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28 Sep Doomsen's Legion PvP Restoration Druid Guide 7.2.5 Hey there fellow druids! My name is Doomsen and I happen to be a multiple times Rank1 Restoration Druid / tournament competitor! I've decided that I would like to provide a guide that covers more than just the baseline of Restoration Druid in Legion. Guides for PvP are fairly rare these days, so I thought I may aswell create one and help people out. This guide only helps to a certain level so if you are an "advanced" player, most of those information may be nothing new for you. Table of Contents 0. PATCH UPDATES *7.2.5!!* 1. Talents 2. PvP Talents 3. Artifact Weapon Talents 4. Healing 5. Survival 6. Druid Races for Horde / Alliance 7. Addons 8. Macros 9. Final words LAST UPDATE 13th July: Patch Updates for Hotfixes June/July ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 0. Patch Updates - Going through Patch changes for Druid ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hotfixes End June & July They've given us a 3% & 5% Intellect buff aswell as a 40% Swiftmend increase throughout the last few weeks, still leaving us druids on the edge of viable, if even. If you still struggle, it may not be your fault. Playstyle wise I've been running with Prosperity every game to get the most efficency out of the Swiftmend buff aswell as Soul of the Forest, beside games against Affli. Warlocks / Shadow Priests where Cultivation might still be better and Incarnation still against DKs, Ferals aswell as some Rogue Mage comps. Focused Growth seems to be a must right now. If there wont be another buff that will not focus on our Intellect anytime soon, this will be the first season since Cataclysm where druid is unplayable PATCH 7.2.5 Overview Long story made short: They've nerfed every single healing abilitiy and some more than others i.g. Cultivation Revitalize now has charges and does not refresh the Rejuv to it's full duration Entangling Bark (formerly Fortified Bark) does now grant 2 charges of Nature's Grasp, which roots players once melee attacked. Overgrowth no longer does apply the initial heal of Regrowth Focused Growth's healing and mana cost is buffed If you are struggling on your Restoration Druid at the moment fear not, you're not alone. With all those changes done we're currently by far the worst healer which I hope will change soon. How to vs. melee The ladder is full of melee cleave at the moment in which Revitalize is the main choice. You can run Entangling but only if you have no Frost mage in your team and make use of it to get range from them during burst phases otherwise it is not valueable. Focused Growth is also coming to play now. You never want your Lifeblooms to expire, but should refresh only below 5 seconds left to get the bloom heal. Incarnation to deal with burst How to vs. melee caster Exact same story with Revitalize or Fortified. You can't do anything wrong with Revitalize. Still suggesting to use Overgrowth here incase the caster does AOE, Focused Growth can be chosen too if you can get used to it, but DO NOT vs. Mages. They will punish you for it. Incarnation to deal with burst. How to vs. double caster Nourish. Not because it's good, just because the other 2 options do absolutely nothing. You can try to sneak in healing touches situationally to safe a bit of mana and have a decent initial heal. Cultivation incase Shadow or Warlock are included. Most likely going to be Overgrowth. As mentioned before, mages do counter the Lifebloom choice with Kleptomania. NOTE: You can run Abundance/Nourish again, but only situationally. It's not that simple to explain and you'll have to test for yourself when to use it but for example if you run a caster comp that allows you to stay back without the risk of DPS tunneling you all game, it does a lot and great healing. I've played Mage Lock Druid the other day and was testing it out, playing it vs everything. You really have to make sure to be on max range to avoid as many Interupts or switches as possible otherwise you are not able to get the value out of it. Comps with a lot of CrowdControl like RMD will never let you get value out of it, so picking the talents there might just instantly cause a loss. Have a decent count of Rejuvenations applied to reduce the casttime (Also requires you to run Defender of the Weak, can go with Vim & Vigor but I'd not fully recommend it) For example in Rogue Mage Druid, you wouldn't really be able to run it. The comp requires you to be somewhat offensive, which makes you a more than viable target and even with your partners helping you, you will struggle and rot apart against something like Warrior Affliction Lock XHealer. I'll update the specific talents & more by next week. I hope the update does help you folks and I'll make sure to get back to you in the comments as soon as possible incase you have any questions. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. Talents (Not mentioned talents simply mean they definitely are no option for PvP) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tier 1 Prosperity: This is currently my favourite choice. With Nature's Swiftness & Genesis gone we are lacking instant healing. Now Swiftmend isn't the biggest heal of all time, but it'st still decent especially with the 30% healing increase from our Artifact talents. It also goes really well with Soul of the Forest, incase we chose that as our Tier 5 talent but more about that later! Cenarion Ward: It does quite a lot of healing overtime and doesn't require to procc in order to start it's Cooldown. Sadly does not have an initial heal. It's defnitely a talent that can be chosen, especially in combination with Cultivation to get as many hots rolling to benefit from our Mastery:Harmony. Tier 2 Displacer Beast: Has been our to go talent since it's first been released. An instant 20yard teleport that also gives use a 50% movement speed is nothing we really wanna miss out on. Wild Charge: It's a really fun talent but I don't think it can compete with Displacer. Travel Jump is a way worse version of it and the shorter cooldown does not make up for that. I still use it sometimes for fun in Battlegrounds, but not in competitive, ever. Tier 3 Guardian Affinity: I have used this talent throughout my entire time playing Beta. A passive 6% damage reduction aswell as a life regeneration with Frenzied Regeneration in Bear form makes it to a talent that you can pick in every situation. Also Ironfur can come in quite handy sometimes (More about all that in the Cooldown Category) Balance Affinity: The reasons for choosing Balance Affinity is the longer range on Cyclone aswell as being able to deal with dispelling Polymorph without running into the dilemma of landing into one ourself while doing so. The only times you wanna use it is, when you are very certain that you will never be the target of choice for your opponents because not having the Guardian Affinity effects, does make a big difference surviving wise. Making use of Balance Form: All of us got turned into a Sheep while trying to dispel our friends out of them and with Balance Form you can avoid that because Purify Spirit does not shift you out of it, so there's no worry about that. Balance Form does have a global though and obviously not required everytime dispel a Polymorph. Getting used to it will take you time, quite a bit of time even but it's good. It also allows you to cast Regrowths or Overgrowth without making you leave the form. Any other healing ability will though. Tier 4 Mighty Bash: As we have no other stun it comes in very handy in a lot of situations. Taking out a target for 5 seconds can be game changing and offers other follow up, such as Cyclone, without having to worry about being interupted by that player. It will stay as the main competitive talent. Mass Entanglement: With Legion being fairly meele heavy right now, being able to root targets off you can give you that extra space to get to safety in a lot of situations. Does sadly break from damage. With Iron- &Barkskin no longer rooting targets, they are never on a diminishing return, atleast not caused by us! Also there seem to be fairly less roots in the game as before. Can be taken situationally Typhoon: It's something I would almost consider not worth mentioning. Since WoD this ability has lost alot of its power. It's fun knocking people off the Blades Edge Arena bridge for example (if it even does succeeds) but does not give generally close to as many possibilities as the other two.Doomsen133 28 Sep
12 Oct Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! On the 14th of March 2012 Valonia made the longest running topics on our beloved Healing boards. I don't think anyone could have imagined that at the present day, this topic would still be active. And since I can't decribe it better then Valonia did, I'm shamelessly going to copy / paste her welcome post as it describes the Lounge perfectly. ... Ladies and gentleman! I bid thee welcome to the new Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! Lets keep this awesome place going, and see how far we'll get this time :D. Previous lounges: Therapy Lounge for Healers http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/3483960548 Therapy Lounge for Healers - The WoD Edition http://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/12618274142Celibyx460 12 Oct
21 Mar 2014 Making a Guide? Here in the class forums, players often put together awesome guides to help the rest of the community. However, due to the high number of sticky request we receive each day, these guides sometimes fall off the front page before we can sticky them. If you have just posted a guide or if you’d like to nominate a guide here on the European forums to be stickied, please send an email to the Community team, including a link to the guide you'd like stickied, at: CMTeamEU-WoW@Blizzard.com Alternatively, guide writers can help us spot their threads by putting [Guide] in the title :)Takralus0 21 Mar 2014
9h Add new animations to Firecat! Hi Blizzard! You guys have done an amazing job with the visuals this expansion - and as a druid playing both Feral and Guardian, I can only say: Thank you for the new skins and animations! However, you seem to have left the Firecat skin out in the cold. It's the skin from http://www.wowhead.com/item=122304/fandrals-seed-pouch I am talking about - you know, the toy I (and others) have typically spent months farming in the Firelands raid. Please add the new animations to this form - it still uses the old animations, which makes me look a bit dated when "wearing" this skin!Whitepaw0 9h
11h Lunarwing Form doesn't work ? Finally finished the quest, and log shows that I learned the passive. (I can't find it anywhere in spellbook) But Travel Form still turns me into standard bat =/ I had Cheetah glyph at that time, I removed it .. nothing. Went to Faeb, unlearned and learned form again .. nothing. Anything else I can do ?Stoictaurus1 11h
12h How is feral PVP atm? Well, thinking of going back to my druid but afraid is still the underdog even in random bgs, with no powershifting is just a gimped rogue in my eyes, yet is my favourite class/spec and would like to get some skins. How are they for casual WPVP and bgs RBGS will do soon but I´m afraid of gearing my feral and getting one shotted up and down and being unable to do the complicated bleed rotation in time before this happens- I heard they got buffs finally and some people tell me is much better now. Is it worth, if at all?Halpx0 12h
13h Armor Hi everybody =) I don’t think that I quite understand this armor numbers. I mean, my blood dk has 7k armory and he just walks around whistling in Argus while mobs attack him and then my druid has 9k (boomkin form) and he dies if some angry demon in Broken shore looks at him. Of course I am new to this class and I am still learning, actually I think druid might be fun to play with when I get the hang of it, by the way I appreciate tips, most likely I built my druid wrong =) Thanks =)Moonrush7 13h
22h Rate the Druid transmog above you! Godspeed.Fienfu17 22h
1d Restoration druid rotation raids Hello, I am curious what the rotation is in raids. Just to make sure i am doing it right. Do i spam the raid in rejuvs or focus rejuvs on a few members and direct heal from there on? Any tips? Thanks in advanceSethrà4 1d
1d Where to pick up quests for Druid campaign? Hi, I wish to have the Archdruid title on this toon which I should get for completing the Druid class hall campaign. Does anyone know where to pick quests for that? Because there are none available in The Dreamgrove for me. I completed all 4 artifact quests and I've checked Wowhead but I can't figure it out. Thanks in advance. edit: nvm I think I figured it out, had to pick up some quest in Dalaran.Danbearpig1 1d
1d Only-Druid Raiding in Legion! Hello everydruid! We, Druids of the Beast are back to share more joyful only-druid raids with you guys. Now, bigger than ever before! As previous expansions, I will continue to update our ventures and progress as only druids, in this single post to keep you guys updated! :) We now raid 3 times a week, Wed/Thu/Monday with our other events, mini games and arrangements on other days! Stay tuned! If you like this! Please support us by being a subscribear on our YouTube! https://www.youtube.com/user/MonsterbabyVashj All-Druid Tomb of Sargeras (9/9)5/9 HC Goroth HEROIC Demonic Inquisition: HEROIC Harjatan: HEROIC Sisters of the Moon: HEROIC Mistress Sassy: HEROIC The Desolate Host HEROIC Maiden of Vigilance Fallen Avatar Kil'jaeden All-Bear Emerald Nightbear: https://youtu.be/U_SdRRDnBjM Nighthold Heroic: 10/10 Nighthold Normal10/10 https://youtu.be/2WyL6FIaI_4 Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 See our YouTube for kills Emerald Nightmare Heroic 7/7 See our YouTube for Kills Trials of Valor 3/3 HCMonsterbaby71 1d
1d Argus grinding as a druid While I am focusing on gearing the Guardian spec I was wondering if others find the two specs dps specs more optimal for the purpose of farming Veiled argunite.Eosferon3 1d
1d Nerf Guardian Druids (tank) Its ridiculous to hold 60%+ in top100 tank performance in warcraftlogs. They have too much hp, overpowered mitigations and small CDs... DH and prot warriors need some buffs. Paladins have the smallest health pool atm. I mean WTF? I can only guess that blizzard likes to be that way for some reason. Maybe the kid of CEO is playing druid...Fouskas33 1d
1d For how long have you been a druid ? As the title says, how long has it been? Do we have any OG druids around? If you switched mains, when did it happen and what did you play before?Dawgfu18 1d
1d Druid races disappointment Im one of thoose altoholics, constantly swapping classes to be able to change roles every now And then. Druid is the perfect class for me, but I cant seem to Get over the fact that I only can choose between NightElf, Worgen, Tauren And Troll. NightElf are theese skinny twigs with weird colour-palettes, worgen just dont appeal to me lorewize, tauren are just too big (And like worgen, the customization just just doesnt feel diverse) And Trolls....well, hunchback. Besides, Horde doesnt feel interesting this expansion. I know we mostly stay shapeshifted, but I usually dont connect with my char unless im pleased with how they look. Have you experienced the same? How did you manage to «pull trough»? I know lorewize, It wouldnt make mutch sense with other races being druids, but would you welcome for instance: Pandaren Druids? I know I would! (Also, would be easier to develope for Blizz, since pandaren is aviable for both factions)Ràvñ13 1d
2d Resto Druid T20? Hi All, I understand that the Resto Druid T20 2 + 4 set bonuses are, shall we say, terrible. Considering this is the case, is it best to just drop T20 completely (I do not have T19 currently, apart from some LFR drops that I've stored away somewhere) in favour of higher ilvl gear and stats? Is the set bonus that bad that I can just drop it completely for higher ilvl stuff?Wrexz3 2d
2d I love being a resto druid. So I have always played dps only tanked when I really really really had to. I healed on my priest to help out on a raid once or twice but didn't really like it, however I noticed we needed healers in our guild so decided to roll a resto druid to help. AND I LOVE IT Resto is such a fun spec to play so much so I'm even thinking of maining it from now on it's fun intuitive and is great in pretty much any situation. Also ice just got to Legion and WOW our orderhall is definitely the best looking.Inatos1 2d
2d my char cant stay in travel form always when im in travelform i change back to night elf does someone know why this happends and how to prevent itHolyrmoly2 2d
3d guardian druid mage tower I am struggling to do enough dps in this my tank is built to tank not dps i never got the luffa or eko chest so i cant use them to make it easier i feel like at this ilvl and doing 800k dps as a tank should be more than enough but it just isnt would appreciate tips and helpLazerstorm14 3d
3d Resto Druid in RBGs Hi guys, after some months playing demon hunter i un again with my resto druid in rbgs. But actually i'm not sur what are best talents to choose. My build : -Abundance -Displacer Beast -Guardian affinity -bash -Incarnation -germination -flourish and pvp talents are : -gladiator medaillon -vim and vigor -druid of the claw -cyclone -nourish -early spring So there are my questions : 1. Does incarnation is the best talents to choose ? Many of druids runing cultivation ? I really don't know wich is the best between both. 2. Florish or stonebark ? Abour pvp talents: 3. medaillon or relentless ? 4. vim and vigor of defender of the weak ? It really diifficult to find some informations about classes in rbg scope only. Ladderboard is not the reality because people can switch talent before logout specially for 3s or pve. If someone can help me i'll really appreciate that. thank you very much PS: sry for mistakes, i'm french :DNemezayir0 3d
3d Guardian trinkets Hi guys, While I main feral, I've been lucky with getting a couple guardian trinkets. Which of those should I be using in m+? I'm not tanking raids, so only using them in m+. -945 Reliquary of the Damned -900 Animated Exoskeleton -935 Orb of Torment -940 Feverish Carapace For higher m+ I feel like I should pick two of the four above. Other than that, I also got the following: -920 agility/vers statstick -915 Vial of Ceaseless Toxins -900 Umbral Moonglaives On dungeons where defense isn't an issue, I guess I should go for the statstick + vial for bosses and swap one of those for the moonglaives on trash? Also, would you say the legendary list (for both damage and survival) is up-to-date or would you change something? https://www.icy-veins.com/wow/guardian-druid-pve-tank-gear-legendaries-best-in-slotZoúnkla0 3d
3d Balance viability in Antorus So, I've scrolled down a bit and I can't see (m)any threads about balance, where it currently is or how it's expected to perform in Antorus. I main shadow priest and due to the current concerns with the next tier it looks like it will be a lot less viable to play, considering the amount of gear we'd need is absurd. So here I am. Does anyone have any insight on the current playstyle and how it may be changed in Antorus. Is the new tier looking to be a decent upgrade? Are there any resources people have available for me to read up on? I figured asking the veterens out there for their opinion would be my best option to get a detailed and explained answer. Thanks in advance! xKãrmã2 3d
3d What happened to Feral? So my question is exactly what the topic suggests. To explain, I quit shortly after 7.3 Feral changes were announced, mainly due to burnout, and back then Feral felt pretty strong from a PvP perspective, I could basically 1v1 anything given I played correctly and the pressure I dealt in Arenas along with the CC felt amazing. And now, when I returned a week ago, I go in to a random BG and notice I hit like a wet noodle, on top of that - I find out that Enraged Maim now costs 5 Combo Points and that Incarnation only gives me one Vanish. So yeah, what happened? Did they over-buff Feral with 7.3 and just nerf it again? Or am I missing out on what the correct talents are now?Kang4 3d
3d Honestly why bother This new legendary system actively shafts on how much time you can afford to sink into this game. I play balance as a main spec and i've been grinding for the best part of a year now to get my hands on the bracers (oneth's intuition) AND/OR Impeccable fel essence. The game seems like it's going to make me wait til i've got every single other legendary in game before I can have them. It would be fair to come here and say you don't need them, but you do, single target damage is an absolute joke without the fel essence and you can't log particularly high (95%) without it. It's a stupid system and if they wanted to make certain legendaries far better than others then we should have been able to pick which ones we wanted, rather than rolling the RNG dice and ending up with the deflated feeling after getting yet another bad one and thinking to yourself. "well, another month of average logs for me"Mortainius17 3d
4d Resto Druid T20 Hi All, I understand that the Resto Druid T20 2 + 4 set bonuses are, shall we say, terrible. Considering this is the case, is it best to just drop T20 completely (I do not have T19 currently, apart from some LFR drops that I've stored away somewhere) in favour of higher ilvl gear and stats? Is the set bonus that bad that I can just drop it completely for higher ilvl stuff? Thanks!Wrexz0 4d
4d What am I doing wrong? Ok guys, I want to love the bear, but I cant keep it alive. I tried several builds, but somehow as a bear I take such huge damage that I cant solo for example overseer Y'Beda, in her normal form. I play all tanks and bears are supposed to be the best, but somehow I cant pull it off. It's not that I want to solo, its just an example how squishy my bear feels. I play all tanks and have no trouble whatsoever, but as tank with an ilvl of 894 i even sometimes get kicked form normal heroic runs, not even mythics, as a tank. I keep my ironfur up for as much as I can, I actually spam it (apart from frenzied regeneration). I mangle and thrash and do all that is advised at icy-veins, but to no avail. I die so fast??? Are there any secrets that I am unaware off? (PS I am even afraid now to run my daily heroic, coz it feels so bad to be kicked as a tank)Tautau3 4d
5d Returning player Hello! I didn't play for quite a long time, and I seem to have a hard time getting started again. I'd like to be a healer like I used to, but right now I don't even know how to setup my addons I just downloaded. I also don't know if I should level by doing quests, or by doing dungeons. Of course, in order to do dungeons I need a general feel of the game and my class again. Is there perhaps anyone who could walk me through this (as in, helping to setup addons, giving me useful info, etc)? I have no idea if anyone from my guild is even still active. That would be very kind.Calanthia3 5d
5d Worth a reroll? Getting pretty bored of my mage right now so I'm looking for a new alt to level. Personally, do you find druids fun, if so what spec and how viable are they in 7.3 (I realise enjoyment is subjective). Mostly interested in M+ and will probably dip into a little of each spec but mainly DPS. Thanks.Alzeria2 5d
6d How to deal with crybabies? Guys, how you deal with crybabies in pvp? People call ferals op, when there are classes like spri,rogue,dh,dk And even worse, people call feral easy. Lul, isnt feral hardest melee spec in game since vanilla, i dont clearly know that cuz i started to wow at wotlk. But atleast since then, its the hardest one. Im not an egoist person tbh. But our comps were not even viable in pvp 2 months ago, atm there are around 15 ferals in top 100 and it makes me happy, why people just get disturbed for it? Fckin mages and rogues dominating the top 100 with 30-40 members. And their playstyle is way more easier than us. I guess people just got used to see mages, rogues, dks, even dhs in 1 year in ladders. If any devaloper reads it gj about our buff. Fckin rogues got a passive spell 'catlike reflexes' to get dodge rating perma, we got 0 dodge, WE ARE FCKIN CATS ITSELF. We cannot use any defensive tool when stunned, we got no dodge/parry (only when we get to catform we get dodge for 6 sec, meh.) ETC ETC guys you know what i mean. How you deal with crybabies about ferals?Seairex10 6d
6d Pack form How would you feel if this was implemented as it is in the lore (wolf form) after all it is where worgan came from Idea from this vid https://youtu.be/g16o4StVggYWaiteyak2 6d
13 Oct Druid skins and Boomie/feral /tank Hey druids i been thinkin on maybe rolling druid as an alt . So i got few questions ... Is Tank/feral and MOST of all is boomy spec good ? tank i belive is good tho and feral i heard is pretty decent aswell . but boomies .. i maybe have bad avarness but i cant rly remember to see muchs of em lately . This questions is rly based around Mythic + and raiding . And last but not least im woundring if someone here got a link showing me ALL and then i mean ALL artifact skins/appereance forms etc . feral and tank i kinda seen it all but least wanna see all boomy skins . I hope someone took the time to read this and will answar . Anyway Thanks! :-]Luciferø2 13 Oct
11 Oct macro help hi guys. i want that i auto change in to cat form when i go inside but im not a hero with macro's so does anyone know how to do thisHolyrmoly3 11 Oct
11 Oct Can't get artifact on pvp server I'm trying to get the Scythe of Elune but sadly I'm getting ganked ALL THE TIME. I know it's a pvp server (I'm only here because of my friends who stopped playing), but the MAIN problem is - the quest keeps resetting (the part where you have to escort the paladin). I honestly don't know what to do at this point, I don't want to spend ~20 eur on a server transfer just because Blizzard doesn't know how to design their games and add phasing...Solkanu7 11 Oct
10 Oct Archdruid's Lunarwing Form. Since the first class "mount" was obtained, there has been an outcry from the Druid community (and rightfully so) about basically everything that has to do with it. I won't go into the fact that no one seems to like it, as looks are subjective and there may be a small minority out there that actually like it. Some of the obvious flaws we can address though, are things like its impracticability (not usable in areas where you can't fly, usable on alts fifty levels later than for other classes, and after purchasing three whole riding skills more than any other alt would require. The form is also bugged, as you're allowed to talk to Skycaller Faeb in Moonglade to activate the form, without being level 70 and having 280% flying. Not only does this lead you to believe that you can use the form, and thus clogs up tickets with questions about it not showing even after learning the passive effect, but you can also fly other people around in your basic flight-form, which makes it look as if you're carrying them with your claws. Is it not possible to just agree on the fact that since Druid's don't even get a mount to begin with, have to level their alts 50 levels higher than any other class and purchase 280% flying to use this, it's fundamentally flawed and should be up for review. I don't personally feel like all other mounts should be made usable only at level 70+ with 280% flying or higher, as these mounts are a fun way to show what you've accomplished on your main, whilst playing your alt, and instead feel like the Druid form should be altered in some way or another (could make it like Sandstone Drake, where it's a mount that turns you into the bird), to address basically all of these issues. (Just imagine if Mage Tower transmogs were usable on alts, but ONE random class couldn't use theirs unless they are max level next expansion and have cleared the final boss in Mythic, whereas everyone else only has to be level 110. Wouldn't really seem fair, would it?)Sighborg0 10 Oct
10 Oct Needs Help! So i have 4 Druids at 110 which 3 of them is NewDinged, i only have the Lunarwing Owl Flight form on this character, is it possible to get it on my three without doing the Questline again?, i mean the other mounts are shared among the alts, so im curious is it possible to get the Lunarwing Owl Form on my other 3 druids?. thanks in Advance PS: i've been looking around for the issue, but always ended up on the same result [How to get the Lunarwing Owl form]Jinkazama1 10 Oct
10 Oct Tomorrow everyone will be on a class mount, but we wont Makes me a little sad knowing our mountform will pretty much be non-existent on argus.Aralise7 10 Oct
09 Oct Resto - Off-Spec Hey, I got an issue here: I'm geared as Resto ilvl 922, but both in testing and sim. I would deal around 200-300k more dps if I off-spec to Feral rather than Balance. Is this supposed to be so? Tought as a caster, my gear would fit perfect for Balance ; not Feral. Any advice?Zooiih4 09 Oct
09 Oct On the topic of the hidden feral skin I got the screech two days ago, but couldn't actually go to the portal because i had to leave for work, so i logged off, then when I got to play again, I could not find the stone, did I screw myself over and have to wait for another screech?Sashera2 09 Oct
09 Oct Werebear form?? How easy is to get this form in any "color"?? I will come back to my Druid only because of this form because I was living in D2 the druid class with werebear and werewolf forms. But is it easy to be taken??Poniri1 09 Oct
09 Oct Current state of feral? Hey just wondering if anyone could either shed some light on the current feral situation or point me to a reliable source. Reading lots of conflicting things. Been out of wow for a good 7 months or so and looking to return. Trying to decide between this and my monk. I want to heal mythic+ but feral DPS in raids. Where as on my monk I just want to heal and maybe do some M+ tanking. The final factor in my decision is how feral is at the moment. I haven't played feral since wotlk maybe cata at the latest. Don't remember. So as well as overall performance I am wondering about the quality of life. Any persistent annoying bugs? Is there a stigma that ferals are just useless making PUGs difficult? PvP I think I'll heal so there's no questions there.Cantcatchme1 09 Oct
09 Oct Question about resto legendaries Hi all! Today i've got the Aman'Thul's Wisdom legendary and I'm lost because I don't know what legendaries should I use to increase my healing. Right now I have these legendaries for Rdruid: Amathul's Wisdom Ekowraith Soul of the Archdruid Essence of infusion And Sephuz My gear isn't well optimized since I came back to Legion 1 month + ~2weeks ago, so I don't know if I should stick to Ekowraith+Soul of the Archdruid for the stats or try somethings else. Btw I don't have the t19 so I don't know if Amanthul's is worth losing 800 intellect, 2% crit. 3% haste and 1% mastery (against ekowraith). Thanks and have a nice day!Rumad1 09 Oct
08 Oct Feral Pvp Dps help? New to feral druid, been playing it for just under a week, can anyone tell me what the best way to deal dmg in 3v3s is since the changes? single target or spreading bleeds? can't find a feral on twitch to watch at all =(Sharpxfocus6 08 Oct
06 Oct Mage Tower Feral/Guardian I was wondering, if it would be possible to do the feral mage tower challenge Agatha, as a Guardian specced druid provided you could do enough dps to complete it? Basicly if you complete the feral challenge in guardian spec, would you still get the skin?Diothir2 06 Oct
06 Oct Coolest looking shapeshift ever? Hello guys, I've tried digging it up on the internet but didn't really find much so I'm here to ask you : Does this super cool cat standing on 2 legs shapeshift still exist? I remember wanting to roll a druid just for that in WoD, but now I don't see it anymore? Is it gone? Is it still avaible?Nolaen1 06 Oct
05 Oct Ferral-specc versatility Altoholic here in need of help. Since vanilla, I have struggled too focus on ONE character And stick with it. Mostly due to wanting to swap roles way too often, but lately ive landed on «Ots OK to at least have a char for each role» Ive landed on: DH for tanking/a little melee DPS, mage for ranged And currently im swapping between monk/druid for healing. However, I love to be DPS from time to time on my healers. Monk is loads of fun, but I feel like IT may become a little dull in PvP over time. So im wondering: Is ferral druid viable to play with diffrent styles? Do I for example HAVE to be stealth-dependant to do OK?Ravn3 05 Oct
05 Oct Question regarding balance stat distribution Hello! I have a question regarding balance druid stat distribution. I am using Pawn to indicate gear upgrades in connection with stated stats + simming myself pretty much all the time it's needed, i just wanted to know are there any "caps" i should try and reach anyhow ? At the moment i'm 13%Crit, 30%Haste, 85%Mastery and 4%Versatility. Do i need to increase haste for example or 30% is more than enough. Do i need to reach some % at mastery (let's say 90% for example) and after that just try and raise my crit and vers ? Are crit and vers at the moment fair enough or i need them a little bit higher ? Thank you in advance for all the answers !Boomkinss5 05 Oct
05 Oct Mythic T20 head piece clipping on Tauren character. What the title says. I have made a small .gif to show what is wrong. https://imgur.com/7L7rCEfVahna1 05 Oct
04 Oct So when does Balance get neat skins? Guardian gets Neon-Bear and Hulk-Bear Feral gets Neon-Cat and Owl-Cat Resto gets Fancy Tree Balance gets...hm "oh but you can see your weapon!" Yea, I'm real sure Feral and Guardians miss seeing their weapons, oh wait, they never did. http://i.imgur.com/SzWZD7Q.png?1 Look here what people have made, creative forms that arent big fat ugly owls. As much as I enjoy the choice of Glyph of Astral Form, Im filled with envy everytime I see a feral or a guardian in their mage-tower skins :(Áerwen28 04 Oct
04 Oct incarnation at pvp If dews nerf the incarnation %50, hope they decrease the cooldown time to 1,5min.. now incarnation is not as strong to give 3min cooldown...Aplik4 04 Oct