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26 Nov 2017 Doomsen's Legion PvP Restoration Druid Guide 7.2.5 Hey there fellow druids! My name is Doomsen and I happen to be a multiple times Rank1 Restoration Druid / tournament competitor! I've decided that I would like to provide a guide that covers more than just the baseline of Restoration Druid in Legion. Guides for PvP are fairly rare these days, so I thought I may aswell create one and help people out. This guide only helps to a certain level so if you are an "advanced" player, most of those information may be nothing new for you. Table of Contents 0. PATCH UPDATES *7.2.5!!* 1. Talents 2. PvP Talents 3. Artifact Weapon Talents 4. Healing 5. Survival 6. Druid Races for Horde / Alliance 7. Addons 8. Macros 9. Final words LAST UPDATE 13th July: Patch Updates for Hotfixes June/July ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 0. Patch Updates - Going through Patch changes for Druid ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hotfixes End June & July They've given us a 3% & 5% Intellect buff aswell as a 40% Swiftmend increase throughout the last few weeks, still leaving us druids on the edge of viable, if even. If you still struggle, it may not be your fault. Playstyle wise I've been running with Prosperity every game to get the most efficency out of the Swiftmend buff aswell as Soul of the Forest, beside games against Affli. Warlocks / Shadow Priests where Cultivation might still be better and Incarnation still against DKs, Ferals aswell as some Rogue Mage comps. Focused Growth seems to be a must right now. If there wont be another buff that will not focus on our Intellect anytime soon, this will be the first season since Cataclysm where druid is unplayable PATCH 7.2.5 Overview Long story made short: They've nerfed every single healing abilitiy and some more than others i.g. Cultivation Revitalize now has charges and does not refresh the Rejuv to it's full duration Entangling Bark (formerly Fortified Bark) does now grant 2 charges of Nature's Grasp, which roots players once melee attacked. Overgrowth no longer does apply the initial heal of Regrowth Focused Growth's healing and mana cost is buffed If you are struggling on your Restoration Druid at the moment fear not, you're not alone. With all those changes done we're currently by far the worst healer which I hope will change soon. How to vs. melee The ladder is full of melee cleave at the moment in which Revitalize is the main choice. You can run Entangling but only if you have no Frost mage in your team and make use of it to get range from them during burst phases otherwise it is not valueable. Focused Growth is also coming to play now. You never want your Lifeblooms to expire, but should refresh only below 5 seconds left to get the bloom heal. Incarnation to deal with burst How to vs. melee caster Exact same story with Revitalize or Fortified. You can't do anything wrong with Revitalize. Still suggesting to use Overgrowth here incase the caster does AOE, Focused Growth can be chosen too if you can get used to it, but DO NOT vs. Mages. They will punish you for it. Incarnation to deal with burst. How to vs. double caster Nourish. Not because it's good, just because the other 2 options do absolutely nothing. You can try to sneak in healing touches situationally to safe a bit of mana and have a decent initial heal. Cultivation incase Shadow or Warlock are included. Most likely going to be Overgrowth. As mentioned before, mages do counter the Lifebloom choice with Kleptomania. NOTE: You can run Abundance/Nourish again, but only situationally. It's not that simple to explain and you'll have to test for yourself when to use it but for example if you run a caster comp that allows you to stay back without the risk of DPS tunneling you all game, it does a lot and great healing. I've played Mage Lock Druid the other day and was testing it out, playing it vs everything. You really have to make sure to be on max range to avoid as many Interupts or switches as possible otherwise you are not able to get the value out of it. Comps with a lot of CrowdControl like RMD will never let you get value out of it, so picking the talents there might just instantly cause a loss. Have a decent count of Rejuvenations applied to reduce the casttime (Also requires you to run Defender of the Weak, can go with Vim & Vigor but I'd not fully recommend it) For example in Rogue Mage Druid, you wouldn't really be able to run it. The comp requires you to be somewhat offensive, which makes you a more than viable target and even with your partners helping you, you will struggle and rot apart against something like Warrior Affliction Lock XHealer. I'll update the specific talents & more by next week. I hope the update does help you folks and I'll make sure to get back to you in the comments as soon as possible incase you have any questions. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. Talents (Not mentioned talents simply mean they definitely are no option for PvP) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tier 1 Prosperity: This is currently my favourite choice. With Nature's Swiftness & Genesis gone we are lacking instant healing. Now Swiftmend isn't the biggest heal of all time, but it'st still decent especially with the 30% healing increase from our Artifact talents. It also goes really well with Soul of the Forest, incase we chose that as our Tier 5 talent but more about that later! Cenarion Ward: It does quite a lot of healing overtime and doesn't require to procc in order to start it's Cooldown. Sadly does not have an initial heal. It's defnitely a talent that can be chosen, especially in combination with Cultivation to get as many hots rolling to benefit from our Mastery:Harmony. Tier 2 Displacer Beast: Has been our to go talent since it's first been released. An instant 20yard teleport that also gives use a 50% movement speed is nothing we really wanna miss out on. Wild Charge: It's a really fun talent but I don't think it can compete with Displacer. Travel Jump is a way worse version of it and the shorter cooldown does not make up for that. I still use it sometimes for fun in Battlegrounds, but not in competitive, ever. Tier 3 Guardian Affinity: I have used this talent throughout my entire time playing Beta. A passive 6% damage reduction aswell as a life regeneration with Frenzied Regeneration in Bear form makes it to a talent that you can pick in every situation. Also Ironfur can come in quite handy sometimes (More about all that in the Cooldown Category) Balance Affinity: The reasons for choosing Balance Affinity is the longer range on Cyclone aswell as being able to deal with dispelling Polymorph without running into the dilemma of landing into one ourself while doing so. The only times you wanna use it is, when you are very certain that you will never be the target of choice for your opponents because not having the Guardian Affinity effects, does make a big difference surviving wise. Making use of Balance Form: All of us got turned into a Sheep while trying to dispel our friends out of them and with Balance Form you can avoid that because Purify Spirit does not shift you out of it, so there's no worry about that. Balance Form does have a global though and obviously not required everytime dispel a Polymorph. Getting used to it will take you time, quite a bit of time even but it's good. It also allows you to cast Regrowths or Overgrowth without making you leave the form. Any other healing ability will though. Tier 4 Mighty Bash: As we have no other stun it comes in very handy in a lot of situations. Taking out a target for 5 seconds can be game changing and offers other follow up, such as Cyclone, without having to worry about being interupted by that player. It will stay as the main competitive talent. Mass Entanglement: With Legion being fairly meele heavy right now, being able to root targets off you can give you that extra space to get to safety in a lot of situations. Does sadly break from damage. With Iron- &Barkskin no longer rooting targets, they are never on a diminishing return, atleast not caused by us! Also there seem to be fairly less roots in the game as before. Can be taken situationally Typhoon: It's something I would almost consider not worth mentioning. Since WoD this ability has lost alot of its power. It's fun knocking people off the Blades Edge Arena bridge for example (if it even does succeeds) but does not give generally close to as many possibilities as the other two.Doomsen137 26 Nov 2017
23 Oct Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! On the 14th of March 2012 Valonia made the longest running topics on our beloved Healing boards. I don't think anyone could have imagined that at the present day, this topic would still be active. And since I can't decribe it better then Valonia did, I'm shamelessly going to copy / paste her welcome post as it describes the Lounge perfectly. ... Ladies and gentleman! I bid thee welcome to the new Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! Lets keep this awesome place going, and see how far we'll get this time :D. Previous lounges: Therapy Lounge for Healers http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/3483960548 Therapy Lounge for Healers - The WoD Edition http://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/12618274142Celibyx500 23 Oct
21 Mar 2014 Making a Guide? Here in the class forums, players often put together awesome guides to help the rest of the community. However, due to the high number of sticky request we receive each day, these guides sometimes fall off the front page before we can sticky them. If you have just posted a guide or if you’d like to nominate a guide here on the European forums to be stickied, please send an email to the Community team, including a link to the guide you'd like stickied, at: CMTeamEU-WoW@Blizzard.com Alternatively, guide writers can help us spot their threads by putting [Guide] in the title :)Takralus0 21 Mar 2014
15 Nov DPS as resto in M+ Hi I'm looking to improve my DPS contribution in M+ and just wondered how others do it. Should I be running feral affinity? I play mostly in pugs who are not always great at avoiding avoidable damage so I feel my windows for dps contributions are kind of small. In that context, do I just carry on with how I do it atm (guardian affinity - place dots and spam solar wrath)? My feeling is that by the time I build energy and dots as feral the mobs will either be dead or I'll have to shift out to heal anyway. If feral aff is the way to go, do you still use moonfire and the sun dot or just use dps windows to kitty pew pew? Hope this makes sense :)Menar10 15 Nov
15 Nov Feral druid leveling weapon(s) and enchant Hi fellow druids! So I started leveling a druid not too long ago, I played as resto until around lvl 20-25, then switched to guardian for pulling and melting groups, at lvl 57 I've decided to try out feral. My weapon now is the heirloom staff with Elemental Force enchant. Would it worth to switch to two one-handed weapon with Elemental Force on both of them? With the Elemental force on weapon and the Satyr enchant on neck I can melt one mob at a time incredibly fast, so chain killing everything is awesome, but I'm curious if it would be even more effective with two one-handed weapon with two enchant.Länders7 15 Nov
15 Nov Is blood talons must take talent? Hey I am levelling a Druid as feral for first time and well I read talents and blood talons is recommended everywhere is it a big dps loss I plan to do mythic mainly as my othe toons raid and I won’t have time to clear it I just find blood talons throws me off rotation a lot I’m doing it right around 70 percent but then I end up forgetting tigers buff or ferocious bite I don’t usually struggle with classes and I’ve played everything since classic wow at least once but this clunky rotation is killing me and really frustrating me in previous x pacs I was resto If some one could give me a spec for mythic plus and dungeons that would be amazing and if blood talons is mandatory then I’ll suck it up and learn to play Thanks for any helpSoule6 15 Nov
15 Nov Mage Challenge bear skin bugging ALL skins animations Completing mage tower challenge had side effect of bugging animations for other skins of guardian druid. They use only autoattack and roar animation for every spell. We are lacking of information from Blizzard seeing this problem since Legion. It drive me mad to see wrong animations for every skin expect default bear. We had topics about no dance animation for werebear but this is more than this. Sometime u want and need to see animations of your attack instead of same autoattack animation for every single spell. I tried to post it in general forums but it was flooded by random topics about nothing. #Edit Video proof https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdWDezIvmacVovi83 15 Nov
15 Nov M+, stonebark vs. Spring blossoms In my head, Spring Blossoms seems better. But, I run stonebark 80% of the time. I know on a lot of packs, 2-3 players will always be in the efflorescence. But, very rarely much of anyone on a boss fight--where I would want the spread buff. Stonebark, I virtually use on cooldown, and it seems good. What do you guys use??Jalisco3 15 Nov
15 Nov Resto druid form How come resto druids dont have a form?Cleríc6 15 Nov
15 Nov M+, tree vs Cultivation I know cultivation got nerfed a while back, so its not the automatic pick. I have tried all the various possibilities, and while tree is nice, I like the animations and effects, I don't usually feel like I need it. I mean I will use it, once or twice, but far from "on cooldown." An average m+, for me is 25-30 min, and I wouldn't say I use tree 8 times+. Half of the time I use it, it is a wipe regardless, no fault of my own (usually) :-) I guess I should just use it more liberally. I admit, cultivation feels kind of underwhelming. What do you guys use??Jalisco4 15 Nov
15 Nov Which azerite piece should I use for resto? Right now I have 360 head piece with waking dream and 370 armor piece with archive of the titans (my shoulders also have archive of the titans) Today I got 385 azerite armor and 375 head with fungal essence? So which azerite pieces should I use?Natureturtle1 15 Nov
15 Nov Druids and explosive affix I can't say for how long this "thing" has exsisted but i just recently had enough of how, whenever there is explosive affix in M+, boomkins feel sooo weak. The main point is: Why doesn't Sunfire and Lunar Strike not affect explosives? (also the totems on 3rd boss in King's Rest) I mean, you can Sunfire the living crap out it and nothing happens. So your only option is to Starsurge or god forbid do some wank 2k moonfires or hard casting 2-3 solar wrath. It would be really nice if you could go with 3x sunfire or moonfire trait for this but that's not even gonna be viable in the upcomming patch with the changes to those traits.Hornligsyg5 15 Nov
14 Nov [Guide] My collection of macros. Hello everyone! So this guide is a relatively simple guide to help fellow newcomers (or veteran archdruids) to the druid class. Ive been a long time affliction warlock player and am no stranger to macros, however, some months after re-rolling to druid I can safely say that druids are the most macro-hungry class in the game. Druids are known to be the most versatile class in the game, and thanks to that, they are also (in my opinion) the most complex class, this leads to many players disliking druid, thinking they are bad because they don't play the class to it's fullest potential or believe the class is too complicated and therefore, worthless since you can do massimum deeps with three buttons in other classes, I aim to change that even if a little bit. I spent some months making these macros as I was playing, creating them as the needs came, some should be used by everyone, others are mostly tailored to my playstyle but can be usefull for you or reverse engineered to help you out in your own playstyle. resto ... #showtooltip Ironbark /cast [@mouseover,help]Ironbark #showtooltip Nature's Cure /cast [@mouseover,help]Nature's Cure #showtooltip Innervate /cast [@mouseover,help]Innervate #showtooltip Wild Charge /cast [@mouseover,help]Wild Charge #showtooltip Lifebloom /cast [@mouseover,help]Lifebloom #showtooltip Regrowth /cast [@mouseover,help]Regrowth #showtooltip Rejuvenation /cast [@mouseover,help]Rejuvenation; #showtooltip Swiftmend /cast [@mouseover,help]Swiftmend guardian ... /use [mod:shift]Thrash;Swipe #showtooltip Wild Charge /use [@mouseover,harm]Wild Charge balance ... #showtooltip Innervate /use [@focus,exists,nodead][]Innervate /use [@mouseover,harm][]Moonfire(Lunar) /use [@mouseover,harm][]Sunfire(Solar) /use [@mouseover,harm][]Stellar Flare /use [mod:shift]Cat Form(Shapeshift);Moonkin Form /use [mod:shift]Warrior of Elune;Fury of Elune feral ... /use [mod:shift]Thrash;Swipe #showtooltip Wild Charge /use [@mouseover,harm]Wild Charge /use [mod:shift]Moonfire(Lunar);Tiger's Fury /use [mod:shift]Prowl;Cat Form(Shapeshift) general ... /cast Celestial Alignment /cast Berserking(Racial) /use Berserker's Juju /use First Mate's Spyglass /cast Berserk /cast Berserking(Racial) /use Berserker's Juju /use First Mate's Spyglass #showtooltip Rebirth /cast [@mouseover,help]Rebirth #showtooltip Entangling Roots /use [@mouseover,harm]Entangling Roots #showtooltip Hibernate /use [@mouseover,harm]Hibernate #showtooltip Soothe /use [@mouseover,harm]Soothe If you are new to mouseover macros, they can work by either hoovering your mouse over an enemy (addons like ELVUI add a boss party frame to the side and you can mouseover those to cast the spells) / party frames OR you can just hoover your mouse directly in the enemy or the player. Most of the times you will be hoovering your enemies directly to deal damage, dispell, cc and hoovering over your party frames for beneficial spells like regrowth or lifebloom. Most of these macros are simple and can be reverse engineered to fit your needs. I hope I helped you out a little bit and if you don't understand a macro OR if any of them isn't working, let me know so i can fix it. Share your own usefull macros too if you want, druids really love them haha. Have a great day!Lønewanderer1 14 Nov
14 Nov Balance Changes 8.1 Hello my Tree friends. I saw somewhere the we are getting Balance Nerfs.... sorry for not posting the source. I checked the 8.1 class changes patch notes but didnt find any nerf regarding Balance. Can someone confirm or deny this? It means a lot to me, because if we get a big nerf on Balance i am not going to play the spec for 8.1 cheersZinghai1 14 Nov
14 Nov Question on the current state of Druids Hello, I'm considering rerolling to a Druid within the next few days (other options being a Priest or a Shaman). What I'm looking for is an engaging rotation DPS wise, as well as being able to perform other roles for the purposes of Mythic + progression. I'm interested maining a ranged spec as far as Raids are concerned, so I'm curious about Balance performance,both in Mythic + and Raids. As far as secondary roles go, I am quite interested in tanking - so how is Guardian doing? I've read a few posts that suggests their rotation is not as engaging and they seem to have some issues with holding the aggro. Is this true? And are you aware of any incoming improvements on the PTR that might address / fix this? Look forward to your reply!Kravei5 14 Nov
13 Nov Will shifting ever look good? You just automatically turn into an animal surrounded by smoke. When leaving the form it's even worse, no smoke just instantly humanoid. Have you seen the Terror of Darkshore cinematic? The spell effect Malfurion has when shifting is awesome. Even the Worgen Two Forms shift effect looks better. Will we ever see anything like that? Something a bit more detailed and exciting?Caedias4 13 Nov
13 Nov artifact appearance on kt druid is it possible to obatin artifact appearances on the new allied races. they have the best standard druid forms imo, but i love the artifact ones themselves too. does anyone know if i can get them with the exception of mt ofc.Bagathor3 13 Nov
13 Nov Resto tweaking Experienced restoration druids please share your thoughts/opinions. I wanna start of with that i think we are in a quite good spot (those who knows the specc, yes we still manage cause we can), though it could become better. We are what i consider the most mana eating healer specc, yes i have all healer speccs and they are without a doubt number 1. So; Wild Growth reduce manacost with 25% Regrowth increase the healing with 40%, remove the worthless HOT and reduce the mana cost with 25%. I want to say buff rejuv with 20%, or atleast reduce the mana cost here aswell with 20%. You can still endure its poor healing, since its our prio click, with a way more fair trade off in terms of mana. Soothe remove it from GCD... Like these buffs/tweaks are not even huge, in reality it would make it more fluid specially in PVE content. Not actually make us broken in any way, rather still feeling competitive without being leeched with few choices and going oom a milion times faster rate than all other healers combined..Drooderino4 13 Nov
13 Nov Please let us play Balance without Moonkin/Astral Form I love the spec, I love the spell effects, the theme, the rotation, the playstyle... I just CANNOT stand Moonkin form, it's ugly, it's horrendous, it covers up my cool looking druid during combat. I thought the glyph of Astral Form was the answer to my prayers...but it's horrible, why does it turn you all blue? Blizzard...WHY? How does that make sense!? Why does Astral Form = Blue Ghost?? That doesn't make any sense! Astral form should just be loads of stars around you or heck I dunno something like Algalon not just...blue ghost tint. PLEASE, can we just start spamming blizzard begging them to add a glyph to allow us to get Moonkin form benefits while just looking like the badass balance druids we are? Please guys?Thaldonan39 13 Nov
12 Nov Feral arena? Me and a friend wanna start playin some 2v2 (double dps) with his mage and me playin feral or ret but cant decide between em =/ are feral getting any buff or nerf in 8.1 or what class should I choose?Roary1 12 Nov
12 Nov Haste & Trinket questions Hey! I have two questions about my druid. Ive been told that 20% haste is some sort of haste cap for raiding as a resto druid, i've been chasing that 20% now for a time. I'm now at 18% haste (armory is not updated) got a new cloak from the raid last night. Is it true that i need to get this 20% haste? When i look at other druids, i see some druids chasing crit instead as resto. And the last question.. Trinkets! How good is the darkmoon trinket? I'm thinking about buying it since i hear people hyping it so much. From what i've Heard, the mana regeneration should be really good. All help would be very appreciated :) Have a wonderful weekend and take care. // EthEthioc5 12 Nov
12 Nov Power of Goldrinn Back Hey. I've been playing balance for a while and got really attached to the "Power of Goldrinn" artifact trait, I loved everything about it. The reason behind this post is to try to get staff to see it and consider taking it back. It doesn't have to be a trait that does damage, just an appearance from a glyph on Starsurge or whatever. I just want the visual effect back, since it's more or less the coolest thing I've seen during the latest expansions. Am I the only one feeling this way or are you guys also thinking about this quite alot?Keio1 12 Nov
11 Nov Twin moon nerf Hello Druids I was considering a reroll to druid for 8.1 from hpala/ret Do you think the 10% nerf to moonfire using the twin moons talent will have a big effect on damage in m+ ?Vaelas3 11 Nov
11 Nov Challenge skins and its weapons It is not major problem in BFA yes but still annoying as druid. Let us use our mage tower bear/cat skin without force us mog fist/dagger weapon appearances. It worked very well in early beta but you changed it. ..Because fun detected? We can't try bfa weapon transmogs because we don't want use 100 years old (especially as night elf) default bear/cat skins. Here how does it work in early beta.. https://prnt.sc/kwtftqFerios9 11 Nov
11 Nov Skins - How To? (Specific Question) I am sorry if you have seen enough of these posts but I had a look and couldn't find what I was looking for in previous threads. Are the Legion forms linked directly to the Artifact daggers? I just feel somewhat cheated if we get new weapons we can't mog into daggers. If that's the case are we stuck with the old, boring, pedestrian models? :(Balganath5 11 Nov
10 Nov Guardian Not a druid tank, though some day I might like to be. I would like to see them have MORE spells castable in bear form. Shifting out of bear is a no-no, in a lot of situations, so essentially mutes a lot of the druid utility toolkit.Jalisco2 10 Nov
10 Nov Thick Hide So in Legion you took from us 10% Thick Hide reducing it to 6% with the excuse that leftover 4% are put on Ekowraith, Creator of Worlds legendary. Well, now that you took Ekowraith from us, when is Thick Hide coming back to 10%? Hmm?Orlandinni1 10 Nov
10 Nov Goodbye fellow druids and druidess's I would say I have been raiding as a resto druid since wrath of the lich king, played the game since vanilla. With some moments of the other specs a bit here and there, though primarily-- always, resto. I really like how this game is, I loved the quests in this expansion. I think my druid is really beautiful and that she is/was fun to play. Druid is the best class in WoW in my opinion. But I will probably bid my farewell for good this time. I have taken pauses from the game before but now as I am 23 years old I have found that gaming is not so big of an interest anylonger. I have seen more of the world now, experienced things and other interests have blossomed from within me as life continues forward like time passes us by. I love nature IRL, I love animals. The trash and plastic waste that is destroying our fellow life forms is very saddening. Aswell as the tons of plastics that floats in the ocean. So for the future I wish to use less plastic and make my choices with nature in the back of my head. What will the consequences of this choice be? Are there better options? If I ever become a millionare I would spend my money on cleaning the planet up. But all in all, if I were to just look at myself and ignore the world for a moment... Then I would just love to have two dogs, a little house with a yard, being able to eat nice food and hang with kind people that I like. Then every second year, I would like to travel to a random place in the world and explore. I suppose that's my dream life. Take care you all, if you haven't found your dream yet, nor your hope or wish - I am sure you will find it with time and experience. A tip is to step outside your comfort zone (in a good way).Weak5 10 Nov
10 Nov Feral doing less dps on the PTR build. Just logged off the new PTR build. Every bleed still doing less dps on the PTR than on live. I really do hope they tune this, we're already garbage on the live version, we need a proper buff, not nerfs. Also they seem to buff something and then nerf something else so it really doesn't improve the state we're on and we keep on the same spot. With the datamined reports of an 8% dps aura increase on most abilities I had hoped we would become competitive for m+ but now I'm not too sure, a couple of classes/specs are doing crazy damage for m+ and we don't get even get invited. The new aoe talent (Primal Wrath) is good but it's not optimal to spam it as a finisher even in an aoe scenario and from what I tested it seems the best thing to do is to use a couple FB's between each Primal Wrath usage. The issue is that on the PTR we are still too energy starved to keep this rotation because they buff our base energy regen but then take away our haste bonus (they keep giving something but taking something else) so you won't really notice an improvement in energy regen and even the reworked SR is not significant enough to make an impact regen wise. So even though the new aoe talent is better than what we had before it still won't allow us to compete with other classes. If 8.1 was to go live this moment we would be doing less single target dps than on live and better aoe dps (but still worst than the majority of classes). I really do hope they give us a bit more than this or we will probably keep getting declined to run m+. For pvp, making us choose between LI and ST is also quite disappointing, the new ST rework is also a nerf that I don't really think was warranted, sounds like the devs just don't want ferals to shine in any form currently.Cläwfinger14 10 Nov
09 Nov BAlance stellar flare talent why it must a talent and we must use 1 talent for it but it has casting time and it deals 3 times less dps then moonfire i suggest that we use that talent for instant cast and deal 2x then moonfire so i can burn and burn and burnVietgirl0 09 Nov
08 Nov All-Druid raiding in BfA! Hi all! As promised, I would keep everyone updated on our progress in BfA! We're an all-Druid guild, raiding casual content and M+ with all druids. We've been raiding since late-vanilla and currently we're very excited about new bosses in BfA. At the moment we've had a very hard time on Zul, but manage to kill him! We look forward to try more encounters, designed for more specific classes than druids! At the moment here's where we're at :) Heroic: 5/8 Taloc Mother Fetid Devourer Vectis Zek'voz Normal: 8/8 Taloc Mother Fetid Devourer ZekVoz Vectis Zul Mythrax G'huun Again. Thanks a lot for the support in the past! We hope to keep cracking on and finding odd ways of doing bosses, that require non-druid abilities =)Monsterbaby12 08 Nov
07 Nov Shirvallah is returning... ...as a legendary in Hearthstone!Whitepaw4 07 Nov
07 Nov Balance - Fix last talent row, especially New Moon Let's talk about last talent row that I'm hoping Blizzard will change in 8.1, possibly 8.2... 1) Shooting Stars - Moonfire/Sunfire spells have a random chance to cause extra damage and generate 4 astral power. This isn't fun, RNG stuff with DoTs is not fun (unless your class gameplay focuses mainly on DoTs). It's uninspired and people take it in PvE, sometimes PvP (especially in 3s), because it's the best DPS talent in the row. Why is a random generated DoT proc the best talent choice? It takes no skill to use this, you don't even pay attention to it and you benefit from it more than other talents. I don't have to worry about anything when it comes to this talent, it's promoting less stuff to do while praising you with higher DPS compared to the other ones. And I understand that when it comes to situations like the G'huun fight it's awesome to take it, and I agree, but when it comes to a single target fight, why is it still better than New Moon talent? That just isn't right. If we want extra DPS on DoTs, then give Starfall some damage boost on DoTs while it lasts, like in Legion (but don't remove Moonfire/Sunfire damage boost from mastery). It doesn't have to give astral power but it's more controlled by the player this way, rather than RNG that is Shooting Stars. And another thing, resource generation shouldn't be RNG. It's promoting inconsistent DPS rotations, and of course some will say : "But it's only 4 astral power, what does it matter anyway. It can't really ruin your astral power management, etc..." But I, as a player, want to know when I gain my resource, it's only fair. Fury of Elune gives 5 astral per second up to 8 seconds for a total of 40 astral power, manageable New Moon --> Half Moon --> Full Moon gives 10/20/40 respectively, also manageable. Shooting Stars gives 4 astral power at a random time in a random interval on a random proc. Change it, rework it, don't nerf/buff it because it won't fix its problems, it's still going to be RNG resource/damage proc. 2) Fury of Elune - Beam that deals AoE damage over 8 seconds while generating 40 astral power over it's duration. 1 minute cooldown. Now this talent is more fun. It's not RNG, it's manageable, it provides decent DPS in mythic+ and it's almost on par with Shooting Stars. When it comes to DPS with 1-2 targets, Shooting Stars is still stronger, but if there are multiple targets stacked Fury of Elune is amazing. The only thing you have to worry about when it comes to this talent is when to use it for cleave or for single target burst and that is for the player to decide which is a big plus. It gives plenty enough of astral power over it's duration. You can set up your Starsurge in advance, you can coordinate better with yourself, it actually feels good using it and it has an amazing visual as a cherry on top. You know exactly everything what's happening with your resource while this skill is active. On a totally different note, the only problem I have with FoE is that sometimes it switches targets in PvP for unknown reason. (Maybe in PvE also, but I didn't notice it) For example : If an X and Y player are stacked together, and you use FoE on the X player, sometimes it transfers to the Y player for no reason. And I don't mean in situations where the X player dashes/blinks/teleports away, but just walking away can cause FoE to get confused and switch targets. Also to add that it doesn't switch targets manually, meaning if you cast it on X target and start attacking Y it will not transfer to Y. It's a good talent/skill don't change it, maybe increase its movement speed by 10% and fix the random target switching. 3) New Moon talent : New Moon - Deals a small amount of damage, generates 10 astral and transforms into Half Moon. Base cast time : 1 second Half Moon - Deals a medium amount of damage, generates 20 astral and transforms into Full Moon. Base cast time : 2 seconds Full Moon - Deals a large amount of damage (small AoE damage also), generates 40 astral and resets to New Moon. Base cast time : 3 seconds Recharge time : 25 seconds / 3 Charges max This skill is why I started playing Balance druid again in Legion. It's extremely fun to use, it's very very unique in WoW and the visual is 10/10. It was amazing in Legion, and since the start of BFA, its damage was nerfed and the recharge time from 15 sec to 25 sec. Now, the damage nerf is alright, it's not the main issue. It hits for 200% Starsurge now (that's calculated including the whole rotation of spells, not just Full Moon). The main issue this spell has now that it's still slow in cast time, slower in recharging, overall it just ruins Balance's damage per second. In order to fix this talent, its damage needs to go way up high to be on par with the other two (which is not recommended due to PvP reasons) or just revert the recharge time to 15 seconds and lower the cast time of Half Moon to 1.8 sec cast instead of 2 and Full Moon to 2.5-2.6 cast instead of 3 and also remove Full Moon AoE damage because it's not supposed to be that kind of spell (or just reduce it to like 20% splash). Everyone will then consider using this talent again. Someone will probably say that the base damage of this talent is way way higher than the other two, and you are right, BUT you'll be able to cast other spells with Shooting Stars / Fury of Elune, meaning you will do more things : beam, root, typhoon, stun, renew DoTs, use wrath/lunar, heal, use defensive CDs, dodge boss mechanics, etc... New Moon does not make you flexible in that way, and that's its down side and it's a good and a reasonable down side. Astral power generation is amazing and on point with this talent, it gives a total of 70 astral power and it makes sure you'll get at least 1 Starsurge from it, which once again urges you to take it in a single target fight, or even provide a Starfall if it's required. You have full control of it, you know when you'll cast it and you know how much resource will you get from it. I've seen some people complain about not fitting in Balance's play style due Eclipse passive eliminating empowerment problems therefore fixing the lack of Astral Power we had in Legion, but once again we have to rely on a 20% RNG proc from another spell, it's annoying. Who even loves that system? I'm not saying remove it, I'm only saying that it's not FUN. It's not FUN HOPING I get an empowerment, it's not FUN HOPING that Shooting Stars will proc. It's not FUN! Don't force it to become the best talent choice, just make it viable for the people, including myself, to once again use this spell without feeling guilty for not picking Shooting Stars or FoE for bigger DPS numbers (especially in a single target fight). Please add something in case I missed anything. I admit, I'm biased towards the New Moon talent but it is one of the few skills that made me play the class just because how amazing the skill is. I don't hate RNG stuff, I hate when RNG stuff is way superior than everything else and when it controls how I play my class (which is not a DoT oriented class) Tl;dr is the title.Moonlightmoo6 07 Nov
06 Nov Mighty Bash/Maim wrong stun time I'm just wondering why full maim and bash are only working for like 2-3 s even though they are supposed to be 5s. At first I thought it's reduced vs players, but vs mobs situation is the same. Edit. I think I just realized that every time you stun someone your next stun has less duration. This is what happens, when you are only playing warrior and your only stun is from a talent.Gufnox3 06 Nov
06 Nov Guardian Druid + affinity thoughts So after I've now done most of the mythic 0 (Only Siege and King's Rest left), I've a few comments about Guardian Druid. While I'm pretty sure we got a tad bit of a threat issue, I cannot fully know if it's due to stats being low or just general damage being underwhelming. Anyways, a few things I would like to see. 1: Remove corruption to be castable in bear form (I know, right? Guardian Druids have that spell! :o) cuz there been plenty of times now in these mythic runs I've done when I've seen a lot of poison/curses that I could dispel but shouldn't cuz it will be stupid to do so since I lose pretty much all rage and all my armor (Including ironfur) when I leave bear form. Why am I not allowed to use a dispel risk-free while I'm tanking while both Brewmaster Monk and Protection Paladin can? It's silly and isn't engaging gameplay. Make it cost some rage or whatever. Just make it usable in bear form, please. Thank you, kindly. 2: Rework affinities onALL the specs. They are basically just boring passives now and has pretty much only been that. Change the passive completely and make them empowers passively your abilities/spenders in a way that fits the spec. Such as: Feral: Maul/mangle also applies a shorter version of rip/rake. Balance: Thrash calls down sunfire on the targets and apply a much shorter dot of it. Each target hit by swipe calls down moonfires it doesn't give a dot on the target. Resto: Maul heals you for X% of the damage it does. Ironfur gives you thorns that do X amount of damage to attackers. This would provide a class fantasy as well. That you've such affinity for the other spec, that you don't even need to change out of your specialization to do a few of the things since you've learned to use your affinity within your own expertise. For balance: Feral = Starfall puts thrash on targets it hits, and starsurge causes a bleed on the target. (that will function similar to how Deep wound on Arms Warriors work) Guardian = Starfall give all your allies X-Y% damage reduction that are inside of it (similar to paladins devotion aura works) and Starsurge provides yourself with an absorb shield based on its damage, up to X% of your HP. And Resto gives starfall efflorescence-like effect and starsurge would heal the X most injuries allies for X% of your damage. Feral is such a mess atm in every aspect so I won't even think up ideas for it. For Resto: Balance's moon/sunfire have a chance to give back mana per tick. Feral affinity, I'm not sure about, something like efflorescence's ticks causes bleeds on enemies that stands within it and solar wrath causes bleeds as well. Guardian affinity can be "lifebloom overheals = absorb shield" and "wild growth gives X amount of damage reduction. " The exact math for everything is something I'm not qualified to speak of. But these are just examples of what I mean with empowering your actual rotations with elements of the other specs in ways that provides several new options to them. Guardian would provide damage reductions or absorbs to different spenders/small cooldown to core abilites. Resto would provide healing options in various ways. Balance would mainly provide more AoE damage. Feral would provide ST damage. Anways 3: Since this is actually about Guardian Druid, I want to see moonfire to have some fun/interesting interactions with your rotation outside of galactic guardian. Either make Galactic guardian baseline and balance the extra rage we will have, around it and give us a new talent. This one could be something like "moonfire dots have a 5% chance to proc gore" Which would make the entire line, very mangle focused. Either its better mangle on average. Or it's more mangles on average. Or it's a lot of mangles during a cooldown Or split it into two parts. The first part (hit = moonfire hit on the target) is baseline but at a higher % proc, so it will reliably replace itself and the talent is the second part but X% chance on a 'Galactic Guardian proc' your next moonfire will do 300% and give you 8 rage. This option allows you to completely ignore casting moonfires if you don't want to use Galactic guardian (And since the the dot itself won't proc Gore as it's only affected by casted spells, it won't actually affect it) and it would also immensely help with AoE damage without substantially change the current version of Guardian Druid. 4: Final part. Give all druids Urosl's Vortex baseline.Varinea10 06 Nov
06 Nov meow I hear this sound (in game) when I play my druid.. "meow" every few minutes, and I don't know why. I don't have a pet out, just random ... "meow" Am I just imaging this?? What does it come from, how can I turn it off??Jalisco6 06 Nov
06 Nov Why is nobody talking about this? Did you see the same thing I Saw? I'm talking about the pictures of Z/KT forms. While Z had all of them listed there KT is missing the Moonkin one. Would this mean that they are remaking it?. Probably due to backlash, but strange. I bet they will show It with the KT totem models.Deodara4 06 Nov
06 Nov Rejuv => repetetive stress syndrome So I got repetitive stress syndrome on my right fore arm from spamming rejuv and germination so much. Thanks blizz. Please increase the durationNkem11 06 Nov
06 Nov 3 Needed Guardian Changes 1) As with DKs & DHs, change Frenzied Regeneration to heal based on the amount of damage taken within the previous 5 seconds. 2) Moonfire passive effect: Targets affected by Moonfire deal 4% less damage to you 3) Remove the Lunar Beam Talent (PLEASE) and replace it with Twin Moons: "Moonfire Deals 20% increased damage and also hits another nearby enemy within 15 yards of the target." These changes would also stay in line with your current theme of transitioning Legendaries & Artifact traits from Legion into BFA and wouldn't do anything but make Moonfire and it's effects a little more engaging instead of purely being used for extra DPS. It's almost as if Blizzard is completely ignoring the fact that the MoonBear build last expansion was not only extremely fun but engaging as well because of the passive damage reduction. Also, this would make all 3 of our level 100 row Talents viable choices depending on the content that you're doing and what your goals are with either the difficulty of the content or how you prefer to play. One last note, the Frenzied Regen change would also add a little bit of passive Magic Damage assistance to add into the toolkit to heal for a bit more in Waycrest Manor for example. Read this on the US forums posted by Nihillo, and thought the changes sounded great so decided to repost on EUCheewystars11 06 Nov
06 Nov Rdruid or MW (M+)? Hello guys what do you think is the best option for M+ (in order to push +10+++) MW or RDruid? ThanksTotematico2 06 Nov
06 Nov Just boosted a druid for no reason Hi, how do i not become a bad rdruid in dungeon ? thx...Adelphine5 06 Nov
05 Nov Since Ferals are losing Lunar Inspiration.... How about giving us Galactic Guardian instead? It's a vastly superior talent and it seems strange that it was given to Guardian Druids as opposed to Ferals. It would also be a massive help with energy regen. In fact, it would probably fix the entire issue. Instead of granting 8 rage, let it grant 10 energy instead.Zuljiren19 05 Nov
04 Nov [feral PvP] When to pop CDs & overall things Hey there, just hit 120 and queued some 2s. Did surprisingly well, but I was wondering, when it's the best time to pull incarn. Get a good opener with bash heal and dps healer and get bleeds up on both and incarn then? Or pop it directly? Or wait for the first deff cds? Would appreciate some game tactics like opener, when to single target, when to spread. Is it prio to keep rip up, so 1 cp rip over everything when it's about to end? ThanksCheekymonkey1 04 Nov
04 Nov Feral in BFA -.- I have been playing as a feral druid almost my entire wow career which is not much, I only started playing a few months before Legion pre-events. But still, I always enjoyed it. It had its problems and it's strenghts just like any other class, but all the time it was playable, or in other words - you COULD PLAY the endgame content if you were a feral. And not be a joke. Since BFA started, the class is terrible. It's extremely underpowered and you can barely even SEE a feral druid any more. I was one until last night when I decided to try balance. I wanted to do that cause I was sick and tired of being carried trough raids by my guild. At certain moments it seemed like me being a feral became an inside joke we have. My dps is always one of the worst, raid or m+ content, whatever... Sure, I know you can optimize it, hope for the best gear, get your rotation to be flawless, pick bloodtalons and ONLY bloodtalons and all that. And still you end up doing barely AVERAGE dps, so why should anyone even bother? You can play literally ANY other dps class with 40% of the effort and do just as much dps. If not more. I rly do not enjoy playing a game like it's my job, just to stay competitive with everyone else who don't even have to try to achieve the same effect. Ruining feral is just one more thing about BFA that is a disappointment for me, and I sincerely hope we get some respect from blizz in a future patch or hotfix. 'Cause right now , if I had to switch to balance (ew ranged, btw) I am SURE a lot of other ppl did the same... Not by choice, we were pushed into it.Meowingtons10 04 Nov
03 Nov Feral suggestion I have been playing this game since 2006, my first character was druid, really like this class, but, in my opinion, it needs some improvements. 1. Bring back Cyclone to feral druids, please. Replace mighty bash if that is necessary, we already have Maim as a stun, and in 8.1 you are going to remove PVP talent Enraged Maim anyway. Additional CC spell with a different school would be really helpful (I think, you can even take away Hibernate with Bash). IF that is going to happen it would be really nice if you added that with the talent Sabertooth Maim also increased the duration of Rip. 2. Leader of the Pack has to be baseline. This talent has always been present. I think, it would provide pvp players as well as pve players with really nice dmg increase and survivability. 3. Make "Jungle Stalker" baseline as well. I know, Incarnation has to be "the big button", but to be honest nearly all ferals are just taking that talent without thinking, because it is certainly one of the strongest burst cooldowns in the game and this additional effect which allows you to use Prowl makes it even more dominant. In my opinion, it would be a great change because then people would pick something else more at least I would! Chance to vanish once in 3 minutes would not make ferals suddenly the most OP class in the game, but definitely one of the happiest!Tohopka6 03 Nov
01 Nov Druid Combat I'm playing for the first time a Druid and also want to start healing. So I decided to roll a Resto Druid. I first leveled allot in Moonkin form where combat was okay. But I wanted to also heal. So I looked up my retotation and best talents and lost through this my moonkin form. Now I'm left with fewer attack abilities for questing. Am I doing somehting wrong cause I want to properly heal but also have a good questing experience cause the combat is really limited now. Cat and bear form dont over any strong abilities or am I doing something wrong?Elkazar3 01 Nov
31 Oct 8.1 Feral fix/buff? Thank god Fero bite extending the duration of rip is becoming baseline, i have no idea why that took so long. First thought of "Primal wrath" was that it would be really cool, and maybe something that would let us aoe properly. Combined with "Scent of blood" you could make everything bleed with rip, thrash, and spam swipe a few times. But no, they made primal wrath and scent of blood a talent choise, what are you thinking... 2 of the 3 lvl 90 talents should be baseline. Lunar inspiration is really good for making a rotation better, especially when you have bloodtalons, but it costs too much energy Savage roar and brutal slash should be on the same talent choise. Assassin rogues do insane dps, just by applying 2 bleeds and having poison on their weapon, hunters click 2 buttons and watch their pet do the rest. Feral druids can do every trick in the book, and still be behind everybody else.Dirtydruíd5 31 Oct
30 Oct Current state of Balance Druids Hey Guys, I've been playing spriest since Wrath, and i have always enjoyed the spec alot. With the rework in Legion, current state in 8.0, and with no good changes being made to spriest in 8.1, i'm looking towards a different class to play. Boomkins have always interested me, because (from what i understand) their playstyle has been somewhat similar to what spriest used to be. So i'm just wondering, how are Boomkin's overal performance in let's say; Mythic+ and raiding? Thanks.Ruubsel1 30 Oct
29 Oct Owlkin Frenzy Sound Hey Guys, Just recently started playing Druid but there is that one Sound called "Owlkin Frenzy" which is kinda annoying, Is there any way to remove it?Anthonai2 29 Oct