a shrieking sound then the battlecries he was used to uttering but it had the desired effect. The boy cried out and staggered backwards, losing his grip on the pitchfork. He had little time until the older, more capable man ran over so he had to work quickly. He twisted at an awkward angle, bones and skin straining in a pose that should have been a broken spine for any living man, but finally his teeth reached the ropes and as rotten as they were, he found out his jaw was considerably more powerful then in life. He bit down on it and with little effort, freed his hands. He took the pitchfork and quickly thrust at the rope binding his leg, and with that he was free. The farmer holding him was already aiming a blunderbuss and preparing to shoot so he had little choice but to throw the pitchfork at the man. He did not want to hurt him but dying a second time was not on his bucket list. Irhiath did not spare him a glance after throwing and leapt out of a window and made a run for it. He did not know why and for how long he was running, but he knew that at some point he turned in the direction of the Undercity. After he was raised as a forsaken, he was given a choice to go back to the grave, serve the Dark Lady, Sylvanas Windrunner or leave her lands. Irhiath chose the third in an attempt to get back to his life and find some of his company that may have survived the slaughter. He saw uglier mugs then his own in his line of work but it was quite clear the humans did not want him and did not consider him as one of their own. He couldn’t blame them, but what was he to do? He knew where others like him dwelled and chose to travel there, instead of living in solitude for the rest of his Light-forsaken life. He stopped dead in his tracks when the thought materialized in his mind. Light-forskaen… Forsaken. He was, by all rights a Forsaken. That meant he owned his loyalty to the Banshee Queen. He may have been quite low in morality but loyalty was one thing he took deadly serious. It was one reason why Jenkins the traitor had to die. He usually gave fiends like him a slower, much slower and much more painful death but at that time, he had no opportunity for that. Irhiath the Bloodhand then made a decision. He would travel to the Undercity, meet with this Sylvanas Windrunner and judge if she was worth his loyalty. Any man who tried to run for as long as he did, as fast as he did would have surely died of exhaustion. But he was no longer a man, Irhiath mused. When finally he reached the Undercity, two abominations greeted him. „What you want?” one of them asked. „Entry.” Irhiath said. He didn’t even catch his breath after running for days. He drew himself to his full height and looked each guard in the eye. The beings did not do so, or could not do so. One eye was gazing off to the skies and the other awkwardly to the left. „Hey!” he shouted after a moment of silence. „Eyes down here, fatty.” He said, pointing at the eye looking at the sky. „Me see it be there.” The second guard nodded his head. „Why you want to entry?” „To meet your so called Dark Lady.” Irhiath said bluntly. There was little reason to keep any secrets. While the abominations seemed stupid enough to be fooled by most not dim-witted people, he had no desire to take advantage of that. He really did come only to meet the Banshee Queen. Another long moment of silence. „Still there, you blockhead?” Irhiath shouted in frustration. „Me standing here.” the first guard said, confused. „Me not gone anywhere.” „Let. Me. In!” The near mindless undead looked around himself in the ruins of the city. „You in.” it said. „May I use the elevator, please?” Irhiath asked in a voice as calm as he could manage, but in the end it came out as a low growl. As he said the words, however, the door to the elevator opened to reveal an elven female, her face as pale as Irhiath’s and her eyes seemed to glow in the dim light. They had, as the Bloodhand could tell, a deep crimson colour. Silver white hair flow from the black cowl she wore with the black leather armor. She was clearly undead, but her body was almost, besides the pale skin and crimson eyes, completely preserved. A sudden wave of jealousy ran through Irhiath as he recalled what he must look like now, inhabiting his rotting carcass that was dug up after months of being devoured by insects and rotting under several feets of dirt. „And you are?” she asked in a tongue Irhiath knew wasn’t common, yet he could understand it completely. In the same tongue, came his reply. „Looking to meet Sylvanas Windrunner.” Irhiath had no idea how he could speak so fluently in this strange guttural language. The elf looked him over and stepped back. She cocked her chin, indicating that he should join her. Irhiath looked at the two abominations, who had seemingly already forgotten about his presence. „Piss-poor guards if you ask me.” he said. „They’re fine for manual labour and simple duties. They aren’t meant for anything else.” the female said. „What are you?” Irhaith asked bluntly, looking straight at her once beautiful face. „A dark ranger.” she replied. „I serve our lady directly. I served under her when we were both rangers of Quel’thalas.” „Your lady, you mean. I do not serve her yet.” to that, she gave a light chuckle. A chuckle, however, that was without humour. „All shall serve the Dark Lady. Sooner or later.” without another word she strode out of the elevator with Irhiath following closely.Irhiath11 6d
11 Feb wow comunity and how it can do amazeing things right I for one love this game but find it very difcult to engage in its community or if I am or not I host fireside garthering with hearthstone and we chat about wow but I am wondering for more with release of bfa in September I was hopeing maybe if there was a launch party for it some were or something but I wish to engage more in this amazeing communityVirely0 11 Feb
11 Feb Being a Panda in Wow- Fix You Coldplay Made my own panda themed music video. Just because everybody hates them. Enjoy 11 Feb
09 Feb Finally finished it! I've entered my piece in for the Taliesin and Evitel art competition, took the better part of a week to finish but FINALLY it is done! 09 Feb
08 Feb Battle for Azeroth super secret cinematic! Psst, I found this super secret BFA cinematic and decided to release it to the public! Oh and don't worry, it's totally spoiler free - there's nothing in this you already didn't know. 08 Feb
06 Feb Void elf and Lightforged Draenei fanart not 100% finished still pondering how the background should be executed, but ehLavenora4 06 Feb
04 Feb Fog Problem 7.3.5 | General Rant Something changed in Patch 7.3.5 is it an accidental change? (NOT REFERRING TO THE DISTANCE FOG - This is the Fog/Tint coloring areas in the world) In this video I'm gonna show you the fog issue that has plagued the game since the beginning of time, fog fog fog everywhere, a horrible tint over almost every single zone in the game. Mind you this is my personal opinion, but I honestly can't imagine I'm the only one who feels that way. 04 Feb
03 Feb Maximum character limit is annoying At least they'd extend it a bit on a fan fiction forum... 10k characters is nothing when you're writing a short story.Faelegar0 03 Feb
01 Feb My First LFR Experience Made a short video on how my first LFR raid went. It went decent and in the second part of the video I gave my thoughts about LFR. In case anyone wanted to check it out \o/ 01 Feb
31 Jan Flying Buttress - Short Lore Videos Hi guys, Just thought I'd share a link to a recent lore video I've done on YouTube: Thanks!Bunfafunf0 31 Jan
31 Jan Gordon MacKellar and Charles Gastly Luminâ0 31 Jan
31 Jan Koramar & Zoggosh Was about to open that one in General Discussion but thought people there might be quite salty for the moment so here I am, left to yours' mercy. Yeah, everyone is concerned with the new expansion while I sit there trying to get my Rogue to level 98... But there's that little thing I should mention. I've run the dungeon Iron Docks before but going there for yet another time just made me get obsessed with Zoggosh & Koramar guys' dialog along the run. I was about to sleep but I make that small lore-check thing every night before I close my eyes and this time I felt like looking for people who were amazed by the couple. Turns out there was some thread named "Koramar/Zoggosh 2016" with some cheering comments. < See: > Now, tell me... We can't bring that up again, right? Like, making a "Koramar & Zoggosh: The Epilogue" come alive?.. No?.. Then I'd have to cry in my corner silently while people pre-purchase their expansions and have "fun".Yserel0 31 Jan
30 Jan Alliance / Horde Birthday Cake Hello forum peeps! It was my birthday last saterday and my missus baked me a cake as she does every year. We met playing WoW and have been played since late vanilla (give or take the odd break for moving house and such). This year we are getting married so to mark what brought us together, she made an Alliance and Horde emblem cake. She's an alliance loyalist but i play both sides ^^ Its blooming lovely too!Hedris0 30 Jan
30 Jan Erhu Cover of Wrath of the Lich King! An erhu player I've been following has made an erhu cover of Wrath of the Lich King. I love the production value this guy puts in the accompanying videos!Sellanor1 30 Jan
29 Jan Project 80 EU Rules Hey Everyone I shall be doing project 80 with a few friends and fellow community members over at it would be great to get people interested and join we plan on starting it today within a few hours you can check the rules here we will be on the alliance aerie peak server EU also you can come check out the live stream over at will update the post with guild name and such hope to see you all in the adventure BillRubberhands16 29 Jan
26 Jan Mature content on the forum? So I've been wondering. I've recently been making a WoW fan fiction that is a romance but it has quite graphic scenes of sex in it. If I was to replace all the naughty words and put a clear warning that only people above 18 are suggested to read the text, would that be okay or would I still get suspended for it?Ialith3 26 Jan
25 Jan World PvP - Guild Banners Hi folks, I'm not sure this is the correct page to put up this suggestion, feel free to redirect me, but I had a wee thought recently. I remember back in the old days of BC and late vanilla, I'd be in Orgrimmar, sharpening my weapons, trading stuff with Gryshka or sorting stuff in my bank, when the horns would suddenly start blasting and an army of Alliance dogs would come charging into the city on a mass killing spree. Lowbies would scatter as the alerts rang across the chat screens 'Valley of Strength under attack'. The max level guys would throw down their pie and ale and charge in to protect the city. Carnage would ensue, dead bodies everywhere and there would be much weapon clanging and mayhem.... GREAT FUN!! (I got my @ss kicked a lot lol) We don't really see this anymore and I think that's a bit sad, so I thought wouldn't it be cool if characters could have Guild Banners for world PvP, so when you attack somewhere, you can plant said banner as a kind of 'Hellfire Angels Did This' , ye know Army of the Twelve Monkeys idea. Blizzard could even create achievements for planting banners in certain hard to win places, so your guild could gain points/achievements. Imagine storming Stormwind (excuse the poor pun lol), sacking the castle and as the raiding party leave, there are 50 banners all fluttering in the halls and throne room, from all the guilds who had taken part.... WHAT A SELFIE!!! Yes when I was lvl 19, trying to hand in quests at Crossroads, it was a pain to return from Wailing Caverns to find the place had been attacked and all the quest givers were dead, but that just made the Alliance v Horde thing more evident. I wanted revenge! I wanted to get to a high enough level, so I could go on the rampage and slap the Innkeeper of Lakeshire in the chops as payback. I think this kind of thing needs to be back in the game and maybe something cool like planting banners would make it more fun. Perhaps even spark rivalries between opposing faction guilds for example. It's just a thought :)Gorbroth0 25 Jan
23 Jan Our Community needs your help! Hi all! I am writing on behalf of the druid guild, Druids of the Beast. It has been a community for more than 12 years in WoW. For the past 7 years we've been part of the YouTube partnership. YouTube recently rolled out changes to this system, which means smaller channels will no longer be part of the YPP. It means we only have 1 month reaching 4k hours viewed on our channel. We're not a professional channel nor do we create content covering all classes, but only druid. However we're afraid if we are no longer part of the YPP we will no longer show up on Search Results, as we're already quite far the list, even being a YPP. We need your help to reach 4k hours viewed within a month. We're about 1k away from reaching the goal and we need the WoW community to help us! Please if you can, play this Playlist below whenever possible. Our community has gotten a lot of members and inspired many players to enjoy casual Wow and doing alternative raiding. We are afraid these recent rules will limit our ways of reaching out to the community. So please, anyone who can, please play some of the videos to help us reach 4k. We've decided any profits we will generate on the YouTube this year (it's not much) will be given out to the community as Wow-Store Pets, in raffle give-aways on our Twitter and YouTube. We have never asked people this directly to support our fan-made content, however now we really need all the help we can get! Thanks! < Druids of the Beast >Malfurious0 23 Jan
21 Jan A dream I dreamt Hello guys, I just woke up from the most peculiar dream. I wasn't sure where to post it, I thought of "General" section for more eyes to look upon it, noticing that here most posts don't even have that many comments, but I believe this section of the forum is more fitting. I would like to ask everyone to not harsly judge; I am aware of how much weird stuff I dream (boy, I even dream about WoW) and english isn't my native language. And alas, dreams do fade away so I will share all I can recall from it. ps. (?) is used for stuff that in my dream made sense or I am not sure. There was a little human girl child of blond hair who -for any reason- held a green stone (?), like a pebble, that was needed to unlock the last part of Yogg Saron's prison by putting in a locket that Queen Azshara possessed. Queen Azshara kidnapped the girl and I was searching for her with other heroes. Jaina was there to help. Jaina somehow managed to steal the locket that the stone could be placed in to stop Queen Azshara's plans 'till we managed to get that little girl back. So, Azshara being angry that she lost the locket but had the pebble-key began attacking (?) Jaina. I think it was inside her mind. Anyway, Jaina began casting a long and hard incantation to hide the locket with invisibility or something similar and we had to protect her until she finished. While she was casting it, images flew out of her head and we could see her thoughts. It seems she already had two spells active, one was red and fiery (I guess from Cataclysm) and one blue and frosty (I guess from WotLK). In my dream it felt as if these spells were cast to protect and not harm the world but I couldn't quite see/remember what they were about. The new spell had purple colour (so now that I think more clearly about it, all three seem to be in each of the mages' specs) and as she strived to cast the new one her human mind couldn't handle having three active powerful spells ongoing, even if she is in my opinion the greatest mage in Azeroth. I saw her having her thoughts and mind being torn apart from the brute force of magic and Queen Azshara's attacks but before she was lost to the void and die or go insane, Kalecgos appeared (not sure if in person or in her mind's battle) and with all the magic he had left he granted her a well deserved (?) place in the blue dragonkin, transforming her into a blue dragon and thus giving her the mind capability and magic to maintain her spells and cast the new one hiding the locket that could free Yogg Saron. The dream ended there, but I am sure Queen Azshara would find another way of freeing her master even if the locket was taken away. I hope the story makes as much sense as it did in my dreams and it does in my head. Thank you all for your time!Eua0 21 Jan
20 Jan Where am I? Had an idea about a thread where you take a screenshot in a weird place and people try to guess the zone in which it was taken. I apologize if this is an inappropriate place for this type of thing but here goes: 20 Jan
19 Jan The leveling event So guys, I think it's quite nice when while leveling you meet some people who level as well. It is also easier to find a group for dungeon, when more people decide level a char. I have an idea to make an event in the game, that would make people level in same period of time. There could be some exp bonuses during this time and maybe some reward if you have managed to hit level 100. I don't know, maybe we could also have some special things to do, like killing very strong event-generated world bosses in zones like Barrens, Durotar, Azshara etc. Don't you think its a good idea? Especially Im thinking about this kind of event, cause Blizz could add some new things to do while leveling.Renaos0 19 Jan
15 Jan Streaming on Twitch I am new to streaming on Twitch im also new to wow but im live right now if you want to come sit and chill with me and even help me learn more about the game 15 Jan
15 Jan The Happy Feet Buff - WoW Machinima Hey there, it's me, Captain Grim! So you know how you get this Happy Feet buff after dancing at the Auction House dance party that causes you to dance randomly for 7 days? How I love/hate it. It's just so random. At some point I'd want to look all cool and epic so I can show off my transmog but I'd suddenly burst out dancing next to people, as they awkwardly try to avoid me. So this kind of sparked my idea for this machinima, and I do hope you enjoy it! Happy Feet - WoW Machinima: 15 Jan
10 Jan WoW after new data Will be this new data last data ? After this new ( last ) data blizzard just let wow slow die ? Or will be after this new data next data ? What you thing guys ? I think Blizzard dont let wow die . I want play this game in 2030 :DMasachzcz4 10 Jan
10 Jan World of Warcraft model animation: Mantid vs Infernal This was my project animation that I did for my bachelors degree: Originally I wanted to recreate the "Paragons of the Klaxxi" encounter. Perhaps the best way to describe my vision would be the first minute of the blood legions video: Imagine Kil'ruk from the top ledge unsheathing his swords and then crashing into the raid group, like so: Unfortunately, getting the models was really a pain. The best I could find was some generic NPC mantid models and Pa'valak. Wowhead also wasn't very helpful. Even though they can preview any NPC, they can't get a .obj file or something. If I could somehow get the models in their preview to rotate at a constant speed, I could record that rotation, turn the footage into photos and send that to a program that could (hopefully) generate a 3D model, but I don't know how to do that (or if it's even possible). I could have copied Pa'valak a couple of times and call it a day, but it would have been too much work for an imperfect recreation. Ah well, maybe someday.Paladindude2 10 Jan
07 Jan Inquisitor Tormentorum's Game Show 07 Jan
07 Jan Daermon PvP videos Hi guys! :) This is my first two PvP video, whit my Frost DK, enjoy! :) Vol1: Vol2: 07 Jan
06 Jan wow legion all cinematics 06 Jan
06 Jan Potential issues with fan/RP event and daily quest Hey! I know this is a pretty big request for the developers to consider, but after being encouraged by a mutual enthusiastic GM, I thought it was worth asking: This is the event I've been working on, and I have settled for this event on February 10th. There is just one problem, however: “The Darkness Surround Us”, is quest which spawns sha demons and doomsday sky above the Temple of the Jade Serpent, and as the quest is completely randomized, there’s no way that I can ensure that it won’t happen the 10th. It'd make the attending people very happy, if the Temple of the Jade Serpent won't be invaded by sha that day, as it is without a doubt the best setting for the event, when the daily isn’t active! I have heard that back in vanilla GM on rare occasion surprised roleplayers by adding rain for immersion and other little tricks, and while Game Master Tuskarr [Volkexas] confirmed this is not possible anymore, they encouraged me to go forwards to the forum, just to check if there was something that could be done from the developer-department. If we can be safe to enjoy a fun community event on Argent Dawn, this would be an excellent occasion for both live streamers and artists to let themselves be amused and inspired. As a standard, my events tends to attract between 50-100 people. Here is just a few examples of how it can look like: Uldum Nights: Pandaria Spring Fight Festival: Day of the Dead: I am not a programmer and don’t understand what is possible to adjust for an exceptional occasion, but in any case thank you for your attention.Siavash2 06 Jan
04 Jan The Unknown Struggles of NPCs - WoW 3D Machinima Hey there, it's me, Captain Grim! I wish to all of you a Happy New Year! What a better way to start the year than with a WoW Machinima, eh? Here I present to you my latest creation! If you enjoyed it please feel free to check out my other stuff and subscribe. I'm interested in seeing what you think, cheers! "The Unknown Struggles of NPCs" by Captain Grim: 04 Jan
01 Jan A New Beginning. Ok, so i was thinking about a new system for wow. with the scaleing of wow and all. what if. since stats have been reduced to ashes. you remove them. i mean the stats that the character get by leveling up. whats in my mind is. that if a max lv. remove all their gear, stand there naked. and then a lv 1 with a weapon comes around. they shoud be able to slaughter them. the idea is. that insted of your character getting their power from lvs and then a boost from their gear. the power shoud be only from the gear. so if hes naked or clothed in gear with no stats. he shoud have the power of the avarage joe. and then im thinking the lvs them self. they shoud be reworked so that they dont increese your power. but eatch time you lv up. you get a skill point. that you can spend at your class trainer. to gain an ability. or how about 1 point every 5 lvs? so when you go to the class trainer. you can chose what to learn at your choise from the pool of abilites that the class have. but only 1 at a time. and when you start out as a new lv 1. you dont have any skills at all. your just an avarage joe going on an anventure. but as you gain power. you gain the skills of an adventurer to. think this. you start in a house in stormwind or a hut in orgrimmar. and then you get a quest to go an see the guardsman captain. wishing to join the army. but you get declined cause your to weak. so then you decide you gain your own power. ask around in town if there is anything a newbie like you could do. and then you get directed to the starting zones that is in the current game. there you start your adventure. with your sword, bow, or wand. kill stuff with auto attacks. cause you as an average joe dont know any abilites yet. but as you quest and kill. you start to learn more and more. you feel how mutch more powerfull you get as you go on. and then later in the game you are so powerfull that your even stronger then the guards you wanted to join. you could even have a in your face quest to the guard captain that declined you and said you where to weak to join them....Bargonos0 01 Jan
01 Jan WoW players numbers Hello i just want ask you how mutch players still playing wow on official servers ? If someo know some numbers ? 2-3 mil . And get wow back to official servers some players after will be done wow vanilla and new expa ? What you think ? =)Masachzcz1 01 Jan
30 Dec Luxinine goofs on youtube Hey guys, me and bunch of my friends from my guild have made a channel on youtube. We goof around on it, planning on doing some leveling and podcasting. The first video is up on the youtube channel, it would mean a lot for me if any of y'all would give it a check and have a laugh. Link to the video: 30 Dec
29 Dec Dark Portal wallpaper would it be possible to convert this awesome wallpaper into a 4k image when the original is only 1600x1200 ?? i know nothing about such things so figured id just go ahead and askîght1 29 Dec
27 Dec Elune fanart Drew Elune eyyLavenora2 27 Dec
27 Dec DIY Snowman from WOW HAPPY WINTER VEIL!!! AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I really LOVE Wow Snowman! I tried to make one for my house. 27 Dec
24 Dec Undead Warlock | Speedpainting I painted my vanilla warlock and her demon. If someone wants to check it out. ^.^ós10 24 Dec
24 Dec Thanks and Merry Christmas Hi guys, Just wanted to say Thanks to those of you that have found the time to check out some of the lore videos I have shared on here. I've had some really valuable feedback and a nice confidence boost from this forum and I genuinely just wanted to say thanks! I've seen folks online say that the WoW forums are toxic but I vehemently disagree. Merry Christmas, all. Or whatever your holiday. Hope you have a great holiday.Bunfafunf0 24 Dec
22 Dec pls erase Bukav0 22 Dec
22 Dec WoW model viewer Issue My model viewer is loading as normal asking for permisson etc. but no program starts up. The icon stays in the task bar like normal but my screen is empty. I have dual monitors and I've checked both but Model viewer seems to be hiding?Terina4 22 Dec
19 Dec Death knight campaign: We are becoming Lich King So here is my theory, and before you gonna say Bolvar is the Lich King, hear me out. Isn't it strange, that Bolvar wants to help us? You can say that he was knight of Alliance and that woud be maybe the reason, but He is not acting like he was before. His voice is completly changed, and so is his personality, Arthas as the lich king kept at least things, that allowed him to remember Jaina, Muradin and Uther, but Bolvar is completly dark. Whenever we do something for him, or for his order it involves killing or raising people from undeath, what Bolvar himself hated. And we still don't know his intentions in this case, But what about us? Don't you see some similarities with Death Knights and other character in Warcraft Lore? We are guided by being frozen in ice, following his orders. At his command we have taken weapons with power to gather souls and raise undeath. We gathered materials from dead warden and demon flesh to create New type of Undead. We have reacreated four Horseman, from powerful people we have killed. And of our campaign before 7.2 last thing we have done was ordered to Raise Tirion Fordring as the fourth horseman, but it turned out that "Bolvar" had different plan, involving death Of Mograine, and instead raising him as fourth horseman and binding him to Lich king's will. After the patch 7.2 we are even raising powerful dead dragon as part of getting our mount, and even the stance is Very Simillar when we do it. And of course, in our campaign we have pissed of big amount of our Allies (Dragon, by using bones of their own for making them undead wyrms, and Paladins after we killed big amount of them and tried to raise Tirion) I Think the Thing that sits ontop the frozen throne is not Bolvar at all, it's just a shell, a dead shell. This entire time we thought that Arthas has consumed Ner'zhul but it was not true, he was still there, and as Bolvar was copletly unexperienced with power of Undead nad scourge, it was a manner of time till he was killed completely, and only one who was left in crown was ner'zhul, and he was the one giving us orders this entire time. The last thing that will happen in Death Knight campaign probaly will be like this: Mograine will tell us that Lich King called us upon the frozen throne, when we get there, all of the death knights will be there too, and then small cinematic will play as we slowly walk to the ner'zhul, while he will be telling us that he prepared us well, and when we will be right near him, he will tell us to shatter the ice and take the Crown of Domination, and Become The New Lich King, and we will damn accept that. So, that was my theory, i might have some crazy additions to it that are even making some sense but i need to think them over. And Sorry for bad spelling.Kerthoran3 19 Dec