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1d Patch 8.0 review , do you agree ? Hi a youtuber by HeelsvsBabyFace has released a patch 8.0 review. I wonder if you guys agree with his score. I have to agree on some points. Blizz need to do better than just dumping world quests on us and thinking that's more than enough. Here is the video enjoy. Love to discuss you're opinions on what he has to say. 1d
2d My new monk (fanart) I decided to make a monk, so I found it appropriate to create an image of her (well, she certainly has no artifact yet, but meh). Link to the image: 2d
5d arena/bg tournaments ? greeting ! we are a small/new team who is organizing a few tournaments on & for league of legends / pubg / cs ! after 1-2years of those experiences now we wanna try to run a few tournaments for arena 2v2/3v3 or Battlegrounds ! searched on the web about this a few boiz was saying something about License from blizz ? can someone give me a way to do this ? srsly it would be lovely to run a few personal/private tournaments (online) . wish get a blue response :pYoimfour0 5d
5d EVENT Battle for Arathi How about this remember old days that 1 horde guild and 1 alliance guild meeted up in arathi to do a role played pvp that each faction had 4 specific items theme's well yeh me too and remmember now there a is a communiecation possible betwnee both sides if we make this a proud battle then i espect that! if this has enough likes this can become an event -2 leaders 1alliance 1 horde lead a battle before battle of azeroth in the unchanged area of Arathi this event goes as this each faction disscus in the comunnication window what the players have to transmog the gear take something simple as example the dreanor faction gear everyone do that then tell where the frontline wil be! then do a little roleplay battle talk infront of your army then both faction leaders step forward in to each other to show their flag after that battle starts comment if you like this idea sorry for the grammar and spelling mistakes i am not from england hope to see some reactions on this ideaOllivc0 5d
5d A new WoW You Tuber :O Hello guys, Inspired by many youtubers who talk and share useful information about World of Warcraft, I have finally decided to make my own channel and share whatever tiny knowledge I have about this game. Among 12 million people plays World of Warcraft, if as less as one single person find my video useful then I will consider myself worthwhile and my effort + time making those videos as a huge success. Please anyone willing to help me by checking my video and share useful information/suggestion to how i can make it better, please let me know. I am not sharing the link cause it may violate the forum policy but if a moderator approves I will share my link. As i am at my starting point, I need as much help as i get from you guys and I promise you I will return all the help by making useful videos for this beautiful community . Thank you for taking your precious time and reading my post, PEACE :)Jadeknight23 5d
5d A Teldrassil and Darnassus of my own It is my hope that it will be rebuild in the game some day. But until then... As a tribute to the home of all my Night Elves, I created this; A Teldrassil and Darnassus in real life. Have a good evening everyone :)Alunaria4 5d
5d Film: Nadezhda : The untold (hi)story of WoW After 8 years of writing and theorycrafting and 3 years of filming, it's finally here. Quite possibly the longest machinima ever made. 5d
6d Original song: Teldrassil is Burning I felt so sad about the burning of Teldrassil (it broke my heart), so wrote this song and then recorded it. Teldrassil is Burning, original song by Maria Retz: 6d
07 Aug My Paladin's fan art Digital drawing is a big passion of mine and i love drawing my WoW characters and their transmog sets! I drew this one as a sort of farewell to Legion. I wore this set throughout almost all of the expansion and it's truly my favorite. I had a real blast playing Legion, enjoyed all of it, just as i did drawing this picture :)Gérrard5 07 Aug
07 Aug Online Magazine Dear players. We started developing a new project: a monthly online magazine on the WoW universe, where there will be a lot of interesting and unique articles. We need help and your support, your contribution will be important for us. If you're a fan of this game, you want to help make cool content, join our ranks! At the altruistic beginning. We need: - Artists (Cover \ small illustrations for articles, draw covers are not required every month); - Reporters (Server life, scandals, intrigues, investigations); - Statistician / Analyst (for posting statistics on servers); - Authors (writing articles on the game world and all relevant topics of the WoW universe); - The authors of short stories (Writing stories, now not published on the Internet); - Designer (pleasant design of articles); - Layout (layout of pdf format); - Announcer (project voices, which will make clips from articles, as an alternative to reading); - Corrector (correction of errors in the texts of authors); - Lore-consultant (correction of inaccuracies in articles by authors, assistance in creating articles); We are waiting for you and your baggage of knowledge and experience. Do you want to cooperate? Write - or mail: [Ссылка] Herald Azeroth 07 Aug
04 Aug [Cosplay] Draenei paladin hey here is an imgur link to my lasted cosplay, my draenei in the garothi armour ^^ 04 Aug
03 Aug Fave wow streamers/youtubers? Mine has got to be Taliesin and Evitel, find they have a great sense of humour and create alot of wow related topics. Give them a go if you haven't already - Let me know who you guys like to watch, want to find new guysMageinchína40 03 Aug
03 Aug pre work for BfA :P just a quick doodle 03 Aug
31 Jul New short story: The Setting Sun Hello! This is the fist part of my Kael'thas short story, it goes in depth on how he got corrupted by the Burning Legion. Hope you'll enjoy it. “The great king stood in front of his army, facing the coming storm of ice and death. Cladded in radiant armor, he gripped the flaming sword and the golden staff and from his body waves of fire and arrows of arcane showered his enemies. The dark army of the dead was no match for the elven sovereign, who with each swing of blade bathe the battlefield in righteous fire. Bones shattered, flesh melted and victory was near... Then, the cold came, snow and dreadful whispers. A death knight, dressed in black armor, white hair dancing in the wind, the stench of death around him. An insatiable hunger in human form came forth, riding his terrible dead steed, and clashed with the elven champion. His runeblade met the flaming sword, fire and ice, death and arcane fought for supremacy. Despite the old age, the elven king was far more agile than his opponent, and brute strength was no match against thousands of years of training. Again, and again, the elf inflicted damage on the human, by magic and blade he was pushed back. And so, victory was near... But there can be no victory against the relentless dead. Whispers could be heard on the battlefield; the Dark Lord of the Dead watched the slaughter and empowered his forces. The death knight retaliated, swing after swing he grew in strength, and soon the old elf could no longer stand the blows, his hands and legs were tired, his lungs were burning, his staff was broken and after all this punishment was on his knees using the sword as a shield. The death knight stepped back and then with unholy rage and might swung his runeblade at the elf. A dreadful wail filled the battlefield, louder, and louder, and louder...” Kael'thas woke up from the nightmare almost screaming. No, not a nightmare, but an echo of the past. There was a ringing in his ears. He was sweating and tired, even so more than he was when he went to sleep. He looked around the room, he was in complete darkness, except from a faint light coming from the half-opened door. One of Illidan's demons was standing there, a satyr, his green eyes shining in the blackness of the hallway. “It's time to syphon, my lord.” said the satyr before turning and disappearing in the shadows. His words well spoken, his voice quite regal. Not one of the typical savages turned to the Legion. “Yes, it is... “, Kael thought. He got up from his bed and got dressed. He chose dark pants with a matching tunic and a crimson cloak, the winds of Shadowmoon carried ash and dust, he knew by now how to protect his body from the terrible elements. He looked with disgust through his window at the ramparts of the stronghold, hundreds of fel orcs were moving around, going about their business, the black sky was filled with netherdrakes and a group of demons was leaving the scorched yard. Not the glorious future he wanted for himself, or for his people. Link to the full story: 31 Jul
28 Jul Running of the Gnomes, A tribute song/video I wrote lyrics about the event and now micro holiday Running of the Gnomes. Lyrics are mine with a little help from friends. Sharm got permission from Nexius to use the video from that event. All other credits go to Sharm. I wanted to share here and hope you guys get hyped for the event come october. 28 Jul
28 Jul New streamer be gentle Hi, I have started streaming. About me - .... .... .... Better?Ifrax13 28 Jul
27 Jul Void Elf fanart. (?? I suppose) So, I generally do not share my drawings, and havent for a long time. I usually dont draw WoW related stuff either, but BfA and Warbringers got me hyped. I like to write short stories about my characters in WoW, and I've enjoyed drawing a few portraits of them. So here we go, a quick sketch of my main, Llinara. I'm a giant nerd, sorry. 27 Jul
26 Jul Ya Be Likin Bad Accent Impressions Mon? Den I hope ya be enjoyin dis. Der not bein much ta do in Azeroth right about now. So I be findin other ways ta have ma fun.Zenkindi0 26 Jul
25 Jul Warbringers: Jaina Song - Multilingual Good day everyone, A multilingual version of Warbringers: Jaina (not made by me). Please just enjoy it~ Edit: There is an even better version out there, let us give credit to it! 25 Jul
24 Jul The Account of Vanya Daughter of the Stars Elune Adore! Allow me to share thee some of my videos,images and older tales! Of Past and Future Present! The World of Azeroth have had such an impact on me! Tis nearly incomparable and and almost unsurpassed by anything else I've experienced in my two decades of the wondrously intense chronicles. The Magical realms of Outland and Azeroth are extraordinarily immersive and massive beyond mortal comprehension. I want to personally give you my YT channel and recent series I've started. The Direct link to my Official You Tube Channel ~ The Daily Azethorian Playlist ~ The comeback ~ Elunde Adore! Let us embark on our Legendary journey once more! I came back to Warcraft after nearly nine months of absence and my next stage is to unleash dread and terror on the forces of Burning Legion within the realm of Broken remnants of Draenor! {At the moment} Volume I The Adventures of HotVanya and Washiki~ The low level alternative characters leveling and early starting zone exploration: Rogue HotVanya Blood Elf Female and Shaman Washiki Tauren Male. Volume II The Account of Prolupetinar and Steelcrusher~ In today's Episode we have witnessed the mini tales of the Dwarf Paladin Steel-Crusher and Mighty Enraged Orc Warrior Berseker, Goddess be with you. Volume III The Heavens of Eversong woods~ The longest video so far. Also the adventures with several other alternative characters, I've spoke about changes regarding hunter,played with a Troll Warlock,Druid Metrevic and Rogue once again. Volume IV Escape from Gilneas A Worgen's Tale~ The impossibly Epic,tragic,funny and bizarre journey with our polymorphic friend. The encounter with King Greymane and Sylvanas Windrunner. We found a new home, the Gigantic tree-home of Teldrassil. I do love the soundtrack. Untold amount of memories unfolded as well! Volume V Assaulting the Burning Legion~ Within the hellish realm of Outland we've experienced the first true tests and vast terrible legions of great enemy the Titan Sargeras, The Hellfire Citadel seems impenetrable and Fell Reavers diabolically dreadful foes. I believe the old slogan shall fit g here perfectly ~ Abandon all hope. Goddess be with you. Volume VI An Explosive Story Part II~ Hej! Welcome to the Issue Six of the Daily Azerthorian. The Goblin prologue within Kezan, It smells of Industry,metal and Ash! Very intriguing race and the sense of humour is unparalleled in any other MMO ;) Volume VII An Explosive Story Part II~ The lost Isles! Possibly a reference and inspiration from the Lost World, full of strange and funny creatures! Follow the next chapter with our little green friend! An instant reminder on my Legendary adventure within Un'Goro Crater, the lush zone of Kalimdor! So far seven videos which will focus strictly on Landscape levelling with nearly every class/race set in motion Tis a great joy for me to venture into unknown in particular for the first time!! The Daily Azethorian Volume IV Escape from Gilneas A Worgen's Tale For example one of my videos. Tis nothing exceptional nor edited. I tend to favour and enjoy the beauty of the story content,exploration and I am grateful to give my part, no matter how small or insignificant it might be. Every player should be treated with respect. Do not underestimate the fire and passion of inflamed passionate and determined individual. IMGUR Album . Screenshot collection taken from the first journey {September/October 2017} {World of Warcraft } Levels 1- 60. The End of Part I.Vanyalove2 24 Jul
22 Jul Swords ((OOC comment: I’ve been waiting for this day! I originally created a windwalker only because I realized they can sheathe weapons across their back, which looks badass - little did I know that I would be falling in love with the spec and still main it 2 expansions later… Unfortunately, Legion forced me to wield fist weapons for nearly two years, and as an avid roleplayer, I had to think about why my character would suddenly abandon her beloved swords. As a joke, I started saying that she lost them in a blizzard, as a nod to the company that I thought made such a silly decision restricting my transmog options. But over some time, this joke started forming into a genuine roleplay story in my head. Today with the BfA prepatch inactivating all artifact traits, I finally get to throw away my artifact in game, and equip two swords I saved from timewalking. And most importantly, my character Eldrena will finally have her awesome swords back! Here is her story: )) The harsh wind seemed to pick up speed as the group ascended the mountain. Eldrena had been ordered to lead this mission by the monk order, and three initiates were assigned to help her. Normally, Eldrena would have preferred to go alone. But she answered to the monk order now, and they had insisted she bring help. Midway across a narrow passage on the mountainside, Eldrena was taken off guard by a deep chuckle behind her. “Now you die.” Eldrena spun around and suddenly she was standing face to face with a dreadlord. What remained of her companions were two corpses lying face down in the snow. But this was no time to mourn them, Eldrena reasoned. And in one fluid movement, she vaulted high up in the air toward her foe, drew her swords and landed at his chest, successfully burying one of her swords in his flesh. But the demon was far from being defeated. Angered, it pushed her off its chest, and started casting a spell at her. Eldrena was fast, but not fast enough. It took her a moment to stand up again in the deep snow, and as she went to interrupt the demon’s casting, a bolt of shadow and fel energy was already flying at her. It disoriented her for a moment, searing pain digging its way to the depths of her very soul. Eldrena gritted her teeth, and successfully struck the demon’s legs, leaving gaping wounds on both of them. The dreadlord seemed to welcome the pain. “You fight well, little one.” he gruffed. “Are you certain you hold no interest in fighting for ...the winning side?” Eldrena saw no reason to answer him. She prepared to leap at him once more, but when she should have hit him, she instead went right through an illusory image in the air, landing dangerously close to the edge of the frozen path in the mountainside. Once again a deep chuckle came from behind her. “You really think that even if you survive you can go back to your order now? Tell them you were too ignorant to notice a dreadlord was among your followers. That your ignorance killed two of them?” The demon taunted her. Eldrena turned around again, the two corpses now between her and the Nathrezim. Two corpses, not three. Suddenly she understood. She looked up at the demon. “Derethor?” The demon shifted, taking on the shape of a sin’dorei male, someone she had once thought a friend. He smirked slyly. “Took you a while.” The wind picked up, and Eldrena knew she would have to end this quickly. It wouldn’t be long before they both got buried alive in the snow. The cold would not kill a demon, but it would kill her. “Now you die.” Eldrena repeated his words back at him, and relentlessly pushed forward to strike again. The elf shifted back into its true demon form, and Eldrena’s attack hit its leg, this time slashing deeper, and the demon staggered. She was struck by a spell again, but she knew what to expect this time. She fought through the pain, not letting it hold her back for even a second. Her next attack severed the hand of the demon, making it difficult for it to continue casting. Eldrena then focused every fiber of her body, closing her eyes for a moment to visualize her attack before going for it. She vaulted up at the dreadlord, this time aiming for its neck. She crossed her arms in the air, locking the demon between her swords, and pulled outwards with both swords at once, cutting its head clean off. The demon fell to the ground with a loud thud, before vanishing, leaving behind only its armor and weapons. Eldrena hit the ground hard as the demon fell. She now was alone, wounded, and drained from combat on a freezing mountaintop. The wind was still increasing. She had to get down. Snow swirled all around her and Eldrena did not see more than a few feet in front of her. She tried to locate her companions bodies in the snow, but they were probably entirely covered by now. Her own survival would have to take priority. She raised her arm to shield her eyes from the icy pellets that the wind was now ferociously throwing at her. She moved her feet through the snow, one step at the time. Moving in an arbitrary direction was better than standing still. Knowing that stopping probably meant she would be frozen solid in a matter of minutes, she pressed on. But before she knew it, she had stepped off the path, tumbled down a few feet, but landed softly in another snowbank. She was momentarily stunned, but soon regained her footing. Down was where she wanted to go, she thought. Maybe falling had been good... She tried her best to look around, and made out the general direction of the path. She guessed which way would go down the mountain and which went up, and she continued walking, snow and ice now forcing its way into the cracks of her armor and melting against her skin to envelop her in icy water. That was when she realized that the in the uncontrolled tumble down to this path, one of her swords had been ripped off from its strap on her back. No! Eldrena thought. The sword was….she needed that sword back. Against better judgement, Eldrena turned around, and fought through the blizzard back to what she judged to be the spot where she had fallen. She dug through the snow, feeling her emotions well up inside her. She was tired, desperate, and on the verge of giving up, when something glimmered in the snow, she as stepped to reach for it, she slipped and she fell…..and fell. Her last thoughts focused her energy to levitate herself, trying to catch her fall before she hit the rocky mountainside. Then she fell unconscious. *** When Eldrena finally came to, her first surprise was that she was not dead. She was lying on the ground of a dusky clearing in Suramar. She felt bruised and battered, but her life energy was back. Her second surprise was that not only had she failed at retrieving her lost sword, but the other one was also gone. That cursed blizzard, Eldrena thought to herself. ***Eldreina2 22 Jul
20 Jul WoW Figures Hello! I was wondering if anyone knew a trusted site, to buy WoW action figures to have at the desk? :D Many wishes <3 /NeroNerophix1 20 Jul
19 Jul I draw sometimes... And most favourite place to get inspiration is my beloved WoW! Sad to not having enought time nowadays! Adding IG to see more of progresses and WIPs: 19 Jul
17 Jul WOW Noob Hi Guys Bit of a shameless plug but I've just started my fist YouTube channel about my return to world of Warcraft and would love it if you guys could check it out 17 Jul
16 Jul Kael'Thas Sunstrider Corruption Story OLD: Hello! I've written another short story, this one turned out to be pretty big so I've made it into two parts. "The Setting Sun" is about how Kael'thas became corrupted by the Legion. I don't think he was a bad guy, just broken, mentally and emotionally. I hope people will enjoy this story. Edit:Link was broken, made another post. You can find it here : 16 Jul
14 Jul will draw you, learning to draw wanna learn to draw better so if you'd like to see bad version of your char just ask warning you that it'll be like last time, it'll be on paper since I don't have tools on pc :pNomadix40 14 Jul
13 Jul Loremaster Ithryn Loremaster Ithryn - Lady Windrunner has assembled leaders of the Horde in the war room to discuss urgent matters pertaining to the recent escalation in conflict with the Alliance. Sargeras blow to Silithus has left the region decolated and scarred beyond repair. Magni Bronzebeard and the champions of both the Horde and the Alliance managed to heal The Heart of Azeroth and drain the last power in the sword of Sargeras, however, the corrupted felblood was absorbed by Silithid Scorpids before they migrated to Southern Feralas. Grand Apothecary Putress's research team has made discoveries on the experiments on young Scarab Larvae and the new generation of Scarabs have already developed a natural adaption to Azerite. "Lady Windrunner, our experiments have proven valuable, the Scarabs are developing natural Azerite armored Carapace." he sits down on a chair. "Is this Azerite of the same quality?" Sylvanas asks inquisitively "Unfortunately, it's not as tough as the Azerite we've found in Silithus but we have noted some.. Unique qualities that could prove useful. Not only can they be raised for harvesting Azerite but we believe we can subdue them and raise them as companions for our Forsaken troops." "This could certainly prove useful. Does the Alliance share this information?" Lady Sylvanas asks. "Our informants are noting the Alliance researchers are hard at work, I do believe they will share this information in time.." Apothecary Putress smiles, "But we are definately ahead of the curve." he scoffs "Very good, Apothecary. Deploy a research team in Southern Feralas, Nathanos will accompany you. He has important business in the region." Lady Sylvanas sits down on her throne and seems distressed. "Where is the Loremaster.." Sylvanas sighs. A cold fog condensates infront of her. Suddenly the air in the War Room drops in temperature, Baine Bloodhoof shivers, Prince Gallywix wrinkles his face and covers himself in a big diamond studded fur coat. Loremaster Ithryn enters the room, freezing the ground, each step letting out a slightly offputting sound of crackling ice. Invoking unsettling feelings of standing on a collapsing icesheet. A small teacup pig follows confidently behind the cold, foreboding undead figure. An irritated sigh echoes throughout the war room. "Threethousand years Fluffy, and we still haven't learned to be on time." Loremaster Ithryn looks Sylvanas in the eyes and bows elegantly. "I apologize for the delay my Lady." "Spare me the pleasantries Loremaster, why are you here?" Sylvanas asks impatiently "Are they still a problem?" She continues Loremaster Ithryn kneels down and pets Fluffy delicately. Fluffy smiles. "They were no match, my Lady. Their graves are now colder than my own." Loremaster Ithryn grins. "Excellent, Loremaster. As usual your services are invaluable" Sylvanas looks at Fluffy. Then looks at Ithryn with a weird sense of pride and disgust. "Cute." She scoffs. "You can return to whatever grave you crawled out of. Nathanos will contact you as usual if your services are needed again." Lady Sylvanas motions Ithryn to leave. His presence making the leaders uneasy. Loremaster Ithryn props himself back up with his staff, cracking the icy ground beneath him. Gallywix meets the gaze of the brightly shimmering icy crystal fused on top of the staff and nearly faints. "I'm sure you will." Fluffy scutters out happily with Loremaster Ithryn following behind.Ithryn0 13 Jul
13 Jul WotLK - JRPG Video With nostalgic feelings about Arthas and WotLK I have created a small video with a little bit different perspective - another game perspective. Arthas within a JRPG. Seeing the same characters again and again, every day is a bit boring - so I decided to let Arthas be a part of my test phasis. Sorry about the mixed style of english and german. The default language of YRPG is english and my WoW Client has the german voice pack. Have fun with this little joke! btw. Hey Blizzard - what about rushing the JRPG market? 13 Jul
13 Jul A Pixelised Pinchpenny! (Goblin pixel art) So I'm super psyched about the potential for transmogs in BFA that I just couldn't resist putting together a little pixel art! Dusters please blizz! :D 13 Jul
12 Jul Lady Sylvanas poster by me hello I'm an artist here you can see my poster of Lady Sylvanas I hope you like it :èkis1 12 Jul
07 Jul Night Elf fanart I started playing WoW not so long ago, but it is such a big inspiration! Warcraft III is one of my fav games and immersing into the atmosphere of the game felt amazing. I drew my character today, night elf warrior and really like how it came out. I'd very glad if you check it out!Киаэль3 07 Jul
06 Jul Sharing my wallpapers I hope you like them :)Illscar1 06 Jul
03 Jul Mopsi's WoW Inspired Figurine Fun Thread Hey guys so i figured since i'm kinda working on quite a few different WoW inspired commissions for people rather then keep making a thread over and over for each project id just sorta make an art dump for you all to look over hopefully it is ok to do so more coming soon. Recently i just finished up some cosplay swords The Swords of the Fallen Prince the death knight artifact weapon for a customer in America these are sculpted and 3d printed then hand painted by myself the challenge was painting something on this scale they stand at 90cm tall! For scale ive included our dog as reference :D Neebles the Gnome Warlock Neebles + Dooooomguard: Swords of the Fallen Prince: Ragnaros: Currently creating: Warlock and DemonMopsi6 03 Jul
01 Jul RP video stories - feedback welcome Hi everyone, I'm a long-time PvE/PvP player who more recently got into the RP side of things and I love it! To capture some of my character's stories and guild/RP events, I decided to start making short video stories. This is the first one I made with this style and script: I'm not a very good video editor, but wanted to share and hope to make more. Thoughts/feedback/comments welcome.Phoeníx0 01 Jul
25 Jun [Lore Video] The Culling of Stratholme Here's a 5 min video I made covering 'Ravages of the Plague, 'The Shadow Path' and 'The Culling of Stratholme' from Chronicle Vol 3. Hope you enjoy :) 25 Jun
23 Jun [Short story] New in town I wrote this two part short story about the experience my Highmountain Tauren had coming to Orgrimmar for the first time. It's my first time posting on these forums so here goes! It was one of those mornings she really loved, when the frost still glittered in the grass and trees as the sun rose. The cold nipped at her snout as she peeked outside, and she could see her breath like a puff of smoke as she exhaled. Of course the morning had to be this clear and beautiful on the very day she was set to leave. Kit took a deep breath of the cold morning air, then pulled her head back into the tent and let the flap fall back over the opening. Her rucksack was already packed and waiting beside the door, and she was done thinking about it now. After everything that had happened she needed this, to get away for a while, to see more of the world to get some perspective. She knew this mountain well but that was also almost all she knew. She'd been to other places, but never very far, or for very long, and if she wanted to understand nature she needed to know it beyond her own backyard. She was convinced this was true, but leaving on a morning like this still made her heart ache. It was still early when she arrived at Thunder Totem, but the city was already alive and bustling. She wasted no time strolling between the stalls but went straight for the elevators leading down, where she knew the doorway was. The doorway to what felt like the opposite side of the world. The Broken Isles may be an island, but it still felt like the center of the world to her. To think it was but a fraction felt both exhilarating and frightening to her at once. There was a small line in front of the doorway; the hole in the air that defied space itself, making a long journey only a step into the unknown. As her turn came she adjusted the rucksack on her shoulder, sniffed the musty scent of familiar wood and leather and steeled herself, stepping through. The heat hit her like a wall. The first thought that came to her mind was going between the cold outside into the smithy, where the temperature was smoldering. Only the smithy was usually gloomy, illuminated by the warm glow from fire and the embers in the forge, but here her eyes were blinded by a sweltering flash of sunlight. An'she had never looked so bright. Kit stopped in her tracks and blinked, feeling disoriented and a little nauseous. The sudden change set her senses on edge, and she placed the blade of her hand to her forehead, shielding her eyes from the sun. She wasn't sure what she had expected. She'd heard it would be different, warmer, and flatter perhaps. But her imagination had only served up a slightly different version of Highmountain to her mind, and as her eyes adjusted to the sudden brightness she became more and more aware of how lacking her imagination had really been. Her thoughts were interrupted by a sudden push against her back and she looked over her shoulder, locking eyes with a hulking man standing up close against her. He gave a mild frown and rumbled an apology. "I think you're holding up the line," he continued, not moving, as Kit quickly stepped to one side and gestured for the man to pass. "Sorry! I got a little, well, caught in the moment, I guess." "First time here then, no wonder, I felt something similar my first time through as well. It's a big change of scenery." "You could say that," Kit grinned, squinting, once again giving the ravine a once-over. It was like being walled in by orange rock. "Well, it's not half bad. Over there, that building is where you'll want to go and introduce yourself," the Tauren continued, pointing at the only building in the near vicinity and shaking out his mane, making the feathers and beads hanging from his huge horns flutter violently. "Good luck." "Thanks!" she said, waiting to let him pass and taking another moment to collect herself. So this was it, the center of the Horde, the big city: Orgrimmar. The dust had already found its way into every possible crevice of her body. How she couldn't fathom, as there was no wind to move it. From her home she was used to strong, chill winds both from the high altitude on the mountain and the sea beside it, but here the air was almost stagnant, which was only empathized by the sun bearing down mercilessly on everything. She had heard the city was by the sea, but had in no way imagined that it would be walled in so effectively as to keep even the breeze out. Yet, somehow, the dust floated like a mist through the ravine-like structure, likely being thrown up by every hoof and foot walking the streets. And they were many, as well as greatly varied in size and appearance. Kit stopped outside the building, looking up at it, then around, spotting a Forsaken man looking expectantly at her. "You're new?" he queried, one sallow-coloured eyebrow arching above an almost empty socket. It wasn't the first time she saw one of them, so the shock wasn't so great, even if the feeling of aversion was something she had to fight her way through. Something about them triggered her urge to flee, and it wasn't a strange reaction perhaps, looking death in the face. "Yes," she managed to squeeze out, taking a step closer. Her mind raced trying to catch up after the sudden turn between Taur'ahe and Orcish. It had been a while since she'd used the language, hardly at all since Val'sharah, really. On top of that she was well aware of her thick Taur'ahe accent, especially now, hearing someone speak Orcish so fluently. "Right, well, I'm supposed to welcome you, apparently. You'll want one of these, so we can tell you people apart. Here's some pocket change to spend around the city, and this letter of introduction from your new Warchief as well," the Forsaken man droned, thrusting a tabard, envelope and a small coin purse at her unceremoniously. "If you don't want to read the letter it basically says to make yourself useful. Next!" Kit was ushered aside by his flapping hands, still holding the tabard to her chest in mild bewilderment. Make myself useful, she though, looking up at the unfamiliar sky, now how would I begin to do that.Kittin5 23 Jun
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13 Jun how much it cost to max heirloom (video) Ever wondered how much it costs to upgrade every heirloom to 110? well i did it, check out to see the result :)Vlambulance0 13 Jun
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31 May Warcraftpodden, swedish podcast releases 13th episode The latest episode is dedicated to The late earthwarden, Nelfarion. Later known as Deathwing. Episodes are available on acast, podcaster and everywhere else where you can find your podcasts. We have a Facebook and Instagram page and we also have a discord channel we use to interact and play with our listeners. 31 May
30 May My stories I began dabbling in short stories for my characters and jsut completed the first part of the first character I'm working on. Enjoy: Irhiath the Bloodhand: Irhiath the Bloodhand forced away the frown on his face, for what felt like the hundredth time just that morning when his second in command, Tarius walked up to him. „We’ve the traitor, sir.” he said. „Who was it?” Irhiath asked, without looking Tarius in the eye. „Jenkins, sir.” „Did he give a reason?” Irhiath still didn’t turn to face his second in command. „Not a good enough one. Methinks he believes we’ll want to use him as a bargaining chip.” „Even if we did, it would be for naught.” the Bloodhand knew he was done for. A rival company, called Catsaber Corps showed up at his camp last night, demanding the whole company to meet them unarmed by noon. The mercenary captain had a good chance to estimate the number of warriors his enemy marshalled and suspected to be outnumbered ten to one at least. Jenkins gave away their position over a pint or with a fat coin pouch handed to him. Irhiath sighed then said „I believe we’re done here. Get everyone ready for a fight and bring me Jenkins’ head. You may give the body to the hounds.” „Aye sir!” The pitchfork in his chest going deeper flung Irhiath back to reality. He grunted, but not from the pain.. It was mere frustration. „Feel good about yerself now?” he asked the boy who was standing over him, holding the pitchfork in his hands. „Papa!” the kid cried. „It spoke to me!” „Do not respond, lad or else you’ll get the plague!” an older voice came from the other side of the barn. The undead soldier was tied up to a stake with a rope but he just made a master plan of escape. He fought himself to his feet, moving above eye level with the small human and growled as fiercly as he could muster. It was more a shrieking sound then the battlecries he was used to uttering but it had the desired effect. The boy cried out and staggered backwards, losing his grip on the pitchfork. He had little time until the older, more capable man ran over so he had to work quickly. He twisted at an awkward angle, bones and skin straining in a pose that should have been a broken spine for any living man, but finally his teeth reached the ropes and as rotten as they were, he found out his jaw was considerably more powerful then in life. He bit down on it and with little effort, freed his hands. He took the pitchfork and quickly thrust at the rope binding his leg, and with that he was free. The farmer holding him was already aiming a blunderbuss and preparing to shoot so he had little choice but to throw the pitchfork at the man. He did not want to hurt him but dying a second time was not on his bucket list. Irhiath did not spare him a glance after throwing and leapt out of a window and made a run for it. He did not know why and for how long he was running, but he knew that at some point he turned in the direction of the Undercity. After he was raised as a forsaken, he was given a choice to go back to the grave, serve the Dark Lady, Sylvanas Windrunner or leave her lands. Irhiath chose the third in an attempt to get back to his life and find some of his company that may have survived the slaughter. He saw uglier mugs then his own in his line of work but it was quite clear the humans did not want him and did not consider him as one of their own. He couldn’t blame them, but what was he to do? He knew where others like him dwelled and chose to travel there, instead of living in solitude for the rest of his Light-forsaken life. He stopped dead in his tracks when the thought materialized in his mind. Light-forskaen… Forsaken. He was, by all rights a Forsaken. That meant he owned his loyalty to the Banshee Queen. He may have been quite low in morality but loyalty was one thing he took deadly serious. It was one reason why Jenkins the traitor had to die. He usually gave fiends like him a slower, much slower and much more painful death but at that time, he had no opportunity for that. Irhiath the Bloodhand then made a decision. He would travel to the Undercity, meet with this Sylvanas Windrunner and judge if she was worth his loyalty. Any man who tried to run for as long as he did, as fast as he did would have surely died of exhaustion. But he was no longer a man, Irhiath mused. When finally he reached the Undercity, two abominations greeted him. „What you want?” one of them asked. „Entry.” Irhiath said. He didn’t even catch his breath after running for days. He drew himself to his full height and looked each guard in the eye. The beings did not do so, or could not do so. One eye was gazing off to the skies and the other awkwardly to the left. „Hey!” he shouted after a moment of silence. „Eyes down here, fatty.” He said, pointing at the eye looking at the sky. „Me see it be there.” The second guard nodded his head. „Why you want to entry?” „To meet your so called Dark Lady.” Irhiath said bluntly. There was little reason to keep any secrets. While the abominations seemed stupid enough to be fooled by most not dim-witted people, he had no desire to take advantage of that. He really did come only to meet the Banshee Queen. Another long moment of silence. „Still there, you blockhead?” Irhiath shouted in frustration. „Me standing here.” the first guard said, confused. „Me not gone anywhere.” „Let. Me. In!” The near mindless undead looked around himself in the ruins of the city. „You in.” it said. „May I use the elevator, please?” Irhiath asked in a voice as calm as he could manage, but in the end it came out as a low growl. As he said the words, however, the door to the elevator opened to reveal an elven female, her face as pale as Irhiath’s and her eyes seemed to glow in the dim light. They had, as the Bloodhand could tell, a deep crimson colour. Silver white hair flow from the black cowl she wore with the black leather armor. She was clearly undead, but her body was almost, besides the pale skin and crimson eyes, completely preserved. A sudden wave of jealousy ran through Irhiath as he recalled what he must look like now, inhabiting his rotting carcass that was dug up after months of being devoured by insects and rotting under several feets of dirt. „And you are?” she asked in a tongue Irhiath knew wasn’t common, yet he could understand it completely. In the same tongue, came his reply. „Looking to meet Sylvanas Windrunner.” Irhiath had no idea how he could speak so fluently in this strange guttural language. The elf looked him over and stepped back. She cocked her chin, indicating that he should join her. Irhiath looked at the two abominations, who had seemingly already forgotten about his presence. „Piss-poor guards if you ask me.” he said. „They’re fine for manual labour and simple duties. They aren’t meant for anything else.” the female said. „What are you?” Irhaith asked bluntly, looking straight at her once beautiful face. „A dark ranger.” she replied. „I serve our lady directly. I served under her when we were both rangers of Quel’thalas.” „Your lady, you mean. I do not serve her yet.” to that, she gave a light chuckle. A chuckle, however, that was without humour. „All shall serve the Dark Lady. Sooner or later.” without another word she strode out of the elevator with Irhiath following closely.Irhiath20 30 May
26 May Video - Battle pets Hey guys, After getting back to WoW and before getting my char gear, i've did some battle-pet with my formed group that seems like it still good. Drop a like if you can it will help alot and be well appriciated :) 26 May
25 May WMV: Some DBC files could not be loaded. Hello, people! I'm a huge signature-making fan, but lately, since one of the latest patches, WoW Model Viewer hasn't been working for me. When I try to load it up, it gives me the following error message: ... I have Googled for hours without any luck. Is WMV simply outdated atm, or are some of you still able to run this thing? Any help is appreciated! ...Vipertine9 25 May
25 May [video] Coffee Induced Dreams The Royal IdP Essploring Fundation is the oldest exploration community still alive. We have also released several videos over the years, mostly showing more or less hidden places in WoW. The community also holds a more creative side. This is why, on April 25th 2010, the RIdPEF decides to start a big project : a video of about twenty minutes, a little like a machinima, a little like a technical demo, a little like Snoman or the MC-Addicts videos. In short, breaking WoW for a purely aesthetic purpose. After eight years of work, the video is now finished. So without further ado, let me introduce Coffee Induced Dreams, which we consider as the culmination of our work on the game World of Warcraft. More information, bonus gallery, etc. :èsmollo0 25 May
25 May [cosplay]female draenei Hi, I feel super happy with my test cosplay for my draenei that I wanted to share it here. ^^ 25 May
24 May My Progression Hello! I decided to make some kind of "WoW vlog" where I upload a video every week on how my progression is going, what issues I'm running into with guild, raid boss or any other issues, and other things. Feel free to check it out! Playlist: 24 May
23 May WoW im back Getting back to the game after 1 year off, i'm tired of all these BR games, and going back to the genre i really like - MMO. I will appreciate any like or dislike, good/bad comment (you already enter the video, just press something its free :) ). 23 May