29 Oct How my dps should be? So i just rerolled my balance spec at 330 to feral, and dunno if i am bad or how my dps should be , but its considerably worse then before....and harder to play as well. Usually sit around 5k ish in hc and mythic 0 . It can go up to 7-8 with Berserk. In LFR its almost exactly 5k . Using Bloodtalons and Sabertooth and Soul of forest because its really irritating that i am constantly energy starved. My ilv is 336 right now and no caster only items so its wierd...on my hunt i made like 8k in this gear. Is feral just this bad or wrong talents or i need to use more forms or smt? Maybe my rotation is just bad? Or need better gear and the spec scales better later?Caith3 29 Oct
28 Oct Rework of guardian? Hello, i feel like guardian druid compared to other tanks is kind of underwhelming and that its flat boring tank that is spamming 3 dmg abilities and sometimes use FR and IF. I would really appreciate some rework regarding guardian druid as it is most boring tank in wow imo and its extremly low atm as well. Your opinions?Enthzul21 28 Oct
27 Oct [Resto] SotF and Rampant Growth Trait Interaction Hello, this would be my first ever forum post so bear with me :) I chose to post this because i haven't seen this "problem" expressed anywhere to my knowledge. • Soul Of The Forest https://www.wowhead.com/spell=158478/soul-of-the-forest • Rampant Growth https://www.wowhead.com/spell=278515/rampant-growth These two effects currently have a weird interaction with one another when it comes to using regrowth. Everytime you use a SotF empowered Regrowth on a target other than the lifebloom target, the empowered effect is applied to the Regrowth Hot that was granted through the azerite trait onto the lifebloom target. The target whom i have casted regrowth upon with the purpose of healing them with the empowered effect gets healed only with the ordinary amount. This effect mainly goes to waste since the intention of using a SotF regrowth on a target is for the burst heal effect, so healing them for an ordinary amount pushes me to recast a regrowth again on the target, mainly replacing the empowered regrowth effect on the lifebloom target with a new non empowered regrowth hot. Has anyone experienced this aswell? If so, wouldn't you suggest a rearrangement of the empowered SotF onto the Target of our cast and not on the lifebloom target?Therokal2 27 Oct
27 Oct New travel form for worgen druids Is it coming? Feels weird to run arround as an nelf basically :)Paalim6 27 Oct
27 Oct The PvP changes on the 24th were too much (FERAL) The healing of Rejuvenation, Swiftmend, and Wild Growth provided by Restoration Affinity is reduced by 30% when engaged in combat with enemy players. Regrowth healing reduced by 25% for non-Restoration Druids when engaged in combat with enemy players. We're still strong 1v1 but (atleast to me) that's not worth anything. The only thing we had in arenas (especially when playing 2v2 with a DPS) was healing for both ourselves and our ally. Now, healing is barely even worth it besides the Regrowth procs and swiftmend. I understand our heals were too strong, but this is our utility. It's the same as reducing all rogue stuns by 30%. I feel like a reduction of 10-15% would've been more than enough.Purplecat13 27 Oct
26 Oct Leader of the pack honor talent Leader of the Pack Honor Talent Requires Druid While in Cat Form, you increase the melee and ranged critical chance of all allies within 40 yards by 5%. Leader of the Pack also causes affected targets to heal themselves for 4% of their maximum health when they critically hit with a melee or ranged attack. The healing effect cannot occur more than once every 6 sec. Unlocked at honor level 40 The changes in 8.1 for this honor talent make me a little jelous we can't have this for pve too. Crit in pvp is less effective due to crits doing less damage in pvp than pve, still nice to see the change.Ysólda6 26 Oct
26 Oct Any plans for more druid form customization? Somewhat in the like of artifact apperances. Im having trouble deciding if i want to roll a zandalari druid or normal druid.Sinjini0 26 Oct
26 Oct Dispelling in RBG Hi guys, I'm in a RBG team with monk heal and Priest disc. The question is, how important are my dispells with this comp and how should I use it? Any tip or advice is helpfull. Thanks.Montykvothe2 26 Oct
26 Oct Correct rotation (Feral PvP) Hello I recently started testing the Feral spec, I have very little experience, so I'd appreciate it if anyone can let me know what ideally should I be aiming for in the opener (also throughout Arena). It's important to mention I do have Raking Ferocity on 3 Azerite pieces. When is the best time to pop Tiger's Fury? Any tips on how to use Incarnation and is Soul of the forest a talent I should consider? I'm currently opening with Rake, Moonfire, Shred till 5 pts -> Rip -> and basically trying to time Tiger's Fury right so I have enough time to get to 5 pts again, Regrowth for Bloodtalons, have the Rake azerite buff and land a big Ferocious bite (with tiger's fury still up for the extra dmg) Should I ever go for Ferocious bite without both Blood Talons and Tiger's Fury up? Any tips or tricks would also be appreciated, I'm simply trying to speed up the learning process. ThanksSobiéski1 26 Oct
25 Oct Feral in Arena Hi everyone Ive spent most of my time in bfa trying to decide a main and i've finally settled for druid. For the most part I have played resto which is enjoyable despite all the negativity around it. Although I see most of the highest rated druids är feral which makes me want to try it. I know they are trash in pve but this is from a PvP arena standpoint only. Is there any highrated ferals here who can help me with tips/tricks & what azerite traits to go for? Also comps in 2s/3s as I only know of feral/hpala or disc. Thanks for reading any help is much apreciated :)Soexi0 25 Oct
25 Oct Balance, feral or resto in pvp Hello! I love to play arena, and this expansion i want to push and win. I don't know if i should play resto, feral or balance. What do u guys think? i like them all equally.... Maybe i just want to dps in arena though... which is the best?Dunloop4 25 Oct
25 Oct Blizzard pls buff Balancr Druid ty Blizzard pls buff boomkins i have 0 damage... whenever i go arena or random dung finder i have least dmg on recount. Compare to my teammates... I rly like this spec i play this since wotlk. So pls buff ty riot P.S. Im looking for arena partners i make good clonesVôlatile7 25 Oct
25 Oct 8.1 feral, not soon enough Anyway to get these 8.1 changes for feral any sooner?? As fun as it is staring at the floor waiting to be useful again.Drphyzix13 25 Oct
25 Oct Resto druid (8.1 new Honor talents) So i will talk mainly about PVP, and new Honor talents or old ones that doesn't have place in game at all. Honor talents that needs to be removed, reworked are: - [Entangling Bark] Sadly you never play that talent in any aspect (PvP). Talent is just to weak only way to make it to be picked is either put 10% extra dmg reduction on Iron bark but in my opinion just remove Honor talent. - [Encroaching Vines] Another badly designed talent. Reword needed for example make. Root becomes instant but 20-30 (or more) sec CD and does same affect it does now. Other Honor talents makes some sense and are actually fun or game changing. New talents 8.1: - [Mark of the Wild] Overall to me that talent makes no sense. For example i don't see a reason to play it in 2v2 or 3v3. RBGs??? I don't think so either. That Honor talent should give you 5% versatility or something then i would maybe pick it at least in RBGs. So far is a honor talent that makes no sense at all. - [Early Spring] Got reworked seems quite strong RN (on PTR 8.1) with that buff. In RBGs is gonna be OP with combo [Photosynthesis]+[Early Spring]. For 3v3 or 2v2 i doesn't seems to be good talent but at least in RBGs is. Overall good rework. - [Master Shapeshifter] Pretty well designed Honor talent. I see it as new 2v2 and 3v3 way to go talent. Overall getting haste for 3v3 when u play balance affinity is quite strong since 30% haste for 10sec is insane vs RMP as Rdruid cause u press Moonkin form and u are immune to polymorph and u can cyclone fast enemies. - [Nourish] Ok new nourish is just....They are bringing back Healing touch with new name "Nourish" that's all. I don't know why remove Healing touch and then bring it back in PVP combat with different name. Overall that talent should be removed. I think Rdruids are HOT healers and not spamming Regrowth healers, or Nourish spam with rework in 8.1. So RN that talent has a lot of problems: 1st Nourish isn't affected by Mastery. I hope is a bug and not intended to stay that way. 2nd Cast of Nourish is way to long for mana it requires 2.8k. 3rd Since Nourish isn't anymore Regrowth spam, means that our lvl 15 PVE talents cant be together with [Abundance] which one made Regrowth cost less mana. Overall i think Nourish talent redesign is fine if they make it to scale with Mastery. But overall i wanna get rid of Nourish play style and make either Rejuvenation cast and buff hots or something else. Overall i'm happy with changes since i love to adapt new play style every few months makes game more fun but in same time i would love to see some more game changing talents. P.S. Sorry for my trash English i'm trying my best. Also if u think something is TO STRONG what i recommended to be done with talents or you think of new rework please leave it in the comments! Here are tool tips of new Honor talents for people that don't know them: - [Master Shapeshifter] Your Guardian, Balance or Feral Affinity is amplified granting an additional effect. Guardian Affinity - Chance to be critically hit melee attacks reduced by 20% while in Bear Form. Balance Affinity - After you enter Moonkin Form, you gain 30% spell haste for 10 sec. Feral Affinity - While in Cat Form, your damage is increased by 25%. - [Nourish] Heals a friendly target for (250% of Spell power) and automatically applies one of your missing healing over time spells to the target. If all of them are present, Nourish critically heals. - [Mark of the Wild] Protects allies, causing all damage taken from Nature, Fire, Frost and Arcane damage over time and area of effect spells reduced by 15%. Lasts for 1 hour. - [Early Spring] - Wild Growth is now instant cast, and when you heal 6 allies with Wild Growth you gain Full Bloom. This effect has a 30 sec cooldown. Full Bloom Your next Wild Growth applies Lifebloom to all targets. Lasts for 30 sec.Morkius0 25 Oct
25 Oct Resto druid healing in pvp Resto druid healing in pvp. Plz guys gimme some tips i realy strugle. My druid is 340 and i often just cant heal the incoming dmg in pvp and i strugle realy hard in general to keep my teamates healty. Any tips how i can be better ?Døønut13 25 Oct
25 Oct Troll/Tauren/Night elf dps I have a problem, I'm not sure what race should I take for my moonkin druid sometimes I might use other specs but bala will be my main spec for this class. There are 3 options: Troll/Tauren or Night Elf. What's the difference in terms of DPS between Troll / Taren and Night Elf? Last option should has lowest here, but I'm not sure if should I take Troll because of that haste buff but it works only for 10 secs meanwhile 2% crit from Tauren might do more dmg sometimes because of more crit chance. I don't know any site that has viable dps stats that's why Im creating this thread.Orcowie5 25 Oct
24 Oct Feral PVP: Incarn vs Sotf Greetings to all my kitties out there! I was wondering whether Soul of the Forest would be a better choice in pvp since Incarn has this long cooldown. I also noticed that alot of high rated feral run Soul of the Forest and also still stack Raking Ferocity azerite trait. I kinda dont know what traits and talents i should aim for. I need some advice on these matters as i am getting close to 2k rating in 2s without ever thinking about traits / talents swapping. Thanks in advance :)Robbert3 24 Oct
24 Oct Suggestions to further improve the guardian kit I was having a discussion with a fellow druid tank who has been playing a VDH. We agreed that the BFA guardian doesn't feel as good to play as the Legion version. Now it is true that the first Legion iteration of the guardian spec was a bit op, but even after the removal of Mark of Ursol and the consequential nerf the spec still felt good to play. The first logical thought was to bring back Rage of the Sleeper to cover the lack of an offensive CD in our current kit, as well as its useful leech and CC protection. On second thought, though, bringing that CD back would only make guardians feel more like playing a DH with leech or a warrior with Avatar plus fear break. Being granted useful abilities from other specs is not the way to go. Playing guardian should feel unique. It should stay truthful to the druid fantasy and simplistic rotation. Some players really like the simple dps rotation of guardian druids because it allows us to focus on other things like mob positioning, interrupts/AoE CC (Typhoon, Incap. Roar etc), dispelling enrage, providing group movement speed, soaking/dodging abilities and doing mechanically intensive abilities in general. So even though the current guardian dps rotation feels boring the goal should not be to make it more attention demanding or complicated. In line with keeping it simple while enriching the offensive playstyle I came up with a few suggestions. These are only examples of abilities that would make the spec a little more fun and less boring when there's nothing really going on during an encounter. NEW TALENT Lunar Mist (passive): Moonfire (bear) reduces the target's attack range by x% for y seconds when attacking you. (reduced values in pvp or inactive) [same row as Wild Charge, the idea is to make the mobs come closer to us instead of charging to them] Brambles baseline. NEW Empowered brambles: increases the damage absorbed and reflected by x for each nearby enemy. [the concept behind the reflective dmg of Brambles is fun to play with but its power is too small to be noticed. the passive buff can be limited to 5 stacks max to keep it from growing too strong] Trash: rechargable passive. Max 2 charges. Swipe: consumes 1 charge of trash when available. [note the sustained AoE dps should be tunned to stay the same while providing a burstier AoE for initial threat during pulls] Maul: deals x dmg to the target and y dmg split evenly between each nearby enemy afflicted by Thrash. [note reduced dmg and rage cost so it can be used as a filler and increasing ST dmg. the split portion of this ability should scale with our armor value, not attack power. this curbs the intuitive behavior of neglecting Ironfur in favor of Maul at all times] Balance Affinity: you learn Astral Bear Form. Astral Bear Form: increases armor by 200% and stamina by 40% and you gain access to Starsurge, Lunar Strike, Solar Wrath and Sunfire abilities. Lasts up to 30 sec, 30 sec cooldown. Feral Affinity: you learn Feral Bear Form. Feral Bear Form: increases armor by 200% and stamina by 40% and you gain access to Rake, Rip and Ferocious Bite. Lasts up to 30 sec, 30 sec cooldown. Restoration Affinity: you learn Nature Bear Form. Nature Bear Form: increases armor by 200% and stamina by 40% and you gain access to Rejuvenation, Swiftmend and Wildgrowth. Lasts up to 30 sec, 30 sec cooldown. [note you are able to cast Remove Corruption in this form] The affinity forms would be a lesser version, from a tank standpoint, of the bear form. No increased threat and slightly less armor and stamina modifiers. They would effectively become a trade-off dps/healing cooldowns. This addresses the issue of being unable to use any other druid form while actively tanking and even offtanking sometimes (Fetid Devourer). That should make druids feel more like true hybrids again. The 30 seconds duration would force us back into true bear by the time we have to taunt again in a raid. We could freely go back to true bear at any point but the affinity bear would have a CD. The CD is there to guarantee some degree of commitment when you use this ability. These forms would be mostly for fun, NOT required to achieve our base potential but skilled players could use them wisely to squeeze some extra dps or provide some extra healing. What do you think of the direction these abilities would take us? Feel free to Mighty Bash me.Banthalos2 24 Oct
23 Oct Guardian Druid Can't survive anything in Pvp compared to other classes. What a joke. A Fury warrior outheals, DMGs and absorbs us. :))))Náia1 23 Oct
23 Oct Is boomkin good in arena and bgs? titleTobiasfate10 23 Oct
23 Oct Any word on the bloodtalon rework? Any heard anything? can't wait for this clunky talent to be changed, just an idea, maybe they could remove proc requirement and make it an on use ability that has a similar CD to tigers fury but each combo point spent reduces its cd by half a second, so a 5 point finisher would reduce the cd by 2.5 seconds.. just an idea anyway, or you could have it replace tigers fury just like incarn does with berserk, but it increases the dmg on the next two 5 combo point finishers by 25% and only increases the overall dmg done by 15% for the same duration Tigers fury does, any thoughts?Sharpfocusx12 23 Oct
23 Oct How to feral pvp? First off, sorry if this belongs to a different forum. Second thing, how do you feral pvp? What do I mean? Well I played different specs on druid like boomie which is fun, be at far range and dot things and hard cast on a possible kill target. Even different classes like warrior, charge in and smash things. I just not sure how feral plays yet, is it like a rogue? Put your bleeds up and kite? Focus the cloth wearers? If anyone understands my question and can give some basic input on what feral playstyle is like in pvp please help, thank you.Virchus2 23 Oct
22 Oct Rip tooltip / ontarget buff I did some fixing With applying rip.. first a clean one to see how much it ticked for, then applying more and more buffs and dmg increasing stuff…. At max, i noticed it ticked for 3.6k ever 1.4sec. Now im talented for sabertooth which reapply rip With FB.. So my question is: Does it refresh rip as it is? or do rip deal less dmg if you dont have all the dmg buffs (trinket, pots, bloodtalons) up? Im sure some1 told me that it will reapply the rip you used at the start (not letting it og out).. I started out With a 3.6k -> 1.4sec, the it decreased Down to 2.4k->1.4sec after a few FB's… toughts?Elamandri2 22 Oct
22 Oct Boomkin How To Start a Rotation Hello my friends! I just want to ask you guys how do you start a rotation? I mean on a boss fight. How to start on Aoe boss and single target. I know you use different talents but if you could tipe it down it whould be very nice from you.Oldru4 22 Oct
21 Oct Congealed Nightmare is slowly killing me... So I'm doing the restoration artifact quest, in order to get the weapon. At the stage where you enter the emerald dream and go past the red blobs (right after you get past the pool where you save the NPC), I used displacer beast. The debuff that was put on me is called Congealed Nightmare, hits me for about 50k/second and gives an INSANE amount of insanity/corruption/w/e. So I got thrown out of the scenario, but even now the debuff is stuck on my character, no matter how many times I enter/leave the emerald dream it will not get off my character. Only at the point where I died it actually disappeared from my character. Is this a bug, or intended? Because I see no duration on the debuff, meaning it is an infinite debuff that'll never expire? Wth is thisTassen8 21 Oct
21 Oct How to get Glyph of Stars in BfA How do you get the Glyph of Stars in BfA? I have been Googling around and it's a bit confusing. At Dalaran I couldn't train anything in terms of Inscription. Anyone got an explanation or guide to refer to?Leafgreen1 21 Oct
21 Oct Feral Help Hello everybody, I'm trying to pick up feral as an OS to be more flexible for my guild but I'm having difficulties doing damage consistently. Is there any great feral player that makes content or website where I can go to learn all about feral druids? Both PvP and PvE. I want to be a fluid druid and play more than 1 spec competently but I'm finding the info on current feral all over the place and can't tell what's right and what isn't.Lolkitty4 21 Oct
20 Oct Feral in pve Are ferals still worthless in pve? If so will it be chnged in 8.1?Feraligator25 20 Oct
19 Oct Guardian 2v2 viable comps So I PvP as Guardian since I love the idea behind it. I play a Guardian/Feral comp, and while we virtually cannot lose against 2xDPS comps, our big bane is DPS + Healer comps. It all comes down to the lack of CCs from our part and ironically enough the Guardian's natural tankiness since most people see a Guardian with 250k+ health and they say "!@#$ it we kill the other guy". Even with Den Mother + Demo Roar + Protector of the Pack + Resto Affinity, I can't help my Feral partner if he is gets trained and can't kite properly and take the pressure off him. So for anyone out there with any experience to such a niche demand, Which comp you think would work better with a Guardian in 2s?Joomanka2 19 Oct
19 Oct Resto Druid 3v3: tips and UI Hi all, I am really struggling as resto in 3v3, I just can seem to survive the double focus from the 2 dps. I do not have DoTC and Revitilze yet, but nonetheless I feel to squishy and after using bear > FR > Ursuc > Displacement, if i get kited back again I am clearly unable to survive. I am sure Im doing something wrong with positioning, but I'd like to hear from you any tips that'd help me improve my gamestyle. UI: What is the best party frame unit as with ElvUI I can't really track my HoTs apart from a teeny weeny square, and that's a massive downsize.Floroz3 19 Oct
18 Oct My 367 Balance vs my 356 DH DPS. My 367 Balance vs my 356 DH DPS. you can run the numbers yourself, DHmeup vs Druidmeup. Its 11 Ilvl difference still my DH sim and preform more dmg than my Druid. At first I asumed it was my rotaion or not keeping up dots, but that was not the case, when I ran the sim I saw they had the same dps there aswell. I agree that if the same Ilvl, my druid should do 5-10 % less dps because of utility, but this is just wierd ?Druidmeup11 18 Oct
17 Oct What stat percentage is better? I got a new ring with much better ilvl but I am little bit confused about the ideal stats. What combination do you consider to be better for resto druid for m+? 18 % crit 15 % haste 11 % mastery OR 18 % crit 19 % haste 9 % mastery Thank you for your answers.Sookah4 17 Oct
17 Oct Puny Starfall Starfall requires half of my astral power to cast and by the time I get the power to cast it, dps classes like rogues/DH/Warrior/DK have already finished most of the mobs with 15-20k dps on each. Then when I finally cast it, it does puny laughable damage. This has become a bigger issue as people have geared up to high 370s and the aforementioned classes become even more bursty. Starfall does not even give lunar/solar empowerment. I think it would be much more useful if it required no astral power but had charges like swiftmend that we could spec into and could proc from moonfire/sunfire. This would not make druid dps OP as logs suggest we are currently close to the bottom on dps. I would not mind if the radius was lowered cuz as it is, it is hard to use in m+ like motherlode.Nuvic4 17 Oct
17 Oct Summary: Guardian Bears NEED UP to be competitive Yes. This is whine theme. I just want to attract attention. I want to know, how long we will remain in this inappropriate state. Especially, 5 ppl mode, M+. You know, the worst tanks now for M+ (and in raids, too) are druid-guardian and warrior-protection specs (and it's confirmed with statistics). Most groups waiting tank "but no druid". The major issues are absence of any active magic resistance, and worst group utility. All progressive raiders have already left bears and change them for another classes. And this is main stream process for all bears community. Current PTR changes for bears are absolutely inappropriate for return tank-balance in higher M+. List of themes to read, where you can find info: 1. Bear druid is the worst 5 man tank by far https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20769048096 2. Guardian Vs Vengence https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20769108781 3. Blizzard, Please fix Guardian Druids https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20769127266 4. Guardian is BORING! https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17623572491 5. Guardian druid tanks squishy? https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17623883601 6. Guardian, shall I re-roll? https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17623913808 7. Guardian needs claws of shirvallah https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20769029797 8. 8.1 notes for Guardian https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20769049331 9. No guardian druid in top 200 M+ runs https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17624222515 10. Druids... The half-a$$ class https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20769427134 11. How are guardian tanks? https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20769467231 12. CAN WE FINALLY HAVE A BLUE POST ON GUARDIAN? https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17624202646 13. Guardian Druid current state https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20769507579 14. Медведь БФА https://eu.battle.net/forums/ru/wow/topic/17622552804 15. PVE Медведи https://eu.battle.net/forums/ru/wow/topic/17623752215 16. High m as bear tank https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20769677125 17. 3 Needed Guardian Changes https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17624533101 18. Rework of guardian? https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17624552843 19. Guardian changes https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20769567546 list updated 29.10.2018 16:30Отецдемократ22 17 Oct
16 Oct FoE vs New Moon Hello all, So I've recently started dps'ing in Uldir and had a little issue to adapt my talents. So far I've never had any problems with mm+ since the pattern was simple and obvious, and FoE was a must and a fine balance between AoE and ST. But in pure ST fights I thought running New Moon was the way to go, and yet found it quite sloppy and underwhelming compared to FoE after I re-adjusted my talents. Am I doing something wrong ? Or has New Moon become an utterly useless talent ? Even in PvP it's much better to run FoE. If that turns out to be true I'd be quite sad, I've always been fond of that spell. And yeah I found out later on that Icy Veins already dismissed New Moon as underwhelming but as I stopped following that site a long time ago I'd rather ask the druid community and know more about the talents everyone is running in Uldir. Ty vm.Sariath9 16 Oct
16 Oct Incarnation: Tree of Life - Obnoxiously good Hello. I am a Druid that really prefer not transforming into obnoxiously huge things. Therefore I have a glyph to make my travel form a ceetah. Therefore I have chosen to use the "old" flying form. Therefore I have a glyph to make my Moonkin form into a dark blue humanoid. I, however, main Resto. Both because I enjoy being in humanoid form and because I like healing. Lately, with Incarnation: Tree of Life being the ONLY CHOICE in this talent row. I am forced into a huge obnoxious tree. Is there some kind of glyph so I don't become this monstrosity? Also, I have not kept up with devs talking about this 75 talent row. Is there plans to make the other choices better so I can get away from this obnoxious tree?Yukihyo7 16 Oct
15 Oct Really a big struggle as Druid Guys help me because I am losing it. I am close to change Druid to a different class. In terms of PvE, my concern is loooooong caaaast of all spells, which affects my performance and DMG. I know boomkins are good DPSer but you have to stack massive Haste. Since you cannot reforge stats because of Blizzard devs dick heads, it is not always possible to have what you need. But my major concern is PvP. Most classes I meet are melees aka Warrior Fury, Rogues !@#, Paladins (Prot ?), Demon Hunters. Occasionally frost mages, Warlocks and BM Hunters. I have no major issues with casters or range classes because it seems like gear + skills make a better player win. But melees? I can only cast instant Sunfire and Moonfire and Lunar Strike on proc. There's no way to apply my main DMG abilities. I get interrupted, hard and soft CCed, stunned within which I suffer from significant damage that is close to impossible to recover. I hate to say it but I feel I don't enjoy a Druid anymore; I was druid since TBC.Dashia1 15 Oct
15 Oct Affinities are a joke was doing some tests on dummies, wondering how many dps I can muster with the resto spec. Turns out it is better than i thought, around 7k just keeping up moonfire/sunfire and spamming wrath. Not as negligible as i thought. This is in my caster form, with guardian affinity (which is irrelevant here). So I wondered how much more I get with a damage affinity! Balance affinity (so in moonkin form) does around the same dps on a single target, maybe slightly less. It just adds more spells, but the dps is the same. Sure, the moonkin form increases your armor a bit. Feral affinity does even less damage, it was around 6/6,5k, with the obvious drawbacks of being melee, but hey, you get 15% move speed. So my conclusion is that there's no reason at all to pick any affinity other than guardian, which is a bit underwhelming too, but it's better than nothing. (you get -6% dmg taken and frenzied regen) Same obvious conclusion for any other affinity when you have a dps spec. I wouldn't be surprised if the HPS of just spamming regrowth (for 5 seconds, then you're out of mana) is around the same of using the spells of the resto affinity, but sure, at least you have a couple of instants. So Blizzard, why do you mock us? I'll never understand that.Traxex4 15 Oct
15 Oct Ferral: Non-bleed dependant build? Is there a way to make ferral not-so dependant on bleeds? I feel like the rotation is; Bleed, combo-build, bleed, ferocious bite, energystarve, repeat. PProbably doing it wrong, but it feels so clunky compared to any roguespeccFòrum4 15 Oct
15 Oct Kinda struggling in 2v2 as Feral Granted, I'm not a super good player and I'm trying to be asking for constructive advice instead of whining but I'm struggling in situations where I feel like there's no right response. healer-dps VS healer-dps I feel like I'm behind most of the time. If I go full on their healer and their DPS goes full on my healer it seems my healer is always the one struggling more and eventually dying first(especially vs rogues). Obviously, Incarn is super strong and a go-for-the-kill-skill but it has a huge cooldown. Meaning that if I'm fighting a pally I need to take out his 2 out of 3 shields first before popping incarn to actually finish the fight. This in itself has proven to be super hard and I feel like I need to kill with Incarn or the game is practically over (unless we manage to survive for 3 minutes) i try to keep all my dots up on both targets, but I feel like they don't do enough Damage on their own to cause any inconvience for the healer and take a lot of time and effort. Trying to improve, but advice from ferals who can get above 1450 rating would be super appreciatedPurplecat5 15 Oct
14 Oct Looking for druid shapeshift macro. Hi. So I been playing a druid lately and switching specs. Being new to wow I was wondering if there is a macro you more experienced druids are using for shapeshifting? Instead of using several buttons I would like to be able to shapeshift through one button between all forms.Andamb3 14 Oct
14 Oct is moonkin good for anything now days? any reason to play moonkin? is there any mode they are good at? playing in the world they seem very squishy , pvp they seem very weak do we need some changes? in legion we could at least bomb multiple mobs with our aoe now we die very easy, not saying that we must do what we did in legion but something is missing in terms of power from this specialization, my paladin has it a lot easier for sure.Tialaf22 14 Oct
14 Oct Cat form bugging Unsure if this is happening to me or someone else is experiencing this issue. IKn arena i seem to get a delay or lag on my forms, sometimes showing me in human form casting shreds etc. Very irritating sometimes fooling me into thinking i am not in form. Could it be to do with artifact weapon transmog or merely my bad pc taking a while to load the form? Doesn't happen outside of arena.Fuzzylol14 14 Oct
14 Oct How stable boomkin is? TitleNaggi10 14 Oct
14 Oct Still need artifact lvl 4 for feral hidden skin? Title says it all. I would really like to get this skin but any kind of Legion content makes me gag, so I'd be super happy if the lvl 4 artifact requirement is gone. Anyone tested this yet?Purplecat4 14 Oct
13 Oct Restu druid autumn leaves help hi all my rejuv heals the target for 11572 at my current ilvl but wen i equip my 3 stacks of autumn leaves( head and chest 340 shoulder 370) my rejuv heals the target for 11213 as u can see the no. changes .does this mean that its better not to equip my 3 stacks of autumn leaves ? or rejuv will heal better while am actually healing wen i equip the 3 stacks of autumn leaves (does the heal increase of autmn leaves is calculated and will be added to the total number rejuv heal or it will be added to each proc of autumn leaves while healing), thanks all for reading i need ur helpZyrraa1 13 Oct
12 Oct Mastery for Balance Is there an explanation why mastery is over 100% worse for me in sims than haste and about 60% worse than crit and versatility? Sadly most of the gear dropping seems to have mastery. How is it good design when the gap between secondary stats is so big? Blizzard should really buff mastery scaling.Nuvic2 12 Oct
12 Oct Travel form in combat Hi, i experience that my travelform moves slower when used in combat. I understand that it might be correct, but i dont know why?Bál3 12 Oct
12 Oct CAN WE FINALLY HAVE A BLUE POST ON GUARDIAN? https://raider.io/mythic-plus/season-bfa-1/all/world/leaderboards#role=tank:mode=unique:minMythicLevel=2:maxMythicLevel=99 No guardian druids in the top 200 mythic runs. Also the least played tank across ALL tanks. Even above far far between with exceptions. Meanwhile blood dk dominates 85% of the leaderboards in pve. Can we finally have a blue post on addressing the problems with the god damn spec or do you want to wait till player numbers drop below 5%? Dk runs around with more control options than literally all tanks together, two taunts, two type of pulls, aoe slow starting from 90% and the list goes on. Meanwhile druid can sit there and has its face bashed in while sneezing every minute for a 5 yard pushback. Near zero control options, an aoe threat generation so bad that you literally cant have a rotation because you have to spam thrash and swipe. You ignored the issue long enough dont you think?Aerensiniac20 12 Oct
12 Oct Missing artifact forms on druid alts. Hi everyone... I am making a post to see if anyone else is having this problem. I have all legion artifact skins (forms) and almost every tint unlocked from my druid I pve'd with in legion. Problem is all my other druids (yes I have a few of them): for example on feral i try to transmog my weapon but I only see the Hidden legion artifact form (owlcat) for bear i only see the hidden bear skin from EN. I tried to make tickets with blizzard but first time they instructed me how to open the transmog menu for the artifact ( seriously?!?) and the 2nd time they told me that I need to be in the proper spec in order to see my skins, which I am obviously doing and its obvious when you read the ticked with me saying I only see one of my feral skins... Anyone else having this issue ?Jaykin3 12 Oct