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16h Naxxramas Minecraft build, in detailed full scale! Hai! I didn't know where to put this so I figgured I'd share my video here. It's a replica of Naxxramas and well, I love to place and was happy with the resault so, enjoy I guess. Hugs 16h
20h World of Warcraft What I Offer You Video World of Warcraft What I Offer You (A Video about Helping other Players) Extended Edition Whether it's help with a Dungeon, Raid, Legion Invasion, low two higher level boosts, Legendary item from Legendary Quest Lines, Achievements or Fly you to a place in the game, I have all this available to you and lots more. In this video I give you a very detailed overview of all these things in the game, I offer you help with in the game, to give you the general overall overview of what the most Substantial things I offer you help with in the game is from PvE. World of Warcraft is meant to be a social MMORPG, this video does its absolut best at showing you this.Izzyfurious0 20h
1d Wanting to start a lowkey stream Hey guys. I know there might be some genious in here with a good experience in computers. Just want some feedback as to the build im about to do. It's pretty cheap and with a mini itx case I know I'm limited. Intel - Core i5-4690K 3.5GHz Quad-Core Processor Noctua - NH-U12S 55.0 CFM CPU Cooler ASUS B150I PRO GAMING Samsung 850 EVO SSD - 250GB (Starting out with this - as I dont need a lot of space) Corsair Vengeance LPX (Not sure if I want to go 8/16GB) GeForce GTX 970 4GB SuperNOVA GS 650W That's it. All it needs to do is stream World of Warcraft at a doog quality. No cam. Just a bit of music in the background. Hope to get some opinions. Thanks!Eftre3 1d
1d Worst WoW expansion? Worst wow expansion? Honestly Cataclysm is the worst expansion in my opinion, the only fun leveling zone was Mount Hyjal and Vash'jir was seriously the worst questing and most boring zone ever. The raids and dungeons were so !@#$ and boring too, and with blizzard ruining all the zones and making (the barrens) 2 places Southern Barrens and Northern Barrens makes it all worse. How can people honestly think that MoP was worse than Cata? MoP was definitely the cure of wow dying out, timeless isle was the best zone they ever added into the game, the concept is literally unreal. The zone were you stayed for days and days trying to get your Heavenly Golden Cloud Serpent, the zone were you grinded for emperor of shaoao reputation and it wasn't even a pain in the %^- and it was fun to grind and kill those elites. I honestly don't see the things that were so *!@#ty about MoP, what makes everybody think that MoP was the $%^-tiest xpac when theres Cata and WoD which are 2 xpacs that are atleast 100 times worse with the most lean content ever?Nëlla11 1d
5d Need some help with wow model viewer theres a table and chair and the character would be on top of the table so it looks silly. Is there a way to make it so the model is behind the table? And is it possible to do emotes aswell while sitting?Hagrîd2 5d
5d Fanart illustrations Some fanart I've made along with some progress images :) Hope you like them! Night Elf Soldier Demon Hunter Highborne Serafier Maybe in the future I'll add actual time lapses if I do speed paintings, but for the moment I work too much on and off to record the full process.Acrona12 5d
6d Nelf art Sooo I got this commissioned a while a go and it's finally complete. ^^ Two of my OCs having a little chat, heh. 6d
19 Jul Wow machinima without model viewer? Is it possible to make a wow machinima without model viewer cause model viewer just bugs my wow and causes it to scan for game files then it gets stuck on update.Exosource9 19 Jul
18 Jul Looking for online drawing resources Hello everyone. I'm thinking of giving drawing a try and I was wondering if any of you gifted artists could give me a tip on some good online free resources to learn some techniques. It's a bit difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff when you don't know what you are doing :D Thanks in advance for any help.Korrina5 18 Jul
18 Jul If you want tips for a "healthier" life style Hi This post is most likely going to sound arrogant but it is not ment to be arrogant. I want to offer "help and guidance", to people who want or need help to get in shape or loose weight. People might be scared of joining a gym or starting on a "quest" for a healthier life style because it seems like a to big of a job. Ill help with diet tips and some general diet plans and ill do detailed workout plans but not individual it will be put into categories, "Building muscle" "loosing weight" "starter" and "advanced". The reason for this is that im not the best wow player and alot of nice players have helped me improve over a long period of time, and this is my way of contributing to the players of this game. I hope people dont see this as an arrogant message. If you want more information just add my battle tag, Flexatron#2122 Best regards a silly power lifter dude.Âbbadon26 18 Jul
18 Jul will draw you, learning to draw wanna learn to draw better so if you'd like to see bad version of your char just ask warning you that it'll be like last time, it'll be on paper since I don't have tools on pc :pNomadix4 18 Jul
13 Jul My fondest WoW memory I remember back in vanilla when i was about 13 or 14 and WoW was so hard to play solo i caved and made a Paladin for the heals. Little did i know i would main this class and take him all the way to Duskwood were i have fond memories of exploring the catacolmbs underneath Raven Hill. To me it was so cool, this largely useless but mob filled zone with no other reason to exist other than simply being there and as a Paladin it was a blast. Duskwood is still my favorite zone regardless of cataclysm changesEocaan7 13 Jul
13 Jul Infeçt 8 Hey all! After 6 months of hard work, i am finally releasing my new PvP movie. So this is what you can expect: - Varied content: machinima, pvp gameplays (outdoor, arenas) and a few more things :) - A long journey over Legion with scenes of different zones and patches (from the beginning to 7.2) - High editing and postproduction skills (effects, color corrections, etc) - 23 minutes of visual entertainment with the maximum visual quality (2560x1440 at 50fps) So that said, i hope you enjoy it!! - Infeçt 8:çtt2 13 Jul
13 Jul What do you do when Playing? I personally take joy in reading Manga (JoJo's. Berserk, Fist of the North Star are the ones i have finished) or watching DBS on Crunchyroll.Kennshiro7 13 Jul
07 Jul My Bachelor (guild leaders for the help?) Hi there! I'm trying to write my bachelor right now. It's going to be about virtual organizations and guilds. Therefore I'm going to need a few answers for a short survey. In short - it's about your guilds. Could you help a fellow player and a WoW buddy? :) It won't take long (only 10, closed questions) and is going to help me a lot. 07 Jul
06 Jul Tattoo Anybody knows how many laser sessions it takes to remove a half sleeve tattoo?Critstorm3 06 Jul
06 Jul Draenei fanart So I drew my main, hope you like it! 06 Jul
05 Jul THE MUSIC OF BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT! Hello guys, my name is Alexander and im from Russia, i founder of the first russian fan club dedicated to Blizzard Entertainment composers . In general, I like Blizzard games, but music in their projects i love bigger. So that, i gradually collect music collection dedicated Blizzard, digital and physical and i would be very glad, if would you can to help me) In the current time i'm looking for these albums, so that, if you know where i can buy their or if someone can give their as gift, please respond me :) You can write in this topic or on my email - My collection in current time - Albums which i'm looking: 1996 - Mr. Tom & Got Show - Warcraft: The German Mixes (German release, CD); 2000 - StarCraft Game Music Vol. 1 (Korean release, Cassete); 2000 - StarCraft Game Music Vol. 1 (Korean release, CD, Ver 2 with white text on back side); 2000 - Diablo II Soundtrack EP (CD); 2000 - Diablo II Soundtrack (CD); 2000 - Diablo II Soundtrack (Unknown version, CD); 2000 - Diablo II Soundtrack (Spanish, CD); 2000 - Diablo II Soundtrack (Polish, CD, Ver 2); 2001 - Diablo II Soundtrack (German version from "Diablo Battle Chest", CD); 2001 - Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Soundtrack EP (Pre-order bonus, CD); 2001 - Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Soundtrack (CD); 2001 - Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Soundtrack (Polish version, CD); 2002 - Mystical Tales: The Sound of Warcraft III (Flyer) 2002 - Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos Soundtrack (CD); 2003 - Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Soundtrack EP (Pre-order bonus, CD); 2004 - World of Warcraft Soundtrack EP (German pre-order bonus, CD); 2004 - World of Warcraft Soundtrack (CD); 2007 - World of Warcraft: Taverns of Azeroth Soundtrack (Blizzcon 07, CD); 2007 - World of Warcraft: Taverns of Azeroth: Happy Holidays From the Blizzard Audio Team ("Handmade" design from Blizzard Audio Dept, CD) 2007 - StarCraft Soundtrack (Blizzcon 07, CD); 2009 - World of Warcraft: Mosaic Soundtrack (Blizzcon 09, CD); 2010 - StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Soundtrack (CD); 2010 - Revolution Overdrive - Songs of Liberty (Blizzcon 10, Vinyl); 2011 - The Music of Diablo 1996 - 2011: Diablo 15 Year Anniversary (Blizzcon 11, CD); 2012 - Diablo III Soundtrack (CD); 2012 - World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria (Composer promo, CD); 2013 - World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Soundtrack Volume II (Blizzcon 13, CD); 2013 - StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm (Composer promo, CD); 2013 - StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Soundtrack Volume II (Blizzcon 13, CD); 2014 - Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Soundtrack (Dev version, CD) 2014 - World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Soundtrack (CD); 2016 - Lucio - Synaesthesia Auditiva (Promo soundtrack from Overwatch Recruit Kit, Vinyl, 7); 2016 - Warcraft Movie Soundtrack (Vinyl, LP);My list also available on my own site (on site list regular update) - Thx all, who can help with collection)Рейдор0 05 Jul
05 Jul Naxxramas Trailer 2017: Anyone seen this guys work yet? Mindblowing! Completely, wholly mindblowing.Abacabb25 05 Jul
04 Jul Goodbye and Thank you Blizzard Just writing to say that as of recent time I have decided that I no longer wish to carry on playing wow anymore as I find it is not the game I love and enjoy anymore. but I don't want to close the door without saying a big thank you to Blizzard for the amazing game you made and the standard you set for Mmos with Classic Wow, TBC and Wotlk. I have had an absolute brilliant time playing this game and I will never forget my first thoughts when I played this game 11 years ago. I once said to a guy who introduced me to wow **this is not a game, this is an experience** I will never forget the amazing music and snowy sights of Dun Morogh when i first played wow. At that time of my life in 2006 I was going through a horrible painful sad breakup and that zone and music brought such comfort and life to me that it made me forget my troubles in real life for a while I also lost my father to cancer in 2008, and in the days when he was sick before he died I was able to jump on wow during the wotlk era and was able to take a break and rest from time to time from what the real world was throwing against me. so thank you blizz, your game has been a source of help and comfort to a suffering mind also. I did enjoy cata and I feel it gets far worse criticism than it truly deserves. MOP i liked but got too dry and boring for me in the end. Some of Wod I liked but overall it was just bad and the worst era of wow ever, as most players seem to agree on Try as I may, I can't warm to legion at all. i find it too much of a drag and too much of a mindless grind with AP and all that etc. But as they say, nothing good lasts forever. I have been an active player of wow since the days of tbc up as far as legion, but now it's time for me to bow out. I may return to check out the next wow expansion as this game will always have a special place with me. But I feel this game will never ever be what it once was. Once again thank you Blizz, I am so glad that I had the wonderful opportunity in my life to experience your once life changing, mind blowing, adventurous game. You guys Rock :) Love Melandro PS: I hope that the community manager will pass this on to the developers to offer them my sincerest thanks. This is not a message of criticism but one of thankfulness and gratitude. :)Melandro3 04 Jul
02 Jul Hurricane's Naxxramas Trailer (fan made) Search for it on youtube (code: JNOxz9paA6E). If this guy isn't in Blizzard's ranks already then he seriously deserves a /guildinvite to join them. This is the kind of guy that knows how to produce immersive videos - and we've only seen the trailer. I haven't felt such a chill eversince I laid my eyes on the original warcraft trailer meant for vanilla. Kudos to Hurricane.Senoinus1 02 Jul
29 Jun Fave wow streamers/youtubers? Mine has got to be Taliesin and Evitel, find they have a great sense of humour and create alot of wow related topics. Give them a go if you haven't already - Let me know who you guys like to watch, want to find new guysMageinchína36 29 Jun
20 Jun UNDERCITY COURIER - Breaking News from Undead Lands! Alliance Migration on the rise due to the Legion Crisis! Check newest facts about Lady Sylvanas Trisfal Wall , here at Undercity Magazine by TOMB KINGS Undead only Guild [Defias Brotherhood - we started yesterday so website is in progress]: Check our Undercity Courier breaking news Magazine here, to learn about last events in Undead Lands!: [our guild main TOMBSITE from there choose Undercity Courier if the link below doesn't wok for you] [url][/url] Status: Updated 18.06.2017 - New stuff inside!Cýrawnn5 20 Jun
20 Jun The long vigil: custom warcraft III campaign Hello everyone! I have been working in a custom warcraft III campaign since several months. It was released in spanish long time ago, but I decided to translate it and release it in english language. The main plot is about a young night elf called Alhana (a future demon hunter). The story begins in the war of the ancients and finish in the third war. In the campaign, you will join the Kaldorei resistance, fight the satyrs, close the gates of Anh'Qiraj and much more. I will leave a link (google drive) at the end of this post so you can download and play. You will find the instructions of how to install the campaign in the WinRar file. You need Warcraft III: The frozen throne in order to play the campaign. I hope you enjoy the campaign as I did making it. Thank you! Link: 20 Jun
12 Jun WoW poop #Episode 2 My adventures as a Paladin continue with a short stroll in Elywnn and then onto another foray into Warsong Gulch. 12 Jun
07 Jun czech community What server has the highest czech community?Ghooler1 07 Jun
06 Jun Check out the trailer for my feature-length WoW film! Hey all, I hope you enjoy the trailer, and I hope it sparks interest. The film will be around 110 minutes long and will be released either this friday, or the friday after that.ìsper0 06 Jun
05 Jun Druid Flight Form, Dive! I would like to make a suggestion. A Diving animation, for druids in Flight Form. In my opinion it looks really weird, to watch a druid fly downwards, Flapping their wing like they would flying horizontally. (Also feel like there should be a diffrent animation when flying straight up, when you have the camera pointed upwards, but meh :P) So please consider it Blizz! :DCetria0 05 Jun
05 Jun Resurgence - WoW Machinima Hello there! My friend Grim, not so long ago, made his first World of Warcraft Machinima. I wanted to share it on his behalf since he is all out of game time. Please enjoy the video and if you enjoyed it remember to rate and comment. If you have any tips for future or hints be sure to also let him know. Thank you! Resurgence (Death Knight Machinima by Grim): 05 Jun
04 Jun How would this PC do running WoW ? - Power Supply: 500w PSU - CPU: AMD FX-6300 Six Core 4.1Ghz Turbo - Motherboard: Gigabyte 780LMT Micro ATX Motherboard - Cooler: Standard AMD Cooler - RAM: 8GB DDR3 1600MHz Dual Channel Kit - Options Available to Upgrade - Hard Drive: Your Choice of Primary and Solid State Drive - Graphics: AMD RX 460 2GB - Sound: Realtek ALC887 - 2/4/5.1/7.1-channel - HDMi - Support for S/PDIF Out - Optical Drive: 24x DVD+/-RW SATA DriveThrogvar1 04 Jun
31 May {Game} Guess the character Post a picture of your character from a film, tv show. The next person to comment will answer who that is. I'll start I'll give you a clue, its from lord of the rings, and i'm in a caveEndsource0 31 May
31 May Hide shield suggestion During the awesome bug with the elementium stormshield (The one where you could not see the shield when it wasn't drawn) I had a complete new experience with my shaman. It was a relief to be able to wear the intended shield and actually look and feel nimble and agile. My suggestion is to add a feature to hide the shield, just like you have with the helmet and cloak slots. Because to many, seing that shield doing exactly nothing on the back but make you look like a turtle, is not exactly making one go "AWESOME!!".Havestorm2 31 May
31 May Submit my concept art? Hello everyone, I always wanted to submit an artwork. This is my fanart concept for yoggsarons minion it is a digital painting. Please tell me what you think, but please keep it constructive. Thank you for reading.Nelthar5 31 May
30 May Fan Art: Elf Demon Hunter @rockinka ... Hey, I've recently started exploring the WoW Lore and I liked the demon hunter background story so much, that I had to draw Illidari which I'm playing now. Share your thoughts here or deviantart. Please be gentle, this is my first more advanced image that I've created :)Lensynya4 30 May
30 May Hey! i made a world PvP Video as elemental! Hey Guys!! so i got the idea, lets make a PvP video while i level up my elemental shaman. And here it is! Check it out! (keep in mind i am still trying to find suiting playstyle for me during the time i level) ... Thanks for watching and don't forget to give me some feedback of the video!Touchthis3 30 May
30 May Boomkin Full Moon Video Hey guys, I made a little video dedicated to my favorite spell " Full Moon"! Hope you enjoy it! Boomkins for life! -SlingixSlingix6 30 May
28 May For those who enjoy reading fan-fic stories Hello adventurers, I wanted to share my World of Warcraft stories website with you, where I post my fan-fic stories and adventures in Azeroth. I do not post frequently, but I do pour my soul into everything I post, as I hope you will notice too. It will be an honor to have you on my site, read, provide feedback or exchange ideas perhaps. If you are bored from watching videos and streams, this might be a good time to take a break, relax your eyes and enjoy an interesting story that will hopefully take you to different places of Azeroth and provide you with a different perspective. Here is my site: If you are the explorer type as myself, I know we will meet soon :) Eom of SilvermoonEom2 28 May
05 Jul How to deal with toxic people in LFG dungeons I was recently taking my friend through his first Heroic dungeon, teaching him how to tank and told him what to do to optimize himself as a tank etc etc. We ran into a 3 man group (all of them guildies). They were less than thrilled to have a newbie on their team to say the least and soon the abuse started towards my friend "Omg slow tank move it" "omg pull" "ffs noob where are you going?" and the sorts. I tried explaining to them that the player was still new, yet they disregarded what I said, eventually threatening my friend with a vote kick if he started going slow again and not pull tons of mobs at the same time. Usually i tend to just put people like that on ignore, but I got myself an idea... initiate vote kick on the person who started the abuse and who was the biggest abuser in the group. Typed in "!@#$ Tank"... his friends friggin took the bait and vote kicked him lol. If you're ever getting abused for not doing well enough as a healer or tank, or maybe even DPS. initiate a vote kick on your abuser and type in what you'd think they'd type down to vote kick you. People seem to forget to read the name and just read the highlighted yellow text with abusive text shouting for the kick of someone.Baralon17 05 Jul
25 May Burn out Hey i've been playing wow since 3 months right now and i feel really really burned out. Now that i am 902 ilvl i don't know what to do next. I would like to do something that can improve my gear a lot, but since my best Set drops only from nighthold raid and i've been doing it for some long time and it's a thing that you can do only once per week i don't really feel that i doing it... ;/ I really like doing dungeons but since half of my gear BiS drops from NH i dont see any point to do dungeons also when i am queuing up for M+ for something like +9/10/11 people almost always decline my request :( There is an issue i know that players even for m+4/5 are looking for freaking ilvl +900... FOR M+3/4/5 ILVL +900?!!?1!? are they serious!? Is liked this game when i could gear up from WQ dungeons etc. but i dont really know what to do now. Anyone feeling same as me? Any suggestions? HALPShockqy0 25 May
25 May Fan Art: Aldrachi Male (Guessing) This fan art is brought to you by an artist known as ZafNova. It was made as per my own commission and am thus sharing it for all to see. We know there is no official artwork on the Aldrachi, but the moment I read about these amazing warriors I just had to see them, so I commissioned an artist to show me what they think the Aldrachi looks like, and the result is both awesome and sorta terrifying. Best way to describe it is what would happen if a draenei and a faceless one had a baby together. Share your thoughts here, as comments are disabled for the piece itself.Harovian4 25 May
25 May Requiem of the Red Dawn mountain - Blog Hi, I've opened a blog for my writing of "Requiem of the Red Dawn" It's a kind of my "dream expansion", starting in the end of WoD's time, and focused in an invented mountain zone east of Silvermoon. It's not another story of a world ending threat, but about a remote, wild zone which founds itself in the middle of a political scheme and faction conflict, with both alliance and horde presented as "grey moraled" at best. Right now, i uploaded the introduction, few of the lands in which the expansion will start in, one colored map, and more. I'm doing my best to update it every week or at least every two weeks. Feedback, ofc, would be welcome :-)Amnastária4 25 May
24 May Lil' story of raiding EN with 794 ilvl druid Okay, so today (24.05.2017) i hit level 110 w/ my druid. I was wandering in Dala, when a thought came to me. How about i try to join raids just for giggles and stuff. I've found some raids, so i tried to sign up. There was one group for The Emerald Nightmare, and they had an auto accept on. I think its worth mentioning that i had 794 ilvl during that time. So then i flew from Dala to Val'sharah, and entered the raid, we went straight for Cenarius. As soon as the group pulled, my computer completely lagged and WoW crashed. So on the first boss i didnt do anything. Surprisingly i didnt die, even though i didnt even move. Our group was good, so we killed Cenarius fast. Then we went to Xavius, this time my game didnt crash but with my dps of around 150k i didnt do much to him. So, thats pretty much the story of how i defeated 2 last bosses of The Emerald Nightmare while not having the ilvl for LFR.Faringosept0 24 May
23 May Survey for my Bachelor year ! Hello everyone, I am actually a student from Paris who integretated a Bachelor program ! This Survey will help me for my these, only 10 questions, less than 5min of your time, but much love for me <3 Thanks to the community ! (P.S: The Survey is about WoW of course :D) The link to the Survey: 23 May
19 May Hayven Games passed Dear Blizzard,I hope you guys can do something for him. It is so sad to see young person lost his long fight with cancer. He was a talented person and deserve some attention from your company. He needs to be memorialised in some way. We'll miss you and we all love you Hayven. I believe creative company like Blizzard can stand this situation.Chronozcz0 19 May
17 May I Remember.... Pure funny nostalgia here for wow veterans and/or new players. Share your noob and/or funny memories of world of Warcraft. Think about things you were serious about as a new players and later learned that you were a fool. Example' I remember, that when i started to play wow as an orc, i was in AWE of everything and somehow landed in UC as a level 5 due to the urge of exploration. It took me literally 2 days to put my pride as a player aside and learned to ask for help to get out of Undercity...A hunter, Bloody was his name. May 2005 on Argent Dawn never forgot him.... I remember, the tiny shoulder pads patch... prior Gnome players whined about their shoulders being to small and somehow with the next patch theirs got bigger but the Orcish players suffered from gnome sized shoulder visuals...which made us feel very very weak.Grömmash15 17 May
17 May We need people for our machinima team! (Note: I've reposted this topic in this Forum, because I think we cattered to the wrong audience in the other forms.) Introduction Hello guys! I'm jpfaple and I'm one of the owners of the WoW machinima team: Nightrealm. The story We want to make a series based on the story of Uther the Lightbringer, who he was and how he became a paladin, all up to his death. This way, people without knowing much of the WoW lore can still understand and enjoy the stories WoW has to offer without spending too much time reading his lore and just understanding half of it. Who do we need? So, basically we need people on our team: Voice actor's, camera men, body actor's, artists, music makers, etc... So please sign-up! You don't have to be a professional voice actor to join, if you can talk into your microphone, then thats okay! There are still alot of main characters that are available: Varian (kid) Uther the lightbringer etc... You need to sign this form to sign up: More info: 17 May
17 May My first impression of WOW I'm here cuz i liked to share my experience in wow , I'm not an old player i only knew the game when WOD came out , my friend was a wow player so he told me :" you want to try the game then go and try it when it was great" Then he gave me a WOTLK version of the game and told to play on a private server , when i logged in i was astonished and shocked i just started running around not caring about quest killing mobs just this was blowing my mind , after hitting 80 i did nax and decided to download wod and try it ( on a private server too ik such a dick ) it was Hella buggy but the community was great and so was the game i stopped playing for some time and then when legion came out i decide to buy the game and here i'am after 2 months of buying the game , the game is really great I'm liking everything in it from raids to dungeon to PvP , leveling in legion zone was fun and had a lot of lore , old zones got me lost a bit lucky i played WOTLK before coming but there is one thing that really bother me , inside my guild everyone is good , but outside everyone has been so far been dick no offense , everyone just want people to be ultra Pro before accepting them into a group or a pug , and even after outgearing the raid u still get rejected in pugs and u get really rudely responded to if u try to ask a question about the game or a new aspect in legion however my experience in the game is still great so far and i wish to learn more about the game and play it even more.Paldinos2 17 May
17 May Hey guys, I am going to make another one haha This time I've decided to make a new character screen video, just gonna use more than 2 days on this one, I am probably going to use about 3-5 weeks because I am going to make it even better, and using a animated program now learning to use it, quite fun :P So sign ur character up now, I going to make a long video as well about 7-8 min or more That will be up to how much I'll get :D Here was the older version for about 4 days ago now ^^: Watch it maybe you'll caught any interests by joining: ((AND PLZ tell me what scene you want if you maybe would get disappointed :) I will prob fix how u want ur character ))Syalda202 17 May
14 May [Video] Warcraft Tribute Hey folks... I am a big fan of both Warcraft and World of Warcraft as you for more than 10 years. I decided to make a video for my beloved game and community... Thanks to Blizzard Entertainment and my group mates for those great times we lived here.... Enjoy... :)Shamântafox15 14 May