Death Knight

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17 Sep [Guide]Death Knight 101 (Updated for 7.03) This if for all the really new Death Knights; my guide on the class overall. In this guide I'll be covering our resource system, what abilities you have, how they work and what they do. I'll also throw in some suggestions on gameplay that should make things somewhat easier for you. It's worth nothing that Death Knights, at lower levels, are ridiculously powerful which is a state of affairs I found to be really dull when leveling my latest Death Knight; it's not much fun when you're immortal and killing things with 2-3 attacks, but anyway, here goes. First thing's first; Resources -We have two different resources; Runes and Runic Power. We have a total of 6 runes which can be used for any attack that costs Runes; Obliterate, Howling Blast, Festering Strike, Marrowrend etc. -Runic Power is generated from used runes and the amount of runic power generated is based on the rune cost abilities, for example, Howling Blast cost 1 rune, and therefore will generate only 10 runic power, Marrowrend costs 2 runes and will generate 20 runic power. Pretty straight forward on paper. Now we get to how they interact with each other. Runes begin a regeneration cycle of no more than 10 seconds when used; Haste will decrease this time but not by much. If all 6 runes are used in succession, the first 3 runes to be used will begin their recharge, while the remaining 3 will not. The second set of 3 runes will begin their recharge only when the first set is completely recharged. There are certain talents and built in passive abilities to speed this process up; these talents and abilities differ from spec to spec. Blood - Soulgorge; consumes Blood Plague from everything in 30 yards to increase rune recharge. -Blood Tap; restores 1 rune per use, limited to 2 charges. Unlike Frost or Unholy, there is no passive ability that will assist the rune recharge time. Frost - Runic Empowerment; passive, has 1% chance per runic power spent to activate on Frost Strike. After some time testing, I've found it's about 50% chance (5 in 10 Frost Strikes). -Murderous Efficiency; using the Killing Machine effect has a 50% chance to to restore 1 rune. -Horn of Winter; restores 2 runes and generates 10 runic power. -Hungering Rune Weapon; Horn of Winter restores 2 runes and generates 10 runic power while Hungering Rune Weapon restores 1 rune and 5 runic power instantly and then restores runes and runic power every 1.5 seconds for 12 seconds. Unholy - Runic Corruption, passive, has 1.25% chance per runic power spent to activate, granting 100% rune regeneration for a short time. Requires Death Coil. After testing I've found that this works out that +/- 1 in 3 Death Coils will activate Runic Corruption. Abilities - How They Work Each ability a Death Knight has has a rune or runic power cost. The following are abilities that cost only 1 rune and will generate 10 runic power per use. -Blood Spec:Heart Strike, Death's Caress, Rune Tap, Death and Decay (if talented) Note: Heart Strike generates 15 runic power. -Frost Runes; Howling Blast, Frostscythe (if specced),Remorseless Winter, -Unholy Runes; Scourge Strike (Clawing Shadows, talent), Death and Decay, Epidemic (talent), Outbreak, Chains of Ice, Defile(talent) The following cost two runes and will generate 20 runic power when used. -Blood Spec: Marrowrend -Frost Spec: Obliterate -Unholy: Festering Strike Unholy retains Army of the Dead at a cost of 3 runes which generates 30 runic power. Runic Power - will activate Runic Empowerment or Runic Corruption via the use of Frost Strike or Death Coil respectively. -Death Coil; usable Unholy spec. It's a ranged attack with 30 yard range and costs 35 runic power. This will also restore 10 energy to your ghoul per Death Coil fired. -Frost Strike; exclusive to Frost spec, single target melee attack. Death Coil and Frost Strike are often best used when you're at, or approaching, 100 runic power, but are ideally used when spaced out across your "rotation" which brings me neatly to the next part of the guide. Abilities - What to use and When This will require in-depth guides of their own but there are certain universal abilities you can make use of. -Anti-Magic Shell - use to soak high incoming magic damage; it generates runic power. -Icebound Fortitude - use when you're taking high damage or are about to, or to break and become immune to stuns. -Death Grip - when you need to close the distance to your target or interrupt a crucial cast. The adds on Kilrogg Deadeye is a good example of the uses of Death Grip -Wraith Walk - useful for closing distances and clearing root or slow effects. I'll be preparing basic guides for Blood, Frost and Unholy specs, but those aren't coming before Legion release. For now, as I said, this was meant to cover the very basics of the class for people who haven't played Death Knight before.Hakuteiken34 17 Sep
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3h Enchant for blood DK Fallen Crusader or Stoneskin? Icy veins suggests Fallen Crusader however Stoneskin provides 5% more armour so i'm not sure what most people actually use.Wofflo4 3h
3h 100 talents for Unholy PvP Why would I rather go Soul Reaper over Dark Arbiter as Unholy in PvP. It feels quite awkward to pool runes for a 3stacked Soul Reaper, when I can easily throw out an Arbiter who does crazy amounts of damage.Enraxd3 3h
6h Frost DK defensive skill After Outlaw rogue as Frost DK i am easily dying at dungeons. Maybe because i played rogue and reveal on cheat death, crimson vial, greed heal, feint and other rogue defensive and self healing stuff. As DK i have Anti magic shield and icebound Fortitude but long CD and Death Strike heal, what is best way to keep myself alive... need your help, i am beginner DK sry :P :)Veljkovski6 6h
6h Rate the Death Knight transmog above you part 10 Last thread reached it's limitMaanvaiva148 6h
10h Frost in 7.3 What do you think to the upcoming changes to frost? What will change? All damage abilities increased by 27% (Frost Death KnightFrost Death Knight) Hungering Rune WeaponHungering Rune Weapon (L58) and Glacial AdvanceGlacial Advance (L100) swapped positions Breath of SindragosaBreath of Sindragosa damage increased by 10% Murderous EfficiencyMurderous Efficiency (L56->L57), Frozen PulseFrozen Pulse (L57->L90), and Runic AttenuationRunic Attenuation (L90->L56) swapped positions Hungering Rune WeaponHungering Rune Weapon duration reduced to 12s (from 15s) and additionally grants 20% haste Bugfix: Hungering Rune WeaponHungering Rune Weapon correctly generates a Rune every 1.5s instead of every 1s Murderous EfficiencyMurderous Efficiency chance 50% (from 65%) Horn of WinterHorn of Winter cooldown increased to 45s (from 30s) Koltira's Newfound WillKoltira's Newfound Will generates 1 Rune (from 2) and now causes ObliterateObliterate to deal 10% extra damage Icy TalonsIcy Talons bonus increased to 15% (from 10%) Shattering StrikesShattering Strikes bonus increased to 60% (from 40%) Freezing FogFreezing Fog effect down to 20% (from 30%) ObliterationObliteration duration increased to 10s (from 8s)Krullux12 10h
1d Dk and pvp seriously hey guys remember asphyxiate? yeah bring that !@#$ing %^-* back cause if every other class can have some for of easy point of click cc why can't dk? like !@#$ off also for pvp alone icebound foritude should be either 100% or last at minium 20 secondsZeneder9 1d
1d Cosmetic DK Changes DKs are known for their iconic neon blue eyes, and this can be very helpful where tansmog for Frost spec DKs are concerned, yet it isn't helpful for both Blood and Unholy. Worgen have a hard enough time trying to find helms that look nice, non-frost Worgen DKs have a harder time as they have to find a helm which either covers the eyes or changes their colour (IE: Classhall helm) Non-DK Worgen have the ability to choose from 4 colours when they create their character, ice blue, fire red, fel green or void purple. Yet sadly these options are not available for the DKs. It would be most helpful if DKs had the ability to choose what colour their eyes would be out of the three spec colours (And not spec locked like the mount either) Another cosmetic idea which would add to the flavour would be idle effects similar to what Frost DKs currently have. When frost is idle ice spawns under their feet and cracks when they move. Unholy could have something similar to resto druids. While resto spawn flowers around their feet, unholy could have wilting flowers and other plant life around their feet. Blood could have a puddle of blood beneath their feet simple as.Wraknar6 1d
1d Army of dead with 2set should i still use 7-8 sec before pull? im not specced dark arb, so im thinking i use it right on pull and use my garg, DT, defile meanwhile i dont have runes just to take advantage of damage bonus. what are your thoughts?Wôrgenator3 1d
2d New DK Hi, first time posting on the forums. I've been playing WoW for a month now and really enjoying it. Messed about with a few classes to begin with and I've been maiming a shaman since. I just bought legion and got a level 100 boost and I'm going to use it on a DK and spec frost I think (I was told blood is tank and frost and unholy is dps?). Unless anyone suggests otherwise as to why I should spec in unholy I'm going to go frost and was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on what talents to pick, what heirlooms or legendaries to get (I've never had a legendary on this yet so bit clueless on those), maybe what rotations or armour I should pick etc. Basically anything I might need to know going into a level 100 DK with hardly any WoW experience. I bought and sold a WoW token so I have gold to play with if there's anything you suggest I should get. Loom forward to hopefully getting some advice from you guys on a DK or anything else WoW related you might suggest a new guy needs! Thanks!Overloaded7 2d
2d Cold Heart usage I'm an unholy dk with a baseline 76% mastery, and I was wondering if it's optimal to use Chains of ice on stacks 15-20 with the 3k mastery buff from defile, or if I should only use it at 20 stacks ASAPWôrgenator1 2d
2d Unholy hidden artifact skin Hey, i only have one question about it because i couldn't find it in any guide, so, Can it drop from both Army of the Dead and Apocalypse minions or just one of them?Trahardt10 2d
2d A question for Unholy DKs Last week i decided to pickup my DK and level him up to play Unholy, it seems really fun, i love the class fantasy and it appears to also perform well in DPS, so why not i thought. As im levelling him (still not 110) i started noticing that i had been having trouble with runes, and i wanted to ask other DKs about that. Does it get better at higher ilvl? How do you deal with the slow rune reg? The reason this question popped up was because while levelling i noticed that engaging a fight, applying Outbreak and building stacks costed alot and it always feel like im out of resources to pop said stacks.Faxes2 2d
2d Legendary Question: Cold Heart ... How does it work with Frost spec in PvP? I like description of this legendary because I still miss our precious stun... that was taken from us. One thing worries me tho... Death Grip applies Chains of Ice automaticly and I wonder if this effect is triggering effect of legenary item... that would be pretty badJesi7 2d
2d (frost) Ring Legendary or Legs Legendary Hello fellow Death Knights, My question is : which legendary should i use between Soul of the DeathLord, and Consort's Cold Core ? I mainly do M+ dungeons so apparently both are quite useful, Soul of the DeathLord seems to be the favorite one at the moment, but the thing is, without Consort's Cold Core i lose a bit more than 2000 strength, which is a lot i believe. So is the Ring worth the - 2000 strength ? I don't really know. Thanks for your opinions Good day m8Scythia3 2d
2d Blood Stats! Hello fellow Deathbringers...I am specced as blood...My stats are 34% Critical Strike , 28% Haste (I also have Chrono-Shard) , 33% Mastery , 2% Versatility. My first question is...Should I drop some of my Crit-Mastery in exchange of Versatility?! My Versa procs due to set and Corcordance are quite often so I'm most of the time around 22% Versatility. I don't have survivability problems...I'm just curious. Also if you "inspect" me you'll see 2 set piece (ToS) and 4 set (NH) , what is your opinion on new set bonuses...I feel comfortable with NH 4 piece...but does the ToS is as strong as the NH? Does it worth it?! Thanks in Advance!!!Ragknar4 2d
3d Need some help with Unholy To sum up my issue, I'm often hitting well over 3 runes which means i'm not regening resources constantly, and that means i'm effectively wasting Runes. Now I don't know unholy well enough to know if this is just something that happens with the spec or not. Or, am I paying it wrong or, do I not have enough haste? I don't have any unholy leggos either so theres that. I'm running 20% haste btw. If someone experienced with unholy could fill me in , thanks :)Tusani4 3d
3d Clawing shadows vs castigator When is it worth to take castigator over shadow? I noticed that castigator scales much better with secondary stats (crit went from 11 to 15), does that mean that at higher ilvl it will lead to more dps? The problem i have is that i lose a lot of range, which could be useful. Also, i have soul of the dreadlord.Jinmori4 3d
4d Blood or Unholy for PvP? I know a lot of people will hate me just for considering playing with Blood in pvp but... I have to make a decision between these 2 specs. I don't like Frost, sorry. So, now that I have more free time, I'd like to take pvp more seriously. As an Unholy DK I do an insane amount of damage in battlegrounds and arena, actually I find it quite easy to be top dmg at the end of a match. However it lacks the survivability that I like so much in blood dk. UH deals a lot of dmg, but with Blood I still often manage to have high dmg compared to others in battlegrounds. However Blood dk's defense is like 10 times better. I come out from every single match having the most healing done (more than healers). And another thing is that I mainly play a class for it's theme, not for how good it is. And blood is my favourite spec. But everyone just hates me when they see me in pvp as a tank (especially in skirmishes). Since I have a hard time making decisions, I'd like to know other people's opinions.Kräll6 4d
4d DK pvp problems! Hey boys'n girls! I've started pvp'ing on my DK, yet i don't Seem to Be putting any presure, or killing anything in 2's or 3's, ( i am still low raiting i know ) playing with my brother WHO's playing Rsham and HPally, i see other DK's chopping anything they get close to, yet i hit like a wet noodle.. But i know the problem is obviously me, so my question is, What should i do, is there any good tricks that i must know, thanks in advance! Appologize for my poor English :)Drebins17 4d
4d Where is the AP refund person? Where is the AP refund person? I feel like ive spoken to every NPC is Acherus and found nothing, there are also no other threads with this :(Reides1 4d
4d Chest legendary is stupid OP Honestly it's stupid, playing unh without shoulders and chest is just depressing. other dk's are surpassing me 100-200k dps on some fights because they have these items. chest is like a extra val'kyr , crits for 6.5m , it's accounting for 11% of some dk's damage and their death coils are 13%, how on earth is that remotely fair? wtf were you thinking blizzard? you nerf bracers because you don't want them to be mandatory to play a spec, and I'm happy with that, because I don't think any legendary should make or break a class. then you go and make dark arby build and add chest legendary, it blows my mind. /rantPinguswag15 4d
5d What joker designed DK artefact weapons? When you do the Artefact quest at lvl 100 and killed everything you get ported to a room and behold Frostmourne is right in in front of you. You heart is starting to pound as you have a little of childish excitement thinking finally? Is this where DK's finally gets to hold Frostmourne? It is right THERE and you are waiting for the Lich King to hand the sword over to you. ... Then some lame Blizzard design team whcih must be consisting out of jokers hand you as Blood DK a red tennis racket. As Frost DK you get two tiny blades which looks like large daggers making you feel like a rogue : / And as Unholy DK you get a green sword which looks like from the grip like Frostmourne but the end of the blade has a square end instead of a sharp point... So when will the DK finally get to pick up Frostmourne?Cùrsé33 5d
5d Low DPS in mythic + Hi, My DPS is low in instances. Yesterday i was in group in Maw of soul +8 mythic and i was lowest DPS. I know i still need more haste. Can i please get som advice on rotation og specs? I have legendary shoulder pads.. Cheers.Dextor5 5d
6d UH talent build with legendary shoulders Hi :) I,am new back to my unholy dk. I was lucky to get the shoulder a few days ago. My question is: Are my spec optimal with the new legendary shoulders. Appreciate feedback and advice on talent and rotation :) cheersDextor5 6d
6d Admin i gonna die soon /UNHOLY why i got this bad legendary [Aggramar's Stride] my dps still bad help me i need [Tak'theritrix's Shoulderpads] and [Cold Heart] please i need the shoulder i will die soon... and let unholy good at pvp arena more sheild and heal or i will die also..Magkin13 6d
6d My Thoughts on the 7.3 Changes So i've written down the new talent tree and looked at some combos, and I've come to the conclusion that the Icy Talons Machine Gun play style will make its Return. The changes: So, I believe the talents we will be taking are: 56: Icy Talons 57: Murderous Efficiency 58: Avalanche ST. Glacial Advance Aoe. Maybe Abominations might if legendary bracers are BiS. but all are viable. 60: doesn't matter 75: Doesn't matter 90: Frozen Pulse 100: Obliteration The main difference is that we can now take Icy Talons and Murderous Efficiency at the same time, but we loose Runic Attenuation. The legendary head, chest,wrist and belt will all probably be pretty close when it comes to legendary gear. These are just my thoughts, please tell me what you think or if you disagree bellow :D Ps: This is strictly for PvE, I don't really know anything about pvp.Tusani3 6d
15 Jul Another ''Blood DK's gutted hard'' thread Hello everyone! Just a quick thing: I'm well aware a lot of people don't share my opinion and i'm speaking only behalf of my own. If you agree or disagree, cool. :P So yeah, a short rundown of my experience here: I didn't play WoD at all and got to 10-man heroics back in Mists. I absolutely loved DK, played unholy in PvP with all the macros and CD management + Blood in PvE. Blood was amazing. The cooldown managing, the slight ''living on the edge'' feeling every time was there. It felt unique, fun and really made me feel like i had to adapt to different situations. Right now... not so much. I could go on and on about the ''no mobility'' issue we've been having but all i want to say is: Why on earth do we have skills that are extremely situational as our only choices? - A cleave which gives more runic power depending on how many enemies it hits? What's that? 1 target? THAT RARELY HAPPENS! - A skill that gives us defensive stacks which are depleted every hit? What's that? A group or multiple effects on you? THAT RARELY HAPPENS! - A runic power spender which heals you quite nicely and gives you a pathetic wee-shield? What's that? Overheal? Never heard. We have no clear, consistent way to generating runic power, instead of what happens atm is we need to hold on to our RP incase we get damage spikes. Which we do. A lot. And when this happens, just pray to god you time your death strikes when you are low, not when the healer pops something and you're full that 1 second and your heal goes out the window. And good luck in longer spams, because if our healer is unfocused for that 1 seconds, you explode. Been doing some mythics and some encounters feel just unfair even. I nearly always poop myself when i see my HP dropping below 10% and staying there as i try to keep calm and get my RP for the damn Death Strike. I mean jesus christ, give us at least something to work with. I am literally scared of using skills while i tank in case i start to take damage again. We are not juggernauts that feel strong close. We are just extremely fragile tanks with skills that don't work 40% of the time. And at this point i just have to ask: From a pure logical stand point. What the hell is the reason to play a BDK over VDH? They have the same-ish tanking style. More adaptability, more heals, less nerfs, more buffs. (Blood Death Knight & Vengeance Demon Hunter) Please Blizzard, do something. Whoever is watching over the balance of Death Knights there, is just smashing away at this point. By checking out the artifact talents, the situation is NOT going to change. Even the new skill is a ANOTHER cleave, which heals according to how many enemies it hits. WHAT!? WHY? WHO? WE LIKE TO TANK BOSSES TOO. The only thing making Blood DK's playable at this point is the fact that 1 of the raid gears set bonus is a rune refresh on heart strike. THIS SHOULD BE IN OUR BASIC BUILD AS IS. BIT A BLOODY [HEH] SET BONUS. Some things i'd like to see personally (Not all of them, at least 1): - Icebound fortitude, gimme. - If mob is immune to grip, pull me towards him. - Some sort of way to get back runes, except rune tap. That is pretty much useless as is. - Bigger shield on Blood Shield. Or decreased damage taken/increased parry. Something. - An RP spender which gives us helps with the RUNE CD's? I mean, sometimes i could use that marrowstrike but 1/2 runes are on CD. It really breaks me to stand there looking at the boss like ''Yeah, you hit hard now. Just wait till i get muh armor up again''. - Juggernaut in blizzard eyes, 2016. Ps. I still love the idea of a BDK and will probably stick to it till the bitter end. But i really, really want to like this more than i do atm. I really really, dislike the nagging voice in my head to tell me to ''reroll'' because it's the worst option for a tank atm.Nightsmile13 15 Jul
15 Jul Legendary shoulders Past 4 days of this week I got lucky as never before and I got both chest piece and shoulders. Should I take shadow infusion for them as unholy or stay with necrosis ? Thanks for reppliesAzwarith7 15 Jul
14 Jul Didnt realise there was a song about DKs Behind blue eyes No one knows what it's like to be the bad man to be the sad man behind blue eyes No one knows what it's like to be hated to be fated to telling only lies But my dreams they aren't as empty as my conscience seems to be I have hours, only lonely my love is vengeance that's never free No one knows what it's like to feel these feelings like i do and i blame you No one bites back as hard on their anger none of my pain and woe can show through But my dreams they aren't as empty as my conscience seems to be I have hours, only lonely my love is vengeance that's never free Discover... l-i-m-p i.... No one knows what it's like to be mistreated to be defeated behind blue eyes And no one knows how to say that theyre sorry and dont worry i'm not telling lies But my dreams they arent as empty as my conscience seems to be I have hours, only lonely my love is vengence that's never free No one knows what it's like to be the bad man to be the sad man behind blue eyesNecrofenix3 14 Jul
14 Jul How is frost dk in BG's Curious as I'm looking for a melee class which can create pressure without using long CD.S to do it. For example fury warrior feels only useful within the burst CD.Snagaripotku17 14 Jul
14 Jul Lets make a trait... ...that will replace Heart Strike, making it a ranged blood-bolt attack. Why this and not Death Strike? Hearh Strike does apply slow! Lets make everyone slow just like we are! (Blood Spec)Jesi0 14 Jul
14 Jul CoF 890 still worth using Unholy? I just got a CoF finally but is it worth replacing with my 900 strength stacking trinket (crdle of anguish) or my 915 vial of ceaseless toxins? I do have legendary shouldersLockvd6 14 Jul
13 Jul War+dk+healer 3v3? Who are the preferred healers for current TSG 3v3 setup? TSG: Warrior+DK+heal.Issymoat1 13 Jul
13 Jul New dk player? Hi I am looking for some recent dk PvP and PvE footage to see if the class might be for me. Especially interested in unholy. Feel free to share other specs too. Does anyone know any recommendable vids? Thanks.Issymoat0 13 Jul
13 Jul Unholy DK, ring is bad? Is the new ring bad? Because I got it and simmed it single target and it sims even less than my crafted waist legendary just because of the agility the crafted provides :/Lockvd5 13 Jul
13 Jul DK Low PVE DPS I am an ilvl 909 unholy dk and i seem to only be hitting a maximum of 650k dps in pve i believe that i am doing the rotations right and i have my talents set to whatt was recommended for pve on icyveins. I was wondering what i could do to improve my dps in pve. Also during fights i seem to find myself running out of runes alot i was wondering why this is aswell.Engeox2 13 Jul
13 Jul Corrupted Starlight on Unholy? [SOLVED] Heyho, yesterday a friend gave me the trinket "Corrupted Starlight" after Darkheart Thicket +. This trinket triggers on "damaging spells". Can Unholy DK even trigger it?Vorka4 13 Jul
13 Jul Unholy DK cosmetic suggestion This is just a cosmetic change, and not a change to any dps. Now I normally play frost, the reason for that is I don’t look the look of our pet. I think it is ugly and well mehhh. I started thinking what I would like to see as my pet, and I thought... I want to be able to claim any non-raid, npc, humanoid, that I have killed, solo or in party. These undead minions would have no different abilities to the normal undead ghoul we get. Maybe a slight skin tone change to make them look less alive, but the same model as you claim as you minion. Example, say I find some npc gnome wandering around that I can slaughter. I kill them, claim them as my minion. Then I can summon that pink haired fool instead of my ghoul. Has the same abilities and everything, just a different model. I want a holding area for undead minions. I want to be able to assign one as my Pet. Any others in my undead holding area would be visibly used when I use army of the dead. That’s right I want to pop army, and have my own legion assault my enemy. Think of it, you could have an army of undead gnomes, which you could unleash upon a raid boss. How cool is that!Deffers5 13 Jul
12 Jul Frost Is Unplayable In Starting Zone I have a vast fondness for the DK starting zone, back when I first made my Worgen DK as my second ever character. I remember be absolutely clueless at every quest, yet I still have fond memories of it. Even being the Deathlord in Legion, I still run around the Ebon Hold seeing the familiar faces from the starting zone. So I decided to go back and give it a play on a new toon, I main Blood spec for raiding and main Unholy for questing. I have never touched Frost, never saw a desire to. So I decided to ply the opening area as Frost, only to notice that out of the first 4 spells you are given, you can only use two of them. Frost Strike and Obliterate both require a one handed sword, something you do not have access to in the opening zone, all you have is a 2h sword that you get in the first quest. While I do not have a problem with this, (1h heirloom swords FTW) I can see this putting a lot of newer people off playing the Frost spec of DKs. For this I would recommend removing the requirement of 1h sword from the spells. Or add 1h swords to the quest reward / have them available for purchase from Ozorg, this would then give people the ability to see if they enjoy the spec or not.Wraknar8 12 Jul
12 Jul Reasons to pick Dk over Warrior? I am leveling this character atm. To be painfully honest I can clearly see at my level that Warriors are designed as a superior class. Better burst dmg, better sustained dmg, not even comparable mobility.. I am not trolling guys. I am genuinely asking you, is the a reason playing a dk over warrior? I wanted to go as a melee dps char this expansion, and I really hope I did the right choice with my class..Mayy15 12 Jul
11 Jul Blood Dk trinkets Could somebody help me out please, with which trinkets should I look out for, just changed spec from frost to blood and thinking what should iI go withCovoniar6 11 Jul
10 Jul Terrible mount I don't play a DK, I seen your class mount today and I am absolutely horrified. Not because the gruesome dragon turns the blood in my veins cold, but because of the awful execution of what could have been an amazing class mount. For real, the texture resolution on it is really bad. There are rough and blocky edges all over it that look like a 4 year old drew is. Worst of all is the clutter on the back. You have a high res coffin and swords that make the rest of the mount's low textures super obvious. The skull pile is literally as bad as Vanilla wow graphics. It's a lumpy shape with a skull pattern stretched over it. I don't know why I am explaining it to you, you can see it yourself but how did this make it live?Yavwren23 10 Jul
10 Jul Best arena comps in 7.2.5 Are these 2 best arena comps in your opinion as well? :) 10 Jul
10 Jul Very long time rogue player Been playing rogue for years and thought I'd try another class out for abit and boy oh boy how fun unholy Death Knights are! Where have you been hiding all my life!? While i'm enjoying playing it and ready to step it up the next notch any of you want to give me some tips?Tobi2 10 Jul
10 Jul What race to play? I'm only really concerned about aesthetics in this case. Played a human for the longest time and looking for a change. For a DK I have been stuck between night elf and worgen. Can't decide on which one to chose, any recommendations?Burntwaffles10 10 Jul
10 Jul Blood DK or Vengeance DH Who is better tank Blood dk or vengeance dh ?Revro3 10 Jul
09 Jul Why must I love frost but hate Breath? It's totally possible this is a repost but I'm 99% sure I didn't post before and I don't see it, but it DOES do that sometimes. In that case I apologise. Anyways. Been levelling a DK. Been playing frost whilst I level. Was really enjoying it. THEN I reached the mess that is level 100 talents. Breath feels awful to play, in my opinion. I'm not saying it's bad, I just don't like it. Frost Strike falls almost totally out of the rotation, And then we have the "alternatives". Obliteration and Glacial advance are both pretty awful in their own rights. How much DPS do I lose by running other talents when it comes to end game contents? Since this character would be an alt, I'm unlikely to ever go past Heroic content with it so I'm not desperately worried, but if there's never a hope of being at least average in DPS...Feldin4 09 Jul