Death Knight

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17 Sep [Guide]Death Knight 101 (Updated for 7.03) This if for all the really new Death Knights; my guide on the class overall. In this guide I'll be covering our resource system, what abilities you have, how they work and what they do. I'll also throw in some suggestions on gameplay that should make things somewhat easier for you. It's worth nothing that Death Knights, at lower levels, are ridiculously powerful which is a state of affairs I found to be really dull when leveling my latest Death Knight; it's not much fun when you're immortal and killing things with 2-3 attacks, but anyway, here goes. First thing's first; Resources -We have two different resources; Runes and Runic Power. We have a total of 6 runes which can be used for any attack that costs Runes; Obliterate, Howling Blast, Festering Strike, Marrowrend etc. -Runic Power is generated from used runes and the amount of runic power generated is based on the rune cost abilities, for example, Howling Blast cost 1 rune, and therefore will generate only 10 runic power, Marrowrend costs 2 runes and will generate 20 runic power. Pretty straight forward on paper. Now we get to how they interact with each other. Runes begin a regeneration cycle of no more than 10 seconds when used; Haste will decrease this time but not by much. If all 6 runes are used in succession, the first 3 runes to be used will begin their recharge, while the remaining 3 will not. The second set of 3 runes will begin their recharge only when the first set is completely recharged. There are certain talents and built in passive abilities to speed this process up; these talents and abilities differ from spec to spec. Blood - Soulgorge; consumes Blood Plague from everything in 30 yards to increase rune recharge. -Blood Tap; restores 1 rune per use, limited to 2 charges. Unlike Frost or Unholy, there is no passive ability that will assist the rune recharge time. Frost - Runic Empowerment; passive, has 1% chance per runic power spent to activate on Frost Strike. After some time testing, I've found it's about 50% chance (5 in 10 Frost Strikes). -Murderous Efficiency; using the Killing Machine effect has a 50% chance to to restore 1 rune. -Horn of Winter; restores 2 runes and generates 10 runic power. -Hungering Rune Weapon; Horn of Winter restores 2 runes and generates 10 runic power while Hungering Rune Weapon restores 1 rune and 5 runic power instantly and then restores runes and runic power every 1.5 seconds for 12 seconds. Unholy - Runic Corruption, passive, has 1.25% chance per runic power spent to activate, granting 100% rune regeneration for a short time. Requires Death Coil. After testing I've found that this works out that +/- 1 in 3 Death Coils will activate Runic Corruption. Abilities - How They Work Each ability a Death Knight has has a rune or runic power cost. The following are abilities that cost only 1 rune and will generate 10 runic power per use. -Blood Spec:Heart Strike, Death's Caress, Rune Tap, Death and Decay (if talented) Note: Heart Strike generates 15 runic power. -Frost Runes; Howling Blast, Frostscythe (if specced),Remorseless Winter, -Unholy Runes; Scourge Strike (Clawing Shadows, talent), Death and Decay, Epidemic (talent), Outbreak, Chains of Ice, Defile(talent) The following cost two runes and will generate 20 runic power when used. -Blood Spec: Marrowrend -Frost Spec: Obliterate -Unholy: Festering Strike Unholy retains Army of the Dead at a cost of 3 runes which generates 30 runic power. Runic Power - will activate Runic Empowerment or Runic Corruption via the use of Frost Strike or Death Coil respectively. -Death Coil; usable Unholy spec. It's a ranged attack with 30 yard range and costs 35 runic power. This will also restore 10 energy to your ghoul per Death Coil fired. -Frost Strike; exclusive to Frost spec, single target melee attack. Death Coil and Frost Strike are often best used when you're at, or approaching, 100 runic power, but are ideally used when spaced out across your "rotation" which brings me neatly to the next part of the guide. Abilities - What to use and When This will require in-depth guides of their own but there are certain universal abilities you can make use of. -Anti-Magic Shell - use to soak high incoming magic damage; it generates runic power. -Icebound Fortitude - use when you're taking high damage or are about to, or to break and become immune to stuns. -Death Grip - when you need to close the distance to your target or interrupt a crucial cast. The adds on Kilrogg Deadeye is a good example of the uses of Death Grip -Wraith Walk - useful for closing distances and clearing root or slow effects. I'll be preparing basic guides for Blood, Frost and Unholy specs, but those aren't coming before Legion release. For now, as I said, this was meant to cover the very basics of the class for people who haven't played Death Knight before.Hakuteiken34 17 Sep
21 Mar 2014 Making a Guide? Here in the class forums, players often put together awesome guides to help the rest of the community. However, due to the high number of sticky request we receive each day, these guides sometimes fall off the front page before we can sticky them. If you have just posted a guide or if you’d like to nominate a guide here on the European forums to be stickied, please send an email to the Community team, including a link to the guide you'd like stickied, at: Alternatively, guide writers can help us spot their threads by putting [Guide] in the title :)Takralus0 21 Mar 2014
1h New Blood legendary - Soulflayer's corruption ... Doesn't look too good to me,we can hope that they either change the effect or change the numbersLightslayers2 1h
1h Creating a death knight and need help Hey, So for the first time I'm going to create a death knight. I was wondering which spec is good and fun, I'm not looking into the tank spec as I have a paladin tank. Any help?Qeon6 1h
2h Frost DK Changes Please make some changes to frost DK in 7.2.5! i cant seem to find any information changing the class!, its barley played at all in high rated arenas for a reason. They only have a 2 min good burst CD, which in theory should be pretty easy to stop, and if they decide to waste all their defensives for offensives, their literately meat afterwards which is why frost DK are squishy, and if they get counter pressured ud have to cancel ur burst to ICF heal. Breath of sindragoosa with EVERY offensive stacked, is pretty good!, but u then have to probably waste Anti magic shield/trinket and even maybe ICF because the 2minute burst is CRUCIAL to get cds/kills. and if you cant finish them off, you kinda have to spam death strike and that would be the only defensive. I think you should work on making more burst every minute and a strong 2 min burst , if you decide to go with breath. add purge back to fdks (icy touch) , rework the cc talent tree to 5 sec silence 1 min, 5 sec stun 45sec CD, (4 sec blind 1 min ). And then look at how the class will work out, if you have to tune down certain things. but buffing their %strength isent the right way to make them viable.Bankerganker4 2h
7h Rate the Death Knight name above you! As the title says. Go!Necrocution60 7h
19h burst macro dont work i am wanting to start on pvp and i made a burst macro in the past it wrote them like this #showtooltip Apocalypse(Artifact) /cast Summon Gargoyle /cast Dark Transformation /cast Soul Reaper /cast Apocalypse(Artifact) but now i doesnt work anymore can someone help me out a bitBeastymon0 19h
19h MG build 7.2.5 and beyond Good morning fellow DKs, I would like to ask about the icy talons (MG) build. i really like it and I am still playing using that build, even though I have the gear and all my simulations prove the BoS build way way better (by more than 100-150K difference in dps) The problem is that I dont like the gameplay of the BoS build. I really prefer the classic one, even though I have extremely good gear for the BoS build (ring, belt, head, COF). Right now, with my gear I have a Simmed DPS of a bit lower than 700k! In actual single target fights, I am dishing around 600-650k dps tops. That is pretty low for my ilvl and the fact that I follow the rotation correctly. Do you think that there should be buffs to this spec (in 7.2.5), so that there is more diversity and enable again a more classic gameplay for the frost DK?? Please don't bother telling me to switch specs or player etc, I have a lot of alts (including this one) and I like playing them all in specs that I prefer (Although, BoS should always be better in dps, since its harder, just not by such large margin!)Merkith9 19h
20h Rate the Death Knight transmog above you part 10 Last thread reached it's limitMaanvaiva51 20h
21h blood dk bis legos? Help please, Can people let me know which are the best legos for blood dk. Currently have cap and seph. Just got the belt. Thanks in advanceZárthas5 21h
22h (BUG) UH PvP talent Reanimation not working properly Hi! Me and a friend noticed something when playing skirms earlier this evening. When he picked the talent Reanimation (, the zombie would sometimes explode near the target without stunning them or dealing damage. Upon testing it out, we found that the zombie will explode without actually hitting the target if he is strafing back and forth. We tested it in a duel, and as you can see, the result is pretty ridiculous: All in all, I managed to completely avoid 7 zombies in a row before the 8th finally hit me. Hopefully this could get fixed as soon as possible!Ottys1 22h
1d DK pet bugged. My pet keeps running in circles like headless chicken, it has problems to follow me or to attack opponents I make it to attack, it keeps running towards target and then doing some rly !@#$ed up turn arounds and never actually hitting anyone. I am maining warlock and I have no such a problem with it. This bug makes me to not wanna log my dk at all anymore, as it makes him unplayable in arena. This might be related to ghoul glyph that changes hes appearance, not 100% sure tho. I started recognizing this after getting it. I dont know why I cant find post related to this bug, as it's occurring quite often. I even asked my arena mate to check my pet movement and he can see it as well. I am not using any macro, just normal pet attack command. I am not going to log my DK till this bug is fixed.Imabaredruid1 1d
1d Best DK weapon Transmog Hey All, What do you feel is the best Transmog weapon for a DK? Personally id have to go with Frightskull Shaft but I'm curious to what others think?Narstie11 1d
1d Is blood fun? hm?Hevnorak8 1d
1d Stats Hey i can switch some gear around but idk wich stats to go with 34.546 strenght - 903ilevel 13% crit 27% haste 85% mastery 2% versa or 34.777 strenght - 904ilevel 14% crit 23% haste 87% master 3% versa is it worth it loose 4% haste for more crit mastery and str?Hakamaru1 1d
1d Latency issue ? Slow runes Just did dht +10. The whole gameplay and Rune generation was so slow. Usually i can spam abilitys most of the time. But this time it was More like u had a slow debuff. Anyone else experienced this ? My run speed was same as the rest of the team.Dikshizt0 1d
1d Troubled Unholy Dk I'm playing unholy atm and my gear is 895. The burst I do from the start is like 700-800k but then it drops to 500k or even lower so I was wondering if unholy just !@#$ or am I doing it wrong. I can't seem to figure out how to do high dps cause when i see other classes around the same Ilvl they keep a steady 700k or even higher.Postura46 1d
1d Crit I got a new ring today with haste and mastery if I use it i will only have 13% crit from 18% but I get a lot more mastery and haste is it worth it I'm unholyHakamaru2 1d
1d BoS Single target build? I've been raiding mythic for a little while now and I have all the useful legendaries except the trinket. I was wondering which legendaries and talents would opt. best for doing the most single target damage with BoS.Vanthyrn3 1d
2d Frost DK Mythic+ PvE suggestions? Playing Frost DK since WOTLK. First as a tank and later as a DD spec. Yet while I think the rotation handles nicely, I am struggling to keep up with other DD of the group and always fall slightly behind damage wise. The difference is not huge but always noticeable. I know my legendaries are not BiS but they are all I got right now. Any suggestions on where to improve? :)Tianisa3 2d
2d All i want is a 2H...... Black and red blood themed Sword...........................................Zoldread7 2d
2d Hey guys you know what would be nice ? Mobility..............................................................Zoldread5 2d
2d How is frost dk in BG's Curious as I'm looking for a melee class which can create pressure without using long CD.S to do it. For example fury warrior feels only useful within the burst CD.Snagaripotku12 2d
3d Blood dmg spikes? Recently started a Dk instead of a priest (didnt want to waste money on boosting), because i didnt felt like leveling from 1 -_- atleast mostly. Second : I think i been a Prot warrior since pre TBC (mostly because i needed to be for friends and gf) And i think tanking and melee grown on me. Third : i think Dk is more of the embodiment of the tipical Necromancer, then Warlock or Sp will ever be. 4: I think its more viable, but most of all not reactive and sluggish like a caster. But not sure if i should go Unholly or Blood later on (only really matters after 100 trough i guess). I really like Uh, but might want to try Tanking as Blood, just not sure how viable it is now. I am a bit scared, that dmg spikes are going to really spit in my eyes. Like Pre Wolk Magister Terrace....bad pull instagib. I hear Blood is really bad at handling spike dmg, and it absorbs less, has to self heal(that sounds good actually...more reactive gameplay). I also LOVE much more usefull then charge i think (atleast in pve). Any first hand experiance on this? How will Blood be in 7.2.5 and how is it right now?Endurion5 3d
3d Are Frost DK's just mindless zombies? I want to invest into a Frost DK but from someone who doesn't know much about the class it seems like they're just mindless beings who sold their soul to lich king and now he's dead so they have no purposeLichepriest13 3d
3d Priest or Dk Greetings. I just started the game some time ago, and boosted a mage after trialing a warrior and rogue, but dont really feels fun. Its ok in random bg-s, but feels a bit breaks easy, and cast times kill me when a melee gets in my face. So i rolled a warrior, and it facemelts 15 mobs at the same time, unlike mage...but feels...dunno...boring? So i started browsing the tube to see gameplay on random bg-s and i think Priest and Dk are the classes i like. I sort of know what they do, (my gf plays them) , but not sure how they perform. Dk (unholly) seems to perform really good! Nut sure i like the to much strange animated castings (unlike frost it seems to attack less)...but the mechanic itself seems to be cool...and that its not a clunky ranged, but a durable melee with lots of utility? I fear for mobility trough. As for priest not sure. I dont even know if i should go Discip or Shadow for random bg-s. I hear shadow is weak in dungeons, but good in bg. And discip is the same but as healer. And dont think i have time for 2 class...maybe not even for 2 spec...any tips?Endurion3 3d
3d Is Ruins of the Scarlet Enclave empty for DKs too? Hi, There is an abandoned town in Eastern Plaguelands named as Ruins of the Scarlet Enclave. As a Warrior, I see no NPCs there but the fires in houses and lights in the streets are still on. If you are a Death Knight, do you see NPCs there? Or, were there NPCs only when you played the starting quests as a Death Knight? Or, there were never NPCs? Also, if anyone who played during Vanilla or TBC remembers what there was, I am also curious to know that. Thanks.Eom7 3d
4d Unholy PvP Black Claws So I feel like this artifact talent is nerfed to PvP or am I just having really bad procs? Yes and I know this proc is tied to pet ability so no need mention it.Riidansointu1 4d
5d Reanimation, bugged or intended this pvp talent have 40y range and cost a rune, how ever it doesn`t build runic power upon usage? Its a bit weirdAntidepresiv0 5d
5d Death Grip ... So a few months back I was planning out a new alt to level and I saw the new animations for a DK and instantly fell in love with that new animation for grip. Now that I started leveling one I noticed the lack of the new grip animation and after some digging around I found out it was scrapped completely because from my understanding there was an outcry of people who didn't like the animation. I don't know about you but it feels kinda sad for the rest of us that actually liked the chain animation better especially if it was spec specific that they didn't at least make it a glyph. Any of you agree with me here or no? Thanks for reading my post xDEnthyr6 5d
6d Making a DK, few questions I was wondering if I can completely skip the starting area for DK's like if friend summons me to orgrimmar or something at the start. Was also wondering if you can make a DK with a new account, even if you don't have a level 60 character , as I remember before you needed a lvl 60 to make a DK. ThanksLichepriest7 6d
6d Unholy Hidden Artifact Hey All, Ive been researching about this and all i have found is there is an RNG change on each Aotd summon or apocalypse to get a quest for this. Is this or there is to it and im simply cursed by the RnG gods i havent found it at AK 29?Narstie10 6d
18 May Damn,death knights are fun! As a guy who used to main a mage and hunter,holy !@#$ Death knight is such a cool class.Wearing cool plate armor,awesome lore and order hall campaign.It feels so cool to play dk with new visuals and call Sindragosa to freeze your enemies.Unholy is pretty fun too,i enjoy the gameplay.Overall they could have more mobility but i am having so much fun playing death knight.What do you guys think of dks in legion?Do you have any tips for a newbie?Death knights rocks!Alaife17 18 May
18 May Legion Season 1 and 2 Gear Hi, I wanted to know if the Vendor blizzard promised for the legion S1/S2 Gear is already in the Game? Cause I can't find nothing on the internet or in Dalaran and Orgrimmar. I never got the Boots. So for T-Mogg I need that vendor.Mashnakh4 18 May
18 May Blood DK in 7.2.5 So, i just looked at what we, s**tty tanks, are getting as 7.2.5 gifts. I have to say i'm pretty happy, and mostly because of the new rings. Pleas blizz, let those that way. I mean, i think this oculd really make us good tanks, and maybe not sink in the first place of the crappiest tanks of Legion. Ok, it doesn't help with our mobility problem, but rune tap is a nice cd, and i'm almost sure it's gonna be awesome. Second, the t20 set, even if the 4p is just !@#$, the 2p is really a 2k5 permanent versatility burst, so that's pretty cool. What do you think fellas ?Baguettson17 18 May
18 May Frost PVP build options Which is the best pvp build and why? I see loads of frost dks playing breath spec in arena and random bgs and I dont understand why. I mean, its so easy to get kited or controlled while breath is up. You loose self heals and the hole thing is so clunky and unreliable. I find obliteration to be much better combined with m efficiency and overpowered rune weapon, I never run out of runes, my dmg is much more reliable and I can actually self heal instead of saving runic power for breath if needed. What are you guys running with and why? How good is tundra stalker and chill streak for pvp now?Mohymoto0 18 May
18 May Relic question Hi guys i have a fire relic atm ilevel 900 that boost runic tatoos, i got a plaguebearer relic today ilevel 890 also fire should i equip that even though i loose ilevel on weapon?Hakamaru1 18 May
17 May (BUG) Scourge strike/Clawing shadows animation Not sure if the class forums are the right place for this, but female draenei dk scourge strike animation is the same as the old 2H animation for draenei. It does not use the new animation like every other race. Is this intended? Is it just me or do the others have it like this as well?Elrinaa1 17 May
17 May Bring back the frost dk 2 hander playstyle i used to play frost dk back in the day when we could swing our mighty !@# sword and destory people now i feel like we are all forced to play 1 handers and the artifact skins sucks for dks over all i wish that blizzard could add some kind of artifact thingie so we could combine our 2 1 handers and let them become one so it becomes an 2 hander artifact weapon it would be so sick :c please blizzard give it back to me <3Ðisbelief13 17 May
17 May Frost dks lack of cc Give frost dks their range stun back or the old slience :c need it for pvp damn it xD unholy dk has like 2 stuns >:c and one of em is even an range stunÐisbelief9 17 May
17 May Fresh reborn tank seeks advice: Blood 7.2 Hello Hello! tldr: I have used wowhead, icy veins and askmrrobot and i need some Gearing advices. Normal: Due to a "mistake" in my loot, i got the legendary shoulders for the blood Dk. Since then i am pretty much the Guild tank. I enjoy tanking as blood and i want to improve more and more. I got my hands on some nifty gear, itemlevel 890 in general, and now i have a little problem: I need some upgrades. What raids can i tank? Where should i wait for better / more fitting gear? Currently i use pawn to help me out with the best possible setup. But i lack a good trinket. Some suggested the 875 Version of the Darkmoonfair cards (Immortal). But i am a poor lil' gnome and cannot affort the trinket (835) for 79k gold. Where can i get a more stable gear? can you provide me with some help? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you for your time :)Irkalia27 17 May
17 May Daumyr As A Mount? As we are all aware, we are getting our own spec coloured class mounts. Yet I also wish we got Daumyr as a class mount as well. To this point, the only undead dragons we have are frost wyrms and they're completely skeletised. Wouldn't it be good to get a dragon mount which is still rotting? Why else would we have raised her? Currently, she is only there for that one quest and a couple WQs. If she doesn't become an actual mount, I'd atleast like to see her involved in quests some more. On that note, I thought we were going to get an updated Deathcharger after completing the campaign, but sadly we didn't. So as cool as it would have been for us to get an updated Deathcharger and a new Daumyr mount, it won't happen because every other class will complain. But we can dream... Of undead sheep.Wraknar3 17 May
17 May What's the deal with Remorseless Winter? (This is mainly related to PvP, not many stuns happening in PvE) In 7.0 Remorseless Winter didn't do any damage to nearby enemies when death knight was stunned. In 7.1 Remorseless Winter worked even when death knight was stunned. It still dealt damage to nearby targets and applied "Winter is Coming" talent. In 7.2 Remorseless Winter works just like it did in 7.0. It does nothing when death knight gets stunned. Whenever someone stuns you while you have Remorseless Winter on then it gets suppressed for the stun's duration. But things were different with it in 7.1 which was pretty awesome. Was it just bugged for 7.1 patch or was it actually working as it was supposed to work?Barashade1 17 May
16 May Update Death Knight Eyeglow The blue eyeglow is getting pretty boring after all these years and an update should be made. After the update of the character models the eyes look so boring and out of date. Comparing it to the green Demon Hunter variation i feel inferior, we should be able to have different colors or atleast have normal eyes (like Thassarian and Whitemane. Glowing red would be quite sick, just saying.Scarier2 16 May
16 May Jeweled Signet of Melandrus Hi guys, Is this ring bis? Is there a big increase in damage? ( Mine is 900 ilvl ) Or i have ( 910 ilvl ) Thanks,Moró3 16 May
16 May DK PvP 7.2 which spec? Hi all, Im returning to PvP on my DK, last time i did i was around 1900 RBG rating. I want to get back into RBG again, which spec is preferred in PvP now? Currently in casual BGs i use unholy which seems pretty strong. Also in arenas which are our best comps? Thanks in AdvanceNarstie2 16 May
16 May Apocalyptic Deadblade Hi brave knights of the ebon blade. Did some one saw the proc from hidden unholy power. If some one did, at what % it usualy proc. I have hidden skin for long time, so far it never proc for me...Antidepresiv1 16 May
15 May T19 4pc or Item Level??? Hi all im just curious, I just got the T19 4pc however 3 pieces are RF 860-865. Should i be using the 4pc over my 885-895 items. As blood my leggos are unaffected however 1 of my pieces for unholy is the helm, where i have the leggo Uh helm. So which woukd take prior there?Narstie4 15 May
15 May Worth going for Breath build without legos and set? So I just came back from 4-5 months in-activity to see that the build,rotation has totally changed and the Breath build is dominating BIGLY. Here is the thing: I'm not really aiming for Mythic, and Heroic NH and M+ is where Im aiming at. I am missing all the good frost legendaries(except the legs) and only have 1 set piece as of yet same goes for the recommended trinkets. Should I stay with my 7.1 build as I still find 450-550k single target is decent for now or should I switch to Breath build just to get the rotation (which will change to the better when I get my items) in?Olpa2 15 May