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7h Rest in peace Hayven FeelsBadMan :'(Zaluzajin3 7h
10h Free Camera Movement for YouTube Hey Warcraft fans! Hope you've all had a great new years eve and have come into 2017 okay and well. Something I want to talk about, is something I've been wanting Blizzard to add to the community for years, and I've never understood why they haven't. And now is the time we could really need it as the community can't really provide it anymore. I'm talking about Camera addons, or more precise, free camera software. There have been plenty in the past, as of recent time, only very few, and it had to be run in the 16-bit client to work, but still, it was really cool for making videos on YouTube. If you don't know what it is, it's a third party software that allows you to disconnect your camera for your character and move around freely, add effects, program in flight for the camera to create great shots, all types of things. And to answer your question, yes, it does sound a bit dodgey, and it is technically a breach of TOS, but to my knowledge, that used this for the sake of making cool videos and didn't abuse it in any way ever got banned. Videos that won prices in the competitions at BlizzCon used these kinds of software's, and Blizzard never had a problem with is. And after Cata launched, it became even less of an issue, because off the "smoke and mirrors" with unfinished textures and such wasn't an issue anymore either at that point, so even less reason for Blizzard to be concerned with this kind of software. The only place it could really cause issues was in the smaller BG's (10v10 and 15v15 BG's) as everything is pre rendered, meaning someone using this could be standing in there flag room in WG and see what was going on in the enemy flag room. But even this was used in a positive way a few years back as some YouTube'rs made a tournament when the skirmish was introduced, they had a "camera man" on each team, as the match started, the camera man moved to each there safe spot, used the camera tools to move around, and the two of them switched between there cameras for different views of the battle as the match (now a 9v9 or 14v14) was shout casted. Plenty of Blizzard staff (inkl. high level people that could have easily gotten the YouTuber's banned if the wanted), loved what they did. So, that was some of the back story of the software if you don't know what it is I'm talking about. If you want to see an example of how this can be used, I have used it a few times in videos. I'll link a video I made from Hellfire Citadel. Now comes Legion, and lets face it. This is the best expansion of Warcraft ever, hands down. Amazing story, so much content, great time to be a WoW player for sure. Not great time to be a content maker though if you want to use free camera movement. One of main reasons why these third part software's aren't working anymore is because WoW is being updated so much that the programmers can't keep up, and so they stop trying. And if you ask me, that's a huge bummer. I know it's very few people that effects, and I'm only a very small YouTuber, but there are bigger YouTuber's out there (and who knows, I might get big at some point). How many people haven't started to play WoW because of videos on YouTube? Hard to say? All I know is, I have started to play games because a YouTuber I liked played a game and I wanted to play the same game. Not the case with WoW for me personally, but still I would never make a private server, it goes against my principles so much like you wouldn't believe. But I was told it was super easy, so for fun I did the research. Now, I don't have the means to see if it's correct or not, cause I don't want to try it out, but I fount that I would need to change one or two lines of coding in one file and add a few lines in another new file, this could give me an "offline" mode and grant me "GM" privileges in that offline mode. I have no interest in tesring this out. But the fact that few lines of code can give people access to this camera mode, and the fact that it is possible to create something similar to addons that can create these almost cinematic camera shots. And of you go back to just the patch trailer for Siege of Orgrimmar, the in game shots used something similar to what YouTuber's had access to. Okay, I get it that Blizzard might feel they don't want people to have access to this stuff on live servers. To me, that would be a bit of a bummer, but I could understand that. Give us access to the same software as Blizzard is using on the PTR then. Would it really be that big of an issue? In all the other games, Blizzard have been awesome at giving the community access to tools that have made people able to create new games. Let's face it, where would LoL be without the mods for Warcraft 3? And look at all the amazing things people are able to create using the stuff for SC! Have you recently counted the amount of addons available for WoW? Granted, many of them are identical, many others aren't updated anymore. Look at how many things stared out as addons and Blizzard thought "Hey, that's a great idea, let's put that in the game!". How many of you used to run "Quest Helper" (think that was the name of it) back in Wrath pre quest objective markings on your map?! I don't know how big the chances are of getting a response from someone from Blizzard. Or if it would be possible to implement what I'm asking, or not possible for legal reasons or what ever. There are just so many times I'm missing it, I so wish I had access to it, but I can't use it, 'cause it's now available to me. And all I wanna do is make a cool video for others (and myself) to enjoy. Anyway, sorry for my long post. When I get started, I just can't seem to shut up again, so I will do that now. Thanks for making your way to the end of this post. =DZiyall1 10h
11h We need people for our machinima team! (Note: I've reposted this topic in this Forum, because I think we cattered to the wrong audience in the other forms.) Introduction Hello guys! I'm jpfaple and I'm one of the owners of the WoW machinima team: Nightrealm. The story We want to make a series based on the story of Uther the Lightbringer, who he was and how he became a paladin, all up to his death. This way, people without knowing much of the WoW lore can still understand and enjoy the stories WoW has to offer without spending too much time reading his lore and just understanding half of it. Who do we need? So, basically we need people on our team: Voice actor's, camera men, body actor's, artists, music makers, etc... So please sign-up! You don't have to be a professional voice actor to join, if you can talk into your microphone, then thats okay! There are still alot of main characters that are available: Varian (kid) Uther the lightbringer etc... You need to sign this form to sign up: More info: 11h
22h Custom model look: Night Elf Noblewoman Heya! Thought I'd share a custom outfit I painted, portraying a Highborne noblewoman as she could've looked like before the War of the Ancients. Made for a future machinima. :) Dress texture painted by me from scratch, necklace modified from an already existing texture. The diadem was modeled and textured by me, and the hairstyle was changed. Hope you like it!Acrona17 22h
23h Worst WoW expansion? Worst wow expansion? Honestly Cataclysm is the worst expansion in my opinion, the only fun leveling zone was Mount Hyjal and Vash'jir was seriously the worst questing and most boring zone ever. The raids and dungeons were so !@#$ and boring too, and with blizzard ruining all the zones and making (the barrens) 2 places Southern Barrens and Northern Barrens makes it all worse. How can people honestly think that MoP was worse than Cata? MoP was definitely the cure of wow dying out, timeless isle was the best zone they ever added into the game, the concept is literally unreal. The zone were you stayed for days and days trying to get your Heavenly Golden Cloud Serpent, the zone were you grinded for emperor of shaoao reputation and it wasn't even a pain in the %^- and it was fun to grind and kill those elites. I honestly don't see the things that were so *!@#ty about MoP, what makes everybody think that MoP was the $%^-tiest xpac when theres Cata and WoD which are 2 xpacs that are atleast 100 times worse with the most lean content ever?Nëlla1 23h
2d Death of Sylvanas Windrunner In time for Easter Sunday, here's a 5 minute trailer for the 2 hour plus film that has taken me 6 years to write and that I'm currently filming in-game. Depicted, as far as I am aware of, is the 1st time that Sylvanas Windrunner has been shown to be killed by Arthas since the event took place in WC3 many years ago. (Blizzard have never shown it since and I can't find any reconstructions by anyone else either). So it's an iconic piece of lore that most WoW players will have never seen. In keeping with lore, all events are recreated as accurately as possible that in-game will allow using in-game mechanics. Sylvanas' pre-death costume is one of the best recreations of her in-game outfit, the LK's model is one available in-game and the 'fight' takes place at the last bridge before Silvermoon and that it was a 1 shot (albeit for cinematic purposes a slowed down 1 shot). Also re-created, is a piece of lore that has NEVER been shown before, the 1st meeting between Arthas and Sylvanas after she got her body back. The scene was referred to in Arthas' novel when Sylvanas surprised him coming from behind a tree and he was incredibly taken aback that her body showed not even 1 wound or scar from the injuries he had inflicted upon it. ( Lore that Blizzard has NEVER explained as to why). Creatively, I've made a very clever use of 'Windrunner Overlook' in Crystalsong Forest to give my personal opinion as to just why Sylvanas is destined for an eternal torment in the event of her 'death'. Music: Fragment of Industrial Revolution 2 - Jean Michel Jarre, Overpowered - Vivien Chebbah, fragment of File A56 7W - Kim Ulsund. Happy Easter and hope you enjoy the trailer.Lswindrunner325 2d
2d Prepared !!1! That moment when you have nothing to do, but you can still do something.Ayamin1 2d
2d Why I am so unlucky? I've been playing since 2005 and as far as I can remember, I've been jumping between classes and characters alot. I pick one class for a few weeks and then visit a major city, inspect people and I'm like 'wow, this guy looks cool, I want to be like him!' and I'm off to creating new character. Vicious cycle, especially that I'd love to commit to one toon, I just don't really know how. How do you guys manage to pick your main? How can you be so lucky,unlike me that i cant stick to one character? !@#$ me ! :(Bladewen3 2d
4d Old WoW advertisment video from 2004-ish I think the fight took place in eastern plaguelands at Eastwall Tower, it was that advert that hooked me to the game. Anyone knows where I can find that advert?Hefaistosjr1 4d
5d Streaming Rated 3v3 - DEMO LOCK Please check it out, and offer feedback where necessary! I'm relatively new to demo lock, and Legion pvp in general. 5d
5d I Remember.... Pure funny nostalgia here for wow veterans and/or new players. Share your noob and/or funny memories of world of Warcraft. Think about things you were serious about as a new players and later learned that you were a fool. Example' I remember, that when i started to play wow as an orc, i was in AWE of everything and somehow landed in UC as a level 5 due to the urge of exploration. It took me literally 2 days to put my pride as a player aside and learned to ask for help to get out of Undercity...A hunter, Bloody was his name. May 2005 on Argent Dawn never forgot him.... I remember, the tiny shoulder pads patch... prior Gnome players whined about their shoulders being to small and somehow with the next patch theirs got bigger but the Orcish players suffered from gnome sized shoulder visuals...which made us feel very very weak.Grömmash13 5d
16 Apr rick and morty s3 its out woop woop woop woopÐeáth1 16 Apr
15 Apr Death knight campaign: We are becoming Lich King So here is my theory, and before you gonna say Bolvar is the Lich King, hear me out. Isn't it strange, that Bolvar wants to help us? You can say that he was knight of Alliance and that woud be maybe the reason, but He is not acting like he was before. His voice is completly changed, and so is his personality, Arthas as the lich king kept at least things, that allowed him to remember Jaina, Muradin and Uther, but Bolvar is completly dark. Whenever we do something for him, or for his order it involves killing or raising people from undeath, what Bolvar himself hated. And we still don't know his intentions in this case, But what about us? Don't you see some similarities with Death Knights and other character in Warcraft Lore? We are guided by being frozen in ice, following his orders. At his command we have taken weapons with power to gather souls and raise undeath. We gathered materials from dead warden and demon flesh to create New type of Undead. We have reacreated four Horseman, from powerful people we have killed. And of our campaign before 7.2 last thing we have done was ordered to Raise Tirion Fordring as the fourth horseman, but it turned out that "Bolvar" had different plan, involving death Of Mograine, and instead raising him as fourth horseman and binding him to Lich king's will. After the patch 7.2 we are even raising powerful dead dragon as part of getting our mount, and even the stance is Very Simillar when we do it. And of course, in our campaign we have pissed of big amount of our Allies (Dragon, by using bones of their own for making them undead wyrms, and Paladins after we killed big amount of them and tried to raise Tirion) I Think the Thing that sits ontop the frozen throne is not Bolvar at all, it's just a shell, a dead shell. This entire time we thought that Arthas has consumed Ner'zhul but it was not true, he was still there, and as Bolvar was copletly unexperienced with power of Undead nad scourge, it was a manner of time till he was killed completely, and only one who was left in crown was ner'zhul, and he was the one giving us orders this entire time. The last thing that will happen in Death Knight campaign probaly will be like this: Mograine will tell us that Lich King called us upon the frozen throne, when we get there, all of the death knights will be there too, and then small cinematic will play as we slowly walk to the ner'zhul, while he will be telling us that he prepared us well, and when we will be right near him, he will tell us to shatter the ice and take the Crown of Domination, and Become The New Lich King, and we will damn accept that. So, that was my theory, i might have some crazy additions to it that are even making some sense but i need to think them over. And Sorry for bad spelling.Kerthoran2 15 Apr
14 Apr How would this PC do running WoW ? - Power Supply: 500w PSU - CPU: AMD FX-6300 Six Core 4.1Ghz Turbo - Motherboard: Gigabyte 780LMT Micro ATX Motherboard - Cooler: Standard AMD Cooler - RAM: 8GB DDR3 1600MHz Dual Channel Kit - Options Available to Upgrade - Hard Drive: Your Choice of Primary and Solid State Drive - Graphics: AMD RX 460 2GB - Sound: Realtek ALC887 - 2/4/5.1/7.1-channel - HDMi - Support for S/PDIF Out - Optical Drive: 24x DVD+/-RW SATA DriveThrogvar0 14 Apr
13 Apr soundtrack of my life whats yours?Ðeáth2 13 Apr
13 Apr Goldshire Encounters (A NEW SERIES) Hey there, many of you already know that Goldshire on Argent Dawn and Moonglade is infested. In this short series made by myself, it features five main characters. Samuel Wilsen, Lambert Atherton, Adaline Doveing, Thargrin Frostwraught and Father Doug. Please watch them in order as it would make no sense otherwise. This is my first time doing in-game videos, leave a like if you liked the video and let me know if you want more! I had fun making these :) I'm going to link Part 3, just click on my YouTube to find 1 and 2. 13 Apr
12 Apr How tall are the Vrykul? I measured with a lot of screenshots and pixel counting (end me) with the humans but I always see different results for each measure, I'm becoming insane! Can anybody help out? Measured the ones in Stormhiem.Yinyång2 12 Apr
05 Apr My worst morning playing WoW (bedside story) Goodmorning fellas, my name's Neiss, and I would like to share with you my morning struggles so you can sympathise, or laugh at my misfortunes. Having finished my WQ, I decided to go for a skinning quest I had put aside for a couple of months. There was really only one objective remaining, the Scales of Netherspite! At this point I would like you to have in mind that I started WoW during WotLK, and I have never been in Karazhan but maybe once. Being a lore sucker and having read so much about this legendary place, I went off to an exciting exploration (finally) of what proved to be an actually cursed place. Upon entering the first thing I realised was that I was in the wrong Karazhan (the Legion updated version, not soloable whatsoever by my toon). I went out and back in, apparently from a different entrance because somehow I was in the old instance So having my guide open on the background, I try to navigate through the castle, leaving only corpses of everything in sight behind, cause my orientation is worse than Shaq's freethrows, and I wanted to make sure I wouldnt run in circles. After getting lost only 3~4 times, and having spent already 20 minutes in the instance, i finish the opera and talk to EVERY npc I see, because I wondered if there was any more lory backstory! (I mostly liked the organ player btw). While crossing a long hallway, one level above the opera, and having already killed everything, I autorun and alttab to check my guide of how to proceed. Upon returning I find my character running stationary, hugging a wall that refuses to let me go, no matter jumping, disengaging, feigning. I hadnt actually fallen into any sort of pit or sketchy stair. It was a flat corridor, which happened to have a wall with a sweet tooth for female N.Elves. After 4-5 minutes stuck I abandoned trying to liberate myself, and I seek the HELP button, portrayed at the top of my ESC menu, where I find two options; either hearth (which would take me to suramar) or go to graveyard. Naturally I opted for the graveyard solution, one more corpse run never hurt anyone. After loadscreen I find my self in suramar and my hearthstone on cooldown. feeling utterly betrayed by the false sense of choice I was given, I stubbornly decided to travel back to the instance, and get that quest off my logbook once and for all. 15 minutes and many, many wrong turns later I find myself right where I was, running strangely on an imaginary straight line in the median of two walls of an unluckily familiar corridor. Stopping only to consult my guide, I get past the Curator onto the library, Netherspite being only minutes away, which felt great given that more than an hour was already spent in the task. Jumping of a library balcony, a yellow message on the bottom left of my screen catches my eye. "your instance lock will reset in a minute" My terrified eyes gaze upon the bottomright corner of my laptop. It was 09.59, on a wednesday morning. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGHBLRBLBLRBRL was my first reaction. But then I remembered I m a civilised person and I can go on the forums and hate on blizzard for the grace in which they approach presenting old content to new players. As I started typing my libelus though, I couldn't help my self laughing with how sometimes, anything that can go wrong, will (thanks Moore), and I decided to share my experience to entertain or,more possibly, bore to death anyone who reads this, in a sort of a clumpsy vengeance. Happy day folks, Neiss P.S. Finally reached netherspite, but for some reason,whenever I try to loot a legacy boss with my bags full, I disconnect *bugreport* P.S.2 Sorry for the long post! 05 Apr
03 Apr Requiem of the Red Dawn mountain - Blog Hi, I've opened a blog for my writing of "Requiem of the Red Dawn" It's a kind of my "dream expansion", starting in the end of WoD's time, and focused in an invented mountain zone east of Silvermoon. It's not another story of a world ending threat, but about a remote, wild zone which founds itself in the middle of a political scheme and faction conflict, with both alliance and horde presented as "grey moraled" at best. Right now, i uploaded the introduction, few of the lands in which the expansion will start in, one colored map, and more. I'm doing my best to update it every week or at least every two weeks. Feedback, ofc, would be welcome :-)Amnastária3 03 Apr
03 Apr what? community? What community? ....there havent been a community since X realms got implemented and you !@#$ed it up. There was a time jackasses didnt get a grp due to being.....well...a jackass. Now you got 2-3 in every grp... Blizzard.. %^-* you :)Elamandri0 03 Apr
02 Apr Started a blog So, I started a blog to talk about WoW. Take a look if you're interested! I've only a few posts on there so far, but it covers a couple of personal ideas, and my opinions on the state of the game and where it's headed! Link: :DQuasodas1 02 Apr
01 Apr working wow model viewer? hello everyone. for quite some time, i have wanted to make wow machinima, and im finally stepping up to try and make some. i installed wmv, but it didnt work. i read up abit and found out that the wmv does not work, with the new models. does anyone know if there is, either a way of solving the problem, or maybe another program that i can use.Giztastic5 01 Apr
01 Apr Instagram: PW: Chic Heya everyone! I've been keeping up with a WoW Instagram page and reached over 1k followers, so I thought I'd share it here too. It's for those that like silly stories, screenshots and character edits. 01 Apr
26 Mar Cobrak Quits WoW Just gonna leave this here, for those who know of him, if you didn't know alreadyïa3 26 Mar
26 Mar Signing off Hello i've decided to stop playing this game today and just wanted to share my story. My english is not the greatest since I don't live in an english speaking country, for that I am sorry, I hope it won't be too much of a problem. I played this game for the first time back in vanilla and instantly fell in love, the game was awesome and it got me hooked for the last ten years. My fondest memories of the game was during the burning crusade expansion, the dungeons, the raids the flying mounts, it was everything I wanted and more. Recently I haven't had much time for playing the game due to my studies getting more intense. I just have time to play the game for a few hours a week at most and being an active player in a raid guild is not an option for me. I now experienced the game though the eyes of a "casual player" and it's been dreadful and I stopped playing shortly after reaching 110. With the return to karazhan content being added my hype level went though the roof. Karazhan was my all-time favourite raid and I couldn't wait to experience it so I got back in to the game. My gear is decent, as decent as it can be by just playing mythic+ dungeons with PUG-groups and world quests, around 860. Once again I was faced with the casual player problem, trying to find a group for content with random players. It took me around two days to just get a group together since it was my first time doing the dungeon. Most LFG-groups was labeled "link achi" and when I finally was invited I made it clear that this was my first time trying out the content and more often then not I was asked to leave without even getting a chance. No matter that i've been watching a ton of guides, no matter that i've been playing this game for ten years. It did not matter. So i took matter in to my hands and started my own LFG-group with the title "First timers only". After about an hour I finally found a group of people in my situation, ready to try the content, maybe die a few times but stick it out and finish it together. We were all new except for one guy, that guy. The guy that had done this before and wouldn't let us forget it. We died on the first boss, it happens in this game, it's part of the game. Most people seem to have forgotten this. The experienced person in our group immediatly called us worthless, that we should learn to play the game, linked the dps meter and left the group. After that, the rest of the people in the group left aswell. This happends, all the time with LFG-groups. Dying on a boss usually means a complete team disband, it takes all sense of accomplishment from the game. I honestly believe the addition of achievement has greatly damaged world of warcraft. People always value the achievement more than the player and if you haven't got an achievement for the content you want to do, then you won't be given a chance. It's kind of like applying for a job, you might have the skill and dedication but if you can't show proof that you've done this exact job before, the job will go to someone else. After weeks of unpleasant social encounters with random players I found myself just running around, constantly refreshing the LFG-tab for a group, any group, every online moment. It isn't fun, it really isn't. This is why i've decided to leave this game, most likely for good this time. The World of Warcraft community, while most times can be so incredible soulless other times. I thank you all for the good times i've had for the majority of my teen / adult live. If you've read this far I thank you too, zug-zug!Oggelogge6 26 Mar
25 Mar Custom group finder for raids I just wanted to share that the custom group finder for raids is the most cancerous thing to have ever exist in WoW. I can only hope for Blizzard to come to mind and give those players who don't enjoy raiding content (because of the requirement of roles and amount of players causing toxicity and such) something to bypass even raiders and be rewarded for efforts outside of raiding. Mythic+ seemd like something good but then NH came out. Giving higher item level gear seems unfair. Just for the fact that you're doing content in a bigger group shouldn't mean one could get better items. Either raise the item level of dungeons at the same time and implement set items aswell or please just remove the whole freaking concept of raiding. Leaders in heroic groups are just asking for a certain 'curve' achievement and having 8/10 progress seems not enough for those toxic players. How should a 910 player like me who has been playing since the launch of Legion be able to get curve for gul'dan if you're not even allowed in such group no more? Blizzard, I honestly from the palm of my heart recommend you to reflect on this matter.Demontartar0 25 Mar
24 Mar Ragnaros Dubstep Hey all Rag Dubstep? Got Lich King? 24 Mar
24 Mar Nerfing legendary and mounts Hey Pulla, this is Legendary local flask, nurse, and quest giver. We will be nerfing the legendary's and mounts until we have realeased patch 7.2. Im guessing 15 weeks, so no bother farming, just send your gold too your friends that stand you close. Have a good day, best regards from legendary local flask, nurse and quest giver!Skrumpelever2 24 Mar
24 Mar Why WoD Sucked! Hey there! Recently I put a video together taking a look back at Warlords of Draenor and the top five reasons why that expansion sucked in my opinion. I made the video because so far Legion seems to have sorted out a lot of the issues the game suffered from during WoD, and because I think it's important that we look back at the low points of the game to appreciate it more now and realize where it can improve! Feel free to take a look at the video, it's linked below. I think you might get a laugh out of it, or at least some fun memories from the last expansion! 24 Mar
24 Mar Legion Endgame Raid Design (For Fun of It) After talking about designing raids for fun and about what we could expect from the final content of Legion expansion with a guildmate, I couldn't help but give in to the temptation to design my own end-of-expansion raid just for the fun of it :) Thought I'd share the link to it here, and see what other people think. Probably that I'm downright crazy, but as long as you say it politely, I totally agree :) The raid, 'Heart of the Legion', is basically a take on invading the Legion's base on Argus and trying to take out Sargeras himself. Some of the boss encounters are probably surprising ideas, and some of the others are just downright... well, sadistic :) Less boring that way, lol. Please note that this link is to the PDF form of my design on Deviantart. I'm not even going to try and copy and paste the whole design in here - I'd have to spend ages reformatting >.>" Please feel free to comment :) I don't mind, and kinda enjoy, criticism, so long as it's polite criticism :)Braeken0 24 Mar
22 Mar Hey! i made a world PvP Video as elemental! Hey Guys!! so i got the idea, lets make a PvP video while i level up my elemental shaman. And here it is! Check it out! (keep in mind i am still trying to find suiting playstyle for me during the time i level) ... Thanks for watching and don't forget to give me some feedback of the video!Touchthis2 22 Mar
20 Mar Hey guys, I am going to make another one haha This time I've decided to make a new character screen video, just gonna use more than 2 days on this one, I am probably going to use about 3-5 weeks because I am going to make it even better, and using a animated program now learning to use it, quite fun :P So sign ur character up now, I going to make a long video as well about 7-8 min or more That will be up to how much I'll get :D Here was the older version for about 4 days ago now ^^: Watch it maybe you'll caught any interests by joining: ((AND PLZ tell me what scene you want if you maybe would get disappointed :) I will prob fix how u want ur character ))Syalda199 20 Mar
20 Mar Lore with Kalaghar - Primordial Draenor Hello everyone! My name is well Kalaghar, don't get fooled by the imposter who's blankly staring outwards towards you lot! No, no, no! I have recently started a youtube channel, and well I've always loved the lore of the game, I'm making these video's to improve on my english first and foremost and perhaps grab a little confidence in the meantime, it'd be great if you'd check out my latest(And only) video, where I cover a little bit about Draenors early days and how it all began, it'd be fantastical if you awesome people would throw a comment on things I could improve on or otherwise. Cheers! Edit: In between 3:30-5:30 there's no actual footage, something screwed up in the recording or uploading!Bloodale0 20 Mar
20 Mar My first impression of WOW I'm here cuz i liked to share my experience in wow , I'm not an old player i only knew the game when WOD came out , my friend was a wow player so he told me :" you want to try the game then go and try it when it was great" Then he gave me a WOTLK version of the game and told to play on a private server , when i logged in i was astonished and shocked i just started running around not caring about quest killing mobs just this was blowing my mind , after hitting 80 i did nax and decided to download wod and try it ( on a private server too ik such a dick ) it was Hella buggy but the community was great and so was the game i stopped playing for some time and then when legion came out i decide to buy the game and here i'am after 2 months of buying the game , the game is really great I'm liking everything in it from raids to dungeon to PvP , leveling in legion zone was fun and had a lot of lore , old zones got me lost a bit lucky i played WOTLK before coming but there is one thing that really bother me , inside my guild everyone is good , but outside everyone has been so far been dick no offense , everyone just want people to be ultra Pro before accepting them into a group or a pug , and even after outgearing the raid u still get rejected in pugs and u get really rudely responded to if u try to ask a question about the game or a new aspect in legion however my experience in the game is still great so far and i wish to learn more about the game and play it even more.Paldinos0 20 Mar
19 Mar Im making friends in WoW! So, like i said i am making friends! Yaay! Anyway :D what happends, long story short, i killed a guy he enraged. I thought i have screenshot of the whole conversation but sadly i do not i probably press wrong button. Still this is too much fun to not post it. 1. 2. Im kinda sad that the whole conversation screen is .. well i dont know where it is but basically he wants to kill me, in WoW and in real life too ! Isnt that exciting ? Also he told me to die! Im sorry that i cant provide whole conversation like i said before, but this is fun still!Geeorgee4 19 Mar
18 Mar Tusk of Mannoroth Farm Group Hello guys and girls. I've been a fan of farming rare and cool items in World of Warcraft since i started to play back in 2008. I'd like to start a farming group for Garrosh 25 hc to farm the shoulders Tusk of Mannoroth. The farming is working the way that we just spam kill him and coin him everytime intil everyone haves them. The setup i need: 2 tanks (plate tanks, if you want the shoulders as much as me:p) 3 healers 6 dps. Add a comment on forum or add Sbb#2321 or whisper me ingame. ThanksIett4 18 Mar
18 Mar Lego Warcraft Movie? Awesome! Have You seen Lego Warcraft made by Polish Lego Fan? Zbudowany z Lego in Fantasy World! Blood, death, Orcs ... invaders came from Draenor to conquer Azeroth by sword and axe. The only way to stop them is destroying the Portal and kill all of the invaders! This is World of Warcraft advanced story, incredible work, awesome game. I am inviting you to the adventure at Dark Portal in Blasted Lands. For the Horde or for The Alliance? Link for Pictures: 18 Mar
18 Mar Chnaging mentality in WoW players. Hello Blizzard and fellow wow players, I would like to share my story of how this game influenced me,how I play it and how it changed during the years. I would have liked to make it a very happy story but it is not all flowers and happy. I started playing wow again in Legion (having played in Vanilla, TBC, Wrath and WOD) and started to get very immersed in the universe again due to me getting diagnosed with a form of cancer. When I got the news I was devastated, the hardest part is to accept that you have such a disease and get ready to fight it. Besides a lot of friends, family and girlfriend support, I also had wow as a game that i played quite a lot, especially since I was not able to leave the house for long periods of time. Due to the fact that I played on EU and in the mornings and evenings, I wasnt able to have raid oncounters since when EU usualy raid was at nights and I am to tired by those hours to play. So 1 month ago I saw that on Sylvanas EU there were some really major guilds that were well known in the comunity; I saw such a guild offering Mythic+15 runs for gold. I really wanted to try a latter Mythic plus than 10 (maximum i did) so I took my chance and asked them if they would consider doying a pro bono run for a Mythic 15+ And asked the person adevertising that run if their guild would consider doying such a run with me, telling him that I am unable to find such a run. The answer was a imidiate hell no, followed by some very rude comments and remarks about my condition ... honestly i never felt more humiliated in my life for asking someone if they could give a helping hand. It was then I realized that yeah wow is nice to play solo, the story is better then ever, I enjoyed the quest lines on multiple characters. But the mmo aspect of it has become a ruthless industry. And this is part blizzard fault for not implementing aiding systems. Like if you make a group with a player that has lower ilvl the party should receive some sort of extra rewards like AP or something. This would make people more simphathetic to help other people instead of making it all about money. No matter the situation, state, health, if people kindly ask for help we should try to help them especially if we can. And Blizzard should pay more attention to this fenomenon in WoW where players are not bonding as they were due to everything being so tied up to money and not to having fun and helping others. I am sorry for my rant, but these thought stood out with me for the past month and I had to let it out. Best health and regards to everyone.Vidodruid3 18 Mar
17 Mar Legion Animated Wallpapers Morning, I've just created an animated wallpaper about Legion using the video and the background found in the home of the official Legion website. I've made that in 3 different resolutions: 2560x1440 px 1920x1080 px 1366x768 px I don't know if I can share it with u guys, so I'm asking for a blue answer b4 do that (they are not used for commercial purpose, ofc) and then I will show the animated wallpapers and explain how to install them. All of this fan art is 100% free, I get nothing for it except enjoyment knowing that other people can experience and enjoy the fantastic art of Blizzard in a different way. Tephereth8 17 Mar
15 Mar Fashionably late Mythic Helya. We finally killed her after going back yesterday for the re-prog. Fairly easy fight after the NH release, so I suggest you go get the cutting edge if you're a mythic guild for easy ranks ^^ I made a Multiple PoV video if anyone would be interested :) 15 Mar
15 Mar Notification Signals Anyone know where i can find notification signals from WoW to use on iPhone? Like some lines said by certain charcthers (e.i Gul'Dan, Illidan, Lich King and so on) Not really happy with the ones from ZedgeNonmortuus0 15 Mar
14 Mar Mindset of WoW players - then vs now In this video "rant", I reminisce about the various social aspects of WoW in the past expansions and vanilla, how they disappeared in Legion, and what can be done about this: 14 Mar
13 Mar WoW model viewer Issue My model viewer is loading as normal asking for permisson etc. but no program starts up. The icon stays in the task bar like normal but my screen is empty. I have dual monitors and I've checked both but Model viewer seems to be hiding?Terina3 13 Mar
13 Mar WoW Machinima Series - Soundtrack Hello anyone! Just a humble advertisement for a track from the soundtrack of a machinima series of mine. I'm currently working on season 2 of my series 'Repentance' and work together with Moonchant Music to make a fitting soundtrack for the season. Feel free to give it a listen! 13 Mar
10 Mar Twitch Stream Oneheda Hello WoW peeps, I'm Wanheda and I'm streaming my games at Come show me some love and have a chat with me :) I also stream Overwatch games and Heroes of the Storm. Mostly I'll stream WoW and our progress of our guild <Gladius Dei> Doomhammer, We raid every Wednesday, Thursday and Monday. Thanks for the support in advance! See you at the stream <3 PS: At several goals in my stream I will do some giveaways to give back to the nice community that Blizzard has.Wanheda0 10 Mar
09 Mar The Decline In GM Customer Service Hey I am aware that I may get flamed for this post! Back when wow was launched I found the Game Master Service to be incredible the response times and the care and genuine thought that felt went into your support issue. I found that this was the case with the vast Majority or game masters I encountered up to around the end of wraith. And i simply do not understand how the quality of the service can dramatically change so much in the short time since those expansions. I can only presume that as the game has become less popular blizzard either have a smaller budget for their support staff or simply care less. I will give 2 or 3 small examples that I believe show a dramatic fall in the quality of service that we as paying customers receive. 1. Not Last week a blizzard Game Master Told me Fact that it was impossible for them to appear in game anymore! The next link clearly disproves this and makes me wonder at the reason for this blatant lie 2. RP enforcement- Now i know this does not apply for everyone but I have an easy comparison here to make. During TBC I had an enforced Name change because I was reported for having a UN RP name now as ravenholdt was an RP PVP server I can see why names such as "Tangoguy" aren’t rp at all, I’m not complaining about having to change a name but in stark contrast, today you get monks across many RP servers that find it amusing to call them self's Bater ( Grand Master Bater) and nothing happens! It would appear that your name no longer is required to be RP on an RP Realm. Which brings me to my next point 3. Wanting to change the name of your guild (Good Luck) So recently I have been told that i may not use certain guild names on my server this lead me to do some digging the guild name my guild wanted was "SuperNova" we were told that we couldn't have this because it wasn't RP so I’d just thought I’d also take the time to point out to blizzard some of my other Guild names that I’d like the clarification on how they are RP all the following guild names are from RP servers : . <CLEAVE BRITNEY ALONE> <DOYOUEVENLIFT> <Your mom in a box> <Urinal Cake> Clearly these names bare even less relevance to the game than SuperNova and as such I find it ironic that they are allowed to persist whilst the name we wanted, was thererfore according to the GM considered to be un RP and therefore banned on our server. Now i take 2 issues with this one blizzard would not send said list because apparently it was too long, now as we are not using floppy drives anymore and emails can hold more info than ever what kind of excuse it this. And two Argent Dawn another RP server currently has a guild called SuperNova, so my question is, how can the guild name be banned on one RP server for being un RP and allowed on another RP server. I simply do not see the issue and feel the response from the GM regarding this issue was more of an excuse to close the ticket rather than the considered and measured response that I had come to expect from blizzards customer support department Many thanks for reading my post like i said this is just my experience of how GM services have changed over the years have a good day guysOllza6 09 Mar
07 Mar Am I waisting my time? Hi all, So I have a question for you guys! Am 33 and I love playing games, I do this for as long as I can remember. At the same time I have a job, a gf, I do sport 3 or 4 times a week, and my hobby is .. well game. But then sometimes late at night when I get in my bed I wonder, wtf did I just do for the last 4 hours…playing wow??? I often think and feel that am kinda waisting my life or time by playing a game. I know its fun and all, but I could spend it “ wiser “, maybe go back to school and learn something new, get in my bed sooner since I often stay up to late. etc etc Maybe play a game that demands LESS time … Do you guys sometimes feel the same?Jeacar10 07 Mar
06 Mar Encyclopaedia World of Warcraft - Leather Cover - 2017 Hi, i have leather cover custom made for my book... now... this is Horde Foliant :) Encyclopaedia World of Warcraft - Leather Cover Handmade Leatherworking Master: Evgeniy Osadchev VK: Full Album - Medium Quality Progress and finish.Механический3 06 Mar