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26 Nov Doomsen's Legion PvP Restoration Druid Guide 7.2.5 Hey there fellow druids! My name is Doomsen and I happen to be a multiple times Rank1 Restoration Druid / tournament competitor! I've decided that I would like to provide a guide that covers more than just the baseline of Restoration Druid in Legion. Guides for PvP are fairly rare these days, so I thought I may aswell create one and help people out. This guide only helps to a certain level so if you are an "advanced" player, most of those information may be nothing new for you. Table of Contents 0. PATCH UPDATES *7.2.5!!* 1. Talents 2. PvP Talents 3. Artifact Weapon Talents 4. Healing 5. Survival 6. Druid Races for Horde / Alliance 7. Addons 8. Macros 9. Final words LAST UPDATE 13th July: Patch Updates for Hotfixes June/July ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 0. Patch Updates - Going through Patch changes for Druid ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hotfixes End June & July They've given us a 3% & 5% Intellect buff aswell as a 40% Swiftmend increase throughout the last few weeks, still leaving us druids on the edge of viable, if even. If you still struggle, it may not be your fault. Playstyle wise I've been running with Prosperity every game to get the most efficency out of the Swiftmend buff aswell as Soul of the Forest, beside games against Affli. Warlocks / Shadow Priests where Cultivation might still be better and Incarnation still against DKs, Ferals aswell as some Rogue Mage comps. Focused Growth seems to be a must right now. If there wont be another buff that will not focus on our Intellect anytime soon, this will be the first season since Cataclysm where druid is unplayable PATCH 7.2.5 Overview Long story made short: They've nerfed every single healing abilitiy and some more than others i.g. Cultivation Revitalize now has charges and does not refresh the Rejuv to it's full duration Entangling Bark (formerly Fortified Bark) does now grant 2 charges of Nature's Grasp, which roots players once melee attacked. Overgrowth no longer does apply the initial heal of Regrowth Focused Growth's healing and mana cost is buffed If you are struggling on your Restoration Druid at the moment fear not, you're not alone. With all those changes done we're currently by far the worst healer which I hope will change soon. How to vs. melee The ladder is full of melee cleave at the moment in which Revitalize is the main choice. You can run Entangling but only if you have no Frost mage in your team and make use of it to get range from them during burst phases otherwise it is not valueable. Focused Growth is also coming to play now. You never want your Lifeblooms to expire, but should refresh only below 5 seconds left to get the bloom heal. Incarnation to deal with burst How to vs. melee caster Exact same story with Revitalize or Fortified. You can't do anything wrong with Revitalize. Still suggesting to use Overgrowth here incase the caster does AOE, Focused Growth can be chosen too if you can get used to it, but DO NOT vs. Mages. They will punish you for it. Incarnation to deal with burst. How to vs. double caster Nourish. Not because it's good, just because the other 2 options do absolutely nothing. You can try to sneak in healing touches situationally to safe a bit of mana and have a decent initial heal. Cultivation incase Shadow or Warlock are included. Most likely going to be Overgrowth. As mentioned before, mages do counter the Lifebloom choice with Kleptomania. NOTE: You can run Abundance/Nourish again, but only situationally. It's not that simple to explain and you'll have to test for yourself when to use it but for example if you run a caster comp that allows you to stay back without the risk of DPS tunneling you all game, it does a lot and great healing. I've played Mage Lock Druid the other day and was testing it out, playing it vs everything. You really have to make sure to be on max range to avoid as many Interupts or switches as possible otherwise you are not able to get the value out of it. Comps with a lot of CrowdControl like RMD will never let you get value out of it, so picking the talents there might just instantly cause a loss. Have a decent count of Rejuvenations applied to reduce the casttime (Also requires you to run Defender of the Weak, can go with Vim & Vigor but I'd not fully recommend it) For example in Rogue Mage Druid, you wouldn't really be able to run it. The comp requires you to be somewhat offensive, which makes you a more than viable target and even with your partners helping you, you will struggle and rot apart against something like Warrior Affliction Lock XHealer. I'll update the specific talents & more by next week. I hope the update does help you folks and I'll make sure to get back to you in the comments as soon as possible incase you have any questions. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. Talents (Not mentioned talents simply mean they definitely are no option for PvP) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tier 1 Prosperity: This is currently my favourite choice. With Nature's Swiftness & Genesis gone we are lacking instant healing. Now Swiftmend isn't the biggest heal of all time, but it'st still decent especially with the 30% healing increase from our Artifact talents. It also goes really well with Soul of the Forest, incase we chose that as our Tier 5 talent but more about that later! Cenarion Ward: It does quite a lot of healing overtime and doesn't require to procc in order to start it's Cooldown. Sadly does not have an initial heal. It's defnitely a talent that can be chosen, especially in combination with Cultivation to get as many hots rolling to benefit from our Mastery:Harmony. Tier 2 Displacer Beast: Has been our to go talent since it's first been released. An instant 20yard teleport that also gives use a 50% movement speed is nothing we really wanna miss out on. Wild Charge: It's a really fun talent but I don't think it can compete with Displacer. Travel Jump is a way worse version of it and the shorter cooldown does not make up for that. I still use it sometimes for fun in Battlegrounds, but not in competitive, ever. Tier 3 Guardian Affinity: I have used this talent throughout my entire time playing Beta. A passive 6% damage reduction aswell as a life regeneration with Frenzied Regeneration in Bear form makes it to a talent that you can pick in every situation. Also Ironfur can come in quite handy sometimes (More about all that in the Cooldown Category) Balance Affinity: The reasons for choosing Balance Affinity is the longer range on Cyclone aswell as being able to deal with dispelling Polymorph without running into the dilemma of landing into one ourself while doing so. The only times you wanna use it is, when you are very certain that you will never be the target of choice for your opponents because not having the Guardian Affinity effects, does make a big difference surviving wise. Making use of Balance Form: All of us got turned into a Sheep while trying to dispel our friends out of them and with Balance Form you can avoid that because Purify Spirit does not shift you out of it, so there's no worry about that. Balance Form does have a global though and obviously not required everytime dispel a Polymorph. Getting used to it will take you time, quite a bit of time even but it's good. It also allows you to cast Regrowths or Overgrowth without making you leave the form. Any other healing ability will though. Tier 4 Mighty Bash: As we have no other stun it comes in very handy in a lot of situations. Taking out a target for 5 seconds can be game changing and offers other follow up, such as Cyclone, without having to worry about being interupted by that player. It will stay as the main competitive talent. Mass Entanglement: With Legion being fairly meele heavy right now, being able to root targets off you can give you that extra space to get to safety in a lot of situations. Does sadly break from damage. With Iron- &Barkskin no longer rooting targets, they are never on a diminishing return, atleast not caused by us! Also there seem to be fairly less roots in the game as before. Can be taken situationally Typhoon: It's something I would almost consider not worth mentioning. Since WoD this ability has lost alot of its power. It's fun knocking people off the Blades Edge Arena bridge for example (if it even does succeeds) but does not give generally close to as many possibilities as the other two.Doomsen137 26 Nov
14 Jun Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! On the 14th of March 2012 Valonia made the longest running topics on our beloved Healing boards. I don't think anyone could have imagined that at the present day, this topic would still be active. And since I can't decribe it better then Valonia did, I'm shamelessly going to copy / paste her welcome post as it describes the Lounge perfectly. ... Ladies and gentleman! I bid thee welcome to the new Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! Lets keep this awesome place going, and see how far we'll get this time :D. Previous lounges: Therapy Lounge for Healers http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/3483960548 Therapy Lounge for Healers - The WoD Edition http://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/12618274142Celibyx488 14 Jun
21 Mar 2014 Making a Guide? Here in the class forums, players often put together awesome guides to help the rest of the community. However, due to the high number of sticky request we receive each day, these guides sometimes fall off the front page before we can sticky them. If you have just posted a guide or if you’d like to nominate a guide here on the European forums to be stickied, please send an email to the Community team, including a link to the guide you'd like stickied, at: CMTeamEU-WoW@Blizzard.com Alternatively, guide writers can help us spot their threads by putting [Guide] in the title :)Takralus0 21 Mar 2014
33s Tiger Dash I feel that there has been a slight oversight on this talent in PvP. I have been duelling a bit to see how well it can be used to get away from melee and it's not overly great. I have found that against any class that has a passive form of slowing a target completely negates it. For example, a rogues crippling poison. I'll have it applied to me, use tiger dash to escape but before I have got out of the melee range of the rogue, I have crippling poison on me again reducing me down to barely normal run speed. This is the same for paladins as their slow is ranged. I haven't tested it against all the melee classes but so far it seems rather bad against nearly all I've tested it against. I'd suggest a 2 second freedom effect on tiger dash so we can atleast get slightly away. I don't feel this is OP either as we are giving up a lot just to get this mediocre escape.Morphtech17 33s
34s Luffa wraps stealth nerf / bug? I can't see anything in the patch notes about this at all. Luffa wraps was always 25% increase whilst in guardian and 75% increase while in feral. However as of today the feral luffa is only boosting by 25%. That's a hell of a nerf to lose two thirds of it's power without even hitting the patch notes (that I've seen..?) Is this a bug or a deliberate nerf?Bothisadaz2 34s
7m resto druid in pvp? I feel like the prepatch nerfed resto dudu so hard that its almost unplayble I mean vs double cleve which is very often druid just cant do anything u cant run away couse u get immidietyl stuned with dash and since displacar is gone u cant blink away and los so u just have to sit and try to kite the melee classes so u take so much dmg and with only one frenzied regen on 32 sec cd u cant really take it anymore so how are rest druids suposed to be playable in bfa arenas ? how to live ?Wolfol2 7m
50m Pls buff Moment of Clarity or nerf Bloodtalons After years of using Bloodtalons (which he hates), again you force (through the buff) to use it, it does not suit me. I liked very much feral from 7.3.5 and this style of play with a useful "Moment of Clarity" !!! I do not know who miss for rotation with "bloodtalons" ... I do not !!!Obruce1 50m
52m Rate the Druid transmog above you! Godspeed.Fienfu146 52m
1h Feral Running Animations Hi, Just wondering if im the only one who thinks that the new feral druid animations look awful from the player perspective? i genuinely can't play on my druid atm because of how it looks. I feel as though they only made this change to accomodate the new Models coming in BFA e.g Zandalari Trolls / Kul' Tiras Humans. Am i the only one who hates the animations? i just can't even......BuckFlizzard going to have to reroll a new class im thinking after playing druid for years now. actually devastated feelsbadmanYsuri0 1h
1h How do i get my base cat form look as Feral? I just can't get rid of my artifact cat forms as Feral (same goes for guardian artifact appearances). I really want to play as my old cat, but whatever i've tried at transmoger just doesn't work. I transmoged my artifact daggers to some other looking daggers but i still keep my artifact cat appearance. Any help, please?Onu2 1h
1h New Trash Hey boys and girls! Why is (Guardian) trash 6sec slow gone? I really liked it in pvp in legion and good in close combat aswell. :( it stack instead 5 times, but only in pve it seems, in pvp it 3 stacks. Or maybe that slow will come with the neckless artifact in BFA?Vargulv0 1h
1h Combo points i randomly stop generating combo points. anyone else? edit: also combos start counting on 0 as in 0=1 , 1=2 etc etcWolfzgang4 1h
1h healing touch :( Anyone else cry a lil bit inside seeing healing touch gone? :(Steelsox10 1h
1h Flight Form Nerfed. Since today's pre-patch, I felt a little slow in my flight form. Yeah... that's because my flight form is flying at 390% total, whereas my mounted speed is 420%. Why? Just.. why? I main a Druid for so many reasons and instant flight form is one of them. It's nerfed now... I don't want to mount up, and honestly I think that with all the time saved on having no cast time, in the end it's not going to make a difference. It was just a nice little flavor boost for me as a Druid to have this instant flying and now it's just gone. Now, the difference is tiny okay, 30% movement is barely noticeable and of course I'll get used to it. I just don't know why that's been done. It's not going to make me mount up, it's just going to make me slower.Alyeanna1 1h
1h Bug: Feral Frenzy + Balance Affinity Feral Druid "Feral Frenzy" Talent is not affected by "Balance Affinity" Talent that increases range of "all" abilities. As a side note Feral Frenzy is similar to and seems to replace "Ashamane's Frenzy", the old artifact ability for feral druid, which used to have its range increased by "Balance Affinity" talent.Grendiser0 1h
2h Glyph of the Sentinel I had Glyph of the Sentinel on my druid before 8.0 dropped, and when i log into 8.0 today, my flight form is the normal form and i can't find my glyph anywhereDistinctive8 2h
4h Mark of the Wild? Priests and mages got their group buffs back, and warriors have a one-hour attack power buff for the group, too. In early BFA previews I saw that we were getting back Mark of the Wild, but that doesn't seem to have happened. Did they say why?Murr3 4h
7h Cancelaura Starlord The macro doesn't seem to work but you can right click the buff away, anyone found a solution to cancel it ? Thanks!Ojî0 7h
7h BfA - Flight Form Speed Change? Has the Flight Form speed been reduced to 150%? The Tooltip says so, but I cant notice a difference to when I'm mounted (310% Speed).Astról1 7h
7h Help with new patch, I seem to be a ragdoll! Hi all, I only got back into WoW a couple of weeks ago and started finishing some of the garrison stable quests since I want those mounts. Until today I've been fine, burning through them very quickly. This morning however; Maimclaw ripped me to shreds! I don't fully understand the changes to the game that has led to this. Should I be re-gearing or just using different spell rotations? Thanks.Hyael1 7h
8h Guardian Druid - Bear Form Animations Bugged Hey there, going to get right into this - i'm having a pretty huge bug with my animations in Bear Form. I'll start from the (very) start: There used to be a bug with Glyph of the Ursol Chameleon which would revert all of your ability animations (bringing the paw down for Moonfire, as an example - we also have these special animations for Mangle and Thrash/Swipe) were replaced by animations of autoattacks, instead. From what I recall it was fixed at some point, but I digress - that's the basis of bug, first of all - animations replaced with autoattacks. Now, i've noticed this is happening to me without said glyph, in my actual artifact Bear Form. If I remove my artifact, my animations work properly, as they should - but this isn't exactly feasible for.. obvious reasons. A friend of mine, however, had their Bear Form animations working perfectly fine, even with their artifact equipped. There is one significant thing we did differently, which I believe may be causing this issue: I changed my artifact bear form to a different skin via the Dreamgrove, whereas they didn't at all, they were just using the one they already had on. Just wanting to get this out there, either way - if that caused it or not, I have no idea, but I do hope it can be fixed. Could anyone else perhaps confirm/deny that changing their artifact skin breaks their swipe/thrash animations with their artifact equipped? Also notable is that, after equipping my artifact, my animations work properly for about 3 seconds - the space of 2 GCDs - before breaking again. This is exactly the same behaviour I had experienced in the past with the Ursol Chameleon bug.Tamrah16 8h
9h How can I remove a glyph/book in Legion? Noobish question but I'm hoping my asking will save others the embarrassment as we play through Legion. I bought the books from moonglade, but I really dislike having the 2 extra buttons on my stance bar, and I'm indifferent to stag form. How can I unselect these effects please?Kevinus4 9h
10h balance or feral? which one of these specs levels faster now during pre-patch?Filthyfrank0 10h
10h Tree of Life form? We need new one! Hello everyone! I'm druid, I love playing druid, restoration! I love all new spells effect, mainly Wild Growth. But I hate Tree of Life form, what about new one? I would love Elothir skin! Just as a glyph or some kind of questline like new druid flight form, it would be perfect. http://www.wowhead.com/npc=91548/elothir#modelviewer:10+0 What do you think? :) Thank you and have a nice day.Windik2 10h
19h LF a cool druid name my druid is called spirestone, not the coolest name for a druid, so guys can you plz write some cool druid names :)Spirestone239 19h
1d Do you ever use mounts? After learning about the new mounts coming in Battle of Azeroth on Wowhead i realized that i never use mounts in WoW anymore on my druid. It is instant cast,has same speed with mounts and you dont have to suffer from dazzle dismounts from mobs in the World. It is especially useful in Argus because that area is packed. So do YOU use your mounts? if you do,when?Suranis22 1d
1d QUESTION FOR HIGHMOUNTAIN DRUIDS I have a very precise and niche question, and I need your help : The highmountain war harnesses, when used, appear on your back for 60 minutes. Persist through death. Persist through all druid forms EXCEPT : default stag travel form Glyphed doe travel form Incarnation: moonkin (and maybe other incarns idk) So far on my regular tauren I use glyph of the cheeta, as using that form doesn't remove the war harness. My question for any highmountain tauren is this: Does the moose travel form remove the war harness as well? Or does the harness persist and reappear once you leave the form (like it does for cheetah form) ? Thanks !Moonbeam2 1d
1d BFA Rejuv 12s uptime Correct me if i am wrong "Heals the target for (x% of Spell power) over 12 sec." Seriously. Resto druid will be only spam machine of rejuv in BFA? We will rejuv spammers even more than in Legion? I dont know how about you. But keep spamming rejuv that last only 12sec means, that i must watch my raid frames even more and keep this hot on targets that needs a heal seems to be rly like spam and i dont like this idea. Thats my opinion. Imagine 5man dung with Germination, GCD around sec or how much? 5x2 = 10hots = cca 10sec? soyou finish hotting and can continue new cycle again?.... What you think about that?Enthzul15 1d
2d . .Augosto3 2d
2d Horde Druids and the Burning Hello my fellow Druids, I am curious to how we Horde Druids feel about burning the world tree, or will we be forced to participate? Staying away from bfa spoilers. i know the lore behind teldrasil but I don't like the idea of Tauren and Troll Druids participating in the burning, at the end of the day it's still a world tree, a very selfish world tree I grant you.Agí9 2d
2d Feral druid talent idea So before i start let me just say that i like the feral druid, i like being able to feel like a wild beast and ripe and tear through my enemy's. Let me also state that i feel like talents are supposed to enhanche you're spec, make it feel fresh and diffrent depending on your build and i feel like the current and BFA talents dont really live up to that standart. I have three major ideas for feral wich i would love to share with you all in the hope that one of them might get some attention from Blizzard so without futher delay: 1. Pack Master, a new lvl 120(?) talent. "Being larger, faster and more vicious then almost any beast that wanders Azorath the feral druid has won the respect off the wild life around him" PASSIVE: the feral druid will be followed by 2 smaller cats hoping for a fresh meal. - the cats will be immume to damage, prowl when the druid prowls and cast auto attacks - Moonfire will change to "deep cut" ordering your cats to jump to a target and apply a dot and sent the cats to attack that target till the dot ends - Entangle will be replacd by "vicious pouche" ordering one of the cats to jump to a target and root it -Ferocious Bite will also inspire the cats increasing their attack speed for a short while. This talent is designed to give feral a new lookand make you feel like a true wild beast and pack leader, it will also bring an intresting multi target option where you can controll your two followers to focus down one target while you fight a bigger one. 2. STEALTH Honestly, feral not having any special stealth abilities seems like a major miss. I know that both Shred and Rake are buffed while stealthed but thats where it ends... i would like feral to have some more utility options and maybe one or two true stealth attack: -Shred is replaced by: "Predator strike" a brutal attack that teleports you to the target, deals bonus damage while landing behind the target and applies a root when you have atleast 3 combo points active. - Rake is replaced by: "Blinding slash" gouche at the targets eyes dealing minor damage but cause them to wander arround for up to 30sec(damage will cancel this effect) -Predetory senses: activate to show targets with bleeds on them(even stealthed ones) - Lick wounds: the feral druids crawls up in place rooting himself and channels for upto 15 seconds healing wounds and removing dots. 3. Jump Honestly, warrior, DH and rogues can all jump but a frikking cat cant? i know the feral druid has plenty of movement as it is but i'd like to see it atleast as a talent maybe even trading dash for a 2 charge jump skill. And those are my three big ideas for feral druid :) I'd like to hear you guys opinion on these, i think they will greatly improve feral gameplay and bring it from a "hey im a druid who can turn into a kitty" spec to a "im a druid who has studied the way of the tiger and can turn into a mighty beast" spec.Uldarin5 2d
2d No mythic plus meta Seen a few video’s predicting the mythic + meta, non of the 4 druid specs seems to have made it yet.. That seems seriously disturbing for one of the most versatile and played classes?Thundertoe3 2d
3d Blessing of the Ancients appearance In a game where appearance is so important there is an entire system around it called 'transmogging' or even 'glyphs/inscription' we still have talents that force us into an appearance that we can't change. Please Blizzard, add a glyph so we can remove the appearance from the Blessing and show off our mogs again!Ivydoom8 3d
4d resto hidden appearance i've been farming the two soil spots since the broken shore came out and i've still not got it, am i missing something or is my luck just that bad ahahaEstrali4 4d
4d Purges in BFA If i am not wrong, dh and dk are getting purge. Also BE racial will be purge. So does it means even more pain to play resto druid in arenas? Already playing vs shamans with purge is hell sometimes. For example heal shaman just purge tatget that 2 melee tunnel and i cant almost do !@#$ about it since 80% of my healing are hots.Enthzul1 4d
4d Guardian Druid ideas (more FUN) Guardian Druid Im not very pleased with guardian druid. Its not problem in numbers (those can be tuned if necessery), its not problem mechanicaly (you live, you mangle, you heal and survive). THE PROBLEM is in feeling that you have while playing this spec. For start, i like guardian and i like their theme. Some people say they are slow and barely move fast enough through the instance… yep yep… they are - but you are big bulky bear - You are supposed to move slowly, like heavy sturdy creature! That beying said - feeling of being slow sometimes gets to me… :( Of course it would be nice to remain in this slow theme and yet not lacking behind others when it comes to more complicated pulling schemes, or some complicated situations. Bigger problems i see are, that playing Guardian is just not that much fun… And it should! I dont understand how hard can it be to make even abilities that you have right now more fun. Curently its like that - Bam combat, alright, push this, push that, fur my !@#, thrash em, fur my $%^ again… Yeah yeah - when it comes to bear things, blizzard makes us the most boring normal bear ever. Its like playing bear simulator… You realy do all the stuff that bear does… But am I playing bear simulator or WOW? … Why is there no fun in it. WHY am I not huge bear - getting even bigger as i got mad, why are not mobs afraid of my furry -*! - like they should be. Why am I not roaring beacuse of everything… You attack me, i got mad, i roar. There is some lack of fantasy and creativity in the bear! My concept would not be much different in mechanics, because i think we do not lack survivability or buttons to press.. we are in sweet spot. Its just that pressing the button is no fun… So… i added something new, something from good old days (sorta) and some fun to what we have. As bear you could pack some interesting roars. Usefull roars. Intimidating roar same as is! (bear intimidates @#$% outta ya) Alphas roar (slight change of ironfur to make it feel awesome) 45 rage You grow significantly in size to withstand bigger wounds. Increases armor by (75 * Agility / 100) and health and healing done to you by 10% for 7 sec, Stack 2 times (Oh yeah - as you get angry and want to protect your pack, you rage and grow in size, making you more and more invicnible - there is slight change in mechanic i know blizz you wanna avoid us avoiding that magic, but its fun when bears have a lot of HP, thats how it was! and its just 10% :D) Rageing roar You enrage yourself. generating 20 rage and 20 more over 4 sec. and makes your mangle empowered. Mangle empowerment: Mangle applies thrash to all targets within 8 yards (something to push before pull, its horrible when you charge bunch of mobs with no rage at all and its fun to press :D ) Protectors Roar (this ability should make you feel more agile and interesting. It would look awesome and satisfying, it would not hurt slow bear theme of the class) 30y range 30 sec. cooldown Roar to protect your allies from foes. Sending mirror of your charging self into desired location where it lacerates all targets furiously Lacerate: Strikes all nearby enemies, dealing (6.2244% of Attack power) Bleed damage and an additional (30% of Attack power) Bleed damage over 5 sec. Making them at first move 70% more slow gradually forcing them to 70% increased speed over 5 sec. Transfering all threat generated to caster of Protectors Roar. This ability would allow you to stay slow, yet play in agile way. It would look like there is ghost image of you, charging from your slow and sturdy self into crowds to lacerate them. They would be slow at first (your group could attack freely as all threat would go into you) and then they would rush towards you. I think to use this, it would be very nice. It would not be Aoe pull as monk has, but it would be only effective thank self threat transfer. Also moonfire, could change a bit in bear form, since its baseline now! Galactic Guardian talent could change the whole look of spell. Changes your moonfire to Galactic guardian 15 sec recharge Galactic bears leaps through air from you towards target. Striking with power of moon. Does 300% damage of moonfire and applies its dot. generates 6 rage over its duration. 3 charges (would look awesome, and you should be pressing that during window in Protectors Roar, or just to pull targets or build up aggro on casters from distance) YEAH - BERSERK SHOULD GO BACK, but kk Feeling of Guardian Druid: Huge bear, growing bigger as it tries to survive, slow and steady though crowds of mobs, growing even bigger as it gets mad. Letting mirrors of itself charge towards its targets and let them do the fast work. It should bring so much more fun to steady paced guardian… yet not ruining its feeling! Feel free to tell me Im completely wrong... But i think everybody knows guardians are so boring right now ... :/ Its about fun and guardian just lacks feeling of awesomnessKewq1 4d
4d Mage Tower/race change Hi all, two unrelated questions but couldn't really justify a thread each. Firstly: I hate feral so I will do the mage tower as balance (nearly got there tonight lol), but was wondering if there's going to be any new appearances to unlock for feral in BfA/ways to unlock the mage tower appearances? If not then oh well, I never play feral and just admire those who do, but the appearances are so cool. Secondly, after playing as a worgen since Cata, the worgen model is grating on me. I never really use the worgen racials that much, Aberration is great but what advantage is there for nelf druids? Is Shadowmeld useful for boomkins? Besides obviously the lore, which is also a factor. Any responses appreciated :>)Astarna10 4d
5d Claws of Shirvallah Cat Form Please can we have this look added like artifact appearances will be in BFAKevjp12 5d
6d Getting kicked for low dps (feral) So here I am at ilvl 957 and I got kicked from HC. On Garothi the most I could muster was 1.2m. I would have kicked me too. This is not the first time and now I've realized I am no longer viable raid dps except for Normal. I'm keeping RIP up. Using Ashmane's and King of the Jungle when available. Spamming Shred and Rake and dumping the excess into Ferocious Bite. I'm doing everything about a dozen Youtube vids have told me to do and all I seem to do is worry when the next kick is coming. Am I alone here with this problem? Edit: I have a BM hunter, 961ilvl and she pulls a steady 1.8 - 2m on each boss. That is not a small variance, that is a sign there is something horribly wrong somewhere with this lil druid of mine.Sifonia1 6d
6d Incarnation armor Hello my fellow druids! After years of maining my precious druid and enjoying the many options from legion to look even more forecious with bigger teeth and claws I can't help but to think back about the times my cat and bear had this awesome looking armor around them when I popped incarnation. I somehow miss it. I'm hoping it might return in some sort of a glyph someday. What do you think?Lamentations3 6d
6d Must have druid ui for BFA.. Planning to play all 4 specs Using RealUi in Legion but grew tired of not having full controll Going to create my own interface from spperate UI mods.. These mods look to be a neccesarity for me - clique (for mouse over healing) - cargbags (realui bags mod) - DBM deadly boss mode - weak auras 2 - skada for damage meters Inthink this should handle most things, when using the standard Blizzard raid frames instead of Grid.. So anything i am missing here?Thundertoe6 6d
11 Jul Guardian Druid Challenge This challenge seems a bad joke. It's very hard... when spawn ether minions plus drain life from the boss and infernal it seems unmanageable! What can I do? Any advice/priority? My item level is 929.Forseti26 11 Jul
11 Jul Healers who get sap in arena... ...when playing with a warlock. you're below garbage, i hope you know that.Fahrin6 11 Jul
11 Jul Cat/Bear Affinity Macro question Hey Guys, I have recently been practicing with cat affinity (while still playing bear against comps where cat is too risky) and am currently running the following macro: #showtooltip [talent:3/2] Shred; thrash /cast [talent:3/2] Shred /cast [talent:3/3] thrash As you can (probably) tell this macro will cast Shred while i am cat affinity and Thrash while in bear affinity. So far, so good! What I would like however, is to also "force-shift" me into the "right" stance, no matter what stance i am currently in. Anyone good with macros that can help me out?Octania2 11 Jul
10 Jul male or female HM -Tauren Hey, I want to make a HM-Tauren-Druid and cant decide if i should create a male or female. I want to transmog this set: http://www.wowhead.com/item-set=-1308/oathclaw-wargarb What do you think looks better male or female HM. Thanks in andvance.Fàvre4 10 Jul
10 Jul Resto PvP in BFA I am most interested in BG’s, warmode and open world PvP... not so much in Arena.. Will Druid be still the main healer in these PvP forms? And how good will offhealing in PvP be as ballance or ferral with healing affinity?Thundertoe0 10 Jul
08 Jul Artifact apereance not showing on my character i just dinged 110,so i decided to try the apereance window once more thinking there was a level requirement for it but nothing. i click on seed of ages,click on apereance tab and i see that the first apereance (fangs of ashamane) with it the 4 different tints are unlocked but when i click on one of them colours and close the window my feral apereance is still the same as before. i must be doing something wrong but i have no idea what it is. would apreciate some help on this,thanks.Wheatgrass2 08 Jul
08 Jul plz help (artifact weapon) So i'm lvl 103 and i haven't had my first quest for my artifact yet. and i can't really get further without it.. so what should i do? tried to open a ticket.. nothing happend. tried again same thing.Boulsoup2 08 Jul
07 Jul Glyphs I think Blizzard should make much more use of glyphs.. Espescially for a class like druids, this becomes very apparent. Why not many more glyphs for travel form or other druid forms? The current way glyphs work for visuals are the perfect way to modify character amd spell apearance and Blizzard should make much much more use of this.. Its still sad, they removed the major glyph system.. To me it was a great way to add diversity to spells.. For BFA they could have added glyphs back.. And then used Azerite for stats and even adding new spells... The current system could use some more individualisation.. And starting out with minor glyphs that change apearamces Espescially to druid forms is a good thing.. For example many(not all) people that start disliking druid forms Mostly bacause they don’t show your beatifull armor.. We could have a glyph that is a bipedal form.. Showing your cat or bear standing on both feet/paw with their armors and weapons on..Thundertoe1 07 Jul