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26 Nov Doomsen's Legion PvP Restoration Druid Guide 7.2.5 Hey there fellow druids! My name is Doomsen and I happen to be a multiple times Rank1 Restoration Druid / tournament competitor! I've decided that I would like to provide a guide that covers more than just the baseline of Restoration Druid in Legion. Guides for PvP are fairly rare these days, so I thought I may aswell create one and help people out. This guide only helps to a certain level so if you are an "advanced" player, most of those information may be nothing new for you. Table of Contents 0. PATCH UPDATES *7.2.5!!* 1. Talents 2. PvP Talents 3. Artifact Weapon Talents 4. Healing 5. Survival 6. Druid Races for Horde / Alliance 7. Addons 8. Macros 9. Final words LAST UPDATE 13th July: Patch Updates for Hotfixes June/July ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 0. Patch Updates - Going through Patch changes for Druid ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hotfixes End June & July They've given us a 3% & 5% Intellect buff aswell as a 40% Swiftmend increase throughout the last few weeks, still leaving us druids on the edge of viable, if even. If you still struggle, it may not be your fault. Playstyle wise I've been running with Prosperity every game to get the most efficency out of the Swiftmend buff aswell as Soul of the Forest, beside games against Affli. Warlocks / Shadow Priests where Cultivation might still be better and Incarnation still against DKs, Ferals aswell as some Rogue Mage comps. Focused Growth seems to be a must right now. If there wont be another buff that will not focus on our Intellect anytime soon, this will be the first season since Cataclysm where druid is unplayable PATCH 7.2.5 Overview Long story made short: They've nerfed every single healing abilitiy and some more than others i.g. Cultivation Revitalize now has charges and does not refresh the Rejuv to it's full duration Entangling Bark (formerly Fortified Bark) does now grant 2 charges of Nature's Grasp, which roots players once melee attacked. Overgrowth no longer does apply the initial heal of Regrowth Focused Growth's healing and mana cost is buffed If you are struggling on your Restoration Druid at the moment fear not, you're not alone. With all those changes done we're currently by far the worst healer which I hope will change soon. How to vs. melee The ladder is full of melee cleave at the moment in which Revitalize is the main choice. You can run Entangling but only if you have no Frost mage in your team and make use of it to get range from them during burst phases otherwise it is not valueable. Focused Growth is also coming to play now. You never want your Lifeblooms to expire, but should refresh only below 5 seconds left to get the bloom heal. Incarnation to deal with burst How to vs. melee caster Exact same story with Revitalize or Fortified. You can't do anything wrong with Revitalize. Still suggesting to use Overgrowth here incase the caster does AOE, Focused Growth can be chosen too if you can get used to it, but DO NOT vs. Mages. They will punish you for it. Incarnation to deal with burst. How to vs. double caster Nourish. Not because it's good, just because the other 2 options do absolutely nothing. You can try to sneak in healing touches situationally to safe a bit of mana and have a decent initial heal. Cultivation incase Shadow or Warlock are included. Most likely going to be Overgrowth. As mentioned before, mages do counter the Lifebloom choice with Kleptomania. NOTE: You can run Abundance/Nourish again, but only situationally. It's not that simple to explain and you'll have to test for yourself when to use it but for example if you run a caster comp that allows you to stay back without the risk of DPS tunneling you all game, it does a lot and great healing. I've played Mage Lock Druid the other day and was testing it out, playing it vs everything. You really have to make sure to be on max range to avoid as many Interupts or switches as possible otherwise you are not able to get the value out of it. Comps with a lot of CrowdControl like RMD will never let you get value out of it, so picking the talents there might just instantly cause a loss. Have a decent count of Rejuvenations applied to reduce the casttime (Also requires you to run Defender of the Weak, can go with Vim & Vigor but I'd not fully recommend it) For example in Rogue Mage Druid, you wouldn't really be able to run it. The comp requires you to be somewhat offensive, which makes you a more than viable target and even with your partners helping you, you will struggle and rot apart against something like Warrior Affliction Lock XHealer. I'll update the specific talents & more by next week. I hope the update does help you folks and I'll make sure to get back to you in the comments as soon as possible incase you have any questions. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. Talents (Not mentioned talents simply mean they definitely are no option for PvP) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tier 1 Prosperity: This is currently my favourite choice. With Nature's Swiftness & Genesis gone we are lacking instant healing. Now Swiftmend isn't the biggest heal of all time, but it'st still decent especially with the 30% healing increase from our Artifact talents. It also goes really well with Soul of the Forest, incase we chose that as our Tier 5 talent but more about that later! Cenarion Ward: It does quite a lot of healing overtime and doesn't require to procc in order to start it's Cooldown. Sadly does not have an initial heal. It's defnitely a talent that can be chosen, especially in combination with Cultivation to get as many hots rolling to benefit from our Mastery:Harmony. Tier 2 Displacer Beast: Has been our to go talent since it's first been released. An instant 20yard teleport that also gives use a 50% movement speed is nothing we really wanna miss out on. Wild Charge: It's a really fun talent but I don't think it can compete with Displacer. Travel Jump is a way worse version of it and the shorter cooldown does not make up for that. I still use it sometimes for fun in Battlegrounds, but not in competitive, ever. Tier 3 Guardian Affinity: I have used this talent throughout my entire time playing Beta. A passive 6% damage reduction aswell as a life regeneration with Frenzied Regeneration in Bear form makes it to a talent that you can pick in every situation. Also Ironfur can come in quite handy sometimes (More about all that in the Cooldown Category) Balance Affinity: The reasons for choosing Balance Affinity is the longer range on Cyclone aswell as being able to deal with dispelling Polymorph without running into the dilemma of landing into one ourself while doing so. The only times you wanna use it is, when you are very certain that you will never be the target of choice for your opponents because not having the Guardian Affinity effects, does make a big difference surviving wise. Making use of Balance Form: All of us got turned into a Sheep while trying to dispel our friends out of them and with Balance Form you can avoid that because Purify Spirit does not shift you out of it, so there's no worry about that. Balance Form does have a global though and obviously not required everytime dispel a Polymorph. Getting used to it will take you time, quite a bit of time even but it's good. It also allows you to cast Regrowths or Overgrowth without making you leave the form. Any other healing ability will though. Tier 4 Mighty Bash: As we have no other stun it comes in very handy in a lot of situations. Taking out a target for 5 seconds can be game changing and offers other follow up, such as Cyclone, without having to worry about being interupted by that player. It will stay as the main competitive talent. Mass Entanglement: With Legion being fairly meele heavy right now, being able to root targets off you can give you that extra space to get to safety in a lot of situations. Does sadly break from damage. With Iron- &Barkskin no longer rooting targets, they are never on a diminishing return, atleast not caused by us! Also there seem to be fairly less roots in the game as before. Can be taken situationally Typhoon: It's something I would almost consider not worth mentioning. Since WoD this ability has lost alot of its power. It's fun knocking people off the Blades Edge Arena bridge for example (if it even does succeeds) but does not give generally close to as many possibilities as the other two.Doomsen137 26 Nov
19 Feb Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! On the 14th of March 2012 Valonia made the longest running topics on our beloved Healing boards. I don't think anyone could have imagined that at the present day, this topic would still be active. And since I can't decribe it better then Valonia did, I'm shamelessly going to copy / paste her welcome post as it describes the Lounge perfectly. ... Ladies and gentleman! I bid thee welcome to the new Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! Lets keep this awesome place going, and see how far we'll get this time :D. Previous lounges: Therapy Lounge for Healers http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/3483960548 Therapy Lounge for Healers - The WoD Edition http://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/12618274142Celibyx478 19 Feb
21 Mar 2014 Making a Guide? Here in the class forums, players often put together awesome guides to help the rest of the community. However, due to the high number of sticky request we receive each day, these guides sometimes fall off the front page before we can sticky them. If you have just posted a guide or if you’d like to nominate a guide here on the European forums to be stickied, please send an email to the Community team, including a link to the guide you'd like stickied, at: CMTeamEU-WoW@Blizzard.com Alternatively, guide writers can help us spot their threads by putting [Guide] in the title :)Takralus0 21 Mar 2014
1h For those who've always wanted Pandaren Druids... For all the Pandaren Druid fans out there, I found an interesting tweet: https://goo.gl/Tik1vk Give it some LIKES so maybe it'll get recognized in the next Warcraft Dev. Q&A. :-) *fingers crossed*Nibo4 1h
15h Remove Blessing of Elune effect Is there a glyph or way to toggle this off? I recently came back to the game and this talent seems mandatory. The transparency looks disgusting and I can't see my big chicken properly. 1/10.Wererabbit8 15h
23h Balance or Feral? I want a worgen druid but i really do not know what spec i do prefire. I adore the concept of moon and stars of balance, but i hate the cicken and i dont know how is the worgen with the glyph(for balance) About feral i love his mobility and his move set. Can you pls help me?:cKurowa1 23h
23h Druid form transmog Hello. I like to suggest, that Druids can transmog their form changes bear, cat etc. to any of those wild animals we can find in zones today. Druids are watches of Nature and they are giving a form that does not represent the nature we can see through out the lands. Maybe make quest for it, so the player can take a quest for each style from their trainer and that quest would send them on the path to change form to that bear or cat or owl etc. This would also bring new life to "dead" zones out there. Then when the player has completed the quest, the trainer would now have a new meny for the player to pick their new druid form. This could also be done for the travel forms. Then there could be Really hard/inzane transmog forms, that would require the druid to get help from guild/friends/random people to get some Epic style transmog, lets say a dungeon run where that animal/monster spawned. And ofc, the drop for the druid quest couldnt be looted by other players. (if it was a item they needed.) I hope someone from Blizzard likes my idea and maybe give this a chance? (Sorry for my English, it is not my native language.) Also, what do you guys and girls think? Thank you for reading.Cilles0 23h
1d Feral - Bear form Hello fellow Druids. At the begining i just want to say I'm not playing druid at max lvl. I refreshed my druid (102lvl now) just to check how it's going. You know shapeshifting, cat, bear, heal etc. Oh boy I was dissapointed. I found Bear form completly useless. Without affinity there are like 2 buttons. Dmg is close to none., survivability not great either. Even with talent its not much better. Does it change at max lvl with better gear or this form just for lulz? I thought it's versatile class, but without spec swapping druid is not rly so versatile at all (at least at this lvl). And cat? Well it's not special at all. Assasin rouge like spec. There are so many posibilities to make bear form usefull/fun ( and feral more interesting). This form could be used for dealing dmg just in other way. Like hard,slow hiting, switching in mid fight when it's needed. I think it would be interesting to change to bear in mid fight hit couple of big mauls into bleeding enemy face. At least in my opinion. There are dozens of posibilities to make spec fun, instead i found feral druid quite borring, without any reason to shapeshift out of cat. It's a bit sad for a shapeshifter. Justmy 2 cents, forgive me if I'm talking BS, maybe on max lvl it looks a bit different. What's your opinion about this? Have a good day!Rimnikx5 1d
1d Chances on new Druid forms tints for other races Hey, does anyone believe that older druid races get any new form tints in BfA, or do you think its going to be the new druid races (Kultiran/Zandalari) that get their specific and unique form tints. Do you think that older races should have a access to the new form tints like both Zandalari and normal trolls would be able to be snapper-turtle.Myskihirvi2 1d
1d How to Balance(Moonkin!) PvP? Hi Folks, i just started with PvP'ing as Balance. But i just dont get how to be successful with that: - other casters just outdps me, Solar Beam is just inferior to a real interrupt bc they just walk out of it -melees just eat me, they dont even have to interrupt. Warriors and Paladins can almost 100-0 me in one stun, if i trinket that they just jump around and throu me to cancel my casts. i tried guardian and reso affinity, as guardian it just takes a few seconds longer to die, i can sit in bear form but that means not doing any damage. Resto affi means leave moonkin form to heal means instant death (at best i can heal the damage i eat while not beeing "protected" by moonkin form). when in battlegrounds and staying behind casting, my damage is okay. but not what i would expect from a caster that can nuke freely. as soon as one melee decides to attack me my damage goes down to zero and i basically just eat up our healers resources. I have no idea what to do when a melee jumps me, theres no notable slow, no escape that wouldnt be instantly countered with one of x gapclosers, even when i manage to stun and get one full moon off, thats 1.5 million dmg, wow. can you give me any tipps on how to successfully pvp as a moonkin?Eagreen4 1d
1d Rate the Druid name above you! 8/10, very druid-ySelune55 1d
2d One-button forms macros for all specs (+affinities) Hello everyone! Here is my latest Druid forms macros that should work for all Druid specs in all situations (including swimming indoors). There are three versions, one standalone (no addons needed), one in combination with the addon LiteMount and a final one in combination with addons that extend the maximum macro length to 1023 chars. The last one even handles talented affinities. Feedback and questions welcome! None of these macros includes Treant form, but they handle the current Blizzard bug where Moonkin form can start as form 5 if you directly login as Balance, while in any other situation it is form 4. As a side note: Travel form, Treant form and Stag form all seem to use the same action-bar 1 that caster form uses, only Cat and Bear forms switch to their own action bar. Standalone macro, 255 chars limit This basic macro prefers fast movement over spec form, indoors it first switches to Cat form, outdoors it first switches to Travel Form. Otherwise it will always switch to the appropiate form fitting your current spec, including dismounting directly to your spec form! In noflyable areas it summons a mount, else it uses Travel form. Because of the 255 chars limit there are two restrictions: - If you start combat outside of your spec form then it will first switch to Travel form, only then it will switch to spec form. - Swimming indoors will only switch between Travel form and Cat form, regardless of your current spec. - No key modifier to summon the Mammoth (shop/repair) mount. - No automatic talent affinity forms. /use [noflyable,outdoors,noswimming,nocombat,nomounted]Azure Water Strider;[swimming,noform:3]Travel Form;[indoors,noform:2]Cat Form;[outdoors,nomounted,noform:3]Travel Form;[spec:1,noform:4/5]Moonkin Form;[spec:2,noform:2]Cat Form;[nospec:1]Bear Form Combination with LiteMount addon This one removes the first two restrictions listed in the basic macro, Mammoth modifier and talent affinity forms are still missing. Future versions of LiteMount should be able to improve on this aspect. Additionally this macro allows to differentiate between using the macro while standing still (summons mount) or moving (Travel form). LiteMount also allows you to summon a random mount out of a clickable list. /click [nomounted,noswimming]LiteMountActionButton1 /use [swimming,noform:3]Travel Form;[indoors,noswimming,noform:2]Cat Form;[outdoors,nomounted,noform:3]Travel Form;[spec:1,noform:4/5]Moonkin Form;[spec:2,noform:2]Cat Form;[nospec:1]Bear Form Additionally you need to set up LiteMount as follows: - Turn off the Travel Form mount via LiteMount's options. - Add the following macro to LM's Macro: Unavailable option: /use [swimming,noform:3]Travel Form;[indoors,noswimming,noform:2]Cat Form;[outdoors,nomounted,noform:3]Travel Form;[spec:1,noform:4/5]Moonkin Form;[spec:2,noform:2]Cat Form;[nospec:1]Bear Form - Add the following macro to LM's Macro: Combat option: /use [swimming,noform:3]Travel Form;[spec:1,noform:4/5]Moonkin Form;[spec:2,noform:2]Cat Form;[nospec:1]Bear Form;[indoors,noswimming,noform:2]Cat Form;[outdoors,nomounted,noform:3]Travel Form Extended (1023 chars) macro in combination with addons like Makro Toolkit or Long Macros (Affinity forms supported!) This one literally does everything! Not only does it remove the minor restrictions of the first two macros, but it also adds automatic switching of talent affinity forms. On top of the other macros' behavior this one will switch back and forth to/from your talend appropriate affinity form in combat. For Resto druids it will also always switch to affinity form from Travel form or after dismounting. Last but not least you can use a [mod] key (like shift) to summon the Mammoth outside of combat. In combat you can force a switch to Travel form via [mod] key even while an affinity form other than Resto is set. Unfortunately there is one restriction remaining: Feral's Balance affinity adds a 1.5 minutes cooldown on Moonkin form. I don't know why, but this can be a problem when you need to switch forms to remove snares as Feral, because the macro cannot identify the ongoing CD on Moonkin form. As a consequence you may want to remove Moonkin affinity form from the Feral part of the macro. Since this one is the most complex and most recent one there might be errors I did not catch myself. /use [mod,outdoors,nocombat]Traveler's Tundra Mammoth;[noflyable,outdoors,noswimming,nocombat,nomounted]Azure Water Strider;[mod,noform:3]Travel Form;[nocombat,swimming,noform:3]Travel Form;[nocombat,indoors,noswimming,noform:2]Cat Form;[nocombat,outdoors,nomounted,noform:3]Travel Form;[spec:1,noform:4/5]Moonkin Form;[spec:2,noform:2]Cat Form;[spec:3,noform:1]Bear Form;[spec:1,talent:3/1,noform:2]Cat Form;[spec:1/2,talent:3/2,noform:1]Bear Form;[spec:2/3/4,talent:3/1,noform:4/5]Moonkin Form;[spec:3/4,talent:3/2,noform:2]Cat Form;[spec:4,talent:3/3,noform:1]Bear form;[indoors,noswimming,noform:2]Cat Form;[outdoors,nomounted,noform:3]Travel Form;Bear FormWeissrolf3 2d
3d Druid Travel Forms in Legion - Petition for Change The purpose of this thread is to petition Blizzard to: a) Return ground, flying and aquatic forms to individual buttons. b) Allow the use of new ground, flying and aquatic cosmetic glyphs to be used inclusive of each other. The addition of sensible suggestions regarding changes to druidic travel forms may also be discussed provided they: a) Are feasible b) Do not allow for unbalanced gameplay c) Are written in a comprehensible, well structured and succinct text that is easily read and understood by others. i.e. please do not post walls of block or badly written text. To further explain; in Legion druids will be able to use some form of glyph or tome that will allow them to change the appearance of their ground, flight and aquatic travel forms to newer models. These models are as follows: Glyph of the Doe - this glyph changes the druid's stag form to that of a doe. The model is similar to the new doe hunter pets coming in legion and lacks the markings and barding seen in the old stag form. Glyph of the Sentinel- this glyph changes the druid's flight form to that of the new sentinel's/warden's owl. The colour and pattern varies by race and features new sounds. If I have missed any please add them. Whilst the addition of these new forms is more than welcome, I was overjoyed myself, any happiness fans of the game and the class may have felt has been overshadowed by the exclusivity of these items. i.e. These forms are exclusive with each other and with the glyph of the orca. You can only have one active at any time. The reason for this is, as I understand it, that because of the combined travel forms button only one of the glyphs can be used as they all run from the same script. I don't see why, then, that we can't simply return to the old and much loved system of one button, one form, one script to allow players to both get rid of the hated travel form button and allow use of the beautiful new models all at once for all those who wish it. Why make new content for a class that is purely cosmetic in nature and then limit them on what they can use? It's Blizzard Entertainment, not EA games. As a final note, if someone could please provide an alternative choice to ugly mutant seal form (which should be able to walk on land at a reduced speed in my opinion) and alright-orca form I'd be very much obliged. Otter form would be nice and, again, I'd love for it to bound across land at normal (base) running speed. p.s. Still putting glyph of the hippogryph on my wintersveil list.Talíya86 3d
3d Did Blizzard reduce a lot of abilities since MoP? I stopped playing WoW 1month after the WoD release. Now i got back into it with the new Legion prepatch. What i noticed is that from MoP->WoD a lot of abilities got removed and talents got restructered and some removed aswell. Now from the time i played WoD Season1 i remember that from WoD->Legion some abilities got removed again and talents restructered and some got removed. After MoP->WoD->Legion its like it dont have much abilities left like back in the MoP days. Same thing with other classes. In MoP i got keybinds for Shift/ALT/CTRL-1,2,3,4,5,q,e,f,r Now i just have 2 action bars full with important abilities in MoP i got 4 bars. Are removing abilties over the last 2 expansions good? I realy liked it that you have a lot of abilties because your micro management was more important than now. Any thoughts from people that played since the MoP addon?Extivityy11 3d
3d Druid/Feral Druid in M+ Hi there, I'm finding it quite difficult to get in to groups doing m+ 10 and upwards. I'm just wondering if this has something to do with being a Druid. I'm a Feral druid and usually the group leader will ask me if i'm balance and when i say no they usually decline. I don't seem to have this same problem getting into PuGs for Antorus HC. I'm also wondering if this has something to do with my Raider.io score, its currently at just over 1000 for m+ Any help or feedback on how i could resolve this would be greatly appreciated.Urrsus12 3d
4d Must be in "Form" Thanks game i know... It's not like there could have been an automatic trigger for this so that you wouldn't have to click an extra button every single time you enter travel form...Livía0 4d
4d Highmountain tauren forms with glyphs How do Highmountaint forms change when using glyphs like "Sentinel Owl", I cant seem to find a screenshoot anywhere. Also what is ground travel form glyph change. I plan to start HMT druid in next few weeks and was rather interested in these glyphs. Feel free to share ss.Nikicich1 4d
4d PvP advice? I just got 14 days of my sub left, and after a few weeks off i logged on and tried some pvp today... and oh man.. When not facing presige lvl 23+ russian teams, i feel i face ppl With a skillcap WAY... WAAAAAAAAAAAY above what im capable of. I mean, the "rotation" for a feral in pvp isnt that hard, is it? Keep bleeds up, shred for cp (and ofc dmg) try use the TF window With renewal of bleeds etc etc... Maim at random spots, FB when available (or timed for a kill or w/e) But today in wsg i just /facepalm'ed.. Ex1: Shaman...6mill hp: He is backpadling, PROBABLY just using 1 ability i addition to autoattack.. I mean this guy was so !@#$ (sorry for that) i almost went afk to get water. Packpadling, keyboardturning, 1skillusing autoattacking guy....... Which to my suprise survided for QUITE SOME TIME!!!!!! I mean, i almost gave up on him...... i keept bleeds up, tried to time burst With stun etc etc Hell, he even almost killed me...... DIDNT EVEN USE TOTEMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2: Hunter 5mill HP BM. Starting out With normal opener, rake, shred 5cp rip etc etc etc.... try to burst when stunned.,. Now this guy.........No turtleshield up from what i saw. Down to 15%HP, but to 50%...at least 2 times. And the ability to move? my friggin god, i got jealous.....No slow on this guy.. Opened up on him while he was at 30-40%...... He ended up With 60%+ hp after he ended me.... In both cases i use my defensive CDs and bearmform when neede..... Bearform..... the lulz, what stinking furball.......i die as fast in bearform as i cat even With defensive CDs up..... So, in a way i whining about the state of pvp. On the other hand im curious on HOW these 2 classes managed to perform the way they do, while i run my show With bleeds, burst cc and bearluldotform.. I thought ferals was a bleed class in pvp........MAN was i wrong... My bleeds havent made any1 lose HP since april 2013......let alone KILLED some1, or even landed a kill when ppl are at 3%...... Am i that %^-*? or is this normal? If im !@#$ (prob 50% true) then what on EARTH can i do different?? I mean its not that friggin hard to do Your "rotation"?Elamandri8 4d
4d Why should be Pandaren able to be Druid? You may ask yourself, why cannot Pandaren be druids? Well, fellas, I am here to cover some points of why they should be able to be Druid! 1. Adventurers! As you may know, Pandarens of The Wandering Isle are a big adventurers, that's why there is one Pandaren Death Knight NPC! They could for example travel to Val'sharah or other druidic zones, learn the art of druidism, and then return to their home, as it is with the Monk class hall situated on The Wandering Isle. 2. Connection to the nature. According to the WoWWiki, Native to the land of Pandaria, they are a strong and hearty people with a universal attachment to nature and a passion for all it offers. Anyway, that is all for now, if you want, you can help expand this thread, and help me with this. Who knows, maybe there will be this new race-class combo in BfA! Jackeon5 4d
4d feral hidden artifact hi i heard 1st screech how can i hear 2nd and 3rd? is the message same 1st screech? or what?Selvenya3 4d
4d Druids in Bg's What exactly is there role right now? Guardian lives a bit longer but doesn't do serious damage. Feral does allot of dots that are easily outhealed(My RL cat can do more damage) Resto seems to be one of the weaker healers in bg's. No clue about boomkin.Tachula2 4d
5d holy moley, zandalari druid forms in latest build!! https://www.mmo-champion.com/content/7412-Battle-for-Azeroth-Alpha-Build-26131 https://media.mmo-champion.com/images/news/2018/february/ZandalariMoonkin.jpg https://media.mmo-champion.com/images/news/2018/february/DruidBearZandalariTroll02.jpg this.......is just unbelievable shapes.... http://www.wowhead.com/news=282321/zandalari-troll-druid-forms-moonkin-and-bear-forms More images here with different colors.Karrak32 5d
5d Low level healing - WTH is happening? Hello guys, I wonder if you can give me some advice. I’m a low level resto Druid and since the instances from the 40’s onwards range that I’ve been having tremendous difficulties healing. I keep all my hots up, use ironbark, swiftheal when needed, yet I can’t keep up with the damage output not just on bosses but on trash mobs as well. MObs hit so heavy and I have no heal that accompanies the damage. Did a few dire maul runs that were absolute nightmare. I’m currently levelling in Outland but I think healing those instances is gonna be impossible. Is there some tips you can offer? Currently I’m feeling so disheartened...Amayamiss4 5d
5d Guardian druid animation bug Hope this is the right place to ask. Tried to open a ticket but this didn't fit into any of the fields. Anyway: A few weeks ago I decided to try and unlock my Mage tower skin for Guardian druid. Everything was fine, I was using the hidden skin and the animations worked perfectly. Then I unlocked the Might of the Grizzlemaw skin, and it was completely broken. I had completely messed up animations. This went on for a few days, until it somehow fixed itself after 3-4 days of waiting. Perfect. A week later I finally finish my Balance of Power questline. I'm happy, I have my Power Ranger bear skin. Only... you guessed it, the animations are completely messed up again. Might of the Grizzlemaw works fine, but all the "four legged" bear skins are now completely effed up. They bite when using Thrash and Swipe, they slide across the floor instead of walking. If I take off my Artifact, the basic bear skin has working animations. So does Grizzlemaw. But everything else, messed up. It's really disappointing, the skins are so awesome, but I'm stuck in the Hulk Bear now. EDIT: I should mention that I waited for like a 3 weeks now. It isn't fixing itself.Veleth1 5d
5d feral proc macro Is there a macro I can make were lets I I'm casting thrash or swipe ect when regrowth proc it makes that priority? and cast that in stead then go back to normal or some sort of addonHuntersteal1 5d
5d Druid's travel form ruined in Warlords or Dreanor I am not in the Beta so I can't post in the beta forums, but I did do my research. So apparently Blizzard decided that in Warlords of Dreanor, travel form, aquatic form and flight form will become one single travel form. Bascically, if you jump into water while using travel form, you go aquatic form, if you use travel form in a fly zone you go flight form. And the old stag form is only available in places where you can't fly. Why?! Now why is this a terrible idea: 1. It removes the freedom you had as a druid. You can no longer choose to be a stag. I sometimes like to use stag form while running around, I don't want to use flight form all the time. It is a giant slap in the face to all who play druids. You also can't carry anyone around anymore in stag form, in case you liked that little feature. 2. No more stag form in RP. Liked to use stag form in RP? Well that's over now, simple as that. Unless you never learn flight form in the first place. There is absolutely no reason for this. Nobody ever asked for this, it doesn't help anyone. It only removes the choice of the player. The druid travel form, flight form and aquatic form were a working system that did not need any fixing. And now they have changed it and instantly ruined it. Now blizzard has given us a glyph to seperate flight form from travel form. That's the worst idea I have ever heard. First they remove something even though nobody wants it removed and then they give half of it back, but only if you waste a glyph slot on it. And it doesn't even solve the issue. The issue is that you can no longer choose whether you want to use stag form, aquatic form or flight form. A the very least let the glyph seperate all 3 forms once more, not just flight form. Or better, remove the entire thing completely. Blizzard, please go back to the old travel, aquatic and flight form. It is a waste of time that will lead players to stop playing druids, I can promise you, especially roleplayers like myself. Stop wasting time on this idea, nobody is actually happy about it. Some just tolerate it, nothing more. Really, it is less work for the devs to leave it the way it was than to implement a new system that nobody wants anyway.Hargoth114 5d
5d Cheetah form Is it possible to obtain this form again? I hate stag form, looks like a horny elk running after he just seen a female... only thing missing is the 2ft d'ck helicoptering underneath him...Testikél2 5d
5d CHEETAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY BLIZZARD? WHY!?Mosiawa0 5d
6d This make sense? (talent: Sabertooth) Im fiddling around With how to optimize my dps Im !@#$ at it cause at ilvl 937 i stick around 1mill dps on sinlge target.. Trying Sabertooth is more relaxing regarding the refreshing of rip BUT why ist he dmg on rip changing when you refresh it With FB? The dmg from rip is somewhere between 150k to 230k (pr second is it) When Reading the tooltip from rip debuff on dummy.. Now this is a pretty large difference. Why is it so? The talent would be awesome if it kept the largetst Applied rip when refreshed. Now its "%^-*" due to the large difference you can get, i Guess from a crit/non crit Doesnt the "a stronger buff allready excists" yield anymore?=Elamandri2 6d
09 Mar treant/stag forms hi i learned it and didnt know what is it and i cant remove it its annoying me if i want to switch quickly i choose wrong cuz it any way to hide it or remove or any thing?Selvenya2 09 Mar
08 Mar resto druid mage tower challenge - last part Any tips on getting past (healing) the adds in the second to last part, right before the final boss?? I have tried it maybe 4-5 times, and never really got close. I am putting 2 rejuvs (rejuv and germ), but maybe that is wrong. maybe i need to just put 1 rejuv, per mob, then start spam healing with ToL, and/or Drums, and/or artifact ability. Is that my mistake? I am trying to get good =) any help would be appreciated.Jalisco19 08 Mar
08 Mar Guardian mage tower So tried around 25 times today. New to druids so some stuff are still new. Best try 9% and mostly gets to phase 2 and 10-15% My issues are mostly falling off platform. Or that the boss gets alot of HP. Any small tips are welcome. Now i prepot. Pull boss to npc. Bursting to 4-5 stacks. Running around moonfireing stuff Dpsing and interupting the 4 mobs Avoiding infernal. Trying not to use healing spheres. Phase 2 Drums pot dps CD Trying to interupt kruuls casting. The 2 he throws. Any helpful macros etc i can use ? And i tried weakauras but it doesent seem to load. I checker the in combat bit aint working.Jellyroll11 08 Mar
08 Mar Leveling in cloth heirlooms? Hello, Im leveling a druid. I only have 1 leather rest cloth, gonna go speedrun as guardian, its possible? I might respect later to resto.Orchief10 08 Mar
08 Mar pvp def mode hi i want to know what abilities i use it when switch to bear form on pvp + any macro for fighting while def mode?Selvenia2 08 Mar
08 Mar Human Form? This is mainly addressed to my fellow Gilneans out there. Surely Im not the only one of us that picked Worgen for the sole reason that you could run about as a human in druid gear? (That and I feel morally obligated as an English national) Im not asking for blizzard to enable humans to become druids, but It would be nice for Worgen to be able to use their human form in battle rather than It going straight to Worgen form. I use glyph of stars for my Boomkin and love the way it looks on the human form of my character, and I dont see any reason why I shouldnt be able to fight people in that form. Am I alone on this or would other Worgen like to assume their Gilnean form more often? Especially in combat?Ahtuno8 08 Mar
08 Mar 4 artifacts as druid Hello everyone. i would like to know if you can only get 3 or 4 artifacts as a druid. A lot of people have told me you can only get 3 but after having boomking and feral i accidentally picked the guardian as my 3rd. After asking a Gm about it he told me i can have all 4 artifacts and i needed to finish the guardian quest line to get to my 4th artifact(resto) i only play resto btw. So which one is true?Kahea5 08 Mar
07 Mar Rate the Druid transmog above you! Godspeed.Fienfu77 07 Mar
07 Mar BfA Alpha, build 26175 - changes to Affinities According to MMO-C, Blizzard just removed Shred and Mangle from the Feral and Guardian Affinities. Can anyone with access confirm this? And if so, have these two abilities been made baseline?Whitepaw2 07 Mar
06 Mar PvP vs PvE gear for stats I've read in several places that versatility and crit are my two main stats. All the gear I have that has those stats on for the most part are coming from PvP. Why is it considered bad to wear PvP gear in PvE? In this instance I am talking about a ring, but please answer for gear in general.Skillclone0 06 Mar
06 Mar how to increase my dmg? hi i want to know best stats for druid to get high dmg im only looking for high ilvl so i want to know best stats for druid i can be around itSelvenya1 06 Mar
06 Mar Are druids hermits? Was wondering what class could be called hermit/sage? To me it felt as druid fits this role, as they are one with nature in their own peace... Mages are out of question, to them logic and study is everything. So what class could resemble hermit/sage archetype?Frostclaw4 06 Mar
05 Mar Druid Scenario druid scenario just done the druid scenario which appeared to grant my owl form a new look as the prize but nothing has changed, was I wrong in thinking thisRebek5 05 Mar
05 Mar A call for more race identity Having seen the proposed Zandalari druid forms I feel the other races have now been brushed aside. Every time a new druid race has been released they just end up with minor tweaks to the original forms. The only unique form given to worgen and the trolls was the troll flight form... If blizzard can make the effort to completely redesign the druid forms for Zandalari then they should add some flavour to the other races too. I.e More canine influence for worgen forms and different animals that better suit the trolls... A troll and a stag does not sit right with me. Moonkin form in particular needs some attention. We need more variation!Drufar9 05 Mar
05 Mar New Resto druid PvP player Good day everyone, i am fairly new to healing in general and i must say, for me its even more fun than being just another DPS running around (done this for a few years now). Now i made a druid because resto druid simply sounds fun, landing some HoTs and run around like a cheetahh, but i have some problems with the druiding. I seem to die really really fast. For some reason my Ironfur and frenzied generation simply wont work when i transfer to bear modus? -> they actually dissapear from my ''bear'' spellbar. when i transfer to bear in the graveyard (when alife ofcourse) it is on my ''bear'' spellbar but when im in a fight and i swap to bearform its gone? this makes me really weak defensive wise.... Another question; Wich healer comes in second when you love the playstyle of a druid? i''d love to lvl an alt to pick up healing from lvl 1 to 110 and to have a back up when resto probably falls off to hard in arena's / BG's (wich is not the case at this moment, topping the lists in bg's) I'd love to hear from you! If you have some advise for this newby resto it will be appreciated. (talents wise/ staying alife wise) Greetz,,Archlock8 05 Mar
05 Mar Highmountain Tauren Moonkin form After seeing those awesome druid forms for Zandalari trolls, I think it's only fair that we Highmountain tauren get ourselves our own Moonkin form. I mean you could've given us the Moonkin form for trolls and it would've looked better since they actually use antlers and not horns. You know. Since the Highmountain tauren have antlers! Please heed my call and give us Highmountain tauren the moonkin form we deserve.Elgvard7 05 Mar
05 Mar Moosekin! When are the antlers for highmountain moonkin coming out? They are going to implement it right? Or are they gonna screw us?Thoramir3 05 Mar
05 Mar For some reason my ironbark macro wont work So i want ironbark on my mouse over, but it wont work. what are u people using for mouseover ironbarks?Vlambulance1 05 Mar
05 Mar First time playing Resto. I decided to not be lazy anymore and tried healing, got all the healing spells on my bars, and got the Artifact, I tried my first Heroic as a healer, and it went pretty good. Only thing I've got to say is that most of the tanks move faster than I can heal, just a thing that bothers me, but it is nearly the end of the expac, and dungeons are easy and fast to do now. So, in conclusion I do enjoy playing Resto, but will remain Feral for DPS.Jghbkj4 05 Mar
04 Mar feral low dmg hi im new on druid class i was 931 ilvl when capture these photos now 932 still same i do 700k dps whats wrong https://m.imgur.com/a/Jz787 (antorus,normal,dog boss)Selvenya1 04 Mar