Death Knight

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17 Sep 2016 [Guide]Death Knight 101 (Updated for 7.03) This if for all the really new Death Knights; my guide on the class overall. In this guide I'll be covering our resource system, what abilities you have, how they work and what they do. I'll also throw in some suggestions on gameplay that should make things somewhat easier for you. It's worth nothing that Death Knights, at lower levels, are ridiculously powerful which is a state of affairs I found to be really dull when leveling my latest Death Knight; it's not much fun when you're immortal and killing things with 2-3 attacks, but anyway, here goes. First thing's first; Resources -We have two different resources; Runes and Runic Power. We have a total of 6 runes which can be used for any attack that costs Runes; Obliterate, Howling Blast, Festering Strike, Marrowrend etc. -Runic Power is generated from used runes and the amount of runic power generated is based on the rune cost abilities, for example, Howling Blast cost 1 rune, and therefore will generate only 10 runic power, Marrowrend costs 2 runes and will generate 20 runic power. Pretty straight forward on paper. Now we get to how they interact with each other. Runes begin a regeneration cycle of no more than 10 seconds when used; Haste will decrease this time but not by much. If all 6 runes are used in succession, the first 3 runes to be used will begin their recharge, while the remaining 3 will not. The second set of 3 runes will begin their recharge only when the first set is completely recharged. There are certain talents and built in passive abilities to speed this process up; these talents and abilities differ from spec to spec. Blood - Soulgorge; consumes Blood Plague from everything in 30 yards to increase rune recharge. -Blood Tap; restores 1 rune per use, limited to 2 charges. Unlike Frost or Unholy, there is no passive ability that will assist the rune recharge time. Frost - Runic Empowerment; passive, has 1% chance per runic power spent to activate on Frost Strike. After some time testing, I've found it's about 50% chance (5 in 10 Frost Strikes). -Murderous Efficiency; using the Killing Machine effect has a 50% chance to to restore 1 rune. -Horn of Winter; restores 2 runes and generates 10 runic power. -Hungering Rune Weapon; Horn of Winter restores 2 runes and generates 10 runic power while Hungering Rune Weapon restores 1 rune and 5 runic power instantly and then restores runes and runic power every 1.5 seconds for 12 seconds. Unholy - Runic Corruption, passive, has 1.25% chance per runic power spent to activate, granting 100% rune regeneration for a short time. Requires Death Coil. After testing I've found that this works out that +/- 1 in 3 Death Coils will activate Runic Corruption. Abilities - How They Work Each ability a Death Knight has has a rune or runic power cost. The following are abilities that cost only 1 rune and will generate 10 runic power per use. -Blood Spec:Heart Strike, Death's Caress, Rune Tap, Death and Decay (if talented) Note: Heart Strike generates 15 runic power. -Frost Runes; Howling Blast, Frostscythe (if specced),Remorseless Winter, -Unholy Runes; Scourge Strike (Clawing Shadows, talent), Death and Decay, Epidemic (talent), Outbreak, Chains of Ice, Defile(talent) The following cost two runes and will generate 20 runic power when used. -Blood Spec: Marrowrend -Frost Spec: Obliterate -Unholy: Festering Strike Unholy retains Army of the Dead at a cost of 3 runes which generates 30 runic power. Runic Power - will activate Runic Empowerment or Runic Corruption via the use of Frost Strike or Death Coil respectively. -Death Coil; usable Unholy spec. It's a ranged attack with 30 yard range and costs 35 runic power. This will also restore 10 energy to your ghoul per Death Coil fired. -Frost Strike; exclusive to Frost spec, single target melee attack. Death Coil and Frost Strike are often best used when you're at, or approaching, 100 runic power, but are ideally used when spaced out across your "rotation" which brings me neatly to the next part of the guide. Abilities - What to use and When This will require in-depth guides of their own but there are certain universal abilities you can make use of. -Anti-Magic Shell - use to soak high incoming magic damage; it generates runic power. -Icebound Fortitude - use when you're taking high damage or are about to, or to break and become immune to stuns. -Death Grip - when you need to close the distance to your target or interrupt a crucial cast. The adds on Kilrogg Deadeye is a good example of the uses of Death Grip -Wraith Walk - useful for closing distances and clearing root or slow effects. I'll be preparing basic guides for Blood, Frost and Unholy specs, but those aren't coming before Legion release. For now, as I said, this was meant to cover the very basics of the class for people who haven't played Death Knight before.Hakuteiken34 17 Sep 2016
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15 Nov Dark Simulacrum Is free now on PTR and 20 sec cd. Frostwyrm nerfed. Heartstop Aura now only for frost. Blood Plague buffed Old crypt fever is back and nerfed????Bubasparks21 15 Nov
15 Nov DK PvE Hello all Im thinking alt Death Knight cause i like plate and the Frost spec. My main question is. As DK dps (frost or unholy) is good PvE class for Raid and Mythic Dungeons?Kerverus4 15 Nov
15 Nov Bring back 2H frost Make obliterate actually obliterate people :) Literally 90% of the frost dk community wish for this. I can't describe how much it would be appreciated. (An obliterate azerite trait would also be nice)Mellion28 15 Nov
14 Nov Obliteration vs Numbers Decided to give Frost a try, and more specifically Obliteration in the last tier. And when i get everything right, it feels something like this: ... And yet, I get out dps:ed by equally geared classes doing this: ... This is a satire, not ment to be taken too serious But it still reflects how it feels currentlyDeathvarg4 14 Nov
14 Nov Finished Starter Area, where now? Greetings Programs. I have finished starting area and wondering if anyone has any suggestions on what to focus on next? Thinking of picking up blacksmiting and mining as my first professions too? Cheers.Troneon4 14 Nov
14 Nov Blood Tanking - Item level or secondary stats? Hey, I am confused. What is more important on tank - as much armor, strength and stamina as i can get, or sacrafice a little bit of that to get more fitting secondary? Versatility for example. There are few sources that tells what secondary stats you should focus on. But what they try to maximize is basically HPS or DPS. I wonder how does it work for tank. If i can have higher ilvl item, should I go for it?Arvathor5 14 Nov
14 Nov 2k AMA Finally made it to 2k playing TSG with a friend (warrior) and a pug healer, it was a painful process but i'm there! In all honesty, i don't think DK is that bad. Our damage is good, we just lack a little bit of survivability in terms of a solid "PUSH ME AND YOU WON'T DIE FOR 8 SECONDS" button, Death strike works fine as long as you use it smartly, sometimes i get 50k heals from it if you time it right. Work in some good swaps with grip and stun, you can force a massive amount of CD's from the enemy team in openers sometimes. Looking forwards to the buffs in 8.1, it will really make DK's strong then i believe. Next stop 2.2! Wish me luck!Zenfora2 14 Nov
13 Nov Soul Reaper (Most joyable spell - Bring back <3) I miss the old Soul Reaper from WOD. WOD had a very unique Soul Reaper mechanic that both funktioned as an execute on 35%, which was delayed over time. Very fun and unique mechanic that allowed for a very skillful playstyle that allowed strategical thinking into how quick the HP bar of the add would fall, in order to know when you Soul Reaper would count. When using it on a mob with 36% health it would fail. I really miss this spell a lot cause it was one of the most interesting spells in the game, it had sucha role in maximixing your dmg and also gave a unique buff if the target died before Soul Reaper would be able to do the dmg. Which not only was even more badass but also made it feel even more rewarding if you got that extra deadly buff. (In the same way Doom(Demo warlock) difference being doom has to be the spell killing the mob (and then roll a dice on 5% chance))Robdobbob1 13 Nov
13 Nov Rate the Death Knight transmog above you - Part 11 Given that the previous thread has reached its post limit, it's time to start a new one. Rate away!Lilithriel304 13 Nov
13 Nov Death Knights!? So we dont get allied races, we are garbage in pvp, 1/2 garbage in pve, so can we get some special ARMOR and WEAPONS in this expansion like for allied races? Its just suggestion cause like 90% DKs stopped playing them this expansion cause of you Blizzard at least you could give us something in return.Keishawyen38 13 Nov
12 Nov Why Death knight does need a full rework Just some points that have completely failed to hit the undead monstrosity mark: 1) No fear, we literally cause no form of fear which is mind boggling with this entire theme 2) The specs are way too specific that it seems to interfere what the class could potentially be, unholy got a nice update ith legion but is still missing the mark by alot for many 3) The systems in place have simply died, runes are pointless now and the runic power doesn't do a whole lot, much of this comes down to randomising the rune refresh. 4) Everyone and their mother now has all of the strengths of a death knight now such as multi charge abilities and constantly flowing gameplay, while also covering one or more of its weaknesses. 5) We don't even know what a death knight is anymore, we do not have any clue what the ebon blade stands for since legion, let alone what we are even doing in the alliance or horde, especially after a certain attack on a certain important place in legion. 6) the runeforge has just become meaningless at this point, saves a bit of money though i guess. 7) Despite it's lack of speed, it does not have the kind of toughness you would expect to make up for this despite its trademark heavy plate armour. 8) It has a frost themed spec that almost never uses actual frost effects, with powerful slows/immobilises etc like the frost mage does, only remorseless winter, frostwyrm fury and chains of ice have frost attached to them, born of frost but never using it. 9) Blood stealing the Bone spells maks little sense, I would of thought this spec would be about draining the living of life, with little care for the dead afterwards. 10) There is no point in trying to defend it at the moment, Every single mark has been missed with regards to not only what the player expects from the class as a whole but also what blizzard said the class was meant to be, an icy dk who doesnt ice, a diseasy dk who doesnt debuff and a vampire dk who relies on shields... Just what was blizzard even trying to do with this class recently? none of the specs make any sense for what they appear to be right now. Frost should be freezing and heavily slowing things while being slow and tough itself, it should be a challenge to escape them and absoloutely critical if you cannot. Unholy should be debuffing enemies, reducing their attributes, lowering their output and messing with their abilities while their armies tear them apart. Blood should be primarily focused on its ability to heal itself rather than shield, draining health from it's enemies while having a much higher health pool than any other tank, essentially they would be to take hits flat out and then restore their health afterwards. The entire issue is that instead of focusing on making the death knight tougher and centring it around its strength, the class has been getting pushed towards what other classes already excel at, which is a futile endeavor, a too many chefs situation, you can't make everyone the best at mobile hitter so why bother? get rid of that meddlesome mobility at put some actual defensive gameplay back into the game, remove mobility from other classes if that is a problem, not give mobility to classes that would find it harmful to their entire theme.Siffrah9 12 Nov
12 Nov Did they remove sludge belcher/festerface morph? I can't find the option to use the belcher with his unique dark transformation which turned it into a mini rotgut/festerface. I'm stuck with ghoul/skeleton/geist that can only transform in that ugly thing. No festerface :( Is it gone forever? Why did they feel the need to remove it? Each expansion we lose something....Deathmetal3 12 Nov
12 Nov PvP Balance Tuning September 24: Am i blind? `4 MONTHS` PvP Balance Tuning September 24: Note that we’re planning another round of balance updates for the near future after this round, which will include changes for other specs (including Warlock and Death Knight). Note that we’re planning another round of balance updates for the near future after this round, which will include changes for other specs (including Warlock and Death Knight). Note that we’re planning another round of balance updates for the near future after this round, which will include changes for other specs (including Warlock and Death Knight). Note that we’re planning another round of balance updates for the near future after this round, which will include changes for other specs (including Warlock and Death Knight).Frostbringer7 12 Nov
12 Nov What happened with the 2-h return? Hey guys, The state of DK is (as you all know) not the best right now pvp-wise. This isn't a topic about how to fix em, just a question about the class-fantasy. I loved 2h dk, i do understand there's a difficulty tuning our abilitys around 2h but this was said during a Q&A with Ion and Josh. "Frost Death Knights will have two-handed swords returned to their arsenal in Battle for Azeroth, but will not be able to use any of the appearances they unlocked since the Artifact is two one-handed swords." Did something happen or was it simply just a "We can't balance it (doesn't bother to) to match dual wielding" ? Sorry if this has been answered here before. Remove if it has and point me to the right direction. And no, English isn't my native language but i do hope you understand.Linp17 12 Nov
12 Nov Frost Strike Animation Hi there. Since Legion we got wonderful attack animation. I play as a night elf, and before that I really liked the Frost Strike animation - the classic fencing of my race. After one update and until now - only NE-male and a Human-male changed it to a completely different and bad animation, which is not even connected with the hits. I writed many times in Support window ingame about this, but... we got BFA and nothing changed back. I'm maked a video 1 year ago about this animation, so that you will understand what I mean. Dear Blizzard, can I get my FS Animation back? (srsly, why all raced got hes own races animation, but my NE - not?) Thanks and sorry for my English.Ермаклич1 12 Nov
11 Nov 2018 PvP Balance Tuning September 24 ( pvp ) Am i blind? `4 MONTHS` PvP Balance Tuning September 24: Note that we’re planning another round of balance updates for the near future after this round, which will include changes for other specs (including Warlock and Death Knight). Note that we’re planning another round of balance updates for the near future after this round, which will include changes for other specs (including Warlock and Death Knight). Note that we’re planning another round of balance updates for the near future after this round, which will include changes for other specs (including Warlock and Death Knight). Note that we’re planning another round of balance updates for the near future after this round, which will include changes for other specs (including Warlock and Death Knight).Frostbringer1 11 Nov 2018
11 Nov 2018 Night Warrior NE Does the new customization for Night Elves will be available trough death knight class? Black eyes n stuff...Volkorn4 11 Nov 2018
11 Nov 2018 Dk Hello . Is this still the worst class right now?Lightness3 11 Nov 2018
10 Nov 2018 Death Knight lore In Richard Knaak's 'The War of the Ancients' Malfurion uses druidic powers to fight the Burning Legion. However, when he does it for the first time he drains too much lifeforce from his surroundings, killing a circle of grass around his feet. Which got me thinking, are Death Knights reversed druids? In Chronicle Vol. 1 Death magic is the opposite of Life magic, but the effects are very similar. What if Death Knights use the lifeforce of their enemies instead of the surroundings? (Especially Blood) Death Knights can drain health from enemies and use it to restore their own health. Can Druids become Death Knights if they explore this path without having to be resurrected by the Lich King?Gromkar8 10 Nov 2018
10 Nov 2018 Death strike Bring back that deathstrike hits through parry and dodge, so we atleast can heal then with it during those timesSàuron1 10 Nov 2018
09 Nov 2018 Twink Thinking of making a DK Twink.. What the best level bracket?Archoan1 09 Nov 2018
09 Nov 2018 Are there any UH pve buff in 8.1? I know there are changes coming to pvp as I have seen them, but I cant find any pve dmg buff unless I have missed them somewhere. So as the title suggests, are there any pve buffs in 8.1?Kóbi12 09 Nov 2018
09 Nov 2018 So need to wait 4 months to be fixed lol worst experiance Even privates doing a better job All blizz need now is to buff dk dmg So we can make pressure and ppl wount just tunel us every 3s game vs good team all 3 players just run into me with cds and gg Fun super funKayjitsu0 09 Nov 2018
08 Nov 2018 Would love an official response to this. You are currently able to test out the new 8.1 azerite traits on the PTR, which was just updated recently to fix certain traits and talents that weren't working (for example, both necromancer's bargain and raise abomination for unholy weren't working in the last patch, but are now). The new azerite trait, cold hearted (icebound fortitude heals for 3,485 every second, and its cooldown is reduced by 15 seconds) heals for roughly 11k a second (22k crit) when you stack 3, which means nearly 90k healing for its entire duration. this would be a very useful and substantial heal, however the trait does not work if you choose the pvp talent 'lichborne'. If you didn't know, lichborne now no longer reduces you're attack speed, meaning that the only draw back is the reduced movement speed; meaning it is now a very useful talent when facing melee cleaves. It also replaces icebound fortitude, meaning that if you choose this talent you effectively make cold hearted a useless trait. is this intentional?Leox4 08 Nov 2018
08 Nov 2018 Patch 8.1.0 PTR - Build 28202 - DK changes New PVP Talents: Life and Death (New): When targets afflicted by your Festering Strike are healed, you are also healed for 15% of the amount. In addition, your Virulent Plague now erupts for 400% of normal eruption damage when dispelled. PvP Talent. PvP Talent. Requires DeathKnight. Requires level 57+. Necromancer's Bargain (New): The cooldown of your Apocalypse is reduced by 45 sec, but your Apocalypse no longer summons ghouls but instead applies Crypt Fever to the target. Crypt Fever Deals 8% of the targets maximum health in Shadow damage over 4 sec. Healing spells cast on this target will refresh the duration of Crypt Fever. PvP Talent. PvP Talent. Requires DeathKnight. Requires level 57+. Raise Abomination (New): Raises an Abomination for 25 sec which wanders within 10 yards of where it was summoned, applying Festering Wound when it melees targets, and and affecting those nearby with Virulent Plague. PvP Talent. PvP Talent. 40 yd range. Instant. 1.5 min cooldown. Requires DeathKnight. Requires level 57+. Frost & Unholy - Transfusion (New): Instantly generates 20 Runic Power, and reduces the Runic Power cost of your Death Strike by 50% for 7 sec. PvP Talent. PvP Talent. Instant. 45 sec cooldown. Requires DeathKnight. Requires level 57+. * Death and decay - will not cause Necrotic Strike to hit up to 3 enemies * Necrotic Strike now deals 30% of a.power (from 16%) and absorbe up to 8% of target health (i think its a small buff) Veteran of the Third War - for Unholy and Frost. Increasing stamina by 10%Tashu36 08 Nov 2018
07 Nov 2018 Unholy DK Hello, I started playing WoW in BFA and the first character I made was a DK and since Unholy looked cooler than Frost I decided to go for it. Currently, Unholy DK's are the lowest simming dps (on bloodmallet). Unholy's dps is significantly lower than its frost counterpart and that shows on all fights. We have pretty much the same burst with a lower sustained dps, harder gameplay(more than 3 buttons) and this feels really !@#$ty. The October 2nd 4% dmg buff did little to nothing to address this and Unholy still keeps lagging behind other classes. The rune management is a joke with huge downtmes (at points all I can do is autoattack for 3 seconds). Combined with the fact that DK's mobility is only higher than that of dead players, as well as the fact that the only raid bonus we have is a battle res, and guess what? In 8.1 the Druid bress will give a shield and Well Fed, so we are not going to be wanted for that either. This makes Unholy really unsatisfying and unfun to play. I have no idea how the new azerite traits will change anything in 8.1, but most of them look only good for burst damage and will still feel bad for raiding. I am a PVE player and so far I am not seeing any change on the horizon.Siand2 07 Nov 2018
06 Nov 2018 Stam vs Str for BDK I currently use 2x brewfest stam trinkets. They give ~600+ stam. Isn't it better than ~400+str or some other trinket with even lower secondary stat.Ulitharid2 06 Nov 2018
06 Nov 2018 Elite gear wonder how many dks got the elite gear(over 1800 rating) this season?Datskill9 06 Nov 2018
06 Nov 2018 Quality of life changes for frost dk's I've been maining frost dk's since legion and they were in a pretty good spot back then. As of BFA, they seem to be pretty clunky (mainly due to pillar of frost and empower rune weapon being added on GCD but can't really complain as all the classes have been affected by it). The damage seems to be decent but there are quite a few things that need to be looked into to make them viable in the current expansion: 1) Mobility. So far, BFA instances constantly require tons of movement for boss mechanics and even for trash. Frost dk's have no mobility outside of death's advance which is on a 45 sec cooldown and the movement buff is meh. Wraith walk now needs to be talented in exchange for survivability talents (which doesn't really make sense?). It would be great if we could make wraith walk baseline again and give 15% baseline movement speed like back in the day. (In exchange I wouldn't really mind if death's advance was removed). 2) Ranged damage Another critical problem with frost dk's is the lack of ranged damage abilities that we have considering we lack ALOT of mobility. Howling blast and chains of ice (when specced into cold heart) can be used but chains of ice damage takes time to stack and howling blast does very little damage without rime procs and to get rime procs you need to land obliterates for which, well, you need to be in melee range (oh the irony). Secondly, we don't have any ranged abilities to dump RP. In scenarios where you have high RP/RP capped while at range, the only option to try and maintain dps is howling blast and chains of ice both of which consume runes. Doing so when you're RP capped is later going to cause big rotation downtime. Glacial advance can be used but it needs to be specced into and does below average ST dps. Back in legion frost strike had a 2-3 yard range. It would be great if we can get that back in BFA OR give us death coil like back in the day, huehuehuehuehue.(I know that's probably never going to happen but a man can only try!). 3) Resource management It is pretty evident by now that frost dk's are pretty high in the charts when it comes to rotation downtime. This is mainly due to low rune regen speeds. Now the very obvious solution to this would be to tweak it. But, there is a different aspect of this that I would like to discuss. Back in legion howling blast with rime procs gave 8 RP. This wasn't base kit but a bonus from either set pieces/artifact trait/relics etc. We have none of that in BFA but a simple azerite system. If 10 RP from rime proced howling blasts can be made baseline, it can fix alot of the resource related problems. BOS can also be maintained longer. More RP = More chance of Runic Empowerment to proc = more runes = less downtime = win win. 4) Flat dps buff (not really keen on this one) Last and certainly the least, another alternative is to buff fdk numbers. Though that's simply a way of going around a problem instead of trying to fix it. Not to mention the fact that they will become overpowered in instances where you have to stand in 1 spot and dps. When looking at the entire spec in general terms, it seems that blizz has gotten rid of the big hard hitting numbers for frost and spread them out in DOT effects which is pretty evident considering the fact that melee now does the highest damage. (or atleast in the 2nd place). This makes frost dk's similar to unholy dk's which is not a great sign. I really wonder in what direction blizz is trying to take dk's in. Thoughts on all of this would be really appreciated.Axyos0 06 Nov 2018
06 Nov 2018 Death Knights Dead If the Death Knights are dead like the forsaken why do they have a oxygen bar ?Harrydk4 06 Nov 2018
04 Nov 2018 Thank you wowdev team thank you for making my class trash for whole sesson wich is 3 mounths worst pvp class very bad in pve except tank worst gamplay mechanics that no one loves the biggest pruned class in wow history pls community leave your thanks to the retarded wow class design dev team pls get fired best regardsKayjitsu4 04 Nov 2018
02 Nov 2018 UH DK M+ - Fix? Hey everyone! We all know that dps dk is pure garbage atm. But besides that all our defensives needs a buff, i was thinking about, what could make UH dk viable in m+. And its even just a small change to back in time! GIVE UH >>>ANTI-MAGIC ZONE<<< BACK BASELINE! This would be something that would be very worth bringing to both raids, but also dungeons! Such a little change, would do sooo much! Lets keep preaching for changes to come!Miqxiz6 02 Nov 2018
02 Nov 2018 DK at Blizzcon tourn. Competitive enough. No buffs needed , /rip boys :D.Unholychick11 02 Nov 2018
01 Nov 2018 BDK help and info please :D A few questions for the BDK players out there... I haven’t played in a while especially at max level so I was wondering; What ilvl roughly is it safe to start doing mythic dungeons (just mythic not any + atm until I feel more confident). Stat priority - is it the same no matter the content or should I focus on other stats for mythic dungeons? If so which ones have you guys felt makes it smoother. Also is there an add on which I can dl which will tell me what bit of gear is better regardless of ilvl or should I just plain and simple focus on stacking my ilvl for now? a bit of an odd one I hope it makes sense - as a BDK if I change to say frost or unholy to PvP do I need to gather gear again for different Azerite traits per spec or can I change the traits like I would a talent? Many thanks for any info/knowledge shared I really appreciate it.Sterbén5 01 Nov 2018
01 Nov 2018 Blood dk traits Which traits is most desirable for blood dk? in m+ and raids? Some guides only show for dpsMograk2 01 Nov 2018
31 Oct 2018 Which spec is better in 7.1 ? (Frost or Unholy) My question is about specs. After 7.1 im so confused. I cant decide to which spec should i play ? I like both spec. But some ppl say frost is better now others say unholy. So what do you think guys ? Which spec is better in 7.1 ?Suxe26 31 Oct 2018
31 Oct 2018 PLS BUFF DK DMG ALREADY Frost: obliritate buff for 100% dmg frost strike 50% more unholy: festring strike 30% scourge strike 100% soulripper 100% AND PLS BOOST OUR PVP TRAITS 90% of them are uslessKayjitsu32 31 Oct 2018
31 Oct 2018 Frost Death Knight in shallow depth Well, many people are not happy with Frost death knight, I for one have used it since wrath and I'm certainly not, yet I could see the current state coming as soon as they started fixing things that were not broken within. so, lets go through everything the spec has to offer in it's base form, no talents, no azerite as they "should" be enhancing the base, not dictating the power of the spec, perhaps we can find an answer somewhere: Anti-Magic Shell AMS is a simple absorb shield that prevents a small amount of magical damage and prevents hostile magic application, it also says it provides runic power but we all know that is not true (it provides so little that it is an irrelevant component bearing in mind the power of touch of karma on monks). Chains of Ice Chains is a powerful ranged slowing effect, some say one of the most powerful based upon its 70% potency, instant cast and 30yd range, however it does this at a significant tax on damage output, that's an entire rune gone right there. Death Grip Grip, our ability to pull enemies, is perhaps the only reason why people still accept death knights, without this niche, the death knight is nothing, this ability alone is what we call a "problem ability" while we have this we need to be made artificially weaker to make up for the fact that we can simply break entire fights with it in both PvP and PvE, it is extremely powerful to pull someone out of a stack and annihilate them in pvp as well as pull some mobs into a better position rather than needing precious interrupts etc. Death Strike The main source of defense in the death knights arsenal, healing bit for damage and damaging the enemy, the issues with this ability are actually pretty extreme, essentially it is another "problem ability", Right now the cost is crazy and cannot be used reasonably for frost, however, buffing this ability then has the potential to make frost almost unkillable in 1v1 which is where the problem begins, the entire ability is held in check by a thread of hair, a slight nudge to one side or the other and it will break in a catastrophic way. Death's Advance Death's advance is currently the main way to get to enemies and fight them, preventing the death knight being slowed below 70% and letting them move a little bit faster on activation and yet again it is another "problem ability" as how do they balance the ability to never get slowed down? The simple answer is, they can't. Empower Rune Weapon ERW is a cooldown that grants haste and generates resources over time, this rather confused me when i saw it changed from its original iteration, why does this ability need 15% haste for example? it was meant for restoring runes to unleash an immediate burst combo, not gradually attacking an enemy, we already do that passively, this above all else needs to be reverted back to immediate resources because as it stands right now, the skill is doing almost nothing, it's effect is not felt in the slightest, we already generate a load of resources passively over time... we did not need a vital ability replaced with something that does something that is already being handled. Frost Strike What can I really say about frost strike anymore? It just does frost damage and that is all it does, now a very boring ability, unlike its early implementation that also ignored avoidance such as dodge block and parry. Howling Blast yet again we come to another "problem ability" but this one is not with other people but the death knight themselves, The awkward thing at the moment with this is the 30yd range, basically you can only use this for any relevant damage after hitting a rime proc in melee which you will immediately follow up with howling blast, while they did add depth to howling blast in legion which is a good step forward from howling blast spamming, the main issue now is the fact that it is a ranged ability that isn't good at range. I have 2 suggstions here: 1) Howling blast deals more damage the further away the enemy gets. 2) Rime also Triggers after set periods of time automatically. (The first sounds more appropriate) Icebound Fortitude This has always been oddly weak as a damage reduce stun breaker cooldown and still is, i realise shield wall is 40% for 4 minutes cooldown but that does not justify the power of this, that just means that both abilitys are simply weak and not really fit for purpose. Obliterate and Rime The Signature attack of the frost death knight, now people complain that this does not benefit from mastery, this is wrong as it is the only way to activate Rime and thus create a howling blast, in effect, while it seems uninteresting, it is actually alot more interesting because of this, always consider obliterate and howling blast as a pair, not as individual abilities but the biggest concern with this is that it is not providing the total beatdown gameplay that frost death knights had come to expect in the past and there is no way to change this. Pillar of frost Pillar just increases your strength based upon runes spent and... Oh my... what have they done to you my poor offensive cooldown, not only shortened in duration, but also weakened in potency, the issue here is that runes are not a reliable resource, and thus making a core cooldown ability rely upon something which the spec itself does not even excel at is just pure madness at best and insanity at worst. Remorseless Winter Now i'm pretty sure every death knight will agree, this is a pretty cool ability at heart as also pretty powerful in itself but what is confusing us all is why it even has a slowing effect attached if it is going to be as low as 20%, almost completely unnoticeable in just about any situation, i could understand 30% as it would sync with deaths advance but 20? why is this even a thing? Killing Machine One of the main damage pumps for death knight but currently a little wierd, Sometimes i think they should lower the proc rate in favor of a little more damage, other times it never procs anyway, it is essnetially a random chance relying upon a random chance but if it didnt require a crit then crit itself would become useless again... many frost death knights provided the solution long ago: frost dk cannot crit but crit rating will increase the damage of killing machine instead. Master: Frozen Heart The dps death knight masteries are possibly the most dull masteries in the game at the moment as both of them are exactly the same: provide X % damage. I never really liked this stat for frost but it has historically made some funny gameplay with mashing out howling blast defeating the entire specs class development for years... (unholy is heading to similar with clawing shadows with mastery at the moment) Runic Empowerment This is perhaps the scourge of every single death knight who played in wrath of the lich king, it is an effect that was not needed and not wanted, in essense this ability has ruined the day of more than enough frost death knights in PvP and PvE both while simultaniously providing them with way too much potential, effectively it is the very definition of a "problem ability" at it's finest, it either sucks or is way too powerful, not only is it potentially good and bad for the dk but is potentially good and bad for the enemy also, you just don't know where to stand on how much strength the death knight will be to put out because between this, rime and killing machine, you simply have no control over it whatsoever, both you and your enemy, it is the very bane of existance itself and I do not have enough bad things to say about it.Siffrah2 31 Oct 2018
31 Oct 2018 For the love of god I'm have been patient for a while.waiting for a fix or a buff or SOMETHING,but NOTHING,Uh dk hits pure crap literally nothing,pve or pvp it doesn't matter pvp is even worse,and this is what you been hyping for months how great of a pvp content this will be?dh hits like a train without any effort,I can go full CDs on dk and hits NOTHING,no dmg no survivability,what the heck was going through your heads when you designed a class like this?do you think I will reroll after grinding rep and retarted Azeroth power?just going to quit this money sucking game,don't say to wait until the next patch because I paid for all my game time and,you made me hate my beloved class/spec with your carelessnessZubrr15 31 Oct 2018
31 Oct 2018 3v3 best arena partners for frost? Hello, DK colleagues. As the title says. Let's suppose I have a couple of friends and they are willing to play with me, although they will often play 2v3, who is best to acompany my sorrya*s. Same goes for 2v2 - MW, Rsham, Ret?Simulacrum8 31 Oct 2018
29 Oct 2018 necrotic strike vs bursting them when should i use necrotic strike instead of just burstin them? or should i just keep stacking the necrotic heal absorb? in pvp ofcMograk3 29 Oct 2018
29 Oct 2018 fost dmg explain could anyone please explain this type of dmg :DGabryell2 29 Oct 2018
29 Oct 2018 Give Frost Stealth I know that might sound silly but IMO its what this spec needs~ We are instantly deleted when pre-focused? With stealth we would not be! We cant get close because we are too slow? With stealth we could ambush! And dont say thats against class fantasy~ Call it Ghost Walk, Bat Swarm or any other undead stuff that is good at hiding and moving in shadows! First Attack with runic spender used in stealth would make good old stunning Cold Heart! Inspired by Feral~ We are not Rogue so forget about other sneaky stuff... Just those two and world will be a happy place for every DK ;)Jesi17 29 Oct 2018
28 Oct 2018 Corsair scimitar setup Hi! So I've always been a "clicker", been playing on and off since vanilla, and just yesterday started to use corsair scimitar pro. And now I'm looking for some general guide or something that might be helpful to go away from clicking abilities. Most of the learning is probably just that I need to "rewire" my brain to the mouse buttons (12+) for abilities. But I thought that I'd give it a shot and hear if there's any good guide on this. And if anyone got a good layout for both blood and unholy.Ðarthweeder2 28 Oct 2018
27 Oct 2018 Need some tips for DK Hello fellow minions of the Lich King. I used to play a death knight in wotlk, cata, mists and warlords, but had abandoned it for legion. I am now returning to it but only as my main alt. How is unholy at 120 in pve? And in pvp? Same question for frost. Sorry for this post but as I saw a lot of complaining posts about dks and myself i've only seen blood dks around almost next to no frost and even less unholy. Just need a bit of breakdowns from people who wish to state their opinion on where death knights are currently in the game .Ty in advance and please no insults in the commentsColdeine8 27 Oct 2018
27 Oct 2018 Boneshields visuals are icky Title. Can't see my glorious DK butt if there are Bones twirling around my char, that look like they got stolen out of a haunted house ride. How about a nice Glyph, that makes the bones more translucent, removes them or changes them for little blood-orbs or something? A Problem I see with this would probably be PVP. If you can't see if the dude has his boneshield up it would probably be bad. Still. Everything is better than being an amazing hulk of death and destruction who runs around with mickey mouse looking skellington decorations.Galverg2 27 Oct 2018