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26 Nov Doomsen's Legion PvP Restoration Druid Guide 7.2.5 Hey there fellow druids! My name is Doomsen and I happen to be a multiple times Rank1 Restoration Druid / tournament competitor! I've decided that I would like to provide a guide that covers more than just the baseline of Restoration Druid in Legion. Guides for PvP are fairly rare these days, so I thought I may aswell create one and help people out. This guide only helps to a certain level so if you are an "advanced" player, most of those information may be nothing new for you. Table of Contents 0. PATCH UPDATES *7.2.5!!* 1. Talents 2. PvP Talents 3. Artifact Weapon Talents 4. Healing 5. Survival 6. Druid Races for Horde / Alliance 7. Addons 8. Macros 9. Final words LAST UPDATE 13th July: Patch Updates for Hotfixes June/July ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 0. Patch Updates - Going through Patch changes for Druid ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hotfixes End June & July They've given us a 3% & 5% Intellect buff aswell as a 40% Swiftmend increase throughout the last few weeks, still leaving us druids on the edge of viable, if even. If you still struggle, it may not be your fault. Playstyle wise I've been running with Prosperity every game to get the most efficency out of the Swiftmend buff aswell as Soul of the Forest, beside games against Affli. Warlocks / Shadow Priests where Cultivation might still be better and Incarnation still against DKs, Ferals aswell as some Rogue Mage comps. Focused Growth seems to be a must right now. If there wont be another buff that will not focus on our Intellect anytime soon, this will be the first season since Cataclysm where druid is unplayable PATCH 7.2.5 Overview Long story made short: They've nerfed every single healing abilitiy and some more than others i.g. Cultivation Revitalize now has charges and does not refresh the Rejuv to it's full duration Entangling Bark (formerly Fortified Bark) does now grant 2 charges of Nature's Grasp, which roots players once melee attacked. Overgrowth no longer does apply the initial heal of Regrowth Focused Growth's healing and mana cost is buffed If you are struggling on your Restoration Druid at the moment fear not, you're not alone. With all those changes done we're currently by far the worst healer which I hope will change soon. How to vs. melee The ladder is full of melee cleave at the moment in which Revitalize is the main choice. You can run Entangling but only if you have no Frost mage in your team and make use of it to get range from them during burst phases otherwise it is not valueable. Focused Growth is also coming to play now. You never want your Lifeblooms to expire, but should refresh only below 5 seconds left to get the bloom heal. Incarnation to deal with burst How to vs. melee caster Exact same story with Revitalize or Fortified. You can't do anything wrong with Revitalize. Still suggesting to use Overgrowth here incase the caster does AOE, Focused Growth can be chosen too if you can get used to it, but DO NOT vs. Mages. They will punish you for it. Incarnation to deal with burst. How to vs. double caster Nourish. Not because it's good, just because the other 2 options do absolutely nothing. You can try to sneak in healing touches situationally to safe a bit of mana and have a decent initial heal. Cultivation incase Shadow or Warlock are included. Most likely going to be Overgrowth. As mentioned before, mages do counter the Lifebloom choice with Kleptomania. NOTE: You can run Abundance/Nourish again, but only situationally. It's not that simple to explain and you'll have to test for yourself when to use it but for example if you run a caster comp that allows you to stay back without the risk of DPS tunneling you all game, it does a lot and great healing. I've played Mage Lock Druid the other day and was testing it out, playing it vs everything. You really have to make sure to be on max range to avoid as many Interupts or switches as possible otherwise you are not able to get the value out of it. Comps with a lot of CrowdControl like RMD will never let you get value out of it, so picking the talents there might just instantly cause a loss. Have a decent count of Rejuvenations applied to reduce the casttime (Also requires you to run Defender of the Weak, can go with Vim & Vigor but I'd not fully recommend it) For example in Rogue Mage Druid, you wouldn't really be able to run it. The comp requires you to be somewhat offensive, which makes you a more than viable target and even with your partners helping you, you will struggle and rot apart against something like Warrior Affliction Lock XHealer. I'll update the specific talents & more by next week. I hope the update does help you folks and I'll make sure to get back to you in the comments as soon as possible incase you have any questions. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. Talents (Not mentioned talents simply mean they definitely are no option for PvP) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tier 1 Prosperity: This is currently my favourite choice. With Nature's Swiftness & Genesis gone we are lacking instant healing. Now Swiftmend isn't the biggest heal of all time, but it'st still decent especially with the 30% healing increase from our Artifact talents. It also goes really well with Soul of the Forest, incase we chose that as our Tier 5 talent but more about that later! Cenarion Ward: It does quite a lot of healing overtime and doesn't require to procc in order to start it's Cooldown. Sadly does not have an initial heal. It's defnitely a talent that can be chosen, especially in combination with Cultivation to get as many hots rolling to benefit from our Mastery:Harmony. Tier 2 Displacer Beast: Has been our to go talent since it's first been released. An instant 20yard teleport that also gives use a 50% movement speed is nothing we really wanna miss out on. Wild Charge: It's a really fun talent but I don't think it can compete with Displacer. Travel Jump is a way worse version of it and the shorter cooldown does not make up for that. I still use it sometimes for fun in Battlegrounds, but not in competitive, ever. Tier 3 Guardian Affinity: I have used this talent throughout my entire time playing Beta. A passive 6% damage reduction aswell as a life regeneration with Frenzied Regeneration in Bear form makes it to a talent that you can pick in every situation. Also Ironfur can come in quite handy sometimes (More about all that in the Cooldown Category) Balance Affinity: The reasons for choosing Balance Affinity is the longer range on Cyclone aswell as being able to deal with dispelling Polymorph without running into the dilemma of landing into one ourself while doing so. The only times you wanna use it is, when you are very certain that you will never be the target of choice for your opponents because not having the Guardian Affinity effects, does make a big difference surviving wise. Making use of Balance Form: All of us got turned into a Sheep while trying to dispel our friends out of them and with Balance Form you can avoid that because Purify Spirit does not shift you out of it, so there's no worry about that. Balance Form does have a global though and obviously not required everytime dispel a Polymorph. Getting used to it will take you time, quite a bit of time even but it's good. It also allows you to cast Regrowths or Overgrowth without making you leave the form. Any other healing ability will though. Tier 4 Mighty Bash: As we have no other stun it comes in very handy in a lot of situations. Taking out a target for 5 seconds can be game changing and offers other follow up, such as Cyclone, without having to worry about being interupted by that player. It will stay as the main competitive talent. Mass Entanglement: With Legion being fairly meele heavy right now, being able to root targets off you can give you that extra space to get to safety in a lot of situations. Does sadly break from damage. With Iron- &Barkskin no longer rooting targets, they are never on a diminishing return, atleast not caused by us! Also there seem to be fairly less roots in the game as before. Can be taken situationally Typhoon: It's something I would almost consider not worth mentioning. Since WoD this ability has lost alot of its power. It's fun knocking people off the Blades Edge Arena bridge for example (if it even does succeeds) but does not give generally close to as many possibilities as the other two.Doomsen137 26 Nov
5d Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! On the 14th of March 2012 Valonia made the longest running topics on our beloved Healing boards. I don't think anyone could have imagined that at the present day, this topic would still be active. And since I can't decribe it better then Valonia did, I'm shamelessly going to copy / paste her welcome post as it describes the Lounge perfectly. ... Ladies and gentleman! I bid thee welcome to the new Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! Lets keep this awesome place going, and see how far we'll get this time :D. Previous lounges: Therapy Lounge for Healers http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/3483960548 Therapy Lounge for Healers - The WoD Edition http://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/12618274142Celibyx487 5d
21 Mar 2014 Making a Guide? Here in the class forums, players often put together awesome guides to help the rest of the community. However, due to the high number of sticky request we receive each day, these guides sometimes fall off the front page before we can sticky them. If you have just posted a guide or if you’d like to nominate a guide here on the European forums to be stickied, please send an email to the Community team, including a link to the guide you'd like stickied, at: CMTeamEU-WoW@Blizzard.com Alternatively, guide writers can help us spot their threads by putting [Guide] in the title :)Takralus0 21 Mar 2014
21m Rate the Druid transmog above you! Godspeed.Fienfu104 21m
47m Balance talents still have AOE only build Please can we get the new balance talents looked at they've just been changed and still we're going to have to change talents every time we AOE. I was so happy when i got trinkets better than charm of the rising tide but now it appears we're going to have to use it all the time on single target. Please can we set the talents so we can choose how we play and not have to pick the AOE build or the single build. Let us have the option to use fury of elune or stellar flare, neither have been worth considering in legion, I could really do with a break from new moon for a while too but someone says its buffed by Azerite gear.Kevjp1 47m
3h Confused about Druid leveling weapon For leveling, do I just equip 2handed hammer for feral / guardian druid? I see some people equip staff, and for artifact feral druids equip dual wield daggers but I can't equip at low level, really confused, please helpShiftn2 3h
4h Do you ever use mounts? After learning about the new mounts coming in Battle of Azeroth on Wowhead i realized that i never use mounts in WoW anymore on my druid. It is instant cast,has same speed with mounts and you dont have to suffer from dazzle dismounts from mobs in the World. It is especially useful in Argus because that area is packed. So do YOU use your mounts? if you do,when?Suranis10 4h
5h New Moon is back to baseline apparently!!! So there is a new Azerite trait that affects New Moon!!! With Seph's post last week not addressing New Moon at all this is a nice surprise. I am starting to be worried :PAliisza1 5h
5h A way to remove Blessing of the Ancient Visual Effect? I honestly hate this see-through blue/gold tint nonsense. With the old glyphs you had a choice of having this kind of effect, please tell me the visual effect can be disabled? This is pretty much a default/cornerstone talent as well, making it a priority choice for gameplay or commonly taking a weaker build (It very much looks like one option if currently unviable until legions full release, and the other is suited to multi-target, leaving this as the only viable single target selection). Is there anyway to block this ghost effect? Why are blizzard so insistant on forcing unwelcome changes to peoples characters? Moonkin transmog is irrelevant, so why not at least give the option when it comes to talent visual effects like this? That was the only positive thing about the minor glyphs, it allowed for basic changes like this to be controlled.Azastral26 5h
8h Questions to those who have beta about ferals hey, guys, I don't have beta, but I always keep feral as my main throughout expansions. I really liked bleed heavy build that we had in 7.1-7.2. Does the haste scaling + buff to bt + nerf to brutal slash/MoC mean that bleeds are our primary damage dealers? If you had beta and had dps-meter, could share the pic for damage meter that shows all the skills and how much damage their have done?Fenrÿr0 8h
12h How easy is it to get druid mage tower base appearance Hey everyone, I got a lvl 90 druid and some other alts, but I recently read that the mage tower base druid appearance is not going to be achievable after BFA launches. Now I don't really care about other classes artifact weapon appearances, but the druid forms look kinda cool and I'm afraid I regret if I don't level my druid and get it quickly. So I've never ever did mage tower on any character yet, but how easy is it to get the artifact weapon appearances for it? Is there enough time to level up to 110 and get the mage tower appearances for a casual player. Or is it a big grind?Ceara9 12h
1d Wild Growth Hi. Seems the forum won't let me post on my new toon so i'll have to do it on this one. I'm a returning player (last played in MoP). I'm now leveling a new Resto Druid and am wondering about Wild Growth. I remember using it a lot and it being very effective. Now, however (at least at my current lvl of 52) it is useless. In a dungeon with health pools ranging from 8k+ to 15-20k+ it does 792 healing per person, and that drip fed over 7 secs. For that pitiful amount of healing, it's not worth the 1.44s cast time. So, my question is, does WG improve enough to make it worth bothering with later in the game (does it benefit from Mastery for instance) or am I, in fact, missing something/doing something wrong right now?Farqutoo2 1d
1d Where on Earth is New Moon? Where on Earth is the Ability New Moon / Half Moon / Full Moon???? The thing i was most looking forward to using and its not even there! is it a artifact talent? or a 110 ability?Psycloniac4 1d
2d Resto Druid Mythic +13 help Hey all am really looking for some help in regards to my stats, am really struggling to keep people alive from about +13 now i have set my talents for M+ but am not sure were am going wrong. My stats are Crit 29.32% Haste 21.51% Mast 21.24 vrs 3.33% 1.67.% Any advise would be welcome as am at a point were i need to do higher M+ to better my gear.Kasisse8 2d
2d Status: Love-Hate Relationship Hi everyone! I need your help! I love my druid <3 but I also hate her :( Druids are so versatile, that I know that my issue is not being able to pick the right specialization for me. I like Balance but the Moonkin form kind of messes with me. Resto as healer seems to be weaker and more difficult to quest on my own.. Feral is what I'm going with now, but I'm still not that happy, because my style is really more ranged attack, so Guardian is all I have left to try out. Can any of you experienced Druids give me more insight? Would really appreciate!!Ellyrah7 2d
2d Guardian Mage Tower That feeling when you get Kruul down to 40k hp after 30 attempts. The rage quit is real ';..;'Pamuul5 2d
2d Is Druid fun/good? I got a hard time deciding on who to play. I like both ranged and melee dps, but how is druid in end game world quests and mythics?Sandaali10 2d
3d Confused about Druid leveling weapon For leveling, do I just equip 2handed hammer for feral / guardian druid? I see some people equip staff, and for artifact feral druids equip dual wield daggers but I can't equip at low level, really confused, please helpShiftn2 3d
3d BALANCE : Moon and Stars... nevermind Today I saw that Moon and Stars is giving 1% haste per cast instead of 3% Is this a bug or a stealth nerf? EDIT : Nevermind, found out about Incarnation making it 1% hasteMoonlightmoo0 3d
3d Zandalari Feral Druid PvP (joke) Ey folks! Since I first saw the new Zandalari Druid forms I was wondering where the hell I have seen the Feral one before... Well... Here is the answer. A movie called "The Relic" (1997). There you have It, some Zandalari Feral Druid PvP stuff wrecking some alliance!!! https://youtu.be/AHvjOltsUDU Sadly He get reckd by a human fire mage, plz Nerf :P P.S. I bet my left tusk that Devs have been inspired by this 20 year old movie, where "Alien meets Jurassic Park". If you want more pictures search for "Kothoga". Can't wait anymore to race change. P.S.2 Zandalari Master RaceDeodara0 3d
4d Driud epic wep Hi all I'm really struggling to start the druid epic wap quest I'm stuck Catalan but can't find my way out.Nidum2 4d
4d How is the Balance Druid in Legion? I loved my Feral Druid, but they suck balls in Legion and i think i wanna keep playing Druid, but change to Boomkin. I haven't bought Legion yet so whats your opinion on Boomkins in Legion? (Sorry for bad English, i´m from Finland)Waristi58 4d
5d Fangs of Ashamane bugged? Hello fellow druids, so I just hit 110 on my Druid (who is a Highmountain Tauren) and I seem to have encountered a bug with the Fangs of Ashamane. I do not seem to have the racial cariant of the first row (i.e. the brown cat for Tauren). You can see what I mean here https://puu.sh/Aq9Ty/9ff174e205.png . I am not 100% sure what causes this but I don't think this is what is supposed to happen since I had the brown cat for as long as I didn't select another variant. I suspect the racial IDs being what causes this since Highmountain Tauren have a different ID from normal Tauren but I can't be sure. The weird thing is that I do have all four colors avaliable for the Claws of Ursoc. Am I just missing something or is this really just a bug? In any case I already wrote a bug report about it and just wanted to ask if anyone else was having trouble with the same issue. -Sincerely WérdilWérdil0 5d
5d Best DPS Spec ? Hi, I had a 100 level druid. So I decided to continue leveling him but I can't decide between Boomkin and Feral. I will focus on PVP so what do you recommend ?Snikwins2 5d
5d Update the Treant Form! Please! Why do we even have this spell anymore? It has literally no use in-game.. Could you make it useful again in some way? And whilst you're at it, could you make it, I dunno, actually look good? As it is, it's so ugly and derpy.. How about, when in Resto Spec, we sort of shape shift into a Tree-like humanoid, where our skin takes on a bark-like hue and our hair turns to leaves and vines etc? Kinda like a human sized Ent or a Dryad (from Warhammer Fantasy - if you Google it you will know what I mean).. I would happily go into Treant form if it looked decent, even if it didn't give me a buff/stat-boost.. but I don't.. because it's one of the ugliest models in WoW.. Feral, Balance and Guardian all got amazing new forms and skin/model updates for their specs.. why were Resto Druids left out? Why didn't we get a cool 'form' as part of our artefact model like the other 3 specs in Legion? I can't be the only one who thinks this? Can we please get a cool, updated Treant Form for Resto Druid, especially if it's a form we can go into to get a stat boost/buff, in future, like the other three specs do.. Thanks.. :)Vuljak5 5d
6d Druid Healing Nerfed ? Did they nerfed healing on druid ? or probably like always its me ^^ Regrowth healing really low ! 5k per 3 sec at ilvl 860 is right ?Cindorei2 6d
19 May BfA Boomie upd. 18.05 Boomkin updates look so interesting and good for the spec. Maybe I will not be changing mains back to this after all, which is what I want. I just read the changes, and I think they look amazing. They really address most of my concerns in the top post on wowhead regarding the Boomie. Anyone else feel different about this? Something I missed or misunderstood? Now, let's pray for the ultralame Guardian Druid to be up next!:-DVanara8 19 May
18 May BFA Bloody Paws (Artifact Trait) Heya, Is bloody paws, the snare effect you get from Trash as a Guardian Druid carried over in someway to BFA, or have they removed the snare entirely? Anyone knows if we get a snare on mangle or maul or won't we have anyway to slow down enemies?Hylax1 18 May
18 May Root+Solar beam macro problems Dear Druid guys and girls, i have a problem with my root+beam macro, it is : /cast Entangling Roots /cast Solar Beam It seems like a siple macro, but it wont work, could anyone explain me how I make it work? :D Your druid RakitaRakita3 18 May
18 May What does feral bring to M+ ? Compared to other classes.Thyri22 18 May
17 May How to kite melees as moonkin ? In PVP, i'm getting destroyed by high mobility melee classes : - Warrior - Rogue - Monk - DH - Paladin - Enh shaman - Feral druid - DK (grips) I die on a stun, even with barkskin up... How can I kite melees ?Twinkle9 17 May
16 May what's the best profession for a guardian druid? what's the best profession for a guardian druid?Kiwanoo5 16 May
16 May Alpha: New Guardian animation is quite bad Hey With the new bear posture, comes new animation. It looks quite bad, especially from the side. It half-runs, half jumps and it doesn't feel like a super heavy bear anymore, because the feet barely touch the ground. I checked some reference on YouTube of a black bear running, and it matches the old animation a lot more than the new one. I know this is just a really subjective and personal opinion, but why change something if it's not broken or need massive improvements? I haven't seen a single person complain about the previous animation. If the whole thing has changed because of the new-bear forms, I find it really frustrating. Why do postures and animation have to change for all druids, just because 2 new one get implemented with new bear forms? I get the Zandalari Guardian form didn't work at all with the existing animation/posture, but really - changing all druids for a much worse animation just because new ones don't quite fit, is baffling to me. Then just have 2x different types of poses and 2x different types of animation sets? I shared a pic: https://twitter.com/monsterdruid/status/987229240767778816Monsterbaby11 16 May
16 May Shapeshift boomy regrowth macro ? Greetings, I'd like to ask if someone had a macro to : Switch from bear form to boomkin form then be able to cast regrowth indefinitely on the same macro. Tried it with simple /cast but it cancel the boomy macro when i spam it. I'm asking that since boomy has 200% increased armor. Casting it as boomy is way better than casting it in normal form since i'm a guardian druid atm.Vitiate0 16 May
11 May Why Cultivation over Tree of Life?? Hi, i am a bit new to healing as Restoration Druid and i am confused when i inspect other resto druids and find almost all of them (in pve and pvp) take Cultivation instead of Incarnation: TOL. I just don't get it how can such a small HoT be any better than super strong 3 min cd? It heals for nothing over 6 seconds (less than 1% health?) and only works on targets below 60% health. Maybe it just heals more than once in a row, every Rejuvenation tick? Not sure about that. While Tree of Live provides such a great increase in healing ... Even Soul of the Forests seems better than Cultivation but i already have this Talent via Legendary. Also how can a Cenarion Ward, a 30 sec cd, be any better than Abundance? I just don't get it. How can anything be better than instant or almost instant Healing Touch? Sorry for English ...Onu15 11 May
11 May Armoured Moonkin Glyph? First of all, to my fellow Druids, I salute you. Secondly, I am one of the few people I think that prefer to be a Boomkin, the stars glyph just doesn't work for a Tauren. The armoured moonkin skin is phenomenal though, think there is any chance of getting it as a glyph? When you use the stars glyph and you activate the talent it just shows you the blue aura which originally I thought that it was meant to do. Then I tried it as Boomkin and my mind melted with the awesomeness.Agí2 11 May
10 May Pref lego for M+ or raiding I am wondering, what are u'r prefered lego's for m+ and raiding? Mine are : M+ : -Prydaz : couse of shield, very helpfull in M+ to help u stay alive -Ekowraith, creator of worlds : (the chest) feels fitting with the T21 set. Raiding : -Prydaz again for same reason, -Aman'thul's Wisdom : you will spam rejuv allot and if it refresh u can save up allot of mana in the end of fight.Vlambulance2 10 May
10 May Rate the Druid name above you! 8/10, very druid-ySelune68 10 May
09 May Talents for Ferals in BGs? ?Danj3 09 May
09 May Barkskin mouseover macro anyone got a barkskin mouseover macro? i cant seem to find any macro for it, none of what i tryd worked out for me :(Vlambulance7 09 May
07 May Can Boomkins still expect BfA changes? As everyone else I've read the BfA class changes and must say that I'm pretty disappointed in the Boomkin changes so far. Only 2 new spells that don't affect the dps at all while we lose New Moon. My question, is it at all possible that we might still see some spellchanges before launch? It's only 4 months until the expected release. If anyone of you know, please reply with comparison to earlier expansions rather than just speculations if we will get some new changes because as of now, it looks like a boring expansion for usChepo13 07 May
04 May Lvl 40 Travel Form and Mounts Haven't been playing Druid sience cata, and I wanted to ask Do Travel Form and Mount give you equal speed bonus? When mounted, buff window tells you that you are 100% faster (and 20% cooler), but when in travel form it just says "Movement speed increased". Should I use mount or I can use Travel Form too? It feels pretty similar thoughIntedrissa1 04 May
04 May BFA forms split Seems they finally have split travel/aquatic/flight forms in BFA. According to MMO-Champ Aquatic Form (New) Your Travel Form increases your swimspeed by 100% and allows you to breathe underwater. Flight Form (New) Your Travel Form allows you to fly and increases your movement speed by 150%. Requires Riding to be trained. also Glyphs from new (old) forms Glyph of the Dolphin (New) Your Aquatic Form now appears as a Dolphin. Minor Glyph. 1.5 sec cast. Glyph of the Dolphin (New) Your Aquatic Form now appears as a Dolphin. Minor Glyph. Glyph of the Humble Flyer (New) Your Swift Flight Travel Form appears as your more humble racial flyer. Minor Glyph. Glyph of the Tideskipper (New) Your Aquatic Form now appears as a Tideskipper Dolphin. Minor Glyph. Glyph of the Tideskipper (New) Your Aquatic Form now appears as a Tideskipper Dolphin. Minor Glyph. 1.5 sec cast. Humble Flyer (New) Your Swift Flight Travel Form appears as your more humble racial flyer. Minor Glyph. 1.5 sec cast.Deed5 04 May
03 May High end boomkins? Hey i was just wondering if there is any high end 3s boomkins videos i can watch. Or one that streams? So i can learn the class more Thanks in advancedChiken4 03 May
02 May Typhoon - Coin flip if it works? Typhoon doesn't do what it says it will some of the time. Stationary opponent in front of me, Typhoon, they don't move. This isn't a lag issue. This is a Typhoon not working issue. Why is this not working 100% of the time?Miun3 02 May
02 May Guardian talents and abilities Hi, here's some feedback on current BfA talents and abilities for Guardian druid: Talents: Level 15 This row was great in Legion and remains unchanged in BfA. No bad choices overall and good choices to deal with specific situations. Level 30 Tiger dash is bad. We already have regular dash for when we need extra speed. Displacer beast was a thing in Legion before it got replaced by the fear roar and it was arguably a better talent, since it at least created a gap between you and the melee mobs at the cost of vulnerability against ranged mobs. My recomendation would be to replace it with Infected wounds (which is as of now gone entirely), but instead of adding it as a passive to Thrash, making it a separate button (guardian badly needs more buttons) with a target limit and extended second duration so it's no longer possible to kite large groups of melee monsters with no dps loss. This change would turn the row into a row with options for slowing without external help, stunning (if your group needs an extra CC and the interrupt from Incap just doesn't cut it) or speed (when you have no need for slows or stronger CC, or when you're fighting undead which would be immune to fears). Level 45 The kittykat affinity seemed like the weaker choice in Legion and has remained unchanged, which (unless it's a good ST dps while oftanking choice) would make it far weaker than the other two choices. Balance affinity going down from 5 to 3 yards weakens it especially since Guardian no longer has a way to slow without external help. It would kind of be okay if Guardian could still slow, but as it stands this talent has little going for it considering the other use (going moonkin to remove roots/snares without loss of base armor) is less viable now too. Having moonfire attack a secondary target (Lady and the Child effect) could make it more competitive with restoration affinity. Level 60 Mass Entanglement has long been a talent that can rarely be used on more than a single fight per tier, if not expansion. The single target stun looks good now, with classes having less stuns in general and Typhoon is super versatile and now Guardians only way to create gap and adding slow for kiting. Recomendation would be to change Mass entanglement into a talent that allows Guardians to use Soothe, Hibernation and Entangling roots while in bear form. Level 75 Incarnation will always have it's uses. Now SotF vs Galactic guardian. I fear that with dots now scaling with haste, even with the reduced proc rate Galactic Guardian will still pull ahead in almost every situation. GG increases damage, rage generation, frees up global cooldowns and is a QoL talent all in one. Soul of the Forest only increases single target damage and rage generation. The only way these could ever stand a chance to compete would be if the free moonfire procs were baseline to the spec and Galactic Guardian only gave you extra damage and rage when it procs, but then you'd have two talents that are more or less the same. Inbetween thorns, damage procs from Azerite Traits and damage trinket procs there're too many ways that GG can pull ahead of SotF even on single target. SotF could be interesting for massive rage generation with incarnation, but it shares the same row with it so that synergy will never exist. Maybe if SotF also had Luffa Wrappings legendary effect baked into it... Level 90 This row is great. Not much to say about it. Maybe with emphasis on Physical damage and nerfs to Frenzied regeneration Earthwarden is a little too strong when compared to Guardian of Elune, but even then both talents will have their place. Level 100 Lunar beam... Ughh... Why does it still exist? Please replace it with Fury of Nature legendary effect. Abilities:There just aren't enough. Doesn't matter if Guardian will be strong or weak, when there're just no buttons to press. It feels like a skeleton of a class with only basic abilities. Rage of the Sleeper This cooldown was amazing, but arguably too strong overall, though it did add two utilities without which the class just doesn't feel complete: Damage increase - This ability was almost always used for the Damage increase it provided, both from the base percentage increase and the static reflect damage. Having it back as it's own cooldown which could be used to initiate pulls or complementing the damage on burst phases would be great. CC immunity - When RotS wasn't used for damage increase it was used for the CC immunity of which Guardian currently has none. (Polymorph hardly counts when all of the dangerous PvE polymorphs are scripted to ignore druid form immunity anyway) Having these two components split and added to the Guardian toolkit would give them much needed buttons and adding a small layer of planning to their damage, even if it's not that much. The damage reduction percentage portion can go. I honestly can't remember using RotS for it's DR and there're other cooldowns for that. The damage output and intake can always be tuned, but if the toolkit and interesting talent choices just aren't there then it's just going to be boring. My ideas are meant to give Guardian druids build options for different types of content, but at the end of the day they're just opinions.Jeggles0 02 May
01 May Restoration Druid Talents going into BFA Restoration Druid Talents going into BFA With the recent update to the BFA beta removing the talent Moment of clarity and replacing it with Photosyntesis. Maybe there is a chance to adress another useless talent. Yes i think you know which one i am talking about... Inner peace, remove 1 minute cd from tranq. Nothing else. I dont have any statistics but im fairly sure that this might be the least or atleast top 10 of the least used talents ingame. Of course i will not write this statement without any kind of suggestions as for something to replace it. I would suggest the Artifact trait Tranquil mind which allows us to move while tranqing. This would give some form of interaction rather than just being able to push the button more frequently and would probably be a viable talent since the other two traits are rather weak. Dear regards a happy high end resto druid :) p.s make Germination baseline please.Bakfullast4 01 May
01 May Balance of power question Hi. I am doing the balance of power for the feral form and my question is how big is this chain quest? I have done all dungeons on Mythic difficulty. EN and now it askes me to go to NH. When this ends to take the damn form?Hsenpai2 01 May
01 May what's the best profession for a guardian druid what's the best profession for a guardian druid? Please explain whyKiwanoo1 01 May