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11h I'm writing a rogue novel and would love tips/feedback The novel will be free to download when finished (I'm writing most it as part of National Novel Writing Month in November). The story is about how a high elf lacking an affinity with magic goes from a normal teenager to an outlaw rogue with a dangerous secret. Any feedback would be hugely appreciated, because this is sort of the first piece of creative writing like this I've shared (outside of RP in-game). Bear in mind I had to chop into some of this to avoid spoilers, so it may be even rougher than usual. The link below is to a small excerpt featuring two of the main characters: And you can follow me for more updates on Twitter here: Thanks!Phoeníx0 11h
4d Ideas for a WoW B-day Party!! Hello, everyone! My birthday is tomorrow (14th Oct) and I'll be celebrating with my family, however I decided I'd spend the entire night (so, tonight) with my WoW guildmates. Technically, on my birthday! So I'm in need of some ideas. Here's what I've got so far: - A Transmog Run from old Mythic Raids - A Transmog competition where I choose the theme - A fishing party in Highmountain, somewhere where we can set a few campfires and just talk to one another over discord, sharing stories and listening to music, of course. - CAKE CAKE CAKE But what else? What if a part of them doesn't wanna run raids for transmog? Or doesn't wanna fish? I know I'm overthinking this, but my guildmates are such incredible people. I wanna make that night worthwhile for everyone involved. Thank you in advance!Likki4 4d
4d When Asmongold Gets Pissed & WoW Daily Highlights ... This is an outro I made for my new daily WoW highlight video's. There are 4 episodes so far: ... ... ... ... ... I'm making these videos to mainly bring more publicity to smaller WoW streamers. I hope you guys don't get triggered by the clickbait titles, it's to bring in more traffic I'm sure you'll enjoy the clips if you just ignore them! I also hope Asmongold can react to the outro :D. Thanks for reading and supporting!Simo22 4d
6d Sylvanas Windrunner Classic/vanilla WoW Figurines Hi there,hope this is the right forum to ask this. I´m wondering if there is any figurines of the classic/vanilla Sylvanas Windrunner out there to buy somewhere? Sorry for bad English .Farrion0 6d
05 Oct Asmongold lair - Raid Asmongold lair - Raid Make a new mini raid, with an asmongold lair theme Idea: you get into a dungeon, you will have debuff at all time decreasing resistances (if that was still in the game) Lets call it a plague instead, for every minute you are in there, you will lose stats or something like that, due to the bad climate inside. Kill literally trash, all the way to the only boss inside - Asmongold best warrior/world. Asmongold could have a mechanic where he loses some kind of buff, because you throw money to pilav. (you owe him 500$) Rewards: Nothing ofc - only asmongold gets some ingame recognition.Pricéless4 05 Oct
04 Oct World of Warcraft - The Fan Expansion New Expansion is here ! All classes and talents have been merged into a brand new system You don't chose a class, you build the class. Your character is a simple common person, you start your journey doing quests for your village elders or crafting gear, potions , and learning medecine to mend the wounds of your mates. As you progress into your journey you will find tomes and books about ancient ways of combats and spells, you return to your village elders and they will introduce you to the hidden legends of Azeroth. You are given the scroll of legends, as you open it you will discover a wide range of expertise traits, how to excel in melee combat, infecting enemies with deep wounds, poisons and plague, how to stay at range and weaken your opponent with shadow arrows and spells, or how to become an endurant guardian to keep your enemies threat away from your mates. The traits you chose will make your character one of the 12 classic classes, but very different from what is actually known as a class. You can be an Arcane Ranger wielding a bow, that deals damage to enemies, using arcane magic, and invoked magic pets. Or you can be a Venemous Ranger wielding a crossbow, infecting your enemies with poisons and toxic fluids, invoking scorpions and insects. You can be Shadow Stalker tossing plagued shurikens on your enemies stepping on their back for a while to stab them with your daggers. You can be a Holy paladin blinding your enemies with your armor's light boosting your mates morale and weakening your opponenet. You can be a Retribution Paladin commanding the light to strike the land on which your enemy walks on, You can be a Guardian Warlock corrupting your enemy soul and absorbing the damage they deal to you. .... You can build your character from all schools of magic and arts of fight, the more traits you unlock the more powerful and unique you are. But if one day you decide you want to change who you are your can start over on the same character, and become a new class (that would probably take months to unlock completely) but if you keep the same class for many months, your character will have unique visuals, to let your team mates know how experienced you are. There are four roles for Dungeons and Battlegrounds: Damage, Healer, Support and Tank. Damage will excel in doing melee and distance damage. Healer will use his professions to shield and heal his allies. Support will boost his allies and prevent deadly situations using their long cooldown abilities. Tanks will protect their allies and keep the enemy attention on them as long as possible. The hardest dungeons are those where you will gather friends who will bring Time Shards to a dragon next to the entrance, in exchange for a random piece of gear with one stat that you chose, the dragon will go into the dungeon and meet you by the end of it. giving you your reward. You can do as much dungeons as you can as long as you have Time Shards (which are obtainable doing events and quest in the open world) by the end of the week, the dragon will pop up in your main city, giving you a better piece of gear with two of the stats you have chosen during your weekly dungeon runs. Sorry for my english, it is not my main language.Môé0 04 Oct
02 Oct Making a Machinima but... Hello folk! I'm making a machinima but I wanted to see if I can get some quick answers from the forums before I decide to do something. So if you want to answer some questions I have a few that I'm going to personally focus on. What genre would you like to see? Something dramatic or comedic? Anything else? What would make You stay for the entire duration? Should I focus on the Horde or Alliance? Maybe both?Adwoli0 02 Oct
01 Oct Admiral's Black Rum I picked up this bottle from the longing shores of Tiragarde Sound. A place where the waves are in perpetual movement and winds can be unforgiving. Where the wet sand gives in below your feet, the scent of forlorn sea weed challenges your composure and the salty sea air hurls along your brow. That same morning I shared a meal with a group of fishermen, who taught me this old song of the sea: Come up lads, gather around, look what I have found, a bottled up tale from the Tiragarde Sound. There was once a man, imagine if you can, with an alluring and aspiring and ambitious plan. To invite friends of the coast for a bodacious roast, and the best black rum in a hearty toast! An admiral he was, making rum like few, admired and desired for his lovely brew. He wanted no spite, but all to be right, so hard he worked both day and night. Then a day passed by, making glee out of glum, behold he had destilled the best black rum! Then a week passed by for the casks to soak, and give the rum a lovely taste of smoky oak. Then a month passed by for the rum to go far, and ferment with a fervent, burning hint of tar. Then a year passed by, but he wanted it stronger, so he held the invitations to wait a little longer. Then a decade passed by, but before he took a sip, he led his fleet to war and went down with his ship. Then a century passed by and the rum was gone, truly wasted, never tasted by a friendly tongue. And so this day, I shall dearly say, gather your black rum while you may. Oh, why is the rum always gone? 01 Oct
28 Sep Hand painted 3D character I wanted to have a crack at hand painted textures after i started playing WoW again a few months ago. Nothing particularly wow themed/style but it inspired me none the less. :) I'd like to do another one at some point but something intended for the wow universe. Hope you like it! (Feedback always welcome)Megajin2 28 Sep
26 Sep The History of Daily Quests in World of Warcraft Greetings and salutations and hello! I have been wanting to make a video about the evolution of daily quest content in World of Warcraft for a while now, and I finally got around to do it! If you think this would be interesting to watch, you could find the video here: Please feel free to leave feedback on the video. It is my first time ever making a video like this, so I would appreciate constructive criticism.Kentack0 26 Sep
25 Sep My Artworks and Fanart Hi, my name is Caroline :) I've got my own sites on Facebook and Instagram on my artwork which I wanted to present you. You'll find drawings and paintings as well as fanart works on different games. The Blizzard univers is so far represented by a landscape painting and a character portrait taken from WoW as well as by a character portrait taken from Diablo III. More Fanart on Blizzard games is in progress and can be seen on my sites soon. Why don't you already have a look:îne9 25 Sep
18 Sep Daughter of the Sea - Metal Cover Hello everyone! So I thought I might post this here as well since it was such a positive response last time :) This time I made a metal version of Daughter of the Sea. There were so many people asking for it when the Warbringers short was released so there was no other choice, haha! I hope you like it! 18 Sep
17 Sep psychedelic gameplay 17 Sep
17 Sep Dark Iron Dwarf Music - My take on it Hello. Since I'm a huge fan of Dark Iron Dwarves I composed some music for them. I hope you guys like it. It's very short but I just felt incredibly satisfied with how it turned out ;)Gibbersniff1 17 Sep
14 Sep Heelvsbabyface's recent video. Dear Blizzard, First of all im gonna thank the whole team for making this awesome MMORPG for the last decade. Started out in vanilla and still rolling :). Normally im the person who avoids toxic communitys , persons etc etc. Im the glass is half full type and i like doing fun things. One of them is playing WoW. Besides cataclysm and late vanilla,i did enjoy every expansion so far. However this expansion , i am disliking a lot of the new stuff and teh following youtube personality sums it all up Link: Pls fix the game :)Bruce20 14 Sep
12 Sep World of Warcraft Fanart Pages: A little Transmog Set/or Sets that was inspired by my playthroughs of Cataclysm Raids, and Helfire Citidel and Legion (raids) and environments. - And a design I did based around one of my favourite mounts and my rogue. - Would share this directly.. but it appears Blizzard have not updated their post creation area to allow for image uploads. Or image shares. So here's a link for me DeviantArt page for the piece.Ignam2 12 Sep
10 Sep Blizzcon Virtual Tickets, when? When will we be able to buy the Virtual Tickets for Blizzcon '18? Last year was the first time I bought a ticket and I am excited for this years Blizzcon, although I don't expect anything big being revealed this year, but hopefully i am wrong on that part. :)Khaeltuel1 10 Sep
10 Sep The BfA Launch Experience - WoW Machinima - The BfA Launch Experience - WoW Machinima Made a quick little machinima representing my and many others' troubles around the chaos of the BfA launch. It's almost always a mess... but a lovely type of a mess. Enjoy! ^^ P.S. I honestly feel bad for the new races that now have to deal with us players D:Grimprime1 10 Sep
10 Sep Charity idea suggested on facebook So World of Warcraft posted this One of the comments have an amazing idea which I feel could be looked into and would be an amazing opportunity. Comment was by a Lewis saying “Donate 0.01 cents for every turtle that makes it to the water in the next week and donate it to a turtle charity that helps them get to the sea!“ An amazing idea that could be implemented. This post is just to publicise this amazing idea.Sicarìus0 10 Sep
10 Sep How I play BFA 1 minute.Тайгермафиа1 10 Sep
09 Sep [Fan art] WoW BFA Hi there, I'm happy to submit my last work wich is a WoW Fan-art, inspired by a BFA's cinematic. I hope u will enjoy it ! Don't hesitate to follow me on FB if u want to see more, as I plan to do characters next. And even take orders if some of u are interested to immortalize his character with a drawing.Varakhonn5 09 Sep
05 Sep [VID] What got you into WoW ? Hey guys, Made a video on what got me into WoW in the first place and I'm curious to find out different stories on the first inception you've experienced with WoW :) 05 Sep
01 Sep Test post please ignore Test postAlyzaabi0 01 Sep
31 Aug Angry Joe's Rapid fire Review is how i feel about BFA As the title states, i absolutely agree with this review. Give it a look if you like. 31 Aug
28 Aug Song of Sylvanas Goddess of Destruction! 28 Aug
27 Aug I want to edit my OC Hello! How can I get my OC's model and edit it in e.g. Blender and make awesome shots out of it? I'm not trying to make a mod that plays in the game but rather just a model to pose it or even animate it. Thanks!Cellestia1 27 Aug
27 Aug Baine for Warchief I just had this quick idea before eating my breakfast so I jumped onto it and this is what came of it. Hope you agree that Baine needs to be the next warchief, atleast, if you're tauren... you should. 27 Aug
27 Aug Fave wow streamers/youtubers? Mine has got to be Taliesin and Evitel, find they have a great sense of humour and create alot of wow related topics. Give them a go if you haven't already - Let me know who you guys like to watch, want to find new guysMageinchína42 27 Aug
27 Aug Battle of Azeroth video Hello fellow players, i wanted to share this video of the battle of Azeroth opening. Just for the fun of it. I hope you all enjoy it. Cheers! <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>Sinzzer1 27 Aug
26 Aug In honor of the last Warbringers. Couldn't fall asleep last night, so I made a quick sketch. Thanks for looking!Llinara0 26 Aug
25 Aug The Alliance started this war! The Horde is innocent I made a video where it actually shows that Alliance are the bad guys and we, for once, are not! (well I tried to make it that way anyway) I would like to know what you think of the idea of Alliance really being bad guys for once. I'm tired of us "messing up".Murderville2 25 Aug
24 Aug Warbringers - Animation I m wondering in which program videos warbringers r made?Oxine0 24 Aug
24 Aug My new monk (fanart) I decided to make a monk, so I found it appropriate to create an image of her (well, she certainly has no artifact yet, but meh). Link to the image: 24 Aug
24 Aug Digital WoW FANART Wanted to share some fan-artworks i have made :) Enjoy Queen Aszhara: Skoll and Hati [ Hunter Pets ]: Alexstrasza The Life-Binder [ Dragon ]: Program used: PhotoshopAzune4 24 Aug
23 Aug [Soundtrack] Warcraft Legacy remastered (V 2.0) Hello, it's me (BaDitO) again with my Warcraft RTS soundtrack remasters. I've got good and bad news. the good one is: 1. I've reached a point now with my existing remasters that I have the feeling that simply can't do it better. 2. Because of 1) I have finally made them available per download via google drive (see links below), after people were literary begging me for years to make then downloadable. The bad news is: it's still incomplete XD I've not managed to get wc2 humans4 and orc1 and the rest of the wc1 soundtrack to the point were I like them. It may take another 6 years (I think I started remaking wc2 soundtracks in 2012, can't remember) but they will come... eventually ;) Therefore I decided to add 2 bonus tracks - my remaster of the Humans 1 Warcraft 3 alpha soundtrack by andrea g. pessino and a original compsition of mine inspired by the warcraft 2 human soundtrack I hope you'll enjoy it Now for the links: Youtube and the Gdrive download link 23 Aug
22 Aug Legion S7 RBG Hey all! Here is a brief compilation of RBG, in our road to HOTA during the last season of Legion. At the beginning, i didnt have in mind to make this video, so when i started with it, the season was close to end. I recorded arround 25 games for this video (far from the almost 300 that i played over the season). However, i hope you enjoy it. You can expect some cool edits, cool music and a beautiful visual entertainment (2560x1440 60fps). Legion S7 RBG: - -çt0 22 Aug
20 Aug Sylvanas,Goddess of destruction (Sylvanas tribute Song) Greetings everyone! I want to share this amazing cover I found from a really talented artist i follow! what you guys think about it?Jaiwolf0 20 Aug
19 Aug [Class Idea] Blade Mage Class Name : Blade Mage Alliance Allowed Races : Human, Night Elf, Draenei, Worgen, Pandaren Horde Allowed Races : Undead, Tauren, Troll, Blood Elf, Pandaren Combat Role : Damage Dealer Ressources : Health, Steel Armor Type : Cloth Weapons : To be defined. Class information : Blade mages uses conjured weapons to attack from afar. Using old magic using steel as ressource. They manipulate the blades to tear up foes, opening wounds or crippling them. Blade mages are also efficient in melee combat, using the very weapon they summon to fight. Steel acts like Stamina or Focus. Specializations : Blade mage talents can change the way they approach a fight. From dealing pure damage by summoning tons of weapons, to focusing on opening wounds, dealing damage over-time. Or they can focus on melee fighting. Gladiator : Melee specialization A fighter who uses conjured weapons to fight hand-to-hand. Allowing them to quickly change their fighting style and abilities and dealing high damage up-close. Spell example : Command : Blade Storm Melee Range - Instant - 10 sec cooldown Summons blades all around the mage, spinning all around him dealing X Physical damage to all enemies in a 5 yd range. Gladiator Summoning Instant - 5 sec cooldown Summons a weapon next to the mage. Random between : Maces, Swords and Warglaves. Attacks the target dealing X Physical damage. Gladiator strike Instant - 3 sec cooldown Pulls the summoned weapon in the hands of the mage, slices the foe, inflicting X Physical damage. Has a 10% chance of breaking the summoned weapon. Tactical : DoT specialization A mage that learns the weak point of their foe in order to use it against them. Conjuring sharp weapons aiming for vicious strikes to deal damage over time. Precise strike 30 yd range - Instant - 5 sec cooldown Summons a polearm and aims at the foe's weak point. Dealing X Physical damage and leaving the target bleeding. Dealing X Physical damage over 10 seconds. Destroys the weapons. Tactical Summoning Instant Summons 5 weapons next to the mage. Random between : Polearms, Daggers, Arrows or Bolts. Used as ammo for spells. [Limit of 20 weapons summoned at once.] Command : Slice 30 yd range - Instant Commands a summoned weapon to slice the target open. Dealing X Physical Damage and leaving an open-wound, dealing X Physical Damage in 15 sec. Destroys the weapons. Battlemage : Pure damage specialization A mage who thinks pure damage can only be achieved by always summoning more blades. Conjuring hundred of weapons to rain down on enemies. Command : Steel Rain 30 yd range - 5 sec cast - 10 sec coodown Commands all the summoned weapons to rain down on the target. Dealing X Physical Damage and X Physical damage in a 5 yd area around the target. Destroys the weapons. Battle Summoning Instant Summons 10 weapons next to the mage. Random between : All weapons types. Used as ammo for spells. [Limit of 50 weapons summoned at once.] Command : X Slash 30 yd range - Instant Commands two weapons to slash the target. Dealing X Physical damage. Destroys the weapons.Aogami0 19 Aug
19 Aug A Teldrassil and Darnassus of my own It is my hope that it will be rebuild in the game some day. But until then... As a tribute to the home of all my Night Elves, I created this; A Teldrassil and Darnassus in real life. Have a good evening everyone :)Alunaria5 19 Aug
15 Aug Welcome to Boralus - A Night Elf Tale (Machinima) The Link to the Video: Decided to create a little video based on the experience I have had in Boralus as a Night Elf. I'm sure others can relate! Also, Battle for Azeroth has been a joy so far and love the look of Kul Tiras! Cannot wait to play my own Kul'Tiran! :)Shivaara0 15 Aug
13 Aug Patch 8.0 review , do you agree ? Hi a youtuber by HeelsvsBabyFace has released a patch 8.0 review. I wonder if you guys agree with his score. I have to agree on some points. Blizz need to do better than just dumping world quests on us and thinking that's more than enough. Here is the video enjoy. Love to discuss you're opinions on what he has to say. 13 Aug
10 Aug arena/bg tournaments ? greeting ! we are a small/new team who is organizing a few tournaments on & for league of legends / pubg / cs ! after 1-2years of those experiences now we wanna try to run a few tournaments for arena 2v2/3v3 or Battlegrounds ! searched on the web about this a few boiz was saying something about License from blizz ? can someone give me a way to do this ? srsly it would be lovely to run a few personal/private tournaments (online) . wish get a blue response :pYoimfour0 10 Aug
09 Aug EVENT Battle for Arathi How about this remember old days that 1 horde guild and 1 alliance guild meeted up in arathi to do a role played pvp that each faction had 4 specific items theme's well yeh me too and remmember now there a is a communiecation possible betwnee both sides if we make this a proud battle then i espect that! if this has enough likes this can become an event -2 leaders 1alliance 1 horde lead a battle before battle of azeroth in the unchanged area of Arathi this event goes as this each faction disscus in the comunnication window what the players have to transmog the gear take something simple as example the dreanor faction gear everyone do that then tell where the frontline wil be! then do a little roleplay battle talk infront of your army then both faction leaders step forward in to each other to show their flag after that battle starts comment if you like this idea sorry for the grammar and spelling mistakes i am not from england hope to see some reactions on this ideaOllivc0 09 Aug
09 Aug A new WoW You Tuber :O Hello guys, Inspired by many youtubers who talk and share useful information about World of Warcraft, I have finally decided to make my own channel and share whatever tiny knowledge I have about this game. Among 12 million people plays World of Warcraft, if as less as one single person find my video useful then I will consider myself worthwhile and my effort + time making those videos as a huge success. Please anyone willing to help me by checking my video and share useful information/suggestion to how i can make it better, please let me know. I am not sharing the link cause it may violate the forum policy but if a moderator approves I will share my link. As i am at my starting point, I need as much help as i get from you guys and I promise you I will return all the help by making useful videos for this beautiful community . Thank you for taking your precious time and reading my post, PEACE :)Jadeknight23 09 Aug
09 Aug Film: Nadezhda : The untold (hi)story of WoW After 8 years of writing and theorycrafting and 3 years of filming, it's finally here. Quite possibly the longest machinima ever made. 09 Aug
08 Aug Original song: Teldrassil is Burning I felt so sad about the burning of Teldrassil (it broke my heart), so wrote this song and then recorded it. Teldrassil is Burning, original song by Maria Retz: 08 Aug
07 Aug My Paladin's fan art Digital drawing is a big passion of mine and i love drawing my WoW characters and their transmog sets! I drew this one as a sort of farewell to Legion. I wore this set throughout almost all of the expansion and it's truly my favorite. I had a real blast playing Legion, enjoyed all of it, just as i did drawing this picture :)Gérrard5 07 Aug
07 Aug Online Magazine Dear players. We started developing a new project: a monthly online magazine on the WoW universe, where there will be a lot of interesting and unique articles. We need help and your support, your contribution will be important for us. If you're a fan of this game, you want to help make cool content, join our ranks! At the altruistic beginning. We need: - Artists (Cover \ small illustrations for articles, draw covers are not required every month); - Reporters (Server life, scandals, intrigues, investigations); - Statistician / Analyst (for posting statistics on servers); - Authors (writing articles on the game world and all relevant topics of the WoW universe); - The authors of short stories (Writing stories, now not published on the Internet); - Designer (pleasant design of articles); - Layout (layout of pdf format); - Announcer (project voices, which will make clips from articles, as an alternative to reading); - Corrector (correction of errors in the texts of authors); - Lore-consultant (correction of inaccuracies in articles by authors, assistance in creating articles); We are waiting for you and your baggage of knowledge and experience. Do you want to cooperate? Write - or mail: [Ссылка] Herald Azeroth 07 Aug