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13h Hey! i made a world PvP Video as elemental! Hey Guys!! so i got the idea, lets make a PvP video while i level up my elemental shaman. And here it is! Check it out! (keep in mind i am still trying to find suiting playstyle for me during the time i level) ... Thanks for watching and don't forget to give me some feedback of the video!Touchthis2 13h
2d Hey guys, I am going to make another one haha This time I've decided to make a new character screen video, just gonna use more than 2 days on this one, I am probably going to use about 3-5 weeks because I am going to make it even better, and using a animated program now learning to use it, quite fun :P So sign ur character up now, I going to make a long video as well about 7-8 min or more That will be up to how much I'll get :D Here was the older version for about 4 days ago now ^^: Watch it maybe you'll caught any interests by joining: ((AND PLZ tell me what scene you want if you maybe would get disappointed :) I will prob fix how u want ur character ))Syalda199 2d
2d Lore with Kalaghar - Primordial Draenor Hello everyone! My name is well Kalaghar, don't get fooled by the imposter who's blankly staring outwards towards you lot! No, no, no! I have recently started a youtube channel, and well I've always loved the lore of the game, I'm making these video's to improve on my english first and foremost and perhaps grab a little confidence in the meantime, it'd be great if you'd check out my latest(And only) video, where I cover a little bit about Draenors early days and how it all began, it'd be fantastical if you awesome people would throw a comment on things I could improve on or otherwise. Cheers! Edit: In between 3:30-5:30 there's no actual footage, something screwed up in the recording or uploading!Bloodale0 2d
2d How tall are the Vrykul? I measured with a lot of screenshots and pixel counting (end me) with the humans but I always see different results for each measure, I'm becoming insane! Can anybody help out? Measured the ones in Stormhiem.Yinyång0 2d
3d My first impression of WOW I'm here cuz i liked to share my experience in wow , I'm not an old player i only knew the game when WOD came out , my friend was a wow player so he told me :" you want to try the game then go and try it when it was great" Then he gave me a WOTLK version of the game and told to play on a private server , when i logged in i was astonished and shocked i just started running around not caring about quest killing mobs just this was blowing my mind , after hitting 80 i did nax and decided to download wod and try it ( on a private server too ik such a dick ) it was Hella buggy but the community was great and so was the game i stopped playing for some time and then when legion came out i decide to buy the game and here i'am after 2 months of buying the game , the game is really great I'm liking everything in it from raids to dungeon to PvP , leveling in legion zone was fun and had a lot of lore , old zones got me lost a bit lucky i played WOTLK before coming but there is one thing that really bother me , inside my guild everyone is good , but outside everyone has been so far been dick no offense , everyone just want people to be ultra Pro before accepting them into a group or a pug , and even after outgearing the raid u still get rejected in pugs and u get really rudely responded to if u try to ask a question about the game or a new aspect in legion however my experience in the game is still great so far and i wish to learn more about the game and play it even more.Paldinos0 3d
3d Im making friends in WoW! So, like i said i am making friends! Yaay! Anyway :D what happends, long story short, i killed a guy he enraged. I thought i have screenshot of the whole conversation but sadly i do not i probably press wrong button. Still this is too much fun to not post it. 1. 2. Im kinda sad that the whole conversation screen is .. well i dont know where it is but basically he wants to kill me, in WoW and in real life too ! Isnt that exciting ? Also he told me to die! Im sorry that i cant provide whole conversation like i said before, but this is fun still!Geeorgee4 3d
4d Tusk of Mannoroth Farm Group Hello guys and girls. I've been a fan of farming rare and cool items in World of Warcraft since i started to play back in 2008. I'd like to start a farming group for Garrosh 25 hc to farm the shoulders Tusk of Mannoroth. The farming is working the way that we just spam kill him and coin him everytime intil everyone haves them. The setup i need: 2 tanks (plate tanks, if you want the shoulders as much as me:p) 3 healers 6 dps. Add a comment on forum or add Sbb#2321 or whisper me ingame. ThanksIett4 4d
4d Lego Warcraft Movie? Awesome! Have You seen Lego Warcraft made by Polish Lego Fan? Zbudowany z Lego in Fantasy World! Blood, death, Orcs ... invaders came from Draenor to conquer Azeroth by sword and axe. The only way to stop them is destroying the Portal and kill all of the invaders! This is World of Warcraft advanced story, incredible work, awesome game. I am inviting you to the adventure at Dark Portal in Blasted Lands. For the Horde or for The Alliance? Link for Pictures: 4d
4d Chnaging mentality in WoW players. Hello Blizzard and fellow wow players, I would like to share my story of how this game influenced me,how I play it and how it changed during the years. I would have liked to make it a very happy story but it is not all flowers and happy. I started playing wow again in Legion (having played in Vanilla, TBC, Wrath and WOD) and started to get very immersed in the universe again due to me getting diagnosed with a form of cancer. When I got the news I was devastated, the hardest part is to accept that you have such a disease and get ready to fight it. Besides a lot of friends, family and girlfriend support, I also had wow as a game that i played quite a lot, especially since I was not able to leave the house for long periods of time. Due to the fact that I played on EU and in the mornings and evenings, I wasnt able to have raid oncounters since when EU usualy raid was at nights and I am to tired by those hours to play. So 1 month ago I saw that on Sylvanas EU there were some really major guilds that were well known in the comunity; I saw such a guild offering Mythic+15 runs for gold. I really wanted to try a latter Mythic plus than 10 (maximum i did) so I took my chance and asked them if they would consider doying a pro bono run for a Mythic 15+ And asked the person adevertising that run if their guild would consider doying such a run with me, telling him that I am unable to find such a run. The answer was a imidiate hell no, followed by some very rude comments and remarks about my condition ... honestly i never felt more humiliated in my life for asking someone if they could give a helping hand. It was then I realized that yeah wow is nice to play solo, the story is better then ever, I enjoyed the quest lines on multiple characters. But the mmo aspect of it has become a ruthless industry. And this is part blizzard fault for not implementing aiding systems. Like if you make a group with a player that has lower ilvl the party should receive some sort of extra rewards like AP or something. This would make people more simphathetic to help other people instead of making it all about money. No matter the situation, state, health, if people kindly ask for help we should try to help them especially if we can. And Blizzard should pay more attention to this fenomenon in WoW where players are not bonding as they were due to everything being so tied up to money and not to having fun and helping others. I am sorry for my rant, but these thought stood out with me for the past month and I had to let it out. Best health and regards to everyone.Vidodruid3 4d
5d Legion Animated Wallpapers Morning, I've just created an animated wallpaper about Legion using the video and the background found in the home of the official Legion website. I've made that in 3 different resolutions: 2560x1440 px 1920x1080 px 1366x768 px I don't know if I can share it with u guys, so I'm asking for a blue answer b4 do that (they are not used for commercial purpose, ofc) and then I will show the animated wallpapers and explain how to install them. All of this fan art is 100% free, I get nothing for it except enjoyment knowing that other people can experience and enjoy the fantastic art of Blizzard in a different way. Tephereth8 5d
15 Mar Cobrak Quits WoW Just gonna leave this here, for those who know of him, if you didn't know alreadyïa2 15 Mar
15 Mar Fashionably late Mythic Helya. We finally killed her after going back yesterday for the re-prog. Fairly easy fight after the NH release, so I suggest you go get the cutting edge if you're a mythic guild for easy ranks ^^ I made a Multiple PoV video if anyone would be interested :) 15 Mar
15 Mar Notification Signals Anyone know where i can find notification signals from WoW to use on iPhone? Like some lines said by certain charcthers (e.i Gul'Dan, Illidan, Lich King and so on) Not really happy with the ones from ZedgeNonmortuus0 15 Mar
14 Mar Mindset of WoW players - then vs now In this video "rant", I reminisce about the various social aspects of WoW in the past expansions and vanilla, how they disappeared in Legion, and what can be done about this: 14 Mar
13 Mar WoW model viewer Issue My model viewer is loading as normal asking for permisson etc. but no program starts up. The icon stays in the task bar like normal but my screen is empty. I have dual monitors and I've checked both but Model viewer seems to be hiding?Terina3 13 Mar
13 Mar WoW Machinima Series - Soundtrack Hello anyone! Just a humble advertisement for a track from the soundtrack of a machinima series of mine. I'm currently working on season 2 of my series 'Repentance' and work together with Moonchant Music to make a fitting soundtrack for the season. Feel free to give it a listen! 13 Mar
10 Mar Twitch Stream Oneheda Hello WoW peeps, I'm Wanheda and I'm streaming my games at Come show me some love and have a chat with me :) I also stream Overwatch games and Heroes of the Storm. Mostly I'll stream WoW and our progress of our guild <Gladius Dei> Doomhammer, We raid every Wednesday, Thursday and Monday. Thanks for the support in advance! See you at the stream <3 PS: At several goals in my stream I will do some giveaways to give back to the nice community that Blizzard has.Wanheda0 10 Mar
09 Mar The Decline In GM Customer Service Hey I am aware that I may get flamed for this post! Back when wow was launched I found the Game Master Service to be incredible the response times and the care and genuine thought that felt went into your support issue. I found that this was the case with the vast Majority or game masters I encountered up to around the end of wraith. And i simply do not understand how the quality of the service can dramatically change so much in the short time since those expansions. I can only presume that as the game has become less popular blizzard either have a smaller budget for their support staff or simply care less. I will give 2 or 3 small examples that I believe show a dramatic fall in the quality of service that we as paying customers receive. 1. Not Last week a blizzard Game Master Told me Fact that it was impossible for them to appear in game anymore! The next link clearly disproves this and makes me wonder at the reason for this blatant lie 2. RP enforcement- Now i know this does not apply for everyone but I have an easy comparison here to make. During TBC I had an enforced Name change because I was reported for having a UN RP name now as ravenholdt was an RP PVP server I can see why names such as "Tangoguy" aren’t rp at all, I’m not complaining about having to change a name but in stark contrast, today you get monks across many RP servers that find it amusing to call them self's Bater ( Grand Master Bater) and nothing happens! It would appear that your name no longer is required to be RP on an RP Realm. Which brings me to my next point 3. Wanting to change the name of your guild (Good Luck) So recently I have been told that i may not use certain guild names on my server this lead me to do some digging the guild name my guild wanted was "SuperNova" we were told that we couldn't have this because it wasn't RP so I’d just thought I’d also take the time to point out to blizzard some of my other Guild names that I’d like the clarification on how they are RP all the following guild names are from RP servers : . <CLEAVE BRITNEY ALONE> <DOYOUEVENLIFT> <Your mom in a box> <Urinal Cake> Clearly these names bare even less relevance to the game than SuperNova and as such I find it ironic that they are allowed to persist whilst the name we wanted, was thererfore according to the GM considered to be un RP and therefore banned on our server. Now i take 2 issues with this one blizzard would not send said list because apparently it was too long, now as we are not using floppy drives anymore and emails can hold more info than ever what kind of excuse it this. And two Argent Dawn another RP server currently has a guild called SuperNova, so my question is, how can the guild name be banned on one RP server for being un RP and allowed on another RP server. I simply do not see the issue and feel the response from the GM regarding this issue was more of an excuse to close the ticket rather than the considered and measured response that I had come to expect from blizzards customer support department Many thanks for reading my post like i said this is just my experience of how GM services have changed over the years have a good day guysOllza6 09 Mar
09 Mar Signing off Hello i've decided to stop playing this game today and just wanted to share my story. My english is not the greatest since I don't live in an english speaking country, for that I am sorry, I hope it won't be too much of a problem. I played this game for the first time back in vanilla and instantly fell in love, the game was awesome and it got me hooked for the last ten years. My fondest memories of the game was during the burning crusade expansion, the dungeons, the raids the flying mounts, it was everything I wanted and more. Recently I haven't had much time for playing the game due to my studies getting more intense. I just have time to play the game for a few hours a week at most and being an active player in a raid guild is not an option for me. I now experienced the game though the eyes of a "casual player" and it's been dreadful and I stopped playing shortly after reaching 110. With the return to karazhan content being added my hype level went though the roof. Karazhan was my all-time favourite raid and I couldn't wait to experience it so I got back in to the game. My gear is decent, as decent as it can be by just playing mythic+ dungeons with PUG-groups and world quests, around 860. Once again I was faced with the casual player problem, trying to find a group for content with random players. It took me around two days to just get a group together since it was my first time doing the dungeon. Most LFG-groups was labeled "link achi" and when I finally was invited I made it clear that this was my first time trying out the content and more often then not I was asked to leave without even getting a chance. No matter that i've been watching a ton of guides, no matter that i've been playing this game for ten years. It did not matter. So i took matter in to my hands and started my own LFG-group with the title "First timers only". After about an hour I finally found a group of people in my situation, ready to try the content, maybe die a few times but stick it out and finish it together. We were all new except for one guy, that guy. The guy that had done this before and wouldn't let us forget it. We died on the first boss, it happens in this game, it's part of the game. Most people seem to have forgotten this. The experienced person in our group immediatly called us worthless, that we should learn to play the game, linked the dps meter and left the group. After that, the rest of the people in the group left aswell. This happends, all the time with LFG-groups. Dying on a boss usually means a complete team disband, it takes all sense of accomplishment from the game. I honestly believe the addition of achievement has greatly damaged world of warcraft. People always value the achievement more than the player and if you haven't got an achievement for the content you want to do, then you won't be given a chance. It's kind of like applying for a job, you might have the skill and dedication but if you can't show proof that you've done this exact job before, the job will go to someone else. After weeks of unpleasant social encounters with random players I found myself just running around, constantly refreshing the LFG-tab for a group, any group, every online moment. It isn't fun, it really isn't. This is why i've decided to leave this game, most likely for good this time. The World of Warcraft community, while most times can be so incredible soulless other times. I thank you all for the good times i've had for the majority of my teen / adult live. If you've read this far I thank you too, zug-zug!Oggelogge5 09 Mar
07 Mar Am I waisting my time? Hi all, So I have a question for you guys! Am 33 and I love playing games, I do this for as long as I can remember. At the same time I have a job, a gf, I do sport 3 or 4 times a week, and my hobby is .. well game. But then sometimes late at night when I get in my bed I wonder, wtf did I just do for the last 4 hours…playing wow??? I often think and feel that am kinda waisting my life or time by playing a game. I know its fun and all, but I could spend it “ wiser “, maybe go back to school and learn something new, get in my bed sooner since I often stay up to late. etc etc Maybe play a game that demands LESS time … Do you guys sometimes feel the same?Jeacar10 07 Mar
06 Mar Encyclopaedia World of Warcraft - Leather Cover - 2017 Hi, i have leather cover custom made for my book... now... this is Horde Foliant :) Encyclopaedia World of Warcraft - Leather Cover Handmade Leatherworking Master: Evgeniy Osadchev VK: Full Album - Medium Quality Progress and finish.Механический3 06 Mar
02 Mar Just wondering.. Hi :) i was just wondering whats the story about ur guys and girls race choice friends told me like normal storys about how they got the inspiration from the yeah what im wondering is does anybody else have same kinda story that i story why im playing a worgen fire mage :) -> im playing/maining this one because my little brother that has bad diabetes told me that worgen looks like "Bigbadwolf" and well my name means "Bigbadwolf" in finnish so i did let him choose the spec and all of that for me,and now my job is to main this one :)Ísopahasusí1 02 Mar
02 Mar [H] 3v3s and BGs 2.2K UH DK POV Hi guys, new to streaming, thought I leave the link here for just a casual streamer doing anything from random BGs, to Rated Arenas. A chill guy, always happy to have a laugh!éabaglolz1 02 Mar
02 Mar Twisting Nether Community Discord Hello there adventurers of Azeroth! I'm here to introduce a community Discord Server. The server is specifically for Twisting Nether players but obviously any player is welcome on to the server to discuss various things regarding the game! The link to join us and make the community a greater place can be found here: I hope I see you there! Best regards, ScuffedjaysScuffedjays1 02 Mar
01 Mar I Remember.... Pure funny nostalgia here for wow veterans and/or new players. Share your noob and/or funny memories of world of Warcraft. Think about things you were serious about as a new players and later learned that you were a fool. Example' I remember, that when i started to play wow as an orc, i was in AWE of everything and somehow landed in UC as a level 5 due to the urge of exploration. It took me literally 2 days to put my pride as a player aside and learned to ask for help to get out of Undercity...A hunter, Bloody was his name. May 2005 on Argent Dawn never forgot him.... I remember, the tiny shoulder pads patch... prior Gnome players whined about their shoulders being to small and somehow with the next patch theirs got bigger but the Orcish players suffered from gnome sized shoulder visuals...which made us feel very very weak.Grömmash8 01 Mar
26 Feb Music Channel Hi! My name is Mike. And i want to show you my youtube channel about cover metal. Injoy!Дрессолана0 26 Feb
25 Feb Druid Tutorials - Youtube series Hi lads, I'm starting a Youtube series with a few druid tutorials. You can find the first video here : How to grid2 Of course, since this is my first video of this type, I appreciate any constructive criticism you may have. Cheers ! PS : you can also find me at if you have any questions :) much love.Manå0 25 Feb
20 Feb Top10 Removed Abilities (video) Hi, I've been working on a narrated video, going through the top 10 druid abilities removed from the game. I hope to do Mage and Warrior next. I'm new to recording, so any feedback is appreciated! Youtube link: 20 Feb
19 Feb New WoW youtube Channel Hey guys, would really appreciate if you could check out my new youtube channel, If you could like comment and subscribe that would be amazing - If you also have youtube channel's let me know and I Can subscribe backCorroth0 19 Feb
18 Feb Searching for an old trolling YouTuber Hello! I remember back in the day when I didn't have WoW I used to watch WoW videos and I stumbled upon a dude who's goal was to reach max level without doing anything. He'd just queue for dungeons and just follow the group without doing damage or healing anyone. Firstly he started as a rogue with the name of "Imnothelping" or "Nothelping" and I think that he got banned and made a new account and started playing a druid. Description of some of the videos: He got a key in the dungeon and didn't want to use it to open the rest of the dungeon. Dancing as a moonkin and spamming "pump up the jam" song lyrics. Trolling a guild masters girlfriend and making her to make him a "sammich". Ninjalooting but after waiting for the loot timer to be almost at the end. Healing just himself in a dungeon. I TRIIIIIIIED so loooong to find him. Been several days now. I typed all the possible things that could lead to him on YouTube and Google. I searched trough all my subscribtions on YouTube and trough all my "liked" videos and wasn't able to find it. Now that I type this I didn't check history. In one video he admitted to be depressed and I'm afraid that he didn't do something to himself, and I'd like to see his videos again. If someone knows his YT name or name of a video I'd appreciate it a lot! Cheers mates.Rushwayc1 18 Feb
16 Feb Streaming Demo Lock BG/Arena/PVE Please check it out, and offer feedback where necessary! I'm relatively new to demo lock, and Legion pvp in general. 16 Feb
16 Feb Any software dev's? delAllaria0 16 Feb
11 Feb Coming back is no fun :( hej everyone, I just came back to the game, trying to get used to my changed class, barely halfway through the first zone and already Level 104. For the class campaign I had to enter two dungeons. And both times I got kicked for simple "reasons". 1. I made an add switch mistake and apologized right after for not noticing fast enough- that it is my first time in the dungeon. yet I kicked right after without a word, "cause we are trying to level up a friend" 2. I was kicked for too low dps, cause a level 110 tank with a pretty advanced artifact and most likely completely familiar with his class had slightly higher DPS. Again I got kicked minutes before the last boss "because I wanted a fast run" I don't remember the game being like that before I left. Scenarios like this completely ruin my game fun. I now probably get: look for a social group, play with friends, ppl are jerks. However, that doesn't work for me. Between work, school and voluntary work I don't have much free time to play on a regular basis. I often only play a lot for a few and then barely anything/almost nothing for weeks. I'm glad I just wasted 60€ for that... Anyway, thanks for reading. I needed to get that out of my system. I know it's a mimimi spam post, so sorry to disappoint if you expected something more.Lycao1 11 Feb
10 Feb Finally done with 2 Nighthold videos! :) Hey there people! I've been a huge fan of making simple bosskillvideos for my guild up through the years, been trying to make something extra out of them as of late. Would love any feedback you might have! Good or bad :) Gul'dan Heroic The Nighthold - A World of Warcraft Movie | Part 1/4 This one is pretty big, but I've loved Muqq's Icecrown Citadel movie, so I wanted to match it abit. Tried anyhow! On a sidenote! Blizzard PLEASE release a machinima tool for the public! <3 I know you have one, seing as on the WoW-europe homepage, in the background with the "The Nighthold is out now" video playing, that's EXACTLY what I would love to have, seeing as FreeFarSight and Machinima Tools are over :(Vampizer0 10 Feb
09 Feb Academic research on WoW Hi there! My name is Elina (MaidenBlood #2458) and I am an anthropology student at the University of Latvia. This is my final semester and I am writing a BA thesis on how the World of Warcraft players experience and interact with the virtual world of the game. I am looking for WoW players, who are ready to invite me to join them on walk-along journeys to the in-game places they like, share screen captures of artifacts or other in-game things they may find interesting. Story-telling is welcome, fishing, hunting and exploring caves together – your choice! I also need to conduct at least two interviews with each of my potential research participants until 10th of March preferably, this can be done in any way you like – TeamSpeak, Skype, In-game chat, etc, as long as it is live, so no e-mails (they tend to be shorter and less flexible). The interview questions will be aimed at understanding your virtual reality and usually feel more like a conversation; that way you can sometimes lead the way and tell me something I haven’t thought of! Please keep in mind that any anthropological study aims to protect the informant’s privacy and anonymity, so no real or avatar names will ever be disclosed in my final draft, all sensitive data that you may wish to share will also be excluded. You also must be over the age of majority (an adult, basically) in your country to participate. It’s an ethics thing, nothing more. I may require some form of contact information, so that I can reach you and eventually send you the results (in June 2017). More suitable for casual exploring players (no dungeons or raids, unless they are low level so that we can stop and walk around enjoying the scene :) ), who would like to gain a chat, walk and play buddy. I would much prefer for this to be a collaboration where we “write together” and you can be a hands-on commenter and a critic! Oh, and another thing. I am with Horde (EU-Aszune), so I cannot follow you into Stormwind :) If you have any questions, go ahead and type up a comment or an email to elina.ribacenko@gmail.comAerlinn7 09 Feb
09 Feb Old character models toggle on/off. Greetings fellow community and maybe devs, if you read this. Since Legion launched the old character models had just gone from the game. I know the "toggle old character models" button is this still in the advanced tab under interface options, but if you toggle it off all you get is the old looks of the face and skin but you'll still have the new Legion running and spell animations. Now; many people loved the old models as well as the pre-legion spell vfx. Please, dear Blizzard, give us an option (maybe in 7.2) to toggle the old character models + spell animations on/off. Why am I adding the spell animations you might ask? Well, that is, because the old character models have gone, because they're not compatible with the new Legion spell animations. So please just add the option to toggle that on or off. It's not hard really - if you still have the code that is (<-- aimed that towards blizzard devs) Thanks in advance!Legaçy0 09 Feb
09 Feb All Druid vs GulDan We killed Guldan with all druids. As tradition, I make a small Machinima in our bosskill video. A lot have requested me to make more Machinima, but I'm not sure yet, if other people enjoy my humor. Either way you can watch it here! BUT!! It has the Nighthold End Cinematic in it! So SPOILER ALERT! 09 Feb
09 Feb [Fan Animation] Return of the Empire Heya! This is a fan-made animation trailer made for the roleplay campaign we're running over at the RP server Argent Dawn. Story: Once feared for their brutality, the Mogu lived in hiding for the last four years after their defeat and the fall of their Empire under the Thunderking, Lei Shen. Scheming in their vaults, new clan leaders rose in ranks to storm Pandaria once more. In vast numbers, they are stretching the forces of Pandaria thin. Who can stop their ruthless advance, now, when all attention was turned to the invading Demons of the Legion?Sindaru2 09 Feb
08 Feb C'thun Hi guys, Not sure If I'm allowed to post this here, but I thought I'd share my interpretation of C'thun, this was a lot of fun! :) 08 Feb
31 Jan Dear GM's, give me a little hope for this! So I was just looking through things here and there and I found this one: Please tell me Blizzard! Why are you not founding this?!?!?!?! I have looked through loot crates and there is nothing interesting in them except the Blizz/WoW stuff (for me)Hìrka0 31 Jan
31 Jan Don't know what to do :( Hello, Since mid to late vanilla i have been playing wow. I've had various goals over the years and usually they were trivial things such as capping characters or mounts. However, when Blackrock Foundry released, i decided to try my hand at raiding semi-seriously. As there is only ever one role available in any raid team, that being ranged dps, i geared up my marksman hunter. I did what i could and was usually in the top 5 dps in the raid guild i joined. This all went fine and continued....untill Legion. The initial new feel and discovery of legion content was fun. The raiding however turned out to be a huge problem. Suddenly, thanks to the massive overhaul of all classes, i could suddenly no longer do decent dps.. i usually ended up near half way or even bottom of the dps meters. The guild leader asked me to step up my game, though i couldn't figure out how. In my frustration i started trying other dps no avail. Bottom of the dps meters is where i ended up. This continued until the Nighthold. I found that i really enjoyed restoration Druid. However, as we know, only one roll is ever needed in a raid...ranged dps...which meant that i had to learn how to do balance druid. That, despite using weakauras for my rotation and looking up guides and using things like mrrobot and pawn, did not help much and my dps was once again quite low. I've tried to look at warcraftlogs, but it looks like i'm peering into the matrix itself, i don't know what i am looking for. Last night, after a horrible raiding night, the guild leader pulled me aside. He said that he rarely has to do this, but that i'm demoted to social, down from raider. While i understand his position, I feel humiliated and depressed from the experience and now lack purpose in wow. What am i supposed to do? I feel like legion made dps specs way too complicated for me.. and no amount of asking for help seems to help..Lyannia1 31 Jan
30 Jan Name for female doggy Greetings community. It's my first time fdoing this but i thought "what the hell let's give it a go". So my mother just got a little female dog so of course the search for a name begun. I was wondering if you WoW community and family could help please since i much prefer to ask you people than to go to some random cliche sites. Thank you so much on advance.Imperyon9 30 Jan
28 Jan <The Bulwark> @ Argent Dawn - Level 60 Guild. The Basics We're currently seeking new Members with the interest of joining a Level 60 Project hosted with strictly Vanilla Geared PvP, PvE & Social Events. <The Bulwark> & our Alliance counter-parts named <Afterlife> Also plan to formulate more PvP Events so both Factions can link up for Arena's & World PvP. ( We accept Cross-Realm Level 60's. As well as encouraging them to join the Guild ). ( For those unaware; Trying to Que for a Battleground at Level 60 won't pop, until Legion fixes ). Progression With more need for recruitment we've began to set ourselves Raid challenges in the meantime, using different strategy's & reducing the number of certain Player roles depending on the Raid itself. As a Guild we also plan to continue this method of Raiding for future Events rather then "Zerg" our way through Raids quicker then Buzz Lightyear. Guild-Rules - Raidcall ( TS3 or Curse ) is required for Guild Raids and Events. - Enchantments are allowed from all Expansions. - Before creating Events please let an Officer know in advance. - Respect one another / No Boosts - Levelling beyond Level 60 to Level 61 is instant G-Kick. - No Monks or Death Knights. We've accepted Paladins. - No Heirlooms, Burning Crusade Gear or Burning Crusade Craftables. Strictly Vanilla for Raid Events. PvP may vary. ( Naked Slots Otherwise ). - Preferably MS>OS - Main > Alt Loot Rules. Legendary Item Rules Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker - Only people who plan on using Thundefury for the benefit of the guild such as Protection spec Warriors, Paladins & of course Rogues will be allowed to roll for the bindings using Master Loot. ( If there are no other Classes that meet the requirements above, Mages & Other Classes may roll for the Bindings ). Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros - Sulfuras will be handled using Master Loot. Guild Members are expected to Farm the craftable Hammer themselves however our Guild Bank does provide Materials for long term Members. How to Contact us in Game General - Bipsi Lt. General - Janní Officers - Ambush - Sunyankzi - HonoredBipsi13 28 Jan
28 Jan Need help with searching for old advertisement Hey people! I was wondering if anyone would know where I can find old advertisements Blizzard used for WoW. I remember that there was an advertisement which was showing a bridge in stranglethorn vale, and a character or characters on the left hand side looking towards us. This was the very advertisement that got me into WoW and made me start to play for so very long. It might have been similar to this picture ( but then more wide. If anyone would know something that could help me track down the picture that was used or a picture of the actual advertisement, I would really appreciate it! ~GaleburstGaleburst0 28 Jan
27 Jan Rainy days and endings always get me down I never played Asheron's Call. One of the first MMORPGs, it launched in 1999, and is still going today - for a couple of more weeks. It's the same old story - company sells to another company, and the stuff out of the current focus gets destroyed. Yes "it's just a game", but it's a game where many people spent time and had friends. It's an ending. I feel for the people affected. It will happen to WoW some day. In somewhat related news, The Rebirth, a classic WoW server, is shutting down. There's no legal drama, and it was a relatively small server, without Twitch talking heads streaming from it, so it's unlikely to make headlines. The team who run it just can't justify dedicating the time to it anymore. The Rebirth has been running since 2011, and will close in March. From what I've read, it was the purest of the Vanilla experiences still available.Gráinne1 27 Jan
24 Jan Death Knight in his prime! Hello Guys, I Would like to present you some of my screenshots of Death Knights in his prime (I hope). Please tell me what do you think :) Themes of this screenshots is 3 specs of DK: Unholy, Blood and Frost. Unholy Charge: Looking for Target: Blood Elf at Home: :)Ravelthenar2 24 Jan
23 Jan How can someone send an image to Blizz I was wondering, how can someone send a image to Blizz. Ive recently have a new tattoo and was wondering if the guys who created the charecter will like my artist's work.Droodit4 23 Jan
21 Jan [Request to CMs] Return 'Achievements' Forum section. We do not have an Achievements forum anymore, Why? with legion, I haven't been very active recently outside my realm forum. so i'm realizing this very late. thanks to a friend that pointed it out recently. The US Side of the forums has one, but ours was taken away with the transition to the new Web Design. any reason? Limiting us to lesser options for forum topics is a worse idea, it only results in crowding threads together making topics very un-organized and morelikey irrelevant to the Main forum section topic. Regardless of the Achievement forums, why are our forums so limited to specific topics? isn't a good thing to have different forum sections to appeal to many types of players? limited forum sections is an old issue that i never understood why it existed. there is absolutely no harm in expanding the forum sections to different topics such as the US forums style. only good can come out of it for the community. i'm envious of the US Forums, lotsa variety of topics to choose from: 21 Jan