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4d Top 10 rarest mount still obtainable 4d
4d how much it cost to max heirloom (video) Ever wondered how much it costs to upgrade every heirloom to 110? well i did it, check out to see the result :)Vlambulance0 4d
6d [Lore Video] The Culling of Stratholme Here's a 5 min video I made covering 'Ravages of the Plague, 'The Shadow Path' and 'The Culling of Stratholme' from Chronicle Vol 3. Hope you enjoy :) 6d
08 Jun BFA pre-quest part 1 Hey guys, BFA pre-quest if anyone have thought about it. Will appriciate any like, comment, view or subscribe :) 08 Jun
06 Jun Night Elf fanart I started playing WoW not so long ago, but it is such a big inspiration! Warcraft III is one of my fav games and immersing into the atmosphere of the game felt amazing. I drew my character today, night elf warrior and really like how it came out. I'd very glad if you check it out!Киаэль2 06 Jun
31 May Warcraftpodden, swedish podcast releases 13th episode The latest episode is dedicated to The late earthwarden, Nelfarion. Later known as Deathwing. Episodes are available on acast, podcaster and everywhere else where you can find your podcasts. We have a Facebook and Instagram page and we also have a discord channel we use to interact and play with our listeners. 31 May
30 May Mopsi's WoW Inspired Figurine Fun Thread Hey guys so i figured since i'm kinda working on quite a few different WoW inspired commissions for people rather then keep making a thread over and over for each project id just sorta make an art dump for you all to look over hopefully it is ok to do so more coming soon. Recently i just finished up some cosplay swords The Swords of the Fallen Prince the death knight artifact weapon for a customer in America these are sculpted and 3d printed then hand painted by myself the challenge was painting something on this scale they stand at 90cm tall! For scale ive included our dog as reference :D Neebles the Gnome Warlock Neebles + Dooooomguard: Swords of the Fallen Prince: Ragnaros: Currently creating: Warlock and DemonMopsi5 30 May
30 May My stories I began dabbling in short stories for my characters and jsut completed the first part of the first character I'm working on. Enjoy: Irhiath the Bloodhand: Irhiath the Bloodhand forced away the frown on his face, for what felt like the hundredth time just that morning when his second in command, Tarius walked up to him. „We’ve the traitor, sir.” he said. „Who was it?” Irhiath asked, without looking Tarius in the eye. „Jenkins, sir.” „Did he give a reason?” Irhiath still didn’t turn to face his second in command. „Not a good enough one. Methinks he believes we’ll want to use him as a bargaining chip.” „Even if we did, it would be for naught.” the Bloodhand knew he was done for. A rival company, called Catsaber Corps showed up at his camp last night, demanding the whole company to meet them unarmed by noon. The mercenary captain had a good chance to estimate the number of warriors his enemy marshalled and suspected to be outnumbered ten to one at least. Jenkins gave away their position over a pint or with a fat coin pouch handed to him. Irhiath sighed then said „I believe we’re done here. Get everyone ready for a fight and bring me Jenkins’ head. You may give the body to the hounds.” „Aye sir!” The pitchfork in his chest going deeper flung Irhiath back to reality. He grunted, but not from the pain.. It was mere frustration. „Feel good about yerself now?” he asked the boy who was standing over him, holding the pitchfork in his hands. „Papa!” the kid cried. „It spoke to me!” „Do not respond, lad or else you’ll get the plague!” an older voice came from the other side of the barn. The undead soldier was tied up to a stake with a rope but he just made a master plan of escape. He fought himself to his feet, moving above eye level with the small human and growled as fiercly as he could muster. It was more a shrieking sound then the battlecries he was used to uttering but it had the desired effect. The boy cried out and staggered backwards, losing his grip on the pitchfork. He had little time until the older, more capable man ran over so he had to work quickly. He twisted at an awkward angle, bones and skin straining in a pose that should have been a broken spine for any living man, but finally his teeth reached the ropes and as rotten as they were, he found out his jaw was considerably more powerful then in life. He bit down on it and with little effort, freed his hands. He took the pitchfork and quickly thrust at the rope binding his leg, and with that he was free. The farmer holding him was already aiming a blunderbuss and preparing to shoot so he had little choice but to throw the pitchfork at the man. He did not want to hurt him but dying a second time was not on his bucket list. Irhiath did not spare him a glance after throwing and leapt out of a window and made a run for it. He did not know why and for how long he was running, but he knew that at some point he turned in the direction of the Undercity. After he was raised as a forsaken, he was given a choice to go back to the grave, serve the Dark Lady, Sylvanas Windrunner or leave her lands. Irhiath chose the third in an attempt to get back to his life and find some of his company that may have survived the slaughter. He saw uglier mugs then his own in his line of work but it was quite clear the humans did not want him and did not consider him as one of their own. He couldn’t blame them, but what was he to do? He knew where others like him dwelled and chose to travel there, instead of living in solitude for the rest of his Light-forsaken life. He stopped dead in his tracks when the thought materialized in his mind. Light-forskaen… Forsaken. He was, by all rights a Forsaken. That meant he owned his loyalty to the Banshee Queen. He may have been quite low in morality but loyalty was one thing he took deadly serious. It was one reason why Jenkins the traitor had to die. He usually gave fiends like him a slower, much slower and much more painful death but at that time, he had no opportunity for that. Irhiath the Bloodhand then made a decision. He would travel to the Undercity, meet with this Sylvanas Windrunner and judge if she was worth his loyalty. Any man who tried to run for as long as he did, as fast as he did would have surely died of exhaustion. But he was no longer a man, Irhiath mused. When finally he reached the Undercity, two abominations greeted him. „What you want?” one of them asked. „Entry.” Irhiath said. He didn’t even catch his breath after running for days. He drew himself to his full height and looked each guard in the eye. The beings did not do so, or could not do so. One eye was gazing off to the skies and the other awkwardly to the left. „Hey!” he shouted after a moment of silence. „Eyes down here, fatty.” He said, pointing at the eye looking at the sky. „Me see it be there.” The second guard nodded his head. „Why you want to entry?” „To meet your so called Dark Lady.” Irhiath said bluntly. There was little reason to keep any secrets. While the abominations seemed stupid enough to be fooled by most not dim-witted people, he had no desire to take advantage of that. He really did come only to meet the Banshee Queen. Another long moment of silence. „Still there, you blockhead?” Irhiath shouted in frustration. „Me standing here.” the first guard said, confused. „Me not gone anywhere.” „Let. Me. In!” The near mindless undead looked around himself in the ruins of the city. „You in.” it said. „May I use the elevator, please?” Irhiath asked in a voice as calm as he could manage, but in the end it came out as a low growl. As he said the words, however, the door to the elevator opened to reveal an elven female, her face as pale as Irhiath’s and her eyes seemed to glow in the dim light. They had, as the Bloodhand could tell, a deep crimson colour. Silver white hair flow from the black cowl she wore with the black leather armor. She was clearly undead, but her body was almost, besides the pale skin and crimson eyes, completely preserved. A sudden wave of jealousy ran through Irhiath as he recalled what he must look like now, inhabiting his rotting carcass that was dug up after months of being devoured by insects and rotting under several feets of dirt. „And you are?” she asked in a tongue Irhiath knew wasn’t common, yet he could understand it completely. In the same tongue, came his reply. „Looking to meet Sylvanas Windrunner.” Irhiath had no idea how he could speak so fluently in this strange guttural language. The elf looked him over and stepped back. She cocked her chin, indicating that he should join her. Irhiath looked at the two abominations, who had seemingly already forgotten about his presence. „Piss-poor guards if you ask me.” he said. „They’re fine for manual labour and simple duties. They aren’t meant for anything else.” the female said. „What are you?” Irhaith asked bluntly, looking straight at her once beautiful face. „A dark ranger.” she replied. „I serve our lady directly. I served under her when we were both rangers of Quel’thalas.” „Your lady, you mean. I do not serve her yet.” to that, she gave a light chuckle. A chuckle, however, that was without humour. „All shall serve the Dark Lady. Sooner or later.” without another word she strode out of the elevator with Irhiath following closely.Irhiath20 30 May
29 May [Short story] New in town I wrote this two part short story about the experience my Highmountain Tauren had coming to Orgrimmar for the first time. It's my first time posting on these forums so here goes! It was one of those mornings she really loved, when the frost still glittered in the grass and trees as the sun rose. The cold nipped at her snout as she peeked outside, and she could see her breath like a puff of smoke as she exhaled. Of course the morning had to be this clear and beautiful on the very day she was set to leave. Kit took a deep breath of the cold morning air, then pulled her head back into the tent and let the flap fall back over the opening. Her rucksack was already packed and waiting beside the door, and she was done thinking about it now. After everything that had happened she needed this, to get away for a while, to see more of the world to get some perspective. She knew this mountain well but that was also almost all she knew. She'd been to other places, but never very far, or for very long, and if she wanted to understand nature she needed to know it beyond her own backyard. She was convinced this was true, but leaving on a morning like this still made her heart ache. It was still early when she arrived at Thunder Totem, but the city was already alive and bustling. She wasted no time strolling between the stalls but went straight for the elevators leading down, where she knew the doorway was. The doorway to what felt like the opposite side of the world. The Broken Isles may be an island, but it still felt like the center of the world to her. To think it was but a fraction felt both exhilarating and frightening to her at once. There was a small line in front of the doorway; the hole in the air that defied space itself, making a long journey only a step into the unknown. As her turn came she adjusted the rucksack on her shoulder, sniffed the musty scent of familiar wood and leather and steeled herself, stepping through. The heat hit her like a wall. The first thought that came to her mind was going between the cold outside into the smithy, where the temperature was smoldering. Only the smithy was usually gloomy, illuminated by the warm glow from fire and the embers in the forge, but here her eyes were blinded by a sweltering flash of sunlight. An'she had never looked so bright. Kit stopped in her tracks and blinked, feeling disoriented and a little nauseous. The sudden change set her senses on edge, and she placed the blade of her hand to her forehead, shielding her eyes from the sun. She wasn't sure what she had expected. She'd heard it would be different, warmer, and flatter perhaps. But her imagination had only served up a slightly different version of Highmountain to her mind, and as her eyes adjusted to the sudden brightness she became more and more aware of how lacking her imagination had really been. Her thoughts were interrupted by a sudden push against her back and she looked over her shoulder, locking eyes with a hulking man standing up close against her. He gave a mild frown and rumbled an apology. "I think you're holding up the line," he continued, not moving, as Kit quickly stepped to one side and gestured for the man to pass. "Sorry! I got a little, well, caught in the moment, I guess." "First time here then, no wonder, I felt something similar my first time through as well. It's a big change of scenery." "You could say that," Kit grinned, squinting, once again giving the ravine a once-over. It was like being walled in by orange rock. "Well, it's not half bad. Over there, that building is where you'll want to go and introduce yourself," the Tauren continued, pointing at the only building in the near vicinity and shaking out his mane, making the feathers and beads hanging from his huge horns flutter violently. "Good luck." "Thanks!" she said, waiting to let him pass and taking another moment to collect herself. So this was it, the center of the Horde, the big city: Orgrimmar. The dust had already found its way into every possible crevice of her body. How she couldn't fathom, as there was no wind to move it. From her home she was used to strong, chill winds both from the high altitude on the mountain and the sea beside it, but here the air was almost stagnant, which was only empathized by the sun bearing down mercilessly on everything. She had heard the city was by the sea, but had in no way imagined that it would be walled in so effectively as to keep even the breeze out. Yet, somehow, the dust floated like a mist through the ravine-like structure, likely being thrown up by every hoof and foot walking the streets. And they were many, as well as greatly varied in size and appearance. Kit stopped outside the building, looking up at it, then around, spotting a Forsaken man looking expectantly at her. "You're new?" he queried, one sallow-coloured eyebrow arching above an almost empty socket. It wasn't the first time she saw one of them, so the shock wasn't so great, even if the feeling of aversion was something she had to fight her way through. Something about them triggered her urge to flee, and it wasn't a strange reaction perhaps, looking death in the face. "Yes," she managed to squeeze out, taking a step closer. Her mind raced trying to catch up after the sudden turn between Taur'ahe and Orcish. It had been a while since she'd used the language, hardly at all since Val'sharah, really. On top of that she was well aware of her thick Taur'ahe accent, especially now, hearing someone speak Orcish so fluently. "Right, well, I'm supposed to welcome you, apparently. You'll want one of these, so we can tell you people apart. Here's some pocket change to spend around the city, and this letter of introduction from your new Warchief as well," the Forsaken man droned, thrusting a tabard, envelope and a small coin purse at her unceremoniously. "If you don't want to read the letter it basically says to make yourself useful. Next!" Kit was ushered aside by his flapping hands, still holding the tabard to her chest in mild bewilderment. Make myself useful, she though, looking up at the unfamiliar sky, now how would I begin to do that.Kittin3 29 May
26 May Video - Battle pets Hey guys, After getting back to WoW and before getting my char gear, i've did some battle-pet with my formed group that seems like it still good. Drop a like if you can it will help alot and be well appriciated :) 26 May
25 May WMV: Some DBC files could not be loaded. Hello, people! I'm a huge signature-making fan, but lately, since one of the latest patches, WoW Model Viewer hasn't been working for me. When I try to load it up, it gives me the following error message: ... I have Googled for hours without any luck. Is WMV simply outdated atm, or are some of you still able to run this thing? Any help is appreciated! ...Vipertine9 25 May
25 May [video] Coffee Induced Dreams The Royal IdP Essploring Fundation is the oldest exploration community still alive. We have also released several videos over the years, mostly showing more or less hidden places in WoW. The community also holds a more creative side. This is why, on April 25th 2010, the RIdPEF decides to start a big project : a video of about twenty minutes, a little like a machinima, a little like a technical demo, a little like Snoman or the MC-Addicts videos. In short, breaking WoW for a purely aesthetic purpose. After eight years of work, the video is now finished. So without further ado, let me introduce Coffee Induced Dreams, which we consider as the culmination of our work on the game World of Warcraft. More information, bonus gallery, etc. :èsmollo0 25 May
25 May [cosplay]female draenei Hi, I feel super happy with my test cosplay for my draenei that I wanted to share it here. ^^ 25 May
24 May My Progression Hello! I decided to make some kind of "WoW vlog" where I upload a video every week on how my progression is going, what issues I'm running into with guild, raid boss or any other issues, and other things. Feel free to check it out! Playlist: 24 May
23 May WoW im back Getting back to the game after 1 year off, i'm tired of all these BR games, and going back to the genre i really like - MMO. I will appreciate any like or dislike, good/bad comment (you already enter the video, just press something its free :) ). 23 May
18 May My Artworks and Fanart Hi, my name is Caroline :) I've got my own sites on Facebook and Instagram on my artwork which I wanted to present you. You'll find drawings and paintings as well as fanart works on different games. The Blizzard univers is so far represented by a landscape painting and a character portrait taken from WoW as well as by a character portrait taken from Diablo III. More Fanart on Blizzard games is in progress and can be seen on my sites soon. Why don't you already have a look:îne6 18 May
17 May A mock-up scientific article Stormwindian Journal of Nature An analysis on the genetical principles of Fel mutations and the implications towards racial similarity Alranil Dawnstar, Mizzin G. Westernblot, Neisse Piffle Abstract: Fel mutations in most affected organisms are very similar, even though the origin of the studied exemplars is marginally different. This can be explained two ways: One based on the inherent magical properties of the Fel and the other taking to consideration a possible common origin of the genetical coding systems in organisms originating from different planets. This study proposes two possible hypotheses on the genetical principle of fel mutations with additional conclusions drawn around the biological origin of different races. Main: The morphological changes within both external and internal structures of all organism exposed to fel are largely similar, if not the same. These transformations include changes in epidermal coloration ranging from black to grey, red or green, rapid growth of frontal splanchnocranial and/or dermal structures similar to horns and scales, an inherent intense fel-green luminescence of the eyes and the growth of other functional extremities such as pseudochiropteral wings. The phenotypical variability of the expressed mutations seems to be correlated with the progress of the fel affliction, where the greatest discrepancies are shown in the most advanced stages of exposure's change. However this variability does not correlate with the organism's origin, as both Eredar and Kaldorei's fel-induced wing-growth resembles the structures of Azerothian chiroptera, while those found in extremely fel-corrupted Sin'dorei express an avian morphology, making them possess black feathers instead, however this makes them apparently non-functional. The first hypothesis based upon the magical nature of the fel operates with the assumption that the organisms originating from different worlds possess a largely different structural and chemical composition of their genome. This would mean the fel works on a certain sort of conscience, performing specifically targeted mutations which need to be carried out differently in various organisms. For example, the apparent intelligent design of the fel would have to affect the targeted genome differently in an Eredar and a Human in order to force their organisms to express horns, for based upon this hypothesis' assumptions, their genetical basis and chemical structure of horn-like extremities is not similar. Such structures in Humans are constructed from the polypeptide keratin, which, according to this way of thinking, the Draenei do not possess, meaning the fel would have to affect the expression of a different type of protein, morphogens and hormones to create the same result. This would note that the fel understands the biological make-up of both races well enough to specifically pin-point mutations which need to be performed in order to achieve this, as leaving this for coincidence of random single-nucleotide pair mutations would not yield the same results in all affected races. Based upon the facts that other types of magic do express a certain type of intelligence and are able to create it, this hypothesis would not appear outlandish to a person invested in the studies of magic. The second hypothesis was formulated based on the assumption that all organisms of the great Dark Beyond possess a similar structural and chemical composition of their genome due to their common origin. The common origin of the genetical code in all organisms operates with the research of Brann Bronzebeard, whose theories are built with Titanic creationism in mind. The similarity in biological construction of the genome is thought to either be a naturally developped feature or a system intended for the Titans' biological creations. This would however only explain the emergent genome within Azerothian creatures. Whichever of these hypotheses is true, a question surely arises as to how is it possible, that other (from an Azerothian point of view) otherwordly and outlandish organisms express the same biology? We must operate with several ways of origin in this situation: Apparent natural (Trolls and subsequent 'Dorei archetypes), COF (Curse of Flesh creatures, Humans, Gnomes, Dwarves and Vrykul, as per B. Bronzebeard), Draenor-born and Argus-born. The Apparent natural organisms have obviously gained the genome naturally, but what about the COF races? It can be theoretized that the Old God influence which caused them to lose their abiotic soma drew inspiration from the biology of naturally-occuring organisms, imparting it onto the Titan's stone and metallic constructs. It has also been theoretized that the Orcs of Draenor might be descendants of Titanic constructs due to their evolutionary descendance from their ogre and pre-ogre ancestors, who are, in turn, the descendants of the giants who are thought to have been inorganic constructs. However it is also known that Draenor was never influenced by an Old God, which would mean the Orcs have gradually lost their stone bodies in favour of flesh. This would mean the apparent Curse of Flesh is a natural process for the Constructs which was merely sped-up and abused by the Old Gods. This would explain the genetical similarities between all of the listed races, but the Draenei, for whom it would have to be assumed their origins are similar to the Orcs, as these two races can interbreed. This theory therefore does not operate with an intelligent design formed by the fel operating on different genomes. Instead, it assumes the existence of so-called "thaumaturgical gene-islands", which are present and similar in all of the aforementioned origins due to their common creation, which, when affected by a type of magic express a certain phenotype based upon the type of magical influence. It is unknown, whether these thaumatogenes serve a specific purpose or are a part of the genome which is intended for a different function, but is more affected by magical influences than others, however. This would also mean the biological construction of all races encountered on Azeroth is the same, which would also explain the relative ease of interbreeding in apparently largely-diversified organisms. This, in turn explains the effects of fel - when an organism is irradiated, be it a Human or an Eredar, the thaumatogenes which are largely similar between these two races are primarily affected, giving rise to the neoemergent morphologies, such as horns, scales and wings, which are then completly same, or similar in both cases. Conclusion: Further studies must be conducted to prove which of these hypotheses is right, be it the Conscious Fel or Creationism-affected Similarity, however discovering the true underlying nuances of fel corruption will surely lead to an improvement in the medical treatment of fel corruption and its better management in both the intelligent races and the nature as a whole.Aurheim0 17 May
14 May Why the San'Layn won't be an Allied Race (Yet!) Hey folks, just wanted to share my most recent video with you guys: It's a discussion on the different aspects of why the Darkfallen might, or might not, be suitable for joining the Horde as a playable race. More importantly, it's a discussion on some ideas for how they might later become an Allied Race in the expansion after BFA. Looking forward to hearing your feedback, as well as any comments you might have on my previous videos exploring the musics of WoW (and a couple of other games, too): 14 May
13 May Shy artist My friend love draw cher characters and ingame characters. She is archivist, and never had change to get "art education". She is also very she, so I ask her to draw some arts for our guild. I will be grateful if you share your opinion about them. Oh and some of her arts are +18 so be carefull. There is link to her site: 13 May
13 May A short video about the Fel Reaver and it's origins Something I threw together whilst reminiscing about questing back during The Burning Crusade. Hope you enjoy :) 13 May
13 May WoW inspired music video this rock band made a music video with WoW characters 13 May
11 May BFA pirate music!! I was looking for the music of the BFA login and I found this wonder for the musicians. in the channel there are more music videos from previous expansions. if someone finds the login music, share it pleaseShaera0 11 May
10 May NQQB SQUAD - The Untold Chapter Episode 2 (Machinima) The mysterious man has left Raiko with an elixir, to complete a mission far more dangerous than anticipated. Pukamon meets a new friend. Vimpe is still hearing voices and is in a hurry to catch up to Raiko before DOOM arrives 10 May
10 May Share your youtube channel! Hey, this thread is supposed to give smaller youtubers a chance to show off their channel and their work to the rest of the community! -Note that only channels or videos that you own or have made are allowed in this thread, do not post other peoples youtube channels please. -Only Youtube channels/videos are allowed, do not post your stream or other website. -Only World of Warcraft related videos and channels are allowed. Please use the following format when posting in this thread. Character name: Faction: Description: (Pve/pvp/mixed/other) Youtube link:Kistral47 10 May
10 May will draw you, learning to draw wanna learn to draw better so if you'd like to see bad version of your char just ask warning you that it'll be like last time, it'll be on paper since I don't have tools on pc :pNomadix39 10 May
10 May Looking for an artist Hey all, I'm looking for an artist who would be able to draw and ink my death knight for me would anyone have any recommendations. Many thanksDragonsworn6 10 May
08 May Elsewhere: The Beauty of Azeroth Elsewhere is a series of shorts about the environments in video games. Take a moment out of your day, sit back and have a glimpse into another world. Elsewhere: Suramar - Elsewhere: The Jade Forest - Elsewhere: Nagrand - 08 May
07 May Scarlet Crusade short story. Hello! This a short story about the Scarlet Crusade and the inaccessible zone in northern Lordaeron. I am an amateur writer and this is the first time I'm sharing something I wrote. Link to the story: 07 May
06 May [VID] What got you into WoW ? Hey guys, Made a video on what got me into WoW in the first place and I'm curious to find out different stories on the first inception you've experienced with WoW :) 06 May
02 May The Naaru had not forgotten us A brief background story to my pala here, I hope everything checks out I've only heard stories of Argus, our home planet. How we got separated from our kin and crash-landed on the planet I was born, Draenor. I come from a simple family of crafters but I've always known that one day, I will be like them, the vindicators and the priests, who wield the light as an extension of themselves, to protect, and to heal. When Shattrath fell I'd never felt such terror. The air filled with the screams of Draenei women, children, and men, no one was pardoned from the savages brutal strikes. Those who couldn't run they died. And I ran. Luckily enough we and other civilians where relatively close to an exit and were escorted by a large Draenei in shining armor. He defended us with his crystalline hammer and never once looked afraid. I don't know how long it took or how we really got there but suddenly the screams could no longer be heard and we were all exhausted. I owe my life to that vindicator and I will never forget him. More than ever I felt the light shining inside me but yet there was nothing I could do more than help gathering food, and so I did. Survivors came in to our camp, most survived, hurt, but alive, others didn't. Time went by, our camp wasn't in the best place resource wise so we started to move, met a few others on the road, and eventually reached a camp that had grown quite big. Then the whispers started. Small words shared between close eyes, uneasy expressions, some outright scared. They said some of the ones who came back, were different. Survivors of Shattrath, few as they were. I saw them myself soon after, how they had changed. They wanted to stay but we pushed them away, out of fear. I wanted to help them but I didn't dare, and didn't know how, I was scared like everyone else. They barely looked like Draenei anymore. The tails, the hooves, everything was uncomfortable misformed, they looked... Broken. The ones of them who had been wielding the light claimed they could no longer call upon it, and it frightened us. So we pushed them away, closed our eyes and our hearts to our own kind. I felt both shame and relief when they walked away, and pain. We had already lost so many of our people and now we were banishing our own? Were they still our own? I wonder if we would have done differently now, after everything that has happened since we left Draenor. Joining our new allies, meeting all these different races I'd never heard about, getting different and yet the same enemies. But I know the light glows strong in me, and I have been training after the Exodar crashed on Azeroth, and that's why I sought out the Army of the Light when they finally joined us again. At last our call was heard, so many years have past, and now we're united once again. This time, our home will not be taken from us, and everyone who tries will be met with the light's wrath. And I, Tilaani, will be there, this time I will not run, I will be a weapon of the light. Tilaani0 02 May
01 May Gnomish Music A theme I was commissioned to write some time ago influenced by my friends Gnome character in game. 01 May
30 Apr My Worgens Selfie What does everyone think of my Worgens selfie? #BringOnTheNewWorgenModels 30 Apr
27 Apr Need a bit of help for a psychology-study Hi! My name is Leonard (SerLeo#21126) and I’m studying psychology at the University of Pécs (Hungary). I need your help with my last to workshops. I have 2 short tests for you to take. The first is about race-gender stereotypes in WoW which link is here: And the second one is about trolling players and their supposed special “dark triad” personality. This is the link for it: The tests should not take more then 20 minutes to complete and it would be a huge help for me. If you’d have any other question just write me an e-mail linked in the closing section of the tests. Thanks for your time and help again!Velarion0 27 Apr
24 Apr UncleSam - Discord Bot Guild Recruitment Helper Hi All, I got sick of looking for potential recruits and vetting them so I decided to ease my pain by doing it all with a discord bot which notified me of any potential recruits the moment they started looking for a guild. I guessed others also feel this pain so I decided to release to the general public. (EU ONLY FOR NOW). How it works Collates data from WowProgress, WarcraftLogs and Character API. Gives you Average warcraft logs parses for both heroic and mythic of the current raid instance. Gives you other relevant information such as class, spec, ilvl, btag, wowprogress description, if they are ok with transferring server, armory link, wowprogress link, warcraft logs link. Anyway if you want to know how to get it for your guild take a look at the website I setup. It also has a link to the discord channel I setup with examples of what it does and should you need any help with it, I'm also available in the same discord server. https://unclesambot.comBuzle0 24 Apr
24 Apr WoW as Bedtime Stories topics? Hi I have a little daughter that loves bedtime stories. Seeing that I have really bad imagination to come up with them myself I use wow lore and quests as a base and I was wondering if there are people that can help me with some fun topics that i can use? The little wizard that saved the village of the evil hogger was fun and she liked the story of the panda's that rose up to the evil king with kung fu was a pretty big hit for example ^^Laedyr3 24 Apr
23 Apr Arthas oil painting Arthas oil painting by my friend Sofia Hirtzius! 23 Apr
17 Apr [PL] Chronicles of The Worst Guild Hey, I've recently started youtube channel containing short, edited, funny montages from our failure of a guild. Content is directed towards polish players... Because it's in polish :) Hej, Nie tak dawno temu założyłem kanał na youtube zawierający krótkie, edytowane, zabawne filmiki z raidów naszej gildii. Zapraszam do zapoznania się z filmikami ;) 17 Apr
17 Apr WoW model viewer Issue My model viewer is loading as normal asking for permisson etc. but no program starts up. The icon stays in the task bar like normal but my screen is empty. I have dual monitors and I've checked both but Model viewer seems to be hiding?Terina5 17 Apr
14 Apr [Story] Upper Echelons I wrote a story. The story is long. Read it.Edanna0 14 Apr
12 Apr Micro-Holiday: Tuskarr Catch & Release Tournament Since the technology of WoW has evolved so much during the last few expansions, I've rewritten a suggestion I made many years ago and improved it to use the current technology. Enjoy. Event Name: Tuskarr Catch & Release Tournament Type: Micro-holiday Location: Dragonblight Rules: Catch the biggest fish, and return it to Hukra (Tournament NPC), before the event ends. Story: First saturday in April every year, between 2PM and 4PM, the Tuskarr (or Kalu'ak in their own language) celebrates their roots of fishing and whaling, by hosting a Catch & Release Tournament in Dragonblight. They welcome any race or faction to participate in the tournament and due to their peacful nature, any fighting of fellow participants is strictly forbidden and will lead to disqualification. At the end of the tournament a winner will be picked, from all the participants who turned in a fish, before the tournament ends. The winner will be announced all over Dragonblight and will also recieve a mail with their prize. How it works: When the tournament begins at 2PM, you will be able to accept a quest from Hukra at the coast near Moa'ki Harbor in Dragonblight, which you can immediately turn in (costs 100 gold), to recieve a Tournament Pass. This is a one time only quest per tournament. The Tournament Pass will have a use effect, which will grant you a buff with a duration of the remaining time of the tournament (much like how the major archaeology buff for major quests works in Legion). Only while having this buff will you be able to fish up "Catch & Release" type fish and also turn in the fish at Hukra. If you kill another player with the "Catch & Release Participant" buff, you will lose your own buff and thus be unable to complete the quest for turning in your fish at Hukra. You will only be able to hold one "Catch & Release" type fish at any given time. When you catch a fish, it will have an assigned weight in the tooltip. Should you catch a small fish, you will be able to release the fish, granting you the opportunity to catch a new one. When you feel like you have catched a big fish, you can go to Hukra and turn in the fish, which will then make you lose your Participant buff. Prizes: Should you win the tournament, then you will recieve a winners token in your mail, that can be delivered at Hukra, the rest of the day. Two of the prizes could be: 1) A toy that applies a fishing lure, containing multiple hooks, to your fishing pole. This grants you a chance to fish up additional fish, while fishing. 2) A toy that sets out a fishing trap. The fishing trap works like Work Orders, as we know them. When set, you will get an icon on your map, showing you where you put down the fishing trap. Mousing over the icon, will show you the remaining time, till the "Work Order" is complete (I was thinking 24 hours). When done, you go back to where you put the trap, and you will recieve a great amount of fish, of the type catchable where you put it. Some images of the concept: Here are some rough images I made of the event area and the items/buff revolving around the event. I have long felt that fishing needs something new and exciting and I really thing both this tournament and the two items I came up with, could help contribute to make fishing more unique. I hope you like the idea, feel free to add feedback or even your own ideas.Zuggie0 12 Apr
08 Apr Video: Sent to the Savannah Sent to the Savannah was a RP-PvP campaign over the Southern Barrens organised by Zeepkist & co on Argent Dawn, 23rd of March - 2nd of April, 2018 There were both restricted and unrestricted PvP areas for the participating players to choose from depending on their preference. The footage in this video consists of the restricted battles where the goal was to get immersed in faction skirmish more than competing in PC kills. I attended the campaign on the Horde side only, which is why the Alliance isn't represented as much. Still I hope it's a nice watch!Manata0 08 Apr
08 Apr Ragnaros Wedding Cake Topper Hey guys, I got tasked with making a Ragnaros cake topper for a wedding and i wanted to share the end results with you guys i hope you like how he came out personally im really pleased with him I also made a Warlock and an Infernal for someone a little while back Hope you guys like them :D See more atårki7 08 Apr
07 Apr Fan Fic: My Friend... This Fan Fiction was born from the sheer frustration I feel when I cannot emote properly or interact with NPC's the way I wish I could. What can I say I am a Role Player at heart and I wish there was more of it with NPC's at times. The ending of the Quest Line for Runas the Shamed was one of the time i wish I could have acted as my character would have. Seeing as I couldn't I wrote this to feel better. Sorry it takes up a few posts Enjoy. Opinions are always welcome. __________ The sound of arrows splitting the air as they left Ange's bow peppering the bodies of the Nightfallen and Withered alike was almost inaudible over the hiss and groans of the swarm pouring into the glade like locusts, stopping only to consume the raw mana of anything they could find. Leaping from the rock face they crawled over like a living tide, snatching wayward welplings from the air, oblivious to the bites and scratches the young ones inflicted of lavender skin in an attempt to get free, so hungry these Withered where in their unending lust for mana. Angelil turned at the sound of a distressed dragon whelp close by and saw one of the Withered bearing down on a tiny dragon he recognised. “Emmigosa!” He yelled loosing an arrow at her attacker. The Withered crouching over the little body didn't even look up as the Blood Elf sank an arrow into it's shoulder already too engrossed in feeding. Angelil ran forward, kicking the skeletal creature away and shot it point blank in the skull, ending it. Sunsight yowled, in line with her masters fury, leaping on a second Withered coming up behind Angelil, intending to steal the little whelp for itself. The Lynx ripped out it's jugular with one powerful bite before taking a protective stance teeth bared in warning. The Blood Elf knelt down, guarded by his faithful pet as he carefully pulled Emmigosa into his arms and pressing his last lay-crystal to her chest, letting it slowly re-energize the poor little dragon, his heart hammering harder in his chest before a tide of relief washed over him. She stirred in his arms and let out a feeble little cry, the small sound almost missed as the louder bellows of her fellow blue dragons filled the glade. “Angelil!” Khadgar launched an energy ball at a few incoming Nightfallen that had sniffed the mana coming from the crystal in the elf's hand. The Archemage waved frantically, indicating Stellagosa who was still keeping a protective watch on a slowly increasing number of little ones that flocked to her safety. They flapped frantically around their elder sibling, distressed by the noise and the cries of their brothers and sisters. Emmigosa held securely in his arms Ange pushed himself from the ground and started towards the human at a run, trusting Khadgar to cover his sprint. He was not disappointed, Withered and Nightfallen that where attracted by the the dragon in his arms where sent flying or dropped dead as powerful balls of energy snuffed the life out of them. Sunsight ran behind Ange covering his back, but she had very little to do with such powerful cover fire. “Stellagosa needs to speak to you urgently.” The Archemage said and threw another blast into a group of Withered running and lurching up the path, scattering them like pins. “They really don't give up do they?” “No. They really don't.” Ange shook his head and clapped the Archmage on the shoulder, just as he was launching another magical attack. The birhgt ball of laight swerved wildly from its intended target and instead took out a group of Nightfallen swamping one the the larger blue dragons that had been dragged from the air and was struggling to take off. Khadgar gave the Elf an look of exasperation but nothing more and the red head took off with a little "oops" and a smile his lips. Up on the rise Angelil placed the recovering Emmigosa on the ground by her older sisters feet. The whelpling made a distressed keen when he let go of her, and it tugged on his heartstrings enough to keep him on his knees, stroking her scaly snout with two fingers while she calmed again. “She seems to have taken a shine to you, Angelil.” Despite the havoc raining down on her family from all sides her voice still managed to retain some affection and warmth when she watched the Blood Elf calm her frightened little sister. “Well she has good taste at least.” Ange chuckled and looked up at the impressive dragon towering over him. “You needed me for something? Other than using Withered as target practice?” “After your revived Credonu he came to me and told me that the saw a Nightfallen going into the Layhollow.” she turned her head towards the entrance to the cavern at the back of her Grandfathers mana pool, the crystals jutting from the mouth of the cave and the glowing flora pulsed softly with renewed power now that the lay-lines where no longer being drained by the mad Prince. “I don't like the sound of that.” Stellagosa continued gravely “Grandfather seems to be holding his own, but the Archemage and I will keep an eye on him. Will you go investigate our cave for the Nightfallen?” Angelil looked over to where the great elder dragon was doing battle. There was hardly an inch of him that was not crawling with Withered, like ants on an bear they swarmed Senegos. He thrashed his head left and right in an attempt to throw off his clinging attackers, his sharp toothed maw opening and closing, the bones of the Nightfallen and Withered unlucky enough to fall into it splintering under the power of his jaws and dropping into the water below him. Withdrawing his hand from the now resting Emmigosa's snout, Ange pulled his bow from his back and whistled to Sunsight who's ears pricked up and leaped to her masters side. Without another word he nodded to the Blue Drake and hunter and pet set off in the direction of the cave entrance. Keeping to the background to remain unseen. It seemed like the mana addicts where no longer interested in small game, they where concentrating on the large dragons and every time some space opened up on the Senegos's body another addict leaped into place, they waded through the glowing pool to reach the him or threw themselves at him from the bank. It took all of Ange's willpower not to start picking them off to bring some relief to the old dragon, but he had to remind himself that he had a job to do. With a few sharp hand signals Sunsight hung back in some of the foliage of the caves entrance and waited for her masters call to attack. Skilled Elven feet padded quietly on the sand inside the cave's mouth so as to make as little sound as possible. Pulling an arrow from his quiver Ange set it to the bowstring and kept to such shadows as could be found in a cave filled with glowing mana crystals. He stood, back pressed against one of the largest rocks just inside the mouth of the cave and listened intently. The sound of splashing and heavy breathing came from right on the other side of his current position, the sound of his prey so close had the elf holding his breath for a steadier shot, he drew back the bowstring and moved silently to the edge of the rock and slid around, dropping gracefully to one knee aiming in a split second, about to let fly- “ that you, my friend?” He stopped himself just in time and let the arrow and bow drop as the familiar voice rose weakly from the small pool of Lay-infused water behind the boulder. The words where followed by a bout of heavy coughing, chest heaving expulsions of air that sounded like bones should be breaking with each one. Collapsed in the pink-purple pool of glowing water was Runas, the Shamed. HE was soaked to the skin, his usually bone white hair a dark ivory and heavy with water. The painfully thin addict was shaking violently, but Ange knew that it was not the cold of the water or fear of the battle outside that was causing the violent tremors through the Nightfallen's skeletal frame, nor was it the cause of such difficulty in drawing breath. Runas's body was in agonising pain. “Yes, It's me Runas.” Angelil abandoned his weapon and started wading into the water toward the Nightfallen, who was slipping ever further into the water, trying to submerging himself to ease the ache in his skin and bones. Glowing purple eyes looked up at him as the Blood Elf knelt in the pool and held him in the water keeping his head above the surface, he was almost cradling him. Ange could feel just how little flesh there was to Runa's body, how tightly the coal coloured skin with it's glowing arcane markings was stretched over his ribs and spine. “I am weak....the hunger is devastating, my friend. I understand now...why your dragon rests in these pools...” Another volley of coughing, hard enough to shake Angelil as he held Runas securely, the Blood Elf tightened his grip afraid that he would break the bones in his grasp. The tremors running threw the addict seemed to be growing worse with every passing moment. “I came to warn you...b-but it looks like I was too late.” “It's alright, you did your best.” Ange muttered soothingly as he could manage. Runas's bony, slightly clawed hand reached up to scratch at his own taught face, scraping over his cheek and neck over and over as if trying hard to stop an itch he couldn't find. Angelil took the shaking hand and pulled it away from the sunken dark-skinned cheek before the already raw skin there became more damaged. When Runas stopped pulling against his grip and his hand stilled again, Ange lead it back under the water. The Blood Elf started to scoop up handfuls of the cold water and poured them over the dark skin of his face, trying to sooth the ache and itch. (continued below)Syonnide2 07 Apr
07 Apr THE MUSIC OF BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT! Hello guys, my name is Alexander and im from Russia, i founder of the first russian fan club dedicated to Blizzard Entertainment composers . In general, I like Blizzard games, but music in their projects i love bigger. So that, i gradually collect music collection dedicated Blizzard, digital and physical and i would be very glad, if would you can to help me) In the current time i'm looking for these albums, so that, if you know where i can buy their or if someone can give their as gift, please respond me :) You can write in this topic or on my email - My collection in current time - Albums which i'm looking: 2000 - StarCraft Game Music Vol. 1 (Korean release, Cassete); 2000 - StarCraft Game Music Vol. 1 (Korean release, Ver 2, Cassete); 2000 - StarCraft Game Music Vol. 1 (Korean release, Ver 2, CD); 2000 - Diablo II Soundtrack EP (CD); 2000 - Diablo II Soundtrack (CD); 2000 - Diablo II Soundtrack (Catalog number W7092910, CD); 2000 - Diablo II Soundtrack (Spanish, CD); 2000 - Diablo II Soundtrack (Polish, CD, Ver 2); 2001 - Diablo II Soundtrack (Germany, CD); 2001 - Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Soundtrack EP (Pre-order bonus, CD); 2001 - Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Soundtrack (CD); 2001 - Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Soundtrack (Polish version, CD); 2002 - Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos Soundtrack (CD); 2003 - Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Soundtrack EP (Pre-order bonus, CD); 2004 - World of Warcraft Soundtrack (CD); 2007 - StarCraft Soundtrack (Blizzcon 07, CD); 2009 - World of Warcraft: Mosaic Soundtrack (Blizzcon 09, CD); 2011 - The Music of Diablo 1996 - 2011: Diablo 15 Year Anniversary (Blizzcon 11, CD); 2012 - Diablo III Soundtrack (CD); 2013 - StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm (Composer Promo, CD); 2013 - World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Soundtrack Volume II (Blizzcon 13, CD); 2013 - StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Soundtrack Volume II (Blizzcon 13, CD); 2014 - World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Soundtrack (CD); 2016 - Lucio - Synaesthesia Auditiva (Promo soundtrack from Overwatch Recruit Kit, Vinyl); 2016 - Warcraft Movie Soundtrack (Vinyl);My list also available on my own site (on site list regular update) - Thx all, who can help with collection)Рейдор4 07 Apr
07 Apr Realm/World First 120 lvl BfA Hello guys, does anyone plan to do world/realm first 120 lvl in BfA? I know that achievements have been removed from the game long time ago, but perhaps there are enthusiasts who are still interested in it, because it is possible to track ( So my main idea is, if there will be enough interested players who want to participate in this race (like in the old days), then I plan to make a small prize fund for the race participants (something like 1place = 1000$, 2 place = 500$, etc.) and a statue made in the style of this event. I also plan to create a discord channel for all interested people, where you can track the progress of the event, discuss all sorts of tricks about levelling (if you want of course=))) or give useful advice and ideas. Hope to get a lot of feedback. Discord for all who are interested: #bfarace #first120Avrisia0 07 Apr
07 Apr Trial of Style and Battle for Azeroth I'm ready for Battle for Azeroth and I did look forward for Trial of Style. Can Blizzard move Trial of Style before the battle begin?Pinnsvin0 07 Apr
05 Apr PVP help Need help in Tol barad. Need to win pvp match so I can Raid. Find me in listed tol barad pvp battlegrounds (draenor) thanks game starts at 13.00 uk time and 14.15 & 15.30 I need helpGingeone0 05 Apr
05 Apr Death Knight Character Design Hi guys and gals :)! I'm a character designer and here's my fanart of death knight :). Please let me know what you think :). Have a great day to all of you!Gwiazdeczka6 05 Apr