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1d New WoW streamers We trying to live the dream and look good doing it, Xmog of course: Come say hi and tell us what you are up to in Azeroth these days!Flameztar0 1d
2d ELVui Problem Bug? hello i do have a problem here with ElvUi(my pet bar is on the middle of the screen) needs to be to the right side of the screen .... WTF?... any advices or suggestions what might be wrong? screenshot(Уильямфлай0 2d
3d We had a crazy raid night! Just wanted to share this video, as maybe some people might like our raid nights in Tomb of Sargaras. Thanks to all my guildies for having a great time and if you want to join us, please whisper anyone from Phoenix Arising! Cheers!è0 3d
4d Legion Animated Wallpapers Morning, I've just created an animated wallpaper about Legion using the video and the background found in the home of the official Legion website. I've made that in 3 different resolutions: 2560x1440 px 1920x1080 px 1366x768 px I don't know if I can share it with u guys, so I'm asking for a blue answer b4 do that (they are not used for commercial purpose, ofc) and then I will show the animated wallpapers and explain how to install them. All of this fan art is 100% free, I get nothing for it except enjoyment knowing that other people can experience and enjoy the fantastic art of Blizzard in a different way. Tephereth11 4d
5d THE MUSIC OF BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT! Hello guys, my name is Alexander and im from Russia, i founder of the first russian fan club dedicated to Blizzard Entertainment composers . In general, I like Blizzard games, but music in their projects i love bigger. So that, i gradually collect music collection dedicated Blizzard, digital and physical and i would be very glad, if would you can to help me) In the current time i'm looking for these albums, so that, if you know where i can buy their or if someone can give their as gift, please respond me :) You can write in this topic or on my email - My collection in current time - Albums which i'm looking: 1996 - Mr. Tom & Got Show - Warcraft: The German Mixes (German release, CD); 2000 - StarCraft Game Music Vol. 1 (Korean release, Cassete); 2000 - StarCraft Game Music Vol. 1 (Korean release, Ver 2, Cassete); 2000 - Diablo II Soundtrack EP (CD); 2000 - Diablo II Soundtrack (CD); 2000 - Diablo II Soundtrack (Catalog number W7092910, CD); 2000 - Diablo II Soundtrack (Spanish, CD); 2000 - Diablo II Soundtrack (Polish, CD, Ver 2); 2001 - Diablo II Soundtrack (Germany, CD); 2001 - Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Soundtrack EP (Pre-order bonus, CD); 2001 - Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Soundtrack (CD); 2001 - Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Soundtrack (Polish version, CD); 2002 - Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos Soundtrack (CD); 2003 - Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Soundtrack EP (Pre-order bonus, CD); 2004 - World of Warcraft Soundtrack (CD); 2007 - World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Soundtrack (Korea, CD) 2007 - World of Warcraft: Taverns of Azeroth: Happy Holidays From the Blizzard Audio Team ("Handmade" design from Blizzard Audio Dept, CD) 2007 - StarCraft Soundtrack (Blizzcon 07, CD); 2008 - World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Soundtrack (Korea, CD) 2009 - World of Warcraft: Mosaic Soundtrack (Blizzcon 09, CD); 2010 - StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Soundtrack (CD); 2010 - Revolution Overdrive - Songs of Liberty (Blizzcon 10, Vinyl); 2011 - The Music of Diablo 1996 - 2011: Diablo 15 Year Anniversary (Blizzcon 11, CD); 2012 - Diablo III Soundtrack (CD); 2013 - StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm (Composer Promo, CD); 2013 - World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Soundtrack Volume II (Blizzcon 13, CD); 2013 - StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Soundtrack Volume II (Blizzcon 13, CD); 2014 - Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Soundtrack (Dev version, CD); 2014 - World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Soundtrack (CD); 2016 - Lucio - Synaesthesia Auditiva (Promo soundtrack from Overwatch Recruit Kit, Vinyl); 2016 - Warcraft Movie Soundtrack (Vinyl); 2017 - Starcraft: Remastered (Vinyl);My list also available on my own site (on site list regular update) - Thx all, who can help with collection)Рейдор1 5d
6d Is machinima worth making I wanna make funny wow machinimas and since its haloween im thinking^_^Flappyfist5 6d
13 Nov Worst WoW expansion? Worst wow expansion? Honestly Cataclysm is the worst expansion in my opinion, the only fun leveling zone was Mount Hyjal and Vash'jir was seriously the worst questing and most boring zone ever. The raids and dungeons were so !@#$ and boring too, and with blizzard ruining all the zones and making (the barrens) 2 places Southern Barrens and Northern Barrens makes it all worse. How can people honestly think that MoP was worse than Cata? MoP was definitely the cure of wow dying out, timeless isle was the best zone they ever added into the game, the concept is literally unreal. The zone were you stayed for days and days trying to get your Heavenly Golden Cloud Serpent, the zone were you grinded for emperor of shaoao reputation and it wasn't even a pain in the %^- and it was fun to grind and kill those elites. I honestly don't see the things that were so *!@#ty about MoP, what makes everybody think that MoP was the $%^-tiest xpac when theres Cata and WoD which are 2 xpacs that are atleast 100 times worse with the most lean content ever?Nëlla25 13 Nov
13 Nov Luminous Starseeker Flight Animation Just want to let the mount flight animators know that the Luminous Starseeker animation when flying, and is in the 'Pushing' action. The animation is not looped properly. The front right leg has a small 'Jitter'. perhaps a frame is missing or else the loop was not moved back a frame therefore causing the 'jilt'.Kailisia0 13 Nov
12 Nov WoW Classic PvP - How do tou guys want it to be? Hey guys, Made a video on WoW Classic regarding pvp :) Jump in the talk if you have any ideas :) ...Sneaku1 12 Nov
11 Nov WoW after new data Will be this new data last data ? After this new ( last ) data blizzard just let wow slow die ? Or will be after this new data next data ? What you thing guys ? I think Blizzard dont let wow die . I want play this game in 2030 :DMasachzcz3 11 Nov
10 Nov A specific ID for a video. Hi i am trying to make a video or intro for a project and I have come across an obstacle I am searching for the fiery animation ( the big fiery circle ) that spawns underneath the spell "Falling ash" which was originally from the fight "kor'kron dark shamans" to create a war aspect vibe / battlefield. I am asking if anyone can help me find this! it means a lot to me ! :) Many Thanks, Monkukei.Monkukei0 10 Nov
10 Nov WoW Parody - Intro of GTA Vice City For all you World of Warcraft and/or Grand Theft Auto lovers out there! In the following link you will discover a brand new WoW Parody on the Intro of Grand Theft Auto Vice City! Have fun and do not hesitate to share and like :)Antongeesink1 10 Nov
10 Nov Fanart tattoo help, plz First of, I really hope this is the right forum :P Second, I need some help, from someone who can draw a lot better that me xD I am buying me and my bf new tattoos for Christmas, and we both want something related to wow and our classes and specs. My biggest problem now is finding something small and subtle to get. (Key word, small) My bf want something related to ret pala. And even tho there is a lot out there for us to pick from that, he wants something cool, and masculine. At the same time he want that holy color mix between gold and yellow. My tattoo is a little harder, I’m a outlaw rogue. There isn’t really that much for me to work with. That’s why I need help! :O So if anyone want to help I will be forever grateful. - LizzyPinkstraww2 10 Nov
08 Nov I found a guy on YT that's weirdly watchable... First off. It's not me. lol. Just wanna make sure people know that. I have a separate post in this Forum for my video and I'm not a spammer. I recently found a guy called SoupaSoka. And the premise to his videos is... He played Vanilla WoW and BC. Since then... he's played on private servers. These videos are him experiencing Legion for the first time. Now... his first couple of videos are polarising. Because he seems like an idiot lol. E.G. the first video is him levelling an undead rogue at level 1. For the whole video. Obviously people commented saying... This is basically Cata content. You need to be level 100 to experience Legion. So video 2... he buys a token, does the combat training, does the broken shore scenario, skips the Vol'Jin cinematic because he's bored! and complains that Legion seems to be on rails and there's no challenge and he hates it. Personally, I was watching it thinking it was the most infuriating thing I'd ever watched. But I just couldn't stop watching. There's an episode where he's levelling in Stormheim... casually walks into Halls of Valour... doesn't even realise he's in a dungeon. It's hilarious. He's done like 30 odd episodes now and obviously improved and learned some things but if you want to find a WoW youtuber, who is different than the vast bulk, check him out (if you enjoy cringe). He goes back to old content and talks about the changes and how it was back in the day. You get to see a person's reaction to these changes for the first time and it's kinda cool. I know people have a hard time trusting these kind of posts... it's genuinely not me. He's American for a start and also doing quite well on YT so i dunno why he'd try and plug his channel on the EU forums.Bunfafunf3 08 Nov
07 Nov Thank you Hi! Not sure if this is the right place for this kind of post or not, but if not then please redirect to the appropiate place or please tell me where to post it, Thanks in advance So this is just a appricative little text,and im not gonna lie it´s quite emotional typing this. I started playing WoW nearly on day 1, so happened to be the same day my family got broadband connection, i was about 16 at this time About 2 years later while in Lower black rock spire on my gnome warrior heroicly leading the group to victory another player thought i was funny and asked to be my friend, this Turned out to be a girl and 1.5 years later this very same person was right next to me,gaming,laughing and sharing life in my home country. We moved in together not long after that in her home country of norway, still sharing our love for Wow, i could sit here and ramble for hours how we sat and joked about me being "mama bear" in the beggining of expansions as i always took the lead and lead us to the qest points and keep the small group we played with protected as the tank i was, or how i have meet so many friends over the years that are very dear to me. But im not gonna sit and talk about all that, just know i have got so much enjoyment and happines out of the game that it would be hard to describe We lived happily together and a few years later when i came home from work i was greeted at the door with a smiling face and "Im pregnant!:)", i was so very happy, love children and i could not have been more happy Sure enough 9 month later my son was born and the following 3 years have given me more happines then i ever thought was possible, ofcourse as the gaming dad i am i let him create his own wow character on his 2nd birthday, to the instructions of "yes" and "no" to what he wanted it to be, it wil remain on my character screen until the day he comes of age to play :) WoW was the gateway to the happiest moments in my life, and without it im not sure i would have the wonderfull son that i love so deeply today, So from every inch and corner of me, and from the center of my heart i say THANK YOU!Ayanamichan7 07 Nov
03 Nov The drums of war thunder, once again... HYPE!Razid0 03 Nov
31 Oct League of Machinima [LF voice actors] The WoW Machinima community peaked in 2007 with the release of Tales of the Past 3 by Martin Falch, but has been going downhill ever since. Today, WoW Machinimas have been replaced with comedy machinimas for newer games such as Minecraft, Skyrim and GTA 5. The League of Machinima is an attempt to gather and collect the finest talents available to truly bring the WoW Machinima community to new heights. What is the league of machinima? The league of machinima is a discord channel, consisting of 57 members, ranging from voice actors and composers to machinimators and graphic designers. The discord channel is an attempt to create a more easy and accessible way for fans of WoW to come together and create content more creatively, than ever before. The league of machinima is currently fortunate to have the creative talents of many fine machinimators, some of them being: - MiriQL - Konge Machinima - Thompshire - Grimlaugh - Pukki Studio How do I join? We will be creating a random character for everyone to audition for on You can use the link in the bottom of this post. You are asked to upload a demo reel of your own choosing to showcase that you've at least auditioned for a few roles before. We don't demand excellent quality, but we do want to make sure that you're dedicated and will remain a part of the community for some time in the future. Link to castingcall 31 Oct
29 Oct Dzibuuuu! Hallowen Murloc and Zergling Story! Dzibuuuu! Hallowen Murloc and Zergling Story! Cool idea - fun story :DGarbatyork0 29 Oct
24 Oct Offline/invisible mode while playing Bnet games! Can i please get the offline modus in battlenet and in-game? i sometimes just want to play alone without being disturbed and have some privacy, instead of being questioned why i am leveling just another alt or doing something ''not right in my friends their books''.Dhorma5 24 Oct
23 Oct Short lore videos on YouTube Hi guys, I posted a link to my first lore video a month or so ago on here. The response was really nice and much appreciated as it gave me the confidence to keep going. I've now made five of the buggers and I'm wondering if anyone would be so kind as to check it out and provide some feedback. Please keep in mind, although all feedback is appreciated... I'd really appreciate it if you could watch the entire 5 minutes before passing judgement. I'm only saying this because I've had experience in the past elsewhere of people literally watching the video for 5 seconds and then yelling at me because there are too many folks doing wow youtube channels and that's really outside of my control. I'm not even sorry. It's not my fault. Thanks bunches!Bunfafunf0 23 Oct
22 Oct My wow jujube diaper bag question. Hi, I got a bag. A jujube WoW backpack. Now I wanna know who's that grey cat-like character near Varian Wrynn head? I need to know... I have OCD. I think it's Kel Thuzad. Some people say Mischief. Hi Wow team, can you ask the designer of Cute but Deadly? I wanna know.Brinta0 22 Oct
22 Oct Auctioneer Chilton in Stormwind Auctioneer Chilton in Stormwind is bald because Tom Chilton was bald? Then who is Jaxon and Fitch ? (tinfoil head)Pwseisaietsi0 22 Oct
19 Oct the state of WoW youtubers should i find it amusing or sad that all of them recycle basicly the same stuff like - "uhm next xpac we gona fight old gods i guess, look at that tentacle thing in the sky" - "10 wow references you hear all the time, number 1 leeeroy jenkins" - "easy mounts you can farm and people know about for 10 years"Liándrin24 19 Oct
19 Oct Save the Pet Rocks! Please read this carefully. First of all, it is important to say that species extinction is a natural process that happens over decades but the problem is the current speed at which Pet Rocks are disappearing. Some experts estimate the rate to be between 100 and 1,000 times higher than the expected natural cycle for Pet Rocks. Hundreds of untrained and wild Pet Rocks have been vendored for the past 4 years and this has led to the species being almost extinct. Only very few, uncounted, Pet Rocks are currently found in pockets and banks – where NO wild Pet Rocks can be found in Azeroth today. One of the most common mistakes made by owners of domesticated Pet Rocks is that they tend to misread the Pet Rock's signals. No. A pet rock is not always happy. Pet rocks need care and attention just as well as your pet squirrel, White Kitten and Guild recruit. Although the situation of the Pet Rock is still very delicate, there is good news regarding the recovery of the species, extension of nature reserves and new projects to help people sustainably coexist with Pet Rocks. This does not mean that the Pet Rock population will rise, since too much of the original spiecies is lost. What can we do then? Where is the hope? What we need to do is spread the knowledge about Pet Rocks and appeal to Blizzard hoping that they, with the right technology, will be able to recover enough Pet Rock DNA for re-creation! The Pet rock pet is not a grey item that should be vendored to everyone and their mom, the pet rock is a PET and it belongs in the pet-journal! Please view the screenshots documenting (a few of many) proper uses of Pet Rock here ------> <------ How will you use your Pet Rock Pet? If you support this, please sign below if you’re interested in adopting or/and supporting the Pet Rock Pet Thank you so much for reading this and helping the world (of Warcraft) become a better and more safe place for all Pet Rocks! - Edit: TitleEmo14 19 Oct
19 Oct Fan Art: Elf Demon Hunter @rockinka ... Hey, I've recently started exploring the WoW Lore and I liked the demon hunter background story so much, that I had to draw Illidari which I'm playing now. Share your thoughts here or deviantart. Please be gentle, this is my first more advanced image that I've created :)Lensynya5 19 Oct
17 Oct WoW Cosplay! Hey, guys! Hope this is the right section... I wanted to ask you all: are there any other cosplayers around here? Personally, I love cosplaying and I've already mixed my this passion with my passion for WoW, making Arthas' armor last year with my girlfriend as Jaina, with the outfits from WC3. Let's share all our creations! (This is a link of a nice picture we tookèl12 17 Oct
17 Oct Fanart illustrations Thought I'd share here WoW drawings and illustrations I've made :) Hope you like them! Update: Just linking to my art blog for convenience instead of separate links! 17 Oct
16 Oct Cute but Deadly Figures trading Forum! Hey, i whould love to advertise for my Reddit post about the Cute but Deadly Figures, i think its a huge chance for everyone to get the figures they still need or want so i whould love a uprate on the post :). greetingsHânabi0 16 Oct
16 Oct Starting to YouTube WoW Wanting to start uploading videos to YouTube, just looking to see what others are using and how user friendly they are. Also just general tips. This is only for a hobby not looking to challenge the top guys. Using shadow play to capture and currently light works for editing, but lightworks really difficult to use.Patxz3 16 Oct
11 Oct Commission of my beloved belf paladin. Hi, I just had my paladin drawn and I thought maybe more people would like to have their character drawn or whatever else you may want to seen drawn for you. Here is my paladin: If you're interested, see the pricetable here: 11 Oct
11 Oct WoW Cosplay Hey guys, I'm cosplayer from Tbilisi, Georgia (not the US) Unfortunately i can't visit Blizzcon (my dream) because its nearly impossible to get the US Visa and yest i tried. I hope one day i will finally join you guys there I want to share my creations with you and would love to receive your feedback, the materials i use are pretty cheap and weird :D as we don't have the fancy craft shops here. Most of my works are from World of Warcraft i try to make costumes by the series, hope you like them Cheers, Nina PS. I saw the tipics like that in General, so looks like i can open the topic like that :D i hope this is not against the rulesShadownina2 11 Oct
09 Oct Azeroth over the years Pretty neat video of the Azeroth landscapes. Just shows what a amazing job Blizzard did with some zones.Natero7 09 Oct
08 Oct Daermon PvP videos Hi guys! :) This is my first two PvP video, whit my Frost DK, enjoy! :) Vol1: Vol2: 08 Oct
06 Oct Hello Hello everyone, I am usually a pretty anxious person when it comes to talk about things, this subject will probably be around, but just for my enthusiasm of opening up a thread, I'd like to ask, what do you guys enjoy about this game in general? Gear, zones, music, characters? How do you relate to them?? :)Cynthía5 06 Oct
06 Oct My attempt at a WoW lore video Hi all, I'm hoping this is the right place to post and I'm not breaking any forum rules - it's not intentional! I'm not sure where, if anywhere, is a good place to share videos outside of (anti)social media. Anyway, I just tried my hand at a WoW lore video. I wanted to keep it short and sweet so it's barely touches on the story! Mainly just how the universe started and what the titans are. Obviously using WoW Chronicle Vol 1. I'd be really grateful if people could check it out, let me know what I can do to improve these videos going forward because I'd quite like to do more. This is genuinely about feedback; not a shameless plug to get views. You don't have to like and subscribe if you don't want to. Thanks bunches.Bunfafunf5 06 Oct
05 Oct Hayven Games passed Dear Blizzard,I hope you guys can do something for him. It is so sad to see young person lost his long fight with cancer. He was a talented person and deserve some attention from your company. He needs to be memorialised in some way. We'll miss you and we all love you Hayven. I believe creative company like Blizzard can stand this situation.Chronozcz5 05 Oct
04 Oct Mac'Aree hole fails Had some fun this morning when the greater invasion came up :) I find it hilarious that the hole is right between the portal and City Center waypoint. 04 Oct
03 Oct My WoW Expansion: Back to Northrend Hi @all May I introduce you today my variant of a next still unknown World of Warcraft Expansion: We travel to Northrend and also discover the Monkey Island themed isle (Lucas Arts, 1990) called Monkey Isle. Wait wait wait... ; ) The story binds the two diffrent locations, from snowy Northrend to sandy Monkey Isles. There are now new Dwarfes und Gnomes Civilisation in the Snow, however the new Scourge and Kel'Thuzad (is back) are present. The island is in changed form with two giant Zones: The Northrend is different, in the middle are white powder snow dunes with a dwarf-gnom city. In north and west the Scourge in reddish flora, the "Northern Plaguelands". On the other hand we collide with the in the South See located Monkey Isles. Gamebox Cover: A Dwarf with Snow. Zones (Northrend): 1 Powder snow dunes (Dun Medan) 2 Reddish Scourge-Zone (Northern Plaguelands) *1 reminds to Dun Morogh just many times bigger *2 reminds the western and eastern Plaguelands and to the Borean Thundra. Zones (Isles / South Sea): Monkey Isle Zandalar Other Zones: Banans on the "Worldtree!" (Western Tel'Abim) Northeron* (A transition zone: by plane from Ironforge (or Undercity) to Northeron to Chromie and the bronze dragon) * Northeron is located northwest of Stratholme. Dungeons and Raids: You will spend more time in dungeons in the leveling phase. Lepra-Gnomes in the new City of Gnomes and Dwarfs (on Northrend, Dun Medan) Monkey Isle Goldtempleruins Piratehideout Zuldazar Stratholme 2 (Argentum) Scourge City (Northrend) Gnome Robot-Factory Tel'Abim themed. PvP in the open World: It plays a more important role and also for leveling! A new server ingame system that allows you to switch ingame between PvP and PvE (Servertyp) in the running game. Other villages and locations: Snow-Trolls, Island-Trolls, Night elfs (Tel Abim) Undeads and Tauren (Pirates) Characteres: Bolvar (Dungeon Boss), the new Lich King is...??. Teenage Medan, Zul, Monkeys... Items: Gold and Treasures Special: Sub-Races like Lepra-Gnome Story: We start from the very bottom, we are no longer heroes. If you like this, like this post also on my facebook : ) Hope you enjoy, Ahriel ( Khaz'goroth - EU ), B. C. Koi Jeri FaselAhriel2 03 Oct
29 Sep my FB page of drawings and sculpture hey guys - I am hoping to grow the likes on my fledgling page and I figured some of my fellow Wow players might like some of my art. Its mostly sci-fi and fantasy, but there is also photography there too and a bit of sculpture! Please take a look and if you like any of it do me the favour of liking my page? Thanks Brothers n sisters!Fulgrim0 29 Sep
29 Sep Feels like a new, different game! Good morning, afternoon or evening, wherever you are in the world! Around a month ago, I've built myself my first custom PC and I'm absolutely overwhelmed by how different and amazing the game feels to be played on max settings, rather than on lowest, which is what I've been used to for over 5 years now! I've started playing WoW daily since early MoP on my old computer that was not able to run the game above low medium settings. A year ago, I had to get myself a "budget" laptop, as I was moving to S.Korea to both study and live here for two years. The laptop was weak, but it gave me bit better FPS on low medium than my old PC back then. But since a month ago, I've build my custom PC and now I'm enjoying this new-like game! I've noticed so many details that I never thought were in the game before! Some quick examples! : WATER HAS REFLECTIONS! You can see ships sitting on the water! You can even see the huuuuge Argus and that is just breathtaking! Sand has more detail, a lot of plants and grass, making the zone's terrain feel less empty! Some weapons or mounts have these interesting effects, that I've never even knew existed! View distance..... going from "setting 2" to "setting 10" is just.... wow. I've never seen Stormwind from the coast of Westfall. Never seen the entrance tower of BoT from Burning Steppes. Never have I ever felt so good flying on my mount, looking around the zones, seeing all the details. It gives that depth in the game I never experienced before...! And all of this is up to TBC! I've been leveling a new character and I'm so excited to go through WOTLK, CATA, MoP, WoD and Legion! Ugghh, just writing this makes me want to hop on the game right now and carry on enjoying all there is this game has to offer! Thank you for reading my little story! P.S. For those who are interested - I'm playing on everything on max, apart from the "Environment detail" (which is on 7) and I have over 120fps ! The PC specs are : CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600; GPU: MSI GTX 1060 6G G X+; RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB DDR4 3000MHz; TOWER: COX A3 HaloAugii4 29 Sep
28 Sep Naxxramas Trailer 2017: Anyone seen this guys work yet? Mindblowing! Completely, wholly mindblowing.Abacabb26 28 Sep
28 Sep My fondest WoW memory I remember back in vanilla when i was about 13 or 14 and WoW was so hard to play solo i caved and made a Paladin for the heals. Little did i know i would main this class and take him all the way to Duskwood were i have fond memories of exploring the catacolmbs underneath Raven Hill. To me it was so cool, this largely useless but mob filled zone with no other reason to exist other than simply being there and as a Paladin it was a blast. Duskwood is still my favorite zone regardless of cataclysm changesEocaan16 28 Sep
24 Sep will draw you, learning to draw wanna learn to draw better so if you'd like to see bad version of your char just ask warning you that it'll be like last time, it'll be on paper since I don't have tools on pc :pNomadix36 24 Sep
24 Sep Thrall meets a catto (FANFICTION) Thrall was walking in Dalaran, as he saw a catto. The catto meowed. The end.Froglover2 24 Sep
23 Sep Going down memory lane Hello everyone, I recently went through a lot of the Classic content on a few of my characters and had a really great time. I thought about all the old stuff that you could do and see, and also about the stuff that replaced it. Im happy to have experienced both. This journey made me want to create a few videos, showing how the World of Azeroth was once seen by us all. I created a video of some old loading screens that are no longer in use and a video of the old zone & world maps dating back to 2005 (phew long time ago!). I was playing back then, and seeing these images made me remember stuff I had forgotten about how Azeroth once looked, and it brought back fond memories. Hopefully it will bring fond memories back for you too, or if you weren't playing back then, give you a look at how Azeroth and some loading screens once looked. :) Attention: these links takes you to Youtube Old Zone & World Maps: Old Loading Screens: Yhing0 23 Sep
23 Sep Machinima MEP We gathered Machinima makers and made 1 video we're proud :D just wanna share hehe 23 Sep
20 Sep Tattoo Anybody knows how many laser sessions it takes to remove a half sleeve tattoo?Critstorm13 20 Sep
15 Sep My metal cover of the Stormwind/Anduin's Theme Hey everyone, I just wanted to share my original metal cover of the Stormwind/Anduin's theme. First time I am attempting this kind of cover, and I am anxious to hear what my fellow wow fans think! Anyways, I hope you enjoy the music! :)Mythandil9 15 Sep